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Full text of "New York in the Revolution as colony and state"




pt. 1 



3 1833 01076 0699 

Digitized by the Internet Arciiive 

in 2009 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 






These Records Were Discovered, Arranged And Classified m 
1895, 1896, 1897 And 1893 



-'+■ \ 


Albany, N.Y. 
Press cf Erartdov; Prin: ting Company 



impliuients oj 

Cnmpirollcr. ; 





Introductory . 7 

Index to Illustrations i6 


1ST Re.iimext. — Col. Goo5'^ Van Schaick, Lt. Col. Cornelius \'an D.vck i? 

2ND Regiment.— Col. Goosr Van Schaick, Col. I'lulip A'an Cortland, Lt. Col. Peter keg- 

nier, Lt. Col. Robert Cochran. Lt. Cnl. Frederick Weissenfds. . 2C) 

•?RD Regiment. Ccl. Jamei Clinton. Col. Peter Gansevoort. Lt. Col. James Brnyn 40 

4TH Regiment.— Col. Janu-; liohnes, Col. Henry B. Livingston, Lt. Col. Pierre Reffiiitr, 

Lt. Co Frederick W'eissenfels 47 

;tii REGiME::r.— Co!. Lewis Dul^oys, Lt. Col. James S. P.niyn, Lt. Col. .Marinus V.'illctt. 55 
Addition'^l Regim'^nt (B.-t.vliox). — Col. James Livingston, Ll. Col. RicnarJ Living- 

ston".'^ ^ 

Congress Recimext.- " Col Ed-.vard Antii 60 

Additional Corps, Gkeex ^ '.uxt.mn Boys. — Col Ethan Allen, Col. Setli Warner 61 

Additional Corvs.*— Co!. G'ver Spencer <^- 

Additional Cok'-'s."-' — Col. I\ises llazen ^6 

Artillery, 2x0 Regimext.— ''oi. John Lamb 63 

Artillery, 3ud Regiment.''- t>5 

Artillery, Provincial. — Cpt. Alexander fLiinilton':. Train .. ., 65 

ARTiLLr.y:Y Legi.msnts. — (No identined.i. Lt. Col. Ebene::er Stmens 65 

Cavalry, 2nd Regiment Lie r Dragoons.* — Col. Sh.eldon 67 

Cavalry. 4th Ri gimext Ligh Dragoons.*— Col. Moylan 

Cavalry Regimixts. — (Not idiifiedj. Cant. Jcromimus Hoogland 

Artificers.— L». Col. Luther r.d'.vin'= 

Miners. — (N'ot .dcntmed.) Cat James Gilliland, Capt. Jonathan Lawrence . 


THE LEVIES "... 08 

Co!. John Ha j.-^r 

Col. Frederic.-: Weissenfeis 
Col. William Malcom 


Col. Lewis Dc.bois, Lt. Col. Brintoi, 'aine mgston '^-^^ ^v.^ 

Col. Morris Gr.iham. Lt. Col. Bcnjaiii Birdsall, Lt. Col. Henr. 

Col. Albert Pa .vling 

Col. Marinus •u'illett. L t. Col. John ^ ixinstn,- 

Indepexde.n i Corps of i,ck>d I\ien . .■ - 


THE LLV AN " 93 

Enlisted Mln (not identified by Re^il .it- ' 
" Xot :n viis fir-i edition. 




1ST Rhuiment. — Col. Ahraliaiii Cuyler, Col. Jacol) La:ising, ]r g~ 221 

2XD Reoi.ment. — Col. Abraham Weniple 

3KD Regiment. — Col. I'lnlip P. Schuyler, Lt. Col. Ban.nt I. S taat., 

4TH Regime.nt. — Col. Kilian Van Rensielacr, Lt. Col. John H . Beeckrnan 

5TH Regiment. — Coi. Gerrit G. \ an den Bt-rtch, Col. Henry Quackcnbo-:, Lt. 

Col. \'olkert V'eeder 

6th Regime.vt.— Col. Stephen John Schuyler, Lt. Col. Henry K. \'an Ren.ss.r!aer 

7TH Regimext. — Col. Abraham J. \ an Al.?tinc, Lt. Col. Philip \"an Alstine. . . 

8th Regiment. — Col. Robert \ an Rensselaer, Lt. Col. Larent 1. Staats. Lt. Co!. 

Henry J. \'an Rensselaer, Lt. Col. Asa W'ltenr.an 


■ 97. 222 
loi, 224. 
!04, 225 

107, 226 
i&S, 226 
i09, 22S 

111, 229 

Col. Lt icr \"an Xess, Lt. Cul. David I'raii ^,q -, 



I '9, 232 

yzii Kegiment 

lOTH Regiment. — Col. Morris Graham, Col. Henry Livingson 
itTH Regiment. — Col. Anthony \"an Bergen, Lt. (Jol. Cornelia Dubois 

I2TH Regiment. — Col. Jacobus \ an Schoonhoven, Lt. Col. Janes Gordon 120, 2-4 

13TH Regiment. — Col. John AlcCrea. Col. Cornelius \'an W/Iiten 122 2" ' 

I4TH Regiment. — Col. John Knickerbacker, Col. Peter N'ates 1-t. Col. John \'an 

Rensselaer j2-_ ^33 

15TH Regiment.— Col. Peter Vroman, Lt. Col. Peter Zir-Ie j ,g 2-5 

16TH Regi.^ent.— Col. John Blair, Col. Lewis \'an A\'ert 

17TH Regiment. — Col. William B. Whiting, Lt. Col. .Asa \..erinan 
IxDEiENDENT CoMi'.ANY. — Capt. Petrus X'anGaasbcck 

130, 236 

132, 2:,7 

Col. (Dr.) lolm Williams 

'^33- 239 

Col. William WUlianis . . . 

CoMr.\xv OF M'NUiE Men. — Maj. Joab Hoisingioi:, Ca- .iosc!)i\ Hatch j 




■^bcmext.— Col. .-\braham P^rinkerhoff. Lt. Co!. Jac GriiYe.i ; ^- 

xi^ijxT. — <"oI. joh!i i'ield. Col. Audre'.v Morc'se 

■' '^''^ ,:.\,. — Col. John I'rear 

\\ ihiam Huniirey, Col. James \ Debiirgh 

" -•• Oaham, Col. Roswe! ^P'^i'is. Lt. Co!, .'ac 

139- 241 


^41, -'43 

'-'rh 245 

K.-:\ ■ ■ ■ 

Raxoe;...'^' : o 

ORa'^'-E COUl '. .s 
iST Kki;iment.-'^ 

2 NT' KiGlM E\T. — (.-■ 

Henrv nu.^.iton, Lt. Col. Re" i'erris 

K;-.r.i.:.:ENT. — C.'ol 


Col. Jo. 
-lA.'iUi Exempt^:. — C 

Col. Zepha::iali Piatt. Lt. ( 
'-'a;it. .Abraham .^chenck • • 
— Col. lacobus S\var;\\c>'- 

144. 247 

i49. ^52 


:> + 


Coi. J' ^Ia:\in 

,1. (,H Co>>;,cr , -, 

1. I!-:!''- T i^t'^n ,0, 

'. ';vi l*a--i,iro:;ck. Lt. (.oi. 


Wood . 

1 ■■ 


2.=; 3 



Co\TE\-rs 5 


1ST Kegimext c<f Mixutk Men-. — Col. Jo?ia!i Siiiith 169 

3RI) Regiment ci Mimte .\[p;,\. — Col. Tlioinas Terrv 17.2 

Regiment of Mixute .Mex. — Col. David Miiliord 172 


is^T Regi.mext. — Col. Samuel Campbell, Col. FJrJiiezer Cox, Lt. Col. Samuel 

Clvde 172, 257 

2ND Reoi.mext. — Col. Jacob Kl(x:k. Lt. Col. Fetter Wa^jor.cr 175, 2^7 

3KD Regiment. — Col. Frederick Fisher, Col. Frederick X'isschcr, I,t. Col. 

\'olkert \'eeder 170, 2;8 

4x11 REoniEXT. — Col. Peter P.cllin,!,'er :>^,.;. ^^g 

5TH Regi.mex'i. — Col. John Harper, Alaj. Joseph Harper 184 

B.\tt.\liox I)!- AIixiTK ?Je:;. — (.'ol. Samuel Caiiipl>ell .* 184 

Assoct,\TKD FxjvM [■;■.•;. — Capt. Jelh's I'onda 1S5 

Rangeks. — Capt. John Winn ig6 

R.'\ng£ks. — Capt. Chri.^tiau Gelman 186 

R.-\NGERS. — Capt. Joh:i Ka.-;e!man lg6 


1ST Regiment. — Col. Johannes Snyder 187, 259 

2ND Regx-MENT. — Col. James McClaghry, Lt. Col. Jacob Newkirk 191. 261 

31?!) Regiment. — Col. Levi Pawling, Col. John Cantine, Lt. Col. Facoo Ploorr.- 

beek 1^3. 262 

4TH Regi.mext. — Coi. Joh.annes Ilardenburg!!, Lt. Col. Jonatlian l^imcnuorph. 

Lt. Col. Johannie^ Jan^on 190. 264 

Independent Co-Mpaxy. — Capt. Samuel Ciark ...• 203 

Light IPo.rsk. ■' — Cap.t. Salisljury 203 

Rangers.* — Cafit. Isaac i3e!knap 203 


i^. p •■-'■-' I.-NT.--- Col. loseph P)rakc. Col. Jrmes PLaniman 204, 266 

2ND Regiment. — Col. Tlio.:'''s Thomas, Lt. . J. ' Gilbert P-'ukl . 207, ".of 

3RD Regimen't. — Col. Pierre \'an Cortiandf, Col. Saniuei i>ic..N.. .... /,. •.'■'Ibori 

Drake, Lt. Col. Join: M \ att . . . . . 

4TH Regiment. — Col. Tliadd.eus Cra'ie -^ '^ ' 

Associated Exempts. — Lt. Co!. J.)L-,eph P.eiicdict 

Sepa;-;a'ie Exempts. — Cai)t. lor.ailian lloritju 

- •/ 

-5 T -7 


CoE. L'UX L.\suEK. — Lt. Col. .Vmh-ew Siockditdrn's Rev,!me:it . . . . 

Col. Ji^hn .Nicjolsox. — Lt. Col. John Vischcr's Re;,;nKni .. 

Coi.. CoKXEi.Trs D. Wvxk'u.p's Rkgi.ment 

M.\.i. Joiix \\'H;:r.LMLi;'s Independent Compax' 

En;. Joiix Etxoev, Jp.'s P.'PTV 

Capt. John .A. Pk adt's Raxgeks 

Capt. John 1\e; pay's Raxgeu.^ 


>ovc, in ;lu' Older ' their 
The Se\ im<.\l Ok(T\xiz \tioxs are reicrrc' to fiiy na- ,,, ., ,1 „ . ^o 

,; i';',:;ri>i is grouped on p/y.s 22'.-.ib9 

respeoiive coumics. The AIilitia "t ' ^ 

* N'nt ill the first cJiti"ii. 






Privatf.ers. — Pay Mr. Henry Benton. Capt. Rol>ert Castle, Capt. Thomas Cretjicr, Capt. 
Wilkie Dodge, Cajn. Thomas Grencll, Capt. John Harrison, Capt. Christopher L-efr.ng- 
well, Capt. WilHam Mercier, CajU. Richard Puller, Capt. William Rogers, Capt. An- 
thony Rutgers, Capt. James Smith. Capt. .Samuel Tudor, Capi. Matthew \'an Alstyne. 269 


Sundry Persoxs whose service is evidenced by ori;:,nnal flocumr nt- and manuscripts on file 
in the oftice of the State Comptroller, but whose names are not found on the papers of 

any of tlie regular organizations 270 

Pexsioxers and Applicants for Pensions 271 

Contents of the Volu.mes oe OrKjIN.'.l Docl'mexts in the office of tb.e State Comp- 
troller 274 

Index to Co.m.m.'^xdix'; Oeficeks 2-jt 

General Index, Explanations -79 

Adjt., Adjutant 
A^-' Assistant. 

or Briga- 


Col., Colonel 
Com., Commissary 
Conir., Coniniis'^ioncr 
Corp., Corporal 

Insp., Inspector 
Jr., Junior 
Liem.. Lieiuenant 
Lt., Lieutenant 

Mr, Master 
Mu., Muster 
Qr, Qiiarti-r 
Regt., Regiment 

Dr., Doctor 

Lt. Col., Lieutenrnt 

Serjt.. Serjeant 

• . Deputy 



Maj., Major 
Mar., Marines 

Sr.. Senior 

Supt., Supcrintendeni 

Surg., Surgeon 

■ J 







i.(i\ KRNdK i.I.DK.'i; ,L|\|xi\ 






[From tlio First Eiiiti'iu ] 

URIXG my first term of office as comptroller, the work of putting' the old records 
of tiie comptroller's department in systematic order for purposes of easy reference 
was undertaken. This work in its prOLrress broucrht to light quantities of forg;otten 
papers relating to the services performed by Xew York in the Revolulionary War. These 
papers, long since detached from their original file packages, were (^roniismously scattered 
througli great masses of old vouchers and files. I realized at once their rn:"eat value and 
importance, and my impression has been most amply confirmed by the judgirent of Ccl. F. 
C. Ainsu-Oi'th, whose great work ui arranging for the L'nited States govemmcu'C the contribu- 
tions of men made in tlio various wars by the separate states and coionics. Ls .^ ell knov.-n. 
Competent men ivere, therefore, set at v^-ork scarcliing out and arranging lhe.se papers, and 
this task, thoug'h slow and laborious, is believed to have iiecn thoroughly axid intelligently 
done. The s.iccess of this v.'ork is very largely due to the earnest and iiiteUij;-oiri interest taken 
in it b)' Col. Charles O. Shcpard, and his ctTorts were greatly assisted by tlie eitncient v^■ork of 
Mr. William B. Wemple of tiiis ofifice. 

These papers cont.ain the muster and pay-rolls of dilTerent organizations, anil llie 
histor'c vaUu and importance of the papers is clearly proveil by tl'.e fact tiiat tlicy alone 
show X^ew York to have furnished ncarh' one and a half times the luimber r-f troons with 
which she is usually credited, and ad.ding to these the names obtained from otlier reliable 
sources, the aggregate is more tlian twice the number ustially crediicii. General Knox, nrst 
secretary of war. in Iun reijort lo Congress of the number of troops furnished by each colony, 
gave Xew >'ork credit fi-r but i/.jSi men. and this report, copied into our histories, very 
naturally has ever since h'::.n accepteti as correct. U'c now find positive proof of rhe service of 
4'.633 men. [Tin- co'.rected nimiber is .13.645. See additional note in second edition, p. 15.] 
I therefore s.ibmit the fo'kiwing- pages containing tiic names, rank atul orgr.nization of these 
4i,C)33 nien, whose scrxices can be siiown beyond an_\- question, with the greater satisfaction 
for believing tlir.t a great historical injustice, reilccting in many minds on Xsv.- York's path- 

8 New Yot.k i:,- tul Revcvlutiux. 

otic spirit in the Revokniouary striiL^'-^.le, will hcrcb)- be rcctifio.-i, end she take her place, 
second only to Massachusetts in :u;mbcr of troop'; funiish.ed, ajid, under the circunist^iiices 
surrounding lier, second to none in loit\' patriotism. 

It is true that lists of names of Xcw Vork's Revolutionary soldiers have beer, heretofore 
published, but these were derived almost entirely from other than orig-inal sources, the state 
treasurer's books of account being the cliief source, and their accuracy, for this reason, has 
been a matter of grave doubt, and therefore the results could not be accepted in historical 
works. All the names published in this volurj.e are derived from that hijjhest of sources, the 
original muster and pay-rolls, and thus the services of the individual and the aggregate are 
conclusively shown. Several thousands of the names, particularly cf tliose belonging to the 
regiments of the " Line," were obtained from rolls on file in the War Department at Wash- 
ington, thrijugh the courtesy of Hon. Daniel S. Lament, Secretan.- of Wis. And here it may 
not be inappropriate to say that Col. Ainsworth, after personal examination of the records of 
service found in the comptroller's office, was so well satisfied of their accuracy and value, that he 
has had the same transcribed and placed in the records of the War Department, and the 41.633 
names found here will now appear to the credit of Xew York in the go\'ernment's record of the 
Revolutionary \Var, soon to be published. 

Nor do the names contained in this volume in all probability comprise all of those from 
Nev/ York who performed ser\-ice in tliat greai struggle. Cases exist in which records of a 
full quota of field, staff and line officers for a regmient have been found, but no enlisted 
men. lliis state of things v.-as proof positive, to any one with knowledge of military uft'airs, 
that a deplorable deficiency in the records existed. It was not uncommon, as I am credibly 
informed, for the officer commanding an organization to retain all tlie recur'ls relating to h.is 
command. Indeed, the records from v.hich the names of the men in Colonel Gansevort"s 
regiment, Third New York Line, were obtained, are still in the possession of the descendants 
of Colonel (janscvort, and the original record of Alexander Hamilton's artillery company is 
in the possession of the New York Historial Society, to which body we are indebted for its 
appearance here. Had New York, as several of the colonies did, published the record of her 
Revolutionary service, while the records were still all existing and their location, and the 
facts connected v.dth them, weie within the memory of living men. a f^Lr more accurate result 
would have been reached. As it is, there can be little reasonable do^ibt that in some cases 
records of seiwice have been lost, and that New York can never show the full number of troops 
furnished by her in the struggle. This is almost conclusively shown by ih.e fact that tlie papers 
relating to pensions granted by the state for injuries received while iti service in the Revolu- 
tionary War disclose many names which do not appear upon anv roster in our possession. 

The B.\ttle G round of Americ.\. 

In any consideration of what was contributed bv the separate colonies to the success of 
the war, it is proper that the situation in each colony should be taken into account. Xew 
York, mere than any other colony, was the battle-ground of the war, as indeed, front its 
position, it always will be in any conflict with Great I'.ritain. The first forts captured from the 
English in tiie war were Ticonderoga and Crown Point. Alav :o and 12. 1775: and tr.c first 
attempt to construct an American navy was made by Arnold on Lake Champlain in June. 
"775- Johnson's last raid through the JMohawk valley, in which, the battle of Joimsto-.m and 
various smaller cncotinters were fought, ti.iok pb-e in 17S1. Dctween those dates were the 
expedition from New York into Canada, resulting mi the siege and capru'-e of th.e fort zt St. 
John's, September 25, 1775, followed by the c."pture of Montreal, and endinc in the disaster 

Introductory 9 

J? O:ef<oc; the expetlition to lohnstown. resulting in tlic surr-'iiflor of tiiroc hundred armed 
Srotch Hiijiilanders, January 19, 1776: battle of Loner Island, August 27, 1776; battle of 
ll.-.rlciu i'lains, Sopttnibcr 16, 177&; battle of Wliitc i'lains, October 28, 1776: attack upon 
a--.d capture of Tort Washington, Xovember 16, 1776; naval battles on Lake Champlaiii. 
I ictober 11 and 13. 1776: tlic various niant)eavres of t';e evenifu! year 1777, which preceded 
lie famous battles of that year; the battle of Bennington, fouglu on August 16, 1777, on 
Xcw York soil, but largely by \'erniont boys, and which prevented ti;e British from receiving 
[•.ceded supplies: t!ie successful defense and sortie from Fort Sciniylcr, and the bloody bat- 
tic of CJriskany, August 6, 1777, which prevented the junction di .'-t. Leger -.^itli Burgoyne, 
ind made the latter's surrender inevitable; the glorious battles of Saratoga, September 19 
.•lul October 7, 1777, leading to Burgone's surrender, October 17, 1777; the destructive 
expedition up the Hudson under Sir Henry Clinton, (October, 1777; Johnso.i's Indian raid 
through the Mohawk, Schoharie and Susiiuehanna val'evs. 1778: Sir Henry Clinton's second 
c.M^editiou up the Hudson, May, 1770: Mad Anthony's capture of Stony P(jint with 543 
prisoners, July 15, 1779; the expeditions under Coloiiels Willett and \'an Scliaick against 
Onondagas, and th.e horrible retaliatory raids made by the Indians. 1779; Sullivan's expedit'on 
against the Indians in 1779, and the b.utle near the presciu site of Klniira: Johnson's raid into 
the Mohawk valley, 17S0, and Governor Clinton's pur.suit; the destruction of tlie Canajoharie 
r.nd Fort Plain settlements by Brant, August, 1780: the extended raid of Sir John Johnson, 
Brant and Conudanter, in the autunm of 17S0, with th.e battle near Stone Arabia, and Carie- 
tun's raid on the upper Hudson, 17S0. The surrender of Cornwallis in 1781 was the practi- 
cal end of the conflict, and the foregoing list 01 military riiovementi shows that everv vear dur- 
ing the conflict Xe\v York -ivas the scene of very active service. 

The extensive fighting done witlun our !;orders brought into active and iior.orable ser- 
vice brandies of irdlitary wdiich in colonies where no lighting was done were reli'n-ed. Our mili- 
tia were th.e heroes of many hotly contested fields. The battle of Oriskany. in i'.s percentages 
of killed and wounded, th.e bloodiest battle of the war, was won by the mditia, and Bur- 
goyne's surrender thereby made sure. The militia bore a highly honorable part in the ever- 
ineniorable battles of Saratoga. But man\' men undoubtedly pertorn:ed splendid service in the 
emergencies -ixhich called out the militia and then retired quietly to their hcnics, leaving no 
record of their service wliich can now Lk" foimd. 

Again, the portions of New York occupied by the white: v ere surrounded on almost all 
sides by tribes of hostile Indians, who were incited ai:d led by still more savage whites. 
Brant wa.s sotuetinies himume, but Btitlcr never. The Hurons had inherited from mr.ny preced- 
ing generations the tlisposition to inalce hostile raids upon th.e 'erritory of th.eir aticient foes, 
the Iroquois. At the breaking out of th.e war th.e in.fluence of Sir William Johnson over the 
tribes of the Iroquois was almost boimdless. His position as Indian agent iiad brought him 
into close relations with these tribes, and this position he seems to Iiave lionorably used and 
to have .succeeded in con-.-incing them that he was their frieud. His mantle, at his death, fell 
upon his son. Sir John, and his son-in-iaw. Col. Gu\- Johnson, an.l th.at they used. t!;eir intluence 
to the fullest exteiit to stir up Indian hostility to tiie patriotic citizens west of All'any is ^a sad 
I'.''.ge in the historv 01 th.e war. It required something more or less than |>atriotisr'". to induce the 
iroiuitranian 10 iea\e his family with the i)rospect before them of that n.iost horrible of fron- 
tier exjieriences, an Indian raid. 

In the summer of 1776 the control of Xew York city, of Long Island and Staten Islattd 
•"•ii 1 d part of Westchester county passed into the h.ands of the Britisii. there to remain i;n:it 

10 New York in the Revolution 

after the treatv of peace, the evacuation taking place Xovenibcr 25. 1783. Fully one-tenth of 
the stntc's population, from which men couM be drawn to recruit the armies, were thus locked 
up. The population ot New York state in 1790 was 340,120, r-nd of X'cv,- York city alone, 33.131. 
These facts, lirierly stated, ?hov»- Xew York's trying position in the Revolutionary 
War, and confirm wliat was said at the outset, tliat in lofty p.atriotic endeavor, Xew Y'ork 
vas second to none of the thirteen colonies. 


The military forces of the Colony and State during the Revolutionary struggle, were 
divided into three classes. 

The Line; which regiments were in the United States service und^-r General Washing- 
ton. There were also regiments of artillery and an organization of " Green Mountain Boys '" 
in the Line. 

The Levies; whicli weie dic^i'is l:<ji'.\ tht diT'^r^it mihtia rcfriments. and from tlie people 
direct as well, and which could be called upon to serve outside the State during their entire 

The Militia; which then, as now, could only be called out of the State for three months 
at a time. 

Of the Line, 9 organizations are traced by these records; of Levies, 7 organizations; 
of Miiitia, 68 organizations; in all 84 organizations. [See additional note in second edition, 

P- IS-] 

Records are found of four privateers in the service and pay of the State — the 
schooner " General Putnam," the sloop "' ]\Iontgomery," the sloop " Schuvler," and the frigate 
■' Congress." These armed vessels took many prizes, and records arr lor.nd of the division 01 
the spoils. 

Associated Exempts were a unique class and were authorized bv an act of Aj-ril 3, 177S. 
They comprised: "All persons under the age of sixty who iiavc hrld ci\-il or military com- 
missioub and arc n^t or shall not be reappointed to their respective proper ranks of oiVice, and ail 
person.^ between the ages of fifty and sixty." They could only be called out " in time of in- 
vasion or incursion of the enemy." 

The Militia regiments were designated, first by the coloi'iels' na-nes and next bv tiieir 
couiities, as " Fisher's Regiment, ol Tryon County." Instances c-jp iip, here and there, 
in which a number was given to a regir.ient; as. for instance. " Tlie Sixth .Albany County." luu 
it is a n:0oi iii-.e-^tion if such, wns tl;>' general practice. Be tiiat as it n:\y, the name of the 
colonel is fomu! to be quite sul'dcient for full identification. 

The Militia v/as called out when wanted; kept as long as wame'l. and the soldiers tiien 
scp.t to their homes. Sometimes a regiment or a part of a rccrimerit v. or.: i be called out half 
a dozen times ir. die course of a \ car, and for Iialf a dozen days at a time, and ajain it might 
not be needed iri '.lie entire year. Ofticcrs and men seem to litive served, in dirtcrent organizati'ins 
nhnost indiscriminately. At one call, they were in one regiment or eonpany, and at anoth.cr call. 
in another regiment or company, ft is, therefore, very difficult to ktcp trace of them on th.c 
dilferent pay-rolls or " pay-books," as they were sometimes called. Xepotisni, or family inilii- 
ence. was most marked, and some regiments ;':.ntained as many as five and seven ofilccrs of 
the same family. (See Colonel Briukerhons regiment, and ,the Millers', in Colonel 
Thomas" regin;ent.) 

I.NT.nriijrcroRY II 

Counties v.ere divided into cii'.tricts, and the cclonc! of the regiment in cr.ch district was 
"ivcn ahno-t unUinitod jurisdiction in military matcers. lie wn:, required to see that every 
r:;'.lo between the ages of sixteen and fifiy was curoiled. Later, the age Hmit vai extended to 
si.\tv. li an able-L'odicd man, lie must serve when ''warned" under [K-nalty of fine and ini- 
•irironment; but If incapacitated, he must contribute toward furnishing and cqr.Ipping anoth.er 
„,.^,, — any person furnishing a b'lbstitutc being exeiiiiit for the time that substitute served. 
( »;iakers. Moravians and United Brethren were enrolled, but exempted fiom sen-ice upon pay- 
ment of money, which varied in amount as thev.T.r progressed until, in 1780. they were obliged 
to pay ii6o per year. One miller to each grist mill, three powilcr m^alcers to e.-;cli powder mill. 
t'lVe men to each furnace, three journeymen in each prin..ng oti'ice, and one ferryman to each 
public ferry, were also exempt. Each soldier must present himself armed, and -vith a blanhet, 
a powder-horn and a fiint. and 5i:)metimes even a tomahav k v.-as required. All cnficers in t!;e 
c'ties of New York, Albany and ."r^chenectady were orde.ed to wear their swords during divine 
service under a penalty of tv>'enty sliillings. 

Rum, sugar and tea vcere regular rations, and tlie amount was gauged by the rank. A 
ninjor-generai was deemed to require, and was allowed eac 1 month, four gailcns of rum, six 
pounds of sugar, ani! lialf a pound of tea. A brigadier-general, three gallons of rum, four 
pounds of sugar, and six ounccs'of tea. A colonel, a lieutenant-colonel, and a major, tv.o and 
one-half gallons of rum. and the same amount of sugar and tea. A chaplain, ditto as to sugar 
and tea, but only two gallons of rum. The scale was continued until a noncomiuis;ioned officer 
and a private received one pound of sugar, t'AO ounces of tea, and one pound of tobacco, but no 
-um. A colonel's pa}- was $75 per month, or one York £ per day; a licutenant-ooJonel's pay v.^as 
'■:oo per month; a major's pay was $50 per month; a captain's pay was S40 per month; 
m adjutant's pay v>as S|0 per month; a lieutenant's pay ^^•as S26 2-3 per month: an ensign's pay 
v,-as $20 per month; a sergeant's pay was $S per month; a corporal's pay was S7 i-j per month; 
a private's pay was S6 2-3 per mouth. 

Xor was this, by any means, always in moncw It was sometime^ in State no;es and some- 
times in authorit}- 10 " impress " articles or ani. i under supervision of sorr.c dcsiijnared 
<^rriccr, wiio should s;i\e a receipt, in the name of the State, to the imprcssee. .\s late as l"S-j, 
the large majority of the soldiers were still unpaid for their services in !77')---S-9-So-Si-S2. 
On April 27 of 1874, the legislature passed "An act for the settlement 01 'J.e pay of the 
Levies and Militia for iheir services in t'.ie late war." Th.is statute provided that abstracts and 
pay-rolls of ihe diti'erent regiments and separate commands sh.oidd be certified vv the Str.te 
auditor; he deducting for advances made to ofiicers or jjrivates by "impressing" or otherv.-ise, 
and an allowance be nKnie for tiie depreciation of the pay of such a> had been if? captivity, for 
the time they wci'e in captivity. Upoi; receipt oi these accoimts from the auditor, the trta.^urer 
<>i tiie State was required to issue to persons, to whom pay should appear to he due. or to 
I'leir legal representatives, cevtiiicates of indebtedness bearing five per cent, inieiesl. and sucii 
certificates should lie receivable for purchases of forfeited estates, or in payment for waste or 
" unappropriated lands." taxes, etc. Officers could njt ' 'hrow up or qu.it " liieir commis- 
sions until tn.cv ha'l served fifteen years. 

All slaves killed in the service were to be paid for. In time of invasion, any slave, 
ni>t in the tnilitarv servic'\ found one mile frum his master's abode, without a cert:r,cate from Ins 
niastcr showing his Inisiness, migiit be " shot or otherwise destroyed without fc.'.r of censure, "^^ 

ur.pcachmont or prosecution fur tiie same." In 17S1, it was provided that any slave who shoidd 
enlist and serve " for three years, C'r until discharged," should "oc declared a frecma:; of the State. 

12 Nfiw York in tiiE T\Evor.UTrr)\' 

Land I'cil'xtv Ivnwiif. 

In the same year, a bounty of " Land Rights " — so-callcd — (a " Right " being- 500 
r.crcs) was oilercd t" officers atul men for two regiments tlien to be raised, for the defense of 
the State. To a coioriel, hcntenant-colnncl and major, four Rights. To a captain and a surgeon, 
three Rights, lo a heutenant, ensign or surgeon's mate, two Rights, and to a noncommis- 
sioned olScer or a private, one Right. Any master or mistress w!io should dehver an able- 
bodied slave to serve, one Riglit. By an act of April i, 177S, eiich Tslilitia regiment was 
divided into " classes '' of fifteen men each. W'licn soldiers were needed to recruit the 
line regiments, each class must, within nine days, furnish a man fully armed and equipped. 
In case thev neglected so to do, the designated ofncer proceeded, at once, to draft one of the 
mnnber hy lot. Bv an act of March 11. 17S0, every regiment was again divided into " classes;" 
th.is time of thirty-five men e.ich, and when soldiers were required as before, these '" classes '' 
were also called upon to furnish a man as before, and in case of failure so to do within fifteen days, 
were fined a sr.m equal tO' dnnble th.e amount of the highest bount\- v/'.jicli liad then been given. 
This fine was collected by distress and sale of goods and chattels of those refusing to pay, or, 
if not possessed of property, they were committed to jail " without bail or mainprize " until the 
sum was paid. If a " class " furnished a man as the law required, it received a money bounty, 
sometimes as ir.ucli as ;f8o. As the war progressed, and the needs of the government became 
iuore pressing, land " Rights " were added to the money bounty, and on March 23, 17S2, an 
act was passed providing that any " class '' or any person who furnished an able-bodied man 
to serve " for three years or during the war," should be entitled to &y:> acres; or 350 acres for 
a two years' enlistment; and any person or " class " wiio should deliver a man within twenty 
days from the time of notification. 200 acres e.xtra. 

The ineaning c.f Militia is — "The military force of a nation." 

In this connection it may not be out of place nor uninteresting to trace this branch of 
the public sei'vice from its inception to tl^e comir.encement of the Ivcvc'utionary War. . 

The Militia of this continent had its origin in a law promulgated in 1664 by Jam.es, Duke of 
York and Albany; the owner, by a grant fmm Cliarles the Second, of a large territory, which 
included th,e territory which is vow eastern and souciicrn New York. " The Duke's Lav.s," as 
they are still called, co\ered numerous subjects and were most paternal and creditable. As to 
tmiitia, tliey pro\ided that: "All males above the age of sixteen shall be enrolled and be sub- 
jec. to military duty. Each perscji must provide himself with a good, serviceable gun to be kept 
m constant fitness, witli a good sword, bandoleer and horn, a wunner, a scourer, a priming wire, 
a sliot bag, a charger, one pound of good powder, four pounds of pistol bullets and twenty-four 
bullets fitted for the gun, four fathoms of serviceable match for match lock gun and four good 
.linfs for tlie fire lock gun." ^ 

Four loc.il ani! one general training davs ]ier ye:n- v.-ere piescril'ed for each " R}ding 
and once in two }ears, a general tnuning day " for all the soldiers within the governn.ient." 
The ;\liiiiia were to be taught " in the comelv handling and ready use of the arms, and m all 
postr.res of v,ar r.nd iu all v.'oriis of command." li; case of failure of ai!;.one to appear for duty. 
l:c was io be fin.^l, :-ind the fines were to be divided: one-third going to the commanding 
gcnjral and iiic rem.aining two-thirds to be di\ ided amongst tlic otiier officers. Ample power 
v.as given the general for collecting tlic fines. This code seems to have held, in most of its 
feat'. res, vmiil 1702, Avlien Queen .'vnne modified and amended it. She ordered that all males 
between the ages of sixteen and f fty be liable for nnlitary duty and. in case of an invasion, all 
between fifteen and sixty. She generously allowed, even ordered, each captain to fur- 

Introductory 13 

iiisli (Imms, bugles and rolors for his compiny, and emphasized the order by a fine of £2 for 
each month liu ^vas in default. 

This was also provided: " Every soldier belonging to a troop of horse shall appear twice 
a year for a drill ;'-:'d nvd-tcr, pro\-ided \vith a go<'j4, sei'viccable horse, nat less than fourteen 
hands high, covered v.ith a i^cod saddle, hnusiiigs, bre,-:si-plate and crui-per, a case of good 
pistols, a good sv.orcl or hanger, one-half a pound (j1 good powder and tv.elve sizable bul- 
lets, a pair of boots and suitable spurs, and a carbine well fixed with a belt, swivel and a 
blanket, untler penalty of ten .hUlings t'jr the ^vant of a sizable horse, asid ten shillir-.gs for 
want of each or eith.er of the other articles." " New York County Horse " must have blue 
coats and breeches and scarlet waistcoats, and their hats laced with gold. "Albanv County 
Horse " must have blue coats, but their hats laced with silver. " Every foot soldier must 
provide himself, and appear and muster with a good, well-fixed musket or fuzee, a good sword, 
belt and cartridge box, six cartridges of powtier, a horn and six sizable bullets. At home, he 
must always have on hand one pound of good gunpowder and three pounds of sizable bullets." 
For v/ant of the^;? nrticles a fine of twenty shillings and prison charges were imposed till the 
fine was paid. At his discretion, the ca[jtain \\-as allowed an..i auth.orized to levy upon and 
sell the delinquent's goods. " In case the offender be unable or refuse to pay, and 
he have no goods to distress, he shall ride the wooden horse, or be laid hj the neck and heels 
in a public place for not to exceed an hour." 

For seventy-three years, or until 1775, nearly liie same law was re -enacted each year, 
the title almost invariably being: "An act for settling the Alilitia of tiics Province, and the 
making of it useful for the security and defense thereof." Xo mention of csm.pensation for mili- 
tary service was ever made, and when the number of articles whirii each soldier must 
furnish are taken into consideration, it will be seen tliat the tax was, by ao means, an incon- 
siderable one. 

This was the condition of the JvJilitia when the cloud of the Revolutionary War tiirew its 
shadov,- over the land. 


ALBANi', N. Y., Xoz'enibcr, 1897. Conipiroiler. 


Owing to the great demand for the first, and very limited, edition of ;hi.s book, tJie Legisla- 
ture of 1898 granted an approjjriation for a second edition. By this meant- I liave been enabled 
to nia!:e a met tliorough search of all the papers in tliis office that couid have any possible bear- 
ing on tlie Flevnluliotiary War. All the resources of the ofilice ori thi.^ >Mbject have beeti ex- 
hausted; :ind 1 believe that, so far as ".he documents in this otSce are concerned, the record of 
every soldier of tlial war has been found arid his name properly placed i:'; this edition. 

It is a matter of regret that these records do not present a complete roster of all t!ie men 
from Nev. York i-ngaged in the Revolutionary War. Many rolls are .'f'ssing, ai:d nu.nv arc 
defective, but s-jch names as cotdd be found are given. In some case-; no enlisted tr.eii ap- 
pear; only the (jf/iceis of the organization. 

The printed boolc, of course, is sim()ly a roster, or roll-call. Of tlie documents, and their 
arrangement, mcv.'iun will he maiic hel )w. 

Acknov.dcdgnT.Tn is due to Co\. William J. M(jrgan, the first dep-.'.y Comptroller, for 
advice aiui as>i^t;uice; also to Mr. Hugh Hastings, State Historian, for suggestions, and to 2\\r. 
George R. lloweli, State Arciiivist. for m:u.erial. 

14 New York ix Tin: Re\'OLl-t:on 

The work of classifyiufr and arransfing the adfiitional niatvri'i!, and of compiling and super- 
vising the second editiou of thi.s liook, has been in tiie hands of Air. Frederic G. Mather. 

The issuing of a second edition lias made it possible to use several valuable documents that 
had ronic to iiand since the first edition ■\\:is puij'islicd. Among the most important of tliese 
are the certified copies from tlie archives of Ma^-sach'.isetts, of the muster-rolls of tb.e field, staff 
and other coniinissioned oflicers (also of several of the companies), in the First regiment of the 
Line belonging to this State. In these certified copies are the names of about lOO soldiers, of 
rank below that of colonel — the said names not having aj)[ieared in such shape either in the 
records from Washington or in our own records. The same copies aiso show the names of i6o 
soldiers that had hitlierto appeared in the records from Wasiiington, bi:t not in the original docu- 
ments in tills oftice. 

The Land Bouxty Rights. 

While numerous sources have contributeil lu the perfecting of the work, yet the main 

source of information, in this latest inquiry, has been the Land Bounty Papers. Of these, a 

word should be said in addition to wliat hns preceded on page 12. Tl:e usual form of a 

"Class Right" for a Land Bounty ',\as thi:>; 

" We, the subscribers belonging to Daniel Cantine's class in Col. Jesse Woodhull's regi- 
ment of Orange county militia, do hereby transfer and assig-n to Hczekiah White, of the pre- 
cinct of Cornv.-all, in Orange county and State of New York, carpenier, and to his iieirs and 
assigns forever all our right and title to the annexed certificate and the gratuity or bounty 
of zoo acres of land to which we are entitled by reason of an act entitled " An act for raising 
troops to complete the line of this State in the service of the United States, and the tv.-o regi- 
-ments to be raised on bounties of unappropriated lands and for the further defense of the 
frontier of this State.' passed the 2,5d day of Alarch, 1782. As wit.iess our hands and seals." 

Not only did the signers affix elaborate seals, but tlie witnesses to tiie signatures and 
sealings were required tp make ai'lidavit that the signatures and scalings had been m.ade in their 
presence. Accompanying every Class Right is a certificate of the Mii- ter Master of tlie Cnited 
States troops that the head of the class had delivered to him an able-bodied man (usually 
mentioned by name) " duly armed, and equipped." The man, so ir.usiered, was certified to have 
been enlisted for either the Line or the Levies; and, usually, the regiment in which he served 
was designated. The names of all men mustered in tin's way ha\e been added to the several regi- 
ments as they appealed in tlie first edition of tins book. 

But the case of the militiainen vho signed tlie Class Rights is soir.ewhat diii'erent. They 
signed directly before tlie close of the war, and tliere is no eviiknce in these documents to shov,- 
that they ever saw actual service. They were, however, reaciv to serve; and the fact tliat they 
may not have been called upon to serve should not detract from tiie credit due them. Stdl it 
would be unfair to incorporate their names in the regiment proper; and so, -with this explana- 
tion, they are now placed on pages 221-268 of the book, to count for w'latevcr they are worth. 
Among the names so placed tliere are some that, perhaps, should appea.- as full members in 
active sen-ice; but the real standing of all cases of this sort must be settled by consulting tlie 
original documents, and from additional proof. 

A very important subdivision of tlie Land Bounty Rights relates to the applications for 
locations of tiie land. The applications were worded " In consequence of a certificate and 
transfer herewith deli\'cred, and agreeable to the iaw of 1782 [noted abo\el, I do locate the fol- 
lov.'ing tract." Tlie name of the couuly in which the land was situated ".vas generallv named in 
the application; but this referred to the ten counties as they were iic the time or the Revo- 
h'.lionaiy War. Many valuable maps are filed with the applications. 

"Deserter" written after a natnc, in ti'e oric;inal documents, mrst not be taken too 
seriously. Frequently a man absented himself to gather crops, to af.end a sick wife, or to 


iN'TRCinrCTOKY 15 

burv a child; bnc it is found t!;at tlie siiKiier j;i;nerally returned,, aiid wab attain taken up on 
the rolls. In the case of the Land fJouniy ivii;hts it is uftcTi a ciue,-iion whether the word 
" deserted '' applies to the soldier or to the claim. 

Net Resi i-ts of t.me Work. 

In the course of this later investiijation, several .hundred ongiiisi docuiner.ts have been 
added to the records relating to pensions, muster-rolls and dcmaiids for pay; and many of these 
documents represent new names. In numerous cases tlie autograph signature appear; for the 
first tim.e. New material has been added relating to several regiments that did not appear in the 
first edition; and new departments have been created referring to courts-martial, aid fur- 
nished to families of soldiers, American prisoners of war, and bounty pay and subsistence. 

The nine organizations of the Line appearing in the first edition have been increased to 
fifteen, with severa.l fragments i.if regiments not identified. Instead of r.he four Privateers noted 
in the first eduion, the names of eleven, with tlieir commanders, no'.v appear; and the ma- 
terial relating to this brancli of tlie sen,'ice has increased four-fold. luore than loo soldiers 
hitherto unideutified, have been identified, and their names placed in tiieir respective regiments. 

Of the sixteen large volumes of original documents, one vohmie of miscellaneor-; papers 
has been cancelled, its contents distributed under the new classificat;on, and more valuable 
materia! has made up a nev,- volume designated by the same nimibcr. On account oi much 
additional material, another volume has been rebotmd in two parts: and two others have been 
enlarged. The large volumes now number twenty-nine, one of wiiich is in two parts. 
A brief table of the contents of the twenty-nine volumes will Ije found on pag(i 274. 

The progress of tliis later inciuiry has involved the handling oi about 25.000 r.anies, 
one-half of which were already in the card index. To the 40,000 names already in that index, 
15,000 have been added, riianv of which are simpl}- diiTerent wa}'S ot -pcliing tlie same name. 
There have been added to th? Line, Levies and Privateers the names of 12S oiticers and 1,884 
men — s total of 2,012, ah of theni in good standing. Togeth.er with tiie 41,633 men, noted 
on page 7, this makes a toal oi 43,645 soldiers nr good standiing, as the record* of the State of 
New York, accortling to the tiocuments examined. If to this nund^er arc added the 90 oiti- 
cers and 8,237 men nan:ed in :he Land Bounty Rights, we, have a tola'! oi 51.972 names that 
have been dealt with in the wivjlc course of this inquiry. 

Tlie most valuable of tlu many additions in tlic second edition is the General Index of 
names at the end, which rna'.es the contents of the book convement j:"or consultation. 

Future Ix\'f.sti;;atiox. 

Many important documents have been laid aside. temporaril_\ , in o.-:ler to place tiiis com- 
pleted record of the soldie s I.etore the public as promptly as possible. Tiie work, if contm- 
ued, will include several more oi t.ie large volumes of original docamen!ts. These will relate to 
the conduct of the war, tli(. claims against the State for services and. I'lr damages by ti'.e 
enemy's raids, the proceedings of the Legislature and of the Ccinmittee and Council of Safety, th.e 
recor'js of the Coumiittee !• r J)ctecting Cunspira.cies. and of the Coin:r::issioners of Prisoners, 
the aid given to refugees, and the accounts 01 the Conmiissioners of Forfeifcd Estates. Xearly all 
of this matter, uicluding muc:^ that has already been put in proj-ier fonr. for preservation, is of 
such ir.ierest a.id miportancc that it may st'em i>e?t to publish selections- from it after t:ie man- 
ner Oi the Documentary ilist ny of New York ami the Documents ivciating to th.e Colonial 
History of New York; and if pi:blishcd, they v.ould make a valuable complement to those 

AiXA^Y, November. i^C)S. JAMFS .\. ROISERTS, 

Cciiil'! roller. 


Private Soldier of the Continental Army in fci.l Uniform iOffu'Ial Skltch) Covcr. 

Map of the State of New York showing the Boundaries of the severvl Counties during 

THE F-EVOLUTIONARY War Frontispiece 


Portrait oi Governor George Clinton 7 

PoRTR.\n OF Colonel Philis" Van Corti.axdt 29 

Signatures of Officers of the jd Line 32 

Appointment of CnAPLAiN Johann D \mel Gros 33 

Account Current with Major Nicholas Fish 33 

Port rait of Brigadier General Peter Gansfa'oort 40 

Muster Roll of Officers of the 30 Battalion 42 

Portrait of Brigadier General James Clinton 46 

Signatures of Officers of the 5tu Line fS 

Return of Officers of the 5th Line 56 

Portrait of Captain Alexander Hamilton 65 

Portrait of Colonel ^L\RINUS Wii.lett 87 

General Washington's Certificate to the Cuas actfr of a Scout 104 

Pay of Prisoners of War 105 

Testimonial from Officers of the 3D Line io CcuriNEL Peter Gassevoop-t upon Promotion 

to Brigadier General 120 

A Discharge from Gi-.n^kal W.-iHiNGTOM - Li 

Portrait of ArAios General Philip Sciiuvllr 15- 

Ceetificate of Indebtedness by Governor George Clinton 16S 

Portrait of Brigadier General Nicholas Her<;imer 184 

A Letter from Colonel Peter Cans evooet 200 

A Land Bount y Right 2^1 

A Class, or Beat, Roll 222 

Bounty Pay 232 

i\N Order to L\:pkess Wheat for Bounty 233 

Portrait of Major General Richard Montgomery 24«.j 

A Parole 256 

A Widow 's Demand for Pay 256 

Account Current with ^L\JOR General Alexander MlD.iugal and Suite 25; 

Assignment or P.-.y due a Soldier jf>) 

A Burgeon's Bill against the State 270 





First Regiment 












" Leg?. ARn Bleeker 


" Jacob Ciu;i:sman 

William Cooe 

John CCi'P 

Robert Ed'onston •- 
" Andrew Finck, Jr. 


" William Gokorth 
John Gi;aii.\:i 
James G ,egg 
James G;t!Gi; 
•Benjamin Hicks 
CoRNfLU'.; T. Jansen 

JoilN JOL'.%iON 

David Lvn:< 
Ron-:RT McKean 
Mo.ses Martin 
Danifl Mills 

JOI'V Ql \C\ENI'0> 

Gecuce Svt\ is 
Hwnv fiA30ir 

Capt. JoiTN C. Tpk Broeck 

•' David \''a.v Ne.ss 

James Van Rensselaer 
Nicholas Van Rensselatu 
.-\br.\u.'vm A. Van Wyck 

" Richard \'.\rick 

" John Wandi.e 
• ■■ John H. Wendell 
John Wiley 
Job Wright 
Guy Yocng 
Lieut. Aaron Aorson 
Jcjsiah Bagley 
Abraham B. Bancker 
John Barn-; 
Ger.vurd B EC km an 
Victor Bicker 
William Bloc>dcood 
Benjamin BocABnrs , 
.\r.RAHAM E. Brasher 
James Clark . ')' 
joii CoO'< 

Henln' Dr:;-ExniMiM" 
Daniel Denne.ston 
John Dennev 
HoT.T'-'S Drv:' <vM ' 

,iEt-r. ^\■TLLIAM A. ForBES 
John Firman 
Daniel Gaus 
Benjamin Gilbe.rt 
AER.J.HAM IIardenpekci: 
N.\than:el Henry 
Ebenezer Hills 
John HoooHKis 
John Hoi^ston 
Samuel Lewis 


Peter Magee 
Ciiristo-piier Mn.LER 
William Moultg% 
christor'her mcller 


Digbv Odli m 
James \\'illiam Pa^ne 
Benjamin Peltov 
Jonathan Pitu< y 
Michael Ryan 
Wn.H:LM RYC;<'.tAN 
Barent Sta.vts Salssvry 

WiLI.HM SciT'Di'.;; 
.•\i.MFL ShERXVi-.L' 

Eri'KAiM .Sno\\" 



Xeu' York ix the Revoli-tjox 

Lieut. HFN-t.Y S'.VAnrwouT 

" Peter B. Tkakse 

" John C. Ten Broeck 

" Adkaham Tln Eyck 


" Peter Van Bunschoten 
Nanking Van Dekhiden 

" Cornel;l's Van Dyck 

" Arondt \'an Hook 

" John Van Ness 

" Bartholomew J. Van 


" Tobias Van Veghten 

" Isaac \'an Wert 

" Henry Van Woert 

■' Petes Vergerean 

■■ Goek't H. Vonwagner 

" Petek Isaac Vosbukgh 

L:r.rr. John Vv'ii.i.iam Watkins 

jAcoa fl. Wendell 
Ensign Lliiilr Bissel 


" JoNATMAN Brown 
Alexanher Clinton 


James Fairly 
Douw J. Fonua 

■' Joii.v Fonda 
Douw Fondly 
Theadosia Fowler 
Benjamin Gilbert 
Thomas Haight 
Benjamin Herring 
Thomas Hitks 

■' Nicholas Kettle 

" Jacob I. Klock 

Enjion Gaf3i:i' G. Lansing 

GiLKLKT R. Livingston 
John McClung 
John .\L\rsi£ 
James Moore 
Joseph Morrell 
Jeremiah C. Mullku 
Eli.>s Palmlk 
George Palmer 
Joseph Put man 
Cornelius C. Roo-^enelt 


Adam Ten Broeck 
" Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 
■' John Waldron 

John Perkins Wendell 
" Samuel You.\g 


Abbec Samuel 
Abrriathcr Jiles 
Able Heiidnck 
Able Jcihii 
Acker Albert 
Acker Conrad 
Ackerson Jacob 
Ackirison James 
Ackland Francis 
Acklcr Jdhn 
Ackley Joel 
Acklin Francis 
Adaar AlcNaiider 
Adams Emanue! 
Adams James 
Adams John 
Adams Matthew 
Adams Samuel 
Adams Thomas 
Adams \\'il!iam 
Adaniy Henry 
Addams Albertus 
Adier Alexander 
Africa Cask 
Agard Joseph 
Agard judah 
Agard Noah 
Aim George 
Aitkins AnJiev.- 
Akens Moses 
Algoyer Bastian 
Alhisor Gorge 
Alkinkrack John 
Allen Amis:/ 
Allen John 
Allen Jonathan 
Allen rv.icl;ard 
Allen Sanuiei 
Ahhiser George 
Akiser Jen-miah 
Ani.-rr Jt.'m 

Amerman Jam 
Ammermain Obadiah 
Amory John 
Anderson Cornelius 
Anderson David 
Anderson Durias 
Anderson Samuel 
Anderson William P 
Anson Lf'ckward 
Anthony John 
Anthony Peter 
Appart John 
Arlow John 
Anribtrong Adam 
Armstrong Archibald 
Armstrong John 
Armstrong Thomas 
Artwick Cristian 
Artwick Lawrence 
Ash Henry 
Atkinson Jam^es 
Auston I.ockward 
Babbni Reuben 
Babbitt John 
Bahcock I'Jias 
Babtist Ji-ibn 
Bacchus George 
Bacchus John 
Backer Cb.n^ioplicr 
Backhorn Jacob 
Bacun Thomson 
Badger Joshua 
Badinger Philip 
Bacchus George 
Baechus Joh.n 
Bagiey David 
Bailey John 
Bailis Flia? 
Baily Joseph 
Raise Jr.nics 
Bak-er Benjamin 

Baker Christopher 
Baker Elnathan 
Baker Hendrick 
Baker Henry 
Baker Ichaliod 
Baker Jchn 
Baker Joseph 
Baldwin Cornelius 
Baldv>'in David 
Ball Joseph 
Ball Robert 
liallantine William 
Ballard Bonone 
Bainan Trueman 
Bambridge Chailes 
Bangle John 
Banlcs Benjamin 
Bannon Edward 
Baptiste John 
Barcla}- John 
Bardeen Robert 
Barker Steplien 
Barman Ebenezer 
Barnes Henry 
Barnes Patrick 
Barnhart John 
Barret John 
Barret William 
Barrett Walter 
Barrit Jar.-.es 
Barron John 
Barry John 
Barse Isaiah 
Bartholomew Dai^iel 
Bartow Lasha 
Basharow John _^^ 

Basic! Michael -■'' 
Bass Henry 
Bassaroon Jclin 
Bas'-.ell Richard 
Bales Conrad 

Bates Justice 
Batis Conradt 
Battersby Robert 
Battis John 
Bauman Lemuel 
Bawn Sanmel 
Baxter Lockwood 
Baxter William 
Baylis John 
Beadle Moses 
Bealor Jacob 
Bealor Joseph 
Beard Jam 
Bears David 
Beckweth Jedediah 
Bedner Johan Christian 
Beeby Ezra 
Bcedle John 
Becdle >.Ioses 
Beekman John 
Seidell Thomas 
Bel! John 
Bell Robert 
Bcnev.ay Ezekiel 
Beniord George 
Beng \\'il!iaKi 
Bcnham James 
Bcnnet Charles 
Bennet Henry 
Bennett Will' i 
Beniiitt Jann 
Bermingiiam inies 
I'errncrd Sanuiel 
Berryhih John 
Berve Jacob 
Berwist John 
Bevans Benjatnii 
Be\en Benjamin 
Bevie Jacob 
Beviii') (acob 

The LiXE — F.'Rst Regiment 


Eic-c Henry 
Bics Peter 
Biggrait George 
l;li!cr Mich.ici 
Billington I'.lias 
BinKh.Tni Abisha 
Birch Isaiali 
Bishop Jarr.cs 
Bishop ,fo!in 
Bla.ir Jacol) 
Black Archibald 
Black David 
Black John 
Black Peter 
Blair Kelso 
Blanch James 
Blanchard Ephraiin 
Blanchcr Fiphraira 
Blanck Cornelius 
Blatr.er John 
Blayer John 
Blie Chrisiian 
Blie D,.niel 
Bhe John C. 
Bliss Samuel 
Blom Albart 
Bloom .> Ibert 
Bloom John 
Blowers Ephraim 
Blue Daiiici 
Blum Albert 
Bocre J. 

Bofjard-^s Hendrick 
iogart Gilberc 
Bogan John 
Bciice James 
Boice John 
Bolton James 
Bolton Joh.n 
Bolton Maithcw 
Bolton Wi'iiam 
Bolton William Living 
Borr.breys Gcor>;f 
Bonncl! Xathanicl 
Botinell Simeon 
Booker John 
Boom Frederick 
Boom John 
Boom Nicholas 
Boon John 
BcrgcrJe'^ David 
BornharL John 
Boss Joseph 
Bouch W'i'Uam 
Bourgnr.i John James 
Bourk J.ihn 
Bourns John 
Bouse Hoiuv 
Bouse .lames 
Bouie P^ccr 

Bcuy William 
Bovie Jacob 
Bovie Mathcw 
Bowcn John 
Bowcn Wesscl 
Bower George 
Bowman Albert 
Boyce James 
Boytc John 
Boyd George 
Boyd Jonah 
Boyd Jonathcn 
Boyd William 
Boyer Godlep 
Boyle Philip 
Brader Andrew 
Brading John 
Brad!i-y James 
Bradshaw William 
Bradt James 
Brady Thomas 
Bragin John 
Braidcy Richard 
Brand Henry 
Brand Isaac 
Brandoes George 
Brant Christian 
Brant Christopher 
Brasher Henry 
Brass Abraham 
Brass John 
Bray Thomas 
Brcadinbake'- Bahes 
Bredcnbaker W. 
Brend Isaac 
Brewton Bartholcuneu- 
Briggs John 
Bri^hion John 
Britlingar Frederick 
Broadbrook Edward 
Bromagham Thomas 
ston Bromley John 
Bromley Simon 
Bromley William 
Broughton Bartholomew 
Biov.n Charles F. 
Brown David 
Brown Elisha 
Brown Evert 
Brown Francis 
Brov.n George 
Brown Isaac 
Brov.i' -meb 
Bro'vin lies, .'d 
Brov.n Jc n 
Brown Joscpli 
Brown Xathanicl 
Brown Nicholas 
Brown Th.omas 
Rrov.ii Thomas B, 

Brownan Ssmuel 

Brov.ne Nicholas 

Bruce Benjamin 

Bruch David 

Bruin Moses 

Bruless Elias 

Brumbly John 

Brumbly William 

Brumloy John 

Hrumlev Simon 

lirumlej William 

Brunck Casper 

Bruster Benjamin 

Bruter Artliur 

Bruton Bartholomew 

Bryan Jolm 

Bryan Paul O 

Buckctt John 

Buckhout James 

Buel Abel 

Buel Ezra 

Buii James 
Bulger John 

Bullack Archibald 

Bullion William 
Burch Isaiah 
Burch Philip 

Burch Samuel 
Burck Edmund 
Burgess Michael 
Burk John 
Burk Patrick 
BurkdolT John 
Burk.-taff Peter 
Burn IDaiuel 
Burn David 
Burncs Barney 
Burnes Henry 
Buinham William 
Burns Frederick 
Burns Robert 
Burr William 
Burrough Nathan 
Burrou^h Thoma^ 
Burton Bartholomew 
Burve ^[atthew 
Burvii; Thomas 
Bush John 
Bushland Patrick 
Butler John 
Buttlcr Thomas 
Button Thomas 
Buyl'ord Henry 
Buys James 
Buzer TVtttr 
Byerd Godfrey 
Byin.i.;'."n David 
Cable Jacob 
Cabl;- Zabulon 
Cahc'. Robc-i 

Cahill Cornelius 
CahiU John 
Cam Abel 
Cain Henry 
Caidvcell Matlicw 
CaidwcU Philip 
Caliichan John 
Cambell Robert 
Carrjell George 
Cameron Daniel 
Cameron Hugh 
Campbell Archibald 
Campbell Burdee 
Campbell Canute 
Caiapbell Duncan 
Campbell George 
Campbell Hugh 
CaiTipbidl James ■'' 
Catiipbeil John 
Campble Burdock 
Campble Kenneth 
Canada John 
Canal John 
Canf^ Henry 
Canely Patrick 
Canfield Dennis 
Caafield Thomas 
Canfield Timothy 
Cannon Thomas 
Canter Jonas 
Cappurnal Adam 
Cunr.ack William 
Carr-ian Abraham 
Carr..an Hendrick 
Carrnau Joseph 
Curn>an Samuel 
Carman Thomas 

Carman Willet 

Caririchael John 

Car- Dan 

Carr Wdliani 

Carter Jeremiah 

Carter Rubin 

Case Joseph 

Case: James 

Casey John 

Casey Robert 

Cash el R. 

Cas~.'jy Edward 

Cassehnan Cliristian 

Cast-.'man Chri'^tophal 

Casierlme Hiram 

Catch. John 

Caie- William 

Catlti'.e Bradley 

Cat.r WiUiani 

C.-'tt rling Matthias 

Cau--tcn John 

Cehr; J,ihn 

Ch;.'--o R-hort 


Nev\ York in the Revijlution 

Chadwine Lewis 
Chambers LeonarJ 
Chanels Jolin 
Chapey Stcplicn 
Charles Christian 
Cliarlsworth Jolm M. 
Charters James 
Chase Jacob 
Chase Jol'.n 
Chase Robert 
Chasey Stephen 
Chasley Peter 
Chatfield Da\id 
Cliatfield Sar,r;ei 
Chatnell Christo;'licr 
Chatterton J.>>ci>l'i 
Chattin William 
Chillier Cliristophcr 
Christainsa Peter 
Christian Charles 
Christian Zachariah 
Churcliill Stephen 
Cidney Rodolph 
Clapper Peter 
Clark Benjamin ' 
Clark John 
Clark Ransome 
Clark William 
Clarke Anthory 
Clement Nicholas 
Clements Jacob 
Clinton Joseph 
Clopper Peter 
Clough Benjariin 
Coakly John 
Cockley John 
Codwise George F. 
Cogden John 
Collard Abraham 
Collard Edwa- d 
Collins James 
Collins Joseph 
CoKvell Philip 
Commadine Nicholas 
Condo William 
Connelly John 
Conoway William 
Cook John. .'-^r. 
Cook John, Jr. 
Cooper John 
Cooper Thomas 
Copcland William 
Copcrnoli Adam 
Coriga! Jolm 
Cornelius HenJ.rick 
Cornwall Caleb 
Corter John 
Coster John 
Colter James 
Comitz Adam 

Cousin Matthew- 
Cousins Matthew 
Cowdry Ccnjamin 
Cox Cliarlcs 
Craig Jnlin 
Crak Godlip 
Craiick John 
Crandle Godfrey 
Crank John 
Crantz Mark 
Crapow Peter 
Crawford Samuel 
Crickenboom Johannes 
Cronkliitc Joim 
Cronkliite P.itrick 
Crosson Samuel 
Crouse Albert 
Crouse Klbert 
Crowder Anthony 
Crowfoot Samuel 
Cummins Cornelius 
Cummins John 
Curry Thomas 
Daily Nathan 
Dalton Benjamin 
Dalton John 
Daniel George 
Daniels Henry 
Daniels Thomas 
Darling Ephraim 
Darling Moses 
Daugherty Vv'illiain 
Davenport James 
David Isaac 
Davidson William 
Davis Cornelius 
Davis Daniel 
Davis David 
Davis Evan 
Davis John 
Davis Richard 
Dawler George 
Dawson Daniel 
Day Aaron 
Day William 
Dean Henry 
Dean James 
Dean Samuel 
Dean William 
Debbedy Brent 
Debois John 
Debois Lewis 
Debrouce Jolm 
De Camp Matthias 
Decker John 
Decker John H. 
De Clark Abraham 
Deforest Abr.'ham 
Defrance Jol'.n II. 
Defreest Abralum 

De Freest Henry 
Degru;.hc Eiias 
Delaniate'' John 
Delong Daniel 
Delong Ezekiel 
Demont Joseph 
Demount Henjost 
Dennis John 
Dennison Daniel 
Denniston Daniel 
De Pew John 
De Roshea Anthony 
Derottcr George 
De Statiniarn Jean 
De Vaults Peter 
Devenport Daniel 
Devenport John 
Devinport Thomas 
Devrance Henry 
Dewit Aaron 
Deyo Plugh 
Dickens William 
Dickson James 
Dickson John 
Dimmuck Samuel 
Dingmaii Aliraham 
Dingman Adam 
Dingman Gerrardus 
Dingman John 
Dobbs William 
Dodge Alexander 
Doghorthy Mark 
Dolcv.'ay Andrew 
Dolton PVedcrick 
Donagliy Patrick 
Donally John 
Donnelly James 
Donoven John 
Dority Francis 
Dorn John 
Dorrity William 
Dorson Danic 1 
Doruni Stephen 
Doty Isaac 
Dougall rhomas 
Douphaty John 
Dougherty Charles 
Dough.crty William 
Doughty Ehas 
Doughty John 
Douglass George 
Douglass Jaiiies 
Dougjass Jonas 
Douglas:, William 
Dowler George 
Downing Andrew 
Downin.c Richard 
Di'wns Patrick 
Drinok? .V'l.liew 
Drum lacoli 

Duboise Lewis 
Duff David 
Dulhagin Frederick 
Duncan George 
Duncan James 
Duncan John 
Duncomb Dennis 
Dunford Wells 
Dunham Andres 
Dunham Stephen 
Dunham Sylvanus 
Dunhom Iseral 
Dunlap James 
Dunlap John 
Dunn Joseph 
Dunnavin Daniel 
Dunninp Jacob 
Dunning Jesse 
Dunning Michael 
Dunnivan John 
Dunscomb Edward 
Durgen Patrick 
Durham Stephen 
Durkir Mathew 
Dutcher Benjamin 
Dutcher Bernard 
Dutcher David 
Dutcher Derrick 
Dutcher Henry 
Dyckman Joseph 
Dyke John 
Dyke Joseph 
Eagins Joshua 
Earnestpier Joh 
Earvin James 
Easterly Thomas 
Easton Flenry 
Eaton Geor.ge 
Echler John 
Fcker Lambart 
Ecklar John 
Edds Joseph 
Edes Joseph 
Edgerly John 
Edmans r^latlliew 
F.ggens Joshua 
Fggs Sair.uel 
Eison Aaron 
Ekons Samuel 
Eldridge Jonathan 
Eldridge Joseph 
Eligon Abraham 
Eligon John 
Elliott Fr.mcis 
Elliott joim 
Ellis Benjamin 
Ellis Daniel 
Jillis William 
F.liiss Tho!r.a = 
Elvcrso;: Wilnani 

Thk LiXE — Fi:<ST Ri:i,i.\[r:.NT 


Elvcrston Edward 
Elviiton William 
F.hvi:-ton Edward 
F.lwiston WiU'ain 
Emingv.-ay Samuel 
Emrich Ilendrick 
Ennis Henry 
Erven James 
Erwin Andrew 
Erwin James 
Essr.iond Jolm 
Eiierhite John 
Evans Joseph 
Evans Patrick 
Everan Martin 
Eveults Stcithen D. 
Ewing Benjamin 
Eyres Williim 
Fairchild JcbSe 
Falter Augustus 
Fargcrson James 
Farguson William 
Farrel Garret 
Farrol John 
Fauck Jacob 
Fealay John 
Feishler George ■ 
Felly Augustus 
Felte Augustus 
Fergucsnn John 
Ferguson Israel 
Ferguson James 
Ferguson Robert 
Ferguson William 
Ferrell John 
Ferris John 
Ferry John 
Fichter George 
Field Patrick 
Filty Augustus 
Finch Jonathan 
Finn Tb.onias 
Finney John 
Firkins James 
Fisher George 
Fitch Caleb 
Fitzgerald John 
Fitzgibbons William 
Fleming Micliael 
Fletcher Jamss 
Flick Martin 
Fling Henry 
Fling Thomas 
F'linn Andrew 
Flinn John 
Flint Jonathan 
Flood Francis 
Floods Alexander 
Florincc Thomas 
Flyhcarty Stephen 

Ilynn John 
I'unna Anthony 
Foor John C. 
Forbes Alexander 
Forbush Alexander 
Forbush Bartholomew 
F'orbush Jacob 
Force David V 
Ford John 
Ford Timothy 
Foreman Christian 
Forgason Hazckiel 
Forguson James 
Fomeyea John 
Foster James 
Foster John 
Foster William 
Fothergill Hugh 
Fothingill n.i-li 
Foulks Robert 
Fouistrow Henry 
Foushee Pedro 
Fowler James 
Fowlstroh Henry 
Fox Philip 
Foy David 
Foy Edmond 
Foy Edward 
Foy Patrick 
Fradenbergh Tetter 
France Conrad 
Franck Jacob 
Eraser Jeremiah 
Frave! Henry 
i'razer Duncan 
Frazcr Jereiv.y 
Frazer John 
Frazier Jeicniiah 
Frailer Simeon 
Frederick John 
Fredinbi.rgh Isaac 
Fredinburtjh Matthew 
Fredinburc^U Peter 
Fredrick John 
Freehart Lewis 
Freeland John 
Freeman Ehsha 
Freeman Ouadiah 
Freeman Stvphen 
Freeman Tlu'mas 
French Jacob 
French Ji"p.-eph 
PVeyenschiner George 
F day Coim--,,! 
F nsmcr George 
V . -k Joseph 
Ft k Elisla 
Fnsbee Filvvard 
Frost Ednuind 
Frost Sanuu 1 

Fry Christopher 
Frye Peter 
Fullen 2\Iichatl 
Fullerton John 
Fuliucr Geori^c 
Fulton Francis 
Funna Anthony 
Furman Gabriel 
Fyingling John 
tiadge Jolm 
Gaites Michael 
Ga'aspy William 
Galbreath Richard 
Gallaway James 
Gailaway John 
Gamble Thomas 
Gankins Philip 
Ganoshow Peter 
Gantly Peter 
Gardener Andrew 
Gardener Peter 
Gardenier Samuel 
Gardincer Gilbert 
Gardineer Peter 
Gardner Jacob 
Gardner Levy 
Gardner Peter 
Gardner Thoihas 
Gardner William 
Garrat Samuel 
Garret James 
Garrison Abraham 
Garrison Hartshorn 
Garrison Peter 
Garter Henry 
Gasper Peter 
Gates Michael 
Geabs Addem 
Geers Benjamin 
Geuung Benjamin 
Gconovoly Samuel 
George Robert 
Germain Isaac 
Gibbs Eliakim 
Gibbs Simeon 
Gibson Thomas 
Gifford William 
Gilaspy William 
Gilbert John C. 
Gilbert Sanuiel 
Gill James 
Gilmor William 
Ginnings Solomon 
Gmnis Peter 
Glasbey William 
Glceson Thon'.as 
Glen Robert 
Glenney William 
Codington William 
Godwin William 

GoJJ Isaac 
G^ifT Joseph 
Goidar William , 
Goodale Benjamin 
Cocucourage John 
Goodv.in William 
Goolsmith Jeremiah 
Gordenear John 
Gorman Patrick 
German Richard 
&oi;ss Jacob 
Grace James 
Gredy Thomas 
Graliam Robert 
Grsr.t Allen 
Grint Benone 
Grant Jacob 
Graw James 
Grp-y Eliphdlet 
Gr^y James 
Gray John 
Gray Philip 
Green Boswart 
Green Charles 
Green Peter 
Green Silas 
Green Timothy 
Gregg Thomas 
Griiten Benjam.i; 
Griffiths Barney 
G'-ines Samuel 
G.-imseley William 
Grhe William 
Gr.jote William 
Gro-s John 
Gr^t2 William 
Groundhart George 
GuiJleeo Jolm 
G'jJidellow John 
Gatli John G. 
Guthrie Abram 
Gutiich Christian Ernest 
Ila'burn William 
liadger Robert 
Hauloy Bishop 
H.?.d!ock James 
H;»garty John 
Hajrerman Xicholas 
Kaily John 
Il.-ise Thomas 
Hait Joseph 
Hale John 
H.T.'inbcck Aaron 
H;ilinbeck Casper 
Hnt'l Charles 
Hall G. 
Hall James 
n..;!! Simon 
Hall Wiiliani 
Haliebrant John 


Xew YciKK i.\ Till-: Rl:\'olutio.v 

Halmcr Lenorii 
Ham Thoniai 
Haman John K. 
Hamilton James 
Ilamiiton William 
Hamlet Rirhard 
Hanilcton George 
Hammon Daniel 
Hammond Daniel 
Hand David 
Handell John 
Handerson Samuel 
Handley Thomas 
Hanford Ob.idiah 
Han ion F.de 
Hankey Joh.n 
Hanley John 
Hannawell John 
Harman Jacob 
Harpear William 
Harrious Hendnck 
Harris David 
Harris George 
Harris Henc'rick 
Harris Michael 
Harris Thomas 
Harris William 
Harris Zachariah 
Harrison Levi 
Harrison Philip 
Harriss Richard 
Hart Thomas 
Harter Adam 
Hartigh John 
Hartiwick Cliri.uian 
Harvey Williaia 
Harway John 
Hasan John 
Hattis Thomas 
Hauff John 
Haven John 
Havens Joseph 
Hawel Aaron 
Hawes Joseph 
Hawke John Wain 
Hawkins Isaac 
Hawkins John 
Haycock John 
Haydon Ho<:.-i 
Hayes Thomas 
Hayncs Thomas 
Hays Stephen 
Hays William 
Hazard Raynion.i 
Heard David 
Heathcrock David 
Heavens Josejih 
H(dgers Dayton 
Height Stoplu!! 
Heller Nicholas 

Helmcr Anyo^t 
Helmer John 
Helmcr John, Jr. 
Helmcr John DeJrick 
Hcimer Joim Jo'-t 
Helmer Philip 
Helmer Richard 
Helmes H. 
Helts Frederick 
Hemingway Samuel 
Hetiiminway Isaac 
Hender Frederick 
Henderson Elisha 
Henderson Patrick 
Henderson Samuel 
Henderson William 
Hendrickson Cornelius 
Hendry David 
II?n(ord Obadiah 
Henkey John 
Henly David 
Henning John C. 
Herd Joseph 
Herter Adam 
Hervey William 
Hews James 
Heyer Jacob 
Hicklin William 
Hiddy James 
Hide Thomas 
Hier Jacob 
Higbey Samuel 
Higby John 
Higgins Archibald 
Higgms Sanniel 
Higgins Thomas 
Hildrcdth Elijah 
Hill Ebenezer 
Hill Henry 
Hill John 
Hill Xichiilas 
flill Samuel 
Hilton William 
Hilts Frederick 
Hines Thomas 
Hines William 
Hipe Jacob 
Hitchcock James 
Hoaksly James 
Hoareford Jesse 
Hodge Abraham 
Hodge David 
Hodge James 
Hodge Stephen 
Hodge"! David 
Hoiman Aaron 
Hofinaii Andrew 
Hogan Patrick 
Hosan Rouer 
Hogle John 

Holbcrt Aaron 
Ilollay Samue! 
Holley Benjamui 
Holms David 
Honeywell John 
Hooper Jacob R. 
Hooper Robert R. 
Hope Thomas 
Hopkins Samuel 
Hopkins William 
Hopp Abraham 
Hoppell John 
Hopping Ebraham , 
Hoppole John 
Horner George 
Florsiord Jesse 
Horsmer George 
Horton Thomas 
Hosioru Iti-.ainer 
Hosier Thomas 
Hoskins Thomas • 
Houff John 
Rous John 
House Christian 
House Jacob 
House John 
Howard Randal 
Howard William 
Howell Aaron 
Hoyt Thomas 
Hubbard Adam 
Hubbard Caleb 
Hubbell Isaac 
Hudson Berrard 
Hudson John 
Hudson William 
Huff Abraham 
Huff Jol-.n 
Huff William 
Huffman Aaron 
Huffman Andrew 
Huffsteder Christian 
Hufnegal Christian 
Huges James 
Hughes John 
Hughes Joseph 
Hughes Michael 
Hughes Thomas 
Hulbcrt Aaron 
Hull David 
Hull William 
Humphreys David 
Hungcrford Daniel 
Hunter Jonathan 
Hurd Elijah 
Hurley Ant'iony 
Hurley Arthur 
Hurligh John 
Hurtock John 
Huston John 

Huston Silvenis 
Hutciieons Edward 
Kutchins Jedidiah 
Hutchins John 
Hutt John 
Hutton Andrew 
Hutton Robert 
Huxley James 
Hyatt Abraham 
Hyde Thomas 
Hyer Alexander 
Hyer Jacob 
Hynie Conradt 
Hyncs Thomas 
Hyre Jacob 
Indian Stepny 
Ingersol John 
Ingoson John 
Isaacs Isaac 
Jabely Jacob 
Jackson Archibald 
Jackson Francis 
Jacobs John 
Jacobus John 
Jamison Alexander 
Jarvice Joseph 
Jenks Thomas 
Jennings Luke 
Jennings Solomon 
John Francis 
John Jeremiah 
Johnson Abraham 
Johnson David 
Johnson Josiah 
Johnson Nicholas 
Johnson Shubael 
Johnson William 
Johnston John 
Johson Nicholas 
Jolly Richard 
Jolly William 
Jones David 
Jones Edward 
Jones Evan 
Jones Ezra 
Tones Jacob 
Jones James 
Jones Simon 
Jones Thomas 
Jones Will'am 
Jonsons William 
Jonston Edward 
Joiiston James 
Jordan Robert 
Jordon Thomas 
Joseph Peter 
Joseph Reuben 
Tuell Joiiii 
Kablem Reuben 
Kady John 

The Line — First Regiment 


Kall.im Reuben 
Kaiicly Patrick 
Karnes George 
Karr Mark 
Kater Jainc-s 
Kater W'i'.helmus 
Keady DaniL-l 
Kearish Freilcrick 
Kcef Arthur 
Keel William 
Keelen Icnbud 
Keeler John 
Kefelty Felte 
Kelch John 
Kelch Nicholas 
Keller John 
Keller Nicholas 
Kelly David 
Kelly HufTh 
Kelly Patrick 
Kelly Philip 
Kelme Lemuel Jones 
Kelsh John 
Kelsh Nicholas 
Kelts C. 
Keltz Nicholas 
Kendrick Thomas 
Kener CI ristirin 
Kennedy Robert 
Kent Jacob 
Kepple John 
K: oy Thomas 
Keri'cr Il.-nry 
Kerk Geojge 
Kerr Abner 
Kerr Anthony 
Kerr Henry 
Kerr James 
Kerr Mark 
Ketch Jolin 
Kets Conradt 
Kett Richard 
Keyser Henry 
Keyser John 
Kidd Alexander 
Kiddy James 
Kiddy John 
Kilburn Zacheiis 
Killer John 
Killer Nicholas 
Killip Alexander 
Kils John 
Kilts Conradt 
Kimon Robert 
Kincaid William 
King John 
King William 
Kingsland Nathaniel 
Klnler Nicholas 
Kintcr Niciiolas 

Klrby Thomas 
Kirk George 
Kirkland William 
Kitchel Matthew 
Kller John 
Knap Aaron 
Knap Mathew 
Knight John 
Korl George 
Korl Saverines 
Krak Godlip 
Kronkhite John 
Kronkhite Patrick 
Kunnian Benjamin 
Kyser Henry 
Lackey Hugh 
Ladd Joseph 
Lafferty John 
Lafling John 
La Lancit John 
Lamb Joseph 
Lambert Abraham 
Lambert John 
Lambson Thomas 
Lampier Francis 
Lander Edward 
Landon Benjamin 
Lane Thomas 
Lang James 
Lanpher John 
Lansing Gerrit 
Lasher Jacob 
Latcmorc Roger 
Lathers Ezekie'i 
Laughlin Barnard 
Laverty Joh.n 
Lavey John 
Lawell Abraham 
Lawn George 
Lawrence Isaac 
Lawrence Jacob 
Laurence Mathew 
Laybagh Abraham 
Leaplink Jolm 
Leather EzekicI 
Lecky Hugh 
Lee Daniel 
Lee David 
Lee Robert 
Le.es Martin 
Left John 
Lemon Alexander 
Lenny Philip 
Lent Hercules 
Lent Moses 
Leonard Robert 
Leonard Tiiomas 
Leroy Henry 
I.estor Thomas 
Leslrange Samaei 

Lctahcrs E/ckiel 
Lewee John 
Lewes Lockert 
Lewey John 
Lcv.is Henry 
Lewis James 
Lewis John 
Lewis Joseph 
Lewis Lockard 
Lewis Peter 
Lev/is William 
Lewman Peter 
Lewy John 
Light Ja:nes 
I^ight Lemuel 
Lighthal'i Abraham 
Lighthall James 
Lighthal! John 
Lighthall Lancaster 
Lighthart Daniel 
Lirnbaker John 
Linch Owen 
Linch Wiiliam 
Lindsey Abraham 
Linegar John 
Liniger John 
Link Henry 
Linn Aaron 
Linsey Abraham 
Lint Philip 
List John 
Littall A. 
Littlejone John 
Lock Philip 
Lock'h'j.'"': Hugh 
Locksiil John 
Lockwood Anson 
Loft John 
Logan Tiiomas 
Loik Philip 
Loman Peter 
Lom baker John 
Long Andrew 
Long Elias D. 
Longley John 
Lonkes Nicholas 
Looines Peter 
Loosie Jacob 
Louckas Petter 
Loucks Andrew 
Loucks John 
Loucks Jost 
Loucks Matthew 
Loudon William 
Loughren Hugh 
Louis John 
Loiix Hendrick 
Love Davis 
Lovejoy John 
Low James 

Lo'.v John 
L<r.vdr,r William 
Lower Fienry 
Lower Jacob 
Lownian Peter 
Lucherd Fredirick 
Lucum Jolm 
Ludlow David 
Ludlow Samuel 
Lugar Christ 
Luse Robert 
Lusk Michel 
Luthar John 
Lyby John 
Lynch James 
Lynch Michael 
Lynch Owen 
Lynch W illiam 
Lyncy John 
Lyon Ebenezer 
Lyon Joseph 
Lyons James 
Lyslc John 
Lytle William 
McAIpin William 
I\[cArthur Duncan 
McArthur John 
McCally Hugh. 
McCann Mich 
McCarrol Joseph 
McCartliy Daniel 
McCarty Dennis 
McCauley James 
McCawiey H.-gV. . 
-iiCovers James 
JlcChcsnay William 
AlcChesney John 
McClane Daniel 
McCIaughlin Bernard 
JicClean Anthony 
McC'.ean John 
McCloud Daniel 
McClough Joseph 
McClure .Moies 
McCollough Andrew 
McColly Hugh 
]^IcColm Samuel 
McCoh'.m Ruben 
McComm Jolm 
McConnel ! lu^h 
McCennvl William 
^.TcConnoly Hugh 
^ilcCord William 
McCormac Bryan 
McCormic John 
McCormick James 
McCoy Aioxander 
IslcCny George 
McCoy James 
^IcCcv ^\"iliianl 


McCrackcn William 
McCulloin Samuel 
McDaniel Daniel 
McDanicl Micliael 
McDavitt Henry 
McDcrmot Cornelius 
McDonald Daniel 
McDonald Donald 
McDonald F{ugli 
McDonald James 
McDonald John 
McDonald Michael 
McDonald William 
McDonnell James 
McDormet Cornelius 
McDormot Henry 
McDougali James 
McDougall John 
McDo.val Bcii 
McDugle William 
McElroy James 
McEntoscli John 
McFall Paul 
McFarland Hosea 
McFarland John 
McFarlin Hosser 
McFarlin John 
McFarling Thomas 
McGaryhee Edward 
McGauchee Edward 
McGee James 

- •:; ■ - "• -d 

McCii ' 

McGinnis btet'non 
McGlaugh'in John 
!McGraw John 
McGreggor Daniel 
McGriger John 
McGuigan Micliae! 
McGurchy Edward 
Mclntire Bernard 
Mclntire Phinias 
Mclntire Thomas 
Mcintosh John 
Mackarell Joseph 
McKay Alexander 
Mackay Alcx.in'Jer 
McKay Alexander A. 
McKay John A. A. 
McKay Wiliiain 
McKeel Michael 
McKcllop Alexande; 
McKenney Joh'i 
McKenny James 
McKenzie Malcnni 
McKewn James 
Mackey John A. 
^^cKillip Alexander 


New York in tiiic Ri;vull"tion' 

McKinley Arcliihald 
McKneal John 
McKown James 
McLain Anthony 
McLane John 
McLaughlin Bernard 
McLaughlin John 
McMaham Michael 
McManes Hugh 
McManus William 
McMasters Alexander 
McMickell John 
McNeal John 
McNeil John 
McQuarter William 
McQuin Philip 
McRannels Owen 
McWilliam James 
MaJiiOn Samuel 
Mafit John 
Mahan Patrick 
Mahon John 
Maitor John 
Maker Solomon 
Mallad Andrew 
Malone John 
Manchester Elias 
Manes Isaac 
Mansey Nathan 
Manuel Andrew 
Mapes Phineas 
Mara Patrick 

Marjason Frederick 
Markee John 
Marony Alexander 
Marony Florence 
Marricle Anthony 
Marricle Henry 
-Marricle Samuel 
Marsden Humphrey 
Marselis Garret 
Marsh Ephraim 
Marsh John 
Marshal Simeon 
Marshall Robert 
Marshall Thomas 
Marstes Jonathan 
Martin John 
Martler Peter 
Marull Henry 
Masden Humphrey 
Mash Ephraim 
Mason George 
Masters Jonathan 
Mastor George Peter 
Mathews James 
Matrat Fransis 

Matrat Gidion 
Maxwell Cr.rnchus 
May Henry 
Mazurc Christian 
Mead John 
Measal Peter 
Medcalf William 
Meeker Solomon 
Jileeker Uzel 
Megarr James 
Meggs Seth 
Mellon Charles 
Melony John 
Mennen Robert 
^leradeth Peter 
Mcrral John 
Merriclc Henry 
Merrill John 
ilerrit Stephen 
Merselus Garret 
Messenger Uriah 
Michells Thomas 
Mike John 
Miles John 
Millar John 
Millard Daniel 
Miller Alexander 
Miller Casper 
Miller Daniel 
Miller David 
Miller " 

..^ilVi "homas 
' '. Thomas 

Mills Alexander 
Mills John 
Mineck Henry 
Miner Moses 
Ming Edward 
Muigas Morris 
Mingas ;\Ioses 
Minick Barnhart 
Mipe John 
Mitchel Ensign 
Mitchel Joseph 
Mitchell Edward 
Mitchell George 
Mitchell Hugh 
Mitchell James 
Mitchell Penant 
Mitchell Vinant 
Molay John 
Molter Peter 
Moineiulay David 
Monday Willia'n 
Money Ambisct 
Monger Benjamin 
Monger Bcuten 
Montgomery James 

Mooncy William 
Moore Abraham 
Moore Frederick 
Moore John 
Ivloore Marcus 
-vLoore Philip 
Moore Pliny 
?iloore Richard 
Moore Robert 
Moore Thomas 
Moore William 
Moorewise Daniel 
More Jacob 
More Martin 
More /Thomas 
Morey Thomas 
Morgan James 
Morgan John 
Moroney Florence 
Morrell William 
Morris Edmund 
Morris Harvey M. 
Morris Isaac 
Morris James 
Morrison Edvv-ard 
Morrison Hugh 
Morrisson Richard 
Morrow Andrew 
Mosher Hezekiah 
Mosher Nicholas 

J-iOSS linPC 

Moss Stephen 
Mott Samuel 
Mott Thomas 
i^Iountanye Jacobus 
Mounts Richard 
Muche Johannis 
Mulford E.'-ekieI 
Mulholland James 
-Mullen John 
Muller Peter 
Mulligen Philip 
^.lulony William 
uMulter Peter 
Ivlum.i'ord James 
J-Iuncey Nathaniel 
IMunday David 
IMunroe Alexander 
Sdunrose Elijah 
]?^Iunsey Nathaniel 
!Murey Bartley 
^lurphey Daniel 
3!urphy Eduard 
'.larray Bartly 
iUurray George 
^■lurray James 
.■^.lurray William 
S'hista Mathew 

V. •■• 

The LiMc — Viu.-i' Re'jI.mcxt 


Mutry James 
Mutter Peter 
Myers Frederick 
Myers Henry 
Myres Jacob 
^■afec Garret 
N'iLgle Fradrick 
Narlcy Mathus 
Ncal Jeremiah 
Kebby Michael 
Neilson Allen 
Nellson Allen 
Nelme Lemuel Jones 
Nelson John 
Xcsbit Joseph 
Xewman '\Villiani 
Newtown Jonathan 
NichoUs George 
Nickason Eiiphas 
Nie! John 
Niel Thomas 
Nisbit Joseph 
Norse Goorope 
is'orthon Henry 
Northwear George 
Norton George 
Norton Henry 
Norton John 
Notewear George 
Nott Samuel 
Nottingham Thomas 
Notz Jacob 
Kutter William 
Oar William 
O'Brian Andrew 
Obrine Cornelius 
O'Bryan John 
O' Bryan Thomas 
O'Cain Jeremiah 
Odle Joshua 
Odle Richard 
O'Donaghy P.itrick 
O'Farrel Alidiacl 
Ogde;-. Daniel 
Ohlin Henry G. 
Olen Henry G. 
Olendorf Leonard 
Olendorph Sau)uel 
Oliphmt William 
Olmsted Nehcmiah 
Ondekirk Myndert 
O'Neil Charles 
O'Neil James 
Oncle John 
Ootesohoudt Peter P. 
Orr Baltis 
Orr William 
Osburn Aaron 
Osranr John 
Ostciliout Isaac 

Ostrander Peter William 
Otter Isaac 
Oudeskirk Mynd^'rt 
Owens Daniel 
Owens Teience 
Owens Uriah 
Paddock Joh.n 
Padrow Dennis 
Painter Edward 
Painter Frederick 
Palmer Jabish 
Palmeteer Isaac 
Pangborn Beeby 
Pangborn Noah 
Pangborn Samuel 
Pangburn Jonathan 
Park Timothy 
Parker Edward 
Parker Eli.slia 
Parker Isaac 
Parker Janies 
Parker John 
Parker Nathaniel 
Parker Richard 
Parker Richard Jr. 
Parker Richard J. 
Parkhool Frederick 
Parks John 
Parry Richard 
Paterson Jam.cs 
Paterson Thomas 
Pathen Ebenezer 
Patrick Robert 
Pattan Edward 
Patterson Edward 
Patterson James 
Patterson John 
Patterson Joseph 
Patterson William 
Paul Arthur 
Paul William 
Payne Richard 
Peak William 
Pearse John 
Peas Nathaniel 
Pease Conrad 
Pease Hanyost 
Pease John 
Peck William 
Peen Jolui 
Peers John 
Pell John 
Perau John 
I'erigo Usal 
Perkhoff Frederick 
Perkins James 
Perkins Joseph 
Perry William 
Perse John 
Peters John 

Pctry Jacob 
i'ettit Samuel 
Pcttit. William 
Phelps Israel 
Phelps Jonaihan 
Phillip Wont;.T 
Philli[)S Willia;ii 
Philpsa Chri^ti.-.n 
Pickermg Richard 
Pier John Eimsi 
Piggle Henry 
Pdgrctt Henry 
Pinkney Jonathan 
Piper Lewis 
Pippinger Abraham 
Pitter William 
Platner John 
Platto Thomas 
Piimlcy Henry 
Plough Dennis 
Plowman Cliristophcr 
Plumley Henry 
Poff George 
Porter Elisha 
Porter Nathaniel 
Potter Samuel 
Poulson }ilichael 
Povey Joseph 
Pratt Charles 
Preble Samuel 
Preston Benjamin 
Preston Jonathan 
Preston Othniel 
Frett Jacob 
Price Adam 
Price James 
Prime Michael 
Primley Henry 
Prmdle Jotham 
Prine William 
Proctor Robert 
Proper Frederick 
Prossor Piulip 
Prouth Dcgory 
Pudncy Thorn 
Pudny Francis 
Putraan David 
Quackenbos Cornelius 
Quackenbush' Jacob 
Quackenbush John 
Quain Peter 
Queen Christopher 
Quin Patrick 
Quinn William 
Rabal George 
Race Charles 
Radenbcrgh Peter 
Ragan William 
Rains John 
Rair John 

Raljie 'David 
Kaljic John 
Ramsey Adam 
Rancicr John 
Rai-.dcil Henry 
Randle Henry 
Kandle Thomas 
Randolph Christopher 
Rankens Janies 
Rankin Jair.es 
Rankins Daniel 
Rankms Thomas 
Ransier John 
Ransur John 
Ransrr William 
Rappolt George 
Ravelia Lewis 
Ray James 
Ray Michael 
Read Ja.r.cs 
Reany Da\id 
Rear John 
Rearden Thimothy 
Redding Frances 
Redwood Prince 
P.eece Martin 
Reed Janies 
Reed John 
Reed Joseph 
Reed Nathaniel 
Reed Thomas 
P.eem-.T George 
Rees Martinis 
Reily Tliomas 
Relay Lewis 
RenJ^ill Xatlianiel 
.Rennix William 
Reonalds Isaac 
Requig Jacob 
Retcney Charles 
Reveiea Eselea L. 
Reveiea Lewis 
Rex James 
Reyning Jacob 
Reynolds Abijah 
Richards Peter 
Richards Samuel 
Richards Simon 
Ricii-rd .•'"••' Isaac 
Richardson Robert 
Rickiiow Abraham 
Ricinond Semion 
Rider George 
Rido-.-t Da-.id 
Rieir.er Jolian George 
Riley James 
Rinder Cl'.ristian 
Ris.'all William 
Ritcherds Simon 
Ritchh; Charles 


New YonK ix Tiir Ri-,voi."tiox 

Ritter Moses 
Rivers Joseph 
Rivet Sain-jcl 
Robcnnire Chrii^tian 
Rubcrt Jacob 
Roberts Thomas 
Robertson Kicharn 
Robertson Rooert 
Robertson \V'.lliam 
Robins Aaron 
Robins John 
Robinson James 
Robinson John 
Robinson Richard 
Robisson Robert 
Rochery James 
Rockwell Simeun 
Rodman Joseph 
Rogers Allen 
Role Samuel 
Rood William 
Rocker Joseph 
Roomer Wiiiiam 
Roosa Albert 
Roppolt G-'orge 
Rose Albert 
Rose Andrew 
Rose John 
Rose Samuel 
Robiter Charles 
Rosman Coenraedt 
Rosnian Frederick 
Rosman Philip 
Ross Simv on 
Rossiter C h..ries 
Rotchery James 
Rourk Mathew 
Row Anthony 
Row James 
Row Stephen 
Rowland J.-^niel 
Rov.'Iey Tiiiv diy 
Ruckerstici. John 
Rudail '\Vir.iam 
Rude Willi-an 
Rudolph C';-istian 
Rudolph Christopher 
Ruland Thomas 
Rumpass Gi-ort^e 
Runa'.s Janes 
Rundle H';nry 
Runian DcPj.imin 
Ruunions l^cnjamin 
Russell James 
Russell Jo'in 
Russell Jorjph 
Ryan Da.iiel 
Ryan Dennis 
Ryan J. 
Ryan Robert 

Ryan Thoma;; 
Ryder George 
Rynax William 
Rynder Christian 
Rynders James 
Rynders John 
Rynhart George 
Ryring Jacob 
Sager John 
Sager Stotts 
Sailer Zacheus 
Sailor Jacob 
St. Lawrence George 
Salisbury Gasper 
Salisbury John 
Salisbury Joseph 
Salley Andrew 
Salniond William 
Salsbery Joseph 
Salsbury Cornelius V. 
Saltsman Jane D. 
Saltsman John 
Saltsman Peter 
Salyer Zacheus 
Sanders Robert 
Sangh Peter 
Santford John 
Saultas Solomon 
Saunders Robert 
Savage Richard 
Saxberry Wiliiatn 
Sayer Robert 
Scheehan J;remiah 
Schellenbcrgh George 
Schoolcraft Jolm 
Schoolcreft Lawrence 
S>chreeder John J. 
Schriner Lodewick 
Schriver Peter 
Schryver Chnstyan 
Schultz Joh.n 
Scofield Silveni-.s 
Scott Edward 
Scovill Silvenus 
Screeder John J. 
Scrivener Zadock 
Scriver Christopher 
Seabrin F ederick 
Seagcr John 
Seager Staats 
Seager Thomas 
Seamore Henry 
Scandlin James 
Seeger Jolm 
Seely Ephraini 
Seevey Joseph 
Scggar John 
Selfridge John 
Scll'riiige \\ ;liinm 
Selyea Lewis 

Semorc Henry 
Service Philip 
Servis Daniel 
Servis Philip 
Sessuigcr Nicolas 
Setler Andrew 
Sevain Thomas 
Sevey Joseph 
Sexbury Wiiiiam 
Shade John 
Shankland Andrev/ 
Shannon Thomas 
Sharer James 
Sharerer Lodi.wak 
Sharlock John 
Sharon John 
Sharp Cornelius 
Sharp John 
Sharp Lewis 
Sharp Tiiomas 
Shaver Henry 
Shearman Jesse 
Shearman Peter 
Sheely John 
Sheft George 
Sheldon Jo.-,eph 
Shelenbergh George 
Shell Christopher 
Shell Elisha 
Shell George 
Shell William 
Shelly Cyrus 
Slicly John 
Shepherd True 
Shcppard Henry 
Sheppard Thomas 
Sherdeur Abraham 
Sherlotke John 
Sherman John 
Sherman Peter 
Sherriden James 
Sherriden Richard 
Sherwood .Samuel 
Shields Daniel 
Shiels Jolm 
Shiffington John 
Shilly Cyrus 
Shipman John 
Shirts Henry 
Shirts John 
Shirts Nathis 
Shirts Peter 
Showers Adam 
Shrum Jacob 
Shuetts Jolm 
Shuiclt George 
Shulc T. 
Shultze John 
Shurtz Henry 
Shut,s Jor.n 

Siuitts Peter 
Sickcl John 
Sickels Abraham 
Sickels Zackariah 
Sidsor Michael 
Siles Chrir.i.upher 
Simmons Jnhn 
Simmons Philip 
Simmons Poller 
Siinpkins Gi<leon 
Sinipson James 
Sinclair William 
Sinnet John 
Skeehan Jeremiah 
Skellenbergli G.-'ifge 
Skif^ington Jl.Iih 
Slate Willia.Ti 
Slater Nicholas 
Slighter Nicholas 
Slingerlandt Peter 
Sioane Hugh 
Sluiter Jonas 
Sluiter Nicholas 
Slump Martin 
Sluyter Jacob 
Slyter James 
Small George 
Smailey Timothy 
Smith Archibald 
Smith Conraedt 
Smith David 
Sraitii Duncan 
Smith Elihu 
Smith George 
Smith L>aac 
Smith Jacob 
Smith James " 
Smith John 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Robert 
Smith Stephen 
Smith Thcin.ii 
Smith Wil!la:.i 
Sneil Zeley 
Snyder Jacob 
Solyer Zaecheus 
Soper John 
Soper Richard 
Sorning Adam 
Souls Thomas 
Southerland Daniel 
Sox Jacob 
Spaperd Didimcw 
Sparick Christian 
Spear Henry Frederick 
Spears Jonathan 
Spcigler Henry 
Sperick Christian 
Spinnc Daniel 
Spirick Chriui.-n 

'i'iiK Link — .'-'ik-^t 1\ fa;i.\ii-;nt 


Spray John 
Spring Benj.iiiiui 
Spur Jijhn 
Squire Jcnathan 
Sradcr Christian 
Staal Gorkgh 
Stader Chribtiau 
Stagg Jasper 
Stagg John 
Stalker Malconie 
Stall Charles 
Stall Oarlock 
Stalsniaii John D. 
Stanly Daniel 
Stansbnry William 
Stanton ILlijali 
Stap.ton John 
Starling Levi 
Starr George 
Stauder Christian 
Steed Johannes 
Steen William 
Steinly John 
Stephens Abraham 
Stephens William 
Stephenson John 
Stering Adam 
Stevens Abrahant 
Stewart Charles 
Steivart Joshua 
Stiles Moses 
Stiller John 
Stilt David 
Stivers Caleb 
Stock Charles 
Stock George 
Stockhani Isaac 
Stoddard Ichabud 
Stokes John 
Stone John 
Storing Adam 
Storm James 
Stout John 
Stoutenger George 
Stoutenger John 
Stover George 
Stover Nechi 
Stratton Husey 
Strawder Christian 
Strobridge James 
Stryker Elias 
Stump Jolm 
Stump Martin 
Stur<livant Samuel 
Sturgess Isaa 
Stymeson Robert 
SuUder lienjamin 
Sudlow Samuel 
Sull'ridge Wilham 
Sullivan Cornelius 

Sutherland Uanie'. 
Sutton Ueiijaiir.n 
Sutton James 
Swales John Commons 
Swan Joshua 
Swaney Daniel 
Swartwout Cornelius 
Swartwout Henry 
Swartwout Simon 
Swayer Lambart 
Swigar Paul 
Syle Cliristiiplier 
Tably Jacob 
Tabor Edward 
Taggct Roliert 
Talbot VVUliam 
Talmadg John 
Tare Godiry 
Tarrey Xathaniel 
Taylor Edmund 
Taylor George 
Taylor William 
Temple Joseph 
Tenncray Zopher 
Tepperwine Christian 
Terry Nathaniel 
Tharp David 
Tharp Peter 
Tharp Thomas 
Thomas Edmund 
Thomas Ezekiel 
Thomas John 
Thompson Alexander 
Thompson Andrew 
Thompson James 
Thompson John 
Thompson John (j) 
Thompson William 
Thorn Peter 
Thorp Richard 
Thurner William 
Tiercy John 
Tilsey John 
Tipperwine Christian 
Titsworth Thomas 
Titus John 
Tobin Edward 
Tobley Jacob 
Tolbard William 
Tolbert Wilham 
Tombs John 
Tombs Stephen 
Tomkins Abraham 
Tomkins Edward 
Tomkins Israel 
Tool John 
Toorel Roger 
Torbin Edward 
Totton Samuel 
Tov.-nley Joshua 

Trigieth Richard 
fully Samuel 
TurnbuU Willidm 
Turner John 
Turner Samuel 
Tuttle Joel 
Ucns William 
Ulhest John 
Utter Gilbert 
Valence William 
Valentine William 
Van Allen John- 
Van Alstin Abrahan) 

Van Xettcn Joseph 
Vin Orden Albert 
Van Or'ler Charles 
Van Salisbury Cornelius 
V^n Size John 
Vinsly Martin 
Van Slyck Marun 
Van Snell John 
Vantassel Cornelius 
V^n Tevcrcn Martin 
Vin Tine John 
Van Valkiiiburg La-.nbert 
Vm Vleet Aiulrevi- 

Van Amborougli Abrah.amVan \Teit Abraham 

Van Amburgh Abraham 
Van Atler Joseph 
Van Atta John 
Van Atta Joseph 
Van Benthuysen Martin 
Van Beuren George 
Van Blarcum Jacobus 
Van Blarcum James 
Van Bluck John 
Van Bonhagel John C. 
Van Buran George 
Van Cleef Lawrence 
Van Debal Jacob 
Van De Bogart Gysbert 
Van Debogert James 
Van Denbergh Daniel 
Vanderboc Jacob 
Vanderbogart Xi. holas 
Van Derbow Jacob 
Van Derhoof Cornelius 
Vanderhyden Adam 
Vanderhyden Derrick 

^ Vanderhyden Gersham 
Wanderwerker Jacob 

^'Van Derwerker James 
Van Derwerkiu Martin 
Van Deshider Adam 
Van Deusen Abraham 
Van Devore John 
Vande Water Cornelius 
Vandueus William 
Van Dyck Peter 
Van Dyck Peter T. 
Van Etten Jacob 
Van Etlen John 
Van Etten Joseph 
Van Everin Martin 
Vangothnet Joseph 
Van Hauren Cornelius 
Van Hoaft John 
Van Hook Isaac I. 
Van Houton John 
Van Kleeck Henry 
Van Kleeck James 
Van Loan Nicholas 
Vail Ncsb Cornelius 

Van Vorst Christian 
\'ar. \"orst Joiin 
Van Winkel Symon 
'\'in Zile William 
Varian John 
Veal Jeremiah 
Vedder Aaron 
Very George 
Vie]e Andrew G. 
B. Vicsell Nicholas 
\'inegar Samuel 
Vonck Peter 
Vonck William 
Vradenbergh Isaac 
Vradenburgh William 
Vredenbergh Matthew 
Vredcnbcrgh. Peter 

W Rubin 

VCaddle William 
Wadkins Thomas 
Waggerman Emanuel 
Waggerman George 
Wagoner Frederick 
Walch Thomas 
Waidron Barent 
W^Ie Patrick 
Walker Matthev/ 
Wall Patrick 
Wallace Daniel 
W ajlace William 
Wallacer Christian 
Wailicer Chri.Ntopher 
Wsllis James 
Wa'sh Edward 
V:?.Uh John 
V/aiter Jacob 
V.'aUer Martin 
Walters David 
Wslton Jacob 
Walton John 
Wan Thomas 
V.'andel! Jacob 
W'indell John 
Ward Daniel 
V.'ard David 
Ward Jesse 


New York i\ the Revolution 

Ward John 
Ward Josla 
Warder Thomas 
Waring Bcnjairin 
Waring Michatl 
Warmocd Clinstian 
Warinood Matliias 
Warmoth Christian 
Warner Christian 
Warner Michael 
Warren Edward 
Wart Benjamui 
Waters Sterling 
Waters W'iliiani 
Watkins Benjamin 
Watson Toheph 
Watson Major 
Watson Thomas 
Waugh Sa:nuel 
Way John 
Weasell Nicholas 
Weatherstine John 
Weaver Adam 
Weaver Christian 
Weaver George 
Weaver Henry 
Weaver Michael 
Weaver Nicholas 
Webb Samuel 
Webber Adam 
Webber George 
Webber William 
Webbers James 
Wederick Michael 
Wederv/ax W'il iam 
Wedge Stephen 
Weed Abija'i 
Weed Ezra 
Weekes Abraham 
Weeks Jacob 
Weeks Micajah 
Weeler Robert 
Weghan Conrad 
Wegnian John 
Weighlien Mathias 
Weiscovsr Jacob 

Weiss Lewis 
Wekcn Conrad 
Welch Henry 
Welch John 
Welch Xich<jlas 
Welch Richard 
Welch Thomas 
Weldon Jeremiah 
Wells John 
Welsh Joseph 
Welsh William 
Wemp Barent 
Wemple Barent 
Wemplc Barent H. 
Wendell Jacob 
Wendell John 
Wendell John H. 
Wendle Addem 
Wesels Evert 
West Stephen 
Wessell Nicholas 
West Williston 
Westfield Andrew 
Weston James 
Wetherick George 
Wetherick Michael 
Wey John 
Weyland Mathew 
Wezil Nicholas 
Whalen Richard 
Whaler John 
Whaley Michael 
Whalin Walter 
Whay John 
Whealen Richard 
Whealon Walter 
Wheeler Henry 
Wheeler Isaac 
Wheeler John 
Wheeler Robert 
Wheeler Sainuel 
Whiswick George 
White Ely 
White James 
White Joseph 
Whiteside William 

Whitley Jnim 
Whitley William 
Wibert John 
Wichland Mathias 
Wick James 
Wifenbach Henry 
Wiggins William. 
Wilcox Abner 
Wiley Alexander 
Wilkenson Thomas 
Wilkinson James 
Wilkinson Robert 
Wilks John 
Willagan David 
Willes John 
Willet John 
Williams Charles 
Williams John 
Williams Ro'oert 
Williams Solomon 
Williams Uriah 
Williams William 
Williamson John 
Willice John 
Willis James 
Wills John 
Wilmot Leonard 
Wilmoth Francis 
Wilsey William 
Wilson Jam.es 
Wilson John 
Wilson Josia 
Wilson Michael 
Wilson Robert 
Wilson Samuel 
Wilson William 
Winblow Edward 
Wmdeler Mathew 
Windford Henry 
Windsor John 
Winn Joseph 
Winn Peter 
Winne Killij^n 
Wisenbeck Henry 
Witham William 
Witherick George 

Withcrick Michael 
Woli Michael 
Wolkens Benjamin 
Wood James 
Wood Pet;r 
Wood Samuel 
Woodcock Peter 
Wooderd Titus 
Woodrotif Ephrini 
Woodroff Matthias 
Woodroft William 
Woodruff Daniel 
Woodworth Reuben 
Wooley Abraham 
Worden Nathan 
Worder Thomas 
Wormley Jacob 
Wormoet Christian 
Wormwood Cluistia:! 
Wormwood Matthias 
Wrather Thomas 
Wright Benjamin 
Wright Edward 
- Wright John 
Wright Robert 
Wright Samuel 
Wuine William 
Wyatt John 
Wybert Frederick 
Wychaline >iacthew 
Wyfenbach Henry 
Wysehover Jacob 
Yengling John F. 
Yeomans Isaac 
Yets James 
Yonkins George 
Young Chrisi.pher 
Young Ebenezer 
Young John 
Zambert Abraham 
Zeager Thomas 
Zeaster Michael 
Zerrener Lodcwick 
Zundell George 
Zyrances Christopher 
Zyranius Chris' ooher 

Ci^X,;. i 


The Line — Seco.nu Regiment 


The Line — 




Second Regiment 


Capt. Hezf.ki.-.i: Baldwi.n 
Samuel T. Bell 
" Elisha Be.vedict 
" J.A^!ES Bleadey 

Michael Conn'ollv 
" Henry DuBois 
" Theodosius Fowler 
" Abnek Fre.vch 
" Abraham French 
. " Charles Graham 
" John Gr.xha.m 
" Jonatha.\ Hallett 
" John F. Hamtkamck 
" James Johnston 
" Edward Lounssery 
" Thoma.s Machin 
" Eliih' Marshall 
" Danirl Mills 
" Charles Nukerk 
" Henry Pawling 
" Samuel Pell 
'' Benjamin Peltgx 
" Joel Pratt 
" Abraham Rickar 

Israel Smith 
" Barent Tenevck 
Thomas Thompson 
FIenp.y Vanderjurgh 
-" " Benjamin Walker 
Akdrew White 
George White 
Jacob Wright 
" Christopher P. Yatf.s 
Lieut. Jacoe BAMr.HR 

Lieut. Roswell Beebe Lieu 

Fredeiiick Beekman " 

" Tjerck Beekma.n " 

■' CALi:n C. PjRuster 
" Benjamin Chittenden " 

Matthias Clark " 

Jeremiah Clarke 
" Christ (iri!tR Conw ise " 

" William Colbreath 
" Michael Connolly ' 
" Daniel Dcniston 

SA^.U"^L Dodge, Jr. " 

" James Eairlie " 

" Andrew Finck, Jr. " 

Joseth Fbelick " 

William Gi.enny 
" E^leazer Gbavt 
" DoKicK Hansen Ensi 

" John L. Hardenlergh 

Tho.m.\s Hu.nt 


George Johnso.n 

Ja.mes Johnson 
" Joh.v Keyser, Jr. 

Gid'eon Ki.ng 
" John G. Lansingii 

Gilbert J. Livingstone 

John McClaughry 

William McCune 

William .Moultun 

Jarves Mudce 

William Munday 

Charles Nf.wkirk 

William Nottingham 


T. Bar.v.<ibus Owens 
Charles Parsons 
Natkaki-il Rowley 
IS.A..1C Sherwood 
Israel Spencer 
Saktel Talmadge 
RuDOLFii Van Hovenbergh 
Rudolph Va.v Howen- 


Nicholas Van Ransflear 
Tuxis Van Wagenen 
IsA.^c Van Woert 
Michael Websell 
Chaj8i.ES F. Weissenfels 
Andbew Wiieley 
Robert Wood 
Epheaim V/oodruff 
GN Joni' Brown 

Nf-KSjiiah Carpe;;ter 
Samvel Dodge 
Peter Dolson 
STtprtEN Griffin 
Tiioii.\s Haight 
JosEr;: Harper 
Lev,t:s R. Morris 
Ricir.-.Rr. Mount 
William Peters 


Tho.aias Read 
DiRCF. Schuyler 
Barn.\pus Swart'.vout 

BARTr-'OLO.MEW Van Dek- 

Ephr.ai.m Woodruff 

Ackerman V\'i!!iam 
Ackcj' Adnijr.h 
Ackley Jacob 
Ackley James 
Acurmau William 
Adams Noah 
Adams PuKv; 
Adaniy Hciiiy 
Addcnis John 
Adkin AiidiL-w 
Aimes Hiik'i 
Ainswortb- Henry 
Albrivjlit Jacni) 
Albright Ju!in 

Alexander Jonathan 

Alger George 

Allen William 

.A.llison John 

Allison Robert 

Alport John 

Amennan Eierriek 

Ames Ashel 

Ames Levi 
\mmernian James 
Smniennon Corne'ius 
•\ndersnn Alexander 
'\ndersriii Sanuu ! 

Andress Thoti'.as 

.\iidrews Isaac 
Anthony John Francis 
Arkenburgh Henry 
Armstrong .Arehibaid 
.\rm.strong Beii.ip.mm 
Armstrong John 
.•\rmstrong J'.mathan 
.\rnold Oliver 
Ashly .-Karon 
Asciuiih John 
.•\sten Benjan:in 
Aslen llolnies 
.■\«ten Jeieniiali 
.■Ksten 'Martin 

Astix' John 
Avar..- .\icholas 
.-Nve:-;. Ni'-holas 
.Ayei- Nathaniel 
Babc.'ick Garshani 
Bacb.is Jacob 
B.icoii Penial 
Raul.i'is John 
Bague Silas 
Bailey Jaiiies 
Bailey Joseph 
Jtai's- Ebenezer 
Baker Benjamin 
B;ik«r Ehj?h 


New York in the Revolution 

Baker Judah 
Baker Pcarce 
Baker Samuel 
Ba'doii Zuriel 
Ball Shadrick 
Baiigel John 
Banks Benjamin 
Baragar Walter 
Barans Glean 
Barber Benjamin 
Barber John 
Barber Stephen 
Barber Williani 
Bardecn Kobert 
Bare Jacob 
Barker Jonathan 
Barkens Williani 
Barkin Wiiliam 
Barlow Joseph 
Barnam Samuel 
Barnes Richard 
Barnheart David 
Barns Abijah 
Barns Elisha 
Barns James 
Barnnm Sainuel 
Barrager Walter 
Barren John 
Barrett Michael 
Barrett Peter 
Barrian John 
Barrit Bartholaray 
Barrit F.phram 
Barritt Oliver 
Bariholeir.ee John 
Bartholomew John 
Bartlet Lemuel 
Bartoe Jonaa 
Barloe Morros 
Barworth James 
Basamcr Jacobus 
Bas;in Daniel 
Bascmcr Michael 
Basemore John 
Bason Daniel 
Batersby Robert 
Bates Zepbanial; 
Baxter Lockwo;"! 
Bay John 
Baylcs Jamci 
Baylic Ebenezer 
Baylis John 
Bayson Daniel 
Beach Amos 
Beach Asa 
Beagle Silai 
Beaker Judah 
Beatcli Amos 
Beats /ejiheniah 
Becannon Samuel 

Becker Henry 
Beebc Bonerges 
Beebe Burnagus 
Becbe Rodrick 
Beech Amos 
Beely Joseph 
Beets James 
Beevins Clirist 
Beggs Jonath'an 
Bcgralt Thomas 
Bell James 
Bell Matthew 
Belnap Asa 
Benedick Ambris 
Benedict Ambrose 
Benjaman Jonathan 
Benjamen Samuel 
Eenjaiiiin iibc;iczi;r 
Benjamin Jonathan 
Benjamin Samuel 
Benn Daniel 
Bennedict Caleb 
Bennet Jabin 
Bennett Jacob 
Bennett James 
Bennett Samuel 
Bennit Joshua 
Bennitt Jeremiah 
Bennitt John 
Bennitt Timothy 
Benson Thomas 
Benson Williani 
Benten Arthur 
Bently George • 
Berger Walter 
Beilow Joseph 
Berrian John 
Berry W'illiani 
Besemcr Jacobus 
Belts James 
Bettys William 
Bevens Christopb.ei 
Bcvens John 
Biddie WiUiam 
Bigham James 
Bill Ezariah 
Bingham Abijah 
Birch John 
Bismer Michael 
Black David 
Biack Jacob 
Blackncy John 
Blake Felove 
Blakely John 
Blinn Simeon 
Bloose John 
Bloibome Peter 
Boardman Ephr.iim 
Bockers Jacob 
Bodlcy Andrew 

Bogardas Peter 
Bogardis Abrahai 
Bogardus David 
Bogart Myndert 
Bogge John 
Boice Jeremiah 
Boice Peter 
Boice Simon 
Boils James 
Boldrigc Daniel 
Bolcn Michael 
Boleton George 
Bolton John 
Bolton Jonatha 
Boman Albart 
Soman Luke 
Bonett Joseph 
Bonus James 
Booker John 
Bordman Andrew 
Borrill Zachariah 
Bose Peter 
Bosweek James 
Boswick Edward 
Bostwith James 
Boswith William 
Bouman Luke 
Bovie John 
Bowan Charles 
Bowman Lewis 
Boyd George 
Boyles James 
Bradain John 
Bradner Andrew 
Eradner Benoni 
Brady Lewis 
BracLt Andrew 
Braridt John 
Brann Samuel 
Breaden John 
Bream Baltus 
Bredinbaker Baltis 
Brett James 
Breivcr Jeremiah 
Brewer Samuel 
Brewton Aithur 
Briant John 
Briant Thomas 
Bridges lames 
Briggs Daniel 
Brigs Jonathan 
Brinck Cornelius 
Brir.tuii David 
Britt James 
Broadt Andrew 
Brockway Russell 
Brooke ThoTnas 
Brooker Waller 
Brooks Joseph 
Brook? Thom^i- 

Brotherton John 
Brott Andrew 
Srov.-cr William 
Brown Bcnjaniin 
Hro.vn David 
Brown Joel 
Brown John 
Brown Jonas 
Brown Joseph 
Brown Ju'^ticc 
Brown Samuel 
Brown Thomas 
Browne Frances 
Bruhard Nathaniel 
Brush Eliakim 
Brush Selah 
Brust Martin 
Brutan Arthur 
Buchanan Samuel 
Buck Enoch 
Bv.ckanon Samuel 
Backhoud William 
Buckhout John 
Budine Francis 
Bonce Abraham 
B-Jiice Daniel 
Bum Lodwick 
Bunting Thomas 
Bj^rch John 
Burchard Nathaniel 
E-jrJick Elisha 
EuxJick Gideon 
BurJick Henry 
Burdick Moses 
Bur^'e Michael 
Burges Archibald 
BiLrgess James 
Burice John 
Burke Thomas 
Bu.rket John 
Burlme Lewis 
Bar.:i Henry 
Bur.ictt Ebenezer 
Burrett John 
Buriiham W iliiam 
Bur.-ihert D.ivld 
Burns James 
Burrii Michael 
Burns Robert 
Burrows Thomas 
Bur;:i Eliakim 
Burr^m Arthur 
BurT'vell Zechariah 
Busty William 
Buscji John 
Bufb Jolin 
Bussjng John 
Cabs''Son Mi.-ii;;e 
Cable George 
Cad" John 

The Lix£ — Second Regimt-nt 


Cady Lemuel 
Cady Palmer 

Cahocnt Hymau 
Cahoone Joseph 
Cairlcy Joseph 
Calkin Simon 
Callegan John 
Cambee James 
CambcU Andrew 
Caiubell William 
Cammoran Daniel 
Camp Asa 
Camp Elias 
Campbell Andrew 
Campbell John 
Campbell William 
Campble John 
Canby Jamts 
Cane William 
Canfield Samuel 
Canklin Daniel 
Cargel Isaac 
Carll David 
Carly Joseph 
Carman John 
Carrigan William 
Carrill David 
Carson James 
Carter James 
Carter John 

Cartwright Henry Abra- 
Casaday Peter 
Casady Edward 
Casselman Richard 
Castor Adam 
Catherh'ng Matthew 
Cavcnder Moses 
Caviner Moses 
Cazard Richard 
Certain James 
Certer Philip 
Chainny Ware 
Chalenor Christopher 
Chamberlin Girdon 
Chamberlin Wyatt 
Champlain James 
Champlan Edward 
Chance Christian 
Chania Wire 
Chapman Asa 
Cb.apman Charles 
Chapu'.an Joseph 
Chapman Josiah 
Chappie Benjamin 
Charleswonh J- ■" 
Charters James 
Cliase Caleb 
Chase Jacob 
Chaae Lolt 

Chatficld David 
Chavalicr John 
Chelson Beriah 
Chcrrey John 
Cherwood Xemiah 
Chesshier Ncamiah 
Christccn Peter 
Christian John 
Christian Peter 
Christman Nicholas 
Christoper Andries 
Christopher Andrew 
Christy John 
Church David 
Church Reuben 
Clark Abijah 
Ciark David 
Clark John 
Clarwater Manin 
Clause Christopher 
Claxton Cicorge 
Cleark John 
Cleveland Jonas 
Cle\ eland Josiah 
Clewater ^Martin 
ClitY Joseph 
Cline Jacob 
Close Samuel 
Closser Christopher 
Clumpha William 
Coal David 
Coblcr Conrad 
Cockle George 
Coe Philip 
Cocfield James 
Cogdon John 
Cohoor. iliman 
Cokeiy J'ihn 
Coldwell Wilham 
Cole Abraham 
Cole D;.vid 
Cole Frances 
Cole Kenry 
Cole John 
Cole Moses 
Cole Philip 
Cole Samuel 
Cole Tunis 
Collin John 
Collings Alber 
Ceilings John 
Collins Edward 
Collins John 
Collins William 
Combs John 
Combs Peter 
Commons Patrick 
Conaway John 
Concklin John 
Conrklin Joseph 

Condon Das-id 
Conkling Daniel 
Conn William 
Conner Daniel 
Conner Patrick 
Conner William 
Connite Conrod 
Connolly James 
Connor Edward 
Connor James 
Constable Garrett 
Contryman John F. 
Conway Cornelius 
Cook George 
Cook Sapines 
Cooke Hyman 
Cooke Nicholas 
Coul George 
Cool Rufe 
Coombs Peter 
Coon Jacob 
Coon Peter 
Coon Timothy 
Coon William 
Coony George 
Cooper John 
Copelin William 
Corkins Simon 
Cornel Joseph 
Cornelison John 
Cornelius Jolin 
Cornwall Joscjih 
Corter John 
Cortney Francis 
Cortor Philip 
Corwin George 
Corwine Gersham 
Cosier Hezekiah 
Costeloe James 
Costerhoudt Peter 
Costerly James 
Cottrill Richard 
Countrimun Jacobus 
Courter Philip 
Courtney Francis 
Covel Philip 
Cowen Thomas 
Cox Charles 
Cox John 
Cox Robert 
Cox Simon 
Cozard Richard 
Cratt Jacob 
Craft James 
Craft Nathaniel 
Craigen Peter 
Grain William 
Crandle IKury 
Crandle William 
Crandle WilUon 

Cran.'Ie Wrigr.t 
Crane John 
Crankhite Abraham 
Crator. Thomas 
Crav.foo: Zachariah 
Crighoot John 
Criipic Abraham 
Cri::tenon Benjamin 
Cristiaiisy Jolm 
Croioot Samuel 
Croit Janies 
Crofts Jacob 
Crook William 
Crosman Daniel 
Cross John 
Crowin Silas 
Crugor William 
Crum William 
Crumb Christopher 
Crumb John 
Culbcrlson William 
Cully Charles 
Cuniinin Benjamin 
Cumn-ings John 
Cummins Ebenezer 
Cummins John 
Cuningham James 
Cuningham Shubal 
Cunningham Archibald 
Cunningham Henry 
Cr.rrin Samuel 
Curry James 
Curtes Caleb 
Curvain Edward 
Curwin Gersham 
Curwiiic Edward 
Cushan John 
Dailey Israel 
Dalton Frederick 
Daniord Prince 
Danlord Wells 
Danielson Isaac 
Danielson Thomas 
Dnnilson Peter 
Dannila George 
Daniii.^ton Tiiomas 
Darby Asa 
Darby Ciiarles 
Darmot Richard 
Darrow Christopher 
Darrow George 
Darrow Jcdediah 
Daton Ezckiel 
Daugherty Ji>hn 
Davec Isaac 
Davee John 
Davcr.port Jhimphrey 
Davenport John 
David Isaac 
David Jonathan 


New York in the Revolution 

Davie Isaac 
Davie John 
Davie Oliver 
Davis Anderson 
Davis Andrus 
Davis Benjamin 
Davis Chapman 
Davis David 
Davis Ezra 
Davis Herman 
Davis Hugh 
Davis Jo!;n 
Davis Joshua 
Davis Patrick 
Davis Peter 
Davis Richard 
Davis Samuel 
Davison Andrew 
Daviss Richard 
Davisson James 
Davisson Joliii 
Day A.rou 
Dayton Bcnjanun 
Dayton Bennit 
Dean Benjamin 
Dean James 
Deane Isaac 
Decker Christopher 
Decker Martin 
Decker Michael 
Deen Henry 
Deffcndorff Henry 
Defoe George 
Defoe John 
Degruscn Elias 
Deharsh Philip 
Dekerson Abraham 
Demerist \icholas 
Deming Simeon 
Demitt Joseph 
DcmonJ Moses 
Demond William 
Demshee Anthony 
Denney Peter 
Dennis John 
Dennis Mydcrt 
Dcnniston Thomas 
Denton Preston 
Depew Abraham 
Depew Cc.rneliu-i 
Dcptw Francis 
Depew Henry 
Depew John 
De Pent Bostiou 
Dcrmott Richard 
Derry James 
Derusia Anthony 
Devanport Jonathan 
Dtvore Abralio.'n 
Dcwcv Elulia 

Dcwitt Benjamin 
.•^DcWitt John 
c^ DeWitl Peter. Sr. 
DcWitt Peter, Jr. 
Dexter Jonathan 
Dickens James 
Dickenson Danie! 
E'ickerson David 
Dickcson Abraham 
Dickins Peter 
Dickins Tliomas 
Dickinson James 
Dickinson Varsil 
Dickson Robert 
Diminick Perius 
Dimmlnick Samuel 
Dimmis John 
Dim.muck Benjamin 
Dimon Moses 
Dimond William 
Dobson John 
Dodge Richard 
DoUoway Jeremiali 
Dolph Moses 
Dolton Frederick 
Dolton Thomas 
Donalds George 
Donaldson Isaac 
Donnalds John 
Donnaldson -.-"eter 
Dority William 
Doty John 
Doty Samuel 
Doughty Elias 
Doughty Peter 
Douglas George 
Douglass James 
Douly Elias 
Douw Volkert 
Dow Vulker 
Downing .Xnlrcv; 
Doxey Stephen 
Drake Asel 
Drennin Hamilton 
Drew George 
Drew Oliver 
Drummond D 'vid 
Drummond Grii_;er 
Dubois John 
Dudley Simon 
Duguid John 
Dun liar William 
Duncan James 
Duncan Thon.as 
Dunivan Jnhn 
Dunlap Andrew 
Dunlap J.iiins 
Dunn .■\lexand<:r 
Duran Francis 
Dutcher Barn'jtt 

Dutcher Barrick 
Dwyre Thomas 
Dybol Hezekiah 
Dybol Zacliariah 
Eagleston John 
Eaglestone James 
Earl William .- 
Easterly Thomas 
-Eastwood Daniel 
Eavens John 
Edwards William 
Edwords Edward 
Egans Elijali 
Egijbcrt Daniel 
Eggcrs Elijah 
Egleston EH 
Elder Joseph 
Eliot Henry 
Eliott Archabald 
Elkingburgh Peter 
Elliot Francis 
Elliott John 
Ellis Jacob 
Ellis John 
Ellison John 
Elsworth John 
Elvingstone Edward 
Ennest Peter 
Ennis David 
Ennis Peter 
Enris David 
Epton Benjamin 
Ergenbrech John 
Erwin John 
Esmond John 
Evans Thomas 
Evins John 
Evins Moses 
Factor John 
Fairchild Abner 
Fairchilds Ephraim 
Fall Robert 
Fanford Obadiah 
Farrel Garret 
Farrington Robert 
Fashee David 
Featherly John ' 
Ftatherly Thomas • 
Fellows Moses 
Felt Solomon 
Felton Lewis 
Fenton Amos 
Ferdon John 
Ferguson Samuel 
Ferris John 
Ferris John. Jr. 
E"erry Charles 
Fctherly John 
Fcthcrly Thomas 
Fields Philii> 

Ficrc Abram 
Finch Jonathan 
Finck Hanjost 
Fine A.ndrew 
Finel Edward 
Finton Amos 
Fish Caleb 
Fish Moses 
Fish Sebra 
Fislice David 
Fits Gcrral Thomas 
Fitzgerald Michael 
Fitzgerald Thomas 
Fitziearls William 
Flagg Ebenczcr 
Flansbury Daniel 
Fleming Jacob 
Fleming William 
Fling Thomas 
Flint Nathan 
Flood Francis 
Flummin Francis 
Follerd John 
F'oot Joseph 
Forbush Nicholas 
Force Timothy 
Ford Benjamin 
Ford George 
Ford Timothy 
Fordon John 
Forganson James 
Forgcrson Samuel 
Ferguson James 
Forster Nathaniel 
Forster Wiliiam 
Foshurgh Jacob 
Foster Benoni 
Foster John 
Foster Nathaniel 
Fouler Cornelius 
Fowler George 
Fowler Michael 
Foy Patrick 
Foyer Thomas 
Fradonbourgh Mathew 
Frar.icr Michael 
Francis John 
Francisco Henry 
Fiancisco John 
Frar.k Henry 
Frar:ks Michal 
Fra:ier Jolin 
Frear Peter 
Frebush Mathew 
F'rcdrick Johannes 
Fre cb.nd John 
Freeman Nathaniel 
Freer Peter 
Frem dn Jonati'.;-,n 
r"rcr;;ui Jonathan 

, . ^_ iii, „ »;.iP- »yti 



'*/-v- (J, .'' J>7* - 


7/ / 


■ ■■ ^yZ^^^,?^^?.,v^.J) /^'^,.y),^,. c^i^>..ir >>/ '"*-'^' </''^ -^^'^ , 

'i'St^? y^- 



5 ^=1 ^ 

Off-t-ff y:/cry ^i^^^^>^ -^^z-^i^^i y^zgrr f.y ,^2<:-^^ /.fji <f:': i'-j y ■^r:^^/ ^^i /? 

^iry, r^jf- 





77''^^'~^ r- -''' '-^ • 



. \My M^m^^y^i^'^ 

.,- /:■ , 

' J 


iA. -^ — ivTi^i 

i^y i 

'-^•i-^tT 57^,-i 



Mi.Xa; I'!;l;.s I'.r nl I-IC'UJS iT THE 2ri I.lNli 



a toil ncii of Clj^n o i n [m in L 
11 ' 

'Slu. IxuUtntAJ UjOW.e Cftnl'on Uqu'iMr '^?\ljld/.A\'t. 

novj UtULOi: Uul iUTL Csqc 

4 ^JCMC>J^^OjLUc;i- I 

[^ htixf'i^ CL.-pj\olnitd iMO-jl'iain k jh-.A^^nt^ y^UgJ. far Int %fmu. 




ZL' J/^ii^: ^'//^' y^^rL c,^ a.-'^.'^'^C-rrcntMth. JlU/ic/tuf t'^i.'h 



I it -i^^i^ y'j.y ^i^ '//^.i-J^/' ;rr,-n. / iytu.^ /,,.v ^'_^- 

.-" f- * 

■:. J./; 


A1 ../i.'-.v ,;//5^/J^-;--^ 


'lO.. ^ 7 


/.. , 


rj /iC --^ — 

ACrorXT crRUKXT >VlTlt MAJOR xiciior.AS risii 

The Line — Second Ruiciment 


Fremirc Mii-heal 
Frett^r J-hn 
Frinii.ih Mitch 
Friniicr John 
Frost Edmond 
Frolli James 
Fuller Daniel 
Fuller Josiah 
Fulton Alexander. 
Fulton John 
Fulvia Thomas 
Gabine John 
Gage Richard 
Gall Jolin 
Garbint John 
Gardener John 
Gardinier Andries ' 
Gardner Andrew ' 
Gardner Benoni 
Gardner Jacob 
Gardner James 
Gardner Jesse 
Gardnier Clark 
Gareheart Matthew 
Garmin James 
Garrison Abraham 
Garrison Hartshorn 
Garrison John 
Garrison William 
Garvey Francis 
Gaudt Benjamin 
Gay Edward 
Gee David 
Gee Ezekiel 
Gee John 
Gee Moses 
George Joshua 
Gerard Benjamin 
Germin James 
Gibbons John 
Gibson John 
Gilaspie James 
Gilbert John 
Gilbert Scth 
Gilbert William 
Gilchrist William 
Gilder Ebenczer 
Gildersle&ve Joseph 
Gilderslivis Joseph 
Giles Richard 
Gimblet Peter 
Ginnings John 
Girle Thomas 
Glaspy James 
Glexton George 
Glover Thomas 
Goff Asiibel 
Goff Oliver 
Gold John 
Goldins Thomas 

Goldsmith Ezra 
Gooddll Ja;!ics 
Good fellow Moses 
Goodin George 
Goodwin Abraham 
Goodwin George 
Gordon Abraham 
Gorham Jabus 
Gorman Patrick 
Got William 
Gould Asa 
Gould John 
Graham John 
Grahams Andrew 
Grahams Moses 
Granger John — 
Graves Jedediah 
Graves Joseph 
Graves Lewis 
Gray John, Jr. 
Gray Thomas 
Gready Thomas 
Green Beriah 
Green Clark 
Green John 
Green Peter 
Green Silas 
Greenwood John 
Gregg David 
Grcswill Miles 
Grey Nicholas 
Grey Silas 
Grey Thomas 
Griffcn Hezekiah 
Griffeth Abraham 
GrilTeth Jeremiah 
Gritlcths Abraham 
Griffin Aaron 
Griffin Benjamin 
Griffin James 
Griffin John 
OritUn Joseph 
GrilTin Joshua 
Griffis Abraham 
Griffiths Joshua 
Griffitls Samuel 
Griggs Jeremiah 
Grill Thomas 
Grisai Jal us 
Grogan John 
Grograin John 
Guile Joseph 
GuilKOii Juhn 
Rabr.rn William 
Hackley E.;ekial 
iladley J.'.sepb 
riadlock Janus 
liaigh.t Ceascr 
liaight Thomas K. 
ilaienbcck Jacob 

Hall David 
Hall Israel 
Hall John 
Hal! Lynos 
Hall William 
Hallack Jeffera 
Hallett Richard 
Hallick Jeffery 
Halnbeck Henry 
Halsapcl Zachariah 
Halsey Abraham 
Halsey John 
Halsey Thomas 
Hambleton William 
Plamelin A'iam 
Hamilton Patrick 
Hamlin Adam 
Hammer William 
Hamon John 
Handley James 
Hanes John 
Hanford Jeremiah 
Hanley James 
Hanyon Garret 
Harding Henry 
Haris Moses 
Harmanse Edward 
Harper James 
Harper William 
Harrington Anthony 
Harrington Ebenezer 
Harrington James 
Harris Cato 
Harris David 
Harris George 
Harris Henry 
Harris John 
Harris Moses 
Harris Richard 
Harris William 
Harrison Joseph 
Hart Daniel 
Harty Christopher 
Hasbrook George 
Hasbrouck David 
Hassum John 
Hatchins William 
Havens Isaac 
Havens William 
Havilish Michael 
Hawk George 
Hawkey Henry 
Hawkey Richard 
Hawkins Ji hn 
Hawkins Zc^pher 
Hawley Benjamin 
Hawley Samuel 
Hnwley Zadcck 
Hay James 
Hayes John 

Hays John 
Hays Natliani^l 
Hazcrd James 
Heath Josiah 
Heavens Peter 
Hcavlish Michael 
liebmore John 
Helmer John 
Henderson Samuel 
Henderson William 
Henjericklick Johan 
Henneysee Jolin 
Henry Wells 
Henson Nathaniel 
Heppel Adam 
Hcriiigton Isaac 
Hermans Edward 
Herring Jacob 
Herrington Benjamin 
Hessum John 
Hewet Benjamin 
Hewett Edmond 
Hewit Arthur 
Hibbard James 
Hibbirdt John 
Hicks Jacob '- 
Hicks Joseph ' 
Hicks Lewis 
liiet Henry 
Higby Samuel 
Hig;^ins Archibald 
iliggins Jonathan 
Higgins Thomas 
Higher Alexarder 
Higley Rozel 
Higley Seth 
Hill Aza 
Hill Elijiah 
Hill Solomon 
Hill Thomas 
Hill William 
Himdan Adam 
Hints John 
Hitchcock John 
jnt'"hcok Samuel 
Hix Joseph 
Hofiord Elijah 
HoiV >rd Jesse 

He; 'T! Joh'l 
Hoicomb Beriah 
Ho!conib Mati-.ew 
Hol'.ndj^e Air.asa 
Hoidridge John 
Iioldridge Richard 
Hole James 
Ho!I;e!is James 
ilol'eiibeeck Jacob 
Ho!!) Samuel 
Ilchr.es John 
Ho!n;c5 Obadiah 


New York in thi; Revolution' 

Holmes Stephen 

Hoiiues Thomas 

Holms Daniel 

Holms EzeUiah 

Holms John 

Holms Thomas 

Holsapple Zacharias 

Holtzer John 

Hope Thomas 

Hopkins Noah 

Hopper John 

Hopper Peter 

Horan Phanten 

Hornebeak Ephereham 

Horsiord Joseph 

Horton Christopher 

Horton Isaac 

Horton Thomas 

Horlon William 

Hoser Thornas 

Hosford Joseph 

Hosier Hendrick 

Hoskins Thomas 

Hoskiiis William 

Hosmer John 

Hotskiss William 

Hough John 

Houghbooni Jaeob 

Houns Zepheniah 

House Anthony 

House Henry 

House Laphariah 

Housworth Michael 

Howe John 

Howe Zephaniah 

Howell George 
Howell Lemuel 
Howell Scth 
Howes Zephaniah 
Howlcy Zadak 
Hoyt Ceaser 
Hubbcrt John 
Hudler Nicholas 
Hudsal Nicholas 
Hughson Natlianiel 
Hull Seth 
Hull William 
Humphries Alexander 
Humphry AVx.inJcr 
Humphry James 
Humphry John 
Hunt David 
Hunt Joshua 
Hunt Prince 
Hunt William 
Hunter James 
Hunthley Thomas 
Huntley Bethue! 
Huntley Thomas 
Kurd Elijah 

Ilurly James 
Hutly Thomas 
Hutsal Nicholas 
Hutton Christopher 
Huyks Joseph 
Hyatt Abraham 
flyatt Alphen 
Hyatt Alpheus 
Hyatt Aivan 
Hyatt Henry 
Hyatt Minah 
Innes Peter 
Irwin John 
Ivorey Jacobus 
Ivorcy James 
Jabine John 
Jabwain John 
Jackson Francis 
Jackson Micael 
Jackson Thomas 
Jackson William 
Jacobs John 
James Ebenezer 
James Joyce 
James William 
Jansen Robert 
Jansing Robert 
Jaquist John 
Jarvis Nathaniel 
Jeflers John 
Jeffriss John 
Jett Michael 
Jinkins Philip 
Jinson Robert 
Joce David 
Johns Jacob 
Johns Samuel 
Johnson Daniel 
Johnson David 
Johnson Elisha 
Johnson James 
Johnson Justus 
Johnson Moses 
Johnson Peter 
Johnson Prmce 
Johnson Richar 
Johnson Thomas 
Johnson A'illiam 
Johnston James 
Johnston Josiah 
Johnston Robert 
Johnston Samuel 
Joice David 
Jones David 
Jones Ebenezer 
Jones Evan 
Jones Ezckiel 
Jones i:zra 
Jones Gril't'm 
Jones Ivens 

Jones Jacob 
Jones John 
lones Joseph 
Jones Peter 
Jones Ruben 
Jones Samuel 
Jones Seth 
Jones Thomas 
Jore David 
Joyce James 
Jupter Silas 
Kably Michael 
Kader Adam 
Kader John 
Kanneday John 
Kartwright Henry 
Katcham Joseph 
Keating Robert 
Kedar Adam 
Kedar John 
KeJdar Stephan 
Ketler Frederick 
Keeth John 
Kelley Robert 
Kelly Barny 
Kelly Coenrod 
Kelly Edmund 
Kelly John 
Kelly Joshua 
Kelly Moris 
Kelly Peter 
Kelly Robert 
Kelly Silvinus 
Kelsey Benjamin 
Kelsey Ebenezer 
Kelson Phineas 
Kennady James 
Kennedy John 
Kennion William 
Kenny Charles 
Kent Isaac 
Kenyon William 
Kershaw John 
Kertrem Jesse 
Ketcham Joseph . 
Kctchem John 
Killey Silveney 
Kind William 
King John 
King Philip 
King Reuben 
King Williain 
Kinkade William 
Kinnaday John 
Kinnen \\'illiam 
Kinner Jonathan 
Kinney Charles 
Kinney James 
Kinriy Roger 
Kinshara I'rederjck 

Kinyon William 
Kipp Abraham 
Kipp Amos 
Kipp James 
Kipp Jiloses 
Kirn Michael 
Kirn William 
Kisard Richard 
Kitcham Abraham 
Kitcham Joseph 
Knap Caleb 
Knapp Benjamin 
Knapp Caleb 
Knapp Daniel 
Knapp Isaac 
Knapp James 
Knapping Jeremiah 
Knickabocker Andrc\ 
Kniffen Amos 
Knight William 
Knights Lucias 
Knikaboker Herman 
Knoutz John 
Koel Henry 
Kole Philip 
Konklin Joseph 
Koole Teunis 
Krane William 
Kress John 
Krom Christopher 
Krook William 
Krous Jacob 
Kyser Edward 
Kyser Joseph 
Lacey Philip 
Lain John 
Lakely John B. 
Lalefterty Stephen 
Lamb Arthur 
Lamb John 
Lamb Pomp 
Lambert David 
Lambert John 
Lambertson Simon 
Lane Jeremiah 
Lane John 
Lane Williain 
Langdon Benjamin 
Langin William 
Lannee Philip 
Larabee Elias 
Larey Cady 
Lavctt John 
Lawder Edward 
Lawn George 
Lawrance Georye 3. 
Lawrence Benjamin 
Lawrence Jacob 
Lawson Christopher 
Lawyer Christopher 

Ttn: Line — Slco.vj.> Regiment 


Layer Chriptoplier 
Layton William 
Lcarey Cadcy 
Leary J.-.lin 
Leather Wiliiain 
Leek Johan Hangcrick 
Lee Daniel 
Lee Ephraini 
Lee William 
Lenny Philip 
Lent Abram 
Lent Elias 
Lent Henry 
Lent Jacob 
Leonard Edward 
Leppard John 
Ltpper John 
■ Lester John 
Le Strange Samuel 
Letty William 
Levy Jacob 
Lewis James 
Lewis Jesse 
Lewis Leonard 
Lewis Nathan 
Lewis Richard 
Lewis William 
Light John 
Light Lemuel 
Like Henry 
Li;ich William 
Linden James 
Linney Philip 
Lint Elias 
Lister John 
Livingston Jacob 
Loader Daniel 
Loader William 
Loatiier William 
Lobby John 
Loder Samuel 
Lofberry Isaac 
Loins Hosea 
Lomus Jacob 
Loofborrow Isaac 
Lord Benjamin 
Lord Timothy 
l.ossey Jacob 
Lothorp Icabod 
Louchee Jacob 
Loucks Peter 
Lounsbcrry John 
Lcubbarry John 
Love Micliael 
Lovctte John 
Lovjoy Nathan 
Low John 
Lowry John 
I.uca John 
Ludlum Daniel 

Ludlum John 
Luis James 
Lummess Write 
Lush Jol'.ii 
LusU Jolin 
Lutz Coonradt 
Lyoiii David 
Lyons Hosea 
Lyons Michael 
Lyonson William 
McAllister William 
McAntiere Alexander 
McArthur John 
Mc bane Giles 
McBride William 
McCalley Alexander 
McCarney Stephen 
McCartee Phclex 
McCartney Isaac 
McCarty Isaac 
McCarty James 
McCarty John 
McChariesworth John 
McCine David 
McClean John 
McClean Neal 
McClosky Peter 
McClure William 
McColIum John 
McCooniick John 
iMcCoy Daniel 
McCray John 
McDaniel John 
McDaniel Michael 
J.IcDanieI Randle 
McDinold Ronald 
McDole Joiin 
McDonald James 
IMcDonald John 
McDonald Michael 
McDonald Peter 
McDonald Raynold 
McDonald Roland 
McDonall Patrick 
McDowe! John 
McDugle Daniel 
McEvers Daniel 
McFail Pawl 
McFarling Hosier 
Mc (arling William 
McGinny James 
McGlaughlin Neal 
McGoniery John 
McGowen Jeremiah 
McGraw James 
McGregory Daniel 
McGuiiney James 
Mclntyer Alexamler 
McKarney Stephen 
McKeal Adam 

McKce William 
McKel'e Adam 
McKenny Charles 
McKenny James 
McKenny John 
McKerney Stephen 
McKillip Archibald 
McKillip Daniel 
McKim John 
McKinney Charles 
McLeal Charles 
McLean John 
McLean Neal 
McMannus Robert 
McMaster James 
^IcMiching John 
Mc^Iurdy James 
McNamee Charles 
McNeal Adam 
McNeal Charles 
McNeil John 
McPeak Dennis 
McRenemee Charles 
McSine Daniel 
Mad Calf William 
M — ah Josiah 
Mahu Peter 
Malay James 
Mallory Jonathan N. 
Man Michael 
Manning Stephen 
Manrose Elijah 
Manross Jesse 
Mantanyia Peter 
Marble Ephraini 
Marian Francis 
Marl in J. 
Marling Isaac 
Marly John 
Marshall Peter 
Marshall Robert 
Marlm Alexander 
Martin Thomas 
Martling Isaac 
Marvin Mathew 
j\Iason Thomas 
Masson Thomas 
Masters Daniel 
Masthers James 
Mastin Daniel 
Mathers James 
Matherson August 
Matthews James 
Maxim Adonijah 
May Daniel 
May Hendrick 
Mayhew Peter 
Mead Jeliiel 
Mead Nathan 
Mealier Ichabod 

Meddock John 
ileggs Setli 
Megriger Daniel 
Melcher Paulis 
Mcnrony Florens 
Merchall Robert 
Mercuise Jacob 
'' Sferrian Francis 
Merritt Jeremiah 
-Mervin Mathew 
Messer William 
Jiletcalf William 
ilethers James 
Michel Edward 
Michel George 
Milden Daniel 
Mildridge Thomas 
-Jiller Benjam.in 
Miller David 
Miller Elisha 
Miller Jacob 
Mi'lcr James 
Miller John 
Miller Josiah 
juliUs Andrew- 
Mills Samuel 
Milton John 
ilingo Marting 
llinks John 
Mctchel Ensign 
Mitchel James 
i'iitchel Joseph 
Mitchell Martin 
Mitchell Richard 
Mitchell Samutl 
Ilitchil David 
Moflet William 
S-:Ioke Gerardus 
J'iolatt Ishmil 
?-Iolloy John 
3Ionday James 
S.Iondon John 
2ionger Ji'seph 
ilontaync Peter 
2vIontgomery Hugh 
J.'-Ontgomery James 
i-!oon Matthew 
I'.ioony \Yilliani 
Jvioor Charles 
vMoor Zebulon 
Sloore Charles 
3 loore Thomas 
5'Ioorlcy Abner 
Moot Henry 
5.Ioot Noah 
More John 
Morewise Jacob 
SJorgan Joseph 
Svlorgan Stiff 
Morgan William 



Ni.w YuKK IX T!ir. Revui.ut:o.\ 

Morluj- James 
Morphei Wiiliam 
Morrcl John 
Morrclc Isaac 
^^^rrelI Isaac 
Morrell Robert 
Morrill John 
Morris John 
Morris Matthew 
Morrisson Da\ id 
Moss David 
Mott Isaac 
Mott Noah 
Mount Henry 
Mtt Soon John 
Mudg Abraham 
Mullen William 
Mu'icrncr Moses 
Mullin John 
MuUin William 
Midliner Moses 
Mtimford James 
Munday James 
Munden John 
Munro Alexander 
Munrose Elijah 
Murdock Moses 
Murray Isaac 
Murray Nathan 
Murray William 
Mtite William 
Myer Moses 
Myers David 
Naidler Nicholas 
Narnil John 
Neas George 
Nebor Michael 
Neehy Michael 
Newcom John 
Ncwcomb James 
Newcomb Kumer 
Newconib Thomas 
Newkerk Myndert 
Nev.'man Joseph 
Newton William 
Nicholas John 
Nich.olas Thoni.i,^ 
Nicholis Stephen 
Nichois Ass 
Nichols Thomas 
Nichorson Tliomas 
jrickells Stephen 
Nickerson Arcliibaid 
Nickcrfoii J. 
Nickerst.i; Thomas 
Ni'.kolls John 
Night William 
Noble Cabncl 
Noeys William 
Nois Wiiliam 

Norstrand John 

Norton George 

Norton Isaac 

Norton William 

Norve Lewis 

Xothinghaip. Thomas 

Xoty Jacob 

Nowe Lewis 

Nowel Lewis 

Xowell Thomas 

Nunk Henry 

Oakly John 

Oakly Jonaliian 

Oathout Tihiian 

Obrien John 

Occerman I'-lijah 

Occurman William 

Ockerman William 

Odel Wini:,m 

Ogden David 

Ogden John 

Ogdon John 

Oliver Drcv. 

Olmstead Jolin 

Olnisied Nehemiah 

Omberman Cornelius 

O'Niel John 

Oosterhoudt Cornelius 

Oothoudt Tilman 

Orr Daniel 

Orvis Gersham 

Orvis Waighscill 
Osburn Nathaniel 

Osterhout Gilbert 
Osterhout Henry 
Ostrander Adam 
Ousterhout Peter 
Outhout Sdvester 
Owen Abel 
Owen Daniel 
Owen ^'^owberry 
Owens Isaac 
0>vens Mose.s 
Oxteii John 
Padder John 
Padrick John 
Pain Daniel 
Palmer Jonatli; n 
Pahneter John 
Palmltear John 
Palmitier Joseph 
Pangbourn William 
Pangburu J<:ihn 
Papping Daniel 
Par Matthias 
Pardy Silas 
Parish Cyprian 
Parker Ebciie;er 
Parker Edwaid 
Parker James 

Parker Samuel 

Parks John 

Parry John 

Parsons Elisha 

Parsonus James 

Patterson Hezekiah 

Patterson John 

Pattison Michael 

Pavy John 

Paj'ner Peter 

Peck John 

Peddcr John 

Peeler Jacob 

Peirce Joseph 

Pellam Francis 

Peinbcrton Thomas 

Penear Peter 

Penny Jonathan 

Perigo U=ual 

Perry William 

Peters John 

Peterson Barnabas 

Petterson John 

Pettet Samuel 

Pevvf Abraham 

Pew Francis 

Pew Henry 

Pew John 

Phelps Ebenezer 

Phelps Israel 

Phenix Matthew 

Philiph David 

Phiiiph Joshua 

Philips David 

Philips Josiiua 
Philips Samuel 
Philps Ebenezer 
Pichtol Henry 
Pike John 

Pinear Peter 
Pitcher Jonathan 
Fixley John 
Pixly Sijuire 
Plapper Christian 
Plaugh Niceholes 
Plough Dennis 
Plum Stephen 
Plummer Ezra 
Pockneti John 
Poeknot John 
Poiiiear I'oier 
Pollard TliOmas 
Pohnan Salter 
Post Conelius 
Post Kenry 
Potter Ii-aac 
Potter Samuel 
Po.vell Elisha 
Pov.-ell Sam 
Powell Seth 

Powell Stephen 
Powell Thomas 
Powers Charles 
Pratt Chalker 
Pratt William 
Preitoii Jonathan 
Price James 
^ Prichard Thomas 
Prime Kimble 
Prince Campbell 
Prince Kemble 
Prior Abner 
- Pritchard Eleanathan 
" Pritchard Isaac 
Proston Isaac 
Puduey James 
Pudney Thorn 
Pulaman Salter 
Pulis John 
Pullman Salter 
Pumpshin Danie! 
Putman Salter 
Putman William 
Putnam Jonas 
Putney James 
Quawkcnboss Jacob 
Quick Cornelius 
Quick Jacob 
Quiun Thomas 
Rabby Michael 
Rady James 
Raniond Seth 
Ranison Henry 
Ranison Jacob 
Lamson James 
Randall Henry 
Ranuel Henry 
Rar.del John 
Raudels Joseph 
Rano Symon 
Rai'.som Jacob 
Ivansom James 
Rapp George 
Ray Isaac 
Ray James 
Rayiey James 
Rnynold John 
Read Brian 
Read V\'il!iam 
Readey James 
Reaky James 
Redman John 
R':cd Brian 
Reed John 
Reed Joseph 
Reed Nathaniel 
Reid John 
Reinsen Jacobus 
Rennolis James 
Reno Si:. icon 

The Line — Secoxd Rrgtmext 


Rcston William 

Reuben Mosos 

Rcxford Sanme! 

Rcydcr Jolin 

Reynolds Ehphalet 

Reynolds John 

Reynolds Joseph 

Reynolds Timothy 

Rhodes John 

Rhodes Joseph 

Ribley Micliael 

Rich Henry 

Richard Gilbert 

Richard Philip 

Richards Ezra 

Riciiards Gill'Crt 

Richards Philip 

Richardson Bezilla 

Riciie Henry 

Rich man John 

Richmond Benjamin 

Richmond John 

Rickey Jeremiah 

Rider John 

Riggs Daniel 

Righley Joseph 

Riley James 

Riley Sylvester 

Risten William 

Ritter Mojes 
Roach William 
Roads Joseph 
Robards Cakb 
Roberts Jonathan 
Robarts Warren 
Robcrson John 
Roberson Robert 
Roberts Caleb 
Roberts James 
Roberts Jonathan 
Robins Daniel 
Robinson Edmund 
R-obinson George 
Robinson Issaeher 
Robinson James 
Robinson John 
Robinson Stephen 
Robinson William 
Robley Michael 
Rock Hezekiah 
Rock Samuel 
Rocks William 
Roc Lyman 
Roomer Benjamin 
Rcosa Aaron 
Roosa Abraham 
Roosa Jacob 
Roosa Jonathan 
Root Joseph 
Rosa Jacob 

Rose Abraham 
Rose Andrew 
Rose Jacob 
Rose James 
Rose John 
Rose Peter 
Ross John 
Ross Joseph 
Row Antonio 
Rowley Daniel 
Royal Peter 
Rudul[)h Henry 
Ruff Adam 
Rugar John 
Runnel Able 
Runnel! Eliphalet 
Runnells Stephen 
Runnels Eliphalet 
Runnolds Timothy 
Runo Simeon 
Russel Jonathan 
Russel Thomas 
Russell James 
Russell William 
Russle Jonathan 
Russle Thomas 
Ryan John • 
Ryder John 
Sackett Benjamin 
Saddler John 
St. John Tedious 
St. Lawrence George 
Sammons Cornelius 
Sammons Ephrehan 
Samnions George 
Sampson Isaac 
Sanders John 
Sanders Robert 
Sandford Daniel 
Sandford John 
Sargar.on William 
Sartin James 
Saunders John 
Sawyer Jonathan 
Saxton h-benezer 
Scaitts James 
Schaits James 
Scheyer Jacob 
Schoomaker Henry 
Schoonmaker Henry 
Schriver Jacob 
Schutt Frederick 
Schutt Timothy 
Scilkirck Jan'.es 
Scott Edward 
Scott James 
Scott John 
Scott Timothy 
Scott William 
Scri\ er Peter 

Sciiitt.s James 
Scullhorp John 
Seaiy Jostph 
Sears Francis 
Sedore John 
Seeds George 
Seemore Aoraham 
Seers Aloses 
Seeton WiUard 
Selkirk James 
Sellers Michael 
Semore Abraham 
Serine James 
Serjantson William 
Sertain James 
Service Philip 
Service Richard 
Servis Rich.ard 
Scion W illard 
Sevis Francis 
Seymor Thomas 
Shafer George 
Shall George 
Shance Christian 
Shannan Robert 
Shants Christian 
Shareivood Xcamiah 
Sharp Hi ndriek 
Shatlcr John 
Shavalier John 
Shaw David 
Shaw Ichabod 
Shaw- James 
Shaw Mich.ael 
Shav.' Richard 
Shaw kuVjin 
Shaw William 
Shearman Michael 
Sheer Abraham 
Sheerman Jesse 
Shehan Maurice 
Shennon Thomas 
Sheijherd Isaac 
Sherewood Abraham 
Shercwood Nathan 
Sherwood James 
Sherwood M. 
Sherwood Xathan 
Sherwood Xeheiniah 
Shett Peter 
Shiping William 
Shipper! William 
Shoecrait John 
Shoemaker Daniel 
Sheiemaker David 
Shomaker Henry 
Shorwood Nathan 
Shouthard John 
Shove Frederick 
Shucraft luhn 

Shuter John 
Siklcs Zacharias 
Silkirk Jame.s 
Silsby David 
Simmons John 
Simmons Joshua 
Simmons Michael 
Simons Joshua 
Simons Martin 
Simpkins Jeremiah 
Simson John 
Sinnot Pat 
Sitz Nicholas 
Si.xby John 
Sixby Nicholas 
Ska its James 
Skinner Isaac 
Skinner Josiah 
Skinner Thomas 
Skutt Frederick 
Slate Ezlk 
Slippey David 
Sloan Stephen 
Slouter John 
SI over Isaac 
Slowter Andrew 
Slowter Ephraim 
Slowter Evert 
Slov.'ter John 
Shut Peter 
Sluyter Aiidrew 
Sluyter Evert 
Small Benjamin 
Smallee Thomas 
Smally Isaiah 
Smally Thomas 
Smily Thomas 
Smith Archibald 
Smith Baltzer 
Smith Benjamin 
Sniuii Caleb 
Smith Chri^toplier 
Smi;h David 
Smith Ehert 3. 
Smith Elihu 
Smith Ezekicl 
Smith George 
Smitn G-.rsham 
Sniiih He-iiiy 
Smith I.-aac 
Smith James 
Smith Je-red 
Smith Jesse 
Smith Joh.n 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Lemuel 
Smith Moses 
Smith Peter 
Smith Richard 
Smith Samuel 


New Yokk. in tui. Revolution 

Siiuth Senior 
Smith Shorten 
Smith Solfjinon 
Sinitli William 
Smyth Elijiih 
Smyth Rir.Iiard 
Snedecker Moses 
Snedicar James 
Sniduar James 
Sniffen Amos 
Sniflfcn Neheraiali 
Snow John 
Snovvden John 
Sohake Jonathan 
Solyer Zachei's 
Soucer Henry 
Southard Jlarvcy 
Southard Henry 
Southend John 
Southerd John 
Southerland William 
Spece John 
Speed George 
Spencer Asa 
Spencer David 
Spencer Jabez 
Spencer John 
Spencer Samuel 
Spicor Jacob 
Spiers Joseph 
Spilsbery Jacob 
Sprague John 
Sprigs Lazarus 
Spring Ephraim 
Spring Henry 
Springstead Casparis 
Springsted Abraham 
Springbted Harmaunies 
Springsteen Aljraham 
Springsteen Christopher 
Springsteen George 
Springsteen Hanuance 
Squirell Jacob 
Staats Silvester 
Stagg John 
Stanl'cry Elijah 
^Stanciel Wiliiain 
Standford John 
Stanford Daniel 
Stansbury William 
Stanton lUiijaiiiin 
Stalk Amos 
Steel James 
Steel John 
Steenberg Peter 
Stenbarrei^cr Theodore 
Stephen Nathan 
Stephens Henihick 
Stephens -W.tiiaiiiel 
Sternbtrsh Davul 

Stevens Jrihn 
Stevens I'hilii) 
Stevenson John 
Steves I'hi'ip 
Stewart John 
Sthephens Henry 
Stilefen John 
Stilhvell Thomas 
Stilwell Jair.es 
Stine William 
Stinebrinner David 
Stivers Philip 
Stives Caleb 
Stocker William 
Stoner John 
Stoner Nicholas 
Storms Jolin 
Stratton William 
Strawbridgc Absolom 
Streat Samuc! 
Street Samuel 
Stringham Henry 
Stump John 
Sturdeman Samuel 
Stursburgh David 
Sucanox Daniel 
Succanox Peter 
Sullivan Dennis 
Sunmiors Hugh 
Surgeson \\'il!iam 
Surs Erancis 
Suthard Henry 
Sutler John 
Sweep Jacob 
Sv.-eet Reuben 
Sweet Samuel 
Swift John 
Symen Martin 
Symkins Jeremiah 
Symons lEphraim 
Sy nons Willitt 
Syrine James 
Tabor Thomas 
Talliday John 
Talmagc Joseph 
Tapping Daniel 
Taicher Sami el 
Taylor Edward 
Taylor John 
Teatsworth Thomas 
Ti-mplar Thomas 
Ten Eyck John 
Ten Eyck Joseph 
Terwille^'er James 
''"harp Richard 
Thi'P.ias Htnry 
Th jnias James 
Thomas John 
Thomas Wiliiam 
Thompson Lenjamin 

Thompson James 
Thompson Jolin 
Thompson Timothy 
Th.omson Daniel 
Thomson Elias 
Thomson Joshua 
Thomson Stanley 
Thomson William 
Thomus Henry 
Thornton James 
Thorrington James 
Thump Frederick 
Tice John 
Tiemans Jonathan 
Timberman Henry 
Tire John 
Titsworth Thomas 
Titus Jonathan 
Tobias John 
Todd Adam 
Todd John 
Todd Thadeous 
Tode Adam 
Tompkins Nathaniel 
Touttell Joel 
Towey David 
Townsond Samuel 
Trautt Michael 
Traverse Jacob 
Traves Uriah 
Travis Abraham 
Travis Scott 
Travis Uriah 
Treeman Jonathan 
Treet Richard 
Tremins Abner 
Trere P. 

Trewelliger John 
Trcwileger Jacob 
Trewillagar Ary Van Etten 
Trimier Michael 
Tiiming AbncV 
Trimmings Jonalhan 
Trout Adam 
Trout Michael 
Trowbridge Absalom 
Truev.illeger James 
Tubbs Cyrus 
Tuck John 
Tucker Joshua 
T\ilva Thomas 
Tumans Peter 
Tummons Abner 
Tt'.rnar Peier 
Turner William 
Tuthiil Joel 
Tuthill William 
'i'ulle Solomon 
Tuttle Abner 
Tviar E^ra 

Underdunk Titus 
Upright Michael 
Utter Gilbart 
Utier Isaac 
Vacter Nicholas 
Valentine Obadiah 
Valhince Zachariah 
Vallcan Stephen 
Van Atten Jacobus 
Van Cleack Henry 
Van Cleack Peter 
Vandavore John 
Van de bo^ort Mindert 
Van De Burgh Mathew 
Van Demarker John 
Van demcrk Cornelius 
Vandermark David 
Vandermark Zachariah 
Vander Marken Cornelius 
Vandihider Adam 
Van Gelder Mathew 
Van Gilder Isaac 
Van Gordes John I. 
Van Ploosen Garret 
Van Hoozan Jacob 
Van Horn John 
Van Kleek Henry 
Van Ness Cornelius 
Vannetten Jacobus 
Van Nornam Isaac 
Van North John 
Vannute Charles 
Van Oman Isaac 
Van Orman Isaac 
Va.nsaunt John 
Van Sice Joseph 
Vantosels Cornelius 
Van Tyne Isaac 
Van Valkenburgh Francis 
Van Vlack George 
Van Volkingb'irgh Francis 
Van Vordenbaigh Thomas 
Vany \'inson 
Varian John 
Varniil John 
Vurron John 
Vaughan William 
A'eley Andrew G. 
Venice John 
Venus John 
Ve.ii te Cliarles 
Vermiller Peter 
Verny Vincent 
Verritty Gilbert 
Vincent Joseph 
Viriiute Ch.arles 
■VoiingtiJie Richard 
VoIIaiipburgh Francis 
Vrcdenburgh Thomas - 
Vulvia Thomas 

The Lim; — Seconj- Kix.i.ment 


UaKgoncr Henry 
WaMroni John 
W'.-ildruni Joseph 
Waldrum William 
Wales Timothy 
Walker Edward 
Walker Israel 
Walker John 
Walker Justus 
Walker Matthias 
Walker Samuel 
Wall Patrick 
Walles James 
Walner Abram 
Wandell Jolin 
Wanutc Charles 
Wapshear Simon 
Ward Abijah 
Ward James 
Ward Robert 
Ward Thomas 
Ward Zadock 
Warden Thomas 
Wareing Michael 
Waring Benjamin 
Warner Edmond 
Warner William 
Warren Francis 
Warren John 
Warren Nathaniel 
Vv'arren William 
Washborn Abel 
Waterman Henry 
Waterman James H. 
Waterman Jolm 
Waterman Samuel 
Watkins Benjamin 
Watson Richard 
Wayniire Frederick 
Weaver David 
Weaver John 
Webb John 

W^cbb Nathaniel 
Webb Samuel 
Webster Daniel 
Webster Thomas 
Weckham Stephen 
Wedge Benjamin 
Weed Abijah 
Weed Ezra 
Weeks Abraham 
Weeks James 
Weeks Melatiah 
Weemire Frederick 
Weesmiller Henry 
Welch John 
Welsh Edward 
Wendell Harnianiis 
Weiidle John 
Wentvvorth Joh.ii 
West Jacob 
West John 
Westervelt David 
Wever John 
Weyemiller Hendrick 
Wheeler Amos 
WHieeler Daniel 
Wheeler Joshua 
M'heeler Peter 
Wheeler Richard 
Wheeler Samuel 
Wheeler Timothy 
Wheelor John 
Wheler William 
Wheller Richard 
Vv'hiley Edward 
Whipple Nathan 
White Anthony 
Wliite Ephraim 
Wliitc Henry 
White John 
White Paul 
White Peter 
White Philip 

White William 
Whinluad J(jhn 
Whitehead William 
Wliiti'ord Jo?eph 
W'hitham Joseph 
Wliitncy Ezekicl 
Whitney Jacob 
Whittemore Cornelius 
Whittmore Benjamin 
VVhylcy Simeon 
Wickham Stophea 
Wicklow John 
Wilber Ichabod 
Wilber Josiah 
Wilbur Jacob 
Wilbur Joseph 
Wilcox John 
Wildy Edward 
Wiley Edward 
Wilkclow John 
Wilkerson Joseph 
Wilkerson Samuel 
Willaid Abel 
Willcox Aron 
Willcox John 
Wilier Amos 
Willess Thomas 
Willey Edward 
Williams Charles 
Williams Francis 
Williams John 
Williams Thomas 
Williamson James 
Willkox John 
Willmot John 
Willsey Isaac 
Willson Abraham 
Willson Jacob 
Willson John 
Willson Thomas 
Willson William 
Willy Samuel 

Wilson Archibald 
Wilson Samuel 
Wincliell John 
Winters John 
Winthrop William 
Wire Jerimiah 
VVisLnfelts Geori;c 
Wissenfels John 
Wolf Hendrick 
Wolf James 
W"ol{ Samuel 
Wood Jacob 
Wood James 
Wood John 
v\ood Joseph 
Wood William 
Woodmore Cornelius 
Woodv,ard Benedict 
Vi'oolcuti Justus 
Wordan Nathan 
Worden Thomas 
Worry John 
Wright Barrick 
^■^\■ri^ht F.phram 
Wright John 
Wright Uriah 
Wygant Tibias 
Y'ale Nathaniel 
"farington William 
Vntes John 
'VTauness John 
Y'conians Eleazer 
^;eomans Jeremiah 
Yiewmans Eleazer 
y.ewmans Jeremiaii 
Vomis Jacob 
\~0ne5 John 
Youmans Jeremiah 
Y::.'ung John 
"ilounkin George 
Za-meiis Ephrehain 
Z.t:'.lers Michael 


New York ix tiil Revoi.utio:-; 

The Line - 


1 hird Regiment 


Capt. Aaron Aorson 

" Andrew Billings 

" Leonard Bleeker 

" Jacoiius S. Bruyn 

" Ezra Buell 

" Ezekiel Cooi'ER 

" Daniel Denton 

Thoma? De Witt 

" Lewis Dl'bovs 

" I. Gregg 

" James Gregg 

" John Grenell 

" Daniel Griffing 

" Elias Hasbrouck 

" John Hulbert 

" James Humphrey 

" Cornelius J. Jansen 

" Robert Johnston 

" George Light 

" John Nicolson 

~J- " Abraham Swartwout 

" George Sytez 

" Henry Teaeout 

" Henry Tieeo'jt 

" Eljas Van Bun'sciioten 

Lieut. Josiah Bagley 

" John Ball 

Lieut. Peter Dehois Bevier 
" Benjamin Bogardus 
" Isaac Bogart 
■' Prentice Bowen 
" William Colebheath 
" Philip Conine 
" Nathaniel Conklin 
" Henry Defendorff 
" Balthazer Dehart 
" George Dennison 
" George I. Dknniston 
" David Dubois 
" William Havens 
" John Hunter 

Christopher Hutton 
" George Hamilton Jackson 
" Cornelius T. Jansen 
" Alexander Ketcham — 
■' Peter Koggen 
" Andrew Lawrence 

Samuel Lr.u is 

GiLiiERT R. Livingston 

George Lytze 
" Thomas McClellan 

Peter Magt.e 
" William ^Martin 
" Benjamin Marvin 

Lieut. Nathaniel Norton 

" Thomas Ostrander 

" Albert Pawlisg 

" Samuel Smith 

" Garret Staats 

" Levi Stockwell 

" William Tapp 

" Hjnry X'anderburg 

" Nanning Vanderkvdev 

" Thomas Warner 

" John Welch 

" Moses Yeomans 
Ensign Ament Aldert 

■' John Burhance 

Alexander Clinton' 
Douw Fonda 
Douw I. Fonda 

" Benjamin Herring 

" Garrit G. Lansing 

" Samuel Lewis 

" Peter Magee 

" Joseph Morrill 

" Matthew Potan 

" John Spoor 

" Jeremiah V'an Fli nsselaer 

Aartwick Lawrence 
Abbey Lemuel 
Abbey Samuel 
Acker Albert 
Acker Conrad 
Ackrrnian Dr.vid 
Ackcrman Edar 
Ackert^on Benjan:in 
Ackerson John 
Ackerson Tlur^-ui 
Ackiey Joel 
Adams Epluaim 
Adams Stejihen 
Adams Wiliiani 
Adamy Henry 
Ade Lester 
Ademy Henry 
Adley Peter 
Alderman Eyjhraim 
Allen Tl'.omas 
Allison Juhn, Sr. 

Allison John, Jr. 
Allison Peter 
Allison Ricl.ard 
Allison Thomas 
Alone Christian 
Ambler Nath.an 
Ambler Natlianiel 
Ammermon C^badiah 
Anderson Ezekiel 
Andersf)n Georf^e 
Anderson William 
Andrews Benjamin 
Anning Daniel 
Anthony Francis 
Anthony George 
Anthony John 
Anthony Peter 
Apart John 
Api)ait John 
Armstrong John 
Artvv'icl; Lawrence 

Ash Henry 
Ash.ley Aaron 
Atkins Henry 
Austin David 
Avrey Humphrey 
Balibet Reuben 
Babbit John 
Babcock David 
Bat;ley David 
Bailey Josetjh 
Bailey Wilkey 
Baily Leonard 
Bakehorn Jacob 
Bakehorn Jeremiah 
Baker Bartholoir.ew 
Eaker Daniel 
Baker Ichabod 
Baker John 
Baker Joseph 
Baker Pars 
Bak'-r Thoma.s 

Balding Jesse 
Balias Eiezer 
Banchralt John 
Banker John 
Banker ThLar.as 
Banks Benjannii 
Baptist John 
Bardu Elias 
Barker Stephen 
BarkholY Frederick 
Barnes Henry 
Barnes Stephen 
Barnhum Samuel 
Barns Henry 
Barns James 
Barret Michael 
Barrett W-.lllam 
Earrey Charles 
Barrit V.'illiam 
Barton Rober 
B;'.rton Robert 

v »>t *'-' -*Bi !yTag!!pg"y^ ' ^ iJ r-^; 'n!ags»?^' *i >! iV-K ' .<<^--ff ^^ y !g ft 'yi jg '^ 5 

?^ ^^. 



The Line — Tkikp Ri',';!.mi;\t 


Barwo'.f Chr-^ti.in 
Bass Henry 
Basset Cornelius 
Basset Joseph 
Bates Joseph 
Batman Wilham 
Batnar Paul 
Bearvert John 
Beckhi.-irn Jeremish 
Bedle Moses 
Beedlc John 
Beegle Thomas 
Beekman John 
Beenns Stephen 
Begle Mc.'^cs 
Beidle John 
Belknap John 
Belknap William 
Benjamin Daniel 

Bcnnet s 

Bennett Charles 
Bennett Henry 
Bennett Jeremiah 
Benson Thomas 
BerJan John 
Berry Charles 
Berry James 
Berton George 
Berwart John 
Beurum John 
Bickford James 
Bishop John 
Bishop Levi 
Black John 
Blacker John 
Blanrher William 
Blanck Cornelius 
Blank Cornelius 
Blauvalt Abram 
Blekweil Gerret 
Blowers Ephraim 
Blowers George 
Bogard Martha 
Bogardus Lewis 
Bogart John 
Bohall Paul 
Bont Thomas 
Bony William 
Booth l^lenry 
Borden Joim 
Borcman James 
Boimd Rodman 
BoLirk Edmond 
Bonrk John 
Bovie Nicholas 
Bower Jeremiah 
Boyce James 
Boyce John 
Boyce John P. 
Boyd Robert 

Bradley Cornelius 
Bradley Richard 
Bradt Christopher 
Brady George 
Brady Richard 
Brandt Edward 
Branncn Abraham 
Brannon Timothy 
Brant Christian 
Brant E. 
Brass John 
Bray William 
Brenck Peter 
Brewster Benjamin 
Brewster William 
Briggs John 
Brink Robert 
Brisbee James 
Brocket Moses 
Bromley Simon 
Brondow Frederick 
Brown Charles Fred 
Brown Daniel 
Brown David 
Brown Henry " 
Brown Isaac 
Brown John '' 
Brown John F. 
Brown Jonathan 
Brown Peter ■» 
Brown Rich.ard 
Brown Robert 
Brown Samuel 
Brown Thomas Clark 
Brown William 
Bryant John 
Bryant Melancthon 
Bryent Thomas 
Buckstaff Peter 
Buis James 
Bulson Cornelius 
Bunce Edmund 
Buncc Jesse 
Bunskolcn Solomon 
Buoy William 
Burch Philip 
Burch Sabins 
Burden John 
Burgess Michael 
Burgun Oliver 
Burhans Edward 
Burhans Jiihn 
Bvirhans Samuel 
Burjes Peter 
Burk Edmund 
Burk John 
Burkdorf John 
Burke Edmond 
Burke John 
Burns John 

Burrell Zachariali 
Burris John 
Burroughs John 
Burton Georf;e 
Bushell Joseph 
Buskirk Garret 
Butler Richard 
Butnar Paul 
Buycc James 
Buyer Godfrey 
Buyfcrd Henry 
Byer Godfrey 
Cable Andrew 
Cain Edward 
Cain John 
Caldwell William 
Calf John 
Callam. Reuben 
Cambell Kenneth 
Cameran Hugh 
Campbell Duncan 
Canfield Timothy 
Canter Jonas 
Carle John 
Carll Lemuel 
Carman Abraham 
Carmical Blakney 
Carmichel Peter 
Carpenter Moses ' 
Carpenter Samuel , 
Carr Norris 
Carragill John 
Carsad Richard 
Carsday N. 
Cartell John 
Casady Luke 
Case George 
Case Joseph 
Cashaday Nicholas 
Casler Joseph 
Cassells Eliphalet 
Cavenough John 
Cavin Thomas 
Cazard Richard 
Certain James 
Chaddock Nathaniel 
Chaddock Sylvanus 
Chambers Francis 
Chambers Henry 
Chambers Jacobus 
Chapel Benjamin 
Chase George 
Chase John 
Chase Robert 
Chasee Stephen 
Chattielil Lewis 
Chattield William 
Chickens Thorn.-. -s 
Christman Nicholas 
Chulwell Tlioii'.as 

Clanchy Daniel 
C'ansy Daniel 
Clark Anthony 
Clark Jeremiah 
Clark Jclin 
Clarke Benjamin 
Clarwater J'^remiah 
Clemens John 
Clement Nicholas 
Clerk Benjamin 
Clerk Martin 
CUne Franses 
Clinton Joseph 
Clock Jonathan 
Closs John 
Coad William 
Cod„'don John 
Coc John D. 
Coie Francis 
Cole Caret 
Coie Thomas 
Collins James 
Collins Joseph 
Collins William 
Colman Timothy 
Commadine Nicholas 
Commedin Nicholas 
Conckling John 
Conckling Selah 
Conckling Thomas 
Conckling Timothy 
Coaden Pb.ilip 
Condon David 
Ccr.e John 
Conet John 
Conkhn Joseph 
Conklin Nathaniel 
Conk i in Samuel 
Conklin Silvanus 
Conkling David 
Cor.kling Jacob 
CorKling Jonathan 
Conkling Thomas 
Com. oily Hugh 
Coiiraway John 
Con;;o\vay Cornelius 
Conolice John 
Conro Darling 
Consiabie Giiitt 
Cook Burn it 
Cook George 
Cook Jonathan 
Cook Samuel 
Cook Th.or.r's 
Coo.i James 
Coorct John 
Coop, r Abram 
Coop-r John 
Cooper John. Jr. 
CoCLt.r John C. 


New Vurk in the Rhvoll'tion 

Cooper Zebiilon, Jr. 
Cordise George Frederick 
Cordwise George 
Cormici! Blatlcney 
Ccrnwnll Caleb 
Cornwall John 
Cornwall Joseidi 
Cornwell Silvaniis 
Corrigal John 
Corter John 
Corwin Jonathan 
Corwin Nathan 
Corwin Thomas 
Cousins Mathew 
Cowdrey Btnjanun 
Cowen James 
Cozens Matthew 
Crambary Francis 
Cramberry Francis 
Crandell Luke 
Crandle Luke 
Creamer John 
Creaton Thomas 
Crekenborne Johannis 
Crickenboom John 
Crispell Anthony 
Cristman Nicholas 
Cristy John 
Crosihar Samuel 
Grossman Ahner 
Grossman Simeon 
Cunningham Charles 
Curoday Nicholas 
Curry Samuel 
Curtis George F. 
Curtis John 
Darby Asa 
Darby John 
Davenport Thomas 
David Heniv 
Davin Richard 
Davis Chapman 
Davis Gilbard 
Davis John 
Davis Mattliev/ 
Davis Nathan 
Davis Samuel 
Davis William 
Dawson Daniel 
Dawson Ricliard 
Dayton Samuel 
Dayton Samuel. Jr.- 
Dean Edward 
^^ean Joseph 
Dean Samuel 
Debois Jacobi\s 
Dcbois Joliannis 
De Bois Joim L 
De Clark Abraham 
Deftoiidurl lUnry 

Deforest Henry 
Uejo Hugh 
Delamarter John 
Deiamater Jolm 
Dement Joseph 
Dempsey Mark 
Dempster John 
Denn Thomas 
Dennis John 
Denny Samuel 
Deratt John 
Devan Cornelius 
De Vaults Peter 
Dcvaults Stephen 
Devee Henry 
Devee William 
Dcvenport Thomas 
De Witt Benjamin 
Dewitt Jacob 
Deyo Hugh 
Deyo Hugh H. 
Dickerson Jeremiah 
Dillinge John 
Dobb John 
Dobbins Thomas 
Dodge Alexander 
Dodge Henry 
Dodge Zachar'ah 
Dods Zachanah 
Doherty Thomas 
Douden John 
Doughty Isaac 
Douglass William 
Dowlar George 
Down? James 
Dreyer Frederick 
Driskell Cornelius 
Dumond Joseph 
Dumont John 
Dunlap James 
Dunlap Thomas 
Dunn Stephen 
Dunnivan Ar.chony 
Dupec ."Xhraham 
Eager James 
Eagins Joshua 
Early Samuel 
Easton Henry 
Edes Joseph 
Edgarly John 
Egans Joshua 
EggG Samuel 
Elleback Emanuel 
Ellen Jesse 
Hllioi Fr-ancis 
Elliot John 
Elliot John. Jr. 
Ellon Jesse 
EHot Archabel 
Elmendor[4i Petrus 

Elmendorph Pctrus. Jr. 
Elsworth Peter 
Elting Tliomas 
Emica Joiiii G. 
English Joshua 
English Samuel 
Ennis Henry 
Ennist Cornelius 
Erivin Janies 
Evans Josepli 
Everliart John 
Everhile John P. 
Everstine Francis 
Fairchild Jesse 
Farnngton David 
Fausdick Samuel 
Fero Andris 
Ferran Coruelle 
Ferreigh John 
Ferry Omer 
Fersha Dennis 
Fetzerman Barnet 
\ Field James 
Finch Charles 
Finton P^tcr 
Fitzermaii Barna 
Fletcher James 
Fling Henry 
Flynn John 
Pokes Robert 
Foot Johan Casjiar 
Forbes Alexander 
Force David 
Foren James 
Ferguson Robert 
Forman Gabriel 
Forr John C. 
Fosdick Samuel 
Foster Daniel 
Foster Jauits 
Foster Thomas 
Fothergiil Hugh 
Fountain John 
Fowder Jnbcz 
F'owdes James 
France Coonradt 
Frayer Thomas 
Frazier Jolm 
Frear Solomon, Jr. 
Frederick John 
Freeland Jehu 
French Co'uiradt 
Freycr J. 
Freyer T'lon'.as 
Friday Cooaradt 
Fryer Robert 
Fulton Francis 
Fi'.iton William 
Funna Anth'jny 
Fu;mau Gabriel 

Fume Francis 
Gadfje John 
Ga.h2n John 
Gaii Juiin 
Gain Francis 
Gai:;5 Christian 
Gakc Samuel 
Gal? John 
Garder.ier Samuel 
Garcineer Samuel 
Gar:liner Andrew 
Gardiner Jeremiah 
GaiTDct John 
Garrell John 
Garrison Abraham 
GaiTot Benjamin 
GajTcy David 
Gaf'ts John 
Gataes David 
Gee Tl'.omas 
Geeg'e John 
Gelslon William 
Geraghty Bartholomew 
Gibson Andrew 
Gieri Benjamin 
GifFO'rd William 
Gil'tjen Samuel 
Giidirsleaves Philip 
GilUj3i'ileeve Finch 
GilJ-esrsleeve Ricaard 
Gillaspy James 
Gilla^-ji-y James J. 
Gill?.s-j'y William 
Gilki.ipy William, Jr. 
Gilmore Robert 
Glerr Robert 
GleiiEL George 
Gol(:.^r.nth WUliam 
Goo&:ourage John 
Gould: John 
Grace James 
Gral;:i;rn Andrew 
Gray John 
Gray Robert 
Greeii William 
Gregg: Thomas 
Grittt =. Jam.os 
Grit'ii- -■.; James 
Griir--<\v William 
Griic xViiliam 
Groc:. William 
Grose ;-'.an Frederick 
Groto Wiiiiam 
Gruincon Joseph 
Habuni William 
Hadlcy Bishop 
Haigiit Abraham 
Haigl.-i Thon-.as 
Hall j olm 
Hallci Moses 

g ? 


-fe'f z/. 






U - 



L//.i ru.:i.i liu.'f^ 
.-"'rf>-c r/ UU-/1 rn /. 


Cjfl-i-.^J^'il.r .':;<! 

r— ■;. = 

/'/i> '/</..•- -^r-^ 

>/>rrLyA;{i£..A j^Jt 

■<•/>■.; rAr'^ 



■fic.'iirt r 

//t^r- Jn.,.r<^ 

TTf^ — ^ 

-^ '-/c-.lU"i/6'<.i.rf 

•i'^l-rs { ti frit' •■■■.'-, 

2 -v^^" 

. _ Jhf/.i-/77 



^ ^ ' h> il' 

1 . 

o •'■•/*■ ■''i 

/. K^^*' I 


■^ / 



/:,/^.^x'.^/^:%^2i^/--A>w^t-^-^ ji 

1 yc >^, 

titn /A-'f Z(^. '■'' 

,rn2z/t ^ji-fn /A-e'Zq. '-'/yy^ '/^-;-..-.:-.vr.' / . 





ly'/i ^cfJ/L-^nii^ 

0. it\:'>.'/'-^ Jiif 






• / / 1 ' 



^ ^-"^.C ^///?'^ ^>7i.../- ^-/'v- ^,y^^.n/tln^,j ylTTrJ 





,? ^ 

The LiNii — Thiud Kkgimknt 


Hiiscy M.-.tthcw 
Ilalsey Matthew, Jr. 
Ha'sey WiiUarn Rogers 
Ilaman D.iTiicl 
Hainan Jaracs F. 
flanian Joiin F. 
Haiiilton WiUian 
Hand Daniel 
}Ianden John 
Hannes James 
Happlc Adam 
Hardenbergh Henderick 
Hardenbergh Leonard 
Harder Adam 
Harlov.' Robart 
Harriot J. 
Harriot Thomas 
Harris George, Jr. 
Harriss Silas 
Hart Andrew 
Hart Gilbert 
Hart Thomas 
Harter Adam 
Harvey William 
Hasbrouck John, Jr. 
Hatch Timothy 
Hatton Jacob 
Haven Isaac 
Havens Daniel 
Havens Joseph 
Haycock John 
Hebbard Abel 
Hedges Elias 
Height .Al.iraliam 
Hellit Francis 
Hender Frederick 
Henderson Elisha 
Henderson Patrick 
Henry Michael 
Herrald Henry 
Hcrteel John 
Hevinglon William 
Hevvit Benjamin 
Heyer Alexander 
Hickey John 
Hicks Jacob 
Hide Thomas 
Hievnard Hendrick 
Higby Daniel 
Higgans Jonathan 
Higher Garrit 
Hile Coonrad 
Hill David 
Hill E!i!>helet 
Hill Henry 
Hill John 
Hill Nicholas 
HolTinan David 
Hogan Patrick 
Hoghtaling William 

Holbcrt A.-iron 
Hollcy Benjamin 
Home Ca^pcr 
Hone William 
Honeywell John 
Hooper Jacob R. 
Hooper Robert R. 
Hopkins Steplien A. 
Hopp Abraiiani 
Hopping Henry 
Hopping Joseph 
Horton Isaac 
House John 
Houser Andrew 
Houstman George 
Houxly James 
Hovv John 
Howard James 
Howel Samuel 
Howell Aaron 
Howell Edward 
Howell Lemuel 
Howell Stephen 
Hubbard Rosel 
Hudson John 
Huff Robert 
Huffner Hendrick 
Huggans James 
Huit Daniel 
Hulbert Aaron 
Hull Nathaniel, Jr. 
Hull Samuel 
Hully Arthur 
Ilulser John 
Hungeriorth Daniel 
Hunt Benjamin 
Hunt Guilead 
Hunter Jonathan 
Hunter Thomas 
Hurley Arthur 
Hurley James 
Hutson John, Jr. 
Huxley James 
Huxley John 
Hyer Alexander 
Hyer Garret 
Hyet Joseph 
Hyle Coonrad 
Hyne Hartnian 
Hynes Hendrick 
Isaacs Isaac 
Jackson Archil)ald 
Jackson Francis 
Jaggtr .\braham 
Jansen Frederick 
Jeffrey John 
Jenkin Ennis 
Jennings Elnathan 
Jcssup Zebulon 
Jinnings Hazakiali 

Jinniii:-;s Jonathan 

Johnson Ldward 

Johnson Daniel 

Johns'in John 

Johnston Daniel 

Jones David 

Jones Eliconi 

Jones Jcrcmiali 

Jones Joseph 

Jones Nathaniel 

Jones Scth 

Jones Shadrick 

Jones Thomas 

Jones William 
Kallam Reuben 
Karr Mark 
Kater James 
Keator Petrus 
Keator Wilhehmis 
Keener Christian 
Kecnor Christopher 
Keisbergh Christian 
Kellam Reuben 
Kelley Patrick 
Kelley Robert 
Kelley Thomas 
Kellion Coonradt 
Kelly John 
Kelsey Benjamin 
Kenny John 
Kent Thomas 
Ketchani Daniel "~' 
Ketcham Philip ._ 
Keyset Abraham 
King Aaron 
King Jeremiah 
King Joel 
King John 
King Jonathan 
Kinney Jese 
■ Kinny Charles 
Kip Mathew 
Kip Moses 
.Kirk Joseph 
Kittham John 
Kitcham Samuel 
Klaerwater Da.Tiel 
Klock J. 
Knapp Benjamin 
Knapp Elijah 
Knapp Jercmirdi 
Knapp William 
Knapping Jtrei'ii.-ih 
Koile David 
Kortreght Silvester 
Krack Godlicb 
Krak Godlip 
Krom Benj.-i.min, Jr. 
Kysinger Philip 
Ladd Joseph 

r-=.:"ter John 
L:,j:;n.-et Jolm 
L^ml)art David 
[^.n-ibcrt Abraham 
1 .amI.'iTt John 
l-;i-nbert Moses 
L^mpyer Francis 
Langdon Ananias 
Liinsing Evert 
Import John 
L.2Toy John. Jr. 
I-attamore Thomas 
Lawrence Benjamin 
I.-av.-son George 
Lawyer William 
Leach John 
Leaster Michael 
Lee James 
Lee Thomas 
Leek Abraham 
Lees Martin 
Lclencet James 
Lemmon Alexander 
Lemon Alexander 
Lennington Thomas 
Lennox Samuel 
Lent Harculous 
Lent Moses 
Leonard Henry 
Leonard Robert 
Lcyling John 
Lewis Lockart 
Lewis Peter 
Lewis Richard 
Lewis Thomas 
Lewis Zadock 
Lighthall James 
L'ghthall Lanca;:er 
Limbaker John 
Lipling John 
Little Peter 
Little William 
Littlejohn John 
Loader Daniel 
Lockcrt Lewis 
Loins Michael 
L'jopsr Abrahain 
Looper .'\mos 
Loose P. 
Loosee Paul 
I..oper David. 
Losey Paul 
Losing Peter 
L-.j'Ssing Lov.rcnce 
Loucks Hendrick 
Louden William 
Louks Hendrick 
Lourcy .Alexander 
Loux Hendrick 
Lou.x Nicholas 


New York in the Ri.voi.utiox 

Lnvc Da%is 
Lovely Francis 
Low Jacob G. 

Lov.-cey Paul 
Lowdon Williara 
Lov.nian Pcler 
Loyal Edward 
Lucy Eliazcr 
Ludlani George 
Ludlam Steplien 
Ludlnm Daniel 
Lusk Francis 
Luther John 
Lutner James 
Lyon Asa 
Lyon John 
Lyon Joseph 
McAnanny John 
McAuley Robert 
Mc Bride James 
McBride John 
ivIcCart Janips 
McCarty Dennis 
McCay A.lexander 
McClanning John 
McCIean John 
McConnelly Hugh 
McCord William 
McCormick James 
McCor;nick Thomas 
McCoy Alexander 
McCoy James 
McCutc'ieon Thomas 
McDan'el James 
McDan.el John 
McDermot Cornelius 
McDonald Alexander 
McDonald Daniel 
McDonald Donald 
McDornit Cornelius 
McDougal Alexander 
McEwan Duncan 
McFarland Juhn 
McGinnis John 
AlcGlaghlin V/iliia'ii 
McGowu Archibald 
McGraw Alexander 
McGuiii Abraham 
McGuire Abranam 
McGuire James 
Mclntire Phineas 
Mcintosh John 
McKen/.ie Jol'.n 
McKeniie Xeal 
Mackey Thi- .las 
McKirr. John 
McKnecl ) jhn 
McKowT. James 
McKowi! Jjhn 
-Mcl.au.hlii- William 

McMaster Alexander 
McMicliacl Jolm 
McNeai rlcnry 
McNeal John 
.McQuin Philip 
McVay John 
Madden Owen 
Mahan Patrick 
Mahannc Cain 
Maincs Mathcw 
Maker Nathaniel 
Maker Solomon 
Mallow Thomas 
Alane Matthew 
Mantanye Jacobus 
Manuel Isaac 
Marsten James 
Marvin Elihew 
Marvin Matthew 
Marvin Moses 
Marvin Sealh 
Mason James 
Masten Daniel 
Masten James 
JMathers John 
Mathews Peter 
Matleg Caleb 
Matleg Daniel 
Matlock Caleb 
Maxwell Cornelius 
Maxwell William 
Mayberry Richard 
Maybus Leonard 
Meeker John 
Meeker Nathaniel 
JMeeker Solomon 
^legere James 
Melcher Paul 
iMellow Thom.as 
Melshire Paul 
Mence Christopiier, Jr. 
Merrick Scth 
Merriclc San'uel 
Mcrshall WilTiam 
Middagh George 
Micrs Jacob 
Miles John 
Miller David 
Miller Henry 
Miller Jacob 
Miller John, Jr. 
Miller Levi 
Miller Ludwick 
Miller Nathan 
Miller Peltr 
Miller Zephaniah 
Miller William 
Milks John 
Mills David 
Mills Hei.rv 

.Mills Nathaniel 
Milspaugh Mathias 
Minick Parnhart 
Minick IKndrick 
Minie Christopl.er. Jr. 
Minncn Robert 
Minroo George 
Mitchell Robert 
Mixer Daniel 
Moiijy William 
Monrow Alexander 
Montcrief Charles 
Moor Frederick 
Moor John 
Jloor Robert 
Moor Samuel 
Moore Frederick 
Moore John 
Moore Thomas 
Morcrait William 
Morcwise Jacob 
Morgin David 
Morris Edmond 
J.Iorrison Daniel 
Morrison Ricliard 
Morrison Thomas , 
Morriston Richard 
Morrow Patrick 
Mosher John 
Mosier Hugh 
jMosure Ruben 
Moti Menry 
Mott Jacob 
Molt Joseph 
Mott Samuel 
Mott Thomas 
Mowris Daniel 
Mulholand James 
Mullon John 
Munr.i .\lexauder 
Murphcy Peter 
Murray Hartley 
Murray James 
Murray William 
;Mutc William 
Mycr Frederick 
Mycro Frederick 
Myers Jacob 
Myrick Seth 
Nangle Frederick 
Neilson .Mien 
Nelson .Allen 
- Nelson Caleb 

Nemiah Joim Henry 
Nemire John Henry 
Nevels John 
Newbergh Jol'iu 
Newman William 
Newton William 
Nicholj Simon 

Nicolls Kobrrt 
Nicols Jo.^ieph 
Nicolson Jonathan 
\icol>on Thomas 
Noble Cornelius 
Norris Isaac 
North John 

Northrop Ebenezer S. T. 
Nortrap Moses 
Nostrant Isaac 
Nostrant John 
Nostrant Luke 
Nottingham William 
Nyx Cornelius 
Cakes Ephraim 
Oakes Jci'.n 
Obrient John 
O'Connolcy James 
Odie Tomkins 
Ohlen Henry G. 
Oldham John 
Olendorph Leonard 
Oliphant William 
Oliver Thomas 
Olmendurff Leonard 
Oneal John 
Oosterhoudt Isaac 
Orr Baltis 
Orsborn Ezekel 
Osborn .Aaron 
Osborn Cornelius 
Osborn Josiah 
Osterhout Isaac 
Osterhoui Peter 
Ostrander Peter 
Ostrander Peter William 
Owen Daniel 
Owens Daniel 
Owens Th.onuis 
Owens Uriah 
Paddock Levy 
Pain Jonathan 
Paii; Paul 
Painter Edward 
Palfreman William 
Paknateer Isaac 
Paioeman William 
Parker Daniel 
Parker Edmund 
Parker Edward 
Parker Timothy 
Parkhoff Frederick 
Parks Ebcnexer 
Parks Jonah 
Parks Timothy 
Parks William 
Parshel James 
Parson Isaac 
Patterson James 
Patterson Jol-.n 

Till-: Line — Tiiiiid Ki:GiMii.\T 


r.ittcrson Wi'liam 
FcaSL Xatl;aniL-i 
Tcirson Isaac 
Peirsori John 
Pclgrit ilcndrick 
Pcils Henry 
Pcltz Hendrick 
Peltz Henry 
Pcresf'nias Jacobus 
PerkliofT Frederick 
Perkoff Hendrick 
Perksniith En^lars 
Perchase Joseph 
Peters John 
Peters Simon 
Peterson John 
Phenix Robert 
PhiHips William 
PiUbTel Hendrick 
Pillow John 
Pinckney Jonathan 
Pinkney Jonathan 
Pinton Peter 
Piny Edward 
Piper Lewis 
Pitt Abraham 
Pittman John 
Pixly Eli 
Plato Thomas 
Platto Thomas 
Plough Jochiam 
PlouL,h Samuel 
Plunisted Nathaniel 
Post Cornelias 
Post Richard 
Poulson Michae! 
Powlson Michael 
Pratt Chalker 
Pratt John 
Preston Benjamin 
Preston Othaniel 
Price Adam 
Price Benjamin 
Price Robert 
Prince Joseph 
Prindlc Joseph 
Prouth Degory 
Putney Joseph 
Quackenboss Benjamin 
Queen Christopher 
Quigley George 
Rahea Denic 
Ralje David 
Randcll Henry 
Randle Henry 
Ranger Samuel 
Rannels Abijah 
Ray William 
Read James 
Record Wilmot 

Reed Gairet 
Reed Samuel 
Reeves Daniel 
Rendal Henry 
Rennc Coral 
Rennix William 
Rergtmire Conradt 
Reynard John 
Reynolds John 
Reynolds Michael 
Rice Samuel 
Richardson Alexander 
Rider George 
Riely Charles 
Riley John 
Rilya David 
Rindcr Christian 
Ripenbergli Adam 
Rlsdale William 
Roads Noah 
Roberts Warren 
Roiiinson Andrew 
Robinson George 
Robinson James 
Robinson John 
Robinson Richard 
Rocaster John 
Rodgers Samuel 
Rogers James. Jr. 
Rogers Stephen 
Romer William 
Romine John 
Roos Lemuel 
Roosa Jacob 
Root George 
Rosa Aaron 
Rosa Aldert 
Rose Albert 
Rose Thomas 
Ross John 
Rotheart George J. 
Rouse Thomas 
Rowley Seth 
Row-ley Thomas 
Ridand Thomas 
Rumler Thomas 
Rump Henry 
Ruskill Marlain 
Russell Joseph 
Russell Oliver 
Rutan Peter 
Ryan Patrick 
Ryan Robert 
Ryiey P:i>rick 
Rynard John 
Rynder Christian 
Rynder Clirislopher 
S — — Lphrih;.m 
St. Johns Noah 
Sammons Maiiliew 

Sandford Benjamin 
Sapiti Tho:nai 
Sussin Thomas 
Sax Jacob 
Sayrc James 
Sayre Joshua 
Schreeder John Joi'.chim 
Schruder John J. 
Schryver Christopher 
Schultz John 
Scott Andrew- 
Scott John 
Scott Timothy 
Scott William 
Scriber Christian 
Scriber Peter 
Scudder Alexander 
Scudder Edmund 
Seaberry John 
Seaman Daniel 
Seaman Isaac 
Seaman J. 
Seaman Micha 
Scamans Ephraim 
Seamans Isaac 
Searles Thomas 
Searls Thomas 
Secor Isaac 
Sccor James 
Scely Silvanus 
Seevcy Joseph 
Semall Anthony 
Serais Thomas 
Sevey James 
Seyley Coenradt 
Shade .\dam" 
Shades Adam 
Sharriner Lodw.ck 
Shatter Hussey 
Shaw John 
Shiwi John 
Shay Jolin 
Shearwood James 
Shecls James 
Sheffield Robert 
Shell Christian 
Shell Christopiier 
Shell George 
Sberlocke John 
Sherriden Richard 
Sherril Abraham 
Sherril Jeiemiaii 
Shcrrow James 
Shtrv,-ood Elijah 
Sherv.ood Seymour 
Shields Danici 
Shields James 
Shift George 
Shires Jacob 
Shirk'ck Tohn 

Shirts Peter 
Shirts Samuel 
Ghoecraft Joho. 
Short Jacob 
S'urmer Lodcwick 
Shriver Lodewick 
ifh.ultz John 
S'.nirky Thomas 
Sickels .Abraham 
Sickles Abraham 
Snnkins Gideon 
Simons Moses 
■Simpkins Gedion 
Simweil Anthony 
Skiff'.ngton John 
Slaughter Isaac 
Slead Joseph 
Slone Thomas 
Sl'iyter Jacob 
Sly Samuel 
Slyter James 
Smider Christejan 
Smith Alexander 
Smith Archibald 
Smith Daniel 
Smith David 
Smith Duncan 
Smith George 
Smith Hezekiah 
Smith Hugh 
Smith Isaac 
Smith Jeremiah 
Smith Joel 
Smith John 
Smith Josi.ah 
Smith X.it'ianiel 
Smith Peter 
Smith Petrus. Jr. 
Smith Solomon 
Smith Thaddcus 
Smith Wait 
Sommers Hugh 
Sox Jacob 
Sparling John 
Spear John 
Speer John 
Sueiglcr Frederick 
S.)eigler Hendrick 
S-pensur J'.c-^h 
?;;ensor Mati-ias 
Spicgler Hendrick 
Sraats Silvester 
Stag Jasper 
Stagg John 
Siaiker William 
Stanbury Elijaii 
St:ir Eli 
S:arling Levy 
Siecnbergh Abr;;ham 
Steeples Natlum 


New Vcu(K in riiE 1vl\-(H.U'i ion 

Stephen Samuel 

Stephen? Alir^iham 

Stephens John 

Stephens Relief 

Stephenson Samuel 

Sterling Levi 

Stevens Eliphelet 

Stevens John 

Stevens Samuel 

Stewart Sa.muel 

Still James 

Stihvili James 

Stinias Isaac 

Stimwel! Anthony 

Stitt James 

Stodgden Robert 

Stokes Alexander 

Storer Nehemiah 

Stout James 

Strickling Samuel 

Stuart John 

Stump Charles 

Sturges Isaac 

Sullivan Dennis 

Sullivan John 

Sumurch Henry 

Sutherland Daniel 

Sutherland James 

Sutler Samuel 
Sivan Peter 
Swartwout Cornelius 
Sweeny Roger 
Talladay John 
Tallerday Stephen 
Talmadge Elisha 
Tammond Pete.' 
Tarry Daniel 
Tarry David 
Taylor Alexander 
Taylor Thomas 
Teachout Wiiliam 
Temount Joseph 
Tenure James 
Ter Bush John 
Terry Samuel 
Terwelleger Benjamin 
Terwellcger James 
Thomas John 
Thompson tlias 
Thompson Jonii 
Thompson Joshua 
Thonison Benjamin 
Thorp Thomas. Sr. 
Thorp Thomas, Jr. 
TisdcU William 
Tisdit William 
Tobin Edward 
Todd Jonathan 
Toll Roger 
Toirikiiis .Miraliam 

Tompkins Abraham 

Tompkins Tnomas 

Tompson John 

Tone Andrew 

Tool Roger 

Topping Daniel 

Town Timothy 

Townshand Richard 

Trail Abel 

Troop George 

Trull John 

Truman Jonathan 

Tubee John 

Tuley John 

Turner .Alexander 

Turner John 

Turner Richard 

Tutliil .Vzariali 

Turtle Henry 

Tuttie Stephen 

Twisle John 

Umphrey Evins 

Umphrey John 

Upright George 

Upright James 

Upright Nathan 

Utcst John 

Vader Samuel 

Vail Jeremiah 

Vail John 

Vail Alicah 

Vail Peter 

Valentine Joseph 

Valentine Peter 

Van Ambergh Abraham 

Van Amboro Abraham 
Van Atta John 

Van Benscoter Elias 
Van Blarcum James 
Vi.n Elaricum James 
Van Blazicum James 
Vap Bunhagele John C. 

Van Bunhagle Benjamin 
Vancamp Abram 
Van Cleet Lawrence 
Vandemark Cornelius 
V.in Den Bogart Esoyas 
Vandenburgh Jacob 
Van Der Burgh Henry 
Van Der Buruh Jacob 
Van Derhyden Adam 
\'anderhyden Derrick 
Van Derhyden Girshom 
Vandervoort James 
Van Der Warken Maitm 
Van Deusen Abraham 
\'an devoort Jan:es 
Van Every DaMd 
\ an Gilbbtek Thon'.as 

Van hour Rineas 

Van Kleak James 

Van Kleeck Moses 

Van Klcek James 

Van Klief Laurence 

Van Loan Peter 

\^an Nosdal Cornelius 

Van NosJall John 

Van Ordan Charles 

Vansail Egbert 

Van Schank Anthi my 

Van Sickle Ferdinand 

Van Sise John 

Van Sise Joseph 

Van Stenburgh Jeremia^. 

Vantine Isaac 

Van Wagoner John 

Varner Henry 

Varriken Johannes 

Vary George 

Vasey George 

Vaults Peter 

Veal John 

Veeder Samuel 

Verling Andrev/ M. 
Vessels Joseph 
Vonck William 
Vradenburg Wiliiani 
Vredenburgh William 
Wade Bernard 
Waddle William 
Wagerman Emanuel 
Wagerman George 
Waggerman Emanuel 
Waggerman George 
Wains William 
Waiter Thomas 
Walby Roger 
Wall Patrick 
Wallace James 
Wallace John 
W'allis John 
W.dter Coonradt 
Wandle John 
Ward Daniel 
V/ard Thomas 
Warden Nathan 
Waring Benjamin 
Warnor Martin 
Warren Edward 
Warren Francis 
Warring Benjamin 
Wass John 
Watkins Elijah 
Watson Joseph 
Watson Richard 
Watson Wiilk.m 
Way John 
Weasels Josepdi 
Wtathcrslint John 

Weaver Christian 

Weaver Christopher 

Vv'eavcr George 

Weaver Henry 

Weaver Joliannis 

Weaver Richard 

Webb Daniel 

Weed David 

Weeks Andrew 

Weeks Jacob 

Weeks J'^nathan 

Weeks Obediah 

Weken Conrad 

Welch John 

Welch Richard 

Welch Thomas 

Welden Robert 

Weklon Jeremiah 

Wells John 

Wells Peter 

Wesell Joseph 

Wetherstine John 

Wey John 

Weychouer Jacob 

Weyfenback Hendrick 

Weyherner Jacob 

Weyschouer Jacob 

Wharry David 

Wharry Evins 

Whay John 

Whiley John 

White Joseph 

White Thomas 

Whitham William 

Whitman John 

Whitter F.;-ra 

Wilbur Esau 

Wiggins Thomas 

Wiley John 

Wilkinson Robert 

Wilier Charles 
Willes James 
"Willes Thomas 

Wiilctt Francis 

Williams Abraham 

.Williams Arthur 
'Williams Ebenezer 
nVilliams George 
'W'iliiams John 
'■.Wiilian;s Robert 
Williams Solomon 
V\';lliamson John 
\'\'iilis John 
'■Willis Thomas 
•.Wills John 
"A'ilsey William 
VWiisie Vvilliam 
VvVilsoii John 
Wilson Robert 
'Wilson Thomas 






nUlOAIill' K i;k.\1:KAL JAMKi ILI.MOX 

The Line — Fourth Regiment 


\',''t:.-lic5ter Aniariih 
Vi iiiuivcr John 
Wise Giillip 
Witliein William 
Wilino.-iir IKiiry 
U'i'it Christoplier 
Woo.l F.liplielct 
Wood Gilbert 
Wood John 
Wood Jonathan 
Wood Joseph 
Wood Samuel 

Wood Silas 
Wood Thomas 
Wood Timothy 
Wooilworth Jo'^hiia 
Woolcy Jarcd 
Worden Natluin 
Worden Nath.aniel 
Wordenton \Iathi;\v 
Wright Abraham 
Wright Edward 
Wright John 

Wright Samuel 
Wybert Frcdcrirk 
Wyfenback Henry 
Wynins Wiiliam 
Wyschover Jacob 
Yarington William 
Yates James 
Yengle John F. 
Yeoman Moses 
Yeomans Isaac 
Yoemens Thomas 

Yournans William 
Young Daniel 
Young Isaac 
Young John 
Voungs Israel 
Youngs John 
Youngs Nathan 
Zagart Christian 
Zanno Frederick 
Zeaster Michael 
Zenner Frederick 

The Line — rourth Regiment 













Capt. Joseph Benedict 
" John D.^vis 
Henrv Dodge 


" Peter Elsworth 
" Theodorus Fowler 
Silas Gr.vy 
RuFUS Herrick 
Ambrose Jiokton 
" WiLi.iAM Jackson 
Be.vjamin Marvin- 
Daniel Mills 


David Palmer 
Jonathan Pearsee 
Jonathan Pkrry 
Jonathan Pl\tt 
Daniel Roe 

" James Ro^ekr.vns 
Sa.m.uel Sacket 

" Israel Smiih 
Nathan SrRc.NC 
Nathaniel Stkomj 
JoN.'iTHAN' Tirr.=. 
Benjamin Wa'.ke ; 
Nathaniel Wo(.)I;ard 
Liei;t, William B. Ah'j:r 
James Barrett 
Corneliva Beckfr 

Lieut. Leon'.\rd Bleecker 
Gould Eoughten 
Henrv Brewster 
" Manning Bull 
" Peter Bunsvioten 
" Edward Conklin 
" Sylvanus Conkling 
" William Crane 
" David Dan 

Daniel E. Deniston 
" Daniel Denniston 
Henrv Dodge 
James Duw 
Peter Elswof.th 
" Peter C. Elsworth 
William Elsaortii 
Thldosious Fowler 


" Charles Graham 

WiLLi.\.M Havens 

Tiio.m.\s [Iu.\"t 

Elijah Hunter 

Abraham Hyatt 

John Lawrence 

Tno.MAs Lfe 
'' John Llo\ d 

William MAiTHEW>!.\r; 

MiLES Oaklev 
" Isaac Padm'uk 

Samuel Tskdwlll Pell 

Lieut. Aleajiam Riker 
Isaac .■\.. Rosa 

Geo rge Smith 
" Isaac Stringer 
Ctlhert Strang 


Jesse TnoMrsox 
Daniel Tcitinc 
William Tkoop 
" RoiiERT TRurr 


" J'jHK \'an .Antwerp 

" I'F.TER Van Bunscik ten 

" Rudolph \'a>,- Hceven-. 


Roswell Vi'ILCOCKS 
EnSIU.N J.)liN B.vf.k 

Caleb Bruh-ter 
Simon Cr-'ci~:i 
S■.^:oN Ckvgier 

SaM'.'EL DotiGE 
Jo^EiH; r:UjiLUK 
STErilEN Gf!lKF!N 

Joseph MiTKRiLL 
John Pun .jrRso.N 

r>HR.\IM \Voor>RU~F 


New York ::,' tiic Re\olutio.\' 


Acker Ilcnry 
Acker Jacob 
Ackr.rson C. 
Adams Daniel 
Adams Ebenezer 
Adams James 
Adams Jc^se 
Adams M.ijcr 
Adonis Samuel 
Adurr.s Thomas 
Allen Samuel 
Allison Richard 
AUport John 
Alport John 
Amberman Cornelius 
Ambler Benjamin 
Ambler Steplicn 
Ammerman Cornelius 
Anderson James 
Andress Joseph 
Anson James 
Anthoney Simon 
Antone John 
Armstrong Jonathan 
Asliford Nathaniel 
Ashley W'ilham 
Aston Benoni 
Atkins Robert 
Atv/ater John 
Austin ITcilmes 
Austin Lockwood 
Avery Neheir.iah 
Avout Philip 
Aymes Francis 
Backcns Jacob 
Sailey Elias 
Baker Anthony 
Baker Benjamin 
Baker liiijah 
Baker Henry 
Baker T.^.bn 
Baker Joshua 
Baker Pierce 
Balding Jehial 
Balding Nathaniel 
Baley Jonathan 
Baley Leor.anl 
Ball Samuel 
Banker J:\cob 
Banker William 
Baptist John 
Barber Reuben 
Barcniore Edward 
Barkens Wi'.iiani 
Barker Jonathan 
Barlow Nathan 
Barnhart David 
Earnhiart Jertiniah 

Barn? Glean 
Barns John 
Barns Peter 
Barrows James 
Barry Charles 
Bartley Andrew 
Barto John 
Bartoe Morris 
Basely Cornelius 
Bassett William 
Bayless Richard 
Bayley Daniel 
Beaty Hugh 
Bebee Benorger 
Becker Peter 
Berkwith Silas 
Bcebe Cnnarges 
Beedle William 
Beel Matthew 
Bellamy Silas 
Benedict Ambrose 
Benjamin David 
Benjamin Stephen 
Bennadict Benjamin 
Bennadict Nathan 
Bennadict Peter 
Bennet James 
Bennet Wilhaui 
Bennett Jacob 
BeniKtt Tiinotliy 
Bensclioten Elias 
Bentley William 
Bergordus Peter 
Berrnard Samuel 
Berry Charles 
Berry Jabez 
Berry James 
Berry John 
Bertley Andrew 
Betson Thomas 
Betts Nehcmiah 
Bingham Abisha 
Bishop Ebenezer 
Black David 
Black Richard 
Black William 
Blank Jasper 
Blaze Christoplier 
Bleiidberry Elijah 
Bloiick J. 
Blonlc Jesper 
Bockiis Jaeub 
BoJley Andrew 
Boeardus }Ienry 
Bogg John 
Bogurdus Niiiig. 
Boiee James 
Boiles James 

Boucher William 
Bond John 
Bonker William 
Boughton Muses 
Bougliton Sime'-n 
Bourne William 
Bouten Samuel 
Bouton Joseph 
Bouton Jose[)li. Jr. 

Bowers Isaac 
Bowers James 
Bowman Bacchv.s 
Bowne Rodman 
Boyles James 
Bradt John 
Brady John 
Bragame John 
Brainerd Ruben 
Braney Low ring 
Brant John 
Brant William 
Brewer Jeremiah 
Brewland Johiel 
Briggs Jacob 
Briggs Jeremiah 
Brock Robert 
Brooks Daniel 
Brooks Jediah 
Brooks John 
Brooks Robert 
Brooks Thomas 
Brown I'Javid 
Brown Deliverance 
Brown Eliphelet 
Brown Hubbard 
Brown John 
Brown Joseph 
Brown Samuel 
Brown Stephen 
Brown William 
Brown Zephaniah 
Brundage Nathan 
Brunson Samuel 
Brush Selah 
Brush Simeon F. 
Brustier Daniell 
Bruton Artluir 
Brj'on Thomas 
Buchannan Samuel 
Buckingham Stjplicu 
Bucklemaii Henry 
Budd John 
Budin Francis 
Budine Francis 
Bump Joseph 
Bunday Jeremi;di 
Bunker William 

Burch Jonathan 
Burch Henry 
Burd Jeremiah 
Bnrdick Elisha 
Burges Stephen 
Burgess Archibold 
BuTgct Millbury 
Btirhans Fjeirick 
Burhans John 
Biirhans Thirh 
Brirhans Yerick 
BurkstafT David 
Burnet Ebenezer 
Burnet Squire 
Bumham William 
Burnhart David 
BTtrns David 
Burns Edv.-ard 
Burr Daniell 
Burrance John 
Burrit William 
BuiTows Jaaics 
Burrows Sc.muel 
Biish Simon T. 
Bassing John 
Bustee Peter 
Cainby James 
Cajnmeron Alexander 
Camp Asa 
Cainpbeil Andrew 
Campbell Jacob 
Campbell Jmiils 
Campbell Joh.n 
Cajiiday Joh.n 
Canady JauLes 
Caiiby James 
Caiirield Aiuoii 
Can field Daniel 
Caiikhert Jtcnry 
C.trby Richar'". 

Carney Bar-.y 
Carney WiUiain 
CMr.y Thomas 
Carpenter Jan.cs 
Carr Antiiony 
Ci-r JiUie^ 
Car'-ty Joh.i 
Carrion Green 
Case Ichabo'i 
Ca-vy James 
Ca>aan William 
Cashin Willia.n 

Cato Tunis 
Ca.vuis P. vtr'.-k 
Chapman Daniel 
ChEppel B:n;aniin 

Ttie Line — Fourth Tv':gimf.n-t 


Cliappel Benjamin. Jr." 

Cli.T.rlr'^wortli John Mi!e^ 

Chase Isaac 

Cliattcrton James 

Cherry Ji'hn 

Clicsley John 

Chevalier John 

Chinanucr John 

Christce J. 

Christen Peter 

Cisco Dick 

Clackson George 

Clark Barnabas 

Clark Cornelius 

Cla^-k David 

Clark Ephi-aim 

Ciark James 

Clark John 

Chrk Joseph, Jr. 

Clark Peter 

Clarke Joshua 

Clements John 

Cliff Joseph 

Clift Joseph 

Close Christopher 

Cioss Peter 

Closser Christopher 

Coats Joseph 

Coe Benjamin 

Cole Aaron 

Cole Abraham 

Col,; Barnabas 

Cole Oliver 

Cole William 

Cclcnian Samuel 

Collins Edward 

Colhns John 

Colly Henry 

Cclver Joseph 

Colvin James 

Conden Philip 

Cormgton Joseph 

Coi'.kling Daniel 

Conkltnij Edward 

Conkling Nathan 

Co-ikiing William 

■Jonkright Henry 

Conn William 

Ci nncr Joseph 

Conncrly Dennis 

■-Oiinoly James 

Connor James 

C ^nnor John 

rorino! Patrick 

Cornoi Timothy 

Co.istabk Garret 

Cf:nv-crse Samuel 


Cqo^ Alexander 

Cook Darias 

Cook George 
Cook Moses 
Cook Nathan 
Cook Nathaniel 
Cook Obadiah 
Coon Jacob 
Coon Peter 
Cooper David 
Cooper John 
Copinger Walter 
Coppcnger John 
Corkangs Eli 
Cornell Caleb 
■, Cornwall Caleb 
Cornwell Thomas 
- Cortright Henry 
Corwine Edward 
Corwine Gersham 
Cossington John 
Cottrell Richard 
Couchoover William 
Couray Michael 
Cowan Isaac 
Cox John 
Cox Simon 
Cozard Richard 
Craft Nathaniel 
Craig John 
Crane Josiah 
Crannell Isaac 
Crawford John 
Crawford Thomas 
Cregear John 
Criss'.er John 
Cristic William 
Croncii Tames 
Croiik Hcndrick 
Cronk Timothy 
Crosby Enock 
Crosby Isaac 
Crosby Thomas 
Crosman Dan 
Cross John 
Grossman Daniel 
Crov/lot Nchemiah 
Cummers Jonathan 
Cunninghaui Arciiibald 
Cunningham Henry 
Cunningham John 
Cunningham Shubal 
Curaw Michael 
Curby John 
Cure W'iUiatn 
Curry Elijah 
Curry Michael 
Cursor Tunis 
Curtis Niniad 
Curti.s Niard 
Curtis Solomon 
Curwin Edward 

Curwin Gersham 
Curwine Cicrsham 
Cuzard Richard 
Daggett Mahew 
Dale Richard 
Daley John 
Dalton Walter 
Dan Abijah 
Dan Jonath.Tn 
Danavan Peter 
Daniels John 
Dannoids John 
David Isaac 
Davids William 
Davies Chapman 
Davies Joseph 
Davis Caleb 
Davis Chapman 
Davis Henry 
Davis John 
Davis Joseph 
Davis Joshua 
Davis Patrick 
Davis Peter 
Davis Richard 
Davis Thomas 
Davison John - " 
Dawson John 
Day Aaron 
Day Isaac 
Day Jonathan 
Day Lewis 
Daylcy John 
Dayton Bennet 
Dayton Samuel 
Dayton Samuel, Jr. 
D'Bushe Anthony 
Dean Abram 
Deaton Frederick 
Decker George 
Decker Jacobus 
Decker James B. 
Decker John 
Decker Jonathan 
Decker Michael 
Decker Yerry 
Dccn Isaac 
Deen John 
Dcen William 
DeFrees Ebenzer 
De Frees Reuben 
Delaney Dennis 
DemereiU John 
Demerest Nicholas 
Demorest John 
Demott Peter 
Dcniereft Nicholas 
Dennis Myderc 
Denr.ison Thomas 
Dcnnisi Miner 

Denniston Thomas 
Denny Peter 
Depont Bosteon 
Depue George 
Derby lliomas 
Dc Rusha Anthony 
D-rsert John 
Dpw Francis 
Dick Henry 
Dick Thom.as 
Dickerson Abraiiam 
Dickerson Benjamin 
Dickerson David 
Dickerson Jcduthan 
Dickerson John 
Dickson Andrew 
Dickson Gabriel 
Dickson Nathan 
Dick'-on Richard 
Dickson William 
Die?on John 
DiesoTi Nathan 
Dimond Jonathan 
Dodge Samuel, Jr. 
Dodge Stephen 
Dok John M. 
DoCaway Andrew 
Doijsli Jonathan 
Donnalds John 
Dose Richard 
Doty John 
Do-gherty Mark 
Doughty Ellas 
Doughty George 
Dov.d Isaac 
Downing .\ndrew 
Doxey Stephen 
Doy:e Hugh 
Doy'-e John 
Drake Benoni 
Dref^n Patrick 
Dreniiing Hamilton 
Dual! Samuel 
Duc'rifr Adam 
Dutl Peter 
DugTiid John 
Dunbir William 
Dune liii Thomas 
Dunk Henry 
Dunnorc Caesar 
Dunnavau John 
Dun::>i.\un Peter 
Dunnlvan John 
Diinscomb Edward 
Dupcr.t Bosteon 
Dnr;in Francis 
Dutc^icr Bornt 
Duichcr John 
Dwire Simon 
Eadvfy James 


New York i\ the Revolution* 

r.arl Jol'ti 

Easton Henry 

Easlv.ood Bcnjr.min 

Edgit George 

Edwards David 

Egberts John 

ICiker Eninicr 

Elliot John 

El'iot John Jr. 

Elliott Archibald 

Ellis John 

Ellison Isaac 

Ellison Richard 

Ellison Thomas 

Elsworth Ezckel 

Elsworth John 

English John 

Ennis Peter 

Ephram Ehenezer 

Epton Benjamin 

Eruin John 

Esmond Isiah 

Esmond James 

Essmond Jolin 

Evalt Philip 

Evens William 

Everit Francis 

Every Nehcmiah 

Fairly William 

Fanshcr John 

Fardon Sannu-l 

Farrier Thomas 

Fegan Timothy 

Ferbiish Simon 

Ferdon A. 

Ferdon Tho:nas 

Fcrdone Samuel 

Ferguson Samuel 

Ferris John 

Ferris Jonah 

Ferris Joseph 

Ferris Ludouick 

Ferris Samu d 

Fichett Abraham 

Filer Thomas 

Finch Ehatham 

Finch Elnaflian 

Finch Wiliiuin 

Finton Aiuc.i 

Fiih Ebner 

I'ishtr Janics 

Fitch Janies 

Fitzgerald Chrisi'r Miller 

Flemmmg Patrick 

Fletcher Lawrence 

Flinn John 

Flood Cilas 

Forbnsh Alexander 

Ford William 

Forpiioi. Jeremiah 

Forsey Joth. 
Fosburgh Peter 
Fosdick Samuel 
Foster John 
Foster Nathaniel 
Foster Vincent 
Foster William 
Fountain Stephen 
Fo'vler Philip 
Foy Edward 
Fralick John 
Francis John 
Franke Michel 
Franke Peter 
Franks Michael 
Frasier Jeremiah 
Frayer Simon 
Fredenbergh James 
Freeman Nathaniel 
Freeman Robert .-.-_-, 
Fross Stephen 
Frye Benjamin 
Fuller Joiiah 
Fulve Thomas 
Furdon Thomai 
Furman Samuel 
Galasby James 
Gantly Patrick 
Gardner Jesse 
Gardon Andrew 
Garrisson Abraham 
Garrisson Peter 
Gates Nathaniel 
Gee David 
Gee Ezekie! 
Gee John 
Geers Benjamin 
Gibbur.s Jolin 
Gibson John 
Gibson Robert 
Gilchrist William 
Gillaspy James 
Gillcrist John 
Gillcrist William 
Gillet Joseph 
Glover Thomas 
Gold Wiliiain 
Golden Isaiah 
Golden Thomas 
Goldsmitli Ezra 
Goldsmith John 
Goodin George 
Goiidspeed Hosia 
Goodv.'in Gcorye 
Gordon William 
Gorman Richard 
Gosper John 
Gosper Peter 
Graham AlexaiKii-r 
Graham lohn 

Granger John 
Graves Josiah 
Graves Scldon 
Gray Benjamin 

Gray James - 

Gray Samuel 
Greatrnan John 
Green Ebenezer 
Green James 
Greer David 
Gregeer John 
Gregory Jehiel 
Gregory John 
Grey Robert 
Griffen Barney 
Gritnn Benjamin 
Griniiel Amasa 
Grumman Ephrain 
Guin }ilichael 
Guy Edward 
Guyre Luke 
Haight Jager 
Hains Joseph 
Hains Saunders 
Halenbeek Abraham 
Hall Isaac 
Hall Jam;s 
Hallet Jonathan 
Halsey Abraham 
Halsey Ethan 
Halsey Job 
Halsey Stephen 
Halsey Thomas 
Hambleton John 
Hammon Chason 
Hammon Isaac 
Hand Joseph 
Flanley James 
Hanmore Jabez 
Hannah James 
Hannevan Rice 
Hanries William 
Happer John 
Hardy David 
Hartnancy John 
Harner Nicholas 
Harper Wiliiain 
Harris Abijah 
Harris Cilas 
Harris David 
Harris Evans 
Harris closes 
Harris Wiiliani 
Harris Zach 
Hartucss Andrew 
Hartnys Andrew 
Hai tshorne John 
Harvey David 
Hatt Frederick 
Haukliii Samuel 

Hawkins David 

Hawkins Noah 
Hawkins Zachariah 
Hawkins Zopher 
Haynes Joseph 
Hazard James 
Heartness Andrew 
Hedges Nathan 
Helnier Jolin 
Henderson Alexander 
H-'nnesey John 
Henry David 
Hermance John 
Hermans Edward 
Herman see Edward 
Herrick Amos 
Flerrick Samuel 
Herrick William 
Harrington John 
Hicks Jacob 
Higby Samuel 
Higgins Moses 
High Benjamin 
Hike John 
Hill Asse 
Hill Thomas 
Hill William 
Himes Joseph 
Hinkley Thomas 
Hissam John 
Hitchcock John 
flodge? Joseph 
I] Oil Bastian 
Hoff Henry H. 
Hofi' William 
Hogarty Bernard 
Hoit Job 
Hoit Silvanus 
Hi.^lloway Joseph 
Holly John 
Holly Samuel 
Kolmes Asa 
Holmes Becker 
Holmes Daniel. Jr. 
Holmes James 
Holmes John 
Hoimes Nathan 
Holmes Thomas 
Hoinan John 
Hooker John 
Hi.ipkins Eli 
Hopkins James 
Hopper John 
Hopper Sair.ucl 
Horsiord Ithamcr 
Horton David 
Ilorton Frederick 
Hosport Samuel 
House Jacob 
House Zacliariah 

The Line — Focrtu Regiment 


How Libeous 
Howe John 
Hoive Silas 

Howell George 
Howell Jchiel 
Howell Seth 
Hoyt Thomas, Jr. 
Hubbard Abel 
Hubbard John 
Hubbard E/.ekiel 
Huber Jacob 
Hubert John 
Hudman Charles 
Huff William 
Huffman John 
Hufnian Gabriel 
Hughes John 
Hughson William 
Humphrey John 
Humphrey Samuel 
Hunt David 
Hunt Solomon 
Hunt Theophilus 
Htmter Benjamin 
Hunter Ezekiel 
Hunter Jonathan 
Huson William 
Hutchings Gabriel 
Hyatt Abraham 
Hymes Joseph 
Hyser Henry 
Ice Daniel 
Impson Ellis 
Impson Robert 
Indian Thomas 
Ingalls Elihu 
Ingiish John 
Israel Aaron 
Jacklin Samuel 
Jackson Thomas 
Jamerson William 
James Ebenezer 
James Richard 
Jane Jotham 
Jarman David 
Jarvis Nathaniel 
Jarvis Thomas 
Jay David 
Jay John 
JetTries John 
Jeyne William 
Jillet Joseph 
Jillon P. 
Johns Silas 
Johns Thomas 
Johnson David 
Johntcn i-.jac 

Johnson James 
Johnson Joim 
Johnson Joseph 
Johnson Samuel 
Johnson Uriah 
Johnson William 
Johnston Benjamin 
Johnston Samuel 
Jones David 
Jones Evans 
Jones Jacob 
Jones James 
Jones John 
Jones S^iuire 
Jones Thomas » 
Joy Samuel 
June Stephen 
Kader Adam 
Kadcr J-Im 
Keaffcr William 
Keder Stephen 
Keefe Arthur 
Keefer William 
Keeler David 
Kecler Ebenezer 
Kelley Dennis 
Kelley Isaac 
Kelley Robert 
Kelly Maurice 
Kelly Morris 
Kelly Robert 
Kennedy John 
Kenncr Jonathan 
Kenney Charles 
Kenney Jese 
Kenny Charles 
Ketchani John ~ 
Ketcham Samuel — 
Keynon Robert 
KilT John 
Kilsey John 
King William 
Kinner Jonathan 
Kinney Charles 
Kinney Elijah 
Kuffen James 
Ladoo John 
Ladow John 
Lamb Isaac 
Lamb Joshua 
Lambert Cornelius 
Lambert Joseph 
Lane Jeremiah 
Lansing Johii 
Larabie EHas 
Lar.-diy Elislia 
Lashier Abraham 
Latham John 
Lawrence John 
Lawrence Uriah 

Lawrence W. 
Leak J. 

Leavvrance Richard 
Lee James 
Lee Japath 
Lee Seth 
Lee William 
Lent Hcndrick 
Lent Jacob 
Leonard David 
Leonard Edward 
Leopard John 
Lepper John 
Leveraga Samuel 
Leverage William 
Levey Jacob 
Lewis Henry 
Lewis Jabez 
Lewis Samuel 
Lhommedieu Mulford 
Light John 
Light Lemuel 
Liley John 
Linch John 
Linch Laurence 
Lines Hosea 
Link Henry 
Lion Hosea 
Liscomb Isaac 
Liscomb Samuel 
Little William 
Livingston Dick 
Livingston Richard 
Lloyd James 
Loanis John 
Lock John 
Lockwood Azariah 
Lockwood Hezekiah 
Lockwood Israel 
Lockwood Jonathan 
Lockwood Nathan 
Lockwood Reuben 
Lodovick Peter 
Loeson Laurance 
Longworth Isaac 
Looper James 
Loper /ibraham 
Love John 
Love William 
Lovejoy Andrew 
Lovelis George 
Lovelis Jeremiah 
Lownsbcrry Nathaniel 
Lowrce William 
Li'.dkiin Daniel 
Ludluni John 
Lut'berry Jonathan 
Luste E. 
Lusk Jacob 

Lu;k Michael 
Lusk William 
Lwinas Herry 
Mabce Tobias 
McAiester William 
Macaulay Charles 
McCaftety James 
McCarty Dennis 
McCauley Charles 
McCharlesworth John 
McClain John 
I.IcClarien David 
McClean Neal 
McClow Joseph 
McColister William 
McCi.dlem John 
McColIum Malcom 
McColum John 
McCra'-ken Jolin 
I\!cCulIough Andrew 
McD.^.niel John 
McDole John 
McDoll John 
McDonald John 
McDonald Michael 
f.:cDougill D. 
McDowal William 
."■IcDowe! John 
IVicEiiey John 
ilcEntach William 
licr-vers John 
f icFairley William 
WcFa'l David 
'.(cGilles Hugh 
McGilori Fergus 
McGowin Duncan 
IiicGready James 
J>U-Int05h William 
McKee Michael 
McKicl Adam 
Mackrill Richard 
M''j-ain Hu.uh. 
^fcMannus William 
J.IcMickcn Ebc;iezi.r 
McNeal Charks 
Al.cNeil Charies 
McNeil Thomas 
M ;01isier Alexander 
^-Cpherson Lawrence 
iic'A'horster John 
i\L'.hanc Patrick 
^'. ahone James 
; 'ahony Cornelius 
Mam Robert 
iM.-.kraback Dyke 
Mu'.oy John 
^!a-cs John 
M.irciiant Able 
^^nrk G. 
Marks AlKdiab 


New YuiUv i.\ tkk Ruvoll'iio: 

Marling DtUvcrance 
Marr J::r.;ei 
Marray Warren 
Marsh Benjamin 
Marshal Ainon 
Marshall James 
Martin Archibald 
Martin James 
Martin Michael 
Martin Samuel 
Marvin Stephan 
Mason Francis 
Mason Thomas 
Masson Francis 
Masters Jonathan 
Matthews Henry 
Mattison Aaron 
Maxwell Cornelius 
Mead Da\iJ 
Meaker Daniel 
Mcdler Christian 
Medler Christopher 
Meed Ezekeel 
Meeker Uzual 
Meesy Benjamin 
Merrill Joseph 
Merrit Ebcnezer 
Merrit Luke 
Merry Benjamm 
Metzger John 
Midler Christ'r 
Millar John 
^Miller Benjannn 
Miller Frederick 
Miller George 
Miller Jack 
Miller Jesse 
Miller John 
Miller Justus 
Miller Lewis 
Miller Pelcg 
Miller Peter 
Miller William 
Miller Zephaniah 
Milles Jesse 
Mills Andrew 
Mills James 
Mingos Haronimus 
Mink Johannes 
Minks John 
Mires John 
Mitchel George 
Mitchel Samuel 
Mitchel William 
Mitchell Janus 
Money William 
Moody James 
Moody John 
Mooney William 
Moore Frederick 

Moore John 
Mcore Joseph 
Moore Robert 
Moore Thomas 
More Martin 
More Robert 
More Thomas 
Moreign Akx 
Morpeth William 
Morrel James 
Morrel Jesse 
Morrel John 
Morrell William 
Morris Edward 
Morris Robert 
Morrison Duncan 
Morse John 
Mosher John 
Moss David 
Moulton Cato 
Moulton Josiah 
Moulton William 
Mount Thomas 
Mow James 
Mucklow Joseph 
Mulford Samuel 
MuUiner Moses 
Munday James 
Munn Benjami:; 
Munroe Peter 
Muri'e John 
Murn ?auhel 
Murphy Dariiel 
Murphy James 
Myer Christ'r Gnnd't 
Myers David 
Myers Zach 
Nail Henry 
Neal Henry 
Neder John 
Neelson ^V. 
Neilson Thomas 
Nelson Thomas 
Neves W. 
Ne\,-nian Abraham 
Newman Jcremiali 
Newman Joshua 
Newman N. 
Nichols James 
Nickols Isaac 
Nicols Simon 
Nipper John 
Nogert John 
Norstrandt James 
Norton Abel 
Norton Calvin 
Norton George 
Norton Sible 
Nostrand'.T James 
Nostrum Goor'-e 

Notinjj'ham Lewis 
Nucom Thomas 
O'Brien James 
O'Brion Paul 
Ogden David 
Ogden John 
Ogdcn Jonathan 
Ogilsvie John 
Ogs.rander Peter 
O'Kie A. 
Olden Daniel 
Onderdunck Abraham 
O'Neal Thomas 
Orr William 
C'rsor Vbfaham 
Orsor Edward 
Osborn Abral'.am 
Osborne Henry 
Osuurn D. 
Osterout Gilbert 
Ostrander Henry 
Ostrander James 
Ostrander Peter 
Owen Moses 
Owens i\meziah 
Owens Elibha 
Owens Terrence 
Pain Silas 
Palmer Amaziah 
Palmer Isaac 
Palmer James 
Palmer Jonathan 
Palmer Silas 
Pa'miteir Jo'nn 
Pangbourn John 
Pangbourn William 
Pangb'irn John 
Pangburn William 
Paidy Nathaniel 
Parent Nathaniel 
Parisoneous J. 
Park John 
Park Robert 
Parker Ebeuezer 
Parker Joseph 
Parks John 
Parks William 
Parsells Matthew 
Parshall James 
Parsons Charles 
Paterson Simon 
Paul Joseph 
Peck Nathan 
Peirce Thomas 
Pell John 
Pcmbrook W. 
Penuiersou John 
Pendlc Jonathan 
Pc!:ncar Peter 

Penney John 
Pennoyer Jesse 
Penoyer Israel 
Penton Amos 
Perkins Thomas 
Pcrlee Edmonu 
Perry David 
Pershall James 
Persons John 
Peterson Simeon 
Pettit Abraham 
Pettit Daniel 
Pettit Samuel 
Phillips David 
Phillips Jonathan 
Pickle Henry 
Pickle John Henry 
Pierce Thomas 

Piggs Richard 
Pinyard William 
Place Christopher 
Place James 
Plank Nicholas 
Piass Michel 
Plaus Peter 
Plimley William 
Plosser Peter 
Plumb Stephen 
Poimer Peter 
Polamater John 
Pollard Thomas 
- Polly Hugh 
Pond Samuel 

Post Samuel 
Potter George 
Potter William 
Pouiar John 
Powel \'inson 
Presher Abraham 
Preshcr William 
Preston Benjamin 
Pride J. 
Prim Azariah 
Prime Peter 
Primm Peter 
Prior Abner William 
S'utman William 
'■juar.t Henry 
Quiiuidd David 
Ouinn Thomas 
Racket Noah 
Raigiiis William 
IFLaimond Benjamin 
IRainey Jeremiah 
SLamis James 
Riir.dail Nathaniel 
Kandle Moses 

Tiir. Link — Fotrtii Regiment 


Raiidle Seith 
kaney John 
Ra'isicr George 
Rjv Charles 
K.iymond James 
Ilryn-JT Ichabod 
Kca(i;r Jacob 
Kced George 
Reed James 
Kced John 
Kceve Luther 
keeves Isruel 
Kcivcs Nathaniel 
Penny Jesse 
Rcymond Isaac 
Reynolds Briggs 
Reynolds David 
Rcyrold? Ebenezer 
Reynolds Eli 
Reynolds James 
Reynolds John 
Reynolds Timothy 
■ Rice Ezekiel 
Rice Samuel 
Rich Henry 
Richards David 
Richards John 
Riggs Daniel 
Ritchie Alexander 
Ritchie Isaac 
Reader Jacob 
Roads Jacob 
Rcberds Edmun 
Roberts Amos 
Roberts John 
Robertson James 
Robins Evans 
Robinson Andrew 
Robinson D. 
Robinson James 
Robinson Matthias 
Robinson Peter 
Rockwell Ebenezer 
Rodgers Own 
Rot John 
Roe Lemon 
Roe Silleman 
Roe Simon 
Rol'ft Aaron 
Rogers John, Sr. 
Rogers John, Jr. 
kogers Ov.en 
Rogers William 
Ronier Ccr.janiin 
Rumer Peter 
Roome Ber.jpn'in 
Roomer Ilendiick 
Rose Andrew 
Rose Jonathan 
Ivo^man Adam 

Rosman tienry 
Rosman Philip 
Ross Aaron 
Ross Nathaniel 
Ross William 
Rossell Thomas 
Rough Conrade 
Row John 
Row Simon 
Rowland Phillip 
Rowland Thomas 
Ruland Jehiel 
Rundle David 
Runnels Abijah 
Runnels Joseph 
Russell Jonathan 
Russigue Abraham 
Russlc W. 
Sage Allen 
Sagor John 
St. Lawrence George 

Salmon .\bsalom 
Salyer Zaccheus 
Sanderson James 
Sandford Daniel 
Sandford John 
Sanford Daniel 
Sattally Richard 
Saxtoa Gilbert 
Sayrs Nathaniel 
Scantlmg Jeremiah 
Scales James 
Schofield Samuel 
Sclioheld Silas 
Scho.field Smith 
Schouten Henry 
Schouten John 
Schriver Jacob N. 
Schut Frederick 
Schut James 
Schut Tenuis 
Scott Al<j.xander 
Scott Elijah 
Scott Henry 
Scott James 
Scott John 
Scott \Villiani 
Scoulen H. 
Scriver Christian 
Scriver Henry 
Scutt William 
Sealey Joseph 
Seair.an Closes 
Seaton Rul'us 
Seeds George 
Seers Joseph 
Seward John 
Shannon Robert 
Shatton Dav.d 

Shaw John 
Shaw Michael 
Shaw Peleg 
Shay M. 
Shea Philip 
Shear Lodiwick 
Shelp Joseph 
Sherkeys J. 
Sherwood Micajah 
Shevalier John 
Sibbio Thomas 
Sickler Coonradt 
Sickler Mitthias 
Sicknar Jacob 
Simmons Caleb 
Simmons E. 
Simmons John 
Simmons Joshua 
Simmons Samuel 
Sinnott Patrick 
Sisco Dick 
Sisco Philip 
Sitzer Barant 
Size Gilbert \'. 
Slason Stephen 
Slosson Amos 
Slutt A. 
Slutt M. 
Slutt W. 
Sly William 
Siiially Timothy 
Smith Benjamin 
Smith Caleb 
Smith David 
Smith Ebenezer B. 
Smith Ebner B. 
Smith Ezekiel 
Smith Gersliam 
Smith Gideon 
Snuth Isaac 
Sn;ith James 
Smith John 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Josiah 
Smith Moses 
Smith Nathan 
Smith Nathaniel 
Smith, Obediah 
Smith R. 
Smith Samuel 
Smith Solomon 
Smith Thaddeus 
Smith Wiliiaui 
Snadiker Moses 
Snedeker Moies 
Snowden John 
Snyder Peter 
Southerland James 
Speed George 
Speed Hcuiy 

Spicer Jacob 
Sprage Alexander 
Spring Nathaniel 
Spri-.iper Is.iac 
Springston Jacob 
S'luire Jacob 
Sauirrell Jacob 
Statfg Adam 
Staf,'tr John 
Stalker S. 
Stancish Amos 
St:;;iiord John 
Slitniey Daniel 
Staoies Nathan 
Stebiua Lewis 
Stecn William 
Steeiiborgh Peter 
Stctples Nathan 
Stephans Jessee 
Stt;piiens John 
Steptcns Justice 
Stephens Thomas 
Stewart John 
Stili. Tames 
StilJ John 
•Stil2; John 
Stokes William 
Stone Asa 
Stoae David 
Storms Abraham 
StraUen Samuel 
Strea- H. 
Streax W. 
StrinLTiiam Henry 
Strcvi;; John 
Stror.g William 
Stuard John 
Sturriifent Jonathan 
SuckJnut John 
SurTr^n George 
Suite William 
Sullivan James 
Swan Robert 
Swartv.-out Henry 
Swart\vout Joh.n 
Swartwout William 
Sweed William 
Sweet Amos 
Sweet Benoni 
Sweet George 
Sweet John 
Swce; Jol'.n, Jr. 
Sweet Nathan 
Sweet Robert 
Sv.ii't .\mbrose 
Talinadge John 
Tahasgc Joseph 
Tappcn Daniel 
Tapjrtn N. 
Tarreut Thomas 


New York jx hie RiivoLrrto.N 

Tattcnton Jcjitha 
Taylor Jasptr 
Taylor Jojcpli 
Taylor Oliver 
Taylor William 
Teatter John 
Teller J. 
Ter Boss J. 
Terboss Simon 
Tcrbush C. 
Terbush Simon 
Terry Elijah 
Terry James 
Terry Samuel 
Thaire J. 
Thomas G. 
Thomas John 
Thomas Richard 
Thompson Benjamin 
Thompson Elias 
Thompson James 
Thompson John 
Thompson Richard 
Thimipson William 
Thomson Zebulon 
Thorp Peter 
Ticc John 
Tice Joseph 
Tieman Peter 
Tinkler Henry 
Titus Isaac 
Titus James 
Titus Jonathan 
Tompkins Edward 
Tompkins Natiianiel 
Tool John 
Topping Daniel 
Town Jacob 
TownscnJ Absolom 
Toy Samuel 
Traver Francis 
Traver Nic'nolas 
Travcss Jacob 
Travess Silvanus 
Travis Robert 
Trewillcgcr J. 
Trim A/aviah 
Trowbridge jar.ic.-) 
Tubbs Stephen 
Tiibee John 
Tui kcr John 
Tucker Joshua 
Tucker Samuel 
Tuni David 
Tun^an David 
Tum.an Pe^cr 
Tumnn Pe;cr, Jr. 
Turmr Joseph 
Turrel Jones 
Tiitliill James 
Tiutle Moses 

Tyler Shuble 

Underduuk T. 

Untcr Josiah 

Upton Benjamin 

Utley Ase 

Utter Joseph 

Utter William 

Vail Thomas 

Vallentine Gab'r 

Valts Coonrod 

Van Allen J. 

Vanarter James 

Van Benscoteii Elias 

Vaudebogart John 

Van Debogart Minard 

Van DeBogart Myndert 

Vandemark G. 

\'andervort Jacob 

Vandevour John 

Vandusen Peter 

Van Etten Peter 

Van Gelder Isaac 

Vanhoosen Rinier 

Van Hooser Rynier 

Van Horn John 

Van Houten John 

Van Hovcn Ryncr 

Vanlene R. 

Vanline J. 

Van North John 

Vanoore Philip 

Van Size Gilbert 

Van Steenbergh Peter 

Vaiitassell Isaac 

Van tassell John 

Van Volkenborgh Francis 

Van Wicklen Fredrick 

Vanworma Corneliu:) 

Vanua Vincent 

Venier Peter 

\'ise Daniel 

Voh Peter 

Voack Henry 

V'redenburgh James • 

Wade EUa 

Wait Christopher 

Vs'alker Edward 

Walker ilathc.v 

Walker Matthias 

Wall John 

W'illace Benjamin 

VValiice Uriah 

Waner Killean 

^.Vard Abijah 

Vv'ard Ja.ku: 

Wcrd Robert 

\\ ard Zcdock 

Warden Bern-ird 

Waring Newman 

Wainer Mmdi, 

Wa'^son Thomas 

Washburn Joel 
Waterbury Ely 
Watkins William 
Vv'atson Thomas 
Watson William 
Wattaker Edward 
Wattles William 
Weaver John 
Webb Ebenezer 
Vv'ebb Silvanus 
Webster Joseph 
Weed Abijah 
Weed Gilbert 
Weed John Drew 
Weed Nathan 
Weed S.- , .'A, 2., 
Weeks James 
Weeks John 
Weeks Jonathan, Jr. 
Weeks Macejah 
Weiss Daniel 
Welch Elijah 
Welch Ephraim 
Welch Fleniy 
Welch Isaac 
Welch James 
Welch Jolm 
Welch Joseph 
Welch Luke 
Welch Tb.omas 
Welch William 
Vv'cUi Calvin 
Wells Elijah 
Vv'ells P. 
Wells William 
Wentworth James 
West Ase 
West Jacob 
Vv'est Joseph 
Vv'est William 
Westfall Levi 
Whaky Samuel 
Whaky Timothy 
\N'l;eeIer James 
Wheeler John 
Wheeler S. 
Wheeler Thomas 
Wiiipple Nath.an 
White Ephraim 
White Geort;e 
White Heiiry 
White John 
White Samuel Curraii 
White Stephen 
White Thomas 
Whitehead Aaron 
Whitehead Isaiidi 
Whilehcad WiKiam 
Whitman John 
Whitney Jacob 
Wiekham Stephen 

Wicks James 
Wicks Jonatlian 
Wiggins William 
Wilcoat V, . 
Wildicy Edward 
Wiley Edward 
VV'ilkinson Robert 
Wilks Willis 
Williams Aaron 
Williams Abiah 
Williams Adam 
Williams Charles 
Williams David 
Williams John 
Williams Peter 
Williamson James 
Willis Abraham 
Willis David 
Willis W. 
Wills J. 
Wilsee H. 
W"ilson John 
Wilson Michael 
Wilson Nathaniel 
Wilson Samuel 
Wilson W. 
Wilson Walter 
Wiltice Joseph 
Winass Silas 
Winchall Samuel 
Winehell James 
Witteker Edward 
Wood Jacob 
Vi'ood John 
W'ood Matthew 
Wood Nathan 
\^'ood Samuel 
Wood William 
Wood Zopher 
Woodruff David 
Woodruff Jeremiah 
Woodrufi' Joshua 
Vv'oodriiff Wi'kam 
Vs'ord Abijah 
VVordcn Darious 
V/orden James 
Wordiii Shubel 
Worpeih William 
Wright John 
Wycr Jeremiah 
Yanington V.'illiam 
Yeoman Eliczcr 
Youip.aus Eleazer 
Yoimians Jonas 
Youir.ens Junes 
Young Isaac 
Young John 
YoLwig Thomas 
Yurks Harmanus 
Zedniond BartUo'sv 

The Lir 

FiFiii RhjIau:nt 


The Line — Fifth Regiment 



Capt. Philip Dl'boys Bevier 

" Henry Dodge 

" D.wiD Dubois 

" Henry S. Dubois 

• " Henry Gods'.in 

" Silas Gr-vy 

•' John H.'\mtr.\mck 

" John F. H.\mtr.\mik 

" Amos Hutchings 

" joii.v joiin'ston 

" Thom.^s Lee 

" Alex.\nder Mc.A-^thur 
James Rosakrans 

" Jacob Rosekrans 

'• James Stewart 

" He.vry II. Vanderburgh 

Lteut. Daniel Birdsall 

Lieut. Tho.mas Bri.vckle 
John Burnit 

" Michael Connolly 
Henry Dodge 

" Samuel Dodge, Jr. 

" Samuel English 

" John Fuk.man 

" Francis Ha.n.mer 
Samuel Inglish 
P.\TTix Jackso.n 
Daniel La\vr.»>;ce 
Abraham Lecget 

" Ale.xander .\Il.Arther 

■' John McClaughrey 
Ebexezer Mott 
Thomas Nichoi.son 
Henry Pa\vli>;g 

Lieut. Solomon Temfleton 

" Henry Swartout 

Henry I. Van der Burgh 
Henry W. \'an der Eurgh 
EiVSIGN Ban.kar 

" Asahel Berry 

" Nehe.miah Carpenter 

" Ale.xander Furman 

" Francis Hanmer 

" Jajies Johnsto.v 

" Abraham Leget 

John McClaughry 
Henry Su'artwout 
Bartholomew Van der 

Edward We.aver 

Abebin John 
Aberson Stcpiien 
Abritt John 
Ackerson Cornelius 
Ackler Jacob 
Ackly Jonathan 
Ackor Cornelius 
Adams Ephreni 
Addoms Peleg 
Aggins Ja.Ties 
Aires Thomas 
Akcley Jacob 
Akerson CornoUus 
Albtrtson Steuhcn 
Albright John 
Aldersun Stephen 
A'diidge Jacob 
Alii:; Jasper 
Alison John 
Amberman James 
Ainerm;<.n James 
Anierman Obadiah 
Anderson JostpU 
Andrews Joab 
Arken;^ John 
Ar-ton Holmes 
A.n'.n John 
Ai.stcn Holir.es 
Austin Holmes 


Avary Nicholas 
Avery Richard 
Babcock .Abraham 
Ba'ocock Elisha 
Babcock John 
Bailey J. 
Boiley Jonathan 
Bailys Jonathan 
Baker Samuel 
Baker William 
Baley Jonathan 
Banager Walter 
Bancker Na'.haniei 
Barkins William 
Barlow J' mas 
Barnani Samuel 
Barriyer U'alter 
Barritt John 
Barry Elisha 
Bartlet Samuel 
liartlit Len'.uel 
Bartow Jonas 
Battersl.iy John 
Bayles Jonathan 
Beach Amos 
Bean; William 
Beard W'illiam 
Bceck .-\r.\os 
Bcnedic .Ambrose 


Benedict .Ambrose 
Benjamin Samuel 
Benker Lawrence 
Bently William 
Berkins William 
Berry Elisha 
Bertlet Lemuel 
Belts James, Jr. 
Bevins Crispamur 
Bevius David 
Bevins Francis 
Bishop Ezekiol 
Bishop James 
Bishop Wii!i:-.m 
Blanchcr W Tiliam 
Blav... Joim 
Bloon:er William 
Blosom Sol'n 
Boge John 
Bold Daniel 
Boid Samuel 
Bolton George 
Bonker Bethiiel 
Bonker Jihn 
Bonk-r Laurence 
Bonker Nathaniel 
Bonker Solomon 
Bonk'.r William 
BoakMS La-A-rence 

Boulton ("jeorge 
Eoutton Joseph 
Bowers Joel 
Boy.-e '1 homas 
Boyd G.'orge 
Boyd Robert 
Boyd Samuel 
Boyde Samuel 
Branen .Adam 
Branen Reuben 
Briant Matthew 
Briggs Jeremiah 
Brin!: Adam 
Brocket Moses 
Erockway Russell 
Brc'^er Walter 
Broker Walter 
Brooks Jospph 
Brown John 
Brush Eliakiin 
BucUi)e Josiah 
Bugby Josiah 
Biiuday Jeremiah 
Bundy Jevontiah 
Buo; d Daniel 
Burdge Michael 
Burdick Ehsha 
E'.irgee .'vlichael 
Burhans Samuel 


New York in the Rf;\'olition 

Burnett Ebciiezer 
Buttles Scbra 
Cain John 
Caldweli Arthur 
Campbell George 
Canit Cunradt 
Garden James 
Carely Joseph 
Carley John 
Carley Joseph 
Cam Mathias 
Carr William 
Carrigan Daniel 
Carrigan William 
Case Joseph 
Casner Michael 
Cass Joseph 
Chace Caleb 
Chamberlain John 
Chandler Jonathan 
Channy Richard 
Chapman Lemuel 
Chatficld Jonathan 
Chedestar Benjamin 
Cheshier Nehemiah 
Cheshire Nehemiah 
Chesliley John 
Chesscr Nehemiah 
Chrispell Thomas 
Christey John 
Christian Peter 
Christie John 
Christy John 
Chyser Nehemiah 
Claring J. M. 
Clark Benjamin 
Clark John 
Clark Martin 
Clark William "^ 
Clarwater John 
Clarwatcr Mart 
Clarwattor Martinus 
Clay Thomas 
Cline Jacob 
Cline John 
Clinton John 
Cocksure Joseph 
Coe Philip 
Coeiinight Ciuiradt 
Coil Thomas 
Coleman John 
Colp John 
Combes John 
Concklin John 
Concklin Samuel 
Concklin Thornas 
Coningham Moses 
ebonite Conrad 
Connelly Henry 
Connighl Ccnrad 

Connolly Henry 
Cook Isaac 
Cook Jacob 
Cook Saniuei 
Cook William 
Cooke David 
Cooke Thomas 
Coonibe John 
Coombe T'eter 
Coombes Samue 
Cooper Abraham 
Cooper Richard 
Cornelias John 
Cornelius Jolm 
Cornwale Joseph 
Corren Samuel 
Cosgrove John 
Cost Martin 
Couren Samuel 
Cox Thomas 
Craft Jacob 
Craw Ebenezer 
Crawford Asia 
Cra-.vforcl Tliomas 
Crispell Tliomas 
Croft Jacob 
Crosby Lemuel 
CruUin Jeremiah 
Crum Hermanus 
Crum Jacob 
Crumb John 
CuUin Jeremiah 
Culp John 
Cummins Ebenezer 
Cummins Elezar 
Cnmpton Obadiah 
Cunningham Moses 
Curren Samuel 
Curtis Ebenezar 
Cutting Francis 
Daily James 
Daker Christopher 
Daker Martinus 
Dalency Aiiraham 
Danim Frederick 
Daniord Prince 
Danielson Isaac 
Dannelson Isaac 
Dariin Ezra 
Darling E/ra 
Darling John 
Davis David 
''■'jvis Ile;'ekiah 
Davis Jacob 
Davis James 
Davis John 
Davis Samuel 
Decker Cliri^topher 
Decker Martin 
Decker Martinus 

Deknight Jo?'h 
Dclamarter John 
Delavan I^'rancis 
Delevan Frs 
Demark Gisbert V. 
Deneger George 
Denilson Isaac 
Denton Amos 
Deority Wiliiam 
Depuie Elias 
Diamond Moses 
Diamond William 
Dibble Hezekiah 
Dickenson Lewis 
Dickenson Ver^al 
Dikeson Gideon 
Dillimater John 
Dimick Daniel 
Dimon William 
Dimond Moses 
Dimond William 
Dodge Richard 
Donalson Isaac 
Doty Daniel 
Douglas William 
Douty James 
Dow Volker 
Dow Volkert 
Drake Francis 
Dubois Nathaniel 
Duglas William 
Duigion Patrick 
Dunford Weils 
Dunlap J. 
Dunlap James 
Dimn Jeremiah 
Durgeon Patrick 
Eackley Jacob 
Eaton Ephraira 
Eazor James 
Edwards David 
Edwards Gilberr 
Eggljert Daniel 
Elicer John 
ElliS Jacob 
Ellis Joseph 
Ellison John 
Every Nicholas 
Factor John 
Fairin John 
Fardon Abraham 
Felix Philip 
Felton Peter 
Fcrclon Abraham 
Ferdon Abraham 
Ferdon John 
Fergeson James 
Ferguson James 
Fen in John 
Filex Phihp 

Filniore Silas 
Finn Thomas 
Fisli Sebra 
Fitzgerald Thomas 
Fitzgeraliaid Thomas 
Fitzgibbons James 
Fitzsean'.an Barnard 
Flannigan Daniel 
Fluno John 
Flyn John 
Forgason Saniuel 
Forrest Robert 
Foster Gilbert 
Foster Jerem 
Foster William 
Fowler Michael 
Freazer Lewis 
Frier John 
Frimyer John 
Fullin John 
Fulton John 
Furlough Cornelius 
Galasby James 
Galaspie James 
Ganes Francis 
Gardeneer Andrew 
Gardineer Andries 
Gardner Sanmel 
Garrison Abraham 
Garrison Sanmel 
Gates John 
Gearderman Henry 
Gee John 
Gee Moses 
Geraldeman Henry 
Geroldaman Henry 
Gibbins John 
Gibbon John 
Gilbert Seth 
Gillaspy Robert 
Gilmore Daniel 
Givans Saniuel 
Glason Joseph 
Gleason Joseph 
Gleen Caleb 
Goilwin Al>rahain 
Godwin David 
Goiiiin William 
Golligan Charles 
Goiics Griftin 
Cones Joseph 
GooJ^pead Gidecm 
Goodwin Abraham 
Goolden Lewi 
Gos'in J. 
' Gosline Samuel 
Gra;:g Hezekiali 
Graham Zachanah 
Gray John 
Gra\ Samuel 


■-^C — ^ — ■»>r-ti~-T— -• 







-/ y \ 

t t-?<-<:^1 /^^ /'^ ^^i /} e / /:^.-'i^:^ ^'i, 

^ ^ ^^;^ ^', ,<:r*^ ' 

?^ 4^ /^ ^.^.r. y'/^./^^y 


! ■ 




y?^^^^ '-^-yt-^--^ <^>'y:-^'t,.V 


Q .^ 






. - - 5 


^ ^-;^ >;^;^i) 


bH;.N.\TI-KrS OF OF! ICHRS OF IIIK 511! l.IM: 


f ri - .- " ' 

1 Ay, . rJ^f ,^/C ,T. •tt-i/^ - /<A -» 7 ^y j-i^t yj, ^, y l' 

t \^ // ■// , r . 

' vV ^ ^ '^ ^ ) 1^ * 



The LiNi: — Fikth REniME.vT 


Grayliam John 
Greadey Thomas 
Gready Thomas 
Greey David 
Green Sutten 
Grepg David 
Gregg Ht-zekiah 
Grifeth Jcicmiah 
Grifnn Benjamin 
Griffin Joshua 
Guardnor James 
Guilbert Seth 
Guion Michael 
Gvven Michael 
Hack George 
Hackerson WiUiam 
Hains John 
Hallet William 
Hallett George 
Hallctt Solomon 
Hallick Jonathan 
Ilalmore Phihp 
Hanbaragh Abraham 
Hanes John 
Hankely Thomas 
Hankerson William 
Hanky Henry 
Hanly D. 
Hanly David 
Hannah James 
Hannoh James 
Hartwell Thomas 
Harty Christopher 
Har-.vood John 
Hasbrook George 
Hassbrook George 
Hauss Simon 
Havens Peter 
Hawhoy Richard 
Hawkey Henry 
Hawkey Richard 
Heartcr Christopher 
Hendereks Wansor 
Hendrickson John 
Hcndrikson John 
Hcnkcrson W. 
Hcunekey Manuel 
Hcsorn John 
Hcisam John 
Hews Henry 
Hews William 
Higby Elnathan 
Hifj^ins Samuel 
liiU Jusb.ua 
Hii:kley Thomas 
Hipp Abraham 
Hoisfl Nathaniel 
Holciter Nathaniel 
H./.ei Georgt 
Hulet N. 

Hollet Solomon 
HoUct William 
Holley John 
Hollistcr Nathaniel 
Holloway James 
Holmes Peter 
Holms Jesse 
Hoper Samuel 
Hopper Peter 
Hornbeck Henry 
Hortain Silas 
Hosuer John 
House Henry 
Houzer John 
Hovval Lemuel 
Howel Samuel 
Howell George 
Howell Lemuel 
Howkey Henry 
Howse Henry 
Hozier J. 
Huchins Ebinczar 
Hughs William 
Hull Samuel 
Humphre Alexander 
Humphrey Alexander 
Humphrey James 
Humphrey Samuel 
Hunt David 
Hunt John 
Hunt Joshua 
Hunter Ezekiel 
Hunter James 
Hunton John 
Hutchinson Ebenezer 
Ingram Thomas 
Ireland Amos 
Jackson Robert 
Jackson William 
James John 
Jay Moses 
Jee John 
Jenkmgs Thomas 
Jewett Caleb 
Johnes Seth 
Johns Griflui 
Johnson Abraham 
Johnson Alexander 
Johnson Daniel 
Johnson John 
Johnson Joseph 
Johnson Michael 
Johnson Prince 
Johnston Abrab.im 
Johnston Daniel 
Johnston John 
Jones Griftin 
Jones Joseph 
Jones Robert 
Jones Thomas 

Joory John 
Joory William 
Juit Caleb 
Kain John 
Kcef Con 
Keellcr James 
Keesley Paul 
Keller James 
Kellcy James 
Kelly Joshua 
Keinbie Isaac 
Kempton Obadiah 
Kendrick Thomas 
Kennedy Dennis 
Kent Thomas 
Kepp Abraham 
Ketcham John -^ 
Keyscr John 
Kiepp Conn 
Kieseer Andrew 
Kiesley Paul 
Kinsley James 
Kip Archibald 
Kirberger Philip 
Kiser John 
Kizer Andrew 
Kizer John 
Knaap Aaron 
Kniffen Amos 
Kniffin Nehemiah 
Kniver William 
Kolb John 
Konover Godfry 
Kroai John 
Kysar Andrew 
Lain William 
Lake Joshua 
Lander Daniel 
Lander Ebenezer 
Landers Ebenezer 
Lane William 
Langdon Samuel 
Laraway Isaac 
Latemor Benjamin 
Lates Jems 
Latimore Benjainni 
Latimore Roger 
Latinr.ore Roger 
Laurence William 
Lawrancc Isaac 
Lawrance Jacob 
Lawrence Bcnj»a-aiu 
Lawrence Jacob 
Lawrence William, Jr. 
Leak Joshua 
Leningion Thomas 
Lent Enos 
Lent Isaac 
Leonard Silas 
Letts Evert 

Lcv?.n Francis 
Lewis Henry 
Litz Evert 
Lockwood John 
Lockwciod Josiah 
Lodar Daniel 
Longyear Andries 
Longyear Jacob 
Lounsbury John 
Lovitt John 
Lucey Eleaver 
Lusee Eleazer 
Lust Francis 
Lutter CutT 
McAfee John 
Mc.\nany John 
Mc.-\rthur John 
Mc.\rthur Thomas 
McCarty John 
McCarty Thomas 
McClannon John 
McClarning John 
McClean John 
McClure Moses 
^icCollester Walter 
McCorn Edward 
McDermot Francis 
McDonald James 
McDonald John 
McDonald Th.omas 
McDougal Dougal 
McDugal Dugle 
McGraw James 
Mcintosh John 
McKee John 
McKeny Michael 
McKey Joseph 
McKcy Willi.im 
Mackey William 
Mcliinsley James 
I\IcKown Duncan 
MoKown James 
McLean John 
McXeal John 
.McV'any Philip 
Mappcs Stephen 
Ma k George 
Murkel James 
..larkes George 
Ma.-ks Holiab 
Md.ron P. 
.\Iarsh Thomas 
Marsliall Robert 
Martl-.i.-i Peter 
Mash Thomas 
M.iitis Josepi". 
M;.s;on Joseph 
Matany James 
Mathews Justus 
Mathews Peter 


New York in hie REVor.rTio:'.' 

Matthews John 
Meneina BL'njamin 
Mericalc T.ncoli 
Merkle Janics 
Alerrit John 
Metealf William 
Michelvany Phillip 
Miiagen Robert 
Milard John 
Miiigan Robert 
Millar Elisha 
Millard Henry 
Millegan Robert 
Miller Elijah 
Miller John 
Mills Johnani 
Minama Benjamin 
MJneael Jacob 
Mitchall James 
Mitchell Joseph 
Moncref Charles 
Montanyee James 
Montieth James 
Moonay William 
Mooney Absolom 
Mooney William 
Moor John 
Moore Jacob 
Mordoch Archibald 
More John 
Morewise Jacob 
Morgan Joseph 
Moris Archibald 
Morrison Danie! 
Morrow Patrick 
Morry Patricit 
Mott John 
Muckelvany Philip 
Mu'ilan William 
Mullen William 
Mungoinery John 
ilunteith James 
Murfy Edward 
Kegroe William 
Neilson William 
Nelson Thomas 
Nelson William 
Newcoinb Kii::K'r 
Newman JonL^than 
Nicholas John 
iNicholls John 
Nicliols Stephen 
Nivcr William 
Korth J. V. 
ICorton Silas 
Nfstrant Isaac 
Nowell Lemuel 
X'jkemb Ki.nner 
Xumaii JonatUuii 
Oakcv Abralu'.in 

Oakley Jonathan 
Oakly Jonathan 
Oiiphant William 
Olive Loie 
Orr Daniel 
Osbcn Daniel 
Osliorn Casar 
Osbur.t Daniel 
Osterhout Peter 
Ostrander lienry 
Otter Nathan 
Outhouse Israel 
Owens David 
Pake John 
Palmerton Thomas 
Parcsonus James 
Parisonieer James 
Pirker Elisha 
Paronnus James 
Paterson Thomas 
Paterson William 
Patks Jonah 
Pdtks William 
Patrick Robert 
Patterson James 
Paul William 
Paulding Henry 
Paulis John 
Peck John 
Peck John 
Pembrook William 
Penney Jonathan 
Pepper John 
Personus James 
Peterson Alexander 
Pewlis John 
Phenix Robert 
Philips David 
Philips Joshua 
Plank Henry 
Plough Henry 
Plumb Samuel 
Post Zebulon 
Pudney James 
Prague Seth 
Prebell Joseph 
Prtyer Jas;jor 
Priam Michal 
Pribbell Joseph 
Price Joh'i 
Pride James 
Prime Michael 
I'ryer Jasper 
Pudney James 
Puller John 
PuUis John 
Purdy David 
Quail Ephraiin 
'Juick Abraham 
Race Ephrairi 

Rainy Jcrcnii:,h 
Ramscn Henry 
Ramsey Jonas 
Ramson Jacob 
Ram son James 
Randle Math.ias 
Ransom Henry 
Ransom Jacob 
Ransom James 
Rea Benjamin 
Read John 
Reed John 
Reeder Joseph 
Rhoades John 
. Rhoads John 
Rhoads Joseph 
Rhodes Cornelius 
Richard Philip 
Richards Gilbert 
Richards Phil 
Richardson Alexander 
Richey John 
Richmond Josiah 
Ricker Jeremiah 
Ricky Jeremiah 
Riden Timothy 
Riding Timothy 
Ried John 
Rieston William 
Rillaman Jacob 
Rippicy John 
Ristin Will am 
Riston William 
Ritter Jacob 
Ritterman Jacob 
Roase Jonathan 
Robertson Daniel 
Robertson James 
Robeson George 
Robeson Robert 
Robinson Alexander 
Robinson Benjamin 
Robinson Gei'rge 
Robinson James 
Robinson Robert 
Robisori James 
Robison Thomas 
Ronols John 
Roose Jacob 
Roose Jonathan 
Rosakvaiicc Caeser 
Rose Jonathan 
Rosekrance Depue 
Rosekrans James 
Rosekrauts Dui~ie 
Ross Charles 
Ross Jolm 
Riibent^er Philip 
Ruhrege Jacob 
Rumsey Jonas 

Rundle Able 
Ruple Willia.n 
Rusell Thomas 
Russe! Thon.as 
Russell Hugh 
Riis>ell James 
Russell Ihonias 
Russell William 
Rusble William 
Riiston William 
Ryiie Silvester 
St. John 
Sampson Isaac 
Samson Isaac 
Sandiord William 
Satttrly John 
Schoonmakcr Coffey 
Srhoonmaker Henry 
Schriver Jacob 
Scovuen Hendrick 
Scouton Henry 
Scudder John 
Seaman Ephraim 
Seamor Abraham 
Sears Francis 
Secars John 
Seiniour Abraham 
Serine Jacob 
Sha'er George 
Shapher George 
Sharkey Thomas 
Sl.a-.v James 
Shaw Moses 
Shaw Reuben 
Shaw Solomon 
SI. ay Martin 
Sliear Abraliam 
Siienedon Neheniiah 
Sl'.erkey Thomas 
Sl;er\e Andries 
Sherwood Xehemiah 
SLirkey Thom.as 
Simkins Jeremiah 
Simtnons Ephraim 
Simmons Ezekiel 
Simmons Isaac 
Sm:pson Jameo 
binkins Jeremiah 
r'l.'e Abraiti 
Skinnor Jonatlian 
^."avc!■. Jaiuer 
S":;ck Stephen 
Slocan Jonathan 
S'ouyter Evert 
S!auyter Johp. 
Slutt Abraham 
Shitt Marvel 
Siatt Wiiiiam 
Sluyter Evert 
Siuyter John 


The Line — Fifth Rf.iument 


Slytcr John 
Smallcy Thomas 
■ Sniawly Thomas 
Smedus Jnhw 
Smitli AlMier 
Smith AbralicUn 
Smith David, Sr. 
Smith David, Jr. 
Smith Henry 
Smith James 
Smith Jesse 
Smith John 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Lem Mosier 
Smith Reuben 
Smith Samuel 
Smith StcpliL-n 
Smith Thomas 
Snyder Peter 
Soil William 
Southerd John 
Speenbergh Joseph 
Sprage Seth 
Springstead Harnian 
Springsted George 
Springsted Harmanus 
Springsted Isaac 
Springbteel William 
Springsteen George 
Springston John 
Spunbtrgh Joseph 
Stalk Seth 
Stalker Seth 
Stanly John 
Stanly Thomas 
Stansbury Elijah 
Starenbargh Elijah 
Steak Stephen 
Steel Daniel 
Steel James 
Steel John 
Stell James 
Stephen Richard 
Stephens John 
Stevens James 
Stolker Seth 
Storm John 
Storms John 
Straight Henry 
Straight William 
Streat William 
Streats Henry 
Street Abr.iham 
Stump John 
Suthard John 
Sutlif John 
Sweep Jacob 
Swecte Robert 
Swinton Hcniy 
Swiss Jacob 
Talliday Jolin 

Talliday Stephen 
Taloddy Soloiron 
Talowday John 
Taphap Peter 
Tappen Nathan 
Tapper Nathan 
Tar Boss Isaack 
''Taylor Elijah 
Teknight Jos'h 
Tellent Ed-.vard 
Teller J.imes 
Teller James T. 
Ten Eyck Joseph 
Tcnigar George 
Tenyke Josej.h 
Ter Boss Cornelius 
Terboss Isaac 
Ter Busli Cornelius 
Ter Bush Isaac 
Terwillegar Jacobus 
Terwillegcn Jatnes 
Thaier John 
Thayer John 
Thomas George 
Thomas James 
Thomas John 
Thompson Elias 
Thompson James 
Thomson Arch'l 
Thonsen Sam 
Thorington James 
Thorn Benjamin 
Thorn Obadiah 
Thornton James 
Tillton Peter 
Tinagar George 
Tinker Joshua 
Titus James 
Tobious Jacob 
Toft'et Peter 
Tomilson Benjamin 
Tompkins Edmond 
Tompkins Elijah 
Tonge George 
Tonsen Sam'l 
Tophop Peter 
Topper Nathan 
Townsbury John 
Townsend Absalom 
Townsend Samuel 
Travers Scot 
Traverse Abraham 
Traverse Scott 
Travis Abraham 
Trewilliger William 
Tryon John 
Tucker Joshua 
Tupper Nathan 
Turner i'":':;nci3 
Tyne i'rancis V. 
Ultcr Na;!.:iu 

L'nderiiniuk Titus 

Utter Gilbert 

Utter Isaac, Sr. 

Uutter Gilbert 

Vactor John 

Vallary John 

Van Amburgh Abraham 

Vanasdol Jacobus 

Van Asdoll John 

Vallate Joseph 

Vandel John 

Van Demarken Gysbert 

Van De Merk Gysbert 

Vanderbarak Cornell is 

Van Der ?>Iark Cornelius 

Van Der Merk Cornelius 

Van De Water Augujtines 

Van Gelder Jacob 

Van Gelder Matthew 

Van Hoosen Garnt 

Van Huson Garret 

Van Hyning Andrew 

Van Ness Cornelius 

Vannort Joseph 

Van North Joseph 

Van Nosdal! John 

Van Orden Albert 

Vanosdal Jacobus 

Van Tine Francis 

Van Tine Isaac 

Van Tine John 

Vantine Robert 

Van Tyne Isaac 

Vaney X'incent 

Vashorough Samuel 

Vasburgh Jacob 

Vasburgh Lawrence 

Venote Joseph 

Veny \'inccnt 

Vermiller Peter 

Vermilyea Peter 

Vincent Joseph 

Waddle Robert 

Walcott William 

Walker Samuel 

Wall James 

Wandle J.ihn 

Ward Josiah 

Warren Edward 

Wasson James 

Watson Levi 

Weaver William 

Webber Ichabod 

Weed Samuel 

Weedd Samuel 

Weeker Obediah 

Weeks Malatiah 

Welch Edv.ard 

Weldin James 

Wells John 

Wcl's Peter 

Vv'ells Robert 
Wells Thomas 
Welsh Edward 
Welsh John 
Wemiah Frederick 
Wcmiers Frederick 
Wendall John 
Wcndie John 
N^'est Jacob 
West John 
Western John 
Wever Johanniele 
Whaly Benjamin 
\N'harry David 
VVheler Stephen 
Whel'er Samuel 
Wlieiler Timothy 
Wheller William 
Vriielor Stephen 
V'tlvte Peter 
Whitehead John 
Whitehead William 
Wilboe Jacob 
Wilbore Jacob 
Wilcout William 
Wilkinson Thomas 
Will John 
Willes W'illiam 
William Richard 
'William Wheeler 
V>"illi^ms Ebeuczer 
VvTiliiams Isaac 
Williams Richard 
W.lliams Wynerd 
W":ilis John 
W~.l!is Thomas 
Willis William 
Williss William 
Wills Peter 
Willson Abraham 
Willson John 
W'ilsey Henry 
W llsie Henry 
Winiore Frederick 
Wincl'.ester Daii:orJ 
Wollcott William 
W"ood James 
Wi.'od Timothy 
Woodard John 
Woolsey Henry 
Worner Edward 
W.-iirht Abraham 
Wriston William 
Wiytoa William 
Ye*":rns Epharim 
Votrans Benjan.in 
Yoir.ans John 
Yosuans Stephen 
Youmans Isaac 
Young John 
Yoim^!; Ilt.nrv 


New Yokk in iiu. I\e\'oli.'tio.\ 

The Line — Additional Regiment (Battalion) 




Capt. Dirck Hwson- 
Ti.MOTHY Hughes 
" Abrah.^.\; Livingston' 


James Robichaux 
John D. P. Tex Eyck 
" Peter Van Rensselaer 

Capt. Antiioxy \N'elp 
Robert Wkigut 

Lieut. John Bate.man 

William Belknap 
John Blackleg' 
Francis Brindley — 
" Isaac Nichols 

Lieut. Thomas Nicolson 
Peter J. Vosburgh 
" Willia.n! Wallace 
" Anthony Welp 
Ensign John Gates 

John Hcbbart 

Ademy Peter 
Anderson Alexander 
Anderson James 
Barret Peter 
Bason Daniel 
Beford Anthony 
Belford Anthony 
Birch John 

Bnisoe Leonard 
Bunt Lodewick 
Burns John 
Burro'.vs Thomas 
Burton Arthur 
Campbell V/illiaai 
Canuter John 
Chance Christopher 
Clark Jol'.n 
Clark Joseph 
Cogdon John 
CoUard Abraham 
Conden Philip 
Conely Dennis 
Cook Nicholas 
Cooper Abraham 
CraKhoof John 
Crumb John 
Cunnnins John 
Elkenburiih Peter 
Falconer William 
Feagan William 
Flinii Jului 
Frazier John 

Fryinire Michael 
Garvy David 
Gilbert Joel 
Gilbert John 
Godwin Henry 
Gould Thomas 
Griffiths Howel 
Halfpenny Patrick 
Harold Henry 
. . " ames 
': :: ■'„ Aenry 
■ .. .' n Thomas 
■ . ■ de Zachariah 
nuid.li Phanton 
Horn Phanten 
Howell J. 
Howell Joel 
Hoyet Henry 
Hyett Henry 
Jacobs Joiin 
Keeler Frederick 
Kelly Dennis 
Kelsey Benjamin 
Ketchani David :■'""' 
Lachry John 
Lafrainboise Jacque 
Lawader William 
Lewis Isaac 
Like Henry 
Little Benjamin 
Livingston Jacob 
Loder Wiliiam 
Lord Benjamin 
Lord Jonathan 
Lowder William 
Loyal F.dv.ard 
Ludiow William 


McCord Alexander 
McDonald Peter 
McFall Patrick 
McGinney James 
McGraw Patrick 
McPeak Dennis 
Mall Alexander 
Mallack D. 
Malls A. 

Martin Almerinus 
Matlack Daniel 
2\Iatthews P. 
Matthewson Angus 
Moke Gerardus 
Moore William 
Morewise Jacob 
Munden John 
Murphy Peter 
Na'jie James 
Nathan Reace 
Newel Edward 
Nicolson Andrew 
Oharra Cain 
Paterson Hezekiah 
Plo«h F. 
Plough Teunis 
Pov<el Thomas 
Powers James 
Quin Owen 
Ready John 
Redman John 
Rice Jolm 

Richardson William 
Robertson John 
Robinson Edmond 
Robinson John 
Sadler John 

Selkirk James 
Sheperd James 
Silkirk James 
Smallin Jacob 
Smith Archibald 
Smith John 
Smith John Conrad 
Spring Henry 
Springer William 
Steel Joseph 
Stener Nicholas 
Stoner John 
Stoner Nicholas 
Swayer Lambert 
Swiit John 
Taylor Ebenezer 
Thompson John 
Thompson Prime 
Thompson Tliom.os 
Tice John 
Todd John 
Tripp Charles 
Valence Zachariah 
Van s'alkenburgh Fra 
Vosburgh Peter 
Vroman Peter 
Waggoner John H. 
Ward Thomas 
Warren William 
Weaver David 
Webster Thomai 
Welch William 
Vv'hite Peler 
Williams James 
Willniot John 
V.'inb.am Aaion 

The Line — Congress Regiment 

(No enlisted men found) 


The LiNi; — Aduitiuaal Cuki'^ (Gri;e.\ Moc.ntau." Bovs) 


The Line — Additional Corps (Green Mountain Boys) 

[These intister-rolls are recorded as " Alajor Brown's Detachment," and that detach ,-nont is 
mentioned as in "General Arnold's Ke.Lrimenc." (i'he only mention of General Arnold found 
in our records. > The fact that the "Cireer Moinitain I'oys " were at Quebec in 1776; 
that this detachirient was also at Out-'oec in 1776: that two of the officers on these rolls — 
Captain and Commissary Elijah Baljcuck and Captain Rrjljcri Cochran — are identical in name 
and rank with those on a list handed to tlie Provincial Congress of Xew York by Ethan 
Allen and Seth Warner, on July 4, 1775, as officers for the (jreen Mountam Boys; and the 
further fact that none of the men are recorded in any other ]ilace. or with anv other orq'aniza- 
tion, all confirm the belief that the soldiers on its rolls herewith were a part of that historic 


adjutant \yilll\m satterlee 
quarter:,la5ter Jonathan capron 


Capt. and Co>.i. Elijah Baccock Lieut. Pal.merly Allen 

Gideon Brownson 
Robert Cochran 
Charles Nelson 

I\IicHAEL Dunning 
James Goold 
Ebenezer Hyde 
William Lightiiall 
David Pi .\ ley 

Lieut. W.\lter Switz 
" Elisiiama Tgzes 
" Ebenezer Walbriuge 
" Seth Wheeler 

Ensign Benoni Grant 


enlisted men 

Abbot William 
Aldcn Ecli:: 
Allen Abrciham 
Allen Aniof 
Allen Samricl 
Ames Da\ id 
Andress Je-eniiah 
Andrews J* o^es 
Avcril Ebene7.cr 
Averil! Robert 
Bainur J. 
Barker Alexander 
Barkley Robeit 
Barlow Sa.nuel 
Beach Samuel 
Beanien Jery 
Bcdcr John 
Begar Alexander 
Bcltheh Siep^ien 
Bennet Isa iC 
Beniict Nathan 
Ehearlwiek John 
Bishop Enos 
Black Priu;as 
Blacknion Fphcraiu 
Blanchard .\bncr 
Blanchard A.-.nel 
Blodget Elijah 
Bocron ^L 
Bot gess ThOHias 
Borow Maihe.v 
Brown Joht.' 
Buck Isaac 

Bnrk Jonathan 
Burris John 
Burris Matthew 
Burroughs Matthew 
Cannada John 
Capcc George 
Capern Thomas 
Capron Jonathan 
Carley Abraham 
Caswel! Eliphalet 
Chadock Jonas 
Chaniberlin J'jseph 
Chambers Henry 
Chcfley James 
Chipman Jessey 
Church John 
Clark I-aac 
Chirk Jessey 
Clarke James 
Cobb John 
Cochran Samuel 
Collins William 
Colter Joseph 
Coiiistock Aaron 
Conu'ily Jolin 
Corbit Eldad 
Cross John 
Cross Uriah 
Cummins Benjamin 
Curtis Da\ id 
Ci;r;is 1 Muothy 
Davi.l Abel 
Davis Abel 

Derniin Asa 
Dernim Reiibin 
Dickey Elias 
Doud Jesse 
Dressen Jonathan 
Drew Samuel 
Dunlap Samuel 
Dunn Duncan 
Eastman Nathaniel 
Eivcs Jonah 
Erwine David 
Fellows William 
Fitch Jonathan 
Fletcher John 
Flood Moses 
Flood Timothy 
Fonc Timothy 
Foot Jcnnor 
Force Timothy 
Freeman Elias 
Freeman John 
Freeman Moody 
Freeman Richard 
French John 
Fuller Elijah 
Fuller William 
Gamble James 
Garvin Eplieram 
Gibson James 
Gilbert Elisha 
Goodcoi.rage John 
Gordon Alexander 
Grant Beuoni 

Grapes Phillpo 
Gray Jol'.n 
Griswell Benjamin 
Halet John 
Hand Ira 
Hand Oliver 
}iardy James 
liasleton John 
Hastens Jonathan 
iiawley Ichabod 
Hov.s Edward 
Heart John 
Heath Benjamin 
Henderson Davie 
Heniman Leonard 
Henimaii Moses 
Holmes Orsamus 
House Jonathan 
Hulbiirt \\ r.iiam 
HuntingiL'ii Jery 
Huntley Benjamin 
I'.itchins .\s.-i 
Jewet Jcdcdiah 
Johnson Jeliia! 
Jonston Edin 
Jonston Jolin 
Jurdon Jonatlian 
Kelley Abraham 
KelKy John 
Kollog Joseph 
Kvlloni SaniucJ 
Ktntt'ield George 
King Reuben 


Nl'.W YoKK I\ TilL Jvi;\"ULLT10.N 

King Thoni-is 
Klein Adcnijah 
Lapish John 
Lee Jtmatlian 
Libbey Josepli 
Lightball William 
Locheron John 

Lulling ton John 
Luttington Mosts 
AlcConuel Jonathan 
Magee William 
Magrager Duncan 
Malery David 
Mallarce Nathaniel 
Matthewson A. 
Meloy J. 
Messer Ablcl 
Michel Samnei 
Millege John 
Miller Robert 
Milroy John 
Moores Ezra 
Morris John 
Moss Timothy 
Nayson Benjamin 
Kayson Edward 
Nolds E. 

Olcotr William 
Olford Alexander 
Ovits James 
Owen Daniel 
Owen Silvanus 
Pain Francis 
Park J. 

Parker Amasa-^ 
Pasavile John 
Patee Zephniah 
Patterson George 
Paul Robert 
Philbrook Eh.phalet 
Piper Thomas 
Powerb Nicholas 
Prindle Joel 
Prose Benjamin 
Putnam Asaph 
Putnam Ephron 
Quackenbiish Gerardus 
Quackenbush Jacobus 
Qum Miclul 
Renolds John 
Richards F.dward 
Richardson Jonathan 
Ripney John 
Robertson John 
Robinson Peter 

Rowe Abncr 

Rowley Samuel 

Rush George 

Sanborn Jr.hn 

Saxston George 

Scrjcaiit Samuel 

Shavalcc Joseph 

Shepherd David 

SimpFon V. illiam 
-Smith Abraham 

Smith Benjamin Vo'uig 

Smith Eliphelct 

Smith. John 

Sopcs William 

Spen :er Jesse 

Spring Thomas 

Squires James 
"Stannard Libcus 

Sterling Archibald 

Steven Isaac 

Stevens John 

Stew.-.rt J<.hn 

Stickncy Ezckiel 

Stockv.ell Jacob 

Stow Seth 

Stuart Samuel 

Sturges David 

Style? Eli 

SuUirjhjn-. Henry 
Thor.ias John 
Thurstininlis Ward 
Trouax John 
Trowbridijc Stephen 
Turner Nicholas 
Umpsted Israel 
Van De Bogart Charles 
Van Gcldcr John 
\'an Gelder Jonathan 
N'an \'orst Jelles D. 
Van Wagenen Evert 
Vine Ebcnezcr 
Vine Robert 
\'inc Solomon 
Wakley Stephen 
Walker Jonathan 
Wallis Samuel 
Waters Jolin 
\\ atk:iis Daniel 
Welch David 
Wells James 
Whiston John 
Wiley David 
WiUcn Amos 
Willian-.s Nehcmiah 
Young John 
Young Joseph 

The Line— Additional Corps 


'Capt. Abraham Neely 
Lieut. Fjxch Gildersleve 


Ensign John McEue.v 

Allison Benjamin 
Allison Joseph 
Anson James 
Daily Barnabas 
Bell John 
Bowls George 
Branon Abralia.n 
Branon Michael 
Branon Reuben 
Branson M. 
Branson R. 
Bray William 
Brown John 
Brown Lucky 
Brush David 
Buchanan Robert 
Bull Charles 
Burgess James 
Caily David 
Clark Samuel 
Cole Jolm 
Co! ford .M. 
Conklm John 
Cr^nc Stephen 

Crook Martin 
Daily Silas 
Davis Danlci 
Davis Elias 
Davis John 
I>ecker Jacob 
Dov.n; James 
Dunlap Thomas 
Ellison James 
Ezelius Jacob 
Gardner George 
Graham James 
Hannis William 
Harrington Ale.xande: 
Harrington John 
Harrison Jacob 
Hicks Joseph 
Hodlor Solc.mon 
Holly Vv'ii'iam 
Hooiman .\arfm 
Horton J'-hn 
Ji;ck Th.m^as 
Jenkins J..'Mes 
Jones .\bi;,haiu 

axthon'y nl'.xwell 
John Stagge, Jr. 

Jones Joseph 
Keeicr Wliliam 
Ke.'lor Edward 
Kellev Z. 
Ketcher John 
Lare William 
Lewis Wilbam 
Lipc Joiiu / 

McColiam Samuel 
McKec Thomas 
McKenzey Malcom 
McLean Angus 
McMaj-ter John 
Ma'. hart John 
Mapes Phinehas 
Miller .M. 
Miller William 
i.tiispaw Christopher 
Mingcs Moses 
Monel Wdli.un 
Mott l-.;ekiel 
Pr.ul .\;tiuir 
Peek \\ illiam 
Reed D:;nicl 

Rich John 
Rogers James 
Rogers Samuel 
Rogers \\ illiam 
Scott John 
Sheldon Joseph 
Sickles Garret 
Siy S.".muel 
Spenccr Zeph.aniah 
Strach.-.n James 
Sutheri.'.iiu Janies 
Sutloii Zachariah 
Swan Peter 
Tcatci Michael 
Teets William 
Thaip Bonjanv.u 
Van I'ieet .\brahrim 
Van Vtvern J. 
Wandle DaviJ 
Wendell Jacob 
Williams Rnece 
Wilson Thomas 
Win John 

Tlii: Li.s'ii — Aktillekv, Sllo.nu Ri;oi.MENT 



The Line — Additional Corps 


LiLL'T. Palmer Cauv 

Averil Ebenezer 

Blako Jaiiii'S 
Blake John 
Bardewin John 
Boardwin Jo'.in 
Boardwino John 
Burr Nathaniel 
Casey John 
Hannigan Joseph 

Lieut. Andrew Lee 

Hole James 
KanalHc John 
KanalHe Patrick 
Kncily John 
Lary John 
Lufberry Abraham 
Marling Deliverance 
Mead Duncan 
Nichols Richard 


C) Hara James 
Pa'.nienteer William 
Parks John 
Paterson Jonath^'n 
Paterson William 
Pattersons Jonathin 
Ptirson James 
Pierson John 

Ryan James 
Storm Abraham 
Torrey Samuel 
Torry Samuel 
Tory Samuel 
Travis Silvanus 
\"an Zile Egbert 
Weich William 

The Line — Artillery, Second Regiment 






Capt. TnoitAS Theodore Bliss Capt. Lieut. 

" Jonathan Brown " 

" John Doughty y " 

(Brigade Inst.) " 

George Fleming " 

" James Lees " 

Samuel Lockwood 

Thomas Maciiin Lieut. 
" Samuel ^.Ian'slielu 
" Thomas Matchin 

" Andrew Mocdy " 

■■ " Gersiiom Mctt " 

" Peter Nksvel " 

" Andrew Porter " 

Jacob Reed " 

" JosEi'ii Swage " 

" Jonas Simond " 

" William Stkve;js " 

" Cornelius Swartwout " 

" Joseph Thomas " 

" Thomas Tiio.mpsgn " 

,. " Rop.ERT Walker " 

Ji;re.ml\h Y.'ool " 

Capt. Lieut. Edwakd .A.RrHiiiALD " 

" Calls Bke.vstlr " 

Abaiiathy Giles 
AHen George 
Alley Vviili.^m 
Ames Simeon 
Anderson John 
Aris Frareis Jauics 

is.-.Ac GuiON Lieut. 

Elishx Harvey 

Baxter How 

Jc HN Miles 

John Waldron 

HL.^■•KY Waring 

IsMAii Wool 

Si '■ ri!EN' .Alling 

Jo:."AS Adams 

Petlr Auspach 

James Bradpord 

Caleb Brewster 

JA..1ES Brewster 

Koi'EvT Burnet 

John Burnsides 

John Campbell 

William Cei'.ra 

Alexander Cliniox 

11 .nky cunn'incham 

Henry De.mler 

EriiRAiM Fenno 

Isaac Fisk 

Chi! lion Ford 

Jame- Giles 


Arvin Jnnics 
Asiitield Joliii 
Ashton Josc;)l-, 
Atwell Pne:- 
Bacon Willium 
Bcd>;tio\v I'laucis 


Bagley Azor 
B'liies James 
P.'iley John 
Pailoy .\Io?es 
P.-.11 Allen 
Bard Kobtit 

Oi.tv£R Laurence 

Geo£G£ Leaycraft 

Wil:-Ia.m Leaycraft 

Rose J; r H. Ln'iNOSTON 

TiM(^ IKY Mix 

William Morris 

Petejr Nestel 

Jaco.j Refd 

JoH>r Reede 

John" Shaw 

Isaa; Smith 

John. S.mith 

Will :.\.vt Stracha.v 

\\'iLL-L\>i Strahan 

CoKS Ei.ius Swartwout 

Petf:.' Tappin 

Ale.\ .'.nder Tho.mpson 

I.-Ai.\ ;• Thompson 

John Rutherford Tkoi^f 

Jons; Waldon 

SaMI r 1. W'ilTING 

Hen: Y .V. Williams 
Pete:s Wocdard 

Barr.< Solomon 
Bau.r.-.an Samuel 
Betr'd Robert 

Rc.j--'ct Richard 
Bcr.r,--[ William 
B'..a.T;t: lacob 


New Yukk in tiu: Kevoi.chon 

Bcrmet John 
Berwick Atarmadukc 
Berwick Ri^ljart 
Betters Joiin 
Belts John Wilson 
Bishop Joshua 
Bon Barnes 
Bon Joseph 
Bonnell John 
Brewster Samuel, Jr. 
Brocket Moses 
Brower Daniel 
Brown James 
Brown Richard 
Bruster Samue! 
Buchanan John 
Buchanan William 
Bunn Barnes 
Bunn Joshua 
Burges John 
Burroughs Samuel 
Byington John 
Callaghan Thomas 
Campbell Daniel 
Campbell Ephraim 
Carpenter George 
Cashel Thomas 
Cashen William 
Chatterdon Nathaniel 
Chitsey Banjamin 
Chittcndon Jarcd 
Christy John 
Clark Anthony 
Clark Martin 
Coen Daniel 
Coleman John 
Coltnian William 
Connor John 
Cook John 
Cook Michael 
Corbin David 
Costly John 
Cox John Luke 
Coysc Peter 
Crawford Thomas 
Crudock William 
Crudunk William 
Crumb John 
Crumb Richard 
Curtiss Andrew 
Daily Robort 
Dalicell George 
Dart Abiei 
David Hu.rh 
Day John 
Day Thc'iiias 
Deacon Joseph 
Dean jcstiih 
Dt-niic Jcilni 
DeGrout Henry 

DeLong Joseph 
Dennis Jolm 
Dennison Prince 
Devo Francis 
DeWitt Jolm 
Dixon George 
Done Thomas 
Doughty John 
Douglass John 
Dumas Pierre 
Dunlap James 
Eastwood Amos 
English Robert 
Farrington James 
Fenton Jotliam 
Fcnton Peter 
Fisher Bartholomew 
F'isher Jt'Im 
Fisk Isaac 
Flagley John 
Ford Isaac 
Francis Phillip 
Frcdrickson John 
Garigues John 
Gaus Stephen 
Geesen Matthew 
Gillet Benjamin 
Ginson Richard 
Goble Joseph 
Godwin Joseph 
Goe Thomas 
Graham William 
Graves Joseph 
Green Morris 
Grob John 
Gross Peter 
Guillaume Martain 
Hackney William 
Hachiiy Joseph 
Haliock Joseph 
Hammon James 
Hammon T. 
Ilannier David 
Harwood Thomas 
Haskms Benony 
Hayes Samuel 
Hean Frederick 
Helm Charles W. 
Hcs^c Henry 
Heustcd Nathaniel 
Holland Shelly 
Hopkins Gardner 
Houck Henry 
flouston Nathaniel 
Hutchcnson Xathan 
H'Uehins John 
Hyalt Alvan 
Irvin James 
Johnson John 
Johnson Samuel 

Johnson William 
Johnston Benjair.m 
Jones John 
Jones Thomas 
Keaughy Matthew 
Kelly John 
Kenny John 
Kerney Thomas 
Kill Christopher 
King Adam 
Kitchel Matthew 
Laflieur John 
Lafonton Phineas 
LaSalle Jacque 
Latta Moses 
Lawrence Alexander 
Lewis Charles 
Lindsey }Iugh 
Lint Jacob 
Lint James 
Lock John 
Lockwood Silas 
Loger Christopher 
Lovlet Francis 
Lucas Jonathan 
Ludibock Jolm 
McCay Alexander 
McClue Willia!n 
McCoy Daniel 
McCullough Jolm 
McCunc Richard 
McDonald John 
AIcDonol Anninias 
McFarlin Andrew 
McKay Alexander 
McKinney William 
McLean Allen 
McTarlmg James 
Mansfield Thomas 
Martin John 
Mason Francis 
Mason James 
Mason John 
Mead Richard 
Meales Matthew 
Aierritt William 
Midgley Joseph. 
Miclon Francis 
Miller Philip 
Millot Ferreal 
Miilspaugii William 
Miispaugh John 
Mitchell Daviu 
'' Moor Daniel 
loor Francis 
Morancy Josepn 
■'■[crrison Thomas 
Murphy John 
Mussey John 
Neoi lohn 

Nelson Thomas 

Nestali Peter 

Nesttll George 

Kesiell Martin 

Newton Peter 

Nichols William 

Nistle Peter 

Norris James 

Norton Jedediah 

Oliver Thomas 

Parnet Claude Joseph 

Parsons Samuel 

Patlon James 

Paxton Edward 

Peed Daniel 

Pell Philip 

Phraner William 

Pilltord William 

Poalk John 

Poole Wiliiara 

Powell William 

Preston J. 

Prindle Encs Jones 
Raymond Francis 
Relay Henry 
Richardson Robert 
Rickhorn .'Lbraham 
Riddle John 
Robinson Da^■id 
Robinson Issachar 
Rodes Richard 
Roe John 
Roe: Michael 
Rollins William 
Roop Michael 
Ross Findley 
Rucar Daniel 
Rufl David 
Russell Solomon 
Ryder FVederick 
Savage Richard 
Scely Lewis 
Sharp Tiiomas 
Shearer James 
Sheehan Thomas 
Shelly William • 
Sherwood Andre-.v 
Simons Robert 
Slauson John 
Smith John 
Smith William 
Smith Zacheriah 
Sonimers Fcrral 
Spranger Henry 
Stags Cornelius 
Stephens William 
Steymest Gasper 
Storms Jolm 
Sullivan John 
Summers Ferrol 



V -V /— 


1\ : 



The Lixl — AuriLi.iikv JvEi.iments 


SiUtoii Tlioinas 
Swii't Will.ird 
Tackor Stephen 
Tclfor William 
Tliomas Joseph 
Thompson ThaJucus 
Thompson Wiliiain 
Tompkins Lawrence 
Torry David 
Travis Silvanus 
TuthiU Joel 

VanJerhoff Cornelius 
Vanderooh Benjamin 
Van Emburgh Joseph 
Vangarder James 
V'anRemund Frederiek 
Van Klccch .Michael 
Van Schaick Sam'.iel 
Villtroy John Nicholas 
Vix James 
Wandell Adam 
Ward Samuel 

Wcaks Davi<l 
W'eaks John 
W'ilju Vv'ilHam 
\Vel>h Richard 
Weltcli John 
W'cijJell Jacob 
Uhaly Michael 
Wh'gham R. 
White John 
Whitney Seth 

The Line — Artillery, Third Regiment 

Ilcpworth Daniel 

Wilson Isaac 
Wilson William 
W'inias Siias 
Winter Thomas 
U'irth Christopher 
Wise William 
U'ithwall William 
Woodruff Samuel 
Worr.iwood Peter 
Yean^jr Anthony 

The Line — Provincial Artillery (^C apt. Alexander Hamilton's Train) 
Capt. Alexaxder Hamiltox Lieut. John Bane Lieut. .\L\Eii.v Johxson 

CaT't. Lieut. Ja.mes Moore '■ James Gillila.vd 

Barber Robert 
Barry Lawrence 
Bowers Michael 
Brooks Joseph 
Brown Joseph 
Burrage Robert 
Cairns John 
Campbell Andrew 
Chanibeniu L'riali 
Child Joseph 
Crawford Uriah 
Deasy James 
Dclaney Thomas 
Dcly Henry 
Douglass William 
FargUbon Lawrence 

Finton Robert 
Forbes Jame.-. 
Gallaway James 
Garland George 
Gilbert WilUam I. 
Griffiths John 
Hackett William 
Haiclu Joseph 
Hammond John 
Harwood Thomas 
Henry James 
Hervey John 
Hycr John 
Johnson Isaac 
Johnson Martin 
iving Adam 

King Jacob 
Lawler Martin 
Lewis Thomas 
Lilly James 
Lockhart William 
McGeers Jan.ies 
McKinny Joan 
Magee Janus 
Martin John 
Mason Joseph 
Mdler David 
Norris Stephen 
Oharro Mathew 
Pilling John 
Putt John Christopher 
Remscn .\ris 

Robics Aaron 
Robias Valentine 
Ryan .Lewis 
Ryan Thomas 
Saler Jlohn 
Sa-.ver-b Isaac 
Scott W'iliiam 
Smith: Samuel 
Stakes; John 
Taylojr Richard 
Taylor Thomas 
Thomi:>son Thomas 
Thurst3ori Samuel 
V\'an L-iiwrcnce 
Wood John 

The Line — Arcillcr 

Capt. EniRi.vM Fexxo 
Isaac HuuErLL 

y Regiine.its (Not Identified) 


Lieut. William Pexxixc.tox 

Ex.sic.x Benj.iiM.'n Herring 

Ackcniian W'iUiain 
-Aiken James 
.Ailing lehabod 
-■Mvoid Thcmias, Jr. 
.■\lvoid Thomas G. 
-Ash Henry 
Baker William 
Bancker James 
Bare Edward 
flams -Abraham 
Barrager John 
ilariei W iHiam 

Barton Robert 
Beaver Edward 
tV-niiet Joseph 
Bi'ts Thomas 
Dishop Gavriel 
Bisb.op Levi 
Bishop Nailiaiiicl 
Boyd James 
Bracket Corneluis 
Bremer Anthony 
Bright Janus 
Brooks Saii'.'.iel L. 


Brown John 
Buchez Peter 
Burhans Jol-.n 
Burwick John 
Bush Conradi. 
Cable Sam u-1 
Caelcy IV'-cr 
Cahil I oil 11 
Camptou M.itthias 
Cann J'lhn 
Casey J,ini-;s 
Chapin Leonard 

Christi.xn Michael 
Clark George 
Clark John 
Clarke Ucorge 
Clarke John 
Cochra;n Thomas 
Cohoor.; David 
Cole Ccnjauiin 
Colecj^ n Israel 
Collitr Richard 
CoIrn:-.n Israel 
Coiiiptor. .Matthias 


Nf.w Y 




Cooper Isaac 
Cornwall David 
Cornwall William 
Cottelle riiilip 
Crab AbiJL'h 
Craft Henry 
Craly Peter 
Culler Henry 
Cunningham John 
Cunnintrhum WiUiam 
Cutler Henry 
Davids John 
Davis Henry 
Davis Richard 
Davis William 
Dayton F.phraiin 
Da>ton Frederick 
Dean Ashbell 
Decker John 
DeGroot John 
DeMott William 
Dickfon James 
Dill Nicholas 
Diskill Nathaniel 
Dolton John 
Doty Isaac 
Dowlmg Andrew 
Drake William 
Diitcher Abraliam 
Dyckman Ricliard 
Ferris Peter 
"^Fletcher David 
Fletcher John 
Foot Isaac 
Foster John 
Fryor Charles 
Fuller Peter 
Gardner Benoni 
Gardner Thon.as 
Garnet John 
Garrison Peter 
Garrison Thomas 
Gauler Samuel 
, GiUaspye Josci'h. 
Gobie John 
Gorham Joseph 
Gortly William 
Green Samuel 
Grillith .Thomas 
Hagerty Enijs 
Hague Cornelius 
Hains William 
Halstcad Joseph 
Hailley Joseph 
Haiimore -MooCS 
Harden Oliver 
Harding' Oliver 
Hardy P-enjainin 
Hardy Richard 

Hardy Rnijrrt 
Harriot Israel 
Harris Henry 
Harris James 
Hart William 
Hartivick John 
Hastings Lbeiiezer 
Hetty Coenradt 
Hibberd Samuel 
Hicks Jacob 
Higgens Nathaniel 
Higgins Thomas 
Hill p:dmond E. 
Hill Obadiah 
Hinkley Joshua 
Hitchcock Brampton 
HoiT David 
Holland John H. 
Holstead Joseph 
Horner Francis 
House Cornelius 
Hunt John 
Jacobs Able 
Jacobs Uriah 
Johnson Da\id 
Johnson Jacob 
Karp Thomas 
Kating Thomas 
Kelton Thomas 
Kctchum Joshua — 
Kier Tennis 
King George 
Kip Peter 
Knap Samuel 
Lackie James 
Laden Ambrois 
Laveriek Gabriel 
Lavvsoa Jacob 
Leach Christopher 
Lcc Jcptha 
Lee JusLph 
Leestcr Guy 
Lemnion William 
Lewis James 
Lines Ebenezer 
Little James 
Loring Benjamin 
Losier Oliver 
Lounsberry Nathan 
Lozier Oliver 
Luddow Ambrose 
McBrlde James 
McBridc Wiiliain 
IvIcClean Donald 
McCloud John 
McDonald James 
McGinnc? Arthur 
Mack Bazall 
McKeii/.ie John 
McKcw Joim 

McKiilips Abi.Jiam 
-McLean Allen 
-McLean Daniel 
McLerui J'-uin 
Mallet Juhn 
Malone Jii'an 
Malony Daniel 
Marius Jacob 
Mead J.mathan 
Mcdlcr Chrilopher 
Miles Elnathan 
Miller Samuel 
Mix Sleijhcn 
Moffat Alexander 
Moor Tames 
-Morris Robert 
Mortinior James 
Mulineaux Wiiliam 
Myer -Abraham 
iSelson John 
Nevit John 
Newel James 
Nicho'as Eli 
Nielson John 
Orcut John 
Osborn Jeremiah 
Osman John 
Pangburn Samuel 
Paris -Anthony 
Parker Edmond 
Parker Jackson 
Patterseir. Joiin 
Pembruok David 
Pembiook Da\id Jr. 
Pemhrook James 
Perkins John 
Pettice David 
Pettit Jabez 
Pierpoiiit John 
Pittee David 
Policy liii..;h 
Pratt John 
Prebble Samuel 
Preston Thomas 
Price Elijah 
Price Xatlianiel 
Purdy James 
Quackenbo^s Benjamin 
Raiidel Jeremiah 
Randle Jeremiah. 
Ray Caleu 
Reckhov.- .Abraham 
Rein Jcihi! 
Reins John 
Revera John 
Reverce Jo! n 
Riply Da' ,d 
Rissley David 
Robert-oil William 
Robesoi. Jehu 

Robinson John 
Roe Michael 
Ross John 
P.v.dolph David 
Rutf Jonathan 
Kukhouse .v'jrahan; 
Rumbiow Thomas 
Runisey Nathaniel 
P-undolph David 
Russel John 
Kyan John 
St. Clair George 
Salmon William 
Sanders Robert 
Schiiltz Christopher 
Sheerman Ednioiid 
Sliell Eiisha 
Shells t:ii5ha 
Slack James 
Siater John 
Slates John 
Sir.ith Daniel 
Sn.ith James 
Smith Jeremiah 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Nicholas 
S.iiith Thomas 
Smith Wait 
Smith Weight 
Sommers Samuel 
Squire Jonathan 
Squire Samuel 
States Peter 
Stephens ThefMJore 
Stuckbridge j^ Im 
Stocker Seth 
Siymeti Isaac 
Sunderland John 
S-.van William 
S'..eney Edm.md 
'i aylor John 
Temple Ebenezer 
Tcrboss Isaac 
Thachcr Siephen 
Tharpe John 
'I -lonias John 
Tli )rn Daniel 
T'..ornton William 
Tliorp Thomas 
Todd Vale 
Tvav;s Joseph 
L :ier John 
V.-.rinI Joseph 
V'ermilyee John 
Vermylyea Job.n 
Wakelee Samuel 
Warner Thomas 
Webb -\nios 
V."ebb Gideon 

Wi.cd John 

Tin: Line — .Mimiks 67 

U'csscls IliTCulcs Wliitcniorc James V,"illiaii!s Ricliard W-iO'J Jc5Se 

\Vcsscl5 John Whilnioio Amos VViisey Jacob Young Alexander 

Wheeicr William Wilcocks Elias Wilson David Young Peter 

\'. hile Jamoi Wilcox John W'ilson Elijah Y'urlcs John 

White Jonidhan Wiilianib Ifaac Wittmore Janu'S Yurl;se John 

The Line — Cavalry, Second Regiment, Light Dragoons 


Lieut. Thomas F. Jackson 

Cooley Samuel Eraser Simon Jorden James Winn John 

The Line — Cavalry, Fourth Regiment, Light Dragoons 

Ca?t. Anthony Post Capt. Lieut. Peter Taalman Supt. Euenezer Vovnc 

John Shephekd Lieut. Ezekiei. Sampson 

The Line — Cavalry Regiments (Not Identified) 

Capt. Jeromi.mus Hoogland Lieut. John Stakes 


Riirkhout John Cronk Garret Jacobson Cornelius V^n Huysen Joi-.n 

Coe John Gurnee Stephen Kronck Gerret Willis Benjamin 

Cooper Joseph Hogland John Slau?on Ebenezer W^ood Ebenezer 

Cox John Jacobs Cornelius Slauion Nathaniel Wood Samuel 

The Line — Artificers 

Capt. Petes Mills Lieut. Jotiiam W.'^icht Lieut. JciiN Morris F.jcrt 


Carter Luke Dean Solomon Lawrence Benjamin Slot Daniel 

Cary Elihu Dill John Mills Amos Taylor William 

Clary James Emson Henry Nail Joim Thomas Aaron 

C'lle John Gilson Hr/.ckiah CJvvcn Joseph Thomas Joseph 

'.>'iiklm John Goldsmiili Jeremiah, Robinson Lambert T'lompson Robert 

Oian Ezra Hosier John Samson Henry T> Icr Timothy 

ijcau Moses Lasly John Seamons Silvanus 

The Line — Artificers (Not Identified) 

Dolphan Thomas Harrison Thomas Stricklan \ lonrahan 

The Line — Miners (Not Identified) 

f-yr. Javhs Gii.LH.ANn Capt. Ioxatiivn Lawrence Caft. I.ie'.-t. ]\Mf-; Gti.i.ii.wd 




Capt. Lotiirop Allen- 
Joshua Dkake 
Joseph }L\rriso.n' 
" Jonathan Laurence, Jr. 
" Gerkitt Putnam 
" Walter VR00^L\N 
Lieut. Albertus Becker 


Lieut. Thomas Bradsiiaw 
ezr.\ buei.i, 
John Duxiiam 
corneliu.s eckerson 
Joseph Harper 
Richard Lawrence 
George Passage 
Othmel Philips 

Lieut. Mattp-'-.w Potan 
Victor Putna.m 
Setii Sherwood 
Peter B. Ten Broeck 
Peter Van Bergen 
Solomon Woodworth 
James Yule 
James Yuvle 


Ensign Thomas Boyce 

Acker George 
Ackerman John 
Ackervon George 
Allen Henry 
AUis John 
Allison Samuel 
Ambicr Natlianiel 
Ansoin James 
Archey Annanis 
Arsha Annanias 
Atwood Jonathan 
Aylworth Isaac 
Babark John 
Babcock John 
Babcock Nehcmiah 
Babick Nighimie 
Ballard Benoiu 
Banker James 
Barnes Samuel 
Barns Nathaniel 
Barred Peter 
Barrington Lewis 
Barry Wiiliain 
Bartlcct Jo^eiih 
B;uini Frederick 
Bell Matthew 
I'.ellinger Chriflian 
Benedick Eiias 
llcnidick Oliver 
Bcrnom Levi 
Berry William 
Btstley Jos-ph 
Bicker Henry 
Bilhnt's Incrose 

Billins Ineris 
Blamely William 
Bogardus Ja':ies 
Bolluian j ihn 
Bollon Alexander 
Bolton iVexander 
Bolton John 
Bolton Saiiuiel 
Boolman John 
Bosli'-er Paul 
Boste Henry Juliu.s 
Bowdish Juhn 
Bowen Timothy 
Braudow Abraiiani 
Branno'.i Ahiaham 
Bran on Abraham 
Brockwr..y Gideon 
Brower Eldrick 
Buckl'.-y .\ndrcw 
Burchard Nathaniel 
Burcher Nathani.-l 
Burgess Stephen 
Burhans Therck 
Biirley Elijah 
Surrey Elijah 
Burst Jo cob 
Burst Jacob I. 
Bush Henry 
Bush John 
Bushanie Carrick 
Bus.=ey Elijah 
Bu/^ie Jjnatb.an 
Caine Thomas 
Camp Ava 


Campbell John 
Care Teunis 
Carkcr Jacob 
Carpenter Thomas 
Carpner Thomas 
Carson William 
Carter John 
Carter William 
Carty Solomon 
Ceaton !s„ac 
Chapman Edward 
Chapman Samuel 
Chatfield Cornelius 
Christman John 
Clark John 
Clark Saii.uel 
Clemments Philip 
Cleveland Samu.el 
Cole Joim 
Coleman Andrew 
Collins James 
Collins William 
Coltman W'iiiiaiii 
Colver Joseph 
Conklin John 
Conklin Joseph 
Connore James 
Cooper iiiij::h 
Cooijcr Henry 
Cooper John 
Coplant Samuel Sun 
Coplin Samuel 
Cornelius John 
Cos; Martin 

Crim Henry 
Crisman John 
Cross Daniel 
Cross John 
Cross Ruben 
Culley Matthew 
Cummings Josiah 
Cuper Henry 
Curtis Solomon 
Darling John 
Darrow Jedidiali 
Davy Adam 
Day Aaron 
Day Jonathan 
Day Lewis 
Debie Adam 
De G-aff Jesse 
De GrolT Jesse 
De Harsh Philip 
De La\1gn Francis 
De Long John 
Demott John 
De Narsh Philip 
Dcusi! Daniel 
Deveran.x Joseph 
Dickson Robert 
Dixon Robert 
Dodge .\ndrew 
Dratt John 
Dunbar Robert 
Dnnliam Charles 
Dunham John 
Dunn Ph.ineas 
Dunaini Cliarles 

The Le\ies — (Hauper) 


Dunni%aii Daniel 
Dutcher Henry 
Dygart Sc\Lrnnis 
Dygerd Satreiios 
Eastwood John 
Ecker George 
Eckler Leonard 
Edwards William 
Eightlcr Joiin 
Ekicnian Jacob 
Ellis John 
Ellison David 
Elson David 
Els worth Isaac 
Embler Nathaniel 
Farnham Asa 
Felter Peter 
Fetter Peter 
Fidler Godfrey 
Fiedler Gottfried 
Flamsted William 
Flansl)urgh William 
Fleming Asa 
Folmer Cliristian 
Frank Henry 
Frase Isaac 
Fuller Daniel 
Gardinier Tunis 
Garmen James 
Ganlt Story 
Gautt John 
Germaine J.imcs 
Ghospcad Joseph 
Glcson Joel 
Goart Jolm 
Golding Benjamin 
GolT Oliver 
GoofT Joseph 
Graham Jolm 
Gray James 
Green Ebenezer 
Grifl'en James 
Grii'fis James 
Haekman Thomas 
Hadley Isaac 
Hagcdorn Samuel 
Hannnond Puid 
Hanrillor Silas 
Harper Archibald 
Harrington John 
Harris David 
Harris Thomas 
Harrow Robert 
Hatch William 
Haugnduni Samuel 
Hawkins Steidicn 
Jlcath Simeon 
Hclmes John 
Mcnnion John 
Henry Ilu^jh 

Herring I<(jberl 
Hewitt James 
Highly Seth 
Hill Amos 
Hilssinger John 
Hoard David 
Hogebooni Peter 
Holiday Henry 
Holmes John 
Horsford Samuel 
House Cornelius 
House Jesse 
House Peter 
House r Henry 
Howel Jesse 
Hoyer Peter 
Hubbard William 
Hubble Ethamour 
Huniphris John 
Hunt David 
Hursic Thomas 
Hyer Peter 
Hyser John 
Ikler Johannis 
Isden John 
Jackson Lyman 
Johnson Benjamin 
Jones Isaac 
Keeler Isiah 
Kelley Elenczar 
Kelly Henry 
Ketchum Joel -•- 
Kidder Stephen 
Killsey Ebcnezer 
Kiner William 
King Ruben 
Kisiier William 
Kittle Adam 
Klein William 
Knap James 
Knapp Silas 
Kronkheit John 
Ladine John 
Ladoo John 
L:irraby i 'iias 
Lattimore Francis 
Lewis James 
Leahy William 
Leak William 
Leeson Joel 
Lefoy -Abraham 
Lehigh William 
Lent Herculas 
L.'pper Frederick 
L -rner Philip 
Ltttiiiiore Daniel 
Levine Francis 
LolT David 
Long William 
Lovejoy Andrew 

Loyd William 
Luner Philip 
Liisk Jacob 
Lusk Michael 
Lusk William 
Lyon Xatharuel 
McCauley Charles 
McCaulIey Robert 
McChdlen James 
McColm John 
McMannis William 
McXitt John 
Magee John 
Man James 
Marks Jesse 
Martin Robert 
Mearanas Thomas 
Menu Jan;es 
Mervin Malkica 
Middle Christian 
Midler Cliristopher 
Miller Jacobus 
Miller James 
Miller Zadoc 
Mitchel Robert 
Modlan James 
Monrosc Jesse 
Moon Matthew 
Moran William 
Moss Simon 
Moss Timon 
Murphy Timothy 
Murray iS'icliolas 
Murray Peter 
Murray William 
Myall Joseph 
Myers David 
Kestell George 
Newcomb James 
Newkerk John 
Newkirk Jacob 
Xiles Xathan 
Norton William 
Nottingham Lewis 
Oarchard Thomas 
Omsted Aron 
Orchard Edward 
Order Peter V. 
Ostrandcr Adam 
Owens Elisha 
Parker Robert 
Patchin Samuel 
Pease Abncr 
Perry David 
Peters Simon 
Peterson Peter 
Phantop James 
Phelps Ebenezor 
Philips Ebcnezer 
Philips Jacobus 

Phi^ipse James 
Phillips Isaac 
Piea.rce John 
Pitcher Godlip 
Vo-'A William 
Porch Andrew 
P'jst Cornelius 
Pouer Roland 
Poaer Moses 
Preston William 
Price William 
Prusnar Christian 
Pumam David 
Quant Frederick 
RandeH Joseph 
Read Alphias 
Re^jlimyre Johanis 
Recex Andrew 
Rc^iacker John P. 
Rice David 
Rirkert Jacob 
Riley John 
Riley Philip 
Rcrt> -rts Ezekiil 
Roberts John 
Rooinsou Jesse 
Ro-ckwcll Simeon 
Rockwell Symon 
Ro-aier James 
Rose James 
Ro>!iver Paul 
Rowley Seth 
Ru^sclI James 
Sac'-cett Benjamin 
Sackett Jolm 
Saiiilaiii Mosc.s 
Scir.oolcrait Johaiiiiis 
Src". iknjamin 
Sc'^'tt Thomas 
Sci antcn Merchan 
Srr.bncr John 

Sci-tt Sc::O!!'.0n, Jr. 

Seiiiur Jon:!s 
Sc^cr Evart 
Set- is John 
Sh.;.r John 
S'...rp Andrew 
Sh .:.. Pe.er 
Sh.ver Adam 
Sh..tv.' Henry 
Siu.'.v Jacob 
Sii.-^y Malcoiu 
Sli'. i.hcrd James 
Shiiiror James 
Slicrwood James 
Sliirtls Abraham 
Simons James 
SH' s Ainasa 
Si.'iih Garret 
Sr.uith John 


New Vukk in tiii-. RrAnu tiox 

Smith Jofcpli 
Smith Nich.olas 
Sniitli Polly Carp 
Soultis Jacob 
Speed George 
Sprague Alexander 
Stalker William 
Stark Nathan 
Starkweatb.er Roger 
Starring George 
Start Nathan 
Start William 
Steel Thomas 
Steiibergh Peter 
Stils Aniasa 
Storm Thomas 
Strong Robert 
Stuart Oliver 
Suard Jedediah 
Sueldes Jacob 
Sweet James 
Swett James 

Tancill Daniel 
Tanner Benjamin 
Taylor Jasper 
Tenner Gedion 
Thomas Jacob 
Thomas Peter 
Thorn Zadok 
Tice John 
Trinker Gnllup 
Trull John '^ — 

Truwax Isaac 
Tuft's Zachariah 
Valentine Alexander 
Valentine Pcltr 
Valkenburgh Joghem 
Van Bcnthuyscn Mark 
Van Camp Moses 
Vandanburgh Daniel 
Van der Bogart Johoniiis 
Van Dusen Aron 
Van Dyck Cornelius 

Van Dyck Peter 
Van Horn Jolin 
Van Houten John 
Van Itvereii Garret 
Van Sickler Reync.ir 
Van Sickles Reynear 
Van Wagoner Andrew 
Van Yeveren Garret 
Van Zicklcr Bynier 
-Vtader Peter 
Virgen AbijaU 
Virgil Abijali 
Vosburgh Peter 
Ward Zadolc 
Warden Barnerd 
Weed Phip.eas 
Weed William 
Wells James 
Wertham Warren 
Wheeler John 
Whoiebur John 

Willehcr John 
Williams Gilbert 
Williamson John 
Vv'illis William 
Willman John 
Willson Silas 
Wilmer John 
Wilsiey James 
\\'ilson V\'iiliam 
Wincel John 
Winchal Penctiai 
Winne Kelian 
Winshell John 
Witbeck Samuel 
Woodworth Reuben 
Wright Robert 
Yat James 
Y'cat James 
Young Jeremiah 
Y'oung John ^ 
Zitser George 

The Levies — (Weissenfels) 








Capt. Pkentice Bowe" 

Hexry BrewstiiR, Jr. 

" Henky Dodc-k 
Hekry Goodwi.v 
John- L. HARDj.xnuKGH 

" John Hoknreck 

" Thomas Hunt 


" Henry Pawlinc 
Daniel Shepiiaud 

Capt. Andrew Tho^itsov 
Abraham Westfall 
Andrew White 

Lieut. Peter BuNsciiorEN 
Cornelius Du Boys 
John Ellsworth 


Jonathan T. Jansen 
James Johnson 



Lieut. John Barr 
" John Finch 

Ackerman Casparaus 
Ackerman James 
. Adames Deliverance 
Addanis Major 
Adsit Martiii 
Ager James 
Aherd Jacob 
Akard Jacob 
Albecn Nathaii 
Aidridge Bciiiamin 
Alexander Rufus 
Aller John 
Ambler Enr.s 

additional names on state treasurers 

Lieut. George H arson 
John Punderson 

jANtc.> Myer 
Willi. vM Nottingham 
John Ostrander 
Aldert Roosa 
Cn.\RLES Stuart. Jr. 
Azar' .h Tuthill 
Theoloru.s \'an Wyck 
Jonah Weeks 
Samuel Youngs 


Lieut. George P. Weissenfels 

Ambler Nathan 
Anderson John 
.■\nnet Henry 
AnsoM Jolui 
Arms rong John 
Austin Lockwood 
Avery Nehemiah 
Balieock Amos 
Pabcock Elislui 
.BabceKi: John 
Backer J..hn 
Bailey John 
Bailey Sr.nuiei 

Baker Jessy 
Baker John 
Baker Richard 
Baker William 
Balard Caleb 
Baldwin -\ar')n 
Baly Richart 
Bardge Jon.iihan 
Barlow Joseph 
Barnes Gilliam 
Barnes John 
Barret Nathaniel 
Barns Glean 

Barr Daniel 
Barret Joh.n 
Bartlet Haines 
Bartlct Jacob 
Bartley Jacob 
Bassett Cesar 
Bates Justus 
Beard John 
Bebrown Deliverance 
Becker John 
Bcckman P.enj.miin 
EelkiMO Thoraas 
Benedict A::iri;-.!i 

TlIK l.EMi:^ — (W'lLISSKXi KI.S) 


Benedict Thonins 
Benedik Tom 
Benjamin Cyrus 
Btnnct Juliri 
Berber Alislia 
Berber Jost-pli 
Btringer Jacob 
Bernard Simon 
Beiringhas David 
Berry Sanuie! 
Besenitr Alicliael 
Bevier Andries 
Be\ier Duvid 
Bevier David. Jr. 
Birch Josiaii 
" Black Walter " (colo' 
Blanchard Justus 
Blawvcit Cnrr.eliiis 
Bogardus Jac.ilms 
Buiee Hcntlrirk 
Bonkcr Solomon 
Bowen Isaac 
Bowen Prentice 
Bowmgton John 
Boyd Nathaniel 
Boyles Walter 
Brannon Reuben 
" Brave Boy " (colore' 
Brennen Michael 
Bresin John 
Brewster Jesse ' 
Briuck John 
Broadhead Henry 
Brooks George 
Broun Elijah 
Browcr Aaron 
Brower Cornelius 
Brower George 
Browcr Henry 
Brower Jeremiah 
Brower WilUaia 
Brovvn Deliverance 
Brown Elisha 
Brown Halsey 
Brown Jar.ics 
Brown James II. 
Brown Reuben 
Brown Samuel 
Brundage Soilimon 
Brush David 
Brush Isaiah 
Buckhout James 
Buckingham William 
Burgcs John 
Burgess James 
Burhans Jacob 
Burr Daniel 
Butts Willian; 
Byington David 
Byington John 

Calkms Ely 
Candjer John 
Gamble .-Xrclvbald 
Camblc James 
Cameron Davi<l 
Campbell Archibald 
Campbell Joh.n 
Canfield Ebenezer 
Cannon A.rn'it 
Carehart Jaeolj 
Carhaday Xiehuias 
Carmer Samuel 
Carnel Henry 
Garner Andrew 
Carpenter Barnard 

ed) Gatterling Nathaniel 
Gee Moses 
Ccpinosa .-Xnt'.iony 
Ghanders Isaac 
Chard Hugh 
Ghrispell Abraham 
Claervvater John 
Clark Benjamin -■■ 
Clark John 
Close tieury 
Close Peter 
Cochran Samuel 

I Cohoon Heman 
Cole Cornelius 
Cole Reuben 
Golegro\e Fiaiieis 
Collins Jijhii 
Colwell Arth.ur 
Gonare William 
Gonckling John 
Conkiin J; rob 
Coiiklii'g .\hr.diam 
Connolly John 
Constable Gerrct 
Conway Mi^.hael 
Cook Darius 
Cook David 
Cook Henry 
Cook Job 
Cook Nathan 
Coon Peter 
Cooper Gerrit 
Coovert John 
Gornclison Michael 
Coulter John 
Covert James 
C'lv.ings Isaac 
Go.\well rra.'icis 
Crans Christopher 
Crawford Ja.iies 
Greed Astern 
Crissy William 
Cropsy Henry 
Crosby FJie:;e..e'.' 
Crosby Richard, 

Cross William 
Cry John 
Cunmiins Daniel 
Cunningham Benjamin 
Cupcr Henry 
Carrie Elijah 
■y Curtis Ezra 
David John 
Davis Nathan 
Davis Samuel 
Davis William 
Dea Cass Thomas 
Dealy Samuel 
Dean Ebenezer 
Dean Ji'.mcs 
Dean Reuben 
Decker Cornelius 
Deforege Reuben 
DeGrove William 
Degrushie Elias 
Delaney Dennis 
Delano Thmnas 
Delavan Daniel 
De Lavigne Francis 
Demick Samuel 
Deo Hugh 
Derbishire Daniel 
Derbishire James 
Derbysiiiie Da\id 
Dcrly Philip 
Devie Isaac 
Dcvoo Antliony 
De Witt Jacob 
De Vv'itt John L. 
De Witt Peter, Jr. 
De Witt William 
Dimmucl; Samuel 
Dobbins Hueh 
Dodge Daniel 
Dolittle Hopkins 
Dolleuay Andrew 
Donnovan Daniel 
Doty Elias 
Douglass James 
Downy John 
Do.xy Stephen 
Draper Joliii 
Drew Oliver 
Du Bois Cornelius 
Dubois John 
Dubois Martm 
Dui)ois Matthew 
Duiey I'iiiiip 
Dumond Conicliiis 
Dunla]) Thomas 
Durlin.g Benjamin 
Dusenbury William 
Duteher Abraham 
Dut.-her D.ivid 
Duteher Henry 

Dyer James 
Eager James 
Edwards John 
Eigcncr Jacobus 
Elliot Christopher 
Elliott Thomas 
Ellis Christopher 
Ellison Jeremiah 
Elmendorph Petrus 
Eis.vorth John 
English George 
Ennest William 
Ennis Peter 
Ferdon Samuel 
Ferguson Enos 
Ferguson Jeremiah 
Ferris Benjamin 
Ferrison Silvenus 
F'inch Elnathan 
Finch Phiiip 
Foiitaman Frederick 
Forgerson Gilbert 
Forsbag John 
Fowler George 
Fowder Nehemiah 
Fox Martin 
France Adam 
Franklin Nathaniel 
Fuller Joseph 
Furnian Samuel 
Gardenir George 
Gardinier James 
Garison Jacob 
Garrison Abraham 



Garrison Joseph 
Garrison Peter 
Garvey Francis 
Gay Jolin 
Geason Mntth.ew 
German Jame.^ 
Gerrison Jacob 
Gift'ord John 
Gildersleevo Josciih. 
Gilford Benjamin 
Gillespcy James 
Glasby David 
Graham Jacobus 
Graham James 
Graham John 
Gray Jonalliau 
Green Is.iac 
Green Jeliial 
Green John 

Green Joseph 

Green Peter 
Green Samuel 
Giiilin John 
Grime-- Sliep'.icrd 
Gue Joseph 


NfW Yclv.'x IN TItE Kl\ijLLTIO.\ 

Guiisaloii Saninc! 
Had ley lianc 
Il.igaman Nitiiolas 
linger William 
Haight Joseph 
Halt Miniiah 
Hall Benjamin 
Hall Boston / 
Hall Robert .■ 
Haileet William 
Hallet Jeffery 
Halley Robin 
Halmer James > 

Hainmel Nathaniel 
Hanfield David 
Hanna James D. 
Hanniore David 
Hansen William 
Hardenbergli Corn^iii'.s 
Hardil'aut Zur 
Hariiigton Alexander 
Harris Squire 
Harris Thoiiias 
Hatch Solomon 
Hay Nathaniel 
Heevens Justice 
Hennicum Elisha 
Herdenbergh Lewis 
Hergonian Nicholas 
Herrick Elijah 
Henick Jonathan 
Hicks John 
Hillman Nicholas 
Hines James 
Hitt Dennis 
Hodge Israel 
Hoghtaling Wiiham 
Holly William 
Holmes Anthony 
Holmes James 
ilolt William 
Hoitslandery Adam 
Homaii John 
Hoiiiau Joshua 
-TJoi.ies Nathaniel 
Hood John 
Horton Thomas 
Hosier Thomas 
Hoskier Lawrence 
House Seth 
Howe Timothy 
Hoyt Elijah 
hubbard Prince 
Huubil Richard 
Ihibbill Gershoni 
Hiiphan John 
Hunt Aaron 
Hunt 1 homas 
Hunter Ebcne^er 
Huikins Asel 

Hutchins Jacob 
Hynie Cornelius 
Ingerson John 
Ingraham Justus 
Irwin James 
Ives Grigery 
Jackson James 
Jameson Thomas 
Jane John 
Jansen Thomas 
Jansen Thomas, Jr. 
Jarvis Francis 
Jecocks Gcrshom 
Jenkins Ezeki'. 1 
Jennings Stephen 
Jersey Richard 
Johnson Josiah 
Johnson Richard 
Johnson Thomas 
Jones Isaac 
Jonson Daniel 
June Aliraham 
June John 
Jursey Richard 
Keator Gideon 
Keeler John 
Kelly Dinnis 
Kelly Isaac 
Kelly Sylvanus 
Kelsey John 
Keslor Peicr 
Kip Igness 
Kitcher John 
Knap Joseph 
Knapp Shadrick 
Koch John Henry 
Lake Joshua 
Lamphier John 
Lane Daniel 
Lane Jeremiah 
Lane Joshua 
Lane Samuel 
Lane William 
Lapsing George 
Latlimore Roger 
Laurence A-lexaiulcr 
Lawrence Samuel 
Lawson Lawrence 
Lawyer Adam 
Lee Jonathan 
Legg Samuel 
Lenared Robert 
Lent Jacob 
Le Roy Henry 
Letts David 
Lc'.ves Galop 
Linsey States 
Liskimi Samuel 
Luts John 
Lloyd Elisha 

Lockuui'd Benjamin 
Lockwood Job 
Lock.vood John 
Lock'., ood -Moses 
Loden Pcltit 
Loder Pettit 
Lossing Matthew- 
Low John 

Lucas Jonathan Budd 
Lucas William 
Lucky Robert 
Luddington William 
Lukky Jeffy 
Lyke Hciidrick 
Lyons T'llichaei 
McCann Cornelius 
McCay John 
McClarning John 
McClintock John 
McCluer William 
McCormick James 
McCoy Daniel 
McCraney William 
McDaniel Daniel 
McDonald Jai^ies 
McDugle Ale.xaiuicr 
McEueu CornLliu;, 
McHurttr James 
McKee Thomas 
McKcnzie Alexander 
McLaning John 
McMunn William 
McNamee William 
McSwceney Daniel 
Mahonev James 
Maines Charles 
Mapes Henry 
Mapes Henry, Jr. 
Marka George 
Marrigut Jacob 
Marsliall Henry 
Martin Thomas 
Mash.nnan James 
Masstin Thomas 
Matthews Peter 
Mead Marshel 
Meed Lewis 
Middagh Daniel 
Midgley Joseph 
Miller Alexander 
Miller George 
Milkr i'eter 
Miller Samuel 
Miller Wiiham 
Milligan Robert 
Mingas David 
Minthorn Nathaniel 
Mires William 
Monall James 
Montar.yc Peter 

Mooney Abr;diam 
Moor Martin 
Moore Martin 
Moore Thomas 
Moore William 
Mopps Frederick 
Morgan Da-, id 
r.Torgan S-.th 
Morris Elijah 
Morris William 
Morse Rufus 
Mosher Corn;iius 
I\Ios3 Charlie 
Murdongh. Lackey 
Murphy Tho.^.'as 
ilutz Johannes 
Myer David 
Myer Henry 
Myer William 
Myers David 
Nap Joseph 
Neirn James 
Nelson Absalom 
— "Nelion James 
Nelson John 
Newkirk Isaac 
Newman Wdliam 
Nicmeyer John Henry 
Noble Lyman 
Nol Christian 
Northrup Eii 
O'Bradley Daniei 
Odell Jonathan 
Odie Richard 
O'FerroI MiMiael 
Ogden Ju.^'. 1 h 
O'Kie Martin 
Olcutt Isaac 
Oosterhoudt li.nlric.is 
Oostcrhoudi Tounis 
Oostorho-L.t Mdert 
Osterhotit Jonathan 
Otlernian James 
OutcriiK'n Ja-i.es 
Owen Jolin D. 
Owens .-vnuisa 
Owens Thaddeus 
Paddock Da:-.iel 
Paddock Peter 
Palmer Henry 
Palmer Soiomon 
i'arigo L'/.al 
Parish Cypiiaii 
Parisii Epi-.raini 
Parve Jor.ail'.iii 
Patterson Ja r.es 
Pawn Chance 
Pearcc Jor.r.than 
i embrook Wiiliain 
Penny ]o\\:\ 

TilE LcVltS (Wti^sENFLLs) 

ferry John 
Perry Samuel 
Phillips Isa.ic 
Phillips J.inics 
Pine Timothy 
Plough Henry, Jr. 
Plugh Hendrick 
Pluniley Jonatlian 
PolJen William 
Pond Chance 
Pool William 
Post ^tarti^, Jr. 
Pots Martin, Jr. 
Prince Richard 
Fro^e Abraham 
Ransom James 
Ranson Barezillia 
Reeve Danitl 
Rennali John 
Renb-hout John 
Reynolds Stephen 
"Rice Isaac 
Rice John 
Richard Nathaniel 
Richards Ezra 
Richmond John 
Riddle John 
Rile James 
Rinders James 
Rinders John 
Roach William 
Robb Aaron 
Rohhins Lewis 
pvoberson Lewes 
Robeits James 
Roberts John 
Robin (negro) 
Robinson Eiicnezer 
Robinson Lewis 
Robison James 
Rock William 
Rockwell Enos 
Roff Christopher 
Rogers Joser.h 
Rogers William 
Ronicr Aaron 
Rosa Abraham 
Rcsa Dirck 
Rowley Subil 
Rumsey Jonas 
Rundli; £ln;.than 
Runo Simon 
Sam.psOii George 
Schoon maker Hezeli;;ih 
S.'hoonmaker Isaac , 
Schocnmnker I'crer 
Schut Christian 
Scoiicid ilenry 
Scott .'Vrchibald^ 
Shadier J<jhn 

Shaw Jtisiiua 
Shearer Robert 
Sheldon William 
Shepherd Kenjaiinn 
Sherwood Moses 
Shippard Jonathan 
Shoecraft Jolm 
Shoeielt John 
ShotTcr John 
Shuts Frederick 
Sidney James 
Sidway James 
Sillick James 
Simmons John 
Skeldin William 
Slauson John 
Slawson Samuel 
Sleight .Abraham 
Sleight John 
Slotiter William 
Slover Isaac 
Sluyter Cornelius 
Shiyter Daniel 
Smith Alpheus 
Smith Doctor 
Smith Isaac 
Smith James 
Smith John 
Smith Lemuel 
Smith Peter 
Smith Thomas 
Smith Thomas, Jr. 
Smith Wiliiam 
Smith Zachanas 
Smyth Thomas 
Snedcker James 
Sneyder John 
Snider John 
Snoden Francis 
Sooloy Coonradt 
Southard Henry 
Soutlierland Gurlin.e 
Spaningbergh Jacob 
Sparks George 
Sparks Robert 
Spicer Jeremiah 
Sprag.ge Benjamin 
Spraig John 
Squier icliabod 
Stafford Richard 
Star: .Aaron 
Stars Moses 
Stccnbergh .Abraham 
Steenrod Solomon 
Stencbrander David 
Stephens Justice 
Stmard Drake 
Stinard Oglisbery 1). 
Stirdavaii fsa.icl; 
Stone Iletiry 

Stonebrander David 

Strong Joel 

Strong Joseph 

Slurges .Abraham 

Sullivan Michael 

Suthard Henry 

Sutharland Gurline 

Sutherland Israel 

Swartwout Jnck (colored) 

Suart>vout Sauii'.el 

Svvezey Joseph 

Tailor Jeremiah 

Tankus Isaac 

Tappcn .Matthew 

Taylor Ebenezer 

Teater J^jlin 

Ter Biish William 

Terilleger William 

Terry Benjamin 

Terwilleger Cornelius 

Ter-,\illiger John 

Terwilliger JosiHl'. 

Terwilliger Tunes 

Thompson Jack (colored; 

Tobius John 

Trealiger Martin 

Trim Ezra 

Truesdell jisse, 'r. 

Trumbull Jam:s 

Trusdell Thomas 

Turner jaewlj 

Tuthiil .Azariah 

Tuttei Jol'.n 

Tuttlc D.iniel 

Vacl Joseph 

Vail John 

Valantinc Peter 

\'an .A.n'her Joseph 

Van -Ass Solomon ^ 

Van Clcef Isaac 

Van Cleii't Gerntt 

Van Cleiit Joseph 

Van Do B'igart Jaiivs 

VandenbogarJ Alindard 

\'andervorl John 
'A'an Dc U'aters .\<lol|>h 
„A'an De Waters ILirraanus 

,\'an De Werken Martin 

\'an Fleet Joslian.iv 

\'an Kleeek Mich-vl 

A'an Ivlcek George 

\"an Kl'.ek Ja-.:ies 

A'annaker Xutiia'V.cl 

A'nn Narden PJeii-lrick 

A'an Xostrandt John 

A'an Scoy Jonething 

A'an Scoy Samuel 

\'aa Steenbergh Benjamin 

A'aii Stcenii-.irgh Pcl^r 

A'an Stervelt John 

A'an Stienbergh John 

Vantasel Isaac 

Van Waggoner 'jarret 

Van Zile .Abraham - 

A'eal John 
A'ernooy Abraham 
A'inegar Samuel 
Vines Jeremiah 
Vredcnburgh Thouias ' 
Waddle Robert 
Wade Joseph 
Waldron Josep'n 
Waldron William 
"vVallace Jonn 
Ward Jesiass 
Ward Joshua 
Ward Josiah 
Wardeil Eiiakiin 
Warner Thomas 
Warren Mordica 
Walerbury James 
Way John 
Webb Joseph 
Webb William 
Weed Charles 
AA'eed John 
Weeks James 
Weelar John 
Weissmiler Jeremiah 
Wells Joseph 
Wells Samuel 
Westervelt John 
A\'cst:'a'Is Lc\i 
Whigham Robert 
Whilakcr Edward 
White John 

White Solomon (colored) 
Whitiock Thiddei.s 
Whitne;. David 
Whitney Silas 
\\ I'.'kson David 
Wiggins William 
Wi;de Thomas 
Wi'!;elow Jacob 
WiK:ison Thomas 
WillLiT Gideon 
William F.iias 
Williams Abraham 
Williams D.iniel 
Williams Uriah 
WiUsoii .-Atnlrew 
Willson William 
Wilson John 
A\ inaiis John 
Winrield Abram 
Wintield Jacob 
Winiield .3in;oa 
WirJ joi;n 
Wixson John 
Woldoii Henry 



Woif Simon 
Woll: John 
Woud A!-.;;aii'icr 
Wood AUickzandcr 

Wood Vincent 
Worden George 
Wreick James 

Wyatt Joseph 
Wynkoop Cornelius 
Yeoiiians }'athan 

The Levies — (^Malcom) 



Young John 
Viial! John 
Vune Abraliam 




Capt. James Blakslee 

Elijah Bostvvick 

John Burnet 

Moses Cantine 

Daniel Delavan 
" JosiiLA Drake 

Jacou Lansing 

Jonath.vn Lawrence, Jr. 

Gilbert J. Livingston 
" Thomas McKrxsTRy 


Capt. Isaac Requa 


Daniel Wood 


Cornelil"s Adriance 
" Cornelius Baldwin 
JoiiN Bolton 
Elias Delong 
Joshua Drake 
Zachakiah Gibson 
JosiAii Hallett 
JoSEPil Jov 
KltilARL Lawrence 

Lieut. John I. Low 

Jeremiah Muller 
William Nottingham 
John Ostranijer 
Hugh Peacock 
Joseph Requa 
JoN.\s Rice 
EzEKiEL Roberts 
Daniel Sackett 
Peter B. Ten Broeck 
Samuel Utlev 

Ensign Patrick Cronin 

additional na.me on st.\te treasurer pay Books 

Lieut. Jacob Vermilia 

Abrams John 
Acker Francis 
Ackcrinan John 
Adair ^^'illianl 
Adams Gilbert 
, Allen David 
Alien James 
Allen Sanuicl 
Ambcrinan Aurt 
Anderson John 
Andrews John 
Andrii's Jacob 
Anson James 
Anthony Richard 
Antio William 
Archer James -' 
Arnol William 
Ansi,'Ood Nathaniel 
Ayres Pheli.\ 
Ayres Thomas 
Babcuck Benjamin 
Bacon James 
Eadcock Dav.d 
Bailey Moses 
Bailey Timothy 
Baily Richard 
Baker Barthnlouiew 
Baker Conrad 
Baker John 
Baker Judah 
Raker Thomas 
Ball John 
Barber W'llliam 


Barkman John 
Barnes Jacob 
Barnet Ale.xander 
Barret Willi.iU' 
Bartley Abraham 
Beatly Abrari 
Beckes Elijah 
Beebe Constant 
Kcekman Heniy 
Beeknian Jolin 
Bell John 
Bell Robert 
Bell Williara 
Benjamin Daniel 
Beunet Benjamin 
Bennett William 
Benson John 
Bentiy Josepli 
Bcrger Jacob 
Herges Willit lines 
Biles George 
Black Henrv 
Black Jack 
Black Robert 
Blackmail Juel 
Blakesley JaM,cs 
Blakslee Natlu.niel 
Blawveit C jrnelus 
Blawvelt Isaac 
Blowers S:in'.uel 
Bogart Corn.-liiis 
Bogart John 
Bogcrt Jacob 


Boing Pelcg 
Bent Fphriam 
Bouton Daniel 
Bradner Benoni 
Briggs Gaspares 
Brinck Peter 
Brinck Solomon 
Broadstreat John 
Brook'^ Jeremiah 
Brower Eldrick 
Brown Jeremiah 
Brown John 
Brown Lackey 
Brown Malchi 
Brown Sa.inuel 
Brown William 
Buel Siras 
Bulice Peter 
Bur Daniel 
Bnrcham Henry 
Burdick Gideon 
Biirgant Lambert 
Burgarth Lambert 
Burgess Stephen 
Burbans Abraham 
Biiriison I'earnot 
Burns Wiiiiani 
Burris Charles 
But Daniel 
Butler Joseph 
Cace Zenes 
Cadmen Joseph 
Campbell John 

Campbell Robert 
Canton David 
Carner Andries 
Cainingham John 
Carr James 
Case William 
Case Zenos 
Cass Wiliiam 
Cu=swcll David 
Cav.lme Joseph 
Chamberlain Gordon 
Chase Robert 
Chisni Pet-?r 
Chilhster Nath.ui 
Christ Abrah.am 
Church James 
Clark Samuel 
Ciearwatcr Mathew 
Clcary Luke 
Clow John Gotlip 
Clowes John Gotlip 
C'oydc Daniel 
Ciute John B. 
Coal Moses 
Codincr Ishmael 
Codiier Gec>rgo 
Codncy William 
Cohoone Eiextnder 
Coldwell John 
Cole Henry 
Coleman James 
Coh'ord Matthew 
Comptoii David 

Tiiu Lf.vies — uM.\n.>'M_; 


ConckUn Nath?.n 
Condradt Henry 
Conklin ilciiry 
Coiikliu John 
Conklin Mallhias 
Conner William 
Cook Zebulon 
Cool Peter 
Cooper Ede 
Cooper Henry 
Cooper John 
Cordigal Abraham 
Cordman Joseph 
Cornelius John 
Cornwell William 
Cotterell Abis 
Cowden John 
Cowen William 
CralTord Thomas 
Crane James 
Cra%'en John 
Crist Christian 
Crist Daniel 
Christ Matthew 
Crou Peter 
Cry John 

Cudberth Benjamin 
Cumston David 
Cunningham John 
Curington Enough 
Curniston Da\id 
Curtus Kaniad 
Dains Abraham 
Daley Samuel 
Darling Samuel 
Darrow Amarias 
Darrs Jeptha 
Davies Jepth?. 
Davis Joh.n 
Davis Joseph 
Davis William 
Davison Barnabas 
Daws Jeptlia 
Day Aron 
Dayton John 
Decker Francis 
Dc Lancy Abraham 
Delancy Abraham 
llelimarler Benjamin 
Demsey lliumas 
Dennis John 
Dcveraux Jo;epli 
Dickison Judath.-m 
Dinnings Ezra 
Dixon Andrew 
Di.\on Thomas 
Dodge Andrew 
Dolittie Timot'iy 
Doty Isaac 
Dotv Shadewick 

Dubois David 
Dubois Jacob 
Ducy Samuel 
Dunbar Amos 
Dunham Samuel • 
Dunning David 
Durgey Fidias 
Dyknian William 
Earls Daniel 
Edwards Thomns 
Eivs Phelise 
Eliler Joseph 
Ellison James 
Ellison Jeremiah 
Ellison Samuel 
Ellison Thomas 
Engals George 
Evans Joseph 
Everitt Jacob 
Everitt John 
Felter Peter 
Fish Abner 
Fish William 
Fitch Elisha 
Fleeman Solomon 
Flemin Forton 
Flin Thomas 
Fogus Christian 
Foot Simeon 
Foster John 
Foster Jonathan 
Francis John 
Frcel Peter 
French John 
French Samuel 
F'uller Benjamin 
Funck Christian 
F'unck Jacob 
Gage Alden 
Gardiner Isaac 
Gardiner Samuel 
Garrison Joseph 
Gates Samuel 
Gault Alexamler 
Gearvcy Francis 
Gernea Benjamin 
Gibbs David 
Gibbs Isaac 
Gifford Joseph 
Gilberts Jesper 
Giles Samuel 
Gill William 
Gilson Zachariah 
GolT Boswell 
Gold Elijah 
Goodliuc Joseph 
Goold Pearl 
Goss Oliver 
Gould Jesse 
Gould William 

Grait Philip 
Graham William 
Graves Josiah 
Green Jan-.es 
Grotn Jcdin 
Greer Joseph 
Grenie Benjamin 
Griffen Joseph 
Griffin Eueiiezer 
Gril'rin Josepli 
Griswold David 
Guy John 
Guy Timothy 
Hadley Isaac 
Hadley Joseph 
Hagaman Nicholas 
Hall Christian 
Hall William 
Halleck Jeffrey 
Hanniore Jabis 
Hanton Rutus 
Harden Joseph 
Harrington John 
Harris Eliphalet 
Harris Henry 
Harris William 
Havens Thomas 
Hay William 
Hayet Elias 
Hazard Joshua 
Head Josei^h 
Heath Winslow 
Heathway Jon'a 
Heirs Phelix 
Hender Joseph 
Henderson Alexander 
Hendrickson John 
Hennion John 
Henry Robert 
Herrick Joseph 
Flerris Henry 
Herron Eliot 
High William 
Hobart Joseph 
Hochtaling John 
Hodge Daniel 
Hodge John 
Hodgeson Geonje 
Hoghtaling John 
Hoghtaling Tennis 
Hollister Smith 
Hollobard Jesse 
Holmes Jeddedirdi 
Homer Joshua 
Hopkins Roljert -^ 
Horton Jeremiah 
Horton Samuel 
House Cornelius 
House Seth 
H.-ver Philex 

Howard Enos 
Hov.es Seth 
Hul^berd Joseph 
Hudlcr Solomon 
Hudson Richard 
Hugan John 
Hull Nathan 
Humjihrey Emry 
Hunt Daniel 
Hunter Moses 
Hutt John 
Huyck Nicholas 
Hyatt Elias 
Hyms Frederick 
Irvine Henry 
Jackson John 
Jacobie Bastian 
lermin James 
Jimison Thomas 
Johnson John 
Johnson Peter 
Jones Abraham 
Jones Isaac 
Jones Jonas 
Jones Joseph 
J.jnes William 
Joy Amos 
June Abraham 
Kent Thomas 
King Jacob 
King John 
Knap Benjamin 
Knap Ephraim 
Koomcr AaroT 
Krum Benjamin 
La faver Noah 
Landus Ebenezer 
Langdon Benjamin 
Langler James 
Lachrop Ebcne/.er 
Lathrop Lebbus 
Lawrence Georije 
L.iv.son Matihew 
Lee Jonathan 
Leeman Archibald 
Lti'oy Abraham 
Leggitt Ltie 
Lcu'.on Arcliabald 
Len:on John 
Leioy Danie! 
Leroy Robert 
Li'Cts Abraham 
Lewis Isaac 
Lev IS James 
Lin rd Henry 
Lin; Elias 
Little Stephen 
Lit! c WiUiam 
Lilts Abraham 
Livingston Richard 


New V'jkk in tii '<j;\'OLUiio:'." 

Lothrop Lebious 
Luckey Jnnics 
Lucks Joliaiinis 
Liid'liiigtoii Elisha 
Luff Nicholas 
Luick A.ndrew 
Luicks Abraham 
Luicks Johannis 
Lull Natlieu 
Lumnics Andrew 
Lyons Amaziah 
Maaterstock John 
McCarty Hugh 
McCoy James 
McCoy Job.ii 
McDaniel Cornelius 
McDoaold Eduard 
McEune Cornelius 
McFarling And-cw 
McGee James . 
Mclnsbry Thonns 
McKee Thomas 
Maclos William 
McN.utt Alexander 
McPherson Daniel 
McRoberl John 
McVVilliams Jam>s 
Magec John 
Magey Peter 
Maiidovcl Mathew 
Mapes ilenry 
Mapes James 
Marsh Samuel 
Martin Thomas 
Masters William 
Maybee Peter 
Mead Eh 
Mead Isaac 
Meebe Peter 
JMege Peter 
Merrit Abraham 
Merrit Amos 
Mcrrii Ebenezer 
Millard Nathaniel 
Miller Amos 
Miller Henry 
Mdler Jolni 
.Miller Wilham 
Millet Jonathan 
Milor Samuel 
Milspaugh Cristia 
Mires Joim 
Montanye John 
Montonya John 
Moor John 
Mooie Joseph 
Mores Hezekiah 
Morgan David 
Morris Duncan 
Morris Ebenezer 

Morrison Adward 
Morrison Duncan 
Morrison Hugh 
Morrison Jonathan 
.\ioser Ju5i ph 
Moses Joseph 
2\loss Isaac 
Mott Jacob 
Mott Robert 
-Mount Samuel 
M idler Amos 
Murphy Thomas 
Myndcrse Abraham 
Mynderse Harm, in 
Nelson Absolom 
Newkirk Mindert 
Nichols Jonas 
Nickles William 
Nimham Isaac 
Notinghani Thoir.as 
Nowe Lewis 
Odle Jonathan 
Onderdouk Isaac 
Onderdonk Thomas 
Osterhoiit Henry 
Ostrander Henry 
Ostrander John 
Overpaw John 
Ovett Isaac 
Palmer John 
Pareols Peter 
Paiks Daniel 
Parks Oiiver 
Paroch Peter 
Parsons Peter 
Partial John 
t^atterson Asay 
Peets Michel 
PenUeid Jsaac 
Penil Moscs 
Perkney L'-wis 
Pcrsell Peter 
Perslow Henry 
Phelps Eiijah 
Philhan;a Jurdcn 
Phdip David 
Philips David 
Pike Jarvis 
Pinfield Isaac 
Pinkne Lewis 
Pitt Epb.raim 
Plough Henry 
Pollard David 
Pool William 
Porch Andrew 
Prince Ivimbell 
Quackenljo.i James 
Radly Jacob 
Uadly John 
Raniad Naniad 

Rann ; Benjamin 
Ray K..y^al 
Read Frederick 
Read "-eonard 
Reed I-rederick 
Reed Leonard 
Reeves Nathaniel 
Ressman Henry . 
Rice Jonas 
Rice Samuel 
Rice Scth 
Rich William 
Richmond Josiah 
Rider William 
Rightenbergh Addam 
Rindas juhn 
Rinders John 
Rines John 
Ripinbalk Adam 
Riser Isaac 
Rises John 
Robberts John W. 
Robert John .\1. 
Robertson James 
Robins Daniel 
Robinson Charles 
Robinson Ezra 
Robinson Jesse 
Robinson Peter 
Robison Hector 
Rogen Michael 
Roger Michael 
Rogers Daniei 
Rogers Michael 
Rogers Rubin 
Romer Aaron 
Roose James 
Rosa Abraham 
Rosa Jolui 
Rose James 
Rosman Hen cry 
Rov/iand John 
Rowley Jabisli 
Runisey Jcjse 
Runnels Bonjauiiu 
Runnels John 
Runnels Silas 
Rynarde John 
Rynder James 
Rynders Jacob 
SatToid Jonathan. 
Salbury Gcdi'jti 
Saterly Joseph 
Scanlor. Matthias 
Schaukiin Jeremiah 
Schoolcrait Peter 
Schoonhover Th.") n.is 
Schoonmaker Edv; ird 
Scofield Abner 
Scott Alexander 

Scoti John 
Scott William 
Scutt Solotnon 
Seabrce John 
Scabiiry John, Jr. 
Seamons John 
Scars Alliten 
Sears John 
Scbrt-.v John 
Sev.ard John 
Sharp John 
Sharp John, Jr. 
-Shaier .Vdam 
Sha-.v Henry 
SlieU -\.dam 
SherAOod Daniel 
Sheut Jolin 
Shower Adam 
Shul;! John 
Shun John 
ShuTis John 
SlniDions John 
Simnions Reuben 
Simpson Robert 
Skinner John 
Slouter Willani 
Slut John 
Shiyler Cornelius 
Smaily Rubin 
Smith Daniel 
Smidi Garret 
Smith Ilenry 
Smith James 
Smith John 
Smith Prusia 
Smith S'^muel 
Smith Solomon 
Snyder William 
Snyder Willis 
Spananburgli Jacob 
Speed Henry 
Spraguc John 
Sprcig John 
Staiuon Benjamin 
Stanton Ruir.s 
Stanis William 
Stevens Da\!d 
Stevens Elijah 
Stevens Solonion 
Steve;. s Stephen 
Sieves William 
Slcwird Joiin 
Steward Soionion 
Stewart Samuel 
Still Robert 
Stoconi William 
Stoddard John 
Stone .Selvesier 
Stoneburner David 
Stoncr Hcnrv 

Stopp'.ebean Peter 
Scornis Isaac 
Strader Jost 
Sutling Alnbre^ 
Swart Benjamin 
Swart William 
Taulman Jacob 
Taulmaii Peter 
Taulman William 
Taylor David 
Taylor James 
Teil Andrew 
Terneure James 
Terry Benjamin 
Thomas Caleb 
Thomas Ephraim 
Tice John 
Tigner Jonathan 
Tirl Andrew 
Tornure James 
Trout Adam 
Valentine Peter 
V'alleau Stephen 
Vanatten Aron 
Van Benschoten Harmau 

The Lev'.ef- 

Van Bnra Gtori.;c 
Van Buren George 
Van Burgh John 
\'an Bury George 
Van Dalsen Janie? j 
Van Ualson John 
Vandebur^h Jolin 
VaridenburKh Abraham 
Van Derbelt Dirk 
Van Houten Aljraham 
Van Houten Jr.lm 
Van Neder Henry 
Van Noder Peter 
Van Schaick Ro^er 
Van Sicklen Cornelius 
Van Sickler Cornelius 
Van Stcnberj^li John 
Van Tasel Abraham 
Van Tassel Corneli'is 
Van Tuye John 
Van Urder Heiidrick 
Van Urder Peter 
Van Valer James 
Van Valkenburg TIkuiios 

— (Dubois} 

Van Valkcnburgh Gcrshcm 
Van Valkenbur-gh Har:na 
Van Voarhast Jolui 
Van Yevern Jonathan 
Vanzaniit John 

Viele Jdhanes 

Vredenburgli Abraham 
Walsworth Gilbert 
Ward Josiah 
Ward Moses 
Warner Ebenezer 
Warren Benjamin 
Way John 
Webb Joseph 
Weber; John 
Webster Milo 
Welds Calven - 
Well Joshua 
Wells James 
\Ventworth Jauies 
Westervelt Casparus 
U'harry Robert 
Whiicom John — 
W'hucomb Ezra 


Whhe' William 
Wizard Abel 
Williams Gilbert ' 
W'iUiinis Job 
\\ iliianis Nathan 
Wiilis William 
Wilson John • 
WF'thouse Aaron 
W'ilthouse John 
Witney David 
W'lxon David 
Wc-od Isaac 
Wood Jacob 
Wood James 
\V'oo;l Jolin 
Wood Moses 
Wood Robert 
Wood Timothy 
Wocdard Ephraim 
W'o-oding Rubin 
Woodward Ephraiin 
V."t>olcut Justis 
YoTus Benjamin 
VcKunge George ^ 

The Levies — (Dubois) 



Capt. Joshua Barxum 
John" Braddick 
John Burnett 
■" CoLBE Chamberlain 
Mark De Mont 
Henrv Dodge 
Benjamin Dubois 
John M. Foght 
Daniel Gang 

Capt. Tiioiias Lee 
John McBride 
Thomas McKixstry 

John Rolb 
Benjamin Stevenson 

Lieut. James Bett.^ 
Jacob Bockee 
James Butterfield 

Lieut. John Coppernoll 


jAMEi; Oakley 
Jacos Peck 
jAMETi- Peck 
John: Vanderburgh 
SiMC/N J. Vrooman 
William Wallace 

additional names on state trea.-uker s pay books 
Lieut. Edmund Duvall Lieut. Henry Vanderburgh 

Adam Peter 
Adams Peter 
Adriance Theodoras 
Adsit Benjamin 
A-kins Stephen 
Allen Reuben 
Allen Samuel 
Allison Isaac 
Armstrong Georec 
Arnot Cornelius 
Bader Francis 
Bailey Daniel 
Bairmure Micliie! 

Baker William 
Barch Rudolf 
Barr John 
Beater Jacob 
Beckwith David 
Bellinger Adam P. 
Benjamin Cyrus 
Benjamin Jonathan 
Ben net Jeremiah 
Bishop John 
Biskncy I'rancis 
Bissell John 
Blaesdell Levi 


Bloomcrone Abrriham 
Bocrum William 
Bogardus Lewis 
Bo.L:art Gilbert 
Bounian Aln.ih iin 
Bradner Jolm 
Brooi:s George 
Brooks Wikiam 
Brov.n Hezekiah 
Brown Jorathan 
Brown Noa!i. Jr. 
Brow:: S:im;i'-1 
Bucli'.et John 

Buniv Sat'iiucl 
Burch He.'^ekiah 
Burci^ laiah 
Burcb Jesse 
Burltn\; Bcniriniir. 
Burlirgion Joel 
Burton Gilbert 
Camp:iell Robertson 
Campbell William 
Canh.-iJ James 
Caretcy John 
Carrr!,«n John 
Carney Barnabas 



Carter Jabez 
Carvender Joseph 
Cashin William 
Cliase Bcnjninir. 
Church Jonathan 
Churchill Janies 
Clapsadle William 
Clark William 
Claver Nehcmiah 
Clelaiid William 
CUne Jacub 
Cole John 
Concklin Samuel 
Connell Benjamin 
Cook SulonujR 
Cosier Josepli 
Cowley Jonathan 
Crock Coonrod 
Crosby Reuben 
Crover George 
Culver Daniel 
Cummins Jacob 
Cummins Johit 
Curtis James 
Cutler Nathaniel 
Cyeserton Mauasr,a 
Dalery Jeremiah 
Darley Robert 
Darling Benjamin 
Davis Benjamin 
Davison Alverson 
Dealev.ay Jeremiah 
Decker Jacob 
Demoutt John 
Derinott James 
IJev.ci Benjamin 
Dewel Emanuel 
Dewit William 
Drake Joshua 
Dunbar William 
Durgen Pattrick 
Dymoot Dalrick 
Edee Joshua 
Edeseii Jojeph 
Engie George 
Engle William 
Entrlish Robert 
Etch Jacot. 
Evans Amos 
Evans Wiiiiam 
Fadcn John 
Felling Ph;hp 
Ferguson William 
Fetterly John 
Furbus Henry 
Fowler Daniel 
Fox Ceor;^e 
Franck llenrich 
Freeman Elijah 
Fuller Daniel 

r'nllniore Christopher 
Gale John 
Galssehus Claus 
Gar!inj.'huu-c John 
Garrit Benjamin 
Ginson Richard 
Graham Gei)rt;e 
Grant Peter 
Green Caleb 
Green Isaac 
Grillin John 
liall Robert ' 
Hamilton James 
HammiU Nathaniel / 
Handley Mathevv 
Hans James 
Planson Arthur 
Harris Joshua 
Harrits Jonathan 
Hart Jatnes 
Hartman Adam 
Hatch Joseph 
Hatch L)liver 
Hawk Frederick 
Head Briton 
Heberd Prime 
Helmer Adam 
Hess George 
Hester Lawrence 
Hev itt Joseph 
He.\itt Samuel 
Higney Joseph 
Hii: Nathaniel 
Hihs John 
Hinckley Elkanah 
Hock Rudolph 
Holt John 
Holdrcn Daniel 
Holenbeck Jacob 
Jfclmes Daniel 
Hoovci" Isaac 
Horton William 
Hotiiahn James 
How JiTJiii 
Hu'.ard William 
Howell Josiah 
Hubberd Reuben 
Hunter James 
Irwin Robert 
Jewit Ah)heus 
Johi.son John 
Johuaon Samuel 
Jolinsfin William 
Jones Richard 

Lake J ^iin 
Lainpnier John 
Lane Williinn 
Lansing Eveient \V. 
Lappius Daniel 

Lauglilm James 
Letts David 
Lewis John 
Liiwery Juhn 
Lua William 
Lutes Coonrod 
McClockin Joseph 
AlcColley Hugh t 
McConnii Hugh 
McCowan Duncan 
McEwen Duni an 
WcGown Robert 
McMaster James 
McRoy Epraim 
McWhorter Thomas 
McWhorton James 
Martin Archibald 
.Martin Thomas 
Alassy Andrew- 
Mead Israel 
Mercy Andrew 
Miles Benjamin 
Millage Thomas 
Millet Felix 
Milligan Robert 
Mills John 
Miluan Robert 
Moores Thomas 
Morehouse Reuben 
Morehouse Thomas 
Morris Juhn 
Morse Josiah 
Mosher Abner 
Motts Joseph 
Myer Lewis 
Myer Peter 
iljers Abraham 
Myers John 
Myers Lodewick 
Kostrandt George 
Oakman Presoine 
Omsted Gideon 
Oostcrhoudt Gy=brt 
Overbagh Jeremiah 
Owen Solomon 
Owens Isaac 
I'anter Jacob 
Parmerlon Abijah 
Parsha! James 
Pease Asa 
Pelham Eli 
Pelhaiii Elisha 
Pelleiiger Adam 
Perry David 
Phillips Samuel 
Pipar i'llder 
Prat William 
Price Timothy 
Puidy Josiah 
Ralphiii George 

Rani;'..' Matthias 
Rar.kiiia, James, Jr. 
Relyea John 
Reynolds Shubal '' 
Reynolds Stephen '' 
Richard Edward 
Riciiardson WilUam 
Rick-.aan Abraham 
Robertson Nathaniel 
Robins Elijah 
Rock William 
Roes John 
Rogers Moses 
Roeid Ezra 
Rosa Adert 
Ross William 
Russel Rowlins 
Salisbury Lawrence 
Salkil". Isaac 
Scheis. Peter 
Schorover Benjarr.in 
Schoi- over James 
Scott James 
Scribner Aaron 
Scribacr Jonathan 
Scribner Zadock 
Seabitry Cornelius 
Sears Selah 
Seeiey John 
Seloovcr Isaac 
Sesaee Abraham 
Shall Peter 
Shaw Ezra 
Silsby David 
Simon John 
Simpsiiii Petter 
Sits Jcjhn 
Slight Henry 
Smith James 
Smith .iohn 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Ludlow 
Sr.i.ih ilichard 
Sir.illi fhoinas 
Smith William 
Snyder Cornelius 
Soper Timothy 
Spicer .'ereniiah 
Sprag.-e Benjantin 
Sprague Gideon 
Siagg John 
Stark y'cnry 
Starks John 
Slighter Adam 
Stcne ilaniel 
Stunter Ebcnezer 
Suiel: Christopher 
Suthcr'-^-.ad William 
Tarvr!>-ir Benjamin 
Tavlor lereni'ah 

The Li'ViKS — (Gkauam) 


Taylor Stephen 
T;iylor William 
Tees John 
Terry Usbany 
Terwillegar Tunis 
Terwilligcr Ai)rali:i'ii, Jr. 
Thomas Richard 
Thompson William 
Thorini.'ton Thomas 
Thorn Jacob 
Tilwillfifjar James 
Tingue John 
Tippet Thomas 

Titus Phillip 
Tottcn Daniel 
Twaghinans John 
Van Aulstine Dcrri'.k 
Vandebogarl John 
V'aiidcruorkcr Hc»rii'.-.nus 
Van Dc Water Adol;;h 
Van Etten Jacobus 
Van Every Jacob 
\'ansize Hanyost 
\'icl<cry Icl'.abod 
Von Netteu James 
Walbort Tobias 

Walker J.ihn 
Wahz Jac<ib 
Walsz Kunrad 
Weaver George 
Webster Oliver 
Wells David 
Wells Ger^hoin 
Whaley Timothy 
Wheeler Ira 
\\'hite Nicholas 
Wilkinson David 
W'illcox David 
Williams Pompy 

Wills Jesse 
Wmegar Samuel 
Wood Job 
Wood Solomon 
Wood Timothy 
Woolgert Jo?eph 
Woolsee Sammon 
Wright Edmund 
Yongs Alexander 
York Aaron 
Young ilenry 
Young Richard 
Young Zacharias 

The Levies — (Graham) 








Capt. Elijah Bostwick Caft. 

Lemuel Coxklin 

John Herm.\n':e;: 

Silas Huestlp 

Jacob Joh.n L.^nsing 

James M.'I.gee 
'■ Malcoajb 

" Christopher M'jller Lihux. 

" Willi.\.\: PE.wrE 

John yi. Sackett 
Adiel Shervvood 
Israel Veal 
Daniel Williams 
James V.'il.sun 
John Wilson 
William Blgodgood 
John Calender 

Lieut. Michael Dvckman 

Andrew P. Heermansee 
Jacob Hockstrasser 
Jacob J. IIurmance 
Daniel Lerov 
Robert II. LiviNGjTON 
Jeremiah Muller 
John Odle 

additional names on state treasurers pay bcoks 
Lieut. George Harsen Lieut. Jacob H. Heermansee 

Abrarns John 
Adams Noah 
Alscr Amiel 
Anders William, Jr. 
.Anderson John 
Andreas John 
Andrews Isaac 
Andries Jacob 
Antis William 
Atkins William 
Ayres Thomas 
Babcock Benjamin 
Babcock David 
Bacon James 
Bailey David 
Bailey Richard 
Bailey Timothy 
Bukcr Conrail 
Baker Thomas 
Baker Storm 
Barl)er William 
liarkman John 

Barner Joseph 
Barnes Jacob 
Barnes James 
Barnhart Christopher 
Barnhurst ChristojilKr 
Bartholimew Dewalt 
Becker Adam 
Becker Philin 
Becker Slonn 
Becker William 
Beebe Constant 
Beckman Henry 
Boll John 
Bell Robert 
Benchotten Herman 
Bennet Jo.^eph 
Berger William 
Birkniaii John 
Black Henry 
'■ Black Jack" 
Black Robert 
Blackman Joel 


Blackmorc Joel 
Bloodgood William 
Blyn Simcjnn 
P.ont Ephraim 
Boyd Peleg- 
]?rannon Abraham 
Briggs Ste])hen 
Brink Peter 
Brink Solomon 
Brooks Jeremiah 
Brown Cornelius 
Brown John 
Brown .Samuel 
Bugarth Lambert 
Burch J-h:i 
Burgarth Lamber 
Burhaiis .Miraliam 
Burr Daniel 
Burris Charles 
Bu.^sing John 
Bussing William 
Cadman Josepli 

Ca.dy David 
Calender John 
Carr.eron David 
Cac-.pble William 
Canady Henry ^ 
Cansn James 
Caiitine Moses 
Carolina Joseph 
Carpenter Uriah 
Casv" William 
Cluipman .•\mos 
Chapman Hcerman 
CharJ Bears 
Chisni Peter 
Church James 
Cl'.urch Samuel 
Ckvrw.iter Matthew 
Ckiry Luke 
Cious John Gollip 
Cloy.i Daniel 
Clute John 
Clute John P. 


New Yokk i\ thk Revolution 

Coats Zebulon 
Codinan Joseph 
CoJney Williain 
Codwi?s Christopher 
Cohoorie Alexai'.dL-r 
Cole Henry 
Cole Moses 
Coleman John 
Conklin Matthew 

• Connelly Jacob 
Conradt Henry 
Cook James 
Cook Zebulon 
Cool Peter 
Cooper Eden 
Cooper Ohadiali 
Coopper John 
\ Cotral Abis 

''^ Covenhovcn Francis 

"^Covenhoven William 
Crane James 
Crapo Peter 
Crist Abraham 
Crist Christian 
Crist Matthew 
Crou Peter 
Cry John 

Cudberth Benjamin 
Cully David 
Cunningham John 
Curby John 
Currington Enoch 
Curtis Joel 
Curtis Joseph 
Daniels Jacob 
Darling Samuel 
Darrow Am.asias 
Darrow Ammerias 
Darrow Daniel 
Davies John 
Davies Joseph 
Davies William 
Davis John 
Day John 
Dayton John 
Decker Francis 
Decline Leonard 
DeCuilier James 
Degolder John 
DeGraff Jesse 
Delong Eiias 
Dickcrson JudatliPci 
Dodge Daniel 
Dolittle Timothy 
Doty Isaac 
Doty Shadwick 
Doughty Isaac 
Dubois Jacob 
Dunbar Amos 

t F.arle Joseph 


Elsuorth Joim 
Evans Joseph 
Everouth John 
Felbush Jesse 
Fis'.i WiHiam 
Fisk William 
Flack James 
Fogus Christian 
Foster Jolin 
Francis John 
Fraycr JoIm 
French John 
French Joseph 
Fryer John F. 
Funk Christopher 
Gardinier Samuel 
Gates Simon 
Gault Alexander 
Gibson David 
Gilbeit John W. 
Gold Elijah 
Goodhew Joseph 
Goss Oliver 
Gould Elijah 
Gould William 
Graft Philip 
Graves Nodiah. 
Graves Timothy 
Gray Thomas 
Green James 
Green Silas 
GritYen William 
Grittith \V. 
Gris-.vould David 
Gris would Miles 
Groat John 
Groot Hezekiah 
Gurmaii Benjamin 
Hadlcy Jacob 
Hadley Joseph 
Hagedorn John 
Hagedorn Samuel 
Hagerman Wiriiam 
Haguman W. 
Hall Benijah 
Hall Chnstopl'.er 
Hall William 
Hampaugh Peter 
Harns William 
Harrington Abraham 
Harrington Isa.ic 
Harrington John 
Harrington Zacli.inah 
Harris Elphalet 
Harris Xoah 
Harsiii George 
}lavens Tliomas 
Heath Stephen 
Hendrickson John 
Herring Solomon 

Hickman Michael 
Hilton Jonathan 
Hiltzinger Michael 
Hinklcy Gershom 
Hodge Daniel 
Hodgeson George 
Hoghtaling John 
Hoghtaling Tcunis 
Hollabard Jesse 
Hollistcr Samuel 
Hollister Smith 
Homer Joshua 
Homes Jedediali 
Hopping David 
Horton Samuel 
Hover Philex 
Howard Enos 
Huberson Benjamin 
Hudson Geoigt: 
Hughan John 
Hugom John 
Huick Nicholas 
Hukman Michael 
Hunt Daniel 
Hurlbut Jesse 
Hutchinson Benjamin 
Hutt John 
Huyck Nicholas 
Hyms Frederick 
Ingles George 
Irvine Henry 
Isdawy James 
Jacobie Bastian 
Johnson Elijah 
Johnson Sliubal 
Johnson Peter 
Jonck Jacob 
Jones William 
Joy Amos 
Joy Joseph 
Kelso Benjamin 
Kempel John 
King John 
Kruin Benjamin 
Lamont Archy 
Landus Ebcnezer 
Earned Henry 
Lawyer Lambert 
Leaman Archibald 
Lee Jonathan 
Lee William 
Lefcver Noah 
Lcgget Lue 
Leinon Arcrhibald 
Lemon John 
Lewis Christopher 
Lewis Heiidrick 
Lewis Jacob 
Lewis Reuben 
Little Stephen 

Little William 
Livingston Ricliard 
Lothrop Ebenezer 
Lou:k Henry 
Low John 
Luce Israel 
Ludington Elisha 
Luiks Abraham 
Luiks Andrew 
Luiks Johannis 
Lull Nathan 
LumtiS Andrew 
Lumines Andrew 
Luyck John 
Lyons Amaziah 
McCay James 
McCoy James 
McCoy John 
McDonald Edward 
McEwen Cornelius 
Mcintosh Andrew 
Mcintosh John 
Mcintosh John, Jr. 
McKee Thomas 
McKennie Joseph 
McKinney Joseph 
Maffett John 
Mandevile Matthew 
Mandevill Matthew- 
Mann Solomon 
Mapes IIcTiry 
Mapes James 
March Marchus , 
Marselus Alexander 
Marsh Samuel - 
Mayall Joseph 
Mayfield John 
-Mead Eli 
Mead Isaac 
Merrit Jeremiah 
Merritt Ebenejier 
Miles WiUiaip 
Miller Christopher 
Miller Henry 
Miller Jeremiah 
Miller John 
Mindersick Frederi.k 
Modevel Matthew 
Mottat John 
Mulo> Thomas 
Monies John 
Momanye John 
Moore Ephraim 
Moores Hezekiah 
Moot Robert 
Moriell William 
Morris Ebenezer 
Morrison Ad ward 
Morrison Edward 
Moshicr Nicholas 

The LtviES — (Gkaham) 


Musiicc Nicholas 
Mott Joseph 
Mott Robert 
Mount Samuel 
MuilKe Ebcnezcr 
Murfcy Tliomas 
^fyers Jol'ii 
Myndcrso Frederick 
Mynd-rse Herman 
Myiidersenek Fredci '.':k 
Myiiliei r John 
N'tlson Absolom 
Kicliols Jolin 
Nichols Thomas 
Nichols William 
Xorton Stephen 
Notingi'.ani Thomas 
Osbcrn Peter 
Ostrsiider Henry 
Ostrandcr VVilliaai 
Palmer Amasiah 
Palmer John 
Parcells Peter 
Parks Timotliy 
Partridge John 
Patterson Asa 
Pawling Cornelius 
Peak Garret 
Penfield Isaac 
Perslow Henry 
Philip David 
Pike Jarvis 
Pinleild Isaac 
Plum John 
Plum John M. 
Pratt Robert 
Price David 
Prince Kemple 
Proper Peter 
Quick Abrahani 
Radly Jacob 
Kadly John 
Rawlcy Jnbez 
Renard \\ illiam 
Reply Hezekiah 

Rice ^\ illiam — 

Riclimond Abijali 
Richmond James 
Rider John 
Ri(l-T William 
Rol.berts Joliu 
Roberts John 
Robertson W'illiara 
Robins Daniel 

Robins Ezra 
Robins Timothy 
Robinson Ezra 
Robinson Hector 
Robinson Peter 
Robinson William 
Rogers Michael 
Rogers Reuben 
Rome' Aaron 
Ror.ines- John 
Rosa John 
Rossn'.an Henry 
Rowland John 
Rowley Jabisli 
Rubi.-.on W illiam 
Rumney John 
Rumsey Jesse 
Rynard John 
Ryiiders John 
Rynders William 
St. Atuhony 
Salisbury Gideon 
Salisbury Joseph 
Salyea Henry 
Saunders Wait 
Saxton Gcrshoni 
Scantling Jeremiah 
Schaick Jonathan 
Schoolciaft Peter 
Schooiimaker Edward 
Scott William 
Seward John 
Shade.- Jost 
-Shaver Adam 
Shaver John 
Shell Adan, 
Shiels James 
Shoelelt Wdliam 
Shuffait William 
Shuff- Its John 
Shurts J' hn 
Shutts John 
Skinner Solomon 
Slater James 
Slocum William 
SlowtT Cornelii'.s 
Smally Ruben 
Smith Daniel 
Smith James 
Smith Michael 
Smith Nicholas 
Smith Peter 
Smith Ri'-hard 
Smith Samuel 

Snyder William 
Speed Henry 
Spinenbergh Jacob 
Spitccr Aaron 
Spitzcr Aaron 
Springsteen Jereiiii.di 
Stafford Jonathan 
Stalker William 
Stansel Nicholas 
Stephens William 
Sievcns David 
Steward John 
Still Robert 
Stopplebean Peter 
Stradcr Jost 
Stuart John 
Stubrack Barant 
Sturdevant Isaac 
Sullivan David 
Swart Benjamin 
Talman Jacob 
Taylor Jamci 
Taylor Joseph 
Teal Andrew- 
Terry Benjamin 
Terry Norton 
Thomas Caleb 
Thoinkins Lawrence 
Thompson John 
Tigner Jonathan 
Tinncger George 
Tolbush Jesse 
Tollman Thomas 
Treat Woodbridge 
Tripp Anthony 
Truesdale Thomas 
Trusdall William 
Valentine Richard 
\'alleau Stephen 
Van Aernam Abraliam 
Vanaton Aaron 
Van Banclmtcn [leernun 
Van Buren George 
Vandcrbcrgh John 
\"anderbilt D. K. 
Van Hoiiten Abraham 
Van Ness David 
Vanordeii Henry 
Vanorden Peter 
Van Tassel AbralK'.m 
\'antile John. Jr. 
Van Tuyle John 
\'an X'alkenburgh Ger?ho: 
\'an Valkcnburgh Harma 

Van Valkenburgh Julin 
Van X'plkenbiirgh Lucas 
\'an Vradenburgh Petor 
\'an Zaiidt John 
Vennillie Jacob 
Victory John 
Vischer Bastian H. 
V'redcnburgh Abraham 
\'redenburgh Peter 
V'rcdinburgh William 
Wadsworlh John 
WaggoiiL-t Hermonias 
Wait George 
Walcott Justice 
Waldron William 
Wallace Benjamin 
Wal? worth G. 
Wanson John 
Ward Charles 
Vv'ard Christopher 
Ward Josiah 
Wares Cliribtopher 
Wason James 
Wason John 
Wasson James 
Waters David 
Webbers John 
Wcntworth James 
Wcstfall Abraham 
Westhead Edward 
Wh.itcom John 
Whitcomb Ezra 
WTiitcomb John 
White William 
Wilkie Augustus 
Williams David 
Williams Thomas 
Williams William 
\\ iiliamson James 
Wilson Jesse 
Wilson John 
\\'ilthouse John 
\\ inters John 
U'i.xon David 
Wolfe Anliiony 
Wood James 
Wooding Rubin 
Wooilward Ephraim 
Wo< Icot Justice 
\Voo:>ey M. 
Wy nances Jilin 
^'iji'.ng George ••'' 
nVo-.'.ngs William ^ 


Xi:\\ Yi.iKK IX Tiii; Rex'olltio.v 

The Levies — (Pawling) 



Capt. Brown 

John IUkxet 


Levi Deuitt 
William Faulkner 
John A. Hlriundokgii 
Ror.TJia IIlntek ■ 
Jonathan Lav'.rfnce 
■' Gilbert J. Livingston 
" Ondlrdonk 

" Henrv Pawling 
Jonatilan Peaksek 
Riciiaru Sackett 


LiLi r. 

Abraham Van Aken Likut 

Dekick Weseroiik 

Ar.RAiiAM Westfall 

Daniel Williams 

RoELUT Wood 

Cornelil's Acker.man 

Timothy Cole.\;an 

John J. Dldois 

Michael Dyckman " 

John English 

John L. Hardeneercii 

Martin Hommel , 

Joshua T. Jansen Exii 

Richard Lawrencl-. 
John McBride 
William Mosier 
William Nottingham 
James Oaklev 
John Ostra.vder 
Thomas Ostrander 
Aldest Roosa 
Hendricus Teerpenning 
Nathaniel Tucker 
Henry Van Holvenbergh 
Moses Yeomans 
GX Daniel Frair 

Acker Henry 
Ackcrman Jolm 
Ackerson Cornelius 
Adriance Theodoras 
Agins James 
Airs Felix 
Albertson Ricliard 
Allen Abenezer 
AUer John 
Allison Isaac 
Allison Samuel 
Alsdarph Philip 
Aniberman Dirck 
Anderson Gei^rgc 
Anderson John 
Andiews Joim 
Anson James 
Anthony John 
Armstrong; Archiljald 
Arnel WiUiriai 
Arnold William 
Aspcnno Anthony 
Avcret Timotiiy 
Averts Timothy 
Avery VTenry 
Avery Nehcniiah 
Ayers Thomas 
Baily Moses 
Baker Coenradt 
Baker Judah 
Baker Rich.ird 
Baker William 
Ball William 
Ballard John 
Barnes William 
Barnes William. Jr. 

Bamp Sherry 
Bancker Frederick 
Barber Elisha 
Barber Joseph 
Bark Gcorg-e 
Barnes William 
Barnes Wiliiar.i. Jr. 
Barnct John 
Barns John 
Baroon Anth'/ny 
Barret John 
Barrick Geort;e 
Barrow Daniel 
Bartlet Levi 
Bartley Jacob 
Base Daniel 
Bass Daniel 
Bassemcr John 
Basset Ceasar 
Bayard John 
Beam William 
Bedford Cornfli-is 
Bedford Jona, 
Benjamii.s David 
Bcnr.el Mitchel 
Bergcr Jacob 
Bcrger Wout. r 
Bcsemer Micli-.ei 
Bevier Cocnrarit 
Bishop J'.'hn 
Bishop Le-i i 
Bishiip Jolui 
Filack Abraliam 
Black Lewis 
liloom C)aky 
r.hiomer Jo-eph 


Bocrum Nicholas 
Bocrun; William 
Eodley V.'illiam 
Boerum Nicholas 
Boerum William 
Bogue John 
Bohannar James 
Bouton Samuel 
Bouton Timothy 
Bovies David 
Bowkcr Silas 
Bowker Silas, Jr. 
Bradlee Nathan 
Bradly Ephraim 
Bradly Nathaniel 
Bramor Anthony 
Braur Robert 
Brawn Eldrick 
Brink Adam 
Brink Cornelius 
Brink Cornelius, Jr. 
Brink Jacob, Jr. 
Brink John 
Brink John C. 
BrinkciholY Henry 
Brodhcad Henry 
Brodhead William 
Erook Th.onius 
Brooks John 
Brooks .MicKel 
Brow-er Eldrick 
Brov.er HLn.'v 
Erower 'Icnnes 
Brown .\;.i 
Brov. n IKiirv 
Brown Jwhn 

Brown Malachi 
Brown Moses 
Brown Peter 
Brown Samuel 
Brown Zephaniah 
Bruce Robert 
Brush David 
Brush Eliakim 
Brush Isaac 
Braton Arthur 
Budd Frederick 
Bunker Solomon 
Bunker Thomas 
_• ■- Burger Zachariah 
Burgus James 
Burhance Terrick 
Burhans Cherck 
Burhans Isaac 
Burhans Johu 
Burhans Therk 
Burl Thomas 
Burl Zachariah 
Burnett John 
Burns Edward 
Durns Will -am 
Burt Christopher 
Burwel! James 
Bush Henry 
P.ush Peter 
Butler John 
Byard John 
Callagham Thon:as 
Calwell A'ti-ur 
Canible James . 
Camble Jolm 
Caimiui Wi'li.iin 

TiiK Lr.\'iES — (]'.\\\ LiX(.j 


Caiitfifld Amos 
Cantinc Jolui, Jr. 
Card Ihigh 
Carrier Andrew 
Carney Baniab;i> 
Carpenter Neher.uah 
Carpenter Xioolaes 
Carte William 
Carter Luke 
Case Enos 
Case William 
Case Zenos 
Cassady Nicholas 
Catterlon Nathaircl 
Caw in Daniel 
Chamber Cornelius 
Chamberland Jacob 
Chambers Jacobus 
Chambers John. 
Chambers Joseph 
Chapman Daniel 
Chapman Stephen 
Chapman Uriah 
Chase Ebenezer 
Chase Gedeliah 
Chatfieid Caleb 
Chatterdon Nathaniel 
Chris Matthew 
Chrispel John 
Christ Thomas 
Christian Cornelius 
Church John 
Churchell Jonas 
Churchell William 
Claerwater John 
Claerwatcr Matthew 
Claerwater Petrus 
Clark John 
Clark Samuel - 
Clawter John 
Cleland William 
Clerk John 

Coddington Bcnjair.ui 
Coddington Le\ 1 
Cole Sinton P. 
Collamar Ebene/.ar 
Collin William 
Collins John 
Colwall Arture 
Combs Michel 
Concklin John 
Concklin San-.uel 
Coninghaiii Wiliiaui 
Connon Peter 
Connor Daniel 
Connor James 
Connor William 
Conway CorneIm> 
Conway John 
Cook Benjamin 

Cook David 
Cook Dines 
Cook Durias 
Cook Nathan 
Cool Simon P. 
Coon John 
Coone John 
Cooper lieniy 
Cooper James 
Cooper John 
Coragell Abraham 
Cornelius John 
Cornell Benjamin ' 
Corre^le Abrih.ani 
Cottendcn Le\i 
Courgell Abraham 
Cowen Thomas 
Cox Benjamin 
Cox John B. 
Cox William 
Craft Thomas 
Crandall LuKe 
Crandle L"ce 
Crane James 
Crane William 
Cree Joseph 
Crispei Abraham 
Crispel Elisha 
Crispei Headriek 
Crispel Jacob 
Crispei John, Jr. 
Crist Matth'as 
Critsinger John 
Croft James 
Cronk Timothy 
Crosby Enoch 
Crossman Michael 
Crover George 
Crowd Joel 
Crumb Btnjar..m 
Crumb John 
Cuddeback Peter 
Culp Johannis 
Cunnigham John 
Cunningham .Abel 
Cunningham Henry 
Cunningham Jamc^ 
Cunningham NVilliam 
Curcn Portrick 
Curtis Jeptha 
Daily Robert 
Dains Ahraliani 
DaK> ay Andrew 
Darby George 
Daton Frederick 
Davis Andrew 
Davis Benjamin 
Davis Dam-'! 
Davi"; Frederick 
Davis Samuel 

Davis V'alentmc 
Davis William 
Davis William. Jr. 
Day Jonathan 
Dean Abrah.mi 
Deaiie Saniu( 1 
Decker John 
Decker John, Jr. 
Decker Moses 
Decker Noah 
Decker Uriah 
Decker Urias 
Dcgroot Jo.seph 
Delametcr Juim 
Delana Deniiu^ 
Delaney Dennis 
Deinond Isaac 
Demond Peter 
Dempsey Thomas 
Denton Joseph 
Depare Andries 
Depuy John 
Deveny Archibald 
Devis Andrew- 
Devour Abraham 
Dewitt Abraham 
Dewitt Cornelius 
Dewitt Cornelius D. 
Dewitt Jacob 
De Witt Jacobus 
Dewitt James 
Dewitt John, Jr. 
De Witt Levi 
Dewitt Tony 
Dewitt William 
Dickson -Andrew 
Dimick Sanr.U'i 
Dmgah Elijah 
Divany Archic>aid 
Divine -\rchibald 
Dixon He/.ekiah 
Docker Jacob 
Dodge Stephen 
Dolson Jacob 
Dolway Jeremiah 
Dowty Elias 
Doxy Stephen 
Drake Gilbert 
Draper John 
Dubois Davul, Jr. 
Dubois Gerrit 
Dubois Isa.ac 
Dubois John 
Duniond Cnnu-lius 
Dumond Egenas 
Dnmond Isaac 
Dumond Peter 
Dunbar Amos 
Diiniiar William 
Duniap Willi.im 

Duiinevcn Daniel 
Dunning David 
Dutclier Barnes 
Dutchcr Henry 
Dutclier RockliiT 
Dutchcr Rulef 
Dykmaii Benjamin 
Eckert Henry 
Eganor John 
Eggenaar Johannis 
Eggenaer Jacobus 
Elit David 
Ellison Isaac 
Ellison Samuel 
Eliot Thomas 
Elsworth Henry 
Elsworth John 
Emrich John 
Emrich Peicr 
Emrich Fitter 
English George 
English William 
Ennis Cornelius 
Ennis Peter 
Ennis William 
Ennist James 
Ensley Simeon 
Ettinge Thomas 
Everitt Jacob 
Everts Ambrus 
Everts Timottiy 
Every Henry 
Every Nehemiah 
Eygenaar John 
Farguson Guilbert 
Faulkner Joh.n 
Faulkner William 
Fawster Samuel 
Fawtcr Samuel 
Felter Pet^r 
Ferguson Gilbert 
Ferrcss John 
Ferris Alexander 
Ferris Ezra 
Ferris Gedion 
Ferris James 
Ferris John 
Ferris Samuel 
Ferris SyKenus 
Fice Joliii 
Fierce Jonathan 
Fieris Coenradi 
Fiero .Abraliaui 
l-'ier.) Peter 
Finch Fawster 
Finch Reuben 
Fir.ch Samuel 
Finn Ezra 
I-iiin David 
1-linn David 


New Vokk in riii: Ricvoi-i.tion 

Flyn I'liilip 
Fogur.son Juhii 
Folkiuar Jolm ^ 
Foot Jol-.n 
Ford Asher 
Ford Eiha 
Forgasou Gilbert 
Foster Ecnjar.iiu 
Foster Samuel 
Fouler Joseph 
Fowler Moris 
Fox Oliver 
Fox Samuel 
Frair Isaac 
France John 
Frances VVilliam 
Franklin George 
Frans Ac'a!n 
Frasher John 
Freer Julin 
Freer Peter 
Friir Ezra 
Fuller David 
Fullcrton William 
Gains Josiah 
Galasby David 
Galasby John 
Gale John 
Gardner Samuel 
Garljnghouse Joseph 
Garmain James 
Garnse Samuel 
Garrison John 
Gar.'ison Jonas 
Garvcy Frances 
Gaul Asel 
Gilbert Jesse 
Godfray David 
Goff John 
GolJ Walter 
Goodjiie<;d Isaac 
Graham James 
Graham Zachariali 
Graton Crora 
Greaves Thomas 
Green Peter 
Greenv.a'l Dan;ei 
Gregory Benjamin 
Grifrin Joh.n 
GroMi' out Daniel 
Gunrales Manue! 
Ilaasbrook Georj;c 
iladeley Mosses 
Hadiy Isaac 
Haite Abijah 
Hall Bsnijah. Jr. 
itiail Benjamin 
H.-iU Boston 
Hal! John 
Hall Robert 

Hallock Joici'h 
Hallock Mo^(.■^. 
Hallock Thomas 
Haliot William 
Hallsted Richard 
Hallstcd Samuel 
Halmes Jeremiah 
Handay Manasia 
Hanmer Geabes 
Hanmore Jabash 
Hanmore Moses 
Hannions John 
Hardcnbergh Jacob 
Hardon Thomas 
Harp Abraham 
Harp tienry 
Harris Thomas 
Hart William 
Hausbruck Joshaa 
Hawkens Steplicn 
Hawking Thomas 
Hawkins Thomas 
Haws William 
Hays Jesse 
Hays Nathaniel 
Head Briton 
Heaton William 
Hedgee Evert 
Hedger Evert 
Hedgers Samuel 
Heeruianse Edv, ard 
Height Richard 
Helm Daniel 
Henderson Banip 
Hennion John 
Herring Hercules 
Herrington Reuben 
Hcrris Henry 
Herris Noah 
■ Hicks John 
Higby Jacob 
Hill Nathan 
Hillhouse Jolm 
Hines James 
Hocks Jonathan 
Hodge Ralph 
Hodges Israel 
Holmes John 
Holstead Thomas 
Hotnojis John 
Homer Francis 
Hommel Abraha'.n 
Honiniel Hcri'.ianus 
Hood John 
Hoornbeck Cornelius 
Hoornbeck Benjamin 
Hoornbeek Enhraun 
Hopkins Thomas 
Hopper John 
Horlon Saniue! 

Iloskis Tiennony 

Ilousf Cornelius 

House William 

Howe Timothy 

Howel Isaiah 

Hummel Abraham 

Hunter John 

Hunter Robert 

Hurton William 

Plutchens r.ssel 

liuichins Asa 

Hutchins Ezekicl 

Hutton William 

Hyatt Eleven 

Hyatt Elias 

Hyne Philip 

Hynpagh Peter 

Ingics George 

Insou Richard 

Ives Eph.raim 

Jack Esquire 

Jackiing Fremaii 

Jackson Jlannibal 

Jay Augustus 

Jayne Matthias 

Jean Matthew 

Jermaine James 

Jinson Richard 

Johnson Andrew 

Johnson Andrew, Jr. 

Johnson Benjamin i,cOi'd) 

Johnson Jacob 

Johnston William 

Jones Asa 

Jones Benjamin 

Jones David 

Jones Isaac 

Jones James 

Jones Jeremiah 

Jones Simeon 

Jordan Michael 

Josillin Zcbeiiiah 

Karr William 

Keator Cornelius 

Keator John 

Keator William 

Kellcy Patrick 

Kelly Isaac 

Ketcham John — ■' 

Kickier William 

Killam Silas 

Killey David 

Killey Denniss 

King William 

Kiltie Henry 

Klyii John 

Knap Nathaniel 

Konhiabb- Gcrrit 

Kostable William 

Krom Hcnrv 

Krom Simon 
Krorn Simon C. 
Krum Benjamin 
Krum John 
Krum William 
Kuykendall William 
Lain William 
Laine Samuel 
Lake John 
Lake Joshua 
Langcndyck Cornelius 
Langyear William 
Lanson John 
Lanson William 
Lattemorc Rogers 
Lawfavour John 
Lawrence Joseph 
Lawson George 
Lawson Matthew 
Lawson Samuel 
Leasure Samuel 
Lee Zeptlie 
Lefoy Abraham 
Legget Williani 
Leinson John 
Leinsou William 
Lent Hercules 
Lent James 
Lewis Felix 
Lev/is Gilbert 
Lewis Jabesh 
Lewis James 
Lewis Robert 
Light Josiah 
Lincli Lawrence 
Lines Michel 
Lint Isaac 
Lions Abel 
Lions Barny 
Little Frances 
Litts David 
Lcckwood Isaac 
Lockwood Moses 
Lockwood Timothy 
London Edon 
Lonts John 
Louie Albert 
Loun John 
Lov.' John 
Lucky George 
Lucky Samuel 
Lf.ke Jolm 
Lutts CoenraJt 
Lyons Abel 
McCallan Thomas 
McCann James 
McClane Jolm 
McCloud Alexander 
McClure Wilhnm 
McCol'agham Thomas 

The Li-.viKS — (Pawling) 


McColIan Tliomas ' 
ilcCollom James / 
. McC'jlluni James 
McCrany \Villi:im 
McDiii'.iiol Daniel 
McDonald Daniel 
Mcl'itzgcrald Chriitopli 
McGcc- John 
McGct Samuel 
McGuire Daniel 
McGuire Ilu-h 
Mack Johannis 
Mackcy Alexander 
Mackey Jesse 
Mackey John 
McKluud Alexander 
McMaster John 
McMickel John 
McN'anie William 
McN'amel John 
McN'arne William 
McN'eally Patrick 
McSuainy Daniel 
McWherter James 
Madris James 
Magie John 
Malony John 
Mapes Bcthuel 
Mapcs Henry 
Mapcs Stephen 
Marcle Johannis 
Mark Johannis 
Markle John 
Martial James 
Martin Archibald 
Masten Daniel 
Masten Joseph 
Masters Dannial 
Maston MalLhew 
Matiheu- James 
Mead Ebcnezer 
Mead Jo^cph 
Mead Marbhall 
Mead Mortiat 
Mead Muses 
Means Charles 
Merckie Jacob 
M-rkle John 
Mcrriuan Titus 
Merrit Ebene/er 
Meyr AJjraham 
Moyr rciincs 
Meyrs Abraham. Jr. 
Meyrs Henry 
Micliels Joseph 
Nidburn John 
Miller Abral-.am 
•Miller .\rra 
Miller F/ia 
Miller George 
Miller Jacobus 

Miller John 
Miller J(;beph 
Mills Jonathan 
Mills Samuel 
Mills Solomon 
Minnin Thomas 
er ^litchell Joseph 
Money Ab.salom 
Money John 
?\Iontanie Peter 
Montanier Peter 
• Moore Daniel 

Moore Thomas 
- More Daniel 
More Thomas 
Morrel John 
Morris John 
Morris Robert 
Morrison Robert 
Mosher Sc-th 
Mosnre Abner 
Mountanie Peter 
Mowris Petrus 
2\Io\vris Samuel 
Mullen Patrick 
MuUer John 
Murphy Robert 
Murphy Thomas 
Myer Jacob 
Myer John 
^lyer Peter 
Oliver Philip 
Myer William 
Myers Abraham 
Myers Benjamin 
Myers Jacob 
-Myers Joiin 
Myers Philip 
.Myers William 
Xairon James 
Nathan Reace 
Nearing James 
Nelson John 
Newkerk Benjamin 
Newkerk Isaac 
Newkerk Jacob 
Newkerk John 
Newman Jonathan 
Nicolaes John 
Niven William 
Nivcr William 
Northroup Eii 
Xostrand Georvje 
Nolhinghani Thomas 
Oahcley Thomas 
Oakley Thomas 
O'Bradly Daniel 
Obrien Morgon 
Oclimoody Jacobus 
Oddle Abiather 
Odlc Joilalluu 

O'Ferl .Miciiel 
Oldfield George 
Oliver Thomas 
Oostcrhoudt Ezekiel 
Opherl Michel 
Osborn Jolm 
Osterhoudt Tounis 
Osterhout Elias 
Osterhout E-ekiel 
Osterhout Hcnrj- 
Osterhout Peter 
Osterhout Teunes, Jr. 
Ostrander Jacobus 
Ostrander .Moss 
Ostrander Teunes 
Ostraiu .Kldert 
Ottarris William 
Otter John 
Oumerman Dcrick 
Ousterhout Hermauus 
Owens Benjamin 
Owens David 
Owens John 
Pain Ceazar 
Palmatier William 
Palmer Aaron 
Palmerton Thomas 
Palmeteer John 
Pargret Samuel 
Parker James 
Parks Samuel 
Parrish John 
Parshal David 
Pass Jonatinn 
Patterson Ezecal 
Patterson Israel 
Patterson James 
Pattison Michel 
Pattison Thon:as 
Pawding John 
Pekze Evert 
Pcnbrool- William 
Pcnear John 
Peresonus Jacobus 
Pcrgret Samuel 
Peterson John 
Phelps David 
Philips Samuel 
Plass Freeman 
Plocgli TIendrick 
Polhamus Daniel 
Po(d William 
Popple William 
Porch .-Xndrew 
Post Cornelius 
Post Henc'.rick 
Post Henry 
Post Isaac 
Post Jacobus 
Po.-t Martin 
Pest Samuel 

Presier .Xbraliani 
Pudney James 
Purdy John 
Quick George 
Quick Jacob 
Quick John 
Ransom Harry 
Ransom Henry 
Ray Daniel 
Raymonts Sands 
Read Samuel 
Read William 
Reed James 
Regnaw Isaac 
Rtlyea John 
Relyea Simeon 
Relyea Simon 
Reton Peter 
Rsves Ellsha 
Rice John 
Richard Nathaniel 
Richards Exrah 
Ritenbergh George 
Robbison Isaac 
Robbison William 
Roberson Jesse 
Robertson John 
Robinson William 
Robison James 
Sodgers James 
RotT Aaron 
Rtjgers James 
■ Rogers John 
Rogers Joseph 
R.omer Aaron 
Ronisey Jesse 
Roosa Abraham 
F-Oosa Aldert 
R-oosa Even 
Roosa Jacob 
Rcosa Johannis 
Roosa John 
Roosa Richard 
Rcosr. William 
Riiosekrans Jacubus 
Rordon Pordick 
Rose Jacob 
Ro!se James 
Rese Richard 
Rctekrans Cornelius 
Rciiekraiis Dirck 
Roes Aron 
Ross Finly 
Rooe Christian 
Rowland Luke 
RuEsey Jesse 
Rurascy Nathan 
Runde! Elnathan 
Rundle .Xbraham 
Rundie David 
Rnndlj Syras 


Ni:w York ix thic Rfx-olction 

Ryan John 
Ryder Benjamin 
Ryder John 
Rynus John 
Sacket Prime 
Sackett Richard 
Sadlor Jolin 
St. Clair George 
St. John Adam 
St. John Jceiih 
St. Johns Josepli 
Sainnions Cornelius 
Sammons Jacob 
Sammons Thonris 
Sa-xton Jolin 
Schoonmaker John 
Schoonmakcr M.irtin 
Schutt Christian 
Schutt Fredericlc 
Schutt Solomon 
Scoiheld Ceazar 
Scoffield Aloses 
Scofield Elisha 
Scoonover Joseph 
Scutt Solomon 
Secaus Jonas 
Secor Jonas 
Sergeant Jame 
Shampineday AnJre.v 
Sharer Robert 
Shaver John 
Shaw James 
Shields Vv'illian. 
Shiely Coenradt 
Shoecraft Jacob 
Shoecrait John 
Short Henry 
Short John 
Short Peter 
Shulp John 
Shuls John 
Shultz John 
Sliurter Casparus 
Sillisbuiy John 
Silsby Elijah 
Simniins John 
Simmons Benjamin 
Simmons Cornelius 
Simmons Enoch 
Simons John 
Skoonmaker John E. 
Slator David 
Slator John 
Slator Willi.-.m 
Sleighter Joii.i 
Slint Harculas 
Slutt John 
Shiytor .\biahLm 
Shiyter N'ichoias 
Shiyter W illiam 
Smcdts John 

Smith Gerritt 
Smith James 
Smith Jeremiah 
Smith John 
Smith Jonas 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Timothy 
Smith Zaclieriah 
Sr.yder Abraham 
Snyder Cliristian 
Snyder Elias 
Snyder George 
Snyder Henry 
Snyder Jacob 
Solevcn John 
Southaril Henry 
Southard John 
Spanenber^h Jacob 
Spark Robert 
Sparks .Abraham 
Sparks Robert 
Sparling Jolm 
Squoral Daniel 
Squrrel ]3aniel 
Stagg Adam 
Stagh Benjamin 
Stanley Joseph 
Staples Nathan 
Stater David 
Stephen? John 
Steward Charles 
Stewart Jolm 
Sticks John 
StilhviU James 
Stingro Solomon 
Stockbridge John 
Stone John 
Storm Abraham 
Strong John 
Stryker .\braham 
Stuart John 
Sturdivent David 
Sulevan John 
Sulliven William 
Sumaas Jacob 
Siithard John 
Sutti.n Wiliiam 
Swaar Jacob 
Swart William 
Swartwout Cornelius 
Suoonover Ben; a in in 
Taning Henry 
Tanner Zophar 
Tarpenning Jacob 
Tarring Henry 
Taylor Elijah 
Taylor Ely 
Taylor Henry 
Tccrpenning Jacob 
Teerpennliig Lawrence 
Teerpeny Abraham 

Tenner Zophar 
Tor Bush Henry 
Ter Bush Joseph 
Terry Benjamin 
Terwilcger James P. 
Terwileger Martin 
Terwileger Wiihelmes 
Terwilk-ger .\aron V. 
Terwillcger Abraham 
Terwilleger Jacobus 
Terwillegcr Peter \'. 
Tharp Matthew 
Thompkins Lawrence 
Thompson Abijah 
Thompson Jedediah 
Thompson Jediah 
Thompson Jesiah 
Thompson Joel 
Thompson Joshua 
Thompson Obijah 
Thomson Thom.as 
Thornton William 
Thurston Jason 
Tibbies Robert 
Tibbies Solomon 
Tice Henry 
Tice John 
Tillsey Job 
Tillton Peter 
Tilson Timothy 
Tip William 
Tompkins Jonathan 
Tonkry Nicholas 
Toundsend Garerdiis 
Travis Philip 
Travis Salvenus 
Trawilligar James P. 
Triddle Esquire 
Trim E.'^ra 
Trumpcr Nicholas 
Trusdle Samuel 
Turk John 
Tuttk James 
Twaghtman John 
Tyler Charles 
Tyler William 
L'lubcrman Dirck 
Upriglit George 
Valentine Peter 
\'an Akcn Natnan 
X'an Amburgh Jeremiah 
Van Anker Nathan 
Van Asdell John 
\'aii .Xuken Elias 
Van r'.oiischotcn jacc^b 
Van Bunschoten Soloisvjn 
Van Cleat Michel 
Van Ck-ak Michael 
\'an Clerk Michael 
Will Deb';;;art John 
\'an De Bogart Peter 

\'an De Hoef Matthias 
Vandcniark Ezekiel 
Vandeinark Solomon 
Van Denierk Jacob 
Vandemerke John 
Vand'jn Merk George 
Van Dennicrk Joseph 
Van Der Hoof Mathia 
Vandcrhoof Matthew 
Van Dermerk Ezekie! 
\'angaldcr Andrew 
Van Garden Jacobus 
Van Gcrder .^ndries 
Van Heenbergh Abraham 
Van Hoevenbergh Eggo 
Van Houten John 
Van Kamp Abraham 
Vankay Cornales 
Van Keurcn Philip 
Van Keuren Tjerck 
Van Kleeck Michael B. 
Van Leuven Christian 
Van Leuven Zachanah 
Vanorder Peter 
Van Osdell John 
Van Pelt John 
Van Scorte Abraham 
Van Steenbergh John 
Van Steenbergh Peter 
Van Urden Peter 
Van Wagene Daniel 
Van Wagenen Jonathan 
Van Wart John 
Van Wort Goret 
Vearing James 
Venwer Martin 
Vocke Gudtry 
Vocke Henry 
Vurgin John 
Waggonor Tobias 
Waily Thomas 
Waley Thomas 
Wandle Henry 
Ward Josiah 
Ward Solomon 
Ward Thomas C. 
Ward William 
Waterbury James 
Weed Jonathan 
Weeks James 
Weeks Obediah 
Wcisenielt George 
Welch William 
Weldon James 
Wells Prince 
Wellsworth Gilbert 
Wenigrr Samuel 
Wenttield Simon 
Wesbroi'k At.'raliam 
Westiall Levi 
Weston Joseph 


/ -^S^ 



TnF£ Lt\'ii:s — (_\\'i[.i.iaTj 


Wlioat Amos 
Wi'.rticr Timothy 
White J')hr. 

V.'lrte N.'.than 
\\ iiite Time 
\\liit--,ey Jacob 
Whitney Justus 
Whitney S.-th 
Whony Daniel 
Whorry Daniel 
Whorry John 
Wicks Phinehas 
Wiley Thomas 

Willcox I=iric 
Willcms Dagc 
Williams Abraham 
Williams GilliL-rt 
Williams James 
Willian;s John 
Williams Reace 
Williams William 
Willis Henry 
Willis Jamts 
Willis John 
Willis Thomas 
Wilson John 

Wincgar Sairiucl 
Winfield Abraham 
Winfield IClias 
Winficiu Simon 
Winkells John 
Winn Peter 
Winne John 
Winney John 
Winncy Peter 
Winniger Samuel 
Wispier John 
Wittaker Edward 
Wood John 

Wiiod Jr:nali 
Wood Jonas 
Wood William 
Woodvvorth D;>nicl 
Wooicot William 
Wool: Peter 
Worden Barnard 
Wyley Thomas 
Yeaplc Hanicle 
Yeaple Jacob 
York John 
Young George 

The Levies — (Willett) 

[Captain, Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, Colonel and Acting Erigidlcr General ^^larinus Wil- 
lett was a gallant officer. He held many commands and his proinotions were rapid. In t775-6 
l;e was a Captain iri Colonel Alexander McDotigal's Regiment, 1st X. Y. "Line. On April 27, 1776, 
the Provincial Congress recommended him to the Continental Corig:ress for Major of the 
same Regiment. In Xovember of the same year he was recommended for Lieutenant- 
Colonel of the 3d Line, and in July, 1780. he was made Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant of 
the 5th Regiment of the Line. In 1781, as Lieutenant-Colonel, he cotnmanded a Regiment 
of Levies, and in 1782 was made full Colonel of still another Regiment of Levies. After the 
death of General Nicholas Herkimer, Colonel Willett commanded the Tryon Co. }vLditia as 
Acting Brigadier General, and in the battles of Johnstown and Caugimav.aga defeated the 
enemy most signally.] 


(major of brigade) 

(,>[U3TER master) 


Cmt. James C.>.n"xo\ 

Philipp CuN'iNK. Jr. 
Edward Cun'\op. 
Bexjamtx Dleoi.'. 

■• '•' HOLTIIAM '^''"..-^.lAM 

Peter Elswortii 

Peter 1'. I'earce 
" AnRAHAM Fonda 

Abneh Frenck 
" Silas Gray 

L\w?r.NCF. Grcs 
" Aaron il.vi.E 

N.XTHANir.I, Hf.nk, 

.•\i'..<tA}iA:.[ LuiNi.hro 
Elihi; Mar.'^iia;,!. 


John Prjtry 
Gei;iut Pi tnam 





IA!1 :M<iNNE!i 



Peter B. Tearce Lieut. 

Joseph Van Ingen 
Peter \'\n Rensse;. \er 
.\ntiio;v Welf 

AtlRAiIA^- WnsTFAl.t. 

Stephen White 

joi! \\ ricut 

Guy Vra'Ni; 

WiLLIA.Nl Bloodcood ■' 

Jacos Rokef. 

Gideon Co'.v ees 

Benamwell Deuel 


Ehhkaim E\ton 

Nathaniel Ford " 

Bartel Hendricks 

JoNAwiA.-; Hilton 

Jacoi; H<irHSTK.\.s<ER. Jr. 


Timothy Hvtton' 
Peter Loop. Jr. 
John Low 

William Moore 


GEOitr.E Passage 
VicroR Fltnam 
J„.:.-.i RKi.ArDSoN 
Is\AC Salkii.l 


John Conuad Siiafks 
John Sii.vw 
John Spencep. 
.-\r.K.\!iAM Ten Evck 
John Thornton 
William \'an Arnim 
Peter V\s- Beroen 

i>AAC Van V'ALKENitI ech 

Si.MON J. Vrooman 
R;cHARD Ranpolp}! Will- 
William Wiil.son 



NkW Y(il;K IN Tin: [iEVijI-tTIOX 

AUlillluKAL NA.ML.- 


Capt. Joel Gillett 
Lieut. Storm A. Ci:cki:r 
RiciiAKD Bingham 
Ul'.nxan Campbell 

LiEur. Jmi:; Frimier 
jEssr HfnnELL 
JfuiN Hcnsox 



I.iEiT. Oli\i;r Xr.uia.L 
Christian Peak 
John Watson 

Adams Elijah 
Adamy Peter 
Adkins V/illiarn 
Agers Heiiry Julius 
Albert White 
Allen Henry 
Allen Justus 
Allen William 
Aller Jacob 
Allison SaniUL-1 
Alter Jacob 
Ambernian Derick 
Anunerman Derick 
Andrews Ichabod 
Anthony George 
Arewax Jacob A. 
Armstrong John 
Arnold Abram 
Arnold David 
Atwell Paul 
Avery Abel 
Babcock Benjamin 
Backer Philip 
Eagley David 
Bailey David 
Bailey Timothy 
Baker Albert 
Baker Albert, Jr. 
Baker Andrew 
Baker Barrant 
Baker David 
Baker Samuel 
Baker William 
Baldwin Alexander 
Baldwin lle/ekiah 
Balse Andreas 
Banun Friterick 
Baiik.s David 
Banter llellcbrant 
Barcup Andrew- 
Barker Philip 
Barnar Simon 
Barnhard Hannanus 
Barnum Israel 
Barritt Bartholomew 
Barritt Jonathan 
Barrs John 
Barstow Job 
Bartholomev Dualt 
Ba.^'.y Andreas 
Battle Josenli 
Bauck William 
Baxter Anson 

Eearworth John 
Beaty Samuel 
Becker Barnett 
Becker John D. 
Becbe Peter 
Beccraft Thomas 
Be Cordis Nening 
Bendick Frances 
Benedict Uriah 
Benjamin Breach 
Benjamin Brush 
Benjamin Ebenezer 
Bennet Owen 
Bennet Simon 
Bcrnhet Herman 
B;rry David 
Bersey Winning 
Bertholemay Theobalt 
Bervert John 
Bester Joab 
Betty Samuel 
Beyer Fratz 
Bidwell Daniel 
Bishop John 
Blacius Lawrence 
Blacus Lawrence 
Blaus Lawrence 
Blesucs Lawrence 
Bloemendale Jacob 
Bloomingdall Jacob 
Bogardus Hendrick 
Bogardus Xanning 
Bomehover George 
Bonesteel Henry 
Bonny John 
Booke WiHiaiii, Jr. 
Booidman John. Jr. 
X300.U Frederick" 
Borks Christian 
Borst Christian 
Borst Johanis 
Boston Xegro 
Bottles Joseph 
Eouchall Hopper 
Boughhail Hoc'iier 
Boyer John. Jr. 
Braat Shirmiii 
Bradt Stormc 
Brakemen Jacnb 
Braner Reuben 
Brant Edward 
Brantncr .-Vntl'.onv 
Bratl Storm 

Brcem John 
Breemer Lode.vick 
Brewer John 
Brewer William 
Broomhower George 
Brown Dorcs 
Brown Edward 
Brown John 
Brown X'ed 
Broun Perias 
Brown Tunis (color.-d) 
Brown William 
Buckley Andrew 
Buel! Jonathan 
Bullick Charles 
Bullock Charles 
Bulman John 
Bulson Henry 
Buly Benjamin 
Bunshead F'rederick 
Bunstead Frederick 
Burck John 
Burdick Gideon 
Burk Aronor 
Burk George 
Burk Henry 
Burnk George 
Burt Henry 
Bush John 
Bust Jhon 
Buysbow Andrew 
Byer Francis 
Byker Henry 
Cabeneer John 
Cady David 
Caine John 
<^alver David 
cambell John 
Camlde Julin 
Campbell Ji.hn 
Campbell Thomas 
Caiman James 
Carpenter Benjamin 
Carpenter Warren 
Carr John 
Carr William 
Carsin William 
Carter John 
Carts John 
Casler Henry 
Casler John 
Casler Xicholas 
Casscler Thomas 

Casselman John 
Casselman Peter 
Casslar John 
Cassler Adorn 
Cassler Thomas 
Cassoner William 
Castleman Bartholomew 
Caton Thomas 
Caveneer Jol'.n 
Chapman Amos 
Chapman F.zekiel 
Chapman Herman 
Chapman Xoah 
Child Solomon 
Chiles Solomon 
Christman Xicholas 
Church Medad 
Cisner William 
Clapsadle Vv'ilUam 
Clark Waters 
Clark William 
Clause George 
Clavcr Xicholas 
Claves Xicholas 
Cleightman Frederick 
Cline Hennery 
Clinton John 
Clough George 
Clowy George 
Clute Garret 
Clute Garret D. 
Clyne Henry 
Cole John 
Cole Peter 
Cole Simcr Peter 
Cole William 
Colexe Oliver 
Coil Job" 
Colver Daiid 
Colver Josiah 
Combs Barnard 
Combs Barnet 
Cominin;.;s fhoma.' 
Comniins Philip 
Cone Ichabod 
Cone Jacobud 
Conklen Isi.k 
Conklin Euhraim 
Conly Jacob 
Cook Joseph 
Cooiy James 
Cost Martin 
Cotton Xaihanie! 

'J'he Li:\'n:s — (W'li. licit) 


Covcll David 
Cowls OlivLT 

Crandel Martinis 
Crandic Williain 
Cranker John 
Crannel Martin 
Crawford Josci'h 
Cripiicn Ichabi:)d 
Cribnian Nitholni 
Crolford Josepli 
Crooks John 
Crossard John 
Crosset John 
Crowley William 
Crukcs John 
Culp John 
Culver Joshua 
Cummins Jehu Ohcdiah 
Cunnel William 
Cuphin Egbert 
Curbey John 
Curtis Allantis 
Curtis Asahcl 
Curtis Jothaiii 
Curtis Thomas 
Dack Henry 
Dale William 
Dallaway John 
Danels Thomas 
Dannals Jacob 
Dark John 
Darro George, Jr. 
Darrow Ammirus 
Darrow Daniel 
Darrov; Georj^'e 
Darrow Jedidiah 
Daudge Daniel 
Davis Amos 
Davis John 
Day Aaron 
Day Lewis 
De Bevoise Charles 
Debocker Jol'.n 
Deck Henry 
Decker Jacob 
Dcdrick Frederick 
Dcdrick Thode 
Degolan James 
Dcgolin Joseph 
De Groot Henry 
Dckyn Leonar 
Delamater Henry 
Delamattcr Benjamin 
De Line Ryer 
Delond David 
Delong David 
Dclong Joseph 
Dcmair John 
Dcniston William 
Douce Htncry 

Deven Henry 
Devcreux Theodorus 
Devew Henry 
Devine John 
Dcvoe Henry 
Dibble Hezekiah 
Dick Henry 
Dickcrson James 
Dickeson Gideon 
Dickson James 
Dickson Richard 
Dilliwere John 
Dimesa Gerret 
Dingman Samuel 
Dixon Gideon 
Dodge Daniel 
Dole William 
Donne! John 
Doty Isaac 
Douglass Jonathan 
Downen Cornelius 
Downing Cornelius 
Dox Peter 
Doxley Klark 
Driselmon Christian 
Dubois Charles 
Ducker Jacobus 
Dimhani John 
Dusler Marcus 
Eagars Julies 
Eaker Nicolcss 
Earcher Edward 
Earnest Jacob 
Eatick George 
Eaton Eleazer 
Eaton James 
Ecker Nicholas 
Edick Conrat 
Edwards Abel 
Edwards Samuel 
Ellis John 
Ellison David 
Elsworth Jiilin 
Engles Jaiiie;. 
Engrum Humphrey 
Esselstyn Jacob 
Eveson Jrjhn 
Evins Andrew 
Evins Samuel 
Paling Lips 
Paling Philip 
Farguson James 
Karris Aron 
Felbush Jesse 
Ferguson Caleb 
Ferguson Hezekiah 
Ferris Aaron 
Filmore Richard 
Fii:c Reuben 
Flanburgh Anti^uv 

Flander flcnry 
Flander Jacol) 
Flansburgh Matthew 
Flemeing Asa 
Flicker John 
Flipscn llcrmennes 
Plounsburgh Anttiony 
Polts Conrad 
Fonda John 
Fonk William 
Foot Jolm 
Foot Simeon 
Forgason James 
Forstor Watson 
Fort John 
Foster John 
Powder Mayers 
Fowdcr Morris 
Fox Benjamin 
Fox Peter 

Fradenburg Abraham 
Fraer Peter 
Frailenbury Abr'in 
Frank Andrew 
Fratinbury Abraham 
Freeman Jonas 
French Anesel 
Frisbee Jolm 
Fry George 
Fryer Peter 
Fuller Dajiiel 
Fuller Lsaac 
Fuller Josiah 
Fuller \'ar5el 
Fulmer Christopher 
Fulmore Christian 
Funk William 
Ganse Benjamin 
Garret James 
Garvey Thomas 
Cause Benjamin 
Gibson Joim 
Gile Hennery 
Gipson John 
Goes Mathies 
Goose NLathisi 
Goose Nicholas 
Gott Story 
Graft Philip 
Granger John 
Graves Mark 
Green Ebenezer 
Greggs Evert 
Grime Henderick 
Grime Henry 
Grinpen Egbert 
Groat Abraham 
Groesbeck Jacob 
Groot Abraham 
r.root Andrew 

Grot Aiidi'us 
Guile Daniel 
Gi;iles Henry 
Gurshie Edward 
Hackney George 
Hagedcrn Adam 
Hagedorn Bartholomew 
H.igod'jrii John 
Hagcr Henry 
Hager Joseph 
Haker Jesse 
Hakes Jesse 
Hall Benjamin 
Hall Isaac 
Hall William 
Hallenbeack Henry. Jr. 
Hallenbeck Garret 
Hallenbeck Isaac 
Hambleton William 
Hamilton William 
Hammen Jol'.n C. 
llanby John 
Handlty John 
Hankey John J. 
Hannes Jacob 
Hannis James 
Harkeman George 
Harman John Cliristopher 
Harms Jacob 
Harrington Isaac 
Harrington William 
Harrison Peter 
Harson Haramnius 
Harson Harman 
Harson Peter 
Harvcr Christian 
Hary Phillip 
Ilass Joh.n 
Hatch James 
}!atch Matthew 
Haugcdorn Joh.n 
Haugeilorn Samuel 
liauleiibeke Carrit 
Haus Hendrick 
Hausman John 
Haven Christian 
Havens Benjamin 
Havens Darius 
Havens Thomas 
rlawley James 
Hawley Zadok 
Haws John 
Heath. James 
Heath Josiah 
Plebzenger Michael 
Kebzinger Jolin 
Heecock Guiles 
Heennance John 
Hcndericks Peter 
Hendricks I'cter 


New York i\ tui: Ri:\'oi.r r[ii\' 

Herkimer George 
Hermans John 
Herrick Daniel 
Hcrrington Isaac 
Herrington William 
Hervey Phillips 
Hess John 
Hewins Joseph 
Heysser John 
Hgaboom James 
^ Hichcox Giles 
Hicks Joseph 
Hids Daniel 
Higgins Enoch 
Hill Reuben ■ 
Hill Samuel 
Hills Asa 
Hillsinger John 
Hillsinger Mirhael 
Himlin Adorn 
Hines Daniel 
Hines George 
Histead Thaddeus 
Hitchcock Zenos 
Hobbs Samuel 
Hodgson George 
Hogoboom Jacob 
Hogoboom James 
Holdridge Amasa 
Holdridge Amesiah 
Holdsberger Adam 
Holly Zadock 
Holmes Rozel 
Holms Jedediah 
Holms Ro<%v°ll 
Holnbakc Isack 
Hoisted Ezekiel 
Hoos Nicholas 
Hopkins Thomas 
Hopio George 
Hopper John 
Horton William 
Hough Zephaniah 
House George 
House Henry 
Houseman John 
How David 
How Jesse 
How Sanu'el 
Howard Enos 
Howard Jesse 
Howber Eeiix 
Howes Samuel 
Howley James 
Hubbard Saniuul 
H'.ibbart John 
Hubberd John 
Hubble Ithanicr 
liudsor, Edward 
Hiid-on Willi:\ni 

Hugshan Nathan 
Hull Isaac 
Hunter James 
Hunter John 
Huntly Solomon 
Husted Thadileus 
Hutchson Wilhani 
Hyser John 
Indian Anthony 
Indian Nicholas 
Ingels James 
Ingham Humphrey 
Ingram Ilumpry 
Ittig Goerg 
Jackson Ebcnczer 
Jackson Joseph 
Jainkens Anthony 
Jakeway Asael 
Jenkins Anthony 
Jerome Jason 
Jerroms Jansen 
Johnson Benjcmin 
Johnson Derick 
Johnson John 
Johnson Philip 
Johnson Samuel 
Johnston Benjamin 
Johnston John 
Johnston Philip 
Jones Harmanus 
Jones Richard 
Jones William 
Jonk Jacob 
Kanedy Henry 
Kasler John 
Kasselman Johannis 
Kellogg Eliphalet 
Kelly Henry 
Kelse John 
Kenny Amous 
Kesler John 
Kessler Adam 
Kctchum Renjanun — 
Ketchum Joel- - . 
Ketchum Nathaniel - — 
Kelts George 
Kill Christopher 
King Leonard 
King TlKimas 
Kinney Amos 
Kipplc George 
Kitman Edward 
Kittle Adam 
Kittle Jocham 
Kitts George 
Klukman Frederick 
Knapp II en I y 
Knapp William 
Knox Frederick 
Knox Joseph 

Koib John 
Koll John 
Lain Alexander 
Lake William 
Lally John 
Lambert Peter 
Lamon George 
Lancaster Samuel 
Lance John 
Lane Alexander 
Lansing John 
Lansingh Evert 
Lard William 
Larraway Jacob 
Laughaday John 
Laugh re John 
Laveway Jacob 
Lawrence Peter 
Leiiheat John 
Lent Henry 
Leonard Elijah 
Lewes Ebuniser 
Lewis Ebenezer 
Libble Thomas 
Lighthart Barnabas 
Lint Henry 
Livingston Richard 
Loman George 
Lonas John 
Lonis John 
Lord John 
Lord Joseph 
Lord Timothy 
Lovejoy Daniel 
Lovel Jo'an 
Low John 
Lummis Ezekiel 
Lusk Jacob 
Lusk Michael 
Lusk William ,- 
Lyfliidt John, 
Lyons Nathaniel 
Mabb John 
McAntier Thomas 
McChesncy Samuel 
McColIister Archable 
McCoy John 
McDaniel Henry 
McDole Georpe 
McDowcl George 
McGce George 
McGee William 
McGill John 
.McGurty Edv.ard 
McGurfy P.obert 
McGurshic Robert 
McKeen Samuel 
McKnot Jimr.'.ic 
Mc>!pstcr Robert 
McMichel Ebenezer 

McMickle Eber.czer 
McNut James 
Mc\'ane Daniel 

McVty Daniel 
McWiams John 
McWilliams Joh:i 
Makefee William 
Malat Richard 
Maioon John 
Marshel Simeon 
Martin Amasa 
Mason John 
Matherwson Warren 
Matteson Warren 
Mattice George 
Mayer Lewis 
Meer John 
Meinger Timthy 
Miler Peter 
Miles William 
Miller Andrev.- 
Miller Eleazer 
Miller George 
Miller James 
Miller Peter 
Miller William 
Mob John 
Mobs Peirs 
Moles Peeres 
Molloy Thomas 
Monger Timothy 
Montgomerie Joint 
Montgomery John 
Moon Jacob 
Moor Peres 
Moor Peter 
Moore Jacob 
More Thomas 
Morris Nicholas 
Morrison Nicholas 
Morroy James 
Mors Joshua 
Moshier Thomas 
Moss Josiah 
Mower George 
Mower Peter 
Moyer David 
Mudge Ebenezer 
MuUey Thonias 
Murray Alexander 
Murry James 
Myer Lodcwick 
Myers Frederick 
Myers Joiin 
Nagar Joseph 
Nau'.e Abraiiam 
Nathan Rece 
Nestel Richard 
Nestle George 
Newell Chantev 

'J'lii. Li:\ IF.>. - - ( W'li.i i:t!) 


Xewcll Seth 
Newkirk Thoirias 
Newton Benjamin 
Nicholls Silas 
Nickals Jo'in 
Nier Caspor 
Noor Peres 
Xorton William 
Oakley Jonathan 
O'BriaJit Cornelius 
Olman Frclorick 
Omens Daiiiol 
Orchard Thomas 
Orcher Ed'.vard 
Ore Jacob 
Orendorf Daniel 
Orsher Onies 
Overbagh John. Jr. 
Overpagl'. John 
Pace Henry 
Paddock John 
Paine John 
Palmer Amoziah 
Parker Elisha 
Parker Robert 
Parker Ruben 
Patrick James 
Patrick .Matthew 
Paulay Benjamin 
Payer John 
Payne John 
Peak Chris 
Pease Abncr 
Pease Asa 
Peek Christopher 
Peelor Jacob 
Permer Jacob 
Perry David 
Peter Godlip 
Peters Simeon 
Peters Simon 
Peterson Jcihi: 
Pettit John 
Peulay Benjamin 
Phelps Amous 
Philips Abncr 
Philips Amos 
Philips Isaac 
Philips Jacob 
Philips Philip 
Plum John 
Powers Charles 
Price George 
Prime John 
Primer Ludwig 
Prince Negro (colored) 
Pudney TliDru 
Purchase Taberd 
Putnam David 
Puxlcy Crarlc 

Quimbey Steiilun 
Quni Wi'.liair. 
Quinby Stephen 
Radley Jacob 
Randal Nathaniel 
Randell Benjamin 
Randle Matthew 
Handle Matthias 
Raspel Frederick 
Rattenam Geor:.;e 
Rattle Joseph 
Ray William 
Ray Zacherius 
Ray Zaclieus 
Read John 
Reals Daniel 
Redwood Prince 
Reman John 
Remaw John 
Rexford pjisign 
Rexford Jose\)h 
Rexford Joseph, Jr. 
Richards John 
Richardson George 
Richardsoii Isaac 
Richarson Jaino . 
Richarson Williiun 
Richmond Benjamin 
Richmond Silas 
Richmond Silvester 
Richtmeyer Johannes 
Ricker Hendiick 
Rightmier John 
Rightmire Henry 
Rdies Henry, Jr, 
Rmehart William 
Ripley Asa 
Ripley Piram 
Ritchanson James 
Robb George 
Ivolibens James 
Robberds John 
Robbins Cl'.arles 
Roberson Charles 
Roberts John 
ivobcrtson Jeremiah 
Robertson Wil'iam 
Robins Jube 
Robinson tiector 
Robinson Jeremiah 
Rockefeller William 
Rogers George 
Rogers Jacob - 
Roop John 
Roop Peter 
Rosa Storme 
i.ose Jacob 
Rosed Storm 
Rotlinower George 
Rowlee Jal'ish 

R..V, ley .\r(.n 
Rowley Aaron. Jr. 
Rowle>' Samuel 
Rowley Samuel Ham 
Rowley Seth 
Rude Eli 
Ruff Jonathan 
Rnmney Jnb.n 
Rumney John G, 
Rus.-el James 
Russell Benjamin 
Russnian Conradt 
Rjan Duncan 
Ryker Henry 
Rynhard William 
Salbury Joseph 
Salspury Gideon 
Saltmarsh William 
Sa!tma>l; William 
Sanders John 
Sanders Wat 
Sanders Wat, Jr. 
Saunders John 
Savage Joel 
Sayer Lambert 
Scarbory ^^'illia^l 
Schab George 
Schall John 
Schank William 
Schcnenian Jleadrick 
Scliencnian Henry 
Schermehorn John 
Scheyler John 
Schniit Anton 
Schniit Hendrick 
Schoolcraft Peter 
Schoolcraft Fitter 
Schulgraft John 
Schult/e William 
Schutt William 
Schutt William. Jr. 
Schuyler David 
Schuyler David, jr. 
Schu\h-r Dirck 
Schuyler J<ihn 
Schuyler John Jost 
Scott Cornelias 
ScoU Ilenry 
Scribner Thaddeus 
Scribncr Thomas 
Secber John 
Seeber John W. 
Semister John 
Senn .-Xaron 

Shafer John Conrad 
Shall Hendrick 
Shall Henry 
Sh.ittnck Thomas 
Sha\er John 


Sh.aw Comfort 
.Slinw Ebenezer 
Shaw Jacib 
Shaw William 
Sheliicid N'athan 
Shepard James 
Sherman Jenkins 
Shiriiebean Jacob 
Shiltenberger Ca-parus 
Shiltenburger Casper 
Shoefelt Christopher 
Sholl John 
Shoolcraft John 
Shoot WiHiani. Jr. 
Show Jacob 
Shults Henry 
Shults William 
Shute William 
Shuts Abraham 
Simonds Joshua 
Simonds Joshua. Jr. 
Simons John 
Simson Joseph 
SHs George 
Skiltenberger Casparus 
Skinner J'jiiatban 
Skinner Micah 
Skinner Michael 
SIbury Joseph 
SiTMth Adam 
S'liith Anthony 
Smith Ezekiel 
Smith Henry 
Sinith James 
Smith John 
Smith John Connat 
Smith Joseph 
Sciith Nicholas 
Sinith Philip 
Snith Thomas 
S;v.ith Wiliiain 
Scor Josams 
So:e William 
Spirbeck Conrad; 
Spaulding Nehemiah 
Spted Henry 
Spencer Truman 
Spickerir.an Philip 
Spike Daniel 
Spoon John 
Spiague .Alexander 
Stalker Jol'.n 
Stephen Johit 
Stephens Daniel 
Stephens Isaac 
Stephens John 
Stevens Isaac 
Steward Joh!i 
Steward Robert 


New York ix the RENoi.niox 

Stewart James 
Stewart Jolin 
Stoikcr Jolni 
Stoncr Nicholas 
Stoppicbecn Jacob 
Storm David 
Stormcs David 
Strobeck Adam 
Strong Jolin 
Stuart JoliM 
Suits George 
Suits Peter 
Suits Henry 
Suts Peter P. 
Swaycr Laiiimert 
Taber William 
Tacker John 
Talman Thoir.as 
Tanall Nicholas 
Tancill Danyel 
Tanner Jacob 
Tansel Daniel 
Tarbox Job 
Tarbush Isaac 
Tartle Joseph 
Tawner Jacob 
Taylor Ebenezer 
Taylor Friend 
Taylor Jasper 
Taylor Johaniiis 
Taylor Joseph 
Taylor Samuel 
Taylor Tnomas 
Teal John 
Ten Eyck Barrent 
Teiieyck Guruey 
Ter Bosh Isaac 
Thomas Bcriah 
Thomas Buriel 
Thonjpson Jack 
Titus Philip 
Tollman Thomas 
Tortle Joseph 
Townsen Janjes 
Trewax Abraham 
Trewax Jacob 
Trewax Jacob A. 
Trim Walter 
Tripp Charles 
Tiipp Job 

Trisselman Christian 
Troll John 
Truax John 
Trumblc Judah 
Tryon William 
Tubbs Cyrus 

Turner Lemuel 
Tusler Marks 
Tusslcr John 
Tymoson Garret 
Ullendorf Daniel 
Ulman Frederick 
Utley Jarmiah 
Valentine James 
Valentine Steplien 
Van Alstyne Cornelius 
Van Alstyne John 
Van Aps Samuel 
Van Arnem William 
Van Atter James 
Van Camp Moses 
Van Deboe Jacob 
Vandebol Jacob 
Van Deburgh Daniel 
Van Der Car Richard 
Van Der Iliden Gcrshom 
Van Derhider David 
Van Derhider Gcrshoni 
Van Der Wark John 
Van Der Wcrken Henry 
Vandeuse Aaron 
Vandeuse William 
Van Dusen Aaron 
Van Dyck David 
Van Dyck Jacob 
Van Ess John 
Van Hooscn Rynier 
Van leven Thomas 
Van Loon Albertus 
Van Loon Benjamin 
Vannetta Jacobus 
Van Nist Janeson 
Van Nist Jerann.us 
Van Nist John 
Van Schaack Nicholes 
Van Sicker Rynier 
Van Sikle David 
Van Slycke George 
Van Sycklar David 
Van Valkcnber;^ Jacob 
Van Valkenburgh (ji-inge 
Van Va'kenburgh H:.r- 

Van Valkenburgh Henry 
Van Valkenburgh Joacb.iiu, 

Van Valkinl'urgh Joachim 
Van Vnlken!>i?rgh Lcanor 
\'ari \'alI;or Cuorge 
Van Vi:rman Cornelir.s 
Van Worman Cornelius 
Van Wormer Matthew 

Van Ycvcrn Tliomas 

Vedder Peter 

Verty Thomas 

Vestry Ti'.onias 

Vols Conrad 

Von Herrman Jolms 

Von Schleik Gorg 

Vromari Adam 

Vroman Peter 

Wagenner Michael 

Wagoner George 

Wagonnit Hermanis 

V/aid James 

Wallebure John 

Walradt Adolphus 

Walter George 

Warren Nathaniel 

Wart John 

Wasson Jair.es 

Wasson John 

Water nan Elisha 

Waterman Samuel 

Watkins Edmund 

Watson Jepson 

Watson William 
Watson Zcphthah 
Wauson John 
Weat Nathaniel 
Weaver David 
Webster Peletiah 
Weed William 
Wcev;r David 
Weld Rozzel 
W^elch Thomas 
Wells Abraliaiii 
V.'ells Philip 
\\'e!sh Thomas 
Wemo All '11 
Weiiiple Vi'on 
Wentworth Ja.nes 
Wentworth Sliuble 
Werts John 
Wheeler Abraham 
Wiieeler John 
Wheever Nicholas 
Whing Benjamin 
Whing Daniel 
White jaiius 
White .'olm 
White Natiianiel 
White Perre.yreen 
Whit-^ Stephen 
Vv'liiie Stephen, Jr. 
\Vhi:e W illiam 
\VliKehe id Thomas 

Whilbcrs John 

Whitman Bopjamin 

Wliitmorc Christopher 

Wilcocks Nathan 

^\'iIcox Jeremiah 

Wilcox Nathan 

Wilcox Nathaniel 

Wilcox Salvenus 

Wiles John 

Wilier Amos 

Williams Elias 

Williams John 

Williams William 

Wilison James 

Willson Jesse 

Wilison John 

Wilson Israel 

Vv'iltsey John 

Winnc Johannis 

Winney John 

Winter John 

Winters John 

Winterscale Barnaby 

Wintsvorth James 

Witmer Christopher 
Wolf Samuel 
Welsh Rosel 
Wood Barnabas 
Wood James 
Wood Robert 
Wood Samuel 
Wood Thomas 
Wood William 
Woodard Ephraim 
W^oodbeck Samuel 
Woolcott Joseph 
Woolsey Nathan 
Worden Ahitiiophel 
Wormwood John 
Woss Gerrit 
Woss Jacob 
Wright David 
Vv'right Jacob 
Wyat Nathaniel 
Yager Hendrick 
Yatt James 
Yett Jan:es 
Young Henry 
Young John -' 
Young Peter 
Young Peter, Jr. 
Young William -' 
Yucker John 
Yuger Johannes 
Yunger Her.rick 

Till. Ll.NE A.M) THE LEVIES — I^XoT I Ut.Mli- 1 EDj 


The Levies — Independent Corps of 1,000 Men 

(Raijcd under Act 33. passcti March 13, ly'g) 

Ljeut. Rial Bingham. 

The Line and the Levies — (Not Identified) 

The following- iV'Cn (according to the certificates of the muster-masters) ser\-C"l cither 
in the Line or the Levies, having heen hired by the several classes under the Land Bounty 
Righ ". ; but, there is nothing in the Land Bounty Rigiits to indicate in which regiment 
of tlie . ine or t!ie Levies they ser\'ed. Their regiments, however, are indicated elsewhere. 



Catt. Joseph Harrison 
He.n'ry Pawling 

Capt. Jonathan Pearsee 



Barlow Joseph 
Brush David 
Buckhout James 
Clark Benjamin 
Clark John 
Clark Samuel 
Collins John 
Concklin Samuel 
Constable Garret 
Cook Darius 
Cook Jolin 
Cornelius John 
Cowen Thomas 
Cry Jolin 
Davis John 
Davis WilHani 
Day Aaron 
Delaney Dennis 
De Witt William 
Douglass James 
Do.xcy Stephen 
Dubois Cornelius 
Dubois John 
Dumond CorncHus 
Dutcher Henry 
Elsworth John 
Elsworlh William, Sr. 
Elswortli William., Jr. 
Ennis Peter 
Fiero Abraham 
Finch John 

Foot John 
Foot Simeon 
Fowler George 
Garrison John 
Gee Moses 
Gildcrslecve Joseph 
Green James 
Griiiin John 
Hall Robert 
Hardenberg- John L. 
Harington William 
Harris Henry 
Harris William 
Havens Thomas 
Helmer John 
Hieks John 
Hood John 
Horton Thomas 
Hosier Thomas 
Jolmson John 
Johnson Jusiah 
Johnston lienj.imiu 
Jones David 
King Joh:i 
King William 
Lane Jercn.iah 
La,ie William 
Lee Jonathan 
Livingston Ri'hard 
Low Jol'.n 
Lusk Jacob 

McArthur Alexander 
McCoy Daniel 
McCoy John 
Martin Thomas 
Miles William 
Miller .Andrew 
Miller George 
Miller James 
Miller Peter 
Milligan Robert 
Moore William 
More John 
Murphy Thomas 
Myers Abraham 
Myers David 
Odle Jonathan 
Osterhout Henry 
Owens Isaac 
Pcrigo Usual 
Perry David 
Plough Henry 
Price John 
Pudney Thorn 
Richardson William 
Robertson William 
Robins Daniel 
Robison James 
Romer .Aaron 
Rowley Seth 
Shiyter Cornelius 
Sluyler Jacob 

Smith Isaac 
Smith John 
Smith Lemuel 
Smith William 
Smith Zachariah 
Southard Henry, Jr. 
Speed Henry 
Stephens John 
Stevens John 
Steward John 
Stewart Charles 
Stewart John 
Taylor John 
Thompson J^^mes 
Thompson John 
Todd .Adam 
Van Bureii George 
\'andemark Cornelius 
\'anderlyn Peter 
Van Dcrn^ark Cornelius 
V'andyke Cornelius 
Welch John 
Wells Peter 
White James 
White John 
Wilson William 
Windticld Simon 
V/oIlT Samuel 
Wood Robert 
Voting Henry 


New \' 

I.N lui. Ri:\-();.LTiON 

The following men (according to the ccrtiricntes of the n:ustcr-n"iasters) served either 
in the Line or the Levies, having Ijcen hired by the several cisses under the Land Boivty 
Rights; but tliere is nothing to indicate in which regiment of the Line or the Levies they £'n-cd. 

Lieut. Abr.\ii.\m Te.-; Eycsc 


Abl>ctt Nathan 

Acker Joseph 

Ackeriiian John William 

Akains Aron 

Allen Jesse 

Allii; .-Mnisa 

Anitry Nathaniel 

Ames Simeon 

Andress John 

Andrews Zenas 

Angle William 

Armstrong John 

Ashman Samuel 

Aspciiv.all Eleazor 

Atwell Peter 

Atwood Jabes 

Austin Philip 

Avery Daniel 

Avery WilHam 

Ayres Robert 

Babcoek Jonathan 

Babcock Neuman 

Baker Albert 

Baker John F. 

Balys Richard 

Bancker Francis Mesnard 

Barker Jared 

Barker Joh.n 

Barker Levy 

Barker Solomon, Jr. 

Barker Zer.as 

Bariict Simon 

Barns William 

Bateman Her^ry 

Bauldiiig -Varon 

Baylty Mo.>es 

Becker Abraham 

Becker Christian 

Rerkt?r Storm .\. 

Bteker Wiihnni A. 

Beckforth Daved 

Been George 

Benley Henry 

Beniiet Nathan 

Berdei; Samut'l 

Beseiner Ca.'-per 

Besimer J^.l'annes 

Belts John Wils.in 

Bevier Simon 

Bircliard .Xatlianie! 

Bishop Joim 

Black Cato 
Black Cesar 
Black Walter 
Bieakley Nicolas 
Blin Scth 
Blodjet Abel 
Blodjet J elm 
Bloom Peter Clow 
Bogards Henry 
Bogart Cornelius, Jr. 
Boice Abraham 
Boon William 
Boonsteel Henry 
Booth David 
Bostwick Salmon 
Bouk Peter 
Bouley Benjamin 
Bovier David J. 
Bowcn William 
Branen Michal 
Brewer Cornelius, Jr. 
Brewer Jacob 
Brodhead Henry 
Brodhead Thomas 
Brown John 
Bruer William 
Buciiannen William 
Buckley Andrew 
Bulsen Hcniy 
Bumpus Frederick 
Burgert Milbery 
Burget Lambert 
Burgis Stephen 
Burnhain Josiah 
Bush Asahel 
Butler Timothy 
Calkins Mathcw 
Canibell Ephraim 
CanimeU John 
Campbell Da\id 
Campbel' John 
Carl David 
Carpenter Phillip 
Carpenter Prosper 
Carpenter William 
Carter Henry 
Caster William 
Castle William 
Casiler John 
Castor Willinui 
Cater Zach,-,rias 

Catlind Timothy 
Cato Prince 
Ceasar B. 
Center Jonathan 
Chambers Cornelius 
Cha'nbers William 
Chandlar Isaac 
Chapman Benjamin 
Charhart Jacob 
Chase Gideon 
Chase Jonathan 
Chatterden Nathanic 
Christianse John 
Chri'-.tie Robert 
Clapp James 
Clarke Elias 
Clow George 
Clupsattle Andrew 
Coats Christopher 
Cocksing James 
Codman John 
Cogdin Timothy 
Coins Ebenc;er 
Coidijrove John 
Cole Benjamin 
Col:s Christopher 
Conro W'ilHani 
Cooper Joseph 
Corris Lawrence 
Coulter Thomas 
Covert John 
Cr: as Christopher 
Crippe.i Thaddeas 
Crispell Jolm I. 
Crui.t Richard 
Cruster Leonard 
Culvc. David 
Ctuick George 
Dailcy Silas 
Dakc John 
Darbeshire James 
Dark .\bial 
Dav'ce John 
Dav!s Elias 
D.L^ ,s Jack 
Davtr-n Joseph 
Deaicv Joseph 
Defenilorff John 
Deforeest Isaac 
Dcj-'olher James 
De^rote Joseph 

Dcgrusha Elias 
Delanay John 
Dclenow Nathan 
Deming Asial 
Denmik Samuel 
Dennis Joseph 
Devee Isaac 
Devine John 
De Witt Egbi;rt W. 
Dc Witt Jacob J. 
De Witt Thomas 
De Witt William A. 
Deyo Elias 
Dibble Nathan 
Dicason John 
" Dick " (mulatto) 
Dick Henry 
Dickason Lodwick 
Dickinson John B. 
Dickson Marsh.all 
Dileno Nathan 
Dilliber John 
Dollaueay Andrew 
Dotey William 
Downing John 
Drum Peter 
Du Bois John J. 
Dulittle David 
Dumond John li. 
Dun Oliver 
Dunnifor Daniel 
Eaghler Frederick 
Eaton Elijah 
Edsall Richard 
Eldon John 
Elliot Gideon 
Elliott Christopher 
Elinendopli Jacoi) 
Elmer Daniel 
Elwood Peter 
Ernst Frederick 
Evans Samuel 
Evens Edward. 
Eygenaar Jacobus 
Ezelyn Jatncs 
Falkenbur.i^h .\dani 
FalkenburKh {iirmon 
Falkenbur;.;h Joseph 
Fellows Abiel 
Files Philip 
l-"iiich SiKaiuai 

The Line and the Levies — (Sen lDE.\Tii"iCi>i 


Finn Henry 

F sher Darius 

FlarT John 

FIcnsbcrg Antciiuy 

Fonday Jacob G. 

Foot Darius 

Ford Isaac 

Forgeson Calip 

Fox Charles 

Fox Nathaniel 

F'radeuburgh Thomas 

Frammire Daved 

France Jacob 

France Soiitucl: 

Frances Philii[i 

Francis Hendrick 

Frankhng Nath.an 

Frccland Robert 

Friddle Esquire 

Frisbee Thomas 

Fynos Antona 

Gardiner Nicholas A. 

Garnrcck WilHam 

Gerrct James 

Gilbert Augustus 

Gillet Lemuel 
Gillospie David 
Gineguint Joseph 
Givens Thomas 
Goes Nicholas 
Golden William 
Goodridge Abner 
Corsline James 
Granbey Richard 
Grass George 
Graves Mark 
Green Asahel 
Green A.sia 
Green Peter inegro) 
Criftin Reuben 
Grissel Elijah, Jr. 
Hainer Coeniad 

Halsted James 
Hamlin Amos ^ 
Ilamiin Asa 
Ilanes Caleb. Ji. 
Ha,m Coenracdt 
Ilarnalis George 
Harbes Michael 
Hardeiibarrick L.ewis 
llardwick Christian 
Harmaucc John Cliri.--tian 
Hatch Samuel 
Hawes John 
Hawkins Ruben 
Haytt Miller 
Header S'.ephen 
Hendevickson Peter 
Ilciiry Joel 

Herrad Thomas 
Hess Christian 
Hitchman John 
Hochst^o.^ser Baitu: 
Hollenbeeck Henry 
Hollit William 
Hollander Adam 
Hoisted James 
Hooker Gilbert 
Hopkins Daniel 
Hopkins Stephen 
Hosford Samuel 
How Titus 
Htibbcl Richard 
Hubble Gcrshiim 
Hubble Richard 
Hull A.braham 
Hummel Johannes 
Hummel Johannes, 
Husted Jonathan 
Hutchason Jeremiah 
Hutchensoii Xathan 
Hutches John 
Ingham George 
Ingiish George 
Jansan Matthew H. 
Janscn John T. 
Jansen Mathew 
'■ Jeffrie " (Indian) 
Jewel John 
Johnson Is.jac 
Johnston David 
Kellogg Stephen 
Kentor Richard 
Kerner Andrew 
Kernockcr .\njre\v 
Kesler Nicholas 
Kimberlcy John 
Kimbevly John 
King Isaac 
King James 
Kinkcad Crownidge 
Kip John 
Knapp Abraliaia 
Knout Jacob 
Lanes Frederick 
Lanphier John 
Lansingh Heiidrick 
Las'iing Geor!,-e 
Laurence Wil'i.-.m 
Law raway Isaac 
Learns Ira 
Lee Pieniaiuin 
Lepliard John 
Lepjier W'iand 
L'"\vis Elijah 
Lewis F.lisa 
Lew ly liatut 
Lidclle Charles 
Lock John 

I.otts Jacob 
Lous Michael 
Lous Michael, Jr. 
Lous William 
Louw Abr.iham D. 
Lowne Juhanis 
Lucy Bariis 
Lutts John. Jr. 
McArthur Charles 
McCallum John 
2^IcClean Hector 
McDanold Annanias 
McDuflfee Angus 
McEl'vain William 
McKee Thomas, Jr. 

Owens James 
Owens Jol'.n Dans 
Pain David 
Pain Thomas 
Palmer Joseph 
Palmetier William 
Parham William 
Parks David 
Parr Moses 
Passage Joseph 
Patcliin Walter 
Peck Adonijali 
Peek Moses 
Pcnbrook William 
Perry Daniel 

McVandoore Mink fnegro) FVntil Jacob 

Maines James 
Marble Sampson 
Jr. MartirJ William 

Mastin James 
Matancomin Benjamin 
Matthews Jabez 
Mayer David 
Mead Silas 
Alerile Jacob 
!Merriam Hezekiah . 
Mezencr John 
Miserii John 
Moon Abraham 
"Morgan Skiff 
Morris Jacob 
Morriiton Lewis 
J'.Ioweft James 
Murray Jack (negro) 
Alurry John 
Mycr Coii.e'ius 
Myres John 
Myrcs John. Jr. 
Naunaiuiccknauk David 
NauiK.uno'Uonke Jacob 
Nehamiali John Henry 
Nellass Robart 
Nestel George 
Nicols Siles 
Niinh.-'in Aaron 
Kimham Daniel 
Kiniham John 
Ninhar'. l.aac 
Noble Caleb 
Norton William. Jr. 
NotonkMiMi William 
Nottinglumi Gaston 
NottinKham Thoma.- 
Null Christian 
Oastcn P!;i;iip 
Olds Gilb rt 
Ouderkerl; J^lm 
C )iven Joii.-illian 
Owen josjpl. 
Owen ThadJeus 

Phillips Aniasa 
Phillips Isrel 
Phillips John 
Pickerd Adolph 
Pitterson Oliver 
Pixley Clark 
Ploegh Hendrick II. 
Plough Hendrick. Jr. 
Plough Nichlas 
Plumb Amariah 
Plumb Caleb 
Post Hendrick. Jr. 
Prime Samuel, Jr. 
Pudney Richard 
Purdy Jesse 
Ransom Barzeal 
Ransom James 
Rcinhart William 
Reis John 
Rennels Isaac. Jr. 
Renner George 
Keugg Benjamin 
Rhodes Rici'.ard 
Richardson Josiah 
Redder Frederick 
Sipenberiger George 
Robertson Levy 
Robertson Peter 
Robinson Levi 
Robison Jacobus 
Rogers Hugh 
Roney John 
Root Denison 
Rote Henn- 
Rote Thomas 
Kuvtiiworoous WilUani 
Ttouley Timothy 
Kin-.nels Daniel 
Rhss Nath.an 
St. John Gideon 
Schcll Fredrick 
Sciicller J.ilin 
Schult Abraham 
Scotiekl Sllvan;;^ 


New York ix the Rkvoh'tiox 

Si.ririfrt Stephen 
Scudder Ezckiel 
Seaver Jtiliii 
Scmons Vvliclenios 
Senequin Jo^^.•^)h 
Scwail Reuben 
Shades Adam 
Shanhcnhckuk Moses 
Shaver Henry, Jr. 
Shaw James M. 
Shepard Horace 
Shepard Rufus 
Shepherd Joel 
Shide Fetter 
Shiller John 
Silkworth William 
Smallcy Ruben 
Smawloy Josiah 
Smith Bill 
Smith P.oltis 
Smith Edward 
Smith Levi 
Sparks James 
Spicer Nathan, Jr. 
Spoor Nicholas 
Sprage John 
Slaten Livy 
Stcrnmcn Samuel 
Stilhvcll Henry 
Stillwill Henry 
Stokes William 
Strong Eliis 
Strong' Warliani 

Sturdavaiit Zar 
Sturtevant Consider 
Sumerland Martin 
Swart Thomas 
Swetland Ambre 
Switt Williard 
Tarbush Joseph 
Taunalcii Cornelius 
Taylor Spencer 
Taylor Walter 
Ten Eyck Barent I. 
Terwilleger Joshua 
Terwilliger William 
Tewillcger Peter 
Thompson Prime 
Throl Rufus 
Thursting Daniel 
Thurston Joel 
Thuston Daniel 
Titus (negro) 
Tobacco Cobus 
Toles Amos, Jr. 

Tomkins Lowrence 
Tooles Amos 
Townsend James 
Treat Ashbel 
Trim Israel 
Trowbridge John 
Trumble Elijah 
Tubbs Ichabod 
Turner Senior 
Tuttle Ezekicl 

Tygert Peter 
Tyler Ebenczcr 
Upright John George 
Utterman Jai.iis 
Valkcnburi^h Aljraham L. 
Van .-Vita Ja:'.u's 
Van Bergen David 
Van Bergen Peter 
Van Bergen Thomas 
Van Dycke Arent 
Van Ever Martm 
Van Evern Garret 
Van SL-lyke Tobyes 
Van Stceiibergh John G. 
Van Steenburgh Abraham 
Van Vleckren George 
Van Vleit Aire 
Van Voorliis Stephen 
Vaughn Richard 
Veeder Peter H. — 
Vosburgh Mark 
Wachen Willem 
Wadron James 
Walter Seth 
Watts Tluimas 
Wautuhyunnaut Joh.n 
Weading Thomas 
Weaver Lowden 
Weisenfels John 
Welch Ebenezar 
Wenotnpce Isaac 
Weston Samuel 

Wharry Daniel 
Wheatman Benjamin 
Whitman Jeremiah 
Wickem Danel 
Wilifelow Jacob 
Wilkeson John 
Willcber Gideon 
Willey Jonathan 
William John 
Williamson Nathan 
\\'indfield Abraham 
Winegar Henry 
Wines Jeremiah 
Wirne Casper 
Winnc John j. 
V. inter Peter 
Woodbridge Thomas 
Woodcock John 
Wooderth Thomas 
Woolcot Joseph 
Wormut John 
Wright Charles 
Yearnton Anthony 
Yong Matthew- 
York Daniel 
Young Barney 
Young Jacob 
Young James 
Young Johanes 
Yonng John Doctor 
Youngs Christ 
Youngs Samuel 

T H £ wUhui CILRTIFICATE ftixU not k^v\ th: 
Btir.r as a Dllblarjc, uiuU tU: RulSatlori of tlu d.t^.ltiv. 
Tr=a:yof P^acc ; previous to wIkc!. T.n;, and uuul Pr.:-rua- 
tloa thereof (bul b: a.^i., il^ 1^ ^» "-•- e^^^I^rsi a. ^^.^ on 


e; E O R G E^ \V^ 3 K T N & l' O K. 



1 J V 1 1 i 5 E :; C F. L L E .\- C Y 
G E O II G E \V AS I J 1 V G T O X, E s -. 

Gcaa..l and Comn;;! Jcr In Chl^i" cf rhj Forces of t! 
United States cf Ainerica. 

{ rj-^ II E S E jc to CKIITI r V i!u: vV.c Bearer hrrcof , 

I -^ • . ! 

P — — ^ • - nml bei.13 mliUed foL- t'lC Wnr onlv, is '\ 

! ■ ' 

[ ■ ' !iercbv l:!-cn.\RC£D l"i;^n llic American Arniv. " ^ 

• " ^ 1 

[■ GIVE N at II ... .\ D - Q) I.- A R T £ R .-. i',!; ^ryV'^.J^.-t-C . i 

(<5^ /-<• ^;.<>-.- ^-v^x-'-:";^ 

I". ■ REGISTERED!, the Eo.,b • "^ 

of the Rcfrii.int, ■-'/.-- ;,;— -^ - - •■-{ 

;^ : ''^ ^'" hcr.ored wid-. ihs I3,'.ece of .Mehix for t^?:: -i^ 


A di.scii.\iu:k fkom .:|.:.M.:i<Ar. wasiiinoton 
[Iiul.ir^iiiit.-nl. uvcrj 


Albany County Militia — First Regiment 




Capt. Isaac De Forest 
Garret Groesbeck 
William Hu.vn 
Jacob T. Lansing 
Nicholas Marselius 
Jacob Roseboom 
Abraham Yates 

Lieut. Nicholas Bleecker 

Lieut. John Cuderkirk 


William Groesueck 
Henry Hogan 
Tho.mas Hun 
Isaac Lansing 
^ Abraiia.m Schuyler 
John Scott 

Lieut. Gerrit \'an Sciiaick 
JoH.N A. vVendell 

E.N'siCN William Bloodgood 
John Bog vrt 
John Fond.=.. Jr. 
Jacob Hogkstras.ser 
Aeraha:l a. LA.-.'fiNG 

Benineunn I. V. 
Brooks Jonathan 
Campbell Archibald 
Croser John 
Davis John 
Douw Peter W. 
Eights M. 
Ellis John 
Evcrtsen Barnab.is 
Fonda Jacobus 

Fryer Isaac 

Green James 

Hansen Benjamin 
Harsen Francis 
Hilton Jacob R. 
Hilton Jonatl'.an 
Hoggitraiscr Jacob 
Hoogkirk M. 
Hunn Thomas 


Hyer William 

Lansing Henry 
i.Iarselis John 
Myers John 
Nisbey Christopher 
Peterson Isaac 
Pniyn Christopher 
Pruyn Jacob 
Pruyn Reynier 

RedlifF John 
RyckTiaai Garret 
Sch-.iyier Dirk 
Van Gcuan R/ener 
Van Sante Ryneart 
Van Wie Wilhan: 
Wandelaer John D. 
Wernier Corneauo 
WiikinsJn Joh.i 

Albany County Militia — Second Regiment 



Capt. Thomas B. Bancker 
Jellis Fonda 
John Mvnderse 
Abrah.o,! Oothout 
Jacob Schermkrhokn 
Abraiia.m Van E?s 

(COMl'.\NY EXE.Ml'T.^) 

John Van Pltven 
Ji'.ssE Van Slvck 
Gerrit S Veeilr 
Thomas Wasso;; 
Lieut. Nicholas Barhevdt 

Lieut. Jellis A. Fonda 
William Moose 
Jacobus Peek 
JoH.v RoscnocM 

" Jacob Sullivan 
John TiIornton 
Daniel Toll 
Andries Van Pctten 
Cornelius .\. \'an Slyck 
Phili? D. \'an Vorst 
Aeent S. Vedder 

" Francis Veddfr 

Lieut. Philip V; fper 

Gerp.itt S. \'EEi;r:n. Jr. 
Walter \"ko:!a.n 
Lawrence \"kooman 
MvNDERT .\. V.':.;.'p:.E 
Jellis Y.mes 
Nichol.v.s V.\tes 

Ensign Teunis Saa-'it 

Arx-.i'AM I. Travx 
Cornelius Z. Van Sant- 

Mynde;:t R. Wfmple 

almtional names on state trk.vsurePvS pay books 

Lieut. Robert .•Xi.envxpiu 
" Robert McMichael 

Lieut. John B. Vki.oman 
Ensign .\li;.ka.nuer Crawford 

Ensign Fra.\i"r. Sch-.rmlr-.orn 


New York i\ the Ri;\'OLUTio.N 

Alexander ASexamJee 
Alexander Robert 
Alexander Sandy 
Alison William 
Ament Evert 
' Arkson Gerret 
Atlass Lent 
Aylworth Abraham 
Baker Garrit 
Balie Jacob 
Barheydt Cornelius 
Barheydt Jacob 
Barheydt John 
Barheydt Lewis 
Barhout Cornelius 
Barhout John 
Barhydt Tunes 
Barhyt James 
Barop John 
Barope Andrew 
Barope Thomas 
Bartley Daniel 
Bartlie Micel 
Basteanse John 
Basteyan John 
Bastien John 
Bayrop John 
Beath Jelles 
Bcath Roberth 
Beath Thomas 
Becker Gerret 
Berherdt Lewis 
Berhydt Tunes 
Bersleder Jacob 
Bertie Mykel 
Bete Thomas 
Beth Jelles 
Beth Robert 
Bctts Robert R. 
Boice Abraham 
Boice James 
Bond Richard 
Bot Samuel S. 
Bovee Nicholas 
Bovie Abraham 
Bovie Isaac 
Bovie Israel 
Bowman Frederick 
Boyce Abraham 
Bradford James 
Bradt Aaron A. 
Bradt Anthony D. 
Bradt Aphrieam 
Bradt Arent A. 
Bradt Arent S. 
Bradt Aron 
Bradt Ch;.r'es 
Bradt Cori.c'ais 
Bradt Ellas 
Bradt Ephraiin 


Bradt Gvrret 

Bradt Jacobus 

Bradt Jacobus A. 

Bradt Jacobus S. 

Bradt John 

Bradt John S. 

Bradt Mindart 

Bradt Samuel 
,. Bradt Samuel S. 

Bragham John 

Braghom Joseph 

Braghom Symon 

Brat Arent S. 

Brath Aphreim 

Braun Abraham 

Breat Antony 

Brewer Kenry 

Broadford James 

Broghom John 

Broghom Symon 

Brouwcn Ilendnck 

Brower Ritchart 

Brown Abraham 

Burns Arent 

Burns David 

Buys Abraham 

Buys James 

Cain Barrent 

Caine Peter William 

Caine Warrant 

Campbell Daniel 

Canaday John, Jr. 

Carl Henry 

Carl William 

Cartright Henry, Jr. 
Cartright John 
Carty Henry, Jr. 
Cassedo John 
Catlet Thomas 
Caurl Henry 
Caurl John 
Caurl William 
Celder Abraham 
Cessler Thomas 
Challon Alexander 
Channel John 
Channel Thomas 
Channon .\le.\ander 
Channon Robert 
Channon Thomas 
Charlo J'lhn 
Chario William 
Charloc Handrick 
Charloe Handrick. Jr. 
Cliarls Henry 
Charls Tobias 
Christeanso Asswerus 
Chrisliaiise Isaac 
Cilker William 
Cittle Daniel 


Cittle David 
Cittle John 
Clark Henry A. 
Clark Matthew 
Clement Arent 
Clement Eldert 
Clement Johannes 
Clement, Join 
Clement Peter 
Clut Jacob 
Clut John F. 
Clute Bartholomew 
Clutc Daniel 
Clute Frederick 
Clutc Jacob 
Clute Jacob P. 
Chite John 
Clute John B. 
Clute John Curtis 
Clute Isaac 
Clute Peter 
Clute Petrus 
Combs John 
Ccmmens John 
Condey Adam 
Connor Simon 
Consale ISIanuel 
Consalus David 
Consaul David 
Consaul JNIanua! 
Corl John 
Cornee! Wc'jsel 
Coriiue Daniel 
Cornuc Wassel 
Covle William 
Craneford Joseph 
Crawford John 
Crav.'ford Joseph 
Cristeionse I^aac 
Cronshorn John 
Cummings John 
Cunde Adam 
Cuyler John 
Daves Abraham 
Davis Abraham 
Davis John 
De Evart John 
De Garmo Thewes 
Degelen James 
Degcler James. Jr. 
Deijollian Jo^^■;lh 
De Graaf Jesse D. 
De Graf Connels 
De GrafI Abraham 
De Graft Andrew 
De Graflf Jesse 
De Graff John 
Dc GrafV John .V. 
De Graft John X., Jr. 
De GraJl Simon 

De Graff Wiliiani 
Degrauf Symon 
De Grave John N. 
De Gullia JaTies 
De Gullia James. Jr. 
De Gullie Joseph 
Dellemont Abraham 
Dellemont Hendrick 
Dilleno Hendrik 
Dorn Abraham 
Dome John 
Douw Abraham 
Duncan John, Jr. 
Eemqie Joh.n 
Elkson Samuel 
Ellice James 
Elsworth Abraham 
Ement Eldert 
Ennie William 
Ensil Bertram 
Erkson Garret 
Erkson Henry 
Efkson William 
Falbush Andrew 
Falbush Jonas 
Farlies Caleb 
Farly Caleb 
Feldhousen Joiin 
Fermain John 
Ferman John 
Fiansbury William 
Folger Benjair.m 
Foiger Thoma5 
Folgier Thomas 
Fonda Jelles P. 
Fort John 
Fort John D. 
Foulger Thomas 
Frank Da\id 
Fransv.-ay John 
French David 
Gardner Wiliiani 
Glen Isack 
Glen Jacob 
G'en John 
Glen John S. 
Gordon Charle,< 
Gorden Uober; 
Gordcr William 
Gordon Joseph 
Gordon Wiliiani 
Grag Andrew 
Grag James 
Gregg Andrev.- 
Groat Abraham 
Groat Abraham C 
Groat Andrew 
Groat Cornelii.3 
Groat Simc-.i 
Grcot Amos 

The Mir.niA — Ai.b.wy Col'.niv, Second Regiment 


Groct Simon 
Groot Simon C. 
Grot Abraham 
Grot Abraliam A. 
Grot Cornelius 
Grote Abraham C. 
Hackney George 
Hagadorn Harmanus 
Hall John 
Hall jolm W. 
Hall Nicholas 
Hall William 
Hanna Alexander 
Haniion Alexander 
Hare Peter 
Harncl Samuel 
Harner Samuel 
Hars Peter 
Harsey AVilliam 
Harsford John 
Hase Dockter 
Heddrington Joseph 
Hedget Abraham 
Hcdrengton Joseph 
Helmcr Henyost 
Hendrick Peter 
Htnry John 
Hoopole George 
Horsford John 
House John George 
Hou?:e Peter 
Hughan John 
Hydenbufgh Sybrant 
Jeale E/ra 
Jonsing Abraham 
Kaneday John 
Kaneday Samuel '' 
Kannady Alexander ^ 
Kannel John C. 
Kces John 
Kcldcr Abraham 
Kennedy John 
Kennedy Samuel 
Kinsley Joseph 
Lambert John 
Lansing Abraham G. 
Lavising Cornelius 
Laniing John C. 
Lansing Jolin G. 
Lansing Gerrit 
Lansingh John 
Lansingh John C. 
Lc'ves Wiliiam 
Lewis John 
Ligh'hail Abn'."ir,:n 
Lighthall Abraham W. 
Lighthall George 
Lifchthall Nicholas 
Littel Thomas 
Little David 

Littlejohn Duncan 
Lonpart Jacob 
Lonsing Abraliam 
Luypar! Jacob 
Lythall Abraham 
Lythall Abrahan: \V. 
Lythall Wiliiam 
Lytic David 
Waap John 
Mab Robert 
Mabee Cornelius 
Mabee John 
Mabee John, Jr. 
Mahee Peter 
Mabie Albert 
Mabie Aront 
Mabie Cornelius 
M^bie Jolm 
Mabie John J. 
Mabie Patrick 
Mabie Peter 
Mabis Aron 
Maby Cornelius 
McBane John 
McCallome James 
McCanel Alexander 
McCartes John 
McCarty John 
McCarty William 
McCew James 
McCnut Samuel 
McColm James 
McDarmont James 
McDarmouth James 
McDerniid James 
McDout^ail Duncan 
McEarley John 
McFarliii Andrew 
McFarlind Andrew 
McFerling John 
McGenoris Robert 
McGinnis Robert 
Mclntyre William 
McKie Samuel 
McMarlin William 
McMartin William 
McMichael Alexander 
McMichacl Daniel 
McMichall James 
McMichen Peter 
McMickel James 
:McMickl Danil . 
McNutt Samuel 
McQucan James 
McQuier James 
Mail.', Charles 
Main William 
Mannen Edward 
Mannon John 
Marcie Dirk 

Markle Matthew 
Marrikell William 
Marseles John 
Marselis Ahasueras 
ALarsellus John 
Marselus Gilrt 
Martin Charles 
Maseles John 
Masten Robert 
Mayston Robert 
Meals Charles 
Mebie Juiler 
Meebie Albert 
Melb John 
Mercer Alexander 
Mercker William 
ilericai Dirick 
Merseles Egsbcrt 
Merseles Henry 
Merselius Arent 
Merselius Gysbert 
Merselius John 
Merselous Hendrick 
Merselous John 
Merselus Alexander 
Mils Chris 
Mitchals Hugh 
Moass John 
Moor James 
Moore John 
Moore William 
Morrell Thomas 
Muller Jacob, Jr. 
Mulray John 
Murry J(<hn 
Mynderse Jolm 
Mynderse John R. 
Mynderse Laurence 
Mynderse Harmcn 
Nanuing John 
Neally Matthew 
Xeard Chri;;cpher 
Neigei John 
Nixon Josse 
Ogden John 
Ouderkerk Arcnt 
Passage George 
Passage George. Jr. 
Patterson Thonuis 
Pattcson Oliver 
Peak J-sse 
Peck Arent 
Peck Cornelias 
Peck Daniel 
Peck Henry 
Peck Jacobus 
Peck James J. 
Peck Jesse 
Peck John 
Po.-k Lewes 

Pcckburn John 
Pecck Arcnt 
Pccck Christopher 
Peeck Cornelius 
Pccck Cornelius C. 
Petck Harmanus 
Peeck Harmanus H. 
Pecck Harmanus J. 
Petck Henry H. 
Pc«ck Jacobus 
Pccck Jacobus H. 
Pe«ck John 
Peeck John J. 
Pecck Joseph 
Pccck Lewis 
Peck Christoplier 
Peek Daniel 
Pctk Jacobus \'edJer 
Peek James J. 
Peek Joseph 
Peek Lewis 
Peckc John J. 
Peterson Harmanus 
Peterson Herman 
Petf.rson Charles 
Peuerson Oliver 
Pel^erson Thomas 
PhiJrps Thomas 
Prurn Samuel 
Palnan Aaron 
Puirian .^rent 
PuliT-an Arent L. 
Putrrjn Aron L. 
PutEzan Cornelius 
Put!u,in Cornelius L 
Putdi;! John 
Qua;k Gradjs 
Quarkcnbos Genardous 
Qu.'iikenbos John 
Reis John 
Reldrri Jakop 
Kens .-Kuddro 
Reyky Jacobus 
Rise John 
Robiicn John 
RosL Isaac 
Rosa Jt'hn T. 
Rose Kiias 
Rose Jolin 
Ryckm^in Cournelus 
Rykr.:2n Cornelius 
Rylie Jacobus 
Rylic Phi'.lp 
Ryncs. Andrew 
Rynex John 
Rynis John 
Ryiiix Ivichard 
Sacie David 
St. Jain Tcdius 
Sanders John 


New Yokk in thi-: Revoi-utiox 

Sau'cr James 
Scanger Thomas 
Schenihorn Garret 
Scherinerlioorn Sinicn 
Scherrnerhorn Andrew 
Schennerhorn Aiuhies 
Scherrnerhorn Aurciit 
Scherrnerhorn BarnarJiis 
Scherrnerhorn r.arihulo- 

Schermerliorn Henry J. 
Scherrnerhorn Jacoij 
Scherrnerhorn JaccVo J. 
Schermerliorn Johp, 
Scherinerhiirn John J. 
Schcrnicrl'.oni XiehoUis 
Schernierhorn Reijer 
Schernierliurn Richard 
Scherrnerhorn Ryer 
Scherrnerhorn Rykcrt 
Scherrnerhorn Synion 
Schuyler Reuben 
Seacy Willielnius 
Shallun Alexander 
Shannon John 
Shannon William 
Shelling Alexander 
Skclloiv Alexander 
Shennon Thomas 
Shutes Christian 
Sickel Phylip F'c 
Simonds Reuben 
Smealle John 
Smeth John 
Smilie John 
Smith Adam 
Smith Robert 
Speck Abraham 
Speck Tobyas 
Sjeek Tobias 
Spitcher Gerrit 
Spitser Arcut 
Spitser Aron 
Spitser Gerret 
Staley George 
Staly Jacob 
Standly John 
Stcalee George 
Stealy Henry 
Steeley Matthew 
Steers Peter 
"Stenerd Daniel 
Steven>; John 
Steward Daniel 
Steward David 
Steward George 
Steward James 
Steward Jolni 
Stewart Daniel 
Stewart John 

Steylee Jacob Van 

Steylcc Matthew Vsn 

Stirs Peer Van 

Stuart James Van 

Susie Abraham Van 

Susie David Van 

Sullivan Charles Van 

Sullivan Jacob Van 

Swart Jacobus Van 

Swart James Van 

Swart Nieliolaas Van 

Swits Henry Van 

Swits Jacob Van 

Swits Jacob. Jr. Van 

Swits Jacob A. Van 

Swits Jacob J. Van 

Swords Thomas Van 

Syn-.ons Ruben Van 

Tall Charles Van 

Taus Davis Van 

Tauses David Van 

Taylor Solomon Van 

Taylor Walter Van 

Teller Jacobus Van 

Teller John. Jr. Van 

Teller William Van 

Ten Eyck Jacob Van 
Ten Eyck Myndert S. Van 
Ter Willigen Solomon Van 

Terwilliger Isaac Van 

Terwilliger Jacobus Van 

Terwilliger Solomon Van 

Thaneday John Van 

Thompson John Van 

Thomson John Van 

Thomson Peter Van 

Thorn Samuel Van 

Thornton James Van 

Thornton Thomas Van 

Times Michel Van 

Toll Charles Van 

Toll John Van 

Tortle Selmon Van 

Truax Abraham Van 

Triiax Abraham J. Wan 

Truax Abraham P. Van 

Truax Caleb Van 

Truax John Van 

Truax John P. Van 

Truminill John Van 

Tiirnlnill John Van 

Turs Peiirs Van 

Turu-ll Israel Van 

Tutle E/ra Van 

Tuttle F.zerial Van 

Tuille Solomon Van 

Tyms Michael Van 

Vadder Peter H. Van 

Vagncr Andrew Van 

Vat! Antwerp Garret \'r,n 

Antwerp Peter 
Antwerp I'etcr A. 
Antwerp Simon 
Antwerp Sniiun J 
.\ntwerpe John 
Benthuy.sen Peter 
De Bogert Joseph 
De Bogert Nicholas 
De GratT Abraham N. 
De Graff John 
Derhydcn D..niel 
Derhyden David 
Derhyder Daniel 
Derhyder David 
Der Valgen Pctrtis 
Der Volger Corntiius 
Dresen Peter 
Driesen Peter 
Duyck Cornelius H. 
Dyck Cornelius 
Dyck Cornelius X. 
Dyck Henry 
Dyck Jlenry H. 
Dyck Henry I. 
Eps John 
Eps John B. 
Eps John J. 
Fran Richard 
Guyseling Peter 
Guysling Cornelius 
Guysling Jacob 
Ingan John Vicher 
Inge John 
Ingen Joseph 
Leph William 
Nes Gerret 
Patten Frederick D. 
Pette Adam 
Pette F'rederick 
Pette Frederick D. 
Pette Jan 
Pette Nicolas 
Pette Philip 
Petten Adam 
Petten Arent N. 
Petten FVadrick 
Petten Frederick 
Petten Frederick .S. 
Petten Hcndrik 
Petten Henry 
Petten Xieholas 
Petten Nicholas A. 
Petten Nicholas? H. 
Petten Nicholas R. 
Petten Nicholas S. 
Petten Philip 
Petten Siinyn 
Petten Simon F. 
Pitteii Andrew 
Schaick Gerret 

Van Sice Abraham 
\'au Siee Cornelius 
Van Sice Gysbert 
\'an Sice Isaac 
\'an Sice Jacobus 
\'an Sice John 
\'an Slyck Aaron 
Van Slyck Adrian 
\'aii Slyck Andrew 
\'an Slyck Anthony 
Van Slyck Cornelius 
Van Slyck Cornelius .\. 
Van Slyck Cornelius i". 
Van Slyck Harmanus ■ - 
Van Slyck Harmanus N. 
Van Slyck Peter 
Van Veeder Peter 
Van Vlak Bcnjnmin 
Van Voghter Anthony 
Van Vorst Jeliis 
Van \'orst John D. 
\'an Vorst Peter 
Van Vranken Dirk 
Van Vranken Maus 
Van Vranken }ilaus M. 
Van Vranken Nicholas 
Van Vranken Nicolas N. 
Van Vranken Richard 
Van Vranken Rykert 
Veader Cornelius 
Veader Nicholas 
Veader Peter S. 
Veader Thelmcs 
Vealy Philip 
Vedder Albert 
Vedder Albert A. 
Vedder Alexander 
Vedder Arent 
Vedder Arent A. 
\'edder .\rent T. 
Vedder Barrent 
\'edder Cornelius 
\"edder Francis 
Vedder Frederick 
Vedder Harnianis 
\'edder John 
\'edder John 3. 
\'edder Nicholas 
\'edder Nicoieas 
X'edder Peter 
\'edder Seymon H. 
\'edder Simon 
\'eder Nicolas 
N'eder Ilalimis 
\'eder V.'iihiUnus 
\'eeder Barent 
X'eeder Cornelius 
X'eeder Gerret 
\'eeder Gerret S. 
X'eeder Helmus S. 

TiiK Militia — Ai.i;anv County. Third Regiment 


Vecder John 
Vceder John B. 
VccJcr Nicolas 
Vecder Peter H. 
. Vecder Peter S. 
Veedcr Peter T. 
Veeder Simon B. 
Veeder Simon H. 
Veeder Wilhelmns 
Vilen Pliil'iip 
Visger Jolin 
Visger John, Jr. 
Visher John, Jr. 
Vlack John 
Vrcenc Alexamler 
Vrooman Adam 
Vrooman Adam H. 
Vrooman Adam S. 
Vrooman Arent 
Vrooman Aron 

Vrooman David 
Vrooman Hendrick 
Vrooman Henry 
Vrooman Jacob A. 
Vrooman Jacob I. 
Vrooman Jacob J. 
Vrooman John B. 
Vrooman John J. 
Vrooman John T. 
Vrooman Simon 
Vrooman Simon J. 
Wagcnman Michel 
Wagner Michael 
Wagner Nicolas 
Waller Robert 
Walrat Jacob 
WanJncr Richard 
Wandry John B. 
Ward Christopher 

Warner Ricluird 
Wassalsc Harman 
Watson Alexander 
Wcaton Robert 
Weaton Ruben 
Weist Coonrad 
Weller Frederick 
Wellcr Robert 
Wemple John 
Wemple John J. 
Wemple Jolm T. 
Wemple Mindcrt R. 
Wemple Myndert 
Wendell Ahasuerus 
Wendle John B. 
Wessel Arent 
Wesseise Arent 
Wesselse Aron 
West Coonrad 

Whiley John 
White William 
Wiely John 
Vi'illeger Solomon T. 
W illiams Cornelius 
V,'iiliams Jacob 
Windclby John B. 
Wood John 
Yanter Henry 
Yates Abraham 
Yates Abraham J. 
Yates John 
Yates Nicolas 
Yeats Abraham 
Young Calvin 
Young Fred 
Young Frederick 
Young Seth 
Younter Henry 

Albany County MiKtia 


Third Regiment 


Capt. John Groot 
■' Jarivan Hoc.\n 

" Jacob J. Lansing 
" Levinis F. L.\.vsi\'Gn 

Hekey Ostrom 
" Teunis a. Sli.ncerl.\nd 
" Jacob V.\n Aknum 
" John A. Van Wie 
Aukaham Veeder 
Bastian T. Vicher 
Lieut. John Aker 

Lieut. Matthew Flansbuj;gh Lieu 


Gerritt R. Gerritsee 
Wendel Hildenbrand 
Ephraim Hudson " 

Timothy Hutton " 

" Jacob Lansing " 

John Leonard Ensi 

Barcxt Meynderse 
Peter S. Schuyler 
Isaac V. Van Aerna.v 
Isaac Van .-S.rnum 

Levi Van .^uken 
G RRiT Van den- 

George Wagoner 
Jacob \V'eever 
Levinus Winnf 
Christian A. Yate: 
GN Adam Deits 

Dirk Heemstraat 
Vi'iLLiAM Tillman 
JohN Van Arnuv 

additional names on state treasurer s pay books 

M.vjor John Price 
Capt. Derick Va.v .\rnum 
Lieut. Derick De Forest 
Henry Ostrander 

Lieut. Jacot Scuer.\[erhorn' 
Eduard Tho.mas 
" Teunis Van de Bergii 

Lieut. Aurey Van Wie 
Ensign Jo^iN Shaver 

Jo;:n H. \'an V\'ir. 

Algate Thomas 
Allct William 
Angus Jame? 
Annold Llisha 
Anthc>ny Israel 
Anthony Jchn 
Aonhondt Christcan 
Appei Hennrich 
Arnhoudt John 
Backer Lowick 
Backer Philip 
B:ilncr C.-unnuad 
liaucker Garret 

Banks Arthur 
Bard Francis 
Bartt John 
Bauch Nicolas 
Bauman Andrus 
Beard Francis 
Beaver Eilward 
Becker .'\dam 
Becker Gerret 
Becker Henry 
Becker John 
Bell Stephen 
Bender Christian 
Berkley Michael 


Bever Thomas 
Bevins Benjamin 
Bevits Benjamin 
Bishop Joseph 
Blooniend.'ill John 
Bogcart Christopher 
Boger Peter 
Bonkic John 
Boom .■\br.ih.am 
Bovis Ride 
Bowman .\ndro\v 
Bradt Adriin 
Bradt D.-ii.ie'. A. 
Bradt Gerret 

Bradt Hendrick 
B:adt John 
Br.ult Peter 
Biamblce Wiliiarn 
Bra: John T.. • ' 
Brower JoJiii 
Browers Richard 
Browne Riclu.rd 
Bniier Richarvl 
Rii'.man Jacob 
Biiisen Gerardus 
B-dlsen Henry 
iJulscn John 
Biiisin Benjamin 


Nf.vv York in the Revolution' 

Burger John 

Burnside John 

Burns;de WilUim 

Calwell John 

Cammel Harmanus 

Carman Frederick 

Carr Jo?eph 

Carr V/illia.n 

Casljert John 

Chestney John 

Chestney William 

Church Jacob 

Clase John 

Claver Nicholas 

Clute Fradrick 

Chite Gradus 

Clute Jacob 

Clute John 

Clute Nicholas 

Clyne Nicholas 

Coenie William 

CoUance Cornelius 

Cooper Obcdiah 

Corking Ese 

Corsbort John 

Coss Cunrat 

Cougnecd Peter 
"^ovenhoven Samuel 

Crancy Philip 

Cranr.el Maitlia 

Crannel Nicholas 

Crannell William Wins] 

Crannell ^Martin 

Cullan Cornelius 

Cunniger John 

Cuyler Abraham 

Dancr Moses 

Damials Jacob 

D.- Forest Dirck 

De Forest Jesse 

Delap John 

Deior.g David 

De Voe John 

Dcwc'.-er Abraham 

Doug'las John 

Dygert George 

Dy^ert William, Jr. 

Ecker Dennis 

giTiier Joseph 
" Eil.-cki Frederick 
' 'FrrXhard Edward 
. •K-.';r.'f"'Tolir 

EvLisy "Evl-i'.. 

Evert ic'i' Evert. 

•Faro '"Irriti'-n 

Faro Henry 

Fi-'ro Patris 

F.atherly John 

Feddely Philiji 

Flansburgh David 

Flansburgh Dcnal 
Flansburgh John 
Flanslniri,'h Peter 
Fonda Jacob D. 
Foster Jaeop 
Fradenb'jrph Isaac 
France CristifFel 
France Jacop 
Frasner Lefvents 
Frat Jolin 
Frats Casper 
Frats Nicholas 
Frederick Matthew 
Freeman John 
Frict Michel 
Fryer John 
Gardmier Hendrick 
Gauns Frederick 
Goevvey Andrew 
Goewcy Barent 
Goewey Garret 
Goewey Solomon 
Grass Mikele 
Groat John 
Groesbeck Anthony 
Groesbcck Gilbert 
Groesbeck Gysbert 
Groesbeck Peter W. 
Groesbeeck John 
Groot Abraham 
Groot Derick 
o\v Groot Isaac 
Gunsal Peter 
Gunsalis John 
Guree Plillip 
Hallenbeck Jacob 
Hamilton James 
Hanse Jacob 
Harbeck John 
HeamstrcaJt Dirck 
Heemttraet Jacob 
Heemstraet John 
Heemstrat Isaac 
Heem.strat Philip 
Heermans Israel 
Heldenbrand Wendel 
Hemstraat William 
Heverliu John 
Hickir.an John 
Hilten Peter 
Hockstrasscr Baltis 
Hockstrasser Jacob 
Hockstrasscr Paul 
Hoj'eboom John 
Hopcboom Samuel 
Hoyhtaling Storm 
Horn John 

Hover George Frcilerick 
Huick Ilciiry 
Hundermont Henry 

Huppol France 
Jacobson Evert 
Jenkins John 
Johnson George 
Johnson John 
Johnson William 
Jolly James 
Kane William 
Kcrker Henry 
Kerk<r Jacolj 
Kerner Frederick 
Kerner Jacob 
Klein Joseph 
Lagrang Isaac 
Lagrange Chri^tia^ 
Lagrange Jacob 
Lansing Christopher 
Lansing Henry J. 
Lansing Jacob I. 
Lansiiigh Jacob H. 
Lansingh Jacob J. 
Laraway Laac 
Laraway Levinus 
Latta William 
Leekwa Lod.nvick 
Leelman Jacob 
Leverse Douw 
Leverse Mattew 
Leversy Lcbinis 
Levey Michael 
Lev/is Robert 
Little Henry 
Little John 
Long Adam 
Loop Coenrad 
Lotteridge William 
Luke Solomon 
McAdani Hugh 
McChasney Hugh 
McChesney John 
JilcChesney Joseph 
McGee John 
McHisnay Joseph 
Machisne Henry 
Machisne Joseph 
Mackey Alexander 
Maersel Gerret M. 
Man Jacob 
Mareel Michael 
i^Iarinus George 
Marinus Jeremiah 
^larinus William 
Markel Michael 
Matcher Lodewick 
Meyer Percival 
culler Jacob 
Miller Jercmial; 
Miller Joh.n 
Miller Samuel 
Mihvain Thomas 

Mincha! Isaac 
Minklcr Esaaccoh 
Mitchel John M. 
Moak Jacob 
Moak John 
Murrell John 
Muir William 
Muller Jacob 
Muller John 
Murphy John 
Murry Thomas 
Myers Andries 
Myers Philip 
Mysener John 
Newman Charles 
Newman Henry 
Nicoll Francis 
O'Brian Levis 
O'Brian Lodov.'ick 
Ochenback Peter 
Oliver John 
Olver John 
Onck Jacob 
Onger Frederick 
Oothout Henry 
Oothout Volkert 
Orlcp Willin 
Orlog William 
Orlogh Frederick 
Crlope Fradrick 
Orlope Henry 
Ostrander Tennis 
Ostrom John 
Ostrom Riiliph 
Oudercark Isac 
Ouderkerk Jacob 
Ouderkerk Joiin 
Ouderkerk Peter 
Ouderkerk Peter P. 
CHiderkirk Tackle 
Oudeskerk Andrew 
Outuhok Jolin 
O-xburger John 
Page Samuel 
Palmer Philip 
Pall James 
Parkele Jacob 
Parker Jacob 
Parkle Jacob 
Pirkly Michael 
Pass Christopher 
Pass I.odwick 
Passinger Andrcv 
Peers Christian 
Pells Gerret 
Peterson John 
Piicro Christo^^her 
Philips James 
Philips John 
Philips Joseph 

The Mn.iTiA — Albany County, Third R::r,T:,tENT 



Piatt Alaxander 
Ponhall Adam 
Post Richard 
Qunck Frederick 
Quack Isaac 
Quack Jacob 
Quackenbos Adrian 
Quackcnbush Garret 
Quackenbuss Peter 
Quanth Fradrick 
Radley Jchn 
Radliff Peter 
Raff CristifTel 
Rankel John C. 
Reader John 
Reese George 
Reese PhiUp 
Relyea Peter 
Rcnisy Hcndrick 
Restyne John 
Reyla Jacob 
Roff Frederick 
Roff John 
Roman Peter 
Rose John 
Ross John 
Rouble Hendrick 
Rucel John 
Ruft John 
Runcel Handric 
Runchal John 
Ruso Frederick 
Saltes James 
Salts Benjamin 
Scharp Coenrad 
Scheefer John 
Scheefer Peter 
Schiley William 
Schnyder Lutvvig 
Schoolcraft John 
Schoolcraft John, Jr. 
Schoolcraft Lawrence 
Scluiyler Peter 
Schuyler Philip 
Schuyler Reuben 
Scraper Geoige 
Sceger John S. 
Seegcr Peter 
Severs John 
Shaver Jost 
Shaver Peter 
Shav/ John 
Shell Philip 
Shelly William 

Shuck Zaclicrias 
Shutter Jacob 
Simson Henry 
Sittcr'ini; Henry 
Sitterling Jacob 
Sitterling John 
Sitterly Jacob 
Sixbee John 
Slater Robert 
Slingerland Isaac 
Slingerhmd Jacub 
Slingerland Peter 
Smith John 
Smitli John, Jr. 
Smith Martis 
Smith Wilhelmus 
Snyder William 
Sommon Nicholas 
Soud John 
Sparback Martiiius 
Spawn Jocham 
Springer Benjamin 
Springer Dennis 
Stan?el Nicholas 
Still Francis 
Stoop Francis 
Summers Nicholas 
Swan George 
Syber Jacob 
Syble Jacob 
Syble Martinus 
Taylor James 
Taylor Joseph 
Teac/iout Jacob 
Tid Samuel 
Tillcback Hendrick 
Tillman John, Jr. 
Tilmaii Derick 
Tingue John 
Tislcr George 
Toil Simon 
Trua.x Abraham 
Truax Christian 
Truax Isaac 
Truax Isaac, Jr. 
Truax John 
Tucker William 
Tymer Peter 
Valkenburgh Jacob 
Van .A.cker John 
Van Aernam Abraham 
Van Aernam Johannis 
Van .Aernem Jacob 
Van Aernem Johen W. 

Van Alen John 
Van Arnam Abraham 
Van Arnem Evert 
Van Arnem W il!i.-.m 
Van Aukcn Henry 
Van Auken Levy 
Vande Lende Peter 
Van Den Bergcr Cornell'.:? 
Vandenbergh Abraham 
Van Denbergh Burger 
Van Denherf;h Cornelius 
Van Den Bergh Corne- 
lius W. 
Van Den Bergh Evert 
Van Denbergh John 
Van Denbergh Levinus 
Van Denbergh Winant 
Vandenbergh Winnnt E. 
Vanderzee Albert 
Vanderzee Albertus 
Vanderzee Cornells 
Van Deusen Arent 
Van Duesen Matthew 
Van Dyck David 
Vanetten William 
Van Ness John 
Van Olenda Jacob 
Van Patten Nicoless 
Van Pette John 
Van Petten Frederick 
Van Petten Peter 
Van Schaick Gerit G. 
Van Sice Cornelius 
Van \'eghten Philip 
Van Viet Auc 
Van Wie Casparus 
Van Wie Peter 
Van Woert John 
Van Woert Rutgtrt 
Van Woord John 
Van Wort Jacob 
Van Zandt John 
Veeder Lucas \V. 
Venolinda Petris 
Verplanck Abraham 
Vicar John 
V'chtcr Andries 
Vine John 
Vischer Gerret 
\'l3at Henry 
G. Volok John 
\'oorhuse John 
\'osburgh Abrah.tm 
Voiburgh Garret 

Vosburgh Jacob 
Vredenburgh Isaac 
Vroman Adam 
Vroman Cornelius 
Vrooman A rent 
Vrooman Hanry 
Vrooman Isaac A. 
Vroom.an Jacob 
Vrooman Nicholas 
Wagner Johann 
Waldrom Cornelius 
Walls Frederick 
Walls Teunis 
Wands James 
Wands John 
Ward Andrew 
Ward Benjamin 
\\'ard Edward 
Ward John 
Ward Moses 
Ward Richard 
Warmer Peter 
Warren William 
Watson Zelots 
Waults Frederick 
Weaver John 
Weever Hendrick 
Welder William 
Wells Teunis 
Wemple Aaron 
Wemple Arent .\. 
Westfael Pctrus 
Wilder William 
Williams Pctrus 
Vvillson WilKam 
Winne Anthony 
Witbeck -Abraham 
U'itbeck Casparus 
Witbeck John 
Witbeck John L. 
Witbeck Samuel 
Witbeeck Wouter 
V.'iteman Jacob 
\\ itterkcr Thomas 
Woormer Fradrick 
Wormer Arent 
WonnwoO'I John 
Wyley William 
Wynkoop John 
Yates John G. 
Ylsebee Niechohs 
Yl.xbee Niecholas 
Young Henry 


New York in the Re\olution 

Albany County Militia — Fourth Regiment 



Capt. Anthony Bries 
" James Dkx.mson' 


Stephen Nilf.s 
John Osteruout 
Daniel Scheriierhorn 
" John W. ScnERMEunoRN 

Nicholas Staats 
" Lawrence Townsend 
" IcHABOD Turner 
" Robert V.'oopwcrtti 
Lieut. Bethnel Barnum 
" Oliver Bentley 

Lieut. William Corning 
" Joi:l Dease 
" Zacharia Herrincton 
" Alexander Hueto 
" David Husted 
Ja.me3 Jones 
Obediah Lansing 

" iloSEA ?,IoFFET 

John Moon 
Silas Morey 
Jonathan Niles 

" John Ostrander 

'' Setu Perry 

Lieut. Reuben Rowly 

Jacob Schermerhorn 

William Seaton 

Samuel Sha'.v 

Philip St.\ats 

Jacob Van Vai.kenburgh 

" Harpert Whitbeck 
Ensign Ebenezer Judd 
John Potter 

" I.=;aac Sheldon 
John J. Staats 
Petes Ten Eyck 

" Martin Van Bure.n 

Abrahams Anthoiiy 
Acker Jury 
'Agnew William 
Allen John 
Andrews Amos 
Andris Amos 
Armstrong John 
Arnold IDavid 
Arnold Stephen 
Arnold William 
Astyer Isaac 
Aursen Thomas 
Austin Stephen 
Auston Isaac 
Avery Abel 
Aylsworth George 
Babcock David 
Babcock EHsha 
Babcock Enoch 
Babcock J(.ihn 
Babcock Siias 
Babcock Si'as, Jr. 
Babctt John 
Backer lehabod 
Backer John 
Badcock Joiiiithan 
Baker David 
Baley George 
Barber Edward 
Barheyd E'isha 
Barhite Walter 
Barnuni Israel 
Barnum Jabus 
Barnum William 
Bariel William 
Bartle Andries 
Bateman Rciihei; 
Baurbite Tacob 

Beats Jesse 
Becker Adam 
Becrait Abraham 
Becroft William 
Begal Srmuel 
Begel John 
Bell John 
Eenn John 
Bcnnem Peter 
Bennet Ezra 
Bennet Jesse 
Bently BenJ3mir4 
Bently Joseph 
Bently Joshua 
Bently Oliver 
Bently Samuel 
Berry Elisha 
Berry Saniuel 
Bigelow Joseph 
Bissle William 
Boos Jeremiah 
Brain Moses 
Bresea ITendrick 
Brest William 
Briesee William 
Briggs Christopher 
Bristol .'Kbraham 
Bristol Daniel 
Bristol John , 
BristoU Abraham, Jr. 
Broadhook John 
Brocks Joshua 
Brockway Ccnsidor 
Brockway JuslUS 
Brockv.ay Richar-1 
Brockway Vestus 
Br'.xlhacker Rartley 
Bronner Peter 


Brotherton John 
Brotherton .Micasah 
Brotherton Zopher 
Brown Caleb 
Brown Isaac 
Brown Jesse 
Brown Jonathan 
Brown John 
Brown Ni hemiah 
Brown Peter 
Brown Robert 
Brown Samuel 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Timothy 
Bruce Benjamin 
Bump Reuben 
Bunt Evert 
Bunt Mindert 
Bunt Peter 
Burguss Thomas 
Burwcll V/illiam 
Bush Daniel 
Bush John 
Butier Jonathan 
Butler Zachariali 
Cabels Zebulon 
Cain Isaiah 
Cals Zebulon 
Canter John 
Carniichael John 
CarpfciUrr Jack 
Carpi liter Samuel 
Carpeiiier Waiter 
Carr Charls 
Case Joseph 
Cat"s Zebulon 
Caver.t'er John 
Center Rieliard 

Chapman Josiah 
Charmichel John 
Chatfield Cornelius 
Chesley Simon 
Church James 
Clark Caleb 
Clark Cary 
Clark Thomas 
Claw Laurance 
Clegrove James 
Coale Peter 
Coats Joseph 
Coats Thomas 
Cole James 
Cole Joseph 
Cole Royal 
Cclgrove James 
Coll Moses 
Coloin Joshua 
Coniens Ebenezer 
Cone Ichabod 
Cone John 
Conick Jonatiian 
Connor .\le.\ander 
Cook Isaac 
Cook Joseph 
Cook Levi 
Cook Richard 
Coon James 
Coon Nathan 
Cooper Obadial; 
Corey Benjamin 
Corey John 
Grain Edmund 
Crandal Luke 
Crowley Jonathan 
Cudney William 
Cummins Philip 


..4i^0 1^ Sec \i/). fvc9^\ 







/ ^ '^ ■ ^ - , y' j< 






^, ^y/.y ^ -<^ \^^J.i.T-i^/^^y l^.^g^^^.-^^ ^f^^:^.^^^. 

%/////f£ ^^2T/'urrJ'^ i<;j ^^P^ 2S3-L ( 

I'.w or pi;isov;;k> or war 

The Militia 

Alua.ny Cou.nxv, FouiviH Regimcnt 


Cunnipgnas William 
Curtice Thomas 
Daclistcter Pietcr 
Da'.ey Ebenezcr 
Daveri.x Elisha 
Delano Thomas 
Delitoii Benjamin 
Dcnison Daniel 
Deiiison Ebenw.er 
Denord Humpfrey 
Deveraux Elisha 
Deverix Jonathan 
Dcverixe Joseph 
Deveruex Thcadeus 
Uey Amos 
Dickcrson IchaboJ 
Dimons Henry 
Dockstader Peter 
Doty John 
Dow John D. P. 
Ducker David 
Dumer Abraham 
Dye Amos 
Dye John 
Dymen Abraham 
Earing Satnuel 
Egberts Anthony 
Egberts Benjamin 
Egberts Martin 
Ehring John 
Elsworth George 
Eltinge Abraham 
Eltinge Henry 
Eltinge John 
Faakes Isaac 
E'alensby Jacobus 
P~alcnsby Joh.n 
Farrington Robert 
Ferguson Benjamin 
Ferguson Jermiah 
Filkin Henry 
Filkins Abraham 
Filkins James 
F'ilkins Johanes 
Fisk Joseph 
Fisk William 
Flagelland Josepli 
Fohtisbee Jacobas 
Folmsbey Jeroen 
Fonda John 
Fose Consider 
Fox Consider 
Fox William 
Freeman John 
I'tczone John 
Fullonisbe John 
Gains Francis 
Gardenier Hcniy 
Garilinear Nicholas 
Gardiner Robert 

Gardinicr Kicolas H. 
Gardner Benjamin 
Gardner Benjaniin, Jr. 
Gardner Bennone 
Gardner Howlaiid 
Gardner Simeon 
Gates Jcred 
Gates John 
Gates Na'.Iian 
Gates Nathaniel 
Gates Simon 
Geyer John George 
Ghocs Henry 
Gorton Peleg 
Gray Jan;e3 
Green Ambrose 
Green Daniel 
Green David 
Greene Obadiah 
Greenfield Archibald 
Greenfield Bethuel 
Greenfield James 
GrecnfieM Benjamin 
Greenman Preserved 
Gritfis Abner 
Gyer John 
Hacks Ja-nes 
Hakes Nathan 
Halcomb Beriah 
Halenbcck Casper 
Hall Beroni 
Hall Gardner 
Hall Gec/ge 
Hall Geo-ge William 
Hall Gustncr 
Hall Pct-r 
Hall Rowland 
Hall William 
Hall Ycstus 
Hamblin Sanntel 
Handerson John 
Hanks Benjamin 
Hanks John 
Hansen Dirck 
Harrington V\'il!iam 
Harringtcn Zachariah 
Harri.itan Benjamin 
Harrintan James 
Harris Ahaze 
Harris Benjamin 
Harris EpLraiin 
Harris Ezekiel 
Harris James 
Harris John 
Harris Jo'^cj/h 
Harris Nicholas 
Hase Nathan 
Haus Beni-min 
Henckley Gersham 
Henry Ephraim 

Herdick Peter 
Herdick William 
Herdick Wiliiam, Jr. 
Hfrrgher Gothlick 
Herington John 
Herrick Johannns 
Herrington Abraham 
Herrington Benjamin 
Herrington Isaac 
Herrington James 
Herrington Nathaniel 
Hevvit Edmund 
Hewit James 
Hewit Oliver 
Hicks George 
Hicks Thomas 
Hill Ebenczer 
Hill Samuel 
Hinckley Gershom. Jr. 
Flindcrsa.ss John Gcorg 
Hinkley Paul 
Hoard David 
Hoard George 
Hoard Isaac 
Hoard Nathan 
Hoard Samuel 
Hoard Simeon 
Hobusen Henry 
Hocksey Frederick 
Hockscy William 
Hoems Solomon 
Ilogebooni Dirck 
Hogg John 
Holland James 
Hollenbeck Michoi 
Holmes Abraham 
Homes Abraham 
Honckley Gershom 
Hoose Peter 
Hopkins Frederick 
Hopkins Noah 
Horton Lemuel 
Horton Levy 
Houcic William J. 
Howard Dcnjamin 
Howard Janthon 
Howard John 
Howard Josiah 
Howard Nathan 
Hoyt John 
Hunter Jonathan 
Huyck Hanry 
Huyck Ilendrlck 
Huyck Nicholas 
Huyck William 
Hyms Solomon 
Ingels James 
Ingels Samuel 
Janse Roelif 
Joeiis William 

Jones Amos 
Jones Henry 
Jones James 
Jones Roger 
Joslen William 
Keefle Daniel 
Kerkcr Ycdlock 
Kilsey Ebenezcr 
Kiltel John 
Kittle Nicholas 
Knap Ebenezer 
Knap Henry . 
Knoulton Elijah 
Knov.lton Ephraim 
Knowlton Robert 
Lamb David 
Lam.phear An-.os 
Landers Jabez 
Landers Jesse 
Lansen William 
Laurence William 
Lawrence John 
Letese Janies. Jr. 
Levy John 
Lewis John 
Littar James 
Little Stephen 
Lobdele Syhanus — 
Loce Peter 
Lodavvick Henry 
Lcdewick John 
Loescy Peter 
Low John 
Lower Casper 
Lower Michael 
Lumis Daniel 
McCalii Nicholas 
!McGan Peter 
McGibbons Peter 
McKown James 
McMulian Hugh 
McMulien Daniel 
Magee John 
Mallcson Timothy 
Maiioy Thomas 
Maloy John 
Tktane Henry 
Mane Jeremiah 
Manger Lawrence 
Manyer Laurence 
Marinus George 
Marinus Jeremiah 
Marinus Jury 
Marinus William 
Mark Isaac 
Marks Comfort 
Marks Ebenezer 
Marks Joseph 
Mariin James 
Micliel Nicholaos 


New York in thz Rkvoi.utiok 

Mickfl Jurian 
Middleton Benjiman 
Miers John 
Miles Jeremiah 
Miller Jeremiah 
Miller John 
Miner Amos 
Mobyor Timothy 
Lloker Conraud 
Moll Isaa 
Moll Jccobas 
Moll Mindart 
Moll Walter 
Moon Bennony 
Moon Jeremiaii 
Moon John 
Mott Jeremiah 
Muller John 
Muller Nicolas 
Myers Jeremiah 
Mynderse Frederick 
Myors John 
Nelson Jonathan 
Newman Isaac 
Newton Abner 
Nichals Caleb 
Nicholas David 
Nichols Benjamin 
Nichols Simeon 
Nichols Sisson 
Nickle Nicholas 
Niles Robert 
Nolton Abner 
Northrup Daniel 
Northnip Needham 
Northrup Nicholas 
Northrupt Joseph 
Odeal Jonas 
Odel Gershani 
Odel Simon 
Odell David 
Odell William 
O'Niel Charls 
Ostrander Adam 
Ostrandcr Andrew 
Ostrander Gcrret 
Ostrander Henry 
Ostrandcr Isaac 
Ostrander Jonathan 
Ostrandcr Peter 
Ovensants Philip 
Palmer Gideon 
Palmetier Thomas 
Pan Moses 
Parker Timothy 
Partrick Robert ' 
Partrick Robert. Jr. 
Pater Elisha 
Patrick Matthew 
Pearcc Levi 

Pease Abner 
Pease George 
Perce Joel 
Perie Benjamin 
Perry Josiah 
Phillips .\nthony 
Pike Ezra 
Pool .'Anthony 
Pool Garit G. 
Pool Garret 
Pool George Jurian 
Pool Henry 
Pool James 
Pool John 
Pool Matthew- 
Potter Rowland 
Price Elijah 
Proper J.imcs 
Proper Peter 
Queen Henry 
Queen Owei? 
Race Daniel 
Reynolds Henry 
Reynolds Joseph 
Robenson Benjamin 
Robinson Isak 
Rogars Joseph 
Romien Abraham 
Ronald Henry 
Ronals Henry 
Root Asahel 
Rose Ary 
Rose Belts 
Rose Daniel 
Rose John 
Rose Nathaniel 
Rose Ore 
Rose Wiat 
Rous Jacob 
Rouse Baltus 
Rouse Frederick 
Rovv'ley Timothy 
Ryckn.an Frederick 
Ryckman Gerret 
Ryley Sylvester 
Sackett Benjamin 
Sackett John 
Salsbury Harinaiius 
Salsbury Joseph 
Salsbury Laurance 
Salsbury Lucas 
Salyea Henry 
Satin Ease 

Scheme'iorn Jacob H. 
Scheriaehorn Cornelius 
Schcrniehorn Jacob I. 
Schermehorn Samuel 
Schernierhorn Jr.cob 
Schtrmerhorn Jacob R. 
Schernievliorn Luke 

Schernierhorn Phiiip 
SchoU Johan Jc^^t 
Seamen Harmcnis 
Seatoii William 
Scbic William 
Seegcr Kd.vard 
Sennet Isaac 
Seton Willard 
Sharp Kliakim 
Sharp Solomon 
Shaw Anthony 
Shaw Comfort 
Shaw James M. 
Shaw Jeremiah 
Shelden George 
Shelden William 
Shelly John 
Sherman J inker 
Shever Hendrick 
Shod John Jo>t 
Shortcnburgh Jury Jacob 
Shouse Jacob 
Shovers Gorge 
Shovers William 
Shower William 
Skinner John 
Sliter William 
Slyter James 
Smith Reuben 
Spencer Nicholas 
Spoor Henry 
Spocr Isaac 
Spoor Jerocn 
Spraguc David 
Sprague George 
Spring Ephraim 
Springsteen Benjamin 
Springsteen William 
Springtecn Jacob 
Sproiig David 
Sproiig Epraim 
Sproiig John 
Staat.i Bareiit 
Staats Jolm 
Stall Peter 
Stephens Jered 
Stephens William 
Stewart Eliidilet 
Stoul Peter 
Sullivan David 
Swain Joiin ~ 
Sweet Samuel 
Sweeting Lewis 
Sweeting Nathaniel 
Taber H.irmen 
Taber Havens 
Taber Record 
Taber Benjamin 
Ta'>or William 
Taller Ebeneser 

Tanner Abel 
Tnyior John 
Thornas Benjamin 
Thomas Israel 
Thomas William 
Tilibits Jona 
Tift Edmund 
Tippet Jonathan 
Toimans Thom.iS 
Tcwnsend James 
Trim Walter 
Turck John 
Turk Thomas 
Turk Hendrick 
Turner Lamuel 
Udall John 
Udall William 
Valentine Benjamin 
V'alk Isaac 
V'alk John J. 
Vaik Matthew 
Valkenburgh Dirck 
Valkcnburgh Jacob 
Valkenburgh Jacob N. 
Valkenburgh Jacobus 
Valkenburgh John 
Vallentine Richard 
Van Bura Martin 3. 
Van Buren Abraham 
Van Buren Cornelius 
Van Buren Hanr.anus 
Van Buren Hendrick 
Van Buren John 
Van Buren Maas 
Van Buren Martin 
Van Buren Martin C. 
Van Buren Martin P. 
Van Buren Peter M. 
\'an Buren Tobias 
\'an Buren Tobias H. 
\'an Buren William 
Van Den Bergh Abraham 
Van Den Bergh Bare;it 
\''anden Bergh Cornelius 
Van Den Bcrt;h Garret T 
V'an Den Berf h Johr. 
V..n Denbergh P. 
\'aiiden Bergh \'olkert 
\'an Der Pool John 
Van Derpool Melkcrt 
\'an Dobow Jacob 
Van Dueson Christopher 
Wan Dusen Harpert 
\'an Hoesan Harman 
Van Hoesen Mundert 
Van Hoesen Rynicr 
Van Huzon Coonrad 
Van Iveren B.-.rei.t 
Vsn Ostrander John 
V'an Rensselaer lames 

The Militia — Albany Co'jnty, Fifth Regiment 


Van Salsbury Cornelius 
Van Valcctiburgh Lambart 
Van Valckenburgli Mat- 
Van Valkenburgh Abra- 
Van Valkenburgh Jochim 
Van Valkenburgh Matthew 
Van Valkenburgh Nichoies 
Van V'alkcnburgh Peter 
Van Veghten Volckert 
Vinhagen John 
Vinhagen Martin 
Vinigar Asahel 
Vischer John 
Vosburgh Matthew 

Wakl Io?eph 
Wandel Garit 
Wardon Moses 
Wardon Nathaniel 
Waye Josiah 
Wells Ebcnezer 
Wells Nathaniel 
Wendte Garrit 
Wcnslor Abraham 
Wessel Luke 
We?sels Andries 
West Jonathan 
Westcot Joseph 
White John 
White Nathaniel 
Whitenian Benjamin 

Whitemnn Bencni 
Widbeck Abraham 
Wdcy Primus 
Williams Jolii; 
Willson John 
Willson Robert 
Winegar Ashbeli 
Wingerd Peter 
Witbeck" Harper 
Witbeck Jolm 
Witbeck Jonathan 
Witbeck Martin C. 
Witbeck Thomas 
Witbeck Wiiliaiu 
Witebeck Leonard 
Witeraan George 

Willi Evert 
WolcGtt Luke 
Wood Barney 
Wood Job 
VVoodard Abijah 
Woolcot Joseph 
Woolcot Justis 
Worden William 
Worner Joseph 
Wylie John 
''.N'yngaert Peter 
Yates Evert 
Yoels Thomas 
Young John 
Young Thomas 
2u Stralsnnd Filiib 

Albany County Militia — Fifth Regiment 


Capt. George Hog,\n 
" Philip Luke 
" Teunis Slinoerlaxd 


" Abraham Veedee 

Capt. William Winnie 
Lieut. John De Voe 
Thomas Esmay 

" William Fle.n'sburgh 

" jurian hogan 

Lieut. Ephr,\im Hudson 

" JoEN Leonard 
Ensigv Ezra Cleveland 
He>sv Silvfer 

" Cci;NELius Van dex Zee 

Aernout Jacob 
Albragh John 
Allenbrach John 
Arnhoudt John 
Basingcr Andrew 
Becker Gerrit 
Becker Walter 
Bradt Anthony 
Bradt fetcr B. 
Bratt Adrian 
Burhans John 
Conger Rcubcu 
Conger Uzziah 
Devoe John 
Esmay Thomas 


Fiansburg Tiratthew 
Flensburg D.iniel 
Flensburg William 
Fuller Gershom 
Haswell Joseph 
Heller Jacob 
Hillebrandt John 
HoogiUaling James 
Hungerford Elisha 
Johnson John 
Joost Benjamin 
Luke Solomon 
Moke Francis 
Moke John 
Ogenpact Benjamin 

Oliver John 
Oosterhout Henry 
Ostrander Henry 
Palmetier John 
Pangburn Richard 
Pangburn William 
Post Benjamin 
Salsbury Joseph 
Schoenmaker John 
Seeger Gerrit !. 
Seegcr Gerrit S. 
Seger John 
Shafer Charles 
Shaver Hendrick 
Taylor James 

Ta>lor Lucas 
V.an .Aernam Isaac 
Vail Buren Moses 
Van Deusen Matthew 
Van Etten Benjamin 
Van Etten William 
Van Wie Andries 
Van Wie Gerrit 
Vail Wie Isaac 
Van Wie John H. 
Vtcie Jacob 
Viele Simon 
Winne David 
Wji.coop Evert 


New Yokk i\ the Kevoll'tion 

Albany County Militia — Sixth Regiment 


Capt. Caleb Ben'tley 

Isaac Bogert 
" Isaac De Forest 

Jacob De Forest 

Jacob De Freest 
" Henry Dekker 
" Henry H. GAP.DrNiER 
" Levi Hc'Kwell 

David Husted 
" James Husted 
" John Landman 
" Cornelius Lansing 

>; SCHU\Lr.li 






Capt. Augusten Odell 
Benjamin R.\.s'dall 
" Gi;orge SciiAur 
Sa.muel Siiaw 
Christopher Tillma.n 
Anthony Van Schaick 
(company exempts) 
Lieut. George Benincep, 
John Cra.nny 
" John Fond.«i 
" John' P. Fond.\ 
Charles Greene 

Lieut. David Hughstead 
.■\ndre\v Miller 
" James Odle 

David Randall 
John Riley 
Martinus Scharp 
LoDwicK Snyder 
RvNiER Van Iveren 

Ensigs" Philip Henrick 

Cornelius Van Deusen 

Lieut. Jonas Ball 

" Benjamin Blidth 
" Benjamin Elliott 

Daniel Gray 

Jamis Gray 
" Daniel Hull 
■' Hezlkiah Hull 

additional names on state treasurer s pay 

Lieut. Hugh McManus En 

Stephen Randall 

" Matthew Scharp 

" Jonathan Seaver 

Nanning Van dlr Hlyder 

" John Wilkeson 

Adams Elijah 
Anderson Alexander 
Armstrong Robert 
Aursen Thomas 
Baardt Andrics 
Baerdt Andries, Jr. 
Bailey Elisha 
Baker Ebenasar 
Baker EUeton 
"Barber James 
Beninger David 
BeningcT Jacob 
Beninger John 
Beninger Phillip 
Beninger Zachariah 
Bennct Owen 
Bennit Epliraim 
Benson John 
Beringer Job.n 
Bcringei Zach.arias 
Berkman Joiin 
Berringer David 
Bcrringer Jacob 
Blocnicnda! J' .n 
Boyd George 
Boydc William 
Briggs Joseph 
Brust Jacob 
Erust Matthew ^ 
fiuinbar Ruben 
Burchini Henry 
B'.itkr Jonathan 
Caninu'l Henry 

Campbel James 
Canckcr Peter 
Canter Jonas 
Carner John 
Carner Philip 
Cociiiacdt Frederick 
Colehamer Andrew 
Coleliaitimer Christian 
Co'ehatnnier George 
Concklin John 
Coon Abraham 
Coon James 
Coon Nathan 
Coon Wdliain 
Cooper Christian 
Cooper Christopher 
Cooper Peter 
Coopei William 
Crandell Lute 
Crennel William 
Cuyler Jacob 
Deforecst Jesse 
De Freest David P. 
De Ficest John 
De Freest Pecer 
De Freest Phillip 
Dick Henry 
Dick Nicholas 
Dirck Anthony 
Dox Samuel 
Drum Andrew 
Dunbar William 
Eastwood John 


Eight Abraham 
Elniondorph Jacob 
Evens James 
Evert sen Evert 
Feller Jacob 
Feller Nicholas 
Feller Zacharia 
Fonda Douwe 
Fonda Isaac 
Fonda Jacobus 
Frear Hughen 
Frelich Jacob 
Fisher Christopher 
Gasevoort Coenrac 
Gocwy John 
Grauberger Daniel 
Greene John 
Greene Luke 
Griswold Jabes 
Habzinger Carl 
Haner John 
Haner Philip. Jr. 
Haner Wilhehnus 
Hansen Bcnjannn 
Harsen Francis 
Harwick Phillip 
Hennckcr Emanuel 
Henner John 
Henseipeck Cocnr't 
Herway David 
Hcrv.ey Coei'.ract 
Herwick Coenraat 
Herwick '^'oost 


sigx John Clark 
James Green 

" Jere.miah Griffith 
James Padget 
Thomas Palmer 
Joshua Warden 

Heyner Philip, Jr. 
Heyner Wilhelmus 
Hogel Edward 
Hogii Jacob 
Hogil Nicholas 
Hoogstrasser Jacob 
Hull Daniel 
Hull Hezekiah 
Huntsekker George 
Jackson Ephraim 
Johnson Thomas 
Ranker Peter 
Killy John 
Kip Benjamin 
Krockhytc John 
Kuhn Peter 
Lansing Cornelius 
Lansing Thomas 
Lappies William 
Leap John 
Lent John 
Lewis Phineas 
Liverse Levinus 
Lones Adam 
Lones Bastian 
Maley Joiin 
Martin Thomas 
Marvin Matthew 
Mattison David 
Meyer Henry 
Miller Parent 
.Miller He-man 
Miiior Hendrick 

Tin: MiijiiA — Alha.w Colwtv, Slve.nt;: Regiment 


Miller John 
Ivliltcn IIr;iiry 
Milton Joliii 
Morrison William 
Myer Cornells 
Myers Henry 
Near Carel 
Near Charles 
Near John 
Neher Charles 
Nestle Christian 
Norton Christoplicl 
Norton William 
Ostrandc Iltndrick 
Ostrande Isaac 
Ostrande Juhii 
Ostroom Ruloff 
Paddock Henry 
Paddock Job 
Parker Andrew 
Peck Abraham 
Peeck Gerrit 
Perker Andrew- 
Philip Michael 

Plass Henry 
Possasy Henry 
Pruyn John 
Pruyn Rynier 
Pugit James 
Randal .Matt'icw 
Robertson Abraham 
Rogers George 
Sabin Stephen 
Saris Thomas 
Saxton EbenezLT 
Schermcrhorn Jacob 
Scott David 
Sharp George 
Sharp Peter 
Shaver John 
Sickles Zacharia 
Smith Michael 
Smitt Jacob G. 
Snyder Gotlib 
Snyder Jacob 
Springer Jacob 
Still John 

Strunk Hcndrick 
Strunk Hendrick, Jr. 
Sweet Gndfrey 
Tlionias Israel 
Valintine Jacob 
Valk Abraham 
Van Aelsteyn John 
Van Aelsteyn Matthew- 
Van Buren Cornelius 
Van Buren Leonard 
Vande Bergh Gerrit 
Vanden Bergh Gilbert 
Vanden Bergh Gysbcrt 
Vanden Bergh Jacob 
Van Den Bergh Matthew 
Vanden Bergh Mattiicw- C. 
Vanden Bergh Rynier 
Vanden Bergh Titus 
Vanden Bergh Vo'kcrt 
Vander Heyden John 
Van Der Heyden Matthew 
Van Deurscn Frederick 
Van Duusen Hendrick 

Van Etten Bonj.-.inin 
Van floesen Henry 
Van Ivere Corneii-as 
Van Ivere Gysbert 
Van Ivere Jacob 
Van Ivere Martynis 
Van Ivere Reynier 
\'an Iveren Jacob 
Van Iveren Martinus 
Van Valck Abraham 
Veeder John 
Visscher Nanning 
Vosburgh Myndert 
Walter John 
Wendell Jacob H. 
Wendell John 
Willig Phillip 
\\'nloughby William 
Winne Killian 
\\'itbeck- Peter 
Wool Robert 
Yates Joseph 
Young Jacob 

Albany County Militia — Seventh Regiment 



Capt. Chapman 

Burger Claw 
" Aaron Ostrander 

John Philip 
■' John Smith 
" Gershom Trc'esdel 

AiiRAHAM Van Bvren 

Isaac P. Van Valken 

" Her.man VOSBL'RGH 

Lieut. Jonathan Chapman 
Peter Huegennin 
Feltes Landt 
Jacobus McNeal 
James McNeil 
Reuben Muru.\y 
Edward Pai.n-ter 
M.VTTHiAS Taylor 
Abraham Va.v Allen 
John Van Alstyne 
John J. Van Alstvne 

Lieut. Peter J. Vosbufg;! 
William Vosbu.kcu 
Philip Wolfrom 

Ensign Joii.v Goes 

Burger T. HuvlK 
George Long 
Henrv Stever 
John Van Buren 
Jacobus Van Ness 

Baches John 
Baily Stephen 
Baily Timothy 
Bawney John 
Bell John A. Lcni 
Bensk Rudolph 
Bervy V/illiani 
Bcrr.v '''iliiani. Jr. 
Blanchar .\biathar 
Blanchard Abraham 
Bresec Jellis 
Brewer Abraham 
Bullis William 
Burnham .Ma^hal' 
Burton lo-iah 
Caldtr ticndrick 

CannifT William 
Cam John 
Cecil Richard 
Chapman .\iiios 
Chapman A.ia 
Chapman David 
Chapman E'ekic' 
Chapman I-Lth 
Ch.apman Ni.uh 
Claw Andrcw 
Cocnraut Nicholas 
Cole Gerard 
Cook John 
Cornclisan John 
Conielus Joliii 
Craiii[ihi;i Balsun 


Crippen Reuben 
Crocker Amos 
Curtis Ebcnezer 
Curtiss David 
Curtiss Joseph 
Davis Dennis 
Davis Ge'j'.-ge 
Deiamattoi Dei!Ja;nin 
Delamettcr Jacob 
Deyor Peter 
Ilingman Casi'cr 
Dingman I^aac 
Dingman Jacob 
Dob- Daniel 
Dorn .\braliar.i 
Ealon Elijah 

Earl Mosei! 
Earl William. Jr. 
Eldridge Joseph 
Elkenbragh John 
Elkinbrach John 
Feeley John 
Feely John 
l-"erguson Jacob 
Folmcr Zenuus 
Fols Con rat 
French John 
Fuller David 
Gardaneer ri.ter H 
Gardner Godirey 
Goes Derlck 
Goes Epluaiir. 


New York, ix tiie Revolution 

Goes John, Jr. 
Goes Laurence 
Goes Michael 
Goes Tobias 
Gould Jesse 
Graper Ruben 
Graves John 
Graves Richard 
Green Augustus 
Gwin Oren 
Haak Christopher 
Hall Justice 
Hainblin Si>th 
Haniblin Zacclieus 
Hancy Frcidrick 
Hare Daniel 
Hark Daniel 
Hawk Christopher 
Herder Jolin 
Herrick George 
Hoffman George 
Hogan William 
Hoyer George 
-Hrkiman George 
Hubbard David 
Huguenin David 
Humphry Ezra 
Huyck Burger D. 
Huyck Burger I. 
Huyck John, Jr. 
Huyck John A. 
Ittick George L. 
Itting Conrat 
Jenkins Anthony 
Johnson Isaac 
Johnson John 
Johnson Peter 
Joslin Henry 
Kane William 
Keldtr Hendrick 
Kinne Jesse 
Kittle John 
Kittle Nicholas 
Knapp Isaac 
Lister Frederick 
Luny William 
Lusk Jacob 
Lusk Michael 
Lusk William 
McFail Patrick 
McMichael Jam'^s 
McPhaile Patrick 
Mans John J. 
Marsail John 
Marshall Knos 
Miller Casper 
Miller Jol-.n 

Miller Jonathan 
Mitchel James 
Mitchel James, Jr. 
Moet Cocnradt 
Moet Tohannis 
Molony John 
Montgomery ."Mexander 
Moore John A. 
Moot Conrath 
Moot Johannij 
Morey Elisha 
Morey Elisha, Jr. 
Morey Samuel 
Moshier Jonathan 
Mott Henry 
Mott Jeremiah 
Mudtre Michael 
Muller John J. 
O'Briant Cornelius 
OlthijU'en Nicholas 
O'Neal James 
O'Neil John 
Paine Daniel 
Painter Thomas 
Pearsee Isaac 
Peersye Isaac 
Peterson Benjamin 
Peterson Philip 
Pew John 
Philip Pclnis 
Philip Peter 
Proper Frederick 
Quithot Stephen 
Randal Natlianic! 
Rees Benjamin 
Richmon George 
Richmond Conrad 
Richmond Simeon 
Robertson George 
Robinson George 
Robison Jeremiah 
Root Asahel 
Root David 
Rowland Samuel 
Rowsc Cocnradt 
Ryan Edward 
Ryan William 
Salisbury Sylvester 
Sally John 
Saily Thomas 
Salabury Jonn 
San Moses 
Saunders Isaac 
Scharaly Peter 
Scharp Jacob 
Scharp John 
Scharp Laurence P. 

Scott John 
Scott William 
Sebrin^ Lewis 
Seley John 
Setler Frederick 
Sharp John 
Sharp Lawrence 
Sharsa Daniel 
Shutts John 
Si .son Richard 
Smith .Xsa 
Smith Christian 
Smith John 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Samuel 
Snyder Peter 
Snyder Simon 
Staats Abraham 
Staats Abraham J. 
Staats Abraham T. 
Staats Jacob 
Staats John 
Staats John Jr. 
Statts Abraham 
Stever Jacob 
Stoplebcen Johannes 
Suthard Thomas 
Thomas Caleb 
Thomas Jacob 
Trusdcil Hicl 
Truj.dell Richard 
Trusduil Iseel 
I'tly Jeremiah 
Van .-Kelstyn Thomas 
Van Alen Abraham 
Van .\len Diick 
Van .Alen Cornelius'' 
Van .Men Gilbert 
\'an .Men Henry 
Van .Men John E. 
Van .Men Peter 
Van Alsiine .Vbraham 
Van Alstyne Leonard 
Van Beuren John 
\'an Buren Cornelius 
Van Eurcn Ephraim !. 
Van liuren Ephrann T. 
Van Buren Fr.-.ncis 
Van Buren Toijias 
\'anderpoel .\ndrew 
Van Dcrpoel .\ndries 
\'anderpoel Jacobus 
Van Deusen Peter 
\"an Dusen John 
Van Hoescn Jacob 
\':ni Iloesen Jacob J. 
\'an Hoescn John 

Van Nass Adam 

Van Ness David 

Van Slyck Dirick 

Van Slyck Peter 

Van Valkenburgh Bartho- 

Van Valkenburgh Bartho- 
Icmew T. 

Van Valkenburgh Claudius 

Van Valkenburgh Jacob 

Van Valkenburgh Jacobus 

Van Valkenburgh Joachim 

Van Valkenburgh Joa- 
chim J. 

\'an Vallcenburgh John 

Van Valkenburgh Lambert 

Van Valkenburgh Law- 
ran cc 

Van Valkenburgh i'eter I. 

Van Valkenburgh Peter J. 

Vosburg Matthew 

Vosburg William 

Vosburgh .Abraham 

Vosburgh David 

Vosburgh Joachim 

Vosburgh Peter .\. 

Vratenburgh John 

Vredenbergh John 

^V"ever George 

Wheeler Samuel 

White Henry 

Whitwood Charles 

Whitwood Cornelius 

Whitwood Samuel 

Wickham Warren 

Wilsey Jacob 

Wilson .Andrew- 
Wilson Dirick 

^\■ilson Richard 

Wihse Jacob 

Wingand James 

Wingardt Jacobus 

Witbeck Andrew 

Witbeck Andrew. Jr. 

Witbeck .Andris 

\\'oll George 

W..!t Peter 

Wolfram John Ticc 

Vv'oltVcm Philip 

Wolirom Mathise 

Wright Arl 

Wright Danic! 

Wyngari Jacobus 

WynUoop Peter 

Veraiewyn John 

Vour.vT Frederic 

Tee J\Iu.niA — Albany Co'jyTY, Eighth Rf.oiment 


Albany County Militia — Eighth Regiment 








" Jonah Gr.'iVes 
" Abner H.wvley 

Nathan HEyRicK 

Cornelius Hoceboom 
" Michael Horton 

Casper Kuyck 
" Gideon King 

Jeremiah JonANNKi Mul- 


John Osterhoudt 
" WiLHELMUS Philip 
" Jacob Phillip 
" Henry Platner 
" John Pkice 
" DiEL Rockefeller 

Capt. Jacob Van .\llen 
Isaac Vo.si;urgh 

Lieut. Samuel .A.llin 
Thomas Brown 
" Peter A. Fonda 

Gerritt Groosebeck 
James Hogeboom 
■' Richard HoonnooM 
Charles McArthur 
David McKinstky 
Nathaniel Migkell 
Nathaniel Mills 
Joachim Muller 
George Phillips 
Edward Rexford / 

Jonathan Reynolds '/ 
Peter Rockefeller - - 

Lii;ut. Nathaniel Rowlky 


" John Scott 

GosAii Van Beurin 
Ensign Leanard Dacker 
EsA Holmes 
Simon Lothrop 

" Samuel Ol.msted 
Maurice Rowley 

" John Suutts 

■' Adam Ten Broeck 

My.ndert Vanderboclrt 
Gerritt W. Va.-: Schaik 

'■ Peter Van Valkenburgh 

" James V/ingard 

Peter Groat 
Jacob Phillip, Jr. 

named as officeps, but no rank given 


Johannis Shult 

Acker David 
Adams Daniel 
Adams Noah 
Adsit John 
Akins Aaron 
Akins James 
Akins Samuel 
Allen Jonathan 
Allen Timothy 
Alsworth William 
Andreas Spira 
Andrew Spcrry 
Anneling John 
Aring Samuel 
Armerly John 
Ashley Peter 
Ashton Peter 
Atwaters Benjamin 
.Atwaters Jeamcs 
.'\twood Timothy 
Austin Peter 
Babcck Charles 
Baker Andrew 
Baker John. Jr. 
Baker Jonathan 
Baker Samuel 
liamhower Andries 
Bantlcy Samu':! 

Bantley Thomas 
Barker James 
Barnet Tynian 
Barringer Peter 
Barrit Jonathan 
Bartle Henry 
Bartlc John 
Bartle Peter 
Bartle Peter, Jr. 
Bartle Philip 
Bartle Philip H. 
Bartley John 
Bay John 
Bayley .'\.';her 
Beach Miclicl 
Becker Aarcnt 
Becker Cornelius 
Becker John 
Rcoraft William 
Beeroft Jonathan 
Begrafc Al-taiiam 
Bcgrait Gc>.'.r,:,'e 
Begraft Jonathan 
Begratt Tlinmas 
Begraft Thomas, Jr. 
Benjamin Daniel 
Benjamins El>enzar 
Bcnn George 


Bennum Cornelius 
Bentin Doctor 
Berger Henry 
Best Benjamin 
Bibbins John 
Boent Evert, Jr. 
Boent Jacob 
Boent Jacob, Jr. 
Boent Matties 
Boent Mindert 
Boent Peter 
Boerst Jorst 
Boerst Jorst. Jr. 
Boncstail David 
Boncstail David. Jr. 
Bonestail Frederick 
Bonestai! Peter 
Bostwick Edward 
Braun Johan Christ 
Bresee Cornelius 
Biesec Gabriel 
Bresee Nicholas 
Brooks Joshua, Jr. 
Broon Edward 
Browen Jurry 
Brouer Abraham 
B rower David 
Brower George 

Peter Weissman 
Peter Wiessmer 

Brower Peter 
Brown Amos 
Brown John 
Bryan John 
Bucbee Constant 
B'.mt Ephraim 
Bunt Peter 
Burgart Hendrick 
Burgat Hendrick 
Burger Peter 
Burgliart Henry 
Burghart Jeremia!; 
Burnett Peter 
Burns Nathan 
Bur.- -n Daniel 
Busli John 
Cable Johan George 
Cacoi! James 
Cadman George 
Cady David 
Camcr Jacob 
Campbell John 
Caner George 
Caring Carol 
Carlett William 
Carrey Tlioinas 
Carter Jacob 
Carter Jacob. Jr. 


New ^'ork ix the Ricvolltiun 

Carvel John 
Casper Fetter 
Caul Jacob 
Cavel Heudrick 
Cavel Pet.jr 
Cayry Thomas 
Champion Job 
Chapman Stephen 
Chatsy Joseph 
Churchill Stt.phcn 
Clapper Fredrick 
Clapper George 
Clapper Henry 
Clapper John 
Clapper Peter 
Clapper WiUiani 
Clark Ahram 
Clark David 
Clark John 
Cleaveland Ezechatl 
Cleveland Lemuel 
Clinchmaii Christopher 
Coal Andrew. Jr. 
Cohoon Joseph 
Cole Hesparis 
Cole Isaac 
Cole John 
Cole Peter 
Colley David 
Colley Matthev.' 
Colley Thomas 
Colman John 
Concklin Jacob 
Conklin Isaac 
Constaver Phillip David 
Conyne Casparus 
Cool John 
Cool Peter 
Cool Peter, Jr. 
Cool William 
Coon Samuel 
Coons Ad.-.m 
Coons Jacob 
Coons John 
Coons John, Jr. 
Corlett William 
Cotton John 
Coventry Wilham 
Cowlc Andres 
Cov.le Thoda 
Cramer Lawrance 
Crepes Hendnck 
Criselar Henry 
Criselar Johr. 
Crousioiis Christian 
Crowsioni Johanny 
Cudney William 
CuUey Thomas 
Cully David 
Cyscr John 

Dackor Broer 
Danvi>r Daniel 
Darling David 
Darling Jesup 
Darrow Jedidiah 
Davis Amos 
Davis Daniel 
Davis George 
Davis Jacobus 
Davis William 
Day Aron 
Deal Laurence 
Decker Abraham 
Decker Broer 
Decker Christoplur 
Decker George G. 
Decker Hendrick 
Decker Hendrick B. 
Decker Johannis 
Decker Jores 
Decker Jore? J. 
Dederick Frederic 
Dedrick Christian 
Dedrick Johannes 
Dedrick Peter 
De Lamater Gloride 
Delamater Jacobus 
De Lamater Jeremiah 
Delamater Jereniycf 
De Lamatter Dirck 
Delamatter Jeremiah J. 
Deiematter James 
Deming Daniel 
Denions William 
Dennis Ezechacl 
Denneger Alathew 
De Pew Elias 
Derring Adam 
De Yeae Jacobtis 
De Veae Jacobus. Jr. 
De Yeae Richard 
Dicker Francis 
Dickson Walter 
Didemer George 
Didemore Joh.n 
Dinghmanse Williaui 
Dingmansa Doives P. 
Diimmanse Adolfus 
Dingmanso Adolfus. Jr. 
Dingmanse Andsiel 
Dingmanse Hendrick 
Dingmanse Johannis 
Dingmanse Johannis. ]•■ 
Dingmar.se Petor 
Dirck William 
Dixson William 
D'Lainater Glondc 
Docher Jores H. 
Doty Isaac 
Doty Joseph 

Doty Samuel 
Dox Peter 

Droel John Hendrick 
Duft' Jonathan 
Dutcher Henry 
Dutcher Rulei 
Dyckman Sampson 
Earl Joseph 
Eckker David 
Edv.ards Abel 
Edwards Samuel 
Egclston Benjamin 
Egers George 
Egins Aaron 
Egins James 
Elias Jacob 
Elling Abraham 
Elliot John 
Elliot Peter 
Ellison David 
Ellison William 
Elswort Rufis 
Elting James 
Elting John 
Emrich Adam 
Emricli Frances 
Emrigh Adam 
Emrigh Francis 
Emrigh George 
Emrigh Matties 
Endcrson Jacob 
Ender.-on John 
Enderson Peter 
Ergie James 
Esselstine Gabriel 
Esscistyne Abraliam 
Esseistyne Andries 
Esselstyne Coenradt 
Esseistyne Isaac 
Esselstyne Jacob 
Esseistyne Jacob, Jr. 
Esselstyne Rich.nd 
Ettinge Abraham 
Ettin.ge John 
Everts John 
Everts John. Jr. 
Even son Thomas 
Fairchild Stephen 
Feith Conrath 
Ferris Ti'.notr.y 
Filka Stephen 
Finger John 
Firkk Jolui 
Finney Isaac 
Fis';er Frederick 
Flaui Peter 
Fonda Abraiiam 
Fonda Cornelius 
Fonda Douw 
Fonda Jacobus 

Fonda Jeremijii 
Fonda Lav.T-.-nce 
Fonda Peter A, 
Foot John 
Portal John 
Fox Jonathan 
Frayer Abraham 
Frayer Isaac 
Frayer John 
French John 
Frogran John 
Fryer Isaac T. 
Funday Cornelius 
Gaal Jacob 
Gardiner James 
Gardiner Jeruaii 
Gardiner William 
Garrison John 
Gaul Jacob 
Good Joseph 
Goes Ephraim 
Goes Mattise K. 
Gordon William 
Gott John 
Graadt Hendrick 
Graadt John 
Graadt Wilheimus 
Graadts Peter 
Graff Isaac 
Graudt Hyron 
Grautt Hendrick 
Grautt John 
Grautt Peter 
Grautt Wilheimus 
Graves Noadiah 
Graves Seldr.n 
Green Ebcner.er 
Green Thoma.s 
Green Thomas. Jr. 
Green William 
Grihdelm;. er Ciiristian 
Grindlemyer Christophi 
Griswold Jabez 
Groat John X. 
Groat Hendrick 
Groat Henry, Jr. 
Groat Huron 
Groat Hyrone 
Groat John 
Groat Peter 
Groat Wilhchuus 
Haber Johannes 
Haddick Wiiliam 
Hacadc>rn Chr:sti';>her 
Hagcdorn John 
Hagcdorn Joi.as 
Hagcdorn Potcr 
Hagcdorn Joseiih 
Hale D,;nicl 
ITalcn'.cck Andries 

The IMiLiriA — Albany County, Eighth RiiGUiENT 


Halcnhcck Dirck 
Halenbeck Ilciidnck 
Halcnbeck Jacob 
Halenbeck Jcroan 
Halenbeck Jolin J. 
Halenbeck John R. 
Halenbeck John \V. 
Halenbeck John William 
Halenbeck Matiies 
Halenbeck Matties, Jr. 
Halenbeck Michael 
Halenbeck Robert 
Halenbeck Samuel 
Halenbeck William 
Hall Matthew 
Hallenback John 
Haltsapple Johannis 
Haner Christopher 
Haner Jacob 
Hanner Peter 
Harder Adam 
Harder Jacob P. 
Harder Michal 
Harder Peter 
Harlow Eliab 
Harman Rowse 
Harmance Hendrick 
Hartick Garrit 
Hartick Joneton 
Harvy John 
Hatch William 
Hanvcr Anlren 
Haver Andres 
Haver Andrew 
Haver Christian 
Hawkins Daniel 
Hawley James 
liawley William 
Kawley Zadck 
Hayncr Peter 
Heermanse Hendrick 
Hegainan John 
Heirmansc Jacob 
Heldrcdg Ricliard, Jr. 
Hellicas Baltus 
Hellicas Christian 
Hellicas Frederick 
Hellicas Lodewick 
Hchn Jonas 
Helm Peter 
Helm Piter, Jr. 
Helmer Johan jost 
Hendricks John 
Hendrye Benjamin 
Henry Jacub 
Herder Ad.irn 
Herder Benjamin 
Herder Geor>;e 
Herder Jacob 
Herder Jacob, Jr. 

Herder Jacob H. 
Herder Jacob J. 
Herder Jacob P. 
Herder John 
Herder Joies 
Herder Michael J. 
Herder Michel 
Herder Michel, Jr. 
Herder Nicholas 
Herder Peter 
Htrdick Abr. ham 
Herdick Francis, Jr. 
Herdick Franck 
Herdick Gerrit 
Herdick Jacob 
Herdick Jacob F. 
Herdick Jcroan 
Herdick John 
Herdick John F. 
Herdick Jonathan 
Herdick Justice 
Herdick Peter 
Herdick Peter, Jr. 
Herdick William 
Herdick William, Jr. 
Herdick William L. 
Hermance Andres 
Hermance Jacob 
Hess Michel 
Heydenbergh Sybrant 
Heydorn Christopher 
Heyser Hendrick 
Heyser Hendrick, Jr. 
Hight Stephen 
Higley Daniel 
Hilten Jacob W. 
Hines Sander 
Hnye Charles 
HolT William, Jr. 
Hoffman Jacob 
Hoffman Johan Nicoll 
Hoffman Micl el 
Hogeboom Bartholomew 
Hogeboom Cornelius 
Hogeboom James 
Hogeboom Jeremiah 
Hogeboom Johannis 
Hogeboom Peter 
Hogeboom Stephen 
Hogeboom Tobyas 
Hoght-jling Henry 
Hoghtaling Jacob 
Holcomb Zephaniah 
Hoiembick ^Tatthlas 
Hollenbcek Samual 
Holllday Henry 
Holmes .Asa 
Holms Je<;e(iirih 
Hoisappei Wiiliajn 
Holsapple Johannis 

Holsapplc Johannis. Jr. 
Holsapple John 
Holsapple William 
Holtsapple John. Jr. 
Hopp Thomas 
Horton William 
Hough Zephaniah 
Houghtaling Dirck 
How Samuel 
Howard Enos 
Hubb.Td William 
Huffman .A.ugu..tus 
Huffman Jacob 
Huguenin David 
Huick Marten 
Huller Simon 
Hultsapple Johannis, Jr 
Hultsapple William 
Huston Daniel 
Huyck Casper 
Huyck Johannis 
Jackson Isaac 
Jackson James 
Jackson Robert 
Jacobs John 
Jager Hendrick 
Tennes David 
Jolk-y Heniy 
Jorean William 
Jubb Kegro 
Jufdon William 
Keble John Ju'-ey 
Keble Peter 
Kelder Hendrick 
Kelder Jost 
Kelder William 
Keilcy Daniel 
Kells Hendrick 
Kells John 

Ketchum Jonathan — 
Ke;chr,m Stephen .--- 
Kettil Daniel 
Killey Daniel 
Killmcre Phillip 
Kiimcre George 
Ki'more Hendrick 
King Conrade 
King Charles 
Kittle John 
Kline Anthony 
Ivline tlenry 
Kool Gerret 
Krath WiUiehnus 
Kriiler Hendrick 
i.aap .-'vndries 
Laup George 
I.aap Thomas 
Land George 
Land Teremi 
Land Jeremiah F. 

Landt Frederick 
Landt George 
Landt Jeremiah 
Landt Johannis 
Landt Johannis, Jr. 
Landt Johannis L. 
Landt John. Jr. 
Landt Lawrence 
Lant Jurry 
Larvey Elisha 
Larvy William 
Lasher John 
Lee Ephraim 
Lee Israel 
Legges James 
Legges Tobyas 
Legit Tobies 
Lemon William 
Lewis Abraham 
Lewis Peter 
Link William 
Loomis Andrew 
Loop Bastian 
Loop Christian 
Loop Martin 
Loop Peter 
Lothrop Josiah 
Lott John 
Lovejoy Andrew 
Lovejoy Benjamin 
Liidlow Henry 
Ludlow Henry, Jr. 
Ludlow William H. 
Lych Barent 
McCall Rol.ert 
McCulley -Alexander 
McFale Henry 
McFall Robert 
McGee James 
McGinnis Jacob 
McGoraghcy John 
McMolIia Charles 
Madfall Neal 
Maier .Abraham 
Mandiville Matthew 
Manno! Docter 
Mantle Frances 
Mantle Wynant 
Marehell Danel 
MarhiU Daniel 
Marte Nich.olas 
Ma.rten Xicolaes 
Martin William 
Maul Friedrick 
Maul John 
Meerit .-Vmos 
Megg? Seth 
Melius .Anthony 
Merrit Stephen 


New York in rut: Revolution 

Merrit Thomas 
Mesick Fite 
Mcsick Ilendrick 
Mesick Henry J. 
Meiick Jacob J. 
Mesick John 
Mesick John J. 
Mesick Peter 
Mesick Peter J. 
Mesick Thomas 
Meyer Frederick 
Michel Henry 
Michel Jacob 
Michels Anthony 
Mighel WilUam 
Miles Anthony 
Miiham John 
Miller Andries 
Miller Christopher 
Miller Dirck 
Miller Frederick 
Miller Jacob A. 
Miller Jeremiah 
Miller Jeremiah C. 
Miller Jeremiah J. 
Miller Peter 
Ivlill-r Samuel 
Miller Samuel A. 
Miller Stephen 
Miller William 
Millet Williim A. 
Mongornry Eshablc. 
Monnal George 
Montgoimry Ezekiel 
Moon David 
Moon Paul 
Moon Richard 
Moore Paul 
Morris John 
Morris Judg 
l^Iorris Nicholas 
Morris Richard 
Morris Robert 
Mory Eliil'.a 
Moul Fraderick 
Moul John. Jr. 
MouU Jacob 
Moull Johannis 
Mowal Frederick 
Mowal Johannis 
Mowal Johannis, Jr. 
Mowel Jacob 
Mowel John, Jr. 
Moyer Fradrick 
Meyer Hendrick 
Mudge E1)enc/.er 
Muller Christopher 
Muller Cornelius 
Muller Cornelius C. 
Muller Cornebu'i C. S. 

Muller Cornelius H. 
Muller Cornelius J. 
Muller Cornelius Johannis 
Mulier Cornelius R. 
Muller Cornelius S. 
Muller Dirck 
Muller Frctireck 
Muller Henry 
Muller Hessen 
Muller Jacob 
Muller Jacob, Jr. 
Muller Jacob C. 
Muller Jeremiah 
Muller Jeremiah C. 
Muller Jeremiah C. S. 
Muller Jeremiah J. 
Muller Jeremiah T. 
Muller Jeremiah \V., Tr. 
Muller Jeremy C. 
Muller Jocham 
Muller Johannis 
Muller Johannis C. 
Muller Kiliian 
Muller Peter 
Muller Stephen 
Muller Stephen C. 
Muller Stephen H. 
Muller Stephen I. 
Muller Stephen J. 
Muller William 
Muller William C. 
^luUory Jeremiah Jobs 
Mun Paulies 
Munsec Daniel 
Murgethroydt Joseph 
Murphey .Samuel 
Myer Henry 
Naile John 
Neer Charles 
Neer Henry 
Neer Jacob 
Neer John 
Now Peter 
New Simeon 
NicoU Nicholas 
Nooney Thompson 
Noyes John 
Nuan Frederick 
Oostrander Cornelius 
Oostrander Hendrick 
Oostrander Jacobus 
Osterhout John 
Ostrande Arent 
Osiraridc Hendrick 
Ostrande Hendrick, Sr. 
Ostrande Jacobus 
Ostrande Philip 
Ostrande Wilheliims 
Ostrandcr Aron 
Ostrander Hendrick 

Ostrandcr Henry. Jr. 
Ostrander Wiihclmus 
Pabody U. Brings 
Palmer John 
Palmer Stephen 
Pardee Silas 
Patchen Zebulon 
Patrick James 
Patrick Thomas 
Patterson Jacob 
Patterson James 
Patterson John (Doctor) 
Patterson John 
Patterson R.ichard 
Paulding Nfrinmiah 
Payn Daniel 
Petterson Benjamin 
Phelps John 
Philip Adam 
Philip Christian 
Philip David 
Philip George 
Philip Hendrick \V. 
Philip Johr, H. 
Philip William 
Philip William. Jr. 
Philips Ad.m 
Philips Christia:! 
Philips Ebenezer 
Phillip Chnsteana 
Phillip Hend.-ick 
Phillip Hendrick H. 
Phillip Jacob 
Phillip Jacob, Jr. 
Phillip Jacob H. 
Phillip Wilhelmus 
Phinney Isaac 
Pichtell Jacob 
Pichtell Thomas 
Pichtell Thoriias, Jr. 
Pierce John 
Pike William 
Pitcher Isaac 
Plank Michael 
Plass Coer.iadt 
Plass Johanni-. 
Plainer Hendrick 
Platner Jacob 
Plant Dav.d 
Plimt Henry 
Phmt John 
Pratt Bill 
Pratt Robert 
Pratt William 
Preston Isaac 
Price Timothy 
Raadt Andiics 
Raad: Coenradt 
Raadt Hendrick 
Raadt Philip 

Race Ephraim 
Race Henry 
Raes Jonathan 
RaH Johannis 
Rament William 
Rath Coenradt 
Raudt Andries 
Raudt Hendrick 
Raut Adam 
Raut Andrew 
Raut Conrad 
Raut Philip 
Raymond W'llliam 
Ree Daniel 
Rees Hendrick 
Rees Hendrick, Jr. 
Rees John 
Rees Jonas 
Rees Jonathan 
Rees Jonathan. Jr. 
Rees Jonathan H. 
Rees Jonathan J. 
Rees Jonathan W. 
Rees Philip 
Rees Thomas 
Rees William 
Relgen Jonathan 
Reynolds Lewis 
Richardson Joseph 
Rifenberger Hendrick 
Ring Coenradt 
Risedorph Jacob 
Robbins Thoiras 
Robbins XN'illiam 
Roberson John D. 
Roberts Peter 
Robins Henry 
Rocbaugh Robart 
Rodman Thoins 
Roe Ebenezer 
Rogers Othaniel 
Rolf John 
Rome Williatu 
Rooreback Robert 
Rorapaugh Robert 
Roseboom Barent 
Rosman Bastean 
Rosman George. Jr. 
Rous Harman 
Row Hendrick 
Row John 
Row William 
Rowland John, Jr. 
Rowley John 
Russell Dirck 
Russman George 
Russman Jurrcy 
Russuian Sebastian 
Ryne Lawrence 
Ryscn John 

The Militia — Albany County, Eighth Regiment 


Sa'back Jacob 
Salback Johannes 
Salsberry Johannis 
Sarrine Amos 
Saxton James 
Scerrin Amos 
Scharp Lawrance 
Schcimerhorn John 
Schermcrhorn John, Jr. 
Schcrmerhorn Wilhain 
Schoc-nniaker llendrick, 

Schoenmakcr Henry 

Scholtus Hendrick 
Schoudt Cocnradt 
Schudt Peter ^. 

Schult Henrich W^ 
Seism Peter 
Scott James 
Scntt William 
Scgar David 
Shafer Philip 
Sharp Cornelous 
Sharp Jacob 
Sharp Johannis 
Sharp Johannis, Jr. 
Sharp Nicholas 
Sharts Andres 
Sharts Johannes 
Sharts Juriah 
Sharts Nicholas 
Sharts Nicholas. Jr. 
Shaver Adam 
Shaver Peter 
Shaver Phillip 
Sheavcr Henry 
Shcphard James 
Shephard Jonathan 
Shirts Jurry 
Shirt'; Nicholas 
Shirts Nicholas. Jr. 
Shoemaker Godfrec 
Shoemaker Hendrick 
Sholf Hendrick 
Sholt Hendrick, Jr. 
S'liowernian Andres 
Shufelt Jeremiah 
Shufclt Henry 
Shultlt Peter 
.'=!iuldt Hendrick 
ShuUlt Hendrick, Jr. 
Shuldt Johannis 
.'^hn't Johannis 
Shiirts Abraham 
Shuns David 
Shuits .\'icholas, Jr. 
Shurts Uriah 
Shu'.; .Abraham 
Sh'it, David 
Sa>it-< Simon 

Silkey James 

Silverna(;cl Peter 

Simon Jacob 

Simson James 

Simson Robert 

Skinkle Henry, Jr. 

Skinkle Henry I. 

Skinkle Jacob 

Skinkle Jonas 

Skinner Josiah 

Smart John 

Smith Benjamin 

Smith Christopher 

Smith Cocnraedt 

Smith Coham Adam 

Smith Dcrick 

Smith Dirck 

Smith Francis 

Smith George 

Smith George, Jr. 

Smith George A. 

Smith George Adam 

Smith George P. 

Smith Henry 

Smith Henry P. 

Smith Jacob P. 

Smith Jered 

Smith Jeremiah 

Smith Jeremiah C. 

Smith Jerry 

Smith Johannis 

Smith Johannis C. 

Smith John 

Smith John G. 

Smith John P. 
Smith Peter 
Smith Peter A, 

Smith Peter Adam 
Smith Peter Johannis 
Smith Philip 
Smith Richard 
Smith Tim'jthy 
Smith Tuenes G. 
Smith Tunis 
Smith Tunis P. 
Smith William 
Snook Jonn 
Snook Martinus 
Snyder Cocnradt 
Snyder G.:orge 
Snyder Henry 
Snyder Hendnck 
Snyd-.T Peter 
Snyder Peter. Jr. 
Snyder William 
Snyder William H. 
Sours Peter 
Sower Lildrick 
SpanorJ .Anthony 
Spencer Samuel 

Spencer Samuel, Jr 
Spoor Cornelius 
Squire Jesse 
Stalker Embrew 
Stalker John 
Stalker Joseph 
Stanze William 
Stark James 
Stever Henry 
Stolp Gerlougli 
Stolp Peter 

Trier Isaac T. 
Tripp Anthony 
Trull John 
Tunr.cclift John 
Tunnecliff William 
T'jrner Gilbert 
Turner Gysbert 
Titttle William Y. 
Utley David 
Vallance Zachariah 
Van .-Men Adam 

Stoppelbean George .\dam Van .\len John 

Stoppelben Faltin 
Stoppiebear Jacob 
Stopplebean Jacob, Jr. 
Stopplebeen George .\. 
Stopplebeen Hendrick 
Stopplebeen Hendrick, J: 
Stopplebeen Michael 
Stopplebeen Michel H. 
Stopplebeen Nicholas 
Stopplebeen Peter 
Stopplebeen Valentine 
Storm John 
Strickland William 
Stuppelban Jacob 
Stuppelban Nicho! 
Stuppelbean Nichol 
Stupplebaii Jacob 
Stupplebeau Hendrick 
Sufelt George 
Sufelt George, Jr. 
Tallmage John 
Talmage Elisha 
Tcater George 
Tedmore John 
Ten Broeck .Anthony 
Ten Broeck Henry L. 
Ten Broeck Jeremiah 
Ten BroecfC Jr'.m 

Van Alstyne William 
Van Back Nicholas 
Van Beuren George 
Vmh Beuren Peter 
Van Bregen Peter 
. A'an Dcboe Jacob 
Var De Bogcrt Michael 
Var.d.^kar Dirrick 
Vandekar Joghem 
Va.ndekar Solomon 
Van Der Kar Dirck 
Van Der Kar Jacob 
Van Der Kar Jocham 
Vaa Der Kar Johannis 
Van Der Kar Nicholas 
Vsiii Deusen .\braham 
Vca Deusen .-Xdani 
Vaaa Deusen Cornelius 
Vi-> Deusen Glcnde 
Via Deusen Glouds 
Vet Deusen Jacob 
Vaa Deusen Johannis 
Van Deusen Johannis J. 
V<ci Deusen John I. 
Vrn Deusen Mattawe M. 
Var; Deusen Matthew 
Vaa Deusen Robert 
Vaj Deusen Tobvas 

Ten Broeck John Jeremiah Vande Water Michael 
Ten Broeck Peter 
Ten Broeck Pelcr B. 
Ten Broeck Samuel J. 
Ten Broeck bamuel Jere- 
Ten Broeck Samuel John 
Ten Eyck Barent 
Thompson .-\le.\ander 
Thompson J'->iin 
Tickner Bci janiin 
Tileman Abraham 
Tittemood John 
Tittiman .\bia!iim 
Toby Setl-. 
Tolley Dyr 
Tolley Jolir.n F. 
Tran John, Jr. 
Treat Teas 
Treat Thcaus 

Va-'dusen Barent 
Va.a Dusen Henry 
Vs.-i Dusen Mai;Lc!-.er 
Vtr. Dusen Martin 
Van F.pps Evert 
Vrji Hoesen .-\braham 
Van Hoesen .-\Ib-rtiis 
Van Hoesen Burry 
Vlu Hoesen Cornelius J. 
Ve;! Hoesen Cornelius N. 
Ve-I Hoesen Cerrit G. 
Vtn Hoesen Hendrick 
Van Hoesen Jacob 
Vin Hoesen Jacob. Jr. 
Vin Hoesen Jacob C. 
Van Hoesen Jacob F. 
Van Hoesen Jacob I. 
Van Hoesen Jacob J. 
Va;i Hoesen Jaccii Jacob 


New Yotjk im the Revohtion 

Van Hoesen Jacob Jurry 
Van Hoesen Jacob L. 
Van Hoesen loiiannis 
Van Hoesen Johanius C. 
Van Hoesen Joiiaiinis J. 
Van Hoesan Johannis 

Van Hoesen John 
Van Hoesen John Hoes 
Van Hoesen John Hoes, 


Van Hoesen John Jacabse 
Van Hoesen John Joseph 
Van Hoesen John Jurry 
Van Hoesen Justice 
Van Hoesen Nicholas 
Van Hoesen Peter 
Van Hucseii Cornelius 
Van Ness William 
Van Ness William, Jr. 
Van Renselaer Killyaen 
Van Rensselaer Henry 
Van Rensselaer John R. 
Van Rensselaer Peter 
Van Rensselaer Robert 
Van Rensselaer William 
Van Salsbergh Cornelius 
Van Salsbergh Lukas 
Van Valkenburgh Abraham 
Van Valkenburgh Bar- 

Van Valkenburgh Bartly 
Van Valkenburgh Matties 
Van Valkenburgh William 
Van \'alkencii John 
Van Valkeneer Justice 
Van Valkeneer Peter 
Van Wagenaer Gerrit 
Vnsbarry Peter 
Venson Abraham 
Vischer Bastian H. 
Vonck Peter 
Vosburgh Abraham 
Vosburgh Dirck 
Vosburgh Evart 
Vosburgh Isaac 
Vosburgh Isaac P. 
Vosburgh Jacob 
Vosburgh Jacob, Jr. 
Vosburgh Jacob D. 
Vosburgh Jacob P. 
Vosburgh Jacobus 
Vosburgh Peter 
Vosburgh Matthew 
Vredenburgh Isaac 
Vredcnburgh Jacobus 
Wfdsworth John 
Wagenaer Carel 
Wagenear Jacob 
Wagenear John 
Waguer Peter 

Ward Jacob 
Warne Peter 
Warne Pvichard 
\Varn,:r Peter 
Warner Richard 
Wattles Samuel 
Waymar John 
Weager Henry 
Weager Jacob 
Weager Pliilip 
Weissman Peter 
Wcmple Walter 
Wendell Garrit 
West Benjamin 
West Willia-.ii 
White Benjamin 
White John, Jr. 
White Jurry 
White Peter 
White Uriah 
White William 
Wiessmer Peter 
Wiessmer Peter, Jr. 
Wiley .'\iex.^nder 
Willams Willams 
Willcocks Simeon 
Willcox Nathaniel 
Williams Thomas 
Wilsey Cornelius 
Wilsey Co'-nelius, Jr. 

Wilsey Henry 
Wilsey Jacob 
Wi'.sey Jeames 
Wilsey Thomas 
Wilton Jacob W. 
Wiltse Henry 
Wiltse Thomas 
Wineradt George 
Wise Michel 
Witbeck Hendrick 
Witbeck Jacob 
Witbeck John 
Witbeck Lukas 
Witbeck Thomas 
Witlow John Hartick 
Wood James 
Wood John 
Wood John, Jr. 
Wood William 
Woodard Asa 
Wyat Peter 
Yager Hendrick 
Yates Peter V/. 
Yates Robert 
Yorker Jacob 
Young Calvin 
Young Philip 
Young William 
Zanegall Robert W. 

Albany County Militia — Nint.i Regiment 

Capt. Bartholomkw Barrett Lieut. Daniel Barnes 

" Jonah Graves 

" Josiah Graves 

" Abner Hawley 

" Joshua Whitney 

Lieut. Benjamin Allen 

Abner Kellogg 
Charles McArthu: 
David McKinstry 
N.\thaxiel Mead 
Amaziah Phillips 

Lieut. Jon.\than Pitcher 
Eleazep Spencer 
" Apel Whalen 
" Daniel Wilson 

Ensig.v Stephen Graves 
" Pheniheas Rice 

additional names on state treasurer s pay docks 

Lieut. Col. D.wid Pratt Lieut. Ch.vRles McKinstry E.nsign John Crippen 

Capt. Joseph Allen Tanner " Thomas McKinstry " James Delong 

Lieut. Caled Clark " Will Ove 

" Tho.mas Hatch " John Reynolds v,.'' 

Ackley James 
Adset John 
Adsit Samuel 
.'\ndreas Ebenezer 
Andrcss Ebenezer 
Andrews Elisha 
Bagley Asher 
Barret Ebenezer 
Barret F.leazer 


Barrows Ebenezer 
Blackmail Joel 
Bont Matthias 
Borghordt Lanil'Crt 
Bower Daniel 
Brown Benj.i.nim 
Bunh.ts Charles 
Bunt Ephraim 

Bunt :\Iatihi3S 
Burgtrt Hei;iicrcy 
Burget Jol'.o'cain 
Cailman John 
Cadman Joseph 
Carrier Ain^^s 
Casterrar John 
Cai-tor John 
ChaimbeiKiiii Benjamin 

Chaimberlin Gf.rden 
Childcndon Benj.in'.in 
Chittenden Benjair.in 
Cisel Peleg 
Cleavcland Oliver 
Cohoon Joseph 
Colvcr Ebenezer 
Crippen John 
Crippen Roswcl 

The Militia 

Albaxv Count V, Ti:.\iii Rkimment 


Cuivcr Rbcne^er 
Darner Chriitoplier 
Darrow Ai'.imerr.s 
Darrosv Chiist ipher 
Davis Andrew 
Day David 
Dccn Gains 
Dcnison Christopher 
Devonport Jonathan 
Dibble Henerty 
Dolittle TiniDthy 
DooUttle Hackaliah 
Dudley Simeon 
Earle Bcnjaniin 

Foot Samnel 
Foster John 
Frask James 
Freamon Jonathan 
Freeman Daniel 
Gardner John 
Goflf Oliver 
Gold Jonathan 
Gould Elijah 
Gould Jonathan 
Graves Increase 
Graves Soldon 
Green Thomas 
Green William 
Griswell John 
Griswo'd David 
Hacket Joseph 
Hall Benijah 
Hamblin Jesse 
Harris Eliphalet 
Hatch Thomas 
Hawkins Daniel 

Hawlcy Daniel 
Hawley Zadok 
Hewit Arthur 

Hollistcr Smitli 
Horsford Itiiainer 
House Thon:as 
Howes Thomas 
Huit Arthur 
p{untly William 
Hurlbert Jesse 
Jackson James 
Joal Ebenezer 
Johnson Thomas 
Johnston Abner 
Keeney Roger 
Ketcham Jesse ™- 
Killogh Benjamin 
I.av.ran-'j Judah M. 
Lawrence Joseph 
Leanord John 
Lee Joel 

Liment Archibald, Jr. 
Liniont John 
Lothrop Ebenezer 
Lovejoy Andrew 
McArthur John 
McKever James 
Malleray Samuel 
Martin Robert 
Meaker Robert 
Miri: Amos 
Mortain Robert 
Mudge Ruben 
Nicols Eliathim 
Palmer John 
Palmer Stephen 

Palmitier Bcnjimin 
Palmnicr Gilbert 
Palniracr James 
Parks Samuel 
Penficld Isaac 
Phelps Jonah 
Potter Gideon 
Pratt Samuel 
Rea Hugh 
Reiss Matt 
Reynolds Jonathan V 
Richinson Joseph 
Richmond Edward 
Robljins Daniel 
Robinson Hector 
Rodman Joseph 
Rodman Thomas 
Roldman Joseph 
Root Joshua 
Root Moses 
Root Nicholas 
Rowland John 
Rowland John, Jr. 
Rowley Jabesh 
Saisbury — idion 
Saxton Ebenezer 
Scoot Matt 
Shepherd Jorathan 
Smith E';i 
Smith Elijah 
Snyder William 
Sole Ebenezer 
Spalding' John 
Spalding Nehemiah 
Spalding Samuel 
Speer Cornelius 

Spencer Amos 
Spencer Asa 
Spencer David 
Spencer Eka/er 
Spencer Eliphas 
Spencer John 
Spencer Matthias 
Spencer Phir.eas 
Spencer Samuel 
Spencer Tuncas 
Stark Amos 
Stuart John 
Taylor David 
Taylor James 
Teeckner Benjamin 
Thornlinson Lemuel 
Tickner Benjamin 
Tickner Jonathan 
Tilman Jacob 
Titus Silas 
Tyler Ebenezer 
Valcomburgh Johoicam 
Van Hoesen Francis 
Van Valcomburey George 
Vawn Edward 
Vawn Richard 
Virgin A.sa 
Walch Thomas 
Welch Jonathan 
West Samuel 
\\'hite Johoicam 
White William 
Wise Samuel 
V.'itmcTe Reuben 
\\'oodin P.ubin 
'A'rolen John 

Albany County Militia — Tenth Regiment 





Catt. Joseph Ei.t.iott 

" Ad.\m Husr.>\dt 

" Conrad Kline 

" Henry P'ji.vkr 

" DiELL Rockefeller 

" DiRCK Rockefeller 

Jacob F. Shaver 

" John Shaver 

-■ " Philip Smith 

Lieut. John Best 

" William Caster 

Lieut. Jacob IIagedorn 

" Bartle Hendricks 
Henrv Irvine 

" John Mc.-Vrthur 
Nicholas Power 
William Rockefeller 
Jacob Roschman 

'■ Harmanes Ross 
CASf.\r.us ScHULT^; 

" Charles Shaver 

" John Shuts 

Lieut. Jonhan;.'E3 Staat 
Peter Van de Bocart 
" Henry Will 
Ensign Lionard Da,:kek 
Asa Hclmes 
" Fhu-ip Knicklrsackf.s 


" Colin McDonald 


Lieut. Wandel Pulver 
Adam Secendorph 

Ensign John HcRrEK 


Ensigv Jamej Robinson 


New York in the Revolution 

Adanis Br.ily 

Andon Casper 

Ant;!c W'l'iia-ii 

Astin Jacob 

Attwood Timothy 

Bain Ca-sparues 

Bak«r John 

Bargancr Pcttr 

Barnet Jolin 

Barnet Snnon 

Bartley Simon 

Basserooni John 

Batts Johannos 

Bearsh John 

Becker Jacob 

Ben James 

Berriiigcr Peter 

Best Benjamin 

Best Heiidrick 

Best Peter 

Biest William 

Bitser Wilhelmus 

B'.ass Michael 

Blass Peter M. 

Blass William 

Bless Hendrick 

Bower Nicholas, Jr. 

Bowncn Hendrick 

Bruiree Johannis N. 

Bruise John F. 

By Phenber Jacobus 

Cain Paul H. 

Campbell John 

Campbell Martin 
Capes Martin 
Casper Christian 
Casper Christopher 
Cleeveland Lemuel 
Clinc Anthony 
Clum Adam 
Clum Adam, Jr. 
Clum Hendrick 
Coale Johannis 
Coale Peter 
Cocns William 
Coitrs John. Jr. 
Cole Isaac 
Cole John 
Cole Peter 
Comb Samuel, Jr. 
Conck'.in Elisl'.a 
Concklin John 
Cinradt Johannes 
Cooinbe Samuel 
Coon Adam 
Coons Peter 
Coons Philip 
Cork John. Jr. 
Corol Michael 
Cotman Conradl 

Crammer William 
Cun Samuel 
Cund Hendrick 
Cunn .'Xdam 
Cunx William 
Cunx William H. 
Currey William 
Curry John 
Dacker John C. 
Danels Themis 
Dannilly William 
Decker Abraham 
Decker Benjamin 
Decker Conradt 
Decker George 
Decker Isaac 
Decker Jacob 
Decker Jacob C. 
Decker John 
Decker Lawrence I. 
Delamater .-Xbrah ira 
Dick Henry 
Dick Paulus 
Dicker Charles C. 
Diness Phihp 
Diness Yerry 
Dings Jacob 
Dings John 
Dings Stutfle 
Dolph John 
Donnolly William 
Dougherty Cornelius 
Dounatty WilHaai 
Douy Cornelius 
Dubois Abraham 
Dunsbach Philip 
Egelston Bcnj.nnin 
Elkenbraugli Jacob 
Elkenbrusdi Philip 
Elliott Michael 
Engell George 
Erkenberyh Fite 
Fox Jonathan 

Frasier William 

Frits William 

Funck Christian 

Funck Jacob 

Funck Peter 

Gardner James 

Gardner John 

Gobobe John 

Graves Bott 

Haber Johar.nos 

Hagadom J.^.cob 

Hagedoom William 

Hagedurn William 

Halter John 

Halter John. Ji. 

Halter .Michael 

Halter Peter 


Hatter John 

Hatter Michael 

Hatter Peter 

Haver Christian 

Haver Joliannis 

Haver Peter 

Heiser Petrus 

Herder John 

Herder Michel 

Herder Petrus 

Herder Philip 

Heyser Henry 

Heyser Jacob, Sr. 

Heyser Jacob. Jr. 

Heyser Peter 

Hofs William 

Horck John, Jr. 

Houshapple Zacharias 

Houward Adam 

Hunt Palathia 

Hus Casper 

Hyck Abraham 

Hyck John B. 

Imik Johannis 

Jacobs Bastian 

Janes David 

Jorgh Michael 

Kain Paul H. 

Keephart Caleb 

Kline Jacob 

Kline Peter 

Lape Jurry 

Lape Thomas 

Lasher Conradt B. 

Lasher G. B. 
Lasher Garret 
Lasher Garret, Jr. 
Lasher Johannis 
Lasher Johannis, Jr. 
Lasher Johannis J. 
Lasher Philip 
Lasher William 
Laubay Carl 
Laubay Jacob 
Lawrence John 
Lawrence Peter 
Lemnery Solomon 
Lesher Bastian 
Loomis John 
Lynch Peter 
McArthur .Arthur 
Mc.Arthur John V. 
McClean Hector 
Mclntire John 
MacFail Hendrick 
MacFall Neal 
MacFall Patrick 
McFall Robert 
McGill John 
Mayer Johannis 

!Merky Max 
Meyer Friderick 
Miller Jona.^ 
Miller Matthew 
Minklar Jacob 
Moor Peter 
Moor Philip 
Mower Barent 
Nash John 
Needen John 
Nott John 

Ostrander Benjimtn 
Ostrander John 
Parish John 
Parve Daniel 
Petri Cunrath 
Petrie Conrad C. 
Phillips Christian, Jr 
Phillips Christopher 
Phillips Christopner, Jr. 
Phillips John 
Phillips Peter 
Plass Peter 
Plass Peter M. 
Polver Jacob 
Post William, Jr. 
Pulver War.del 
Purden Edward 
Quackenbos Daniel 
Quackenbos Garret 
Race Benjamin 
Race Ephraim 
Radclift John 
Rath Adam 
Renolds Lusia 

Ringsdorph Phillip 

Risdorf George 

Robertson James 

Robinson James 

Rockefeller Diell, Jr. 

Rockefeller Simion 

Rose Andrew A. 

Rosman .Samuel 

Rossman .\dam 

Roth Adam 

Russ Hern'.anus 

Russ Sar.'uel 

Ruth Adam 

Ruyans Philip 

Ryfenbcrgh Adam 

Saiback Jacob 

Salback Johannis 

Saiback Philip 

Salbagh Th.omas 

Schmit Petrus 

Schmit Zachcrias 

Schnnyder Ludivig 

Schut Isaac 

Schut Solomon 

Schat Wiiliam 

The Militia — Albany Colnty, Elevexti! Reciment 


Scutt William 
Stbo Harry 
Scgcndorpli Adam 
Sharp Peter 
Shaver John 
Sliavcr Peter 
Shefter Johannis 
Shefter Nicholas 
Shifler Johannis 
Shipperly Barnet 
Sholtis Philip 
Sholts Barent 
Shudes Henry 
ShuUis Barent 
Shultis Davis 
Shultis Henry 
Shuts Adam 
Shuts Johannes W. 
Shuts Peter 
Simon Battis 
Simons William 
Sipperly Barnct 
Sisani John 
Skuts John A. 
Slos John 

Smith James 
Smith Johannis 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Peter 
Smith Philar 
Smith Samuel 
Smith Zachariah 
Snook Conrad 
Snyder Conrad 
Snyder Conrad. Jr. 
Snyder George 
Snyder Samuel 
Snyder William 
Spickerm Philip 
Spickcrman John 
Spihnan Conrad 
Stahl Johann Henrich 
State Benjamin 
Stimon Baltis 
Strader Jost 
Stribel Ulnch 
Temple James 
Ten Brook Wessel 
Ten Eyck Abraham 

Ten Eyck Jacob 
Ten Eyck John. Jr. 
Ten Eyck John B. 
Thomas Johannis 
Thompson Abislia 
Thompson George 
Trater Joseph 
Trever Peterus 
Tunsback Philip 
Turner Gilbert 
Valkenburgh Christfan 
Van De Bogart Arem 
Van De Bogart Jaines 
Van De Bogart Michael 
Van De Bogen Peter 
Vande Waters Hynis 
Van De Waters Michael 
Van Dusen Georpe 
Van Dusen Robert 
Vonck Christian 
Vonck Jacob 
Vor.ck Peter 
Vosburgh Jacob 
Vosb'irgh Lawrence 

Vosburgh Peter 
Washburn John 
Washburn Martinus 
Waters Michael 
Weeks Andrew 
Whitimast Zachariah 
Whitman Izra 
Wl'.itmore Stutfel 
Widbeck Jacob 
Wiest John 
Will Chistian 
Will Christopher 
Will Herik 
Willas Henry 
Witeree Phillip 
Witmore Philip 
Yager Philip 
Yager Wandle 
Young Zacharias 
Yunck William 
Yunck Zachariah 
Zeber Petrus 
Zent Wissell 
Zimmerman Henry 

Albany County Militia — Eleventh Regiment 



Capt. Benj.\min Dubois 

" Thomas Hour.iiq-ALi.N'c 

" Myndert Van Schaick 

" John A. Wiutbeck 

Lieut. Anihoky Abtll 

Abkam 0\'ERPAGH 
" JoH.s' Persons 

Francis Salisevry 

LisxT. Wessel Sa;.t5Et;sv 

Jacob Van X'sghtk:* 
E.SEKjr James Bogardus 


Lieut. Jochem Tryon 

" Henry Van Bergen 

Ensign Peter Bponk 

Christian Meye:. 

E.\Eij.\ John C. Sjhack 

Peter Van Bercex 

(No enlisted men found) 


New York in the Revolution 

Albany County Militia — Twelfth Regiment 



Capt. Benjamin Avlswortii 

" Tyraxnis Collins 

" Thomas Hicks 

" David Rumsey 

" Elias Steenbergh 

" Joshua Taylor 

" John Van den Bergh 

" Nanning Vischer 

" Stephen White 

Lieut. Hendrick Bonter 

" Thomas Brown 

" John Corey 

" Stephen Sherwood 

" Samuel Ten Broeck 

" Nicholas Vanderkar 

" John Van Vrancken 

" Nicholas Van Vrancken 

" Nathaniel Weed 

Lieut. Epenetus White 
Een/amin Wood 
Ensign Caleb Benedict 

Christian Bonter 
Michael De Groff 
" Samuel Don 
'■ Nathan Raymond 
" Maas Van \'sanc!-:en 
" William Wali^eron 

Adams Edward 
Armstrong Daniel 
Arnol John 
Arson Thomas 
Ashley Alden 
Baily Timothy 
Ball Flamon 
Ball John 
Ball Stephen 
Banter John 
Barber Solomon 
Ilarheck James 
Barnc Samuel 
Barnes Benoni 
Barnes James 
Bains Thomas 
Barns William 
Barnum Thomas 
Barter Joseph 
Bealy Timothy 
Benedict Elias 
Benedict Elisha 
Benedict Elisha, Jr. 
Benedict Felix 
Benedict Rycr 
Benedict Uriah 
Betteys Jeremiah 
Betteys William 
Bigford Samuel 
Bourn Wiliiam 
Bogardus Schcboleth 
Bohanner Robert 
Eo' xerk IMartin 
Bradshaw William 
Brp" Aaront 
Bratt Dirck 
Biavon Thomas 
Brewer Jery 
Brooks Joseph 
Brown N'aUntine 


Bruer Jeremiah 

Bruss Jeremiah 

Bryant John 

Buchanan Ebenezer 
' Buckingham Ebenezer 

Burk John 

Cabel John 

Callogg Eliphalet 

Caiiibie Harmanus 

Cannel Christian 

CannifF Isaac 

Carey John 

Chambers Daniel 

Chard Barce 

Chatman Josiah 

Chestncy John 
.. Christee John 
) Christiaan Cornelius 
'' Christianse Cornelius 
, Chrtiyonse Cornelius 

Cilberth John 

Clmton John 

Clute Dinck 

Clute Gtrardus 

Clute Gerardus, Jr. 

Clute Gerret 

Clute Gerret D. 

Clute Jacob 

Clute Jacob G. 

Cole Azor 

Cole. John 

Collins Manasah 

Concklin James 

Coiicklin Thomas 

Conlin Jacob 

ConncI John 

Conner John 

Cook John 

Corpe Joseph 

Corpe Nathaniel 


Crawford John 
Craydenwiscr Henry 
Creamer Christopher 
Creamer Hendrick 
Creamer Jury 
Creps Peter 
Crydenwiser Henry 
Cunee John 
Cuner John 
Cunie Ephraim 
Curdon John 
Dais John 
Davis John 
DegratT Abraham 
Degrave Michael 
DeGroat Elias 
DeGroat Henry 
DeGroat Nicholas 
Degroff Michael 
Degroff Simon 
Delong Daniel 
Delong David 
Delong Ezekiel 
Demilt Isaac 
Devoct Abraham 
Devoe Dirick 
Devoe Isaac, Jr. 
Devoe John 
Devoe John R. 
Devoe Martinus 
Devoe Samuel 
Devoe William 
Doppe Johannis 
Doty Philip 
Douglass Jonathan 
Do.x Isaac 
Dox John 
Drctt John 
Drett John. Jr. 
Dunning Jesse 

Efner Henry 
Efner John 
Efner Wilhelmus 
Eldred Robert 
Eldridge Robert 
Elsworth George 
Evans Ebenezer 
Evens Nathan 
Fairchild Matthew 
Falmer John 
Fitch John 
Flynn John 
Fonda Isaac H. 
Fonda Isaac I. 
Fonda John H. 
Torgison Peter 
Fort Daniel 
Jort Nicholas 
?"ort Nicholas, Jr. 
Jester William 
Fowlar John 
Fracikle Philip 
Fiaisier John 
frayzer John 
Fuiington James 
JV.'ilerton James 
Ful'mer Jacob 
Fulmer Joliannis 
Fahvieser Abraham 
Gardner George 
Girremo Samuel 
Gujreham Jabez 
Gcoen Daniel 
Gregory Uriah 
G-:gg John 

Gr-i,gs Abraham 
GrijTgs Evert 
Grirgs John 
Griswould John 



^ ^ / / ^^ 

'■V^^^>2 v9^,^j:^ ^'^^rftT^ K^i^^-~^>->^ 

f / . 



•• ' 






■i ' .',^ 


' >! 









i. w 




**'* '. 


.■ ^- 


'•','', . 




- f ' ' 


■'•/ ' 



'y>; Z' -^ 

>^/VJ^ ^,;/^/£^ 0^,^,,^ ^ 

The Militia — Albany County, Twelfth Re'j'.vent 


Groom James 

Grooms David 

Grooms William 
Groot Clans 

Groot Cornelius 

Groot Derick A. 

Groot Derick C. 

Groot Jesse 

Groot Nicholas 

Haens James 

Hagedorn Henry 

Hagedorn Peter 

Hagerman Adrian 

Hagerman Nicholas 
Hall Levy 

Haistead Timothy 

Hart Nicholas 

Halt Jacob 


Hawkins Arthur 

Heagley Scth 

Hcemstrat David 

Heemstrat Dirick 

Hiat Roger 

Hicks Samuel 

Higby Flemin 

Higby John 

Higby Lewis 

Holhster Josiah 

HoUister Lazarus 

Holmes Caleb 

Hooper John 

Hooper Stephen 
^How David 
- How Isaac 

How Jesse ^- 

Hubbell Jabez 

Hubble Abijah 

Hull David 

Hunter David 

Isdie John 

James Henry 

James Nathaniel 

Jcngins Edmon 

Jennings Jesse 

Jinnin Edmund 

Kanedy John 

Kanedy Thomas 

Kellogg Azor 

Kellogg Eliphalct, Jr. 

Kennedy George 

Kennedy Robert 

Kennedy Thomas 

Lake Bjnjamin 

Lansing Henry 

Lan-sing Isi^ac 
. Lansingh Garrit T. 

Lattemore Francis 

Lattemore John 

Laverse Anthony 

Leverse Levonus 
Luik George 
Mab John 
Mab Thomas 
!McChesney John 
McClean Cornelius 
McCoy Charls 
McCoy William 
McCray Samuel 
McCready David 
MtCrear Samuel 
McCue Samuel 
McDonalds Michael 
Mcintosh John 
McKnight Jolm 
McKnight Thomas 
McNeil Archibald 
McNeil William 
Mahannan Robert 
Main William 
Mastin George 
Maston George 
Matthews Clark 
Mead Zachariah 
Merrick Stephen 
Middlcbrook Michael 
Milkr Christopher 
Miller Jacob 
Miller James 
Miller Jeremiah 
Milkr John 
Miller Joshua 
Mirick Abel 
•Mitchcl Robert , 
Moe Abraham 
Moe Husted 
Moe Jacob 
Moon Jacob 
Moon William 

^ Morehouse George .. 
Mosier Joseph 

i~ Mourehouse Joseph • 
Mucklc John 
Munn Israel 
Murry James 
Names Abraham 
Nash Azor 
Nash John 
Nash Samuel 
Nesler Conrad 
Nesler John 
Northrop Thadeus 
Northrop Wilson 
Northrup Thadeus 
Novell James 
Olmsted Daniel 
Owen Epenetus 
Owens Abernatus 
Page Samuel 
Palmer Ama^iah 

Palmer Bcriah 
Palmerton Joshua 
Palmetcer William 
Palmettr Joshua 
Palmetier Isaac 
Fatchin Jabez 
Patchin Samuel 
Patchin Squire 
Patchin Zachariah 
P.'.tterson Adam 
Pearse James 
Pcarse John 
Pearse Richard 
Peebles Hugh 
Peirson John 
Philmore Sirus 
Prevoct Reech 
Prevost Alexander 
Putman John 
Quackenbush Jacob 
Quackinbubh Gradus 
Reeve William 
Rhen William 

Rice Wilhnm ■—— 

Roff Philip 
Root Asa 
Root Stepiien 
Rose John 
Rossel Rosel 
Rue Joseph, Jr. 
Rumney John G. 
Rumsey David 
Saupers David 
Schaaf Hcnrich 
Schonter Hugh 
Schoonhoven James 
Schouten Darrick 
Schouter Jacob 
Schouter Jolianis 

Scluitt Alexander 
Scott James 
Scrantcm Marchen 
Scribner Aaron 
Scribner Tharlous 
Scars Sunderland 
Seeley John 
Seeley Stephen 
Seely Nehemiah 
Seever Sunderland 
Sharp Phihp 
Shear Matthias 
Sherc John 
Shere Peter 
Sherred James 
Sherwood Jan.es 
Shoulen Jajob 
Shuter William 
Sign John 
Sines John 

Smey Peter 
Sinix Peter 
Smith Abijah 
Smith Benijah 
Smith Elias 
Smith Elijah 
Smith Henry 
Smith John 
Smith Lewis 
Smith Moses 
Snodye William 
Sooprs David 
Sprag Elislia 
Sprage Ebenezer, Jr. 
Sprage John 
Sprague Elijah 
Sprague John 
Steenbergh James 
Steenbergh John 
Steenbergh Peter 
Sutton James 
Taylor John 
Teachout Isaac 
Teathout Jacob 
Teathout Nicholaes 
Teathout William 
Thalhimer Peter 
Todd Robert 
TTooper William 
Traver Francis 
Tymensia Aldert 
''"^alkntine Gabriel 
Vsn Aelstine Daniel 
Tan Camp Simeon 
"VanDenBergh Cornelius 
ArndcnBergh Gerrit 
VandenBcrgh Necklaes 
VoiiDer.Bergh Nicholas C. 
TanDenBergh. Peter 
V.mDeiiBergh Rutgert 
V::nDenKar Abraham 
A uiDenKar Arent 
VrirJJenKar Derick 
\',inDonKar Hendrick 
VmilenKar Nicholas 
VanDenWtrken Barent 
ViinDenWerken Francis 
VinDenWerken Gradus 
VanDenWerken John J. 
Vm.DenWorker .Klbert 
\'..nDerhyden Abraham 
V.!ndcrwerken John 
VanDe Wcrke John .A. 
Van Ness Cherck 
Vjn Ness William 
Van O'Linde Daniel 
Van Schaick Goose 
Van Schoonhoven Hen- 
Van \'leck Tunl.s 


New York in the Revolution 

Van Vranrke Jacob 
Van Vranckcn Clans 
Van Vrancke-n Evert 
Van Vranckcn Jiiiics 
Van Vrancktn Joiin 
Van Vrankcn Abraham 
Van V^ranken Adam 
Van Vranken Cornohui- 
Van Vranken D'.rick 
Van Vranken Gerrit 
Van Vranktn Is.-mc 
Van Vranken Nicholas 
Van Vranken Rykert 
Van Vranken Samuel 
Van Vranken Wouh 

Vcddcr Corset 
Vedder Harman 
Vedder Harmanus' 
Vedder Jacob 
Venscn John 
Vischer Eldcrt 
Vincent Jeremiah 
Vischcr Teunis 
Wait Oliver 
Walderon Lvert 
Walderoii Gent 
Walderon Peter 
V/ard William 
Watrous Edward A. 
Waj Daniel 

Way David 
Weaver Edward 
Weaver Josias 
Weed Bill 
Weed Phineas 
Weed William 
Weight Abner 
Welden Timothy 
Wellden Abraham 
Whit.: Epenetus 
White John 
White Jonas 
White Nathaniel 
Wilde William 
Williams David 

Williams Frsdrick 
Williams John 
Williamson William 
Wilsee Jacob 
Wilsee John 
Vv'itey William 
Wood Elijah 
Wood Enoch 
Wood John 
Wooding Timity 
\\'ooIey Daniel 
V/ooley Jonathan 
Wyley Stephen 
Young John 

Albany County Militia — Thirteenth Regiment 




^Capt. Holton Duxham 

■' Michael Dunning 

" John TuoMPbON 

" Peter Van V/ort 

" Peter Winni;; 

" Ephr.\im Woodv.'orth 

Lieut. Ashbel A.ndruss 

" Alel Belnap 

" Stlphen Benedict 

Lieut. John D.wis 
Isaac Dovy 
" Hezekiah Dunham 
" Benjamin Guile 
" Philifp Rogers, Jr. 
" Samuel Sheldon 
" James Storm 
" Joshua Wheeler 

Ensign Isaac D. Fonda 

Ensign William Green 

Nathaniel Grom.mon 
Richard Hilton 
John Hunter 
■' John Mahoney 
" Joseph Row 
" Benja;.(in Si-'eldon 
" Gerritt Van Buren 
" ivEUBEN Wright 

Lieut. Jabez Gage 

Abbet David 
Abeel James 
Abeel William 
Ac!;crman David 
Ackcrman Isaac 
Ackcrman James 
Ackernian Robert 
Airl Natlianiel 
Ali'crt Vvhito 
Allen James 
Andress John 
Andress Nathan 
Andrus Epliraim 
Andrus John, Jr. 
Andrus Joseph 
Andrus Nathaniel 
Andrnss Ashbel. Jr. 
Aiidniss Dclive-'ance 
Andruss Titus 
Anthony Richard 
Anthony Stephen 


Ensign Jacob D. Fonda 


A.rcher David 
Armstrong John 
Arm.=.trong Ttiomas 
Arnold .Ahem^lick 
Arnold John 
Ashman Samuel 
Austin Phinehas 
Babcock Job 
Babcock Jonathan 
Badcock Xehenuah 
Baker Edey 
Baldwin Alexander 
Banter John 
Barber Simeon 
Barden Abraham 
Beadle Daniel 
Beadle Joseph 
Beadle Michael 
Beadle Thomas, Jr. 
Beadlestoiie Henry 
Beams Jeremiah 

Becker Peter 
Bedle Thomas 
Beltar Jolm 
Bcnuis W illiam 
Bennet Bildad 
Benson Bildad - 
Benson Elihu 
Benson Job 
Benson John 
Bep.tly Benedict 
Bentiy Thomas 
Bid'.vell Daniel 
Bidwel! David. Jr. 
Bidwell Jacob 
Bise V;iiliam 
Bitcler Henery 
Black Williaiu 
Blanding John 
Bowdi.sh Henery 
Bo'> dish Gideon 
Bov.ler Simeon 

Bradsl'.aw William 
Briggs Abraham 
Brisbec Samuel 
Brisben James 
Brisbin William 
Brown Benjamm 
Brown Joel 
I.rown Luther 
Lrownell Benjamin 
Bryan Sam.uel, Jr. 
Buck John 
Fuck Feregrcen 
Burden Abraham 
Burilinggame Silas 
Bush Benjan.in 
Button Elezer 
Cady Zebu'.on 
Caivert Joim 
Campbell Daniel 
Campbell Sar.iuel 
Campbell Solomon 

The Militia — Albany County, Thirteenth Regiment 


Cans Joseph 
Carpenter Barnet 
Carpenter Barney 
Carpenter Benjamin 
Carpenter John 
Carpenter Warren 
Carr Joseph 
Case Alexander 
Case Joseph 
Coffin Bnrtlet 
ColHns Elber 
Conkhn Nathaniel 
Couton Simeon 
Chamberhn Jos;ph 
Chapman Ezekiel 
Chapman Noah 
Chapman Samuel 
Chatfield Jesse 
Chidester Daniel 
Chidester Nathan 
Child Increase 
Christionse Cornelius 
Clapp Lemuel 
Clement Peter 
Clute Ephrama 
Clute Evert 
Clute Gradus 
Cobb Ebenezer 
Cole Abraham 
Collins Benjamin 
Collins VVilliaiii 
Colvert James 
Colvert John 
Comstock Peter 
Conklen Samuel 
Conkling John 
Cook Nathaniel 
Coon Jeremiah 
Cooper William 
Coppe Nathaniel 
Cornell Paul 
Corps Nathaniel 
Crandall Jeremiah 
Crav. ford John 
Crowel James 
Culvert James 
Cuninghain Jai:'.es 
Daly David 
Daly Samuel 
Davis Ebenezer 
Davis John 
Davis John, 3d 
Davis Nathan 
Dean Henry 
Dean Jaber 
Dennis Humphrey 
Dennis William 
Devoe Jacob 
Dickenson Zebulon 
Dickerson Joseph 

Dickerson Zebulon 
Dickmson Joseph 
Dickinson Samuel 
DuniboUon John 
Dun Henry 
Dunham Elijah 
Dunham Hezekiah 
Dunham Samuel •' 
Dunham Silveiius 
Dunham Solomon 
Dunninj; Ebenezer 
Dunning James 
Dunning Jesse 
Dunning Lewis 
Dunning Linus 
Dutcher John 
Dutcher John D. 
Dweliy Abner 
Dwelly Abner, Jr. 
Dyer Ezra 
Eddy Zephiniah 
Edmond Robert 
Edmond Samuel 
Edmonds Matthew 
Edwards Abel 
Edwards Timothy 
Fellows John 
E'inch Samuel 
Finel Edward 
Fish Abner 
Fish Benjamin 
Fish Ephraim 
Fish Joshua 
Fish Pardon 
Fisher Henry 
Flyn Patrick 
Ford Asher 
Ford Thomas 
Ford William 
- Foster Jonathan 
Foster Thomas 
Foster William 
Freeman Elijah 
Freeman Elisha 
Freeman Gideon 
Freeman James . 
Freeman Stephen 
Frisbe William 
Fuller Nathaniel 
Fuller Varsel 
FuUington Alexander 
Gage Jabish 
Gage Jesse 
Gates Stephen 
Gay Timothy 
Gay William 
Gccocks Thomas 
GifTord W'illiani 
Gregory David 
Gregory Reuben 

Griffith William 
Griggs Simon 
Grommon John 
Guile Amos 
Guile Daniel 
Guy Timothy 
Hagerty William 
Hairns John 
Halbert White 
Hali Sylvester 
Hammond Benjair.in 
Hammond Jonathan 
Hammond Paul 
Harr.mond Wiliiazn 
Harslia Hugh 
Hart Isaac 
Hart Jeremy 
Hasel Conrad 
Hasel Counwast 
Havens John 
Haveiis Pcleg 
Hawk George 
Hawkins Adone 
Hawkins Edward 
Harrington Nathaniel 
Hevit Asa 
Hibbert Elisha 
Higgi:'.s Thomas 
Hilton Jonathan 
Hilton Peter 
Hilton Richard 
Hitchcock Stephe.T 
Hohncs Caleb 
Holms Samuel 
Hooper Stephen 
Howard Jesse 
Hubbell Nehamiali 
Hull David 
Hull Kliphalet 
HuU Seth 
Hull S.tton 
Hunt George 
Hunt Thomas 
Hunter John 
Hunlci Robert 
Hunter Samuel 
Huper Stephen 
Hurst Thomas 
Hustel Edward 
Hutfon Jonathan 
Ingenslc Daniel 
IngersoU Daniel 
Ingersi-ll Jesse 
Inger'^oll Philip 
Inman Abrahnm 
Inman licr.jaiuin 
Inraar. Ezekiel 
Inman Michael 
Jacksrjn Andrew 
JakfJays George 

James Henry 
James Roljert 
Jaqueways George 
Jefteries Thomas 
Jefferson Thomas 
Johnson John 
Johnston Peter 
Jones Stephen 
Jordan Peter 
Keeler Isaac 
Keeler Isaiah 
Knowlton John 
Koon Jeremiah 
Kose Daniel 
Laing John 
Larapher Levi 
Lansing Garret 
Lansing Garret G. 
Laranes Gideon 
Lawrence Gideon 
Lent Abraham 
Lent Hendrick 
Lent Jacob 
Lightheart Barney 
Lilly Abner 
McBride John 
McBride John, Jr. 
McCarthy Moses 
McCouchan Andrew 
AIcGee William 
McKillip William 
Mahauney Gacob 
Mahoney Jacob 
Manserd Simeon 
Mansfield Thomas 
Marshall Abraham 
Marshall Simeon 
Marvins Jared 
Merrick Thomas 
Mervin Gerard 
Millard Robert 
Millerd Edy 
ilillerd Elea^er 
xMillerd Jadidiah 
!Millerd Nathaniel 
Milligan Robert 
Mills Timot'iy 
Mires Steph-Mi 
Mirick Thomas 
Moony Thomas 
Moor Hose • 
Moore Aipheas 
Moore Charles 
Moore Gideon 
Moore Phir.heas 
Moore Reuben 
Moorey Gideon 
Morey Thomas 
-Mosher David 
Moss Simeon 


New York in the Revolution 

Mulligan Robert 
Mungtr Benjamin 
Munger Philip 
Munger Samuel 
Munger Timothy 
Neilson John 
Newell Asa 
Newell Ebenezer 
Newland Israel 
Newland Joseph 
Newland Rial 
Newman Benjamin 
Norten Samuel 
Norton James 
Norton William 
O'Ferrel Amherst 
Palmer Jerard 
Palmer Joh'i 
Palmer Othnicl 
Palmer Tand 
Parke Daniel 
Parke Jehiel 
Parks Amasiah 
Parsons Henry 
Patrick Ebenezer 
Patrick Joshua 
Patrick Robert 
Patrick William 
Patrick William, Jr. 
Patten Jonahan 
Pattson Thomas 
Pebe Simeon 
Perkins Christopher 
Perkins Oliver 
Persons Henry 
Pery John 
Peters Matthew 
Pcttes Matthew 
Pharis Levi 
Phelps Elisha 
Phillips Shadrick 
Pottcn Rowland 
Potter Allen 
Potter Jonathan 
Potter Nathaniel 
Potter Simeon 
Potter Thomas 
Prince Jonathan 
Frindle Joel 
Purchase Thomas 
Purdy Ebenezer 
Randie Eiias 
Rankle John 
Ray John 
Ray Uoswei! 
Ray Zachariah 
Raynolds George 
Reagle Daniel 
Redder Kvert D. 
Reed Klias 

Reeve William 
Reis John 
Rcis John, Jr. 
Reynolds Benoni 
Reynolds Elias 
Reynolds George 
Reynolds John 
Rice John 
Rice John, Jr. 
Richmond Benjamin 
Ridder George 
Riddle George 
Roads John 
Roads William 
Robards Ezekiel 
Robards Purchase 
Robards William 
Robenson Isachar 
Roberts Isaac 
Robertson Robert 
Robins William 
Robinson Charles 
Robison Charles 
Rockwell Simeon 
Rods William 
Rogers Daniel 
Rogers Jac«b . 
Rogers Joseph 
Ronnels Elias 
Ronnels Thomas 
Root Asa 
Root Denison 
Root Stephen 
Ross Benjamin 
Ross Daniel 
Ruger Frances 
Ruger Josepii 
Ruger Moses 
Ryan Christopher 
Sasson Thomas 
Sa.xton Gershom 
Sayles Ahab 
Sayles Ezekiel 
Sayles Jacob 
Sayles John 
Sayles Mordeui 
Sayles Silvanus 
Sayles Stephen 
Scidmore Abner 
Scidmore Hoppar 
Scidmore John 
Scidmore Solon-.on 
Sea Abraham 
Sea David 
Sea Harmanus 
Sealey Joseph 
Sears Abraham 
Sears Samuel 
Sexton Garshen 
Seymour \V.!Iiam 

Sheffield Christopher 
Sheftield Nathan 
Sheldon Benjamin 
Sheldon John 
Sheldon Samuel 
Shephard Nathaniel 
Sherman Henry 
Shipman Timothy 
Slocum Elezer 
Si'Kum Joseph 
Smith Daniel 
Smith Elisha 
Smith Thomas 
Snider Mark 
Spike Daniel 
Springer Richard 
Stafford A.mos 
StatTord Samuel 
Staklen Ebenezer 
Stevens Ebenezer 
Stevens Joseph 
Stevens Peter 
Stevens Samuel 
Stewart Samuel 
Stiles Reuben 
Stiltes Isrell 
Storm David 
Storm Isaac 
Storm Isaac, Jr. 
Storm James 
Strang Gabriel 
Strickland Ebenezer 
Strong Gabril 
Studmore Zopher 
Taylor Israel 
Thompson John 
Thornton John 
Tifft Stanton 
Tombs James 
Toms James 
Toms John 
Toms Stephen 
Trip Thomas 
Tripp Caleb 
Tripp David 
Tripp Everett 
Tripp Job 
Tripp Peleg 
Tripp William 
Tuttle Abijah 
Tuftle Jabez 
Tuttle John 
Tuttle Mizah 
Tyler Shubel 
Valintine Peier 
Van Amburgh Mr-cthew 
Van Arnum Abraliam 
Van Buren He]'drick 
Van Buren Martin 

Van Clike Dirick 
Vandehnda Daniel 
VandelinJar Gerardiis 
Van Den Bergh Garret 
Vandenbergh Wynani 
Vandcrwarker Isaac 
Vanderwarker Marta 
Van Dick Dirick 
Van Hasen Matthew 
Van Hyning Henry 
Van Schaiek 1-lendnck 
Vinhagen Martin 
Vroman Wiiiiam 
Walls Tunis 
Washburn Daniel 
\\'ashburn Joel 
Watson Cyprian 
Watson Janies 
Watts Thomas 
Weatlierhead Edm.und 
Webster Elihu 
Weeks Daniel 
Weeks William 
We'.ch Daniel 
Wells James 
Wendel Abraham 
Wctse! Christian 
Wheler Ephraim 
Wheler Joshua 
Whipple Erick 
Whipple Esek 
White Albert 
White Rafus 
White James 
V/hitchcad Thomas 
\Vhitehock Stephen 
Wicks William 
Willcocks Tyle 
Willcox Francis 
Willcox Gilbert 
Willcox Tyler 
Willes Ezekiel 
Willes Hezekiah 
V»"iiies Reuben 
Willes Thomas 
Williams John 
Williams Josepli 
Williams Robert 
Williams William 
Williams William. Jr. 
Wilise James 
Wiltsey James 
Wiiisey John 
\\'iltsey Gardus 
Vt'oodbeck Thomas 
Woodworth Amos 
Woodworth Reuben 
Wright Reuben 
Young Daniel 

The InIilxtia — Alba.nv Cocntv, Folrtklxtu Regiment 


Albany County Militia — Fourteenth Regiment 



C.1PT. John Abbet 

Gfrritt Tun.ves Br.'.di- 
" Thomas Brown- 

^L\TTIlEw De G.\r.'.;o 
■' James Hadlock 

Daniel Hobcle 


" Cornelius Vandenbukgh 
Henry V.w der Hoi-f 


Jacob Y.\tes 

Peter Yates 

Lieut. Joel Abbott 

Lieut William Br.vce 
John B. Br.\tt 
M.^TTiiEW Brewer 
Richard D.wekport 
J.^cou De Garno 
Eldart Fonda 
Nathaniel Ford 
Jacob Fort 
Joseph Hal;.ste.>.d 
Jacob H.aulenceck 
IcNAs Kip 
Peter IiL\RTlN 
John Pal.meb. 

Lieut. Nathaniel RowLsy 
Jesse ioll 
John Van Antwerp 
Abnes Van Name 
Jacob Van Nass 
'' Jacob Van Wor.mer 
Ensign Joseph Gifford 
" Simeon Van Darosh 
Simon Vandercock 
Derick T. Van Ve.jiite:i 
" John Van Wokmer 


Qr. Mr. Stefhen Viele Lieut. John Harden Lieut. Gamaliel Wells 

Lieut. Henky Brace 

Acker Solomon 
Adams John 
Adkins Thomas 
Agan James 
Agan John 
Alter Abraham 
Aller John 
AUer Peter 

Anthony Bartholomew 
Anthony Elbbart 
Antony Borthmeues 
Armstrong Nathan 

Arnold Ebenezer 
Arnold Elisha 
Astcn William 
Attlar Abraham 
Babcock Joshua 
Bacon Abel 
Bacon Penuel 
Bacon Phinehas 
Bacon Winthrop 
Bacor Hcrri.igton 
Bagges James 
Baker John 
Baker Lemuel 
Barnct Mose? 
Barnhart Frederick 
Barnhart Jost 
Baitel Increas 
Bartholomevv Philip 
Basset Seth 
Bates William 
Bayelas John 
Benedict Aaron 

John Van Wormer 


Benedict Isaac 
Benedict James 
Benedict Joseph 
Beniway John 
Bennet Amos 
Bennet Banger 
Bennet Jonathan 
Bennet P.ichard 
Bennet Robeson 
Bennet Robinson 
Beni'.ct V/illiam 
Bennidick Aaron 
Benson Abel 
Benson Elias 
Benson Elnathan 
Benson Joel 
Benway John 
Benway Peter 
Bernherl Frudarick 
Bernhcrt Henry 
Bernhert Joseph 
Bc?set Seth 
Beyce Tohide 
Blkkcr Nich.olas 
Blair John, Jr. 
Blakesley James 
Bleecker Joiia J. 
Blowers Abiei 
Bouse Jonathan 
Bouse Nicholas 
Bovec Javob 
Bovee Jacob, Jr. 
Bovee Peter 
Bovie John 

Bowdish John 
Boy..'e Jehoiada ■ 
Boyce Millerd 
Bratt Daniel 
Bratt Nicholas 
Brice Henry 
Brown Charles 
Bro-,>'n David 
Bro.vii Henry 
Brown He^ekiah 
Brown Jonathan 
Brues Henry 
Bump Ichabod 
Bump James 
Burr. p Jezebud 
Bun. 'a Elijaii 
Bunda Nathaniel 
Bunda Simeon 
Bunday Ashble 
Bundy Elisha 
Bundy Simeon 
Burroughs Benjannu 
Burro'-ighs James 
Burtch Richard 
Busciiaif Conrad 
Bush Conratt 
Bush Guilbard 
Bush John 
Cadey Zebulon 
Caldv.e'! Robert 
Camp Ni'ih.oias 
Carey Leii;uel 
Carey Seth 
Carpenter Jeremiah 
Carpenter Jostah 

Case James 
Chace Lemuel 
Champ Nicholas 
Chappell Samuel 
Chard Abraham 
Chase Abraham 
Cheney William 
Chezel John 
Cidtteson Elisha 
Ciberiy Barent 
Clark Israel 
Clark John 
Clark Jonathan 
Coal John 
Cole James 
Cole John 
Coll James 
Comenengs Josiah 
Commins Francis 
Commins Isaiah 
Commons Josiah 
Conneil Edward 
Cook Henry F. 
Coone William 
Couey John 
Couly John 
Covell James 
Covey John 
Cox John 
Crandle Samuel 
Crawbarrak Peter 
Crittenton Zebu:;)n 
Cronk Cornelius 
Cronk Francis 
Cronk Stephen 


New York in tjik Re\'ulutiox 

Cronkhcit Cornelius 
Croiikhite Abraham 
Cronkb.ite Aury 
Cronkliitc Tames 
Croiikhite Stephen 
Cronkhite Tunes 
Cross Daniel 
Cuttinton Jcdiah 
Darrow James 
Daught John 
Davenport Peter 
Degarimo Matthew 
Delano Nathan 
Delopg Jacob 
Delong Nicholas 
Demaray Sannie! 
Demoray David 
Denioray Davis 
Demoree Nicholas 
Denton Nathaniel 
Devenport Jacob 
Dtvvitt. Benjamin 
Dewy Isaiah 
Doty Jacob 
Doty Orniond 
Doty Peter 
Douglas Thomas 
Dowiison Ichabod 
Dunham Elijah 
Dunham Ephraim 
Dunliam Charles 
Dunning Ephraim 
Dutther John 
Dutcher Lawrence 
Dyer Ezra 
Ear! David 
Eastwood Itenjaniin 
Eastwood Benjamin, Jr. 
Eastwood Daniel 
Eastwood Nathaniel 
Ech;,rd Solomon 
Eckcrt Peter 
Eckert Peter, Jr. 
Eckert Solomon 
Elliot Daniel 
Engrum Humphrey 
Evins Samuel 
Eyclcshynier Peter 
Fake Gor.g 
Finch Ebenezer 
Fish Abraham 
Fisher Abraham 
Fisher Adam 
Fisher Christian 
Fisher Cr.orgi 
Fisher Jacob 
Fisher Jeremiah 
Follet John 
Fonda .Abraham 
Fonda Eldr.rt 

Ford Jacob 
Ford John 
Ford John James 
Fort .Abraham 
Fort Abr.iham J. 
Fort John 
Fort John Isaac 
Fort John J. B. 
Fort Lewis 
Fowler Levy 
Fox Nathaniel 
Fradenburce John 
Francisco Abraham 
Francisco Cornelous 
Francisco Derick 
Francisco Dick 
Francisco Henry ^^ 
Francisco Jercmiali 
Francisco John 
Fr,ancisco John J. 
Francisco Levy 
Francisco Michael 
Francisco Richard 
Francisco Thomas 
Fredenburgh Abraham 
Freeman Isaac 
Frier Nicholas 
Fuller Daniel 
Fuller Jonathan 
Fuller Timothy 
Gallipser William 
Gallup Rufus 
Gallup William 
Garrison Abraham 
Garrison John 
Gifford Benjamin 
Gift'ord Ger-^hom 
Gifrord Giddon 
Giles Gilbert 
Gillet Beriah 
Glass William 
Goesbeck Nicholas VV. 
Golding Bei.jamin 
Golding Jesse 
Graves Russel 
Grawborgar Peter 
Greer Chard 
Griffeth Aaron 
Griswold David 
Griswold Jabcz 
Grif.wold jo.siah 
Gris would Eiihraim 
Groesbeck Herman 
Groesbeck Nicholas 
Groesbeck Nicholas W. 
Groesbeck Peter 
Grocsberk Peter. Jr. 
Groesbeck P.tcr \V. 
GrolT John 
Gronimon jr -ob 

Groot Derick 
Grousbeck Peter 
Growsback Daniel 
Grusback Nicholauser, Jr. 
Grusebake Nicholis 
Grusebeck Hugh 
Grusebeck Jacob 
Grusebeck William 
Guernsey William 
Hadlack Samuel 
Hadlock Jonathan 
Halcnbeck Henry 
Haling William 
Hall William 
Halien Wi'.iiam 
Hallenbeck Daniel, Jr. 
Halley Daniel 
Halley Joseph 
Halsted Thomas 
Handerson Edward 
Hanyon Garret 
Harden John 
Harold Wiliiain 
Hayle Francis 
Haynes Pardon 
Helling William, Jr. 
Henderson Edward 
Henewell Rice 
Heninger Henry V. 
Henney Cbarls 
Hicks Daniel 
Hicks Thomas 
Hill John 
Hill John, Jr. 
Hill William 
Hi.K William 
Hodges Benjamin 
Hod,"es E^ekiel 
Hodges Ezekicl, Jr. 
Hodges Isaac 
Hodges John 
Hodlat Samuel 
Ilogale Abrahai.i 
Hogel John 
Hogges Daniel 
Hogins Benjamin 
Hogle Frencis 
Holley Daniel 
Hoisted Ezekiel 
Hoisted Thomas 
Honeywell Rice 
Hooper Wil'.iam 
Hopkins Joel 
IlQrnt>ack Denicl 
Hono John 
House John 
Howard Matthev.- 
Hubbil Matthew 
Hubble Daniel 
Hubble Ilheincr 

Hublc Jonathan 
Humphry Evans 
Humphry James 
iL\iii\. Amasa 
Hunt Emery 
Huss John 
Hustiiig James 
Huston James 
Huyck Peter 
Hynis Benjamin 
Ingram Humphrey, Jr. 
Isacks Samuel 
Ively John 
Jadwin Joseph 
Johnson John 
Joimson Josiah 

Kannedy Josiah 
Karr Jonathan 

Ketcham Daniel "" 

Ketcham Jonas 
Ketcham Samuel 

Ketchum Abijah ». 

Ketchum James ^. 

Kitf John 

Kip Lodewick 
liJtchum Daniel 

Kittchim William 

Kiein Joseph 

Kogh Hezekiah 

Lake Gr.ret 

Lamb John 

Limpnien Peter 

LsTiser Isaac 

Lmard Isaac 

Ljaard Thonias 

Lmg Joseph D. 

Lini^unan Abraham 

Laasiug Henry 

Ladiam David 

Lie John 

Ler-pmen Abrm. 

Ltanard Isack 

Leiiiard Tome^ 

Lent Abraha]ii 

Leit Philip 

Lecuell Robert 

Latiis Jacob 

Lctnis Job 

Lcpeie^s Benjamin 

Lcs-elcss Elisha 

Lo'-eUss Jeremiah. 

Lutas John 

I.tKe James 

L-'jn George 

Lyjnes James 

Mcillave William 

Mr"-owan James 

Mj&.-.v William 

Mc.V .al Neai 

^.tiec William 

Tilt Militia — Albany County, I'ourteextii Regiment 


Manderis Hcndriirk 
Mandeville John 
Marrick Abel 
Marroy William 
Marsh Ephraim 
Marsh John 
Marsh William 
Marshel Elihu 
Marthis Henry 
Martin Henry 
Martin Jeremiah 
Martin Josepli 
Martin Nathan 
Martin Peter 
Martin Thomas 
Mash John 
Mash William 
Masters William 
Matthews Heiiery 
May Jolin V.'ilUam 
Mead Nehcmiah 
Mead Noah 
Meads Joseph 
Mendevei! Jolm 
Merrel Morris 
Merrill Moses 
Merrit Moses 
Mers'in Jolm 
Millard Stephen 
Milliman John, Jr. 
Monro .V Nathan 
Mullory William 
Mumford Robson 
Munro Samuel 
Munson Titus 
Murpey Thom.as 
Near George 
Nelson John 
Newcomb James 
Nicklison Israel 
Nickoll Asa 
Nokes John 
Nye Seth 
Oakley Steplien 
Odd Gershom 
Oderkerk Frederick 
Okeley Stephen 
Oiler Peter 
Omsted Gidian 
Ostrander Abraham 
O^trai'.der John 
Ostrander Joh.ntise 
Ostrander Peter 
Overocker Adam 
Ovcrocker George 
Overocker Jacob 
Overocker Michel 
Paddock Levi 
Paddok Job 
Page Air.os 

Palmer David 
Palmer Fenner 
Palmer Garsham 
Palmer Nathan 
Palmer Nathaniel 
Paree David 
Parker Caleb 
Parker Jonathan 
Parse Benjamin 
Patterson Robert 
Pattis William 
Pattson William 
Pearcc Levi 
Perce David 
Perry Absalom 
Peter Felix 
Pierce Benjamin 
Pierce David 
Pierce Norris 
Porter Felix • 
Powell Jonathan 
Powell Richard 
I'ov.'cll Thomas 
Powell William 
Price John 
Price John, Jr. 
P'^ice Jonathan 
Price Samuel 
Purdy Peter 
Quacketjbus Harman 
Quackenbush Gose 
Rager Gabral 
Ramer Frederick 
I'.ani-;cr Christian 
Riy William 
Rehcrn Joseph 
Renler Lawrence 
Reynolds Jeremiah 
Riar George 
P'ce John 
Rice Seth 
Richardson James 
Richeiison James 
Richenson William 
Ric'-.erdson Isaac 
R:chc5on Thomas 
Rickard Coniod 
Rickart John 
Robins Evens 
Roman Peter 
Ro'jt Josiah 
Rose Benjamin • 
Rose Cornelius 
Rose John 
Rojefalt Jacob 
Rouse Jacob 
Roi.:se John 
PoLise Jonathan 
Rouse Nicholas 
Rowland 01i>'cr 

Rowland Samuel 
Ruger Gideon 
Ryon John 
Samboorn Nathaniel 
Samnions Jacob 
Scheley Martin 
Schryer Nicholas 
Scot Stephen 
Scott Benjamin 
Scott Thomas 
Scribner Abel 
Scribner Abel, Jr. 
Scribner John 
Scribner Samuel 
Scribner Zadok 
Scutt Abraham. 
Seal John 
Sealy Matthew 
Seperley Earned 
Sharp John 
Sharp Peter 
Shaw Comfort 
Shaw Daniel 
Shaw Nathaniel 
Shearer William 
Shean.nan Caleb 
Shele Martin 
Shcpard Israel 
Shepard William 
Sipperley Jacob 
Sisson John 
Slatry Patrick 
Slauter Patrick 
Slip William 
Sly Elisha 
Sly John 
Smith Benjamin 
Smith Simeon 
Smith William 
Sneider Johannes 
Snyder Christopher 
Snyder J; cob 
Snyder John 
Sordam Samuel 
Spaulding Elijah 
Stark Asel 
Stark Christopher 
Stark Christopher, Jr 
Start .'Vsahel 
Start Christopher 
Start William 
Stephens James 
Stephens William 
Stilwill John 
Stihvill Samuel 
Stinson William 
Strovcl John 
Supplien -Abraham 
Surdant Samuel 
Swe<;t Amoj 

Sweet William 
Teachout Jacob 
Tensler James 
Thompson Israel 
Tibbit George 
Tinseller John 
Tinslar John 
Toll Charles H. 
Toll Jesse 
Toll Simon 
Tusslar John 
Tyler Samuel 
Van Allen Henry 
Van Allen Manuel 
Van Antwerp Lewis 
Van Antwerp Simon 
Van Arnon Lewis 
Van ."Vrnum Luke 
Van Buren Marthcn 
Van Buskerk Peter 
Vancark Peter 
Vandenberch Piiilip 
Va.ndenbergh Winant C. 
Van Der Cook Cournelius 
Van Der Cook Michel 
Vanderhof Jacob 
Van Derhoo: Gilbard 
Van Derhook Isaac 
Van Der Werken Martin 
Van Groesbeck Johans 
V.'.n Grosbeck Wouter 
Van Hyiiing Hendrick 
Van Name .-\arnn 
Van Nest Jacob 
Van Nest John 
V.an Nest Soromei 
^'an Norton Henry 
Vansent John 
Van Sirdam Samuel 
Van Sordam Andris 
Van Sordam Lowrana 
Van Sordam T-m-.s 
Van Vactan James 
Van Vaphtcn irlerman 
Vf.n ValkenburKl: Jacob 
Van N'orees Garritt 
Va.n Wonncr Henry 
Va-i Wormer John 
Vcle Tunas 
Vilie Cyprian 

Vieie Abraham 

Vicle John 
Viele John T. 
Vicle Lewis 
Vie'.c Loderveci-.s 
Vie.e Peter — 

Viele Stephen 
Viiiijar .-\dair. 
V'Jssdu^; Eldert 
^^co;hccs Caret 


Nevs' YciRK IN riiE Devolution 

Vradeaburgh Jacobej 
Vradenburgh John 
Vroman Adam 
V'rudenburgh Abr'm 
Wait Benjamin 
Wait John 
Wait William 
Walderon Corne'.ius 
Walderon Gcrit 
Walderum Garret 
Wa!do Jolm, Sr. 
Waldo John, Jr. 
Wallis Elijah 
Wallu Elisiia 
WalHs Nathaniel 
Wallii Nchemiah 

Wallis Timothy 
WanJell John 
Weatherwax Alexandei 
Weatherwax David 
Wcathervvax Martm 
Weatherwax Peter 
Wcderwax Alexander 
Weeb Jonethan 
Wocler Jonailian 
Wells George 
West Willrbton 
Wetzel George 
Wheeler Jonathan 
Wheeler Richard 
Whitford Caleb 
Wightman Edward 

Wili'ort Golcps 
Wilkms Obadiah 
Williams Asher 
Williams Azael 
Williams John 
Williams Thomas 
Williams Thomas F. 
Williams Thomas P. 
Williamson James 
Willsen Ebenezer 
Wiltse Francis 
Wiltse Martin 

Winchel Jeremiah 
Winnr Gcrret 
Wintworth Aipheus 

VAterley William 
W'jthcrwax Johannes 
Withford Ciltip 
Witiick Abraham 
Wood Nathaniel 
Wool James 
Wright Alexander 
Waller Jonethen 
Yates Abraham 
Yates James 
Y«ats Peter 
Y'ork Daniel 
Y'oung David 
Young John 
Young Jlanuel 
Y'ounglove Samuel 

Albany County Militia — Fifteenth Regiment 



Capt. Storm Becker 

" Christian Brown 

" William Deitz 

" Alexander Harper 

" Jacob IIeger 

" Dirk Miller 

" George Riciitmyer 

" Christian Stubracii 

" Teunis Vro.man 

Lieut. John Bauck 

'" Henry Borst 

Lieut. Jacob Borst 
" John Dietz 
" Cornelius Feeck 
" Peter Heacer 
" Johannes J. Lawyer 

John Myeks 
' Jacob Snyder 
' Peter Snyder 

" Peter Snydek. Jr. 
" John Thornton 
Ephraim Vro.man 

LiELT. Martin Vro.man 


Ensign Isaac Becker 

John L. Bellinger 
John Brow.n 
John Enders 

" J.«,coD Lawyer 
Peter Swart- 
Peter Van Antwerp 

" Nicholas Warner 


Acker George 
.Ackerson Thomas 
Backer Albartus 
Baker Johannis 
Ball Matthew 
Barnes Joseph 
Barnhart Philip 
Bartholomew Tabald 
Bauch Ch.ristian 
Baiich C'ornelius 
Bauch David 
Bauch iltnrich 
Bauch Jaoob 
Bauch John 
Bauch Nicholas 
Bauclj Peter 
Bauch Tlioinas 
Bauch Wilham W. 
Bauck Joliannes 
Bauck Lawrence 

Bauck Nicholas W. 
Bauck Vv'illiarri 
Beacker George 
Becker Abraham 
Becker Adam 
Becker Albartus 
Becker Bill 
Becker Coeuraed 
Becker David 
Becker Fredrick 
Becker Garrit 
Becker George 
Becker Harnianus 
Becker L'endrick 
Becker Jacob 
Beckci' Johannes 
Becker Johanni; K. 
Becker Jolin A. 
Becker John Alb. 
Becker John Gen 

Becker John J. 
Becker Nicholas 
Becker Storm 
Becker Storm A. 
Becker William 
Eeik Marlines 
Beiker John P. 
Beker .Abraham 
Belinger Johannest 
Bellinger Marcus 
Bellinger Marcus. Jr. 
Bereamp Benjamin 
Berg .-Vbraliam 
Bergh Philip 
Bevam Benjamin 
Boon Richard 
Borft B^Itus 
Borst Jacob 
Borst Johannes 
Borst Jolin, Jr. 

Borst Joost 
Borst Joseph J. 
Borst Jost 
B.,.-st Migel 
Borst Peter 
Borst Philip 
Borst Marlines 
Borst John 
Br-itit Michel 
Bvantner Anthony 
Braun V,'i!!iam 
Brewer Peter 
Brown .-\dain 
Brown .-\d-^.n:, Jr. 
Brown John 
Jirown Migel 
Srown Josei)h 
ffruer Peter 
B'-rst Peter 
Burst Philip 

The MiLiiiA — Albaxv Col'xty. FirTi:!:xTi! Regiment 


Burst Marlines 
Cachcy Hugh 
Cadogan Barne 
Cagr.cy Andrew 
Caghcy Andris 
Cayhcy Hugh 
Cannady John 
Coenrad Henry 
Coenrad Henry, Jr. 
Coleman Thomas 
Corneli^cn Cornelius 
Cortney William 
Cowley Jonathan 
Cramer Charles 
CriscoU Jacob 
Daley Nathan 
Dannea Lewis 
Dietz Johan Jost 
Dietz William 
Dominick John 
Ecker Jost 
Eckerson Cornelius 
Eckerson John 
Eckerson Tennis 
Eckerson Tunis, Jr. 
Egars Julius 
Enders Jacob 
Endcrs Johannes 
Enders Peter 
Enders William 
Evans Joseph 
Fakes Piter 
Falk Jacobus 
Feeck Jacob 
Feeck Nicholas 
Feek Johanes 
Ferguson John 
Finck Peter 
Finck William 
Forstei George 
Forster Jacob 
Frymer George 
Frymer Johannes 
Frymier David 
Frymier John 
Frymier Michael 
Gcrlotk Nicholas 
Granatier Jacob 
Granatier John 
Grans Michael 
Hagar Handrick 
Hagar Joseph 
Hagcdorn Adam "* 

Hagedorn Bartholomew 
Hagedorn Dirck 
Hagedorn Samuel 
Hager John 
Hagetorn John 
Hatzel George 

Hauck Henrich 
Heager Peter 
Heger Adam 
Henry W'illmm 
Herron James 
Hcrron James, Jr. 
Herron Robert 
Hills Christopher 
Hills George 
Hilsinger Jacob 
Hilsinger John 
Hilsinger Michael 
Hilsinger Peter 
Hilts Stefifel, Jr. 
Hiltsinger Michal 
Hitzman Hendrick 
Hoftrasser Jacob 
Howell Van son 
Huiver Feli.x 
Humphrey Benjamin 
Humphrey John 
Humphry James 
Humphry Jiihn 
Ingolt Johannes 
Jansen Johannis 
Jansen Joseph 
Janson Hendrick 
Jesscy Juas 
Kanidy John 
Kayser Abraham 
Kayser Johajuies 
King Leonard 
Knieskern Jacob 
Knieskern Johannes 
Kniskern Hendrick P. 
Kniskern Henry 
Kniskern Peter 
Kniskern Tunis 
Koenig Joliaiinis 
Koenig Mige! 
Koenig StotTel 
Koening Leonard 
Krielcr Baltus 
Kriseior John 
Kri.'^lcr John 
Lamb William 
Laucks Andreas 
Lawyer .Vbraliam 
Lav.'yer David 
Lawyer Jacob 
Lavvyer Johannes L. 
Lawyer Lambert 
Lawyer Lawrence 
Lav,-yer Nicholas 
Lawyer Peter 
Leek V/illiam 
Long NiclioI.TS 
Loucks Jeremiah 
Low John 
McCoy John 

McCoy John. i^t. 
McCoy John, 2d. 
McKay John, 1st. 
McKay John, jd. 
McKee Samuel 
McLout Alexander 
■Nlahalean Hugh 
Mann Jacob 
Mann Peter, Jr. 
Mann William 
Mannas Jerreniy 
Mattice Abraham 
Mattice Coenraed 
Mattice Elias 
Mattice Frederick 
Mattice George 
Mattice Henrich 
Mattice John 
Mattice John. Jr. 
^lattice John H. 
Mattice Joost 
Mattice Nicholas 
Mattice Nicholas F. 
Merckel Jacob 
Merckel John 
Merckel Philip 
Merckel Nicholas 
Mercker Henrich 
Merenis George 
Morrow James 
Muller Dirik 
Munie Jacob 
Murphy Timothy 
Nitzley Gerret 
Nott John 
Otto Frantz 
Otco Gottlieb 
Pain John 
Pasolee Gya 
Patchin Isaac 
Patterson Thomas 
Perree Daniel 
Price Daniel 
Reinhardt George 
Reinhardt Mattice 
Reinhardt William 
Resue John 
Richtcr John 
Richter Nicholas 
Richtmeyer Christian 
Riclitmeyer Jacob 
Ricl^.tmeyer Jonn George 
Rickart George 
Rickert Johannes 
Rickert Marcus 
Rickert Nichola.^ 
Right John 
Right Thomas 
Rittcr Andtciie 
Ritter C'lristian 

Ritter John 
Ronyon Samuel 
Rorick Bearncy 
Rorigh Kasper 
Roth Thomas 
Salge Henrich 
Schaeter Joiiannis T. 
Schaeier Lampert 
Schaeter ^[arcku5, Jr. 
Schafer Adam 
Schaier Jacob 
Schafer Johannes 
Schafer John 
Schcfer Christian 
Scheler Debald 
Schefer Denes 
Schefer Hendrick 
Schefer John 
Schefer Joost 
Schefer Peter 
Scheler Peter. Jr. 
Schefer Marcus 
Schefer Tenes, Jr. 
Schell Christian 
Schell Jacob F. 
Schell Jost 
Schneyder Lutwig 
Schohnan George 
Schoolcraft Jacob 
Schoolcraft William 
SchulcratTt Pet^r 
Schu>ler John 
Schuyler Simon 
Shaver Henry 
Shell Adam 
Shelmidine Richard 
Sidney Peter 

S::ney William 
Sivnich Jost 
Sitnig Henrich 
Slaughter Nicholas 
Slu\-der Nicholas 
Snyder George 
Snyder Henry 
^::yder Jacob, Jr. 
Snyder Jolm 
Snyder John. Jr. 
Siyder Philip 
Snyder William 
S.crnberg Jacob 
S rrnberger Abraham 
S:ernberger Lambert 
Sternberger Lambert. Jr. 
S:rubach Barend 
Sxrnbergh David 
S;v .ibienner Benjamin 
S therly Ankis 
Swart Lawrence 
Swart Thunes 


j\'r.\v York i:; the Rfaolutio.v 

Tencry Sever 
Thornton Thomas 
Tufts Zaeliariali 
Turner James 
Valck John 
Vaicoiiburgh Joacani 
Valk-L-nburgh Adam 
Valkenburgh Joost 
Van Allen Plulip 
Van Antwarp John 
Van Antwarp Pet'.-r 
Van ilrenier Thomas 
Van Denbergh Daniel 
Van Dyck Cornelius 
Van Dyek Jacob 
Van Dyck John 
Van Gelten Antreas 

Van Lone Jacobus 
Van Sice Joseph 
Van Sisen Joseph 
Van Slyck Peter^ 
Van Valkenburgh Ilar- 

Vronian Adam 
Vtoman Adam J. 
Vroman Barent 
Vroman Bartholomew 
Vroman I^aac. Jr. 
Vronian Johan 
Vroman Jonas 
Vroman Martinas 
Vroman Peter 
Vroman Peter A. 
Vronian F'eter C. 

Vroman Peter J. 
Vroman Simon 
Vrooman Samuel 
Waldiway Henry 
Weaver Christian 
Weaver Henry 
Webber Christian 
Wcnn John 
Werner Cliristophcr 
Werner George 
Werner George, Jr. 
Werner Joost 
Werner Joost, Jr. 
Werth Henrich 
Werth Johannes 
Wever Henry, Jr. 

V/holebur John. Jr. 
Wileber John 
Williams Hhai 
Winn John 
Young William 
Zart John 
Zeck Nicholas 
Zeh David 
Zeh Jo5t 
Ziegraft Jacob 
Ziellie Peter. Jr. 
Zimer William 
Zimmer .^dr.m 
Zimmer George 
Zimmer Jacob 
Zimmer Peter 

Albany County Militia — Sixteenth Regiment 


C-i^PT. WiLLi.'\.M Crown 
CoR.vELurs Doty 
" George GiLMORr; 
" Eli.\s Golpem 

S.\.\iucL Hodges 
" John McKillip 
" John Paths 
John Pettit 
" Joseph W ells 
" John Whiteside 


Capt. William Woodworth 
LiEfT. James Bolton 

Admiral Burtch 

Sa.muel Clark 


" Daniel Heath 
William Pov.lll 

'■ Nathan Smiti; 
Andrew Tho.v^son 

" Benjamin Tn fanv 

Lieut. Gerritt X^iX Nass 
TiioMAS Whiteside 
Gersho.m Woodworth 
Adraha.m Wright 
Ensign S- l'.o.mo.n King 
'• Kenry Loop 
" /'...lES Morrison 
Li-AAC Perine 


L; .•GH Thompson 

Lieut. Joae Giuen 

additional names o.v st.\te treasurer s pay books 
Ensign Richard Robinson 

.Allen Ca'.cb 
Allen David 
Allen James 
Alk-n John 
Allen Stephen 
A'.lis William 
A!mey Johcn 
Amstrong Nathan 
Ashton Thomas 
Astin Parvis 
A^lOll Jolien 
Aurner Richard 
Auitin Da»-is 
Austin John 
Eahcock Johen 
Backer John 
Backer Martin 
Baker David 
Baker Marlines 
Baker Peter 

Bjne Benjamin 
Barber James 
Bartt Henry 
Beach Thomas 
Peavon Jacob 
B^ebe Nathaniel 
Bell Martin 
Belli!' ire Stephen 
Be':nLt Jonathan 
Berry Bowlen 
Bi.rry Ephraim 
Bills Elish.a 
Black James 
Black Robert 
Llaer Johen 
Bh.ir Robert 
Piake James 
Blower William 
Blowers Charles 
Blowers Samuel 


Boice Benjamin 
I'.oice Henry 
Bolton Ale.\andcr 
Botchcii Peter 
Bowman Robert 
Boyce Millerd 
Brace Robert 
Bratt Jolm 
Bra\ton Joseph 
Braxton Mattliev,- 
Brewer Elias 
Briggs Jo-inli 
Bright JiiiK-i'son 
Britman Johnson 
Erower Elias 
Broun D.ivid 
Brown Sr;inucl 
Browning B!ack:;'( 
Brunr Hai'.rcy 
Buchanan Patrick 

P'uck Amos 
Samp .'Varon 
r-ump Moses 
Kar Aaron 
IJ^Tcli Amas 
F-.rch Beverley 
Burcii Ichabod 
E .'.rch Richard 
iv._;rch Thonies 
B '.ft Henry, Jr. 
V -.irtcli Beverly 
F urtch Jtneitis 
I-. '.-.'cek Mr.ning 
B ;shark Martin 
B-.iskark Dirirk 
Euskark John 
B ■. 'ten Peter 
B-:-toy Zebu'.on 
Caldwell Jo.eph 
Ci.iiada Thomas 

Tin: Militia — Ai.i;a.\\ CViuxrv, SixrbiK.xi n Kkhimi-int 


Canady James 
Carey Seth 
ChasL- Daniel 
Cluib-o i'hinclias 
Chase Samuel 
("iarey Luke 
Clark John 

Clobright Christopher 
Cole Barnabas 
Collins John 
Collins Julius 
Colter James 
Conner John 
Cook Ichabud 
Cooper John 
Cooper William 
Core Johcn 
Corey Jonathan 
Cornel Joseph 
Cotnel Heber 
Cottell Eber 
Coudin James 
Coudin James S. 
Coulter Alexander 
Coulter James 
Covell James 
Covel! Jonathan 
Covell Joseph 
Cowan Alexander 
Cowan James 
Cowai! Robert 
Cowan William 
Crosman Daniel 
Crowel Seth 
Culver Bezaliel 
Culver Nathan 
Dack Charles 
Dantum William 
Datter Benjamin 
Davis Squire 
Deake Charles 
Deake Charles. Jr. 
Dcniing Samuel 
Dennis Samuel 
Dounlap John 
Dunham Joseph 
Dunlap William 
Dutclier Solomon 
Karil Daniel. Jr. 
F.aril Robert 
Easieruood Abel 
lidgar William 
Edie James 
Eldred Jamei 
Eldrcd llionias 
Eldridi^e James 
Eldridge Thomas 
Ellis Daniel 
Elli^ William 
Esvet David 

Fisher Amos 
Fisher Wdliam 
Foort Dan'cl 
Forde Thomas 
Fort Johen 

Fort Peter 

Forth Daniel 
Fowler George 
Fowier Isaac 
Fowler Johen 
Fowler Morrel 
French David 
Fuller John 
Gaftin Jemes 
Galaway Thomas 
GifFert Gedion 
Gillmore George 
Gillmore James 
Gilmore William 
Golden Ellas 
Golden John 
Goldihe William 
Gould William Deak 
Gray David 
Gray Hugh 
Gray William 
Green Bowen 
Green John 
Green Thomas 
Greene Job 
Grene Benjamin 
Grcnc Jeremiah 
Groat Henry A. 
Groat Henry D. 
Haeth Aleyh 
Hall Burges 
Hall Thomas 
Hammond William 
Hannan William 
Harman William 
Harren Ellet 
Ilarren Johen 
Hart Daniel 
Hathaway John 
Hay William 
Heath Daniel 
Heath Daniel, Jr. 
Heath Elijah 
Heath Joseph 
Heath Samuel 
He.ith Simeon 
Heath Stephen 
Heath Timothy 
Heatli Windslow 
Henry Joseph 
lleir.K'.n Lemuel 
Hill Xhon'.is 
Hodge Solomon 
Hodges Curtis 
Ho<iges Daniel 

Hod;iCS Jo.-luia 
H'.'dges Samuel 
Hogcl Cornelius 
Hogel Peter 
Hoges Carter 
Ho.i^es Daniel 
Hoges Ezekiel 
Hoges Lsaac 
Holland John 
Hond Thotnas 
Hosken Joseph 
Houghtahng Jacob 
Hunt Elven 
Hunt Thomas 
Hurly Elisha 
Irvine James 
Irwin James 
Jaquez Thoma 
Johnson Edon 
Johnson William 
Keittle Benjeman 
King Hezekiah 
King Israel 
Lake Abraham 
Lake Christopher 
Lake Henry 
Lake Henry. Jr. 
Lake Nicholas 
Lake Nicholas, Jr. 
Lampkin Thomas 
Eastwood Abel 
Lewis Christopher 
Lewis Robert 
Lewis Ruben 
Locke Nicholas 
Locke Nicholas. Jr. 
Loop Martin 
Lucas David 
Lucas Nathaniel 
Luke Clary 
I\lcAuley Williai-.! 
McCheiiiy John 
McClaughry Ric'.uird 
McDonald Eduara 
AIcKic James 
McKilip Thomas 
McWaters James 
Ma.gce Jamc- 
Manley John 
Mead Aroii 
Menier R .<beit 
Meser John 
Millar James 
Millar Robert 
Miller John 
.Mii'S John 
Meiger Niei'.ok'.s 
Moicl Jonathan 
Morrel John 
Morrison Jaincs 

Morrison John 
Morrison Samuel 
Moshcr Daniel 
Mosher Hezekiah 
Mosher Jabez 
Mosher Jabez, Jr. 
Mosher Nicholas 
Moshier David 
Mubhet William 
Nobles John 
Norton David 
Norton Joneton 
Odci Jonas 
Omsted Judson 
Onderlee Johen 
Oviatt Isaac 
Palmer Jeremiah 
Paterson Robert 
Paterion William 
Patterson Adam 
Patt-^on Adam 
Perry Aaron 
Perry John 
Perry Rowlen 
Peters Andrew 
Peters Joseph 
Pettes Asa 
Petteye .\sa 
Pettit Micajah 
Phelps Timothy 
Philips Francis 
Pickla Clark 
Porter Elijah 
Potter Samuel 
Pottice .\ssa 
Powel William 
Powers John 
Pres'.<Tn David 
Preston John 
Preston Samuel 
Preston William 
J'rtnce David 
I'l i: ce Job 
''Juckanbus Tueiies 
Rice David 
R;c::ely Clark 
Ro'rertson Archibald 
Robertson William 
RoSinson William 
RoO.gcrs Hugh 
Roc'^ers James 
Roki James 
Rolo Walter 
Rose John 
Ross John 
Res- Walter 
Rot:h James 
I<c':;i Benjamin 
Rovivhling James 
Ruf.y Zcbiilon 


New York in thk Ki;\i.)Lltiqn 

S.iiUiSal Abtrhum 
SclinolernU Adain 
Si-iiou'.crafl Cluistian 
Si:!iou!cralt Chri^toplicr 
Schoten Jolien 
Schoulcrait Cobus 
Scott Ji.Iiu 
Scolt Steven 
Scribner Abel 
Scribner Samuel 
Seelcy David 
Seeley Ebenezer 
Seclye David 
Sefridge Edward 
Seli'ridgr John 
SelUidije Oliver 
Scrdam Tuneis 
ShaafT William 
Shaf Henry 
Shaf William 
Shaff John 
Shairman Batchelor 
Shairnian Shubatl 
Shan Joseph 
Siiarman Shubel 
Sharp Andrew 
Sharp Cornelius 
Sharp Johen 
Sharp Peter 
Sharp Richard 
Shauff John 
Shaw Daniel 

Siiearnian Back 
Sl'-carman Batchelor 
Shepman Ezekiel 
Shern;an Jolien 
Sherman Lemuel 
Shipinan Daniel 
Shipinan Elisha 
Shrman Henry 
Skilly Alexander 
Skelly Welyoum 
Small James 
Smit Benjamin 
Smith Caleb 
Smith Henry 
Smith Ruggerd 
Spalden Eliijha 
Sprague Gibson 
Sprague Solomon 
Steel Thomas 
Stephens Wdliam 
Stevens Matthew 
Stewart James 
Still Thomas 
Stock Godfrey 
Summers Robert 
Sweet David 
Symers Robert 
Tallman Jonathan 
Tallman William 
Tanner Joseph 
Taruble Judah 
Tclfer George 

Terry Nathaniel 
Thomas Robert 
Thomson William 
Toot Daniel 
Trable Judah 
Valintine Joseph 
Valintine Stephen 
Vallantine Alexander 
\'andu--e Abraiiam 
Van Duzer Abraham 
Van Duzer John 
Van Sandam Anthony 
Van Tassell Abraham 
Van Tcsscl Cornelius 
Vante.-sel Haiirey 
Volentine John 
Vollentiiie Joseph 
Wadsworth Elisha 
Waldo David 
WaldL> Jonathan 
Waldo Joneton. Jr. 
Wallis r.Lnjamin 
Ward Alihu 
Ward Joneton 
Warner James 
Waters J;.nies ^L 
Webb Johen 
Weir John 
Weir Robert 
Welch Eenry 
W'eller Amos 

Weils Austin 
Weiis Daniel 
Weils Ednioii, Jr. 
Wells Henry 
Wtlls Sheiar 
Weiis Timothy 
Welsh -Mono 
W'eitch Murty 
West Benjamin 
Whaling James 
Wheeler Jacob 
Wheeler Samuel 
Whiteside Detten 
Whiteside Thomas 
Whitsid Edward 
Wier James 
Wiico.x David 
Wiliar Amos 
V/ilson Nathan 
Wilson Samuel 
Wing Benjamin 
Vv'i-ng David 
VVoodard Joseph 
Woodworth Caleb/' 
Woodworth Gershom 
W.ood worth Josiah 
Woolsworth William 
Wcrden Natlianiel 
V/right Caleb 
Wright Samuel 
Yoangiove David 

Albany County Militia — Seventeenth Regiment 





Elij.mi Bostwick Caft. 

Ki;exkzer Cady 

John Davis 

Elisha Gildert 

Daxiei- Herkick LiEur. 

Aaron Kellogg 

Gideon- Ktng 
Isaac Pealouy 
JOH.N' .SAL:;yuRV 
Jacos VosBLRCH 

S-iiMUEL Bailey 


Peter E vrker 
Euenezer Bl.\jami:< 


Asahel Gray 
N.\THA.\ Herrick 
Ezra Ele 

Ja.UZS PilEH'i 

Sam'jel ReaForb 

addition'al names o.v state treasurer s 

Lieut. Reuhen' Rowley 
El;;.\h Skinner 
PoLioARPus Smith 


Ensign Bfnja;..'in .\ndrus 
Elitau Cadv 

Liu't. Ti;;mas PIi-kluurt 
M^-.^HS Jones 
Ezt. I MuKR.w 
Eo . ARD Wheeler 

pay r.ooKS 
Ensign N.v-.iianiel Colver 
SASfVEL Darby 
' Asa Doty 

Be.';;amin Foun 
Jer.-.miah Hu:i:iard 
Sam;uf,l Jones 


" Hiii\"j<Y Walter 



an Jonatliim 
n Sainui-l 

Foster W'iiliam 
Gra\es John 
H.unlin Peras 


Jackson Thophilas 
Orton Thomas 

Ro •'. D: vid 
Vo.:;v;ini Stephin 

The Militia — CitAui.oTTt Cm.'XTv 


Albany County Militia — Independent Company 

Capt. Petrus V,\>' Gaaseeik 

Bartel! Philip A. 
Bcrringer Petiuj 
Best Benjamin 
Best Johannis, Jr. 
Best Jury. Jr. 
Best Peter 
Best Willi's 
Blass Hendrick P. 
Blass Michael 
Biass Will-.ani 
Combs Samuel, Jr. 

Decker Andries 
Decker Ber.jar.nn 
Decker Jaeobu.i 
Decker James 
Decker James E're 
Decker Leonard 
Dick Paul 
Finger Coenraedt 
Freer Simon 
Ham Jacob 
Hendricks Bartell 


Hop Thomas 
Meyer Fredrick 
?,Lller Jacob 
Post Samuel 
Povt Wilhelmis 
Power Jacob. Jr. 
Power Xicl'.olas, Jr. 
Proper Fredrick. Jr. 
Rosnian Coenrat.dt L 
.Shaver Peter 
Shuts Ian 

Shuts Johannis H. 
Smith William H. 
Snyder Lodeuyck 
Spikeman Frederick 
Staei Hendrick, Jr. 
Stael Johannis 
Stiever John 
Vader Samuel 
Van De Water August 
Vonrk Jacob 
Wheeler William 

Charlotte County Militia 



Capt. John Armstrong 
John }L\milton , 
" Edward Long */ 
'■ Alexander McNitt 

Capt. Nehemiah Seely 
Seth Sue;;'.vood 
Elisi!am.\ Tozer 
" James Wilson 

Lrr.cT. John Munson 

IcHABOD Parker 
John Pattison 
" Duncan Shav/ 


Qr Mr. a. Fuller 
Surg. Thomas Clark 
Capt. Silas Childs 
John Tho.mas 
Ja.\!es Willson 
Lieut. Paul Avarill 
Thomas Rooes 
T'ko.mas Bradshaw 
" Daniel Brundage 

Lieut. Samuel Buell 

" Asa Cook. 

" Asaph Cool 

Ep:iraij( Fuller 

'' John Martin 

Daniel McCleary 
George ilcKNiGUT 
James TvJoore 
Samuel Sherwood 

Lieut, /'.le.xander Simpson 
RoilERT Ste'.vart 
" ^vlexander Turner 
Ensi'JJ? Benjamin Bakes 
Samuel Ckosset 
'■ ^VILLIAM Little 
" Alexander McNees 
" J '..xiES Morrison 
■' ';AMES Stewart 


Armstrong James 
Armstrong John 
Armstrong Roliort. Jr. 
Barber Jonathan 
Beatty John 
Blarkky David 
Blackley John 
Boyd John 
Boyd Thomas 
Cady Luther 
Chanibeis John 
Clark John 
Cleavcland Benjamin 
Crighton Robert 
Croolvslipnks George 
Croset Sanuicl 
Ea.iton George 
Edgar David 

Evens John 
Foster Abraham 
Foster John 
Fowler George 
Getty Robert 
Graham William 
Gray Isa-ic 
Gray Nathaniel 
Gray.itns William 
Grayham John 
Grimes John 
Gutrey John 
Hamilton John 
Hanna John 
Harris Mosc.i 
Ilar.sha John 
Henderson .\l-xandcr 
Hopknis David 

Hopkins Isaic 
Hopkins James 
Hopkins Kolicrt 
Hoiikins S.imuel 
Hoy Richard 
Hniisdon Allen 
Hun^don Joh.n 
Hunter John 
Jcrrci Samuel 
Lanien Frar.se;; 
Law John 
Lcmg Edward 
Lyon Samuel 
Lytic J^aac 
Lytle Robert 
Lytic William 
>-c.\rrcr Kk.bert 
McC arter J'lim 

McClaughry ^Latrhcv^• 
iicCieary Daniel 
McClothery Matthew- 
McCoy William 
i.\IcCrakei! Joseph. 
McFarlr.iid James 
McFarland Joiiii 
Ah-Farland Wil'iam 
^^cGi'Kli^ Peter 
McMichcl John 
McNight George 
McNiit Daniel 
McNitt David 
McNitt John 
T'.IcNorsh .Mcxandcr 
McWethy Sil-.s 
l\iarti:i Jo;;n 
Mattcrson Daniel 


New YoiiK 

i.\ T\];; KLNrduTii):' 

Matlibon Dsnie! 
I\luncnei Willimu 
Moor James 
iMunson Nathaniel 
Neljoii Joseph 
Page William 
Ramag John 
Rogc William 
Rot;ers Hughes 
Rogers James 

Rogers Williain 
Rowcn John 
Ruinagc John 
Savage James 
Sherwood Ntwirian 
SiniiJSoii Andrew 
Simson Alexander 
Smith William 
Sleel John 
Stevenson James 

Stewart Alexander 
Stewart James 
Stuart David 
Stuart Roliert 
Thompson William 
Tomb? D.i\id 
Tombs Joseph 
Tuni'^r Alexander 
Wallace John 
Webb John 

Webster Alexander 
Wheedon David 
Williams Lewis 
Williams Samuel 
\\'illiams Tlioir.as 
\Vilsoii James 
Wilson Robert 
IN'ilson Samuel 
Wright Jacob 

Cumberland County Mi'.itia 

Cai'T. Asa Rice Capt. Stefiien Shepardson Capt. David Stow ell 


Lieut. Simeon Edwards Lieut. Tiiiotuv Root 

(No enlisted m-'n found) 

Cumberland County Militia — Hatch's Company ofMrsute Men 

Capt. Joseph Hatch 
Lieut. Amos Chamberlain 

Lieut. Elkan ah Dav 

Lieut. Stmfon Stevens 


Abby Jacob 
Abby John 
Abner Thomas 
Avcrill Samuel 
Balding Elijah 
Baldwin Elijah 
Baldwin Seth 
Bard John 
Barnet Benjamin 
Barton Henry 
Baxter Wiiham 
Beldinj Sctii 
Bell W'illiair 
Brown John 
Carpenter Uriah 
Carr Robert 
Chai'tVc Calvin 
Chaniberlain Ash^ir 
Chamberlain Joel 
Chapley William 
Ccnc Lemuel 
Crofford James 

Crook Charles 
Curtiss Samuel 
Darbe Simeon 
Davies Abel 
Davis Abel, Jr. 
Devinc Thomas 
Dickersi'ii Abrah.im 
Easton ".ikiad 
Eaton Samuel 
Ellet Joliii 
Foste .Aiitoney 
French Jc^hn 
Fuller Jon^iihan 
Gould Moses 
Gould Neheiniah 
Hadley Jonathan 
Hadlcy Samuel 
Hardy Robert 
Jlrsinicn .Moses 
Heath Jesse 
Hcrrimnn Moses 
Htrriinan Pliilip 

Hitkson James 
Hogins Daniel 
Huntriss James 
Hutchinson John 
Johnson Jolin 
Kelley .Mos'-s 
Kitredge N Uhaniel 
i^'lcLauton james 
Miller Robert 
Mills John 
Moore Ezra 
Moore Fairbank 
Jloore I'.''irl'aiik. Jr. 
Moore William 
Morse John 
Osband John 
Owen Sy nanus 
Page Jacob 
Parker Elijah 
Parker Timothy 
Parkhurst Phineas 
Perciva'. Si.-piicn 

Fhippan Joseph 
F'dast Ekiad, Jr. 
Pvatt Josiah 
pLanny Daniel 
Kiobinsjn Nathan 
S. ivagc- Thomas 
S.orjeant Timothy 
Siiiev.ay Hezekiah 
S;!;?,les Jolin 
S'uith John 
Spring Thomas 
Stevens E'ias 
?;,eveiis John 
Srevens Otho 
T-oney Antiior.y 
\';,terma'; Elijah 
W'i bst.?r Ephraim 
V\ !iitc Nicholas 
\V.ii!ard Joseph 
Wiliiamsonn James 
V.'isc John 
W :!ght A'ner 

The AIiLiTiA — I^urcHE.^i Coc.niv, StcuxD Regiment 

Dutchess County Militia — Second Regiment 




George G. Brinkerhoff 

John G. Brinkerhoff 

Nicholas Brower 

Joseph Horton 

Abraham Lent 

John Schutt 

Thomas Storm 

Evert \V. Swart 
'■ James R. Swartwout 

John Van BuNscHOTii.v 
'■ Matthew \^an Bunscho- 


Isaac Van W'vlk 

Liett. Cornelius Adriance 
Robert Breit 
John Cooper 
Johannes Dewitt 
Christian Dl'bois 
Stepukn Osborne 
Benjamin Rosekrans 
Jacobus Scautt 
Abraham Schultz 
William Swaktwout 
Rolert Todd 
Barent Van Clhack 
Isaac Van Cleef 
Barent Van Kleeck 

Lieut. Abraham Van Wyck 
Francis Way 
Johannes Wiltsie 

Ensign Moses Barber, 
jACon Bisse 
Laivrence Haff 
Charles Hoffman 
Abraham Hogeland 
Ap.raham Ladue 
Daniel Sciienck 
Jacob S. Swartvout 
Jacobus Sv/artwout 
Tames R. Svvartwout 


Ackarmaa John 
Adriance Cornelius 
Adriance George 
Adriance Isaac 
Adriance John 
Adriance Rain, Jr. 
Adriance- Rem 
Adriance Theodorus 
Aldyck John 
Algatt William 
Algelt John 
Algelt WiUiam 
Altgclt William 
Amnicrman Albert 
Annin Daniel 
Annin James 
Appclge Coenrad 

App'oe Coenradt 
Atgelt John 
Avery John 
Backer Jacob 
Bailey John 
Bailey Nathan 
Bailey Sutton 
Baker James 
Baker Jesse 
Faker Peter 
Baker Thomas 
Baker William 
Baldwin Joseph 
Barber John 
I3arber Moses 
Barber Stephen 
Barker John 

Barker Samuel 
Earkins David 
Barnard Thomas 
Barnes Solomon 
Barnes William 
Barns John 
Bates Steplien 
Bedel Jesse 
Bedle Jesse 
Bcedle Jolm 
Bell Henry 
Bell John 
Benjamin Chester 
Bennet Joseph 
Berkins David 
Bernard Thomas 
Berry Ni'.holas 
Berry Peter 
Bigbey Christopher 
Bise Simon 
Biship Levi 
Bishop Caleb 
Bishop Joshua 
Bisse Jacob 
Bloom Benjamin 
Bloom Sylvester 
Bocker Adolpli 
Bocrum Hendrick 
Boerum Nicholas 
Boerum William 
Bogardus Cornelius 
Bogardus Francis 
Bogardus Mathcw 
Bogardus Poter 
Bopardr,'. Siiibboloth 

Bogart Daniel 
Bogart Ort 
Bogart Peter 
Boice Henry 
Boice Simon 
Bomp Joseph 
Boncker Natlianiel 
Boncker Stephen 
Bower Daniel 
Bown Joseph 
Brandage James 
Brannah James 
Brett Francis R. 
Brell Rainbout 
Brett Robert 
Brett Theodorus 
Brewer Ch-'.r!es 
Briggs Caleb 
Brinckerh.j Abraham J. 
Brinckerliol'f Al-^raham 
BrinckerholT Abraham I. 
Brinckerlii>rf Abraham J. 
BrinckerhotY Daniel 
BrinckerholT Derick J. 
BrinckerhoTf Dirck 
Brinckerho:t L")irck, Jr. 
Brinckerhoif Dirck T. 
Brinckcrho'T George 
Brinckerhol't Henry 
Brinckerhoft' Isaac 
Brinckc-holT Jacob 
Krinckcrhofi John S. 
Brock Francis 
Brooks William 
Brower D.uiiel 

Brower David 
Brower Garret 
Brower William 
Brown Aron 
Brown Jacob 
Brown James 
Brown Samuel 
Brown Sicphen 

j3ruer Vv'ilani 
l-'rnmfield James 
Biidd John 
Bump Jacob 
P-urhans Peter 
Fin.ij'son Ferci.ot 
Burnet Isaac 
Tjurroughs Jair.es 
iJush John 
".-^^h Peter 
Lush Zachariah 
Lu.-)sing Abraham 
Batcher Robert 
'-ivce Henry 
Caniield Daniel 
< a .hekl James 
dniield Titus 
<l'annitf John 
Cnnniu Lesi 
Ci.'rnan Joh!i 
Car nan Thomas 
C.rpenter Henry 
i.'.iry Joh.n 
Cary Jtise])h 
Cnatfield William 


Nkw Yokk in the Rlvolution 

Cliurcliill Edward 
Churchill Isaac 
Churchill Jacob 
Chunliill John 
Churchill Jonas 
Churchill Joseph 
Clapp John 
Clark Samuel 
Clarke Matthew 
Clcyland William 
Cochran Wiliiam 
Coffin John 
Cole Aron 
Cole Jacob 
Coly Aron 
Comfort Richard 
Compton John 
Concklin F.lias 
Concklin John 
Concklin Lawrence 
Concklin Matthew 
Concklin William 
Connor James 
Connor John 
Connover Benjamin 
Cook John 
Cook William 
Coons Philip 
Cooper Cornelius 
Cooper Cornelius J. 
Cooper Jacob 
Cooper John 
Cooper Minderd 
Cooper Obadiah 
Coopet Obadiah I. 
Coopci Obadiah J. 
Coopman Jacob 
Cooppcr Doct 
Cooppcr Obadiah 
Corker John Kyna; 
Cornell John 
Cornwell Clement 
Cornwell Silvester 
Covenhoven Adrian 
Covert John 
x^ Covint John 

"XTowenhoven Beiijr.m; 
Cowinhovcrd Adrian 
Crafi Thcmias 
Cfiindel Abraham 
Crawford Williani 
Crinck Abraham 
Cronck Abraham 
Croiick Lawrence 
Cronk Valam 
Cuer Nathaniel 
Cuer Samuel 
Cucr William 
Culver Dennis 
Cura Matthew 

Currie Archibald 
Currie John 
Cushman Wiliiam 
Daniiels James 
Darlon Jacobus 
Dates John 
Datin Corriubary 
David Henry 
Davis John 
Davison James 
Dayton Hezckiah 
Dean Stei>he!i 
Debois Christian 
Deets John 
Degraff Moscs 
Dec;rafif Simeon 
Degrutia Elias 
Delamater William 
Delaway Jeremiah 
Demilt Garret 
Demilt Isaac 
Demitt Garret 
Depue Peter 
Devine Asher 
Devoort Samuel 
Dewilt John 
Dewitt Peter 
Dickinson John H. 
Diness Mynard 
Dolloway Jeremiah 
Donalds James 
Doxey Stephen. 
Dubois Cornelius 
Dubois Gideon 
Dubois Jacob 
Dubois Koert 
Dubois Peter 
DuBois Teunis 
Dubois Thomas 
Duboys Jacob T. 
Durtwater Daniel 
Duryce Abraliam, Jr. 
Duryce Charles 
Durycr Abraham 
Dutcher Barnt 
Dutchcr David 
Dycker David 
Eldred William 
Ellis Henry 
Elsworth Ahasserus 
i^lswonh Ale.xandcr 
Emans Jacobus 
fnutss James 
Every John 
Farington Josepli 
Farre! Daniel 
Fawlor Austin 
Ferhone John 
Ferrington Joseph 
I'itchout John 

Fiedler Zachariah 
Flowers Benjamin 
Flynn Patrick 
Forbes Jolu; 
Forguson Samuel 
Fowlar Jo>eph 
Garrison Reuben 
Gault Matthew 
Gauslin William 
Gee Jno. 
Gc"Ov,- Benjamin 
Gerow Daniel 
Gildersleeve James 
Gildcrsleeve Josci'h 
Gildersleeve Nathamel 
Giles William 
Goddlollow William 
Golnaci: Micharl 
Goodfellow ^Villiam 
GorsHne Samuel 
Gorsline William 
Gosling Samuel 
Gosling William 
Green Ezekiel 
Green Gilbert 
Green Isaac 
Green James 
Green Jaines. Jr. 
Green Jeremiah 
Green John 
Green Joseph 
Green Joseph. Sr. — 
Green Joseph. Jr:--- 
Grcen Stephen 
GritTm Cornelius 
Griffin Isaac 
Griffin Jacob 
Griffin John 
Grifiin Joseph 
Griffin Joshua 
Grifiui Peter 
Gue Isaac 
Guhiack Jacob 
Gulneck Michael 
Haasner Jacob 
Hageman Francis 
Hageman Jeremiah 
Hageman Peter 
Haines John 
Hair Amos 
Haiktt R. 
Halstead Thomas 
Halstead William 
Ilalsted Josiah 
Ilames Jolm F. 
Hanly Matthew 
Hanson Aurt 
Han.son Jolni 
Hardcnbergh Dirck 
Hardenbergli Garret 

Harris Mindcrd 
Ilarsinciso Isaac 
Hart Michal 
Kasbrook Jacob 
Haskins William 
Hasner Jacob 
Hawk John Baron 
Jiayburn John 
Heeremans Henry 
Heermans John 
Hegamen Peter 
Hclikcr John 
rlicks John 
Hicks Joshua 
Higbce Fleinming 
Higbee Lenmel 
Higby I'limmewill 
iHigby Lemuel 

Hilton Joseph 
Hodge Abraham 
Hoffman Daniel 
iKogabooin Bartholomew 
Hogan Edv.ard 
JHoghtalen John 
Holmes Isaac 
Holmes William 
Homes William 
Fionson John 
Hoogeboom Bartholomew 
Hoogland Derick 
Hoogland William 
Moogtalen John 
Horsiicr Jacob 
Korton Gilbert 
FEorton Jo^cph 
Horton Joseph P. 
Korton Joshua 
Horton IMatlhias, J 
E^orton Peter 
Hosher Stephen 
Howard Joseph 
Huff Angel 
H ufT Lawrence 
Fiuffman Daniel 
Hc.ghson Gabriel 
i^uglison John 
I'ughson V/iiliam 
Ilalst Peter 
FSumfrey Henry 
li'utchings Jacob 
Hutchins Benjamin 
li >er Walter 
Iv. nes James 
Ir;n!3 Peter 
Israac Burnet 
Jx^kson Joseph 
Ja.repenning Joh.n 
Jarow Daniel 
Ja.TOwe Benjamin 

The ]\1ilitia — DLicHtss Couxtv, Sr-.tOND Re(;ime.\t 


Jerwillinger Jcreaii 
Jewell Abraham 
Jewell George 
Jewell John 
Johnson J;:mcs 
Johnson Thomas 
Johnston Robert 
Jones David 
Kappelj-e 1:„^^ 
Kelly Willia!!! 
Kennedy Henry 
Kerrilly Daniel 
Kershon Isaac 
Ketchani Titus- 'i» 
King William 
Kip John 
Kipp Abraham 
Klump Zaehanah 
Knp.pp Shadrack 
Kniffen Jonathan 
Kniver Jacob 
Kronk James 
Ladeau Daniel 
Laden Nathaniel 
Laden Oliver 
Ladew Abraham 
Ladua Vi'i'.liam 
Ladue Peter 
Lane Gilbert 
Lane Gilbert, Jr. 
Lane Jacob 
Lane Jesse 
Lane Joseph 
Lane Joshua 
Lane W'il'.'am 
Lane WiUiin'., Jr. 
Langdon Jonathan 
Lany Wiiliani, Jr. 
Larry Jno. 
Lattemore Thomas 
Lattin Ambrose 
Lawrence John 
Lean Joseph 
Lca\y John 
Lcdeau William. Sr. 
Ledue Daniel 
Lee Jonathan 
Leghtatn John 
Lent .A.brahan'., Jr. 
Lequiere Abraham 
Leroy I":ancis 
Leroy Peter 
Leroy Simon 
Lorye William 
Liglu William 
L\uht Woolsey 
Lindcrbeck John 
Liftk Benjamin 
Losec Abraham 
Losee Abraham L. 

Losee Jacob 
Losce John A. 
Losee Simeon 
Low Jno. 
Low John 
Luckey Samuel 
Ludenton Steapen 
Ludington Steuhen 
Luord Josiah 
Luyster Dirck 
Luyster Peter 
Lyster Garret 
McBride John 
!\icCaby Edward 
jNIacCrady James 
McCredy Jai!ies 
McCudgeon Robert 
itcKaby Dennis 
iMcKeeby Darius 
McKeeby William 
McKeely Edward 
AlcKelly William 
McManness Michael 
AIcNcal Henry 
Major James 
Manncry ^.Villiam 
Marcius C. 
Aiarston Aurt 
Marten Aert 
Marten Peter 
Martense Adrian 
Martin Ezekiah 
Martin Gershom 
Martin Jeremiah 
Martin Thomas 
Masten Aert 
-ilastin Ezechiel 
2ilaxlleld James 
Mead David 
Meddagh Aurt 
]Medew Lewi; 
.Meed Jeieniiah 
JMeger William 
^ilenema Jolm 
ilcritt Joseph ^^^ 
Mestin Aurt 
Meyer Abraham 
Meyer James 
Meyer Peter 
Middagh .-Vurt 
Middagli James 
Miels Beiinajah 
Miels Noah 
Miles John 
Miles Noah 
Miller Ezra 
Miller James 
Miller Philip 
!MilIs Benajal. 
Mills Robeit 

Mogar Caleb 
Moger William 
Monfoort .Mbert 
Monfoort Domenicus 
.Monioort ElliLrt, Jr. 
Monioort John 
Monfoort Jolm C. 
Monfoort Peter 
Monfort Elbert 
Monfort John P. 
Monger V\'illinm 
Monson George 
Montanye Benjamin 
Morse Joseph 
Mortisa Adri.ian 
Munfort .\drian 
Myer Abraham 
.\Iyer Adolph 
Myer Jacob 
Myer John 
Myer John. Jr. 
Myer John Dikraan 
.Myer Peter 
Myer William 
Myers .Abraham 
Naddue Lewis 
Neally Samuel 
Neeley Rolette 
Neepes Abraham 
Nelson Paul 
Nettleton Amos 
Newton Charles 
Nifer Jacob 
Noorstrant John 
Noorstrant Peter 
Norstrand Cornelius 
Norstrand Jaeobus 
Norton Peter 
Nostrand George 
Odilda William 
Oestrande Corneiis 
Ogden Benjamin 
Ogdcn Joseph 
Osbern Richard 
Osborn Doct 
Osborn James 
Osborn Peter 
Osborn Richard 
Osborn Samuel 
Ostram Jolm. Jr. 
Ostrander Cornelius 
Ostrander Henry 
Ostrom John 
Outwater Daniel 
Paddock Peter 
Palen Hendrick 
Palen Pclcr 
Paling Peter 
Palm Ilcndnck 
Pahnetier Pet.'ua 

Pardon Thomas 
Parker Joseph 
Parker Nathaniel 
Rating Hennery 
Patterson .-Vbijah 
Peck Joseph 
Peck Oliver 
Petct Ebenezer 
Pettit David 
Philips James 
Philips Ralph, Jr. 
Philips Roelof 
Philips William 
Philips William C. 
Phillips .Abraham 
Phillips David 
Phillips Henry 
Phillips Jacobus 
Pierce Richard 
Pine Philip 
Pine Robert 
Pine Silvanus 
Pine Thomas 
Pollock William 
Pollom Tice 
Post Joseph 
Potten Danel 
Pudney Cornelius 
Pudney Francis 
Pudney Jrjhn 
Pullicl: John 
Pulhck William 
Purdy Elisha 
Piirdy Gilbert 
Purdy Joseph 

Purdy Nathaniel 
Quan John 

Rantsier Andrew 

RapaiTce John 

Rape!=ee Isaac 

Rayer Daniel 

Kayii. r Daniel 

Re}'noIds .Andrew 

Right Daniel 

Robinson Jonas 

Roe Benjamin 

Roe Daniel 

Roe David 

Rof'T'; Joseph 

Roir rs Micah 

Ropers Michael 

Rogers Piatt 

Rogers Robert 

Rogeis Uriah 

Roll :-''cnry 

Romer John 

Rosckrans Benjamin 

Rosekrans John 

Rosekrans Peter 

Rosekrans Thomas 


New Yokk i:-; the .Rex oi,i;tiux 

Roukrans Dirck 
Rowland Marvin 
Riimn-Is Andnj-.v 
Ryce Peter 
Kycel Pet<.r 
Ryder Caleb 
Ryer Tunis 
Ryudass John 
Ryness Atraluin 
Ryiiesi Andrew 
Ryness John 
Sackett Ananias 
Santon Wiiiian 
Schenck Daniel 
Schenck Philip 
Schenck Roeloi? 
Schounhover Peter 
Schouten Cornelius 
Schouten Ephraini 
Schouten John 
Schouten Simon 
Schouten W'lliiani 
Scliouter Cornelius 
Schutt Abraham 
Schutt James 
Schutt John, Jr. 
Schutt Joseph 
Schutt Stephen 
Schutt Teunis 
Scofieid Silvanus 
Scot Walter 
Scoutcn Andrew 
Scouten Andris 
Scoutcn Ephrairn 
Scouten Johannes 
Scouten John 
Scouten Simon 
Scouten Wi'iiam 
Scutt Dennis 
Scutt Joseph 
Sebring Cornelius 
Sebring Isaac 
Secord Isaac 
Secord Josiah 
Seton Heskieh 
Shafif Frederick 
Shear Abraham 
Sherer James 
Slievling John 
Shuits Christopher 
Sliute Aron 
Sickles John, Jr. 
Skutt Teuni3 
i^'aek William 
S, eight Abraham 
Sleight John 
Sli.ght .Abraham, Jr, 
Sloot John 
Smith Isaac 
Smith Jacob 

Smith John 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Joseph. Jr, 
Smith Joshua 
Smith Martin 
Smith Maurice 
Siiiiih Mums 
Smith Richard 
Smith Sylvester 
Smith William 
Snider George 
Snider Moses 
Sodein John 
Sode.'i John 
Somendyke Jacob 
Somerndike William 
Somes Nathaniel • 
Somes Richard 
Somes Stephen 
Southard Gilbert 
Southard Henry 
Southard Isaac 
Southard John 
Southard John, Jr, 
Southard Richard 
Southard Thomas 
Soutlierd Jones 
Spence John 
Spencer John 
Stanton William 
Storm Isaac 
Storm John 
Sutton Joseph 
Swartwort James 
S%vart\vout Cornelius 
Swartwout John 
Swartwout Richard 
Swartwout Samuel 
S'vartwout Thomas 
Tallman Timothy 
Tanner Zopher 
Tarpennye John 
Taylor Stephen 
Teller Oliver 
Terbosh Abraham 
TerBush Luke 
Tercoss William 
Terhone John 
Terhune Daniel 
Terpanniuj^ Johii 
Tcrwilger jur\an 
Tliatcher Stephen 
Tiieal Joseph 
Tho.nas Johnson 
Tiioiupson Ezra 
Thorn Gershom 
T'lurston Benjamin 
Tl arston Tames 
'iVuten Daniel 
Traverse Nathaniel 

Trcmpcr Michael 

Turhune .\braham. 

Turhune John 

Turner Alexander 

Turner EUick 

Vail Isaac 

Vail Jesse 

Van Amburgh .Abraham 

Van Banech Jacob 

Van Benchotcii James 

Van Bonial Christopher 

Van Boniel Peter 

Van Bomiel Chrisioftel 

\'an BuMicl Peter 

Vanbuniijie Stui'il 

Van Bumbler Peter 

Van Bunschoten Jacob 

Van Bu!i=choten Teunis 

Van Bunsclio'ien Tunis, Jr. 

Vanclackren Marinas T. 

Van Cleck Boltis B. 

Van Cleef Michael 

\'an Cots John 

Van Cott Daniel 

Van Crob Abraham 

Vancuran Casparus 

Vandeburgh .Abram 

Van Der Bilt Aart 
Van Dcrbilt P. 
Vander\oort Jacobus 
Vandervoort John 
\'an Der Voort Samuel 
Vander Water John 
\'ande Water Adolph 
\an'Je.vater Ilarman 
\'an Dewater James 
Vandewort Peter 
Van Duv.-nter John 
Vand Water James 
Vandworter Jacobus 
Van Erway Jacob 
Van Every Edde 
Van Eveiy Jacob 
Van Flack Henry 
Van Kerse John 
Van Kcuren Matthew- 
Van Kleack Barrant B. 
Van Kleeck Baltus 
Van KIec:cl; Barent A. 
V^an Kleeck Barnard C. 
Van Kleeck Barnet 
Van Kleeck Michael 
Van Kuren Caspo\-res 
Van Leyse I. 
\"an Norstiant John 
\'.in Nonstraiit Corni-lus 
Van Sielcn John 
Van Steeuber^er Cornelius 
Van Suvnbergh Cornelius 
V'antassel Henry 

Vajitassil Jacob 
\'an Tassill John 
Vantiers William 
\'antir.e Abraham 
Vantine Cornelius 
\'an Tine William 
\'2n Valen Daniel 
Van Valen Jeremiah 
\ an Valen Jonn 
\'an \'aler Moses 
Van \'elen Ede 
Wn V'eler Daniel 
\"an \'lack Barent 
\ an \'Iack John H. 
\'an Vlack Merinus 
\'an Vleck John 
Van Vleck Merine 
Van Vleckren Abraham 
Van \'leckren George 
Van Vleckren Plenry 
\ anvicckrcn ilarinus 
\'an \'lcckrcn Marmus T. 
Van Yoorhces Stephen 
\'an \'oorheis Jeronimus 
\an v'oorhis Abraham 
^'an Voorhis Jacob 
Van Voorhis Jeromus 
Van Voorhis John 
\ an \'oorhis Zachariah 
\'in Wey Cornelius 
\ an \v'yek Abraham 

Van 1,','yck Cornelius 

\"^n \\ yck John 

Van Wyck John B. 

Van V\'yck Theouorus 

Vandlo James 

^"e^m!iier Benjamin 

N'ermjiya John 

Vermuly David 

\ erinuiy Gerardus 

Vcrvalin Daniel 

Vcrvalin Jermiah 

Vcrvilin John 

N'erval'n Moses 

\ estervals Jolin 

\'ocr::-s Jeroin 

\\ ald.^.jii Benjamin 

Wa!c::>n Daniel 

Waldron David 

Waldr n John 

V. aldr.m John P. 

Waldron Peter 

Ward Daniel 

Wirj Fames 

War-,^ William 

Washburn Isaac 

Waters John 

Watts John 

Way Frederick 

\'. ay George 

The AIiLiTiA — DurcitE.-s Cocnty, "1 ujkj.) Re£g:.mk.\t 


W^ay Gideon 
Way James 
Way John 
Way Joost 
Webard John 
Wei'd John 
Wenn WiUiain 
Westervalt Albert 
Westervalt Jclin 
Westcrvelt Elbert 
Westervek George 

Wrstervek Jacobus 
Westervek John 
Wibard John 
Wille Jaines 
Wilsce William 
Wiltse Cornelius 
Willse Joseph 
Wikse Peter 
Wiltsee Hendrick 
Wiltsey Geradus 
Wiltsie William 

Wiltzee Harmery 
Winn Johnson 
Winn Joseph 
Winalow Samuel 
Wood Isaac 
Wood Jesse 
Wood John 
Wood Joseph 
Wood Solomon 
Wood Thon a. 
Wool Joseph 

Worshbourn Isaac 
Wright Daniel 
Wright Daniel, Jr. 
Wright John 
Wright Thomas 
Wyckoff John 
Veomans John 
Verks John 
Voun^ Abraham 
Young John 
Zachrider Moses 

Dutche'js County Militia— Third Regiment 



Capt. Azor Barnum 

William Calkin 
William Chamberlain 
Peter Coon 
Joseph Dykeman 
" David Hecock 
James Marten 

Capt. Wii.lia.m Pearce 
William Pine 
Icuabod Ward 

Lieut. Joshua Crosdy 
Daniel Doane 
Elijah Oakley 
Uriah Parrish 

LiE'i^T. Ed\v..\rd Penny 
Thomas Sears 
Valentine Wheeler 
Luke Woolcut 

Ensigx Nathan Green 

'additional na.mes on state treasurep s pay bc0sl5 
Lieut. Joseph Chandler Lieut. A.sa Haines Ensign Ben.iamin Slocum 

Anow William 
Ashby Anthony 
Baker Elisha 
Baldwin David 
Barleson Joel 
Barnum Eliakum 
Bariium Jonah 
Barnum Noah 
Barnum Stcphon 
Benedict Khenezer 
Benedict Stephen 
Benit Amasa 
Bennot Amacy 
Ben.i^on Wiiiiam 
Birdsall Elemuel 
Birdsall PllcnnviU 
Birdsall Thomas 
Birlisson Joel 
Bishnite Frances 
Bradshav,' John 
Brewster Pelatiah 
Brewster Peli 
Brown Israel 
Brov.-n Moses 
Brustcr Samue! 
Buinpus James 
Burch George 

Burch Josiah, Sr, 
Burch Josiah. Jr. 
Burch Silas 
Burjes Thomas 
Burkler Jabcz 
Burlasand Joel 
Burleson Joel 
Burling Gilead 
Burtch Bcn.iamm 
Cable Piatt 
Calkin Elias 
Campbell Robert 
Cannon Abraham 
Carle John 
Carter Jabez 
Chamberlain John 
Chapman Enoch 
Chapman Thomas 
Chase Bary 
Chase Setli 
Chase Thomas 
Clark John 
Clinton Wiiiiam 
Closson Willnr 
Closson William 
Cockshuer jor.as 
Cole Benjamin 


Cole Sylvenus 
Concklin John 
Cook Moses. Sr. 
Cook piloses. Jr. 
Coon Jacob 
Coon John 
Cornwell Da\;d 
Co\ey Joseph. 
Covey Walter 
Crandle Jeremiah 
Crane Ira 
Crane \N'illiam 
Croker Timothy 
Crosby .-Kbner 
Crosby David, Jr. 
Crosby Elemuel 
Crosby Elezer 
Crosby Eli 
Crosby James 
Crosby John 
Cro-by Joseph 
Crosby Josi.di 
Cro-by Lemui 1 
Crosby Mo'ies 
Crosby Obadiah 
Crosby Reuben 
Crosby Samuel 

Davis Paul 
Dean Elijah 
Di Imarter Marting 
Doane Eln.-ithan 
Dycknian Benjamin 
Ellis Elijah 
Hilis Thomas 
EiKvell Ezra 
Ehvell Jabez 
Eiwell John 
Ei>vell Tabis, Jr. 
Eva;is Thomas. Sr. 
Evens TUomas 
Evens Thomas, Jr. 
Ferris Justus 
Field Jesse 
Foster David 
Fosier James 
Foster John 
I'oster Samuel 
Fo.ster Seth 
Fox Oliver, Jr. 
Franklin Nathaniel 
F iller Jesse 
Grge .-\ldcn 
Gitio Anthony 
•Gage Justus 


New York ix th.: Revolution- 

Gage Mark 
Gaij'e Moses 
Gage Silvanus 
Gay Jason 
Gilchrist Saimiel 
Gilchrist Thoinas 
Goodshcid Abnur 
Gray Samuel 
Grcan John 
Green Caleb 
Green Isaac 
Green Jeanis 
Griffith Done 
Mains Asa 
Ha!l Benaijah 
Hall Benjamin 
Hall Jesse 
Hall John 
Hall Martin 
Hall Morten 
Hall Samuel 
Hayden Alpheus 
Hazard Samiuel 
Heaveland John 
Hecock Noah 
Hecocks John 
Kempsted Nathaniel 
Ileninan Zacliariah 
Heverla'.id John 
Higgins Thomas. Jr. 
Hir.ckley Elkanah 
Hinckley Reuben 
flinklcy Josiah 
Ho:cee Tademas 
Holladay John 
Hoilaway Joseph 
Holley Joseph 
HoUiday John 
Holliday Sin:con 
Holms Joseph 
Honeya'l Mathias 
Hopkins Kerry 
Hopkins John 
How Garret 
Huncwill Mathew 
Hurt 'Ihomas 
Johnston Josepli 
Jones Ebenezer 
Jones Elias 
Junes Ephraim 

Jones Isaac 
Jones Joseph 
Jones Levy 
Jones Nehemiah 
Jones Samuel 
Jones Thomas 
Kcliey David 
Kelley Shoiibcl 
Kelly Jonathan 
Kelly Reuben 
Kelly Sylvenus 
Kent Moses 
Keteham Daniel >w 
Killey Reuben 
Killey Sihenas 
King Caleb 
King Myrick 
King Nathaniel 
Kline John 
Lincoln Isaiah 
Lindsay David 
Lockwood Henry 
Lockwood Solomon 
Marks Holiab 
Marsee Andrew 
Marsh Elnathan 
Mash Elnathan 
Ma-ih John 
Massy Andrew 
Mcrick Benjamin 
Merjersor Thouias 
Mill? Benijp.h 
Mills William C. 
Mirit Gilburt 
Morehouse Stephen 
?Iorrcll Abraham 
Mosh Jolm 
iMoshier Johiai 
Moshocll Isaac 
IMott Jacob 
Aiott Joseph 
Motl Thomas 
I\!ott William. Jr. 
.Murcli George 
Murch Wiliiani 
Myrrick Benjamin 
Nash David 
Nirhohone James 
Nickerson James 

Nickerson Thomas 
Nickerson Thomas. Jr. 
Nottcr William 
Nubery Joseph 
Oates James 
Olmstead Ebenezer 
Osborn Ezekiel 
Osterhout Gideon 
Paddock Nathan 
Palmer Nickelous 
Palmer William 
Penney Ammicl 
Penney John 
Penney \\'illiam 
Perkins Elijah 
Perry Samuel 
Perry Simeon 
Pet^on Andrew 
Philips Joseph 
Philips Joshua 
Pitcher Benjamm 
Ragon Thomas 
Raymond Uriah 
Reed Jacob 
Richardson Isaac- 
Rider ChristopheT 
Rider David 
Rider John 
Rider Simeon 
Rider Simei^n. Jr. 
Rinnalds David 
Robert Benjaniin. Jr. 
Roberts Benjamin 
.Rockwell Stephen 
Runnels David 
Russel Roland 
Ryder Zenous 
Sabeus Billim^s 
Sackelt John 
St. John Thomas 
Sampson Abaer 
Sealy William 
% Sears Benjamin 
Sears Enoch 
Sears Peter 
Sears Seth 
Sears Seth, Jr. 
Sears Stephen 
Shaw Ichabod 

Sherman Darius 
Slocum Benjamin 
Slocum George 
Smith Alpheus 
Smith Jonatlian 
Smith Joseph 
Snider Samuel 
Snow William 
Spencer Samuel 
Stark Aanios 
Stark Aaron 
Stark John 
Starke Henry 
Start .Xaron 
Stevens Thomas 
Stone David 
Stow Wiiiiam 
Termillear Phillip 
Thomas Thomas 
Thompson Daniel 
Thompson Thomas 
Thornton Thomas 
Townsend Isaac 
Townseud John 
Townsend Solomon 
Tubbs Benajah 
Twitchel Benoni 
Utter Aamos 
Utter Ebenezer 
Vickre)- Thomas 
Wairing John 
Webb Noah 
Weed John 
Wickson Elijah 
Wickson Elijah. Jr. 
Wikson Ebene;^er 
''Aillcocks Rosel 
Willis Charles 
Willis Thomas 
"iV'iison Joim 
Winger Hendrick 
Winger Samuel 
Wixson Elijah 
Ti'ixson Isaac 
'V.'oostcr William 
\^'right Edmund 
Y.?ung Elkany 
you:ig Shaw 
Youngs Samuel 

Tui. Militia — Dutchess County, I'lFTif Rlgiment 


Dutchess County Militia — Fourth Regiment 

Cai't. Isaac Conklin 
Elijah Herrick 


" Low 

'■ David Ostrand 

Cai't. Samuel Smith 

Luke Stouten burgh 
" Straight 

Bernardus Swakthouse 
Hugh Van Kleek 
John Van Kleek 

(No enlisted men found) 

Lieut. Adraham Fort 

Jonas Weeks 
Ensign Alexander Furma.v 

(Reuben) Spencer 

Dutchess County Militia — Fifth Regiment 


Capt. Caleb Bentley 

John Boyd 
" JosiAH Burton 
" Joshua Champlin 

William Ci » ' 

'• Jo-- 

" Jonathan i^_ 

" Abraham Hartwill 

Da\id Hecock 

Job Mead 
" Joseph Rurnids 
" John Scut 
" Barardus Swap.tvvout 



Is. Vail 
Francis West 
Valentine Wheeler 
Stephen Akins 
Silas Anson 

"abor Be.vtley 
•LLiNG Bentley 
cob Blatner 
j„iEPH Chandler 
Andrew IIeek.mance 
Jacob J. Heermance 


Daniel Hule 

Lieut. James Humfrey 
Peter Magee 
Roger Morey. Jr. 
" Theopii Sweet 

Ert. Van Kleeck 
Moses Van Vranxa 
Solomon Wheellr 
" Gilbert Wording 

Ensign David Trusdal 

Abraham Van Curah 
Petes Van Valkisijurgh 

Abbet David 
Acker Adam 
Adams Ebcriezer 
Allin Thomas 
.^Isworth William 
Ames I. 

Asseltine Jacob 
Atwcarler Benjamin 
Aiidriance J. 
Aulandor;./h Chrisiian 
Eabcock David 
Babcock Enoch 
Babcock John 
Babcock John (i) 
Babcock Jolin (3) 
Backer John 
Bailey Elias 
Bailey Elisha 
Baker Einaihan 
Baker J. 
Baker Jonathan 
Baker William 

liallim Mattiiew 
Eannam James 

Barkman George 
Barnum Bethuel 
Larnuni William 
Barringar Conr.'.dt 
Barringar William 
I'.artlee Abraham 
Barllee Jacob 
Bartlett Jacob 
Baylcy S. 
Beckett Sy!o.s 
Bell Robert 
Benjamin Cyres 
Ber.net Timothy 
Bentley Josenli 
Bently John 
Benton piloses 
Berry Nicholas 
Berry P. 
Bigralt George 
B''prafl Jnn.ithan 


Billings Increase 
Billmgs John 
Bird;-.ail Daniel 
Birdsall Jeremiah 
Bosehonce Isaac 
Boiiker Thoma.'. 
Brewer D. 
Brewer V. 
Brill Solomon 
BrinkonT I. 
Brown Jonathan 
Bii)\vn Peter 
Brown Zepheniah 
Bru.nfield J. 
Bruster Peltias 
Buck Zadock 
Budd Undri! 
Biu;l)ec (jeorge 
Bump I. 
Buii-.p Joseph 

Bunbler P'h 
Bunschoten Solomon 
Bunt Leasero 
Burley Elijah 
C.^dy Elisha 
Cih.oon Ben 
Ca.-!e Andrew 
Cu-ley John 
Ci-rley Peter 
Caiman Andrew 
Cry Stephen 
C-.^h Jonath.an 
Cc'.ey William 
C''.idwick William 
Ci..iiiart Jacob 
Ch^mplin Thomas 
Chimplin William 
Chapman Jo;uah 
Chase Berry 
Chaviiear Peter 
Christian Corncliuf 
Clark J. P. 
Coherstii:e loim 


Xkw York ix tih'. Revoliiiox 

Cole Benjarniii 
Cole Jacob 
Cole Moses 
ColercU Henry 
Collcr Xorres 
Cultiiuiii Wiiliain 
Cuuroo Darling 
Conroo William 
Coock I. 
Coock W. 
Cook Jere 
Cook John 
Cook Matliew 
Coon Alexander 
Cooper William 
Corkins Joel 
Cornel! Benjamin 
Cornell John 
Cornell Lewis 
Cornell Samuel 
Corinvill Caleb 
Cornuiil Sylvan's 
Corwill Benjam 
Cotl D. 

Cranfooi James 
Crankite Frederick 
Crankite Heroulus 
Crankite John 
Creed Austin 
Crook William 
Crosby Eliizer 
Crosby Obediah 
Cudbutli William 
Cunnintfham John 
Curry tllisha 
Datjgitt Mayhue 
Dannels J. 
Darliny Peter 
David I. 
Davis George 
Davis Squi'e 
Davisoii Alverson 
Davison Daniel 
Debons Matli'w 
Del&ng Richard 
Denisey T'lornas 
Dcnney Charles 
Devow Jolni 
Dewkine i. 
Dickson I. flansa 
Diinond \'ath'\v 

Dodg I. 

Do'.ity Elias 
Dowing I. 
Dov.-niniL,' Andrew 
Doxcy 1 homas 
Draper Joha 
Draper Joseph 
Dumon Cornelius 
Diitcher D. 

Dutch'.T Simon 

Eda Joshua 

Egail Jo'n 

Eldred William 

EUott Christian 

Elv.ell Jabtz 

Ennis P. 

Estrus Benjamin 

Evans John 

Everit Clear 

Evins Amos 

Evins Oliver 

Pillow En 

Fillow Fimus 

Finch Comfort 

Fish Joseph 

Flinn David 

Fonda Cornelius 

Forbus John 

Forbush William 

Force Benjamin *^ 

Forgersoii Gilb't 

Forgerson Jeremiah 

Foster Seth 

Fox Jonathan 

Freeh John 

Frier Peter 

Frier Simeon 

Gage EHhu 

Gage Moses 

Gale Noh 

Gardner Simeon 

Gev.el I. 

Gewel T. 

Gibson John 

Gideon Joseph 

Gilbert Ep'm 

Gilbert Thad 

Gillitt Barny 

Gones Seth 

Goodtu Robert 

Goodfeller W. 

Goodwin I. 

Green Caleb 

Green E. 

Grcves Th'jmas 

Grey John 

Griffin Barney 

Griffith Solomon 

Hale John 

Hall Benjamin 

Hall Gideon 

Hanilin Eprairn 

Haner John 

Hants I. 

Hupy.'Ldoren John 

Hannabirnii Christy av.n 

Hapmg David 

Harrick Joseph 

Harrington William 

Harris Ncah 
Hartwill Ebenczer 
Hassiem John 
Hatch Cradius 
Heermance Jacob 
Helnies John 
Hendrickson Jacob 
Henry Elick 
Heracer Emanuel 
Herrick Isriel 
Hewit Edmond 
Hewit Gidion 
Hicks Nathaniel 
Hicks W. 
Hoard Isaac 
Hodge K. 
Hoffman Patrus 
Hoghtailing Abraham 
Holmes Alkany 
Holmes Ben 
Holmes John 
Honssinger Frank 
Horton D. 
Hosher Thomas 
Houck William 
Howard Jonathan 
Howdin Obediah 
Hudson Asa 
Huff I. 
Hulin John 
Hull Justus 
Humfrey Thomas 
Hutchens A. 
Hutchings Jacob 
Irish Benjamin 
Irish Isaac 
Jaycocks Thomas 
Jinkins Jerry 
Johnson Alexander 
Johnson Joseph 
Johnson Nehemiah 
Johnstones I. 
Jones Isaac 
Jones Nathan 
Jones Robert 
Jones Roger 
Jones Rui'us 
Jones Seth 
Judard H. 
Kelly Jonathan 
Kime Lourance 
King He;:ekiah 
King Nathaniel 

Kipp Frank 
Knognard Jolui 
Kool Isaac 
Kooii; Adam 
Koonts Nicholas 
Lake Henery 

Lake Stephen 
Laiub Daniel 
Lamb David 
Lane J. 
Lane John 
Lnnson Garrit 
Lant Jurry 
Laroy John 
Lawrence Isaac 
Lawrence Oliver 
Lawrence Richard 
Lawsin Mathew 
Lawsin Peter 
Lean John 
Lcrue I. 
Levy Jacob 
Lewis Felix 
Lewis Gil 
Linn Aaron 
Loop Peter, Jr. 
Losie Francis 
Luis Grawdus 
Luke John 
Lus Michal 
Lus William 
McCreedy Charles 
McCreedy James 
Mackeny I. 
McKiney Joseph 
^NIcLees James 
McLees Peter 
McNeel Henry 
Marchant Abel 
?iiarchel Benjamin 
Maria David 
Manin Elemuel 
!\tason Fransis 
Mathews Justice 
Ma3'buc Ebenezer 
Maytue Levi 
Mea<i King 
Mead Zebuiin 
Millrr Jacob 
Moor. John 
Moor Nicholas 
Mocre Poulis 
Monin William 
MorJock Zimri 
Mot: Jacob 
Mu;.:r Stephen 
Mu!r-ord P. 
Myer Benjamin 
yiycT Henrey 
Near Charles 
Ne'von Frank 
Nei'.;;ir. John 
KevviL'l Joseph 
Newnsn Joshua 
Nichvis Silas 
Norton Richard,. 

Thk Mii.iriA — DfTcimss CiexTv, T'lrru Kiigiisent 


Noxon Benjamin 
O'Cane Edward 
Odell Gcrihoni 
Odtll Jonas 
Oci^^ Abiathcr 
Okia Tliomas 
Olm5tod Elijah 
Orborn John 
Orsborn Corn'l 
Ostrander Henrey 
Ostruin Gilbert 
Owen Anenias 
Owens Robert 
Pack 1. 

Paddock Peter 
Padock Henry 
Palmer Sylvanus 
Patterson Ab'm 
Pelts Evert 
Perce John 
Pettitt Jacob 
PhilHp Adam 
Phillip Christyan 

Plass Hendrick 

Post J. 

Potter Rowland 

Prope George 

Prust Martin 

Randel I. 

Reesoner David 

Reise Jonas 

Reynolds Era 

Riccord George 

Richardson Isaac 

Richardson William 

Riiies I. 

Robinson Andrew 

Robinson Steph'n 

Rogers Ezekiel 

Rolitts John 

Romer Aron 

Rosacrance I. 

Row D. 

Rowiee Daniel 

Rovv-Iey Nathan 

kiinim George 
Runnels I. 
Ryder John 
Ryley Phillip 
Sabins Joshua 
./^ Sage Selah 

Sarnierhorn Cornelius 
Saxton Ebenezer 
Schouten E. 
Schryver Bartle 
Seberry John 
Sharks Thomas 
Sharts David 
Shaw Benjamin 
Shedc George 
Sheer William 
Shephier Israel 
Shot! Andrew 
Shuter Samuel 
Shuts Ab'm 
Shuttis John 
Sickler Coonrod 
Sickler George 
Sickler Mathias 
Simmons John 
Sitcher Andrew 
Slaght T. 
Slut John 
Smith Daniel 
Smith Ephraini 
Smith Ezekiel 
Smith Henry 
Sn;ith John 
Smith Phillip 
Smith Thomas 
Soper Bart'n 
Soper Henry 
Soper Timothy 
Sorver Peter 
Sparker Andrew 
Spencer Abner 
Speiicer Jabus 
Spencer Jame.. 
Spencer Rufus 

Spencer William 

Sprii'^er Jolin 

Stanton Thomas 

Stark Aaron 

Stark Nathan 

Steed Richard 

Stinebergh Grandus 

Stockholm D. 

Stone David 

Stubbelbane Michal 

Swartout T. 

Sweet Ainos 

Sawder M. 

Swortout C. 

Sv.ortout I. 

Talor Gamal 

Talor John 

Tamph Fredrick 

Tanner ■ - . .■ . •-„ 
Taylor Gamalial 

Taylor Joseph 

Thompson John 

Thompson Thomas 
Thorington Thomas 
Thorn Benjamin 
Toboys C. 
Tolks John 
Tonimes Benjamin 
Torboss L. 
Tott James 
Townsend Able 
Turhoon I. 
Tyler John 
Umphey William 
Uree John 
Valentine Benjamin 
Van Cleak John 
Van Cott John 
Vanderhoof Jacob 
Vanderhyder Abraliam 
Vancievort John 
Vandevort S. 
Van Dusan John 
Van Dusan London 
Van Loan Peter 

\'dn Luvan Zacharias 
Van Netle Isaac 
Van Slyck Tunas 
Van Tasel J. 
Van Valkenburgh Peter 
Vanvlack H. 
Van Voris I. 
Van Wicke 
Van Wogner John 
Veley Peter 
Vermillia B. 
Vessher Christopher 
Vincent Philip 
Vradenburgh Abraham 
Vradenburgh Peter 
Walker John 
Ward David 
Ward Eben 
Warner Richard 
Warren Samuel 
Weeks William 
Weiley William 
Welch Thomas 
Weller Amos 
Weller William 
Wells Silas 
Welsee Abraham 
Welscy I. 
West Daniel 
West Elijah 
Whiper I. 
Wiiipple Nath 
Whitcomb Simon 
White John 
V.'hite Solomon 
Whitmarcli Ezra 
Wichson Elijah 
Wilcox John 
Wilcox Steiihen 
^Viiley Thomas 
'V.'iilkason Jon 
\.'i5tiveltt James 
'^•Volven William 
V.'ood Silas 
Young Benjamin 


New York in thi; Rkvull'tion 

Dutchess County Militia — Sixth Regiment 



Capt. Sveert Acker 

John B.\rxes 

a.zor b-\knum 
" John Bkll 
" John Bk.vdcick 
" George Brixkerhoff 

Ch.-\rles Br()di-:e.\d 

Moses C.\ntin'e 


" John Dr.\kl 

" Andries Hfhr.mans 

Elijah Herkick 
" Hfnrv Humfrey 
" John Klum 

George Lane 
'' Daniel M.vrtin 

William Pkarce 

William Radclift 
" John Rouse 
" Richard S.-ckett 
" Frederick Stsait 
" Smiih Sutherland 
'■ James Tallmadge 
" Elijah Townsend 

Capt. John Van Benschoten 
David Van Ness 

" Samuel Waters 

" Noah V/heeler 
Daniel Williams 
Lieut. Stephen A.dsit 

Fredfrick Benner 
John Berry 

" Phillii'P Bowne 
Wright Carpenter 
Samuel Crandle 
Daniel Del.vvan 
Christi.\n Dubois 


" Abraham SiUTii Hadi.en 
'■ Stepiie:. Haigiit 


" Andrie:; Har.mans 
" Joel Haski.ns 
" John Hejcrmanse 

Adam Helmer 
" Abram EIogeland 

solo.mon hopki-js 

Stephen Hunt 

Lieut. Elihu Ingalls. 

William Martine 


James Moore 
Francis Nelson 
Elijah Park 
Jonas Parks 
Bezaleel Rudd 
Abraham Schultz 
John Smith 
Frederick Stevenson 
William Swartwout 
Teunis Talman 
Is-\.\c Townsend 
Jacob Trimpes 
Resolvent \'an Houton 
Wright White 


Robert \\'ood 
Ensign William Becker 
John More 


Abbett David 
Abboth Aiiiel 
Abler James 
Acker Abraham 
-Ackennan Arie 
Ackerman John 
Ad-iir V.'illiam 
Adams John 
Adp.nis ;\Iajor 
Adsit George 
Ad.-it Silas 
AMiidgc Jonathan 
Allen Asa 
Allen Caleb 
.'\llen Jor;athan 
AUendorph Hendrir'.c 
^Allsworth Tliomas 
Anibler Charles 
Ambler James 
Andres George 
A.niie; PLter 
An?o!-i Tames" 

Annsirong Benjamin 
Armstrong Gabril 
Armstrong Robert 
Arnold Pel.g 
Asteii Robert 
.Aston Martin 
Aiilomdoriih Hendericl 
Ausor Nicholas 
An^itin Robert 
Eabcock Jan'.es 
Backer John 
Badcau Jacob 
Bader Michael 
Baker Job^e 
Baker Jo>hiia 
Baker Jtidali 
Baker Richard 
Bailey Elias 
B.inkor Stephen 
Barl)tr Nathan 
Rarlicr Reuben 
Barbtr Srlomon 

Barber Thon.as 
Barker James 
Barnhard pleiiiy 
ijarns Jacob 
Barnum Noah. 
Barringer Conradt 
Barringer D.-.vid 
Barriiiger \\ il'iam 
Barton Gilbert 
Bartow John 
Bates Daniel 
Bates Hickey 
Bnyiey Samiu 1 
Bcaty John 
Becker John 
Bctcher Nathan 
Bell Jticob 
Bell Wil'iam R. 
Cell Wiliiam W. 
Eeniicr Hend.riek. Jr. 
BiTgor John 
Reringer Jacb. Jr. 

Berry Jabez 
Berry John 
Berry Peter 
Berry Samuel 
Eetts Gideon 
Bishop John 
3!aau Henry 
B'.au\elt Cornelius 
3!auvelt Isaac 
Bockee Jacob 
Sogardus Egbert 
Bogardu.-^ PIcnry 
Bogardus Peter 
Bo.gart Hendrick 
Sogart Jacob 
r.ona'^tea! Nicholas 
Sonker Stephen 
Bonnell Jonatl'.an 
Booth Isaiai-. 
3ov.ton Moses 
Boyce John 
Boyd Rsbert 

The Militia — I^utciiess County, Sixth Regiment 


Boyd Samuel 
Bradshaw William 
Brtwcr William 
Brewster John 
Brickell George 
"iiri^gs Ca.^parus 
"«Briggs Lawrerce 
Brinck'^rhoff Daniel 
Brinckerlinff Isaac 
BrinckerholT John S. 
Brink Cornelius C. 
Brinkerhoff John 
Broadwell Moses 
Brodhead Samuel 
Brooks John 
Brower Samuel 
Brower William 
Brown Cornelius 
Brown Deliverance 
Brown James 
Brown James H. 
Brown John 
Brown Noah 
Brown Noah, Jr. 
Brown Peter 
Brown Stephen 
Brown Tower 
Bruce Robert 
Bruster David 
Buck Israel 
Buck Israel. Jr. 
Buckhout John 
Buel Samuel 
Bugbe Samuel 
Bugbce John 
Bull! John 
Bullis Peter 
Bun John 
Bunschotcn John 
Buvel Jesse 
Burgh Jonathan 
Burley Ebevie/er 

Burlinson Fearnot 
Burlinson Joel 
Burlsona Grover 
Burns Edward 
Burtis James 
Bush Peter 
Bush Trycrtar 
Butler Stephen 
fiyce Abraham 
Byoe John 
Byington Nathaniel 
Cable Piatt 
Cakbel Plat 
Calkins Eli 
Calkins John 
Calkins Moses 
Caiiiberlin Thuiiias 

Gamble Daniel 

Campbell James 

Campbell Robert 

Canfield .-Varon 

Canticld Amos 

Cantield Titus 

Canniff Levi 

Carle John 

Carlee Jonathan 

Carpender Clark 

Carbon .Samuel 

Carter John 

Carver Barnabes 

Cash David 

Casher William 

Castle Daniel 

Castle Lemuel 

Chambers Thomas 

Chanipanois Harman 

Chandler Jonathan 

Chapman Samuel 

Chapman Stephen 

Chapman Thomas 

Charpanard Simon 

Chase Elijah 

Chase Gedaliah 

Chase Richard 

Chate Robert 

ChristUian John 

Church Mcdad 

Churchill Edviard 

Clapp Joseph 

Clark John 

Clark Othaniel 

Clason Wilber 

Cla water Jacob 

Clement Charles 

Clement James 

Close Cae^a^ 

CloEson W'ilbcr 

Cocktel Timothy 

Coe Samuel 

Coenhoven William 

Cohler Leonard 

Ccklcr Leonard 

Coll reath Thomas 

Cole Abraha..! 

Cole Joseph 

Collard Abraham 

Collins Solomon 

Coibns William 

Colly Matthew 

Colwel! James 

Cone Benjamin (colored) 


Conklin Abraham 

Cir.kh'n John 

Conklin .Matthew 

Conklin Nathan 

Conk ling Jacob 

Conly Cliarles 

Conner Patrick 

Conory John 

Coiiroy John 
""Converse James 

Cook Darius 

Cook James 

Cook Job 

Cook John 

Cook Simeon 

Cooke Benjamin 

Cooke Samuel 

Cooper Cornelius 

Cooper Garret 

Cooper Jacob 

Cooper Nicholas 

Cornell James 

Cornwell Clement 

Cott John 

Cowen Isaac 

Craft Caleb 

Craig Francis 

Craw John . 

Crawiord Nathan 

Crompton John 
Cronk Abraham 
Crosby Lemuel 
Crosby Samuel 
Crouch David 
Cuch Phillip 
CuuOeth Benjamin 
Cuff William 
Cnmfort Josiah 
Cunnin John 
Cunningham James 
Cunningham John 
Curr} Charles 
Cushman William 
Dagaettjun .Mayiiugh 
Dagg^-t Mahu 
Daiinells Thomas 
Daten Cornelius 
D.-iton Cornbary 
Daton Jonah 
Daton Joseph 
Davids William 
Davics Nathan 
Deal George 
Dean John 
Deboise Peter 
Debuy Peter 
Decker Reuben 
Dcclark James 
Decoine Edward 
De GratT Muses 
Degrove William 
Delamattcr Jacob 
Dcnimon Samuel 
Denemark StotTil 
Deiiham Saiiuitl 

Deniston Juhn 
Denney Charls 
Denney Richard 
Denton Isaac 
Depue Abraham 
De Pue Peter 
Derue William 
Deuce William 
Devoe William 
Dewit John 
Dicker Ephraim 
Diel Samuel 
Diil John 
Dimmick Samuel 
Dimmick Shubell 
Disbey Andrew 
Disbrow -Andrew • 
Di.xson Thaddeus 
Dodge Stephen 
Dolf John 
Dolloway Jeremiah 
Douey Samuel 
Dowling Andrew 
Drake William 
Dubois Cornelius 
Dubois Jacob 
Dubois Jacob J. 
Duel Wilber 
Dun Coenradt 
Duncan John 
Dunnam Joseph 
Dusenbery Charles 
Dutcher Abraham 
Dutcher Jacob 
Dutcher John 
Edinger Christopher 
Elmendorph Samuel 
Elseworth Philip 
Enters Benjamin 
Fi,ircliild Amos 
Fairchild Oliver 
Fanbramer Peter 
F.-irnell Dane! 
Ferguson John 
Feriss John 
Firiss Silvanus 
Ferrell Daniel 
Ferris Seth 
Ferris William 
F.eld Jesse 
Keld Nathan 
Fields Thomas 
Finch Amos 
Finch Comfort 
F:iuh Elithan 
Finch Gilb.rt 
Fiii.h John 
Finch Jonatr.an 
F::uh Philip 
Finch Silvanus 


New York in the Revoi.ction' 

Finch Syc. 

Finchout Aurent 

Finchoat Cornelius 

Finton Amos 

Fisli Joseph 

Fish Levi 

Fish Moses 

Fish Pardon 

Fish Seibury 

Fisher Daniel 

Fisher Daniel, Jr. 

Fisher Jacob 

Flagler David 

Flagler John 

Flanders James 

Foot John 

Foot Samuel 

Forbosh Abraham 

Forbus Samuel 

Ford James 

Forgeson John 
Forster Joseph 
Foster Thomas 
Fowler Caleb 
F'owler Caleb, Jr. 
Fox Xenophon 
Franklin I'lenjamin 
Frantz Jacob 
Frederick Charles 
Fuller David 
Funnan Cnto 
Furman Samuel 
Fyler Scasor 
Gago Mark 
Gale Samuel 
Gambell Allexander 
Ganong Marcus 
Gardner David 
Garret Benjamin 
Gar-ett Isaack 
Galty J'jhn 
Gaul Stephen 
Gay Daniel 
Geaty Robert 
Gcdawale Elisha 
Gcgory Rusel 
Geray Alle.xander 
Germain David 
Geiman James 
Gerniond Peter 
Gero Daniel 
Giffo'd Elisha 
Girtord Samuel 
Gilcrease Thomas 
G;Idcrfk-e\e Joseph 
Gillnspy George 
Gill.-isps Jaines 
Gilia.-.i.y William 
Gillet Charles 
Gillit B:;rnabas 

Goetchins John 
Gold Ehjah 
Golnack Michal 
Goodrich Elisha 
Gordon Cornelius 
Gcrum Jcams 
Gould Elijah 
Graham James 
Graham Jonathan 
Gray Jeduthun 
Greek James 
Green Caleb 
Green Ezckiel 
Green Henry 
Green Joseph 
Green Samuel 
Green Tobias 
Grei'es Thomas 
Gregory Joshua 

Gregory RoswcU 

Grifi'en Joseph 

Griflen Peter 

Griftin John 

Grilhn ]\Iichael 

Grigeory R. 

Guin Michel 

Gulneck Michael 

Haborn John 

Hadley George 

Hadley William 

Hail Jacob 

Haff John 

Haight Samuel 

Haight .Samuel, Jr. 

Haines Samuel 

Hall John 

Hallister Elisha 

Hanna William 

Hansen Jacob 

Hardenburgh Derick 

Harper Godfrey 

Harris Joseph 

Harris Squire 

Harris William 

Hase John 

Havenner John 

Hawkins James 

Hawkins Samuel 

Hauley Henry 

Hebard Reuben 

Heermana Andries 

Hecrmana John 

Hecrmance -Andrew C. 

Hetrmance Evens 

Heerniance Evert 

iieermance John 

Helmer John 

Helmer Peter 

Ilellz Laurence 

Henry Robert 

Hermans Simcn 
Herrick Jonathan 
Herrington James 
Ilerrington John 
Hess Christian 
Hess Chrif.topher 
Hibbard Reuben 
Hicks Benjamin 
Higgin^ Ebcnezer 
Higgins Jo^eph 
Hill Isi:ac 
Hill John 
Hill William 
Hiltz Laurence 
Hinkley Elkanah 
Hinman Zachariah 
Hiser .Maitinua 
Hitchis Benjamin 
Hoffman Daniel 
Hoffman Jacobus 

Hoffman Nicholas 
Hogaboom Bartholama 

Hogaii Edward 

Hogan Path 

Hogins Edward 

Holenis John 

Holkins Samuel 

HoUey Henry 

Holmes Elkanah 

Holmes James --, 

Holmes Joseph 

Holmes Nathtm 

Hopkins Benjamin 

Hopkins Fredrick 

Horton David 

Horton George 

Horton Joseph 

Horton Peleg 

Horton Samuel 

House John 

How John 

How Thomas 

Howard Joseph 

Howard Richard 

Howel Frederick 

Howel William 

Howes John 

Howes Thomas 

Hoy William 

Hoyt Abijah 

Hoyt Enoch 

Piubbard Ezekicl 

HufTr.ian Dan-el 

Hume William 

Humfrey William 

Humpl'.reys James 

Hunsdon John 

Husted Peter 

Hutchens Benjamin 

Hutchons .Absalom 

Hutlon John 
Hyatt Eben 
Hyatt Elias 
Idare William 
Ittig Coenradt 
Ittig George 
Jackson George 
Jacobs .\brahani 
Jacobs Cornelius 
Jakways Daniel 
Jansen Benjamin 
Jero Daniel 
Jewel Ezekiel 
Jewell George 
Jewel! Herman 
Jewitt John 
Johnson James 
Johnson John 
Johnson Josiah 
Johnson Paul 
Johnson Robert 
Johnson Samuel 
Johnson Thomas 
Jchnson Timothy 
Johnston Robert 
Jones Isaac 

/ones Levi 
Jones Ransom 

Joslin Anthony 

Jalaf Zachariah 

Keator Benjamin F. 

F.eator John 

Xeator William 

Keeler Ezra 

Ivcllee Jeremiah 

Kelley Jonathan 

Keitz Coenradt 

Kenney Henery 

Kern John 

Kershaw John 

Kesler Nicholas 

Kickam Solomon 

Kill Christopher 

Killey Jaramiah 

Ki'patrick Samuel 

Kimmans John 

Kip .Abraham 

Kip -Vbraham R. 

Kip .Aurent 

Kip Igness 

Kip John 

Kip Petrus 

Kip Racliph 

Kirkun Solomon 

Kiyne Jacob 

Kiiapp Jeremiah 

Knapp Joel 

ICnapp Nathaniel 

Kr.ickebackcr John 

Ktiickcbacker Lawrence 

The Militia — Dutchess CorxTv, Sixth Regime?;'!- 


Knift'en Jo!in 
Koch Andrew 
Kohler Leonard 
Kolb John 
Kole Jacob P. 
Kole Simon P. 
Kool Abraham 
Kool Khas 
Koo! Jacob 
Kool Simon 
Kremer Jolin 
Krum Peter 
Laduc William 
Lamb David 
Lamb Jehial 
Lamberts Cornelius 
Lane Joseph 
Lane Thomas 
Lane William 
Langin Benjam 
Lanphier John 
Laquire Abraham 
Larcy John 
Larrey J. 
Lason Joseph 
Lasure Samuel 
Lawrence Samuel 
Learry John 
Lee Jonathan 
Leggct William 
Leonard Robert 
Leppcr Fredrick 
Lesher Conradt 
Levy Henderick 
Lewis Hendrick 
Lewis James 
Lewis Lewis 
Linderman Cornelius 
Linnington Timothy 
Little James 
Lockard David 
Locknut John 
Lockwood Daniel 
Lockwood David 
Lockwood Ebenezer 
Losee John 
Losce John A. 
Loux William 
Loveless Elisha 
Loveless Joshua 
Lucas Israel 
Luddington Elisha 
Ludenton Elibha, Jr. 
Luquer Abraham 
Luther F>cek 
Lyttle William 
McCabe Ber.janiin 
McCoy Daniel 
McCreary Robert 
McCutchen Robert 

McDonald Cornelius 
McDonald John 
McDonnals Thomas 
McGuirc Hugh 
Machan Kobart 
Machoney James 
McKiel John 
McKlennen Andrew 
McKue James 
McXight Robert 
McNitt Alexander 
McPherson Daniel 
Maffet John 
Maffite Jolm 
Maher Levy 
Marchant Abel 
Markel! Henry 
Marshall William 
Marshill Josiah 
Marta David 
Martin John 
Martin Robert 
Martin Roledt 
Masten Ezekiel 
Alayer Henry 
Mayer John 
Mayer Joseph 
Alaxsam Benjamin 
Mead Ezekiel 
Mead Isaiah 
Mead Marshal 
Meashurcall Cornelius 
Melangdon Benjamin 
Menoma John 
Merrick Benjamin 
Merrinan Titus 
Merrit Ebnczer - 
Merritt Luke 
Mestan Ezekiel 
Meyer Benjamin 
Middagh Art 
Middledough Aert 
Miels Noah 
Mildun Daniel 
Miller Christyaun 
Miller David 
Miller Henderick 
Aliiler John 
Miller William 
Mills James 
Mills John 
Mingo William 
Minner James 
Moe Abraham 
Money Absolum 
Monfoort Peter 
Monfoort Peter, Jr. 
Mongomire Elijah 
Mooney Absalom 
Moor Jacob 

Moor Phillip 
Moore John 
Moore Martin 
Mopes Fredrick 
More .\braham 
.<■ Morehouse Isaac 
.,- Morehouse Stephen 
Morris Elijah 
Morris John 
Morris Peter 
Mosier William 
Mott William 
Mouer Henderick 
Moid Jacob, Jr. 
Mount Andrew 
Mountain Andrew 
Mumford James 
Munrow Justice 
Murphy Thomas 
Myer Abraham 
Myer Benjamin 
?.lyles Btnajah 
Myles John 
Nairn James 
Neer Charles 
Neer Jost 
Neer Zacharies 
Nelson Absolum 
Nelson ]M. 
Nelson Paul 
N'.rtcomb Daniel 
Kewcomb James 
Newcopib Thomas 
Newel Joseph. 
Newnon Zebulun 
Nickcrson Isachar 
Nickerson Joshua 
Nickerson Justia 
Nogard John 
Nooncy Zebulon 
Nr.otnagle Frederick 
Northrop Step'.ien 
Norton Peter 
Nostragel Frederick 
Oakley Cornelius 
Odie Aaron 
Ogden Richard 
Olmsted Ebenezer 
Onderdonk Garret 
Onderdonk Thomas 
C>rchard John 
Orim Robert 
Orsor Nicholas 
Osborn Peter 
Ostrander Jacobus 
Ostiom Gilbert 
Ot.er.son Andrew 
Paine Khabod. Jr. 
Paine Samuel 
Palmer Benjamin 

Palmer James - 
Palmer Jesse 
Palmer John 
Painicr Joseph 
Palmer Nichol.is 
Pangnut John 
Pardee Thomas 
Pardy Samuel 
Parish Daniel 
Pari: Joseph 
Parker Joseph 
Parker Nathaniel 
Parks Nathaniel 
Parks Samuel 
Parrish A/ariah 
Parrish Cypria 
Parrish Daniel 
Pattison ?vlichael 
Paul James 
Paulding John 
Pawling Henry 
Peck Joseph 
Pclham Elisha 
Peilani F'ranses 
Pelliim Abijah 
Peiifold William 
Penny John 
Penoyer Amos 
Perry Jaraes 
Perry John 
Perry Obai'.iah 
Perry Samuel 
Petche*- Peter 
Peters John 
Pettit L^avid 
Phelps, Abner 
Phelp? David 
Phcntcn Amos 
PhilliuE David 
Phullicc David 
Pifer Aiam 
Pike Erra 
Pike Jicvis 
Pike jtsse 
Pine Tioiiias 
Pink Jscob 
Piatt Ciieb 
Piatt Eiiphalet 
Flymit Benoni 
Polheir.as Theodorus 
Pollock William 
Post Wiil'.almis 
Pow'.-l! .Abraham 
Price Etenezer 
Pullock William 
Puiide;;oii John 
Purdy James 
Purdy Jonathan 
Piirdy Jo:ii.ili 
Purdy Samuel 


New Yuhk is tiil Kevoi.utiox 

Purily Stcul'.en 
Quackinbush Abraham 
RanJals Hugh 
Kay Isaac 
Ray Zachariah 
Read David 
Reanolds Jacob 
Reed JaiiR-s 
Reed Samuel 
Reed Simon 
iReguaw Abraham 
Renia Jacob 
Reynolds Abijah 
Reynolds Benoni 
Reynolds Caleb 
Reynolds David 
Reynolds Elias 
Reynolds Ezra 
Reynolds Joel 
Reynolds Shubel 
Rhaad Richard 
Rhodes Richard 
Rhyne Timothy 
Riall Peter 
Richard Moses 
Richards J:. cob 
Richards A!oses, Jr. 
Richter }Ii-nderick 
Rider Christopher 
Rip RuUf 
Robins E'ucnezer 
Robinson Ebenezer 
Robison Ebenezer 
Rockwil Enos 
Roe Benjamin 
Roe \Viliia:n 
-Rogers Piatt 
Rogers Reuben 
Romer IKnry 
Ronier James 
Roola Jr.:ob, Jr. 
Roosa Aldcrt 
Roosa John 
Rose James 
Rosekrans Thomas 
Rosekrons John 
Rowley Weeks 
Rundle Abraham 
Runnels Ezra 
Runnels Joseph 
Ruscl James 
Rycel Peter 
Rysedorph George 
Salkcld Isaac 
Sainnion Corr.elius 
Sauflield John 
Sayers Benjamin 
Silieriiicrhorn Cornelius 
Schiilirici Henry 
Schofald Smith 

Schoonmaker John 
Schouten Cornelius 
Schouten John 
Schouten Simon 
Schultz Abraham 
Schutt Joseph 
Schutt Stephen 
Scott John 
Scott Thomas 
Scott William 
Scryver Albartus 
Scutt Abraham 
Scutt Joseph 
Scutt Stephen 
Seacord Andrew 
Seacraft William 
Seaman Jacob 
Seaman John 
Seaman Willett 
Sears Stephen 
Sedore Isaac 
See David 
Seelee Lodwick 
Seely James 
Seely S>lvanus 
Selvester John 
Servine James 
Servis John 
Shampinway lionnay 
Sharwood .Abraham 
Shavellar William 
Shaw James 
Shav.' John 
Shaw Joshua 
Shay V. 
Shea Lodowick 
Shear Lodev/ick 
Shearman William 
Sherman William 
Sherwood Isiac 
Sherwood Lucani 
Sherwood SmiiucI 
Sherwood 1 iiomas 
Shidler John 
Shoemaker Christopher 
Shoniper Hi)rrima 
Shorter John 
Shults Jacob 
Simma Willet 
Simmons Aaron 
Simons Jr. solo 
Simons Willet 
.Simpkins Reuben 
Simpson Andrew 
Sin\pson John 
Sinkin Re-.ibcn 
SUutscU Michel 
Slascn A:-.!os 
Slason Ebenezer 
Sleight Abrahum 

Slight A.braham, Jr. 
Small Isaac 
Small James 
■ Smith Abraham 
Smith Aliiheous 
Smith Asa 
Smitli Daniel 
Smith Garret 
Smith Isaac 
Smith Israel 
Smith James 
Smith John 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Joshua 
Smith Martin 
Smith Michael 
Smith Philip 
Smith Samuel 
Smith Stephen 
Smith Thomas 
Smith Zackerias 
Snift'en Shubel 
SnilTm James 
SniiVin John 
Snyder John 
Sodon John 
Somerndike Jacob 
Sonamet Isaac 
Soper Burtis 
Southard John 
Southard Richard 
Spalding Oliver 
Sparks Robert 
Spencer John 
Spicer Jeremiah 
Springsteen James 
Springsteen Samuel 
Stagg John 
Stanton William 
Start Nathan 
Slants Peter 
Stauts Philip 
Stebbins Lewis 
Stoenberg Cornelius 
Stephend Timothy 
Stevens Edward 
Stevens John 
Stevens Peter 
Stcverson Frederick 
Stewart Thomis 
Stockam Reuben 
Stokum Jonathan 
Stokum William 
Storm Abraham 
Storms CIoss 
Stuart John 
Stuidefanl Jonathan 
Sturdivcnt David 
Surinc James 
Siuhard John 

Suthird Jonas 

Suthard Richard 

Sutherland Joseph 

Sutherland Solomon 

Swart Isaac 

Swinnerton James 

Talman Abraham 

Taiman Douwe 

TarbiU Salvanus 

Tater John 

Tayler John 

Taylor Oliver 

TcHer Oliver 

Terpanning Jolin 

Tervvilleger A.br"m 

Tervvillegcr James P'ienix 

Tervvilleger Matthew 

Teunis Jehu 

Ttarston Josiah 

Thomas Beriah 

Tisomas John 

Thomas Thomas 

Thompson Caleb 

Tnompson Joel 

Tiiompson Joseph 

Tliomson James, Sr. 
Taorason James, Jr. 

Thomson Richard 
Tl>Dmson Saniuc! 
T.^ias John 
T"«5.nsend Cliaries 
To-R-nsend James 
Townsend Zephaniah 
Trepp James 
Tri-vis William 
Tri::i Ezra 
Tpi Hcnderick 
Tunis Peter 
Tur-er Alexander 
Turner S'ephen 
T^Ttchell Benoni 
Vail John 

VaTi Benthuysin Abraham 
\'anBomel Peter 
\'an Camp Isaac 
Va:; Cleef Garret 
Van Cock Boltis R. 
Vaix'eburgh Jolin 
Vaviiiemark Soloiuon 
Vanderbik Derick 
\"ac..!crduncti Garret 
Vf.nilerduncii Thomas 
Vander \'ort Garret 
Van^ewater Adolph 
"\'an Dewater Hern'.an 
Vaiidc'.vater Jacobus 
Van Dewatei Joseph 
Vaa Etten Jacobus 
Vanflacker. Alxand-r 
Van Ilouten Abraham 

Tiir Mu.niA — Dctiiiess CoL'XTv, Sicvexth REG!>iE\T 


Van Houten John 
Van Houten John R. 
V'an Ketiren Miitthcw • 
Van Kicek Ballus 
Van North John 
Vanockvr Peter 
Van Orden Andrew 
Van Orden Henry 
Vanosdol James 
Vanscoy Abel 
Van Scoy Htnry 
Vansickle Peter 
Van Steenbcrgi; Cornelius 
Van Steenbergh Gradus 
Vantasel Benjamin 
Van Tassel Corneliv!s 
Van Tassel Isaac 
Van Tassel John 
Van Tassel Stephen 
Van Vleckren Abraham 
Van Voorhis Abrah.am 
Van Voorhis Daniel 
Vanvoorhis flenry 
Van Voorhis Jcromus 
Van Vradenburgh Petriis 
Van Wagenen Karrant 
Van Wagentn Garret 
Van Wart Garret 
Van Wart William 
Vanwort Benjamin 
Van VVyck John 
Van Wyck John B. 
Van Wyck Theodoras 
Varcc! Daniel 
Veal George 
Veal John 
Verber John 
Vermillier David 

Verniillier I?aac 
Vermilya David 
Vickre> Ichabod 
V&m Brockhn James 
Voorhis Jcromus 
Vorchase Abraham 
Vradenburgh Abraham 
Vradvnburgh Jacob 
Vradenburgh William 
Wade Morris 
Waggoner George 
Waisemillar Hendrick 
Walalter Benjamin 
Walbridge Elijah 
V.'aldorph Hendrick 
Waldradt Adolph 
Walron Simeon 
Walsh Samuel 
Ward Israel 
Ward Joshua 
V.'aren Theodorus 
Waring Michael 
Warnian Phinas 
Warters Benjamin 
Wastalle Gilbart 
Waters Cornelius 
Waters Isaac 
Way Frederick 
Way John 
Weaver Adam 
V/eaver George 
Weaver George M. 
Weaver Jacob 
Webb David 
Webber Oliver 
Webber William 
Webbers Isaac 

Weed Gideon 
Weed Jonathan 
Weeks Xatl'.aniel 
Welch David 
Westervalt George 
V/estiall Abraham 
Westiall Benjamin 
Westfall Gilibet 
Westl'.dl Levi 
Whcaton Benjamin 
Wheaton Is^ac 
\\ heeler Ezra - 
Whily Matthew 
Whitaker Abraham 
Whitcom Simon 
White John 
White Nathaniel 
Whitney E7.ekel 
Wickes Siias 
Wickhani Benjamin 
Wickham Benjamin. Jr. 
Wickham Daniel 
Wickson Ebenezer 
Wilbert John 
Wiicox Isaac 
Wiide Bartholomev/ 
Wiie Nathan 
Wilkinson John 
Wilkison Thomas 
Willcox Aaron 
Williams Da-, id 
Williams Steplien 
\\'iUiams Thomas 
Williams Warren 
Williamson Nicholas 
Willsoii i\mos 
Wilson Andrew 

Wilson John 
Wiltse Cornelius 
Wiltse William 
Wiitsee Matthew 
Wbians Silas 
Wjnegar Henry 
Winslow Samuel 
Winston Joseph 
Winter .\ loses 
Withbeck Harmon 
Wolson Simeon 
Wood Henry 
Wood Jesse 
Wood John 
Wood Samuel 
Wood Solomon 
Wood Thomas 
Woods Eli 
Woods Jothani 
Woolscy Nathan 
Word Israel 
Workman Phineas 
Worth Richard 
Wright Joseph 
Yarns Nathan 
Yeoinuns Jonas 
Yerks Aaron 
Vouiv;^ Abraham 
Y'ourtg Benjamin 
Younij Elkanah 
Y011.T.J G;.rret 
Yoiinif John 
Yeiiu^ John Christian 
Y'oittnj- Jonas 
Y'ounr Robert 
Y'omij Thomas 
Y'ouiijs John 

Dutchess County Militia — Seventh Regiment 




Capt. Edmund Baker 

Noah Boutox 


John Crane 

" Haighi 

" Alexander Kiod 
" Israel Kxapi' 
" George Lane 

David Maeick 

Hezekiaii Mead 
" Joel Mead 
" Morion 

'■ JosHfA AUhick 
" Pierce 

Capt. Rictiakd S.\ci:ett Lieu 

Nathaniel ScRiHNER 
" V/ard 

David Waterburv 


Lieut. J.inas .vuser 
JoKN Bei.uv 


Ti.MOTiiv Delevan Ensi 

" Elliott 

Ellij.m! Fuller 
JosiAi; Gkfcory " 

Soi.o.\!.->A Hopkins 
David Po/.ter 

T. John l^-^bis'son' 


Elliai Sears 
David Smitij 
Isaac Townsend 

ISEABi \'Ai:. 

Abras \'an Wert 


GN Josi.vE Baker 
U'3.uiJ>.\i Calkin 


Joseph Gregory 

J.»COB Me.xd 


Nicw VuKK IX Tiii; Revolution 

additional namks on state treabl'ki;:; s pay books 
>Jr. Mr. Thomas Lewis Lielt. John MlLean Ensign Zebedee Kellit 

Lieut. John Drake " JosErii Perry 

John Hall " IIe.-.ry Wh.tse 

Acker Abram 

Adams Gilbert 

Adams John 

Adams William 

Addcins Ji'Iiii 

Addenis .Major 

Addems Thomas 

Adriaiice George 

Aliet Elijah J. 

Angevinc Joseph 

Anim Aira 

Ariiistrong Gabriel 

Armstrong Jacob 

Armstrong Jacob, Jr. 

Armstrong John 

Arnold Peleg 

Arnold Seymour 

Astin Joab 

A=tin John 

Astin Smith 

Astin Robert 

Auscr Abram 

Austin Job 

Austin Robert 

Austin Smith 

Auston John 

Baker Joshua 

Baker Stephen 
..• Baldwin Elisha 
.-.Baldv;in Henry 
-Baldwin James 

Baley Elias 

Baliard Caleb 

Ballard Ptleg 

Ballard Tr^cy 

Baly Joseph 

Banker Nicolas 

Barber Sr.mue! 

Barber Stephen 

Earger Peter 

Barit John 

Barret Isaac, Jr. 

Barret Samuel 

Barret W'lUiam 

Barrett Isaac 

Barrett Justus 

Barton Amirew 

Burton F^iisha 

Barton Gilbert'. 

Bartow Andrus 

Basby Oliver 

Baset Edinund 

B.Tshford James 

Baylcy Peleg 

Begal Stephen 
Bemy Samuel 
Benjamin FJanus 
Benjamm Elijah 
Bennct Isiah 
Berry Jabe;: 
Berry Jabez, Jr. 
Berry Samuel 
Beyea Isaac 
Bice John 
Binton Samuel 
Birdsall John 
Bisbey tJliver 
Blackman Ephraim 
. Bolding Elisha 
Bolding Henry 
Bolding James 
Bonktr Jacob 
Bostwick John 
Boughteu Samuel 
Boyd Isaac 
Brewer Henderick 
Brooks William 
Brown Cornelius 
Brown Deliverance 
Brown Ebenezer 
Brown Josiah 
Bruce Robert 
Brundage Jeren-iah 
Brundage John 
Bruster John 
Bruster Samuel 
Buckbee Sylvester 
Buckhout John 
Buckley Jabez 
Bugbee Ez>:kiel 
Bugbee Silvester 
Bulkley Jabev 
Burdick Amos 
Burdick Cau'b 
Byinton Sanu el 
Byinton Solomon 
Calwell James 
Calwell William 
Carnbell James 
Carey John 
Carle Jonas 
Carley John 
Carly .-\bc:t 
Carver Barnabas 
Carver Timothy 
Caton Isaac 
Caytorn Isaac 
Certain Janies 


Chadwick Comfort 
Charlick Her.ry 
Chase Jabez 
Chase John 
Chase Judah 
Chase Obadiah 
Chase Robert 
Christian Charles 
Christian George 
Christian John 
Christian Richard, Jr. 
Ci^.ristian Ritchard 
Christian William 
Clason William 
Closson William 
Colberth Thomas 
Colberth Thomas G. 
Cole Daniel 
Cole Ebenezer 
Cole Elisha 
Cole Elisha, Jr. 
Cole Joseph 
Cole Reuben 
Colly John 
Col.vell Joseph 
Conklin Nathan 
Conklin Samuel 
Cornelius Ever 
Cornv.ell Daniel 
Covart Silvenus 
Covey Walter 
Cowen Isaac 
Cowin David 
Crab John 
C.-aft Caleb 
Craft Charles 
Crane Samuel 
Crosby Enoch 
Crosby Solomon 
Crosby Thody 
Culbrtth Thomas 
Cushman Consider 
Daily Lawrence 
Dakin Elisha 
Dakin Jolmson 
Dan Thadus 
Daniels James 
Dann William 
Davis Albert 
Da .is John 
Djvis Samuel 
Davis William 
Dean Beniamin 
Dean Caleb 

Dean Ezekiel 
Dean John 
Dean Joseph 
Delanay Abram 
Delevan Timothy, Jr. 
Delivan Abraham 
Demcrce David 
Deusenberry Moses 
Dvuscnbery William 
Deyenbeg Jarvis 
Dian Joseph 
Dickson James 
Dickson Theodorus 
Dimmick Shubel 
Dinjah Elijah 
Disbrow Andrew 
Disbrow David 
Disbrow Nathan 
Disbrow Nathan, Jr. 
r>i.xson James 
Domnee David 
Doten William 
Downer Israel 
Drake John 
Drew Gilbert 
C'rcw Isaac 
Drew Samuel 
Drew William 
Dasonbury Charles 
D-jscnhury Jarvis 
Ehitcher Abram 
Ditcher Jacob 
D^.^eman Hezekiah 
Ej'^ly Benjamin 
Ecy Joshua 
Egelstcn James 
El'.well Jabez 
Eli'vorth John 
Evans Samuel 
Evrns Thomas 
Ewritt George 
Everitt Isaac 
Fer;,n;son John 
Fer.ruson Thomas 
Feni.i Ezra 
Kerns Jonathan 
Fin.h Jonathan 
Finch Nathaniel 
Finch Reuben 
Fitici! Silvanus 
Fiuichc Reuben 
Fish Nathan 
Fisher Nathaniel 
Forgason John 

Tnt; MiLiriA — -Dutchess Couxtv, Se\extii Ri:;(,ime.\t 


Forgason Thoniis. Jr. 
Forinan Joseph 
Fo5t'ir David 
Fro5t Dnvid 
Fuller David 
Fuller Isaac 
Fuller Robert 
Furman Joseph 
Furnian Sarruel 
Gage Ebenezer 
Gage Moses 
Gage Nathaniel 
Ganog Markus 
Ganong Isaac 
Ganong John 
Garioung Jacob 
Ganung Reuben 
Gaul Stephen 
Gift'ord Elibha 
Gifford Samuel 
Gelding Amoss 
Goodfellow Wiliiain 
Gorney John 
Green Thomas 
Gregory Daniel 
Gregory Ezra 
Gregory Joshua 
Gregory Rusel 
Gregory Samuel 
Gregory Thomas 
Gregory Timothy 
Griftet Lazarus 
Griffeth Wiliara , 
Grinith Joshua 
Hadley Moses 
Hadley William 
Hadley William, Jr. 
Hager Robert 
Hager Thomas 
Halght Samuel 

Hall Elisha 
Hall John 
Hall Thomas 
Hambler Benjamin 
Hankkey Richard 
Harris William 
Hasen Aron 
Haul Elisha 
Hawkins James 
Hawkins Joseph 
Hav.-kins Samuel 
Hays William 
Hazelton David 
Hazcn Caleb 
Hazen Eleazer 
Hazen Moses 
Heazeltine David 
Heazchon Daniel 
Hedger Joseph 

Heger Robert 
Higgins Ebenezer 
Hill Thomas 
Hill William 
Holley Daniel 
Holmes David 
Holmes Joseph 
Hopkins Ely 
Hopkins Isaiah 
Hopkins Jeremiah 
Hopkins Jonathan 
Hopkins Jonathan. Jr. 
Hopkins Joseph 
Hopkins Thatcher 
Hopkins Thomas 
Horten Thomas 
Horton Thomas, Jr. 
How Jesse 
How John 
Howes Daniel 
Howes Job 
Howes Moodey, Jr. 
Hughson Jeremiah 
Hunt Jesse 
Huson Aron 
Huson Robert 
Hyatt Alvan 
Hyatt Elias 
Hyatt Minan 
Hyatt Sminah 
Hyatt Stephen 
Jean John 
Jedd Jonathan 
Jenkins Nathaniel 
Jenkins Samuel 
Jenkins Solomon 
Johnston Thomas 
Jones Amos 
Jones Ananias 
Jones Nehemiah 
Jones William 
June Ezra 
Kane John 
Keitf Andrew 
Keley Jonathan A. 
Kelley John 
Kelley Judah 
Keliey SiKanus 
Kerley Albert 
Kickom Sijlomon 
Killey John 
Killey Judah 
KiUey Silvenus 
Killey Zebedec 
King Barzilla 
King Bazley 
King David 
King Heman 
King Heman. Jr. 
King (Jbadiah 

King Stephen 
Kircuin Solomon 
Knap Gabriel 
Knap]) Benjamin 
Knapp D.innel 
KnitTiMi .\iiios 
Kniffen Samuel 
Knolt Nathaniel 
Lake Stephen 
Lambert Cornelius 
Lane Nathan 
Langdon Benjamin 
Lasher Samuel 
Lawdue Ambres 
Leddoo Ambros 
Leonard Robert 
Light Henry 
Lockwood Ebenezer 
Lockwood Peter 
Lorens Isaac 
Loveless William 
Ludinton Comfort 
Lupuye John 
McCabe Benjamin 
McCale Benjamin 
McCormick Maxel 
McFadden James 
Maclntyre Jaims 
McLean John 
McShosen Peter 
McTassel Peter 
Maybee Peter 
Maconth Arlen 
Mahoon James 
Maibe Tobias 
Maker Solomon 
Mane Scbeus 
Mancr Saivus 
Marchous Elijah 
Marick Isaac 
Martine James 
Martine Samuel 
jMason Jtrred 
Mazer .-Miraham 
Mead .\biier 
Mead Bille 
IMead Eli 
Mead Isaac 
Mead James 
Mead .'loses 
Merick John 
Merrick Isaac 
Merrick Seth 
Miller Ebenetus 
MillerJ Solomon 
Mills Titus 
Mocs William 
More William 
Moris Eliga 
Morse William 

Morten Sanuel 
Myrick John 
Myrick Seth 
Nelson Absalom 
Nelson Elijah 
Newman Jercniiaii 
Newman Jo.-eph 
Nickerson .Vron 
Nickerson Isfachar 
Nickerson Thomas 
Nickerson Uriah 
Norris Ezra 
Nott Nathanael 
Oakley Robert 
Oakley Timothy 
Odal John 
Odall Amors 
Odel Amos 
Odell Isaac 
Odell John 
Odie Isaac 
Ogden Benjamin 
Osborn Denvis 
Owens Jesse 
Paddock DaMd 
Paddock Judah 
Paddock Peter 
Pad'JDck Seth 
Paddock Stephen 
Parce Daniel 
Parli John 
Parrish Daniel 
Parrish Silas 
Parse Daniel 
P^a-alding John 
Peace Isaac 
Ptarce Isaac 
Pe![ Philip 
Pehon Phillip 
Peise Isaac 
Pelton Philip 
"^infold William 
I kncy Frederick 
PinTcney Isariel 
Pinkney Jonathan 
Pin'iney Luis 
Piper Isaac 
P!a:; John 



Porter David 
Poft Hennery 
Pric>; Ebenezer 
Prire James 
Puriy James 
Raitiier George 
Raymond Ebtn 
Raymond Ebenezar 
Raymond Thadeus 
RaynoIJs Moses 
Read Lacob 


Ni:\v York in thi; Revolution 

Recti Fredrick 
Reed John 
Reed Samuel 
Rcqiia James 
P-equa James, Jr. 
Requa Joicph 
Rewel James 
Rhead Jacob 
Rhoad Richard 
RhoLidos Isaac 
Rhoads Isaac, Jr. 
^Rhodes John 
Rhodes Richard 
Rice Edward 
Rice Samuel 
Richards David 
Richards Ezra 
Richards Moses 
Richards Thomas 
Rider John 
Rill Samuel 
Rcbenson Asakar 
Roberts Peter 
Robinson Issachar 
Robinson Peter 
Rods John 
Roe William 
Romer Henry 
Rorcom Solomon 
Runald Moses 
Russel James 
Russel Robert 
Russel John 
Rush John 
Sackett John 
Saekett Solomon 
Sampson George 
Same Jolel 
Scohcld Ezre 
Scribner Knth.->niei 
Scult Peter 

Scars Wiilard 
Shaddick Comfor 
Shadrik Comhjrt 
Sliarpenard Simon 

Shaw Joshua 
Sherwood William 
Simkins John 
Simkins John, Jr. 
Simkins Kobard 
Simkins Robert 
Simmons Jonathan 
Simons Aron 
Simpkins John 
Sirrine Isaac 
Sloot Isaac 
Sloot John 
Slut Isaac 
Slut John 
Small James 
Small James, Jr. 
Smally James 
Smally Zachariah 
Smith Abraham 
Smith Asa 
Smith Bcnnajah 
Smith David 
Smith Edward 
Smith Elisha 
Smith Gideon 
Smith Gilbert 
Smith James 
Smith Jeremiah 
Smith Jesse 
Smith John 
Smith Nel'.cnnah 
Smith Phillip 
Smith Ricliard 
Smith Samuel 
Smith Seth 
Smith Solomon 

Smith Thomas 
SnifFen Sam, Jr. 
Snifl'm Amos 
Soddoic Frederick 
Soddore Isaac 
Sorine Charles 
Sorine Israel 
Sprage Elijah 
Sprage Jab.;;i 
Sprafjc John 
Sprague Jeremiah 
Spreg Jeremiah 
Stats John 
Steward George 
Stirdevent Richard 
Storm James 
Swift Isaiah 
Tannors John 
Taylor Daniel 
Terry Samuel 
Tiler Ezekial 
Tonikins Cornelius 
Tomkins Cornelius, Jr. 
Toinkins James 
Tomkins Jeremiah 
Tomkins Stephen 
Touneseiid Levi 
Townsend Amos 
Townsend Charles 
Townsend Charles, Jr. 
Townsend Daniel 
Townsend Daniel. 3d 
Townsend Eber 
Townsend Isaac 
Tov/nsend James 
Townsend John 
Townsend Zephaniah 
Travis George 
Travis James 
Travis Titus 
Travis William 


Tucker Samuel 
Turner Elisha 
Turner John 
Turner Xatiiiin 
Turner Stephen 
Utter William 
Vail John 
Vanpett Henry 
%'anpett John 
\'anScoy Abel 
\'an Scoy Jacob 
Van Wert William 
Veal John 
Vermilya William 
\'ermilyea John 
Walter Daniel 
Ward Finnes 
Waring Thaddeus 
Waterbury David 
Waterbury Enos 
Weeks Jonathan 
V'l'eeks Stephen 
V/haley James 
Wnite Stephen 
Willco-x Steplien 
Williams Ichabod 
V/illiams Thomas 
Wilsie Daniel 
Vi'iison Daniel 
Wilson Thomas 
Wiman Jeduthan 
Wi.Ksom Daniel 
Wixsom John 
Wood Israel 
\\- -d John 
Wo'. 'en John 
Wright William 
Wright Zebulon 
Yarnes Xatlian 
Young John 

Dutchess County Militia — Associated Exempts 




quarti-:r >l\ster jaC'.;';3us slegiit 

Capt. .^^•URE^v EillinuS 
Is.vAC Cloom 

" Jo.'IN BKi-nilEAD 

" Joseph H \r, vm.vn 

MosKs Toxy.s 

Roger K.'.n.ne 
" Tiio.M.^s Lee 
" Abraham Swartwoct 
Va.n' Dlse.n' 

C.WT. CORNEI.Trs \'a.n Sant- 

LiEi'T. David B.m.dwi.v 
William Eokrum 


" Peter A. Fo.vha 

Garardus IIardexBrodk, 


James Hui.iiy 

L'tiT. ELiiiu Marshall 


Oak Svida:.! 
Ensign- TllO^^\s Cole 
As'.v.t.i. Jaqla 
Arr- ael Taqla 






_., jVj«-_.v 



'^' ; 

















MAjrik GENEKAl. IMlll-ll' SCllLVI.KK 

The Militia — Dutchess County, Associated ExKiirxs 


Abby Samuel 
Alcsbury Nathani 
Alloon Christian 
Anderson George 
Archabald Jolin 
Austin David 
Avery Abel 
Avez Abtl 
Baker Joseph 
Baker Phineas 
Bakman John J. 
Barns Richard 
Baroon Anthony 
Beckman John J. 
Bedford John 
Bedford Jonas 
Beekman John J. 
Bender John 
Benjamin Cyrus 
Benjamin Ebenezer 
Benjamins Ebenezer, 
Benner Frederick 
Bigrat't Tlionias 
Black John 
Blain James 
Blaw James 
Elaw John 
Bloni Jonas 
Boerum William 
Bogardus Peter 
Bogardus Peter C. _ 
Bogart Hendricus 
Bonsti! Philip 
Brewer Garrete 
Brewer Jeremiah 
Brinck Hendricus 
Brink John J. 
Brooks Reuben 
Brown John 
Brush Ebenezer 
Burhans Cornelius 
Bush John 
Caktz Ebenezer 
Cambell Daniei 
Cambell Thomas 
Cannada James 
Carman John 
Carter Ebenezer 
Carther Alexander 
Casey Willett 
Casey William 
Chamberlin Judah 
Chase JaLcz 
Chooper James 
Chotper James 
Coles Benjamin 
Cook Simeon 
Cool William 
Cooper James 
Crispcl Ar;thony 

Dcgrote Isaac 
Degrote Peter 
Deniing John 
Dcnnison Alexander 
Dennison James 
Deveni)ori Gerrit 
Devin Oliver 
Devo Jol'.n 
Devol John 
Drew Elijah 
DuBois Cornelius 
Dunkan John 
Edmonds Samuel 
Edmonds Samuel, Jr. 
Elliott Christopher 
Every Abel 
Fowler William 
Fran Elias 
Frans Wilhelnuis 
Frcdenbcryh }ilatthew 
Jr. Freeman Robert 
Gallow John 
Galridge Michael 
Gaus John 
Gibson William 
Glean Anthony 
Gollow Jcilm 
Goodgoin William 
Goodrich Michael 
Gott Story, Jr. 
Gregg William 
Grigs Jeremiah 
Hagainan Hendrick 
•/ Hagaman Joseph 
Hagaman Peter 
Hagg John 
Hanmer Robert 
Harins George 
Harsiii George 
Harwood John 
Harwood Thomas 
Henderson Thomas 
Henrey Jesse 
Herrick Joseph 
Ilerrick Stephen 
Heward Edward 
Hochstrasser Jacob, Jr. 
Hodge Isaac 
Holmes Joseph 
Howard Edward 
Hu?ne William 
Jackson Lemon 
Jackson Richard 
Jaicock.s Frances 
Janson Jchannis J. 
jennis Samuel 
Johns Abraham 
Johnson John 
Jones John 
Jones Steven 

Keator Jacob T. 
Kinibouk Fradrik 
Kinnc Jesse 
Konstable John 
Kortright Abraliam 
Krom Dirck 
Lae Joseph 
Lane Joseph 
Lawrance Andrew T. 
Lee Jonathan 
Lee Joseph 
Lee William 
Leran John 
Lockwood Amos 
Loe William 
Loop Christopher 
Lorensay Nathan 
Lose John 
Lovejoy Mathew 
Lovejoy Nathaniel 
Lovett John 
Lutts John 
McClees Peter 
McGough James 
McNeal John 
Magce Samuel 
Mance Christopher 
Masten Daniel 
Masters Danniel 
May Daniel 
Meggey Samuel 
Ments Christopher 
Merritt John 
Mertz Christopher 
Muttlin James 
Muller John 
Myers jNIichal 
Nap Jonathan 
Nellson Francis 
Nellson Reuben 
Newkerk Myndert 
Newkirk Adam 
NoUister Benjamin 
Nottingham Stephen 
Nukerck Hendrick 
Null John 
Odd! James 
Osterout Peter 
Patterson Michael 
Pattison Micha'.l. Jr. 
Pcny David 
Perkins Zophar 
Plought William Helinirs 
Preston Othniel 
Price Robert 
Ramsey James 
Ransom Joseph 
Reed John 
Rhipe Richanl 
Ribbons Daviil 

Right Solomon 

Robbins David 

Roosa Peter 

Rosekrans Zacharius 

Row Michael 

Rowland Robert 

Rumsey James 

Ryndert John 

St. John Samuel 

Sa.xt'in Noble 

Schenk Peter A. 

Schneyder George 

Schoonmaker Samuel 

Sckenk Peter 

Seely Samuel 

Sicklier Albartus 

Simmons Joseph 

Sipher William 

Snialley Reuben 


Smart George 

Smith Daniel 

Smith Daniel, Jr. 

Smith Joseph 

Smith Nehemiah 

Smith Samuel 

Smith William 

Snyder .\ndrew 

Snyder Christopher 

Spallow John 

Spotty William 

Stauts Peter 

Stephus Matthew 

Steymets William 

Tappen John 

Taylor Joseph 

Tecrs Jacob 

Terry Omer 

Terry William 

Tilson Peleg 

Titus James 

Tompkins Abraha.-n 

Townsend Amas 

Trimble John 

Tyce Joseph K. 

\'alentine Joseph 

Vallintine James 

y^n De Bogert Myiuiert 

'.'an Deusen Jc^lir. 

\"aii Dusen Mattiiew 

".'an Duzer Isr.ac 

^ ".n Hoc>-enbergh Flemy 

\'an Keuren Tjerck 

\ an Kleek James 

N'antine John 

\'un Wagenen Iv.njamin 

Van \V3genen Jacob 

Van Wagenen Pctrus 

Van Waggoner D.iuiei 

\'rcdenburgh .Matthew 


New '^■(.■rk in' the Revolution 

Waklrom Willinm 
Wallace Jai:.c3 
Warner Richard 
Warren Stephen 

Way Thnmas 
Weaver i'^dwurd 
Weaver Henry 
White Peter 

Wickliam Joii:ith;>n 
Wickhar.is J. 
Wide Bciijanun 
Williams Ebenezer 

V.'ine^ Jcrorrinh 
Winfield laaac 
Woodward Ephrarn 
Yeoniaub Francis 

Dutchess County Militia — Associated Exempts 

Capt. Abraham Schenxk 

Allen John 
Brett George 
Brisby James 
Brooks Reuben 
Byvanck William 
Carpenter Increase 
Chamberlain John 
Cole Isaac 
Compton Obadiah 

Conckline Lemuel Hatting Robert 

Conner Hugh 
Cooper James 
Dates Peter 
Dodge Samuel 
Doughty David 
Gantz Fran.'is 
Giistone John 
Harsui George 

Hendrickson Stephen 
Lawrence Andrew 
Lawrence Augustine 
Lawrence John 
LetTerts Isaac 
Livingston Gilbert 
McBane John 
Mott Henry 

Nerveelen Gideon 
Newcombe Daniel 
Newcombe Zacheus 
Peck George 
Robinson Thomas 
Spranger Charles 
Titus Zebulon 
Weeks James 
Williams John 

Dutchess County Militia — Regiment of Minute Men 


Capt. Stephen Duryee 

" Henry Goodwin 

" G>_ORGE Lane 

" Comfort LiDrxcTON 

" William Mott 

" William Perce 

" Abraham Schenck^ 

" Bernardus Swartwout 

Israel Veal 

" Cornelius Van Wyck 

Lieut. Henry B.ailey 
" John Berry 

Nathaniel Butler 
William Colki.n 
Jonathan Crane 
Ben'jamin Elliot 
' Joseph Garrison 
" Abraham Hiat 
Jacob Horton 
John Langdon 


Lieut. Andrew Lawrance 
John Manrow 
Henry Mott 
Thomas O^'Trander 
Charles Platt 
Nathaniel Smith 
is-\ac tow.nsend 
Peter Van Bunschoten 
John T, Van Kleak 

Adorns Jesse 
Adreanse Thead 
Akerby lU-iijamin 
Alien Jorge 

Anderson elh 

Appleyee Coonraad 
Ashbe Zebulon 
Askin William 
Aslen Abm. 
Aubley Wi'.iiam 

Badcock eph 

Bailey Daniel 
Bailey Ebtnezer 
Bailey Ellas 
Baker Eleazer 
B;d;cr Ellsha 
Fjaker Joshua 
BaV:er Francis 
Ball Elephalet 
Barker Richard 


Barkins aviil 

Barnes Henry 
Barns Will 
Barse Zebulen 

Bartley hall Pels 

Baxter Thomas 
Bell Henry 
Bennet Elihu 
Benny John 
Bently Joseph 
Berger Anditw 

Bcugus 1 lioiaas 
Billings John 
Birdali Jacoj 
Bishop Joshua 
Bishop Livy 

Boga I'et'r 

Boganlui Lewis 


Bolt Moses 
Bonker Dolf 

Bo)d mcs 

Boyington Solomon 
Bozworth Hczekiah 
Bradley Nathan 
Eranah James 
Brill Jacob, Jr. 
BrinckerholT Hen 
Brisbend James 
Brock William 
Brewer Charles 
Brower Hindrick 
Brower Lazareth 
Brower Rodolphus 
Brown Stephen 
Brumstield James 
Brustead William 
Bunschout Elias C. 
Burbanks Noah 

Burch David 
Burch Jeremiah 
Burch Sila^ 
' Eurdsill Jacob 
Burges Thomes 
Burlonon Fcarnot 
Burnet Isaac 
Burnett Peter 
Eyiiigton Solomon 
Camfield James 
Carl Joseph 
Carman John 
Cnampenois Daniel 

Cl;amplin Joshua. Jr. 
Cnapman Enoch 
Ciiapman Samuel 
Ciase Seth 
Christian Zech.ariah 

The Militia — Dutcukss Cocntv, Uegimi-:;.t or Mixl'ti: Men 


Cliri'^tic J.-il'.n 
Clapp Benjamin 
Clark Joshua 
Clark Stephen 
Cole Andiew 
Colkens Eli 
Conner John 
Cornell Samuel 
Cornwell Sylvenus 
Corsa Abrah 
Corsa Isaac 
Courtright John 
Craft Caleb 
Crane Ira 
Croft Jacob 
Crowfoot William 
Cruniwell Aac 
Currer Elijah 
Curtis Andrew 
Dart Hozell 
Davids John 
Davis David 
Davison James 
Davison John 
Dean Stephen 
Degrote John 
Dervoort Sam L. 
Dimmick Shubal 
Disbrow David 
Dodge Will 
Dollavvay Jerem 
Dollaway William 
Downen Cornelius 
Doxey Amos 
Draper John 
Draper Joseph 
Drew William 
Dimekin John 
Dutcher David 
Edams Joseah 
Ede Joshua 
Edget John 
Egelston James 
Elderkin James 
Eldige Jonathan 
Eldridge Elisha 
Eldridge Michael 
EUembatz Eman'l 
Elliott Abn. 
Ehvell Ezra 
Elwell Jabes. Jr. 
Emegh Jeremiah 
Evens John 
Evens Th(.in-.as 
Fairchild Nathaniel 
Fetch Jerry 
Fileow Enoch 
Fileow Phmeas 
Finch Ruben 
Force Tmuithv 

Forgasoii Aluam 
Porguson Samuel 
Foster David 
Foster John 
Foster Thomas 
Fowler Austin 
Fowler Isaac 

Frear raham, Jr. 

Frear Thomas 
Frost Thf.mas, Jr. 
Frost William 
Fuller Isaac 
Fullmore Jasper 
Garrison Abraham 
Gedeons Joseph 
Gee John 
Gielwack Michel 
GifTord Samuel 
GifTord William 
Goldin Rob 
Goodfellow Will 
Griffen Ir.aac 
Grififen William 
Grigory Daniel 
Grigory Josiah 
Halsted Thomas 
Halsted Will 
Harris Peter 
Harriss Mendt 
Hawkins James 
Hawkins Samuel 
Hayburn John 
Heacock John 
Hempstead Xalhaniel 
Henkly Josiah 
Hervy Peter 
Heuckly Isaac 
Hicks Jacob 
Hicks Nathaniel 
Higbee William 
Hill Autincy 
Hill — bert 
Hitciicock Joseph 
Hoeg Nathan 
Hoi? Abraliam 
Hoffman Charles 
Hopkins Thacher 
Howe William 
Howes Moody 
Hoyt Michael 
Hubbard Joseph 
Huff Gamalid 
Huling Waiter 
Hunt Jessce 
Hunt Wiili;.m 
Hutchings John 
Hyett Steve 
Ingerso! — phous 
Jcwet John 
Johnson James 

Johiisin Sabin 
Jon^s Jeremiah 
Jones —lias 
Jones Nathan 
Jordcu John 
Judd El;enezer 
Keating Isaac 
Keeler Ezra, Jr. 
Kelly Shubel 
King Jacob 
King Richard 
Kipp Ilenry 
Kipp Matthew 
Kipp Peter 
Kirkem Seth 
Koonts Nicholas, Jr. 
Ksniinn Amos 
Laine Jacob 
Lake Benjamin 
Lamb Joseph 

Latson James. Jr. 
Laughlin Hugh 
Lawrauce John 
Lawson Isaac 
Leggett Abraham 
Lent Ab'm 
Lent Abraham A. 
Lent James 
Lent Peter 
Lewis Thomas 
Lossen And 
Lossen Richard 
Loisir.g Peter Q. 
Loveless Joseph 
Ludington Stephen 
Lyons James 
McCavy Edward 
McChucking Thomas 

McColm mes 

McCreedy James. Jr. 
-McCullough .\nd 
McCutchen Rob 
McGregor — unian 
McLoud Ale-xanJer 

McNeil ry 

Malties m'l 

^fanrow Jvistice 
Maslon Ezekiel 
Mathews Justice 
Merrick Done 
-Merritt David 
Miles John 
-Miles Noah 
Miller Godfrey 
Miller John 
Miller Solomon 
Mitchell George 
Moe Isaac 
Morehouse John 

Morehouse Sanniel . 
Morehouse Stephen ..' 
Morey Lutrip 
Moifort Peter 
Morgain James 
Morgan Reuben 
Morison —bald 
Morse Phil 
Moure David 
Murray James 
Nelson Paul 
Nichels Epraim 
Nickerson Eliphalet 
Nickerson Muifort 
Nicolls Thomas 
Nikeson Thomas 
Noortsiiant Peter 
Noortsrant George 
Nostrant Johanes 
Oats James 
Ockenr.an Casparus 
Olmstead Ebenezer 
Ornes George 
Osborn Peter 
Ouslin Thorn 
Par'.cer Nathaniel 
Parks Andrew- 
Parks John 
Parks John y* 2'^ 
Parrash Azariah 
Parrish Silas 
Peet Abraham 

Pelse hn 

Pclse • oen 

Perce William. Jr. 
Peisons Moses 
Phiiipse Plen 
Pir.dle Jonathan 
Piugh — Ihaiims 

Po'hamus dan 

Poimeteer Peter 
Pooler Joseph 
Post Absolom 
Potter Gilbert 
Pother Samuel 
Pudney Francis 
Purdy .\braham 
Rainey Joliii 
Recorde Wetmore 
Reed Aaron 
Reed — ohn 

Reynolds hardson 

Reynolds Jesse 
Rhynhart Johanes 
Richards James 
Robbardi Benjamin 
Roberts Peter 
Robmson Andrew 


NtW YokK in Till'. Rf.volutiox 

Rol)inson John 
Robinson Jont-s 
Robinson Lewis 
Robison Andrew 
Roe Benjannn, Jr. 

Romcr , Jr. 

Romyne as 

Rosclirans Peter 
Runals David 
Runclls James 
Runnclls Jonathan 
Rush Fredrick 
Rynders James 
Sabin Eliiali 
Saminds Jacob 
Saris N.ithaniel 
Saunders John 
Schonover Peter 
Schonter Andrew 
Scott Timotliy 
Serherve John 
Shapprong Jan 
Shared WilHarn 
Shaw Daniel 
Shaw James 
Shear Henry B. 
Shear Lodwicii 
Sherwood Nathan 
Shutt Fradrick 
Shutt Simes 
Sickle Fard C. 
Sickler George 
Simkins Daniel 
Slack lie 

Slccht Ab 
Suialkc James 
Smith David 
Smith Eph 
Smith John 
Smith Joh.n, Jr. 
Smitli Joseph, Jr. 
Smitli Joshua 
Smith Nemiah 
Smitli Samson 
Smith William 
Snedeker James 
Snedeker John 
Snider Isaac 

Snyder ■ hn 

Soatpard Benjamin 
Somes Nathaniel 
Storm Jacob 
Strickland Saiiuiel 
Surrine Charles 
Swartout Jacobus C. 
Swartwout Cornelius 
Sweet John 
Sweet Robert 

Talmen kim 

Tanner John 
Taylor Gamiliel 
Taylor John 
Ter Boss Simon 
Terbus Peter 
Teunis John 
Thomas Daniel 
Thompson Thomas 
Thorn horn 

Totten mcs 

Towncnd Joseph 
Town send Daniel 
To'.vnsend James 
Travis A.brm. 
Travis Siivanus 
Tripp Otheniai 
Underwood Hen 
Utter Amos 
Van Clcck Bardard P. 
Van De Burg 
Van Deburgh Henry I. 
Van De Burgh Stephen 
Van Der Bogcrt Peter 
Van Der Vort Paul 
Van Devatcrs Jacobus 
Van Devaters James 
Van Stern Bergh Simeon 
Van Tassel John 
Van \'lerkoii Benjamin 
Van Wagenar John 
Varmiliah John 
Vasdawl Disak 
Virmilyan Wil'iam 
Wagoner Tobias 
Wait Christopher ' 
Ward Daniel 
Ward Samuel 
Wareing Thadeus 
Waron Tedes 
Way Giddeon 
Weaver Edward 
Weaver Peter 
Weaver William 

Wciib Henry 
Wcddle Robert 
Weeks -Vbrahani 
Weeks Micajah 
Western John 
Wsstervelt Benjamin 
Westervett Caspauras C. 
White Daniel 
V.'hitney Josiah 
Wickaun Solomon 
Wilis Reuben 
Willcocks Stephen 
Wiilcox Barnabas 
V\'illis Thomas 
Williss Hen 
Wilsee Grandui 
Winstead Charles 

Wood eph 

Wood Solomon 
Wood Timothy 
Woodard Ephraim 
Wcodard Samuel 
Woode-i John 
Worden Shuble 
Woster William 
Wright Daniel 
Wright Gabriel, Jr. 
Wright John 
Wright Thomas 
Yarnes Reulien 
Yeomaiis John 
Yeomans Jonas 
Y'oung Jacob 

Dutchess County Militia — Cooper's Rangers 
Capt. Ezek;el Cooper Lieut. Jasper Fui.more Lieut. M.^rtin" R.\.y 

Ammerman Dirick 
Baily John 
Bakehorn Jacob 
Hogg John 
Boyce Hcndrick 
Boyce Jan'.es 
Bunt Lodewick 
Clink Frederick 
Cooper James 
Curry Samuel 
Darling John 
Davison John 
Delong Jonas 
Dcpcw .Abraham 
Dcpov Peter 
Doty Jacob 
Ferguson James 


Ferguson Jeremiah 
Frayer Thomas 
Hart James 
Hicks Jacob 
Hinckom Eliga 
House Tunis 
Horton Matthias 
Hurly James 
Jackson Hyland 
Jackson James 
Jackson Robert 
Kinsoom Elisha 
Knii'er Jacob 
Lemon John 
Lent Hercules 
Lent Moses 
Love joy Andrew 


Lovejoy Nathan 
Mandigo jL'remiah 
Medlar A.ure 
Messenger .\ndrew 
Nichols Isaac 
Norris Henry 
Norton Abti 
Norton Sebe 
Scc'it James 
Sickler M.ttthias 
Simp-^on Garret 
Smith Deliverance 
Smith Israel 
Smith Philip 
Spencer .-Kmos 
St.irk J^mcs 

Steenbaik Peter 
Stork James 
Stragha" John 
Taylor Gamaliel 
Van Hoosen Francis 
Van Kieck Jercnriah 
Van Steenberyh Peter 
Van \";-.lkenburgh Levi 
VerniilU,-. Benjamin 
Vorce David 
Wcklirg Jeremiah 
Wheeler Wiiliam 
Willian.s Richard 
Willis Elen-.y 
Wilsey n'iiliam 
V/ood Isa.ic 

Tin: ^Militia — Okanue Countv, Skcunu KtciME.vx 


Orange County Militia — First Regiment 

Capt. Brewster Henry Capt. Thomas Horton Lieut. Jo^evu Conkling 

Ayres William 
Benjamin John 
Benjamin Silns. Sr. 
Benjamin Silas, Jr. 
Brown Jeremiah 
Budd William 
Carpenter Jesse .,,• 


Carpenter John Hau'l James 

Carpenter Joseph Hauil Silas 

Fuller Jedediah Hobart Peter 

Goble Benjamin Horton Thomas 

Goble Joseph Horton TuthiU 

Gragge Hughah Horton William 

Hallock David Howel Paul 

McVaughn Benjamin 
Manna Barnabas 
Night Nicholas 
Pierson Howel 
Runnels William 
Thompson William 
Youngs Abraham 

Orange County Militia — Second Regiment 


Capt. Garret Ackerson 
" Johannes Bell 

AuRiE Blauvelt 
" Jo!iannes Blauvelt 
" Joseph Crane 
" John Gard.nfr 

John Hogenkamp 
" John J.I. Hogenkamp 
" Jacob Onderdomck 
" William Sickels 
" AuKY Smith 
" Henry Tenure 


Capt. Andrew Thompson Lie 

Lieut. Richard Acker 

Cornelius Blauvelt 

Thomas Blauvelt 

Matthias Conklin 

Henry Esler 

Willia.m Garii.^m 
" William Graham Em: 

Daniel Onderdonck 
" Andkis Onderdunck 

Roger Osborn 

Jacob Sickles 

John Sitcher 
Theu.ms Taul?jan 
Drick Van der Belt 
Paul Van der Voort 
Resolvent T. Van Houten 
Walter Van Order 
John Waldron 
:tN John Coe 

Willia.m Conklin 
John Myers 
Albert S.mith 

additional name on state tre.^.surek s pay P<j»OKS 

Lieut. Jacob Sickelson 

Accarsen Thomis 
Accorson John 
Acker David '^ 
Acker Derrick 
Acker Jacops 
Ackernian EJa 
Ackerman Joan 
Ackerson Aiiraham 
Ackerson David 
Ackerson Jacob 
A-llison Isaac 
Allison Jcr-.niiah 
Allison John 
Allison Joseph 
Allison Jose]ih B. 
Aliis( n Matthew 
Allison Peter 
Allison Samuel 


Allison Thomas 
Allison William 
Ammerman .\urt 
Archer Jacob 
Arden Jacob 
Armstrong Robert 
Cabcock James 
Eabcock Job 
Bubcock Job E. 
Babcock Thomas 
Backman John 
Baker Thomas 
Barniorc Henry 
Barns Jacob \'ano.';tr.Tnt 
Barvvick Roi)ert 
Bate James 
Becki'.ian J'llr.i 
Dell Htndrick 

Bell Wcllem 
Bell Wcllem. Sr. 
Bell William 
Bensen Johannes 
Bensen John 
Berray I-^aac 
Bill Wilham 
Birchel Jeremiah 
Bird .Samuel 
Blancher Anthony 
Blamot Ilerrnon.'S 
Blasvielt Htrranianes 
Blauvalt John H. 
Blau'.elt .Abraiiaiii 
Blauvelt Abrah.im D. 
Blauvelt .-Xilam 
Blauvelt C'orne!;i;s 
Blauvelt C"rnclius I. 


Dancil A. 
Garret Isaac 
Garrit J. 
G;rret G. 
Hendrick A. 
Isaac G. 
Isaac H. 
Jacobus J. 
Joh.anes D. 
Johannis G. 


New Yokk in the Revolution 

Blauvelt Joliannis J. 
Blauvek John 
Elauvclt John G. 
Blauv..-lt John J. 
Blauvelt Joseph 
Blauvelt Joseph J. 
Blauvelt Peter 
Blauvelt Richard 
Blawvalt Thunis 
Blawvelt Frederick 
Blawvelt Nuric 
Bogart Johanes 
Bogert David 
Bogert Gysbert 
Bogert Jacob 
Bogort John 
BoUson John 
Bolsom John 
Bolson Anthony 
Bolson Cornelius 
Brewer Aury 
Brewer Isaac 
Bridggs John 
Briggs Henry 
Briggs Jasper 
Briggs John 
Briggs Lawrence 
Briggs Matthias 
Broadwell Henry 
Brooks John 
Brouwcr Samuel 
Brower Abraham 
Brower Isaac 
Brower Uldrick 
Bruce Robert 
Brush Robert 
Bulson Cornelius 
Burchcll Jeremiah 
Burges Michael 
Burgess Archer 
Burgis John 
Burns David 
Butler Isaac 
Butler Israel 
Butler Joseph 
Caine Edward D. 
Camniel Albert 
Cainmcl Luke 
Camiiic! Stephen 
Campbell Adam 
Campbell Luck 
Campbell Robert 
Campbell Stepl'.en 
Campbell W'iam 
Cankclen Willem 
Canniff James 
Cargile Henry 
(^arloughs Nicholas 
Clark Daniel A. 
Clark Jacobes D. 

Clark James A. 
Clark Joseph D. 
Clark Michael D. 
Coc Benjamin 
Coe Daniel 
Coe Daiiiel, Jr. 
Coe Daniel S. 
Coe Halsted 
Coe Isaac 
Coe John D. 
Coe John S. 
Coe Jonas 
Coe Matthew 
Coe Matthew, Jr. 
Coe Matthew D. 
Coe Samuel 
Coe William 
Cohoon David 
Cohoon Joseph 
Coin Edward D. 
Cokalcct Daniel 
Cole Abral'.am 
Cole Andries 
Cole Isaac 
Coleman John 
Collord Abraham 
Collorot Abraham 
Concklin Ezekiel 
Concklin David 
Concklin Henry 
Concklin John 
Concklin Nicholas N. 
Concklin Nicholas W. 
Concklin Stephen 
Conckling Abraham 
Conckling Aron 
Conckling Gabriel 
Conckling Isaac 
Conckling John 
Conckling John L. 
Conckling Joseph H. 
Conckling Lewis 
Conckling Matthies 
Conckling Michael 
Conckling Nicolas 
Conckimg Nicolas W. 
Conckling Stephen 
Conckling Thomas 
Conklin Aaron 
Conklin Gabriel 
Conklin Isaac 
Conklin John 
Conklin Joseph 
Conklin Joseph J. 
Conklin Lewis 
Conklin Michael 
Conklin Stephen 
Cooper Ahram 
Cooper Albert 
Cooper Corneluis 

Cooper Eda 
Cooper Garret 
Cooper Gilbert 
Cooper Heiidrick 
Cooper John 
Cooper Joseph 
Cooper Tunes 
Cooper Wolvert 
Cornelison John 
Cornelison Michael 
Cornwell William . 
Cor.vine Giibird 
Couter John 
Cox John 
Crane John 
Cregier Thomas 
Crom William 
Crouter John 
Crow Joshua 
Growler John 
Crum Richard 
Crumb John 
Crumb Peter 
Crumb William 
Cuckleatt Daniel 
Culson Alexander 
Cuper Plenry 
Cure Walter 
Curren Gilbert 
Davison M. 
Deal Jacob 
Dcbaun David 
DeClark Jacobus 
Degraw Cornelius 
Degraw Jolm 
Degraw Luke 
Degraw William 
Demarest David 
Demarcst Jacobus 
Demarest J.phanncs 
Demarest Petrus 
Demerest James 
De Pew Peter 
Depue Cririulius 
Depue John 
Deronde .-\brahani 
Deronde Hendrick 
Deronde Henry 
Deronde Henry C. 
Deronde Henry I. 
Deronde Jacob 
Deronde Tobias 
Dikins Richard 
Dikins Thomos 
Dimcrest Peter 
Doty Adam.. Jr. 
Dunbar .'Xnios 
Dutcher Isa.ic 
L">i;tchor Piler 
Dyckcns Richard 

Dyckens Thomas 
Dycknian Abraham 
Eckersen Dirk 
Edwords James 
Ekerson Derick 
Eltergee Michael 
Emmens James 
Enimit Tunis 
Evermore John 
Felter John 
Felter Peter 
Felter William 
Ferguson John 
Ferguson Thomas 
Forgason Thomas 
Forgison Gabriel 
Forgison John 
Fowler Gilbert 
Fowler Lewis 
Fredenburgh Petci 
Fredrick Abrani 
Fredrick Henry 
Fredrick Robert 
Furmon Benjamin 
Furman Rali 
Furshie John 
Ganyon Abraham 
Gardner James 
Garrison Abraham 
Garrison Abraham, Jr. 
Garrison Joseph 
Garrison Peter 
Gerow Benjamin 
Goet. hes Abraliam 
Goetscheus John 
Goetscbius Abr;'.ham 
Gornce Benjamin 
Gornee Elias 
Gornec Isaiah 
Gori.ee John 
Gorn'-^e Stephen 
Gornee Stephen, Sr. 
Gornee Stephen. Jr. 
Goutches Joseph 
Graa-.s Jcob 
Graham John 
Green Patrick 
Gross Jacob 
Gross Peter 
Gumee Francis 
Guniee Elias 
Giirnee Francis 
Gurnee Isaiah 
Gumee John 
Gurr.ec John J. 
Gurnee Stephen, Jr. 
Gutches Abm 
Gutchcs Joseph 
Hadl'.y Frodi-k 
Hadley George 

Tiic -MrLiiiA — uka.n'ijE County, Sklo.nd Reci:.!i;nt 


Kadley I?aac 
Ha.llcy Stephen 
llalisted Henry 
}!al!.-tcd Jacob 
llall^tcil John 
H.iHsteil Timodiy 
Hannah William 
Hanbua Jacob 
Hansy Jacob 
Harring Abrani 
nai-:.-c William 
Hayston Joseph 
Heckle Robert 
Heirs Phelix 
HcnJrickson Hcn<lrick 
Hendrickson Jccobus 
Hcndrickson John 
Herman Joseph 
Herring Isaac 
HiKanian Nicholas 
Hogenkanip Gy^bert 
Hoghland William 
Holdron Andries 
Holland John 
Holland Thomas 
Holstead Edward 
Hoisted Edmond 
Hoogland John 
Hoppen Rinard 
Hopper Paul 
Horton James 
House Cornelius 
House John 
House Richard 
House Rinard, Sr. 
House Rinard, Jr. 
Houser Henry 
Howard Richard 
Huff Gershom 
Huffman Harmancs 
Hum Gilbert 
Hunt Gilliad 
Hunt Joseph 
Hunt Ruben 
Hunt Samuel 
Hutchings Amos 
H'Jtson Jol.n 
Hutton John 
Imnions Ja.nes 
Iseman John 
Jennyks Hcr.drick 
Jerfers Edward 
Jersey Peter 
Jiukings Arie 
J'.hn Peter 
Johnson Gisbert 
Jol'.nson John 
Johnson John, Jr. 
Johnson T!ujni::s 
Johiibtou Jol.u 

Jones Benjamin 
Jones Edward 
Jones Isaac 
Jones Jacob 
Jones John 
Jones Jonas 
Jones Joseph 
Jones William 
Jonson Shepherd 
Juruill Franses 
Kahoon Samuel 
Kelly Carpenter 
Kelly Daniel 
Kelly Dennis 
Kelly Thomas 
Kerhoon Samuel 
Kieslar Philip 
Kiesler R. 
King Arie 
King Jacob 
King Walter 
Kis'.or Hermanns 
Knap Benjamin 
Knap James 
Knap Jared 
Knap Jeremiah 
Knap Jonas 
Knap Joseph 
Knap Lebbeus 
Knap Samuel 
Knapp Abel 
Knapp Silas 
Knifiin Jacob 
Krum Peter 
Kuypert Theunis 
Lamb .Alexender 
Lamb Jacob 
Lamb Martin 
Lamb Pomp 
Lane Henry 
Lawrence David 
Lawrence George 
Leaycralt William 
Lefoy Thomas 
Lent Jacob 
Lent John 
Lewis James 
Linkletcn James 
Linklettor James 
Lowry Tobias 
Lynch James 
Lyons Samuel 
Mabe John 
Mabee Jerennah 
Mabee John Peter 
Mabie Abraham 
Mabie Casparus 
Mabie Cornelius 
Mabie Peter 
Mabie Peur Charle 

Mabie Voast 
McCarter Peter 
Magee John 
Man George 
Martine Juhn 
Marvin Ehliu 
Mathews Samael 
Maybie Jesper 
Mead Jcrel 
Meeks Joseph 
Mcfoy James 
Megee John 
Mekes Joseph 
Meyer Jacob 
Mier Cornelius 
Montanye John 
Morgan David 
Morris David 
Mott Charls 
Alott Jacob 
Mott Mordica 
Mott Salvenas 
Mountain .Xndrcw 
Myer Abraham 
Myer Daniel 
Myer Garret 
Myer Jeams 
Myers .*\.ndrew 
Myers John 
Kostand Thomas 
Oblenis Henry 
Oblenis Peter 
O'Brien John 
Ockerman Deavid 
Odle Nathaniel 
Onderilonck Abraham 
Onderdonck Adrayon 
Onderdonck .\driance 
Onderdonck .\lbert 
Onderdonck .\ndris 
Onderdonck Aron 
Onderdonck Garrit 
Onderdonck Isaac 
Onderdonck James 
Onderdonck Thr.mas 
Onderdonk Henry 
Onderdunck John 
Osborn Benjamin 
Osborn Jolui 
Osborn Willu-.m 
Palmer Jonatluui 
Parker Isaac 
Parker Jacob 
Parker John 
Parker Peter 
Parsel Wii;iam 
Parsell Johanes 
Parscll John 
Paul James 
Paulding Corr.elius 

Paulding Garret 
Perrie Johannis 
Perry Jacobus 
Pi rry L'rin 
Persell Jacob 
Persell Paul 
Phillips Daniel 
Phillips Eh 
Phillips Gilbert 
Pierson James 
Polasker Anthony 
Polhamus .-Abraham 
Polhemus .Aurt 
Polhemus Jhon 
Post Abraham 
Post Daniel 
Post Isaac 
Post Isaac Abraham 
Post John 

Poulhamus Handrick 
Poulhamus Theodorus 
Quackenboos Rmer 
Quackenbos Reynard 
Quackenbos Rynar 
Quackenboss Abram 
Quackinbush James 
Ramsen Abraham. 
Ramsen Aurt 
Ramsen Garret 
Ramson George 
Read Peter 
Reader Josiah 
Remsen .■\urt 
Renisen Johannes 
Remsen John 
Reynolds Abraham 
Reynolds Benjamin 
Rider Conrad 
Rider Josiah 
Riker Henry 
Robertson Jese 
Robins Joseph 
Kodgers Justus 
Root William 
Rose Jacob 
Rose John 
Rosevelt Joseph 
Runnelds Benjamin 
Ryk-r Abraham 
Ryker Hendrick 
Rykcr James 
Ryker Matthew 
Salsar Mical 
Salver Edward 
Salyer William 
Sanven Garris 
Seaman Calub 
Seaman Joseph 
Seam.n Powiis 
Seamons John 


New Yokk. i.\ the Re\(jluhon 

Scamoiis Paul 
Sccaur Btnjinien 
Secaiir Jacob 
Stcuur James 
Sccaur Samuel 
Stoor Andrew 
Secor Benjamin 
Sccor Daniel 
Secor Isaac 
Sccor Isaac I. 
Sccor Jacob 
Secor James 
Secor James E. 
Sccor Jonas 
Secor Samuel 
Servant Abraham 
Servant Adriaen 
Servant Henry 
Servant Philip 
Servron Abraham 
Sharp James 
Sliau Patrick 
Shay Patrick 
Sherwood David 
Shourt Adolph 
Shourt Lewi 
Shourt Hendrick 
Sliurt Henry 
Sickels John 
Simmons Paul 
Smeth Garret 
Smit Aibram 
Smith Abert 
Smith Abraham 
Smith Adam 
Smith Cornelius 
Smith Cornelius C. 
Smith David 
Smith Edward 
Smith Frederick 
Smith Garret 
Smith Isaac 
Smith James 
Smith John 
Smith John C. 
Smith Nathaniel 
Smith Peter 
Smith Reynard 
Smith Reyniere 
Smith Samuel 
Smith Stephen 
Snedker Tunis 
Snyder Abraham 
Snyder Hendrick 
Snyder Hermanes 
Snyder Peter 
Spneg Gidion 
Springslecl Isaac 

Springsteen David 
Springsteen Isaac 
Springsteen Johan-.s 
Springsteen John 
Springsteen Samuel 
Springsteen Staughts 
Stagg John 
Stagg Paul 
Stamford David 
Stepcnson Stephen 
Stephens Peter 
Stephens Rulif 
Stephens Stephen 
Stephens Stejihen A. 
Stephens \\ illiam 
Stevens Albert 
Stevens Resolvent 
Stevens Stephanes 
Steward James 
Stewart Charles 
Storm Abraham 
Stott William 
Straut Jacob 
Stringham William 
Talema Theunis 
Talenun Gerrit 
Tallman Abraham 
Tallman Dowey 
Tallman Harmanas 
Tallnian John 
Tallman Peter 
Tallman William 
Talman Theunis H. 
Talman Thomas 
Tarneur Woodhul 
Tarnur James 
Taulman Harmh 
Taylor Abner 
Taylor Jcams 
Taylor John 
Taylor Jonathan 
Taylor Joshua 
Taylor }.loses 
Taylor William 
Teneur Johanneus 
Teneyke Hendrick 
Tenure John 
Tenure Odle 
Tenyke Jacob 
Tenyke John 
Thew Garret 
Thew Gilbert 
Thcw John 
Thiell Jacob 
Thompson William 
Tice John 
Ticbout George 

Ticbout Henry 
Tilt William 
Tinkce Coonro 
Tinkee Coonrod 
Tinkee John 
Tinkey Jacob 
Tirneir Micheal 
Tirnier Hanry 
Tonure Lourance 
Tonyke Jacob, Jr. 
Torneur James 
Toun John 
Tournend Jam.es 
Tourneur James 
Trimper James 
Trumper Thunis 
Tunre WoodhuU 
Turnere Lawranc 
Tutler Daniel 
Underdonck Roulof 
Vaber John 
Valentine Peter 
Van Antwerp Daniel 
Van .-Viitwerp John 
Van Buskirk Gorge 
Van Cleck Jacobus 
Van Clee Garrit 
Van Cleft Garret 
Vandarbeek David 
Van Debelt Cornelius 
VanDcbelt Derick 
Vanderbelt Dowah 
Vanderbelt James 
Vanderbelt John 
Vandcr N'oort Barent 
VanDervoort Garret 
VaiiDervoort John, Sr. 
Vandervoort John 
Vandervoort Jonas 
Van Dor Voort Paul 
Vandervoort Peter 
Van Dolson Jacobis 
Vandyke John 
Van Hooutan Derick 
Van Houghcn John 
Van Houten Abraham 
Van Houten Charles 
Van Houten John 
Van Houten Klaas 
Van Houten Peter 
Van Houten Samuel 
Van Houten Thunis 
\^anordan Hoiulrick 
Van Ordce Hendrick 
Vanordeii Andres 
Vanorden Jacobus 
Van Ordcn John 

Van Order Andreis 
Van Order Peter 
Van Order Henarick 
Van Sickcl Daniel 
Vardasscn Johannis 
Velte Willein 
Venala Cornelius 
Venhousen John 
Vervalan Cornelius 
Vervaler James 
Vervalin James 
Vervcclen Jacobus 
Vonck Peter 
Verbis Stephen 
Wagoner Tobias 
Waldrom Jacob 
Waldrom James 
Waldrom Janis 
Waldrom John 
Waldron Edward 
Waldron John 
Walker John 
Wallace John 
Wanamaker Adolph 
Wanamaker Peter 
Wandle Jacob 
Warrin Theodores 
Weggin Tobias 
Welch Richard 
Wcssels Richard 
Westcrvelt Abraham 
V/estervclt Casparus 
Westervelt Daniel 
Vv'estervelt Peter 
Whitten Joseph 
Wickham Wari.„ 
Williams Gi'.bf ri 
Williams Josiaii 
Williamson Jeremiah 
Wiiliamson Nicholas 
Willon Andrew 
Willsey James 
\\ illson Andrew 
Willson James 
Wilson Albert 
Wilson Uriah 
Woldroin Jacob 
Wood Ebenezer 
Wood Henry 
Wood Jacob 
Wood Joseph 
Wood Samuel 
Woolsey Jacob 
Voumans Samuel 
Voimg Frederick 
Zodeiipah John 
Zuniker Lodowick 

Tllj; Alli.IllA — UiiANuE CuU.NlV, l''uLKril Regim];.\t 



Orange County Militia — Third Regiment 



John Jackson 
" Sa.MuEL Joxes 

Balha Richard 
Biack David 
Boyl James 
Brndner Beuony 
Dains Abraham 
Dick ^colored) 

C.MT. Moses Kortw right 
John Little 

Capt. D.wuj Swazy 
John Wood 

Dickascn John 
Doty Isaac 
Horton Fradrick 
Ilowei John 
Hiinipliry Saniuel 
Huiitei' Ezekicl 

Lee Seth 
Lewis Jabez 
Lidel William 
McCormick James 
McDonald John 
Nelson Martin 

Reeves James. Jr. 
Russel Benjamin 

heclcy Tliaddcus 
Sheridan Richard 
Van Tassel John 
Wilson David 

Orange County Militia — Fourth Regiment 



Capt. Richard Bailey 
Peier Bertholf 
E\ERETr Bogakpus 

" Charles BROADiiFAn 

" Stephen Cask 

" Jacob Conkelin 

" Mattis Felter 

" Samuel Jones 

" John Little 
James McBride 

" David McCamlv 

" Seth Marvin 

" CoKNELius Masters 
Andrew Miller 
John I^Iinthorn 

" Newkirk 

" John Nicole 

Ebinezek Owens 

" Silas Person 

" John Savp.es 


William Tileoi-.d 
Isaiah \"ail 
curistiver \".\n dczer 
HEXDRirK Van Reirln 
IsAi.Mi Veal 
Sa.mvel Watkins 

Lii'i.1. Amxxniiii; B \ty 
Bhnj.'.min Cooley 

Lieut. David Crawford 
JosErii Croffort 
John DlBow 
Martin Decker 
Jacob Denning 
James Denton 
Henry Dobbins 
Thomas Eagles 
James Farner 
Solomon Finch 
Isaac Fowler 
William Gillet 
David Gue 
Isaac H.vroenbergh 
JosEi'ii Hasbkoi;ck. Jr. 
Martin Hommell 
John Howell 
Matthew Hunter 
Robert Hunter 
Joseph Jev. ell 
John Johnston 
Jacob L.\wkence 
Edv. .\r,D .McNeal 
Henry Neely 


David Ostr.\nder 
Jonathan Owen 
Silas Roiusson 
Peter Roosa 
Hem.\n Rtiw lee 
Tho.ma.s Sayues 
Henky Smith 

Lieut. Thomas Smith 

jAcoi) Terwillegar 
George \'ance 
Benjami.v Veal 
Frederick Westbrook 
John Wilkin 
Thomas Wi.-;ner 
Alexander V»'ood 
John Wood 
Joseth Wood 
Jea.ms Wright 

Ensi^,s JOHN Benedict 

Me.nry Bertholf 


John Burnet 


Wu.i.iA.M Crist 
Moses Depuy 
Nathaniel Dubois 
Elijah Fenton 


i\;cHAKD Johnson 
Charles Knapp 
V.'ii-i.iA.M .Miller 


■' Lf.on.\i;d Nicole 

.'".Cl:;.KT TlK.MPSON 

Davit l \"au. 

S>.MU1 1. Wi:Tl!Er,LOU' 


Nr.w YoKK ;v the Re\ou;tion 

Abraham John 
Acten Morey 
Adcock William 
Addison William 
Agers Lowrance 
Albertson Richard 
Albertson Slephcii 
Albirtson Josh 
Aldrich Robert 
Aldrige Peter 
Alidorp Simon 
Allison Harvey 
Allison James 
Allison Michai-l 
Allison Richard 
Alsdarf Philip 
Alyea John 
Alyea John, Jr. 
Alyea Peter 
Alyea Samuel 
Anderson James 
Anderson Joseph 
Antony Albert 
Appertell Abr'm 
Arche Jonathan 
Archer Jonathan 

Armstrong Archibald 
Armstrong David 
Armstrong Frances 
Armstrong George 
Armstrong James 
Armstrong John 
Armstrong Joseph 
Arnit Nathan 
Arnout Peter 
Ashel James 
Askin William 
Asten Grit 
Atwood Benjamin 
Ausburn Abram 
Aygor Thomas 
Babcock John 
Baelys Richard 
Baillie John 
Baily Joseph 
Kaily Samuel 
Baker Barlholimu 
Baker Joseph 
Baley Nathan 
Baley Richard. Jr. 
Baley Silas 
Baley Thomas 
Baly Archiblc 
Ealy Daniel 
Baly Nath.-n. Jr. 
Ban.lol Will 
Bank Coin 
ll.f.ikcr Frederic!: 
Banker Justus 


Bannaiii James 
Barber Nathan 
Barckey Thomas 
Barckley James 
Bard Peter 
Barlholf James 
Bartliolf Stephan 
Bartlet Ebennezer 
Bartoi't Samuel 
Barton Gilbert 
Barton Roger 
Baty John 
Baw.son Jonathan 
Bayham Robert 
Bayies Richard 
Baylcy FJaniel 
Bayley Nathaniel 
Beaneanon James 
Bears Timothy 
Becker John 
Becker Silas 
Beeder Christian 
Beers John 
Belkncp David 
Belknap Isaac 
Belknap Isaac. Jr. 
Belknap Jonathan 
Beil William 
Bellows Jonas 
Belmain William 
Bemar Adam 
Benedict Daniel 
Benedict James 
Benedict William. Sr 
Bcnliam James 
Benjamin Daniel 
Benjamin Mach 
Benjamin Nathaniel 
Benjamin Richard 
Benjamin Samuel 
Bene' .Abraham, Jr. 
Bennct Jeremiah 
Bennet Thaddeus 
Bennct Tliomas 
Bennett .Abraham 
Bennit Mathew 
Benuitt Ephraim 
Bennitt Ephraim, Jr. 
Bennitt James 
Berger Wouter 
Berian Peter 
Berlick Benjamin 
Berrj- James 
Bertholi Crir.es 
Berrholf John 
BertolT James 
BcitololT Stephen 
Bcvier .*\bin 
Be\ier Jorathan 
Bickek John 


Birchard Nathan 
Birdsall Nathaniel 
Black James 
Black John 
Black Robert 
Blaen John, Jr. 
Blain John. Jr. 
Blain Thomas 
Blar John 
Blisard Oliver 
Bloom John 
Bloomer Gilbert 
Bloomer William 
Bodine David 
Bodine Isaac 
Bodine John 
Bodine William 
Bogart Cornelius 
Bogart Henry 
Bogart Peter 
Bookstower William 
Booth Joshua 
Borger Robert 
Bowen Daniel 
Bower Heman 
Bower Isaac 
Bower Joel 
Boyd Robert 
Bradley Daniel 
Bradner Colvil 
Bradner John 
Bramer Antony 
Brewster Francis 
Brewster Nathan 
Briggs Joel 
Brink Solomon 
Brock George 
Brockaway Jesse 
Brodhoad Charles W. 
Brondrage Jonathan 
Brooks Francis 
Brooks John 
Brooks John, Jr. 
Brown Alexander 
Brown Duncin 
Brown Ebenezer 
Brown Isaac 
Brown James 
Brown I-\'ter 
Brown PJchard 
Brundige John 
Brush David 
Brush Jacob 
Brush JohiK 
Bruih Joshua 
Eriiyn Jacrhus 
Bruyn Wil'iani 
Bryans James 
Buch;i;iari J.-imes 
Bucliaiinan Robeit 

Bucingham Solomon 
Buckelew George 
Buckinham Richard 
Budd Benjamin 
Budd Fredrick 
Buey William 
Bull Abrm 
Bull Samuel 
Bundle Benj-.min 
Buning Charles 
Bunnell Stephen 
Burger Wortel 
Burk John 
Burnet Patrick 
Burnet Robert 
Burney William 
Burns William 
Burris Philip 
Burroughs Philip 
Bursh John 
Burt David 
Burt James 
Burt John 
Burt Thomas 
Buryan Peter 
Butler Abraham 
Butler Joseph 
Butters Jacob 
Buveir Nathaniel 
Byran Asa 
Cableley Philip 
Cachel John 
Cahill John 
Cain Daniel 
Gamble Edward 
Gamble Joshua 
Gamble Levi 
Gamble Robert 
Gamble Samuel 
Gamble Thomas 
Canifield John 
Gammle Simon 
Campbell .Simeon 
Camrin Duncin 
Caniday John 
CannitT Jeremiah 
Cantine Benjamin 
Car David 
Garner Andrew 
Carpender Richard 
Carpenter Benjamin 
Carpenter John 
Carpenter Joshua 
Carpenter Micliel 
Carpenter William 
C.trr John 
Carr Richard 
Garr Wiili.im 
Carter John 
Case Jesse 

The Militia — Orange Cocxtv, Focpth Regimcxt 


Ca^.c John 
Case Joshua 
C.ise William 

CascJy Patrick 
Cclmans Benjamin 
Ccns John 
Ccsle Joshua 
Cctchem John 
Chaiiubcrs Ton'.as 
Chan'llcr Abraham 
Chandler David 
Chard IIuRh 
Chatficld Thomas 
Chilscn Joseph 
Chrispel Abraham 
Christie Andrew 
Cilrey Henry 
Cimbergh Matthew 
Clark Anthony 
Clark Daniel 
Clark George 
Clark James 
Clark Reuben 
Clark Richurd 
Clark Thomas 
Clark William 
Clarke Henry 
Clarke John 
Claw.vater Jacob 
Cleark Aaron 
Cleark Richard 
Clearwater Jeremiah 
Clerk David 
Clerk James 
Clerk Ruben 
Clerk Smith 
Clintir Sanmel 
Clyne Jacob 
Coal Bornt 
Coble George 
Coddington Benjamin 
Coddingtun Jacolj 
Codington Levy 
Coc Moses 
Cole Abraham 
Cole Benjamin 
Cole Corn'jlius 
Cole Joliii 
Cole Tobius 
Cole William 
Coleman Joiih. 
Coley Xathn. 
Colman Barnabas 
Cohii;.n Gideon 
Colnian Sam;iel 
Colnian Tiumthy 
Comfort John 
Concklin Higgins 
Concklin William 
Concgim Aron 

Conger David 
Constable Christhophcl 
Content Moses 
Conway Cornelius 
Cook David 
Cook William 
Coolc Burent 
CooUy Benjamin 
Cooky Isa?c 
Cool'jy Jonathan 
Cooly Peter 
Cooper William 
Cope Joseph 
Corter Peter 
Corter William 
Cortwright Abraham 
Cory Gabril 
Cory John 
Cox John 
Crage David 
Crage John 
Craig Adam 
Crane James 
Crane John 
Cranse Henry 
Crawford Xathan 
Crawford J'lnathan 
Crawford John 
Crawford Robert 
Crawford Samuel 
Crawford Thomas 
Crispel Abraham 
Crist Abrm. 
Crist Christian 
Crist Martinas 
Crist Philip 
Critsing John 
Croffort Robert 
Crofort Jonathan 
Cronk Henry 
Crons Henry 
Croosman Nath. 
^ropsy Adam 
Cropsy Isaac 
Cropsy Jacob 
Crospcy Mat'hew 
Cross David 
Cross Joel 
Cross Leonard 
Crosion David 
Crum Jaiiies 
Crum William 
Cruver Aron 
Culbtrl Jc'hn 
Cuip Jacob 
Cumtort Jo-iah 
Cumtoii Zakiraah 
Cuppler William 
Cure Walter 
Curey William 

Currant Silas 
Curry Benjamin 
Curry Joseph 
Curtice Jeremiah 
Curtis Joslnia 
Curwin Jediah 
Curwin Joshua 
Curwin Phenis 
Curwin Silas 
Curwin Timothy 
Cury Benjamin 
Cypher Cistrian 
Daley Danl. 
Daly John 
Darby Berym. 
Darby Danl. 
Darvin William 
Daton Hezekiah 
Daton Joseph 
Daughety William 
David Henry 
David John 
Davis Benjamin 
""■ Davis James 
Davis Joseph 
Davis Nicolas 
Davis Richard 
Davis Saml 
Davis Thomas 
Davis William 
Davisson John 
Day Barnc. 
Day Henry 
Day Ithamer 
Dealls John 
Dean Jebediah 
Deane George 
Debois Samuel 
Decay Jacob 
Decay Thomas 
Decker Abm. 
Decker Benjam'ii 
Decker Cornelius 
Decker Elias 
Decker Ephraim 
Decker Fredrick 
Decker Gabl. 
Decker Gabriel. Sr. 
Decker Garrit 
Decker Gilbert 
Decker Henry 
Decker Jacob 
Decker John 
Decker Jonathan 
Decker Joshua 
Decker Levy 
Decker Peter 
Decker Petrus 
Deen William 
DcGratf Hendrick 

DeGroat Jesse 
Dekay Thomas, Jr. 
Dekcr John 
Delycll William 
Demarest David 
Dcmarest David, Jr. 
Demarest Peter 
Demarest Samuel 
Demerclst Cornelus 
Demerest Cornelius 
Dcmerest Jacob 
Demonis John 
Demott Isaac 
D^ining Ephrim 
Denny James 
Denoray James 
Denton James 
Denton Nath. 
Denton Nehemiah 
Depaw Henry 
Depuy Elias 
Devenport Robert 
Devinport Garret 
Devinport John 
Devinport Oliver 
De Witt G. 
iDeWitt Garret 
.-DeWitt Jacob 
Dewitt John 
JDeWitt John 
DeWitt John A. 
DcWitt William 
Dial Phillip 
Dikesson Am. 
Dikesson Ardr 
Dikesson Boadhed 
Dimoris David 
Dimoriss Peter 
Dinnis Danll 
Dirks John 
Dives Robert 
Divoe David 
Dobbins Daniel 
Docker Cornelius 
Doerty Thomas 
Dolsen Abraham 
Dolson Isaac 
Dolson John 
Domincck Geor^re 
Dorf J. E.. Jr. 
Dorkes John 
Dorkcs Jonathan 
Dox James 
Drake Joshua 
Drew Oliver 
Druming John 
Dubois .-\ndrew 
Dubois Isaac 
Dubois James 
Dubois tohn 


New York ix the Rex'oi.l'tion 

Dubois Katli 
Dubois VVessel 
Dubois Williclnius 
DufT Peter 
Duftield John 
Dumnii.rist Cornehus 
Dumond Efjenos 
Dunbar Anioss 
Duiiblcscr George 
Dunlap William 
Dunn John 
Dunn Phintas 
Dunning David 
Durlin Danll 
Durya Gecrpc 
Duseiibury William 
Eagleston Amos 
flagor William 
Ean Ccaser 
Ean James 
Earl Jonathan 
Ears Phillip 
Eaton Alexander 
Eckert Martinus 
Edmondston William 
Edsal! John 
Edsall Philip 
Eganar William 
Egelston Paliants 
Eggener Jacobus 
Elder Joseph 
Elliot Archible 
Ellison Benjamin 
EUisson Isa.ic 
Ellisson J 0:111 
Ellisson Wi!ii.ini 
P-lmendorph Ari. G. 
Elm.endorph Auriges 
Elswortli John 
Elsworth William 
Elting John 
Elvindnrph Jacobus 
Elyca Elbeit 
Elyea Joseph 
Elyea Samuel 
Emirick Wiihelmus 
Enirich Peter 
Emrich Willulmus, ]' 
Ensign James 
Erwin Robert 
liumons David 
Evins John 
Farguson Samuel 
Kaver Robert 
Felnicr George 
Feltman John 
Feltor Gidioii 
Fener Kobcit 
Fero John Christftian 
Fcro Prtcr 

Perocs Coiirocd 
Ferrill Matthew 
Fiero Peter 
Finch David 
I'inch Heziah 
Finch Jabish 
Finch James 
Finch John 
Finly John 
Finn Anthony 
Finton John 
Fisher Alexander 
Fitchjirl Jeremiah 
Flunams Gidion 
Foost John Peter 
Forest James 
Foresyth William 
Forger Jacomiah 
ForgonscMi Daniel 
Forguson William 
Fowler Stephen 
Foy Bartholomew 
'" Free Jack " (colored) 
Freligh Jchn 
Freligh Snmuel 
Frier John 
Fuller David 
Fulton Alexander 
Fulton David 
Fulton Hugh 
Gale Able 
Gale Abm. 
Gale Moses 
Gale Richard 
Gale Samuel 
Gannon Joseph 
Ganog William 
Garder Samuel 
Garner Francis 
Garner Silas 
Garno James 
Garrison Jonas 
Garrison William 
Genneiag Benjamin 
Gennings Isaac 
Gesip Ebenezer 
Gibson James 
Gidney Eleazer 
Gidney Joseph 
Gilbert Jesse 
Giles Charles 
Gillas Jacob 
Gillaspj- George 
Gillation Jame 
Gillis Daniel 
Gilson Samuel 
Glaspy Jilathew 
Goble Gci.rge 
Goble Jacob 
Godfrey David 

Gossip Jeremiah 
Graham James 
Graham Thomas 
Gray John 
Gray Matlian 
ureatsmger Jonatl.an 
Green Daniel 
Green Richard 
Green William 
Greer David 
Guigge William 
Gwings Samuel 
Hagerthy John 
Mains Henrey 
Halbut Thomas 
Hall Daniel 
Hall James 
Hall John 
Hall Reuben 
Hall Stephen 
Flallet Joseph 
Mallick lotheni 
Hally Noah 
Hamilton John 
Hammel John_ 
Handmore John 
I£anna James 
Hanna Samuel 
Hannion David 
Hanyens David 
Flapper Cornelius 
Harcort John 
Harden Samuel 
Harden Thomas 
Hardenbergh Lewis 
Harford Francis 
Harres Jaimcs 
Harris James 
Harris John 
Harrison Daniel 
Hass Nicholas 
Havell David 
Hawkins David 
Hawkins James 
Hawkins Thomas 
Haycock Richard 
Headley Isaac 
I ledger Evert 
Hedger John 
Pledger William 
Heermanse Edward 
HcfTernen John 
Heger Sanmel 
Helms William 
Hemingway Samuel 
Ilcnbcr Frederick 
Henderson Robert 
Henry John 
Ilerringt'in John 
Hibee James 

Higbee James 
liigbic James 
Hill James 
Hinds James 
Hodge Samuel 
Hodge \\'illiam 
Hoe! Jeremiah 
Hogan James 
Holey Bcbasable 
Holly Israll 
Holly William 
Holmes Reuben 
Hommel Abraham 
Hopper Cornelius 
Hopper Edward 
Hopper John 
Hopper Lambert 
Hopper Paul 
Horn Phenton 
Horse Uriah 
Horton Israel 
Horton James 
Horton Jeremiah 
Horton John 
Horton Joshua 
Horton Zachariah 
Horton Zacheus 
Houston Joseph 
Houston Zebulon 
Howard Ezekiel 
Howel Joh.n 
Howel Nathan 
Flowel Phenis 
Howell David 
Howell Ezra 
Howell George 
Howell Gilbirt 
Howit John 
Huflf Henry 
Hufman John 
Plu'lbert Peter 
Halse DaJiiel 
Hulse Jacob 
Humphrey Charles 
Hunter Robert 
Ininan Ely 
Ivcry Helmis 
Jachen Hcnuelbd 
Jz.ckson Alexander 
Jnckson Enoch 
Jackson George 
J.-ivkson Hanibal 
Jackson Henry 
Jackson James 
Jjickson William 
J:iCox Bowras 
Jaeson Richard 
JcJie Samuel 
Jansen Cornelius 
Jay John 

The Mn.iTiA — ()k\ngk (Jounty, Foikth Reotmext 


Jccock; Bowers 
Jennings Benjamin 
Jessup Ebcnezcr 
Jolinsen Aurter 
Johnson Abraham 
Johnson J^.ihn 
Johnson Jonathan 
Johnson Nich'ls 
Johnson Ricliard, Jr. 
Johnson Thomas 
Johnson William 
Johnson Zaer 
Johnston Thomas 
Joincn Jonathan 
Jones Ambors 
Jones Auijustus 
Jones Cornelius 
Jones Nathan 
Jones Richard 
Jones Robart 
Jonsen Dan'tt 
Joy Albartus 
Kain Adam 
Kain Francis 
Kain John 
Karnaglien Cliarles 
Keafcr William 
Keating William 
Keator Jacob 
Keator Jacob N. 
Keator John C. 
Keator William 
Kecth Job 
Keffar Willi;.m 
Kelley John 
Kelley Michel 
Kelley Peter 
Kelly Abram 
Ketcham Hocl 
Ketcham Nathai'iel 
Ketcham Samiiel 
Kftchum A/aiiah 
Ketclium Phillip 
Keyler Ebenezer 
Killey Benjr min 
Killey John 
Kilpatrick Sanrae! 
Kilse John 
Kimble William 
King John 
King J.Iartin 
King Stephen 
King William 
Kinkade Moses 
Kinner James 
Kinner John 
Kinner John. Jr. 
Kirkandle So'oniou 
Kline Jacob 
Klynnian Thomas 

Knap Cliarles 
Knap Daniel 
Knap Joseph 
Knap Joshua 
Knap Moses 
Knap William 
Knapp Caleb 
Knapp Joseph 
Knil'fin John 
Knock Thomas 
Krom Benjamin 
Krom William 
Kroug Leonard 
Kyte John 
Lamb James 
Lamoureux Joseph 
Lamoureux Luke 
/Lancaster David 
Landon J.unes 
Lane Solomon 
Laroy Simeon 
Lattemore Benjamin 
Lau'less iNIartin 
Lee Seth 
Leftver John 
Lefever Solomon 
Lefver Noach 
Lenci Godlree 
Leonard Constent 
Leonard George 
Lerrut Cryner B. 
Lerriic Henry 
Leveroe Roboard 
Lcves Hendery 
Lewis Benjamin 
Lewis Cornelius 
Lewis Samuel 
Lewis William 
Lightbody Gabriel 
Lin George 
Little James 
Little William 
Litts Abraham 
Lockwood Caleb 
Lockwood James 
Lonard John 
LonRwill John 
Longyear William 
Lotts Conrad 
Loudon Samuel 
Louw Benjamin 
Low Jacob 
Low James 
Low Peter 
Low Samuel 
Luckey George 
Luckkey Jesse 
Lueman John 
Luicy John 
Lumux Joseph 

Lusey John 
Lutz Jacob 
Lyans James 
I.yne Jonas 
Mabee Jacob 
McAulay Oliver 
McCain William 
McCamble David 
McCanibly David 
McCane Joseph 
McCane Robert 
McCanen Robert 
McCann James 
McCannel John 
McCay John 
McClaglien James 
McClaglien Peter 
McClagliry John 
McClca Hugh 
McCIouer Joseph 
McCluer William 
McColluni .Matthew 
McCollum Samuel 
McCollum William 
McColm Thomas 
McCon John 
McConcl John 
McConlcy Philip 
McCounck Matthew 
McConnel Phillip 
McConnels Matthew 
McCord James 
McCord John 
McCowen James 
McCowen John 
McCrane Robert 
McCrecry Alexander 
McCrery John 
McCrery Robert 
McCuchen Thomas 
McCurdey John 
ilcCurdy .\rchibald 
McCurdy Daniel 
McCure Duncan 
McCutehen John 
McCutchen Robert 
McDanel Tames 
McDonald James 
McDoupal Elexander 
McDowel Tlenery 
McDowel James 
McDowell William 
McEb.vin David 
McEnis Daniel 
McGorrali Jolin 
McGuin' D;',iiicl 
McHurler Hugh 
McHurton Hugh 
McKain William 
McKay \\'illiam 

McKee Thonir.s 
McKeune Joseph 
McKey Alexander 
Mackey John 
Mackey William 
McKong Mathew 
McKown Hezckiah 
McLaughlen John 
McLay William 
McLockin William 
McLroy Cornelius 
McMicle Ebenezer 
McMillin Vv'iUiam 
McMunn Jolin 
McNely Henry 
McQuier Daniel 
McReas Alexander 
McSwiney Daniel 
McVa Bomabs 
McVain Benjamin 
McVeagh James 
McVeaugh Benjamin 
McVey John 
McWaters John 
McWay Daniel 
McWhorter John 
McWhorter Thomas 
McWilliams John 
McWorter- James 
-Mace Gideon 
Main William 
Major Stevvilas 
Mandeville Henry 
Maning Benjamin 
^[any James 
Mapcs Henry 
Mapes James 
Mapes Jonah 
^Lapes William 
Marshall Henry 
Martin David 
Martin Hendcrick 
Martin James 
.Martin Joseph 
Mai tin Samut-l 
-Martin Tliomas 
-Marvin Uriah 
Masten .\br'm 
Masten Cornelius 
itasten Cornelius B. 
.Masten Henry 
Masten Mattliew 
Masters Job's 
Masters Josepli 
^Lasters Ricr.ard 
Mauterstock Jacob 
Medo.:k Peter 
Mcker Silas 
-Mekimme Isaac 
.Melborn John 


New York i\ the Riaoi.utiox 

Mclborii Robert 
Mcrritt Thomas 
Mewttin David 
Miclicls WiUiain 
Micler Jacob 
Milboiirn Andrew 
Rlilchpougli Jai-ub 
Miligan John 
Milikcii Alexander 
Millar Jacobus 
Millar John 
MiUen John 
Miller Alexander 
Miller Andrew- 
Miller David 
Miller Edward 
Miller James 
Miller Johr» 
Miller Joshua 
Miller Peter 
Miller Zebelin 
Mills Jonathan 
Milsbaugh Jacob 
Milshepough >.Iatthew 
Milspagh Benjamin 
Milspagh Jacob 
Mibpah Mathu 
Mink Chrs., Jr. 
Minthorn Nathaniel 
Mitchell John 
J.Ioer Robert 
Moffet John 
Moore Thomas 
Moore William 
Moie Gcorg:; 
Morehouse Josua 
Morgan Thomas 
Moribson Dan'.el 
Morphtt John 
Morrall Vv'dliam 
Morris Dinicini 
Morris John 
Morrison Richard 
Morrison William 
Morrisson John 
Mouir John 
Mountam Nehemiah 
Mulborn John 
Munnil James 
Murdock James 
Myer Eph 
Myer Ephraim 
Myer Peter L. 
Myer William 
Myer William. Jr. 
Myers Chr'st 
Myers John 
Myers Michel 
Nca! Josiah 
i\'cly i:dv,-ord 

Nely John 
Newberry Edy 
Newkirk Jacob 
Newkirk Samuel 
Newson Robert 
Nichold Benjamin 
NicoU William 
Nicolson Jon 
Niels Benjamin 
Nilliken .-Mexander 
Nolton Daniel 
NonneBrook Benjannn 
Noris James 
Noris Shadrac 
Odle JessL- 
Odle John 
Odle Stephen 
Oidrige Daniel 
Oldrige Robert 
Oliver Samuel 
Oosterhoudt Exekiel 
Oosterhout Kryne 
Orsborn Daniel 
Orsborn Israel 
Ostranaer Daniel 
Ostrandcr Henry 
Ostrandcr John 
Palmer Jonth'n 
Papono John 
Papono William 
Parker Benjamin 
Parlaman Jch.annis 
Parshal David 
Parshall John 
Paterson Joseph 
Patterson Alexander 
Peach Jacob 
Percy David 
Ptrsen Johonnis 
Peshamis John 
Pifer Adam 
Pifer Fedicck 
Piigrum Morris 
Pine Josh 
Plantiss Andrew 
Planton Andrew 
Piatt George 
Plumsted Nathaniel 
Polhamus Cornelius 
Polly Hugh 
Poppino Daniel 
Poppino William 
Post Garrit 
Post Henry 
Post Jacobus, Jr. 
Post Martin 
Posts Carrot 
Potter .\ron 
Potter Edward 
Powers Tames 

Pudncy James 
Putnian John 
Price Joseph 
Pride Peter 
Puff John 
Puff Peter 
Purdy Nathcn 
Purdy Peter 
Purnet Patrick 
Quick Benjamin 
Quick John 
Quick Lewis 
Quick Peter 
Quick Thomas 
Quigly George 
Quimly Nathaniel 
Qury Alexander 
Rainy David 
Raner William 
Rank Philip 
Ranod William 
Rauer Samuel 
Ray Simon 
Raynor William 
Raynord William 
Reave James 
Recol John 
Redman David 
Reed Moses 
Reeder William 
Rciye Dene 
Relyea Simon 
Remsen Tunis 
Reves Lawrance 
Rey Simon 
Reynolds David 
Rhyne Richard 
Ricely David 
Richards Benjamin 
Richards Eliphclit 
Richards Nathan 
Riche Eliphelit 
Rickey Brice 
Rickey John 
Rider Benjamin 
Ridick Philip 
Right David 
Rinords Clodius 
Roads John 
Robbcson Isaiah 
Robertson John 
Robin (colored) 
Robinson John 
Robison Andrew 
Rockifellow John 
Roekv/ell JoiiatlKin 
Rodes Hope 
Roc John 
Rogers Ananias 
Rondale William 

Roos -Abraham 

Roosa John E. 

Roosakrans James, Jr. 

Roose Evert 

Rosa John E. 

Rosa Tuns 

Rosakras Fredrick 

Rosakrause Hen'k 

Rose Abraham, Sr. 

Rose Abrahan;. Jr. 

Rose Robert 

Roth William 

Row Nathaniel 

Rowley Constant 

Rump Cristian 

Rumsey David 

Rumsey Eria 

Rumsey Jonas 

Rumsey Moses 

Rune James 

Ruse Henry 

Russle Alexander 

Sadler William 

Sager Malachiah 

St. John Matthew 

Sammons John 

Sample Robert 

Saniord David 

Sanford Ezra 

Sanford John 

Saterley John 

Sayer Daniel 

Sayers James 

Sayr Benjamin 

Say re Job 

Sayre Jonas 

Sayre Lewis 

Sayre Seley 

Sayre Thomas 

Scaden Alexander 

Scaden Andrew 

Scaden William 

Schotield Jonathan 

Schoonmaker Edward 

Schoonmaker Edward E. 

Schoonmaker James 

Scofield David 

Scofield Hezekiah 

Scofield Joshua 

Scoonover Cor'l 

Scot Thades 

Scott .Mexander 

Scott Archibald 

Scott Fedrick 

Scott Hen 

Sears Elnatlian 

Sears John 

Sccly Caleb 

Scely John 

Sclden Richard 

The MiLiriA — Orange Covsiy, Foukhi Regiment 


Selley Sarnal 

Scly Sam'll, Jr. 

Scly Wiiliam 

Semans Samuel (colored) 

Seneapagh Henry 

Serjent Nathen 

SliatTer John 

Sharter John 

Shaver John 

Shears Andrew 

Sheerridan Richard 

Shepard John 

Shephard Benjamui 

Shiers Andrew 

Shorter John 

Silkworth Thomas 

Silkworth William 

Silsbe Enos 

Silsbe Joseph 

Simmons Joseph 

Simson John 

Simson Peter 

Simson Samuel 

Sincapagh Jacob 

Sinckler John 

Sinnot Thomas 

Sitd lasiah 

Sitts Joh's 

Sl?ughter John 

Sleght John 

Sley Sam'U, Sr. 

Sloan William 

Slutts Hugo 

Slutts Lewis 

Sly Conrard 

Sly John 
- Smith Ab'm 

Sn'ith Adam 

Smith Albertson 

Smith Alexander 

Smith Caleb 

Smith Daiid 

Smith Esial 

Smith Fedrlck 

Smith Frances 

Smith Henry 

Smith Isaac 

Smith Jacob 

Smith Jacobus 

Smith James 

Smith Jeremiah 

Smith John 

Smith Jonas 

Smith Jonathan 

Smith Joscpli 

Smith Joolu'.a 

Smith Ludloni 

Smith Peter 

Smith Robert 

Sniith Saiuuel 

Smith Scaly 
Smith Thomas 
Smith Tobias 
Smith Walior 
Smith Wessels 
Smith William 
Sneigles Mattias 
Snider Cornelius 
Snyder Elias 
Snyder Henry 
Snyder Martyn 
Soininon Israel 
Soiumons Cornls. 
Sotherland Hugh 
Spagh Philip 
Sparks Abraham 
Sparks Robert 
Spencer Hcdley 
Sprague Amasa 
Sprague Gidean 
Sringham James 
Stage Abram 
Siambergh Elijah 
Stanton William 
Sted James 
Steenbargh John 
Steenbergh Abm. 
Stennebrenner David 

Stephens Jedediah 

Stephens John 

Stevens David 

Stevens Elisha 

Stevens Jonathan 

Stevens Joseph 

Steward Danel. 

Steward Silas 

Stid William 

Still Robert 

Stilwel Nicolas 

Stiples Nathan 

Stothisland Hugh 

Strainer John 

Stratting Robert 

Stiatton Rob.-it 

Strickliii Abni. 

Stricklin Jacob 

Strong John 

Suitt Abm. 

Sutton John 

Swart Abr. 

Swart William 

Swarthout Aaron 

Swazy David 

Swegels Mathew 

Taeson James 

Tarpenny Peter 

Tarpenny Ritchard 

Tax Lawrance 

Taylor Abram 

Taylor Caleb 

Taylor Elias 
Taylor Xehemiah 
Taylor William 
Tayn Benjam.in 
Tcagles Jacob 
Teed Jacobcs 
Tenbrock William 
Ten Eyck Richard 
Terbush Henry 
Terpcning Levi 
Terpenning Abraiiam 
Terpenny Abraham 
Terril Mathew 
Terry Benjamin 
Terwilegar Abram 
Terwilegar Coin 
Terv.ilegar Jonathan 
Terwilger EiCkiel 
Terwilla Benjamin 
Terwilla Nathaniel 
Terwillager Evert 
Terwillager Siir.on II. 
Terwtllager Tunis S. 
TerwiUegar Harm 

Terv.illegar Peter 
Terwilleger Arie 
Terwilleger Benjamin 
Terwilleger Jacob 

Terwilleger Jobs. 

Terwilleger Teunis 

Terwilligar Aura 

Terwilligar John 

Terwillsgar Peter 

Tewileger Simon 

Thomas Jno. 

Thon.pson James 

Thompson Jontli. 

Thoriie Alexander 

Thurton Chrs't 

Tid Josiah 

Tilsey Timothy 

Tilsou Thimoty 

Timberson Benjamin 

Tobias Fred'k 

Todd Joseph 

Todd Josh 

Todd William 

Tom (colored) 

Tomkeiis Fcneus 

Tomkins John 

Tonikins Jtmathan 

Tomsin Phinis 

Tomjoii John 

Tooker Dar.iel 

Torgi^son William 

Totten Jonas 

Totton James 

Tottoii Levy 

Totton Thomas 

Towmr.n Elisha 

Trainer John 
Trickey Christopher 
Trickey Williani 
Tricky Jarimiah 
Trimble John 
Trimble William 
Trimper John 
Trumper George 
Turck Jacob 
Turck John A. 
Turner Cornelius 
Turner Hugh 
Tuthili James 
Tuthil! Francis 
Tuthill Wilham 
Tuttle John 
Tuttle Jonathan 
Tutton Thomas 
Umphry David 
Upkins Anthony 

Upright Nathan 

V^alientme Annanias 

V'anall Andrew 

V'an Brunt Rulef 

Vancleai John 

Vandenbegh Mathew 

\'anDerHooi Jacob 

\'anderoel Henry 

Vangasbeck John 

Van Heusin Mathew 

Vanhorn Dan'll 

Van Keuren Matthexv, Jr. 

Vankuren Henry 

Vankurer Jacobus 

Van Luvan Christopher 

Vannaken Cornelius 

Vannakcn Elisha 

Vannaton Levy 

Van Steenbergh Benjamin 

Van Steenburgh Benja- 
min, Jr. 

Vantassle Nich'l 

Van Vagener AnJries 

Vanvleat James 

Van \"!eeht George 

Van \'liet George 

Vanwyan Henry 

Vance James 

Vance John 

Veal Daniel 

Wackinan Daniel 

Walkcn William 

Walker Andrew 

Walker Isaac 

Vi'aller John 

Walling Ininan 

Wallworth Uilli.-.ni 

AVandle Abraham 

Ward Isaac 

Ward Josiiuah 


New Yukk x.n Xiii:. .;ve\"LUtiu:. 

Ward Mniisoii 
Ward Ricluird 
Ward Tliomas 
Warren John 
W'arrni jushua 
Vv'airisun Siah 
Watcnon Hugh. 
Watkins liphiim 
Watkins Thomas 
Waugh Kobort 
Waj>/zer Coniiort 
Webster James 
Wedler Jacob 
Weeb Charles 
Weed Cohvell 
Weeks Sam'cl 
Welch John 
Weldon Francis 
Weler David 
Welks Nathan 
Wellar Willi,ini 
Weller John 
Weller Lodawike 
Welling John 
Welling Thomas 
Welling Thomas, Jr. 
Wells David 
Wells Gershom 
Wells James 
Weite Jacob 
Weorle Jacob 
Wesner Albert 
Westbrook Samuel 
Westbrouck Joel 
Wcstfall Holm 

Westlick Samll 
Wharry Daniel 
Wheeler Nathan ■' 
Whitacar Squair 
Whitaker Abrali.im 
Whitaker Benjamin 
Wliitaker F.dward 
White Cornelius 
Wiiitney Abijah 
Whitney Benjamin 
Whitney Matthew 
Whittentort Jacob 
Whory John 
Whyggant Michel 
Wibb Jonathi.n 
Wiete Samuel 
Wiggins Charles 
Wiggins Jacob 
Wiggins Robert 
Wiggins Step'n 
Wilkins James 
Wilkins John 
Wilkins Thomas 
Wilkisson Jonathan 
Wilk-ns Peter 
Willens William 
Williams Adam 
Williams James 
Williams Jeremiah 
Williams John 
Williams }.Iatthc\v 
Williams Sanniel 
Willims Adam 
Willing John 
Willis Henry 

Wiliii Thomas 
Wilson David 
Wil^on John 
Wilson William 
Wir.aiis Ichabod 
Windlicld Abraham 
Windfield Elias 
Windfield Isaac 
Winens Isaac 
Winfield Henry 
Winfield William 
Winner Will 
Winter Zakariah 
Wisner Albert 
Wisiier Ase 
Wisner David 
Wisner Samuel 
Wisner Smith 
Wisner WilHara 
Wollen Addom 
Wolsey Henry 
Wolsey Noah 

Wood Abner 
Wood Amous 
Wood Andrew- 
Wood Daniel 
Wood Ezekiel 
Wood George 
Wood Isral 
Wood Job 
Wood John 
Wood John, Jr. 
Wood Jonas 
Wood Jonathan 

Wood Jones 
Wood M.jses 
Wood Stephen 
Wood Stcplieii, Jr. 
Wood Timothy 
Wood Vincent 
Wood William 
Woodhull Jesse 
Woodhull Nathaniel 
Woodruff John 
Wool Jer'ni 
WooUej' John 
Woolsey John 
Woolsey Jonathan 
Worden Elisha 
Worden Obediah 
Wright Solomon 
Write James 
Write William 
Wssee Benjamin 
Wyat Nathaniel 
Wyatt David 
Wyatt Hezekiah 
Wyatt Sam'll 
Wygant John 
Wyllis Henry 
Wynans W. 
Wynkoop Cornelius 
Wynkoop Johannis, Jr. 
Wynkoop John 
Yane Samt'el 
Yeaman J&hn 
Young Charles 
Young Clirist 
Youngs Benjamin 

Orange County Militia ■ 

Capt. John Wood 
Lieut. Jon.vth.v.n B.alev 

Lieut. J.vcoe Dun.nin-g 
e.n'sicn h.\dmi.\l mooke 

Associated Exempts 

Ensig.v WiLLLoi Thompson 


Arnet Jacob 
Barker William 
Brinson John 
Butler James 
Carpenter Sanuie 
Case Phenias 
Clark James 

Cole Jacob 
Davis John 
Davis Joshua 
Denton John 
Everitt Daniel 
Everitt James 

Gale Coe 
Gale Richard 
Grummun Joseph 
Jackson George H. 
Ludiuni William 
Napp James 

Pv.oe Nothaniel 
Thompson Jonathan 
Veal Gilbert 
Waston Eplierim 
W'ells Jorel 
Wood Joseph 






^''^■'cy^,7£cjTrs:.f : 


^/ v^.'.'^.-- -^i: ; /^, 




'^cf-i^^f. y,' A,: 

^ y 




/ L 



(KRTII KATF. Ol" 1 M>i;r.TKD.M:sS liV i;i)\l;kxnK CLINTON 
[Iiidurst'irM-iit. i'\ .1) 

f--, •' ■ J^^'^/'iA^yr-, ^m^y'>'-' \ ^J^2^^'y ^ <^UuH^r^^y^ cn^ /t^^<?-r^ 

Tiiii .Militia — Suffolk Coumv, Fik^t Rlcime.nt or ^.Iinutl; 31k\ 


Suffolk County Militia — First Regiment of Minute Men 

Cait. Claukson 

Benjamin- Coe 
John Dayton 
David Fithian 
Daniel Hedges 
David Howell 
JosiAH Howell 
" Samuel L'Hommedieu 
" William Ludlam 
R. .\L\:{£E 
Ezekiel Mulford 


" David Pierson 

" Nathaniel Platt 

" Paul Reeve 

" William Rogers 

Capt. Zkpiianiaii Rogers Lieut. 

John Sandford 
Selau Strong 

Thomas Weeks " 

" John White " 


Thomas Wickes 
Lieut. Jo.^uua Benjamin " 

Caleb Brewster 
Tho.\l\s Brush 
William Clark 

Timothy Conklin(j En£ic> 

John Corwin ' "' 

John Foster 
Nathaniel Hand 
David Horton 

Abbet James 
Akerly John 
Albertson John Parker 
Aldrich Jacob, Jr. 
Aldridge Joshua 
AUon Nathaniel 
Armstrong Bishop 
Askly John 
Bailey Joseph 
Baker Daniel 
Baker Henry 
Baley John 
Barnes Jeremiah 
Barnes Jonatii.ni 
Barrett William 
Barts Francis 
Basset Cornelias 
Barley Jolm 
Bayley Philip 
Bayiis John 
BayHs Nelu-niiah 
Bayncls Israel 
Beale George 
Beale Matthew 
Beekwith Phineas 
Benjamin Azariah 
Benjamin David 
Benjamin James 
Benjamin Nathan 
Benjamin Richard 
Benjamin William 
Bennct Edward 
Bennett Gamaliel 
Bennett John 
Petts Richard 
Biggs Silas 
Bish.op David 


Bishop Enos 
Bishop John 
Bishop Samuel 
Blats'ey Daniel 
Blidenburgh Daniel 
Booth Wheelock 
Bower David 
Bower Hezekiah 
Bower Jeremiah 
Bower Zephaniah 
Brewster John 
Brian James 
Brian Lemuel 
Brown Caleb 
Brown Daniel 
Brown David 
Brown Henry 
Brown Hciirj'. Jr. 
Brown Riuben 

Brov/n Richard 

Brush Eliphalct 

Brush Gilbert 

Brush James 

Brush N hemiah 

Brush Nehemiali, Jr. 

Brush Robert 

Bryan Jesse 

Bryant Alexander 

Buchana'i William 

Bunce Jesse 

Burnett Joseph 

Carle Jes.se, Jr. 

Carll John 

Carll Soudd 

Carpenter Nehemiah 

Case Ichali..id 

Chalfield Henry 


Chichester Eliphalet 
Clark Elisha 
Clark Steplien 
Cleaveland Jo;eph 
Coan Abraham 
Conklin Jacob 
Conkling Benjamin 
Conkling Ezra 
Conkling Jacob 
Conkling Jeremiah 
Conkling John 
Conkling Joseph 
Conkling Nathaniel 
Conkling Samuel 
Conkling Silvanus 
Conkling W:lli;im 
Conkling William. Jr. 
Conklinh 'I homas 
Cunn William 
Cook Calvin 
Cook John 
Cook Jonathan 
Cook Nathan 
Cook Silas 
Cooper Benjamin 
Cooper Charles 
Cooper David 
Cooper Matthew 
Corey Ijaac 
Corwin Gershom 
Corwin J;;cob 
Corwin .1 jren'i.ih 
Corv>in jo-.iatiian 
Corwin Joshua 
Corwin .X.i'.han 
Corwin Xai'',;Ti. Jr 
Corwin Si-p.cjr. 

Nathaniel Howell 
Paul Jones 
Carl Isaac Ketciia.m 
Ephrai.m Marston 
John Miller 
Abraham Rcjse 
Matthew Savre 
Henrv Scudder 
Sa.muel Smith 
Edward Toi'ping 
joshu.v voungs 
Benjamin Blatsley 
Nathaniel Bk^,', ster 
Nathaniel Hudso.s' 
Nathaniel Willi.vms, Jr. 

Corwin Thomas 
Corwithe Caleb 
Corwithe Henry 
Corwithe John 
Cook Benjamin 
Dains Paul 
Davall Samuel 
Davis Daniel 
Davis Matthias 
Davis Timotliy 
Davis William 
Davison Isaac 
Dayton Jacob 
Dayton Jeremiah 
Dayton Samuel 
Denton Benjair.in 
Dibble Isaiah 
Dickerson Abraham 
Ditmas Garret 
Doming Henry 
Downs Peter 
Drake Richard 
Durrec Charles 
Edwards Daniel 
Edwards David 
Edwards Henry 
Edwards Isaac 
Edwards John 
Edwards Silas 
Edwards William 
Ennis George 
Everett George 
Fanning Nathaniel 
Fleet Alexander 
Fordhain Stephen 
.■^oster Asa 
I'osicr David llains 


New rk in tiii: Revolution" 

Foster James 
Foster Je(le<liah 
Foster John 
Foster Wakenian 
Foster William 
Fowler Richard 
Gardiner Jerciiiiah 
Garrard Zopher 
Gates William 
Gau John 
Gear Joh.n M. 
Gelston liiigli 
Gelston William 
Gerrard Bunjamin 
Gerrard John 
Gerrard Joseph 
Gerrard William 
Gildersleevj John 
Gildcrslceve Philip 
Gladin George 
Goldsmith John 
Goldsmitii John, Jr. 
Goldsmith William 
Goodale Joseph 
Gould Joh.n 
Gray David 
Grifiing John 
Griffis James 
Guyer Lazarus 
Haff Isaac 
Haft James 
Hallock Daniel 
Hallock John 
Hallock Peter 
Hallock Richard 
Hallock William 
Hallock Zachariah 
Halsey Abraham 
Haisey Daniel 
Halsey David Fithiaa 
Halsey Ethan 
Halsey Jamies 
I,' sey Job 
. . ijey Philip 
Halsey Silas 
Halsey Silvanus 
Halsey Stephen 
Halsey Thomas 
Halsey Timothy 
Halsey William 
Hand David, Jr. 
Haiid John, Jr. 
Hand Jonathan 
Hand Joseph 
Hand Josiah 
Hand Nathan 
Harcus Sclah 
Harris George 
Harris Hen.ry 

Harris Stephen 
Hart John 
Hart Nehemiah. 
Hart Samuel 
Haven Constant 
Hawkin^s .Alexander 
Hawkings Eleazer 
Hawkings Gershom 
Hawkings John 
Hawkings Jonas 
Hawkings Zophar 
Hawks John 
Hedges Christopher 
Hedges Eleazer 
Hedges Elihu 
Hedges Job 
Hedges Jonathan 
Hedges Xathan 
Hedges Timothy, Jr. 
Herrick Micaiah 
Plicks Zach.ariah 
Higbee Jonas 
Higbie Stephen 
Hildreth Joshua 
Hildreth Luther 
Hill William 
Homan Joseph 
Homan Phineas 
Hopkins Samuel 
Hoppin Daniel 
Horton Calvin 
Howell David 
Howell Edmund 
Howell Edward 
Howell James 
Plowell Jehiel 
Howell John 
Howell Jonathan 
Howell Matthew 
Howell iMatthew, Jr. 
Howell Moses 
Howell \Villiam 
Hubbard Richard Steers 
Hubbard Samuel 
Hubbel James 
Hubbs Jacobus 
Hubbs James 
Hudson Ebenezcr 
Hudson Henry 
Hudson John 
Hudson John. Jr. 
Hudson John Fred. 
Hudson Samuel 
Huff John 
Hulse David 
Hulse Richard 
Hunt Benjamin 
Ireland Jojeph 
Isaacs .'Varon, Jr. 
Jackson David 

Jackson Richard 
Jackson Samuel 
Jaggar Abraham 
Jagger Jeremiah 
Jagger Matthew 
Jarvis Joseph 
Jarvis Nathaniel 
Jarvis Seth 
Jayne Robert 
Jayne Shadiack 
Jennings Silvanus 
Jennings Stephen 
Jennings Thomas 
Jennings Zebulon 
Jervis Isaiah 
Jessup Isaac 
Jessup Zebulon 
Johnes Thomas 
Jones Benjamin 
Jones Elisha 
Jones Jeremiah 
Jones Obadiah 
Jones Thomas 
Kellum Jesse 
Kellum Obadiah 
Kelly Stephen 
Ketcham Daniel 
Ketcham Jesse 
Ketcham John 
Ketcham Joshua. Jr. 
Ketcham Stephen 
King Abraham 
King .'Mexander 
King Gilbert 
King Samuel 
Lewis Samuel 
L'Homniedieu Benj., Jr. 
L'Hommedieu Ephraim 
L'Hommedieu Gro\er 
L'Hommedieu Henry 
L'Hommedieu Hudson 
L'Hommedieu John 
L'Hommedieu Multord 
Liscomb Isaac 
Lockwood John 
Longbottom Jacol) 
Longbottom Samuel 
Loper Abraham 
Loper James 
Loper John 
Ludlam George 
Ludlam Jeremiah 
Ludlain Parsons 
Lupton David 
Lyon Henry 
-Vlaccolum Maiconi 
Makes Joseph 
Marvin Ephraim 
Maynor Josiah 
Messenger Ovonton 

Miller David 
Miller Ezekiel 
Miller Huntting 
Miller Joel 
Miller Nathan 
Miller Peleg 
Miller William 
Mills Israel 
Mills Jedidiah 
Mills Jonas, Jr. 
-Mills William 
Monroe David 
Moore Henry 
Moore Thomas 
Morgan John 
Mulford David 
Mulford Elisha 
Muh'ord John 
Mulford Jonathan 
Mulford Matthew 
Mulford Samuel 
Newman William 
Nicoll Benjam.in, Jr. 
Nicoll Robert 
NicoUs Stephen 
Norris James 
Norton George 
Nostran Jacobus 
Nostran Samuel 
Oakes Simon 
Osborn A.braham 
Osborn Cornelius 
Osborn Joseph 
Osborn Smith Straiion 
Osburn James 
Osman Jacob 
Osman Jonathan 
Oventon James 
Ovcnton John 
Overton Joel 
♦■^verton Nathaniel 
Packin Andrew 
Pain John 
Pain Siias 
Paine Isaac 
Parshall James 
Pa: shall John 
Parsons Samuel 
Patty Ezekiel 
Patty James 
Payne Paul 
Payne Peter 
Peas Maithew 
Fellctreau John 
Perry Edmund 
Petty James. Jr. 
Picrson .Abraham 
Picrson Elias 
Pierson Isaac 
Pierson Job 

The MiLHiA — Suh-ulk Cocxtv, I'irst Ki:.i_,imk.\t 

.\Iixi;te Me.v 


Piers'in J<ihn 
Pierson L<;muel 
Pierson Zachariah 
Pike Aiv.aba 
Piatt Amos 
Piatt Arthur 
Piatt Ebcnezer 
Piatt Jeremiah 
Post Jeremiah 
Ramsons Aiiris 
Raynor IchaboJ 
Raynor Joseph 
Raynor Josiah 
Raynor Stephen 
Raynor \\'ill;am 
Reeve Ishmael 
Reeve James 
Reeve Jonathan 
Reeve Luther 
Reeve Obadiah 
Reeve Stephen, Jr. 
Reeve William 
Reeves Barnabas 
Reeves Purr, Jr. 
Reeves Purryor 
Reigner Ichabod 
Reynolds Israel 
Rider Jesse 
Robijson Edmund 
Robinson David 
Rogers Abraham 
Rogers Abraham, Jr. 
Rogers Caleb 
Rogers Jarvis 
Rogers Job 
Rogers John 
Rogers Stephen 
Rogers Topping 
Rogers William 
Rolph Pjeiijamin 
Rose David 
Rose Lemuel 
Rugg Silas 
Ruland David . 
Ruland John 
Ruland Luke 
Ruland Zophar 
Rusco David 
Rusco Nathaniel 
Russell David 
Russell Jonathan 
Ryder Stephen 

Sammis David 
Sammis Ebcnezer 
Sammis Joseph 
Sammis Nathaniel 
Sammis Philip 
Sammis I'latt 
Sammib Timothy 
Sammis William 
Sandford Aliraham 
Sandiurd LSenjamni 
Sandiord Daniel 
Sandford David Hov.-el 
Sanutord Lewis 
Satterly Josijh 
Satturly Samuel 
Sayre Abraham 
Sayre Stephen 
Schellenger Isaac 
Schellinger Daniel, Ir. 
Schellinger Jacob 
Scribner Seth 
Scudder Ti.uothy, Jr. 
Shaddain Henry 
Shearman Anthony 
Sherrill Daniel 
Sherrill Henry 
Sill Wessei 
Simmons Samuel 
Simons Moses 
Smalling William 
Smith Abner 
Smith Arthur 
Smith Charles 
Smith Daniel 
Smith Da\ id 
Smith Epenetns 
Smith Floyd 
Smith Gilbert, Jr. 
Smith IJezekinh 
Smith Jam .s 
Smith Jeremiah 
Smith Jesse 
Smith Job 
Smith John 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Josiah 
Smith Lemuel. Jr. 
Smith Matthew 
Smith Nathan 
Smith Nathaniel 
Smith Noah 
Smith Obad 

Smith Obadiah 
Smith Peleg 
Smith Philip 
Smith Silas 
Smith William 
Smyth Sylvester 
Soaper Gilbert 
Soaper Jesse 
Soaper Jonali 
Soaper Moses 
Solomon Jonathan 
Stanbrough Josiah 
Stanbrough Thomas 
Stephens Thomas 
Still William 
Stratton Daniel 
Stratton Jolin 
Stratton Samuel 
Stratton Stephen 
Strong Selah 
Sweasey Daniel 
Sweasey Isaac 
Sylls Phineas 
Talmage Enos 
Talmage Joseph 
Tanner Benjamin 
Tarbel David 
Taylor George 
Taylor Nathaniel 
Taylor William 
Terril James 
Terry Daniel 
Terry Daniel. Jr. 
Terry Elijah 
Terry James 
Terry John 
Terry Joseph 
Thompson Jonathan 
Thompson Zebulon 
Titus Timothy 
Topping Henry 
Topping Jeremiah 
Topping Matthew 
Topping Silas 
Topping Zcphani.ih 
Totten John 
Totten Losse 
Tredwell Thomas 
Turner Henry 
Tuthill John 
Tuthili Nathan 
Tuttle Jonathan 

Tuttle Joshua 
Udali Nathaniel 
Udell Nathaniel 
L'dle Nathaniel 
Vail Christopher 
Vail John 
Vail Piatt. Jr. 
Vail Samuel 
Weed Jehicl 
Weeks Jesse 
Wells David 
Wells Isaac 
Wells Isaiah 
Wells John Calvin 
Wells Joseph 
Wells Joshua 
Wells Joshua, Jr. 
Wells Manley 
Wells Nathaniel 
Wells Youngs 
Wheeler John 
V.'heeler Tliomas 
Wheeler William 
Wheldon Jonathan 
White Ephraim 
White Mernucan 
White Samuel 
White Stephen 
Whitman Nathaniel 
V«'ick Silvanus 
Wickes Samuel 
vi'icks Josiah 
Williams John 
Williamson James 
WUliamson Jedediah 
\V:!mot Jesse 
Wilmot Nathaniel 
Wood Epenetus 
Vi'ocd Epenetus. Jr. 
W'jod Jeremiah 
Wood Jonas 
Wjod Joseph 
Wood Richard 
WiodhuU Abeienus 
W-jodhull Jamej 
W'oo 'hull John 
Wu-.'dhuli Nathan 
Woodruff David 
Woodruff Joshua 
Woodruff Silas 
Wcoiley Charles 
Yc^iigs Nathan 


New York x.n tiik Revulliion 

Suffolk County Militia — Third Regiment of Minute Men 

Capt. Jonathan Bayi 
Lieut. John Tuthill 

Becbe Lester 
Booth Prespor 
Brown Daniel 
Brown James 
Conkliiig Tlionias 
Deninion Jonathan 
Dicker.on Xatlumiel 
Drake Richard 
Gardener James 
Glover EzeUial 
Glover Jo;c[)h 
Goldsnuth John 
Grifting Peter 
Havens John 

Lieut. Joshua Youngs 

Ensign- James Reeve 

Hemsted Thomas 
Horton Benjamin 
Horton Calvin 
Horton David 
Horton James 
King Benjanun 
King Jeremiah 
King John 
King Jonathan 
Newbury Samuel 
Overton Aaron 
Pain Beiijamia 
Prince Thomas 
Racket Absalom K. 


Racket Noah 
Rogers William 
Rogers W illiam 
Roghers Wilham 
Salmon Jonathan 
Salmon Joshua 
Tabor Amraon 
Tabor Frederick 
Terry David 
Terry Elijah, Jr. 
Terry Thomas 
Truman David 
Truman Jonathan 

Tuthill Christopher 
Tuthill David 
Tuthill James. Jr. 
Vail Benjamin, Jr. 
Vail Daniel 
Vail Elisha 
Vail Jonathan 
Vail Thomas 
Wells Jonathan 
Vv'iggins David 
Wiggins Vv'iUiam 
Youngs John 
Y'oungs Joseph 

Suffolk County Militia -- Regiment of Minute Men 


John Dayton 
David Fithian 
Daniel Hedges 

Capt. David Howell 
" Josiah Howell 
" Samuel L'Hommedieu 

(No enlisted men found) 

Capt. William Rogers 
John Sandfoed 
" John White 

Tryon County Militia — First Regiment 



Capt. John Bo'.vman 
" Matthew Brown 
" Jost Deyckrt 
" Jacob Dikfendorff 

Josii'ii House 

A'^am Li.^ 1- 

J-jhn R:.of 

JoiiK Russ 

Rv.ver Van Everen 

Nicholas WiiVShu 

Jai'fs Wilson 
Lieut. Peti-r Ada.niv 

Lieut. Abraham Arnt 
Nicholas Bartii 
Henry Krate 
Conrad Braun 
" George Conderman 
Nicholas Devgekt 
Dedruk Horning 
Jacob Matthews 
Charle? Powell 
Jacob Schneyoer 
John Si;r.i:ER 
" William Slliu r 

Lieut. Henry Shrumblixg 
JooN Van Everen 


Ensign Jofin L. Bellinger 
J o t ; N C u N D E R .-.; A N 
Ric •;a:;i> EllwooD 
Ae.'.m Flind 
Jacob PL\nes 
He'.ry Myer 
CoKNELJus ^"A^■ Every 
HcvsY Walwrath 


LiEur. F.nglehakdt Wagener Enmgn John Pickert Ensign Ji-:R;:N!iAn Young 

The Militia — Trvox Couxtv, Iwrst Recipient 


Adamy Peter 
Ale Christian 
Ale Peter 
Apel Henry 
Bnteiiaucr Jaeob 
Batenaur George 
Bcarmour Henry 
Becker Henry 
Becker Peter 
Beellinger Adam 
Bell Fredrick 
Belleanger Fredrick 
Bcllintr Henrick 
Bellinger Adam 
Bellinger Philip 
Bellinger William 
Bendeman I'eter 
Benteman Sinnnon 
Besner Jacob 
Bettinger Martin 
Bickerd Henry 
Bickerd Isaac 
Billing William 
Billinger William 
Bitelnian Peter 
Blats George 
Bleats George 
Bohall Adam 
Bolier Frederick 
Bolt Fillip 
Boom Fredrick K. 
Boss Christian 
Bost Christian 
Bolman Adam 
Brate James 
Brisenbecker Balser 
Broukrnan Godfrct 
Bruckeraan John 
Bruckman Godfrid 
Brunncr Christian 
Bush George 
Biitcluter John 
Buterficld James 
Cannsn Matthew 
Castler Thomas 
Christman John 
Clap^attlc William 
Clapsedel George 
Clel)sa;er vX'iiliam 
Clock Joseph 
Cockton Thomas 
Cohat Adam 
Coliert Adam 
Conterman John 
Contryman John 
Contrj'man John ?.!. 
Coon John 
Crais George 
Cramer Godfrcd 


Cramer Jrast 
Crcanicr John 
Creamer Joseph 
Crimm Jacob 
Crisman John 
Crosmen Frederick 
Cronse Friederick 
Crows George 
Crum Adam 
Crnm Jacob 
Cuff (colored) 
Cundcrman Cunrath 
Cunderman Frederick 
Cundernian John J. 
Cunderman Marius 
Cuntrman Adam 
Cuntryman Cnnrad 
Curtner Peter 
Cyplier John 
Damuth Kicliard 
Daruiud iiindier 
Dasler John 
Deck Henry 
Defcndort Jacob H. R. 
Demnit Richard 
Der.iuth Dederick 
Devery A rent 
Devy Adam 
Dcygcrt Nichlas 
Didcnbeck Baltus 
Diefendorff H. Jacob 
Diefendorff Johannes 
Diefend.;rlT John J. 
Diefendurff John 
Uietendurff John, Jr. 
Dietrich Dewald 
Dilenheck Baltus 
Dilenbeck JIartin 
Dinstman Antony 
Dinstman Denis 
Docksteadcr John 
Dreisselmann Christian 
Dunckel Frank 
Duncke! Xiclio'as 
Dunckel Pe.'jr 
Danckcll (iarrett 
Dnnkle Ge^^rge 
Dunlap John 
Dunlap William 
Dus Per Jacob 
Dusler John 
Dusler -Marx 
Dyckert Tliabolt 
Dygart Sevrinus 
Dygert Henry 
Dykert Hcnery 
Eatkeiis \Villiam 
Fckler Cliri.i Sogcl 
Ixkler Christstoul 


Eckler Ernest 
Eckler Hanos 
Ecklcr Henry 
Eckler Henry. Jr. 
Eckler Johannt-s 
Eckler Lenet 
Eckler Fitter 
Ehl Christian 
Ehl Peter 
Ehle Anthony 
Ehle Harmanus 
Ehle John 
Elits Adam 
Ehts Christopher 
Ehts John Christ. 
Ehts William 
Elfendorf Debois 
Ell John 

Ellwood Benjamin 
Ellwood Isaac 
Elvendorf Tobias 
Elwood Peter 
Embody Henry 
Estter Joh.n C. 
Farbus Nichlas 
F:iubele Johnas 
Feeble John 
Fehhng Andreas 
Feling Henry 
Felling Jacob 
Felling Nicholas 
Felling Peter 
Fetterly John 
Fetterly John T. 
Fonston John 
Flack Peter 
Flind Alexander 
Flint Alexander 
Flint Cornelles 
Flint John 
Flint Robert 
Folkert John 
Folyg Peter 
F'orbush Johnes 
Fork Isaac 
Forre Adam 
Foster John 
Foster Moses 
Fox Peter 
Fox William 
Frantz Stoffel 
Fretcher Conracd 
Fuks Pete- 
Fun Adam 
I'urro Rudolph 
i'"urry Adam 
Galgcr Isaac 
(larioek Adam 
C/avlock Georgo P. 

Garlock Jacob 
Cariock Philip 
Gelly Thadeus 
Gerlach Henry 
Gerlack Gorge 
Gcrlack Han Christian 
Gerlock George W. 
Givet John J. 
Givit Fridrick 
Grim Jacob 
Haber Jacob 
Haberman Jacob 
Hack Fredrick 
HafTer Jacob 
Hake Frederick 
Hako Fradrick 
Harning Lienert 
Haus Adam 
Haus Henrick 
Haus Peter 
'Tecrway Charles 
iielmer John 
lielmer John G. 
Helmer Joseph 
Helmer Jost 
Henry Andrew 
Hess George 
Hess Henry 
Hcuth Joshua 
Heyntz William 
jHicky George 
Slicky Michal 
IHimer William 
IHines Andrew 
IHootmaker Adam 
IHoover Jacob 
Elorning Adam 
Morning Dederick 
Elorning George 
Horning John 
Biorning Lanert 
lifous Harman 
I3[ouse George 
Elouse Jacob 
House John 
Hlouse Joseph 
Hlouse Jost C. 
Hiousc Nicholas 
Kiouse Peter 
J:ncob Hcniy 
Jiohns William 
Jorrdan Adar.i 
Joirdan Casper 
Joirdan Casper L. 
Ji.jrdan Gasper 
Jordan George 
J(<}rdan John 
Toivdan John Peter 
M'ud.'.n Nicholas 


New York in the Revolution 

Jordcn John P. 
Jordan Peter 
Jung Jacob 
Jung Thoninies 
JuiiRijo Jacob 
Kellar Jacob 
Keller Andras 
Keller Andrew, Jr. 
Keller Felix 
Keller Gasper 
Keller Jacob R. 
Kelly Thomas 
Kelmer John 
Kerlach Henry 
Kesles Thomas 
Kessler Peter 
Killy Thomas 
Kling Ludwig 
Knausz Johannes 
Knautz John 
Knicskern Pittcr 
Knouts George 
Koemcr Johannes 
Korning Adam 
Kretsinger Jacob 
Lambert George 
Lambert Peter 
Lambert Peter. Sr. 
Lambert Peter. Jr. 
Lanipert Peter 
Lape Jolin 
Lr.ppius Daniel 
Lee\e Phillip 
Leipe John L. 
Lentner George 
Lepert Fredrick 
Levey Michael 
Leyli Simon 
Lint Georg 
Lints Gorg 
Lipe John 
Lipe John, Jr. 
Loucks Peter 
Loux Jost 

Low Lawrence Gras 
Lure Philip 
Luizdcmann Siiron 
i^IcCartty Dnnkon 
McCartey John 
McFic Alccamkr 
McKillip John 
McLonis Jurry 
McVaguiiien Pcotcr 
Mai Ilcnrich 
Marten Robert 
Mayby David 
Mayby Joseph 
Mayer H. Henty 
stayer Jacob 
Mayer Jacob S. 

Meier Matthew 
Meyer Henrick 
Meyer Henrick S. 

Meyer Jacob 

Meyer Jacob R. 

Meyer Johan Henri.:k 

Meyer Solomon 

Mier John 

Miler John C. 

Miller Conraed 

Miller Dionysius 

Miller Garret 

Miller John 

Monck John, Jr. 

Monke John 

Moone James 

Moos Pitner Rufus 

Morfey Henry 

Moyer David 

Moyer John 

Murphy Henry 

Murphy Thomas 

!Myer Matthias 

Myers Dewel 

Myers John 

]Myre Henry 

Myre John 

Neles Cris John 

Neles Rowerd 

Neles W'illcm 

Nelles Christian 

Nelles George 

Nelles Gerry 

Nelles Henrick 

Nelles Henry 

Nelles Henry N. 

Nelles John 

Nelles William 

Nellies Gerry 
Nellis Henry 
Nellis Jacob 
Netherly John 
Netherly John H. 
Netherly John L 
Nolgert John 
Ohn Jacob 
Outcrnian Jacob 
Ovendurit Conrad 
Paba ]->nst 
Parshcall James 
Pauly Jacob 
Phencs Michael 
Pickard Cunrad 
Pickerd Adolph 
Pickerd Nicholas 
Pickert Conradi 
Pickert George 
Pigner Tise 
Plets George 
Plough Nichlas 

Plunes John 

Price George 

Qollinper Henry 

Quackcnbos Itonter SocL 

Quackenboss Is:tar 

Quakcnbush David 

Quakenbush Jeremiah 

Quakenbush Peter 

Quollenger Gosper 

QuoHinger Andrew 

Radenaer Jacob 

Radimour Jacob 

Ransier George 

Ratno'ver George 

Ratnower Jacob 

Reasnor James 

Reinhp.rtd Vv'illeni 

Remer Jacob 

Remer Jcjhn 

Remer Martin 

Revenslion John Peter 

Ribsomer Wi'liam 

Rice John 

Riebsomer Matteys 

Riverscn John Peter 

Rodgers Samuel 
-, Roueons Jonatiian 
•^ Ronnin Juhn, Jr. 

Roof John 

Roseel John 

Roth John 

Ruff John 
• Runnins Johr. Sr. 

Runnins Johi . Jr. 

Sacknar John 

Sander Henrick 
Scheat Andony 
Schefer Adam 
Schicly Martin 
SchimracI Francis 
Schneck George 
Schneider Michael 
Schreiber Steffan 
Schuyler David 
Schuyler Jacr.^b 
Schuyler John Jost 
.Schuyler .N'icolas 
Schuyler Peter P. 
Schyler David. Jr. 
Scoulen Essias 
Scoulen Tosseos 
Seaber John \V. 
Seeber Jacob 
Seelur Jolm 
Seybcr John 
Shall Henry 
Sheafer .Adam 
Shcaicr Hcnr\ 
Shelly John 
Shiniel Dieterich 

Sliireman George 

Shmit Hendrick 

Shnydcr Gottiib 

Simmerman Cunratec 

Simmernian Herery 

Sits Hendrick 

Sits John 

Sits Nichlos 

Silts Peter 

Sitz Baides 

Smidt Philip 

Smith Johannes 

Smith John 

Smith Philip 

Snake George 

Snyder John 

Sober Jacobus 

Spalsbeck John 

Sparback Martinus 

Sparks Pearl 

Stansell Nicolas 

Steinmetz Philip 

Stensell George 

Stensell Nicoles 

Stensell William 

Stephen John 

iirawbeck .\dam 

Stroback Fradrick 

Strobeck Jacob 

iSullenger Gosper 

.Suller Andrev.' 

Suller Gosper 

Tailor Nathan 

Tetterly John H. 
Thompson .A.aron 

Thompson John 
'Thompson Thomas 
'Thompson William 

Tillenback Martin 

Tom (colored) 
.Tucks Peter 
TuUing Henry 
' Tygert Henry 
Ullendorff Daniel 

Ulsevcr Steph.en 

v'lzhavcn Bastian 

'.'thcrmark John B. 
rjttcrmark Join; J. 
^\'an Johannes 
"\'an Ailstine Abraham 
'."anallstine .•'vbraham C. 
A'an Allsline Peter 
A'an Alslen Cornelius C. 
"'.'an .Mstin Harmans 
^.'ar.alstine Cor?icli'.t,< 
"Vanalstine Cornelius J. 
Vanalstine John 
'V'.'analsline John G. 
Vanalslino Jolin M. 
Vrnalsiinc Martin 

The Militia — Tryon Cok.ntv, Second Reijimenv 


Vaiialstinc Martin A. 
Vana'.stinc Marliii G. 
Vanalstine Philip 
Vr.iialstyii Poicr 
Van Camp Isaac 
Van Campon Cornelius 
Van Derwarken Ilnnnaii 
Vanderwarker Jobhua 
Van Derwartin Joshua. 
Van Eaverak Ji'hn 
Van Evcren Jului 
Van Slike George 
Van Slyke Garret 
Van Slyke John 
Wagencr Engelhard 
Waggoner Isaac 
Waggoner Jacob 
Wagner George 
Wagner Jacob 

Wagoner Gorge 
Wallart Hannes 
W'allrad Georac 
Wallrate Adolpli 
Wallrate J'reilcrick 
Wallrate Jacob 
usWallse Conraed 
Wallse Conratil, Jr. 
W'allse Jacob 
W'alrad Jacob 
Walrate Henrick 
Walrath George 
Walrath Henry 
Walrath Jacob 
Walrath William 
Wals Cunrath 
Wals Cunrath. Sr. 
Wals Cunrath. Jr. 
Warmood Pete 

Warniorte Pettcr 
Warmuth John 
Wath Jacob 
Westcrman Peter 
Wiele Henry 
Wiele Joss Henry 
Wilson James 
Windecker Fredrick 
Windker Nicolas 
Winii Jiihn 
Woiilgemuth John 
Wohlgemuth William 
Woldorf Johannes 
Wolkemood John 
WolIe%-er John 
Wollcver Nicholas 
Woolf Jacob 
Wormut John 
Wright Jaeob 

Yates Chris P. 
Young Adam 

Y'oung Andreas 
Young Andrew- 
Young Christian 
Young Christian 
Young Crist, Jr. 
Young Frietnck 
Young Godfred 
Young Henry 
Young Henry P. 
Young John 
Young Joseph 
Young Jost 
Young Lod'.vick 
Young Peter 
Young Robert 
Y'oung Thomas 
Zola Casper 

Tryon County Militia — Second Rcgin-iCnt 



C.\rT. Joii.v BS.VDBIG 
Sevekines Cook 
Peter S. Dyg.vrt 
John H.aselman 
CnRrsTi.\N HofSE 
Philip Hel.mer 
John Hfsse 



Severinvs Klock 
Rudolph Koch 
Hexrv Miller 


joh.'xnnes rcss 
John Ztllev 

LlECT. JOII.V Ali.\M3 

.-\d.\m Belli.n'ger 
IIar.-j.^n Brewer 
Nicholas Copperxoll 
Richard Coppfrxoll 
JoH.N- Koch 
lodowtck n ellis 
Isaac Paris 
John Schall 

Lieut. John Sutz 

John P. Sriz 
" Hendrick Ti.mmermax 
John TIMM^'^^L\x 
Samuel X'anetta 
John Van Slyck 

ExsiG.v George Fev 
PjEfER Grems 
Peter Sit/: 


" Nicholas Van Slyck 

additional xamis ox state treasurers pay books 

Lieut. John Eigexbroot Lieut. JIlxyost Sciioll Exsign Nicholas \\'alrath 

John Fixck Ensign George Ecker " Frederick Zimmerman 
William Fox " George Wagoner 


Acker Abraliam 
Adamy Peter 
Apply Jacob 
Arkson John 
Bacchus John 
Bader Mclgert 
Bader Michael 
Baglcy Andrew 
Baiier Joseph 
Baker Joseph 
Baldsperger Johannes 

Ba'sby Peter 
Balsle Andrew 
Bar'ler Nicholas 
Bates Michael 
Baul Samuel 
Baiim Frederic 
Baiim Philip 
Ery-rd John 
Bayard V;..lcntine 
Bayer John 
Beatker Hetirv 

Bealer John 
Beal'ir Joseph 
Beaum Philip 
Becker fienry 
Becker Philip 
Bellinger .-Vdam 
Bellinger Adam P. 
Bellinjjer F"riedrich 
Becker Peter 
Bccler Jacob 
Beely Jacob 

Bellinger Ilciirich 
Bicllinger Jost 
Beilinger Peter 
Bicker Corse 
Bi:-hclt Charles 
Bi>^hct Ciiarles 
Bijhop Charles 
BItsscn Lorance 
Br<-iseus Lorents 
B(><i Andres 
Bcasli George 


New Yokk in tht. RmoLuxiox 

Braun Christieii 
Bratt Henry 
Bratt Jacobus 
Llrewt-r John 
Brewer WilHaiii 
Brower William 
Brunner Jacob 
Bush George 
Bash Julius 
Buyic John B. 
Calutia Thouiab 
Candon John 
Casscluiaii John 
Casselnian Pt-tcr 
Cayser Barncid 
Christnian Jacob 
Christman John 
Clapper Christian 
Clapsattlc Andrew 
Clapsattlc William 
Claus George 
Clements Jacob 
Coleman Henery 
Conningham William 
Contcrman John 
CoppernoU John 
CoppernoU William 
Crama Jacob 
Cramer Andreas 
Cranse Jacob 
Craus Jest 
Crause Jacob 
Crim Heudrick 
Crounhart George 
Crowhart Gcorg 
Cruysler George 
Cuiraan Henry 
Cuninghani Jchannis 
Cuningham \\'illiain 
Dackson John 
David Adam 
Davis Joscpli 
Deacke John 
Deacker Hcndrick B. 
Dcavies Jacol.i 
DcHarsh Philip 
Dellcnbag Henflrick 
Dellenbag John 
Deygcrt Peter S. 
Deygert Petriis J. 
Deygert Rutik-rpS 
Deygert Salvinu* 
Deygert Sevriiu-,; li. 
Deygert Soet'eri-.us 
Dillehagh Mr.rtin 
Dillenbach Heiivicli 
Dillinbach John 
Dockstater Nicolaus 
Dum Conradt 
Dum Mclijert 

Dum Nicholas 
Dure John 
Duslar Jacob 
Dtisler William 
Dygert George 
Dygerl Henry 
Dygert Peter W. 
Dygert SelTrcnnes, Jr. 
Dygert Seravinis P. 
Dygert William 
Dygert William, Jr. 
Dygert William H. 
Eading Conrad 
Eadle George 
Eadle Hcndrick 
Eaker George, Jr. 
Eaply Philip 
Eckcr Abraham 
Eckcr Johannes 
Eckler Henrich 
Egenbrode John 
Egenbrode Pet'. r 
Ehcr Nicholas? 
Ehl William 
Ehll Michel 
Eigenbrade George 
p;kar George 
liker Nicholas 
EUwood Isaac 
Embie Phillip 
Emge Johannes 
Emge Johannes, Jr. 
Emge Phillip 
Emplic John 
Empie Adam 
Empie Andrew 
Empie Frederick 
Empie John 
Enipie John, Jr. 
Empie Philip 
Engush John 
Erichman Gottfried 
Erksen John 
Paling Jacob 
Ealing i'hilip 
Feanes Michael 
Feather William 
I'ehling Jacob 
Feling John 
Fert Jacob 
Fey George, Jr. 
I'illiiig John 
Finch Christian 
Finch Hanyost 
Finck .Andrew 
Fiiick Lhnstian 
Finck Hanyost 
Finck John 
F'iiirk William. Ji . 
Fitchcr Coenrad 

Flander Henry 
Flander Jacob 
Flander John 
Flander Tcnus 
Pen Stofiil 
Foneyca John 
Forbush Bartholomew- 
Fort Andres 
Fo.x Daniel 
Fo.x Joseph 
Fox Peter 
Fox William 
Foy George 
F'realiiig Jacob 
Frebach George 
Freihtag Johann 
Frelich Felte 
Frelich Francis 
Frelicli Jachiob 
Frelich Valentine 
Freytery J. G. 
Fritcher Henry 
Frelich Jacob 
Fry Jacob 
Furneay John 
Fykes George 
Fykes Philip 
Garlock Adorn 
Garrison John 
Gcrder Henrich 
Gerlack Georg 
Gerlag Adam 
Gerlag Philip 
Gerlock Christian 
Gerlock William G. 
Getman Ciiristian 
Getman George 
Getman Johannes 
Getman Peter 
Getman Thomas 
Geitman Frederick 
Gindcr Htiiry 
Glantz John 
Goroie Henray 
Graen John 
Graff Christian 
Gram John 
Grant John 
Gray Adam 
Gray Andrew- 
Gray John 
Gray Robert 
Gray Samuel 
Greay Adam 
Greay Amireis 
Greay John 
Greay Robert 
Greh Robert 
Grembs Hcndrick 
Grems John 

Grems Peter, Jr. 
Grey Andrew 
Gross Lawrence 
Guywitz F'rcdcrick 
Habner Andrew 
Haeinan Peter 
Hainor Hcndrick 
Hallenbolt .\ndrew 
Harkimer Abrani 
Hart Conradt 
Hart Daniel 
Hart John 
Hause Adam 
Hau>s George 
Hawerman Jacob 
Hayncy Henry 
Hcaber John 
Headeach Daniel 
Heer Casper 
Hees Johannes 
Heintz Andreas 
Hellebolt Andrew 
Hellebolt Dennis 
Hellebould Tunis 
Hellegas Conrad 
Hellegas Peter 
Kellmer Henri. h 
Hellmer John 
Heimer Adam 
Helmer Lenerd 
Helmerd Lenerd L. 
Ilelmore John 
Helwig John 
Heoman Peter 
Herkimer Abraham 
Herkimer Gerg 
Herkimer Nichol 
Herring Henry 
Hertiss Andreas 
Hess Christian 
Hess Daniel 
Htss Henry 
Hess John 
Heyney Frederick 
HiHls John 
Hoeman Peter 
Honshield George 
House Adam 
House Elias 
House Fredrick 
Hoi-.se Harman 
H-aiinagel Ciiristian 
Hutinachcr .•\dain 
Hyuey George 
Janc.1 Christian 
Johnston William 
Jordan Caspar 
Jordan George 
Juger Jacob 
Juger John 

The Mii,iTi.\ — Trvo.n Cuu.ntv, Second Kegimf.xt 


Jung Jacob, Jr. 
Jung Lutwig 
Kalley George 
Katoliiian Bcrtcl 
Kasselmau Johannes 
Ktaber John 
Kcarn John 
Kcassclinan John, Jr. 
Kcassehiian Peardle 
Kces Henrich 
Keiltz Peter 
Keller Anderis 
Keller Feli.x 
Keller Kasher 
Keller Piter 
Kelley Thomas 
Kelly George 
Kern Beadcs 
Kern John 
Kern Michael 
Kess'.er Conrath 
Kossler Joseph 
Kessler Melgcrt 
Keyser Barent 
Keyser Hanjost 
Keyser Henry 
Keyser Michael 
Kiles Conrath 
Kiley Henrich 
Kills Peter 
Kils Conrath 
Kils Peter 
Kilts Adam 
Kilts Conrath 
Kilts Nichelas 
Kilts Peter 
Kilts Peter N. 
Kilts Philils 
Kills Phillip 
Kun George 
King John 
Klock Adam 
Klock George G. 
Klock Hendrick 
Klock Hendrick J. 
Klock Henry, Sr. 
Klock Jacob H. 
Klock John 
Klock Joseph 
Klock Jost 
Knap William 
Koch Beadus 
Koch John 
KocIl Rudolf. Jr. 
Kock CasTiaiirus, Jr. 
Koock Rudolf 
Kranur John 
Kriiuse Lcnard 
Krnys Johannes 
Krtaias Hendrick 

Krcnibs Henry 
Kreiner Gotfrey 
Krtnis John 
Krtt/er Leonard 
Krint,' Johannes 
Kriiig John Louek 
Krouse Jost 
Kroust Jost 
Kuhl Philip 
Kurn Carl 
Kurne Charley 
Kyser Hanyost 
Kyser Jlendrick 
Kyser Michael 
Labdon Daniel 
Lambert Peter 
Lanipman Peter 
Lasher Garrit 
Lusher Gavoet 
Lasher John 
Laucks Adam 
Laucks Adam A. 
Laucks George 
Laucks Henry W. 
Laucks Jacob 
Laucks John 
Laucks Piter 
Laucks William 
Laux Conrad 
Laux Dictrick 
Laux Hendrick 
Laux Jacob 
Laux Peter 
Lavcr Conrath 
Lawer Conrath 
Leaning Jacob 
Leasher Garnet 
Leather Christian 
Leather John 
Ledder Christian 
Ledder John 
Lelly Toyn 
Lentz Jacob 
Lephard John 
Lepper Frederick 
Lepper Wiand 
Leschr Gcrred 
Lesher John 
Long Hendrick 
Loueks Henry 
Loucks William 
Loux Adam 
Loux Jacob 
Loux William 
I..utz George 
Lyke John. Sr. 
McArder Duncan 
Mc.\rdcr John 
MackiKid James 
March Stephen 

Mannus .\braliam 
Martin Alexander 
Martin Philip 
Mayer Dewalt 
Merckel Dewalt 
Merckel Peter 
Merkill Jacob 
Merkill Richard 
Meyer Dcobald 
Meyer Deowald 
Meyer Johannes 
Meyer John 
Meyer Theobald 
Miller Conrad 
Miller Garret 
Miller John 
Milier Philip 
Miller Samuel 
Murray Thomas 
Myer Jacob 

Nelle? Andreas 
Nelles Gorg 
NcUes Henry 
Nelles John 
Nelles Joseph 
Nelles Lodowick 
Nelles Peter 
Nelles Philibs 
Nelles William 
Nellis Joseph 
Nells George 
Neste! .\ndrew 
Nestel George 
Nestle Gottlel 
Nestel Gottlib 
Nestel Henry 
Nestel Martin 
Nestel Mearty. Jr. 
Newman Joseph 
Osterrotli Fricdrich 
Palspergcr John 
Peaker Adolt 
Peaker Philip 
Pellinger Joseph 
Peters Jo^epll 
Phenix Michael 
Philips James 
Pickard Conrad 
Pickard Jacobus 
Pickerd John 
Pickert Adolph 
Pitry Hauccst 
Plantz Johannis 
Flapper Christian 
Potman Arciu 
Price Jiilm 
rutmaii David 
Raisner Jacobus 
Rapspel I'rederick 

Rattenaur Jacob 
Read John 
Reader Hendrick 
Reniesnyder John 
Ricliard Jacob 
Richter Nicholas . 
Rickerd Bartholomew 
Rickerd Lodowick 
Rickert Jacobus 
Rickert Lodowick 
Rickert Ludwig 
Rikert John 
Ritzman Johannes 
Rob John 
Roller Andrew- 
Root Christian 
Ropp George 
R.osecrantz George 
Rosekrans Nicholas 
Ruff Michael 
R^st George 
Szlbag Hangrist 
Ssltman John 
Saitsman George 
Sriitsman Henry 
SciiatTer Henrich 
Schafifer John 
Schall Gcorg 
Sdhcbbcr Johannes 
Scihcffer Jacob 
Seihcit Peter 
Scihnel Adam, Jr. 
Sc'hnell Adam 
Sciriuidye John. Jr. 
Sc;iiuidys John 
3cinu!s Henrich 
SciJ'.uls Jacob 
Sch:ukheis Johannes 
Scl'HiItheiss Georg 
Sch ultz Hendrick 
Sch='_'ltz Jacob 
Scl.ialtz John 
Sch- ulz John 
Schupp Xicolaus 
So, kcr Philip 
So.^ r Jacob 
Set. L or Conrad 
See '>er John 
Scei.'jach Joh-innes 
ScrJ Jacob 
Shai'.cr John 
Sha;:rer Nicolaus 
Shai -. Peter 
.Shai:i Johan Yost 
Shav cr Bartholomew 
ShcrrVer Jacob 
Shie.'y Mantus 
Shiiii Jacob 
Shitie Peter 
Sh.T:tser Hemlrick 


Nlw York in Tiii; RiiNOLurioN 


Should George 
Shouldis Hcndrick 
Shoulds John 
Shultis Jacob 
Sliults Henry 
Sliultz John 
Shultz William 
Shutthers Georg 
Sietz George 
Sits George 
Sits licndrick 
Slutz Jhames 
Snieath James 
Sniit Paltcs 
Smith Baltus 
Smith Baltus 5. 
Smith Bolzar 
Smith George 
Smith Henry 
Smith James 
Smith Matthias 
Smith Nicholas 
Smith Nicholas, Jr. 
Smith Willi:.m 
Sneek George 
Snell Adam 
Snel! George 
Snell Hanickle 
Snell Hanyosc 
Snell Jacob 
Snell John 
Snell John, Jr. 
Snell John F, 
Snell John J. 
Snell John P. 
Snell Nicholas 
Snell Peter 
Snell Sefrmus 
Snell Thomas Jacob 
Spalsperger John 
Spankncbel Joh" 
Spracher Conreth 
Spracher George 
Spracher George, Jr. 
Spracher John 
Spreachcr Ccnrad 
Spreacher Georije 
Sprcaoher George, Jr. 
Spreacher John 
Spucher George 
Spuchcr Gcori;c, Jr. 
Spucher John 
Stall Rudolf 
Stam Jacob 
.Stamm George 
Stanim Lawrence 
Staring Adam 
Staring Jacob 
Steak George 

Steanclc Nicholas 
Stcnbey Jeremiah 
Stencil Nicholas 
Stencil William 
Stenfell George 
Strader Nicholas 
Straher John 
Straub William 
Streeder Nicholas 
Slreter Nick las 
Strul)el Christian 
Strubcl Christopher 
Suits Peter 
Suts Derick 
Suts John 
Suts Peter 
Suts Peter P. 
Sutt Peter 
Sutz Peter 
Sutz kichert 
Syphert Godfry 
Teed Samuel 
Temerman Jacob J. 
Temermen Jacob 
Tham Adam 
Thousler William 
Thum Conrath 
Thum Nicolas 
Tillenbach Heinderick 
Tilm Nicholas 
Timberman John 
Timerman Jacob T. 
Timmerman Adam 
Timmerman Christian 
Timmerman Conrath L. 
Timmerman Hendrick L. 
Timmerman Jacob L. 
Timmerman John 
Timmerman John G. 
Timmerman \\'illiam 
Tread Samuel 
Tucker George 
Tucktr Jacob 
Tucker Johannis 
Tyger George 
Tygcrt Peter S. 
Ullenforff Daniel 
Utt Francis 
Van Alstine Nicholas 
Van Alstyne Marten C. 
\'ander\verke John 
VanDerWerkc Thomas 
VanDcrWcrkcn William 
Van Etten Jacobus 
Van Lichel San-.uel 
Van Loon Joh.r. 
Van Slick .A.dam 
Van Slick Copes 
Van Slick Nicholas G. 

Van Slick Samuel 
Van Slick William 
Van Slyck John 
Van Slyck Nicholas 
Van Slyke Adam 
Van Slyke Jacobus 
Van Slyke Samuel 
Van Slyke William 
Vedder Arnout 
Voss Nicolas 
Wabe! Hcndrick 
Walel .'\dam 
Waiel George 
Wafel Henry 
Wafel John 
Wafc! William 
Waggoner George 
Waggoner Joseph 
Waggoner Jost 
Wagner Engelhard 
Walder Adam 
Walder George 
Wallrath Adam 
Wallrath Hannes 
Wallrath Hcnrich 
Wallrath Isaac 
Wallrath Nicholas 
Wallratt Jacob 
Walrad Adolph 
Walrad Gerhart 
Walrad Jacob 
Walrad John 
Walrad Peter 
Walrath Adolf 
Walrath Friterick 
Walrath Henrich 
Walrath Henry 
Walrath Jacob H. 
Walt Christian 
Waiter Adam 
Walter Christian 
Walter George 
Waltz Conrad 
Waltz George 
Walvel Johan Gcrg 
Warinooth Christian 
Warmooth William 
Warmouth Nathaniel 
Warmouth Peter 
Warmouth Peter J. 
Warmouth William 
Warniud John, Jr. 
Warmut Cliristean 
Warunvood Mathias 
Warmvvoo<I Peter 
Wasel Adam 
Wasel George 
Wasel Henry 
Wasel John 

Wasel William 

Wassel Henry 

\Vassel William 

Water George 

Weack Sefrnus 

Weak John 

Weaver Jacob 

Weaver Nickalas 

Weber Nicolass 

Weimer Andrew 

Werner Andrew 

Werner Charles .Mexander 

W^erncr Christian 

Werner Elexander 

Wessel George 

Wesscl George W. 

Wesser Nicholas 

Wester Jacob 

Vvezer Nicholas 

Vv'ick John 

W'ick Michael 

Williams Eliser 

Williamson Elizer 

Winckel John 

Windeckcr Nicholas 

Windeeker Jacob 

".Mndeker Frederick 

\\'inn John 

Woleben Nicholas 

Wolever Peter 

Wonner .\ndrew 

Wormud Mattis 

Wormwood John 

Wormwood William 

Wyics George 

IVyner John 

Vanney Christian 

Yoram Jacob 

Torna Jacob 

Voung -Adam 

Young .■\ndre\v 

Young Christian 

Young Gotfried 

Young Jacob 

Young Jacob. Jr. 

Young Lodowick 

Young Ludwick 

Young Nicholas 

Young Richard 

Yucher George 

Yuker George 

Yuker Jacob 

Vung Ludwick 

i'uran Jacob 

i?cssinger Nicholas 

Zimman Jacob L. 

Zimmerman Christian 

Zimmerman Conrad 

The Mimtia — Tkyox Countv, Ihikd Recimf.xt 


Tryon County Militia — Third Regiment 



Capt. Am.\unniel Degrauf 
John Fisher 
" Jellis Fonda 

Jacob Gaerde.vyer 


Harma.vus Mabie 

" David McMaster 

" Isaac Marselis 

" Gerrit Putxam 

" Samuel Rees 

" William Snook 

" Abraham Veeder 

" Andrew Wemple .--' 

" John Wemple -<' 

" Robert Yates 

Capt. Joseph Yeomans 

Lieut. A.mos Bennet 

Benjamin Deline 
" NicKLis Dockstetter 
" Christ Ernest 
" William Hall 
" William Lard 
" Gekritt Newkirk 
" Benjamin Oline 
" Josop Prixtup 
" Francis F. Pruyn 
" adrahaxn quaceneosii 
" Mc W. Quackenuush 
" Vincent Quackenbush 
Lorentz Schuler 
John Snook. 

Lielt. Is.Msii J. Swart 

" • Garitt S. Van Bracklen 

Thoh-^s Van Horn 
" Peter Van Olynde 
" Demck Van Veohten 
" Hesry H. Vroman 
" Peti2. Yates 
" Pf.tis. Y'ong 
Ensign Hemy Lewis 

GiD-IDN Marl.\tt 
" Recsilt Potman 
" Fr.\3;cies PoT-Man 
" CoNiAD Stone 

Gorg Stone 

Garkett G. Van Bracklen 

Petes; Vrom.an 

additional names ox state treasurer s pay books 

Lieut. David Be\ekly 

" Jacob Dixghardt 

" Charles Hudbs 

" James McMaster 

" Joseph Prentiss 

Lieut. Victor Putna.m 

" Myndert W. Quacken- 
" Francis Reyner 
" Jeremiah Swart 

Lieut. Wiujuvm Swart 


Ensign Tho.'has Harrison 
EpHtviM Pierce 
" TEU3aj3 Van Vaughn 


Acker John 

Aker Gorge 
Albrant Kendrick 
AIbra.nt Henry 
Algire John 
Alien William 
Anderson William 
Antus Coenrad 
Antus John 
Any Jacob 
Archer Ananias 
Baker Adam 
Barbat John 
Barely Isaas 
Barhydt Thunis 
Barkili Lowis 
Barnes Jacob 
Barnes John 
Baruhart Charh 
Barnhart Juhn 
Barns Aron 
Bayer John, Jr. 
Beaktir.cn Eih.emcal 
Beddie Ecuijaii 
Eeil John 

Bell Matthew 
Bellinger Christian 
Bellinger Philip 
Berkley Isaes 
Berlctt John 
Berrey Nicholas 
Berry William 
Beverly David 
Beverly Thomas 
Billings James 
Bodm John 
Bogards Henry 
Bogert Henry 
Booldman John 
Boshart John 
Bove Nicholas 
Bowman John 
Breera John 
Brewster John 
Brotl'.crs John 
Bun Jacob 
Bim John 
Eurcli Jeremiah 
Butkr Thomas 
Cachcv Andrew 

Cady Nathalen 
Cagal John 
Caimon Andrew 
Caine John 
Caine Peter 
Caine Thomas 
Calyar Isaac 
Campbell John 
Campbell Nathaniel 
Campel Samul 
Cane Sanniel 
Cannan Andrew 
Canner John 
Carey William 
Carridl John 
Cas Peter 
Catman William 
Chrassc Francis 
Chrisse Simon 
Clark William 
Clcmant John 
Clement Lambert 
Cline Ad:;tii 
Cloes Reuben 
Cobon William 

Cochsan Andrew 
Cock Fetter 
CogiKr Jacob 
CohfEut Jacob 
Coltii William 
Colj-sr Jacob 
Colyer John 
CoiyfT Willim 
Com.tTe James 
ConDiliy Hugh 
Conrtfr James 
Coniadt Joseph 
Con;>-ie John 
Corssiirt David 
CossBixt Tracis 
Cosscte James 
Cougiivenhover Isaac 
Coucfirvenhover John 
Couraud Nicholcs 
Cov;3^i'iove Abraliam 
Covciiioven Isaac . 
Covcii:ovcn Peter 
CowTiJvan Jacob 
Cracksnberch Adam 
Craciinberch George 


New York i\ the Revolution 

CraniicU Thomas 
Crans Henry 
Croll John 
Cromert Aaron 
Crnnklutc Abraham 
Crook Cliristopher Fern 
CrossL-tt Bcnjmin 
Crossett John 
Crowley Jeremiah 
Crunimel Herman 
Dachsteter John F. 
Daclistetter Frederick F. 
Dachstetter Marki'.s 
Uahne Benjamin 
DaUinithis James 
Danne! John M. 
Darrow John 
Dasinham John 
Daukstetor Fredrick H. 
Davis Isaac 
Davis James, Jr. 
Davis John 
Davis Thom.as 
De Eifix Max 
Dehne Benjamin 
Deline Isick 
DcHne Ryer 
Diefendorff Jacob 
Dihne Willim 
Dingman Gerrit 
Dingman Jacob 
Dingman Peter 
Dingman Samuel 
Divis Abraham 
Dockstader Georere A. 
Dockstader John H. 
Dockstater Henry H. 
Dockstator George 
Docksteder Adam 
Docksteder Haniskel 
Docksteder Nicholas H. 
Docksteter Leonhart 
Dockstetter Henrich 
DocksLetter Nicolas ^^ 
Dopber Robert 
Doranberagh John 
Doren Alickjander 
Dorn David 
Dorn John 
Doron Jacob 
Dorp Mattias 
Douckstctcr John 
Donghstcdar Jacob 
Doyle Stephen 
Dvun Richard 
Dur.ham Ebone/.er 
Dimham John 
Dunn James 
D\nir\ J(>hn 
Eargcsengar John 

Earnest Jacob 
Eaten Ele:ar 
Eaton Ephraim 
Eel Nichel 
Eliot Andrew 
Eliot Jacob 
Elliot Joseph 
Ellis John 
Eman Jacob 
Ener Peter 
Kney John 
England Benjamin 
Eny George 
Eny Godi'ret 
Ernest Jacob 
Eten Efrim 
Eten Elezer 
Eten James 
Eten Tomes 
Eversay Adam 
Eversen John, Jr. 
Fargtiscn WiUim 
Fars Christian 
Ferrel Charles 
Fie George. Jr. 
Files John 
Fine Andrew 
Fine Frances 
F'ishar Harmanis 
Fishback Jlenry 
Fisher John 
Fithpatrick Peter 
Fonda Adam 
Fonda John 
Forgason Daniel 
Forrest Ma.tthew 
Fowler James 
Frakk Henry 
Frank Adam 
Frank .Albart 
Frank .'\ndrew 
Frank Henry 
Frederick Francis 
Frederick Peter 
Frcdreck Jacob 
Fredrick Phillip 
F'rench Ebenezer 
French Josuf 
F'renk Henry 
Fuller .Vbraham 
Fuller Isaac 
Fuller Michel 
Gallenger Henry 
Gardcnar W'llUam 
Gardener Martin 
Gardenir Abraham 
Gardinier Martyn J. 
Gardinier Matthew 
Gardinier Nicholas 
Gardinier Xichoias T. 

Garsling Peter 
Gtrdanell John 
Gibson William 
Giles John 
Goihnet John 
Grace Ov.aii M. 
Graft Jacob 
Grass Phillith 
Hagal John 
Hagal Magal 
Hains Jcjhn 
Hall Jacob 
Hall John 
Hall Peter 
Hall William 
Han Jacob 
Han Peter 
Hanna James 
Hanna William 
Hansen Ficktor 
Hansen Nicholas 
Hanson John 
Hanson Richard 
Hare James 
Harpper Archiball 
Harrison Harmanis 
Harrison Peter 
Harrison Tcmis 
Kavinser Tore 
Helmer John 
Henn Marks 
Herring John. Sr. 
Kird Leonard 
Hoch Georg 
Hodges Abraham 
Hoff Richard 
Hoff Richard. Jr. 
Hogoboom Christion 
Hogoboom John 
Hogoboom Peter 
Holdenbergli .Abraham 
Horn Jams 
Horn Mattis 
House Jacob 
Hubbs Alexander 
Hubbs Charles 
Hulsbarker .\ddem 
Hunt Timothy 
Jlutchson Edward 
In.xalc Joseph 
Johiibon .-Vndrew 
Johnson John 
Johnson Robert 
Johnson Ruiiph 
Johnston Witter 
Jones James 
Jones Harmanus 
Jones Richard 
Juman David 
Jurry John 

Kartright Hanry 
Keech James 
Keech Jorge 
Keclman Jacob 
Keith Jacob 
Kell Nicolas 
Keller Jacob 
Kelly Peter 
Kenneday Robert 
Kennedy James 
Ketcham Ephraim- — 
Kiley Henry 
Kitts John 
Kitts John, Jr. 
Kline John 
Kline Martin 
Lacess Samul 
Lane Daniel 
Lane Jacob 
Lannen Rechert 
Lapper John 
Lawis David 
Leets David 
Lenardson James 
Lenardson John 
Lenardson Timothy 
Lonnes William 
Lever John 
Lev.'is .•\dam 
Lewis David. Jr. 
Lewis Frederick 
Leuis John 
Lewis Wiliiam 
Leyd Richard 
Leypert Jacob 
Liddel John 
lincompetter Mighael 
■Link John 
Liiio.x John 
iLoyde Daniel 
Jlabee Peter 
3Ic.\rthur Daniel 
j>IcArthur Donald 
Mc.\rthur Duncan 
ItcCallum John 
JlcChimpha Thomas 
XcCcllam Findlay 
-<fcCredy William 
!^!cDonald James 
XcDonald Nicholas 
-.CcGrav.- Christopher 
KcGraw Danel 
JfcGraw Dennis 
.VVGruw John 
?JcGraw William 
McKenney Dainr.el 
McMasier Hugh 
McMaster James 
Mc.Ma.ster Robert 
XIcMaster Thomas 

The Militia — Tryon Couxtv, Tiitkd R!£gimext 


McNaughton Pctar 
McRadey William 
McTagKcrt James 
Mambt W'illcm 
Manness Hugh M. 
Marlat Michael 
Marlatt Abraham 
Marlatt Gideon 
Marlatt John 
Marlatt Thomas 
Martin John \V. 
Martin Peter M. 
Martin Philip 
Mashel John 
Mason Jacob 
Mason John 
Mayer Jacob 
Mayer Jacob, Jr. 
Mears Thomas 
Melone John 
Mets Henry 
Meurinus William 
Miller Adam 
Miller Fredrick 
Miller Gorge 
Miller James 
Miller Jillis 
Miller Johan 
Milloy Alexander 
Montek Willam 

Montgomry Peter 

Moon Jacob 
More Conrad 

More John 

Mount Joseph 

Mount Samuel 

Mower Barraiit 

Mower George 

Mower Henry 

Murdorph Gorge 

Murray David 

Musner John 

Myers George 

Myers Peter 

Nave John 

Ne/ley John 

Newkerk Garrit C. 

Newkirk Abraham 

Ncwkkerk Garret 

Nukerck Jacob 

Ogden Daniel, Sr. 

Ogden David 

Panter Ulricli 

Pater Francis 

Patteson Adam 

Percy Epliraini 

Peters Joseph 

Peters Joseph, Jr. 

Pcttenge'l John 

Petiingtll Henry 

Pcttmgell Jacob 
Pettingell Joseph 
Pottingell Samuel 
Pettingell William 
Pliilcps Abraham 
Philes Henry 
Philips Henry 
Philips Philhp 
Philipse James 
Phihpse Vclkcrt 
Phillips Jacob 
Phillips John 
Phillips Lewis 
Phillips William 
Phillipsa Harmanis 
Phillipsa John 
Pickes John 
Plank Adam 
Plank John 
Polmanter Thomas 
Polmateer John 
Polmateer Willem 
Potman Aaren 
Potman Adam 
Potman George 
Potmon Hendrik 
Prentes Daniel 
Prett John 
Prime David 
Prime Henry 
Prime Petter 
Prine Luis 
Prir.tup William 
Pruime John 
Pruyn John 
Pruyne Henry 
Putinan Cornelys, Jr. 
Putman David 
Putman Factor 
Putman Fredrick 
Putman Hanry 
Putman Jacobus 
Putman John 
Putman Lewis 
Putman Lodiwik 
Putman Victor 
Putman William 
Pyruno Daniel 
Quack John 
Quack Petar 
Quack Willem 
Quackenbush Abraham, 

Quackenbush David 
Quackenbush l.-ar-c 
Quackenbuss John G. 
Quackinboss Nicholas 
Redy Cliarles 
Reed Conrad 
Renins Snmul 

Richardson Jonathan 
Riker Henry 
Rinyens Samuel 
Roberson Robert 
Robeson George 
Robison Joseph 
Roelofson Abraham 
Rogers John 
Rogers Sanuil 
Roges Samu-jl 
Rombough Aiismus 
Romcyn Theodorus F. 
Romien Abraham 
Romien Nicholas 
Runyans John 
Runyens Henry 
Rury Henry 
Rury William 
Ruse Tacob 
Salsbury John 
Sammons Frederick 
Sammons Thomas 
Sammore Fred.;rick 
Saron Philip 
Sarvis Frederick 
Sarvis Richort 
Scarbury William 
Schaffer John 
Schoonmaker Thomas 
Schot Josepii 
Sch.rainbling Dewaid 
Schramling Ilcnry 
Schuler Lorentz 

Schuts Joseph 

Scoot Joseph 

Scott James 

Scott Joseph 

Semple Hugh 

Semple Sanr.iel 

Serves Christian 

Servies Philip 

Ser\iss George 

Servos Christian 

Servos John 

Shaddack Tomis 

Shaddock Jams 

Shaffer James 

Sharpenstine Jacob 

Shasha Abraham 

Shasha Willian"; 

Shehaiii Butler 

Shelp Fredrick 

Shew Godfrey 

Shew Henry 

Shew Jacob 

Shew John 

Shev.- Stephen 

Shilip Christian 

Shilp I'Vederick 

Shinner Tomes 

Ship George F. 
Shoemaker Rudolph 
Shoemaker Thomas 
Shoemaker Tomis 
Sillebach Christayanc 
Sillibig John 
Sillibogh Hincrist 
Simpson Henry 
Simpson Nicholas 
Sixbarry Adam 
Sixbary Cornelus 
Sixberry Bangnen 
Sixberrv Cornelius, Jr. 
Skinner John 
Slack Martinis 
Smith Harmanus 
Snook Henry 
Snyder Adam 
Southwoth Willam 
Spencer Aaron 
Spencer Jonathan 
Spencer Nathan 
Spoor Nicolas 
Spore John 
Stabits Micheal 
Stale Gorg 
Staley Henry 
Stall Joseph 
Stalye Roulof 
Starin Frederick 
Starin John 
Staring Joseph 
Starn Adam 
Starn Philp 
Stephens Amasa 
Sterman Christiana 
Stern Neckliss 
Sternberg Christian 

Sternbergh Jacob 

Sternbergh Joseph 

Stine William 

Storme Jacob 

Strail John 

Stuart William 

Stung Peter 

Swart Benjamin 

Swart John 

Swart Tunes 

Swart Walter 

Sylmur Marsster 

Tanner Jacob 

Terwilhger Hernianus 

Terwilliger James 

Thelm John 

Thompson James 

Timincrman Christian 

Tims Michael 

Tontill Joseph 

Tyms Michael 

Ulman Burnt 


New York i.\ Tiiii; Revolution' 

Uh:ian Johancs 
Uliiian Leonard 
Vadilcr Isack 
Vaglitc John 
Van Allen Jacob 
V'.-iti alstciie Jacob 
Van Alstiii Gilbert 
Van Abtine Abraham 
Van Alstine Cornelius 
Vanal''*'nt Isaac 
\'a' jtine John 
Van antwerpen John, Sr. 
Van Antwerpcn John, Jr. 
Van Bracklen Alexander 
Van BrackUn Garret G. 
Vanbrakel Malkert 
Van Bralan Gisbcrt 
Van Darwark Willim 
Vandelinder Benjamin 
Vanderwerken Albert 
Van Derwerkin Gasper 
Van Deusen Harperl 
Vandeuson Abraham 
Van Dewarck Thomis 
Van Dewerkin John 

Van Duzen Gilbert 
Van Duzen Matliu 
Van Eps John 
Van Gcyscling Peter 
Van Horn Cornelius 
Van Horn flenry 
Vanhorn John 
Van Huscn Albert 
X'anolinde Benjamin 
\'an Olinden Benjanim 
Vanolynde Jacob 
Van Sice Cornelius 
Vansickler Ryneer 
Vanslick Nechless 
\'an V'orst Jelles 
Van \Vur5t Jelles 
Vedder Albert 
Veeder Abraham 
Veeder John J. 
Veeder Cornelius — 
Veeder John 
\'en Husen Albert 
Venolinde Bcnjam 
Vincer William 

Woman Henry H. 
Vroinan Simon 
Vrooman Henry B. 
Vrooman Isaac 
Vrooman John J. 
Vroonian Peter 
Walrath Adolphus 
Wampal Cornelius 
Wampel Handrick 
Wample John 
Wamplc William 
Wart Andrew 
Wart Matiie 
Wcart John 
Weaver Nicholas 
Weener Peter 
Weks Sammul 
Weniple Earent 
Wemple John T. 
Weniple Myndert 
Weser Nicholas 
Wile Christian 
Wiley Nicholas 
Williams Daniel 

Willson Aliner 
WiUson John 
Wilson Abner 
Wilson A.ndrew 
Wilson Samuel 
Wiser John 
Witbeke Lconord 
Wheeler Isaac 
Whiler Henry 
White Edward 
Wood William 
Woodcock Abraham 
Woodcock John 
Woodcock Peter 
Woodworth Selah 
Wright David 
Yanney Christian 
Yanney Henry 
Yoran Jacob 
Yost Peter 
Young George 
Young Lodowick 
Young William 


Tryon County Militia — Fourth Regiment 


Capt. Hans }iIark Demuth 
Frederick Frank 
" Frederick Gettman 
" Henrig Herder 


" Michael Ittig 
" Jacob Small 

Capt. Henrich Starring 
Lieut. Patrick Ca.mpbell 
Hannes Demutu 
Ti.MOTHV Frank 
" George Helmer 
" Jacob Myer 
" John Smith 

Lieut. Gorg A. We;ies 
Peter Webi.r 

Ensign Hannes Bellinger 
" John !)I.\yer 
" Jacob PtTRy 
" Adam A. Starring 

Ahrcndorff Frieterich 
Alireiidorff Piter 
Ahrentartif Peter 
Ahrentorfl Gorg 
Armstrong Archiljald 
Armstrong John 
Badcock John 
Ballliaser Breih 
Bany Ichabod 
Bauman Adam 
Caunian Frederick 
Hauman Georg A. 
Bauman Jacob 
jiauman Johannes 
Baun;an Nicolas 
IJaurian Stophcl 
Heckcr Henrich 
BelTer Jacob 
Cell G. Henry 
Be.l J.-cob 

Bell Nicolaus 
Bell Thomas 
Bellinger Frederick 
Bellinger John 
Bellinger Peter 
Bellinger Peter B. 
Bellinger Peter P. 
Bellinger Stoffei 
Beiidel Catreii 
Bender Jacob 
Benrich Fians 
Bercki Jacob 
Berckie Peter 
Berdrick Frantz 
Birsli Lutwig 
Bersh Rudolph 
Bes'iar Jacob 
Betrcr Jacob 
Bonny Ichabod 
Bouinan .\d.uii 


Bouman Frederick 
Bouman Nicholas 
Breidenbucher Balthass 
Breidcnbue Baldes 
Brothack Jacob 
Brothak Bartholoniay 
Brothock John 
Biircky Peter, Sr. 
Bniti Jacob 
Byrky Jacob 
Byvky Peter 
(rarnpbel! John 
Campbell L.iulwig 
Camples I'atrick 
Caslor Comad 
Casler Jacc^b, Jr. 
Casler Jacob H. 
Casler Jai-ob J. 
Casler J ■..hi; 
Casler J^lia T. 

Casler Nicholas 
Casitrr Peter 
Caslor Malger 
Cliitiez John 
Chokr. Them a; 
Chri:<:-!:;an Frederick 
ChrLst:;!an Fritr'ch 
Christr:aii Jacob 
Christman John 
Christir.an N-colaus 
Clapsiatel Andrew 
Clapsattlo William 
Clements Jacob 
Clements Philip 
Clenicum John 
Cline U'illiam 
Coclien Thci.ias 
Coken Donit; 
Colsli John. Sr. 
Colsh jol'.n. Jr. 

The AliLi n; 

Tkyon County, Fourth REoi.MicxT 


ConiicglK-iM Willem 
Curiol George 
Cox I'aiiet 
C'K Fesscr 
Cram Jacob 
Craiitz Hanry 
Crcinin Jacob 
Cristman Jacob 
Cunicuni Wilieni 
CunnLngliain John 
Dabusli Jacob 
Uachiteter Georg 
Dachstetcr John 
Dachstetcr Piter 

Davis George 
L'avis John 
Davis Peter 
Davvie John 
Daygert William A. 
Dcisellman Chrisdian 
Demote Marx 
Demuth Diterich 
Dcmuth John 
Demuth Marx 
Dinges Hannes 
Dinus Jacob 
Doni Melger 
Dunuss Jacob 
Edie Frederick 
Kiseman Stephen 
Etig Gorge 
Etigle Morse 
Ejseman Johannes 
Eysenian Stelfc 
Fetlis Jacob 
Finster John 
F'lack Fitter 
Flock Peter 
FoUick Thomas 
Folmcr Christian 
Folmer Conrad 
Folmer Thomas 
Folmcr WiUiim 
F"ols Conrath C. 
Fo!s Georg 
Fols Jacob 
Fols Melger 
Fols Peter 
Folts Conrad 
F\)lts Jost 
F'oltz John Jost 
F'ox Fricdench 
Fox John 
Frank Henry 
Frank John 
Frencli Henrich 
Fux Har.nes 
Getnian Conrad 
Gclr.-.an Fitdcrick 

Getttnan Frcderik, Jr. 
Gettman Petter 
Gortncr Peter 
Harlam Adam 
Hartch Adam 
Hartman Adam 
Hatz Peter 
Hayer Georg 
Hebrissen Martin 
Heller John 
Helmcr Frederick 
Helmer Frederick A. 
Helmer Philip 
Hendert John 
FItrchmer Jost 
Herckmer Abraham 
Herkemsr John 
Herkimer George 
Herkimer Nicholas 
Herder John 
Herder Lorens 
Herder Niklas 
Herter Frederick, Jr. 
Herter Lawrence 
Herter Lorens 
Herter Lorens F. 
Herter Lorens N. 
Herter Lorens P. 
Herter Nicolas 
Herter Nicolas F. 
Herter Philip 
Herter Phdip F. 
Hes Conrat 
Hesler .Morten 
Hess Augu.->tinus 
Hess Christian 
Hess Conrad 
Hess Fridrik 
Hess George 
Hess John 
Heycr George 
Heyer Geoige Frederick 
Heyer Peter 
Hils Georg 
Hils Hanncs 
Hilt George N 
Hilts John 
Hiltz Georg 
Hiltz George, Jr. 
Hiltz George G. 
Hiltz George N. 
Hiltz Gotfrul 
fliltz Hanncs 
Hiltz Laurence 
Hiltz Nic...las 
Hochstrasscr Christian 
HolTstader Christian 
Hoyer George 
Hoyer Gorg Friederich 
Hoycr Peter 

Huber John 
Hyscr Martin 
I tig Georg 
Itig Marck 
Ittig Christian 
Ittig Conrath 
Ittig Frit terich 
Ittig Jacob 
Ittig Jacob J. 
Karle George 
Kasl Frederick 
Keller N'colaiis 
Kelsch John, Sr. 
Kelsch John, Jr. 
Kesler Hannes 
Kesler Nicholas 
Kesslar Conrat 
Kesblar Jacob John 
Kesslar John 
Kessler Jacob 
Kessler Jacob J. 
Kessler John P. 
Kessler Johney 
Kessler Joseph 
Kessier Melger 
Kiltz Georg 
Kiltz Laurants 
Koch Jost 
Krans Michel 
Krantz Henrich 
Kreim Jacub 
Kuran Michael 
Kyler Nichlas 

Leithal Abraham 
Lentz Jacob 
Lcntz John 
Lentz John, Jr. 
Lentz Peter 
Lighthal Nicholas 
Lighthall George 
Litliall Abraliaiu 
Macnod Jeams 
INIcNutt James 
Manderback John 
Alauyer Nicklas 
Mayel Matthias 
Mayer Frederick 
Mayer Henry 
Mayer John 
Mayer Joseph 
Mayer Mates 
flayer Michel 
Mayer Nicolas 
Mayer Piter 
.Miller John 
Miller Fette 
Miller Henrich 
.Miller Johannis 
Miller John, Sr. 

Mdlcr John, Jr. 

iililler Nicolaus 

Miller Valentine 

Miilor Hanry 

ilolter Jacob 

I^Iolter Peter 

Moyer Frederick 

Jtoycr Hanry 

iloyer Joseph 

Moyer Margeris 

Moyer Peter 

Muller John 

Multer Jacob 

Multer Piter 

Munterba Hannes 

Myer Josaph 

Myer Michel 

Myndnbach Johannes 

Nahs James 

Kesch Schims 

Newkerk Benjamin 

Ogt Georg 

CHirendorph Frederick, Sr. 

Clirendorph F'rederick, Jr. 

Ohrendorph George 

Ohrendorph Peter 

Csiterhout John 

Oiteroth Johannes 

Cteterttout John 

Ptdery Marx 

Pddri Ditrich 

Pilfer Jacob 

Bsansie John 

Pftrcy John Marx 

Pitn Daniel 

R;ri Jacob 

Pitri Johannes 

Pe:ri Joseph 

P.ffirie 2^Iarx 

Psry Diterich 

Pifiry John 

Ptiry John M. 

Ptlry Jost 

Plyier Andrew 

Pb ;'er Jacob 

P^»er .\n:oore 

Pber Jost 

R;»joid Georg 

Raibach John 

RCiC! Godiray 

Reiiah George 

Ric:el Christian 

Riuaa Georg 

Rie:ia John 

Riciia John, Sr. 

Riga! F-rederick 

Riiia Joliannis, Jr. 

Rina John, Sr. 

Riuer Hannes 

Rvsekrantz Nicolaus 


Nr.w York ix tiii- Rr.voLL'Tiox 

Ryan John 
Sclicll Christian ' 
Scliell Johannes 
Schenck Goorg 
Sthitll Gi;org 
Schmid Frierlrich 
Schr.iit Adam 
Schniit Frederick 
Scliniit George 
Schniit John 
Schmit Jost 
Schniit Peter 
Schumacher John 
Schumacher Stoffel 
Schut V/ilieiii 
Seimer Isack 
Shall Fredrick 
Shell John 

Shoemaker Christoplier 
Shoemaker Frederick 
Shoemaker Hanjost 
Shoemaker John 
Shoemaker Jost 
Shoemaker Thomas 

Shutc P'rcdcrirk 
Shute William 
Simer Gesoni 
Smith John 
Smith Nicholas 
Sniitli William 
Sneck George 
Spon Nicklas 
Spoon Werner 
Stahring Attani, Sr. 
Stahring George 
Stale Gorge 
Staring Adam 
Staring Adam J. 
Staring Coiirat 
Staring Hi;nrich 
Staring Margred 
Staring Nicklas 
Staring Peter 
Starring Nicholas, Sr. 
Starring Nicholas N. 
State George 
Steal Ditrick 
Steale Adam 

Stehl Dittcrich 
Stering Adam 
Straiibcl Stoffel 
Strobel Christoph 
Tinis Jacob 
Titiis John 
Usner Peter Gorg 
Van Slyck Jacobus 
Weaver George 
Weaver Nicholas. Jr. 
Weaver Nicholas H. 
Web Nicolas G. 
Weber Frederick 
Weber Frederick, Jr. 
Weber Frederick G. 
Weber George 
Weber George, Jr. 
Weber George F. 
Weber George M. 
Weber Jacob 
Weber Jacob. Sr. 
Weber Jacob G. 
Weber Jacob J. 
Weber Jacob N. 

Weber Johannes 

Weber Michel 

Weber Nicolas 

Weber Nicolas G. 

Weber Nicholas H. 

Weber Peter 

Wederstine Henry 

Wents George 

Widerstein Henry 

Widrig Jacob 
Widng Michael 
Witerig Georg 
Witrig Conrat 
Witterstein Henrich 
Wohleben Abraham 
Wohleher Abraham 
Wohleber Jacob 
Wohleher Fitter 
Woleben Jacob 
Wolff Johannes 
WoUeben Peter 
Wollerver Abraham 
Won Niclas 

Tryon County Militia — Fifth Regiment 

(No enlisted men found) 

Tryon County Militia 

Battalion of Minute Ken 

Caft. Francis Utt 
LiKUT. Adam Lite 

Ayle Christian 
Ayle Peter 
Ayles William 
Bellinger William 
Bohall Adam 
Bydanian Simon 
Count reyinau Couni'adt 
Countreymaii John 
Cramer John 
Crov.s George 
Dedrick Da\ id 
Duncle Nicholas 
Duncle Peter 
Dunkle Gerrit 
Endlcr Michal 

Lieut. Jacob ^L^tthias 

Es'siGK William Suber 

Felling Henry John 
Felling Henry Nicliolis 
Felling Peter 
Flock John 
Harld Henrey 
Hickey George 
Jones WiUi.iin 
Jordan .\dani 
Jordan Casper 
Jordan George 
Jordan John 
Keller .-Xndrew 
Keriack .\dam 
Kerlack George 
Kesler Thomas 

Kcssler John 
Korey Benjamin 
Lapp Daniel 
Lipe John 
Miller Deonyccons 
Netherly Jrjhn 
Netheriy John. Jr. 
Othermark John B. 
Plat.s George 
Schall Hendrick 
Schall John 
SchaU Matthyas 
Scrembling Henry 
Screniling David 
Seebcr Jacob 

Stanscl Nicholas 
StefFan John 
Trua.K John 
L'lshaver Bastian 
Wahadt George 
Walradl William 
Westerman Peter 
'A'.iile Henry 
'.Viiile Voust Henry 
Woulkernioiith John 
Woartnutli John 
Woiirmuth Peter 
Young Jacob 
Young John 
Young Peter 


v.^- •'n 





The Militia — Tryox County, Associated Exemtts 


Tryon County Militia — Associated Exempts 

Capt. Jellis Fonda 

Lieut. Zetheniah Batciieller 

Lieut. Abrauai! G.\rrason 
E.NbiUN Samso.n Sam.mon 



Algyre John 
Allin Thomas 
Alt Johannis 
Anderion Duncan 
Anslcy Samuel 
Antes Jacob 
BaririMre William 
Barry Guilbert R. 
Ba»han Jacob 
Benson Jonathan 
Bickle John 
Boshart Jacob 
Boss Ileinrich 
Bridelburgh Baltus 
Brook Robert 
Cameron Angus 
Cochnet Jacob 
Collins Richard 
Conner Edward 
Cratchenljcrger Conrate 
Creesy John 
Cromt! Jacobes 
Croriinel James 
Crossctt Benjamin 
Crossett James 
Crctcl.inbrge Conrad 
Crowljy Jeremiah 
Dachstetlcr Marx 
Dathstett°r Nicolaus 
Dochstader Frederick 
Dockstadcr John H. 
Dop David 
Dunn Richard 
Ecker John 
Ensign Lawrance 
Eversas Adam • 
Everson Adam 
Everson John 
Fey Jacob 
Finck Mattgred 


Fonda Adam 
Fonda John 
Frederick I'.arent 
Frichert Henry 
Froman Henry 
Fyes George 
Fyles George 
Graft Jacob 
Hall John 
Hall William 
Hanson Barent 
Hanson Richard 
Hardle Johannes 
Herring John 
Hover Johannes 
Hower Xicliolas 
Johnson Androw 
Kelder Henry 
Kelder John 
Kilts Johannes 
Kinkead Crownidge 
Kitts Jacob 
Kiose Moses 
Ladde Joh.-.nnes 
Lenardson Timothy 
McCollum John 
McDonald John 
McDonnc! John 
McGlasheii Robert 
McGrigor Duncan 
Mclntire John 
McKenny John 
McKerqiie Duncan 
McKinney John 
McManus Hugh 
AlcMarlingcr Duncan 
McMarten Duncan 
McVain Daniel 
Mariatt Mark 
Marseles John 


Mason Jeremiah 
Miciiard Henry 
Mickle John 
Miller Phihp 
Momtrute Steven 
Morgan John 
Morgcr John 
Myers Michael 
Nancs Joseph 
Nest Johannes 
Ferine Daniel 
Ferine David 
Phile George 
Philips Abraham 
Philips William 
Plants John 
Platto James 
Poter France 
Putinan Cornelius 
Quackenbush David 
Remise John 
Reyer John 
Rickle John 
Rightmyer Johannes 
Roase James 
"'obertson John 
Rupert Adam 
Ruport D. 
Rykert Hendrick 
Ryer Henry 
Sammons Jacob 
Schicb Georg Friderick 
Schwob Michel 
Secber Henry 
Shanck George 
Shaver Nicholas 
Sheep Georg Friderick 
Shew George 
Shew Steven 
Shewniaker Hanjost 

Shoeman William 
Sixberry Cornelius 
Smith Arent 
Smith Conradt 
Smith Cornelius 
Smith Daniel 
Smith John 
Snell Robert 
Staly Jacob 
Staring John 
SteaJy Jacob 
Stoner Nicholas 
TerwiUegen Harmanis 
Vactor John 

Van Alstine Cornelius A. 
Van Alstyne C. V. 
Van Antwerp Jolm 
Van Bracklen Gysberc 
Van Bracklen Xicho'as 
Vanderwerke Johannis 
Vanderwerkin Albert 
Vandesen Melgort 
Van Deusen Jacobus 
Van Deusen Mattiiew 
VanDewarkin Clasi 
Van Dewcrkcn J-icob 
VanDewerker Henry 
Yan Eps Charles 
Tan Eps Evert 
Vjii Zelen Jolin 
\'orhis John 
VXailace William 
Wiillrad Johannes 
Walters John 
Well John 
Vycniplc Barent 
W'eiuple Hendrick 
Whitekar Thomas 
"WUson John 


New York ix run: Ri.volution 

Tryon County Militia — Rangers 

Capt. John Wins 

Adamy Peter 
Andrews Lewis 
Anthony John 
Atkins William 
Bellinger Adam 
Bratt James 
Bush George 
Bush William 
Christman Nicholas 
Cogdon John 
Countryman Johannes 
Dingman John 
Embody Henry 
Franck Adam 
Freeman Joseph 
Fritsher Conradt 
Gueenall James 
Hamilton James 

Lieut. Lawrence Gross 

Lieut. Peter Schremli.vg 

Hayes Thomas 
Heath Josiah 
Helle^ass Peter 
Helmer Godfried 
Hornung Burent 
House Elias 
House George 
House Johanjost 
House John 
Jackson Joseph 
Johnston Richard 
Kaach John 
Kennedy Sannicl 
Kesslacr Johannes 
Kook Wiliiam 
Krcmer Johanjost 
Kronckhitc Abraham 


Lampiord Peter, Sr. 
Lampford Peter, Jr. 
Leathers Ezekiel 
Lcpper Fredrick 
Lievvry Jacob 
Llump Thomas 
McCollum John 
McDonnald John 
Mackly Felix 
Maybee John 
Ncllis Christian 
Nellis William 
Ogdcn Daniel 
Pickerd John 
Price Adam 
Reebsamen Francis 
Reebsumen Johanne^ 

Reader Jacob 
Roorey William 
Scotten Josiah 
Seger Fredrick 
Shillip Christian 
Snyder Gonlicb 
Snyder Johannes 
Stensell Nicholas 
Stensell William 
Stevens Samuel 
Styne Conradt 
Timmcrman Jacob 
Van Der Warke Ger-.noni 
Vander Warke James 
VanSlyck George 
Weaver Jacob 
Young Richard 

Capt. Christian Getuan 

Tryon County Militia — Rangers 

Lieut. James Billi.vgton Lieut. Jacob Sammans 

Agin Joshua 
Billcr Michel 
Box John 
Brame John 
Canton John 
Coplin Samuel 
Coppernol Adam 
Coppernol Richard 
Cratzer Leonhart 
Crum John 
Dop John 
Earl William 
Empie Jacob 
Fishbock Jacob 
Flander Hendrick 
Flune John 

Fralick Felter 
Freman Richard 
Fry Jacob 
Fuller Isaac 
Fuller Michel 
Getnian Thomas 
Hails John 
Hart Conrad 
Hart Daniel 
Hawk George 
Hodges Abraham 
Hoyney Fredrick 
Hoyney George 
Hulser John 
Jeime Christian 
Karin William 


Kind William 
Kring Ludwick 
Kufe Tohancs 
Leather Christian 
Lea.ther Johanes 
Lou.x George 
Miller Johanes 
Mills Cornelius 
Phillips Philip 
Rickard Jacob 
Saltsman George 
Saltsnian George, Jr. 
Shaier Hendrick 
Shuell John 
ShucU Peter 
Smith Bolzer 

Smith John 
Sponkrable Johanes 
Storing Jacob 
Stiider Nicholas 
Siais Johanes 
Tusler Jacob 
Vasanwarp John 
Vaadc-rworkin Hendrick 
Vanderworkin John 
VaT;derworkin Martin 
Vroman Hendrick 
Vrojnian Minehart 
W?Jliscr Christian 
WiUiams Nehemiah 
Wormwood Christian 
Womuvood Johanes 

Capt. John Kasselmak 

Backer John 
Bickerd Adolph 
DusKr Jacob 
Empie John 
Fttigh Coenrad 
IVy Jacob 

Tryon County Militia — Rangers 
Lieut. John K.MUf. Ensign Geokce Gittman 

Gittman Peter 
Hartl: Daniel 
Haynes George 
Hortigh Andrew 
House Peter 
Kasselman John 


Kretzer Leonard 
Kulnian Henry 
Shuell Ji>hn 
.Smith Henry 
Smith William 

Slr.iter Nicholas 
Tiller.bach Cliristian 
Vander Wcrke John 
Walter Adam 
Walter Chri.;tian 

The Militia — Ulster Coumv, Fik.->t Regiment 


Ulster County Militia — First Regiment 


Capt. Evert Bogardijs 


" John L. Dewitt 

Charles Nev.ktrk 

" Edward Schoonmaker 


" Jeremiah Snyder 

PiiiLip Swart 

" Tobias Van Beusen 

Lieut. Peter Backer 

" CORNELIS Beekman 

" TjERCK Beekman 

" Is.-vAC Burhans 



Petrus Eycinaar 
Abraham Hoffman 
Martin Hommel 
Tobias Myeh 
Petrus Ostfriioudt 


Peter Post 
James Roe 
Oke Suda.m 
HENRicuii Teerpenning 
Abraham V.an Aken 
John Van Dusen 
Abraham Van Gaaseeek 

Lieut. Jacobus Van Gaaseeek 
" Peter Van Gaaseeek 

Andrew Van Leuven 
" Edward W'hitt.vker - • 
Ensign Peter Brinck, Jr. 

Cornelius Burhans 

John P. Du.mond 
" Theopiielus Elswop.tu 
" Stephanus Fiero 
" Andrew Van Lewin 

Tobias \\'v;,koo?, Jr. 

additional names on state treasurer 3 FAY books 

Capt. Abraham Van Kewren 

LiE'JT. Abraham Franka 

Lieut. Anthony Frear 

Acker Jacob 
Acker Solomon 
Ackert Jacob 
Ackert Jeremiah 
Ackert Martin 
Ackert Stcjjhen 
Ackinoodia David 
Amrick Johannis 
Amrick Peter 
Arshly Jacob 
Artly Jacob 
Auchmoudey David 
Auker Henry 
Anker Mar 
Badl'ord Andrew 
Badford John 
Badford Simeon 
Baer Adam 
Banschten Salomon 
Barger Jacob 
Bargher Wilhelimis 
Barnes Hans Jury 
Barnhart Jeremiah 
Barringer Jacob 
Barrow DaiicU 
Bear Cotie 
Bear Henry 
Bear John 
Bear Jnrrie 
Beaver John 
Beaver Peter 
Beekman Jlendrick 
Bedford Andrew 
Bedford Simon 


Beekman Benjatnin 
Beekman Hendrick 
Beekman John, Jr. 
Baekman John J. 
Beekman Tlmmas 
Berger Jacob 
Berger Wilhelinus 
Berner Hans Jurry 
Bernhart Jeremiah 
Besmer Johannis 
Bcver John 
Bever Peter 
Biar Adam 
Bi: r John 
Black John 
Bogardus Nicholas 
Bogardi;s Peter 
Bogardus Petrus 
Borrow Daniel 
Brar Coffey 
Brar Henry 
Brar Jury 
Breadsted Andrew 
Brett Peter 
Briett William 
Brinck Cornelius 
Britick Cornells C. 
Brinck rlendrick 
Brine!: Jacob 
Brinclv Jacob, Jr. 
Brinck John 
Brinck John C. 
Brinck John J. 


Brinck Peter C. 
Brink Henry 
Brink John, Jr. 
Brink John A. 
Brink John C. 
Brink John G. 
Brink John T. 
Brnik Peter 
Bristead Andrew 
Britt Fredrick 
Britt Willem 
Bruyer James 
Buckman Benjamin 
Buckman Hendrick 
Buckman John J. 
Buckman Thomas 
Burhans Abraham 
Burhans Abraham, Jr. 
Burhans Barent 
Burhans Benjamin 
Burhans Cornelius 
Burhans Corpelius 
Burhans Edward 
Burhans John 
Burhans John. Sr. 
Burhans John. Jr. 
Burhans John W. 
Burhan^ Jonathan 
Burhanb Richard 
Burhans Samuel 
Burhans Thark 
Burhai'S Tjinck 
Buye- James 
Callor .K'hn 

Carareych Heronemus 
Carnr'glu A.ronamis 
Carrel Jury 
Carrell George 
Caruyster Silvaster 
Castell William 
Castle Wiiliar.i 
Cater Abrahar.i 
Cator Jol'.n 
Chrispel John T. 
Chrispell Abraham 
Clearwater Jeremiah 
Cole John 
Colgrove I'rancis 
Cones Causin 
Conjes Jacob 
Constaple Wiliiam 
Conns Jacob 
Cool Peter 
Coolgrovt Francis 
Corns Causin 
Corrje Gorg 
Cramer Wandal 
Crammer Wendell 
Crispell Abr" 
Crispell Jacob 
crispeil Pclerus T. 
Crispell Petrus J. 
Crisple Benjamin 
Crisplc John J. 
Critsinger John 
Crook Martin 
Crcos John 
Croo.se Lenord 


New York i.\ tiil Renolutiox 

Cross John 
Criirii licnry \V^ 
Cruiu Jacob 
Cruyslaar SiUcstor 
Davenport Jolin 
Davis John B. 
Davis Joseph 
Davis Sampson 
Davis Samuel 
Davis Willeui 
Davits John B. 
DeBois Jacobus 
Debois James 
Debois WilHam 
Decker Epliraini 
Decker Isaak 
Decker Petrus 
Dederick Cato 
Dedcrick Gilbert 
Dederick John 
Dederick Jonathan 
Dedrick Harmanus 
Dedrick Jacobus 
Degraaf Hendrick 
DeK'raaf John 
Degraaf William 
De Grave Henry 
De Grave John 
De Grave William 
Delafever Coenradt 
Delamater Abral'.am A. 
Delamatter Abraham C. 
Delamatter Cornelius 
Delameter Benjamin 
Delameter Cornells C. 
Delameter David 
DeLametcr John 
De Lefever Jonathen 
Deleraature Cor's J. 
De Lemeter Abrahni 
Delimater Cornelius I. 
Deronde Matthew 
Devenport John 
De Wett John T. 
Dewitt Abraham 
Devvitt Cornelib 
DeWitt Jacob 
Dewitt Jacob J. 
De \\'itt Johannis 
Dewitt John 
Dewitt John J. 
Dewitt Tjcrck 
DeWitt Tjerck C. 
Diederick H.-rmanus 
Dobois James, Jr. 
Doyle Charles 
Dubois David 
Dubois James 
Dubois James, Jr. 
Dubois Jeremiah 

Dubois Johannes 
Dubois John 
Dubois John I. 
Dubois John J. 
Dubois John T. 
Dubois Matthew 
Dubois Robert 
Dubois Willera 
Dull Christian 
Dumon John, Jr. 
Dumond Cornelius 
Dumond Cornelius, Jr. 
Dumond Egbert 
Dumond Igenas 
Dumond Isaac 
Dumond John 
Dumond John, Jr. 
Dumond Peter 
Dumond Peter, Jr. 
Dumont Peter 
Dumont Peter, Jr. 
Eccor Jeremiah 
Eccor ilartin 
Eccor Solomon, Jr. 
Eckert! Stephan 
Eckert Henry 
Eckert Jacob 
Eckert Jeremiah 
Eckert Marthinus 
Eckert Solomon 
Eigeneer Frederick 
Eigencr Jacob 
Eigencr John 
Eigener Job's 
Eigener Peter, Jr. 
Eigener Peter P. 
Eigener William 
Eigeniar Cor's 
Eigenor Jacobus 
Eignuir Peter D. 
Eligh Jacob 
Eligh Johannis 
Elling Hendrick 
EHing William 
Elmendorf Coenradt Ed- 
Elmendorph Abraham 
ElinenJorpli Benjamin 
Elmendorph Coenradt C. 
Elmendorph Coenradt \V. 
Elmendorph Lucas 
Elmendorph Lucas, Jr. 
Elmendorph Peter, Jr. 
Elmendorph Petrus 
Eltinge Hendrick 
Eltinge Joliii 
Eltinge Peter 
Eltinge Peter, Jr. 
Eltinge William 
El) rah Jacob 

Emcrt .Mnthcw 
Emighcry Job's 
Emrich Johannis 
Enirich Peter 
Emrich Wilhelnms 
Emrich Wilhelnms, Jr. 
Emrigli Wilhelmus, Jr. 
Emrugii John 
Enveigh Wilhelimus 
Ernest Matthew 
Er^h Jarob 
Etting Peter, Jr. 
Ettinge Hendricus 
Eygenaar Cornells 
Eygenaar Fredrick 
Eygena.-ir Jacobus 
Eygenaar Jolm 
Eygenaar Peter 
Eygenaar Wiilem 
Eygener Peter P. 
Eygener Petrus. Jr. 
Falk Johannis 
Falk Wilhelmes 
Fal'Kenbargh Ahr'm 
Falkenbargh Job's 
Fanaka Abraham 
Felie Johannis 
Fellor Job's 
Feirs Job's 
Felten Benjamin 
Felten Jacob 
Fciten Johaimis. Jr. 
Felten Peter 
Felten Philip 
Felter Jacob 
Felter Johannes, Jr. 
Felter John 
Felter Petrus 
Felter Philip 
Fclton John 
Felton John, Jr. 
Felton Petenis 
Fernoo Christian. Jr. 
Feroo John C. 
Feroo Peter 
Ferris Counradt 
Fcrro Stephen 
Ferro Wiliiani 
Fieres Ccenraedt 

Fiero Christum 
i'iero Christian. Jr. 
Fiero Han Chriscian 
Fiero John C. 
Fiero Peter 
E'lero William 
Fietsel Johannis 
Fiiton John 
Finis Counradt 
Firers Coenradt 

Firncj. Counradt 
Fobnd George 
Folk Johannis 
Kolktnijurgh .\bralnm 
Follant Jacob 
Foilen Jury 
Follent Jury 
Fosburgh Abr'm 
Fowler James 
France Adam 
France Cornells 
France Jacob 
France Jacob, Jr. 
France Johannis 
France Wilhehnus 
Frans Job's 
Frans Wilhelmus 
Frans WilHam 
Frar Gerrit 
Freer Abraham 
P'reer Benjamin 
Freer Garret 
Freer Hugo 
Freer Jeremiah 
Freer Jeremyas 
Freer Johannis 
Freer Jonathan 
Freer Peter 
Freer Samuel 
Frees Johannis 
Frelani George 
Freligh Hend-'ick 
Freliy:h Hendrick. Jr. 
Freligh John 
Freligh Samuel 
Frier Benjamin 
Frier Samuel 
Gee Josiph 
Gilbert Ephraim 
Gilbert Justin 
Groen Ja:ob Marius 
Groen Jicob Mariv.;. Jr. 
Groen Pvtcr Marius 
Groen Syivester Marius 
Groen William Marius 
Groone feier Morris 
Groone 5a:ierster ?\iors 
Groone S 'vaster M 
Groone ViUiam .\Io:i!.- 
HaasbroD^k Jacobus 
Hance W711eiu 
Hanpaugi Peter 
Hardtnbfy;!! Lewis 
Uardciib-i^rgh Peter 
Hasbrouck Daniel 
Hasbrouck Jacobus. Jr. 
Hasbrouck Jolm 
Plasbrouck Jonathan 
Hasbrouck Solomon 
Heernianse .Abraham 

TUE .MlLiriA — L'LblEH COUMV, fxKil Rt<JIJi£.\T 


Heermar.se Edwr.rd 
Hcermanse John 
Hendricks Jacob 
Hendricks John 
Hendricks Philip 
Hcjidrickson Juliannis 
Hendrix Jacob 
Hendrix Joh's 
Hendrixson Jacob 
Hcndrixson John 
Hendrixson Philip 
Herrington Moses 
Hinnians Abr'ni 
Hodler Solomon 
Hommel Abraham 
Homrael ilermanus 
Hommel Jurrie 
Hommel Jurric. Jr. 
Hommel Petrus 
Hooghtalin William, Jr. 
Hoogtaling Wilhclmus, Jr. 
Houghtaling Jeremiah 
Houghtaling John 
Houghtaling Thomas 
Houghtaling Wilhelmas T. 
Houghtaling Willem T. 
Houghtaling William F. 
Huddlor Salomon 
Hudson Jonathan 
Huffman Abr'm 
Hummel Abraham 
Hummel George, Jr. 
Hummel Harman 
Hummel Harman, Jr. 
Hummel Harmanis 
Humme! Harmanis, Jr. 
Hummel Jurry 
Hummel Peter 
Humstcad Elias 
Hyniback Peter 
Hynpais Peter 
Japh Jacob 
Jsple Jacob 
Joung Jeremiah 
Jurrie Hans 
Karlcy George 
Kattor Abr'ni 
Keater Abraham 
Keatcr John 
Keclcr John 
KelTer Battije 
Keffer Lourance 
Keffor William 
KclTcr William. Jr. 
Kelicnburgb. Isaac, Jr. 
Kerlach Xiclioias 
Kersteed John 
Ker.^teed Wilhelmis 
Kiclor Baltis 
KiftYar William, Jr. 

KiclTer Lowrcnce 
KietTcr William 
Kifl'cr William 
Kier.stcad John 
Kicrstead Wilhclmus 
Kodlor Solomon 
Krom Benjamin 
Krom Henry B. 
Krom Jacob 
Kroom Hendrick 
Kros Johani;es 
Krous Leonard 
Krum Hendrick B. 
Krum Hendric W. 
Lafever Jonathan 
Lair.cndyck Gor's 
Lamenuyck John 
Langendyck John 
Langendyke Cornells 
Langyan William 
Langyare Christian 
Lanjaar Christopher 
Lanjaar Willem 
Larway Peter 
Leftver Conrad 
Legg John. Jr. 

Legg Samuel 

Lits Willem 

Lomgendyck Gor's 

Louck Peter. Jr. 

Louw Abraham 

Louw Cornelius 

Loux Cor's 

Lou.x Peter W. 

Low Abr'm 

Low Abr'm A. 

Low Abraham C. 

Low Abraham £. 

Low Cor's 

Low Frederick 

Low Jacobus 

Low Johannis 

Low John C. 

Low Peter 

Low Tjerck 

Luyks Cornelis 

Luyks Pete-, Jr. 

Luyks Peter W. 

McCay John 

McClean John 

2\IaCleen John 

McFarling .Vndrcw 

McGroone Peter 

^IcKcnncy Alexander 

McKiiisy Alexander 

Mader^tock Adam 

-Magce Piter 

Magee Peler, Jr. 

Magec Sa; mel 

Maris Robert 

Markul Johannis 
Mars Robert 
Marsial John 
Marten Joseph 
Martin Cor's B. 
Martin Joh's B. 
Martin Joseph 
Masten Abraham 
Masti n Abraham, Jr. 
Masten Abraham A. 
Mast'.n Cornelius B. 
Masten Cornelius C. 
Masten Daniel 
Masten Hendrick 
Masten Johannis B. 
Masten Johannis C. 
Masten Johannis E. 
r^Iasters Joseph 
Mastin Daniel 
Materslock Johannis 
Materstock Jacob 
^laterstock Johannis 
Materstock Peter 
>.Iatterstock Adam 

Matterstock John 

Mauer Jacob 

Menkelar Cor's 

Menkial Johannes 

Merkel Johannis 

Meyer Christiaea 

Meyer Peter L. 

.Mickel John 

Minkalar Cornelius 

Minkeiar Harmanus 

Mire Stephen 

Morris Robert 

Mostcn Joseph 

Mouries Jacob 

Mourics Johannis, Jr. 

Alousier Jacob 

Myer Abraham 

Myer Benjamin 

Myer Benjamin, Jr. 

Myer Christian 

Myer Cornelis 

!Myer Counright 

Alyer Ephraim 

Myer Heii'lericus 

Myer Henry 

Myer Johannis, Jr. 

Myer Peter 

},lyer Peter, Ji. 

Myer Peter B. 

Myer Peter L. 

Myer Peter T. 

Myer Stiph-m 

-Myer Stephen, Jr. 

Myer Thiuiis 

Myer Wilh.iin. Jr. 

iS'eukcuk Ciiarlcs 

Ncwkerk Benjamin 
Oosterhaude Hendrick 
Oosterhoudt Benjamin 
Oosterl;oudt Jacc>b 
Oosterhoudt Jacobus 
Oosterhoudt James 
Oosterhoudt John 
Oosterhoudt Peter 
Oosterhoudt Peter. Jr. 
Oosterhoudt Petrus 
Oosterhoudt Petrus L. 
Oosterhoudt Samuel 
Oosterhoudt Teunis 
Oosterhoudt Willem 
Oosterhout Joseph 
Osierhoudt Abraham 
Osterhoudt Benjamin 
Osterhoudt Edward 
Osterhoudt Peter 
Osterhout Abraham 
Osterhout Samuel 
Osterhout William 
Osterhoutt Elias 
Ostrander Henry 
Ostrander James 
Ostrander Samuel 
Parsel Jeremiah 
Patterson Moses 

Percal Cornelis 

Periall Cor's 

Perse Cornelius 

Persell Jeremiah 

Persen Cornelius 

Persen John 

Persen John J. 

Person Matthew 

Persey Cor's 

Ferslow Henry 

Phenix .\braham 

Piocgh Teunis 

Plough Hendrick 

riough Henry 

T'ough Tunis 

Polhamus Daniel 

Post Abrah.im 

Post Abraham A. 

Fost Cor's 

Post Henry, Jr. 

Post Isaac 

Post Isaac. Jr. 

Post Jacobus 

Post John 

Post John. Jr. 

Post Marte, Jr. 

Post Martcyiuis 

Post Martin 

Post Martin. Jr. 

Post Samuel 

Poust Cornel IMS 

Roch.tmeyer Hermanus 

1 90 

New Yokk in the Kevolltion 

Rechtmyer Cocnnd 

Rcclitniycr Gccrge 

Rechtmyer George, Jr. 

Rechtmyer Joli.-innis 

Rechtmyer Jurry \V. 

Rechtmyer l'>-ter 

Richlcy Andrew 

Richley Jacnli 

Richtniyer Johr.nnis 

Rickle Andrew 

Rihley Jacob 

Roase John, Jr. 

Roosa John, Jr. 

Rossell Lodewick 

Rost Henry 

Rouce Benjamin 

Rouw Benjamin 

Russel Ludwigh 

Salisbury Silvester 

Sax Peter 

Schapmis William 

Schcpmocs Jolin 

Schepmoes Wi'iiatn 

Schitt Soiomcn 

Schoemaker Nicolas 
Schocmaker Petrus 
Schoomaker Samuel 
Schoonmaiker Nch's 
Schoonmaker David 
Schoonmaker Edward 
Schoonmaker Edward E. 
Schoonmaker Eicbert, Jr. 
Schoonmaker Egbert C. 
Schoonmaker llis.-ikia 
Schoonmaker Joliannis 
Schoonmaker Johannis, 

Schoonmaker Job.i E. 
Schoonmaker Nicholas 
Schoonmaker Tlip.rk 
Schoonmaker Tliark, Jr. 
Schoonmaker Tjir k 
Schriver Johannes 
Scliryber Albertus 
Schryber Martinus 
Schryber Stephan 
Schut Christian 
Scliut Solomon 
Scryer Albertus 
Scryer Stephen 
Scryver Marten 
Scyriver John 
Share Andries 
Shears Andrew 
Shoe Augustus 
Short llendrick 
Short Henry 
Short Pctru.^ 
Shue -■Kiigustcane 
Sleght Hendricu.- B. 

SIcpht Pctrus 
Sleght Salomon 
Sleght Teunis 
Smedes P..ter B. 
Snyder ."Xbraham 
Snyder .■\braham, Jr. 
Snyder Benjamin 
Sr.yder Christian 
Snyder Hendricus 
Snyder Henry 
Snyder Johannes 
Snyder Johannis M. 
Snyder John 
Snyder John. Jr. 
Snyder Martinas 
Snyder ^lartyn 
Snyder Solomon 
Sperling George 
Sperling Jolin 
Staats Hendrick 
Stattas Henry 
Steenbargh Thomas G. 
Stecnbergh Thomas 
Stienbergh John 
Stoutenburgh Isaac, Jr. 
Suiant John 
Suyland Johannis 
Swart Benjamin 
Swart Cornelius 
Swart Cornelius, Jr. 
Swart Cornelius L. 
Swart Petrus 
Swart Teunis 
Swart Thomas 
Swait Tr<bias 
Swart William 
Tappen Peter 
Tarpenning Willeni 
Teerpening Gerrit 
Teerpening Petrus 
Teerpening Simon 
Teerpenning Abraham 
Tecrpenning Jacobus 
Teerpenning Jacobus, Jr. 
Teerpenning W'il'eni 
Tenbroeck Joim 
Ten Eyck Dirck 
Ten Eyck Richard 
Ttrpenney Hendrick 
Thompson Jonatl'.an 
Thompson Mathew, Jr. 
Thfuiipson .Matthew Ed- 
Thompson William 
Thon-.son Jonathan 
Thomson Matthew, Jr. 
Trcmper Jacob 
Trimper Williehnus 
Trompor Joluiunis. Jr. 
Truniijor Job's 

Trompour Valentine 
Trumbouner John 
Trumpbour Jacob 
Turck Hendrick 
Turck Jacob. Jr. 
Turck Johannes 
Turck Johannis, Jr. 
Turk John 
Tutsell Job's 
Ulmstead Elias 
Valck Johannes 
Valk VVillielmus 
Valkenbeigh Abraham 
Valkenbourgh John 
\'an Aken Benjamin 
Van Akeii Cato 
Van Aken Eliphas 
Van Aken Gideon 
Van Aken Isaac 
Van Aken Peter 
VanAken Peter G. 
Van Atten John 
\'an Beuren Philip 
Van Beuschoten Solomca 
Van Bunsliolin Soloinor. 
Van Buren Philip 
Van Burin Tobias 
Van Etten John 
Van Gaa^beck Abraham 

Van Gaasbeek Jcihn 
Van Gaasbeek John, Jr. 
Van Gasbeck Abr'm, Jr. 
Van Gasbuck Peter 
Van Gesbuck John, Jr. 
Van Hunbargh John 
VanKeuran Cornelius 
Van Keuran Cornelius M. 
Van Ki-uran Matthew. Jr. 
Van Keuren .'vbrriham 
Van Keuren Gen it 
Van Keuren Maithcw 
Van Keuren Philip 
\'an Keuren Tjerck 
Van Kunn Abr'ir. 
Van Kunn .\Iatliias 
\'an Leuven .Andries 
Van Leuven John 
Van Leuven John. Jr. 
Van Lemven Zacheriah 
Van Schayck .\nthony 
\"an Steenbargh John. Jr. 
V'an Steenbargh Paulus 
Van Steenbargh Peterus 
V'an Steenbargh Tobias 
Van Stcenl>art,'li Tobias. 

\'aii Stienbercrh .\brah.am 
Van Stecnleigh Benjamin 
Van Stecnbergh Dirick 

Van Stecnbergh Henry 
Van Steciiljergh John 
Van Stecnbergh Matthew 
\'an Steerbergh Peter 
Van Stecnbergh Poiilis 
Van Steenbergh Poulis 
Van Steenbergh Thomas 
Van Steenbergh Thomas, 

Van Steenberghn Tobyes 
Van Steenberghn Tobvcs. 

VanVleit Arie 
Van Vliet George 
Van Vliet John 
Van \'liet Jurry 
Van Vliet Tjerck 
Van Wagenen .Abraham 

Van Wagenen .Abraham 

Van Wagenen Benjamin 
Van Wagenen Henry 
Van Wagenen Jacob. Jr. 
Van Wagenen Johannis J. 
Van Wagenen Vsack V. 
Van Waggoner 
Van Waggoner Abr'm W. 
'\''an Waggoner Benjamin 
\'an Waggoner Henry 
Van Waggoner Isaac T. 
\'an Waggoner Jacob. Jr. 
\'an Waggoner Job's I. 
"v'iele John 
\'oIlant George 
N'ollant Jurrie 
\ osburgh .Abral'.am 
Weaver John 
Wells Christian 
Wells Cornelis 
Wells Henry 
Wells Jacobus 
"■Veils James 
Wols Peter 
Wennc Peter A. 
W'iiitaker Edward 
W'hitaker Edward. Jr. 
Whitakcr James 
A\hitaker Philip 
Whiteakcr .Abridiniu 
Wliiteakcr Abraham. Jr. 
Wiiittaker Benjainii; 
Wliiteaker JacoLiiis 
\'\'Iii:eaker Petrus 
Vi'hittaker James W. 
Whitteker Jedin 
Xv'iest Peter 
\'>'iesl Pe'.erus 
v. liiker Petrus 
Will Christian 

Ti:E Militia — Ulster Col'.vtv, Si-CfNO Reoi-'ilnt 


Williams John 
VVindticUl Bcnjiinin 
Winficld Daniel 
Winfield David 
Winfiekl Simon 
Winna John 
V/inne Benjamin 
Winne Peter A. 
W'iiine Peter J. 
Winiien Arent 
Winiicn Arent, Jr. 
VVmnen Cornelis 
Winnen Jacobus 
Winnen James 
Winnen John 
Winnen Peter 

Winnen Peter, Jr. 
Winnen Peter J. 
Winnia Arant 
Winnia Arant, Jr. 
Winnia Benjamin 
Winnia Cor's 
Winnia Jacobus 
Winnia James 
Winnia Peter 
Winnia Peter, Jr. 
Winnia Peter A. 
Winnia Peter I. 
Winns William. 
Witecker Jacob 
Witiker James I. 
Witteker Abraham 

Witteker John 
Woester George 
Wolf Adam 
WolK-n John 
Wolfent Jeremiah 
Wolfent Joh'h 
Wolfent John 
Wolfet John 
Wolff John 
Wolven Jeremiah 
Wolvtn Johannis, Jr. 
Wolven John 
Wolvin Adam 
Wolvin Jeremiah 
Wolvin Johanes H. 
Wolvin Johannes, Jr. 

Wolvin John H. 
Wynkoop Evert 
Wynkoop Hezckiaii 
Wynkoop John, Jr. 
Wynkoop Peter 
Wynkoop Willem 
Yaple Hannicle 
Yaple Jacob 
Yeoman Muses 
Yeomens Moses 
Yepeel Jacob 
Yeuple Hannele 
York Daniel 
Young .\braham 
Young Jeremiah 
Yourk Moses 

Ulster County Militia — Second Regiment 



Capt. D.avid Crawford 
" Abk.\h.\m Cuddeback 
" Matthew DuBois 

William Faulkner 
" MattiSe Felter 

James Hi'MPHrey 
■' John IIu.n'ter 
" Matthew J.\nsen 

Jamej McBkide 
" Andrew Miller 
" John Newkirk 
" John Nichols 
" Leonard D. Nicoll 

David Ostrandf.r 
" William Tillford 
" Benj.^mik Vail 
" Isaiah Vail 
" Henry Va.v Kluken 

Samuel Watkins 

Lieut. Samuel Arthur 
John Barber 
" Alex.^nder Beatty 
" Ja.mes Burnet 
" Robert Cook 
" David Corwin 
" David Cukring 
" John Dunnin'(3 
" John English 
" James Faulicvcr 
" Stephen Harlow 
" James Hu.-.ter 
" William Jellet 
" James Kernaghan 
Ale.nander Kidd 
" Samuel King 
" Edward McNkal 
John L. Moffatt 
David Mon.\ell 

hiP-jT. Henry Neelv 

Matthew Neelv 
Jonathan Oue.v 
William Rosa 
Isaac Suultz 
Henry Smith 
John Wilki.vs 
Silas Wood 

Eksgn Robert Bur.vev 
Edward Bur:m 
T1.M0THV Coleman 
Samuel Duite 
Arguable McBride 
Andrew Nelly 
Joseph Sears 
Joshua Slers 
Tunis Vanorsdale 
Samuel V,'etherlo 

additional name 
Lieut. James McClaughkky 

ON STATE treasurer S FAY BltlKS 

Abrahams John 
Adams Chester 
.\dcock William 
Atherstor. Joel 
Badle William 
Baily John 
Barber John 
Barber Thimothy 
Barklcy Thonas 
B;.rton Elijah 
Bayard Jaiiits 
Baylis Nchemiah 

Bealy John 
Beatty Archibald 
Beatty James 
Beatty Thomas 
Beatty Wiiliam 
Beatv .Me.xar.der 
Beatv -'\rthur 
Beaty John 
Beaty Robert 
Belknap Htnjanr.n 
Belknap l)a\id 
Belknap I^a.^c 


Belknap Isaac, Jr. 
Belknap Jediithan 
Belknap Jonathan 
Belknap Jonathan. Jr 
Belknap Thomas. Jr. 
Bell Mathew 
Bennet Benj.-.inin 
Bennct John 
Biram .-\sa 
Black James 
Black John 
B!i/z;.rd Oliver 

Bodine Lewiss 
Bodle Samuel 
Bodle William 
Boides Roiiart, Jr. 
Bookstaver Frederick 
Bookstaver Jacob. Sr. 
Bookstaver Jacob. Jr. 
Booth John 
Booth Thomas 
Eoreland Charles 
Bore'aml Thomas 
Bovd lames 


New YokK ix iiii: Revolution 

Boyd Robert 
Boyd Samuel 
Brai'.ncp. Ruben 
Brewster John 
Brewster Samue! 
Britnow Henry 
Broekway Jesse 
Brooke Jeremiah 
Brooks Jeremiah 
Brooks John 
Brooks W'ilHani 
Brown Archabald 
Brown Duncan 
Brown Gilbert 
Brown James H. 
Brown John 
Brown Neal 
Brundage William 
Brurdish Gilbert 
Buchanan Robert 
Buhannan Alexander 
Buhannan Jamci 
Buhannan John 
Buhannan Robert 
Buice James 
Bull Moses 
Bunet Benjamin 
Burnet John 
Burnet Patrick 
Burnet Robert 
Burnet Thomas 
Burns Francis 
Burns Robert 
Burns William 
B'Jts Jacob 
Caldwell James 
Caiwell William 
Gamble John 
Campbell Levi 
Gampble Edv ard 
Campble Ezekiel 
Canfield John 
Cantine -Moses 
Carman i'oest 
Carney Barnab?.s 
Carney Stephen 
Carpenter Willioni 
Carskaden Thomas 
Carter Luke 
Case Benjamin 
Caulkin Oliver 
Chandler Enos 
Clark Ilcnry 
Clark Jeremiah 
Clark John 
Clark James 
Clark Joseph 
Clark Phineas 
Clawater Tice 
Clcmoiiv Danicl 

Clerk Henry 
Cobb Asa 

Coddinton Benjamin 
Coddinton William 
Codington Joseph 
Coleman David 
Coleman John 
Congo David 
Conkiing Ananias 
Conkliiig John 
Content Benjamin 
Content Moses 
Cook John 
Cook Thomas 
Cook William 
Coretliers John 
Cortwright Silvester 
Corwin David 
Corwin Eli 
Cowin Elic 
Cox Benjamin 
Cox Jeremy 
Cox John 
Cox Reeves 
Cox William 
Cox William, Jr. 
Crane Benjamin 
Crawford Alexander 
Crawford James 
Crawford John 
Crawford Samuel 
Crist Abraham 
Crist Daniel 
Cris' David 
Crist Henry, Sr. 
Crist Henry, Jr. 
Crist Matinis 
Crist Philip 
Crist Stophonis 
Crodcthers John 
Crons Adam 
Cross John 
Cross Robert 
Cuddeback Abra'm, Sr. 
Cuddcback Abra'm, Jr. 
Cuddeback Abraham A. 
Cuddeback Benj.imin 
Cuddcback James 
Cuddeback Peter 
Cuddeback William 
CurreiUon Richard 
Curlenius Peter, Jr. 
Curtice Bcnejah 
Curtice Xoah 
Curtice Thomas 
Curwin Barnabas 
Daily Samuel 
Daily Saiiiuel, Jr. 
Dales John 
Dalv Da\id 

Daly Jolin 
Darkcas John 
David Henry 
Davidion J<ilin 
Davis John 
Davis Pathick 
Davis Thomas 
Davis William 
Dealls John 
Deails William 
Dearkis John 
Decay Jacob 
Decker David 
Decker Evert 
Decker Isack 
Decker Martinas 
Defrees James 
Den Christopher 
Denman Isack 
Denn William 
Denna Hinnery 
Denniston Alexander 
Denniston Charles 
Denniston Jamr-s 
Denniston John 
Denniston William 
Denton Isaac 
Denton Joseph 
Denton Samuel 
Depuy Benjamin 
Depuy Benjamin, Jr. 
Depuy John 
Depuy Moses 
Devan": James 
Dick Thomas 
Dickarson Benjamin 
Dickson Androw 
Dill David 
Dill John 
Docksey James 
Doiiavan Daniel 
Douglass James 
Douglass \\'illiam 
Douty Benjamin 
Doxej' James 
Drake Joseph 
DulTy John 
Dunen Samuel 
Dunlap James 
Dunn George 
Dunn William 
Durham Andrew 
Duryoe Jacob K. 
Eager John 
Eager William 
Easten Jeremiah 
Eastman Tilten 
Edmcnstin James 
Edmonston William 
Eider Joseph 

Elis James 
Ellison David 
Eliott John 
Elsworth Henry 
English William 
Everit Xeheniiah 
Evrct John 
Falls William 
Faulkner William 
Finch James 
Finley John 
Fitzjerrild Jeremiah 
Fowler Stephen 
Frashor William 
Fuller Jepotha 
Fulton Thomas 
Gage William 
Gale Richard 
Gale Moses 
Gale Samuel 
Galloway John 
Garisson Nathaniel 
Giles Charles 
GiUispie Mathew 
Gillispy David 
Gillispy John 
Godfry David 
Godfry David. Jr. 
Goldsmith Caleb 
Goldsmith Stephen 
Golow Christopher 
Golow John 
Golow Joseph 
Green Ebcnezer 
Green Daniel 
Green Israel 
Green John 
Green John. Jr. 
Gumaer Elias 
Gumacr Jacob 
Gumaer Peter, 2d. 
Gumar Ezechisl 
Gunsalis Danial 
Gunsalis Manuel 
Gunsalis Samuel 
Haines Charles 
Hains Benjamin 
Hains David 
Hains John 
Hains John B. 
Hulabut John 
Halsey Jabas 
Halstead Gcrshom 
Hancsey James 
Hanmer John 
Hanyon Garret 
Harden John 
Harlow William 
Harris George 
Harris John 

Tiiii i\iii.rn.\ — Ulster Covntv, Siao.\'u Ri-.oimext 


Harskal. Jonathan 
Hart Ar.drc'A- 
Hasbrook ConicUus 
Hays James 
Heailin J.miics 
Hegerinan Tliomas 
Helms Uaii;i.l 
Helms Vincent 
Hinneris Aron 
Holsey Zcplianiah 
Honian Utnianiin 
Honian John 
Homan Plioneas 
Hopkins Garner 
Hortin Jacob 
Horlon David 
Hortoa Jolin 
Horton Joseph 
Horton Silas 
Howell Stephen 
Hubart Joseph 
Hubbard Joseph 
Hulse John 
Humphrey David 
Humphrey George 
Humphrey William 
Humpiiry Charles 
Humphry Oliver 
Huse John 
Hutson Rich.-rd 
Inglis John 
Inglis William 
Jackson Silas 
Jagger David 
Jaques David 
Jillett John 
Johnson David 
Johnson George 
Johnston Robert 
Johson David 
Jones Augus'.ns 
Jones Philli). 

Keen Jacob 

Kelso Henry 

Kernashaii Alexander 

Kernaghaii C'r.a'-les 

Kct.eham James - - 

Ketchani J-jbepIi 

Ketcham Philip 

Kidd James 

Kidd Robert 

Kilburn James 

King Ck-mciU 

King \i< holpb 

King Stei>hej 

Kingham Thimas 

Knapp Zcpliaiiiaii 

Knox George 

Lee Jepthah 

Lee Jonathan 

Lee Solomon 
Leonard Henry 
Lewers Williams 
Lisconii, hn 
Low James 
Low Peter 
Lowdy John 
Lusk I'rancis 
McArtcr Joliti 
McArthur Neal 
•dcCallon Thomas 
McCalough Alaugh 
AlcClaugliry John 
McClean John 
McClothan; Joseph 
McCollam Matt 
McConnely John 
McCord Andrew 
McCord James 
McCreary Alexander 
McCurdy Archibald 
McDawell William 
McDonal Alexander 
McDowel Thomas 
McDowell James 
i\IcEnty Michael 
McEvcr Dariel 
McGaragh John 
McGown John 
iMcKee Thomas 
AIcKessock Thomas 
ii[cLoy William 
jMcMaster Jar.ies 
WcMichel John 
McMilliaii I\Iathew 
]\Ic>ilunn John 
AIcNeas Clark 
Mc Neas George 
McNeely David 
McNes Daniel 
McNish Clark 
JMcSwaney Daniel 
Mains Francis 
Mandevil Cornelius 
Mandcvil David 
Mandevil John 
Jlapes Heiiiy 
Alapes Samuel 
Mapes Smith 
Mapes William 
Marshall David 
Martin Charles 
Martm John 
-- blathers iibeiiezcr 
Iilathers James 
Ma'theus Amasa 
Meloy James 
Miller Kclward 
Miller Eli..s 
Miller John 

Afillikcn Alexander 

Millikcn Hugh 

Miiliken James 

Milior Ezrah 

Milk Daniel 

Mill, Jacob 

Mills Jonathan 

Mills John 

Milspaugh Adam 

Milspaugh Benjamin 

^Milspaugh Jacob 

Alilspaugh Jonathan 

iMilspaugh Philip 

Milspaugh Philip, Jr. 

Milspaugh Tice 

Motfat Saiiiuel 

Motfatt William 

Moucriet Charles 

AluniicI James 

Moor William 

Moore James 

Moore Robert 

Moore William 

More David 

More John 

More Nathan 

More Nathan, Jr. 

More William 

Morrison Daniel 

Morrison James 

Morrison John 
Mould Chnstoplier 
Neal Mal'h 
Necly Edward 
Neely John 
Necly Jol'-n, Jr. 
Neely Thomas 
Newkirk Adam 
Newkirk Ilendnck 
Newman Sender 
Nev.^ton Robbart 
Nichols W'illiam 
Nicholson Daniel 
Xicholsori Thomas 
NickoU William. Sr. 
Nikols Nathan 
Nobel Jabes 
Obrien Jnhn 
Oliver David 
( )liver I'homas 
Outerman Stephen 
Overton James 
Owen Amasa 
ijuen David 
Owen LIca/.er 
. Oven Junaihau. Jr. 
(Juen Joshua 
0'.\er. Nathaniel 
(Juon Oli.er 
Owen Solomon 

Owens Amasa 

Owens Eleazer 

Owin John 

Palmer Henry 

Park William 

Parks .Xnios 

Pars Jonathan 

Parshall John 

Parshal' Jonathan 

Patterson James 

Patterson Samuel 

Patton James 

Pc.ton Gideon 

Perry David 

Perry John 

Polley William 

Porter Thomas 

Post Zebulon 

Potter Aaron 

Price John 

Pmf John 

Reed John 

Reed Moses 

Reeder Charles 

Reeve Ely. Jr. 

Reeve Nathaniel. Jr. 

Rhoads Thomas 

R'xkey Audrevv — 

B.rtenbcrgh Addam 

FiLtenbergh Arou 

Robert Danel 

iifflberts Daniel 
RiC'bertson Benjamin 
Rijbir.son. Wilham 

Raceieller J ndr. 

R'lckeicHa Christian 
iii>-:keiella Henry 
Racket'ella John 
Rockwell Samuel 
R.:e Samuel 
Rtijers Muses 
Rogers Robert 
Ri<;ers Solomon 
Rogers U'iUiam 
Rcosa Cornelius 
R&osc Aldert 
Rcose Jacob 
Rfl-a Evert 
Ro:a Jacob 
R(;o Jacob 
Rc~c Samuel 
Sardcrs John 
Si:an Jonathan 
Silver Stephen 
Sivres Sieplien 
iic.les Barthedomy 
Scave>n Mills 
Sc^tt Arciiibald 
Scott Jame.-- 
Scott Wilham 


New York i.< the Revull'tion 

Secly Bczakel. Jr. 
Secly Elijah 
Scely Israel 
Scely Samuel 
Sergeant Nathan 
Seybolt John 
Seybolt John, Sr. 
Shaw William 
Shay John 
Shea George 
Sheerman Henry 
Shilp Johonis 
Shutter Robert 
Siah Indian 
Sickels Zachariah 
Sicars Benjamin 
Siears John 
Siers Elethan 
Siers Samuel 
Simeril Robert 
Siminonds Jacob 
Simpson Peti;r 
Sinsabok Henry. Sr. 
Sinsabok William 
Skinner Abner 
Slott Cornelius 
Slott John 
Slott John, Sr. 
Slott John, Jr. 
Slott Jonas 
Sly John 
Sly Samuel 
Sly William 
Smedes Moses 
Smiley James 
Smith Bastian 
Smith David 
Smith David, Jr. 
Smith George 
Smith Jacob 

Smith James 
Smith J'jrciniah 
Smith John 
Smith Jonathan 
Smith Jonathan, Jr. 
Smitl) Joseph 
Smith .Mithew 
Smith Nathan 
Smith Samuel 
Smith Simon 
Smith Stephen 
Smitu William 
Southerland James 
Sprague Andrew 
Sprin^sted James 
Springitecn Ilenery 
Squirrel Jacob 
Stag Jolm 
Stanton Rufus 
Steel Alexander 
Stewart Alexander 
Stewart Robert 
Stickney J'imes 
Stinson William 
Stout David 
Strickland Eli 
Strong John 
Stubs William 
Swarthout Cornelius 
Swarthout Gerad 
Swarthout James 
Swarthout rhilip 
Swartvvoud Jacobus 
Taylor Abraham 
Taylor James 
Thomas Ephraim 
Thomas John 
Thomson John 
Thorn Obadiah 
Thorn Samuel 

Tillford Alexander 
Totton James 
Totton Thomas 
Travis Ezekial 
Tremper George 
Trewilli;;er Isaac 
Trewilliger John 
Trewiiliger Math 
Trimble John 
Trumpoor Nicholas 
Truinpore Peter 
Tucker James 
Turner Hugh 
Turner Jolm 
Tuttle Borzila 
\'ail Alsop 
Vail Jobiah 
Vail Obediah 
Vanburah Court 
Vantleet Daniel 
Vaninwagtn Cornelius 
Vaninwagen Jacob 
\'an Inwegen David 
Van Inwegen Hernian 
Van Xosdall John 
Van Vara Cort 
Vanwey Henry 
Wair William 
Wallace William 
Vv'alhce John 
Wastbrook Abraham 
vVastval Jobcph 
Watkins Ephraim 
Watkins Thomas 
;Vebb Jimathan 
Welch John 
Welch Thomas 
Weller Lod'k 
Wesbrook Abra'm 

We5tbrook Tcrrie V. 
Wtbtlako Samuel 
Westlick Benjamin 
Westlick George 
Whary James 
Wheat Amos 
Wheat Solomon 
V.'heelar David 
Wheler Gilbert 
Whit Geames 
White James 
White S:las 
Wickham William 
Wiikins Daniel 
Will.ams Isaac 
Williams Jonas 
Willing Frederick 
Willoughby John 
Wilson Andrew- 
Wilson William 
Winter Ezra 
Wood Alexander 
Wood Benjamin 
Wood Daniel 
Wood John 
Wood Robert 
Wood Samuel 
Wood Silas 
Wood William 
Wc«odrufi John 
Wotxls Benjamin 
Wo«."i >vard Hezekiah 
Woodward Hezekiah. Ji. 
Wool Ellis 
Wooiey Charles 
Wright David 
Wright William 
Y0R112 Benjamin 
Yotir.g Charles 

The Mii.iTiA — Ulsiek Cuu.\tv, Ihiku Rkoimlnt 


Ulster County Militia — Third Regiment 



C.M'T. An'drew Bevier 

John Bp.inkerhoff 

Franxis Burns 

Moses Cantine 

Jacob Conklin 

William Cross 
'• William Faulkner 

John .A. Hardenbergh 

John Haserouck 

Benja.mix Kortroght 

James Milliken 

Peleg Ransom 
" Frederick Schoo.vmaker 
" jociiem sciiocnmaker 


Ale.xander Beat FY 


John Depuy 
John C. Dewitt 
RuBE.N- Dewitt 
Cornelius Duboys 
Daniel Freer 
Nicholas Hardenkergh 
Jacobus Hasbruock 
Joseph Hasbrook 
Josiah Hasbrouck 


Nathaniel Potter 
William Swartw out 


Ens I 

Achmodcy Jacobus 
• Acker Johannis 
Air*; William 
A.ker John 
Aldridge Dani.;! 
Aldridge Gilb'ert 
Aldridge Robert 
Allen Isaac 
Alier John 
A.nderson William 
Annist Corn 
-\nnist Peter 
Arnet Johti 
Aston Jeremiah 
Atkins David 
Baker Bartholomew 
Baragcr WilHr.iu Helimiis 
Barber William 
Barger Woulcr 
Barley Jonatiiari 
Barlow Nathan 
Barret John 
Barten Isaac 
Bartholamoo John 
Beaker Ephrahani 
Be.ijnier Michtl 
Bcatty John 
Bc-jty Robert 
Beck Nathaniel 
Bell William 
Benjamin Chester 
BiTJaniin Dariuc 
Benjamin Devyno 
Benjamin Uriaii 
Berrit Jolin 
Berry Peter 
Besemer Jacobus 


Bevier Abraham 
Bevier Abraham, Jr. 
Bevier Benjamin 
Bevier Coenradt 
Bevier Cornelius 
Bevier Jacob 
Bevier Matihew 
Bevier Nathaniel 
Bevier Petrus 
Bevinns David 
Bishop James 
Bishop John 
Black John 
Black Robert 
Blows John 
Bodcley John 
Bc;del Samuel 
Bodlty John 
Bogardus Petrus 
Bogart Cornenus 
Bradeii Thomas 
Bradley Daniel 
Bray William 
Brian James 
Bride James 
Brink John 
Brink Robert 
Erodliead Daniel 
Brodhead Henry 
Brodhead Samual 
Brodhead Wiilian 
Brooks Joseph 
Brook--, William 
Brcwn George 
Brown John 
Brown Josepii 
Brown Jo-iali 


Brown Peter 
Buch Jacobus, Jr. 
Bunshotcn Jacob 
Buoy William 
Burge Thomas 
Burger Nicolaes 
Burger Petrus 
Burges Thomas • 
Burhans Abraham 
Bnrnct Isaac 
Burpans Edward 
Bush Jacobus 
Buswel Zahariah 
Buyker Zilcs 
Cambeil Robert 
Camlde 1. Reuben 
Gamble Rubin 
Gamble Simeon 
Campbell John 
Campbell Joshua 
Can .Abraham 
Cantine John 
Gamine John. Jr. 
Cantine William 
Carliow Henry 
Garner Andrew 
Carson Johaiiis 
Car.son Saiv.uel 
Cater Wiihalme.s 
Gavere Miles 
Gelder Heiidrick 
Chambers Cornelius 
Chambers Jacob 
Chambers John 
Chambers Joseph 
Chamber.- Thomas 
Clienix Wilh.un 

t. JoN.\TnAN Terv.ileger 
Robert Tuo-mi'so.-; 
Cornelius Van V/agankn 


Frederic Wesbrook 
(.N Moses Depuv, Jr. 
John Dlw :tt 
Levi Devo 
William Elsworth 
Jacob D. Hoornbeek 
Robert Moi.e 
John Roosa 
Peter S;.:iTi[ 
Jacobus Swartwout 

Clark John 
Clarwater Thomas 
Claurwater Joseph 
Glee Hugh 
Gley Hugh 
Glouse Henry 
Clyn Jacob 
Giyn Johannis 
Coddington Jac^b 
Cole John 
Cole Simon 
Colman Israel 
Colter John 
Comfort Richard 
Goningham William 
Conkiin Seven 
Gonnely Patrick 
Conner Jacobus 
Conner John 
Comor Daniel 
Conaway John 
Constable John 
Content Moses 
Conway Corr.elius 
Cook John 
Cope William 
Cortrastli Henry 
Gortrcghl Jacobus 
Cottenton Jonah 
Cottonton Josiah 
Goudegal .Vrahani 
Cowen Thomas 
Co.x John 
Crane James 
Grans Peter 
Grav.ford Robert 
Crispeil .Miniiiaiu 


New YokK in the Rex'olltion 

Crist D.l\i(l 
Crisl Martiries 
Crom John 
Croovtr Aron 
Croovcr George 
Cross 'sViah 
Crum Henilrick, Jr. 
Crum VViliiani, Jr. 
Cryjpell Benjamin 
Currenton Richard 
Daily Robert 
Dan John 

Danaldson Abraham 
Davis Andrew 
Davis Ecnjaniin 
Davis Frederick 
Davis Isaac 
Davis Jacobus 
Davis John 
Davis Peter 
Davis Richard 
Davis William 
Deake Josiah 
Deaiy David 
Dean Gidon 
Dean Isaac 
Dean Jedediah 
Decker Benjamin 
Decker Frederick 
Decker Jacobus 
Decker Noah 
Decker Ruben 
Degair Elias 
Delametter David 
DeLanietter John 
De Lemetter Benjamin. 
J)enniston James 
Deny Nicolas 
Deo Hendrick 
Deo John 
DePew Jachini 
DePew Jacob 
Depew Moses I. 
Depue Benjamin 
Depue John, Jr. 
Depuy Cornelius 
Depuy Cornelius, Jr. 
Depuy Ephraim 
Depuy Ephraim, Jr. 
Depuy Joachim 
Depuy Joseph 
Depuy Moses 
Depuy Simon 
Devenpoort Gerrit, Jr. 
Devenport Jocobus 
Devoe Abraham 
Dewitt .-\ndries A. 
Dewitt Cornelious 
De Witt Egbert, Jr. 
Dewitt Jacob I. 

De Wut Jacob T. 

De Witt Jacobus 

De Witt John 

Dewitt John I. 

Dewitt Jone 

Dewitt Peterus 

De Witt Stephen 

Dewitt Tjcrck 

Dewitt William 

Deyeo Henry 

Deyeo John 

Dcyes Aljraham, Jr. 

Deyes Ezokial 

Deyo Danial 

Deyo Isaac 

Deyo John 

Deyo Simon 

Deyow Ezikea! 

Deyoy Abraham B. 

Dick Thomas 

Dickason Joseph 

Dickerson Benjamin 

Dickson .Andrew 

Diel Thomas 

Dimon Moses 

Diver Daniel 

Dodge Samuel 

Dolson John 

Dolson Theunis 

Donadson Abraham, Jr. 

Dongarmo Elias 
' Donoven Daniel 
/ Douglass John 
I Doyoo Daniel 
' Doyoo Levi 
Jr. Drake Josiah 

Drake William 

Drew Joshua 

Drew Josiah 

Drew Oliver 

Dubois .Andrew 

Du Bois .Vseph 

Dubois Coiiradth 

Dubois Ddiiial 

Dubois Daniel, Jr. 

Dubois Ilendrickus 

Dubois Henry 

Duljois Isaac 

Dubois Jacob 

Dubois Jacobus 

Dubois John 

Dubois Matthev.sem 

Du Bois Nathaniel 

Dubois Wcssel 

Duboys Jacob 

Dufiield John 

Dugin Christopher 

DumonJ Johannis. Jr. 

Dumond John D. 

Dumond John P. 

Dinnund Peter 

Dumont Cornelius 

Dunbar Charles 

Dunlap William 

Dunn Jcrimiah 

Dunn John 

Dunn Thomas, Jr. 

Dunn William 

Dupuy Brisk 

Eck'.r Solomon 

Ecn Abraham 

Elder Joseph 

Ellen Jesse 

Elmendorph .\braham 

Elmendorph Beiijannn 

Elmendorph Coenradt C. 

Elmeiulorph Coenradt W. 

Elmendorph Garrit C. 

Elmendorph Jonathan, Jr. 

Elmendorph Petrus 

Eisv/orth Benjamin 

Elsworth Henry 

Elsworth John 

Els worth Joseph 

Elsworth William 

Elsworth William W. 

Elting .\h"m 

Enderle Peter 

Ennerly Petrus 

Ennest Cornelious 

Ennest Hartman 

F.nnest Peter 

Ennest William 

Every Henrey 

Feer Stephenes 

FifFer William 

Filips Ebenczer 

Fitch Samuel 

Fowler Samuel 

Frair Isaac 

Frair Tiiomas 

Fraklen Bejenen 

Frame Jacob 

Frame Johannis 

F'rankiair Benjamin 

Frare Jacob. Jr. 

Freer Jacob J. 

Freer Jacob S. 

Freer John I. 

Freer Paulis 

I'rcer Peter 

Friar Joseph 

Friar Powles 

Friar Solomon. Jr. 

Fulton William 

GegKy John 

Gellaspy Matthew 

Giddes Hugh 

Gilaspy David 

Gilaspy George 

Gilbert Ebenczer 

Gildersleeves Daniel 
Ginggy John 
Givens James 
Goodspiead Nathaniel 
Graham Daniel 
Graham Jacobus 
Graham John 
Graham Phasso 
Graham Robert 
Graham Silvanus 
Grahams James 
Grahams Jacobus 
Grahams Thomas 
Gray Abraham 
Greatreaks Silvanus 
Green Henry 
Green Jacob Marius 
Green Peter Maurius 
Green Sylvester Marius 
Grecnwalt Daniel 
Griffen Benjamin 
Griffin John 
Griffin Joseph 
Griflin .Matthew 
Guiggy George 
Gunsallus Benjamin 
Haasbrouck Jonas 
.Hadley Moses 
Haip Hom'y, Jr. 
Halstead Josiah 
Irlamilton William 
Hance Henry 
Handricks Johannis 
Handricks Lawrence 
Haner Robert 
Hanie Henry 
Hannes Henry 
Hansbrouck John 
Happy George 
Hardtnbergh Elias 
Hardenbergh Jacob. Jr. 
Hardcnbergh Johannis 
Hardenbergh John 
Hardenbergh John C. 
H^rp Henrey 
Harp John 
H.up Peter 
Harret Thomas 
Harris George 
Harris Henry 
Harris James 
Hasbrock Jonas 
H.isDrook Solomon 
Hasbrouck Benjamin 
Hasbrouek John. Jr. 
Kssbrouck Severyn 
Hnss Nicholas 
Hatinan Danial 
Headley Moses 

Thp; Militia — Ulster Cdumv, Thiku Kegi.mlnt 



Hedger F.vert 
Hedger Samuel 
Heorn;anse F-'.dward 
HtlHster William 
Helni Daniel 
Helm Simon 
Htlms Daniel 
Hendricks Lawrence 
Hendrickse Peter 
Hendrickson Jacobus 
Hcndrickioii Pctrus' 
Henr.is James 
Hermanse Abraham 
Hermanse Jacob 
Herriugton Alexander 
Hess Nichola:> 
I-tess Robert 
Hewit Benjamin 
Heyer Hartman 
Rimes Fradrick 
Hoghteeling Thomas 
Hoghteelinv; William 
HoUi.-ter William 
Hoisted Joscpli 
Hoisted Josiah 
Homan John 
Hood William 
Hoogliteling John 
Hoornbeck Gideon 
Hoornbeeck Cornelious 
Hoornbeeck P;.'trus 
Hoornbeek Benjamin. Jr. 
Hoornbeek Isaac 
Hoornbeek Jacob, Jr. 
Hoornbeck Jacob D. 
Hoornbeek Joel 
Hoornbeek Johannes 
Hoornbeck Lowerens 
Hoornbeek Philip 
Hoornbee', Samuel 
Hoornbcik Warner 
Hornbeck Henry 
Hornbci k Cornelius. Jr. 
Hornbeok Srimucl 
Huey Jame^ 
Hull Nath.inicl 
Hull Samue! 
Humphrey Jam.cs 
Hutchin George 
Impson Benjamin 
Ireland Thomas 
Irwin Jerrcd 
Irwin John 
I very Henry 
Ivory Hchni's 
Jansen Tunis 
Jarman Jaires 
-Johnson Abrah.am 
Johnson Benjamin 
Johnson Da\id 

Johnson Isaac 
Johnson John 
J oh- son Jonathan 
Jol 3n Peter 
Johnston Ele.xandrie 
Johnston William 
Jones Kbinczar 
Kamer .Andrew 
Kater Jacob, Jr. 
Keator Cornelius 
Keator Cornelius, Jr. 
Keator John P. 
Keator Petrus I. 
Keator Saar.iel 
Keator William, Jr. 
Kcatter William N. 
Keel Samuel 
Ke.fer Laurence 
Kelder Hendrickes 
Kelder Joseph 
Keley John 
Kellcy John 
Kelsey John 
Kerk Gerrit N. 
Keter Jacob 
Keter J.ieob F. 
Keter Petrus 
Keter Samuel 
Kiersted Wilhelnuis 
Kilscy Thomas 
-King Jeremiah 
Kirkpatrick Samuel 
Kittle Henry 
Kno.x Thomas 
Kole Petrus 
Kortrecht Lovvranse 
Kortreght Louweiens, Jr. 
Krinn Benjamin G. 
Krinu Hemlrick B. 
Krom Jacob 
Krom Jacob D. 
Krom John 
Krom Keuben 
Krom William 
Kroom Jacob 
Kroom William 
Krouni Joham.is, Jr. 
Krum John G. 
Krum Simon 
Lafaver Joliannis 
Lai'aver John A. 
Lafaver Philip 
Lalmatier .Abraham 
Lamb Samuel 
Lane Benjamin 
Lapowl lohan's 
Laroy Francis 
Laroy Simion 
Laroy Tro;i 
Lcfavour .\adries 

Lefavour Noah 
Lefever Jonathan 
Lefever Solomon 
Lefevor Matthew 
Leievre John 
Lemunyan John, Jr. 
Lent Enus 
Leroy Francis 
Leroy Rop 
I.eroy Simon 
Litts John 
Lockwood Isaiah 
Loiovor John 
Lofovor Matthew 
Louw John C. 
Low .Abraham C. 
Low Cornelius 
Low Jehue 
Low Johannis 
Low John 
Low John J. 
Low Samual 
Lyons Thomas 
McBride Francis 
McCay .\le.\ander 
McClougen James 
McClughen Robert 
McCollum Samuel 
McConnel John 
McCord John 
McCreary John 
McCreary Robert 
McCue James 
McDonnel William 
McDougall -Alexander 
McDougle Hugh 
McDowl Daniel 
McElvannon Barney 
McEwen Duncan 
JMcGinnes William 
IMcGlauglilin John 
Mctlenry John 
Mack Johannis 
McKee Thomas 
McKinst-y John 
Macky John 
i\IcMaster James 
iNIcMuilen William 
McMuiin James 
McMunn John 
McNay James 
McXeal J.)hn 
iNIcSwency Daniel 
Makaive Matthew 
Marcle Samuel 
Markell Beiijniiiin 
Marshal', Henry 
Marshall Jeremiah 
Marshall John 
-Marth Pctt 

Maslen Abraham, Jr. 
Masten Cornelius B. 
Masten Cornelius C. 
Masten Johannes B. 
.\Ia>ten John C. 
Masteii Joseph 
Maiten Robert 
Matt Ezekiel 
Mawris Samuel 
Mcgrortj- Patrick 
Meldown Daneal 
Meloy Wiliiam 
Mtrkcl Elias 
Merkill Benjamin 
Merkle Frederick 
Mickle Frederick. Jr. 
Middagh Abraham 
Middagh Claudea 
Middagh George 
Middagh Job's 
Middagh Martin. Jr. 
Mildun Daniel 
Mi'iier Johan..^- 
Miller Phiiip 
MiUer William 
Miiiiken John 
Milts David 

Mi.'spaugh John 
Miispaugli -Abraham 
Milspaugh Mathias 
Mii'on John 

Monnef Charles 

More Xathaii 

Morris .Arthur 

Moiiris Daniel 

Mouris Petrus 

Mo'.'.rs Samuel. Jr. 

Muir William 

Mulks Benony 

Muidough Lecky 

Myer James 

IMyer Peter L. 

Mytr Samuel 

Myer William, Jr. 

Myers Michael 

Neoss Jerry 

Net! Jurry 

Ncfly Abraham 

Ne-.vkcrck Maithcv.. Jr. 

Newkerk Aron 

Kewkerk Henry 

Kewkcrk Isaac 

Newioii George 

Nicl'.olsoii Charles 

Nicholson Jonathan 

Nottingham Thomas 

Niibie Justis 

O.ir William 

O'Brien John 

Odic lonatl'.an 


New York ix the Revolution 

O'Farrel Miclial 
Oin Abraham 
Oosterhoudt Henriccus P 
Oosteriioudl M.ii tints 
Ousterhou'.lt Samuel 
Oosterhoudt Tciiius 
Oosterhout Benjamin 
Oosterhout Corntlius 
Oosterhout Cornelius. Jr. 
Oosterhout Ezekiel 
Oosterhout Hendrices 
Oosterhout Ileiidrick 
Osterhoudt ]Uniy 
Ostrander Wiiiiani 
Palmater Micha! 
Palnictcr Abraham 
Pamiteer Ilcnrcy 
Patterson Michel 
Patterson Samuel 
Patterson William 
Pattison Wiliiain 
Pemmet Michal 
Perkins Ebene/cr 
Perkins Goddam 
Perkins Jordon 
Perry David 
Perslow Henry 
Peterson Alexander 
Petibone Danial 
Pettigo Daniel 
Polaniteer Peter 
Pontimer Henry 
Presler John 
Prcssler Jonathan 
Preston John 
Pride James 
Quick Hendricous 
Quick Jacobus 
Rabye Dene 
Radman Micha' 
Ramson Jacobus 
Rank John 
Redigher Hendrick 
Reed John 
Reider Johannis 
Reigliter Jolin 
Remson Herre 
Richard Daniel 
Richards Nathaniel 
Rider Benjamin 
Roads Cornelius 
Roberts Daniel 
Roberts Gilbert 
Roberts John 
Robison Josiah 
Roc Da\id 
Koesa Jacob 
Rogers James 
Rogers Samuel 
Roosa Ei bert 

Roose Abraham 
Rosacran Hendricus 
Rosecrane Jacobus 
Mosecrans John 
Kossa Tennis 
Row David 
Knyer John 
l<us-,el Alexander 
Ryder Benjamin 
Rylya Dcnic 
St. John Xoah 
Samamins Joseph 
Samcnons Johanis 
Sammon Johannis 
Sammons Jolin 
Sanders John 
Sanmakcr Fredrick 
Sarjent Wile 
Sasson Thomas 
Satchweli William 
Sax John 
Sax Peter 
Sayre Joshua 
Scainnus Derick 
Schepmoes John 
Schefnioes William 
Schoonmaker Benja.uin 
Schoonmaker Corneluis 
Schoonn'.aker Dani-.l 
Schoonmaker Isaac 
Schoonmaker Jacob 

Sluyter Jacob 
SUiyter James 
Skiytcr John 
Sluyter William 
Slyter 1. Benjamin 
Sinedis Benjamin B. 
Smedis Jacob 
Smith Abraham 
Smith Henry 
Smith Jacob 
Smith James 
Smith Johannis 
Smith. John 
Smith Jona^. Jr. 
Smith Peter, Jr. 
Smith Thomas 
Smith Valentine 
Smith William 
Snyder Christopher 
Sparks Jacob 
Stanton Benjamin 
Stephenson John 
Stihvay Cornelius 
Stinson William 
Stumble Abraham 
Swart Cornelius 
Swart Isaac 
Swart Tobias 
Swartivout James R. 
Tarwillon Simon 
Terwiligar Arry 

Schoonmaker Jacob DewittTerwiliger Tunis 
Schoonmaker Jocheui D. Terwille^'er Hans, Jr. 

Schoonmaker Joliaiiis 
Schoonmaker John \1. 
Schoonmaker Lodewyck 
Schoonmaker Martin 
Schoonmaker Martinus 
Schoonmaker Pelrus 
Schoonmaker Thor.as 
Schoonmaker Wilh.;ln us 
Scolieid James 
Sears Natiian 
Seiele Coenraet 
Semple Robert 
Senogh Jacob 
Sergeant Robert 
Shaw Tliomas 
Shear Abraham 
Sh.orler Chrispares 
Shorter John 
Shucrat't Jacob 
Simon O. O. 
Simons Joseph 
Sleght Henry B. 
Sleght Tennis 
Sloa! David 
Slowtcr Walter 
Sluyter Abraham 
Sluyter Cornelious 

Terwillegcr Joseph 
Terwilliger Evert 
Terwilliger Joshua 
Thaxter Benj. F. 
Theator Gideon 
Thlarwater Joseph 
Thomas John 
Thompson Aaron 
Thompson Andrew 
Thompson Archibald 
Thompson William 
Thoun-;end Ben 
Thrum John 
Thuttle Bar/ilc 
Tirwillegcr Johannis 
Tolten Jau'cs 
Tomkins Isaac 
Tomkms Jeremiah 
Tomkins Jonathaii 
Tonikins Thomos 
Tompkins Lowraiu? 
Tompson Joshua 
Tonkins Thomas 
Tornuer Jacob 
Toursen Saimiel. Sr. 
Travis Gabril 
Trowbridge Ralfli 

Turner Jacobus. Jr. 
Turner William 
Tutle Israel 
Van Beuren Philip 
Van Blascom James 
Vanburen Christopher 
Van Curen Ruben 
Vandamarck Orry 
Vandamark Ezekiel 
Vandemark Cornelius 
Vandemark Solomon 
Vandemerke John 
Vandemerke Joseph 
'\'andemerkc Lodewyck 
Vandemerken George 
Vandemcrken John 
Van De Merken Joseph 
v'^an Dcmerker Frederick 
Vanderhoff Cornelius 
Vandermarke Aric 
Vandermarke Fradrick 
VanDcrmarke Jacob 
Vandermarke Joseph 
Van der merk Ghysbert 
Van dermerk Solomon 
Vandermerkon Frederick 
Van Gaasbeek .\brahain 
Van Gasbeck Thomas 
Vanlieng Abram 
Vanheran Christopher 
Van Ining Abraham 
Van Keureii Abraliam 
V'an Keuren Mattheus 
Van Keuren Matthew- 
Van Keuren Tcherick 
Vanlauvan Petrus 
Vanlauven John 
Van Luvan Christopher 
Vanluven Andria 
Van Steenliergh Abraham 
Vansteenbergh Benjamin 
Van Steenbergh John 
'van Steenbergh Matthew 
Van Stienbergli Dirck 
Van StienberKdi Tobias 
Vanvlack Cornelius 
VanVlerkum Jaines 
Vanvlict Ten-iis 
Van Wagaiicn Daniel 
"Van Wagcueii Benjamin 
Tan Wagenen Jacob 
Van Wagcr.en John 
■yanwagcncn Levi 
'ian Wagencn Peter 
VanWayencn Simon 
^'arner Philip 
Vernooy Johannis 
Ver Rooy Xathen 
Vicly John 
Wackman Daniel 

TiiK Militia — L'LiTEu County, Focrth Regiment — (Hakdeneurgh's 


Waismiller Henry 
Walker Justus 
Wallace John 
Wjli.i5 WiKiani. Jr. 
WabUrouck Jonathai 
Waters Natlianiel 
Waugli Robert 
\Veeknian Daniai 
Weeks Abraham 
Weeler Wiiliam 
Wtller Fredrick 
WclU Jacobus 
Wells James 

Wells Peter 
Wesmiller Jeremiah 
Wherry David 
Whitaker John 
White Silas 
Whitney David 
Whitney David. Jr. 
Whitney Jacob 
Wilder Daniel 
Williams .■'ibrahani 
Williams John 
Willson Thomab 
W^ilmiller Henry 

Winfield David 
Winheld Simon 
Winn John 
Winnc Peter 1. 
Wismiiier Jeremiah 
Witney David 
W'olsey Dame! 
Wolsey Henry 
Wood Job 
Wood Theophelus 
Woods Silas 
W'oolscy Daniel. Jr. 
Wright William 

W'yiikoop Cornalius 
Wynkoop Dirck D. 
Wynkoop Tobies 
W'ynkoop William 
Vaple Adam 
Yates Thomas 
Yciverten Anthony 
Yelverton Anthony, 
York Johannis 
York John 
York Pctrus 
Young Alexander 
Young John 

Ulster County Militia — Fourth Regiment^- (Hardenburgh's) 

[This Regiment seems to have had a sonie-.vhat tortuous career. On March '13, 
1776, the Provincial Congress received a letter from Colonel Abra.hani Hasbrouck, Major 
Johannes Snyder and the other officers of the Field and Staff, returning their commissions for 
■■ childisli reasons," as the proceedings of the Provincial Congress characterized them. On 
August ', 1776, Captain Salisbury complained to the same body that Colonel Snyder had 
orderc J:at his Troop of Horse be drafted as Foot soldiers. Congress coinitermanded the 
orde Soon afterward, charges were preferred against Colonel Snyder, but whether on account 
of me above action does ujt appear, nor is the result given. As h.e was still in command in 
17S2, tl;e charges could iiave had no serious result. As far as can be gathered, the Regi- 
ment sen-ed at different periods from October 25, 1775, until 1782. Many changes were made 
in tlie ofricers at a reorganization in February. 1778. C)n Novembers. 17S1, Lieutenant Col- 
onel ELm.endorf resigned, but no record is found of his successor.] 

colon.p;ljohaxxes kardexburgh 
lie'jt. col. jox.-i.thax elmexdorph 
lieut. col. johaxxis i.\xsox 
^l^jor johx gillespy 


Capt. Johannis Bevier 
eveet bogardus 
d.xniel c.\xti.ne 
Jacos Concklin 

" William Cross 
IS.\AC D.wis 

" Michael Devoe 

" Andries J. Dewitt 

'■ John L. Dewitt 
Ll'cas Dewitt 
Lewis J. Dlt.ois • 
John Elme.ndorph 
GerarI'-cs Hardenbergh 
Jacob Hasbrouck. Jr. 

" Phillip Koochteling 
Jacob Hcornbeek 
James Houston 
Matthew J ansfn 
C0KNt:LIUS Mastex 
M.VTIHEW Masten 

Davi-1 Ostk.\.vder 
S:ah Robinson 


Jacobvs Rods 

Capt. Peter Roosa 

Egbert Sciiuonm.aker 
Arthur Sm:tu 
Johannis Snyder 
Adam Swart 
Philip Swart 
Jaso;; Wilkins 
Edward Wit.\ker" 
Jacob Wood 
Jurry W. Wreghtmire 
Adrian Wvnkoop 

Lieut, .\ndries Beviek 
Jacoeus S. Bruvn 
Abraham Cantine 
Joseph Cr.\wford 
Peter Decker 
M.^ttiiew Dedericc 
Jacob Delamater 
James Denton 
Elias Depuv 
THo^!AS Dewitt 
" Joshua Dueoies 

Aesah.vm Dr.tEV. Jr. 
" Christian Fieru:; 

Lieut. JoiiN Foster 


Anthony Freer 
S.vmuel Gillespv 
D.WID GuioN 

JOKANXIS .\. Harden!;esgh 
Xichol.\s Hakdenburgh 
Petrus Hasurouck 
jurrv iil■^:.mel 
William Keitch 
K.athaniel Kelsey 


Simeon Lefever 
Eenja.min Lijv.- 
James Lyon — 
John Mac.-\kthur 
loDi.\£ Mire 
Petrus Mvndessv 
Petrus Oosterh.out 


Eeenezer Perkins 
Peter Post 
Petrus Rosa 



Niiu YuKK IS Tin: Ri:\(jLUTioN 




Samlll Swart 
CiiKisvormcR 'J'aite.n 


Peter Thompson 
JoiiN' Vam Bki'Ren 
Tobias Van Beuken 

Jacobus Van Gasedeek 
-Matthew Wvcant 
cornllil's e. w'vnkoop 
Evert Wyxkoop 
Ensigk Samlel Bevilr 

Petklj Bki.n'ck, Jr. 
John iiROAuiiEAU, Jr. 


MosEb Caniine, Jr.. 
Meii.ls.vle.m DUIIOIES 

Ensign X.vthamel Dubois 


Edward Lun;i;ekry 
Hendricus Mike 
Robert Moul 

JulIANAS R0DIh'_ ;. 

Jacobus Rosekkanis 
John Slegiit. Jr. 
juIlN Va.v Dlusen 


Lieut. Nathaniel H 
James Kane 

Admins Samuel 
Albcrtson Joseph 
Albertson Stonhe.n 
Albertson Wiilian; 
Aldrich Gilburth 
Alckenbrgh Pc^er 
Allen John 
Alsdarf Lowrance 
Alsdari Philip 
Alsdorph Jacobus 
Alsdorph Joliann!S 
Alsdorph Philip 
Alsdurf Jacobes 
Anderson William 
Anthony Alard 
Anthony John 
Anthony John, Jr. 
Arslen Daniel 
Bach Job's Loteuce 
Bading Isaac 
Baily Thomas 
Bain David 
Baker Bartholomew 
Ball Thomas 
Bancker Solomon 
Bang Samuel 
Banks Justus 
Bardine VVilliaiu 
Bark George 
Barker Isaac 
Barkly James 
Barman Peter 
Barns Stephen 
Barrik George 
Barlhy James 
Bartlcy James 
Barwill James 
Bealy John 
Bedford Jones 
Dtlc^jcr Frederic 
Bel! Thomas 
Bell Thorue 
Bell William 
Beroon Anthony 


i.RKER LiEUT. Henry Van Wecan Ensign Reuuen Tooks 


Bcvier Abraham 
Bcvier Cornelius 
Bevier Daniel 
Bcvier Jonas 
Bevier Nathaniel 
Beymer Joh's 
Billiger .Michael 
Binson Peter 
Blcnsham Aiaithev/ I. 
Bleiisiiam Matthew J. 
Bloomer \\ •lliain 
Bodine Francis 
Bodine Isar;c 
Bodine Joan 
Bodine \\ iiliani 
Bonker John 
Boons Daniel 
Borton Isa;.c 
Borwell James 
Bouen Daniel 
Bout John 
Bowings Daniel 
Brannen Addani 
Breaden Thomas 
Brinck Sohom 
Brink Cornelius 
Brink John 
Brink John, Jr. 
Brink Peter 
Brink Soloi.ion 
Brook Abraham W. 
Brown Ebcne/er 
Brown Edward 
Brown Isaack 
Brown Jonathan 
Brown Jonathan, Jr. 
Brown \\ illr.m 
Brush r.hakini 
Bruiie Andries 
Bruyn Abraham 
Briiyn Cornelius 
Bruyn Elieiu'zer 
Bruyn Johiinuis 
Bruyn Sai'ryn 


Bruyn Zacheriah 
Bull Dauici 
Bump Cornelius 
Burdin Francis 
Burdin Wiiliam 
Burdine John 
Burhans Samuel 
Burns Charhs 
Burwell James 
Bush Hanory 
Cahill Daniel 
Caldwell James 
Gamble John 
Camp Eldard 
Carman John 
Carny Stephen 
Carpenter Wight 
Case John 
Case Joseph 
Caviler John 
Cerley Israel 
Chisem Hendrik 
Christice Johan 
Clar.rwatcr Jeremiah 
Clark James 
Clarwater Jacob 
Clarwater Joseph 
Clinc Jacob 
Cline Jonas 
Coldwell John 
Cole Cornelius 
Colo Johaiims 
Cole Willi:,n; D. 
Coleman Danckcn 
Coleman Ji.seph 
Colter John 
Colwell Jacob 
Combs Solomon 
Comfort Benjamin 
Comfort Joan. Jr. 
Comfort Samuel 
Conkling William 
Cool Cornelius 
Cool Maritie 

Cool William 
Comes Soloiiion 
Coulter John 
Coulter John. Jr. 
Cowen Martin 
Cox William 
Crage Franci> 
Cramer Wendle 
Crances Henry 
Crank Frederick 
Crans Cri:)tuphel 
Crans Ezekiel 
Crans Henry 
Crans Phillip 
Crawford David 
Crawford Jonathan 
CT^v.ford Nathan 
Crawford Robert 
Crawjord Samuel 
Cwdit Btnjamiii 
Ciistisc John 
Cr:iwell John 
Crenerd Samuel 
Cr-Dnck Fradrick 
CrowQe Ezekiel 
Ci c>ns Eze.kicl 
Cicvoger Earnest 
Crook Conrad 
Groover John 
Crcpsey Henry 
Cropsey Matthew 
Crosby Thomas 
Cross l.eonaril 
Crovcr Aron 
Clover George 
Crovcr John 
Crov. ford Nathan 
Cru^tr Arnest 
Cn'ji-.m Jacob 
Cur.bergh Mattliew 
Dacker Elczar 
D^e>- Robert 
DaFs WiJUain 
Davi.- John 




. ^' 


/ -/ 

.^C>/^-^-^y ,.-i ^^r'r^y /;// [ 


<■ X / ■ 



i/;t.-/t ^ // c 


«-• «•'^ 

^ ' 

.?; C - 1 ' (?^'-, 

//.I t/^^iyi'-, l/;-i-( y.*f^<-f, -/'^'.ir/ ^v.'.-r y-,.-/ 

/"^T- /y.' JL 


't'»ftrl-^ .->/< ./ /c^,^ </,'/H.^ ^';- , 

i^f ^'?t 

C^f:f,-^ ^9.^^>ry , J^^/ •?^-^' 










<v ^yr/w/f^A^ 

,- -^r^ 



.' > 

V > 
• ^ 

■ '^ 








-Si—., .. , ■■• 


Tl!E WiLIllA — L'l.SiER CuL.MV, FoL RTIi Kl.ijlME.M — (.1 IaRDE.NBUKi.II Vj 


Days Haniirick 
Utalls William 
Ucane Solomon 
Dccktr Abraham 
Decker Abraham, Jr. 
Dicker Anibrick 
Decker Benjamin 
Decker Benjamin, Jr. 
Decker Benjamin J. 
Decker Benjamin T. 
Decker Elias 
Decker Elisha 
Decker Elizar 
Decker Evert 
Decker John G. 
Decker Jurry 
Decker Manasse 
Decker Noah 
Decker Peter 
Decker Peter, Jr. 
Decker Uriah 
Decker Wilhelmcb 
Decker William 
Dcdenck Lucas 
DeLeitver Coenrad 
Demott Jamea 
Denniston John 
Derlin David 
Devenport Robert 
Devins Jacobus 
Dill David 
Dir.ager George 
Divenu Jacobus 
Divins Jacobus 
Dobins James 
Docherty Cornelius 
Dolson John 
Dou,5iess James 
Drake William 
Dubois Andries 
Dubois Hezekiah 
Dubois Jonatlian 
Dubois Nathaniel 
Dubois William 
Duboys Aailris 
Duhield Joiiu 
Du Mott Isa,ic 
Dunlap John 
Du Will Jacob 
Eaker Stcien 
Eckert Steplianus 
Ednions Samuel 
Empson Benjamin 
Empsoii Joliii 
English John 
Ennis James 
Erwen Robert 
Harris James 
Ferguson Sanuiel 
Porbcs William 

Forbes William G. 
Forcits William 
Forgeson Samuel 
Forsght William 
France Youst 
Frayer Jeremiah 
Freeman Samuel 
Freer John 
Print Jacob 
Frons Phillip 
Galation James 
Garrison Isaac 
Gee Andero 
Gee Jeremiah 
Gee John 
Gee Nathaniel 
Gillaspy David 
Gillespy George 
Gillespy James 
Gillespy James, Jr. 
Gillespy John 
Goetschus Henrocus 
Graham James 
Graham Robert 
Graham Thomas 
Graham VVilyham 
Grahams James 
Gray Andrew- 
Gray Benj. 
Green John 
Green William 
Griffice Barne 
Gunsalis Samuel 
Gunsalus Danel 
Gutches Hendricus 
Hadger John 
Hadly Fredick 
Hains Henry 
Halett Closes 
Hallett George 
Ilallett Wiliiam 
Hannah Samuel 
Harcourt John 
Harcourt Nathaniel 
Harding James 
Harris Alpheus 
Harris Jonathan 
Hathy Fredrick 
Hatiey FVederiek 
Hauter Isaac 
Hawkins James 
Heady Marcus 
Hedger John 
Hedger Wilbelmus 
Hedgiier John 
Heemaiise Edward 
Hendrickson Jacob 
Herr David 
Herrinton ileuses 
Hide Henry 

Hill George 
Hill William 
Hoiman John 
Holester Isaac 
Holl John 
Hollct Willeni 
Hoilett Moses 
HoUister Isaac 
Hollister Wiliiam 
Holmes Asa 
Homes Reubin 
Hoole John 
Hornbeek Ephraim 
Hosbrock Benjamin 
HulTman Nicolas 
Iluiruan John 
Hughes Evert 
Hughes William 
Hull Nathanel 
Hull Samuel 
Hunter Archebel 
Imson Benjamin 
Innis James 
Irvine William 
Irviin Robert 
Jacklin Daniel 
Jaiisen Jacobus 
Jansen Nicholas 
Johusen Richard 
Johnson Abraham 
Johnston Arthur 
Johnston Jacobus 
Johnston Ritchard 
Jonson John 
Kain James 
Kane Cornelius 
Kauter Isaac 
Keyser F.phraim 
Kimbarrack Matthew 
Kimbary Mathew 
King dayman 
King Nicholas 
Kirkpatiick Samuel 
Kitchen Richard 
Kline Jacob 
Kline JiUKiS 
Knitin John 
KnoUoii Daniel 
Knox Thomas 
Krans Henrj- 
Kyrk William 
Lair Adam 
Lane George 
Lane William 
Lattimore Roger 
Laughlin James 
Lawrence John 
Lawrence William 
Lay bolt Jacob 
Ltndcniuui Cornelius 

Lester Allen - '" 
Lewis Cornelius 
Lewis John 
Lewis Ritchard 
Lewis Samuel 
Lilley John 
Linn George 
Lister Allon 
Litch Rulif 
Lits Evart 
Lits Rnlif 
Loomis Timothy 
Lotts Conrad 
Lovell Alexander 
Lovell Jost .Min?rd 
Low Jacob 
Luts Henry 
Lutts John 
Luwes Corneles 
McBorney W liliam 
^IcCay Alexander, Jr. 
McCleen John 
McClouchan Robert 
McClughan Robert 
McColhem Robert 
McCullom William 
McColm Robert 
McColough John 
McCord John 
McCoughan Robert 
McCreery John 
2\IcCreery Robert 
McCue James 
i).IcCurdy John 
McDermont Lawren;e 
McDowal Dar.iel 
McDowell Joiu'ithan 
ilac Dugal Duncan 
-McElvin David 
}>lcllvean David 
Mcllwain David 
McKay John 
McKcnny Matthew 
Mackey Alexander 
Mackey Ale.xandcr. Jr. 
N'cLackler John 
-McLaughlin John 
McMulien John 
Macord John 
Mall'ord David 
Mance John 
Marshall Jereuiiah 
Marten John 
I'.Iasten Abraham 
Masten Art » 

Masten Ezekiel 
Masten Jonailiaii 
M.isteii Matthew 
Masters Daniel 
Maston John 


New York in the Re\ olltiu.n 

Matterstock Joh's 
Mentz John 
Mcrritl Gccirgc 
Aiilbourn Andrew 
Miller Abraham 
Miller Hans 
Miller Jacobus 
Miller James 
Miller John 
Miller Jolin, Jr. 
Millin Alexander 
Mills David 
Millspaugh Abraham 
Milspaugh Fredrick 
Milspaugh Isaac 
Milspaugh Mathias 
Milspaugh Matthew 
Milspough Mattichia 
Minthorn John 
Mirrit Thomas 
Mole Philip, Jr. 
Moor Jacob 
Moor Martin 
Morse Benjamin 
Moss Benjamin 
Moule Philip 
Mullen Michal 
Muller Miclial 
Munford James 
Murdogh Lackey 
Nainy Samuel 
Nicols William 
Nox Thomas 
O'Bradly Daniel 
O'Cain Edward 
Odle Jonathan 
Opright Malaicah 
Oproght George 
Osborn Daniel 
Osterhoudt Henry 
Osterhoudt Peter 
Ostraiider Christopiiel 
Ostrander Jacob 
Ostrander William 
Owen John 
Owns Benjamin 
Palmer William 
Palmitecr William 
Parsel Jeremiah 
Pembrook Wiiliam 
Penny James 
Penny John 
Penny Stephen 
Pcnsil Peter 
Perveer James 
Phelps Shadrik 
Pifer Hendnck 
Pixley Jona 
I'ixley Williain 
Place WilHam 

Plumsted Joseph 
Post Abram, Jr. 
Potman John 
Potter Edward 
Purdy William 
Putnam Henry 
Putnam John 
Radikcr Henry 
Rain James, Jr. 
Raincy David 
Rainey Samuel 
Raljay Denye 
Raljay Simon 
Rank Cornelius 
Rank Philip 
Rea Matthew Jr. 
Rea Stephen 
Read Stephen 
Realya Simon 
Reany David 
Reighter John 
Rekman Harmanes 
Relyea Dene 
Relyea Dene T. 
Relyea John 
Richard Nathaniel 
Richman Karramauis 
Ricknen Harmanus 
Roc John 
Ronk John 
Roof John 
Roos Avart 
Roos Evert, Jr. 
Roos John 
Roos Peter A. 
Roosa Aldert 
Roosa Derick 
Roose Evert 
Rose John 
Rose Evert. Jr. 
Rosekrans Heiidrick 
Rosekrans Hcndrick W. 
Rosekran? 'ohn 
Rosekrans vv>.--;lmes 
Rosekrans Wiliam 
Rosman Hendrick 
Ross Finley 
Ross William 
Rossell Ludwigh 
Rump Chri.-tian 
Rump Henrj 
Russel William 
Sageman Jacob 
Sagcr Malachy 
St. John Adam 
St. John Noah 
St. John Samuel 
Sainmons Cornelius 
Samnions Jacob 
Sammons Mattliew 

Sammons Matthew, Jr. 
Sammons Tunis 
Scaricaddcn Robert 
Schoonmaker Abraham 
Schoonmaker Isaac 
Schoonmaker Jacob 
Schoonmaker Willieimus 
Schriver Martin 
Schutt Abraham 
Schutt II. 
Scott James 
Scott Wiiliam 
Sears Lawrence 
Segor Malaecliia 
Seneebauch IIener> 
Sension Adam 
Seoos John 
Shafer George 
Shammons Jacob 
Shaver Daniel 
Shaw Thomas 
Shear Salvinus 
Shoecral't Jacob 
Shorter John 
Sidman Jacob 
Sitertis Manasa 
Silkworth William 
Simmons Jacob 
Simmons Sylvanus 
Simmons Tunis 
Sincebaugh Henry 
Sinclair John 
Sinkler John 
Sinsepough Henry 
Skit Hugh 
Slaughter Isaac 
Slaughter John 
Slauter John 
Sloot William 
Slot William 
Smedes Benjamin 
Smedes Benjamin B. 
Smith Francis 
Smith George 
Smith John Mcribray 
Smith Ladlaw 
Smith Lecgc 
Smith Ludiom 
Smith William 
Snider Daniel, Jr. 
Snyder Daniel 
Snyder Henry 
Snyder Jacob 
Snyder John 
Sommons Matthew- 
Sparks Abraham 
Sparks Jacob 
Sparks Robert 
Sprage Amasa 
Springsteel Joseph 

Stilkcr Seth 
St-irks Robert 
Svrjnbargh John 
St'cvenson Hugh 
Strrt James 
-Stitt John 
Storm Jacob 
St jwell John 
Strickland Abraham 
Strickland Jacob 
Striker Abraham 
Summons Tunis 
Swart Abraham 
Swart Benjamin 
Swart Daniel 
Swart Isaac 
Swart John 
Swingel Harromus 
Swingle Cronimus 
Tacrpaiining Lavi 
Tarnpson Archibald 
Ta-repcning Richard 
Ta.rcpening Samuel 
Tajrepenning Lawrance 
Tarpening Derrick 
Taarjienney Elias 
Tarpenny Abrah.am 
Taii'lsor John 
Tciirpeuning Teunis 
Te-cTS Lov.rence 
Tesbos Henry 
Terpening Abrah.am 
Terpcning John 
Tei-.velgen Petrus \"as 
Tenvilagar Philip 
Tejniiiiger Hezekiah 
Tenviliger John 
Terv.illager Joseph 
Tcmvilleger Arie \'. 
Terwilleger Daniel 
Torrvilleger Isaac. Jr. 
Ter.,illeger James F.. Jr. 
Tet-Avilleger Jonathan 
Terjvilleger Matthew 
Tc:~ville.gcr Simon H. 
Ter'-v.lleger Wiihelmus 
Tenvilleger Zacharias 
Tcrsiilligar Jacobus 
Tcrv.:lligar Josiah 
Terr.'. iUigar Peter N. 
Ter^tiiliger Abraham 
Ters. illiger Abrah.am. Jr. 
Teniilliger .\roo:; 
Terivilliger Arra 
Ter-ivilliger Benjamin 
Terwilligcr CoriK-lius. Jr. 
Terv.ilUger Evert 
Teruiiliger Hendnck 
Ter-.viUiger Isaac 
Terwilliger Jacob. Jr. 

iFifc; Mii.niA ^ L'i-.STEu C(JU^"T^■, R.\.\GtKS 


Terwiiliger James F. 
Terwiiliger Jonas 
TerwiUigtr Petir P. 
Terwiiliger Petrus 
Tcr.viiliger Pctrus Vas 
TeruilUger Simon 
rerwilliger Solomon 
Icrwilliger Tunis 
Terwiiliger Tunis C. 
Terwiiliger William 
Tiionipson Alexander 
Thompson Andrew 
Thompson Archabald 
Thompson Richard 
Tice Henry 
Tirwillegar Henry 
Tooker Reuben 
Traith John 
Trape James 
Trapp James 
Trumpurt Jacob 
Tucker Ruben 
Tuttle Israel 
Upright George 
Upright Malichia 
Upright Nathan 

Vanamburt;h Hanry 
Vanamburgh Jeremiah 
Vancuran Benj:iinin 
Vancuren Levi 
VanDclyno Peter 
Vandemark E/.ekiel 
Vandemarken Ezekial 
Vandemarken Jacob 
Vandenmark Jacob 
Vandonmerk Jacob 
Vandermerke Wilhehnis 
Vangarden Jacobus 
Vangarden James 
Vangorden James 
Van Keuron 
Van Kcurcn Bcnjamm 
Vankeuren Charick 
Van Keuren CorntUus 
VanKeuren Hazaei 
VanKeuren Jacobus 
VanKeuren Jacobus, Jr. 
Van Keuren Levi 
Van Keuren Rubei. 
Vankuren Benjamin 
Van Steenbergh John 
Van Steenburgh Abraham 

\'an Wagenen Benjamin L 
Van Wegaa Henry 
V'uwn Richard 
Viburgs Peter 
Wackrnan HLiuy 
Wackman Marcus 
VV'aderwan William 
Wagenor Jolianis 
VVakman Her.ry 
Waller John 
Walles William. Jr. 
Wallib Hugh 
Wallis William 
Ward David 
Ward Richard 
Ward William 
Warkman Henry 
Warrey John 
V/as'^burn John 
Wath Nicholas 
Watts Nicholas 
Weed Saniuell 
\\'elch Ephraim 
Weller Frederick 
Weller John 
Westbrook Abraham 

Whany John 
Wharing James 
Whorrcy John 
Wigant John 
Wigens Michal 
Wiggaii Michael 
Wiggons Annoii 
Williams Adam 
Williams John 
Williams Richard 
Williams Williain 
Wilsey William 
Vvi.ifield Elias 
Wintield Peter 
Winlfield Peter 
Wiiitv.orth John 
Wood Abraham 
Wood Job 
Wood Stephen 
Wood Timaty 
V.'oodward D.'.:iiel 
'vVorkman Henry 
'\'ygant Martin 
Yorks Aron 
Young Christian 
.'oung Johan Christ 

Capt. Samuel Clark 

Albertson Joseph 
Albertson Stephen 
Albertson William 
Allen Jesper 
Armstrong James 
Bloomer Williain 
Buckingham Solomon 
Clark James 
Cropsy Jacob 
Degroot Jacob 
Dogroot Joseph 
Denton Nathaniel 
Donaghy John 

Ulster County Militia — Independent Company 


Edwards Gilbert 
Fowler Daniel 
Givens Samuel 

Johnson David 
Kent Thomas 
Kilsey Thomas 
Kniffin John 
Langley George 
Lattemore Rogger 
Lester Allen 
Mackey Charles 
Morrison Robert 


>.Iu!liner John 
Parks William 
Patten James 
Pembrook William 
Place William 
Plumsted James 
Price Joseph 
Richards Philip 
Robinson William 
St. John Noah 
Shay John 
Sinnot Thomas 

Smith Da\"id 
Suiith David. Sr. 
SiViith Samuel 
Stephenson Hugh 
StiKvell John 
Tiiton Peter 
(Var 1 Isaac 
Weed John 
Weekes Obadiah 
V.'ool Jeremiah 
Woolsey Jonathan 
^'.'uis Solomon 

Ulster County Militia — Light Horse 
C.\PT. Salisburv Lieut. J.\me? Rok 

Kcater .-\brahani 

Ulster County Militia — Rantjers 

Capt. Isa.\c Bflknap 


New Yokk is the RtvoLCTio;* 

Westciicster County Milida — i'irst Regiment 


Capt. JiissK Baker 

Nicholas Berrien 
Geori.e Comg 
•' Gilbert Dean 
Joseph Drake 
Israel IIonevwell 
Daniel .\L\rtli.ng 
Jonas Orsor 
Gauriel Requaw 
Richard Sackett 


Lieut. Benja-\ii.\ Brown 
William Davis 
Daniel DeV'oe 
Natha.n' Fish 
Nath.\.mel Garrison 
Jonatua;-." Knapp 
Henri' Lambert 
Hezekiah Miller 
Will;a.\i Mcjsiier 
Isaac Rlou.v 

Leeut. Cornelius Van Tassell 
Jacob Van Tassell 
John Van Wort 
'" William V\fARN£R 
Daniel Williams 

Ensign Thomas Boyce 
John Oakley 
Peter Pallding 
Stephen Sherv.'oou 
Isaac Valentine, Jr. 

Lieut. Dennis Lent 

additional names on state treasurer s pay bcok.'^ 

Lieut. Gershom Sherwood Liee.t. Willia.m Vail 

Aaron Blak 
Acker Abral'.am 
Acker Benjamin 
Acker Isaac 
Acker Jacob 
Acker John 
Acker StepheMi 
Acker Sybcrt 
Acker Tobias 
Ackerman John 
Alair Peter 
Allen Samuel 
Applebe Elnatlian 
Archer Benjan;iu 
Archer John 
Armstrong Edward 
Aster Jonathan 
Baker Daniel 
Baker Gilbert 
Baker John 
Baker Moris 
Baker William 
Baley John 
Bancker Nicolcs 
Baiiton Saniue 
Barrett Samuel 
Baxter Lock 
Beise Ray 
Berrien Cornelius 
Berrien George 
Bcrtholi Crines 
Bertholf Henry 
Bcrtholi Peter 
Bertine John 
Besser Teunis 
Beyle Jacob 
Bice .Vbraham 
Bice James 


Bice John 
Bice Peter 
Bice Thomas 
Binker Hendrick 
Bishop John 
Boice Abraham 
Bont Peter 
Bougbton Timothy 
Bout Peter 
Brower Deliverance 
Brewer Matthew 
Brewer Nazareth 
Britt William 
Brook Michel B. 
Brooks Micliael 
Brooks ^roms 
Brower Jacob 
Brown Abraham 
Brown — bert 
Brown Isaac 
Brown John 
Bruce Robert 
Buckhout Jacob 
Buckhout Jacob, Jr. 
Bugby John 
Bugby Thomas 
Buice Aaron 
Buice .'Xbraham 
Buice John 
Buill Abraham 
BuiU Johaunas 
Buise P^eter 
Burdet Eiethar 
Burgess Archer 
Burgess Archibald 
Burgess James 
Bulling Ebmetci 
Burns Edward 


Bussing Henry 
Bussing Peter 
Bussing Peter, Jr 
Buyl William 
Buyse Genie 
Buyse Jacob 
Buyse William 
Bycc John 
Bysc William 
Carr Jacob 
Chanpenois Andrew 
Chanpenois Nommay 
Chanpenois Thomas 
Chanpenois William 
Chapman Danel 
Cl'.arpanat Simon 
Chatterdon James 
Cdlet David 
Cls ': Daniel 
Clark Isaac 
Clark Othaniei 
Clark Titus 
Conklin Joseph 
Cookstonc John 
Corter Willeom 
Courtracc John 
Covenhoven Edward 
Cowen Danunt 
Crott — mes 
Cronk Garret 
Cijnk Harclos 
Caningham .\braham 
Cuningham John 
Cu' rin Patrick 
I'ursor licnjaiiiin 
Cursor Isaac 
Cursor John 

Cypher Jacop 
Cypher John 
Cyphtr John, Jr. 
Daton Joseph 
David Vv'illiam 
Davids David 
Davids I sac 
Davids William 
Davis William 
Dean Isaac 
Dean John 
Dean Samuel 
Dean Thomas 
Dee David 
Delamater Abraham 
Delamater I.^aac 
Delanoy Abraham 
Dele\ier Hendrick 
De Pew Henry 
Derevere Hendrick 
Dereviere John 
Deriver Cornilous 
Derivine Henry 
Devoe David 
Dcvoc James 
De Voe John 
Devoe William 
Diccrman Joseph 
Dickinson Ezekeal 
. L'ingy Eliga 
Dodge Nathaniel 

Drake Samuel 
D-ickcr .A.braham 
Diuclier Abraham 
I>i:tcher John 
Dyckman Garret 
E:ickcr Jacob 

The Mii.niA — W'kstciikstf.r County, Fir>t Rehiment 


FJgtt Joel 
Klit Uavia 
Embre John 
Kinbre John, Jr. 
Embre Joseph, Jr. 
Embre Samuel 
Fancher John 
Farrington Jonas 
Ferris John 
Ferris Peter 
Ferris Samuel 
Finch Jonathan 
Fish Nathan 
Fisher Elijah . 
Fisher James 
Fisher John . 
Fisher Samuel 
Fork Daniel 
Forshee James 
Forshce John 
Forshu William 
Fosha John 
Foster Reduke 
Fowler Joshua 
Fowler Alarton 
Fowler Moses 
Frasher John 
FrazicT William 
Gall Stephen 
Garrison Dennis 
Garrison John 
Garrison Tunis 
Gilmore Robert 
Gravestinc Garret 
Gravestine John 

Green Isaac 
Green William 
Hadley Frederick 
Hadley Isaac 
Hadley Joseph 
Hadley Moses 
Hadley Stephen 
Haight Reuben 
Haight Walter 
Hait Abijah 
Halt Daniel 
Hait Phineas 
Hamman James, Jr. 
Hammon John 
Hamminid John 
Hammond Slates 
Hanis Moses 
Har Abraham 
Haris Moses 
Harper George 
Harris Edward 
Harris William 
Hatfield Joshua 

Hawks — athaii 
Hayes Jesse 
Hayes Nathaniel 
Hedger Thomas 
Hcgby Jacob 
Helker John 
Hichcock John 
Higday George 
Kill James 
Hitchcock David 
Jlolmcs Jeremiah 
Holmes Rubin 
Holmes Samuel 
Hornbeck Henry 
Jlorton Caleb 
Horton John 
Hortcn Thomas 
Horton William 
How Sihaiius 
Howeil Si'.es 
Hughsted Noah 
Hiimphey Thomas 
Huiit Arnold 
Hunt EUab 
Hunt Jacob 
Hunt Philip 
Hunt Robert 
Hunt Samuel 
Hunt Thomas, Jr 
Hunter John 

Huttci William 
Hyat Thomas 
Hyde Diah 
Ingersol John 
Isr?el John 
Jackling Truman 
Jacobs Cornelius 
Jacobs — uha 
Jewel John 
Jolmson Levi 
Johnson Samuel 

Jones Corneles 
Jones — msa 
ucl John 

Canker Nicoles 
Keiff Andrew 
Knap Joel 
Knapp Jonathan 
Lafferjea Tunis 
L'lmberdson Lambert 
Lambert Aoraham 
Lambert Cornelius 
Lambert Henry 
Lambert Lambert 
Lanibertli William 
Lauser Samuel 
Lawrence Isaac 
Lav.-rence Tiiomas 
La'.\son Samuel 

Lcarure Samuel 
Ltfurt;y Peter 
Leggel Ebenezer 
Legget Elijah 
Legget Gabriel 
Leg^et Wil'iiam 
Lent Isaac 
Lewis John 
Liglit Josiah 
Livurgis Peter 
Lounsbury Jo'icph 
Lovebury Jonathan 
Lovvnsbury Joshua 
Lyon Esreal 
McChaiu Johi; 
McCloud Alexander 
McCord Robert 
McFarding Gabriel 
I\IcFarding James 
Mainer Stephen 
Mangam Daniel 
Marshall James 
Martine John, Jr. 
Martine Samuel 
Martling David 
Martling Peter 
Mead Joseph 
Mead Joshua 
Mead MarscI 
Mead Mortchet 
Mead Paschcl 
Mener A. 
Miller Abraham 
Miller Ebenetus 
Miller Moses 
Miller Peter 
Miller Samuel 

Mills on 

Miner Albert 
Minner James 
Mirtine John 
^loney — him 

Morris .Abraham 
Mouer .\lburt 
Mullin Richard 
Naviring • — es 
Neal William 
Nelson John 
Newman Jnnr^tlian 
Newman Piatt 
Nicols .-Vbram 
Northrup Eli 
Oakley Caleb 
Oakley Isaac 
Oakley John 
Oakly Myles 
O'Rrian Mor-;er 
OJcl Jacob 

Odell Isaac 
Onsar Abraham 
Greer Elbert 
Orscr After 
Orser Isaac 
Orser Solomon 
Orsor Niccles 
Osbon John 
Osborn Danvers 
Osburn John 
Pain Joseph 
Palomg John 
Palding Joseph 
Palmer Aaron 
Parsall Devenport 
Paulding John 
Paulding John, Jr. 
Paulding Joseph 
Paulding William 
Peterson John 
Pever Cornelius 
Phillips Samuel 
Pinkney David 
Place Uriah 
Plase Freeman 
Porday John 
Pouldmg Reoger 
Poulding Thomas 
Pugley Tolman 
Pttgsly Toloman 
Pccrday Esrael 
Fiarday James 
PiBirdy Anthony 
Fferdy Solomon 
foiiter V, iliiain 
Ra^en Jeremiah 
Raiisen Henry 
Rassque Ab'm 
RaEton Willam 
P"— ;.id Sands. Jr. 
Rajrdon Patrick 
Rtvd Isaac 
P.ectl James 
Re;>ua James 
Rt-oua Isaac 
Re\i!aw Abraham 
Re^iuaw Daniel 
Re^iiaw James 
Re-5\;aw James. Sr. 
Rwuaw James. Jr. 
R^juaw John 
Rt^uaw Joseph 
Reiong William 
Kfvere Cornelius 
Robeson John 
Rockwell William 
Ron'.er Hendrick 
Romer Hendrick. Jr. 
Roner James 
Ro<imer Henrv 


New York in the Rk\-oi.utio.v 

Kull John 
Kur.del David 
Ruiidel — liaiii 
K'jiidtl — lies 
Rusbell Afiraliam 
Russell John 
Russell Timothy 

Kyer Ilendrick 
Ryer John 
Ryer lunis 

Sands Stephen 
Saxton — n 
Schofield — lisa 
Scofield Silas 
Sedore Isaac 
Sec Abraham 
See David 
See Isaac 
See Isaac, Jr. 
See James 
See James. Sr. 
See Johri 
Sergeants James 
Shearwood Isaac 
Shearvvood Joshua 
Sheerman Joseph 
Sherewood Moses 
Sherewood Wii'iarn 
Sherman Adrian 
Sherman Jacob 
Sherwood Elijaii 
Sherwood Job 
Sherwood Samuel 
Sherwood Solomon 

Sluite Ezekiel 
5;;. ,- 7 . .. .. 

^.>-v i cier 
Sider Stephen 
Sidore Coonrod 

Sifcr Jacob 
Sifer John 
Siffcr John 
Sifter John Sr. 

Simmons Isaac 
Simon — nail 
Slater David 
Smith Isaac 
Smith Stephen 
Snell Stephen 
Soodor Stephen 
Standard Richard 
Stantin Elijah 
Stall r — d 
Stephens John 
Stevenson Frederick 
Steves Jcriniiah 
Steward Gcrshctn 
Stingrod — non 
Storm Abraham 
Storm David 
Storm Gorus 
Storm John 
Storms David 
Storms Nicholas 
Storms Stotts 

Stuart — arts 
Stuart John 
Stuart Solomon 
Swain James 
Syier Peter 
Syper Jeremiah 
Sypher John 
Tailtr Gilbert 
Taylor Elijay 
Taylor Elnathan 
Tovlnr Henry 

Tippet James 
Tippet Thomas 

Tompkins Jeremiah 
Tompkms Ab'm 
Tompkins Elijah 
Trusdel Samuel 
Tucker — and 
Turbush — nry 
Turnier John 
Tuttil James 
Underbill Nathan 
Vahe Godl'ray 
Valentine Jacob 
Van Buer Marten 
Vanhouten Peter 
Van Norstrand William 
Van OsteraiiiJ 'A'liliam 
Vanscoy Cornelius 
Vantassel Abraham 
VanTassel Cornclious 
Van Tassel Cornelius. Jr. 
Van Tassel Jacob 
Vantassel John 
Van Tassel Stephen 
Van Tessel David 
Vantessel Is.uac 
Vantessell Peter 
Van Wart 

Van Wart Abraham 
Van Wart Garret 
Van Wart Henry 
\'an Wan I-aac 
Van Wart Jrxob 
Van Wart Jacob. Jr. 
Vanwart Jaircs 
Van Wart J jhn 
Vanwart Wi'liani 
Van Wonncr Cornelius 
Van Wonner Peter 
\'arden John 
Varncy — aluim 

V cai i-iLMai.«in 
Vearin James 

Vecl William 
'Veil William 
Vermillia Joshua 
Voke Henry 
W'agcnor Tobias 
Waldron Isaac 
Ward Charles 
Ward Daniel 
Ward Hezekiah 
Ward Nathan 
Ward William 
Washburn Daniel 
Washburn Joseph 
Washburn Silas 
Webbers Isaac 
Weed — athan 
W eeks — ames 
Weeks Jonathan 
Weeks Reuben 
Weeks William 
West Zcphaniah 
Weston Joseph 
Wheteen Bcnjaniin 
Wheteen Luthel 
Whitny — itus 
Wilday James 
Vvildey Jacob 

Williams Abraham 
Williams David 
Williams Daze 
Williams John 
WiUia.ms Marcus 
Wolsey Daniel 
Wood Jonah 
'iVoolsey Abraham 
Yerkis William 
Vcrks John 
Yorks James 
Yorks John 
Youngs Joseph 
Y'oungs Samuel 

The Mii.jTiA — WEhTLHUsiER CouMV, SeconU Regiment 


Westchester County Militia — Second Regiment 


Capt. Noaji Bouton 

Benjamin Chapman 
" Peter Fleming 
Abijah Gilbert 
Samuel Haight 

" Gilbert Lvon 
" JosiAH Miller 
" Marcus Moseman 
Jacoeus Purdy 


Capt. Richard Sackett 
Moses St. John 

" Bknjamin Stevenson 

" John Thomas 
Lieut. Thomas Carpenter 
Jesse Holly 

V Caleb Lawrence 
David Lyon 
Silas Miller 
Joseph Miller 

Lieut. Ebenezer Si;ofield 
Elijah Scott 
Jacob Travis 
'■ William Wright 

Ensign Samuel Banks 
John Falconer 
Eli Tyler 
Abraha.m Wearing 

additional names on state treasu'rer s pay books 

Lieut. Is.\ac Clark Lieut. Hezekiah Miller Lieut. Sands Raymond 

Jacob Haight " Isaac Miller Ensign Benjamin Ambler 

Gabriel Hicgins " James Miller " Timothy Miller 

Abraham Henry 
Additon Ebenezer 
Additon William 
Ambler Benjamin 
Ambler Jeremiah 
Anderson Benjamin 
Anderson Jermiah 
Angavine Gilbert 
Archant George 
Arden Gideon 
Arhart George 
Armstrong Edward 
Armstrong Isaac 
Arnold James 
Arnold Jeremiah 
A.stine Amos 
Austin Amos 
Baker Daniel 
Banks John 
Banks Jonathan 
Banks Obediah 
Barret Abraham 
Barret Bethuel 
Barret 2\Iarcus 
Barret Marcus, Sr 
Barrett Reuben 
Barrett Samuel 
Bea Peter 
Benedict Amos 
Benedict Benjamin 
Benjeman James 
Bettis John 
Betts Nathan 

Bishop Epenelus 
Black Isaac 
Blew Isaac 
Bloodgood Oliver 
Bi-nker Abraham 
Borett Bethuel 
Bortick Robert 
Bortwick Samuel 
Bosthewick James 
Bostwick James 
Bostwick John 
Bostwick Robert 
Bostwick Samuel 
Bostwick Stephen 
Br uton Benajah 
Bouton F.bene.^er 
Bouton Ezra 
Bouton Joeb 
Bonlon Samuel 
Bridge Salvaiius 
Briggs Josh. 13 
Brirs Tlicinas 
Brooks Michael 
Brower Holsey 
Frown Daniol 
Brown Deliverance 
Blown David 
Brown Holsey 
Brown John 
Brown Joseph 
Brown Lawrence 
Brown Lebcus 
i^rown Nehemiah 


Brown Titus 
Brown William. 
Bruce Robert 
Brur.dage David 
Brundage James 
Brundage John 
Brundage Josiah 
Brundage Masten 
Brundage Sal\enu3 
Erundge Jeremiah 
Brundges Selevans 
Brundige Jesse 
Brundige Nathaniel 
Brush Jesse 
Buckbee John 
Bugbce Joiin 
Bugbee Jonathan 
Busbee John 
Cabee Stephen 
Canibeli James 
Canipell James 
Canciigliam James 
Canfield Joints 
Canficld Nathan 
Canfield Nathan, Jr. 
Canfield Stephen 
Caniey Thomas 
Carpenter Rufus 
Carr Cl;arles 
Champenois Andrew 
Chapman Benjamin 
Chapmen Benjamin 
Cliar'i'icn Joliri 

Charlick Henry 
Charlick John 
Clapp Benjamin 
Clapp Benjamin. Jr. 
Ciapp Henery B. 
Ctapp Henry 
Clark Caleb 
Clark Cornelius 
C:ark Dariol 
Clark David 
Clark Henry 
Clark Isaac 
C'.ark Isaac Jliller 
Clark Jacob 
Clark James 
Clark Jo.'icph 
Clark Josiah 
Gark Nathan 
Clark Silas 
Clark Titus 
Clarke Nath.aniel 
Cleen Daniel 
Clements Charles 
Clements James 
Clock Jaccib 
Close Benjamin 
Clyde Benjamin 
Com.e> Solomon 
Conkhng Ebenezar 
CcnneU Peter 
Conncry John 
Connoly John 
ConnuU Ptter 


Xew York in thi-. Revoi.utio.n 

Cuiuv.iy Thomas 
Criib Fradritk 
Crab Richard 
Cralt William 
Crane Peter 
Crawford Rcberi 
Crisscy Silvenus 
Crisbey WilHam 
Crissy Ebenezer 
Crowiord Robert 
Cuninghain John 
Cunningham x-Vbel 
Cunningliam James 
Curby Stephen 
Dalton Wiham 
Dan Abraham 
Dan Jonathan 
Daniels Elijah 
Dannels James 
Dayton Jonah 
Deforest Reuben 
Denge Elige 
Dcngee Emery 
Denton Alexander 
Denton Daniel 
Denton Joseph 
Denton William 
Depew Abraham 
Dibbel Daniel 
Dingar Elijah 
Dm gee Emery 
Dingee John 
Dingee John, Jr. 
Dinger John, Sr. 
Dingy Elijah 
Din/a John 
Dodge Nathaniel 
Doe Jonathon 
Doesbusteed Daniel 
Doge Nathaniel 
Donalds John 
Donalson Joseph 
Drack John 
Egbert Abraham 
Elliot Robert 
Elmore Ichabod 
Fairchild James 
Fansher John 
Feecks Joseph 
Fceke Joseph 
Peeks Pryer 
Fecks Robert 
Felttr Henry 
Ferres Daniel 
Ferris John 
Ferris Jonah 
F'erris Jonathan 
Ferris Saiirael 
Ferris Thomas 
Fcrriss Silvuiiaus 

Finch Elnathan 
Finch Jonathan 
Finch Philip 
Fislier .'ibijah 
Fisher Elijah 
Fisher Gilbert 
Fisher Joseph 
Fisher Joseph, Jr. 
Fi.x Pryor 
Fowler Moses 
Franklin James- , 
Frayer Zebulon 
Frazier John 
Fuller Joseph 
Furman Miles 
Gale William 
Garrett George 
Gaulding Zenus 
Gilbert Benajah 
Gilbert Jacob 
Gilchrist Samuel 
Gilcrease Samuel 
Gilichrist Thomas 
Golding Amos 
Graham Robert 
Graham Tony 
Green Abraham 
Green Charles 
Green John 
Gregory Daniel 
Gregory Jeiiiel 
Gregory Nehemiah 
Gregory Zekiel 
Haight Charles 
Hail Daniel 
Haiiis David 
Hait Jacob 
Halt Jonathan 
Hait Thaddeus 
Hall John 
Hall Joseph 
Harness Robert 
Harper Godfree 
Harris Abijah 
Harris Ezekiel 
Harris Justus 
iiarris Rober 
Harris William 
Harris Zebuion 
Hatton William 
Hawkins Samuel 
Haw.xhurst Thomas 
Hayes James 
Hayes Josiah 
Hayes Stephen 
Hayes Thomas 
Hayes Thomas A. 
Haynes David 
Hays Benjamin 
Hays Nathaniel 

Hayt Hczekiah 
Hayt Jakin 
Hayt Jonathan 
Hector Fredrick 
Heggons Ebenezer 
Hellem Robert 
Hibbirt Joseph 
HitI Andrew 
Higen Eskel 
Higcns Ebcn 
Kiggcns Joseph 
Higgir.s Gabriel 
Higgins Moses 
Higgins Joseph 
Hill James 
Hill Joshua 
Hobby Jonatl'.an 
Hodges James 
Hoff William, Jr. 
Hoil Daniel 
Hoit Ezra 
Hoit Israel 
Hoit Phineas 
Holister Plesant 
Holladay William 
Holmer David 
Holmes .Abijah 
Holmes Beacher 
Holmes Becker 
Holmes James 
Holmes Jeremiah 
Holmes Jonathan 
Holmes Reuben 
Holmes Samuel 
Holmes Stephen 
Holms Nathan 
tloims Nathaniel 
Homes Jeremiah 
Homs Stephen 
Horton Daniel 
Honon Thomas 
Horup Cahil 
Horuj) Justus 
Horup Zekial 
How Silvanus 
Howe Ebenezer 
Hoyt .Abraham 
Hoyt Enoch 
Hoyt Silvanus 
Hubly David 
Hucihn.ys Absolom 
Hughsted Thomas 
Hull Isaac 
Ham John 
Hunt Jonnthaa 
Hunt Philip 
Hunter Frederick 
Hutchens Abs'ilum 
Huting .Aubsoloin 
Hyatt Elish 

Hrnard Michael 
Irtjersol Jonathan 
Isaacs Samuel B. 
Jacobs Abraham 
Jared Samuel 
Jesiup Jonathan 
Jin-iS John 
Jump William 
Jmre Ezra 
June Joshua 
Ke«!er Ebenezer 
Kellam Robert 
Kerby Stephen 
Ketcham Carll " 
Kic -Andrew 
King James 
Kiscoe Andrew 
Kjoapp Abraham 
Kiiapp Silas 
Knttien Andrew 
Kr»ilTen Reuben 
Knolten Ephraim 
Knilum Robert 
Laanbert Jonath.'-n 
Lane Reuben 
Lanord Robart 
Laansbury Epeneius 
Lsv.'nsberry James 
Laarrence Jonathan 
La7/son Samuel 
Lfasure Samuel 
Leeree Joel 
Le.?get Thomas 
Levjnard Robert 
Li-uis Daniel 
Light Josiah 
Li^l'-t Lodwick 
Lcckwond David 
Lockwood Nathan 
Lockwood Nolhanijl 
Lcckwood Reulen 
Lamesby Ephenef.s 
Lijonsbcrry Stephen 
LiBunsburry Josiah 
Launsbury Joshua 
Lounsbury Stephen 
L>t>n Benjamin 
Lyon Israel 
Lj'on John 
L.'or. Jastas 
Lyon Moses 
Ljon Peter 
L7-on Roger 
Lyon Samuel 
McClain Robert 
McCie.m Daniel 
Mandeville Stephen 
Mlanord Elisha 
XIanord Isaiah 
Mar.ord John 

The MiLiTiA — Westchester County, Second Regiment 


^^arlro\v Sc!a 
Maritt Caleb 
Maria Andrew 
Mason Gerard 
Mason Jeremiah 
Mathers Luke 
Mathews Luke 
Maurr John 
Maynard Elija B. 
Waynard Elisl;a 
Maynard Stephen 
Mead Andrew- 
Mead Ezekiel 
Mead James 
Mead Joshua 
Mead Josiah 
Mead Smith 
Merit Silvanus 
Merret John 
Merrit Daniel 
Micars Green 
Miller Abijah 
Miller Abraham 
Miller Cornelius 
Miller Daniel 
Miller Ebenezer 
Miller Ebenezer, 3rd 
Miller Emerus 
Miller Enos 
Miller Epnetus 
Miller Gasper 
Miller George 
Miller Gideon 
Miller Gilbert 
Miller Hackaliat 
Miller Hezekiah 
Miller Increase 
Miller Isaac 
Miller Jacob 
Miller Jacob, Jr. 
Miller James 
Miller James, Jr. 
MUlcr Jeremiah 
Miller Jezekiah 
Miller John 
Miller Jonathan 
Miller Jonathan, Jr. 
Miller Joseph 
Miller Josiah 
Miller Lemuel 
Miller Nathaniel 
Miller Nicholas 
Miller Tetcr 
Miller Richard 
Miller Samuel 
Miller Solomau 
Miller Thaddeus 
Miller Timothy 
Miller Titus 
Miller William 

Millor Solomon 
Mills Jacob 
Mills James 
Mills John 
Mills Joseph 
Mills Josiah 
Mills Reuben 
Mills Solomon 
Mills Titus 
Moer Morten 
Moger Simmons 
Monrow Selcy 
Moor Martm 
Morrill Benjamin 
Morrill Jacob 
Moseman Peter 
Mosher John 
Mosher Simeon 
Mosher William 
MuUer William 
Murphy Robert 
Nairen James 
Nairn James 
Nearing James 
Neelson EH 
Nelson Eli ' 
Nelson John 
Newman Abner 
Newman Ezekiel 
Newman Jacob 
Newman Jeremiah 
Newman Jonathan 
Newman Piatt 
Nichols Abraham 
Nichols Daniel 
Nickels Nathaniel 
Nicolls Thaniel 
Niles Nathaniel 
Northrop Jr.red 
Northrup Isaac, Jr. 
Nortlirup Joel 
Numan Jonas 
Oakley Cornelius 
Oakley Isaac, Jr. 
Ogden Gilbert 
Ogden John 
Olmsted Hezekiah 
Organ Cornelius 
Osbon John 
Osburn John 
Owen Joseph, Jr. 
Palmer Aaron (colored) 
Palmer Nathaniel 
Palmer Smith 
Palmer Tiioir.as 
Palmer Zabut 
Paulding Thomas 
Peck Aaron 
Peck Abijah 
Peck Benjamin 

Pock David 
Peers John 
Pelham Jos^^ph 
Pcrda Jonathan 
Pew Abraham 
Pickings Peter 
Pine John 
Place Freman 
Place Uriah 
Plase Janseman 
Plas? Uriah 
Folding Thomas 
Prior Barak 
Prior Joseph 
Purdy Francis 
Purdy Isaac 
Purdy Israel 
Purdy Jesse 
Purdy Jonatiian. 
Purdy Simon 
Purdy Thomas 
Quick Andrew 
Randol David 
Ranson Henry 
Rasco John 
Raymond Enoch 
Raymond James 
Raymond James. Jr. 
Raymond John 
Raymond Sands 
Raymond Sands, Jr. 
Raymond Thomas 
Raynolds John 
Reeve Andrew 
Rerenhout George 
Reynolds Jesse 
Reynolds Jessop 
Reynolds John 
Reynolds Jonah 
Reynolds \"aientine 
Rimes Henry 
Risle James 
Robenson John 
Roberts Amos 
Robertson John 
Robeson John 
Rockwell Nathan. Jr. 
Rockwell William 
Rockwill Benjamin 
RockwiU Jobe 
Rott Henry 
Ruff Henry 
Rumscy John 
Rundal Jabus 
Rundel Charles 
Rundeli David 
Rundell Jesse 
Rundle Richard 
Rusco John 
Ruso Saiaull 

Ruso Thomas 
Sacket James 

Sackett n 

Sackett James 
Sackett John 
Sackett Jones 
Sackett Sollomon 
St. John Abijah 
St. John Moses 
Sanders John 
Sands Samuel 
Sarley James 
Sarlls James 
Sarlls John 
Sarlls Richard 
Sarlls Thaddeus 
Sarils William 
Sans John 
Saws James 
Schofie'.d Enos 
Schofield James - 
Schofield Jesse 
Schofi .Id John 
Scho-.hnian James 
Scofield David 
Scofield Siias 
Scofield Smith 
Seaman Isaac 
Seely Eli, 5r. 
Seely Eli, Jr. 
Seely Tiiadeus 
Seley Joseph 
Seley Thedas 
Sellut Fredeiick 
Semaus Wilier 
Shampenway Andrew 
Sherwood Nehemiali 
Silkman J jhn 
Sim.mons Moses 
Simorj Isaac 
Slaufon "-tcphen 
Slav.scn .-Vmos 
Slawter Gulbert 
Smith Benjamin 
Smith Caleb 
Smith Caleb, Jr. 
Smith Daniel 
Smith Daniel, Jr. 
Smith David 
Smith Isaac 
Smith J;imes 
Smith Jesse 
Smith John 
Sn'ith ^iathe•.v 
Smith Maurice 
Smith Nathaniel 
Smith Noah 
Smith Oli^'or 
Smith Philemon 
Smith Richard 


New York ii,- the Revolution 

Smith Stephen 
Smith Ward 
Sr.ifToit Andrew 
Sniften George 
Sniffrn James 
Siiincn Reuben 
Snilfen Wihiam 
Snyder Jonath.an 
Sprage John 
Stebblns Xeiiemiah 
Stephenson Frederick 
Stephenson Wilber 
Stewart John 
Sticklcn John 
Sticklen John. Jr. 
Stine William 
Stins John 
Stormes Hank 
Strowbri'lge James 
Sutherland Silas 
Tanner John 
Tayler Henry 
Taylor Jonathan 
Thomas Edward 
Thomas John 
Thorn Daniel 

ToIIerday Za.^hariah 
Tuncy (^colored) 
Tnwnscnd Ephraim 
Travis Zcbulon 
Tuclcer Robert 
Tucker Ruben 
Tucker Samuel 
Tucker William 
Tyler John 
Tyler Jonathan 
Tyler Simeon 
Van Dyck Jacob 
Vansant Levy 
Vantasell John 
Van Waggoner Micheal 
Vanzant Levi 
Vincent Joseph 
Vorhis Jacob 
Vorhis Samuel 
Wall John 
Wardel Eliakim 
Wardel Solomon 
Wareing Joshua 
Waring David 
Wascott Abvani 
Webb Sylvanus 

Vv'ebb Sysumet 
Weed Jonathan 
Weeks Daniel 
Weeks James 
Weeks Jonathan 
Weeks Nathaniel 
Weeks Simon 
Wendell Stephen 
Wescot Abrani 
Wescot Annanias 
Westcot Ezra 
Westcot John 
Westcot Samuel 
Wheaton Benjamin 
Wlietcn Benjamin 
Whiller Ebcnezer 
White Jacob 
White James 
White John 
White Stephen 
Whitney Silas 
Wicks James 
Wight John 
Willamesso Marcus 
Williams Dage 
Wiiliaras Marcus 

Williams Robert 
Williams Stephen 
Williamson Jams 
Williamson Marcus 
William.son William 
Willis Maurs 
Wood Jacob, Jr. 
Wood Joseph 
Wood Nathan 
V/ood Nathaniel 
Wood Philip 
Wood Stephen 
Wood Timothy 
Woodward Wiiiiain 
Woolsey John 
Woolsey John. Jr. 
Woolsey Josiah 
Word Jonath 
Worden George 

— Worden Gilbert 

Worden Joseph 
Worden \'oluntine 
Wright Gilbert 
Wright William 
Young Joseph 

Westche&ter County Militia — Third Reg-iment 

colonel pierre van cortlandt 
■colonel samuel drake 
'lieutenant colonel gilbert drake 
lieutenant colonel john hyatt 
Major Nathaniel delivan 
major joseph strang 

adjutant JOHN COOLEY 

Capt. Timothy Benedict 
Ebenezer Bovd 
" ABR.\n.\M BucKHOur 


" J.\SPER Drake 

Joiix Drake 
" Benjamin Grden 

SA>!fKL Haigmt 
" Abraham SMrrir Heddo.v 
" John Hyatt 
" James Kroxkiute 
" Samuel Lawtexce 

" EfllRAI.M Loi'KV.OOD 

'■ Jo.snuA Rogers 

GiDEjx Seely 
" Eli Sely 

Capt. Ebenezer Season 
Henry Strang 
James Teller 
" Truesdel 

Lieut. Ja::es Archer 

CokXELiL'.^ Clark 
William Clark 
" John Cud.xey 
" JcsiiuA Drake 

Beni.vmtn Dyckman 
D.vviD Ferris 
\\'illiam Caii.er 


EzEKiEL Hyatt 


John McCeal 
" Daniel ^Urvine 

Lii-TT. Zephaniah Mills 
Ebenezer Phillipj 
Jonathan Porter 

~ Abraham Purdy 
Alvan Purdy 
SoLO.Mox Purdy 
Austin Reynolds 

*■ Ebenezer Scofield 

"' Elijah Scott 

" Henry Season 
Joseph Vail 

" Jacob \"ax Tkssell 

Ex5:gv Benedict 

Elijah Drake 


John McCreasy 
Daniel Watekeerrv 

TfiE Militia — Westchester Couxtv, Third Regimext 




pav bo^ 



Daniel Delavan 
Moses Headow 
John Mandevillf 
John C. Miller 

Lieut. Obediah Purdy 
ABRAHA^^ Todd 
" Uriah Wallace 


Acker Tobias 
Adams Amos 
Aien Samuel 
Ardsehigel Richard 
Arther Piatt 
Ashley Absalom 
Aslin Isaac 
Aure John 
Austen Isaac 
Avery Ebenezer 
Avery John 
Baet Marcus 
Bailey Devoe 
Baily James 
Baly Juhn 
Banker Adolf 
Barsely James 
Barton Caleb 
Bartow Elijah 
Basel Samuel 
Basford VVilliarn 
Batts John 
Bayle Jonathan 
Bayly Devone 
Bedel Sanua-l 
Beeckman Garrard G. 
Benedich Jacob 
Benedict Timothy 
Berry Charles 
Betts Gideon 
Bevic Isaac 
Billew Isaac 
Birdsall Dannil 
Birdsall Sar.uiel 
Eirdsell Jacob 
Bishop Epenetus 
Bishop John 
Blatchly Daniel 
Bloom Zachariah 
Bloomer Abraham 
Bjrden Daniel 
Borret Abraham 
Bosct Jesse 
Boshford William 
Bostwick John 
Bostivick Robert 
Bostv.-ick Samuel 
Bostwick Stephen 
Bottle Thomas 
Boughton Calope 
Bouton Ezra 
Bouton James 
Bouton Jehiel 
Bouton Joel 

Bouton Joseph 
Bouton Moses 
Bouton Stephen 
Bouton Timothy 
Boyce John 
Brant Philip 
Briggs Edward 
Briggs Isaac 
Briggs Philup 
Brock William 
Brooks Daniel 
Brooks John 
Brown Adonijah 
Brown Brockwa 
Brown David 
Brown Eber 
Brown Elijah 
Brown John 
Brown Nathan 
Brown Nathaniel 
Brown Samuel 
Brown Solomon 
Brown Timothy 
Brown William 
Brundage Nathan 
Brundige IJczckiah 
Brush Elicar.i 
Bryant Jeams 
Buice John 
Bunce Edmund 
Burdjat Conerad 
Burgdof Philip 
Burgdurf Philip 
Burges Archibald 
Burwagen Saul 
Bush William 
Butal Thomas 
Cable Samuel 
Cadman Daniel 
Caiman Jaims 
Campbell James 
Canfield Jajnes 
Canman Tiiomas 
Cannon Henry 
Carles Hennery 
Carll David 
Carman John 
Carvender Joseph 
Cats Miehal 
Catt Michal 
Coar Hennery 
Chace Thomas 
Charleton Jacob 
Chapraan Daniel 


Chapman Stephen 
Chatterton Jonathan 
Chattertou Thomas 
Chechister Jeremiah 
Clark Isaac 
Clark Nathan 
Clarke James 
Clawson Ezra 
Clawson Jacob 
Clements Aaron 
Coley Samuel Brooks 
Collard James 
Combs Michael 
Concklin Seth 
Conklin Jeremiah 
Conkling Isaac 
Conkling Israel 
Conkling John 
Conkling Jonathan 
Conkling Zophar 
Conlin Timothy 
Cook Able 
Cooley Samuel 
Corlmon James 
Crawford Robert 
Crawford Robert, Jr. ' 
Crissey John 
Crofert Ase 
Crofort Samuel 
Crowfit John 
Currey Richard 
Currcy St.'phen 
Cyper Ivy 
Cypher Jerr> 
Danolds Eligali 
Danslas Elijah 
Davis Daniel 
Davis Isaac 
Davis John 
Davis William 
Davison Isaac 
Dean Ephraini 
Dean William 
Dear, William W. 
Dcgroat Garet 
DeGroot States 
Deluie John 
Delamtcr Isaac 
Denton .-Mcxander 
Denton Joseph 
Depue Abraham 
Depiic Hennery 
DePue John 
Devoe David 


N John Carma.v 
Is.^c Clark 
J.\coB McNarmily 

Devovir Peter 
Devowe William 
Dibble Jonathan 
Dibley Daniel 
Dibley Solomon 
Dickson Daniel 
Dinger John 
Dinges Samuel 
Done John 
Dotton Isaac 

Drake Elijah 
Drake Gilbert, Jr. 
Drake Jasper 
Drake Jeremiah 
Drake John 
Drake Joseph 
Drake Joshua 
Drake Josiah 
Drake William 
Dullun^e Abraham 
Dusenb-erry Richard 
Dusenbry Jarvis 
Dyckniiin Benjamin 
Dyckrn-Ln Garrett 
Dycki.-.2.n Jacobus 
Dyckman William 
Elk J.r-hn 
Elliot Robert 
Eliit John 
Facton Abraham 
Fancher Abraham 
Fancher David 
Farguson John 
Felss Coonrod 
Fergerso;i Thoinas 
Ferris Ca'eb 
Ferris David 
Ferris Janes 
Ferns ]> tiathan 
Ferris J- ^iiua 
Ferris R':l'.ard 
Field Bcrijamin. Jr. 
Field Cui.'.i'urt 
Finch James. Jr. 
Finikin Edward 
Fonnan Gilbert 
Forbes j:.;;;es 
Foren:a:i Caleb 
Fon.i2zs Jacob 
Forn-.on Gilbert 
Fon S;';'.s 
Fowle j^v.'.t'- 
Fowle iolomon 


Fowler Isaac 
Fowler Justus 
Fowler Martin 
Fowler Reuben 
Fowler Solomon 
Fuller Elijah 
Fuller Joseph 
Gailer Robert K. 
Gailer William 
Garnsey Joseph 
Garnsey William 
Garrard Elias 
Garrard Isaac 
Garrisen John 
Garrison Dennis 
Garrison John 
Gaulerd William 
Gazeley James 
Gean Shadrick 
Gilbert Benajah 
Gilbert Jacob 
Golden Amos 
Goler Samuel 

Goler William 

Goodman John 

Gordinear Horremoni 

Gould John 

Gray Hezekiah 

Gray Robert 

Green Andrew 

Green Samuel 

Gumman Ephraim 

Hadden John 

Hadden Joseph 

Haight Benjamin 

Haight Elnathau, Jr. 

Haight John 

Haight Joseph 

Haight Soloman 

Hall Caleb 

Hall Dau 

Hall John 

Halsted Michal 

Hand Ezecal 

Harris Enoch 

Harris Justice 

Hart Jonathan 

Hartford Peter 

Hartford Thomas 

Hatfield Daiuul 
Hatfield Joshua 
Hawkens Isaac 
Haws Pelatiah 
Haws Pelatiah. Jr. 
Haws Seth 
Haws Solomon 
Ih;yse Abraham 
Hayse Nrithamel 
Hedden John 
Helipen Harmen 
Henbrovvn Chrislop 

New Yokk in the Revolution 

Herder Daniel 
Hibncr Mike! 
Higgens Ebenezer 
Higgens Joseph 
Hill James 
Hill Josh'ja 
Hitt Dennis 
Hitt Garard 
Hitt Henry 
Hitt Jarvard 
Holladay William 
Holmes Jonathan 
Holmes Joseph 
Holmes Rhuben 
Holmes Samuel 
Homand Ebenezer 
Horis Ezekiel 
Horton Daniel 
Horton John 
Horton Joseph 
Horton Neheniiah 
Horton Stephen 
Horton William, Jr. 
Hows Pilutiah 
Hoyt Abraham 
Hoyt Enoch 
Hoyt Gideon 
Hoyt Jacob 
Hoyt Jesse 
Hoyt Major 
Hoyt Silas 
Hoyt Silvcnus 
Hughson Jeremiah 
Hults David 
Hunt Obiah 
,Hunt Ward 
Hustead Thomas 
Husted Jabos 
Huton Richard 
Hyatt Elias 
Hyatt John 
Hyatt Solomon 
Indien Ceser 
Ingdell Jonathan 
Ingosal Jolin 
Jackson Samuel 
Jemmison \/il!iam 
Johnson Timothy 
Johnston John 
Jones Esquire 
Jones George 
Jones Isa 
Jones John 
Jones John, Jr. 
Jump Amos 
Jump Reuben 
Keeler Nathaniel 
Keen Henry 
Kenedey David 

Ketcliam John 

Kile James 

King Jushua 
Knapp David 
Knapp Joseph 
Kniffin Gilbert 
Kronck Isaac 
Kronckhyt Dannicl 
Kronkhite James 
Laight Lodewick 
Lain Jeremiah 

Lamb Patrick 
Lambeidson Lambert 
Lane Abraham 
Lane Amos 
Lane Doxe 
Lane Elislia 
Lane Joseph 
Lane Nathaniel 
Lane Peter 
Lane Solomon 
Lane Stephen 
Lames John 
Lascelles Edward 
Lawson Isaac 
Lawson Lawrence 
Lawson Samuel 
Leach William 
Leaverage Benjamin 
Lee Abijah 
Lee Dorcas 
Lee Enos 
Lee John 
Lee John, Jr. 
Lee William 
Leggett Gabriel 
Lent Abraham 
Lent Albert 

Lent Harmones 

Lent Henry 

Lent Isaac 

Lent Jacob 

Lent John 

Lent John L. 

Lent Lug 

Lent Matthew 

Lent Tobs 

Lent Tunis 

Lent William 

Levines John 

Levinus Thomas 

Lockwood Hezekiai- 

Lockwood Jacob 

Lockwood Natlian 

Lyon Alven 

Lyon James 

Lyon John 

Lyon Samuel 


Mabey Peter 

McCeald Nathan 

McCoy John 

McDonalds James 
McFarthing James 
McForihing Gabriel 
McKeel John 
McLean Daniel 
McLeel John 
2.1cNoughty Michael 
ilagere Joseph 
Mandeville John 
MarshcU Amon 
Marvin John 
2>Iathors Joseph 
jNlead Andrew- 
Mead Danil 
Mead Ebenezer 
i\Iead Ethan 
Mead Joseph 
Mead Joshua 
Mead Libeus 
Mead Marshall 
Mead Selah 
Mead Stephen 
Meed William 
Meritt Abraham 
Isliller Abraham 
Miller Ebenezer 
Miller Ephenetus 
Jililler Gidion 
Miller Isaac 
Miller Jacob 
Miller James 
Miller John 
Miller Nathan 
Miller William 
Mills Israel 
Mills John 
Mills John, Jr. 
JIiUs Joseph 
Mills Titus 
Moger Lemuel 
Montross James 
Moore Marten 
Morgan Thomas 
Morrel James 
Mosman Maseno 
Mosman Peter 
Mott Joseph 
iSlott Thomas 
.Miinday Elijah 
Neeklcs Josiah 
Neilson John 
Nelson John 
Newman James 
Newman Nathaniel 
Newman Peter 
2siccols Robert 
Nickels William 
Xieols Benjamin 
Northrup David 
Northrup Isaac 
Nortlirup Isaac. Jr. 

The Militia — Westchester County, Thikd Regjment 


Korthrup Joel 
Oakly Wiiliani 
( i.ik^ Jolin 
UJell Isaac 
Odell Jacob 
OJeli Jonathan 
Odell Xatlian 
Odell Peter 
Odell William 
OJle Richard 
Osburn John 
Page Jonah 
Palmer Levi 
I'ardee David 
Pardee Nathaniel 
Parent Jacob 
Parent Levi 
Patta Robert 
Peatt James 
Pell Roger 
Pellem Elisha 
Pellem John 
Pellem Joseph 
Pclton Daniel 
Pennoyer Joseph 
Perry James, Jr. 
Phillips Philip 
Phillips Samuel 
Pine Samuel 
Plan John 
Plant John 
Pohn William 
Post Joseph 
Potter Gilbert 
Potter Samuel 
Preason Abraham 
Pugsley Samuel 
Purdy Israel 
Purdy James 
Purdy Joseph 
Purdy Samuel 
Purdy Silvanus 
Purdy Solomon, Jr. 
Raymond Thomas 
Raynolds Ephraim 
Read James 
Ken Solomon 
Requaw Gabriel 
Reynold Beiijatuin 
Reynolds Nathaniel 
Rider John 
RofT Christopher 
Roif Henry 
Rogers Daniel 
Rogers William 
Rognale Gabril 
Romer Hendrick 
Ruff Samuel 
Ruland Benjauian 
Ruland John 
Ruland Zophar 

Runalds Austin 
Russel Abraham 
Ruton Vk'Hiiaiu 
Sacket Richard 
Sackett Richarci. Sr. 
St. John Moses 
Sands John 
Sarles Elijah 
Sarlcs Richard 
Satterly S^.uiuel 
Sawson Isaac 
Scofield Amos 
Scofield Gedion 
Scofield Joseph 
Scofield Michel 
Scofield Peter 
Scofield Smith 
Scudder Jacob 
Scudder Nathaniel 
Sealey Silvenos 
Seaman Henry 
Secor Warnar 
Sely Thadius 
Sharrock James 
Shaw John 
Shearwood Elijah 
Shcarwood Jobe 
Sherwood Joseph, Jr. 
Sherwood Joshua 
Sherwood Justus 
Shock James 
Short Joseph 
Sillicar Jacob 
Simmons Danil 
Slason Abraham 
Slutt Silus 

Smith Benajah 
Smith Daniel 
Smith Ebeiizor 
Smith Eleazor 
Smith Isaac 
Smith James 
Smith Jeremiah 
Smith John 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Joseph, Jr. 
Smith Lemuel 
Smith Ward 
Smith Zebulon 
Soliss John > 

Soper Gilbert 
Soper Jesse 
Soward Joseph 
Spring Samuel 
Squires Frank 
Standley Garret 
Standley Gidion 
Stebbins Lewis 
Stedweil John 

Stevens John 
Stevers Jeremiah 
Strang Gilbert 
Strai:g Henry 
Strang Jared 
Strang John 
Strang Joseph, Jr. 
Strokam Isaac 
Strong Joseph 
Sutton Andrew 
Sutton John Pell 
Sutton Soloman 
Sweesy Daniel 
Tattel John 

Taylor Edmon 
Taylor Gilbert 
Taylor Henry 
Taylor John 
Taylor Thomas 
Teed Charles 
Teed W^illiam, Jr. 
Teller Piere 
Tcrrcl Peter 
Theall William 
Thomson Elias 
Thomson Jonathan 
Thorn Daniel 
Thorn Thomas 
Tiel Hendrick 
Tillison Niccols 
Titus Beniaman 
Titus Tosiah 
Tomkins Silvanus 
Tomson Jonathan 
Townsend James 
Travis Absalom 
Travis Daniel 
Travis Ezekil 
Travis Gabriel 
Travis Jonath.in 
Travis Joseph 
Travis Stephen 
Traviss Gilbart 
Truesdel! Samuel 
Tucker Jervis 
Turner Joliii 
Turnor Jushua 
Tuttle Abraham 
Tyce John 
Tylar Jonatljan 
Underwood W i'liam 
Van Scoyt Abram 
Vanstine Ellvan 
Van Tassel Al)raliam 
Van Tassel Cornelius 
Vantasse! David 
Vantnsscl Laac 
Vantassel John 
N'anvoor Abrem 

Van Wart Cobus 
Van Wart John 
Vai! War: William 
Van Worman Peter 
Van Wormer Peter 
Vern-ieiya Jacob M. 
Vernim Thomas 
Viei John 
Voght Godfrey 
Vog^ht Henry 
Vogt Christian Joseph 
Volmtme Elvin 
Vredenburt'h Abraham 
Vrcdenburgh Benjamin 
Vredenburgh William 
Wagger Tobias 
Warrger Thomas 
Ward Moses 

Warden Joseph 

Waring David 

Waterberry Samuel 

Webster Joseph 

We^iJ Jehial 

Weeks Absalom 

Weeks Gilbert 

Weeks Malaki 

Wee3:s Nathaniel 

Welcli William 

West John 

AVestcott Reuben 

WhilLam Joshayh 

Whilr.ian John 

Whitney Abijah 

Wicki-s Jesse 

Wick'ts Jonathan 

Wickes Stephen 

Wicks Nathaniel 

Wicks Nathaniel, Jr. 

Wicks Phineas 

Wiliiams Gilbart 

WiHiams Ichabud 

Williiims Isaac 

Wilijpms States 

WilHmson David 

Willfiason Jeddediah 

Wilinianion Jan'es 

Wilison James. Jr. 

Wilniol Nathaniel 

Wilson John 

Wilson \'alentine 

Wood Caleb 

WooeE Ele.xander 

Wood EHphaiet 

Wood Natlian 

Wo<i<I Philip 

Wood P. 

\N'ood William Scuder 

Woolsey John 

Wright Jacob 

Wright Nivayah 


New Yokk in the Revolution 

Westchester County Militia — Fourth Regiment 



Capt. Daniel Bouton 

" Benjamin Chapman 

" Samuel Lawrenxe 

" Samuel Lewis 


" Jonathan Loder 

" David Pardee 

" Ebenezer Scofield 


Capt. Jesse Truesdell 
Lieut. Ebenezer Avary 


Benajah Brown 
" Cornelius Crane 
■' David Fansher 
" Joseph Doolittle 

Is.iiAc Keeler 

Lieut. Daniel Purdv 

Nathaniel Reynolds 
" Abraham Smit;; 
David S.mith 

Ensign Enoch Benedict 
Jehiel Bouton 
Samuel Lewis 
William Rogers 

Adjt. Thomas Hunt 

Aiers Reuben 
AUeby Nathan 
Allen Samuel 
Aivord Belah 
Ambler Abraham 
Ambler Enos 
Ambler John 
Anderson James 
Armstrong James 
Avary Elisha 
Avary James 
iAvary John 
|Avery Ebenezer 
'Avery Enoch 
Avry Solomon 
Ayers Reuben 
Ayres Reuben, Jr. 
Baily Gilbert 
Bartlet George 
Barton Joseph 
Bates Elisha 
Ba.xter David 
Baxter Jolin 
Baxter Thomas 
Bedient Falmen 
Beers Fanton 
Benedict Be:ijamin 
Benedict Caleb 
Benedict Isaac 
Benedict Jarc'b 
Benedict Jonah . 
Benedict Joseph 
Benedict Joseph, Jr. 
Benedict Lewi:. 
Benedict Nathan 
Benedict Timothy 
Benjamin James 
Betts Gideon 
Betts Nathan 
Bisliop Andrew 

additional names on state treasurer s pay books 
Lieut. Benja.min Benedict 


Bishop Epeneus 

Bishop Garret 
Bishop James 
Bishop John 

Blackman Ephraim 

Bloodgood Oliver 

Bloom Stephen 

Bloomer Abraham 

Bloomer Stephen 

Bolt Azariah 

Bolt Daniel 

Boucks Daniel 

Boutan Jchial 

Bouten Seth 

Bouton Benajah 

Bouton Ebenezer 

Bouton Elijah 

Bouton Ezra 

Bouton Gould 

Bouton Jesse 

Bouton Joel 

Bouton John 

Bouton Joseph 

Bouton Matthew 

Bouton Moses 

Bouton Nathaniel 

Bouton Nuah 
Bouton Samuel 
Bouton Seymour 
Bouton Siiubcal 
Bouton Stephen 
Bouton Timothy 
Boutton Hiel 
Bnutton Jesse 
Boutton John 
Boutton Nathaniel 
Boutton Seth 
Sready Jesseay 
Brigs Philip 


Brooks John 
Brooks Michael 
Brown Abraham 
Brown Adonijah 
Brown Adonijah, Jr. 
Brown Amos 
Brown Annanias 
Brown Benajah 
Brown Brockey 
Brown Deliverance 
Brown Ebenezer 
Brown Eber 
Brown Elijah 
Brown Eliphalit 
Brown Elisha 
Brown Enos 
Brown Jacob 
Brov. n James 
Brown John 
Brown John. Jr. 
Brown Jonas 
Brown Jonathan 
Brov.n Joseph 
Brown Jos..-])!]. Jr. 
Brown Josiah 
Brown Nathan 
Brown Peter 
Brown Reuben 
Brown Samuel 
Brown Silas 
Brown Soloinon 
Brown Wilbam 
Bruc-; Robert 
Brucks Daniel 
Bruice Robert 
Brun Edward 
Brundage Nathan 
Brundige Joseph, Jr. 
Brundige Stephen 
Brush Gilbert 

Buckbee Russel 
Burns Edmund 
Burns Edward 
Callender Samuel 
Canada Philip 
Canady Philip 
Canfield Isaiah 
Canfield James 
Carpenter James 
Carpenter Thomas 
Chapman Daniel 
Chapman Stephen 
Chapm.on John 
Clark Daniel 
Clark Jabez 
Clark John 
Clark Jonathan 
Clarke Daniel 
Clarke Ephraim 
Close Jabez 
Close Jesse 

Coldwin James 

Coley John 

Coley Samuel B. 

CoUard Jan'.cs 

Colvin James 

Colyard James 

Conklin Jacob 

Conkling Jonathan 

Connada Philip 

Corley John 

Crane James 

Crane Peter 

Crawford Daniel 

Crawford Henderson 

Crawford John 

Crawford Stephen 

Crawford William 

Cross Jo!m 

Cross Lenuicl 

The Militia — Westchester County, Foukti; Rloiment 


Dalton William 
Dan Abraham 
Dun He^e'iciah 
Dan Janus 
Dan James. Jr. 
Dan Natiianicl 
Dan Samuel 
Dan Sqiiier 
Defrces Ebeneztr 
Delavan Danic! 
Delevan Timothy 
Delivan John 
Delivan Natlian 
Delivan Stephen 
Dibble Jonathan 
Dick (colored) 
Dickens Arnold 
Dickens Arnold. Jr. 
Dickens Moredcai 
Dickins Samuel 
Dickson Daniel 
Dickson John 
Dickson Marshel 
Dickson Natlian 
Dolton William 
Dooletle Hopkins 
Doolittle Daniel 
Doolittle Reuben 
Drake Gilbert 
Dunkin Daniel 
Durand Francis 
Falconer John 
Fansher Abram 
Fansher Daniel 
. Fansher David 
Fansher Elijah 
Fansher F.l'sha 
Fansher John 
Fan.sher Joseph 
Fansher Nathaniel 
Fansher Squire 
Fansher William 
Feck Benjamin 
Feris Peter 
Feris Samuel 
Ferris Benjamin 
Ferris Goold 
Ferris James 
Ferris John 
Ferris Samuel 
/Finch John 
Finny Ward 
Flood John 
Foshen John 
J'"oster John 
Foster Jown W. 
Fourey Ward 
Frasher John 
Frost William 
Fuller Elislia 

Fuller Jabiz 
Fuller Joseph 
Fuller Simeon 
Garnscy William 
Garriseii William 
Gaufey William 
German David 
Gilbert Berajah 
Gilbert Jacob 
Gornsey William 
Gould John 
Graham Robert 
Green Andrew 
Green Benjamin 
Green Jehicl 
Grummon Ebenezer 
Grummon Ephraini 
Halt Abijah 
Hait Benjamin 
Halt Enoch 
Halt Gideon 
Halt Hezekiah 
Halt John 
Halt Jonathan 
Hait Parson 
Hait Silvanus. Jr. 
Hallsted Micah 
Halsted JNIichael 
Hanford Abraham 
Harford Pater 
Harper Godl'rec 
Hartford Ephraim 
Hartford Peter 
Hartford Thomas 
Haut Jesse 
Havery Reuben. Jr. 
Hayes Freegiit 
Hayes Isaac 
Hayes James 
Hayes Jesse 
Hayes Josiah 
Hayes Nathaniel 
Playes Stephen 
Hayes Thomas 
Hays Abraham 
Hays Caleb 
Hays Henry 
Hays John 
Hayt Abel 
Hayt Abijah 
Hayt Abram 
Hayt Caleb 
Hayt Jachim 
Ha\f Nathan 
Hayt Kice 
Hayt Silas 
Hayt Uriah 
Hodge James 
Holt Jonathan 
Hoit Nathr.uiel 

Holmes John 
Houson Eleazer 
Hoyer Isaac 
Hoyes Thunias 
Hoyt Abijah 
Hoyt Benjamin 
Hoyt Enoch 
Hoyt Hezekiah 
Hoyt Jaeliim 
Hoyt Jacob 
Hoyt Jacob, Jr. 
Hoyt Jeremiah 
Hoyt Jesse 
Hoyt John 
Hoyt Person 
Hoyt Silas 
Hoyt Silvanus 
Hubbell Peter 
Hughes William 
Hull Isaac 
Hull Stephen 
Plunt Gibourd 
Plunt Gilbert 
Husted James 
Husted Thadueus 
Ingerson John 
Ingersull John 
Isaacs Samuel 
Jane Israel _, 

Janse Abraham '" 
Jarman David 
Johns Timothy 
Johnson Steiihen 
Johnson Timothy 
Jones Abraham 
Jones Ebenezer 
Jump Amos 
Jump Gilbert 
Jump Reuben 
Jump William 
June Israel 

Kanady Joseph 

Kanady W'liham 

Keeier Aaron 

Keeler Da\id 

Keeier Jeremiah 

Keeler Nathaniel 

Keeier Obadiali 

Keeler Pliiti-has 

Keeling Adam 

Kenady ]< ep 

Knapp Joshua 

Knapp ^ loses 

Kniflin llenjaniin 

Knox Abrali.-.m 

Knox Joseph 

Knox Robart 

Krauston Joseph 

Lawrancc Samuel 

Lawrance Sairiue!. Jr. 

l.aymcr Jesse 
Legget William 
Lewis Samuel 
Lobdell Jacob 
Lobdell John 
Loekwood Daniel 
Lockwood David 
Loekwood Ebenezer 
Lockwood Hezekiah 
Lockwood Jacob 
Lockwood Job 
Lockwood Joseph. Jr. 
Lockwood Nathan 
Lockwood Reuben 
Lockwood Samuel 
Loder John 
Loder Pettit 
Loimsbitry Gideon 
Lourd Joel 
Lowrey Joel 
Lowrey Thomas 
Lucas William 
Lyon Caleb, Jr. 
Lyon Xoah 
Lyons Caleb 
Manrow Joseph, ]r. 
Manrow Nathan 

Marshall Henry 
^Marshall Joseph 

>.larshell Anion 

Marshell Anth.oncy 

ilead Aaron 

Mead Abraham 

Mead Andrew- 
Mead Calvin 

Mead Daniel 

"i\Iead David 

Mead Enoch 

Mead Halsey 

Mead Henry 

Mead Jesse 

^Iead Jonah 

I(Iead Levi 

Mead Marshal 

Mead Stephen 

:^reaJ Zelek 

Mcritt John 

Mirrit Luke 

Mershal Anion 

Mershal Henry 

MiUcr Henry 

Miller John. Jr. 

Millor John A. 

Miller Josiah 

Miller N;.than 

ililler Samuel 

ZMoger James 

Monrow Seely 

^^oorhou5e Samuel 1 

>:o; cn J^me;. 


New York in the Revolution 

Morehouse Benjamin 
Moses John 
Mosher Jaiiits 
Mosher Lemuel 
Miinro Joicph 
Murphy Robert 
Natelbery James 
Nelson John 
Newman Caleb 
Newman Isack 
Newman James 
Newman Jonathan 
Newman Peter 
Newman Samuel 
Nickels Abel 
Nickols Gcrshom 
Nickols Jesse 
Nickols Thomas 
Nickols Tiiomas, Jr. 
Northrup Abijah 
Nortlirup David 
Northrup Eli 
Northrup Isaac 
Northrup Joel 
Northrup John 
Northrup Stephen 
Olmsted Hezekiah 
Oirnsted James 
Olmsted Nathan 
Osburn John 
Palmer Elisha 
Palmer Gideon 
Palmer Jesse 
Palmer Obadiah 
Pardee John 
Pardee Nathan 
Pardy Samuel 
Peatt Jeams 
Peatt Lewis 
Peck Abijah 
Peck Benjr'min 
Pederick Abijah 
Pelham John 
Pellam Joseph 
Pellum Elisha 
Phillips Joseph 
Potts D^.vid 
Potts Thomas 
Pratt Jam.es 
Purdy Abraham 
Purdy Daniel 
Purdy David 
Purdy Deliverance 
Purdj Delivcranc, Jr. 
Purdy John 
Purdy Jonathan 
Purdy Joseph 
Purdy Stephen 
Quirk Andrew 
Quick John 

Radon Partnck 
Radtoick John 
Randol John 
Randolph Benjamin 
Ranolds Benjamin 
Ranrod Solomon 
Raymond James 
Raymond Land 
Raymond Sands 
Raynolds Gilbert 
Reseco John 
Resquie John 
Reynolds Benjamin 
Reynolds Gilbert 
Reynolds Joshua 
Reynolds William 
Riggs Daniel 
Riggs Josiah 
Rockwell Job 
Rockwell Nathan 
Rockwell Nathan H. 
Roft Samuel 
Rogers Amos 
Rondles Abraham 
Rosecrans Dirk 
Rovtlit George 
Row Seely M. 
Ruff Samuel 
Rundel Ezra, Jr. 
Rundell John 
Rusco John 
Rusco Noah 
Rusco Samue! 
Rusco Theophilus 
Rusco Thomas 
Russ Stephen 
Russel John 
Ryan Timothy 
Ryion Bont 
St. John John 
Sarlls Thaddeus 
Scotield Amos 
Scofield David 
Scofield Deliverance 
Scot'ield Elisha 
Scofield Elnathan 
Scotield Gideon 
Scofield Henry 
Scofield Jonas 
Scofield Joseph 
Scofield Josiah 
Scofield Michel 
Scofield Peter 
Scofield Smith 
Sccfii'ld William 
Scribiier Zcphaniah 
See'ey Nathaniel. Jr. 
Seely Gideon, Jr. 
Seely Natluiniel 
Seely Silas 

Sellcck Darling 
Selleck Nathan 
Seward Daniel 
Seward Stephen 
Seymour Jesse 
Shay Timothy 
Shearman Abial 
Sheerman Peter 
Sherman Peter 
Sherwood Oliver 
Sido Henry 
Silleck Gershom 
Silleck Frederick 
Sillick Darbey 
Sillick Nathan 
Silsbe Israel 
Slasen Nathan 
Slason Abraham 
Slason Amos 
Slason Deliverance 
Slason Ebenezer 
Slason Ebenezer, Jr. 
Slason Eleazer 
Slason Israel 
Slason. Jesse 
Slason John 
Slason Jonathan 
Slason Nathan 
Slason Samuel 
Slason Stephen 
Slauson Ek-azer 
Slauson Eleazer, Jr. 
Slauson Israel 
Slauson Jesse 
Slawson John 
Slawson Lamb 
Slawson Nathan 
Slawson Samuel 
Sloson Ebenezer, Jr. 
Sloson Jesse 
Smith .\braham 
Smith .\braham, Jr. 
Smith Caleb 
Smith Caleb. Jr. 
Smith Doctor 
Smith Isaac 
.Smith Isaac, Jr. 
Smith Jacob 
Smith John 
Smith Joshua 
Smith Lemuel 
Smith Matthew 
Smith Nathan 
Smith Nathan. Jr. 
Smith Nathaniel 
Smith Peleg 
Smith Reuben 
Smith Solomon 
Smith Thomas 
Stebbiiis Nehcir.iah 

Stebbins Samuel 
Stttnrod Ebenezer 
Stccnrod Solomon 
Slt\-etis John 
Stevens Moses 
Stevens Oliver 
Strk'en? Reuben 
Strrens Reuben. Jr. 
Slr/en5 Silvanus 
Sliward Stephen 
Suwan Charles 
SuiddLa.Ti Samuel 
Strobridg James 
Stard. Daniel 
Sard John 
Srtheriand Stephen 
Ttrrj- Samuel 
Trcs Benjamin 
Taus John 
Taus Joseph 
Titus Timothy 
Tc.dd Abraham, Jr. 
Todd Oliver 
Toansvend James 
Travis Jacob 
Trowbridge James 
Trasdai! Joseph 
Trusdell Jesse. Jr. 
Trnsd-ell Jonathan 
Trusdeli Joseph 
Trusdell Richard 
Tyler Tabes 
Tyler James 
YamK Daniel 
YarufiLl Abraham 
Vamstoy Abraham 
V-miicoy Abraham. Jr. 
Vansciy Cornelius 
Vansci>y Jonathan 
Vanscoy Samuel 
Vanscoy Timothy 
Vamzi Daniel 
Vamel John 
W'albce Abijah 
Wallace Jacob 
\Valkce James. Jr. 
Wallow James 
W'andle Abraham 
WarriTig James 
Warring Peter 
Waterberry Daniel 
Waltiberry John 
W.itc.-berry Samuel 
Wan James 
Wa^er Thomas 
Wearing James 
"Webb John 
tH'i:c-d Alexander 
"STetd Eli 
YTsicd Gilbert 

The Militia — Westciikster County, SEPARAtr. Exempts 


Weed Jonathan 
Weed Nathan 
Weeks Nathaniel 
VVeck-j Phinelias 
Wheeler Josiah 
Whitnee Benjamin 

Whitney Jnmes 
Wickes Nathaniel, Jr. 
Wickes Phineas 
Wicks Natiianiel 
Wilhams ichabod 
Williams Samuel 

Williams Stephen 
Wilson Valentine 
Wood Benjamin 
Wood Hezekiah 
Wood Israel 
Wood Jacob 

Wood Jacob, Jr. 
Wood Jared 
Wood Jonah 
Wood Jonatl'.an 
Wood Joseph 
Wood Nathaniel 

Westchester County Militia — Associated Exempts 



Capt. Gould Bougiiton 
" Joseph Oseur.n 
" Gideon Seely 

Samukl Bouton 
SoLOMOX Close 
Moses H.^dden 


Ambler John 
Bedient Nathan 
Benedict Joseph 
Benedict Peter 
Benedict Peter, Jr. 
Bishop Epeneos 
Bouton Gould 
Bouton John 
Bouton Noah 
Brown Andrew 
Brown Deliverance 
Brown Eber 
Bundell John 
Carman Henry 
Carman Peter 
Chapman Daniel 
Clark Cornelius 
Crawford Robert 
Cross John 
Crumpton John 
Dan David 
Dean Gilbirt 
Dean Isaac 
Dibbell Daniel 
Dibble Jonathan 
Dickens Thomas 
Dickson John 
Duetcher William 

Eliot John 
Fansher William 
Ferris Jonathan 
Flood John 
Fuller Micajah 
Green Benjamin 
Halt Jacob 
Halt John 
Hanford Abraham 
Hartford Thomas 
Hatfield Abraham 
Hawley Ezekiel 
Hayes Isaac 
Hayt Gideon 
Redding Moses 
Hobby Caleb 
Holmes Isaac 
Holmes John 
Hunt Jacob 
Hyatt Eztkiel 
-IngersoU Josiah 
Jacobs Israel 
Jones .A.sa 
Jump Amos 
Lamb Abraham 
Lee Elijah 
Leek Phillip 
Lent Abraham 


Lockwood Joseph 
Loder John 
Luks P. 
Lyon Benjamin 
Lyon Samuel 
McKeel John 
Mead .Andrew 
Meershell .\nthoney 
Mekell John 
Miller John C. - 
Miller Josiah 
Miller Nathan 
Milles James 
Mills Josiah 
Newman Isaac 
Newman James 
Newman Nathaniel 
Oakley Isaac 
Olmsted Nathan 
Pinkney Thomas 
Pordy Obediah 
Potter Peter 
Potter Robert 
Raymond James. Jr. 
Raymond Sands 
Reynolds Gilbert 
Runolds Nathaniel 
Scotield Amos 

Benjami.v Jo.ves 
Zephaniah Mills 
Titus Reynolds 

Selleck Gershom 
Sene Abraham 
Seymoure Thaddeus 
Slason .\braham 
Siason Henry 
Smith Benjamin 
Smith Nathaniel 
Slebbins Nehemiah 
Stillwell Thomas R. 
Taylor Gilbert 
Todd Abraham 
Titus Benjamin 
Titus John 
Titus Joseph 
Truler Mathaw 
Tyler Jonathan 
Wandel Abraham 
Waterbery David 
Weed Gilbert 
Weed Jehiel 
^Theeler Josiah 
Whitmore Pelatiah 
Wliitne Pelatiah 
Tj'hitney Seth 
T&'itney Seth 
Wood Benjamin 
'Wri£;ht Benjamin 

Westchester County Milida • 
Capt. Jonathan Horton 

separate cxempcs 

Acker Jacob 
Bailey John 
Bell William 
Bice Abraham 
Bice jXbrahan-i, 
Bice Jacob 
Bice James 


Bice Peter 
Bice William 
Bice Vawnas 
Brundage James 
Chanpenois Andrew 
Cunningham John 


Dalton William 
Fisher Elijah .. 
Fisher S.imuel 
Horton Caleb 
Owens Jeremiah 
Palden John 

Purdy Jacob 
Purdy Jonathan . 
Sec James 
Smith James 
Syphor John 
White Stephen 



Colonel John Lasher's Regiment 





Capt. James Abeel 


" Charles Du kenso.n 

" D.wiD Dickson 

" William W. Gilbert 

" Samuel Joii.vso.v 

" William Leonard 

" Jacques Rapalje 

" Abraham Van Dvck. 

" ViNEK Van Zandt 

" Thomas Willcocks 

Capt. Jacoi; Wriciit 
Lieut. John Anthony 
John Bancker 
" Thomas Beekman 
" Ephrai.m Brasher 
" Henry Breevort 

Ja.mes Byeps 
" Edward Dunscomb 
" Joseph Foktin 
" John Harjeck 


Lieut. Thomas Lawre.vce 

Oliver Meldeuekger 

AllR.\HA.M Mesier 
Be.sjamin NoiiTii 


" Frederick Stey.mets 

" Ralph T. Thurman 

" Robert Troup 

" Thomas Warner 

" George Yeamans 

Acley John 
Apple Anther. 
Beaty John 
Burras Benjanii 
Burras John 
Cambel James 
Carmer James 
Choen Daniol 
Contelye George 
Crolious [ohn 

Donelson Frederick Hyer \\'alter 

Donelson Jesse 
Donelson Joseph 
Donelson Soverin 
Duglas James 
Elsworth John, Jr. 
Elsworth John T. 
Frilock Joseph 
Heyer William 
Howser Jacob 

F._)hnson William 
Kersted James 
Longley Thomas 
Mandevill David 
Alarkland John 
Myers Peter 
Peckwill V.'illiam 
Reed John 
Roi.Te William 

Salniond John 
Shaddle David 
Snider Simon 
Strachan William 
Ten Brook William 
Ten Eyck Andrew 
Van Daisin Henry 
Van Dewater Gcrret 
Van Hook Isaac 
Young Peter 

. Colonel John Nicholson's Regiment 


Capt. Elisha Benldict 
EzKKiEL Cooper 
John Copp . 
" Benjamin Evans 
" John Graiia.m 
" DiRCK Hansen 
" Robert Joknstom 





WiLLiA.M Belknap 

J(jHN Blacknev 

Francis Br7:ndly 


Isaac Gui^j.-j 

Nathaniel Htnry 


IS;\.\C HUBB'-E 

Hartan Peter 
Holmes Asa 

Lasan Tb.omas PrL-bb'.e Samvie! 

Lennington Thomas Siur.v Frai.cB 

Lieut. Timothy Huohes 
John G. Lansini; 
Dic-r.Y OuLUM 
" Thomas McCl.\lten 
" William Martin 
" Is\AC Nichols 
" Thomas Nicholson 

Wciicnfels Charles F. 

The I\Iilitia — Miscellaneous Organizations 


Colonel Cornelius D. Wynkoop's Regiment 

Capt. Robert McKean 
Henry O'.Mara 
" Jacob Seebkr 
" Cornelius Vax Santvoort 
" Samuel Van Vichten 
" Gerret S. Veeder 
" Herman Vos^urgh 
" John H. Wendell 

Lieut. John Ball 

David Bates 
" Abraham Becker 

Lieut. Is.\Ar Bocart 
" AnNER French 
John Hogukerk 
Jacob House 
SoLo.MON Pendleton 
J(_]H.v Seeper 
Abdial Sherwood 
Levy Stockwell 
John Ten Broeck 
Albert Vanderwerken 
Barent S. Van Salsbusy 

Lieut. Obadiah N'aughan 

John Welch 
Ensig.n David Becker 

John Dunn / 

Daniel Everitt 
" Abraham Hardenberg:i 
" John Ostrander 

William Scudder 
" Ephraim Snow 

S.vMUEL Wilson 

Admay Henry 
Anderson David 
Anderson Lewis 
Anderson Robert 
Arkson William 
Atkins Samuel 
Baker John 
Baker William 
Barnes Timothy 
Bartholemew John 
Biggani William 
Blair John 
Bogardes David 
Eooni John 
Boom Matthias 
Bowen Wasel 
Brown John 
Cadogan John 
Calaghan John 
Caller John 
Campbell Robert 
Cane Peter Warren 
Casey Robert 
Chaddock Thomas 
Chalenor Chribiopher 
Cheeck George 
Clark Francis 
Colley David 
Cook John 
Cook John, Jr. 
CopenioU John 
Coplin Samuel 
Davis John 
De GoUier James 


DeGollier James, Jr. 
Donaldson James 
Donaldson Rt. John 
Dunlap John 
Ehle William 
Ferguson James 
Ferguson William 
Frazier Duncan 
French Peter 
Hamilton William 
Handley David 
Harper Joseph 
Harrison Hermanus 
Harrison Phillip 
Hodges David 
Home Mathias 
Hughes Thomas 
Hungerford Daniel 
Huyler James 
Jeffries John 
Johnson John 
Lacey Hugh 
Lansingh Garret 
Liddel John 
Lighthall John 
I'-mager John 
Lock Nicholas 
McClean John 
McCo — Maihias 
AlcCormick John 
McGrady Robert 
Mclntire Barnabus 
McKown Robert 
McMachan ^Michael 


McMurdays John 
J.Iaya — Joseph 
Middle John 
Miller Jacobus 
Mills Alexander 
Molby Thomas 
Nelson Jonathan 
Obrian John 
Obrian John, Jr. 
Obrian Thomas 
Ogston John 
Osterman Christian 
Oiter Isaac 
Owens Owen 
Philipse John 
Pickerd Nicholas 
Plugh Dennis 
Powel Joseph 
Rose John 
Runnels Jonathan 
Rynax William 
Scerberaw William 
Schermerhorn Jacob 
Shankland Andrew 
Shannon George 
Shannon Thomas 
Skinner Apollos 
Skinner Gcrshom 
Smallwood Isaac 
Spear Henry F. 
Stanley John 
Statia William 
Steward James 
Stiles Moses 

Stuart James 
Sutherland Hector 
Sncton James 
Switz Walter 
Teed Samuel 
Thompson Wiliiam 
Thornton John 
Tobin Edv.ard 
Truax John 
Tuttle Solomon 
Vanden Bogart Minard 
Van Der Bogardes Nicho- 
Vanderwerker Thomas 
Vannatten Benjamin 
Van Sice John 
Vansice Joscj;!! 
Van Texel Jacob 
Van Vorst Jellcs 
Veder Aaron 
Vrooman Peter 
Welch John 
V.'eniple Barent 
Vv'heeler Flenry 
White David 
^'ilday Nathaniel 
V.'iiken John David 
Wiikie Augustus 
Willson \\'iriiani 
V.'iison Israel 
V/ood John 
Vvright Benjamin 
Ycung Frederick 


New York in the Revoh tion 

Major John Wheelock's Independent Company 

Ca?t. Samuel Ashley 
" Abel Cl-rtis 

Allen Samuel Griks 
Arsworth Amariah 
Baron Samuel 
Baxter Simon 
Bliss Ebenezer 
Broughton William 
Brown Thomas 
Burman Benjamin 
Capron Nathan 
Caswin Nathaniel 
Chamberlin Richard 
Chase Benjamin 
Closson Nehemiah 

Capt. Samuel Payne 
Lieut. Jciin Young 

Ensign Daniel Waldo 


Damo Ebenezer 
Dark Thomas 
Darn Eben 
Dart Koger 
Dike Samuel 
Doolittle Lusius 
Gilman Jeremiah 
GoodtU Titus 
Hammond Elijah 
Harmon Elijah 
Hatch Josiah 
Higbec Charles 
Hodgkins Joseph 

Huntington Asa 
Maning Stephen 
Matthews Ebenezer 
Moredock — sahcl 
Norback Philip 
Ord.vay John 
Osborn Isaac 
Osgood Tl'.omas 
Petterson Andrew 
Plum.n'er David 
Ray John 
Royse Silas 
Rudd Gideon 

Skecn John 
Stockbridge John 
Tibbets Henry 
Tilden Charles 
Tildcn Joel 
Tola Josiah 
Tooly Josiah 
Trescott Jeremiah 
Trichy John 
Vorback Philip 
Willcox John 
York William 

Ensign John Foxdey, Jr. 

Beeker Peter 
Bogart Barnit 
Boyd Jonathan 
Cluct Frederick 
Griffin Alexander 

Capt. John A. Bradt 

Allen John 
Barret Walter 
Bate Joseph 
Bovie John 
Bovie Nicholas 
Bradt Andrew 
Brown Thomas B. L. 
Christiaense Ahasuerus 
Curtwright Hendnck A. 

Fondey's Party 

Hilton John 
Kip Benjamin 
McCloud Alexander 
Mulberry Peter 
MuUer Stephen 


Mynderson Frederick 
Vosburgh Peter 
Vroinar. Adam 
Willia.Tison Juhn 

Bradt's Ranjrers 


Early Edward M(-rgan James 

Gardiner James Pitterson .^dain 

Hitsiuan John Quackenbooih Gcrardus 

Kain Richard Quackenboosli John G. 

Kelley Barney Ouackenboosh John J. 

Lansing John S. Shades Adam 

Lyne Mathew Shelley Samuel 

McGinnis John Sluyter Nicholas 

Monroe Alexander 

Smith Conrad 

Wilson Andrew 
Wood James 
Wormer Corn's 
Y'oung Christr 

Sparger Edward 
Spitzer Gerrit 
Ten Eyck John 
ThonioS James 
Thompson Thoma.^ 
Van Benthuysen Martha 
Vedder Jolin. Jr. 
Willson John 

Capt. John Reilay 

Benson John 
Benson Richard 
Berringer John 
Booinhower George 
Carpenter John 

Reilay 's Raiigfers 

Copradt Frederick Kel!f) John 

Cooper Christian 
Hcrwick Piiilip 
Heyner Philip, Jr. 
Huiitsicker George 

Milton John 
My 'r Christopher 
Pake Garret 
Parl:s Andrew 

Sharp Nicholas 
Van Alstyn Cornelius 
Van Iveren Ryorear 
Welch Plulip 


•■ ". /'■ 

V9 \?)>>X>; W^Vc ^^<j\!^ ^.^A>^:<^.v.^<-:7a>^ .^^;W-v';^.-.v.'^x5^. A,^--/^:>^•'^.'>-^-^>-^'•■ 
' '' ■ yy '• l*^ ' '- ft \ y ^ ■ ■ \ 

'H^-i<-- X-^-' '^-^ ■ i.<^*^ -^ -"-^■- 


I ^- ^^..r^V.-^ /^v.v/// 

, i 


(<■//<'. ' Jrf( '':^t 

_; _ -'-* 



' "^-T •'■ / '/; ■-■' ■ / 7' ■ --■ — , 

■■'0; f/': V-^-"\ ; ■ ^7^^ 

, /- ;^ ■ - , , 

''' ^ ■' 'y-J *" /.3 .> -• 

/^if.fi- y,' II •/> -''^ t''<- 


,i//*/ /-,,.* ./v.. /, >CV.- .-•/.••/ _. ■ 

^ ^ jf 


f Q. / ' 

.( ..' 

• . ■ - ■ \ 


' /f>,'_^ ' t' <- • y* 

// « . 

> ■ ■• ■ '» y^' /«.*** r» *■ y *_ ^ ^f -> /* .O/ (> yy y« 4^ 

■'' ■ >■ 'i fV^ ' ' ' i^"t :y^- 1,1^ >• ■7^,.< ,, .r-^^ 

^^ ■ ' ^-~ ... - 


fj /, yi ''.-' ' " ' - 

/, / . tr 


. V, 

„ T 


'« </ i iJ ':- 

Tl-I A 

i V .* " •■'v 



A' Jill. . /■ I -^ ' . 


^ ' .•" i* . 

V ^ ' V v^' 



/ i^ /t^ -«' .' y -• * » y ^ ^ 

\ ' / / < 

y.». ■ .1 ,< ^' • ' I. 


Vr- -/- 


■/•I •' , ^ ■ 
( //it' / t ^t 

//.-,, ,1 -^ ... / - A--'"' -, -^ 

■ >. ,i i-t f .' s •- 

/ » -r ■ /■ 

,/^i 7 .-i- /' 

" « -■,' .'i 

"J. /./,.. , 

V ■ / . / /• 


/ /"■. y' / •;. / ^ ^■. J .t .-/- .< 


(See pages 12 and 14 for Explanation) 

Aibanj' County Militia — First Regiment 

Capt. John Scott 

Abbet John James 
Abel Andrew 
Abeli Christopher 
Arnold Isaac 
Bancker Gerard 
Barer John 
Harrington Lewis 
Bcakman Jacob 
B-oaslej Henry 
Bcddel John L. 
Bcecknian John 
Becckman John M. 
Beekman Gerardvs 
Bell Stephen 
Bleccker Bartnt 
Bleeckcr Henry 
Bleecker Jacob 
Bleeckcr Jacob. Jr. 
Bleccker John 
Bleecker John J. 
Bleecker John N. 
Bleecker John R. 
Bleecker Nicholas 
Elckiey George 
Bloeniendel Jacob 
Bloemindaliur ]\L''es 
BJoodgood Abraham 
Bloodgood James 
Bloon-.indal Albartes 
Bogart Henry I. 
Bo.^art Isaac, Jr. 
Bogart John 
Bogeart Christopher 
Bogtn Barent 
Bogcrt Nicholas 
Bogert Peter 
Boaut Conrad 
Braiit Henry 
Bradt Tennis 
Brat Anthone B. 
Bratt Anthy E. 
Brtus Corne 
Bricc Alexander 

Lieut. William Tillman 

Brooks Peter 
Bross John 
Brov/n William T. 
Bnrgess John 
Cahell Cornelius 
Camplee Alexander 
Carr William 
Chambers Jere 
Chapin Sen 
Chesnut Alexander 
Cluet John, Jr. 
Cook Henry 
Coopar Thomas 
Cooper Obadiah 
Crannell Nicholas 


Easterly Thomas 
Eights Abraham 
Elliott James 
Eiias Godfrey 
Ertzbcrger Daniel 
Evertsen Bernardus 
E\ertson Henry 
Faugit Lailac 
Fe.ibor Joseph 
Finn Henry 
y Flbher John 
Folknet William 
Follet Charles 
Folsom John 
Fonda David 

Crannell William Winslow Fonda Gysbort 

Cunipston Edward 
Cuyler Abraham 
Cuyler Jacob 
Cuyler Jacob, Jr. 
Cuyier Philip 
Daniels Peter 
Dannais Jacob 
Dauson Barent 
David John 
David Peter 
DeBlance John 
Deforeest Isaac 
DeForcest Jesse 
DeForeest Phillip 
Deforeest Wovi.tcr 
Degarmo John 
Denipy Luke 
DePcyster Gerard 
Dew-.tt V\ liliain 
Diamond Thomas . 
Dinston Hugh 
Douglas? Wh.eelcr 
Douw .■\ndrcw 
Douw Volkert .\. 
Dox Peter 
Dunbar Levinus 
Dvmbar William 

Fonda liaac D. 
Fonda James 
Fonday Isaac. Jr. 
Fontfreyde John 
Friedenreich Johan Chris- 
Fryer Isaac T. 
Fryer John 
Fryer John J. 
Gaerraunoo Perter 
Gansevoort Leonard, Jr. 
Gansevoort Peter 
Gansevorc Peter 
Gansvort Conrad 
Gates John 
Gibson Colin 
Gibson David .\. 
Giililand William 
Glen Cornelius 
Gocwy John 
Gordon Charles 
Grant John 
Gravcrat Haiiry 
Groesbeeck Cornelius 
Groesbccek David 
Groesbjeck John D. 
Groesbeeck William 

Groesbeek Peter W. 
Hall Joseph 
Halmbake Barnard 
Hann Thomas 
Hansen Albert 
Hansen John S. 
Harbeck John 
Hart Henry 
Hebijsen Martin 
Henry Robert 
Henry Robert, Jr. 
Henson Daniel 
Hcwey Garret 
Hewson Casparus 
Hewson Daniel 
Eihen Jacob W. 
Hiiten Robert 
Hilton Derrick 
Hihon Richard 
-iines George 
Hochstras^er Jacob 
slogstrasser Paul 
liloliir.bake .-Xnthoiiy 
ilooa Ja'nes 
Hooglikirk John 
Hugus James 
Kun Harmen 
3iun Thomas 
Hun Tiiomas D. 
Eunn Diiiik 
iiyer Garret 
Johnson Solomon 
Johnston Jeremiah 
Joyce George 
Sidney Jacob 
Sinnear Robert 
y.lyn Nicholas 
iCugler .\!.-.tlie'.v 
laenseng Jacb 
lagring'; .\rie 
Lansing .Xbral-.a;:! G. 
JLansing Christopher 
Lansing Gerardus 

New York i.\ the Revolution 

Lansing Gcrrit G. 
Lansing Jacub John 
Lansing- Jolm, Jr. 
Lansing Jnl.n A. 
Lansint; John S. 
Lansing Thomas 
Lansingh Abraham A. 
Lansingh Isaac G. 
Lansingh Jacob G. 
Lansingh Jacob J. 
Lansingli Jcreniiali 
Leonard David 
Lewis Henry 
Lewis Mor 
Lincoln Ilosca 
Lottridgo Tliomas 
Low John 
Lush Steiihen 
McClallcn Robert 
McDougall Patrick 
McFarlan R. 
McGorghey John 
McHencii William 
Mcintosh William 
McLaughlin William 
McNeely Archibald 
McPhie John 
Mann Jacob 
Marseilus Andrew 
Marsel Garret 
Marselis Gerrit G. 
Mellen Henry 
Merchant George - 
Merg Daniai 
Merselis Henry 
Miller Barent 
Miller Phillip 
Minders Abraham 
Moore Henry 
Moore Joshua 
Morrell Samuel 
!\!undebcin Johan 
J-Iynderes Fredrick 
Kelleger Josep 
Kemire John 
Newman Charles 
Norris John 
Oiey Cl-.riilophtr 
Orchard E(i'.\?.rd 
Oudekerk Johannes 
Oudtkirk John 
Page Dudley 
Pendleton Solomon 
Peterson John 

Poten Matthew 
Prime John F. 
Pruyn Casparus 
Pruyn Jacob J. 
Pruyn John F. 
Pruyn John J. 
Pruyn Samuel 
Quackenbos Peter 
Quackenboss Henry 
Qnackenboss John P. 
Quackenbos^ Walt'.r 
Quackenbush Adrean 
Quackenbush Nicholas 
Ray Richard 
Ray Robert 
Rieseler John Peter 
Roch Peter 
Roorback J. 
Roosevelt Nicholas 
Roseboom Abraham 
Roseboom Bart 
Roseboom Dirck 
Roseboom Hendrick 
Roseboom Mynd 
Scharp Coenrad 
Schuyler Reuben 
Sever Jonathan 
Sharp Peter 
Shaw Ncal 
Shearman Job 
Shepherd John 
Sickles Zachariah 
Slingcrland Tenuis 
Smith David 
Sole William 
Spoor John 
Staats Barent 
Staats Gerrit 
Staats William 
Stewart Arch 
Stringer Samuel 
Swits Cornelius 
Tayler John 
Tearse Peter B. 
Ten Brocck Abraham 
Ten Broeck Cornelius 
Ten Broeck John 
Ten Eyck Barent 
Ten Eyck Henry 
Ten Eyck Jacob C. 
Toman Henry 
Towance Jacob 
Trotter John 
Trotter ^datthew 

Troup Rob 

Truax Henry 

Truax Isaac 

Truax Jacob J. 

Tunniclilt John 

Van Alen Barent 

Van Anglen John 

Van Ariium John 

Van Bci.thusen Henry V. 

Van Bcnthuyscn Baltus 

Var. Bergen Martin G. 

\'an Bergen Peter 

Van Dauscn Peter 

Van Den Bergh Cornclis 

Van Den Bergh Cornelius 

Van DenBergh Frylinder- 

Vandenbergh Gerret 
\'an DenBergh Gerrit, Jr. 
Vander Heyden Jacob 
Van Deriiec Walter 
Van Deuscn .\aron 
Van Deusen Arent 
Van Deusen Jacob 
Van Dcussen Peter 
Van Garde Mendoyah 
Van Gen Johaniiis 
Van Hilten Peter 
Van Loon Jacob 
Van Ness John 
Van Rensselaer P. 
Van Rensselaer Philip 
Van Sant John 
Van Sautes Jacobus 
Van Santvoordt Cornelius, 

Van Santvord John G. 
Van Schaack Nicholas 
Van Schaick Anthony 
Van Schaick Gcrrit 
Van Schaick Gerrit E. 
Van Schaick G<.se 
Van Schaick G. W. 
VanSchellnyne Cornelius 
Van Schoonhoven Direck 

Van Seelick Johan 
Van Slyck Teunis 
Van Toercn Rynier 
\'an Vechtcn Ephraim 
\'an \'cc!iten Teunis T. 
A'an \'cghten Henry 
\'an Vranken Mau; R. 
Van Wie Casparus 

Van Woordt Jacob 
Vcedcr Abraham. 
^Verncr James 
Verpianck Abraham' 
Verplanck Isaac 
Virplanck William. 
Visgcr Ryn 
Visscher Bastian 
Visscher Gerrit. T. 
\isscher J. N. 
Visscher John 
1 Visscher Matthew 
Visscher Nanning II. 
■Vo' burgh Gcrrit 
Vosburry Abraham 
Walderon Cornelius 
Waldron Henry 
\\'a!lace Benjamin 
W.irthcim Beth 
^^"aters John 
Watson George 
Way re Anthony 
Webb Buckridge 
Willsh Joseph 
Wendell Abraham H. 
Wendell Cornelius 
Wendell Harmanus 
W-ndell J. H. 
W;ndell Jacob H. 
W«idell Jb A. 
V.'erdcll John A. 
Wendell John I. 
\N"mdell Robert H. F. 
Wdd Henry 
W-2ett Edward 
Wiiiiamson John 
WUitt Edward S. 
Wiison Benjamin 
Wilson William 
Wr=on Alexander 
WiTne Frans, Jr. 
Wiciie Levinus, Jr. 
^VLine William 
V.cod James 
Wait Michael 
Yaijs .Abraham. Jr. 
Yairs Christopiier .\. 
Yru_>s Henry ' 
Ynis Peter W. 
Yaias Robert 
Yoislinior Xiciiok:- 
Yocng Jo 
Zjacisky John J. 

Tiir. Militia (La.nu Uuu.n'tv Rigiitsj — Alba.w County, Second Keuiment 223 

j Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) 


^^sT. Wilson 

LiECT. Zeimia.mah Basiii 

I ■• Nicholas Gates 

LVdeins William 
.Maiio Statts 
I Baiicker Thomas B. 
Bari.-lay James 
Barlieyt Nicholas 
, bi^th Thomas 
Biggam Thomas 
Bonny Ichabod 
Bovver Cornelius 
Bradford joe 
Bradt Fradrick 
Brewer Ilendrick 
Carl William 
Christayaiise Aswres 
Clute Daniel T. 
Clute Isaac 
Clute Jalis 
Clute John, Jr. 
Cone William 
Conner Lancaster 
Cor! Handrick 
Couan Peter 
Crcmmence John 
Cutt Jacob 
DeGraaf Cornelius 
DeGraaf Jes.se 
DeGrat Nicola 
Dgurme Mathew 
Doolg Corneles I. 
Dorn John 
Dosom Joseph 
Draper John 
Duncan John 
Eudor Simon 
Farley Caleb 
Feldhousen Christopher 
Fonda Jacob 
Fonda Jellcs. Jr. 
Freeman Richard 
Freys Hcndrick 
Gardiner James 
Groodt Simon 
Groot Abraham 
Groot Dirick P. 

Lieut. Jacobus H. Peak 
Tunis S'.vart 

Second Regiment 

Ensign Fraji'r Scuerme-rmgen 
Daniel Toll 


Grotc Abraham 
Henry Johii, Jr. 
Hirks Thomas 
Ilorsfcrd Reuben 
James William 
Kenned}- John 
Kettel Daneyal 
Kinsela Joseph 
Kv/en Warran 
Lansingh Gernt Jobs 
Lighthall James 
Lighthall William 
Luybart David 
Luybart Jacob 
AIcMickon John 
Marsalis John 
Marseelis Richard 
Marsclis /.hasueres G. 
Marselis Arent G. 
Marselis Gisbct 
Marselus Ahaswerus 
Milmine John 
Mostocn Robert 
Muray John 
Musher Thomas 
Mynderse Jacobus 
Narn Richard 
Narn Samuel 
Park John 
Peak Harmanus 
Peak Hendrick 
Peak Jacobus C. 
Peak Jesse 
Peck Akes 
Peck Cornelius 
Peek James 
Peek James J. 
Peek John L. 
Pek Jacobes 
Peterson Hermon, Jr. 
Post Elias 
Putman Aron C. 
Putman Tunis 
Quatkenboss Isaac 


Rennex IknJrick 
Reynex Jolia 
Robinson Jiihn 
Roseboom Joiui 
Ryckman Jul.n 
Sanders Jo!;!'., Jr. 
Schermerhoorii William 
Schermcrhorn .\biahani 
Schermerhorn Garrit 
Schermerhorn Jacobus 
Schermerhorn Maus 
Schermhorn Reycr A. 
Schonmakcr Rudolph 
Shields James 
Shuter James 
Simond Reuben 
Slycke Garret 
Stars John 
Stcley Mathew 
Stevens William 
Stuart George 
Stuart James 
Swart Tunis 
Swits Isaac 
Swits Walter 
Tee Daniel 
TenEyck Jacob T. 
Ten Eyck Tobyas 
Truaex Aendrejx 
Truaex Pieter 
Truax Isaac 
Vadr Halimis 
Van Benthysen Martin 
Van deBogart Graueli 
Van DenBer^;li Winant E. 
Van Dcusen John 
Van Dyck Henry. Jr. 
Van Eps .'\braham 
Van Eps Alexander J. 
Van Eps John B. Jno. 
Van Eps Joim S. 
Van Geyselii'.g PclOT 
Van Geyzelcir E'.iaes 
Van Gysling Jacob 

Van Pelten Charles 
Van Petten .-^ndnes 
Van Petten Dierck 
Van Petten Peter 
Van Santvoord Le3.;r 
Van Sice Gilbert 
Van Slyck Harrrar.ii-! . 
Van Slyck Samuel 
Van Slycke Martaw 
Van Vorst Abraham 
Van \'orst .^sueary 
Van Vorst John 
Van Vorst Phi.ip D. 
Van Vost Jacobus 
Vcdder Albert San 
Vedder Francis A. 
Vedder Johannas 
Vedder John A. 
Vedder Nicholas S. 
Vedder Philip 
Vedder Volkert 
Vcder Nicholas G. 
Veeder Francis 
Veeder Gerrit Sim 
Veeder Hendrik 
Veeder Johannes H. 
Veelhouse John 
Yroman Jacob S. 
Vrooman .-Vbrahaui 
Vrooman Cornelius 
\'rooman John 
Vrooman Lawrence 
Vrooman Synion 
Warda Christopher 
Wasson John T. 
Wasson Thomas 
Wasson Thomas. Jr. 
Wempel Reyer 
Wempeli John 
Wemple Myndcrt H. 
Wen-.ple Myndt M. 
Wiicy John 
Yaies JeP.es 
'i'stes Joseph 


New York in the Revolltio.n 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Third Regiment 

Capt. Johk Va.nderiieyden 

Capt. AnRAfiAn Vauer 


Ackerson Teunis 
Albraph Henry 
Albragh John 
Alexander Hugh 
Antes Frans 
Antlioney Samuel 
Amis Johan 
Arnott Jacob 
Arnoti John 
Ason Robert 
Avcrit John 
Bancker John 
Banman Maheus 
Bard Francis 
Bartley Abraham 
Becker Arcnt 
Becker Dirck 
Becker Dirk G. 
Becker Hendrick 
Becker PhiUip 
Bell James 
Belzin Gratus 
Binder Heinzen 
Bolsin Gratus 
Books Peter 
Boome Samuel 
Bradt Albert 
Bradt Andris 
Brat Blek B. 
Brat John 
Bratt Daniel 
Bratt Divid 
Bratt John 
Bratt Petar A. 
Bratt Peter 
Bratt Storm 
Brodt WilHam 
Brewer Gerrit 
Brown Adam 
Brucher Heinrich 
Bulsin Solomon 
Bulsing tienry 
Bulson Solomon 
Burhans Henry 
Burliaiis Joluiimes 
Burnside Thomas 
Cadikcr Jacob 
Caessimgir Jeefe Rinas 
Callanan Pn.trick 
Cannang Andrew 
Carker Jacob 
Cass Conrad 
Chasncy Sheylem 
Chauuaiee Hesciivyas 

Chesncy Alexander 
Clas Peter 
Cloase John 
Collins Cornelius 
Connell John 
Connell Robert 
Conterman Johannes 
Cooper Jacob 
Coycgcr Basteyueii 
Cranns Philip 
Creb Baldes 
Crisman John 
Criss Bostuan 
Crounse Friedrich 
Crouse Fredrick 
Cunmiins John 
Cuyler Abraham N. 
Dampf Frederick 
DeFreest David 
DeGarmo Jab 
Deyget William 
Dillencher Wilhelms 
Douglas Alexander 
Dygert Peter 
Eglisham John 
Emborg Hepry 
Esmay Thomas 
Faro David 
Fatcrly Philip 
Faterly Philip, Jr. 
Fero Peter 
Figter Antrew 
Flansburgh Matthew 
Flensburgh Daniel 
Flensburgh John 
Flensburgh William 
Fonda Abraham D. 
Frantz Sebastian 
Fratas John 
Frats Jacob 
Fratts Nicholas 
Fridey Jacob 
FuUerton Robert 
Gast Michael 
Gerritsec Gerrit R. 
Ghroesbeck Joiiannis; 
Gilmor Job 
Grant George 
Griebel Franz 
Groesbcock John. Jr. 
Halenbeck Albert 
Hanes Jacob 
Haswell John 
Heemstreet Charles 

Hemstrat Derrick 
Hemstrat Dirick 
Heur George 
Hildebrand Johan 
Hochstorf Jacob 
Hogan Gorge 
Hogen William 
Hogh Johannes 
Hoghtclini,' Da\id 
Hoghteling Garret 
HoghteUng Mattice 
Hoghteling Theunis 
Hogstrasse Paul 
Hopolt Francis 
Houck Gcog 
Houck Hendrick 
Houck Jacob 
Houghtaln Storm 
Houick Hendrick 
Hoycr Peter H. 
Hozzer Conrad 
Hudson Ephraim 
Hudson Moses 
Hunter Jo!in 
Ittig Mich.ie! 
Johnston John 
Jolly Hugh 
Jonson Eveart 
Karcher Conrad 
Karcher Heinrich 
Karcher Jacob 
Kelly Robert 
Kimm.e Jacob 
Lagrang ConradL 
Lagrange Jellis 
Lagrange Omie 
Ligranse Isack 
Lansing Abraham 
Lansing Jacob F. 
Lansing Tunis 
Lansingh Hudro 
Lansingh John 
Lconord John 
Leverse Lyrenus 
Leverse Peter 
Lewis Robert. Jr. 
Loewcnstoin Pieter 
Long Jolin 
Looke Solomon 
Luke Coeiiradt 
McKie Jame.^ 
McMurray Thomas 
Mans Jacob 
Marchcl Fradrick 

Marchcl Michael 
Matthies John 
Mezener John 
Mizner Joim 
Moore Francis 
Moy Christian Jon 
Moy Heinrich 
Moy Johannis 
2vluir John 
Murray Andrew 
.\Iyer John 
Myer Philip 
Nerkele Christyan 
Nishemst Johan 
Ocinbach Peter 
Ockingback Peter 
Olever .-Kront 
Olever John 
Olever John. Jr. 
Opple Henry 
Orloch Frederick 
Ortlob Willcm 
Osterhout John 
Ostrander Hendrick 
Ouderkerk .Andrew 
Ouderkerk Toukel 
Ouderkirk Cornelius 
Ouderkirk Isaac 
Outerkerk B. 
Outhout Myndert 
Pangburn Richard 
Pangburn William 
Pickerd Nicolas 
Post Benjamin 
Powell Charles 
Quack John 
Quackenbush Jacob 
Radluff Peter 
Radiy Rikert 
Ral7 John 
Salson Solor.ion 
Rees George 
Jlistine John 
Roff Christopher 
Ronkel John 
Sose Samuel 
Sosesbergh Joim 
Rouss France 
Rouss Frederick 
Runcle Henry 
Sager Gerrit 
?alsbury Joseph 
Sanse Parnel 
Schoonmaker Cherk 

The i^Iu.iTiA (_Lam) Boixtv Rights; — Albany Col'xtv, Fourth Regiment 225 

Scluionniakcr Jan 
Schurter John 
Schujlt-T Piii P. 
Scot William 
Seager P<:ter 
Seeger Gcrnt 
Scybert Jacob 
Sliafer Francis 
Siiafer Henry 
Sliarp Pliilip 
Shoop Conrad 
Sim PLter 
Sittel Hcndrick 
Siltel John 
Sitterle Jacot' 
Sitterle Joiin 
Sittil Jacob 
Sives Class 
Slingerland Abraham 
Slingerland Albert 
Slingerland Garrit 
Slingerland Storm 
Slingcrlandt Peter 
Sliiig.'rlant Cornelius 
Slingerlant Thomas 
Slingerlat Cornelius 
Solbrery Joseph 
Somnier Johannes 

Somntcr Nicholas 
Sparcback Marten 
Supp Conract 
Swart Jurrc- 
Swartz Sebastian 
Taylor Samuel 
Thomson Alexander 
Thomson John 
Tirwilligar Dirrick 
Tirwilligar Simon 
Treunor John 
Truax Isaac Jac 
Truax John W. 
Trucx Jacob W. 
Vadenbcek Abraham 
Vakers Leve 
Valck John 
Van Acrnam Isaac G. 
Van Aken Henry 
Van Allen William 
Van Arnem Jacob 
Van Arnem John 
Van Arnem J'lhn. Jr. 
Van Arnem John N. 
Van DenBergh Gerret 
Van DcnBcrgii Tunis 
Vandcnbogert John 
Vanderheydcn John 

Van Dcrsce Albert 
Van Doser Gilbert 
Van Ettc John 
Van Fleet Benjaman 
Van Neste John 
Van Olenda Jacob 
Van Santvoord Staats 
Van Valkenburgh John 
Van VIeet John 
Van Wic Johannis 
Van Wic John, Jr. 
Van Wie John A. 
Van Wie John H. 
Van Wocrt Theunis 
Veeder Seymon Johs 
Veeder Simon M. 
Veeder Volkert 
Veeder Vnlkert S. 
Vightmgal John 
Voorheus John 
Vredenber Abraham 
Vroman Henry 
X'roomsn Isaac 
Vrooman J'lhanis 
Wagner Georg 
Waine Anthony 
Wands Ebenezer 

Watson James 
Weber Johannes 
Weber Johannes, Jr. 
Weiier Ilironimus 
WelJen-i Peter 
Wcisman John 
Wendel Hendrijk 
Wheller John 
Wiilcer Tames 
Wicne Coenradt 
Winnc Daniel 
Winne David 
Wiiine Francis 
Winne Jonathan 
Vv'inne John D. 
Wir;:ne Peter 
Winnc William 
VVinne William D. 
Winiiee Corneli? 
Witfc~:ck -Abraham L. 
Witbeck John 
Witbuck Luyeas 
Word Andres 
Word Benjamin 
Wort Richard 
Wyntoop John 
Yaesardt Addir 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Fourth Regiment 

Aedy Asa 
Aring Samuel 
.\.rnold Bowley 
Austin Isaac 
Bailey George 
Barhcyd Jerone 
Barheyd John 
Barheyd Walter 
Barnum Bcthuel 
Barnum Bcthnel. Jr. 
Bccckman Marie 
Beker Storm 
Beiitley John 
Bently Thomas 
Bcrcyl'.oll John 
Tierry F.lihu 
Birc<ie William 
Bone .Mottij.s 
Braman Paul 
iJranrk Zcphaniah 
Brayton Gdior. 
Biockwage Nathan 
Brooks Johii 
Brown Alexander 
Cakbe Simon 
Car Charles 


Carpenter Thomas G. 
Carr Caleb 
Ccker Storm 
Champen Dan 
Champion Joel 
Champn Kelvines 
Clark Gideon 
Clark Themtus 
Cook Josl'.ua 
Cooper Abraham 
Cooper Bencjah 
Cranton John 
Crumb William 
Cummins David 
Curtis Joel, Jr. 
Dale KbeiU'zer 
Davis Philander 
Delano Reuben 
Denison Jonathan 
DeveiucN John 
Dickson James 
Dickr^on William 
Douw \'olckerr I', 
Duscnbeiy John 
Du7enbcry Galiriol 
Dvc Peter 


Dymand Marcus 
Egleston Elislia 
Elberson Martin 
Falmsbey Jarar-.i 
Filkins Hendrick 
Filkins Henry 
Finck Simeon 
Forgason Jere.iiiah 
Fulleiibe John 
Fullensbc George 
Fullensbc Jacobus 
Gaerdenjer Jacob 
Gailer -Martin 
Gardener Naias 
Gardenijcr Hcndreck 
Gardiner llciiry 
Gardner Ji.b 
Gardner Joshua 
Goes George 
Greenfield .-Xrchibald 
Greenman Vv'iiliam 
Greg Gemes 
Gritfeth William 
Hainon .\:on 
Harris Robart 
Harrison William 

HaviXand William 
Hayi Benjamin 
HeicTton Jacob 
Herinton John 
Hinds Solomon 
Hoghaboom Bariholomeu- 
Holcnnib Josiah 
Hood John 
Howard Amos 
Howard Jonathan 
Husted David 
Jolls Thomas 
Jones V-'illiam 
Kcffe Doniel 
Kittle Henry 
Knap Reuben 
Knowlton Thoma.s 
Labingston John 
LanscngU Obadija 
Lansrngh John E, 
I.av\car Mikael 
La«'re!3cc Fetcr 
Lcury Josiiua 
Lowcer Fetter 
McHary John 
.MaricBt-> Jeremiah 



Mariencs William 
Mnrks John 
Marten Robert 
May John 
Mazer Jolin 
Moflitl Eber 
MoftUt Hosca 
Moll Abraham 
Moil Mynard 
Moore James 
Moore John 
Morr Joseph 
Muil Jecobas A. 
Mynderson Fredcricic 
Niles Jonathan 
Niles Nathan 
Niles Stephen 
Northup Thomas 
Ostrander Aaron 
Ostrandcr '\braham 
Ostrander Jacob 
Ostrander Joh.n 
Ostrander John A. 
Owtns John 
Paterson James 
Perkins Daniel 
Potter John 
Primmer Joseph 
Robbeson Isaac 
Robinson Benjamm 
Rogers Josep. Jr. 
Rogers Joseph 
Rowland Thon'.as 

Russell William 
Sant Solomon 
Schernierhoorn Reyer 
Schermcrhorn Daniel 
Schermerhorn Jacob 
Schermerhorn Jacob J. 
Srhernicrhorn John W. 
Schermerhorn Phihp 
Schermerhorn Samuel 
Schermore Hendrick 
Scutt James 
Sennit Isaac 
Shelden Benjamin 
Sheiden Ezekiel 
Shelden Isaac 
Shelden Joseph 
Sherma Daniel 
Shever Phillip 
Silven David 
Sinnet Isaac 
Sinnet James 
Skol Thomas 
Smith James 
Snell Elathan 
Soullord Edward 
Spicer Nathan 
Spor John 
Staats Gerret 
Staats Jacob 
Staats Joachyra 
Staats Nicholas 
Stafford Rowland 
Sweet Caleb 

Tanner Palmor 
Ten Eyck Anthony 
Ten Eyck Senda 
Thomas Peleg, Jr. 
Tompson James 
Towner Lawrence 
Townsend Benjamin 
Townsend Lawrence 
Turk Jerone 
Turk John 
Turk John J. 
Turner Ichabod 
Tyler Ebenezer 
Van Buren Barent C. 
Van Buren Benjamin 
Van Buren Cornciius 
Van Buren tlonry 
Van Buren Martin 
Van Buren Martin B. 
Van Buren Peter P. 
Van Bury Barnt 
Van Bury Tobias 
Van DenBcrgh Benjamin 
Vandenbergh Cornelius G. 
Vanderpooi Gerrit 
Van Deussen Abraham 
Vanfolkingboro Abaram 
Van Horeii Jacob 
Vanhuzan Jacob 
\'an Rensselaer John 
Van Rensselaer Nicholas 
Van Salbury John 
Van Salbury Tobias 

Van Salisbury Ilaramcnis 
\'an Salisbury Jose;)!] 
Van Valkenbergh Tiiomas 
Van Valkenburg Maihew 
Van Valkinburck Dink 
Van Valkinburgh John 
Van Vanlking Peter 
Van Volsanburgh Lamben 
Van Yiverns Banu 
Vinhagen Abraham 
Vosburgh — evis 
Waldo Joseph 
Waldo Shcdack 
Wense! Haremsee 
Wesels Lueus 
Whitman Beniamii 
Whitman George 
Wilbeck Kaspars 
Wilbeck Leonard 
Winipol Conrad 
Winston Abraham 
Winston Jacob 
Witbeck Tobias 
Witbeck Tobias J. 
Witbeeck John 
Witbick Thomis L. 
Withbeck Maikert Abrm 
Wood Thomas 
Woodcock John 
V/oodworth Robert 
Woolcott Justus 
Yates Christopher J. 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Fifth Regiment 


Huubs Alexander 

Smith Bill 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Siy;th Regiment 

Addams Elijah 
Addams Elijah. Jr. 
Addams Oliver 
Allen Moses 
Ailen Steph(Mi 
Kabcock Jason 
Eabcock Joshua 
Baker John 
Baker Joseph 
Baker Ruben 
Briicy Elisha 
Balcy Stanton 
Baley Thomas 
Bancktr Florcs 
Banntt Ephiairn 

Eartel Philip 
Barton Joseph 
Bats Christian 
Beam Adam 
Beam John 
Bellings Christopher 
Bcringer Frederick 
Berringer Jaciib 
Berringcr Philip 
Berringer Zacharias 
Best Jacob 
Retts SailJ 
Biggs Timothy 
Eioi medal Cornelns 
Blorincdal John 


Blormrdal Maas 
Bly Clark 
Bly Jonathan 
Boggs Jan:es 
Boggs James. Jr. 
Bonestecl Henry 
Bonestel Philip 
Boms John 
Bort -Andrew 
Eon Andrew. Jr. 
Bour Born 
Brat Peter 
Brown David 
Brown Jonathan 
Brown Sdcy 

Brunson Reuben 
Brust Johannes 
Bruster Joseph 
Budlong Aaron 
Budlong Benjamin 
Buison .-Me.xander 
Burdick Abraham 
Burnpett Edv.ard 
Gamer Jacob 
Canker Frederick 
Card Stephen 
Caspar Sebastian 
Chirch John 
Church Jonathan 
Cilntar William 

The Alii.iiiA il.Ax;) Cou.MV Riouxsj — Alba.nv Couxrv, Sixth Regiment 227 

Clark WilHan-. 
Ciassand WiUi.nn 
Clociccder Mailicw 
Coatb Btnjamui 
Coats Christopher 
Coats Joseph 
CoUiamer Stevii 
Conistock Da% id 
Coir.stock GidfiMii 
Conrat Phillip 
Coon Matthew 
Crandall Luke 
Craanell John 
Crapsey John 
Crapsey John. Jr. 
Craven Andrew 
Craver John 
Dater Ilanry 
Deforest David 
Deforest Drck 
Deforest Jacob 
Demaray Sanun.1 
Dencker Kenry 
Denker Henry, Jr. 
Derk Andoni 
Dick Daved 
Dick Dietrick 
Dick John 
Dinkier Peter 
Doty Joseph 
Durchs Carl 
Faairchild Matthew 
Farnsworth William 
Fellers Philip 
Folnier Conrat 
Folnicr W'illiani 
Fonda John J 
Forbes John 
Franck Nicholas 
Freer Abrah^.in 
Frehat Joseph 
Frcund Heinrich 
Fr..)elig Jacob 
Gardenear Heiuirix-k H. 
Garnryck William 
Garnryck Zacharias 
Garnsty Ebenc/er 
Garnsey John 
Gates Jacob 
Gernreck Jere 
Green Charles 
Green Jonathan 
Gieenc Benjamin 
Greene Joseph 
Greene Perry 
Greenfield Bethuel 
Greenfield Knos 
Greenfield Janu-s 
Greenfield WilUain 
Grcftcth Jeremiah 

Greffeth Seth 
Gritfis Abner 
Gnt'lis Jasper 
Grit'tis Nathaniel 
tiriflis Stephen 
llagerinan Wi'Iiapi 
Hakes Caleb 
llaner John. Jr. 
Ilannen Tcter 
Ilaynor Willbalmus 
Henner Conrad 
Henner Johannes 
Hcnncr Philip 
Hennion Emanuel 
Herwick Phillip 
Flevvstfii David 
Hill Elezer 
Hoard Isaac 
Hoencr Mardeines 
Hofrath Johannes 
Hoop Isaac 
Hoxic Frederick 
Hoxsie William 
Hull Justus 
Hull Peter 
Jacob Lewis 
Jarvis Bill 
Jenkins Jonathan 
Johnston James 
Johnston \\'iliiain 
Jones Noel 
Jones Roger 
Keller Christian 
Kells Henry 
Kelly John 
Keiiner Samuel 
Kerner John 
Kerner Philip 
Kinrie Cyrius 
Larapman Jacob 
Lansing Abraham 
Lansing Horpert 
Lansingh Cornelius 
Lansingh Levines 
Lape Tlionias 
Leap Samuel 
Lcc James 
Lee James. Jr. 
Leib Niel Geo. 
Letson Roljart 
Levcrse Le\ inas 
Leverse William 
Lewis Abel. Jr. 
Lewis Altrahani 
Lewis Augusms 
Lewi ■ James 
Litson \Viliiain 
Lnhiier Basiian 
.^fcChesney Robert 
McClicsny Semul 

McManus Hugh 
McMurray James 
Main James 
Marcuo Stephen 
Matteson David 
Matteson Warren 
Mayer Christopher 
Michel Charles 
Mier Jolm 
Miller Andreas 
Miller Isaac 
ilinnes Peter 
Mish John 
Moon Benajah 
Moon Daniel 
Moon Peleg 
Moon Robert 
Moon Tliomas 
Mott Ebene^cr 
Mudin Mattfiew 
Muller Garret 
!Muller Leonard 
Midler Thominas 
Murray Angus 
Murven ^tcpl;en 
Myer Hvnry 
Myer John 
Neher Barnd 
Nichols John 
Nichols Jonathan 
Niles Simeon 
Odel Simeon 
Odell Augustin 
Odell Jonas 
Ogdon Jonth 
Ornell Daniel 
Ouderkirk .\brahani 
Outhout Sander 
Outout John 
Padget James 
Potter Joseph 
Primmer Jacob 
Primmer John 
Primmerirc John 
Randal Jonathan 
Randall I'.enj.Tmin 
Randall David 
Randall Joshua 
Raynolds John 
Reynolds Wiiliam 
Reyon Daniel 
Roberson .Abraha.n 
Rojinboro;!t;h George 
Ros.'- Wilhaiii 
Saniord \\ illiam 
Scbefer Chri>-tian 
.SchuNier Jub.n S. 
Schuyler Sttplu ii j. 
Scriven Thomas 
Scmons Willichr.-is 

Scydorn He'v.is 
Shaffer Nicholas 
Shaw James M. 
Shaw Samuel 
Sliccver Frederick 
ShilTer Henry 
Shurti David 
Slautcr Cornelius 
Sloan James 
Smith Jacob 
Smith Rober 
Smith Samuel 
Snyder Lourance 
Snyder Paelcy 
Spotter Tliomai Lewis 
Steward Phines 
Stillman Waet 
Stilhvill John 
StillwiU Thomas 
Stilwill Barnet 
Storey Enoch 
Storey John 
Sweet Thomas 
Sweet William 
Tanner Nathan 
Tefft George 

Thomson Robert 
Tillman Christopher 
Tutts William Young 
Ulein Barnhard 
Van Aalsteyn Reynier 
Van Aernani Hendrek 
Van Aernaiu John 
Van Allstine Winant 
Van DcnBcryh Cornt!y.<; 

Van DeiiBergh Pmicr 
\'an derhcyilen Dirck 
Vanderhc\ den Jacob D. 
V'andcrheydcn Jacob I. 
Vand-irheyden John D. 
N'anderheyden Mattiiise 
Vanderheyucn Nanning 
Van Deuseii Wilhelmes 
Van Jeveren Antiioni- 
Van Jeveren Gysbcrt 
Van Order Waiter 
V'an Ostranda John 
Van Tine Abraham 
Van \';eck Abraham K. 
Wngcr l.eonhart 
Wailken John 
Ward Aaron 
Warnor George 
Weaver Gcorco 
Weaver Harrais 
Wea\er I.iinc< 
Weber Christian 
vV'ederwax Andries 

xVclier Gachres 

New York i.\ the Ren'oi.utiox 

Wells Joseph 
Wendcl Morta 
Wcnslon Jedediah 
Wever Andres 

Whitakor Ephraim 
Wilkcson John 
W'lllbux Stephen 
Willcocks Majer 

Willcoks Joshua 
Willcox Caleb 
Witbeek W'ilhem 

Wodkons Edmond 
Wool John 
W'orden Gilbert - 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Seventh Regiment 

Bane John 
Barker Richard 
Becker David 
Berry Giiysbcrt 
Boyd John 

Bu Henry 

Bubes John 
Bulles William 
Bullis Robert 
Burgert Lambert 
Buttolph Isaac 
Chapman Jonathan 
Claw 3ir^-ar 
Closson Josiah 
Closson '] imothy 
Clow Yury 
Coldar Htnry 
Crampliin itatson 
Craniphin John 
Crarkhiia Samal 
Day Henry 
Delaniaiter Benjaunn 
Delarr jtter John 
Delleiaettcr Jacob 
Dickson Walter 
Dingnian Garret 
Dingman John 
Dobbs Daniel 
Fort Jacob 
F'osm r ilcririck 
Freund Jjhannes 
Gardenicr Dirck 
Gardiner Samuel H. 
Goes Isac 
Goes Jantys 
Goes Joh/mniss 
Goes Jol'.n D. 
Goes John M. 
Goes Marthew 
Goes J\fatha-.vs I 
Goes Peter 
Haff Jacob 
Hambler John 
Hare Stephen 
Hare Thomas 
Hotsen John H. 
Hogan ];anicl 
Holladay John 
Hollar.d John C. 
Hoog I'honias Andrew 
Hosar Simon 

Huntinj^ton Asa 
Huyck Andries 
Huyck Burger 
Huyck Burger T. 
Huyck John 
Hyrts Abraham 
Jackson Theo., Jr. 
Johnson Henry 
Jonson Isaac 
Jonson John 
Jonson Peter 
Joslen Henry 
Juger Jonathan 
Kittel John 
Klow Francis 
Klow Hendrick 
Klow Mathew 
Kronkhit John 
Land Gelden 
Land Goerg P. 
Larrabe Richard 
Lester Jason 
Lotor Jacob 
McNeill James 
Magg Matthe 
Mead Eli 
Mils Isac 

Mogeboom Slocum 
Moor Marten 
More Peter 
Mory Samuel 
Muller John 
Ostrom John 
Painter Edward 
Paterson Josiah 
Pattison Daniel 
Payne Sten'',en 
Payson Isaac 
Philips John 
Pkitz Willein 
Poll Andries 
Quithot James 
Quithot Jolm 
Relnian John 
Relinan Peter 
Renda Nathel 
Renolds William 
Runels William 
Salmann Will 
Sanders Isaac 


Sandres Nathan 
Scharp Gysbert 
Schrora Joh 
Sebring Cornelius 
Sharp Andrew- 
Sharp Gilbart 
Sharp Gysbard 
Sharp Jacob 
Sharp John 
Sharp Laurence J. 
Sharp Peter 
Sickels Gerrit 
Smith Jacob 
Smith Yurice J. 
Snider William 
Sou Guy 
Son Thomas 
Springsteen John 
Stanton Thomas 
Steaver Hanry 
Stevers Jacob 
Stevers Peter 
Storm James 
Stoutenburgh Abram 
Thomas Ezekiel 
Trusdail Gershom 
Trusdcel Daniel 
Van Aelstyn Lambaert 
Van Alen Jacobus 
Van Alen Jocobus L. 
Van Alen Johannis L. 
Van Alen Lourer.s 
Van Alen Lourens L. 
Van Alen Lueke 
Van Alen Peter L. 
Van /viler. Lourence E. 
Van Alien Stephen 
^'an Alstino .Abraham A. 
Van Alstine Jolm I. 
Van Alstine Philip 
Van Alstyn Abraham 
\"an A.lstyn Jo'm 
Van Al.-iyne John 
V'an .-Vlitync Ti'-omas 
Van Buran Fphraim T. 
Van Buran Tobias 
Van Burcp Erans 
Van Buren Harnum 
Van Buren Peter M. 
Vanbnrgh Soivnnon 

\'an Burin Gosah 

Van Burren Cornelius 

Vanderpoel Barcnt 

Van Dusen Cornelius 

Van Dusen John R. 

Van Dusen Robert 

Van Dyck Laurens . 

Van Hause Garrat, Jr. 

Van Hosen Garrat 

Van Hozen Abraham 

Van Hozen John T. 

Van Keuren Cornelius 

Van Ness Jacob 

Van Orsen John 

Van Schaack C. 

Van Slick Peter, Jr. 

Van Valkenbergh Cor- 

Van Valkenburgh Bar J. 

Van Valkenburgh Hen- 

Van Valkenburgh Isaac 

Van Valkenburgh Peter 

Van Valkenburgh William 

Yan Valkingburgh Y'ocum 

Van Vleck Abrm I 

'.'an Vleck Isaac 

Visscher Garret H. 

Vosburgh .\braham I. 

Vosburgh Cornelius 

'v'osburgh Evert 

Vosburgh Frans 

Vosburgh Guisbert 

Vosburgh Isaac I. 

Vosburgh Jacobus 

".'osburgh John 

"'/osburgh John L. 

Vosburgh Martin 

Vosburgh Peter 

Vosburgh William 

Vredenburgh JoUannis 

Wapeonr Joh.antis 

V.alker James 

'•A'itback Albart 

^.X'itback Andris, Jr. 

W..lf Jury 

Vi'oli Michael 

Wynkoop John C. 

Wynkoop Peter, Jr. 

Zu.^alc Philip 

Till-; Militia (_L.\.\d U 

iji. .\ i 

lvn.iri>j — Ai-j;a.nv Cc'LN'iv, Ei 



Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Eighth Regiment 

Altyouser Christdean 
Anderson John 
Barn John 
Bartcll John 
Cartes Hcndrick 
Bccraft Jonathan 
Beeraft Abraham 
Beeraft Thomas 
Bchdel Thomas 
Benham Corn 
Benham Corn, Jr. 
Bcnn George 
Bentley John 
Benton Caleb 
Bgurr Jesse 
Bicktle Jacob 
Bkrn DaviJ 
Blunt Hendrick 
Bonesil David, Jr. 
Bonestil David 
Bont Jacob 
Bont Matthew 
Bont Minard 
Borst Jos. 
Bortele Peter 
Braec Nicliolas 
Broosec CorneHs 
Brouwcr David 
Broiuvcr Peter 
Bunt Evert, Jr. 
Clark E'.isha 
Cole Peter, Jr. 
Conyn Casparus 
Conyne L.-iurence 
Cidley David 
CuUey Matthew 
Davis Jacob 
Dedcrick Johannes 
DeLamettur Claudius J. 
Dingman Henry 
Diiijjnian Jolianni-; 
Dintjinan Rudolves 
Elliott Peter 
Eltinge Abraham 
Embrigh Goare 
Essclstyn Jacob, Jr. 

Ettingc Ilendrick 
Inverts Matthew 
Eyselstyn Jacob 
Gardener Jcroan 
Genness Douw 
Goughf Isaac 
Gratli Johan 
Hagedorn Christoffel 
Hanes Sanders 
Hanner John 
Hardcck Justus 
Hardcck William 
Hardick Francis 
Hardick Jeroan 
Hardick Joh.n F. 
Hard'ick Peter 
Hauver Antren 
Havir Peter 
Hayne Saunders 
Helnbak Robert, Jr. 
Hendrick John 
Herder Michael M. 
Herder William 
Herder William, Jr. 
Hogeboom Peter, [r. 
HoUembeck John W. 
Hollenback Mical 
Hollenbeck Dirrick 
Hollenbocke John V. 
Holmback Samuel 
Keller Henrich 
Keller Wiliem 
Kels Johannes 
Klapper Frederick 
Klappcr Hcndrick 
Kiapper Jerry 
Koons Samuel 
Kuchner George 
Lamon John 
Lankman Jacob 
Launt George F. 
Legget Jacobus 
Leggct James 
Leggett Tobias 
Leuvv'is Abraham 


Leynenbergh S. J. 
Mandevlle Matthew 
Martin Nicalaus 
Mauer Johannes 
Maul Jacob 
Maul Johannes 
Maul John, Jr. 
Mercin William 
Michel Anthony 
Michel Wiliem 
Miller Jacob 
Millsy Daniel 
» Moore Daniel 
Morrison Edward 
Morrison Nicholas 
Muller Derreck 
MuUer Hendrek 
Muller Jcremyah L. 
Muller Joghim 
Muller Killyaem 
Murgittroyd Joseph 
Neher Carl 
Nehr Henry 
Nehr Jacob 
Neh.r Johannes 
New Simon 
Niles Samuel 
Ostrander Aarand 
Ostrander Henry, Jr. 
Parger Conrat 
Philip Wi'.helmus 
Philips William 
Phillip Jacobus 
Rays John 
Rays Phillip 
Rays Yonathan. Sr, 
Rays Yonathan, Jr. 
Rensclaer J. 
Renton Jonas 
...Jliesdorph Jacob 
Roackaffolter Petris 
Rouse Harmanas 
Runs .Adam 
Runs Jacob 
Salsbury Joseph 

Sammans William 
Schermerhorn John J. 
Schneider Henrich 
Schult Henrich 
Schult Johannes 
Schuter Abraham 
Semon Antras 
Senekes Job 
Sharch John 
Sharch Nicholas 
Shauer Jacob F. 
Shurts Simon 
Silleck James 
Silvernail Peter 
Si.xm Peter 
Smith Henrick P. 
Smith Jurrie A. 
Sower Uldrick 
Stalb Gerlack 
Stobellem Henrich 
Stopblebeen Hanii 
Stopblebeen Mikle 
£topb!ebeen Peter 
Stoppelbeen Father 
Sylvernal Petrus 
Taefy Thomas 
Tin Broeck Herman 
Tobey Scth 
Vai';cr.nor Justus 
Valkineer Peter 
Van Bergin Petrus 
Vandcnbergh Gilbert 
Van Deusen Tobias R. 
Van Duser Barrent 
''ar! Hoesen Cornelius 
\'ar' Rensselaer H. J. 
Van Wagenen Gerr-.t 
Vosborough Isa::C 
Vosburgh Abraiiani J. 
Wagcnor Jos Chris 
'.v'hitbeeck Jacob 
Williams Thomas. Jr. 
Vi iltse Cornelius 
V.'oolsey Cornelius 
Yates Henry 


New York i.\ Tiii: Renoh.'tion' 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Ninth Regiment 




C.\fT. Josti'H Tanner 

Capt. JofEPti Ai.LEN Ta.nnek 

Adsit Samuel 
Allen Btnjamin 
Andrews Joseph 
Andrews Spcrrj- 
Andrus Alirahani 
Andrus Samuel 
Atwater Stephen 
Bagley EJwa.d 
Bagly Jan;es 
Bagly John 
Barret David 
Bashgcreau David 
Bixby Andres 
Bixby Hull 
Bliss Abraham 
Bhss Joel 
Blossom Roland 
Borghgood Concrod 
Bowsee Nathan 
Boyce Thomas 
Eranard Reuben 
Bronson Abel 
Bronson Ephraiin 
Bronson Samuel 
Brown Jorm 
, Brownson Jesse 
Bullib Daniel 
Bullis William 
Burghardt Schoiark 
Bussc Joiin 
Campbell James 
Carley Job 
Carly Simeon 
Castcrer John 
Chaniberlin Caiven 
Chaniberlin Gurden 
Chaniberlin Jolm 
Chainberlin Judah 
Chambcrliii Pelietr 
Chai;ihcrlin Wilhain 
Chapman Ohadiali 
Chase Jol'.n 
Clark Ashley 
Clase.i Nchomiah 
Cieaveeland Elijah 
Cleveland John 
Cleveland Waitstill 
Coar Solomon 
Colverur Xathaniel 
Corll Sanill 
Covci Thoday 
Covcll Da\id 
Covell Xacclu'us 
Crandall Joseph 

Crippen Ichabod 
Crosby Thomas 
Crosman David 
Culver Benjamin 
Culver Joe'. 
Curtis Hiram 
Curtis S. 
Curtis Samuel 
Daniels A; a 
Darrin Daniel 
Darrm Simeon 
Davenport Jonathan 
Day Aaron 
Day Aaron, Jr. 
Deak Christopher 
Dean Ezra 
Dean Gains 
Dean Jabcz 
Dean John 
Dean Jonathan 
Dean Jonatlian, Jr. 
Decker Gilbert 
Decker Guysbert 
Dolong James 
Devenport Benjamin 
Dibble Tnomas 
Dibe! Joseph 
Dibe! Patrick 
Dible Henry 
Dible Henry, Jr. 
Doty Isaac 
Edmasion Joseph 
Edmonds James 
Edmonds John 
Esman Aron 
Ford B,;njamiii 
Fuller Benjamin 
Fuller Hess 
Fuller Mathew 
Furman Jacob 
Gifford Gidi.in 
Graves Benjamin 
Graves Jonah 
Graves Tosiah 
Graves Stephen 
Green Ebenezer 
Griftls John 
Griswold Elisha 
Groat John 
Groat Nicholas 
Hacer .Abralir.m 
Hacket Edv.-ard 
llaigl.t Samuel 
Haiyht Stephen 


Hanerey Hanrey 
Hatch Elijah 
Hatch Henry 
Hatch James 
Hatch John 
Hatch Samuel 
Heaks John 
Helcomb Return 
, Hicks John 
Hogebom Johannis 
Hogeboom Jaems 
Hogeboom John 
Hogeboom Lawrence 
Hogeboom Peter 
Hogeboom Richard 
Hogeboom Stephen 
Holdrcdg Abraham 
Holdridge Amasa 
HoUey Daniel 
Hoilonbeck Killion 
Hollonbeck Richard 
Holmes John 
House Nathaniel 
Huner Jacob 
Hutchinffs Solomen 
Hyde Elihu 
Ismond Jaems 
Jackson Helance 
Jackson Isaac 
Jackson Robert 
Jack-son William 
Jackson William, Jr. 
Ketchum Jesse - - 
Kidder Epharim, Jr. 
Killmore Philip 
King Ebenezer 
Kinne Nathaniel 
Kinne Roger 
Kinyon Enoch 
Knap Lucius 
Lan-.ont Archibald 
Lanphar Josluia 
Lawrence Judah Morris 
Leach Ephraim 
Lemon Will 
Lester James 
Lester Jan-.os, Jr. 
Loomis Josiah 
McAi'thiir Alexander 
Mc.\rihur Charles 
McCarty John 
McGonegal Ro!>ert 
MrGon-?'^a!l John 
McGonegall Thomas 

McKinstry Charles 
McKinstry Thomas 
McLonis Jurry 
Manchester Jeremiah 
ilandege John 
Mandego Peter 
Meker Robart 
Miller Henry 
Mills Christcjpher 
-Mulbcry Oliver 
N'ichois Eliakim 
N'olan Zephaniah 
Norton Seba 
Orr William 
Pain David 
Palmer Elijah 
Palmer Gamaliel 
?almer Samuel 
Palmer Silvester 
Pactison Edward 
Pixley Elijah 
Pixley Nathaniel 
Patter Lemuel 
Powell Truinan 
Pratt David 
Pratt Joel 
Piitman John 
Reed C.ir,'.. 
iced Eliakim 
aied Kitchel 
Taed Simeon 
J-iciiniond Silvester 
Richmond Stephen 
Hj Ima-i John 
IbiT D.'.niJ 
SEbod Abijah 
Siger David 
ialsburry Benanni:el 
-&xton M.^nson 
"Schermerhorn John 
ftott Cornalias 
itott Henr>- 
iiirtrp Laurence 
fiiaw Joseph 
rKiaw Samuel 
Sicpard Joel 
■bKpard Wiilard 
Siephard Jonathan 
■fiicpperd William 
•fiu'rburn-.' ilenry 
•Hicwlelt \\'illiam 
-■^isson Peleg 
imitli David 
Smith Deliverance 

Tilt MiLiriA (Land Bounty Rights) — Albany Count^.', Tenth Regiment 


Smith Joseph 
Smith Timothy 
Snider J:icob 
Snider Phill-ip 
Snider William 
Soutliard David 
Southward Snmucl 
Spaulding Edward 
Spaulding Uaac 
Spaulding Sanmel 
Spencer Ezra 
Spencer James 
Spencer Joel 
Spencer Nehemiah 
Spencer Pliilip 

Spencer Samuel, Jr. 
Spensur Truman 
Stevens Timothy 
Ticiiner Asahel 
Tickner Willaim 
Tickner William. Jr. 
Titmore Jacob 
Tool John 
T.'-abe Philipp 
Tyler Ezra 
Utly Samuel 
Utly Samuel, Jr. 
Uiter Joseph 
Uttey Samuel 
Van Duser Robert 

Van Falkeiibury Levi 
Van Hoscn Franscs 
Vanhiiscr Frances 
Van N'alkembery Jaco'.- 
Van Valkenibery lohidiam 
Van Vaikenburgii Gi-Cfge 
Van Volcoinborough Jche- 

Van Volcomborough Levy 
Walker Israel 
Walliuij James 
Walsley Richard 
Ward Jacob 
Waterman William 

Wcager Cearud 
Weager Henry 
Weager John 
Wesc David 
West Wilham 
Wetbeck Peti.r, Jr. 
Wetmorc Reuben 
Whalen Abel 
White Wilhani. Jr. 
Whitney William 
Williams Elezcr 
Woodbeck Abraham 
Woodbeck Cornelius 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Tenth Regiment 

Capt. Conr.'.d Cline 
Lieut. Waxdle Pllver 

Bain Peter 
Bane David 
Bats David 
Bats Frederick 
Bats George 
Bats Ilenrick 
Bats Jacob 
Bats William 
Bayly Joseph 
Bayly Thomas 
Berens Hern;an 
Best George 
Best George. Jr. 
Best Harmen 
Best Henry 
Best Johannes 
Blatner Jacob 
Blatner Mathias 
Bortel -AnJrev/ 
Bower Jacob, Jr. 
Brasie Andreas 
Brasie Cornelius; 
Brasie John 
Bresse Thcunis, Jr. 
Brusey John 
Bryent William 
Burk Thomas 
Gamble Daniel 
Casper John 
Clum Philip 
Coif. Simon 
Colman John 
Con Markes 
Conoye Leanart 
Coon Marcus 
Cramer William 
Crawfort Robert 

Lieut. H. Rossi 


Currie James 
Dacker Benjamin 
Dacker Cobes Bin 
Dacker Emrick 
Dacker Isaac 
Dacker Jacob, Jr. 
Dacker Jacobus 
Dacker Jury 
Dacker Laanard 
Darling Gcr^b.om 
Decker Broer 
Decker Henry 
Decker Jacob L. 
Diness Patris 
Dings Adam 
Dinniess Adam 
Dkom John 
Eddy John 
Elliott Joseph 
Elliott William 
Erkine Henry 
Fiiice Caleb 
Finger John 
Finger l.Iichel 
Fraycr AbraiKim 
Frayer Jacob 
Frits Christian 
Friits William 
Fritz Wclleni 
I'unck Junis 
Fujick William 
Gardner Andrew 
Gairison Wiiliau- 
Gorge Jacob 
Hagcdorn Jacob 
Halcnbeck Sammcl 
Hallenbeck William 

Ham Betcr 
Ham Beter. Jr. 
Ham Conradt 
Ham Frederic 
Hanve Zecarias 
Hauck Beter 
Haver Hirinen 
Heisser Petrus 
Heisser L'riel 
Heitzrath Johannes 
Hiscroat Adam 
Hisrot Hindrick 
Holt William, Jr. 
Hoffman Hanrick 
HotTman Henry 
Hoffman Matthias 
Holmes Asa 
Holmes Ezra 
Holmes Nathaniel 
Holmes Ruben 
Hood .\dam 
Hoysiot Adam 
Huyser George 
Irvin Henry 
Jonsoii Silas 
Joslen John 
Juxley William 
Kelmer Duck 
Kehner Wel'.eni 
Kiclin Pauh;.-. Heinricl: 
Knickcrbacker Philip 
Krawer Henrich 
Lasher John 
Lean Daniel M. 
Lean John M. 
Lemley Jacob 
Leiuiey Sclomon 

Shults s 

Lhaser Samuel 
Linck William 
Lorenz Peter 
McArthur John N. 
McCuebb^nk John 
McDanniall Nathaniel 
McDonald Colle 
McDufr.e Angus 
McFall Henry 
Mclntire Duncan 
Maglen Johannes 
Mandkler Danes 
Mayer Conrd 
Mcdcrme Lourens 
Meyer Johannes 
Meyer Peter 
Michael Simeon 
Milires WiUem 
Miller Adam 
Miller Bangamin 
Miller John 
Miller Jona.5 
Miller Marteinis 
Miller Tiez 
Millesi Adam 
Minckalar Jolm 
Minkier Tunes 
Moor Jacob 
Moor Petrus 
Moore Johannis 
Mcr Christian 
Morison William 
Morrison Thomas 
Myer Jacob 
Xivcs Johannis 
Nivcs Mark? 
Pjlnicter Franscs 


New Voi;K j.\ tul Ivlvoi.utio.v 

P.ire Daniel 
Palrik Frederick 
Phelps Da\ id 
Philip Reboas 
Pindcr Ed.vard 
Plainer Mark 
Platz Peter 
Polvcr John 
Polver Philip 
Porter Reubin 
Potts George 
Prober George 
Proper Baltes 
Proper George 
Proper Kshulijas 
Pullmor Johanas 
Pulver Jacob 
Pulver John 
Pulver Martain 
Pulver William 
Rees Benjamin 
Rees Cornelius 
Rees Ephraini 
Reisdinf Gerge 
Kickle Andris 
Riselbuck Abraham 
Robertson James 
Robison James 
Rochman Jacob 
Rockafeller Wil'iam 
Rockefeller Simon 
Rockefeller Wilr.m 
Rode Potter 
Roper George 

Rose Andreas 
Rosnian Adam 
Rosman File 
Rote Henrey 
Roth Xieholas 
Roll Gorg 
Row Frederick 
Row Petci 
Row Track 
Rnss Johaimes I'. 
Rypenbert,h Adam 
Rypenbcrgli Johanni 
Rypenhcryh Juriee 
Salbock Johes 
Sauer Dennes 
Scheutl Abraham H. 
Schism John 
Schneder Conrat 
Scholdcs Carend 
Schols Joliatms 
Sehult Casparus 
Schult \\ illiain 
Sehult Abraham 
Sdell Hentrlck 
Servis Jesse 
Shadivoack Henry 
Sliafer Hendrick 
Shafer Henry T. 
Shaier Jacob 
Shafer Jacob H. 
Shafer Jolm. Jr. 
Shauer John 
Sliavor Adam 


Shcavir Hendrick 
Shillis Philip 
Shirtz Andrus 
Shoeck W'ilhaiii 
Sholdes David 
Slioiddes Dedrick 
Shouldes John 
Showerman Peter 
Shuts Abraham 
Shuts Hendnck s/ 
Shutts Jno 
Shutts Solomon 
Silvcrnail Conrad 
Silvernail John 
Silvcrnail Xicholas 
Simmon Henrick 
Sinnon Jacob 
Slolew David 
Smith Jacob 
Smith Michael 
Smith Nicholas 
Smith Philip 
Snider John 
Snider William 
Snyder Garry 
Snyder Hendriecus 
Snylar Wiiliam 
Spickerman Andrew 
Spickerman Philip 
Spikej-man Abraham 
Stiber David 
Strebill Jacob 
Streble Uldrick 

Striael Johannes 
Suit John 
Taker Arond 
TeaBroeck Dirck W. 
Tijomson Dongall 
Tonipson Archcbel 
Tooker Elias 
Townsin Richard 
Tacker Samuel 
Turner William 
Van Deberyh Barcnt 
\is\ Debogart Aaron 
Vindebogart Peter, Jr. 
Vin Densate John 
Van DerBoget Cornelius 
Vin Dcusen Johannes 
Vin Deusen Robert 
Van DeWatters Martinis 
V«n Bergen Dannel 
Vtn Deusen Matthew 
\"iele Chirk 
Vosburgh Abrahani 
Vosburgh John 
Wagner Johan Jais 
VJagnor John 
Waldig Stephen 
Weaver Hendrik 
VTeren Peter 
Wheeler Johannis 
VTiest John. Jr. 
T5ithmore Philip 
Y.isrer Handrick 
Yager Peter 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Eloventi Regiment 


Adams Ephraini 
Allen Jesse 
Allen Samuel 
Barker Thomas 
Barkmen Jacob 
Barto William 
Becker Cornelius 
Begardis Nanning 
Bernit John 
Blasdeil Levi 
Bloeg Hendercl: 
Bloomer Robert, Jr. 
Bogardus Egbert 
Bogardus Ephraim 
Bogardus Jacob 
Bogardus Janies 
Bogardus John 
Bogardus Pctir 
Bogordus John 
Eont Harnionis 

Boom Mathise 
Bradt Samuel 
Brando Xiclas 
Brandow Fredrich 
Brandow Godfrey 
Brandow Peter 
Brandow \\'illiani. Jr 
Brett Frederik 
Bromdell William 
Bronck John P. 
Brondaw John 
Bronk Casparus 
Bronk P'lilip P. 
Brunck Matthays 
Camel James 
Camme Archabald 
Capron Oliver 
Carman Charles 
CasetT Richard 
Ch.ichcstcr James 


Christian Soloiaon 
Ciauw Joh G. 
Clauw Jurry Jobs 
Clemens Patrick 
Cllaw Jurry J. 
Colvin John 
Conine Jeremiah 
Conkling Joseph 
Connine Cornelius 
Connine Peter. Jr. 
Connyne Philip 
Coonly John 
Corbie John 
Covert Abraham 
Covert Elisha 
Crakles John 
Damkerton .-V. 
Dcdrk John 
Dedrk Wilhelmns 
Dees John 

Pegroot Cornelius 
JP/igroot Joseph 
lemaresi John 
iDubois Barent 
IDubois Benjamin 
(Dubois Benjanun S. 
Ijbois Cornelius 
iDubois Huybarteo 
Dubois John 
Dubois Jolm. Jr. 
iDuoois Laurence 
lumond David 
H'umond John 3. 
Bumond John B.. Jr. 
Dumond William 
Sbebertson Barent 
Uddems F.frem 
Eghbertson Gerrit 
Ellis Charles 
Ellis John 


-f^i^ ^ ^'' c-'/^/.^g' ^("-cr^T'f^ ' ^'^r-if / , di" 'I'/Mtr-/^' o''(^-r-^ .t^i:.c^i^ -//z^t.y yff-e'^ 

/r^-'i' ^y^r^e-^ 


x/C- '^^'i^r.^/yv: 




y^ ^Jk^?^.^ 4i^,^^^ 7^^/p?7^^^ ;■ 

- i ^i <^m^ 




•'yyt* ^^ ,7 ;/, . 



^■fym>^ , v-;.:;;^ 



The M:: 

iLa.nd Bol'MV RicuTs) — Aldany Cou.nty, Elevkxtu Ri>;rMENT 233 

I-Vcro VoinTi::-e 
I'icro John 
Finehoi;t Peter 
Fil.^eraM P:ar;n 
Gansfield Arnold 
(jarratt Isaac 
Garratt Jo!'.ti 
Garratt Siir.eon 
Goes liphray.r. 
Goes John 
Goes -Matthew 
Goetschiss Jacob 
Grant Alexander 
Grant Daniel 
Gr,:nt Peter 
Gr.tntt James 
Graogd John 
Gritfis Jemes 
Groom Edward 
Groom Joseph 
Halenbeck G. P. Jan 
Ilalenbeek Wil.iar.i 
Hallonbeck Cafper 
Hallenheck Isaac 
Hallenbcck Jacob 
Hallenbeck P'r.i'.ip 
Hallenbeek Jacob 
Hallenbeek John 
Hallenbeek Martin 
Haughton Stephen 
Hocse Aront 
Hoese Matthe'.v 
Hoghteling Andrew 
Hoghteling Henry 
Hoghteling Koer.radt 
Hoghteling Richard 
Hoghteling Tho;r.as 
Hollinghbaker William 
Hooghteling Ccaradt 
Hoos Nicholas 
Huyck John 
Johnson James 
Kiersted Luke 
Lampman Nicholas 
Lasher Adam 
Leaman George 
Leaman Jacob 
Leaman Matthew 
Lehman \Vi/'m 
Leman Jacob 
Lieman Clement 
Loadman Sam 

McDon.il John 

Mck William 

Marsh Wiiiam 
Marten I'riederick 
Mathcs James 
Maures Pctrus 
Merkle Lau 
Meyndcr Hendrick 
Mull Jacobus 
Mott Sanr.iel 
Muscer Thomas 
Mushier George 
Mushier Thomas 
Newkcrk Jacob 
Overbagh .Vbraham 
Ovcrbatjh Isaac 
Overbagh Jeremiah 
Overbagh Johanes 
Overbagh John, Jr. 
Overbagh Peter J. 
Ovcrpoch Jeremiah 
Ovrbagh Petrus 
Paller Jacob 
Pallier Joseph 
Palmer David 
Palmer Jonathan 
Palmer Noah 
Palmer Solomon 
Parce Niholaes 
Parre Casper 
Parre John 
Patterson Robert 
Persen Garrit 
Pcrsen John 
Perzen John, Jr. 
Pinkerton James 
Plank Jury 
Plantz Jury 
Rronk Ephraini 
Richtmyer Frederick 
Richtmyer Peter 
Rosa Henry 
Rous John. Jr. 
Rouse John 
Row Willhalmous 
Row William, Jr. 
Rows Joliannes 
Rusho Samuel 
Rushony Thomis 
Sacks Jacob 
Salusbury Wesiell 

Sa.x Johaiuiis 
Schermerhorn Corn-.lius 
Schermerhorn Henilrick 
Sclicrmcrhorn Jacob 
Schermerhorn Joliannis 
Schermerhorn John 
Schmid Friederich 
Scholcfield Arnel / 
Schoomaker Michael 
Schram Frederick 
Schram Frederick. Jr.. 
Schram Jurry 
^/ Schram William 
Schur Martin G. 
Scutt William 
Seloever Andw 
Smith Jeramia 
Smith Nicl'.olas 
Smith Peter 
Spar Johannis J. 
Spoor Abraham 
Spoor Dirk 
Spoor Isaac 
Spoor John 
Springsteed Jeremiah 
Springsteed Joseph 
Stanton Nathan 
Stroop Jacob 
Stuard James 
Tallyday FIcnry 
Ten Broeck John 
Ten Eyck Coenradt 
Ten Eyck Peter 
Thorn Ebenezer 
Thorn Edward 
Tolton Samuel 
Trumpbolir Nicolaus 
Van Antwerp Daniel G. 
Van Atton Peter 
Van Eargen Garrit 
Van Bergen Marten G. 
Van Buskerk Lawrence B. 
Van Dalfsen John 
Vandenberck John 
Van DenBerck Matti.ew 
Van DenBerck Peter 
Van DenBerck Rupert 
Vandenberck Wilhelmus 
Van Den Berck William. 

Van DenBerk John 

Van Dcr.Eeik Matthais 
\'andenberk Mattise 
Van DenDerk Richard 
Van Denberk Robert 
Van Dyck Arent 
Van Dyck Dirick 
Van Dyck Stephen 
Van Hocsen John C?. - 

Van Loan .Mbertus 
Van Loon .vbrahai!'. 
Van Loon .-Mliert. jr. 
Van Loon Evert 
\'an Loon Jacob J a 
Van Loon Joh.n 
Van Loon Jiilin M. 
Van Loon Jurie 
Van Loon Matthias 
Van Orden Benjamin 
Van Orden Hezckiah 
Van Orden John 
Van Orden John. Jr. 
Van Orden Peter 
Van Orden William 
Van Orden William. Jr. 
Van Schaack Abert 
Van Schaack Aront 
Van Schaack John. Jr. 
Van Schaack Nicholas 
Van Schaick S., Jr. 
Van Stinebergh Jcremia 
Van Vaulkenburgh Denck 
Van Vechten Jacob 
Van Vechten Sam 
Van Veghten Theanmj 

S. I. 
\'an Vehten Thennys 
\'an \'elkinbi:rgh Isaac 
Van Wagenen T. 
Van Wormer Cornelius 
Wabber Henry 
Waldron James 
Weekes Joshua 
Welch Philip 
Wells Edward 
Wells James. Jr. 
Wells Nicholas 
Wells William 
Witte James 
Youmans F.liab 
Zimmerman Nicholas 


New York i\ tiii; Revolltiox 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Twelfth Reg-iment 

Basset Michel 
Bryan Alexander 
Chambers David 
Clark Jolii'. 
Clute Fradrick 
Connell John 
Cook Josef 
Corey John 
Cristy Christian 
Cristyotice Cornelius 
Donaldson John 
Dret John 
Elseworth Benjamin 
Feehnck Cornelus 
Fisher Pour.on 
Fisher Tunis T. 
Fonda liaac 

Forgisson Peter 
Fort John 
P'ort Nicholas S. 
Fulnier Jacob 
Gallat Roag 
Groat Elias 
Groat Michael 
Halstead James 
Hemslreet David 
Hemstreet Jacob 
Hensburgh Dirck 
Higbee Flemmen 
Kaok Joseph 
Kask Joseph 
Lansing Gerrit, Jr. 
Lansing Rutger 
McKlian CorncHs 


Pearse Jacobus 
Share Matthias 
Shepherd Daniel 
Smidt John 
Sooper David 
Steenbar John 
Stcenbergh Elias. Jr 
Thallhimer Peter 
Vader Jacob 
Van Alstyn Daniel 
Van Antwerp John 
Van P.uren Ilcnderiek 
Van DenBergh John 
Van Denwerken John J. 
Van Derkar Abraham 
Van Derkar Abraham. Jr. 
Van Derkar Arent 

Van Derkar Hendrick 
Van Derkar Nicholas 
Van DerLendcr Daniel 
Van Dcrwerken Handrick 

Van Sohoonhoven Guert 
Van S'.hoonhoven Jacobus 
Van Vranken Garret R. 
Van Vranken Maas 
Van Vranken Richard 
\'an Vreken Garret A. 
Ven DenBergh Maos 
Vishcher Teunis T. 
\'olmer Johannis 
Walderon William 
Weight Oliver 
Wild William 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Thirteenth Regiment 

Capt. Peter Van X'ort 

Anderso.n William 
Andrews John 
Andrus Elisha 
Andruss Ephraim 
Andruss John 
Andruss Joseph 
Ashton Joha 
Babcock Timothy 
Bachas Joshua 
Beaglcstone Henry 
Benedict Stephen 
Benjam'n Josiah 
Benjamin Josiah, Jr. 
Benson Jccob 
Bolar Simeon 
Briggs Jabez 
Brower Hendrick 
Bryan Samuel 
Burch David 
Burges Seth 
Burton Hlezer 
Butten Peter 
Carpcnte." Nathanie 
Carthy John 
Clafk Willium 

Coffin Nathan 
Cook Isaac 
Cook Joab 
Cook Joseph 
Coon Abel 
Cooper Samuel 
Corbin John 
Cottrel Nathan 
Cottrell Joshua 
Cottrell Nathan 
Covey William 
Dickinson Daniel 
Dunham Silvenus 
Edmuds Andrew 
Edwards Samuel 
Eolcry Willem 
Fish John 
Fuller Abner 
Gage Jesse 
Gage Nathaniel 
Grommon Nathrn 
Hall Ezckid 
Heinor Jacob, Jr. 
Hissted Edward 


Hunter George 
Ketcham Benjmen 
Leake Ephraim 
Lent Henry J. 
Lent John 
McBride James 
McBride Samuel B. 
Marshel Simeon 
Marvin William ■ 

Jvlerycr Philip 
Millerd Robert 
Moor Gideon 
Morey Jonathan 
Moser Daniel 
Ohnstor Noah 
Palmer Elias 
Palmer George 
Pattrick William. Jr. 
Pettys David 
Ray Nathaniel 

iel Ray Zacheus 

Reynolds Joseph 
Reynolds Thomas 
Robisson Richard 

Rogers Philip - 
St. John Ezra 
Sattciy Silvter 
Semor William 
Slocem Elezer 
Stevens Phins 
Stevenson John 
S"rang William 
Stuiard William 
Swain William • 
Tann;.r David 
TelTt Nathan. Jr. 
Tefft Stanton 
Thompson Jonathan, Jr. 
Titus Jonas 
Tom'us Robert 
Van Norma Abrm 
Van Schaick Jacob 
Van \'ort Peter 
W'els'-.T Abraham 
Wilcox Abraham 
Willso Gerardus 
Wills..' John 
Woocworth Ephraim 

lnE MiLiTtA (Land Bolxty Rights) — Albany County, FocKiEtxTii Ke(_;i.\ient 235 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Fourteenta Regiment 

Allar Peter 
Armstrong Robert 
Atkins William 
Baggs James 
Burbar Daniel 
Becker Isaac 
Benedict Olner 
Bennet David 
Bennit Francis 
Benson Studson 
Benson William 
Beovin Thomas 
Berve Abraliam 
Blowers David 
Bord George 
Bove Garrit 
Bove Peter 
Boyce Joseph 
Bradt Nicholas 
Bratt Daniel B. 
Brees Henry 
Brouwn Henry 
Brown Joseph 
Brov/n Luther 
Bursea Lawrence 
Call Charls 
Carpenter Isaac ^ 
Castle Daniel 
Chase Nathan 
Cole Le' nard 
Coler Llsha 
Colhoun Alexander 
Comins Jonathan 
Coons Peter 
Corey Silas 
Cove! Jacob 
Covell Jonathan 
Cronkhite Henery 
Cronkrote Tunis 
Crouch Christo7)her 
Cruttcnden Zeb 
Daught Johaiies 
Daught John, Jr. 
Davenporte Ricliard 
Dcda.scheo Abraham 
Denton Nehemial 
Devenport rlmvphrc) 
D garmo Mattewes 
Downing Roger 
Dunn Denis 

Earl Nehemiah 
Enyurtn Humphrey 
Eycleshymer John 
Pack Gerg 
Fort John J a 
Franscischo Micliael 
Franscisco John 
Freman Edward 
Fuller Jonathan, Jr. 
Glascow Hugh 
Goff Anthony 
GofT Nathan 
Greene Jere 
Grof John Powle^ 
Grousbeck John W. 
Grousbeck W'illim 
Guthne Samuel 
Haner Charls 
Hart Isaac 
Hart Richard 
Heller William 
Flelling William 
Herman Jacob 
Hicks Benjamin 
Hill Luke 
Hinckley Gershom 
Holdredge Thomas 
Hopkins Joley 
Hunt Stephen 
Hyde Eliphalet 
Jackson William 
Jeffers Robert 
Jewitt John 
Johnson Ruffus 
Junis William 
Keeler Ezra 
Knickerbatker John, Jr. 
Lainson Thomas 
Laiikman Mical 
Lankman Peter 
Lansing Garret J. 
Lansing Jacob A. 
Lenard Thomes 
Lcnord Isaac 
Leveringson Robt. 
I. ewes Nathan 
Lewci Samuel 
Louke George 
Loveless John 

Lu Asahel 
McConnell Eli 
McConnell George 
McConnell Thaddtus 
Maclannan James 
Magaken John 
Marsh David 
Marsha! John 
Martin William 
Mead William 
jNIilk Benjamin 
Millerd Solomon 
Millerd Timothy 
Milliman John 
Moscley Jonathan 
MuUer Lendert 
Mury William 
Newcomb Adonijah 
Nickles Asa 
Norton John 
Norton William 
Overocker Michel, Jr. 
Palmer John 
Patterson Andrew 
Patton Joseph 
Patton Robert 
Pearce Benjamin 
Porter John 
Porter Nathan 
Porter Peter 
Porter Timothy 
Powall Jonathan 
Prister Christian 
Putnam Jonas 
Quackenbush Benjamin 
Quackenbush John 
Quackenbush Sylvant 
Ramsen Chrestephet. 
Ransom Thomas 
Richison William 
Rickard Conrate 
Rickord John 
Robenson Issachar 
Ro3a Cornelius 
Rosa John 
Sawyer Benjamin 
Scot Abraliam 
Seal Jolian 
Shadwin Joseph 

Ship Ignas 

Shipman David -- 

Sizcho John 

Skip Cocobewn 

Spalding Elijah 

Stark John 

Stark William 

Starke Asahel 

Stitphen Abraham 

Thayer Reuben 

Thompson Jesse 

Thomson William 

Tibbits John 

Tinsloew Lowrance 

Tinslow Jol'.n 

Valiance David 

Valium Jacob 

Van Allen Hermance 

Vananrp John 

Van Buren John • 

Van Buren Marfin 

Vandenbergh Corneles' W. 

Vin Get Jaberalt 

Vzn Name William 

Van Ness Jacob 

Van Ness John 

Va.nSante Joseph 

Viii \'aighten Tunes 

V^-u Veghten Herinon 

Vr^le Henry 

\1ile Saybrant 

Vbr.stronder Peter 

WiHes Elijah 

Weldaron Cornelas 

WeMeron Gerrit 

Wl!' cocks Isaac 

Wfllcox David 

Wi^ise Cornelius 

Wfr.ne Martin 

Winne Peter 

Wir.'.-.er John 

Wo'.'lman Miles 

Witvne Peter 

Yar.'S Jacob 

Vor.5h Nicia 

Yor glove Josiah 

York David 

Yoiinglove David 

Y'ou!) glove liaiaii 


Nev/ Yokk I.N TiiE Revoluiion 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Fifleeuth Regiment 

Li£UT. David Becicilr 

Abcll Garrit 
Anders John 
Backer Abram 
Backer Hones 
Backer Johannis 
Backer John J. 
Ball Henrich 
Ball Peter 
Ball Willem 
Earner Joseph 
Barrenhart Philip 
Bauck Christian 
Bauck II enrich 
Baust Henry 
Becker John P. 
Becker Peiter 
Becrafts William 
Beggraft Frans 
Bellinger Johannis, Jr. 
Berger Philip 
Borst Hendrick 
Borst Henrich 
Boist Jacob, Jr, 
Borst John 
Eouck Lawrence 
Bouck Nicholas 
Bouck William 
Bouck William, Jr. 
Brown Christian 
Buck William 
Casady John 
Casedy John 
Casseday John 
Cassedy John 
Conrat Hendrick, Jr. 


Dietz Jacobus 
Dietz John 
Dietz Jost 
Ecker Nicolas 
Ecker William 
Eekerson Tunes 
Eckesen Thomas 
Eckeson Teunis. Jr. 
Eckeson Thomas 
Engel Bitter 
Engel Jacob 
Feack Johannis 
Feeck Cornelius 
Finck John 
Gatchin Isaac 
Granteer Jacob 
Grasfeelt Hanry 
Hagedorr. Johannis 
Hatrick Willa.a 
Heathel George 
Heens Hcnrick 
Heens Jacob 
Heierlich Carls 
Hei'erlich Jacob 
Heger Jacob 
Heger Peter 
Heins Henry, Jr. 
Ililtsin.gcr August 
Hitsman John 
Jonson John 
Kag Anris 
Kitrick Willam 
Knieskerng Henry 
Konrat Henriech 
Lawyer Jacob J. 

Lawyer Johannis J. 
Lawyer Lorence 
McCoUom .-Mcxander 
McCollom Daniel 
ilcDougall .•Vlexander 
2\Iatisc Nicholas 
Mattes Johannes 
Merckel Harnes 
M -rckel Henrich 
Myers John 
Perth Henrich 
Reinhart George 
Richter Michael 
Richtmcyer George 
Rickert Gorg 
Righter Hendrick 
Righter Nichlos 
Sand Christian 
Sc'iafer Marthines 
Scliafer Fitter 
Schefcr Johannes 
Schoeldes Jacob 
S'Jioeldes }ilatters 
Schoeldes Matters, Jr. 
Schoeldes Willem 
Scliooicralt Lawrence 
Schroder Philipp 
S'.huneman Hcnrick 
S 'ecraaft Jacob 
Selea Mathias 
Sheiers Mathias 
Silney Hermanus 
Snuyder Willem 
Snyder Jacob 

Saj-der Ludwick 
Snyder Peter - 
Snydir Peter, Jr. 
Snyder Phillip. Jr. 
Suyder Fitter 
Starnburgh Phiiip 
Sternberger Nicklas 
Sf:ubrach Barent 
Stabrach Christian 
Stubrach Henricli 
S-ss-art Peter 
Teach James 
Tfcnber William 
V^in Antwerp Daniel 
Van Antwerp Johan 
Van Antwerp Peter 
Vaji Slick Marteini-i 
V.Kn Slyk Petr 
Vroman Mathias 
Wieidman Jacob 
Weidman Petrus ' 
Whitman Adam. 
\V/:itman Willem 
\V«erner Mattiieus. Jr. 
Werner Nicholas 
W'erthman Jacobus, Jr. 
Whitley Charles 
Wlholeburd Jolm 
..--Wright John 
Yaitng Andrew 

Zie'ie Pieter —- ^ 

Zte-'lie Martinis 
Zie-Iic Peter P. 
Zimmer William 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Sixteenth Pegiment 


Aiston George 
Allen Christopher 
Allen Ebenezar 
Allen Eiisha 
Allcr John 
Almy John 
Armitage John 
Ashton John 
Babcock John 
Backer Storm 
Baker Peleg 
Beach Bengimeii 
Becker David 
Becker John 

Beecker Martmees 
Bell Matthew 
Bell Sam.uel 
Berrg Simeon 
Besse Ebene:'.er 
Bcsse Ephraim 
Blair John 
Blair John, Jr. 
Bkar Robert 
Eoskcrk Denreck 
Bouse Benjamin 
Bowman John 
Bratt Gerret Teunesee 
Briggs Abraham 

Brown .Abraham 
Bump Ichabod 
Buir.p Jthamar 
Burt oh .\dmiral 
Bu.kirk John 
Caldwell William 
Cald-vell Wosen 
Campbell Archibald 
Chapman James 
Chase Seth 
Cook George 
Cook Philip 
Corey John 
Correll Zebulon 

Cowden James 
Cc'vden Samuel 
Cov.'dcn Simpson 
Cu-.ver Obadiah 
Da;- Samuel 
De^' :e;.- Josiah 
De,.;.k William G. 
Dew.ey Josiah 
Do .n David 
Do'ier Benjamin 
DuT'.ca George 
EaHi Nathnl 
Earh Danil 
Efiai^ga Alexander 

The Militia (Land Bounty Rights; — Albany County, Sevi:nti-:f.:vTU Kegimfnt 237 

Egelston Joseph 
El'lrid Jeremiah 
Eidrid William 
Farmer Josiali 
Fcraga Alexander 
Fisher John 
Fort Abrham 
Fort Daniel 
Fort Gerrct 
Fort Isaac 
Fort Jacob 
Fowler Abel 
French Jonathan 
Gibbs Isaac 
Gibbs Jolin 
Gilhnore William 
Gilhnore William. Jr. 
Hcagaman Dennice 
Heath Jacob 
Henune Oliver 
Herrune John 
Hill Allen 
Hitchcock Zina 
Hoag Elijah 
Hoag Russel 
Hodg Curtes 
Hogel Barnabas 
Holbrock Daniel 
Hunt Samuel 

Kanady James 
Keiinady Jan;i's, Jr. 
Kmg Solomon 
King William 
King William. Jr. 
Lewis Joseph 
McAuley John 
McClaughry Thomas 
AlcChmg John 
McGiU Patrick 
Mclnteem Elilm 
Magee John 
Magee William 
Martin Aaron 
Moor John 
Moorison James 
Morison John 
Morison Juiin. Jr. 
Morison Samuel 
Mori John 
Mosher Jabesh, Jr. 
Muschat David 
Muschet James 
Mushet Jolin 
Norton Jonathan 
Paimarter Benony 
Pcarce Arikomks 
Pearce David 

Perec John 
Perine Isaac 
Pettet John 
Phelps Barret 
Phelps Daniel 
Phelps Elisha 
Powell William 
Pruyn Francis S. 
Pnlver Nathan 
Quackinbush Thuims 
Ransom Ephraim 
Ransorn Jonathan 
Reathbean Jeckiria 
Salsbucry Richard 
Sayer Jacob 
Searle George 
Seelye Ebcnezer 
Selt'ridge William 
Shafif John 

Shearman Batcheldor 
Shearman Henry 
Skellie William 
Smith Benjamin 
Smith Roger 
Spalding Samson 
Sprague David 
Stewart Joscjih 
Stewart Joseph, Jr. 

Strong William 
Sweet Jonathan 
Tanner Joshua 
Telford George 
Tliomson Andrew- 
Thomson Hugh 
Thornton Samuel 
True Neucumb 
Twist Elias 
\'an Dusen Hartman 
Vanduser John 
Van Nass Gerrit 
Van Woert Lewis 
Veley Lewis 
Waldo Jonathan. Jr. 
Ward Elil-.u 
Ward Obadiah 
Warner Eleazar 
W.-irner Eleazar. Jr. 
Watison John 
Wells Edmund 
Weils Joseph 
Wells Thomas 
Williams Isaac 
Woodard Jonathan 
Woodworth \Villiam 
Wright Abr 
Younglove Joseph 

Albany County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Seventeenth Regiment 

Abboot Asa 
Abbe it Samuel 
Al)ott Abe! 
Abott Sele 
Adams David 
Algcr Dan 
Alytr Jona 
Allen Thomas 
Ailiii Samuel 
Ames Asr.hcl 
Andrews Joseph 
Andrews Seth 
Andrui Bcnj.imir. 
Andrus Daniel 
Asidrus Zebuh'.n 
.Ajlsworth William 
Babicck Gershom 
Baldwin .\mus 
Baldv in Nathan 
Baldwin T. 
Baldwin T.. Jr. 
Barbur B^'niamin 
Barker Elihu 
B.irkcr Peter 
Barker Sol H. 
Barns Samuel 


Barns Vamaliel 
Barrt Colinin 
Bathrick John 
Beach /illcn 
Beach Roswel 
Beebe J..!.n, Jr. 
Bcebe Pli'lo 
Bcmane Simon 
Benjamins Ebenezer 
Bently Samuel 
Bettit Josiah 
Bill Philip 
t3ivins John 
Bostwick Elijah 
Bosworth Jabin 
Bournson Thomas 
Braiiiard Timothy 
Biamhali Jusi-pli 
Branonid Nathaniel 
Brigs Elis 
Brinihorn Joseph 
Bristoll Abel 
Bristoll Eliphale: 
Brown .Ani'is 
Brov.n Crdeb 
Brown Josei>h 


Brown Nathaniel 
Brown Thomas 
Buc Jchaa 
Buck Daniel 
BuUiss Joseph J. 
Bunce Jacob 
Bunes Abraham 
Burlingame Reuben 
Burr Ozias 
Butlolph Bethel 
Cady Ebenezer 
Cady Elias 
Cady Elijah 
Cady Clover ■ 
Calkin Daniel, Jr. 
Caronton Aron 
Carpenter Samuel 
Carrington Aaron 
Castel William 
Castle John 
Catishel Will'am 
Chapman Jehial 
Chapman Jospeh 
Chittenden .Moses 
Churchill Stcplitn 
Clark Daniel 

Clark David 
Clark Isaac 
Clark Samuel 
Cole Jacob, Jr. 
Coher David 
Colver Joseph 
Colver Nathaniel 
Cowls Adonijah 
Cowls Asa 
Cowls Mcses 
Crauord William 
Cnppen Jospeh 
Croc.i-er Ebr 
Curt'.s Diidatus 
Curtis Nathaniel 
Curtiss Alanthus 
Dacker Henry 
Darby Samuel 
Dari:i'.g Eilintl 
Darrow Daniel 
Darrow John 
Davii Daniel 
Davis Ezra 
Da\i- Ji^l'.M 
Dav--- Lemuel 
Dean Samuel 


New York ix the Revolutfox 

Dean William 
Dcwolph Alfio 
E'ickinson Cliritcr 
Diilph Amos 
Doty John 
Doty Joseph 
— Doty Reuben 
Dowse V/illiani 
Dun Samuel 
J'laton Abe! 

Egleston Jesse 

Elles Samuel 

Ellis Benjamin 

Ferris John, Jr. 

Fitch Abel 

Fitch Elias 

Flint Nathaniel 

Foot Asa 

Ford Abijah 

French John 

Frisbe Philip 

Frisbc Philip, Jr, 

Frisbce Gideon 

Fuller Beekman 

Fuller Var.-^cl 

Gallop Jesseo 

Ghose Lourance 

GifFord Benjamin 

Gifford Rowland 

Gilbert Elisha, Jr, 

Gilbert Thomas 

Gillet Nathan 

Gillit John 

Gillit Nathaniel 

Godfrey Richard 

Gott Story 

Gould Jesse 

Grant Eleazer 

Graves Lewis 
Graves Timothy 
Gray Asel 
Gray Cciee 
Cray Jabish 
Gray Silas 
Gray St'.-phen 
Hacklcy Simeon 
Hallister Elisha 
Hamilton Ho> 
Harris .Asa 
Harris HI',' 
Hawley Matthcvi- 
Haxstone Benjamin 
IIax>tun John 
Hazard Joshua 
HeMeribrand CoorraU, Jr, 
Heldcnbrand John 
Hondry.>c Abra'r..i!'.i 
Hendrj.f Abr.iham, Jr. 
Htndry.x ?Jelanzcr 
HcniJi.s Xathanael 

• Henry Robert 
Herrick Nathan 
Hevi'.'.low Isaac 
Hinsdale George 
flilchcock Abner 
Hitchcock Abncr, Jr. 
Hitchcock Phinehas 
Hodg John 
Hod^; John, Jr. 
Kolcomb Isaac 
Hollumback William 
Holmes George 
Holmes Jabez 
Horton Thomas 
Howard Ebenezer 
Howard Jonathan 
Hull Charles 
JIull Samuel 
Hunt Zeba 
Hunter Andrew 
Hurlburt Elijah 
Hycr Walter 
Ide Ebenezer 
Ingraham Benjamin 
Ingraham John 

Ingraham Samuel 

Jackson Elias 

Jackson Jacob 

Jackson James 

Jackson Samuel 

Johnson John 

Jones Ebenezer, Jr. 

Jones Moses 

Jones Reut)en 

Jones Samuel 

Judd Benjamin 

Kelly Daved 

Ketchum Abijah -■..-. 

Ketchuni Isaac 

Ketchum Nathaniel 

Kimball Jesse 

Kmg Abel 

King Abel Jr. 

King Moses 

Knapp William 

Kneeland Benjanin 

Law Tb.omas 

Lay Joseph 

Lay Reuben 

Lee Benjamin 

Lee Wilham 

Lewis Isaac 

Lockwood Deriaha 

Lockwuod James 

Lomiss Scth, Jr, 

Loomis Scth 

Lord Kphraim 

Lord linuithy 

Lothrop Josiah 

L.uhrop Melatiah 

Lothrop Melati,i!i, Jr. 

Luce Israel 

McCall Benijah 

Marss Stephen 

Mattheu's John 

Mecliam Ellis 

Medge Daniel 

Mier Peter 

Mighel Nathan 

Miner William 

Montgomery Ezekiel 

Moor Noadiah 

Mott Simeon 

Mude Ebenezer 

Mudge Aaron 

!Mudge Ebenezer 

Mudge Jervcs 

Munse Daniel 

Murray Daniel 

Murry Reuben 

Mury Ezra 

Naughten Josiah 

Naughten Solomon 

Naughten \Villi;ini 

Niles Joseph 

North Thomas 

Noyes Nathan 

Odell Davd 

Olmsted Nathar.iel 

Ohiisted Nehemiah 
Olmsted William 
Olmsted William, Jr. 
Giver Hazard 
Pabody Aaroii 
Park Smith 
Parke Joseph 
Parke Nathan 
Parke Oliver 
Parke Squire 
Parks Ezra 
Palehen Zebulon 
Patchin Jesse 
Patteson Josiah 
^Pcakc Christopher 
t'Peake Jonathan 
Pease Asa 
Peese Da\id 
Peese William 
Phelps Elihu 
Phelps James 
Phillips Isaac 
Plum John 
Powers William 
Pratt Caleb 
Prait Elisha 
Pr.-at Joshua 
Pratt Obediah 
Preston Asa 
Preston Levi 
Rendcl Reuben 

Rny Patrick 

Rennels Joel 

Reynolds Joe! 

Reynolds Jonah 

Reynolds Moses 

Rowland Judah 

Rowlend Sech 

Rowley Judah 

Rowley Ricl'.niond 

Rowly Nathaniel 

Russel Samuel 

Sage .-Kllen 

Sails Samuel 

Salmon Jesse 

Salsbury John 

Saitniarsh William 

Saltmarsh William, Jr. 

Savage William 

Seaward Aaron 

Seaward Jedediah 

Semister John 

Sncffcl John 

Simmons Ezekiel 

Skeel Nathan 

Skinner Elijah. Jr. 

Skinner Josiah 

Skinner Levi 

Skinner Solomon 

Snialley Elijah 

Smith Daniel 

Smith John 

Smith Nick 
Sotherd Thomas 

Spencer Pcleg 
St.nrk Amos 
Stedir.an Jno 
Stemard William 
Stevens Simon 
Stevns Simon. Jr. 
Tanner Thomas 
Tliompson Samuel 
Toies Amos 
Towner Gershum 
Trunibel Eldred 
T.ibbs Jonatlian 
Tubb? Seth 
VanD^rpoel Abraham 
Van ^•'ass Adam 
Voler.i.ine Joseph 
Volle.'Unie John 
Vollciuine Richard 
Walker John 
Warner Daniel 
V.'arncr Jason 
Warner John 
Warnc! Jonathan 
Warner Josiali 
Warnc- Lupton 
Wr.ler!:-.an .\sa 
Waterman Jiio 

The Militia (Land Bolmy Rights) — Charlotte County 


Webster Daniel 
White Abiga 
White James 
White Josepii 
Wilcock Hiel 

Williams David 
Williams Ezekicl 
Wood James 
Woodward Benedict 
Woodward Jonathan 

Wooster Ebcnezer 
Wooster Moses 
Worner Ezra 
Wright Asa 
Wr)ght David 

Wrijiht Solomon 
Wylie James 
Young E. 
Young Fred 

Younglove Moses 

Charlotte County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) 


Aldrisch David 
Allen Gideon 
Armstrong Robert 
Armstrong Thomas 
Backus John 
Backus Joseph 
Baker Solomon 
Baker Timothy 
Barber John 
Bartlet Bartholomew 
Bartlett Joseph 
Barttler Moses 
Bateman John 
Battey James 
Battey John 
Bell William 
Bellows Thomas 
Botliell James 
Boyd Robert 
Boyd William 
Brown Solomon 
Brown William 
Cambe Duncan 
Campbell Duncan 
Christie Robert 
Clark Thoriias 
Collins Thomas 
Colvr Samuel 
Conkey Joshua 
Conkey Richard 
Cook Asoph 
Cooper Joseph 
Covel James 
Crookshank William 
Crouch Richard 
Dibc'l Joel 
Doaii David 
Done D.ivid 
Diirkce James 
Durkce Solomon 
Durkee Thomas 
Fitch Pelaliah, Jr 
Gelt Alexander 
Getty Ebene7er 
Gilbert Thomas 
Gilchrist James 
Gille? Archibald 
Gillci James 
Giiltspy Neal 

Graeer Joseph 
Gray David 

Gray Edward S. 
Gray John 
Gray John, Jr. 
Griffethe Eh 
Grott Alexander 
Grover John 
Grover Stephen 
Ilarnden John 
Harnden Samuel 
Harow Joseph 
Henderson D.ivid 
Henderson James 
Herrinton Peter 
Higbe Nehemiah 
Hopkins Henry 
Hugans Robert 
Hugans William 
King James 
Lindsay Duncan 
Livingston Alexander 
Livingston Francis 
Livingston John 
Livingston John, Jr. 
Livingston Nch 
McCallister Hamilton 
McCarter Robert 
McCarter Samuel 
McCraken David 
McCrahen William 
McDanold John 
McF"arland James. Jr. 
McKnight David 
i^lcKnight John 
McMillan John 
McMurray Robert 
McNaughton .Alcar 
JIcNeil Archibald 
McNeil John 
McNish Andrew 
!McNitt Alexander 
McNilt Andrew 
^fcWethy James 
McWhorter Jams 
McWhorter Matthew 
Martin Adam 
Martin Jobcph 
Martin Moses 

Mathews David 
Mathews Willm 
Moncrief Hugh 
Moor.- John 
Morrison Jaineii 
Morrison James, Jr. 
Mount James 
MuncrefF William 
Nellson John 
Nevins John 
Olds James 
Orcutt James 
Osgood Aaron 
Osgood Silcs 
Paig Christopher 
Parker Nathaniel 
Parrish John 
Parrish Josiah 
Parrish Josiah. Jr. 
Paltengell Oliver 
Patterson Jacob 
Patterson John 
Patterson John. Jr. 
Patterson Joseph 
Patterson Levi 
Peck John 
Peiinell Robert 
Perrise Josiah 
Peterson John 
Powers James 
Powers Moses 
Ramage James 
Ramage John 
Randies Andrew 
Reid Daniel 
Reynolds Hugh 
Rice David 
Rowan James 
Rowan John 
Russell Ebencjcr 
Sawyer David 
Sawyer Nocii.-ili Graves 
Shapley Utter 
Shepard Silas 
Shepcrd John 
Simson Andrew 
Skinner David 
Sl.irrou 5an:u<.'. 
Smith .-Varon 

i-nutii tL,cr.:'er 

Smith Sanford 
Steei Th' mas 
Steward John 
Stewart David 
Stewart Robert 
Stocking John 
Stone Aaron 
Stone Abner 
Stone Israel 
Stuart Daniel 
Tackec lluactor 
Tackeis James 
Taner William 
Tanner John 
Teller Ahasuenis 
Teller John William 
Teller William, Jr. 
Terrii Amos 
Terrill Ezra 
Tinkee Hcnny 
Tinkey Henry 
Toinb James 
Tomb Joseph 
Tucker Joseph 
Turner Reuben 
Tyrel Samuel 
Vin Duee .Abraham 
Walker Jeams 
Warrin David 
Webb David 
Webb Leonard 
Welch Joseph 
Whedon An^cU 
Whedon Daniel 
AVIiedon D.v. id 
Whedon Dcnison 
Whedon Edmund 
Wheeler Ephraim - 
Williams Da\id 
Williams John 
Wiliianis I.::iiuel 
Williams Lw.is. Jr. 
Willsoii John 
Wilson Daniel 
Wilson John 
Wilvon Patrick 
Wright Jonathan 


New York in the Revolution 

Dutchess County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Second Regiment 
Capt. John Bri.n' kekhoff Capt. Brown Caft. Joui' Bu.mschoten' 

Adriance Abraham 
Adriance Isaac, Jr. 
Adriaiice John, Jr. 
Algelt Adam 
rtllen WiiUain 
Arden Thonia;. 
Balding Jacob 
Balding Joseph 
Haley Daniel 
Barker Stephen 
Barnes Glean 
Barns Anthony 
Bates Hickey 
Bedel Abram 
Bedell Jesse 
Bedle John 
Bell Henry 
Blain James 
Bloom George 
Bogardiis John 
Bogard'js Peter, Jr. 
Bogardus Pctrus 
Booth Stephen 
Bowne Gershoni 
Bragaw Peter 
Bravam John 
Brett George 
Brewer David 
Brewer Samuel 
Brinckerhofif Adrian 
Brinckerhoff John 
Bromfield Jeremiah 
Brouwcr Daniel 
Brown Isaac 
Brush Thomas 
Buckhout Jacob 
Bunschoten E. 
Burroughs Thomas 
Bush Isaac T. 
Buys Henry 
Buys Jacob, Jr. 
Carpenter Daniel 
Carter William 
Ciapp Henry 
Clapp Silas 
Coens Phillip 
Cole Isaac 
Comfort Boiijamin 
Conklin Williim 
Convis John 
Cooke John 
Coon Jeremiah 

Cooper Joh 

Cooper Obadiah W. 
Cooper William 
Dates Peter 
licborous Jacob 
Deeds Pi»er 
Degraf Jacobes 
Degroff Moses 
Degroff Simeon 
Delamartcr William 
Dewit Abraham 
Dewit Johannes 
Dewit Johannes, Jr. 
Dickson William 
Dubois Christian 
Dubois Christian, Jr. 
Dubois Elesa 
Dubois Jacob, Jr. 
Dubois John 
Duboys Jacob 
Duboys Peter 
Dunscomb Daniel 
Duryee Abraham, Jr. 
Ellsworth Aha 
Elsworth George 
Fardon Thomas 
Ferris Jacob 
Golneck Constin 
Gosline William 
Grant E. 
Green Inceas 
Griffen Jacob, Jr. 
Hagamen Isaac 
Hageman Henry 
Hains Godfrey 
Hains Godfrey, Jr. 
Haliz Peter 
Halste.id Benjamin 
Halsfend John 
Hanson Stephen 
Harper Gideon 
Harris William 
Hasbrook Daniel 
Hatton Robert 
Ilecannans Henry 
Hecrnians Andrics 
Hicks Edward 
Hofniaii Yeacy 
Hoglaln John 
Horton Matthi.is 
Huffman Ch:irles 
Hughson Walter 

Hulse Peter 

Plumfrey James 
Humphrey Samuel 
Humphrey Thomas 
Hunt Abel 
Hutchings Isaac 
Innes Peter 
Jackson Richard 
Jewell George 
Johnstone Robert 
Knifteti Israel 
Ladu Oliver 
Lane Jeremiah 
Larris Joseph 
Ledew Daniel 
Lent Isaac 
Lorneberg Christian 
Luyster John 
Luyster John, Jr. 
Luyster Thys 
Maby Tobias 
McAvey John 
McKeel.iy Dennis 
McKeely John 
McKelby William 
Mafrus Albert 
Maharrcy Willemi 
Mesier .Abraham 
Meynema John 
^liddagh Jacobus 
Miller John 
Monfoorl Adrian 
Monfoort Peter, Jr. 
Monfoort Peter T. 
J.Iontanyc John T. 
Moom'ort Albert 
Mott Samuel 
iviungcr Benjamin 
Mungcr John 
Noorttraat Peter 
Nostrant Isaac 
No.^jon Simon 
Orucn Joseph 
Osborn Cor 
Osborn Stcjihcn 
Osburn Richard • 
Otterson And 
Owen John Ostroni 
Palen Henry. Jr. 
Patterson Abijah 
Philip Ralph 
Philips John 

Plrilips Rulef 
Phillips William 
Pierce Thomas 
Piatt Zepha, Jr. 
Psrrdy Fiances 
Pjurdy Stephan 
B.obinson J. 
Roe Benjamin, Jr. 
R:oe William 
Blogers Hezekiah 
Ror.iine Caspaurus 
R;osekrans Dirck 
Rosekrans Frederick 
Eaumsey James 
Smckrider Moses 
Schanck RulofT 
Svchenck Abraham 
Schenck Gysbert 
S.'-henck Reuben 
Schouten Andrew 
Schouten Daniel 
Svoliouten Simon S. 
Schouttcn Johanis 
Schults John 
Sxriiut Johannes 
Slhield Johann Christop 
Siimontone Thomas 
Sfeidts Abraham 
Sfeutt Stephen 
Slteght Jacobus 
Sli fight Henry 
Si.nitl; Stephen 
S-!.nediker James 
S^nider Benjamin 
S'nidcr Jo'in Jost 
Stockholm Aaron 
Stockholm Peter 
Storm Gorus 
Storm Thomas 
Stymes Jacob 
Siiord Isaac 
S-uord Josiah 
S -.van Evert W. 
S'.vartwout Jacobus 
Swartwout William 
Tapp William 
T,-irpcnning John 
T.aylor Gamalie' 
T'cl'.cr Isaac 
Tier Bos Isaac 
T'cr Boss Luke 
T'sr Bush Isaac 







,-•;.]. j-Siv; 


The Militia (L.wu Bou.ntv Richt.-) — Dutchess Couxtv, Thiud REr.rMExi 


Tcr F'li'-li J'jl'ii H- 
Teiliuiie Jolin 
Thomson Ezra 
Thorn Stephen 
Thurston Joseph 
Tluifbton Thomas 
Toctd Roijert 
Tor Bos Isaac 
Tor Bos Johannes 
Trescr Frederick 
Valentine Benjamin 
Valentine John 
Valentine Matthew 
VanCleek Barent 
Van DenBurgh James, Jr. 
Vanderbilt Ares 
Van Dcrvourt James 
Vandewater Benjamin 

Vandworter lU-iu.iman 
Vanhinil Abraham 
Van Kleck B.iriict 
Van Klecck Aliash.ares 
Van Klecck Ilngh 
Van Kleeck Peter. Jr. 
Van Kleek Peter P. 
Vanney Cornelius 
Van Sickle Cornelius 
Van Steenhergh P. 
Van Tassell John 
Van tessel John 
Vantine Frances 
Van Vlack Abraham. Jr. 
\':in Vlacknran Aaron 
Vanvlackrtn Marinus 
Vanvlackren Marmus, Jr. 
Van vlackren Teunis 

\';in \'oohcn'- ilocrt S. 
Van \'oorhees Abr 
Van Voorhees Daniel 
\'anvoorhis Henry 
\'an\oorhis John 
\'an Wart Aljrm 
\ aiiwyck Richard 
Van Wyck William 
\'arvelin John 
Venbramer Thos. 
Vendcwater Peter 
Vermillur John 
Vermilya Benjamin 
Vermilya Peter 
Vervelin Gideon 
\'on Vlack John 
Ward Ebenezcr 
Ward Jacob 

Ward Joim 
Way Francis. Jr. 
Way Thomas 
Wee!:s James 
Westervelt Abraham 
Westervdt Albert 
Westervelt John 
Westervelt Joseph 
Willis Richard 
Wilsey Cornelius 
Wilson William 
Wilte Peter 
Wiltsc Henry 
Wilt^e Tunes 
Wilt^^ William 
W'ineter Mose? 
Zeckelsa Johannes 

Dutchess County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Third Regiment 

Agard Joseph 
Akin David 
Akin David, Jr. 
Akin John 
Akins Stephen 
Aklridgc Solomon 
Allen Gideon 
Allen James 
Allen Moses 
Andrevvs Benjamin 
Baker Phmeas 
Baldwin Thomas 
Barnum Azor 
Karnuni Joshua 
Barnum Jo.^hua, Jr. 

Billing Increase 
Birch John 
Birdsall Gilbert 
Birdsall James, Jr. 
Birdsall John 
Birdsall Natlian 
Birdsall Scjuire 
Birdsall William 
Bond Nathaniel 
BonJy Moses. Jr. 
Booth Joseiih 
Boss William 
Bray Thnnias 
Briggs Anthony 
Brijrgs Elkanah 
Briggs John 
Briggs Lewis 
Briggs Oliver 
Briggs Prince 
Briggs Tliomas. Jr. 

Brow Elisha 
Brigs Zebulon 
Brown Peter Emons 
Brown Philip 
Brownell Charon 
Brownell Josei>h 
Browr William 
Bryan Richard S. 
Burch Daniel 
Burch Joseph 
Burroughs Eph 
Burtch Branan 
Burtch John 
Burtch John. Jr. 
Burtch Zacheriah 
Calkin James 
Carley Peter 
Cary John 
Cary Nathan 
Cary Samuel 
Cary Stephen 
Caswell James 
Caswell John 
Chacc Jabez 
Chase Beverly 
Chase Daniel 
Chase Tallman 
Comins Benjamin 
Comins John. Jr. 
Coniinsqu John 
Concklin Joshua 
Cook .\le.\andcr 
Cooper George 
Corbin Benjamin 
Corlcy Johnatlinn 
Cornell lames 

Covy James 
Covy Joseph 
Crandall Azariah 
Crandel Jeremiah. Jr. 
Crane Isaac 
Crane Joseph 
Crane Joseph, Jr. 
Crosby David 
Crosby Enoch 
Crosby Isaac 
Crosby Joshua 
Crosby Nathan 
Crosby Peter 
Cutter Joseph 
Cutter Rodger 
Cutter William 
Dakin Woster 
Darbeysher Benjamin 
Darbyshcr Daniel 
Darling Zephaniah 
Da\enport John 
Dead Joseph 
Dedntcher David 
Dcen Sam.uel 
Degray Thomas 
Deuel Benjauiin 
Deuel Gideon 
Deuel John 
Deuel Reuben 
E)ibel David 
Dibel Jotl 
Doan Daniel 
Doan Elnathan 
Donaghe Hanry 
Done Daniel 
Done I'inath.in 

Draper Ebenezer 
Draper Gideon 
Draper Joseph 
Draper Nathan 
Draper Reuben 
Duel Philip 
Dunkin David 
Dutcher Mathew 
Dyknian Joseph 
Elhot Benjamin 
Eiliol Benjamin. Jr 
Elliot Gideon 
Elliot Jonathan 
Elliot Nathan 
Elwell Isaac 
Ehve'i Jabes, Jr. 
English A'ilUam 
E\ e.'S Thomas 
Ferrisf Edmund 
Fcrr.'ss James 
Ferriss Reed 
Ferrii-s V.'arrcu 
Field Com fori. 
Field Gilbert 
'Field /osepli 
Field Samuel 
Finch John 
Fisher James 
Force Timothy 
Foster Chillingsworth 
Foster Nathaniel 
Franklin Benjamin 
Gage Eli!ui 
Gardner Samuel 
Garrison John 
GifiForvi Benjamin 


New Yokk i.v ti;e Rtvoi.uTiON 

Gifford Jol;n 
Girlord Justus 
Hall Aaiboss 
H:di D.ivid 
Hall PctLT 
H.illaoy Joseph 
HavilanJ Bcnjannn. Jr. 
Haviland Isaac, Jr. 
Haviland P'cleg 
HavilanJ Thoiiias 
Hayes James 
Haynes Calej; 
Hayns Asa 
Hays Nathaniel 
Hecuck David 
Hecocic Job 
Hecock John 
Holdea Benjamin, Jr. 
Herd David 
Heronton George 
Htrenton Jacob 
Hetfield Robard 
Hill George 
Hill Rcximi 
Hinmau Zachariah 
Hoag Jeremiah 
Holmes Nathaniel 
Hopkins Henry 
Howard Edward 
Howard Stephen 
Howland Israel 
Howland James 
How'and Obadiah 
How land Prince 
Howland Samuel 
Howland William 
Howling Samuel 
Humpliroy William 
Humphrey William, Jr. 
Hunt Edward 
Hunt Joiham 
Hurd Ebcnezer 
Hurd Ebenezer, Jr. 
Irish Asa 
Iri,-.h Jedcdiah 
Johnson Ezekiel 
Johr.son Ezckile 
Johnron John 
Johnson }.Ioses 
Jones Stephen 
Jones Theophilus 
Jonson Ncheniuh 
Kellogg Benjaniin 
Ketchum Daniel - 
Kctchum Lues — 

Kidd Alexander 
Lake Daniel 
Lamb Caleb 
Lamb John 
Langdon John 
Larrance Samuel 
Lawrence Jon 
Lawrence Stephen 
Leach Joseph 
Lester David 
Lowre John 
AIcAulay Aulay 
Manvell Arorean 
y Marcy Griffen 
Marshal Zaccheus 
Marshel Zaccheus 
Martin George 
Mead Abraham 
Merrit Gdbert 
Miles John 
Millard Stephen 
Miller Jacob 
Miller Joshua 
Millerd Joshua 
JMillers Alinnega 
Mirch, George 
.'"Morehous Isaac 
Morgan Consider 
Morhous Andrew 
t Morhouse Reuben 
Mosher David 
Mott Wdliam 
NecoUs Ephraim 
Newberg Eady 
Newberg Joseph 
Newberg Joshua 
Newman Moses 
Newman Nath.nel 
Nichols Joseph 
Nickerson Issacher 
Nickcrson Seth 
Odell Uriah 
Ogden EJm 
Ogden Mumidirey 
Ogden Joseph 
Ogden Nathan 
Olmsted Eben 
Paddack Jonathan 
Paddack Thomas 
Palmor Nathan 
Palmor WiUiam 
Parrisli Jonathan 
Pearce William 
Peasloe Isaac 
Peaslee Jephthali 

Peaslce John 

Pell David T. 

Fell PhiHp 

Pendal Jonathan 

Pency George 

Pery Simon 

Pray Ephraim 

Pray Jo.icph 

Pray Natlian 

Preston Ebenezer 

Preston Ebcneiter, Jr. 

Prosser Benjamin 

Prosser Ichbd 

Prosser Joshua 

Pury David 

Rider Reuben 

Ross Araanel 

Ross Zebulon 

Russel Robert 

Sabin Asa 

Sabin Burtch 

Sabin Elijah 

Sabin Lionel 

Sabin Timothy 

Sabins Asa 

Sackett James 

Salmon John 

Salmon John, Jr. 

Scot Abraham 
Scribner Natl'.aniel 

Searing Daniel 
V Sears Benjamin. Jr. 
Sharman .Abicl 
Shaw Comfort 
Shaw Coinl'ort. Jr. 
Shelden Benjamin 
Shelden Caltb 
Shelden Eli.^lia 
Shelden Isaac 
Shelden Potter 
Sheldon Benjamin 

Sherman Benjamin 
Sherman Jcthro 
Shern.an Jos. ah 
Slocu'n I'.hcr.c er 
Slocum Gideon 
Snyder Peter 
Soule Nathan. Jr. 
Soulc Senua 
Spalding Abijah 
Spalding Nathan 
Spalding Samuel 
Spencer Jabe:; 
Spoldin Oliver 
Spragg Abel 

Starr John 

Steven Samuel 

Stevens Ephraim 

Stevens Roger 

Stevenson Stephen 

Sturgis Nathan 

Swift Josiah 

Thomas Benjamin 

Tofifey John 

Tompkins Elijah 

Tompkins Gabriel 

Tompkins Jonathan G. 

Towner Samuel 

Townsend Abijah 

Trousdale Joseph 

Trusdcll Joseph 

Turner Danie! 

Van Wart Martinus 

Van Winkel Fredrick 

Vickary Ichabod 

Waldo John 

Warin Ephraim 

W'aring John 

Watts Robert 

Weed A.sa 

Weed Jacob 

West Thomas 

Whaiey James 

Wha!y Timothy 

White'ey Pardon 
Wickhan; Daniel 
Wickham John 
Wiikerson JonaiJian 
Willcocks Reuben 

\Vii:cocx Thomas 
Wiih-.jx Benjamin 
Wilicox Elial 
WiticLx Joiin 
VVillcox William 
Williams isaiah 
Wing Abraham F. 
Wing Brice 
U'ing; Daniel 
Wooa Daniel 
Woodard Phiuchas 
Woodin A.mos. Jr. 
V.'cods Roger 
WooHey Tillton 
Ya'.e Enos 
Yaie Uriah 
Yong Robert 
Your.v; Elijah 
Youu^ Jno 
Young William 

Tin-: MiT.niA (L.wii Dorxrv Ri<",hts 

Dltciiess County, F"l-rth Rtximext 


Dutchess County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Fourth Regiment 


Caft, Antene Badoles 
Antoxy Sadgley 
Elemuei. Coxcklix 

Abraham I'ort 
Stei'iien Hemjrickpox 
Relben Si-en'cer 

Ackerman Geleyn 
Ackcriiicn Jame^ 
Addoms John 
Algar Jonathan 
Allen John 
Allen John, Jr. 
Allen John W. 
Allen Joseph 
Aniriicrnian Thomas 
Anderson David 
Anthony Nicholas N. 
Arnold David 
Arnold George 
Arnold James 
Badger Ebenezer 
Badgley Anthony 
Badgley Stephen 
Badgly Anthony 
Badgly George 
Bailey Nathan 
Bailey William 
Baker James 
Baker Peter 
Baker Richard 
Baker Wihn 
Balding Danie! 
Balding George 
Balding Isaac 
Balding Isaac. Jr. 
Balding William 
Baley Theodoris 
Banrker Fredrick 
Barclay David 
Barhit John 
Barnes Ji.'lin 
Barnes Kitchard 
Harnett John 
Barr.s Henry 
Barns Samuel 
Barns Willinni 
Buycu.x Thomas 
Layley Anthony 
Becker Martines 
B.del Timothy 
Beuiovd David 
Eedle John 
Bll'ings .Andrew 
Billings John 
Bise Peter 
Either Peter 
Bloo;a Isaac 
Bond Bernard 

Borm John 
Bosworth Benjamin 
Boughton Jorepli 
Bouise Ari; - -~ 
Brandgo \\ . .,^ 
Brewer Nazareth 
Brisben James 
Brooks Reuben 
Brower Cornelius 
Brower Cornelius, Jr. 
Brower John 
Brown James 
Brown Parson 
Brown Thomas 
Brownell David 
Brownell Jonathan 
Buise Htnery 
Bullock Samuel 
Burgar George 
Burnett John 
Burroghs Benjamin 
Burting Lancaster 
Bush Daniel 
Bush Henry 
Bush Jacob 
Bussing Abraham 
Bussing Hannan 
Bussing William 
Buys Peter 
Cady Elijah 
Callow Steiihen 
Carl Jacob 
Carl John 
Carman .■\lexander 
Carman Samuel 
Carpenter David 
Carpenter Increase 
Carpenter John 
Carpenter Xchemiah 
Cartrage John 
Chambers John 
Chandonet Francis 
Cherry John 
Church Benjamin 
Church, Thomas 
Clapp Benjamin 
Clapp Benjamin, Jr. 
Clapp Ht-nry B, 
Clapp Joseph 
Clark William 
Claurwauter Tennis 
Cock Joseph 


Cock Samuel 
Concklin Isaac 
Conklin Abraham 
Connelly Robert 
Cock John 
Cook William 
Cooke William H. 
Cooniy John 
Cooper Piiilip 
Coopman John 
Cramar Zacharias 
Crandell Samuel 
Cristy John 
Cromwell Thomas 
Cross Amos 
Culver John 
Cumptcn James 
Dally Abraham 
Dally Philip 
Davis Henry 
Davis Richard 
Davis Uriah 
Deane Evens 
Dogrett John 
Degroat John 
Delailathews John 
Delametter Abraham 
Delametter Isaac 
Dtlaiuettcr John 
Dcmpscy Thomas 
Devine William 
Deyo JacoD 
Deyo Peter, Jr. 
Deyton Edward 
Dodge Edmund 
Dodge Henry 
,-Dulson John 
D(.'ty Ellas. Jr. 
Doty Stephen 
Di-boies Joel 
Dubois Elias 
Dubois Juinia 
Dubois Matthew 
i^ubois Peter 
Dubois Peter. Jr. 
Dubois Thomas 
Duhoys Elias 
Duboys Levv'is 
Duryee .Abraham 
Duryee Jolin 
Duryee Jolui. Jr. 
Dvmoiid M.i'.thew 

Early Absolom 
Eckert Adam 
Eckert David 
Eckert Peter 
Emmens Jacob 
Emott William 
Everitt Clear 
Everitt Nehemiah 
Farr Archibald 
Ferdon .-ibrahani 
Fiikin Bernard 
Filidns Cornelius 
Finch Joseph 
Finch Peter 
Fiiich Tabus 
Fisher Nicolas 
Fitchett Francis 
Fitkin Peter 
Flasrler Peter 
Flag'Jer Solomon 
Flag^or James 
Flag-Ior John 
Fiow.'er Benjamin 
Forman Joseph 
Forman Willia;n 
FradLrick Peter 
FreaiT .-Abraham, Jr. 
Frear Baitus 
Frear Jacobus 
I'rear John 
Freai Nathan 
Frear Peter 
Frear Simon 
Frear Simon I. 
Freer Abraham 
Frefeh Isaac 
Frelit'b Jacob 
Freh'.:h Joha'mes 
Frer Simon 
F'ros- Isaac 
Funrnn Samuel 
Furn; jO William 
Garn-.^n Thomas 
Gay Barntt 
Gay .5'ihn 
Gazlay John 
Gazlai-- John. Jr. 
Gazla^.- Jonatiian 
Gcriutj'nd Barnardiis 
Germond Jan'cs P. 
Germond Joliii 
Gerrwond J'lter. Jr. 


New Yokk i.\ the REVuLtniux 

GiUston riii'iip 
Glean Anthony 
Glean James 
Glean James, Jr. 
Glean Oliver 
Gordnnntar Flcnry 
Green Benjamin 
Green Caleb 
Green Jolui 
GrifTen Francis 
GrifFtth Jonathan 
Griflin Jacob 
I Haganian Joseph 
Hagaman Xicholas 
ilall James 
Hallock Parshom 
Harpnr Robert 
Harrick Elijah 
Harris Joseph 
Harven Frederick 
Hauver Christian 
Haver Abraiiam 
Havin Peter 
Heaganian John 
Heart* Neiiemiah 
Henderson Thomas 
Herrick Elijah 
Herrick Elijah, Jr. 
Herrick Israel 
Herrick Joseph 
Herrick William 
Hicks Benjamin 
Hicks Joseph 
Hicks William 
Hodge Ralph 
Hoffinau .Antl'.ony .A. 
HoiTman .\laitin 
Hoffman Robert 
Hopkins Stephen .-\. 
Howard Matthew- 
Huffman Charles 
Hughes ^liles 
Humfrey Cornelius 
HunsiuLier I'rieuerick 
Hunt John 
Hyer William 
Ismond Isah 
Jackson Efrom 
Jackson James 
Tacocks Benjamin 
Jacocks Benjamin F. 
Jacocks Francis 
Jae.yer John 
Jarsey Henry 
Jarsey Fiicliard 
Jay Frederick 
Joarn Sanuiel 
Johnston William 
Jones Joshua 
Kellsv Israel 

Kent James 
Kidny Jacobus 
Kinyon John 
Kip Abraham I. 
Ladau Nathaniel 
Lake James 
Lancers Eliphas 
Lansinf.' Garret 
Lansing Peter 
Laroy John 
Lavoy I'etrus 
Lawrence' ... "Win 
Lawrence Cornelius 
Lawrence Jacob 
Lawrence John 
Lawrence Joseph 
Lawrence William 
Lawson John 
Lawson Matthew P. 
Lawson Simon 
Lawyer Augustus 
Letchen James 
Letson William 
Lewis .Abraham 
Lewis Gilbert 
Lewis Lenoard B. 
Lewis Morris 
Lewis Thomas 
Livingston Beekman 
Livingston G. 
Livingston H.. Jr. 
Livingston Henry 
Livingston James 
Low .A.aron 
Low Jacob 
Low Peter 
Lowrons Simeon 
Luyster Garret 
McDonald John 
McDougall William 
McDuftee Daniel 
McEuen Malcom 
McThur.ston John 
Maney Wines 
Manley John 
Manning Ciiarlcs 
Manning Gabriel 
Manning John 
Manning Thomas 
.Marquart Jacob 
Marquart Jeremiah 
Marquart Peter 
Masten Aart 
Masten Elisha 
Mastin Peter 
Mead Mehemiah 
Medlcr Aaron 
Miller Gadfree 
Miller lames 

Miller John 
Mills Daniel 
Mills Samuel 
Mitciiell L'riah 
Moffett Samuel 
Moore Levi 
Mors John 
Moss John 
Molt John 
Mott Joseph 
Mott Samuel 
Mulford Jeremiah 
Natrup Joel 
Nelegar James 
Nelson Irancis 
Nelson Francis. Jr. 
Nelson Reuben 
Nelson Reuben. Jr. 
Ncwcomb Cyrenius 
Newconib Simon 
Norris Samuel 
North Robert 
Northrup Samacl 
Noxon Robert 
Odel James 
Odell Joseph 
Odell Joseph. Jr. 
Ostrom Denel 
Ostrom Jacob 
Oitroni John 
Ostrom John D. 
Ostrom Rulot 
Ostrom Rulot. Jr. 
Paddock Daniel 
Paddock John 
Paddock Jonathan 
Palmatnr John 
Pahnentur Isaac X. 
Pcarsall George 
Pells Evert 
Pells Evert H. 
Pells Hendrick 
Pells Hendrick. Jr. 
Pells John 
Pells William 
Peters Abel 
Peters George 
Peters Hewlett 
Peters Smith 
Peters William 
Pinkney Ezekiel 
I'itt Ephraim 
Piatt Eliphalet 
Plogt Wilhelmus 
Polhamus Ealdert 
Polmtune John 
Poole Thomas 
Post Israel 
Powells Elisha 
Pride John 

Radley Cornelius, Jr. 
Reed John 
Relay Henry 
Relay Robert 
Rickerson Abcdnego 
Rihiuond Cyries 
Rimpli George 
Rimph Jacob 
Robins Joshua 
Rodgers Thomas 
Roft Aaron 
Kogers John 
Sands Benjamin 
Sands George 
Saris Rhuben 
Schermerhorn Robert 
Schriver Henry 
Schriver John 
.'Schryver Frederick 
Schryver Peter 
.Scott James 
Scriver John 
Seabury Joseph 
Seaman Caleb 
Seaman David 
Semon David 
Sewell Isaac 
Shadbolt Thomas 
Sharpstone Henry 
Sharpstone Jacob 
Si-.arpstone John 
Shearwood Jeremiah 
Sickel Zachariah 
Simson James 
Simson Peter 
Siison John 
Sitcher .Andrew 
Siocum Ebenezer 
Smith Charles 
Smith Daniel 
Smith Jacob 
.Smith Obadiah 
Smith Samuel 
Smith Youngs 
Smith Zebulon 
Snedeker Theodorus 
Sothward Joseph 
Steward Thomas 
Stewart Gamaliel 
Storm David 
Storm Gorios 
Storm John 
Storm Peter 
Stoutenburgh Jac>-'bus 
Stoutcnhurgh James 
Stoutcnburgii James W. 
.~^;outenburgh John 
Stoutenl)urt;li Luke 
Stoutenburgh Pet. r 
Stoutenburgh Tobias 

The MiLiriA i Laxu 

,.NTv RiGiirsj — Dlii-iies;^ CuL'.\:v, l-it-rn I^kgiment 


Stoutciiburgli William 
Stoutcnhurgh William, Jr. 
Strahan Jchn 
Strait Freik-rick 
Streit Fredrick 
Striiighani StepluMi 
Swartwfiut Barnadiis 
Swart v,oiit Buniadus 
Swartw'jut Cornelius I. 
Swart \>(.iut James 
Swartwuut Johaiinis 
Swartwout John J. 
Swartuout Miiiard 
Sydney Jacobus J. 
Syuher David 
Tappen John \ 

Tappen Peter f 

Tappen Teunis 
Taylor George, Jr. 
Teller James 
Teller John 
Teller John, Jr. 
Teller Lulce 
TerBush John 
Terry William 
Thomas John, Jr. 
Thomas Richard 
Thorn Nathaniel 
Toir.kins Thomas 
Torn Nathaniel 
Travis Daniel 
Treaver Abraham 
Treaver David 
Trtavcr Solomon 

V'ailc Daniel 
V'alcntine James 
Valleau Peter 
Vananden Paul 
Vanauden Paul 
Vanblere(jmc Henry 
Vanbogart Mindert 
Van Bramer l^'eter 
Van Buniel Leonard 
Van Binischoten Jacob 
Vande Bget .\ba 
Van DerBurgh Jacob 
Vanderburgh John 
Vnnderburgh Stephen 
Vandervoort John 
Van Duzer Isaac 
Van Kenren .-Vbraham 
Van Keuren Mathew C. 
Van Keuren Alattliew 
Van Kleeck Jacobus 
Van Kleeck James 
Vail Kleeck Jeremiah 
\'an Kleeck John L. 
Van Kleeck Lawrence 
Van Kleeck Myiidert 
Van Kleeck Peter 
Van Kleeck Peter B. 
Van Kleek Robert S. 
Van Name Abner 
Van Siclcn Fardinand 
Van Vlat Peter 
Van Vleck Samuel 
Van Vlect Garret 
Van Vliet Fradrick 

Vanvorhi.i John 
Van \'orihass John 
Van Wagnar John 
Van Wagner Grrret 
Van Wagner Nicholas 
\'an Wickeleer Paul 
Van Wyck Cornelius 
\'arick Richard 
Varnum Thomas 
Veley Peter 
Viele Cornelius 
Vieley Jacobus 
Vieley Simon 
Vielie Cornelius 
Viely Myndert 
Vindres Jacobus 
\\'ard Daniel 
Ward John 
Ward Joseph 
\\'ard Joshua 
Ward William 
Warner Thomas 
Warner Willi.ain 
Weaver .Michael 
Weekes Obadiah 
Weller Thomas 
Welles Noah 
Welling Thomas 
Westertell Gisharus 
Westcrfelt Gisporus 
W'cstervelt Benjamin 
Westervelt Cornel lous 
Westervelt Derick 

V.e.<;tervelt James 
Westervelt John 
Westervlt Jcspcr 
White James 
White Paul 
Wickes Joel 
Wickcs Silas 
VV'ickes Zephas 
Wigg John 
Wiley Hugh 
Willams Moses 
Willbor David 
Willbor Thomas 
Williams Gilbart 
Williams Isaac 
Williams Israel 
Williams William 
Willse Henry 
Willse Henry T. 
Willse Isaac 
Willson John 
Wilse Abraham 
Wilsce John 
Wiiscy Henry, Jr. 
Winans James 
Winderfoot Windever 
Wood Abraham 
Wood Isaac 
Wright Josepii 
Wright Samuel 
Velverton Gale 
Verry John 
Yerry Michel 

- Dutchess County Militia (Land Bounty Rights)— Fifth Regiment 

C.«,PT. J051IL".\ BaRXL'M 

[SRAEL Vail 

Acker Johonis 
Agard Ames 
Albro Benjamin 
Alley Barned 
Amie George 
Aniic George. Jr. 
Amie Lawrence 
Amie Lawrence, Jr. 
Andrews John 
Bay Clement 
Bedell Daniel 
Bedell Elisha 
Bedell Reuben 
Been! John 
'Beli Jonathan 



Lieut. S.\muel Curtis 


Bentiey Tabcr 
Benilcy William 
Beitlcy William. Jr. 
Eirdsall Benjamin 
Bockas Wilum 
B'/ckus Peter 
Bortes Janios 
Brill David 
Brill John, Jr. 
Brill Peter 
Brov;n David 
Brnwn John 
Buck Andres 
Bunker William 
.Burnet John. 


Burnet John. Jr. 
Burtch Joshua 
Busco Nathan '.el 
Call Minard 
Carman Joseph 
Gary Ebenezer 
Casey Thomas 
Champlin James 
Claiip Joseph 
Claiip Joseph, Jr. 
Clapp Tlianol 
Clark William 
Clarke Jeremiah 
Clements Thomas 
Collins Hciekinh 

Collins To,-.hua 
Conet Josiah 
Cool Minerd 
Coon Henery 
Coon Jacob 
Cornell James 
Cornell Thomas 
Cornwell James 
Cornwell John 
Cornwell Samuel 
Cramer Henry 
Cramer Joh.anis 
C''anur Philip 
Crandcl Samuel - 
Crows Daniel 


.\e\v York i.\ tiik Ki:vulujiu.\ 

Dane Roswil 
Davis Peter 
D.ivis'.jn jL:.-!ui,i 
Deilucclier Jacob 
de Long Area 
Dclontf Eiias 
Dclong John 
Dcyco PcU-r 
Duiizcnbcry Henry 
Dubois Bciijannn 
Dutcher Hlias 
Eliott Christopher 
Elliott Christopher, Jr. 
Elhott Thomas 
Ellis Robert 
Emeigh Henry 
Emeigh Honry, Jr. 
Emeigh Nicklus 
Emigli Gtorgc 
Eniigh Nicholas H. 
Esmond Cornelius 
Everitt Clear 
Eyet John 
Ferris Daniel 
Ferris Joseph 
Forbes WilUani 
Forgason Abraham 
Forgason Jeremiah 
Fowler Jacob 
Gillit John 
Gray William 
Green George 
Green Solo 
Griffen Joseph 
Grifin Joseph 
Hackstoii Jeremiah 
Hagaman Cornelius 
Hagamen Cornelus 
Hales Gideon 
Hares Baltus 
Hares Robert 
Hoag Xcliemiah 
Hofcoot John 
Hogeboom Jacob 
Hogeboom John 
Hogeboon Peter 
Holloway Joseph 
Hooicoot Nicholas 
Hulin Wollton 
Huling John, Jr. 

Humirey Willinm 
Hyatt Nathan 
Itigriim Gein;;e 
Irish Jcdidiah 
Irish John 
Irish Jonathan 
Jenkins Gideon 
Jenkins Jedcdiah 
Jolmson Stephen 
Jor.son Shorn 
Kelly William 
Ketcham Isaac — 
Ketcham Joseph — 
Ketcham Joshua — 
Ketcham Thomas 
Ketcham Timothy — 
Koon Peter 
Koons Nicholas 
Lane Johanis 
Lawrance John, Jr. 
Leavens Joseph 
Lewis Peter 
Lewis Richar 
Losee Abraham 
Losee George 
Lossee Channy 
Losscne Nicholas 
Lossiiig Nichlas 
Lows Francis 
Lyons David 
McCoIlom James 
McCord Vv'iUiam 
McCread; James 
McCredy James 
Martin James 
Mase Abraham 
Mase Joseph 
Miller Philip 
Moe Ezr:. 
Moore Jame , 
Morhouse James 
Mory Joseph 
Mory Joshua 
Mory Roger. Jr. 
Mosher Oaniol 
Mosher Elijah » 
Myers Adoiph 
Newman Jacob 
Newton Charles 
Nights Aaron 

Noxen Paseo 
No.xon Peter 
Oakley Jesse 
Oakley Nchemiah 
Osterhout Jen..".iiah 
Overhiser Coiirod 
Overocker Martin 
Paddock William 
Paltii Ezekicl 
Palcn Gilbert 
Pettet James 
Pine John 
Piatt Charles 
Pleas Maurice 
RaU' George 
Ray Clement 
Reasoner David 
Reasoner Peter 
Renau Peter 
Reynolds Joseph 
Reynolds Sutton 
Rickerson Rowland 
Rider Job 
Roberts Daniel 
Rogers Hczekiah 
Rogers Nathaniel 
Rogers Zopha 
Rowlee .A.bel 
Scherinerhorn Cornelius 
Seymour Ebenezer 
Sickler Jeremiah 
Simmons David 
Simson Caleb 
Simson Peter 
Simson Peter, Jr. 
Simson Titus 
Skidmore .Andrew 
Smith James 
Smith Jcliiel 
Smith Samuel 
Snedecor Cris 
Snedeker Samuel 
Sou! Nathaniel 
Southworth John 
Stevenson Nathaniel 
Steves William 
Strait William 
Talladay Thomas 
Tanner William 
Thomson Gideon, Jr. 

Thorn John 
Tibbit John 
Town.= ind John 
Treddles Ed-.v£rd 
Tredwcll Edward 
'J'ripp Jonathan 
Tripp Smiten 
Uhle Daniel 
Vail Isaac 
Vail Israel 
V^ainson Gilbard 
Vainson Jonathan 
Vanderburgh Henry 
\'an Dusen 
Vandusen Cas|jarus 
Vaiiduser Malent 
\'anduser Martin 
Veal Israel 
Velee Baltus 
Velcy Bakes 
Velie Minerd 
Vincent Gilberd 
X'incent John 
Vincent Leonard 
Vincent Samuel 
Vincet Jonathan 
Wecst Benjamin 
Weight Joseph 
Wesley Gritrin 
Wheeler Bosteyone 
Wheeler Ephraiiu 
Wheeler Vaientuie 
Whipple Samuel 
Wibard John 
Wightman John 
Wilbur Job 
Wilde Griften 
Wilde Thomas 
Wilkinson Joh.n 
Wilkinson William 
Wiilbore Josepii 
\V'illianis George 
Wilson John 
Wiltse Andrew 
Woli John 
Wolv?n Godircy 
Young David 
Young S. 
Young Samuel 

Tali Militia (.Laxd Bounty Right^j — DuTCllK:^^ Countv, Sixth Rlgiment 


Dutchess County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Sixth Regiment 

Catt. Barlow 


John Clim 
Saml-ei. Gillet 
Caleb Haight 
Andrew Harmansea 
Abraham Hartwell 

" Abraham Hartwill 

" Obed Hahvey 

Capt. GhoKoE Head 


Henry HvMriiRV 


Silas Rusted 

Abraham Kir 

Jacobus Kip 


Ackard Peter, Jr. 
Ackert George 
Adams .\braham 
Adams Ebeneztr 
Adams Elisha 
Adams Joseph 
Adams Joseph, Jr. 
Adams Joshua 
Adriance Albert 
Adsit Benjiimin 
Adsit Sainuel 
Adsit Steplien 
Akins Benjamin 
Alexander Rufus 
.'Mien Daniel 
Allen Ebenezer 
Allen Ezra 
Allen James 
Allen John 
Allen Philip 
Alworth James 
Alvvorth Wiliam 
Anchard John 
Anderson Nicholas 
Andrews John 
Ansun Siias 
Anson William 
Atherton E. 
Austen Benjamin 
Austen Oliver 
Austin Levin.iS, Jr. 
Avery Samuel 
Bacay Jacob 
Backer Peter 
Backer W'ilihelmiis 
Bailey John 
Balden William 
Balis John 
Banks John 
Banyar G. 
Banyar Wiliiaai 
Barbaseo Peter 
Barker Willian; 
Barlow Elish.a 
Barlow 'N.'oses 
Barlow Nath.in 


Barlow Thomas 
Barnet James 
Barnet John 
Barnum Caleb 
Barton Lewis 
Barton Lewis, Jr. 
Bauer Fridrich 
Bauer Johannis 
Bauer Josef 
Bawley Nathan 
Bayley John 
Beam Adam 
Beam William 
Beardslee Elihu 
Becker David 
Becker Lowrence 
Beckwith Silvenus 
Bedal Isaac 
Bedford Jt hn 
Belding Sias, Jr. -I 
Bell Robert 
Beltz Daniel 
Beman Samuel 
Benedict Ebcnezer 
Benedict Jr.hn 
Beneilict Samuel 
Benner Freurich 
Benner Henilrick 
Benner Jacob 
Benner John 
Benner Pete 
Bennit Thomas 
Benson Jc'hn 
Benson Samuel 
Bergh Teunis 
Berriger Ge-^rRc 
Berriger Honry 
Berngcr Henry. Jr. 
Berriger I'ete; 
Bevice Polli.ih 
Binck Jacob 
Binck Joliani'es 
Binck Phillip 
Bitcher .\cleni 
Bitzer Adam 
Blayney John 


Bogardus Everardus 
Boice Owey 
Boltz Alichal 
Bonestiel Jacob 
Bonsted John 
Bos David 
Bournstil Philip 
Boyd John 
Bradley Salmon 
Bradley William 
Bramon Thomas 
Brasher Ephraim 
Brett Gcrshom 
Briggs Caleb 
Briggs Ebenezer 
Briggs Walter 
Brdnuell Joseph 
Bronson John 
Brown Joseph 
Brov.nell Jeremiah 
Broxius Peter 
Brush Richard 
Biyan Lev, is 
Bryan Reuben » 
Buck Zadock 
Buel Gro\er 
Buel Grover, Jr. 
Buel Joseph 
Bugbee William 
Bullock I-:il!S 
Buliock Lewis 
Bullock Richard 
Bullock Ricb.ard. Jr. 
Bump Jedidiah 
Bunker Triitram 
Burger Martmes 
Burger Maninus. Jr. 
Burger Steven 
Burilincgame Phillip 
Burllinpgame Sani'icl 
Burnet Uavi'i 
Burton D.iiiiel 
Burton Isaac 
Bunou Jndah 
Buiion Nathan 
Biittolph David 

Daniel Shepard 
RocER Souther 
Roger Scutherland 
RfCER Sutherland 
Jonathan Weller 
Peter West;- all 


Buttolph John 
Butts William 
3yse John 
Calkin Elijah 
Calkin Elijah, Jr. 
Calkin Joshua 
Calkin Moses 
Calkin Seth 
Canfield Anion 
Cankright John 
Cannoran David 
Cantine Peter. Jr. 
Carpender Jacob 
Carpenter Benjamin 
Carpenter Joseph 
Carpenter Sam.uel 
Carroll William 
Carter Ebenezer 
Case Nathan 
Case Nathan, Jr. 
Cash Joseph 
Cash William 
Ca>h William. Jr. 
Castle Daniel 
Castle Gideon 
Cliamberiain Joseph 
Cl.ardavoyne Isaac 
Christian Zachariah 
Church John 
Cimble John 
Gapp Gilburt 
Ci."rk Nathan 
Cimc John 
Ciine Pei.er 
C!um Peter 
Cockburn William 
Cole Jacob B. 
C'lie John 
Coie Simon P. 
Ciileman John 
Collins David 
C>!ver Elisiia, Jr. 
Conaro William 
Conger Benjamin 
Cviiikling Nathan 
Conlly Michael 


KeW YuKJv l.N TIIL Rt\ULLTlo: 

Connor Edward 
Cook Benjamin 
Cook Nathaniel 
Cook Sanuiel 
Cook Solomon 
Cook William 
'Coon Jacob 
Cooper Thomas 
Coopernael \\'illiani 
Cornell David 
Cornnel Silvaiuis 
CornwcU William 
Coting Fredrick 
Couchmar. Ilcndrick 
Couplaiid John 
Courtv/nght Peter 
Cous John 
Crabb Thomas 
Cramer John 
Cramer John Nicklaus 
Crandell Amos 
Crandell Reuben 
Crandell Simon 
Creiilcr Malheis 
Cronkhite George 
Cronkhite James 
Cronkhite John 
Crookshank Alexander 
Culling Aia 
Curtis James 
Curtis Ji)hn 
Curtis Moses 
Curtiss Joseph 
Curtiss Jt'Seph, Jr. 
Daavis Nathan 
Dacon Joshua 
Dakin Caleb 
Dakin Joshua 
Dakin Siriou, Jr. 
Daniel G.lbord 
Darling Junathan 
Darhng Solomon 
Darrow Isaac 
Daty Scth 
Davis John 
Dean Jeremiah 
Dedrigh Garrit 
De Lamatcr Benjamin 
Delamatter C. M. 
Delamatttr Martin 
Dc Lavegne James 
De Lavcrgnc Joseph 
Dc Lemcttcr Syrus M. 
De!l William 
Dolman William 
Demark Christopher 
Demu!\ Cornelius 
Dernun Jrhn 
Drntou Benjamin 
Denton Israel 

Dentun James 

Denton John 

Denton Josias 

Denton Samuel 

Deuel Joseph 

Deuel Trustrani 

Deuel Willbur 

Deul Robert 

Dcwel Joseph 

De Witt P. 

Dibble Lewis 

Dicl Jacob, Jr. 

Diel Karrel 

Dii! .'\nddr 

Dippet Solomon 

Di.xson James 

Dixson llobert 

Dorling Jonathan 

Dorner Johan 

Doty Lazarus 

Doughty George 

Doughty James 

Doughty Samuel 

Doughty W'ilUani 

Dram Johanas 

Drom Jacob 

Duel Abraham 

Duley Philip 

Dunham Samuel' 

Dunham William 

Durham Michael 

Durrcr Johan 

Dutcher Christopher 

Earl Wiiber 

Earles Willeber 

Eckerd Solomon 

Eckert Conrat 

Eckcrt John 

Eckert Potter 

Edgelt Edward 

Edmunds Caleb 

Edwards Talmage 

Eldredge Zenas 

Eldrige Case 

Ellison Jacob 

EUistone John Francis 

Elmendorph Abraham 

Elmendorph Cornelius C. 

Elmendorph Jacob 

Elsever Lodwik 

Ensel Ledowik 

Estes Benja 

Evans Jacob 

Everson Jacob 

Everson John 

Every Samuel 

E;:keiibreck Peter 

Ezkonbrock Philip 

Faircliild Jesse 

Faller Philip 

Farr Lent 
Feller John 
Feller John J. 
Feller Nicolas 
Felltr Peter 
Fero Peter 

Fiegcnhcini Christopher 
Finch Albert 
Finch Isaac 
Finch Samuel 
Fischer Christoffel 
Fish Elipha/ 
Fisk Jonathan 
Foster Caleb 
Foster \'incent 
Fowier .\bel 
Fowler Benjamin 
Fraiick Philip 
Fratie Henry 
Frazer Daniel 
Fredenborgh Herman 
Freeman John 
Freeman Robert 
Freeman Robert, Jr. 
Frelick Stephan 
Frost Benjamin 
Frost Enos 
Frost Henry 
Frost Thomas 
Frost Tiiomas, Jr. 
Frost Zophe 
Fuller John 
Fulton John 
Gaige David 
Gaige Robert 
Gaige Thomas 
Gaile Noah 
Gale Henry 
Gale Josiah 
Gale Noah 
Gale Roger 
Gainsey Daniel 
Garnsey John 
Garnsey Nathan 
Ganisey Peter 
Gates .Malachi 
tjormond Silas 
Gifiord Hcuery 
Gittord Humphrey 
Clifford Jeremir.h 
Gittord John 
Gifford Simeon 
Gilbert J no. W. 
Gilbert Samuel 
Gilbert Tlionias 
Gilbert William W. 
Gillot Samuel 
Gillott Gardner 
Gillett Gardner, Jr. 
Gist Svintrey 

Goodrich Etlien 
Goodrich Samui 
Goukl James 
Graham John 
Graham Morris 
Green Asher 
Green Israel, Jr. 
Green Philip 
Grifiin Cornelius 
Gnfiing Stephen 
Gris'.vold Francis 
Griswold Jehiel 
Gugeiihcim Daniel 
Gugenheim Jvihn 
Gutridgc Saiiuiel 
Haase John 
Haiglit Aaron 
Haighl Benjamin 
Ifaiglit John 
Haight Moses, id 
Haight Moses. 3d 
Haight Silas 
Hallock Amos 
tlam Casper 
Ham Conrad 
Haul Fradrick 
Ham Frinrick 
Ham John 
HamiiUMid Daniel 
Hammond Eliakim 
Haimmond Lutlian 
Hiiciar Samuel 
Hznnabargar Christian 
Harr.ian John 
rbjrman Philip 
Harmance Roger 
Harris John 
Harris Setli 
Harsm George 
Hart Philip 
HaitwiU .Ab-ahani 
Hai' ey Obcd. Jr. 
Haikins Joel 
HaTcr John 
Hajt: Caleb 
Hrid John 
Hf.w.rd Benjamin 
Hoord Koljcrt 
HccUing Marcus 
Hcirmance Jacob J. 
Hctrmans .\ndrew 
Hec.-;.!ans John 
Hctimans Philip 
Hetriiianse .Andrew N. 
Hetrntanse .\niiries P. 
Hcijmanse Har.drick 
Hctrnianfc Nicholas 
Herrmanse Peter 
Hevrnianse Sinton 
H.<?<Tmanse Wilhelnias 

Thi; Militia (Land Eoumv Kigiitsj — Dlti hlss Cocntv, Sixiii Rtii.i.MENX 


Hend George 
Heremansc Hendrickus 
Hermance Andrew G. 
Hermans Jacob 
Hermas Julm 
Herrick Benjamin 
Herrick Leonard 
Herrick Ruins 
Herrick Ruins. Jr. 
Herrick Slei>hen 
Herrick Stcplien, Jr. 
Hicks Mordecai 
Hill Aaron 
Hiner Samuel 
Hoag Moses 
Hobcren Caspar 
Hoffman A. 
Hoffman Zacliarias 
Hoffmen Zacharis 
Hogh Peter 
Hollester John 
JlolUster Benjamin 
Holly John 
Holly Josiah 
Holmes Adam 
Holmes Tonahan 
Holms Abner 
Holms Ichabod 
Holms Jacob 
Holms James 
Horn el John 
Hoofman Adam 
Hoofman Harman 
Hoofman Nicholas 
Hopkins Isaac 
Hopkins Roswell 
Horsekins Joel 
Horser George 
Hough Andrew 
Houghtale Isaac 
Houghtaling Harmon 
Houphtaling John 
Howard Benjamin 
Howard Elisha 
Howland Jeremiah, " Dr. 
Hoyt John 
Huber Johunnis 
Hudlcston George 
Hudlcston Nicolas 
Hudlcston William 
Hudson Asa 
Humfrey Henry 
Himiphcrcy Nicholas 
Hunipiiray Nicholas 
Humphrey Tliomas 
Hunt Samuel 
Hurd Alen 
Hustad David 
Husted Abraham 
Hustcd Caleb 

Husted Ebenezcr 
Husted Ebenezcr, Jr 
Husted Germond 
Husted John 
H\isted Joseph 
Husted Silas 
Hyatt Samuel 
Hypncr John 
Ingalls Elihu 
Irish Abner 
Jacobs Philip 
Jacokx David 
Jencks Thomas 
Jcnks Joseph 
Johnston David 
Jones Daniel 
Jones Joseph 
Jones Samuel 
Kaldar Jacob 
Kelcy John 
Kenney Ebenezcr 
Kenney Ebenezcr. Jr. 
Ketchums Hezekiali ^— 
Kierstead John 
Killonar Simon 
King Henry 
King Stephen 
Kinne Jesse 
Kinyon Comfort 
Kip Abraham Jacob 
Kip Abram 
Kip Andrew 
Kip Arent 
Kip Isaac 
Kip Jacob 
Kip Jacob J. 
Kip Jacob Johanniss 
Kip Jacob John B. 
Kip Jacobus 
Kip Jan Batist 
Kip John A. 
Kip Rulii 
Kip Rulif John B. 
Kitnee Partrick 
' Kitteman Joss 
Khun John 
Knap Amos 
Knap Josiah 
Knap Samuel 
Knap Thomas 
Knapp Phineiias 
Knickerbackcr Benjamin, 

Knickerbackcr Harmanis 
Knickerbackcr James 
Knickerbackcr Lourance 
Knickerbaker Benjamin 
Krans Peter 
l.amber Adam 
Landon Jonathan 

Lank Henry 
Lapham Jonathan 
Lapliain f^.i/.y 
Lapham Reuben 
Lapham Solon 
Larue Samuel 
Lattimer Ebenezer 
Laun David 
Lawless John 
Lawrance Clark 
Lawrance Martiu 
Lawrance Uriah 
Leake Stephen 
Lenmon Jului 
Le Roy Daniel 
Le Roy Jacob 
Lewis Daniel 
Lewis Israel 
Lewis Jacob 
Lewis Joseph 
Lewis Leonard 
Lewis Stephen 

Linck John 

Linck John, Jr. 

Linck Willem 

Link Hanr 

Linn David 

Liwes Bloomes 

Lloyd John 

Lobdell Darius 

Logan John 

Loggan Joseph 

Losee James 

Losce Simon 

Losell Joshua 

Lot John 

Lot Philip B. 

Lot Pliilip P. 

Lothrop Nathanel 

Louck Honnas 

Lounsberg Phinchas 

Lowerec William 

Lown Johannis 

Lown Johanni.s, Jr. 

Lownsbcry Thomas 

Mc Daniel Cornelius 

Mc Danicll Thomas 

Mc Fcrdon Robert 

Mc Intosh E. 

Mc Intosh Simon 

Mc Xeil Archibald 

Mc Neil John 

Mc Olou.qh William 

Mac Onibcr .Archer 

Magee Jame.s 

Maker Peleg 

Mapes Jonathan 

Mardin Gotiop 

Mari.|u;irt Jolian Jury 

Marquart Johannis 

Marshal Stephen 
Martin George 
Maskel Adam 
Maul Jacob 
Maver Jolias 
Mayer Jacob 
Mead Amos 
Mead Israel 
Mead Israel, Jr. 
Mead Job 
Mead Job, Jr. 
Mead John 
Mead Jonatb.an 
Mead Josep 
Mead King 
Mead Nathan 
Mead Nathaniel 
Merchent Truman 
fliers Henry 
Milham Jacob 
Milham Symon 
Milk Job 
Miller Cornelius 

Miller Fradrick 
Miller Jacob r 

Miller Lewis 

Mills Jesse 

Mohr Christian 

Montgomery Jatnes 

Montgomry Elijah 
.Moor Antrew 

Moor Nicholas 

Moore Jacob 

Moore Peterus 

Moore Philipp 

Moot Joseph 

Moredock Zerak 

Morse Josiah 

Morton Elisha 

JMory Caleb 

Mory Stephen 

Mosher Peter 

Moshcr Philip 

Mosher Samuel 

Mott Jesse 

Mott John 

Mott Joseph 

IMoule Frederick 

Mulford Jo') 

Mullord Samuel 

Murdock Semen 

Myer Jacob 

Mygatts Thomas 

Nase John 

Near Charles 

Neely Samuel 

Neher Charles 

Ncher Frans 

Nehr Friederlch 
Xehr Friederlch. Jr. 


New Yokk in thi: Revolution 

Ncre Charles 
Xcur Jost 

Ntucoiiib Cliri^tian 
Ntwniaii Josluui 
Noelir Jcri 
Noclir Jolianncs 
Nolir Josep 
Nooiiin Zebiilon 
Northrop Nathaniel 
Northroup li. John 
Norton Caleb 
Norton Simon 
Norton Wintrip 
• Noshuld John 
Nouler Abraham 
Nye Silvenus 
Obrian Patrick 
Obryant James 
Odcll Jonathan 
Olmstead Mr. 
Olmsted Ezekiel 
Olmsted Hezekiah 
Olmsted Stephen 
Orr David 
Orr Rotiert. Jr. 
C)sborn David 
Osborn David, Jr. 
Osborn Isaac 
Ostram Barzet 
Ostrander John 
Ostrom Barant 
Ostrom David 
Ostrom Henry 
Ostrom Rulii 
Ostrom Simon 
Paddock Benjamin 
Paine Brinton 
Paine David 
Paine Elihu 
Paine Ichaliod, Jr. 
Paine Joshua 
Palmer Abrah 
Palmer Abraham 
Palmer .^mos 
Palmer David 
Palmer Joseph. Jr. 
PalmeR Micah 
Palmer Peter 
Palmer Samuel 
Palmer Uriah 
Park Ebenezer 
Park Elijah 
Parker ilenry 
F'arks Jonas 
Parks Jonathan 
Parks Whiten 
Parr John 
Paterson .\brahani 
F'awUng Corncluls 
Pawling John, Jr. 

Paycn Barnabas 

Payne Elisha 

Pc'ckcrnian .\ndrcw 

Peirson Samuel 

Penoyer Joseph 

Perry Amos 

Perry Nathanael 

Perry Thomas 

Pery St. George T. 

Pliillijis Zacharias 

Pickit Job 

Pickit Joseph 

Pier Jacob 

Pier Johi: 

Pierce Pelatiah 

Piller Henerick 

Pitcher John 

Piatt Henry 

Piatt Israel 

Piatt John 

Piatt Stephen, Jr. 

Platts John 

Polfer Andereas 

Polfer Pidcr 

Polwer Wennes 

Prister Conrad 

Proba Peter 

Pugsley James 

Pug-sly Edward -, 
Pugsly Samuel 
Pugsly William . , 
Purdy Ebenezer 
Quimby Enos 
Ray James 
Ray Stephen 
Ray Thomas 
Ray Thomas. Jr. . 
Reack Geret 
Reack William 
Reed Eliakini 
Reed Elijah 
Reed Ezra 
Reed Joseph 
Reed Phinehas 
Reichart David, Jr. 
Reickert Jacob 
Renne John 
Renne Peter 
Reynold John 
Reynolds Jared 
Reynolds Stephen 
Reynolds William 
Richter Willem 
Rider John 
Rider Robert - 
Rieesdorph Petrus 
Rikcrt Johannis 
Ring Johannis 
Rinnings John 
Robenson Wheeton 

Robinson Clugliorn 

Roe SaPj.uel 

Rogers laaac 

Rogers ilikel 

Roirck John Gorge 

Roosevelt Isaac 

Row Bastian 

Row Conrad 

Row Gahari 

Row Garrit 

Row Henry 

Row John 

Row Michael 

Row Nicholas 

Row Peter 

Row Philip 

Row Philip. Jr. 

Rowlee Daniel 

Rowley Timothy 

Rudd Bezaleel 

Rudd Zebbulo 

Rue Joseph 

Ruhbogli Stoffel 

Rundale David 

Rundcl Jared 

Ruucy James 

Runnels Daniel 

Runnels Stephens 

Riitter Johannis 

Rynders Evert 

Sackett Ezekiel 

Sackitt Samuel 
Sakit Joseph 
Sands Robert 
Scharnelione John 
Schcffer David 
Scheffer John F. 
Schepmocs William 
Schneider Philip 
Schneyder .\dam 
Schneyder John 
Schneyder George 
Schryvcr Aibartus 
Schryver Martin 
Schultzs John 
Schuwird George WalJer- 

Scot Abraham 
Scott Jonathan 
Scott Simon. Jr. 
Seemon George 
Seenion William 
Seter Fredrick 
Sefer Hendrick 
Seier Jost 
Scmmon Charles 
Shahs Jacob 
Shartlit? Lemuel 
Shavclear .\.bner 
Shavelear Peter 

Shavelear Ricliard 
Shaver Jacob 
Sliaver Jeremiah 
Shaver John 
Shaw William 
Sheep Ruloi 
Sheilcnght Henryk 
Shepiierd L^racl 
Shepherd William 
Sheppard Timothy 
Sheppard Wuliani 
Sherwood -\shel 
Sherwood Elisher 
Sherwood John 
Sherwood P. 
Sherwood Solomon 
Shillcr StDltel 
Shiphcrd Daniel 
Shitlc Jacob 
Shoefelt John 
Shoefer William 
Shop Henry 
Sickels John 
Sickner John 
Signer Henry 
Simmon Conrad 
Sinmions Amos 
Simmons John 
Simmons Smith 
Simon Henrich 
Simon Jacob 
Skepmis William 
Slason Bowers - 
Siason Peter 
Slater Amos 
Sleaght Friederick 
Smith Abijah 
Smuh .-Kzariah 
Smith David 
Smith Elijah 
Smith Hentice 
Smith Jabes 
Smuh Jabez 
Sn)>[h John. Jr. 
Smidi Nicholas 
Smiil Piatt 
Smith Simeon 
Snider William 
Siiydar Christopher 
Snyder George 
Snyder Samuel 
SomboriTer David 
Sornhorger George 
Sotlicrland Thomas 
Soiithcrland Roger 
Somheriand William T. 
Sivaldcbergh Jacob 
Spalding Elnathan 
Spanenberg Jacob 
Spencer Philip 

The Militia (Land DuL'NTv Kioursj — DuTcniiss Colntv, Sixth RtGi.ME.NT 251 

Stall! John Adam 
Stall John 
Stanton Joseph 
Stecklini H. 
Sttel John Jost 
Stewart Henry 
Stewart James 
Stickel John 
Stickel Nicholas 
Stikell Andrew 
Stitt James 
Stoutenburgh Isaac 
Stratt Antoni 
Stipp Peter 
Sutherland Joel 
Sutherland Reuben 
Sutherland William 
Swart Cornelius 
Sweet Sylvester 
Swift Judah 
Swift Lott 
Swift Moses 
Swift Nathaniel 
Swift Samuel 
Swift Seth 
TabcU Silvenus 
Taber Peleg 
Talhuadge James 
Tamni.age Enos 
Teal Lawrence 
Teal Martin 
Teater Fredrick 
Teator Zachariah 
Teats Henrich 
Teats Joseph 
Teats Philip 
Teed Zephaniah 
Teel Christopher 
Teeter Abraham 
Teeter Hcnderick 
Teeter Hendcnck, Jr. 
Teeter Pliillep 
Teeter Willeiii 
Ter Bush Peier 
Terry Nachaniel 
Terry Urbance 
Terry William 
Thirston John 
Thompson Bcnajah 
Thompson Caleb, Jr. 
Thompson Enos 
Thompson Ezra, Jr. 

Thompson John 

Thompson Jonathan 

Thompson Samuel 

Thompson Silas 

Thorn Jo.seph 

Thurston Joel 

Ticknor David 

Tippel Adam 

Tipi)el Jacob 

Titus Samuel 

Tobias James 

Tobias Thomas 

Tomkins Enoch 

Tomson Samuel 

Townsend Abel 

Townson .'\nios 

Towslee Gideon 

Traver Eastian 

Traver George 

Traver Joseph 

Tremper John 

Trimper George 

Trimper Jacob 

Tripp Cousin 

Turck Johannes 

Tylor William 

Uhl Frederick 

Uphendorph Jacob 

Van Bencoten Harinau 

Van Benthuyscn Peter 

Van Bunschoten Hcrnian 

Van Bunschoten James 

Van Bunschoter Egbert 

Van Bunscoten Solomon 

Van Cortlandt Pierre 

Vandebourh John 

Van Duesen Matthise 

Vandueser Abraham 

Vanduescr Jacob 

Vandueser Matthew 

Vandusen John 

Vanduser Jacob, Jr 

Van Fradenbcrgh Abra- 

Van Fradcnburgh Petter 

Van Hoevenbergh Henry 

Van Keuren Cornells 

V^in Keuren John, Jr. 

Van Keuren Tobies 

Van Nesi: David 

Van Steenbergh Benja- 

\'an Steenbergh Benja- 
min B. 

\'an Steenbergli Benja- 
min John 

Van Steenbergh .Malhew 

Van Steiibeigh llenjanun 

Van Vredenburg Wil- 

Van Wagciicii Bareiit 

Van Wagcnen Juhannis 

Van Wagner -Aurt 

Van Wyck Abraham 

Veller Johannes 

Venfradenburgh P.cnj.iiiiin 

V^oland Jacob 

Vosburgh ^lartin 

Wadsv.orth John 

V.'a'dorf Chri.-^tophcl 

Waldorf WiUiain 

Waldron Joseph 

Waldrum William 

Wallace Peter 

VVallace Jacob 

VVallace Peter 

Wallace William 

Waters Samuel 

Wathur Caspir 

Watteniaatar Michael 

Wattei.inayer David 

Waver Joim 

Weaver Christopher 

Weaver John, Jr. 

Weav< r V.'illiam 

Webei Oluer 

Weder Jest 

Weder Wdn 

Weed Ezra 

Weight Job 

Weiler Johannes C. 

Welcf .Abraham 

Welcli Benjamin 

Welch Jcremia 

Weiler Jonathan 

Wells Joshua 

Wels Cornelius 

Weis John 

Welsh John, Jr. 

Westfall Gilbert 

Westfall Jacobus 

Westf.-iH Peter 

Westor Lettis 

Wever Henry 

Wheeler Noah \ 
Wheeler Setii \ 

Wheeler Solomon i 
Wheeler Thomas 
Whidniau Hanrick. Jr. 
Whipple John 
Whitbeck Peter 
\\ liiteman .\ron 
U'iiiteman Henry 
\\'ightniaii Samuel 
Wiibcrn Clark 
Wilco.x Calbub 
Wilkinson Cornel 
\\'il!ber Owen 
Willbor Gideon 
Willbor Samuei \ 

Uillbi-r Car 
Willbur Clark 
Willl'icm -Abraham 
Williams Robert 
Williamson Robert 
\\'iIlson Reuben 
Wilse Peter 
Wilson Amos 
Wilson Daniel 
Wiltsc John 
Wiltse Mattice 
Wiiian William 
Winans Gerardus 
W inans Ira 
Winegar Aslibel 
Wincger Conrad 
Winens Lewis 
Winer Groceii 
Winger Samuel 
Winnea Jacobus 
Wissenielt Frederick Cloid 
Wolsy WnUini 
Wolwork Isaac 
Wood Cor.?;f;er 
Wood Jonzchan 
Wood Robert 
Woodward Caleb 
Woolley Joseph 
Woolscy Joiin 
Woolsey Richard 
Woolsey Sar.ison 
Wriglit Isaac 
Yornborper Dirrick 
Voung Hear}- 
Young Ja^)•;^ 
Young Wiiliam 


New Y(jkk i.n xiiE Kevolliion 

Dutchess County Mili'ia (Land Bounty Rights) — Seventh Regiment 


Addam William 
Addems Gilbert 
Addcms Justus 
Avjer Charles 
Austin Isaac 
Baker Edmund 
Baker Josiali 
Ballard William 
Barger John 
Bargor Potter 
Barlcnger Counratlt 
Barrorger Peter 
Barret Isaac 
Barrett Justus 
Bassford Thomas 
Beardsley Benijah 
Bell John 
Bice Matthew 
Bouton David 
Boutton Jehiel 
Brown Jonathan 
Brundige Caleb 
Brundige James 
Brundige John 
Buckbec Daniel 
Buckbee Edward 
Burtch Daniel 
Calor Jeremiah 
C'arlc Sanmel 
Carle Thomas 
Carle William 
Caten Isaac 
Chase Barny 
Colwell James 
Conklm John 
\ Coombe Samuel 
Cornell Solomon 
Correy Chances 
Covey David Waiter 
Crane John 
Crane Jonathan 
Creat Cliristian 
Cronk Isaac 
Cronk Sibert 
Crook William 
Dacker Peter 
Dan John 
Davenport William 
Delivan Timothy 
Denicke Jacob 
Deusenbere William 
Deiizenberry Mose?. 
Dinga Henry 
Dotcy Abner 
Efielston James 
Evans Stephert 



l''alconer Wilham 

i'arnintob Solomon 

Field Salomon 

Field Stephen 

F'in JiUiies 

F'orgeaon John Thomas, 

Forgeson Thomas 
Fredenburgii Gideon 
Gale Stephen 
Ganung John 
Gee James 
Gihbs J.. 1,1, 
Goldin Coles 
Gonoung Jacob 
""■Green Nathaniel 
Gregory Josiah 
Grift'cn fjenjamin 
Griffen John 
Griffeth Joshua 
GrilTeth Lazarus 
Griffith Abram 
Haight John 
Haight Stephen 
Hains Aaron 
Hains John 
Hains Samuel 
Hamelen Silvenas 
Hamletton Salvenas 
Hammond Stats 
Harper Nicholas 
Haytt Stephen 
Hcazelton Daniel 
Hedger Robert ' — 

Henyn David 
Herder Pedtr 
Herder Wilham 
Heroy Charles 
Heroy C'auson 
Heroy Isaac 
Hickoock William 
Higbie Jacob 
Higbie William 
Hill Noah 
Hill William, Jr. 
• Hopkins Freeman ^■' 
Hord Isaac 
Herd Isaac. Jr. 
Horton David 
Hoskin Joseph 
How Lebbus 
Jr. Howes John 

Howes Moodey, Sr. 
Howes Seth 
Hughsoii U'lliert 
Hunt Delaliah 

Ilumtrs Robert 
Hustis Joiepli 
llustis Robert 
Huston Jeremiah 
Hyatt .Abraham 
Hyatt Solomon 
Israel John 
Jayine John 
Jewell Jacob 
Kerkwin Thomas 
Knap Daniel 
Knapp Isaac 
Kronkile Geradi^s 
Lamuelzer William 
Langdon Jan'es 
Lockwood Silvenes 
Mac Carler Thomas 
Mc Clean John 
Mc Cleneland John 
McLean John 
Magleinen Johannes 
Marick David 
Marick John 
^laybee Peter 
}ilead Hezekiah 
^lead Jacob 
Mead Joel 
Mead Joseph 
Meaks John 
Meeks John 
Merit John 
Moe Isaac 
Nelson Gilbart 
Nelson James 
.Nelson John 
Nelson Roger 
Newiin Michael 
Northrup Joseph 
Odle .\inos 
Odle Isaac 
Owen Jonathan 
Paddack Isaac 
Paddock Nathniel 
Paddock Seth, Jr. 
Paddock Silas 
Palmer Caleb 
Pierce Isaac 
Post Abraham 
Post NathaiMel 
Randel Joseph 
Requav Gabriel 
Requaw James 
Richards Mos:«, Jr. 
Richards Richard 
Riks Peter 
Roads John 

Roads Richard 
Robertson Peter 
Robeson Isais 
Robinsfin David 
Robinson John 
Rubblee James 
Rushill Robert 
Russell Thomas 
Satterly William 
Scoticld Ephraim 
Sickkle John 
Simon Antras 
Sirrinc James 
Slooi Abraham 
Slord Isaac 
Slord Isaac, Jr. 
Smith William 
Sniti'en Samuel 
Snouck John 
Snouck Matthew 
Sorrme James 
Sparling Paul 
Sprage Jeremiali 
Spraguc Benjamin 
Stohan Wiliiain 
Stoheni Jonathan 
Strowbridgc William 
Toinkins Jacob 
Tomkins Joshua 
Tomkins Joshua. Jr. 
Tomkins Reuben 
Tompkins John 
Tompkins Nathaniel 
Townsend Elijah 
Townsend Isaac, Jr. 
Trowbridge Billy 
TruesdoU Charles 
Utter .Amos 
V'eal William 
Vishor Nathaniel 
\'osburgh Cornelys 
Warren John 
Warren Peter 
W'.iite William 
Wilson James 
Wilson Samuel 
Wilson Walter 
Vv'ixon Solomon 
Wood Neheniiah 
Wooddan John 
Wooden Henry 
Worin John 
Worin Petter 
Wortmun Phineas 
Wright Robert 
Yale Stephen 
Yarns Nathan 

The Militia (Land Bounty Rights; — Orangf. County, First Regiment 


Orange County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — First Regiment 




Allison Richard 
Allison Thomas 
Arnold William 
Arnot David 
Ball John 
Barten John 
Bartlet Haynes 
Barton Roger 
Bell William 
Bellows Joniis 
Boen Tirnts 
Bowen Isaac 
Bowen Phinehas 
Bradley William 
Brewster Henry 
Brewster Henry, Jr. 
Brewster Isaac 
Brewster Jesse 
Brewster John 
Brewster Timothy 
Brooks John 
Brooks Jon.ithan 
Brown Jacob 
Brown Joseph 
Brown Joshua 
Brown Joshua, Jr 
Brown Nathaniel 
Buckbee Silas 
Budd John 
Bull Isaac 
Bui! John 
Bull Peter 
Burral Lacky 
Cameron James 
Canfield Benjamm 
Caiifieid John 
Carpenter Colvill 
Carpenter Elijah 
Case John 
Case Joseph 
Cashaday Patrick 
Caton John 
Caveil Richard 
Chandler David 
Chandler John 
Chandler Nathaniel 
Chatfield Thomas 
Clark Henry 
Clark Reuben 
Clark Smith 
Chrk William 
Coelman Abel 
Coelinan Ric!iard 
Coleman As..'nel 
Coleman Caleb 

Coleman Daniel 
Coleman Gideon 
Collman George 
Colman Micah 
Compton William 
Comton Jacob 
Conklin William 
Conkling Daniel 
Conkling John 
Conkling Joseph 
Conkling T. Stodard 
Cooper Myndred 
Crane Jeremiah 
Cumton Jacob 
Curtis Coleman 
Curtis Daniel 
Curtis David 
Curtis Joshua 
Davis Samuel 
De Voe Curnels 
Disberry Thomas 
Durya George 
Dyer James 
Earl! Btnjam.in 
Earl! Ezra 
Earll John 
Earl! Richard 
Earll Samuel 
Fairchild Stephen 
Feltman John 
Galloway John 
Garrisnon Jonas 
Garrison William 
Gobel Joseph 
Goldsmith Ricliard 
Govey John 
Gregg Henry 
Gregg James 
Gregg Robert 
GreLjg William 
Gregory Benjamin 
Halsey Silvanus 
Halsey Stephen 
Hammond John 
Harlow Benjamin 
Heard Phineas ' 
Hedson William 
PIclmer Phinehas 
Helms Ansclm 
Horton Barnabas. Jr. 
Horton Isaac 
Horton William 
Howell Benjamin ~ 
Howell Charles; 
Howell Edward 

Howill Hezekiah. Jr. 
Howell Paul 
Huff Frederick 
Jatraten Ruben 
Jayne Daniel 
Jessup Isaac 
Jeul Stephen 
Jeulse Stephen 
Johnson George 
Jonson John 
Jung Yohn 
Kanshel Samuel 
Ketrhnm R'"nip.min . 
Ketchani Jolin — - 
Ketcham Jobcph --■~ 
Ketcham Philip ■ — ' 
Ketcham Samuel - " 
Ketcham Samuel, Jr. 
Ketcham Zophar — 
Knight Nicolas 
Lamarux Isaac 
Lamont Isaac 
Lamore Isaac 
Lamoreux John 
Langdon Richard 
Lenes Jacob 
Lewis Jacob 
Lewis James 
Lewis Solomon 
Little James 
Little Timothy 
Mc Clenon William 
Mc Daniel Hugh 
Mc Lauglilin Patrick 
Mc Mannars Roger 
Mc Mannos John 
Mandevill John 
Mandeville Francis 
Mandeville Jacob 
Mandeville Michael 
Mapcs Benjamin 
Marvin Eliar 
Marvin Elihu. Jr. 
Marvin Jesse 
Marvin Nathan 
Marvin Nathan. Jr. 
Mar\-in Setli 
Matthews James 
Miller Aaron 
Miller Abm 
Miller Amos 
Miller Daniel 
Miller James 
Miller John 
Miller Wil'iam 

Moffat Isaac 
Moffat John 
Moffat Thomas 
Moffat WiUiani 
Monell Williajn 
Moor Nathan 
Moore Henry 
Moore John 
Moore Kadmich 
Moore Peter 
More Nathan 
Newman Scuddtr 
Owen William 
Pain John 
Phillips David 
Pierson Josiah 
Prindle Benjamin 
Prindle David 
Puineii Jonathan 
Quarters Silvenus 
Raymond Samuel 
Reeder John 
Reeder Jc5-.'.h 
Reeve Daniel 
Roeve Daniel. Jr. 
Reeve Joshua 
Reynolds Cladus 
Reyno'ds David 
Robbi: s Joseph 
Rumsey P'.-.tneas 
Runels Jaires 
Sackett Jo!:n 
Sands Comweil 
Satterly John 
Satter'y Nathaniel 
Sayer James 
Sayer Jonathan 
Sayer Stephen 
Sayre Ebenezer 
Seel Is.ae' 
Scott Thoa;.is 
Seel Israel 
Seely E'oenezer 
Secly John, Jr. 
Seely Jos'.ah 
Seeiy Jo.<i-h. Jr. 
Smith Asahcl 
Smith Da: leJ 
Smith K'i.-ua 
Smith i'r»ncU 
Smith Isai Ji 
Smith Jan:es 
Smith John 
Smith Joseph 
Smith Micnael 



Smith Tiniotliy 
Southerlar.d Andrew 
SQutlierlan<! Cli.ulcs 
Soiulierland D., Jr. 
Stevens Adam 
Strong Nathiiu 
Strong Samuel 
Taylor John 
Teed Zophar 
Tharp Mathew 
Thompson George 
Tooker Charles 

TowMsend Abraham 
Townsei'.d Ab'alom 
Tucker Isaac 
Tucker Reuben 
Turner Sturgis 
Tuthill Jeremiah 
Ti'thill John 
Tulhill Samuel 
Vail Benjamin 
Vail John 
Vanduzer Adolph 

X'anduzcr Chanick 
\ anduzer Henry 
Vanduzer Isaac 
White Daniel 
White Jacob 
White Silvaiuis, Jr. 
Wiant John 
Wickham William 
Wilkins James 
Wilks James, Jr. 
Wilks Richard 

Wocn Tirnte 
Wood Isick 
Wood Stephen 
WoodhuU Ebcnezer 
WoodhuU Nathaniel 
WoodhuU Richard 
Young Sila.s, Jr. 
Youngs Abimael 
Youngs Birdscy 
Youngs Henry 
Youngs Reuben 

Capt. Garet Acker 
Garrit Aki.nt 
" Daniel Green 

ArIE S.'-iITlI 

Ackerson Edward 
Allison Benjamin 
Allison Joseph M. 
Babcock Amos 
Bell Ram 
Bell Robert 
Bell William, Sr. 
Benson Matthew 
Bishop Ebenezer 
Blauvelt Cornelis 
B!au\-elt Frederickus 
Blauvelt Harmanis, Jr. 
Blauvelt James 
Blauvelt Petcrus 
Bogert Cornelius 
Bogert John 
Brouwer Abm 
Brouwer Jacob 
Eulson Alexander 
Bulson Anthony 
Burnes David 
Bush I.ottineck 
Bush Peter 
Cargill James 
Carlock Nicklos 
Charii Frederick 
Clark Samuel 
Clary James 
Coe Samuel, ]t 
Coley William 
Coiichn Ezckiel 
Conklen Matthew 
Conklin Gabriel 
Conklin Isaac 
Conklin Joseph 
Coquillet Daniel 
Coquillet Daniel. Jr. 
Crum Cornelius 
Cure William 

Orange County Militia (Land Bounty Rig-hts) 

Henry Tourncur 
Hendrick Turnecvr 
Lieut. John GoETSciiEfs 
loHN Osborn 

■ Second Regiment 

Lieut. James Tallman 

Resolved R. \'ax Houten 
Ensign John Mver 

Jacob Sickels 

Cuyper Theunis 
Dater Adam 
Dellerick Jacobus 
Dellerick James, Jr. 
Denoyelles John 
De Pew Abraham 
Depew Jcihn 
De Pue Peter 
Dcronde John 
Derundcr Tobies 
Diisiniierre Samuel 
Dyckman William, Jr 
Eccorsen David 
Eslor -Henry 
Feiter John. Jr. 
Fox David 
Frederick Peter 
Gano Stephen 
Garnee Francis 
Garsay Peter 
Garts Vohaniis 
Gersege John 
Gcetsch.ciis Samuel 
Goetschiun Joseph 
Gorne John 
Gorney John Js. 
Hallsted David 
Hallsted John, Jr. 
Hallsted Jonah 
Ha'sted John 
Hal:.ted Thomas 
Haring .\braham D. 
Herdrix Henry, Jr. 
Kendrix James 
Henririx John 
HofF Gershom 
Ho^^iilat-.'l John 
Juckes Thomas 
Jackson Pattin 


Johnson Joseph 
Kenipe W. 
Keslear Haramannis 
Kieslar Harrmaniiis 
King Yacb 
Knap Jerred 
Krum John 
Krum John. Jr. 
Kypper Theunes 
Lawrence Benjamin 
Lawrence Jos. 
Lindsay George 
Lydecker John 
Martin John 
May Anthony 
Myer Jacob 
Myers James 
Oblenis .\lbert 
Oblienis Hendrick 
Occurman William 
Onderdonck Elbert 
Onderdonck Ram 
Palmer Josejih 
Polascy Anthony 
Polhamut George 
Polhenuis .\urt 
PolhenuiA Tlieorus 
Qu:ickeul>ush .-Vbraham 
Quacketibu?h Reni;ir, Sr. 
Quackenbush Rinear 
Quercau Joshua 
Reddout David 
Remsen .Aart 
Rosevelt John 
Ryckman Philip 
Ryder William 
Salyar Mical 
Sarven Garret 
Sarvent Jacob 

Secars James 
Servcnt Phillip 
Sett William Pielis 
Shumakar Lutewick 
Sickels Johannis 
Sickels Robbert 
Sickels William 
Smet Johannis 
Smith Cornelis Cor 
Smith Elihu 
Smith Walton 
Snedeker Garret 
Springsteel Samuel 
Springsteen James 
Stephens Abraham 
Stephens Resolvert 
Stevens Rolet 
SiiiVern John 
Tailman Garrat 
Taulman Peter 
Ten Eyck Henry 
Tis.ompson William C. 
Tiebout Tunis 
Tir.kee Conrad 
Tourneur Michael. Jr. 
Van Cleve Garret 
Van Cle-e George 
X'ar.derbilt Cornelis 
\'anderhilt Derick 
X'lr.derv.oort John 
Van Horn Cornelius 
Van Houten Petreis 
Van Houten Resolved T. 
Van Houten Richard 
Van Houten Roelei 
Van Houten Tunis 
Van N. Barns Jacob 
Van Orden Peter 
Van \'alar Henry 

Tun Militia (Lanu Bolntv Rigtitsj — Orast.e Co'jxtv, Tiii:<d Regiment 


Van Valcn Isaac 
Van Valeu Isaac, Jr. 
Van Vort Hciiry 
VValdron Jacob 
Wannamakcr Abraham 

W'annamakcr Adolpliis 
Wannamakcr Januc 
W'aniicniakcr Hindrick 
Wannemaker Peter 
Warner Thomas 

Wcsscis Ricliard B. 
Whittcr Jostph 
Willson Gilbert 
Winter John 

Wood Elbert 
Wood Jonathan 
Youmans Joiiaanans 
Young Jacob 

Orange County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Third Regiment 

Capt. Daniel De:;ton 
" Thomas Horton 
" James Humpheey 

Capt. Nathaniel Roe 
Lieut. Henky Brewster 
Martines Decker 

Lieut. Bzstw.is Halstc.\d 
John Hunter. 

Allison Joseph 
Allison Wiiliain 
Amsbarg Stephen 
Arnout Jacob 
BaJey Jesse 
Baley Nathan 
Baly Samuel 
Barker William 
Bayle Walter 
Beach Thomas 
Beder Henrich Pamru 
Bradner Benoni 
Bradner John 
Bradner William 
Bradnt Colvill 
Butler James 
Cantine Moses 
Carpenter Anthony 
Carpenter Benjair.in 
"Carpenter Carmar. 
Carpenter Daniel 
Carpenter Isaac 
Carpenter James 
Carpenter Jesse 
Carpenter Michael - 
Case Daniel 
Case David 
Case Jesse 
Clarke James 
Clowes Peter 
Coe Moses 
Cohnan Phineas 
Cole .Vilhelmus 
Coleman Benjamin, Jr. 
Coleman Joel 
Coleman Joseph 
Coleman Nathan 
Conkling Ber.janiin 
Cooley David 
Cooley Free>;itt 
Cooley Samuel 
Corgeson Jeremian 
Cory Jonathan 
Craner Stephen 
Cunningham Henrv 


Curtis Joel 
Cuykendal Salm. 
Dackerd Isaiaii 
Dains Daniel 
Dane John 
Davis John 
Davis Joshua 
Decker Johanis 
Denton James 
Denton John 
Denton Joseph 
Denton Samuel 
Devenport Aldert 
Dillen Moses 
Dillin John 
Dilhn Marthu 
Doblin Anthony 
Dolson Isaac 
Drake Groset 
Drake Joseph 
Drake William 
Drake William, Jr. 
Dunnig James 
Dunning Ebenezer 
Dunning Ephraim 
Dunning Timothj- 
Eavrets Daniel 
Eldreii Elisha 
Elsuorth Wrdine 
Evercts Daniel. Jr. 
Everett James 
Everett John 
Finch Isaac 
Foster Albert 
Fuller Aulaniah 
Gale Abel 
Gale Abraham 
Gale Benjamin 
Gale Choo 
Gale Coe 
Gale Jesse 
Gale John 
Gale Peter 
Gale Richard 
Gardiner David 

Gardner David 
Gillo Francis 
Ginnings Richard 
Goldsmith Elisha 
Grommon Joseph 
Hallsted Joseph 
Halsted Benjamin 
Hopkins Reuben 
Horton Jason 
Horton Samuel 
Horton William 
Howell John 
Howell Joshua 
Howell Matthew 
Howell Theophilus 
Huff Abraham 
Huff John 
Huff William 
Huice Elisha 
Hulsc James 
Humphrey William 
Jackson Benjamin 
Jackson Daniel 
Jackson George H. 
Jackson John 
Jackson Michael 
Jackson Richard 
Jackson William 
Jessey Jeremiah 
Kimber Peter 
Kimber Samuel 
King John, Jr. 
Kingliam John 
Kinnear John 
Kinnear John, Jr. 
Knap John 
Knap Nathaniel 
Knap William 
Knapp Jabe; 
Lain William 
Lamarcaux John 
Leree Silvanis 
Lewis Ichabod 
Little Francis 
Little James 

Little William 
Lockwood Rcubin 
Ludlum Benjamin 
I.'idl'im TsTTc 
Mc Dowell John 
Mc Millian William 
Malker John 
Mapes David 
Mapes William 
Mears Daniel 
Mitchel James 
Monett Anges 
Monjarr Alexander 
Moore Benjamin. Jr. 
Moore David 
More Samuel 
Mulock Jesse 
Nicoll Isaac 
Nobles Jabez 
Oakley Thomas 
Owen John 
Owens John 
Parshall Phineas 
Pellet John, Jr. 
Penoyer William 
Quick Jacob 
Quick John 
Reid John 
Reminton Joseph 
Reynold W'illiam 
Rodcs Teunis. Jr. 
Roe John 
Roe Nathaniel, Jr. 
Roe William 
Rumny .Assa 
Rumsey Asa 
St. John John Manor 
Searding Abraham 
Seely Bezaliel 
Sharender Ricliard 
Shryteer Christoplier 
Smith .\sa 
Smith Daniel 
Smith Jeremiah 
Smith John 


New York i.v the Revoeutiox 

Smith Josepli 
Smith Oliver 
Smith Samuel 
Smith Samuel, Jr. 
Snider Jdmozos 
Solomon Gideon 
Sousk James 
SpringsteccJ John 
Steward John 
Steward Luther 
Stewart James 
Stewart Silas 
Swizey Jonathan 
Taylor Samuel 

Thompson George 
Thompson James 
Thompson Robert 
Thompson William W. 
Tory Joshua 
Townsend Cors 
Townsend Feter 
Tracy Jonathan 
Tracy Lavan 
Tryon Eliue 
Tuthill Nathaniel 
Tuward James 
Vactor Abraham 
Vail Asa 

Vail David 

Vail William 

Vail William, Jr. 

Van Aukcr Ellas 

Van Etton Levi 

Van Xosdall John 

Van Schoonhoven Jacob 

Vantyle Arter 

Vanuken Nathaniel 

Wastell Wilhelmus 

Webb Qiarles 

Webb Samuel 

Webester James 

Wells Abijah 

Wells James. Jr. 
Wells Joshua 
Wesbrock Jotiannis 
Whitaker John 
Whitman Joshua 
Wilicox Amos 
Williams Abraham 
Willson Andrew 
Wood James 
Wood John 
Wood Jonathan 
Wood Richard 
Yelverton Abijah 
Yennings Richard 

Orange County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Fourth Regiment 

Alya Samu , 

Alyea John, 3d 
Alyea Peter, Jr. 
Armstrong William 
Armstrong William, Jr. 
Arnold John 
Arons Jompeo 
Austin Joshua 
Bayls Joseph 
Balys Joseph, Jr. 
Bayley John 
Bayley Richard 
Benjamin David 
Benjamin James 
Bertaolf Henry 
Betolf Samuel 
Blain John 
Brass David 
Brook Michel 
Burt Benjamin 
Camly David. Jr. 
Carmen Henry N. 
CaiT David 
Carr David, Jr. 
Celnian Benjamin 
Clark Aaron 
Clintok Samuel 
Cobell Samuel 
Coe Benjamin 
Cone Walter 
Corlies Cornelius 
Cortcr Matthew 
Damarest Cornelius 
Davis Nathaniel 
Dean George 
DcKay Nathaniel 
DeKay Thomas 
Delamator John 
Dcmarest Nicholas 

Demerest David 
Demorest David 
Demorest Petrus 
Denton Jonas 
Dickey James 
Dill George 
Dolson Abm. Sr. 
Dolson ."Abraham 
Dolson Isaac, Jr. 
Drake Benjamin 
Drake James 
Drake Samuel 
Edsall Richard 
Edsall Samuel 
Elmer Wiliiam 
Eosylef Daniel 
Finch Jabes 
Goldsmith Thomas 
Hallack Jonathan 
Hannah James 
Hathorn John 
Haynes Frederick 
Helme William 
Helmer William 
Holburt John 
Holley Lvi-ael 
Holly Noah 
Holly William, Jr. 
Horton Barrabas 
Howard Peter 
Howard William 
Howell David 
Howell Isack 
Howell James 
Hulse Joshua 
Iwaglfs Narthew 
Jayne Samuel 
Johnson Richard 
Johnson Samuel 


Jones Cornelius, Jr. 
Kennedy John 
Ketchum Samuel-— 
iCimtiiey Isaac 
Knap Jonathan 
Knap Samuel 
Kocks Bowers 
Laroe Henry 
Lazear Abraham 
I.azear Cornelius 
Lerue Creynes 
Lerue Jacobus 
Lewis Jabish 
McCane William 
• Mc Connel Phillip 
Maybe Jacob 
Miller William 
Mitchell Jones 
Minthorn John 
Narny David 
'iewbery John 
Owen Isreal 
Owens Anning 
P;.rn Robert 
Parshall James 
Poppino John 
Popfino Richard 
Post Jacobus 
Post John 
Post Peter 
Ralee Shedalt 
R.-ner Samuel 
Rankin George 
Reed Garret 
Reed Jacohes 
Robertson Solon 
RockiU Jonathan 
Ruc Jonas 
Roe Jonas, Jr. 

Roe Nathaniel 
Roe Timothy 
Rowlee Heman 
Sayers Benjamin 
Sayre Jedidiat, Jr. 
Sayre John 
Scofield Hezekiah 
Scott Thaddy 
Seeiey John 
Shepard Colvill 
Sheppard Colvin 
Smith Caleb D. 
Smith Henery 
Smith Selah 
Sunson Samuel 
Teed Solomon 
Terry Urah 
Tljompson H. 
Thorp John 
Todd Joseph. Jr. 
Tomkins Phinehas 
Totten Joseph 
\'3.nderoei Jacob 
Va ideroff Thomas 
Ward Daniel 
Wellman John 
WT'ieeler Zebulun 
Wheler John 
WJieler Nathan 
Whitman George 
Wliitney Daniel 
Wiillison Jonathan 
Winfield Abraham 
W^nheld William 
Wlsnor John • 
Wood Eliphelet 
Wright Jeams 
Wvnans William 

;'/ i- P J^^- J' .' rV^ -i^ 


■y '^^^-^cAM:^ 

A^f .- ^t^ ■ /^ "^^i- 

,;?1j^ ,^ 

,> ^r 


^^t^ir.'' y [■f.r'-c-/'f J, ^'/ ,^ 

r -7 -^ - -■ ■ ■ 


-f^ ^z^. -r 


- f t 

y ^t .<s;fc'- 

c^:'^ ..^-^, 


7^ ' y -, 


•'^ ^^ :/- ^,' 

^■f-ittf^r ^ ^t '•"^ 

»-« ' < 

];■-■ yy r/>--y/.^ - ^ ■ ^ 


VL '^ 

^ .jV-<»- r- «^ • 


Pscu^Li-Lta Mtl-^x^^-r^ CllM^^zaJ i5^,^z^/>-4'^^"V'^'''ti^i^x:-'<i^ 

C^.tnU 97lt-iiie\. 

' y^ 


^fk^fuu.U)jTi^ i^d ^^^'^^' c^-^' 

Jd.. .- 

/)j-r a 

- a 


S - oL' 


. rl' - ■ lySA . ■'1 
. d" ■ - /7i'-^ - ■ -^ 

.. oL' - - //S? ■ • ^ 


y - 
.1' - 

_/6.. _ /c^ ' 

. /../£-... _ /^.. - . _, 

f.. /.. - 'o.. 

A - /^^- " • -^ 

- - /C ■■ /C- — 

J-) / .-J " • i- — ■ 

A widow's Di.-M.WD TOR PAY 

> . 

/">/ J.-'.r: /J//-, 


u'il C'-Xm.'/ i .^'-^ "/ JeVy'tV/^' 

iJ-T-.' x^pMlU^ } 

^■<£ I -".J-^ f 

li' -/ 7-/ 




/^ir? ■,-/.-/ <V./..' /"-•'.'"«^«-* • . • I 


■ ///J /r. _' 

. i^A' J*' . _ 





^',; Un,,e< ... _ ir 'U.."l. " 


^- .'J , 




The Militia (Land Boumv Rigiit.s) — Tryon County, Skco.nd Recjimum 257 

Tryon County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — First Regiment 



Caft. Joh;.- RrrrE 

" TiZEH 

Lieut. George Resner 

Ahvarth Richcliers 
AUvood Rihehcrs 
Barth Nicolas 
Bellinger Frederick 
Brath Henrich 
Brown Adam 
Clapsedel William 
Conderman Adam 
Condcrman Conratt 
Conderman John 
Conderman Marx 
Conterman George 
Contcrman Jacob 
Contreman Jolm A.. 
Copeman Abraham 
Cristman John 
Deygert Hendrick 
Diefendorrt Jacob 
Dockstcter Christian 
Docksteter Johannes 
Donkan Peter 
Donken Peter 
Duack David 
Dunckel George 
Dunckel Hanneckel 
Dusber Marcus 
Ecklcr JIanncs 
Ehl John 
ElKvood Richard 
Erah Jonathan 

Etz Christian 
Etz William 
Paling Hendrick 
Farbnss Jacob 
Feileg Hendrick 
Felling Hendrick A. 
Felling Henry T. 
Felling Nicklas 
Forschnian George 
Forschman Jonnes 
Gariack Adem 
Garlack William 
Gerlay Jacob 
Gilles Thomas 
Piary Williani 
Heintz Andrjas 
Hot'fsteter Ci.ristian 
Horning Dedriik, Jr 
House Tohan-ies 
House Vost 
Jordan Johai.ncs 
Keller Jacob 
Kiilie Thomas 
Kissner William 
Knautz Johannes 
Kremer Johannes 
Lampford Pi tcr 
Lampt'ort George 
Leip Johannes 
Leper Hendrick 

Leup Adam 
Lipe Adam 
Mabe David 
Mabc Joseph 
r^Ianck Johannes 
Matthees Jacob 
Mercness John 
Meyr Henrich 
Micderich Michel 
Miller Fitter 
Ohr Jacob 
Pickerd Jacobus 
Quackenboss Peter 
Quackenbush Hunter 
Quackenbush Jeremy 
Reiss Johannes 
Riebsomeen Johannes 
Roofe John 
RutT Johannes 
Rybsom Williani 
Schmidt Henrich 
Schnyder Jacob 
Schreibcr Jolian 
Scott James 
Seeber Henry 
Sitz Henry 
Snyder Jacob 
Span Nicklass 
Thomson William 
Tiece John 

Titnosy Garret 
Tygcrt Debold 

Vanalstin Cornel 
Van Alstine Cornelius C. 
Van Alstine Mathew 
Van Alstme Nicholas 
Van Campan Isaac 
V'an Evcrach Cornelius 
Van Evertn Cornelius 
Van Everen Ryner 
Vanevcry Corneli'is 
Van Yevercn Cornelius 
Vidnor Frymon 
Wallrath Fricdrich 
Wallrath George 
Wallrath Jacob 
Weil Jost Henrich 
Wiileem Com 
Windccker Hanes 
Wormutii Peter 
Vadan John 
Vordan Nicholas 
Young Garret 
Young G<:>ttind 
Young Jacob 
Young John Christopher 
Young John Christoplicr, 

Zimmerman Conrad 
Zimperman Henry 

Capt. Joh.m Breadbake 


" John Finxk 

Tr>-on County Militi.i (Land Bounty Rights) 


Barsh R. dolph 
Basbach Frederic 
Bcares Rutulph 
Bellinger Henry 
Bers Adam 
Boyer Valentine 
Breadbig John' 
Breis John 
Brewer .Arent 
Clock Conrod 
Combs Uriel 
Deygert Pieter H. 
Dillinbach John 
Eigeiibrod Johannes 

Emge Fredricli 
Emge John 
Feeling Johr. D. 
Feeling John I. 
Felling Dirck 
Fenk John 
Fo.x William W. 
Finck William 
Flentcr Henry 
Foiling George 
Forbush Johr, 
Forbush NicKola.- 
Fox Christo'fel 
Fux Jost 

CuRiSToriiER W. Fox 
■' Peter Wagner 
Lie'-t Samuel Cray 

Fox Philip 
Fralich Jacoi.> 
Frey John 
I'unsay Jolm 
Fux Christofifcl 
Gathman Friederic 
Gedman Gorg 
Grad Christian 
Halsey John 
Haus Elias 
Hces Henrick 
Helmer John 
Heliner Philip 
Helsenb:iU Denes 

Second Regiment 

Lieut. Jacob Conrad Klock 
Ensign Henry Timer.man 

Hess FVidrich 
Hiird Daniel 
Kastelman Johannes 
Kirn Beadus 
Klock Gcorire 
Klock llenery 
Klock Jacob 
Klock Jo'r. .mis I. 
Kough John 
Kraus Hanucs 
Krauss Lcncrd 
Kring Jolm 
Landes Peter 
T.aning Jacob 


New \'okk i.\ iiit; Rpisolutiox 

Lantinan Pctc-r 
LaMtnian Peter. Jr. 
Laucks Peter 
Lawer Joliii 
Lederer Cliristian 
Lcderer John 
Lederer John, Jr. 
Lobdell Joseph 
Loux George 
McDoiigal Daniel 
Mcrkell Devel 
Miller Henry 
Miller Johanis 
Neiiner George 

Ncles Liiduij; 
Ncllcs Chrivtian 
Ncllcs DcWalt 
iSclIcs Johannes 
Nelles Phiilcs 
Nestle Gottlib 
Nicolls Simon 
Paris Isaac 
Peiter John 
Rater .Mclgcr 
Reber Ands 
Rily Piter 
Rumsnidcr Henry 
Salsmon Henry 

Satz Jrhn P. 
Seelbach Gtrrit 
Sh.ifer P.crti->lnian 
Shale Johan .\(lani 
Shullys Jacob 
Sprcger George 
Spiicher Johannes 
Stanail George 
Suts George 
Tcmcrnian Conrad C. 
Tillenbergh John 
Tiniorman W'illiatn 
Ulick Johannes 
Vanater Samuel 

Van Etta Samuel 
Veetter William 
Waggoner Peter 
Uaggoner Peter, Jr. 
Walrad Adam A. 
Wairad Jolianot 
Warinud Christian 
Wilts George 
Wornnvood Peter 
Yucker George 
Zinierniahn Hencrrig 
Zimmernian Ueuitt 
Zimmerman Henry 

Tryon County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Third Regiment 

Capt. Wilh.\.\i S.vock 
Joseph Ye.-\m.\ns 

LiEur. Nicholas Quackexboss 



Ensign Derick Podmax 

He.vdrick B. Vpooman 

Antes John 
Antes John, Jr. 
Backis John 
Banhart John 
Barrans Jacob 
Baumon Nicholas 
Beekill Jacob 
Beekman Esmall 
Bceman Johannes 
Btnot Amos 
Benson Jonathan 
Bicke! Jacob 
Billings James 
Blank Adam 
Bodine John 
Bonn Johannes 
Bonn Johannes, Jr. 

Bowman Nicholas 

Burren Earent 

Cain Peter 

Campbell Jes;e 
Canine Fetter 

Cartright Henry 

Ciine John 

Cline Martin 

Coaplin Samuel 

Cockel Thomas 

Coller Isaac 

Conyn .Peter 

Covvanovcr Jacob 

Crowd Frederick 

Crowl John 

Crush Francis 

Dachstetcr George F. 

Dachsteter Leonhart 

Daclisteter Nicholaus \ ' 

Dachstetter John F. 

Dachstetter Friederich F. 

Daukstetor Frederick H. 
"Davis James 

De GaiT Jermi 

De Graef Emanuel 

Diefendort'fer Jacob 

Dockstader Frederick H. 

Dockstetter Nicklis 

Docstatur Nicliolas 

Doughstcdar Jacob 

Dow Joseph 

Eaton Elczar 

Ecker John 

Ee!l Megel 

Eliot John 

Everson Adam 

Fey George. Jr. 

Files Philip 

Filse Hendrick 

Foukes Adam 

FVench .Asel 

Frig Jacob 

Frig Jacob. Jr. 

Fuller Micah. 
Gardener Abraham 
Gardinier Samuel A. 
Garrason .'\braham 
Gasscr Alvcr 
Gill John 
Greet Simon 
Grot Lewis 
Haines John Slier 
Hauh John 

Haiirmui William 

Hendrickson Johanes 

Herrick Daniel 

Herring John 

Houvn -Matthew 

Hover Jolm 

Hubs Samuel 

Ittig George 

Jiihiiaon Andris 

Johnston Hugh 

Jones Harmon 

Jones Richard 

Kectch James 

Keller Johannes 

Kinlcead Crownidge 

Krauts Henry 

Lalifclar Martines 

LatTelar Martines, Jr. 
Leewes David 

Leno.K James 

Lenox John 

Leppcrt Jacob 

Lewis Hendrick 
Linkenfelter Mical 
Loucks John 
Mabie Harmanus 
Mc Keney Daniel 
Mc Master David 
Mc Norton Peter 
Marlatt Thomas 
Masoncr John 
Miller Phillip 
Milroy Ale.xander 
Mower Conrat 
Mower Hendrick 

Mower Peter 

Neally John 

Ogden Daniel 

Osterman Christian 

Paterson John 

Perccy Ephraim 

Pettcngal John 

Philip Fredrick 

Phiiipse John 

Philipse Philip 

Potman Cornelius 

Pottman Vactor 

Price Jesse 

Prime Heudreck 

Prime Peter 

Prince Jesse 

Printup Joseph 

Prosser John 

Pruyn Frincis 

Prnyn Handricii 

Pruyn Lowisc 

Piitm.in Aron 

Putuum Cowe'ius " 

Putir.an Hendiick 
Quackenboos .Aba S. 
Quackcnboss J.d-.i; 
Quackenboss .\lyn(h'rt 
Quacken'iush Jen iii\ ay 
Quackenbush N'a'i.in 
Quackenbush Nicholas 
Quackinboss Peicr 
Quackinbusli Abraliaiu 
Reasc .\dam 
Rease Jacob 
Rese Samuel 

The Militia (Land Bol.nty Rioins; — Ulster County, First REC.i:.:i:.\T 


Robclind James 
Rocor William Justus 
Roupcrt George 
RulofsGii Lowroe 
Snglie Abraham 
Scliafier Xicholaus 
Schinnke George 
Schinnke George, Jr. 
Schuyler William 
Scnip Joliann 
Scrviss William 
Servos Richard 
Ship George Friederich 
Shoemaker Jost 
Smidt Conrath 
Smidt Conrath, Jr. 
Smith Cornelius 
Sneart Walter, Jr. 

Snook John 
Solsberrey John 
Solts Francis 
Spawnenberg Hendrick 
Spencer Jonathan 
Spencer Orran.i;h 
Staylie Harnianncs 
Stewart William 
Stianslbag Kri 
Stone Conrod 
Stone John 
Swart William 
Van Alstiiic .\lbert 
Vanbrute Stephen 
Vanderwirkc .-Mbert 
Van Der Werke Johannis 
Van Derwerken tlcnry 
Vandeuson Abraham 

Van dusen Matthew 
Van F.ps Charles 
Van Horn Thomas 
Van Home Abraham 
Van Hosen John 
Van Huson Jacob 
Vanolynde Marte 
Van Olynde Peter 
Van Selley John 
Van Sickler Riner 
Van Silk Xiclus 
Van Vaghten Derick 
Van Vecghtcn Derick 
Veeder Joliannis 
Ventan William 
Vroman John I. 
Vronian Peter 

Vrooinan Ktnry 
\'rooman J hannes 
Wallace W illiain 
Walter J olefin 
Wart John. 
Wart Maitjhias 
Wart Morris 
Wartan Plri-ip 
Wempel Hi-r.drick 
Wheeler Lsv.rence 
Willson Ah.-ner 
Willson Samel 
Yates Peter 
Yates Robert 
Young Andrew 
Young Fesvis 
Y'oung Peter 

Tryon County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Fourth Regiment 



Bellinger Johannes 
Bellinger Peter, Jr. 
Beshorn Jacob 
Breidenbacher Balthas 
Campbell Patreik - 
Casler Jacob 


Demuth Johannes 
Fols Jost 
Foitz Peter 
Folz Melger 
ftackney W'illiani 
Helman George 

Hiiltz Xichla,- 
Kessler Jacob. Jr. 
Lighthall Abraham 
Orrendorph Fridrick 
Rasbach Frederick 
Rasbach Johannes 

Rasbach yLzix 
Schmidt Friedrich 
Spoon John 
Weber Jaccsb. Jr. 
V.'ohlebeii i'cter 

Ulster County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — First Regiment 

Capt. Simok Lefevkr 

" Cornelius Newkerck 

Lieut. Joii.vnni.-. El.an.^h.w 
Pet' ■,' O.- .-i;r,;iQUT 

LiiUT. A-:-,.\ri.^i. j. V.^:. Akek 

F,.\Si\...N' A.'.KT \'.\N W.'. GEN IN' 

Addison Johannes 
Ambler Benjamin 
Amlcy Benjamin 
Anthony John 
Baroon Anthony 
Baroon Anthony, Jr. 
Beekr an Henry 
Bckniaii John 
Be.knian Tjerck 
Blanshan Jacob 
Blanshan Jacob, Jr. 
Blanshan .Mattiiev, Jr. 
Borhans Jacob 
Brinck Peter, Jr. , 
Brinck Petrus 
Brink Cornelius 
Brink Petrus 
Bruyn James 
Biinshoten Solomon 
Burhance Petrus 

Burhans Cornelius 
Burhans Johannes 
Burhans Williams. Jr. 
Chipp John 
Chipp Joseph 
Chrispell Jacob 
Cork" Gorg 
Crispel Petrus 
Crispell Benjamin 
Crispcll Pctius. Jr. 
Crom Benjamcn 
Davenport William 
Decker F.phr.iim, Jr. 
Dederick Jacobus 
Dederick Johannis 
Dederick J. William 
Dederick Matthew 
Dederick .\lindert 
Dederick Nathan 
Degranf Joiiii. Jr. 


Oeg'ati Kerry 
Degraff Johannis 
Delannttor Coru'^hus, Jr. 
Dc Laineter .Abraham 
Delameter Johannis 
Dc Laniettei David, Jr. 
De Ronile A^r 
De Witi .Andiles 
Dc Witt Join Jr. 
Dubois .-Vbrahain 
Dubois Cornc'i.!s 
Dubois Hezekiah 
Du Bois Hiskia 
Dubois Jacob 
Du Bois Joh'iinis. Jr. 
Dubois Joshua 
Du Bois Pctor 
Dubois Saimiel 
Du Boys Jauios 
Dunioii Piti r 

Dumond .'\r:.;on:e 
Dumoiid Ja>.u ?. 
Dumond PbiUp 
Higenon !-"n_-iicrich 
Eigenon Wi'iiiani 
Eigcnor Frcdrich 
Eigenor Jacob 
F.iligh And-ics 
Elmendorph: Connracdt I. 
Eimcndorpli Cornelius J. 
Elmendorph. Jacobus 
Eman Micliel 
Eygen Jaco'cu? 
Eygcnaar Pe-irus 
Eygner Pet'-r 
F'eldcr Joh?..n!ics 
Feller Beniar.i.n 
Folte Jaci)!> 
Fclten Petrus 
Fiero .MTis'-.tini 


XiiW York i.v rirt Re\gll"tion' 

Ficro Joli.iM C. 
Fiero Joiiun Ciiitejiien 
F'iero JciIkiiuus 
Foick Joliannis 
Follant I'l.'ilip 
Frantz Aiiaiii 
Fraiitz Jacob 
Freer Jacob 
Freer Pctrus 
Frcligh lector 
I'Vcligh Ilcnry P. 
Gasherie Joscpli 
Ham, Cocnrad \V. 
Hardenbcr,:; Jacobus 
Harmen John 
Hasbouck T. 
Hasljro-jck A., Jr. 
Hasbrouck Abraham 
Hasbrouck lilias 
Hasbrouck John, Jr. 
Hccrinans Cdward 
Heennans Jacob 
Hendick Johannis 
Hondrick France 
Hendricks Jacob 
Herer.ton Closes 
Hodler Peter 
Hoermanse A^braham 
Hoff -\I.chacl 
HciTmaji Abr 
Hoggteling Tennis 
Hoghteling P. 
Honiniel Johannis 
Hcnme! Johannis, Jr. 
Ilu.ighcanng C^'nelius 
Houghtaling John. Jr. 
Humniil Martinus 
Jansen Cornelius, Jr. 
Jansen Matthew 
Jansoii Johannis J. 
Jafle Jfhanniccle 
Jay Augustus 
Kcatcr Joliannis 
Keffer Baltus 
KeifTer Lowrans 
Kierstead Wi'.hclnms 
Kiersterl Luke 
Konstaplc Hcndrick 
Kool Al.'rahani 
Kroni Abraham 
Krom Catharina 

Kroni Corualius 
. Kros< Leonard 
Krous Joliarines 
Langjahr Jacob 
Langyaeer Joiiannis 
Leftver Jonathan 
Legg Cornelius 
Lits Daniel 
Litts William 
Logg Samuel 
Longyear William 
Lonycar Christoi>iier 
Louw Abraham. Jr. 
Louw Benjamin 
Louw PetLT 
Low Abraham P. 
Low Ephraim 
Low John L 
Luyks Peter 
Mc Kenzie Alex 
Mc Kenzie John 
^Lac Leen Joh.n 
Marterstock Peter 
Masten Benjamin 
Aleyer Willem 
Minkelar Cornelius 
-Montgomery Robert 
Motterstock John 
Myer Petrus 
Myer Petrus, Jr. 
Myer Stcphanus 
Myers Teunis 
Mynderse Myndert 
Mynderse Petrus 
Newkerk Jno 
Newkcrk Philip 
Nicukerk Coenradt 
Nukerck Ch. 
N'-'kerck Cocnraedt, Jr. 
Nukerk Benjamin 
Nukerk Cornelis 
Nukerk Cornelius C. 
Oosterhoud William 
Oosterhudt Jolin 
Osterhoudt Tunis 
Osterhout Elias 
Osterhout Pet'cr P. 
Ostrander Geideyon 
Ostrander Hannires 
Ostrander Hubbert 
Ostrander HuyDcrt 

Ostrander Johannis 
Ouiterhout Jacbus 
Persen Jacobus 
Pcrtsman Hcndrick 
Post Jan 
Post Marteimus 
Post Peter 
Post Petrus 
Richtmeycr George 

Van Deusen Jno.. Jr. 

"v'an duesen Jan 

V"an Etten Coves 

Van Gaasbeek Abraham, 

Van Gaasbeek Thomas 
Van Gaasbek John 
Van Kauren Matthew 
Van Keuren Cornelius 

Ricktmyer George William \'an Leuvcii Andrew 

Roggen Francis T. 
Roosa Jacob 
Roosa Petrus 
Rouw Johannes 
Row V.'illhchiuis 
Schart Adam 
Schoomnaker Egbert 
Schoonmaker Handnck 
Schort Peter 
Schort Peter, Jr. 
Schriver Emrick 
Short Zacharias 
Sleght Hend 
Sleght Johanni 
Sleght Peter 
Slegt Henry B. 
Sluyter Sacharias 
Smith William 
Snyder Isack 
Snyder Johannis, Jr. 
Snyder Petrus 
Steenbergh Abraham 
Steenbergh Peter 
Stiles James 
Sudam Oke 
Swart Adam 
Swart Samuel 
Swart Welhehiics 
Tearpeiining Peter 

\'an Leuveii Peter P. 
Van Steenbergen Thomas 
Van Steenbergh Abrani 
Van Steenbergh Paulus 
Van Meet Georjie 
Van Vliet Abru'iani 
\'an X'liet Arie 
\'an \'liet Johannes 
Van Vliet Johannes, Jr, 
Van Vlyet Tjerck 
V'an Wagencn Abraham 
Van Wagenen Abraham, 

Van Wagenen Garret 
Van Wagenen Isack 
Van Wagenen Jacob 
Van Wagenen Johannis 
Van Wagenen Petrus 

Vielee Cornelius — 

We'ch James 
We'is ilenrick 
Wcls Sc^nuiel 
Wheeler Johannes 
Whitaker Benjamin 
Whitaker James J. 
Whitaker Peter 
Winne .Arent 
Winiie Arei.t. Jr. 
Wiune loliannis 

Tcerpeniiing Abraham, Jr. V.'olfen Godire 

Teerpcnning Elias 
Ten Broeck Jacob 
Ten Eyck F'hilip 
Tietts Johannis 
Tilsey Timothy 
Tremper William 
Van Akan Peter 
Van Aken Benjamin G. 

Wolven Adam 
Wi'ivni Johannis 
\\\'Uin John 
Wynkoop -A. 
Wynkoop CoriKhus D. 
Wynkoop Hivkia 
Wynkoop Petrus 
Wy.'.ko"p Tobias 

Van Bunschoten Johannis Wynkoop Tobias. Jr. 
Vanderlyn Xic York John. Jr. 

The Militia (Land Bountv Rii;ht>) — Ulstkk County, Skcond Rf.<;!.\ient 


Ulster County Militia (Land Bouncy Rights) • 

Capt. William Bull 

" William Fallkenof.r 


Mattice Felsr 
John N'ewkeuk 

- Second Regiment 
Capt. William Telfobd 

Ager Thomas 
Barber Joseph 
Barkley James 
Barkley John 
Bayard Samuel 
Beatty Francis 
Beatty Josepli 
Beatty Robert 
Beatty Thomas, Jr. 
Bedlow William 
Belknap John 
Belknap Jtj>cph, Jr. 
Belknap Thomas 
Bell James 
Blookstapher Jacob 
Bodine David 
Bodle Alexander 
Boland Charles 
Booth George 
Boyd Nathaniel 
Boyd Robert, Jr. 
Bran William 
Branen Michal 
Brewster Samuel, Jr. 
Bull C. 
Burnet James 
Butterficid Danie! 
Calkin Oliver 
Carpenter Wait 
Chandler Nathaniel 
Christ Daniel 
Clark George 
Clemence Daniel 
Clcrwater Jacob 
Coddebeck Benjamin 
Coddington Enocii 
Colden Alexander 
Coldcn Cadwallader, Jr. 
Congar David 
Conger David 
Connor John 
Coo'- Charles 
Cook David 
Cooper Robert - 
Crans Peter 
Crawford David 
Crist Henry 
Crist Martmas 
C'ist William 
Crisis Stephen 
Cuddebeck .Abraham 
Curen Barnabas 
Currie John 
Davis Mattl'.ew 

Decker Joseph 
Dekay Jacobus 
Dennisti.n George 
Denton Thomas 
De Witt J. R. 
Dickerson Abraham 
Dill Caleb 
Dolle James 
Douglass .Vdam 
Douglass John 
Dreasen .Abraham 
D.i ■nol, [-aac 
Duff.e John 
Dunlap Thomas 
Dunning John 
Eager Thomas 
Everet Ephraim 
Everet George 
Faulknr James 
Felden Johannis 
Felter John 
Felter Pronimus 
Fitzgerald Edward 
Fitzgerald James 
F'itzgeraid Jeremiah 
Flelter .Mathes 
Foght John Morris 
Fuller Jedediah 
Fulton James 
Gaakly Adam 
Gale Ileze 
Callow Christopher 
German Job 
Gillespy Matthew 
Gillyeres John 
Gollow John 
Graham William 
Gumar Elias 
Gumar Jacob 
Hader Daniel 
H.ader Friedrich 
Haines Benjamin 
Haines David 
Hall Robert 
Haman lienjamin 
Harlow Stephen 
Hedry Robert 
Helmns \inccnt 
Heniras .Aaron 
HerrtU James 
Hill Peter 
HotT David 
Holcomb Return 
-i Horton David. Jr. 


Housten James 
Houston George 
Houston Joseph 
Houston Zcbulon 
Howell James 
Humphrey Charles 
Humphrey Oliver 
Humphry James 
Hunter Jolin 
Hunter Koliert 
Jackson James, Jr. 
Jackson V.'iHiam 
Jennings Samuel 
Jones Ebenezer 
Ketcham John 
Kiel Robert 
Kimbar'c Frederic 
Kimbark Matthew- 
King Walter 
Knap Joseph 
Leskem Xathaniel 
Leskem Sam.uel 
Louw James 
Louw Jonathan 
Louw Peter 
Luis William 
"Mc Alister Michael 
Mc Bride James 
Mc Camly John 
Mc Carter John 
Mc Clagliry James 
Mc Cloi:;hry James 
Mc Connell John 
Mc Cord Samuel 
Mc Dowel James 
Mc Dowel -Mathew 
Mc Erthwer Alexander 
Mc Evceny Archibald 
Mc Evers Daniel 
Mc Kinney Arthur 
Mc Kinney Arthur, Jr. 
Mc Laughlin Peter 
Mc Neal Edward 
Mc Neely Robert 
Mc Nelley Henry 
Mc Nish George 
Mc Vew .Alexander 
Mains Joiin 
Malcom William 
Michael John 
Miers John 
Mikels William 
Miller Jacobus 
Miller James 

Miller Johannes 
-Miller Samuel 
.Miller Wilharn 
Molt/'bach Jo!;annis 
Moncli James 
Monnell David 
Moore David 
.Moore John 
Morison James 
Morison Jobii 
Morreil Jjr.ies 
^!ors C'jnr.idt 
Mould Johanis 
Moule Christopher 
Murray George 
Neely Thoniaa, Jr. 
Neely William 
Nesbitt Robert 
Newkirk -Adam 
Newkirk John 
Nicholson John 
Odell Tomkins 
Owen Nathaniel. Jr. 
Owens Jonathan 
Parks Art 
Parshall David 
Parshall James 
Paterson Samuel 
Patterson Tliomas 
Patton W'.iliam 
Peacock Thomas 
Reeve Elijah 
Reeve Elijah, Jr. 
Robinson John 
Robinson Wiiiiiiin 
Rockel'eller Christian 
RockeicUer Heiirich 
Rogers Jonathan 
Roosa .Abraham 
Rose Wii'iam 
Sansabaugh Adam 
Sansabaugii Cn^t 
Sansabaugh Hcnery 
Sansaba'.i>;h Jaco'.i 
S'.'iiteplicii Dioler 
\ Sears Ijenjaniin 
Sears Eiatlian 
Sears Joshua 
Sears Samuel 
Sears William S. 
Seely Bczalecl — 
Shay Dennis 
Shay Patrick 
Shuier Kolcit 


New Yf.'nr, in the Ri:\'oi.l"tio.v 

Simrall Rolicrt 
Sinsapagh Crist 
Sinsepuugh Henry 
Skinner Uanic! 
Smith Jolianms 
Smith Solomon 
Stringhani Wilham 
Stuert Robert 
Sutter Samuel 
Swartwout Jacobus 
Sweezey Joseph 
Tayler Daved 
Taylor Andrew 

Telford William 
Thompson Robart 
Totten James 
Trimble Alexander 
Trunipoor Peter 
TuthiU John 
Umplirey Hugh 
Van Gelder Abraham 
Van Gcldcr Abraham, Jr. 
Van Invvegen Harmanis 
Van Inwegen Jacob 
Van Orsdol Tunis 
Vail Isaiah 

Walker Andrew 
Walker 'A'llliam 
Warner .Matthias 
Warner Peter 
Waterson ilugh 
Watkins Samuel 
Waugh Robert 
Wetkham Israel 
Welling I'riderick 
Wells Nathaniel 
Westfall Abraham 
Wetzell John 
Wetzell Matt 

White Thomas 
V\'icl;ham Samuel 
Wiggins Jacob 
Wilkin William 
Wilikins William, Jr. 
Winner lieiir>, Jr. 
Wood Abraham 
Wood Richard 
Wood Stephen 
Vv'oodworth Daniel 
Yeoman Fra 
Voungbe Johanes William 

Ulster County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Third Regiment 



Aachinoede Jacobus 
Akerly Benjamin 
Anest Cornelius 
Bariey Jacob 
Beattj- John, Jr. 
Becker James 
Bevitr And. 
Bcvier Benjamin, Jr. 
Bevicr D.'.vid 
Bevicr Elias 
Bevicr Jacob, Jr. 
Bevier johanuis, Jr. 
Bevier Ph. D. 
Bevier Samuel 
Bevitr Simon 
Bogaitts Cornelius 
Bowker Silas 
Brink Cornelius 
Brink Cornelius C. 
Brink Egbert 
Brin'., Jacob 
Brodhead Charles W. 
Brodhtr.d John 
IJrodhead Louis 
Burgi.s Thomas 
Cantine Mathanie! 
Cantine Peter 
Carman Richard 
Carter Luke 
Chambers Dirck 
Chambers Ephraim 
Citchiii Benjamin 
Clearwater Jeremiah 
Conner Daniel 
Conner James 
Connor John, Jr. 
Cr.uidell Simeon 
Crispci Peter P. 
Da\is Henry 
Davis John C. 

Davis Samuel 
Davis Valentine 
Dean Abraham 
Delamater Jacob 
Depuy Benjamin 
Depuy Elias 
Depuy Jacob 
Depuy John 
Depuy Moses, Jr. 
Devenport Jacobus, 
De Voe J. 
Devoe iMichel 
Devveld Aswald 
De Witt A. 
De Witt Abraham T 
De Witt Andreas 
De Witt Andries J. 


Doyo Philip 
Doyo Solomon 
Dubois Andreas 
Dubois Cornelius 
Dubois Gerrit 
Dubois Jonathan 
Dubois Joseph 
Dubois Louis J. 
Dubois Samuel 
Jr. Dubois Tobias 
Ein Abraham 
Elsworth Willam, Jr. 
Eltenge Roeloff 
Eltinge Abraham 
E. Eltinge Cornelius 
Eltinge Ezekiel 
Eltinge Hendricus, Jr. 

De Witt Cornelius Depuy Eltinge Josiah, Jr. 

De Witt Henry, Jr. 
De Witt Jacob T. 
De Witt John C. 
De Witt R. 
De Witt William. Jr. 
De Witt William A. 
Deyo Abraham 
Deyo Henry, Jr. 
Deyoo Levi 
Deyoo Lukes 
Doiau Simon 
Donaldson Abraham 
Donaldson Abraliam, Jr. 
Donaldson James 
Donaldson William 
Doyo Abraham 
Doyo Benjamin 
Doyo Christoiphel 
Doyo Daniel 
Doyo Hendricus 
Doyo Johannis, Jr. 
Doyo Jonathan 

Eltinge Noah 
Eltinge Thomas 
Emery Robert 
Enderle Michael 
Enderly Peter 
Ennes Peter 
Evans John 
Every John 
Every Robert 
Freer Benjamin 
Freer Daniel 
Freer Daniel, Jr. 
Freer Isaac 
Freer Isaac, Jr. 
Freer Jeremyah 
Freer Johannis 
Freer Jonas 
Freer Petrus 
Freer Secial 
Freer Simon 
Freer Solomon 
Freer Yerrie. Jr. 

Geolgd Thomas 

Goodspeed Nathaniel 
Graham Francis 
Graham Zachariah 
Cray Oliver 
Hardenbergh Cornelius 
Hardenbergh Gradus 
Hardenbergh Jacob 
Hardenbergh Johannis G. 
Hardenbergh Philip 
Kasbrook Jacob 
Hasbrook Jacob. Jr. 
Kasbrook Peter 
Hasbrouck Benjamin, Jr. 
Hasbrouck Benjamin J. 
Hafbrouck David 
Hasbrouck Isaac 
Hasbrouck Jacob 
Hasbrouck Jacobus 
Hasbrouck Jesaias 
Hasbrouck John 
Hasbrouck Joseph 
Hasbrouck Jos., Jr. 
Hasbrouck Zacharias 
Heim ,\braham 
Hendrixson EUas 
HenJrixson Elias, Jr. 
Hendrixson Jacobus 
Herald Henry 
Ho [man Adam 
Ho ister W:li:a 
Hood John 
Hcombeek Benj., Jr. 
Hoornbeek Cornelius 
Hoornbeek Jacob 
Jansen Cornelia 
Jan?en Daniel 
Jansen Hendricus 
Jansen Matt!-.e-,v 
Janscn Thomas H. 

The .\iiLiTiA (L.wi) Bolntv Rioiits) — L'lstkk Cocntv, Tiiiud Regimext 


* Johnson Richard 

Kcator Benjamin 
Keator Frederick 
Keator Jactb 
Kcator Jacob T. 
Keator Jolin 
Keator Maltjart 
Keator Nicholas 
Keator Thomas 
Keator Wilham 
Kelder Wilham 
Kelsey Jonas 
Kely James 
Kiser Isaac 
Klaurwater Thomas 
Knostable Egbert 
Kortregbt Abraham 
Kortreght Benjamin 
Kortreght ^[att!!c■-li 
y-' Kosakrans Zacharias 
J Krom Cornelius 

Krom Johanis H. 
Krom John J. 
■ Krom Marthins 
Krom Simon 
Krom Solomon 
Krom Yan 
Krum Hendrick 
Lafaver Nathaniel 
Lefever Abraham 
Lefever Andries 
Lefever Andris, Jr. 
Lefever Daniel 
Lefever Isaac 
Lefever Jacob 
Lefever Joannis 
Lefever John 
Lefever Matthew 
Lefever Nathan 
Lefever Peter, Jr. 
Lefever Petres 
Lefever Philip 
Leroc Simeon 
Leroy Mickel 
Lounsbery Edw, 
Lounsbery Richard 
Lot w Benjamin. Jr. 
Louw David 
Lou V Jacob 

Louw Jehre 
Louw Soiomon 
Low Petrus 
Low Simeon 
Mc Cavy Martin 
Mc Ginnis Alexander 
Mc Keeby .Matchew 
Makk Joliannis 
Markcl Barrant 
Markcl Jacob 
Markle Frederick 
Markle Frederick. Jr. 
Martin William 
Meddagh Gores. Jr. 
Mcrkel Beiijanuii 
Merrihew John 
Merten John .Michael 
Middah Martin 
M Tos Samuel 
Moris Jacobus 
Morris John 
Mowris Henry 
ilowris Peter 
Mowris Samuel, Jr. 
Mullen John 
Nail John 
Nede Peter 
Newkerk Benjami.-' C. 
Newkerk Gerrit 
Newkerk Jacobus 
North Daniel 
North Samuel 
Nottingham Garten 
Nottingham Steihen 
Oliver James 
Oosterhoudt Benjamin 
Oosterhoudt Hannan 
Oosterhoudt Jacobus 
Oosterhoudt Krync, Jr. 
Oosterhout Petrus 
Ousterhoiit Hei ry 
Pantanier Lev.'is 
Pattis(in Michael 
Pattison Michael, Jr. 
Pattison Moses 
Peresoneus Janioi 
Perkins Samuel 
Perkins Valentine 
Perkins Zophar 

Pettibone Daniel 
Pheni.x James F. 
Quick Jacobus, Jr. 
Quick Philip 
RabiriKjii Isaiah 
Ralyea David 
Ransom Peicg 
Relyca John 
Rilyea Done 
Robison Isaac 
Robison Isaiah, Jr. 
Roosa .Andnes 
Roosa Jacob 
Roosa Jacob J. 
Roosa John 
Roosa Wilhelmus 
Rosa Hendrick 
Rosa John W. 
Rosa Sayharic.T. Jr. 
Rosa Thunes 
Rosa Welhelmus 
Rosa Zacharius 
Rosakrance Jacobus 
Rosakrans Fredrick 
Rose William 
Rosekrans James 
Sahler Abraham 
Schoonmaker Daniel. Jr. 
Schoonmaker I'redcrick 
Schoonmaker Jacobua 
Schoonmaker Jochem 
Schoonmaker Joclieii), Jr. 
Schoonmaker Suiion 
Schoonmaker Tiiomas. Jr. 
Sergent Robert 
Shaw John 
Shenich Frederick 
Shenick Jacobus 
Shurter Casparis 
Shurter Frederick 
Shurter James 
Shiyter Wouther 
Smedes Aldert 
Smith Falten 
Smith Isaack 
Smith Petrus 
Snyder Andrew 
Snyder Jacob 

Snyder Jacob, Jr. 
Stai4g John 
Stephens John 
Tack Johannis 
TeruiiiLjer John 
Terwilleger John 
Terwilligcr John, Jr. 
Tomkins Jcremiali 
Tomkins Thomas 
Tomson Joshua 
Vandamrk John 
Vandemerk Silverier 
Vandeiimerk George 
Vandenmerken Edward 
Vandermerke Silve-ter 
Vandermerken .Abrah.ain 
V'andermerken I'reilenck 
Vandermerken Frederick, 

Van Keuren Materues 
Van Leuven Andrew 
Van Leuven Pelres 
Van Luven John 
Van Xoy Peter 
Van Wagenen .Aarth 
\'an Wagenen Cornelius 
\'an Wagenen Garret 
Van Wagenen Jacubus 
Van Wagenen Solomon 
Van Waggener John. Jr. 
\'an Wagoner Peter 
\'en \'hct .Aaron 
\'en \'liet Da< ed 
Veil \'!iet Teunis 
Vernooy Abraham 
Vernooy Corneii.is 
Vernooy Wessel • 
Waldroii Johannis 
Weils Joseph 
Wertz George 
Westbrook Dirick 
V/estbrook Fred 
Wever William 
Whitncnj- Jacob 
Woolsey Dan it! 
Wynkoop Corneuiis E. 
Wynkoop Dirck. Jr. 
Yelverton Antlionv 


New Yokk in the Revolution 

Ulster County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Fourth Regiment 

Capt. Uriar Drake 

Aiers Andrew 
Airs Philip 
Albertson Richard 
Aldridg Gilbert 
Alsdarve Jaiiics 
Alsdarve Philip 
Alsdarve Simon 
Alsdorph Lourance 
Anderson Daniel 
Ayrs Abijah 
Bacer Adam 
Backcrnian Elisha 
Bain Richard 
Baker Andrew 
Bancker Francis M. 
Bancker John 
Barckley James 
Barkley James 
Barkley John 
Barkley Samuel 
Barnhart Peter 
Batenian Elisha 
Belknap Abel 
Belknap Isaac 
Belknap Isaac, Jr. 
Bertan Peter 
Berean Thomas 
Bernhert Jeremiah 
Bevier Johannis 
Bevier Jonathan 
Birdsall Benjamin 
Birdsall Daniel 
Bloomer Gilbert 
Bioomer Joseph 
Bodine Jacob 
Bodine Peter 
Bont John 
Born William 
Brasher Henry 
Brasher John 
Brink Cornelius C. 
Brock Bennoni 
Brown James 
Brown Oijadiah 
Brush Joshua 
Brusk David 
Bruyn Scveryn T. 
Bruyn Zachs 
Bruys Cornelius 
Bryjon Leslie 
Buckintiiiam Solcman 
Buckingham William 
Bunday Jorendah 
Bunschotcn Gerrit 

Capt. William Sa.mmel 

LiEiT. James Hawes 

Burhans Petrus 
Calwill Joshua 
Cammist Jacob 
Carpenter Benjamin 
Carpenter Riciiard 
Carskailaii Robert 
Carskadan Robert, Jr. 
Carskadan William 
Case Absoloni 
Case Stephen 
Caverly John, Jr. 
Caverly Philip 
Clark Jehiel 
Clearwater Zacharias 
Cobl Tobias 
Coffin Benjamin 
Coffin Eliel 
Coffin Uriali 
CoUord William 
Comfort John 
Comfort William 
Conklin William 
Constable Benjamin 
Coock Daniel 
Coom Solomon 
Cosnia John 
Cosnia Jonathan 
Cosman Oliver 
Cotter Alexander 
Cranes Henry, Jr. 
Crans Henry 
Crawford James 
Crawford Joseph 
Creggier Cornelius 
Crispsl John 
Cristice John 
Cropse Adam 
Cropsey Adam 
Cropsy flenry 
Curran John 
Dackar Elias 
Danelly Peter 
Dayo Handrick 
Deake William 
Dean Solomon 
Decker Alazer 
Decker Cornelius 
Decker Henry 
Decker Isaac 
Decker Jacob 
Decker Jeremiah 
Decker Jol;n, Jr. 
Decker Joshua 
Decker Philip 

Decker Reuben 
Degroot Jacob 
De Grove Adolph 
Demott Laac 
Denton James 
Dill Caleb 
Dill Robert 
Dinneston James 
Divine Samuel 
Dolson Jacob Mier 
Dolson Tunes 
Donnelly Thomas 
Donnovan Lewis 
Douglass Stephen 
Drake Cornelius 
Dubois Lewis 
Dubois Wilhelinus 
Dun Joseph 
Dun William 
Dusenberg Benjamin 
Edmonds Samuel, Jr. 
Ellis Benjamin 
Eltinge Petrus 
Erwin W. 
Evens Henry 
P'agan Daniel 
Forbes William A. 
Forgison Samuel 
Foster Elnathan 
Foster John 
Foster William 
Fowler Isaac 
Fowler Jolin 
France Joseph 
Freer Benjamin I. 
Freer Benjamin T. 
Freer Elisa 
Freer Joannis 
Freer Marnjnis 
Freund Heinrich 
Galatian James 
Galatian James. Jr. 
Galatian Peter 
Gardner Silas 
Garner Lige 
Garrison Richard 
Gasharis Lewis 
Gedney Daniel 
Gediicy Joseph 
Gerow John 
Gerow William 
Gidney Elcazer 
Gillespy Samuel 
Gillespy William 

Glaspy John 
Goetscheus Ilenrecus 
Graham Andrew. Jr. 
Graham Da:iiel 
Graham Jariie= G. 
Graham James J. 
Graham John 
Graham Lc',\ is 
Graham John C. 
Griggs Samuel 
Grover Joiin 
Guion David 
H.dlet Joseph 
Haisted Jacob 
Halbted John 
Hardenbergh Nicholas 
Harford Robert 
Harris James 
Harris John . 
Hasbrouck Cornelius 
Hasbrouck Isaac 
Hasbrouck Jonathan 
Hawkins James 
Hawkins William 
Hewit Benjamin 
Hill James 
Hoei John. Jr. 
HofTman John 
Hofi'man Zacha. Jr. 
Hottman Zacharias 
Hotman Evert 
Hohl Johannis 
Hollet Solomon 
Howell Jeremiah 
Huey James 
Hull Ezekiel 
Hull Nathaniel. Jr 
Hunter James 
Hunter John 
Hunter Stephen 
Ireland Thomas. Sr. 
Ireland Thomas, Jr. 
Irwin Sam 
Jansen Jobs. T. 
Jansen Matthew. Jr. 
Jansen Thomas 
Jansen Zacharyas 
Janson Johannis. Jr. 
'Moii'isiin Abraham 
Johnston Janus 
Johnston Micl;a*l 
Jones Henry 
Jones Stephen 
Jones Thomas 

The MiLiTiA (Land Bounty RiGin^j — L'L.sviii< (Jolxtv, l-oLkin Kegime.nt 265 

Kain Francis 
Kain Kobcrt 
Kelscy Nathaniel 
Kimberock Goorge 
King Isanc 
King Richard 
Kip Henry H. 
Kiiowlton Daniel 
Kranse Henry 
Langdon Samuel 
Lattemor Benony 
Latting Jacob 
Lawrance Jacb 
Lawrence William, Jr. 
Lent Abraham J. 
Lewis Micaiah 
Lewis William 
Lewis Zadok 
Lcybold Jacob 
Linderman Cornelius 
Linderman Jacob 
Lockward Isack 
Lockwood David 
Lockwood Henry 
Lomex Charles 
Losen M. 
Louw Cornelius 
Louw Jacob G. 
Louw Peter G. 
Low Ryner 
Ludlam Nathaniel 
Lusee Elzr 
Lutz John 
Lynsen John 
Mc Clean Hugh 
Mc Collom Thomas 
Mc Curdy James 
Mc Curdy Robert 
Mc Donald William 
Mc Dowell Alexander 
Mc Key Alexander, 3d 
Mackey Charles 
Mackey William 
Macky John 
Macky Jurion 
McNeel John 
Makey Alexander 
Martin David 
Mas ;n Matthew, Jr. 
Merritt Caleb 
Merritt Huinphery 
Mtrritt James 
Merritt Josiah 
Merritt Thomas 
Millar Christopher 
Millar John 
Miller Barnet 
Miller Barnhart 
^[iller Elias 
Miller Jacob 

Miller William 
Mills James 
Millspaugli Abraham 
Millspaugh Isaac 
Millspa'.iKh Jacob 
Mintz Christ 
Mitchell William 
Mitchell William. Jr. 
MofFet iKlcxander 
Moger Theophclus 
Moore John 
Morison Robert 
Mory Hazzar 
Navarro Israel 
Newkerk Adrian 
Oostrindcr Jonatan 
Osborn Richard 
Ostrander Christopher 
Ostrandcr David 
Ostr.ander Harmanis 
Ostrander John 
Ostrander Marcus 
Ostrander Petrus 
Ostrmder Wilhelmus 
Owen John D. 
Parliman John 
Patniur Henry 
Patmor Henry, Jr. 
Patmor Ji_'hn 
Patterson William 
Pattifon James 
Peirson Joseph 
Pembrook William 
Pcnb.ook William 
Penn / Joseph 
Perry David 
Persley Joseph 
Polhamaes John 
Polhamals John 
Porter Thomas 
Potter JosepU 
PresicT Matthew 
Purdy Elisha 
Purdy John 
Purdy Peter 
Purdy Silas 
Quick Ajraham 
Quick Peter 
Ransom Joseph 
Raymond Ebenezer 
Rea Ma: 

Realyei Simon, Jr. 
Redman David 
Redniun Michael 
Reeve Sclah 
Reynolds Daniel 
Richard .'ibraham 
Rickey Alexander 
Roads John 
Robertson George 

Robinson Siah 
Robisoii John 
Ftoger Moses 
Rogers Allan 
Ror.ck Cornelius 
Ronck John G. 
Roosa Evert 
Roosa Petrus 
Rosekrans Jacob 
Ross Daniel 
Rowley Isaac 
Rudgyard Daniel 
St. John Ebenezer 
St. John Josiah 
St. John Matthew 
Salsbury Nathan 
Sammon Jacob 
Satnmon Jacobas 
Sammon Mathais 
Sammon Matthew, Jr. 
Sammon Teunis 
Sansabough Adam 
Schink John H. 
Schurdt John 
Scofield John 
Scott Jolin 
Shaw Moses 
Sherwood Joseph 
Shurt Adulf 
Siefied Seth 
Silkwerth Thomas 
Simrell William 
Skut Hugo 
Slott Lewis 
Smedes Abraham 
Smedes Benjamin, Jr. 
Smedes Jacob 
Smedes Jacob, Jr. 
Smedes John B. 
Smedes Matthew 
Smith Arthur 
Smith Elijah 
Smith Jesse 
Smith Leonard, Jr. 
Smith Luft 
Smith Nathan 
Smith Samuel 
Smith Tliaddeus 
Smith Thomas 
Sneider John 
Snider Hans 
Snider Hans, Jr. 
Snider Johannis 
Snyder Johannis 
Solheinir Cornels 
Spark Robert 
Sparks George 
Sparks Robart, Jr. 
Sprague .^masa 
Spraguc Gideon 

Stanton George 
Stevens Stephen 
Steuart William 
Stillv.ill John 
Strattoii Samuel 
.Strikiar.d Jacob 
Tarpeniieng Bondawyn 
Tarpnning Levi 
Tari Lo'.vr2.nce 
Tarwallagar Benjamin 
Tarwallker Abraham 
Tatham Charles 
Taylor John 
Ter Boss Henry 
Ter Boss Henry, Jr. 
Terpaning Elias 
Terry Richard 
Terweliegar Jonathan 
Terwellege Hendrekus 
Terwellcge Hesya 
Terwellege Mathan 
Terwilger Joseph 
Terwiilager ,-\braham 
Terwiilegar Benjamin 
Terwilleger Hug, Jr. 
Terv.illeger Hugo 
Terwilleger Isaac 
Terwilleger Jacob 
Terwillger Aury 
Terwilliger Cornelius 
Terwilliger Isaac. Jr. 
Terwilliger Jacob 
Terwilliger Johanes 
Terwilliger Johannes 
Terwilliger Peter 
Terwilliger Thomas . 
Terwlleger Arre 
Thomas John 
Thompson Robert 
Thurston William 
Thuston Daniel 
Tice Martiue 
Tuppor Xaihan 
Turner Thonias 
Van Bornel Garrit 
\'an BouK-l Peter 
Vancuren Biman 
V'andcmerk Johannis 
Vandenmerk Jacob 
Vanderlyn Jacobus 
V'ander Lyn Zacharias 
Van Gelder Gerrit 
Vankaurvii Ha :ac! 
\'an Keuren Tjerick 
\'an Kuren Hendrecus 
Van Steenbergli .Abrani 
Van Steenbcrgh Mathev.es 
Vanwyan Henry 
Verncoy Cornelius 
W.ickii'.an Ilr.udreck 


-New Vukk i.\ tiil Rlxolltuin 

Wackman Marcus. Jr. 
Walsh Hugh 
Ward Monson 
Waring James 
Weed David 
Wegah John 
Welcr Willem 
Weller Gerouin 

Whygant Mickcl 
Wighte Wilhani 
Wilkin Jason 
WiUtk- Willi.ini 
WindficlJ Peter 
Winfield Abraham 
Winfield David 
Wolfe Christopher 

Wolfe John .^. 
Wood CorneUu^ 
Wood Jacob 
Wood Tburslc.ii 
Wood Tiniotliy 
Woolsey John 
Woolsey Jonathan 
Woolsey William 

Wygan Martin 
Wytant John 
Wygant Matthew 
Wygant Michael 
Wygant Michael, Jr. 
W'ynant Thoiiias 
Young Alexander 
Young Andrew 

Westchester County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — First Regiment 



Lieut. Is.^ac Keeler 
Carter Daniel 

Orser Abraham Skiget Richard 

Westchester County Militia (Land Bounty Rights) — Second Regiment 


JusTis Harris 
Jesse Holley 

Bartlit George 
Baxter John 
Bishop John 
Boulton Mathew 
Bouten John 
Bouton Shubel 
Brooks Daniel 
Brown Nathaniel 
Brush Thomas 
Carpenter James 
Carpenter Thomas 
Clark Nathaniel 
Clarke Ephraini 
Cloos Solomon 
Close Jesse 
Con Johnos 
Conkling Jonathan 
Dann Ebene/er 
Dean Elijah 
Dinsah Marcus 

Lieut. Wright Carpenter 
" Hezekiaii Miller 

Lieut. William Mosher 

Doolittle Daniel 
Doolittle Joseph 
Ferguson Lot 
Halt Abraham 
Halt Daniel 
Hait Ezra 
Hait Israel 
Hait Jonas 
Hait Phiiiahas 
Hait Zcrubel 
Hayt Major 
Hawiey Ezekiel 
Kiggins Gabriel 
Holmcr Peter 
Holmes Gilbert 
Holmes Richard 
Hunt Gilbourt 
Ingersoll Jonathan 
Loder Jonathan 
Lounsbcrry Nehemiah 


Lowrey Thomas 
Lyon James 
Maynard John 
JliUer Abnor 
Miller Benjamin 
Miller John, Jr. 
Miller Silas 
^Miller Waterbury 
Mosemone Peter 
Newman Jonas 
Raymond E))hraim 
Robinson Joseph 
Rogers Lewis 
Rundell John 
Rundell Joseph 
Saeril Jcremiare 
Sarles Richard 
Sarles William 
Sarils Lot 
Saris Secly 

Silknian John, Jr. 
S:nith Abner 
Smith Abraham 
Smith -Abraham, Jr 
Smith Gabriel 
Smith Lemuel 
Smith Thomas 
Titus Benjamni 
Titus Joseph 
Truesdell Jabish 
Triesilcll Jesse 
W-illaoe Uriah 
Wur.dley Abraliani 
Waring Michael 
Webb John 
Werren Epherm 
Vl'.celer Joseph 
Wnitnoy Gi'.birt 
Wood Benjamin 

The Militia (Land Boumy Riairrs; — WEsrciiiiiiLR L"ol:;t'i, liUKD k£ui;.;EN: 267 

Westchester County Militia (Land Bounty Rights)— Third Regiment 
Capt. Samuel Haight 

Acker Abraham 
Acker John 
Acker Sebah 
Acker Stephen 
Archer John 
Baldiang William 
Bashford William 
Bedell Efrom 
Bedell Samuel 
Beekman Gerard G. 
Blair Allen 
Bloodgood Francis 
Bloomer Gilbert 
Bent Peter 
Briant John 
Brown Abraham 
Brown Andrew 
Brown Chribtopher 
Brown Grardus 
Brown Isaac 
Brown Roger 
Brundige Hacheiah 
Bryant John 
Burgduf Philip 
Burgess James 
Burlingham P. 
Carhart John 
Carman Gabriel, Sr. 
Carman Gabriel, Jr. 
Carman Henry 
Carman Jonas 
Carman Peter 
Carman Thomas 
Carpenter W'riglit 
Christian Marcus 
Clark John 
Clarke William 
Clauson Ezra 
Clauson Jacob 
Clements William 
Conklin John 
Conklin Seth 
Conklii Timothy 
Crawford James 
Crissy John 
CroiTert Jonathan 
Crotort John 
Crom-.vell Jessey 
Cunningham Abel 
Curry Richard 
Cushman Thomas 
Dakin Preserved 
Dakin Thomas 
Dean Isaah 
Dean J(jhn 

Delavan Dan 
Delivan Xathan 
De Peu Abraham 
De Pew James 
Dinge Samuel 
Dusenbery Jarvis 
Dusenbury Richard 
Dusinbury Henry 
Dutton Isaac 
Dyckman John 
Easy William 
Ellis Jemeah 
Enkerson Jusia 
Fawby James 
Ferris John 
Forman Aaron 
Fowler Jesse 
Fowler Joseph 
Fowler Joseph, Jr. 
Frost Robert 
Frost Wright 
Gaileoos William 
Galer Robert 
Green Benjamin 
Greene William 
Gregory John 
Groff Roswell 
Hadden Moses 
Haight Jonathan 
Haight Jonatha!). Jr 
Hall Caleb. Jr. 
Hall Daniel 
Haws Patrick 
Haws Seth 
Hillicker Harman 
Hocks Jotham 
Hoisted Stephen 
Horton William 
Hunt Jacob 
Hunt Solomon 
Hyatt James 
Hyatt John, Jr. 
Hyatt Joshua 
Hyatt Zeph 
Ingersoll Josiah 
Jackson John 
Janon John 
King Mosetom 
King Obadiali 
Knap (useph 
Knapp Peter 
Knapp Silas 
Kniffcn Ebenezer 
Krock William 
Lang Robert 


Lawson Peter 
Lee Elijah 
Lee Joseph, Sr. 
Lee Joseph, Jr. 
Leggett Isaac 
Leggett James 
Lent David 
Lent Hannlos 
Lent Harcules 
Leveridge Benjamin 
Lilley James 
^ Lockwood Gilbert 
Lynt Dennis 
Lyon Benjamin 
Mc Chain James 
McFarting Gabriel 
Martine Daniel 
Mathews Micol 
Mathews Stephen 
JMatthews Joseph 
Mead Edward 
Mead Thaddcus 
Mekeel John 
Mekeel Michael 
Merrit Amos 
Messerve George 
Miller Jonathan 
Morpeth William 
Neker Tobias 
Nelson William 
Noof Bartholomew 
Oakley William 
O'Bryan John 
Odel .•\brahani 
Okey Gilbert 
Patton Edward 
Paulding Joseph 
Paulding John 
Paulding William 
Pennoyer Isaac 
Pinkney Briggs 
Pinkney Gilbert 
Pinkney Thomas 
Purdy Alvin 
Purdy Henry 
Purdy Simeon 
Purdy William 
Putney John 
Putney Joseph 
Reed Arclier 
Requaw Samuel 
Revere Cornelius 
Rivers .'iciam 
Roff Humnhrey 
Sands Ohniel 

Seamans Daniel 
Scamans Henry 
Seamons Robert 
Sedore Isaac 
See David 
Seth Whitne 
Seutherling Arijes 
Shearwood William 
.Sherwood 5:eplien 
Smith Abel 
Smith Bacrcb 
Smith Jacob 
Smith Nathaniel 
Smith Silas 
Soliss John 
Spock James 
Stanley Davi^- 
Stcenerd Cornelius 
Steenrod Cornelius 
Stevens Jcsiah 
Stever Jereruiah 
Stilwill Thornas K. 
Storms Suter 
Strang Franses 
Strong Gilbert 
Summer Ibrjcl 
Sutton Caleb 
Teed WiUian. 
Teller CooEnd 
Theal Abrahsn 
Theal Wil'ian; 
Tomkins AbsJom 
Town Thomai 
Toivnsend Zeiulon 
Traverss Gil'art 
Travies Davij' 
Travies Jonrtiian 
Travis Elislia 
Travis Gilben 
Traviss Joseiii 
Trid Henry 
Troot Ebencj-.r 
Turner Joshta 
Underbill Johi 
Vai! Joseph 
Van Tes>oll -vbraham 
Van Tesscll 'Cornelius 
Van Tessel! David 
Vantcssell J;uob 
Va'i Tes.se' 1 Ijhn 
Van 1 issci C-.rnelius 
Vanvore .-Vbriham 
Van Wart Inuc 
Van Wart Jacob. Jr. 
^'an Wort limes 

8 94