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VOLUME XLV, 1 9 14 


226 West 58TH Street, New York. 


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Accessions to the Library, 103, 203, 

302, 3Q9 
Adam Mott of Staten Island, 117 
Aldrich-Oblinus-Tourneur, Correction, 

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Badcock Query, 197 

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Bennet Query, 197 

Biographical Sketches — 

Bowdoin, George Sullivan, 105 
Jackson, Theodore Frelinghuysen, 

King, Henry Parsons, 113 
McCartney, Katherine Searle, 290 
Russell, Hon. Horace, I 
Skillman, Rev. William Jones, 112 
Wilson, Gen. James Grant, 205 

Book Reviews — 

Abstract of North Carolina Wills, 

A History of Pendleton County, 

W. Va., 199 
Allied Families of Kent Co., Del- 
aware, 99 
Ancestry of Daniel James Seely, 

A Quaker's Visit to Hartford in 

the Year 1676, 398 
A Tribute, 300 
Ball Family, 293 
Barnstable and Yarmouth (Mass.) 

Sea Captains and Ship Owners, 

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Vol. X, 3Q7 
Bowman Genealogy, 199 
Casper Branner of Virginia and 

his Descendants, 397 
Chronicle of the Larkin Family of 

the Town of Westerlie and 

Colony of Rhode Island in New 

England, 202 
Cock — Cocks — Cox Genealogy, 

Colonel Ninian Beall,96 
Compendium of Notes on the 

Dwelly Fnmily, 97 
Decennial Record of the Class of 

1903, 100 
Dwelly's Parish Records, Volume 

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Dwelly's Parish Records, Vol. II, 

Dwelly's Parish Records, Vol. 

Ill, 396 
Early Days in Kansas, Vol. Ill, 

Early Days in Kansas, Vol. IV, 

Family Record of Jeremiah Phil- 
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Genealogical Record of the Bar- 
num (Barnham) Family, 397 

Genealogical Record of John 
Thorne, 299 

Genealogy of the Geer Family in 
America from 1635 to 1914, 202 

Genealogy of the Jennings Fam- 
ily, 98 

Genealogy of the States Family, 

Genealogy of the Virginia Family 
of Lomax, 399 

Gildersleeves of Gildersleeve, 
Conn., and the Descendants of 
Philip Gildersleeve, 398 

Gouldtown, a very remarkable 
settlement of ancient date, 198 

Graveyard Inscriptions, 96 

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History and Genealogy of the 
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Pomeroy Family, 99 

Historical Collections relating to 
the Town of Sailsbury, Litch- 
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Historical Notes of St. James 
Parish, Hyde Park-on-Hudson, 
New York, 200 

Historical Papers, No. 1, 300 

History of Cornelis Maessen Van 
Buren, 101 

History of Hudson, N. H., 1678— 

1913. 396 
History of Rockingham County, 

Virginia, 398 
History of the Chemical Bank 

(N. Y. City), 09 

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History of the City of Belfast in 
the State of Maine, Vol. II, 202 

History of the Keve Family, 397 

History of New Salem (Mass.) 
Academy, 99 

History of the Siderfin Family of 
West Somerset [England], 97 

History of the Society of Descen- 
dants of Robert Bartlet of Ply- 
mouth, Mass., 397 

John Burgwin, Carolinian, John 
Jones, Virginian, 201 

John Grow of Ipswich, and John 
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Joshua Gray of Yarmouth, Mass., 
and His Descendants, 298 

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Library of Cape Cod History and 
Genealogy, 297 

Matthews' American Armoury 
and Blue Book, 295 

Memoir of Robert F. Skillings, 96 

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Heme Church, 297 

My Children's Ancestors, 98 

Names of the Tax Payers of 
Hingham, Mass., 1711, 397 

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New Rochelle Through Seven 
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Northrup and Tucker Families of 
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Notes on the History of Water- 
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Record of Pelletreau Family, 399 

Record of the Family of Levi 
Kimball and some of his De- 
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Register of Colonial Dames of the 
State of New York, 101 

Reminiscences, by General John 
Parker Hawkins, U. S. A., 294 

Report of the Fifth Reunion of 
Grant Family Association, 295 

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Richmond, Her Past and Present, 

Book Reviews {Continued) 

Schermerhorn Genealogy and 

Family Chronicles, 300 
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Dames, 99 
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The Genealogical and Encyclo- 
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Island to Connecticut, 101 
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Family, 97 
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The Van Der Veer Family in the 

Netherlands, 1150 to 1660, and 

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Index of Subjects. 


Book Reviews {Continued) 
The Wright Family, 396 
Vicennial Record of Yale '93, 101 
Virginia Militia in the Revolution- 
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Virginia Under the Stuarts, 1607- 

1688, 202 
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An Appreciation, 105 
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Churchill-Crosby, Addition, 188 
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Coutributors {Continued') 
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Turner, C: H. B., 288,392 
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Wright, George M., 1 
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Corrections and Additions to Pub- 
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Cousje-de Piie-Fouseur, Correction, 

Croad Query, 198 

De Klyn Query, 293 
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Early Settlers of West Farms, West- 
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Fogg Query, 293 

Forms of Bequest and Devise of Real 
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Genealogical Notes Relating to Joan 
Jentilman, wife of Rev. John 
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Genealogical Records — 

Adam Mott of Staten Island, 117 
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Genealogical Notes Relating to 
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Index of Subjects. 

Genealogical Records {Continued) 

The Vanderheyden Family, 308 
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Gravestone Inscriptions, see Inscrip- 

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of William and Anne Hutchin- 
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Illustrations, see also Portraits 
Coles Coat-of-Arms, 137 
Map of the Meetings constituting 

New York Yearly Meetings of 

Friends, 263 
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Cock and Hannah Feke, 1698, 

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The Earliest Minutes of a Quaker 

Meeting in America, 366 
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Inscriptions — 

American Epitaphs, 182, 270 
Tombstone Inscriptions from the 

Old Fowler Family Cemetery, 

Tilly Foster, Putnam Co.,N.Y., 

Tombstone Inscriptions in the 

Old Cemetery at Tilly Foster, 

Putnam Co., N. Y., 116 
Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs, 


Jackson, Theodore Frelinghuysen, 

Biographical Sketch, 305 
Job Winslows Wife, 2 

King, Henry Parsons, Biographical 
Sketch, 113 

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Maney (Minne) Query, 293 
McCartney, Mrs. Katherine Searle, 

Biographical Sketch, 290 
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New York "Knickerbocker" Families; 

Origin and Settlement, 387 
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of English Neighborhood, N. J., 

and of Tappan, N. Y., 361 
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Cartney, 290 
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Portraits — 

Bowdoin, George Sullivan, 105 
Jackson, Theodore Frelinghuysen, 

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Thatcher, Anthony, 345 
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Records — 

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The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson, 17 
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Index of Subjects. 

The Records of the Presbyterian 
Church of Smithtown, Suffolk 
County, New York, 8 

The Tromper Family of Rotterdam 
in the Netherlands, 218 

The Vanderheyden Family, 308 

Tisdale Query, 05 

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Tombstone Inscriptions from the Old 
Fowler Cemetery, Tilly Foster, 
Putnam Co., N. Y., 307 

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Cemetery at Tilly Foster, Put- 
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Van Zandt Qtiery, 293 
Wilson, Gen. James Grant, Biographi- 
cal Sketch, 205 

Wood Query, 95 



Genealogical anb ^tflgrapljital Jtearrfc. 

Vol. XLV. NEW YORK, JANUARY, 1914. No. 1. 


Contributed by George M. Wright. 

Hon. Horace Russell, a life member of this Society, died at 
his home, No. 47 Park Avenue, in the City of New York, on the 
14th of June, 1913. Mr. Russell was born at Bombay, Franklin 
County, New York, June 19th, 1843, the s °n of Charles and 
Hannah Wright Russell, both of whom were natives of Vermont 
but had removed to Franklin County during- the early part of 
the last century. His mother was a descendant in the sixth 
generation from Lieutenant Abel Wright, a member of the General 
Court of Massachusetts in 1695. Mr - Russell's father represented 
Franklin County in the Assembly of New York, and was a 
citizen of distinction in his locality. 

Mr. Russell was educated at Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, 
New Hampshire, at Dartmouth College, from which institution 
he graduated in the class of 1865, and at the Law School of 
Harvard University. After admission to the bar he took up his 
residence in New York City, and in 1873 he was appointed an 
Assistant District Attorney for New York, which office he held 
until 1880. During that time he was an active participant in the 
administration of the criminal law in the County of New York, 
conducted the prosecution of many important cases, and took a 
high stand for integrity and capacity among his brethren at the 
bar. During the years 1879 and 1880 he held the office of 
Judge Advocate General of the State. 

Mr. Russell was appointed Judge of the Superior Court of the 
City of New York in 1880 by Governor Cornell and held that 
office for three years. His administration of the judicial office 
was dignified and efficient. 

In the year 1884 he was appointed a Receiver of the New York, 
West Shore and Buffalo Railroad, and held that position until 
the reorganization of the company, a period of about two years. 
The duties of this great trust, during its pendency, almost entirely 
prevented other professional labors, but after it was closed Mr. 
Russell took an active part as counsel in many important liti- 

2 Job Winslow' i Wife. [Jan.. 

He was elected President of the New England Society of the 
City of New York in 1885, and Vice-President of the Association 
of the Bar of the City of New York in 1904. Dartmouth College 
conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Laws in 1903. Mr. 
Russell was possessed of fine social qualities, and had a wide 
circle of friends. In public office and in private life he endeared 
himself to those with whom he came in contact. He loved out- 
door sports, and in 1896 was made President of the Metropolitan 
Golf Association. At his summer home in Southampton, Long 
Island, and at his city house his hospitality was cordial and 
generous. Broad in his sympathies, catholic in his tastes, loyal 
in his friendships, honorable in his professional And personal 
life, he was a good type of the transplanted New England stock 
of which this city has many distinguished representatives. 

Mr. Russell married Josephine Hilton, Feb. 26th, 1878, who, 
with three daughters, survive him. Mrs. Russell was a daughter 
of the late Henry Hilton, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas 
of the City of New York (died Aug. 24th, 1899), by his wife 
Ellen Jones (born March 20th, 1828), daughter of Edward Banker 
of New York, the fifth in male descent from that Laurens Matthy- 
sen of New Amsterdam and Sleepy Hollow, an account of whom 
may be read in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, 
vol. xl, p. 87, et seq. 


By Richard Henry Greene. 

Kenelme Winslow followed his brother, Gov. Edward Winslow, 
of the Mayflower pilgrims, to Plymouth, Mass., in 1629, coming, 
as is generally believed, on the second trip, with Winthrop's fleet, 
when thirty-five of the Leyden church came to join the pilgrims 
in New England. 

Gov. Bradford in a letter to Mr. Shirley, dated May 25, 1629, 
says: "Here are now many of your and our friends from Leyden 
coming over. . . . With them we have also sent some servants 
in ye ship called the Talbut, that wente hence latly; but these 
came in ye Mayflower." 

This, I think, proves that Kenelme Winslow and Josiah Wins- 
low came in the same vessel in which their brothers Edward and 
Gilbert Winslow came on her first voyage in 1620. 

Kenelme married after his arrival here, in June, 1634, Eleanor 
or Ellen, widow of John Adams, believed to be Eleanor Newton, 
who came on the Anne in 1623 (New Eng. Hist. Gen. Register, 
33, p. 410). Kenelme had four children: Kenelme, Eleanor, 
Nathaniel and Job, the youngest who was born about 1641, prob- 
ably at Marshfield, where his father had moved from Plymouth. 

IQ14.] Job Winslow's Wife. 3 

He was one of the proprietors who purchased "Ye freemans 
lands at Taunton River" from the chief Wamsutta, April 2, 1659, 
called Assonet, later Freetown, where he never settled, but his 
son Job resided, coining from Swansea, where his house was at- 
tacked by Philip's men, July 18 or 19, 1675. He was there since 

about 1666. Job married about 1673 or Jan. 1674, Ruth . 

Here is the matter we are attempting to clear up. 

Davis, in his Landmarks oj Plymouth, says: Job married Ruth, 
daughter of Daniel Cole, of Eastham (page 290). 

In the Descendants oj Elisha Cole, by Jos. O. Curtis, N. Y., 
1909, we find: Daniel Cole married Ruth Chester and had: 

John, b. July 15, 1644; m. Ruth, probably daughter of 

Joseph Snow. 
Timothy, b. Sept. 15, 1646. 
. Hepsibah, b. April 16, 1649; m. (1) Geo. Crisp; (2) Danl. 
Ruth, b. April 15, 1651; m. (1) John, Nov. 16, 1669, son 
of John and Abigail Young; m. (2) Capt. Jonathan 
Israel, b. June 8, 1653; m. April, 1674-9, Mary Rogers. 
James, b. Nov. 30, 1655. 
Mary, b. March 10, 1658; m. May 26, 1681, Joshua, son 

of Gyles Hopkins; she d. March 1, 1734. 
William, b. Sept. 15, 1663; m. Dec. 2, 1686, Hannah, 

dau. of Stephen Snow. 
Daniel, b. Sept. 1666; m. Mercy, dau. Rev. Samuel 
Also, The, Cole Genealogy, by Frank T. Cole, Columbus, O., 
1887, gives Ruth, b. April 15, 1651; m. John, eldest son of John 
and Abigail Young of Eastham, b. in Plymouth Nov. 16, 1649. 
John Cole, eldest son of Daniel, who m. Ruth, dau. of Nicholas 
Snow, Dec. 12, 1666, and had a dau. Ruth, b. March 11, 1668; m. 
William Twining, whose third child was Ruth Cole, b. August 
27, 1699; also Hugh and Mary (Foxwell) Cole, had dau. Ruth, 
b. Jan. 8, 1666. 

The Gejiealogy oj James Cole oj Plymouth, by E. B. Cole, 
Grafton Press, informs us that James Cole, m. 1624, Mary Lobel, 
b. London, and had: James, b. England 1624, and Hugh, b. 1627, 
in London probably. He came to New England in 1632 and 
Plymouth in 1633. This Hugh Cole m. Mary Foxwell, dau. of 
Richard and Ann Shelly; they removed to Barnstable; the first 
wife died in Swansea; he m. (2) Jan. 1, 1689, Elizabeth, wid. of 
Jacob Cook, and dau. of Thomas and Ann Lattice, of Plymouth; 
she d. at Swansea, Oct. 31, 1693; he m. (3) Jan. 30, 1694, Mary, 
wid. Ephraim Morton and dau. of Robert Shelly. He d. at 
Swansea, Jan. 22, 1699. Of his ten children the sixth was Ruth 
Cole, b. Jan. 8, 1666; m. Deacon Nathaniel Luther, June 10, 1693. 
Hugh Cole lived at Swansea at the same time with Job Winslow. 
James Savage in I, Neiv Eng. Genealogical Dictionary, at page 
425, we read: Daniel Cole, Yarmouth, removed to Eastham 1643 
. . . by wife Ruth had children (agreeing with Mr. Curtis 

4 Job Wins low's Wife. [Jan., 

above except Daniel, the last named), and there "he d. Dec. si, 
1694, aged 80, and his wife Ruth d. six days before, aged only 67." 

On page 10, of Descendants of Elislia Cole, there is the Hop- 
kins family, from which we abbreviate as follows: Stephen Hop- 
kins, b. in England 1585; by his first wrfe he had two children: 
Gyles and Constance. Gyles Hopkins, b. about 1608; m. in Yar- 
mouth, Oct. 9, 1639, Catorne, dau. of Gabriel Whelden, and d. at 
Eastham in 1.690; they had among others, Joshua, who m. Mary, 
dau. of Daniel Cole; "the first of many marriages between the 
Cole and Hopkins family," according to the author. 

I have been thus careful to show the Cole family, and have 
tried to show the locations where they lived; also to collect the 
daughters in that vicinity of the name of Ruth in order to deter- 
mine who is right in naming the wife of Job Winslow. 

We have another family we should introduce: John Young 
m. Abigail , Dec. 13, 1648, at Plymouth; he had: 

John, b. Nov. 16, 1649. 
Joseph, b. Dec, 1654. 
Nathaniel, b. April, 1656. 
Mary, b. April 28, 1658. 
Abigail, b. Oct., 1660. 
David, b. April 17, 1662. 
Lidia, b. 1664. 
Robert, b. April, 1667. 
Henry, b. July, 1669; d. 1670. 
Henry, b. March 17, 1672. 

John, the eldest, is again said to have m. Ruth Cole, dau. of 
Daniel. 7, New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg., 347. 

Gyles Hopkins and Daniel Cole lived in the localities in which 
Job Winslow lived. We have stated he was born in Marshfield, 
but the three families lived in Yarmouth and Eastham at the 
same time and finally Job settled in Freetown. He became 
selectman there in 1686; town clerk and grand-juryman in 1690; 
assessor 1691, 1701 to 1706 and 171 1; moderator of the annual 
town meetings in 1708 and 171 1; deputy to general court in 1686, 
and representative in 1692. He was also the highest military 
officer, having been commissioned lieutenant-commandant of the 
Freetown train bands by authority of King William and Queen 
Mary. He was, therefore, a man of importance. 

Job Winslow had thirteen children; six are recorded in Swan- 
sea: Hope, on page 17; Job, page, 18; Oliver, page 41; Ruth, 
page 51, and Richard the same; William, page 69; the rest ex- 
cept Joseph and Elizabeth are from the records of Freetown, but 
these two are not recorded so far as I have found. 

In Job's will, dated Nov. 12, 1717, he mentions wife Ruth and 
all the children except Mary, Hope and John; Mary and Hope 
may have died, but John was living and married 12 years after. 
William, b. Nov. 16, 1674; m. Ann Wheeler. 
Oliver, b. Feb. 20, 1676. 
Ruth, b. Sept. 13, 1678. 

1914] Job Winslow's Wife. c 

Richard, b. March 6, 1680; m. Hannah , a doctor; 

d. 1727-8. 
Hope, b. May 29, 1681. 

Job, b. July 10, 1683; lieutenant Dec, 1755, Halifax. 
Joseph, published intentions to Mary Tisdale; m (2) 

Hannah . 

James, b. May 9, 1687; m. (1) Elizabeth Carpenter; (2) 

Ruth Gatchell. 
Mary, b. April 2, 1689; d. young. 

George, b. Jan. 2, 1691; m. Elizabeth . 

Jonathan, b. Nov. 22, 1692; m. Sarah Kirby. 
John, b. Feb. 20, 1695; m. Oct. 9, 1729, Betsey Hath- 
Elizabeth, b. 1696-7; m. John Marshall. 
I cannot tell why Elizabeth's birth or the date of her marriage 
was not recorded; according to family records she married John 
Marshall in 1725; he was of Windsor, Conn., but was a shipwright, 
like his father-in-law, and engaged in building ships on the 
Taunton River. They had nine children, all born at Freetown. 
John Marshall died May, 1772, aged 69. Elizabeth Winslow 
Marshall moved with Ruth, the youngest child, to East Haddam, 
Conn.; others of the family seem to have removed to the same 
place, but I cannot say if before or after their mother. 

We can often make a prima facie case, or at least get a good 
clue, from family names; take the Cole family names in order to 
see if they are repeated in Job's and Ruth's children. 

Ruth should be excluded in such a test; John, James, Mary 
and William are perhaps so common we find them in almost every 
family, but Timothy, Hepsibah, Israel, Daniel in the Cole family 
are not repeated in the family of Job and Ruth, where we find 
Oliver, Richard, Hope, Job, Joseph, George, Johnathan and 
Elizabeth Winslow. 

Again if we take the children of Gyles Hopkins we can prove 
nothing, for Mary, John and William with Ruth appear in both, 
and the youngest child is Elizabeth both in the family of Job 
Winslow and Gyles Hopkins. 

We should expect Gyles or Kenelme or some such name, but 
we have only Job and Ruth and these do not help us. Of the 
seventy-six grandchildren of Job and Ruth, Job has two name- 
sakes and Ruth three. These families lived near each other and 
were intimate, so a marriage is possible in either family. 

If we examine their ages, Ruth Cole was b. in April, 165 1; 
Ruth Hopkins in June, 1653, a difference of two years and two 
months; the former is ten years younger than Job Winslow, and 
if she married Young was then eighteen years old; on the other 
hand, Ruth Hopkins was twenty years old when Job Winslow 
was married, and forty-four when his youngest child was born. 
Mary, her sister, was married at twenty-five, and Abigail at 
twenty-three, and if Ruth married Job their ages would not be 

Gyles or Giles Hopkins came with his father Stephen and a 
step-mother on the Mayflower in 1620; he was born between 1605 

6 Job Win slow 's Wife. [Jan., 

and 1608; he was of Yarmouth 1639 to 1642, and married there 
Oct. 9, 1639, Catorne or Catherine Whelden, perhaps daughter of 
Henry of Yarmouth; they moved to Eastham in 1643. The will 
of Gyles Hopkins, dated Jan. 19, 1682, with codicil March 5, 
1688-9, recorded April 22, 1690, prove 'that he died between 
March, 1689, and April, 1690 (N. S.). He mentions wife Catorne 
and sons: Stephen, Caleb, Joshua and William, every living son 
since John had died. Bradford wrote in his history in 1650: 
" Gyles Hopkins is married and hath four children." His chil- 
dren were as follows: 

Mary Hopkins, b. at Yarmouth, Nov., 1640; m. Samuel 
Smith of Eastham, Jan. 3, 1665. 

Stephen Hopkins, b. at Yarmouth, Sept., 1642; m. 
May 23, 1667, Mary Merrick, dau. of Ens. William 
and Rebecca Merrick of Yarmouth. 

John Hopkins, b. at Yarmouth and died in 1643 when 
three months old. 

Abigail Hopkins, b. at Eastham, Oct., 1644; m. William 
Merrick, eldest son of William, on May 23, 1667. 

Deborah Hopkins, b. at Eastham, June, 1648; m. Jo- 
siah Cooke. 

Caleb Hopkins, b. at Eastham, Jan., 1650. 

Ruth Hopkins, b. at Eastham, June, 1653. 

Joshua Hopkins, b. June, 1657, at Eastham; m. May 
26, 168 1, Mary, dau. of Daniel Cole of Eastham. 

William Hopkins, b. Eastham, Jan. 9, 1660. 

Elizabeth Hopkins, b. Nov., 1664; d. Dec, 1664. 
There is another source of information better on many ac- 
counts than a single family history, and this is David Hamlin's 
First Settlers of Eastham, Mass., furnished to and printed by the 
N. E. Historic Genealogical Register in Jan., 1852, and following 
numbers. This antedates much of our matter given before, 
having been printed more than sixty years ago. We believe 
these to be from the original records made at the time; hence 
they are earlier than Savage, who prepared his dictionary in i860. 
John Farmer's Genealogical Register of First Settlers of New 
England came out in 1829 and was the foundation of Savage, but 
he does not mention Job Winslow, Gyles Hopkins, Daniel Cole 
or John Young. In these Eastham records of David Hamlin the 
statement occurs: "John Young, son of John, married Ruth Cole, 
daughter of Daniel." This seems to me the best proof thus far. 

Taking Ruth Cole out of the candidates for lob Winslow's 
hand, is there any one who is prepared to name any of the num- 
erous Ruths as his wife. I will give many of these Ruths with 
what I can learn of them. Some of the inquirers in the genea- 
logical column of the Boston Transcript may know more than I 
do and some may show why Ruth Hopkins, daughter of Gyles, 
may not have been the one. 

To be the mother of Job Winslow's children she must be a 
Ruth, and marriageable in 1673. It would seem that in that early 
day, and within so small a territory, one might discover her 
family name. Acting on this idea I began to collect the Ruths 

1914.] Job Wins low's Wife. 7 

on and near Cape Cod; then I sought to find if she was married, 
and here is the result first of those who were married: 
Ruth Alden, m. May 12, 1657, John Bass. 
Ruth Chipman, b. 1663; m. Eleazer Crocker. 

Ruth , b. 1648; m. 1673, Thomas Kendall. 

Ruth Eddy came in 1630; m. Ezekiel Gardiner. 

Ruth Merrick, b. May 15, 1652; m. Jan., 1677, Edmund 


Ruth Bangs, b. 1652; m. , Sears. 

Ruth Goodspeed, b. April 13, 1652; m. John Davis, Jr., 

Feb. 2, 1674. 
Ruth Chandler, m. Daniel Cole. 
Ruth Michelson, m. Samuel Champney, 1692; then 

widow Jno. Green. 
Ruth Bassett, m. 1655, John Sprague. 

Ruth Foxwell, b. March 25, 1641; m. Nelson. 

Ruth Merrick of Wilmington, Ct., m. Feb. 23, 1751, 

Clement Topliff. 
Ruth Chester, m. 1643, Daniel Cole. 
Ruth Cole, b. 1667; m. March 26, 2689, Wm. Twining. 
Ruth Snow, m. Dec. 12, 1666, John Cole. 
Ruth Partridge, m. June 1, 1670, Ralph Thatcher. 
Ruth Jackson, m. Ebenezer Nelson. 
Ruth Sargent, b. 1686; m. Jonathan Winslow. 
Ruth Winslow, m. 1677, Richard Bourne. 
Ruth, m. Nathaniel Thayer. 

Ruth Cole, b. 1666; m. Deacon Nathaniel Luther. 
Ruth Cole, b. April 15, 165 1; m. John Young. 

The above twenty-two Ruths are removed from our search. 
Here are others in which I have been able to find the birth but 
no marriage; however, many of these were born so late they 
cannot be considered: 

Ruth Bass, b. about 1662. 

Ruth Godfrey, b. Jan. 1, 1675, Eastham. 

Ruth Cole, dau. John, b. March 11, 1668. 

Ruth Kendall, b. Oct. 19, 1675. 

Ruth Cooke, b. 1666. 

Ruth Norket, b. 1728, Eastham. *^ 

Ruth Thatcher, b. Nov. 1, 1675. 

Ruth Bryant, b. 1673. 

Ruth Sprague, b. Feb. 12, 1659. 

Ruth Turner, b. March 19, 1685. 

Ruth Snow, b. Oct. 14, 1679. 

Ruth Thayer, b. July, 17, 1689. 
This list, until I discovered the dates of birth, were considered 
possibilities. Now I have only four left among my eligible 

1. Ruth Eddy, b. 1649, at Plymouth or at Watertown, where 
her parents moved in 1631. The fact of the family living so 
far away makes me think she could not be the wife of Job 

8 The Records of the Presbyterian Church of Smithtown, [Jan., 

2. Ruth Tracy, dau. of Stephen, b. 1629. The father re- 
turned to England in 1654, leaving five children in New Eng- 
land, two sons and three daughters. Mary m. Henry Cullifer; 
Susanna m. John Simons; of Ruth I find no record of marriage 
or death, but she was a dozen years older *than Job. 

3. Ruth Hopkins, daughter of Stephen, the pilgrim, was born 
in Plymouth; is mentioned in her father's will in 1644, but sup- 
posed to have died before Bradford wrote as follows in 1650: 
" Mr. Hopkins and his wife are both dead, but they lived above 
20 years in this place, and had one sone and 4 daughters borne 
here . . . one daughter dyed here and 2 are maried, one of 
them hath 2 children, and one is yet to mary. So their Increase, 
which still survive are 5. But his sone Giles is maried and hath 
4 children." 

Ruth must have been the daughter who died, as appears from 
the settlement of her younger sister's estate in 1659. 

4. Ruth Hopkins, daughter of Gyles, b. June, 1653, three 
years after Bradford wrote. I find no account of her death, and 
no report of her marriage. 

And though I find no record or established proof of her mar- 
riage, I see no reason or proof to the contrary. Job Winslow, 
we know, married a Ruth. Can any one say her last name was 
not Hopkins? 


By William A. Robbins, 

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
and Long Island Historical Society. 

(Concluded from Vol. XLIV, p. 389 of The Record.) 

A schedule exhibiting the names of persons married since 
the 25th of January, 1810, together with their place of abode, 
time when married, and by whom. 

1810, Jan. 25. William Smith, Ronkoncama Pond, Charity Bly- 

denburgh, Smithtown. Rev. N. S. Prime. 

March 4. Nathaniel Hendrickson, Huntington, Mary Ketch- 
am. Rev. N. S. Prime. 

Nov. 21. James Horton, Yorktown, Margaret Hazard, 
Smithtown. Rev. Z. Greene. 

181 1, April 18. Samuel P. Smith, Mary Blydenburgh. Rev. N. 

S. Prime. 
May 2. Melandtron Wheeler, Hannah Walker, both of 
Smithtown. Rev. N. S. Prime. 

18 1 2, Feb. 19. William Blydenburgh, Jr., Elizabeth Rolph, both 

of Smithtown. Rev. A. Tuttle. 
March 8. Daniel Smith, Islip, Rebecca Rolph, Comae. 
Rev. A. Tuttle. 




, March 18 

March 22 










March r. 











, March 3. 














1830, Feb. 


Feb. 17. 

March 20. 
May 15. 
June 20. 
Oct. 11. 

Suffolk County, New York. 9 

Jarvis Nichol, Sarah Smith, both of Smithtown. 

Rev. N. S. Prime. 
Thomas Smith, Comae, Emma Mapes, Comae. 

Rev. B. Marcy. > 

Willitts Smith, Jane Smith, both of Smithtown. 

Rev. B. Marcy. 
Caleb Smith, Jr., Smithtown, Martha Smith. 

Rev. B. Marcy. 
Jonathan Davis, Smithtown, Else L'Hommedieu. 

Rev. B. Marcy. 

Marriages by Rev. J. Pills^ury. 

Daniel W. Hudson, Capt., Smithtown, Frances 

Jacob Conklyn, Jerusia Smith, Smithtown. 

Whitman Jayne, Smithtown, Sally Darling. 

Annis Biggs, Smithtown, Phebe Thompson. 

Walter Cockran, Huntington, Polly Wood. 

Jonas Weeks, Islip, Phebe Powell, Comae. 

Edson Hoyt, New Canaan, Conn., Phebe Miller, 

Sylvester Newton, Smithtown, Martha A. Soper. 

Richard F. Blydenburgh, Smithtown, Elizabeth 

John Newton, Minerva Smith, Smithtown. 

Capt. Aaron Smith, Miss Sarah Vail, Smithtown. 

Saml. I. Smith, Smithtown, Deborah Blyden- 
burgh, Smithtown. 

Piatt Jarvis, Maria Smith. 

James Schenck, Smithtown, Dolly Ann Smith, 

Nelson Gould, Brookhaven, Claricy Williamson, 

Henry Kent, New York, Mary Smith, New York. 

Moore Bourdette, alias William S. Bourdette, 
New York, Edna Hawkins, Brookhaven. 

Lyman Beecher Smith, Brooklyn, Phebe Smith, 

George Smith, Smithtown, Caroline Smith. 

Mr. George Edwin Little, Smithtown, Miss Mary- 
ette Saxton, Smithtown. 

Lyman B. Blydenburgh, Smithtown, Cecelia Darl- 
ing, Brookhaven. (Name of officiating minister 

William Smith, Smithtown, Mary Smith, Smith- 

Selah Brown. Huntington, Hannah Rodgers, 

Capt. Edward A. Mix, City of New York, Emily 
Townsend, City of New York. 

Selah Blydenburgh, Smithtown, Issabel Saxton, 
Oyster Bay. 

IO The Records of the Presbyterian Church of Smithtown. [Jan., 

1830, Oct. 31. Capt. Thorns Smith, Smithtown, Miss Ruth Smith, 


Dec. 21. Chas. Little, Smithtown, Elizabeth Vail, Smith- 

Dec. 29. Alfred Wells, Brookhaven, Jayne Darling, Smith- 

Dec. 30. Bryan Scidmore, Huntington, Mary Smith, Smith- 

1831, Jan. 19. William Dennison, Smithtown, Susan Thompson, 


Jan. 19. Isaac Smith, Smithtown, Elizabeth Blydenburgh. 

April 25. Jonas Mills, Smithtown, Mary Mills, Smithtown. 

April 29. Thomas Arthur, Smithtown, Pamela Mills, Smith- 

May 5. Edward Henry Smith, Smithtown, Mary Smith, 

May 22. Jesse Soper, Huntington, Eliza Newton. 

June 16. Phineas Beach, New York, Elizabeth Ann Smith, 

June 22. Horace Newton, Smithtown, Betsy Smith, Smith- 

Oct. 16. Nathan Smith, Smithtown, Letta Smith. 

Oct. 30. George Darling, Smithtown, Eliza Babbit, Smith- 

Nov. 5. Henry Blydenburgh, Smithtown, Amanda Darl- 
ing, Smithtown. 

Dec. 15. Alfred Smith, Smithtown, Matilda Smith, Smith- 

Dec. 21. David Harned, Smithtown, Minerva Smith, 

Dec. 21. Gilbert Smith, Smithtown, Juliaana Smith, Smith- 

Dec. 28. Benjamin Mills, Smithtown, Charity Smith, 

1832, Feb, 11. Gildersleeve, Patchogue, Mehetable Ward, 


April 2. Capt. Hamilton Conkling, Smithtown, Angeline 
Jayne, Smithtown. 

April 20. David Oaks, Islip, Widow L'Hommedieu, 


May 26. Selak Nichols, Smithtown, Widow Ruling, Smith- 

Sept. 5. Obadiah Smith, Smithtown, Rebecca Davis, 
daughter of Jedediah Davis, Smithtown. 

Sept. 19. Henry Parks, Patchogue, Elisabeth Davis, daugh- 
ter of Jeremiah, Islip. 

Sept. 20. Luke Adams, Smithtown, Peggy L'Hommedieu, 

Sept. 20. Isaac W. Arthur, Smithtown or Natchez, Miss., 
Margaret A. Mills, Smithtown. 

Oct. 11. George Weeks, Huntington, Susan Van Cott, 




1914.] Suffolk County, New York. I I 

1832, Nov. 6. Ebeneezer Jayne, Smithtown, Betsy Darling, 


Oct. 15. Abram Sherrile, Smithtown, Betsy Saxton, Smith- 

Nov. 25. Henry R Dunham, City of New York, Rebecca 
Smith, daughter of Clarrisy, Smithtown. 

Dec. 20. Nathaniel Barto, Islip, Frances L'Hommedieu, 

1833, Jan. 5. James A. Bayles, New York, Juliann Wicks, 

Jan. 15. David Bryant, Smithtown, Caroline Smith, Smith- 
April 3. Zoel Soper, Smithtown, Loeza Walker, Smith- 
1837, Jan. 19. Rev. James C. Edwards, Smithtown, Sarah Maria 
Conkling, Smithtown. 

Marriages by Rev. James C. Edwards, 
Pastor of Smithtown Presbyterian Church, L. I. 

A. D. Rolph Smith, of Smithtown, Cornelia Pellitreau, 

1833, of Islip. 

1834, Nov. 2. James Scott to Susanna McAferty, both of N Y 


1835, May 27. Melancthon Bryant to Phebe Scudder, both of 

Suffolk Co. 
Sep. 10. Jonn M. Belden, of New York City, to Deborah 
N. Seacord, of Smithtown. 

1836, March 30. Daniel A. Smith, of Smithtown, Hannah Ann 

Terry, of Islip. 
June 1. Edward Gould, of N. Y. City, Sarah Cordelia 
Vail, of Smithtown. 

1837, Jan. 4. Thomas C. Fisher, Renelche Smith, both of N. Y 

Aug. 10. Cornelius S. Conkling, of N. Y. City, Clarissa C. 

Mowbray, of North Hempstead. 
Sep. 25. George S. Phillips, Elizabeth Blydenburgh, both 

of Smithtown. 
Dec. 13. Selah Strong, of Babylon, Susan E. Vail, of 


1838, Feb. 1. William Archer of N. Y. City, Ann M. Smith. 
March 21. Erastus A. Conkling of Islip, Lydia M. Wood of 

March 31. Jonas W. Payne, Smithtown, Sally Emmeline 

Brewster Blydenburgh, Arsela Ann Mott. 
William Shepard, Conn., Hannah M. Soper, 

Francis M. A. Wicks, Phebe A. Smith. 
Nathaniel Smith, Jr., Mary A. Vail, both of 

Epenetus Smith, Julia M. Smith. 
William C. Arthur, Mary Arthur. 



839, Jan. 




2 5- 


The Records of the Presbyterian Church of Smith town, [Jan., 

1840, Jan. 



I 5- 









1841, Jan. 




March 28. 



1842, Jan. 




March 5. 

March 6. 

March 10. 

March 10. 







1843, Jan. 






March 18. 


I 3- 





1844, Jan. 

1 1. 















1845, Jan. 




3 1 - 









Moses R. Smith, Mary H. Wood. 

William I. Smith, Sophia Davis, Stony Brook. 

John F. Davis, Alma Blydenburgh, Islip. 

Edwin Brown, Susan E. Smith. 

John Whitely, Louise Priestly. 

James Hallock, Margaret Blydenburgh. 

Peter Cortelyou, Brooklyn, Deborah Oakley, 

William Smith, Hester Ann Wheeler. 

Henry L. Smith, Abbey Jayne, of Smithtown. 

William Blydenburgh, Emmeline Davis, Brook- 

Charles F. Read, of Montrose, Pa., Frances L. 
Mulford, Orient, L. I. 

Richard S. Mills, Mary E. Brown. 

Nathaniel Smith, of Stony Brook, Maria Smith. 

Horace Taylor, Elizabeth Turner. 

John Pemberton, Ellen Browning (?) 

Jesse N. Thompson, Caroline Jane Ruland. 

John B. Smith, Rebecca Harlow. 

Nathaniel Blydenburgh, Sarah Norton, Brook- 

Adolphus Dayton, N. Y. City, Mary, dau. of Job 
Smith, of Smithtown. 

Joseph H. Conkling, Thankfull Udall. 

Addison Hulse, Setauket, Sarah E. Mills. 

Stephen Jayne, Angelina Wheeler. 

Dolly Ann Smith, John E. Darling. 

Selah Smith, Tryphena Taylor. 

Sandford Brush, Charlotte Curtis. 

Stephen D. Smith, Ann Maria Hays. 

John S. Huntting, Emily S. Mills. 

Edwin A. Smith, Ann B. Mills, N. D. 

John Q. Adams, Mary Elizabeth Mapes. 

Isaac Blydenburgh, Frances Nichol. 

Jeremiah N. Arthur, Amanda Terry, N. D. 

John Hoyt. of Southold, L. I., Elizabeth, dau. of 
Nathan H. Smith, of Smithtown. 

Daniel Bennet, Julia Ann Call. 

John Brooks Fenno, of Boston, Sarah E. Smith, 
of Smithtown. 

Webley (?) J. Edwards. Deborah Ann Mesereau, 
both of Staten Island. 

Smith Woodhull, Huntington, Mariette Little. 

Jeremiah P. Vail, Julia A. Gardner. 

John F. Tibbits, of Stewartstown, N. H., Cather- 
ine Davis, of Islip. 

Warren C. Conkling, Lydia H. Moore. 

Joel L. G. Smith, Anna W. Lawrence. 

Edward Edwards, Rebecca Payson, both of N. Y. 

Jacob Ruland, Dolly Ann Adams. 


Suffolk County, New York. 


1846, March 13. Samuel W. Soper, Hempstead, Theressa Oakley, 

July 27. Edmund T. Smith, Amanda M. Mills. 
Oct. 5. Luther Ketcham, Elizabeth Ann Cheshire, both 

Huntington. I 

1847, June 8. Charles S. Price, Emily S. Nichol. 
1S48, Jan. 18. Ormond Wheeler, Martha Harned. 

1849, Jan. 1. James S. Blydenburgh, Riverhead, Harriet Smith. 
Jan. 17. Daniel Brown, Stony Brook, Deborah A. Blyden- 

April 17. Albert Terry, of Brookhaven, Nancy S. Hults, of 

April 25. Henry J. Scudder, Huntington, Adelaide L. 

Allen, Comae. 
May 22. James Harned, Mariette Smith. 
Nov. 7. William D. Jarvis, Setauket, Eliza H. Williamson, 

Stony Brook. 
Dec. 20. Egbert S. Mills, Ellen Wilson, N. D. 
Dec. 25. David T. Baylis, Brookhaven, Delia Hawkins, 


1850, Jan. 9. Geo. Van Renssalaer Price, Brookhaven, Mary A. 


Jan. 29. Thomas H. Darling, Ann M. Van Brunt, Brook- 

Jan. 29. George William Davis, Brookhaven, Ann Maria 
Williamson, Brookhaven. 

Feb. 7. Edmund W. Smith, Catherine Jane Hubbs. 

Feb. 28. Charles E. Howe, Brookhaven, Julia Hawkins, 

April 30. Stephen L. Johnson, Jamaica, Elizabeth D. Hunt- 
ting, Smithtown. 

May 9. Joel L. G. Smith, Sarah Amelia Lawrence. 

Aug. 18. Samuel T. Baker, Babylon, Frances M. Minturn. 

185 1, Jan. 14. Richard B. Wheeler, Julia Ann Conkling. 

April 6. John N. Hazard, of Huntington, Martha Ann 

Lewis, of Huntington. 
April 17. William C. Lawrence, Smithtown, Elizabeth H. 

April 29. Geo. S. Phillips, Abbey C. Edwards. 
May 18. . James Crutchett, of Washington, D. C, Marcia 

A. Smith. 
Nov. 6. Richard Smith, Julia A. Floyd. 

Marriages by Rev. Rutgers Van Brunt, 
Pastor of Presbyterian Church at Smithtown, L. I. 

1852, April 21. Ebeneezer Smith, Nissequogue, Alma Hallock. 
June 12. James Morley, Brooklyn, Ann E. Conklin. 
Dec. 30. George E. Mills, Helen Oakley. 

1853, Jan. 26. Benjamin Tyler, Frances Jayne. 
March 4. Egbert Brush, Elizabeth R. Wheeler. 

March 8. Samuel Oakley Smith, Nissequogue, Mary Eliza- 
beth Davis, Stony Brook. 

14 The Records of the Presbyterian Church of Smith town, [Jan., 

1853, April 28. Ebeneezer Smith, son of Jonas, Sarah Ann, dau. 

of Obadiah Smith. 
May 26. Joseph W. Hammond, of New Haven, Clarissa 

Davis, Islip. 
Dec. 29. Nathaniel Smith, Sarah Floyd. 

1854, June 9. George A. Cornish, Harriet E. Struck. 

July 13. Greenville McNeel, Brazonia, Texas, Alma 
Amelia Blydenburgh. 

1855, June 7. J. Otis Averill, N. Y. City, Mary Elizabeth Smith, 

dau. of Cald., Smithtown. 
Aug. 21. Stephen Henry Davis, Islip, Elizabeth Jane 
Nichols, Islip. 

1856, Feb. 13. George Strong, of Comae, Mariette Arthur. 

Marriages Solemnized by Rev. Ezra F. Mundy, 
Pastor of Presbyterian Church, Smithtown, L. I. 

1856, Sept. 3. Eugene J. Piatt, Cordelia V. Gould. 

1857, March 4. Richard Blydenburgh, Smithtown, Hannah M. 

Green, 3rd wife, Brookhaven. 
April 22. Victor B. Bergen, of Babylon, Cornelia I. Udall. 
Sept. 8. William H. Wickham, N. Y., Louise S. Floyd, 

dau. of Jesse. 
Dec. 23. Piatt S. Arthur, Rebecca Hubbs. 

1858, Jan. 10. Lester C. Darling, Catherine Cordelia Hallock. 
May 12. John Carll, Comae, Hannah Elizabeth Strong. 
Sept. 12. William Cornish, Hauppauge, Mary Eliza Far- 

rington, Brooklyn. 
Dec. 22. Charles H. Wells, Stony Brook, Julia E. Arthur, 
N. D. 

1859, Feb. 22. William Lockwood, Stony Brook, Sarah C. 

April ii. Thomas Newton, Emily Smith, N. D. 
i860, Feb. 22. Wm. Thomas Tooker, N. Y. City, Hattie E. Gould, 
New Village. 
March 25. Samuel A. Miller, Babylon, Caroline G. Brown. 
1861, Jan. 30. Oscar E. Brush, West Hills, Hannah Hallock. 

Marriages by Rev. James Sinclair, 
Pastor of Smithtown Presbyterian Church. 

1865, Sept. 6. Edward Simpson, Jr., Brooklyn, Gertrude L. 
Gould, N. D. 

Oct. 25. Charles E. Garrison, N. Y. City, Emmeline E. 

March 5. R. G. Cunningham, Wash., D. C, Josephine Jack- 

June 27. Ferdinand Kip, N. Y. City, Frances Mays, dau. of 
John Mays. 

Aug. 8. Emmet W. Smith, Hester H. Soper. 

Aug. 22. Daniel W. Washburne, Islip, Emily R. Cor- 
nish, . 

1867, Jan. 1. William A. Gould, New Village, Clara O. Gould, 
New Village. 

1914.] Suffolk Coujily, New York. I 5 

James Blydenburg's children: 

Samuel, Oct. 11, 1790. Clarry, Sept. 18, 1797. 

Temperance, April 16, 1791. James, Sept. 7, 1800. 

Betsey, June 8, 1793. Alma Charity, March 24, 1804. 

Nathaniel, Dec. 9, 1795. * 

Children of Thomas & Hannah Hallock: 

Elizabeth, b. May 25, 1789. Noah, b. Oct. 4, 1798. 

Thomas, b. Aug. 1, 1790. Peggy, b. April 30, 1799. 

Hannah, b. May 23, 1792. Cattey, b. Aug. 1, 1801. 

Nancy, b. Oct. 21, 1793. Peter, b. Nov. 13, 1803. 

Polly, b. July 5, 1795. George, b. July 19, 1805, 

Sally, b. Jan. 31, 1797. Daniel Minor, b. Oct. 9, 1806. 

Children of Samuel and Mary Vail: 

Rhoda, b. March 30, 1796. Samuel, b. May 24, 1798. 

Children of Obadiah Wheeler: 

Thomas, b. Feb. 10, 1801. John Williams, b. July 25, 1803. 

Children of Azel Conklin: 

Mary, July 8, 1804. 
Children of Philetus Heart: 

Fanny, Aug. 8, 1796. Elbart, Oct. 10, 1805. 

Maria, Oct. 2, 1798. 
Children of Isaac & Susanna Blydenburgh: 

Ebeneezer Smith, Feb. 1, Elizabeth, Dec. 5, 1800. 
1796. Isaac, Jan. 17, 1806. 

Richard, Feb. 9, 1798. Ruth, April 19, 1809. 

Children of Stephen Gildersleeve & his wife Sybil: 

Jeffrey, Oney, Phebe, Joel, Stephen, all bapt. May 21, 1805. 

Children of John & Jemima Darling: 

Adam, b. Dec. 27, 1798. John Alanson, June 26, 1803. 

Jacob Conklin, b. July 16, 1801. 

Child of William & Betsey Homan: 
William Mills, b. April 4, 1805. 

Children of John & Mrs. Howard: 
Charles Nicoll, b. Oct. 20, 1805. 

Children of Phillip & Juliana Jervis: 

Julianer, b. Oct. 8, 1805. David Smith, b. Sept. 22, 1806. 

Children of Jeremiah J. & Elenor Wood, members of Dr. 
Rogers Church of New York: 

Martha, b. Sept. 8, 1807. Elenor, b. Aug. 6, 1807 (sic). 

Children of Zophar & Hannah Hallock: 

Zophar, bapt. Jan. 8, 1809. John Fauster, Dec. 17, 1804. 

Nancy, b. March 9, 1801. Almira, March 23, 1807. 

Laura, b. Dec. 25, 1802. 
Children of Thomas Blydenburgh: 

Mary, b. March 19, 1796. Juliana, b. . 

Elizabeth Rowe, b. Aug. 10, Sally, b. Sept. 14, 1802. 

1 6 The Records of the Presbyterian Church of Smithtown. [Jan., 

Children of Jesse Nichol: 

Catherine, b. Nov. 25, 1784. Juliana, Sept. 19, 1797. 

Hannah, July 30, 1787. Samuel, July 5, 1800. 

David, March 26, 1789. Selah, Oct. 5, 1802. 

Ebeneezer, April 25, 1791. Benjamin, Jan. u, 1805. 
Jesse, Feb. 2, 1795. 

Jeremiah Wheeler's children: , 

Jeremiah, b. Aug. 5, 1780. Hannah, b. Dec. 22, 1795. 
Edmund, b. May 7, 1784. Evander, b. Aug. 29, 1797. 

Piatt Willit's children: 

Joseph, March 3, 1789. Ammy, Sept. 18, 1797. 

Sarah, Jan. 21, 1791. Phebe, Sept. 4, 1799. 

Beny, Jan. 12, 1794. Abbegil, March 28, 1803. 

Children of Jonas Mills: 

Epenetus, b. Jan. 22, 1778. Deborah, Feb. 13, 1792. 

Gideon, b. Aug. 26, 1788. Mary Ann, June 7, 1797. 

Selah, b. May 23, 1790. Abigail, Aug. 7, 1799. 

Mehetible Smith's children: 

Hannah, b. Sept. 1, 1759. Isaac, March 15, 1768. 

Mehetable, Aug. 20, 1763. John, Aug. 15, 177 1. 

Stephen & Elizabeth Burnett's children: 

Stephen, b. July 13, 1776. Hannah, May 4, 1787. 

Benj. Hedges, April 27, 1778. Samuel, Aug. 11, 1786. 

Elizabeth, Aug. 12, 1780. Maria, Sept. 19, 1792. 

Jeremiah, Sept. 24, 1782. Isaac, April 27, 1795. 

John, March 30, 1785. Abbe Conklin, April 30, 1799. 

Children of Elizabeth Ketcham: 

Meriah, Dec. 11, 1792. Sally, Jan. 25, 1795. 

Children of Joshua (Judge) & Deborah Smith, 2nd wife: 

Ebeneezer, b. Jan. 31, 1795. Joshua Brewster, Feb. 9, 1801. 
Hannah, b. Feb. 25, 1799. Alma Deborah, Sept. 19, 1803. 

Children of Joseph & Martha Jayne: 

Theodorus Van Wyck, July Whitman, Feb. 15, 1800. 
29, 1794. Sarh, March 20, 1804. 

Joseph, Aug. 29, 1796. , March 1, 1806. 

Children of Daniel & Charlotte Brown: 

Harriet, Dec. 19, 1793. Joseph, April 20, 1800. 

Hetta, Oct. 19, 1795. Fanny, March 18, 1802. 

Emma, Oct. 17, 1797. Hannah Minerva, March 6, 

Children of Jedediah & Elizabeth Mills: 

Betsey, Sept. 2, 1798. 

Alexander Smith's children: 

Lydia Minerva, March 15, Alexander, April 25, 1806. 
Mary Elizabeth & Benjamin Brewster, children of Obadiah 
Smith, were bapt. July 19, 1831. 

Harriet, dau. of Job Smith and Sarah Ann, bapt. Oct. 17, 1830. 

1914.] The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson. ij 


By John Denison Champlin. 

Anne Hutchinson, the most noted woman of the seventeenth 
century in the New England colonies, was as remarkable for 
ancestry as for culture and force of character. The daughter 
of the Rev. Francis Marbury and of Bridget Dryden, great- 
aunt of John Dryden, the Poet Laureate, she first saw the light 
in the village of Alford, on the borders of the Fen District in 
Lincolnshire, and was baptized in the parish church of St. Wilfrid, 
July 20, 1591. Her father removed, when she was fourteen 
years old, to London, and there she was married in the church of 
St. Mary Woolnoth, Aug. 9, 1612, to William Hutchinson, also a 
native of Alford. The couple returned to Alford and made their 
home there, and on the registers of its church are recorded the 
baptisms of fourteen children born to them before 1634, when 
the family emigrated to New England. 

Marbury Ancestry. 

The Marbury family was descended through heraldic lines 
from Charlemagne and Alfred the Great, and consequently from 
most of the other royal houses of Europe. Robert Marbury, the 
great-grandfather of Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson, was the son 
of William Marbury (see G) of Girsby, Co. Lincoln, and of Anne, 
daughter of Thomas Blount, son of Walter, Lord Mountjoy. 
The Blounts (see C) were lineally descended from Rodolphus, 
Count of Guisnes in Normandy, three of whose sons went into 
England with William the Conqueror. The Counts of Guisnes 
were directly descended from Charlemagne through Judith, 
daughter of his grandson Charles le Chauve (the Bald), who 
married Baldwin I, the first Count of Flanders (see A). 

Walter, the first Baron Montjoy or Mountjoy, was the grand- 
son of Sir Walter Blount who accompanied the Black Prince and 
John of Gaunt to Spain in 1367 in the expedition in aid of Pedro 
the Cruel, whose daughter Constantia, John of Gaunt married in 
137 1. After the return to England, Sir Walter married Donna 
Sancha de Ayala, who had come in attendance on Donna Con- 
stantia. Donna Sancha belonged to one of the most illustrious 
houses in Spain, of which an old Spanish poet sings: 
"Quien con Aydla se topa 
No le falteran abuelas." 

(He who is connected with Ay£la will never need ancestors.) 

Donna Sancha, daughter of Don Diego Gomez de Toledo and 
of Donna Inez Alfon de Ayala, was fourteenth in descent from 
Don Vela de Aragon, Infante of Aragon, to whose son, Don 
Sancho Velasquez, Alfonso VI, King of Castile, gave the Lord- 
ship of Ayala in 1074 (see D). 

Sir Walter Blount, or Blunt, as he is called by Shakespeare, 
who introduces him so prominently in the first part of " King 

1 8 The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson. [Jan., 

Henry IV," was slain in 1403 in the battle of Shrewsbury, in 
which Henry IV overthrew Harry Hotspur and his allies and 
where Sir John Falstaff " fought a long hour by Shrewsbury 
clock." Sir Walter, the King's standard bearer, was one of 
several knights who wore armor like* that of the king, as a 
measure of protection for their royal master, and fell by the 
hand of Archibald, Lord Douglas. When Douglas claims that 
he has slain the King, Hotspur exclaims: " 

" No; I know this face full well: 
A gallant knight he was, his name was Blunt, 
Semblably furnished like the King himself." 

Descent from Charlemagne and Alfred the Great. 

1. Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Emperor of the 

Romans (742-814), m. Hildegarde, dau. of Childebrand, 
Duke of Suabia. 

2. Louis I, Le Debonaire, Emperor of the West (778-840), 

m. Judith of Bavaria, dau. of Count Welf (Guelph) of 

3. Charles II, Le Chauve, King of France and Emperor of 

the Romans (823-879), m. Richeldis, dau. of Boso, King 
of Burgundy. 

4. Judith, m. Baldwin I, Bras de Fer, first Count of Flanders, 

d. 879. 

5. Baldwin II, Count of Flanders, d. 919; m. Elstrude or Al- 

fritha, dau. of Alfred the Great, King of England (see B). 


Descent from the Counts of Flanders and the Counts 
of Guisnes in Normandy. 

The Counts of Guisnes owe their origin to Sigefrede, a 
Danish Prince, grandson of Harold V, King of Denmark, and a 
descendant also of Walter, Count of Ponthieu, Guisnes, and 
Saint Pol. Through the latter descent he claimed Guisnes as 
his lawful inheritance and, after the manner of the time, landed 
with a band of Northmen and occupied the terrritory, now in- 
cluded in the department of Pas de Calais. He immediately 
took measures to fortify his new possessions, building a strong 
castle on the River Guisnes and surrounding it with a double 
fosse. This castle stood until 1558, when it was demolished by 
the French government. 

When Count Arnulph of Flanders heard of this usurpation, 
he summoned Sigefrede to appear before him, his lord para- 
mount, and answer for his conduct. Arnulph received him 
angrily, but impressed by his bold and defiant bearing, became 
reconciled, gave him the Lordship of Guisnes as a fief of the 
Counts of Flanders, and bestowed on him the hand of his 
daughter Elstrude, great-granddaughter of Alfred the Great of 
England (see A). 

The descendants of Sigefrede therefore, of the Danish royal 
line on the paternal side, share on the maternal side with those 

iqI4.] The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson. 1 9 

of William the Conqueror the blood of the French and English 
royal lines, as shown in the following: 

1. Lideric, Forester of Flanders, A. D. 792. 

2. Engelram, 802. 

3. Odoacer, 832. I 

4. Baldwin I, Bras de Fer, first Count of Flanders, d. 879; 

m. Judith, widow of Ethel wulf, King of England, and 
dau. of Charles II, le Chauve (the Bald), King of France. 

5. Baldwin II, Count of Flanders, d. 919; m. Elstrude or 

Alfritha, dau. of Alfred the Great. She d. June 7, 929. 

6. Arnulph or Arnold I, Count of Flanders, d. 964; m. Adela, 

dau. of Herbert II, Count de Vermandois. 

7. Elstrude, m. Sigefrede, first Count of Guisnes. 

8. Ardolphus, second Count of Guisnes, m. Mahaut or 

Matildis, dau. of Ernicule, Count of Boulogne. 

9. Raoul or Rodolphus, third Count of Guisnes, m. Rosella, 

dau. of Hugh II, Count of Saint Pol. 

English Royal Line. 

6. Arnulph or Arnold I, Count of Flanders, d. 964; m. Adela 

de Vermandois. 

7. Baldwin III, d. in his father's lifetime, 961; m. Matilda, 

dau. of Conrad II of Burgundy. 

8. Arnulph II, d. 988; m. Rosalia, dau. of Berenger II, Duke 

. of Normandy. 

9. Baldwin IV, d. 1034; m. Eleanor, dau. of Richard II, Duke 

of Normandy. 

10. Baldwin V, d. 1066; m. Adelais, dau. of Robert II, King of 


11. Matilda or Maud, d. Nov. 2, 1083; m. William the Con- 

queror, who d. Sept. 19, 1087. 


Descent from the Blounts, Barons of Ixworth 

and of montjoy. 

Arms:— Quarterly of six. 1. Lozengy, or and sable ; or Nebuly of six 
pieces, or and sable. (Blount.) 2. Argent, two wolves passant proper or 
sable, on a bordure gules eight saltiers or. (AyAla.) 3. Argent, three 
leopards' heads jessant-de-lis, sable. (Sodington.) 4. Gules, three escut- 
cheons or. (Mountjoy). 5. Argent, three bendlets gules. (Byron.) 6. 
Vert, a saltier engrailed or. (Hawley.) 

Of the sons of Rodolphus or Raoul, third Count of Guisnes, 
who accompanied William the Conqueror into England, Eustace 
returned to France to succeed his father as fourth Count of 
Guisnes, while Robert and William remained in England. The 
two latter were called le Blonde from the fairness of their hair 
and complexion, and this sobriquet, after assuming various forms, 
became a patronymic as le Blunt or le Blount and finally, in the 
fourteenth century, plain Blunt or Blount. Robert le Blount re- 
ceived from the Conqueror estates in Suffolk and became Baron 
of Ixworth. 

9. Raoul or Rodolphus, third Count of Guisnes, m. Rosella, 
dau. of Hugh II, Count of Saint Pol (see B). 

20 The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson. [Jan., 

10. Robert le Blonde or le Blount, first Baron of Ixworth, m. 

Gundred, dau. of Earl Ferrers. 
ii. Gilbert le Blount, second Baron, temp. Henry I, m. Alicia 

de Colekirke. 

12. William le Blount, third Baron, t^mp. Henry II, m. Sarah, 

dau. of Hubert de Monchensi, Lord of Edwardeston. 

13. Gilbert or Hubert, fourth Baron, m. Agnes de l'lsle. 

14. Sir Stephen le Blount, m. Maria le Blount. 

15. Sir William le Blount of Gladston, Gloucestershire, m. 

Eleanor Woodthorpe, dau. and coheir of John of Stickford. 

16. Sir William le Blount, m. , dau. of Sir John Merriot. 

17. Sir William le Blount, m. Anne Tracy. 

18. Sir William le Blount, Lord of Belton, Co. Rutland (1270- 

1320), m. Isabel Beauchamp. 

19. Sir Walter le Blount, m. (2) Johanna, sister and heir of 

Sir William de Sodington, of Mamble, Worcestershire. 
Sir Walter, who d. 9 or 10 Edward II (1315-1316), had 
by Johanna: 

1. Sir William, m. Margaret, dau. and one of the 
heiresses of Theobald de Verdon, Lord Justice 
and Lieutenant of Ireland, who d. 1328. 

20 ii. Sir John, m. (1) Elizabeth , who d. 1345-47; m. 

(2) Isolda, dau. and heir of Sir Thomas Montjoy 
(see E). 
iii. Sir Walter. 

20. Sir John le Blount of Sodington, sometimes dropped the 
Norman le from his signature, calling himself plain Blunt or 
Blount. By his second wife, Isolda de Montjoy he had four sons: 

i. Richard, heir, d. s. p. 32 Edward III (1358). 
ii. John, m. (1) Juliana Foulhurst; m. (2) Isabella Corn- 
wall. In 1374 he transferred the Mountjoy property 
to his brother Walter. 

21 iii. Walter, m. Sancha de Aydla. 
iv. Thomas, d. s. p. 

21. Sir Walter Blount, who fell at the battle of Shrewsbury in 
1403, as described in Shakespeare's " Henry IV," m. Sancha de 
Ayala, by whom he had three sons: 

i. Sir John, Governor of Calais; Knight of the Garter, 
1413; at the siege of Rouen, 1418; d. s. p. 

22 ii. Sir Thomas, m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Thomas Gresley. 
iii. James, mentioned in father's will, 1401. 

22. Sir Thomas, Treasurer of Normandy, m. Margaret, dau. of 
Sir Thomas Gresley of Gresley, Derbyshire, and had: 

23. Walter, first Baron Montjoy (see E). He was Treasurer of 
Calais in 1460, fought on the side of the Yorkists at Towton in 
1461, and was rewarded by knighthood and by promotion to the 
governorship of Calais. In 1464 he was appointed Lord High 
Treasurer of England, and raised to the Peerage as Baron Mont- 
joy or Mountjoy, and in 1472 was created a Knight of the Garter. 
Lord Mountjoy m. Helena, dau. of Sir John Byron of Clayton, 
Lancashire, ancestor of Lord Byron, by whom he had: 

igi4.] The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson. 2 I 

i. William, heir, d. at battle of Barnet in 1471. His son 
Edward succeeded as second Baron Mount joy in 1474 
and d. 1475. 

24 ii. Thomas, m. Agnes, dau. of John Hawley, Esq. 

iii. John, succeeded his nephew Edward as third Lord 

Mountjoy in 1475; d. 1485; succeeded by his son 

William, who d. 1534. 

Walter, Lord Mountjoy, m. (2) 1467, Anne, widow of Humphrey 

Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, and dau. of Ralph Neville, Earl 

of Westmoreland, by Joan Beaufort, only dau. of John of Gaunt 

and Catherine Swynford. No issue by second marriage. Lord 

Mountjoy d. Aug. 1, 1474, and was buried in Christ Church, 

Grey Friars, London, where his monument is inscribed: 

" Walter Blount, Knight of the Garter, Lord Mountjoy, 
Treasurer of England, son and heyre to Thomas Blount, Knight, 
Treasurer of Normandy, 1474." 

24. Thomas, m. Agnes, dau. and heir of John Hawley, Esq., son 
and heir of Sir Thomas Hawley, Knt. (see F), of Girsby, parish 
of Burgh-on Bain, Lincolnshire. Thomas was the second hus- 
band of Agnes, who d. Oct. 14, 1462. Their children were: 
i. Robert of Girsby, Lincolnshire. 

25 ii. Anne, coheir, m. William Marbury, Esq., of Girsby 

(see G). 


Descent from the Lords of Ayala, the Infante of Aragon, 

and the King of Leon. 

Arms of Ayala: — Argent, two wolves passant, Proper or sable ; on a 
bordure gules eight saltiers or. 

1. The Infante Don Vela de Aragon. 

2. Sancho Velasquez, to whom Don Alonzo VI, King of 

Castile, gave the Lordship of Aydla in 1074. 

3. Lope Sanchez de Ayala, Rico Hombre of Castile, 1089, 

second Lord of Ayala. 

4. Don Galindo Velasquez de Ay£la. At the conquest of 

Saragoca, Third Lord, m. Donna Maria de Salzedo, 
heiress of the House of Salzedo. 

5. Don Garcia Galindez de Salzedo, Lord of Ayala and 

Salzedo, Fourth Lord, m. Donna Alberta Sanz, dau. of 
Don Garcia, Lord of Zurbano. 

6. Don Sancho Garciade Salzedo, Rico Hombre, Lord of Aydla, 

died at the battle of Alarcos, H95, Fifth Lord, m. Donna 
Maria Ifiiguez de Piedrola, dau. of Count Don Nuno. 

7. Donna Maria de Salzedo, who inherited the Lordship after 

the decease in 1328, s. p., of Don Juan Sanz de Salzedo, 
Eighth Lord, m. Don Pero Velaz de Guevara. 

8. Don Sancho Perez de Gamboa, m. Donna Andrea Diaz 

de Mena. 

9. Donna Elvira Sanchez, heiress of AyaMa, etc., m. Don Pero 

Lopez de Ayala. He inherited the estate in Unca and 
Ayala from Donna Maria Sanz de Unga, and was there- 
fore called de Ayala. He was at the conquest of Seville 
in 1253. 


2 2 The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson. [Jan., 

10. Don Sancho Lopez, el Motila or Moco, m. Donna Aldonca 
de Velasco. 

ii. Don Pero Lopez de Ayala, Adelantado Mayor of Murcia, 
m. Donna Sancha Fernandez Barroso. By this marriage 
the Ay£la family acquired property in Toledo. 

12. Don Fernan Perez, Senor en Ayala, living in 1375, d. the 

year of the battle Aljubarrota, aet. 80; m. Donna Elvira 
Alvarez de Zavallos. 

13. Donna Inez de Ayala, m. Diego Gomez de Toledo, Alcalde 

Mayor of Toledo. 

14. Donna Sancha, m. Mosseu Gauter Blont (Sir Walter 

Blount, see C). 

Descent from King of Leon. 

1. Don Diego Lopez de Haro. At the battle of Ubeda in 

1212, d. in 1214 

2. Don Lope Diaz de Haro, Lord of Biscay, surnamed de Baeca 

from the capture of that city, m. Donna Urraca Alfonsa, 
dau. of Don Alonzo, King of Leon. 

3. Don Lope Ruys el Chico, third son, in 1253 m. Donna 

Bererjguela Gonzales Giron. 

4. Don Pero Lobez de Ayala, m. No. 9 above. 

After the death of her husband, Sir Walter Blount, in 1403, 
Dame Sancha founded in 1406, a hospital called St. Leonard's, 
near Alkmont<$a, Derbyshire, and appointed there a chaplain to 
pray for the souls of herself, her children, Sir Walter Blount, 
and her brethren and sisters. An imperfect copy of her will, 
made in 1415, still exists. She d. 6 Henry V, 1418. The en- 
dowment of St. Leonards was largely increased by her grandson, 
Lord Mountjoy, who established also a chapel at Alkmonton. 

Historia Genealo'gica de la Casa de Lara, per Don Luis de Salazary Castro, 
iv, 58; Sir Alexander Croke, Genealogical History of the Croke Family (Ox- 
ford, 1823), i, 176. 



Arms: — Gules, three escutcheons or. 

1. William de Montjoye or Mountjoy, m. Amicitia . 

2. Sir Ralph, m. Margaret . 

3. Sir Thomas, m. . 

4. Isolda, m. Sir John Blount, (see C) of Sodington, son of Sir 

Walter Blount of Rock, Worcestershire. Isolda, who 
was dau. and heir of Sir Thomas Montjoy, was Sir John 
Blount's second wife. Her great-grandson, Sir Walter 
Blount, was raised to the Peerage, 5 of Edward IV, 1464, 
with the title of Baron Montjoy. 

Arms: — Vert, a saltire engrailed or. 

1. Robert Hawley of Girsby, in parish of Burgh-on-Bain, m. 
Joan, dau. of . She had in 1309, conjointly with her 

I9M-] The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson. 23 

husband, a grant of land in Girsby from Ralph le Muer 
of Covenham. 

2. Sir William Ilawley, Kn't, m. , and had: 

3. Sir William Hawley, Kn't, of Girsby. Will dated Bayonne 

in Gascony, June 16, 1386, proved at Nettleham, Co. 
Lincoln, Nov. 3, 1387. To be buried at the Friars 
Preachers, Bayonne. 
4. Sir Thomas Hawley, Kn't, of Girsby, proved his father's 

will; m. Margaret, dau. of , who had a license to 

have mass said in the Chapel at Girsby, Jan. 10, 1396-7. 

5. John Hawley of Girsby, m. , and had: 

6. Agnes, heiress, m. Robert Sutton of Lincoln. His will, 

dated Feb. 23, 145 1-2, proved April 3, 1452. Agnes m. 
(2) Thomas Blount, second son of Lord Mountjoy (see C). 
Agnes d. Oct. 14, 1462, and was buried at Burgh-on-Bain. 
Maddison. Lincolnshire Pedigrees, ii, 475. 


Arms:— Argent, on a fess engrailed, gules, three garbs of the first. 

1. William Marbury of Girsby, Co. Lincoln, m. Anne, dau. of 

Thomas Blount, son of Walter, Lord Montjoy, and 
sister and co-heir of Robert Blount of Girsby (see C). 

2. Robert of Burgh-upon-Bain, Girsby, etc., m. Katharine, dau. 

and heir of , who d. Aug. 11, 1525 (17 Henry VIII), 

seized of lands in Leake and Hemingby. In Robert's 
will, dated July 28, and proved Sept. 28, 1545, only one 
child, William, who was aged one at his mother's death, 
is mentioned. 

3. William, only child and heir of his mother, m. Agnes, dau. 

of John Lenton, Esq., of Old Wynkill, and had: 

i. Edward, knighted in 1603, and d. 1605 as High 

Sheriff of Lincoln, 
ii. William, d. s. p. 
4 iii. Francis, m. (1) Elizabeth Moore; m. (2) Bridget 
Dryden. He was a clergyman. 
iv. Mary. 
v. Ann. 
vi. Catherine, m. Oct. 19, 1583, Christopher Wentworth. 

4. Francis, m. Elizabeth Moore, dau. of Moore, and had: 

i. Mary, buried at Alford, Dec. 29, 1585. 

ii. Susan, bapt. Sept. 12, 1585; m. Twyford. 

iii. Elizabeth, buried June 4, 1601. 
Mrs. Elizabeth (Moore) Marbury d. and Francis m. (2) in 1589, 
Bridget, dau. of John Dryden, Esq. (see H), of Canons Ashby, 
Northamptonshire, and had: 

iv. John, bapt. Feb. 15, 1589-90. 
5 v. Ann, bapt. July 20, 1591; m. Aug. 9, 161 2, William 
vi. Bridget, bapt. May 8, 1593; buried Oct. 15, 1598. 
vii. Francis, bapt. Oct. 20, 1594. . 

2 A. The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson. [Jan., 

viii. Emme, bapt. Dec. 21, 1595. 
ix. Erasmus, bapt. Feb. 15, 1596-7; matric. Brasenose 

College, Oxford, April 12, 1616. 
x. Anthony, bapt. Sept. 21, 1598; buried April 9, 1601. 
xi. Bridget, bapt. Nov. 25, 1599. 
xii. Jeremuth or Jerimoth, bapt. March 31, 1601; Brasenose 

College, June 11, 1619. 
xiii. Daniel, bapt. Sept. 14, 1602. 

xiv. Elizabeth, bapt. Jan. 20, 1604-5; buried March 9, 1613-14. 
xv. Anthony, b. London, about 1608; Brasenose College, 

Oct. 20, 1626. 
xvi. Katherine, b. about 1610; m. Richard Scott {N.E. Gen. 
Reg., Ix, 168). 
Rev. Francis Marbury removed, about 1605, from Alford to 
London, where he was installed Rector of St. Martin's Vintry, 
Oct. 28, 1605; of St. Pancras, Feb. 29, 1607-8, and of St. Margaret's, 
Jan. 15, 1609-10. He d. in 1610-n. His nuncupative will, made 
June 25, 1609-10, was proved Feb. 14, 1610-11. Mrs. Bridget 
(Dryden) Marbury was then living. 

Arms: — Azure, a lion rampant, and in chief a sphere between two estoilles, 

Crest: — A demi-lion rampant, azure, sustaining in the dexter paw a 
sphere, or. 

1. William Dryden of Walton, Co. Cumberland, m. , and 


2. David, of Staffe Hill, Co. Cumberland, m. Isabel, dau. and 

heir of William Nicholson of Staffe Hill, and had: 

i. Thomas. 
3 ii. John, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Cope, 
iii. Isabel, m. Thomas Warwick. 
3. John, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Cope, Kn't. (see I), of 
Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire, and had: 
i. Erasmus, m. Frances Wilkes, 
ii. George, 
iii. John, 
iv. Thomas, 
v. Nicholas, 
vi. Elizabeth. 
4 vii. Bridget, m. 1589, Rev. Francis Marbury. 
viii. Emma, m. William Bury, Esq., of Grantham, 
ix. Mary, m. F. Foxley. 
John Dryden of Canons Ashley, Gentleman, d. Sept. 30, 1554. 
In his will he directs that his body be buried in the church at 
Ashby, "near unto the place where Sir John Cope is buried." 
Erasmus is called eldest son and heir. To his other children, 
then living, George, John, Thomas, Nicholas, Elizabeth, Bridget 
and Emma, he leaves ^2400, to be divided equally on their 
coming of age. 

Erasmus, son and heir of John Dryden, Esq., was B. A. of 
Oxford, 1577. He was Sheriff of Northamptonshire in the 40th 

19 1 4.] The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson. 25 

of Queen Elizabeth and again in the 17th of James I, by whom 
he was created a Baronet, Nov. 16, 1619. By his wife Frances, 
dau. of William Wilkes, of Hodnell, Co. Warwick, he had three 
sons, of whom Erasmus, who m. Mary, daughter of John Picker- 
ing, D. D., Rector of Aldwinkle, was the father of John Dryden, 
the Poet Laureate. 

John Dryden, Poet Laureate, m. Lady Elizabeth Howard, 
dau. of the Earl of Berkshire, and left five sons: 

i. Charles, Usher of the Palace to Pope Clement XI. 
ii. John, also in the service of the Pope, 
iii. Erasmus, inherited title as fifth Baronet, 
iv. Henry, who d. in Jamaica, 
v. James, who left two daughters. 
The baronetage became extinct in 1770, and the estates de- 
volved upon a niece, Elizabeth Dryden, who m. John Turner. 
He assumed the name of Dryden in 1791, and in 1795 was created 
a baronet. The title is now held by Sir Alfred Erasmus Dryden, 
the eighth baronet, who is seated in the old manor house of 
Canons Ashby. 

Betham, Baronetage of England; Metcalfe, Visitation of Northampton- 
shire ; Burke, Peerage and Baronetage. 


Arms: — Argent, on a chevron azure between three roses gules, stalked 
and leaved vert, as many fleurs-de-lis or. 

Crest: — Out of a fleur-de-lis argent, a dragon's head gules. 

x. John Cope (1355-1415), of Deanshanger, Northampton, and 
Hausted, Co. Buckingham, b. about 1355; Sheriff of Northants in 
1378, 1396, 1400, and 1404; Knight of the Shire for Northants in 
1396, 1399, 1402, 1404, and 1406. In the War of the Roses he 
espoused the cause of the House of Lancaster. Sir John m. in 
1393, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of John Newenham, and had issue: 

i. John, of Deanshanger, b. 1397, m. Joan and d. s. p. 

ii. Stephen, b. 1410, d. July 29, 1445; m. and had: 

i. John, b. July 8, 1435; m - Anne 

ii. William, b. 1437; m and had William, who d. s. p. 

2. iii. William, m. , dau. and heir of William Gossage, of 

Spratton, Co. Northampton, and had: 
3. Alexander, of Deanshanger and of Grimsbury, who m. 

and had: 

4. i. William (1450-1513). 

ii. Margaret, m. William Iberowe, Embroiderer to 
King Henry VII. 

4. William, of Grimsbury, Northamptonshire, and Hanwell, Co. 
Oxford, Cofferer (i. e. Treasurer) to King Henry VII., b. about 
1450; m. in 1470, Agnes, dau. and heir of Sir Robert Harcourt, of 
Stanton Harcourt, Co. Oxford, K. C. B. (Standard Bearer to 
King Henry VII. at Bosworth), and had: 

i. Stephen, of Bedhampton, Hants, ancestor of the Copes 
of Pennsylvania. 

26 The Ancestry of Anne Hutchinson. [Jan., 

Mrs. Agnes (Harcourt) Cope d. and William m. (2) Jane, dau. 
and heir of Sir John Spencer, Kn't, of Hodnell, Co. Warwick, and 
widow of William Saunders, of Banbury, Co. Oxford, and had: 

ii. Sir Anthony, Chamberlain to Queen Katherine Parr, 
ancestor of the Copes, Baronets, of Hanwell and 
iii. William, Esquire of the Body to Henry VIII., 15 16, and 
Servitor at the Coronation of Queen Anne Boleyn. 
He d. s. p. 
5 iv. Sir John, of Eydon and Heale, Northampton, and of 
Knowle Hall, Co. Warwick, m. Bridget, dau. of Ed- 
ward Raleigh (see J), of Farnborough, Co. Warwick, 
son and heir to Sir Edward Raleigh, Kn't, and of 
Anna, dau. of Sir William Chamberlain, Kn't, and had : 
i. Erasmus, eldest son. 
ii. George, second son. 
iii. Anthony, d. s. p. 
6. iv. Elizabeth, m. John Dryden, Gent, (see H). 

v. Jone, m. Stephen Boyle, of Kentish Town, Mid- 
dlesex, Gent. 

Betbam, Baronetage of England ; Metcalfe, Visitation of 
Northamptonshire ; Burke, Principal Families of America. 


Arms: — Quarterly of four. 1. Argent, a cross moline between ten crosslets 
gules. (Raleigh.) 2. Argent, a cross moline, gules. (Pincherdon.) 3. Ar- 
gent, a stag's bead caboshed sable. (Helion.) 4. Argent, two bars gules within 
a bordure engrailed sable, semee of bezants. (Cotesford.) 

Crest: — A boar's head couped erect, argent. 

1. Sir Henry Raleigh, Kn't, m. Mabel, dau. and coheir of Sir 

John Pincherdon, Kn't. 

2. Sir John, Kn't, m. Joane, dau. of John, Lord Gray, of 


3. John, m. Rose, dau. and heir of Sir Peter Helion, Kn't. 

4. Thomas, m. Agnes, dau. of Sir William Swinford, Kn't. 

5. Sir Henry, Kn't, m. dau. and heir of Bennell. 

6. Johannes, of Thornborough, m. Idon, dau. and heir of Sir 

Thomas Cotesford, Kn't. Sir Thomas was son of Sir 
Roger and grandson of Roger Cotesford, who m. Cathe- 
rine, dau. and coheir of Sir William Scarshull, Chief- 
Justice of England, temp. Edward III. 

7. Sir William, Kn't, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Thomas 

Greene, Kn't. 

8. Sir Edward, Kn't, m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Ralph Verney, 


9. Edward, Esq., of Farnborough, Co. Warwick, m. Anne, 

dau. of Sir William Chamberleyn, Kn't, al's Tankerville. 
10. Bridget, m. Sir John Cope, Kn't (see I), of Canons Ashby, 

Maddison, Lincolnshire Pedigrees, ii, ; Visitation of Co. Northamp- 
ton ; Visitation of Co. Warwick. 

{To be continued.) 

IQI4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 2*] 

By John R. Totten, 

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and New England 
Historic-Genealogical Society. 

(Continued from Vol. XLIV., p. 364, of the Record.) 

959 i- Jonathan, 7 born October 19th, 1772; died Oc- 

tober 19th, 1778, at Wareham, Mass, aged 6 
years to a day; buried at Parker Mills; grave- 

960 ii. Abigail, 1st, 7 born ; died , young, and 

was possibly buried at Parker Mills; no grave- 
+961 iii. Abigail, 2nd, 7 born February 12th, 1775 ; died 

; married Ebenezer White. 

962 iv. Lucy Thacher, 1st, 7 born February 12th, 1777; 

died October 19th, 1778, aged 1 year, 8 months, 

at Wareham, Mass., and was probably buried at 

Parker Mills ; no gravestone. 
+963 v. Desire, 7 born ; died ; married David 

+964 vi. Joanna, 7 born ; died ; married Richard 

4-965 vii. Lucy Thacher, 2nd, 7 born May 20th, 1781 ; died 

March 6th, 1845 \ married William Barrows. 
-f-966 viii. Jonathan, 2nd, 7 born March 5th, 1783; died April 

1st, 1843 ; married Mary Rhodes. 
+967 ix. David, 7 born April 22nd, 1785; died May 9th, 

1863 ; married Lucy Fearing. 
The Revolutionary record of David Nye, Sr., who married 
Desire 8 Thacher can be seen in the Nye Genealogy. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 43, 85. 
Early Mass. Marriages, Vol. II, p. 53. 
Nye Genealogy, pp. 78, 122-3. 
J. W. Lincoln, an authority on Wareham Records. 

345. Hannah 8 Thacher (Rev. Roland, 5 Col. John, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Wareham, Mass., June 
27th, 1755; died at Lee, Mass., of palsy and old age, July 
14th (or 15th), 1833, a g e d 78, and was buried there; grave- 
stone; she married at Wareham, Mass., July 9th, 1776, int. 
pub. at Barnstable, Mass., June 1st, 1776, to Jethro 8 Thacher, 
her first cousin (see No. 325), born Barnstable, Mass., Jan- 
uary 1 6th, 1747 ; he was a farmer and cooper and lived in 
Barnstable for a while and then removed to Lee, Mass., and 
died there, June 28th (or 29th), 1826, in his 80th year, and 

28 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan., 

was there buried; gravestone. He was a son of John 8 and 
Content (Norton) Thacher of Barnstable, Mass. (see No. 

Children: 7 (Thacher), 2 sons and 5 daughters, all born at 
Barnstable, Mass. 

968 i. Lucy, 7 born December 29th, 1777; died July 15th, 

181 1 ; married Ebenezer Swift. 

969 ii. Jonathan, 7 born April 21st, 1780; died December 
; 14th, 1807; supposedly not married. 

970 iii. Martha, 7 born June 23rd, 1783; died August 4th, 

1806; not married. 

971 iv. Nancy, 7 born October 8th, 1785; died January 

7th, 1872; not married. 

972 v. Roland, 7 born May 13th, 1788; died October 4th, 

1813 ; not married. 

973 vi. Hannah, 7 born September 24th, 1790; died No- 

vember 10th, 1850; married James Wakefield. 

974 vii. Sophia, 7 born October 30th, 1792; died Feb- 

ruary 29th, i860; married Leonard Olmstead. 
For full record of Jethro Thacher and wife (No. 345) and 
their children, 968 to 974, inclusive, see No. 325 and Nos. 883 to 
889, inclusive, as they will be continued no further under this, the 
female line. 

Authorities : 
Same as under No. 325, et sequentia. 

346. Lot Thacher (Rev. Roland, 5 Col. John, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Wareham, Mass., June 3rd, 
1757; died Rochester, Mass., March 4th, 1833, aged 75-9-1. 
He was a farmer and lived at Wareham until after birth of 
his son Peter 7 Thacher and then removed to Rochester, Mass.; 

he married, first, at Wareham ; int. pub. there November 

14th, 1778, to Abigail Fearing, born Wareham, March 7th, 
1759-60, according to gravestone (April 1st, 1760, according 
to Wareham Records) ; died March 19th, 1803, aged 44 years, 
12 days. She was a daughter of David and Huldah (Cush- 
man) Fearing of Wareham, Mass. Huldah (Cushman) Fear- 
ing, after the death of David Fearing, became the wife of 
John Millard, of Freetown, Mass., and the mother of Lot 8 
Thacher's second wife. 

Children: 12 (Thacher), 10 sons and 2 daughters, first 6 born 
in 'Wareham, rest in Rochester. 
4-975 •■ Sarah 7 (Sally), born August 6th, 1779; died 

September 6th, 1809 (or September 16th, 1810) ; 

married Barnabas Waterman. 
-(-976 ii. David, 7 born August 28th, 1781 ; died August 

22nd (or 23rd), 1849; married Rebecca Deblois. 
+977 iii- Harrison O., 7 born December 24th, 1783; died 

July 19th, 1853 (or April 12th, 1833) ; married 

Deborah (Debby) Smith. 

IQI4-1 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 2Q 

+978 iv. Charles Fearing, 7 born May 4th, 1786; died Feb- 
ruary 28th, 1872; married Sylvia Crooker 
979 v. Lewis, 7 born September 26th, 1788; died Feb- 
ruary 9th, 181 1, at Rochester, Mass., aged "in his 
23rd year," and was buried in Old Cemetery, at 
Rochester. Not married. 

+980 vi. Peter, 7 born August 21st, 1790 ; died June 13th, 
1873; married Elizabeth Fearing. 

+981 vii. Allen Crocker, 7 born June (or July), 17th, 1793; 
died May 13th, 1885 ; married Elizabeth Peirce. 

+982 viii. Israel Fearing, 7 born November 20th (or 29th), 

1795 ; died May 19th, 1884; married Susan T 

(or W ) Wood. 

+983 ix. Abigail Fearing, 7 born April 1st, 1798; died July 
16th, 1878; married Nathaniel Sears. 

984 x. George, 1st, 7 born June 27th, 1799; died June 

13th, 1800, aged 11 months, 16 days, at Rochester, 
Mass., and was buried there ; gravestone. 

985 xi. John, 7 born May 1st, 1800; died January 25th, 

1871 (or 1872), aged 71-1-24, at Middleboro, 
Mass. Not married. 

986 xii. George, 2nd, 7 born June 27th, 1802; died Jan- 

uary 13th, 1803, at Rochester, Mass., and was 
probably buried there; no gravestone. 

From the similarity of the dates of birth of the 
two Georges (Nos. 984 and 986) and also their 
dates of death, I am under the impression that 
there was but one George 7 Thacher, and he the 
George 1st, No. 984, and that the various authori- 
ties have become confused and recorded two. I 
am unable to determine the matter, so have given 
them both as given by one or another authority. 
It makes but little difference, however, as both died 
in childhood. 

Lot 6 Thacher married, a second time, at , date of 

marriage , to Huldah Millard, born , 1770 (see age 

at and date of death), at , died July 8th, 1836, aged 66 

years. She was a daughter of John Millard (married Novem- 
ber 12th, 1761), by his wife, Huldah (Cushman-Fearing) Mil- 
lard, of Freetown, Mass. Huldah Cushman-Fearing was the 
widow of David Fearing, the father of Lot 6 Thacher's first 
wife, and so she was the mother of both his first and second 
wives by her first and second husbands, respectively. 

Children: second marriage, 2 (Thacher), 1 son andj daugh- 
ter, both born at Rochester. 

987 xiii. Albert G , 7 born June (or July) 4th, 1805; 

died November 5th (or 7th), 1846, aged 41-4-3, at 

30 Thac her- Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan., 

Rochester, Mass., and was buried there; grave- 
stone; not married. 

988 xiv. Sarah 7 (Sally), born April 6th, 1809; died 

March 22nd, 181 1, aged 1-11-15, at Rochester, 

Mass., and was buried there ; gravestone. 

Wareham Records say that John Millard, of Freetown, and 

Huldah Fearing, of Wareham, were married November 12th, 1761. 

A Memorandum on these records says that Huldah Fearing, widow 

of David Fearing, married John Millard, of Freetown, 1761. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 43, 57. 
Charles Milton Thacher of Middleboro, Mass. 

J. W. Lincoln, an authority on Wareham and Rochester, Mass. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 191. 
Wm. Hilton Rainey of Hudson, N. Y. 

347. Fear 6 Thacher (Rev. Roland, 6 Col. John, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Wareham, Mass., March 14th, 
1760; died Sandwich, Mass., September 8th, 1833, "in the 
74th year of her age," and was buried at Marston Mills 
Cemetery, Barnstable Co., Mass.; she married at Wareham, 

March — , 1777 (int. pub. , 1776), to Joshua Crocker, 

born Cotuit, Barnstable Co., Mass., Friday, July 4th, 1755 
(or 1756) ; he lived at Barnstable (i. e., Cotuit), New Bed- 
ford and South Dartmouth, Mass., and was a merchant, 
hotelkeeper and market gardener; he died at South Dart- 
mouth, January 12th, 1831. He was a son of Ebenezer and 
Zerviah (Winslow) Crocker, of Cotuit, Mass. Zerviah Wins- 
low was a daughter of Kenelm Winslow, of Harwich, Mass. 
Children: 11 (Crocker), 1 son and 10 daughters, all born at 
Wareham, Mass., according to Roland Crocker Thacher, of 
Pawtucket, R. I. 

989 i. Hannah, 7 born June nth, 1779; died , 1822, 

in New York (City?). 
+990 ii. Zerviah, 7 born July 10th, 1781; died April , 

1839; married Hawley. 

991 iii. Achsah, 7 born April 25th, 1784; died April nth, 

1 82 1, in Easton, ? 

+992 iv. Clarissa, 7 born April nth, 1786; died September 

20th, 1810; married Dexter. 

993 v. Allen, 7 born February 22nd, 1789; died May 

30th, 1790, at Wareham, and buried there. 

994 vi. Harriet, 7 born September 14th, 1792; died , 

1843, in New York (City?). 
+995 vii. Betsey, 7 born August 22nd, 1795; died July 6th, 
1862; married Matthews Thacher (see No. 523). 

996 viii. Polly, 1st, 7 born November 14th, 1797; died , 


1914O Thacher-Thatc her Genealogy, 3 1 

997 ix. Polly F., 2nd, 7 born September 2nd, 1799; died 

August 15th, 1818, at Dartmouth, Mass.; prob- 
ably not married. 

998 x. Sally, 7 born ; died — r— ; nothing further 

known of her. 

999 xi. Ophelia, 7 born December 4th, 1803 ; died April 

— , 1817, at Easton, ? Not married. 

According to Hon. George Thacher's MSS. genealogy, Joshua 
Crocker was born in Barnstable, Mass. He kept a general store in 
Wareham; he went to New York City and there kept a public 
house; he was afterwards in the same business in New Bedford, 
Mass., and afterwards was a market gardener in South Dartmouth, 
Mass., where he died. 

From the Marston Mills Cemetery we obtain the following 
inscription : — 

"Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Fear Crocker, relict of the 
late Mr. Joshua Crocker, of New Bedford, daughter of Rev. Ro- 
land Thacher, of Wareham, having early professed the Gospel of 
Christ, and manifested its fruits in her life, she died consoled by 
its hopes, September 8th, 1833, in the 74th year of her age. 
The memory of the just shall live." 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 43. 
Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 240. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 192. 
Roland Crocker Thacher of Pawtucket, R. I. 
Stanley W. Smith of Boston, Mass. 
J. W. Lincoln, an authority on Wareham Records. 

348. Elizabeth 6 Thacher (Rev. Roland, 5 Col. John, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Wareham, Mass., 
September 23rd, 1762; died , at ; married at Ware- 
ham, (int. pub., October 9th, 1779), to Israel Fearing, 

born at Wareham, , 1758; died at ; date of death 

; he lived at Wareham until 1801, and then removed to 

Newport, R. I. He was a son of David and Huldah (Cush- 

man) Fearing, of Wareham, Mass. 

Children: 8 (Fearing), 6 sons and 2 daughters, all born at 


1000 i. David, 7 born August 24th, 1780; died Septem- 

ber 4th, 1780, at Wareham, and was buried 

1001 ii. Zenas, 7 (or Linus), born September 29th, 

1781 ; died . 

1002 iii. Lucinda, 7 born September 23rd, 1784; died 

1003 iv. Martin, 7 born January 3rd, 1787 ; died . 

1004 v. Isaiah, 7 born September 15th, 1789; died . 

1005 vi. Thacher, 7 born May 26th, 1792; died July 4th, 

1794, at Wareham, and was buried there. 

22 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan., 

1006 vii. Fear Crocker, 7 born October 12th, 1794; died 

1007 viii. Oliver, 7 born January 27th, 1801 ; died . 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 43. 

T. W. Lincoln, an authority on Wareham Records. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 179, 190. 

349. Deacon John 8 Thacher (Rev. Roland, 5 Col. John, 4 Hon. 
Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Wareham, Mass., 
January 26th, 1767; he lived at Wareham and Lee, Mass., 
where he was a farmer and a deacon in the church ; he died 
at St. Catherine's, in Upper Canada, October 5th, 1828, aged 
61, and was buried in Lee, Mass. He married at Raynham, 
Mass., January 26th, 1790, to Parna Robinson, born Rayn- 
ham, April 24th, 1771 ; died at Buffalo, N. Y., , 1847. 

She was a daughter of Luther and Hannah (Gushee) Rob- 
inson of Raynham, Mass. 

Children: 7 (Thacher), 2 sons and 5 daughters, all born at 
Lee, except No. 1010, who was born at Leicester, Mass. 
-}-ioo8 i. Luther Robinson, 7 born January 15th, 1791 ; 
died , 1870; married, first, Prudence Ben- 
nett; married, second, Cornelia Poineer. 
1009 ii. Hannah, 7 born September 6th, 1792 ; died July 
23, 1828, at Lee, Mass., aged 35, and was 
buried there. Not married. 
-|-ioio iii. Lucy, 7 born June 1st, 1796; died April 13th, 

1842 ; married Henry W Bennett. 

+ 101 1 iv. Thomas, 7 born September 9th, 1798; died No- 
vember 25th, 1884; married, first, Rebecca 
Maria Williams ; married, second, Adeline An- 
toinette Chaffin. 
+1012 v. Sylvia, 7 born March 22nd, 1800; died July 
24th, 1828; married Benjamin Fish (or 
1013 vi. Emily, 7 born April 4th, 1806; died July 31st, 
1828, aged 22, at Lee, Mass., and was buried 
there. Not married. 

-(-1014 vii. Harriet, 7 born March 7th, 1808; died ; 

married Abijah Benton. 
Deacon John 6 Thacher was Surveyor of Lumber at Lee, 
Mass., 1798-1799 and 1800; he was assigned pew No. 25 in Con- 
gregational Church at Lee in 1800, and was assessed $57.00 for 
same; he was elected Deacon of that church in 1816. Robert 
Estes of Hanover, Mass., deeded to John Thacher of Wareham, 
housewright, May 1st, 1792. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 43, 57-8. 
Lee Town Records, pp. 39, 92, 97, 104, 106, 169. 
Vital Records of Lee, Mass., pp. 47, 93, 232. 

I9 J 4-J Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 33 

History of Lee, Mass., p. 39. 

N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vols. LI, p. 291 ; LIII, p. 438. 

Estes Genealogy (Lenox Library), p. 67. 

His grandson, Charles A. Thacher of Rennselaer, N. Y. 

487. Solomon 6 Thacher (Joseph, 6 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 An- 
tony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., April 3rd, 1750; 
died October 25th, 1798, (September — , 1798, according to 
gravestone), at Yarmouth, and was buried there in old 
graveyard; gravestone. He married December 5th, 1774, 

at , to Susannah Crosby, born November 26th, 1754, at 

Dennis, Mass.; died September (or October) — , 1808, aged 
54, at Yarmouth, probably, and was probably buried there 
in old burying-ground ; no gravestone. She was a daughter 

of Barnabas and Mehitable ( ) Crosby, of Dennis, Mass. 

Children: 10 (Thacher), 3 sons and 7 daughters, all born 
at Yarmouth. 

+ 1015 i. Abigail, 7 born October 28th, 1775; died ; 

married William Hallett. 
1016 ii. Lydia, 1st, 7 born August 21st, 1777; died No- 
vember 15th, 1777, at Yarmouth, and was 
probably buried there in old burying-ground; 
no gravestone. 

+ 1017 iii. Phebe, 7 born November 10th, 1778; died , 

1859; married Capt. Hezekiah Gorham, Jr. 

+ 1018 iv. Lydia, 2nd, 7 born June 1st, 1781 ; died ; 

married John Hallett. 

+ 1019 v. Anner, 7 born August 29th, 1783; died Septem- 
ber 8th, 1858; married Capt. Edmund Bangs 

-f 1020 vi. Samuel, 7 born October 4th, 1786; died October 
12th, 1871 ; married Nancy Hallett. 

1021 vii. Solomon, 7 born September 1st, 1790; died 

September 30th, 1811, aged 21; he was a 
mariner and was lost at sea; a stone to his 
memory is in the old burying-ground at Yar- 
mouth. Not married. 

1022 viii. Susannah, 1st, 7 born August 6th, 1792; died 

October 18th, 1793, at Yarmouth, and was 
probably buried there in old burying-ground ; 
no gravestone. 
+ 1023 ix. Susannah, 2nd, 7 born December 25th, 1793; 
died October 16th, 1827; married Joseph 
-f-1024 x. Benjamin, 7 born September 14th, 1796; died 
April 9th, i860; married, first, Sukey Snow 
Hopkins; married, second, Myranda Baker; 
married, third, Nancy (Berry) Nickerson. 
Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 44, 58. 
Mayflower Descendant, Vol. VI, p. 94. 

34 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan., 

Yarmouth, Mass., Graveyard Inscriptions, p. 34. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy. 
Archibald Gourlay Thacher, N. Y. City. 

488. Capt. Peleg 6 Thacher (Joseph, 6 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born November 22nd, 1751, at Yar- 
mouth, Mass.; died August 12th, 1817, at Barnstable, and 
was buried there in Goodspeed's Hill (West) Burying- 
ground ; gravestone. He lived at East Barnstable, on S. 
W. corner, opposite Ezekiel Thacher's house; he was a 

mariner. He married September 21st, 1780, at , to 

Mercy Matthews, born , 1760 (see age at and date of 

death), at ; died February 24th, 1853, aged 93, at Barn- 
stable, and was buried there in Goodspeed's Hill (West) 
Burying-ground ; gravestone. Her parentage I have not 

Children : None. 

From Goodspeed's Hill (West) Burying-ground we obtain 

the following inscriptions, viz : — 

"In memory of Capt. Peleg Thacher; he died August 12th, 

1817, in the 66th year of his age: 

They die in Jesus and are blest 

How sweet their slumbers are 

From suffering and from pain released 

And free'd from every care. 

In memory of Mrs. Mercy, widow of Capt. Peleg Thacher, 

died February 24th, 1853, aged 93 years." 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 44- 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher's Genealogy, p. 241. 

489. Ebenezer 6 Thacher (Joseph, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born June 2nd, 1754, at Yarmouth. 
Mass. ; he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and lived 
in Yarmouth, at N. W. corner of the westerly lane leading 
to the old burying-ground, in the house that was afterwards 
altered and occupied by his daughter Ruth 7 Thacher. He 
died April 1st, 1831, at Yarmouth, and was buried there in 
Old Burying-ground ; gravestone. He married June 30th, 

1785, at Yarmouth, to Tamsen Taylor, born , 1764 (see 

age at and date of death), at Yarmouth; died March 20th, 
1828, at Yarmouth, in her 65th year, and was buried there 
in Old Burying-ground ; gravestone. She was a daughter 
of Ebenezer Taylor of Yarmouth. 

Children: 8 (Thacher), 4 sons and 4 daughters, all born at 


+ 1025 i. Peleg, 7 born July 15th, 1787; died , 1816 

(or 17) ; married Betty Hallett. 
-f-1026 ii. Lothrop Taylor, 7 born June 24th, 1790 (or 

91) ; died , 1865; married Thankful Nick- 


I9I4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 25 

1027 iii. Ruth, 7 born December 8th, 1792; died May 
22nd, 1866, at Yarmouth. I have no record of 
her marriage. 
-f-1028 iv. Lucy, 7 born April 29th, 1^95; died January 
nth, 1839; married Jonathan Hallett. 
1029 v. Temperance, 1st, 7 born July 16th, 1797; died 
August — , 1799, at Yarmouth, and was pre- 
sumably buried there ; no gravestone. 
4-1030 vi. Temperance, 2nd, 7 born October 5th, 1800; 
died August 14th, 1867; married Ebenezer 
Taylor 2nd. 
1031 vii. Ebenezer, 7 born February 6th, 1803; died 

, 1821, at Havana, Cuba; not married. 

-{-1032 viii. Charles, 7 born June 30th, 1807; died ; 

married, 1st, Hannah 7 Thacher (No. 1101) 
(see No. 508, et sequentia) ; married, 2nd, 


Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 44, 58-9. 
Yarmouth Graveyard Inscriptions, pp. 33, 34 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 241-2. 

490. Lydia 6 Thacher (Joseph, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 An- 
tony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, Mass., January 
22nd, 1756; died at Yarmouth, March 9th, 1838, aged 82 
years, and was buried there in Old Burying-ground ; grave- 
stone. She married at Yarmouth, June 5th, 1777, to Cap- 
tain Charles Hallett, born Yarmouth, April 4th, 175 1. He 
lived at Yarmouth and was a merchant and storekeeper 
and was also Captain of a packet running between Yar- 
mouth and Boston; he died at Yarmouth, November 15th, 
1821, aged 70 years, and was buried there in Old Burying- 
ground ; gravestone. He was a son of John Hallett by his 
wife Rebecca (Hallett) Hallett (daughter of Ebenezer Hal- 
lett) of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 8 (Hallett), 5 sons and 3 daughters, all born at 

4~ I0 33 i. Rebecca, 7 born June 30th, 1778; died August 

7th, 1846 ; married Capt. Joshua Gray. 
4-1034 ii. Charlotte, 7 born May 23rd, 1780; died Decem- 
ber 17th, 1815; married Andrews Hallett. 
1035 iii. Joseph Thacher, 7 born March 22nd, 1782 ; died 
November 23rd, 1799, "in his 18th year," at 
• Yarmouth, and was buried there in Old Bury- 
ing-ground; gravestone. Not married. 
4-1036 iv. George, 7 born July 17th, 1784; died Septem- 
ber 13th, 1845; married Eliza Gordon. 
1037 v - Eunice, 7 born March 30th, 1787; died July 
6th, 1854, at Yarmouth, and was probably 
buried there ; no gravestone. Not married. 

2,6 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan., 

+ 1038 vi. Charles, 7 born July 31st, 1789; died Septem- 
ber 26th, 1832, at Yarmouth, aged 43, and was 
buried there in Woodside Cemetery; grave- 
stone ; married Betsey Parker. 
1039 vii. Warren, 7 born November 21st (or 29th), 1790; 
died February 8th, 181 1, at Yarmouth, and 
was buried there in Old Burying-ground ; 
gravestone. Not married. 

-f-1040 viii. Oliver, 7 born November 8th, 1792; died July 
2nd, 1842, at Yarmouth, and was buried there 
in Woodside Burying-ground ; gravestone ; 
married Betsey Hamblin. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 44- 

Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 5*6. 

Gray Genealogy, MSS., by G. W. Thacher, p. 11. 

Yarmouth, Mass., Graveyard Inscriptions, pp. 17, 19, 40. 

Freemans Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 230. 

Yarmouth Town Records. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 121-22, 23, 24. 

492. Joseph Thacher (Joseph, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 An- 
tony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born April 16, 1759, at Yarmouth; died 
, at . He was a master mariner and lived at Yar- 
mouth; he married , 1782, at , to Abigail 7 Gor- 

ham (No. 858), born March 4th, 1760, at Yarmouth; died 
September 22nd, 182 1, aged 62, at . She was a daugh- 
ter of Samuel Gorham (born January 3rd, 1722; died May 
12th, 1789; married April 20th (or 30th), 1747), and Abigail 
Hallett, No. 313 (born June 15th, 1727; died April 15th, 
1790), of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 8 (Thacher), 5 sons and 3 daughters, all born at 
Yarmouth, Mass. 

1041 i. Daniel, 1st, 7 born November 8th, 1784; died 

August — , 1788, at Yarmouth, and was prob- 
ably buried there ; no gravestone. 

1042 ii. Betsey, 1st, 7 born January 16th, 1787; died 

, 1798, at Yarmouth, and was probably 

buried there ; no gravestone. 
+ 1043 Hi. Joseph, 7 born July 4th, 1789; died , 1823; 

married Phebe Gage. 
4-1044 iv. Samuel Gorham, 7 born May 20th, 1792; died 

; married Eliza S . 

1045 v. Daniel, 2nd, 7 born July 9th, 1793; died . 

1046 vi. Freeman, 7 born June 1st, 1796; died , pre- 

vious to March 1st, 1818, at sea; he was not 
4-1047 vii. Abigail 7 (Nabby), born July 1st, 1798; died 

; married, first, Capt. Leonard Small; 

married second, Henry Moore. 

1914.] Thacker-Thatcher Genealogy. 37 

+ 1048 viii. Betsey, 2nd, 7 born July 16th, 1802; died ; 

married Rev. Currier. 

Authorities : 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 242. 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 44. 59, 74- 
N. E. Hist. Gen. Register, Vol. LII, pp. 359-6o. 
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493. Sarah 6 Thacher (Joseph, 6 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 An- 
tony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born May 10th, 1761, at Yarmouth, 
Mass. ; died July 27th, 1847, a g e d 86, at Ashfield, Mass., 
and was buried there in North West Cemetery; gravestone. 
She married at Yarmouth, December 10th, 1789, to Joseph 

i Vincent, born June 16th, 1756, at Yarmouth, Mass., (or on 

Nantucket Island). He lived at Yarmouth and removed 
in 1793 to Ashfield, Mass., where he died January 8th, 1844, 
aged 87, and was buried there in North West Cemetery. 
He was a mariner until 35 years of age and then became a 
farmer. He was a son of David andAbigail (Hawes) Vin- 
cent, of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 4 (Vincent), 2 sons and 2 daughters. First two 
born in Yarmouth, others in Ashfield. 

+ 1049. i- Joseph, 7 born November 3rd, 1790; died Jan- 
uary 23rd, 1879; married Lucy Rude. 
1050 ii. Thacher, 7 born September 23rd, 1792 ; died 
December 13th, 1813, at Ashfield, Mass., in 
the 22nd year of his age and was buried there 
in North West Cemetery. Not married. 
-f-1051 iii. Abigail 7 (Nabby), born November 15th, 1798; 
died November 27th, 1846; married, first, Ze- 
bulon Taylor ; married, second, Oakes Dyer. 
+ 1052 iv. Temperance, 7 born April 20th, 1802; died Jan- 
uary 16th, 1868; married Gaius Harmon. 
Joseph Vincent, Sr., and his wife, Sarah 6 (Thacher) Vin- 
cent, removed to Ashfield, Mass., in an ox cart; they were thir- 
teen (13) days on the journey. Joseph Vincent was accompanied 
by a brother and his wife. The two wives upon reaching the 
rude log hut which was their destination, ate their supper in 
silence, went out and sat under a tree in silence for a long time, 
when one of them exclaimed, "Are our husbands fools or not?" 
George Hawes of Ashfield, Mass., under date of July 25th, 
1907, says : "The Cemetery, called the North West, where lie 
the mortal remains of Joseph Vincent and his wife Sarah 6 
Thacher has a special interest just now. It is one of the many 
small neighborhood or family burying-grounds that were com- 
mon throughout New England in the 18th and 19th centuries. 
This one when founded was upon a main travelled highway 
(since discontinued), and now lying remote from the homes or 
footsteps of men, has thus become neglected, lying as it did in 
a pasture. It was in use from 1790 to 1850. The last burial, that 


38 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Ja- n -. 

of an old lady of 99 years of age, took place there in 1866. We 
find the names of about 50 or 60 bodies lying there. Within the 
year past Mr. Zebulon Bryant Taylor, a descendant of Joseph 
Vincent and Sarah Thacher, has had the ground cleared, stones 
reset, wall rebuilt, and has erected a fine monument bearing the 
name, date of birth and death and age of all those known to be 
buried there, at a cost of $1,000.00 and also another monument 
to the memory of his nearer relatives there, making the spot a 
glory and grace to the town. There are many good photographs 
of the monuments to be had." 

Mr. Zebulon Bryant Taylor informed the compiler of these 
notes that he has left $1,000.00 in his will to the town of Ashfield, 
Mass., the interest on which is to be used in keeping the sacred 
spot in good condition. 

Authorities : 

Zebulon Bryant Taylor, of Tacoma, Wash. 

George Hawes, of Ashfield, Mass. 

Town Clerk of Ashfield, Mass. 

Allen's Thacher's Genealogy, p. 44. 

496. Barnabas 8 Thacher (Joseph, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., August 26th, 
1768; he lived at Yarmouth and died there September 26th, 
1836, and was buried there in Woodside Cemetery; grave- 
stone. He married at Yarmouth, April 18th, 1793, to Mary 
Howes, born Yarmouth, August 28th, 1769 ; died Yarmouth, 
August nth, 1838, and was buried there in Woodside 
Cemetery; gravestone. 

Children: 9 (Thacher), 5 sons and 4 daughters, all born at 
Yarmouth, Mass. 

+ 1053 i. Ezekiel, 7 born May 1st, 1794; died ; mar- 
ried Lucy Sears. 

+ 1054 ii. George, 7 born April 2nd, 1796; died ; mar- 
ried Irene Scudder. 
1055 iii. Sarah, 7 born March 10th, 1798; died . 

4-1056 iv. Barnabas, 7 born April 4th, 1800; died October 
30th, 1864 ; married Mary Gray. 

+ 1057 v. Edward, 7 born January 25th, 1802; died Oc- 
tober 17th, 1871 ; married, first, Lydia Thacher 
Gray (see No. 490) ; married, second, Eliza 
Ann Thacher (see No. 898) ; married, third, 
Hannah Bourne Thacher (see No. 898). 

1058 vi. Olive, 7 born December 14th, 1803 ; died . 

1059 vii. Anner, 7 born March 14th, 1806; died . 

4-1060 viii. Isaac, 7 born July 7th, 1808; died February 5th, 

1883 ; married Eliza Hichborn. 
1061 ix. Mary, 7 born ; died . 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 44, 59. 
Yarmouth, Mass., Graveyard Inscriptions, p. 43. 

1 91 4.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 39 

503. Hon. David Thacher (Hon. David, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 8 Antony,- Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, June 10th, 
1767; he lived at Yarmouth and Dartmouth, Mass., Egg 
Harbor, N. J., and Lewes, Del., and Philadelphia, Pa., suc- 
cessively. He was a manufacturer of salt and magnesia, 
and built and operated salt works; representative to the 
Massachusetts G. C, 1812-13-14, from Dartmouth. Justice 
of the Peace, Yarmouth, 1797. He died at Philadelphia, 
Pa., October 17th, 1830, and was buried there in Ronald- 
son's Cemetery. Pie married, first, at Yarmouth, July 4th, 
1786, to Sarah Gray, born Yarmouth, November 21st, 1770 
(or November 31st, 1771) ; died at Yarmouth, July 21st, 
1793, in her 23rd year, and was buried there in Old Burying- 
ground ; gravestone. She was a daughter of Captain Joshua 

Gray (born ; died March 31st, 1791, aged 48; married 

March 20th, 1766) and Mary Hedge (born ; died Aug- 
ust 3rd, 1822, aged 76), of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 4 (Thacher), 3 sons and 1 daughter, all born at 

1062 i. Sally, 7 born April 26th, 1787; died April 26th, 
1787, at Yarmouth, and was buried there. 
+ 1063 ii. Lothrop Russell, 7 born May 22nd, 1788; died 
; married Ann Bowditch. 

1064 iii. Daniel, 7 born October 14th, 1790; died Oc- 
tober 18th, 1790, aged 4 days, at Yarmouth, 
and was buried there in Old Burying-ground ; 

1065 iv. David, 1st, 7 born February 15th, 1793; died 
i August 16th, 1793, aged 6 months, at Yar- 
mouth, and was buried there in Old Burying- 
ground; gravestone. 

Hon. David 6 Thacher married a second time at Yar- 
mouth, June 12th, 1796, to Eunice Weld Noble, born New- 
bury, Mass., November 23rd (or 24th), 1773; dismissed from 
church at Yarmouth to church at Dartmouth in 1807; died 
at Philadelphia, Pa., December 1st, 1842, aged 69, and was 
buried there in Ronaldson's Cemetery. She was a daughter 
of Rev. Oliver Noble (born Hebron, Conn., March 3rd, 1734; 
died Newcastle, N. H., December 15th, 1792; married May 
15th, 1760), and Lucy Weld (born June 15th, 1734; died May 
28th, 1781, at Newberry, Mass.; daughter of Rev. Habijah 
and Mary (Fox) Weld of Attleboro, Mass.), of Newberry, 
Mass., and New Castle, N. H. 

Children: 12 (Thacher), 8 sons and 4 daughters. 

+ 1066 v. David, 2nd, 7 born April 28th, 1797; died ; 

married Amelia Connor. 
-I-1067 vi. Oliver Noble, 7 born April (or August) 9th, 

1798; died December 27th, 187 1 ; married 

Hannah L Ayers. 

40 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan., 

1068 vii. Henry, 7 born July 17th, 1799; died , at 

New Orleans, La. Not married. 

+ 1069 viii. Frederick, 7 born July 15th (or 16th), 1800; 
died ; married \ Love. 

-I-1070 ix. Arthur, 7 born September 14th, 1801 ; died Oc- 
tober 26th, 1870; married Catharine McMinn. 

1071 x. Abigail Russell, 7 born December 29th, 1802, 

at Yarmouth, Mass. ; died January 29th, 1876, 
aged 73, at Philadelphia, Pa., and was buried 
there in Laurel Hill Cemetery. She married 
, at Philadelphia, Pa., to Dr. Samuel Hun- 
ter. No issue. 

1072 xi. Lucy Weld, 7 born March 24th, 1804, at Dart- 

mouth, Mass. ; died September 29th, 1890, at 
Philadelphia, Pa., and was buried there in 

Ronaldson's Cemetery. She married , at 

Philadelphia, Pa., to James Calbreath. No is- 
-(-1073 xii. Alfred, 7 born October 8th, 1806; died April 
25th, 1870; married Mary Elizabeth Hutton. 
+ 1074 xiii. Cyrus Sylvester, 7 born March 12th, 1808; 
died March 9th (or 12th), 1892; married Eliza- 
beth Runner. 
-f-1075 xiv. Eunice Noble, 7 born March 23rd, 181 1; died 

; married James Latta. 

-f-1076 xv. Charles Fox, 7 born October 9th, 1812; died 
November 13th, 1874; married Amanda Mal- 
vina Ashmead. 
1077 xvi. Martha Russell, 7 born May 25th, 1815, at 

Philadelphia, Pa.; died (she was living 

in 1877) at Philadelphia, Pa., and was buried 
there in Ronaldson's Cemetery. Not married. 
According to Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 60, Hon. David 6 
Thacher received a college education. He was for many years a 
leading man in Yarmouth. Later, on account of better business 
facilities, he removed to Dartmouth, Mass., where he built the 
first salt works. He failed in business on account of the em- 
bargo of 1812. He afterwards removed to Egg Harbor, N. J., 
and died in reduced circumstances. He was a man of superior 
education, and was noted for his courteous and urbane manners. 
Captain Daniel Wood of New Bedford, Mass., stated that 
when David 6 Thacher moved to Dartmouth he must have been 
worth $30,000. He was a manufacturer of salt and magnesia. 
He failed on account of the speculations of his son Lothrop 
Russell 7 Thacher and also on account of the embargo of 1812. 
He afterwards went to Egg Harbor, N. J., in behalf of a com- 
pany for the purpose of building and carrying on salt works. It 
is said that he opened a store in Philadelphia, Pa., at one time. 
He was a leading man in Dartmouth, Mass. "I have the highest 
opinion of him ; I have met noblemen in Russia and England, 

1914.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 4 1 

but I have never met so perfect a gentleman as the 'Squire' as 
David 8 Thacher was called." It is said that David 6 Thacher 
went from Egg Harbor, N. J., to Lewes, Delaware, and thence 
to Philadelphia. 1 

From Alden's Epitaphs, Vol. I, p. 128, we obtain the follow- 
ing inscription from the Old Burying-ground at Yarmouth, 
Mass.: — 

"Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Sarah Thacher, the amiable 
consort of David Thacher, Jr., Esq., who died July 21st, 1793, 
in the 23rd year of her age. 

While weeping friends bend o'er the silent tomb, 

Recount her virtues and her loss deplore, 
Faith's piercing eye darts through the dreary gloom 
And hails her blest where tears shall flow no more." 

Authorities : 
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Family records of his descendants. 

504. Mercy 6 Thacher (Deacon Josiah, 5 - Judah,* Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., 
March 20th, 1760; died Yarmouth, Mass., September 29th, 
1807, in her 48th year and was buried there in Old Ceme- 
tery ; gravestone. She married at Yarmouth, Mass., De- 
cember 25th (or 26th), 1782, to Andrews Hedge, born , 

1757 (see age at and date of death) ; he lived at Yarmouth, 
where he died October 20th, 1828, in his 71st year, and 
was buried in Old Cemetery; gravestone. 

Child: 1 (Hedge), born at Yarmouth, Mass. 
-f-1078 i. Abigail, 7 born ; died -; married Ed- 
mund Eldridge. 

507. James 6 Thacher (Deacon Josiah, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., May 15th, 
1764; died Yarmouth, November 28th, 1832, in his 69th 
year, and was buried at Yarmouth, in Old Cemetery; 
gravestone. He lived at Yarmouth, and was a ship car- 
penter and made a voyage or two; in Yarmouth he lived 
on a farm where Thomas Long lived afterwards. He mar- 
ried, first, at Yarmouth, Mass., February 15th (or 19th), 
J 795> t° Susannah 6 Thacher (No. 580), born Yarmouth, 
June 19th, 1776; died Yarmouth, September 28th, 1823, in 
her 48th year, and was buried there in Old Cemetery; grave- 
stone. She was a daughter of Joseph 5 Thacher (No. 160) 
by his wife Susannah Whelden, of Yarmouth, Mass. 


Thacher- Thatcher Genealogy. 


James 6 Thacher married, second, at Yarmouth, July — , 
1828, to Susannah Hall (half-sister to William Hall, who 
married her husband's eldest daughter Polly 7 Thacher (No. 
1079), born Yarmouth, Mass., (October 22nd, 1773; died 
September 2nd, 1862, aged 88 years, 10 mos., at Yarmouth, 
Mass., and was buried there in Old Cemetery; gravestone. 
She was a daughter of Isaac and Susannah (Howes) Hall, 
of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 12 (Thacher), 6 sons and 6 daughters; all by 
first marriage and all born at Yarmouth, Mass. 

+ 1079 i. Polly, 7 born July 25th, 1796; died ; mar- 
ried William Hall. 






+ 1087 
+ 1088 
+ 1089 

ii. Nancy, 1st, 7 born September 19th, 1798; died 
October 19th, 1804, at Yarmouth, and was 
buried there in Old Cemetery ; gravestone. 

iii. Eunice, 7 born August 10th, 1800; died Novem- 
ber 9th, 1823, at Yarmouth, in her 24th year, 
and was buried there in Old Cemetery; grave- 
stone. Not married. 

iv. Joseph, 7 born June 25th, 1802 ; died , 1827, 

at sea of yellow fever, and was probably 
buried at sea. Not known to have married. 

v. James, 7 born June 10th, 1804; died , 1827, 

lost at sea. Not known to have married. 

vi. Nancy, 2nd, 7 born April 10th, 1806 ; died ; 

married Enoch Brown. 

vii. Judah, 7 born June 29th, 1808; died , 1832 ; 

he sailed in 1832 for the West Indies and was 
never heard of afterwards. Not known to 
have married. 

viii. Susan, 7 born September 26th, 1810; died ; 

married Capt. Ansel Matthews. 
Frederick, 7 born November 25th, 1812 ; died 
October 6th, 1849; married Hannah Elliot. 
Alfred, 7 born July 18th, 1816; died ; mar- 
ried Susan Baker. 



Prentiss, 7 born October 9th, 1818; died 

married Catharine J Harris. 

1090 xii. Matilda, 7 born February 17th, 1823; 


April 8th, 1823, at Yarmouth, aged 7 weeks, 
and was buried there in Old Cemetery ; grave- 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 45, 47, 60, 61. 

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 230. 

Graveyard Inscriptions, Yarmouth, Mass., pp. 33, 34. 

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508. Josiah 6 Thacher (Deacon Josiah, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, Mass., 

1014.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 43 

July ist, 1766; he lived at Yarmouth, and was a farmer, 
and he died (probably at Yarmouth) December 18th, 1853, 
of old age ; no record of his burial or gravestone. He mar- 
ried June 16th, 1791 (at Yarmouth, probably), to Lydia 
Matthews, born at Yarmouth, October 24th, 1771 ; died 
October 14th, 1836 (probably at Yarmouth), no record of 
her burial or gravestone. She was a daughter of John and 
Lydia (Hedge) Matthews, of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 11 (Thacher), 5 sons and 6 daughters, all born 
at Yarmouth, Mass. 

-f-1091 i. Harriet, 7 born March 14th, 1792; died ; 

married David Ryder. 

-I-1092 ii. Desire, 7 born September 23rd, 1793; died 
August 22nd, 1846; married Josiah Nickerson. 
1093 iii. Judah, 7 born June nth, 1795; died May 13th, 
1797, aged 1 year, n mo., 2 days, at Yarmouth, 
and was buried there in Old Cemetery ; grave- 

4-1094 iv. Paddock, 7 born June 25th, 1797; died Decem- 
ber 25th, 1867 ; married Lucy Hallett. 

-f-1095 v. Josiah, 7 born July 6th, 1799; died , 1840; 

married Daty Baker. 
1096 vi. Lydia Hedge, 7 born August 7th, 1801 ; died 
January — , 1820, at Yarmouth, and was 
buried there probably ; no gravestone. Not 

+ 1097 vii. Mary Gray, 7 born August 5th, 1804; died 
; married Francis Albert Jarrot. 

+ 1098 viii. Fanny, 7 born June nth, 1806; died April 20th, 
1850; married Ophir Josselyn. 

1099 ix. Russell, 7 born September 30th, 1809; died 

June 7th, 1823, aged 14, at sea. Not married. 

1 100 x. Allen, 7 born July 29th, 181 1 ; died August 6th, 

1812, aged 1 year and 8 days, at Yarmouth, 
and was buried there in Old Cemetery ; grave- 

-(-110T xi. Hannah, 7 born August 13th, 1813; died , 

187 1 ; married Charles 7 Thacher (No. 1032). 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 45, 61. 
Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 230. 
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Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy. 

509. Desire 8 Thacher (Deacon Josiah, 6 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., Feb- 
ruary 6th, 1769; died at Yarmouth, February 23rd, 1825, 
in the 57th year of her age, and was buried there in Old 
Cemetery ; gravestone. She married at Yarmouth, Decem- 
ber 7th, 1793, to Daniel Taylor, born Yarmouth, March 

44 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan., 

4th, 1763; he lived at Yarmouth in the house corner of 
Church Street and the County Road (Yarmouth Port), 
where subsequently his son Josiah 7 Taylor and his sisters 
lived ; he died at Yarmouth, April 6th, 1825, in the 63rd year 
of his life and was buried there in Old Cemetery; grave- 
stone. He was a son of Daniel Taylor (born , 1722; 

died March 24th, 1815, aged 93), and his wife Elizabeth 

Joyce (born , 1721 ; died December 2nd, 1812, aged 91), 

of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 5 (Taylor), 2 sons and 3 daughters, all born at 


+ 1102 i. Eliza, 7 born , 1794; died ; married 

Matthews Crowell Hallett, as his second wife. 
1 103 ii. Sally, 7 born , 1796; died . Not mar- 

+ 1104 iii. Thacher, 7 born , 1798; died ; mar- 
ried Charlotte Dusten Snow. 

1 105 iv. Sophia, 7 born , 1800; died . Not mar- 


1 106 v. Josiah, 7 born , 1802; died . Not mar- 


Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 45- 

Yarmouth Graveyard Inscriptions, p. 31. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 233. 

510. Anne 6 Thacher (Deacon Josiah, 6 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., June 23rd, 

1771 ; died , at ; married, first, December 14th, 

1794, at Yarmouth, Mass., to Dr. John Dusten, a physician 

of Yarmouth, Mass.; born , 1756-7 (see age at and 

date of death), at ; died at Yarmouth, Mass., June 4th, 

1796, in his 40th year, and was buried there in Old Ceme- 
tery; gravestone. His parentage is at present unknown 
to me. She married, second, , at , to Asa Wash- 
burn (Joseph Washburn, according to Hon. George 
Thacher's MSS. Genealogy, p. 234. Asa Washburn, ac- 
cording to corrections thereto by George Winslow Thacher ; 

Asa probably correct), born , at ; died , at 

. He lived at New Bedford or Dartmouth, Mass. His 

parentage is unknown to me. 

Children, first marriage: 2 (Dusten), daughters, both born 
at Yarmouth, Mass. 

1 107 i. Charlotte, 1st, 7 born ; died , about 

1 year old. 
-f-1108 ii. Charlotte, 2nd, 7 born ; died ; mar- 
ried Washington Snow. 

Child, second marriage: 1 (Washburn), son. 
1 109 iii. Libius, 7 born ; died . 

I9 r 40 Thacher-Thatchcr Genealogy. 4 c 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 46. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 234. 
Corrections to same, by George Winslow Thacher, p. 46. 
Yarmouth Graveyard Inscriptions, p. 12. ' 

51 1. Edmund 6 Thacher (Deacon Josiah, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., 
March 24th, 1774. He received the tavern from his father 
and sold it to his brother Josiah 8 Thacher and removed to 
Vassalboro, Me., where he was a lumberman and rafter; 

he died , at ; he married July 24th, 1799, at , 

to Polly Bassett, born August 7th, 1779, at ; died , 

at . She was a daughter of Jonathan Bassett (born 

; died ) and his wife Elizabeth Hallett (born 

Yarmouth, May 21st, 1754; died ), of Yarmouth, 

Mass., and removed to Kennebec, Me. 
Children: 3 (Thacher), 1 son and 2 daughters. 

1 1 10 i. Jonathan, 7 born February 10th, 1800; died 
; lived in Vassalboro, Me. 

mi ii. Betsey, 7 born December 30th, 1801 ; died . 

1 1 12 iii. Mary Ann, 7 born ; died . 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 46, 61, 62, and corrections thereto by 
Geo. Winslow Thacher, p. 6oj. 

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 230. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 234. 

514. Rebecca 6 Thacher (John, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 An- 
tony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., November 
23rd, 1767 (Yarmouth Town Records say November 23rd, 
1766, which is inconsistent with date of her parents' mar- 
riage) ; died at Yarmouth, June 30th, 1795, in her 29th 
year, and was buried there in Old Cemetery; gravestone. 
She married at Yarmouth, December 1st, 1788, to William 
Bray, Jr., born at Yarmouth, September 19th, 1766; died 
at Yarmouth, May 9th, 1849, aged 82, and was buried there 
in Old Cemetery; gravestone. He was a son of William 

Bray (born , 1729; died August 22nd, 1805, in his 

76th year) and Hannah O'Kelley (born , 1731; died 

April 14th, 1794, in her 63rd year), of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Child: 1 (Bray), daughter, born at Yarmouth, Mass. 
+ 11 13 i. Hannah, 7 born September 25th, 1790; died 
March 28th, 1869 ; married James Hedge. 
William Bray, Jr., married a second time to Mary Gor- 
ham Hedge, who died April 19th, 1846, aged 72, by whom 
he had the following: 

Children: 9 (Bray), 3 sons and 6 daughters, all born in Yar- 
mouth. Not in Thacher line. 

1. Rebecca. 

2. Mary. 

46 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan., 

3. William. 

4. Bartlett, who married Hannah Gray and had Martha 

Bray, who married Henry Charles 8 Thacher (see 
No. 761, et sequentia). 

5. Dinah Hall. 

6. Lucy. 1 

7. Gorham, who married Nancy 8 Thacher (see No. 1020, 

et sequentia). 

8. Frances, 1st, born October 20th, 1814; died November 

6th, 1816, aged 2 y., 7 mo., 9 days. 

9. Frances, 2nd. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 38, 46. 
Sears' Genealogy, p. 42. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 248. 
Yarmouth Graveyard Inscriptions, pp. 10, n. 
Mrs. Edwin Thacher, of Yarmouthport, Mass. 
Mrs. Anna Squires, of Burlington, Iowa. 

515. John 6 Thacher (John, 6 Judah,* Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 
Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, March 24th, 1769; he was a 
mariner and lived at Yarmouth until 1805, and then re- 
moved to South Dartmouth, Mass.; he died March 7th, 
1820, lost at sea; he sailed from South Dartmouth and was 
lost at night on that date. He married at Yarmouth, Feb- 
ruary 23rd, 1792, to Deborah Sears, born Yarmouth, July 

7th, 1772; died May 2nd, 1838, in her 66th year, at . 

She was a daughter of Moody Sears (born Yarmouth, May 
6th, 1734; died Yarmouth, November 24th, 1795, in his 
61st year; married at Yarmouth, December 20th, 1759) 
and Elizabeth Lewis (daughter of Antipas Lewis), of Yar- 
mouth, Mass. 

Children: 11 (Thacher), 5 sons and 6 daughters, first 7 born 
at Yarmouth, the rest at South Dartmouth. 

1 1 14 i. Lavinia, 7 born October 2nd, 1792; died ; 

she was living in 1872. Not known by me to 
have married. 

1 1 15 ii. Sears, 7 born October 3rd, 1797; died March 

7th, 1820, lost at sea ; he sailed from Dart- 
mouth on March 7th, 1820, and was never 
heard of afterwards ; he was not married ; he 
studied a while for the ministry but on ac- 
count of poor health gave it up and became a 

1 1 16 iii. Rebecca, 7 born October 3rd, 1797 (twin to 

her brother No. 1115) ; died April 1st, 1850, 
at South Dartmouth, Mass., and was probably 
buried there; not known by me to have mar- 

I914.J Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 47 

1 1 17 iv. Isaiah, 7 born September 26th, 1799; died Jan- 
uary (or June) 17th, 1801, at Yarmouth, 
Mass., and was buried there; no gravestone. 

+ 11 18 v. Serena, 7 born June 28th, 1802; died ; mar- 
ried Ebenezer Alden. 

+ ii 19 vi. Sarah, 7 born October 7th, 1803; died ; 

married Parker. 

1 120 vii. John, 7 born November 26th, 1804; died March 

7th, 1820, lost at sea on that date with his 
father and brother Sears 7 Thacher. Not mar- 

1 12 1 viii. Job, 7 born January 1st, 1807; died January 

3rd, 1807, at South Dartmouth, and was 
buried there. 

1 122 ix. Isaac, 7 born January 1st, 1807 (twin with 

No. 1 121) ; died January 18th, 1807, at South 
Dartmouth, and was buried there. 

1 123 x. Deborah, 7 born July 14th, 1808; died ; she 

was living in 1872, at South Dartmouth, Mass. 
Not known by me to have married. 

1 124 xi. Charlotte, 7 born April 3rd, 1812 ; died Feb- 

ruary 12th, 1813, at South Dartmouth, and 
was buried there. 
John 6 Thacher moved to South Dartmouth in 1805. He and 
his two (2) sons Sears 7 and John 7 sailed from Dartmouth, March 
7th, 1820, and were supposed to have been lost that night. The 
loss of John Thacher and his two sons made in all five sons 
and two grandsons of John 5 and Hannah (Matthews) Thacher 
who were lost at sea. John 6 Thacher built the house in Yar- 
mouth afterwards occupied by Mrs. Gorham Bray (see No. 1020 
et sequential). 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 46, 62. 
Sears' Genealogy, by S. P. May, pp. 170, 171. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 248. 

516. Hannah 6 Thacher (John, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 An- 
tony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, Mass., August 17th, 
1 771 ; died October 8th, 1849; married at Yarmouth, Feb- 
ruary 3rd, 1791, to Sylvanus Kelley, of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 4 (Kelley), sons. 

1 125 i. Thacher. 7 

1 126 ii. Sylvanus. 7 

1 127 iii. Ebenezer. 7 

1 128 iv. Isaiah. 7 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 46. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 249. 

520. Sarah 6 (Sally) Thacher (John, 6 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, Mass., April 

48 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan., 

19th, 1782; died Yarmouth, November 17th (or 18th), 1862, 
aged 80 years and 7 months, and was buried in Old Ceme- 
tery; gravestone. She married January 18th, 1803, at Yar- 
mouth (probably), to Capt. Edward Gorham, born No- 
vember 9th, 1780, at ; died at Yarmouth, Mass., No- 
vember 20th, 1824, aged 44 years and 11 days, and was 
buried there in Old Cemetery; gravestone. He was a 

son of Hezekiah Gorham (born ; died April — , 1794; 

married March 15th, 1759), and his wife Abigail Sturges. 

Children: 7 (Gorham), 6 sons and 1 daughter, all born at 
Yarmouth, Mass. 

1 129 i. Job Thacher, 7 born August loth (or nth), 
1804; died— — , at sea. 

+ 1130 ii. Elkanah, 7 born June 25th, 1806; died May 
14th, 1876; married Keziah Lewis. 

+ 1131 iii. Edward, 7 born October 23rd, 1810; died April 
19th, 1882 ; married Mercy Hallett Merchant. 
1 132 iv. Lothrop, 7 born July 6th, 1812; died September 
1st, 1835. 

+ 1133 v. Louisa, 7 born December 2nd, 1814; died No- 
vember 14th, 1897; married Allen Nickerson. 

1 134 vi. Alfred, 7 born July 2nd, 1819; died March 4th, 

1840, at sea. 

1 135 vii. Charles, 7 born August 23rd, 1824; died March 

25th, 1825. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 46. 

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 360. 

N. E. Hist. Gen. Register, Vol. LII, pp. 360, 446. 

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Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 249. 

Her Grandson, Charles Henry Gorham. 

523. Deacon Matthews 6 Thacher (John, 6 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., June 
8th, 1788, Sunday, and was baptized the following Sabbath. 
At age of 14 years he went to South Dartmouth, Mass., and 
spent the rest of his life there, but died at Centerville, 
Mass., October 25th (or 26th), 1868, and was buried at 
South Dartmouth, Mass. He was a ship carpenter and 
for 40 years he was a deacon in the Congregational Church 
at South Dartmouth. He married at Tiverton, Rhode Isl- 
and (recorded at South Dartmouth, Mass.), May 13th, 1813 
(so recorded at South Dartmouth, Mass.), or May 30th, 
1813, to Elizabeth (Betsey) Crocker, born at Tiverton, R. 
I., August 22nd, 1792 (or 1795) ; died at Geneva, 111., July 
6th, 1862, aged 70, and was buried there. She was a daugh- 
ter of Joshua Crocker (born July 4th, 1755 (or 1756) ; died 
January 12th, 1831 ; married March — , 1777), and his wife 
Fear 6 Thacher, No. 347 (born March 14th, 1760; died Sep- 

1914] Thacher- Thatcher Genealogy. 49 

tember 8th, 1833), °f Barnstable, New Bedford and South 
Dartmouth, Mass. 

Children: 10 (Thacher), 4 sons and 4 daughters, and 2 sex 
not stated, all born at South Dartmouth, Mass. 

1136 i. A child, 7 born May 21st, 1814; died May 22nd, 
1814, at South Dartmouth, and was buried 
-j-i 137 ii. Isaiah Crocker, 7 born July 2nd, 1815; died 
March 16th, 1880; married, first, Elizabeth 
Reynolds Hyde; married, second, Mary Cath- 
erine Hyde (his first wife's sister) ; married, 
third, Lydia Waters Proctor. 

1 138 iii. Rodolphus W , 7 born July 3rd, 1817; died 

December 20th, 1818, at South Dartmouth, 
Mass., and was buried there, 
-f-i 139 iv. Ophelia Crocker, 7 born June 23rd, 1819; died 
September 9th, 1858; married Captain Peter 
-f- 1 140 v. Clarissa Dexter, 7 born June 10th (or nth), 
1821; died August 13th, 1892; married Rev. 
George Denham. 
-f- 1 141 vi. Harriet Dunbar, 7 born September 14th (or 
19th), 1823; died March 4th (or 6th), 1896; 
married Captain Hilman Crosby. 
1 142 vii. Betsey, 7 born December 26th, 1825; died July 

, 1889, at Centreville, Mass., and was 

buried there. Not married. 
+ 1143 viii. Henry Martin, 7 born August 23rd (or 28th), 

1827; died October — , 1902; married ? 

He left issue. 
-j-1144 ix. John, 7 born July 9th, 1832; died March 7th, 
1897 ; married Achsah Leonard Dexter. 
1 145 x. A child, 7 born November 27th, 1834; died No- 
vember 28th, 1834, at South Dartmouth, Mass., 
and was buried there. 
Deacon Matthews 6 Thacher was the last surviving lineal de- 
scendant of Antony 2 Thacher in the 6th generation. At the age 
of 14 he went to earn his living in South Dartmouth, Mass., and 
in 1810 he joined the Congregational Church there; he was 
elected a deacon there in 1823 and retained that office until 1861, 
when at his own request he was dismissed and recommended to 
the Congregational Church at Geneva, 111., by which church he 
was received and in the fellowship of which he died. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 46, 62. 
Memorial of Rev. Isaiah Crocker Thacher. 
Emerson Family, p. 275. 

Congregational Church Quarterly, Vol. XI, pp. 293-4. 
Miss Anna Thacher. 
Roland Crocker Thacher. 
Clara L. Howes. 

50 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Jan., 

524. Elizabeth Thacher (John, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., June 8th, 
1788; died South Dennis, Mass., March 5th, 1862, and was 
buried at Yarmouth in Old Cemetery ; no gravestone. She 
married at Yarmouth, January 24th, 181 1, to Ebenezer Mat- 
thews, born at Yarmouth, February 17th, 1781 ; he was a 
farmer and lived at Yarmouth, where he died February 
27th, i860, and where he was buried in Old Cemetery; no 
gravestone. He was a son of Deacon Isaac Matthews (born 

; died February 4th, 1790, aged 79), and his wife Phebe 

Howes (born ; died May 4th, 1813, in her 79th year), 

of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 7 (Matthews), 1 son and 6 daughters, all born 
at Yarmouth. 

+ 1146 i. Hannah Thacher, 7 born November 21st, 1811; 
died May 29th, 1861 ; married Nathaniel Mat- 
1 147 ii. Phebe, 1st, 7 born November 30th, 1814; died 
at Yarmouth, June 9th, 1816, and was buried 
there in Old Cemetery; gravestone. 

+ 1148 iii. Phebe, 2nd, 7 born January 23rd, 1818; died 
; married Oliver Matthews. 

+ 1149 iv. Elizabeth, 7 born April 17th, 182 1 ; died Aug- 
ust 20th, 1854 ; married Clark Lincoln. 

+ 1150 v. Mercy, 7 born January 26th, 1824; died ; 

married Joshua (or Jonathan) Bangs. 


Vol. XLIV, Jan., 1913, p. 26, No. 708. ii. 1735 should read 1785. 

Vol. XLIV, April, 1913, p. 129, No. 740, 4th child, Joseph Warren 8 :— the 

word died should precede the " ; ", to indicate that the date of his death is 


Vol. XLIV, April, 1913, p. 131, No. 762. ix. Betsey T Hawes should read 
Betsey 1 Howes. 

Vol. XLIV, April, 1913, p. 138, 6th line from top: Gershorn should read 

Vol. XLIV, April, 1913, p. 142, 2nd line from top: comma should follow 
word about. 

Vol. XLIV, July, 1913, pp. 241-2, No. 266. From the Norwalk, Conn. 
Hour, published August 13th and 29th, 1913, we obtain the following item 
which add to and correct the record of No. 266, Ann 9 Thacher: — She was born 
April 10th (or 9th), 1731, and died December 9th, 1813, aged 82 years. Her 
husband, Isaac Hayes was in the 73rd year of his age at time of her death, and 
his was the first burial in St. John's Churchyard in Lewisboro, Westchester Co., 
N. Y. They had a fourth child, a daughter, viz.: 

841a iv. Polly,'' born ? died ? of whom I know nothing 


Vol. XLIV, Julv, 1913, p. 247. 10th line from bottom of page: Milford, 
Conn., should read Norwalk, Conn. 

Vol. XLIV, July, 1913, p. 262, No. 855. 12th line: the parenthesis should 
be closed after 1775, viz.: x 775)- 

Vol. XLIV, July, 1913, p. 262, No. 855. 24th line: parenthesis should be 
placed before word born, viz.: (born ; died March, etc. 

IQ14.] Philippe Dutrieux. 5 1 

Vol. XLIV, October, 1913, p. 341, No. 866. Graveyard Inscriptions of 
Yarmouth, Mass., states (p. 37) "Betsey B., widow of Joshua (Bassett) died 
June 17th, 1750, aged 78 years, 3 months" (on her husband's stone). Query: 
Does the B stand for her married name Bassett, or fur her maiden surname 
B ? 

Vol. XLIV, October, 1913, p. 364, No. 868. Elizabeth, 1 was born Septem- 
ber 21st, 1760, and not September 2nd, 1760, as printed. 

Vol. XLIV, October, 1913, p. 343, No. 320. 7th line from bottom: leave 
out closing parenthesis and comma ( ), ) after R. I. 

Vol. XLIV, October, 1913, p. 361, No. 938. vii. Rebecca 7 Thacher, d. , 

1859, and not 1839, as printed. 

( To be continued.) 


By Kathlyne Knickerbacker Viele. 

The recent discovery of several new facts concerning this early 
settler of Manhattan Island seems to justify the publication of a 
brief account of him in the Genealogical Record. 

On a map of New Amsterdam as it was about 1644, which is 
to be found in the front pages of J. H. Innes' New Amsterdam and 
Its People, will be seen a large tract of land on the East side of the 
island marked "Land of Philip de Truye." This land of Philippe 
Dutrieux, or de Truye as the Dutch called him, was situated in 
what was then known as "Smit's Vly" and now is partly occupied 
by Fulton Market. Philippe was one of the few early settlers 
whose land can be readily located, and although he did not take 
out a patent for it till 1640 he doubtless had owned it long be- 
fore. A patent was often sought for only when land occupied by 
a settler and bought by him from its Indian owner was about to 
change hands. 

What is told by Mr. Innes concerning Philippe Dutrieux was 
gathered by him from the various but limited sources of informa- 
tion left by the early chroniclers of Manhattan Island and is 
about as follows: 

Philippe Dutrieux, a Walloon, born about 1585, was in New 
Amsterdam during Gov. Minuit's administration (1626-33). In 
1638 he was Court Messenger or Marshall. His wife was Susanna 
du Chesne and his children, according to Pearson and the Dutch 
church Records, appear to have been Abraham, who was a skip- 
per on the Hudson river; Marie, who married Cornelis Volkerts- 
zen Viele before 1640, and Jan Peek in 1650; Sara, who in June, 
1641, married Isaac de Foreest; Susanna, who in July, 1644, mar- 
ried Evert Janse Wendel; Rebecca, who married Simon Simonse 
Groot; Rachel, who in 1656 married Hendrick Van Rommel, and 
in 1677 married Dirck Janse de Groot; and two sons, Isaac, bap. 
in New Amsterdam, April 21, 1642, and Jacob, bap. there Dec. 7, 
1645. Besides these children there appears to have been a son 

52 Philippe Dutrieux. [Jan., 

Philip, as in 1653 "the widow of Philip du Trieux " makes deposi- 
tion that " her son Philip (who was also murdered) was at the 
time of his death earning the monthly sum of ioof." 

From these records it would appear that the children ascribed 
to Philippe Dutrieux were at least very difficult to place and the 
discovery of his first marriage simplifies the genealogical puzzle. 
But before proceeding to give the facts that have just come to 
hand it must be suggested that a wider interest than a mere mat- 
ter of family genealogy is here involved. The earlier history of 
Philippe Dutrieux confirms the historical data which has led his- 
torians of New Netherland to place the first settlement of that 
Colony in 1624, and to ascribe to a company of Walloons who 
came thither in that year under the leadership of Jesse de Foreest 
the honor of being the first citizens of what is now New York. 
In 1924, when the State of New York celebrates its three hun- 
dredth anniversary as a European settlement, Jesse de Foreest 
and his little band of exiled Walloons will be found to lead the 
long procession of emigrants who for one reason or another have 
made the New World their resting place. And of the few of this 
early company who settled on Manhattan Island Philip Dutrieux, 
because of his now full record, may claim special consideration. 

It need scarcely be said that the Walloons were French-speak- 
ing Protestants who in the sixteenth century were driven by 
religious persecution from their homes in the wedge-like country 
between France and Germany into England and Holland, taking 
with them certain industrial arts such as lace-making and the 
weaving of textiles, in which they excelled. Many of these went 
to Leyden where they established a church. Of the Walloons in 
Leyden Dr. Wm. Elliot Griffis says in his book on Belgium: "In 
the Walloonsche Bibliothek or library alongside of St. Peter's church 
at Leyden . . . one may discover his ancestry . . . as in 
this storehouse of names, relics and mementoes he traces the per- 
sonality of some refugee for conscience' sake . . . till rest 
was found ... in the hospitable soil of free America." 

Jesse de Foreest was one of these Walloons who settled at 
Leyden; he was a dyer and there pursued his calling, belonging 
no doubt to the Guild of the Dyers. Philippe Dutrieux we find 
was also a worsted dyer and it was perhaps belonging to the same 
Guild as well as to the same church that influenced him to join 
de Foreest's company "pour Westinde" in 1624. 

From the records of this Walloon church at Leyden we learn 
that on August 15, 1617, Philippe Dutrieux and his first wife 
Jaquemine Noiret became members. Four years later, his first 
wife having died, we find Philippe Dutrieux in Amsterdam be- 
trothed to his second wife Susanna du Chesne, and three years 
later (1624) he procures from the church at Leyden an " attesta- 
tion," as the Dutch call it — a transfer — as "pour Westinde." 
Here is a translation of the Act of Betrothal copied from the 
Archives of Amsterdam on September II, 1913, by P. T. Kapstyn, 
Search Clerk of the City Archives of Amsterdam: 

1914J Philippe Dutrieux. n 

"On Julyi7th, 1621, appeared before the Commisaries of mat- 
ters concerning marriages, Philippe Dutrieux of Roby aged 
thirty-four years and living in the Runtstreat, worsted dyer, 
widower of Jacquemyne Noiret, to Susanna'du Chesne, of Sedan 
aged twenty years, orphan, assisted by Jean Pinson her cousin, 
living in the Bisschopstreate requesting their three Sunday procla- 
mations (bans)." 


It was on March 9, 1624, that Philippe received his certificate 
from the church at Leyden as "pour Westinde." This was to 
use in the new church in the New World whither he and his 
family went on the good ship New Netherlands 

As to family genealogy these papers show that some of Phil- 
ippe's children were undoubtedly by his first wife. There is a 
Jacomintje Dutrieux who was probably the daughter of Abraham 
Dutrieux and there was Jacomintje Viele who was daughter of 
Marie Dutrieux and her first husband. It seems more than prob- 
able that these two, Abraham and Marie, were the children of 
Jaquemeyne Noiret. All the others of whom we have record ap- 
pear to have been the children of Susanna du Chesne, who it will 
be noticed was considerably younger than her husband. There is 
no mention of the marriage of Philip Dutrieux, Jr., but he must 
have been well-grown to have been earning so much at the time 
of his decease. It seems likely that the Isaac Dutrieux who set- 
tled at Schenectady in 1670 with his "cousin," Jacobus Peek (son 
of Marie Dutrieux), was the son of Philippe's son Abraham and 
not of Philippe himself. Two facts make this at least probable; 
the first is that Isaac names his eldest son Abraham, and the 
second that Jacobus Peek is called his cousin in the deed of sale. 
A list of the children of Philippe Dutrieux born in Holland may 
yet come to light. 

Correspondence on this matter with Mr. A. J. F. van Laer, 
the archivist in the State Library at Albany, brings the additional 
information that Robey was "doubtless Roubaix in the north of 
France which is well-known for its dye-works." Mr. J. H. Innes 
also writes: "The facts (relating to the discovery of certain 
records concerning Philippe Dutrieux) are important as showing 
what I have always suspected, that he was one of the very first 
settlers. You do not have to resort to the supposition of a 
changed voyage from the 'West Indies,' because that term is used 
almost entirely for New Netherland in the first years of the set- 
tlement. See various entries in the ecclesiastical records." 

The name Dutrieux became later Truax. 


^4 The Hempstead Census of i6g8. [Jan., 


Communicated by Edw. Doubleday Harris. 

The original document containing the names of the inhabitants 
of the town of Hempstead, Queens Co., New York, in August, 
1698, for many years was one of the treasured possessions of the 
State Library in Albany. It consisted of eight pages of manu- 
script, in excellent preservation, the names arranged in four 
columns to the page, evidently compiled from a house to house 
visitation, children's names following those of parents, presum- 
ably in the order of their births. Most unfortunately, in the 
recent disastrous fire at the Capitol the document was destroyed. 

The Queens County Sentinel, in its issue of March 13, 1884, 
printed a copy of the census, which, although not altogether 
accurate, has proved of much value to students of family history. 

In 1899 the writer caused to be made, for his own use, from 
the original sheets in Albany, a certified copy, in manuscript, 
which has been in his possession until recently, and is now de- 
posited in the State Library. It is this certified copy, in Mr. 
Arnold J. F. van Laer's handwriting, that is reproduced in the 
following pages. 

Queens County 

A List of all ye Inhabitants of hempstd, old and young fremen 
and servants, blacke and white tacken by strict Inquary, yt ye 
nams of all ye Inhabitants old and young, white and blacke 
tacken by order of ye ye Justises of ye Peece, and to ys being a 
true List by strict Inquiry we have given it under oure hands 
agust ye 31 — 1698 

Joseph Pettit 
Jeremiah Wood 

page 1, column 1. hannah Willis 

Mi r John Jackson abegall Willis 

Mi 8 Elizabeth Jackson Thomas seman 

martha Jackson mary seman 

Sarah Jackson Thomas seman 

Samuell Jackson Richrd seman 

hannah Jackson samuell seman 

Richrd Jackson Isack seman 

hop Willis mary seman 

mercy Willis John seman 

Joseph Willis abigall seman 

Elizabeth Willis nathanell seman 

Richrd Willis mary wood 

hester Willis beneamen seman 

Phebe Willis Jane seman 

Jeams Willis martha seman 


The Hempstead Census of i6g8. 


Jacob seman 
Jeems seman 
Phebe seman 


samuell seman 
Phebe seman 
Phebe seman 
Charity seman 
samuell seman 
Deborah seman 
Joseph carpenter 
Thomas carpenter 
Jonathan seman 
grace seman 
David seman 
Jonathan seman 
John seman 
Elizabeth seman 
grace seman 
Caleb seman 
Joaseph seman 
hannah seman 
Sarah seman 
John Jackson Jr 
Elizabeth Jackson 
sarah Jackson 
Elizabeth Jackson 
John Sardm (or Sordin) 
Elizabeth Sardin 
Beniamen bortsell 
mercy bortsell 
Samuell bortsell 
susanah bortsell 
Elizabeth bortsell 
Jude bortsell 
Beniamen bortsell 
John bortsell 
Thomas Irland 


Mary Irland 

John Irland 

Thomas Irland 

Mary Irland 

adam Irland 

Daniell Irland 

Job Irland 

amos Irland 

Elizabeth Irland 

Joseph Irland 

Mi" Elizabeth cornwell 

John cornwell 

Thomas cornwell 

Sarah cornwell 

william cornwell 

Elizabeth cornwell 

Richrd cornwell 

John cornwell 

william boutelo (or bartelo) 

enoche boutelo 

Elizabeth boutelo 

cathrene boutelo 

Thomas Ellison 

Elizabeth Rushmore 

Rahell Ellison 

hannah Ellison 

Abigail Ellison 

seth Ellison 

Peter Smith 

Richrd Ellison 

els Ellison 
Daniell Ellison 
Richrd Ellison 
Beniamen Ellison 
Charls Mott 
Elzabeth Mott 
Charls Mott 
gersham mott 
Peter Stringam 
an Stringam 
ben stringam 
Petr stringam 


Willem Stringam 
samuell Stringam 
hannah Stringam 
Mary stringam 
Daniell secston 
feffi Secston 
william Sexston 
Jeams sexston 
Thomas sexston 
sarah sexston 
Cathern sexston 
henery Willis 
Mary Willis 
hester sering 
John seman 
hannah seman 
Joseph seman 
martha seman 
mercy seman 


The Hempstead Census of 1698. 


sarah seman 
Ruth seman 
John seman Jr 
hannah seman 
Els Denton 
Robrd Dinge Sr 
Robrd Dinge Jr 
Rebecka Dinge 
Robrd Dinge 
Richrd Dinge 
John Champin 
Sarah champin 
Thomas champin 
John Champin 
Robrd champin 
samuell champin 
nathanell champin 
Mary champin 
Elizabeth champin 
hannah champin 


Capt. John carman 

meriam carman 

Elizabeth carman 

Meriam carman 

Rebeckah carman 

Ruth carman 

An Carman 

hannah carman 

John Carman Jr 

John Beates 

Gorg Beates 

Joseph Beates 

Jonathan Beates 

Jeane Beates 

Abigail Beates 

hannah Beates 

Thomas Lester 

Dorcis Lester 

mehittabel Lester 

mordeca Lester 

Dorcis Lester 

John Lester 

Caleb carman sr 

Joshuah carman 

Caleb carman Jr 

hannah carman 

ffebe carman 

Samuell Embre (or Ember) 

abigall Embre 

Samuell Embre Jr 

mary Sherrinton 
Thomas Southward 
fransis southward 
Elizabeth southward 
hannah southward 
Thomas southward Jr 
John Beldin 
Deborah Beldin 
William Vallintine 
abigall Vallintine 
abigall Vallintine 
Deborah Vallintine 
Mary Vallintine 
margreat Vallintine 
william Vallintine 
Richrd Vallintine 
Elizabeth Vallintine 
Jane Vallintine 
Widdo Vallintine 
nathan Vallintine 
mary phillips 
Jacob phillips 
Ruth phillips 


moses scudder 
mary scudder 
margreat chesman 
Ephraim Vallintine 
Rachell Vallintine 
Ephraim Vallintine ivr 
samuell Pine 
Jeams Pine 
Joseph Pine 
Rachell Pine 
Peter totten 
Pressilla totten 
Peter totten Jr 
Danell totten 
samuell totten 
nathanell totten 
Joseph totten 
Jane totten 
sarah totten 
mary spragg 
John spragg 
Thomas spragg 
Richard spragg 
Roberd bedle Jr 
Elizabeth Bedle 
Daniell Bedle Jr 
Jeams bedle 


The Hempstead Census of i6g8. 


Job bedle 
Daniell bedle 
an Bedle 
Thomas bedle 
an Bedle 
David bedle 
Jeremi bedle 
Richrd bedle 
Joseph bedle 
mary Bedle 
abraham bedle 
Roberd bedle 
John bedle 
sarah bedle 
John bedle Jr 
samuell bedle 
Jacob bedle 
Beniamen bedle 
martha bedle 
Jeams Beate (or Beale) 


Elizabeth beate (or Beale) 
sarah Beate " 

solomon Beate " 
Ruth beate " 

Reachell beate " 
John Dusenboroh 
mary Dusenboroh 
John Dusenboroh iv 
mary Dusenboroh 
William Thickston 
Margreat Thickston 
Mary Thickston 
Elizabeth Thickston 
Margreat Thickston 
Joseph Willems 
an bortsell 
mary bortsell 
David Jecockes 
Hannah Jecockes 
William Jecockes 
Joseph Jecockes 
ffranses Jecockes 
mary williams 
John Williams 
miell Williams 
Elias Dorland 
Grace Jecockes 
Thomas Gildersleeve 
mary Gildersleeve 
asa Gildersleeve 

Gorg Gildersleeve 
Thomas Gildersleeve Jr 
mary Gildersleeve 
Richrd Gildersleeve 
Elisha Gildersleeve 
John Beat"s Jr 
Elizabeth Beats 
John Beats 
Martha Beats 
mary flower 
John flower 
hannah flower 
Elizabeth flower 
Jonas flower 
harmon flower 
hannah spragg 


Lef John Mott 
sarah mott 
John mott Jr 
Jeams mott 
Sarah mott 
Martha mott 
mi r adam mott 
mi 8 mary mott 
an mott 
mary mott 
adam mott Jr 
nicholis stilwell 
Jeams Jackson 
Rebeckah Jackson 
Thomas Jackson 
mary Jackson 
martha Jackson 
Joseph Wood 
Richard minthorn 
sarah minthorne 
Richard menthorne 
martha minthorne 
John Sering 
Susanah sering 
simon sering 
John sering Jr 
Jeams sering 
Samuell sering 
Simon sering 
Jonathan sering 
mary sering 
Sarah sering 
hannah sering 
Jonathan Smith Jr 


The Hempstead Census of i6g8. 


Grace smith 
Jeane smith 
Grace smith- 
martha smith 
mary smith 
Jonathan smith 
adam smith 
John smith 
Gersham smith 
Teams smith 
Beniamen smith 


obadiah vallentine 
mary vallentine 
obadiah vallentine 
Joseph vallentine 
Thomas vallentine 
mary vallentine 
John smith 
Isabell smith 
Elias smith 
John smith 
beniamen smith 
Deborah smith 
hannah smith 
abigall smith 
amos smith 
Richrd vallentine 

sarah vallentine 
Richrd vallentine 
sarah vallentine 
Phebe vallentine 

martha vallentine 

meriam Vallentine 

an vallentine 

hannah vallentine 

David vallentine 

David Scudder 

Joseph mott 

meriam mott 

meriam mott 

Jeane mott 

Joseph mott 

samuell mott 

Daniell williams 

Jeremiah smith 

hannah smith 

Jeremiah smith Jr 

hannah smith 

Elizabeth smith 

Ruth smith 

John smith 
an smith 
Richard smith 
Thomas Smith 
Thomas haels 
hannah haels 
Thomas huls Jr 
Pressilla huls 
sarah heviland 
samuell smith 
Dority smith 
Phebe smith 
Dority smith 
Samuel smith Jr 


Jonas smith 
abraham smith 
mary smith 
hester smith 
Timothi halsted 
hannah halsted 
Jonas halsted 
David halsted 
beniamen halsted 
Thomas Chesman 
mary Chesman 
william Chesman 
Ephraim Chesman 
beniamen Chesman 
william smith 
Jeams Denton 
Jeane Denton 
Jeane Denton 
Christofer Dinge 
mary Dinge 
Charls Dingee 
Jane Dingee 
John Dingee 
mary Embro 
Moses Embro 
Gorg Pursell 
Elizabeth Pursell 
Gorg Pursell Jr 
henery Pursell 
Elizabeth Pursell 
sarah Pursell 
mary hemins 
Daniell Pursell 

ame Pursell 

an Pursell 
sarah Pursell 


The Hempstead Census of it 


Daniell Pursell 
John Pursell 
margery Pursell 


Jeane Pursell 

ame Pursell 
sarah williams 
Thomas Pursell 
mary Pursell 
sarah Pursell 
mary Pursell 
abegall Pursell 
henery Pursell 
samuell Pursell 
an Pursell 
Deborah Pursell 
martha Pursell 
Jane Denton 
Dinah Denton 
beniamen Denton 
abraham smith 
Isack smith 
Elizabeth smith 
Jacob smith 
Thomas thickston 
Ruben Oburne 
hester velle 
samuell Denton 
may Denton 
abraham Denton 
Jonas Denton 
martha Denton 
Elizabeth Denton 
Roger Oburne 
Samuell Denton 
abegall Denton 
samuell Denton 
Jonathan Rawlin 
abegall Rowlin 
Ruth Denton 
martha Denton 
mary Denton 
Joseph baldin 
Ellen beldin 
mary beldin 
sarah beldin 
martha beldin 
Elizabeth beldin 
Gorg beldin 
Dinah beldin 
Joseph beldin 


John Johnson 
hanah Johnson 
Joseph Johnson 
hannah Johns. . 
John Johnson 
mary Johnson 
susanah Johnson 
Jacob Johnson 
Jude Johnson 
Barns Corlessen 
hannah Corneles 
Corneles Barns 
Richrd manering 
Mary manering 
John manering 
Thomas manering 
Richrd manering 
Peter manering 
David manering 
John Lininton 

mary Lininton 

mary Lininton 

susanah Lininton 

sarah Lininton 

henery Lininton 

hannah Lininton 

Solomon semen 

Elizabeth seman 

solomon seman 

Deborh seman 

Elizabeth seman 

may seman 

abigall seman 

henery seman 

matthew Bedle 

Joseph L(a)ngdon 

may Langdon (or Lungden) 

Thomas Langdon 

meream Langdon 

william Langdon 

may Langdon 

Joseph Langdon 

hannah Langdon 

John Langdon 

samuell Langdon 

mary Langdon 


Beniamen Willems 
Beniamen Jacockes 
samuell Rainor 


The Hempstead Census of it 


mary Rainor 
samuel Rainor iv 
mary Rainor 
John Rainor 
martha Rainor 
Ezeciell Rainer 
John Pine 
abigall Pine 
mary Pine 
Daniell Pine 
Abigall Pine 
Ruth Pine 
Phebe Pine 
Edward Spragg sr 
Abigall spragg 
sarah spragg 
Jacob spragg 
Edward spragg 
Robrd williams 
Leah williams 
Robert Williams sen 
John carle 
sarah carle 
Jacob carle 
sarah carle 
John carle Jr 
John Goldswrth 
ester corcke 
Deborah corcke 
ester corcke Jr 
Deborah corcke 
Tho howard 
Gorg fowler 
Unice fowler 
Gorg fowler Jr 
martha semman 
nathanell seman 
Rachell seman 
Rachell seman Jr 
martha carman 
Richard semman 
Jane semman 
Richard semman Jr 


Thomas semman 
abigall carman 
samuell chesman 
Mary Lee 
Thomas Lee 
John Lee 
Joseph Lee 

Roberd Lee 

mary Lee 

Elizabeth Smith 

Elizabeth Smith 

Richard townsend 

James Beate (or Beale or Barlo) 

John Jarman 

beniamen carman 

Joseph smith 

hannah smith 

Jane smith 

Joseph smith Jr 

hannah smith 

John smith 

Jonathan smith 

hannah smith 

Thomas smith 

Mary smith 

Ruth smith 

Jonathan smith 

hannah smith 

Dorcas Gildersleeve 

phebe Thickston 

Damares Lester 

Jeremiah wood 

Susanah wood 

Jeremi wood Jr 

J earns wood 

Daniell wood 

Edmond wood 

beniamen wood 

Epenetus wood 

Unece southward 

Isacke southward 

Grace (torn off) 


Roberd marvill 
John marvill 
hannah marvill 
Ruth marvill 
hannah marvill 
Jereme marvill 
Robert marvill Jr 
Richard smith 
Timothi smith 
mary Smith 
meriam Dorland 
John Dorland 
Samuell Williams 
Thomas Williams 
An Williams 


The Hempstead Census of i6q8. 


Aron onderdoncke 
Jeane Pine 
Beniamen Pine 
nathanell Persall 
martha Persall 
Thomas Persall 
martha Persall 
sarah Persall 
Elizabeth Persall 
hannah Persall 
Phebe persall 
Samuell persall 
Joseph Browne 
william Pine 
sarah Pine 
nathanell Pine 
Elizabeth Pine 
Jeams Pine 
Ruth Pine 
John corcke 
Joseph Pettit 
Margreat Pettit 
sarah Pettit 
martha Pettit 
Joseph Pettit Jr 
mary Pettit 
John Pettit 
Joseph Carlee 
Timothi carle 
mary carle 
Timothi carle Jr 
Elizabeth Griffin 


Mi John tredwell 
Mi hannah tredwell 
Thomas tredwell 
hannah tredwell 
John tredwell 
Elizabeth tredwell 
John Rushmore 
Mary Rushmore 
Phebe Denton 
John tredwell 
Phebe tredwell 
Joseph Spragg 
Richard totten 
Elizabeth totten 
samuell totten 
william totten 
Beniamen totten 
Jasper totten 

Richrd totten 
Mary totten 
.... totten 
Mi r John Smith 
Mi 8 sarah Staiith 
Josiah smith 
Abell smith 
Daniell smith 
sarah smith 
Mi r Gorg hulit 
Mi 8 Mary hulit 
Gorg hulit 
John hulit 
Lues hulit 
Beniamen hulit 
mary hulit 
chads abrams 
Sarah abrahams 
John abrams 
Chads abrams 
Sarah abrams 
Jane abrams 
John southward 
Grace southward 
John southward 
Joseph southward 
Deborah Thickston 


Joseph halsted 
sarah halsted 
Joseph halsted 
Phebe halsted 
Timothi halsted 
Abigail halsted 
Timoth halsted 
(Ca)leb halsted 
hannah halsted 
Jacob halsted 
Jonas halsted 
abigall halsted 
Elias baylis 
Jane baylis 
Lucas covert 
barbary covert 
abraham covert 
Isacke covert 
hannah covert 
tunes covert 
John covert 
mods covert 
(H)eleene covert 


The Hempstead Census of 1698. 


(W)illiam Post 

ananet Post 

barbary Post 

asher Post 

bereche Post 

Elizabeth Post 

Jeane Covert 

willem frances 

tmece frances 

willem frances 

bereche frances 

Gorg frances 

Jane frances 

mary frances 

mary wolle 

John wolle 

Elizabeth wolle 

Elizabeth wolle 

John michell 

mary michell 

may michell 

Robrd michell 

John michell 

hester michell 

Joseph sutton 

sarah sutton 

Thomas sutton 

Robrd Godfree 


sarah tindall 
Robrd sutton 
hannah sutton 
Robrd sutton 
Elizabeth sutton 
Joseph sutton 
Jeams sutton 
sarah Godfree 
Elizabeth Godfree 
sarah Godfree 
Joseph Godfree 
mary Godfree 
Robert hubs 
hester hubs 
Ellexander hubs 
Charls hubs 
John Locussum 
Mary Locussum 
Joseph Locussum 
Samuell Locussum 

henery alien 
sarah alien 
samuell Ellison 
susanah hubs 
John hubs 
nicholes willian 
Elizabeth comes 
John comes 
Robrd comes 
mercey comes 
william thorne 
winnethrift thorne 
Richrd thorne 
William Wood 
Righbell mott 
Elizabeth mott 
Edmund mott 
William thorne 
Cathrene thorne 
henery thorne 
William thorne 
Winnethrift thorne 
Peter Lott 
Neshe Lott 
Cathrene Lott 
Thomas Danells 
William Collard 
Mary Collard 


Robrd hubs 
Elizabeth hubs 
mary anne mott 
Elizabeth mott 
william mott 
adam mott 
Roger Pedly 
Phillip Palmer 
sarah Palmer 
John chapell 
Elizabeth Palmer 
Richrd Palmer 
Sarah Right 
Abigail Right 
Mary Danells 
Sarah thorne 
abraham thorne 
Margreat thorne 
Thomas Rushmore 
Sarah Rushmore 
An Rushmore 
Martha Rushmore 


The Hempstead Census of i6g8. 


Thomas Rnshmore 
John Rush more 
John howell 
Jeane baylis 
an baylis 
Elias baylis 
Sarah baylis 
nathanell baylis 
hannah baylis 
Jonathan baylis 
Elzabeth baylis 
John hart 
Edwrd Enery 
Mary Enery 
John cornwell 
hannah cornwell 
John cornwell 
Elizabeth cornwell 
William cornwell 
Edwrd cornwell 
Grace mott 
Ewrd cornwell 
Mary cornwell 


Thomas ferguson 

John Robison 

Jane Robison 

Joseph Robison 

John Robison 

Mary Robison 

Thomas Robison 

Robrd Robison 

Phebe Williams 

Mary Williams 

Thomas Williams 

hannah Williams 

John hawcins 

Sarah hawcins 

Thomas hawcins 

William hawcins 

(D)enison hawcins 

Sarah hawcins 

Danell Danells 

Deborah Weall (or Weatt) 

Abraham Weall (or Weatt) 

Dores fenwicke 

margret fenwicke 

Corneles fenwicke 

Abraham fenwicke 

Dores fenwicke 

John bricke 

Els bricke 
John bricke 
William bricke 
Thomas bricke 
An bricke 
William Prins 
William alborn 
Jonah alborn 
John godfree 
Christopher yomens 
hannah yomens 
moses yomens 
Christopher yomens 
Solomon yomens 
hannah yomens 
Thomas yomens 
Sarah yomens 
mary yomens 
william yomens 


Elizabeth yomens 
mary yomen 
Elizabeth yomens 
Gorg baldin (or beldin) 
mary baldin 
11 baldin 
ell baldin 
Thomas baldin 
mary baldin 
Gorg baldin 
Joseph baldin 
Phebe baldin 
martha baldin 
grace Ellison 
martha Ellison 
Thomas Ellison 
hener Ellison 
John Ellison 
Edward alien 
Elizabeth alien 
Samuell alien 
Mary alien 
abraham Johnson 
hannah Johnson 
margreat Johnson 
hannah Johnson 
Richard Stiles (or Stites) 
mary Stiles " 

margreat Stiles " 
mary Stiles " 

6 4 

The Hempstead Census of i6g8. 


John Stils (or Stits) 

William stils " 

Samuell Hatton (or Hutton) 

Mary Hutton 

Joseph ginnins 

Mary ginnins 

Joseph ginnins 


Elizabeth ginnins 
beniamen ginnins 
beniamen tod 
samuell tod 
susanah tod 
John Jones 
Mary Jones 
John Jones 
Thomas Jones 
Mary Jones 
Martha Jones 
Elizabeth Jones 
Daniell Jones 
Sarah Jones 
susanah Jones 
Johannah Jones 
Roberd Collom 
hannah collom 
Roberd Collom 
Deborah Rainer 
Elizabeth Rainer 
mary Davis 
Mary Davis 
william Davis 
John Davis 
William Willson 
Sarah Willson 
nicholis willson 
william Willson 
Sarah Willson 
samuell Carman 
sarah carman 
samuell Carman 
hannah Carman 
beniamen carman 
samuell sands 
Zibe sands 
John sands 
Mary sands 
Gorg sands 


Edmund sands 

nathanell sands 
Doroty sands 
John sands 
may sands 
samuell sands 
Zibiah sands 
Doroty sands , 
anna sands 
sarah sands 
Abigail sands 
William Pele 
Mary Pele 
William Peale 
John Cornwell 
Mary Cornwell 
Joshua Cornwell 
Richrd Cornwell 
Caleb Cornwell 
Mary sands 
Andrew belsha 
Margrett belsha 
Andrew belsha 
Willmot aron (or arin) 
govet Aron " 

Aron (or Arin) Ruts 
Sarah Aron (or Arin) 
Thomas hickes 
Deborah hickes 
Abigail hickes 
Deborah hickes 
Thomas hickes 
Mary hickes 
Thomas barcer 
Calvin barcer 
Thomas barcer 
William barcer 
Elizabeth barcer 
hannah barcer 
Joshuah Carman 
Susanah hockins 
William hockins 
Thomas hockins 
John hockins 
Jonathan hockins 


susanah hockins 
Robert hockins 
Elizabeth hockins 
Jane Coward 
Elizabeth Willson 
Mary Willson 


The Hempstead Census of i6g8. 


beniamen hale 

John bacer (or bocer) 

John bacer 

Sarah bacer 

Thomas bacer 

Jonathan bacer 

Gorg bacer 

Thomas Colme 

Joseph Snethen 

Sarah snethen 

Mary Snethen 

Abigail Snethen 

Richrd wright (changed to 

sarah Right 
Jonathan burges 
hannah burges 

Davis burges 
Phebe burges 
Jonathan burges 
Aron burges 
sarah burges 
mary burges 
Elizabeth burges 
Thomas Carle 
Elizabeth Carle 
Thomas Carle 
Thomas Carman 
mary Carman 
Joseph Carman 
Richd ellison (or allison) 
Elizabeth ellison " 
barbary ellison u 

Joseph ellison " 

Thomas ellison " 
Elizabeth ellison - " 


henery Dusenborh 
mary Dusenboroh 
mary Dusenborh 
Samuell Dusenborh 
henery Dusenborh Jr 


en snedecor 
leache snedecor 
willeache snedecor 
Elizabeth snedecor 
geanet snedecor 
adrian snedecor 
Johnes snedecor 


will gripman 
margret gripman 
Phebe gripman 
margret gripman 
Thomas gripman 
mary gripman 
(Ja)mes man(c)y 


(Eliz)beth mancy 
henery onderdonck 
harman hendricksn 
margreat hendricksn 
hendrick hendricksn 
Phebe hendricksn 
Thomas hendricksn 
margreat hendricksn 
Unice hendricksn 
John hendricksn 
mary hendricksn 
abraham hendricksn 
egburche hendricksn 
Isack frost 
mercy frost 
nathanell O'hely 
sary frost 
Jacob frost 
Jarman Johnson 
Corneliah Johnson 
Jorg Johnson 
mary thickston 


Mi r allexsander annis 
Susannah frost 
William Johnson 
Vnice Johnson 
Richard Johnson 
William gripman 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Richard Denton 
Mary Denton 
Richrd Denton Jr 
Mary Denton 
Sary Denton 
Joseph Denton 
hannah Denton 
beniamen Denton 
Richard Cocnor 
Sarah Codner 
Jacob Peterson 
Elizabeth Pe(ter)son 


The Hempstead Census of it 


Phebe peterson 
hannah Peterson 
martha Peterson 
Ede Boules (or Bedles) 
After Boules " 
Teams Boules " 
John Boules u 

Joseph Boules " 
hannah Boules " 
Born Eegberson 
Phebe Egbrson 
Johanes Egbrson 
Tho martin 
mary martin 
Elizabeth martin 
Thomas martin Jr 
abraham martin 
John Davis 
Return Davis 
Deborah Davis 
henery Johnson 
martha Johnson 
susanah Johnson 


martha Johnson 

John Johnson 

Richrd Everit 

Elizabeth Everit 

Prissilla Everit 

abraham Everit 

Richard Everit 

Mary Everit 

Ephrain golden 

Rebeckah golden 

Elizabeth golden 

John golden 

Danell goldn 

Ephraim goldn 

Thomas gshden (or gihden) 

Corles williansn 

micoll Williansn 

Jane Williamsn 

may Williamson 

Chads Randall 

Elizabeth Randall 

John foster 

Phebe foster 

John foster Jr 

Phebe foster Jr 

Sarah foster 

Mary foster 

Dottell thu(rs)ton 
Elizabeth bishop 
andru bishop 
William smith 
hanah 1 smith 
Jhn smith 
John smith 
Thomas Davis 
Thomas nuellin 
hannah nuellin 
may nuellin 
Thomas nuellin 
Cateen fluellin 


Cornelus barns 
Cornelu barns 
hendricke barns 
trinche barns 
John barns 
Mary barns 
C. . . . barns 
Thomas Johnson 
Revoch Jhnson 
nathanell smith 
Phebe Champin 
Joh titos (or titus) 
sarah titos ** 

mary titos " 

John titos " 

samuell titos " 
Elizabeth titos " 
Phebe titos " 

temperance titos " 
Edmond titos " 
martha titos " 

Peter titos " 

silas titos " 

hannah titos " 
Pasianse titos " 
William Willis 
Mary Willis 
William Willis 
henery Willis 
John Willis 
Jacob Willis 
Richard osborne 
Richrd osborne Jr 
William osborne 
nathanell osborne 
Jeams Osborne 
Daniell Cassom 


The Hempstead Census of j6q8. 


Elizabeth Cassom 
Elizabeth cassom 
Martha cassom 
John Williams 

Tomason Williams 
John Williams 
Charles Mothe 

PAGE 8. 

orah slaves 

precincte of hempsted 


....n tone Morro A List of ye Indians. 

...... Pender Jemmi Steyen squa 

Luce' PeVe' Pn hovy and squa 

J L a U cke SS? fe°cto J eams and ^ 

Will Tiom Mingo 

Peg Jeane sara Waawanum 

Nero Dicke Cromell xw~„i~ „~a «. 

tiros tone TarkP Posgalo and squa 

titos tone Jacke Masonum and squa 

bes Jeames mingo tonohe 

Jacke Robbin Pete p erceal 

Clas Luis nanne 

An Will mollegos 

Te Staford Jack 

Jacke S(ara) morro 

Jenne Je(ams) 

Clas (D)icke . 

samson Tom Je(ams) 

sara hagar mingo 

Colleman Jenne se 

Rose Peg Dicke 

Jeane sara bes 

andrw susan bes yen 

sesar Cabbe Jack 

su marte Jack 

sambo hagar ned A true List of Jn _ 

} es sal « ™ acke habitants of hempsted old 

T° ne I uu- QaS and y° un g freeman and 

Teane Robbin sara servants blacke and white 

harre tice bes tacken by 

mi ,? g0 w-ii ^ nt ° ny S^en undeV ' our" hands 

f ed ^ e f on l august ye 31 1698 

tone Dicke Jacobus & J a y 

Sam sara Joseph Pettit 

Marye sambo Jeremiah Wood 

A true Lest as it is returned to us by the above Constable and 
clerke this Last of of Agust 1698 Tho jj^ cke 

Danll Whitehead 
William Hallett John Smith 

John Tredwell Edward White x 

Samuell Moore 

68 Bristol Notes. [Jan., 

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy, 

and of the whole thereof, of a Census of the town of Hempstead, 

taken 31 August, 169S, the original of which is kept in the N. Y. 

State library. A T ,„ „ T ' „ 

J Arnold J. \r. van Laer, 

23 Aug., 1899. Sub-librarian, Manuscripts. 


Contributed by Theresa Hall Bristol, 

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. 

The name was spelled Britsow by the first two or three 
generations in Connecticut, and this spelling is still used in the 
southern states and in England. The spelling was changed, 
says tradition, "because they were from Bristol, England." It 
undoubtedly changed gradually, because of the spelling of " Bris- 
tol," the city in England, and so often repeated in the naming of 
towns here. There was one John Bristow, a Councillor of Penn- 
sylvania, 1689-91, living at Chester, near Philadelphia, who died 
in 1695, and who inserted a clause in his will which reads as 
follows: " If all my children die before they reach the age of 
twenty-one years, my estate to go to Brother Richard Bristow 
living in Bristoll in Old England." His children were: John, 
William and Hester. As the names of Richard and John were 
repeated in the first and second generations of the New Haven 
line it would seem to be worthy of consideration as to whether 
these Bristows of a later generation, coming from and connecting 
with those still living in the city of Bristol, Eng., do not furnish 
the clue for following up the ancestry of the New Haven line. 

The pedigree of the two most prominent families of this name 
living in England can be found in Burke's Dictionary of the 
Landed Gentry, vol. I. 

Accordieg to the usual tradition " three brothers ■ Bristow ' 
came to America." There was one Robert Bristow who settled 
for a time in Virginia, acquired a large estate, and returned to 
England. At the time of the Revolution this land was confiscated 
because the owners were living in England. The two brothers 
who settled in Connecticut were Richard Bristow of Guilford who 
had no children, and Henry Bristow of New Haven. 
1. *Henry' Bristow of New Haven married (2) Jan. 29, 1656, 
Lydia, daughter of Francis and Mary (Edwards) Brown. "At a 
meeting of the General Court, held March, 1646-7," he was 
assigned a seat "in front of the cross seats at the upper end of 
the meeting house;" "Sister Bristow in the seat before the little 

* The material for this first section of these Bristol Notes has been taken 
almost entirely from Notes on the Family of Henry Bristol, by Donald Lines 
Jacobus, in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register for April, 

19 1 4-] Bristol Notes. 6o 

short seat." (Atwater's History of the Colony of New Haven) 
He died in 1695, and she died 1719. Children by first wife: 

i. Rebecca," b. Feb. 4, 1649; d. Sept. 22, 1731; m. Dec, 
1670, Zaccheus Candee. 

ii. Samuel, b. Dec. 3, 1651; d. 1692; m. Phebe ; lived 

in Guilford, Ct. (see first Bristol article in July, 1903, 
number of New England Hist, and Gen. Register; also 
Bristols in Meredeth, Delatvare Co., N. Y., to follow), 
iii. Mercy, b. Nov. 17, 1653; probably d. young-. 
Children by second wife: 

iv. Lydia, b. Jan. 3, 1657; m. (1) May 6, 1680, Joseph 

Smith; m. (2) Plumb. 

v. John, b. Sept. 4, 1659. (See Newtown branch.) 
vi. Mary, b. Sept., 1661; m. Jobamah Gunn of Milford, Ct., 

as his second wife, 
vii. Hannah, b. Dec. 10, 1663; m. Nov. 10, 1684, Thomas 

Hine of Milford, Ct. 
viii. Abigail, b. April 19, 1666; m. Nov. 27, 1712, Daniel 
Terrel of Milford, Ct. 
ix. Sarah, b. about 1668; m. Stephen Hine of Milford, Ct. 

2 x. Daniel, b. May 4, 1671. 

xi. Elizabeth, b. May 20, 1674; probably d. young, 
xii. Esther, b. Oct. 3, 1676; probably d. young. 

3 xiii. Eliphalet, b. Oct. 2, 1679. 

xiv. Henry, b. June 20, T683. (This branch in preparation 
by Donald Lines Jacobus.) 

2. Daniel 5 Bristol (Henry 1 ), married (1) Hester Sperry, prob- 
ably a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Post) Sperry; and married 
(2) Judith, daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca (Mallory) Bunnell 
and widow of Thomas Hodge. Daniel d. May 15, 1728, and 
Judith d. July 21, 1746. Children, all by first wife: 

i. Esther, 3 b. Feb. 6, 1697; m. July 6, 1726, Hezekiah 

Bunnel, Jr. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 13, 1699; m. Dec. 16, 1725, Thomas 

iii. Ann, b. Feb. 12, 1701; m. (1) Thomas Hodge; m. (2) 

Nov. 8, 1737, George Clinton, 
iv. Daniel, b. Oct. 15, 1702. (This line in preparation by 

Donald Lines Jacobus.) 
v. Obedience, b. Oct. 7, 1704; m. Nathaniel Downs. 
vi. Samuel, b. Aug. 8, 1706. (This line in preparation by 

Mrs. Wm. H. Bristol of Milford.) 
vii. Richard, b. Oct. j8, 1708. (This line in preparation 

by Mrs. Wm. H. Bristol.) 
viii. Ambrose, b. Aug. 3, 17 10; d. 1760; no issue. 

3. Eliphalet 11 Bristol (Henry 1 ), married Esther, daughter of 
Benjamin and Mary (Sperry) Peck, b. 1679. Was one of the 
original proprietors of Waterbury, but never lived there. His 
will was proved Jan., 1758. Children: 

i. Lydia, 3 b. Nov. 1, 1701; m. Dec. 4, 1723, James Crofut 
of Danbury, Ct. 


70 Bristol Notes. [Jan., 

ii. Sarah, b. Nov. 15, 1703; d. March 28, 1730; m. Oct. 27, 
1726, Thomas Humphreville, b. Feb. 8, 1705; d. Sept. 
16, 1738. 
iii. Dinah, b. July 31, 1705; m. S,ept. 14, 1727, Ebenezer 
Downs of Southbury, Ct. 

4 iv. Stephen, b. Aug. 12, 1707. 

v. Abigail, b. Aug. n, 1709; ra. Sept. 13, 1737. Josiah 

5 vi. Eliphalet, b. about 17 12. 

6 vii. Aaron, b. Aug. 31, 1714. 

viii. Moses, b. Feb. 11, 17 17 (see Bristols of Stockbridge, 
Mass., and Clinton, N. Y.). 
ix. Esther, b. Feb. 11, 1719; m. Stevens. 

7 x. Benjamin, b. July 24, 1721 (see N. E. Hist, and Gen. 

Register, July, 1903, and Bristols of Canaan, and 
Lima, N. Y.). 

4. Stephen 3 Bristol (Eliphalet, 2 Henry'), m. Jan. 25, 1733' 
Dorothy, daughter of Henry and Dorothy (Thomas) Tolles, and 
widow of Jonathan Brown; d. Feb. 3, 1785. Children: 

i. Stephen, 4 b. Jan. 28, 1734; d. Jan. 13, 1789; (m. Sarah?), 
ii. Ichabod, b. April 14, 1736. 

iii. Abner, b. March 8, 1738. (See Hillsdale branch), 
iv. Rachel, b. Dec. n, 1739; d. May 6, 1819; m. (1) David 
Smith, d. 1775; m. (2) Samuel Downs of Bethany, Ct. 
v. David, b. June 13, 1742. (See Gt. Barrington branch.) 
vi. Dorothy, b. about 1748; d. 1834; m. Samuel Thomas, 
vii. Dinah, b. about 175 1; d. June 17, 1785; m. Feb. 5, 1772, 
David Candee of Oxford. 
In 1750 " Eliphalet Bristol of New Haven," deeded land "of a 
certain tract which I have a right to" to his sons Stephen, Aaron 
and Benjamin. This in Waterbury "adjoining the piece of land 
I deeded to my sons, their brothers." In 1757 "Eliphalet Bristol 
of Woodbury, Ct.," land in Waterbury to "Stephen and Aaron 
Bristol of New Haven." 

Waterbury Land Records, vol. 5, p. 56g, and vol. 9, p. 414. 
New England Hist, and Gen. Register, April, 1905. 

5. Eliphalet' Bristol (Eliphalet, 2 Henry 1 ), d. July 8, 1803; m. 
Sarah, daughter of Israel and Sarah (Humphreville) Thomas, 
who was born March 28, 1716, and died Sept. 5, 1796. They 
moved to Woodbury, Ct. In 1750 he and his brother Moses, then 
both "of New Haven," received land from their father in Water- 
bury, Ct., "lands which I have a right to, which have not been 
laid out." In 1757 "Eliphalet Bristol of Woodbury" deeded 
land in Waterbury to Stephen and Aaron Bristol "of New 
Haven." Children: 

i. Justus, b. Dec. 19, 1736. (See Oxford line.) 
ii. Gad, b. Dec. 4, 1738. (See Oxford line.) 
iii. Esther, m. at Washington, Dec. 25, 1765, Jonathan 

iv. Ashur, b. March 9, 1742. (See Oxford line.) 
Waterbury Land Records. 

iqi4.] Bristol Notes. J I 

6. Aaron 3 Bristol (Eliphalet, 3 Henry 1 ), m. Abigail ; lived 

in New Haven, and Harvvinton, Ct. Received land in Waterbury 
from his father in 1750, and in 1751 as "Aaron Bristol of New 
Haven" deeded land in Waterbury to "my honoured father" 
Eliphalet Bristol. In 1757 his father again deeded him land as 
"Aaron Bristol of New Haven." Children, all by wife Abigail: 
i. Reuben, b. Sept. 21, 1734, of Harwinton Ct. (see Stiles 

ii. Miriam, b. Nov. 20, 1739; m. John Preston (see Stiles 

iii. Aaron, b. May 7, 1743 (see Hist, of Addison Co., Vt.; 

iv. Israel, b. Sept. 3, 1745. (See Brookfield line.) 
v. Abigail, b. Sept. 19, 1 747- 
vi. Abel, b. about 1749 ("at Canaan, Ct."?). (See Canaan 

and Lima, N. Y., line.) 
vii. Eliphalet, b. April 7, 1751. (See Canaan and Lima 
N. Y., line.) 
Waterbury, Conn., Land Records. 
Letter from Abel's grandson, Miles Bristol. 
Revised chart by George VV. Bristol. 
Neiv England Hist, and Gen. Register, July, 1903. 

7. Benjamin 9 Bristol (Eliphalet/ Henry'), married March 19, 
1745-6, Thankful Trowbridge; lived at Waterbury. In 1750, and 
Dec. 10, 1751, Benjamin Bristol of New Haven received land from 
his father. He was living at New Haven, June 20, 1757. Children: 
i. Mabel, 4 b. Nov. 11, 1747 (m. Jonathan Royce of Wood- 
bury ?). 
ii. Benjamin, b. June 24, 1750. (See Canaan, N. Y., lines). 
New England Hist, and Gen. Register, July, 1903. 
Waterbury, Ct., Land Records. 

Newtown, Conn., Branch.* 
■ 1. John 1 Bristol (Henry 1 ), b. Sept. 4, 1659; d. about 1735; mar " 
ried Mercy, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Potter) Mansfield; 
lived at New Haven; removed to Newtown. Children: 
i. John,* b. Oct. 4, 1686; d. young, 
ii. Mehitabel, b. June 29, 1688. 

2 iii. Joseph, b. Aug. 9, 1689. 

3 iv. John, b. June 15, 1706. 

2. Joseph' Bristol (John, 3 Henry 1 ), m. Sarah, dau. of Ebenezer 
Smith; lived at Newtown, Ct.; d. Jan. 5, 1769. She d. April 18, 
1765. Children: 

i. Sarah, 4 b. March 3, 171 1; m. Nathaniel Brisco. 
ii. Mehitabel, b. July 4, 17 12; m. Josiah Piatt. 

4 iii. Joseph, b. Nov. 8, 17 13. 

5 iv. Ebenezer, b. Jan. 19, 1715. 

6 v. John, b. March 15, 17 18. 

7 vi. Enos, b. Dec. 5, 1720. 

8 vii. David, b. May 29, 1723. 

* The vital, land and church records of Newtown, and probate of Danbury 
were searched by Donald Lines Jacobus, who furnished much of this material. 

72 Bristol Notes. [Jan., 

9 viii. Gideon, b. April 2, 1725. 

10 ix. Abraham, b. April 23, 1727. 

x. Mercy, b. May 24, 1729; m. (1) May 18, 1749, Daniel 
Tuttle of Norwalk; m. (2) Samuel Benedict of Nor- 
xi. Abigail, b. March 31, 17.31; m. Daniel Tucker of Wood- 
xii. Thankful, m. Aug., 1765, William Wright. 
Newtown Vital and Land Records ; Danbury Probates, vol. 2, p. 387. 

3. John* Bristol (John, 3 Henry'), m. (1) Dec. 21, 1726, Mary, dau. 
of Joseph and Mary (Brown) Prindle; m. (2) Oct. 30, 1734, Justina, 
dau. of Samuel and Hannah Merwin of Milford, Ct. Children: 

11 i. Joseph, 4 b. Oct. 12, 1727. 

ii. Thahkful, b. July 9, 1729; d. young, 
iii. Mary, m. May 19, 1748, Ephraim Lake. 

12 iv. Cornelius, b. March 11, 1731-2. 
N. E. Hist, and Gen. Register, July, 1903. 
Prindle Genealogy. 

4. Joseph 4 Bristol (Joseph, 3 John," Henry 1 ), m. Jemima Foote; 
lived at Newtown; d. 1791. In his will named dau. Mercy, wife 
of Stephen Crowfort; son Elias, dec'd; latter's widow Charity, and 
only offspring Anna and Jerusha. Children: 

i. Daniel, 6 b. Oct. 23, 1738;" d. young, 
ii. Mercy, m. 1779, Stephen Crofut. 
iii. Elias, bap. July 30, 1749; m. Charity Foote, and had: 

Anna, b. Oct. 13, 1773; Jerusha, b. July 26, 1776. 
iv. Elijah, bap. Oct. 15, 1752; d. young. 
Newtown Vital and Land Records ; Danbury Probate, vol. I, p. 31. 
Foote Genealogy. 

5. Ebenezer 4 Bristol (Joseph, 8 John,' Henry 1 ), m. Sarah Lake; 
lived at Newtown. Children: 

i. Sarah,' b. June 16, 1747; d. young. 

ii. Abel, b. Oct. 20, 1749; d. young, 
iii. Henry, b. Jan. 29, 1751; d. young, 
iv. Huldah, b. Aug. 1, 1752. 

v. Sarah, b. Feb. 5, 1754. 

13 vi. Abel, b. May 5, 1755. 

vii. Henry, b. Jan. 7, 1757; d. Oct. 10, 1758. 
viii. Naomi, b. June 11, 1759. 
Newtown Vital and Land Records. 

6. John 4 Bristol (Joseph, 3 John, 3 Henry 1 ), m. Abigail, dau. of 
James and Mary (Andrus) Benedict of Danbury, Ct.; lived in 
Farmington, Ct. The original township of Farmington has been 
so divided and sub-divided into other townships and towns, that 
it is difficult to decide from the old records just in where or in what 
part of Farmington John Bristol lived. In 1766, John Bristol of 
Farmington (indexed Worthington) deeded land to his "son John 
Bristol, Jr., of Farmington." A letter written by his descendant, 
Jesse Bristol, gives the place of birth of John, Jr., as " Plymouth," 
then called Northbury, and that of his son John H., as '« Bristol," 

igl4.J Bristol Notes. 73 

once called New Cambridge, formed from Farmington. Known 

14 i. John, Jr.' 

ii, David, m. (1) Lois Hart; lived at Avon and Barkham- 
sted, Ct., and then went to Ohio.* (See article soon 
to appear in The Old Northwest Quarterly.) 

Farmington Vital and Land Records. 
Benedict Genealogy. 

7. Enos 4 Bristol (Joseph,' John,' Henry 1 ), m. Mary Sherman; 
d. June 5, 1768, and she m. (2) Oct. 13, 1773, Benjamin Dunning. 

15 i. Job.'b. Feb. 13, 1744. 

ii. Joamah, b. April 23, 1745; m. 1764, Theophilus Hurd, 

b. 1742; lived at Arlington, Vt. 
iii. Ann, b. Aug. 30, 1746; d. Oct. 28, 1746. 
iv. David, b. Oct. 21, 1747; d. June 12, 1755. 
v. Ann, b. April 20, 1750; m. Aug. 10, 1768, Nathan 
Prindle; moved to Sandgate. Vt. Nathan Prindle 
of Sandgate bought land of Samuel Bristol, 1784. 
vi. Mary, b. Nov. 5, 1752; d. July 30, 1757. 
vii. Lucy, b. April 17, 1755; d. July 18, 1755. 
viii. Nathan, b. May 28, 1757; d. May 28, 1757. 
ix. Mary, b. Aug. 12, 1758; d. Feb. 2, 1761. 

16 x. David, b. 1759. 

xi. Lucy, b. July 31. 1760; d. Jan. 21, 1761. 

xii. Jerusha, b. May 14, 1762; m. at Norwalk, 1786, Silas 
Dunning, and moved first to Salem, Washington Co., 
N. Y., and then to Aurelius (Auburn), Cayuga Co., 
N. Y. 

17 xiii. Levi, b. Feb. 20, 1765. 

Newtown Vital and Land Records ; Danbury Probate, vol. 3, p. 50. 

10. Abraham 4 Bristol (Joseph,' John, 5 Henry 1 ), m. Jan. 5, 1750, 
at Newtown, Mehitabel Nichols; moved to Lanesboro, Mass., and 
was first clerk of the Episcopal Church, founded there in 1767. 
In 1762 "Abraham Bristol of Newtown, Ct.," bought land in New 
Framingham (Lanesboro), Mass. Children: 

i. A dau., 6 b. April 22, 1751. 
ii. A son, b. Aug. 7, 1753. 
iii. A dau., b. Oct. 25, 1754. 

18 iv. Samuel, b. Jan. 6, 1756. 

19 v. James, b. Marsh n, 1759. 

20 vi. Abraham, bap. June 9, 1770, at Lanesboro. 
Newtoiun Vital and Land Records. 

Records of St. Lukes Protestant Episcopal Church at Lanesboro, Mass. 
Land Records at Pittsfield, Mass. 

11. Jobeph 4 Bristol (John, 3 John,' Henry 1 ), m. Nov. 17, 1752, 
Mary Nash (or Ross). Children: 

i. Huldah, bap. Sept. 30, 1753. 
ii. John, bap. Jan. 25, 1756; d. Jan. 18, 1770. 
iii. Mary, bap. April 16, 1758. 
iv. Louisa, bap. Aug. 31, 1760. 
Newtown Records. 

( To be continued.) 

74 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. [Jan. 



Copied from the manuscript record of the late Rev. Theodore A. Leggett, 

by A. Hatfield, Jr. 

(Continued from Vol. XL1V, p. 321, of the Record.) 

Shortly after the division of John Richardson's estate of one- 
half of the original Patent of the West Farms, made after the 
decease of his widow, Gabriel Leggett made his will as follows: 
Will of Gabriel Leggett. 
In the name of God, Amen, the 16th day of April in the yeare 
of our Lord God 1697, I, Gabriel Leggett of the West Farms of 
Westchester, in the County of Westchester, and Province of New 
York, being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and 
memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, 
that is to say, principally and first of all I give and recommend 
my soul into the hands of God that gave it, and for my body I 
commend it to the earth to be buried in a christian like manner 
att the discretion of my Exetutrix nothing doubting butt att the 
General resurrection I shall receive the same again by the 
mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate where- 
with it hathe pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, devise 
and dispose of the same in the ffollowing and manner and forme. 
Imprimus, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth 
all my household goods. 

Item. I will that all my debts which are justly due from me 
to any person or persons whatsoever be first paid out of my liv- 
ing stock of creatures of what kind so ever. Item. I will, give 
and bequeath unto my son John Leggatt my house and out- 
houses, orchard, land and the meadow in the Planting Neck and 
meadow by the yard side, and is that messuage or tenement 
which Thos. Williams dwells upon, and was formerly my ffather 
in laws John Richardsons, together with fifty acres of woodland, 
to him, his heirs, and assignes forever. 

Item. I will and bequeath unto my son Thomas Leggatt my 
now dwelling house and orchard and outhousen with the land 
and meadow which I bought of John fferguson, Sr., and Robert 
Manning together with fifty acres of woodland lying within the 
bounds of said pattent and is the one moyty or half of one hun- 
dred acres with his brother John, to my said son Thomas (I say) 
to him, his hears, and assignes forever. Item. I give and be- 
queath to my son William Leggatt one hundred acres of wood- 
land and fifty acres of meadow lying behind the field within the 
bounds of one pattent together with all the undivided meadow 
which shall fall to my sheir as also my house and home lott with 
an orchard thereon lying in the town of Westchester afore 8d to 
him, his heirs and assignes forever, and I will, order and ordaine 
that' after my decease the aforesaid housen and outhousen, lands 

1914.] Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. 75 

and meadows with all and singular the appertenances before 
mentioned shall be entered into and upon by my three sons as 
aforesaid after the decease of my wife but not sooner, unless in 
case of her remarriage as is here after provided and I do declare 
my beloved wife Elizabeth Leggatt to be sole 1 executrix of this 
my last will and testament and to succeed me in possession of all 
and singular the house and housing, lands and meadows before 
expressed for and in the behalf of my three sons, John, Thomas, 
and William Leggatt afore 8d . 

I give and bequeath unto my daughter Martha Leggett my 
little negro boy. Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter 
Sarah Leggett twenty pounds. I give and bequeath unto my 
daughter Alice Leggett twenty pounds. Item. I will and be- 
queath unto my daughter Elizabeth Leggett twenty pounds, wh 
is in all eighty pounds to be paid out of my living, provided, that 
if any of my daughters should dye then her legacy shall fall to 
her serviving sisters, equally to be divided between them. 

Item. It is my will and pleasure, and I do so order and ap- 
point that notwithstanding what is herein before exprest that no 
legacies shall be paid nor any alteration be made in my estate 
during my said wife's natural life, but that all things continue in 
the same condition in her possession and enjoyment for her 
necessary subsistance whilst she lives, and may take into the 
house with her or putt into the other messuage or tenements 
which of my said children she please for the better management 
of her affairs, always provided due care be taken that nothing be 
wasted or embezled of my estate by whom she admits into any 
or either of the said houses. But if my said wife shall marry 
after my decease, that then and for such case my three sons shall 
enter and each possess what I have before bequeathed to them, 
also provided that if either of my daughters shall marry and my 
wife consent that then she shall forthwith pay the legacy as I 
have before bequeathed without further delay. Lastly I devise, 
authorize, and appoint my trusty and well beloved friends Sam- 
uel Haight of fflushing and Sam 1 Palmer to be my executors in 
trust to see that my last will and testament be punctually per- 
formed and fulfilled. In witness whereof I, the said Gabriel 
Leggatt have hereunto put my hand and seal the day and year 
above written. 

I also will and bequeath unto my son John Leggett my thirty 
acres of pasture land adjoining to the orchard which I be- 
queathed to him above. Gabriel Leggatt (Seal) 

William Barnes, Joseph Haviland, Edward Collier. 

Recorded N. Y. Surrogate's Office, N. Y., Liber II., pg. 25. 

The testator did not die of this illness, but recovered and 
lived until 1699. The will was probated in 1700. 

On the 1st day of May, 1698, Gabriel Leggett deeded, by gift, 
to his son John % part of 200 acres of land which his "father in 
law John Richardson, bequeathed to" his wife [on his (John) 
coming to age]. 

j6 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. [Jan., 

Also, in the Westchester Co's Reg's Office, Liber C, pg. 70, is 
recorded the following deed of gift dated Jan. 1, 1701: "Eliza- 
beth Legat of West Farms widow of Gabriel Legat dec'd to her 
son John Legat, conveys all her dwelling house at West Farms 
which was formerly her father's John 1 Richardson, dec'd, and the 
dwelling house of John Legat with such part of the orchard as 
she had promised before Sam 1 Haight, Senior, of West Farms, 
to give him, said John Legat." 

Note: — This shows, by the way, that Capt. Williams had some 
time before been ousted from this old Richardson homestead, for 
John Leggett was living there at this date, Jan. 1, 1701, and this 
also makes it appear that John was then married. He married 
and entered this house by the date of his father's gift of %. of 200 
acres dated May 1, 1698. 

It is to be noticed by Gabriel Leggett's will that two of his 
children are not mentioned, Mary and Gabriel. 

The question is why? We can not think it was intentional 
from his disfavor for cause for it was customary where such was 
the case to "cut them off with a shilling," that is to lease to them 
some very insignificant amount, or thing. 

Was it because both were born after he made this will ? That 
were possible, but there is testimony that Gabriel was born 1696, 
therefore shortly before the making of the will, for a public 
paper dated April, 1786, contains this statement: "Died a few 
days ago at West Farms Gabriel Leggett, Esq., a native of this 
country aged 90. He was for a number of years one of the 
Aldermen of the borough of West Chester. What is very sing- 
ular there are 65 years difference between his oldest and youngest 
daughter. This latter remarkable statement creates some 
scepticism, and so the statement may be an error which says he 
was 90 years old. Had it said he was in his 90th year, then 
Gabriel, 2nd, may have been born just after Gabriel, 1st, had 
made his will and which he never thought worth while to alter, or 
thought of altering, but delayed too long to do so, perhaps taking 
sick and dying suddenly. 

But how of Mary ? Was she born still later, possibly a post- 
humous child ? Bearing upon this question is the following 
deed, dated April 2, 1705, Westchester Records, L. 3, p. 165: 
Elizabeth Legatt of West Farms, widow, to her daughter Mary 
Legatt, gives " unto the said Mary Legatt, her heirs and assigns 
forever my two negro children born of the body of Hannah my 
negro woman, and of the issue of the body of Robin my Indian 
slave, the boy being named Abram, and the girl named fenny."* 

Note: — Not being a lawyer I cannot say certainly, but I had 
supposed a deed could not be made to a minor; if so, then Mary 
was one of the older children rather than the youngest, but I am 
just as likely in error, and so we will suppose that she was born 
after the making of the will. If not so, then this sick man was 
not quite "of perfect mind and memory." 

* It was the custom to give a child a slave about the same age as a com- 
panion servant. 

1914.] Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. V. J J 

Note: — Thos. Leggett, son of Gabriel, dying unmarried, 
leaves bequests to his sisters and brother Gabriel, but make no 
mention of Mary. 

Mary was well married to John Archer perhaps so when 
Gabriel made his will she had had her portion 

In 171 1 the heirs of the original Patent of West Farms united 
in a second division as follows: 

"Whereas, Thomas Hunt, sen., of ye West Farms in ye bor- 
ough town and county of Westchester in ye colony of New York, 
yeoman, and Elizabeth Leggett of ye same place, widow, did on 
the 9th day of May last (1 71 1) by an instrument under their 
hands and seals, formally agree and conclude that the West 
Farms lots containing twelve in number, should be surveyed and 
laid out by me William Taylor, on or before the last day of June 
instant, with a further covenant, promise & agreement, each to 
the other, for themselves, or each of their heirs, executors and 
administrators, as far as they or any of them are concerned in 
the said lots, that the survey made by M. W. E., or some other 
person, in manner as above, and the lines or bounds so run and 
settled should remain, continue, and not be removed for ever 
hereafter upon the penalty of five hundred pounds current 
money of sd colony, to be paid by the party or persons breaking 
the said conclusion or agreement and covenant to the party or 
persons fulfilling and performing the same &c. Therefore upon 
the request and desire of sd Thos. Hunt, Elizabeth Leggett and 
others, the owners and proprietors of said land, I have surveyed 
the same twelve lots as follows: That is to say, begin at a chest- 
nut tree standing on the river side above Byvanck's Mill, run- 
ning thence north forty-three degrees west 283 to a marked 
white wood, thence south thirty degrees west about forty-five, 
eight rods to the north side and westernmost corner of the 6th 
lot, and then upon several courses until it meets with the north 
west corner of the 12th lot, then east twenty-one degrees and a 
half rod to ye meadow, and from thence along in the meadow 
and river to the place first begun as appears in the scheme here- 
unto annexed, the whole tract containing 1096 acres, etc. It is 
firmly agreed and concluded upon by the said Thomas Hunt, 
Elizabeth Leggett and others concerned in the matter, that what 
every or any lot wants or falls short of 100 acres as above shall 
be allowed and made up to them or theirs out of the land not 
contained within survey, comprehended with a certain patent 
granted by Gov. Richard Nicolls to Edward Jessup and John 
Richardson in the year of our Lord Christ 1666 except thirty 
acres which he said Thos. Hunt formerly sold to John Feryedon 
and Robert Manning and also thirty acres belonging to the said 
Elizabeth Leggett being in lieu of the aforesaid thirty acres on 
which Thomas Davenport now dwells, in witness whereof, 
&c, &c." 

Thomas Hunt 
In the presence of Joseph Hunt, Elizabeth Legget 

Justice. John Laurence 

Matthew Pugsley. 

J& Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. (Jan., 

In the south west corner of the Patent of West Farms was 
situated a small tract of land called the "Debatable ground." 
This territory seems to have been in dispute between the heirs 
of the Patentees of West Farms and Lewis Morris, proprietor of 
the Manor of Morrisiana from 1666 to 1740. At an early period 
Lewis Morris laid claim to most of the undivided lands of the 
West Farms patent as belonging to him. 

Upon the 4th of Feb., 17 12, Elizabeth Leggett, widow of 
Gabriel Leggett and daughter of John Richardson, released her 
title and interest of all the common and undivided lands that 
Lewis Morris makes any claim to within our Patent of West 
Farms. Butinthe year 1737, "William Leggett, assignee to the 
heirs of John Richardson, of one-half moiety of the West Farms, 
and Abraham Lent, of the heirs of Edward Jessup, jointly agreed 
to prosecute Lewis Morris, who is now in possession of almost all 
the undivided lands." 

A complete settlement of the undivided lands was not made 
till 1740, and the result and processes leading to it are all in the 
probate records too voluminous to be tianscribed. In 1830 the 
whole tract once known as debatable land was the property of 
William H. Leggett. 

As to Elizabeth Richardson Leggett, I have not as yet ob- 
tained the date of her birth. She was the youngest of the three 
daughters of John Richardson and was married when her father 
made his will in November, 1679. As John, the eldest son of 
Gabriel and Elizabeth, presumably came to age in 1696 or 1698, 
we may say Gabriel and Elizabeth were married in 1675 or 6. If 
the printed statement be correct that Gabriel was born in 1635, 
he would then have been forty years of age, and if Elizabeth 
were married at the usually early age customary in that day for 
women to marry, then there was great disparities in their ages. 
And there are circumstances which make it appear that there 
was such difference. Elizabeth was an active business woman 
for at least twenty-three years after her husband's decease, and 
was the mother of infant children from 1696-1700. 

According to the above figures Gabriel died at 65 years of 
age, and Elizabeth at not less than 68. 

That she was living in 17 14 is evident by the following deed 
dated Jan. 14, 17 14: " Elizabeth, widow of Gabriel Leggett, to 
her son William conveys, in consideration of ;£6o, 50 acres being 
the rear part of Lot No. 11 West Farms, and also 60 acres adjoin- 
ing the meadow of John Leggett dec'd, reserving a right of way 
for Gabriel, a brother of sd William." 

On Oct. 9, 1723, she conveys her right of fishing, hunting, 
fowling, &c, in the Patent of West Farms to Gabriel Leggett. 

She was dead by July 3, 1725, as appears by the "release," 
recorded as follows: 

" Resealse by John Legget, for consideration of j£6o, to 
Gabriel Leggatt of all such right, estate, title, interest and 
demand whatsoever as the said John Leggatt had, or ought to 
have, of, in, or to, all or any part of ye lands and meadows which 
ye said Gabriel, by his father Gabriel Leggat, deceased, and his 

iQi-l-l Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. JQ 

s d mother Elizabeth Leg-gat which either of them, or by his 
brother Thomas deceased by any ways or means whatsoever, 
either divided or undivided or situate and being in Westchester 
above s d , and also in any part and parcel of ye personal estate of 
ye sd Elizabeth Leggett deceased which is\in the seizen and 
possession of ye sd Gabriel Leggatt." 

John Leggett, the Mariner. 

We may believe him to have been the elder brother of 
Gabriel. His home was in Westchester, Province of New York. 
He died in the West Indies. His son afterward is registered "of 
Barbadoes; " one of the circumstances connecting the family 
with the first John Legatt of Barbadoes. 

The following transcript of his will furnishes about all the 
knowledge we at present have of him. 

" Will of John Leggett of Westchester, made at Port Royall, 
in the Island of Jamaica, dated Oct. 2nd, 1679. 

Letters testamentary granted to Ffredrick Phillips, as Ex- 
ecutor by Sir Edmund Andros, Feb. 2d, 1680, reciting: Whereas 
John Leggett, late of Westchester, marriner, departed this life 
on the Island of Jamaica, and that his last will hath been proved 
in the court of the Mayor and Aldermen of New York City, and 
security given by the Executor." New York Surrogate's Office, 
L. I, pp. 448). 

"In the name of God, Amen: I, John Leggett, now of Port 
Royall, in the Island of Jamaica afore"s d marriner, being very 
weake and sick in body but of sound mind and memory {Praise 
be therefore given unto Almighty God for the same), do make 
this my present last will and Testament, in manner and form 
following (that is to say) my body I committ to the Earth to be 
decently Buryed, and as touching all such worldly estate God of 
his mercy hath been pleased to blesse me with all. I give, will 
& dispose of as ffolloweth, ffirst, I will that all my debts and 
funerall charges shall be paid and discharged. Item, I give and 
bequeath unto my well beloved son John Leggett all that my one 
half part of the Ketch Try a 11 of New York, one negro boy now 
on board the sd Ketch, known by the name of 'You- Boy,' one 
hogshead of sugar, one Barrell & eleaven gallons of Rum, Two 
barrells of Lyme Juice on board the sd Ketch, and all my wear- 
ing apparell both linen & woolen, a piece and a remnant of white 
linnen: and all the rest and residue of my personal estate what- 
soever (not being before bequeathed) I give and bequeath unto 
my now wife Anne Leggett, and unto the child she now goes 
withall, if it shall live to the age of two years. 

I give and bequeath the sum of Thirty pounds Sterling to be 
paid out of the porcon or estate before hereby given unto my 
said son John to my good friend Mr. Frederick Phillips now of 
New York in America, merchant, whom I do hereby make full 
and sole executor of this my last will & Testament, in trust to 
and for the only uses and intents above menconed, and desire 
him to take care of my sd son John Leggett, and bring him up, 
or cause him to be bred up to the sea for his livelyhood, and to 

80 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, A T . Y. [Jan., 

pay all the above sd porcon to my sd son John at the age of one 
and twenty yeares together with all such profits and produce as 
shall or may be made thereoff and improved. And as touching 
the legacy hereby given to my sd wife I will that she shall have 
and receive the same immediately after my interment and Bury- 
all and I do hereby revoke, disannull and make void all former 
wills and Testaments whatsoever heretofore by me either made 
or spoken and will this and no other to by my last will and Tes- 
tament. In witness, I, the said John Leggett have hereunto sett 
my hand and seal the 2d day of October Anno Domini, 1679. 

John Leggett (seal) 

Antho. Suimmer, Miles Garret, 
Chas. Dawson, Tho. Cakewood, Sr. 

Codicil orders payment of ^"io, i e , 6 d on demand to Mr. 
Oxfords of N. Y. for 5 barrells of flowr." 

Frederick Philipse, the executor of John Leggett's will, was 
at this time the wealthiest citizen on the continent, and one of 
the most distinguished citizens in the Province of New York. 
When, after the Dutch had regained New York and money was 
needed for its defence, it was resolved to raise it by forced loan 
by the most affluent inhabitants, and Fred. Philips heads the list 
of 62 names assessed for 80,000 guilders. He was a member of 
Council under the English Governors from Andros to Bellamont. 
In 1680 he acquired the Manor, and was first lord of Phillips- 
burgh, Westchester County. He died 1702, aged seventy-six 

As another link in the evidence connecting the Westchester 
Leggetts with John Leggett of Barbadoes, Fred. Philipse, friend 
of John Leggett, the mariner, was a large land owner in Barba- 
does. the "Springhead Estate;" there his son was born in 1676, re- 
sided and married the daughter of Gov. Sparks of Barbadoes, and 
his son, the Hon. Fred. P., was born in that Island, 1698, and 
became the second lord of the Manor of Philipsburgh. 

The son of John Leggett, the mariner, is identified by the 
following extracts from the records of the Dutch Church of New 

"Married Sept. 14, 1688, Jan Legget y. m. van de Barbadoes, 
en Catalina Ten Broeck y. d. N Albanicen, d eeste wonende 
alhier en tuede tot N Albanien." 

Translation: John Legget, a young man of the Barbadoes, 
and Catalina Ten Broeck, young maiden of New Albany; the 
first living here, and the second at New Albany. 

Note: — "Nov. 13, 1688, John Leggett and Josep Hadley wit- 
ness to deed of gift by Samuel & John Betts to John Barrett, 
sister's son." Was it John the mariner, son of the mariner. If 
not, who could it have been, John, son of Gabriel, not being of 
age ? 

Marriage records, Province of New York, April 19, 1764, John 
Leggett and Rachael Lametter. June 30, 1763, Gertrude Leg- 
gett and Jacob Vosburgh. 

{To be continued.) 

19 1 4.] Saratoga County, A r . Y., Epitaphs. 8 1 


Communicated by Cornelius Emerson Durkee, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

(Continued from Vol. XLIV., p. 396, of the Record.) i 

Congregational Church of Stillwater, Saratoga County, New 
York, with list of inscriptions on tombstones in the Cemetery 
adjoining, known as the "Yellow Meeting House Cemetery." 

The Congregational Church of Stillwater was organized at 
Canaan, Litchfield County, Conn., June 26, 1752. 

From the records as published by Lebbens Armstrong in 
1850, it appears that there were present at the first meeting John 
Palmer, Pastor of Scotland Church, and Abraham Payn, Pastor 
of the Church of Christ, in Nine Partners, Dutchess County, 
New York. On the following Sabbath, Rev. Mr. Palmer admin- 
istered the sacrament to Jedediah Stephens and Henry Stephens 
of Stonington; Samuel Howe and Gideon Lawrence of Plain- 
field; Asa Douglass and Benjamin Green of Canterbury, who 
were in full communion in the churches of their respective towns. 

Sunday, June 28, 1752, John Palmer preached. A number 
were received on profession of faith, the sacrament was admin- 
istered, a revival commenced, and the Church met the next day, 
June 29, 1752, signed the covenant ami chose a clerk. 

The following is a list of the male members: Henry Stephens, 
Gideon Lawrence, Zebulon Stevens, Uriah Stephens, Cobert 
Campbell, George Palmer, Lemuel Taylor, Eber Andrews, Ben- 
jamin Green, Ephraim Andrews, Ebenezer Wolcott, Ephraim 
Andrews, Jr., William Frisby, Solomon Campbell, Robert Camp- 
bell, Jr., Jonathan Morey, Titus Andrews, John Fellows, William 
Patrick, Daniel Campbell, Cyprian Watson, Edward Firel, Joel 
Frisby, Reuben Wright, Israel Rose, Isiah Keeler, Amariah 
Plumb, Phineas Stephens, Jesse Howard, Robert Patrick, Joseph 
Stephens, Ebenezer Andrus, Benjamin Munger. Later, new 
members were added, so that the number amounted to one hun- 
dred and one in the next ten years. October 20, 1761, Robert 
Campbell was ordained and installed over them as their pastor. 
In April, 1762, a fast was appointed to know their "duty with 
respect to moving to Stillwater, N. Y." It was then fully agreed 
this Church should remove from Canaan to Stillwater, and it 
adds under the same date, " Pursuant to said agreement, the 
greater part of said Church members have removed to Still- 

Whether all of the persons whose names are given above came 
to Stillwater is not known, probably not. Some must have died 
in the ten years, and others declined to move. 

Before the Revolution they erected a commodious house of 
worship near the west bank of the Hudson River opposite the 
mouth of the Hoosic River, which was subsequently removed 
about two miles west of the River where it became known as 
the " Yellow Meeting House." 

82 Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs. [Jan., 

They established their cemetery by its side and the principal 
part of the early members are here buried. 

This cemetery is one of the oldest in Saratoga County. 
It is situated on the north side pf the road, directly in the 
rear of the "Yellow Meeting House," distant about two miles 
northwest of the village of Mechanicville. 

The character of the stones — a considerable number being of 
heavy brown stone and of ornamentally cut marble — indicates the 
wealth and importance of the early settlers, whose names they 

A large number of old unmarked field stones are in the back 
part of the cemetery. 

The inscriptions were copied September n, 1877, by Edward 
D. Harris and C. E. Durkee. 

Andrews, Deliverance, son of Deliverance and Irenah Andrews, 
d. July 18, 1801; aged 1 y., 1 m., 16 d. 
George, son of Deliverance and Irenah Andrews, d. Aug. 20, 

1798; aged 1 y., 3 m., 21 d. 
Deacon Deliverance Andrews, d. Mch. 23, 181 1; 57th yr. 
Irenah, wife of Deliverance Andrews, d. Apl. 27, 1828; 71st y. 
George, son of Peter and Elizabeth Andrews, d. Feb. 28, 

1825; aged 1 y., 6 m. 
Peter Andrews, d. Mch. 24, 1857; ae. 76 ys. 
Elizabeth, wife of Peter Andrews, d. May 21, 1832; 46th yr. 
Jane, dau. of Peter and Elizabeth Andrews, d. July 15, 1835; 

21st yr. 
Elisha, d. June 3, 1838; aged 87. 

Mary, wife of Elisha Andrews, d. July 24, 1838; aged 86 ys. 
Elizabeth, consort of Michael Andrews, d. Dec. 27, 1804; 20th yr. 
"There the dark earth and dismal shade 
Shall clasp their naked bodies round; 
That flesh so delicately fed 
Lies could and moulders in the ground." 
Elizabeth, d. Feby. 2, 1859; aged 74 y., 4 m., 4 d. 
Titus, d. Sept. n, 1795; aged 46 y., 6 m., 18 d.* ' 
Titus Harmon, son of Denison and Lois Andrews, d. July 22, 

1798. (Brown stone.) 
Denison Andrews, b. Apl. 28, 1770; d. Jany. 16, 1844. 
Lois, consort of Denison Andrews, d. Aug. 28, 1799; 31st yr. 
(This stone is carved elaborately with conventional head 
and flowers.) 
John, d. Mch. 24, 1819; 57th yr. 

Mary, wife of John Andrews, d. July 25, 1838; aged 76 ys. 
Tirza, wife of Machiaval Andrews, d. Mch. 24, 181 9; 27th yr. 
John, d. Feby. 17, 1798; 71st yr. 
Aspinwall, Delight, dau. of Caleb and Zeruviah Aspinwall, d. 
Feby. 12, 1798; 19th yr. 
Zeruiah, wife of Caleb Aspinwall, d. Mch. ri, 1801; 55th yr. 
Baker, George M., son of Philip and Hannah Baker, d. Oct. 19, 
1820; aged 4 m., 8 d. 
Hannah, wife of Philip Baker, d. Nov. 3, 1820; 24th yr. 
Daniel, d. Sept. 21, 1834; aged 60 ys. 

I9U-] Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs. 83 

Benedict, Martha, wife of Alfred Benedict, d. Feby. 8, 1848; aged 

56 ys. 
Blackley, Mary, wife of John Blackley, d. Sept. 10, 1811; 22d yr. 
Brown, Alfred, son of William and Polly Brown, d. July 9, 181 1; 

aged 3 y., 10 m., 21 d. 
Burden, Thomas B., son of S. and J. Burden, d. Apl. 29, 1853; 

aged 7 m., id. 
Campbell, Sarah, dau. of Capt. Solo and Sarah Campbell, d. July 
28, 1775; 4th yr. 
Mary, dau. of Capt. Solo and Sarah Campbell, d. Mch. 5, 

1778; 8th yr. 
Rebekah, dau. of Capt. Solomon and Sarah Campbell, d. July 
21, 1798; aged 6 y., 2 d. (Brown stone.) 
Sacred to the Memory 

of the Rev. Robert 
Campbell who departed 
this life Feby. 19, 1789, in 
the 80 year of his age. 
was the, firft settled Minifter in Still Water. 
Death is a debt to nature due 
I have paid it & so must you. 
(The above is on a white marble stone, engraved with pat- 
terns on the edges and faces of conventional form on the top, 
very skillfully cut.) 



Memory of 

The Rev. Samuel Cheever 

who departed this life 

Dec. 1814 

In the 63rd year of his age. 

Cooper, William, d. Mch. 20, 1812; 76th year. (Horizontal Tablet.) 

Sarah, wife of William Cooper, d. Aug. 21, 1813; aged 66 y., 

5 m., 5 d. (Horizontal Tablet.) 

Corp, Mary, wife of Samuel Corp, d. Mch. 14, 1823; aged 24 y., 

10 m., 2 d. 
Denton, Ransom, d. Feby. 9, 1849; aged 29 y., 4 m., 6 d. 

William Denton, d. June 25, 1848; aged 26 y., 3 m., 22 d. 
Grisette, wife of Benjamin Denton, d. Aug. 4, 1832; 46th yr. 
Benjamin Denton, d. Sept. 22, 1848; 62d yr. 
Almira, wife of Benjamin Denton, d. Sept. 9, 1835; 32d yr. 
Dickinson, Isaac, d. Aug. 5, i860; ae. 92 y., 14 d. 

Lucinda, wife of Isaac Dickinson, d. July 11, 1842; aged 

74 y., 8 m. 
William Henry Dickinson, d. Jany. 20, 1843; aged 44 y., 
4 m., 20 d. 
Dunham, Eliza Ann, dau. of Samuel and Dolly Dunham, d. Oct. 
4, 1805; aged 1 yr., 3 m., 5 d. 
Samuel, d. Feby. 6, 1825; aged 61 y., 6 m., 21 d. 
Dolly Watson, wife of Samuel Dunham, d. Nov. 26, 1826; 
aged 50 y., 10 m., 16 d. 

84 Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs. [Jan., 

Ellsworth, Russell, d. Dec. 29, 1864; ae. 79 ys., 19 d. 

Pamelia, wife of Russell Ellsworth, d. May 1, 185 1; ae. 65 ys., 

7 m., 14 d. 
William, son of Russell & Pamelia Ellsworth, d. Oct. 13, 1827; 

I jr., 1 m., 20 d. 

Willie, son of D. W. & Pamelia Ellsworth, d. Mch. 7, i860; 

aged 5 m. 
Esmond, Mary Andrews, wife of Jacob Esmond; d. June 5, 1849; 

69th yr. 
Fellows, Hannah, wife of Thomas Fellows, d. May 11, 1810; 22dyr. 
William Fellows, d. Apl. 27, 1831; 57th yr. 
Hannah, wife of William Fellows, b. Apl. 15, 1778; d. Apl. 

24, 1845. 
Daniel W., son of William and Hannah Fellows, d. Apl. 11, 

1819; aged 4 yrs. 
William H., son of William and Hannah Fellows, d. Sept. 18, 

1808; aged 1 yr., 6 m., 23 d. 
James H., son of Ezra and Abigail Fellows, d. July n, 1820; 

aged 4 m., 24 d. 
Ezra Fellows, d. Nov. 20, 1820; 40th yr. 
Hannah E., dau. of T. E. and Eliza Fellows, d. Aug. 18, 1856; 

aged 4 y., 11 m. 
Amelia B., dau. of Tisdale E. and Eliza Fellows, b. Feb. 22, 

1831; d. Jany. 17, 1844. 
James, son of Tisdale E. and Eliza Fellows, d. Feby. 28, 1844; 

aged 4 y., 2 m., 26 d. 
Daniel, son of Tisdale E. and Eliza Fellows, d. Sept. 29, 1844; 

aged 1 m. 
Harriet, dau. Tisdale E. and Eliza Fellows, d. Apl. 21, 1838; 

aged 1 y., 7 m., 20 d. 
Fonda, Dow I., d. Dec. 23, 1834; 70th yr. 

Phebe, wife of Dow I. Fonda, d. Apl. 16, 1816; aged 45 y., 

9 m., 28 d. 
Isaac D. Fonda, d. Dec. 29, 1824; 81st yr. 
Rebeckah, wife of Isaac D. Fonda, d. Jany. 9, 181 1; 66th yr. 
Walter, son of Isaac D. and Rebscah Fonda, d. Mch. 8, 1805; 

36th yr. 
Peter, son of Isaac D. and Rebscah Fonda, d. Sept. 18, 181 o; 

28th yr. 
Forsline, Mary, consort of Daniel Forsline, d. Feby. 17, 1802; 

aged 18 y., 7 m., 22 d. 
Fuller, Gideon, d. Dec. 15, 1823; 75th yr. 

Catharine, wife of Gideon Fuller, d. Mch. 7, 1852; 85th yr. 
Gage, Jessa, d. Mch. 11, 1800; "47th yr. of his age." 

Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Mr. Jabez Gage; d. Oct. 22, 1795; 

71st yr.* 
Gleason, Calvin, d. Nov. 12, 1866; as. 69. 

Mary, wife of Calvin Gleason, d. Oct. 17, 185 1; aged 53 y., 

II m., 9 d. 

Hames, Amanda, wife of John Hames, d. Aug. 28, 1824; 80th yr, 
Hewit, Elias, d. May 3, 1802; 30th yr. 

Samuel Heivet, d. Feb. 10, 1849; ae. 79 y., 4 m., 4 d. 

'9'4] Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs. %c 

He wet, Walter Hewet, d. June 16, 1805; 71st yr. 

Rachel, wife of Samuel Hewit, d. Mch. 17, 1798; aged 20 y., nm. 
John Andrews, son of Nathaniel and Hannah Hewit, d. Oct. $, 
1802; 3d yr. 
Higgins, Eunice, wife of Thomas Higgins, d. July 20, 1815; 58th yr. 
Cephas, son of John and Phebe Hunter, d. Sept. 22, 1796; 3rd yr. 
John, Esq., d. Sept. 23, 1805; 50th yr. 

Phebe, wife of John Hunter, b. Dec. 22, 1755; d. May 5, 1848. 
John, d. Aug. 27, 1850; 66th yr. 
Hutton, Margaret, wife of Isaac Hutton, d. Aug. 20, 1822; aged 

52 y., 11 m., 15 d. 
Jenison, Amos, son of Elias and Betty Jenison, d. July 18, 1796; 

aged 1 yr., 7 m., 21 d. (Brown stone.)* 
Jennings, Laura, wife of Reuben J. Jennings and dau. of Daniel 

and Polly Baker, d. Dec. 11, 1835; a g ed 2 3 Y-, 3 m. 
Kilby, Martha E., d. Feby. 23, 1837; aged 6 y., 11 m., 15 d. 
Labrum, Harriet Jane, dau. of John and Mary E. Labrum, b. 

Mch. 5, 1847; d. Aug. 22, 1847. 
Lawrence, Harlow, d. Dec. 8, 1816; 29th yr. 

Alfred, son of Lewis and Polly Lawrence, d. Aug. 1, 18 10; 

aged 1 yr., 3 m., 29 d. 
Richard, son of Samuel and Abigail Lawrence; d. Oct. 5, 
1803; aged 8 y., 8 m., 11 d. 
Luther, John H., son of Marcus & Catharine, d. July 30, 1827; 
aged 1 y., 6 m., 27 d. 
Alanson Luther, d. June 4, 1813; 64th year. 
Ira O. Luther, son of Asa & Phebe, d. Mch. 1, 1818; aged 3 

y., 10 m., 21 d. 
Asa Luther, d. Mch. 13, 1820; aged 31 ys , 7 d. 
Phebe Purinton, relict of Asa Luther, d. Jany. 13, 1852; aged 
62 y., 1 m., 8 d. 
" L R " (A foot stone only, the head stone of the grave being 

lost. Cut from brown stone.) 
Mallett, Elizabeth, wife of Marcus Mallet, d. Feby. 1, 1819; 20th yr. 
Montgomery, Prudence, wife of Daniel Montgomery and former 
wife of David Morris, d. July 14, 1831; 68th yr. 
" Let worms devour my wasting flesh 
And crumble all my bones to dust, 
My God shall raise my frame anew 
At the revival of the just." 
Hannah, wife of Samuel Montgomery, d. April 30, 1822; 25th 
yr. "Corruption, earth and worms 

Shall but refine the flesh, 
Till my triumphant spirit comes 
To put it on afresh." 
Thomas H., son of Samuel and Lydia Montgomery, d. Sept. 

10, 1830; aged 2 y., 9 m., 11 d. 
Albert H., son of Samuel and Lydia Montgomery, d. Aug. 31, 

^35; aged 2 y., 5 m., 3 d. 
Euret, dau. of John and Elizabeth Montgomery, d. Mch. 3, 

1803; aged 7 m. 
Elijah, d. July 29, 1837; se. 76 y., 21 d. 

86 Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs. [Jan., 

Montgomery, Elizabeth, wife of Elijah Montgomery, d. May n, 

1849; 81st yr. 
Abbey, wife of William Montgomery, b. Nov. 25, 1805; d. 

Jany. 9, 1843. \ 

Melinda, dau. of Daniel and Phebe Montgomery, d. May 29, 

1832; aged 23 y., 8 m., 9 d. 
Betsey, dau. of Daniel and Phebe Montgomery, d. Jany. 30, 

1812; aged 12 y., 15 d. 
Robert, son of Daniel and Phebe Montgomery, d. Feb. 25, 

181 2; aged 8 m., 2 d. 
George Washington, son of Daniel and Phebe Montgomery, 

d. Jan. 14, 1817; aged 1 yr., 8 m., 6 d. 
Phebe, wife of Daniel Montgomery, d Mch. 13, 1827; aged 

49 y., 10 m., 6 d. 
Laura, dau. of Robert and Nancy Montgomery, d. Apl. 4, 

1823; aged 14 y., 4 m., 7 d. 
Electy, dau. of Robert and Nancy Montgomery; d. Aug. 24, 

1798; aged 3 y., 9 d. 
Robert Montgomery, d. Mch. 2, 1816; 48th yr. 
Esther, wife of Silas Montgomery, d. Sept. 9, 1804; 28th yr. 
William, d. Sept. 28, 1804; 69th yr. 

Molly, wife of William Montgomery, d. Aug., 1814; 75th yr. 
Moody, Sally N., dau. of Noadiah and Ann Moody, d. Dec. 4, 

1809; 12th yr. 
James, son of Noadiah and Ann Moody, d. June 27, 1796; 

aged 2 yr., 1 m., 24 d.* 
Esther, d. of Noadiah and Anny Moody, d. June 20, 1796.* 
Noadiah Moody, d. Aug. 7, 1819; 52d yr. 
Morey, Jonathan, b. Sept. 14, 1790; died May 20, 1858. 

Margaret Pamelia, dau. of Jonathan & Nancy Morey, d. 

Sept. 28, 1828; 5th year. 
McClellan Morey, d. Sept. 14, 1858; aged 23 y., 10 m., 14 d. 
Mary Morey, b. Mch. 12, 1827; d. Nov. 21, 1858. 
Daniel, d. Aug. 12, 1854; se. 56 y., 2 m., 24 d. 
Margaret, wife of Daniel Morey, d. Apl. 14, 185 1; 46th yr. 
Emma, dau. of Daniel & Margaret Morey, d. Apl. 3, 1841; 

aged 24 y., 2 m., 1 d. 
Eliza, dau. of Daniel & Margaret Morey, d. June 16, 1839; 

aged 2 y., 7 m., 3 d. 
Daniel, d. Dec. 4, 1791; 26th yr. 
Jonathan Morey, d. Mch 31, 1790; "about" 60. (The two 

last are on one stone." 
Deacon Thomas, d. Apl. 7, 1829; 69th yr. 
Peggy, wife of Deacon Thomas Morey, b. May 20, 1761; d. 

July 5, 1846. 
Frances, dau. of Daniel and Margaret Morey, d. Mch. 9, 1852; 

24th yr. 
Morris, David, d. Dec. 1, 1818; 55th yr. 

Sarah, wife of Benjamin Morris, d. April 22, 1838; 40th yr. 
Frances, dau. of Benjamin and Sarah Morris, d. Sept. 7, 1834; 

aged 1 y., 7 m., 24 d. 
Mulliken, George V., d. July 14, 1859; 19th yr. 

I9i 4-] Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs. 87 

Mulliken, Wm. W., Jr., d. Sept. 20, 1866; 22c! yr. 

Jennet, wife of Wm. Mulliken, d. Jany. 20, 1865; 57th yr. 

William, d. Apl. 9, 1867; a. 51 ys. * 

Isaac, d. Nov. 19, 1850; aged 62 y., 2 m., 19 d. 

Mary, wife of Isaac Mulliken, d. Nov. 28, i860; aged 68 y., 11 m. 

Mehetabel, wife of Amos Mulliken, d. Feby. 26, 1826; 70th yr. 

Amos Jr., son of Benjamin and Polly Mulliken, d. Apl. 9, 

1801; aged 5 y., 2 m., 18 d. 
Henrietta, dau. of Benjamin and Polly Mulliken, d. Apl. 8, 
1801; aged 3 yr., 3 m., 24 d. 
Patrick, Thankful, formerly wife of W. Hewit of Stillwater, d. 
Dec. 6, 1823; 80th yr. 
Sally, wife of Robert W. Patrick, d. Aug. 27, 1797; 24th yr. 
Elizabeth, wife of Robert W. Patrick, d. Nov. 26, 1793; 30th yr. 
Deacon William, d. July 5, 1823; 86th yr. 
Elizabeth, consort of Deacon William Patrick, d. Aug. 19, 
1803; 67th yr. 
Patterson, Thonias, d. Apl. 8, 1819; 67th yr. 
Prime, Priscilla, wife of Amos Prime, d. Apl. 28, 1802; 49th yr. 
Pruyn, Joshue, son of John and Rebecca Pruyn, d. Feb. 25, 1828; 
aged 6 m., 8 d. 
Edward V. N., son of Samuel F. and Mary Pruyn, d. Oct. 25, 

1838; aged 2 y., 1 m., 2 d. 
Mrs. Mary, consort of Samuel F. Pruyn, d. Jany. 19, 1839; 
29th yr. 

Quin, Abbey, wife of Francis Quin and dau. of Syprian and 

Sybal Watson, b. Nov. 25, 1795; d. May 1, 1862. 
Reynolds, Hezekiah, son of Walter and Maria Reynolds, b. Dec. 
22, 1823; d. Dec. 29, 1824. 
Ann, dau. of Hezekiah and Alida Reynolds, d. Nov. 8, 1824; 

20th yr. 
Hezekiah, d. Dec. 16, 1820; 51st yr. 
Allida,' wife of Hezekiah Reynolds, d. June 23, 1815; aged 

42 y., 4 m., 2 d. 
Israel, son of Hezekiah and Alida Reynolds, d. Mch. 23, 1819; 

26th yr. 
Isaac, d. Mch. 26, 1822; 24th yr. 
Richards, Anna, dau. of Stephen and Lydia Richards, d. Dec. 28, 
1 801; 10th yr. 
Stephen Richards, d. June 7, 1814; 49th yr. 
Richmond, Mahetabel, wife of Cyrus Richmond, d. Sept. 12, 1801; 

21st yr. 
Rundell, Jeremiah, d. Oct. 24, 1863; 82nd yr. 

Rhoda, wife of Jeremiah Rundell, d. Apl. 25, 1862; ae8a y., i9d. 
Rundle, Abraham, d. Oct. 20, 1845; ae. 56 ys. 
Jabez, d. Aug. 7, 1837; 85th yr. 

Phebe, wife of Jabez Rundle, d. Apl. 15, 1820; 62nd yr. 
Phebe, dau. of James and Mary Rundle, d. Mch. 26, 1813; 

17 th yr. 
Maria, dau. of James and Mary Rundle, d. June 18, 1817; 13th yr. 
James Rundle, d. June 3, 1806; 31st yr. 
Mary Rundle, wife of Peter Gallet, d. Feb. 4, 1822; 47th yr. 

88 Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs. [Jan., 

Rundle, David, d. Nov. 7, 1822; aged 21 y., 2 m. 

Uretta, dau. of Abraham and Lecty Rundle, d. Sept. 10, 181 2; 

aged 14 m., 22 d. 
Elsey Ellen, dau. of James and lane Rundle, d. Aug. 13, 1840; 
aged 3 jr., 5 m., 10 d. 
Sears, Doctor Isaac, d. Feby. 8, 1821; 46th yr. 

Fanny Thompson, wife of Dr. Isaac Sears, d. Feby. 17, 1849; 
aged 69 ys. 
Seymour, Norman, d. May 2, i860; aged 57 y., 1 m., 2 d. 

H. C, son of Norman and Mary Seymour, d. Oct. 20, 1851; 

aged 7 y., 4 d. 
Frances Amelia, dau. of Norman and Mary Semour, d. June 

4, 1842; aged 11 m., 20 d. 
Elizabeth, dau. of John and Sally Seymour, d. Nov. 29, 1833; 

13th yr. 
Sarah, wife of John Seymour, d. June 16, 1824; 32d y. 
Esther Seymour, wife of Joseph S. Wood, d. Mch. 28, 1864; 

ae. 64 y., 11 m., 17 d. 
Mehetable, wife of William Seymour, d. June 29, 1810; 77th yr. 
Joel Seymour, d. Jany. 30, 1841; ae. 68 yrs. 
Elizabeth, wife of Joel Seymour, d. Sept. 8, 1859; ae. 82 yrs. 
Achsah, dau. of William and Sarah Seymour, d. Jany. 10, 

1805; aged 9 m., 11 d. 
John H., son of Chauncey and Eliza Seymour, b. Jany. 11, 

1834; d. June 29. 1839. 
Infant son of Chauncey and Eliza Seymour, b. July 29, 1840; 

d. Aug. 4, 1840. 
Elias, son of Benjamin F. and Mary Seymour; d. Dec. 11, 

1827; aged 8 m., 20 d. 
Dr. Jesse, d. Dec. 6, 181 1; 48th yr. 

Mary, wife of Dr. Jesse Seymour, d. June 8, 1804; 32d yr. 
Sherwood, Lucy, wife of N. D. Sherwood, d. Nov. 1, 1861; 80th yr. 
" They enjoyed the sweets of connubial bliss together 
55 years." 
Simmons, Margaret, dau. of William P. and Sally Simmons, d. 
Dec. 7, 1838; aged 1 y., 4 m. 
Robert, son of William P. and Sally Simmons, d. Aug. 23, 

1840; aged 10 m., 21 d. 
Eliza Maria, dau. of William P. and Sally Simmons, d. June 

4, 1845; aged 12 y., 3 m., 12 d. 
Susan Ann, dau. of William P. and Sally Simmons, b. May 
29, 1828; d. Apl. 8, 1846. 
Simons, Lorena, wife of Starks Simons, d. Oct. 20, 1805; aged 

21 yr., 9 d. 
Tucker, David Brainard, son of Rev. Mark and Harriet Tucker, 

d. Sept. 12, 1820; aged 7 m. 
Wallace, Esther E., wife of Robert B. Wallace and dau. of Calvin 

and Mary Gleason, d. Nov. 20, 1848; aged 22 ys., 3 m., 2 d. 
Watson, Anna, dau. of Elijah and Esther Watson, d. Jany. 20, 
X 794J aged 9 m., 12 d. 
"Likewise three brothers and one sister are deposited by 
her sister." 

1914O Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. 8o 

Watson, Chloe, wife of Caleb Watson, d. Mch. 24, 1800; 38th yr. 
Artemishea, adopted dau. of Caleb Watson, d. July 30, 1796; 

a g ed 5 y-» 20 d. 
Michael, d. Sept. 11, 1808; aged 17 y., i\m., 17 d. 
Esther, wife of Elijah Watson, d. Nov. 29, 1806; 37th yr. 
Sibyl Watson, d. July 4, 1831; 58th yr. 
Cyprian Watson, d May 11, 1805; 37th yr. 
Dorothy, wife of Cyprian Watson, d. Sept. 19, 181 7; 88th yr. 
Deacon Cyprian Watson, d. Sept. 11, 1807; 71st yr. 
Wells, George, son of Mr. George and Mrs. Unice Wells, d. July 

9, 1796* 
Wiley, Jacob, d. Nov. 18, 1805; 26th yr. 

Mary, dau. of Jacob and Anna Wiley, d. Feby. 26, 181 2; aged 
8 y., 4 m. 
Wood worth, Sally, wife of Isaac Wood worth, d. Apl. 24, 1808; 
22nd yr. 

Note *: — These epitaphs are cut upon white marble stones of a unique 
design. It will be observed that there are several of them in this cemetery, all 
bearing dates of about the same period. The stones are engraved with patterns 
on the edges, and faces of conventional form on the tops, cut by a skilful hand, 
and undoubtedly brought from a distance. 


Every gleaner in the field of genealogical research has met with errors in 
printed volumes which, left by themselves, carry mistaken conclusions to the 
end of time. This department has been inaugurated in an endeavor to correct 
such spurious data. Readers are requested to forward for publication here 
every such error, and such further additions to printed genealogies as are 
found, that due correction may be made. The authority for the statement 
must be furnished, with name and address of contributor. 

Hoe, Robert. 
1. In an article on Robert Hoe published in the N. Y. Gen. and 
Biog. Record of April, 1910, page 6, it was stated that " the first of 
the line of which any definite information is to be obtained is that 
Robert Hoe (son of Thomas and Elizabeth Hoe) of the Hamlet 
of Hoes, Leicestershire, England, born Oct. 29, 1784, who came 
to New York in 1802, and was the grandfather of the subject of 
this sketch." 

Although the above statement was taken from what were 
believed to be authentic records further researches made in 
England on behalf of Miss Laura Hoe show that instead of being 
the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Hoe, as set forth in the article 
Robert Hoe, who was born Oct. 29, 1784, and baptized Nov. 7, 
1784, was the son of Richard and Ann March Hoe, the record of 
whose marriage appears in the Register of the Parish of Hose, 
Leicestershire, and reads as follows: 

90 Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. [Jan., 

11 Richard Hoe of this Parish Bachelor and Ann March of this 
parish were married in this Church by Banns this 9th day of Dec. 
ijyi. (Signed) V. Matthias Unwin, Curate. 

This marriage was Richard Hoe 

solemnized between us Ann March 

In the presence of Henry March and Robert Corner. 

The second error in this article appears on page 68, the fifth 
paragraph of which should read " Robert Hoe, first, retired from 
active business in 1832 and was succeeded by Richard March Hoe, 
Mathew Smith," etc., instead of "was succeeded by Robert Hoe, 
second," etc. Walter gilliss, 150 Fifth Ave. 

2. Moulton — Additions (See Smith-Barnard). 

The "son in law [Capt], John Moulton," mentioned in the 
will of Capt. Jabez Smith, was son of Joseph 3 and Abigail (Ayres) 
Moulton of Portsmouth, N. H., and was baptized at Portsmouth 
North Church, Oct. 8, 1721; married, first, as "John Moulton of 
Portsmouth," at Ipswich, Mass., May 14, 1743, Eunice, daughter 
of Hon. Francis Sawyer of Wells, Me., and Ipswich, Mass. She 
died the following April, and he married, second, as "John Moul- 
ton of Portsmouth," at Hampton, N. H., Dec. 13, 1744, Lydia, 
daughter of Capt. Jabez and Rachel (Moulton) Smith. He mar- 
ried, third, as "John Moulton, Esq., of Hampton," Aug. 13, 1776, 
Mary Moulton Pettingill, widow of Samuel of Salisbury, Mass. 
(N. H. Gen. Record, vol. iv, p. 104; Ipswich Vital Records, vol. 11, 
pp. 315, 635, vol. i, p. 271; Dow's Hist. Hampton, vol. ii, p. 980; 
N. E. Hist, and Gen. Register, vol. 51, p. 466; Pettingill Genealogy, 
p. 46.) The children of Capt. John and Lydia Moulton were, all 
but Jabez, baptized in the Presbyterian church of Newburyport, 
Mass., where they lived, evidently, from 1747 untl1 after l 7SS- 
While living at Hampton he was Elder of the Presbyterian church 
at Saybrook, having withdrawn from the Hampton church during 
the controversy over the settlement of Parson Thayer. During 
the Revolution, as Capt., he led the Town Militia of Hampton to 
the defense of Portsmouth; was Clerk for the Proprietors of 
Moultonboro and Oxford, N. H.; died at Hampton, 1801. (Dow's 
Hist, of Hampton, vol. i, pp. 410, 257, 262 and 269; Moultonboro 
Proprietors' Book; N. H. State and Provincial Papers, vol. 13, p. 130; 
Will of John Moulton of Hampton, filed at Exeter, N. H„ 1801.) 
Child by first wife: 

i. John, b. April 1, 1744, at Ipswich, Mass.; bap. as John 
Sawyer, March 4, 1753, at Newburyport; not men- 
tioned in his father's will, 1801. 
Children by second wife: 

ii. Jabez, m. Jan. 1, 1767, Eunice Pierce of Newbury; was 
lost at sea about March 4, 1768. Child, Eunice Saw- 
yer, b. Jan. 12, 1768; m. May 18, 1787, John David- 
son. In his will, filed for probate Feb. 7, 1801, Capt. 

I9M-] Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. 9 I 

John Moulton cut off his " son Jabez Moulton's heirs " 
with " five shillings." 
iii. Hannah, bap. Dec. 30, 1747; m. at Hampton, April 26, 
1773, Rev. Jeremiah Shaw; lived at Moultonboro, N.H. 
Her father left her 100 acres of land at Orford. 
iv. Eunice, bap. April 12, 1 75 1 ; m. Jonathan, son of Gen. 
Jonathan and Abigail (Smith) Moulton. Her father 
left her 100 acres of land at Orford. 
v. Alice, bap. March 16, 1755; m. at Moultonboro, Nov. 
14, 1777, Capt. Adna Penniman, son of Dea. Jono- 
than and Elizabeth (Taft) Penniman of Uxbridge, 
Mass., Moultonboro and Plymouth, N. H. He 
served four years in the Revolution and was a mem- 
ber of the Order of the Cincinnatti. 
vi. Abigail, bap. Sept. 17, 1758; not mentioned in her 

father's will, 
vii. Lydia, "the youngest," m. at Moultonboro, Dec, 1809; 
"late in life," Ephriam Bradbury. 
Newbury Vital Records, vol. i, pp. 346-7, vol. ii, p. 347; Ipswich 
Vital Records, vol. i, p. 271; Dow's Hist, of Hampton, vol. ii, p. 791; 
Hist. Plymouth, N. H, p. 518; New England Hist, and Gen. Register, 
vol. 59, p. 288. 

Moulton — Corrections. 
Jeremiah 2 Moulton (Thomas 1 ) of York, Me., had but two chil- 
dren, and not six as stated in Moulton Annals, p. 186. (See will of 
Jeremiah Moulton in Maine Wills, p. 326, " My only daughter 
Mary; my only son Joseph.") His first wife Mary (Young), who 
died 1772, was the mother of these children. (Lewis' Maine 
Genealogies, vol, i, p. 413.) 

Jeremiah 3 Moulton, called the "great warrior," was not son of 
Jeremiah 2 , as stated in the Annals, p. 187, but was the son of Jo- 
seph 2 who was taken captive by Indians. His uncle, Jeremiah 2 , 
put in a bill for his "keep" when his father's estate was settled. 
(Lewis' Maine Genealogies, vol. i, p. 413.) 

Joseph 2 Moulton (Thomas 1 ) moved to Portsmouth (Moulton 
Annals, p. 186); had sons, as shown by the Probate records, John, 8 
Joseph, Daniel and Jeremiah. (Lewis' Maine Genealogies, vol. i, 

P- 4I3-) r „ 

i. John Moulton of Newcastle (then a part of Ports- 
mouth), m. Dorothy Cogswell of Essex (Emerson Gene- 
alogy,^. 57). Dorothy, widow of John Moulton, late 
of Newcastle, rendered an account of his estate, Sept. 
11, 1726. (Colonial Probate Records at Concord, N. H.) 
ii. Joseph 3 Moulton of Portsmouth, m. Abigail, dau. of 
Edward and Alice Ayres, Nov. 25, 1709. (New Eng- 
land Hist, and Gen. Register, vol. 23, p. 394.) 
iii. Daniel Moulton of Newcastle, m. Lucy, dau. of William 
and Martha (Emerson) Cogswell, and sister to his 
brother John's wife. (Emerson Genealogy, p. 57.) They 
had a son Daniel, b. at Ipswich, Mass., July 7, 1719. 

92 Corrections and Additions to Pub'ished Genealogical Works. [Jan., 

(Ipswich, Mass., Vital Records, vol. i, p. 271, " son of 
Capt. Daniel and Lucy Moulton of Portsmouth, N. H., 
at the Hamlet." Daniel Moulton, Jr., of Newcastle, 
signed a petition for the building of a bridge, 1757. 
(N. H. Prov. Papers, vol. ix, p. 375.) Lucy, wife of 
Daniel Moulton, d. Feb. 27, 1733. (Portsmoztth and 
Newcastle, N. H, Cemetery Ins., p. 29.) 
John 4 Moulton, son of Joseph 3 and Abigail of Portsmouth, d. 
1719, in his 7th year, and not aged 77, as stated in Portsmouth and 
Neivcastle, N. H, Cetnetary Inscriptions, p. 29, and repeated in 
Some Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions, p. 6. In proof of this see 
New Hampshire Gen. Record, vol. i, p. 16, which gives another list 
of these inscriptions; also see N. H. Hist, and Gen. Register, vol. 
23, p. 394, in Town Records of Portsmouth, the marriage of Joseph 
and Abigail (Ayres) Moulton, and the following: "Joseph Moul- 
ton ye son of ye above parents was born Sept. 29, 177 — ; Jno. 
Moulton ye son of ye above parents was born Dec. 15, 171 3; 
Alice Moulton ye daughter of ye above parents was born June 4, 
171 5;" see also N. H. Gen. Record, vol. 4, pp. 98, 99, 102, 104: 
"Abigail Moulton was received into ye covenant of grace and 
baptized; her sons Joseph and John baptized June 27, 1714." 
Alice Moulton, bap. June 12, 1715; Abigail Moulton, bap. Feb. 1, 
1718-9; John Moulton, bap. Oct. 8, 1721. Their son John, b. 
1 7 1 3, having died in 1719, u in his seventh year" the next son, b. 
1721, was given his name. This was John "of Portsmouth," 
Ipswich, Newburyport and Hampton. 


History of Hampton, N- H, vol. ii, states that John* Moulton 
(calls himself John Moulton The Third when he signed the Test, 
1776; see N H. Prov. Papers and verification in Moidtonboro Pro- 
prietors' Book; also deed and plan of assignment of lots at Moul- 
tonboro.) (Jacob 3 , John 2 , John 1 ) had a first wife, name unknown, 
and a second, who was a Brown of Newbury. That he had a wife 
(whether a second or third it is impossible to ascertain, but she 
outlived him) is shown by letters written by Lieut. Richard Salter 
Tibbits, U. S. N., of Portsmouth, N. H., to his " Honored Parents," 
John Moulton and his wife, then living at Moultonboro, N. H., 
1790 to 1813; and two letters written by Richard Tibbits, Jr., one 
in which he addresses his grandmother as Mrs. Mehitabel Moul- 
ton, and the other written to John Salter Moulton just after the 
death of his (John's) father. (See also Salter Gen.) 

Moulton Annals, p. 187, is in error in placing Alice, who mar- 
ried James Holt, as the daughter of Joseph 3 (Jeremiah 2 ). She 
was the daughter of Joseph and Abigail (Ayres) Moulton of 
Portsmouth, and married at Hampton Falls. Hist. Hampton Falls. 
" Mrs. Allis Moulton of Portsmouth and James Hoit of York," m. 

Smith-Barnard — Correction: 
In his History of Hampton, N. H, vol. ii, p. 979, Mr. Dow does 
not give a daughter Hannah 3 , who married Richard Barnard, in 

igi4-] Special Notice. 93 

the list of the children of John 2 Smith. That he had such a 
daughter is proved by the will of her brother, Capt. Jabez 8 Smith, 
of Hampton, dated April 8, 1761, in which he mentions grandson 
Jabez Moulton; son John Smith, " now deceased; " "two grand- 
daughters" Sarah Smith and Hannah Smith; granddaughters 
Hannah Moulton and Eunice Moulton; sister Hannah Barnard of 
Boston ; eldest son of [brother] David Smith of Rye; John Moul- 
ton, son of Rebeckah Moulton, deceased; "sister Meribah Fogg; 
" three sons of my sister Sarah Moulton;" son-in-law John Moulton 
and my daughter Lydia Moulton;" daughter-in-law Sarah Smith. 

Boston Records: Marriages ijoo to 1750, p. 104, Richard 
Barnard and Hannah Smith, m. May 7, 1722. 

There is no mention in the will of Capt. Jabez Smith, of his 
daughter Hannah, who married " Mr. William Clough of Boston," 
April 1, 1742 {His. Hampton, N. H, p. 980, and Boston Marriage 
Records p. 272), and as William Clough m. at Boston, Dec. 6, 1744, 
{Marriage Records, p. 279), Mary Dirgee, the reasonable supposi- 
tion would be that Hannah 4 (Smith) Clough, daughter of Capt. 
Jabez Smith, died at Boston soon after her marriage. 

mrs. r. d. Bristol, 400 Convent Ave. 

3. Stiles-Bristol-Preston. 

The Massachusetts Stiles Family, p. 26, states that Eleanor 8 
Stiles (John, 2 Robert 1 ) married Aaron Bristol of Harwinton, Conn. 

This is incorrect. Aaron Bristol's wife was Abigail . 

Eleanor 3 Stiles married March 18, 1730-1, at Windham, Conn., to 
John 4 Preston of Windham, Ashfield and Litchfield (Harwinton), 
Conn. (See vol. vi, N. Y. Gen. & Biog. Socy's Collections, pp. 13, 
14, 74, 75.) john r. totten, 226 West 58th St. 


Attention of The New York Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Society having been called to the fact that 
certain genealogists have used, and are using, its name 
as a reference, or otherwise, in the prosecution of their 
business : — Notice is hereby given that the Society 
authorizes no one to so use its name; and that it is not, 
nor will it be responsible in any way for the acts of such 
individuals who use its name as a reference, or other- 
wise, in violation of this specific prohibition. 

NOTICE. — On and after January 1st, 1914, the Library of the 
Society will be open for the use of members on Sunday after- 
noons from two o'clock until six o'clock P. M. On and after 
January 1st, 1914, the Library of the Society will not be open to 
members on Monday evenings. 

qa Society Proceedings. [Jan. 



Regular Meeting, Nov. hth, 1913. 

The President, Mr. Bowen, in the Chair. 

Since the May meeting of the Society the following deaths have been 

William Frederick Havemeyer, died Sept. 7th, 1913, in his 64th year; Life 

Theodore Frelinghuysen Jackson, died June 18th, 1913, in his 83rd year; 
Life Member. 

Horace Russell, died June 14th, 1913, in his 70th year; Life Member. 

John Targee Sill, died July 2nd, 1913; Life Member. 

Robert Curtis Ogden, died Aug. 6th, 1913, in his 78th year; Annual 

Anson Phelps Stokes, died June 28th, 1913, in his 76th year; Annual 

Mrs. William Augustus Valentine, died June 14th, 1913; Annual Member. 

Mrs. William Woodward, died Sept. 22nd, 1913, aged 73; Annual Member. 

The President announced that he had appointed the following members 
on the Nominating Committee to nominate candidates for election to serve as 
Trustees for the term 1914-1917: Rev. S. Ward Righter, Dwight Brainard 
Baker, Edward Truex Piatt, John Adams Church, William Alfred Robbins. 

The Executive Committee reported the election of the following new 
members: George H. Gaston restored to membership roll; Stuyvesant Fish, 
52 Wall Street, City, Life Member, proposed by Clarence W. Bowen; Miss 
Blanche Alden Bidlack, Milford, Pa., Annual Member, proposed by Clarence 
W. Bowen; Charles Francis Bostwick, 271 West 70th Street, City, Annual 
Member, proposed by Abraham Hatfield, Jr.; Mrs. William Cameron, Rich- 
mond Hill, Long Island, N. Y., Annual Member, proposed by Abraham Hat- 
field, Jr.; Mrs. Frederick A. Constable, 9 East 83rd Street, City, Annual Mem- 
ber, proposed by Clarence W. Bowen; Mrs. William B. Uinsmore, Staats- 
burgh, N. Y., Annual Member, proposed by Clarence W. Bowen; Isaac 
Edward Emerson, Baltimore, Md., Annual Member, proposed by John R. 
Totten; William Seton Gordon, 141 Broadway, City, Annual Member, pro- 
posed by Abraham Hatfield, Jr.; Capt. Joseph Arthur Herron, Army and Navy 
Club, City, Annual Member, proposed by Abraham Hatfield, Jr.; John Pier- 
pont Morgan, 23 Wall Street, City, assuming his late father's membership, 

Proposed by Abraham Hatfield, Jr.; Mrs. Erastus Gaylord Putnam, Elizabeth, 
. J., Annual Member, proposed by Abraham Hatfield, Jr.; Mrs. William A. 
Read, 4 East 62nd Street, City, Annual Member, proposed by Clarence W. 
Bowen; Edmund Cook Sargeant, West and Bethune Streets, City. Annual 
Member, proposed by Rev. S. Ward Righter; William Augustus Valentine, 
M. D., 115 West 74th Street, City, assuming his late wife's membership, pro- 
posed by Abraham Hatfield, Jr.; G. Derby White, 70 Fifth Avenue, City, 
Annual Member, proposed by Abraham Hatfield, Jr.; Charles Keeler Wins- 
low, 71 Broadway, City, Annual Member, proposed by John R. Totten; Samuel 
Copp Worthen, 170 Broadway, City, Annual Member, proposed by John R. 

Mr. Bowen then introduced the speaker of the evening, AndrewMcFar- 
land Davis, who read a paper entitled, " In the South Before the War." 

At the close of Mr. Davis' lecture Col. Asa Bird Gardiner moved that the 
thanks of the Society be tendered to Mr. Davis and that a copy be requested 
for preservation in the archives of the Society. Col. Gardiner supplemented 
this with remarks of a few interesting reminiscences of the olden time and the 
early days of the Civil War. The motion was seconded by Mr. James 
Benedict, who also gave an account of his visit to Savannah before the "War." 
Vote of thanks to Mr. Davis was unanimously carried. 

On motion meeting adjourned. 

19 1 4.] Queries, Book Reviews. 95 


Queries will be inserted at the rate of ten (10) cents per line, or fraction of a line, payable in 
advance; ten (10) words allowed to a line. Name and address of^individual making query charged 
at line rates. No restriction as to space. 

All answers may at the discretion of querist be addressed to The N. Y. G. & B. Soc. and will 
be forwarded to the inquirer. 

In answering queries please refer to the Volume and Page of The Record in which original 
query was published. 

i. Denton, Nathaniel. — Information establishing the fact that Nathaniel 
Denton, son of Rev. Richard Denton, was married, to whom and what children 
did he have ? Nathaniel lived in Jamaica, the records of which town for 1660- 
1700 are not yet published. 

2. John Smith, Rock. — It is stated in the Record, vol. 30, p. 203, that 
John Smith, Jr. (Rock) married the daughter of Lieutenant John Strickland. 
Can anyone give her name and the date of marriage. So far it has been im- 
possible to the inquirer to prove this marriage. 

hokace edwin hayden, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

3. Hall. — To what family of Halls did Rebeca Hall (maiden name) 
belong ? She was married to Abel Hall Sept. 6, 1751. 

mrs. mary m. walker, 38 Toledo St., Adrian, Mich. 

4. Porter. — Information wanted regarding the parentage of Jemima 
Porter, born Bradford, Mass., 1753, married Capt. Thomas Whitman. 

Address N. Y. G. & B. Society. 

5. Tisdale. — Information wanted of the birth, death and marriage of 
Simeon Tisdale, who married Abigail Williams. He was father of Joseph, 
born Taunton, Mass., who married Mary Hodges. 

Address N. Y. G. & B. Society. 

6. Anjevoin or Anjevine. — Information wanted as to the parentage of 
Jane Anjevoin, born Oct. 4, 1739, married to Ezekial Leggett Feb. 20, 1764. 

Address N. Y. G. & B. Society. 

7. Wood. — Information Wanted as to the parentage of Deborah Wood, 
born Feb. 27, 1773, married Abraham Leggett March 27, 1792. 

Address N. Y. G. & B. Society. 

By John R. Totten. 

Editorial Note:— The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society solicits as 
donations to its Library all newly published works on Genealogy, History and Biography, as well 
as all works on Town, County and State History, or works embodying information regarding the 
Vital Records of any and all localities. It also solicits the donation to the manuscript collections 
of its library any and all manuscript compilations which bear upon the above mentioned topics. 

In consideration of such donations the works so presented to the Society will be at once 
placed upon the shelves of its library and will be reviewed in the next subsequent issue of Thb 
New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, each donation of such character, 
whether in printed or manuscript form, will be reviewed under the head of "Book Notices" ana 
a copy of The Record containing the review will be sent to the donor. 

The Society does not solicit donations of publications or manuscripts on topics foreign to 
the above mentioned subjects, as its library is specialized and cannot accommodate material 
which does not bear directly upon its recognized sphere of usefulness. 

Donations for review in the January issue of The Record should be delivered to the 
Society before December 1st of the previous year; for the April issue, before March 1st; for the 
July issue before June 1st; and for the October issue, before September 1st. 

All donations will be generously reviewed with a view of calling the attention of the public 
to their good points; but, while generous, the reviews will contain such proper criticism as the 
interest of the genealogical student would expect from the editorial staff of The Record. 

The "Book Notices" of The Record are carefully read by all librarians as well as 
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advertisement of such work. 

Letters of transmittal of donations of such works should embody the price of the work 
donated and the name and address of the person from whom it can be purchased. 

9 6 

Book Reviews. [Jan., 

Preston Genealogy, Orange Co., N. Y., Branch, with life sketch of the 
compiler, David C. Preston. Pamphlet, 8vo, pp. 25, illustrated, and with chart 
of Orange County, N. Y., Prestons. Price $3.00. Address: compiler, No. 11 
William Street, Middletown, N. Y. 

This work deals with the records of the^ descendants of the emigrant 
ancestor Roger Preston (1614-1666) through the line Roger 1 , Samuel', Jacob 3 , 
William 4 , Stephen 6 , Stephen 6 , etc., to the eighth generation, inclusive, and 
gives valuable and authentic information regarding this particular branch of 
the family. It is to be hoped that we may soon see a complete genealogy of 
the American Prestons, both the New England and southern clans. 

Notes on the History of Waterford, Maine. Edited by Thomas 
Hovey Gage, Jr. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 87. 1913. Printed at Worcester, Mass. 
Price not stated. Address: Editor, at Worcester, Mass. 

An interesting compilation, the only regret being that the work is so lim- 
ited in volume and is lacking in those vital records which render local histories 
so invaluable to genealogists. 

Graveyard Inscriptions, gathered by the Old Burial Grounds Com- 
mittee of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State 
of New Hampshire. Compiled by Mrs. Josiah Carpenter, Chairman. 8vo, 
boards, pp. 63. Price not stated. 

An excellent production which will give much information to those whose 
ancestors lie at rest in the Granite State. Recommended to all genealogical 
libraries. Address: Mrs. Josiah Carpenter, 1667 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. 

Harmon Genealogy, Souvenir of the Harmon Reunion at Aurora, Ohio, 
Aug. 13, i8g6, and Special Family Record of Israel 3 Harmon and Frances M. 
Cooley Harmon and Harmon genealogy from John Harmon, the first Ameri- 
can Harmon of record. Compiled and published by Israel Harmon, No. 64 
Spring St., Springfield, Mass. 8vo, cloth, pp. 119, illustrated. Price, single 
copy, $2.50; 3 copies, $5.00. 

An excellent work within its limited scope. Those interested in Harmon 
genealogy are notified that the town of Suffield, Mass., has in its possession a 
large manuscript of Harmon genealogy containing the records of some 3,500 
Harmons, typewritten copies of which may be obtained for $60.00. 

Memoir of Robert F. Skillings, with Genealogy and Poems by 
Franklin Skillings. 8vo, cloth, pp. 75. Price $1.30 postpaid. Address: 
author, No. 73 Vesper St., Portland, Me. 

An excellent work containing a limited amount of genealogical information. 

Colonel Ninian Beall, born in Largo, Fifeshire, Scotland, 1625; died 
in Prince George's County, Md\, 1717. Historical Address on the Occasion of 
the Dedication of a Memorial Boulder to Colonel Ninian Beall delivered by 
Caleb Clarke Magruder, Jr., in St. John's Church, Georgetown, D. C, Oct. 30, 
1910. Printed under the auspices of the Society of Colonial Wars in the Dis- 
trict of Columbia. 191 1. Pamphlet, pp. 44. Price not stated. Address: 
Caleb Clarke Magruder, Jr., Upper Marlboro, Md. 

An excellent work, recommended to all historical and biographical libraries. 

The Hull Family in America, compiled by Col. Weygant. Published 
by the Hull Family Association. 8vo, buckram, pp. 648, including index. 
Price $5.00, express charges 25c. Address: J. Hull Browning, 199 Chambers 
St., New York City. 

This excellent compilation contains a section on the descendants of George 
Hull (1595-1659) the emigrant ancestor, Boston, 1629-30; Windsor, Conn., 1636, 
and Fairfield, Conn. (241 pp.); a section on the descendants of Joseph Hull 
(1596-1665) the emigrant ancestor, Boston, 1635 (222 pp.); a section on the 
descendants of Richard Hull (1599-1662) the emigrant ancestor, Dorchester, 
Mass., 1634; Roxbury, Mass., 1636; Boston, New Haven, Conn., 1639 (pp. 116), 
and a section on the descendants of the New Hampshire Hulls. The work is 
evidently the result of much labor and will be found a most valuable addition 

1914.J Book Reviews. 97 

to the history of the Hulls in America. It is heartily recommended to all 
genealogical libraries. 

Read Genealogies of the Brothers and Sisters and Families and De- 
scendants of Israel Read, Abner Read, John Read, Polly (Read) Hethering- 
ton, William Read, Wolcott Read, Lewis Read and Nathaniel Read. Com- 
piled by Rev. Henry Martyn Dodd, A. B., A. M., Clinton, N. Y. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 277-f-xxiii, including index, limited edition of 300 copies. Price, cloth, 
$2.50; half morocco, $3.50; full morocco, $5.00; postage extra, 13c. Address: 
compiler at Clinton, N. Y. 

This is a most interesting and valuable addition to the genealogical history 
of the Read family in America and as such is recommended to all genealog- 
ical libraries. 

The Underwood Families of America, compiled by Lucien Marcus 
Underwood, edited by Howard J. Banker. 8vo, cloth, 2 volumes, pp. 809, in- 
cluding index. Press of New Era Printing Co., Lancaster, Pa. 1913. Price 
gio.oo. Address: Mrs. L. M. Underwood, R. F. D. 25, Bethel, Conn. 

This excellent work, which was issued in a limited edition of 250 copies, 
contains a brief sketch of the history of the family in England, with notes on 
the Underwood coat of arms, with color plate illustrations thereof, and followed 
by a voluminous genealogy of the family in America. It is evidently the result 
of careful preparation and will be a valuable addition to the shelves of all 
genealogical libraries, to which it is most heartily recommended. 

Compendium of Notes on the Dwelly Family, compiled by E. 
Dwelly. 8vo, boards, pp. 54. Price 2 shillings, postpaid. 

This, as the title indicates, is a collection of notes on the Dwelly family in 
England and in America, which would be very useful to one intending to com- 
pile a full genealogy of the family. It is enriched by many charts of individ- 
ual lines showing English and American connections. Recommended to all 
genealogical libraries. Address: Edward Dwelly, Esq., Margate Road, 
Heme Bay, Kent, England. 

Dwelly's Parish Records, Volume I. The first portion of the Bishop's 
Transcripts at Wells [England], being those that are in the most fragile condi- 
tion [Section I, Parishes A to H], copied from the originals by Arthur J. Jew- 
ers. Edited by E. Dwelly, author of "The Illustrated Gaelic Dictionary," &c, 
&c. 8vo, cloth, pp. 485. Price, Vol. I, 15 shillings. Vol. II [Parishes I to 
Y] in press. Price 15 shillings. Address: Edward Dwelly, Esq., Margate 
Road, Heme Bay, Kent, England. 

This is a most excellent work and is much to be commended, as it pre- 
serves in printed form records which the lapse of time had rendered so fragile 
as to promise speedy disintegration. As is well known by genealogists, 
Bishop's Transcripts of Parish Registers very often preserve parish records 
that are individually themselves lost, and hence publication of such records 
should be encouraged. The first volume includes in alphabetical order the 
parishes from A to H, and Vol. II, of which 270 pages are already printed and 
the rest soon to go to press, will cover the other parishes from I to Y. Recom- 
mended to all genealogical libraries. 

The Records of the Samuel Family, collected from essays, MSS. 
and other sources by J. Bunford Samuel of 1609 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 56, with illustrations. Printed for private circulation by J. B. 
Lippincott Co., Philadelphia. 1912. Limited edition of 100 numbered copies. 
Not for sale. 

This is a most interesting record of the ancestry of a Hebrew family of great 
antiquity. Our library is to be congratulated in securing a copy of the work. 

History of the Siderfin Family of West Somerset [England], 
by James Sanders, J. P., of South Molton, Devon [England]. 8vo, cloth, pp. 
47 and a large chart. 1912. 

9 8 

Book Reviews. [Jan., 

This is a most interesting sketch of the origin of this old English family 
which is traced back to 1275-6 A. D. It cannot fail to be of interest on this 
side of the water, as we are informed by the author that descendants from the 
original stock are to be found in Chicago, Denver and Cincinnati and 
scattered throughout Canada. Recommended to those of kindred blood 
and to genealogical libraries. 

My Children's Ancestors, data concerning about four hundred New 
England ancestors of the children of Roselle Theodore Cross and his wife 
Emma Asenath (Bridgman) Cross; also names of many ancestors in England 
and descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Cross' grandparents, Theodore and Susan- 
nah (Jackman) Cross, Samuel and Lois (Temple) Murdock, Noah and Asenath 
(Judd) Bridgman, Jacob and Lydia (Slack) Daggett, by Rev. R. T. Cross. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 212, including index. Illustrated. 1913. Price $4.00. Address: 
author, Twinsburg, Ohio. 

A most excellent genealogical compilation containing a fund of informa- 
tion on the Cross, Murdock, Bridgman and Daggett families and their col- 
lateral connections. Recommended to genealogical libraries. 

Stratford Hall and the Lees connected with its history. Bio- 
graphical, genealogical and historical, compiled and published by Frederick 
Warren Alexander, member of the Historical Society of Virginia. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 332. Illustrated. 1912. Price not stated. Address: author at Oak 
Grove, Va. 

This is a most valuable addition to the history and genealogy of this cel- 
ebrated old Virginia family, giving as it does the genealogy of the family from 
Richard Lee, the emigrant ancestor, to the seventh generation, inclusive. 
Recommended to all genealogical libraries. 

The Fairfax Families of Virginia. A historical sketch of the two 
Fairfax families in Virginia, being a reprint from Cartmell's History of Fred- 
erick County, Va., with "textual revision" thereof necessary to reproduce the 
article in separate and distinct form. Compiled by Lindsay Fairfax, Esq., 
Union Club, No. 1 East 51st St., New York City. 1913. 8vo, boards, pp. 47. 

In thus reprinting in book form the excellent though short sketch of the 
two Fairfax families in Virginia the compiler has done a service to genealogists 
in dissevering it from its original surroundings and presenting it to the public 
under its specific title. Recommended to all genealogical libraries. 

The Dickinson Family of Milton and Litchfield, Conn., by 
Anthon Temple Gesner. 8vo, paper, pp. 14. Price $1.00. Address: author, 
care Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn. 

A most excellent contribution to Dickinson family history and as such is 
to be specially welcomed. The author has condensed much information into 
small space and has evidently made accuracy of statement his aim. Recom- 
mended to all genealogical libraries. 

Nathaniel Merriman, one of the founders of Wallingford in the State 
Connecticut, by Mansfield Merriman, 1071 Madison Ave., New York City. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 24. Price not stated. Address: author. 

The author, who is sixth in descent from Nathaniel, the founder of Wal- 
lingford, has made in this pamphlet a valuable addition to Wallingford bio- 
graphies and at the same time enriched the genealogical field with notes upon 
Nathaniel 1 Merriman and his children. Recommended to genealogical and 
historical libraries. 

Genealogy of the Jennings Family. Branches in New Jersey, New 
York, Vermont and States farther west. Collected by Rev. Jesse W. Jennings, 
D. D., LL. D., Kansas City, Mo. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 21. Price not stated. 
Address: author, 1 121-23 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo. 

A timely and acceptable contribution to the history of this family and will 
be of value to the future compiler of the genealogy of the entire American 
family of that surname. 

191 4-] Book Reviews. gg 

Second Record Book of the Society of Daughters of Hol- 
land Dames, Descendants of the Ancient and Honorable Families of New 
Netherland. Published by the authority of the Board of Directors, New York. 
1913. Compiled by the Historian of the Society, Kathlyne Knickerbacker 
Viele. 8vo, cloth, pp. 66. * 

This second book is a continuation of the first book published in 1907, and 
does not repeat its contents. As all such lineage books, it will be an aid to 
genealogical searchers. ' 

History of New Salem (Mass.) Academy, by Eugene Bullard. 1913. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 279. Illustrated. Price $1.90, postpaid. Address: Edwin F. 
Stowell, of New Salem, Mass. 

A most interesting history of this honored seat of learning and containing, 
as it does, sketches of its preceptors and trustees and many of its graduates, 
with a full list of its students, it will furnish a link in the chain of genealogical 
information upon which searchers are dependent. 

History of the Chemical Bank (N. Y. City), 1823-1913. Privately 
printed. 1913. 8vo, morocco, pp. 167. Profusely illustrated. 

A most interesting history of this noted New York bank which, in addition 
to its review of the bank's career, is rendered interesting to the general reader 
by the reproduction of many old views of New York. 

Allied Families of Kent Co., Delaware, Nos. i, 2, 3 and 4: 

No. 1. David Rees, of Little Creek Hundred, and Descendants of John 

Rees, his son. 8vo, paper, pp. 80, including index. Price $1.25. 1904. 

No. 2. Samuel Griffin, of New Castle County on Delaware, Planter, and 

his descendants to the sixth generation. 8vo, paper, pp. 235, including index. 

Price $2.50. 1905. 

Nos. 3 and 4 (under one cover). The Descendants of Thomas Hale, of 
Delaware, with an account of the Jamison and Green Families, and the Streets 
Family of Delaware. 8vo, paper, pp. 116, including index. Price $1.25. 1913. 

These four numbers of the Allied Families are the productions of the pen 
of Thomas Hale Streets, Esq., of Wyncote, Pa. No. 2 was reviewed by us in 
the October, 1905, Record, and these other numbers, 1, 3 and 4, are, like No. 2, 
most satisfactory genealogical productions, and as such are heartily recom- 
mended to genealogical libraries. 

History and Genealogy of the Pomeroy Family, Collateral Lines 
in Groups, Normandy, Great Britian and America, comprising the ancestors 
and descendants of Eltweed Pomeroy, from Beminster, County Dorset, Eng- 
land, 1630. By Albert A. Pomeroy. Large 8vo, half morocco, pp.962, includ- 
ing index and 77 illustrations. Limited edition of 400 numbered copies, 
copyrighted. Price $15.00; eight copies of two volume edition, $18. 00. For 
sale only by A. A. Pomeroy, Sandusky, Ohio. 

This handsome family book contains many interesting details which make 
it a desirable addition to any genealogical library and the reference rooms of 
the patriotic societies. By certified photographs it establishes the specific 
rank of all the first generals in the Revolution, about which American history 
is silent. These photographs were taken from the records in the archives of 
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They are as conclusive for all the de- 
scendants of the first generals as they are for the descendants of Major-Gen- 
eral Seth Pomeroy, for whom they were prepared. Also, the complete roster 
of all Pumeroy men in the Revolution is given, with rank, home town, organi- 
zation and terms of service transcribed from official state papers of Massa- 
chusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey. 

The system adopted in the Pomeroy genealogy of arranging the children 
and grandchildren of Pomeroy mothers in family groups is unusual. By this 
method the necessity of carrying names in collateral lines through the book in 
the several generations is avoided, and the student can comprehend at a 
glance the results of a collateral marriage, as the children and grandchildren 
are numbered consecutively. The records of the collateral lines involve the 

IOO Book Reviews. [Jan., 

addition of 17,000 names other than Pomeroy, making this is a desirable book 
of reference for colonial families. 

Part one records the English lineage of the American Pomeroys, not 
merely in the shape of a pedigree, but ti include the entire family 01 each 
successor from 1035 t0 '630, when Eltweed Pomeroy came to America. Some 
of the families, however, are carried down parallel with the descendants of the 
first American ancestor to the present day. It is one of the most complete 
records of English ancestral families we have seen in American books of 

The Pomeroy genealogy has an engraved title page worked in colors. 
There are also two color plates, painted in London, of the Pomeroy arms with 
mantel, and the Pomeroy achievement, which are artistic in design and finish. 

There is an ancestral chart, a study in heredity, which comprises 600 
names of historical worthies, with some essential data, tabulated in compact 
form, backward, so that each ancestral lines can be traced from son to father 
through as many generations as the information obtainable will carry, four 
lines reaching to 350 A. D. In making up this table the charts of the late 
Prof. C. A. L. Totten.of Yale College, have been quoted for the more remote 
ancestors, because of the apparent accuracy of these charts. The ancestral 
chart has a special significance to colonial families for hereditary, social and 
eugenic investigations. 

The photographs from the Domesday Book, the first census of England, 
which the Pomeroy genealogy presents in old Norimin French (with transla- 
tion from the Victoria histories) are unique. The seven pages describe the 
holdings of Sir Ralph de Pomery granted for his assistance in the conquest 
of England. 

Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War, McAllister's data, 
by J. T. McAllister, Hot Springs, Va. 8vo, cloth, pp. 337, including index. 
Price $5.00. Address: McAllister Publishing Co., Virginia Hot Springs, Va. 

This valuable work contains sections on the following topics: Virginia's 
Share in the Military Movements of the Revolution; Virginia Counties, Old 
and New; Summary of the Services of the Militia Arranged by Counties; 
Declarations of Virginia Militia Pensioners, §1 to §250; Militia Officers Ap- 
pointed in Various Counties, §251 to §280; Pensioners Residing in Virginia in 
1835 wno Received Pensions as Virginia Militiamen; Pensioners Residing 
Outside of Virginia in 1835 who Received Pensions as Virginia Militiamen. 
It will from the above be seen that the work is one of great value to gene- 
alogists, and it is therefore heartily recommended to all genealogical libraries 
and to patriotic societies whose membership is founded on Revolutionary 

Early Days in Kansas, Along the Santa Fe and Lawrence Trails, Old 
Ridgeway, 1855-69. Being Vol. Ill of Green's Historical Series. 8vo, boards, 
pp. 100, by Charles R. Green, of Olathe, Kansas. Price 50 cents. Address: 

Replete with valuable information concerning the early days in Kansas 
and is recommended to historical libraries. 

The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, edited 
by Edward Hamilton Daly, Secretary-General. Vol. XII. 8vo, cloth, pp. 342. 
New York. 1913. Price $2.00. Address: Secretary-General of Society, 52 
Wall Street, New York City. 

This, from a genealogical standpoint, is a most interesting and valuable 
volume of the series as it is replete with vital records abstracted from the 
town and church records of numerous localities all over the country. Recom- 
mended to all genealogical libraries. 

Decennial Record of the Class of 1903, Sheffield Scientific School, 
Yale University, compiled by Vasa K. Bracher, Class Secretary, assisted by the 
Class Secretaries' Bureau. 8vo, cloth, pp. 198. Illustrated. New Haven. 1913. 

An excellent aid to future genealogists. 

1914.I Book Reviews. IOI 

Vicennial Record of Yale '93 and an account of the Vicennial Re- 
union, June 17, 1913. 8vo, cloth, pp. 147. Illustrated. Published by Noah H. 
Swayne, 2nd, Class Secretary, Pennsylvania Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

An excellent work which will furnish many links in the chain of future 
genealogical research. 

The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America, Its 
Beginnings, Its Purposes, and a Record of its work, 1891-1913. 8vo, boards, 
pp. 141. Printed for the Society. 1913. 

An excellent resumd of the history of this Society of which history it may 
justly be proud. 

Register of Colonial Dames of the State of New York. 1913. 
8vo, buckram, pp. 432. Published by the authority of the Board of Managers. 
New York. 1913. 

This is a most excellent lineage book and the Society of Colonial Dames 
is much to be congratulated in presenting it to its members. As in the case of 
all of these lineage books, it seems a pity that the vital facts of each genera- 
tion of descent from the ancestor from whom eligibility is derived should not 
be published. If such information was habitually given in lineage books of 
societies they would soon become the most valuable genealogical reference 
books to be obtained anywhere. 

History of Cornelis Maessen Van Buren, who came from Holland 
to the New Netherlands in 1631, and his descendants, including the genealogy 
of the family of Bloomingdale, who are descended from Maas, a son of 
Cornelis Maessen. By Harriett C. Van B. Peckham, A. B., M. D. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 431, including index. Published by Tobias A. Wright, New York. 
1913. Price, cloth, $7.50; full morocco edition de luxe, $12.50. 

One of the finest books of the year, brim full of well-arranged records of 
the President Van Buren branch of the family, including allied families, and 
some unclassified data. The Van Buren coat of arms in colors and 43 other 
illustrations, in duotone effect, embellish the book. A glossary of Dutch 
Christian names with English equivalents add value to this most creditable work. 

The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut, by 
Frederic Gregory Mather, compiler and editor of "New York in the Revolu- 
tion" and "New York in the Revolution — Supplement." Member Sons of 
Revolution in State of N. Y.; N. Y. Historical Society; Conn. Hist. Society; 
Long Island (N. Y.) Hist. Society; Suffolk County, N. Y., Hist. Society; 
N. Y. Gen. & Biog. Society; N. E. Hist. Gen. Society; Society Preservation of 
New England Antiquities; President of the Stamford, Conn., Hist. Society. 
8vo, linen, pp. 1204, including 93 pages of index. Profusely illustrated with 
portraits, autographs, homes, monuments, tombstones, historical buildings, 
original documents, maps, plans and diagrams and views, etc., etc. J. B. 
Lyon Co., Printers, Albany, N. Y. Copyrighted, 1913. Price S7.50, delivery 
free. Address: J. B. Lyon Company, Albany, N. Y. 

"The Refugees sympathized with the American side during the Revolu- 
tionary War. They were safe at their homes on Long Island as long as the 
operations of the war were confined to the vicinity of Boston, and, being safe, 
they persecuted the Tories who opposed them. After the evacuation of Bos- 
ton the British Army fought the Battle of Long Island on August 27, 1776, and 
later they captured Fort Washington. These victories gave them the control 
of Long Island and New York City throughout the war. The people on the 
Island were obliged to take the oath of allegiance to the Crown or to flee. This 
work is the story of those who fled. 

Little concerning the Refugees was known until Henry Onderdonk, Jr., 
made numerous Notes in his 'Revolutionary Incidents of Suffolk County, New 
York.' These Notes were often quoted by the several historians of Long 
Island, but the source of the Notes was a mystery. Indeed, it seemed as it no 
further information would be found. 

About the year 1890 Mr. Mather was preparing for publication the book 
known as 'New York in the Revolution — Supplement.' The original docu- 

102 Book Reviews. [Jan., 

ments on which it was based were in charge of the Comptroller of the State of 
New York at Albany. Among the documents were many bundles marked 
'Refugees from Long Island." These papers were claims against the State for 
the expenses of removal to Connecticut. But few of them were printed in the 
'Supplement.' All of them, however, were copiqd, and the copies were com- 
pared with the originals. The copies appear in Appendix C of this work. It 
was fortunate that they were made, for nearly all of the originals were de- 
stroyed by the fire which swept the State Library in 1911. 

The source of nearly all of Onderdonk's Notes was found in original docu- 
ments owned by the Connecticut State Library and the Connecticut Historical 
Society, both at Hartford. Copies of them appear in Appendixes D, E and F. 
Appendixes A and B give all the information as to the Refugees that could be 
found in the Records of New York. Appendix G gives the military service of 
all the soldiers on Long Island, and the' service of the Refugees elsewhere. 
Appendix H contains important miscellaneous documents, including the asso- 
ciators and the non-associators on Long Island. Appendix I gives brief civil 
and military biographies of those not Refugees who appear prominently in 
this work. Appendix J is a catalogue of the illustrations, from which it ap- 
pears that there are nearly 900, including 115 portraits, 559 autographs, 77 
houses, &c. The several Appendixes known as Part 3— documentary— cover 
pages 691-1110. They are the foundation of the book— the proof of many 
statements that are made in the text. Pages 1111-1200 carry the general index 
of nearly 20,000 names. 

Part 2— biographical— occupies pages 239-690. Here we have condensed 
biographies of the 81 captains of ships and nearly all of the 1274 Refugees. 
The biographies aim to give the descent of the Refugees from the emigrant 
ancestor to America, incidents of their lives and the names of many of their 
living descendants. Part 2, therefore, is a biographical cyclopedia of those 
families on Long Island which had representatives among the Refugees. As 
the heads of families were usually named, the number (1274) does not indicate 
all of the Refugees. There were between 5,000 and 6,000 of them, or nearly 
half the population of Suffolk County at that time. Of the 1274, 150 (a partial 
list only) were from New York City. 

The time spent upon Part 3— biographical— was more than half of the five 
years which were required to complete the work. The correspondence in- 
cluded thousands of letters. It is believed that the biographies are as accur- 
ate as it has been possible to make them. 

Part 1— historical — gives a history of the war, in outline (chapters 1-6), to 
show the relative importance of the Battle of Long Island and the loss of New 
York City, which were responsible for the fact that there were Refugees. 
Certain little known phases of the war are described in Chapters 7-12. In 
Chapters 13-20 the history of the Refugees is given. Finally, Chapters 21-26, 
we trace the local conduct of the war on Long Island, in Connecticut and in 
Westchester County, N. Y., wherein many of the Refugees took a prominent 
part. Many maps are printed, of which the most interesting (page 161) shows 
Long Island and Connecticut as they were in 1774. 

As a whole, the material used in this work is original. Nearly all of the 
documents in the appendixes have not been printed before. All of the re- 
sources in sight have been exhausted. It may be that, in the future, the con- 
tents of somebody's attic will shed more light on the subject. But those who 
are interested in this work cannot await the contents of an attic." 

Too much cannot be said in praise of this voluminous work. The author's 
name is sufficient to stamp it as a work of painstaking accuracy and elabora- 
tion of detailed information. Tracing, as it does, the exodus of the American 
Refugees from Long Island to Connecticut after the disastrous results of the 
battle of August 27, 1776, it furnishes a vast number of heretofore missing 
links in the lives of these Refugees and furnishes material hitherto unearthed 
for the benefit of historians, biographers and genealogists. Mr. Mather is to 
be highly congratulated on the successful presentation of this work to the pub- 
lic, and likewise complimented in having added such a monumental work to 
the list that have already issued from his pen. The work is most urgently 
recommended to all historical, biographical, genealogical, general reference 
libraries and patriotic societies. 

IQI4-] Accessions to the Library. 103 

September 1, to December 1, ign. 



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History of Cornells Maessen Van Buren. 

Pamphlets, etc. 

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104 Officers, [Jan., 1914. 

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Bigelow Genealogy. 
Chandler Family. 

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N. Y., 2 vols., Manuscript. 
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Records of Zion Evan. Luth. Church, West Sandlake, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., 

Register of Buckinghamshire and Drayton Parslovtr. 
Reprint of Notes on Warnaer Wessels. 

Reprint of Machackemeck Gravestone Inscriptions, Port Jervis, N. Y. 
Shurtleff Genealogy, 2 vols. 
Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. Reprints. 
Vital Records of Amesbury, Mass. 


New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 


































NEVt' YOrtK. 


faealogicai ano biographical Jiecoro. 

Vol. XLV. NEW YORK, APRIL, 1914. No. 2. 


An Appreciation. 

By Hon. Robert Bacon. 

Any appreciation of the life and character of George Bowdoin 
must seem to those who read it, as well as to one who attempts to 
write it, inadequate and incomplete. Few men have possessed in 
a higher degree the power of attracting others, and the charm of 
manner, the gentleness, the unfailing kindliness and sympathy 
which were his, must, by the very fineness of their quality, elude 
expression. Even those who knew him but slightly and whose 
acquaintance was limited to the transaction of affairs, felt the 
sweetness of his nature, and, remembering his courteous consid- 
eration, have experienced a sense of personal loss. 

To those who had the privilege of intimacy he occupied a 
place apart from all others. The loyalty of his friendship was 
manifested throughout his long life and was a natural attribute of 
his character. He took and gave pleasure in companionship, rare 
at any time, but particularly rare in the time in which he lived. 

The great good that he did was done unobtrusively, not from 
a sense of duty but because generosity and charity were parts of 
his life. They went inseparably with his kindness and considera- 
tion and, like them, came from the heart. 

Coming from distinguished ancestry, he kept himself true to 
his traditions. His culture and charm drew about him a circle of 
friends who greatly loved him. The influence of such a character 
cannot be measured, but there was no one who knew him who did 
not feel that life was made sweeter by that knowledge and that in 
losing him something fine and gentle and dear had been taken 
from them which could never be replaced. 

I06 George Sullivan Bowdoin. [April 


A Sketch of His Life. 

By Miss Georgina Schuyler. 

The subject of this brief memoir, George Sullivan Bowdoin, 
was born in New York City, September 25th, 1833, and died at his 
residence, 39 Park Avenue, New York, December 16th, 1913, in 
his eighty-first year. On his father's side he was descended from 
the Bowdoin, Sullivan,' Winthrop and Temple families of Maine 
and Massachusetts; on his mother's side from the Hamilton, 
Schuyler, and Morris families of New York. 

He was the son of George Richard Sullivan of the old and 
well known Boston family, who, with his brother James, changed 
their name to Bowdoin in their early manhood, in conformity with 
the provisions of the will of their distinguished colateral ancestor, 
James Bowdoin (b. 1752, d. 1811), who, after graduating from Har- 
vard and studying at Oxford, was traveling in Europe when the 
news reached him of the battle of Lexington. He came directly 
home and served under Washington in the operations at Dorchester 
Heights, preceding the evacuation of Boston by the British troops. 
He was many times member of the State legislature, was Minister 
to Spain, and associate minister to France, and was a liberal 
benefactor to Bowdoin College, named after his father, James 
Bowdoin, the enlightened and patriotic governor of Massachus- 
etts (b. 1726, d. 1790). 

The father of the subject of this sketch, George Richard James 
Bowdoin (b. 1809, d. 1870), was a cadet at West Point, but left 
before graduating in order to study and practice law, becoming 
later a member of the firm of Bowdoin, Larocque and Barlow. He 
was a man of distinguished appearance and manner, possessing a 
genial and attractive personality. He married, in 1832, Fanny 
Hamilton, granddaughter of Alexander Hamilton, daughter of 
James A. Hamilton, of "Nevis," Irvington, New York. 

George Sullivan Bowdoin, their only son, was educated in private 
schools in New York City, and was three years in the Lawrence 
Scientific School at Harvard University. He gained his first business 
experience as a clerk with Aymar& Company, shipping merchants 
in South Street. In the sixties he became a broker dealing in 
notes and securities. In 1871 he became a partner of the firm of 
Morton, Bliss & Company, of which Levi P. Morton was the 
senior partner. He remained in this firm for thirteen years, when, 
in 1884, he became a partner of the house of Drexel, Morgan & 
Company, now J. P. Morgan & Company. He retired from active 
business December 31, 1899. 

1914O George Sullivan Bowdoin. IOJ 

He was connected with various railroad organizations and was 
for many years a director of the New York Central. 

He was member of the Chamber of Commerce, director or 
trustee of the New York Life Insurance and Trust Company, the 
Mutual Life Insurance Company, the Commercial Union Assur- 
ance Company, Limited, of London, and the GuarantyTrust Com- 
pany, and was Trustee of the Bank for Savings. He was also for 
many years a member of the New York Stock Exchange. The 
variety and breadth of his interests are shown by his connection 
with the following organizations: director and treasurer of the 
Metropolitan Opera and Real Estate Company, and one of the 
governing board of the New York Hospital, trustee of the Ameri- 
can Museum of Natural History, member of the Union, Knicker- 
bocker, New York Yacht, Union League, Century, Church, Metro- 
politan, Brook, Turf and Field, Racquet and Tennis, and Players' 
Clubs, also member Metropolitan Museum of Art, of the American 
Fine Arts Society, of the New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Society, member of the Huguenot Society, New England Society, 
and Sons of the Revolution. He was much interested in Bow- 
doin College 'and gave largely to it; also he supplemented the 
original endowment made by his ancestor for the "Bowdoin 
Prizes" of Harvard University. 

Throughout his boyhood and youth, "Nevis," his grandfather 
Hamilton's house on the Hudson, was another home to him, as it 
was to all the grandchildren, their gathering place during school 
and college holidays in summer and winter; at Christmas the 
scene of house parties full of gaiety, with the skating, sleighing 
and dancing of a joyous set of young people. In 1862 he married 
Julia Irving, daughter of Moses H. Grinnell of the New Bedford 
family, partner of the important house of Grinnell, Minturn & Com- 
pany, shipping merchants, and of Julia Irving, a niece of Washing- 
ton Irving. Mr. Grinnell's country home, "Wolferts Dell," adjoined 
that of "Wolferts Roost," the old name of Irving's cottage, 
"Sunnyside," visited by all travelers, whether from the Old World 
or the New, to do homage to the first of American authors of that 
day. Mr. Grinnell, the kindest, most hospitable of hosts, gathered 
about him distinguished men in political as well as in financial 
circles, and the young George Bowdoin shared in this association. 

From his youth up, Mr. Bowdoin belonged to Grace Protestant 
Episcopal Church. He was strongly attached to it. One of his 
best known gifts is the Grace Neighborhood House on Fourth 
Avenue, connected with the church, devoted to the religious, edu- 
cational and civic welfare of the neighborhood. He also gave the 
organ in the western tower and the chimes attached to it. With 
Mrs. Bowdoin, he was much interested in the Cathedral of St. 
John the Divine and its memorial chapels, in the chapel in memory 
of the Rev. William Reed Huntington, and together they donated 
the Chapel of St. Boniface. With the late- J. P. Morgan, Mr. 
Bowdoin gave the necessary sum for the crossing of the Cathedral, 

I08 George Sullivan Dowdoin. [April, 

thus sufficiently completing the edifice, as it now stands, to make 
it possible to hold services within its walls. 

This brief synopsis of his career would be but a poor tribute to 
offer George Bowdoin were it not that, joined to the absolute 
purity and integrity of his high character, his success stands for a 
life time of hard work, of persistent industry and application. 
These were among his dominant traits. As in his youth of good 
looks and high spirits and keen enjoyment of social life, and with 
every opportunity open to him for such enjoyment, he allowed 
nothing to interfere with the task he had undertaken; so, in his 
old age, when he retired from active business there was found in 
him no weakness and no indolence. After long years of business 
detail and responsibility his mind was fresh and young and open 
to a variety of interests. "Now I have time for reading and 
travel," he would say, and he accomplished both. Besides this, 
having amassed a fortune solely by his own industry, the last de- 
cade of his life was passed in the enjoyment of giving it away — 
by thousands and tens of thousands every year — and this so 
quietly that his great liberality was hardly known save to those 
immediately benefitted by it. 

For he had a deep-seated reticence and reserve, and a modesty 
touching in its manifestations. It was a "great surprise" to him 
when, in the course of his career, one piece of good fortune after 
another was, so to speak, "thrust upon him." It did not occur to 
him that in his early business life older men, high in financial 
circles, were watching the young broker, his cool head, his avoid- 
ance of speculation, his industry and integrity before inviting him 
to be associated with them. In the counting-house his presence 
made for serenity and kindliness, while his invariable courtesy to 
high and low was, in itself, a power. 

It was said of him, "Mr. Bowdoin always had time. There 
was no bringing of hurry or impatience into his presence. They 
seemed to melt away." 

Those associated with him in the management of affairs have 
written, "His simplicity and sincerity of motive, with the clear- 
ness of his judgment, gave great value to all his opinions, and his 
quiet word of counsel, often given with diffidence, made many 
difficult problems easy." 

Many men have spoken of him as their ideal of a gentleman. 
Associating with him under difficult circumstances and varying 
experiences, they had never known him, by word or act, to forfeit 
the estimate they had made: "Always — and at all times — a 
gentleman !" 


George Sullivan Bowdoin. 



His Ancestry — Single Line of Descent. 

Pierre Baudouin, 

By Hopper Striker Mott. 


m. Elizabeth 

b. Rochelle, France; d. in Bos- 
ton, Sept., 1706. 

d. Aug. 18, 1720. 

James Bowdoin, I, 

b. in Rochelle, 1676; d. in Bos- 
ton, Sept. 8, 1747. 

m. (2) Sept. 15, 1714, Hannah Portage, 
b. Feb. 13, 1687; d. Aug. 23, 1734. 

James Bowdoin, II, 

b. Aug. 7, 1726; d. Nov. 6, 1790. 
Governor of Mass. 

m. Sept. 15, 1748, Elizabeth Erving, 
d. May 5, 1803. 

Elizabeth Bowdoin, 

b. 1750; d. Oct. 23, ii 

m. Jan. 20, 1767, Sir John Temple. (D) 

Elizabeth Bowdoin Temple, 

b. Boston, Oct. 22, 1769; d. July 
23, 1825. 

m. July 25, 1786, Hon. Thos. Lindall 
Winthrop. (C) 

Sarah Bowdoin Winthrop, 

b. Boston, Mass., June 3, 1; 
d. Pau, France, Feb., 1864. 

m. Jan. 26, 1809, Geo. Sullivan. (B) 

b. in Boston, Mass., Feb. 21, 1783; 
d. Pau, France, Dec. 14, 1866. 

George Richard James Bowdoin,* m. 1832, Frances Hamilton, 

b. Nov. 14, 1809; d. March 14, 

George Sullivan Bowdoin, 

b. New York, Sept. 25, 1833; d. 
New York, Dec. 16, 1913. 

Temple Bowdoin, 
b. July 24, 1863. 

dau. of James A. Hamilton and 
Mary Morris. (F) (G) 

m. June 18, 1862, Julia Irving Grinnell, 
dau. of Moses H. Grinnell and 
Julia Irving. 

m. April 4, 1894, Helen Parish Kingsford, 
b. Nov. 18, i860; d. Aug. 9, 1913. 

George Temple Bowdoin, 
b. April 6, 1898. 

* George Richard James Bowdoin, and his brother James Bowdoin. took 
the name of Bowdoin, to meet the conditions of the wills of Governor Bowdoin's 
son, James Bowdoin, d. 181 1, and his wife Sarah, who died without issue. 



George Sullivan Bowdoin. 



John Sullivan, m. about 1735. Margery Brown, 

b. Ireland, June 17, 1690; d. b. Ireland, 1714; d. Berwick, Me. 

Berwick, Me., June 20, 1795. | 180*1. 

James Sullivan, 

b. Berwick, Me., April 22, 1744; 
d. Boston, Mass., Dec. 10, 1808. 
Governor of Massachusetts. 

m. Feb. 22, 1768, Mehetable Odiorne, 

b. Durham, N. H., June 26, 1748; d. 
Boston, Jan. 26, 1786. 

George Sullivan, 

b. Boston, Feb. 21, 1783; d. Pau, 
France, Dec. 14, 1866. 

m. Jan. 26, 1809, Sarah Bowdoin Winthrop, 
b. June 7, 1788; d. Pau, France, 
'Feb., 1864. 

George Richard James Bowdoin* m. 1832, Frances HamiUon, 
b. Nov. 14, 1809; d. March 14, 

George Sullivan Bowdoin, 

b. Sept. 25, 1833; d. Dec. 16, 

b. Oct. 2, 1813; d. April 25, 1887. 
m. June 18, 1862, Julia Irving Grinnell. 

John Winthrop, 

b. 12 Jan., 1587; d. 26 March, 1649. 
Governor of Mass. 


m. 16 April, 1605, Mary Forth, 

d. 16 June, 1615. 

John Winthrop, m. 1635, Elizabeth Reade. 

b. 12 Feb. 1606; d. 5 April, 1676. 
Governor of Conn. 

Wait Still Winthrop, m. Mary Browne, 
b. 27 Feb., 1642; d. 7 Nov., 1717. I d. 14 June, 1690. 

John Winthrop, m. 16 Dec, 1707, Anne Dudley, 
b. 26 Aug., 168 1 ; d. 1 Aug., 1747. j 

John Still Winthrop, m. 4 Sept., 1750. Jane Borland, 
b. 15 Jan., 1720; d. 6 June, 1776. d. 5 April, 1760. 

Thomas Lindall Winthrop, m. 25 July, 1786, Elizabeth Bowdoin 
b.6 March, 1760; d. 21 Feb., 1841. I Temple. 

Sarah Bowdoin Winthrop, m. 26 Jan., 1809, George Sullivan, 

b. 3 June, 1788; d. Feb. 13, 1864. 

* See footnote, preceding page. 


George Sullivan Bowdoin. 


Thomas Temple, I, Rev., m 

3d son of Sir Thomas of Ireland. I 


— Green. 

Thomas Temple, II, 

Thomas Temple, III, 

m. a sister of Nathaniel White of Plym- 
outh, Eng. 

Robert Temple, I, 

b. Ireland, 1694; d. Charlestown, 
Mass., April 14, 1754. 

m. Aug. 11, 1721, at Boston, Mehetable 
b. 1691; d. Dec. 23, 1775. 

John Temple, 8th Bart., m. Jan. 20, 1767, Elizabeth Bowdoin, 

bap. Christ Church, Boston, Ap- b. 1750. 
ril 16, 1732; d. 156 Greenwich 
Street, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1798. 


Philip Pieterse Schuyler, m. 1650, in Albany, N. Y„ Margarita van 

b. in Holland; d. May 9, 1683. j Slechtenhorst, d. 1711. 

Johannes Schuyler, 

b. in Albany, 1668; d. 1747. 

m. 1695, Elizabeth Staats, widow of 

I Johannes Wendell. 

Johannes Schuyler, Jr., 
bap. 1697; d. 1741. 

m. Oct. 18, 1723, Cornelia Van Cortlandt. 

Philip Schuyler, 

Major General, b. Nov. 11, 1733; 
d. Nov. 18, 1804. 

m - I 755» Catherine Van Rensselaer, 
bap. 1734; d. 1S03. 

Elizabeth Schuyler, m. Dec. 14, 1780, Alexander Hamilton, 

b. Aug. 7, 1757; d. Nov. 9, 1854. 


Alexander Hamilton, 

First Secretary of the Treasury, 
b. Jan. 11, 1757; d. July 12, 1804. 

m. Dec. 14, 1780, Elizabeth Schuyler, (E) 
b. Aug. 9, 1757; d. Nov. 9, 1854. 

James A. Hamilton, m. Oct. 17, 1810, Mary Morris, 

b. April 14, 1788; d. Sept. 24, b. Dec. 25, 1790; d. May 24, i860. 


Frances Hamilton, 

b. Oct. 2, 1813; d. April 25, \\ 

m. Oct. 22, 1832, Geo. R. J. Bowdoin. 

I 12 

Rev. William Jones Skillman. 


Lewis Morris, 

b. 15 Oct., 1671; d. 21 May, 


Manor of Morrisania patented 


1st Governor, Province New 

Jersey, 1738. 


m. 3 Nov. 1691, Isabella Graham, 

Lewis Morris, 

b. 23 Sept., 1698; d. July 3, 

b. 3 June, 1672-3; d. April, 1752. 

m. 17 March, 1723, Tryntje Staats, 

b. 4 April, 1697; d. 11 March, 

Richard Morris, 

b. 15 Aug., 1730; d. 11 April, 


Chief Justice, State New York. 

m. 13 June, 1759, Sarah Ludlow, 

b. 15 Sept., 1730; d. 28 Oct., 1791. 

Robert Morris, 

b. 28 June, 1762; d. 22 Feb., 

Mary Morris, 

b. 25 Dec, 1790; d. 24 May, 

m. 11 March, 1786, Frances Ludlum, 
b. 12 Oct., 1766; d. 1 July, 1852. 

m. 17 Oct., 1810 James Alexander Hamil- 
b. 14 April, 1788; d. 24 Sept., 1878. 

Frances Hamilton, m. 22 Oct., 1832, George Richard James 

b. 2 Oct., 1813; d. 25 April, 1887. I Bowdoin, 

I b. 14 Nov., 1809; d. 14 March, 1870. 

George Sullivan Bowdoin, m. 18 June, 1862, Julia Irving Grinnell. 

b. 25 Sept., 1833; d. 16 Dec. 


By Tobias A. Wright. 

In the death of Mr. Skillman, which occurred in Corona, 
Borough of Queens, N. Y., Feb 23, our Society loses one of its 
useful workers. After a ministry of over fifty years in the Re- 
formed Dutch Church he retired to spend the closing years of 
his life largely in gathering and arranging genealogical records of 
his own and allied Dutch families, many of which have appeared 
in the pages of this magazine. Possessed of a wonderful faculty 
for finding missing links, he succeeded in unraveling tangles that 
had long baffled others. A special intuition seemed to guide him 

191 4-1 Henry Parsons King. 117 

on the ancestral trial, and hundreds of the present generation are 
indebted to him for about all they know of their early Dutch 
progenitors. A beautiful pen-printed and illuminated volume of 
his unpublished genealogical notes is indigitive of the painstaking 
care displayed in all his work. This collection he generously 
presented to the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
and may be seen in its library. 

At a time of life when most men cease to labor, Mr. Skillman 
continued his contributions to religious literature. The infirmities 
of age rested lightly upon him, and his genial kindly personality 
was a joy to his friends and an inspiration to young men. He 
died at the age of 79 and his long and useful life was well worthy 
of emulation. 

The genealogical records of the Skillman family, compiled by 
him, may be found in the Record, beginning in vol. 37, page 22. 


By Rufus King. 

Henry Parsons King, of Boston, Mass., died at his home in 
Beacon Street, October 31, 1913, after a long illness. 

Mr. King, the son of George Parsons and Sarah Williams 
(Lathrop) King, of Boston, was a descendant, in the ninth genera- 
tion of William Kinge, of Salem, Mass., who was born in England 
in 1595 and came to New England in 1635; his son, Samuel King, 
an early settler at Southold, L. I., was the ancestor of Henry 
Parsons King as set forth in the Pedigree of King of Salem, Mass. 
(N. Y., 1887). The Record for 1901-2 also contains a brief history 
of the family. 

Henry Parsons King, the subject of this memoir, was born in 
Roxbury, Mass., January 14, 1867, and educated at Harvard 
University, a member of the class of 1889. He married October 
19, 1895, Alice Ormond, daughter of the late Mahlon Day 
Spaulding of Boston, by whom he had two children, Katherine 
Spaulding King, deceased, and Henry Parsons King, Jr. 

Mr. King, at the time of his death, was identified with large 
commercial interests in Boston, and was also active in its social 
life as indicated by his membership of the Somerset, Union and 
other clubs and societies of that city. 

Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Dr. Alexander 
Mann, of Trinity Church, Boston, and the burial was in Forest 
Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plains. 

Mr. King is survived by his wife and son and a sister, Mrs. 
Edward M. Weld of New York City. 

114 Genealogical Notes Relating to Joan Jentilman, [April 

SOUTHOLD, isl. Y. 

By Lucy I). Akerly. 

(Continued from the Kkcord, July, 1908.) 

"The Town of Southvvold has for a long time enjoyed an 
evangelical ministry. In 1626, on June 14, Mr. Christopher 
Yonges departed this life,"* having been Vicar of Reydon, and 
stately St. Edmund's, Southwold, since 161 1. 

This shows the early influences surrounding the vicar's son, 
Rev. John Yonges, the principal founder of our own Southold, 
L. I., who doubtless came from the parish, if not from the fas- 
cinating little church of St. Margaret's, Reydon.f 

The maiden name of Joan, his wife, has been much discussed. 
In Moore's Indexes she is simply Joan; in his Historical Address of 
i8qo the surname Z<?wington is added, a typograhical error. 

Munsell's American Ancestry and the Oyster Bay Yonges Record 
call her Herrington. 

The MSS. Parish Register at Southwold was personally ex- 
amined by the writer of this article in 1903. The marriage en- 
tries read: "1622, July 25, John Yonge & Joan Herrington, 
widoiv." "1613, March 7, Robert Herrington & Johan Jentilman." 

The printed Marriage Licenses of the Archdeaconry of Stiffolk, at 
Ipswich, Eng., have: "1622, July 24, John Yonges & Joan Her- 
rington, both single, of Southwold, suretv Chr. Yonges;" or as 
Mr. Reynal Upham puts it, "John Yonges, "bach., & Joan Herring- 
ton, spinster."^ 

The author of the Yonges Genealogy concludes Joan may have 
been daughter of Stephen Herrington, named in the will of her 
father-in-law, Rev. Christopher Yonges. 

The latest light on the subject comes from Mr. J. C. Herring- 
ton, of Portsmouth, Eng., a native Southwolder, who traces back 
to Robert Herrington, Bailiff of Southwold, 1607, whose family 
record, compiled from English sources only, distinctly states that 
"Joan Jentilman, widow of Robert Herrington," (prob. son of the 
Bailiff above) "married 2nd, Rev. John Yonges, who later came to 

The Herringtons are one of the few Southwold families extant 
in the days of Rev. Christopher Yonges who have to-day a male 

Robert, son of Robert and Joan (Jentilman) Herrington, bapt. 
1 October, 1616, thenceforth disappears from the Southwold Pas- 

* Brown's Hist, of Congregationalism in Norfolk and Suffolk. 
t Hotten's Passenger Lists. 
X L. I. Traveler. 

IgI4 .] Wife of Rev. John Yonges, of Southold, N.Y. 1 1 5 

ish Register. Perhaps he was that Robert Herrington (Harring- 
ton), of Watertown, Mass., 1642, whom. 1 October, 1648, Susanna, 
dau. of John George, and had, says Savage, Susanna, John, Robert, 
George killed by the Indians at Lancaster^ 1676, Daniel, Joseph, 
Benjamin, Mary, Thomas and Samuel.* 

We find other Herringtons or Harringtons in New England. 
Benjamin Herenton died in Providence, R. I., 1687, an intimate 
friend and connection by marriage of Roger Williams.t 

To return to the Jentilmans (Gentlemans). Herrington tradi- 
tion make Joan Yonges the probable daughter of Thomas Jentil- 
man, many times Bailiff at Southwold, described in Wake's His- 
tory of ' Soutlnvold as the "unmatchable, who lived 98 years in per- 
fect sight and memorie, giving Composition Lings "(a free tribute 
to the king from every fishing bark) "70 yrs. to 4 princes, King 
Edward, Oueens Mary and Elizabeth and James 1st." 

TobiasT his son, an author of note, revivor of the fisheries, 
emulated his father's fame. 

Joan Jentilman, having both a son and a grandson called 
Thomas Yonges, doubtless descended from Thomas Jentilman, but 
was probably dau. of William and Agnes Jentilman, whose dau. 
Joan was bapt. at Southwold, 5 July, 1603, her name being one of 
the first on the Parish Register there. 

There is no mention of any other early Joan Jentilman, nor 
any other disposition of Joan, dau. of William Jentilman, hence 
it was doubtless she who married Robert Herrington in 161 3, let 
us say, aged at least 14 or 15, so born about 1598-9. This would 
make her nearly the same age as Rev. John Yonges, born 1598- 
i6o2,t and renders it most unlikely that Thomas Jentilman, born 
1511', died 1609, was her father; he was more likely to have been 
her grandfather or great grandfather. 

The name Jentilman (Gentleman, Jentilhomme) is one of those 
nicknames or sobriquets in which the Normans delighted, and 
like Bonner, Debonaire and Corteis, signified a courteous and 
affable character, one with whom it was a pleasure to be.§^ 

Robert Jentilhomme is fonnd in the Wills at Bury St. Ed- 
munds, Thomas Gentleman on the Rolls of Parliament, Nicholas 
Gentleman on the Hundred Rolls, while several English authors 
were named Gentleman. The name also appears in Burkes 
Landed Gentry, and at Boston, Mass.|| 

The arms of Robert Geo. Gentleman, Esq., of Ballyhorgan and 
Mt. Coal, Co. Kerry, Ireland, are: "A demi-eagle, displayed, with 
2 heads, sa., on each wing a trefoil or. Motto: Truth, honor and 

* Bond's Hist, of , Watertown, Mass. 

t Munsell's Amer. Alices, vol. XII, p. 120; Austin s Rhode Island Diet 
% Compare Hotten's Passenger Lists, Harris' Early L. I. Epitaphs, and the 
Yonges Gen. 

§ Beardsley, Our English Surnames. 
|| Bowditch, Suffolk Surnames. 
\ Fairbairn's Crests. 

I 1 6 Tombstone Inscriptions at Tilly Foster, Putnam Co., N. Y. [April, 

We do not know whether Joan Jentilman Yonges bore the 
above arms or not, but it is certain that the motto would describe 
many of her descendants. 

Herrington traditions hold that \the Southwold Jentilmans 
were shipbuilders, mariners, boatowners; the Herringtons seamen 
and fishermen, while for years the wars took them away from the 
old town, 

In other words, the roving Viking blood that has made the 
English the greatest colonists on the globe, held both Herring- 
tons and Jentilmans fast with its irrisistible spell and thirst for 
adventure, and to it Joan Jentilman Yonge's descendants doubt- 
less owe more than thev are aware. 


Copied bv W. Jerome Dykeman. 

[Exact Copy.] 

Mr. Peter Hartwill, he died Dec. 16th AD 1760 JE 48. 

Mrs. Mary, wife to Mr. Peter Hartwill. She died July 15th 
AD 1758 JE 41. 

Joseph C. Wright Weslyan local Preacher. Born in Colling- 
ton, Cornwall Co, England March 3 1846. Died Jan. 25, 1872. 

Josiah F. Ellis who died Aug. 18, 1842 in the 75 year of his age. 

Elizabeth, wife of Josiah F. Ellis who died Nov. 30, 1835 aged 
65 years. 

Jacob son of Josiah F. & Elizabeth Ellis who died Nov. 20 
1829 aged 34 years. 

Gideon son of Josiah F. & Elizabeth Ellis, who died Jan. 21, 
1812, aged 22 years. 

Died July 8, 1805, Jonathan Kelley JE 44 years, 10 mo & 10 

Died Sept 12 1826 Grace wife of Jonathan Kelley. JE 64 
years, 5 mo. & 18 days. 

Daniel Gay who died June 20 1812 JE 63 y'rs. 

Also his wife Sarah Gay who died Oct. 22 1847 JE 93 y'rs 6 
mo & 22 D's. 

In an orchard just northeast of this cemetery are three tomb- 
stones which bear the following inscriptions: 

Heman King who died Jan. 21 1812 aged 85 years. 

Elizabeth, wife of Heman King who died August 30 1811 aged 
81 years. 

Mr. Jeduthun King who died Aug 6 AD 1789 in the 21st year 
of his age. 

In the cemetery are two flat fieldstones standing side by side 
with the following initials carved on them: J. H. M. A. H. 
No one in this vicinity seems to know who is buried here. 

I014-] Adam Mott of Staten Island. \ \ J 

By Edward Doubleday Harris. 

Heretofore but little has been published concerning the elder 
branch of the Adam 1 Mott family of Hempstead, Long Island, 
N. Y. The patriarch had, as is abundantly established by con- 
temporaneous documents,* two sons bearing his own name, 
Adam, 11 the eldest of the children, who was baptized in the Dutch 
Church of New Amsterdam, 14 Nov., 1649, and Adam, the 
youngest, who was born at Cow Neck, 20 Aug., 1680, as the bible 
record reads, "at 1 P. M." It is with the elder of the two that 
we have to do at this time. The story of the younger is well 
known. f 

Adam,' as has been said, was baptized 14 Nov., 1649, the first 
child of his parents who had been married 28 July, 1647. He 
was therefore but eight years of age when his father had taken 
residence at Hempstead, near the head of the Harbor, in 1657. 
In 167 1, then twenty-two, he purchased of Edward Titus, three 
acres of land with a house, calling himself Adam, "junior." On 
March 23, 1674, "Adam Mott, junior," was a seaman on the ketch 
Hopewell from New York to Virginia. In 1678, still "jr." and 
"of Hempstead," he was cited to appear to answer to a charge of 
debt, brought by Gabriel Minviell of New York. Sept. 25, 1691, 
as "eldest son of Adam Mott, dec'd, who died intestate," he 
petitioned Court that he might be appointed to administer his 
father's estate. He sold his interest in the Cow Neck lands to 
William Nicoll, Sept. 20, 1693. On April 30, 1694, then calling 
himself " Sr.," he conveyed his interests in certain lands that 
had been his father's to his half brothers and sisters, his brother 
Adam at that time being but fourteen years old. The Hempstead 
Census^ of 1698 lists him between the families of his brother 
John Mott and James Jackson (evidently his nearest neighbors), 
one Nicholas Stilwell, probably of his wife's family, being of his 

" M r . Adam Mott 

M r8 . Mary Mott 

An Mott 

Mary Mott 

Adam Mott, jr. 

Nicholas Stilwell." 
His wife's name first appears in deeds in connection with his 
in 1704, though he had been married as early, certainly, as 1678, 
to Mary, the daughter of Nicholas and Mary Stilwell. In this 

* Vide, Descendants of Adam Mott, etc., 1906. 

| Vide, Cornell's Adam and Anne Mott. 

% Vide, N. Y. Gen. &> Biog. Record, xlv, p. 57. 

1 1 8 Adam Mott of Staten Island. [April, 

connection it is interesting to read the contents of a paper kept 
in the State Records at Albany until destroyed by the disastrous 
fire of 191 1. "hamfted 5 day of March 1705. M r . sacatary s r be 
pleased to inform y e governor that I have given my consant that 
this barer Solomon samens shall have my dagter mary pray assist 
him in gating a lysans for thare marag and i shall be (willing to 
you so I rest your) assured friend and servant A d Mott my 
wife is allso willing to y° same." In 1705 he was Justice of the 
Peace, and apparently living at Rockaway, on the south side. 
To his son Adam he conveyed by deed of June 15, 1713, one-half 
of all his lands at Rockaway, and Nov. 28, 17 19, he and his wife 
Mary, with their son Adam and his wife Elizabeth, sold to John 
Mott their lands on the "Neck," at the same place. This is the 
last recorded evidence of him and his wife, as living, that appears. 

To the issue of Adam and Mary, as shown by the Census and 
other documents already cited, Mrs. Bunker* adds, as the eldest, 
Jane, who married in 1693 Richard Seaman (b. 1673-6; d. 1749); 
and Bergenf would have us add another daughter, Maria or 
Mary, who was wife of Daniel 3 Stilwell (Nicholas 1 ), bapt. Nov. 13, 
1653, of Gravesend and later of Staten Island, dying about 1720, 
with issue Nicholas, b. 1678, Samuel, b. 1680, Daniel, b. 1687, and 

Adam 1 and Mary Mott certainly had: 

1. Ann, 8 unmarried 1698. 

2. Mary, married 1705, Solomon Seaman. 

3. Adam, born 1684-1690. 

Adam 8 , apparently the youngest of his father's children, and 
the only son, was born not earlier than 1684, nor later than 1690. 
He first appears on the records June 15, 1713, when his father 
conveyed to him one-half of his lands at Rockaway. He mar- 
ried some time not long before 1717, Elizabeth, the daughter of 
Richbell 3 Mott, who was one of his father's younger half- 

* Long Island Genealogies. 

t Early Settlers of Kings Co. 

\ Adam Mott, the patriarch, for his "last wife," as he calls her, had taken 
about 1670, Elizabeth, the step-daughter of John Richbell of Mamaroneck, and 
sister of Mary, the wife of James 2 Mott (bapt. 1651), the second son of the 
patriarch, and own brother of Adam 5 . From this late marriage of Adam, Sr., 
there resulted four sons, Richbell, Charles, William and Adam. Richbell was 
a man of some prominence, lived at Great Neck, and among his children were 
Edmund 3 , Richbell 3 and a daughter Elizabeth 3 , who became the wife of Adam 3 
Mott of the text. The son Richbell 3 , born about 1700, died 1725, apparently 
single. Edmund 3 , to keep alive the christian name, named a son Richbell 4 , 
born 1728, and who died 1758 without male issue. Elizabeth, the elder Rich- 
bell's 2 daughter, who married Adam 3 Mott, gave the name to one of her two 
sons, the Richbell 4 of the text, whose brother Richard 4 was the father of the 
last Richbell 5 in this line, as will be seen later. Cotemporary with this last 
was another, the sixth to bear the name of Richbell, born about 1763, of Far 
Rockaway, who is easily separated bv the fact that he was brother of Elkanah 5 , 
both the sons of Richard 4 , the son of Henry 3 , the son of that John* to whom 
Adam 2 Mott sold his farm in Rockaway in 171Q. The relative positions in the 
family pedigree may be readily seen in the subjoined table. 


Adam Mott of Staten Island. 


JOHN RlCHBELU(2/= Ann Patton5yt9- - - Redman 

Jane. "HuM (1) - ADAM MoTT =( , )Bli2aJ>eth=l2)Roho-h 

« 1 t 
Mary rjamcs 


m. '67^ 

James , 


John 1 




b./62i - dui.ityo 





kaM. 1*70 



M<xm=:Bi2abcih 3 



Edmund 3 Rjchhel^ 

ba.ityS b.a.yoo 

d.1744 d.a.1724 

j unmar. 

Ric^ani 4 Richard 4 HicbMI 4 ftichM' 


B!Kanab : 



' Ri'chbelf Richbdf 
b.d.1763 Kaff./7# 



d.)8z8 V1V./777 

Jli cnard 

6. 17 &o 



viv. I7C5" 

Undoubtedly he continued to live at Rockaway for awhile, for 
Nov. 28, 17 19, Adam Mott, Sr., with Mary his wife, and Adam, 
Jr., with Elizabeth his wife, "now living all of us at a place 
called Rockaway," joined in conveying to John* Mott 264 acres of 
land, with the houses, barns, etc., thereon. In 1725 he had trans- 
ferred his residence to Staten Island, for June 15 of that year 
Enoch Stephenson and wife Katherine conveyed to him certain 
lands with house, barns, etc., thereon, situated on the south side 
of the Freshkill in Richmond Co., the same being then in the 
occupation of the grantee under a lease; and Sept. 10 following 
"Mr." Adam Mott's cattle mark was recorded in the county 
clerk's books. The fact that his mother's people, the Stilwells, 
were living on Staten Island, doubtless influenced him in chang- 
ing his residence. In 1728 he was made the County Clerk, and 
appears to have occupied the 
office for ten years. His peculiar 
signature (sometimes mistaken 
for Abram Mott) on many of his 
official documents in the county 
and at Albanv serves to identify 

him both in Hempstead and after his retirement from office * In 
1738 he wrote from Richmond county to the Governor in behalf 
of his son Richbell. Evidently he returned to Long Island, for 
July 11, 1745, with his wife Elizabeth, he sold to John Allyn, 
then of Madnan's Neck (north side of Hempstead) their "home 
farm of land . . . formerly belonging to Richbell Mott," 
Elizabeth's father, consisting of 138 acres "which had been 


! 2 o Adam Moll of Staten Island. [April, 

Adam Mott's." This was his last appearance in the New York 
records The discovery a few years ago of a forgotten volume 
in the cellar of the County Court House in New York City, gave 
the first intimation of his subsequent history. Therein it ap- 
peared that Elizabeth Mott of Richmond county, widow, filed a 
bond for ^500 as administratrix of her late husband, Adam 
Mott, "formerly of Richmond county, but since of the Province 
of Penn a .," gentleman, deceased. Samuel Stillwell of New York 
City, merchant, was the surety, and the date was March 8, 1749. 
Of the estate on the Freshkill, which had been acquired in 1725, 
the records show no disposition in his lifetime, or in that of 
his widow. Searches in the records of many of the county seats 
of Pennsylvania failed to locate him after 1745. Recently Mr. 
William Alfred Robbins placed before the writer an original 
deposition which gave the clue resulting in the discovery of his 
retreat. Under date of Oct. 1, 1750, Richbell Mott, his son, testi- 
fied in Queens Co., N. Y.,to having been present at the marriage 
of one George Manlove "of the Little Creek Hundred In County 
of Kent upon Deleware," to Mary, the daughter of John Treadwell 
of Hempstead, the officiating clergyman being "Mr. Reading, 
Rector of the Parish Church of St. Georges In New Castle 
County In the Territories of pensilvany," and that the deponent 
"was Bondsman for the License In the Town of Dover," that he 
is "Aged Thirty-Two yeares, of the County of Kent upon Dele- 
ware, Gentleman."! A personal search of the county records at 
Dover disclosed much of the subsequent history of the family. 
Peter Galloway and his wife Elizabeth, Feb. n, 1747, oi the 
county of Kent, conveyed by deed to "Adam Mott of the county 
of Richmond in the Colony of New York," for a consideration of 
^350, several parcels of land in Dover Hundred, lying upon 
Dover Creek and Dover River, with their houses, barns, etc., 
Richbell Mott being one of the witnesses; and on the same day 
the same grantors conveyed to the same grantees 180 acres of 
land "called Willinbrook" in Little Creek Hundred in the same 
county.}: On Feb. 22, 1748, Adam Mott of Kent Co. conveyed to 

* In the State Library at Albany there was, until recently, on file, the 
deposition of one Adam Mott, yeoman, of Richmond Co., Henry Young and 
Joseph Carman, concerning a wounded whale cast ashore on Staten Island, 
dated Apr. 10, 1730. The Mott signature makes it evident that the signer was 
not the county clerk, nor apparently could he have been any other descendant 
of the patriarch than the son of that name of Charles 2 of Hempstead It is 
more likely that he wasthat Adam (son of Lorus or Lawrence Mott) of Matin- 
ecock, Long Island, who in 1724 submitted the inventory of his brother 
Thomas' estate at Little Egg Harbor, N. J., and of whom we know nothing 

t The State of Delaware has but three counties, New Castle in the north 
Kent in the middle, and Sussex in the south. New Castle was the seat of that 
county until the year i88i,when it was removed to Wilmington. Search in 
the Registry of Wills there discloses nothing of the surname of Mott until 
1784, when administration of the estate of Nathan Mott was granted to Freder- 
ick Eristmingland, said Nathan, lately deceased, having lived at Newcastle. 
Later the name of Mote appears, the family being of Mill Creek Hundred. 
Apparently neither was of the eastern family of Mott. 

% Kent Co. Deeds, N, 193, 194. 

lgi4.] Adam Mott of Staten Island. 12 1 

his "son Richbell Mott" of the same place the Dover lands 
bought of Galloway the year before, and upon the record appears, 
affixed to the acknowledgment under date of March u, 1748, the 
signature of Adam Mott made familiar to |is by its frequent oc- 
currence on New York documents.* 

In the Dover Registry of Wills (K, 6) it appears that Feb. 7, 
1749, there was issued "at Dover in Kent ... to Richbel 
Mott, son of Adam Mott, dec'd," letters of administration, the 
said Adam having lately died intestate. It will be remembered 
that on March 8 following the widow Elizabeth was bonded as 
administratrix in Richmond Co., N. Y. In the Registry of Deeds 
at Dover under date of Dec. 14, 1757 (P, 47) it may be read that 
"Adam Mott, late of Kent Co., deceased .... left three chil- 
dren, to wit, Richbell Mott, eldest son . . . Elizabeth, the 
wife of Benjamin Seamans, and Richard Mott, a minor." Further 
reference to this document will be made in its proper place. It 
is therefore apparent that Adam' Mott, the. Richmond Co. clerk, 
and grandson of the patriarch in the oldest line of descent, died 
while a resident of Delaware a little before Feb. 7, 1749. 

Elizabeth Mott, the widow, continued in residence at Staten 
Island, made her will there Jan. 30, 1777, appointing her "grand- 
son Richard Seaman of Richmond Co." her executor, and died 
sometime before April 2, 1778, when the will was proved. Her 
legatees were "grandson Richbell, son of my son Richard Mott, 
dec'd," when he shall reach the age of 22; "granddaughter Eliza- 
beth Seaman, daughter of my daughter Elizabeth, the wife of 
Benjamin Seamans." No mention was made of the children of 
her older son Richbell. Her gravestone has not been found on 
Staten Island, though diligent search has been made for it, nor is 
that of her husband standing in either of the two old church- 
yards in Dover. 

Apparently the only issue of Adam' and Elizabeth Mott were: 

1. Richbell 4 , born 1717-18 (32 in Oct. 1750). 

2. Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Seaman in 1743- 

3. Richard 4 , born later than 1728. 

Richbell 4 , the older son of the County Clerk, stated in his 
deposition of 1750 concerning the Manlove marriage that he was 
"aged 32 years." Hence 1717-18 must be ascribed as the approxi- 
mate date of his birth. He had, therefore, barely come of age 
when his father appealed to the Governor, Nov. 1738, to appoint 
him "lieutenant at large" for Richmond Co. He married while 
in his minority, March 1, 1736, Mary, daughter of Richard and 
Sarah Seamans. March 9, 1744, then styled "of Co. Richmond, 
gentleman," he was appointed by the Court to administer upon 
the estate of Samuel Briton, dec'd. He accompanied his father 
to Delaware in 1747, settled the paternal estate there two years 
later, and continued in residence in Kent Co., in the township of 
Little Creek Hundred, until his death in 1762. Apparently a 
separation had occurred from his wife, for when her father Rich- 
ard Seaman, "of Herricks in the bounds of Hempstead," wrote 

* Kent Co. Deeds N, 252. 

12 2 Adam Mott of Staten Island. [April, 

his will on the 15th of the 5th month, 1751, he gave to her the 
use of the house he had "bought from Searing," with certain per- 
sonal effects, "all these she is to have during the time she doth or 
shall live separate from her husband Richbell Mott, or if he 
should die, then to her use during her widowhood;" and in a 
codicil (April 17, 1752) revoking this bequest adds, "she shall 
have the use of the new house I am building ... so long as 
she lives separate from her husband." 

Feb. 7, 1753, Richbell Mott, "of Kent Co., farmer," conveyed 
to Richard Wells two parcels of land in Dover Hundred, being a 
portion of the purchase of his father Adam from Galloway in 
1747, and which constituted a part of his share of the estate. 
Jan. r, 1759, then of Little Creek Hundred, "gentleman," he con- 
veyed "in consideration of the love and good will that I have and 
do bear to the Societies of the Church of England and the Pres- 
byterians, and for the edication of youth professing themselves 
members of either of the Societies above said" to John Brinckle 
of Little Creek Hundred and to "Richard Mott of the same 
place, vestrymen in the Parish of St. Mary in Kent Co. on Dela- 
ware," and to John Miller, Presbyterian minister at Dover, cer- 
tain lands, being a part of his homestead in Little Creek Hun- 
dred "called by the name of York." 

The date of his death has not been learned, nor the place of 
his burial, but June 10, 1762, letters of administration were issued 
at Dover "to Matthew Manlove and Sarah Manlove (Mary Mott 
y e widow having first exhibited her Ren n )."* In a conveyance 
from Richard Mott, his son, in 1767, to be hereafter more par- 
ticularly noted, there occurs this passage — "the said Richbell 
Mott . . . died intestate, leaving Mary, widow; Richard, his 
eldest son, and several other sons and daughters;" and in another 
conveyance from Seaman Mott it is stated that Richbell Mott 
died "leaving four children, to wit, Sarah, now the wife of Mat- 
thew Manlove, and Richard Mott, Seaman Mott and Elizabeth, the 
wife of Solomon Seamans."f Mary, his widow, was living in 1767. 

Thus it appears that the issue of Richbell 4 and Mary Mott were: 

1. Sarah, probably the oldest child, and the wife of Mat- 

thew Manlove in June, 1762. 

2. Richard 6 , older son, probably not of age in 1762. 

3. Seaman 6 . 

4. Elizabeth, wife of Solomon Seaman in 1768. 

Richard 4 Mott, the second son of the County Clerk, was born 
as late certainly as 1728, for he was under age in 1749 when his 
father died. Thomas Irons was his guardian. On the 14th 
Dec, 1757, he, then "of Kent Co., yeoman," conveyed to John 
Vining his interest, as a younger son, in divers pieces of land in 
Dover, one of them bounding on Court House Square. J 

* Kent Co. Registry, K, 285. 

t Kent Co. Deeds, R, 251. 

X Court House Square is the notable feature of Dover to-day. Surrounded 
by its dignified public buildings and private residences of a past generation, 
an atmosphere of peace and quiet pervades the scene as delightful as it is 

igi4.] Adam Mott of Staten Island. I 23 

He was that Richard who in 1759 was a vestryman of the 
"Parish of St. Mary in Kent Co." mentioned in the conveyance 
of that year of lands in Little Creek Hundred, forming a part of 
the homestead of his brother Richbell. His father's land at 
Willingbrook in Little Creek Hundred, ona hundred and eighty 
acres, "the whole tract," he sold May 27, 1763, to Govey Emer- 
son. No further mention of him in the Dover Registry appears 
until 1766, when, on Dec. 17, Jerusha Mott, widow, was granted 
letters of administration on the estate of Richard Mott, deceased. 
Thereafter neither the widow nor any Motts that could have 
been his children can be discovered on the record in Delaware. 
In her will of 1777, his mother Elizabeth, of Staten Island, names 
her son Richard's son Richbell, at that time not twenty-two 
years of age. 

The only known issue of Richard* and his wife Jerusha was: 
1. Richbell*, born later than 1756, living in Dover 1766, 
and alive in 1777, then under twenty-two. Nothing 
further is known of him. He could not have been 
that other Richbell of Rockaway, who was born about 
1763, for he was brother to an Elkanah, sons of another 
Richard 4 , who was grandson of that John" Mott of 
Rock?.way to whom the County Clerk sold the farm in 
17 19. This last Rockaway Richbell was the tobac- 
conist of New York City, 1801-1811, and was dead in 
1828, the father of a Stephen, probably the brass 
founder of New York. 

Richard 6 Mott, the elder of the two sons of Richbell 4 of Lit- 
tle Creek Hundred, was born probably either on Staten Island or 
Long Island, and about the year 1742. It seems conclusive that 
he was not of age when his father's estate was placed under ad- 
ministration in 1762. 

On May 6, 1767, Richard Mott, then "of Queens Co., N. Y., 
yeoman," as the "eldest son" joins with his mother "Mary Mott 
of Queens Co., widow and relict of Richbell Mott," in conveying 
to Thomas Irons of Kent Co., Delaware, their interest in certain 
lands (300 acres), "part of two large tracts called York and 
Willingbrook in Little Creek Hundred," the said Richbell having 
"died intestate leaving Mary, widow, Richard, the eldest son 
. . . and several other sons and daughters." Matthew and 
Sarah Manlove witnessed the conveyance.* It is apparent that 
he had returned to Long Island from Delaware and was prob- 
ably living with his mother at Herricks, "within the bounds of 

In the records of the Surrogate Court in New York Cityf 
there may be read the will of Richard Mott "of Herricks in the 
township of Hempstead," made "on the 12th day of the eighth 
month, 1779," h e tnen being "in a weak state of health." It 
gives "all my wearing apparel unto my brother Seaman Mott 
. . . my bed and furniture . . . unto my sister Sarah 

* Dover Registry of Deeds, R, 190. 
t Lib. 34, p. 173- 

I2A Adam Mott of Staten Island. [April, 

Manlove . . . the sum of four pounds to be paid into the 
hands of the Treasurer of the monthly meeting of Friends at 
Westbury for the use of said meeting . . the remainder 
. . . unto children of my brother Seaman Mott, to the chil- 
dren of my sister Sarah Manlove. "f It is apparent that Richard 
Mott after his return to Long Island, and undoubtedly under the 
influence of his mother's people, the Seamans, joined the Quakers, 
and that he died between August 12, 1799, and July 28, 1780, 
leaving neither wife nor child and with no real estate. 

Seaman 6 Mott, the younger of the two sons of Richbell, was 
probably born 1744-46. His name first appears upon the Kent 
Co. records May 14, 1767, when James Stevens sold to him for 
^360 certain lands on "St. Jones's Neck" in that county. On 
Feb. 24, 1768, then "of Little Creek Neck and Hundred, yeoman," 
he sold to Abraham Vamoy, Jr., for ^300, his interest in lands 
"called York," which had been his father Richbell's, and ap- 
points Samuel McCall and Mark McCall his attorneys to appear 
for him "at any time after the date of this" document. Two 
months later, Apr. 21, 1768, then of Kent Co., with wife Nancy, 
he conveyed to Govey Emerson his interest in the York and 
Willingbrook lands, and in this deed it is again recited that Rich- 
bell Mott died "leaving four children, to wit: Sarah, now the 
wife of Matthew Manlove, and Richard Mott, Seaman Mott and 
Elizabeth, the wife of Solomon Seamans of Maryland." His 
name does not appear later either as grantee or grantor in the 
land records of the county, nor is there in the Dover Registry of 
Wills anything relating to the settlement of his estate. Delaware 
Archives, I. 70, 71, is authority for the statement that he was a 
sergeant in Capt. Manlove's company, "part of the flying camp in 
the Delaware battalion," enlisted July 30, 1776. The Simmons 
Moat of the Dover Tax List of 1785 was undoubtedly the same 
man. The wording of his elder brother Richard's will of 1779 
implies that at that time he had children, but nothing has been 
learned of them either in Delaware or Long Island. It is pos- 
sible that the descendants might be traced through the records 
of the Pension Office in Washington. 

' t Several wills in the Dover Registry throw light on the Manlove connec- 
tion. That of Matthew of Kent Co., made Dec. 13, 1773, presented Dec. 23, 
1773, names sister Margaret Craigo, brother Mark Manlove, and nephew Mat- 
thew Manlove (L. 147). The will of another Matthew (apparently the husband 
of Sarah Mott) of Kent Co., made April, 1775, presented Jan. 1, 1778, mentions 
wife Sarah, and minor children without naming them (L. 197). The will of 
Mott Manlove of Dover, yeoman, made Sept. 29, 1790, presented Oct. 12, 1790, 
gives his entire estate to his "natural daughter Elizabeth Manlove," and in case 
of her death before the age of twenty-one, to his brother George Manlove (M. 
253). The will of another Matthew Manlove of Kent Co., made Feb. II, 1811, 
gives all his estate to nephew, Charles Polk (O. 252), and to the children of my 
sister, Elizabeth Seaman, to be equally divided "between them" when they ar- 
rive respectively to the age of twenty-one years old or their respective days of 
marriage, or the first of those terms that shall happen." His "Kinsman Giles 
Seaman . . . and Richard Seaman, sons of my uncle Giles Seaman of 
Oyster Bay" to be the executors. The witnesses were Thomas Pearsall, John 
Searing and Sarah Lake, a spinster, who deposed July 28, 1780, and Apr. 25, 
1781, letters testamentary were issued to the executors. 

19 1 4-1 Adam Mott of Staten Island. I 25 

The Kent County records reveal the existence there at an 
early date of one Samuel Mott, whose family affiliations are not 
readily discernible. "Att a Court held for St. Joneses Countie 
the 20th of December, 1681, upon the severall pettions of the 
hereafter mentioned parsons desireing to take up land within 
the precincts of this Countie the Court grants the s d . Petitioners 
the following quantitys exprest " — among others to "Samuel 
Mott a grant of 400 ackers of land."* Thomas Heathered "of 
county St. Joneses in the Province of New York, planter," 
Aug. 11, 1682, assigned to Samuel Mott of the same place a lot 
"called Heatherds adventure . . . being situated on the west 
side of Delaware Bay and on the north side of a creek called 
Murther Creek near unto the head of the saide Creeke side and 
running from thence north-east," on Beaver Dam, containing 
three hundred acres. f On. the 15th of — mo, 1685, Samuel Mott 
"of Kent in territories of the Province of Penn." sold to John 
Edmundson for ,£18, one hundred and fifty acres adjoining 
Heatherd's Adventure, being one-half of a lot of three hundred 
acres "called Edmondson's charge. "J Again, the same grantor 
on the 15th of 12th mo., 1685, conveyed to the same grantee the 
piece known as Heatherd's Adventure. § On the 10th of the 1st 
mo., 1689-90, Sarah Bishop of Kent Co., as administratrix of the 
estate of Benoni Bishop, sold to Samuel Mott four hundred acres 
called " Mott's field " in Kent Co., on the west side of Delaware 
Bay "in a fork of Murder Creek."|| Samuel Mott assigned to 
John Edmondson, Feb. 4, 1687-8, lands covered by a Patent 
issued to him 12th of 8mo., 1681.I 

In the Dover Registry of Wills it appears that on the 14th of 
7th mo., 1692, Sarah Mott of the "county of Kent in the Terri- 
tories of Penn.," widow and relict of Samuel Mott of the county 
aforesaid, who had died intestate, was appointed by the Court to 
administer upon the estate.** 

The two creeks frequently mentioned in the Kent County 
deeds, Little Creek and Murder, are still known by the same 
names. Little Creek, which gave its name to the Hundred, or 
township, enters the Delaware Bay at a point directly east of 
the county town of Dover, and distant from it about seven miles. 
Murder, or Murder Hill Creek, enters the Bay at about the same 
distance to the southward; it is much the larger of the two, 
extending into the country through tortuous twistings in a 
southwest direction. The first "fork" is about five miles from 
the coast, the present town of Frederica occupying the ground 
between the two streams. Two miles further inland the Creek 
divides again. The sites of " Mott's Field " was probably at one 
or the other of these forks. 

This Samuel Mott does not appear to belong to the Long 
Island family of that surname, and could not have been very 
closely related to the Richmond Co. Clerk. Adam' of Hempstead 

* Kent Co. Registry, A, 38. || lb., C, 48. 

!Ib„ A, 62. If lb., C, 24. 

lb., B, 1. ** Reg. of Wills. A, 3. 
lb., B, 6. 


126 Saratoga County, N. Y., Epitaphs. [April, 

grandfather of the Clerk, had no son of record bearing the name 
of Samuel, and the dates preclude the theory that he was his 
grandson. Nathaniel 1 Mott of Scituate and Braintree, Mass., 
was father of a Samuel, 1 born 1668, but that man had a wife Mary, 
lived in Lyme, Conn., and made his will in 1751. Adam' Mott of 
Portsmouth, R. I., had in his large family no son Samuel, but 
the Kent Co. man might easily have been a grandson. The sea- 
faring leanings of all these Mott families were quite pronounced, 
and it was a common occurrence for the coastwise sloops from 
New England and Long Island to extend their trade much 
farther from home than Delaware Bay. 


Communicated by Cornelius Emerson Durkee, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV., p. 89, of the Record.) 

Cady Hill Cemetery, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

The Cady Hill Cemetery is a small private enclosure on the 
south side of the Milton road, about one-third of a mile west of 
the Geyser Spring. 

The inscriptions were copied by Mr. Edward D. Harris and 
comprise all to be found there. 

Dennis, Daniel, died June n, 1806; aged 40 y., 11 m., 16 d. 
Carragan, Eleazer, died Oct. 27, 1862; aged 82 ys. 

Martha, wife of Eleazer Carragan, died April 30, 1861; aged 

75 ys. 
Murry, Stephen S., son of John and Phebe Murry, died March 16, 

1838; 10th yr. 
Deborah E., dau. of John and Phebe Murry, died Aug. 30, 

1838; 8th yr. 
Cady, Thomas, died Nov. 14, 1826; aged 46 ys. 

Harriet, dau. of Thomas and Rebecca Cady, died Nov. 2, 

1814; aged 10 y., 4 m., 24 d. 
Lorry, dau. of Thomas and Rebecca Cady; died June 20, 

181 1; aged 3 y., 2 m., 18 d. 
George W., son of Thomas and Rebecca Cady, died Nov. 4, 

1814; aged 1 y., 10 m., 10 d. 
Jerusha, dau. of Thomas and Rebecca Cady, died Nov. 3, 

1817; 8th yr. 
Menerva, dau. of Warren and Elizabeth Cady, died Feb. 8, 

1808; 4th yr. 
Harman, son of Warren and Elizabeth Cady, died Feb. 9, 

1808; 1 yr. 
Jeremiah, son of Warren and Elizabeth Cady, died Mch. 18, 

1808; 13th yr. 
Arivella, dau. of Warren and Elizabeth Cady, died July 13, 

1803; aged 10 m., 11 d. 

I9i 4-J Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N.Y. I 27 

Baker, Peter, died Feb. 12, 1806; aged 26 ys. 
Page, Sargent, died April 18, 1835; 71st yr. 

Wi'lber, Absalom T., son of William and Matilda Wilder, died 
Sept. 12, 1833; 4th yr. y 



Copied from the manuscript record of the late Rev. Theodore A. Leggett, 

by A. Hatfield, Jr. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV, p. 80, of the Record.) 

Compiler's Note:— In comparing the will of Gabriel Leggett 
as given by the Rev. Mr. Leggett, with the copy filed in the 
Surrogate's Office, New York (Liber 1-2, page 335, according to 
the last binding of the volumes, or, Liber 2, page 25, according 
the index), it appears that Mr. Leggett must have made a mis- 
take in copying the will, and was therefore in error in thinking 
that Gabriel made no mention of his daughter Mary in the will, 
and hence, in his later conjectures as to the date of her birth. 
The fourth paragraph of the will should read: "I give and be- 
queath unto my daughter Martha Leggatt my little negro boy. 
Item. / will and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Leggatt twenty 
pounds. I will and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Leggatt 
twenty pounds," etc. Also; Mr. Leggett's note that this daughter 
Mary was "well married to John Archer" at this time is not 
correct, as we find in the will of Gabriel* Leggett, 1781, a bequest 
to his daughter Mary Archer, who is evidently the Mary, wife of 
John Archer, to whom Mr. Leggett refers. 

The son of John Leggett, the mariner, is identified by the 
following extract from the records of the Dutch Church of New 
York: Married, Sept. 14, 1688: "Jan Legget, j.m. van de Bar- 
bados, en Catalina Tenbroeck, 3. d. van N. Albamen, d'eerste 
wonende alhier, entwede tot N. Albanien." Translation: John 
Leggett, young man (i. e., unmarried), of the Barbadoes, and 
Catalina ten Broeck, young maiden, of New Albany; the first 
living here, the second at New Albany. 

Their children, baptised in New York, as found in the Dutch 
Church records, were: 

1689, July 29. Rachel. Sponsors: Hendnck H. ten Broeck 
and Gertrude ten Broeck. 

1692, Feb. 28. Christina. Sponsors: Capt. Brandt Schuyler 
and Lysbeth ten Broeck. (Christina died in infancy.) 

1693, April 2. Jan and Christina (twins). Sponsors: Dirck 
Wesselszen, Cornelia Schuyler, Jannetje ten Broeck. 

The indications are that this family removed to Columbia Co., 
N Y. From the Rev. W. J. Leggett, now of Nyack, I obtain the 
information which enables me to arrange the following pedigree: 

128 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. (April, 

John,' the mariner, and wife, Anne. 
John," m. Catalina ten Broeck, Sept. 14, 1688; their son: 
John, 3 bapt. April 2, 1693; m. Oct. 25, 1722, Beta Delemater; 
their son: 

John,* bapt. at Kinderhook, Feb. ^g, 1723-4; d. 1773; m. and 
had 3 sons and 3 daughters. The sons were: James;* John; 
Tobias, who m. and had son John Tobias," who had 4 sons: 
Abram, T Frank, Charles and Willis. 

James, 6 married and had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Their sons 
were: John;' James, who m. and had son James, 7 and 5 other 
sons and 3 daughters. 

John, 9 m. and had 2 sons and 3 daughters. Sons; James,' 
William. 7 

William, 7 m. and had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Sons: Charles 
F., 8 who m. and had 2 sons, William F. 9 and Fred H.; and (Rev.) 
W. J., 8 who m. Eva Powell, and had children: Frank, 9 Paul, Carl 
and Fanny. 

Marriage records. Province of New York: 

1764, April 19. John Leggett and Rachael Lametter. 
1763, June 30. Gertrude Leggett and Jacob Vosburgh. 
There is also a New England family, of which I have direct 
knowledge by correspondence with Mr. William Morris Legate 
of Leominster, Mass., born 1815. He says the first of his family 
came from Yarmouth, England, and was: 

Capt. Robert, 1 or Thomas Leggate, born 1700-17 10, who 
was a captain in the English navy, and was killed at 
the battle of Louisburg (whether that of 1747 or 1758 
he does not state). His wife was a French woman 
named Dupee. They had 2 sons: Thomas; 2 Robert, 
who m. and had son Thomas,' of Worcester, Mass., who 
was city councillor, 1780-82. 
Thomas,* m. and had 3 sons: William,' a mariner; Thomas, 
major at Galina, 111., 1846, who had 2 sons: George and 
Bruce, both cadets at West Point; Samuel,' b. 1790. 
William,' the mariner, m. and had son William Morris,* 
and 2 daughters. 
Representatives of this family are now living at Leominster, 
Mass.; Stratham, N. H.; Hartford, Conn.; Leavenworth, Kan.; 
Denison, Texas; Mineral Point, Wis.; Woodland, Yolo Co., Cal.; 
Westerly, R. I. 

The tradition that the first of the Leggett name living in 
America came from Essex County, England, is found among all 
branches of the family, and was believed and told, I find, before 
anything was written or printed concerning the pedigree. That 
the American progenitors came from England is conclusive, and 
the evidence seems to show that they came from Essex. 

Westchester County was settled chiefly by English, West 
Farms entirely so, and by Englishmen coming, for the most part, 
from New England, and there is circumstantial evidence that, 
although Gabriel Leggett may have come into New York directly 
from England, John Leggett, who is assumed to have been Ga- 
briel's father, had lived for some years in Exeter and Hampton, 

1914O Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. I 29 

now in the State of New Hampshire, and that he, John Leggett, 
had come into New England by way of the Barbadoes. 

In an old English work entitled "Memoirs of First Settlers of 
the Island of Barbados, and other Carribbee Islands," I find in 
the list of settlers owning more than ten acres of land in the year 
1638 the name of John Legat. In the list of inhabitants for 1640 
his name does not appear, and it would seem from this that by 
the latter date he was either dead or had removed. About 1640 
we find a John Legat in New England. I have no certain evi- 
dence identifying this John as he of Barbadoes, but it seems 
likely that they were the same, and it is worthy of note that the 
Leggetts of Westchester were connected in various ways with 
the West Indies, and especially with Barbadoes. 

John Legat, or Leggett, was at Hampton, N. H., 1640, and 
again in 1649; at Exeter 1642 to 1649. He was town clerk of 
Exeter, 1642-49, and taught school in both Hampton and Exeter. 
I transcribe the following from Bell's History of Exeter: "Phili- 
mon Pormont was the first schoolmaster, before he departed an- 
other well qualified to be his successor had come to settle in the 
town, John Legat. He had taught school at Hampton. He lived 
in the place up to the year 1652, at least." His name was entered 
on the town book Oct. 20, 1642. From Toppan's Hampton Gene- 
alogies: "John Legat was admitted an inhabitant of Hampton 
the 30th day, 8th mo., 1640. Afterward at Exeter and again at 
Hampton in 1649." Hampto?i Tozvn Records: "On the second of 
the second month, 1649, the selectmen of the town of Hampton 
have agreed with John Legat for this present year ensuing to 
teach and instruct all children of or belonging to our town." 

On the nth of November, 1642, John Legat, together with 
Edward Hilton, John Smart and John Richardson, witnessed the 
will of Thomas Wilson of Exeter; the will was proved Suffolk 
County, Massachusetts, the 31st of the 8th month, 1634, and in 
1644 John Legat married Anne, widow of the said Thomas Wil- 
son. (Thomas Wilson came to this country in June, 1633, with 
wife Anne and three sons, Humphrey, Samuel and Joshua; he 
had two other children born here, Deborah, born August, 1634, 
and Lydia, born November, 1636. He lived at Roxbury, and 
went later to Exeter, N. H., with Wheelwright.) There is no 
record of any children having been born to John and Anne (Wil- 
son) Legat. 

There seems to be no further mention of John Richardson at 
Exeter, but shortly after we find a John Richardson and a John 
Legat in Westchester. Richardson as one of the Patentees, with 
Edward Jessup, to the Manor of West Farms, and Gabriel Leg- 
gat (the first of the West Farms line) married Richardson's 
daughter, Elizabeth. Another John Legat (the mariner), who 
died in Barbadoes, was also from Westchester, and is supposed 
by Bolton and Pelletreau to have been a son of John and brother 
to Gabriel Legget of West Farms, though there seems to be no 
actual proof of the connection other than the fact that they were 
all in Westchester at about the same time. The differences in 
spelling the name are no disproof of relationship, as it is found 

130 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. [April, 

variously given in the early records: Legat, Leggatt, Leggett, 
etc. I am of the opinion that John Legat of Exeter was the father 
of John (the mariner) and of Gabriel of West Farms; that he was 
a widower when he left England for Barbadoes previous to 1638, 
and that probably his children by his first wife were left in Eng- 
land and came to him later in Westchester as men. 

Another connecting link between Exeter, N. H., and the set- 
tlement of Westchester is the fact that Mrs. Anne Hutchinson, 
whose brother-in-law, the Rev. John Wheelwright, was the 
founder of Exeter, and who was herself at Exeter for a short 
time, came to Westchester with John Throckmorton in 1642. 
She and her family were massacred by the Indians the following 


Memoirs of First Settlers of the Island of Barbadoes, and other Carribee 

Toppan's Hampton Genealogies. 

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vol. 2, p. 384. 

Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, vol. 3, p. 76; vol. 4, p. 580. 

Dow, Joseph, History of the Town of Hampton, N. H., vol. I, pp. 24, 473; 
vol. 2, p. 820. 

Note on the Jessup and Hunt Connection: 

Edward Jessup emigrated into Westchester from Fairfield, 
Conn. In the latter place he was owner of lands on Sascoe Neck. 
As has already been stated in these pages, he was one of the 
original proprietors and patentees with John Richardson of the 
West Farms. 

His wife was Elizabeth . (Bolton gives her name as 

Bridges, but in the Jessup Genealogy it is stated that no record of 
her maiden name has been found.) After the death of Edward 
Jessup, his widow, Elizabeth, married Robert Beacham, as ap- 
pears by a deed of sale by them to Thomas Hunt of "all those 
lands and accommodations which were formerly Edward Jes- 
sup's, within the limits of Westchester that the sd Edward Jes- 
sup and John Richardson together bought." 

Edward and Elizabeth Jessup left one son, Edward, and two 
daughters, one of whom was Elizabeth, who married Thomas 

The following deed by Edward Jessup, junior, is not impor- 
tant except as it further identifies Cicely Hunt the wife of John' 
Leggett: "Know all men by these presents that I Edward 
Jessup, of the town of Fairfield, New England, have sold, 
alienated, and conveyed, &c, unto Thomas Hunt, Junior, of the 
town of Westchester, his heirs, &c, all my right, title and inter- 
est to and in a certain parcell of mares, horses, and colts, 
within the government of New York, formerly belonging to my 
father Jessup. That is to say, all and every part and parcell of 
them, the above said Jades (no doubt branded and turned loose 
in the woods of the West Farms patent, according to terms of 

IQI4J Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. 131 

purchase) and all their increase, excepting to myself one yearling 
horse colt, which I give to the sd Thomas' daughter Silly (Cicily), 
freely giving and granting to the sd Silly; owning and acknowl- 
edging to have received due and full satisfaction for the said 
Jades of the sd Thomas Hunt. In witness whereof, I have (&c.) 
. . . on this 3d day of July, 1682. (Signed) Edward Jessup. 
Witnesses: John Cooper, Roger Bartow, Abraham Whearly." 

Thomas Hunt, formerly of Rye, and son of Thomas Hunt and 
Cicily (Pasley) Hunt, purchased in Westchester what was known 
as the Grove Farm, which was patented to him Dec. 4, 1667. In 
1668, as already stated, he purchased from his mother-in-law, 
widow of Edward Jessup, the Jessup portion of the West 
Farms patent. The next year he and John Richardson made 
an equal division of the estate. In 1688 he granted to his 
son Thomas what has since become known as Hunt's Point, or 
"One hundred acres lying at the south side of Gabriel Leggett's 
land, bounded easterly and southerly by the Bronck's." 

His will is dated Oct. 6, 1694. He had previously deeded to 
his son Thomas certain lands, reserving to himself and his wife 
Elizabeth the use thereof during their lives; Thomas, junior, to 
pay Thomas, senior's, daughter Scisily (Thomas, junior's, sister) 
within four years after the death of the last parent ^60, in four 
payments of ^15 each year. 

Thomas and Elizabeth (Jessup) Hunt had eight children, the 
youngest of whom was Cicily, who married John" Leggett. 

Gabriel Leggett and His Descendants. 

1. Gabriel 1 Leggett, born probably in Essex County, England, 
in 1635; came to Westchester County, N. Y., about 1670-76; re- 
sided at West Farms; was a land owner and merchant; he died 
at West Farms, before July, 1700, and was probably buried in the 
family graveyard on Hunt's Point. He was married, presumably 
at W r est Farms, about 1676, to Elizabeth Richardson of West 

Farms. She was born at , about 1656; died at West Farms, 

, 1724, and was probably buried in the graveyard on Hunt's 

Point; she was a daughter of John Richardson, one of the original 
patentees of the Manor of West Farms, and his wife Martha. 

Children, 9 (Leggett), 4 sons and 5 daughters, all born, pre- 
sumably, at West Farms, Westchester: 

+ 2 i. John, 8 b. , 1677; d. , 1707; m. Cicily Hunt. 

+3 ii. Thomas, b. , i678(?); d. , 1707 or 1708, unm. 

+4 iii. Martha, b. ; d. ; m. William Davenport. 

5 iv. Mary, b. ; d. ; was living April 2, 1705, as 

shown by a deed of gift from her mother, Elizabeth, 
on that date, and was probably dead before Sept. 7, 
1707, as she is not mentioned in the will of her 
brother Thomas, written on that date. 

6 v. Sarah, b. ; d. ; m. . 

+7 vi. William, b. Sept. 1, 1691; d. May 26, 1763; m. (1) 

Sarah ; m. (2) Abigail . 

8 vii. Alice, b. > d. ; m. . 

132 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. [April, 
viii. Elizabeth, b. ; d. ; m. 

+ 10 ix. Gabriel, b. , 1697 or 1698; d. April — , 1786; m. (1) 

Bridget ; m. (2) Mary Wiggins; m. (3)? Sarah 

In a book entitled Narrative of Wajor Abraham Leggett of the 
Armv of the Revolution, it is stated that Gabriel 1 was born in 
England in 1635. (Major Abraham Leggett was a son of John,* 
William, 9 Gabriel, 1 was quite a distinguished man of his day, and 
was vice-president of the Society ot the Cincinnati, and he may 
have known the exact date of his great-grandfather's birth, 
although it has not been possible to verify his statement.) The 
records of lands owned by Gabriel 1 and his will have been given 
on a previous page, also such data as is known concerning 
Elizabeth Richardson, Gabriel's wife. 

The exact order of birth of the children of Gabriel 1 and 
Elizabeth is not known, but such dates as are known, and guided 
by the order in which they are mentioned in Gabriel's will, it 
should be as given above. In the census for the town of West- 
chester, 1698, we find " Gabriel Leaggatt, wife Elesebath, children 
John, Thomas, william, mary, sarah, alee, Elesabath;" from this 
it seems likely that GabrieF was not born until 1698. 

I find no further record of any of the daughters, excepting 
Martha, who married William Davenport. 

Gabriel 1 Leggett died before July, 1700; the exact date is not 
known, and the date of probate of his will is not given, but the 
will recorded just before his bears the date of June 28, 1700, and 
the one following July — , 1700, placing the date of his death 
probably only a short time previous to July, 1700. 


Leggett, Major Abraham, Narrative of Major Abraham Leggett of the 
Army of the Revolution. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstract of Wills, vol. 1, pp. 
64, 93. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills, Liber. 1-2, pp. 260, 335. 

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Westchester, 1698," in New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, 
vol. 38, pp. 129-135. 

Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 1, p. 446. 

2. John 3 Leggett (Gabriel 1 ), born presumably at West Farms, 
May 1, 1677 (?), resided at West Farms, was a landowner as his 
father, died at West Farms, Dec. — , 1707, and was probably buried 
at Hunt's Point. He was married, presumably, at West Farms, 

, 1698 or 1699, to Cicily Hunt of West Farms. She was born 

, before 1682, died between March 18 and Dec. 19, 1732, and 

was probably buried at Hunt's Point; she was a daughter of 
Thomas Hunt, who purchased his father-in-law, Edward Jes- 
sup's, share of the West Farms Patent in 1668, and his wife, Eliza- 
beth Jessup. 

Children 5 (Leggett), 3 sons and 2 daughters, all born, pre- 
sumably, at West Farms. 

II i. Martha,' b. about 1699; d. young, probably. (No 


IQI4-] Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. I 33 

+ 12 ii. John, b. about 1700-01; d. , 1777; m. Anna Hunt 

+ 13 iii. Joshua, b. ; d. before June 30, 1738; m. Abi- 
gail . 

14 iv. David, b. ; d. ; m. . 

15 v. Sarah, b. ; d. ; m. . | 

It is probable that John* Leggett was born May 1, 1677, since 
on May 1, 1698, his father, Gabriel, 1 gave him a deed for fifty 
acres of land, presumably upon his coming of age. It appears 
also that he married about this date, or at any rate as early as 
1699, since in the history of the Jessup family, by the Rev. 
Henry G. Jesup, it is stated that "John Leggett, the son of Ga- 
briel, was a son-in-law of Thomas Hunt and had in 1700 a daugh- 
ter Martha." 

Since John 4 Leggett died at an early age very little is found 
in the public records concerning him. I note that John Leggett 
was a juror in 1705. Letters of administration of his estate were 
granted to his wife, Cicily, Dec. 18, 1707. 

I am uncertain as to the order of birth of the children of John 1 
and Cicily. Bolton and Pelletreau name only John and David; 
Martha is named as the only child in 1700 {Jessup Gen.) and 
therefore was probably the eldest; we get the names of Joshua 
and Sarah from deeds on record in Westchester. 

By deed dated April 25, 1720, Robert and Cicily Eddas give to 
"our loving son, Joshua Legit, a negro boy Dick." Sarah Leg- 
gett signed a release of the personal estate of her father, 1721. I 
find nothing later on record concerning any of the children ex- 
cept John and Joshua. After the death of John' Leggett, his 
widow, Cicily (Hunt) Leggett, married Robert Eddas of West- 
chester. He was probably a widower when he married Cicily, 
and it was a daughter by this previous marriage who married 
Daniel Hunt, whom Cicily, in her will, calls "son-in-law." Robert 
Eddas died in 1726-27, and in his will dated Feb. 22, 1726, proved 
Westchester County, April 11, 1727, he mentions his wife, not 
named, sons Robert and John, daughter Abigail, granddaughters 
Arsenah and Phebe Hunt, all under twenty-one years of age. 

Cicily (Leggett) Eddas died 1732, and her will, dated March 
18, proved Dec. 19, 1732, mentions her son John Eddas, son Rob- 
ert, daughter Abigail, and "the children which I had by both 
my husbands, John Leggett and Robert Eddas." Executors, son 
John Leggett and son-in-law Daniel Hunt. 

(Pelletreau's abstracts of these two wills differ slightly from 
those of the New York Historical Society Collections, which have 
been followed in the above notes.) 

Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 
New York Colonial Manuscripts, vol. 42, p. 60. "Census of the Town of 
Westchester, 1698," in New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. 
38, pp. 129-135. 

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vol. 2, p. 382; vol. 3, p. 87. 

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Liber. IX, p. 433- 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester, pp. 21, 51, 61. 

134 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. [April, 

3. Thomas 1 Leggett (Gabriel 1 ), born probably at West Farms 
about 1678, resided at West Farms, was a landowner; he died at 
West Farms, 1707 or 1708; was not married. 

In Bolton's History of Westchester the date of his birth is given 
as 1678. I have found no original 1 records relating to him be- 
yond that of his will. By this it is evident that he died a young 
man — thirty years of age if the above date of birth be correct — 
that he was unmarried and that his sisters Sarah, Alice and 
Elizabeth were living and unmarried at that date, and his sister 
Martha the wife of William Davenport, Jr. No mention is made 
of his sister Mary, and it is probable that she was dead before his 
will was written. 

(This will confirms the fact that Gabriel 3 was the son of Ga- 
briel, 1 and not of Thomas 2 as Bolton states him to have been. 
Bolton's error was no doubt due to the fact that Gabriel 3 is not 
mentioned in the will of Gabriel/ and he seems to have quite 
overlooked other evidence.) 

Will of Thomas 3 Leggett, dated Sept. 7, 1707. Letters testa- 
mentary granted to Elizabeth Leggett, April 13, 1708. After the 
usual prefix, etc.: "I give full power to my beloved mother, 
Elizabeth Legitt, whom I have made Executrix of my last will 
and testament, to dispose of all my lands and meadows lying in 
the West Farms, which my father Gabriel Leggitt gave me, as 
she shall see cause, she having the advice of William Nicholls, 
Esq., Mr. R d Alsop of Masby (Maspeth) Kills, and Mr. John Law- 
rence of Hellgate, but my will and mind is that what the said es- 
tate is sold for shall be put out for the use, benefitt and behoofe 
of my brother Gabriel Leggitt when he comes to age, or to his 
heirs lawfully begotten, and if the said lands and meadows be not 
disposed of before my said brother come to age y n my will and 
mind is y l ye s d lands and meadows be to him and his heirs law- 
fully begotten, and if the s d Gabriel dye without issue then I 
give my s d land and meadow, or what it was disposed of for, unto 
my brother William Legitt or to his heirs, and if in case my 
s d brother William Legitt, dye without issue, then I give the s d 
land and meadow, or what it was disposed of for, to my three sis- 
ters, viz.: Sarah, Alice, and Elizabeth Legitt to be divided 
equally amongst them or to their heirs. And for want of such 
issue, I give it to the heirs of Martha Davenport, wife of William 
Davenport, Junior. But my will and mind is that my sister 
Martha Davenport shall have five pounds paid her out of my es- 
tate within two years after my decease." He further gives to his 
sisters Sarah, Alice, and Elizabeth each five pounds when they 
come to age. Gives all his cattle, sheep, horses, and other per- 
sonal estate to his mother. Appoints his mother and his friends 
William Nichols, Esq., of Islip, Suffolk Co., Mr. Richard Alsop, 
of Maspeth Kills in Newton, Queens Co., and Capt. John Law- 
rence, of Hellgate Neck in Newton, his executrix and executors. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of wills, vol. 2, p. 2. 
Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester Co., p. 22. 
New York Surrogate's Office. Wills, Liber. 7, p. 488. 

1914.] Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. I 35 

4. Martha' Leggett (Gabriel 1 ), born at West Farms, probably, 
about 1680; died, presumably, at Perth Amboy, N. J. (date and 
place of burial not found). She married, probably, at West 

Farms previous to 1707 to William Davenport, junior, born ; 

died . (Nothing further has been discovered concerning her.) 

On the 30th of Sept., 1723, William Davenport of Perth Am- 
boy, in East New Jersey, and Bridget, his wife, did convey all 
their right, title and interest in the Patent of West Farms unto 
William Leggett. From this it would appear that Martha had 
died between 1707, the date of her brother Thomas' will, and 
1723, and that her husband had remarried. Another agreement, 
dated Oct. 10, 1723, is an "Indenture Tripantile" (the original is 
in the possession of Mr. Francis W. Leggett) between Gabriel 
Leggett, 2d, William Leggett and Abraham Lent, their signa- 
tures affixed, by which each has free right to fish, hunt, &c, 
within the Patent of West Farms, and by this instrument it ap- 
pears that Elizabeth, widow of Gabriel 1 Leggett, had the day be- 
fore granted this right to Gabriel," that only the day before 
Thomas Davenport and Sarah, his wife, had conveyed their same 
rights to Abraham Lent, and that William Davenport and his 
wife Bridget had on Sept. 30 conveyed the same to William Leg- 
gett (as stated above). 

These deeds may be interpreted in several ways; it is possible 
that this William Davenport is the one who married Martha* 
Leggett, with a second wife Bridget, as surmised above, and that 
Sarah, the wife of Thomas Davenport, may be Sarah* Leggett, of 
whom we have no records, the two sisters having married broth- 
ers, or it is possible that this William and Thomas may have been 
the sons of William Davenport, junior, and Martha Leggett, or 
that the William named is William, junior, and Thomas, the son. 
(No further records of any of this family have been found, so 
that it will have to remain conjecture for the present, at least.) 

7. William" Leggett (Gabriel 1 ), born at West Farms, Sept. 1, 
1091, was a landowner, is said to have been a sea captain for a 
time, and was alderman and mayor of the borough town of West- 
chester for many years; he died at West Farms, May 26, 1763, 
and was buried at Hunt's Point. He was married, first, at West 

Farms about 1713-14 to Sarah . She was born 1692; died at 

West Farms, Aug. 30, 1744, and was buried at Hunt's Point. 
Nothing is known of her maiden name nor her parentage. 
William* Leggett married, second, at West Farms, April 13, 1745, 

Abigail , born July 3, 1728; died at West Farms, Jan. 2, 1813, 

and was probably buried at Hunt's Point. Nothing has been dis- 
covered which would throw any light on her parentage. 

Children 7 (Leggett), 3 sons and 4 daughters, all by the first 

wife, Sarah . All were born, presumably, at West Farms. 

+ 16 i. William,* b. March 26, 1715; d. , 1763; m. Eliza- 
beth . 

Sarah, b. Jan. 4, 1720; d. ; m. Charles Frasier. 

Elizabeth, b. Aug. 9, 1724; d. ; m. . 

Charity, b. April 21, 1726; d. ; m. . 







136 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. V. [April, 

+ 20 v. Abraham, b. July 3, 1728; d. June 2, 1813; m. Geertje 

21 vi. Mary, b. July 10, 1730; d. ; m. . 

+ 22 vii. John, b. Feb. 4, 1733; d. (Dec. — , 1760; m. Sarah Alsop. 

The dates of birth, marriage, etc., of William 1 Leggett and 
his family are taken from his family Bible, the entries which are 
mostly presumably in his own handwriting are beautifully writ- 
ten, beginning: "William Leggett His Book or Bible — 1 7 15." 
(The dates as given vary slightly from those in Bolton's History 
of Westchester, but it is probable that the Bible records are the 
most correct.) 

On one of the first blank pages is the following entry: "Mem- 
orandum: That there was a very hard winter in the year of 1740- 
41. This great snow fell on the 16th of December, 1740, and con- 
tinued on ye land until 25th of March. That Capt. William Leg- 
gett and three other men walked over the ice to Long Island on 
ye 8th of February said years. On the 9th the s d Capt. Leggett, 
Capt. Lawrence and Alderman Gabriel Leggett went over to 
Long Island with a slay and horses, and on the 13th day of said 
February, the s d men went over to Long Island and brought over 
thirty bushels of corn in two slays. On the 14th two slays went 
over and came back again." 

William 1 Leggett is here called Captain. I have heard his 
great-great-grandson say that he was a sea captain, although I 
have no other evidence of it, and he tells of his covering the din- 
ner table with Spanish dollars after one of his voyages. If this 
be so he did not continue to follow the sea, for from 1730 to the 
time of his death he was most of the time Alderman or Mayor of 
the Borough town of Westchester. 

This William Leggett was he, with his wife and children, 
whose bones were removed from the old cemetery, as told in a 
previous paper. 

The will of William* Leggett, dated Dec. 8, 1762, proved May 
21, 1763, mentions his wife Abigail; daughter Mary, wife of 
Richard Lawrence of Staten Island; daughter Sarah Frasier, 
widow; grandson William Frasier; granddaughters Sarah and 
Mary Frasier; son Abraham; eldest son William; grandson Ab- 
raham, son of deceased son John; grandson William, son of said 
John, and granddaughters Frances and Susannah, daughters of 
the said John. 

As no mention is made in the will of the other daughters it is 
probable that they were dead previous to 1762. 

(As it is evident that the will of William 1 Leggett could not 
have been probated before his death, and the date of his death 
was May 26, 1763, the date given in the probate record, May 21, 
1763, must be a mistake.) 


Family Bible of William" Leggett. 

Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of wills, vol. 6, pp. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester, p. 197. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber. 24, p. 69. 

( To be continued.) 

+ Goims * 

IQI4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. I 37 



By John R. Totten, 

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and New England 
Historic-Genealogical Society. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV., p. 51, of the Record.) 

1 151 vi. Ebenezer, 7 born September 29th, 1826; died 
October 3rd, 1841, aged 15 years, 14 days; 
lost at sea ; stone to his memory in Old Ceme- 
tery, Yarmouth, Mass. ; not married. 

-f 1152 vii. Sarah, 7 born September 2nd, 1828; died ; 

married Franklin Matthews. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 46. 
Mrs. Edwin Thacher, Yarmouth, Mass. 
Yarmouth Graveyard Inscriptions, pp. 25-6, 7, 8. 

526. Laban 6 Thacher (William, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 An- 
tony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, Mass., September 
9th, 1772; he lived at Yarmouth until 1805, and then re- 
moved to South Dartmouth, Mass., and thence to New 
York City. He died in New York City of the cholera, 

March 3rd, 1833. He married February 2nd, 1792, at , 

to Sally Davis, of Barnstable, Mass., born , at ; 

died November 3rd, 1833, at New Bedford, Mass. I have 

not been able to determine her parentage. 

Children: 11 (Thacher), 10 sons and 1 daughter, first 7 

born in Yarmouth, rest in South Dartmouth. 

+ 1153 i. Davis, 7 born August 4th, 1793; died ; 

married Mary Sellars Nye. 
1154 ii. Watson, 7 born June 23rd, 1795; died , 

1818, about; he was a merchant and resided 

at Charleston, S. C. I have no record of his 

+ 1155 iii- Laban, 7 born August 1st, 1797; died January 

18th, 1839 ; married Abiah Carey. 
1 156 iv. Edward, 7 born ; died October — , 1799, at 

Yarmouth and was probably buried there. No 

-f-1157 v. Stephen, 7 born October 31st, 1800; died ; 

married Harriet Prince. 
+ 1158 vi. Isaac, 7 born June 7th, 1802; died October 13th, 

1880; married Eliza Ann Howland. 
-j-1159 vii. Warren Ords, 7 born July 7th, 1804; died ; 

married Susan Mandell (or Mendel) Nye. 
1 160 viii. Sally Davis, 7 born October 2nd, 1812; died 

, an infant. 

138 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

1161 ix. Otis, 7 born July 13th, 1815; died July 18th, 

1820, at South Dartmouth ; drowned. 

1 162 x. Daniel, 1st, 7 born ; died , young. 

1 163 xi. Daniel, 2nd, 7 born ; died , young. 

Laban Thacher was a ship builder in Yarmouth. In 1805 

he removed to South Dartmouth, Mass., and the village which 
grew up around his ship yard called "Padan Aran," because Laban 
settled there. He afterwards removed to New York City and 
engaged in business there and where he died of cholera, March 
3rd, 1833. The order of the birth of his sons Daniel, 8 1st and 
2nd, is not known to me. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 6.3, 77, 78. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 251. 

527. Molly Gorham 8 Thacher (William, 6 Judah,* Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., June 
10th, 1775; died at Yarmouth, April 22nd, 1799, in her 
24th year and was buried there in Old Cemetery; grave- 
stone. She married at Yarmouth, September 27th, 1792, 
to Captain Benjamin Kelly, born at South Dartmouth, 
Mass., September 8th, 1772; he was a master mariner and 

lived at Yarmouth and South Dartmouth, Mass. ; died , 

at , parentage not known to me. 

Children: 3 (Kelly), 1 son and 2 daughters. 
+ 1164 i- Davis, 7 born , 1794; died , 1840; mar- 
ried Caroline M Chessman. 

+ 1165 »• Polly Thacher, 7 born , 1796; died , 

1830; married Henry Packard. 

+ 1166 iii. Sukey 7 (Susan), born , 1798; died , 

1833; married Oliver Lapham. 
Captain Benjamin Kelly married a second time at South 
Dartmouth, Mass., January 22nd (or 23rd), 1804, to Mehitable 6 
Thacher (No. 533), sister of his first wife, born Yarmouth, 

April 1st, 1787; died December 16th, 1841, at . 

Children: 5 (Kelly), 1 son and 4 daughters. 

+ 1190 i. Hetta, 7 born , 1809; died ; married 

Daniel Homer. 
-f-1191 ii. Emeline, 7 born , 1814; died ; mar- 
ried Edward W. Howland. 

-f-1192 iii. Louisa, 7 born , 1817; died ; married 

Ebenezer H Woodbridge. 

+1193 iv. Benjamin, 7 born , 1819; died ; mar- 
ried Rebecca B Barker. 

+1194 v. Angelina Howland, 7 born , 1824; died 

; married Isaac S Chadwick. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 46. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 252, and correc- 
tions to same. 

1914.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 1 39 

530. Thankful Thacher (William, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., July 31st, 

1780; died December 22nd, 1842, at , and was buried 

at South Dartmouth, Mass.; she married at Yarmouth, 
September 7th (8th or 29th), 1799, to Captain Ebenezer 
Hawes, born Yarmouth, Mass., January 24th (or 25th), 
1771 ; he removed from Yarmouth to South Dartmouth, 
Mass., in 1803, and in 1826 to New Bedford, Mass. ; he was 
a captain of a brig and died March 5th (or 3rd), 1828, at 

, and was buried at South Dartmouth, Mass. He was 

a son of Ebenezer Hawes (born August 16th, 1735; died 
July 26th, 1809; married January 29th, 1770), and his sec- 
ond wife Temperance Taylor, of Yarmouth, Mass. 
Children: 8 (Hawes), 3 sons and 5 daughters. 

-f-1167 i. Sarah 7 (Sally), born June 18th, 1801 ; died 
February 15th, 1877; married Benjamin Cobb. 

-f 1168 ii. Mary 7 (Polly), born , 1803; died October 

, 1875; married Benjamin Burgess. 

1 169 iii. Thankful Thacher, 7 born September 16th, 
1805; died May 9th, 1874; not married, 
-f-i 170 iv. Ebenezer, 7 born , 1808; died ; mar- 
ried Philena W Hilton. 

1 171 v. William, 7 born , 1809; died , 181 1. 

+ 1172 vi. Hannah, 7 born November 15th, 1813; died 
April 2nd, 1867; married Capt. Joseph Tripp 

1 173 vii. Harriet, 7 born , 1817; died November 

25th, 1839; not married. 
+ 1174 viii. William Thacher, 7 born May 27th, 1820; died 
March 1st, 1887; married Ann M Eld- 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 47, and corrections by George Winslow 
Thacher, pp. 46p, ^6q. 

Henry P. Burt, a descendant, of New Bedford, Mass., 1906. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 252. 

531. Judah Thacher (William, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 An- 
tony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, Mass., August 28th, 

1784; he resided at South Dartmouth, Mass., and died , 

at . He married, first, , at Dartmouth, Mass., to 

Mary (Polly) Howland, born at Dartmouth, Mass., Jan- 
uary 27th, 1791 ; died at South Dartmouth, Mass., July 31st, 
1813. She was a daughter of Capt. Warren Howland (born 

17-5-1754; died ; married 12-8-1779, at Dartmouth) 

and his wife Sarah Slocum (born 6-12-1758; daughter of 
Benjamin and Phebe (Wing) Slocum of Dartmouth), who 
resided at Dartmouth, in Aponegansett village, Mass., 
where he was master of a coasting vessel. 

140 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

Children: 3 (Thacher), daughters, all bom in South Dart- 
mouth, Mass. 
+ 1175 i. Sarah 7 (Sally), born August 19th, 1808; died 

; married Edward S Loring. 

1176 ii. Parmelia, 7 born September 10th, 1810; died 

, 1818, aged 8 years, at South Dartmouth, 

and was buried there. 
+ 1177 iii. Mary Ann, 7 born July 4th, 1812; died ; 

married Amasa T Smith. 

Judah 6 Thacher married a second time , at , to 

Rebecca R Custis (a cousin of the first husband of 

Martha Washington), born , at ; d. , at . 

She was a daughter of John Custis. 

Child : 

1 178 iv. Judah, 7 born ; died , aged 15, lost at 

sea; not married. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 47. 53- 
Howland Genealogy, p. 147. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 252. 

532. William 6 Thacher (William, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., August 28th 
(or 25th), 1784; he lived at Chatham, Mass., and was a 
sea captain and a ship builder; he died December 3rd, 1853, 
at Chatham. He married at Dartmouth, Mass., September 
24th, 1805, to Hannah Howland, born Dartmouth, Mass., 
August 29th, 1785 (or 1786) ; died July 17th, 1856, aged 
70, at Chatham (probably). She was a daughter of Cap- 
tain Warren Howland (born 17-5-1754; died ; mar- 
ried 12-8-1779) and his wife Sarah Slocum (born 6-12-1758; 
died : ; daughter of Benjamin and Phebe (Wing) Slo- 
cum) of Aponegansett village, Dartmouth, Mass., where he 
was captain of a coasting vessel. 

Children: 11 (Thacher), 7 sons and 4 daughters, first 7 
born at Dartmouth, Mass., rest in Chatham, Mass. , 
-j-1179 i. Mehitable 7 (Hetta), born August 17th, 1806; 

died March 25th, 1867; married ? 

-f-1180 ii. Anthony, 7 born December 4th, 1807; died 

August 12th, 1879 '■> married Jerusha Ryder. 
-f- 1 181 iii. Almira, 7 born May 16th, 1810; died ; mar- 
ried Edmund N Doane. 

1 182 iv. Benjamin Howland, 7 born July 17th, 1812; 
died September 25th, 1839, aT - Pensacola, Fla., 
and was buried there; died of yellow fever; 
he was mate of a vessel and a mechanic; not 
+ 1183 v. Mary 7 (Polly), born September 19th, 1814 (or 

1815) ; died ; married Sparrow Nicker- 


x 9'4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 


+ 1184 vi. Lucretia, 7 born March 3rd, 1817; died July 

nth, 1847; married Lindall N Doane. 

+ 1185 vii. William, 7 born July 13th, 1820; died ; 

married Nancy (Hammond) Cushing, widow 
of Amos Cushing. 
1 186 viii. John, 7 born March 17th, 1823; died at sea of 
yellow fever, October 28th, 1843, between Bos- 
ton and the West Indies; buried at sea; he 
was a mariner; not married. 
+ 1187 ix. Charles Kelly, 7 born June 25th, 1825; died 

; married Catherine F Daggett. 

1 188 x. Francis, 7 born May 17, 1827; died August 6th, 
J 853, in the West Indies; he was a sea captain 
and is not known by me to have married. 
+ 1189 xi. Warren Howland, 7 born December 8th, 1830; 

died ; married Orphia Bennett. 

William 6 Thacher went from Yarmouth to Dartmouth, 
Mass., and served his time there with his brother Laban Thacher 
as a ship builder. He went to Chatham, Mass., in the fall of 
1820; his family following him there the next year. He was 
captain of a coasting vessel 1817-1818. He built 10 or is vessels 
in Chatham. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 47, 63. 
Howland Genealogy, p. 147. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 253. 

533- Mehitable 6 Thacher (William, 5 Judah,* Hon. Col John 3 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., April 1st 

1787; died December 16th, 1841, at ; married January 

22nd (or 23rd), 1804, at South Dartmouth, Mass., to Cap- 
tain Benjamin Kelly (as his second wife; his first wife was 
her sister Molly Gorham 9 Thacher (see No. 527) who 
died April 22nd, 1799), born South Dartmouth, Mass.', Sep- 
tember 8th, 1772; he resided at Yarmouth, Mass., and South 
Dartmouth, Mass., and was a master mariner. 
Children: 5 (Kelly), 1 son and 4 daughters. 

+ 1 190 i. Hetta, 7 born , 1809; died ; married 

Daniel Homer, of New Bedford, Mass. 

-f-1191 11. Emeline, 7 born , 1814; died ; mar- 

^ ried Edward W Howland, of Dartmouth 

+ 1192 in. Louisa, 7 born , 1817; died ; married 

Ebenezer H Woodbridge, of Bridgewater 

+ 1193 iv. Benjamin, 7 born , 1819; died ; mar- 
ried Rebecca B Barker. 

+ 1194 v. Angeline Howland, 7 born , 1824; died 

; married Isaac S Chadwick. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 47. 

GeorgeW C Trch t e r^ 4 n 6o Ge0rge ThaChCr ' S MS& ™» *"*** by 


I4 2 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

534. Gorham Thacher (William, 5 Judah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., April 25th, 
1790; he lived successively at Yarmouth, South Dartmouth, 
and New Bedford, Mass., and Providence, R. I.; he was a 
ship carpenter; he died at Providence, R. I., July 13th, 1857, 

aged 67. He married, first, , at , to Phebe V 

Soule, of Westport, Mass. 
Children: None. 

Gorham Thacher married, second, at South Dartmouth, 

Mass., , 1818, to Eunice Sears, born Dennis, Mass., 

July 7th, 1801 ; died October 28th, 1878, at . She was 

a daughter of Prince Sears (born Yarmouth, Mass., Decem- 
ber 20th, 1769; died at South Dartmouth, August 13th, 
1808; marriage published Dennis, Mass., March 4th, 1794), 
and his wife Achsah Collins (born July 28th, 1776; died 
February 16th, 1858; daughter of David Collins of Chat- 
ham, Mass.). 

Children: 5 (Thacher), 3 sons and 2 daughters, all born at 
South Dartmouth, Mass. 

+ 1195 i. Prince Sears, 7 born ; died ; married, 

first, Catherine E. Bates; married, second, 
(possibly) Angeline Smead (the second mar- 
riage was either his or that of a possible son 
of his of same name). 

+1196 ii. Preserved D 7 (or S), born ; died 

; married (probably) Rebecca H. Leitch. 

+ 1197 iii. Phebe, 7 born ; died ; married Alfred 

-j-1198 iv. Eunice, 7 born ; died ; married Ed- 
ward Curtis. 

+1199 v. George L. 7 born ; died . 

The above George L 7 Thacher (No. 1199) must not be 

confounded with George Lewis Thacher (son of Lewis Pease 
Thacher) of New Bedford and Fairhaven, Mass., who married 
Elizabeth Myrick Shaw. They are separate and distinct indi- 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 64. 
Additions to Allen's Thacher Genealogy, by G. W. Thacher, p. 646. 

576. Mary 6 (Molly or Polly) Thacher (Joseph, 8 Col. Joseph ■ 
Hon. Col. John, 8 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, 
Mass., October 28th, 1766; died April — , 1795, at ; mar- 
ried November 8th, 1788, at , to Abial (or Abiel) Love- 

joy, born at Dresden, Maine, February 8th, 1764; he lived 
at Vassalborough and Sidney, Maine, and died at Sidney 
Maine, November 3rd, 1858. He was a son of Abial Love- 
joy by his wife Mary Brown (she born at Charlestown, 
Mass., March 29th, 1734), of Andover, Mass., and Sidney, 
Maine. J 

igi4 ] Thacher-Thatchcr Genealogy. mi 

Children: 4 (Lovejoy), 3 sons and 1 daughter. 

1200 i. Thacher. 7 

1 20 1 ii. Joseph Thacher. 7 

1202 iii. Polly. 7 

1203 iv. Abial. 7 * 

Abial Lovejoy, Sr., married a second time August 16th, 1795, 

at , to Elizabeth 7 Gray (see no. 875), born at Barnstable, 

Mass., March 24th, 1764; died March 24th, 1845, at Sidney, 
Maine. She was a daughter of John Gray (born Barnstable, 

Mass., July 2nd, 1740; died , at ; married November 

24th, 1763), and his wife, Abigail Thacher (born March 20th, 

1738; died . See No. 321), of Barnstable, Mass. 

Children: 5 or 6 (Lovejoy), amongst whom was — 
-f- i. Loyal, 8 born January 15th, 1802; died February i6th, 
1877; married Mary Thomas Stevens. 

11. — 
iii. — 

iv. — 

v. — 

vi. — 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 42, 47. 
Winthrop Witherbee, of Boston, Mass. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 182, 225. 

578. Ruth Hawes c Thatcher (Joseph, 5 Col. Joseph, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, Mass., Au- 
gust 5th, 1771 ; died , at ; married September (or 

December) 24th, 1793, at , to Philip Baker, born Octo- 
ber 17th, 1770, at ; died March 15th, 1804, at . He 

lived at Yarmouth, Mass., in part that afterwards became 

Dennis, Mass. He was a son of Silas and Rachel (Marchant) 


Children: 5 (Baker), 2 sons and 3 daughters. 

1204 i. Polly Thacher, 7 born , 1794. 

1205 ii. Rachel, 7 born , 1796. 

1206 iii. Thacher, 7 born , 1798. 

1207 iv. Chloe, 7 born , 1801. 

1208 v. Phillip, 7 born • , 1803. 

George Winslow Thacher, an authority on Thacher Genealogy, 
said that he thought that Philip Baker, Sr., lived in the present 
town of Dennis, Mass. ; but that he was called of Yarmouth in the 
record of marriages several months after the separation of the two 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 47. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 226. 

580. Susannah Thacher (Joseph, 5 Joseph, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yarmouth, Mass., June 19th, 

144 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

1776 ; died September 28th, 1823, at Yarmouth, Mass., and was 
buried there in Old Cemetery; gravestone. She married at 
Yarmouth, February 15th, 1795, to James 6 Thacher (No. 
507), born Yarmouth, Mass., May 15th, 1764; died Yarmouth, 
Mass., November 28th, 1832, and was buried there in Old 
Cemetery; gravestone. Pie lived in Yarmouth and was a 
ship carpenter and also made voyages, and finally became a 
farmer. He was a son of Deacon Josiah 5 Thacher (No. 143), 
and his wife, Desire Crowell, of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 12 (Thacher), 6 sons and 6 daughters, all born in 
Yarmouth, Mass. 

+ 1209 i. Polly, 7 born July 25th, 1796; died ; mar- 
ried William Hall. 

1210 ii. Nancy, 1st, 7 born September 19th, 1798; died 

October 19th, 1804, at Yarmouth, and was 
buried there in Old Cemetery; gravestone. 

121 1 iii. Eunice, 7 born August 10th, 1800; died Novem- 

ber 9th, 1823, at Yarmouth, and was buried 
there in Old Cemetery; gravestone; not mar- 

1212 iv. Joseph, 7 born June 25th, 1802; died , T827, 

at sea, of yellow fever, and was probably buried 
at sea; not known to have married. 

1213 v. James, 7 born June 10th, 1804; died , 1827; 

lost at sea. Not known to have married. 

+ 1214 vi. Nancy, 2nd, 7 born April 10th, 1806; died ; 

married Enoch Brown. 

1215 vii. Judah, 7 born June 29th, 1808; died , 1832; 

he sailed in , 1832, for the West Indies and 

was never heard of afterwards; not known to 
have married. 

-f-1216 viii. Susan, 7 born September 26th, 1810; died ; 

married Capt. Ansel Matthews. 
+ 12 17 ix. Frederick, 7 born November 25th, 1812; died 

October 6th, 1849; married Hannah Elliot. 
+ 1218 x. Alfred, 7 born July 18th, 1816; died ; mar- 
ried Susan Baker. 

+ 1219 xi. Prentiss, 7 born October 9th, 1818; died ; 

married Catherine J Harris. 

1220 xii. Matilda, 7 born February 17th, 1823; died April 
8th, 1823, at Yarmouth and was buried there in 
Old Cemetery; gravestone. 
James 6 Thacher (No. 507) married a second time at Yar- 
mouth, July — , 1828, to Susannah Hall (half-sister to William 
Hall, who married her husband's eldest daughter, Polly 7 Thacher, 
No. 1209), born Yarmouth, Mass., October 22nd, 1773; died Sep- 
tember 2nd, 1862, at Yarmouth, Mass., aged 88 years, 10 months, 
and was buried there in Old Cemetery; gravestone. She was a 
daughter of Isaac and Hannah (Howes) Hall, of Yarmouth, Mass. 

I9'4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. \ 4 c 

Children : None. 

For detailed record of the children of Susannah 8 Thacher, by 
her husband, James Thacher, see Nos. 507 and 1079 to 1090 in- 
clusive, and continuation thereof, as they will be carried no further 
as a continuation of record No. 580. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 45, 47, 60, 61. 
Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 230. 
Graveyard Inscriptions, Yarmouth, Mass., pp. 33, 34. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 226, 232. 

582. Desire Thacher (Benjamin, 5 Benjamin,* Hon. Col. John, 8 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Harwich (now Brewster), 
Mass., April 10th, 1758; bapt. Harwich (now Brewster), 
Mass., March 29th, 1766; died there September 15th, 1769, 
aged 11 years, 5 months, and 5 days, and was buried there 
in Old Cemetery; gravestone. Not married. In record No. 
161, it is stated that nothing was known of this child, No. 
582 ; since publication of that record the above facts have be- 
come known to me and are therefore published here to com- 
plete the record. Mayo's Grave Yard Inscriptions of Brezv- 
ster, Mass., states that Desire (Freeman) Thacher, wife of 
Benjamin 5 Thacher (No. 161), was born October 4th, 1736, 
instead of October 3rd, 1736, as given under record No. 161. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 47. 
Mayo's Graveyard Inscriptions of Brewster, Mass. 

583. Benjamin 6 Thacher (Benjamin, 5 Benjamin, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Harwich (now Brew- 
ster), Mass., and was baptized there, August 21st, 1768; he 

lived at Brewster, Mass. ; died , at . He married at 

Harwich, Mass., January 7th (or 8th), 1789, to Eunice Fos- 
ter, born Brewster, Mass., October 18th, 1770; died at Brew- 
ster, May 31st, 1809, in her 39th year, and was buried there 
in Old Burying-ground ; gravestone. She was a daughter of 
Lieut. David Foster (born at Harwich, March 24th, 1742 ; 
died April 12th, 1825; married at Harwich, November 2, 
1769), and his wife, Phebe Freeman (born November 19th, 
1747; died September 19th, 1811), of Brewster, Mass. 
Children: 3 (Thacher), 2 sons and 1 daughter. 

1221 i. Desire, 7 born; died ; nothing known 

of her. 

1222 ii. Benjamin, 7 born ; died ; nothing 

of him. 

-(-1223 iii. Jonathan, 7 born , 1793; died April 19th, 

1853; rnarried, 1st, Rhoda Lincoln; married, 

2nd, Desire (Foster) Lincoln (Widow of 

Isaac Lincoln). 

Eunice (Foster) Thacher, widow of Benjamin 8 Thacher, 

married a second time at Harwich, Mass., August 19th, 1804 (int. 

I46 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

pub. Harwich, August 4th, 1804), to Isaac Myrick, born , at 

Harwich and baptized there July 21st, 1765 ; died , at . He 

was a son of Nathaniel Myrick, of Harwich. 
Children (if any) were not in Thacker line. 
Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Gencalogv, pp. 47, 64, 7& 

Freeman Genealogy, p. 164. 

Foster Genealogy, pp. 560, 561. 

Vital Records of Brewster, Mass., pp. 2, 207. 

Mayfloivcr Descendant, Vol. XIII, pp. 36, 64, 98. 

Hon. George Thachcr's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 210, 214. 

584. Capt. Lemuel Foster (Sarah 5 Thacher, Benjamin, 4 Hon. 
Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Harwich (now 
Brewster), Mass., August 15th, 1765; he lived at Barre and 
Boston, Mass.; he was a master mariner and a royal arch 

mason; he died January 25th, 1832, at . He married 

at Boston, Mass., December 27th, 1795, to Elizabeth Foster 
(No. 592), his first cousin, born Harwich (now Brewster), 

Mass., September — , 1772 ; died June 9th, 1822, at . She 

was a daughter of Samuel Foster and his wife Lydia 5 Thacher 
(No. 165), of Harwich, Mass. 
Children: 8 (Foster), 4 sons and 4 daughters. 

1224 i. Elizabeth Jane, 7 born July 13th, 1798; died 

March 1st, 1861 ; married Ezra Morse. 

1225 ii. Lydia, 1st, 7 born November 7th, 1799; died 

September 27th, 1800, at Barre, Mass. 

1226 iii. Lemuel, 7 born December 7th, 1801 ; died Feb- 

ruary 5th, 1849 ; married Mary Jane Ernel. 

1227 iv. Lydia, 2nd, 7 born April 5th, 1802 ; died October 

12th, 1805. 

1228 v. Almira, 7 born October 5th, 1806; died April 

30th, 1834 ; married Isaac Foster. 

1229 vi. George Henry, 7 born July 25th, 1810; died 

February 28th, 1866; married Elizabeth Morse 

1230 vii. Hiram Thacher, 7 born January 25th, 1813; died 

May 2nd, 1880; married Margaret Cecelia 

1231 viii. Charles Samuel, 7 born July nth, 1815; died 

, 1889 ; married Emeiine Foster (No. 1256). 

Under record No. 163 it is stated that Sarah 5 Thacher was 
probably buried at Harwich (now Brewster), Mass.; she was actu- 
ally buried there and her gravestone in the Old Cemetery at Brew- 
ster states that she died October 2nd, 1777, aged 35 years, 10 
months. Also in recording the children of Sarah 5 Thacher, No. 163, 
there should have been recorded another child, viz.: 587^, Isaac, 
1st, Thacher (a twin with Eunice 8 Foster), born August — (or 
September), 1769, who died December 3rd, 1769, at Harwich, 
Mass., and who was buried there in Old Graveyard ; gravestone. 

l9'4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. \ 47 

Authorities : 
Foster Genealogy, pp. 560, 593, 594-. 
Brewster, Mass., Graveyard Inscriptions, by Mayo, p. 40. 

585. Hannah Foster (Sarah Thacher, (Benjamin,* Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ) born at Harwich (now Brew- 
ster), Mass., August 3rd, 1767; died at Brewster, December 
12th, 1841, aged 74 years, and was buried th*re in Old Bury- 
ing-ground; gravestone. She married, October 29th, 179c, 
to Zoheth Snow, of Brewster, Mass., born January 24th, 1766, 

at ; died December 1st (or 2nd), 1830 (or 1831), at 

Brewster, Mass., and was buried there in Old Cemetery; 
gravestone. He was a son of Joseph Snow by his wife Pris- 
cilla Berry, of Brewster, Mass. 

Children: 6 (Snow), 2 sons and 4 daughters, all recorded 
at Brewster, Mass. 

1232 i. Edmund, 7 born December* 16th, 1791 ; died May 

2 1st, 1795. 

1233 ii. Sarah, 7 born November 2nd, 1794; died 

1234 iii. Zoheth, 7 born December 6th, 1796; died 

married Sarah Crosby. 

1235 iv. Priscilla, 7 born March 2nd, 1800; died 

1236 v. Hannah, 7 born January 10th, 1803 ; died . 

1237 vi. Jane Thacher, 7 born June (or March) 18th, 

18 10; died ; married Capt. Freeman 


Authorities : 
Foster Genealogy, p. 560. 

Brewster, Mass., Vital Records, pp. 76, 77, 208. 
Mayo's Graveyard Inscriptions, Brewster, Mass., p. 52. 

587. Capt. Isaac Foster (Sarah 5 Thacher, Benjamin,* Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Brewster, Mass., Octo- 
ber 23rd, 1770; he lived at Brewster and was a sea captain, 
selectman and representative to the General Court. He died 
at Brewster, Mass., January 3rd (or 4th), 1855, a g e d 84; his 
will was dated Brewster, May 13th, 1853, an d was proved 
April 17th, 1855, and mentions wife Sarah and children 
Sarah Thacher, Lucy and Thacher. He married September 
(or October) 7th, 1797, at Brewster, Mass., (probably) to 
Sarah 6 Thacher (No. 600), born Harwich (now Brewster), 
Mass., April 23rd, 1781 ; died Brewster, Mass. (probably), 
February 28th, 1861. Her will was dated Brewster, De- 
cember 8th, 1858, proved April 16th, 1861, and mentions 
children Sarah Thacher Foster and Lucy Thatcher Foster. 
She was a daughter of Samuel 5 Thacher (No. 170) and his 
wife Lucy Fessenden, of Harwich, Mass. 

Children: 8 (Foster), 5 sons and 3 daughters, all born at 
Brewster, Mass. 

1238 i. Isaac, 1st, 7 born , 1798; died , young; 

not married. 

1^8 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

1239 ii. Samuel Thacher, 7 born November 14th, 1800; 

died August 7th, 1816; not married. 

1240 iii. Sarah Thacher, 7 born July i8th, 1802; died 

, 1888-9; will dated November 27th, 1888; 

proved February 12th, 1889, mentions her 
brother Thacher Foster and her sister Lucy 
Foster; not married. 

1241 iv. Isaac, 2nd, 7 born July 8th, 1806; died , 

1834; not married. 

1242 v. Lucy Thacher, 7 born November 29th, 1814 ; 

died , 1890-1893; will dated November 5th, 

1890; proved April 18th, 1893; not married. 

1243 vi. Julia Ann, 7 born June 14th, 1817; died , 

young; not married ( ?). See below. 

1244 vii. Thacher, 7 born July 6th, 1819; died ; mar- 

ried, 1st, Louisa Baker; married, 2nd, Susan 
Jane Emery. 

1245 viii. George Franklin, 7 born October 30th, 182 1 ; 

died October 13th, 1833; not married. 
The Vital Records of Brezvster, Mass., p. 88, state that an 
Isaac Foster died with the smallpox, February 24th, 1824. This 
may refer to No. 1241. Same authority, p. 150, states that a Julia 
Ann Foster, of Brewster, married April 7th, 1841, to Lewis Doane, 
Jr., of Orleans. This may possibly refer to No. 1243. 

For continuation of the records of these children see Record 
No. 600, et sequentia, they will be carried no further on this line. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 40. 47« 

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 766. 

Foster Genealogy, pp. 560, 594- 

Vital Records of Brewster, Mass., pp. 22, 51, 150, 153. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 214-15. 

Mayo's Graveyard Inscriptions, Brezvster, Mass., p. 43. 

588. Captain Benjamin 6 Foster (Sarah 5 Thacher, Benjamin, 4 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Harwich 
(now Brewster), Mass., September 27th, 1772; he lived at 
Brewster, where he was a master mariner; he was town 
treasurer in 1818 and also town clerk, holding both offices for 
six years; he died at Brewster, March 10th, 1848, aged 75 
years, 5 months, 13 days, and was buried there. He married 

, at , to Desire Freeman, born Brewster, Mass., 

June 1st (or 5th), 1774; died May 23rd, 1850. She was a 
daughter of Solomon Freeman (born January 20th, 1732-3; 
died March nth, 1808, aged 75 years, 1 month, 3 days; mar- 
ried October 22nd, 1761), and his second wife, Desire Doane 

(born ; died November 20th, 1807, aged 78 years, 11 

months, 5 days, daughter of Joseph Doane, of Eastham), of 
Brewster, Mass. 
Benjamin 8 Foster's will was dated August 26th, 1846; proved 

April 18th, 1848, mentions wife Desire; daughter Desire (Foster) 

r 9'4-] TJiacher-Thatcher Genealogy. \ aq 

Thacher, son Benjamin, and grandchildren : Isaac, Freeman, Joseph, 
Edgar Lincoln and Sophronia D. 

Children: 2 (Foster), 1 son and 1 daughter; recorded at 
Brewster, Mass. ( 

+ 1246 i. Desire, 7 born May 14th, 1800; died October 
20th, 1891 ; married, 1st, Isaac Lincoln, Jr.; 
married, 2nd, Jonathan 7 Thacher (No. 1223). 
1247 »• Benjamin, 7 born June 28th, 1803; died April 
5th, 1877; married Sophronia Snow. 
In addition to the above children (Nos. 1246 and 1247) 
the Foster Genealogy, page 594, gives the names of the fol- 
lowing additional children of Captain Benjamin 6 Foster, viz. : 
Lucy, 7 Isaac, 7 Deborah. 7 Joseph, 7 Charles, 7 Joshua, 7 Laura 
Ann, 7 David, 7 Mary, 7 — but gives no further information be- 
yond the bare statement of their names. 

Authorities : 
Foster Genealogy, pp. 560, 594, 640. 
Brewster, Mass., Vital Records, pp. 22, 51, 232, 233. 
Freeman Genealogy, pp. 67, 112, 189. 
Brewster Shipmasters, p. 30. 

589. Samuel 6 Foster (Sarah 5 Thacher, Benjamin, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Harwich (now Brew- 
ster), Mass., February 6th, 1775; died Brewster, December 

16th, 1826; he lived at Brewster. He married , at , 

to Eunice Clark, born October 22nd, 1776, at ; died No- 
vember 19th, 1842, at Brewster, Mass. Her parentage is not 
known to me. 

Children: 9 (Foster), 4 sons and 5 daughters, all born at 
Brewster, Mass. 

1248 i. Heman, 7 born January nth, 1799; died at sea 

May — , 1833, or April 15th, 1834; married 
Polly Foster Crosby. 

1249 ii. Rebecca, 7 born August 23rd, 1800; died ; 

married James Crosby, Jr. 

1250 iii. Samuel, 7 born October 3rd, 1802; died May 

23rd, 1849; not married. 

125 1 iv. Joseph, 7 born October 13th, 1804; died July 

29th, 1823, at sea; not married. 

1252 v. Eunice, 7 born September 13th, 1806; died Octo- 

ber 17th, 1834; not married. 

1253 vi. Lydia Thacher, 7 born April 25th, 1808; died 

February 9th, 1876; married Samuel Badger 

1254 vii. Mercy Snow, 7 born September 22nd, 1810; died 

November 7th, 1843 5 not married. 

1255 viii. Cyrus, 7 born May 18th, 1813; died October 1st, 

1850 probably not married. 

1256 ix. Emeline, 7 born June 17th, 1817; died ; mar- 

ried Charles S Foster (No. 1231). 

ICO Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

Authorities : 

Foster Genealogy, pp. 560, 640. 

Brewster, Mass., Vital Records, pp. 68, 69, 220, 240, 241. 

590. Sarah Foster (Sarah 5 Thacher, Benjamin, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Harwich (now Brewster), 

Mass., May 26th, 1777; died , at ; married , at 

, to Theophilus Berry; born , at ; died , at 

. His parentage is not known to me. 

Children: 8 (Berry), 2 sons and 6 daughters, all recorded at 
Brewster, Mass. 

1257 i. Theophilus, 7 born December 26th, 1800; died 

October 22nd, 1817, at sea of smallpox; not 

1258 ii. Sarah Foster, 7 born October 23rd, 1802. 

1259 iii. Isaac Foster, 7 born September 17th, 1805; died 

October — , 1829; lost at sea. 

1260 iv. Eliza Ann, 7 born August 23rd, 1807; died . 

An Eliza Ann Berry, of Brewster, published 
intention of marriage with Moses Dillingham, of 
Brewster, July 9th, 1826. 

1261 v. Hannah, 7 born July 6th, 1809. 

1262 vi. Azelia, 7 born May 16th, 1812; died ; prob- 

ably married Wm. T. Hannah. 

1263 vii. Alinda, 7 born April nth, 1814. 

1264 viii. Sophey, 7 born May 9th, 1822. 

The above list of children is to be found in the Vital Records 
of Brezvster, Mass., pp. 61, 62. Hon. George Thacher in his MSS. 
Thacher Genealogy, p. 240, gives in addition to these children 
others named Eugene 7 and Angela, 7 but he does not mention Azelia, 
Alinda or Sophey. 

Authorities : 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 240. 
Vital Records of Brewster, Mass., pp. 61, 62, 40 and 150. 
Foster Genealogy, p. 560. 

592. Elizabeth Foster (Lydia 5 Thacher, Benjamin, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Harwich (now Brew- 
ster), Mass., September — , 1772; died June 9th, 1822, at 
; married Boston, Mass., December 27th, 1795, to Cap- 
tain Lemuel Foster (her own 1st cousin) ; (No. 584), born 
Harwich (now Brewster), Mass., August 15th, 1765; died 

January 25th, 1832, at . He lived at Barre and Boston, 

Mass. ; he was a master mariner and a royal arch mason for 
67 years. He was a son of Sarah 5 Thacher No. 163 by her 
husband, Isaac Foster, of Brewster, Mass. 

Children: 8 (Foster), 4 sons and 4 daughters, Nos. 1265 to 
1272 inclusive. 

For a record of these children, see Nos. 1224 and 123 1 
inclusive, under Record No. 584. 

I9 X 4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. \c\ 

Authorities : 
Foster Genealogy, pp. 560, 592, 593, 594. 
Brewster, Mass., Vital Records, by Mayo, p. 40. 

593. Desire Thacher 6 Foster (Lydia 8 Thacher, Benjamin, 4 Hon. 
Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Harwich, Mass., 

; died , at ; married at Boston, Mass., by Rev. 

Joseph Eckley, D. D., July 24th, 1796, to Seth Thayer, of 

Braintree and afterwards of Boston, Mass.; born , at 

; died , at . Parentage not known to me. 

Children: 9 (Thayer), 5 sons and 4 daughters. 

1273 i. Seth, 7 born . 

1274 ii. Rebecca Hunt, 7 born 

1275 iii. Samuel Foster, 1st, 7 born • 

1276 iv. Samuel Foster, 2nd, 7 born 

1277 v. Henrietta Foster, 7 born 

1278 vi. Harriet Thacher, 7 born November — , 1806. 

1279 vii. Foster, 7 born ; died ; married Mary 


1280 viii. Henry Gorham, 7 born . 

1281 ix. Elizabeth, 7 born ; died ; married 


Only two of the above children lived to grow up, viz.: Nos. 
1279 and 1 28 1. 

Authorities : 
Foster Genealogy, p. 560. 

Boston Records Commissioners' Reports, Vol. XXI, p. 290; XXX, p. 276. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 240. 

600. Sarah Thacher (Samuel, 6 Benjamin, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Harwich (now Brewster), 
Mass., April 23rd, 1781 ; died February 28th, 1861, at Brew- 
ster, Mass., (probably), and was probably buried there. She 
married, September (or October) 7th, 1797, at , to Cap- 
tain Isaac 8 Foster (No. 587), born Brewster, Mass., October 
23rd, 1770; he lived at Brewster, Mass., where he was a sea 
captain, selectman and representative to the General Court. 
His will was dated Brewster, May 13th, 1853, and proved 
April 17th, 1855 ; he died at Brewster, Mass., January 3rd 
(or 4th), 1855, aged 84. In his will he mentions his wife 
Sarah and children Sarah Thacher, Lucy and Thacher. Her 
will was dated Brewster, December 8th, 1858; proved April 
16th, 1861, and mentions children Sarah Thacher Foster, Lucy 
Thacher Foster. Her husband, Captain Isaac Foster, was a 
son of Captain Isaac Foster by his wife Sarah 5 Thacher (No. 
163), of Brewster, Mass. 

Children: 8 (Foster), 5 sons and 3 daughters, all born at 
Brewster, Mass. 

1282 i. Isaac, 7 born , 1798; died , young; not 


ie 2 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

1283 ii. Samuel Thacher, 7 born November 14th, 1800; 

died August 7th, 1816; not married. 

1284 iii. Sarah Thacher, 7 born July 18th, 1802; died 

, 1888-9; not married. Her will dated No- 
vember 27th, 1888, and proved February 12th, 

1285 iv. Isaac, 2nd, 7 born July 8th, 1806; died , 

1834, in New Orleans, La. (See note.) 

1286 v. Lucy Thacher, 7 born November 29th, 1814; 

died , 1890-93; not married. Her will was 

dated November 5th, 1890, and proved April 
18th, 1893. 

+ 1287 vi. Julia Ann, 7 born June 14th, 1817; died , 

young; not married (?). (See note.) 
+ 1288 vii. Thacher, 7 born July 6th, 1819; died ; mar- 
ried, 1st, Louisa Baker; married, 2nd, Susan 
Jane Emery. 
1289 viii. George Franklin, 7 born October 30th, 1821 ; died 
October 13th, 1833 ; not married. 
The Vital Records of Brewster, Mass., p. 88, state that an Isaac 
Foster died with the smallpox February 24th, 1824. This may 
refer to No. 1285 above. Same authority, page 150, states that a 
Julia Ann Foster, of Brewster, married April 7th, 1841, to Lewis 
Doane, Jr., of Orleans. This may possibly refer to No. 1287, above. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 40, 47- 

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 766. 

Foster Genealogy, pp. 560, 594- 

Vital Records of Brewster, Mass., pp. 22, 51, 150, 153- 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 214, 215. 

Mayo's Graveyard Inscriptions, of Brewster, Mass., p. 43- 


755. Thankful 7 Thacher (Peter, 6 Lieut. Peter, 5 Hon. Peter, 4 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, 
Mass., March 26th, 1768; died December 2nd, 1849, aged 81 
years, 9 months, at Yarmouth and was buried there in Wood- 
side Cemetery; gravestone. She married at Yarmouth, No- 
vember 7th, 1793, to Isaac Gorham Fledge, born July 25th, 

1763, at Yarmouth, Mass.; died ; (he pre-deceased his 

w ife), at . He was a son of Elisha Hedge (born Jan- 
uary 9th, 1735-6; died September 4th, 1807, in 71st year, at 
Yarmouth, Mass.; married February 8th, 1759), and Mary 

Gorham (born , about 1738; died October nth, 1828, in 

her 90th year; daughter of Captain Isaac Gorham, by his 
first wife, Hannah Hallett) of Yarmouth, Mass. 
Children: 7 (Hedge) 3 sons and 4 daughters. 

1290 i. Selek, 8 born ; died . 

1291 ii. Mary Lee, 8 born ; died ; married 

Ten nan t(?). 

•9'4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy, jn 

1292 iii. Tempe 1st, 8 born ; died 

1293 iv. Isaac Gorham, 8 born ; died ; married 

Eliza Cobb. 

1294 v. Silas, 8 ) . born ; died . 

1295 vi. Tempe, 2nd, 8 \ ' born — I — ; died ; mar- 

ried Joseph Aiken (or Aken). 

1296 vii. Sally Thacher, 8 born ; died . 

Hannah Hallett, first wife of Captain Isaac Gorham, died Au- 
gust 19th, 1741, aged 24, and he married, 2nd, September 2nd, 1742, 
to Mary Cobb (daughter of Gershom Cobb). Captain Laac Gor- 
ham died in Scotland, January — , 1753, and his second wife and 
widow married, 2nd, to James Churchill, on February 3rd, 1756-7. 
Captain Isaac Gorham married his first wife, Hannah Hallett, Jan- 
uary 24th, 1738. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 48. 
Yarmouth, Mass., Graveyard Inscriptions, p. 41. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 88. 
Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 428. 
Wm. Gorham Ewell, No. 14 Vine Street, Medford, Mass. 
Yarmouth Register Cape Cod Families, No. 64. 

756. Deacon James 7 Thacher (Peter, Lieut. Peter, 6 Hon. 
Peter, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Yar- 
mouth, Mass., May 22nd, 1771 ; he lived at Yarmouth and 
removed to Vassalboro, Maine, and was a ship carpenter; he 

died , at Vassalboro, Maine. He married April 14th, 

1794, at , to Achsah Handy, born , at ; died 

, at . She was a daughter of John Handy (born 

, 1714; died ; married October 10th, 1758) and his 

second wife, Eliza Garrett, of Sandwich, Mass. John Handy's 

first wife was Keziah Eldred, whom he married March 6th, 


Children: 3 (Thacher) daughters. 

1297 i. Betsey Howes, 8 born . 

1298 ii. Sophia, 8 born ; died ; married William 

Lovejoy of Waterville, Me. 

1299 iii. Almira, 8 born ; died ; married David 


Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 48. 
Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, pp. 158, 232. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 88. 

758. Peter 7 Thacher (Peter, Lieut. Peter, 5 Hon. Peter, 4 Hon. 
Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, Mass., 
June 17th, 1774; he lived at Yarmouth on the original Antony 2 
Thacher's farm. He was a farmer; he died at Yarmouth, 
September 20th, 1853, at half past one on Tuesday, aged 79, 
and was buried at Yarmouth, Mass. He was married first 
at Barnstable, Mass., by Rev. Edward L. Sewall on Decem- 
ber 7th, 1820, to Lydia Marston of Barnstable, born , 

154 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

1780 (see age at, and date of death), at ; died May 31st 

(or June 1st), 1825, in her 45th year, at Yarmouth and was 
buried there in Old burying-ground; gravestone. Her 
parentage is not known to me. 
Children: None. 

Peter 7 Thacher was married, second, at Barnstable, Mass., by 
Rev. Henry Hersey on January 17th, 1826 (int. pub. Barnstable, 
December 31st, 1825), to Anna Davis, of Barnstable, Mass.; born 

, at Barnstable; died , at . She was a daughter of 

James Davis (born March 6th, 1741) and his wife, Reliance Cobb, 
of Barnstable, Mass. 

Children: None. 

"Relics of family interest are less frequently found among the 
representatives of ancient families on Cape Cod than might be ex- 
pected; but we recollect having seen within a few years at the 
house of Mr. Peter 7 Thacher a cradle about 200 years old, which 
was ingeniously made of oak by Col. John 3 Thacher of Yarmouth, 
the father of 21 children; and also a scarlet blanket in which the 
infant Antony 3 Thacher was wrapped when drowned in the wreck 
on Thacher's Island in 1635, near Newburyport." {Freeman's 
Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 232.) 

The cradle and blanket above referred to were left by will to 
Peter Thacher of Hyannis, Mass., and by him were disposed of to 
Mr. Henry C. Thacher of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 48. 

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 232. 

Barnstable Records, Vol. V, pp. 344, 346. 

Yarmouth, Mass., Graveyard Inscriptions, p. 33. 

Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 283, 289. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 89. 

761. Henry 7 Thacher (Peter, 6 Lieut. Peter, 5 Hon. Peter,* Hon. 
Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, Mass., 
July 4th, 1778 (or 1779) ; he lived at Yarmouth and died 
there July 30th' (27th or 29th), 1833, aged 55 years and 26 
days, and was buried there in Woodside Cemetery; grave- 
stone; he was a merchant. He married at Yarmouth, No- 
vember 25th, 1802 (Thanksgiving Day), to Elizabeth Gray, 
born Yarmouth, March nth, 1786; died at Boston, Mass., at 
No. 52 Charles Street, at 8 P. M., December 17th, 1846, 
aged 60 years and 9 months, and was buried at Yarmouth, 
Mass., in Woodside Cemetery ; gravestone. She was a daugh- 
ter of Capt. Joshua Gray (born January 22nd, 1743; died 
March 31st, 1791 ; married March 20th, 1766), and his wife, 
Mary Hedge (born December 5th, 1745; died August 3rd, 
1822), of Yarmouth, Mass. Captain Joshua Gray was a 
captain in the Revolutionary War at Dorchester Heights. 
Children: 12 (Thacher) 6 sons and 6 daughters, all born at 
Yarmouth, Mass. 

i 9 i 4 .] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 1 55 

-f-1300 i. Eliza Jane, 8 born July 25th, 1803; died August 
30th, 1836; married Nathaniel Stone Simpkins. 

1301 ii. Henry Gray, 8 born April 13th (or 15th), 1805; 

died at Yarmouth, January 10th, 1833, in the 
night, aged 27 years, and was buried there in 
Woodside Cemetery; gravestone. He was a 
storekeeper; not married. 

1302 iii. Winslow Lewis, 8 born June 27th, 1807; died 

April 14th, 1834, in the morning at Yarmouth, 
aged 26, and was buried there in Woodside Cem- 
etery; gravestone; he was a storekeeper and 
was not married. 

1303 iv. Mary Burr, 8 born November 7th, 1809; died 

November 9th, 1827, at Yarmouth, aged 18, and 
was buried there in Woodside Cemetery ; grave- 
stone ; not married. 

1304 v. Sally, 8 born December 22nd, 181 1; died March 

19th, 1826, at Yarmouth, aged 14 and was 
buried there in Old Cemetery; gravestone; not 

1305 vi. Maria Edith, 8 born April 8th (or 28th), 1814; 

died August 31st, 1837, in the morning, aged 
23, at Yarmouth, and was buried there in 
Woodside Cemetery; gravestone; not married. 

1306 vii. George, 8 born December 7th, 1816; died De- 

cember 31st, 1835, at 3 P. M., at Yarmouth, 
aged 19, and was buried there in Woodside 
Cemetery; gravestone; not married. 
+ 1307 viii. Thomas, 8 bora June 19th, 1819; died May 15th, 
1897; married, 1st, Mary Gorham Hallett (see 
No. 1038, et sequentia) ; married, 2nd, Cath- 
arine Worcester. 
1308 ix. Charles, 8 born December 2nd, 182 1 ; died Au- 
gust 2 1 st, 1824, at Yarmouth, aged 32 months 
and 20 days, and was buried there in Woodside 
Cemetery; gravestone. 
4-1309 x. Caroline, 8 born October 6th, 1824 (twin), died 
April — , 1868; married John Philander Perry. 
1310 xi. Cornelia, 8 born October 6th, 1824 (twin) ; died 
July 20th, 1826, at Yarmouth, aged 21 months, 
and was buried there in Woodside Cemetery; 
4-1311 xii. Henry Charles, 8 born October 6th, 1829; died 
April 28th, 1900; married Martha Bray. 
Henry 7 Thacher organized at Yarmouth, Mass., the second 
Temperance Society in this country. He was a prominent man in 
Yarmouth and was a representative to the General Court of Massa- 

Henry Charles 8 Thacher was baptized Charles 8 Thacher and 
at the death of his brother, Henry Gray 8 Thacher, his name was 

156 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

changed to Henry Charles 8 Thacher by the Massachusetts Legis- 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 48-65. 

Freeman's Cape Cod, Vol. II, p. 232. 

Yarmouth Graveyard Inscriptions, pp. 43-44. 

MSS. Gray Genealogy, by George Winslow Thacher, pp. 39-42. 

Gray Genealogy, p. 251. ' 

763. Lewis 7 Thacher (Peter, Lieut. Peter, 5 Hon. Peter, 4 Hon. 
Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, Mass., 
September 7th (or nth), 1781 ; he resided at Yarmouth, 
Mass.; Saco, Maine; Vassalboro, Maine, and Hyannis, Mass.; 
he was a prominent business man ; he died at Hyannis, Mass., 
September nth, 1825, in the 45th year of his age, and was 
buried in the Baptist Cemetery, Hyannis ; gravestone. He 
married at Yarmouth, Mass. (probably), on August 27th, 
1805, to Sally Hallett, born at Yarmouth, Mass., September 
23rd, 1787; died at Hyannis, Mass., November 14th, 1873, 
aged 86 years, and was buried there in Baptist Cemetery; 
gravestone. She was a daughter of Jonathan Hallett (born 
June 13th, 1751; died December 27th, 1837, in 87th year; 
gravestone, Old Burying-ground, Yarmouth), and his wife, 

Sarah Hedge (born , 1751; died January 26th, 1828, in 

77th year; gravestone, Old Burying-ground, Yarmouth) of 
Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children : 8 (Thacher) 3 sons and 5 daughters. 

+ 1312 i. Sarah Hallett, 8 born June 8th, 1806; died Octo- 
ber 24th, 1839; married Sylvester B Bax- 
ter, of Yarmouth, as his second wife. 

+ 1313 ii. Olive, 8 born April 2nd, 1808; died May 30th, 
1881 ; married Freeman C Tobey, of Hyan- 
nis and Barnstable, Mass. 

-f-1314 iii. George Lewis, 8 born November 6th, 1809; died 
May 9th (or 10th), 1833; married Martha Bax- 

-f-1315 iv. Octavia, 8 born July 18th, 1811; died May 31st, 
1866 (or August — , 1865) ; married, 1st, Capt. 
Llenry Bacon Parker; married, 2nd, Veranus 
Harden (Harding) as his 3rd wife. 

-f-1316 v. Rebecca Winslow, 8 born July 27th, 1813; died 

; married, 1st, Capt. Timothy B 

Crowell; married, 2nd, Capt. William Bearse 
(or Bearce). 

1317 vi. Peter, 8 born January 9th, 1816; died Decem- 

ber 3rd, 1831; not married. 

1318 vii. Betsey Howes, 8 born April 29th (or May 19th), 

1818; died September 28th, 1820, aged 2 years, 
4 months and 29 days, at Hyannis, Mass., and 
was buried there; gravestone. 

I9'4.J Thacher-ThatcJier Genealogy. 1 57 

1319 viii. Lewis, 8 born September 20th, 1824; died Feb- 

ruary 241I1, 1825, aged 5 months, 24 days, at 
Hyannis, Mass., and was buried there in Bap- 
tist Cemetery; gravestone.^ 

Lewis 7 Thacher went to sea when he was 17 or 18 years old. 
He was afterwards a clerk in the store of the Hon. George Thacher 
at Saco, Maine. He owned a store and farm and built a house at 
Vassalboro, Maine, where he lived 3 years before and 10 years 
after his marriage. He then removed to Yarmouth, Mass., and 
there built Peter Thacher's house. Three and a half years later 
he removed to Hyannis, Mass., where he had a store, shipyard, 
baker shop, tin shop and blacksmith shop and carried on a fishing 

Authorities : 

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771. Samuel Phillips Savage 7 Thacher (Hon. George, 6 Lieut. 
Peter, 5 Hon. Peter, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), 
born at Yarmouth, Mass., April 23rd, 1785 ; he was a lawyer 
and commission merchant and resided successively at Saco, 
Me., Buxton, Me., and Mobile, Ala., at which latter place he 
died Nov. 5th, 1842, and was buried there. He married at 
Biddeford, Me., August 29th, 1818, to Jane Cooper De Metris 
Savage (his own first cousin), born at South Berwick, Maine, 
March 15th, 1799; died at Portland, Maine, July 16th, 1873, 
and was buried at Buxton, Maine. She was a daughter of 
Joseph Savage (born Boston, June 13th (or 14th), 1756; died 
at Berwick, Maine, January 20th, 1814), and his second wife, 
Catharine Hubbard (daughter of John and Sarah (Wood- 
bury) Hubbard of Berwick, Maine), born at Hamilton, Mass., 
November 13th, 1767; died at Salem, Mass., February 6th, 
1847; married at Berwick, Maine, December 16th, 1793 (in- 
tention published November 16th, 1793). Joseph Savage, the 
father-in-law of Samuel Phillips Savage 7 Thacher lived in 
Berwick, Maine. 

Children: 6 (Thacher), 3 sons and 3 daughters, first 5 born 
at Buxton, Maine; No. vi. at Saco, Maine. 

1320 i. Joseph Savage, 8 born July 10th, 1819; died 

October 31st, 1842, at Mobile, Ala., where he 
was buried. He was a bookkeeper during his 
short life after maturity; not married. 

1321 ii. Anthony, 8 born March (or May) 15th, 1821 ; 

died October 30th (or 31st), 1842, at Mobile, 
Ala., and was buried there; said to have been a 
mariner; not married. 

I58 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [April, 

+ 1322 iii. Lucy Savage, 8 born June 3rd, 1823; died Au- 
gust 10th, 191 1 ; married Myndert Henry Van 
I3 2 3 iv. Julia Anna, 8 bcpi October 10th, 1825; died 

, about 1829, at Buxton, Maine, and was 

buried there ; not married. 
+ 1324 v. Alexander Hamilton, 8 born June 2nd, 1832; 
died September 29th, 1870; married Mary Julia 
-j-1325 vi. Catharine Hubbard, 8 born June 29th, 1837; 
died April 4th, 191 1; married Murray Nelson. 
From the Savage Family, by Lawrence Park, Esq., (see N. E. 
Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. LXVII, p. 229), we obtain the following 
sketch of the life of Samuel Phillips Savage 7 Thacher : 

"A severe attack of typhus fever rendered Mr. Thacher an 
invalid from his 15th year until 181 7. During this time he devoted 
himself, principally for amusement, to the study of the law, and in 
1817 removed to Buxton, Maine, and opened a law office. Owing 
to his inability to plead his clients' cases, his income from his law 
practise was found insufficient for the needs of his family, and in 
1832 he removed to Saco, Maine, where his mother was living and 
became a commission merchant. In 1840 failing health obliged 
him to seek a warmer climate and in October of that year he re- 
moved with his family to Mobile, Ala., where he died. 

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772. Sarah Bigelow 7 Thacher (Hon. George, 6 Lieut. Peter, 5 
Hon. Peter, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born 
at Biddeford, Maine, April 3rd, 1787; died at Andover, N. H., 

, 1827; married at Biddeford, Maine (presumably), on 

June 15th (or 27th), 1810, to Joseph Adams, born at East 
Sudbury (now Wayland), Mass., July 13th, 1779; he was a 
lawyer and resided at Gorham and Portland, Maine ; he died 
at Portland, Maine, August 23rd (or 25th), 1850, and was 
buried there in Western Cemetery. He was a son of Ben- 
jamin Adams and his wife, Elizabeth (Adams) Adams, of 
Sudbury, Mass. 

Children: 4 (Adams), 2 sons and 2 daughters. 

1326 i. Benjamin Pratt, 8 born March 17th, 1812; died 

; (supposed to have died young without 

-f-1327 ii. Sarah Thacher, 8 born December nth, 1813; 
died November 8th, 1868; married John Quinby 
1328 iii> George Thacher, 8 born January 9th, 1816; died 
, in his youth, away from home. Of him 

•Q 1 4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. \ rg 

nothing is known by his family connections now 
(1913) living. The tradition is that he wanted 
to go to sea and his father not consenting, he 
ran away when he was 19 years old and was 
never again heard from. ' He was a very wild 

1329 iv. Elizabeth, 8 born ; died ; (supposed to 

have died young without issue). 
Authorities : 
Lawrence Park, Esq., of Boston, Mass., Savage genealogist. 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 51. 

Her grand-daughter, Lucy Bigelow Day, of Portland, Me. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 102. 
Josephine (Van Antwerp) Holmes, of Washington, D. C. 

773. George 7 Thacher (Hon. George, 6 Lieut. Peter, 6 Hon. 
Peter, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at 
Biddeford, Me., September 7th, 1790 (or September 5th, 
1791, according to the First Book of Records, Saco, Maine, 
p. 79). He lived at Saco, Maine, 1815-1835; Monroe, Maine, 
to 184 1 ; Belfast and Monroe, Maine, to 1853, and Westford, 
Mass. He died at Westford, Mass., June 12th, 1857, aged 
66, and was buried at Monroe, Waldo Co., Maine. He was 
a lawyer, Registrar of Probate, York Co., Maine; Collector 
of Port of Belfast, Maine, Harvard College, 1812. He mar- 
ried first at Weston, Mass. (probably), on January 20th, 
1818; intention published at Saco, Maine, November 29th, 
1817, to Lucy Bigelow (his own first cousin), born at Weston, 
Mass., December 10th, 1790; baptized there December 19th, 
1790; died at Belfast, Maine, October 18th, 1842, and was 
buried at Monroe, Waldo Co., Maine. She was a daughter of 
Amos Bigelow (born Weston, September 30th, 1760; died 
there November 26th, 1794; married there June 9th, 1783), 
and his wife, Lucy Savage (born November nth, 1761, at 
Boston, Mass. ; died at Saco, Maine, June 6th, 1834 ; she was 
a daughter of Samuel Phillips Savage by his first wife, Sarah 
Tyler, and hence sister of Sarah Savage, who married Hon. 
George" Thacher), of Boston and Weston, Mass. George 7 
Thacher married a second time at Groton, Mass., June 14th 
(or 15th), 1847, t0 Lucy Miranda Bancroft, born Weston, 
Mass., December 21st, 1798; died at Harvard, Mass., March 
18th, 1889, and was buried at Westford, Mass. She was a 
daughter of Dr. Amos Bancroft (born at Pepperell, Mass., 
May 23rd, 1767; died at Boston, July 13th, 1848; married 

; Llarvard College, 1791), and his first wife, Abigail 

Whiting (born March 25th, 1772; died December 4th, 1799), 
of Groton, Mass. 

Children: 6 (Thacher), 3 sons and 3 daughters, all born at 
Saco, Maine, and all by first marriage. 

1330 i. Amos Bigelow, 8 born January 19th, 1819; died 

(he was living in 1837), young; not married. 

l6o Thacher-Thaicher Genealogy. [April, 

133 1 ii. Sarah Bigelow, 8 born January 25th, 1820; died 
October 10th, 1876; not married. 


Vol. XLII, p. 406, Record No. +200 as corrected should read: — Abigail,' 
born October 18th, 1710; died August 9th, 1751, aged 40; married 1st, Israel 
Church; married 2nd, Benjamin Smith. 
Vol. XLIV, p. 14, Record No. 200: 

4th line:— date of death of Abigail 5 (Howland-Church) Smith should 

read August 9th, 175 1. 
5th line after period, should read: — She first married at Bristol, by etc. 
nth line, after period, insert following sentence: — She was married 
a second time, May 31st, 1739, at Bristol, R. I., by Rev. 
Barnabas Taylor, to Benjamin Smith, born July 2nd, 1716, 
at Bristol, R. I.; he was a cordwainer and lived at Bristol, 

R. I.; he died , at , and was buried at . He 

was a son of Samuel and Sarah ( ) Smith of Bristol, 

R. I. 
12th line, as printed, after the word children, insert words: — by first 
18th line, after completion thereof, insert as 19th and following lines: — 
Children by 2nd marriage: 5 (Smith) sons, all born at Bristol. 
646a iv. Benjamin, 6 born March 1st, 1739-40. 
646b v. Josiah, 6 born June 7th, 1742; died June 22nd, 1837; 

married 1st, July 5th, 1764, to Eleanor ( ) 

Taylor, born ; died October 16th, 1775, at 

Bristol, R. I. (widow of Allen Taylor, who died 

May 2nd, 1758); married 2nd, to Mary ? 

646c vi. Nathaniel, 6 born January 30th 1744-5. 
646d vii. Joseph, 6 born August 25th, 1747. 
646e viii. Samuel, 6 born June 28, 1749. 
I am indebted to Clarence Etienne Leonard, Registrar General of the 
Society of Founders and Patriots (P. O. address, Caryl, Yonkers, N. Y.), for the 
above correction to Record No. 200; who, in calling my attention to the error 
states: — "I am aware the most genealogists have identified Benjamin Smith's 
wife, Abigail Church, as the daughter of Edward and Martha Church; but this 
is incorrect, as Abigail, daughter of Edward and Martha Church, was the wife of 
George Wanton of Newport on Nov. 13th, 1727, and also on March 16th, 1749-50, 
as per Bristol Deeds, 18, p. 85, and Newport Deeds, iii, p. 279. On the other 
hand Bristol County Deeds, 28, p. 432, gives deed from Samuel 4 Howland of 
Bristol to son-in-law Benjamin Smith, cordwainer, on March 1st, 1740. On 
May 15th, 1748, Samuel 4 Howland died and his will was probated June nth, 
1748; he left one-seventh part 'to my daughter Abigail Smith.' As he leaves 
other seventh parts to his daughters Phebe, Mary and Mehitable Wardwell, 
this conclusively identifies Abigail 5 (How)and-Church) Smith." "Abigail 1 Smith 

(daughter of Josiah 6 and Eleanor ( ) Taylor Smith), born October 3rd, 1765; 

died October 6, 1844; married September 4th, 1786, to Allen Wardwell, who 
was born March 1st, 1765; died March 31st, 1840, and they had a son William 
Taylor 8 Wardwell, born January 16th, 1799; died September 29th, 1876; mar- 
ried May 1 st, 1823, to Mary Hawes, born January 25th, 1799, at New Bedford, 
Mass.; died July nth, 1862, at Buffalo, N. Y.; they had a son William Thomas 9 
Wardwell, born February 1st, 1827; died January 3rd, 191 1; married October 
14th, 1852, to Eliza Wilber Lauterman, born January 17th, 1827; died Sep- 
tember 4th, 1887; and they had a son Allen 10 Wardwell, born October 4th, 1873, 
(still living); married October 14th, 1903, to Helen Rogers, born October 28th, 
1881 (daughter of Edward L. Rogers); two children." 

Vol. XLIV, p. 341, Record No. 314, 14th line from bottem:— date October 
9th, 1775, should read October 9th, 1755. 

{To be continued.) 

I9U>] Our Society's Building Fund. l6l 


By John R. Totten. 

On March 26th, 1914, our Society reached the 45th mile-stone 
in the journey of its life, — a long period in the life of man; only, 
however, a short season in the life of a society such as ours, founded 
as it is upon the recognized needs of a community. During this sea- 
son of its infant existence it has proved itself possessed of a vitality 
which promises well for a prolonged life ; and, nursed as it has been 
through this critical period of its existence, it has now reached a 
time of life when it can, under proper guidance, be expected to con- 
tribute largely to its own support. 

During this season of its infant existence, with congenital per- 
tinacity, it has developed from an almost pauper child, guided by a 
few foster parents (all of whom have passed to their reward), until 
now it stands an orphan in its youth, but no longer dependent upon 
charity for its existence. With a precocity all its own it has, in 
advance of its maturity, shown itself to be, not only willing, but able 
to support itself and also to enlist in its interest many friends (in 
absence of its foster parents) who recognize and encourage its ambi- 
tion and earnestness of purpose. Several times during its infant 
progress it has become necessary to enlarge its nursery. Its first 
home was at the residence of Dr. David Parsons Holton, in New 
York City whence it moved later to the home of Dr. Holcombe at 
No. 54 East 25th St., and subsequently to Mott Memorial Hall, at 
No. 64 Madison Ave. ; whence it removed later to its first important 
surroundings in the Berkeley Lyceum in West 44th St., between 5th 
and 6th Avenues. Later, due to the generous gift of $20,000 made 
to the yet infant society by the late Mrs. Elizabeth Underhill Coles, 
its guardians at that time were enabled to secure for it by purchase 
its present home at No. 226 West 58th St. Shortly after moving 
into this home it was found necessary to build a fireproof addition 
to the rear of this building, which was accomplished by the aid of 
generous subscriptions for that purpose. In 1909 this fireproof 
addition was found inadequate to accommodate the library of the 
still infant society, and another full story was added thereto; the 
cost of the said addition ($5,000) being defrayed partly by sub- 
scription and partly by the growing society itself. At the completion 
of this additional addition, the Society found itself without any debt 
whatever and the full owner of its home with doubled library space. 
It congratulated itself and imagined that it had ample accommoda- 
tions for many years to come. This complacent condition of mind 
continued until about 1912, when it was found that the Society's 
library had so increased that steps looking to a future enlargement of 
facilities were absolutely necessary. 

1 62 Our Society's Building Fund. [April, 

The present administration of the society then recognized that 
its ward was no longer a child, and that they must bestir themselves 
to secure for it a fund to establish it properly at its then approaching 
maturity. To this end the Trustees initiated a campaign for a new 
building and started a subscription fund for that purpose. In its 
incipiency the primary idea of the Trustees was to acquire the prop- 
erty adjoining our Society's home on the east, thus securing a lot 
40 by 100 feet for future building purposes. This lot was then esti- 
mated (in 1912) as being worth at a fair market valuation $65,000. 
Therefore, the sum of $65,000 was set as the amount we must first 
acquire. With this object in view work was commenced and by the 
spring of 1913 there had been subscribed to this fund about $19,000; 
$10,000 of this amount had been donated by the late J. Pierpont 
Morgan, Esq., on the condition that the Society raised the other 
necessary $55,000. Mr. Morgan's subscription was made on the very 
eve of his departure for Europe on what was to be his last trip, and 
where, to the great sorrow of all, death overtook him. 

Thus matters stood until November of 1913, when our Society 
was notified by the Executors of Mr. Morgan's estate that it would 
be necessary for us to raise the necessary $55,000 on or before 
December 31st, 1913; as, in their capacity of executors, it was 
necessary for them to make final preparations for the settlement of 
Mr. Morgan's affairs. 

This decision, while anticipated, and the justice of which was 
fully recognized by our Trustees, yet faced us at a time when the 
generosity of the community had been largely taxed by the raising 
of the $4,000,000 fund for the Young Men's and Women's Christian 
Associations ; and also within one month of Christmas, a period of 
large demand on the individual purses of all. A more unfortunate 
time to solicit funds could not have been selected. The campaign 
was vigorously pursued during the 31 days at our disposal; and on 
the eve of New Year's, 1914, our President informed us that a total 
of $65,160 had been subscribed and that we had therefore secured 
Mr. Morgan's generous contribution. 

The plan pursued was the sending out of circulars to all our 
members and to others of philanthropic tendencies asking for con- 
tributions. But it is easily understood that the mere mailing of a 
circular letter setting forth the merits of even the most worthy 
scheme does not of necessity produce satisfactory results. It is the 
personal call of a champion of the cause who, with eloquent appeal, 
unloosens the purse strings. To our President, Clarence Winthrop 
Bowen, was assigned the duty of making these calls ; and the result 
shows the wisdom of the Trustees' selection. To Mr. Bowen's per- 
sonality and to his untiring zeal during this strenuous month, the suc- 
cess of our campaign is entirely due; and to him in no measured 
terms is the thanks of the Society gratefully extended. May he live 
long to conduct our affairs which he has been so largely instru- 
mental in advancing. 

The foregoing explains the reason for starting the campaign 
with a definite object of raising a specific amount of $65,000; which 

I9'4-] Our Society's Building Fund. 1 63 

was to place the Society in a position to secure the property adjoin- 
ing us next door on the east; and, secondly, as matters progressed, 
to enable us to secure Mr. Morgan's conditional gift of $10,000. 

However, since the beginning (1912) of *our endeavors, it has 
developed that it is inexpedient to secure the property next door to 
add to our real estate holdings : First, because the owner has placed 
a price of $100,000 upon the property (a price absurdly out of pro- 
portion to its market value, as we would regard $70,000 a tempting 
offer for our own property of exactly similar dimensions and char- 
acter) ; secondly, because during the past two years on account of 
recent building operations in our immediate vicinity the neighbor- 
hood has become the heart of the automobile industry and the fire 
risk has become such as to render the constructing of a building for 
our purposes most undesirable in this neighborhood. 

We find ourselves therefore in the following position at the pres- 
ent time as regards building possibilities. The Society owns its own 
building valued at $60,000 — conservative estimate; and has cash in 
its building fund of $65,160, making a total possible assets for build- 
ing at this time of $125,160. 

At the present condition of the real estate market, we find that 
a site such as the Trustees deem advisable (at least 50x100 feet), 
in an accessible and desirable location, will cost about $70,000; 
which would leave the Society after purchasing a site only $55,160 
for building a new home. 

This sum is entirely inadequate to construct a proper building 
for a permanent home for our Society — which building, besides hous- 
ing our own Society, must have sufficient rentable space to support 
the building when completed. That is to say, it must produce a 
revenue from rental of not less than $12,000 a year. 

In view of the above statement of facts the Board of Trustees 
have deemed it advisable to allow the Building Fund to remain at 
interest for the time being in a trust company (The Central Trust 
Company has been selected) until such time as the funds of the 
Society will permit of a better financial handling of the building 

The attention of all members of the Society is called to the fact 
that on March 26th, 1919, our youthful society will celebrate its 50th 
anniversary, when it can be properly said to have reached its matur- 
ity. This date is but five years in the future ; and it is the intention 
of the Board of Trustees to at once institute a supplemental cam- 
paign to raise an additional fund of $100,000 so that on the date of 
our semi-centennial anniversary we may be established in our pro- 
posed new home. 

Such a plan, if successful, will, at the expiration of five years, 
place the Society in the possession of assets, to buy land and build 
with, equal to about $232,750 (including interest at 3 per cent on our 
present building fund of $65,160). 

With such a fund in hand the proposed building could be 
financed without trouble. 

I 64 Hutchinson Ancestry and Descendants of [April, 

It is to be hoped that this frank statement may reach the eyes 
of generous minded individuals and that we may reap over and 
above the measure of our hopes. 

In the erection of the building 1 which the present administra- 
tion contemplate, it is their purpose to endeavor to rent all available 
space not needed for the uses of our own society to other societies 
of affiliated interests, so that the building will become the head- 
quarters of genealogical endeavor in this community. 

The gift by someone of a suitable site for our proposed build- 
ing will materially advance the time of its erection. 


By John Denison Champlin. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV. p. 26 of The Record.) 

Arms: — Per pale gules and azure, a lion rampant, argent, between eight 

crosses crosslet argent. 
Crest: — Out of a ducal coronet, or, a cockatrice vert, combed gules. 

Burke, General Armory. 

This coat-of-arms, granted in 1581 to Edward Hutchinson of 
Yorkshire, was borne by the Hon. Elisha Hutchinson (b. 1641), 
Colonel of the First Regiment of Foot and Chief Justice of the 
Court of Common Pleas for Suffolk County, Mass., and later by 
his distinguished grandson, Thomas Hutchinson, the last Royal 
Governor of Massachusetts. It is borne to-day by the family of 
Hely-Hutchinson in Ireland, descendants of Richard Hutchinson, 
brother of William Hutchinson, of which the Earl of Donough- 
more is the chief representative. 

The genealogy of the Hutchinson family, as traced by Col. 
Joseph Lemuel Chester (Nezv Eng. Gen. Reg., xx, 355), begins 

with the opening of the sixteenth century when Hutchinson 

appears in the records of the city of Lincoln, Lincolnshire. 
Colonel Chester takes pains to assure the reader that "there is 
not the slightest authority for connecting him with the heraldic 
family of Yorkshire, either with the one settled at Wykeham 
Abbey in that county or that in Nottinghamshire from which 
descended the famous Colonel John Hutchinson," and that "he 
was evidently of a very humble rank in life." But, as he then 
proceeds to show that the children of this very humble Hutchin- 
son were all of good estate, that the eldest son was a clergyman 
and two other sons were of civic prominence, both having served 
as Alderman, Sheriff, and Mayor of Lincoln, one is led to wonder 
on what he founded such an opinion. We can understand his 
"very humble rank in life" only by the supposition that he means 
by comparison with the more brilliant descent of his gifted wife. 

'9'4-] William and Anne Hutchinson. \ 6 c 

Again, though Colonel Chester may have been technically 
correct in his assertion that this branch of the Hutchinsons was 
not a heraldic family, it is certain that the early descendants in 
New England bore the arms given above and that the same coat 
is borne to-day by their descendants in England, undoubtedly with 
the sanction of the College of Arms. It is said, too, that the 
family of Governor Hutchinson possessed an old painting of this 
blazon on vellum, adjudged by the authorities of the college to 
date from the reign of Elizabeth. 

Whatever may have been Colonel Chester's reason for de- 
preciating the social status of the Hutchinsons of Lincoln, we are 
indebted to him for the discovery of the link connecting them 
with the family of William Hutchinson of Alford, in which we 
are chiefly interested, and with this acknowledgment we will now 
give the line of descent, as proved by him: 

Hutchinson, of Lincoln, Co. Lincoln, m. and had: 

i. Christopher, clergyman, d. 1556. 
ii. Thomas. 

iii. William, Alderman in Lincoln. Sheriff 1541, Alder- 
man 1545, Mayor 1552. Will Jan. 4 and proved 
March 6, 1656-7 {Gen. Reg., Ii, 118). 

2. iv. John, b. about 15 15. 

v. Alice, b. ; m. James Remington, of Branston. 

2. John, b. 1515, was apprenticed, Sept. 23, 1529, for seven years, 
to Edward Atkinson, glover. He was Sheriff of Lincoln in 1547, 
Alderman April 11, 1556, and Mayor in September, 1556. In 
155S and 156 1 he was Justice of the Peace. He was chosen 
Mayor again in September, 1564, and held the office until his de- 
cease, May 24, 1565. He was buried in the church of St. Mary le 
Wigford, Lincoln. His will, of April 21, was proved June 14, 
1565 (Gen. Reg., Ii, 119). 

John, m. Margaret (Brown?), and had: 
i. William, 
ii. Thomas. 
iii. John, 
iv. Arthur. 

v. Jane, m. Edmund Knight, 
vi. Alice, m. Thomas Dynyson (Denison). 
Mrs. Margaret (Browne?) Hutchinson died and John m. 2d, 

Anne ( ) Clint, widow, and had: 

vii. Mary, m. George Freestone. 

3. viii. Edward, b. about 1564. 

3. Edward, b. about 1564, was apprenticed in 1577 for eight 
years to his brother-in-law, Edmund Knight, Alderman and 
mercer of Lincoln. At the conclusion of his apprenticeship he 
removed to Alford and established himself there in business. He 
d. at Alford, Sept. 14, 1631. 

Edward, m. Susanna, who came to New England with her son 
William in 1634 and died at the home of Rev. ]ohn Wheelwright, 
Wells, Maine, in 1645-6. Their children were^ 

4. i. William, bapt. Aug. 14, 1586. 

1 66 Hutchinson Ancestry and Descendants of [April, 

ii. Theophilus, bapt. Sept. 8, 1588; d. early, 
iii. Samuel, bapt. Nov. 1, 1590; came to New England, 
was of Portsmouth, R. I., in 1639-1655, and d. unm. 
in Boston in 1667. > 

iv. Hester, bapt. July 22, 1593; m. Oct. 7, 1613, Rev. Thomas 
Rishworth, Rector of Laceby; 2d, Thomas Harneis 
of Laceby, who was buried March 21, 1636-7. She 
was buried at Irby on Humber, Dec. 9, 1669. 
v. John, bapt. May 18, 1595; m. Oct. 5, 1626, at Little Pon- 
ton, Co. Lincoln, Bridget, dau. of William Bury, 
Esq. (by his wife Emma, dau. of John Dryden, Esq., 
of Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire), and sister of 
Sir William Bury, Kn't. She was own cousin to the 
wife of her husband's brother, William Hutchinson. 
John was buried at Alford, June 20, 1644. 
vi. Richard, bapt. June 3, 1597-8. He had business inter- 
ests in New England, but did not come over. He 
became a wealthy merchant and citizen of London, 
where he d. in 1670; will Nov. 4, 1669, proved April 
11, 1670 {Gen. Reg., Ii, 125). He acquired estates in 
Ireland after the O'Neill rebellion. His great grand- 
daughter, Christianna Nixon, m. the Right Hon. 
John Hely, and became the founder of the family 
of Hely-Hutchinson, the head of which is the Earl 
of Donoughmore, who is also Viscount Suirdale and 
Viscount Hutchinson, 
vii. Susanna, bapt. Nov. 25, 1599; buried at Alford, Aug. 5, 

viii. Susanna, bapt. Aug. 9, 1601; m. Nov. 21, 1623, Augus- 
tine Storre (Story), who came to New England, 
ix. Anne, bapt. June 12, 1603; m. Jan. 25. 1631-2, Ralph 

Levitt, Rector of Grainsby, Lincolnshire. 
x, Mary, bapt. Dec. 22, 1605; m. Rev. John Wheelwright 

(his second wife), Vicar of Bilsby. 
xi. Edward, bapt. Dec. 20, 1607. He came to New Eng- 
land in 1633 and went with the family in 1638 to 
Rhode Island, where he was one of the signers of 
the compact at Portsmouth. He returned to Eng- 
land after the death of his brother William, and be- 
came a member of the Ironmonger's Company. He 
is mentioned in his brother Richard's will in 1669. 
4. William, bapt. in Alford, Aug. 14, 1586, m. Aug. 9, 1612, at 
St. Mary Woolnoth's, London, Anne Marbury, dau. of Rev. 
Francis and Bridget (Dryden) Marbury {Gen. Reg., xliv, 301). 
They made their home in Alford and all but one of their children 
were born there. They had: 

i. Edward, bapt. May 28, 1613. He came to New England 
in 1633, a year before his parents; went back to Eng- 
land and m. at Ipswich, Co. Suffolk, Oct. 13, 1636, 
Katherine, dau. of Robert and Elizabeth Hamby. 
On his return to New England he followed the 
family to Rhode Island and was one of the signers 

ICJI4-] William and Anne Hutchinson. 1 67 

of the compact at Portsmouth, March 7, 1638. His 
name appears in the roll of freeman at Newport in 
1641, but he seems to have retained his connection 
with Boston, for all his children were baptized there 
from 1637 to 1658. He probably»returned there after 
his father's death. The children of Edward and 
Catherine (Hamby) Hutchinson were: 
a Elishua (dau.), bapt. Nov. 5, 1637, and d. young. 
b Elizabeth, bapt. Nov. 10, 1639; m. Feb. 8, 1668, Ed- 
ward Winslow, whose granddaughter, Susanna 
Clarke, m. John Singleton Copley {Gen. Reg., 
xxxiv, 37) and became the mother of Lord Lynd- 
hurst, Chancellor of England (see Gen. Reg., lvi, 
c Elisha, bapt Nov. 28, 1641, was father of Hon. 
Thomas (1674-1739), whose son, Hon. Thomas 
(1711-1780; Harvard, 1727), was the celebrated 
historian and last Royal Governor of Massa- 
chusetts. Gov. Hutchinson declined a baronetcy 
on his retirement, and died at Brompton, York- 
shire, June 3, 1780 {Gen. Reg., li, 473). 
d Anne, bapt. Nov. 19, 1643; m. Samuel, of William 
and Mary Dyer; 2d, Sept. 22, 1679, Daniel Ver- 
non [Gen. Reg., xxxiii, 315). 
e William, bapt. Jan. 18, 1645; d. young. 
/ Katherine, bapt. May 14, 1648; d. young. 
g Susanna, bapt. June 10, 1649; m. Nathaniel Cod- 
dington, son of Gov. William and Anna (Brinley) 

Mrs. Katherine (Hamby) Hutchinson d. about 1649-50, 

and Edward m. 2d, Abigail ( ), widow of Robert 

Button and daughter of the widow Alice Vermaies, 
of Salem, Mass., by whom he had: 

h Edward, b. Jan. 3, 165 1; m. Mary . 

i Katherine, b. Feb. 13, 1652; m. Henry Bartholo- 
mew of Salem. 
j Benjamin, b. June 2, 1656; probably died early; 

not mentioned in father's will. 
k Hannah, b. May 16, 1658; m. Peter Walker of 

Edward Hutchinson became a member of the Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery Company in 1638, was 
Lieutenant in 1654, and Captain in 1657. He served 
in King Philip's War with the Massachusetts forces 
as chief officer of cavalry, was mortally wounded in 
an Indian ambuscade near Wickabaug Pond, West 
Brookfield, Mass., and died at Marlboro, Aug. 19, 1675 
(Gen. Reg., xxxviii, 37). His will is without date, 
but a codicil is dated Aug. 19, 1675; proved Sept. 17, 
1675. Inventory ,£750. Mrs. Abigail Hutchinson, 
his widow, died in Boston, Aug. 10, 1689. 

1 68 Hutchinson Ancestry and Descendants of [April, 

ii. Susanna, bapt. Sept. 4, 16 14; buried at Alford, Sept. 8, 

iii. Richard, bapt. Dec. 8, 16 15; admitted to church at 
Boston, 1634; dismissed Dec. 28, 1645^0 Dr. Thomas 
Goodwin's church in Loridon, when he disappears. 

iv. Faith, bapt. Aug. 14, 1 6 1 7 ; m. about 1637, Thomas 
Savage, ancestor of Hon. James Savage, the New 
England genealogist, 
v. Bridget, bapt. Jan. 15, 1618-19; m. in 1637, John San- 
ford, President of Rhode Island, 1653. 

vi. Francis, bapt. Dec. 24, 1620; killed with mother, 1643. 
vii. Elizabeth, bapt. Feb. 17, 1621-2; buried at Alford, Oct. 

4. i 6 3°- 
viii. William, bapt. June 22, 1623; d. early, 
ix. Samuel, bapt. Dec. 17, 1624; was of Portsmouth, R. I., 
in jO'55 ; m. and had Richard. (See will of his 
brother Edward, Aug. 19, 1675, Mass. Probate Rec. % 

vi, 159) 
x. Anne, bapt. May 5, 1626; m. Rev. William Collins; 

both killed with mother, 1643. 
xi. Mary, bapt. Feb. 22, 1627-8; killed with mother, 
xii. Katherine, bapt. Feb. 7, 1629-30; killed with mother, 
xiii. William, bapt. Sept. 28, 163 1; killed with mother, 
xiv. Susanna, bapt. Nov. 15, 1633; m. Dec. 30, 1651, John, 

son of Isaac Cole of Boston, 
xv. Zurfel, bapt. Boston, March 13, 1636; d. early? 
William and Anne Hutchinson came to New England in the 
ship Griffin, landing at Boston, Sept. 18, 1634. The family con- 
sisted of -his widowed mother, Mrs. Susanna Hutchinson; a 
younger sister of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson, Catherine Marbury, 
about twenty-four years old, and William and Anne's ten chil- 
dren. William was made free with his sons Richard and Francis, 
March 4, 1635, and he was a Representative in the General Court 
in May, 1635. In consequence of the Antinomian controversy, 
which resulted in the banishment of Mrs. Hutchinson, he re- 
moved with most of his family in 1638 to Rhode Island. At first 
treasurer of the new colony, he succeeded Coddington as Judge 
(Governor) on the formation in 1639 of the Newport Colony. In 
1640, on the union of the two towns, when Coddington was elected 
Governor, William Hutchinson was chosen one of the Assistants. 
He died in Newport in 1642, and his widow removed soon after, 
with part of her family, to Eastchester, New York, where she 
met her fate the following summer in an Indian insurrection. 

So many errors have crept into circulation in regard to the 
place and details of Mrs. Hutchinson's death that a brief account 
seems necessary. The Cyclopcedia of American Biography and 
the International Cyclopaedia makes the site of her house "near 
Stamford," and Woodrow Wilson's History of the American People 
calls it "a place on Long Island." Richman, the latest historian 
of Rhode Island, correctly follows Brodhead in his identification 
of the true site, but accepts the common error that "she and all 
her family save one daughter (sixteen persons) were murdered." 

19' 4-] William and Anne Hutchinson. l6g 

In regard to this daughter, too, who became Mrs. John Cole, he 
says: " She was the ancestress of Thomas Hutchinson, the last 
Royal Governor of Massachusetts." One is tempted to ask, on 
reading this, why was not Gov. Hutchinson's name Cole? 

The Memorial History of Boston is alike inexact in describing 
Mrs. Hutchinson as "falling with all her family save one child in 
an Indian massacre." Brodhead too kills "all her family save 
one" and carelessly calls that one a "granddaughter," while the 
English Dictionary of National Biography makes the sole survivor 
a "son." Charles Francis Adams, usually exact, gives a more 
precise account in his Antinomianism, but, oddly enough, makes 
the date of the massacre "1642." 

Other instances might be cited, but these are enough to show 
the general inexactness of many of our well known authorities 
on a subject easy of investigation. The truth is that only five of 
the ten children who -accompanied Mrs. Hutchinson to New 
England perished with her and that she left numerous descen- 
dants besides the children of Susanna Cole. 

The site of Mrs. Hutchinson's house and the scene of her 
murder is in what is now Pelham Bay Park, within the limits of 
New York City, less than a dozen miles from the City Hall. 
Not far from it, beside the road, is a large glacial bowlder, 
popularly called Split Rock from its division into two parts, 
probably by the action of frost aided by the growth of a large 
tree, the stump of which separates the parts. The line of vision 
of one looking through the split towards Hutchinson River at 
the foot of the hill will very nearly cross the site of the house. 

In 191 1 a bronze tablet* to the memory of Mrs. Hutchinson 
was placed on Spjit Rock by the Society of Colonial Dames of the 
State of New York, who recognized that the resting place of this 
most noted woman of her time was well worthy of such a 
memorial. The tablet bears the following inscription: 


Banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony 

in 1638 

Because of her Devotion to Religious Lirerty 

This Courageous Woman 

Sought Freedom from Persecution 

in New Netherland 

Near this Rock in 1643 She and her Household 

were Massacred by Indians 

This Tablet is placed here by the 

Colonial Dames of the State of New York 

A?ino Domini MCMXI 

Virtntes Majorum Fillce Conservant 

* According to the N. Y. Times of Feb, 3, 1014, this tablet has been 
wrenched from its place and stolen; probably by junk thieves. Let us hope, 
for the honor of our city, that it may be speedily replaced. 


1 70 Bristol Notes. [April, 


By Theresa Hall Bristol, 

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV, p. 73, of the Record.) 

Newtown, Conn., Branch (continued). 

Referring back to the Bristols of this branch of the family in 
the fourth generation, mentioned in the last issue of the Record, 
the following information has been obtained: 
5. Ebenezer 4 Bristol (Joseph', John, 2 Henry') went to Man- 
chester, Vt., with his only surviving son Abel, and in 1776 was 
delegate from' Manchester to the Episcopal church convention. 
He probably died there as he was not included in the 1790 
census. The records of the early Manchester church have been 
lost; also those of the mission church at Sandgate. 

8. David 4 Bristol (Joseph 3 , John,' Henry 1 ) d. young. 

9. Gideon* Bristol (Joseph*, John, 1 Henry 1 ), b. April 2, 1725, 
m. Miriam, dau. of Dea. Benjamin and Sarah (Piatt) Northrup 
of Newtown, b. 1733. She was probably a widow, as Woodbury 
Hist, gives the m. of Gideon Bristol and Miriam Wooster at 
Southbury, Conn., Jan. 20, 1752. He d. at Sandgate, Vt., March 
3> 1 795- Children: 

21 i. Nathaniel, 6 b. 1755. 

ii. Gideon, Jr., b. 1757; served in the Revolution from 
Woodbury, Ct., 1777; m. at Sandgate, Vt., July 15, 
1783, Phoebe Hawley Hurd, dau. of Abijah and 
Phoebe (Hawley) Hurd of Roxbury, Ct. and Sand- 
gate, Vt. Abijah Hurd served in the Revolution 
from Vermont. Gideon Bristol, Jr., d. at Sandgate, 
April 3, 1784, and his widow m. (2) Ferris Cogswell 
of Sandgate. 
iii. Philemy, bap. Aug. 23, 1765, at South Britain, Ct.; m. 

at Sandgate, Vt., Dec. 1, 1786, David Hurd. 
iv. Miriam, bap. Aug. 26, 1767, at South Britain, 
v. Joseph, bapt. Dec. 23, 1770, at S. Britain; m. at Sand- 
gate, Jan. 1, 1789, Mary Bristol. 

History of Woodbury, Ct., Conn. Rev. Rolls, Sandgate Church Records in 
possession of Mr. C. J. Hurd, Cambridge, N. Y.; Northrop Gen., Cogswell Gen. 

10. Abraham 4 Bristol (Joseph*, John, 5 Henry 1 ) of Newtown, 
Lanesboro and Sandgate, had a son not recorded on either the 
Newtown or Lanesboro records, and three daughters, two of 
whom may have been the ones born at Newton, 1751 and 1754, viz.: 

i. Enos, 6 d. at Sandgate, Dec. 19, 1786, aged 18. 

iii. Betsy, m. Green. 

iii. Milla, m. Thomas Brownal of Sandgate and had chil- 
dren: 1. James Gray; 2. Daniel; 3. Abraham; 4. 
Milla; 5. Betsy; 6. Eveline, 
iv. Mabel, d. unm. at Sandgate, 1851. 

, 9 I 4 .J Bristol Notes. 171 

The above in addition to Samuel and James already men- 
tioned. Probably Elnathan, who served in the Revolution from 
Sandgate, belonged to this family. 

Will of Mabel Bristol, Sandgate Land Records, vol. 80, p. 9; Sandgate 
Church Records. . 

11. Joseph' Bristol (John', John', Henry*) sold his home lot in 
Newtown, "next that of my father," in 1768, and is undoubtedly 
the Bristol who "founded Sandgate, Vt., about 1770." He was 
the first Justice of the Peace there in 1786. "Joseph Bristol, Esq.," 
d. Jan. 25, 1788, aged 60. 

Deed from Joseph to Ebenezer Bristol, Hist, of Vermont, Sandgate Church 

12. Cornelius 4 Bristol (John,' John, 8 Henry 1 ), b. March 11, 
1 73 1, lived at Newtown and New Milford, Ct., and Sandgate, Vt., 
where he owned land. Children: 

i. A child, 5 b. 1757, at Newtown, 
ii. Mary, b. 1758, at Newtown, d. young, 
iii. Mary, b. 1760, at Newtown; d. 1760. 

13. Abel' Bristol (Ebenezer, 4 Joseph,' John, 8 Henry 1 ), b. May 
5, 1755; m. Anna Pearl; lived at Newtown, Ct., Manchester and 
Grand Isle, Vt., and in 1818 moved to Pittsburgh, Clinton Co., 
N. Y. He was a member of the Episcopal church at Manchester 
and a delegate to some of the first church conventions; served in 
the Revolution from Manchester, and was still there when the 
census of 1790 was taken. He was Selectman at Grand Isle, Vt„ 
1799. He d. at Plattsburgh, 1820, and his wife d. there 1830. 

i. Ebenezer, 8 b. 1781 at Manchester; went to Ohio and d. 

there unm. 
ii. Nathan Pearl, b. 1783 at Manchester, lived at Ham- 
burg, Erie Co., N. Y.; d. about 1870; was a very 
prominent Free Mason, 
iii. Timothy, b. 1785, settled in E. Hawksburg, Canada, 
iv. Ruth, b. 1787; m. Derastus Curtis, 
v. Elizabeth, b. 1789; m. John Hobbs of Plattsburg. 
vi. Sarah, b. 1791; m. Ira Chamberlain of Grand Isle, 
vii. Huldah, b. 1793; m. James Wilton of Plattsburgh. 
viii. Anna, b. 1795; m. Reuben Samson of Grand Isle, 
ix. Arteus J., b. 1802 at Grand Isle; m. at Plattsburgh, 
Althea Worthington; d. 1883. Children: 1. James A. 
of Ticonderoga; 2. Benjamin J. M. of Schuylerville; 
3. Edward N. of Plattsburgh, m. Ella Parsons. Mr. E. 
N. Bristol has the original deeds of Ebenezer 4 Bristol's 
land at Newtown, 1750 and 1768. The 1750 deed 
covers his original grant by the town and is signed 
by Joseph' Bristol, a member of the committee. 
Hemingway's, Vt., Gazette, Vt. Rev. Rolls, records in possession of Mr. E. 
N. Bristol, Plattsburgh, N. Y. 

14. John' Bristol, Jr. (John, 4 Joseph,' John, 8 Henry 1 ), b. 1739 
"at Plymouth, Ct.;" m. Sarah (probably dau. of John Henry Near- 
ing of New Milford, Ct); lived at Farmington and Norfolk, Ct., 

2 3 















172 Bristol Notes. [April, 

and New Marlboro, Mass. He and his wife Sarah were com- 
municants of the Congregational church at Norfolk. "Both 
came from another church." This is probably the John Brister 
who served in the Rev. and was pensioned in Litchfield Co., 1818, 
aged 80; d. 1823. Children: | 

22 i. Daniel," b. about 1763. 

John H., 6 b. 1765 "at Bristol, Conn." 

Sarah," b. 1767, at Avon. 

Benedict, b. 1769 at Avon. 


Mercy, bap. April 11, 1773, at Norfolk. 

Joseph, bap. July 17, 1774, at Norfolk. 

Amos, bap. Aug. n, 1776, at Norfolk. 

Ed. Benedict, bapt. April 26, 1779, at Norfolk; d. July 
8, 1782, at Harwinton. 
x. Miles, b. 1781. 

Philip, b. April 20, 1784. 

Far?nington Land Records, Norfolk Church and Land Reeords, Harwin- 
ton Cemetery Ins. 

15. Sergt. Job 6 Bristol (Enos, 4 Joseph,' John, ■ Henry 1 ), b. Feb. 
13, 1744, at Newtown; m. (1) May 31, 1763, Adah, dau. of Samuel 
Sherman of Newtown, b. Feb. 6, 1742, and d. March 3, 177 1. 
Soon after the death of his wife he moved to Sandgate, Vt., and 
must have m. again, for in the census of 1790 he had m family 
three sons under sixteen. He served in the Revolution from 
Sandgate. In 1801 he owned land in Aurelius, Cayuga Co., N. 
Y., and was living upon it. He sold this in 1809, but whether he 
went west with his sons Elijah and Anson cannot be ascertained. 

i. Peter", b. July 6, 1764, at Newtown; m. Oct. 1, 1786, at 
Sandgate, Vt., Silence Hurd, who d. May 8, 1787, 
aged 25. He served in the Revolution from Sand- 
ii. Samuel, b. March 11, 1767, at Newtown; went from 
Sandgate to Auburn as early as 1787. The census 
of 1 80 1 states he was renting land near his father, 
iii. Sherman, b. March 11, 1767, d. Feb. 2, 1769. 
iv. Drusilla, b. Feb. 28, 1769. 
v. Adah, b. Feb. 25, 1771. 
By second wife (he is said to have had a third): 

vi. Anson, rented land near his father in 1801; bought 
land 1803; sold same 1809; wife Deborah. He 
settled in Bethany, Genesee Co., N. Y. 

28 vii. Elijah. 

29 viii. James, b. about 1780. 

30 ix. John Sherman, b. Dec. 25, 1784. 

Newtown Vital Records, Sherman Gen., Census ijqo, Vt. Rev. Rolls, 
Cayuga Co. Land Records, N. Y. Census 1S01, MSS. Letter from Elijah Bris- 
tol's daughter, Sandgate Church Records, Letters from fames Bristol's grand- 

16. David" Bristol (Enos, 4 Joseph,' John,' Henry 1 ), b. at New- 
town, 1759; m. Abiah, dau. of Gideon and Abiah Peck of New- 

19 1 4-] Bristol Notes. I 73 

town. After the Revolution he went to Salem, Washington Co., 
N. Y., and in 1807 moved to Fairhaven, Vt. He d. in Whitehall, 
N. Y., 1833, and his wife died in Illinois, aged 84. Children: 

i. Enos, 8 m. at Salem, Susan Hinckley of Willington, Ct. 

He was Ensign in the Washington Co. Militia, 1806. 
ii. Polly. 

iii. Oliver, m. Peck of Cambridge, N. Y.; lived first in 

western New York and moved to Batavia, 111., 1836. 
iv. Hiram, m. Sarah Spink of Whitehall, N. Y.; moved to 

Aurora, 111. 
v. Harvey. 
Hist. Fairhaven, Vt. 

17. Levi' Bristol; untraced. 

18. Samuel 6 Bristol (Abraham, 4 Joseph,* John,' Henry'), b. 
Jan. 6, 1756, at Newtown; went to Lanesboro with his father; 
served from Sandgate in the Revolution and was pensioned in 
St. Lawrence Co., 1S33. Was living at Sandgate in 1790 (census) 
with 4 males over 16. including self, in family; 4 males under 16 
and 7 females. About 1801 he settled in De Kalb and De Peys- 
ter, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. The first school at De Peyster was 
held at his house. His two eldest sons were Truman and Mans- 
field. Both were officers in the St. Lawrence Co. Militia. Mans- 
field m. Betsy and had one son Curtis. The names of the 

other children of Samuel have not been ascertained. 

Newtown Records, Vt. Rev. Rolls, Rev. Pensioners in N. Y., St. Lawrence 
Co. Hist., N. Y. State Historian's Report, Will of Mansfield Bristol, St. Law- 
rence Co. Probate Records. 

19. James 6 Bristol (Abraham, 4 Joseph, 3 John, 1 Henry'), b. at 
Newtown, March ir, 1759; m. Ann, dau. of Lieut. James and 
Cynthia (Beers) Skidmore of Newtown. He lived at Sandgate, 
Vt., and served from there in the Revolution; d. 1851. Children: 
Sons: Ira, Sheldon and Ziba; daus.: Zady, who m. Abel Patterson, 
Nov. 20, 1799, and Sally. 

Manchester Probate Records, Sandgate Church Records, Vt. Rev. Rolls, 
Skidmore Gen. 

21. Nathaniel' Bristol (Gideon, 4 Joseph,' John, 9 Henry') b. 
1755; m. Nov. 10, 1777, at Southbury, Ct., Annis, dau. of Isaac 
Stiles. He enlisted in the Revolution at Cornwall, Ct., 1775, and 
was pensioned in Cayuga Co., N. Y., 1831-33, aged 78. In 1790 
he was at Sandgate, Vt., and had in family 1 male under 16 and 
7 females. His descendants, children of the late Homer C. Bris- 
tol, have the Bible which he carried through the war. Son: 
31 Simon." 

Windsor Hist., Stiles Genealogy. 

20. Abraham' Bristol, Jr. (Abraham. 4 Joseph, 8 John, 3 Henry'), 

bap. June 9, 1770, at Lanesboro, Mass.; in. Eunice ; was at 

Sandgate 1790 (census) with three females in family. In 1794 
his name first appears on the land records at Aurelius (Auburn), 
Cayuga Co., N. Y., as "Abraham Bristol of Salem, Washington 
Co.;" in 1795 as "'Abraham Bristol, Jr." In 1800. "Abraham 
Bristol and wife Eunice," deeded land to Daniel Bristoll. (A 

1 74 Bristol Notes. [April, 

Daniel Bristol m. Sarah Bristol, 1785, at Sandgate). Abraham, 
Jr., bought land 1803 and 1805, and Abraham 1810. 

Lanesboro, Mass., Church Records (Cook MSS.), U. S. Census, ijqo, Cayuga 
Co. Land and Probate Records, searched by Mrs. S. A. Worden of Ithaca. 

22. Daniel* Bristol (John, Jr., 6 John, 4 Joseph,* Joseph,' Henry 1 ), 

b. in Farmington, Ct.; m. Chloe , lived at Norfolk, Ct., and 

New Marlboro, Mass.; was Tax Collector at Norfolk, 1787. In 
1785 he sold land "next that of my honoured father, John Bris- 
tol." He owned large tracts of land and dealt in cattle on an ex- 
tensive scale. Children: 

32 i. Lewis, 1 b. July 15, 1783, "at Danbury, Ct." 
S^ ii. Daniel, b. 17S6 (at Norfolk ?). 

iii. Pauline ("Polly"), b. June 16, 1788, at New Marlboro; 
m. Huggins. 

iv. Abigail, b. Jan. 27, 1791, at New Marlboro. 

34 v. Lyman, b. April 9, 1793, at New Marlboro. 

35 vi. Almon, b. Aug. 11, 1795, at New Marlboro, 
vii. Almira, b. May 1, 1798, at New Marlboro. 

Norfolk Town and Land Records, New Marlboro Vital Records, The 
Lewis Bristol Bible Records. 

23. John H. 6 Bristol, Rev. (John, Jr., 6 John, 4 Joseph,' John, 1 
Henry 1 ), m. Reliance Adah, dau. of Sergt. Jesse Tobey of Nor- 
folk who served in the Revolution. She was b. at Marlboro, 
Ct., 1763, d. at Canaan, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1849. He was a circuit 
preacher and in 1790 (census) was at Bethlehem, Berkshire Co., 
Mass. (now Otis). During this year he bought and sold land in 
Norfolk. In 1791, when he sold land at Norfolk, he gave his 
place of residence as Tyringham. He d. at the home of his son, 
Miles Bristol, of Canaan, N. Y., Oct. 9, 1850, and is buried in 
West Stockbridge, Mass. Children: 

36 i. Miles, 7 b. 1788 at Norfolk. 

ii. Anna, m. Daniel Beers, son of John and brother to her 
uncle Joseph's wife. Children: Elijah, Philo and 

37 iii. Jesse, b. 1791 at Windsor, Mass. 

iv. Jeremiah, m. Haskell; no issue. 

38 v. Henry, b. April 17, 1794. 

vi. Maria, m. John Hermance. Children: James and 

vii. Reliance, m. Jonathan Putnam, Jr.; lived at Pittsfield 
and Dal ton, Mass. Children: Mary, Rocellia, Henry, 
Martha, Marenda. 

The /esse Bristol Letter, Burial certificate of Miles Bristol, West Stock- 
bridge Vital Records, Tobey Genealogy, History of Norfolk, Conn., Mass. 
Rev. Soldiers and Sailors, Norfolk Land Records, Information from Miss 
Mary Putnam. 

24. Sarah Bristol 6 (John, Jr., 6 John, 4 Joseph,' John,' Henry 1 ), 
m. Ephraim B. Potter and lived on Potter's Hill in Jefferson, 
Schoharie Co., N. Y.; d. in Franklin, N. Y. Children: 

i. Ephriam Wilbur 7 Potter, m. Angelina Lines. Children: 
Edmund, David, Miles, Adaline, Orline, Stephen, 
Diana Atlanta, Albert, Charles. 

1914O Bristol Notes. 1 75 

ii. Diana Potter, m. John Ashley. 
Hi. Amos Potter, m. Sally Maynard. 
iv. Catherine Potter, m. William Stanley, 
v. Rev. Joshua Potter, m. Jane Ashley, 
vi. Atlanta Potter, m. Lewis Carrington. 
Ephraim Wilbur Potter Family Records. 

25. Joseph Quick" Bristol, Rev. (John Jr., 6 John/ Joseph,' 
John, 5 Henry 1 ), b. May 29, 1774, at Norfolk; m. Nov. 7, 1792, at 
Lanesboro, Mass., Lydia, dau. of John Beers, and sister to his 
niece Anna Bristol's husband. They lived in Jefferson and 
Cuba, N. Y. Children: 

i. Lydia, 7 b. July 31, 1796; m. Milton Osborn. 
ii. Sally, b. June 28, 1799; m. Pratt. 

39 iii. Joseph Beers, b. Dec. 10, 1806, at Jefferson. 

iv. Esther, b. Sept. 26, 1810, at Jefferson; m. Martin L. 

40 v. Amos Stewart, b. Nov. 23, 1814, at Jefferson. 

Norfolk Church Records, Record kept by Esther (Bristol) Finch, Rev. 
Joseph Q. Bristol's Bible Records. 

26. Miles 6 Bristol (John, Jr.,' John, 4 Joseph, 3 John, 1 Henry'), 
m. Betsy De Forest, lived at Girard, Erie Co., Pa.; d. 1835. 

i. Ansel, 7 b. Aug. 23, 1822, d. unm. 
ii. Samuel, b. Sept. 6, 1827; m. Sarah Mills, 
iii. Oliva, b. Oct. 5, 1833; m. Edwin Warner. 
Letter written, 1881, by Lucy M. Bristol. 

27. Philip" Bristol (John, Jr., 6 John, 4 Joseph,' John,' Henry'), 
m. (1) Susanna Settle; (2) Charlotte Chapin, lived at Girard, 
Erie Co., Pa., where he and his brother Miles settled in 181 2. In 
1837 he drove the entire distance across the State of New York 
to visit his relatives in Columbia Co., N. Y. Children by 1st 

i. John S., 7 b Jan. 18, 1804; lived in Milwaukee, 
iii. James. 

iii. Miles B., b. Oct. 27, 1813; m. Ruth Large, 
iv. Mary Ann. 

v. Charles Elliot, b. July 20, 1825; m. Lucy Melissa Gere. 
By 2d wife: 

vi. Daniel Chapin, b. Dec. 14, 1833; m. Harriet McNa- 
mara; lived in Grenada, Miss, 
viii. Martha, b. Sept. 3, 1835; m. Liberty Ball. 

Philip Bristol's Bible Records, Letters from Lucy M. and Harriet M. 
Bristol, 1881. 

28. Elijah" Bristol (Job, 6 Enos, 4 Joseph,' John," Henry'), b. 
about 1784, probably in Sandgate; m. Tryphena Torrey, b. 
1784, dau. of John I. Torrey who served in the Revolution. 
Elijah Bristol rented land in Aurelius, Cayuga Co., N. Y., evi- 
dently near that of his father, 1801, and later settled in Bethany, 
Genesee Co., N. Y. He sold land in Aurelius, 1809; d. 1863. 

i. Lucia, 7 m. Cyrus W. Fuller of Elba, N. Y. 

1 76 Bristol Notes. [April 

ii. Mary, m. Simeon Brainard. 
iii. Philo, lived in Elba, 
iv. Tryphena, m. William Fisher. 
Information received from his descendants and those of John I. Torrey. 

29. James" Bristol (Job, 6 Enos, 4 Joseph,' John,' Henry'), b. 
about 1780; m. Sarah L). Hunger, b. 1780; lived at Aurelius (Au- 
burn), N. Y., until about 1819, when he sold his land and moved 
to Jamestown, N. Y., where he d. 1827, aged 47. His widow m. 

(2) Farnham, who d. a few years after, and she went to live 

with her children in Dodge Co., Wis., where she d. Nov. 11, 
1850. Children: 

41 i. Lester Sheppard, b. Nov. 3, 1801. 

ii. Lathrop S., b. 1804; owned land in Wayne Co. 1828. 

42 iii. Ira Sherman, Rev., b. June 24, 1809, in Auburn (Au- 

iv. Harriet Maria, b. Oct., 18 10; m. Alzo F. Barlow, b. 

June 10, 1803, in Vermont; d. in Shasta, Cal., 1851. 
v. Juliette, m. (2) Chester Fuller, 
vi. Candace. 

vii. Chester, d. unm. in Genesee Co., N. Y. 
viii. Sarah Ann, b. 1822; m. Benjamin, son of Timothy 
Information supplied by C. L. Bristol of S. Loup, Neb. 

30. John Sherman" Bristol (Job, 6 Enos/ Joseph,' John,' 
Henry 1 ), m. Aug. 17, 1806, Maria Francisco, b. Jan. 25, 1787, and 
d. Sept. 15, 1830. He lived at Aurelius and Seneca Falls, N. Y., 
served in the War of 181 2 and was wounded; d. Aug. 17, 1835. 

i. Eliza Ann, b. May 11, 1807, d. Nov. 14, 1807. 

43 ii. John Sherman, b. Sept. 11, 1808. 

iii. Ichabod S., b. Aug. 16, 181 1; lived in Seneca Falls, 
iv. William Henry Harrison, b. Dec. 3, 1814; lived at 

Madison, Ind. 
v. David, b. April 14, 1816, d. May 14, 1817. 
vi. George, b. Dec. 30, 1S19, died March 8, 1830. 
vii. Dorman, b. April 21, 1821, d. Nov. 12, 1826. 
viii. Eliza Ann Maria, b. May 9, 1824. 
ix. Nabby Jane, b. Dec. 22, 1826. 
x. Dorman, 2d, b. Sept. 18, 1829, d. Dec. 13, 1829. 
Family Bible records in possession of Mrs. Merritt Bristol, Chicago. 

31. Simon" Bristol (Nathaniel, 6 Gideon, 4 Joseph,' John,' Henry"), 
lived at Cooperstown, N. Y. He was very powerful and was 
killed when a young man in a conflict with a wild moose. Chil- 

i. Stephen, b. 1824; lived near Ithaca, N. Y. 
ii. John S., m. Silome, dau. of Simon Culver; lived at 

Auburn, N. Y. 
iii. Simon, lived near Weedsport, N. Y. 

iv. Ellen, m. Green. 

Culver Gen. Information from descendants. 
( To be continued.) 

iq 1 4-] Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. 177 



By Charles R. Eastman, U. S. National Museum, Washington, D. C. 

A partial account of the early history of the Scovil family in 
Connecticut, limited to the descendants of Arthur 1 Scovil, of Bos- 
ton, Middletown and Lyme, one of the two original Scovil col- 
onists of New England, has already been published in pamphlet 
form.* The present article continues the genealogy in certain 
lines, the data for which has recently been collected from various 
sources. Some errors and omissions in the earlier brochures are 
herein corrected. 

Arthur 1 Scovil and wife Joanna are supposed to have emi- 
grated from England, probably Dorsetshire, about 1660, and set- 
tled at Boston, afterwards removing to Middletown, Conn. Bos- 
ton Town Records give the dates of birth of five of their chil- 
dren, two of whom were sons, Arthur 2 and James. 2 Two other 
sons were born in Connecticut Colony, John 2 about 1672, and 
Stephen 2 at some time during the interval 1680-84. 

2. Arthur 2 Scovil (Arthur 1 ), b. Jan. 24, 1663-4, at Boston, d. 

June 24, 1694, at Lyme, Conn.; he m. Sept. 17, 1690, Rachel ; 

family name not found. Children born at Lyme: 

6 i. Arthur, b. Jan. 3, 1691-2; m. Elizabeth . 

ii. James, b. Jan. 9, 1693-4; d. Feb. 16, 1693-4. 

3. James 2 Scovil (Arthur 1 ), b. at Boston, Mass., June 13, 1670, 
d. at Middletown Upper Houses, now Cromwell, Conn., Dec. 14, 

1711; he m. Hannah , who was living in Jan., 1723. He was 

a farmer and received lands from his father along the banks of the 
Connecticut River. Children b. at Cromwell: 

i. Sarah, b. Aug. 10, 1698, d. Sept. 6, 1750; m. in 1736, 
Henry Stanton. 

7 ii. James, b. March 25, 1700; m. Rebecca . 

iii. Mercy, b. May 29, 1702. 

iv. Hannah, b. March 19, 1704; m. April 19, 1736, Joseph 

Hall of Wallingford. 
v. Abigail, b. Nov. 21, 1706. 
vi. Martha, b. June 5, 1709. 
vii. Elizabeth, b. June 22, 171 1. 

4. John 2 Scovil (Arthur 1 ), b. probably at Cromwell about 1672, 
d. there Dec. 12, 1712; he m. Feb. 9, 1697-8, Mary, daughter of 
William and Hester (Clark) Lucas. She was b. Dec. 5, 1672, and 
d. May 23, 1753, after having m. secondly one Crawford, and 
thirdly Deacon Nathaniel Burt, the latter in 1740. Children b. at 

* Scoville Family Records, parts i-iii, by C. R. Eastman. Privately printed, 

I 7 8 Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. [April, 

i. Johannah, b. April 30, 1698-9; was living unm. in 1729. 
8. ii. John, b. 1701; m. Hannah Coggswell. 

iii. Mary, b. Dec. 2, 1702, d. March, 1736; m. 1724, Thomas 

Goodman of Hadley, Mass. 
iv. Elizabeth, b. July 7, 170)4; m. William Gaylord, of Had- 
ley, Mass. 

9 v. William, b. March 15, 1705-6; m. Ruth . 

vi. Ebenezer, b. Nov. 27, 1707, d. unm. at Hadley, Mass., 
Nov. 26, 1 73 1. 
5. Stephen 2 Scovil (Arthur 1 ), b. probably between 1680 and 
1684 at Lyme, perhaps a son of Arthur 1 by a second wife, although 
no marriage record has been found; he m. Nov. 4, 1705, Sarah, 
daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Brockway) Champion of Lyme. 
She was born at Lyme, March 8, 1687-8, and survived her hus- 
band. After 1724 Stephen resided in the Hadlyme parish of East 
Haddam. Children b. at Lyme: 

10 i. Stephen, b. Aug. 20, 1706; m. Rebecca Millard. 

ii. Sarah, b. Sept. 11, 1708; m. John, son of William and 
Elizabeth Brockway, as his second wife. She d. 
June 12, 1770, at Lyme, 
iii. Arthur, b. about 1710; m. Phebe Willey. They had 
five children, one of whom, Arthur, 4 was a grantee of 
land at Horton, Kings County, Nova Scotia, in 1761, 
and left sons there named William, Nathan, Levi 
and Abner, all of whom had issue.* Another son of 
Arthur 8 and Phebe, perhaps the eldest, was named 
Abner; he m. May 16, 1762, Elizabeth Harrison, and 
was of Brattleboro, Vt., in 1790. 
iv. Ezekiel, b. June 12, 1712, d. at Harwinton, Aug. 5, 
1791; m. Oct. 23, 1740, Mindwell Barber of Windsor. 
They had eight children, the fourth of whom appears 
to have been erroneously named or misread in the 
records as "Asa Fitch." This should be corrected 
to read "a daughter," b. Oct. 10, 1748. Her name 
was Sybil, and in 1786 she was the wife of one Bris- 
trol. (See Scoville Family Records, part iii, for Ez- 
ekiel's descendants. His will is extant.) 
v. Hezekiah, b. about 1714, d. July 20, 1753; m. Mary 

vi. Daniel, b. about 1718, d. Jan. 18, 1761; m. (1) Miriam 
Chamberlain of Colchester, and (2) in 1758 Lucy 
Beckwith. No issue, 
vii. Mary, b. probably 1719 or 1720; m. March 3, 175 1, Jo- 
seph Beckwith as his second wife, 
viii. Thomas, b. June 16, 1722, d. May 25, 1791 ; m. (1) Nov. 
9, 1749, his cousin, Jerusha Scovil, and (2) after 1768 

Bathsheba . 

ix. Nathan, perhaps not the youngest son, and date of 
birth not recorded. Hadlyme church records give 

* See Eaton's History of Kings County, N. S., for descendants. 

IQI4-] Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. \ 7g 

the date of baptism of "Nathan and Hannah, chil- 
dren of Stephen and Sarah Scovel" in Jan., 1745-6. 
There was a Nathan Scovil of St. Albans, Vt, in 1793. 

x. Hannah, b. . Not mentioned in her father's will, 

and was probably dead in May, '1752. 

6. Arthur 3 Scovil (Arthur, 2 Arthur 1 ), b. at Lyme, Jan. 3, 1691-2, 
d. at Colchester, June 25, 1774; he m. at Lyme, in Feb., 1710-11, 
Elizabeth , and after 1717 resided in Colchester. Children: 

i. James, b. Jan. 18, 1711-12; m. Elizabeth Chamberlain, 
ii. Elizabeth, b. July 26, 171 5; m. April 16, 1734, Elnathan 

iii. John, b. probably at Colchester about 1716, died at 
Canaan, N. H., July 5, 1784, having removed thither 
from Salisbury, Conn. He m. (1 ) at Lyme, Nov. 3, 
1742, Sarah Alger, and (2) before 1748, Sarah 
Crocker, who d. at Canaan, N. H., Sept. 4, 1796. 
Her will is printed in Wallace's History of Canaan^ 
family name spelled Schofield. John's children 
were: (a) Esther, b. Nov. 24, 1743; (b) Miriam, b. 
1748, m. Major Samuel Jones; (c) Delight, b. 1750, 
m. Gideon Rudd; (d) Eleazer, b. 1754, m. Temper- 
ance Calkins; and (e) John, b. June 12, 1756, m. 
Lydia Clark, 
iv. Irene, b. about 1720; m. (1) at Colchester, Feb. 18, 
1750, Jonathan Rathbone; and (2) Daniel Morgan. 

v. Rachel, b. ; m. at Colchester, March 14, 1754, John 

11 vi. Elisha, b. in 1734, d. at Exeter, Penn., Oct., 1797; m. 
Feb. 19, 1756, Eliphael Bliss. 

(?) vii. David, b. . One of this name enlisted in 3d Regt. 

Conn. Troops and d. in hospital Sept. 1, 1760, per- 
haps of this family. 

7. James 3 Scovil (James 2 , Arthur 1 ), born at Middletown, March 
25, 1700, d. at Wallingford, March 27, 1788. His wife's family 
name and date of marriage are unknown, but she is called Re- 
becca in will, and survived her husband. James removed in 1723 
from Middletown to Meriden, where his children were born. 

i. Abigail, b. Sept. 22, 1725; was living unm. in 1788. 

ii. Jerusha, b. Sept. 21, 1728; m. Thomas Scovil of Had- 
lyme {vide supra). 

iii. Samuel, b. Sept. 6, 1731; m. Oct. 31, 1754, Abigail Yale. 
Samuel removed in 1772 to Plymouth, Conn., and after- 
wards to Saratoga County, N. Y., where his sons, 
John, Levi and Amasa continued to live, and left 
numerous progeny. Levi m. May I, 1783, at 
Plymouth, Jane Dunbar, and Amasa m. Elizabeth 
Byington. Another son, Samuel, Jr.. m. Sept. 27, 
1780, Lydia Hitchcock and had seven children. Prob- 

I 80 Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. [April, 

ably Thomas 2 Scovil of Ft. Edward, N. Y., who was 
b. ante 1775, and m. in 1796, was a fifth son of Samuel 4 
and Abigail. 

iv. James, Jr., b. Sept. 14, 1733, d. June I, 1776; m. Dec. 
10, 1755, Hannah Hough. They had seven children. 

v. Hannah, b. May 17, 1736; m. (1) May 13, 1756, Joseph 
Way, and (2) Trowbridge. 

vi. Elijah, b. July 15, 1738; m. (1) Oct. 20, 1763, Jemima 

Shaler; and (2) Oct. 21, 1773, Hannah Frary. 
vii. Rebecca, b. July 24, 1740; m. June 1, 1758, Samuel Pen- 
viii. Elisha, b. Oct. 15, 1742; rm (1) Dec. 20, 1764, Mary 
Warner, and (2) March 15, 1786, widow Lydia 
(Foote) Baldwin. He removed to West Turin, N.Y., 
and left numerous descendants. 

ix. Moses, b. Aug. 11, 1745, d. March 29, 1756. 

8. John 3 Scovil (John 2 , Arthur 1 ), born at Middletown, July 5, 
1701; m. Nov. 3, 1725, Hannah, daughter of Westall and Martha 
Coggswell of Lyme, who was born Sept. 23, 1700. John probably 
lived on the place occupied by his father before him at Middle- 
town, but all of his sons moved away. Children born at Middle- 

12 i. John, b. Nov. 3, 1726; m. (1) Abigail Bishop; (2) Lucy 
Bradley; and (3) Elizabeth Conckling. 

Stephen, b. March 1, 1728-9; m. Elizabeth Eggleston. 

Ebenezer, b. Oct. 12, 173 1. 

Westall, b. Feb. 17, 1733-4; m. July 29, 1755, Huldah 

James, b. , who died at Glastonbury, Conn., in 

1777, leaving wife Margaret; supposed to belong to 
this family. 

(?) vi. Martha, b. , who m. Timothy Cadwell, June 24, 

1760, both "of Guilford," according to record; sup- 
posed to be of this family. 
(?) vii. Peter, b. about 1736, served in 1st Regt., nth Co., 
Conn, troops in 1761. May be the same Peter Scovel 
who was later of Providence and Hopkinton, Mass. 

9. William 3 Scovil (John 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. at Middletown, March 
15, 1705-6, d. Feb. 17, 1754 (gravestone at Essex); he m. Ruth 
, perhaps Ruth Webb, of Saybrook, whither William had re- 
moved. In March, 1764, William was dead, and his widow Ruth 
was still living in Saybrook; afterwards, however, she removed to 
Kensington, taking her younger children with her, and m. (2) 
Deacon Hezekiah Pratt. Children born in Saybrook: 

15 i. Noah, b. May 5, 1732; m. Anne Pratt of Saybrook. 

ii. Elijah, b. about 1734; m. Sarah Williams of Saybrook. 
iii. William, b. about 1736, was living in 1756. One by 
this name was living in Bedford county, Penn., be- 
tween 1779 and 1783. (See Penn. Archives, ser. 3, 
vol. xxii.) 








Igi4.] Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. I 8 I 

iv. Ruth, b. about 1738. 

v. Mchitabel, b. about 1740; m. at Kensington, Feb. 21, 
1765, Caleb Hopkins. 

16 vi. Matthew, b. about 1742; m. (1) Hannah Beebe, and 

(2) Sarah Tiley. I 

vii. Mary, b. about 1745; m. at Kensington, Dec. 17, 1766, 

Oliver Hart, 
viii. Ezra, b. about 1748; m. Azubah ; she d. at Ken- 
sington, Nov. 3, 1802, ae. 52. They had two daugh- 
ters baptized at Kensington in Nov., 1782, named 
Azubah and Fanny. 
ix. Capt. Dan, b. in 1752, d. Nov. 29, 1781 (gravestone at 
Colchester); m. Elizabeth Pratt, who m. (2) at Ken- 
sington, March 12, 1786, Jabez Cowles. Dan and 
Elizabeth had children named Dan and Mary. The 
latter m. March 18, 1800, William Lambert Foote, 
who was b. Oct. 10, 1778. 

10. Stephen 8 Scovil (Stephen 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. at Lyme, Aug. 20, 
1706, d. at East Haddam (?) after 1779. Will dated 1778, proved 
March 4, 1780. He m. Jan. 16, 1729, Rebecca, daughter of Thomas 
and Rebecca (Dutton) Millard of East Haddam. Children b. at 
Millington parish of East Haddam: 

i. Stephen, b. Sept. 19, 1729, d. unm. Sept. 29, 175 1 . 
ii. Samuel, b. Sept. 29, 1731; m. (1) Ruth Squires; and (2) 

Mary Rowland at Cornwall in 1761. 
iii. Rebecca, b. Nov. 25, 1733; m. Sept. 27, 1759, Medad 

Thornton of Bolton, East Haddam and Belchertown, 

iv. Sarah, b. March 7, 1736; d. Aug. 15, 1736. 
v. Timothy, b. Sept. 20, 1737; m. Sept. 3, 1760, Thankful 


17 vi. Henry, b. March 16, 1740; m. Martha , probably 

Martha Taylor, 
vii. Sarah, b. May 15, 1742, d. Aug. 27, 1749. 
viii. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 26, 1744. This is not the same 
Elizabeth who m. April 29, 1773, Anderson Martin, 
as per Colchester Records, 
ix. Irene, b. July 20, 1748. 

x. Stephen, 2d, b. Jan. 15, 1752; m. Mary , probably 

his first cousin, Mary Scovil, daughter of Arthur, 8 be- 
fore 1778, and removed to Cornwall, Conn. 

11. Elisha 4 Scovil (Arthur 8 , Arthur 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. at Colchester, 
Conn., in 1734, d. at Exeter, in Wyoming Valley, Penn., Oct., 
1797 {vide Proc. Wyoming Valley Hist. Geol. Soc, vol. iii, p. 224). 
Name usually written Scovell. He m. at Colchester, Feb. 19, 1756, 
Eliphael, dau. of Pelatiah and Anne (Elderkin) Bliss of New Lon- 
don North Parish, now Montville. She died at Exeter, Penn., 
April 17, 1822, se. 84. Elisha served as lieutenant and captain of 
militia, and as commander of Fort Wintermoot was prominent at 
the time of the invasion of Wyoming Valley in July, 1778. See 

jg2 American Epitaphs. [April, 

Harvey's History of Wilkesbarre, Miner's History of Wyoming, and 
Public Papers of George Clinton for interesting historical data. 
Children b. at Colchester: 

i. Jonathan, b. March 6, 1757, d. Feb. 8, 1824; m. Sept. 
5, 1783, Sarah, dau. of Samuel and Hannah (Rogers) 
Church, who was b. Feb. 18, 1766, and d. Oct. 9, 
1826. They had nine daughters and two sons, 
named David (b. 1794) and Samuel Church (b. in 
1804), both of whom left descendants. 
ii. David, b. Aug. 10, 1759; probably d. unm. 
iii. James, b. in 1762, d. Jan. 8, 1810; m. Thankful Nash of 
Wyoming Valley. 
18 iv. Silas, b. March 18, 1763, d. June 28, 1824; m. Abigail 

v. Sarah, b. ; m. a Mr. Carpenter and d. in Ohio, 

1817 or 1818. 

( To be continued?) 


Contributed by Hopper Striker Mott. 

The Rev. Timothy Alden issued in this city in 1814 five small 
volumes under the title of Collectio?is of American Epitaphs and 
Inscriptions with Occasional Notes. These books, which are in 
the library of the New York Historical Society, contain such im- 
portant information of early date that it has been suggested that 
a transcript giving some of the data be presented to the readers 
of the Record. A selection has accordingly been made from 
Vols. I, IV and V of all New York, New Jersey and Connecticut 
items, Vols. II and III being devoted largely to other parts of 
New England and to Pennsylvania. Many sketches of the lives 
of individuals mentioned are included, and these are worthy of 

New York. 

Vol. I, p. 273 Ablin, John, died 26 December, 1802, aged 55 
years, 5 months. St. Paul's churchyard, New 
109 Alexander, James, and his descendants, by his son 
William, Earl of Sterling, and his daughters, 
Mary, wife of Peter V. B. Livingston; Elizabeth, 
wife of John Stevens; Catharine, wife of Walter 
Rutherford, and Susanna, wife of John Reid. 
Vault built in 1738. New York. 
34 Beekman, William, Jr., son of John and Mary E. 
G. Beekman, died at the Wallabought, L. I., 24th 
of Oct., 1805, aged 11 years, 8 months, twenty- 
four days. New York. 

i)i t] American Epitaphs. I 83 

Vol. I, p. 275 Bolt, John, died Aug. 13, 181 1, aged 39, 7, 18. St. 
Paul's churchyard, New York. 

269 Callahan, John, Rev., minister of this Church, d. 

14 April, 1800, aged 24. Tablet, St. Mark's, New 

219 Edwards, Jonathan, Rev., b. Northampton, Mass., 

1745, son Rev. Jonathan Edwards, d. Aug. 1, 

1801. Schenectady. 
273 Fraser, William, d. 14, Oct., 1807, aged 20 yrs., 11 

m. St. Paul's churchyard, New York. 

31 Halliburton, Hamilton Douglas, son of Sholto 

Charles, Earl of Morton, perished at Sandy 
Hook, 30-31 Dec, 1783. New York. 

29 Hamilton, Alex., Major Gen., d. 12 July, 1804, aged 

47. Monument, Trinity, New York. 

30 Hamilton, Alex., Major Gen., Tablet in Trinity 

Church, New York. 

271 Holt, John, printer, d. 30 Jan., 1784, in his 64th yr. 

New York. 
33 Malcom, William, d. 1 Sept., 1791, in 47th yr. 
Burial yard, Brick Church, near the Park, New 

272 Matlock, John, D. D, d. 28 Oct., 1787, aged 57. 

Brick Church, near the Park, New York. 

32 Montgomery, Richard, Major Gen., fell, 31 Dec, 

1775, aged 37. St. Paul's, New York. 
107 Nannesstad, Lars,b. 6 June, 1757, his Danish Maj's 
weigher and Postmaster at Island St. Thomas, 
d. 24 July, 1807, aged 49 yrs. Monument in 
Trinity yard, New York. 

272 Rhinedollar, Emanuel, d. 10, Jan., 1806, aged 66 

yrs., 8 mo. St. Paul's churchyard, New York. 
109 Scriba, Frederick, merchant, d. Sept., 1796, in 40th 
yr. New York. 

270 Stuyvesant, Peter, b. 13 Oct., 1727 o. s., d. 7 Oct., 

1805. St. Mark's, New York. 
275 Whetten, Eliza, wife John, d. 23 Sept., 181 1, aged 
38 yrs., 11 mo. St. Paul's, New York. 

273 Wilmurt, Stephen Mersereau, d. 25 July, 181 1, ag. 

31 yrs., 6 mo., 21 ds. New York. 

New Jersey. 

Vol. I, p. 23 Ailing, Mary, wife Gen. Pruden Ailing, d. Aug. 2, 
1807, ag. 53 yr., 8 m. Hanover. 

199 Bayard, John, formerly of Philadelphia, d. Jan. 7, 

1807, in 69th yr. Presbyterian churchyard, New 

200 Bayard, Ann Livingston, wife Dr. Nicholas S. Bay- 

ard, d. Aug. 15, 1802, in 35th yr. New Brunswick. 

201 Bayard, Ann Livingston, dau. Nicholas S. Bayard, 

d. Aug. 14, 1802, ag. 6 mos., 5 days. New Bruns- 

jgj. American Epitaphs. [April, 

Vol I p 22 Bennet, William, d. Apr. 14, 1808, ag. 65; Ruth, his 
wife, d. Mch. 28, 1798, ag. 55. Flemington. 
13 Berckel, Peter I. Van, of Rotterdam, late Minister 
to U. S. from Holland, d. Dec. 17, 1800, in 77th 
yr. Newark. 
197 Berrien, John, Justice Sup. Ct., d. Apr. 22, 1772, in 
61st yr. Princeton. 
16 Blackwell, Richard, merchant of N. Y., native Gt. 
Britain, d. June 9, 1803, ag. 23. Newark. 

16 Bostvvick, Mary, relict Rev. David Bostwick, late 

pastor Pres. Ch. in N. Y., d. Sept. 22, 1778, ag. 57. 
101 Boudinot, Elias, d. July 4th, 1770, ag. 63; Cather- 
ine, his wife, d. Nov. 1, 1765, ag. 57. Elizabeth. 
9 Boudinot, Catherine, wife Elisha, d. Aug. 30, 1797, 
ag. 47 yr., 8 mos. Also their four young chil- 
dren and Rachel, wife of same, d. June 6, 1805, 
ag. 41. Newark. 
95 Bowers, Nathaniel, Rev., 5th minister of church, 

d. Aug., 1721, in 43d year. Newark. 
97 Boyd, Robert, schoolmaster, d. Feb. 13, 1777; 
James, son of Robert & Mary Boyd, d. Feb. 6, 
1782, ag. 28. Newark. 

97 Boyd, Mary, wife Robert Boyd, d. May 10, 1790, 

ag. 74. Newark. 
195 Brearley, David, Lt. Col. U. S. A., d. Aug. 16, 1790, 

in 45th yr. Monument in Episcopal burying 

ground, Trenton. 
203 Brown, Hermonis [Hermanus], son Henry & 

Rachel B., d. Jun. 8, 1780, in 18th yr. Belleville. 

98 Burnet, David, d. Nov. 26, 1800, ag. 64 yrs., 9 mos., 

17 days. Newark. 
146 Burr, Aaron, d. Sept. 24, 1757, ag. 42. "Eheu 
quam brevis!" Princeton. 

17 Caldwell, James, Rev. & Hannah, his wife, fell 

victims to their Country's cause in 1780-1781. 

15 Camfield, Joseph, d. Dec. 14, i733> in S 2 & yr. 

97 Carey, Gilbert R., b. Mansfield, Conn., d. Oct. 19, 

1803, in 26th yr. Newark. 
27 Chapman, Blanche, wife Rev. Jedidiah, d. Nov. 21, 

1773, in 29th yr. Orange. 
73 Congar, Lewis Le Count, d. in Andover, Mass., 

Jan. 6, 1810, in 22d yr. Newark. 
15 Cooper, John, Col., d. Feb. 27, 1736, in 68th yr. 

192 Cowell, David, Rev , b. Dorchester, Mass., 1704, d. 

Dec. 1, 1760, ag. 56. Trenton. 
14 Crane, Jasper, d. Mar. 16, 17 12, ag. 62. Newark. 
Crane, Jonathan, d. June 25, 1744, ag. 66, 7, 16. 


iqi4>1 American Epitaphs. 1 85 

Vol. I, p. 149 Davies, Samuel, Rev., b. Newcastle, Del., Nov. 3, 

1724, d. Feb. 4, 1761. Princeton. 
145 Dickinson, Jonathan, Rev., b. Hatfield, Mass., Apr. 

22, 1688, son Hezekiah & Abjgail Dickinson, d. 

Oct. 7, 1747, ag. 60. Elizabeth. 
276 Dickinson, Joanna, wife Rev. Jonathan, d. Apr. 20, 

1 745, ag. 63. Elizabeth. 
148 Edwards, Jonathan, Rev., b. Windsor, Conn., Oct. 

5, 1703, d. March 22, [758. Princeton. 

15 Falconer, Patrick, d. June 27, 1692, ag. 33. Newark. 
151 Finley, Samuel, Rev., b. Ireland, 17 15, d. in Phila- 
delphia, July 16, 1766. Princeton. 

195 Frazer, William, Rev., rector St. Michael's, d. July 

6 . 1 795, ag. 52. Trenton. 

194 Furman, Moore, d. Mar. 16, 1808, in 79th yr. Sarah, 
his wife, d. Jan. 6, 1796, in 53d yr. Trenton. 

16 Giles, Jane, dau. Benjamin & Elizabeth Peach of 

Westbury, England, and wife of Rev. John 

Giles, d. Aug. 5, 1799, ag. 36. He removed to 

Newburyport, Mass. Elizabeth. 
23 Green, Jacob, Rev., 1st pastor of church, d. May 

24, 1790, ag. 68. Hanover. 
154 Hardenbergh, Jacobus Rutsen, Rev., pastor Dutch 

Reformed Church, Pres. Queen's College, d.Oct. 

3, 1790, ag. 52. New Brunswick. 
11 Hedden, Joseph, patriot, d. Sept. 27, 1780, in 52d 

yr. Newark. 
98 Hedden, Margaret, wife William Hedden, master 

Grammar School, d. Sept. 11, 1771, in 54th yr. 

202 Howard, Charles Abraham, Dr., d. Sept. 21, 1794, 

aged 44. Episcopal yard, New Brunswick. 
25 Jackson, Christian, wife Rev. Abel, d. May 4, 1809, 

ag. 47 yrs., 8 mos., 7 days. Bloomfield. 
15 Johnson, Eliphalet, d. Apr. 20, 17 18, age 60. 

8 MacWhorter, Alexander, Rev., born Jul. 15, 1734, 

d. Jul. 20, 1807, ag. 73; Mary, his wife, dau. Robert 

Cumming of Freehold, d. Apr. 2, 1734. Newark. 
10 Mercer, Mary, wife Archibald, dau. Schenck 

of Somerset, d. Jan. 1, 1808. Newark. 
276 Minto, Walter, professor, b. Scotland, Dec. 6, 1753, 

d. Oct. 2i, 1796. Princeton. 
98 Murray, James, Jr., of Birmingham, England, d. 

Feb. 19, 1802, ag. 21. 
Murray, James, Jr., of Dumfries, Scotland, d. Mch. 

21, 1807, ag. 67. Children: James, Jr.; William 

of Newark; Hannah, wife of Edward Blackford 

of Newark; Jennet, widow Daniel R. Durning 

of N. Y. Newark. 
97 Newland, Alexander, native Edinburgh, Scotland, 

d. ag. 31. Newark. 

1 86 American Epitaphs. [April, 

Vol. I, p. 96 Nutman, John, Rev., d. Sept. 1, 1751, ag. 48. 
12 Ogden, Mary, wife Isaac, d. Mch. 15, 1772, ag. 26. 
Newark. . 

19 Ogden, Matthias, Gen., d. Mar. 31, 1791, ag. 36. 

21 Ogden, Moses, killed at Connecticut Farms, d. Jun. 

7, T781, in 20th year. Elizabeth. 
Ogden, David, b. Oct. 26, 1726, d. Nov. 28, 1801; 

Hannah, his wife, d. May 17, 1793, ag. 74. 

199 Paterson, Cornelia, wife William, d. Nov. 13, 1783, 

in 20th year. Presbyterian yard, New Bruns- 
202 Ross, Alexander, Dr., d. Nov. 30, 1775, ag. 52. 

Episcopal yard, New Brunswick. 

96 Sayre, Jonathan, Capt., d. May 20, 1732, in 50th yr. 

26 Smith, Caleb, Rev., native Brookhaven, L. I., d. 

Oct. 22, 1762, in 39th year. Orange. 
81 Smith, William Peartree, d. Nov. 20, 1801, ag. 78; 

Mary, his wife, dau. Capt. William Bryant, of N. 

Y., d. Aug. 16, 181 1, ag. 92. Newark. 
193 Spencer, Elihu, Rev., d. Dec. 27, 1784, in 64th yr.; 

Joanna Spencer, relict, d. Nov. 1, 1791, ag. 63. 

25 Taylor, Daniel, Rev., d. Jan. 8, 1747, in 57th year. 

202 Ten Broeck, Cornelius, d. July 27, 1802. Dutch 

Reformed churchyard, New Brunswick. 

97 Treat, John, d. Aug. 1, 17 14, ag. 65. Newark. 

20 Vincent, Susanne Leonore, wife of Augustin Tes- 

sier, d. Oct. 9, 1801, in 36th yr. Elizabeth. 

196 Waddell, Henry, Rev., d. Jan. 20, 181 1, in 66th yr. 


94 Wakeman, Jabez, Rev., d. Oct. 8, 1704, aged 26. 

14 Walgrove, Sarah, sister of Emma Whitehead 
"whose body lies near," d. Sept. 22, 1799, aged 
31 yrs., 22 ds. Newark. 
201 White, Anthony Walton, Brig. Gen., d. Feb. 10, 
1803, in 53rd yr. Episcopal yard, New Bruns- 

14 Whitehead, Emma, dau. of Richard Riker of N. 
Y., wife of Wm. Whitehead of N. Y., d. Sept. 9, 
1799, aged 27 yrs., 6 mo., 4 ds. Newark 

20 Whitehead, David, d. Sept. 10, 1777, in 77th yr. 

197 Wiggins, Thomas, Dr., d. Nov. 14, 1804, in 71st yr. 

153 Witherspoon, John, Rev., b. Feb. 9, 1722, d. Dec. 
17, 1794, aged 73. Princeton. 

iqi4.] American Epitaphs. 187 

Vol. I, p. 196 Witherspoon, Elizabeth, wife of Rev. John With- 
erspoon, d. Oct. 1, 1789, aged 68. Princeton. 
22 Woodruff, Jennet, wife of Jonathan Woodruff, d. 

Apr. 18, 1750, aged 43. Westfield. 
194 Worlock, Simeon, d. July 23, 1792, in 35th yr. 

276 Young, James Box, of Georgia, d. Aug. 22, 1800, 
aged 34 yrs., 6 mo. Princeton. 


Vol. I, p. 268 Bishop, Samuel, town clerk, Representative, Judge 
and Collector of the Port, d. Aug. 7, 1803, aged 
80. New Haven. 

134 Clap, Thomas, Rev., Pres. Yale, d. Jan. 7, 1767, in 

64th yr. New Haven. 
269 Daggett, David Lewis, son of David and Wealthy 

Ann Daggett, d. Oct. 2, 1810, in 19th yr. New 

139 Dixwell, John, one of the regicides who fled on 

the restoration of King Charles II, d. Mch. 18, 

1688-9, in 82nd yr. New Haven. 

135 Eaton, Theophilus, Gov., d. Jan. 7, 1657, aged 67. 

William Jones, Dep. Gov., d. Oct. 17, 1706, aged 
82. Mrs. Hannah Jones, d. May 4, 1707, aged 
74. New Haven. 
36 Harford, Samuel, d. Mar. 9, 1775, aged 81 yr., 

1 mo., 1 day. New Canaan. 
268 Hillhouse, James Abram, Hon., d. Oct. 3, 1775, 
aged 45. Interred in old burying ground, New 

136 Learning, Jeremiah, Rev., minister Episcopal 

Church, d. Sept. 15, 1804, aged 87. New Haven. 

34 Mitchell, Justus, A. M., V. D. M., d. Sept. 24, 1806, 

in 52nd yr. New Canaan. 

264 Sage, John, d. Jan. 22, 1750, in 83rd yr. Hannah, 

his wife, d. Sept. 28, 1753, in 80th yr. Middle- 
142 Sherman, Roger, Mayor, b. Newtown, Mass., Apr. 
19, 1721, d. July 23, 1793, aged 72. New Haven. 

35 Silliman, Robert, Rev., d. April 9, 1781, in 66th 

year. New Canaan. 
Silliman, Ann, dau. Joseph and Martha, d. Oct., 
1806, aged 10 y., 11 m., 15 days. New Canaan. 

265 Stow, Esther, relict Samuel, d. July 24, 1750, in 

64th yr. Middletown. 

36 Stratton, Samuel of Long Island, N. Y., d. Mch. 

10, 1 791, ag. 92. New Canaan. 

136 Townsend, Robert, Capt., d. Nov. 19, 1806, in 59th 
yr. New Haven. 

265 Ward, Abigail, d. Nov. 5, 1741, ag. 67. Middle- 

( To be continued.) 

1 83 Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. [April, 


Every gleaner in the field of genealogical research has met with errors in 
printed volumes which, left by themselves, carry mistaken conclusions to the 
end of time. This department has been inaugurated in an endeavor to correct 
such spurious data. Readers are requested to forward for publication here 
every such error, and such further additions to printed genealogies as are 
found, that due correction may be made. The authority for the statement 
must be furnished, with name and address of contributor. 

4. Churchill-Crosby — Addition. 

Churchill Genealogy, p. 42; list of the children of Jonathan and 
Mary (Churchill) Crosby, should include Ezra, named for his 
grandfather Churchill. This information is given by his daughter 
who knew three of her great-grandmothers and two of her great- 
grandfathers, norman w. hall, San Francisco, Cal. 

5. Cilley— Correction. 

In Carter's History of Pembroke, New Hampshire, under the 
head of the Cilley Family, the error is made of making Horatio 
Gates Cilley the father of Daniel Cilley, whereas Horatio Gates 
Cilley and Daniel Cilley were brothers, both being children of 
Gen. Joseph Cilley and Sarah Longfellow, his wife; Daniel Cilley 
being the sixth child of Joseph, and Horatio Gates Cilley (born 
Dec. 23, 1777), the tenth and youngest son of Gen. Joseph Cilley. 
William p. fowler, 18 Tremont St., Boston. 

6. Dunning — Addition. 

New England Genealogical and Historical Register, vol. 52, p. 41, 
Dunning Genealogy, makes the statement that but two of the 
children of Silas and Jerusha (Bristol) Dunning left descendants. 
This is an error. 

1. Silas, b. May 6, 1755, at Brookfield, Ct.; d. Sept. 25, 1830, at 
Aurelius, N. Y.; m. Jerusha Bristol, b. May 14, 1762, at Newtown, 
Ct. Children: 

i. Amarillous, b. Feb. 13, 1780, at Brookfield; d. 1782. 

ii. Mary Ann, b. Nov. 2, 1781, at Brookfield; m. 

iii. Winthrop, b. April 13, 1783, at Brookfield; d. 1823, at 

Aurelius; one daughter. 
iv. Amarillous, b. Aug. 17, 1785, at Salem, N. Y.; m. 1804, 

Nathaniel Garrow of Auburn, 
v. Eber, b. June 8, 1787, at Salem, N. Y. 
vi. Ira, b. March 23, 1789, at Salem, 
vii. Jerusha, b. May, 1793, at Salem; d. 1794. 
viii. Silas, b. Oct., 1795 at Salem; d. 1795. 
ix. Jerusha, b. Nov. 23, 1796, at Aurelius, N. Y.; m. S. C. 
Dunham; d. Toms River, N. J, 

IQI4.] Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. 189 

x. Joanna, b. April 24, 1798; m. her cousin Hinman, son 

of Theophilus and (Bristol) Hurd; d. Cincinnati, 
xi. Enos, b. March, 1800; d. 1800. 
xii. Lucius, b. Jan. 19, 1804. * 

xiii. Aphia, b. May 25, 1806; m. Smith Lyons, 
xiv. Lucian, b. Dec. 10, 1809; d. at Spring Grove, O. Left 

2. Eber Dunning. Had six sons and three daughters. 

3. Ira Dunning, m. April 2, 1809, Susannah, dau. of Henry 
Montgomery (who came to Aurelius from Vermont in 1796 with 
the Dunning tamily), b. Nov. 30, 1791; d. March 31, 1821; m. (2) 
Mary Dunham, b. May 27, 1788; d. July 7, 1824; m. (3) Sally M. 
Martin, b. Oct. 23, 1800; d. Oct, 30, 1833. Children by first wife: 

Euretta S., b. Oct. 1, 181 1; d. March 3, 1833. 

Silas Henry, b. June 29, 1814; d. Jan., 1858. 

Henry Silas, b. Sept. 6, 1816; d. April 22, 1871. 

William B., b. Aug. 1, 1818; d. 1894. 

Hugh M., b. March 5, 1821; d. 1863. 
By 2nd wife: 

Martin D., b. Jan. 7, 1824; d. 1870. 
By 3rd wife: 

David C, b. April 30, 1826; d. 1880. 

Amarillus G., b. July 7, 1828; d. 1870. 

Isabella Runyan, b. Sept. 11, 1830; d. 1898. 

James M., b. April 7, 1833; d. 1853. 

4. Lucius Dunning, m. Mary White of Auburn; lived in Cleve- 
land, O. Children: two daughters and two sons, Winthrop and 
Charles, who moved to Columbus, O. 

david m. dunning, Pres. Auburn Savings Bank, Auburn, N. Y. 

7. Giffin-Griffin — Corrections. 

Simon Giffin, not Griffin, as stated in the New England Hist, 
and Gen. Register, vol. 19, p. 201, m. (2) Widow Jennet Brown, 
Jan. 5, 1758, at N. Bridgewater, Mass. His first wife was Jennet 

Simon Giffin (Jr.), son of Simon and Jennet (Leischman), not 
Griffin as stated in the N. E. Hist, and Gen. Register, vol. 18, p. 57, 
m. (2) Lydia Crane, Dec. 12, 1771, at Wethersfield, Conn. His 
first wife was Abigail Higgins. 

The above is from Giffin MSS. in possession of their descen- 
dants, and partially published in Lewis' Northern N. Y. Genealogies. 
mrs. William r. stewart, 1 25 Riverside Drive. 

8. Moulton — Correction. . 

The History of Hampton, vol. ii, p. 874, and Moulton Annals, 
p. 222, give to Josiah Moulton and his wife (Dorothy) Shackford 
(of Portsmouth, N. IT.) no son John. In the settlement of the 
estate of her father John Shackford, John Moulton signs a deed 
at the head of the Moulton heirs, May 6, 1802. He is described as 
clothier of Winslow, Mass. The brothers Jonathan and Josiah sign 
as clothiers of Somersworth, N. H. (Rockingham Deeds, 163-86.) 

IOO Special Notice. [April, 

The above also assign to John Moulton, brother of Gen. Jona- 
than, two sons, John Salter, bap. Aug. 9, 1772, and John Schack- 
ford, bap. Feb. 14, 1773. According to the History of Carroll 
County \ p. 404, John S. Moulton was born July 3, 1772, at Moulton- 
boro, and died Dec. I, 1821. The Moulton Annals further assert, 
that the second John S. was born in Moultonboro. It is some- 
what doubtful if John, Sr., had a younger son ready for baptism 
seven months after the birth of the first John S. Though the 
baptism of Abigail, daughter of Josiah, is in the same year, 1773, 
as the second John S., I am inclined to think he was the son 
of Josiah. 

As to John Moulton's wives, one was Dorothy Brown, daughter 
of Capt. Edward and Dorothy (Pike) Brown, b. Nov. 8, 1733, and 
d. June 2, 1770 {Genealogical Data Concerning the Family of Capt. 
Edward Brotvn). The other, as indicated in the last Record 
was Mehitable Salter, daughter of Richard Salter, and widow of 
Israel Tibbits. There were two children, by the latter marriage, 
John and Nabby. John Salter, Mariner, p. 45. 

A genealogist somewhat associated with Mr. Dow in the 
preparation of the History of Hampton informs me that the county 
records were not systematically searched. Persons interested in 
the Moulton and some other Hampton families can doubtless 
find much additional information by referring to State and County 
records. s. b. shackford, 53 State St., Boston. 

9. Tobey-Babbitt-Barber— Correction. 

Tobey Genealogy, p. 92. Jesse Tobey served in the Revolution 
as Quartermaster-Sergeant {Connecticut Rev. Records). The name 
of his daughter was Mandana, not Amanda as stated. She m. 

— — Babbitt, and her sister Anna m. Barber, as shown by 

the probate records of Columbia County, N. Y.; settlement of the 
estate of Benjamin Tobey, among whose heirs were Mandana 
Babbitt and Anna Barber. 

w. l. bartlett, 14 Sixth St., Weehawken, N. J. 


Attention of The New York Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Society having been called to the fact that 
certain genealogists have used, and are using, its name 
as a reference, or otherwise, in the prosecution of their 
business: — Notice is hereby given that the Society 
authorizes no one to so use its name; and that it is not, 
nor will it be responsible in any way for the acts - of such 
individuals who use its name as a reference, or other- 
wise, in violation of this specific prohibition. 

I9M-] Supplemental Additions and Corrections to Vol. VI {Register of Pedigrees, Vol. I). 1 9 1 











In the 8th generation of Pedigrees Nos. 57, 58, 59 and 60; and in the 7th generation of Pedigree No. 61, 
• the parenthesis beginning after the words May Lenox should end after the word Mass., and not after the 
words Dr. Edwin S. Lenox, as printed in the original edition. The dates of birth and death refer to Dr. 
Edwin S. Lenox and not to his daughter May Lenox. 

Pedigree No. 60, generation No. 5:— Ann (Coles) Mott, wife of Isaac Mott, was one of the nine patriots whose 
names are preserved in the history of the times, who ministered unto the wants of the American prisoners in 
the Sugar House in New York City during the Revolution. There is preserved in her family a table cloth 
presented to her by patriot officers as a memorial of her cherished services. For a sketch of her life 
and ancestry, see N. Y. Gen. &> Iiiog. Record for January and April, 1905. 





Generations Nos. to, 7, 8 and 9 (see original additions and corrections in volume), respectively. George Tuttle 
Brokaw is a member of the following Lineage Societies, viz.: St. Nicholas Society, Society of Colonial 
Wars, Holland Society, Huguenot Society, Society of the Sons of the Revolution, and he is also a graduate 
of Princeton College, Class of 1902. 


Generation No. 1. The date of death of Mary Norris, wife of Isaac 1 Allerton, should read February 25, 1621; 
not March 7, 1621, as originally printed. 


Generation No. 9. The fourth child of Clark Dickerman, M. D., is given incorrectly as Charles Weber; it 
should read Charles Heber. 


Generation No. 1. The marriage license of George 1 Giddings and Jane Lawrence is recorded in the 
"Administration Act Books" of the Archdeaconry of St. Albans, preserved at Somerset House, and is 
printed by Brigg, Herts Genealogist and Antiquary , volume I, page 176. It reads: 

"1634, February 20. George Giddinsjs of Clapham, co. Bedford, yeoman, bachelor, and Jane 
Lawrence of St. Albans, maiden; at St. Albans or St. Peters. John Tuttell of St. Albans, draper, 
a surety." 

The name Giddings, Gidding, Geddings, Gedding (Saxon Giddingas), is one of the oldest surnames in 
England. Kemble {Saxons in England, volume I, page 46s; ) includes it in his list of Saxon Clan names. 
The manor of Geddinge in the parish of Wooton, Kent, which survives with unchanged name as a hamlet, 
was given in 800 by Cenulf, King of Mercia, with his wife Cengittia to Archbishop Attrelard. A part of 
this estate is still the property of Christ Church, Canterbury. Another part, granted by the prior and 
Convent to be held by suit and knight's service was in the 12th of King John in the possession of Robert 
de Geddinges, whose arms were: 

Parted per chevron argent and sable, three griffins' heads erased countercharged. 

[Halsted Kent, volume IX, pages 365, 369, 370.] 

*9 2 Officers. [Apru, 

GIDDINGS (Continued) 


The arms of Gedding of Icklingham, Co. Suffolk, at the visitation of 1561, were: Gules a chevron 
ermine, between three eagles' heads erased or. 

Those of Gedding, Co. Norfolk, were: Gules a chevron argent between three griffin's heads erased or. 

[Burke, General Armory, 1883, page 392.] 
The Gittins family of Shropshire was another stock, of Welsh descent. 
[Pub. Harleian, vol. XXVIII, Visitation of Shropshire, pages 199, 200, 201.] 
The crest— a griffin segreant— with which John 2 Giddings (George') of Ipswich, Mass., signed his will [TAt 
Giddmgs Family, page u], and the middle-name— in those days unusual— of Joseph Collins' Giddingi 
(George 1 ), perhaps indicate descent from the Suffolk line, whoie crest [Burke, General Armory, 1883. 
page 392] was: a demi-savage holding a scimitar proper. For it appears that one of the Collins families 
(Hereford) had arms: Vert, a griffin segreant and a crescent or: and two crests, namely: 

1. A demi-griffin or, collared ermine. 

2. A dexter arm embowed, habited argent; the hand proper holding a scimitar or. [Burke, General 
Armory, 1883, page 216.J 


New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 




































It is with great regret and sorrow that we are called 
on to announce the death of Gen. James Grant Wilson, 
a man of national renown as a soldier and literateur, who 
not only served his adopted country well but aided his city 
in more ways than this brief tribute can be expected to cite. 
For fifteen years he was honored with the presidency of 
this Society, and acted as a trustee for over twenty-one years. 
He was also at one time editor of the Record. 

The Editor. 

(His portrait and biography will appear in the July issue of the Record.) 

Igl4-] Society Proceedings. 193 


Regular Meeting, December 12th, 1913. 

President Bowen in the Chair. 

The Chairman made remarks concerning the Building Fund and that the 
late J. Pierpont Morgan had pledged the last $10,000.00 of the $65,000.00 fund 
to be raised, and that up to the present the amount raised made a total of $29,- 

Since the last meeting of the Society the following deaths have been re- 
corded: George Arnold Hearn, Life Member, died December 1st, 1913, in his 
78th year; Edwin F. Bacon, a Corresponding Member for Otsego Co., N. Y., 
was reported as having died in Dec, 1910. 

The Executive Committee reported the election of the following new 
members: George William Burleigh, 52 Wall St., City, Annual Member, pro- 
posed by Abraham Hatfield, Jr.; Edmund Coffin, 13 West 57th St., City, An- 
nual Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; Algernon Sydney 
Frissell, 530 Fifth Ave., City, Annual Member, proposed by Clarence Win- 
throp Bowen. 

Mr. Bowen then introduced Max Farrand, Ph. D., of New Haven, Professor 
of History in Yale University, who delivered an address entitled "Papers of 
Samuel Johnson (1696-1772), President of King's (Columbia) College in 1754, 
and of his son, William Samuel Johnson (1727-1819), the first President of Col- 
umbia College after its reorganization in 1787." 

At the close of Prof. Farrand's lecture Mr. Josiah Collins Pumpelly made 
a motion that the thanks of the Society be tendered to Prof. Farrand for his 
interesting lecture, which was duly seconded by Mr. James Benedict. Carried. 

On motion meeting adjourned. 

Special Meeting, January 9th, 1914. 

Mr. Hatfield, who presided, announced that at the February meeting there 
would be an illustrated lecture by Charles Henry Hart, of Philadelphia, the 
subject being, "Frauds in Historical Portraiture; or, Spurious Portraits of His- 
torical Personages." 

Mr. Hatfield then presented Mr. Clarence Winthrop Bowen, President of 
the Society, who addressed the Society on the subject of "John Winthrop, Jr., 
Governor of Connecticut," which was illustrated by stereopticon views. 

At the close of the address Hon. Asa Bird Gardiner, after remarks, moved 
that the thanks of the Society be tendered to Mr. Bowen for his most interest- 
ing lecture, which was duly seconded by Mr. John Milton Gardner, and carried. 

There being no further business the meeting adjourned. 

Forty-third Annual Meeting, January 9TH, 1914. 

President Bowen presiding. 

The minutes of the last Annual Meeting of January 10th, 1913, were read 
for information and on motion approved, subject to the corrections on page 3 
in Report of Publication Committee of the words "gravestone inscriptions" in 
place of " records." 

The President appointed as Tellers for the election, Messrs. Clarence E. 
Leonard and Alexander M. Welch, and announced the election by the Executive 
Committee of the following members:— William Hull Browning, 18 West 54th 
Street, City, Annual Member, proposed by Thomas Townsend Sherman; Mrs. 
Samuel Knapp Frost, 254 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, Life Member, proposed by 
Abraham Hatfield, Jr. 

The following deaths have been recorded: — George Sullivan Bowdoin 
Life Member; Warner Van Norden, Annual Member; Stephen Mortimer 
Conn, Corresponding Member; Livingston Crofts, Corresponding Member; 
William Wallace Henderson, Corresponding Member. 

The Annual Reports ot Officers and Committees being next in order the 
Secretary, Mr. Henry Russell Drowne, reported as follows: 

1 94 Society Proceedings. [April, 

Our membership now consists of 6 Honorary, 116 Life and 334 Annual 
Members, making a total of 456, being a gain of 14 for the year and in addition 
thereto we have 105 Corresponding Members. 

The lapses in membership for the year were 16 died, 13 resigned and 8 

Nine meetings of the Society have been \\e\d during the year at which 
very interesting historical papers have been read, all of which have been very 
largely attended. 

The more important transactions of the Board of Trustees were as follows: — 

Annual Election of Officers, Committees, etc., on January 14, 1913. 

During the past year our President, Clarence Winthrop Bowen, took up 
energetically the Building Fund proposition which resulted early in the year in 
the securing of a check for $5,000.00 from Mrs. Frederick Ferris Thompson 
and a promise from the late J. Pierpont Morgan to contribute $10,000.00 pro- 
vided additional subscriptions amounting to $55,000.00 be obtained. Through 
his strenuous work on behalf of the Society this fund of $65,000.00 has been 
successfully completed by obtaining the necessary subscriptions now amount- 
ing to a grand total of $65,160.00. 

Attention is called to the appointment of Mr. Royden Woodward Vosburgh 
as Archivist of the Society. Mr. Winchester Fitch was elected Necrologist in 
place of Dr. W. B. Van Alstyne, resigned. Mr. Samuel Reading Bertron was 
elected a Trustee to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Warner Van Norden, re- 
signed. The resignation of Mr. Henry Pierson Gibson as Librarian was 
received and accepted with extreme regret. 

On motion report was received and ordered on file. 

The Treasurer, Mr. Hopper Striker Mott, presented his Annual Report, a 
printed copy of which is attached to the Minutes of this meeting. He showed 
the Society free from debt with a cash balance of $926.23 available for general 
purposes. • The assets of the Society from various sources are valued at 
$116,772.43. Liabilities none. 

It was duly moved and seconded that the report be received and ordered 
on file. 

Mr. Abraham Hatfield, Jr., Chairman of the Executive Committee, re- 
ported that the Society had received from room rents $1,466.00 showing an 
increase of $72.00. 

That there had been expended for repairs, etc., $287.21 and for additions 
and supplies for Library $130.75. Total, $417. 96. 

The Lecture Hall had brought in $436.00, showing a decrease from the 
previous year of $358.00. 

Mr. Hatfield, as Acting Librarian, also reported total accessions for the 
year of 822 of which 338 were bound volumes. That the total volumes indexed 
in the Library were 8850, MSS., Pamphlets, etc., about 5000, duplicates about 
400; total, 14,250. There were 1360 visitors for the year. 

That the special effort of the Society in securing and copying old church 
records has added materially to our present collection. The library is now 
practically indexed and arranged, including the Stack Room. 

On motion both reports were received and ordered on file. 

The Necrologist, Mr. Winchester Fitch, called attention to the following 
members who died during the year: — Life Members: George Sullivan Bowdoin, 
Matthew Clarkson, Samuel Decker Coykendall, William Frederick Have- 
meyer, George Arnold Hearn, Theodore Frelinghuysen Jackson, J. Pierpont 
Morgan, Horace Russell, John Targee Sill; Annual Members: Robert Curtis 
Ogden, Anson Phelps Stokes, Mrs. William Augustus Valentine, Mrs. William 
Woodward, Sr.; Corresponding Members: Edwin F. Bacon, Ph. B., Stephen 
Mortimer Coon, William Wallace Henderson, and stated that obituaries had 
been filed. 

Mr. Fitch as Registrar of Pedigrees reported that in addition to publication 
of Vol. I of the Register of Pedigrees, that seven Pedigree Charts had been 
filed by the following persons: — Howard C. Phillips, Mrs. Lucy Dyott Bode, 
Miss Nettie Barnum Eells, Mrs. Hazel Knox Lyon, Anson Holden Bingham. 

On motion reports were received and ordered on file. 

Mr. Hopper Striker Mott, Chairman of the Publication Committee, made 
a verbal report. He alluded at length to the publication of The Record and 

igi4.] Society Proceedings. 1 95 

articles contained therein, particularly to the long continued Thacher articles 
which had been very profitable to the Society. He solicited from the members 
the correction of published errors which would be of great value, and requested 
that they be sent in under the signature of the informer. 

The report of the Archivist, Mr. Vosburgh, was read by Mr. Hatfield. He 
stated that the purpose of the Archivist was to secure and prepare certified 
copies of New York Church Records of which typewritten copies were made, 
that at the present time the New York State Library, the Library of Congress 
and the New York Historical Society were subscribers and gave a list of the 
records that had been transcribed since March 15, 1913, amounting to about 
2030 pages. 

On motion report was received and filed. 

No reports were made by the Historian and the Committee on Heraldry. 

The report of the Nominating Committee being next in order, the Chair- 
man, Rev. Stephen Ward Righter. presented the names of the following five 
candidates, for term 1 9 1 4- 1 q 1 7 : 

Howland Pell. 
Samuel Reading Bertron. 
Henry Pierson Gibson. 
Ellsworth Everett Dwight. 
Clarence Winthrop Bowen. 

The report of the Tellers being next in order, Messrs. Leonard and Welch 
reported that a total of 134 votes had been cast of which 112 were by proxy for 
the regular ticket, and the President declared the candidates duly elected as 
Trustees to serve for the term 1914-1917. 

Mr. George Austin Morrison moved a rising vote of thanks to our President, 
Clarence Winthrop Bowen, for his strenuous work in the face of great diffi- 
culties and his great success in bringing the subscriptions to the Building Fund 
to completion. Carried unanimously with applause. 

Mr. Bowen expressed his thanks and appreciation, and stated further 
that the check for $10,000.00 from the estate of J. P. Morgan had been received 

On motion adjourned. 

Regular Meeting, February 13th, 1914. 

President Bowen in the Chair, 
x Mr. Bowen stated that at the Friday afternoon, March 13th, meeting, Mr. 
Charles McLean Andrews, Professor of American History in Yale University, 
would address the Society on "British Archives and Their Value for American 
Colonial History." 

Mr. Bowen announced that the Board of Trustees, at their meeting held 
on January 13th. 1914, had elected the following officers of the Society for 1914: 

Clarence Winthrop Bowen, President. 

William Bradhurst Osgood Field, First Vice-President. 

William Isaac Walker, Second Vice-President. 

Henry Russell Drowne, Secretary. 

Hopper Striker Mott, Treasurer. 

Abraham Hatfield, Jr., Librarian. 

William Austin Macy, M. D., Historian. 

Winchester Fitch, Necrologist. 

Frank Dempster Sherman, Registrar of Pedigrees. 

Executive Committee : 
Abraham Hatfield, Jr., Chairman. 
George Austin Morrison, Jr. John Reynolds Totten. 

William Isaac Walker. Thomas Townsend Sherman. 

Publication Committee : 
Hopper Striker Mott, Chairman. 
George Austin Morrison, Jr. Tobias Alexander Wright. 

Royden Woodward Vosburgh. William Alfred Robbins. 

John Reynolds Totten. Frank Dempster Sherman. 

Richard Henry Greene. Josiah Collins Pumpelly. 


Society Proceedings. [April,. 

The Committee on Heraldry and Committee on Research were referred to 
the President to appoint at his convenience. 

Royden Woodward Vosburgh re-appointed Archivist. 

Corresponding Members remaining in the list of 1913 were reappointed 
for 1914. - 

The President then announced the death of Gen. James Grant Wilson, 
D. C. L., Life Member, President of this Society for so many years, and Alonzo 
Rex Fuller, Corresponding Member, Franklin County. 

The Executive Committee reported the election of the following new 
members: William Bruce Brown, 13 East 70th Street, City, Life Member, pro- 
posed by John R. Totten; Francis Lynde Stetson, 15 Broad Street, City, Life 
Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; Miss Lucy Chauncey, 563 
Park Avenue, City, Annual Member, proposed by Howland Pell; Mrs. Clark- 
son Cowl, Great Neck, N. Y., Annual Member, proposed by Abraham Hat- 
field, Jr., assuming the membership of her father the late George Arnold 
Hearn; John Daniels Crimmins, 40 East 68th Street, City, Annual Member, 
proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; John Andrew Eckert, 55 John Street, 
City, Annual Member, proposed by John Gerald Hilliard; Mrs. Edward Yard 
Eltonhead, 307 West 78th Street, City, Annual Member, proposed by Clarence 
Winthrop Bowen; Mrs. J. Warren Goddard, 52 East 57th Street, City, Annual 
Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; Miss Mary Louise King, 
222 North Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y., Annual Member, proposed by Rufus 
King; Richard Schermerhorn, Jr., 183 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, N. Y., An- 
nual Member, proposed by Abraham Hatfield, Jr.; Miss Elizabeth Almy Slade, 
Cornish, N. H., Annual Member, proposed by Frank Barnard King; Hon. 
Richard Herbert Smith, City Court, N. Y. City, Annual Member, proposed by 
Orville Burnell Ackerly. 

The Board of Trustees on January 13th, 1914, elected the following Life 
Members: George Fisher Baker, 258 Madison Ave., City; Mrs. Amory Sibley 
Carhart, 5 East 70th St., City; William Nelson Cromwell, 12 West 49th St., 
City; Mrs. W. Bayard Cutting, 24 East 72nd St., City; Eugene Delano, 12 
Washington Square, North, City; Chauncey Mitchell Depew, 27 West 54th 
St., City; Mrs. George Gosman De Witt, 39 West 51st St., City; James Doug- 
las, Spuyten Duyvil, City; Mrs. Henry Draper, 271 Madison Ave., City; Charles 
W. Harkness, 2 East 54th St., City; Edward S. Harkness, 1 East 75th St., 
City; Mrs. E. Henry Harriman, 1 East 69th St., City; Mrs. Robert Hoe, 
180 West 59th St., City; Samuel Ver Planck Hoffman, 91 Madison Ave., Mor- 
ristown, N. J.; Mrs. Adrian Hoffman Joline, Plaza Hotel, City; Mrs. John Stew- 
art Kennedy, 6 West 57th St., City; Woodbury Gersdorf Langdon, Le Chalet, 
Morristown, N. J.; Charles Lanier, 30 East 37th St., City; Francis L. Leland, 
Riverside Drive & 86th St., City; Ogden Mills, 15 Broad St., City; John E. 
Parsons, 30 East 36th St., City; Mrs. William Walter Phelps, Buckingham 
Hotel, City; Norman Bruce Ream, 903 Park Ave., City; Mrs. Whitelaw Reid, 
451 Madison Ave., City; Isaac N. Seligman, 36 West 54th St., City; Mrs. Will- 
iam Watts Sherman, 838 5th Ave., City; Miss Emily F. Southmayd, 13 West 
47th St., City; James Speyer, 257 Madison Ave., City; Mrs. Anson Phelps 
Stokes, 230 Madison Ave., City; William Earl Dodge Stokes, 2109 Broadway, 
City; Mrs. Willard D. Straight, 22 East 67th St., City; James Talcott, 7 West 
57th St., City; Samuel Thorne, 914 5th Ave., City; Mrs. James M. Varnum, 36 
East 52nd St., City; Mrs. Edwin Henry Weatherbee, 240 Madison Ave., City; 
Frank Winfield Woolworth, 990 5th Ave., City. 

The Board of Trustees also reported that according to By-Laws, Article 
XX, Sections 3 and 4, the following Annual Members are made Life Mem- 
bers: Andrew Carnegie, Miss Annie Burr Jennings, William Ross Proctor. 

The Executive Committee reported that Mrs. Walter Kenneth Griffin had 
been transferred from the Annual Membership List to the Life Membership 
List in recognition of the work of her late husband in the service of the Society. 

The Executive Committee reported that the following resignations had 
been accepted: Miss Florence A. Acker, Albert Edward Cowdrey, William 
Chauncey Crosby, Isaac Edward Emerson, George Houston Gaston, Heth Lor- 
ton, Borden Hicks Mills, Miss Mary E. Tidmarsh, Miss Virginia Moylan von 
Leuvenigh Whitfield. 

19 14] Queries. 1 97 

The President then introduced Mr. Josiah Collins Pumpelly.who presented 
the following Resolution on the death of Gen. James Grant Wilson, U. C. L.: 

Resolved, That in the death of General James Grant Wilson, 
D. C. L., which occurred on February ist, this Society would here ex- 
press its sorrow and its grateful appreciation of valued services of a 
President who filled this office for fifteen years and acted as Trustee 
up to the time of his decease, altogether a period of twenty-one years. 

Our late associate had a varied and interesting experience as a 
soldier, journalist, author of many books, and the editor of valuable 
historic and biographical data. 

To this Society as its President he brought a rare talent as a pre- 
siding officer ana in recounting in a happy and witty way incidents of 
his many friendships with distinguished soldiers, authors and poets, 
as well as numerous historic incidents, many of them having a direct 
connection with present day affairs. He was also the means of often 
bringing men of note as writers and statesmen to speak at our meetings. 

General Wilson had been in the public eye for more than half a 
century, having been prominently identified with many movements of 
a patriotic, historic, philanthropic and civic character, and his last ap- 
pearance in public was as presiding officer at the unveiling of the 
beautiful Maine monument at 8th Avenue and Central Park. 

We mourn the loss of this loyal member of the Society, enthusias- 
tic patriot and chivalrous friend, and it is ordered that this Resolution 
be spread upon our minutes and a copy of the same sent with expres- 
sions of sympathy to his widow. 

Which was duly seconded and unanimously adopted by a rising vote. 

Mr. Bowen then introduced Mr. Charles Henry Hart, the lecturer of the 
evening, who addressed the Society on "Frauds in Historical Portraiture; or, 
Spurious Portraiture of Historical Personages." 

At the close of the lecture Hon. Asa Bird Gardiner moved a vote of thanks 
to the distinguished lecturer, and that a copy be requested for the archives of 
the Society. Mr. Hart spoke of amusing mistakes being made in portraiture. 
Motion seconded by Mr. Henry Parsons, and remarks by Mr. Pumpelly. The 
President expressed the thanks of the Society to Mr. Hart. 

The meeting then, on motion, adjourned. 
, Henry Russell Drowne, Secretary. 


Queries will be inserted at the rate of ten (io) cents per line, or fraction of a line, payable in 
advance; ten (io) words allowed to a line. Name and address of individual making query charged 
at line rates. No restriction as to space. 

All answers may at the discretion of querist be addressed to The N. Y. G. & B. hoc. and will 
be forwarded to the inquirer. . ...... 

In answering queries please refer to the Volume and Page of The Record in which original 
query was published. 

8. Ten Broeck. Information desired concerning second marriage of 
Col. Dirck Ten Broeck (1738-1780), youngest child of Dirck and Margarita 
(Cuyler) Ten Broeck of Albany, N. Y. 

Address: Josephine stagg heydrick, Southport, Conn. 

9. Information is wanted as to the parentage or further ancestry of 
the following: 

(1) Badcock, Hannah, of Milton, Mass., who m. Dennis Callihan of Castle 
William, May 7, 1733. She d. April 2, 1776. 

(2) Bates, Charlotte, b. about 1778, Bennington Co., Vt., who m. James 
Phillips, Woodford, Vt., about 1805. 

(3) Bennet, Experience, of Dorchester, Mass., who m. Joseph Estey in 
1715. She was b. about 1689. 


Book Reviews. [April, 

(4) Croad, Sarah, who m. Benjamin Goodridge in 1678, probably at New- 
bury, Mass. 

(5) Dodge, Joannah, who m. Ambrose Hale, vicinity of Newbury, Mass., 
her mother may have been named Joannah. 

(6) Sumner, Irene, b. Feb. 8, 1773, Stougtyon or Canton, Mass.: she m. 
John Estey, Dec. 8, 1794, and d. , 1846. Her mother was Mary Hodges. 

(7) Phillips, James, who m. Elizabeth Leonard of Springfield, Mass., in 
1710. Address: S. J. estey, 198 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

By John R. Totten. 

Editorial Note:— The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society solicits as 
donations to its Library all newly published works on Genealogy, History and Biography, as well 
as all works on Town, County and State History, or works embodying information regarding the 
Vital Records of any and all localities. It also solicits the donation to the manuscript collections 
of its library any and ail manuscript compilations which bear upon the above mentioned topics. 

In consideration of such donations the works so presented to the Society will be at once 
placed upon the shelves of its library and will be reviewed in the next subsequent issue of The 
New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, each donation of such character, 
whether in printed or manuscript form, will be reviewed under the head of " Book Notices " and 
a copy of The Record containing the review will be sent to the donor. 

The Society does not solicit donations of publications or manuscripts on topics foreign to 
the above mentioned subjects, as its library is specialized and cannot accommodate material 
which does not bear directly upon its recognized sphere of usefulness. 

Donations for review in the January issue of The Record should be delivered to the 
Society before December 1st of the previous year; for the April issue, before March 1st; for the 
July issue before June istj and for the October issue, before September 1st. 

All donations will be generously reviewed witli a view of calling the attention of the public 
to their good points; but, while generous, the reviews will contain such proper criticism as the 
interest of the genealogical student would expect from the editorial staff of The Record. 

The "Book Notices" of The Record are carefully read by all librarians as well as 
genealogical students, and the review of a work in The Record is equivalent to a special 
advertisement of such work. 

Letters of transmittal of donations of such works should embody the price of the work 
donated and the name and address of the person from whom it can be purchased. 

Historical Collections relating to the Town of Salisbury, Litchfield 
County, Conn. Vol. I. Arranged and published by the Salisbury Association, 
Inc., 1913. 8vo, cloth, pp. 154, including index. Price, paper $1.50, cloth, $2.00, 
delivery free on receipt of cash with order. Address M. D. Rudd, Lakeville, 

The Salisbury Association is a body of some 477 members, some 262 of 
whom are residents of the town and 215 dwelling in 22 other states of the 
Union, but with interest centered in tne old Connecticut town. This volume 
is the result of the Association's endeavors in one of many directions, and if 
all others are equally praiseworthy the organization is one whose example 
other towns of Connecticut would do well to emulate. It contains the 
Vital Records of the town to about 1770, the gravestone records of four local 
cemeteries and five other small graveyards ; and a brief military history of 
the town. Recommended emphatically to all genealogical and historical 

Fox Family News, Vol. II, 1913. Edited by Howard Fox, M. D., No. 616 
Madison Avenue, New York City, 8vo, cloth, pp. 28, with index to Vols. I and 
II. Price, $2.00. Address Editor. 

Contains much material of family interest. 

Gouldtown, a very remarkable settlement of ancient date. Studies of 
some sturdy examples of the simple life, together with sketches of early 
colonial history of Cumberland County and southern New Jersey and some 
early genealogical records, by Wm. Steward, A. M., and Rev. Theophilus G. 
Steward, D. D. 8vo, cloth, pp. 237, including index and 35 illustrations. Press 
of J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1913. Price $2.50, postage 24 cents 
extra. Address William Steward, Bridgeton, N. J. 

1914O Book Reviews. I 99 

A most comprehensive and interesting history of this unique colored 
settlement some 200 years old. It is replete with genealogical information 
concerning the old families of that section of New Jersey. It is recom- 
mended to all historical, genealogical and general reference libraries. 

Year Book of the American Clan Gregor Society, containing the pro- 
ceedings of the gatherings of 191 1 and 1912. Edited by Caleb Clarke 
Magruder, Jr., No. 820 Riggs Building, Washington, D. C. Paper, pp. 132, 
including index, portrait illustrations and facsimiles. Address editor, price not 

A more than usually interesting report of a family association containing 
much of value to those of kindred blood and furnishing a good foundation for 
a future sequential history and genealogy of this Scottish clan. 

Vital Records of Norwich, 1659-1848, Part II, being the third volume of 
Series I of the Vital Records of Connecticut published by the Society of 
Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut. 8vo, buckram, pp. 573 to 1180, 
inclusive and containing a full name and place index to Parts I and II. Price 
for the two volumes $12.50. 

We had the pleasure of calling the attention of the public to the value of 
this work in our review of Part I which appears in the April, 1913 Record. 
The issuing of this Part II completes this most valuable work and the index 
which is most complete renders the vast amount of material now easily avail- 
able. No genealogical library will be complete without this work. We venture 
to suggest that the excellent work of the Society be next supplemented by a 
similar publication of the Vital Records of New London, Conn., one of the 
oldest and most important towns in the State. Why do not some of the 
Patriotic Societies of New York emulate the example of the Society of 
Colonial Wars in Connecticut and publish memorial volumes of New York 

Bowman Genealogy. Fragmentary Annals of a branch of the Bowman 
Family to which is appended data relating to other Bowmans and Spencers, 
by Charles W. Bowman, No. 309 C. Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 104-iv including index, portrait illustrations. 1912. Price $2.50, 
address author. 

The volume contains records of the descendants of George Bowman of 
Shenandoah County, Virginia; the names of Virginia field officers in the 
Revolution; a list of Bowmans, Spencers and Morgans who were officers in 
the Continental Army and much other material of interest to the Bowman 
Family. It is heartily recommended to all genealogical libraries. 

A History of Pendleton County, W. Va., by Oren F. Morton. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 493, illustrated. Price $3.50. Address Ruebush-Elkins Co., Dayton, 

This volume is, from a historical standpoint, replete with information 
regarding the origin and growth of civilization in this section of West Vir- 
ginia. It contains also much statistical matter of the greatest value ; but to 
us the wealth of genealogical information it contains is sufficient to assure 
it a hearty welcome. From page 143 to page 337 inclusive, the subject matter 
is purely genealogical and will prove itself a mine of wealth to genealogical 
searchers in this particular field. Recommended heartily to all genealogical 
and historical libraries. 

Year Book, 1913, of The Kentucky Society Sons of The Revolution 
and Catalogue of Virginia Military Land Warrants granted to Soldiers and 
Sailors of the Revolution, compiled by Samuel M. Wilson from Records in the 
State Land Office of Kentucky. 8vo, cloth, pp. 363, illustrated. Price $5.00. 
Address Samuel M. Wilson, Security and Trust Building, Lexington, Ky. 

This is one of the best Sons of the Revolution year books we have seen 
for some time. Aside from the interesting records of its active and deceased 
members, the section devoted to abstracts of Virginia land grants is sufficient 

200 Book Reviews. [April, 

to render it a valuable book of reference in genealogical libraries and for 
Patriotic Societies. It is recommended to all Historical, Genealogical Libra- 
ries and to Registrars of Revolutionary Societies as a book of reference. 

Richmond, Her Past and Present, by W. Asbury Christian, D. D. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 618, including a good 42 page name index and 13 illustrations. Copy- 
righted 1912. Price not stated. Address author, No. 1009 West Grace Street, 
Richmond, Va. 

This is a most welcome addition to our library as it is the first history of 
this capital of the South that we have secured. The work is atv excellent 
chronicle of the events in the history of Richmond and besides the narrative 
portions of the volume it is enriched with Rosters of the various Regiments 
and Companies which were Richmond's contribution to the War of the 
Rebellion. Dr. Christian is to be highly congratulated on the successful com- 
pletion of this valuable work which is heartily recommended to all historical, 
genealogical and general reference libraries. 

Historical Notes of St. James Parish, Hyde Park-on-Hudson, New 
York. Edited (and apparently compiled) by the Rev. Edward Pearson, New- 
ton, Rector of the Parish. 8vo, cloth, pp. 88, and numerous illustrations in the 
shape of portraits of parishioners, views of church, etc. Price $1.00 (postage 
12 cents). Address Rector of the Parish, Hyde Park-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

A most valuable and interesting history of this parish and -as such is to 
be recommended to all historical libraries. Within its normal historical scope 
it embraces much genealogical information embodied in the biographical 
sketches of members of the parish (past and present) also in the reproduc- 
tion of memorial tablets to individual parishioners. The appendix also con- 
tains genealogical information. It is therefore heartily recommended to all 
genealogical libraries. Now that the historical record of this parish is an 
accomplished fact, the good work thus well begun would be suitably con- 
cluded, if a second volume should be issued recording the vital facts of the 
parish (births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths and burials). This 
parish has embraced within its limits so many of the honored names in New 
York that the publication of its vital records would be genealogically most 

History and Genealogy of The Bicknell Family and some collateral 
lines of Normandy, Great Britain and America; comprising some ancestors 
and many descendants of Zachary Bicknell from Barrington, Somersetshire, 
England, 1635. Edited and published by Thomas Williams Bicknell, Provi- 
dence, R. I. 8vo, cloth, pp. 584, including complete index profusely illus- 
trated with portraits and other reproductions of family historic interest. 
Price $10.00. Address George A. Bicknell, 13 So. William Street, New York 

This is an exhaustive genealogical record of the Bicknell Family in 
America and has all of the indications of painstaking and accurate compila- 
tion ; the book is presented to the public in a most attractive form, paper 
being excellent, press work beyond criticism, type being bold and of easily 
read character. The compiler is to be congratulated upon the finished pro- 
duction which should find its place on the shelves of all libraries maintaining a 
genealogical section. 

Harrison, Waples and Allied Families : Being the ancestry of George 
Leib Harrison of Philadelphia and of his wife Sarah Ann Waples; by his son 
William Welsh Harrison, LL. D., member of the Historical Society of Penn- 
sylvania. Limited edition of 101 copies. Philadelphia, Pa., 1910. Printed for 
private circulation only. Quarto, y 2 morocco printed on Wharton handmade 
paper, pp. 176, including excellent name, place and subject index and about 
83 full page portraits, family homesteads and armorial illustrations. No price 
stated. Address author, No. 119 North nth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

This beautiful volume, as the author states, contains all that has been 
found of the ancestry of his parents, George Leib Harrison and Sarah Ann 
Waples. No attempt has been made to prepare a record of descendants or of 

19 1 4-] Book Reviews. 201 

collateral lines. The author's object having' been to preserve the data col- 
lected and to present it to members of the family in convenient form. It con- 
tains chapters on the following subjects, viz.: Harrison of Greystock, Eng- 
land; Harrison of Thurstonfield, England; Harrison of Philadelphia; Leib of 
Philadelphia; Richards of Merion, Pennsylvania; Jones of Plymouth, Penn- 
sylvania; Benson of Holm Cultram, England; Gill of Greysouthen, England; 
Waples of Sussex on Delaware; Riley of Philadelphia; Burton of Sussex on 
Delaware; Trendall of Northampton County, Virginia; Custis of "Arlington" 
and "Wilsonia," Virginia; Custis of Deep Creek, Virginia; Wise of Accomac 
County, Virginia; Robinson of Deep Creek, Virginia; West of Accomac- 
County, Virginia; Scarburgh of London and Virginia; Whittington of 
Northampton County, Virginia; Smart of Virginia; Michael of Holland and 
Virginia; Thorogood of England and Virginia; Offley of Staffordshire and 
London; Osborne of Kent and London; Hewett of Yorkshire and London; 
Leveson of Staffordshire; Bodley of Devonshire; Prestwood of Stafford- 
shire and De Rushall of Staffordshire. 

This work was evidently a labor of love and likewise the fruit of a most 
praiseworthy ambition to perpetuate the valuable information contained 
therein for the benefit of posterity. In both endeavors the author has ac- 
complished most enviable results. The subject matter is beyond question, and 
it is presented to the public in an artistic form that defies criticism. It is a 
source of regret that the edition was so limited, for the reason that all first 
class libraries of the country cannot be sure of securing a copy. We con- 
gratulate ourselves that we are among the lucky few. 

Early Days in Kansas, Annals of Lyndon, First Book, being Vol. IV of 
Green's Historical Series. Published by C. R. Green, Olathe, Kansas, Decem- 
ber, 1913. 8vo, boards, pp. 298. Address Compiler at Olathe, Kansas. ■ 

Historically excellent and also full of genealogical information which 
renders it valuable to genealogical libraries. 

Dwelly's Parish Records, Vol. II. Edited by E. Dwelly, F. S. G., being 
Section II, Parishes H to Y, of the first portion of the Bishops Transcripts 
at Wells (being those that are in the most fragile condition) ; copied from 
the originals by Arthur J. Jewers. 8vo, cloth, pp. 397. Price 15 shillings net. 
Address Editor, Margate Road, Heme Bay, England. 

This volume completes the set; the 1st volume of which we reviewed in 
the January issue of the Record. It will be welcomed as a valuable addition to 
the shelves of all genealogical libraries, to all of which it is heartily recom- 

John Burgwin, Carolinian, John Jones, Virginian. Their ancestors and 
descendants, by Walter Burgwyn Jones, P. O. Box 756, Montgomery, Ala. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 119, illustrated. Privately printed, 1913. Price not stated. 

This is an excellently prepared work and is full of most valuable infor- 
mation concerning the Burgwin and Jones families. The compiler has em- 
bodied much data of intimate interest to both families in the work, in addition 
to the vital genealogical information. It is recommended heartily to all his- 
torical and genealogical libraries. 

The Virginia Todds, compiled by J. R. Witcraft of Merchantville, N. J. 
8vo, paper, pp. 34, illustrated, limited edition of 150 copies. Price $1.50. Ad- 
dress Compiler. 

A valuable compilation and will fill a long felt gap in the record of 
southern families. Recommended to all genealogical libraries. 

The Harmons in the Revolution, Harmon Soldiers of 1776 with 
genealogical notes on the first Harmon settlers and early Colonial Families, 
compiled by Laura A. Madden, 680 Columbus Avenue, New York City. 8vo, 
paper, pp. 32. Price $1.00 postpaid. Address Compiler. 

A well prepared brochure and is recommended to all genealogical libraries 
and patriotic societies. 

202 Book Reviews. [April, 

Chronicle of the Larkin Family of the Town of Westfrlie and 
Colony of Rhode Island in New England, Nos. i and 2, 1908. Published 
for the Larkin Family Association by William H. Larkin, Jr., of 91 Tudor 
Street, Chelsea, Mass. Pamphlet, pp. 8 and 12 and genealogical chart inserted. 
Price not stated. Address for these and ^ future issues Miss Annette E. 
Tucker, Hope Valley, R. I. 

These little books are a good beginning, and it is hoped that the Asso- 
ciation will continue to put in printed form their accumulated information. 

Virginia Under the Stuarts, 1607-1688, by Thomas J. Wertenbaker, 
Ph. D. 8vo, cloth, pp. 271, including index and maps. Price $1.50. Address 
Princeton University Press, Princeton, N. J. 

This is a scholarly effort and a valuable addition to the history of the 
Old Dominion State. It is recommended to all Historical and General Refer- 
ence Libraries. 

History of the City of Belfast in the State of Maine, Volume II, 
1875-1900, by Joseph Williamson, compiled and edited by Alfred Johnson. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 696, illustrated. Riverside Press, Cambridge, Mass. Houghton 
Mifflin Company, Boston and New York, 1913. Price $5.00. Address Alfred 
Johnson, 14 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass. 

From a historical standpoint this volume is worthy of the highest com- 
mendation and should be on the shelves of all historical libraries. Genealogi- 
cally speaking it is invaluable as it contains 253 closely printed pages of rec- 
ords of births, deaths and marriages which took place in that city from 1875 
to 1900, which data will render it invaluable to all genealogical libraries. 

Kirk Family Genealogy. Descendants of John Kirk, born 1600, at Alf re- 
ton, in Derbyshire, England ; died 1705, in Darby Township, Chester (now 
Delaware) County, Pennsylvania. Compiled by Miranda S. Roberts, now of 
Doylestown, Pa. Edited by Gilbert S. Cope of West Chester, Pa.. Doyles- 
town, Pa., 1912-1913. Price $5.00. Address Edward R. Kirk, Wycombe, 
Bucks Co., Pa. Quarto, cloth, pp. 721, including index and numerous illustra- 
tions of family interest. 

An excellent genealogical work of exhaustive character bearing the hall- 
mark of accuracy in compilation, and further enhanced in value by the edi- 
torial efforts of Mr. Cope. It will be welcomed to all Genealogical Libraries 
as a much desired addition to Pennsylvania Family History. 

West Virginia and Its People, by Thomas Condit Miller and H. Max- 
well. Quarto, y 2 morocco, 3 volumes, pp. 638, 640, 630, illustrated. Published 
by the Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York, 1913. Price not 

This is another of the excellent series of the publications of the Lewis 
Historical Publishing Company and is fully up to the standard of its pre- 
vious publications. The 3 volumes are replete with historical, biographical 
and genealogical information and they cover a field which up to the present 
has not been worked in this particular direction. We heartily recommend the 
volumes to all historical, genealogical and general reference libraries. 

The Borough of the Bronx, 1639-1913. Its marvelous development and 
historical surroundings, by Harry T. Cook, assisted by Nathan J. Kaplan. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 198, illustrated and with a good index. Published by the author. 
Price, special morocco, $1.00; vellum de luxe 50 cents, carriage 14 cents. 
Address author, 1660 Boone Avenue, New York City. 

A timely contribution to the history of this section of Greater New York 
and as such is recommended to all historical libraries. 

Genealogy of the Geer Family in America from 1635 to 1914, 
compiled by Walter Geer. 8vo, yi. morocco, pp. 253, illustrated, including a 
comprehensive index. Limited edition of 100 numbered copies. Press of 
Tobias A. Wright, Printer and' Publisher, No. 150 Bleecker Street, N. Y. City. 
Price, $10.00. 

19 1 4-] Accessions to the Library. 203 

This work contains prefatory chapters on the English Ancestors, the origin 
of the name, the Geer Arms, and additional notes on the English and American 
Ancestors. Part I is devoted to the records of George Geer and his descendants 
accompanied by a genealogical table. Part II, Thomas Geer and his de- 
scendants with genealogical table; Part III, Allied Families and unplaced Geers, 
with additional information; Part IV, The Oregon Branch and genealogical 
table, and a list of Authorities. It is enriched by 22 full page portraits and 
other illustrations of great family interest including an excellent reproduction 
of the Geer Coat-of-Arms. The paper and press work is of the best quality, 
and special commendation is bestowed upon the type which is clear and grate- 
ful to the eye. Mr. Geer, who is a member and trustee of the New York 
Genealogical and Biographical Society, is to be greatly congratulated on 
having placed the material he has so laboriously collected before the public in 
a shape so entirely beyond criticism. The volume is unstintedly recommended 
to all genealogical libraries; and they are all, on account of the limited edition, 
advised to take immediate steps to secure copies. 

Some Chronicles of the Cory Family, relating to Eliakimand Sarah 
Sayre Cory and their Descendants, Westfield, N. J., Ballston Spa, N. Y., with 
others from "John of Southold," by Harriet C. Dickinson. 8vo, cloth, illus- 
trated, pp. 113, including index. Press of Tobias A. Wright, No. 150 Bleecker 
Street, N. Y. City. Price $5.00. Address: Author, No. 902 Madison A/enue, 
Helena, Mont. / 

This work is a valuable addition to the history of this Westfield, N. J., 
Balston Spa, N. Y., and Long Island, N, Y., family, and as such it will be wel- 
comed to all genealogical libraries to which it is heartily recommended. 

Ancestry of Daniel James Seely, St. George, N. B., 1826, and of 
Charlotte Louisa Vail, Sussex, N. B., 1837 — St. John, N. B., 1912, with a List 
of their Descendants. Compiled by Col. William Plumb Bacon. Cloth, 
octavo, pp. 185, with extensive Seely and Vail charts. Edition, 75 copies, 
price $5.00. Tobias A. Wright, 150 Bleecker Street, New York. 1914. 

A very valuable collection of family records arranged in tables after the 
manner of the Whittemore-Clark Records, by the same compiler. Col. Bacon's 
reputation is a sufficient guarantee of the thoroughness and accuracy of this 
.publication and we recommend it to libraries and collectors. 

December 1, IQ13, to March 1, IQ14. 
Bicknell, Thomas W. — Bicknell Genealogy. 
Bowman, Charles W. — Bowman Genealogy. 
Browning, J. Hull — Brownings in America. 
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fetalogtcal aito pograplntal letor^. 

Vol. XLV. NEW YORK, JULY, 1914. No. 3. 


By Josiah Collins Pumpelly. 

On February 1st of this year, there passed away at the age of 
81 at St. Luke's Hospital^ in New York, General James Grant 
Wilson, a man of genuine sympathy and acknowledged learning, 
whose death was greatly regretted by this Society and his 
numerous friends. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, April 28, 1832, 
he was the son of William W. and Jane Sibald Wilson. 

His father was a poet and publisher and with his wife and 
child emigrated from Scotland to Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he 
was a book-seller and publisher for many years. 

Young Wilson was educated at College Hill, Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., and by private tutors. After completing his studies he 
travelled in Europe with ex-President Fillmore, and later, for a 
time, was associated with his father in business in Poughkeepsie. 
In 1857 he moved to Chicago and established and became editor 
and proprietor of the Chicago Record, the first literary journal of 
the Northwest. 

In- 1862 he raised a battalion, of which he was commissioned 
major, that formed a part of the Fifteenth Illinois Cavalry, com- 
manded by Col. Warren Stewart, and which saw much active 
service in the Mississippi valley. By the death of Stewart, Major 
Wilson became commander of the regiment, taking part in many 

* The portrait of General James Grant Wilson, a former president of the 
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, was painted three years ago 
by the well-known artist, George Rufus Boynton, and through the generosity of 
a few friends of General Wilson, was presented to the Society at its meeting 
on April 10th. The subscribers included: Henry Clews, John G. Hilliard, 
Lloyd Phoenix, William C. Fargo, John M. Gardner, Alfred B. Merriam, 
Abraham Hatfield, Jr., and Frederick K. Gaston. The portrait is a %" length 
and is painted by the same artist, Mr. Boynton, who painted portraits of Gen. 
Frederick D. Grant, Gen. Stewart L. Woodford and Gen. Alexander S. Webb. 
The portrait of Admiral Coghlan which Mr. Boynton also painted was recently 
acquired by the Union League Club. It is hoped that when the Society gets 
into its new building, it will have a gallery for portraits of distinguished New 
Yorkers. The existence of the Gen. Wilson portrait was not known to the 
members of the Society until a few weeks before our April meeting. 


206 General James Grant Wilson. [July. 

engagements and constantly skirmishing with the Confederates. 
He was active in the Vicksburg campaign, frequently scouting in 
the direction of the enemy, with a view to sending in early in- 
telligence of the expected advance of Johnston to break up the 

In August, 1863, he accompanied Gen. Grant to New Orleans, 
and there accepted, by his advice, the colonelcy of the Fourth 
Regiment, United States Colored Cavalry, and was. assigned to 
duty as aide-de-camp to the commanding general of the Depart- 
ment of the Gulf, with whom he remained until April, 1865, taking 
part in the Teche, Texas, and Red River campaigns. 

His duties also included those of military agent in Louisiana 
for the State of New York. 

Gen. Wilson when employed in the Red River campaign was 
instrumental in furthering the building of the great Red River 
Dam, an affair which he himself deemed the most memorable in 
his career as a soldier. 

Admiral Porter, in his report to the Secretary of the Navy, said: 

"This is, without^doubt, the best engineering feat ever per- 
formed. Under the best circumstances, a private company would 
not have completed it under a year, and to an ordinary mingl the 
the whole thing would have appeared an utter impossibility." 

When Gen. Banks was relieved, Col. Wilson was brevetted 
brigadier-general, March 13, 1865, and sent to Port Hudson, where, 
for a time he was in command. In July of the same year he 
resigned, declining the offer of a commission in the regular army, 
and returned to New York City, where he continued to reside 
pursuing a literary career, with the exception of several years 
spent with his family in foreign travel. In 1869 he married Jane 
Emily Searle Cogswell of New Brunswick, N. J., who died in 1904. 
His second wife, Mrs. Mary H. Nicholson, widow of Admiral 
J. W. A. Nicholson, he married in 1907. 

In 1879 the General was appointed by the President a member 
of the Board of Visitors to the United States Naval Academy, 
and the next year he was a visitor to the Military Academy at 
West Point, delivering the address to the cadets and preparing the 
reports of both boards. 

He was President of the New York Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Society from 1886 to 1900; editor of the Society's 
Record in 1886, and Trustee from 1887 to the time of his death, 
thus serving the Society for a total of twenty-one years. 

As Vice-President of the Association for the Reform and 
Codification of the Law of Nations, a member of the Executive 
Committee of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to 
Animals, and the President of the Association for American 
Authors, 1893-9, his interest never flagged. He was a member of 
the New York Historical and Geographical Societies, President of 
the American Ethnological Society since 1900, and one of the 
trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Church Eund of one million 
dollars. He was also an honorary member of many American and 

igi4.] General James Grant Wilson. 20J 

foreign historical associations, and of the Hudson-Fulton Com- 
mission. The degrees of D. C. L. from St. Stephen's College in 
1894, and of L. H. D. from Hobart in 1895, were conferred upon 

Gen. Wilson was instrumental in raising an obelisk over the 
grave of Fitz-Greene Halleck, and a statue to Columbus in New 
York City. For the latter he was knighted by the Queen Regent 
of Spain. He published numerous addresses, including those on 
Millard Fillmore, Bishop Provost, "The Authors of New York," 
and one on his /wife's ancestor, Col. John Bayard, and he con- 
tributed upwards of a hundred historical and biographical articles 
to Harper s and other magazines. 

General Wilson was a prolific and interesting writer. A mere 
list of the works of which he was either the author or editor would 
occupy more space than is at my command. 

Gen. Wilson was Chairman of the Maine Monument Committee 
and his last appearance in public was at the unveiling of that 
splendid monument at the entrance of the Central Park and 8th 

His home at 143 West 79th Street, is full of mementoes and 
relics belonging to both himself and Mrs. Wilson, and the time 
allotted for a call was always all too short to hear all that one 
wished to about the pictures on the walls of distinguished views 
and places. The different articles of historic interest connected 
with his career his first wife kept carefully in glass cases. 

Gen. Wilson was especially fond of a certain wonderful ring he 
wore containing a lock of hair from the heads of Washington, 
Lincoln, Hamilton, Wellington, Napoleon and Gen. Grant, which 
he told me his relic-admiring lady friends had often kissed very 

He possessed and often wore a pair of gold cuff links which 
as he told me George Washington gave to Benedict Arnold for 
gallantry at the Battle of Saratoga, in which Arnold lost his own 
links. Later, when Arnold came to hate Washington, he passed 
the links on to Col. Tarleton, who gave them to Fitz-Greene 
Halleck, who in turn presented them to his biographer, James 
Grant Wilson. 

Another treasure was a copy of "The Sketch Book" inscribed 
"To James Grant Wilson, Esq., from Washington Irving, Sunny- 
side, September 18, 1857." Still another was a photograph of 
Lincoln taken by Brady, the famous wartime photographer, ten 
days before the assassination. In autographing it the President 
signed his full name instead of "A. Lincoln " — an unusual oc- 

It was on the doorsteps of the General's house that his friend 
Bryant, on coming from the unveiling of the bust of Mazzini, fell 
in a faint, to pass away a few days thereafter. General Wilson 
had but one child, a daughter and by his first wife. She married 
Frank Sylvester Henry and is now a widow. She is a lady of. an 
attractive personality and like her father is a pleasing and well 
versed conversationalist. 

2o8 General James Grant Wilson. [July 

Mr. Clarence W. Bowen, the President of the New York 
Genealogical and Biographical Society, writes me as to General 
Wilson as follows: 

"General James Grant Wilson had a grefit love not only for the history of 
the United States but for history in general; and also the lives of celebrated 
men interested him, and he delighted to speak of the characteristics of each 
of all the distinguished men he had himself known personally. 

When but a boy he met Henry Clay, and as a young man he went to 
Europe with Millard Fillmore, at the time an ex-president of the United States, 
and introduced by him, young Wilson had the opportunity of meeting there 
many people of distinction. j 

He visited George Washington Parke Custis, tile grandson of Martha 
Washington, at Arlington, Va., wiio told him interesting incidents in the life of 
George and Martha Washington. Also in the city of Washington he met and 
conversed with Mrs. Hamilton, the aged widow of Alexander Hamilton. 
Thus it was that any one having occasion to talk intimately with General 
Wilson would feel that he was being carried back to the very beginnings of our 
national life. And this was my own experience when I met him alone, as I 
did frequently, at my father's house in the country, or at my own residence in 
New York. 

While he wrote many articles and books of biography and history, his most 
notable production was his history of the City of New York. 

The money to pay for the statue of Christopher Columbus was raised by 
General Wilson anti he was also prominent officially in the Hudson-Fulton 
Celebration. In fact, for more than a generation he served frequently on Com- 
mittees which not only commemorated historic events but were striving to 
improve the conditions of the political and Social life of the City of Ne,w York. 

I visited General Wilson several times during his last illness at St. Luke's 
Hospital and he then expressed great interest in the affairs of the Genealogical 
and Biographical Society of which he was the honored president so many years. 
Two of General Wilson's prominent characteristics were his courtesy of manner 
and his kindness of heart. He was a thorough gentleman. 

In his death New York has lost a public spirited citizen. 

When Gen. Wilson was president of the American Authors' Guild he in- 
vited me to become a member and the night of my election I recall my feeling 
of modest hesitancy when I found myself elected in company with such de- 
lightful and well beloved authors as Donald G. Mitchell (Ike Marvel), whose 
books were among the library treasures of my youth, Henry S. Stoddard, Susan 
Hays Ward and Kate Douglas Wiggin. And this feeling was foremost in the 
Ethnological Society where my old friend Henry R. Drowne as well as Alex- 
ander J. Cotheal and Gen. Wilson were so deservedly prominent. 

In these societies and the Genealogical Society one could always find a com- 
panionship and literary enjoyment which could not be found anywhere else." 

Rossiter Johnson, one of the General's staunch literary co- 
workers, writes me thus: 

"I was associated with Gen. Wilson nearly three years in the preparation 
of the six volumes of the Cyclopaedia of American Biography of which I was 
the managing editor. Our relations were always pleasant and with his co- 
operation I was able to make the staff work harmoniously and the task move 
steadily on to completion which it reached somewhat earlier than the date 
anticipated. Gen. Wilson was a careful editor and an accurate writer." 

It gives me much satisfaction to include the following letter 
from an esteemed friend of both Gen. Wilson and myself: 
My dear Sir: — 

It is with deep regret that I learn of the death of General James Grant 
Wilson, as his death is a loss to the country, to the community and to his 

He was indeed a most accomplished gentleman and a man of high literary 
attainments, intensely patriotic, and left behind him a splendid record which 

I9 , 4 .] General James Grant Wilson. 20Q 

was inspiring to his associates and all those who were fortunate enough to know 
him and will be an example for others to follow. ... ... 

Such men area treasure to their country and a benefit to the age in 
they live. I remain, 

Very truly yours, \ 

(Signed) Nelson A. Miles, 
March II. 1914. Lieut-General U. S. Army. 

As president for years of the New York Genealogical and 
Biographical Society General Wilson's facilities as a presiding 
officer and ease of address as well as acquaintance with well known 
publicists, historians and travellers enabled him to obtair/ for our 
monthly meetings able and interesting speakers and he himself 
always introduced them in a way which assured them an apprecia- 
tive hearing. And in case of the unexpected absence of a promised 
speaker the General was always ready to fill the gap with some of 
his personal experiences. At these meetings and at the social 
entertainments thereafter in the library, Mrs. Wilson was her 
husband's loyal and admiring aid, always in that spirit of kindli- 
ness that had been so characteristic of her as I knew her when 
I was a Sophomore at Rutgers College in her native town. 

The General was interested in many things but only slightly in 
politics. His usual reply to inquiries was "I always kept out of 
politics, but I always vote and haven't missed casting my f ballot 
for president since I voted the first time and for Lincoln. But / 
he had as our esteemed president of Columbia describes it, " an 
international mind, being always interested in matters pertaining 
to our relations with all foreign governments." This world 
patriotic spirit helped him wherever he was travelling in other 
countries to put himself in cordial relations to their rulers and 
diplomatic officials. . . ..,..,, , 

? A handsome three-quarter length portrait in oil of the General 
was presented to this Society by President Bowen which now 
hangs in the Trustees' Room and was painted by George R. Boyn- 
ton a well known and successful artist and personal friend of the 
General, who has sent me the following interesting statement: 

"The pleasant suggestion has been made that I recall such part of the 
personality of our beloved and lamented fellow member, General James Grant 
Wilson as came under my observation while he was sitting to me for his 
portrait; and I am happy, indeed to contribute however slight y, any remi- 
niscence which may add to the general knowledge of his singularly rare and 
beautiful character. A life so rich in experiences endowed him with a genial 
philosophy, a tolerant apprehension of life and a vast fund of anecdote all 
highly desirable in a gentleman constrained to sit for a portrait. 

The painter must seize, out of many the most characteristic pose and ex- 
pression of his subject; and these he suggests and develops by divers devices. 
General Wilson, by intent and unconsciously, greatly assisted in my present- 
ment of him, and while I have suggested his lofty intellectuality, the urbanity 
and polish of his manner, the gracious dignity of his carnage and address, 1 
should still have failed to show the whole man were kindly humor and a 
generous warm blooded temperament unillumined on the canvas. Never, 
surely, had portrait painter a more grateful and engaging subject. 

Having arranged for the first sitting, the discussion turned upon which ot 
the General's characters-for he was a man who, in his time played many parts- 
would best be perpetuated for posterity. We decided that the civilian of his 
present the man of letters and of the world, in evening dress, represented as sit- 


2IO General James Grant Wilson. [July, 

ting at his library table, penning a note, perhaps, before rising to dine out (this 
to permit the richness and volume of a fur-lined overcoat) would best represent 
the General as a contemporary as well as afford scope for values to the painter. 

During the six sittings necessary to complete the portrait the General 
never was restless, or impatient or distraught; — as often happens with men of 
active brain and wide interests. He preserved his easy, graceful pose, natural, 
in truth, to one who never sat with crossed legs; and kept warmly alive the ex- 
pression of cheerful benignancy, so habitual and characteristic, reflected in the 

The gospel of art is to enhance the beauties of truth and that artist is the 
most successful who most boldly and simply eliminates details, emphasizing 
the supreme motive underlying all art. Reticence is the soul of style in art or 
letters and a painting is like a poem in its evolution and development. In 
both are to be presented the characteristic psychical as well as the physical 
attributes of a subject, and whether a Grecian urn is painted by Phidias or in- 
voked by Keats their mental processes are not dissimilar, or as Reynolds re- 
marked: — ' It takes a gentleman to paint the portrait of one.' 

Hence to present the very finest aspect of a sitter, physically, mentally, 
morally and spiritually, demands on the part of the painter, highly cultivated 
discernment and discrimination. 

Finally, if I have in truth been successful in the portrait it is due quite as 
certainly to the inspirational qualities of the sitter as to the virtuosity of the 

As an illustration of our friend's chivalrous treatment of 
persons whom he met in foreign lands I quote the following from 
a letter written me by my sister, Mrs. A. Wordsworth Thompson 
of Summit, N. J. She says referring to General Wilson: 

" How much you must miss him at your meetings, he was ever so full of 
information and thoughtfulness for all. 

When in Tangiers at Christmas time, 1882, I was overwhelmed with 
anxiety about my good husband who had pneumonia and was delirious and 
General Wilson who was there in our hotel, though a stranger to me, hearing 
of my husband's illness came to our room and tapping on the door said: 'A 
fellow American is near and ready at your command at any hour, night or day.' 
And when my husband recovered and our circle was made most pleasant by 
the hospitality of the English and Swedish Consuls, words fail to tell all of the 
value of General Wilson's gentle and charming courtesy. That his memory 
may be long honored is the wish of his friend, 

Mary Pumpelly Thompson." 

I deem it well to here present an account of his will which 
was probated March 17, 1914, because it refers to the New York 
Genealogical and Biographical Society. The will reads as follows: 

'* I give and bequeath to the Metropolitan Museum of Art of the City of 
New York my Washington gold sleeve links; my Bayard gold ring brought 
from Holland in 1647; my ring, containing the hair of Washington, Hamilton, 
Wellington, Napoleon, Lincoln and Grant; my large lock of Lincoln's blood- 
stained hair; gold medal given to me by the City of New York in May, 1903; 
three silver medals issued by Holland to commemorate the recognition of 
American Independence and the Treaty of Commerce between that country 
and this; a Waterloo medal, bequeathed to me by Capt. Frederick Lehrbush 
of the British Army; the Edward VII silver medal issued by the Inter- 
Parliamentary Congress of 1906 held in London; my large silver Hudson- 
Fulton Celebration medal; the army sleeve links worn by .Grant at the sur- 
render of Vicksburg; minature of Fitz-Greene Halleck, received from the poet's 
sister; also autographed and framed portraits presented to me by President 
Lincoln and King Edward VII, and signed photographs of Gen. Grant and 
Admirals Farragut and Porter, to be kept together as the Wilson Collection. 
If not accepted by the Museum, the collection to be offered to the New York 
Genealogical and Biographical Society." 

I9I4-] Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. 2 I I 

In concluding this simple tribute to my friend's memory I 
would lay stress upon his helpful sense of humor. He was in the 
words of John Kendrick Bangs a real "Salubrity." He had, as I 
know, his own disappointments but he did not allow them to 
"drive sentiment 'a begging or cares to take the place of smiles." 
He knew thoroughly the value of spiritual and mental sunshine 
and the cheer in a good story, and his friends in many homes will 
miss his genial presence at their hospitable tables. 

They feel now the force of the old saying; "A good name is 
rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favor than silver 
and gold." To his country's service in a great civil war and to 
literature, to philanthropic service and to the claims of friendship 
in the years of peace General Wilson gave the best he had to give 
and without stint and for this we honor his memory. 

I can here say as I did in my words to the press two days after 
his death: "We shall know our friend's hearty greetings no more 
but we all feel that he has left to us an excellent example of 
the chivalrous friend, the kindly literary critic and the patriotic 
American citizen." 


By Charles R. Eastman, U. S. National Museum, Washington, D. C. 
(Continued from Vol. XLV., p. 182, of the Record.) 

vi. Orr, b. , d. in Indiana; m. (1) Polly, dau. of Ezra 

Rutty, of Dutch descent, by whom he had six chil- 
dren; he m. (2) Fannie, dau. of William Harris, and 
had three sons, named James, John Orr, and Nathan. 
John Orr resided at Beaumont, Pa., the others moved 
to Knightstown, Ind. 

vii. Anna, b. , died in the west. 

viii. Irene , b. ; m. Solomon Finn, d. in Benton, Pa. 

12. John 4 Scovil (John 3 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. at Middletown, Nov. 
3) T 72 6, d. ; he m. (1) at Guilford, May 22 or 23, 1750, Abi- 
gail, dau. of Nathaniel Bishop of that place; he m. (2) Sept. 25, 
1760, Lucy Bradley at Cromwell, and he m. (3) Feb. II, 1778, 
Elizabeth Conckling of Long Island. Abigail (Bishop) Scovil d. 
Aug. 23, 1758, ae. 27, as per gravestone inscription at Guilford. 

i. John, b. Feb. 22, 175 1. Enlisted as private from Guil- 
ford in 1781. 
ii. Abigail, b. June 21, 1754. 
19. iii. Daniel, b. May 25, 1756, d. Jan. 9, 1813; m. Elizabeth 

(?) iv. Lucy, b. ; m. June 1, 1798, William Hill. 

212 Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. [July, 
v. William, b. . 

vi. A child, b. , d. July 3, 1763. 

vii. A child, b. , d. Jan. 13, 1775. 

viii. A child, b. , d. June 23, 1776. 

13. Stephen 4 Scovil (John, 8 John, 2 Arthur 1 ), b. at Middletown, 
March 1, 1728-9, d. ; he m. at Cromwell, April 29, 1756, Eliza- 
beth Eggleston. In 1780 he was of Winchester, and in 1784 of 
Torringford, Conn. According to Rev. War Pension Records he 
was living at Watertown, N. Y., in 1818, where his son-in-law, 
Peter Pratt, then resided. His wife was dead in 1820, and several 
children are stated in the records to have been then living, but 
their names are not given. Three only are known, as follows: 

i. Stephen, Jr., b. about 1757. He is mentioned in Boyd's 
Hist, of Winchester, and may be the same Stephen 
Scovil who was of Salisbury, Conn., in 1799. 
20. ii. Ebenezer, b. Sept. 9, 1759; m. (1) Aug. 28, 1783, Mar- 
sylvia Bishop; and (2) before 1814 widow Sally 
(Dakin) Tyler, who d. in 1864. 
iii. Lucy, b. about 1775; m. at Brownsville, N. Y., in 1805, 
Peter Pratt, who was b. about 1772. They lived at 
Orleans, Jefferson County, N. Y. 

14. Westall 4 Scovil (John 3 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ) b. at Middletown, 
Feb. 17, 1733-34, d. in 1798; he m. at Guilford, July 29, 1755, Hul- 
dah, daughter of Capt. Samuel and Elizabeth (Benton) Buell. She 
was born at Killingworth, Jan. 1, 1738, and died after 1801 at 
Granville, Mass., whither Westall 4 and his nephew Daniel 6 had re- 
moved from Guilford. Children born at Guilford: 

21 i. Westall, Jr., b. March 28, 1757; m. Anna . 

22 ii. Bela, b. March 1, 1758, d. May 9, 1818; m. Oct. 31, 

1784, Chloe Griswold. 
iii. Huldah, b. ; m. Jonathan Hamilton and lived at 

Granville, Mass.; mar. int. Oct. 20, 1798. 
iv. Rebecca, b. ; m. Nov. 30, 1803, at Granville, Mass., 

Stephen Goff. 
v. Elizabeth, b. ; m. Oct. 9, 1798, at Granville, Mass., 

Martin Rogers. 

15. Noah 4 Scovil (William 8 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. at Saybrook, May 
5, 1732; m. Anne or (Anna), daughter of Hezekiah and Ann Pratt of 
Saybrook, second parish, now Essex. She d. March 13, 1813, ae. 
82 (gravestone inscription at Essex). Children b. at Saybrook: 

i. Anna, b. about 1756, d. at Berlin in 1801; m. in 1781, 
Amos Peck, Jr. 

23 ii. Capt. Noah, b. in 1759, d. at Essex, Feb. n, 1821; m. 

about 1780 Desire Pratt. 

16. Capt. Matthew 4 Scovel (William 8 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. in Say- 
brook, second parish, now Essex, July 3, 1743, d. at Guilford by a 
fall on board ship, Sept. 6, 1805; he m. (1) Dec. 9, 1764, Hannah 
Beebe. She was b. July 4, 1746, and d. March 4, 1791 ; he m. (2) 


igi4.] Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. 2 I 3 

Nov 16, 1793, Sarah Tiley. She was b. March I, 1759, and as 
widow Sarah Scovel removed about 1820 to Burlington Ohio, 

taking her three children with her, and m. secondly Clarke. 

Children b. at Saybrook (Essex): 

" i. Samuel, b. Jan. 22, 1766. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. Nov. II, 1767, d. Oct. 7, 1812; m. Jed- 
ediah Pratt. 

iii. Edward, b. March II, 1770; lost at sea in 1795. 

iv. Ezra, b. April 13, 1772. 
v. Dan, b. Sept. 8, 1774; lost at sea in 1795. 

vi. Hannah, b. Oct. 19, 1776, d. at Washington in Jan., 1844. 

vii. Matthew, b. July 29, 1780, d. at sea July 4, 179°; 

24 viii. William, b. Feb. 17, 1784; m. Oct. 14, 1810, Elizabeth 

ix. Henry, b. March 26, 1786, d. at sea July 26, 1826. 
x. Fanny, b. April 25, 1788. 
xi. Hope, b. Feb. 18, 1791, d. April 15, 1880. 
By second marriage: 

xii. Laura, b. Aug. 6, 1794. 

25 xiii. Curtis, b. Dec. 1, 1795. 

26 xiv. Matthew, b. Dec. 31, 1797. d. March 15, 1873; m. April 

28, 1845, Caroline C. Cornelius. 

17 Capt. Henry 4 Scovil (Stephen 3 , Stephen 2 , Arthur 1 ), born at 
East Haddam, March 16, 1740, was living in 1763, as proved by Corn- 
wall deeds, and died before 1768, probably at Bolton. His wife s 
name was Martha, perhaps Martha Taylor. She married, secondly, 
at Bolton, Sept. 29, 1769, John Hale. Children born at Bolton: 

27 i Henry, bapt. July 5, 1761, d. at Bolton, March 8, 1847; 

m. (1) Sarah , who d. in 1821, and (2) widow 

Lydia (Wilcox) Porter, 
ii. Mary, b. about 1763, was living in 1778. 

18 Silas 6 Scovell (Elisha 4 , Arthur 8 , Arthur 2 , Arthur 1 ), born at 
Colchester, Conn., March 18, 1763, d. at Towanda, Penn June 28, 
1824; he m. June 4, 1796, Abigail Harris, who was b. March 6, 
1774, and d. at Towanda, Feb. 28, 1855. See Heverly s History of 
the Towandas, 1 776-1 876. Children born at Towanda, Penn : 

i. Phoebe, b. March 9, 1799; m. Nathan Stevens of btev- 

ensville, Pa. 
ii. Peter Harris, b. Feb. 26, 1801; m. Olive Ackley of 

Tuscarora, Pa. 
iii. Harry, b. Feb. 13, 1803; m. (1) Sarah Courtnght, and 

(2) Elizabeth Titus of Smithfield, Penn. 
iv. Calista, b. Nov. 24, 1804, d. unm. June 28, 1824. 
v. Caroline, b. Sept. 27, 1806; m. Hugh S. Frazier of 

Wyalusing, Pa. 
vi. Silas, Jr., b. Oct. 14, 1808, d. Oct. 18, 1852; m. Martha 
Dill and had three children, Catherine, Bird G. and 
George W., the last-named b. in 1834, and living in 
Towanda township, Penn., with his son, J. Wayne 
Scovell, in 1912. 

2 1 4 Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. [July, 

vii. Joseph Jenkins, b. Nov. 4, 1810; m. Harriet Taylor of 

viii. Abigail, b. Feb. 14, 1817; m. E. Reuben Delong of 
North Towanda. \ 

19. Daniel 5 Scovil (John 4 , John 8 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ), born at Guil- 
ford, May 25, 1756, d. at Johnstown, N. Y., Jan. 9, 1813; he 
m. at East Hartland, Conn., Nov. 25, 1779, Elizabeth, daughter of 
David Granger. She was b. at Sandisfield, Mass., Sept. 7, 1759, 
and d. at Johnstown in Aug., 1839. Daniel lived first at Gran- 
ville, Mass., where two of his children were born, and removed 
about 1785 to New York State. Children: 

i. Lyman, b. March 5, 1781, d. July 25, 1840; m. Nov. 1, 
1803, at Johnstown, N. Y., Elizabeth Conn. Their 
children were: (a) Rev. John, b. Aug. 5, 1804, d. 
Dec. 10, 1862; m. Oct. 19, 1825, Clarissa Young; (b) 
Eliza, b. Nov. 10, 1806, d. unm. in 1853; (c) Mary, 
b. Nov. 19, 1809, d. July 27, 181 1; (d) Ann, b. Sept. 
27, 1811, d. Aug. 11, 1856; m. March 20, 1834, Elijah 
Wheaton Prindle; (e) Daniel, b. Aug. 16, 1815, d. 
unm. Feb. 13, 1839. 

ii. Sally, b. Sept. 11, 1784, d. July 25, 1840; m. Elisha 

iii. Fanny, b. Aug. 23, 1789, d. Aug. 1879; m. (1) 

Fowler, and (2) John S. Allen. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 20, 1795, d. Jan. 25, 1822; m. Alex- 
ander Maclaren. 

20. Ebenezer 5 Scovil (Stephen 4 , John 8 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ), born at 
Middletown, Sept. 9, 1759, d. at Brownsville, N. Y., Jan. 14, 1829; 
he m. (1) Aug. 28, 1783, Marsylvia Bishop, who was b. Feb. 4, 1768, 
and d. before 1814; he m. (2) before 1814, widow Sally (Dakin) 
Tyler, who was b. in 1783 and d. Feb. 6, 1864, after having m. 
secondly in 1835 a Mr - Forward. Ebenezer served in the Revo- 
lutionary War, as did his father also, and received a pension, but 
not all of his children are mentioned in his application for same. 
His son, Ebenezer, Jr., was b. at Chesterfield, N. H. Children: 

i. Huldah, b. Oct. 6, 1785, at Granville, Mass. 
ii. Ethan, b. Dec. 9, 1787, at Granville, Mass. 
28. iii. Ebenezer.Jr., b. Aug. 21, 1789; m. Abigail Tuttle. 
iv. Mercia, b. May I, 1791. 
v. Betsey, b. May 9, 1793. 

vi. Stephen, b. April 5, 1795; m. Clarissa Everett, 
vii. Lyman, b. Feb. 14, 1798, d. at Monroe, Wis. 
viii. Olive, b. June 18, 1801. 
ix. Sophronia, b. June 14, 1803. 
x. Abigail, b. June 28, 1805. 
xi. Hamilton, b. Aug. 20, 1807. 
By second marriage: 
xii. John, b. in 1814 (named in Rev. War Pension Records), 
xiii. Judson, b. in 1816 (named in Rev. War Pension 

I9I4-] Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. 2 I 5 

xiv. Elihu, b. March 13, 1822, d. in 1889; m. at Watertown, 
N. Y., Jan. 21, 1844, Mary Graham, and had sons 
named Charles G. and George. 

21. Westall 5 Scovil, Jr. (Westall 4 , John 3 , John' 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. at 

Guilford, March 28, 1757, d. after 1835; he m. Anna .family 

name and date of marriage not found. Westall, Jr., lived for a 
time at Granville, Mass., removed about 1800 to Susquehanna 
County, Penn., and in 1833-35 was living in Broome County, N. 
Y. Children: 

i. Orphea, b. ; m. Daniel Chamberlain. 

ii. Persis, b. ; m. Curtis. 

iii. Betsey, b. ; m. Rogers. 

iv. Anna, b. ; m. Hale. 

v. Orlan, b. . 

vi. Buell, b. ; m. Abbie Chamberlain, sister of Daniel. 

Buell resided first at Bennington, Vt, but after his 
wife's death in 1814 removed to Choconut, Susque- 
hanna County, Penn., taking his two children with him. 
These were: (a) Harriet, who m. Ralph Pease and 
lived at Salem, Penn., and (b) Dr. Daniel Chamberlain, 
b. May 16, 1814, d. June 8, 1889, at Wyalusing, Penn.; 
m. Sept. 14, 1841, Ellen Stalford, who was b. Dec. 18, 
1817, and d. Oct. 29, 1887, leaving three children. 

22. Bela 8 Scovil (Westall 4 , John 8 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ), born at Guil- 
ford, March 1, 1758, d. at Lockport, N. Y., May 9, 1818; he m. 
Oct. 31, 1784, Chloe Griswold, who was b. at Guilford, Nov. 2, 
1760, and d. April 9, 1818. Bela lived for a time at Granville, 
Mass., was of Colebrook, Conn., in 1794, and later removed to 
New York State. Children b. at Granville, Mass.: 

i. Osmond Bela, b. Aug. 5, 1787, d. at Lockport, N. Y.; 
m. Sarah Boughton of that place, and had two chil- 
dren: (a) George and (b) Chloe Ann, b/1812, d. 
March 8, 1836. 

ii. Sylvester Parmeley, b. April 4, 1791, d. at Olean, N. 
Y., Nov. 10, 1859; m. Elizabeth Elmore and had four 
children: (a) William Osmond, b. July 30, 1818, d. 
unm.; (b) Thaddeus Sylvester, b. June 13, 1820, d. 
Dec. 18, 1902; m. Nov. 17, 1845, Ella Cornelia Ben- 
jamin; (c) Waldo Elmore, b. July 8, 1822, d. Sept. 1, 
1841, unm., and (d) Charles Bela, b. March 11, 1825, 
d. June 2, 1877, unm. 

23. Capt. Noah 5 Scovel (Noah 4 , William 3 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. at 
Saybrook in 1759, d. at Essex, Feb. 11, 1821; he m. about 1780, 
Desire, daughter of Jabez and Deborah Pratt. Children b. at 

i. Noah, b. Aug. 13, 1781. 
ii. Louis, b. Oct. 2, 1783. 
iii. Sebra, b. Oct. 19, 1785. 

iv. Amos, b. Oct. 22, 1787, d. March 19, 1852; m. Hannah 
Pratt. They had the following-named children, b. 

2 1 6 Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil of Boston and Connecticut. [July, 

between 1824 and 1842: Lewis S., James M., Reg- 
inald Heber, Julia R., Amelia M., Caroline, Noah, 
Ezra and Nugent R. 
v. Maria, b. Oct. 30, 1789. ( 

24. William 6 Scovel (Matthew 4 , William 8 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. at 

Essex, Feb. 17, 1784, d. ; he m. Oct. 14, 1810, Elizabeth Pratt, 

who d. Oct. 22, 1844. Children b. at Saybrook: 

i. Betsey Adelaide, b. Aug. 2, 1812; m. Feb. 2, 1831, 

Asher Barnes, 
ii. William Nelson, b. Jan. 4, 1814, d. Nov. 20, 1881 ; m. Jan. 
10, 1839, Sarah Smith Strong, and had seven children. 
iii. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 2, 181 5; m. in 1849, J onn McHarra 

Martin Strong, d. at Cleveland, Ohio, 
iv. Harriet E., b. Dec, 1817; m. in 1842, William Pratt, 
v. George, b. March 5, 1819, d. Sept. 13, 1819. 
vi. Henrietta M., b. Nov. 10, 1820; m. Sept. 26, 1840, Capt. 

Nelson Napier. They lived at St. Joseph, Mich, 
vii. Samuel M., b. Sept. 19, 1823, d. in Sept., 1855. 
viii. Caroline M., b. Nov. 20, 1824, d. Sept. 17, 1826. 

25. Curtis 8 Scovel (Matthew 4 , William 8 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. at 
Essex, Dec. 1, 1795, d. at Burlington, Lawrence County, Ohio, 
July 9, 1870; he m. there Feb. 1, 1825, Ann Gillen, who d. Oct. 4, 
1865. Children: 

i. William Tiley, b. Nov. 15, 1825; m. Mary A. Dillon. 

ii. Sarah E., b. Nov. 29, 1827, d. March 9, 1856; -m. Jan. 22, 

1850, G. W. Kouns. 
iii. Noah, b. March 6, 1830, was living unm. in New Orleans 

in 1895. 
iv. Rachel T., b. April 13, 1832; m. Oct. 26, 1852, Stephen 

Dillon. ■ . 
v. Mary J., b. Aug. 30, 1834, d. Oct. 4, 1862; m. Aug. 30, 

1859, G. W. Isaminger. 
vi. Laura A., b. Sept. 13, 1836, d. May 30, 1837. 
vii. Adeliza, b. Oct. 2, 1838, d. Sept. 19, 1840. 
viii. Emily A., b. April 1, 1841, d. in 1882; m. Dec. 29, 1864, 
A. P. Kouns. 
ix. Matthew Legrand, b. Sept. 9, 1843; m - Mary F. Hamp- 
ton; resides at Shreveport, La. 
x. Giulietta, b. Feb. 23, 1846; m. Sept. 13, 1870, Andrew 

xi. Edith M., b. May 3, 1850; m. May 3, 1871, William Mc- 

26. Matthew 5 Scovel (Matthew 4 , William 3 , John 2 , Arthur 1 ), b. at 
Essex, Dec. 31, 1797, d. at Malta, Morgan County, Ohio, March 
J 5t ^73; he m. April 28, 1845, Caroline F. Cornelius, who d. Jan. 

27. 1874. Matthew was educated at Yale College, entered the 
Methodist ministry, and was also school teacher for about ten 
years at Malta. Children: 

i. William Curtis, b. Jan. 30, 1846; m. Nov.' 28, 1867, 
Ellen M. Corner. They had the following-named chil- 

191 4-] Some Descendants of Arthur Scovil 0/ Boston and Connecticut. 21 7 

dren: Mary Frances, Henry Wakefield, John Frank, 
Caroline Corner, Charles William and Edith Rice. 

ii. Henry, b. Feb. 13, 1847, d. Feb. 15, 1847. 

iii. Charles Albert, b. July 1, 1848. 

27. Henry 5 Scovil (Henry 4 , Stephen 8 , Stephen 5 *, Arthur 1 ), b. at 

Bolton, July 5, 1761, d. there March 8, 1847; he m. (1) Sarah , 

who d. at Bolton, July 4, 1821, ae. 63; he m. (2) at Surry, N. H., 
Oct. 7, 1821, widow Lydia (Wilcox) Porter; she d. Dec. 24, 1869. 
ae. "94 y., 1 mo., 2 d.," as per gravestone inscription at Surry. 
Henry spent his early life at the latter place and at Walpole, N, 
H-, where his children were born. He lived at Bolton during the 
years 181 1-25, passed the next ten years at Surry, and finally re- 
turned to Bolton. Children: 

i. Frederick, b. Oct. 23, 1786, d. Aug. 15, 1870; m. April 
13, 1809, Sarah Howard of Surry. Their children 
were: (a) William Howard, b. Nov. 14, 1809, d. Aug. 
10, 1870; m. May 19, 1877, Elsie Carpenter; (b) 
Frederick Willard, b. Dec. 28, 1813, d. Jan. 29, 1902; 
m. March 6, 1838, Mary Ann Dinsmore; (c) Sarah 
Ann, b. Nov. 19, 18 1 5 ; m. George Coffin, res. in 
Mass.; (d) Harriet Eliza, b. Aug. 18, 1817, d. June 3, 
1854; m. Oct. 16, 1838, David Goodrich; (e) Mary 
Louisa, b. April 13, 1819, d. Oct. 29, 1828; (f) Martha 
Mary, b. April 3, 1821; m. March 16, 1843, J onn 
Scribner,. and (g) Dr. Amos Stocker, b. Aug. 1, 1823; 
m. at Charlton, Mass., June 6, 1849, Lydia Nichols, 
and had one son named Alexander DeWitt. Dr. 
Amos removed after 1850 to Fortville, N. Y. 
ii. Clarissa, b. Aug. 23, 1789; m. Sept. 14, 1809, William 

iii. Eunice, b. Dec. 23, 1792, d. Dec. 31, 1812; m. Asa White. 

iv. Sarah, b. May 3, 1794, d. before Nov., 1833; m. a Mr. 

Stocker. v 

v. Anna, b. April 18, 1796, living in 1833; m. a Mr. Hunt. 

vi. Prudence, b. March 6, 1798, d. Feb. 12, 1885; m. (1) a Mr. 
Waters, and (2) William Perkins, who d. June 7, 1876 

28. Ebenezer 6 Scovil (Ebenezer 6 , Stephen 4 , John 3 , John 2 , Ar- 
thur 1 ), b. at Chesterfield, N. H., Aug. 21, 1789, d. at Attica, N. Y., 
after 1835; ne m - at Cheshire, Conn., Abigail Tuttle, who was b. 
March 30, 1788, and d. . Children: 

i. George D., b. May 7, 1813. 
ii. Whiting T., b. Dec. I, 1816. 
iii. Abigail (or Abigail Elmira ?), b. May 14, 1818. 
iv. Armenius B., b. Feb. 1, 1820. 
v. Lyman E., b. May 2, 1822. 
vi. Olive L., b. July 11, 1825. 
vii. Irsylvia D., b. Aug. 28, 1828, d. unm. in 1895. 
viii. Wealthy E., b. April 9, 1831. 
ix. Vienna E., b. Sept. 1, 1834; m. in 1852, Gerry O. Hodges 
and resides at Batavia, N. Y. 

2 I 8 The Tromper Family of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. [July. 



Concerning Thomas' Scovil of Ft. Edward, N. Y., mentioned at top of 
i8o, in the April number of the RECORD, the following information is 
_urnished by Mr. H. \V. Brainard of Hartford. He died at Silver Creek, 
Washington County, N. Y., about 1855, leaving daus. Esther and Mary, and 
sons Charles, Seth, Thomas, Jr., Stephen and Samuel. The last namrd m. 

Czarina , and had Tvler Scovil, b. at Silver Creek, April 3, 183a. He m. at 

Cleveland, ()., April 3, 1860, Eunice S. Fercival, and was living at Des Moines, 
Iowa, in 1895. 

At p. 170, third line from bottom, of same number of Record, instead of 
Jane read Content Dunbar, as per Plymouth records. -• 

At p. 178, under Ezekiel 3 Scovil, add the item that Ezekiel's daughter 
Sybil m. Aaron Bristol, and another daughter, Sarah, b. July 6, 1754, m. 
Eliphalet Bristol, brother of the afore-mentioned Aaron. See " Bristol Notes" 
running in the current volume of the RECORD. The will of Ezekiel 3 Scovil is 
dated Jan. 23, 1786, and recorded at Litchfield, Conn , Probate Rec, vol., v, p. 257. 


An Outline of the History of the Family from Pieter 

Tromper, 1460, to Jacob Tromper, 1620, the 

Founder of the Family in America. 

By Louis P. DeBoer, LL.B., M.A. 

Description of the Tromper Coat-of-Arms: 

French: — D'Argent a la fasce d'or; a quatre ailes-de-moulin au naturel poshes 
en sautier et reunies par une made de sable, brochante sur 1© tout. 
Casque: Lambraquins d'argent et d'or. 
Cimier: Un vol antique d'or et de gueulles. 
Dutch: — In silver een gouden dwarsbalk en vier molenwieken van natuur- 
lyke kleur en in het middel vereenigd door een swarte malie. Helm 
met silver-gouden dekkleeden. 
Helmteeken: een antieke vlecht van goud en keel. 
English: — On silver a fesse of gold and four millwings naturally coloured, 
united in the middle by a black made, over all. 
Helmlet with silver and gold manteling. 
Crest: Two antique wings, gold and red. 

I. Pieter Tromper, whose name is also spelled Tromp, was born 

in the year 1460. 

II. Jacob Pietersz Tromper, his son, was born in Rotterdam 
at the time when Columbus set sail for the new world. Under 
the reign of Emperor Charles the Fifth, grandson of Ferdinand, 
King of Spain and Count of Holland, Jacob Tromper took office 

* Editor's Note: — These investigations were made in Holland at the 
request of Judge Alphonso Trumpbour Clearwater of this Society, a descendant 
of the Pieter Tromper who was born in Rotterdam in 1460. 

The name in America is variously spelled Tromper, Trumper, Trump- 
bour, Trumpboud, Trompbor, Trombor, Tremper, Trimper, Trimpur. 


Coat-of-Arms:— On silver a fesse of gold and four millwings naturally 
coloured, united in the middle by a black made, over all. 
Helmet with silver and gold mantel ing. 
Crest: — Two antique wings, gold and red. 

1914.] The Tromper Family of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. 2 1 9 

as City Counsellor of Rotterdam, which position he held from 
1524 to 1540. He officiated as "schepen" or city deputy in 1527, 
1529 and 1532; as city treasurer in 1535. 1538 and 1539; as burgo- 
master in 1527, 1529 and 1532, and as orphanmaster in 1533 and 
1540. As grantor he transferred on June 17, 1540, a house called 
" het Gulden Hood" or "The Golden Head," situated on the 
Middledam at Rotterdam. At some date between July 22, 1540, 
and March 7, 1 54 i , he must have died, for on the last named 
date his heirs possessed a house on the " Botersloot " (Batter- 
harbor). (See Giftboeken, p. 149.) 

His wife was the daughter of Adriana Hubrecht. As his 
widow she appears in a conveyance in 1546 where she transferred 
a house on the "Lambert straet" at the north of the lot be- 
longing to St. Elisabeth's Home. Issue: 

1. Adriaen Tromper, who follows under III. 

2. Jacob Jacobsz Tromper; he is sometimes called VanDuyn, 

probably the family name of his maternal grandfather, 
in order to distinguish him from his father, Jacob 
Tromper, senior. He was councillor of the city of 
Rotterdam from 1558 to 1563, and schepen in 1562. 
From 1550 to 1562 he is mentioned as the owner of 
"The Golden Head." 

3. Jan Jacobsz Tromper, born in 1523. On March 26, 1588, 

he is mentioned as being 63 years old. (See Notarial 
Records, Rotterdam, not. publ., Symons, folio 18.) In 
November, 1561, he conveyed a house on the " Panne- 
koek steg" or "Pancake side-street," and on March 7, 
1560, a house on the Middledam, outside the walls. 
His name also appears in a deed of Aug. 12, 1562. 
His first marriage with a daughter of Franck Wagens- 
veldt, was without issue. He married (2) Maritgen 
Goossens Groenhout, widow of Wolfert van Ryn, by 
whom he had three daughters: 

i. Grietje Tromper, m in 1622, Cornelius Termaet. 
ii. Marritje Tromper, m. Hobbe Winter, 
iii. Elisabeth Tromper. 

4. Cornelis Jacobsz Tromper, schepen of Rotterdam from 

1558 to 1 561; he was active as treasurer of private 
institutions in 1564. In Dec, 1561, he was living at 
Rotterdam at the "Nupoirt" or the "New Gate." 
(See Notarial Archives, not. pub., Symons, folio 25.) 
He married a daughter of Dirck Barentsz Groenhout, 
a second cousin of his brother Jan's second wife. They 
had a daughter: 

i. Maritgen Tromper, who m. Cornelis deHooge. 

5. Albrecht Tromper, schepen of Rotterdam between 1564 

and 1570; trustee of St. Elisabeth's Home in 1566. 
He was burgomaster of Rotterdam from 1568 to 1573, 
lived on " Wagenstraet, west," and died at his home on 

2 20 The Tromfier Family of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. [July, 

Oct. 9, 1594. His name appears in several deeds, for 
instance on Sept. 9, 1564, Dec. 15, 1582, May II, 1583, 
Dec. 16, 1591, and Sept. 25, 1592. He acquired a 
house in the Eastern Quarter of the city " on the 
Ditch," on Oct. 7, 1562. His wife, Gertruyd Gerrits 
Cool, died at her home on "Wagenstraet West," on 
Sept. 12, 1594, four weeks before her husband. She 
was a daughter of Gerrit Adriaensz Cool,* magistrate 
at Rotterdam. Issue: 

i. Pieter Tromper; he is mentioned with his sister, 

on Jan. 28, 1598. 
ii. Meynsge Tromper, who m. Ysnout Ysnoutsz Van 
Nes, Aug. 14, 1588. He was a brother of Jan 
Ysnoutsz VanNes, burgomaster of Leyden. 

6. Hurbrecht Jacobse Tromper, mentioned in the year 1564. 

His children were: 

i. Egbert Tromper, mentioned in 1588. He mar- 
ried Grietje Cornells, who was his widow in 
May, 1593. On May 17, their uncle, Adriaen 
Jacobsz Tromper, became guardian of his minor 
ii. Pieter Tromper, mentioned on March 22, 1588. 
iii. Meynsge Tromper, m. Joost Adriaensz Clinckebyl, 
a ship carpenter of importance at Rotterdam. 
She d. on Dec. 26, 1599; he on May 8, 1600. 

7. William Jacobsz Tromper, moved from Rotterdam to 

Gouda, also a city in South Holland. (The Archives 
there have not been searched for his biography or 

8. Catryn Jacobs Tromper, married Harmen Jansz Cooren 

and later Pieter Hendricksz VanNeck, a magistrate at 

9. Machteld Jacobs Tromper, married Gerrit Dircksz Vander 

Moelen, and later Joost Fyck Dircksz Van Hove, both 
Rotterdam magistrates. 

III. Adriaen Jacobsz Tromper, councillor of the city of Rotter- 
dam from 1542 to 1558; schepen, 1542, 1543, 1547 and 1553, and 
city treasurer in 1557. He lived on the " Hooghstraet" or "High 
street" at Rotterdam (see Cohier Vanden 10 den Penning). The 
house called " St. Joris " (St. George) on the Middledam, trans- 
ferred to him by his father-in-law, Jan Gybertsz van Soelen, on 
Feb. 6, 1550, he conveyed on Feb. 20, 1559, to his son Gysbert 
Tromper. A deed of June 11, 1560, mentions the same house. 
Adriaen Jacobsz Tromper died between Feb. 20, 1559, and June 14, 
1559. His wife was Catharina VanSoelen, daughter of Jan Van 

* Barent Jacobsz Cool, the first American ancestor of the Cool family here, 
who emigrated in New Amsterdam. in 1625, belonged to the same family. His 
line upward to the common ancestor Adriaen Cool, 1450, is in my archives, 
L. P. deBoer. His father died at LaRochelle, France. 

19 1 4.] The Tromper Family of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. 2 2 1 

Solen, a Rotterdam magistrate. They had the following children, 
most of whom were minors at the time of their father's death: 

1. Gysbert (or Gisebrecht) Tromper, who foljows under IVa. 

2. Pieter Tromper, who follow under IVb. 

3. Machteld Tromper, who married Frans Cornelisz Kievit, 

treasurer of the war department of the Dutch Republic, 
whose brother was Claes Cornelis Kievit. 

4. Jacob Tromper. On March 8, 1567, he is mentioned as a 

young man belonging to the militia at Brielle, a city a 
few miles to the southwest of Rotterdam.* 

5. Adriaen Tromper, probably died in infancy. 

6. Ingeltje Tromper, who married Isaack VanDerSluys; 

she died before Nov. 1, 1617. 

7. Grietgen Tromper. 

IVa. Gysbrecht Adriaensz Tromper was councillor of Rotter- 
dam from 1575 to 1613. He was a trustee of several public and 
private institutions, and also treasurer of "The Great Fishery 
Trust."| He is also mentioned in a letter of Nicolaes Lord Van 
Assendelft on Dec. 20, 1559 (see Leenregister, Kralingen, folio 
151), and transferred a house on Middledam on June 20, 1562. 
He married Maria Elants van Hogendorp. J Her will bears date 
Feb. 17, 1592 (see Notarial Archives, not. pub., Symons). She 
died on March 13, 1595. The children of Gysbert Adriaensz 
Tromper and Maria Elants Van Hogendorp were: 

1. Jan Tromper. He lived in " het Huys de Spieghel" or 

"the House the Mirror," on the Middledam at the 
north side near the " Hooghstraet." There he made 
his will on Nov. 3, 1620 (see Notarial Archives, not. 
pub., Symons). He must have died within the next 
four years, for the house, mentioned above, was sold 
by his heirs on Oct. 5, 1624 (see Giftboek, No. 19). 

2. Ingeltje Tromper, married Jan Clementz vanGoor. On 

May 3, 1590, he had bought "The House the Mirror" 
which later became property of Jan Tromper. He died 
before July 4, 161 1, and his widow before Feb., 1619. 

3. Elandt Tromper, married Maertje Severyns van Beveren. 

They appear in deeds of June 28, 1597, May 22, 1600, 
and Nov., 12 and 22, 1602. Their children, who were of 
full age on Feb. 23, 1619, were: 

* There are several notes on the branch of the Tromper or Tromp family 
at Brielle, to which also the great naval hero, Maerten Harpertsz Tromp, 
admiral of the Dutch Republic belonged. (Admiral Tromp's statue, as is well 
known, appears among those ornamenting the United States Custom House at 
Battery Place, New York.) 

f This was the herring fishery trust; the whale fishery trust was called 
"the small fishery trust." 

X Gysbert Carel Van Hogendorp, the statesman who in 1813 aided in the 
restoration of the princes of Orange in the Netherlands, belonged to the same 


222 The Tromper Family of Rotterda?n in the Netherlands. [July, 

i. Helena Tromper, who m. Hendryck duBois, and 
lived at Antwerp (see Contractboek, Feb. 23, 
1619, folio 174). * 
ii. Ingeltje Tromper, m. at Rotterdam, April 19, 
1617, Tieleman Hermansz. , 
iii. Maritje Tromper, m. Dirck Paets. 
iv. Maritjen Tromper, m. at Rotterdam, 1585, Gerrit 
Heemskerk van Beest, seafarer and explorer, 
who d. in the Straits of Magellan in 1600, 
leaving minor children, 
v. Reynier Pietersz Tromper, who follows under Vb. 
This line became extinct in the third gener- 

IVb. Pieter Adriaensz Tromper, Jan. 5, 1590, was a trustee of 
many private institutions at Rotterdam. He married there in 
March, 1575, Aeltgen Adriaens, which marriage was not published 
before March 28, 1576. At that date it was confirmed (see Public 
Marriage Register, Rotterdam, folio 106, verso). Issue: 

1. Arent Pietersz Tromper, born, as his mother stated at 

the date of the confirmation of the marriage, in 1575. 
He married (1) Jan. 25, 1605, Aefje van der Stock, who 
died in 1616; he married (2) Meynsge Adriaens van 
Hoogeveen. He himself died before Sept. 30, 1626, on 
which date were appointed guardians over his minor 
orphan children by the first marriage, their maternal 
grandfather, Eewout Jansz van der Stock and Claes 
Cornelis Kievit (see Register of Guardians, II, p. 620). 
Only one of the children is named, viz.; 
i. Alida Tromper. 

2. Annitgen Tromper, married Huybert van der Meer. 

3. Adriaen Pietersz Tromper, who follows under Va. 

4. Catherina Tromper, married Oct. 14, 1609, Jan Joppe 

Quackerneck, son of Job Jansz Ouackerneck, burgo- 
master of Rotterdam (see Contractboek, p. 74). 

As widower of Aeltgen Adriaens, Pieter Adriaensz Tromper(?) 
remarried Katryn, daughter of Daem Allewynsz van Nideck. Of- 
this marriage one son was born. 

Va. Adriaen Pietersz Tromper is mentioned on Nov. 23, 1600, 
Nov. 17, 1617, and on June 15, 1621, in the contract book of the 
Schepens of Rotterdam. He must have died before Sept. 23, 1626. 
On that date are mentioned in "Giftboek" No. 20, his nephew 
and his brother, Simon Reyniersz Tromper, who with Arent 
Pietersz Tromper, were appointed guardians of the children left 
by the late Adriaen Pietersz Tromper, during his life Public 
Attorney of Rotterdam, to wit of the orphans Daem Adriaensz 
Tromper and Jacob Adriaensz Tromper, sons of the aforesaid 
Adriaen Tromper, Sept. 23, 1626. These guardians conveyed on 

191 4-] The Tromper Family of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. 223 

behalf of the orphans on July 11, 1627, a house on the east side of 
the Botersloot (the butter harbor). This was very likely the an- 
cestral house known as "The Golden Head." 

Adriaen Pietersz Tromper and his wife Cornelia Claes van Driel, 
therefore had the following children: * 

1. Daem Tromper, married Maria Jans van der Speck. 

2. Jacob Tromper. The Rotterdam archives simply state 

that he was an orphan child in 1626. Only through 

them was the direct male line from their grandfather 

Pieter Adriaensz Tromper continued, as is shown 

further on. 

Vb. Reynier Pietersz Tromper was councillor of the city of 

Rotterdam from 1615 to 1618, burgomaster in 1616 and 1617. In 

1617 he was deputy of the High Mighty Lords, the States of 

Holland and West Friesland. Pie died at Rotterdam on May 1, 

1618, in the house opposite the City Hall. Plis first wife Maritge 

Simons van Neck left him one child: 

1. Simon Reyniersz Tromper, who follows under Via. 
His second wife was Adriana van Kels, called Post, born in 
1574; died March 12, 1646; married Aug. 16, 1613. Issue: 

1. Pieter Reyniersz Tromper, who died Oct. 22, 1647. 

2. Johan Reyniersz Tromper, who died in 1667. 

VIa. Simon Reyniersz Tromper is mentioned several times be- 
tween 1621 and 1632. In 1626 he appears as one of the two 
guardians of his two minor cousins Daem Adriaensz Tromper and 
Jacob Adriaensz Tromper. He married, at Rotterdam, on Feb. 4, 
1624, Catharina Ysbrants Kievit.* Simon Reyniersz Tromper 
died Aug. 7, 1637, an d his wife, April 8, 1656. Issue: 

1. Gertruyd Tromper, who married Arnold van Os. 

2. Maria Tromper, who married on Jan. 18, 1654, Dirck 

de Raet, Lord van Stelt. 

3. Reynier Tromper, who died in 1628; at his death this line 

became extinct. 

4. Margaretha Tromper, who died in 1621. 

5. Anna Tromper, who died in 1653. 

6. Catharina Tromper, who married Ferdinand Erlewyn. 
That the two orphan boys of 1626, Daem Adriaensz Tromper 

and Jacob Adriaensz Tromper, were the only male persons to 
continue the direct line of their grandfather, Pieter Adriaensz 
Tromper (IVb), is proven by the following fact: 

The line of the third and only remaining (married) grandson, 
Simon Reyniersz Tromper (Via) died out with his only son 
Reynier Simonsz Tromper in 1628. 

The line of Pieter Adriaensz Tromper's brother, Gysbert 
Adriaensz Tromper (IVa), was extinguished in the third following 

* She was very likely a sister of Willem Ysbrantz Kiefc (or Kievit), the 
late governor of New Netherlands 

2 24 The Tromper Family of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. [July, 

The line of Pieter Adriaensz Tromper's only other brother, 
Jacob Adriaensz Tromper, from which the naval hero Maerten 
Harpertsz Tromp probably sprang, continued at Brielle. 

Thus conclusively showing that thisUatter line and that of the 
two orphan boys of 1626 were the only ones to continue the direct 
male line of Adriaen Jacobsz Tromper, councillor of Rotterdam 
from 1542 to 1558. 

The only four possible continuers of the line of Adrian Jacobsz 
Tromper's father, Jacob Pietersz Tromper (II) are: 
Pieter Albrechtsz Tromper (II, 5). 
Egbert Huybrechtsz Tromper (II, 6). 
Pieter Huybrechtsz Trumper (III, ii). 
William Jacobsz Tromper (II, 7). 

Jacob Tromper, the orphan boy of 1626, is probably the first 
American ancestor of the Tromper family. 

Although the notes concerning the branches in the Nether- 
lands reach to the beginning of the 18th century, it seemed to be 
useless to extend the search much beyond the possible date of 
the first American ancestor's emigration. 

The direct line of Jacob Tromper: 
I. Pietir Tromper, born 1460. 
II. Son: Jacob Pietersz Tromper, died 1540-1541; married Ad- 
riana Aubrechts (VanDuyn?). 
III. Oldest son (oldest child): Adriaen Jacobsz Tromper, died 

1559; married Catharina Jans Van Soelen. 
IVb. Second son (second child): Pieter Adriaensz Tromper, died 

after 1590; married 1575, Aeltgen Adriaens . 

Va. Second son (third child): Adriaen Pietersz Tromper, died 
1626; married Cornelia Claes Van Driel. 
Second son (second child) Jacob Adriaensz Tromper, an 
orphan boy in 1626. 

Persons who intermarried with members of the Tromper family 
at Rotterdam in the 16th and first half of the 17th century, as 
recited in the above pages: 

Adriana Hubrechts (VanDuyn)* Jan Clements Van Goor 

Maritgen Goosens Groenhoutf Maertje Severeyns Van Beveren 

Cornelis Ter Maat (Termaet)* Hendryck du Bois* 

Hobbe Winter* Tielman Hermansz (Van Schel- 
Daughter of Uirck Barentsz luynen?)f 

Groenhout| Dirck Paetsj 

Cornelis de Hooge* Gerrit Van Heemskerk (Van 
Geertruyd Gerrits Cool* Beest)* 

Ysnout Ysnoutsz Van Nes* Aefje Eewouts Van Der Stock 

Grietje Cornelis Meynsge Adriaens Van Hooge- 

Joost Adriaens Clinckebyl • veen 

Harmen Jansz Cooren* Huybrecht Vander Meer* 

igi4-] The Tromper Family of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. 225 

Pieter Hendricksz Van Neck* Jan Joppe Quackernack 

Gerrit Uircksz Van Der Moelen* Catryn Daemen Van Nydeck* 

Joost Fyck Dircksz Van Hove* Cornelia Van Driel 

Catharina Jans Van Soelen Adriana Van Kols Post* 

Frans Cornells Kievit* Catharina Ysebrants Kievit* 

Brother of Claes Cornells Kievit* Arnold Van Os 

Isaack Van Der Sluys* Dirck de Raet* 

Maria Elants Van Hogendorp Ferdinand Erlewyn 

Those family names among these which appear in the early 
records of New Amsterdam are marked *. 

Those which appear in the records of Rensselaerwyck are 
marked f. 

Most of these families like the Trompers were merchants and 

Some of the nearest relatives of Jacob Tromper, the Post, 
Kievit and de Raet families had great interests in the New 

Places and houses in Rotterdam, closely related with the 
history of the Tromper family: 

"Het Gulden Hoold, ("The Golden Head "), standing on the 

"de Botersloot" ("the Butter harbor"). 

"de Pannekoeksteeg" ("the Pancake side street"). 

"de Lambert straet." 

" de Nupoirt " (" the New-gate "). 

"Het St. Elisabeths Gasthuys" ("the St. Elisabeth Home or 

"Wagenstraet West." 

"the Eastern quarter on the Ditch." 

"de Hooghstraet" ("the High street"). 

"Het Huys St. Joris " ("the House St. George") on the Mid- 

"Het Huys de Spieghel" ("the House the Mirror") on the 


Sources from which the data has been derived: 

Original Manuscript Sources: 
Books of Deeds and Conveyances (Giftboeken), Rotterdam. 
Books of Executive City Contracts (Contractboek der Schepens). 
Cohier of Taxation, 1/10 income (Cohier vanden 10 der penning). 
Register of Feudalities (Kralinger Leenregister). 
Notarial Archives. 
Register of Public Marriages. 
Register of Guardians. 

Printed Sources (Periodicals and Reference Books): 
Rotterdamsche Historische Bladen. 
Genealogische en Heraldische Bladen. 
Nederlandsch Familie Archief. 
Algemeen Nederlandsch Familien Blad. 
Armorial General, J. B. Rietstap. 


2 26 Bristol Notes. [July. 


By Theresa Hall Bristol, 

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV, p. 176, of the Record.) 

Newtown, Conn., Branch {continued). 

32. Lewis' Bristol (Daniel,* John, Jr., 6 John, 4 Joseph*, Joseph,* 
Henry'), m. Sarah, dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Lawrence) Kingman 
of Sheffield, Mass., b. June i, 1783. He lived near his father at 
New Marlboro, until 1810, when he went to Austerlitz (now in 
Spencertown, Columbia Co., N. Y.) The first town meeting of 
Austerlitz and Green River was held at his house (a very attractive 
one, still standing) in 18 18. He was Tax Collector, 1 819. Children: 

i. Orville," b. May 25, 1805, at New Marlboro; m. Sept. 27, 
1826, at Windsor Locks, Ct., Eliza Clark, of Enfield; 
no issue. Lived at Nashua, N. H. 
ii. Lucia, b. May 15, 1807; m. Arnold Holdridge of Troy, 

N. Y. 
iii. Newton; d. unm. 
iv. Sarah; m. Harvey Carr. 

v. Lawrence Washburn; b. March 18, 1824, at Austerlitz; 
m. Caroline, d. of Barnet and Eliza (Potter) Hawkins 
of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Was a merchant of Ballston 
Spa, and president of the village board, in 1854. 
Died, 1897. 
vi. Marion, b. 1827; m. Samuel K. Briggs. 
The Lewis Bristol Bible.; Columbia Co. Hist.; Saratoga Co. Hist. 

33. Daniel' Bristol (Daniel,* John, Jr., 6 John, 4 Joseph,' Joseph, 1 
Henry 1 ) m. Mercy Andrus, b. 1779, who d. at New Marlboro, .Nov. 
7, 185 1. He d. at West Stockbridge, Mass., March 10, 1848. 

i. Chloe Ann,' m. George Gorham of West Stockbridge. 
ii. Myron. 

iii. Joseph E.; m. Zeruah Stanton of Westfield, Mass. 
iv. Orson; m. Malinda Hurd. 
West Stockbridge Vital Records ; New Marlboro Records. 

34. Lyman' Bristol (Daniel, 8 John, Jr., 6 John, 4 Joseph,' Joseph,' 
Henry 3 ), born at New Marlboro, April 9, 1793; m. Laura Andrus, 
lived at Canaan, N. Y., and at W. Stockbridge, Mass. Was a fifer 
in the War of 1812. Children: 

i. Alvin L. 8 ; m. Eliza Olds, 
ii. Alfred L.; m. March 19, 1842, at W. Stockbridge, 

Abigail Hurd; d. at Fort Worth, Texas, 
iii. Albert, b. 1824; d. April 8, 184S, at W. Stockbridge. 
iv. Egbert, b. 1825; d. 1888; m. Sarah Lovejoy of Canaan, 
N. Y. 

1914J Bristol Notes. 22 7 

v. Gilbert. 

vi, Elam H., m. Emily Williams of Stockbridge. 
vii. George, m. Francis Sturgis. 

viii. Jackson; lived at Galesboro, Mich.; d. at West Stock- 
bridge. \ 
ix. Laura; d. aged 17 at W. Stockbridge. 
x. Sarah Jane, d. . 

New Marlboro Vital Records: other information furnished by the late 
Jackson Bristol and Mrs. Marvin. 

35. Almon' Bristol (Daniel,' John, Jr.,* John, 4 Joseph,' Joseph,' 
Henry 1 ), b. Aug. 11, 1795, at New Marlboro, Mass.; m. Sally Holt 
of Norfolk, Ct, b. June 22, 1800; lived at Norfolk and Tyringham. 

i. Isaac Lewis, 8 Hon., b. July 24, 1815; lived at Otis. 
ii. Austin Kingsbury, b. Dec. 7, 18 17. 
iii. Sarah Ann, b. May 20, 1822. 
iv. Andrew Jackson, b. Aug. 19, 1824, Tyringham. 
v. Samuel Halsey, b. Aug. 26, 1826, Tyringham. 

vi. Amy Almira, b. May 3, 1830; m. Heath. 

vii. Levi Atwood, b. Aug. 30, 1833; lives in Gt. Barrington. 
viii. Phineas Atwood, b. June 12, 1837; lives in Hoosac Falls, 
N. Y. 
ix. Desire Holt, b. Dec. 25, 1839. 
Information given by Amy (Bristol) Heath. 

36. Miles 7 Bristol (Rev. John H.,' John, Jr., 6 John* Joseph, 1 
John, 5 Henry 1 ), b. 1788, at Norfolk, Ct.; m. (1) Mary Woodruff, 
b. 1792; d. Nov. 5, 1847; m. (2) Orcelenna (Emily) Davis; lived in 
Canaan, Columbia Co., N: Y.; but his land extended over the 
state line into West Stockbridge, Mass. Children: 

i. George Henry. 8 

ii. Reliance Adah Mandana; m. Wagner. 

Columbia Co. Probate Records and Mrs. Jonathan Bristol. 

37. Jesse 7 Bristol (Rev. John H., 8 John, Jr., 6 John/ Joseph,' 
John,' Henry'), b. 1791, at Windsor, Mass.; d. Oct. 1880 in 
Hillsdale, Mich.; m. (1) at Austerlitz, Columbia Co., N. Y., 
Petronella, dau. of Joseph and Lucy (Butler) Dewey; d. in Hills- 
dale; m. (2) Hermance. Ensign in the Columbia Co. 

Cavalry, in 1818. Was Justice of the Peace at Austerlitz, 1842; 
moved to Michigan, 1845. Children: 

i. Lucy Ann, 8 b. in Austerlitz, June, 1820; m. 1850, T. J. 

White of Hillsdale, Mich, 
ii. Joseph Dewey, b. June 1823, in Austerlitz; d. 1870; m. 
(t) at Harbin Springs, Col., Miss Harbin; m. (2) in 
San Francisco, Cal., Eliza Jane, dau. of " Squire " 
Robert and Polly Dole (Cilly) Knox of Epsom, N. H. 
He studied law with Judge Field of Stockbridge; 
went to Charlestown, S. C, and was Prof, of Latin 
in a college there; went to California "around 
Cape Horn," 1849. Practiced law in Napa and San 
Francisco, Cal. 
iii. D wight, b. Sept. 1827; m. Olive Miner. 

228 Bristol Notes. [July 

iv. Olmsted, b. Aug. 31, 1833; d. 1876; unm. 
v. Phillip, b. Aug. 12, 1837; m. Helen Fleetwood, b. in 

Girard, Erie Co., Pa., April 12, 1839. Served in the 

Civil War. 
vi. Miles, b. 1840; d. in infancy. 

38. Henry' Bristol (Rev. John H.,* John, Jr.,* John, 4 Joseph,* 
John, 1 Henry 1 ), b. April 17, 1794; d. Sept. 10, 1864; m. Abigail, 
dau. of Jonathan Putnam, Sr., of Worcester, N. Y.; served in the 
War of 1812. Children: 

i. Adelia, 9 b. March 28, 1826, at Canaan, N. Y.; m. April 
30, 1843, Philip R. Cornell of the Quaker Settlement 
at New Lebanon; d. 1850. 
ii. Henry Raymond, b. Jan. 25, 1828, in New Lebanon; m. 

Harriet Brown, 
iii. Juliette, b. Oct. 20, 1829, in New Lebanon, N. Y.; m. 

Rev. Zeras Osborn of Marshall, Mich.; d. T864. 
iv. Reliance Abbie, born Sept. 7, 1831; m. Andrew J. 

v. Jonathan Putnam, b. Nov. 20, 1832, in New Lebanon; 

m. Lovinia Powers of Austerlitz. 
vi. Lucy Celestia, b. April 4, 1835; m. Lyman Goodnow of 

Dalton, Mass. 
vii. Mercia Dean, b. March 6, 1837, at New Lebanon; m. 

Henry Powers, 
viii. William Seward, b. Nov. 11, 1838, in New Lebanon; m. 
Lydia Crawford, 
ix. Joseph Dewey, b. Oct. 25, 1840, in New Lebanon; m. 

Mary Russell. 
x. Martha Amanda, b. May 1,-1844, in Canaan, N. Y., Rev. 
Zeras Osborn then of Nelson, N. Y. 
Information furnished by Mrs. Jonathan Bristol. 

39. Joseph Beers 7 Bristol (Rev. Joseph,' Johnjr.,* John, 4 Joseph, 
John, 1 Henry 1 ), b. Dec. 10, 1806, at Jefferson, N. Y.; d. July 27, 
1868, at Cuba, N.Y.; m. Feb. 4, 1829, Margaret Vincent. Children: 

i. Joseph Monroe, 9 b. June 23, 1831. 
ii. Margaret Melona, b. June 21, 1833. 
iii. Michael Burdette, M. D., b. June 1, 1838; m. Martha 

Maria Mascall. 
iv. Oscar Griffin, b. Aug. 26, 1846. 
v. Elijah Beers, b. Sept. 30, 1849. 
Information furnished by Michael B. Bristol of Cambridge, 111. 

40. Amos Stewart 7 Bristol (Rev. Joseph, 8 John, Jr.,* John, 4 
Joseph, 3 John," Henry 1 ), b. Nov. 23, 1814, at Jefferson, N. Y.; 
m. . Children: 

i. William." 
ii. Richard, 
iii. Valentine, 
iv. Lute. 

v. Fred, 
vi. John. 

19 1 4.] Bristol Notes. 229 

vii. Arthur, 
viii. Caroline, 
ix. Jane. 
Information furnished by Miss Daisy Bristol of Cambridge, 111. x 

41. Ira Sherman 7 Bristol, Rev. (James,* Job,' Enos, 4 Joseph,* 
John,' Henry 1 ), b. June 7, 1809, at Auburn, N. Y.; d. Feb. 13, 1885, 
at North Loup, Neb.; m. Jan. 3, 1831, Nancy Henrietta, dau. of 
Job and Henrietta (Brown) Warner, b. April 27, 181 2, and d. July 
4, 1884; lived at Jamestown, N. Y., and Bristol, Wis. Children: 

i. Catherine Maria, 8 born at Jamestown, N. Y.; m. John 

L., son of Sydney and Melissa (Howard) Pope of 

Columbus, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1857; d. Jan. 5, 1884, at 

ii. Merietta Amanda, b. at Jamestown, N. Y.; m. Rev. 

Oscar Babcock; d. March 25, 1835, at Dakota, Wis. 
iii. Cicero Lathrop, b. at Harmony, N. Y.; m. Jan. 1, 1865, 

at Tabor, Iowa, Mary, dau. of Joseph Weeks, 
iv. Lawrence Theodore Miller, b. March 24, 1839, at Bristol, 

Wis.; served in the Civil War. 
v. Medora Eliza, b. Jan. 27, 1841; m. (1) July 31, 1861, 

Henry Babcock; m. (2) May 22, 1864, Plummer Howe; 

m. (3) O. M. Parkinson, 
vi. Theresa Oressa, b. Aug. 14, 1842, at Bristol, Wis.; m. 

Aug-. 28, 1861, Hon. Herman A. Babcock of Lincoln, 

vii. Henry Orland, b. June 13, 1844, at Bristol, Wis.; lived 

in Bell Plain, Va.; served in the Civil War. 

Information from Cicero Lathrop Bristol, North Loup, Neb., and Mrs 
Worden of Ithaca, N. Y. 

42. John Sherman 7 Bristol, 2d (John S.,' Job,' Enos, 4 Joseph,* 
John, 1 Henry 1 ), b. Sept. ir, 1808, near Auburn, N. Y.; m. (1) Sept. 
2, 1833, Elmira, dau. of Benjamin and Mary Bonesteel Wood, b. 
Aug. 6, 1809, d. June 2, 1847; m. (2) Oct. 28, 1852, Mrs. Mary B. 
Courtright; d. Jan. 28, 1864, at Xenia, Ohio. At the time of his 
m. he lived at Seneca Falls, N. Y.; in 185 1 at Dryden, N. Y.; in 
1854, in Newark, O. Children, by 1st m.: 

i. Edith May, 8 b. Dec. 1, 1839, at Seneca Falls; m. James 

Washington Hearne. 
ii. Merritt Channing, b. Nov. 27, 1842; m. Mary Jane 

iii. Charles Herbert, b. April 12, 1847; m. Bella Everat 
By 2d m.: 

iv. Emily Courtright, m. Frederick F. L. Cockrell. 

John Sherman Bristol Bible; information from Mrs. James W. Hearn of 
Ithaca, N. Y.; Seneca Co., N. Y., Land Records. 

Stockbridge, Mass., and Clinton, N. Y., Branch. 
1. Moses' Bristol (Eliphalet" Henry 1 ), b. 1718, at New Haven; 
m. Rachel, dau. of Joseph Trowbridge; d. at Clinton, N. Y., May, 
1802. The land which Eliphalet' Bristol deeded his sons was on 
the Derby side of the boundary line between Derby and Water- 

2 30 Bristol Notes. • f July, 

bury when the New Society was formed, and the title proved 
worthless. Moses lived for a time in Washington, Ct., and then 
moved to Stockbridge, Mass. In 1778, he and his wife were re- 
ceived by letter into the Congregational Church at Stockbridge. 
In 1789, Moses and Rachel, his wife, and Eli and Sarah, his wife, 
sold their lands in Stockbridge and Lee, and the family moved 
to what is now called Clinton, N. Y. Children: 

i. Olive,' bap. at Woodbridge, Ct., Sept. 11, 1745; m. Solo- 
mon Jones, of Stockbridge, Mass., and Oswego, N. Y. 

ii. Elizabeth, bap. at Oxford, Ct., - 29, 1749; m. 1 767, at 

South Britain, Andrew Dunning; settled in Vermont. 

iii. Rachel, bap. June 11, 1749, at Oxford; m. Wright 

of Lanesboro, Mass. 
ix. Sarah, b. June 3, at Derby; bap. at Oxford, Aug. 1751; 

m. Coral Smith of Lanesboro. 
v. Moses, b. Sept. 3, 1753; bap. Oct. 14, at Oxford; killed 
at Ticonderoga. 

2 vi. Eli, b. Sept. 27, 1755, at Derby; bap. at Oxford, Dec. 7. 
vii. Anna, m. Lent Bradley. 

viii. Abeline, m. March 25, 1784, Isaac Stevens of Stock- 

3 ix. Joel, b. Jan. 11, 1762, at Washington, Ct. 

2. Eli 4 Bristol (Moses,' Eliphalet, 3 Henry 1 ), m. (1) May 11, 1780, 
at Southbury, Ct., Sarah Peck, b. Sept., 1753; d. Jan. 25, 1817; m. 
(2) Jan. 19, 1818, Lucinda Smith, of Lyme, Ct., b. April 25, 1772; 
d. Aug. 22, 1845. He d. Sept. 28, 1843, at Clinton. He served in 
the Revolution, from Connecticut; and was one of the founders 
and first trustees of Hamilton College. Children: 

i. Elizabeth, 6 b. Oct. 30, 1781, at Stockbridge, m. Dec. 22, 

1801; Nathaniel Lucas; d. Feb. 29, 1876. 
ii. Moses, b. Oct. 5, 1783, at Stockbridge, d. 1789. 
iii. Sarah, b. Sept. 10, 1786, at Stockbridge; m. Dec, 1808, 

Nicholas P. Randall; d. Feb. 11, 1814, at Clinton, 
iv. Hannah, b. July 6, 1788, at Stockbridge; d. Sept. 10, 
1815, while visiting relatives at New Haven. 

4 v. Moses, b. Oct. 21, 1790, at Clinton. 

vi. Harriet, b. July 16, 1793; m. May 12, 1819, Samuel L. 
Edwards of Manlius, N. Y. Children: Sarah Bristol, 
and Samuel Henry. 

3. Joel* Bristol (Moses,* Eliphalet,' Henry'), m. Oct. 13, 1786, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Josiah Jones of Stockbridge, b. May 22, 
1768; d. Dec. 24, 1835. He served in the Revolution from Stock- 
bridge; d. Sept. 16, 1827, at Clinton. Children: 

i. Nancy," b. Oct. 20, 1787; m. Feb. 28, 1822, J. C. Piatt; 

d. May 13, 1849; no issue, 
ii. Frances, b. Dec. 6, 1792; m. July 23, 1846, Ichabod Fitch; 
d. April 10, 1 861; no issue. 

5 iii. George, b. Aug. 22, 1795. 

iv. William, b. March 26, 1798; m. Nov. 5, 1824, Mehitabel 

Casey who d. Oct.-, i860; d. April 18, 1866. 
v. Eliza, b. 1803; d. 1882; unm. 

19 1 4-] Bristol Notes. 23 I » 

4. Moses* Bristol, M.D., (EH, 4 Moses,* Eliphalet,' Henry 1 ), m. 
(1) 1817, Cornelia Norton Hopkins whod. 1823; m. (2) Oct. 28, 1824, 
Emily Woodruff. Lived at Buffalo when he d., Nov. 6, 1869. Was 
a graduate of Yale College and Yale Medical School, 1816. 

i. Edward," b. Oct. 27, 1825; lives at Brockport, N. Y. 
ii. Henry, b. April 25, 1829. 
iii. William, b. July 26, 183 1; lived at Buffalo. 

5. George" Bristol (Joel, 4 Moses," Eliphalet,' Henry 1 ), m. Oct. 
8, 1818, Sybil Hale who d. May 29, 1867; d. 1874; lived at Clinton. 

i. Ellen Maria," b. Aug. 31, 1820; m. April 17, 1843, Rev. 
Delus Gridley. 

ii. Nancy Piatt, b. July 5, 1823; d. 1824. 
iii. Henry Piatt, b. Nov. 26, 1825; m. Martha Fake, 
iv. George Hale, b. Jan. 19, 1830; d. 1830. 

v. Harriet Elizabeth, b. Jan. 19, 1831; d. 1850. 

vi. Cornelius North, b. Jan. r, 1837; m. James Skinner. 

Canaan, Columbia Co., and Genesee Co., N. Y., 'Branch. 

When the first U. S. Census was taken, in 1 790-1, there were 
living at Canaan, four cousins, all grandsons of Eliphalet' 
Bristol, Sr., viz.: Eliphalet 4 and Abel, 4 sons of Aaron, Sr.,' of 
Harwinton, Ct.; Benjamin, 4 son of Benjamin, Sr.," of Cheshire, 
North Haven, Woodbury, Waterbury, Ct., and Ft. Edward, N. Y.; 
and Ashur, 4 son of Eliphalet, Jr.,' of Woodbury; and several of 
their sons were already married, and also listed in the census. 

1. Eliphalet 4 Bristol (Aaron,' Eliphalet,' Henry 1 ), b. April 7, 
1 75 1, at New Haven, Ct.; m. Sarah, dau. of Ezekiel and Mindwell 
(Barber) Scoville of Harwinton, Ct., and settled at Canaan, 
where some of his descendants still live on the old homestead and 
possess the original Indian deeds. He enlisted in the Revolution, 
at Albany. Children: 

i. Sarah," b. Oct. 20, 1775; d. June 13, 1797; m. Jan. 1, 1795, 
Matthew, son of William* Warner, b. Sept. 7, 1766; 
d. July 9, 1841. 
ii. Huldah, b. May 30, 1778; d. June 13, 1870; m. May 1, 

1799, Matthew Warner, 
iii. Lydia, b. Sept. 22, 1780; d. Dec. 25, 1837; m. Feb. 18, 
1802, William Bacon, b. Dec. 25, 1778; d. Jan. 18, 1827. 
iv. Eliphalet, b. Jan. 5, 1784. 

v. Lovina, b. Sept. 12, 1789; d. Nov. 12, 1847; m. Nov. 12, 

1808; Isaac Lupton, son of Lupton' Warner, b. Dec. 

16, 1789; d. June 3, 1863. 

vi. Betsy, b. Sept. 14, 1794; d. Aug. 24, 1853; m. Oct. 10, 

1812, James Spier, b. March 30, 1790; d. April 20, 1853. 

Eliphalet* Bristol, Jr., (Eliphalet, 4 Aaron,' Eliphalet, 1 

Henry 1 ), m. (1) March 11, 1809, Lucy Crippen, b. Nov. 7, 1780; 

d. July 17, 1826; m. (2) July 16, 1827, Laura Crocker, b. Feb. 13, 

1794; d. Oct. 10, 1881. He lived at Canaan, and d. there, April 13, 

1869. Children: 

232 Bristol Notes. [July. 

i. Sarah,' b. May 7, 18 10; m. Daniei Spier, 
ii. Albert Gallatin, b. Jan. 6, 1812; m. Miranda Lockwood; 

settled at Avon, N. Y. 
iii. Benjamin Crippen, b. Sept.* 8, 1813; m. (1) Harriet P. 

Wood; m. (2) Mary Fuller Harmon, 
iv. Deborah, b. April 2, 1815; m. Isaac B., son of Isaac 

Lupton Warner, 
v. Lucy Ann, b. Jan. 23, 1817; m. James T. Lockwood. 
vi. Lydia Foster, b. Jan. 5, 1819; m. Eliphalet Stoutenburg. 
vii. Eliphalet Scoville, b. Dec. 1 2, 1821 ; m. Mary Ann Janes; 

lived at Kalamazoo, Mich, 
viii. Horace Crocker, b. Dec. 22, 1828; m. (1) Eveline Frank- 
lin; m. (2) Charlotte Mattoon. 
ix. Abel Ingersoll, b. Feb. 2, 1832; m. Catherine Wood 

Chart prepared by George W. Bristol of Grand Rapids, Mich.; New Haven 
Records ; Stiles' Gen. Scoville Articles in N. E. Hist. ; and Gen. Register and 
N. V. Gen. and Rio. Record. 

Abel* Bristol (Aaron,* Eliphalet, 5 Henry*), said to have been 
b. 1755, "at Canaan, Ct.," evidently lived with his father at 
Harwinton, Ct., until he m. Lois Norton of Goshen, and settled at 
Canaan. He served in the Revolution, enlisting at Albany, and 
later in the Columbia Co. Militia, in which he was appointed 
Lieutenant in 1793 and Captain in 1800. As he "resigned regu- 
larly " in 1800, this is probably the date of the settlement of this 
family in Lima, N. Y. He d. in Lima, May 11, 1827. Children: 
i. Lois,' b. Dec. 5, 1775; m. Jan. 24, 1796, at Canaan, 

William, son of William 4 Warner; settled at Lima, 
ii. Abel, 
iii. Norton, Cornet in the Ontario Co. Militia, 1802. 

Children: Miles, b. 1821; George S.; Levi N. 
iv. Miles, Cornet in Ontario Co. Militia, 1803. Probably 
the Miles Bristol who d. at Little Silver, near 
Vicksburg, Miss., 1865, whose estate was advertised 
and an unsuccessful attempt made to find his heirs. 
In 1880, (the late) Jonathan Bristol of Pittsfield, Mass., 
and (the late) John Bristol, of Cuba, N. Y., confusing 
him with Miles Bristol of the Newtown Branch, 
made a very successful attempt to trace the heirs of 
the latter, and so discovered their error. 

Information from George W. Bristol of Grand Rapids, Mich.; Council of 
Appoinfrnents ; N. Y. Seate Historian s Report; Stiles' (Mass.) Gen.; Letter 
from Miles Bristol (b. 1821). 

Ashur 4 Bristol (Eliphalet, 8 Eliphalet,' Henry 1 ) had land "set 
off " to him in Canaan. This seems to have been part in Chatham 
and part in Austerlitz (all once included Canaan) as per two 
identures made between two of his sons, Eliphalet and Ashur, 
when Eliphalet quitclaimed land in Chatham, in 1818, whereof 
Ashur Bristol died seized. This was recorded in 1832. In 1831, 
Ashur Bristol and Olive, his wife, sold the land "in Austerlitz" 
formerly owned by Ashur Bristol (deceased). This land wa s 

igi4-] Bristol Notes. 233 

bounded on the north by the highway leading from Hudson to 
Stockbridge and "next the land now in the possession of the 
widow of Israel Bristol." Children: k 

i. Eliphalet.* In 1818, he was living in Oxford, Chenango 

Co., N. Y. I 

ii. Ashur. In 1818, he was living in Oxford; in 1831, in 

Addington, Steuben Co., N. Y. 
iii. Israel, b. at Oxford, Ct., bap. at Derby; m. Anna Blinn; 
d. at Canaan. Children: Dillon, Libbeus, Croydon, 
Gilbert, Sophronia, Rosetta, Artemesia, Geraldine, » 
iv. Ruth, bap. May 9, 1773, at Derby. 
(See Oxford line to follow.) 

Oxford Church Records; Census J7QO; Columbia Co. Land Records; 
information from Mrs. Lane of Chatham. 

Benjamin' Bristol (Benjamin,* Eliphalet, 1 Henry 1 ), b. June 24, 

1750, at Cheshire or North Haven; m. Nov. 24, 1774, at Canaan, 

N. Y., Abigail, dau. of Lieut. William and Rebecca (Lupton) 

Warner of VVestfield, Ct.; b. Dec. 18, 1756. He served in the N. Y. 

Militia during the Revolution. He served under Arnqld in the 

Army of the North; fought at Stillwater and at Saratoga, Oct. 17, 

1777, when Bourgoyne surrendered. He was pensioned in Genesee 

Co., Nov. 15, 1833, aged 84. (See Ft. Edward Branch.) Children: 

i. William, 4 b. Aug. 19, 1775; at Canaan, N. Y. 

ii. Abigail, b. Aug. 18, 1777; d. Nov. 30, 1803. 

iii. Hannah, b. April 23, 1779; d. Jan. ir, 1837; m. Marcus 

iv. Richard, b. March 23, 1781. 
v. Charles, b. Aug. 26, 1783. 

vi. Josiah Warner, b. Sept. 13, 1785; d. July 4, 1786. 
vii. Josiah Warner, 2d, b. May 26, 1787. 
viii. Henry, b. May 6, 1789. 
ix. George, b. May 12, 1791. 
x. Chloe Warner, b. April 3, 1793; d. Oct. 11, 1832; m. 

William Follett. 
xi. Rebecca, b. July 9, 1797; d. 1872; m. Peter Viele. 
William 6 Bristol, Lieut, and Hon. (Benjamin, Jr., 4 Benjamin,* 
Eliphalet, 3 Henry 1 ), m. Martha, dau. of Frances and Mary (Cutting) 
Stevens of Lima, N. Y.; b. in Worcester, Mass., Sept. 1, 1785. He 
went from Canaan to what was then Batavia, now Gainesville, 
N. Y., in 1805, and helped to lay out that township. He was 
trustee of the Union Society, the charter name for the Presbyterian 
Church of Warsaw, in 1812; and when the second Congregational 
Church of Gainesville was formed, Mr. Bristol donated the site 
and contributed one-eighth of the church. He also donated the 
land for the cemetery, and gave the site for the school house in 
District No. 9. He was Justice of the Peace in 1809 and 1811; 
served in the War of 181 2 as Lieut, in Capt. Isaac Wilson's Co.; 
was elected the first Supervisor of Gainesville in 1814, 1816-1819 
-182 1, and in 1823 he represented Genesee Co. in the Assembly. 

234 Bristol Notes. [July, 

i. Francis Stevens, b. March 22, 1808; m. April 5, 1832, 

Merah Stone; d. July 25, 1845, in Warsaw, 
ii. Benjamin F., b. June 17, 181^; m. March 4, 1735, 

Margaret A. Davis; d. in Gainesville, 
iii. Mary Stevens, b. March 30, 18 13; m* April 7, 1831; John 

W. Lawrence; d. Sept. 1, 1*876. 
iv. Lamira, m. Nov. 19, 1834, George Harrington; d. 1848. 
v. William, b. May 7, 1821; m. (1) Jan. 12, 1843, Adelia M. 

Lockwood who d. Nov. 2, 1855, aged 34; m. (2) Jan. 

8, 1857, Martha J. Jewett. 
vi. Laura, b. March 3, 1824; m. Dec. 7, 1843, Corydon 

Doolittle; d. April 19, 1851. 
Hist. Warsaw, N. Y. ; Columbia Co. Records. 

Richard* Bristol (Benjamin, 4 Benjamin,* Eliphalet, 1 Henry*), 
m. (1) Lucy Egerton; d. Aug. 1876. Children: 
i. George. 

ii. Fannie, m. Edson. 

iii. Hannah, m. John Bowman, 
iv. Homer, 
v. Henry, 
vi. Richard. 

Charles* Bristol (Benjamin,* Benjamin,' Eliphalet,' Henry'), 
m. Lucy Perry Ball, a relative of Commodore Perry; and moved 
to Gainesville, N. Y.. about 1806. Children: 
i. Alexander Ray. 

ii. Charles Leroy,* b. Jan. 8, 1812; d. May 18, 1870; m. 
Mary Ann Brevoort of Detroit, Mich., only dau. of 
Commodore Henry Bergan Brevoort, b. Jan. 13, 1775; 
d. Jan. 30, 1858; children of this marriage were: 

Henry, d. in infancy. Col. Henry B., U. S. A., b. ; 

d. . Alexander MaComb, b. March 22, 1840; d. 

Jan. 18, 1866. John Isaac Devoe, b. March 16, 1845; 
living in New York. Catharine Navarre, b. Aug. 28, 
1846; d. March 15, 1873. Mary F., m. Louis Barr, 
Captain U. S. Army, deceased. Elias Leroy Macomb, 
M. D., at Ann Arbor, Mich, 
iii. Dewitt. 
iv. Fayette. 
By second wife, Hannah Parsons.: 
v. John, 
vi. George. 

vii. Harriette, m. Tom Barrett, 
viii. Olive, d. aged 20. 

Josiah Warner* Bristol (Benjamin,* Benjamin,' Eliphalet,' 
Henry 1 ), m. Jan. 16, 1816, at Wethersfield, Ct., Mary Goodrich; d. 
Feb. 16, 1865. Children: 

i. Frances, b. Dec. 19, 1816, at Wethersfield; m. 

Carpenter of Fredonia, N. Y. 
ii. Hannah Treat, b. April 24, 1823, at Wethersfield; m. 

Sprague; d. at Red Wing, Minn. 

I9I4-] Bristol Notes. 235 

iv. Martha, bap. Dec. 28, 1825; d. young, 
v. Thomas Warner, b. March 3, 1820, at Wethersfield; 
lived and d. in Dunkirk, N. Y. 
George' Bristol (Benjamin/ Benjamin,* FJliphalet,' Henry 1 ), 
m. Feb. 16, i8i4,Alice Hutchinson; d. aged 94. Children: William, 
Henry, Wheeler, Maria, Kate, Fannie, Abigail, Isabelle, Lucy, 
Jane, Helen. 

Manuscript prepared by Mrs. Laura Bristol Robinson of Warsaw, N. Y., 
Hist. Warsaw ; N. V. Rev. Prisoners ; Census ijgo ; Hist. Ancient Wethersfield, 
Ct. ; information by John I. D. Bristol, New York City; N. E. Hist, and Gen. 

Ft. Edward, N. Y., Branch. 
Benjamin* Bristol (Eliphalet,' Henry'), m. March 19, 1745-6, 
Thankful Trowbridge. Lived at Waterbury and Woodbury, Ct., 
and Ft. Edward. Children: 

i. Mabel,* b. Nov. 11, 1747; m. Jonathan Royce of 

ii. Benjamin, b. June 24, 1750; m. Abigail Warner of 
Canaan, Ct., and Canaan, N. Y. f and lived at Canaan 
and Lima, N. Y. (See Canaan Branch.) 
iii. Silas; descendants still living at Ft. Edward; a juror at 

Ft. Edward, 1798. 
iv. Amos; a juror at Ft. Edward, 1796. 
v. William; b. 1760; a juror at Ft. Edward, 1796. 
Amos, son of Benjamin, m. Lois, dau. of Reuben Stevens, of 
Canaan, Ct., and moved about 1822, to Cayuga Co., N. Y. Children: 

Sally Ann; Lois; Abigail, d. unm.; Louisa, m. Baring; 

Nancy, m. Solomon Stewart ; James ; Amos ; John ; George ; 
Charles Dyer. 

William, b. 1760, son of Benjamin, had: Asa, b. Feb. 22, 1794; 
Benjamin; William; Lyman; Charles and Daniel; all b. at Ft. 

Meredith, Delaware Co., N. Y., Branch. 
Capt. Amos* Bristol (Nathan, 4 Sergt. Bezaleel,* Samuel,' 
Henry 1 ), b. Jan. 20, 1759, at Norwalk, Ct.; d. Dec. 8, 1848; lived at 
Cornwall, Litchfield Co., Ct. (1790 census), and was one of the first 
settlers of Meredith. He m. Jerusha, dau. of David and Jerusha 
Pratt of Guilford, Ct., b. 1759, and d. at Meredith, May 5, 1841. 

i. Richard,* b. Jan. 20, 1795, at Meredith; m. (1) July 10, 
1817, Sylvania Thompson, b. at Franklin, N.Y., Feb. 3, 
1798; d. April 28, 1831; m. (2) Dec. 19, 1831, Nancy 
Moon, who d. June 16, 185 1. He d. Dec. 1858. 

1. Lucinda 7 Candace, b. March 30, 1818; m. Asahel 


2. Amos Clark, b. Oct. 19, 1820; m. (1) Almira 

Beers; (2) Ann D. Garrison, Feb. 7, 1854. 

3. Arabella J., b. Jan. 15, 1822; m. Peter Morenus. 

4. Adeline M., b. Dec. 10, 1824; d. 1850. 

5. Martin H., b. July 10, 1827; d. 1856. 

236 Bristol Notes. [July^ 

6. Mary C, b. Aug. 20, 1829; m. Levi Cummings. 

7. Richard K , b. Sept. 21, 1832; d. 1851. 

8. William M., b. Nov. i$, 1833; d. young in 


9. Helen C, b. Dec. 23,* 1839; m. Lioniel Covey. 
10. Sylvia S., b. Nov. 23, 1843; m. William Kerr. 

From Richard Bristol's Bible. 
ii. Franklin, 8 b. Aug. 29, 1799; m. Marina Reed Strong, b. 
July 2, 1802; lived in Sylvania, Pa. Children, all born 
in Meredith: 

1. James F., T b. Dec. 2, 1828; m. Melissa Ripley. 

2. Daniel H., b. March 26, 1 831; m. Cynthia Benson 

3. Sylvester M., b. Aug. 1, 1833; m. Jane A. Thayer 

4. Mary M., b. Aug. 18, 1836; m. S. L. Richardson 

5. Julia M., b. Sept. 25, 1840; m. Charles J. Ripley 

6. Florence A., b. March 25, 1847 ; m. Ira J 

iii. Nathan,' lived at Meredith and Ithaca, N. Y. Children 

1. Harriett. 2. Henrietta. 3 Lucy. 4. Charles. 

iv. John, m. Lydia Saunders of Treadwell; and moved to 
Pennsylvania. Children: 1. John of Walton, N. Y. 

2. Lyman. 3. Jerusha. 4. Melissa. 5. David. 
Richard Bristol's Bible, and information collected by Mrs. Alton Potter of 

Franklin, N. Y. 


Abner* Bristol (Stephen,' Eliphalet, 3 Henry'), b. March 8, 
1738, at New Haven, Ct.; d. April 21, 1790; m. in New Haven, 
Emma Dorchester, b. March 20, 1752; who d. in New Haven, Sept. 
23, 1833. Children: 

i. Thaddeus, 5 b. March 24, 1775; d. . 

ii. Huldah, b. April 24, 1777. 
iii. Eunice, b. April 24, 1777; d. at Delta, N. Y., 1866; m. 


iv. Benjamin, b. Dec. 5, 1780. 
v. Abner, b. Sept. 9, 1782. 
vi. Thaddeus, b. Sept. 12, 1784. 
vii. Stephen, b. Feb. 25, 1787. 

viii. Abigail, b. Dec. 30, 1789; d. Jan. 1, 1862; m. Sherman. 

Abner Bristol lived in Hillsdale, and died there, Aug. 11, 1867. 

i. John Bunyan, the noted artist, 
ii. Stephen, 
iii. Susan. 
Thaddeus Bristol, m. March 4, 1807, Chloe Wooding, b. July 30, 
1789, at Bethany, Ct.; d. April 15, 1854. He d. Dec. 14, 1867, at 
Harwinton, Ct. Children: 

i. Harriet, b. April 6, 1809, at Bethany, Ct.; m. Ambrose 

ii. Lydia, b. Jan. 4, 181 1, at Watertown, Ct.; m. Sylvester 

i 9 i 4 .] Bristol Notes. 2^7 

iii. Emeline, b.June 7, 1812, at Pittsfield; m. Horace Stone, 
iv. Betsy, b. Dec. 4, 1813, at Pittsfield; m. Joseph Fenn. 
v. Thaddeus, Jr., b. June 12, 1819; m. (1) Eliza, dau. of 

George Stone; (2) Clarissa B. Love joy. 
vi. Delos, b. Dec. 6, 1824; m. Harriet Davis. 
vii. Noice, b. April 28, 1827; m. Addie Miller, 
viii. Benjamin Abner, b. July 6, 1829; m. Phcebe Fenn. 
ix. Silas Edwin, b. June 1, 1831; m. Helen Waltz. 
x. Adaliza Amanda, b. Feb. 16, 1833. 
xi. Eunice A., b. Feb. 4, 1837; m. Hiram Simons. 
Stephen Bristol, m. March 28, 1820, at Hillsdale, Cynthia Coy, 
b. July 6, 1791, at Middletown, Ct.; d. at Hillsdale, Feb. 25, 1874. 

i. George Dorchester, b. April 3, 182 1, at Hillsdale; was 

a merchant of Troy, N. Y. 
ii. Flavia, b. June 27, 1824; carried on the business after 

her brother's death, 
iii. Jane, b. June 13, 1827; m. Ephraim Leach, 
v. Stephen Sherman, b. June 20, 1829; m. Isabella Butter- 
Records from Bible in possession of Miss Flavia Bristol at Hillsdale. 

Great Barrington, Mass., Branch. 
David 4 Bristol (Stephen, 5 Eliphalety' Henry 1 ), b. June 13 
1742; m. Mabel, dau. of Charles Thomas. Children: 
i. Mabel/ b. Aug. 10, 1763. 

ii. Ichabod, b. Sept. 20, 1766; d. . 

iii. David, b. Aug. 10, 1767; d. Nov. 15, 1816; m. Mary 

Prindle, b. Sept. 26, 1769, who died in Ohio, 1842. 

Children: David, Jr.; Maria; Ira; Elijah and Silas. 

iv. Willard, b. March 1, 1770: m. at North Haven, June 22, 

1793, Betsy Ward. He d. at Sharon, Ct., Jan. 28, 
1844, and she d: March 10, 185 1, aged 81. Alexis, 
child of Willard and Betsy, bap. at Christ Church, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., June 11, 1805. 

v. Merit, b. Aug. 8, 1772; d. Oct. 5, 1865, at Gt. Barrington; 
m. Elizabeth Prindle, who d. June 5, 1858, aged 83 
years and 9 mos. Children: 1. Willis, b. Sept. 2, 

1794, d. Oct. 23, 1834; 2. Thomas, b. Feb. 2, 1796; 
3. William, b. 1809; d. 1830; 4. Merritt A.; m. (1) 
Laura, dau. of Christopher and Margaret (Perry) 
French of Attleboro, and Rehoboth, and West Stock- 
bridge, Mass. (She wasb. 1816; and d. 1858.); m. (2) 
Sally (Seely) widow of his cousin Egbert Prindle 
Tobey. His children: Henry A.; Mary; Carrie; 
were all by his first wife. 5. Miranda, bap. at Christ 
Church, Poughkeepsie, Nov. 26, 1804; m. Elisha 
Barnes of W. Stockbridge. 

vi. Dinah, b. Dec. 4, 1774; d. Oct. 16, 1776. 

vii. Charles, b. Feb. 15, 1776; d. March 3, 1812. 

viii. Ichabod, b. Sept. 4, 1778. 

ix. Thomas, b. Oct. 1, 1780; d. Oct. 1, 1781. 


238 Bristol Notes. (July, 

••':' x. Polly, b. Dec. 13, 1781; d. Aug. 16, 1785. 
• xi. Samuel Thomas, b. Oct. 3, 1782; d. at Sharon, Ct., Sept. 
6, 1865, aged 83 yrs. and 11 mo*. Tamma, his wife, 
d. Sept. 12, 1865, aged 74 ( yrs. and 11 mos. Phoebe 
M., their dau. d. Jan. 28, 1840, aged 4 yrs.; Tamma, 
b. July 11, 1849; d. 1895; Julon E., b. May 19, 1821; 
d. Dec. 20, 1891. 
xii. Dinah, b. May 23, 1785. 
Records from David Bristol's Bible in possession of Merritt A. Bristol's 
daughters; Prindle Gen.,- Early Ct., Marriages; Hist. Sharon, Ct.; Mss. 
Records of Christ Church, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; Gen. Soc. Library; Gt. 
Barrington Vital Records ; W. Stockbridge Vital Records ; Tobey Gen. 

Brookfield, Ct., Branch. 
Israel 4 Bristol (Aaron,' Eliphalet, 2 Henry 1 ), b. Sept. 3, 1745; 
m. Phoebe Olmsted, b. 1742; and settled at Brookfield, where^he d. 

Sept. 4, 1796. His wife was b. at and d. Sept. 3, 1828. Child: 

John* Bristol, b. June 27, 1771; m. Anna, dau. of William and 
Mindwell (Wildman) Bradshaw of New Milford, Ct.; b. Dec. 16, 
1773. He d. at Brookfield, Aug. 14, 1827. Children: 
i. Darius, 8 b. June 14, 1793. 
ii. Eliud; b. Oct. 28, 1794. 

iii. William; only son, Isaac B. (Hon.) of New Milford. 
iv. Israel, d. at New Milford, Ct., July 23, 1829. aged 32; 

m. Josephine . Children: Caroline and Henry. 

v. Thomas Parsons, m. Concurrence ; lived at New 

vi. Betsy. 

vii. Phoebe Mindwell, b. Dec. 24, 1809; m. Oct. 7, 1827, Allen 

Randall of Bridgewater. Children: Mary E., b. 

1832;. m. P. T. Bartram; d. 1854; Susan J., b. Sept. 13, 

1838; m. John F. Bennett. 

Darius' Bristol (John/ Israel, 4 Aaron, 8 Eliphalet,' Henry 1 ), 

m. (1) Annis Barnum; (2) Zena Keeler. Served in War of 181 2. 

Child by second wife: 

i. Robert B. R., 7 b. April 15, 1823; d. March 28, 1907; m. 
Phoebe Osborn, b. March 22, 1823; d. March 22, 1905; 
lived at Brookfield. Children: Darius and Mary. 
Eliud 8 Bristol (John, 8 Israel, 4 Aaron, 8 Eliphalet, 1 Henry 1 ), m. 
Mary Ann, dau. of Rufus Sherman of Brookfield, b. April 28, 1800; 
d. Aug. 3, 1864; lived at Brookfield. Children: 
i. Darius S., 7 b. May 12, 1820; d. 1892. 
ii. John H., b. May 26, 1822; d. March 6, 1913, at New 

iii. Lucy A., b. Oct. 3, 2825; d. May 6, 1905. 
iv. Ruth A., b. Jan. 20, 1831; d. 1856. 
v. Grace N., b. March 4, 1834; m. Henry Buckingham, 
vi. Frederick Eliud, b. Nov. 4, 1839; m. (1) Imogene 
Pulver; m. (2) Mary DeMartine. 
Israel* Bristol's Bible in possession of Mrs. Darius Bristol of Marbledale, 
Ct.; New England Hist. Information from Mrs. Grace Buckingham. 

( To be continued.) 


See Pedigree No. 12, Vol. 42 pages 213-214, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 

I0J4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 239 

By John R. Totten, 

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and New England 

Historic-Genealogical Society. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV., p. 160, of the Record.) 

+ 1332 iii. Anna Savage, 8 born May 22nd, 1823; died 
April 19th, 186 1 ; married Dr. Joseph Brown 

+ 1333 iv. George 8 (or George Henry), born May 23rd, 
1825; died ; married, first, to Caroline Ma- 
tilda Livingston ; married, second, to Elizabeth 
, a widow with one daughter. 

1334 v. Amelia Hepsibah, 8 born November 30th, 1826; 

died May 15th, 1899, at Ayer, Mass.; not mar- 

1335 vi. James Francis, 8 born September 26th, 1828; died 

December 29th, 1831, at Saco, Maine, and was 
probably buried there; a child of George 7 
Thacher, Jr., died at Saco, Maine, December 
29th, 1 83 1, according to Saco published Vital 
Records, and it is assumed by me that it was 
this child, No. 1335, as all the others were alive 
at that time. 

George 7 Thacher was partly fitted for college by Joseph Adams 
(H. C., 1805), who was a private tutor in his father's family (I 
imagine he was the same Joseph Adams who married George 7 
Thacher's sister, see Record No. 772) ; he completed his prepara- 
tory studies at Gorham, Maine, Academy under the instruction of 
Rev. Reuben Nason (H. C., 1802). He studied law with Hon. 
Cyrus King of Saco, Maine, and began practice in that place in 
181 5, where he continued until 1835. For five (5) years he was 
senior partner in the law firm of Gov. Fairchild and for several 
years he was Registrar of Probate of York Co., Maine. In 1835 
he left Saco for Monroe, Maine, where he remained until 1841, 
where he was appointed by President Tyler, Collector of the Port 
of Belfast, Maine, and removed to that place. After the expira- 
tion of his commission he returned to Monroe, where he resumed 
the practice of his profession and remained there until 1853, when 
he removed to Westford, Mass. Mr. Thacher was a gentleman of 
most pleasing address and distinguished for his generous qualities. 
He had a deep sense of the importance of truth and justice, and 
discharged every duty with conscientious integrity. Believing the 
truth and importance of Christian religion, he was a firm supporter 
of public worship, a communicant and constant attendant in the 
ordinances of the gospel. ... 

2 4° Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 51, 66. 
Necrology of Harvard Graduates, by Palmer, pp. 124-5. 
Groton, Mass., Historical Series, No. Ill, p. 333. 

First Book of Records Pepperallborough (Now Saco), Maine, op 4? 
79, 236. \ vv **' 

Lawrence Park, of Groton, Mass. Savage genealogist. 

774. Lucy Savage 7 Thacher (Hon. George, 9 Lieut. Peter, 5 Hon. 
Peter, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at 
Biddeford, Maine, May 25th, 1792; died at Saco, Maine, Au- 
gust 30th, 1820, and was probably buried there. I have no 

record of her gravestone. She married at (Saco, Maine, 

probably), October 16th, 181 5 (intention published Saco, Sep- 
tember 30th, 1815), to Col. Abner Sawyer, Jr., born at Saco, 
Maine, September 20th, 1784; he lived at Saco, Maine, and 
died there, presumably, September 27th, 1829, aged 45, and 
was buried there; I have no record of his gravestone. He 

was a son of Abner Sawyer (born ; died ; married 

), and Mary , his wife (born ; died ), of 

Saco, Maine. 

Children: 3 (Sawyer), 1 son and 2 daughters, all probably 
born at Saco, Maine. 

133 6 i- (Son), 8 born August 19th (or 20th), 1816; 

died at Saco, Maine, September 2nd, 1816, aged 
13 or 14 days. 

1337 ii. Sarah Gray, 8 born , 1818; died March 26th, 

1850, aged 32, at West Newton, Mass., at the 
home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. 
Charles Tyler Savage, with whom she lived the 
last 25 years of her life. She was at one time 
engaged to be married to John Holmes, brother 
of Oliver Wendell Holmes. 

1338 iii. Catharine Lucy, 8 born July — , 1820; died Jan- 

uary 16th, 1821, aged 6 months, at Saco, Maine. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 51. 

First Book of Records, Saco, Maine, pp. 40, 124, 223, 226. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 102. 
Josephine Van Antwerp Newland, Washington, D. C. 

775. Henry Savage 7 Thacher (Hon. George, 8 Lieut. Peter, 6 Hon. 
Peter, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Bid- 
deford, Maine, June 25th, 1794 ; he lived successively at Bid- 
deford, Maine; Saco, Maine; Concord, N. H. (in part known 
as Christian Shore) ; Northfield, Mass., and Portsmouth, 
N. H. He was a bank cashier in Saco, 1825-1831, and in 
York Bank, 1831-1849, He died at Portsmouth, N. H., May 
25th, 1866, and was buried there. He married at Portsmouth, 
N. H., September 26th, 1822, to Elizabeth Haven Wardrobe, 

■..•■ born Portsmouth, N. H., April 8th, 1799; die d there March 
nth, 1879, an< l was buried there. She was a daughter of 

19 1 4.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 24 1 

Captain John Wardrobe (born , at Edinburgh, Scot- 
land; died October 29th, 1804, at Portsmouth, N. H.; mar- 
ried December 13th, 1790), and his wife, Ann Neverson 

Wentworth (born ; baptized April 17th, 1768; died 

), of Portsmouth, N. H. a 

Children: 9 (Thacher), 6 sons and 3 daughters, all bora at 

Biddeford, or Saco, Maine. 

+ 1339 i. Eleanor Wardrobe, 8 born July 29th, 1823; died 

May 21st, 1891 ; married Charles Alanson 

+ 1340 ii. Joseph Haven, 8 born February 10th, 1825; died 

January 5th, 1892; married Anna Maria Tomp- 

-f-1341 iii. Henry Savage, 8 born December nth, 1826; 

died November 16th, 1898; married Sarah 

Drown Eastman. 
4-1342 iv. John Wardrobe, 8 born November 4th, 1829; 

died ; married Margaret Anna Locke. 

1343 v. Walter Irvine, 1st, 8 (or Irving), born January 

2nd, 1832; died June (or January) — , 1832, at 
Biddeford, Maine, where he was buried ; re- 
mains subsequently removed to Concord, N. H. 

1344 vi. Nathan Parker, 8 born December 17th, 1833; 

died December nth, 1867, at Portsmouth, 
N. H., and was buried there. He was a drug- 
gist in Portsmouth; not married. 
4-1345 vii. Ann Wentworth, 8 born August 9th, 1835; died 
July 15th, 1892; married William Henry 8 Sav- 
age (No. 1352), her first cousin, as his first 

1346 viii. Emily Irvine 8 (or Irving), born October 16th, 

• 1837; died September — , 1838, at Biddeford, 
and was buried there; remains subsequently re- 
moved to Concord, N. H. 

1347 ix. Walter Irvine, 8 2nd (or Irving), born July 27th, 

1839; died December 8th, 1882, at Wakefield, 

Mass. He lived at Boston, Mass., and was a 

"bookmaker." He was buried at Portsmouth, 

N. H. ; not married. 

Henry Savage 7 Thacher, like his father, Hon. George* 

Thacher, was very much interested in the genealogy of his family 

and did much to collect additional information on the subject. For 

a time he lived in East Concord, N. H., in that part of the town 

known as "Christian Shore." 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 66-67. 
Wenttvorth Genealogy, Vol. I, pp. 510-11. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 101, 104. 
John Wardrobe Thacher, his son. 

Louise Thacher (Newcastle, N. H.), his grand-daughter. 
Lawrence Park, Esq., Groton, Mass. 


242 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July, 

776. Lewis 7 Thacher (Hon. George, 8 Lieut. Peter, 5 Hon. Peter, 4 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Biddeford, 
Maine (probably), January 16th, 1796; he was said to have 
been a sea captain and to have lived at Babylon, L. I.; died 
, 1830, at ; married , at , to Mary Good- 
rich, "a New York lady," born , at -* — ; died , at 

. Her parentage has not been discovered by me. 

Children: 4 (Thacher), 2 sons and 2 daughters, place of 
birth unknown. 

1348 i. Mary Anna, 8 born ; died - . 

+ 1349 ii. Catherine De Wolfe, 8 born August "22nd, 1825; 

died ; married Benjamin T Jones, of 

New York City and Williamsburgh. N. Y. 

1350 iii. Leonard, 8 born ; died . 

1 35 1 iv. Lewis, 8 born ; died . 

I have been singularly unsuccessful in obtaining a complete 
and satisfactory record of the above Lewis 7 Thacher and his 
descendants. Under date of January 4th, 1905, Mrs. Lucy Savage 
(Thacher) Van Antwerp wrote me that on that date the children, 
Nos. 1348, 1350 and 1351 were dead and had been dead for some 
time, but could give no dates or information as to whether they 
had married or not. She stated that about 1865 she remembers 
that No. 1349, Catherine De Wolfe 8 (Thacher) Jones, came to her 
house in Schenectady, N. Y., with a child, a daughter about 10 or 
12 years of age. She had no further recollections of her and knew 
of the post office address of none of her descendants. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 67. 

Mrs. Lucy Savage (Thacher) Van Antwerp, of Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. Rebecca Winslow (Thacher) Hall, of Portland, Maine. 

yyy. Anna Lewis 7 Thacher (Hon. George, 6 Lieut. Peter, 8 Hon. 
Peter, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Saco, 
Maine, December 24th, 1797 ; died at Harvard, Worcester Co., 
Mass., November 15th, 1884; she married, September 20th, 
182 1, at Newburyport, Mass., to Captain Charles Tyler Savage, 
her own first cousin, born South Berwick, Maine, March 15th, 
1797; he lived at South Berwick, Maine, in early life and in 
1812 removed to Salem, Mass., and to Harvard,- Mass., after 
1855. In early life he was a Master Mariner and subsequently 
a merchant. He died at Harvard, Mass., November 5th, 
1879, an d was buried there. He was a son of Captain Joseph 
Savage (born Boston, Mass., June 13th (or 14th), 1756; 
died Berwick, Maine, January 20th, 1814; married December 
1 6th, 1793, at Berwick, Maine), and his second wife, Cath- 
arine Hubbard (born Hamilton, Mass., November 13th, 1767; 
died Salem, Mass., February 6th, 1847 \ daughter of John and 
Sarah (Woodbury) Hubbard, of Berwick, Maine), of Ber- 
wick, Maine. Captain Charles Tyler Savage was a brother 
of Jane Cooper De Metris Savage, who married Samuel Phil- 

I9T4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 243 

lips Savage 7 Thacher, No. 771. His father, Captain Joseph 

Savage, was a brother of Sarah Savage, who married Hon. 

George 6 Thacher, No. 235. 

Children: 2 (Savage), sons, both born at Weston, Mass. 

+ 1352 i. William Henry, 8 born November 22nd, 1831 ; 

died ; married, 1st, Ann Wenjtworth 8 

Thacher, No. 1345; married, 2nd, Martha Ase- 
nath (Wright) Fletcher, widow of Sampson 
1353 ii. James Dabney, 8 born September 14th, 1833 (or 

1835); died . 

In 1904, William Henry 8 Savage stated that his brother, James 
Dabney 8 Savage, "left home about 40 years ago [hence about 1864], 
for San Francisco, and that he heard from, him a few times there- 
after, but had not heard from him in 1904 for some 40 years. In 
191 3 Lawrence Park informs me that James Dabney 8 Savage in 
1849 attended a private school at Medfield, Mass. In 1853 he 
sailed for San Francisco and was not heard of after 1866. 

Captain Joseph Savage (father of Charles Tyler Savage), was 
a Captain of Artillery in the Revolutionary War and was a member 
of the Society of the Cincinnati, which honor was inherited 
by his son, Charles Tyler Savage, and again subsequently inherited 
by his son, William Henry 8 Savage, No. 1352. Captain Charles 
Tyler Savage went to sea at the early age of 12 years. At 21 years 
of age he commanded a ship. All the education he ever got was 
at sea during his leisure hours; he was a self-made man. At 40 
years of age he retired from the sea and subsequently went into 
various kinds of business, and finally, in 1855, he bought a small 
farm in Harvard, Mass., where he died, November 5th, 1879. He 
was admitted a member of Essex Lodge of Freemasons at Salem, 
Mass., on March 15th, 1820. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 52. 
His son, William Henry 8 Thacher, of Harvard, Mass. 
Lawrence Park, of Groton, Mass. 
Essex Institute Hist. Col., Vol. Ill, p. 215. 
N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., Vol. 68, pp. 30-31. 

778. Josiah 7 Thacher (Hon. George, 6 Lieut. Peter, 8 Hon. Peter, 4 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Biddeford, 
Maine, July 30th, 1799 (or 1800) ; he lived at Biddeford, 
Maine, where he was a farmer, and died there January 25th, 
1836, and was buried there. He married , intention pub- 
lished at Biddeford, Maine, September 16th, 1820, at 

(Biddleford, probably), to Jane Scammon, born Saco, Me., 
March 29th, 1802; died at Portland, Maine, April 17th, 1897, 
and was buried at Biddeford, Maine. She was a daughter 

of Nathaniel 4 Scammon (born ; died (before his 

wife); married ), and his wife, Dorcas Perkins (born 

; died a widow, January 8th, 1818), of Saco and (per- 
haps), Gorham, Maine. 

244 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July 

Children: 6 (Thacher), i son and 5 daughters, all born at 
Biddeford, Maine. 

1354 i. Rebecca Winslow, 1st, 8 born ; died , 

young, at Biddeford* and was buried there. 

1355 "• Josiah, 8 born April 23rd, 1823; died , aged 

about 8 years, at Biddeford, and was buried 

+ 1356 iii. Rebecca Winslow, 2nd, 8 born October 24th, 

1825 ; died ; married George Hall. 

+ 1357 iv. Angela," born June 22nd, 1828; died at Port- 
land, Maine, March 4th, 1910; married Charles 

Frederick Blaisdell. 
+ I 358 v. Lucy Savage, 8 born June 4th, 183 1 ; died ; 

married George Ferdinand Emery. 
+ T 359 V1 - Martha Buckminster, 8 born February 8th, 1833; 

died ; married Charles Osgood Murphy. 

Authorities : 
First Book of Records of Saco, Me., p. 137, 224. 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 52, 67. 
Lawrence Park, Esq., of Groton, Mass. 
Mrs. George Hall, of 82 Chestnut Street, Portland, Me., his daughter. 

780. Elizabeth Jones 7 Thacher (Hon. George, 6 Lieut. Peter, 1 
Hon. Peter, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born 
at Biddeford, Maine, February 25th, 1806; died at Akron, 
Ohio, September 23rd, 1880, and was buried there in Glen 
Dale Cemetery. She married, August 6th, 1827, at Bidde- 
ford, Maine, or John Tarbox Balch, born October 13th, 1799, 
at Newburyport, Mass. ; he lived at Newburyport, Mass. ; New 
York City, and Akron, Ohio, and was a merchant; he died 
at Akron, Ohio, February 24th, 1847, an d was buried there 
in Glen Dale Cemetery. He was a son of Daniel Balch 
(born Newburyport, Mass., March 1st, 1761 ; died there Octo- 
ber 13th, 1835; married, December 2nd, 1798), and his second 

wife, Martha Tarbox (born ; died August 16th, 1802), 

of Newburyport, Mass. 

Children: 5 (Balch), 3 sons and 2 daughters. 

+ 1360 i. George Thacher, 8 born October 2nd, 1828; died 
April 15th, 1894; married Harriet Delafield 

4-1361 ii. Theodoric Augustus, 8 born January 16th, 1832; 
died December 22nd, 1901 ; married Ann Eliza- 
beth Gale. 

+ 1362 iii. Daniel Webster, 8 born November 14th, 1834; 
died July 3rd, 1905; married Nellie Drusilla 

+ 1363 iv. Elizabeth Thacher, 8 born December 27th, 1837; 
died March 21st, 1914, at Montclair, N. J., and 
was buried at Akron, Ohio; married Gilbert 
Saltonstall Carpenter. 

19 1 4-1 Thac her- Thatcher Genealogy. 245 

1364 v. Laura Otis, 8 born September 23rd, 1845, at 
Akron, Ohio; died October 9th, 1903, at Pasa- 
dena, Cal., and was buried at Akron, Ohio. She 
lived successively at Akron and Youngstown, 
Ohio, and at Pasadena, Cal. ; not married. 
Hon. George Thacher's Manuscript Thacher Genealogy, p. 118, 
gives the name of the second child, No. 1361, as John Theodoric, 
which is incorrect; it is as given above. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 52. 
Mrs. G. S. Carpenter, Montclair, N. Jf., her daughter. 
Essex Antiquities, Vol. VI, p. 13. 

784. Thomas 7 Thacher (Col. Thomas, 6 Lieut. Peter, 5 Hon. Peter,* 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Yarmouth, 
Mass., January 25th, 1795 ; he lived successively at Yarmouth, 
Boston and Roxbury, Mass. ; he owned covenant and was 
baptized at Brattle Street Church, Boston, April 25th, 1830. 
He was a cotton merchant and was connected with the Fulton 
Iron Foundry, and President of the Cheshire R. R., and of 
the Rutland and Burlington R. R. He died at Roxbury, 
Mass., March 3rd (or nth), 1863, and was buried at Mt. 
Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. He was married at 
Boston, Mass. (by the Rev. John C. Palfrey, of Brattle Street 
Church), December 15th, 1822, to Caroline Billings, born at 
Boston, Mass., July 25th, 1805 ; died at Roxbury, Mass., March 
20th, 1877, and was buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. She was a daughter of Samuel and Hester 
(Gill) Billings, of Boston, Mass., who were married at Boston, 
Mass., June 28th, 1800. 

Children: 6 (Thacher), 3 sons and 3 daughters, all born at 
Boston, Mass. 
-(-1365 i. Thomas, 8 born January 18th (or 8th), 1824; 

died December nth, 1869; married Maritta 

Borden Crooker. 

1366 ii. Samuel Billings, 8 born April 19th, 1828; died 

March 23rd, 1829, at Boston, and was buried at 
Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. 

1367 iii. Mary Anner, 8 born January 30th, 1830; died 

October 15th (or 16th), 1838, at Boston, and 
was buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 
+ 1368 iv. Hester Billings (or Gill), 8 born October 15th, 
1831 ; died October 22nd (or 25th), 1853; mar- 
ried William Amidown Beecher as his first wife. 
1369 v. Caroline Billings, 8 born November 5th, 1833; 
baptized at Brattle Street Church, Boston, No- 
vember 15th, 1834; died at Roxbury, Mass., 
March 24th, 1907, and was buried at Mt. Au- 
burn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass; not married. 

246 Thacher-Thatcher Centalogy. IJuly 

-I-1370 vi. William Gill, 8 born July 28th, 1846; died Sep- 
tember 23rd, 1883; married Elizabeth Ames 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 67. * 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 105. 
Elizabeth M. Thacher, of No. 33 Percival Street, Dorchester, Mass. 
Boston Record Commissioners' Reports, Vol. 30, p. 474. 

785. George Churchill 7 Thacher (Col. Thomas, 8 Lieut. Peter, 8 
Hon. Peter, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born 
at Yarmouth, Mass., December 30th, 1796; he lived at Yar- 
mouth, Boston and Dorchester, Mass.; he was the manager 
of the Fulton Iron Foundry Co., of Boston, Mass., and died 
at his home in Dorchester, Mass., October 21st, 1856, and 
was buried there in North Burial-ground. He married at 
Oakham, Mass., June 16th, 1825 ; intention published at Oak- 
ham, June 5th, 1825, to Maria Willis Howard, born at Bridge- 
water, Mass., May 31st, 1801, and at time of her marriage 
was living at Oakham, Mass. ; died at Dorchester, Mass., Jan- 
uary 13th, 1880, and was buried there in North Burial-ground. 
She was a daughter of Martin Howard (born May 27th, 

1767; died ; married , 1793, son of Col. Edward 

Howard and his wife, Vashti Willis (born , 1793; died 

, 1830; daughter of Nathan and Martha (Willis) How- 
ard, of Braintree, Mass.), of Bridgewater, Oakham and Dor- 
chester, Mass. 

Children: 8 (Thacher), sons, all born at Boston, Mass. 
1371 i. George Thomas, 1st, 8 born April 6th, 1826 ; died 
May 1st, 1826, at Boston, and was buried in 
North Burial-ground, Dorchester (Boston), 
i Mass. 

4-1372 ii. George Thomas, 2nd, 8 born July 8th, 1827; died 

January 3rd, 1892 ; married Anna Hinkley. 
4-1373 iii. Charles Augustus, 8 born September 4th, 1829; 
died September 10th, 1885 ; married Clara Au- 
gusta Austin. 

1374 iv - James Edward, 8 born September 21st, 1832; 

died January 18th, 1895, at Dorchester (Bos- 
ton), Mass., and was buried there in North 
Burial-ground. He was connected with the Ful- 
ton Iron Foundry Co., Boston, Mass. ; not mar- 

1375 v. Frederick Howard, 8 born July 24th, 1834; died 

November 28th, 1838, at Dorchester, Mass., and 
was buried there in North Burial-ground. 
4-1376 vi. Alfred Churchill, 8 born December 1st, 1836; 
died January 9th, 1883; married Mary Anna 
1377 vii. Franklin Willis, 8 born November 24th, 1840; 
died August 14th, 1841, at Dorchester, Mass., 
and was buried there in North Burial-ground. 

I9 I 4«] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 247 

1378 viii. Henry Howard, 8 born May 14th, 1844; died 

September 14th, 1844, at Dorchester, Mass., and 
was buried there in North Burial-ground. 
Authorities : \ 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 52, 67, 79-80. 

Elizabeth M. Thacher, his grand-daughter, of No. 33 Percival St., Dor- 
chester, Mass. 

Descendants of John Howard, by Herman Howard, p. 40. 
N. E. Hist. Gen. Register, Vol. XI, p. 94; XLI., p. 324. 
Oakham Vital Records, p. 101. 

817. Phebe 7 Taylor (Desire 8 Thacher, Elisha, 8 Deacon Josiah, 4 

Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony,* Rev. Peter 1 ), born , 1744 (see 

age at and date of death), at Barnstable, Mass.; died Novem- 
ber 7th, 1775, at Barnstable, and was buried there. She mar- 
ried at Barnstable, September 13th, 1763, to Sturgis Gorham 
(as his first wife), born Barnstable, June 28th, 1742; he 
lived at Barnstable, and was a merchant engaged in the fish- 
eries and coasting trade and West Indian trade. He died at 
Barnstable, April 26th, 1795, aged 52, and was there buried. 
He was a son of Benjamin Gorham (born June 18th, 1715, 

at Barnstable; died , 1784; married, September 3rd, 

1741), and Mary Sturgis (born Yarmouth, May (or March), 

8th, 1722; died ), of Barnstable, Mass. 

Children: 6 (Gorham), 2 sons and 4 daughters, all born at 

1379 i. Nancy, 1st, 8 born September 4th, 1765; died at 

Barnstable, , in infancy. 

1380 ii. Nancy, 2nd, 8 born September 4th, 1767 ; died at 

Barnstable, December 27th, 1791, and was buried 
there; not married. 

1381 iii. Deborah 8 (Debby), born May 12th, 1769; died 

; married October 2nd, 1786, at Barnstable, 

to James S Lovell, of Boston ; 2 sons. 

1382 iv. Mary Sturgis, 8 born July 26th, 1772; died ; 

intention published, Boston, April 16th, 1795 ; 
married, May 3rd, 1795, at Barnstable, to John 
Palfrey, Jr., a merchant of Boston, Mass.; 5 

1383 v. Edward Sturgis, 8 born March 25th, 1774; died 

, in infancy, in Barnstable. 

1384 vi. William Taylor, 8 born October 17th, 1775 ; died 

May 5th, 1790, aged about 15, at Barnstable, and 
was buried there; not married. 
Sturgis Gorham married a second time at Barnstable, Mass- 
June 12th, 1778, to Desire 7 Taylor (his first wife's sister), born at 

Barnstable, , 1756, see age at and date of death; died December 

15th, 1786, aged 30, at Barnstable, Mass., and was buried there. 

Children: 4 (Sturgis), 2 sons and 2 daughters, all born at 
Barnstable, Mass., for whose record see record of Desire 7 Taylor, 
No. 820. 

248 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July, 

Sturgis Gorham was a successful business man. In the Revolu- 
tionary War he was a Whig, and was on many Committees and 
did much good service in the cause. In his will he left legacies to 
his grandsons, James and Joseph Lovell, and the remainder of his 
estate he divided equally between his daughters, Charlotte and Polly 
(Mary) Sturgis. On May 5, 1795, John Palfrey, Esq., of Boston, 
was appointed guardian of Charlotte 8 Gorham. Sturgis Gorham's 
estate was settled April 13th, 1802, and after paying legacies it 
amounted to £683-13-10. His real estate was sold to Elijah Smith, 
of Chatham, for £900. 

Authorities : 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 164. 

Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 440. 

Sturgis Family, p. 9. 

820. Desire 7 Taylor (Desire 8 Thacher, Elisha, 5 Deacon Josiah, 4 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Barnstable, 

, 1756 (see age at and date of death) ; died at Barnstable, 

December 15th, 1786, aged 30, and was buried there. She 
married at Barnstable, July 12th, 1778, to Sturgis Gorham, 
as his second wife (his first wife was Phebe 7 Taylor, No. 
817, his second wife's sister) ; born at Barnstable, June 28th, 
1742; he lived at Barnstable and was a merchant engaged in 
the fishing, coasting and West Indian trade ; he died at Barn- 
stable, April 26th, 1795, aged 52, and was buried there. He 
was a son of Benjamin Gorham (born June 18th, 1715 ; died 

, 1784; married, September 3rd, 1741), and Mary Sturgis 

(born Yarmouth, May (or March) 8th, 1722; died ), of 

Barnstable, Mass. 

Children: 4 (Gorham), 2 sons and 2 daughters, all born at 

Barnstable, Mass. 

1385 i. Edward Sturgis, 8 born November 29th, 1779; 

died , in infancy. 

1386 ii. Phebe Taylor, 8 born September 30th, 1781 ; 

died , in infancy. 

1387 iii. Edward Sturgis, 8 born October 31st, 1784; died 
-, in infancy. 

1388 iv. Charlotte, 8 born June 27th, 1786; died 

1821, in Bath, England; married , 1813, to 

Thomas L Harman, of New Orleans, La.; 

according to Otis Barnstable Families, Vol. I, 
p. 440 (James Hammond, an Englishman who 
lived at New Orleans, according to Hon. 
George Thacher's Mss., Thacher Genealogy, p. 
164), children, 2 sons and 1 daughter. 
Authorities : 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 164. 

Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 440. 

Sturgis Genealogy, p. 9. 

821. John 7 Taylor (Desire 9 Thacher, Elisha, 6 Deacon Josiah,* 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born , at Barn- 

1914.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy . 249 

stable, Mass. ; died , at ; married , 1799, at 

to Lucia Watson (of Plymouth, Mass.), born , 1776, at 

Plymouth, Mass. ; died , at . She was a daughter of 

John Watson (born August 26th, 1748 j died February 1st, 

1826; married , 1769; buried in Burial Hill, Plymouth, 

Mass.), and his wife, Lucia Marston, daughter of Benjamin 
Marston of Salem or Manchester, Mass. (born February 15th, 
1748; died October 15th, 1793, buried in Burial Hill, Plym- 
outh), of Plymouth, Mass. 

Children: 4 (Taylor), 2 sons and 2 daughters. 

1389 i. Lucia Watson, 8 born , 1800. 

1390 ii. William John, 8 born , 1801. 

1391 iii. Jeanette, 8 born , 1802; died ; married 

Pelham Winslow Warren. 

1392 iv. William, 8 born , 1804; died ; married 

Elizabeth Robbins Vila. 
A William Taylor, born in London, April 25th, 1804; died 
in Boston, June 27th, 1851, aged 47, is buried in Burial Hill, Plym- 
outh, Mass. ; gravestone. This may be No. 1392, as the year of 
birth agrees with Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, page 258. 

Authorities : 
Davis" Landmarks of Plymouth, pp. 258, 272-273, 278. 
Burial Hill Plymouth Inscriptions, pp. 178, 179. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 165. 

823. Abigail 7 (Nabby) Taylor (Desire 6 Thacher, Elisha, 6 Dea- 
con Josiah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter), 1 born 

, at Barnstable, Mass.; died at Barnstable, September 

19th, 1820, and was buried there. She married January 6th, 
1785, to Edward Gorham, born Barnstable, February 16th, 
1762; he lived at Barnstable and died there September 9th, 
1822, aged 60, and was there buried. He was a brother of 
Sturgis Gorham, who married Abigail 7 Taylor's two sisters, 
No. 817 and 820, respectively, as his first and second wives. 

Children: 9 (Gorham), 3 sons and 6 daughters, all born at 
Barnstable, Mass. 

: 393 i- J onn Taylor, 8 born January 7th, 1786; died 
, in Baltimore, Md. ; not married. 

1394 ii. Mehitable 8 (Hitty), born January 4th, 1788; 

died ; married Dr. Ansel Davis ; 7 children. 

1395 iii. Lucy, 8 born September 27th, 1789; died ; 

married Reason D Shepard of New Or- 
leans, La. 

1396 iv. Caroline, 8 born August 26th, 1791 ; died ; 

living at Barnstable, Mass., in 1872; not mar- 

1397 v. Desire Thacher, 8 born August 27th, 1793; died 

; married Capt. Daniel C Bacon. 

1398 ' vi. William Taylor, 8 born September 19th, 1795. 

250 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July. 

1399 vii. Abigail (Nabby) 8 Thacher, born June 8th, 

1798; died ; married Henry H. Allen. 

1400 viii. Benjamin, 8 born February 6th, 1800; died Oc- 

tober 15th, 1 82 1, at Fort Armstrong, Illinois; 
not married. He graduated at West Point, 
July 1st, 1820, 2nd Lieut. Light Artillery and 
2nd Lieut. 5th Infantry in reorganization of 
Army, 182 1. Served in garrison in New Eng- 
land and at Fort Armstrong, Ills. 

1401. ix. Mary Sturgis, 8 born ; died ; married 

Thomas Gray; 4 children. 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 165-6. 
Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, pp. 441-2. 
Gray Genealogy, by M. D. Raymond, p. 250. 

MSS. Gray Genealogy, by George W. Thacher, N. Y. G. & B. Soc, pp. 7, 
16, 45- 

825. Phebe 7 Davis (Lucretia 8 Thacher, Elisha, 8 Deacon Josiah,* 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born , at Barn- 
stable, Mass.; died (between February 8th, 1785, and 

October 9th, 1789, see date of birth of child by this mar- 
riage and date of birth of first child by second marriage of her 

husband), at , Barnstable (probably). She married 

March 25th, 1784, at Barnstable, Mass., to George Lewis 7 
Gorham (No. 708), as his first wife, born October 3rd, 1763, 
at Barnstable; died October 8th, 1839, at Barnstable, Mass., 
aged 76 years, and was buried there in Goodspeed's Hill West 
Burying Ground. He was a son of Nathaniel Gorham (born 

Barnstable, September 30th, 1726; died (estate settled 

in 1801) at Barnstable; married October 3rd, 1752, or Octo- 
ber 30th, 1 751) and his wife Annan 6 Lewis, see No. 213, of 
Barnstable, Mass. 
Child: 1 (Gorham), daughter, born at Barnstable, Mass. 

1402 i. Phebe, 8 born February 8th, 1785; died ; 

married James Childs; 3 children. 

George Lewis 7 Gorham married a second time, , 1785 (his 

second wife was only 16 years old at marriage), at Barnstable, to 
Mary Lucretia 7 Davis, No. 828, under whose record see details of 
this second marriage and issue therefrom; his second wife was 
sister of his first wife. 

Authorities : 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 167, 168. 

Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, pp. 288, 438, 442-443; Vol. II, p. 144. 

N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., April, 1899. 

. 826. Rebecca 7 Davis (Lucretia 6 Thacher, Elisha, 6 Josiah, 4 Hon. 

Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born , at Barnstable, 

Mass.; died , at ; married September 2nd, 1786, at 

, to Captain Job Gorham (sea captain), born December 

12th, 1754, at Barnstable; he lived at Barnstable and died 

x 9 l 4.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 25 I 

(lost at sea) February — , 1804, while on a voyage to 

• ' Copenhagen in a vessel belonging to Stephen Gorham. He 

was a son of Thomas Gorham (born Barnstable, August 13th, 

1723; died ; will dated July 28th, 1795; married May 

16th, 1754), and his first wife, Hannah Gorham (born Barn- 
stable, April 16th, 1733 ; baptized Barnstable, April 8th (?), 
1733; died April 5th, 1765), of Barnstable, Mass. 
Children: 3 (Gorham), 1 son and 2 daughters. 
1403 i. Lucretia, 8 born 

1404 ii. Abigail Thacher, 8 born 

1405 11I. Job, 8 born ; died ; married Thankful 

Davis and had 1 daughter, Rebecca Davis 9 Gor- 
Captain Job Gorham inherited all of his father's estate except 
his step-mother's dower and 20 shillings to each of his father's other 

Authorities : 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 167, 168. 
Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, pp. 288, 431, 432, 443-44. 

827. Elisha Thacher 7 Davis (Lucretia 8 Thacher, Elisha, 5 Dea- 
con Josiah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born 
> at ; died , at ; he was a tanner and shoe- 
maker and lived at Barnstable and died a young man, leaving 

a large family. He married , at , to Ruth Crocker 

Davis, born , at Barnstable, Mass.; died (lived to a 

great age), at . She was a daughter of Hon. John Davis 

(born October 7th, 1744; died May 27th, 1825, at Barnstable; 

married ) and his wife, Mercy Crocker (daughter of Job 

Crocker), of Barnstable, Mass. 

Children: 7 (Davis), 3 sons and 4 daughters, all probably 
born at Barnstable, Mass. 

1406 i. Barzillai, 8 born ; died ; settled in 

Haverhill, Mass. 

1407 ii. Timothy, 8 born ; died ; ; lived in New 


1408 iii. Elisha Thacher, 8 born ; died , without 


1409 iv. Lothrop, 8 born ; died , early. 

1410 v. Louisa, 8 born ; died , young. 

141 1 vi. Phebe Thacher, 8 born ; died ; married 

Ebenezer Bacon; 10 children. 

1412 vii. Lucretia, 8 born ; died ; married Mr. 

Sweet of Boston. 

Authorities : 
Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, pp. 284, 288-9. 
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828. Mary Lucretia 7 Davis (Lucretia 6 Thacher, Elisha, 8 Deacon 
Josiah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born , 

2^2 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July, 

1769 (see age at and date of death), at Barnstable, Mass.; 
died April 27th, 1857, aged 88, at Barnstable, Mass., and was 
buried there in Goodspeed's Hill West Burying Ground; 
gravestone. She married first, —J — , 1785 (she was 16 years 
old at time of her marriage), at Barnstable, to George Lewis 7 
Gorham (No. 708), as his second wife (his first wife was 
Phebe 7 Davis (No. 825), and his second wife's sister), born 
October 3rd, 1763, at Barnstable; he lived in Barnstable and 
died there October 8th, 1839, aged 76 years, and was buried 
there in Goodspeed's Hill West Burying Ground. He was a 
son of Nathaniel Gorham (born Barnstable, September 30th, 
1726; died (estate settled in 1801), at Barnstable; mar- 
ried October 3rd, 1752 (or October 30th, 1751), and his wife, 
Annah 6 Lewis (No. 213), of Barnstable, Mass. 

Children: 5 (Gorham), 2 sons and 3 daughters, all born at 

1413 i. Nathaniel, 8 born October 9th, 1789; died 

married April nth, 1813, to Hannah Gorham. 
1414 ii. Deborah, 8 born March 19th, 1792; died 

■ — — » •' is • . • 

married (?). A Deborah Gorham married 

at Barnstable, January 28th, 181 2, to Charles 

G Easterbrook of Barnstable. 

1415 iii. Anna Lewis, 8 born April 21st, 1795; died ; 

married August 7th, 1814, to Nymphas Davis. 

1416 iv. Benjamin Davis, 8 born July 29th, 1798. 

1417 v. Mary Davis, 8 born December 1st, 1808; died 

; married December 14th, 1826, to Na- 
thaniel S Hallett. 

Mary Lucretia 7 (Davis) Gorham, widow of George Lewis 7 
Gorham, married a second time, May nth, 1841, at Barnstable, 
Mass. (probably), to Deacon Joseph Hawes (as his second wife), 
born October nth, 1758, at Yarmouth, Mass.; died there March 
17th, 1850, and was there buried in old Burying Ground; grave- 

Children: (Hawes), none that" are known of. 
Authorities : 

Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, pp. 288, 438, 442-3- 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, pp. 141, 167-8. 

Yarmouth Graveyard Inscriptions, p. 21. 

Yarmouth Register, Cape Cod Families, No. 65, p. 5. 

832. Phebe 7 Thacher (Anthony, 6 Elisha, 5 Deacon Josiah, 4 Hon. 
Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born May 7th, 1780, at 
Barnstable, Mass. ; died August 20th (or 28th), 1846; married 

, at , to Edward Loring, born April 29th, 1778, at 

Barnstable, Mass.; he resided at Barnstable, Mass., and died 
there August 26th, 1859, aged 81. 

Children: 14 (Loring), 8 sons and 6 daughters, all born at 
Barnstable, Mass. 

19 1 4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 253 

1418 i. Otis, 8 born August nth, 1800. 

1419 ii. Sarah Hinckley, 8 born July 10th, 1802; died 

July 12th, 1848, aged 46. 

1420 iii. Elisha Thacher, 8 born July ( 12th, 1804; died 

October — , 1889. 

1421 iv. Martha Taylor, 1st, 8 born August 10th, 1806; 

died February 6th, 1807. 

1422 v. Martha Taylor, 2nd, 3 born December 6th, 1807; 

died ; married in Quincy, Mass., to 

Clement of Quincy. 

1423 vi. Betsey Thacher, 8 born February 27th, 1810; 

died December 24th, 1890, aged 80; married 
Joshua Chamberlain. 

1424 vii. Edward, 1st, 8 born July 2nd, 1812; died Sep- 

tember 1st, 1812. 

1425 viii. Lucretia, 8 born August 27th, 1813; died ; 

'married Christopher Taylor of Chatham, Mass. 

1426 ix. Edward, 2nd, 8 born September 15th, 1814; died 

, in Valparaiso, Chili. 

1427 x. Allen Taylor, 8 born September 6th, 1817; died 

; resided in Charlotte, Mich. 

1428 xi. Elliner, 8 born March 27th, 1819; died ; 

married Lewis. 

1 1429 xii. Charles, 8 born May 17, 1820; died ; resided 

in Colorado. 

1430 xiii. Milton Ingraham, 8 born June 21st (or 25th), 

1821; died , 1893, aged 72, in Charlotte, 


1431 xiv. Russel, 8 born March 12th, 1824; died , in 

harbor of Calao. 

The will of Elisha Thacher 8 Loring (No. 1420), dated Jan- 
uary 30th, 1883, was probated in the Suffolk Co. Probate Court, 
Mass., and in it he left $100,000.00 to public institutions. Execu- 
tors : Thacher Loring, Horace Loring, Francis C. Welch, Charles 
J. Merrill. Elisha Thacher 8 Loring married twice ; his second wife 

was Eliza W Wing, to whom he was married at Dorchester, 

Mass., August 6th, 1849, by R- ev - Loramus Crowell of Boston. A 
Mrs. Eliza Ann Loring died at Dorchester, Mass., March 3rd, 1834, 
aged 21 years; this may have been the first wife of Elisha Thacher 8 
Loring, but I do not know it positively to be so. 

Authorities : 

Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 166. 
Boston Record Com. Reports, Vol. 36, pp. 159, 250. 

833. * Elizabeth 7 (Betsey) Thacher (Anthony, 8 Elisha, 6 Deacon 

Josiah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born , 

at Barnstable, Mass. ; died , at ; married at Barn- 
stable, Mass., , 1802, by Rev. Jotham Waterman to Joshua 

Hinckley (John Hinckley, according to Allen's Thacher 

254 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July, 

Genealogy, p. 52, probably incorrect), born , at ; 

died , at . Son of . 

Children: 6 (Hinckley), 1 son and 5 daughters. 

1432 i. Mary Given, 8 born ; died ; married 

Reuben Howes. 

1433 ii. Anner, 8 born ; died ; married Charles 


1434 iii. Betsey Saunders, 1st, 8 born — : — ; died , 


1435 iv. Freeman, 8 born ; died . 

1436 v. Ruth, 8 born ; died . 

1437 vi. Betsey Saunders, 2nd, 8 born ; died . 

A Joshua Hinckley (son of Jabez and Deborah (Wing) Hinck- 
ley of Barnstable, Mass.), was born at Barnstable, March 2nd, 1779. 
He may have been the Joshua Hinckley who married the above Eliz- 
abeth 7 TJiacher, as at the time of her marriage in 1802 he was 23 
yens of ago and hence of a suitable marriageable age, and, more- 
over, about the age of No. 833, who was probably born subsequent 
to 1780. This is a surmise only, not a positive statement. The 
above Joshua Hinckley's father, Jabez Hinckley, was born at Barn- 
stable, October 24th, 1741, and died there February — , 1817, and 
married , 1764, to Deborah Wing. 

Authorities : 
Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. II, pp. 41, 42, 43. 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 52. 
Hon. George Thacher's MSS. Thacher Genealogy, p. 167. 

834. Mary 7 Thacher (Josiah, 6 Capt. Josiah, 6 Deacon Josiah,* 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born December 3rd, 
1753, "12 o'clock at night," at Norwalk, Conn.; died August 
30th, 1796, at ; married May 19th, 1785, at (Nor- 
walk, Conn., probably), to Peter Hendricks (or Hendrick), 

born , at ; died , at . He was a son of 

Hendrick by his wife , who resided at . 

Child: 1 (Hendricks), son. 

4-1438 i. Burr, 8 born ; died . 

The above Peter Hendricks bought land in Norwalk, house and 
homestead, with mill and dam at Dry Hill, in 1786, he being then of 
Norwalk, late of Fairfield. In 1787 he bought a small piece of ad- 
joining land. He sold house on Dry Hill in 1792 and disappears 
from records. He either died or moved away. Burr Hendricks, a 
grandson of Josiah 6 Thacher, is mentioned in the will of Josiah 8 
Thacher, July 15th, 1806; see Vol. I., p. 171, Norwalk, Conn., Pro- 
bate Records. 

Selleck's Norwalk, p. 452, is in error in stating that Mary 7 

Thacher married Betts ; it was her sister Hannah 7 Thacher who 

married Isaiah Betts (see No. 835). 

C. E. Durkee (of Saratoga, N. Y.), and Edward Doubleday 
Harris in their copy of Sadler Cemetery Inscriptions, Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y., gives the following item: "Burr Hendrick, died 

1914.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 255 

April 7th, 1829." It is possible that this is the above Burr 8 Hen- 
drick (No. 1438). 

Schenck's History of Fairfield, Conn., Vol. I., page 490, gives 
the following item : "Peter, son of John and Phebe Hendrick, bap- 
tized at Fairfield, Conn., May 22nd, 1737." This may be the record 
of the baptism of Peter Hendricks who married Mary 7 Thacher. 
If so, he was 48 years old at date of his marriage to her. 

Bailey's Early Conn. Marriages; Vol. VI, p. 40, gives the fol- 
lowing item: "Peter Hendrick and Sarah Allen were married at 
Fairfield, Ct, July nth, 1776. It is possible that this may be the 
Peter Hendricks who married Mary 7 Thacher and that he married 
first as above to Sarah Allen, and she died, and he may have on 
May 19th, 1785, taken Mary 7 Thacher as his second wife. This 
seems not improbable, as 48 years old was rather late in life for a 
first marriage. These notes are, however, simply suggestions to 
future genealogists, as I have not absolute evidence except what I 
have given above, except the statement made by Miss Caroline 
Pi^melia Pulling in August, 1882, to Miss Julia Redfield of Pitts- 
field, Mass., to the effect that Hannah 7 (Thacher) Betts, her grand- 
mother, had a sister who left descendants that lived near Saratoga, 
which would seem to point to Burr Hendrick and possibly also his 
father, Peter Hendrick. 

Authorities : 

Family Bible of Captain Josiah 5 Thacher, of Norwalk, Conn. 

Selleck's Norwalk, p. 452. 

D. H. Van Hoosear, an authority on Norwalk families. 

Bailey's Early Conn. Marriages, Vol. VI, p. 40. 

Schenck's History of Fairfield, Conn., Vol. II, p. 490. 

835. Hannah 7 Thacher (Josiah, 6 Capt. Josiah, 8 Deacon Josiah,* 
Hon. Col. John, 8 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born May 15th, 
1760, at Norwalk, Conn.; died October 30th, 1848, at West 
Galway, N. Y., and was buried there; she married February 
4th, 1784, at Norwalk, Conn., to Isaiah Betts, born January 
17th, 1758, at Norwalk, Conn. ; he lived at Norwalk, Conn., 
and West Galway, N. Y., at which latter place he died June 
30th, 1843, an d was there buried. He was a son of Isaac 
Betts and Elizabeth Griffin, of Norwalk, Conn. 
Children: 6 (Betts), 1 son and 5 daughters. 
+ 1439 i. Josiah Thacher, 8 born November 14th, 1784. 
4-1440 ii. Mary Elizabeth, 8 born May 8th, 1787; died 

; married Luther Wheeler; 3 children. 

4-1441 iii. Deborah, 8 bora July 31st, 1790; died March 
4th, 1872; married Abraham Pulling; 8 chil- 

4-1442 iv. Sally, 8 born September 27th, 1795; died . 

-j-'i443 v - Henrietta, 8 born May nth, 1797; died ; 

« married Asa Wheeler. 

4-1444 vi. Pamelia H , 8 born April 7th, 1801 ; died 

; married Jonathan James of Galway; 1 


256 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July, 

From the Roster of Pensioners of the U. S., in 1841, we find 
on page 81, that Isaiah Betts was 82 years old June 1st, 1840, and 
was a U. S. Pensioner then living at his home at Broadalbin, Ful- 
ton Co., N. Y. He was an ensign in the ^Revolutionary War from 
Connecticut. He removed to Galway, N. Y., and kept a public house 
there. Isaiah Betts was of the 5th generation in the line from the 
emigrant ancestor, viz., Thomas, 1 Thomas, 2 Thomas,* Isaac,* 

Isaiah. 6 

Authorities : 
Family Bible of Josiah 6 Thacher of Norwalk, Conn. 
Selleck's Norwalk, Conn., p. 452. 
Betts Genealogy, by F. H. Betts, p. 124. 
U. S. Pensioners of 1841, p. 81. 

836. Thomas Fitch 7 Thacher (Josiah, 8 Capt. Josiah, 5 Deacon 
Josiah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), bora June 
6th (or 16th), 1769, at Norwalk, Conn.; he lived at Nor- 
walk and died there .October 9th, 1832, and was buried in 
Town House Hill Burying Ground ; gravestone. He made his 
will July 12th, 1830. He was a blacksmith. He married at 
Norwalk, Conn., March 28th, 1790, to Susannah Lockwood, 
born Norwalk, Conn., January 2nd, 1752; died at Norwalk, 

Conn., (between 1835 and 1840), aged about 88 years, 

and was buried in Town House Hill Burying Ground; no 
gravestone. She was a daughter of John Lockwood (born 
July 1st, 1713, in Fairfield, Conn.; died ; married Feb- 
ruary 8th, 1730-1), and his wife, Abigail Morehouse (born 
; died ), of Norwalk, Conn. 

Children: none. 

In Town House Hill Burying Ground, Norwalk, Conn., we 
find a stone over the grave of No. 836 thus inscribed, viz., "Thomas 
F. Thacher, died October 9th, 1832, aged 63." 

Thomas Fitch 7 Thacher lived on "Drye Hill," Norwalk, Conn. 
His wife, Susannah (Lockwood) Thacher, was a woman of great 
force. In her later life she was well known for the excellence of 
her dairy products. Her milk, cream and butter were of superior 
quality and the latter brought the highest price in the market. She 
did her own milking after night-fall and made her butter at mid- 
night. All her work was done in the cool of the day, and her well 
was her refrigerator. 


Family Bible of Capt. Josiah 6 Thacher of Norwalk, Conn. 

Selleck's Norwalk, p. 452. 

Hall's Norwalk, pp. 224-5, 243. 

Lockwood Genealogy, pp. Si, 104. 349- 

D. H. Van Hoosear, Norwalk Genealogist. 

Mrs. Charles Osborn, Maple Street, Norwalk, Conn. 

Norwalk Probate Records, Vol. XIV, p. 107. 

839. Margaret 7 Hayes (Ann 6 Thacher, Captain Josiah, 5 Deacon 

Josiah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born , 

1763 (see age at and date of death), at Compo, Conn., where 

igi4.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 2 57 

she lived with her parents until 1780, when with her parents 
she removed to Salem (now Lewisboro), Westchester Co., 
N. Y., in which latter place she died, May 31st, 1819, aged 56, 
and where she was buried ; gravestone. She married Decem- 
ber 2nd, 1784, at Salem, N. Y., to John Lewis, born July 27th, 

1760, at Killingworth (now Clinton), Conn.; died , at 

. He was a son of John Lewis (born , at New 

London, Conn., and baptized there July nth, 1720; died 
August 24th, A. D., 1786, in 67th year of his age, at Killing- 
worth, Conn., and was there buried; gravestone; married 
), and his wife Mary ( ) Lewis (born , after De- 
cember 16th, 1722; died December 16th, 1765, in the 43rd 
year of her age and was buried in the old graveyard at Kil- 
lingworth, Conn,; hers was the first burial in the graveyard), 
of Killingworth, Conn. 

Children: 5 (Lewis), 4 sons and 1 daughter, all probably born 
in Salem, Conn. 

1445 i. Charles, 8 born ; died ; he married and 

settled in Dewitt, N. Y. I have no further 
record of him. 

1446 ii. Samuel Brooker, 8 born ; died ; he 

married and lived in Ohio. He may possibly 
» have been the Samuel Lewis of Lowell, Ohio, 

who was married July 6th, 1844, at Lowell, 
Ohio, by the Rev. E. Rector to Mary Ann Buellv 
born Lowell, Ohio, August 3rd, 1822 (daughter 
of Percy Barnum and Elizabeth (Rector) Buell 
of Lowell, Ohio), by whom he had 9 children. 
(See Buell Genealogy, pp. 256-57.) 

1447 iii. John, 8 born February 4th, 1793; died October 

1st, 1871, at Lewisboro, N. Y., and was buried 

there; gravestone; married , at , to 

Mary Bishop, daughter of Samuel Bishop of 
Darien, Conn., by whom he had no issue. John 8 
Lewis was a man of much prominence in New 
York City and in his native town of Salem. He 
was a public benefactor of Salem, N. Y., and in 
his honor the name of the place was changed to 
Lewisboro. A monument to his memory, as 
well as to that of his mother, Margaret 7 
(Hayes) Lewis, is to be found in the Lewis- 
boro Cemetery. 

1448 iv. Isaac Hayes, 8 born ; died ; married 

Elizabeth Greenly (or Greely), daughter of 
Thomas Greenly of New Canaan, Conn., and 
left issue, amongst whom was a son, William 
Isaac 9 Lewis, who was executor of his uncle, 
John 8 Lewis' will. 

1 6a 

258 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July, 

1449 v. Margaret, 8 born May 4th, 1796, at South Salem, 
N. Y. ; died January 13th, 1869, at Norwalk, 
Ohio, and was there buried in Woodlawn Cem- 
etery; married at South Salem, N. Y., Decem- 
ber 28th, 181 5, to James Whitney, born Kent, 
Conn., March 20th, 1793; he was a farmer and 
settled in New Canaan, Conn., removing after 
marriage to Poundridge, N. Y., where he died 
April 16th, 1855, aged 63 years, and was buried 
in St. Mark's Cemetery, New Canaan, Conn. 
Margaret 8 (Lewis) Whitney removed in 1829 
with her children to Dewitt, N. Y., where she 
lived with her brother, Charles 8 Lewis, until 
1841, when with her youngest son, Augustus 
Waters 9 Whitney, she moved to Norwalk, Ohio, 
dwelling there with her brother, Samuel Brook- 
er 8 Lewis, until 1845. She then bought a tract 
of land upon which she settled with her son, and 
built a comfortable home, where she died. 
James Whitney, her husband, was a son >of 
Stephen Whitney of Kent, Conn, (born Nor- 
walk, Conn., January 20th, 1754; died Kent, 
Conn., September 25th, 1830), and his wife, 
Esther Jarvis (born Norwalk, Conn., September 
4th, 1759; died Poundridge, N. Y., August ioth, 

Children: 5 (Whitney), 3 sons and 2 daughters, 
all born at Poundridge, N. Y. (See Whitney 
Genealogy, Vol. I, pp. 156, 423.) 

John Lewis (father of John Lewis), who married Margaret T 
Hayes, was a son of Moses Lewis of New London, Conn., and was 
baptized at New London, Conn., July 17th, 1720. I am informed 
by Carl A. Lewis, the compiler of Letvisiana (P. O. address, Hamp- 
ton, Conn.), that descendants of Isaac Hayes 8 Lewis claim that John 
Lewis (father of John Lewis who married Margaret 7 Hayes) was 
a son of John Lewis by his wife, Elizabeth Huntley, who lived and 
died at Lyme, Conn. Both Carl A. Lewis and I find this statement 
inconsistent with known facts relative to John Lewis of Lyme and 
his descendants. He was a son of Moses Lewis of New London, 
Conn., and was baptized at New London, July 17th, 1720 (see 
Hempstead's Diary, p. 99). Moses Lewis of New London, Conn., 
was a son of John Lewis of New London, Conn., by his wife, 

Elizabeth Huntley. This John Lewis was born in , England, 

and came over to this country in 1635 with his father, John Lewis, 
on the ship Hercules, and finally settled in New London, Conn. ; he 
was a young man in 1670 and was over 30 years old in 1685 ; he 
was constable in New London in 1681 and was sergeant of the train 
band after 1700. He died at New London, May 8th, 1717, being 
killed by \being hit on the head by the limb of a tree that he was 

19 M.J Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 259 

having felled for the bark thereof, while he sat on horseback under 
the tree, and was buried in New London, May 9th, 17 17 (see 
Hempstead's Diary, p. 66) ; he married at New London, Conn., 
May 24th, 1677, to Elizabeth Huntley (daughter^ of John and Jane 

( ) Huntley of Lyme, Conn.), born at ; died December 

26th, 1741, at Groton, Conn, (a very aged woman), at the home of 
her daughter, Mrs. William Latham. 

John Lewis, who married Elizabeth Huntley, was a son of John 
Lewis, the emigrant ancestor to this country, who came over to 
Scituate, Mass., in 1635, arriving on the ship Hercules with his 

wife, Sarah (?) and 1 child (John 2 Lewis of New London). 

John Lewis the emigrant had settled in New London, Conn., by 
1648, and was a freeman there before 1669; he died at New London, 

Conn., December 8th, 1676. His wife, Sarah Lewis, died at 

Boston, Mass., July 12th, 1657 (12th of 5th month, 1757). So the 
line of John Lewis, who married Margaret 7 Hayes, was: John, 1 
the emigrant, who died in New London, December 8th, 1676; John, 2 
who died in New London, May 8th, 1717; Moses 3 (whose son, John, 
was baptized at New London, July 17th, 1720) ; John, 4 baptized 
New London, July 17th, 1720; died at Killingworth, Conn., August 
24th, A. D. 1786, in 67th year of her age (hence born after August 
24th, 1719) ; John, 5 born Killingworth, Conn., July 27th, 1760, who 
married Margaret 7 Hayes. 

In, the distribution of the estate of Sergeant John Lewis, Eliza- 
beth Lewis, administratrix, among the signatures of children who 
receipted for their shares is that Moses 3 Lewis. 

Authorities : 

Jonah 5 Thacher's Family Bible. 

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840. Anstice 7 Hayes (Ann 6 Thacher, Josiah, 6 Deacon Josiah, 4 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born April 19th, 1767, 

at Compo, Conn. ; died June 26th, 1807, at ; and was buried 

at Beck's Hill Cemetery, Lewisboro, Westchester Co., N. Y. 
She married at Lewisboro, Westchester Co., N. Y., Decem- 
ber 25th, 1798, to Peter Ketchum, born , 1744, at ; 

died September 24th, 1821, at . He lived at Handsome 

Ridge, near New York, and Connecticut state line, and at 

Westport and Saugatuck, Conn., and was a farmer. He was a 

son of Nathaniel Ketchum. 

Children: 2 (Ketchum), daughters, both born at Westport, 


1450 i. Nancy Ann, 8 born July 20th, 1800; died July 
1 2th, 1878, at Norwalk, Conn., and was buried 

260 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July. 

at Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, N. Y. She mar- 
ried September 25th, 1824, to James Stevens 
Keeler, born Norwalk, Conn., March 20th (or 
May 7th), 1804; he was a merchant at Troy, 
N. Y., and died at Norwalk, Conn., March 26th, 
1879, and was buried at Oakwood Cemetery, 
Troy, N. Y., He was a son of Capt. Samuel 

Keeler (born June 4th, 1778; died ( ?) ; 

married July 29th, 1798), and his wife, Lydia 
Waterbury (daughter of Azariah Waterbury of 
Stamford, Conn.), of Norwalk, Conn. Chil- 
dren : None. 

While James Stevens Keeler had by his 
wife no children of their own, they adopted a 
child, Jane Eliza, who became Mrs. Ira A. 
Blanchard, of Troy, N. Y. 
145 1 ii. Mary, 8 born December 1st, 1804; died May 
21st, 1866, at Troy, N. Y., and was buried at 
Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, N. Y. She married 

j July nth, 1839, at , to Henry Betts (as 

his second wife), born November 26th, 1794, 
at Norwalk, Conn. ; he was inventor and lived 
successively at Norwalk, Conn., New York City, 
in Ohio, Canada, and Crown Point and Troy, 
: s N. Y. He died at Penn Yan, Yates Co., N. Y., 

i June 8th, 1880, and was buried at Penn Yan. 

He was a son of Captain Hezekiah Betts (mar- 
ried October 1st, 1785), and his wife, Grace 
Hanford (born October 5th, 1765), of Nor- 
walk, Conn. 

Child: 1 (Betts), son, born at Norwalk; Conn, 
i. Edgar Ketchum, 9 born June 22nd, 1842; 

died (living in 1904), at Troy, 

N. Y. ; married, first, Fannie M. Fletcher, 

by whom he had no children; married, 

second, Harriet Louisa Gardner, by 

whom he had 4 children. He resided at 

Troy, N. Y., and was connected with 

the firm of Earl & Wilson, the collar 

manufacturers of that city. 

Henry Betts married, first, April 7th, 1810, to 

Betsey Reid, who died in 1838, by whom he had 

5 children. Not in Thacher line. 

Peter Ketchum at one time lived in "Handsome Ridge," near 
the "Oblong," and was accustomed to take the children by the hand 
and walk through the romantic "Lake Woods" to visit their Hayes 
relatives, who resided where now stands St. John's Chapel, Lewis- 
boro, N. Y. Peter Ketchum afterwards owned the property in 
Saugatuck owned in 1899 by the Eno family. 

1914O Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 26 1 

• ' Authorities: 

Edgar Ketchum Betts, of Troy, N. Y. 
Selleck's Norwalk, pp. 250, 463-464. 

841. Thacher 7 Hayes (Ann 8 Thacher, Josiah, 5 peacon Josiah,* 

Hon. Col. John, 8 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born , 1771, at 

Compo, Conn.; he lived at Compo until 1780, when with his 
father he removed to Salem (now Lewisboro), N. Y., in which 
latter place he died, February 27th, 1834, and was there 
buried. He married November 15th, 1792 (probably at New 

Canaan, Conn.), to Mary Weed, born , 1771, at New 

Canaan, Conn. ; died August 27th, 1846, at Lewisboro, N. Y. 
She is said by Mrs. J. H. Knapp of South Norwalk, Conn., 
to have been the daughter of David and Mary (Selleck) 
Weed of Darien and New Canaan, Conn. 
Children: 9 (Hayes), 4 sons and 4 daughters, and 1 sex not 
stated. > m - 

1452 i. A child, 8 born ; died , young. 

1453 ii. Harriet, 8 born November 15th, 1793; died 
March nth, 1862; not married. 

1454 iii. Maria, 8 born June 1st, 1795; died February 
17th, 1875 ; married William Andreas as his 
second wife. 

1455 iv. Isaac, 8 born October 1st (or 31st), 1797; died 

September 18th, 1855 ; married first, Julia Steb- 
bins ; married second, Emily Stebbins (his first 
', wife's sister), and left issue by both wives. 

1456 v. David Weed, 8 born November 30th, 1799; died 

April 24th, 1880; married Hannah (Selleck) 
Canfield, widow of Albia Canfield; no issue. 

1457 vi. Polly, 8 born August 16th, 1804; died July 20th, 


1458 vii. Clarissa, 8 born July 12th, 1806; died ; mar- 

ried Dr. Lewis Richards, M. D., as his second 
wife (his first wife was Mary Selleck) ; no 
issue by his second marriage. 

1459 viii. William, 8 born September 26th (or 28th), 1808; 

died September 18th, 1825 ; not married. 

1460 ix. Charles, 8 born April 30th, 1813; died January 

nth, 1839; married Betsey Waterbury; no issue. 
Authorities : 
Selleck's Norwalk, pp. 90, 463-4. 
Josiah 5 Thacher's Family Bible. 
Mrs. J. H. Knapp, of South Norwalk, Conn. 

842. Josiah 7 Thacher (Daniel, 6 Josiah, 8 Deacon Josiah,* Hon. 
Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born August — , 1764, 
at Norwalk, Conn.; he lived at Norwalk, Conn., and Sidney, 
Delaware Co., N. Y. ; he was a farmer, a soldier in the Revo- 
lutionary War and a pensioner of the United States on account 
of his revolutionary service from New York State. He died 

262 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [July. 

May 22nd, 1850, at Sidney, N. Y., and was buried at Unadilla, 
Delaware Co., N. Y. He married at Norwalk, Conn., October 

12th, 1782, to Anna Reed, born , at Norwalk, Conn.; 

died . She was living according to her husband's will, 

dated March 2nd, 1841, and was according to a codicil thereto 
dead on November 1st, 1847. She was a daughter of Matthew 
Reed (born Norwalk, Conn., January 31st, 1738; died Nor- 
walk, Conn., December 4th, 1797), and his wife, Elizabeth 

Kellogg (born ; died June 15th, 1799, aged 54; daughter 

of Samuel Kellogg, 2nd, of Norwalk, Conn.), of Norwalk, 

Children: 8 (Thacher), 1 son and 7 daughters, all born at 
Norwalk, Conn. 

+ 1461 i. Polly Street, 8 born August 5th, 1786; died ; 

married Captain Isaac (or William) Smith. 

+ 1462 ii. George O , 8 born October 6th, 1788 (or 

1789) ; died February 21st, 1889; married Mary 
+ 1463 iii. Esther, 8 born April 20th, 1791 ; died ; mar- 
ried Uriah Seymour. 

-f-1464 iv. Harriet, 8 born December 23rd, 1792; died ; 

married Henry Beach. 
+ 1465 v. Ann (Nancy) Reed, 8 born April 28th, 1795; 
died April 6th, 1868; married John Munson 

4-1466 vi. Amelia, 8 born March 20th, 1799; died ; 

married Don Carlos Hurd. 

+1467 vii. Sally, 8 born ; died ; married George 

-4-1468 viii. Frances, 8 born January 6th, 1802; died Decem- 
ber — , 1902; married, first, Samuel Betts; 
married, second, Sheldon Griswold. 
From the list of pensioners of the United States, 1833, pub- 
lished by order of the U. S. Congress we find: "1833 Revolution- 
ary Pensioners, N. Y. State, Delaware Co.: Josiah Thatcher, 
'Matross', Connecticut Militia, Pension allowance per year, $52.31. 
Placed on roll September 9th, 1833, aged 69." 

Mrs. E. S. Upham, grand-daughter of Rev. William 7 Thacher 
(brother of Josiah 7 Thacher), says that Josiah 7 Thacher, her 
uncle, was 4 years and 8 months older than her father; hence as 
Rev. Wm. 7 Thacher was born April 3rd, 1769, Josiah 7 Thacher 
was born August — , 1764; which date of birth agrees with his 
age in 1833, as given in his pension record above. 

Rev. Wm. 7 Thacher, in his diary, says : "On the 22nd of Au- 
gust, 1845. I vvas visited by my aged brother, Josiah Thacher, 
on his way from Sidney, Delaware Co., N. Y., once more to see 
the town of his birthplace (Norwalk, Conn.), and some of his 
children there and in New York ; he was then in his 82nd year, and 
was in care of his daughter, who came with him from Sidney." 

(To be continued.) 

J914J Quaker Records in New York. 263 



By Jckin Cox, Jr. 

The records of the Society of Friends in New York State and 
parts adjacent, are at Fifteenth Street Meeting House, corner 
Rutherf urd Place. The Society separated in 1 828, and the records, 
now numbering over 1300 volumes, include those of both branches, 
one called " Hicksite " and the other " Orthodox ". The territory 
covered by our records extends from Montpelier, Vt., and Hart- 
ford, Conn., to Battle Creek, Mich., and from Farnham, Quebec, 
to Hardwick, N. J., and Deerfield, Pa. Genesee Yearly Meeting 
(H), in Ontario and Western New York, has made our Joint 
Committee on Records the custodian of its records, and has been 
invited to add a member to our committee. 

The records of the Yearly Meeting, and of the Quarterly 
Meetings are not of genealogical importance. Preparative Meet- 
ing records are of little importance except in the absence of 
Monthly Meeting records. The Yearly Meeting is the legislative 
body, and court of last resort, independent of all other Yearly 
Meetings, but maintaining with them all (of its own branch) 
friendly correspondence by annual Epistles. The monthly Meet- 
ing is the executive body, and its records are of greater im- 
portance than those of any other religious organization, owing to 
our system of birthright membership, and the peculiar care in 
recording births, deaths and marriages. 

George Fox was a great organizer, and early began to advise 
the growing meetings to record their vital data, and other matter, 
in a book. In 1668 he had copies made for the various Monthly 
Meetings of his ''Paper of Advice", the basis of the Discipline 
of the Society, and one of these copies, in an unbound book, 
about 11x7 inches, he sent by the hand of John Burnyeat, a 
traveling minister, who delivered it to the " Half Years Meeting" 
at Oyster Bay, L. I., the 23d of the 3rd Month (May) 167 1. The 
earliest extant minute, and doubtless the earliest written minute, 
of an American Quaker Meeting, was that day recorded in this 
Book. The book as it came from England, contained an epistle 
from " G. ff ". to the following friends " In New England ". 
"Daniell Gold Nicholas Davis 

William Coddington Henery Howland 

Nicholas Easton Edward Wharton 

Thomas Clifton Nicholas Sharpley 

Richard Burden John Hussey 

Richard Scott James Heard 

Nathaniel Silvester John Bowne 

Edward Perry John Tilton 

William Howland Samuell Spicer 

Ralph Allen Samuell Andrews" 

William Allen 

j j5 - a: *S_ 

5 ! A" '~'G - 

?■- 4 



4 51 





/> 1 

=:«= r 3 s 

/ .* 


. 1 1 ~? ' ^ 


S.I — t 


SI 11 


iv s 

% L- 

v"> 51 


This map, made by Dr. Shadrach Kicketson, iH2t, shows 162 meetings, and the mileage distances between them. Copies are 
very rare. He also published, 1S06, " Means of Preserving Health and Preventing Diseases." 

2 64 • Quaker Records in New York. [July. 

The last four named were prominent Long Island Friends. 
He adds, "you may keepe coppies of these Papers in a booke, & 
send Coppies of them to New England and Mary Land yt mens 
meeting may be set up in all places", wh\ch seems to have been 
done. This original volume, used for minutes till 1703, was 
discovered half a century ago in a Flushing Quaker garret. The 
* Book of Records" in which Isaac Horner copied the " Paper of 
Advice " and other special papers, after being lost for a century 
and a half, turned up a few years ago. Although no minutes had 
been written before 167 1, a record of marriages, births and deaths 
had been kept. 

When Isaac Horner (bless his memory, O Genealogists) copied 
in 1685 these records into a substantial parchment bound book, 
he did a thorough job, recording births as early as 1640, deaths 
from 1669, and marriages from 1663, prefacing the latter with the 
celebrated case of the marriage of John Ashwell and Ann Ridge, 
1658, which being challenged by next of kin in 1661, established 
our form of marriage, on the ground that it is the consent of the 
parties that make a marriage, not what some one else says to or 
about them. 

Quakers first appeared in this province August 1, 1657, on the 
arrival of the little ship, Woodhouse, 24 tons, bringing no cargo, 
but eleven Quaker preachers, who at once spread into Long 
Island and New England. 

Meetings were maintained at Flushing, Oyster Bay, and 
perhaps other places, from 1657, and Friends increased, but of 
their marriages and other vital happenings, no record was kept 
for some years. 

When in 1685, Isaac Horner gave the matter of vital records 
such impetus that his influence lasted a century, Westbury Monthly 
had already (1684) become separated and distinct from Flushing, 
but no minutes are extant earlier than 1697, and no vital data 
(other than shown in the minutes) until 1730, when a large book 
was begun, and continued. Curiously this book contains one or 
two entries of births, and marriages of 1685. The book begins 
with a statement so worded as to preclude the existence of an 
earlier record. 

That there were more Quakers in the Province than our early 
records name is shown by wills and other data. 

What makes our records so important for genealogical, bio- 
graphical, or sociological study is our system of minutes. Quaker- 
ism has always been a very practical religion, putting emphasis 
more on conduct than on belief, and the lives of the members 
have been looked after to a degree not approached in any other 
religious organization. Marrying "out," which included mar- 
rying a non-member, or too soon after the decease of a former 
partner, or by a "priest" i. e. y minister of another denomination, 
or marrying too near akin, or without consent of parents, was the 
most common offense dealt with. Other offenses were, starting a 
lawsuit or maintaining a quarrel instead of asking for arbitrators, 
failing in business, neglect of meeting, and any form of social 
disorder. These were the more common offenses. Dealings 

1914-] Quaker Records in New York. 265 

regarding doctrine were practically unknown. In the " dealings " 
with offenders, we often find a humor which the early Quakers 
never intended, as they labored to bring back wayward ones to 
the Godfearing sobriety of "the Truth." 

The committee thereto appointed by Flushing M. M. in 1699, 
having spoken to Daniel Dean about his disorderly marriage, "he 
replyed for answer yt he could give ffriends satisfaction & allsoe 
Said if it ware to doe againe he would not doe it." Being further 
dealt with for "going from the truth for a wife", he states "yt he 
hoops to be more Careful on all occations for ye time to come," 
which seemed to be all that reasonably could be expected. 

6th of 10 mo 1705. The disorderly and Evil action of William 
Thorne in accompanying William fford and Mary Hait in their 
Rebellious indeavour to accomplish a marriage with out and 
altogether against ye Consent of ye parents of ye Younge woman 
ye Said william Thorne hath this day Considered by answer under 
his hand. The meeting hath advised him to give Samuel Hait 
Satisfaction by desiring his forgiveness and allsoe make his paper 
of Condemnation publick as far as it wass known. 

5th ye 7 mo 1706. "The friends apointed to take Care to speake 
to Such as may have misbehaved themselves did speak to Thomas 
Hodger about his drinking to excess at ye Court time in Jameco 
w ch thing he ye Said Thomas did Condemn by a writing signed 
by himself and sent to the meeting w ch paper this meeting desires 
may be made as public as the offense & that James Jackson assist 
him therein." 

In 1730 as a couple stood up for the second time in M. M., 
another young man objected, claiming that Hannah was promised 
to him. The meeting denied the marriage " at present ", and the 
record does not show which swain got the fickle maid. In 1705, 
"it was this day Considered the hurtfulness of Henry ffranklin's 
neglecting meeting of Late Knowing that Such his practice is 
Hurtful to him & therefore ye meeting hath apointed Horsman 
Mullenex, Thomas Stevens & Benjamin Heverland to inform him 
and indever to help him." 

"Whereas I have some Time past Contrary To freinds 
Principles Been Concerned in the Importation of Negroes From 
Africa, which has Caused some uneasiness in my mind, I think I 
can now say I am Sorry I Ever had any Concern in that Trade, 
and hope For the future I Shall Conduct my Self more Agreeable 
To friends principles in any such matter. 

New York Novbr 6th, 1760. 

Sam 1 Underbill." 

" Dear Friends: Whereas I have through unwatchfulness gone 
astray to the Principles of Truth so far as to take up arms and 
assist in taking Prisoners several of the Inhabitants of New Jersey 
which conduct I do sincerely condemn, and hope for the future I 
shall be enabled to lead my life so as to make full satisfaction for 
my past conduct. Richard Shotwell." 

Purchase M. M. disowned a young man in 1786, for keeping 
company with a young woman not of our Society and carrying a 

266 Quaker Records in New York. [July. 

pistol by way of defence. Here is material for a romance con- 
densed into two lines. Another was disowned in 1792 for marrying 
"his first and second cousin and unkles Widdow." The context 
does not indicate polygamy, but rather such a multiple personality 
as appears in the " Mikado." In Le Ray M. M., 1815, the intentions 
of a couple were referred to the Q. M., which decided that the 
degree of kindred was too close, "the sd. Eunice being the sd. 
Darius's deceased wife's brother's daughter ". 

Thus it will be seen that our minutes are a mine of data about 
the member who offended, and most of those in good standing 
frequently appear, on the numerous committees, etc. When a 
member or a family removed to or from another locality, the 
certificate is duly mentioned, generally with all the children's 
names. In some meetings the minutes were laxly written but in 
the main they are clear and explicit. 

The records of births, deaths and marriage certificates of a 
number of the Monthly Meetings have been copied, and are being 
sold in typewritten form by parties having no connection with the 
Society of Friends, to many libraries. These copies are, I believe, 
complete for only a few Monthly Meetings, in other cases 
containing only a part of the record. The cause of this is that 
when, some ten years ago, a person was, unofficially allowed to 
copy such data as he wished, the number of records was about 
half what we now have. It was understood that the data was not 
to be published, and this person made no sale of the copies. 
Recently, in other hands, they have been offered to various 

The writer has, as he could find time, made digests of marriage 
intentions and dealings relating to marriage in the men's and 
women's minutes of many Monthly Meetings, down to 1850, after 
which date, owing to the reform in discipline and other causes, 
disownment for marrying out practically ceased. These digests 
have been completed for about half the whole body of records we 
have. None have been published, though the writer has looked 
forward to a publication of all the marriage data of the whole 
Yearly Meeting, but the enormous cost seems prohibitive. It will 
be seen that the marriage certificates, even where covering a 
given period, so as to be called complete for that period, are indeed 
far from complete. An occasional certificate, by carelessness, 
fails of record; or if recorded the certificate always fails to show 
if a committee had been appointed to see to the rights of the 
bride's children by a former, husband; or the man married a maid 
of another Monthly Meeting (the division line might be between 
their very farms) and the certificate, if recorded, was recorded in 
her Monthly Meeting, he producing a certificate from his own 
Monthly Meeting of his "clearness from other like engage- 
ments "; or the young couple, dreading the ordeal of " appearing " 
in the men's and the women's meeting for two successive months, 
and then the very public marriage, would be quietly joined by a 
magistrate, make a suitable acknowledgment, and remain in good 
standing; or a member would marry a non-member and be dealt 
with therefor. All these matters pertaining to marriage are 

1914.] Quaker Records in New York. 267 

shown in the minutes, but none of them appear in the record of 
marriage certificates. 

The records are labeled, catalogued and shelved in a con- 
venient manner, and many volumes have been re-bound. My 
" Catalogue of Records and History of the Meetings," about 540 
legal pages of typewriting, has been a matter of slow upbuilding 
since 1897. It should be published, but funds are not available. 
If some individual, or society, would undertake the cost,' it 
would be a valuable addition to our sources of historical and 
genealogical material. 

The only other large collections of Quaker records in America 
are at 142 North Sixteenth Street, Philadelphia, where there are 
975 volumes and packages, a small number at Fifteenth and Race 
Streets, Philadelphia, at Baltimore, where they have 300 volumes, 
at Richmond, Ind., a few, and those of New England Yearly 
Meeting being collected at Providence, R. I. In England, the 
Quaker records are in the Friends' Reference Library, 136 
Bishopsgate, London, E. C, Norman Penney, Custodian. 

In all these repositories the records are more or less carefully 
guarded — that is, it is not intended that the records should be 
examined by curiosity hunters or that the "Dealings" should be 
exploited in the press. 

The following is a list of the Monthly Meetings that have been 
at any time part of either New York Yearly Meeting, giving in 
very condensed form the locality, the date of establishment, from 
what M. M. set oft, and what vital records are in existence. The 
M. Ms. are taken in the following geographical order: First those 
on Long Island; then those in Northern New Jersey; then those 
east of the Hudson, up into Quebec ; then those west of the 
Hudson, including Saratoga County; then those out through 
central and western New York; then those along the St. Lawrence; 
then those through Canada, going west; finally those in Michigan. 
Following the name of the M. M., are the names of P. Ms. (except 
that of same name as the M. M.) that have been at any time under 
its jurisdiction. It will be noticed that some of these P, Ms., have 
belonged at different times to two or more M.Ms. This arrange- 
ment helps to show the territory covered by each M. M., at any 
given time. 

It should be borne in mind that the date of establishment 
indicates the period when a considerable number of Quaker 
families had been settled in the locality for some time, and 
Preparative Meetings established — frequently a matter of ten 
years or more. This was the rule. "As 1 exceptions, may be 
mentioned, the P. M. of Adolphus in Ontario, and that of Farm- 
ington in Ontario County, which owing to the pioneer conditions 
and distance from the M. M., were established with the powers of 
an M. M., as to marriages. 

The letters (H) and (O) indicate to which branch, after 1828, 
the meeting belonged. There was always a P. M. of same name 
as the M. M. 

Flushing (later called New York). The original nucleus of 
the Society in this Province. No definite date of establishment 

268 Quaker Records in New York, [July 

can be fixed. Has included Westbury, Jericho, Matinecock, Oyster 
Bay, Gravesend, New York, Maspeth, Nezvton, Westchester and 
other points. B. from 1640, D. from 1669. M. Certs, from 1663, 
all to date, both branches. Rem. Certs. ( 1787 to date, both branches, 
and a digest of those from 1671 to 1787. Minutes, men's from 167 i, 
women's from 1720, to date, both branches. 

Flushing (second of that name). Set off 1805 from New York 
M. M. Included no other P. M. Laid down (O) 1830. B. and D. 
and M. Certs., also minutes, complete. 

Westbury. Established 1684, when the Friends at " Yorke, 
Gravesend and Flushing and Westchester, Ye Kills and New- 
toun " were retained as parts of Flushing M. M., and those at 
Oyster Bay, "ye f armes " (Jericho) and " Woodedge " {Westbury) 
became parts of Westbury M. M. Has included Matinecock and 
Cow Neck (now Manhasset). B. & D. and M. Certs, complete from 
1730. Minutes, men's from 1697, women's from 1704, complete for 
both branches. Records (H) not yet sent in. 

Jericho. Set off 1789 from Westbury M. M. Laid down (O) 
1828. Has included Bethpage and Jerusalem. B. and D. and^ M. 
Certs. (H) to date. Minutes, men's from 1789, women's from 1817 
to date. Not yet sent in. 

Nantucket (H). Established 1831 as part of Westbury Q. M. 
Laid down 1845. Records not collected, probably on the Island 
of Nantucket. 

Shrewsbury. Established by Westbury Q. M. 6. 15. 1672, for 
Shrewsbury and Middletown, N. J. Has included Squan., Squan- 
come and Topanemus. At the latter place, near Freehold, George 
Keith in 1704 carried away the whole meeting to form the First 
Episcopal church of Freehold, tearing down the meeting house 
for material with which to build the church, which is still standing. 
B. D. and M. Certs., 1670 to date. Minutes men's, 1732 to date. 
The Men's 1756-1786, and women's 1680-1732, and 1738-1828, also 
deaths, disownments and removal certs. 1768-1828, are at 142 
North 16th Street, Phila., as well as all (O) records after 1828. 
All other records of this M. M., are to be placed this year with 
our collection. 

Rahway and Plainfield. Established 1686 as Woodbridge 
M. M. Laid down 1689 to 1704 "by reason of George Keith's 
Separation." Held first at A viboy and Woodbridge. Has included 
the territory named, and no other P. Ms. B. and D. 1705 to date. 
M. Certs. 1713 to date. Rem. Certs. 1770 to date. Minutes (H) 
men's 1686, and women's 1723, to date, except men's 1802-1828, 
which together with (O) records from 1827 and copies of B.and D. 
and M. Certs. 1787-1871 (O), are at 142 North 16th Street, Phila. 
Other records of this M. M. are at present at Plainfield, N. J., 
meeting house. 

Hardwick and Mendham (the latter name being changed 1811, 
to Randolph). Setoff 1797 from Kingwood M. M. (in Hunterdon 
Co., N. J.) In the Towns of Hardwick in Warren Co., and in what 
is the present Town of Randolph in Morris Co., N. J. Laid down 
(H) 1855, and the members attached to Rahway and Plainfield, 
M. M. B. 1715 and D. 1807 (H), to 1861. M. Certs. (H) 1714-1855. 

i 9 i 4 .] Quaker Records in New York. 269 

Rem. Certs. (H) 1792-1847. being those of Kingwood M. M. down 
to 1797, and the M. Certs, prior to 1797 seem to have been then 
copied from the Kingwood records. The first five Certs, ante- 
date the establishment of Kingwood (1744), »but a11 relate to 
families resident in the Hardvvick vicinity. Minutes, men'3 1 797— 
1844; women's, 1803-1849. All records here, except women's 
minutes 1803-1822, at present in possession of William Clinton 
Armstrong, Nutley, N. J Records (O) if collected, may be at 
142 North 16th Street, Phila. 

The Kingwood records have been published. 

Purchase. Established 1725, in central Westchester Co., N. Y. 
The first M. M. "on the Main." Has included Maviaroneck, 
Chappaqua, Amawalk, and Middlesex, the latter in Conn. B. and 
D., both branches (begun 1742, but containing earlier births) to 
date. M. Certs, both branches, 1736 to date. Minutes, complete 
from 1725 to date, both branches, except men's 1748-1765 and 
women's 1725-1828. 

Chappaqua. Setoff 1785 from Purchase M. M. In northern 
Westchester Co. Has included Amawalk, Bedford, North Castle, 
Croton Valley and Mt. Kisco. B. and D. from 1785, but not 
complete. M. Certs. 1785 to date, both branches. Rem. Certs. 
from 1828, both branches. Minutes, men's from 1828, and women's 
from 1785, except 1797-1817, to date, both branches. "Book of 
Deaths," an unofficial record of deaths of Friends and others, at 
Chappaqua and vicinity, 1807 to 1879, over 2,300 names. 

Amawalk. Set off 1798 from Chappaqua M. M. In northern 
Westchester Co. Has included Bedford (later called Salem), 
Croton and. Peekskill. B. and D. 1798 to date (O), earliest birth 
1724. Same (H) 1828 to date, not yet sent in. M. Certs. 1798 to 
date (H and O). Minutes, men's 1828, and women's 1812, to date 
(H and O). 

Oblong. * The second M. M. on the Mainland of this Province. 
Set off 1744 from Purchase M. M. Laid down (H) 1884, and (O) 
about same time. In lower Dutchess Co. Oblong meeting house 
is at Quaker Hill, five miles east of Pawling. Has included Nine 
Partners, Oswego, in the present town of Lagrange, New Milford, 
in Litchfield Co., Conn., Branch, in the town of Pawling, Pough- 
qnaig, Peach Pond in the Town of North Salem, Westchester Co., 
Valley, in the central eastern part of the town of Patterson, 
Salisbury, formerly in Conn., but now in the upper part of the 
Oblong tract in Dutchess Co., Queensbury (see Easton M. M.), and 
West Hartford, Conn. B., D. and M. Certs. 1745 to date (H). 
B. and D. not complete for 1790-1810. Rem. Certs. (H) 1781-1841. 
Minutes, men's, from 1757, and women's from 1796 to 1884 (H). 
Records (O) not yet collected, but supposed to be at Quaker Hill. 
West Hartford. Set off 1805 from Oblong M. M. At West 
Hartford, Conn. Laid down 1819, and members attached to Nine 
Partners M. M. Included only one P. M. B. and D., M. and Rem. 
Certs, and minutes, complete. 

* For a more detailed account of the meetings in Dutchess Co., see my 
chapter thereon in Hasbrouck's History of Dutchess County, 1909. 

{To be continued.) 

2 70 American Epitaphs. [July, 

Contributed by Hopper Striker Mott. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV, p.187 of The Record.) 

New York. 
Vol. IV, p. 266 Abeel, John Nelson, Rev., son of James, d. Jan., 

1812, in 43d yr. New York. 
221 Alexander, Alexander, d. Sept. i, 1809, ag. 44, 6, 

12. Schenectady. 
1 13 Allen, William Henry, oldest son of Gen. William 

Allen of Providence, R. I., who served in the 

Revolution. Died a prisoner in Plymouth, 

Eng., Aug. 21, 1813, ag. 29. [Allen Street in 

this city was named for him.] 
220 Ball, Eliphalet, Rev., d. Jan. 19, 1793, ag. 73." He 

was "the first settler of this town which bears 

his name." Ballston. 

231 Barber, John, Printer to the State, d. Jul. 10, 

1808, ag. 50. Albany. 

281 Bard, John, Dr., d. Mar. 30, 1 790, ag. 83. St. James' 
Church, Hyde Park, N. Y. 

160 Barlow, Hon. Joel, b. Reading, Conn., U. S. Min- 
ister to France, d. in Poland, Dec. 26, 1812, 
in 57th year. Monumental pillar erected by 
Mrs. Barlow at Zarnowich, Poland. 

232 Barry, Thomas, d. Jan. 17, 1813, ag. 75. Albany. 
280 Beekman, William, d. Oct. 8, 1795, ag. 70, 5, 22. 

Monument in cemetery, D. Church, in Garden 
Street, New York. 

185 Clinton, Cornelia Tappen, dau. of Gen. George, 
Vice President U. S., wife of Edmund Charles 
Genet, Minister from France, b. at Blooming 
Hope, near New Windsor, Jun. 29, 1774, d. at 
Prospect Hill, Mar. 23, 1810, in 35th yr. Albany. 

259 Charlton, Johannis, M. D., b. Apr. 12, 1736, d. 
Jun. 12, 1806. Tablet, Trinity Church, New 

197 Charters, John, Jr., student in medicine, d. Sept. 
27, 1798, ag. 18. Tablet affixed to front of 
the church in Nassau Street by Dr. David 

205 Coe, John, son of Samuel, b. in Eng., m. Mar- 
garet Van Zandt of New York. Resided 
Newtown, L. I., removed to Hampstead, 
Orange County. He d. 1742, ag. 70; she d. 
1759, aged 63. John, son, b. at Newtown, Dec. 
7, 1719, m. 1740 in Hampstead, Hannah Hal- 
stead, d. May n, 1782, in 63d yr. Hampstead. 

1914J American Epitaphs. 27 1 

Vol. IV. p. 208 Coe, Hannah, wife of John, dau. of Jonas Hal- 
stead of Hampstead, d. May 14, 1804, in 83d 
yr. Hampstead. 

212 Coe, Eliza Hunting, dau. Dr. Matthias Bunnet 
and Phebe Miller, b. Apr. 10, 1,778, in Dutchess 
Co., m. Rev. Jonas Coe, Sept. 27, 1794, d. Apr. 
19, 1805, in 28th yr. Troy. 

186 Conkling, Eliza, wife of Joseph Conkling, d. 
Sept. 9, 1794, ag. 33. Jamaica. 

188 Dickson, William, Capt., native of Glascow & 
late of Port Royal, Va., merchant, d. July 9, 
1780. Jamaica. 

231 Ellison, Thomas, Rev., rector St. Peter's, d. Apr. 
26, 1802, ag. 43. Albany. 

199 Franklin, Elizabeth, wife of William, Gov. 

Province N. J., d. July 28, 1778, in 49th year. 

Burial under altar St. Paul's, New York. 
248 Greene, Nathaniel, d. Apr. 29, 1806, aged 68. 

204 Hillhouse, Harriet, wife of Thomas, d. Oct. 3, 

181 1, ag. 36. Troy. 

200 Hugget, Eleanor, wife of Sigismundi, b. in Eng., 

d. Dec. 3, 1794, ag. 57. Tablet St. Paul's, New 
198 Inglis, Margaret, wife of Rev. Charles, d. Sept. 
21, 1783, ag. 35. Buried in chancel of St. 
Paul's, New York. 

248 Jenkins, Seth, d. July 30, 1793, in 50th yr. 

188 Jenney, Sarah, wife of Robert, rector of St. 
George's, d. Christmas Day, 1738. Hempstead. 

259 Kemp, Joannis, LL. D., d. 181 2. Tablet, Trinity, 

New York. 

180 Keteltas, Abraham, Rev., son of Abraham, the 
Holland pioneer, b. N. Y. City, Dec. 26, 1732, 
m. 1755 Sarah, dau. Hon. William Smith, na- 
tive of Gt. Britain, one of His Majesty's Coun- 
cil. Children: Jane, Mary, Jane, Sarah, Abra- 
ham, William, John, Elizabeth Scott, Ann, 
Philip Doddridge and Clarissa. William d. 
Nov. 19, 1812, Clarissa d. July 21, 1810. 

188 Koffier, Ireneus, Capt., d. Aug. 23, 177 1, ag. 48. 

260 Kunze, John Christopher, D. D., pastor German 

Lutheran Congregation, b. 1744, d. July 24, 
1807, in 64th yr. New York. 

249 Lawrence, David, native of R. I., d. Oct. 10, 1809, 

ag. 69, 4, 11. Hudson. 
244 Livingston, Robert R., Hon., b. 1746, d. Mar. 26, 
181 3. Maria, the widow, d. at Washington, 
Mar. 22, 1814. Clermont. 

272 American Epitaphs. [Ju'Yi 

Vol. IV, p. 260 Ludlow, Arabella, wife of Daniel, b. Sept. 5, 
1756, d. Dec. 7, 1803. Tablet, Trinity Church, 
New York. 

257 Mason, John, Rev., 1st Pastor Scotch Pres., d. 
Apr. 19, 1792, in 58th yr. Mural Tablet in 
that Church. 

210 Miller, Matthias Burnet, M. D. Phebe, his 
widow, dau. Judge Smith of Dutchess County, 
d. Sept. 4, 1 "00, in 44th yr. New York. 

232 Neill, Elizabeth, wife of Rev. William and dau. 

of Matthew and Lydia Van Dyke, d. Nov. 12, 
1809, ag. 26, 10, 19. Left son of 2 yrs. & 2 mos. 
& dau. of 5 mos., 12 days. Albany. 
218 Newcomb, Elizabeth, dau. James & Hannah 
Wallace of North Salem, wife of Daniel New- 
comb of Dutchess Co., d. Sept. 13, 1802, in 34th 
yr. Pittstown. 

233 Nott, Sarah, wife of Eliphalet Nott, pastor Pres. 

Church, dau. of Rev. Joel Benedict, d. Mar. 9, 
1804, ag. 39 yrs., 6 mos. Albany. 

J 93 Osgood, Samuel, Naval Officer, b. Andover, 
Mass., Feb. 14, 1748, 3d son of Peter & Sarah 
(Johnson) Osgood, d. 18 12. New York. 

190 Paine, Thomas, d. June 8, 1809, ag. 72 yrs., 5 
mos. New Rochelle. 

223 Romeyn, T. D., Rev., b. New Barbadoes, N. J., 
Jan. 12, 1744, youngest child of Nicolas & 
Rachel (Vreeland) Romeyn, pastor Reformed 
Church, d. Apr. 16, 1804, ag. 60, 2, 24. Schen- 

248 Sampson, Mary, wife of Ezra, dau. of Joseph 
Brown, of Falmouth, Mass., d. June 18, 1812, 
ag. 57. Hudson. 

240 Schuyler; Philip, Maj.-Gen., d. Nov., 1804, in 71st 
yr. Interred in family vault of Hon. Abraham 
Ten Broeck, Albany. 

123 Seabury, Samuel, A. M., 1st minister Episcopal 
Church at New London and Rector. St. 
George's, d. June 15, 1764, ag. 58. Hempstead. 

203 Smith, Timothy Treadwell, prof. Union College, 
b. Smith Town, L. I., Jan. 17, 1768, d. Schen- 
ectady, Oct. 24, 1803, in 36th yr. Kingston. 

255 Steuben, Baron, d. 1795. Tablet German Luth- 
eran Church, New York. 

20a Sudam, Oke, d. Aug. 21, 1806, Ag. 62. Kingston. 
Sudam, Ann Tallmadge, wife of John, d. Jan. 15, 
1809. Kingston. 

221 Teller, Mary, wife of Henry R., dau. Jacobus 
Trewillegar of Saratoga Co., d. Mar. 8, 18 13, 
ag. 44. Schenectady. 

198 Temple, John Sir, Consul Gen. of Great Britain, 
d. Nov. 17, 1798, aged 67. New York. 

I9'4-] American Epitaphs. 273 

Vol. IV, p. 275 Thew, Elizabeth, 4th dau. and 9th child of Hon. 

William Burnet and wife of Daniel Thew, b. 

Mch. 27, 1768, d. Aug. 30, 1811, leaving 2 daus. 

and i son. Daniel, her husband, died about a 

month later. Rockland Lake.^, 
247 Thurston, John, d. Jan. 6, 1809, aged 61, 7, 5. 

216 Vanderheyden, Jacob D., only son of Dirck, b. 

Albany, Oct. 28, 1758, d. Sept. 4, 1809, in 52nd 

yr. Vault in Pres. Church, Troy. 
257 Villabeiran, Manuel, native St. Martin, Spain, d. 

Sept. 18, 1813, aged 35. New York. 
201 Wallace, John, d. Oct., 181 2, in 103rd yr. North 

200 Watts, Charles, native of Scotland, b. Oct. 31, 

1758, d. Nov. 24, 1811. New York. 
241 Westerlo, Eilardus, Rev., minister Refmd. Ch., 

d. 1790. Albany. 
265 Woodford, William, Gen., native Caroline Co., 

Va., d. Nov. 13, 1780, prisoner of the British, 

in 46th yr. Father of I. J. Woodford, Major 

U. S. A. New York. 
204 Wood worth, Mary, wife John, d. Nov. 6, 1802, aged 

li, 11, 14. Troy. 
187 Wooffendale, Martha, wife Robert, d. Dec. 13, 

1808, ag. 66. Ann d. Mch. 14, 1801, in 25th yr. 


New Jersey. 

Vol. IV, p. 271 Burnet, William, M. D., son of Dr. Ichabod of 
Elizabeth, b. Dec. 2, 1730, m. (1) Mary Camp, 
dau. of Nathaniel Camp. 

1. William, M. D., d. Sept. 8, 1799, ag. 45. 

2. Ichabod, soldier, d. Sept. 12, 1783. 

3. Nathaniel, d. ag. 10. 

4. John, merchant, d. July n, 181 1. 

5. Hannah, m. Col. Abraham Kinney. 

6. Sarah, d. ag. 19. 

7. Mary, d. young. 

8. James, d. young. 

9. Elizabeth, m. Hon. Daniel Thew. 

10. Jacob, lawyer, Cincinnati. 

11. George, lawyer, Whitefield, d. near 

Chilicothe, O., July 14, 1800, m. (2) 
widow Anthony Rutgers and dau. of 
Nicholas Gouverneur. Issue: Isaac 
Gouverneur, Staats Morris, and David. 

273 Burnet, Mary, wife of William Burnet, d. Feb. 1, 
1 781, in 50th yr. Newark. 


2 74 American Epitaphs. [July, 


Vol. IV, p. 132 Adams, Eliphalet, Rev., d. Oct. 4, 1753, in 77th 
yr. New London. 
140 Alden, Andrew, oldest son of Capt. Jonathan 
Alden of Duxborough, m. Lydia Stanford. 

1. Jabin. 

2. John, m. Elizabeth Ripley. Issue: Par- 

thenia,'' m. Woodbridge Little; Vio- 
letta, m. Isaac Fitch; John; Judah, 
Capt. in Revolution; Hon. Roger of 
Meadville; Elizabeth, twin sons and 
Elizabeth II. 

3. Prince, m. Mary Fitch. Issue: Mary, 

Mason Fitch, Abigail, Sarah, Lydia, 
Andrew. ' 

4. Andrew, m. Rebecca Stanford. Issue: 

dau. Fear. 

5. Walter, m. widow Irene Blackman. 

6. Lydia, m. Seth Alden, son of Jonathan. 

Issue: Seth, Sibyl, Jonathan, Lydia, 
Felix, Joab, Melissa, Sarah, Christian. 

7. William, m. Metcalf. Issue: Eunice, 

William, Jabin, Sarah, Lydia, Andrew. 
Andrew Alden, son of Capt. Jonathan, had 

a brother, Jonathan, who m. Arnold, 

of Marshfield. Issue: Seth, Austin, Josiah. 

154 Beadle, Lydia, native of Plymouth, Mass., and 
four young children killed Dec. 11, 1782. 

130 Channing, Sarah, wife of Rev. Henry, d. Sept. 6, 
x 79 8 , a g- 36. New London. 

129 Cheesborough, Elizabeth, wife of Henry of 
Whitestone, N. Y., d. Oct. 20, 1794, in 31st yr. 
New London. 

r45 Chester, Leonard, armiger of Leicestershire, d. 
Dec. ir, 1648, ag. 39, at Wethersfield. John, 
his son, d. Feb. 23, 1697, in 62nd yr.; John, his 
grandson, d. Dec. 11, 17 n, ag. 56; John, Col., 
his greatgrandson, b. June 30, 1703, d. Sept. 
11, 177 1, m. 1748, Sarah Noyes, dau. of James 
Noyes of New Haven. 

146 Chester, John, son of latter, b. Jan. 29, 1749, d. 
Nov. 4, 1809, m. 1773, Elizabeth Huntington, 
dau. of Jabez Huntington of Norwich. Issue: 
6 daus. and 3 sons. One of the latter was 
Rev. John of Hudson, N. Y. Wethersfield. 

171 Dana, James, Rev., d. Aug. 18, 1812, ag. 77. His 
only surviving child was Hon. Samuel W. Dana, 
U. S. Senator from Connecticut. New Haven. 

jgi4.] American Epitaphs. 2"/$ 

Vol. IV, p. 139 Fitch, James, D. D., b. in England, Dec. 24, 1622, 
d. Nov. 18, 1702, ag. 80, m. (1) Abigail, dau. of 
Rev. Henry Whitfield of Connecticut. Issue: 
James, Abigail, Elizabeth, Hannah, Samuel, 
and Dorothy; m. (2) Priscilla Mason, dau. of 
Major John Mason of Norwich. Issue: Daniel, 
John, Jeremiah, Jabez, Ann, Nathaniel, Jo- 
seph and Eleazer. Lebanon. 
133 Hillhouse, John Griswold, d. Oct. 9, 1806, ag. 35. 

136 Hillhouse, James, Rev., d. Dec. 15, 1740, ag. 53. 


118 Hooker, Asahel, Rev., b. Aug. 29, 1762, in Beth- 
lem, d. Apr. 19, 1813. Chelsea. 

172 Hubbard, Bela, Rev., rector of Trinity, b. Guil- 
ford, Aug. 27, 1739, d. Dec. 6, 1812, in 74th yr. 
New Haven. 

121 Huntington, Samuel, Gov., d. Jan. 5, 1796, in 
65th yr. His wife Martha, dau. of Rev. Eben- 
ezer Devotion of Windham, d. June 4, 1794, in 
57th yr. Norwich. 

125 Hurlbut, George, Capt., d. May 8, 1783, in 28th yr., 
wounded at Tarrytown, N. Y. New London. 

129 Hurlbut, Elizabeth, relict of Joseph, d. Mar. u, 

1798, ag. 63. New London. 

137 Jewett, David, Rev., pastor 2nd Church in New 

London, d. June 6, 1783, ag. 69. Montville. 
164 Johnson, Samuel, Rev., b. Oct. 14, 1696, d. Jan. 

6, 1772. Stratford. 
170 Lane, Job, Tutor at Yale, b. Mass., 1741, d. Sept. 

16, 1768. New Haven. 
121 Lathrop, Joshua, Dr., d. Oct. 29, 1807, in 83d yr. 


130 Law, Richard, Judge, Mayor, Chief Justice Su- 

perior Court, b. Mar. 17, 1733, d. Jan. 26, 1806, 
in 73d yr. New London. 

151 Lockwood, James, Rev., d. July 20, 1772, ag. 58. 

120 Lord, Banjamin, Rev., d. Mar. 31, 1784, ag. 90. 

152 Marsh, Ebenezer Grant, Prof, at Yale and min- 

ister, oldest son of Rev. John Marsh, D. D., b. 
Feb. 2, 1777, d. Nov. 16, 1803, ag. 27. Wethers- 

151 Mix, Stephen, Rev., d. Aug. 22, 1733, in 67th yr. 

176 Ogden, Jerusha, wife of Jacob, b. East Windsor, 
Nov. 29, 1748, d. Aug. 29, 1812, ag. 63. New 

167 Pierson, Abraham, Rev., son of Rev. Abraham, 
1st minister of Newark, N. J., pastor at Kill- 
ingworth and 1st rector of Yale. New Haven. 

276 American Epitaphs. [July. 

Vol. IV, p. 132 Saltonstall, Gurdon, Gov., d. Sept. 20, 1724, in 
59th yr. New London. 

163 Sandeman, Robert, native of Perth, Scotland, d. 
April 2, 1771, ag. 53. Danbury. 

124 Seabury, Samuel, ReV., Bishop of Connecticut 
and Rhode Island, d. Feb. 25, 1796, in 68th yr. 
Tablet on wall St. James Church. New Lon- 

150 Smith, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Thomas Scott of 
Norwich, Eng., wife of Hon. William Smith of 
New York, d. June 13, 1776, ag. 68. Wethers- 

163 Stiles, Ezra, S. T. D., LL. D, of Yale, d. May 12, 
1795, ag. 68. New Haven. 

129 Stupuy, Catherine, wife of Peter, dau. of Charles 
and Hannah Chadwick, d. Feb. 14, 1786, in 
26th yr. New London. 

137 Thompson, Amos Garrett, Rev., d. Oct. 23, 1801, 
ag. 38. Montville. 

141 Trumbull, Jonathan, LL. D., eldest sdn of Jona- 
than, Gov., d. 1809. Lebanon. 

121 Whiting, Frances M., wife of Samuel of Albany 
and dau. of Christopher Leffingwell, d. Dec. 8, 
1804, in 22d yr. Norwich. , 

144 Willard, John, Rev., d. Feb., 1807, ag. 74. Staf- 

149 Williams, Elisha, Col. and Rev., son of Rev. 
William Williams of Hatfield, d. July 24, 1750, 
ag. 61. Wethersfield. 

131 Woodbridge, Ephriam, A. M., d. Sept. 6, 1776, 
ag. 30. Mary, his wife, dau. of Capt. Na- 
thaniel and Temperance Shaw, d.-at Bolton, 
June 10, 1775, in 24th yr. New London. 

New York. 

Vol. V, p. 251 Ball, Richard Ashering, eldest son of Isaac Ball, 
M. D., d. Oct. 14, 1810, ag. 21 yrs., 6 mos. 
Tablet in St. Paul's Church, New York. 

252 Bayeux, Thomas, d. April 22, 1742, ag. 76. Mag- 
dalena, his wife, d. Sept. 3, 1734, ag. 47. Trin- 
ity Churchyard, New York. 

276 Clinton, James, b. Aug. 9, 1736, d. Dec. 22, 1812, 
m. Mary de Witt of Ulster County. Issue: 4 
sons of whom one was Hon. DeWitt Clinton. 
Orange County. 

268 Colden, Cadwallader, b. Feb. 7, 1687, m. Alice 
Christy of Kelso, Scotland, Nov. 11, 1715, d. 
Sept. 20, 1776, ag. 88 yrs., 7 mos. She was 
born Jan. 5, 1690, d. at Fort George, N. Y., 
Mar., 1762. Coldenham. 

I 9 I4.] American Epitaphs. 2JJ 

Vol. V. p. 246 Jay, John, LL. D., b. Dec. 12, 1745, m. Sarah, 
dau. of William Livingston, 1774. Issue: 
Peter Augustus, William, Maria, wife of 
Goldsborough Banyer; Ann, Sarah Louise. 
Bedford. \ 

141 Miller, Edward, M. D., d. Mar. 17, 1812, ag. 51. 
Edward Millington, his nephew, eldest son of 
Rev. Samuel Miller, D. D., d. Feb. 5, 1812, in 
17th yr. Mural tablet, Wall Street Presby- 
terian Church, New York. 

251 Sargeant, Ezra, bookseller, b. in Leicester, Mass., 

Oct. 14, 1775, d. in Hudson, N. Y., Jun. 24, 
181 2. Headstone in Cemetery Church du St. 
Esprit, New York. 

252 Taulman, John Neale, son of Major Peter and 

Mary, d. Nov. 5, 1814, ag. 22, 1, 18. Orange- 
town, Rockland County. 

New Jersey. 

Vol. V, p. 227 Bloomfield, Moses, Dr., b. Dec. 4, 1729, d. Apr. 

14, 1 79 r, in 63d yr. Woodbridge. 
229 Bonney, James, d. Nov. 5, 1802, ag. 64, 11, 9. 

Rah way. 
236 Boudinot, Julia, Miss, dau. of Hon. Elisha, d. 

1 81 2, ag. about 25. Newark. 
224 Bryant, William, ship captain, d. July 14, 1772, 

ag. 88. Perth Amboy. 
229 Carll, Naomi, wife of Rev. Buckley, d. Aug. 28, 

1804, in 35 th yr. Rah way. 

213 Condict, Ira, Rev., b. at Orange, N. Y., Feb. 21, 

1764, pastor Dutch Reformed Church, d. June 
1, 181 1. Son, Daniel Condict, m. Sarah Per- 
rine, dau. of Henry Perrine of Freehold and 
sister of Rev. Matthew La Rue Perrine, pastor 
of Spring Street Church, New York. Issue: 
1 son, 3 daughters. New Brunswick. 

214 Cumming, Robert, native of Montrose, Scot- 

land, son of John, m. (1) Mary van Hook, dau. 
Lawrence van Hook of Freehold. Issue: 
Rev. Alexander, minister Old South, Boston; 
" Lawrence, Mary, wife of Rev. Alexander Mac- 
Whorter, D. D. of N. Y., m. (2) Mary Noble, 
dau. of John, merchant of Bristol, England, 
and Catharine van Burgh, dau. of John of N. 
Y. Issue: Catharine, wife of Rev. Philip 
Stockton of Princeton; Ann, wife of Rev. 
William Schenck of Huntington, L. I.; John 
Noble of Newark, m. Sarah, dau. of Joseph 
Hedden; Margaret, d. ag. 40. His widow m. 
Rev. William Tennet and d. at Pittsgrove, 
N. J., in 82d yr. Freehold. 

278 American Epitaphs. [July, 

238 dimming, Sarah, wife of Rev. Hooper dim- 
ming of Newark, dau. of John Emmons, 
Portland, Me. Killed by falling into the 
Basin of Passaic Falls, June 22, 1812. Newark. 

213 Dunbar, Mary, Mrs., teacher, d. Dec. 9, 1808, ag. 

76. Trenton. 

232 Ford, Chilion, Col., Officer of Artillery in Revo- 
lution, d. Oct. 19, 1800, ag. 42, 9, 23. Morris. 

243 Haugevort, Geradus, Rev., Pastor Reformed 
Church, d. near close of the Revolution, leav- 
ing son and grandson. Belleville. 

258 Hayes, Samuel, Major, d. June 1, 181 1, in 83d yr. 
Newark. , 

234 Hornblower, Josiah, Hon., mathematician, en- 
gineer and patriot, d. Jan. 21, 1809, ag. 88. 

232 Johnes, Timothy, Rev., b. May 24, 1717, d. Sept. 

J 5» x 794> i n 7** y r - Elizabeth, his (1) wife, d. 
Sept. 19, 1748, ag. 31. Kezia (2), wife, d. 
Nov. 1, 1794, ag. 79. Morris. 

228 Pierson, Ruth, wife of Rev. John, dau. of Rev. 

Timothy Woodbridge of Hartford, Conn., d. 
Jan. 7, 1732, ag. 38. Woodbridge. 
275 Pike, Zebulon Montgomery, Gen., native of 
Woodbridge, son of Major Zebulon Pike of 

214 Rhea, Maria Matilda, b. June 3, 1763, m. Col. 

Jonathan Rhea, d. June 14, 1800, ag. 37 yrs., 
1 1 days. Trenton. 

230 Richards, Aaron, Rev., d. May 16, 1793, ag. 75. 


231 Richards, Susannah, wife of above, d. Feb. 18, 

1794, ag. 68. Rahway. 

226 Roe, Rebecca, wife of Rev. Azel, dau. of Dr. 
Isaac and Mary Foot of Branford, Conn., d. 
Sept. 1, 1794, ag. 53. Woodbridge. 

245 Schuyler, Arent, father of Peter and John. 

226 Stevens, Ebenezer, Gen., of New York, pre- 
sented a Bible to Presbyterian Church, Sept. 
21, 1802. Perth Amboy. 

233 Sturge, Benjamin, ag. 20, and Woodruff. Heze- 

kiah, ag. 17, killed by lightning, Aug. 18, 1798. 

260 Tennent, William, pastor of Presbyterian 
Church, second son of Rev. William Tennent, 
d. Mar. 8, 1777, in 73d yr. Had brothers Gil- 
bert, John and Charles. Freehold. 

216 Troup, Robert, Capt., d. Dec. 28, 1768, ag. 60. 

229 Wall, John Galen, b. Middletown, N. J., Dec. 17, 

1759, d. Jan. 14, 1798. Woodbridge. 

I914J Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. 2 7Q 



Copied from the manuscript record of the late Rev. Theodore A. Leggett, 

by A. Hatfield, Jr. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV, p. 136, of the Record.) 

10. Gabriel 1 Leggett (Gabriel 1 ), borr. at West Farms, 1697 or 
1698; resided at West Farms, and in latter years of his life at 
West Patent of North Castle, Westchester Co.; was a landowner 
and an Alderman of the Borough of Westchester; died at West 
Farms, April, 1786, and was probably buried at West Farms. 
He was married, presumably at West Farms, first, to Bridget(?) 

. (Nothing is known of her parentage, and her given name 

is taken from the statement of a decendant, William L. Corse, son 
of Barney Corse and Mary E". Leggett (Samuel 1 , Thomas*, 
Thomas', Gabriel'.) He married, second, July 9, 1765, Mary 
Wiggins. The date of her birth is not known, and she was dead 
before 1781, as she is not mentioned in Gabriel's will of that date. 
He married, third (?), Aug. 7, 1782, Sarah Brown. 

Children 9(?) (Leggett), 4 sons and 5 daughters, all born pre- 
sumably at West Farms: 

i. Thomas', b. June 3, 1721; d. ; m. Mary Embree. 

Isaac, b. ; d. before 1781; m. Hannah Wiggins. 

James, b. ; d. 1800; m. . 

Gabriel, b. ; d. before April to, 1760; m. Cather- 
ine Ash. 

Mary, b. ; d. ; m. John Archer. 

Martha, b. ; d. ; m. Hezekiah Forgason. 

Phebe, b. ; d. ; m. Isaac Meiers. 

Catherine, b. ; d. ; m. . 

ix. Elizabeth, b. ; d. . m. . 

And possibly other children by third marriage. 
Gabriel' Leggett was the youngest child of Gabriel' and Eliza-, 
beth (Richardson) Leggett, and, as has already been stated, was 
probably born after his father's will was made, that is, 1697 or 
'98. The record of his death is found in a West Farms paper of 
April, 1786, which was given in a previous number (see page 76 
of Jan., 1914, Record). The statement that he was 90 years of 
age at his death can be taken as approximate, as a year or so 
would not be likely to be regarded by the person who noted the 
fact of the long life, and other known facts would indicate 1698 
as being nearer the correct date of birth than 1696, as this article 
would make it. If the other statement that there was 65 years 
difference in age between his eldest and youngest daughter be 
true, then it must have been that he married a third time be- 
tween the writing of his will, June, 1781, and his death in 1786, and 
had at least one other daughter, for assuming Mary, who is named 

+ 23 


+ 24 


+ 2 S 


+ 26 


+ 27 


+ 28 


+ 29 






280 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. [July 

first of his daughters in his will, to have been born before his 
eldest son, Thomas — that is, in 1719-20, this would put the date of 
birth of the youngest daughter at 1784. No records have been 
found in proof of this statement, however, and perhaps even in 
those early days newspaper accounts were not noted for their 

There is a difference of opinion in the family as to the name 
of Gabriel's' first wife, but it is claimed that the name of Bridget 
is taken from an old family record, and it is probable that she 
was the mother of at least the first seven named children. The 
last two daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth, not being married 
in 1 781, may h°ve been children of the second wife, Mary Wig- 
gins. A marriage record from Christ Church, Salem, West- 
chester Co., Aug. 7, 1782, of Gabriel Leggett and Sarah Brown 
may have been the third marriage of Gabriel'. 

There are several unimportant references to Gabriel' Leggett 
in the Westchester Court records. He was an Alderman at differ- 
ent times from 1730 onward. In the records of the Mayor's court, 
Aug. 4, 1730, is the following: Miles Oakley, Mayor. William 
Leggett et al, Alderman. Jury not agreed; James Langley and 
Gabriel Leggett dissenting from the rest, gave their reasons to the 
court, and these being adjudged insufficient, they' were fined 
forty shillings each (!) and a new trial ordered. 

In Jones' History of New York During the Revolutionary War, 
the following incident is related: "John de Lancey of West- 
chester County, a Tory, boasted that in the fall of '76 he went to 
the home of Mr. Leggett and drove home twelve fat hogs, killed 
and appropriated them to his own use. Leggett was at least 80 
years old. . . ." This undoubtedly refers to Gabriel' Leggett. 

The will of Gabriel' Leggett. dated June 25, 1781, proved May 
2, 1786, in which he styles himself "Gabriel Leggett late of West 
Chester, but now of West Patent of North Castle, Westchester 
Co.," names sons Thomas and James, daughters ,Mary Archer 
(wife of John Archer, of Winterhill), Martha Forgason, husband 
Hezekiah; Phebe Meiers, husband Isaac; Elizabeth and Catherine. 
The executors are sons Thomas and James and "son-in-law, James 
Archer" (this is a miswriting in the will for "John," as in the record 
of the administration, his name is given as John Archer, and Mary 
Leggett, daughter of Gabriel', married John Archer of Winter- 
hill, son of John Archer of Fordham). 

Of the other sons of Gabriel' Leggett, Gabriel* died in 1760, 
and as Isaac', who married Hannah Wiggins in 1761, is also not 
mentioned in the will it is probable that he too was dead previous 
to this date. As Gabriel's' son is not mentioned, it may be possible 
that Isaac' left issue also, but no record of any has been found. 


New York Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. 31, p. 238. 

Jones, Thomas, History of New York During the Revolutionary War, 
vol. 2, p. 89. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of Wills, vol, 13, 
p. 344- 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills, Liber, 39, p. 57. 

+3 2 




+ 34 



+ 36 


191 4.] Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. 28 1 

12. John* Leggett (John', Gabriel 1 ), born at West Farms about 
1700-01; resided at West Farms, was a farmer and large land- 
owner; died at West Farms before Aug. 28, 1777, and was buiied 
in the Hunt's Point burying-ground. He was married at West 

Farms about 1740 to Anna Hunt 9 ; d. ; daughter of Thomas 


Children" (Leggett), 3 sons and 3 daughters, all born at West 

John 4 , b. , 1742; d. before Oct. 23, 1780; m. Mary 


Cornelius, b. ; d. before Sept. 21, 1807; m. 

Mary . 

Eleanor (Helena), b. ; d. ; m. Thomas Law- 

Susannah, b. ; d. before 1777; m. Embree. 

Isaac, b. ; d. before Aug. 28, 1777; m. Mary Oak- 
+37 vi. Ruth, b. ; d. ; m. Michael Collard. 

There seems to be very little documentary information of 

iohn' Leggett. Nathaniel Underhill acted as his guardian after 
is father's death, and on April 6, 1721, John' signed a release of 
the personal estate of his father to his step-father, Robert Eddos, 
as follows: "I have reckoned and balanced accounts of my 
father-in-law, Robert Eddos, bv and with ye advice and consent 
of my guardian, Nathaniel Underhill, for and touching ye per- 
sonal (not real) estate of my father, John Leggett, late deceased, / 
upon which my mother Sicily Eddos administered, and then re- 
ceived a cane, a sword and a gun in full for my part, share, and 
portion of my said father, John Leggett's estate. Now I do 
hereby discharge my father-in-law, Robert Eddos," etc. Signed, 
John Leggett, Nathaniel Underhill. 

If this release was on the occasion of his coming of age, then 
he was born April 6, 1700, and was 77 years of age at the time of 
his death in 1777, but no definite proof of this can be found. • 

John' Leggett's purchases of real estate and the amount of 
property disposed of by will indicate that he was a prosperous 
and wealthy man. He died during the turmoil and excitement 
of the Revolutionary War, but his home, probably the old Rich- 
ardson homestead, lying within the British lines, with his effects, 
were under protection. Under date of July 3, 1725, he makes the 
following release to his uncles Gabriel' and William' Leggett. 
(These releases seem to be for lands already given to or bought 
by his uncles from their mother and brother Thomas, and were 
probably lands in which his father John' had had a share by in- 

"Release: by John Leggett for consideration of £60 to Ga- 
briel Leggett, of all such right, estate, title, interest and demand 
whatsoever, as the said John Leggett had, or ought to have, of, 
in, or to, all or any part of ye land and meadows which ye said 
Gabriel, by his father Gabriel, deceased, and his said mother 
Elizabeth Leggett, which either of them, or by his. brother 

282 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. [July, 

Thomas, deceased, by anyways or means whatsoever, either di- 
vided or'undivided or situate and being in Westchester above said 
and also in any part and parcel of ye personal estate of ye said 
Elizabeth Leggett, deceased, which is in the siezen and posses- 
sion of ye said Gabriel Leggett." Under same date he releases 
William Leggett for a consideration of ^55, "all right, estate, in- 
terest whatsoever, as the said John Leggett had or ought to have 
in lands and meadows which ye sd William Leggett hath pur- 
chased of his mother, Elizabeth Leggett, deceased, or were given 
unto the said William by his father Gabriel Leggett, now in 
William Leggett's possession." 

On the same day and year, July 3, 1725, John* Leggett deeds 
William Leggett, his uncle, "in consideration of £$, all my or- 
chard and salt meadow adjoining between the land and meadow 
of Thomas Hunt, and the land and meadow of sd William Leg- 

April 4, 1770, the heirs of John Pugsley give release to John 
Leggett for property on Cow Neck, which he had bought at auc- 
tion for ^1325. This is described at length in Westchester Co. 
Deed Book. 

The will of John" Leggett (New York Surrogate's Office, 
Liber 31, page 67) reads as follows: "In the name of God, Amen. 
I John Leggett, senr. of the West Farms in the borough and 
town of Westchester and county of Westchester &nd province of 
New York farmer being of sound disposing mind and mind [sic] 
and Memory, thanks be to God for the same, do make this my last 
Will and testament in Manner following first and principally I 
committ my soul into the hands of God that gave it and my body 
to the Earth to be buried in a decent and Christian like man- 
ner by my executors hereafter named, hoping for the Pardon of 
all- my sins through the merits of Jesus Christ my saviour and 
Redeemer, and as touching my worldly estate I do dispose there- 
of as follows: first I will that all my just debts and funeral 
charges be duly paid and satisfyed in some convenient time after 
my decease. 2diy I give and bequeath unto my Son John Leg- 
gett and to his heirs and assigns forever All that farm he now 
possesseth, Item, a piece of Meadow Ground lying in the Plant- 
ing Neck near the Fox Hills. Item one other piece of Meadow by 
Robert Hunt's Meadow. I also give and bequeath unto my said 
son John and to his heirs and assigns forever, the Moiety or half 
of a piece of Meadow ground lying on Cow Neck between Na- 
thaniel Underhills on the one side and the Meadow of Cornelius 
Hunt on the Other side. Item I give and bequeath unto my said 
Son"* John, my negroes Dick and Sharp, and my silver tankard. 
3dly I give, devise and bequeath unto my Son Cornelius Leggett, 
and to his heirs and assigns forever the farme whereon I now 
live with all the buildings thereon, also my piece of meadow ly- 
ing on the Cosway on the Neck, also a piece of Meadow lying on 
the Island adjacent to a piece of Meadow late John Hedgers, 
also the Moiety or half of a piece of Meadow lying on Cow neck 
between the meadow of Nathaniel Underbill and Cornelius Hunt 
the other half of said piece of Meadow I have before in this Will 

Igi4-J Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. 283 

given to my son John Also I give devise and bequeath unto my 
said Son Cornelius and to his heirs and assigns forever, my 
meadow on the East side of Cow Neck adjoining the commons, 
that is now without my fence Also I give and bequeath unto my 
said Son Cornelius, My Negro Man Tite and my Negro boy Ben 
also I give and bequeath unto my Son Cornelius four Milk Cows 
and all my team and farming utensils. 4thly I give and bequeath 
to my daughter Eleanor, the wife of Thomas Lawrence, My Ne- 
gro Wench Bett, and my silver cup. 5thly I give and bequeath 
unto my Daughter Ruth Leggett My Negro Wench Lift, and 
Negro Boys Harry and Lew, also one bed and bedding and all 
its furniture with my large looking glass nnd a table. Also I 
give her all my silver spoons and my desk and cupboard I also 
give my Daughter Ruth the use of one room and fire place in my 
house so long as she remains unmarried with the privilege of 
getting her firewood on my farm. 6thly I give and bequeath 
unto my two sons John and Cornelius the use and improvement 
of all my farm or Neck of Land called and known by the Name 
of Cowneck, in the borough of Westchester, for and during the 
term of seventeen years after my decease share and share alike, 
provided always that they pay or caused to be paid unto my 
Daughter in law Mary Leggett, the Widow of my son Isaac Leg- 
gett deceas'd, the sum of twenty pounds Yearly and every Year, 
for the term of seventeen Years as aforesaid, but in case my said 
Daughter in law chooses to live on the farm, I give her the use 
of the house and twenty Acres of Land; in that case my Sons 
John and Cornelius are to pay her ten pounds a year and every 
year for the term of seventeen years as aforesaid, and at the Ex- 
piration of seventeen years as aforesaid, I give and bequeath 
Unto my grandson Stephen Leggett, Son of my son Isaac de- 
ceased, and to his heirs and assigns for ever, all the said farm or 
Neck of Land that is Not before disposed of in this Will, provided 
he my said Grandson Stephen shall and do pay unto my Grand 
daughter Sarah Leggett daughter of my Son Isaac Leggett, de- 
ceas'd. the sum of two Hundred and fifty pounds New York Cur- 
rency, but in case my said Grandson, Stephen Leggett should die 
Not having lawfull Issue before he arrives at the age of Twenty 
one Years then and in that case I give devise and bequeath the 
said farm or Neck of land that is not before given in part in this 
Will unto my two Sons John and Cornelius, to them their heirs 
and assigns forever to be equally divided share and Share alike, 
provided they pay my granddaughter Sarah Leggett, daughter 
of my Son Isaac, the sum of two Hundred and fifty pounds and 
my express wilLand Meaning is that my two Sons, John and Cor- 
nelius do bring up and Maintain in a decent and Christian like 
manner my Grandson Stephen Leggett for and during the term 
of Seventeen Years, that they have the use of the farm as afore- 
said and also make fifteen roads of stone Wall on the said farm 
Yearly, and every year for said term of seventeen Years. Item 
I give unto my Son John the use of my Negro boy Jo untill my 
grandson Stephen before named arrives to the age of twenty one 
years and when he arrives to the age of twenty one Years I give 

284 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. [July, 

him my boy Jo. 7th after my decease my Will further is that 
my Executors, or the survivor of them, do sell at publick Vendue 
all my Negro's, chatties and furniture and moveables of every 
kind that are not dispose'd of before in! this Will, and the moneys 
thence arising shall be equally divided by my Executors between 
my Daughter Eleanor Lawrence, my daughter Ruth Leggett, 
and the Children of my daughter Susanah Embre, deceas'd, 
Share and Share alike, and the third part of my Moveables sold 
as aforesaid that shall be given to my Grand children before 
named, shall be subdivided by my executors between all my 
grand children before Mentioned share and share alike. I also 
give unto the children of my daughter Susannah Embre, de- 
ceas'd My Negro Wench Bell. 

My will further is that as I have Made full and ample provis- 
ion for my executor (herein after Named) that they not bring 
any charge or account against my Estate for the trouble they are 
at in executing this my Will, but shall faithfully execute the 
same gratis and for Nothing. 

Lastly I Nominate and appoint my Sons John Leggett and 
Cornelius Leggett executors of this my last Will and testament, 
hereby Makeing void all former Wills by me made, declareing 
this only to be my last will and testament. In Witness whereof 
I have here unto sett my hand and seal this twenty-eighth day of 
June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven^hundred and 
seventy seven. (Signed) John Leggett (Seal)." 

Witnesses: Stepheniah West, Thomas Hedges, Daniel White. 

Proved before Cary Ludlow, Surrogate of the Province of 
New York, Aug. 28, 1777. 

There is no mention of his wife in the will of John* Leggett, 
so that she was dead before 1777. The only record we find of 
her is in the will of her father, Thomas Hunt, 1756, where she is 
named as being the wife of John Leggett, and in Bolton. The 
exact order of birth of the children of John' Leggett and Anna 
(Hunt) Leggett is not known, but from the order in which they 
are named in the will, it would seem to be as given'above. 


Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, pp. 446, 738. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of Wills, vol. 5, p 
279; vol. 1 1, p. 13. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills, Liber 21, p. 192; Liber 31, p. 386. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester, p. 291. 

13. Joshua 8 Leggett (John,' Gabriel 1 ), born at West Farms, 
about 1702; died at West Farms, before June 13, 1738. * His wife's 
given- name was Abigail, but no record of her surname or 
parentage has been found. There is no record of any children. 

Letters of administration of Joshua 8 Leggett's estate were 
granted to his brother, John Leggett, June 13, 1738, and he re- 
signing, new letters were granted to the widow, Abigail Leggett, 
July 28, 1738. 


New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of wills, vol. 3, p. 229. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester, p. 76. 

19 14.] Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. 285 

16. William' Leggett (William, 8 Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 
March 26, 17 15; removed to Phillipsburgh and was a large land- 
owner there. He died at Phillipsburgh, between March 17 and 

June 25, 1763. He was married about 1735, to Elizabeth . 

No record of her maiden name nor of her parentage has been 
found. As she is not mentioned in his will, she was probably 
dead before 1763. 

Children 6 (Leggett), 5 sons and 1 daughter: 

4-38 i. Sarah, 4 b. May 21, 1736; d. ; m. Joshua Sherwood. 

-j-39 ii. Elijah, b. Sept. 27, 1737; d. ; m. . 

+40 iii. Ezekiel, b. April 3, 1740; d. 1770; m. Jeanne Angevine. 

41 iv. William, b. Sept. 17, 1742; d. , living in 1763, but 

not named in deed of 1769. In the records of the 
first and second Presbyterian Cnurches, New York 
City, we find the marriage of a William Leggett, 
soldier, and Catherine Boswin, Feb. 18, 1763. Pos- 
sibly this is this William, but no further record of 
him has been found. * 

42 v. Isaac, b. Jan. 12, 1744; d. , living in 1763, but not 

named in deed of 1769, and probably died, unmarried, 
before this latter date. 

43 vi. John, b. Aug. 14, 1749; d. ; m. . 

William 9 Leggett was called William Leggett of Phillipsburgh, 
to distinguish him from his father, William 3 Leggett of West- 
chester.' He owned considerable property at Phillipsburgh, but 
as he died at a comparatively early age, there are not many 
records regarding him. 

In his will, dated March 17, 1763, proved June 25, 1763, he 
leaves his farm to sons Elijah and Ezekiel, and makes them 
executors; leaves a cupboard to daughter Sarah; other bequests 
to sons William, Isaac, John, when of age; adding "if my father 
please to leave me any money or effects, to be equally divided 
between all my children." 

The following is a copy of a discharge from the children of 
William' Leggett, to their uncle Abraham Leggett, for the pay- 
ment of the legacy of their grandfather, William' Leggett: 
"To all whom these Presents shall come we Elijah Leggett Eze- 
kiel Legget John Legget Joshua Sherwood and Sarah his wife 
late Sarah Leggett being the children of William Legget de- 
ceased who was one of the sons and Devisees of William Legget 
of the West Farms in the Borough of Westchester deceased send 
greeting whereas the said William Legget our grandfather in and 
by his last Will and Testament did among other things charge 
his estate which he gave to his son Abraham Legget with the 
Payment of Three hundred Pounds to our father William Legget 
in full of his Portion in one year after our said Grandfathers 
death, and whereas altho our father the said William Legget died 
before our Grandfather the said William Legget the Testator, 
upon which Doubts arose, whether the said Legacy was not a 
lapsed Legacy notwithstanding which the said Abraham Legget 

286 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. [July, 

hath well and truly paid and Satisfied to us the said Elijah Eze- 
kiel John Joshua and Sarah the said three Hundred pounds the 
receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge and in consideration 
where of we the said Elijah Legget Ezekiel Legget John Legget 
Joshua Sherwood and Sarah his wife do hereby Remise Release 
and for ever Quit claim unto the said Abraham Legget all and all 
manner of Action and Actions cause and causes of actions, suits, 
Debts, dues, sum and sums of Money, accounts of claims and de- 
mands whatsoever which we now or ought to have either in Law 
or Equity against the said Abraham Legget for or by Reason of 
any matter cause or thing whatsoever from the beginning of the 
World to the day of date hereof. In witness where of We have 
hereunto Respectively set our Hands and seals this Twenty- 
fourth day of May — anno Domini 1769. 

(Signed) Elijah Leggett, Ezekiel Leggett, John Leggett, 
Joshua Sherwood x his mark, Sarah Sherwood x her mark. 

Sealed & delivered in the presence of Gershom Sherwood, 
Joseph Conklin." 


Family Bible record of William' Leggett. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester, p. 109. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of Wills, vol. 6, p. 254. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills, Liber 24, p. 138. 

First and Second Presbyterian Churches, New York City. Records. In: 
New York Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. II, p. 121. 

Westchester County Deeds. 

17. Sarah 3 Leggett (William 1 , Gabriel 1 ), born West Farms, 

Jan. 4, 1720; died . She was married (intention, Sept. 18, 

1741) Oct. 16, 1741, to Charles Frazier, a Scotchman; born ; 

died before 1762. 

Children 4 (Frazier), 2 sons and 2 daughters: 

44 i. William 4 , b. Sept. 13, 1743; d. 

45 ii. Robert, b. July 20, 1745; d. ; m. . 

46 iii. Sarah, b. ; d. ; m. . 

47 iv. Mary, b. ; d. ; m. . 

The marriage record of Sarah Leggett and Charles Frasier 
reads as follows: "Personen met Geboden. . . . Ingeteekent 
1741 Septr 18, Met attestatie van Ew r Ouwderlingschap der Pres- 
byt r Gemeente: Charles Frazier j. m. van Schotland woonende 
alhier & Sara Leggit j. d. v. Westchester en woonende alhier. 
Getrouwt Octob. 6." Translation: Persons with banns. Regis- 
tered 1 741. Sept. 18. With recommendation from the reverend 
board of elders of the Presbyterian congregation: Charles 
Frasier, young man (i. e., unmarried) from Scotland, living here, 
and Sara Leggit, young maiden, from Westchester, living here. 
Wedded, Oct. 6. 

I find no further records of Charles Frasier, and that he was 
dead before 1762 is shown by William 1 Leggett's will, written in 
that year. Sarah (Leggett) Frasier was a witness to her brother 
William' Leggett's will at Philipsburgh, 1763, and it is probable 
that the Fraziers also lived at Philipsburgh. 

19 1 4-] Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. 287 

Family Bible record of William 5 Leggett. 
New York City. Dutch Church Marriages, p. 168. 
Will of William 9 Leggett. 

20. Abraham' Leggett (William 4 , Gabriel 1 ), tyorn West Farms, 
July 3, 1728; died June 2, 1813. He was married at West Farms, 
Aug. 11, 1758, to Geertye Childs. She was born, Oct. 20, 1736; 
died at West Farms, Dec. 15, 1812, aged 76 years, 1 month, 23 
days, by tombstone record. She was the daughter of Francis 
Childe and Cornelia Viele of New York City. 

Children 1 (Leggett), a son: 

+48 i. William 4 , b. Aug. 4, 1759; d. April 29, 1828; m. Re- 
becca Wood. 


Family Bible record of William 8 Leggett. 

New York marriages. Supplemental list. 

Bolton, R., History of Cotmty of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

New York City. Dutch Church baptisms, vol. 2, p. 53. 

( To be continued) 


Every gleaner in the field of genealogical research has met with errors in 
printed volumes which, left by themselves, carry mistaken conclusions to the 
end of time. This department has been inaugurated in an endeavor to correct 
such spurious data. Readers are requested to forward for publication here 
every such error, and such further additions to printed genealogies as are 
found, that due correction may be made. The authority for the statement 
must be furnished, with name and address of contributor. 

10. Clark — Correction. 

Mr. Savage has omitted from his Gen. Dictionary of New Eng- 
land: Edward 1 Clark of Haverhill, Mass., who m. Dorcas, dau. of 
Hanniel Bosworth, and had among other children, " Hanniel," 2 
who m. Aug. 30, 1678, Mary Gutterson. Hanniel 2 had ten chil- 
dren (see Haverhill Vital Records.) Among them, Hanniel, 3 b. 
July 15, 1680, who went to Killingly, Conn., where he was Surveyor, 
1728; Deacon, 1733. Children born at Haverhill were: 
i. "Zabdiell" 4 (Zebediah), bap. July 3, 1715. 
ii. Nehemiah, bap. Dec. 27, 1719. 
iii. "Hanah," bap. March 25, 1722. 

Zebediah 4 Clark was transferred by letter, from Christ Church, 
Killingly, to the church at Dedham, Mass., May 13, 1739, and in 
1776 was still a member. He m. (1) (Int. April 12, 1738) Mary 

288 Corrections and Additions to Published Genealogical Works. [July, 

Morse of Stoughton, Mass.; m. (2) March 3, 1747, Rachel Thorp 
of Dedham. Children: 

i. Samuel, 6 b. Aug. 4, 1749. 
ii. Hannah, b. July 10, 1 75 1 . 
iii. Nathan, b. May 7, 1754. * 

iv. Keziah, b. July 1, 1756. 
v. Rachel, b. May 24, 1760. 

vl. "Hanniel," b. July 21, 1765. This is entered on the 
town records as Daniel; church records as Hanniel; 
bap. July 28, 1765. 

Vital Records of Haverhill, Mass.; Hist. Windham Co. Ct., pp. 334, 339, 
531 ; Records of Dedham, Mass., pp. 77, qi, 169, 173; Canton- Stoughton Records. 

mrs. r. d. Bristol, 400 Convent Ave. 

11. De Meyer — Correction. 

In Vol. I, p. 203, Abstract of Wills (N. Y. Hist. Soc), it is 
stated that Anna Catherine de Meyer, dau. of Nicholas de Meyer, 
quondam Mayor of New York, m. Jan Willemse Neering of New 
Castle, Delaware, and afterwards John Williams. The fact is 
these were the same individual, the error being made by the 
copyist. On p. 482, Penn. Mins. of Council, Vol. I., Jno. Williams 
Neering is elected Member of the Provincial Council. On suc- 
ceeding pages he is put down as John Williams. His wife died 
before her husband (New Castle Co., Del., Wills). 

c. h. b. turner, Waycross, Ga. 

12. Dunning — Addition to Item No. 6. 

Eber Dunning, b. Salem, N. Y., 1787, son of Silas, b. 1755, and 
brother of Ira, b. 1795, according to the recollection of his grand- 
daughter, Mrs. Amaryllis C. Thompson, writing in May, 1913, from 
1013 A St., Tacoma, Wash., had sons: 

James, living somewhere in Missouri and. had a large 

family of boys. 
John, had no children. 
Orson, lived in Fond du Lac, Wis., and had two sons 

and two daughters. One son (thought to be Eber) 

is a physician in Minneapolis. 
Dennison, of whom Mrs. Thompson knows nothing. 
William, had son Eber, who had daughters Jessie (living 

in 1913) and Ann (Rogers). 
Eber, b. 1787, had also two daughters, one b. 181 1, d. 

1895, the mother of Mrs. Thompson, b. 1850, and of 

nine other children. Mrs. Thompson's mother was 

the ninth. 

silas wright dunning, 420 Riverside Drive, N. Y. City. 
Whose line of descent is as follows: 

Born Sodus, N. Y., 1838, son of 
Josiah D., b. Ticonderoga, 1803, son of 

igi4-] Special Notice. 289 

Allen, b. Pownal, Vt, 1778, son of 

Josiah, b. Newtown, Conn., 1755, son of 

Michael, b. Newtown, Conn., 1730, son of 

Benjamin, probably b. Boston, 1679, son of 

Benjamin, b. Salem, Mass., 1647, son *of 

Theophilus, whose name appears in Salem records 1642. 

13. Howes-Bangs — Correction. 

The Howes Genealogy, by Joshua Crowell Howes, page II, states 
that Sarah Howes, b. Oct. 29, 1673 (daughter of Thomas and Sarah 
(Bangs) Howes), m. Feb. 12, 1708, Daniel Sears. 

This statement seems to be incorrect in view of the pre- 
ponderating evidence to the contrary as given in the following 
authorities, viz.: 

Bangs Genealogy, pp. 17, 19, 21, 22, states that Sarah Bangs, 
b. about 1638 (daughter of Edward and Rebecca (Hicks) Bangs), 
m. at Eastham, Mass., in 1656, to Captain Thomas Howes of Yar- 
mouth, and had a daughter Sarah Howes, b. Oct. 29, 1673, who m. 
May 19, 1692, to Stephen Hopkins (son of Stephen and Mary 
(Myrick) Hopkins), b. July 15, 1670; d. April 9, 1733; by whom 
she had eight children. 

Sears Genealogy, by Samuel P. May, p. 60, states that Captain 

Daniel Sears, b. Yarmouth, , 1682; d. Chatham, Mass., Aug. 

10, 1756; m. Feb. 12, 1708-9, to Sarah Howes (daughter of Samuel 

Howes of Yarmouth, b. Yarmouth, Mass., , 1685; d. Chatham, 

Mass., Nov. 9, 1748, aged 63 years; and by her he had seven 

From the above quoted authorities it seems probable that the 
Howes Genealogy is incorrect in stating that Sarah Howes, who m. 
Daniel Sears on Feb. 12, 1708, was a daughter of Thomas and 
Sarah (Bangs) Howes of Yarmouth. The Sarah Howes who m. 
Captain Daniel Sears was probably Sarah, daughter of Samuel 
Howes of Yarmouth. 

john r. totten, 226 West 58th Street. 


Attention of The New York Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Society having been called to the fact that 
certain genealogists have used, and are using, its name 
as a reference, or otherwise, in the prosecution of their 
business: — Notice is hereby given that the Society 
authorizes no one to so use its name; and that it is not, 
nor will it be responsible in any way for the acts of such 
individuals who use its name as a reference, or other- 
wise, in violation of this specific prohibition. 

29O Obituary. [July. 



Contributed by Laura A. Madden 

Mrs. Katherine Searle McCartney, who for a number of years was a member 
of this Society, died at her old home, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, 
April 18, 1914, in the house of her sister, Mrs. William M. Miller. 

She had been ill for six months or more at the home of her daughter, Mrs. 
Bamford, in New York City, but recovered sufficiently in March last to go to 
Wilkes-Barre to attend the funeral ceremonies of an old friend, intending to 
return to New York and her busy life here as soon as her strength would permit 
her to take up her pen again, but her active work must now pass into other 
hands while she rests. 

Mrs. McCartney was the widow of the late General William H. McCartney, 
for many years a prominent attorney of Luzerne County, Penn., who died in 
1894, and besides her daughter, she is survived by a son, Mr. William H. 
McCartney, of Wilkes-Barre. 

She was the daughter of Leonard and Lydia (Dimock) Searle, and was born 
at Montrose, Penn., May 17, 1838. Her maternal grandfather was the Rev. Dr. 
Davis Dimock, who was one of the pioneer ministers of Susquehanna County, 
and for twenty-seven years associate judge of that county. 

She was descended from a long line of Puritan ancestors, including such 
families as those of Governor Thomas Prence, Deputy-Governor John Alden, 
William Mullins, Richard Warren, Thomas Miner, Philip Sherman, John 
Lothrop, Nathaniel Bacon, John Gallup, Thomas Dimock and Francis Lathom. 

She was a member of the Society of Colonial Dames; the Colonial Governors; 
the Mayflower Society (which she helped to found); the Order of Americans of 
Armorial Descent; the Mary Washington Association; the George Washington 
Memorial; the New England; New York; Pennsylvania; and Wyoming Valley 
Historical Societies, and for many years was a member of the board of managers 
of the Old Ladies' Home of Wilkes-Barre, Penn. 

Mrs. McCartney was deeply interested in patriotic work and was one of the 
first charter members and organizers of the National Society of the Daughters 
of the American Revolution. She founded the first chapter in the State of 
Pennsylvania, and was its regent continuously for twenty-three years, a record 
of which she was exceedingly proud. She attended ajl of the National 
Congresses of the society held in Washington since its inception, with the 
exception of two, and was one of. the best-known members of this body of 
women, in the interest of which she worked unceasingly for the past quarter of 
a century. 

She was greatly interested in the work of marking the historic spots in 
Luzerne County, Penn., which is carried on by the members of the patriotic 
societies, notably the restoration and preservation of Queen Esther's Rock at 

Her talents as a genealogist have made her well-known throughout the 
United States, and her ability as an organizer gained her a special decoration 
in recognition of her services in sending the first six nurses to the front during 
the Spanish-American War, through her connection as a member of the 
Daughters of the American Revolutionary Hospital Corps. 

Being a woman who had always enjoyed splendid health, Mrs. McCartney 
was high-spirited, strong of will, and determined of purpose. She was cheerful 
in disposition, optimistic in thought, encouraging and helpful, and possessed the 
temperament that inspires to enthusiasm and incites to effort. 

In. her death her associates can claim they have lost a valued companion 
and a good friend. 

The funeral ceremonies were held in St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, at 
Wilkes-Barre, Penn., and the interment was in Hollenback Cemetery. 

1914J Society Proceedings' 29 I 


Regular Meeting, March 13, 1914. 

The meeting was called to order at 4 p.m., by President Clarence Winthrop 
Bowen who announced the appointment of the following committees: 

Committee on Heraldry: Charles Pryer, Chairman; Charles Landon Jones, 
Howland Pell. 

Committee on Research: William Austin Macy, M.D., Chairman; Rev. 
John Cornell, George VV. Cocks, John E. Stillwell, M.D., Alphonso T. Clearwater, 
Miss Lucy D. Akerley, Tobias A. Wright, Edward Myers, William M. du Bois, 
Mrs. Charles Dod Ward, Rufus King, Charles Landon Jones, Rev. S. Ward 
Righter, Royden Woodward Vosburgh, William B. Van Alstyne, M.D., Douglas 

Since the last meeting of the Society the following deaths have been 
recorded: Rev. William Durant, Corresponding Member, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 
died at Wellesley, Mass., February 28, 1914; Rev. William Jones Skillman, 
Life Member, died February 23, 1914, aged 79. 

The following new members have been elected: George Rufus Boynton, 
58 West 57th St., City, Life Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; 
Mrs. Andrew Carnegie, 2 East 91st St., City, Life Member, proposed by Clarence 
Winthrop Bowen; Mrs. I. Percy Blackman, 235 Paulison Ave., Passaic, N. J., 
Annual Member, proposed by Mrs. Charles Dod Ward; John I. D. Bristol, 1 
Madison Ave., City, Annual Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; 
George Tuttle Brokaw, 1 East 79th St., City, Annual Member, proposed by Clar- 
ence Winthrop Bowen; Miss Susan Dennet Griffith,2i West 56th St., City, Annual 
Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; Julian H. Meyer, 307 West 
107th St., City, Annual Member, proposed by Winchester Fitch; Henry Hertel 
Truman, Highland and Lincoln Aves., Orange, N. J., Annual Member, proposed 
by Josiah Collins Pumpelly; Mrs. Edward Austin Tuttle, 131 Lexington Ave., 
City, Annual Member, proposed by Mrs. Charles Dod Ward. 

Spencer Joseph Estey has been restored to the Membership Roll. 

Mr. Bowen then introduced Mr. Charles McLean Andrews, Professor of 
American History in Yale University, who addressed the Society on " British 
Archives and their Value for American Colonial History." 

At the close of the lecture, Mr. Frederick Gregory Mather moved that a 
vote of thanks be tendered to Prof. Andrews for his very interesting and 
instructive lecture, which was seconded by Mr. James Benedict. Carried. 

Mr. Bowen announced that the April meeting of the Society would be held 
on April joth, and that the subject would be "The History of Mexico and Our 
Relations to It," by Albert Bushnell Hart, LL.D., of Cambridge, Mass., and 
that Mr. Charles H. Owen, of Hartford, Conn., author of "Justice of th'e Mexican 
War," would also address the Society, and possibly others. 

On motion, adjourned to the library for refreshments. 

Regular Meeting, April 10, 1914. 

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 p.m., with President Bowen in the 

Since the last meeting of the Society, the following death has been recorded: 
John Edward Marsh, died March 22, 1914, in his 74th year, Annual Member. 

The Executive Committee reported the election of the following new 
members: Mrs. Harry Samuel Bowen, 4 East 89th St., City, Annual Member, 
proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; Thomas B. Clarke, 22 East 35th St., 
City, Annual Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; John French, 
59 Wall St., City, Annual Member, proposed by Miss Lucy Dubois Akerly; 
Mrs. Robert S. Lovett, Locust Valley, Long Island, N. Y., Annual Member, 
proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; Frederick Kingsland Middlebrook, 
165 West 82d St., City, Annual Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; 
Miss Eleanor Jones Smith, 105 West 40th St., City, Annual Member, proposed 
by Miss Margaret Middleton; Robert Sneider, 55 Fulton St., City, Annual 
Member, proposed by Mrs. Katherine Searle McCartney. 

292 Society Proceedings. [July, 

Also that the name of Fanning Cobham Tucker Beck had been restored to 
the membership roll, and that the resignation of Edward Loudon Norton had 
been accepted to take effect December 31, 1914. 

Mr. Bowen then announced that a portrait of the late Gen. James Grant 
Wilson, painted three years ago, X length, through generosity of some of the 
members, had been obtained, and that formal presentation 1 would take place 
to-night on behalf of the donors. Trustees accepted with grateful thanks. 

Mr. Bowen announced that Mr. George Rufus Boynton, the artist, was 
present and took pleasure in announcing that Mr. Boynton had been elected a 
Life Member of the Society. Mr. Bowen then introduced Mr. George Rufus 
Boynton, the artist, who made a few remarks, stating his pleasure at being elected 
a Life Member. 

Mr. Bowen then introduced Albert Bushnell Hart, LL.D., Professor of 
Government in Harvard University, who addressed the Society on " The History 
of Mexico and Our Relations to It." 

At the close of Prof. Hart's address, the President announced the next 
speaker as a Yale man, and introduced Mr. Charles H. Owen, of Hartford, 
Conn., author of " The Justice of the Mexican War." 

At the close of Mr. Owen's lecture, the President called on Maj. Charles 
Hine, former Vice-President of the Southern Pacific Railroad, who made a few 

President Bowen then expressed the thanks of all present to Prof. Hart, 
Mr. Owen and Maj. Hine. 

On motion, adjourned to the library for refreshments. 

Regular Meeting, May 8, 1914. 

The meeting was called to order at 8:45 p.m., President Bowen in the Chair. 

Since the last meeting of the Society, the following deaths were recordea: 
Mrs. Catherine Searle McCartney, Annual Member, died April 17, 1914, aged 77 
years; Samuel Dayton Pierson, Annual Member, died April 28, 1914, suddenly, 
at Vergennes, Vt.; Mrs. Alice Dean Ward, Annual Member, died April 22, 1914. 

The Executive Committee reported the election of the following new 
members: Lester Williams Clark, Clinton Ave., New Brighton, Staten. Island, 
N. Y., Annual Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; Mrs. Ada 
Floretta Barnes DeLaney, 82 Richmond St., Brooklyn, N. Y., Annual Member, 
proposed by Miss Azalea Clizbee; Miss Caroline Coventry Haynes, 16 East 36th 
St., City, also Highlands, N. J., Annual Member, proposed by Abraham Hat- 
field, Jr.; Frank E. Hayward, Sayville, L. I., N. Y., Annual Member, prop- 
osed by Abraham Hatfield, Jr.; Mrs. William Donnison Hodges, 46 West 
9th St., City, Annual Member, proposed by John Reynolds Totten; Mrs. John 
Sherman Hoyt, 101 East 65th St., City, Annual Member, proposed by Clarence 
Winthrop Bowen; Mrs. Morris Ketchum Jesup, 197 Madison Ave., City, Annual 
Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; Edmund Penfold, 10 East 
40th St., City, Annual Member, proposed by Clarence Winthrop Bowen; Fred- 
eric William Stevens, 925 Park Ave., City, Annual Member, proposed by 
Clarence Winthrop Bowen. 

The name of the Rev. Elias Boudinot Stockton was restored to the mem- 
bership roll. 

Mr. Bowen then introduced the lecturer of the evening, Lyon G. Tylor, 
LL.D., President of College William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va., and a' son 
of President Tyler of the United States, who addressed the Society on the 
subject of "The Peninsular of Virginia, the Cradle of American Civilization," 
which was illustrated with stereopticon views. 

At the close of the lecture, Mr. John Milton Gardner moved a vote of thanks 
to the distinguished speaker for his interesting entertainment in treating the 
history of the early settlement of Virginia and alluded particularly to the 
historic and classical town of Williamsburg, which was seconded and carried 

The President extended the thanks of the Society to Mr. Tyler. 

The meeting then, on motion, adjourned to the library where the members 
and their guests were served with refreshments. 

19 1 4-] Queries, Book Reviews. 293 


Queries will be inserted at the rate of ten (to) cents per line, or fraction of a line, payable in 
advance; ten (10) words allowed to a line. Name and address of individual making query charged 
at line rates. No restriction as to space. t 

All answers may at the discretion of querist be addressed to The N. Y. G. & B. SOc. and will 
be forwarded to the inquirer. 

In answering queries please refer to the Volume and Page of The Record in which original 
query was published. 

10. De Klyn— Maney (Minne) — Van Zandt. Leonard De Klyn, born 
(at N. Y. ?) March 4, 1737, married at New York, September 24, 1763, to Margaret 
Maney, born (at N. Y. ?) Jan 17, 1744. Leonard was a "joiner" in New York. 
Who were the parents of Leonard and Margaret ? 

Barnt De Klyn, born ("in Boston," his monument says, but was it Boston ?) 
October 31, 1745, married (license N. Y. Province, April 9, 1768, to Mary Van 
Zandt, born ("in New York", monument says) January 29, 1749. Barnt was 
" Merchant of Philadelphia'' for a while. Who were the parents of Barnt and 
Mary ? Is there any unpublished De Klyn data ? 

Address: richard webber, New Rochelle, N. Y. 

11. Smith — Mountford — Lear — Fogg — Storer. — Information de- 
sired of Captain Joseph Smith of Portsmouth, N. H. (d. York, Me., in 1821, aged 
48) and his wife Polly Mountford (d. Portsmouth in 1824, aged 40). Who were 
their parents or connections ? They had daus. Charlotte who at one time lived 
with the Lear family in Portsmouth, and Martha Louisa, who m. a Stillson. 
There was in the Lear family an aunt Fogg and an aunt Storer, and Storer was 
Polly Lear's name by m. to Samuel Storer and became the mother of Rear 
Admiral George Washington Storer. Polly was sister of Tobias Lear, 
Washington's secretary. H. s. mott, 226 West 58th St. 

By John R. Totten. 

Editorial Note:— The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society solicits as 
donations to its Library all newly published works on Genealogy, History and Biography, as well 
as all works on Town, County and State History, or works embodying information regarding the 
Vital Records of any and all localities. It also solicits the donation to the manuscript collections 
of its library any and all manuscript compilations which bear upon the above mentioned topics. 

In consideration of such donations the works so presented to the Society will be at once 
placed upon the shelves of its library and will be reviewed in the next subsequent issue of The 
New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, each donation of such character, 
whether in printed or manuscript form, will be reviewed under the head of " Book Notices " and 
a copy of The Record containing the review will be sent to the donor. 

The Society does not solicit donations of publications or manuscripts on topics foreign to 
the above mentioned subjects, as its library is specialized and cannot accommodate material 
which does not bear directly upon its recognized sphere of usefulness. 

Donations for review in the January issue of The Record should be delivered to the 
Society before December 1st of the previous year; for the April issue, before March 1st; for the 
July issue before June ist; and for the October issue, before September 1st. 

All donations will be generously reviewed with a view of calling the attention of the public 
to their good points; but, while generous, the reviews will contain such proper criticism as the 
interest of the genealogical student would expect from the editorial staff ol The Record. 

The "Book Notices" of The Record are carefully read by all librarians as well as 
genealogical students, and the review of a work in The Record is equivalent to a special 
advertisement of such work. 

Letters of transmittal of donations of such works should embody the price of the work 
donated and the name and address of the person from whom it can be purchased. 

Ball Family, being Recollections of the Ball Family of South Carolina 
and the Comingtee Plantation, by Anne Simons Deas. 8vo., cloth, pp. 189. 
Copyrighted 1909, by Alwyn Ball, Jr. No price stated. Address, Alwyn Ball, 
Jr., No. 395 Broadway, New York City. 

This work is, properly speaking, the Annals of the Ball Family and not a 
genealogy. It is of a character to demand the highest commendation. The 

294 Book Reviews. [July. 

compiler and those responsible for its production in its existing form were 
evidently actuated by the highest spirit of natural family pride, and the result 
of their co-operation is a beautiful volume full of the most interesting family 
lore. The volume is printed in a most agreeable type, the paper is of the 
best linen arid the illustrations, which are most numerous and excellent, add 
largely to its value and to its artistic ensemble. Recommended to all Genea- 
logical Libraries. 

The Descendants of J5ran Kyn.of New Sweden, by Gregory R. Keen, 
LL.D. Philadelphia: The Swedish Colonial Society, 1913. 8vo., pp. 318. 
The book is printed on Alexandra deckle edge paper and bound in imported 
English buckram of the royal Swedish shade of blue. Price, $5.00 net per 
copy, payable to the author at 1300 Locust street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

The progenitor of this family accompanied Governor Printz to New 
Sweden and settled on the River Delaware in 1643. The work embraces 
records of Sandelands, Forman, Yeates and French, early Provincial Coun- 
cillors of Pennsylvania, and all of their descendants, as well as descendants 
of at least a dozen other Councillors of that Province. It comprises the 
entire McCall and half of the Cadwalader, Swift and Willing families of 
Philadelphia, Bayards and Finneys of Delaware, Hermans of Bohemia Manor, 
Middletons of South Carolina, and numerous other families of equal local 
distinction, including many eminent statesmen, officers of the army and navy 
in the Wars of the Revolution and 1812 and subsequently, lawyers, physicians, 
scholars, poets, artists, architects, novelists and engineers. 

The work is a first-class genealogical production, and embracing as it 
does information relative to so many of the important families of Pennsyl- 
vania and other States, it cannot fail to be heartily welcomed by the genea- 
logical public. It is strongly recommended as a desirable purchase to all 
Genealogical Libraries. 

The Averell-Averill -Avery Family. The Record of the Descendants 
of William and Abigail Averell, of Ipswich, Mass., compiled by Clara A. 
Avery. 8vo., cloth, 2 volumes, pp. 1,095, including index and 41 illustrations 
of family interest. Price, leather, $15.00; buckram, $10.00. Address compiler, 
in care of Mrs. Wheaton Augur, 46 Cedar street, Chicago, 111. 

This is a most voluminous compilation, giving much new and valuable 
information relative to the English Averells and Averills, and exhaustive 
records of the various American branches of the family. The work bears 
indisputable evidence of great care in compilation, and will be found a most 
valuable compendium of knowledge concerning these three family surnames 
and the individuals bearing them. We heartily recommend the work to all 
Genealogical Libraries as indispensible to their readers. 

Reminiscences, by General John Parker Hawkins, U. S. A., of No. 1408 
North Pennsylvania street, Indianapolis, Ind. Being memoranda concerning 
some branches of the Hawkins Family and connections. 8vo., cloth, pp. 137, 
illustrated. Published in 1913. Address author. No price stated. 

This is an excellent work, not pretending to be a full genealogy, but the 
recording of family data to be used as a foundation for some future com- 
plete genealogy of the family. It abounds in valuable information, and is 
recommended to Genealogical Libraries. 

TnE Van Der Veer Family in the Netherlands, 1150 to 1660, and 1280 
to 1780, by Louis P. De Boer, A. M., LL. B. 8vo., cloth, pp. 62, illustrated. 
Limited edition of 125 numbered copies. Price, $3.50. Address publisher, 
Charles Andrew Ditmas, 350 Fulton street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

This work is a history of the family from 1 160 to the coming of the 
two settlers, Pieter and Cornelius Janse Van Der Veer, to the New World. 
Eighteen generations of their ancestors and descendants are recorded. Recom- 
mended to all Genealogical Libraries. 

1914.] Book Reviews. 295 

Rei>ort of the Fifth Reunion of the Grant Family Association at 
Windsor and Hartford, Conn., October 28, 1907. 8vo., paper, pp. 31. Pub- 
lished in 1913. Address Frank Grant, Westfield, Mass. 

A valuable addition to the history of this well-known American family. 


Matthews' American Armoury and Blue Book. Edited and published 
by John Matthews, 93 and 94 Chancery Lane, London, Eng. New edition, 
Part I (lgll-I2); Part II (1913). 8vo., piper, pp. 144, Fart I, and In p. 240 in- 
clusive, Part II. Part 111, to be published in 1914, will complete the volume. 
Price per set, $10.00. Address editor and publisher. 

This is a new and revised edition of the original work of Mr. Matthews 
which was received with so much enthusiasm by the American public, and it 
will, like the original edition, be regarded as an authority and general refer- 
ence book on American family history. The original work is so well known 
and has been so well received in this country that it seems a work of super- 
erogation to extol its merits, yet we cannot permit the opportunity to lapse 
without recording our hearty support of the undertaking and an expression 
of the hope that the field entered by Mr. Matthews will be continuously 
cultivated and that it may bear many future crops in the shape of still further 
new and enlarged editions. 

Family Record of Jeremiah Phillips, D. D., Missionary to Orissa, 
India, 1812-1912. Compiled by his daughter, Harriet Phillips Stone. 8vo., 
cloth, pp. 42, illustrated. Address author, Battle Creek, Mich. Price not 

A most interesting little volume containing valuable genealogical informa- 
tion relating to the Phillips and allied families. Recommended to Genealogical 
Libraries. % 

Reunion of Descendantsof Nathaniel Merriman at Wallingford, 
Conn., June 4, 19 13, with a Merriman Genealogy for five generations. 8vo., 
cloth, pp. 187, including index, illustrated. Price, $2.50 (5 copies for $12.00). 
Address, Donald L. Jacobus, No. 26 Court street, New Haven, Conn. 

A work in three parts: — Part I refers entirely to family reunion matters; 
Part II, publication of papers of interest to the Merriman Family, Part III 
(PP- l 2>7 to 173 inclusive), being devoted to a genealogical record of the 
descendants of Nathaniel 1 Merriman (1613-1693-4), of Wallingford, Conn. It 
is an excellent compilation and is recommended to Genealogical Libraries. 

The Life and Services of Major-General Henry Warner Slocum, 
U. S. Army, by Charles Elihu Slocum, M. D., Ph. D., LL. D. 8vo., cloth, pp. 
391, inducting index, illustrated. Price, $4.50. Address, Slocum Publishing 
Co., 218 Thirteenth street, Toledo, Ohio. 

A detailed life of this well-known general of the Civil War, whose, subse- 
quent career was equally noted for his service to his country as a national 
legislator and public spirited citizen. A welcome addition to the biographies 
of our corps commanders of the Civil War. It is recommended to all histori- 
cal societies and to those of general reference. 

The Family of Inglis of Auchindinny and Redhall, by John Alex- 
ander Inelis, of No. 13 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland. Crown 
quarto, pp. 236, including index, illustrated. Price, £1 is. net. Privately 
printed by T. & A. Constable, printers to His Majesty, Edinburgh, Scotland, 
from whom copies may be obtained. 

A work of great literary and artistic merit and embodying within its 
limits material of great historical and genealogical value. The book deals 
with matter concernme: the following families, viz.: — The Inglises of Auchin- 
dinny and Redhall, Midlothian ; the Inglises of Langbyres, Lanarkshire ; the 
Inglises and the M'Calls of Philadelphia, U. S. A.; the Nisbets of Carphin, 
Lanarkshire; the Philps of Greenlaw, Midlothian; the Cadells of Banton, 


Book Reviews. [July. 

Stirlingshire; the Lyles of Stanypeth, East Lothian, and Bassendean, Ber- 
wickshire; the Prestons of Gorton, Midlothian; the Herings of Jamaica, and 
the Otterburnes and the Hamiltons of Redhall. 

It contains full biographies of George Inglis of Redhall (1711-1785), with 
extracts from his account books; John Inglis iof Philadelphia (with portrait) 
and his descendants; Vice-Admiral John Inglis (with portrait), one of Lord 
Duncan's captains at Camperdown ; Sir Adam Otterburne, the sixteenth cen- 
tury statesman; Sir James Hamilton, who defended Redhall at the siege of 
Cromwell's army; John Philp, secretary to Lord Seafield, Lord Chancellor 
at the Union. 

The volume is of special interest to Americans of the blood, as it con- 
tains the biography of Vice-Admiral John Inglis of Philadelphia, Pa., who 
married Catherine McCall of Philadelphia. 

It also contains the following illustrations and reproductions of coats of 
arms: — Inglis of Auchindinny and Redhall, Otterburne of Redhall, Nisbet of 
Carphin, and Lyle of Stanypeth, and pedigree charts of the following fam- 
ilies: — Inglis, Otterburnes and Hamiltons of Redhall and Nisbets of Carphin. 
We take great pleasure in recommending this work to all historical and 
Genealogical Libraries. 

The Life and Public Services of J. Glancy Jones, by Charles Henry 
Jones. 8vo., cloth, 2 volumes, pp. 388—388 including index. Copyrighted 
1910, by J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Price not stated. Ad- 
dress, Richmond L. Jones, Reading, Pa. 

This is a most commendable biography of the Hon. J. Glancy Jones, 
M. C, \v1k> was also a minister of the P. E. Church. His public services were 
such that this comprehensive biography will add much to the history of the 
times in which he took such a prominent part. The work contains valuable 
genealogical material. Recommended to all historical and genealogical 

Genealogy of the States Family, compiled by James Noyes States, No. 
634 Howard avenue, New Haven, Conn. 8vo., paper, pp, 187, including index. 
Address compiler. Price not stated. 

This work is a compilation of facts relative to the States Family in 
America. It contains a fund of valuable information relative to the family 
which will be of great assistance to the future compiler of a regular genealogy 
formed on standard lines. Recommended to all Genealogical Libraries. 

New Rochelle Through Seven Generations, by C. H. Augur. 8vo., 
boards, pp. 63, illustrated. Limited edition printed for private distribution 
only. Copyrighted 1908, by the City National Bank of New Rochelle, N. Y. 

A most excellent contribution .to the history of this old Huguenot settle- 
ment, and as such should be on the shelves of all Historical Libraries. Ad- 
dress National City Bank of New Rochelle, N. Y. 

The Tilson Genealogy, from Edmund Tilson, at Plymouth, N. E., 1638 
to 191 1, with brief sketches of the family in England back to 1066, by Mercer 
V. Tilson; also brief account of Waterman, Murdock, Bartlett, Turner, Wins- 
low, Sturtevant, Keith and Parris Families, allied with the parents 'of the 
author. 8vo., cloth, pp. 609, including an excellent index; illustrated. Price 
$4.00. Address, George W. Tilson, 376 Parkside avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

A first class genealogy constructed along standard lines and a most wel- 
come addition to the history of those of the name and blood in this country. 
Heartily recommended to all Genealogical Libraries. 

The O'Connor Family. Families of Daniel and Mathias O'Connor of 
Corsallagh House, Achonry, County Sligo, Ireland, A. D. 1750, with notes on 
the Hagadorn, Furman, Williams and Eaton Families, of New York Com- 
piled by Watson Burdette O'Connor. Published bv the Connell Press, Brook- 
lyn, N. \ ., 1914. 8vo., cloth, pp. 22. Price not stated. Address, W. B. O'Con- 
nor, 270 Ryerson street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

191 4-1 Book Reviews. 297 

An interesting study containing also notes on the Eaton, Furman, Haga- 
dorn, Harris and Williams Families. Recommended to all Genealogical 

Landmarks in the Old Bay State, by William R. Comer. 8vo., cloth, 
pp. 350. Published by the author, 191 1. Address Mrs. William R. Comer, 
Elm Knoll, Elm Wood road, Wellesley, Mass. Price $1.50. 

An interesting volume giving illustrations and descriptions of historic 
landmarks in the following towns of Massachusetts, viz. : Amesbury, Boston, 
Byfield, Cambridge, Chelsea, Danvers, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Lexington, 
Maiden, Marblehead, Medford, Melrose, Milton, Newbury, Quincy, Revere, 
Roxbury, Somerville and Winthrop. 

Monumental Inscriptions in Herne Church, copied line for line, with 
tricks of all the armorial bearings and rubbings of the old brasses, by E. 
Dwelly, F. S. G. [Reprinted from "Dwelly's Parish Records," Vol. 3.] 8vo., 
paper, pp. 40. Address author, Margate road, Herne Bay, Eng. 

A most interesting brochure and of great genealogical interest. 

Library of Cape Cod History and Genealogy. Published by the Yar- 
mouth Register, Yarmouthport, Mass. Charles W. Swift, publisher. 

These publications are of the same general character as the Barnstable 
Families (2 vols.), compiled by Amos Otis, originally published by the Barn- 
stable Patriot and revised by C. F. Swift and issued in book form in 1888. 
Every genealogist of New England families is acquainted with and knows 
the value of Otis' Barnstable Families. The Yarmouth Register Cape Cod 
Families is a similar series of articles on Cape Cod Families which had 
their American origin in Yarmouth, Mass. They are invaluable for students 
of genealogy of the Cape Cod families, and furnish in print information 
available nowhere else except in the original records. It has been my privi- 
lege to consult them frequently, and they have aided me materially in tracing 
the history of Cape Cod families, and I most heartily recommend them as a 
valuable addition to all Genealogical Libraries and to compilers of genealo- 
gies of these families. Below will be found a full list of the articles already 
published. The series will be continued from time to time, as the amount of 
material is by no means exhausted, and encouragement should be given the 
enterprise by immediate subscription to the present series and successive 

Price List of Series. 
No. 56. Richard Rich of Dover Neck and His Descendants. 5 pp., 

paper. By Shebnah Rich $ 1.00 

No. 57. John Robinson of Leyden and His Descendants to the Sixth 

Generation, from manuscript by Hon. John Jenkins. 4 pp., 

paper. By Charles F. Swift 50 

No. 58. The Yarmouth Family of Gray. Edited from Town and 

Probate Records and Occasional Notes of Amos Otis. 

3 pp., paper. By Charles W. Swift m .50 

No. 59. Yarmouth Family of Chase. 12 pp., paper. By William 

Proud Davis 1.00 

No. 60. A Genealogist's Letter-book. Edited by Charles W. Swift 

and Annette L. Kelly. Book 1, 32 pp., paper 1.00 

No. 61. A Genealogist's Letter-book. Edited by Charles W. Swift 

and Annette L. Kelly. Book 2, 32 pp., paper 1.00 

No. 62. A Genealogist's Letter-book. Edited by Charles W. Swift 

and Annette L. Kelly. Book 3, 32 pp., paper 1.00 

Nos. 60, 61 and 62. Correspondence of Amos Otis Relative to Colonial 


No. 63. Stephen Hopkins, with Some Account of the Descendants of 

Joshua Hopkins, His Grandson, by Josiah Paine. 12 pp., 

paper 1.00 

No. 64. Hedge. 4 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis SO 


Book Reviews. [July. 

No. 65. Hawes. 5 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis % -75 

No! 66. Rider. 6 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 75 

No 67. Hall. 7 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 75 

No. 68. Barnstable Sea Captains. 5 pp., paper. By F. W. Sprague.. .50 
No. 69. Cape Cod Sea Reminiscences. 4 PP^ paper. By G V. C... .50 

No. 70. Paine, or Payne-Truro. 4 pp., paper. By Shebnah Rich 75 

No. 71. Crowell, Descendants of Yelverton. 13 PP-, paper. By 

William Proud Davis I-OO 

No. 72. Crowell, Descendants of John. 14 pp., paper. By William 

Proud Davis ••••• "» 

No. 73. Baker, Descendants of Francis. 15 PP-, paper. By William 

Proud Davis • • • • • • • i-SO 

No. 74. Baker, Descendants of Silas. 4 pp., paper. By William 

Proud Davis 50 

No. 75. Taylor. 13 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 1.50 

No. 76. The Lombards of Truro. 7 PP-. paper. By Shebnah Rich.. .50 
No. 77. The Hinckleys of Truro. 3 pp., paper. By Shebnah Rich. . .50 
No. 78. 200th Anniversary Address Town of Chatham. 38 pp., paper. 

By James W. , Hawes 50 

No. 79. Baxter. 6 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 50 

No. 80. Berry. 3 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 50 

No. 81. Matthews. 8 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 75 

No. 82. Sturgis. 4 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 50 

No. 83. Crosby. 2 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 50 

No. 84. Hallet. 14 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 1 .00 

No. 85. Bassett. 4 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 50 

No. 86. Bray. 6 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 1.00 

No. 87. Gorham. 8 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 75 

No. 88. White. 9 pp., paper. By William Proud Davis 50 

No. 89. Hedges. 3 pp., paper. By James W. Hawes 25 

No. 90. Covel. 9 pp., paper. By James W. Hawes 50 

No. 91. Children of William Nickerson. 16 pp., paper. By James W. 

Hawes 50 

No. 92. The English Ancestry of Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth, Mass. 

12 pp., paper. By James W. Hawes 1.00 

No. 93. Stone Family. 4 pp., paper. By Josiah Paine 25 

No. 94. "Hoppy" Mayo, Hero of Old Eastham. 2 pp. By Michael 

Fitzgerald 25 

No. 95. Dillingham Family. 4 pp., paper. By Dean Dudley .25 

No. 96. Ancient Houses. 6 pp. By T. P. Howes 50 

No. 97. John Munroe and Old Barnstable. 135 pp. By Elizabeth 

Munroe 2.00 

No. 98. Ryder. 19 pp., paper. By James W. Hawes 75 

No. 99. Atkins. 17 pp., paper. By James W. Hawes 75 

No. 100. Nicholas Busby. 8 pp., paper. By James W. Hawes .25 

No. 101. Eldred, Eldredge. 29 pp., paper. By James W. Hawes 1.00 

No. 102. William Nickerson. 17 pp., paper. By James W. Hawes 50 

No. 103. Crowell Families of Yarmouth. 16 pp., paper. By Amos 

Otis ' 2.00 

No. 104. Sandwich and Bourne, Colony and Town Records. 36 pp., 

paper. Transcribed by Herbert L. Chipman 1.00 

No. 105. Barnstable Town Records. 60 pp., paper. Transcribed by 

J. B. D. Cogswell 1.50 

Brewster Shipmasters. Second edition, cloth. Sears 2.00 

"Cape Cod." Cloth. By Charles F. Swift 500 

Full set of this series 40.00 

All publications sent postpaid on receipt of price. 

Joshua Gray of Yarmouth, Mass., and His Descendants. Compiled 
by Julia Edgar Thacher (Mrs. George Winslow Thacher). 8vo., cloth, pp. 
136, including an excellent index. Privately printed, 1914. Price $2.00. Ad- 
dress, Mrs. C. F. Wood, 73 Wendell street, Cambridge, Mass. 

1914.] Book Reviews. 299 

This is a first class compilation of the genealogical record of Joshua 
Gray (1743-1791), son of Andrew and Phebe (Chandler) Gray, and his 
descendants through his children: — Thomas, Hannah (Gray) Sears, Sarah 
(Gray) Thacher, Phebe (Gray) Smith-Gray, Joshua, Chandler, Mary (Gray) 
Matthews, and Elizabeth (Gray) Thacher. A full chapter is given to the 
records of Joshua Gray himself and to each of his children and their descend- 
ants. To this part of the work there is attached an appendix containing four 
chapters. The first chapter is on John Gray, Sr., of Yarmouth, the first of 
the name in that town; the second on John Gray, Jr., of Yarmouth, and his 
wife Hannah (Sturgis) Gray and his descendants, with notes clearing up the 
question as to what the maiden surname (Sturgis) of his wife was; the 
third on John Gray, of Harwich, Mass., and the fourth chapter on Andrew 
Gray, of Harwich and North Yarmouth, Me. 

The work cannot be too highly commended, and it should find its place 
on the shelves of all Genealogical Libraries. It was my privilege to be 
associated with the compiler of the volume through some years of her 
research, which resulted in the present work, and I can vouch for the great 
care and accuracy taken in its preparation. The volume was produced under 
the editorial charge of Miss M. B. Fairbanks, of Farmington, Me., an expert 
genealogist of well known repute. 

Wertz Family Genealogical Chart. Compiled and copyrighted by 
Estelle Ryan Snyder, of 1305 Ashland Block, Chicago, 111., compiled from 
information found in records of the Reformed Lutheran Church of Bretten, 
Palatine of Baden, Germany, beginning with the year 1565. 

Full of valuable information. The compiler of this chart is now engaged 
in preparing a Wertz genealogy for publication. 

Th^: Hovey Book. Describing the English Ancestry and American De- 
scendants of Daniel Hovey, of Ipswich, Mass. Compiled and published under 
the auspices of the-Daniel Hovey Association, with an introductory chapter 
by the President of the Association. 8vo., cloth, pp. 487, including an ex- 
cellent index, illustrated. Press of Lewis R. Hovey, Haverhill, Mass., 1913. 
Price $10.00. Address, Horace Carter Hovey, President of the Daniel Hovey 
Association, Newburyport, Mass. 

This is a first class genealogical publication, evidently most carefully 
compiled and exhaustive in its treatment of the subject on which it bears. 
It is most heartily recommended to all Genealogical Libraries. 

Barnstable and Yarmouth (Mass.) Sea Captains and Ship Owners, 
with list of sailings from New England to San Francisco, 1849-1856, by 
Leavitt Sprague. Privately printed, 1913. Not for sale. Address, Francis 
W. Sprague, 31 Cypress street, Brookline, Mass. 

An interesting contribution to the biographical records of these two 
towns. Recommended to Genealogical Libraries. 

Genealogical Record of John Thorne, also the direct descendants of 
James Thorne and Hannah Brown of Salisbury, Mass., and Kingston, N. H., 
also the families connected by marriage. Compiled by Edmund Dana Bar- 
bour, of Boston, 1900, for John Calvin Thorne, of Concord, N. H. Published 
1913. 8vo., cloth, pp. 62, illustrated, and with a good index. Price $3.00. 
Address, John C. Thorne, 94 North Main street, Concord, N. H. 

A well constructed genealogical production. Recommended to Genea- 
logical Libraries. 

The Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler Family 
in America. Compiled by the American College of Genealogy under the 
direction of Albert Gallatin Wheeler, Jr. 8vo., cloth, pp. 1,257, including an 
exhaustive index; illustrated. Price, cloth, $10.00; half morocco, $15.00; full 
morocco, $25.00; carriage 35 cents. Address, American College of Genealogy 
Inc., 581 Boylston street, Boston, Mass. 

3<DO Book Reviews. [July. 

This voluminous compilation is full from cover to cover of well arranged 
genealogical information about the Wheeler family in America, and it is 
hard to conceive that anything could have been left out. It will become an 
authority in the genealogical history of the Wheeler family, and we welcome 
it to our shelves. Heartily recommended to, all Genealogical Libraries. 

One Branch of the Fay Family Tree. An account of the Ancestors 
and Descendants of William and Elizabeth Fay, of Westboro, Mass., and 
Marietta, Ohio, by George Henry Johnson, Member of the N. E. Historical 
Genealogical Society. 8vo., cloth, pp. 130. The Champlin Press, Columbus, 
Ohio, 1913. Not for sale. Address compiler, 2138 East 107th street, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

A notable addition to the genealogical record of the Fay Family, and as 
such is recommended to all Genealogical Libraries. 

The Graveyard Inscriptions of Rupert, Bennington Co., Vt. Copied 
and verified by Levi Henry Elwell. 8vo., paper, pp. 79. Address compiler, 
5 Lincoln avenue, Amherst, Mass. Price $1.00. 

A most excellent contribution to the necrological records of that locality. 
Recommended to all Genealogical Libraries. 

The Family of Thomas Elwell, of Hardwick, Mass., by Levi Henry 
Elwell. Paper, pp. 10. No price stated. 

The Family of Thomas Elwell, of Westhampton, Mass., by Levi Henry 
Elwell. Paper, pp. 24. No price stated. 

Both these pamphlets are of distinct genealogical value, and are recom- 
mended to Genealogical Libraries. 

Record of the Family of Levi Kimball and some of his Descendants. 
Compiled by his grandson, Levi Darbee. Revised and Extended, 1913, by 
Robert M. Darbee. 8vo., paper, pp. 53, including index. Price $2.00. Address, 
Robert M. Darbee, Rockville Centre, N. Y. 

An excellent compilation; recommended to Genealogical Libraries. 

A Tribute, by Cora Pierson Hopkins. 8vo., cloth, pp. 71. Address 
author, in care of the Prudential Trust Co., Topeka, Kans. 

This little volume is an interesting contribution to the history of the 
Pierson Family in America, and as such will be of value to Genealogical 

The Conklings in America, by Ira B. Conkling. 8vo., cloth, pp. 132, 
illustrated. Price $1.00. Address compiler, 400 Pennsylvania avenue, S. E., 
Washington, D. C. 

A valuable contribution to the history of this family in America. Recom- 
mended to Genealogical Libraries. 

Historical Papers, No. i. Publication of the Historical Society of the 
Town of Warwick, Orange County, N. Y. 8vo., paper, pp. 48, illustrated. 
Price 50 cents. Address, Mrs. George M. Van Duzer, Corresponding Secre- 
tary, Warwick, N. Y. 

This is the first publication of this society, and contains articles on the 
following subjects, viz.: "Indian Relics," "The Sterling Furnace and the 
West Point Chain," "When Washington Came to Warwick," "The 'Jersey 
Claim Line,'" "Benjamin Tusten," "Warwick, England," "Letter Referring 
to Washington's Trip and Notes on Bellvale." Also Obituary Records of 
William W. Pelton, Edward M. Ruttenber, Ralph Wisner, Samuel Green, 
Thomas Burt and Sallie A. F. Servin. 

Recommended to Genealogical Libraries. 

Schermerhorn Genealogy and Family Chronicles, by Richard Scher- 
merhorn, Jr. 8vo., half morocco, pp. 419, including index, with 37 illustra- 
tions, including colored coat of arms ; 1914. Press of Tobias A. Wright, 150 
Bleecker street, New York City. Price, cloth, $10.00; half morocco, $15.00. 
Address, Richard Schermerhorn, Jr., 183 Prospect street, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1914J Book Reviews. 30I 

This work gives some 42 pages on the general history of the family and 
chapters on the Descendants of Ryer Jacobse Schermerhorn; Descendants of 
Simon Jacobse Schermerhorn; Descendants of Jacob Jacobse Schermerhorn; 
Descendants of Cornelius Jacobse Schermerhorn and the Family of Lucas 
Jacobse Schermerhorn. 

The work is notable for the evident care in its compilation, and will be 
an undoubted authority on the Schermerhorn family. The author is to be 
congratulated on the excellence of his work. The volume is a representative 
of high class work from the publishers' standpoint. It is recommended most 
heartily to all Genealogical Libraries. 

Record Book for Family Genealogies. Devised by D. M. McAllister. 
Copyrighted 1913. Published by the Genealogical Society of Utah, East South 
Temple street, Salt Lake City, Utah. Price $1.25, postpaid. 8vo., cloth, pp. 
137. Address D. M. McAllister, 60 East South Temple street, Salt Lake City, 
Utah. , 

An excellent book for recording individual family records, and is recom- 
mended to those compiling family genealogies. 

Cock— Cocks— Cox Genealogy. By George W. Cocks of Glen Cove, 
N. Y., assisted by John Cox, Jr., of N. Y. City. Second edition, enlarged, IQ14. 

This work, the first edition of which appeared in 1912 as part of the "Cox 
Family in America," now has 415 pages, of which nearly 100 contain, set in 
small typeand condensed form, " lineages" of the Long Island familiesof Bowne, 
Carpenter, Clarke, Coles, Delaplaine, Dickinson, Feake, Fones, Frost, Harcurt, 
Howland, Priar, Townsend, Underhill, Weeks, Winthrop, giving new and 
valuable facts as to each Immigrant, and his descendants for four or more 
generations. None of this has heretofore been published, except the few that 
appeared in the first edition. The facts stated about some of the Immigrants 
are at variance with established traditions, but are authenticated. As a matter 
of history, the " Narrative" of William Cock, now first printed, shows the 
troubles of a non-partisan merchant during the British occupation of Long 
Island. A brief but useful dissertation on the Society of Friends is included. 

James Cock, here in 1657, was a Quaker, and his numerous descendants of 
the name have been largely of that faith. The new data and corrections are 
included. The family has spread from Long Island to nearly every State, 
to Canada, South America, and foreign countries. 

The work is a worthy monument to the forty years' labor of the elder 
compiler, well-known as an authority on Long Island families, now in his 
eighty-fifth year, and to the younger, who is custodian of the Quaker records, 
from which so much material has been drawn. 

This edition consists of 105 copies, each signed by the compilers. Price 
$10.00 for the last 25 copies. The remainder are being sold for 85.00 net, 
postpaid, by John Cox, Jr., 30 East 42d St., New York. 

Parish Register of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in the City 
of Chester (England). 8vo, cloth, pp.870, indexed. Transcribed, indexed 
and edited by Rev. L. M. Farrall, MA., of St. Catharine's College, Cambridge, 
Rector of the Holy Trinity, Chester, and formerly Minor Canon of Chester 
Cathedral. 1914. Price $6.00 (£1, 5s.) net, post free. Address: Editor, No. 16, 
Curzon Park, Chester, Eng. 

This is a valuable addition to the Vital Records of Chester, one of the 
oldest cities in England. Part I gives Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1598- 
1653; Part II gives Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1654-1812; Part III gives 
Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1813-1837; Part IV gives Burials, 1532-1598; 
Part V (pp. 722 to 870, inclusive) devoted to the following indexes: (i) Sur- 
names and Christian Names, Abbreviations, &c, used in Indexes ii-vi; Author- 
ities and Bibliography; (ii) Titled Persons; (iii) Clergy; (iv) Nonconformist 
Ministers; (v) Officers of the Navy and Army; (vi) Physicians and Surgeons; 
(vii) Diseases and causes of Death; (viii) Professions, trades and other descrip- 
tions; (ix) Places. 

It will be of great value to American genealogists seeking information 
relative to this section of England. Recommended to all genealogical libraries. 

302 Accessions to the Library. [July, 

March /, to June i\ IQ/4. 


Bound Volumes. 

Akerly, Lucy D. — Social Registers, 1912. 

American College of Genealogy, Inc. — Wheeler Family in America. 

Avery, Clara A. — Averell-Averill-Avery Family, 2 vols. 

Ball, Alwyn, Jr. — Ball Family. 

Bowen, Clarence W. — Justice of the Mexican War; Publications, Colonial 

Society of Mass.; Report Amer. Hist. Assn. 191 1. 
Comer, Mrs. W. R. — Landmarks in the Old Bay State. 
Conkling, Ira B. — Conklings in America. 

Crane, Warren Cady. — Year Book " Ye Old Settlers' Assn. of Ye West Side." 
Daggett, Leonard M. — History of the Class of 1884 Yale College. 
Davis, Walter A. — Record of Fitchburg, Mass., Vol. VIII. 
Dilmas, Charles Andrew. — Van der Veer Family. 
Donahue, Frank J. — Mass. Militia in the War of 1812-14. 
Hawkins, Gen. John P. — Reminiscences of Gen. John P. Hawkins. 
Hopkins, Cora Pierson. — Pierson Family. 
Hovey, Horace Carter. — Hovey Book. 
Inglis, John A. — Family of Inglis. 

Jacobus, Donald Lines. — Merriman Reunion and Genealogy. 
Johnson, George H. — Fay Family Tree. 
Jones, Richmond L. — Life of J. Glancy Jones, 2 vols. 
Keen, Gregory B. — Descendants of Joran Kyn of New Sweden. 
Lester, Henry M. — New Rochelle Through Seven Generations. 
Lowe, John A. — Annals of Williams College. 

Morrison, George Austin, Jr. — International Genealogical Directory, 1909. 
O'Connor, W. B. — O'Connor Family. 
Schermerhorn, Richard, Jr. — Schermerhorn Genealogy. 
Slocum, Dr. Charles E. — Life and Services of Maj. Gen. H. W. Slocum. 
Smith, George Wilson. — A Political Crime; Letters, Literary Memorials, 

Writings and Speeches of Samuel J. Tilden. 
Sprague, Francis W. — Barnstable and Yarmouth, Mass., Sea Captains and Ship 

St. Nicholas Society. — Portraits of the Presidents of the Society. 
Stone, Mrs. I. L. — Record of Jeremiah Phillips, D.D. 

Swift, Charles W. — Brewsters Ship Masters; John Monroe and Old Barnstable. 
Swords, Mrs. Henry C. — Clarkson Family of Philadelphia. 
Thacher, Mrs. George Winslow. — Joshua Gray and his descendants. 
Thorne, John Calvin. — Thorne Genealogy. 
Tillson, George W. — Tilson Genealogy. 
Totten, John R. — Year Book, Penn. Society, 1914. 

Clark, A. Howard. — Washington's Journey 1775. 

Crosby, Fred. V. S. — Photographs of the Crest & Arms of the Nicoll Family. 
Dailey, Rev. W. N. P. — Historical Address of the Stone Arabia R.P.D. Church. 
Darbee, Robert M. — Kimball Family. 
Eells, Nettie Barnum. — Hempstead Family Assn. 

Elwell, Levi Henry. — Elwell Family; Gravestone Inscriptions of Rupert, Vt. 
Grant Family Assn. — Grant Family Report. 
Greene, Richard Henry. — Address by Rev. Thomas E. Vermilye; Origin 

of the Erie Canal; Proc. Buffalo Hist. Society. 
Historical Society of Warwick, N. Y. — Historical Papers, No. I. 
Hoffman, William F. — Views of Cranford, N. J. 
Lowell Historical Society. — Contributions, Nos. 1, 3. 
Markens, Isaac. — Lincoln's Masterpiece. 

19 1 4-] Accessions to the Library. 3^3 

Matthews, John. — American Armory and Blue Book, Parts I, II. 

Snyder, VV. J. Pub. Co. — VVertz Family. 

States, James Noyes — States Family. 

Swift, Charles W. — Library of Cape Cod History and Genealogy. 

Van Alstyne, Dr. Wm. B. — Map of the Lands of William Ogden Wheeler. 

Eells, Nettie Barnum. — Families of Crosby, Griswold and Richmond; Records 
of Middletown, Ct. 

Bound Volumes. 
Biddle Family. 
Bracken Family. 
Castors of Castorland. 
Estes Family. 
Garland Family. 
Libby Family. 
Lower Family. 
Histories of Augusta Co., Va., 3 vols. 

Barnstead, N. H. 

Bath, Me. 

Bethel, Me. 

Canton, Mass. 

Concord, Mass. 

Dunstable, Mass. 

Fairfield Co., Conn. 

Francestown, N. H. 

Gardner, Mass. 

Newfields, N. H. 

Norwich, Conn. 

sPlymouth, Pa. 

Wells & Kennebunk, Me. 

Winchendon, Mass. 
First 100 years of N. H. Bible Society. 
Holland Society Year Book, 1914. 
Vital Records of Granville, Mass. 
Vital Records of Richmond, Mass. 


Ballard Family. 

Butterfield & Butterworth Arms. 

Deming Family. 

Endicott Family. 

Flint Family. 

Foulkrod Family. 

Gilbert, Carver & Duffield Families. 

Gilpin Family. 

Hopkins Family. 

Knickerbacker or Knickerbocker Family. 

Knight Family. 

Reed Family. 

Shaw Family. 

Stephens Family. 

Walton Family. 

Warings Family. 

Wright Family. 

Yale Family. 

Dartmouth Hist. Collections. 

Colonial Wars Magazine. 

The Colonial Magazine. 

Epitaphs of Woburn, Mass. 

Registers of Garforth Co., York. 

Registers of St. Andrews, Kildwick-in-Craven. 


Officers. [July. 191 4- 

Bamford, Mrs. E. M.— Notes on the Fellows; Park— Parke— Parks; and Rosell 

Eells, Nettie Barnum.-Families of Bristol; Camp; Vaill; Walston; Weld; 
Records of Cong. Church, Cromwell, Cohn.; First Cong. Church, Middle- 
town, Conn.; New London, Conn., Families. 

Pumpelly, Josiah Collins.— Pedigree of Josiah Collins Pumpelly; Notes on the 
Avery, Pixley, and Pumpelly Families. 

Stafford, Mrs. James Kinney.-Pedigrees of the Stafford Family; Rodger 
Williams. _ , ... , .. 

Records of the Luth. St. Paul's Church in the Town of Minden otherwise 
known as the Geisenberg Church, formerly at Hallsville, in the Town of 
Minden, Montgomery Co., N. Y., 1 vol.. pages 302 . 

Records of the Ref. Prot. Dutch Church of Wynantskill. at Wynantskill, in the 
Town of North Greenbush, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., 1 vol., pages 291. 


New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 







































Vol. XLV. NEW YORK, OCTOBER, 1914. No. 4. 


Contributed by Justice Joseph A. Burr, 

Appellate Division Supreme Court, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Theodore Frelinghuysen Jackson was born at Rockaway, New 
Jersey, Nov. 16, 1830, and died at his residence, No. 10 West 43rd 
Street, in the City of New York, on June 18, 1913. He studied 
law in the office of Horatio G. Onderdonk, at Manhasset, Long 
Island. He was admitted to the Bar of the State of New York 
in May, 1852, and shortly thereafter entered into partnership with 
Paul J. Eish, a prominent lawyer in the City of Williamsburgh. 
This partnership continued until the spring of i860, when it was 
dissolved by mutual consent. He continued in practice on his 
own account until July, 1874, when he formed a new partnership 
with Joseph A. Burr, now a Justice of the Appellate Division of 
the Supreme Court, in the Second Judicial Department, in this 
State, who had been a student in his office. This partnership 
continued (his nephew Ernest H. Jackson, and Samuel H. Coombs, 
having been subsequently admitted to said firm), until 1893, when 
Mr. Jackson retired from active practice. While engaging in 
general practice, he gave special attention to the law of real 
estate, and particularly to the subject of trusts and wills, and 
because of his preeminence in this branch of the law, when the 
Lawyers' Title Insurance and Trust Company was formed, he was 
selected as one of the Committee of Counsel, to which Committee 
difficult and perplexing questions arising in connection, with the 
insurance of titles were submitted for advice, before action was 
taken thereon. In 1881 he was appointed by the Hon. Seth Low, 
then Mayor of the City of Brooklyn, to the office of Registrar of 
Arrears, and upon Mayor Low's re-election, was again appointed 
to the same office, which he held for four years. During the in- 
cumbancy of this office, in connection with the Hon. William M. 
Evarts, he prepared a bill for the settlement and collection of out- 
standing arrears of taxes and assessments in the City of Brooklyn, 
which had at that time accumulated *to a very large amount, 
which bill passed the Legislature and was approved by the 

•?o6 Theodore Frelinghuysen Jackson. [Oct. 

Governor. Through the operation of this act, a very large sum 
of money, exceeding several millions of dollars, was collected 
into the City Treasury, and a great amount of property which, for 
many years, had been producing no revenue to the City, was con- 
verted into taxpaying and available property. In 1889 he was 
appointed to fill a vacancy then existing in the office of Comp- 
troller of the City of Brooklyn, and in the succeeding year was 
elected to the same office for a full term. After retiring from 
the active practice of law, the remaining years of his life were 
those of comparative leisure. He built for himself a beautiful 
country house at Westhampton Beach, where he spent his sum- 
mers, maintaining, however, a residence in the City of New York. 
He was exceedingly fond of travel, and visited all of the places of 
interest in this country, both in the South and West and upon the 
Pacific Coast. He crossed the Atlantic many times, and during 
the later years of his life spent a considerable portion of each 
winter in the South of Europe. Mr. Jackson was a director in the 
First National Bank of the City of Brooklyn, in theWilliamsburgh 
Trust Company, in the Long Island Loan and Trust Company, in 
in the New York and East River Ferry Company and in the Van- 
dervoort Realty Company, of which latter company he was 
President at the time of his death. He was a member of the 
Brooklyn, Hamilton and Hanover Clubs in the Borough of Brook- 
lyn, of the Racquet and Tennis Club, of the Association of the 
Bar of the City of New York, and of the New York Law Institute. 
He was a member of the Empire State Society of Sons of the 
American Revolution, of The National Geographical Society, and 
of The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, in 
whose affairs he took a deep interest. 

Mr. Jackson was the seventh son and eleventh child of William 
"and Susan Day (Halsey) Jackson, and was a descendant in the 
seventh generation of Robert Jackson, who settled at Hempstead, 
Long Island, about 1643. Robert Jackson was a magistrate in that 
town and was a member of the convention assembled in 1665, 
which framed a body of laws and ordinances for the government 
of the Colony under the Duke of York, and which came to be 
known as the " Duke's Laws." The original copy of these laws 
furnished to the Town of Hempstead, is now in existence, and is 
filed among the records of the Town. His son^ John Jackson, was 
High Sheriff of the County, a Judge of the Common Pleas, Colonel 
of the militia and a member of the Provincial Assembly. He 
was named as one of the Patentees in the Patent granted to the 
Town of Hempstead in 1685 by Governor Thomas Dongan. In 
1732, James Jackson, a grandson of Col. John Jackson, removed 
to Rockaway, New Jersey, where the subject of this sketch was 
born. Stephen Jackson, the grandfather of Theodore F. Jackson, 
was a Captain of cavalry in the Revolutionary army, and was a 
member of General Washington's bodyguard during the winter of 
1780 and 1781, which he spent with his army near Morristown, 
New Jersey. 

191 4-1 Tombstone Inscriptions from the old Fowler Cemetery. 307 

On Sept. 11, 186I (which was the fiftieth anniversary of the 
wedding of his father and mother, both of whom were present at 
his wedding), Mr. Jackson married Cornelia Burr, daughter of 
Jonathan S. Burr of Brooklyn, N. Y., who was a 'son of General 
Gershom Burr of Fairfield, Conn. Gen. Burr was a descendant of 
Jehu Burr, who came with Winthrop's Company to America in 
1630, and subsequently settled in Fairfield. General Burr's father 
died while he was an infant, and he was brought up by his uncle, 
the Hon. Thaddeus Burr, who was a noted patriot and whose 
house was destroyed when Fairfield was burned by the British in 
1779. Thaddeus Burr was an intimate friend of John Hancock, 
who was married to Dorothy Quincy at his house. 

Mr. Jackson had two children, one of whom died in infancy; 
the other, Frederick Burr Jackson, was born Sept. 15, 1863, and 
died Feb. 27, 1873. Mr. Jackson was buried in the Greenwood 
Cemetery in Brooklyn, N. Y. 




Copied by W. Jerome Dykeman. 

[Exact Copy.] 

William Fowler, who died Apr. 12, 1842, aged 81 y'rs, 2 mo. & 28d's. 
Elizabeth, wife of William Fowler, died May 12, 1838, aged 81 y'rs. 
Esther, wife of Laban Cole, died Sept. 10, 1833, aged 35 y'rs, 5 

mo., 6 d's. 
Abigail, wife of Seth Strang, died Jan. 25, 1836, aged 40 y'rs & 18 d's. 

(The above are all on one stone.) 
Daniel Fowler, who died Oct. 15, 18T3, aged 26 years. 
Esther, wife of William Fowler, who died April 16, 1798, in the 

30 year of her age. 
Mary, wife of Moses Fowler, who died March 8, 1813, age^d 77 years. 
Moses Fowler, who died Sept. 1, 1821, aged 92 years. 
Elijah Fowler, who died Dec. 5, 1825. A.E. 49 years. 
Jane, wife of John Strang, who died June 7, 1830. JE. 73. 
Samuel Pardee, who died Apr. 14, 1847, aged 87 years. (A soldier 

in the Revolution.) 
Abigail, wife of Samuel Pardee, who died June 24, 1825. Aged 

64 years. 

The two latter tombstones have fallen to the ground and are 

This small cemetery is located just southwest of Tilly Foster, 
near Lights' Crossing, and is still in the possession of the Fowler 

308 The Vanderheyden Family. [Oct. 


Contributed by Richard Schermerhorn, Jr. 

The Vanderheyden family was well known in the early days 
of the Colony of New York, and was prominent even up to the 
beginning- of the 19th century and for some time later. 

The family is also well known in Holland and much could be 
learned of interest in connection with their history and genealogy 
if some one were to undertake the research. The author has 
made no Holland researches, however, and in this article the 
American records alone are given. 

The early American Vanderheydens settled first in New Am- 
sterdam. There were probably two branches of the family who 
emigrated to America, of which Jan Cornelisse and Matthys 
were the heads. They may have been brothers, although there 
is nothing to show this. Jan Cornelisse made his will Sept. 7, 
1663, in Albany, in which no children were mentioned, although 
a Claes Jansen Vanderheyden is mentioned in a New Amsterdam 
record dated Sept. 6, 1655, who may have been a son of the above 
Jan. In his will, Jan Cornelisse Vanderheyden is mentioned as a 
merchant and he came from Sevenborgen, Brabant, Holland, 
and married Aeltie Jans Wemp, who was born about 1648, and was 
a daughter of Jan Barentse Wemp and Marritje Meynderts. 
Another document dated Sept. 3, 1663, records that the father of 
Jan was Cornells Jacobsen Vanderheyden, dwelling in Seven- 
borgen, Brabant, and that his mother was Sarah Janssen Van 
Duran (Durk), deceased. A brother of Jan Cornelisse, by name, 
Jacob Cornelissen, is also mentioned in the former's will, but at 
this time was referred to as deceased. Jan Cornelisse is men- 
tioned as late as 1665 in the Colony records and then report of 
his activities ceased and there is no indication that he left any 

From what is above related and data to follow, it is quite 
apparant that Matthys was the progenitor of the American 
branch of the Vanderheyden family. Nothing is recorded of him 
other than mention of his estate which notice appears m New 
Amsterdam court records of Sept., 1659, when he is referred to 
as deceased. The name of Jacob Tyssen Vanderheyden (son of 
Matthys) first appears in 1653 when he was a member of the 
Burgher Militia Corps of New Amsterdam. In that year he 
purchased and resold a lot on Broadway, New Amsterdam. 
Sometime between 1653 and 1655 he returned to Holland, as he 
married Anna Hals in Amsterdam, July 25, 1655, (according to 
Colonial records) returning later to America. In July, 1658, he is 
mentioned as a tailor, and in June of this year, he received a 
permit to employ Indians as brokers for the purchase of furs. In 
January, 1660, he appears in Albany as the owner of a lot, and 
thenceforth seems to have speculated considerably in Albany real 

19 1 4.] The Vanderheyden Fa?nily. 30Q 

estate, later purchases being on record in August. 1660, October, 
1665, July, 1668, and June, 1676. This is practically all that is 
recorded of Jacob Tyssen Vanderheyden. He died between 1680 
and 1690 and his wife died about 1691. . 

Among Colonial Records it is noticed that a William Vander- 
heyden was in 1660 a member (representing Zealand) of the 
Assembly of the General Incorporated West India Company, at 
Amsterdam, Holland. There was also a Jan Vanderheyden, born 
in Gerkum, Netherlands, about 1637, and died in Amsterdam, in 
17 1 2, who was a very well known architectural painter. A 
Vanderheyden coat-of-arms has been encountered, which at some 
early period was established in the English armories. It is 
blazoned as follows: 

Sable, three mullets, pierced argent; on a canton or, a rose of 
the field. 

It is said that these symbols stand for very high rank according 
to heraldric interpretation. 

i. Jacob 1 Tyssen (Mathyssen), son of Matthys Vanderheyden, 

and ; b. ; m. July 25, 1655, in Amsterdam, Holland, Anna 

Hals. Children: 

2 Matthys, 3 b. 1656; m. Anna Margaretha Hermans. 

3 Dirk, b. about 1662; m. Rachel Jochemse Keteluyn. 
Caatje, b. about 1664; m. Pierre de Garmo. 

Geesje, b. about 1667; m. Oct. 16, 1687, in Albany, 
Abraham Kip. 

4 Johannes, b. about 1672; m. Mary Woodard. 
Cornelia, b. about 1673. 

Ariantje, b. about 1674. 

Anna, b. about 1675; m. Feb. 17, 1695, in New York, 
Paulus Miller. 

2. Matthys,' son of (1) Jacob Tyssen 1 Vanderheyden and Anna 
Hals; b. 1656; m. Anna Margaretha Hermans; b. 1658; dau. of 
Col. Augustine Hermans. Children: 

Jane, 3 b. ; m. Couts, of Scotland. 

Anna Francina, b. ; m. (1) Edward Shippen of 

Philadelphia, Pa.; m. (2) Col. Hynson, of Chester- 
town, Md. 
Augustina, b. 1685; d. 1775; m. James Harris. 
Ariana, b. 1690; d. April, 1741; m. (1) Feb. 9, 1713, James 
Frisby; m.(2) 1723, Thomas Bordley, of Bordley Hall, 
Yorkshire, England; m. (3) Nov., 1728, Hon. Edmund 
Jennings, of Annapolis, Md. 

Matthys Vanderheyden apparently did not remove from New 
Amsterdam to Albany, with his father, but remained in the former 
place. In 1673. his name appears as cadet on the muster roll of 
Capt. Cornelius Steenwyck's Company of New Orange militia, of 
New Amsterdam. On Sept. 2, 1675, his name appears as a member 
of the Dutch Reformed Church of New Amsterdam., and on Nov. 
4, 1678, he took the oath of allegiance to the King of England. 
His name is not found again until 1703, when he is listed as head 

310 The Vanderheyden Family. [Oct. 

of a family consisting of one female and two children. Shortly- 
after 1703, he must have removed to Maryland, where his father- 
in-law had settled a colony at Bohemia Manor. He was a member 
of the Maryland Legislature in 1709, 17113, 1715 and 1716, and was 
undoubtedly a man of affairs in this locality. His daughters, 
Augustina and Ariana married into Maryland families which later 
produced some of this country's most distinguished statesmen. 
Through one of these marriages was born, Aug. 10, 1753, Edmund 
Randolph (great-grandson of Matthys Vanderheyden), who was 
aide to George Washington in 1775; Attorney General of Virginia 
in 1776; Delegate to Congress, 1779-82; Governor of Virginia, 
1786-88; Attorney-General of the United States, 1789-90, and 
Secretary of State in Washington's Cabinet, 1794-5. The father 
of Edmund Randolph (John Randolph, who married Ariana 
Jennings, daughter of Ariana Vanderheyden) was the son of Sir 
John Randolph and was attorney General of Virginia. 

Matthys Vanderheyden lived for the rest of his days in Mary- 
land, and was a very old man at the time of his death. He is said 
to have had several sons who died without issue. It is also stated 
that he was related to the Schuylers, but where this connection 
existed is difficult to determine. 

Col. Augustine Hermans, father-in-law of Matthys Vander- 
heyden, was a native of Prague, Bohemia, and after having been 
educated in Holland, came to America at an early date, lived some 
time in New Amsterdam, where he married his first wife, Maria 
Varleth, and finally settled a colony at Bohemia Manor, Md. He 
later married a Miss Ward, of Cecil County, and became a useful 
and distinguished citizen, serving many times in the Maryland 

3. Dirk,' son of (1) Jacob Tyssen 1 Vanderheyden and Anna Hals; 
b. about 1662; buried Oct. 13, 1738; m. March 9, 1687, in Albany, 

Rachel Jochemse Keteluyn; b. ; d. Jan. 3, 1754, at the 

" Flatts;" dau. of Jochem Keteluyn and Anna . Children: 

Agniet,* bp. Aug. 28, 1687, in Albany; d. before 1697. 
Anna, bp. Jan. 1, 1689, in Albany; d. y. 
Jacobus, bp. Aug. 2, 1690; in Albany; d. y. 

5 Jacob, bp. April 23, 1692, in Albany; m. Hester Visscher. 
Dirck, bp. Jan. 7, 1694, in Albany; m. April 22, 1716, in 

Albany, Egbertie Bratt. Child. Rachel, bp. July 29, 
17 16, in Albany; m. Feb. 24, 1739, in Albany, Har- 
men Visscher. 

6 David, bp. May 19, 1695, in Albany; m. Geertruy 

Rebecka, b. about 1696; m. July 22, 17 16, in Albany, 
Antony Bratt. 

7 Matthys, bp. Jan. 10, 1697, in Albany; m. (1) Geertruy 

; m. (2) Margaret Bratt. 

Anna, bp. March 26, 1699, in Albany; m. Wilhelmus 

8 Jochem, bp. Sept. 15, 1700, in Albany; m. (1) Anna 

Keteluyn; m. (2) Bata Clute. 

igi4.] The Vanderhey den Family. 3 I I 

Rachel, bp. Sept. 19, 1703, in Albany; m. Johannes 
Vanderheyden, son of Johannes Vanderheyden and 
Mary Woodard. 
Johannes, Jr., bp. March 2, 1707, in Albany; m. Cath- 
arine Ward (M. L. Sept. 8, 1736). Child. Elizabeth, 
bp. April 2, 1738, in Albany. 
The name of Dirk Vanderheyden first appears on the Colonial 
records in 1687, when on Sept. 7, he and Nanning Harmentse 
(Visscher) and Frederick Harmentse (Visscher) gave testimony 
before Mayor Nicholas Bayard in New York City concerning their 
trading expedition to the Indian country during the preceding 
year. They had proceeded with a party under Captain Roseboom 
to the land of the Ottawa Indians, and when at Ottawatamis Lake, 
they had been set upon by a body of French and Indians, num- 
bering 120 (their own numbers being 29), and compelled to yield. 
Their goods were confiscated and they were barbarously treated, 
being finally sent to Quebec, where they were " put out " to farmers 
to work for their keep. Four of the number finally escaped, 
including the above three, who made the return trip to Albany by 
water in five days. 

In 1697, the family of Dirk Vanderheyden is listed as com- 
posing 1 man — 1 woman — 4 children. He was appointed fire- 
master of the 1st Ward of Albany, Nov. 21, 1698. On Jan. 4, 1699, 
he signed the oath of Allegiance to King William, in Albany. 
He was appointed assessor of the 1st Ward, Albany, Oct. 4, 1700, 
and on Oct. 4, 1703, was appointed constable of the 1st Ward, 
Albany. He was appointed assistant alderman of the 1st Ward, 
Albany, Oct. 4, 1705, and reappointed in 1706 and 1707. On June 
18, 1706, at a meeting of the city officials, the following was 
recorded: "The City Hall being now repairing at this time 
inconvenient to call up, the Court is therefore resolved to adjourn 
at Dirk Vanderheyden's house, which is adjourned accordingly." 
On June 2, 1707, he purchased of Peter Van Woggelum two tracts 
of land in Rensselaerswyck, on the site of the present city of 
Troy, one tract bounded on the South by the Poestenkill and 
North by the Meadowcreek; the other adjacent and running thence 
northward to the Piscawen. From him was demanded, according 
to Patroon exactions, an annual rent of 3^ bushels of wheat and 
two fat hens or capons. This estate was released without restric- 
tion by the Patroon to Dirk Vanderheyden, Dec. 15, 1720 (An 
early map of this property, dated 1720, indicates the dwelling 
house of Dirck Vanderheyden.), and in Nov. 1731, was deeded to 
his three sons, Jacob, David and Matthys, each receiving an equal 
share. In 1732, David conveyed his interest to Jacob, and in 1739, 
Jacob and Matthys divided the farm, Jacob retaining the northern 
and middle sections and Matthys, the southern. On Jacob's death, 
in 1746, his son Dirk came into possession of Jacob's share, and 
later in the same year, Dirk conveyed to his brother Jacob, "two 
full and equal just fourths" of the certain two tracts of land. In 
1774, Jacob I., the son of the above Jacob, became owner of the 
portion on the south side of the Piscawen Kill, and on Dirk's 
death in 1775, his eldest son, Jacob D., inherited the middle farm. 

2 I 2 The Vanderheyden Family. [Oct. 

In 1786, Jacob I. and Jacob D. were in possession of the parts 
above noted, and Matthys, grandson of the Matthys mentioned 
above, owned the southern portion. This is, in brief, a description 
of the early ownership of the propertyiupon which was later to 
spring up the prosperous city of Troy, N. V. 

Little more is known of Dirk Vanderheyden, original owner 
of this valuable estate. He evidently speculated in real estate 
elsewhere as on July 10, 1708, it is recorded that he received one 
of the eight plantations at Schachticoke, purchased from the 
Indians. On Aug. 27, 1714, he was the highest bidder for land " in 
ye south side of Schaahkook's Creek" and "60 morgen of wood- 
land adjoining." His name appears on the roll of a company of 
Albany Militia, in 17 15. 

4. Johannes,' son of (1) Jacob Tyssen 1 Vanderheyden and Anna 
Hals; b. about 1672; d. Sept.-Oct., 1702; m. Jan. 6, 1697, in New 
York, Mary Woodard. Children, bp. in New York: 

Jacob,' April 4, 1697; d. y. 
Anna, Jan. 15. 1699. 
Jacob, Jan. 31, 1700. 
9 Johannes, Aug. 2, 1702; m. Rachel Vanderheyden. 

On April 24, 1696/7, Johannes Vanderheyden was registered as 
a freeman of New York City. On Sept. 29, 1702, he was appointed 
constable of the North Ward of New York City, and on Oct. 14, 
1702, at a meeting of the Board of Aldermen, he was reported as 
deceased. Soon after this his brother Matthys removed to 
Maryland and his brother Dirk was living in Albany. It was to 
the latter place that the family of Johannes evidently removed, 
after his death. 

5. Jacob, 3 son of (3) Dirk 1 Vanderheyden and Rachel J. Keteluyn; 
bp. April 23, 1692, in Albany; d. April 8, 1746; bur. April 10, 1746, 
at Albany Dutch Ch.; m. May 3, 1720, in Albany, Hester Visscher; 
bp. Aug. 21, 1692, in Albany; dau. of Nanning Harmense Visscher 
and Alida Vinhagen. Children, bp. in Albany: ■ 

10 Derick, 4 June 19, 1720; m. Elizabeth Wendel. 
Nanning, Nov. 25, 1721. 

11 Jacob I., March 6, 1725; m. Maria Hallenbeck. 
Alida, Oct. 27, 1728; m. March 4, 1756, in Albany, 

Johannes Van Arnhem; bp. Dec. 17, 1721, son of 
Abraham Van Arnhem and Alida Lansing(?). 

In 1 7 14, Jacob Vanderheyden was Ensign of a Company of 
Militia at Niskayuna. In 1731, he received a one-third portion of 
his father's estate of 490 acres, on the site of what is now the city 
of Troy. In 1732, his brother David conveyed his third portion 
to him, and he thus obtained two-thirds of the entire estate, 
title being verified in 1739, when Jacob secured by partition, the 
northern and middle sections, and his brother Matthys, the 

6. Col. David,' son of (3) Dirk' Vanderheyden and Rachel J. 
Keteluyn; bp. May 19, 1695, in Albany; d. after 1770; m. Dec. 26, 

I9I4-] The Vanderheyden Family. \ \ % 

1725, in Albany, Geertruy Visscher; bp. March 8, 1696; dau. of 
Nanning Harmense Visscher and Alida Vinhagen. Children, bp. 
in Albany: 

Dirk, 4 Oct. 30, 1726. ( 

( Nanning, Oct. 20, 1728; bur. Sept. 23, 1739, Albany 
Dutch Church. 

Rachel, Aug. 22, 1730: d. y. 

David, Nov. 19, 1732; m. . 

Alida, Aug. 28, 1734: m. Jan. 12, 1760, in Schenectady, 
Dominie Barent Vrooman, of Schenectady. 
12 Jacob, April 8, 1737; m. Jennet Livingston. 

Rachel, July 16, 1740; m. Dr. Samuel Stringer (M. L. 
Nov. 8, 1758). 
The name of David Vanderheyden first appears on the Colonial 
records as private in Capt. Henry Van Rensselaer's Company of 
Albany Militia, in 17 15. On Sept. 11, 1721, it is recorded that he 
made a trip into the "Sinneke's" country with Capt. Peter 
Schuyler, in a company of young men, to remain twelve months 
and arrange trading terms with the "far Indians that come from 
the upper Lakes." He was appointed alderman of the 2d Ward, 
Albany, Sept. 29, 1744, and to the common council, Oct. 14, 1745. 
He was an officer in the militia as early as 1755, when he is referred 
to as Major David Vanderheyden. On Jan. 5, 1758, he was Asst. 
Court Justice of Albany County, and May 4, 1762, and April 18, 
1770, was Justice of the Quorum, Albany County. He was justice 
of the Peace, Albany County, in 1758, 1760, 1770. On Nov. 29, 1762, 
he was commissioned by Gov. Banyar, Lieut. -Col. of the 1st 
Battalion, Albany Co. Militia, Sir William Johnson, Col., and on 
Feb. 12, 1768, he was commissioned Colonel of a Regiment of 
Militia " to be formed out of a part of the 1st Battalion of Albany 
Militia and to include the district and city of Albany." 

David Vanderheyden was a wealthy merchant of Albany and 
a prominent man of the period. He was evidently a close asso- 
ciate of Sir William Johnson in the many troublesome frontier 
affairs of the time as his name is often mentioned in the lather's 
letters of 1755-66. His sons, Dirk and David, were evidently 
engaged in the business of " privateering." David's name appears 
as part owner of several privateers in New York City in 1756 and 
1757, among which was the ship " Defiance" of twenty guns, which 
was owned jointly by David Vanderheyden, Jr. and James De 
Peyster, of New York, and the privateers " Cicero " and " Pliny." 
In 1754, Dirk Vanderheyden was owner of the brigantine 
" Bonetta." In the New York County Clerk's Office is found the 
following : "Dirk Vanderheyden, late of the City of New York, 
but now of the City of London, merchant . . . brother David 
Vanderheyden, the younger, of New York, merchant, my true 
and lawful attorney. June 8, 1754." The following children of 
David Vanderheyden are buried in Trinity churchyard, New York 
City; Abigail, b. Aug. 7, 1757, d. Nov. 19, 1757, and David, b. Oct. 
16, 1758, d. July 22, 1759. 

On Sept. 5, 1766, David Vanderheyden, Sr., leased in perpetuity 
of the City of Albany, a lot of ground for a family burial place, 

3 1 4 The Vanderheyden Family. [Oct. 

on the west side of Swan St., north of Washington St. On this 
lot he built a vault, called the " Stringer Vault," so named, prob- 
ably, in some way relative to his daughter, Rachel Stringer. He 
made his will Feb. 7, 1770, which was proved Aug. 3, 1770. All 
of his children, as given, were mentioned, except Nanning. 
Two children of David Vanderheyden were buried at the Albany 
Dutch Church Dec. 25, 1731, and Dec. 5, 1750, respectively. 

Samuel Stringer, M.D., husband of Rachel Vanderheyden, was 
an eminent physician of the Colonial period. He was Chairman 
of the Committee of Public Safety during the Revolution and 
Surgeon-General of the forces under Schuyler. He was possessed 
of a fine education and was distinguished professionally to an 
unusual degree. He died in 1818. 

7. Matthys,' son of (3) Dirk* Vanderheyden and Rachel J. 
Keteluyn; bp. Jan. 10, 1697, in Albany; d. 1772; m. Dec. 17, 1730, 
in Albany, Margaret Bratt. Children: 

13 Dirk, 4 bp. May 14, 1732, in Albany ; m. Sara Wendel. 
Johanes, bp. Dec. 12, 1733, in Albany; d. Jan. 18, 1784, 

Jochum Bratt, bp. June 20, 1736, in Albany; bur. June 

9, 1738, Albany Dutch Church. 
Matthys, bp. Nov. 25, 1739, * n Albany; bur. March 9, 

1 741, Albany Dutch Church. 

Mattheus, bp. Feb. 14, 1742, in Albany; bur. June 16, 

1742, Albany Dutch Church. 

Maria, bp. Jan. 10, 1745 in Albany ; bur. Aug. 15, 1747. 
Albany Dutch Church. 
The name of Matthys Vanderheyden first appears on record 
as a private in Capt. Henry Van Rensselaer's Company of Albany 
Militia in 1715. On Nov. 16, 1721, he was appointed fire-master 
of the 2nd Ward, Albany and in 1731 was fire master of the 1st 
Ward. In this same year he received a one third portion of his 
father's estate in the section later known as Troy, N. Y., and the 
whole estate being partitioned in 1739, he. secured the southern 
portion of the 490 acres, which was bounded on the north by what 
is now Division St. and on the south by the Poestenkill Creek. 
In 1752 he built a residence near the south-eastern corner of River 
and Division Sts., Troy, about 100 feet south of the north bounds 
of his estate. This residence was later occupied by his son Dirk 
and his grandson Matthys, and remained standing until a late day. 

8. Jochem, 3 son of (3) Dirk' Vanderheyden and Rachel J. 
Keteluyn; bp. Sept. 15, 1700, in Albany; d. 1746; m. (1) Jan. 8, 1725, 
in Albany, Anna Keteluyn; bp. Sept. 13, 1690, in Albany; dau. of 
Daniel Keteluyn and DeboraViele; m. (2) in Schenectady (Banns 
July 10, 1730), Bata Clute, dau. ot Johanes Clute. Children by 
1st m.: 

14 Dirk, bp. Oct. 24, 1725, in Albany; m. Margarita Kittle. 
Children by 2nd m.: 

Johannes,* bp. Nov. 7, 1731, in Albany; m. Catharine 

I 9 i4.] The Vanderheyden Family. 315 

Rachel, bp. Aug. 24, 1735, in Albany; m. Oct. 25, 1756, 
. in Albany, Jacobus Visscher "from the Raritans." 
Jacobus, bp. Feb. 8, 1738, in Albany. 
Baata, bp. April 13, 1740, in Schenectady; m. Oct. 11, 
1760, in Schenectady, Matthias Bovie, Jr. 
, Matthys, bp. Mch. 7, 1742, in Schenectady. 
15 Abraham, bp. Oct. 28, 1744, in Schenectady; m. Ann 
Jochem Vanderheyden rasided in Albany, N. Y. until about 
1739, then moving to Schenactady. He was the owner of real 
estate in Schachticoke, probably inherited from his father, 
which on Jan. 31, 1727, he offered for sale to the Common 
Council of Albany. He died in 1746 and in Oct. 24, of that year, 
his brother David was granted letters of administration in con- 
nection with his estate. 

On March 1, 1756, a John Vanderheyden was reported killed 
in a battle against the French and Indians, near Fort Madison. 
This was undoubtedly a son of Jochem. This John Vanderheyden 
had a son Adam, bp. Nov. 9, 1755, in Albany, no other children 
being on record. 

9. Johannes, Jr., 8 son of (4) Johannes 4 Vanderheyden and Mary 
Woodard; bp. Aug. 2, 1702, in New York; m. (1) Jan. 16, 1724, 
in Albany, Rachel Vanderheyden, dau. of Dirk Vanderheyden and 
Rachel Jochemse Keteluyn; m. (2) in Schenectady (M. L. Aug. 5, 
1758), Mary Butler, dau. of Lieut. Walter and Deborah Butler of 
Schenectady. Children, by 1st m., bp. in Albany: 

Johannes, Nov. 14, 1725; m. Catharine Van Brokelen, 
dau. of Gysbert Van Brokelen. Children. 1. Maria, 
bp. June 26, 1757, in Schenectady. 2. Rachel, bp. 
May 31, 1761, in Schenectady; m. David Foreest. 3. 
John; m. Annatje Perrie. 
Rachel, Nov. 19, 1727; bur. Dec. 2, 1727, Albany Dutch 

Dirk, Jan. 19, 1729. 

Jacob, May 15, 1731; m. Lea Brower. Child. Johan- 
nes, bp. Mch. i2. 1755, in Albany; bur. Mch. 13, 1755, 
Albany Dutch Church. Lea Vanderheiden m. Aug. 
18, 1762, in New York, George Marten. 
Maria, Sept. 16, 1733. 

Rachel, May 2, 1736; m. Dec. 10, 1758, in Schenectady, 
Capt. John Ogden " of the New York Regiment from 
David, April. 27, 1740. 
Mattheus, Dec. 1, 1742. 
Jennicke, May 8, 1748. 
After the death of Johannes Vanderheyden, Sr., in 1702, his 
family evidently removed to Albany, where they could be to some 
extent under the protection of his brother, Dirk. Johannes 
Vanderheyden, Jr., is first mentioned in Albany Annals, as being 
among a party of five who msde a journey to the M Sinnekes " 
(Indians) Country, presumably to arrange for terms of trade. 

3 1 6 The Vanderheyden Family. [Oct. 

This occurred in 1723, a certificate to the effect that provisions had 
been furnished them, bearing the date of April 18, 1723. On Nov. 
J 5> 1 7 2 5. Johannes Vanderheyden was appointed fire-master of 
the First Ward of Albany and in 1727 and 1728 served as Consta- 
ble of the First Ward. In 1728 he was Asst. Alderman of the 
First Ward and in 1737 was elected Alderman. In 1747, a 
Johannes Vanderheyden, Jr., served as constable of the First 

In a number of papers Johannes Vanderheyden is termed as 
"advocaat" (lawyer) and the suffix " Esq." is also found after his 
name. His will was proved Aug. 5, 177 1, the following being an 

Johanes Vanderheyden, Esq., of Albany . . . leave to son 
John my large Dutch Bible, in right of Primogeniture; also the 
house and lot in which my son-in-law, Ogden, now dwells; . . . 
leave to daughter Jane all my library, and a "large Book Plate 
and the Block"; . . . leave to my daughters Mary and Jane, 
all the residue of my furniture, and my Pew in the Presbyterian 
Meeting House; . . . leave to my daughters Mary, Rachel 
and Jane, the house and lot wherein I now dwell. All the rest 
of my personal property to be sold . . . Mortgage given to 
Harme Gansevoort to be paid. I make my daughter Jane and 
Harme Gansevoort, Volkert Douw and Gerrit Van Sant, Execu- 

The father of Mary Butler, second wife of Johannes Vander- 
heyden, was Lieut. Walter Butler "of the Independent Com- 
panies." It is not known what relation the latter was to the 
Walter Butler notorious in Revolutionary times for his part in 
the Indian atrocities of the New York border. 

10. Derick, 4 son of (5 ) Jacob 8 Vanderheyden and Hester Visscher ; 
b. June 19, 1720; bp. in Albany; m. Elizabeth Wendel; b. Feb. 21, 
1721; d. aged 60 years; dau. of Capt. Johannes Wendel and 
Elizabeth Walters. Children: 

Elizabeth,' bp. Nov. 16, 1746, in Albany; bur. Aug. 24, 
1747, Albany Dutch Church. 

Elizabeth, bp. Feb. 19, 1749, in Albany; m. Dec. 13, 1771, 

Tan P. Hansen; b. March 28, 1742; son of Philip 

Hester, bp. Aug. 5. 1750, in Albany; m. (M. L. Mch. 13, 

1773) Cornelius Lansing; bp. July 6, 1752, in Albany; 

d. 1842: son of Abraham Lansing and Catherine 


Catharine, bp. Jan. 5, 1752, in Albany; m. March 11, 
1770 in Albany, Levinus Lansing; bp. June 23, 1754, 
in Albany; son of Franciscus Lansing and Maria 

Jacob, bp. July 14, 1754, in Albany; bur. June n, 1755, 

Albany Dutch Church. 
Alida, bp. July 14, 1754, in Albany; m. Feb. 7, 1779, in 

Schachticoke, Elisha Adams. 

igi4.] The Van der hey den Fa?nily. 3 I 7 

16 Jacob D., b. Oct. 20, 1758; bp. in Albany; m. (1) Jane 

Yates; m. (2) Mary Owen. 
Susanna, b. Oct. 20, 1758; bp. in Albany; d. y. 
Susanna, bp. Oct. 24, 1762, in Albany; m. Dr. Gideon 
Derick Vanderheyden, by right of primogeniture, his father, 
Jacob, leaving no will, inherited his entire estate, the property 
comprising a two-thirds portion of the 490 acres, now occupied 
by the city of Troy. In the same year of his father's death, how- 
ever (1746), he deeded to his brother Jacob " two full and equal 
just fourths" of this property, thus acting according, in all 
probability, to his father's actual wishes. 

11. Jacob I., 4 son of (5) Jacob' Vanderheyden and Hester 
Visscher; bp. March 6, 1725, in Albany; m. Maria Hallenbeck; 
bp. March 8, 1724, in Albany; dau. of Jacob J. Hallenbeck and 
Maria Visscher. Children, bp. in Albany: 

17 Jacob I., 6 Dec. 3, 1749; m. Maria Van Schaick. 
Nanning, Sept. 29, 175 1; d. y. 

Capt. Nanning, Feb. 24, 1754; d. 1791; m., Nov. 30, 1780, 
Catrina Leversee. Child. Annatie, b. Jan. 23, 1782; 
d. Sept. 22, 1855; m. Abraham L. Lansing; b. 1774; d. 

18 Major Derick I., b. Jan. 5, 1759; m. Rachel Fonda. 
Maria, Nov. 1. 1761; d. Aug. 22, 18 14; bur. Oakwood 

Cem.; m. Levinus Leversee; b. 1754; d. Oct. 9, 1831. 

As described in a foregoing paragraph, in 1746 Jacob I. Van- 
derheyden came into possession of a one-third portion of the 
property on which Troy was subsequently located. The old 
Vanderheyden mansion on River St., just north of Hoosic, in 
Troy was built by him in 1756. 

History does not give much account of the early activities of 
Jacob I. Vanderheyden. On Aug. 18, 1748, he was commissioned 
1st Lieut, in Col. Sir William Johnson's Regiment of Albany 
Militia, and he held this commission as late as Sept. 6, 1762. The 
following is a copy of a later commission of Jacob I. Vanderheyden: 
"July 30, 1772. Jacob Vanderheyden, Gentleman, of the County 
of Albany, appointed by his Excellency, Wm. Tryon, Esq., Cap- 
tain, General and Governor in Chief in and over the Province of 
New York and the territories adjoining thereto, in America, 
Chancellor and Vice-Admiral of the same: — First Lieutenant of 
Capt. Henry H. Gardinier's Company of Foot in the 2nd Battalion 
in the Regiment of Militia in the Manor of Rensselaerswyck. 
Given under my hand and seal at arms at Fort George in the city 
of New York, the 30th day of July in the 12th year of the reign 
of our Sovereign Lord, George the 3rd, — A. D. 1772." In 1775 
Jacob Vanderheyden was 2nd Lieut, in a company of the 6th 
Regiment, 4th Battalion of Colonial Troops, with the same 
officers as those of the above 2nd Battalion, and was later 1st 
Lieut. His son, Nanning, served as Lieutenant in the 3rd New 
York Line Regiment in 1776, and in 1787 was a Captain of Militia. 
Nanning Vanderheyden was a resident of Half Moon, Albany 

3 I 8 The Vanderheyden Family. [Oct. 

Co., N. Y., in 1790, his family (according to census), consisting of 
his wife, daughter and two slaves. On Sept. 1, 1779, he presented 
a claim for bounty lands for his services in the Revolution. 

12. Jacob, 4 son of (6) David* Vanderheyden and Geertruy 
Visscher; bp. March 3, 1737, in Albany; d. Sept. 19, 1820; m. 
Jennet Livingston; b. 1753; d. Dec. 10, 1825; dau. of John Living- 
ston and Catharine Ten Broeck. Children: 

Jennet,' b. Nov. 22, 1777; d. Feb. 4, 1850, at Bemis 
Heights, N. Y. 

Alida, b. 1780; d. Jan. 16, 1805. 

Capt. David, b. July 19, 1784; bp. in Albany; d. Sept. 19, 

Derrick L., b. 1789; d. Feb. 12, 1826. 
Jacob Vanderheyden was a wealthy merchant of Albany, N. 
Y. He lived at No. 85 Pearl St., Albany, at what was known as 
the " Vanderheyden Palace." This was located on the west side 
of Pearl St., about fifty feet south of Maiden Lane. The building 
was erected by Johannes Beekman in 1725 and purchased by Jacob 
Vanderheyden in 1778. The family left it in 1823 and it was 
demolished in 1832 and the Pearl St. Baptist Church erected on 
its site, which in 1870 was converted into stores. The Vander- 
heyden Palace was said to be one of the best specimens of Dutch 
architecture in the country. It was built of brick brought from 
Holland and its general dimensions were 50 by 20 feet, with a 
Hall and two rooms on each floor. The massive beams and braces 
projected out into the rooms. Washington Irving describes this 
building in the story of Dolph Heyliger in " Bracebridge Hall," 
where it is named as the property of Herr Antony Vanderheyden. 
Irving took the weather-vane to his own home at " Sunnyside " 
and placed it above the turret of the doorway, where it may 
remain yet for all that is known to the contrary. The vane rep- 
resents a horse going at full speed. 

Jacob Vanderheyden was a Director of the bank of Albany 
for many years and served in several public offices, including that 
of Assessor in 1 783. The census of 1 790 lists his family as follows: 
residence, Albany, 3rd Ward; 1 male over 16 (father), 2 males 
under 16, 4 females (inc. mother), 3 slaves. David and Derrick 
L., sons of Jacob, were also active in Albany affairs. David ser- 
ved in the War of 181 2 as 2nd Lieut, of the 6th N. Y. Regiment, 
and was later promoted to Captain. Derrick L. was an attorney 
in Albany. In 1820 he was elected Clerk of the House of 
Assembly. On July 4th, 1820, he delivered the Fourth of July 
oration at Geneva, N. Y. In later years the daughter, Jennet, 
lived at Stillwater, Saratoga Co., where it is understood the 
Livingston family owned property. All of the family are buried at 
the Albany Rural Cemetery, the lot being one of the oldest in the 
place. It is not believed that any of the children were married. 

13. Dirk,* son of (7) Matthys* Vanderheyden and Margarita 
Bratt; bp. May 14, 1732, in Albany; d. May 16, 1814, aged 88; m. 
July 15, 1758, in Albany, Sara Wendel. Children, bp. in Albany. 

Margarita,* June 17, 1759; m. June 20, 1779, in Schach- 
ticoke, Mathew J. de Garmo. 

19 1 4] Bristol Notes. 319 

19 Matthias, Sept. 9, 1760; m. Mary Daucher (Denker). 

20 John D., Oct. 18, 1761; m. Susan Van Arnum. 

21 Dirk D. (Richard), b. June 3, 1763; m (1) Ariaantje 

Wheeler; (2) Elizabeth Goodheart. 

22 Abraham D., b. Apr. 25, 1767; m. Maria Sharp. 

Dirk M. Vanderheyden was commissioned, Aug. 18, 1757, 
Ensign of Col. Sir William Johnson's Regiment of Albany Militia. 
His son John D. was a private, during the Revolution, in the 6th 
Regiment, 4th Rensselaerwyck Battalion, Stephen J. Schuyler, 

Dirk Vanderheyden inherited the southern part of the Troy 
estate. He was known as " Uncle Derrick?" His residence was 
located on the east side of the River Road, Troy, on the south- 
east corner of River and Division Streets, about 100 ft. south of 
the line of the middle farm. It was built by his father Matthys 
in 1752, and was subsequestly occupied by Matthias Vanderhey- 
den, son of Dirk, the South Patroon. 

(To be continued.') 


By Donald Lines Jacobus, M. A., of New Haven, Conn. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV, p. 238, of the Record.) 

Cheshire, Conn., Branch. 

1. Henry' Bristol (Henry 1 ), was born in New Haven, June 10, 
1683, the fourteenth and youngest child of his father; in 1724 he 
removed to that part of Wallingford which later became Cheshire, 
Conn.; there he died in June, 1750. He married (1) Jan. 23, 1707, 
Desire Smith, daughter of John and Grace (Winston) Smith, who 
died April 14, 1740; married (2) June 9, 1742, Damaris Atwater, 
who was born May 21, 1700, and died in 1771, having married for 
her second husband, Dec. 26, 1751, Eliphalet Parker. Children, 
all by first wife: 

i. Desire,' b. Nov. 5, 1707; d. Oct. 11, 1748; m. July 6, 
1727, Thomas Brooks. 

2 ii. Henry, b. Nov., 1709; d. Nov. 13, 1748. 

3 iii. Austin, b. Nov. 26, 1711; d. Feb. 4, 1742. 

4 iv. Amos, b. Feb. 22, 17 13; d. April 15, 1790. 

v. Mary, b. Feb. 7, 17 18; d. June 3, 1742. 

vi. Thomas; b. Dec. 29, 1719; d. June 5, 1741. 

vii. Gideon, ) . • . *, . d. in 1747. 

,,;,-; rk^-k^A ?■ twins, b. March 13, 1722; -, '*' 

vin. Deborah, \ ' °' ' ' d. young. 

ix. Patience, b. May 11, 1723; d. Nov. 30, 1748. 

5 x. Jonathan, b. July 27, 1725; d. in 1762. 
xi. Lydia, b. March 16, 1728. 

New Haven Vital and Probate ; Wallingford Vital : Cheshire Church. 

320 • Bristol Notes. [Oct. 

2. Henry 8 Bristol (Henry, a Henry 1 ), was born in New Haven, 
Nov., 1709; died in Cheshire, Nov. 13, 1748; married Lois Prindle, 
daughter of Joel and Jemima (Benham) Prindle, who was born 
in 1724, and died Jan., 1756. Children: ( 

i. Mary, 4 b. March 12, 1743; d. before 1756. 
ii. Sarah, b. June 10, 1744; lived in Farmington; m. Dec. 

17, 1767, Joseph Peck of Kensington, 
iii. Damaris, b. Dec. 10, 1746. 

iv. Henry, b. March 17, 1749; lived in Farmington, where 
he d. in 1772. 
Wallingford Vital and Deeds ; Farmington Probate; New Haven Probate. 

3. Austin' or Augustus Bristol (Henry, 8 Henry'), was born in 
New Haven, Nov. 26, 1711; died in Cheshire, Feb. 4, 1742; married 
June 14, 1738, Sarah Hotchkiss. daughter of Capt. John and 
Miriam (Wood) Hotchkiss, who was born July 13, 1721. Child: 

6 i. Simeon/ b. May 18, 1739; d. Oct. 23, 1805. 
Wallingford Vital ; New Haven Probate. 

4. Amos 8 Bristol (Henry,' Henry 1 ), was born in New Haven, 
Feb. 22, 1713; died in Cheshire, April 15, 1790; married (1) June 
1, 1740, Joanna Parker, daughter of Eliphalet and Hannah (Beach) 
Parker, who was born July 3, 1723, and died Nov. 15, 1776; mar- 
ried (2) March 18, 1779, Ruth Parmalee. Children, all by first 

7 i. Thomas, 4 b. March 28, 1741; d. Dec. 17, 1808. 

8 ii. Augustus, b. July 19, 1743; d. May 12, 1839. 

iii. Hannah, b. March 20, 1745; m. May 5, 1768, Samuel 

iv. Patience, b. Nov. 13, 1748; m. Jan. 28, 1768, Giles An- 

9 v. Amos, b. May 6, 175 1; d. April 8, 1777. 

10 vi. Ezra, b. June 9, 1753; d. May 9, 1819. 

11 vii. Reuben, b. Oct., 1755. 

viii. Lydia, b. Sept. 15, 1757; m. Nov. 26, 1778, Jared Page. 

ix. Lucy, b. Sept. 10, 1759; m. , 1774, Jonathan Wain- 


12 x. Zealous, b. Oct. 23, 1761; d. Sept. 4, 1819. 
xi. Desire, b. about 1763; d. Oct. 6, 1776. 

xii. Landa, b. Jan. 14, 1769; d. March 31, 1773. 

Wallingford and Cheshire Vital. 

5. Jonathan 8 Bristol (Henry, 4 Henry 1 ), born in Cheshire, July 
27, 1725; died there in 1762; married May 6, 1752, Elizabeth 
Hotchkiss, daughter of Amos and Obedience (Munson) Hotchkiss, 
baptized Dec. 23, 1733; she married (2) March 1, 1769, Abner 
Blakeslee. Children: 

i. Lowly, 4 b. Feb. 20, 1753; m. May 5, 1768, Jonah Hill. 

13 ii. Gideon, b. June 11, 1755; d. Oct. 19, 1837. 

14 iii. Jonathan Gorham, b. Aug. 1, 1760; d. in 1834. 

Wallingford and Cheshire Vital; New Haven Probate. 

191 4.] Bristol Notes. 32 I 

6. Simeon 4 Bristol (Austin,' Henry, 1 Henry 1 ), was born in 
Cheshire, May iS, 1739, and removed to Hamden, Conn., where 
he died Oct. 23, 1805; married Mary Brooks, born Dec. 1, 1736; 
died April — , 181 7. Children: \ 

15 i. George Augustus, 6 b. July 27, 1762; d. Aug. 28, 1813. 
ii. Simeon, b. July 26, 1764; d. May 23, 1782. 

iii. Mary, b. Oct. 15, 1767; d. March 6, 1799; m. Dr. Elisha 

Chapman of Hamden. 
iv. Sarah, b. Aug. 20, 1771; m. Jason Bradley. 

16 v. John, b. Dec. 10, 1775; d. Sept. 13, 1845. 

17 vi. William, b. June 2, 1779; d. March 7, 1836. 

Wallingford and Hamden Vital; New Haven Probate ; Ml. Carmel 

7. Thomas 4 Bristol (Amos,' Henry,* Henry'), was born in 
Cheshire, March 28, 1741, and died there Dec. 17, 1808; married 
May 19, 1763, Eunice Parker, daughter of Gamaliel and Elizabeth 
(Blakesley) Parker, who was born Jan. 6, 1745, and died Sept. 15, 
1825. Children: 

i. Zerviah,' b. March 3, 1765; d. Jan. 9, 1800; m. Nov. 13, 
1782, Gideon Curtis. 

18 ii. Levi, b. Sept. 16, 1767; d. Dec. 19, 1841. 

19 iii. Thomas, b. June 16, 1769; d. in 1814. 

20 iv. Landa, b. March 4, 1773; d. July 17, 1845. 

v. Eunice, b. Aug. 21, 1777; d. April 17, 1794. 

vi. Polly, bapt. , 1783; m. Daniel Humiston. 

Wallingford and Cheshire Vital ; Cheshire Deeds and Church. 

8. Augustus 4 Bristol (Amos,* Henry, 2 Henry 1 ), sometimes 
called Austin, was born at Cheshire, July 19, 1743; died there 
May 12, 1839; married Jan. 17, 1765, Sarah Preston, daughter of 
Sergt. Jehiel and Thankful (Sedgwick) Preston, who was born 
at Cheshire, Aug. 23, 1742, and died there March 11, 1817. He 
served in the Revolution, in which he lost a leg. Children: 

i. Abigail, 6 b. Aug. 6, 1767; m. March 29, 1786, Amos 

21 ii. Benoni, b. Feb. 27, 1770; d. Jan. 11, 1849. 

22 iii. Augustus, b. March 8, 1779. 

iv. Sarah, b. Aug. 27, 1786; d. in Forestville, Conn., April, 
1868; m. Jan., 1802, Chauncey Hitchcock, b. at 
Cheshire, July 17, 1781; d. at Bristol, Conn., in 1852. 

23 v. Lucius, b. Dec. 18, 1789; d. Feb. 23, 1834. 
Wallingford and Cheshire Vital; Cheshire Cemetery; Fa?nily Records. 

9. Amos 4 Bristol (Amos, 9 Henry," Henry 1 ), was born at Cheshire, 
May 6, 1751, and died there April 8, 1777; married Dec. 17, 1772, 
Thankful Tuttle. Children: 

i. Roswell,' b. July 11, 1773; d. Sept. 27, 1776. 
ii. Boadice, b. Aug. 11, 1775; m. Oct. 6, 1794, Samuel 

Preston of Plymouth, Conn., b. July 20, 1770. 
iii. Thankful, b. March 11, 1777; m. Nov. 18, 1796, Nath- 
aniel Bunnell of Cheshire, Conn., and Freehold, N. Y. 
Wallingford and Cheshire Vital; Wallingford Probate ; Cheshire Deeds. 

322 Bristol Notes. [Oct. 

10. Ezra 4 Bristol (Amos,' Henry,' Henry'), was born at Ches- 
hire, June 9, 1753, and died there May 9, 1819; married (1) Nov. 
20, 1777, Elizabeth Hotchkiss, daughter of Daniel and Mature 
(Cook) Hotchkiss, born in Cheshire, Dec. 4, 1757; died there 
June 29, 1808; married (2) April 24, 1809, Mary FitzGerald. 
Children, all by first wife: 

24 i. Amos,' b. May 5, 1777. 

ii. Betsey, b. June 6, 1780; m. Nov. 27, 1800, Benedict 

25 iii. Ezra, b. March 15, 1783; d. in 1833. 
Wallingford and Cheshire Vital. 

11. Reuben* Bristol (Amos, 8 Henry," Henry 1 ), was born in 
Cheshire, Oct., 1755; married April 7, 1780, Emma Benham, 
daughter of Joseph and Emma (Curtis) Benham, who was born 
April 17, 1760, and died in 1797. Children: 

i. Luther,* b. April 18, 1781. 
ii. Clary, b. March 8, 1783. 
iii. A child, d. Aug. 19, 1786. 
Wallingford Vital and Probate ; Cheshire Church. 

12. Zealous 4 Bristol (Amos,' Henry,' Henry 1 ), was born in 
Cheshire in 1761, and died there Sept. 4, 1819; married Nov. 27, 
1781, Lydia Munson. Children: 

i. Burrage,* b. April 4, 1782; m. Nov. 4, 1807, Sally 

ii. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 15, 1783; m. Sept. 26, 1802, Libbeus 

iii. Joanna, b. Oct. 4, 1785. 

iv. Lorrana, b. March 16, 1793; m. (1) Sept. 29, 1815, 
Horace Durand; m. (2) Joseph Fowler. 

v. Leverett, b. June 5, 1795; d. June 4, 1852; m. 

vi. Lydia Louisa; b. April 1, 1803; m. Dec. 1, 1822, Orrin 

Winchell of Berlin, Conn, 
vii. William Zealous, b. June 23, 1807; m. Jan. 7, 1827, 
Ellen Coles. 
Cheshire Vital. 

13. Gideon 4 Bristol (Jonathan, 8 Henry,' Henry 1 ), was born in 
Cheshire, June 11, 1755, and died there Oct. 19, 1837; married 
Nov. 4, 1777, Abigail Badger, who died Jan. 10, 1835. Children: 

i. Betsey,* b. March 20, 1778; m. Aug. 28, 1805, Thomas 

ii. Sukey, b. Feb. 3, 1780; m. Hall. 

iii. Benedict, b. Aug. 24, 1781. 

iv. Delight, b. Sept. 3, 1783; d. in 1836; m. Nov. 3, 1801, 
Ezra 5 Bristol (No. 25). 

26 v. Gideon, b. Feb. 13, 1786; d. Sept. 1, 1846. 
vi. Abigail, b. April 17, 1788. 

vii. Eudoxia, b. Feb. 4, 1791. 

viii. Nancy, m. Jones. 

ix. Sherlock, b. Feb. 8, 1795; d. Jan. 8, 1809. 

19!4-] Bristol Notes. 


27 x. George, b. Aug. 16, 1798. 
Wallingford and Cheshire Vital ; Cheshire Probate. 

14. Jonathan Gorham 4 Bristol (Jonathan,* Henry, 1 Henry'), 
was born in Cheshire, Aug. 1, 1760; died there* in 1834; married 
Oct. 6, 1783, Desire Brooks, who died in 1838. Children: 

28 i. Ethuriel, 6 b. Aug. 15, 1784; d. in 1852. 

ii. Charlotte, b. March 28, 1788; m. Nov. 12, 1809, Jedediah 

iii. Orilla, b. Aug. 4, 1791; d. May 13, 1852; m. Jan. 10, 
1810, Flamen Atwater, b. March 30, 1783; d. May 13, 
Cheshire Vital and Probate. 


15. George Augustus 6 Bristol (Simeon, 4 Austin,' Henry,* 
Henry 1 ), was born in Hamden, July 27, 1762, and died Aug. 28, 
1S13; married (1) Feb. 3, 1785, Mary De Forest Hawley; married 
(2) Oct. 6, 1791, Abigail Bassett Munson Child by first wife: 

29 i. Simeon," b. July 9, 1787; d. Sept. 3, 1827. 
Children by second wife: 

ii. Mary, b. July 21, 1792; m. Dec. 8, 1818, Chauncey 
Norton of Southington, b. in 1790. 

30 iii. Julius, b. Aug. n, 1793. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 25, 1795; d. Dec. 7, 1796. 
v. Eliza, b. about 1797; bapt. at Southington, Nov. 27, 

vi. Abigail Bassett, b. about 1799; bapt. at Southington, 

Nov. 27, 1799. 
vii. A son, b. March 12, 1802; d. March 13, 1802. 
viii. George, b. May, 1804; d. April 22, 1805. 
ix. Cornelia, bapt. April 18, 1813. 
Hamden Vital ; Southington Church. 

16. John 6 Bristol (Simeon, 4 Austin,* Henry,* Henry 1 ), was born 
at Hamden, Dec. 10, 1775; removed to Cheshire, where he died 
Sept. 13, 1845; married (1) Feb. 8, 1797, Abigail Dickerman, 
daughter of Jonathan and Miriam (Bradley) Dickerman, born 
Sept. 30, 1777; died Jan. 28, 1821; married (2) Oct. 14, 1821, 
Nancy Brooks, daughter of Jeremiah Brooks, born about ^So- 
died Dec. 28, 1843. Children, all by first wife: 

i. Miriam, 8 b. Feb. 6, 1798; d. Jan. 9, 1870. 
ii. Abigail, b. Sept. 4, 1800; d. Dec. 14, 1839; m. Nov. 11, 

1821, Joel Ives, 
iii. Hemy, b. Oct. 18, 1804; d. May 12, 1848; m. March 21, 

1831, Hannah Doolittle of Prospect and left issue, 
iv. Amelia, b. July 26, 1807; d. Sept. 7, 1850; m. April 15, 

1827, Charles Brockett, b. Dec. 1, 1803, d. Aug-. 21. 
1884. s 

v. Julia A., b. July 16, 1809; d. Aug. 17, 1849; m. June 7, 

1832, George B. Beecher. 

vi. Mary, b. Sept. 25, 181 1; d. Sept. 4, 1853; m. May 12, 
1837, Ezra Stiles, b. at North Haven, July 26, 1804. 

-7 24 Bristol Notes. [Oct. 

vii. Margaret H., b. May 15, 1817; d. Sept. 19, 1849; m - 
Nov. 9, 1841, Henry J. Potter. 
Cheshire Vital and Cemetery and Probate ; Dickerman Gen., p. 441. 

17. William 6 Bristol (Simeon/ Austin, 3 Henry, 1 Henry 1 ), was 
born in Hamden, June 2, 1779, and died at New Haven, where he 
resided, March 7, 1836; married Jan. 6, 1805, Sarah Edwards, 
daughter of , born Dec. n, 1780; died Dec. 24, 1866. Children: 

31 i. William Brooks," b. June 19, 1806; d. Oct. 10, 1876. 

32 ii. Albert G. 

33 iii. Louis. 

iv. Frances L. 
New Haven Vital, Probate and Deeds. 

18. Levi 5 Bristol (Thomas, 4 Amos,' Henry," Henry 1 ), was born 
in Cheshire, Sept. 16, 1767; died Dec. 19, 1841; married (1) Nov. 
21, 1791, Martha Hotchkiss, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Hall) 
Hotchkiss, born July 1, 1773; died Jan. 24, 1805; married (2) 
Chloe Hotchkiss, sister of his first wife, born July 30, 1771; died 
Aug. 31, 1837. He lived in Litchfield, and Plymouth, Conn. 
Children by first wife: 

i. Henry,* b. July 13, 1792. 
ii. Eunice, b. April 20, 1794. 
iii. Reuben, b. July 12, 1803. 
Residents in Litchfield, Conn.; Northfield {Litchfield), Conn., Cent. In- 
scriptions ; Cheshire and Litchfield Deeds. 

19. Thomas' Bristol (Thomas, 1 Amos,' Henry, 1 Henry'), was 
born in Cheshire, June 16, 1769, and died there in 1814; married 
Sarah . Children: 

i. A child, 8 d. Aug. n, 1794. 
ii. A child, d. June 28, 1795. 
iii. A child, d. May 23, 1801. 
iv. Thomas Hull, b. April 26, 1802; m. Dec. 11, 1822, 

Rhoda Parker, 
v. Sally, b. July 31, 1805; m. Dec. 29, 1822, Orrin Curtiss. 
vi. Seymour Augustus, b. Sept. 2, 1809; m. Oct. 29, 1829, 
Susan Johnson. 
Cheshire Vital. 

20. Landa* Bristol (Thomas, 4 Amos,' Henry,* Henry 1 ), was 
born in Cheshire, March 4, 1773, and died there July 17, 1845; 
married (1) Dec. 23, 1795, Fanny Doolittle, who died Aug. 12, 
1810; married (2) Aug. 27, 1812, Amarillis Peck, who died Aug. 6, 
1826, aged 44. Children by first wife: 

i. Eli, 9 b. Aug. 2, 1798; d. May 7, 1828; m. Nov. 18, 1819, 
Lois Matthews. Child: 1. Polly Ann, b. Oct. 28, 
ii. A child, d. June 21, 1800. 
iii. A child, d. Aug. 4, 1804. 
iv. Hall, b. Aug. 30, 1805; m. March 13, 1828, Abigail 

Hotchkiss, and had issue, 
v. Lucy, b. Nov. 12, 1807. 

1 9 1 4.] B ristol Notes. 325 

Child by second wife: 

vi. Fanny Amelia, b. April 17, 1815; m. Feb. 7, 1831, Jesse 
Cheshire Vital, Church and Probate. 1 

21. Benoni* Bristol (Augustus, 4 Amos,* Henry,* Henry 1 ), was 
born in Cheshire, Feb. 27, 1770; died there Jan. 11, 1849; married 
Jan. 18, 1798, Roxana Gaylord, daughter of Nathaniel and Ann 
Gaylord, born Dec. 10, 1779. Children: 

i. Gaylord, 6 b. Oct. 27, 1798; d. in 1858; m. Jan. 27, 1823, 

Betsey Doolittle. Issue: 1. Abram;' 2. Reuben, 
ii. Gaius, b. Oct. 3, 1800; m. April 17, 1842, Esther A. 
Johnson. Child: Alexander Selkirk/ b. April 11, 

Cheshire and Family Records. 

22 % . Augustus* Bristol (Augustus, 4 Amos,' Henry,* Henry 1 ), 
was born in Cheshire, March 8, 1779; married Pauline Lewis. 

i. Ives, 8 d. in Chili, N. Y., July 8, 1848; was twice mar- 
ried. Issue: 1. Ophelia S.;' 2. Paula A.; 3. Mary 

ii. Maria, m. Van Voltenburg. 

Family Records. 

23. Lucius 5 Bristol (Augustus, 4 Amos, 3 Henry,* Henry 1 ), born 
in Cheshire, Dec. 18, 1789; died there Feb. 23, 1834; married 
June 7, 1817, Asenath Yale. Children: 

i. Truman," b. May 14, 1819; m. Sept. 13, 1846, Mary 

ii. Harrison, b. Sept. 15, 1822. 
Cheshire and Family Records. 

24. Amos 6 Bristol (Ezra, 4 Amos,' Henry,' Henry 1 ), born in 
Cheshire, May 5, 1777; married Betsey Hitchcock, daughter of 
Dan and Anna (Perkins) Hitchcock, born May 16, 1779. Children: 

i. Dosia,* m. Aug. 16, 1814, Josiah Talmadge. 
ii. A child, d. April 6, 1802. 
iii. Amos, b. Sept., 1800; m. March 7, 1826, Marima 

iv. Marcia, b. 1802; m. Nov. 8, 1819, Stephen H. Carrington. 
v. Betsey, b. April 11, 1803; m. Aug. 22, 1821, Charles B. 

34 vi. George, b. 1805. 

vii. Ethelbert, b. April, 1808. 
viii. Emmeline, b. July, 1810. 
ix. Harley, b. 1812; m. Aug. 25, 1836, Electa Viona. 

35 x. Elias, b. 1815. 
Cheshire Records. 

25. Ezra 5 Bristol (Ezra, 4 Amos,' Henry,* Henry 1 ), born in 
Cheshire, March 15, 1783; died there in 1833; married Nov. 3, 
1801, Delight Bristol, daughter of Gideon (13), born Sept. 3, 1783; 
died in 1836. Children: 

326 Bristol Notes. [Oct. 

i. Harriet," b. July 12, 1802; m. Feb. 5, 182 1, Benjamin 

ii. Amanda, b. Nov. 1, 1804. 

iii. Hiram, b. Jan. 4, 1807; m. Match 18, 1830, Polly Dibble, 
iv. Jonathan, b. Feb. 26, 1809; m. Oct. 25, 1830, Elizabeth 
36 v. Riar, b. Feb. 1, 181 1. 
Cheshire Records. 

26. Gideon 6 Bristol (Gideon, 4 Jonathan,' Henry," Henry 1 ), was 
born at Cheshire, Feb. 13, 1786; died there Sept. i, 1846; married 
Aug. 8, 1812, Julia Parker. Children: 

i. Orra Jennette," b. July 11, 1813; d. Oct. 5, 1844; m. 


ii. Sherlock, b. June 5, 1815; d. 1906; a clergyman of 

Ventura, Cal. 
iii. Birdsey, b. March 6, 1818; m. Sept. 19, 1847, Delight 

iv. Mary Comstock, b. March 12, 1820. 

v. Margaret, m. Scott of Short Beach, Conn. 

Cheshire and Family Records. 

27. George' Bristol (Gideon, 4 Jonathan,' Henry,' Henry 1 ), was 
born at Cheshire, Aug. 16, 1798; married Polly Gales. He built 
the First East Pearl St. Methodist Church at Fair Haven, Conn. 

i. Benedict," b. about 1822; d. 1906; left issue. 
ii. George, m. Mary Jane Castledon. 
iii. Sarah, b. abo#t 1827; d. at New Haven, Sept. 30, 1913; 

m. Edwin Y. Gale, 
iv. Hannah. 

v. William G., b. about 183 1. 
Cheshire Records. 

28. Ethuriel' Bristol (Jonathan G., 4 Jonathan,' Henry,' Henry 1 ), 
was born at Cheshire, Aug. 15, 1784; died there in 1852; married 
Sept. 13, 1807, Minervf Tuttle. Children: 

i. Jane," b. March 17, 1808. 
ii. John, b. Dec. 12, 1809. 
iii. James M., b. May 23, 1811. 
iv. Abiathar Hull, b. June 4, 1813. 
Cheshire Records. 

29. Simeon" Bristol (George A.,' Simeon, 4 Austin,' Henry,* 
Henry 1 ), was born at Hamden, July 9, 1787; lived at Southington, 
Conn., and Perrington, N. Y.; died Sept. 3, 1827; married (1) 
Lucy Goodyear, born Sept. 11, 1785; died Nov. 18, 1814; mar- 
ried (2) April 17, 1816, Lucy Newell. Children by first wife: 

i. Lucy Goodyear, 7 d. young. 

ii. Mary DeForest, b. March 10, 181 2; d. July 30, 1855; 
m. March 16, 1830, Asahel Finch, Jr., of Milwaukee, 
Wis., b. Feb. 14, 1809; d. April 4, 1884. 
iii. George Augustus, bapt. Nov. 27, 1814; d. Nov., 1835. 
Hamden Records ; Goodyear Genealogy. 

1914.] Bristol Notes. 327 

30. Capt. Julius 6 Bristol (George A., 6 Simeon, 4 Austin,' Henry, 3 
Henry 1 ), was born at Hamden, Aug. 11, 1793; lived at Southing- 
ton, Conn.; married (1) Sally Barnes, daughter of Allen and 
Sarah (Webster) Barnes, who was born Sept. 16, 1794; married (2) 
Fanny (Sugdon) Hitchcock. Children (probablty others): 

i. A daughter, 7 b. July, 1816; d. Oct. 15, 1817. 
ii. A child, d. June 10, 1824. 
iii. Julius D., b. Feb. 10, 1826; d. at Denver, Col., in 1884; 

m. (1) Cook; m. (2) Martha Perkins, dau. of 

Benjamin and Polly B. (Wilson) Perkins, b. Nov. 30, 
1822; d. July 10, 1905. Issue by first wife: 1. Sey- 
mour Julius, 8 b. 1850; d. 1878. 2. George Dennis, b. 
Feb. 2, 1859; m. in 1882, Amy T. Douglas. Issue by 
second wife: 3. Julius, 
iv. A child, d. Feb. 28, 1829. 

v. Cornelia J., b. about 1837; d. at Philadelphia, March 3, 
1864; m. George Matthews. 
Southington Records, 

31. William Brooks* Bristol (William, 6 Simeon, 4 Austin,' 
Henry, 3 Henry'), was born at New Haven, June 19, 1806; died 
there Oct. 10, 1876; married (1) Mary Wolcott Bliss, born May 8, 
1810; died Feb. 12, 1849; married (2) Caroline Bliss, born Sept. 11, 
181 7; d. Sept. 23, 1905. They were sisters, daughters of Moses 
and Mary (Wolcott) Bliss of Springfield, Mass. Children by first 

i. William,' b. Sept. 19, 1837; d. May 8, 1841. 
ii. Louis Henry, b. March 2, 1839; d. July 20, 1910, unm. 
iii. Eugene S., b. Jan. 4, 1843; d. April 2, 1910; m. Julia S. 

Gilman; no issue, 
iv. John Murdock, b. about 1844; d. April 17, 1850. 
v. William Brooks, b. June 1, 1847; d. Sept. 30, 1873. 
vi. Mary Bliss, b. about 1848; d. Sept. 17, 1849. 
Children by second wife: 
vii. Mary Bliss, d. young, 
viii. John Wolcott. 
ix. Caroline B., m. Prof. Edward Salisbury Dana. 
New Haven Vital and Probate. 

32. Albert G. 6 Bristol (William, 6 Simeon, 4 Austin,' Henry,* 
Henry 1 ), lived at Canandaigua, N. Y. Children: 

i. Frances. 7 
ii. Mary P. 
New Haven Deeds. 

Z$. Louis 6 Bristol (William, 6 Simeon, 4 Austin,* Henry," Henry 1 ), 

died at Vineland, N. J., in 1883; married (1) ; married (2) 

Augusta (Cooper) Kimball. Children by first wife: 
i. Louis B. 7 
ii. Fanny L. 
Child by second wife: 

iii. Bessie. 
New Haven Probate. 

328 Bristol Notes. [Oct. 

34. George' Bristol (Amos,' Ezra,' Amos,' Henry,' Henry'), 
was born at Cheshire in 1805; married Nov. 16, 1826, Matilda A. 
Chidsey, who was born in East Haven, Conn., in June, 1805; died 
Dec. 30, 1861. Children (with others): | 

i. Charles B., T b. Aug. 28, 1827; d. at New Haven, July 26, 
1909; m. Nancy Nettleton, b. at Prospect, Conn., 
Sept. 29, 1827; d. May 19, 1911. 
ii. Lambert J., b. Aug.. 24, 1837; d. at New Haven, Feb. 
22, 1910. 
Cheshire and New Haven Vital. 

35. Elias* Bristol (Amos, 6 Ezra,' Amos,' Henry,* Henry 1 ), was 
born at Cheshire in 1815; married Oct. 19, 1835, Fidelia Hotch- 
kiss. Children: 

i. Harrison. 7 
ii. Elias. 
iii. Leander. 
iv. Robert, 
v. Emma. 
New Haven Probate. 

36. Riar' Bristol (Ezra,* Ezra,* Amos,' Henry, 1 Henry 1 ), was 
born at Cheshire, Feb. 1, 1811; died Aug. 31, 1871; married 
Abigail Munson v Children: 

i. Antoinette, 7 m. William S. Bates, 
ii. Alfred, b. June 15, 1839; m. Fannie A. Doolittle. 
iii. Abbie, m. Charles N. Jones. 

Milford, Ct. Branch. 

Compiled by Mrs. William H. Bristol, of Milford. 

1. Samuel' Bristol (Daniel,' Henry 1 ), b. Aug. 8, 1706, at New 
Haven; d. 1774, at Milford; m. 1727, at Milford, Esther, dau. of 
Samuel and Hannah (Baldwin) Sanford, b. Nov. 9, 1705, at Milford, 
and d. 1793. He made his first purchase of land in that part of 
Milford called "Squabbling Hill," April 27, 173 1, of Samuel 
Sanford, his father-in-law, and some of his descendants are still 
living upon it. He served in the French and Indian War. In 
1742, Samuel Bristol and others petitioned for permission to form 
an Episcopal Church at Milford. Children: 

i. Esther, 4 b. Jan. 17, 1728; bap. April 4, 1736; m. Cady- 

3 ii. Abraham, bap. April 4, 1736. 

iii. Anne, bap. April 4, 1736; m. Isaac, son of John and 
Mehitable Hine. 
4. iv. Hiel, b. 1733; bap. April 4, 1736. 

v. Eunice, m. Jan. 30, 1757, Hezekiah Hine; d. Feb. 1, 1813. 
vi. Lois, bap. Feb. 10, 1739; m. Dec. 19, 1756, Abel, son of 

Henry Summers, 
vii. Hannah, m. Nov. 13, 1763, Nehemiah, son of Barnabas 

1014.J Bristol Notes. 329 

viii. Sarah, b. 1746; m. May 29, 1764, Abraham, son of John 
and Mehitable Hine. 
ix. Content, b. Dec. 25, 1747; m. John Churchill. 
Records of Milford Churches ; Milford Land and Family Records. 

2. Richard* Bristol, Capt. (Daniel, 9 Henry 1 ), b. Oct. 18, 1708, 
at West Haven; d. July 30, 1791, at Milford; m. Mary, dau. of 
Nathan and Elizabeth (Rogers) Baldwin, who was b. 1714, and d. 
Oct. 10, 1781. He purchased land at Milford (of Samuel Baldwin), 
May 15, 1740; served in the French and Indian Wars. Children: 

5 i. Richard, 4 bap. May 9, 1736, at Milford. 
ii. Mary, bap. May 9, 1736. 

iii. Elizabeth, bap. Feb. 10, 1739; d. 1819; m. Jonathan, son 
of Joseph and Abigail (Bryan) Marshall, bap. 1743; 
d. Jan. 4, 1815. 

iv. Susanna, b. April 11, 1742. 
v. Peninah, bap. Feb. 26, 1744. 

vi. Naomi, bap. March 23, 1747; m. Jabez, son of Jirah and 
Sebella (Peck) Bull, b. Jan. 19, 1747. 

6 vii. Nathan, bap. March 3, 175 1. 

Milford Land and Church Records ; New Haven Probate. 

3. Abraham 4 Bristol, Rev. (Samuel,* Daniel,* Henry 1 ), bap. 
1736, at Milford; m. (1) Lydia Abbott; m. (2) April 18, 1757, at 
Milford, Susannah, dau. of Humphrey and Margaret Colbreath; 
settled first at New Paltz, Ulster County, N. Y., where he was 
assessed ^3, 6s., in 1765; moved to Sandlake, Rensselaer Co., 
and served in the Revolution, enlisting at Albany. V Was a Baptist 
preacher." Children: 

7 i. Abraham, 6 b. April 18, 1751, at New Paltz. 

8 ii. Simeon, b. Dec. 10, 1754, "at Nassau." 
iii. Sarah, b. 1758. 

9 iv. John, b. Oct. 4, 1759. 

v. Lydia, b. Oct. 10, 1762; joined the Shakers at New 
Lebanon; d. 1800, unm. 

10 vi. Daniel, b. Jan. 5, 1766. 
vii. Eunice, b. Aug. 17, 1768. 

viii. Bethel, b. Feb. 10, 1770. 
ix. Timothy, b. May 5, 1771; d. 1776. 

11 x. Joel, b. Feb. 28, 1773. 

xi. Margaret, b. April 4, 1775. 
xii. Susan, b. April 13, 1777. 
History of New Paltz ; Family and Probate Records, collected by David N. 
Bristol, of Troy, and Mrs. S. A. Worden, of Ithaca, N. Y.; Will of Abraham 

4. Hiel 4 Bristol (Samuel, 8 Daniel,* Henry 1 ), b. 1733, at Milford; 
d. Dec. 3, 1815; m. July 22, 1762, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel and 
Rebecca (Oviatt) Hine, b. 1741-2, and d. June 3, 1816. He was 
a merchant, cattle dealer and farmer. Children: 

i. David, 6 b. Nov. 4, 1763; m. Abigail ; was a sea 

captain; served in the Revolution, from Milford; no 

330 Bristol Notes. [Oct. 

12 ii. Jehiel, b. Aug. 3, 1765. 

13 iii. Samuel, b. Oct. 25, 1767. 

14 iv. Nehemiah, b. Feb. 10, 1770. 

v. Elizabeth, b. May 5, 1772; m. Nov. 1, 1790, Daniel, son of 
Mary and Donald Treat. ' 

15 vi. Isaac, b. Nov. 15, 1775. 

vii. Susanna, b. Nov. 1, 1778; m. Aug. 25, 1799, John Bassett. 
viii. Simeon, b. Aug. 17, 1780; d. May 30, 1781. 

16 x. Simeon, b. May 15, 1782. 

Family Bible ; Milford Vital and Land Records. 

5. Richard* Bristol, Jr. (Capt. Richard,' Daniel,* Henry'), b. 
about 1730; bap. 1736, at Milford; m. Mercy, dau. of Joseph and 
Ruth (Allen) Northrup, bap. March, 1743, at Milford, d. Dec. 28, 
1783, at New Milford, Ct. He bought land in Milford, April 19, 
1760, and sold the same July 15, 1773; was a member of the 
Episcopal Church at Milford, 1765, the year after its formation; 
served in the Revolution ("Dick Brister"); and in 1790 was living 
at New Milford, (Census) where he must have gone before the 
death of his wife, recorded at Milford, 1783. The New Milford 
probate has not been searched to verify the following, but he 
probably had children: 

17 i. Daniel.' 

ii. Peter; in Revolution, 1777; from Milford. 

18 iii. Samuel. 

iv. Susannah; who m., 1784, at New Milford, John Baldwin, 
v. Mary; m. 1788, Benjamin Pickett. 

vi. Nehemiah, "Capt. of a Liverpool packet," "son of 
Richard Bristol "; m. Elizabeth, dau. of William Stow, 
who was b. April 8, 1788. ( Ttittle Gen.) 

19 vii. Nathan, b. 1780.. 

Milford Episcopal Church Records ; Milford Land and Vital Records ; 
Hist. New Milford. 

6. Nathan 4 Bristol (Richard,' Daniel, 8 Henry 1 ), b. March 3, 
175 1, at Milford; d. April 26, 1826; m. Feb. 3, 1777, Anne, dau. of 
Jesse and Anne (Peck) Lambert, b. June 7, 1748; d. April 21, 1833; 
served in the Revolution. Children: 

20 i. Nathan,' b. Feb. 2, 1777. 

21 ii. Anthony, b. July 16, 1778. 
iii. Nancy, b. March 23, 1780. 

22 iv. Daniel, b. April 10, 1782. 

23 v. Henry Peck, b, Oct. 16, 1783. 

24 vi. Nehemiah, b. Aug. 22, 1785. 

25 vii. John, b. Oct. 16, 1787. 
viii. Mark, b. July 28, 1790. 

Milford Vital Records. 

7. Abraham' Bristol, Jr. (Abraham, 4 Samuel,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ), 
b. 175 1 ; m. Abigail Robbins; served in the Revolution, enlisting 
at Albany with his father. Children: Joseph and David. 

Mrs. S. A. Worden, of Ithaca, and David N. Bristol, of Troy. N. Y. in 

the Revolution. 

19 1 4-] Bristol Notes. 331 

8. Simeon* Bristol (Abraham, 4 Samuel,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ), b. 
Dec. 10, 1754, "in Nassau, N. Y"; d. Nov. 21, 1823; m. Nov. 20, 
1791, Abigail Faulkner who was b. June 6, 1760, and d. Feb. 9, 1840. 
They lived in Edinburg, Saratoga Co., N.t Y. He was taken 
prisoner and carried into Canada during the Revolutionary War. 

i. Justus, b. April 6, T792; m Catherine Lockwood; lived 

near Syracuse. 
ii. Abner, b. Sept. 1, 1794; d. 1876; lived at Adams Center, 
N. Y. 

26 iii. David, b. Nov. 18, 1798. 

iv. Johnston, b. Jan. 8, 1804; lived in Edenburgh, N. Y. 
v. Abigail, m. John Wood. 

9. John* Bristol (Abraham,* Samuel,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ); m. 
Dec. 8, 1787; Elsey Ayls worth who was b. in Rhode Island, Nov. 

10. 1772. They moved from Sandlake, to Earnesttown, Canada, 
where he d. Oct. 28, 1849. Children: 

i. Elsey,* m. Job Campbell, 
ii. Esther, m. Lewis Fretz. 

27 iii. John Wesley. 

28 iv. Coleman. 

v. Benjamin. 

vi. Sarah, m. Joseph Rose. 

vii. Susanna, m. Daniel Way. 

viii. Elizabeth, m. John Boothe. 

ix. Lovina, d. y. 

x. Norris, m. Mary Anderson, 

xi. Joel, m. Rachel Denys. 

Ayhiuorth Gen. 

10. Daniel 6 Bristol (Abraham,* Samuel,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ), b. 
Jan. 25, 1766; released land, 1820, rented from the Van Rensselaers 
in 1800, to his son Henry R. Child: 

i. Henry R.,* m. Eliza A., late widow of A. L. Bardell; was 
Pres. of the National Guards, 1 835 ; lived at Troy, N. Y. 

Mrs. Worden of Ithaca. 

n. Joel* Bristol (Abraham,* Samuel,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ), b. 1772 

d. Feb. 15, 1849; m. Caroline , b. 1782, and d. Dec. 28, i860 

lived at Nassau, N. Y.; Capt. in the Rensselaer Co. Militia, 1809 
will recorded July 7, 1849 (made 1839). Children mentioned in 

39 i. Asa M." 

ii. Emma, m. Conklin. 

iii. Sally, m. Richards. 

iv. Lucy, m. Haughten. 

v. Alleh, m. Pitts. 

vi. Clarinda H. Bristol, eldest dau. deceased; her ch. to 
have her share. 

Troy Probate Records. 

33 2 Bristol Notes. [Oct. 

12. Jehiel' Bristol (Hiel, 4 Samuel,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ), b. Aug. 
3°, 1765; d. Nov. 28, 1858; m. (1) March 22, 1798, Martha Beecher, 
b. Nov. 1, 1778; d. Oct. 12, 1814; m. (2) Flavia, dau. of Dr. Austin, 
b. Aug. 17, 1781; d. Aug. 17, 1839; was a merchant and farmer of 
Milford. Children: n 

i. Miranda,' b. Dec. 29, 1798; m. John, son of John and 

Anna (Treat) Welch, 
ii. Clarinda, b. Dec. 25, 1800; d. April 24, 1802. 

31 iii. Willis, b. Jan. 15, 1804. 

32 iv. Johnson, b. Nov. 19, 1807. 

v. Martha C, b. May 23, 181 1; m. Capt. Thomas of Fair 

vi. Hiram, b. Oct. 6, 1817; m. Josephine ; two daugh- 
ters; lived at New Haven, 
vii. Lucia, b. Oct. 26, 1820; m. Samuel, son of William and 
Hannah (Piatt) Sanford. 
2d Cong. Ch. Milford; Cemetery Ins. ; Bible Records. 

13. Samuel* Bristol (Hiel, 4 Samuel,' Daniel,' Henry'), b. Oct. 
28, 1767; d. Dec. 25, 1830; m. 1797, Betsy Simmons, dau. of Aaron 
Van Nostrand, b. April 3, 1775, at Balston; d. May 4, 1859. 

i, Elizabeth, 6 b. June 5, 1798; m. John, son of John Clark, 
b. Sept. 22, 1795; d - April 26, 1871. 

ii. Amy, b. Aug. 4, 1800; m. (1) Andrew B. Clemens; (2) 
Isaac Burritt. 

iii. Sarah, b. June 26, 1803; m. Charles Baldwin who d. in 
the Mexican War, Dec. 2, 1847. 

iv. Mary, b. March 13, 1805; m. Healy, who was 

probably killed while returning from the Colorado 
gold fields, 1847. 
v. Samuel, b. Feb. 27, 1808; d. Jan. 18, 1899; m. (1) Sept. 
2, 1832, Sally Betsy Clark; (2) Mary Mead, wid. of 
Ebenezer Dennis and dau. of Jaspar and Margaret 
(Acker) Mead, b. April 20, 1825, at Manlius, N. Y.; d. 
July 18, 1900, at Milford. Children, all by second 
wife: 1. Dennis Mead; 2. Mary Elizabeth; 3. Harriet 
Athelia; 4. Betsy Jane; 5. Margaret Emma; 6. Sam- 
uel Miles; 7. Joseph Hiel. 

vi. Catherine, b. Oct. 20, 181 1; m. Godfrey Shultz, as his 
(2) wife. 

vii. Frederick, b. June 8, 1813; d. Jan. 21, 1904; m. (1)1835, 
Almira, dau. of Joseph and Rhoda (Bennett) Hamlin, 
of Bridgeport, Ct. Children: 1. James Frederick; 

2. Joseph William; 3. Mary Jane; 4. Samuel George; 
5. Sarah Caroline. 

viii. David, b. Feb. 3,1816; d. March 7, 1890; m. March 4, 1841, 
Elizabeth Ann, dau. of Isaac and Olive (Rude) Oviatt. 
Children: 1. Treat Goodwin; 2. Martha Albertine; 

3. Wellington Shelton; 4 Ann Berthenia. 
Family Bible Records; Ce?netery Ins.; Town Records, etc. 

IQI4-1 Bristol Notes. 


14. Nehemiah* Bristol (Hiel, 4 Samuel,' Daniel,' Henry'), b. 
Feb. 10, 1770; d. May 30, 1832; m. June 3, 1798, Lorania, dau. of 
John and Hannah (Stone) Downs, b. Sept. 28, 1780; d. April 17, 
1848. Children: \ 

i. Nehemiah, 8 b. April r, 1799; d. y. 

32 ii. Nathan, b. Oct. 21, 1800. 

iii. Noble, b. Dec. 25, 1801; drowned at Milford, May — , 
1830. Children: 1. Susan; 2. Mary. 

33 iv. Hiel, b. Sept. 5, 1803. 

v. Julia Stone, b. May 13, 1805; m. May 13, 1829, Richard 

vi. Elvira, b. Aug. 1, 1807; m. May n, 1833, William Hoyel, 
b. in Ohio. 

vii. Abigail, b. July 21, 1809; m. (1) Jan. 15, 1829, 

Brodley; (2) Clarke; (3) Ingersoll. 

viii. Dennis, b. Sept. 5, 181 1; m. Esther, dau. of Elisha and 
Maria Tibbals. 
ix. Laura, b. Oct. 18, 18 13; m. Thomas May. 
x. Hannah, b. Sept. 17, 1815; m. David Sturgis. 
xi. Nehemiah, b. July 8, 18:7; d. April 11,^x883; m. (1) 

Wooding; (2) Nov. 10, 1840, Mary, dau. of Levi 

and Jane Langridge, b. Sept. 28, 1824, at Flushing, 
L. I.; d. Jan. 7, 1905, at New Haven, 
xii. Joseph, b. July 6, 1820; m. (1) 1842, Julia Todd; (2) 

Oct. 5, 1855, Kate Griswold. 
xiii. Miles, b. Aug. 1 1, 1822; d. Nov. 15, 1890, at New Haven; 
m. June 10, 1845, Eliza, dau. of Almon and Mabel 
xiv. Charles, b. Jan. 24, 1826; d. in Chicago, 111. 

Compiled by Mrs. E. H. Bristol of Foxborough, Mass., from Milford and 
Family Records. 

15. Isaac 6 Bristol (Hiel, 4 Samuel,' Daniel,' Henry'), b. Nov. 15, 
1775; d. April 30, 1837; m. Sept. 23, 1799, Abigail Pardee, b. 177c;' 
d. 1834. Children: ° 

i. Juliana Abigail, 9 b. Aug. 2, 1800; m. Luke Mallett, b. 

April 3, 1803; d. Nov. 14, 1857. 
ii. Caroline Matilda, b. 1802; d. 1812. 

34 iii. Isaac Bryant, b. 1805. 

Bible and Family, Milford Town and Cemetery Records. 

16. Simeon' Bristol (Hiel, 4 Samuel, 3 Daniel,' Henry'), b. May 
15, 1782; d. Feb. 26, 1875; m. (1) Dec. 5, 1805, Patty, dau. of John 
and Susanna (Welch) Merwin, b. March 8, 1785; d. Oct. 2, 1854; 
m. (2) Dec. 3, 1857, Wealthy Sperry, b. Nov. 27, 1814, who m. (2) 
William Hotchkiss, of Cheshire. He served in the Milford town 
militia, from which he was honorably discharged, April 27, 1804, 
"on a plea of inability in consequence of a fracture of his leg," 
etc., "to bear much exercise of same." Children: 

i. Delia Maria, 8 b. Dec. 1, 1806; m. Harvey Moses, son of 
Joseph and Sarah (Baldwin) Hine. 

334 Bristol Notes. [Oct. 

ii. William, b. 1808; d. Jan. 14, 185 1; m. Catherine, dau. of 
William and Mary Ann (Baldwin) Piatt. 

iii. Martha Ann, b. 1S10; m. Mark, son of Nathan and 
Clarinda Buckingham, b. April 3, 1820, at Oxford. 

iv. Jason, b. Sept. 29, 1812; d. Feb. 21, 1880; m. Sept. 4, 
1834, Mary, dau. of Jonas Camp. b. May 9, 1815; d. 
Sept. 3, 1903. 
v. Simeon Lewis, b. April 9, 1815; d. Sept. 27, 1886; m. (1) 
Sept. 11, 1739, at Middlebury, Ct., Clarissa Booth, b. 
March 13, 1819; d. Jan. 30, 1844; m. (2) Sept. 1, 1845, 
at Oxford, Ct., Lucy, dau. ot Reuben and Keziah 
(Bassett) Tucker; lived in Middlebury, New Haven 
(1845-60) and Milford, served as selectman and town 
agent for the Democratic Party, on the Board of 
Relief, Assessor, and on the School Committee. 
Children (by 1st wife): 1. Julius Augustus, who 
served in the Civil War; 2. Lewis Booth; (by 2d wife) 
3. Lucy Ann; 4. Mary Jane; 5. Edward Reuben; 6. 
William Tucker, d.; 7. Frederick; 8. William H. 

vi. Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 26, 1820; d. Aug. 5, 1885; m. 
March 4, 1844, Harvey, son of Harvey and Jane 
(Clark) Ford, b. Oct. 18, 1820; d. June 20, 1882. 
vii. Lucy Abigail, b. 1825; d. 1895; m. 1851, Bennett, son of 
Lewis and Caroline Wooding. 
Bible, Family and Milford Town Records. 

17. Daniel 6 Bristol (Richard, 4 Richard, 8 Daniel,* Henry'), m. (1) 

July 18, 1775, at New Milford, Ct., Susanna Wooster; b. ; d. 

May 7, 1794; m. (2) , at New Milford, Deborah Hitchcock. 

Daniel Bristol lived at New Milford until after his second m., and 
perhaps longer. In Nov., 1801, the twins Peter and Isaac were 
bap. with Susannah the child of the second wife, by the Rev. 
Daniel Nash, missionary for the Episcopal Church in the counties 
of Chenango and Otsego, N. Y. Daniel Bristol was also a wit- 
ness to a baptism by Mr. Nash, 181 1. He probably lived at 
Hamilton, as his son, Jabez settled there, later. Children (by 
1st wife): 

i. Lucy,* b. Aug. 22, 1779. 
35 ii. Jabez, b. April 29, 1781. 
iii. Ann, b. Jan. 8, 1783. 
iv. Chasey, b. Nov. 15, 1784. 

v. Peter, b. April 5, 1794; Nash, record "April 6." 
vii. Isaac, b. April 5, 1794; Nash, record "April 7." 
(By second wife): 

vii. Susannah, b. Aug. 14, 1800; bap. Nov., 1801. 

Hist. New Milford, Conn.; U. S. Census, 1790 ; List of baptisms of the 
Rev. Daniel Nash ; (MSS. copy in N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Society s Library.) 

18. Samuel 6 Bristol who m. Dec. 22, 1785, at Roxbury, Conn., 
Susanna Warner, was probably of this line, and perhaps father 
to Samuel, who m. Eunice Sherman, and settled , O. 

History of Ancient Woodbury. 

19 1 4-] Bristol Notes. 33 c 

19. Nathan 6 Bristol (Richard, Jr.,' Richird,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ), 
b. 1780; d. 1814, at Bristol, Addison Co., Vt.; m. Lois, dau. of 
Michael Dickinson of Litchfield, Ct., b. 1790, at Litchfield; d. 185-. 
Children: \ 

i. Herman, 8 b. Oct. 28, 1804. 
ii. John Bennett, b. Feb. 20, 1808. 

iii. Charles Northrup, b. Oct. 9, 1810; d. 1845, in Michigan, 
iv. George Theodore, b. Nov. 6, 181 2, at Rutland, Vt.; m. 
April 18, 1835, at Chazy, N. Y., Laura Filmore. Chil- 
dren: 1. Nathan Septa, b. Feb. 11, 1836, at New 
Haven, Vt.; 2 Charles Egerton, at Scottsville, N. Y.; 
3. Liverus Filmore; 4. George Dickinson; 5. Her- 
man John; 6. Graham Bennett. 

Family Bible. P. W. Bristol, Ovid, N. Y. Litchfield Probate Records. 

20. Nathan 6 Bristol (Nathan, 4 Richard,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ), b. 
Feb. 2, 1777; m. Nov. 10, 1803, at Milford, Rhoda Bowers. Chil- 

i. Henry Stratton," b. Oct. 26, 1803. 
ii. Catherine, b. Sept. 28, 1805. 
iii. Nehemiah, b. March 29, 1806. 
iv. Charles; b. July 12, 1807. 
v. George L., b. March 16, 1809; Capt. of Militia; m. 

Lucy Newton, 
vi. Mark, b. Nov. 13, 181 1. 
vii. Richard, b. Oct. 14, 1812. 
viii. Sarah, b. Aug. 13, 1814. 
ix. Nathan, b. March 5, 1816; m. Mary Hawley. 
x. Nancy Maria, b. Oct. 2, 1817. 
xi. Mary A., b. Aug. 14, 1819. 

Family Records. > 

21. Anthony 6 Bristol (Nathan, 4 Richard,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ), 
b. July 16, 1778; d. Jan. 15, 1867, at Milford; m. June 13, 1809, 
Julia Bonticou. Children: 

i. Julia Ann," b. Dec. 7, 1811. 
ii. Henrietta, b. Aug. 28, 1813. 
iii. William Bonticou, b. April 4, 1815. 
iv. Timothy Mason, b. Dec. 12, 1816. 
v. Mary Hanford, b. Nov. 12, 1818. 
vi. Nancy Bonticou, b. Jan. 3, 1821. 
vii. Thomas, b. Dec. 15, 1822. 
viii. A dau., b. 1825. 
ix. John Dougray, b. July 17, 1826. 
x. James Anthony, b. March 2, 1829. 
xi. Jane Augusta, b. Dec. 25, 1830. 
xii. Charles Edward, b. Jan. 22, 1834. 

Milford Town Records. {See Bonticou Gen.) 

22. Daniel 6 Bristol (Nathan, 4 Richard,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ), b. 
April 10, 1782, at Milford; d. June 30, 1867, at Buffalo, N. Y.; m. 
Oct. 14, 1810, Mary Lockwood Reynolds, who d. Feb. 28, 1879; 

336 Bristol Notes. [Oct. 

lived at Buffalo, N. Y., where he was one of the earliest settlers. 
36 i. Cyrenus Chapin,' b. July 8, 1811. 

ii. William Henry Harrison, b. Sept. 22, 1813; d. unm., 

Oct. 28, 187 1, in California, 
iii. Peter Reynolds, b. Sept. 26, 1815; d. Dec. 13, 1838. 
iv. Eliza Ann, b. Sept. 17, 1817; d. unm. Dec. 10, 1908. 
v. Erasmus Darwin, b. Oct. 20, 1821; d. 1902, unm. 
vi. Catherine Nancy, b. Jan. 9, 1827; d. unm. Dec. n, 1895. 

Contributed by Cicero L. Bristol of North Loup, Neb. 

24. Nehemiah* Bristol (Nathan, 4 Richard,' Daniel,' Henry 1 ), b. 
Aug. 22, 1785; d. Dec. 3, 1838; m. March 20, 1807, Elizabeth Stone, 
b. April 8, 1788; d. July 23, 1844; was a sea captain, and lived at 
Milford. Children: 

i. William Anthony, 6 b. Sept. 16, 1807; d. Dec. 11, 1807. 
ii. William Anthony, b. Aug. 27, 1809; m. Mary Dodd. 
iii. Elizabeth Ann, b. April 24, 1812; m. Charles Tibbals. 
iv. John Kalm, b. Oct. 26, 1815; d. Jan. 8, 1861, at Mil- 
ford; m. 1836, Lucy A. Tibbals, b. 1817; d. 1878; was 
was one of the committee of three who took charge 
of the erecting of the Rev. Soldiers monument at 
Milford. Child: William Herbert, b. 1837; d. 1857. 
v. Aristides, b. Aug. it, 1818; m. Eliza Gopping Street; 

no issue, 
vi. Amos Smith, b. Sept. 15, 1820; m. Oct. 27, 1844, Eliza- 
beth Higby, b. March 12, 1819; d. 1887. Child: 
vii. Phineas Stowe, b. June 15, 1823; m. (1) Elizabeth 
Tibbals; m. (2) Ann Maria Baldwin; m. (3) Laura 
viii. Luke Stowe, b. Feb. 27, 1825; d. Aug. 27, 1864; m. 
Jane Langridge, b. 1827. ' 

ix. Dan Allen, b. May 21, 1828; d. 1832. 
x. Eusebius Holmes, b. March 6, 1830; d. 1906; m. 
Mary Jane Higby; no children. 
Milford Records. 

25. John' Bristol (Nathan, 1 Richard," Daniel,' Henry 1 ), b. Oct. 
16, 1787, at Milford; d. Oct. 20, 1875, at Walton, Delaware Co., 
N. Y.;.m. Oct. 12, 1812, at Walton, Priscilla, dau. of Daniel and 
Esther (Nichols) Robertson, b. Oct. 24, 1794, at Walton, and d. 
1875; buried at Walton. Children: 

i. Lawrence Ludlow, 8 b. Oct. 22, 1813; m. 1845, Sylvia 
Caroline, dau. of Ephraim and Martha (Nichols) 
ii. Cordelia, b. 1815; d. 1815. 
iii. Mary Annette, b. 181 7. 

iv. Mark Lambert, b. Nov. 14, 1818; m. Rachel E. Bishop, 
v. Juliette, b. Sept. 19, 1822. 
See Barlow Genealogy. 

(To be continued.') 

19 1 4-] Tkacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 337 



By John R. Totten, 

Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and New England 
Historic-Genealogical Society. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV., p. 262, of the Record.) 

The will of Josiah 7 Thacher, dated March 2nd, 1841, and the 
codicil thereto, dated November 1st, 1847, are both on file in the 
Surrogate's Office of Delaware Co., N. Y., at Delhi, N. Y. In the 
will he mentions his wife (name not specified), daughter, Sally 
Thacher; son, George Thacher; son-in-law, John M. Betts, and 
daughters, Esther Seymour, Harriet Beach, Ann R. Betts, Amelia 
Hurd, Frances Betts and grand-daughter, Eliza Redfield. His wife 
being mentioned in will, it is to be inferred that she was living at 
its date, March 2nd, 1841. In the codicil to his will he mentions 
his daughters, Sally Thacher, Amelia Hurd; son, George Thacher; 
grand-daughter, Eliza Redfield ; daughters, Esther Seymour, Har- 
riet Beach, Amelia Hurd, Ann R. Betts, Frances Betts. Executors 
of will, his son, George Thacher; son-in-law, John M. Betts; wit- 
nesses to will, James Hughston and William J. Hughston. Wit- 
nesses to codicil, Robert S. Hughston and Wm. J. Hughston, all 
of Sidney, N. Y. From the fact that his wife is not mentioned in 
the codicil, it is to be inferred that she had died before its date, 
November 1st, 1847, an d as his eldest daughter, Polly Street 8 
(Thacher) Smith, is not mentioned either in will or codicil, it is 
fair to presume that she was dead, without issue, before March 
2nd, 1841, unless the grand-daughter, Eliza Redfield, mentioned in 
will and codicil was her daughter. 

Authorities : 
Probate Records of Delaware Co., N. Y., at Delhi, N. Y. 
His grandniece, Mrs. E. S. Upham. 
Diary of his brother, Rev. William 7 Thacher. 
D. H. Van Hoosear, of Wilton, Conn. 
Selleck's Norwalk, pp. 453-4-5. 
Connecticut in Revolutionary War, p. 576. 
Hall's Norwalk, p. 261. 
Reed-Read Lineage, by Ella Reed Wright, pp. 36-37. 

843. Daniel Greenleaf 7 Thacher (Daniel, 8 Josiah, 6 Deacon 

Josiah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born , 

1767 (or June — , 1765, according to Starr Genealogy, p. 252), 
at Norwalk, Conn. ; he was left an orphan at an early age and 
came to New London, Conn., and learned the hatters' trade, 
which he followed during his life. He died at New London, 
May 16th, 1836 (according to Starr Genealogy, p. 252), May 
16th, 1837, according to gravestone, aged 70 years, and was 
buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, New London, Conn. He 
married at New London, October 30th, 1791, by the Rev. 

338 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct. 

Henry Charming to Eunice Starr, born New London, Conn., 
February 28th, 1767; baptized there, First Church, March 
17th, 1767, by Rev. Mather Byles;ishe died at New London, 
Conn., September 17th, 1843, aged 76 years, 7 months, and 
was buried there in Cedar Grove Cemetery; gravestone. She 
was a daughter of Lieut. Daniel Starr (born December 26th, 
1741 ; died June 5th, 1780, aged 38; married January 5th, 
1764), and his wife, Lucy Douglass (born New London, 
Conn., November 27th, 1743; died , 1832), of New Lon- 
don, Conn. Lucy Douglas was a daughter of Deacon William 
Douglas (born New London, January 1st, 1708; died New 
London, November 12th, 1787; married March 4th, 1730-1), 

and Sarah Denison (born ; died March 12th, 1797, aged 

87), of New London, Conn. 

Children: 6 (Thacher), 4 sons and 2 daughters, all born at 
New London, Conn. 

+ 1469 i. Mary Greenleaf 8 (Polly), born July 1st, 1793; 
died January 18th, 1852 ; married George Treby. 

1470 ii. Daniel Starr, 8 born August 27th, 1795 ; died Au- 

gust 10th, 1846 ; not married. 

1471 iii. William Penniman, 8 born March 21st, 1798; 

died , lost at sea ; not married. 

+ 1472 iv. Abigail Douglas 8 (or Starr), born October 21st, 

1800; died January 24th, 1866; married Isaac 

-f-1473 v - George, 8 born March 17th, 1803; died August 

26th, 1828 (probably) ; married Julia Sepson. 
1474 vi. Charles, 8 born July nth, 1806; died June nth, 


Mrs. E. S. Upham, grandniece of Daniel Greenleaf 7 Thacher, 
states that he died in New London in 1837, aged 70. Rev. William 7 
Thacher (brother of No. 843), states in his diary that his brother 
(No. 843) "was born nearly two years before him," and as Rev. 
William 7 Thacher was born April 3rd, 1769, it would make the date 
of birth of Daniel Greenleaf 7 Thacher subsequent to April 3rd, 

In the Cedar Grove Cemetery, New London, Conn., there 
are stones to the memory of Daniel Greenleaf 7 Thacher and his 
wife thus inscribed, viz: 

"Daniel G. Thacher, died May 16th, 1837, aged 70 years." 

"Eunice, Relict of Daniel G. Thacher, died September 17th, 
1843, aged 76 years, 7 months." 

A Daniel Thatcher served as a corporal in the Connecticut 
troops in the War of 1812, place of service not given. This may 
have been No. 843, of his son, No. 1470. 

There is no will of Daniel Greenleaf 7 Thacher on file in New 
London, Conn., but the inventory of his estate is there on file, not 
dated, amounting to $239.23. 

iqj4.| Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 339 

Authorities : 
Starr Genealogy, p. 252. 
Street Genealogy, p. 92. 
Diary of Rev. William 7 Thacher. 
His grandniece, Airs. E. S. Upham. . 

Lucretia W. Smith, a New London genealogist. 
New London Vital Records. 
Douglas Genealogy, pp. 84, 149. 

844. Rev. William 7 (Greenleaf?) Thacher (Daniel, 6 Josiah, 5 
Deacon Josiah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born 
April 3rd, 1769 (baptized in infancy by Rev. Dickinson, of the 
Norwalk Congregational Church), at Norwalk, Conn. He 
was a Methodist Minister; he died at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
August 2nd (or 3rd), 1857, aged 88, and was buried there. 
He married first at New Haven, Conn., November 3rd, 1792, 
to Anna Munson (the first Methodist convert in New Haven), 
born February 25th, 1773, at New Haven; died February 
18th, 1807, at New Haven and was buried there in "New 
Burying Ground." She was a daughter of Israel Munson 
(baptized October 9th, 1837; died December 27th, 1806; mar- 
ried April nth, 1765), and his wife, Anna Griswold (born 

; died December 3rd, 1809), of New Haven, Conn. 

Children: 5 (Thacher), 2 sons and 3 daughters, first 3 born 
in New Haven, fourth at Tower Hill, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 
last in Yonkers, N. Y. 

1475 i. Anna Munson, 8 born March 24th (or 25th), 

1795 ; died March 26th, 1795, aged 36 hours. 

1476 ii. William, 8 born December 7th, 1796; died Jan- 

uary 29th, 183 1, and was buried at Pembroke, 
\ Mass. He married at Boston, Mass., December 

2nd, 1830, while he was on his dying bed suffer- 
ing from pulmonary consumption, to Harriet 
Briggs; no issue. He had been engaged to her 
for 10 years. He was educated and brought up 
by his uncle, Israel Munson, who loaned him 
$5,000.00 to start in business, by which assist- 
ance he was enabled to accumulate a handsome 

1477 iii. Israel Munson, 8 born February 25th, 1799; died 

November 30th, 1832, at Woodbridge, Conn. 
He was of weak intellect and lived with a Mr. 
Ford at Woodbridge; not married. 
+ 1478 iv. Eliza, 8 born December 30th, 1800; died Decem- 
ber 15th, 1875; married Daniel D. Richman. 
-f-1479 v - Mary Ann, 8 born May 12th, 1804; died Jan- 
uary 20th, 1856; married Luther Gilbert. 
Rev. William 7 (Greenleaf?) Thacher married a second time 
at New York City, December 29th, 1808, to Martha Oakley, born 
at Yonkers, N. Y., April 1st, 1784; died at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
January 19th, 1848, and was buried there. She was a daughter of 
Benjamin Oakley of New York City. 

34O Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct. 

Children: 2 (Thacher), 1 son and 1 daughter. 
+ 1480 vi. Charles Augustus, 8 born October 30th, 1809; 
died September 18th, 1893 ; married, first, Jane 
Holmes Wilson ; married, second, Annie Brailey 
Wilson (his first wife's sister) ; married, third, 
Sarah Catharine Lovern. 
4-1481 vii. Phebe Amanda, 8 born May 13th, 1811; died 
February 16th, 1891 ; married William Winans 
Rev. William 7 (Greenleaf?) Thacher was a man of much 
prominence in the Methodist Church; he left a manuscript auto- 
biography in two volumes, which was loaned to me by his grand- 
daughter, Mrs. Upham. On the front cover of this work he men- 
tions his daughters, Eliza Richman, Mary Ann Gilbert and Amanda 
Reynolds, and his son, Charles Augustus; and states that on Au- 
gust 23rd, 185 1, that he was in his 83rd year. The following ex- 
tracts, taken from his own writings, give in my own words, a 
brief outline of his life and usefulness : In 1779 or '80 the Thacher 
homestead in Norwalk was burned to the ground by Governor 
Tryon in his general burning of the town in his endeavor to put 
down the revolutionary spirit of the place. At the age of 14 (about 
1783) William 7 Thacher was apprenticed to "Mr. S. B.," a tailor, 
then residing in Newtown, Conn., and who two years thereafter 
moved to New Haven, taking William Thacher with him. At 19 
years of age he' obtained temporary leave of absence from his ap- 
prenticeship by purchase, and in 1788 went to New York City, 
where, in the John Street Church, he first heard of the Methodist 
faith. In 1789 he went to Baltimore and was converted to IVfetho- 
dism and admitted to that church ir. Baltimore on probation by 
Rev. Henry Willis, June 21st, 1790. He returned to Connecticut 
in 1790, and on March 3rd, 1790, he, together with his cousin, 
Partridge 7 Thacher of Poundridge, N. Y., were parties to a lease 

of land in Stratford, Conn., being described as William G. ( ?) 

Thacher, which leads me to suppose that he had a middle name, 
probably Greenleaf ; and on October of that year went to reside in 
Kipton, in Fairfield Co., Conn. In 1791, in April, there was a 
petition against him in Kipton for being a dangerous person as a 
Methodist. In June, 1791, he left Kipton for New York City, stop- 
ping at Stratford, Conn., where he obtained a letter from Jesse Lee 
recommending him to New York Methodists. He became a boarder 
in Pearl Street, New York City, three doors east of Peck Slip, 
and there was taken with the yellow fever, from which he recov- 
ered. In October of 1791 he went, on the invitation of his cousin, 
John Banks (then a resident of Petersburgh, Virginia), to Virginia, 
and there remained two years and then returned to New Haven, 
Conn., and set up at his trade. John Banks was a "taylor" in 
Petersburgh and William 7 Thacher acted as his foreman. He made 
a trip to New Haven in August, 1792, and while there, on Novem- 
ber 3rd, 1792, was married to his first wife, Anna Munson, and 
returned in December of that year to Petersburgh, Va., finally 

I 9 I4.1 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 34 1 

leaving there on account of his health, July 2nd, 1793. The John 
Banks with whom he was associated in Virginia was probably the 
son of John Banks who married Hannah Thacher (see record 
No. 271). William 7 Thacher was not accompanied by his wife 
while in Virginia. On his return to New Haven he opened up a 
shop. He was licensed to preach in October, 1795. September 
28th, 1797, he became a travelling preacher at $120.00 a year. He 
was admitted to the New York conference in New York City, June 
19th, 1799, and was appointed to Pomfret, Conn., circuit; he was 
pastor of West Thompson, Conn., Methodist Church in 1799. In 
1800 he was in Armenia, N. Y., and Litchfield, Conn. In 1802 he 
was attached to the New Rochelle and Croton circuits; in 1803 he 
was in Yonkers, N. Y. ; and in 1804 in New York City. His family 
had removed to New Haven, Conn., where they made their home 
with his father-in-law, Israel Munson. In 1804-1807 he was Pre- 
siding Elder of the Methodist Church of the district of Bridgeport, 
Conn.; in 1810 he was in Brooklyn, N. Y., and in 1818-1819 in 
Schenectady, N. Y. ; 1820-1822, in New Haven, Conn.; 1822, at 
Philadelphia, Pa., at the conference, and there stationed; 1824, at 
Newark, New Jersey; 1826, Trenton, N. J.; and in 1828 Presiding 
Elder at Philadelphia, Pa.; 1831, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; 1833, at 
New Haven, Conn. ; 1834, Newburgh, N. Y. ; 1837, Flushing, N. Y.; 
1839, Williamsburgh and Newtown, L. I., N. Y. ; 1840, at Norwalk, 
Conn.; 1841, at Woodbury, Conn. In 1842 he purchased a home 
in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., and in 1843 ne was attached to the Dutchess 
Co., N. Y., Circuit, with home at Poughkeepsie; in 1846 he was 
retired from active ministerial work. I have given this sketch of 
his life to call attention to wanderings of the early Methodist 

Liber I, p. 543, Dutchess Co., N. Y., Probate Records at 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., records the will of Rev. William 7 (Greenleaf) 
Thacher; and in it he mentions: his son, Dr. Charles A. Thacher, 
leaving him one-half of his library, wearing apparel and estate ; his 
daughter, Phebe Amanda, wife of William Winans Reynolds, the 

other half; he also mentions Mary L , daughter of Phebe 

Amanda Reynolds. To the Rev. Benjamin Griffin of the New 
York Conference he leaves money to publish his (the testator's) 
memorial, and whatever is left of the money to the Methodist Book 
Concern. Rev. Abel Stevens to edit the testator's poems. He also 
left a bequest to his eldest daughter, Eliza Richman of New Haven. 
Whenever his children are mentioned together Phebe is mentioned 
first, Eliza second, and Charles A. third in order. In the adminis- 
tration papers of the estate are mentioned Mary Ann Gilbert, de- 
ceased, daughter of the testator, and her children, William, Luther, 
Howard and Emily, all of New Haven, Conn., of whom Luther 
was a minor. In the administration papers, dated July 24th, 1856, 
and proved April 26th, 1872, Charles A. Thacher of Maysville, 
Greenbriar Co., Va., is cited to attend probate of the will. 

From the History of Methodism in New York City, 1766-1890, 
by Seaman, we obtain the following: "Year 1804, The New York 


342 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct. 

District had Wm. Thacher for presiding elder. The name of 
Thacher has been met with before; but now for the first time he 
becomes associated with Methodism in New York City. He was 
born in 1769, in the town of Norwalk, Conn., and was converted 
in Baltimore in 1790. He began to preach in New Haven in 1795, 
where his family formed the nucleus of the Methodist Church in 
that city. In 1797 he was admitted on trial into the New York 
Conference and labored in the States of Connecticut and New 
York until he was placed over the New York District. He after- 
wards filled important appointments in the New York and Phila- 
delphia conferences, and becoming superanuated in 1846, made his 
residence in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he died August 2nd, 1856. 
His pulpit exercises were brief, pointed and practical." 

Anna (Munson) Thacher, the first wife of Rev. Wm. Thacher, 
was buried in the New Burying Ground in New Haven. Her heirs 
received from her father's estate $1,725.00, including one-third of 
home lot, one-half of house, together with privilege of kitchen oven 
and outside passage with cellar and one-third of barn. Her daugh- 
ters, Eliza and Mary Ann, were heirs of Israel Munson. 

In July, 1820, the Methodists in New Haven obtained per- 
mission to build a new church on the northwest corner of the upper 
green. Rev. Wm. Thacher was instrumental in collecting funds 
to accomplish the object and in May, 1821, the cornerstone was 
laid ; but the incomplete building was demolished by the September 
gale. The church was rebuilt and stood until 1848, when, encour- 
aged by the offer of the City of New Haven of the sum of $5,000.00, 
they transferred the Sanctuary to the corner of Elm and College 
Streets. It is known to this day as the First Methodist Church. 

On June 21st, 1784, Thaddeus Betts of Norwalk, Conn., was 
appointed guardian of William 7 Thacher, a minor. William 7 
Thacher was an heir under the terms of the will of his uncle, 
Stephen Greenleaf 8 Thacher, by whom he had been adopted in 
accordance with a promise made, by Stephen Greenleaf 6 Thacher to 
William 7 Thacher's dying mother ; and Stephen Greenleaf 6 Thacher 
dying at the age of 34 years, left William 7 Thacher a legacy of £50 
in his will and left him in the care of his widow, Ann (Piatt) 
Thacher, who married as her second husband Captain Samuel 

Rev. William 7 Thacher lived while in New York City in 181 1 
at No. 400 Pearl Street; in 1815-16, at No. 445 Pearl Street, in 
which residence his second wife, Martha (Oakley) Thacher, lived 
and kept a millinery shop. In 1816-17 he lived in same house and 
in 1818-19 at No. 447 Pearl Street, and continued living there, his 
wife keeping up the millinery shop, until 1823, according to the 
New York City Directories of those years. •, 

Authorities : 
History of Methodism in N. Y. City, by Seaman, p. 164. 
His granddaughter, Mrs. E. S. Upham. 
His autobiography, in custody of Mrs. Upham. 
Munson Record, Vol. II, p. 704. 


Thacher- Thatcher Genealogy. 


Selleck's Norwalk, p. 453. 

MSS. Records of Methodist Church in N. Y. City, Library of N. Y. G. 
& B. Society. 

Family Bible of Rev. Wm.' Thacher. 

845. Partridge 7 Thacher (Capt. John, 9 Josiah/ 5 Deacon Josiah, 4 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born February 14th, 
1767, at New Milford, Conn., and baptized there April — , 
1767. He resided at Pound Ridge, Westchester Co., N. Y., 
and was a hatter; he served in the Westchester Co. Militia 
as an ensign in Lieut. Col. Daniel Delavan's Regiment from 

March 15th, 1797, to , 1800. Pie died at Pound Ridge, 

N. Y., September 8th, 1845, and was there buried. Married 
February 8th, 1788, at Pound Ridge, N. Y., to Mary Lock- 
wood, born November 21st, 1769, at Pound Ridge, N. Y. ; 
died May 9th, 1828, at Pound Ridge, N. Y., and was buried 
there. She was a daughter of Hon. Major Ebenezer Lock- 
wood (born March 31st, 1737, at Stamford, Conn.; died July 
29th, 1821, at Pound Ridge, N. Y. ; married February 1st, 

1761), and his wife, Hannah Smith (born , 1742; died 

May 3rd, 1787, aged 45), of Pound Ridge, N. Y. 
Children: 11 (Thacher or Thatcher), 5 sons and 6 daughters, 
all born at Pound Ridge, N. Y. 

1482 i. Maria, 8 born November 3rd, 1789; died May 
17th, 1859, at Pound Ridge, N. Y., and was 
buried there; not married, 
ii. John, 8 born May 29th, 1791 ; died . I 




know nothing further of him; he is said not to 
have married. 

Hi. Philo, 8 born February nth, 1793; died , 

1820; married Cynthia Lockwood. 

iv. Samuel, 8 born August 4th, 1794; died Septem- 
ber 6th, 1795, at Pound Ridge, N. Y., and was 
buried there. 

v. Stephen, 8 born September 6th, 1796; died 

about 1840-41 ; he is said to have married and 
lived in New York City, and afterwards re- 
turned to Pound Ridge and died there very sud- 
denly. I have been unable to obtain his record 
beyond these fragmentary facts. 

-4-1487 vi. George Lockwood, 8 born October 21st, 1798; 
died March 29th, 1866; married Eliza Trappal. 

-f-1488 vii. Hannah, 8 born July 28th, 1800; died February 
5th, 1829; married Capt. John Gurrell. 

+1489 viii. Betsey Ann, 8 born May 29th, 1802; died Octo- 
ber 6th, 1876; married Albert Lockwood. 

+ 1490 ix. Clarissa, 8 born July 15th, 1804; died June 8th, 
1842 ; married William Lewis Smith. 

-f-1491 x. Sarah Cornelia, 8 born April 14th, 1808; died 
December 1st, 1891 ; married Rev. William 

344 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct. 

+ 1492 xi. Catherine, 8 born February 5th, 1812; died July 
12th, 1866; married Linus Olmstead. 

From Stratford, Conn., Land Records, we obtain the follow- 
ing: Vol. 36^, p. 15a, March 3rd, 1790 \\ Partridge Thatcher and 
William G. Thatcher purchase 30 feet square in Stratford for the 
purpose of building a Bake House. Vol. 20, p. 76a, 3rd Tuesday 
of November, 1796, judgment entered by Partridge Thatcher of 
Pound Ridge against William G. Thatcher of Stratford, Conn., for 
$208.74. March 16th, 1797, said lot of 30 feet square appraised 
at $217.45. Vol. 27, p. 296, Partridge Thatcher of Pound Ridge 
sells his interest in above mentioned 30 feet square on November 
nth, 1799, for $60.00. From which it would appear that Part- 
ridge Thatcher was at one time a resident of Stratford, Conn., 
which is more than likely, as it was the home of his father. The 
William G. Thatcher mentioned in these land transactions must 
have been Rev. William 7 Thacher (No. 844), as there was no other 
William Thacher thereabouts at that time and he was an own 
cousin of Partridge 7 Thacher of Pound Ridge and might very 
likely have been interested with him in business. If such was the 
case the initial "G" of his middle name probably stood for Green- 
leaf, a name much used in baptisms of descendants of Josiah 5 
Thacher of Norwalk by his second wife, who was born a Green- 
leaf. Rev. William 7 Thacher, however, seldom, if ever, in later 
life used this middle name. Partridge 7 Thacher (No. 845) must 
not be confounded with Partridge Thacher of New Milford, Conn., 
who was living at the same time and who was a descendant of Rev. 
Thomas 3 Thacher of Old South Church, Boston, who was a nephew 
of Antony 2 Thacher of Yarmouth, Mass., whose descendants we 
are now concerned with. 

Authorities : 

Selleck's Norwalk, pp. 456, 457. 

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Tremaine Family, Vol. II, p. 1820. 

Stratford, Conn., Land Records. 

846. Stephen Greenleaf 7 Thacher (Capt. John, 6 Josiah, 6 Dea- 
con Josiah, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born 

, 1774, about (see age at and date of death) ; he lived at 

Stratford until manhood and removed to Montville, New 
London Co., Conn. ; he was a farmer and died May — , 1857, 
aged 83. He was married at New London, Conn., by the 
Rev. Henry Channing, October 27th, 1798, to Boradill Coit, 

born at New London, Conn., August 9th, 1769; died , at 

. She was a daughter of Nathaniel Coit (born December 

1st, 1738; died April 24th, 1783; married July 5th, 1764), 

and his wife, Boradill Latimer (born ; baptized New 

London First Church, February 19th, 1743-4; died March 
4th, 1807, aged 63, at New London, Conn. ; daughter of Jona- 
than and Boradill (Denison) Latimer), of New London, Conn. 



1914O Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 345 

Children: 3 (Thacher or Thatcher), 1 son and 2 daughters, 
all born at Montville, Conn. 

+ 1493 i. Ann (Nancy) Boradill, 8 born August 14th, 1799 
(or 1800) ; died May 27th, 1847; married 
Charles W. Strickland, as his first wife. 

-f-1494 ii. William, 8 born June 1st, 1802 or 1803; died 
June 12th, 1865 ; married Caroline Matilda 
1495 iii. Margaret, 8 born July 13th (or 14th), 1806; 
died September 16th (or 17th), 1806, at Mont- 
ville, Conn., and was buried there, 

Stephen Greenleaf 7 Thacher was on the visiting committee, 
Chesterfield Society {i. e., Montville), October 12th, 1813, and 
April 5th, 1814. 

Authorities : 

Bailey's Early Conn. Marriages, Vol. II, pp. 26, 36. 

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850. Anthony 7 Thatcher (Capt. John, 8 Josiah 5 Deacon Josiah, 4 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born January 7th, 
1782, at Stratford, Conn. ; he resided at New London, Conn., 
where he was for many years cashier of the New London 
Bank; he died at New London, Conn., December 26th, 1844, 
and was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in that city, where a 
monument to his memory was erected over his grave. He 
was married at New London, Conn., by the Rev. Charles, Sea- 
bury of St. James P. E. Church on February 24th, 1806, to 
Lucretia Christophers Mumford, born at Elm Grove Farm, 
Salem, Conn., August 10th, 1785 ; died at New London, Conn., 
April 6th, 187 1, and was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, 
New London, Conn., an inscription to her memory being 
placed upon the monument over her husband's grave. She 
was a daughter of John Mumford (born December 3rd, 1740; 
died July 14th, 1825; married May 13th, 1770), and his wife, 
Lucretia Christophers (born January 19th, 1749-50; died 
March 19th, 1825), of Salem and New London, Conn. 

Children: 12 (Thatcher), 5 sons and 7 daughters, all born 

at New London, Conn. 

+ 1496 i. Nathaniel Woodbridge, 8 born May 25th, 1807; 

died November 13th, 1874; married Sarah Bed- 

inger Swearingen. 
+ 1497 ii. Lucretia Mumford, 8 born September 30th, 

1808; died July 29th, 1895; married Nathaniel 

Hazard Perry, U. S. Navy. 

346 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct. 

1498 iii. Mary Woodbridge, 8 born April 30th, 1810; 
died June 22nd, 1828, at New London, Conn., 
and was buried there in Old Second Burying 
Ground, corner of St^te and Hempstead Street. 
Her remains were subsequently removed to the 
Thatcher lot in Cedar Grove Cemetery; grave- 
stone; not married. 

4-1499 iv. John Christophers, 8 born February 29th, 1812; 
died December 20th, 1884 ; married, first, Mary 
Fitch ; married, second, Mary Tyler Graves. 
1500 v. Eloise Hardy, 8 born November 27th, 1813; died 
July 9th, 1899, at 1. 10 P. M., at New London, 
Conn., and was buried there in Cedar Grove 
Cemetery, an inscription to her memory being 
placed upon the Thatcher monument in the fam- 
ily lot. She was born, lived and died in the 
Thatcher homestead, corner of Main and Ma- 
sonic Street, New London. She never mar- 
ried. During her long life she was a woman 
of the most loveable character. She was a poet 
of merit and of extreme delicacy of sentiment, 
enlivened by occasional flashes of humor. 
Some time after her death (in 1912), her 
poems were published and copyrighted by her 
niece by marriage, Mrs. Alexander James 
Perry of Washington, D. C, under the title of 
"A Voice from the Past." A portrait of the 
author serves as a frontispiece to the volume. 
She was named after Eloise, wife of Commo- 
dore Hardy of the British Navy, who was in 
the port of New London with his ship at the 
time of her birth (see preface to published 
poems of Eloise Hardy 8 Thatcher). 

+1501 vi. George Thompson, 8 born January 20th, 1816; 
died May 24th, 1895; married Harriet Amanda 
1502 vii. Daniel Anthony, 8 born September 3rd, 1819; 
died August 16th, 1891, at New London, Conn., 
and was buried there in Cedar Grove Cemetery, 
an inscription to his memory being placed upon 
the Thatcher monument. He did not marry. 
In early life he entered the Military Academy 
at West Point, but did not graduate, as his 
somewhat wild nature in youth rendered him 
irksome of discipline. He was associated at 
various times in business with his brothers, 
John Christophers 8 Thatcher and George 
Thompson 8 Thatcher, and later with his nephew, 
General Alexander James 9 Perry, U. S. Army, 
for whom he acted many years as his conn- 

iQ'4] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 347 

dential secretary. He served in the Civil War 
as an officer of Volunteers in Missouri, being 
there associated in service with his brother-in- 
law, General James Totten, U. S. Army. He 
was a loveable and devoted friend to all who 
knew him. 

1503 viii. Henry Perkins, 8 born September 9th, ,1820; 

died July — , 1853, at New York City, N. Y., 
and was buried at New London, Conn., in Cedar 
Grove Cemetery, an inscription to his memory 
being placed upon the Thatcher monument. He 
. never married. At the time of his death he was 
engaged in mercantile pursuits in New York 
City. He was named after Henry Perkins (8th 
child of Dr. Elisha Perkins of Plainfield, 
Conn.), who married Mary (Polly) Shaw 
Woodbridge (Henry Perkins 8 Thatcher's own 
cousin), daughter of Nathaniel Shaw Wood- 
bridge and Elizabeth Mumford, who was a 
sister of Henry Perkins 8 Thatcher's mother, 
Lucretia Christophers Mumford. 

1504 ix. Abigail (Abby) Mumford, 8 born June 21st, 

1821; died October 18th, 1897, at New Londen, 
Conn., and was buried there in Cedar Grove 
Cemetery, an inscription to her memory being 
placed upon the Thatcher monument. She did 
not marry. She was born and lived and died 
in her father's homestead, corner of Main and 
Masonic Streets, dying at the age of 76 years, 
and almost 4 months in the room in that house 
that she had continuously occupied from early 
childhood. She was named after her mother's 
sister. She was well known and beloved by all 
of her contemporaries, as well as by many of 
younger generations, and was a special favorite 
of the compiler of these notes, her nephew. 
+ 1505 x. Julia Hubbell, 8 born March 6th, 1823; died 
January 31st, 1906; married General James Tot- 
ten, U. S. Army. 
1506 xi. Elizabeth Wetmore, 8 born October 4th, 1825; 
died September 22nd, 1810, at New London, 
Conn., and was buried there in Cedar Grove 
Cemetery, and an inscription to her memory 
was placed on the Thatcher monument. She 
was named after Elizabeth (Christophers) Wet- 
more, wife of Ichabod Wetmore of Middle- 
town, Conn., who was first cousin of her grand- 
mother, Lucretia Christophers, who married 
John Mumford of Salem, Conn. She did not 
marry. Although of delicate constitution from 

348 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy, [Oct. 

infancy, yet she lived to the advanced age of 

nearly 85 years, and to the last could read the 

finest print without the aid of glasses. She 

lived in the Thatcher homestead, corner of 

Main and Masonic Streets from birth, until 

about 1890, when it was sold; after which she 

made her home in the well known boarding 

house of Mrs. Charlotte Graham, corner of 

Union and Federal Streets, in New London, in 

company with her sisters, Mrs. Totten and Mrs. 

Robinson, in which house she and these two 

sisters died. 

+ 1507 xii. Mary Perkins, 8 born October 16th, 1830; died 

February 24th, 1909; married Colonel Augustus 

Gilman Robinson, U. S. Army. 

In addition to the above mentioned 12 children, there were 

born to Anthony 7 Thatcher and his wife twins, Anthony 8 and 

Antoinette, 8 both of whom died in infancy. 

Anthony 7 Thatcher and all of his children have always spelled 
their surname with a second "t' r (Thatcher), although his father 
before him spelled his name Thacher. He lived in Stratford, Conn., 
until he reached man's estate, and then removed to New London, 
Conn., probably induced to make this move by the fact that his 
half-brother, Isaac Thompson, had preceded him there in business. 
He there went into the 'shipping business in the employ of Mr. 
Butler, and while in his employ made several voyages as super- 
cargo to the ports of Havana, Cuba, and New Orleans, La. Upon 
the incorporation of the Old New London Bank, in May, 1807, 
with a capital of $150,000, Elias Perkins was made the first Presi- 
dent thereof and Anthony Thatcher its first cashier, which position 
he held for some 35 years; in fact, until within two or three years 
of his death, when owing to ill health, h^was compelled to retire 
from active business. He was also a suerit partner in the drug 
business with his half-brother, Isaac Thompson, which business 
was carried on in the building belonging to these partners on the 
northeast corner of State and Main Streets. When married the 
ceremony was performed at the home of his half-brother, Isaac 
Thompson, on the corner of Bank and Tilley Streets, by the Rev. 
Charles Seabury, of the P. E. Church of New London. Imme- 
diately after his marriage he and his wife lived in a house belong- 
ing to Nathaniel Shaw, on Truman Street, where their first two 
children were born, after which they moved to the house on the 
northwest corner of Main and State Streets, opposite to the drug 
business of Isaac Thompson. He subsequently moved to the 
house on the southwest corner of Main and Masonic Streets, where 
his child, Eloise Hardy 8 Thatcher, and his subsequent children were 
born. The property consisted of some seventy-five feet on Main 
Street and about 200 feet on Masonic Street. Anthony 7 Thatcher 
bought the property from the brother of Captain John French, 
who resided in Norwich, and who, after commencing to build the 

IOI4-] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy, 349 

house, sold it in an unfinished condition to Anthony 7 Thatcher. On 
this lot and south of the Thatcher homestead (and belonging to 
the property), there stood at the time of this purchase another 
frame house of earlier date of construction, which house remained 
standing until some time in 1892, when it was torn down on account 
of its demolished condition. Mr. Thatcher completed the building 
of the house and it became the permanent residence of himself and 
wife, and so remained as the residence of his family until some 
time about 1900, when it was sold by the heirs of the estate. By 
faith Mr. Thatcher was a Protestant Episcopalian, as was also his 
wife, and in that belief he brought up his numerous family, each 
individual member of which remained in that church during life. 
After his death, which was occasioned by general constitutional 
breakdown, he was buried in the Old Second Burial Ground, cor- 
ner of State and Hempstead Streets (since converted into a park), 
and Miss Caulkins, in her History of New London, speaking of the 
beauties of this burial place, states : "The marble monument to the 
memory of Anthony Thatcher — a cubic pedestal, tastefully deco- 
rated and surmounted with a fluted circular shaft — is a beautiful 
production of art." After the establishment of Cedar Grove Cem- 
etery, the monument, together with his remains and those of his 
family that were buried there, were removed to the Thatcher lot 
in Cedar Grove Cemetery, the removal of the remains being super- 
vised by the Rev. Robert Hallam, then Rector of St. James P. E. 
Church, in New London. 

Lucretia Christophers (Mumford) Thatcher, his widow, sur- 
vived him and continued living in the Thatcher homestead until 
her death, which occurred at the advanced age of 85 years, 7 months 
and 27 days. She was a woman of sterling qualities and of pro- 
nounced domestic tastes, living quietly in old-time simplicity in the 
midst of her family circle. By birth and her own social qualities 
she included amongst her friends all who were the best in those old 
New London times. It is worthy of note in th^^.days of small 
families and decreasing longevity that she was the mother of 14 
children, two of whom died in infancy, and two dying in early life, 
while the other ten reached the allotted share of man's life of three 
score years, some of them even passing beyond the four score mile- 
stone of life. Her funeral ceremonies were conducted by the Rev. 
Robert Hallam of the P. E. Church, and she was laid at rest in 
Cedar Grove Cemetery, where her memory is preserved by an in- 
scription on the Thatcher monument. In her veins was mingled 
strains of the Brewster, Christophers, Saltonstall and Gardiner 
blood, representing the best in those days of her home surroundings. 

Authorities : 

Selleck's Norwalk, pp. 453-4. 

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•jcjo Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct. 

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852. Daniel 7 Thatcher (Capt. John, 8 Josiah, 5 Deacon Josiah, 4 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Stratford, 
Conn., May 15th, 1789; he resided at Philadelphia, Pa., and 
Bridgeport, Conn.; he was a wholesale drug merchant, and 
Bank President in Bridgeport; he died at Bridgeport, Conn., 
October 30th, 1867, aged 78, and was buried there in Moun- 
tain Grove Cemetery. He married first at Bridgeport, Conn., 
May 23rd, 1823, to Julia Ann Hubbell, born Bridgeport, Conn., 
May 26th, 1798; died at "Sunny-side," Pelham, Westchester 
Co., N. Y., at the home of her son, George William Thatcher, 
November 24th, 1852, in the 55th year of her age, and was 
buried at Bridgeport, Conn., in Mountain Grove Cemetery. 
She was a daughter of Captain Wilson Hubbell (born April 
7th, 1773; died April 5th, 1799; married August — , H97), 
and Pamela Hubbell (born May 15th, 1772; died ; daugh- 
ter of John and Eleanor (Burr) Hubbell, of Greenfield, Fair- 
field Co., Conn.), of Newfield, Fairfield Co., Conn. 

Children: 2 (Thatcher), 1 son and 1 daughter, first born at 
Philadelphia; second born at Stratford, Conn. 

-f-i. George William, 8 born April 15th, 1825; died March 
24th, 1896; married Annie Biddle Chambers, 
ii. Julia Ann, 8 born February 25th, 1827; died February 
28th, 1847; married Charles Howard Havens, at St. 
Louis, Mo., on March 29th, 1846, by the Rev. Bishop 
Hawks of Christ Church. She died at El Mariel, Cuba, 
after having been shipwrecked, and was buried at Bridge- 
port, Conn., in Mountain Grove Cemetery, on April 29th, 
1847; no issue. 

Daniel 7 Thatcher married a second time at New York 
City, N. Y., September 13th, 1862, to Eunice Sherwood Lyon, 
born at Fairfield, Conn., April 27th, 182 1; died at Bridgeport, 
Conn., April 6th, 1889, and was buried in Mountain Grove 
Cemetery, Bridgeport, Conn. She was a daughter of Burr 

Lyon (born , 1789-90; died ; married November 8th 

(or 9th), 1818), and his second wife, Abigail Burr (born 

October 28th, 1789; died ; daughter of Peter and Esther 

(Jennings) Burr of Fairfield, Conn.), of Fairfield, Conn. 

Children: None. 

Daniel Thatcher was a pew holder in the First Congregational 
Church in Bridgeport in 1835; he was also President of the Con- 
necticut National Bank, 1840-1848. Captain Wilson Hubbell, his 
father-in-law, was a sea captain in the West Indies trade and made 
many successful voyages. In 1799, while in command of the Sloop 
Delight, he was captured by a French Privateer while on a voyage 

i Q i 4 .] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 35 I 

to Havana, Cuba. The mate of the Privateer was placed in com- 
mand of the Delight with instructions to take the prize to France ; 
and while on the voyage he threw Captain Wilson Hubbell over- 
board and sailed on and left him to drown. A rrionument to his 
memory stands in the Ancient Burying Ground in Stratford, Conn. 

Authorities : i 

His son, George William 8 Thatcher, of St. Louis, Mo. 
Hubbell Genealogy, pp. 82, 111, 254, 258, 272, 308. 
Lyon Genealogy, Vol. 11, p. 391- 
Frank C. Lyon, 237 Golden Hill, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Orcutts History of Bridgeport and Stratford, Conn., Vol. I, p. 633; Vol. 
II, pp. 808-9. 

872. Elizabeth 7 Jackson (Elizabeth 6 Thacher, John, 5 Col. John, 4 
Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born February 10th, 
1768, at Plymouth, Mass.; died at Barnstable, Mass., Novem- 
ber 10th, 1844, and was buried there in Goodspeed's Hill West 
Cemetery; gravestone. She married — — , 1786, to Thomas 
Sturgis, born April 5th, 1754, at Barnstable, Mass. (prob- 
ably) ; he lived at Barnstable and died there September 16th, 
1 82 1, and was buried in Goodspeed's Hill West Cemetery; 
gravestone. He was a son of Thomas Sturgis (born July 

22nd, 1722; died December 6th, 1785; married ), and 

Sarah Payne (born — -; died — — ), of Barnstable, Mass. 

Children: 11 (Sturgis), 5 sons and 6 daughters, all probably 
born at Barnstable, Mass. 

i. Nancy, 8 born , 1786; died - — , 1866. 

ii. Hezekiah Jackson, 8 born December 1st, 1789; died April 

29th, 1829, at Log House Landing, North Carolina; 

gravestone to his memory in Goodspeed's Hill West 

Burying Ground, Barnstable, Mass. 
iii. Thomas, 1st, 8 born May — , 1791 ; died September 6th, 

1792, at Barnstable, Mass., aged 16 months, 
iv. Elizabeth Jackson, 8 born , 1793 ; died April — , 1870, 

at New York City; married October — , 1817, to Hon. 

Russell Freeman, born October 7th, 1782; died January 

9th, 1842, aged 60; both buried at Sandwich, Mass. 
v. Thomas, 2nd, 8 born June 24th, 1795; died January 20th, 

1835, at Canton, China; gravestone to his memory in 

Goodspeed's Hill West Burying Ground. 

vi. Martha Russell, 8 born , 1797; died , 1846. 

vii. Catharine, 8 born , 1801 ; died , 1880. 

viii. Russell, 8 born , 1804; died , 1872; married 

Margaret Dawes Appleton. 
ix. William, 8 born , 1806; died , 1895; married first 

Elizabeth Hinckley; married second Catherine G. Tor- 

rey; married third Jane L. McChesney. 
x. Frances, 8 born August 1st, 1808; died August 16th, 1808, 

aged 16 days, and was buried in Goodspeed's Hill West 

Burying Ground; gravestone. 

352 Thacher-Thatchcr Genealogy. [Oct. 

xi. Esther Frances, 8 born , 1810. 

Authorities : 
Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, Mass., pp. 160, 252-3-4. 
Sturgis' Genealogy, pp. 32a, 32b. 

Yarmouth Register, Cape Cod Families, No. 82, pp. 3, 4. 
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873. Sarah 7 Stephens (Elizabeth 8 Thacher, John, 5 Col. John,* 

Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born , 1772, at 

Plymouth, Mass.; died , at ; married, 1797, to Free- 
man Bartlett, born , at Plymouth, Mass. ; died , at 

. He was a son of Joshua Bartlett (born , 1747 ; 

died ; married , 1772), and Mary Harlow, of Plym- 
outh, Mass. 

Children: 7 (Bartlett), 3 sons and 4 daughters, 
i. Freeman, 8 born , 1798; died . „ 

ii. Sarah, 8 born , 1800; died ; married Lewis Cope- 
land, of Milton, Mass. 

iii. Mary, 8 born , 1803 ; died . 

iv. Eleazer Stephens, 8 born , 1804; died ; married 

first, , 1831, to Betsey Cobb, by whom he had 1 son, 

William Stephens 9 Bartlett, born , 1832. He mar- 
ried second , 1834, to Evalina Goodwin Jackson 

(born , 1809; daughter of Salisbury and Sally (Good- 
win) Jackson), by whom he had 1 son and 2 daughters, 

viz., Francis Jackson 9 Bartlett, born , 1838; Mary 

L— — 9 Bartlett, born — — , 1841, and Evalina Stephens 9 
Bartlett, born , 1846. 

v. Hannah, 8 born , 1805 ; died ; married John Ran- 

vi. William, 8 born , 1805 ; died . 

vii. Elizabeth Thatcher, 8 born , 1807; died ; mar- 
ried William Reed. 

The children of the 8th generation as given above are on the 
authority of Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, p. 307 (Appendix). 
Hon. George Thacher's record of these children of the 8th gen- 
eration states that Sarah 8 and Mary 8 Bartlett were twins. Davis 
seems to indicate that Hannah 8 and William 8 were the twins, or 
at least that they were born in the same year. 

Authorities : 
Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, pp. 17, 19, 20, 161, 252-3, 307. 
Hon. George Thacher's Mss., Thacher Genealogy, p. 181. 

875. Elizabeth 7 Gray (Abigail 6 Thacher, John, 6 Col. John,* Hon. 
Col. John, 8 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born March 24th, 1764, at 
Barnstable, Mass. (probably) ; died March 29th, 1845, at Sid- 
ney, Maine; married August 16th, 1795, at (Barnstable, 

Mass., probably), to Abial Lovejoy (as his second wife; his 

igi 4-1 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 353 

first wife having been Mary 6 (Polly) Thacher No. 576), born 
February 8th, 1764, at Dresden, Maine; he lived at Sidney, 
Maine, and died there November 3rd, 1858. He was a son 

of Abial Lovejoy (born ; died ; married ), and 

Mary Brown (born March 29th, 1734, at Charlestown, Mass.; 

died ), of Andover, Mass., and Sidney, Maine. 

Child: 1 (Lovejoy), son, born at Sidney, Maine, and 4 or 5 
other children, it is said. 

i. Loyal, 8 born January 15th, 1802; he lived at No. 70 
Chester Square, Boston, Mass., and was a lumber mer- 
chant; he died at Boston, Mass., February 16th, 1877, 
and was buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, 
Mass. He married October 10th, 1826, to Mary Thomas 
Stevens, born Dover, N. H., February 18th, 1807; died 
February 7th, 1892, at Boston, Mass., and was buried at 
Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. She was 
a daughter of Charles Thomas and Lydia (Jacobs) Ste- 
vens of Dover, and Portsmouth, N. H., and of Boston, 

Children: 12 (Lovejoy), 5 sons and 7 daughters, all 
born in Boston. 

i. Eliza Gray, 1st, 9 born February 18th, 1828; died 
July 29th, 1832, at Boston, Mass. 

ii. Mary Augusta, 9 born December 10th, 1828; died 
August 9th, 1829, at Boston, Mass. 

iii. Loyal, 9 born June 9th, 1831 ; died July 13th, 1835, at 
Boston, Mass. 

iv. George Trundy, 9 born August 7th, 1833; died Octo- 
ber 31st, 1834, at Boston, Mass. 

v. Eliza Gray, 2nd, 9 born March 29th, 1835; died ; 

married Joseph Meyer, by whom she had 5 children. 

vi. George Trundy, 2nd, 9 born November 30th, 1837; 
died September 2nd, 1838, at Boston, Mass. 

vii. Helen Augusta, 9 born June 4th, 1839; died June 

15th, 1897, at Boston, Mass.; not married, 
viii. Martha Trundy, 9 born April 19th, 1841 ; died at 
Manchester, Mass., September 14th, 1903 ; married 
January 29th, 1863, to Jeremiah Otis Wetherbee of 
Boston, Mass., born January 16th, 1832 ; died June 
2 1st, 1901 ; by whom she had 6 children, amongst 
whom was a son, Winthrop 10 Wetherbee, of Boston, 
Mass., who is the authority for this record. 

ix. Mary Caroline, 9 born March nth, 184 — ; died ; 

married Frederic Rogers (a widower with 2 chil- 
dren), who died at Brookline, Mass., in 1896 
(about) ; no issue. 

x. Edward Everett, 9 born March 20th, 1845; died ; 

married first, Almira Marion Gove ; married sec- 
ond to ? 

354 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct. 

xi. Francis James, 9 born March 20th, 1847; died 

married Edson E. Dewey; no issue. She adopted a 

xii. Ida Gertrude, 9 born December 6th, 1850; died ; 

not married. She legally adopted a daughter. 

Abial Love joy, Senior, married first November 8th, 1788, at 
Yarmouth, Mass. (probably), to Mary (Polly) Thacher, No. 576, 
born Yarmouth, Mass., October 28th, 1766; died April — , 1795, at 

. She was a daughter of Joseph 5 Thacher, No. 160, and his 

wife, Susannah Whelden of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Children: 4 (Lovejoy), 3 sons and 1 daughter. 

1200 i. Thacher. 7 

1201 ii. Joseph Thacher. 7 

1202 iii. Polly. 7 

1203 iv. Abial. 7 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 42, 47. 

Hon. George Thacher's Mss., Thacher Genealogy, pp. 182, 225. 
Winthrop Wetherbee, P. O. Box No. 3493, Boston, Mass. 

876. Susannah 7 Gray (Abigail 6 Thacher, John* Col. John, 4 Hon. 
Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born at Barnstable, Mass., 

, 1765 (about), (see age at and date of death) ; died at 

Plymouth, Mass., October 24th, 1798, in her 33rd year, and 
was buried there on Burial Hill ; gravestone. She married 

, 1791, at , to Deacon Josiah Dimon, as his first wife, 

born Plymouth, Mass., , 1766; he lived at Plymouth, 

Mass., and died there August 22nd, 1829, in his 63rd year, 
and was buried there on Burial Hill ; gravestone, epitaph. 
He was a son of Daniel Dimon by his wife Elizabeth Morton, 
of Plymouth, Mass. 

Children: 2 (Dimon), sons, both born at Plymouth, Mass. 

i. Daniel, 8 born ; died ; married Rebecca Mon- 


ii. Josiah, 8 born September 9th, 1798; died September 16th, 
1798, aged 7 days, at Plymouth, Mass., and was buried 
there on Burial Hill ; gravestone same as his mother's. 

Deacon Josiah Dimon married, second, , 1799, to Sophia 

Sampson of Plympton, and she died August 7th, 1814, in her 36th 

year; and by her he had Thomas, born in , 1803; James, born 

, 1805; Ezra Sampson, born , 1808; Benjamin, born , 

1810. He married a third time, , 1814, to Polly Holmes, who 

died November 15th, 1847, a g e d 7h and by her he had Samuel 

Newell, born , 181 5. The children by the second and third 

marriages are not in Thacher line. 

Hon. George Thacher's Mss., Thacher Genealogy, page 182, is 
an error in stating that Susannah 7 Gray, No. 876, married David 
Dimon. David Dimon was a brother of Deacon Josiah Dimon; and 

igi4.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 355 

his wife was Lois Grover, whom he married before 1782, and who 
died December 16th, 1831, in her 75th year. 

Authorities : 

Hon. George Thacher's Mss., Thacher Genealogy, pp. 182, 225. 

Graveyard Inscriptions, Burial Hill, Plymouth, Mass., pp. 133, 205, 231-2. 

Davis* Landmarks of Plymouth, pp. 86, 87. 

877. Edward 7 Goriiam (Desire 6 Thacher, John, 6 Col. John, 4 Hon. 

Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born ; baptized April 

28th, 1776, at Barnstable, Mass.; died , at ; married 

the widow "J oanna Poland (Webb)," born , at ; died 

, at . Her parentage is unknown to me, and from 

the phraseology of my authority for this record, Otis Barn- 
stable Families, Vol. I, p. 437, I have been unable to determine 
whether her maiden surname was Webb or Poland, and hence 
whether her first husband's name was Poland or Webb. 

Children: 5 (Gorham), 1 son and 4 daughters. 

i. Fanny. 8 

ii. Rhoda. 8 
iii. Eliza. 8 
iv. Mary. 8 

v. John, 8 born , in Boston, Mass. » 

Authorities : 
Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 437. 
History of Gorham, Maine, p. 5 2 3- 

878. William 7 Gorham (Desire 6 Thacher, John, 8 Col. John,* Hon. 
Col. John, 8 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born ; baptized Jan- 
uary 25th, 1778, at Barnstable, Mass.; he lived at Portland, 
Maine, where he kept a grocery store for many years on the 
north side of Middle Street, near where the hardware store 

of King and Dexter was in 1903; he died , at . He 

married , at , to Charlotte Beals. 

Children: 3 (Gorham), 2 sons and 1 daughter, 
i. William. 8 
ii. Charlotte. 8 
iii. Joseph Beals. 8 

Authorities : 
Otis' Barnstable Families, Vol. I, p. 437. 
History of Gorham, Maine, p. 523. 

883. Lucy 7 Thacher (Jethro, 6 John, 6 Col. John, 4 Hon. Col. John, 8 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born December 29th, 1777, at Barn- 
stable, Mass.; died July 15th, 181 1, aged 33, at ; married 

February 18th, 1796, at , to Ebenezer Swift of Barn- 
stable, Mass., born , at ; died , at . 

Children: 5 (Swift), 1 son and 4 daughters. 

1 5 10 i. Lydia, 1st, 8 born November 7th, 1800; died 
March 28th, 1801. 

356 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oci. 

151 1 ii. Thacher, 8 born December 7th, 1802; died Au- 
gust 12th, 1823, at Charleston, S. C. ; not mar- 

-f-1512 iii. Nancy, 8 born December 27th, 1804; died ; 

married Ephraim Hanchett. 

-4^1513 iv. Lydia, 2nd, 8 born May 7th, 1807; died ; 

married Jabez Perry. 

+ 15 14 v. Martha Thacher, 8 born November 20th, 1810; 
died ; married Roland Thacher Gibbs. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 53, 88. 

History of Torrington, Conn., by Orcutt, p. 470. 

Hon. George Thacher's Mss., Thacher Genealogy, p. 184. 

888. Hannah 7 Thacher (Jethro, 6 John, 5 Col. John, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born September 24th, 1790, at 
Barnstable, Mass.; she lived before marriage at Barnstable 

and Lee, Mass., and died at , November 10th, 1850. She 

married at Lee, Mass., June 13th, 1814 (1815, according to 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 53, probably incorrect), to 

James Wakefield, of Canaan, N. Y., born , at ; died 

, at . 

Children : None. 
James Wakefield and his wife, Hannah 7 * Thacher, had no chil- 
dren of their own ; they adopted a daughter, Harriet J- B- 

Wakefield, born at Lee, Mass., January 1st, 1833; died at Lee, 

Mass., October 12th, 1847, aged 13 years, 9 months, and was buried 

in Lee, Mass.; gravestone. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 53- 

Vital Records of Lee, Mass., pp. 96, 165, 234. 

889. Sophia 7 Thacher (Jethro, 6 John, Col. John, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born October 30th, 1792, at 
Barnstable, Mass., she lived before marriage at Barnstable, 
and Lee, Mass., and died at Elmira, N. Y.„ February 29th, 
i860, aged 68. She married at Lee, Mass., February 5th, 
1816, to Leonard Olmstead, born Stockbridge, Mass., May 
28th, 1791 ; he lived at Stockbridge, Mass., and removed thence 
to Camden, Oneida Co., N. Y. He was a woolen manufac- 
turer in Lee, Mass., and in Camden, N. Y., and served in the 
War of 1812. He died at Camden, N. Y., January 30th (or 
3rd), 1849, aged 58. He was a son of Samuel Olmstead 
(born April 17th, 1766, at East Hartford, Conn.; died May 

16th, 1848; married ), and his first wife, Hannah Stow, 

of Stockbridge, Mass. 

Children: 4 (Olmstead), 3 sons and 1 daughter. 
-f-1515 i. Lucy Ann, 8 born' April 3rd, 1817; died Octo- 
ber 5th, 1896; married Aaron Chapin. 

iqI4.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 357 

1 5 16 ii. Samuel Stow, 8 born October 3rd, 1820; died 
May 24th, 1869, at Detroit, Mich. 
-f-1517 iii. Jethro Thacher, 8 born July 20th, 1826; died 
; married Sarah E. Brockway. 

1518 iv. John Thacher, 8 born September 7th, 1832; died 
; resided at Chicago, 111. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, p. 89. 

Lee, Mass., Vital Records, pp. 74, 153. 

Olmstead Genealogy, by Rev. G. K. Ward, pp. 44, 75, 123. 

891. Nancy B 7 Goodwin (Fear 8 Thacher, John, 5 Col. John, 4 

Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born September 28th, 
1781, at Plymouth, Mass.; died September 8th, 1828, at 

Paris, Maine; married November 13th, 1802, at , to 

Thomas Clark, born June 16th, 1780, at Roxbury, Mass. ; he 
lived at Portland and Paris, Maine, and died February 15th, 
1852, at . 

Children: 12 (Clark), 4 sons and 8 daughters. 

i. Thomas, 8 born February 25th, 1804; died September 6th, 

ii. Sally, 8 born June 10th, 1805 ; died October 18th, 1806. 

iii. Louisa, 8 born February 28th, 1807 ; died ^February 27th, 
1874 ; married Joseph Lindsey. 

iv. John Goodwin, 8 born March 21st, 1808; died March 24th, 

v. Nancy Goodwin, 8 born April 22nd, 1810; died January 
4th, 1836; married Asa A. Ward; no issue. 

vi. Emily Poor, 8 born December 13th, 181 1; died January 
10th, 1892; married George K. Shaw. 

vii. Elizabeth, 8 born August 28th, 1814; died March 29th, 

1834; not married. 
viii. Ezekiel Whitman, 8 born December 1st, 1815; died Octo- 
ber 4th, 1865 ; married Sarah Thankful Robinson. 

ix. James Thacher, 8 born March 13th, 1818; died January 
14th, 1884; married Harriet Bridgham Clark. 

x. Maria, 8 born August 24th, 1819; died September 2nd, 

xi. Martha, 8 born August 24th, 1819 (twin) ; died Septem- 
ber 16th, 1819. 

xii. Lucy, 8 born ; died . 

Authorities : 
Hon. George Thacher's Mss., Thacher Genealogy, p. 185. 
Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, p. 119. 
Le Baron Genealogy, pp. 50-51, 120, 258, 259. 

892. Eliza 7 Goodwin (Fear 6 Thacher, John, 5 Col. John, 4 Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born August 23rd, 1783, at 

Plymouth, Mass.; died October 23rd, 1847, at '> married 

, at , to William Williams. 

3 eg Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct. 

• * 

Authorities : 

Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, p. 119- 

Le Baron Genealogy, pp. S°S l - 

893. Lydia Le Baron 7 Goodwin (Fear 6 Thacher, John, 5 Col. 
John, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born Decem- 
ber 22nd, 1785, at Plymouth, Mass. (probably) ; died Jan- 
uary 18th, 1854, at New York City, N. Y. ; married , at 

, to Dr. John Revere, born , at ; died , at 

. He was a son of Paul Revere (of Revolutionary 


Children: 4 (Revere), 3 sons and 1 daughter. 

i. Helen Louise, 8 born February 22nd, 1809; died August 

15th, 1885, at Morristown, N. J. 
ii. Joseph Warren, 8 born May 17th, 1812; died April 20th, 
1880, at Hoboken, N. J. ; married Rosanna Duncan Lamb, 
iii. John Frederick, 8 born September 7th, 1815; died May 

2nd, 1817, at Portland, Me. 
iv. Frederick Balestier, 8 born October 27th, 1823 ; died Oc- 
tober 6th, 1873, at Tours, France; married Mrs. Sarah 
(Smythe) Pancoast. 
Dr. John Revere studied medicine and received his degree of 
M. D. in Edinburgh, Scotland ; he was a professor at the New York 
University and at the Jefferson Medical College,. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Authorities : 

Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, Mass., p. 119. 
Le Baron Genealogy, pp. 50, 5i» i-°> 259. 

894. Emily 7 Goodwin (Fear 6 Thacher, John, 6 Col. John, 4 Hon. 
Col. John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born May 9th, 1789 (or 
1790), Saturday, at 5 P. M., at Portland, Me.; she died at 
Portland, Me., December 19th, 1836, and was there buried. 
She married December 21st, 1806, at Portland, Me., to Daniel 
Adams Poor, born at Andover, Mass., February nth, 1781 ; 
he lived at Salem and Andover, Mass., and was a school 
teacher and an apothecary; he died at Andover, Mass., July 
5th, 1844, and was there buried. He was a son of Daniel and 
Hannah (Frye) Poor of Andover, Mass. 

Children: 9 (Poor), 1 son and 8 daughters. 

i. Jane Catharine, 1st, 8 born December 7th, 1807; died May 

3rd, 1810. 
ii. Emily Elizabeth, 8 born September 17th, 1809; died 

March 1st, 1896; not married, 
iii. Maria Louisa, 8 born November 20th, 181 1 ; died June 

nth, 1838. 
iv. Jane Catharine, 2nd, 8 born September 7th, 1814; died 
May 13th, 1889. 

i i)i.l.] Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. 359 

v. Helen Revere, 8 born December 16th, 1816; died Octo- 
ber 4th, 1893; married Erastus (or Erasmus) Day Smith, 
iv. Margaret Ann Gurley, 8 born July 16th, 1819; died Sep- 
tember 1st, 1902; married John Patch 
vii. John Goodwin, 8 born December 30th, 1823; died June 
1st, 1824. 

viii. Lydia Revere, 8 born February nth, 1831; died , 


ix. Lucy G , 8 born February nth, 1831 (twin); died 

, young. 

Authorities : 
Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, p. 1 19. 
Le Baron Genealogy, pp. 50-51, 121, 260. 

895. Lucy 7 Goodwin (Fear 6 Thacher, John, 6 Col. John,* Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born March 19th, 1792, Mon- 
day, at 5 o'clock P. M., at ; died at Baton Rouge, La., 

January 8th, 1830; married , at , to Thomas Gurley 

(according to Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, p. 119), or 
Judge Henry W Gurley (according to Le Baron Gene- 
alogy and Hon. George Thacher's Mss., Thacher Genealogy, 
p. 186). 

Child: 1 (Gurley), daughter. 

i. Mary Elizabeth. 8 

Authorities : 
Hon. George Thacher's Mss., Thacher Genealogy, p. 186. 
Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, p. 119. 
Le Baron Genealogy, pp. 50-51. 

896. John 7 Goodwin (Fear 6 Thacher, John, 5 Col. John,* Hon. Col. 

John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born , at ; died , 

at ; married , 1817, to Dorothy Gibbs of Sandwich, 

Mass. ; born , at ; died , at . 

The Le Baron Genealogy is the only authority I can find for 
making this John Goodwin, No. 896, the son of John Goodwin by 
his second wife, Fear 8 Thacher. Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth 
gives a John Goodwin as marrying a Dorothy Gibbs, but does not 
locate him as the son of the above John Goodwin by either his 
first wife, Hannah Jackson, or his second wife, Fear 6 Thacher. 
There is no record of this John 7 Goodwin in Hon. George Thacher's 
Mss., Thacher Genealogy. 

Authorities : 

Davis' Landmarks of Plymouth, p. 119. 

Le Baron Genealogy, pp. 50-51. 

Hon. George Thacher's Mss., Thacher Genealogy, p. 185. 

897. Samuel 7 Thacher (John, 6 John, 6 Col. John,* Hon. Col. 
John, 3 Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born October nth, 1780, at 
Barnstable, Mass. ; he lived at Taunton, Mass., and died July 

8th, 1870, at . He married , at Barnstable, Mass., 

to Mehitable Martin Briggs. 

360 Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy. [Oct. 

Children: 4 (Thacher), sons. 

+ 15 19 i. Samuel Wales, 8 born January 31st, ; died 

+ 1520 ii. William Martin, 8 born February 7th, 1836. 

+ 1521 iii. Henry B , 8 born May 13th, 1841. 

-f-1522 iv. Francis Everett, 8 born April 14th, 1845; died 
; married Elvira Frances Waldron. 

Authorities : 

Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 54, 68. 
Nevin's Genealogy, pp. 316, 317. 

898. John 7 Thacher (John, 6 John, 5 Col. John, 4 Hon. Col. John, 3 
Antony, 2 Rev. Peter 1 ), born May 1st, 1783, at Barnstable, 
Mass.; died June 10th, 1827 (according to gravestone), aged 
44 years, at Barnstable, Mass. (according to Allen's Thacher 
Genealogy, pp. 54 and 68; he died either June or January 17th, 
1827), and was buried at Woodside Cemetery, Yarmouth, 
Mass. He married at Barnstable, Mass. (by the Rev. Enoch 
Pratt), August 3rd (or 13th), 1815, to Eliza Hewitt, born 
January 21st, 1795, at Ipswich, Mass.; died March 19th, 1855, 

aged 60, at , and was buried at Yarmouth, Mass., in 

Woodside Cemetery; gravestone. 

Children: 3 (Thacher), 1 son and 2 daughters, all born at 
Barnstable, Mass. * 

+ 1523 i. Eliza Ann, 8 born June 3rd, 1816; died March 
— , 1852; married Edward 7 Thacher, No. 1057, 

as his second wife. 
-f-1524 ii. Hannah Bourne, 8 born January — , 1819; died 

; married Edward 7 Thacher, No. 1057, as 

his third wife. 
+ 1525 iii. James, 8 born November 28th, 182 1. 

Eliza (Hewitt) Thacher, widow of John 7 Thacher, married a 
second time at Barnstable, Mass. (by Rev. Henry Hersey), April 
14th, 1831 (intention published November 7th, 1830, at Barnstable), 

to Jonathan Burgess, born December 29th, 1798, at ; died 

(he survived his wife), at ; he lived at Sandwich, Mass. He 

was a son of James Burgess (born August 5th, 1774; died October 
23rd, 1847; married August 8th, 1796), and his wife, Lydia Bates 
(born ; died November nth, i860), of Rochester, and Sand- 
wich, Mass. 

Children: (Burgess), not in Thacher line. 

Authorities : 
Allen's Thacher Genealogy, pp. 54, 68. 
Yarmouth Graveyard Inscriptions, pp. 37, 43. 
Barnstable Vital Records, Vol. I, p. 312. 
Burgess' Genealogy, p. 70. 

( To be continued.) 

igt4.] Notes Concerning the Morris Family 3^1 


Contributed by Catharine T. R. Mathews. 

Among the first settlers of Hudson and Bergen Counties, 
New Jersey, we find the name of : 

"Jury Maris— English." Jury or Jurie being the Dutch render- 
ing of George. We assume that this Englishman's name was really 
George Morris, as later his descendants called themselves Morris. 

i. Jury Maris, m. before 1694-5, Frena Hanse Harty, bp. New 
York, 26 August, 1671; she was daughter of Hanse Jacobse Harty 
from Berne, and his wife Geertje Lambertse Mol. Their children 
were as follows: 

Geerty, 2 m. Jan Van Schyven. 

Marritje, bp. 24 Oct., 1695. 

Lea, bp. 4 Oct., 1677; m. Abraham Kammega. 

Jan, bp. 20 Aug., 1699; m. Anneke Kammega. 

Rachel, bp. 24 June, 1700. 

Hans Jacob, bp. 19 Sept., 1703. 

Abraham, bp. 16 June, 1706. 

Jannetje, bp. 13 April, 1708; m. Ide Meyer*. 

Tryntie, bp. 31 Dec, 17 10. 

Sara, bp. 15 April, 1712; m. 10 Aug., 1733, Jan Cool. 

2 Isaac, bp. 14 March, 1714. 

2. Isaac 2 Maris (Jury 1 ), bp. Tappan, N. Y., 14 March, 1714; m. at 
Schraalenberg, N. J., 21 Sept. 1733, Catherine (Cool) Westervelt; 
b. Tappan, N. Y. (From New Jersey Col. Doc. Mar. Lie. p. 536.) 

" Schraalenburgh Ch. Marriage Records: " Mares, Isaek y. m., 
b. and 1. at Schraalenburgh, and Trintyen Kool w. b. at Tappan, 1. 
at Schralenburgh, m. Sepi". 21. (License date 1733, Sept. 1.) 

She was the widow of David Pieterse Westervelt whom she m. 
at Tappan, 16 June, 1727, and by whom she had a daughter, Susanna, 
bp. Tappan, 16 Aug., 1728, who m. Joseph Baldwin, who d. before 
1765, leaving one child, Joseph Baldwin, bp. 16 Sept., 1748. 

The children of Isaac Maris or Morris, as they now began to 
call themselves and Catherine (Cool) Westervelt were as follows: 

3 David, 8 bp. 23 Feb. 1735, at Schraalenberg, N. J. 
Abraham, bp. Tappan, N. Y., 5 Feb., 1739; m. 13 Jan., 1760, 

Maria Marschalk. 

Jacob bp. Tappan, N. Y., 22 July, 1741; m. 7 Jan., 1764, 

Eleanor Edwards. 

Among baptisms in Dutch Church, N. Y., are: Isaac, son of 

Abraham Maris and Maria Marschalk, bp. 26 May, 1765. The 

witnesses were David Maris and Susanna Maris, widow of Joseph 

Baldwin; also Isaac, son of Jacob and Alida Moris, bp. 5 Oct., 1766. 

362 Notes Concerning the Morris Family [Oct. 

The witnesses: David Maris and Maria Marschalk, h. v. Abrm. 
Maris. (The name really was Eleanor, Alida being a clerical error.) 
These show the relationship between David Morris and the 
Baldwins, and prove his parentage — ancj also show the different 
spellings of the name at this time. 

3. David 3 Morris (Isaac, 2 Jury 1 ), bp. 23 Feb., 1735, at Schraalen- 
berg, m. 14 June, 1769, Christina Mercier, dau. of Capt. William 
Mercier; he bp. 1745; d. 19 Dec, 1812. 

His marriage Bond which follows, also proves his identity as 
son of Isaac Maris — Joseph Baldwin, his half-sister's son, having 
signed his Bond, and at that time marriage bonds were signed 
usually by relatives: 

University of the State of New York. 

Departments: Administrative, College, High School, Home 
Education, State Library, State Museum 

State Library and Home Education Manuscripts Division 

Melvil Dewey, Director. Arnold J. F. van Laer, Archivist. 

Know all men by these Presents, That We David Morris and 
Joseph Baldwin of the City of New York Carpentors are held and 
firmly bound unto our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the 
Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender 
of the Faith, etc., in the sum of Five Hundred Pounds, Current 
Money of the Province of New York to be paid to his said Majesty 
or his Heirs and Successors. For the w£ich Payment well and 
truly to be made and done, We do bind ourselves, and each of us, 
our and each of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators and every 
one of them firmly by these Presents. 

Sealed with our seals, Dated the Fourteenth day of June in the 
Ninth Year of his said Majesty's Reign. Anno-que Domini, 1769. 

The Condition of This Obligation is such, That whereas the 
above-bounden David Morris hath obtained a License of Marriage 
for himself of the one party, and Christena Mercier of the City of 
New York Spinster of the other Party. Now if it shall not appear 
hereafter, that they or either of them the said David Morris and 
Christena Mercier have any lawful Let or Impediment of Pre- 
contract, Affinity or Consanguinity, to hinder their being joined in 
the Holy Bands of Matrimony, and afterwards their living together 
as Man and Wife; Then this Obligation to be void and of None- 
Effect, or else to stand, remain, abide and be in full Force and 
Sealed and Delivered in (Signed) David Morris 

the Presence of Joseph Bauldwin 

I hereby certify that the above is a true and correct copy of 
the bond found on page 1 19 of volume 14 of Marriage bonds in the 
custody of the regents of the University of the State of New 
York in the state library. Albany, the 14th of December, 1903. 

A. J. F. van Laer, Archivist. 

I9U-] of English. Neighborhood, N. J., and Tappan, N. Y. 363 

David Morris served in the Revolution. In 1776 he was in 
Col. Haye's Regt; Capt. Onderdonk's Co., in Haverstraw Precinct 
Regt. of Orange Co., N. Y. (now Rockland Co.) 

It has been claimed by some of his descendants that he was 
descended from Lewis Morris of Morrisania or That he was of 
the same family; the latter claim may or may not be true, but 
he was not a descendant of Lewis Morris as may be seen by 
consulting The Descendants of Lewis Morris of Morrisania, compiled 
by Elizabeth Morris Lefferts, nor was he descended from Lewis 
Morris of Passage Point as others claim. It has also been asserted 
that he inherited and lived on Morris property in New York City. 
This is an error. On 4 Oct., 1784, David Morris bought from the 
Commissioners of Forfeiture two and a half lots on the East side 
of the Bowery, between Hester and Grand Streets, the former 
owner having been James de Lancey. Land was also granted to 
David Morris 23 September, 1795, on corner of Broadway and 
Chambers Street, New York (see Liber 43, p. JJ, Register's Office 
— also Grimm's Essays). 

The baptisms of the children of David Morris and Christina 
Mercier are all recorded in Dutch Ch. Baptisms, New York. Unlike 
the majority, they had no witnesses to these baptisms. 

Ann, 4 bp. 10 Feb., 1771. 

John, bp. 1 Nov., 1772, m. Mary Lee. 

William Henry, bp. 27 Nov., 1774, m. Catherine Tiers. 

Elizabeth (her bp. not recorded) m. John Michaels — their 
son, Theophilus Beekman Michaels, bp. 9 "June, i8oo,N.Y. 

Maria bp. 1 May, 1785; d. 1822. 

David, bp. 27 Jan., 1790. 

David Morris 8 left many descendants, among whom his 

Gen'l William Lee 4 Morris, b. 1795, son of John Morris and 
Mary Lee, was a gallant officer in the War of 1812 and in the 
Mexican War. He m. Miss Harriman and had: 

Col. Orlando H. 6 Morris who was killed in Civil War at 
battle of Cold Harbor, Va. 

DeWitt Clinton. 

William Lee. 

Charles Oakley. 

J. Wyman. 



The writer of this article is indebted to the late Charles 
Oakley Morris for some of these later data. 

At the close of this brief article which is not intended to carry 
out all the descendants of Jury Maris, we have still the question 
unsolved as to whom he was. 

In Genealogical History, Hudson and Bergen Cos., on list of first 
settlers, we find: 

Robert Morris, Liverpool. 

364 Notes Concerning the Morris Fa??iily [Oct. 

Richard Morris, London. 
Anthony " " 

Jury Maris, English. 
We find the latter called in various church records Jury Maris, 
Jurie Morris and sometimes Jurian Jansen. 

There was a Jurian Jansen in New Amsterdam, in 1657. We 
find in Dutch Church marriages, N. Y.: 

Den 16 April, A 1660. Jan Jorisen j. d. van New Amsterdam 
and Maria Fredericks uyt de Hage. 

In Dutch Church baptisms, N. Y., as follows: 


A 1662 Jan Moon's Jorisum Herman Suymer. 

Den 5 April Marritje Hermans Mr. Engel Berg. 

Could these two be the same man, and could this Jorisum, born 
1662, be Jury Maris who later settled in New Jersey ? 

Jurie Maris owned land in Schraalenberg, sometimes called 
old Hackensaek; also, before 1700, in the section called North 
West Hook, in New Jersey. 

He was a person trusted in the community, as 16 April, 1723, 
Jurian Morris was requested by Cornelius Haring and Barent 
Nowel, executors, both of Tappan, to examine the will of John 
Hart of Woodbridge, New Jersey. 

The writer of this article has examined a copy of all the 
Barbadoes records of births, marriages and deaths of the Morris 
family on record there, and no clue has been found either to Jury 
Maris or Jan Mooris. Jury Maris had a*son John, or Jan, and a 
daughter Marritje. While these names are coincidences, they are 
not proofs. Christian names are often misleading. 

Perhaps some searcher along Morris lines may solve the 
problem as to which family of Morris, Jury Maris belonged, and 
with that hope these notes and references are given. 

It will not be out of place to add here some notes of the family 
of Le Mercier: 

In Baird's Huguenots, Vol. II, pp. 213-239-49, we find the name 
of Andre Le Mercier of Dorchester, Mass. A Huguenot minister, 
he was born at Caen, Normandy, educated at Geneva, and was 
minister of the French Church in Boston for 34 years. His will 
was dated 7 Nov., 1761 (Probate Office, Suffolk, Boston); he d. 
31 March, 1764. In his will, he mentions "Children Andre, Mar- 
garet, Jane, Bartholomew if alive." % 

In Eng. Cal. Mss., p. 119, 29 Oct., 1684: A petition was made 
in New York by "Bartholomew Mercier of Boston, New England, 
that his estate and goods, be exempted from the payment of 
customs, he intending to settle in the city— ordered that for the 
encouragement of merchants to come and inhabit the city, the 
goods and merchandise of the petitioner already imported, be freed 
from the payment of customs." 

In same volume, p. 141: 17 Oct., 1685. Denization: "Bar- 
tholomew Mercier, Catherine Mercier, Henry Mercier, with liberty 
to trade and traffic." 

10M-] of English Neighborhood, N.J., and Tappan, N. Y. 365 

This is the Bartholomew whose line is given below, but the 
dales would show that he could not have been the son mentioned 
in will of Andre le Mereicr; he was probably his brother, or a near 
relative. In 1761 Andre le Mercier was not sure that his son was 
living. This Bartholomew left Boston in 1684/77 years before 
Andre le Mercier made his will. 

I. Bartholomew Mercier m. Catherine de Lasty (called Laty), 
perhaps a sister of Martha de Lasty who m. Guillamme le Count. 

Catherine m. 2d, Bonnefoy. Made her will 25 Oct. 1714. 

Mentions her children: 

Henry Mercey. 

Catherine and David Bonnefoy. 
"(See Abstracts Wills, N. Y. II, p. 142.) 

II. Henri Mercier, m. Christina Hendricks (he d. about 1718.) 

William, b. 24 Oct., 1716; d. . 

William, b. 24 Sept., 1717. 
Helena, bp. 8 June, 1718. 
Christina, wid. Henri Mercier, m. 2d, 29 Jan., 1719, John Dyer. 

III. William Mercier, b. 24 Sept., 1717; d. in New York, 1797. 
The name of his wife is not recorded. There was a Mrs. Marie 
Rosse Mercier in New York, in 1775. It may have been his wife. 
William Mercier was Capt. of the Porpoise, 1747, and Capt. of the 
York, 1755. He also served during the Revolution. 

His daughter: 

IV. Christina, b. 1745; d. 19 Dec, 1812; m. 14 June, 1769, David 
Morris as shown in foregoing Morris notes. 

The witnesses to the will of Capt. William Mercier (which is 
in Surrogate's Office, New York), were Peter Cole or Cool (a near 
relative of Catherine Cool, wife of Isaac Morris), and Charles 
Baldwin of the same connection, these giving further links in 
proving identity of David Morris. 


Baptisms and Marriages — Dutch Church, N. Y. 

Church Records, Hackensack, N. J. 
" " Schraalenberg, N. J. 

" " Tappan, N. Y. 

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366 Quaker Records in New York. [Oct. 

By John Cox, Jr. 


(Continued from Vol. XLV, p. 269 of The Record.) 

Oswego. Set off 1799 from Nine Partners M. M. In Western 
Dutchess Co. Called (O) Poughkeepsie since 1875. Has in- 
cluded West Branch in the present town of Lagrange, Poughquaig, 
sometimes called Appoughquage, in town of Beekman, Pleasant 
Valley, Poughkeepsie and Beekman. B. and D. 18 10 to date (H 
and O). M. and Rem. Certs. 1799 to date (H. and O). Minutes, 
men's from 1799, except 1815-1828, and women's complete to 
date (H and O). 

Nine Partners. Set off 1769 from Oblong M. M. In Cen- 
tral Dutchess Co. Has included, Oswego, Creek, Crum Elbotv, 
West Branch, Chestnut Ridge in the town of Dover, Canaan in 
Litchfield Co., Conn., Saratoga in Washington Co., later called 
Easton), East Hoosack, Mass., and White Creek (for the last three 
see Easton M. M.) and New Cornwall and New Marlborough in 
Orange Co., for which see Cornwall M. M. B. and D. 1769 to date, 
(H and O) but incomplete for 1790-1810. M. Certs. (H) 1769 to 
date. Same (O) from 1828, not yet sent in. Rem. Certs. 1781 to 
1897 (H) and to 1848 (O). Minutes (H arfd O) 1769 men's, and 
1794 women's, to date. 

Creek. Set off 1782 from Nine Partners M. M. In north- 
western Dutchess Co. Laid down (O) 1867. Has included Crum 
Elbow, Stanford, Little Nine Partners, Hudson and Klinakill 
(see Hudson M. M.). Cormvall and Marlborough (see Cornwall 
M. M.), and Coeymans (see Coeymans M. M.). B. and D. missing. 
M. and Rem. Certs. (O) 1787 to 1868. Same (H) 1828 to 1900 not 
yet sent in. Minutes (H) men's from 1835, and women's 1818, to 
1884. Earlier minutes probably burned. Later ones not yet 
sent in. Same (O) men's 1828, and women's 1832, to 1867. 

Stanford. Set off 1803 from Creek M. M. In northern 
Dutchess Co. Laid down (H) 1871 and (O) 1886. Has included 
Little Nine Partners and Northeast, the latter in southern part of 
present town of Pine Plains. B. and D. (O) 1828-1S85. (H) 1803 
to 187 1 missing. M. and Rem. Certs. (O) 1803-1886. (H) 1828- 
187 1 missing. Minutes from 1803, men's and women's (H andO). 

Hudson M. M. Set off 1793 from Creek M. M. In Colum- 
bia Co. Laid down (O) 1867, and (H) 1905. Has included Coey- 
mans, Athens, Greene Co., Klinakill, later called Ghent, New 
Britain, later called Chatham (see Chatham M. M.). Otego (see 
Butternuts M. M.). Duanesburg, Charlestown and Rensselaerville 
(see Duanesburg M. M.). B. and D. (H) 1810 to 1905. M. and 
Rem. Certs. (H) 1793-1905. B. and D., M. and Rem. Certs. 1828- 
1867 (O) not collected. Minutes, men's and women's (H) 1793- 
1880, and (O) women's 1828-1852. 

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Marriage certificate oUames 8 Cock and Hannah Feke, 1698, from 
the Cock-Cocks-Cox Genealogy. Thomas Chalkley, the noted Quaker 
minister, whose name appears as a witness, says of this visit, " We 
had a meeting at a place called Matinicock, where I met with some of 
the people called Ranters, who disturbed our meeting. I may say as 
the apostle Paul, (only altering Ephesus to Matinecock,) I fought with 
beasts there." 







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Z. <U C «*H 

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M ^ > 

19 1 4-] Quaker Records in New York. 367 

Chatham. Set off 18 19 from Hudson M. M. Reunited (H) 
1888 as Hudson and Chatham M. M. Laid down (O) 1828. Has 
included no other P. M. than CJiatJiam, formerly called New 
Britain. B. and D. missing. M. and Rem. *Certs. 1819-1888. 
Minutes men's and women's 1819-1888. 

Troy (later called Pittstown). Set off 1813 from Easton 
M. M. In Rensselaer Co. Laid down (O) 1828 and (H) 191 1. 
Has included, besides those indicated, White Creek, the latter in 
Washington Co. B. and D., M. and Rem. Certs. 1813-1911, also 
minutes for same period, not yet sent in, but probably will be 
this year. 

East Hoosack, set off 1783 from Saratoga (later called Easton) 
M. M. At Adams, Mass. Laid down 1845 (O) and 1847 (H). 
Has included small meetings at Tyringham and Hancock. B. 
and D. 1808-1829, and Rem. Certs, (probably including M. Certs.) 

1783 , are at present in the Berkshire Atheneum, Pittsfield, 

Mass., the Librarian of which has refused even to allow the 
records to come to New York so that digests may be made 
therefrom.* Minutes, men's 1804-1819 are also in the Berkshire 
Athenum. Minutes, men's 1783-1804, women's (H) 1783-1839, 
and same (O) men's 1833-1843, and women's 1840-1845, are here. 

Easton, set off 1778 from Nine Partners M. M. in Washington 
Co. Laid down (O) 1828. Has included Saratoga (later called 
Easton), East Hoosack, White Creek, Troy, Pittstown, Saratoga, 
west of the river, Ballston, Danby, Ferrisburgji, Queens bury, 
Lincoln, Vt., Cambridge, North Easton. B. and D. 18 10 to date. 
M. and Rem. Certs, 1778 to date. Minutes, men's and women's 
1778 to date. All at present in custody of Orren B. Wilbur, 
Greenwich, N. Y., but will be sent in later. 

Danby (later called Granville). Set off 1795 from Easton 
M. M. In Rutland Co., Vt., and Washington Co., N. Y. Laid 
down (O) 1857. Has included besides those indicated, Peru, 
South Hero, Starksborough and Monkton. B. and D., M. and 
Rem. Certs. (H) 1795-1876. Later (H) record in use. Records 
(O) 1828-1857 missing. Minutes (H) men's 1795, an0 ^ women's 
1861, to date. (O) men's and women's 1828-1857. 

Queensbury. Set off 1800 from Easton M. M. In Warren 
Co., N. Y. Laid down (H) 1863. Name changed (O) 1877 to 
Glens Falls. Has included also Chester, in the town of that 
name, and Moreau, in Saratoga Co. B. (H) 1 829-1 851, and D. 
1828-1877. M. and Rem. Certs. (O) 1800-1855. Minutes (H) 
men's 1800-1863, except 1811-1828, missing, and women's 1800- 
1863, except 1824-1840 missing. Same (O) men's 1840-1878, and 
women's 1828-1876. 

Ferrisburgh. Set off 1801 from Danby M. M. In Addison 
Co., Vt. Laid down (H) 1846. Has included Monkton, Starks- 

* I wish here to voice a protest not only against this Library, but against 
any other Library or Society which retains old records from their proper 
owners, when such owners ask for them, and give evidence of their proper 
preservation. The retention of the Harlem Town records and of certain Dutch 
Church records by a Title Guarantee Co. is a similar outrage. 

368 Quaker Records in New York. [Oct. 

borough, Lincoln, Montpelier, Weybridge, and Shoreham, Vt., and 
Farnham, Quebec. B. and D., M. and Rem, Certs. (H) 1828-1846. 
The Register was filled and a new one purchased 1823, but now 
missing. Minutes (H) men's and women's 1801-1846, except 
1828-1831 missing. Same (O) men's 1828-1867 and women's 

Starksborough. Set off 1813 from Ferrisburgh M. M. In 
Crittenden Co., Vt. Laid down (H) 1828, and (O) between 1838 
and 1857. Has included Lincoln, Montpelier, South Lincoln, 
Creek, South Starksborough, Danville, Barton and Derby. B. 
"•and D., M. and Rem. Certs, missing. Minutes (O) men's 1813- 

Peru. Set off 1799 from Danby M M. In Clinton Co., N. Y. 

Laid down (H) , and (O) 1868. Has included South Hero on 

Grand Isle. B. (O) 1766-1847, and D. 1801-1847. M. and Rem. 
Certs. (H) 1799-1833. Minutes, men's and women's (O) 1799- 
1868, and (H) women's 1828-1833. 

Farnham. (O) Set off 1842 from Ferrisburgh M. M. In the 
town of East Farnham, Quebec. It had been a M. M. "on pro- 
bation," from 1840. Laid down 1902. B. 1839-1875. D. 1839- 
1885. M. and Rem. Certs. 1841-1884. ' Minutes, men's and 
women's 1842-1902. 

Cornwall. Set off 1788 from Creek M. M. In Orange Co. 
Laid down (O) 1881. Has included Marlborough, Valley, Paltz, 
Smith's Clove, Blooming Grove, Kakiat and Little Esopus. B. and 
D., M. and Rem. Certs. (H) 1828 to da*?e, not yet sent in. Vital 
records (O) not collected. Minutes (H and O) men's and women's 
1788 to di re. 

Marlborough. Set off 1804 from Cornwall M. M. In Ulster 
Co. Laid down (H) 1847. Has included, Valley, Plattekill, Paltz, 
Greenfield, Esopus and Plains. B. and D. missing. M. and Rem. 
Certs. (O) 1 804-1863. , Records of Sufferings (for non-com- 
pliance with military requisitions) (O) 1808-1855. Minutes (H) 
men's 1804-1847, and women's 1817-1847. Same (O) men's 1839- 
1882; women's 1852-1883. 

Plains (later called (H) Greenfield and Neversink). Set off 
1813 from Marlborough M. M. In Ulster and Sullivan Cos. Laid 
down (O) 1854. Has included Paltz, Esopus, Greenfield and 
Neversink. B. (O) 1 750-1876, and D. 1801-1870. M. and Rem. 
Certs. (O) 1844-1854. Same (H) 1826-1863. Minutes (H) men's 
1847-1876, and (O) men's 1838-1854, and women's 1851-1854. 
Other records not collected. 

Coeymans. Set off 1799 from Hudson M. M. In Albany Co. 
and westward. Laid down (O) 1867, and (H) 1898. Has in- 
cluded Otego, Duanesburgh, Berne, Oak Hill, Rensselaerville, 
Middleburgh, Burlington, Roxbury, Harpersfield, New Baltimore, 
Charlestozvn, Pitts field, De Ruyter, Hamilton and Albany. B. and 
D. (O) 1812-1867, with many earlier births, arranged by localities. 
B. (H) 1761 to 1847 and D. 1829-1856. M. and Rem. Certs. (H) 
1828-1898. Minutes (H) men's burned 1799-1876. Women's 
1799-1867. Same (O) men's 1828-1867. 

1914J Quaker Records in New York. 369 

Albany. (H) Set off 1840 from Coeymans M. M. In Albany 
Co. Has included New Scotland. B. and D., M. and Rem. Certs. 
1840 to date, not yet sent in. Minutes, men's 1840-1894. Women's 

Duanesburgh. Set off 1806 from Coeymans M. M. In Schen- 
ectady Co. and westward. Laid down (O) after 1849. Has in- 
cluded Otego, Burlington, Charlestown, Madison, and Bridgewater, 
Pa. (This seems to have been in the town of Silver Lake, 
Susquehanna Co., Pa., 1810 to 1814, when it became part of 
Butternuts M. M., was not a P. M. and must not be confused with 
the P. M. of that name, later established in Oneida Co. by Butter- 
nuts M. M.) B. and D., M. and Rem. Certs. 1806 to date (H) still 
in" use. Same (O) from 1828 missing. Minutes (H) men's 1806- 
1S27, and women's 1806-1875. Same (O) men's 1828-1849. 

Rensselaerville. Set off 1814 from Coeymans M. M. In 
Albany and Greene Cos. Laid down (O) 1828, and (H) 1895. 
Has included Berne, Oak Hill, Middleburgh, New Scotland, Har- 
per s field and Roxbnry. B. and D. (H) 1828-1895. (O) 1814-1838 
missing. M. and Rem. Certs. (O) 1814-1837. (H) 1828-1S67. 
Minutes (H) men's and women's, 1814-1895. Same (O) 1828-1838 

Saratoga, called at first "West of the River" to distinguish 
it from Easton M. M. (formerly called Saratoga), from which it 
was set off 1794. In Saratoga Co. Laid down (O) 1855. Has in- 
cluded Half JMoon, Gahvay, Providence, Greenfield, North Gree?i- 
field, Schagticoke and Farmingto?i, the latter in ^Western N. Y. 
B. (H) 1787-1845 and D. 1812-1877. M. and Rem. Certs. (H) 
1794-1862. Same (O) 1828-1855, missing. Minutes (H) men's 
and women's 1 784-1 884. Same (O) men's 1 828-1 840, women's 
1828-1855. . 

Milton. Set off 1818 from Galway M. M. In Saratoga Co. 
Reunited (O) with Galway 1836, as Greenfield M. M., but laid 
down 1855. Reunited (H) with Galway 1847. Has included 
Greenfield. B. and D., M. and Rem. Certs. (H) 1818-1847, burned 
1848. Same (O) 1828-1855 not collected. Minutes (H) men's 
missing, probably burned 1848, women's 1828-1847. Same (O) 
men's 1828-1S55. 

Galway. Set off 1802 from Saratoga M. M. In Saratoga Co. 
Laid down (O) 1836 and attached to Greenfield M. M. Laid 
down (H) 1866. Has included Providence, Greeyifield, North 
Greenfield, Mayfield, Pleasant Creek, Milton, Indian River (in 
Jefferson Co), Lee and Western. B. and D., M. and Rem. Certs. 
(H) burned 1848, missing from 1848, except Rem. Certs, issued 
1850-1861, and one M. Cert. 1862. B. and D. (O) for 1828 only. 
Minutes (H) men's 1820-1866, women's 1802-1865. Same (O) 
women's 1828-1836. 

Greenfield. (O) Established 1836, composed of the member- 
ship of Milton and Galway M. Ms. In Saratoga Co. Laid down 
1856. Records not collected. 


370 Quaker Records in New York. [Oct. 

Moreau. (O) Established 1856, composed of the membership 
of Saratoga and Greenfield M. Ms. In Saratoga Co. Laid down 
. Records not collected, except women's minutes 1856-1875. 

Butternuts. Set off 1810 from Duanesburg M. M. In Ot- 
sego Co. Laid down (H) 1857. Has included Burlington, 
Laurens, Maryland, Littlefield, Otego, Madison, Bridgewater, 
New Hartford, Brookfield, Westmoreland, Smyrna and Unadilla. 
B. and D. (O) 1810-1869 with births as early as 1788. M. and 
Rem. Certs, not collected. Minutes, (O) men's 1810-1881, except 
1824-1S65 missing. Women's 1810-1830. Same (H) men's 1828- 

Unadilla. (O) Set off 1904 from Butternuts M. M. In Ot- 
sego Co. Included no other locality. Records in use. 

Bridgewater. Set off 181 7 from Butternuts M. M. In 
Oneida and Madison Cos. Name changed (H) to Verona, 1840, 
and laid down 1880. Name changed (O) to Westmoreland, 1867, 
and laid down 1883. Has included Brookfield, Madison, Neiv 
Hartford, Westmoreland, Verona, Utica, Smyrna, Constantia and 
West Branch. B. and D. (H) 181 7-1 888 not collected. M. and 
Rem. Certs. (H) 1817-1862, with deaths 1832-1879. Same (O) 
not collected. Minutes (O) men's 1817-1852, women's 181 7—1883. 
Same (H) men's 1828-1880, women's 1842-1870. 

Smyrna. (O) Set off 1836 from Bridgewater M. M. In Chen- 
ango and Madison Cos. Has included Madison and Brookfield. 
Records not yet collected. 

De Ruyter. Set off 1809 from Duanesburgh M. M. In 
Madison Co. Included no other locality. Laid down (O) 1848, 
and (H) 1886. B. and D. (H) 1811-1848. M. and Rem. Certs. (H) 
1809-1862. Minutes (H) men's 1820-1866. Records (O) not 
collected. The Wilberite branch left the Orthodox, 1847, in this 
and Scipio and Hecter M. Ms. Records (W) not collected. 

Scipio. Set off 1898 from Farmington M. M. In Cayuga Co. 
Has included Salmon Creek, Sempronius, North Street, Union 
Springs, Hector, Elmira, Homer, Truxton and Skaneateles, the 
last named in Onondaga Co. B. and D. (O) 1826-1879, earliest 
birth 1736. Same (H) 1828 to date, now in use. M. and Rem. 
Certs. (O) 1808-1898. Same (H) 1828 to date now in use. Minutes 
(H) men's 1808-1822 and 1838-1856; women's 1808-1888. Same 
(O) men's 1828-1905; women's 1863-1876. Records (W) from 
1847, not collected. 

Hector. Set off 1820 from Scipio M. M. In Schuyler and 

Chemung Cos. Laid down (H) , and (O) after 1878. Has 

included Elmira. All records (H., O. and W.) missing, except 
women's minutes (O) 1847-1878. 

Junius. Set off 1815 from Farmington M. M. In Wayne Co- 
Lui'd down (()) 1828, and (11) 1863. Has included Galen and Milo. 
\\. and I). (II) 1815-1863, earliest birth 1763, last death 1866. M. 
and Rem. Certs. (II) 1815-1863. Minutes (H) men's 1S15-1834 
and 1849-1863; women's 1844-1863. 

I9M.] Quaker Records in New York. 37 j 

Farmington. Set off 1803 from Saratoga M. M., having been 
allowed 1802 as a P. M. with powers of a M. M., as to marriages. 
In Ontario and Wayne Cos., and at first exercised jurisdiction 
over all central and western N. Y. Has included Scipio, Sevip- 
ronius, Junius, Galen, Palmyra, East Palmyra, South Farmington, 
Williamson, Macedon, Deer field, Pa., Troup sburg, Rochester, Hen- 
rietta, Wheatland, Batavia, Hartland, Royalton, Hamburgh and 
Eden. The two latter, in Erie Co. had been established by 
Pelham M. M., as part of Philadelphia Y. M., but the war of 181 2 
caused such inconvenience that they were transferred to Farming- 
ton M. M. B. and D. (O) 1803 to date, perhaps still used. Same 
(H) 1828-1870. M. and Rem. Certs. (O) 1802-1852. Same (H) 
1828-1870. Minutes (O) men's 1803-1893; women's 1803-1877. 
Same (H) men's 1828-1877; women's 1828-1881. 

Rochester. Set off in 1825 from Farmington. In Monroe Co. 
Has included Wheatland, Henrietta, Mendon, Elba and Sparta, 
the latter in Livingston Co. B. and D. (H) 1825 to about 1870. 
Register (H) 1825 to date, begun about 1870, now in use. M. and 
Rem. Certs. (H) 1825 to date, still in use. B. and D., M. and 
Rem. Certs. (O) 1828 to date, not collected. Minutes (H) men's 
1825-1868; women's 1825-1881. Same (O) men's 1828-1868; 
women's 1828-1873. 

Elba. (O) set off 1837 from Hartland M. M. In Genesee Co. 
Has included Shelby and Orangeville, the latter in Wyoming Co. 
B. and D., M. and Rem. Certs, not yet collected. Minutes, men's 

Hartland. Set off 182 1 from Farmington M. M. In Niagara 
Co. Laid down (H) 1828. Has included Elba, Royalton (later 
called Lockport), East Royalton, Shelby and Somerset. B. and D., 
M. and Rem. Certs. (O) 1828-1862. Minutes (O) men's 1821-1886; 
women's 1821-1879. 

Hamburgh. Set off 1814 from Farmington M. M. as Eden 
M. M., but changed to present name 1820. In Erie Co. Laid 
down (O) 1846. Has included Eden (later called Boston), Collins, 
Clear Creek, Orangeville and Buffalo. B. and D. (H) 1814-1866. 
M. and Rem. Certs. (H) 1814-1820. Same (O) not collected. 
Minutes, (H) men's 1814-1903; women's 1814-1882. Same (O) 
men's 1839-1846; women's 1828-1844. 

Concord (later called Collins), set off 1820 from Hamburgh 
M. M. In Erie Co. Laid down (H) 185 1. Has included Clear 
Creek and Ellery. B. and B. missing. M. and Rem. Certs. (O) 
1820-1865. Same (H) 1828-185 1, not collected. Minutes, (H) 
men's 1820-1850; women's 1820-1851. Same (O) men's 1828-1876; 
women's 1 830-1 868. 

Lowville. Set off 1825 from Leray M. M. In Lewis Co. 
Reunited (H) with Leray 1829. Laid down (O) 1873. Has in- 
cluded Lee and Western. B. and D. missing. M. and Rem. Certs. 
(O) 1825-1859. Minutes, (H. and O.) not collected. 

Western. (O) Set off 1843 from Lowville M. M. In Oneida 
and Lewis Cos. Laid down 1873. Has included Lee. B. and D., 

372 Quaker Records in New York. [Oct. 

M. and Rem. Certs. 1843-187 1. Minutes, men's 1843-187 1; 
women's 1843-1867. 

Leray. Set off 1815 from Galway M. M. In Jefferson Co. 
Laid down (H) after 1847, arj d (O) after 1873. Has included 
Indian River, Pleasant Creek (later called Leray), Lowville, Lee, 
Western and Chaumont. B. and D. (H) 1815-1838. M. and Rem. 
Certs., not collected. Same (O) not collected. Minutes, (H) 
men's 1815-1842; women's 1815-1847. Same (O) not collected. 

Adolphus. Established 1801 by a committee of Y. M., to in- 
clude Adolphus P. M., and all other members in Canada not be- 
longing to Pelham M. M. Name changed 18 — , to Leeds. In 
Ontario, Canada. Has included Leeds, West Lake and Bloomfield. 
Records not yet sent in. 

West Lake. Set off 181-, from Adolphus M. M. In Ontario. 
Has included Ameliasbargh, Cold Creek, Haider man and Green 
Point. Records not yet sent in. 

Yonge Street.* Set off before 1807 from Pelham M. M. In 
Ontario. Has included White Church, Uxbridge and Pickering. 
Records not yet sent in. 

Pelham. Established 1799 as a part of Philadelphia Y. M. In 
Ontario, west of Niagara Falls. Transferred 18 10 to N. Y. Y. M. 
Has included Yonge Street, Uxbridge, White Church, Black Creek, 
Norwich, Hamburgh and Eden. Records not yet sent in. 

Norwich. Set off before 1824 from Pelham M. M. In Ontario. 
Has included Yarmouth, Ancaster and Pine Street. Records not 
yet sent in. 

Adrian. (O) Established 1831, at Logan, now Adrian, Mich. 
Has included Farmington and Raisin in Oakland and Lenawee 
Cos., Mich. Records not yet sent in. 

Adrian. (H) Set off 1848, from M. M. Near Adrian, 

Mich. Laid down 1849 and members attached to Battle Creek 
M. M. Has included Logan (later called Adrian). Vital records 
not collected. Minutes, men's and women's, 1 848-1 849. • 

Raisin. (O) Set off 1842 from Adrian M. M. In Michigan. 
Has included Palmyra, Rollin and Ypsilanti in Lenawee and 
Washtenaw Cos., Mich. Records not yet sent in. 

Plymouth. (H) Established 183-, in Wayne Co., Mich. Has 
included Milton. Records not yet sent in. 

Milton (H) (later called Battle Creek). Set off 1838 from 
Plymouth M. M. Near Battle Creek, Mich. Has included Parma, 
Sherwood and West Unity, the last in Ohio. B. and D. 1838-1849 
not yet sent in. Register, begun 1849, has births 1809-1863 and 
deaths from 1849. M. and Rem. Certs, missing except two. The 
records previous to 1849 were retained by a faction that then 
split off throughout the Michigan Meetings, which was the cause 
of the laying down of all but Battle Creek M. M. Minutes, men's 
1838-1886; women's 1838-1869. 

* Locally pronounced Young, and frequently so found in our records. 

igi4.] Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. Y. 373 

Hickory Grove. (H) Set off 1844 from Battle Creek M. M. 
In Jackson Co., Mich. Laid down 1849, and members attached to 
Battle Creek M. M. Records not collected. 

Livonia. (H) Nothing at hand regarding this M. M., except 
that it was laid down 1849, and the members attached to Battle 
Creek M. M. In Co., Mich. 

Attention is again called to the fact that there was always a 
P. M. of the same name as the M. M. 

The map of 182 1 shows the Yearly Meeting at nearly its 
maximum membership and jurisdiction. By 1828 it had in- 
creased to about 20,000 members, and was on the point of setting 
off " Ontario Yearly Meeting," to include the meetings in Canada 
and central and western New York, the lake being then a con- 
venient means of access, where it now is an obstacle. This was 
however prevented by the great Separation of that year, which 
so crippled both branches that neither has yet fully recovered. 

Genesee Y. M. (H) was set off in 1834, with the meetings in 
central and western New York and in Canada. It has made our 
collection the repository for its records. 

Canada Y. M. (O) was set off in 1867, with the meetings in 

For a further account of the rise and spread of Quakerism in 
this Colony and State see my chapter on " Our Quaker Ancestors" 
in the Cock-Cocks-Cox Genealogy, p. 347. 



Copied from the manuscript record of the late Rev. Theodore A. Leggett, 

ty A. Hatfield, Jr. 

(Continued from Vol. XLV, p. 287, of the Record.) 

21. Mary 3 Leggett (William,* Gabriel 1 ), born at West Farms, 
July 10, 1730; died at Richmond, Staten Island, before 1778. She 

married, , 1750, Colonel Richard Lawrence of Staten Island, 

bom — — ; died at Nottingham, County Kent, England, May 25, 
1789. (Will dated March 7, 1789.) He was a son of John Law- 
rence. Richard Lawrence married, second, Dec. 22, 1778, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Oakley of Westchester. 

Children 10 (Lawrence), 2 sons and 8 daughters, the two eld- 
est born at West Farms, others in Richmond, Staten Island, and 
baptised at St. Andrew's Church, Richmond: 

i. Richard 4 , b. ; d. Sept. 16, 1846; m. . 

ii. Gertrude, b. ; d. — — ; m. 1st, Lawrence, by 

whom she had one daughter, Pamelia; m. 2d, Will- 
iam McComb, by whom she had: Susan, b. Jan. 9, 



5 2 












374 Early Settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N. V. [Oct.