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Full text of "Northern Italy, including Leghorn, Florence, Ravenne and routes through France, Switzerland, and Austria; handbook for travellers"

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•Aufltrla-EItlugftr}', in* luiling DnlntAtja, Biwnii, Ba^hiTCBl, BtU 
iihI Uut.lonngro. Witb7l Knya, 77 Pluim, and 3 Pviorimos, EU 

odiliw.. I9U lOl 

TheEatlerii Alps, IncLndiDg Uie Bovnrian Bighl&Dda, Tyrol. Sail 

Upper 4nd Lower Inilna, Stjrlo, Curtnlhia, and C&rnloln. . 

73Mnps,]lPinoTamM. Twd (tk «dilinn, 1911. lOi 

Belj^umand Hollonit, iiidniiins Uc (Jrauti-Dachy vf l/t 

u Aoniry, Willi rJiij[i» «aii 37 Plwis, Firioenth ediliun. 1910. Si 

The Dominion of Ciuiiuta, wilb Newfoundland uid ui Excu 

It) Jiaxitd. With 13 MipH ixcid 13 PlaiLS. I'tilrd «dllid)u. iWi. 6 D 

CooatKnilnoplenad Asia Minor, in (icrnmn u»ly: 
KoH^auUiiopei iivd KUinaMfi nifbst 1)011 Hanptrcintan dnrt 
BoitanAiuMnaW and «ln(>iii AoHfln^ uaf ritr AjKUnUichen I 
lfil9 EsH'7n,a4 PUnanntid r.rDndrioHiin. 19Da Si 

Osnmark, iet Uorway, SiMtlen, mid Deittnark. 

Stgypt, Louvi* &nd Upper {''gypt. Lower and Upper Nubia, a 
ffiulAit. With 84 Mftpa, Tfi Pinni, mi S7 Tlgneitea. Sixth ed 
1908 16 I 

Wnglanri, mo OrttU Britain. 1 


i\im ind ill Rurirona, with Bontcs fr»m Londoti to Paris, 
14 Uapa and 42 PUue. Eightcenlb edldua. 1013 61 

HortJiern Franot tnm Belglnin ud Ihe Unjjllili Ubaiinel to tha 
cicindlng Paris and lU BnTlroiu. Wilb 10 Vafis tnd 33 I 
Fiftii ediilon. IflOy J markt ( 

Sovthern FVai«x fium thp IxtJrn to ifan PyrenMn, AcTcrKnn 
Cinitues, thu Freucli Al|in, the Itbunc ValUj', Pri)Trn<ii!, Iho P 
Blviera, itid Corsica. Willi .11) Mbiih ami 19 Pl&nji. PIflfa ai 
1907 « B 

^t^^na and T^iNMia, sec 77te Jlf<9a!ti!errc»ican. 

tifl-Iix and lit Bnrlroiui. Wltb 5 Maps tod U Plana. Fifth el 
191S 3 1 

VartA«ni Qtrmanti aa far aa Iha Bavarian aud Aiulriau froB 
Vith 04 MaiM and 101 PlanH. .Sittrimtb edltioja. 1913 ..81 
VViir^^mbcrg aad Bararia}, With 86 Htp< 

191ft fit 

m MoanUiiM, the Moiellr. ttt» To! 
raid and Seldelbrrg, th« Toagri ! 
t. With 69 Mapa and &9 Plana. S 

^^^ed .t not ^rloM C.OO^Ic 

Or«At Britain. K-gUxnit, Waiea, attd SaoUand. With 88 Hi 
(iG l'liL!-», ind a i'uorMiL Seventh Kdittftn. 1910 lO/bt 

Itttndoii and iU Bsiirwn*. Vitb 10 iUp« uiil 19 Plin*. Slxtaj 
edition. iSll 6 mi 

Oreeoc, the Oreek lataiuU, xnd kn Ei«iiT<ioa to CrtU. WiU U U 
30 ri&iis, indtPMOimnii orAtlwin*. Fgiirtb fdition. 1909. Swn 

Holland, iien Jtdt/ium and HoUaitd, 


/. Xerthfrti Italy, includiiifc Legbom, P1arean«, ft4T«iiB>,' 
through Fruicc, .Swilierlutt, ud Auilrik. With 36 Maps 
45 l'Un«. FunrlMElh edition. ItflS Urn 

If. CevtralJtaly ariiiReime. Wlthl9M)ipR,&i>PluiftftiLdVio«a,&iid 
Araitiur tlicPu|ieBsiiiPt)I'I17. Piriecatb ediliOk. 1309. 7 mtrka M 

///. JSoiithfrri Italy and *«(», with E««ur«i(ni» to Mait*, Swdl 
Tunis, and Corfu. Wllb 30 Maps uiil 31 Plan*. Siile«nllt «dit 
1912 DU 

llatv frvr, the Atpi to NapUs. With 2i IK&p* and 58 fl 
and iikctuhta. i^cooLd edition. 1909 13 mi 

^i« Mediterranean. i^ea.port9 anil Sbb RMt«B, innlnding >I>di 
Ibii Canniy lalands, tli« ('(jiut of Morocco, Algurta, and Tnni 
With an Mupii unil 49 E^anu. 1911 19 oil 

Norway, Swodon, nod Denmark, with EicuKlona to Iceland 
StAr:Arri/eit. WiUi 08 Maps, 42 Flwis knd t PuoTamaa. Ti 
(■dllion. 191? 8 m 

Paleatlae and Byida, inclndiiiK th« priouipsl toviw ttirou);li M 
potamia »i>ii tJahtjUinia. With fil Mep«, 06 Pluia, aud a Panori 

nf Jtni«Blv-i>i. riftli tfdilioii. lOlii M^M 

Portugal, let) Spaisi aud Portit^aL ^H 

Blvlera, see Souliitrfi Frattct. ^| 

BiiBsla, In Q«raiitn or French onlj : |H 

Ru»aiiiMd. Europ. KiiQknd. Kisenb&hnfti in BnaB.-Asien, Tsban^ 
king. Mit li)KArl4ii, riT PUnenn. DOrnndr. 7. infl. I9I3, IS mi 

Riuiuelurr Sprtiahfi^rtr. 6. AuS. 1913 Id 

AtitiM. Avou 19 cartoi at as plana. »■ Uitinn. 19011 .... 15 ml 

Mttniitl df langtia Rutte, 8* Mition. 1908 La 

SooclaDd, Kcc Crm>( Britain, ^M 

Spain and Portugal, with Siciir«lons t« Tangier and tbo iSoRI 

hla>M. With 9 MnpR aiiH £7 PUnn. Third *d>tlon. I»fl8. IG na 

Bhrltx«rland anil lltn adjai^eiit portions 0! It«l]i, Suroii, aud T} 

Wllb 75 Uapa. SO Plana, and IS fanoraoiaa. Twenly-rourtli t^l 

1*11 4« 

Trrol. ncD Ti^ Baatem Alp*. 1H 

The United 8cat«a, with ExcnntoDS to MenMO, Cuba, Avton 

and Ahu-a. With 88 Maps and »8 Plins- FonrlliBdilioa. Wft-Mi-" 

pQblish*d at n«t. "P^'^.ijO'iL^^B 



u jiJjjjiyjMiiujigja^iJM^^ 


r3»lTAiBrffljFi? lj?^M^;flTnf^ ^ 





(Oomp. p. xi.) 

Approximate EguUmlent*. 


























































— . 



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■ — 










































































































DisTAJioEa. Italy, like mast of the other Enropcui ststes, htu adopted 
the French metric Sfatem. One kilomitre ia eq.aal to 0.6IIS8, of oevly flve- 
eighths of an Eogliah mile (8 kil. = G H.). 

The Italian time is that of Central Enrope. In offlcial dealiagg (be 
old-tuhianed Italian iray at TeckaniiiK the boms from 1 to 24 has again 
been introdnced. Thus, alle trtdiei is 1 p.m., alle venti 8 p.m. 

Qi.qiiiiiid av 









KARL BAEDEEE:^ -U-'i-?'' 




.iU Right* lUterved 

Ddiiiiisa 01 Google 


(Comp. p, li,) 
Apyroximaie Equii-aisnti, 






Anatrlnn | 






S. D. 

























— ^ 



— - 














































— ■ 




































— ^ 





























































































































































DiHTtiTDEa, Itilv, likf iniiBt uf Ihe otlitT Iluiopeiia atot^'B, Ima siId-pIcJ 
the Frenrb metric syBli^in, Unc kiloitiilre ine^riR) (o 0.6M3B, ot nearly llve- 

Tbo Itklikn time m tfaal of Ccntr»t Europe. In offlchl (EonllnKS tte 
nld-riKhLoiitil ItaliiD «Ry ot revhnning Iht hnura fconi I ta U hiiq agtia 
Ipcii Introdiiuud, Tbuii, aiiff trtdici ib i ji.iu., oJie veiitl 8 p.m. 



jJiM?^^i!uii!y!iyaiyjMiMiiy iyaJ^^^^ 





'G-o, Uttle book, Qod send thee good pussge, 
And Bpeoi»lly lot this he thy pr»yere 
Unto them ill thil thee will read or hear: 
Where thoa art wrong, after their help to call, 
Thee to coneot ia any part or all.' 

Qi.qiiiiiid ov 



The o1jij«Dt'fi of ttif> Handbook tor Narlbitni TUIr. wbtek \m i 
jsaitf d for th? fnnrtfnath limp %tii currn^ofiH^t t» the 18th G#maa 
edition, aro t« mpply the tmvflUr vith r.itn'' iufamiklion rvgtri- 
mg Ibo enltar«, Krl, and clinrtetor «( ttk< |>ropIr ho i« itboal to rlsit, 
U wHI iw xoprifing the natnral fentarc* i/l thi- cnuiitrj, U> r«ndvr 
hini u lndepcu(l«al u posdblc vf the BcrriccB or guides ud tkIvIo- 
dc'plaea, in imt^tt blm agvJnat Ofrrehargu, ond In rrerf wiy t* 
tid him In dcriv[ti<^ orjovnitiit ud ia*lrac(ioii from kit Una In aiM 
of the most fasclniiltn^ conntrirs in tW irorld. 

Tbo vhal« work is founded on the Rditor'.' pmonal ncqaainl- 
■noc with Ihc places di-wriWd, tinml of whirli he hiu rrpriU-illjr 
and cnrr fnllr rxplnrrd. As, huireTi^r, ehanje^Jt arr con^Untty taking 
p1xCI^ he will higlil}' apfiredite uny commanicBtionii «-iIli which 
Iriwflller* may kindlj" tavunr liitn, if the resnlt ol tlieir own obwrr^ 
tii)n. Tlic iDfonnatioii alri^nt!; ruMireil froin Mrresjutndents, wbich 
hi' gratefully ackonwledgt^i, bus in manj^ Gaatii prured moit icr- 

Thi? pri'sent wulnme, hn, llki! its predec*s«i>fs, been iboroo^hly 
revised »nd eorwidtrably an^t^nted. lis conicnti h*ve btm divided 
irlo EtttHi SK^Tiosit, eich of wbleb may be i«paratcly r*innved 
from tlie Tulume by cutting the gaaic backing visible oa opening 
tbv butfk Hi Ibc rrf|nisil<' pAi:'''''- i-in?" euvrra fcr Ibcfc tcction* 
may be obtninvd lliroUigh any bookseller. The intrediiet«ry article 
v-u Art and tlie irt-hiatuiicil noticfi prefixed (o tbc dcHr^i'ttolls ol 
tilt: litgrt tuwns und prigiuip4l pi u tart-gal I eriu* wen originally 
(urninJied by the lati^ I'mfrMor Springer., of Ltipsij;, bnt hare 
bcE^n uiudiAcd nnd »npp1emeiited in cunnanintct with the mosl roceat 
rcsolts of artislic rt:»L'arcb. In t1ie descripliooi of iudiitdo&l pie- 
Vnres tbi; vorX» of ytntvUi, Crowt arid Cavai-ja»tlle. and Burck- 
kardi have been l&id eiienilvoly nader coalribatioii, and also o&- 
Ciutonally those of J^Mtin and others. 

On tlie Maps and Pi.avs the otninit care ho* bun beitowed, 
and it is hoped llinC tfaey will often bo of material servic« to the 
traveller. They have all been cxrefnlly revised and liroo^bt up to 
dale, while several of tbeu appear in thi* edition for lb;? flnt lime. 

HnoBTS are fiven in the Uxt !n Eagllib feet, on Ibr map? in 
ia6trc3 II Engl.ft. = 0,3U4S[ai!Ire). DfSTAX(uB(are(pvaainEn|E)i«h 
miles foomp. p. ill. The Porrt.ATia.«« (aecording to ih* cMiins of 

■^ lalrfiliiiil'iry Mnller (pp. KJ-livili). Knntei t« luir I'fip. l-SOi. Pl*4 
I moat [pp,3i 6i>, hlg^i^it (pp.M-iM), L«al>»dy (pp. u»-tH-), V>B-«ik 

pji. ni,>'l3i>.. The y.n\\\H ipp, Ul-M8j, uJ Touaajr (pf. Mft-Wnv ^<Vte 
'^ ■ of Arllsti «u<l lu.liM [pp. SBl-flMJ. 






1901) are tbose of tLe totms and Tillages properlj lo Cftllod, and not 
tlioa« of tbcctimuniof pnrisbee, wbiohu'e often conaldc-rably larger. 

HoTKLs (comp. p, ixi.l. The CiJIlor bn« indlciilcd 1>>- utoriitlu 
ihosi; hoU^ls whieh he bas rcnsnn lo bclifve, from hh own ciperi- 
enae, ils well ils fnim iururmailiiio siip]>l(ed by travpHen (often, 
hnwevcr, rontradictdry), lo \iii rpapi:ctftblr, i^Irmi, rrnsonablc, and 
riLirlj w«ll provided with th« cooiFurts and <:i)tiVL-nir!nr<'K nxpi^cli^d iu 
an up-to-dati? ttaUlJliKhmeiit. JTonses of a iiKire prtmiCivi; cbaracier, 
wlien good of their class, arft deKuribed ;l8 'good' iir 'very fair'. At 
t!iL' sam« i-imi) thu Editur ritjus not dnobl that cmiforlnbli: qnarlers 
mjiv uccasionnliy Ijg uLtaiiu'd ai Inns which hi; has not re enm mended 
or BVfin miMitioiie'd. Tlie charges in tbe mosl i'riMjnfiiiled piftoM have 
a constant tendency to rise, but tho« of Ibe last few years arn 
apprMiiuatfilj' stated in th* HiddUook for the travtlUr'a guidani^c 

To hotol-projirietorfl, iradeswtn, and others the Editor htp to 
intinate Ibai a chsracler (or fair duuling aad courtesy t'jwards 
traveUecs is the sole passport tu his O'umiDflticlati'aii, and thut uil- 
Tcrliaetuuiits of every kind tire HtHctly Rxcludnd frniii hln UanU- 
books. Butel-lioGpiirisaru wurned sgiainsi pereuns reitreaeutluf thum- 
fielfea afi ivgtMits for Jlaede^rr's Hjindbouks. 

ft. = toot. 

kIL i= kilamdCrc. 

0). = nfitrs. 

kg, = fcilogTammo, 

hf. ^ llrtUt. 

min. = uiiiiule. 

Alb. = 4lhi;reo (Ikotol), 

TrMI. =Tr»tliiri» ffMUiiraol]. 

BiBtcif. ^ Rialomntp (nfntnnrnatj. 

oirln. = amolhiijj. 

em. — p^rrlogo. 

N. ^ nOFlh, nofdiWDrdB, DOitbeni. 

6. — aautb, ete. (*tiiD oup^er], 

E. = aaM, Dtu 


B. = roam {laclu'llBg liglit and il- 

tsnduBcol, route. 
B, = breakfttt. 
I,. = InncheDu. 
D. = dlDllPr. 
P. = panuion {i.e. botrA mA lod^ 

rfmts. = refrimhini'nls. 
(r. =: ttunc (Itol. lir»). 
a. = centime (ItmL ci>ntc»iiiii>}. 
K = Krone (Au^triaa cuifenoy). 
k = Heller (Auatriun oarroBoy). 
dt. = oiica (Btiniit). 
conpi ~ oenpaic, 
Oapp. ^ Cippalla (ctuiiel). 

W. = went, etc, 

Tha kllcr d irilh h Ante, after Ibo mnac ol a persaii, liLiUcAto* ilia 
your of bin ilouh. The nnmliuc pr^flKcd to ths name of n plm-e on a rail- 
way or hif^irnnil iiiilicolcB il* iliiiUncc in EagUnb milrs from tbu abirting^ 
poiat of tlid roitt*-' t>r d]ili-ri>iitr, Tlki^ nutuber of foot g-iven lit&r tLfi nutna 
of ■ iilaro nJiDii-i ilii bok'lit »bu\'e the sus-liivel. 

AataHaliH Jenoto objBO-1* <>t afoiiinl iotorest or Imply «oiniQuu.Jiilifln, 



IntrodtLctiun xi 

I. RocYBs TO lTAi.y. 

1. From Paris to Turin vi& Modnite and Mont Cents ... 1 
3'. From Brigue i^Lausannei) to Mllau vlA Artma. Slrajilnn 

KaJIway 3 

S. Prom lucerne (B&le) to Ullan vill Lug:inu aud ChliHao, 

St. Gotthard Railway 6 

' -4. From Marseilles (Pari*) to Genna by tb* Frfninh RiTtora 18 

5. Prom Inusbrncli to Vdrtiua h_v tlni ItrRhrior S9 

6. From Trvnt to Vriiict^ vjt RasRaDO and Castelfi-nnt^D. Val 
Sn)[iinii Railway , .... 26 

1. From Villncb (IjaUbarg, Viomtii] to Voaicc vjl Poatsbba 30 


8. Turin 33 

9. From Turin to Snaa 49 

10, Frflin Tnrin m thi? Cottian Alps 61 

11. From Tnrin Id Vftntimiglia vit, Cnneo and T-nnd*. The 
Maritime Alpa S2 

19. From (hmcn to UiMitiaiTuriu, Sarotia). The Llguriim Alps •'■T 

13. From Tariu to Geuoa 6S 

H. From Turin to tiLG Oraiaii Alps G4 

Ih. FrQOi Tnrin to Aostn iiitd Uourmaycur 67 

18. Fr*m Awtn to the (Jfaian Alps 77 

17. From Turin to Milan I'iil y«iithii and Novum .... HI 

18. From SaiiHiiil(Tariii, Milan) to Biollii 66 

19. From Domodussoiii lo Nnvnru vlJl Griivnllonn wid Orl*. 
Froiii Orlii lo Varallo 87 

20. From V&ralla to Nuvara. Vallc ddla aeria . . .' . . &D 


21. Genoa . . B5 

22. Froiu G(-aua to Veutimigliu. Riri<,'r<i di PonenU . , . 116 

23. From OeuuM to Piaa. Hivlcri di Lcvante 129 

2i. Till- Ajiuaii Alps 1*7 


25, Miliin ISa 

SS. Frcim .Milan to Leeeo and C'alieo rill Uonza iChiavmna, 

Tinino) ' .... 198 

ST. From Milaii to BBllogio. The Bri ansa lft& 

9S. From Milan to Qgao vjl Saronno '^V 



fi«BU Ptge 

SB. Como 199 

80. Uke ot Como S03 

81. Frooi Colieo tn L'hjriv«iinu [Mnloja Pub, Spiagnn . . . SIS 
8S. Prom UoUoa to Donniii vii Ibc Vul TcUiim .... SIS 

88. From NvnBggio to hngnnu anc! Liiinu aiT 

84. Froiu Milan to Forto t'i;reeiu vifi Oalluratc and Vareae . 32U 

85. Prom Milan to Larvao lii Saronuo and Vareee . . . 223 

86. Prnrn TldlinKinii to fti^non 325 

87. Lugii Unjrginrt^ 2S6 

86. Pram Milnn tn (if.nnn \iA. Pariu und Voghnra , . . . 340 

89. Priim Miliui In OritTniiria. \ih Coiugno 344 

4(1. Priiiii MiJiiri tu iJ('r([iiniu 248 

41. Tilt) BHrgamN«(|u<) Alji* 254 

42. Pruiii Ijmmo Ik Brescia viS- Bergaiuo 358 

43. Kruiii Milan Ici Verona via BrBscia 258 

44. Brt-ioSa 260 

43. Ihc BreiiCiRii Alps 270 

46. From Brencia lo Gargnano 277 

47. Tlio Lagodi Oarda 27G 

V. Vmbtia. 

4*1. Vrrnnji S9T 

40. KriJtii Vi^ronii Id Buiognu (Florence) viit Huntnit and 

MiHkna 314 

50. From Vfttona to Veniac vii Fadua. Vicenaa .... 339 

51. I'lidua 330 

ftS. Vmiffl . 340 

63. Pruiu Vi-nioe lu Bcllunu vill IVuvwo . 416 

64. Fruni Venice to Tldint (Pojitebba) vifl Truviao. C!ivida]u 418 
66, Prijni Venice to Trientu rid C«rri);niinu. Aqulloia and 

I Qrxda. 425 

I VI. Tub EnLLii, 

' 60. From Turin to Pinteiiea. via Altssanrtria ..... 433 
07. From Milan to IlQlagiiaviltFarmBandModeua. Placenta. 

LRcgglo 434 

68. Pnrnin 441 

69. From (Mllan^farma to Sarxuna (Pi»B} and Spexia . . 449 

60. Mndifift 451 

61. Fr»m V«nloe to Soluipia vil PaduiL tiid Fpt-rarn . . . 456 

"" Ferrara 460 

Io)rn» . . . . i , , 468 

•> Bolo^ift to Plorenee vlt Piatuin 490 

Bi>1o);iLi) lo Kuvvnna 4(12 

Batuanai'or Bulo^na,) to FWence viiFacun . ■ &07 
^ . . C«t.H>>tlc 


Uoals Vn. Tvaoi-SY, f iga 

67. PiH* 511 

66. From Plaa lo Leghorn (Rome) SZa 

69. From (Gmoal Pisa to Florence viB Kmnoll 526 

10. Froiu Pisa to FIoroiLUi- viJI.ncea ninl I'i*toli . , , . 538 

71. Florence 34li 

78. Enviroua of Plnrence M2 

73. Tbe CasoDtiDO 636 

List of AitlslB 661 

Iniicx 871 



QlDBKIlt. Mtf OP NoBTIIMBH IT.1J.T [1 . 1 ,!IM,0(IO) , WmtBBII ILu.r, 

bufaru thi? tltk'-nH^. 
OmaiL Mlp of Nomrnnnii Italy, EnctuHii Ru,r, atler the lulax. 

KKrvtKOHH or LiiUAHn (] : 1SII,CH>II;, ti. II. 
, Eastkuh Ebvibosk of- Tiimn (1 1 llS,il>0), p. *ll. 

SiniTirciiii OiiAiii' i^TLiKA VjiLLKia: I : tTA},l>00), p. SJ. 
. NoRTaBun Graiiii Ai-r* {I -. i!iO,iioOi, p. ~V. 

BlKU.A ."LLTO |I r !50,ilO0|, p. Rfl. 

Ebvibobs or tlEinOA (1 : !«(,tWiH, p. liU. _ 

HiviEii* PI Posrs-TR FBHw (SsufJA to ('KBtitH II : EWI.OOO), y. IIS. 
R[ViEn* Di Po^iitntE rjiou (Tbruli: to Midtuiib {1:MO,OI>0\ p. tfO. 

KsviBOlls op ttllRniCIHEIlA {1:50,0011), [., li?, 

RcTiKiia Di LErinTE KKuia (Isnua th ni-cziA (1 : SUu.UIXi), p. tW. 

(iULF or BaI-AI,!.!! { npCtll- Pfcl flfj I-l ." I; 100,00(1), jl. ISl. 

Ebviruks of Sbbtbi Lepjkix (1 : lOO.OiXlj, p, lai. 

Qcu OF SpBtiA [t: 100,090}, p. lU. 

Ehviboas of Tim Ckktoea ut Pavu fl tKH.IDU). p. IBI. 

BailwaI- UjlI- of rai EHviRont op Uik^n (1 ; &<]0,(HKI'|, p. IW, 

EsTCTions OF Co«o (1 :l«B,OlJtf^. p, IBU, 

LaKBS |1T Cl>Hr> AMD LuGl.tll (I ! iW,OI>(l), JJ. 101. 

£1110110™ n» I.OOABHO [I - T5.IW0), p. Ml, 

I.*an Maooioiik axk LAiin ii'OriTA (I : ttia,WOi, p. Xao, 

EMvmoHx or Pali^asia | 1 : I1&,IIIIij;, ii. lAJ. 

Ksrmoas or BAHt-im aio SrHcm {1 : IIS.IMW), p. 130. 

Ubi<uaiia3I|(.*i AXii B»iC9<.itA3 Alpfi {1 ; &00,Oa(l], p. SM. 

I.iun m Qahda (l: 5U0.UUD). p. 17S. 

EiiTiTiioBi! or (jABiii'nii RiriERA (1 ; fSiOftOJ, p. 881. 

EntmoN* riF RiVA akd Aiicd iltTA.OOU}. p. IHl. 

VssrriAF Lahijobi fi ; BW.UH.j, jp, S40, 

Thb Lrcn *T Vbiiob flill.SOUJ, p. 411. 

LaoOO«s or C>ii«o« (1 : iM.OOOJ. p. 126. 

EsvmoNs or Cahoma (t : tan.ixvt). p. MS. 

StjuTB-WBeTinii EnTinDiia or Soujun* (I ; W,*WiJ, f. 4SB. 

Esvinou* OP Ka^ksk* (i -Sfl.ionj, p. 196. 

ExriKiiiia OF Florbroe n 1 &I),<H>0]| p. OIJ. 

VALtounnosA A«n tub Caimstiito [1 : i80,(i0(i), p. SSfl. 

Kkt Map of Itai.> H : r,mK>,OU<i}, at Ih? mil orilic lUadbook. 

Pluia of Town*. 

pjitt u I p»e« 

7t i. RoLouBA . . -lea 

JM ' S. BomixanxiiA . IflT 

. un . n. BitBii-iA. . . Kfii) 

8, FBunAitA 

, L.uui;!!^. 


10. QxaoA . . 
U. Obado . . 

11. Leosobh . 
is. looabbo . 
li. Ldooa . . 
IS. LnoAiro 


IT. Mn.iir . . 
IS. Modiha . 

. lis 

. sas 

. MT 

. 5SB 


. su 

. 15» 

. 151 






PlDDA . 

. SBO 


Parma . 

. UI 


Patia . 

. sto 



. 495 


Pma. . 

. Bl» 



. 5SS 



. IBl 



. IBS 

18. Sa> Bu(o 

ig. Tkbmt . . 

to. Tbitwo . 

SI. Tdxis . . 

Si. Udiks . . 
3S. Vanoi 


S6. VnmaBA . 

. 419 


. 140 
. IfiS 
. 311 

around FlftDi. 

1. Bbbba QaIjLmst, >t Uilui . 186 
1. CAnsLLO, at Milan . . .114 

3. CZBTOBA DI FaTIA . . . .IBl 

1. Chubob op 8t. Habi and 
Dogoa' Palace (gronndSoar), 
at VanicB S80 


5. DooD8'PAi.A0B(iipperfloarB), 

at Veoice SSI 

8. AOADSHT, at Venies , , .870 

7. Adadiict, at Bologna . . . 488 

8. Dmxt Qallbbt, at Plorence 578 

9. ID. Abobsoloqicai. Mcseuu, 

at Florence . . . SOI, 607 

Chronologloal Table of Heoent Sventa. 

1816. June 18. Election of Pius IX. 

1818. March 18. Insarrection at Milan. — Uaich 11. Charlea Albert enters 
Milan. Repablio proclaiinBd at Venice. — May 15. Insniraction at 
Napleg qufllsd by Ferdinand II. f'Ec Bomba'). — May SO. Radet»ky 
defeated at Ooito; capitulation of Peaobiera. — July 15. Ridotiky'i 
victory it Cnstoxza. — Aug. 6. Radatiliy'a victory at Milan. — 
Aag. e. Armlatiee. — Nov. 15. Flight of tbe Pope to Saeta. 

18ie. Feb, 5. Republic ftroclaimed at Rome. — March 16. Charles Albert 
termiaatee the armiatice (tea days' campaign). — Mai. IS. Radetiky'a 
victory at Novara. — Mar. li. Charles Albert abdicates; accession 
of Victor Emmanuel II. — Mar. 18. Armistice. — Mar. SI. Eaynan 
conqaeia Brescia. — April B. Repnblic at Genoa overthrown by L>- 
marmora. — Apr. SO. Garibaldi defeats tbe French under Oudinot. — 
May 15. Snbji^tion of Sicily. — July 4. Rome capitnlatea. — 

1850. April 1. Piua IX. returns to Borne. 

1856. Confess at Faria. Cavonr raises the Italian qoeation. 

1859. May 10. Battle of Montebello. — Jane 4. Battle of Mannta. ~ 
Jane 24. Battle of SoKorino. ~ Nov. 10. Peace of Zurich. 

1860. March IS. Annexation of the Emilia. ~ Mar. 12. Annexation of 
Tuscany. — Mar. 21. Cession of Savoy and Nice. — May II. Gari- 
baldi lands at Maraala. ~ May 27. Taking of Palermo. — July 20. 
Battle of Melazio, ~ Sept. 7. Garibaldi enters Naples. — Oct. l. 
Battle of the Volturno, ~ Oct. SI. Plsbiacite at Naples. —.Dm- !'■ 
Annexation of the principalities, Umbria, and tbe two Sicilies. 

1881. Feb. IS. Gaeta capitulates. — March IT. Victor Emmanuel aasamos 
the title of King of Italy. — June 6. Death of Cavour. 

186B. Juno 20. Battle of Custoiia. — July 6. Cession of Venetia. — 
July 20. Naval battle of Liaaa. 

1870. Sept. 20. Occupation of Rome by Italian troops. — Oct. 9. Home 
declared the capital of Italy. 

1878. Jan. 9. Death of Victor Emmanuel 11. ; accelaioa of Humbert I. — 
Feb. 7. Death of Piua IX. — Feb. 20. Election of Leo Xlir. 

leoo. July 29. AssaasinatioD of Hnmbert I.; acceasion of Victor Emma- 
nuel III. 

1903. July 10. Death at Leo XIII. — Aug. 1. Election of Fias X. 

'"•I'll. War Kith Turkey for the possession of Tripoli. 

Li.qi]ili;d ov 



I. Travelling Expenses. Honey zi 

II. Period and Plan of Tour zii 

m. Language zir 

IV. Passport*. CuBtom House. Luggage xiv 

V. Public Safety. Beggara xv 

TI. Gratuities. Guides zri 

Til. Railways. Steamboats xri 

Vin. Motoring and Cycling xi 

IX. Hotels. Pensions. Private Apartmenta .... xxi 

X. Restaurants. Cafis. Birrerie. Cigars xxiii 

XI. Sights. Theatres. Shops XKvil 

XII. Post and Telegraph Services zxviii 

XIII. Climate. Winter Stations. Seaside Resorts. Health zxix 

XIY. History of Italian Art, by Prof. A. Springer . . xxsiv 

'Thoa tot the e«Ti]eii ol the iroTtd, the home 
Of ill Art rields, and Kature cm decree; 
E'en in thy desert, irhst 19 like to thee? 
Thy veiy weeds aie beantiful, thy waste 
More riob than other elimea' fertility, 
Th^ wreck a glory, and thy min graced 
With an immacnlate charm which cannot be defaced.' 


I. TravelHng Ibqpeiuiea. Mone^. 

Expenses. The cost of a tonr in Northern Italy need not 
exceed that incurred in other mnch-freqnented parts of the Con- 
tinent. The average expenditnre of a single traveller, apart from 
railway-fares, may be estimated at at least 20-30 francs per day, or 
at lS-95 francs when a prolonged stay is made at one place; but 
persons acijuainted with the language and habits of the oonntry 
may easily restrict their expenses to still narrower limits. Those 
who travel as members of a party effect a considerable saving by 
sharing the expense of guides, carriages, and other items. When 
ladies are of the party the expenses are generally greater. 

Money. The French monetary system is now in ose throughout 
the whole of Italy. The franc (lira or frtmco) contains 100 cente- 
aimi; I k. 35 c. =^ Is. (comp. p. ii). In copper (bronzo or rame) 
there are coins of (1, 3,) 5, and 10 centeaimi, in nickel pieces of 
30 and 35 c., and in silver pieces of 1, 2, and 5 fr. The gold coins 
(10, 30, and 100 fr.) are seldom met with, their place being taken 
by Biglidii di Slato {treasury -notes) for 5, 10, a.\ii ^^ Vt., "*>«. 
banknotes of the Banco d'ltalia, a.ii4 V\ie ■ftft^ ^ii\«a V?.S»."ai-\*S*- 


:i Google 


with a profile-head of Italia in red) of the Banco di Napdi uid 
the Banco di SicUia. All other banknotes shonld be refused. 

The gold coins of the Latin Uonetary Leagne (Italy, France, 
Belginm, Switzerland, and Greece), as well aa those of Great Britain 

(flee below), Anstrla-Hnngary (10 and 30 crown-pieces) , Rnssia, 
Spain, Tnnisia, Bonmania, Serris, and Monaco, circnlate at their face- 
ralne. The silfer flre-franc pieces (seudi) of the Latin Monetary 
Lea^e are accepted at their fall value, and also those of the former 
small Italian states, with the exception of the Papal states and the 
Dachy of Locca, The traveller should refose all other Italian silver 
coins issned before 1863, French coins issned before 1664, Belgian 
and Swiss coins issued before 1866, Greek coins issned before 
1867, and coins of the Bepnblic of San Marino issned before 1898. 
Obsolete and worn coins are frequently offered to strang^ers at 
shops and inns and even at railway ticket-offices. These, however, 
may be exchanged at the Casaa di Tesoreria of the Banca d'ltalia, 
— A piece of 5 c. is called a soldo of paianca, and as the lower 
classes often keep their accounts in soldi, the traveller will find 
It useful to accustom himself to tbls mode of reckoning (died 
soldi = 50 c, dodici soldi = 60 c, etc.). 

Best Uohit roa the Took. CirculoT tfolei or Lettera of OredU, 
obttiaable at the principal English and AmerlcsD banks, and the Trav- 
ellera' Cheqtiea iiaued by the great American eipress companies and by 
the American Bankers' ABBOciatian are the moat coavanient modinni (or 
tbe (ranaport oF large euma and realtie the moat favonrable exchange. 
English and Qerman banknotes also Fealiie their nominal equivalenta in 
the principal towns. Sovereigns are received at the fntl valno (not less 
than S5 fr.J by the principal hotel- keepers. — Italian post olBcea of the 
first class issue so-called Titoli di (}r6aito for sums ranging from 100 to 
ftOOO fr., tbe holders of which ma; draw from 50 to 1000 fr. at an;r post 
office of the first or secood class (fee 25 c. for 500 fr., 50 c. for 1000 fr., 
J5 c. for SOOO fr,, and So on). 

EzOHaaciE. Foreign money is most advaatageonsly changed in the 
larger towns, either at one of the English bankera or at a reapectable 
money-changer's CcambiavaltUa'), As a rule, those money-changers are 
tbe most satisfactory wbo pnblicly exhibit a list of the current rates of 
exchange. The traveller should always be provided with an abundant 
supply of silver and small notes, as it is often difficult to change notes 
of targe amount. It is atso advisable to carry I'S fr- in copper and ntckel 
in a separate pocket or pouch. 

ifoner/Ordsi-s payable in Italy, for sums not exceeding lOt., are granted 
by the British Post Office at tbe foltowing rates ; up to li., id.; «., Is.; 
10(., It. «d.; 101., ti. M.; dOi., Bs. M. Those are payable at the rata of 
iS fr. SO c. per II. The identity of the receiver mast be guaranteed by 
two well-known residents or by an exhibition of the passport. The charge 
for money-orders granted In Italy and payable in England is 10 c. pec 
II. sterling. — Taegraph Money Orders are allowed for certain places 
iu Italy only. 

II. Period and Plan ofTonr. 
Season. As a general mle, the spring and antnmn months are 
the best season for a tonr in North Italy, especially April and May 
the second half of September and October. The moisture-laden 


oppreasite S.E. wind (Seiroeco) aometimca makcB iiaclf felt 
eren at iho eud of Scpttmbcr, cspcdally on tho conat aud in Tus- 
can}'. The bcavu'Kt riLinfall naaally tokos place liclwc^n tho middlu 
of Octulifr uu^ the taiddlc of NovemWr, lint sonictiities tn tbc 
following six weeks. The pIcHsanlest resorts iu vriotcr are tho 
LagD di Garda aud the Riviera; ibc lormer has Ie«a wliid and more 
sans^hino, bnt tbe latter, diispite Its more freqaent winda and 
Nhuwem, is uuusldei'H.bly v&Tmcr. Tho sea-bntbliig placea are 
crowded by ItuliHna in July, (he other resorU In Augnat. Thu 
height nf summer can hardly he recomni ended fo-r Iravclling. Tho 
HDcnery, indted, U tboD at its bfst and the Inag dajM are veil 
adapUci for ^igbt- acting; liut the fior&v mys ut au Italian san aelduia 
tail tu iaipiiir tlic pbystc^l and mental eaorgies. 

Plan. The (ollvwiiig shurt itinerary, btgiuniug and ending at 
UOnu, tliuugli far (ruui exhausting tbu betiaties uf Nurtbufn Italy, 
iddodcs muat i>f the jjlacos luunlly vieitod, with the tiniu ruiiolred 
for a glimpse at each, 

Mllttn (E. 2iy anrl rxFitniion lo l^via {'lli« Certota, p. IVli . fi/. 

To tile l-^ifodt f.\"nt>, tofjiodf li'floiio. loJ Liff-i Xaygivre (RR. i*). 

sa, 87) 1B*1 UB 1.1 Turin I 

Turin (E. 8) , . . . , 1 

Pr*oi Tnrin ti> U^noi [H. 18«1 '/, 

Genoa (B. Ill, ami ixciirninTi ift Fitgll (VWit FnllnvlniDl, |i. Ill) . I'/i 
K&rvi if. IBfJ), Sfnnte di Parlnfiifn [p. isaj, Snnta Uargh^rila 
[p. laS) in Riiaalla(o. iSJ'i, nad .SMfri LeinriCc (p, 18!), iie<^II. ia I'/i 

Tit Sptxia 1.1) PLto, npf. B; i!3; Pino fl{, 9!1 l'/» 

ViS Laeea and PJjttoio lo Florsuee, see R, 70 1 

Florence (E. TIj t 

Frnm Florenne to Bolinraa (H. Rll >/« 

flo-icjflnu {R. ■63), with eitutsioa to Havcjvna fB, 651 Pit 

From Ravenna nr Bulognn vii FcrraTa (K. e;» tu Pwlua, aee p. 1S8 

ft R. ai 1 

[Or In Mod/^nti {B. fii],l and J^rma fK. Sa), see E. S7 li(, 

rratn Morfna* via Uantva to Vetuns Caw B. *9J aad vii VxctHta 

to P«tlui ttes R, SO) IVJ 

Padiio (K, 611, and tienoo to TanicB. ooo B. M 1 

Vtnif* (It. &ij , i 

Ftdb) Venlpo fytn V'icffnjo) lo Vsrwia [B, tS), sgp R. M . . . . I 
[Eicaminu In MnrfHa [u. 3U), irbco tapwtty frotoMoileaa tn Veroaa 

vil UaDlua ■> Dot lulnpud I] 

laifO di Oai-dn. fH. 4M IV| 

From Osaeaiatio vlk finvcM (R. U) and BtrgWM to Ullao (BK. 
IB. ii, <«} J 

To lliuae who wliib to visit aniy & part of Northern Italy 
(whether the eastern or woateiD), the following intiaeriries may 

be reCDiD mended: — 

t. Etttsni Pari, abutiog from tba BrBan«i Railway. Di« 

rroa Mori to Rlva (p. M). Laao di 0arda CB- *:) I'/i 

Foj-t-Bo .;B. iS) I 

Eiciuilun Ui iFcintua (p. Sial ... V 

rioiD Vupsa vit Vkmttt (p. SIS) to Fadni, ■«« &. GO. . - - ' \. 
padoa (B. 81), and aenee to Tesiw. iaa R, » . . . - . - t: 







Vmift (H. SS) t 

Tiam VcniiF' vU Fitrata ^B. 6-1} to BtTeuOB, asD B. Bl ud p. MS 1 

Kaiuniia. jud Ihennn lo B•llllgn^. iw" R. ffi. I 

floioflna iR. 03} ]lf. 

Frnm BolognR lo Madtna. (R. «0| niiiJ i^iin-i [It. 5«L MSB ft. hi . VU 

Frum Firiim vlt I'lnrdncA [p, 132) la Ullan, icc R, 67 iS 

J/ilin iB. !5I, and «iRutiLi«D M /Viu£a (tlie OtrtOM, p. ISI) , . V^ 
Utffit Masjuiure, lapo (Ji Lvnami. Lagn dt Oittno (B]t. fl7, US, JO), 
BBii frusi Leti^o vli Bergo-Jna sml Urtjicia (R. 14) laTprnni, ane 

RB.42. <ut ;...., ii;, 

^S. WfilvrD Firt, alHrlinK^ frnm the St. Ovtthucl. Splngeo, 

Z^IfD H Cofno, liosu di LiiffaiKi, Logo Sagaivre (BF. SO, BS, 97] . 3 

Tu Tut** (p, ft) ij^ 

TWfn (R. ft), flBi] tlicnoo t» 0«noB <It. las} w. 

GenM (R, »i) t 

Excursiaii (o Sun. 7?p»iu anil BorJfghera |K. (Xl I 

Pri>uiff"iiimvilVi"|fbiiTS«nil/^«n(dffrW»if,ii. 191)loMilin, ovvR.SS 1 

ailaii IR. i5) I 

^ lir. Iiangu&ge. 
It ia (|nite poaeililu fur pcrnons entiiretj igaorant of Itnlinn and 
PrenRli tu traiit] iKmugb Italy with tolcrnbie c<mif<irt; but ench 
trsTell-ors canijut tupveHiejilly deviate frnm lhi> (irilinJiry track, and 
aro moreoYei- invambly mad* tu pay 'alia Taylete' hy bDlel-keepcrs 
nnd ntiicrs, i.f.conaiderablj nioretlivn tbe orriitiarj charges. French 
i» very uricfnl, is tie Ttaliana sr« very piirlia.! to tlial language; bat 
fur those who dnire the utiuost posHihlu fraiidorii and dislike being 
inipoBL-d npoii a slight Hcqiuintaiico with tfa& Eitn^ugc of tbi; 
uountry is indispensable. t£o«« who know a little rialiiui and who 
lake the nstial precaution o( as curtaining charges heEoreband {con- 
IrattaTe, bargain) in the smaller lintelii, in dealings with drivers, 
gondoliers, piiiies, etc., and in shops, will riirelj matt with at- 
teiripls at estortion in Northern Italy, t 

IV. FaBBports. Cuatom Housfl. Luggage, 
Passports, tliongh jiot retiaired in Italy, are occasiunally 
■aaefnl, aa, Tor example, iii obtaining the delivery of reg]at«red 

•f A tew wonii on Ibe pKOBfonTioi' BUy fce nciiBpUlile to pj-rsona 
HDti'^nainltiif wilh tlir li«euiiir?. C before e ami i i« prnaoiiEi^Br! like tlie 
Enst'^h ■ih; o \/tloie c nml t likii j. Unfun) otbei vuwela C tD4 g are 
li«rH._ Oil ano gh, whii-b geaerally nnv^t^ e it i. lire hsrd. Sc before e 
or I ia jitoiumiiueii like slij itb onn iil Iibi-upbd vuwela like nvl anl lyl. 

AcoenlB (hcrur, jn-oiinily Bjiouking, no OaU nylliiblns only. Wt in tbia 
HjudhoAk thny at-n iiniia'^tiiiipfi innerte^ elauwhfrE' a a gnidfl t*^ ^iTrjoan- 
ci4tlfiD [6 aoil fi to reprcafritt thr loa^tr or <iIo<B«rl aounriti, c win i\\f 
■hnrl or opnii •ounJsJ. — In iddiossing p6t«(iini of "Cm. tSw-r-tAtA cVwiP's 
Xef. vlllt chf Srd pen. ting., sho-iild aiw^ji bo em^Xoftft V'.^^ift*™!^ 
r»reral mt oom, 'Joro' vii^ th* 8rd porn. p\.l "lol' U w«* ™ iilATtM-TO'E 
vvften, driver*, t^rr. - " /^ l ' 


letters led in cashing monej ordera (p. lii). Tbe coantenance 
and help of tlie^ Iln^lisU mill AoierJCAD codidIb c&il, of conne, be 
vxti!n<1»il to tbi>si' pumona odI}'' vho cnn prove their natiaiiallty. 
OjclUts and motorists should always carry pusportB. The Italian 
poliu-c until unliLi^ uro ^espraliy civil aiiil obliging. 

FiKsporls wiBj' hn iiUl.iin»(l in EuaUmi itlrenl from the FfTrimi Ofpcr., 
Wbitebftll ^f<-o Ej.), 'JI t3]ri>n(ili iiny (M Ihi? ukibuI lounat-agenti [ice J*, flrf- 
trv tia. I — in '!>»' Unildil fiUtni uppticalidna fur paaajiuru akoulJ be mido 
to ilie Bttrrau of CitinniMp. State Oeputniooi, WMhioglon, D.O. 

Castom House. Tlu- exaniinution of lu^ngn at tlic Italian 
trdatior riiilway-atatiiin^ is generally lenient. Tcbaccu uiid cigarii 
{only ten pnsfi free), placing cards, and [iiatclids are the arlicleii 
chiefly strnght for. There is nu duty on cameras ur pbutogmiihiu 
plntos. The cuslom-hovse reciiipts ehunld bi- preBUrved, as trav- 
dlU-rs are s-irriulinniH cUalleiigi>d liy ihw eioise (lEcisIs in the in- 
teHoT. WEapons of all binds are liable tn eontiiication (see below). 
AttbegAtoe of moel of the Italian tovns n tax (dasto con^imo) 
is levied on comestibles, hat travelbre' Inggago to paased at t\« 
biarrler fborritra) on a simple declaratiiia that it cuntaintt no snch 

Luggsg^i tf possible, "ioKfflS" *)>oiild never bn §ej)l to Italy 
|]? goods-triiiiL, M it is lialilc to damaiiL', pilferage, aiid nniia« 
custoin-hovue (Intention. If thu trarellur h ubiigud to furward it in 
this way, ho should ciniiluy n triiatworlby a^eut al thu frtiiiiier and 
siind htm the hcyK. A» a rale it Ih advisable, and oft«n in the end 
k'ss expensive, aevet to part from one's luggage and to superlnti^nd 
the cnstom-hoQse examlnatioo in person {cooip. p. xlx). 

V. Publlo Safety. BaggarB. 

Ftiblic Sofoty in Korthci-n Italy Is oa as stable a foatlug u to 
the N, tif the Alps, Travollora will nstiirslly avoid lonely qnniters 
after iiighlf:ill, juat as thty would »t homo. Thoy "hooid also be 
OD thcii guard a^ainvt pinkporkotM, wlin aboaiid at railway stations, 
on tramway cars and corridor trains, and in all crowds, Tfiu po- 
llcejiiaii in the town is oullGd frttaTiiia at Vipile; tli<i gtintlarme 
ill the coTiutry, Carahiniere (blaiitc coal wilh rad fadngs and cooked 
hat), No one may carry weapuns itithnnt a lioeuM (feu 12fr. -SOo.), 
on psin of imprifiODinent. Armi tniitlime, Lf. eoneealcd wenpona 
(eword-alicfes; even Stiiives with spring-blades, etd.), are absoiulely 
prohibited. No ailempt shonld be made to take pbotngi'^phs in or 
near nuy fartiSuation. 

Segpng (ac.caf.lDtuifigio), alwAy^ one of thoio national nuis- 
ani?|{ti tii whirb ibc tratetier in Italy most sccnstoni hini^olf, has 
recenliy sonicwliat increased, ospecially in Titscjiny, owi«,[[ P*''''ly 
to growing ponerij, but largely also 1*1 tbe rniaplacrd j^ciwiOTiiVj "A 
tTivellers. As the profltB o( str»et-begpiTB two ltM\ji*Ki.\g tfi *«? **i 




anpport i>t able-budiyd loafers, trtiv»ll^r* Rbould dilher give noth- 
ing, or re§(rict tLeit* obarity to Ihe obvionsiy iiilirjii. Grutoitjcji in 
children are entirety reprehensible. — Importmiate begfttw should 
be difimiBsed witb. 'niento' or b^ a j^BBtare of oegiitjon. 

VL Qratultles. Qnldes. 

OratuitleB. - The trnvdler nbonld alwayfi b« nbnndantlf 
snppliei) witlj [lopjier und nic^'l coins in a country wlicra trifliitf 
douatiuns are in constant domaud. Drive-re, guides, and other per- 
90011 uf the eaoio class invariiibly «xp«ct, i«ad ottvo deniand as liieir 
ri'glil, a j-rstnity fbititita mono, maricia, da bert, bottiglia, caffe, 
alfjaro) ini uddJtKrn to ibo liiro agrrcd ua, Turying auuariliag to 
circomatauuua frum 2-3 80iw to a franc or iHorc The trsFellor 
uoail hove no Bcriiplo in limiting \\\n dunations In tlio smnllest jios- 
aitlo auDifl. a.nd lo should Jtiways tbriiatcii lowitlilvild the gmtnity 
In cases of cruelly to nnimala. Tlic folluwing: liints will he. found 
useful by tli« averag-a tourist. Id privala ciilltcliuns 1-3 visitors 
abonld befitow a gratnity ul '/,.l fr., 3-4 pars. l-lVj fr- For re- 
peated visits 25 c. i» enouKli lor a ainyle visitor. For upening «. 
chorch-door, etc., lU-20 t. is enoujfii, bnl if extra sBrvioes are ren- 
dered (r^. uncovei'iu^ n\\ altir-pieee, li)fhling candlps, etc.) SS-SO c. 
uitty lie gireo. The Custodi uf all public cullDCliuns wbore aiit 
adniissioU'fee is clmrgpr) are forbidden to aceopt ^I'utailtcn. — lu 
hotels and reatnurants abont 5-15 per cent of the reckonini; should 
be ^iven in gratiiilies, or loss If aervioe is charged for. 

Guides (Gnide, sing, la Gvida) mny bs hired at fi-IO ft. per 
day. The most trustworthy are those nttaehtd to the chief hotelt. 
In somu tnirn" iho hotter guides have formed noeielieg Ms 'Guide 
palDiit.^tc' or 'Guide antorieeatc'. Their serviflca may geDeraUy woU 
bo dispensed witli by those who ai'-c uot prosaed for time. Purchases 
should naver he made, nftr cnntracta wiU vetturiui or otbei- persons 
drawn np, in iirtisence or with tht aid of a commissi gaaire, ae auy 
snoli intcrirention tende considerably to the prices. 

VII. BallWBya. Staambosts. 

Railways. The chief Italian railways are worked by go Tern- 
tnent, For visitors to Northern Italy the most important prlTate 
ra.llvay is the Ferrovic Nftrd Milano, the lines of which afford 
qnicic and convonient acceas to the LaJte of Conio and the Lago 
Ma^gjore, though sot JQ«luded in the syitem of circular tours in 
Italy. The flrat-class carriages are comfortable, the aecond re- 
Bsoiblp the English and French, while the third class is cbieSy 
freqaeated by the lower ordora, 

Tba inlfrattioDa,] Iralni da iin« ue geowaWj vt».\\»Wio \n-! \DTit 
MattBce trmreU9i» oaIv. Tie miil traiiiB no -HtUBi Tvevil DtrrtUirtmi 

^^WhtiatoJetta') sad Hj« ordinary esprwBM Trawt DM"*"- "ny»'*».>' 


■T« often »r«rorawd«d in Ibe height of tba tiivelliag Muan. The Treiki 

Aeealerati ire aomewhat (asler tli»Q Ih-o T^ui Oiaaibiit. The Treiti 
JliHti srp -jfjniitoBFNit pnflly of jia^H<iiii;(-r-4'4i'riii(er'H unj! jmrllir ai ff^odv- 
waEE""'. — AlnoEs llip rxiiIrflNlon" "llli whicli Ihp milwaJ'-lmtllpcwUI 
Kcon tiecTomn NmilUr iru — 'proHli' [rrM!)"). ■j.-iWfyjin' ;iliijjiirliiri>j, '*i 
cnmAfa <r«nii' rcliini^e ciiriuKPNl. 're''i>"I" fha'l: 't|iiiail niiniili rii fcr- 
nnUP', li"* U'HB <1« tui "W]! Iicti! PI, 'Ofiin™ i» ^oidtWrncu' (I" inukf 
connertiijii), scd mrKu' (i>gri'«ii. fn/B il i>i(;fi>(ti'j nip^Jtii In likp a tii'K»l. 
^fire^ii (jneito fioiUif In Llilu iieil cutii.gcil? Doi?; iiarfi: H trcw iHr 
Veamlat Wtiproili'et Ihe t.rnin fni- Vnrjici) tljirl? timili' Mnnriof Wtilpli 
llaef Tlia atatlua -master ia ritHail 'eapottaiionr' : the in»ril, nimulrfCCore. 
Smekinf-enmpirtnlPDti ioft»Ti m>Hn »Mj"niple«'niit liy Ih» trfuriom with 
whlnli expectorfttfoH l.i iniliilKPil in) «ro lubtllod 'put firaKiitfH', lliniic tfr 

Tbc best TtstE Tjblb in Ihr Orario Uffitiale MU Utradi- 

Fr.rraJe, deltf Tram vie, delta yavuitKiime e delie Maatvjgcrif. 
pntfali del Regno d'llitUa, pnblinheil hj- ilic Frafeili t'vteii »i 
Turin (1 fr.), Smaller tilitioiis are ifloni^ed al 80 c, 50 c„ aud 20c. — 
Railway time is l^iut o( Central Enr^pp, t>, one liour Iri advanoo 
ij[ Qrecnwicli time. 

TiCKBTS, At the lurger towns it in licttpr, wlmn pusNiblc. to tiiltP 
the tickets nt fliu lown-nsmrict: (a^eTi^Ut di rit/A) of the rflilway. 
it the stntion» the traveller vill find it convetii'pnt tn hart as niiiLrly 
as |>nMible ihr eMl^t tarn ready in his b.-ind. In addition lo the fare 
pi'nppr theru is a. tat of 5 c, on 'inch tifktl. 'JtiNtiikcs' an? somi!- 
times made hj' the trokel-rli'rks. — It is irijiorlant lo be at thr 
station eurly in the caw of ternilnsl staliuus; at other stations thr 
tritins are frequently lato. Th-e tinbel-oflice ul largio stations is upeu 
it) ttiia., at small ^IntiocB^O min. betorii Ihi' dHjiartiire nf Hit Iruiii, 
, Tickfl-lioldvi's alone bnvc tlm rijtht of udTiiissiun lo the wailinjf- 
■ room"!. At the end of ili.> jonrncy tinlislt orf gi-ven up al the usHla. 
TifilfHl'9 for ilislnnOfiB of 1m9 thiTi 1S4 M". (300 ki!,) do not per- 
mit of a brtiilt of jonrnty. 

For ilisliinoes '■spreiliTig 100 kil, (fl3 M.^i fares aro ciilculnleil nd- 

oordln^ lo a aone-f.nrifT (lariffa diffcren^ialr A), that makps it 

BdvantiiscouBlotake a ttr.lirl. (or as long a distance a* po^sllile, Willi 

ti-w exe'fpilon.s tlcki^ts of Lhi« kinil uro i*->uril only vii tlie shorlent 

route brtween any two pointi: tlify »r« valid loe otic day for Piif.b 

100 kil. (6S M.I, nitl coimiinic the day of inoe. Joiimeys of 300 kil. 

[188 M.) may be broken oiice without any forniotily: of 60ft kil. 

I twice: of 90U kil, llirice: nf 100(1 kil. four tinic*; and Jonni-r jnur- 

[ jteyi Hvv tiraes. Thn-i, s ticket from Milno to Florence vtl Boloyna, 

ra diitnnco of 3'19 Ml. (918 ST.) Is valid for fonr dayi and porinlln 

itbe jnui-npy to be broken Iwice. wbiir Ihp Erst-okss and Beoond-class 

(fares ar*^ 41 fr, and 2S ft-, as c. iitaliTid of 11 ti: 70 e. and 31 fr. 35 p. 

In* previously. Loggag-^ for dislanCM over lf>0 til. also n 

oreff rential tariff. 

The ou-L'alk"! Blnllettl iE( Afihonitinuntn SmwlaU. or Oenernl S*««5«* 

fiABtiKKKR's Nortliem llalv. Uili Edit. \h ". i|->olt 

rtii SAILWAT8. 

I» travel ol ■"ill •luiiae » givsn <ii»« vttt tlio J«il»»y" wiffcU 9 luew 
cf am&ll^r diHtrict In Italf. wni aro einive>aiciit man wjieeiilly lar 

BomtnitriiiM ttatullera. 

Eetubk Tiu^KBTS (Bi;il\ift\ lU 'iiidntn-rUorno) for rlijlances v\i 
Id IW) liiluinttres (62 M.) nre (niiii fiii' ono day only, ii|i to 200 kil. 
for 2 day?, np to 300 fcil. fnra<l.iv", nnri bi'VonH aiJrtVil, fnr 4 days, 
But thafte iasiitfl 011 S*li]v(i:iv* Jiiid tlir eves of Tcsrivals aru BVRil- 
able for threie, thi>f:(> ikuuviI i>ii Suuduys ami fi'slivals fnr two diiys 
at lead. ThrHo tickiilK do sul nlluw thu JoiirtiL>y in bn brnbcEi. 

A confliiltTiiHe savin}; is Hleirli'il \>y tin; su'tallE'iI CiiiieniATion 
R,BTU]cif I'liTiBTB (hiijllftii ill audatu-Htonut f:.innhi'JiiUc\ isauwl ui 
Torin forFlorentL-aiiJ Pisii (gouiifur 14 days), lit Milan for Flnrriiiic. 
Visn, antj Li'gliiirii {14 davfl). an(3 at Cttiiioa tor Vtuiec i30 davs). Thi" 
farfig froTO («.!<. 1 Milan tu Florcncf arr 75 fr. SOc. ami 01 fr. 60 0., 
I.e. uuiiiiidt'rnblr !ow«r thaii ibe 'liirill'n dilfcreaziaie' or zonal rati- 
<p. xviit. 'i'iip jniirney may be hrokeii ou previous recognition (vidi- 
faaziuiie) by the staiiori-niBstiT {cajKntaxiont). 

CiAtvi^B Tovs riuKxra nf two kindji. Both must be aigavd 
by the truvcUnr, 

1. Tbp aij-ciilerii TiiTBiiTiiTioSAt. rmcnLiB Tii-kjots fhinlieUi 
fcmbiiiabii! internisiinio/i \ atv isNiird in England »nd other (or- 
nign CDuntrirs, with coupuns for butb forci^u ami U^iliau ruilwityK. 

ThMe lickotn (buuha vi oiiiti-unnf are aul JHint-'il fur iJifilHaccn nuder 
IKIO kil. (!I7S M.). raj^lionpit from tlifl firit Cootinptiliil station reanliftd 
from Emrlaiiit. Thosn fw riiHinniirs np tii ailW) hi I. uni valiil fur Hit doyn. 
'Hiifin interniticnnl tirkrtt alloTT of titi- free )u^ii^. lint permit tbe Jinr- 
nry hi 1)P bnilii»n willmut (iiniiiUt)" (it »ny «( t]i« stutimn nnnied in 
Uieip. If thi> trrivvilrr aliffht .tl L>thcf i^tDVinn'i ho uiU4t at uuco iipply tu 
tlie (rtjuitWifniK fnr rwugnitiou lA l.bfi liri*iik nt jimnipy. Siime ei[ii'p»B 
Tninfl *r(j not iviillabln for A3k4>rt ^tiHtJiiii?!*" bv Iho. hrili^eri of tlip^e lickrls 
luumi;. p. UB, olr,), — The llclteW iniy li» ulitniiied in Lunrluii fium tlie 
Itritica^iitl tuiirUt'4j;Qihiii-H- In lliily Cb'^y aujiy l^p unlvri^d nl any lairgi^ 
tUIJun. ur frcjm Hesnni. Cmh & §on U Homo (l^ix^r'H 'IVcrnlni r>l) ar 
Mntart. Lh"n*lratnl in Mifnn (l?jitlt]-JA Viltorio Emivii.u'^lo). 

2. Loc*i> CiBccuH Tous Tickhtb (bi{ififfli a Uhierariii com- 
hUuihite) are for use in llaly only. A lii't, uf tbfr mates fur whicli 
tLej are nviiilnblr will be fonnd in tbs Orario Dfflcifllc [p. xvii). 

Tat iomi: nl tlio inoic popular Inur* Tickrti (lianks uf cuujuibj!) nfi' 
kept in rcsdiniwiii liv tin- rsilwuy efiiB[i«a\-'s Ibiglietti con>\jiaa,ti). Ord»r 
|orm» [or Ihpiic tiekels idh.v \xv ctitninffl st tliB morp iinportnEt ilalloni 
tn Italy (km well ah from TJie toUFiHt-ngoti'^ic'^^ nuA, w}ien 'fillprl up, bLoilLi! 
ht fo(«r«tdod JiLouH Willi n few (if 1 fr. lo iIib ntnlion wSencB Vtr. lii'kM 
in 111 be iaBund. TMip priecs (lie only * '"■'dc lo»-(;t tlim for iLu 'inlur- 
n»li(iin»r liQki'tB. ojcopi ill tlie enne of piirlici uf not Iors tbjui fotir. 
Sutb [ii'kstb iro not iaaucd fur dilitiiiK'iix andi-r \W kit. isiii M>). Tbui»' 
fnr 401-ma Idl. Bm valid fu-r M dbyn: tor Hiil-ao4i<i kjl. fur so dn^H; for 
iOC'l-alWO kil, Enr « days; beyond tliii^ distaiiiie (or Kl diiyii. Tbp limr- 
timil of thc» lit'kets miiy n cKtenilRd {prufugnrsi tor nut Ifxi; thnu 
10 diiya on jMiyinent ii[ a duniiU nxltn snin (1 pur cPEt of the l-ultl price 
/fay). The joariiey may Ijf lirok-fn viithuu^ fotHii\U'J W. Itee \ftTWAM.\ 
f^tilioa of eitcli sfctim and also «l Ittco vaUitrowUiiW aVkivm* ™ rwJi 
f^Mloa #«J«oWi/ and rtginiani ia advuB^B.. - 

fig— «)t{ Google 




L(T»a*ee. No logjragc is a1l<iwc-il hoe, escopt misn arliclr^ 

.alten fcy tlip inwpnjtci- intnlilsctirriajtt': ihc mte nf ohnrifc iHj.flSc. 
'()rlOOkilo(?ftimffli'B|>iii-k!]oiii*lre. Truvi'llur.* wlio inlrml tu inaki' 
.only a ilmrt stay at s. plact^. rspEtcioUy wbcii Ilic ton'ii or villairc 
'll*s at some ilistaiice from thf rallwaj. had belter leave tlinir 
i7i«r laggig« at the statlaD tiU llielr return (itaiv iu ilepimCo. 
ttepoailare: 5 o. por day (or sacL piece. ralnimuEi 10 o.) or for 
'ward it to tlie flnsil ^i>sll[ial.!on. At snisll utatloaa the traTsll^r 
Khoiild st nnav look nfter lii« IiiglfiijfQ in jierHrtn, — The luj^age- 
ticltet in ealit'il li> sr-aufrinn: to himk liBgii^' i* sjM-rtire or far 
Tvgitti'/ztv U hnpnijUn. Porters (fni^fhtni) who cniwtiy In^gngn to 
,nd from Ihf parriage ari^ cnlitUd In 10-90 f. per pnskfigfi li^ laclff : 
Iftnd attempts it estortinn shnnW be firmly tiMiisterf, 

As sCTcrjil ritbI)i'riM of pusscngi-is' lii|?(c"g'' I"'*''' *"'>" prrpc- 
tra'td in Italy wilbout dctceti»n. it Ik iin wnll that arliele* of grnai 
valui; Bliould not hr entruBled to the Butr-kei-pii^ff of any trunk ur 
portJnii'ili-aii, liowover strung and etciirc it laay Hcirni ii.'i;nip. p.a*)- 
Tliey way, Iiuwuvur, ht inaareU for a small tisira I'ue. — Dumajfed 
li'imks may be aucured by leaden Beak (pitimbart) fcr S c. eaoli 

T!i« waormiPDa wi'ihI'I <■'? tUo targe" IrutikM nhiirl lir s-nne IrJiTcllom nwt 
Infrequsnlly pnusea ^oiiiiun iiijory lo llro pcrlefB wliu hive t* IuijJIp (.liaia. 
Htiiivy irtlcli;) «liiml(l tliw-jfim tilwnys be pUcflil In tbo «ain1lpr piii;h4g»». 

ItnlUii Rjltlvtat Rksi'AiTHjtXTA oft&u teuve iDUi?b io ba Jei^rerJ. Lun^ 
clgoon-liasktiti ietttini: 1-1 fr.. tool, v/inr) may b« ubi«n?(l ut noatc nf 
tl)« IjLrK^T utt-tlonfi. 

PMMi^iigefs by II iglil- train* fimu rUs liiyiT uliilhiTis may bit* pill'iwi 
fcMjicini, ^naneiall: I fr,, far uliroad J fr.). TIimo mwl uoi be I'tnaflviKl 
from llm «cjmpnrtni«nl- 

Steamera. The tini^tablm at the flteamcr-rontrti Are glTen in 
the larger railway -gnide merit inrietl at \i. xvii; but chnngfs arr so 
IrcquKiit that eariBiriw on tho sj'"!^ B^f always advisaHr. 

On lilt- fTArjiK Tjikes tho licfeets are tisualty issurd on board 
ths (teaiiier. oscejil ai llii^ largi.T pUcuK. t'ooiipngL-rH oinliarhini; at 
intermBdiate statioas reooivs oliocki wlikli th^y *h(ivf cii pBrcliaiiiJig 
tlieir lickslji. There le no txtra eharpefor embarking; iirdisumbapk- 
in^ at small'bnat statlnTiK, The rallwayn l^^^iie lii^ki-is iniiliiiEmg tho 
laji:i!-jnurn.ey. Rcliim-tinknls do nn^l nsnally piTinit of Ihi" joni-apy 
bving hrnlien. On Siindaya in HnmTn.-r t.lie haal* arp fNi(]iiP.nlty 
erowd<^d by eMwr^iionists. — Thf sti~amers ocMsionitllv thn 
smaller ntation^ in mneh ai 10 itiin. in advanci^ of tlii' scheduled 
.tiraea, but Ihcy arc much in«rc ^^cq1l^■nt]y latu'. 

In 'li« propor at^jLton it ntf-omcr tr)|> on tlir H^ditDiraiia^ftQi c«pc 
cl»Uy hntwtiiiii Gpn.m, SiictU. tinfl ),efl:biiiii, iir nii the AdriftUo, 1ii>"K"(in 
Tvuiiip Kail 1'rlctti>, it u vucy cliirmlDJic eEpciimice. Tickeu aboa1<) lit 
talun in pi>riiiin nr Uii' Kli'iiniboai-iwoni-if^ii, LnrfiRn iiliiiiibl irivol nril- 
otmia, bin KFDllcuicn <■( miiiln*; (e"iulrPniiiiiU will Oud ITif itcjaJ onWn 
very (nir. 'Vie tltwunl ntpmn » grhliiitv ■'! atmnt I (i. pec -Ix-^, «x 
moiB if tliii lr>nlli*r lian [.nven liini BKiii icuabl*. — "IVi* \»**i»^'**^ 





airinicemcati fi>r embaikinit an<I diapmbnrliiit^ ^tb ^rut uiavyMiee. Tb*1 
tnrlir hs DtTnIly 1-i'l,, ft. f<ir tnth \ivituii. ini^la^inp lu^imgai bul th> 
pii««cn(r?r(i *ri' ei'iipnllT li'ft »I tli"- lUfn'v ni tliti hoiHinprn, who aflrii mike 
etorllonup dpinnml*, Thp Irsp^llpr hIiouM n'lt ^nl«r the boiil unUI i rleu ^_ 
bar^D-in hnn t»p^n miLifc T'r Tim lEnnrtpnrl uf hiiuitrLif jlui] hf^ hnririlitii<inlttt^| 
1D(] tliould n>}l [iny unHI frvtiylSine Hiit bprn d^pniiliM) nn itri or ua^B 
•liurp. HiaiiU atUclen iif tuggAgre sitaulil bo kepi la unit's i^wn ImailH, ^^ 

Till. Uotorlsg and Cycling. 

The «nvirnii5 of Milna, Turin, Verona., ani Biilognn, the ncfgh* 
Tiourliood of Clir Itriliaii Lnkes, nnil tlieRhcrsall ofTrr mnny iltrac- 
liona fur the Eyclisl and mutorini. Tlic rustls are ^oiiH on thp whole, 
UioDgli oflcis very dusty in sniiiiiiC'r (I'apceially iti lie N. Italian 
plniiii and corrcspondinjcly muddy iii wci wcalinT. — The rnle of 
lli« I'liad ill Italy is usually tlie i^iact ren^rxe ot tbal in England, 
but il varies in diffvront dbtricla. 

MoTUK Cans enleriny Uaiy nre liable to pny a cuslouia-duty 
(viinriiig tn>m en. 400 fr. to ci, 600 fr, nccording lo llic weight ot thu 
ett\ on payniMit of which 3. pwmi^sso is ^riiiitcd valid for three 
months, which, howovcr, luny br pxkndail to six. The nmounl psid 
is retarniible lit iiny Ollstl)^li-^tl^tion when tLi- our quit" llir eoTinlry, 
but ibis rcfmymptit is neldom olitaiard withotit soinf troulilf!. >fcin- 
bcrs ijf thi' Touring- Clnb Ttaliono (sei; beldwl, or cf tliibs flfBIiatcd 
with il, may pay tlic duly in advance at Milan or Lave tbc amount 
goaraiilMd by a ri'^iiJpnt of Italy, iit whicli case ibey rt'neivp a oi-rli- 
flcate (trtlfuo) obviating the upcessity of paying at the frontier. 
Drivers' licence* iwued by foreign eoutitries are acceptE'd, but ixfth 
these and the perniesso for the car ninst br re^stered aitliin flvn 
days ftt a. prefpltnra. Petrol is cBsity obtained in NurCli Italy (^-fi It. 
per giLlltn). 

Tile nnatlacbcd Ccoubt od entering Italy with IiIe wheel maet 
duiJOsit 3jfr.(for«[nokir-eycle80 fr.Withthe ooHtom-honseonliior- 
iti-cs, which auni is rvturned to liitn (lboQj[b iconic times notwilboot 
dilDc1l!li<'!^.t when be quitt clip couiiiry. Mcmberji of well-kniiwn 
cyoli«t ofKociatione are, however, spared tbin forniality, on con- 
ditiouB explained in the handboolcs oF (bene clubs. A certJ[iRnt>e of 
re-expnrtntina (rerftfirafn di arariro) nhoiild always be obtained, 
as othnnviBe tlic club of which ibe cyclist is a nienihcr, mny bo 
callfld Lipoii hubRCfiunnlly lo pay the duly as above. — On the rail- 
way* cyclc6 atP treated as ordinnry passengers' luggage (p. \ix). 
Viillscs shmild not bp left strapped to cycles when sent by rail, 
owing to the risk of theft fp x'm. 

Membod'i.f ihi' Trmring <:!iib llaliaTUi ifdilfiu T in Monte Nrpnlcone 14,- 
Mi.nriU mPmbMii! entniipn fen S ti., itiiniijil sufcwripri,in 8 Ir. , W (••mpn 
memlioo S ti.) or nf rliib^ affllialcil wtllg It mmmonit ailvantarBDUB iRrni 

""J cfirliBfr rcqaiiilem. innps. elc. M.em1iciB\i\i) tatfts wo fct?i(iv^«i i* 
preo/t ,}f Jrleat!ty by iJio po»l ofllee [zonc^. p.ixixV tVie e\.*i'« m^^i bV 



Italy (1:S60,0D0), in conrae of publication, may be highly reaoDmeDded 
(76 c. per «heBtJ; one of its beat guides h L. ¥. Bertaruli't Guida Ili- 
nerario delle Strade di grande CumunicBiione dell' Italia (Milan, 1901; 
three pacts), witli nomerona profile-maps sad plana. 

IX. Hotels. Fenslona. FriTate Apartments. 
FissT Class Hotels, comfortably fitted up, are to be found at 
all the principal resorts of travellers in Northern Italy, mao; of 
them under Cterman or Swiss management, and most of thorn haviag 
fixed charges ; room 4'10 fr. for each person, luncheon (coltKume, 
dejeuner) 3-6 fr., dinner (jyramo, diner) 5-8 fr. The charges for 
light and attendance (exclusive of the portier and frequently also of 
the 'facchiao' or boots) are now almost always inclnded in the price 
for rooms. Sitting-rooms and rooms with baths naturally cost more. 
The charge for dinner does not include wine, which is usnally dear 
and often heady. For a prolonged stay an agreement may generally 
be made with the landlord for pension at a more moderate rate- 
Visitors are expected to dine at the table-'d'hGte; otherwise the 
charge for rooms is apt to be raised. The charges for meals served 
in private rooms or at nnnsnal times are much higher. Other 'extras' 
also are dear. The cuisine is a mixture of French and Italian. , 

During the chief tonriat season ^Marcb, .A^ril, in the Riviera Ji>n.- 
March) it is always advisable, especially for familica, to engitgs rooms 
beforehand. Wbea a long sta^ ia contemplated this should be done before 
leaving home, so that a choice may be made according to the answers 
received. To simplify telegraphic orders for rooms the Hotolkeepers 
Aasocialian has agreed upon tbe following code; aiba, one room one 
bed; aibaduo, oae room with double bed; arab, t R., i B.; abec, 1 B., 
S B.; belab, 2 R., 2 B.; birac, 2 R., 3 B. ; bonad, S R., 1 B.; ciroc, 
S R., 8 B. ; tarid, 3 R., i B. ; caide, 3 R., & B. ; caduf, B R., 6 B. ; ca»ag, 
3 R., ; B.; danid, i R., i 3.; dalme, 4 R., 5 B. ; danof, i R., 6 B.; 
dalag, 1 B., 7 B.; dirieh, i R., 8 B.; darbi, 4 B., fl B.; kiwi, child's 
cot; tal, sitting-room; bat, private bathroom; »erv, servant's room. The 
style of the rooma may be indicated by be»t, box, or plain. The day 
and boor of arrival niaat be given Igranmatin, between midnight and 
7 a.m.; nuUia, betveen 7 a.m. and noon; »era, between noon and 7 p.m.; 
gTa,n»0ra, between 7 p.m. and midnight) and the length of stay (paia, 
one night; »tov, several days). The telegram should be signed with tbe 
name and address of the sender. To cancel the order, only tbe word 
COJlcel and the name are necessary. 

Qentlomen travelling alone may leave their lora^ge at the station 
until rooms have been scoured. The charge for the nsa of the hotel- 
omnibus from the station to the hotel is so high (1-2 fr. each pers.), that 
It Is often cbeaper to take a Cab. It is also easier for those wbo use 
a cab to proceed to another hotel, ahould they not like the rooms 
offered them. 

The Second Class HoTBta (Albergki; in the 8. districts called 
also Locande), though Italian in their arrangements, ha<fe \.a.W^ 
become much more comfortable and modern VntWiT tt:^v^Ta«R\.. "^V^ 
charges arelifUe more than one- half ol Ae a.\)0^6-. TOow.'i-^><»'«^'^'^'^ 
'/,~1 fr. Tbey have no lable-d'hCte, but there ia get^eta-W-j ^-w'JOw.^^ 
eoBBected with tbe boaae, where retreaVimettta d, la carte a^ 

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xxii HOTELS. 

oer aprezzo fUao may be procnred. Fair aative wlaes, nsnally on 
draaght, are furoished in these honses at moderate prices. Morning 
coffee is usually taken at a caf6 and not at the inn. It is customary 
to make enquiries beforehand as to the charges for rooms, not for- 
getting the seroiao e luvie; and the price o£ the dinner also (if not 
d la carte) shonld be agreed upon (2-4 fr., with wine ayj-l'/j fr.). 
The terms offered may often be reduced by bargaining. These inna 
will often be found convenient and economical by the voyageur en 
gargon, and the better honses of this class may be visited even by 
ladies, when at home in Italian; the new>comer sbonld frcqnent 
hotels of the first class only. 

H6Tau QxHKiB are to be found in most of the larger towns, 
with charges for rooms slightly higher than those in the second- 
class hotels. 

Ab mstchee are rarely fonnd in holela, the guest afaould provide him- 
self with a Bupply of the wai-mitchcB (cerini, flammiferi) sold in the 
•treets (5-10 c. per box). Soap also is a high-priced 'eitra'. 

Money or objects of value shoo-ld either be carried oa the traveUer'a 
person or left with the landlord in eiohanee for a receipt. 

Little weight HhoDld be laid on the TaiidloTd'a recoraniendatiDn or 
diiparagement of hotels in other places. 

The Pbmsioxb of the larger towns and resorts also receive pass- 
ing travellers. The charge is aboat the same as that of the second- 
class inns and nsnally Includes table-wine. As, however, the price 
of dejeuner is usually (though not noiversally) included in the fixed 
daily charge, the traveller has either to sacrifice some of the best 
hours for visiting the galleries or to pay for a meal he does not 

For a prolonged stay in one place families will find it much 
cheaper to hire Fbivatb Apabthbhts and do their own housekeep- 
ing. A rent lower than that first asked for is often accepted. When 
a whole suite of apartments is hired a written contract oa stamped 
paper should be drawn np with the aid of someone acquainted with 
the language and customs of the place {e.g. a banker), in order that 
'misunderstandings' may be prevented. A payment of part of the 
rent in advance is a customary stipulation ; but such payments 
should never be made until after the landlord has redeemed all his 
undertakings with regard to repairs, furnishing, etc. For single 
travellers a verbal agreement with regard to attendance, linen, stoves 
and carpets in winter, a receptacle for coal, and other details will 
generally sufflce. 

Wisnciio List. A list o( the Italian names of the ordinary articles 
k! underdo til ins (la biancheria) will be nsefol in dealing with the 
washerwoman: Shirt (linen, cotton, woollen), la camicia !di tela, di 
cotmie, di lana); nighl-shirt, la camicia da notte; collar, H goJino, ii 
collelto; cuff, it jioliinoj drawers, le mutande; woollen under-shirt, una 

ta LUrZ'f - «n/.lf tir y^tit -iolfir il jjjj, 



(di tela). To give out to wuiL, dare a bucato (di bueaU>, newly waahed) ; 
washing liat, la nola; waBhervomui, lanndreaa, la Hiratriee, la lavaTi- 
daia; bnttons, i boltoni. 

The popular idea of cleanllneaa in Italy is behind the age; bat the 
traveller in the N, part of the coastry will rarely Buffer from this short- 
coming even in hotels of the second class, thongh thoee who qoit the 
beaten track mast be prepared far privations. Iron badsteada shonld If 
possible be selected, as they ace leaa likely to barbonr the enemies of 
repose. Insect - powiier (solvere inietticida or contro gli imettij or 
cami^o'' may be found useful. 

The amzdre, or mosquiioes, are a sonrce of great annoyance, and 
often of saftering, during summer and antnmn and, an the Riviera, even 
ju winter. Only a few parts of N. Italy {e.g. Piedmont, the W. lakea, 
snd Bologna) are free tram this peat, which is always worst in the 
neighbourhood of plantations, canals^ or ponda. Between June and October 
the night ehonld never be spent m malarial districts (Colico, Casate 
Monfetrato, Murtara, Pavia, Mantua, Ferrara, Bavenna), where the female 
of the Ano;^helet Claviger freqaeutly conveys the infection of malari^ 
fever with its sting. Small doses of quinine may be used as s prophy- 
lactic. 'Windowa Aonld always be carefully closed before a light is in- 
troduced into the room. Light muslin curtaina (zansarieH) rannd the 
beds, masks for the face, andglovea are employed to ward ofF tbe attacks 
of these pertinacious intmders. The burning of pastilles (fidibua contra 
le zamare, zampironi ; in Venice, chiodi)^ which may be purchased of 
the principal chemists, is efficacious, but la sccompanied by a scarcely 
agreeable odour. A c^ soaked in petroleum and hung at the head of 
the bed, and anointing the face with citronella oil are other more or less 
successful remediea. The ao-ealled Bengne ointment, conaistiBg of men- 
thol, methylated salicylio acid, and lanoline, is efficacious in allaying 
the discomforts occasioned by the bites, hat care should be taken that 
none of it gets into the eyea. 

X. Beetaorants. Caf^B. Birrerie. CigarB. 
Beetaarants (Ristoranti, Trattorie) give the visitor a mach 
better chance of making himself aeqnainted with the characteristic 
Italian cnisine than he receives at hotels of the flrat rank. They 
are frequented, mainly by men, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. for lun- 
cheon (cdoiione) and between 7 and 8.30 for dinner (pranxo). 
Those vho eat cUla carta and are content with the 'plats da joar' 
(piatti del giorno) and other local dishes may laneh or diiiR com- 
fortably, inclnding wine, for 2-4 (r. The meals at fixed prices [a 
prezzo fiaso; S'/g-S fr., wine extra) are less nsnal and neither bo 
good nor BO cheap as those i la carte. When there is no bill of fare 
the waiter (cameriere) will recite the list of dishes. If too impor- 
tunate in his recommendations or snggestions be may be checked 
with the words 'grazie, basta'. The price shonld always be as- 
certained before ordering. Bread (pane) and the convert {coperta) 
are often charged for separately. The diner calls for his bill [^which 
shonld be carefally scmtinized) with the words 'i^ canto'. The 
waiter expects a gratuity of 20-30 c. for each^eiaoTil^cciTiv^-'^.i^^. 
The so-called 'bars' are sometimea convenieo-t tox a. Bii%.06. wt "■'^p^^ 
/oacieoo'. — .Resjdeotsforsometiineinatowiia\vo^\i.»'EtM«ff^'^*'^^ 
a fortnigbtiy or moathlj sabacription ('penaione') aV ft.\'i'«w: *»* 

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I/iBl ef llic vrdinary disbes at the IwEinn restanraats; 
Anlipaitl. PrlaclpLi, Iidib d'lcnv- 
res, rollBllBB. nr »-hnla (anoh ka 
"ardiin's. oltvi-s, or railisliCB]. 

HUnBatrB ut Xvppa, aim p 1,70 incttni 
in brodu or tVMJvnii'i aimp lu tljc 
Rngrliah aesf. mineatra or prt ^^u 
atclutta, liullui] tlrii, in si's rant, 

Zappa atia aanfi i<iup with greeu 
T6g*t»blee iind bretd. 

VlneHtj'ci ffi rino cnn liiiielli, tieo- 
iiDii[i wilb ;ii<ts. 

, Uttoatieronl, nioimruTil; paata a!. 
I iiif;ri B id hurru, macmriai urith 
I HUCC suJ bultHi ai pimii li'irrf, 
' wilh limiRtona. 

Buotto iiilla iiiiltaui^e), boiJtit ricR 
with tnont-tiuec (riehj. 

Onoi'i^Ai, Hiiinll dumtiliagii of dnii^li. 

F«8oe. A>!h. 

Mieirrlla, eel. 
ArngnaUi, lohattr. 

('WlUHiiill, KUtllivfish. 

Cff/iJn, any inuli»t. 
fViitfn oi mare, raaitrta. abell-Dith. 

Luccio, plko. 
jHrirf(i2£i} Sorca/'a. roil. 

cjnly : rpmp. p. .141]. 
Pence njHuia, BMurd-llali. 
Rtnnbo. liirl)Ol:. 
HahniiMi, snlmun, 
Soiiiioki Itfoir^io, afi<iiliaj, n kia.1l 

Sj/ilfDla, Rai/ao, iei-p»toh. buxH. 
Tditnn, tunny. 
T"rii/(iii. nmlltil. 

Came, utti.'vt^ Itmaiij ht}Uita,hiii\i^Ai 
in HiitWu. alta irr^uvetr . with 

■ ■Ui-'d- /it'fl Ctttlil, Woll-r^iDC j if/ 

t'lngue, <ili' inalett. uurj(>rcl(ino; 

oi ffri, euokoil ou tlio KtiJir"!! ; 

fritUi, rrlAiI. 
ifniKo, hiilciil bpitf. 
Stufota dl mnnio. Bite alia moda, 

himif i Iji mode, 
i'ViUn laintii, n mixture of fried 

IWer, brainii, irtiotnikua, elri. 
jlmisfn, rfiasiyrl mpol, 
Arrvala ili vltttlo, iiiMl-veBl. 
Fiietln al bj.rt.i, bcefsl¥»k (lli.: 

6i"«[(Cfnn£jVr;'iii'iBi)11y iucd.iui^re|. 
HaiaU. pi'tk |e«len in violor 011I5}. 

igf^/Zf, Itia h. 
yt^tlo, kid. 

Ttita, di Bitettfr. i-iir* bmS. 
Pi'(fii(it iJi ni(*i(fo, cilf'i livoT. 
BrncirtZo dl m'telin, vfiil-imllpl, 
ftfiQimiti^ kiilupj'n, 
f^iiia/rKa «i7n jiif/nijii'iii", tm1-ciiIIo1 

bakfld in dour^li. 
Hfaliipva, vrol-oullol ultJi 1>ri>»J- 

.Sciltf'iKE. siujiBgo (aiuilly with gw- 

lir, aalioi, 
Pvllo, fowl, 
,^itlli-u, lUtk. 
i'rilfo /I'liulia, Of (acfiiiio fV'iin, 

•/(jiJiii), turkey. 
T.frdn. fialdfdte. 

Stiiratiiia, rnguut (afteu modiaore}. 
Vibi-eo, fpiraisec, 
('/'ui:tAcCff, L'ruijueiteii oC riM oc pa- 


r<iiCiccio, yiit. palt}'. 

riilptttiiie, suijill mi'it-JumptiiiKC 
IiBKnnu, ri>^inbU'9: CiitU'ii'iiii, 

Quami:ivnc, girainhlii);. lelitom 

chnrg'lH] far, 
' Atjxirai/i, aiif;isiiga.t I'rspniiiive}; 

(treon , di eajniaffjia : vhit», Jl 

Hf'^ecoli. nr (Hvoli p'-ri. rtnli- 

fl niv at. 
Oiriri'F/l, nrtiphokfia. 
Cipolla, onion. 

Ffi)ji<Ji, biriFut nr kidney baua. 
FaQtnliai, Cariietli, Prencb howiit. 
Fane, liii»n«, 

Finiiechiu, root of feoDnl. 
Ffintiki, muahrucima, 
0(™i. articlioke sUlkg. 
litnalatu, Kfttiiii. 
Lol(ii(ia. Uiiuce, 
Leiiticdtir, loEtils. 
/"nijitp, pBlatueB, 

FiiUiita., li[iilori luuisii, 
Si'rfoiif, celery. 
.Spill flCf, apjnacii Cnieiliufre)!, 
Zuccliiiio, luacrtiw, ^q^uaflU. 
Doloe, awcBt (linli, 

frrttoto, oiiirk'iCe, 

Crmtxla rif frnlti, ttutt-tjirt. 

(To^liTfo [1£ pai((i ifuQlin. H kind 

oF piiitry, 
Xitppa ini/lraf. i kind of lrill«, 
yratta^iOiantiiirlliKlifruita, fniil- 

Jpswt: frutin iipcefto, cuts, rai- 

■lo«, ilni'inrts., »W. 
Alitieoaca., \\i'iiM\. 
.^rancid, oTU^a. y-. ■ 



OiUege, chsnisB. 
Fichi, flga. 
Frdgole, atcswbeiries. 
Jja/mp&M, Tospbarriel. 
lAmont, lemon. 
Mtla, apple. 

M^Agrano, pamegcaaite. 
NitpoU, medlu-B. 

Hod, QOtB. 

Pera, peir. 

PiTticlie, Petctie, poschM. 

Pmgne, plums. 
TJva, bunch of grapee. 
Pane francae, bread iniLde with 
yeut (the Ilslian ia made without). 

BuTTO, buttei. 

Uova, e^B '.Ala eoqite, bollsd (ben 

colie, Boh-boiled, dura, hard- 

boilea); ai viatto (or Ofcfti di 

hue), poached. 
Formaggio, Cdeio, cheese (Qorgon- 

tola, verde oi bianco, and Strac- 

Motiarda fraricete, sveet muaUrd 

(mixed with vinegar). 
Moatarda ingttse or Situyxi, hot 

Sale, salt. 
Pwe, pepper. 
Olio, oil. 

Coltelle, knife; forchetta, fork; cuccAidfo, spooni pfaHo, piste; 
icodella, soup-plate; biechiere, glaas; ioirafflfuolo, napkin; lehiacdandci, 
nut-eracke™ ; tiratappi, corkscrew. 

WiHB {vino da pasto, table-wine; nero, red; bianco, white; 
dolce, pattoao, amabile, sweet; aecco, dry; delpaete, nottrano, 
wine of the country) ia nanally served in open bottles one-half, one- 
tonrtb, or one-fifth of a litre (tin mezzo litro; «» quarto; un quiido 
or bicchi^e). Wines of a better quality are sold in ordinary quarts 
And pints. 

Id the Kokth of Itu.t the following are the best wines : the care- 
fully manufactured Piedmontese brands, Bardlo, Nebiolo, BarMra, and 
Qri^olino (ao a^eeable table-wine), and the apackling AHi tpumante^ 
the VaJtetiJna wineg (best SataeUa); the BardoUno of the Lago di 
Harda; the Veronese ValpoHcella, an effenreacent red wine; the Vi- 
cenline Marzemino and Breganze (a white aweet wine); the Faduan 
Bagnili; in Uie province of Treviso, ConegHano , Raboto di Piave, 
Proteceo, and Vemito; in Ddine, Refoaco; the wine ot Bologna, partly 
from French vineyards | Lan^ruaco, etc. Many table-wines are served 
under the name of Chianti, which is properly applied to that of Toa- 
csny only (see below). 

Id Liodria the local wines of the Vol Polcivera (best Coronata) 
and the Cimtue Terre share the popularity of the Piedmontese and Tus- 
can vintages. 

In TdsoAn tbe heat winea [almost all red) are : Okianti (best Broglioj, 
BAfina (best Pomino), tfipotiano, Mtomena, and CarmigTiartDj and 
Aleatieo (sweet and beady). Ondeto and MontepiUeiano are produced 
in Umbria. — In Tuscany the ordinary table-wine ia Blill sometimeB 
secred in a 'flaaco', or straw-covered flask holding tliree ordinary bottles, 
but only the qaantity consumed is paid Cor. Smaller bottlea may be 
obtained 1 meezo fiatco (Vi), quarto flaaco C/j), fifucltetto or ottaoino ('/s). 

Travellers who diatntat the ordinary Drinking Water may have re- 
course to the DBual ai^iated waters or to the native mineral walera such 
as the Nocora Umbra, Sangcmini, San Pellegrino, Fonte Bracca, Fio^, 
Claudia, or Perrarelle [nsnal price in reslanrantB, I fr. per bottle). 

Like the trattorie with 'Cucina alia casaHnga' {'homely (are'), 
the OsTBRiE, or ordinary wine-shops, are almost enclnsively fre.- 
qnented by the lower ranks. The prices art ol\*tt \ii%frCo%.^ i«i'OQ,t 
ontside of the shop ('6', 7', '8', meMving ttial VaM a.\\Wft c»*a'»>^ 
7, or S soldi). Some ot the better wine-rooma (Fiaachelt«TVi)'a««-'^ 
TascM wines provide also very toleraWe mcaVa- 

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tl in tiuM 

Caf^B Brc tr«queDU<l (or brcakfut mi Inacbcou, mutl i 
evening hy uamtrnas censaincre of lco«, cofTce, beer, vvrmonth lusu- 
tliy villi Mfltccr wklcr), etc, The toliiDcva «uiokc is ofteo very dcuut. 

(V^ it-frG. <'r r»Cr»« vilLonl ail Ik, [■ uviiuEly >lruuk (IS'ViiP. poc 

f). (MJTi imU \t Cdttf inili>il »'iU> lj]ltlE httiirit o'lVi'il IX.'>-3t(c.l 'COp^ 

ino', 01 ■bibII cup, obcapnr), Clii'r-iUtc fcloctital^j cott* >9-dO<:. 

ID !■ jHinAd : whippi>i] <rn>^iii, /I'laiia iniralrjdi. Kull (juittinM X irilhi3 

Ice* tgalMa, of cicrr pciHlblc Tirldy (ill iMtfnigUa, di fntgola, ijt 
ii[>|ilW mx. ' " ' ' 

lampimi, *V).\ *m »u[>|i!M at Iho tutfn itt HO-UAc pur pdMliJUi '-t half 
■ porliiia (nusini niiy lir orilrfvrl, NtirbcUa (watpr-irrl aad iijirnnuCn 
IliimuDulu ilivaariil wiDt fruit -lyrtipj vo much m vogse In Ihc (ornDann. 
Umittla ia h>l(-r^>IlMl JK' ifimunabi. Ivmtini iMmcUiUt, <irHK*i >" ^tir<^ 
noltMl. tiOMiMfl, l^r•tl'll IfDionikilE, la iIm ^Mnnilly ordntH, Onrmiin 
hnrr [mv IipIuwj !>• norvi'Ll liy u fi-w ua(i'» in tuv litrunr IvwnN. — Tha 
walteia aijie<;l a >uu ot inoic, nooufclin^ t'> IltS am-luut of Ilic piymODl. 
Tb'-' priuvijjal I'aTifiiA aad ViL-iint-rto QFVapaj/«B i'uivr-tiatij ara to bo 
(utuiil il all iLr l)t)[r-r •'nfi'a, KniillHli Iran i>rioi> liiiliaii ii«|ii^ta (3 c.) 
»f» **pij*li'*rp •■ff^'i wl hy iitfW'H'"rnlr>jB, Tiit^ Oitrrifv tlt^ltti Jirrn [n. ItA) 
CiVW Boat at III* IwiPiun il**p4U'lini. TIia Kuoiau {iiiiifn Oiomal» ir/dilla 
m4 TWinHt ■!•■> an iDUCti lead la Tuaaan}-. 

Blrrorfe. eurrojjwndlrig lo ihc rn-noli 'liriiiixTii's', ivrc miv 
fannd in nil tliir larger tiiviiH iiml t,ih>L-r rrnurti of Tisiliir*. Muiiiuh, 
I'iUeii, iir lint/ bi^i-r jn:i> K''"''i'"'l5' I"-' liroi-iirt'il iil llii'st^. Tins 
It&liuii iniilutiiiii Itt Munich bevr ((.ifia tlurr nut i*(|uu] the 
wru birra di Airincu.u. A sijiull jtlain (fticciAu titxza) coatii 30- 
Mv-. n l»/ge jr'i"" [jri'uerall.v Uuldltig an tmzzo (itra) 30-60 c. Da.rk 
hitr in RilJoJ birra scura. light liucr birrachiara. O'ltiil w«aU 
may niiu«liy le iibtuirieil at llie blrrerje. 

ClgAFB (Blijuri) in [Uty arc a tnunupuly ut (iuvcramont. Itn- 
llan* preftr itroiig ciyam, i-.^. Tuiicani, i^apvlefani,. Cavovn (lone 
lOf., »liijrt T'/jC-li •>•■ Virifinitui i7' ,,, l!i, wr 15e,l, About, au iaoh 
■huui'l l>« bruki;!!, cut, ur burN(!il ulT tlii.- Icitver nnil of liii; lust hcfnro 
•tuukiiijt. 'I'lii' iiiiliU'r turiiitlvn, audi a^ hTaai:a4 {b t.), SctlamT c..]f 
Orimaltlin '10 c.j, Mflianilus ami Mimtkcttin (IS e.J, Trdftucdw 
iSU p.), Iiimdret r25 c, i. and Reifulia Lonilm i'30 c.j, cauiKit iie 
ukUiuRd lit liottA qiullty i.'XL'epl fnim thr liirgrr tobanwiii.^t.!). Quoil. 
Iiaimilicr utriMiK •i"p«ti-*"I figarM'-l-lHinVfj 2CI-31) f., HnvanctAtle.' 
1 fr, ao CI wiy bo bt^nghl at tlir IimIit nhnpn In llie large lowiiH, 
mi aliu (urel)jii Ciijarftttii unyuiette), Nativi' cignrultcii may bp 
ulrUiiied (rom 1 c. upwardu i'iiub in.g. Mwwdimia 3'/, c, DJubek 
i c, a tr»(i eijinano S e.j. 'I'hp Sjiuifiiulelle Avana (5 c. Bach) am 
twpenles' or olj{ir« abnul thn uiKr iif"a ujjai-ollp. — Travi^lkrs whii 
Import Ihetr own cigan, paying tlu- heavy duty, should kwf tUt: 
DilMonu receipt, » tlify n^i^ liiihle vi \}(- elullcugeil, i-.y. by Ihu 
■Htlnl «nclBl>i ip. xv<. - Passers- by urv al liberty to uvail tbcin- 
■alVM of Ibo light biiniing in I'vcry tubacconui'iS, vithoat making 


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XI. Bights. Theatres. Shops. 

The larger Chorohes are generally open the whole day, fn 
Nome cases with the exception of the hours 12 till 3. Uany of the 
smaller churches are open only till 8 or 9 a.m. Visitors may inspect 
the works of art even during divine service, provided they move 
abont noiselessly, and keep aloof from the altar where the clergy 
are officiating. On the occasion of festivals and for a week or two 
before Easter the works of art are often entirely concealed by the 
temporary decorations. Those always covered are shown by the 
verger (soffrettano) for a small gratnity (p. xvi). 

Museums, pictDre-galleries, etc., are usually open from 9 or 
10 to 4 o'clock. All the collections which belong to government are 
open free on Sun. and holidays, but on weeh-days a charge is usually 
made. Gratuities are forbidden. These collections are closed on the 
following public holidays; New Year's Day, Epiphany (6tb Jan.), 
Festival of the Annunciation (2Sth If ar.), Easter Sunday, Ascension 
Day (Ascensione), Whitsunday, Corpus Christ!, the Festa dello 
Statuto (first Sunday in Jnne), Assumption of the Virgin (Assnn- 
dooe; 15th Aug.), Nativity of the Virgin (8th Sept.), the anniversary 
of the entry of Rome by the Italian troops (20th Sept.), All Saints' 
Day (1st Nov.), and Christmas Day; also the birthdays of the king 
(11th Nov.) and queen (8th Jan.) and the days of parliamentary 
dectiouB. The arrangements, however, vary in different places. 

Artists, aicbKolagigts, and acliolBTa fcritici d'artel, on mikini; applf- 
catioa to the Uinigtry of Edacalian is Rome (Mintaiero delta Pabblica 
IHmsione} oa a stampsd form (1 fr. H c), receive Ires tielcets (Ultera 
di tibero in^aln), valid all over (be country. For a Bingte town tbe 
application la made to the Director of tbe Oallery (stamp SOc). The 
application (which should be made some weeks in advance) moat bo accom- 
panied by an nainonnted photograph and by a certificate from a nniversit^ 
or Bome similar body, connteisigned by ui Italian consul in the appli- 
cant's conntry. A similar permcsso is required by those who wish to copy, 
drawj ot photograph (eicept with a hand-camera] in any of the museums, 

Theatres. Performances begin at 8, 8.30, or 9, and terminate 
at midnight or later. In the large theatres, in which the season 
(atagione) frequently tast« only from St. Stephen's Day (Dec. 26th) 
to Ash Wednesday, operas and ballets are eiclnsively performed. 
The first act of an opera is often succeeded by a ballet of three acts 
or more. Tbe pit (jfijotia), to which the 'biglietto d'ingreeao' gives 
access, has standing-room only ; for seats additional tickets mast be 
taken (usually in advance in the larger towns). A box (palco di 
primo, gecoitdo, terzo ordine), which most always be sccared in 
advance, is the pleasantest place for ladies or for a party of several 
persons. Evening dress is generally worn in tHft Vititt^. ft'Oa^t "^<.- 
served seats are the^/irowe (trout Bla.\\a> a-ui "[iiii •pos*.^. d^Ai-T*-^ "^^ 
fix/tie (rear stalls), la some of tbe \B.igeT tVeaX-tea ^o^ii- **^'^^'v 
be obtaioed in the anfiteoiro or prima goXleria. "^"^^ V^ »>* 
tbe ueaul erening-reaort of tte ItaUana, w^^o aeUo«»^ ''^^"^ 

DciciJaGooqlc ^ 


(ileD.ce dnrtng the perforniiuice of ihc nrrbcutra. The intenilii be- 
tveen thu acta are niiu.a.Uy very ]aug. (Iluak-ruuniH itc funri'd only 
in a fftt oC thv best lheaue>. Cii'ntk'Hi»n usuuilj' wi'or their baU 
iiiiLLI llie <;iirta.iii n>!P.9. 

BhopH. Fiivil price* litre at late bec<inia mocb more general 
in B. Ualy, bat a nxlui'iiun niny dsu&II,v be o1)tain«il on |>uix!ham« 
ftf larg« atnouiil. Tlii' (nivi'Utr's ileiiiDucuur ahi>uld Le polite but 
ilcddcd. lu judj^iujj; lUti jjni-L'ii irifelleru sliould rt'iiicralter tbal 
some warts arc linnn'r tbaii at lioiiio, wliiht otliers, Kiicb an gloves 
und Hilk goods, are itjuch clieapcr. I'lirchnBes bIiouIcI n^vcr lii? made 
in iiresuitce of a valot-dc-phDe or through the iigettcy of a hotel- 
I'laployof. 'I'licfli! iiidiviiinuts, by l.sfit BgroeiJiciit, rvwive il coiu- 
miesioB on the pTircliamJ-oioiU'j, which of coursv come* onl of the 
purcli^aaer's po-ukpt. Oii llti^ i~i)J>cr Ijaud, tlic jiroaeiiQU at aa JtaUna 
frieud is a liietiuct advauta^. 

An iielivo linJe Ib diivun m .puiiouii aatiijiilliaii. eipoelaily in V«iilw 
simI t'luretbre. Ani'i^nl Horka vt srl (liuulil iii<vpi W );>iiri.'!>iHFil n[lhoul 
iL vritten ^urAntt'e of their aut^ifuTicity, Tito ■HJjrUlcoit uf ^ctuoaypii 
uoblameiL' ind the 'Invky diRLiovericn' uITpriKl liy tli» «in«llpr iltukm tn 
uKDklif aulhlag- liut tinpb (ui tko DDvniy. tIio oxpocl ol impgnnDt 
wurkt i>f art U prahibiloil. 

Sunic cvuliuD ia ncc'ciaiif in buying ittldc* lo Iip acnl home. The 
full tiiiiiuiit nlmulil ii><vi'r <>c [iiIl! uulil llii.' uitvkiige Iras urrlv(>(l aaiJ itH 
I'Dctcuta have Iigcq fauaini'il. II llie atiu^ikceper daw out seics Id i 
written ».gre«mi!it.l si< 1u iIih mulhoil af [>u«king, tliv Liit! uf irauHiiaM, 
a.n4 I'^imp-nnali'iti fiic liiriik»(;FH| it Is advintible I<i iiul Itir' lmii<>ui!tiun ahoti. 
TliP IrlBinjiiaMiin o( Lurgi ahijrpls aboul'l bo finttuslcri t- » gdoJa-tgent. 

XII. FoBt and Telegraph Set-vioee. 
Id tlic larger towna the Poet Offloe is open ilaily From 8 a.m. 

t<i >^. S.30, 9, or S.3D|i.m. (alau onSiiudayaaiid kolidiLys); iq snisllcr 
places it ia generally closed lii the Bjiddle o( the day for two or 
three tioui's. 

Ltttera (wLother 'ponte resfanW, Italian 'ferma in posta', or 
to the traveller's liotel) ilii];iid !»■ arirlrmsi'd \vty riistiiictly, and the 
name ut the plHCe slimilrl \i<\ in ItaliM, The KiirnaTii« (voffiiavig; 
CbriBlian naniy, nome) s-LoiiiJ lie iiiidt'rlinefl; the CDBiEiiuarj 'Eaq.' 
in betlnr nmiiteil. Wht^e asliitig Tur li^lleri^ the traveller should 
ahew his visiting-card itistead of giriug his natue orully. Postage- 
slant [is (francohiiili) nte solil ul llio pnnt-uffleea and lobaci^ci-siiOfiS. 
Tlie mail-boXM (bnt-a or citMella) urn; lubclled '^er U letter*', for 
letters, and 'per It\ for jiriiit-ed nutter. 

LettBh* uf I& ttianiimia (■/, or, nbuut the wiiighC af llirnii sooH) by 
Icvn-pujjl 6 c, ti> tliu rest ur Italy iii c, iiliruad ijier l'eeli:rol in c. Extra 
fen fur uppt'ial delivery leHQtH HB o., fnr aUinnii Mr, Tbf ppnsUy (Wjr- 
natatia) fui' JniuIHi'ioiiUj luppaiil loUcrs in douhle llic dctlciencj. — 
favr fiiiiii rtartulDic prmlalii ti.r tuwn-jiuM 3 e., fi,t tlin rent uf IMV 
and aliniiiiC KIc,, rtply-eaiin [>ruyt rlspinfa pUfialai. iDlilicI 15<c:,. abrulu 

"f Italy tic, fur ilirosd M •:. — Biioa Paukhtb iMtampe tuttu faxcia), 
'0- per SOgrinnivii, fur ebrulU G r. — £u«i>BeB pAFORa (Wtc WcmOtMH^ 

, . .Aii.K);^lc 




OLDfATE. xtix 

!0 0, for 50 gc.; shove BO and not sicsediiig 600 gr. 40 cj (or abroid, 
S5 c. for S50 gr., uid 5 c. for e&ch 50 gr. entra. ~- S* rcampjonlj, i c. 
for 50 gr. ; ibrati, 10 c for 100 gr., and 5 c. for e&ch SO gr. extra. ~- 
Rhqtbtratioi' Fm (raccom/indazionel foi lettara for the aame tovo and 
printed matter 10 c, nthenvise 25 c. The packet or letter mnijt be inacrlhed 
'raceomandata' . — Pobt Office Obdebb, aee p. xii. Within Italy aama 
from 1 to 10 fr. maybe sent fori fee of 10 c, 10-i6 fr. for SOc, !5-50 fr. for 
40 c. Money may be transmitted also by telegraph. To aecBre registared 
lettera or the payment of money orders, the atrangnr mast show hie pasa- 
port, his member's card of the Touring Clab Italiano (p. xi), or a so- 
called libretto di riengnlziime (with photograph), drawn np, on reqaest. 
at a flrst-cIasB poet oOce (fee 90 c); otherwise he miiat he accompanied 
by a witness known to the postal authorities. It is therefore often con- 
Tenient to arrange to have the money aeat to one's landlord. 

PiBCEi. Post. Parcels not exceeding 5 kg. (lllhs.) in weight or 
60 centim6tres (aboat i ft.) In length or breadth may be sent by past in 
Italy tor 1 tr, ; to England, via France, i fr. 7S c. The parcels must 
be carefully packed and sealed and may not contain anything in the 
shape of a letter. Parcels for abroad most be accompanied ay three 
cnatoms-declarations on forms for the purpose. Articles not liable to 
daty (each as flowers, etc.) are best sent as samples of no value (fom- 
pioni aenxa votore; see above). 

TelegramB. For telejp-ama to foreign countries the following 
rate per word is charged in addition to an initial payment of 1 fr,: 
Great Britain 23, France 13, Germany 14, Switzerland 6-9, Austria 
12, Hnngary 13, Belginm 16, Holland 20, Denmark 20, Bnssia 40, 
Sweden 23, Norway 30 c. To the United States from 1 tr. 55 c. per 
word upwards, according to the state. Within the kingdom of Italy, 
10 words 60 c, each additional word 5 c. Telegrams with special 
haste (telegrammi urgeftti), which take precedence of all others, 
may be sent at thrice the abore rates. — It is advisable in each 
caae to demand a ricevuta or receipt, for which 5 c. is charged. 

Telephone 10 c, long distance telephone '/i-^Vt ^''• 

XIII. Climate. 'Winter Stations. Seaside Besorte. 

It is a common enor on the part of those who visit Italy for the 
first time to believe that beyond the Alps the skies are always bine 
and the breezes always balmy. It la trae that the traveller who 
has crossed the SplOgen, the Brenner, or the St. Ootthard in winter, 
and finds himself in the district of the N. Italian lakes, cannot fail 
to remark wbat an admirable barrier against the wind is afforded 
by the central chain of the Alps. The average winter-temperatnre 
(December, January, and February) here is 37-40° Pahr. as comparejl 
with 28-32° on theN. side of the monntains. Places nestling close 
to the 8. ba^e of the Alps, snch as Locarno (winter-temperatnre 
37" Fahr.), Pallama (38.5°), Arco (38.75°), and Gardwt Ruvak^o. 
(40*), thus form an excellent inteTined\a.\£ sti^^'oA'flft^^'Oo.^^^'''*^ 
winter ofN. Europe and the semi-tropica,\ c\\m«.\ft o^ We'^.Vii-^'**-^?^; 
lUly. A peculiarity of the cltmate here is affor4ei^>l ^Y^CT*** 
raia which mty be expected about the equlnortV'iV^ft^^*- ^™° 



ot wum and maietiirc-Iadcii clouthi^rfrrn riorthirard^liy theS. wiad 
break against ttit Alpine chain and <)ischargF th(^insL'lvci; in bcav)- 
showcDi, wliioli nil Ihr rivers niirt necasioii ihc inn ndfit ions from 
wLich Lomharrtv nol nnfrpqnriitlj nulTcrs, Tl. imwcvcr. the trav- 
ellor continue* Iiinjunrne.v l.nw.irds thi! S, lliroiigh thf plain iif Lom- 
"y he ag-sin ('titi.Ts a r.olili/r aoil windy rngiun. Tin- M'holi; plnln 
r -Pu, eneliisi!d hy smiw-iiipped mounlAJns, rithiliit* « climate 
OT n llioj-ciuglily cnnl.iaGUtiil rbiLrai^lcr; 1I)l> huihiiii;]' ic .ik iml »s Ihal 
of Sicily, while the ivhiler in very eoM, thp mean temperalw" 
heing lidnw 35° Falir. iir about equal to that ol th^ lover Kliinr. 
In Milan the Ihi-'rinrirnBlKr s-nmi-tiini^R stnlcs lielow z.ero. Cliangrs 
of weathci', dep-cnd^nt npon the direetioa of the wind, ore fre- 
quent; Had the huniidUyol' the atmosphsr* n)so, owusi'ined in putt 
ny the naworous ean&ls and Hcs-jiiiir-'hoa, ih vpr_v ronsidcrablf. 
A prolonged resid*i:ee in Tartn (ir Miliin should llier«[oM- he avoided 
by invatirfd, wliilp even ruhusl LraycUcra eiiould b-r uii their guard 
agaiMst the trving climiite. Ak we iip|»roiich the Adriatic Sea the 
cumate vC the Lumburd pkin loeva lU votilin^nlnl •:fauracter and 
appro»ijiia-tflB more cloeelv to th«t tif Ih" I'osl tif the penineula. The 
riinistio pccuUarititB uf I'eatte arc described at p. 34i). 

As HV'iiu as wtt cruHB the moaatatas which bouuil tl:u 8. inargiii 
ut the Lombard plain and reach the Mediterranean cuaLnt vc And a 
rcmachable cbanj^e In ihc (^liniatic condillqa^. Here an alniimt nti- 
Interrupted scries tif winter- resort n eilcnda along the Li^uriaji 
Riviera m far 8, as Lr;}hnrn, snd these; are rnfiidl^v innreasinK 
both in number ntid popnUrit.y, The of the mild and pleas- 
ant (dimcite at thpse plaiirs in nrit tar to seek. The Maritime 
Alps and tbe Ligtiriita Apennines ffirrn snch an admirable screen 
on the N., IhaL the ciilcl N. winds whinh p^n*B f.hesi? mountains du 
not touch tht dlslriet iinniedislely M rhHr feet, hiil sr^ first per- 
cepllljle ou liie sea 6-10 M. from thn eoHsl. It is nf do utifrKiueut 
oooarrencp in tlie Hiviora Ihiil the harbours arc pti-ftictly smooth 
while tlie open sea it agitated by a brisk truipest. ilMt of the towns 
and villages on the eiinst lie in en.-si'cnt-'ihapL'd bays, opetiia;,' 
towards the S., while un the landward side they arc jirotcetod by 
an smphltheatre of hills. I'h'^ge bills are esposed to the fall toree 
nf the sun's ray*, and the limeslone of which thej- are cunipoaed 
absorbs nn linin.enge iinioiint oi heat. It is therefore not to be 
wondered at tftat tbene iiothoases of ihfl Riviera sbow a Ligher teni- 
peraturp in winter than many plawH much farther to the 8. Thus. 
while Ih* nicnn lempgralure of Romt in the tlireu Coldest miiTiths in 
46' Fnhr,, Ihul ol the Riviem. i.-. -te-iir [Xervi 48°, San Bemo 50*; 
Pita, iia the uthei' baud, oulj 4sJ^^). 

II Kcnld, h II w ever, be a mi stale: to siminiBv UiivA, Uv\s f.tvi,\i oC 
0MV/ in "utircly !rer: from wind. Tbe rapvi \«:aiLi\ii^ tiu4 rA«i\\a'f,Q^ 
"V strand proiiuoifs numeroiia light breezea, w^iUe Vm -ttwlwA^o^ 


the miuses of air by the strength of tie saii gjres rise to strong 
tiiirrpiitii ratbing In (runi the T.. ami W, to *upply ^!it' vacuam. 
The laoit nolorioiis of these cunsl-wind* is tht? Jiwf/a/. winch t^ 
at its worst at Avlgnnn nriii olhrr pUccs in tiu Kliune Vnilp*. Tlio 
N,E. wind i)u Ihi- contt.iry i« much utrniigirr In AlaB«io tind 8ai] 
BejNo llimi 'in the Fnnul n{ I'rovimrr. Thfl Siiroci^o as knoirn on 
the Ligiirian crmnt U liy nn rnnnnn thf. dry nnil pairebin^ wind «- 
perieno«l in Wrily mid even nt, Rninp; iiMHinje rw U docs ftr«r 
iiniueiim' Iraetn of sm, it w gfiinrnlly chnrgi^d ipith iiioistiirfl *nd 
is ultcn, tdluwed by r«in. 

Tbo {ircvalfirit MM tliat thn Bivinra ban » ina{*t climote, on 
uocuutit of its iironlutity to (he i«n, in UAtiirnl but (irrracou)!. The 
4ti[iiHi|ihvre, oil llir c'liitrary, is rather liiy. p*pfloially in the W, 
lialC of it. wIiIIq tha buniidtty rnplill.v iiivrcnscx iir wi; upiirujich th< 
Riviera di Lcvontr. The Mme li»Id.* gumi u( tlii^ rnitiliill. Whjip 
San Remit lios Hi rainy ihiyn biitwrnn Nnv<;iniier ntid April, Xervl 
hus 64, and /*(«(: 17. The averiRi! iiumlwr 'if rwinj ilava HuHttjc 
ihi! ibi-isc wiiiiur lumiths in Ihu Eiviera is 16. Smiw is rartly seen; 
it tiih iit<vi\aps uiicd ur twice in thi: cnur.iii or thtj winter, but 
pntjally lien tJiily Fur a few baur.t. M'bilff ]Lia.iiy yi-an puf* wltfaout 
ITie appesniicc of a single snow-flake. Fejjji art very raru on the 
Li^itiaii aoast; but .i henvy dew-fal] in Ilie (^vi<iiiD^ h ilie rule. In 
eumparisoij with tbe Ciaal[iine dlslficlN. Ibe Riviera L'njny^ a very 
lij|^h jji-aporlion of liri^Lt, sunny weather. 

The aboTe eonsiderntioni will show that St U oftvn nefleasary to 
diecomit tbe unpropitious opinions at Ibnici^ who bnjiptn ta have 
visited the Biviera under pecnharly nnl'avonrable eliniatio oan- 
ditiuLiB. }Ji>t Duly <lu Mm origin sry four bi'msoiik diD'er fmm each other 
on thu KivitrSi liul the dilleriint psrl* at wiulcr art ulav sharply 
■liscrluiiiiiivtidd. A skorl rainy aeitioii m»v bu couutcd un witb alniust 
DOuplcU certainty between thu bofc'"">"K c' Oeliiber and the rulddlu 
■>f Novombci', whieh ntitricta, but by iiu moaus aljollHhoe, open-nir 
excichc. Then follows rroni Ucreiiiher to Febniiiry usually ui un- 
interrupted flcrirs nf warm »nd sunshiny rlays., Int. invalids h»,ve 
soinetinica In be on Ihnir guard against vinil. MnnJi here, na olac- 
irhorc in the saatb, irt the win<)ir^1 ninnlh of till, but Is much Imk 
bointeroitn ill Ibo It&Iian p&rt of thn Kiiicra llinn in Provence. 
April and Uay are dettjthtful nHinClit fur thiwe vho requira out- 
door lite in a warm ollraate. 

The inildiiess ot the climate of the Riviera requifes, [irrhapii. 
no beltei' pi'our than its rich «oulherij veg«ta.tioii. Tlir Oh'vc. whioh 
la already fuimd in the neighbourbuoc) of the X Italian lulcLit. here 
attains its Ml growlli, vhlle the J'Jucali/j>tiiiii}lobidmi iwhieb grows 
rapidly imd to an astonishin;,* hai^htj, the Oran^, the Lemon, and 
several I'arieties of i'a/frui also flourish. 

Tbe geological ch«r»oter of the JUvieta is s-Vw ftl«Mii.\«rs Ag?* 



Acance. Thf pretailing foriiiatiim i& liaiMlane, «*hirli abMl^^^ the 
mti's trayi wilb remBrkHbk nyiidily anil railinti:! il irilli tqual npeed, 
thus Torrning an inijiurtniit fitiUor in mating' tbe niwit u( Lhir winter 
■tLnaiiiae, On accuunt of iu i^ofint^iis il is aUii i^xtensively unvil 
[or Toad- making, anil cause* iticnolurious liusltif Uie Rii'iern, wliicli 
(orrns the ohief nhjeoUnti In a ri'Rioi frcqcBiiiPil hy g'l itmny poi"' 
■ons with went luiigt. The iiuiliurilii-t of the various hfaltli-Ksjiiirts, 
howevsr, ink« ftrpiit p:iin9 tn niUiy»ts tliis evi] m far u pMCticnlilo. 
After ketvy rdn th* miKid are apt to be very mudiiy. 

The advnntnges tJiat a winlerraslrfcnM In th* RlTiera, in nonlr*- 
distitiEtion to thu climate of niirlh*rn Europe, offers lo invalidn and 
dflli«ate perBons, aru a iiousidtrably warmer niiil (ji'iifraliy dry «t- 
mosphere, ncLdom dinturbi^J by »tvrmi, yet (rcsli itcd pitrv, a marc 
(ihecrful »ky, and cuiriparalivu Luiinuiiity trum r;iiti. 'Ihv 'invalid'i 
day\ or tiie timn during wbkb itivaiide amy rcniaiii in the open 
nir witb impunity, laets bure hum lOa.iii. to 4 p.m. The gcner&l 
rffect of a iirolung'ed course of open-air life in the Biifiera may bo 
described as a gealle stiniulslion of the eiitirn physical organiam. 
It 13 fnund piirticTilarly licciefltial fur cuiivabitceiils, the liebiiitaled, 
and the aged; for i-hildren 'if scrufuloiis Icnijency; and tor Ihn 
u-iarljrs of gout and rheumatism. The ctimaliii! cure of the Riviera 
IN also often prescribed to patienU with weak cbestK. to a-isist in the 
removal of the aftcr-effei^tB of Inflsmmatioii of tbu Imif;-* or pli^urisy, 
or to obrittlp the dnnger of the forrnalinti of a chronic pulmooary 
liiseharge. Tbp ilry ajid freqneuHy -agitated air of the Riviera is, 
bofl-ever, by no uinanH aiiiUble for every patient o£ thi* liind, and 
tbe imniediRte viciinity of tho sea is particularly unfavourable to 
rtasea of a feverish or ntrtdus oboracli-r. Tho Hlimiilnling- effects of 
tbe climate are then often too pnwerfnl, prnduciiif; "loeplOBBOoeB 
and unwbolefome irrilntion. Tbu dry »ir of ihe Rivicni di Ponrnte 
is preiudielnl aho to many forms of InQariniiatlnu of tho wind-pipe 
and brcinchial lube?, which derivo bcriL-ilt from the air of Kervi, 
Plea, or Ajaocio. Cases of protracted ncpiiHtis or diabeten, on tbo 
oontrary. often obtain considerable relief from a residence here. 

The nen»oii en the I.igurion cuaiit lasts from abniit tbe begin- 
ning of October to the middle of fWay. In Sejiipmhnr it U ^titl too 
hot, and In Marrb it i" in windy tbnt many palicni.s ari' obliged to 
retire farther inland, Mnny invalids make the mistake of Icairin^ 
tbe Riviera Inci soon, and thu'i lose all the progrena they bavi; madu 
during tile* infer, tbrougb reaching home in llie uitf.T[Oiir:ihle trana* 
llion period between winter and upring. IL is hctler lo spend April 
and May at some intermediate station, such as Pallama, Cannero, 
Lmarrio. Lvf/arii). or Gardimr. S-iviera. 

Good apportunitiefi for Hea-batbin^ are offered at many p«int> 
on tho Mediterranean Roast of N. Italy, sueh ua Alaaaio, Saoona, 
fiffli, Spaia, Viar^iOf Lvghnrn, and Vmice. Th« JSIediter- 





nneAn ia «lra«et tfdeless; it conMina ahoul 4 p«r c<.>iit of OAutuou 

Bait, a onsidurnbly tighcr proportion than the AUsnilo; tw average 
tcropcrnliirc during ihe batiiing-Beiisoo is 71" Pnbr, The b-athinj;- 
eoaspD on ttic Liguriuu coast lirfgiii? In Agjril, or at latcit id Maij*) 
t,ai la^ti tilt Nuveaiber, being thvu (iiiicli I'jnpjr than tbv sunxon 
b1 atiA' Giig;lieh stta»ide-rusi>i'l. 

Mosl travellers iitU!4( in mimt decree niter their mode nr living 
wliiht in luly, withnut bovevcr Iniplioiily adopllnf; tUr Itiilinii 
style. Iiiliibitanl." <it more nuriiiern uuuntriei gecvratly bi^rciiitc 
uimsaally suscfpiiblt! lit e,o\A In Italy, niid ihcrefurc should iiiii 
Dinil I'l liK wdl tiLp[jlieil v jlh warm clolhiii^for tlic winter. Wuolluii 
riiiili>ralutljiug Is espQr.lallj' to be r« to mm ended. A cloab or khawl 
Khnuld be carried to DentrillE^ tbe ofteu conaidemble dltference o( 
teniperautre beiveeii the sii nstiinp find the ^ihndo. I[i nfsitingplcliire- 
gnllerie* or cLurcliei (in warm days It U sclviMble t(.i drivp thither 
nitd walk back, «s utbfirwine thu viniliir eiilrm thu cihiI building 
in a heuted alnle and bM^l nFterwards tii) iijipnrtiinily of rt^alninf; 
Hie diMJiralile tiimpcraiiii'i- tlir-oiigh eKnrciti'. Many Iravelli^ra will 
find dork-solcii & desirnhle proti^ciinn ii);nin.*t the nhill of atonn and 
iiiarbk ftoom, which sunirtimi^x makes itM^lf fi'lt cv«n in ^iimiuci', 
KitpnsUre tr> the 9umnier-*iin sIiouM bu avoided a* much as possible. 
Acoiriii'tg lo u Roman proverb, dngrj nnd forcigiitrs [Ingksij aldJin 
wnih in the sua, Chn.'stiniis in Iht nhud*-, Ujiibrtilas, or spectuclr.i 
of colouri'd glasN (grey, cuiioavc gliL.*M':< tu protL-cl the wbolu eye 
are best), may be iwd ivith ndvniilngr. IJliie veils are rwomincnded 
til Indies. Bepase during tbc h(ittc"( benrs in adviNiibk, mid n 
moderate Riusln is uften rrfri'sLiitg, 

Gri'iil <: a re should lit! tukf^n ulstit in I he selection of an upnrtnunit. 
(larpcts and iioves are indi'peii.'iaLiIr in winter. A snutberu iispcdl 
ill n'inler i* itn abaulule esgeiilial for ilelicaCe persiius, and hi);l:ly 
cleSiirnblt! foi' tliu robust. R'lums fni'ing mirtb, anltsa tliuv hate 
erntral heating, .thoultl lie Diiliesittitiiij^ly rL'tused. Tbe visltnr 
should KIT that all the dijora and windows close satisfnittorily. 
Windi)\i» !<honld he closed al iiight. If there is the slightest oiiKpiitifln 
ot ilampne.^R In the bed-dntbcN, reeonrse ahniilil he lind to the 
warniing-paii {liii^tlprp U fiincn nfl. letto). 

Health. English ami Gi'rmim initdlcal men are (o be inri with 
In the larger ciljes nnd in most of the wi(ilcHiig-slatioii!< (.'r tin' 
Riviera. Foreigners froqwently suffer from diarrhea in Italy, which 
h generally occasioned by the nnwonted teikt, l3]c liijudiciiiuK iinc ol 
fruit and ii'ed driiiki, or too filrenuoiia travelling and rtlghtoieeliig. 
Tbe hnniceopnthie tincture of camphor may he meiitioned as a reme- 
dy, but regiilateii diet and ihorou^'b repose art^ the chief dei*ldi'Tnla. 
On drioking-waler, sec p. xiv. 

if. A. Iltuntildt-HiiU't 'Minl!tBrr>ive»n Wlnim RniincU' (Ldraifoni aw 
•dit., tooa) mny ho (onunllni lot f»itlier pnitltnliiti). 

fiAusiiBSR'a Morthern Italy, lilli Bdh, *(^(-ii-H' j 


A HiatoricRl Sketch by Profeigor Anton Springer. 

One of the primary objects of the enliglitened traveller in Italy 
is generally to form some acqaaintance witb its treasnrea of art. 
Even those whose nsnat avocations are of the most prosaic nature 
nnconscionsly become admirers of poetry and art in Italy. The 
traveller here finds them so intervoven with scenes of everyday 
life, that he enoonntera their influence at every step and involun- 
tarily becomes susceptible to their power. A single visit can hardly 
snf&ce to enable any one Jnstly to appreciate the onmerons works 
of art he meets with in the course of his tour, nor can a gnlde-book 
teach him to fathom the mysterions depths of Italian creative genins, 
the past history of which is particularly attractive; bat the pemsal 
of a few remarks on this subject will be found materially to enhance 
the pleasure and facilitate the researches of even the most unpre- 
tending lover of art. Works of the highest class, the most perfect 
creations of genins, lose nothing of their charm by being pointed 
out as specimens of the best period of art; white those of inferior 
merit are invested with far higher interest when they are shown 
to be necessary links in the chain of development, and when,, on 
comparison with earlier or later works, their relative defects or 
superiority are recognised. 

The two great epochs in the history of art that principally 
arrest the attention are these of Olassio AnUquity and of the 
16th century, the cnlminating period of the so-called Renaissance. 

. The intervening space of more than a thousand years is usuAlly, 
with much unfairness, almost entirely ignored; for this interval 
not only continues to eshibit vestiges of the first epoch, but grad- 
ually paves the way for the second. It was a common error t« 
SDppose that ia Italy alone the character of ancient art can be 
thoroiighly appreciated. This idea dated from the period when no 
precise distinction was made between Greek and Roman art, when 
the connection of the former with a particular land and nation, 
and the tendency of the latter to pursue an independent course 
were alike overlooked. Now, however, that we are acquainted 
with more numerons Greek originals and have acquired a deeper 
insight into the development of Hellenic art, an indiscriminate 
confusion of Greek and Roman styles is no longer to be appre- 
hended. Ve are now well aware that the highest perfection of an- 
cient architecture is realised in the Hellekic temple alone. The 
Hon'p order, in which majestic gravity ia e'i^iessei. Vi'3 niaftawt 

proportionn imd by H svmnietrical decoraUun ftiat »V \'*i^ '^'i'-w'^ 

Li.qiiiii;d ov 


OrttkJM. ITALIAN AET. xixt 

time sobaen'es a practical purpose, and the lonio strnctare, witli 
its lighter and more ^acetnl character, exhibit a creative spirit 
entirely differeat from that manifested in the snmptnons Boman 
edifices. Again, the most valnable cottectioa of ancient sculptorea 
in Ital; is incapable of affording so admirable an insight into the 
development of Greek art as the sculptnres of the Partbenoo and 
other fragments of Qreek temple-arch Hectare preserved in the Brit- 
ish Hnsenm. Bnt, while instruction is afforded more abnndantly 
by other than Italian sonroes, ancient art is perhaps thoroughly 
admired in Italy alone, where works of art encounter the eye with 
more appropriate adjuncts, and where climate, scenery, and people 
materially contribute to intensify their impressivcness. An ad- 
ditional facility, moreover, is afforded by the circumstance, that in 
accordance with an admirable custom of classic antiquity the once 
perfected type of a plastic figure was not again arbitrarily abandon- 
ed, bnt rigidly adhered to and continually reproduced. Thus in 
numerous cases, where the Greek original had been lost, it was 
preserved in subsequent copies; and even in the works of the Roman 
imperial age Hellenic creative talent is still reflected. 

The supremacy of Greek intellect in Italy was established in a 
twofold manner. In the first place Greek colonists introduced their 
ancient native style Into their new' hom^. This is proved by the 
existence of several Doric temples in Sicily, by the so-called Temple 
of Neptune at Pieafvm, as well as by the ruins at Metapontum. 
Bnt, in the second place, the art of the Greeks did not attain its 
imiversal supremacy in Italy till a later period, when Hellas, 
nationally rained, had learned to obey the dictates of her mighty 
conqueror, and the Bomane had begun to combine with their political 
superiority the refinements of more advanced cnlture. The ancient 
scenes of artistic activity in Greece (Athens for example) were re- 
peopled at the cost of Rome; Greek works of art and Greek artiste 
were Introduced into Italy; and ostentations pride in the magni- 
ficence of booty acquired by victory led by an easy transitien to 
a taste for such objects. To surround themselves with artistic 
decoration thus gradually became the universal custom of the 
Romans, and the fonudatioa of public monuments came to be 
regarded as an indispensable dnty of government. 

Although the Boman works of art of the imperial epoch are 
deficient In originality compared with the Greek, yet their authors 
never degenerate Into mere copyists, never entirely renounce In- 
dependent effort. This remark applies especially to their Archi- 
TECTURB. Independently of the Greeks, the ancient Italian nations, 
and with them the Bomans, had acquired & k.ft(i'«Vfci,%% <A *«ftK.-^ 
cutting and discovered the method ot cottstiucttiift MtVe^ ^w*. ■<»»;*- 
Sag. With tbis teebnically and scientiftcaU^ im^ort&a'i. '^■='^*^'='1l^^^ 
»t combining Greek forme, the colnmn swvpoi\.V«% ***^ ft^A'>»>»-^ 

«i,v. ITALIAN ABT. "o^" l«»*«rtw»T, 

Tlia •pbd-c ol ucbllcotnie ma ibtn gndakJIy exUndeJ. One nf 
the oblef rcf|iiir«iii#nM via now t« coD»nict MUiotf vitb tpuio«a 
interivrt, BDil Korcral •Uriwin beij^bt. Noprvvise model wu lAord- 
ctl iy Oreek aroliiUctare, uad yd Ibe Orcck fDrm* Rpptarcd !•» 
Icuntiful Iv Iru li{[blly tU^curilcd. Tbc Koman* tbcrefvrc pxelcmd 
lu cnrabinu tkuni itiLJi llie uvh-princlplc, nnil apply thj.i caniHina- 
Itiin lu Ihuir iic:*- arrhftcciural if>tisp\%. Thr iridiTMualUy of tkc 
(imclc orilurnoiml ibiiiruri^iiislly nnftltt^rable cnbrrpcino wen- ibrrc- 
\>j sanriBcF-i ami ()ivc-itc<1 iit iiincli uf their impurtiuice; ibsl wbicb 
OBCe ponstssi:'! a (lefiailcurgank vigmiicHiicif rri-iiu<rnt(r a.Munic<l ■ 
niijieriicial ami (incoraUve charBCtur; bm llif aggrrgtie effeci is 
iilwajs iiupiKing. AUcnliun luuit be directi'it in tbe itveral-iUiriMl 
utructnrw. in wWcli tlie tajUfiful ascBH'ling pridaiiim ol llie cthh- 
puiivni jiiLru, [roui lIip tui>r(> mas»ivv iDaric) (it t)io li^hd^i' (Corin- 
ihian), chit-Ay arr>!4is the eye; and tbo rail auA KrtKllcally tanlted 
interiorii. hk vi>I1 oj^ iIig iiti'iictiir<!s or i\ uierf'ly ducurutnu d»crip- 
tiun, iiiiul be i>inii)t(ied ulso, lu ot-rtcr tliat tbe Chief merits of 
Kdinaii art 0105 be nndertitood. Id the nse «( oolnmni in front ol 
rloKod walla {v.i/. am menibero uf » h^^t}, in the ruiiBlriiclioti of 
dvmes sbuvu virvular iulvriar«, and of eyliodHod aiid f(Tt>lat^il 
vsnlting urer wijli'ii;,' np«cr«, the Rniiian <'dtficvi) liavu Buri'vd %ii 
ni'idfilB lu pueUrity, aud tbc Iniitiitidng liave often fallrii wliurt of 
■ tie origiitats. 

Il is tru4! Hint luthcdietriotHtDwhlcli thin vuliiuieof the Haiiil- 
>>ou1( is devoted llir nplrEidonr Aitd beauty nt ancient art in uiit no 
prujniD^ntl^ illuAlmtcd m in Itumn or iS. Ilaiy. Nev<'illtelcs« Nt 
luly alaa contiiiim many in terra) ing rclici of Kantan arrhlleclare 
(suoh 89 Ihr AirijiltUbcmro at Vrronu, the Trluiu|jbal Arobea al 
Aogfo and .S'"*o., eu^), and Ihf Innrlliic wDI flndi ample food far 
bin iduiiraliiiii in the aiiliqiie sLTilptnr™ in tliseoliDCtionsBt Tnrln, 
Briihuia, Maritiia, Bnlo^im, and Fliircnn.', whii-ii ineltidr main- eu|tii>« 
itl fujuoiiaOreekwri^nals. — lT|iju.r Italy ami Tnscajiy Hlaiiii, nn ihi' 
olLer hand, In the very I'ftrefroot of tin- nrlisti'' lifu uf tin.' luiddli- 
a^cs and enrly Kennisaanco, and Vniii^c may Imusl n( having liril- 
ifanllyiinfnldrd ibi' glories of jtnliao painting nt a time when lliat 
art had unnk tn itt nadir at Itoint and t'lDMaiiCL-. in urdur, linwevor, 
to piscn the rvud^r at a proper point uf view for apjiri^ciaLing Lbt 
devnlopftirint of art in JJ. Italy, it i» neccwinry to (jive n ?ikclcb 
of tho progroaa of Italian art in ^ner&t Irom lliv c-ariteHt ngea 
(inward *- 

In tbc 41b century tbit hratlicn vnrld, nblnlihail loiigbnno In ■ 
tottering: couditlou, «' Irngib Iwcamr OlirlsllunlKcd.anda new [leriod 
of art began. ChriBtlan Art in .lomeliinoa orroncoiialj rcgarddd 
a* tho (cHuIl nt a lori^ible rupturo froni aaclcat Itoman art, nud ae a 
>nddfii iiail spnnf.iinp'iu.'* iri«<:iitiiiii of a nev ilyli'. But the eye and 
"n' liBijd adhere lo i-.nntom niiirr iriiiiriuasly ilinn tlic niiiil. While 

eariy-crnittim AH. ITALIAN ART. 


^■'Uew ideas and iiltered riens »t tlie clinraclei' of (Le UmIt anil 

^B clB«tiiinitim of Jiiaii pri^vuih.'il. Uio n'(<ii<cij forms ncrr! still iiruas- 

^r ■■fily i.'ttijiloyoil In llie KXjuvsfiitJii of ihcM tonpi:i>tiiinK. Mi'ron»or 

Ibr iieiulien sovi-MignM UaJ by no nie«ns lw<?n ii!ir«!iiitlin(fly bnjMIc 

luClirliUBiiUyttlifr ii)i;e of ijorseculiouditlotil begin till tlm Srrfc.eiit- 

Itiry), nnd the iniw doctrines wmb permitted to cxpaml, takp deeper 
root, and orgwiiie tli*iu4e]ves lii ILc midst of heilhen :.«cii?ty. The 
coiiseqaeiiou was that llie transition from UeatLeii to Chrhtiun ideas 
gf art win a gradual ciii?, and tliitl in fjijiiil of toi-ui t'!irlj,'.CIiri,'<tiaii 
■rt contiiiuvd to Mhw vy- tbe lessons o( titu aiicieal. Vhn bent 
prout ut' tbh is uffonloil by tiio (ininliiigs in iLt Rtiin.iu oatscoinbi', 
till] iHiTial-pluciiH uf Llio oarly CliHstUu cuiuiuutiity. Iti tlicftii ilu- 
arli9l:i(; |iniid[jli;s uf |>aj{an antiquity arc udhcicil tu, itllke iii iln- 
Diirutivi} fui'iun. dc8!;,-Li, choice of coloui', ^.TvtipEiig uf flf^arco, miii 
lrcHtm>;iit(if Hulijcct. Even thcsavctiplinguasiriilptitrc'sol' tiic'4tliaii(] 
5th ceiitnrics diffi.'i-in purport only, &111I not Iti ttchnictil trcnliBcnt. 
from tht type i^nbiliitedin the tomb-ri'Iicfa of hcnlhtii Bomt. Five 
f centuries elapsed before a iirw artistic style aprmig up In painting 
h and in tbe ffrtnlly ripghcled plastic arL«, Mcantthiln jirrhilccttirp 
t hiid devflop'-d itsi'lf uoinniensui'strly with the rciiiiireinents of 
Clirisliiiii u-(jrs!lii|>. u(ul, in uounectiiiu with tho ntiv mode;; vi bnilil- 
Ing, paiiiliiij; lu'ijult'eii a ditTerciit uhurauter. 

Tb« term E*eiuc» Styie in ofltii omployed to dusifrimtc early 
Uliristian archiU'clurH domi Im ibu lOth ctiilnry. Tbe liuman forenaii? 

tbnsilicjis, whii'li are proved la have Pitisled in the fora of most 
ftf the towns of the Roman empire, served as courts of jnatiee nml 
public (•xcliaiiges. Tbt- ijelii't that these were aricrwnrds Stled up 
for the porpiMcs of Christian worship is now tixplodod, but in 
their nmiii Fuaturas tbcy acrved as models for the Conntrnctinn ol 

iCIirintiaii cburebtrv. Aftvj* tbe ith ceat. tlie tollon'iiig became thi.- 
e.itaMiflbcd type of the Chriallan baailici. lu f^'onl wan a qnad- 
raiiEalui' toroi:uurt(atriniii}, of thoaaiuu nidth &» the ItLnllica Ittielf, 

iHun'ouiidvd willi an open coloniiadi-- and provldud with a tonntuSn 
\ Dth«ru«) for the alliitiiuiis of tbe devout. This fnrmcf! t!io np- 

Pproaelj to t.lip intDrlor of the chaiTb, which nsiially cfiiisistod «t 
t Diive and two ai.slLis, the latter lower than the former, and 

^ aoparolcrl from it by tirii row* «f cnlanins, ibo wlmli! lernilnnllnj; 

I IiL n seniicirclt- (ap«is>. Iti fmnt uf tbi! apse there vraa aoiiistlmes 
B (rfiagverae sj:iace (tranxepti; thf altar, Nnrniounted by a csnopy- 
like caluiTitiar «truotnri- (elboriunii, uccvjiird a diiinrhod pDMltlon 
In the apse; the Hpai'i" in front uf it, bounded by ('ancolll ur rall- 
iJign, was deslineii for tliu ohoir of olHeiatin^ jinnats, and eoii- 
Uined the twii pnlpits (anibones'i where the gospel and epistles 

I were read, rnlllte the aneiflnt temples, the ear I v -Christian banilicas 
txbiblC a negloot of cutcmal arrbltuclnre, itie ehicf ill^^}<!l'e^.tt.'a<tfc 
bdnj Attached to tho interior, tUo dcoaralionA <»1 ■«tec)a, !&«*«»«■. 


>x„viii ITALIAN ART. S!«o»lfM Sigff. 

eitpeclslly In early mediieviil tiiucs, vcre often prMurrd \ij plandcr- 
in$ Ibe ancient Romsn eillAces and transferring the spoil vlih llitJ« 
rp^ard 1o birniony af style and njalerlal. The most appropriate 
ornaments of tbe cbnrclti<s acre the metallic objects, sncb u croaaM 
and InslrpK, and ttie tapeHtrv bo«ton-ed Lv pspal pletv; wlilto tke 
rliief duwrBtion of tho wallR consisted of musiiicB, I'sperlally tfaosB 
covering Itic hiirttjjrfiiinrlnl Mini ap?e and Ihp'Iriiiiiiphai'treh which 
aoparntea the apsn (roni th(i nBA'O. Thp mnsdleia crmtri hini'ii lo givo 
ri(e la a new stjfU of pkloHal art ; in tli«iR Dnrlnit lri)<liti'(iti van 
for the £rst time aT)and'Oiie<l and a hari<h and nmli^rt t-lv\t, akin to 
tli&t of ByE3iiUnin, v/as gi'nila;illv iiilj'ndui^nd. 

So otli<^r ti>wn of N. Itulf I'un cuniparc nitli Jiattenua In tho 
rivhncfln o( tli' f.arl.y - CUriatiiin inurtiiincuts rcuinp. ]i. 495). The 
hi«lliru4ypc was there miin- hiRlilj lunturud, Ihu external arrhi- 
tectiu'o niMvimgil \>y luw iirtlics ami prnji'Oliiig' biitlrePHL's, iitid ttic 
cajtilals of Ibe coliuriii.s in llie IntiTuir upprujtriali'ly nioiilJed wUh 
rcl'ci'uiici' to iliusnptrincuiulfeiit nrclta. Here, loo, tJiturtof uiiMiin 
painting wan sednlously I'uilimltii, I'xlnbiti'iig in it* cMrlii'r *pe- 
i-iumns (in tlic Bft-ijiijilcry of liie Orthodox and T'jmb of Galb 
I'laiiidia; greater liicliniciil excellence anil licttei- drawijig llian (Ijii 
coali-uipm'aneoiiN Ronmn works. At Ravenna the WMt(!rn alyle atiiu 
apppurs ii] cum Una lion with the Eastern, and the cliui'i^h at San 
Yitale {dating from hij) may he regoriied as a line examjile nf a 
Eyzaritlnp strncture. The forms of livzatitiiio archlteolnrc aro 
strimgly and di^arly iltfinpd. While the basiti™ Is n Id nj*- en I ended 
hull, over which llii> uyo is eompelli'd torangu unli) it tlnda a natural 
rp'llii^-jilaoe' in the apse, evi"ry Byzantine alruuliii'o may he rirram- 
sfribcd with a tnrved lin^. The aisles, whieh in IM liftAilka run 
parallel with the nste, degenerate In the Byeantine style to nftrriW 
and insignificant passa^ca ; the apse is sepnrnted from the nave and 
S(»l(>Hc« itsintimate connection with it; tho nietjtcoiispicuoaafealiiro 
in the tti tilling coiiMista of the central Equnro s^ace, bounded by four 
luusHJve pillars which support the dome. These sre the casential 
(iliaraetarialivH of tliu HyjcantiiiR 8lyl«, which culminnies in the 
laaKiill^catLt chui'di of Si. fiiopliia at Conetautintiple and prevnila 
througiwiit Oriuiital ClirlHt«iulom, hut in the West, ineliiding Italy. 
occura sporadically only, "tt'ith llio exception of llie cburohes o* 
San Vitttlo at Ravonna, San Lortnuo lu Milan, and 8l. Mark si 
Venire, tht; edifices ofljovfcr Italy alone shuwa Irequsiil application 
of this Hiylc. 

Tlie ByMiil.ine imagination does not aiipoar to have esereisod 
.fcigroaler iiifinenee on ilie growth of other branches of Italian art 
mn. on architecture. A brisk trafl5c in works of ad was carried 
on with tho Orient by Vouiec, Ainalfl, Atiuileia, Srado, and otlcv 
lUlisu town?; Milk-wares, tupcstiy, arlioles in ivury, nncl jcwidUry 
were ijioai highly valued when Uiiported trim Constintinoplle. 



Sem^nt^tfoe S(#ta. TTAT.IAlf AM 

B,vsRDtIoe artista ware slwnya wclconie ridtora to Italy, worlu 
of B.rt {espDCiUly large works in nictslj irrre ordered from 'Jaa- 
aUntinopIc by ItnUnn oonnolsaoitrs, and the auptrio'rlty oCBysanLlxio 
warkmanshjp vhi nniTcnally ackoawlclgtrl, All this, iiowever. 
doDiDot jnslify tlic iiirurrucc ihM [tnlunurC wm quite nibotdlnat* 
to Br£4nline. On llic conirnry, nnlwilliilandiiii;! vsrlonj eileruit 
InDavuccs, it ntidarreiit iiii iiidopcuii'-n t. ^ip^■(•!^l|)^lonl nnd never 
entirely absndoncil iU undent prino[plm(. A Komtidoriihlp interval 
Indeed finpsqd baforr the fuKJiin or tint original iiihuliiUnTs with 
tho Oprmaiii:! immij^rjiiits was l!lllll[llfll^ tofore tint it^grngntii nf 
diUcrcnt triliM, langtiajsi^i, i^umIuhis, mid idt'ns Tjocamo liliindml into 
a siuglft imti-onnlity, and bcfor* ihe pftojiU' attained *ufficif'nt cfin- 
Ci^lratian and indepcndcnoL- of *pirU l'» devoid tliomsclTM buc.- 
Cv-«afnlly to lliu culllvallon of art. CnproduOUv* In the pri<vjn<;c 
ol art aa this early perlud i», no real deparlurs from naUvc 
traditiun uvlt ICH'k jilaro. It uiny bu admitted Uiul in tliu luassivv 
culiiiiiiie and iiuiiibroiiH (^ii^jilals uf thv churcli(is of UppoJ' lUly, 
mid iu the stylu <ft tltL'ii' oi'uuiueatatioii, syLujiloBtH of iha Gvriuauic 
cLncuctcr of tbi; inhatriluuts ai'c ni an i Tested, nnd tbut in the Lcivii'i- 
Itnliftii niid especially ^iclllitn ntructnres truces of Ar&hlnii and 
^loriuaiL inlliiuticc arc uiiiiiisUliablc. Tn the 0Mcnti<il)i. however, tbc 
iarcigncrn citnilnuc to lie the rccipicnls; ibe m\g\\t nf ancient trndi- 
tinn nnd ihc nnlirinitl Idcn of form might he Icinporarily rcpreiaod 
Jbut tln'y CHiild not hv oblitcrntrd, 

AbDul (hii iniddtc nf tlin lllh ventnry s icalniu and promising 
artifclic niiivomcnl toiik pliire in It»ly und the Msd* wsresoa-ii whicii 
thrM or fiHir O'ntarJM Intf r yielded so hmiiintit n growDi. As yet 
nvMiig vug matured, Rnthingi!(]inpl(-t(id, the nun was obscure, ibe 
roionvues iusulficiei}!; areliitei!lur<i utoiie SMlisfi'ud arlmtii? r<'qulre- 
mnnls. The ntteuipU ut puinting and scnlpluri] vrcre lit first bnr- 
[JMiran« in the esti-ome, but tliey were the germs of tbu whoie sub- 
nt duvolupmetit ol' irt. Thin has been aptly dciignstnd the 
It4iniinei)<]ue period (1I-13th <i^nt.}, nnd the- then prevalent for)n^ 
of art the Romnne>squ6 Style. At the Rnnmnce Ifin^'ni^Ke?, not- 
witl>9 landing altcrnliun-i, iLdditiunt, mid turrui)tiH)iiQ, miiMititiii tbpir 
filial rvliiti'jn to tbo Uiigtiit|-D uf tbc Kviiiun«, »o Botikaiii'f'qHU iirt^ iu 
t\>iit> i>f its rnda nnd bHrbaroui »4p^vt, rov4<.l« it* de^cont from ihe 
art of tbat peopli), Tht TixiQm towns were iu:iijnjf liio principal 
<fciieauf tbc pi'osucationof modlctvul art, Tbcruan iiidu^trlHl iiVfiU- 
latittii K^'i'dually nrasc, Irciuurcx of camni^rce wore coIIociIulI, inde- 
pcndeiit viuwtf of Ufyvrerc inquired in .iclive party uonHiois, loftior 
cammnn intcreils biiCiimiT intiTwiimn witb of priisto life, and 
educntion cnlcrrd n bruadi.')' nnd mon: cnllgbtoneit track; nnd tbus 
t taitc for )irt also WHS (iwakencd, and witbfllic pe re sp Hon developed 
ilntjlf. WhtD lulian arehiteclnro of llie Roaiamisque pei-ioi la 
iJaed lie ilitTerencci bettreen iu character kuOl t.'^v ol oomAMaar 

. . ....'.> 


ITALIITT AltT." Btmmimtm StfU. 

lorki is al oiic« tpparml. la At Utter th« 
■ilMlpiT •(■ H pcffMtUia {■ Ike oautrnciioa of Tuttivg. Frtncb, 
niglWb, smA Oh mm dwrchM an nnqaMtioniblj tbc nnre or^ni- 
CiDf c— ti dw J, ibe iadivMaal ptrts arc mort inirpanblr ind mors 
l yywpr U tely amagtd. Ehit lit la be rtli nation of all nlker tfus t« 
tto •( tkc ttcKTt aail atconu formailiMi of tht vanliin; ilow not 
adadt •( aa vartitnititA cnaDiftatatlon of tbe iwnw of fom. Tb* - 
I are apt to be heat/, sirmnicir^ and barnianv in iht eo>- 
it ■eatbers to bedisrej^rded. On Ilallan toll new architeelnral 
isnrarelr foand. MHtstmclire buldfiess not belnjc here tbeelifcf 
sbjertlfli ike otb«r hand, the dworsilTe arrangement* arv richer anri 
More^lefa), ilienvMof rkythm and ninntetr>' tuore prononaetil. 
Tb« mhedral of Pl*a or Ike «bnrch of San Mlnlalo iit^ar Florenco, 
ftolk lomtiti ■« early a> tbe II lb cenmrr, nay be taken is an es< 
tuple »r tbts. Tke iolerior with tti rnvt at colnmas. tbe moalfUua 
tfam^»nt, ini the fttl ceiling recall the basilica-type; vhite t£e 
cslerior, evpecialljr the facade dealftnt» of tower, with the anatl 
arcadea One aboiv tbe 4tW, and the vari^galed cotoara of tke 
conrtee of (tone, prt«enta a fine deC'Ont.tiTC fS<<rt~ At tko wuao 
Uae tbc coitttniction and dccoraliin of tbe walls already eTince a 
Iwtc for tbe clefaat proporlkn* wbicli we tdmirc in htcr Italian 
vtrectam; tbe formatioa of the canitaU, and the design of ibc oot- 
llffce prorc that tbe iireccpta of anliqaity were not cnliroly for- 
gotltn. A pccallar roQ*erral!n spirit pervades the raediirval nrrhl- 
tertare of Italy; artiiiti do nni aim at an anliiinn-t) nni) rtmole M 
okjwl; Ike Ideal vhirh llicy bsve in view, althnuKli pcrhapn in- f 
•tIartiTelT only. lies fa the past; to I'Dnjnre up ibis and l>rin^ abont 
• lUnlaMQce of tbe tntiqne tppean to be llir go»l uf ibeir aa- 
^ralioiu. They ladalge la no bold or iiotcI sihc ine^, lint ar<: content 
to dliplar their love of form in the execction of details. Wlat 
■reblteetnre aa a whole loses in hhlorii-al attraition U cuitjpeuaaled 
by the beaotr of ibe delailM. While theXortb pus sesno s »i rot* urea 
of grMtcr iitipiirtanee in the derelapment o( ail, Italy boaals of a 
far ([rtnlrr nnmber of p!«a*iitfr works. 

Tb«re i« Iiardly a (lls!r4L'l in Italy whlcTi does mil beast of 
Intereallng muniple* of Komnnesi^iLe arcbllectiii-e. At X'erona we 
nay mention the rnmons ehnrch oFSt. Zeno. In the same stylo are 
Ike rathedral* of Ferrara, Mr-dena. Pnrma. and Pinvefaa, tbo 
rhnrfh of Siifit"Anifcro|!|io olil/fYaH. with Its characteHstlc forMonrt 
and facade, and thai of San Michel c at Pizvia. Tuscany abonnd>« in 
ltofaaaer4|ue ediBrcii. Jlrnnn^ iIichp tlii? ]iii)iii in dnc \i> the cntlieilrat 
tit Pita, a rharrb of nparltun dimensicns in llic Lnlcrlor, superbly 
mfcelUlhed with Ita marMr of ivv rolonrs and tie row^oif cola runs 
on Il<i fafadc. To tbr same period iioloiig n-Vao Vkc ni:Vt^^\i(t\it^n£ 
itfrt/e/err and tke LeiiungTtrveT. wUii'.li, W^^c most 'it v\i'^ ^l^l-^^»■5a\ 
fcMr* CAupaa/lJ, tfjirfa it* prolotvpe ia tbe Vhaioa, We ctXtfo-faVti 

Oo«fc StyU. ITALIAN AKT. ili 

lighthouse of the Ptolemies at Alexandria. Tbe'chorches of Lucca 
■re copies of those at Pisa. Those of Florence, however, such as 
the octagonal, domecovered baptistery and the above-mentioned 
eborch of San Miniato, and also the CoUegtata of Empoti, exhibit 
an Independent style; these are known as works of the 'Proto- 
Benaissance', since they all betray a thorough study of ancient 
remains and early-Cbrlstian forms. 

The position occupied by Italy with regard to Qothlo Arohi- 
teotnrd is thas rendered obvious. She conld not entirely ignore its 
inflnencc, although incapable of according an nncoiiditional recep- 
tion to tliia, the highest development of vanlt-arcbitectnre. Gothic 
was Introdnced into Italy in a matnre and perfected condition. It 
did not of necessity, as In France, develop itself from the earlier 
(Somanesqae) style, its progress cannot be traced step by step; it 
was imported by foreign architects and adopted as being in con- 
sonance with the tendency of the age; it found nnmerons admirers 
among the mendicant orders of monks and the hnmbler classes of 
citizens, bnt could never qnite disengage itself from Italianizing in- 
fluences. It was so far transformed that the constmctiveconstitnents 
of Gothic are degraded to a decorative oCBce, and the national taste 
thus became reconciled to it. The cathedral of Milan cannot be 
regarded as a fair specimen of Italian Gothic; that style most rather 
be sought for in the mediieval cathedrals atFUrrence, Siena, and 
Orvieta, in the church of San Petronio at Bologna, and in secnlar 
edifices, snch as the Loggia del LaoEi at Florence, the communal 
palaces of towns in Central Italy, and the palaces of Venice. An 
acqaaintance with true Gothic constmction, so contracted notwith- 
standing all its apparent richness, so exclusively adapted to practical 
requirements, can certainly not be acquired from these cathedrals. 
The spacious interior, inviting, as it were, to calm ^bjoyment, white 
the cathedrals of the north seem to produce a sense of oppression, 
the predominance of horieontal lines, the playful application of 
pointed arches and gables, of finials and canopies, prove that an 
organic and constructive coherence of the different architectural 
distinguishing members was here bnt little considered. The charac- 
teristics of Gothic architecture, the towers immediately connected 
with the facade, and the prominent buttresses are generally wanting 
in Italian Gothic edifices. Gothic lost much of its peculiar character 
in Italy, but by these deviations from the customary type it there 
became capable of being nationaliied and of being reconciled with 
the atmosphere and light, the climate and natural features of Italy. 
The other branches of art were slow to share in tUe tii-i^.-a'^'e. 
of architecture. Soulptore was first cnWA \a We i\i o^ mfi^- 
tectore in the eeclesitstica.] bnildings ot the ILomwift^f^i.e %^-fi.«i ^ 
the Ettiilitt and Ferona, where it was a^pUei X-o "Cbe ia-i^^'A^ 
oe portals and fagadea. The somewhat ciuie att-aVeVw** "^ 


Klii ITAI.IAX A TIT. Se.djifujw- 

tt^dpti (if the catlicdruh of Mudeiia, Piacrasa. nnd Ferrara, 

on lie portnl of llic mtlindj-al vl Vi^rmia, «iiil on the f^^aJe nf fian 
Zeno (]i. xl.i lire icHle|ii'inleat creutlons of the masters WiLidKunm 
and SicoLAL-s (ca. IlOOj, quJlo uniiiflneneed by oarly-Christiaii or 
Byiantliie model*. Tbey already rmefll a dUtlmcl ilriving aFier 
llveliitcss of cxfiretisEon and p?r«|ilcally of uarTailon. Tlie aamo 
raiuurk »ji])lii?a to the tabernacle of tlio blgh'Sltar at Sant'Ambrog'iti 
in Miian and lo the ao-callpd Tcmpjello at CividaU, lhe talt^r 
firolinbl)' due in pikrt lo tbo German Rfnedicliaea, who vorbvd also 
in £an Pieiro,,uear Civate. The si-iiIptiirM of Bktcdctto AktS- 
i^ui (Boruit ca. It78-Ufi) in iho rntbedriil, njimoiira, and ba^i- 
tisti'ry of Pai-ma ahow fnrtlipf ndvaiic^n Iti tW aif^iiifli^inre ol sym- 
boUem, the li(«llkoiitss of pvesiin lotion, and Iho roproductlim of 
opiritiia.! cxpt'casion. 

TIjv cUurch-fai.'U'dca nii<l puljiila of Tuauauy did not bot^iu lu bu 
adurufd willi sculpture till tlic middle of tKc ISlb ui'ulury. Tfac 
uniauiniitalinR of tijc nruliHravc of the ranin porlitl of Stm Gloranul 
Puorclvltas iit I'iatm'ff. wliich 1^ due to UnfiMoys, and the portal- 
acul])turi?3 by Diduini's in the cburcliei< o{ Snn Suhniorr and San 
L'aseiaiio (1180) nt Liircn nrc alike free frtim RvKniilhic inlliK^nce. 
GiTiitan utonc'-Piitten cMarilri Cmniieini'l oxwL-i»ril llirirnrl In 
tbo tirst half u( Lbe littli reutitry in tlio cbarrhcs o[ Tuiraay; 
auiuug tlirae were Guibbttij, wliii ivorlced in the calLcdral of Lurrn 
(1204), and Dnno Bioihhlu. who eiefuted tile font of the bap- 
liaU-ry at Hsa in 12iS. The ajiparenlly suiirien niid oiiherildcil 
revival ot aiiciBnt ideals whieb soon aftfri-wanla louk plaev in I'kii 
is oue of the most interi^sting pheiioniona in llie bistury uf arl. 
Tlie Itallaaa IhemBdves could only account for it thia by'atiribut- 
in;; it to vliancG. The jiopukr slory wn« that the §eulptor Nioaol6 
Pisano In. I220-i;a, 1280; p. 61 3| was induced by an inspeciioii 
of iini'ioiitsaiT»|.iivapi to loxcliange the (jrcvailin^jilylpv for ILc ancient. 
Iii'lced we can aL'tually trace tho aiitiijiiii jirMnlypes of liis rrliela 
nil ihv pulpit in the biiptisl.ery at l*isa, figures in whith arc btr- 
I'uwcd fruiiL a Bacchic vabc still preserved in thi: Cninpo Simtu ut 
lliuL I'ity, timu Iku aarcophitgua with the myth of Plimilra (p, &17), 
troni u Kiiriiai) vnsu, and cvi^n frum an Etru-iL'.uii cinerary urn. 
Whelbfir Nieuld Hanna wan a luenibcr «f a, iucal Achool or wan 
t.rMncd under Soath Italian Inllueiicr.i wr arc as yet nuablo to 
determine. His Hcniptui'es on the pulpits In the liapThtery of Pisa 
and th» eriLht^draS of Siena inlrodurc us at oner i'lto n nrw world. 
It la not miTi'ly iheir nbviims resein bianco to the works of antiquity 
that arrust^ the oyt': a still higher charm is esercised by llie 
peculiarly frcjh and direct life tint miniates the sepaialc Bgnres. 
By liii sun, (^fk>van?i-i Piiano (1330. ca. ISSI; p. 513) and his 
/ollowior(i,i)(rfj-ea;ind Ninu PiKano. a diminished liomiige waa paid 
to untlfjnity, but ijnporlanei! was sllU attached to life and ta^ 

iro, V 





presslon- Th« srtistn' iicr^otml preili lections in cinnpoiiilbn nnd 
fortn ftwert thrmsplvps more Bt.ronyly; individuii! cliarttfllcrUltoH 
heramt more uiarkcJ : aud urt nitci-s iulo a moi-p iuttmate relation 
trilU thf nutloiial toiisclous li(c, which, iuanjiwiill«, li ail found In 
poMry Ritottier vrtilcic of coinpitto ciprcMloo. 

From llili p«i-)i)ij (Hill Cfntnry) llieri'fore the Ilaltans date the 
origin of their modern art. C'»riiti?nip*'rinii?(ni8 wrilcre wlio obserred 
the ebatge o[ tIpwb, the revoiation in sense nf fnrm, and thu sn- 
pcriority of tlie loore recent, wnrhs in Vitn and rtpri>«»i')n, vHrait.T 
cxlollifd tbeir autlinrn nmi zt'nlonsly priK^Jainir'l Imvr ^ninttv Ih(<y 
anrpaseed thdr nnrcHlora. Bill sucfot-ding gi^ni'i-ationn hnj^an Id 
l»Bu siglil of T.luH connection bft^cccn anricnt anil irmdrrii Art<, 
A tti*r« ancfflolc was dcemtd *iifB(.'ii-nt to ciinnpRl Qiotto iGtoltn 
di Boi'df'itc ISG6-133J; p. .'.OHj, thu iatlitr of modern Jlnlinii 
ai't, with OigvAxsi CiMAiitt ((I. HfiiT 13021, the mfst neli-ltraU'd 
rcpreicnlnlii'i; o( t!i» I'Hrlii'r styic. (Ciuiabuc is mid tu liam n-ittlicd 
0-Iottu, ^^■llell, a-s a slii/plKiriMji'v, tradiig llie vulliiicH <if liis sLuL-p lu 
tLa aaiidv and lo Luvu I'ci'i'ivt'd liim g.i apupil infuuBvijui^ncci But 
It vriit forfrolteii lliat a rnvDluiimi iu itrtistic idcau and furiua bad 
lal(u:i plaitd at ILoma, Plaa, and Slenn alill oarlicr tlian at Florence, 
lliiit both (.'Iiiiahuc aiid Lis pu|i!l Qifltto liad iiuiiicroua profo clonal 
liiethrf II, and tliat the caaipositJoii of luosalca. nt vretl Mi mural and 
|iniie1-(ialntiiig, nas still aiiecesarully prnetlsed, Suh-tequcnt in- 
vcallgalloii l)a« lecllScd these errors, pulntcd out the Gouitin and 
Tuscnn mOBalcs ai irorks of the transition-period, given 61»raniil 
I'hanu eredit for hl« ImpuMsncc In the history of palnl.lnj as well 
as of seulptiir*. sud restored the Sienese ingsler Di'rcio (ea. J300), 
«-ho VSB n'riiHrlvnliIu fur hts eense of tlie bE^aiitiful and thp ei- 
pvestiiveiipas of his flgurt'N, to hi» tiieritod ranlc, Ridltii, hnwovor, 
in fuUy entitled to rsink in t)in highrnt iilniu), TIip iiiiiiileur who 
hcfnr-n fntpring Italy has l^iflpome n equal "it nd with (Jintfn from in- 
Ntynllicaiit easpl-picttires only, oftun arhitriK'iiy iltributL-d to this 
master, and *vdl) io Italy itB«If tiii-ou tiler* litlle else llion obliquely 
drawn eyes, rlnui.-y t<-ntiir(,'», dtlitieiit kuftwiedyc of anatomy, ct)«- 
liruHSi loniisea of driifn'ry, and innci'Ui'iiti' pcrHperlin' »i i^hiiractN* 
iiilivs ef lii« alylc, will rcKitrJ UiaU</'s re]iiil»ti<>ii at ill-ruuiidcd. 
He will be nt a Iohh lo cuuiprchend u-hy Oiiilla is re^jardcd -.n (lio 
luau^uratar of u new tra of art and -kIiv the name nf tli^^ old 
FIoruntEiiR master in only «crond in jippvliirily l« ibai of Ki-ipliuel. 
The fact is that (iiutti>'s ci'lchrlty Is not duo to any Hliigle iierfect 
work of art. Uis liidcfBtignhle K'lerg'y In dlfTereiit spheti's uf art, 
the cllthuwia^(tl Ttiicti lie kindled in every direction, and tlie derc* 
lopment for which lie paved tlic way, miiat be laki-n inta ronaid- 
prilion. In order that hia place in history may hi; understood. 
Even when, in ronsouanee with the poeili!*! senllincnls nf li'w Mgy, 
Ite etiJ hndie!' allegorical conceptions, aa poverty, cfeaavrtTj,o'*«^**j**» 


or ittnpUyii In iiv n ilii|i ui un .iiiiblt'ru of tbe ('Uurcli ut Chriut, 
lir »how» A nih.iUrJy orqunintancfl irifh Iht art or t-flnv^rtloj; whU 
Is p(iThnp« in Itttlt 111 nn^rut^rul lie& Into ■ speaking, ltfelfk<' 

tcanf. Oioltn IN :iii itil<-].t In imrrutioii, in iiupirtlns a fticbful 
reality to His .■.Jiiipiiiiilnni. Ttt Individual flpirt« In Ills pkturrn 
IliB)' r&lt to nnli'Iy llii.' fx|it'i'1iitlurj*, naA evpii enrlisr mt^tfrs, •vcIi 
ul>ii<!ciii, etiiiy Lnv<' atirpa.iiicU hliii [ti i^xecutloii, bol Intelligibility 
of mDVumciil mid cli'iiniittii: rlTcrt wuru Jirst iialaralited In srt by 
<iint(u. Tliis in [jsrll.v atlclbuubic to i!i(.' Jumliious culaurinK mii- 
plgyed liy liini iitxti-ui) u( lb- ilmk iiiid heaiy Ioiii:a of Ills predr- 
)T-isiirs, tiiuliliiig him to iiii|iail lliii jiroiinr csiirossioii to blaartiiitir 
iiiul iiuvel C'liK'tplloiiN. Oil tlti?i(.' ifi'auiiils llicrtfore Gtotto, so vcr- 
hsIjIh mid so acttvu in t.ho iuoni exlcitilril flphcrci*, w&s acconnled 
tliit puriixl. tyjie of hU time, and iiinclirally «hap«(i the course *1 
Jlaliaii imliillrn- fov iieiirly a cotitiiry. 

As hL iLii' caee of nil the earljci' lUliuii pnliiti'rs, m in that ot 
G^liitlo uuil III? siiceesNurs, an opiiiinii of thm ti'i)« loprlt* nan bo 
formed from their mural painlli)pi ulnna. Thn in'iiunlpcciiincotlcii 
i.[ Iho pleluro with iho arcliiteuiiifc, "f whii>li ll I'onjitittiloii Iht 
livin(( oriiamput, uompelled »rtist= tn stuHy tlir ralos of aymmetrv 
nnd hiirniciiioHs fnmpnsitinii, dflvcloiini Ihctr .unniii! nf stylo, anil, 
■IN i'x1t-ii>iiv« npn<i(>3 were pinned nt tbnLr disposn.!, ndi»ilt<?d of bnxid 
Hiiil uii>linQltl>i<l delintatioii. Alniost every «!iur»h in Florence 
boosted of !pceiiiietis of art in tbe Mjle cf Giotlo, nricl almoit ev- 
try town in Uriilral Italy In the 14tb ccnhii-y prnctiaed s^iin; brnscb 
of art akin to Oiotto's. The nioal valuali]!; wnrk'' urtbis style arc 
prcnervuJ in tbu churches of Snuta Croce (especially the obolr 
I'hnpelsj ^nd Sitrtlii Miria NovelU at Fhrenve. Beynud the pre* 
ciiicls of the Tuscan CBpitiil iliu fijiest wnrlis of Giotto are iv l>c 
fiiuQcl at Afsigi anil in tlif Mudmitia detl' Arena at Pailica, where 
abotft 1306 be cxi^f^uttil uu clalmriilc si.'rica ol' scptims from the liven 
of tli*i Virg-in ;uid tbo Saviuur. Tlii; Campo Saiilii of Pisa fp. M6) 
iifTorils uppr.iiui^iis "f tli« haniiwoi'k of bt^< pupiU and crinleniiiiira- 
viiis. In tbd works oii iha walln of thi« unique national iiiuNeani 
the spt^tl.ntur cnuiiut fail lo be Blruck by their fliidy-cotietiived, 
poetieal elijiraeler {«,(/. the Ti'iumpli ovor Deatb). [iieir subliiuHy 
(Last Juflgini'iil, THiUs of Job}, or tlioir rIohnMS in dramatic eD'eet 
(History nf St. Eainpriie, flud nf tba Martyr? Ephomis and PotitosJ. 
Ih the lAth century, as it liad done in Iho Hth, Flfn-enee coa- 
linuBil In tnke the lead nranngsl tlie rnpiluls nf Unly in maMers 
of art. Vnsari (p. licvii) necountM for this liy the jitiro find dsllcioiis 
ulmosphorf, which he regards as bi^-hly nt-iidiicive to intelligence 
and rrflneuiMit. Aa n matter of fact, howieier, Plorniice did not 
itsflf pi'odufi' ji gri'Hli-r ninubi-r of eminent artists Ihnii othur 
places. Dtiriup a lung period Siena successfully rind with lier In 
artistic fcnJIity, and L'pper Italy in the Uth oeuturv gave bictli 

The Amoffionce. ITALIAN ART. xlv 

to the painter Aluchibeo of Terona {p. 800}, wlio is distinctly 
Ruperior to the Tuscan followers of Qlotto. On the other hand, no 
Italian city afforded in Its political inetitutioni and public life so 
many favourable stimulants to artistio imagination, or promoted 
intellectual activity in so marked a degree, or combined ease and 
dignity so harmoniously as Florence. What therefore was but ob- 
scurely experienced in the rest of Italy, and manifested in Siena 
nt irregular intenrals only, was generally first realized here with 
tangible distinctness. Florence became the birthplace of the re- 
volution in art effected by Giotto, and Florence was the home of 
the art of the Eenaissance, which began to prevail soon after the 
beginning of the 15th century and superseded the style of 0iotto, 
The word Benalssanoe is commonly understood to designate 
a revival of the antique; but while ancient art now began to in- 
fluence artistic taste more powerfully, and its study to be more 
zealously prosecuted, the essential character of the Henaissaiice 
consists by no means exclusively, or even principally, in tbe imi- 
tation of tbe antique; nor must the term be confined merely to art, 
as it truly embraces the whole progress of clvilleatlon in Italy 
during the 15tb and the first half of the 16th century. How this 
powerful intellectual tendency manifested itself In political life, 
and tbe different phases it assumed in the scientific and the social 
world, cannot here be discussed. It may, however, be observed 
that the Eenaissance in social life was chiefly promoted by the 
'humanists', who preferred general culture to great professional 
attainments, who cnthusiasticalty regarded classical antiquity as 
the golden age of great men, and who exercised the most extensive 
influence on the bias of artistic views. In the period of the Bcnai- 
Bsance the position of the artist with regard to his work, and 
the nature and aspect of the latter are changed. The education 
and taste of the individual artist Is more clearly mirrored In liis 
work than was ever before the case; his creations aro pre-emi- 
nently the reflection of bis Intellect; bis alone is the responsibi- 
lity, his the reward of success or the mortification of failure. 
Artists now seek to attain celebrity, they desire their works to 
be examined and judged as testimonials of tbHr personal endow- 
ments. Mere technical skill by no means satisfies them, although 
they are far from despising the discipline of a handicraft (many 
of the most eminent quattrocentists having received the rudiments 
of their education in the workshop of the goldsmith); exclusive 
devotion to a single sphere of art is regarded by them as an indi- 
cation of inteliectnal poverty, while they aim at mastering ttc* 
technique of every branch. They wort aimuW.wie^'a.'ftVj *a ■^■iv5*J«» 
and BDulptors, aad when they devote ttmmReVift* »\«'* ^'^ ^^"^^ 
lecture it ia deemed nothing unwonted ot anom»\w^*- *>' *^^»w» 
heasJveaad KersatiJe education, unilcd -wvtti ittft-ftti "B^*^^ 



The llenaliMa.nct. 

tlmentn, (orniB their loftiest aim. Tbis ihey sttala lii Imi few 
itistunccs, but that thfj t«)ci^rl_v ajijiirpd to h is proved by the bici. 
^nipliy of till' illunlrious Ltiia Kattist* Aubkkti ilM4-tii. uliu, 
itl. cincn a practinal artint Hiid a prvtuuJid ibeuTiit, Is eotillt'd to lh« 
ssinc ranh iii tbfl second lull ol' tii« IStti century bb Lc»u»fdfl ris 
Vinci in tji« I61I1. fUtlonxlly educated, {ibyRlcilly and luoraJly 
lieulthy, keenly allvi> to the ealin eiijoi'menti of life, and paEHeRtlnj; 
QltHrly defined Idefis nnd pure tuttes, Ihi? RenHissMnco urtlsts neeeit- 
«nrl[y regarded iiiitiir*' itnd her nrlisliiT pnibodimnnt with different 
views fr<iin their prcidBCessorn, A frnsli hikI jnyniis lorn of naturo 
BMBis to ppr\-sfle Ihp wboli' nf ihit period. Shp uM only afforrted 
».ii nnhnuud'-d H^Id tn thn sdcnliilA, l>nt artists nisa strore tn aji- 
prnscb bei' al llrst \>y s onrefnl study of hfr mrioUE phtnocaena, 
jiiiatoiuy, gmuii'try, [icrspeflive, nnd thi- study of proportion dm- 

Jery< bqcI colour ate ze\ihiM\y pursned tiiid pructicnlly npplitd. 
IxtcrJiai truth, tidrlity to nnture, nnd a corrcrt rendering nf renl 
urn in its miiiultat dt^tniln uc atsmg tlir m'ct:.«>Dry i|iLaliiicii in n 
pi;rfcct Tciirk. Tin: rcnli^m nf the rciirfKrntnUtin in, however, 
only (hi; biwiti fiir thi- wpreruion nf lifvlikr ubariiiitiT und prcscut 
cnjijyTru'zil. Tbo earlier iirtinls of tin- Reasissuncii rnri-Iy trxhibil 
pnrliujity tor iiuth^tic sornun nr n'mt-N tbal awnkctii paiiiful rmn* 
tiuiis iiuil Inrliiik'tit paflMoiiK, Aud wlmn such mciiients iirE rcprn* 
sr«l<j(l ihpv aiT jipt tu be nuiuewbat rsafrgtraU'd. The preferencs 
ol these mutterx utiviutisly iurlliii'a In rhi^erfol Hnd joyouN subjeclji. 
IiL the work* at llie 15tl] centnry otrirt l'aitiifuliiei!t. in a.n ulijeclivo 
senge. luiiFit nnl be louked fur. Whetber ibc topic be derived from 
the Old or thu New Testsiuent, from lii&tory, Imdilion, or fable, It 
IB alwiiys triinsplanli'd l" thfi imioediitti' present, and adnrued nilli 
be rolotirs of iirlunl life, Thus Kloreiiliiip.'i of lim gpiiiiine nutitiTUil 

lire rriprem'iited as auriTumiUng' th.? pHtriiirchii, visiting Klixa- 

-lielh nftertlie hirtlioriier snii, ur witness iiig ibe oiiraclca of Cbmt. 
'Cfitii iniLWC-iil Unnafcrcncp 0* rciuote evjint.* to Ihe prnsvnt stwndit 
in adiiiirubl^ barnKiny with ibH) oaivc lucthodN of nuri-Jiticn still 
eharacl oris tic of iLeec CDjnpO!<itioniJ. | 

Ibc di'velopnicnt vS Ilnliiiii nrt. hi-wever, by no lavaw tcrmi* 
natcH witb luen: lldrlity to iinliire, n quality iikvwisi; displnycd Ijy 
ibi: contcoipuruurouf^ .lit uf tlie North. A superUciiLl gluuiic «t tbu 
works nf ihi! ][idiiui KeiiaissdDce rnable* one to recoguisu the higher 
ptn] of jnjngiiia.tir)n. The ciirvrnlly selEcLed ^rioupt* 'if digniflcd 
iiivu, hi«avtiful vnnivc, aiirl ptcn.'^inj; children, oetasitniHllv Avithntil 
inlorniil necwinily planted in llie Iiirej,'roiinrt, provt Lhul atiractiYH" 
n'Ms WM prti-t^iDhicntJy aiiiisd at. This is evideaebd »lsu by tU« 
i-arly-ni-skeued uHtbusia-iui for ibt ouiii', hy tha skill in dispciailioB 
vf drupvry, and the care devuted to buMuesN of outline nnd necu> 
rwy of form. It is uliil more obvious in tliu keen sense of »yin«J 
«eiry ubnervahle in all the hrlU'r nrlist*. Tho individuni figurOBI 


TJi* ReualitoTiCfi. 



an not colitir aikI iccurntcly ilrnvn in roDlorrnlU- wllh sT«lraiatl« 
rnles. Tlii-y »re i-xcciitod n-iiti rcHm-d U»ti? and (eoliag; harshitpss 
Df eiprc^iion rnict iiopkiNiiin^ Rhiimctprixtiat nrc sediilouRljr uvoidort, 
vhilp in ^iiu »rl of Ihv Nnrlh i^.p. in tt'imrl-ciiU nrid mgnivinga) 
phyiog-niimic fidi^lily i§ uiually uni;itiii|)HiiiFcl by rxlrrmu rigiiiity. 
A UMc for symmetry Anea not pr»vcil in tin; (ornintiiin at tlir in- 
dividuHl figure enly; ohpiiicnce torhjlhmirnl iin-'ri/puiupprffcplilili' 
ia iki! dinposiiiort of ihi* j^iupA a\*<i iiiid in lljt cdiDpoiiilinn nt 
the entire work. Thft intimntp wnm-clinn b*tw&i>n lUlfnii wall. 
piinting (frcaeoi and nrrhilePtuft' natursilly \taA* to the lrftnaftrt--nt* 
of irchit'Tctiiral rults to the proviii«<> of ]>Uiorlfll art, wliorehy not 
only the invnsion <j! a iiiurt? BvniHiutiB nuluralism was oliviiitfd, l>iil 
Ibp fulli:9t .scope All atfordeil (u tbv pfrKOnal imd iailividiial cipH' 
city of \he arlisl. Far to disi'yuT ihv tu«al ciTMlivtf jiruptirt iuu». 
tti m<ivv uiily ill liuriuviiiuus proKreKNiiin.i, tu inepire life iulo a 
^.•euaa by ihu wry rliyibiu of llat^, arc iivt iicco(U|iliBiiiuail3 to Ih; 

Ired i)y cxlrnneuua aid; prcclHp iiLi'aKurc]iii.'iil aii'd onltulatjoii 
trs bem of HI) Mvail: -only u (lisci'linliiiktitig eye, redncti In^tc, fiiiH 
o crcutire iniagiiiatiiiii, nlilcli Inslinciivcly divines tbc appropriutc 
InriDS for Its rtcsign, ntn rtcbiesr mastery. 

This ctitlmsio.sii] for vxlcrnnl bi-nuty and jtist nnil hnrnionioDS 
proporCiflns is the RimiiRtiul phsracieriHlii! of Ihp .in of tbe nFiiaiv 
Kiini-i'. ItK voncrnli'm for fhe niitiquf is also thiii nccoiintpJ fur. 
.At flrxt aa ambilioiiN lhjr«i for fum« caused the ItalianM of ilie 
1:1th and 16th (irniuno^ to louk bflck to clnsHiciil sintiiiiiiiy ns tin' 
vru vC illui'tricii^ mt'ii, iind urgently In <t<!i§ir« itn return, Siili- 
(eiimrntiVf lioriM'i'r, Ihpy regnrrfi'd il «im|iiy at an i^k^-i'IIikiI niitt 
■ppfoprintfl rMr>urcc, when the study cif nulnnl lifp did nnl milHrf. 
and nn ndmirnblr assistance iit •pertf-.eting ncnic^ of Turin nnd 
wvinulclry. Tliry by no mentis viewd llii.' nrt of thn iiiipiont* [»« n 
pptfpct wlwlc, or na Ihp product i?f 3. drliiiilc hlflnrii'til qi'K-h, Llinl 
bat di'vclopc^il itielf iimlcr pi:tuUor cnHditiiiiii; liitir nlti'titinn *-n* 
arrnHliid by thu ioiliA'idual works uf autlquily and Ihtlr fprcinl 
bciiiitits. ThiiB anciccil idran wiirr ri-admilliid iiito Clio apliuro of 
3{uiiAi«$iiii('c ncl. A rL-tuni In (be rFlii.'iuUH nplril of tho Uomiint' 
niid Urcel(»< In not -if courau to be inferred fruiii ibv rcucratiun fnr 
the n.nci'.'iit gods ^li-awn duriit)c ^bc liuiunni^tlv pcnnd; bdief in Ihri 
OlyfflpiiLD gods ve.' extinct; but just bei'uiino iin dcvnlional fcdii^;; 
»-«s intiTniiDgli-il, hccnu»c the fonij» eoiild rercivc life only frnm 
rrcittivr iDiKt;inQtintt, did they «xerniiD so p'owcrful an iiiflucncr'oii 
tbci Itnlinn ina«t.prs. 

Thiwp rcBiarks will, il. is hii]ird, mtivpy 1,0 llie reitdor w gtincml 
idea of ibv rbnrui'lpr of thn ]i<iiixiNK;ini.T. Tbosu Tbo nxaniiiii^ tlit> 
AnntiTicrTvnjii. Workit uf llin l.ilh cif Itith wntury shniild r«friiiii 
frmu inarring Ibi'ir onjoyment by Iho not. lOtngntbi-r jtintlllable r»- 
^flwtleti tbm in lh« Bonatseiuici) stylo no new KyM«iu v«6 \n'H<t\\<c&> 



iItUI ITALIAN AEI. i»t KaaUtaam 

a.i ibc arcliluutit uktoIj eniployeil ibc 4Dck]it ^lrme«U aod aik' 
bend priucipatly tii Uaililion iu (bi-ir ron*tructire principles ul'i 
aelacliun orccimpupi^iit parts. NutaillijitiiniliiiK ilii^ apparent vaotof 
organiiatiun . Iiuwrvrr, frral lioauiv uf furm, ibn uuiniine of tlie 

BiosteiuliernntiniHgiiialiuji, will bt: ubufMril in tH thMe HlrQctureit. 

Througliuut till! clU><rtilIed ala^i-!t ut Ilie tlevdupiiiiMit of llin 
am*e«djng tiylea of UinaiMance arfliiieemw, felicUj o( jiroporlion 
iM invurlably itie aim of all tlii- greut luBStern. Tu apjiredate lliefr 
mtetrsa in ihia aim tboulil be regardvd as lhi> pHmclpal Uik alM 
nf the ttpecutar, ivhu wiili ihls ul>j#<^t iu liow wilt do veil to DeiD> h 
p&rt a &othk with & Aeealssaiice strnoture. Thk cuiuparlson vlll ^| 
]>rcv« 1« liiui ibnl hanuiHiy vf prupurtion is iiul llic unlj cf^vtirD 
eUment in itruliiUcturu; fur, vapeciallj in llic cut !iv drub <if Ocr* 
many, tUo i^xvlusivulv veHkal l«u<l«ucv, tli« iillenlioii Ii (vrm, ^ 
nitbiiiil rc^ari) tu itieanuro, lie liulatiun of pretupb ut rhythm, fl 
aiifl a disrc^aril uf prupuiUou aud uf iIk: prupvr rnllu of tUu open t« ™ 
the dciscd iiaiinut fall to sirikc iliu eyu. Kvuu ihu uuakiltodMnft- 
tcur will lliu» i>e rontinted of ilio abriipl couliaM between the 
luediu^vttl and llif Itcauissaiice styles. Thus pri'pni-cd, lie may, for 
'asuiple pi-oceci! lo Inspect Ihe I'ittf Palace at 2'^oretice, vhkb, 
unile'Curaled and unnrga-iiUi'd as it is. vi'iiuld Rcaicrly h« dlatln- 
gnj»liahl« ttoui a rude pile of ntones, if a judgment were formed 
from tho luerc liescripiioii. The ailislii' riiArni t'on*iHt* In ihc aiiii- 
plieliy nS ihc proportion", ihirjusl rol3li<iii in the liright of ttaa 
stories, nad tbc tiuiti-ful udju.9lnieiil uf Iho wjuiIowk in the VHst 
HUrfudB of the (a^adi;. Tlinl the arcliilcclii tliuroti^hly UTKinrslood 
theiFstJietiu efltttt ut'sjniaietriciil pruporlionsUprovrd by tlicmodo 
nf construction adopted in tlip somewhat m-oro fcctnt FlorentiuA 
pnl.ices \Pa.[Bxzi Meditfi, Rncpltai, and Slrowii, in which the ron^ljr 
liewii hlorlcs (rli8lica/ in the siiccessive atoric^s rcccda in gradnticiDK, 
and l>y the careful eiperiments as t" whi'lher the cornire eur- 
molintiiig tbc structure should bcw rtfci'trirc lo l.hc Iiigliesl eiory 
DT to the entire futaili:. The saiuc bioe iuB,iiifesU Ibulf iiiUramante's 
Imagination i]i. I,i; and when in chiirrh-l'acndiK, alter the examplo 
nf Pnlladio ('p. lil', a single order at roluuins nus .sulisiiluled for 
thnse renting above one another, symmetry ol proporlinu was sLill 
ihc nhject in view. 

Fnim the buildin(f* of Brniielleachl ip. Ij, the greiikst ruB-tlrr 
of the Early BsnaiBBanae. down tn those ol Andrea 1'H.Uadia 
of TIcenxa (p. li), the lai«l grext architect of the Rcnai«:saiice, nil 
works of urDhiloclure will b« found ti) po.isDHs many teaiureg in 
common. The style of tha ISlh oi'otury may, however, c-a.iily ho 
disllnguiahed from that of the ISlh. The Florpntine PUti, Mcilid, 
and Slrosui palaces are sllll baeed on llie type of ihc iiiediccval 
€iistle, bnt otli<>r cuntemparsry errnlions show a closer afflnilylo ths 
fome and articaUiiou of antiqno art. A taste for bean^ ot de^^^ 




ArchiUii«tf. ITALI4K ABT, iltx 

i«Tal with the reaUstie tendency in pualing, prodoces in the 
chitccluro ot tbe Uttk century an cxleaaiv« applic&tioo of gtMi:- 
in! mill iiltractii'f oriiaiiii-iiln, wliicL vnlirftj c«vt-r tbc BiirfatM Bod 
tliruw lliu rvul «r^aai£aliuli uf lliu udiSce iiitu the biick^riiund. Fur 
B tiiui' tilt: trut' aim oi RviisuistiKu uri ii{>puui'a iu tiafc bcin dv- 
parli'd from ; iitixinun cam h ikviikd lu JutaJI iiinti^uJ <if to ^encrnl 
etTttd; [hcnr-utt[iliL'utiun<ir<'i>luiiiiinili(]mil.uilIrHi nilinit ot Npncimis 
tttcuaui'^H; llic <!«mu runt- bul timidly abi^vt' lliu kvcl oS \hv rout. 
But itU Mf.niiQii to luiuuliie, tills disregard uf elTiriM «n Iliu |iarl. 
or ilesc arcliUcct». ws* only, m it vurt, a rrstrafuiiix of llii?ir 
power In ardt^r llio luorc coiapklcly ta master, llic more KTHridlv In 
develop the art. 

Tliere Is no duubt that tho ReDHJHHaiicn paUc«s (aiiioiig ivliliilt 
the duual pala.ce of t'rbiim bns hIwhii's bveii regurd?d as pro-etul- 
Bently ivjdtnlj are raorr HtlrnntivB ttan l.bp eliun-IioF, Tlinse last, 
howt'vtil^ thriugli iknl.ilulu iif tlj<: vunitrHblc aiisDUiatiniui eoiiiici!ti.^il 
with, tbu iut.'dlui\'u,l uittWdruln, ln'jir uiiiph (ealiriKiiiy to tlir nbili'y 
of lliolr liullderM. Tin: clnin-'lici of Nortliitni Italy in jjnrllflulur ni'« 
wortliy a! examinntioTi, The prlndjuil eiirlj-ItonaiiisniifR ninnu- 
oiont In. tbi« pttrt of tilt cuuntry is the fO'^adt ot Ibe Ci'rtosa 
of i'aoia, a sup«rl. csample of dtcoi-aiivc flyohlleL'turc. BMitlc-i 
till* iitarb'ic oiliU ('■.'.« of lliis |H<riiicC h-(.< ohnvi'vu alsu gtruclurvs in 
bmk, iuM'bicli tLe vDullinjE! mid pilJnrs art prumincul fpaluri^ft. TIk^ 
favijurite furiu n-as L-itJiiT ciruiibr w tliitt vi the (I-rc«li omsa iwiili 
uqual Bruis), tiic edifice Iiuiuk usually irKiwTied witli a dome ami 
dlsjikyiiig ill its iuti'i'lur an exuberant tiiNk' fur iiivi<ili riii'ichDiciii. 
Of ihis tvpc ai'i) lEio iiatbedriil nnd Simlii Miiriu di CuTifpjiii<>vii M- 
I'av'm, Ltm IncoroQiila ill Lud!., anil the Madonna ilrlU Crwi; iu;ar 
Crvtna. U was in this ri'jfiuri llial Bhasijisiiu prosei'utird Ibe «tri- 
diuM of wtiii'li ErjRii! atlurnanlK reaprd tlie buuellt. Among Iliu 
fcOi-'olar luiildiiigs ofN. Itidj wo may iDenliuii IbeOajjudaleMugitioi'u 
at Milan, wliicli nhuvis llie traiisiKori from Gufbk lu Reuajssanci'. 
Tbe hoBt survey of the palatial edillee<t bujll. ol brick will bo ob- 
tained by walking tbroiij-h tbe streets nf Bolmpta^ wiii-rc thogiTat 
niHKters ]''£in:tii«i!ij! and Tkhkirilu (p. 471) Jenioiislratpd llicir 

Ifiipi'emacy in tlieflni'il duvtlopiurnl of liirrai'iiMn di'i'iiruLion. 
TJi« viniior to Vmivi: will have an gpporlmiilj' of lrii«ing within 
k very liniited spaeo thnprngt-ii-s of Renaissani.'a artliitocliirs. Tbo 
oonrt of [be Dole's falnce and llin cbiirob uf tJnn Zficcariit ura 
•xauples of uarly-lCenaignanvc »liil in Oitidlti't witb 0-i>tbii.', uliiln 
tile ritilily cuUui'cd uburch of Sftnta iJnrin dci illravoU aud tho 
ficaoln A\ Uaii Mnrco cxbibit the atyk in 1(4 pcrfcclioD. Foi'diuust 
•lUDR^ tliu nrcbitcuts of Vvnji-u luuat be mciilioncd llm Lokbaiu)!) 
to wbotn most of the Vcntlian btiildingHnftbo l.Mb oeitt. arc attri- 
butedi and Axroiio [ttSBo of Verona [ca. 1430 tn ca. U9S< v ^^'l 
^wU a worthy coodjiitor. One of the hiokI famous avi:\u\%c\A <A '^ ■ 
^k KkmEEiB'a Nottliern lUly. Uth Edit. 4^, I'.ij. !>' I'.: 




1 ITALIATf ART. Tht RmaUnmnt 

llaly vnn Tm GioCosro of Verona (H35-1515: p. tlH)), a mmk, 
n pbilulogisl ithe iliscovcrer of ihi! IvUtrs nf Ihi; younger Pliny), k 
bnUnist, no eagiiivcr, niiit a ihnroii^'lily trniiird aruliituci, who at » 
very ndviiDced age, After Die ilcn^tli (if BramKnte, was suuimiiixMl 
Ifl Runie to stiperinlcod llie Hniidin^ of St, Peter's. 

Examples of early Rensisaaniie ari^hitttclurestiiiimd iu the tiiwna 
nf Tuscany. At FtiiiTtit-f., tIic srenc ijf Fii-ippo HtdMKi.LBSfHi'i* 
laboElDl (1377-144(r: {i. 560), Ih« attentioii ie) clitelly a.rrt'^li-'d l>y 
llin cliiirelies of San Loi'eiiza and Santo ^pirlto. the Cnjipolta del 
PitKKi iSanti CroiDGj, llie hnll uf tils' Foniidliiig Ilu^pttat, and Xht; 
Dili Satriely o[ San Lorpn7o, tt'ith whieli it is iiitorcsliug to pohi- 
purc llie New SncrJely by Mik'bm.'] Angeio. Tlic I'slaKBO Rucidlal 
\jf. slviii), ))y Leuti Bnl.tiHla Alliirii (p. kIti), in Impar'tsnl tiii a.\\,avr- 
ing the com bins linn nf piiaflarn 'rnstirn', thi> grcatpM ad- 
v«BCc achiflveri by the Karly ItunaissaBco, Sienn, with its nnmer- 
oUK pHlfi(<<H, Picnzfl, witli Ihc building!) ciT BERM.tBDDri^ ^n^m,ni» 
I'll, liv), t1i<i iiiodi>] of n R^naiMnnce Inwt!, aud Urbirin dao afford 
<iXCellciit (^naiiiplea of the art of the QuiittroccnliHls, bul aro 
b(ruud the limits of tlic prcictit ^'DlllIlle. Thnugh niiiforTiiity i» 
uot a feature oX Keuaiaaiuici; art, these edifices mny be classed lit 
a tiumWr of local groups, sccor^ng to mitterial nad vRriou» otber 
cliaractcristies. ^ 

The enr[y Rrnnisflanoe is succucli^d by Bramante'a epoch 
(I444-lal4; p, 15B), with wliicb beffati the golilrn age of sym- 
metrical (onslruetiuii. Willi ii o'is« t-coiinaiy the mere riccoratlrB 
porllons were cireum.seribeil, wliile prenltr signifidinire and more 
marked cijires.sifiti were iiuparted to tit true prmstil.iieniN of thtf 
striielure, ihe real i-xpoiienis nf llie arcbilettiirnt. iii'.«ign, Tlie 
worit* of lln' BraiuatLlirie era lire less graceful aiiJ atlrae!ire than 
IhoKH i'{ itx pre(tccesHi>rH, bat superior in tlieir vi-e!l deliued, lofty 
■imptielty aiid flnislied cliaraclnr. Hud the CliiirLdi of St. Fetur 
been eon»|ilete[l in (he eonsiNlent form originally dt:signed \if 
Hrnmaiiip. wlileh wmild hnie madu it superinr tu nil tlii? ediHoM 
'if iiiitiipiity , M-o eoiiH liaii' jirnnouneiut a iimre deeiilcd opinion 
as to thi? i'lcui of the eliurcli-^treliiteeUiri." of llic Reiiaissaiieo. TItft 
c ire" instil Tice thut the jtraiidast work of tliiii style has been siib- 
jecled In llie meal varied alteritiiiiia leaehes iia \a refraiu from the 
imliKCi'iiniiintc Ijlanie whieh so eoiuitionly fnlh to tlie lot of Re- 
nnisHHuee ''luirflhes. It must at least be ndiniltert that the favonrito 
form of u Greelt crnss with roiinded evlreniitiea and » eentrnl Aitvab 
pflgaeB«ea ei>ne(!iitrat*d unity, and Ihat ibe pillar-ceiislriictinii >"0- 
lisved tiv iiifhes preseiils a juoat majeslic appearance; liW ean it 
be ili"|>ute<l thai Jn the chiirebes of tlie Rennissanee tliesKiiio artistic 
pnaeipii-f aiv appVivi its lu the niiivcTBaUj aimivui ^Awiei vxvA 
f'^nlar ftHfirc^. If cliv Ciiytm-r tlinre dire e^tU*. V*bb Sh\pti>i.v, ^\v^^ 
»<« diir t,f ihr inft-rinrUy of tlie BtcbiVe^Vn \itt^ ^13 ii^we'^it-SO"^^ 



ArcJitttthrrt. tTALIAS ART. 

tlfir contrtil. Tie grc&t nftsUrs at tliis cul mum ting period of Itie 
RtnaisMiice were Ratiiaiu. (p. lii), 11.ii,d*s8.(h>; PKRrMt I'p. 47t), 
liid [he <,[)uiigi-r Avruicio i>k Uixoiixo at Roue, MictiELS f>AX< 
MiCBXLi or Verona (1484-1559; p. 3U0) uriil Uhspo Sixaovixn of 
FInrence |U86'1570; p. 350) at Vt-nire. while SlKiHiKL Axoblci 
4ji. lis) ftirms the cnriiircting link witli the late- Ren liHanov uml 
bai-oqufl era. 

OuUidfl (if r.uiiibardy tlii? Iravflli'r nlii liPHt bei'oini> tici^imiiilnii 
with Ihc varks oF l{ratuaiiti> nnd Iii4 ront^inporarlM at llnmo. 
but Ilicrt! ar<? uUkt plui^os nisn limt pi>9RBSB iiuporianl Mutn]>loM 
or tlia 'lli|rli Rfnsissiiin'f' ntylc. Al Finvencf, for csnmnU, arp ihc 
Pah^/o I'liiidulliiiS anil lhi\aBZ<v UguocUiii, Ilii> fOMiior of wLicii 
IB said to iiave l»eoii (^'■sigiirrl by IUpiiski.; Oiq court tt tlio I'itii 
Palai'Hj by Uabt. Akmasati: llir Puliczo Sorristori ntiH tlii? PiiImko 
Bartuilui by 13&gci<) i''Aosoi.o, W'c niusl meiilioii Maitltia iw tbf 
Bccno of tl'c nrohitt'i'lurnl liilmiirs of Uiruo Romavo ip, 315), 
Vcrojia Willi its iiuiueruus buildingn by SjiMiiciiou (eg. tliu I'li- 
\ata.u B'.'viliitquiiJi and I'nflna, wbcre Giotanm Mmeia pAtciistTio 
(14M- 1531) and AsintE.i. Kiwin iCnjipflln del iiiiiilii> floiiri«lie"l. 
Al Venire tlie RfnntsBiincE: ciiliriiniil.('<l in tlit- works of lAn>i*i> Sas- 
nitviso (Olil Library). The succt'eili nj; gi'ititriiiifiri iif ilm Iflili eeul- 
ui'y did not adhure to Ilje style introduri'd liy Braiiia.rile, whicli, 
Indeed, had navtr lieeii retluceii to a StiisiiL'd sysl^iri. Tbt-y aim, 
under the influence o( Mii-liarl Afijrelu, more siidulously al gciiMfil 
*tTpet, so llml liarmoiiy aiiion^ tjie indiviiliial iiit'iuiiDi'a Ijegius In 
be iiegleeteri; lli*y endeavour Id nrrBBl the i-yi' by boldnes* of cou- 
Struetion nud >ili-lkin» i!(iutrai<tR: op tlx'y iiorrow acv.' inndeH of tm- 
pi'pfiilon from antif|ulty, tho preMjit* uf ivhieli had hitherto fceen 
njiplicrl in an iinsy«lematle mnnnor only, nnd undertnko n critiral 
nrcliii?iili>ffii.'al revUttin of its detnlls. IMfujim bceaitm the Menn iil 
tli'-notivity »f ilic I«'<>i;rei»l lliiori»tn, Viunouvjiii'!, 
■(7I>, thft fii'Hl of w'liMiii I'Tiiireisod »n onnnnnii* inflofiifc on the 
riitiii-o of nrc'hitrctiii'"- liv hix b'lolt on IIid Vt\f Orders of .\ri.'lii- 
l.'cnire, while the Luter wrote a signiltriint work on Ihc- conteni ■ 

Siirury idro' lA' iintique art. Aiiullicr iiupnrlant ina-ilrr of tin; ItiU.' 
Ktiawaonou wa.t <r*.i,BAMn Ai.bbh of I'crugin {151i-72i, nrt'Lilc't 
of Ijuntik Marin dl CariifiiaiLO nt Gtnna nnil tli'i rnCax/i) Marliio ui 

Ill tba rniddlu and Inttnr linlf of tlii,' 10tl) citiit. Balfiifiin. Milan, 
Orntia, luii Vtrrnza were ^raliius pairyiis of art. The lUoNt i^ml- 
ncnt mrchituct of lliii period at Venirt was AyniiRiA Pau..»uiu of 
Vlcen/a fISIft-Sfl; p. ^24 1, llie l«st of ihe Reniii.*saiiL-e arclii- 
tccla, whose Venetian ehiiri'hffs (San fJior^io Miiggiort and Rciicii- 
toreiaiid Viirentinr p.ibiPi^i hi'I' eijiially reli'tirated. The fiindaoienlal 
type of domMile arelitleelnre at Vi'oioe rvcvn with liftlei-nciaUtift. 
'bv nature of thi- Rround aiT.irrled IIUIk M.npe t«T Uie ta-^xV-'C «^ 

Mi ITAWANAKT. The SmalumMf ^ 

tho arcUitect, vIiUc Uiii Cffusen&the s|)irit or llic inhnliiUuta la- 
oJincil lb«u to adlid'c lu tlic stylo cBt&bllsliDil ly cusluai. NIgd 
diBtinctlDiii of ntjlu nru I Iici'itl'uru tlii; iiioiv (itf«i:n'nbk, aiiil thkt 
wliluli CDiarmtcil L'riiiii n pure itrusc uf form tlic mure itpproclnblc. 
Tlio»o wliuilmvL' bcoD by carDful cuuipnrliioii ut lliDgrcBl 
supui'lorlly oF tlic Libi'ury ot Saiisovliio lin tlic J'luiiclln; p, 309}a 
over the [1CW rrui'.iirntk^ »r VIKc'li^'Eu 8c«>roCEi ( l(i.S2-lDl<i; p. SM}^ 
alttiouf^li tbB tw(f ciiilli'** litiicily our rr« poll i! in man}' rmppctn, h»vt ^ 
tn&dc grcB.1 prugrivHsi Inivanl* mi arcaralL' iimiglii. Inln llir nruUi* 
r.iicluri; nf thci ltciiuiKNiiiLi:<<. 

MiiL'li, liuwcvur, viiiilfl ii« Loict by llit' trnriiUftr wlii> ilnvotodJ 
1i[ij nttdiitiiiii I'xi'lUNlvuly lu llio maHtLT-u-orkH Hint bnii' ln'Oii i>x-' 
iiilli'il friini l.hiii^ iiiiitK'iiiorid, ur miiitly In tliu grunt iiiiiiiiiiiiimUl 
lilriirLin'cK. Am i-s'dii tll<^ liiniffiiiAcunt vum'i uiiajiiliriw, iiuiiiiul lit lured 
[ii iVNiiro, L'rbini), (Julihiu, Utirutii, Fiu-iitu, iiml ('asli'l iJuiuntBj 

tifitify lo tilt UilL' 111' the ItttHan*, tliuir puMliilliy for elaankjil 
nwiWs, and tbi'ir oalliuslusin tor puHly of 1'o.rni, h.j alsu In inlnrlcr 
workii, muK' (il wlitfli I'all witlilii tlio proviiioe •>!' a mero huitill- 
crult, QiQ ji^'ciiUur bcaiiciiia of tlii> K^imlagaiicn ttXyip are artcit':| 
clclrtti''!, ami cb*ruiiiij{ B|ii;dmC'ii» uf arobilyuliiri' iiru bihiujUiiibi | 
■ (tiHCi-iviiriicI ill riituotv I'liriiurs uf llla,liAii luuiin, Nor mu^l tliL> unsl] 

ff JuuiHiii af douoriilivo Huulptuti; lui lUHi'C^unli.Hi, (is siii'li works, 

\vl>«'tliC'r in iiK-lal, stone, ar (.luec", iiilaiil or cai'iuil wimd (ivlui'eia ( 
mill ijiiof/tivj, uUi>u verge on the splicru ut iLri:luUii'turu iii lUfU'j 
di^ijgiie, dntwing-, and »ty]v i>I curkhiuvut. 

On lilt wIioIr it may bcossirrtcil tfiuL tboarclillecture of tUo R9-] 
naisnaiiC'C, which in ubL'tliuncc lo ttic iTii]iiirciiiutits o{ Riudcni \itti ' 
nrnnil'cjitn itn ^ruiiUint tii cclU'iici; in secular etntctiircH, ciiiiiiot ftkll ' 
til ^rulity tilt' tnitr of thu mofil- suficrfielal observer, With tho 
Scri.i'TtriiK 111 Ihv .lamc period, however, th« ciu« 1b different. Tha 
luiJiiiM arrhilt'rtiirr nf tlic I&tb mid I6lh ccnliirles still iiosscaw!*] 
iL |iriidic'iil vhIhc iniii !« imJlBtcil even at. tlie prwent iliiy, mill pmnt- 
iiij^ iiiii!iiul)tr-(ll.t atuiini'ii Its highest riiii»uiiiiiinttim at the sitms.J 
pfrlniL llirl. iJii: Hriilptiin? of tlie Iti'imi^Knnie iI'ick nut »]ipitar tO' 
lu uiulliy lit ri'VJi'itl, uiiil iiidi-'Cii riiniiol riiiiijiuli- willi (but uf niiti* 
qulty. Vut tliv pbmtic Jirl, I'nr Ct«m inijiiyiiig :i liinrr ilogrpc of 
[ftvciur. wiLii rulhi'r vicu'i^d by lliu nrtisl.k uf Iliiil iign iii^ Lli<i prtipur 
centre ot tlwir spln'rr nf lu'livily. .Si-uljilurn was ihr llrHl iirt lu 
tlaly whleli wuK likuii<Uie(l iiilu tin' nU'i'-h-iii of tlic KeiiniHKUiu^e, in 
ita dcvt'lnpiiienl il wuh evitr ii Ktnp bi iKb'iiiu'e nf ihe nlhiT iirtR, 
aud In the populaf upiniau ponMi'iiiiod the. ndvantiig-r nf moNt ulpnrly 

remhotiylng tbo ciirreut i(l*ns of tho ago and cif nfl'ordiii^ tho most 
brilUnnl cvidcni'iii nr the rc-nw.iilcciii'd lovu uf oil, Unii^g |>i-uliubly 
to thp eluKeiiean of flip cotinectlou ttftlNftcu \\m; \iUb\:w wV oiltiQ 
HfiunisMiiPo ari/i the fioculior nuUuml 5n\\,tirfc, ».Vb fetscM \«i»^ 
aimJ, nf its vaisKi «f(jr tho dfoline <\\ \.Vic U^\eBj ^^.4, ■«m\*» 


appreciated than pictorial and architectural works, in irhich ad- 
Tentitions historical origin is obviously leas important tban general 
effect. In tracing the progresB of the sculpture of the RenaiHsance, 
the enquirer kt once encounters Berious deviations from strict 
precepts, and nnmerous infringements of {esthetic rules. The ex- 
ecution of reliefs constitutes by far the widest sphere of action 
of the Italian sculptors of the 15th century. These, however, 
contrary to immemorial us^e, are executed in a pictorial style. 
LosBHEO Ghibbbti (1S81-1455), for example, in his celebrated 
(eastern) door of the baptistery of Florence, is not satisfied with 
grouping the flgnres as in & painting, and placing them in a rich 
iaadscape copied from nature. He treats the Ijackground in ac- 
cordance with the rules of perspective; tlie figures at a distance 
are smaller and less raised than those in the foreground. He over- 
steps the limits of the plastic art, and above all violates the laws 
of the relief-style, according to which the figures are always re- 
presented in an imaginary space, and the nsnai system of a mere 
design in profile seldom departed from. In like manner the painted 
reliefs iu terracotta by Luca dblla Robbia (1400-82) are some- 
what inconsistent with our conceptions of the purity of plastic 
form. But if it be borne in mfnd that the sculptors of the Re- 
ndssaticc did not derive their ideas from a previously defined 
system, or adhere to abstract rules, the fresh and lifelike vigour 
of their works (especially those of the 15fh century) will not be 
disputed, and prejudice will he dispelled by the great attractions 
of the reliefs themselves. The sculpture of the Renaissance adheres 
as strictly as the other arts to the fundamental principle of re- 
presentation; scrupulous care is bestowed on the faithful and at- 
tractive rendering of the individual objects; the taste is gratified 
by expressive heads, graceful female figures, and joyous children; 
the sculptors have a keen appreciation of the beauty of the nude, 
and the importance of a calm and dignified flow of drapery. In 
their anxiety for fidelity of representation, however, they do not 
shrink from liarshness of expression or rigidity of form. Thdr 
predilection for bronze-casting, an art which was less in vogue iu 
the 16th cent., accords with their love of individualizing their 
characters. In this material, decision and preguancy of form are 
expressed without restraint, and almost, as it were, spontaneously. 
Works iu marble also occur, bnt these generally trench on tlie 
province of decoration, and seldom display the bold and unfettered 
aspirations which are apparent In the works in bronze. 

The churches have always afforded the most iu\^oi\a.'cA%A%.V« 
the labours of the Italian sculptors, some ot ftifetft, wv^ ^.a^w^ 
Croce atMorence, the Frari and Santi Gioviimi a Va.iA^ '^''^^^""'^^^ 
aadSanl' Antonio nt Padua, forminR ver\ muBewm* ol'^ft'R^f**- .^ 
Kttlpture. At the same time many of ttft -wwUVVw \*«viK^** ^ 





Vntlol luil olliurij luiboHlshed their ninnMnna viih slaluxry, anil 
III* Lrt of the KUtplor km (rciiuently jiivi>1c«d vith b mir to crtc' 

■ lltllng Irlbuti) to the memory nf siiinr publir linngfacUir. 

At Fhreiiri: tliv crniilr at Rriinianuncr M'uljtturt. wD Wum* 
■e4iU)i)nti>d villi Irliihvi'li iiiiil Ddlu Ilulihiu, vliu li«ve iiaeti Hict-Ay 
UK'iillnnc'l , mill uilli ttio fmiKiui Donittollo (1386-1466;, vbo 
inlruilurcil n iiaiinnllsitii^ Nivlft, vhirli. ihiiuf^li ollcn ba»li, la full 
of \iln uul f^iitnu-Ur. Aniang liln nimt Kurvi^aBtu! ■.'orks arc tha 
irtatu* nJ Ht. Oi'itrgn and the Vklorlou* Harlil Id bronjeo In tho 
Muieo Naxicinnid i]i. h^ij, i collectbu iiivslu»bl(< lu thu sludBtit of 
tbe curly KunuiKMuiicc. Tb<! rolluCa ou ibu luo |juipi[4 In Sau 
Lmtciibo, tUo aimljjtiii'Ki* in llic Sftcrinly tif lha.1 iburch (p. G20/, Mid 
t|jo HOijiiiE-gullcry in IIju Catlvdriil .^luH('Ulll vbuiild alau be iu 

■ pC'Tti.-d. I'hu Judith (jlr(»i>|j i<i tijv LuKlfi'i del Larui, n ]»!« wurk, 
mai'kn Ibr limits u( Khin ii»lui-a.Iiali>; dtylu; the »triviii|; >Ilt:r the 
ii[|iii>!>t jiiiBniMi-- ij|ii-ca»lviiioss, eijitibiiiwl wilb tbo unc»ty uioye- 
iiicnlH iLtii) HtID' liiioit, jj.i'uiliii^CA nil effect u[ poiiltivi' iijflluflas. 
DiiiialfJloV wui'ks oiil o! I'lorciiru jive bin tqiicatrinu ststuii 
iiT ('i«Uairii'lsla and ihi: iiiiniiToii'i si:ii]|itiii'cs ii) San I' Antonio at 
f'adiia. — With Fioreiicc may be iiR-iilloiifd Siena, ivhu«D chief 
jiiactei', Iaccivo uuLLit QrBKC'iAi'l374-l-l'38i, cKiTt'ittpd btrt criift iIm 
ill. Lucca (toj)ib nf Iliiriit di'l C'nrrrl.ltif nnii n«i<yiiu (fa;ade- 
oniliiiirTjUtlDii (ir^uti I'ttLrunJii). 

Tliii jiitxi juiiljilfir <ir riolu Mm- ]Ji>iiiit«llu van Akdhka YsK' 
uucijiju (1434i-J:ttt), oiiu ot tho iiiohI liidui-iiUiil iii'tl^ts af tiU dny, 
■t<j.unlly tiU[:iT«s«tuI luvoiks in bmiue (Miiji'HLriausUtiti.- uf CuLletitii 
at Veiiitvi and marble, Monl of Ibc ulber masters .jf ibis period 
iJIeukariio and Ahtohio Ro^utLLtito, Mixu t>\ Fissoie, DsetDBMia 
DA SerTK^NA^o, and liiiNisciETru da Al^iiyoi vari- vhiaSv cccuple^ 
lu tb<i PXL'iMiUoQ of tombstones and rell^l'H ot tha Madiiiiiia, and dv 
itut nrcu])}' II |iu«Uluii u[ no iiiiidi i(ii]iiii'taticf; but the Ufo iin4 
<i.i|ifii< nl' b^CDilty whicL ohmractcrixu iIil- vsrly R(<iiiLiseuiice are ad> 
mirubli' vKeiiiptiHcd bolb in tbttr n'orln and in Ibuse iif MATtBi> 
GvitaI-i uS LucL-a (M36-iri()I; p. sa!>). IiiiporUnt Flormilina 
uiaatM-B «if llu! firnl balf ul'tbc iGtli tout, vnx (imv. FR.iiiR, Rosriot 
'I474-l»5-ll. vtho l^il^ iii.iiiJi-td bv I.uiiiiiiidn da Viiii.:i, and pnrti- 
tiJarly AmikisaS.inpim lau i)4(i0'l^^!iyi tlicticiiliiicirtif ibi: viiiuisitH- 
j,'i'oii|i (if ('lirht aiinl liiL- llaptjst in ibr buptlwtfi'y at FIoivikc, of 
Biiperb iiioiiiinii;nts »l Itumt: (iu tbi- rlioir of Siiiita Maria del I'opolo), 
anditfoonK' of the s.niJ|)iuiD« wliicli adorn ihp WnutaCasa iiiXorelo. 
Noriliei'ii Italy aJsn tuiiLribuLed largely to the devflojunmit <il tlia 
plastic art, Tlin Cerinsa nl JVima (p. iij'i, fur e\aniplp, afforded 
ecu patio 11 during seviTal durados [« naiiieninx srlials, uaiang whom 
lliij most eiJiiiienl were GiovASXi AN-rtraio Amaueo (144T-laS)I; 
p. 158; creator of tbe Cappulla Collyuul at Berg'ainoj iind, al \ 
lator jjeripd, CbistopO'Hv 'ioi.kv.i {A. 1527)^ sankamed II Qoma 




■ VcHive alMHuds ill wvrks \>j tbe LoiukBDi (pp. x\ix, 331> and by 
Ataeeucpao Leofaidi <!d. 1&22), ihe monl famous nculptor of hit 
period; Rtnrto (p. tt) vrnught U Padia; B«n&ii (ca. 14S()- 
1&48; p, ITtS) and llie oliivc-oienlioacil CNiaroroao Souni ivero 
actiTcly cii^^it al ^ViVaii; and Modtna aSitrAriA cmplovraaat 
to Gtuio Mae^^uxi ;ijiiI Astdsio Bkuambuj (p. 4oS}, utisU in 

Amnnf Ilie ru.rious vniVn nerulnd bj tbeie matiUr* Jlfoitu- 
mi&ilal lamtit htfieh- ]nrt\tmUi»U\ While Iheoe are artrn of n 
«ntiii!vli»t bcini bastio I'lini'ni-k'r. llii>v Jlturd an excellent illuxlmlian 
(if the high raliK^ altiLcboit lo in divf duality mid {lerHonai culture dur- 
ing iJic H«niii»suoct' pprio-d. W« may jierliiip* aUo fritquunUj ultc 
fisrcptton to llie moiiolony af thair ulylc. wblrh reiuaiuMl alnoit 
unaJtnrpd tor a whoI« ri'nlnry, btit ve (annfit fail to derivo genuine 
pleasure from tlic iucxhnuHlililfi (r^iihiicss ol imaginiLtinn and rich' 
ncaa u( iletHJI dti;>layn(I within »iirh iiarrnw tintiU. 

Am muiouDia cannol fanvcy nil a<3e'|UHt« iil«n of tho tralgjliirc 
(il IbQ l&th rciilurv, »o thi: pictnrc-f[ullGri<:^ will uct kttocd tui 
iii'i:ui'atc iii^i^ht iiil'> (lie I'AJMtMi ot that iici'iod, Sculptures arc 
frcquDtktly rtmurcd from thrir urijcina] pD*iti«ii. but tnursl (jaltit- 
iuga arc of cuursi; ^ociully iusvpnrallc from t4iG wall> that tboy 
«d«rn. Of lijc frrBi'ufs of tbo loth cciiturj- of vhhit u mcnrd ha« 
iH'cn prrscn-oilprrhiipN iiiK-hnlf liavr hrea ilcfilroycd or ablitcrntcd, 
l)Ut tliOM still cutaiil nrc tbi! maxl instructive and jii:.rnrtivc l-h- 
siiipUis of tho art i>f Hits period. The murxl pAintingM iii the chnrcb 
<if«jitiuafftriH dtlCariiiiiic<C'appd.l:iBniiii'ni!ri)at.H<jyi'«cf (p. S3li 
ni'f' u.'ually Kpulivn vf at llii- rarlicKt iprciinvns <if Ilii^ paintiiifr of (bv 
SfiuitiKancv. Uii uiatcriiilgroiitiils ibo i-ia»i3illi<Htioii iNJuuliflnbl'!, a« 
Ilih iiyi-Ii' of pictures iiiny he re^rdnU as a prngruiiiinii iif fbc narlicr 
iirtc)riheR<!tiiiiKfiTiii(.'(.-. the iiiiporluiii'c uf vliich it srrvMiu iiiaiuCuiii 
^'(')i during the uge ul Hkphnol. Uevt tht^ bimuty of Ibc auita wa> 
Urat revealed. Jird bora a eatm diyuily was for the Jiral time Im- 
jiartnd t<i the iiidivitiual ligurei, as w«ll a-i lo the jl;l^clpraI urranf^- 
TiiriH; bera tlu' iranHfoniiiitlftn «t a jti^'up "f indifrerpnt spmitaUirs 
jiitn a sympjilhiaing cliuir, (oMiiiii|[ ii» il Wi>ro n frame t<i IJio prhi- 
4-ipal ai'totH JTi tfan u'oii(s wan flrxt succeiv-fully cITctteii. 11 in, tlivre- 
,i(ire, ijuturul thai tbc«o froscoiu iNuDtii Htill be I'tfjtlirdi^il lui iiioiluls 
fnr imitation, and tint, when the nttcntion ot'cnnnui.viture'wai a£a,ui H 
iliruelcd duHiitr t]i« Itilh century to tlic brauticn vt tbi^ \iit-- | 
Kflpliaelilc ptiHod, lUt- works y( Masolixo {ca. ISS^-lMVi uiid 
M*6*a!to(1401-2Si'li"«]Jlian!beeii iM^iirly re^cuud fromoMivioo. 

AviaiU/) thrchiiri'he-iand rcinvtnln uf Tuscany is well ralmlatiid ^t 
Ul conTry an idea iif tht* •uli,'(i,*([Urtit rapid drvclopmcDl n( v\tv, mV >a\ H 
pajniiiig, and of lljn divt'niila^d and wid^^v ta.\mt^»"a^ Vcai^vwxtAi 
which ui-i^nally haJ their ro«l in onaani \\\e sttmo '^''*?^*'''^^ 
•jtriaciph. The iiit''jpDt convent ol 8aii.V' Apottoxw*. >»■ CwQttl^ 

hi TTALf AN ART. Tht Kgnatiw 

(p.61S)i'<>iil!iiii!>lbc TOiHt iciiiHirtvnt wortoinf AxDKGj. i>klCaht«cko 
(Cii. 1-110-57), vrliii rnnko willi Miisai'i'io unci Fm Fti.iT'Pii>pi fci, 
1406-69; (roiroim in Urn r.atlirdr;!! i)f rrriln) ni orin of the chief 
r^prpsmtiLtivn^or thn iiliior^nniirntfon. Iii Ihn U'iniinii'nn irKmut^rj' 
of Sail MiW'cn reijttiB llif t'iuUK iinil pnai«»fiil yi-iilm uf Fii» (tiovAxn 
Asdin.jrfi i>» FiKiKiLK (IflS7-14S5l, who, ih(iii|i[li inTcrinr la his 
ronl'ijiiprirnrk* in (Iniiililic jiiiwiir, \\k\ Willi IIih hfiit nf thpm 
hi depth of ^nnliinrnt anld KCnte of bp:ii]t\-, nnd who In Ms nld ttj^ri 
dfxplav(<d hi^ vfH-mNliir<'{| art In thn rrr^^coc-i of the rhitprl nt 
St, Niuholflit in tli« Viktiran. Hln iiupil IIknoxea GoxKni.i (143D-<9T) 
MhawH blin^it'tf, in llie j>rlvHti\ (.'haiiei of thf I'lilnKKO Mciiiri anfl in 
8nn Oint!;;iiiiiio arjil (lii* ('iiiiipo Sutid.i ii( Pian, 114 an oiithutiiuitic 
TulIowcT "( n^itiir* ami » ;ti'iiitiL »tury-lL-II?r. M'j*t ini)<r)rluiil and 
exlfliwin! works in J''l'/reiitT Aiv IIiobi' uf DouBxitv Giiihi^mdaio 
(Hi9-Wy. vix. tliu fr^Mtjov in Suiita Trinity a.n.d tlioK« in liis vholr 
orSiirilii Maria No vdla, »-'iilo!i in diirrt'litlinuBs of contttp1i«n and in 

ifuithrul ri'prL'HDiilutlon of Cbo- Flui-ciitino lifu of llin limi* urc liiirdty 
surjiasacj liy any oilier work of (bu naiiifl [iKi'lod, (Tlie irareNcr 
will Qnd It VC17 iriNtHK^tlro tn roiiipin'c iha Tornici' af tlicno wurkit 
Willi the i[iiii'a1 pti<ii1ti)|;H of Olotli Jn SiititA Craco, wliidi ulim 
rcprBMCut lliP Irgond rtf Si, Prnnds, and In draw a parallel lielwf-nn 
Ghirlnndnln's Tnil (Clipper In the cihurcU of OgiiisNauU and Ibc 
work of Iinmariln dn Vindt.) 

Altlioujfh IhB TtiHiTiin p»i!iter« exhlMt th*fr art to Its fuilMt 
iTKtcnl In itinir mural painliiiK'i ihHr oii<ie1-pictiirf<K nre nl«o well 
wtirlhy oriiioM careful pxsiiiinaliiin; fur il n-ns nlilpfly Ihrrmgli tliei^o 
tliat they grartuiilly aUsiricd In purfeL-tioTi in imp«rtiTig hnauty anit 
dignity tn the hnraaii f'jrni. Bumilei! thu iwu ^rciit Florentine 
galleriM (VtBzi niid I*itli> Ilie enileclinii of the A'ailiomy ^p. 618) 
Is well cnlculaifd lo afTord a sun-ey nf tlie pro^aag of thci^reaC 
Florenline ea«<]-patnters, sueh a^ Fra FilippoLippt (sen ahocp), tha 
brothers Awrotno i:i49ti-DS) and Preno l'otr,*inotfl (ea. J443-9&), 
Aksrsa Vrbkowwio (p, lit: the tearher of Picfi-n Pnriigino and 
Leonardfl da Vlnt^ji, and Sahmia iJoTTirBt.Li t'1444-l'>l(J), ' 

More or ItM fnnlGmpDrni'y will) thL> Tufieau Si'lrnn] vns thut oF 
Umbria, which comes Into eontsrt with Fiorenffl and Venjpp throug'h 
(}ti»Tri.B D* FAiiiiiA!ra (fa. 1 370-1428), with Fcrrira Ihroiigli I'ibro 
n8i.Lt PitA:ici!BC:A (cii. H20-fl9), and with Lonibnrdy throug-h 

IUkamasib i']i. 1), will) was important al«ki an n painter. In its Inst 
Wiwlers I'lKino pBitum.yo *H40-lfj34j ami PijiTCmccitHi iHH- 
1 IMSl il supplctnciils tliL' liriHtditr Fliiriiutiiif style, and nulwitfa- 
■tandin^ its pooullur mid limited lilaH h inipreuHlvc in hfi cUaratler 
of lyrlu «en(li]ietit nnd r*]igIouii dcvnllon ie.rj, Madoiiuafi}. PniHO 
^■*u.\ Fravck^ca'd Finding nf the Cross, In Rtrn Privw.ti^tQ «!L 
■^'ttffls; etui tbo ri'prvxvuM'uny ol Ihc l.asllliy \i^ \i\ft vivpW. \.-ccw 
*«*w««£Ji/ {fa. ;4ff0-1528l. In the cilWAtaX &>. Onijelo, »Kmi4. 



Riosl Aiiinirablu idea of tli« oburaoUraaiHcvolopineiit of Roniis- 
sancc pniiitiiig in Crtitrnl Itiily. Those whn caniioc eonvciiicntly 
Tisit the provincial lovns will End mcvithI nf the. tuincij/nl iim^MPs 
of the Plurrntine nnil Unil'inuri SvliunU udIil-i) in ilir rDDral pnlut- 
ing* of llic Histin« f'lmiipl at Rome, whsrc tan. I481-d3;i Saniro 
BGliicelli, i*iKnit oi (.'usiuu (146i!-152t; p. 560;, (jugrxo BosfKtu 
ll43S-15U7i, Duni. GliirimiclHiri, Luc* Sjgnorulli, Piiitro Pprugitio. 
and rinluriccliiii liavc rxfcule'lx riuinb»ro( rich campoMiUons Irufit 
rtc liXi! i>t Moses ami liiiit (if Chi'isi. 

But an iccjDuintiiitci.' villi tlie Tiitcaii mid ('i»)irliiri 8i!Ii<i«Ir nlriii.' 
can nfv.'i' snilli-o to (Miiiljle uno la fonii ii jiidunifitt rnspeiilinj^ li.T 
general projrrc^ of art in lulr. CimrHs irhich (ire Kltc Vint 
«lig;ht1y touclK'ri vll)ralt paworiiiily In CpjU'f Italy, Tlie vjijrits 
«f Andrea Mantegrna (U.^D-iaaS; ^p. 33!>, 315^ aorivf macli 
intermit from havinj,- (txin'iiisinl a marltpil irifiiionci! (.11 the 0*rinttii 
miisters JlolUcin the Vouiigor ntnl Dor.'c, ami BurjjsMH nil vIil- oUht 
woeks of hill tinif^ in liddlty to nature and esciillpiitT i.if psrsijeuliTi,', 
— Tbc earlier Pcrrar«(!(? matters (tWimo 2>"'o. Fraiiceaci> (.'oe»a, 
Jirfvle <(v' Jioberti, p. 4(Jt) were to sonic fxlcnl adlicronU of Ibc 
Pnduaii atboni, tu wlik'li >Iant(;^iin belonged, and tlio same school, 
through ViNtMxao Puppa (jioruit H57-15I(J; p. IGSj, laHacnccd 
Milan, wlirre, nt tiiii douriof tJit Sforaas, wns derelnpcd aii artlslk 
aettsily paralial in thai (if Mrintmi, Fi.-rrara, ami Bologna. The 
earlier Viwietiniis also stood in cloar relation wiili Pndiis, cipeclnlly 
Iaciip(>Bei.ltxj (la. [4(I0-7H, lliii pupil (if Opnlilo da Fabrlaiiound 
fnther-iib-iaw uf Maiuugtia, ami Cihlo Crivrixt itior, ea. I4(S9-9^1. 
Through lacopo Beliiui'?* soiih, Oentile |L439-l,'il>Ti and Oiovaksi 
Belmsi tua, 143O-I0I61, WHS Bindoratful tlic iirt^ulbr V^n^lian atyio, 
siajaiy lumidvd riri lofnloliariL'tmsIies, and jidiuirably>ini;ous8J'uI in 
it« ri«h porlntilure of iiiiblc iiiii! dijtnifled prryiHia^'es li'omp. |), Sal). 
In Bolaijna thi^ r^:irlli!t' .-ichool (iulmiiiat'*M in l-nnwrn I'osrA i^t 
Ferrara (146U-I335; p. Jtili nnd onds with FnjiWfBsro fatH'i* 
(1430.1 ilT; p, 47S;. the painter and ^oldaiuEth, who was intlucnc«d 
both by Cdflia ttnd I'crnginft, 

The (ant th^,! tbe variuu« pi>Int« of «xcttlt<)>i^ii were diatrihutoil 
HUioii); dinVrvut lol^nl «clioni< gliowi^ii tlir ncoeoity o[ a lofliiir 
union, TrAo^eoiitlcnt tnlnnt wnn ri.-()uitit^ in ordor hai'monioiisly 
to oonibiii? what e.ould hitherto tc vicwi-d itcptirMdy only. The 
ISth ceutury, iK^itn-ithntanding nil it> aUractivcness , shows iliat 
the vJinmK cf lu-t wt» atill miuUalned. Tbc furiiis employed, 
j^rcful niid plf'sfing lliongli tliitr lii^, are not yet Infty snA piirc 
viiou^h tn be rci.iirdt!d aa eiiibodimt'iiln nr llie hi^bi'Ht nnd noblMt 
coneeptiuns. The figures still present a lornl culouvuvf,, Vil-A,w{, 
ln.'cn sokeied by the arli«tii as plijs,ic»U"j aUii*:\»"i£, t^^^"*-^ "OfAW 
>M cliaraeipristie and eipressive ot Iheiv Mwa. X v^Vv.t»a'>- ■*'^^^ 
\»till pi-fiiimiriatifii . iJn; actual re^Te8en\avi.oft *«■*'* ™*^ ** 





klwtf* wlady bulRncei) irilli ihR inlvriiaC ilgniflimiue o( the event, 
tnd tbe drsuiallc eii'mcnl it iniuilldunUy eiii)i1iasiic>l. The most 
■btmdaol Kvpc wim Iborr'furn now'ur^l'ud Tut llic labuum of ttio 
gtittl tncimvintL', LEovxttDu at. Vtiu. UiiiiAti. Amiiaxi UrosjiK- 
BOTi. Mid Rapu*ml CiAtiri, by wlwia ati t!ii[iri.-iy aw otu wu la- 

lieooArdo't <14&fi-lS19) ti>ni»kaljlii <liar«oUr eu onljr b« 
tboroUKhl}' undi-ratoi'd alter pruloii^ed ttud}'. Uis coniprebc-nsivc 
gcniuii wat cmly pitrtly di-voted U> arl; he diri'cti-d liig alivntion 
nJao to nciiiiliUu nixl prai'tivul; punuiU vf uu c-nlirely diltcrcat 
unture. iti-llucuiuiil uikI vcrBuUlity iiiiiy be dwvribvJ as tbc fpial 
of lib aKpiratJiiiiR; a divinion iif tuliuur, a piu'iiiiiiu iiS iudividual 
tuka wcr(! pi'itiL'ipli^n unknown Uiliiiu. Hi.' ri'i;arili'i) i;arirl'ul iih^nlcal 
training m Hcnrtely Iudh iiiiporiuut tLaii comprvh endive cullurv at 
the miiHl; )ii» iiiiiiuU' (ibHL-ivailiiii nt nature di'vcluptd his vrtislic 
taut*' ani orjcaii ol furin. Oue is frtqucntly teiii|itci! lu regard 
LuoiiarUc'n wuikH m invre studies, in which lie tcslid bin ptiwerx, 
Uid wbiuli ocuujili'd bU Htteiitinii so iar mily as ibpy gralilied bin 
luvo irf iiivt'^ti^uliun and ctpcrinieiil. At nil evpnia hit (lor&unal 
imjiiirlniici! tiaM oncri-'iNcd u grcHdr liiilucurL- llian Ills prixliiolionii 
•Ji an artist, ehptciullj' as tho unhitpp}' nccldL'-nU or tune hav« 
«\ilitcrnl«d ncDTiy all tmce of Ibi' laticr. Few uf l.conarilu's worki 
bavd bwn jironorvctl in luly, iin<i \hrui- jindij- nmrrod by npf^lt^ot. 
A remiiiii^niivi- ul IiIk curlii^r {iiTiiid, vltua he wrnuglil under Ver- 
roccbio Ht Fiorcni^c and wqh u fciliiV'pn[)il ot I.nuKVMi fi C^bi>i, 
Jr the Aniiuni^iatiun in the t-'JUai (ji. &S1), if it bi- a gcniiJDQ work. 
ti«V«ral «hAul-painting«. pnilratti (c.i/. thu ivo IIicq wurlts in Ibo 
AnbrOMani ul Milao, y. 178), Madonnus, nod iinnginitlii'g v»rka 
are ntlribitlvd to Lis Milsn periud, altbuugh careful rfacarth iu- 
oJiucB iin tu idtrilj^ute tlictn lu liin iJiifjiI«. L'uadulurctcii plcaearo 
may, however, b« taken in bin dniwlrig^ iii tin: Ambrosiatiu, the 
VEiice Academy (p. 372), and llieUIKzl. Two unllninlird |inlnlings, 
tliic AiJoriLtiiiii oi the M:igE in tlic Cflini (p. atill, wlili'h Warn ample 
teiiimony Co ihc fcriiliiy i>f hh iniiigiiiatiuii, unil (lie St, JcroiciD in 
ibc Vatican, nO'uril an Inal^bi into Im teelmiqui;. Tbi.^ bcHl idea of 
Ilia reforiiiB iti Lliii ari (if ciiiuuring and cliiuriiscuro is oblniiitrii by 
au aiteuiive nnaiiiiiiation of ibf works of the Milan acbuul iBot 
trajt^u, Aiidrea SUurtu, Bernardu Ltiiiii : p. XM), a« IheM are 
far Uelt<!r iiresiTii'd tLaii Ihu only unduubled wurk ul' Lennardu'i 
Miln.n pcjrind in ItRly, vtz. tbc famous L;i9t Supper In Kniila Uaria 
delk Sruzie (p. 181). Altliough nuw a tulal wrock, tbiu is stilt 
well cttlculutod til convey an idea nf ihc new epoch of Leonardo, at 
kust lu lli'jse wtio liiLVt studied Murghon'A engraving nf t.Iie picture. 
The sficciatbr should Urst miiiiinc thr rlolicati' equilib'riurn of tU« 
eoiapoiiitiuii, and observe hov thu individual groups arc cumpUto 
in IhPDiseJves and J'et ■iml]llaI>cousl^r point Ui & ^MiattLoa oeifb«, 


elWrf Anpeto. ITALliS AST. lis 

U>A impul 1 tnonuinenlal cboracierlvllie wcrk; ihea ibe remarkLMt 
pbr«iuicniimical fiilolily wblch pervades creir doUll, (ht psycho- 
logical iliatiiivMietH ul chnractor. Kiid ihc dranialic life, tcgcthor 
viib till! l'hIiuiii'm vt tlie cniirc licarintr of ibv pklurt. He will 
thFij CDiiiprflitiiil ihm witb Lconnrdo n new cm in Iiftllan paJntlng 
wan iiL^iui^uraied, [ha.1 the development uf art bad attained Its 

i'be aiM'iii-acy ot llils atsort.lon will pcrlisips be doubled by ibe 
amalvur vliea lie turns train Lciinanln lo Mieliael Ang^sloi 14T4r- 
ISMi. Lin the one 1i»nil lie hmrx Miiibncl -Lii^'ctii i-kIi))Ii>iI as lbs 
most celebrated arti^i nl ibr KiMminsaiiCi.', vhl\v on the other it ji: 
said thnl be ciercUrd a prejudicial inUufiifi^ nn Italian art and 
wa» tlie |irec«r«iir of the dcclltiL- of setilpture and puintinfc- Kar in 
an t'lKpeiitinn uf Ibis iiloscrioui in&ater'i v«rlis calcaUlcd to diapnl 
tiie doubt. Unnatural and arbitrarj features olien appear In jiist> 
aposilion witii whst iw p-erfr^ut, pr'i('iitiiill)' tiijfiiilicaMt, find faith- 
fully con^iu^cd. As In llif enno of Le'>'«ai'Jij, we »liall lliiii that it 
in unljr by studying the tuaslcr's iilography tliat wi; cun obtaJu aa 
cxplnnatioQ of iLvse anouialJct aod reach a truo apprccJalioa of 
Michael Aiig'clq's artlitii; grcnincM. iCducattd as a sculptor b; 
liertMu ip. til7}, a pupil of UiinattJlu, he exhibits partiality ta 
lh<.- nude Slid IrealA drapery iu iiiony ri^spocls dllicrently from his 
proft'ssional brethren. Out. tike them, his aim Is lo inspire his 
ftgiirv) with life, and be seeks lo nttaln it by imparting to them an 
imposing and impicssive character. At the same time be gccupies 
an isolated position, at variance with many of tbe tendencies of hit 
agii. N»inrai1y piciiiKp-uKed lo melanehnly, concealing a gentle and 
nlrnoHt eO'eminati? tempera mrnt heticatli a ni&'k of ansterily. MIchtud 
Arigdo wuH cunfiMiieit in hi« peciiliiiritirii bv thii' pulhicil and ecdcs- 
iuutlc'ul c^irt'utnutnni-cu uf bin time, und wrnpjicil liiinneir up witbio 
the di^pths of hia nwn abanrliiig thioghlv Uin nenlpturc most 
elearlji nianifeslB that prot'onml iienlinienl to which, howerer, be 
often ftacritteed syninii-'iry of ii>rn\. His ttgures are therefore ao- 
nmnliiiin, Kxhibiting a grand eooception, but no dlstini*! ht U\r\g{\j\t 
thonghts, and Iniuit uf all ibe traditii.ual iil«<B6. It m dttlli-ull nuw 
to rnlbum the hidden t«ntinit<nls wliioh thu iiiiulci intended lo «ni- 
badv in hia HUtnnt and jiiirlurei-; hi* iiiiitatom naint to liavR aeca 
in tbcw Dothing t>ut massive and climity forme and iovn degen- 
erated into nicaiiinglcM nianncnBiii. Tbc deceptive effect produced 
I by Mkltael Anj^elo's style it best exviupliilcd by some of his later 
vturlis. His Moses in Kiin i'ietro in VjnwH is of impossible pro- 
portions; siirh (1 man can ntiver have existed; tbc small head, the 
hngc arms, nnd ihr giganlti: tnrMi are utterly diypinportinn^^jev'^'K 
robe whidi falls over the eeirbraled knee cou\4 nii\.\>* \ii\i<.i-'»s'^ 
in represpnted. Ni^vertheleas the woilt Vs gc'An4\."s \mvx***a^''*'' * 

an alio arc liie loonuDienl!! of the MeAici i« ttw»Se« 6(MKW-"j,fl 


1« ITALIAN Altr. Mie/iael A»s 

San toronso nt Florence {p. Bill, in spifr of llie forced atlicudc 
snd arbilrary tnouldfng of some of ihr figures. Michael Angelo 
Hcriflccs aBrurracyof deiail only iti order to enhance ibc nggregati: 
effect. Had au g'rcat nad Itdenli'd n tnaslc r not tircsided over the 
whole llie dauger of an iafiatod style wmild liuvf been iui;«iTi'il, ihi- 
loTias delected would liave beeii ei;Lg(,'eraled, iirid « profesaional 
luaniionsDi would have been tjie resull. Michael A ngelo'a pupils, 
in tliKJr nniiely to follow the example nf iiis Last Jiidgiiit'iil in llie 
Sisliue Cbapel, su«'eeili'il only in repri!senttng i^ojiipliriiied groiiptt 
nf unaalnrnllj fureshortL-iiud rmd(^ Jigui-i'S. vhile Bjic-l-iu linNOiNltlU, 
Ihinkiiig tivea to surjiiiii Mieha*! Aii^elo, |irodoL'ed iri bis group of 
Hcrunks and Citcns (in the i'iunBii dolln SigiKiria at Flof ence) h mere 
capipntura of Wis mcdpl. 

Michifl Angcdo lived and woi-lied at Floroupe and Ronm altci^ 
natctv. Aiiioiig his earlioat wort'* (n-ow in the Oiiaa Buonarroti at 
Pldreoucl ftrf tbe Contest <j( Oeiitaors, reaeiiiblitig a creatinn of Ber- 
loldo, aiiJ thtf Madooou on thv Step*, rceulliiig Dniialello. We Gnd 
him ill Bolt-g'iia at tie ag't of 20 yoare fl494:) iiud soon aftefwarilii 
ut Runie-(14(l'6!, ("i' Flort'nce, afU'r lliu baiiishuiifiit of tho Medici, 
ufi:r«'d no fuvournblc field for tUo pra^^licti of Ml. U)« Xaeeltng 
Angel with a cBudelalirittj and hl» Ut. Pi:ir(inH!i in Sail Domcnico at 
Bvlojfiia reTcal a study of Inropo della Querela fp. liv). In Rome 
he chiselled tlio Pictiland theBaerhus I'nnw in theBargdlo), In 1501 
ho Tctorncd w liis home, nkert! he prodnci^d his Dnvid iiinw in tho 
Atadomy) and began work, iu rivalri- with Leonardo d.i Vinui, on 
the cyel* of frestucs Jostined lor tln^ grout hnll of the I'nlaaJiu Veo- 
I'hio fEattlo Cartoon, seop. 5(13). In 151)5 the Pope rcriilled btni to 
Rome, but ibe work untrtisted lo him therr, the tiunb of Jalins 11., 
was at this time little more than begun. The n'ilmg-pii in tings in 
the Sisline Chapel ahaoihert his whole allenlioii from 1508 to ISIS. 
After the death of Jnlins his mnniuneal: wa.s resnmed on ii niori* 
Pitensive scale. The cuiiimrnid'i of the n<-w pope, Lett X., huivever, 
who wished to employ tin- artist for the gloriflcation of his own ' 
family, soon brought the aniMliuo.^ly di>gij>-Ned menioria! ooL'e more 
lo HBtandDtill. FranilSltionu's.rd'i Miehael Anirelo tlveUntCarrnra 
iiTitE li'lorenee, oecnpied at Urat vtitii the const ruction and embellish- 
BiflBt of thp facade of Sati Loren:!o, which was never eoinpLeted, 
and then with the tombs of the Medici. TJiig n-ork also advanced 
ir»ry slowly lownrrts niHtnrit.y, and ;il Ini^t the artist, disgnsted with 
thp tv runny of the Medici, fi#t Up in tbcir plaice; those of the statuos 
that wore Hnishrd and oiif-rntdd to Kojiio (about 15341. His Grat 
work here was th* Laal Judgoicnt in tUo Sistinc Chnpcl, his ncst 
the *re.;tion of the scanty triiginents of the lomb of Pnpe Julius. 
Hit )a9t vrars vviv mainly devoted lo artliUctt.m'; t_§\.V«\.i--T'%i. 
AmDttutv ivill test tc cimbkil to rciiitt iv,a\V»;« \,oT&.itVM\ 
'*J^/o br Srst deroting (ficir attention to Vw einVveT -wMYft-t 





Kapharf. ITALIAN 4RT- 

■mctii^ ^rhieli in the pi'ovlncc of acalptarc the grgaji ut tho Pletit 
ill Si. Pcicr'i! Dccitpics the higiic^ rMk, Tlio Htntucts of Bauchiu 
and David (nt Florence; pp, ftSI, ftl4i LIkcn'isc do Dot trantigrDM 
the custrtiDBry precepts nt thi; nrt, <if ihc RcnniMaiicu. ?ain1iiiga of 
Mfcliucl Angnlfl's tnrlicr prrind ore rare; llic fliipfl, wbcthcr con- 
ceived in the miiist of Iiio ynulliful (lii(li['« iir in hh mstarer yean, 
nrt" niiquestioiiabh- the crilinp-piinliiip" in lliB tii*tiiie, Tbe archlteu- 
liira.1 arraiigtiiient, of f-lio cniling and llir rirnipusiiiii" of the «VflpaJ ■ 
|il(rtor(>R Hri< piiiiu.Uy niaBltrty; Itic tnxLi' nnil i1ivnriinini(ti'>n «f llio 
iiniBlflr niid sculptor «rp ndnniralily rnmliincd. Tn Giid the F:il.lier 
Miclmcl Angulo produced » pnrferi lypw of its kriKl; he nndpr- 
(ttoO'il iiow to insjiirn witli drniri mir lifi' thn nhstrwt iilpit of lIic 
net of creiition, whi«h ho tuiiffihivctl as nioliim. in thi> I'rophclnond 
SiUj'!", nnlwithstnntliri^ 1ht> apparent naoiiot'inj' nf tlic funJuni fin till 
ititeotioii (f«rci>lutlowjng; of tlio Kcitrmplioi)), it ^rcnl variety' of 
[isycliologii^al incidpTit? are dispUvoil and <inb"'3ipd in distinct 
Elinract«r4. Lttntlj'. in iSiu su-caliud Anouslun tif Clirist (be forrn« 
rt^prc»imleil arc tlic gmiuini! ciiiaiiiiUuns uf Hi«li«(:l iiifftil^i's g-tuiius, 
pervaded by Iiis [irufuunJ anil sombi't aontiuiunti, and yet l)y no 
iiieaiis dfistUutd ol grai'i'fultic»s arrd liouuty. Tliu dftwiratim ligiirus 
also wliidi lie (V'ni^'nod to ji^ivc lifa lo Ills arciiilwtiiriil (ninp-work 
iiro H-iHiiliTl'iillv bi^autifiil anit B[iirit(:il. Tlic La^l Jud^mi'nt, vliich 
ws! cxc'pulfd iieai'ly tliirtv jeam later (in 1534'411, in not nearly 
nil miking as ilie cellir ^paintings, owing in a greiit mi-Nsurt t« its 
dam ajTi'd puiiilitli>ii. — AnionK Mit'liJiel Aiigelo'ii j)ii|iil9 wero t^liItA»' 
Tuso DRL I'jOKBu (pp. ixv. 353), MAiifEULO Vehubti, and Dis«a,K 


Whether the palm he due to MIrboel Angnla or to Rftphael 
i^Raffaelln di Qiovanni Santi: 1483-1520) among the arlittb 
«f Italy ia a qii«jici«n irhich formerly gai^ ri^e to vcheiuetit dh- 
OiiHston among nrti<it" flii'I Hniateiirs. Tli« Bdiriirer uf Mi<^liliel An^lo 
Kfed, liownTtr, by iiu nii'uni ba pi'OoJitiifld from onjciytnj-thn worha 
of Ktphiinl- Wc now know that it t* far niori) iidvarila);oiiu> to fni'in 
an Acquaintance witli oacb miLstcr in Uis pcciUiai' provinci.- thiui 
BBSiou'ly to wt'ili;)! their respective merits; and the more minutely 
vc cxitinine their works the more flrmly wc are pcrnuadcd that 
rcitlor in any way obstmcled the progrciw of the olher, and that a 
en-cniled higltr com hi nation of the l«o nlylcn wns im|jnssiblc. 
MicliArl Angelo's uniciuc position aiiionj; lii.i i^inilcmporaricn won 
miirh, that no one, Rji|ihocl nut H»i;i.'pii'd. win rntirrly escuipt frnm 
Iilx influence; but tdu ri-Hull ut jircCfdin^ duvi-lopnicut ■etiis turnc-ri 
to ihu bpst aci'otnl, iiol hy liim. but hy RMphaiil, u-Lose amrepliblH 
Biid diseriniinaiing cliaracter enabled him at once In euinbiue dif. 
(preiit lenduncies nitliln hiniaelt and to avoiil thr faiilt-t of \ua jira- 
deeessors. Kaphael't piciares are rcpleio iciih iiiiiiL'ntionn of pro* 
fODud geatimiiiLt, but bis ituaj^inaUau waii to v.nat.VAMSAiL-QiaX'^v.iiA 

. ..... L-.iod:. 



not distort the ideas wbich he had tn embody in order to aocomtUD- 
date them to his own views, but rather strove to identify blmielt 
with them and to reproduce them with the utmost fldelltj. In tiM 
case of Baphael, therefore, a knowledge of his works and tbo en- 
joyment of them are almost inseparabie, and it is difflonlt to point 
out any single sphere with which he was especially familiar. He 

firesents lu us with equal enthusiasm pictures of the Madonna, and 
he myth of Cupid and Psyche; in great cyclic compositions be is 
as brilliant as in the limited sphere of portrait -painting; at one 
time be appears to attach paramount importance to atrictneu of 
style, architectural arrangement, symmetry of gronps, etc.; at other 
times one is tempted to believe that he regarded colour as his most 
effective auxiliary. Els excellence consists in bis rendering eqnal 
justice to tbe most varied subjects, and in each case as unhesitat- 
ingly pursuing tbe right course, both in bis apprehension of tbe 
idea and selection of form, as if he bad never followed any other. 
IJttlc is known of Buph act's private life, nor is it known by 
what master he was trained after the death of Giovanni Santt, hii 
father (1494). Ttmoteo Viti (1467-1523; p. 472) wax probably hia 
first teacher at Drbluo, and perhaps another may have been Evan- 
(leHgta di Pian di Meleta, a painter known only by documentary 
evidence, whose signature stands side by side with that of Raphael 
in the contract for tbo latter's first important work, the Coronation 
uf St. Nicholas of Tolentino (no longer extant). In or abont 1600 
Raphael entered the studio of Pictro Pemgino (p. Ivi), and pro- 
bably soon OHsiated in the execution of some of the works of his 
prolific master. Of Raphael's early or Umbrian period there arc 
examples in the Vatican Gallery (Coronation of Mary) and the Brora 
at MUan (Sposalisio of the Madonna, 1504). On settling at Horence 
(15U4) Raphael did not at first abandon the style which he had 
[earned at Pcrngia and had carried to greater perfection than any 
of the other Umbrian masters. Many of the pictures he painted 
there show that he still followed the precepts of Perngino; hnt he 
soon yielded to tbe influence of his Florentine training. After tbe 
atorm raised by Savonarola (p. 557) had passed over giorioua daye 
were In store for Florence. Leonardo, after his return from Milan, 
and Michael Angelo wero engaged here on their cartoons for tiie . 
decoration of tbe great hall in the Palaazo Vecchio (p. li); and It 
was their example, and more particularly tbe stimulating influeneo 
of Leonardo, that awakened the genius and called forth the highest 
energies of all their younger contemporaries. 

The fame of the Florentine school (p. 560) was at this period 

ehieBy maintained by Fra Bartolombo (147S-1517) and Axdbba 

An. AasTo fl486-lJ31). The only works ot BaiVoVomcQ "«V\i\i^b 

ixaw tre somewhat splrillesa altar - piecoa, ^lut. W^ eT.VitfAV'n *. 

t^i degree the dignity of character, the lrafi(v*^\VMv ^^ e^-'ptiwA^-ft-, 





iiA tha arcbitvoloral tymmvtry ot gruuiiing in which be cxvellcJ. 
ttval plcluiei arc the Christ with iim four Ev3n);olht!i nnil Mm 
mt fruni thd Cwtas I'or Picli) in iht^ PiUi Onllcrv, nml tlia 
>t»donu(i hi lUc Cftll»:dra] bI. Lucca. Tlii; traveller woiilil not Ai 
juktkc to dtidrca del Surlo, n muster ol rieli efiloiiriiig, wcrt he 
to CDsfine hU atlenlion In llmt nrlisl.'a wark.t in tti<! Florciilinu 
;;[illerles. Sarto'is rrcscocn iii ibf Aiinuiixintii >'|). ISUS) and in thu 
Cliiostro dello Scalwi (Hiitnrj of John itif Sniitisl, p. 617) are 
among liip finost iTCBtiniis of liie pcriorl. 

Rajibaors §lylp was iiiort fiurliculiirly iiiflutfjicocl liy liix j'l'ln- 
lions to Fra Bjirlnloiiieo, ami Hit inivtjk'r will lliid H ijioii li.(':i'' 
estiii;; I" crnii[i»v<- tlicir W'urks niirf to doUi'iiUini to *'lial •■\li>iil 
I'ath iterivcii Biifq^fslicins from Iho other. The brxt auilit'iUli.'Hti;il 
wwks in Itniy iS Raffhntl's Flnrcntino (lerlcd are tho Modonna del 
nraiiduott li'ittii. the Madoima del Card«IUtin \l'1Rti\ ttip Eulomli- 
uiGiit (Gnl. Uoi-jcIh'-o ill Komti), ibo Predclle in iho Vatican, the poi-- 
trnUn oC Aii(t«lu i'lid Ma<ldal«iia Donl (PiUi), «ud At Portrait oT 
UUtwlt iVtUu; ]i. iti7]. 

Whcii Ra^iliavl wunl l^i Kuiiie in liiOS lie fount] a brgi; cii'vEii 
iif tioUliIo ai-lifitw alixadj congregate il llii-ri'. Sumo of ihi^Bn iviirf 
rli:|irlvfi] cif iheir uoipioyaicnt by liis arrival, irjpliuliiig Oiuv.vssfi 
Asi-()NiaBAf;i;i, ?>uriiani til IuSiiDUMA(i-;i. I4T7-1fi4 11), wlicwi! frescoes 
in tliePftriiL'siiiH viy wilh Bapliad'swurks in tiMidi^riiess u ml grace. 
A still iiiorc uuineroud circle uf pupils, huwcier, snon aasomhled 
around Rapliael biiuseir. sudi as Giouo Rokami, Pebl\ dbl Vara, 
Ahdrea la SAi-KitNO, Fhaxcbscu Pieski, and ha ('diss. 
Altnuded by (lil»i dialiii^ui«h<>d rulitiuu RiiiiIiuf] I'lijoycil all lliu 
honoure of a prhiee, nllhoiij|rli, in the Hflman art world, UrnmantJi 
tp.l) and MIehael Aiigi'U) ucciipicd aa ccfually tiif[h rnnk. Hnphni'l 
hnd iloahtlpHH studied tlid eeJIIng of Hht Siiticu «itli (lir utniool. 
rar» and was itid-'btcd In Miciinpl Aiij;fI€ for muob inntrui'tiou : hut 
it is vtry iinportiiiit 1h iiotn Ihnt he nwilhor foLIuwHMi in (liu fool- 
*iepa nO'i' «iifi'rri;(l his iiuiivo ji^tiiua to l>o blanHed iu tlic '•]iKhtii6t 
degree by the example of lii» great rival. A siBual proof of this 
iiitlepfiideiiei) in affurilT.I hy fhe Sibyia wblth he painted In thu 
ihureli of Siiiilft Maria Jclla J'aee in 15U, end whifh, Ihuu^h roii- 
ci'ived ill a very difTtrcat spirit from thu inipu»iit^ figurc.i !ii tlu' 
t>iatiu«, urc not the less adniiratilo. In nrdur duly I" npfirrdaie the 
WorkK produced by Ra|ihai<l iluriii^- Iiin Hii:iiiiii piTiud, tbc travethi' 
^liould chiefly direct his atlciilioii t-i ihr uiKslcr'n freacot-s. The 
StaiiBt ill the Vatiean, tho 'ra|icslry. the Laggi:, ihr lltiesl work gf 
decorative art in existence, the Dome Mosaira ia Santa Mnria del 
I'npalo {CHpp. Cliigl), and the Oalaiea aud Myth of Pm'^cVe Vw. 'iSi'! 
Farn'csiiia logPther coasllluty the trciiiaure \)in\tteM^\\»;i V^l"?WAl^t^»"^ 
ihe^miiiiiauf Ilifprincd of painters. iPfttther ^iicX\i;viV*icaa»>.'i*'^ 
woriji It;"// be ruuurf ju Baedeker's itindb^dk l« C*'ftWft\ Vw'3-i 

- ^■^J>-J.^U 

rrHTJAV ART. IVp,.(*,.H School. 

Efaiiy, aiid some it llic liot. of RftpLaol'a easrl-plclurcH vt bla 
Ruiniin period axa now licyoiid the Alpn. !talj, iiowover, «U11 po*- 
Rcjir'i till. MidouiiB i]vll» 3cdU. tlio mo^t iiiun(lani< bul mo§L charm- 
iiilf lit tiii MadoDuai {Pillll. the Mndonna itW Im|ijiiinata I'i'lttl), 
ibr MadGnnu cal Divtno Aiiioj'li (?Japlos'i, ihc Mnrlonnn dl FoIIkuo 
ntid [lit Traiitflgiirdtlon (THticRu), nni^ thuSl. Ui^f'llh (BvIognHV The 
ILiiCHlcif lih |jorlrnR^ar« tliii:iG nT I'lipi? Jnltii» II, ([JfQzl) nnd Leo X, 
with Iwu raniinalsiPiUii. Bwiden tlin«*«'ork"weinnil metillon sl»(i 
the so-i'slled t'yrnarnu (Vul. Birborini «l Komiii, snd (he rorlriU 
■if » Indy (i'itli. No. 2151, whirji rKvallw Uin Si*tinit Mailfirma, 

ATki' SaphaoVis di^^itli thr iirnffrKati nl urt did i»il mvirly romii 
Id 9Und«tMI. bill n jicriuil nF riifitd dwHin- nrt in, The nonqiifst 
aiid pliliidFriDgnr Hama iu I.i!iT crilircli,' jinrnlyuHl nil iLrti»lii' ntlnrt 
(or a time. At flrnt Ihii misttiriiini! jimv.'d ii tinmi lu (illirrparln of 
Italy. B-iphnelV pupils migrntpJ Iniin Koirjn tii varifHiH jirnvinrl*! 
towiiB. GiCTJO BivjiAMO, ifiv ftxamplc, enlerPd Ihfl "Krvioc e,t the 
Di'ftir tf Maufiia tcn>mf). p, Slill, /■mliollidhpd His palnee with pnint- 
iuj!;'<, iiiid dcaigiiid lb"' I'iiIumo det Tt\ wliilp I'kiiik r>nL Vaw* ictt)«d 
ut t-V""«<P»I.Ili'rint. 'i'l3l^^'CMJ^r*hout^lotK,'lphal■l'»a('h'lllI, however, 
Kuua Ii>i)^ui^tii;il itnd i^rc l<iii^ cpn^i'd tu •-vit. 

Tlio NonTFiiBfl f^cuiiijiif uf Italy, on tlip other hiiriil, rrliiiiird 
ibelr vitulily Bud iadtjivtidtcicu fur u soiuewbat tougur period. Tlic 
iiKifrt iinportanl of tbcsa iivhiHiIs wera Ihoijc of Milan, where 
l.ronurdrt iln \incVn pupilK aud nuocuasors ^p. Ihti) perpetuated Iuk 
spirit, vtFtrrara lp.i6U, and ut Breecia Cp. 202 1, Verviia (p. 300), 
mid Viirnza (p. Si'Bl in llio cuiitiigniiUl part uT Vptwtiii. 

Of mure Higriifltaiice aiiil iiittn*!, huwoviT. iiri- lliii wurka '(f 
Oorreggio (lt&4-15y4; p. 443i and of the VL-tiKllaii mailers. In 
Correggiu Italian paiutiag reacliod Its aiiojtee of luchnlcal per- 
l«cUi)u- Rv was ilia prLclical founder o( tha pemperlive painting 
(if domes (as in San Giovanni EvHn;,''elista and Ibc cathrdral st 
Panna] lud s brilliant colonnst, though be devoted more stl^rtioB 
ta eliinroseuro than In olhur n^soiirrcn of his arf, lii his B'oiiikrfiil 
• llfcr-pleees il'lclnff rmllcry at f"iiriin») und Ills niylhologiea! works 
riHna^ ai lUnmv ho In wen m a preaeher of rhcerful rmjoymBDt. 

Iu eiauiininfr the principal works of the VawBttiN Bcbooi. tli« 
I'roiii tlifl BchooJ of Ciovnnni Brlilni (p. hli< cwftjinltJ Hue grnalent 
veffviKntalhes of VcLiotian painting — GtoitfuosE (ea. 1477-1510), 
wtiuas works have uiirnrlTiniiliilv nit yet been sulHi'ienl ly wull j(Ien< 
Ufied, I' VfKKiiiM (en. U80.153S), und Tlstano ToQelli (ta. 
IWT-1S76), who for mnrr tlnvru half arcntiiry innintaiiipd liis native 
<tly)4 St iti ciilniiaAtiii|{ puint. Tbtso masters ATt: far from bein^ 
more coltiurlata; nor do they owe their \ipetili?iT ^UtM-Avim to VoctA 
' ^fpfralton »hiie. Tibc ciiicvmciit o[ lite mid p\>;)ve.'ivc'«^v«\i\\w"j ws 
"^Ppiyyportnsif a (iujtie diet filed by\ii«(;u\t\Mri)oIVta«>ttftw*«»^">^o 

l^ nH>'^k 

VmBlian Sehaol. 


ha culturp poEseseod in an cniinoiil dtigrec by Titian, as indicated by 

'his Intimauv wilk tlie 'divirii]' Arulinu,-. TMr soreee and joyaiM 

[ chara^iLTs ufti-n rui:ail Ihu nncJiiNt go'lxi suliowijig iJio maiiticr in 

tUbIi the arlisU nf tlir KctinMaanM lind jin.flt.ed hv ibp i-i'vivi'U 

Lftudy of llio anllqiir-. i'riipoi-Iy to nfiprci^iatr Tllian it U of iiiipor- 

Iitauvc to reuituibi'i' hi>w ainch nt liis activity w&h •iifipUvfii in thu 

|«ervic3 of dJKvruiit courts. His i:iinni^<:tioii nrilli thi; Taiuil^ uf Batu 

BlFiTrara bc^aii ul nn early pvriuili lie carried >>u nii aulivu iutor- 

couroc wilb till: (toiiEiignt iit Mantua nixi cxcvututl numerous jJiclurvH 

for tlioiii. l.alcr lie bn«k<.'ii in tlic (av»iir of C'hnrlcii V. and I'tiillti II. 

lit Spain. Tbc natural tctiult uf thin wiu that tli<' painting of por- 

-IraiU Had of iiiytlwliigii^al .■<iil>j<ivl» nu^riMxcd llir grratflr part ot 

I Ills liint snd inirnU. Tlittl Titijin's griiiiw. huwi'vur, wnii by no 

mean!! alka tu reliKiuti anil ikrp (t-ulinjr in art, and thai bin Jiriaj;!- 

naCiiiii wait asrit'liaiidiiifw^rhil iu ihis Held us in ixirtTayijigrLNiliKtiir 

Snil sensuiilly alvra^'livc- foiniiiuC txLitt^iiun, w |>ruvvd by lu's uuclesi* 

iixUcat paintings, 1)1 n'likli thr flne.4lai'cl!iul'esari>MHduiina(|j.4U2), 

tiie Manynluin i>( St, L.iwrmiip p. J!t9|, the I't'L-Beutalioii in the 

Tfiripic (p. 3T6,i, and tin? Aeminpiion (p, :ii l| at Venice, 

Owing ti9 ibu ,stiundno§« ot ibu pniidplcs on wiiich tli« VeDetiiin 
S('bat>l was )iaMid Ikoro i« no widu gulf IicIwobd lis luajtarn of \he 
liigbPNt and ibiiac of g^icondary rank, ai^ >b so oflen tlie ouao Iu the 
othiT Iciiliiinai-liuols. Tlionltar-pltcfA, historical acent^a, and atlior 
wiirln* iirLiBKJfito Lotto, Sebj^tiavo dot. Pioicbo (ji. Isij, Boxi- 
rAXio II a [ I'lTii'i, I'liuiiMxrjMi, A till Pakix fill II 1)1) Hit nrf iifLon uf the 
Xroatflst licaulj und impt>rUi«'e. Iai'ui'u '1'i.trukiiriu {1518-94) 
uiuiB nt couiiiiiiiiig iiiv colviiring ot TiLiuu witli llic unaumeiital 
atylu 1)1 Mk'Uaul Anj^clu, Pacmi VtnuMatiJ il'i^S-^Bj, tUc luxt Krruat 
Vonptian of ibis cenHiry, ilH]iflit>i lliu JjcliulJor witli Iiin dulinat« 
Bllvcry tiiita otid the fpirit and ricliJirHci ol I-iIh oonipuviiiuna. 

CojTeggio and alau anbtiequiiul. Vtmlinii iiiaHtei'^ wi>te frcquontly 
ukcitBB mnilelB by the Italian paintrrsof iIid ITth century, and tlitt 
iiilluence ibcy cscrcised could not fail to be dclci-ted rvnn hy llift 
iimHiieur, it iln^ entire post-Kgpbaulile prriitd wcd! nut unuJilly ori-r- 
I(»iki:(J, Tlwau, however, >vliii niaki- thi.' grral luaslU'S u! llje c:iriy 
IGlti cdjitury iheir principal i.tiiiifi will d nub (less Ik; iullj ta spend 
jnuclitiruiJOVcrtliL' wurksoriliieirstn'oessucs. Magiiiliceiildecoralivt- 
■worlm aru oeca»luii;i!ly unoniiiiicriid. but ihf la.nti' Is offtniitd by the 
iindiaguiHL'd luvo ol' pum|) uiul KUpcrlluiai iiiann.«ri8[ii whiciL Ibiiy 
generally display. The artists do iiml alivajj^ idi'ntiry ihumselToa 
fitriously with tho Idi'as they embody ; liicy mcchnni cully rsproduce 
the citstoiuiu-y tb*mi's, they lose iho desii-n, and Hndly tht ability 
to compos* ijidepL'ndpBlty. TlH-'ir tftcbuiMl skill in n^i'. vV>fe tutw&v 
«t nialtirc tixpuriyni't, slowly ncquircd aM JMfcU'^ m\,i)ii\- ^^tk*."! '■''W^ 
iuto easy pt>ait»wrMi oftront rB*i)urceH ot &tV, '«\»\'i\».v\^*'S^'"^'^"\"**A. 

• aud 'i)"rorthily sqiiMidor. The tinalnt. 






TaiutBri of the RfrnaivMtiw' (Sril aHil.: 1900), 'Vrnolljia PLioton of tit* 
BcDAin'onFc' <llb rdll.; ISOl), nm) 'Crntitl Ilflllan I'nlnlFm nf ihe Roiriiix- 
mblQc' («n-l e^lit-; IW*li H', G, Wnit'U 'ttjlimi K-iilj>I..i.'(19li!); «ii<l tke 
v<irK8 of 3li: C. ('. Ptrkini iiw linliaii ^^ll|>t^^■^ A ci'Dvonlriii nnil 
IrnBtwcrlliy mnnual for ihr truTp^IlT iii Jtaily gji JUtj-ci-hirrdi'* 'Cicejona* 
^liBriilsleii bj- .Wfii, J. W. CIniigli: iR'w pcllt,, I'JilN;. Thy osrliotl n*rSuJ 
In trpile'l 10. T, ^, i\*('tf 'ThL- 8t<htm nmB Brotijti? Agi*a id ItnEy Anil Sii'Hy' 
((IxCiird ; IVOHI. Olhi>r wetl-Kniiuii Opriiian kuiJi> am llinia of WHItpin. 
ttirrle, Sprhijjer, Juttl, fiicci, Thi-.U, •ml Hffhljj, la Frptiuli may bo 
mtnliuDcil thn iniiDuniGDUtl volumes uf Uiiiit: anil thu con-cUs IlIlU msnual 
iif Sali'ach. 

aipeaary of Techmcal Terms. 

Atpe, QUit, Jtuliin, i-liul'^t, tip, I 
nonnlnjii-pii^turf^. i 

Ainbu, Arnboiies, Ht" [i, n"\xvii. ' 

Apm nt 'JVihi.-im, ete p, iiivii. i 

Atlic, s low Qppsr st'iry, UKimlly : 
witli pjlatter*^ ' 

Bdtlia. Ahffisiiv, no nbliey. 

JfiMKiC'i, a ohiLrrb with n hi^h Dave, 
(coding iu tii niine iiuiL AHiikeil by 
lower niivles, LVmii. ji. xijevii. 

Bfrt/0, .voObor/io, » nalrurli. 

iSj7jii)jn«a* , Jptsrhpii belUhiwri' d( 
tlie lulinn rlmi'iihes. 

Compi' Sitn^o, Ci'nUero. M-tnirleiy. 

t'^tfal siri'fture. a. Iiuildiiig tlip 
Jtronnil-plun n( ivliii-h cnn lie iiii. 
plgivd Id u riri'le, 

Ctrti>4a, CHrUiuUuu cunvnut. 

CBiOifro, cloietiirH, ji tiionnntio trmrt. 

IVioriuiii, tlio BSereil vetnd uir licri 
[ryl '" ™'i'»h 'he (cnseftiit*rj 
DurliarlsliFolcDieDlii ai-e ^ri:»iirvKil, 
AKAt a canijj'^y »liov* lll^ nlUrn 
■nppiFTlGd by fnur |>illsxs, 

Ct-nqwcento, IBtlj opntury. 

(Wl«|fiii. iwlUgn,. cniniaiii] Cnlile Al 

fVw/VxloH, in iin-dcrgrrjuai) I'liiimlifr 
btbw ilir liiKli-iiltu of n I'liuirh, 
with III" Inniii '>f ila iHithiD-KflJn), 
ihc oticUiiI larm o( the ciyjii 

Uiptych, Uniibla fnlrlliit; uMcl -of 
WDOil, ivoi7, at Betml. 

ijOIWiit- tuTsd?, bulcmiy. 
Slonle dl Ptrla. pawn-olHee. 
Wwfiii.'ipip, Hum irinii lily, ^•i^y-hltl^. 
Mii'ti/', pncfdvad UE>lgn i>n ^lr«r, 

tvjili |[ii;ixi''il liapt filled witb a 

>ilii'k Hlloy j imju'romna ttaia aaeh 

Palmio Arcivetcovtlt, ■rc'bbtrtop'* 


— fwmiiTio/fl at PiMlfta, olty-hkll. 

— rt6//n RoyloitF., a liiw-piiiirt [isw 
BuiLiiUy rnUed Pal. dl Qluat-itta 
or Tribuimie], 

— Veicovile, LUIiup'n ptlacc. 
Plnoiielle, amnU IpmiDIS tnblGl witb 

I'i'eilella, amill plstnro ittBohed to 

u \uiga Rllir-picrc 
P^itto (|il. piiltli, SgvTf rf « obild. 
t^'iatlrneeiil-o, IStb century. 
Hifnglo. Capo-nvia, tafagp oribellcr 

but {fu a luuunlaia). 
RunHcJi, vniii-ijnry 'wiUl iDUgli «m- 

Trccciitv, 14th *tftliijy. 
Triiiinjilml Arch (,in i. ehureti), at* 

p. xxxriii. 
{'fUfnvodo, biii1in|i)i-', epincuptl pit- 

l''itf(L, cotmlry-bniiMr aikI pnrlk* 
Fidiffliinn, Ncetinp: "I tlio Titpin 

Msiy Buii ELiis-bctb (St. Lake, 

EtlF. 1}. 

Alt. = 







AbbrevibtlODB at ItaliAH. Chnstian. ITamaH. 



:^ .Mr..i>.o. 

=: Aiiilr^x, 
= Angfiln, 
B Anililiilp. 
=■ -Val'iniii. 
E Barlulanieo. 


Bvra- = Jlnrnarifo, 

Di'in, = KumoTiiuo. 
I'vil. = FeiltrigD. 
Fil. = Filij-fu, 
Fmnc. = fmnceapo. 
tilnc, = <}lucviiie, 
Oltiv. 3 (iirjv&nni. 
fijcul, ii OirrilBiiiii, 

Ou^l. ^ O-Qg-liuLmo. 
lat. = licopD. 

Lor, = LoTento. 
Nice. = Nil'culij. 
Rid. = Riilalfo. 
Sell. "^ bvli*»ttiui«, 
"Tiimnv. ■= Tluninuao. 


■nlTersal vithdrnval of theltaliHDs fraiD pultliolife. ArtUU, Uio, 
Ftcnocfortb ocvuii}' an isolati'd gtositloik, unchecked by pnlillc opi- 
Blon, oipoicd to tlic cflpHcE-s of amateurs, anil lUc u-iolvcii luclined 
i to an nrMtrary i^cportmcnt. !Si-vcrttI qualities, however, lUlI exlHt 
, i>r wlitch Itnliiiiii artists are never entirely dlTcitcd; they retti!ii a 
certain address lii the urraiigeineiit ol Sgatft, tbpy preserve ttieir 
repiitatloii as iii^ctiioua deooratora, and understand thi> art of oecn- 
, slonntly imparting an id^al impress to their plrtiifii: even dowu to 
B lalo period in the IStli eeiLturv Ihoy exotl iu pITi'dn ot colour 
[«9j)ppiiilly tho VonetUns, p. 354,i, and Iiy (letoting nltpnlinn to tlic 
prnviiKc of ^nrc niirt landflMpc-paintinj* l.licy "iny hnnslo! havinj^ 
extcii'ded tlii^ ^phi'i-c nt their imtivi; nrt. h 

Aav 'oimi deration uf the eontempomiy iiitrnqnc Arnlptnri^ niid H 
a t-chi tincture, of the romoo .itylc t'littlp seen In H-ily), and of tlin ™ 
cUssicJNt or pwudo-pladmifal ptriod , flPtdtiiii; the lriiii«ili«» lo 
modern timps, lii-s oiitsklri the liinits ft this bri'-f hwtoHt'wl skctcii, ^ 

whicli, !)<■ il ng.iin ohsi'ncil, Is 'l':i<i;;jn'(l murily I'l guide the Kyi: uf fl 
Ibc euiightciicd trnrulkr duriux' t'"^ paliiiy duyit uf Itaiimi lul, acid V 
to aid the uuiuiUated iji Iiidepciident discrlmtuatEon nml ri-hesrrb. 

I Contents of Artiole on Italian Art: i^ng* 

Jr( vf AntitiiiHij; th-i Otitrkx unil livcuJiU't :iiMV 

The Middle Aiim; Kifly I'hriiliiin Art m»vt 

Bj'^iualiai'! l^tylo , , xnxvlii 

B II null esq no Stji-le ixxlx. 

Uulliit Arthitocluru xli 

Seulptato .,...,, lU 

Vii-cnlii Ptitaiiii, dLotto ilii, xliii 

Tkt lietitrtteimC/: .... ... xlv 


Eni'ly Reniit>flEinnrc . lU'lIt 

llial' RsnaUiianm' - . . . I 

lite RoDoiniBnct .... ..... .11 

Sculiituto lii 

pjiiolliigi „,.>., 

n'uHi^in Ndhonln Iv 

XV. Cout. JfnilyriMi Hi'bMl ,...,. M 

(L'lipt-r Itnliun ScIinDln . , Ivii 

ilici'itii'dii lU Viiiri . .... Iviii 

Mi.'li«#l AiL(cc!» . . . lis 

Hjiphad .... 1X1 

L'oriv^ib ... ... Ixiv 

Vpurmn Alnilei> - Isli- 

%1iA of llii- XVI. ijiil XVll. Cout.; MuimsntU, Nalarlliatu, 

Ecleciioa Ixv 

Anoair >he 1>eii( woikt on lUllan ait am JtfvrcUJ'* lulian Pkiclon' 
(Engl. tf«nB.. lauJ-Hf; <''fO!re rP ncalcairlle'w ■HiBlory of PUmliiir iu 
3Ut>' [aov t-ilit, ; IWoSl anil ■lli"l"i-j uf IMiitinK in Hvjfh Hiilj" USU^s 
Kiifflfr'i •Hdaclbonk of PnintinB" (nnw edit, hy .Vie l(. Ijni[|< ■ V»*!n\\ 

II'iMnr*"* ■|,lvci, ..f tJiL' Imlinn PainUTs" (BbrV. \ians.. ti-.m^iVe 'i'\«*--^*^, 
IttMl: (tf«lV"l.h.1fi'*../(!i,ri-.„«'*\SBrn>J imil I^.ki.i.i\m-» X<V (t..«« "'■'■^••^3,4v 
■ml 'Mi-mihii-- .If Iftc Enrty Ilnllsli HainterB' tnww *ftu.-. VMVi-. .^f!'r™\:i«M 
JUfUmm'* -AWtl, lutUn FtiMWn uf Ihu aon»V*Mmw>' t,^«'l. ^^"^ , 


r*liil«n «r Ui« H«ail«*uiai>' (Inl tAiU; iOWi, 'VaMtiu Punlen •( t)ic 

KrnnltiinM' riUi i>illt. ; IVot), uid -Cr-Qtrel [tallui Paintcrt of tlic Ri^Dait- 
Htnt^u' (Vnilvilil. : imiu;- U'. O. WaUrU 'lulim HniilpLuiVIDIf]^ iml thr 
• iirkB of «r. C. t". iVrri-lfi* nn luliin Briil|.iai*. A comenirpi and 
Irtiklw^rtSj' inaaual iot lUt (rmvi^Ui^t ml liilr ■■• liHU-Xhn-nU'^ ^Vin^ivnu' 
(lrflMLllKl_ b)f *fr», /I. //. L'Umfili: nrw iitit!, ISi.WJ. Thu tirlletl usriail 
U tiailui) ia T. E. Pail'i "flic Stmiu .im' Broii*'- A|tv» In lulj- tml Sirily' 
|i)i.(i>ri1 : lUifHh Ulbiir wcll-knnv-ii Oiirniin work* %IB Ihunc of Weifftin, 
Diyti, fij/rlntiur, Jniti, IKcei, TI>^lJc. mil lltlhin. In Kfcucli iu«y be 
niDDtii>iird lh<^ iniiDiiiUBiili.1 voluitiL-i uf JIfrliita uitl ins vunciic little nuiul 
of titifnath. 

Glossary of Teoluu«aI Terms. 

J/iilnin, Miilot, *lp, 


Aijit, Uliu, 

Aniho. AiHhini«», ai"- |>. xiivil 
Apic or 'J'rilii'iia, •p^^ p. lixsvii. 
Attl':, t liiu ii|i|i<(r ■ini}', uauKlI}' 

with l)IllHHTll. 

liiftln. Alihasln. iin ulihoy. 
UaiUica, n olnurcli nith i tiigli navv, 

pnilliig In nn iriBi! iintl diiTiUoiJ hy 

IgVi-r tLinli^a. Ci>III|i. |I. IMvH. 
llni-()ii, Sulibnr^a, » mliiirli. 
Or/vijiuMf/i': ilclnvtiod ball'lDwi<i' iif 

lliu ItrdiiiD Hi u it: lira. 
OctJiW"'^""f"> Cli'i-iftn\ « crmukiiT. 
(bMCTci! titnitlim-. n liiiildiiiu IIik 

gmnnil-jilBn nt Vi'lilrh rsu Im on- 

oloHcd in n ciii'cl^, 

ODitoni. L'lrtbrnUn coaviiiit. 

Vhientrv, irlbiitcM, iiii<-nii<li<r avurt. 

fihtyrlU'm^ Iha miiiTBil vckiiuI ut biix 
tpyi) in vflilcli tlis ciiflBticrnliiil 
enchnri'itk' piemen tii urn jirrsnn'ril. 
Also, n emiiiiy ubini- Kit- iitinr. 
Aappartcil liy four |iillurb. 

Vt«qv*ceiito. iBUi iKnilury. 

(!otltijio, ta\l«gif, rommci'ii tabli' nl 
ft i^ollcge. 

t'rHi.fe»Kiirt, en aniUrgrnniKl vlinuihrt' 
fcclow the liipli.jilur nf h tlmrpli, 
with ttf tomb gf its paiiun-iiiilul, 
Ihn oriaiiial (iinii nf tliii crypt 

ptffeh, diitiM* JoWinti liibUt nf 
wvud, Irsry, «r netnl. 

Logfia, AtTtdc. lakoiiy. 
3/oitf< lii I'ielA, [>i>n-n- office. 

jViiuii'ijiin, mnnirliialitT, (viti'-hnU, 

Sii'lh', onKravpd iT««JBn on tllvi^i, 

ivitli liiiUNiiil llnim ntloil wltli k 

Mii'k ulloyi iiiij>[<7ul<in* fram KucU 

l\ilaxsv Airivtiirvvilt, urebblalup'a 

— Vrmwnalt ot fribbtico, (!lty4iall. 

— rfalfrr Sajilone, a Uw-railrl fnoit 
umikUy rnllrd Pal. di Oluttieta 
or Trihunnts). 

— i'tgcuviir, liinb-Jii'ii fa.\Me. 
Ptnoiiettt, ■mall brunaa lalilwt vjth 

/'Vtvlff/a, tiuUl picture attachtd In 

1 ItritN .il1]ir|ili:i>n. 
rntio l|)l, jiuCfd, npiin nt » (WM. 
^•lailniMnto, lltli ti-nlury. 
lUrilyio. CtepOBiin, lefugo or nhellr-i 

hut (iiD 11 niouDttlnj. 
nwil (ra, mninjnry wilh rnnRli "iii-. 

fill' I' rtuj bnwn Eiilgi^n. 
Jrrceiifo, lllli cvniury. 
Trii'i'tiilvil Arclt fin n olivrch). nee 

;). xxjtviiL 
)>«c<ii!<iiJii, l>S*liuprii', 'tijiiiicuiifti psl- 

t'iV/(l, raiintry-lifiiiNii snJ jidrk. 
I'lA ((0.^1011 1 Mufltine i>( itii' Vireiit 

Miry nnd EliuMh (M, l.nk*, 

oh up. ij. 

AbbrcTialions of Italin-n Cbrlatinn Kames. 

if; : 

Air, • 

Alig. 1 
Anil. - 
Ant. ; 


Km- = 

■ Altonia. 
H AndraB. 

9 Ahji^Id. 
x^ Annllinln 
= .\otoiiio. 
= SsrtulDDiei;. 
= Bntll'la. 

Horn. = lllera«rilii, 

Dnm. = Dumeiiico. 
Fed. = PeilurJiii?. 
FiL = Filiupu. 
Fraiki;. «c fmnculicu. 
niar. e Qiicuiaa. 
Qi<iT. = OliiTdnnl. 
Hirnl, = Oiriilaiijo, 
Qliin. = lliiiafippr. 

Uufl. = (Jiieliplnio. 

lull- ^ IhClpp'l. 

Lod. = LaJuvifiB, 
Lur. = LnrcnsD'. 
Nl™. = Nk'L'uli. 
Hilt. = Hidolfq. 
Sb1>. = Scliui^tiiuis, 
Tirium. ■> TuniiiijftM. 
Vinr. = VlBJtnjo. 
Vilr. = Tltt'ire, 


Ronto Page 

1. Prom Paris to Tnrin viil Modane and JTont Cenis . . 1 

2. From Bri^e (Lansanuo) to Milan via Arona. Simpton 
Railway 3 

3. From Lucerne (Bale) to Miian via Lngano and CliinsBo. 

St. Gotthard Raiiway 6 

4. From Marseilles (Paris) to Genoa by tiie French Riviera 18 

5. From Innsbruck to Verona by tlie Brenner .... 22 

From Mori to Biva, 25. 

6. From Trent to Venice viA Bassano and Castelfranco. 
Val Sagana Railway 2G 

7. From Villaeh (Salzburg, Vienna) to Venice vii Pontebba 30 

The times aod fares of joumcye from Lordoh to Xortb Italy vl3 Paciii 
vary aceonling to tbe rente chosen between London and Paris, the most 
rapid and moat expensive leading' vift Calais or Bottlogiie, tbe cfaeaper 
rontea \ii Dieppe or Havre, The quickest route is shown in each case 
below. For the 'trains de luie' tickets (Ist cl. only, with supplementary 
fares) should bo taken beforebsnd at an offlcc of the Sleeping Car Com- 
pany (London, iO Cockspnr St., S.W. ; Paris, S Bonl. des Capuclnes, etc.). 

Viaitors to North Italy from the Usmn Statbs may travel direct 
from Naw Yolk to Qeiioa by the services (weekly or fortnightly) of the 
Cuiiard Co., the White Star Line, the North Qerman Lloyd, the ffnm- 
hurg-Ameiicn Lint, or the Soeietct NasionaU di Servizi Itfarittimi. 

1. From Paris to Turin vi& Modane and 
Mont Cenis. 

«7 M. Railway in U'l^-ll hrs. (fares 61 fr. 50, OS fr. 15, 40 fr. 70 e.). 
— From LniidoH via Boulogne and Paris in 23 hrs. (fares 61. 10«., 9d., 
41. IDs. 2d.). — Travellers are recommended to leave Paris (Qaro de Lyon) 
hy the night eipreas (sleeping-cars) in order to cross the Alps by day- 
light. — The 'Rome Eiprcss' ('train de Ime'; eitra faro to Turin *9 fr, 
5 c.) leaves Paris at 2,10 p.m. on Hon., Thnrs., and Sat. from Dec. Ist 
lill the middle of Hay and taken 13 hra. to Torin. 

The 'Peoinsutar Express', a through-train tor Brindisi (restaurant and 
s lee ping-cars) leaves Calais every Sa!. at 1 a.m. (in connection with the 
9 p.m. service from London); passengers for Turin (19 hrs. from Calais) 
etc. are lakun up, it there be room, at any intermediate station (not at 
London or Calain). Passengers from Paris join the train at Villeaeiive- 
St.-Ocorgcs or Pierrefitte. 

From Paris via (195 M.) Dijon to (218 M.) Beaune, see Ba«d^ 

ker's Northern France; thenco to (348 U.) CiiVoa, Vl"^* V\..\ "EUs^ 

Restaurant), junction for Geneva, see Baedeker's S.'Fxaw*. 

Beyoaii Calot tbe best views are to 'Ca.t. T\ftW<. as ^« '*'**^ 

doaeccbia, afterwards to tbe left. — Ttc train ctoaaftft xJaft'*^^'^''-'*' 

BAEVEKEa'a Noithera Italy. Ulh Edit. ^ 

DqiiisJci Google 

-; / P.- :- MOHaXE. Trt.,,! FarU 

%'. 35'i- fM. ('Ai'nrfWmj: readies llicN.eiiiliirilic/.n'-f/ifJSoitn^ 
7 j> ft.: 10 br 3 M. . the E. bank of whirb it folluwu. On the oppa 
*::e b»ck i* Ihe Cistercian abhfv of Jlantnvmbr p. 48 ;. 

^2 M. Alx-les-BoinB ^X>fi.: Pali. JteMlaiiraiit : Snfim 
H-'r^f li-'i-iiusftiu : H'd. !>jJt-itiliiff If'-i/itl : Alliitm. do. . ilif AtjH» 
tint'iiiinr i>f llie Koniaus. is a fa:ilii->naMt' VLilerin^f-pbi't' vitfa anl 
I'i'.r.r-tprinpi ll.t' Kalir. anit STiH) inhnliiunt!). 

37ii M.'ChamMrr '*Jt(l ft. : Il'it. ih Fratuf. (If In Pair, ete. 
on ilie Ijet/ite. with ^;t.O<iO inhali.. is thi' rnpiial tif tlie liepartmen 
i"f S-avoy anil an arfliit'pisroiial Siv. 

^Ti-^' . M. M-inliiH^li(iH 9311 (1. . Till- anrii-nt ramlo »an loii) 

till' liiilw.irk of Savoy af;^''''*' Fram-i' uniil its desirucfion In 170.% 

— Th.' train no* ascends ihi- /wVc Vallei/. — .Wfi M. St. J'irm 

irAlhiftnii Kail. Kesiaurant' is Ilie juni-iit^ii for Albertville ani 

HL i:):f M. Moutiers-en-Tari'ntaisr: ihi> lonrn lie* nn llii' opponiie bank 

4 ronimandt'il hy a ruinoil rasil''. — Near ..ISri' . M. t'htiiiii'it»*fH\\\ 

I * line tnmii to the rijrlit and pnters tlie vnlli'y nf the .In- . VaiUe rfi 

Sfatirienae , wUieh here joins ibeLtrre, Ji-'M. St. ^fl'••llrlde3fnu 

'i WrnHr 23,10 ft.'. Nainerons rnnnels. — J:!8 M. Ln J'cffc 3U« fl.l 

;t 4.11 M. Hod&ne ;»(>.> fi.: 77'7i7. Jietlai-rm-t. I.. 4 fr.; /ftUe 

* lufi'nialinnal ft Tei'miiinn. R. from 2' *. I., or J). 3 fr.'. i« tin 

i neat itf the Freneli and Ilnliaii rusliim-house auilioritioH learriagri 

'1 ehan/ied; departure aofiirdinji \c Mid-Enrope time''. 

f The train 'elect rie tract ion to Dujisoleno'' describen a enr\f'r<«tii( 

Ithe town and after two short tunnels enters the i;reat Mont Cenli 
TunnBl, which penel rates llic Ci'/t/r /Vr/iM .fiStl.i fi.\ llmng'b tbi 
name is derived from the Mont Oenis road .p. .">P. 
Tlielnauel ::J ^ M. in lentrlh: X. ontran.-o .lSi"i ft.. S. entrance KSJ ft 
■Imve the (ri-lrvrl; lipjglit in the remre JiJ.i ft.' v»s l>iiilt In IWtl-Ti 
liy SoBnetller. (inniliii. an<l liratloni m a total i-ii<t nF It.AHI.Oaa I. Thi 
tnoDr) is :A ft. Tide. 19 fl. kigh. mil Ins Ivn lini'!i ^'FrajU. Travellfri 
arc KiTDCil uot lo lean ent at the earriifre-wiiulowi •liiriiiK tlie transi 
(<&->■> Mia. 1 mil are recoramemleil la keegi the vin<li<ui Tthiti. 

At the 8. enti of tliP Innnel, .'i M. from the fnuiiier. is <444 3t. 

Bardoneevhia iAZOi U.: HCt. Frejas: Hnt. tiommcillcr'r, the flrit 

TtftHan itation, frequented ns a summer resort and forwinter-sporlii 

■fBtP (Ml K.) Ok/x (3500 ft.: Hot. del rnmmercin: Hut. Alp 

~'>B Yilta ifaiii«, tbe line enters the piciuresqni 


Mix over the Jf"iif Gi-iunv ittoofl.: Ital. tlnn 

M of thr Koniaii*. loni; one at the I'liief )iis*ei 

•1 BHan^na, the ancient llriiinntio. iu tlic Din 

J«rtteni Fraiirr'. 

d nd two tiitiiiels is i4j."i 51.1 Sulherttaui 

■Ae nest atalion nine tnnnels nic traversed, Ti 

tfc" Wrond and third, a glimpse is obtained o 

SseiOet, with t\\c troi\\\eT-tct\re»* lA Wvi^ axwi' 

tmomit laaa.T tt. ; VaU>X\\> V«s e\ee\nc \T*aTOww 

to Ttiriit. Bl'SSOLEXO. I. H- '■ 3 

works belonging to Twin. The valley contracts and forms a wild 
gorge (Le Gorgie), with the Sfont Cenis road winding up the hill 
on the farther side, commanded on the W. by the Rocca or Roche 
tFAmbm (11,080 ft.) and on the E. by the Rocciandone (p. 51^. 
When the valley expands Sass, with its triumphal arch, comes in 
sight on the left (p. 49). — 465 M. Meaiia di Sum (1950 ft.), 1 M. 
rromSaBa,witUamined castle. The train descendsthroogh chestnut- 
woods and crosses the Dora. — 4,1 i il. Buaaoleno ili2b ft.; to Snsa, 
see p. 49), with the fine gorge of the Orrido di Chianoc (1 '/, M.). — 
At {475 M.) Borgoiie the Dora ia crossed. 

Beyond (472 M.) SanfAmbrogio di Torino (1180 ft.) the line 
traverses the Ckinse, a narrow paas between tYta Monte Pirchiriano 
(right) and the Monte Caprash (left), where Charlemagne defeated 
Desidcrins, the last Lombard king, in 774. 

A bridlc-p&tli asccnda in l</i l>r. to the W. fniui SanfAmbrogio to the 
•Sacra di Ban Miohele (3150 ft.), a moiiisleiv fonudcd in UOS iipoa the 
rocky siimniit of the Monte Pirchirisno [Alb. Oisposs, elean, beyond the 
Cnanlidi Snii Pietro, '/t I"'- froia tliu top). Tlio djlapidateil inonaiitery, 
ciilar(>cit by the BcneJ if tinea in the lith toni., is now orrnpioil by ■ few 
Boaminian monbs (p. SSS). The Sealonc dci Motti, a ataircase hewn in 
the rock, aacenda through the Porta della Zodiac o (Homsncaque aculpturea] 
to the Romaneai^nc rhnrch, the apse of whioh rcsta upon maasivc found- 
ations, 15 ft. high. Variona seiona of the House of Savoy are interred 
in the erypt. Tfie fine view ranges over the valley of Snea, the Alps, 
and the plain of Piedmont. A pictnieaqae bridle-path leads over the 
CoUe delta Braida (SSOO ft.) to (1 hr.) V<digoie [28E0 ft. ; Alh. Centrale) 
■ village ■moag venerable chestnat- trees. Thence we follow the road 
(views of the laRca of Avigliana) to (3 M.) Giareno (1660 ft. ; Alb. Qiacosa), 
with a jnte-factory, connected with Tnrin bjr a tramway (p. 3S). 

ma. Avigliana (1110 ft.; Alb. del Lago Grande), a niediceval 
town w-jth a dynamite-factory. The hills below Avigliana, enclosing 
three little lakes, are the lateral moraines of the ancient Dors Ri- 
paria glacier. — To the left rises Monte Mumni (3770 0.; view). 
— Beyond (488 M.) Rotta the valley expiinds into a broad plain. 

About >/, M. to the X.W. of the station Ilea the Abba^a di ^a»f 
jliitoitio di Bancfrio, founded in 118s and rebnJU in the lith eeul., with 
a Gothic fa^iide. The high-allat-piece is a Kativity, hy Dcfendcnle Fcrrftri ; 
in the aaeriaty is n 1 1th cent, fresco of the Rearing of (he Cross. 

To the right is Rivoli ip. 49i, with its high-lying castle, — 
491 M. Coll^nn (1000 ft.l has a 13th cent, castle' (rebuilt) and a 
Certosa 'now a lunatic asvlum'i, with a flue doorwav of 1737. 

497 M. Turin, see p." 33. ' 

2. Frdm Brigne (Lausanne) to Milan via 
Arona. Simplon Bailway. 

100 U. Railwat in S'lf', hra. (from lAtisuite 6MvVl\\4^a»^. J" 
riewa to tbe left beyond DomodoisoU. CoinT..ttnjli».?, ■?-■»»**- —l]=\ 
Z^rnifca viiSonlogne. Piiris, Dijon, PontarticT, RnAlAvi*»axic'vtt'»-WW 
CAre. iBt el. (V. isg.; Sad j| .'j; „^ ^y Simv^ow ^.'■^"** ^^^ 

4 1- K. t- IIOMOD08S0LA. 

Inie'; Bi.V* fan tl. U. trf.) datl; fron Cotah (la ignactUvs witk tke 
lla.n. Mrvice fmn LaBdoa) ril P*Ti> tni! Ljiuuiirw [ii lii'gbct. [f^i'afan. 
tronLMulcol.— llrl(ni«iB Ihc juuctiou atsuni tbu hch- LdiifcbhcriBallva; 
(U ba op«nta in lOtS), *ir<iri!lBg ilirnrt nininiinii'ailiiii truiu IMf/ irik Krm«, 

Bri^aorBrig'i24r>ft.: Antf. HeMauruut, L.2i;',rr.; H^fd^ 

tViHrwuui- (■/ yiigli'-. VirtiiriH, AruflrliriY. rli-.i, a liit!i' tiivB irith 
£3110 inhnb., in l]i<> slartliig-jjiiml nt ^^n■ Kintplim Knitvay &n(t of Ihn 
Hlin|>Ian Bniul, nn well ii« nf (tili^ri'nri'-rnuK'a nrrr ihc Kurlci sad llir 

Thi' SiMPLbx R.iiLWAT quits tlir Kliflne v^llry 1' ,M. abon' 
firigar and nilETsthtBimplon Tunnel. ihclnnjrrftmilwaT-tnnuirl 
(12'/« M.) In the wnrH. whicli piiTccs llii- r.cpnntinr Al|(« in x SJi. 
direction boln-i'pn Ihc y^i/(-_p^/*-nft««niAr.f«(98I5ft,|«ntl Iho It'ospja- 
Aorn il(l,OSUft,i, ni'ir tli<i point wiicri' ihr Simjilnn Itnnil, coniltitcl- 
rrl by Jfapolpon in lSfiO-(i, rninsi'M tln' Simjil.m I'lisn, 

T)ic immH.Klilrli viua tiuilt in IHHK-lVllUiil i tolal i;o>lu[ la.MO.OOO fr., 
lij Briiiull (il. ISOflJ, ilratuiijii, S-iliri; ind /..icArf[cl, IWIftJ, .■uuunln of 1*0 

fnrnllrl tiiniirli.. M fl. ii)init. vliicli wi'ru i-iiniii'i-lril will] each other illirlilR 
lie ■.■'iiiiliii(ll-ju li) IT..".!.".!!™ ft. !\l iuKTHil'tpf MO vil". Only ouc vfllac*'''|ii InHh n niijuli' liiii? 'i( riiiUl hm >■ yi't lircri cuiitplcli'ly llDtkllcd; 
tlii; 'iIIk'c il iiii'lri v-iua)iu>-iii>ii. Fcom the Ii. cuUuivc I'itH fl.J iliv IDBaal 
n>icimicIhii( tlic ifiudii'nt cJ X*IIhMM<i th<-|'>*/,}, 
hIiIl'Ii lli'M ;(Hiii (t. liiilivw tliL' iiii>iiiilalu'iiiilii<:c: iIil'Ui iifipr toinmliilna ub 
thp li'Viil fnrSWyH.., il iloat.'iirtu (drtJIoin TMftuii) to thf (il',', M.j sTcn* 
Irinru {tlTiu ft. I. fit Isivllc Iwi' Il'Iuw). Ttk' llrni !i',', M. cif the liiUDvl arc 
In Swla» iPiTlttii'y. 'I'liclrolnaliiTlivn by plwiru'lly ) pmu tlin-iiieli tlnj iudiii.>I 
in iilruiit i:a iiiici. (Iln' nruiluvi^ tliuulil liv tlnsrit un anuiini of Ibc hfalj. 

13", ai, laelle di Tmsquera (Si:i:) fi : //»'. (^> Graiia^ 
Tunnel da Siini'ioii), «illi iien' furliliiTiLHiiis, in siliiiilPil in th? 
ploturoH(|ii(i Vol. Diveiii\i. waIpi'diI by ilii! Dirvi'in cir Dimeria. 
It I' I w I.'!) II Iscllo unil Ddiiiuil-osHul.i iriuri' tliiin liiilf nf ilii' railwoy U 
In tntinplB i^ud rnlling'e (cost. ()4.i.ili<l /. \itv iillI<m. 

Thn liiip iFiiviirsPa lli* valloy nl' tlie l'aira*/^n by nicBiiii of fl 
«|)ir(l] IJiiincI, iiiiii tlitfi ii/jain ih'swinln Iho Viil lliv.-ilrci. 1 7' ^ M. 
Ihcjc (I8(j5 rt,: Ziiiialilu, I'. G-tl frj, «i(li lurRi- clwlric Iriiiw- 
miBsiiiii works. The sucucry jjow iiasiiHU's a cliMtiin'tly Itiiliiiti t'hnr- 
»cti'ri I'lioMl.iiiil-ln't's, El^'trri'B, tiinll't^iTii'!!, viui's, :itiil iiiui»t> itbuuixl, 

Tlif riiilu'Jiy i-viiasi's llir rivrr iij n iili'InrcN^uf ritviim, — HH. 
J're^llit (il5l I'l.'i lirs liivir llii' iiillus ul' llic llivcriiv iiilu llic Torit 
(ur J'caffj, wliifl isiiics fruiii (hi' \'ul Aiiliiftifio (si'c fiaetUin'it 
iiu:ilxn-lmiiti. Ur\ii\y- lliix {i^iiiil llir biiinfl niiii frrtlk va.l3L'y, fri'- 
(|UCTtly iliJniTil hy Til [II 111 a Moil)!, Ij kiir.ttii an Ihr ]'o.if-e ft'(Jsiiiila. 

25' , M, D*nnodoB«ol*(&l 3ri,; J^«i7. ltt'«fa'<ri,iif ; li5f. Ter- 
taitl'is rt EniKiffin; R. ^i ■,-■'''■-: fl-'f- M'daii tf ff]n'aiif, R. 3-7 Jr.; 
JJol. Ntiliciifil Mi\ithi : Mb.-Kivli/rimlr Miiei, [itaiii; JUrreria 
Barisonh, ii eiimU tuuii witli ;illUU inljiib., h<nii(irully sitnntcil, ia 
tbc «i'at ti[ tlic llulimi eiikI Sivles i;uH{t>iii-baiiei'« ;iu<l tliL* Juni'lion of 
a line lu Novara (R. lil'i, Tlip I'alrtsxo Silva ilfilh rent,) containi 

to Milan. ARONA. I R- S. 5 

a small mDHenm of antiqaities; the Museo Galleiti a tibracy and a 
cabinet ot coIdb. The Museo Senipioniano, in the latUvto Bogmini, 
illnstrates the history of the Simplon Tannel. The Calvary Hill, 

SO mis. to the 8., commands a snperb view. 

About iV« M. to tlio W. (motor. ililieanco from the atation, S'/s (r.) 
ties Bognanco (2080 ft.}, the chief plaee of the Fill di Bogna, witli luineral 
aprlngs and ■ hydiopathie eatabllBhinent (*Kurh&uB, open from June tu 
Sopt ; P. from 10 fr.). 

The Simplon Railway crosses the Toce, which here divides into 
several arms and fills the whole valley with its debris. — 29 Jf. 
Beura (810 ft.); 33VaM. VoflO(7Mffl{715 ft.; Corona), picturesquely 
situated at the foot of steep rocks, with a mined castle. — 38'/s M. 
Pt'emoaello; 41 M, Cutnago. The last three have stations also on 
the Novara railway (p. 88). — To the left appear the white marble- 
quarries of Candoylia, which have furnished the material for Milan 
Cathedral, the Certosa di Pa via, etc. 

42 M. Mei-gozzo (670 ft.) lies at the W. end of tlie Logo di 
MergozzQ, originally an arm of the Lago Maggiore, with which it 
is now connected only by a narrow channel. — The railway skirts 
the S.W. bank of the lake, at the foot ot the Moid' Orfano(2b9b ft.), 
noted for its granite-quarries. 

44 M. FallaiiBa-Fondo<Tooe (Rail. EestauraiU), 4 M. to 
the W. of Pallanza {electric tramway in '/i hr., see p. 234). 

Crossing the Toce by an iron bridgeat J'ertoio(p.236) thetrain 
reaches the Logo Maggiore. Between the tnnnela beyond (47 M.) 
Ba7eno (p. 236 ; best steamboat- station for Pallanza) wc obtain, to 
the left, a charming *View of the Borromean Islands (p. 236) and of 
Sana and Pallanza on the opposite bank, — 50 M. Btresa (p. 237); 
53'/i M. Belgirate (p. 239); 54'/, JH. Le»a (p. 239); 57 M. Meina 
(p. 239). Ail these are also steam l>oat-stations (comp. p. 239). 

60 M. Arena, see p. 239. 

Fbom Abora to Tubik, 7i M., railway in S'/j-S hra, (oipreaB); fares 
1 J fr. 85, U fr. 10, 7 fr. 10 c. — The train followa Ehe Milan line Cor somu 
distance and then, turning to the W., pierces the spurs of the Margomolo 
Gcouptp. 138) by the Oaltico tnnael (* M.]. — 10 M. Borgomanero (1005 ft. : 
Alb. del Ramo Secco; Centrale), in the Vol d'Agogna, ia the junction of 
the line froui Kovsra to Domodosaola (R. 19). Thence we ascend to the 
S.W. in a fertile undulating district viS (IJi/j K.) Cureggio (IHOft.) to 
(18'/a M.) RoTiiagnano Sella, junction of the line from Novara to Varallo 
(R. iO). — We cross the Seaia to (iO'/i M.) Qattinara (870 ft.], noted for 
ita wiuc. — Beyond {ii U.) Roagenaa (72S ft.) we traverse rice-flelda, 
aud beyond (30 M.) Baromo (fliOft.) wc cross the Cervo and Elvo. — 
SO"/^. Cariaio. — iO'l, M, SantKia aud thence to Turin, aec pp. SS, 81. 

Fboh Aboha to Gesoa, IISH., railway in J'/i-9'/i hrs. (fares SOfr. 90. 
It fr. 85, 9 fr, iO c. ; express !2 fr. 15, 15 fr. SO, 10 (r, 5 c). — Divewni 
From the Milan and Turin tine to the S.E,, the railway quits the Lag< 
Maggiore. In the distance to the left rises the Monte Cmh-^o &BS.'*\a 
(p.282).— 5'/sH. Borffo Titino [980 It.); li],M. Vavollo rottubvi., — VV\, 
Olvgpo (p. ise), Jnnction for the line Itom BeWltniraJi. \<i Qit\ii». '™' 
vii (is M.) Jfovara and (M'/a M.) .Atesaandrla \o Oenoa, »««.^»..w*v 

Our line now rounds thi! S. end «t VVt "LaftO U».^'>«'=* "^ 

« '- R- >■ OALLAKATE. 

crono Ihc riVuw V; tbc bri4^ mcativatd at p. K&. — 63V , H. 
8«Bto Oalende (p. 225) is Ibe jnaclhw f«r BcUituioni and Gpboi. 

70' , M. Stif'ima Lntubanlo (MO tt,). witk a vf nrrabic cvproM 
SAfciahcigbl, Ufsiirar ihr E. bnnkof ibc Ticiirai'7'*r»iiM«), vkere 
Hannibal OTrrlbrK* P. ComclJnn Sripin in ^ift B.C. On tke ncigh- 
ItMirieg he*lh {'l/rii;jhirraji* » iMrffr ni«iKriiTr<.'-)rr(inn(l.wilhacani). 

li X. Qallarate TSO ft.; J/&. Italia; £rvm ti'ljro\ a tawii 
with 9600 inhab^ at l}i« S.E. I»«r of a ranp af hilb IwandiDg the 
IjOnbaril plain, oonuins thn Rnmaaesqau ehurch of Sou Pittro 
iil\\t r«nl.,i,* li-i^linical «e)iiiol, indlarje* (■olIua-FartArie*. II is tliv 
junction (or tlir' cliMilrtc milira; frnm ^ilin to Potto L'iTV*f« <R. 34) 
and («r a brannh-linc to Lav«iin i«omp. p. HQi. 

On thB Ti«ii]i> at Tiflwia, H M. tu llie W. "t OaltanW, ate laiKt 
l^etiric Wurk* <i«,<m K.P.J, eit'td ia teVfi-lPOl. 

79',', M. Briwfo j<r«i«»(.\ll). del Vaporr;, a t**n with I7.60U 
Inhab. and collon-fsptorirs. Tlir doiucd cbnrch nf ihe Madosnt di 
Plaua.bnilt In ].il8-23 byLniijti iii llic ctyt« nlBrimnntr.CKiiilalBa 
rreBMfsbjD^rn.LninJauilan nlbr-pitri- bytiamirprrari. Rranrli- 
linc toXavsra aiiil S-itp^ii'i. 9fv ji. S5. 

At i;82'', Jl.i Legnano SSll (i.; J/ft. Mualtynsiit; l$,30U 
Inhab.}, vitK rnllnn-ruilU itnil mHrhinc-riic lories. >'rpil(-Hfk nnrba- 
T«Aa& was i)i>f<;ati'(l hy th<^ iMilaneur ia 1176. lYif. irhtiri?h nf ,$<ifl 
Ma^n^, bnilt in 1528, contains i lar^e iltsr-pinM, oup of th^^ cMftf 
worki of lli'mardiiio Luini ifi. ISS;^ 

91 M. .RAiiiiJttll.iii.SoljifitlisilJs-fadork's mul Ihc pilgrinia^c- 
clisrch wf Oip Ma'luniia del Miraroli. Iiv PelK'grinu Tilwl'li (15JJ4 ; 

IttOM. ilUun, see p. 1^U^ 

3. From Lnceme fBdU') to Milan ria Lugano 
and Chiasso. St. Gottbard Railway. 

I7t U. Ktpri^u in U liii. (let cl, iruly: cUEtomH-iruinlaatlcn in tM 
tralBj; fut tr»in (nome lit A 3rJ d. cnly) in S'.V*"i;i '"■'■ {ture* Hi fr. US, 
U Ir. 10, n fr. ;^<'J : iirdiriAiy train in. it-!l'l, htt. iciiniouLn.rxJiaiiiiitlan 
<t Obf«**o). Till' DuKIiukI KiDrcm Utcilip-Milriu: ituily. iu iiimtaar vulyj 
and tits LiDyl Ex|)rr»i ittonibtire.Ounoai ilaily fnuii Dor. lo April) an 
'tnilkt de iuia', iic'i'H*]|i|h1ir.|^ii]^ tli« J'lurikoy ft<iiu l..iiL.L^r[tF to Mtl^n in 
fi'/i-5'/4 'ir«. (farp IH fr. tt I'.l.— L<<n''')'( I'ii Caluii, Ui"!i, anil BSlIe. 
riprrtn in E^7 hr>. (f*rO" Af. 1S<,, IF. 11<. 0('.1. — The i'Kj>i-<«>t DUd Ino^t 
vl thu fiHl tinint liivf (liiilii|>-(iiir>; fur |>](H>i'ii;!i'ra ly ullinr triiin« !i ts-ble- 
JTiBlo dinuiM (*'/■ fr., lutl. ".iuc) 1» pmviJi'il ul G(dbi;Ii'|i«i, wlicru tbs 
mvAlIer dionlil bn nrafnt In kviM »ii iiiviiliiiitary ofaaDTV ut carria^a, 
VT (rcD ft tiainB. Tho niftbt-cxpiPiB liin a ilotptBg-parriimie. — Fineal 
rio»« fffiui Lncemo la Amatug «n iho riehl. (run) AiiiilPg IB Fnido on 
tba icf I , fiuu FulJ^i I" BoUinxnnn la Itio rii^ht, lutl from Lukido to 
Cdnio lo th« I«fl. — Thi! *^tE<Tnibaa( rni^inirt on tho Lnki^ nf Lueanw'fiuc l<> rtUdrn (>Vi'i*fi l'^^"] iaiuu-'li uk'unuiitor Ibnn tliu rsilwa}'. 
jnartrj |t.l>/, hr,)i Ihrnngh-tti^krU art avullatli; V^y cither train or Mr-aM- 
<aal. Conji, /jniv/jiSr'"'* Si/.'lr.:(rliH"t. 





Ll'CERXE. /- B 5. 7 

Tiiii *8t. Oattb«rd Bailvay »w c(.a*tnctt4 ia l«»-U, at a umI 

fiOtt of ITl.OOo.OOO fr. Iii hUhoiI folai oni fi.) li In ti» nlddts of Ib« 
great IuudiI. Thu ini-llui'* luiiiliaiiui r>*<tirat Mi tonC) have b<ou *Br- 
DouBlBd pBtlly by Utfu •jtjTul tuiincli, of whkli tbcM »ra thr«a un tbe 
N. eiilc »( lb* St. QaltliuJ aail fuui on ibn 3. In all. Ilic rallvky haa 
m tmaela (wllb aa >9Kt«int« laainh tJ n M.) lad 3:i( briilf<oi over to It. 
in ipul. Thu iri«a1 intuicl aloaD cod nt,UO(l,aoo fr, 

Luoeme «n(ilhi>ajf ff««i(<inr(i»{/. Uuteu. SKhmitrrhol' * ^^ 

Lueemer Hvf, Hilet A'aCfoHof. J\iJac€ Beicl, Btof-Sitoar, SuLin 4 lllgi, ^| 
Eurup*. Ea*n Huusr, Tivi'H. ill "ii thfl lih» ; — Ur.-IUt. Ht. Ontlhanl- 
T'nrrniiiiiji, Or. //i'(. dii Moiiopate tt Jlttn/u'le, WaldtUJUr/u>f »: 
Snr^S, Vi(tl>Tiii i AiiijM'^r't. Itriitiil, oil nru Uio itutlun, — Siiitptigf, 
KituH, mt. Jam, tic., plain liut cooil. — Hit. SMUer, At]^^l^a, Otr- ^1 
iH>i»iii, llimfi h/iUlH mrubli:! Einii thn utilian. ^H 

i.i/iff^ie(1437 ft.; jjop. ;»l,(t()0,i, Ihr cajiita! of ih* fnnton of itiat ^ 
ii&Dic, in bMulifnlly titnated at llii- i-fllus of the Hfiiita from llii^ 
t«Ar fi/ Lutrj-ne. ' l!e»t viftf (wuL llifi Gufgcit I I7sa (1.,', ul th^ 
N.W. (ti(i of tlio Icwii, ',, M. tlifl station icaMi?-rsi|wav,. The 

Cflcbrulpd lyivti '•( I.werut, \iy Tliiin-dkldt'n, tiurl the fit/jrier 
Gafifj-:!!, witli iU iiitcrl-nling- 'glnricr-inilU", ll« ';, Sf, tu iho X. of 
the Ki'bwfi^iTliof-fiuui. Sicf Daedef.-er'e SnifttHtmd. 

i'lic raiUiiy »kirU Lucerne in twfl innmcl* nml then aiiiircatlip* 
tlic Kdnxnai-ht iirm ul tlii; I.ahc of Lnircrni:, M-itIt tlic Itic/i finiii): in 
front 't( u.i. — 12 M. linmriisec. ilSlS fl,i. on llw /-oX-e; o/" J?"i/. 

17'.'., M, Arth-GoldnuiHSiKSft,; fiait. Hcalaurtiat_\ iaaclliin 
for Zurich iS3 M. in I ';>' ' > It.;. — Bcyuiirl [2.» M, ) Brumrn thn 
line rrachru the 7,ffl"r '//' TW or E. unn »( tlic IraVr at Luri'mc, 
aloiiK *Jiirh it niii.i ihroiigli tiinnvls niirl rni'k-rnllFnjcs, 

Tttl A I'nuf, i-tc.) ihr train aiiccn<iii the Ifniail valley of Ihit Hra**, 
vii (38 M.) Kr»lft'M. — Thr must iiilm'sliiig part uf IhL- tuilway 
Unpiw at HI ' , .M.i Amstty-Silrneii [1 795 f l-> TJie train crussM 
tUu Karrttrkntiaeh hy na ini[iiiiiiuj|; briilje, with a view of iLe Mn- 
deraR«r-Tat to thi! kfl., anil \» Ihi-n i^arricd thrau;fh tho sloiio of tlii; 
Itriftfimtvck (10,U85 ft.) by Iwo liianels, nnrt ai-roag liic /i'i-hm by 
ail iron hrJJgn, '2.'i6 ft. hif;b. Wi? follaw llii< Ipfl Itank uf Ili<- (lir- 
tufesfjuoKi-unnvnUfy, cross l]n> tnSfhmtpHiir/i atitl tlie /f^ra»y^i'«- 
7'iif, and tktrt till! tticiuntain tlirougli tanni-li anil over a Tiadacl. 

Ucjond . IG M.) (;..rt«<-««i(342M ft, i tlio train mtera the Pfaffm- 
»[friiii'j Spi i-al THuriel{'JSS!i vAiAuug-, 113 ft, nf ascontj and cross^* 
the jLoii^irr .U«Vm'"i!"*» Sriiif:. Wi- tliit'n pi'iirlrate (>y ii tiinnt'l ttn- 
hillotWiuvi!!! (ace Wlow); above, i>ii tlio right, is Ibocliiirclj, wliicli 
ri'uiaiu) cun3picui(U» for a lonj; tiiiiu, Bpyom! tlni H'attimfat Sjiirat 
Taiinrl \\\0i) vih. lonj;: 76 fLof uacoatULu tmiaaKuiii i:riiBHUa tlic 
ItriiM anil tlirraiN nuotlicr tunnel to — 

51 H. H'tuwBrf. tSiKtd /l.J, a largo villaps bi-Uw the station. The 
imposing Middle yfeifiireitis Bridge >^G(i ft. IiIgU| w\A Wt V.i^vjV 
stetnJipiral Tuiiuetil^iH yia.\aaf,\ R'i tl. ul !k^';ett'^l^^'>"" &•.»■»•! '^'* 
to the Vppfr MemiTTHsit Briibfe, wtipre w* c.itt«*\^»» 4«»V *»''"' 



K /, li.-i. tilESL'HEXKN, ''"w Li'CtrKt 

tbi! Afolcnrc^UM fur tlic lliird lliuc-. PasHlng Ikroiwli nmithtr tniuitl 
ami ttltlrtlng the faltlaidc, wc ubtnln a view or 1^iwoll iiul uf the 
windingaJuBt Iraicrard: Oppotilw rtiDslbcAH!i>trniSforir((Ki26(l.;. 
Ve croM two bridgoi, thread llii- Haxbtrg Ttmnrt (1 31. long), and 
croM tbu deep gorge of tbo Gtrtcfictm-Jtrmu (vk* of Ihe (?«- 
acft«Jtei(-7«/'lo tlu right, Willi tin- ln'.inlir«l Dntitma/irn'. 

55'/, SI. Qweoheneu (3G1U It, ; Itail. lUttati'-unt. (■t>rnp. p. 9). 

Dejuiid t!n! staliiiii >vi! crusn Iht (Juftliiird Jie'ce> luid unlur llii; 
KruMi Bt. Gotthor<l Tumisl dJISti (l,,-, SOOO-SOIK) fi. l-duw Ihc 
tiiglii'st jjuiiil [>f ibii mKutiluiii. Tin' liiiiud En 16,3!I3 villi, iir »bout 
0',', M. ill ieriKlli, -is ft, «idf. and 31 h. bigli. niiJ Is hid wtlU a 
double liiic ul' mils, 'i'raius tako U-S.'i lulu. tu pofw through U, — 
Above tlje S. end uf ihc tunnel itrc same new turlltlcHtloM. 

G6 M. Aiirdlo (a7fiO ft.t, iu tlic ojiikt Turino Valleg. ia fre- 
queiiteil hy ItslJans a» H Kuniiiii'r-ri.'i(urt. Thi> xci'tK-ry rvUins an 
Alpliii? clmriLtlvi' nritll tii'ur I'uido. 

Ucj-Dud Airulo lbi> iruia cru»(.'B tLi- llciitti, puitHis lbroiif(li o 
nliiirlliiiiiii.'l, aiidt'iiliTM tiieSirr-ttiiiliiSfulvedrii. TliiMuUuy i'.\pniiiK 
near (GDVsM.'i Avihri-!'iUla (.1SS0 ft,,l, — ISitjond i7i' ,M.J «(«/."■ 
Fitxmi (3100 iL,i Lli" Monfe I'ifittiiw iirujociB ijilu llic vallfj on llic 
N. Ttt Tk'luii deayciiiia tliu gWiny gorge lii u scriea of vnli-rfallji. 
Tim ruilwny crosscit tbe, pnimes through tvi'u Abort tuiiutlH, ami 
cnltrs \\^K Fi'eifijiii Si'lndTfiiiittlil'iViyAt. in Iciit'lb). froai wbk-li 
It ciiicrgi-ii, IIR ft, ]i>Kt'r, ill tlic FiaHuio Gvn/r. \\v recruaa the* 
TiiMimfjtriiiidsiccuLTv), Jiiii3 Ihi'n threiiil twi}«bijrttiiiiin'ls, the/Va/o 
apli'ul Tidiiirl. \\ M. long; 1 IS [(., iif iliisci'iil), iiiiil. .'irnjlbcr shori 
tuunirl, bejgjid n'lileh ujn-iu lln; Li'uiil.irul valley (iC KauUi. (.'rus»inj^' 
tlif Tlciiio aud |ius,«in)f tliruiit'li tlir lUmpgmi I'ui'i/et. \ic nmcb - 

77V, *'■ Fatdo (S465 H.j, tlu' tuiiiliil ul' llic Tu/Zc Ln-cnlhu, 
I lioro uglily IlLdiiiu ia cliaruL'tcr. Li]i ihi; ri^Ul tlit fiinaiMfita dr- 
soetids 111 u IIhw wiitortall. — 'I'lii' iraiii iiuw follows ihu li'ftliiink of 
ihcTidim, iravMsiiif; a heantit'ul di»lriel, rickly wmidi'd witU wul- 
uut and olioatant trooe. (.'asoudos d&aciMid Si-om tho ubfupt vUffii 
on ^UbiT vidi.', (lui! -ul' tijv flat'iit bclii^ tbc fall al \ lie Vi'ihiQucd, ii 
liuU- slmrl of ii-2 M.I Luvui-ijv 12(135 ft.i, Furtlior uii ibe TicLnu 
forcM IU way tliruujtli tUoi/iMtcAwn JfaivKfiiud fwriiiB « l!u<< Iiill, 
wbilc ibe railwuv duaceiids uu the Ji'fl buuk by iiifuji* uf t^s■^lSIJi^^ll 
IfiunvU, l\ii; I'iuiwtondoTuHiiti [i^i'iyAsA'iug; 115 I't. <jf dcai^uiiti 
uud Ibi) Triiii Tumid (1"0() yds.; 1 IS ft. of riesecnt;, 

Tim Iraiii bug now rmobi-'d the lowt'i- xoue of ilie ViiUe Lot-en- 
liiia, uiid rrnKKnN niid rccniMi'ii tliL> Tlciim on cltlier eidt- of {KT iS.) 
Oinniwo i UW) ft.}. — 9ii M. Bodh (l()!"« ft.). — I'bfl Brenno 
do«e«iid« Uma l\w Vnl nirriio on the left to join thp Tieina. 

til ii. Bifura (970 tt.'i. witb im aid Hiimsiifsijiie fihurnli. — 
1U7 M. CUtrt/iSW n.j, Bt tbv I'uwloItUc J'usui-ii CWu iMSOIt-J.— 





h. JU(fc"i. I.IOAXO. /- « ■>- 9 

Rfvond 1 103' . M.I CatHone we piM tlic mimifc of the Vol Haoeat 
(Bpriinrclin'j mule), ereu th* .V"S»a, and thread s ItiiukiI. 

lOfl Bt. BeUlnaonA (flu/;. Rrttauyiott. D. inr). wis* t", fr.K — 
![«?»■. Hit. tiUfntatioTiat. H. l",-*. ^ "b U- ".'.-S If i Hilt. SaUf 
rt roele.h.l'r^.K i'^„L. !t„D. Ifr. — 1H(. rJom, B. »-»(r.; finfJwytj!, 
i/ofrf, B. i-i. I>. »';, ft., rliin. 

BdUiKotia (~6ll fl.l. tlip cAiiUnl of I!ip riiilim nf Tlfliiu, k 
pi«(iiri^s(|u<^ lowii <tilb 10.40U iiilinb.. is thf^ Jiinrtinu for l<ocania 
(p. S27l ami Liiiiio fp, jTSJi. Ateve it ri«c llircf caitlci Ijiiiti alioiil 
l-IJS by Fil, Maria Viicoiiti Ij). U-li: th* C/itfrUn Snii MMitie to 
Ibc ■W.,"tlie CV«(i;/2«i iV««/<Ac//ri nnii tlioCWM^'O-rftorw to tlwE. 

Aovnl i.f 111-- 1/ntif.' I'amajjlia froimll*IIIninli« vii Giuhinspo, MC p. 10. 

Tlic rsiln'nv to Luganii and BJiInn poMPX thrinigb a ttiiint'l 
(SOOviIb.) liclnw tiiofn«ti'lloMont*ltllu. - At (108 M.I Giuhiti»fo 
ibe railways Xv tlii' Lu^fo Mu^l^iorc i'|>. S!!i7j du-i;'rf:i> t<> tIip nf*hL 
Dur lliio npproiicli" iIk fout of tin- in-onntalii* aiiii iisi^pinl* lli» 
Hlopts ot Sfvufc C^'ieri Al^j I'l.i. (Wfiacw i(i. 337) litrslwluw 
nn tW ri^flil. Tliri'u tuuavls. *Vii-w uf llir Ticlno Vallcv ami tl>i' 
N. E, I'liJ i>t the logii Mii;,'gIiJi'i'. The train ]ri'rietriiti'n \iw c'ui^e ul 
Muuf* LVripri Ity iiii'aiis nf ;i furvi'il tuiiiiii ( I M. IdriK'. «' the S. end 
(if wliiiili, in II .ictiiiiwti^ri'fl valli'v. lii-A I'llfi ST.i l{ii:frir-liiri'iHi-ii 
(1580 ft.: AlliiTso-RIstor. t'liil. Alpiiiu; Iridlc-imlli Iii JOiiiii,. to 
lUf Hot. Muiiit Cciiurl. with a it|il<-udid vic»■^ WV ilcNcoinI iW 
HiiiiliiL;; valley vT llie Vedr^iiiti In iiso Bf.i T'orfr/yeillllQ (t.). — 
lti-,vuiiii Lniiimif tKlim ft.) tlie iniiii ijiili!i Il>< Veii'gglo and ihreudN 
lliy yi'Utii'jnii Tunnel illlS."i fl.: lOlU jii.t, lunjt'i. 

1H4 Sr. IiUgano. Tl.o lUalwaj Btati«n (iiio ft.; Pi V. i-. 

Kiinti'l'mnt: vi(iii-. M'r/ ]i. IX) \i I'ulini'i'li'll witlJ Hl« lnwii liy :i lijiinvi'jy nnil 
liy It riilili'-tniUnv ' fv-iilrolatv \. ntv- |i{i, II. tl. Tlin Bteonibania I'l" 
Piirtn C'lTi'iiic, fnr Vnn'ii' Jiml Milnn, .i^n HH, n:t, 31 ; t-j I'onto Tr.-.n, lof 
till' Jjipri .Vl»jti;t<"'if, Bliil to Toili'tin, tin llir l.acii ill Como. aco H. aHi U) 
Cnpolaaa, mi t)ii> lliiiii>ri»n Hiilwiiy, f.M )i. Ifl] liHVd foiii- pii-ia: Liiffauii, 
1'rnttaie (I'l. I'. U;. ihi' innin ttaiinn, un ilu.- I'IntiA tiinriilluo (tHu Imrl- 
iiiir'tam-*], J.«,/'i>»>./V'.i::<i iliifitirim:, 'i'ril (I'l. (.'. 1: i>L-ki IIjc l.>rjiiiil 
IlutPl)," /,Bjpti(i-JMro<;(<u rl*l. B, "V. for Purii'liFio (j), ISj mul llir Mli-. 
Sun KuKhfnrc, nuil Lii-fin'r-f'tiKlnu""!"' tl'l- '•. '!■ '"' Cnit^Biixln {|>, IBJ, 
( 'IMS Bin 1 1: [p, 1.1), tnrri Ihv Muiilv mi.'. Iliily LilKiiiio-I.Viitciilo mil l.u|titiii>- 

Sotels rill tpiing nmint ali'iiilij !>>' >>i>i'iii'>'il lii iki'lvuii!-!.'). Tlio v\\M 
firilvJ" Ki-ud ijiitiithtikim t-> meet traliift «nil utE-tuiK'K. /'H Lii^irvy, on the 
jMkr: *U rumi-UiifEL til.' P.tiU! Et IlLii'iiUnl.u tl'l. Ii : II. 1), WllL hmiIi'Ii 

Jlisnd twivD Dil»)i, IW bcJi. 1L<','|-^3.B. I'l.. L, 4, I>. 'I, F. from life. : 
(ItuiD ft KiL.irE HorKi, (W, «; B. f. dj. PUuk (tiiRliolniu Till. uHli 
runlauranC kiiiI ^ii'ilvii (l>tiu<l tbrii'ii u iiii\ £AU IiuiIm, H, Iruiu S, II. f ,. 
I.. I. 11. (I. oiiin. 1'.',. V. from II! ff.; ■litiisD-lIi'iri:!. Hi'Ltunini f!'l. e: 
A, Ik), Rivn ,\ntii|ili> i'liri-In, p4lrijiiiM-il liv tlin KiiKlitli 'iml Anicrinaa. 
laciliPfU, II rs-l!, B. ti;,, 1,. J. 1>. H. V. lil'tHfr. fcliMnrl nL-<-. nui! Jan.)i 
■WiT. - Pcis. llci.L[vtK (I'l. li; A, M. lim liriU, K. 1. 1. H, t<,<,. 1,, flif^ 



I>, S, p. H-m !f, ; •Elxiiit* tloTCL (PI. !.>: C. 4). Pmum Oin<li.-l™""i»Si 
With inril.-ii, noH, frutn .^';„ H, I'/,. I., ai^, D, S. P,'ii-\\.\i. ti.V\ *;«• 
hmvc lifti »nil vonltil 1ii.-»1tiij;. — SetJiiTid oiwit; l.i.<yti> UiyrSiV VV\ ''^'■'^^^V 
Ktvi Viiii'i'iiao \<!\a. «M pe.Um'niit, m \ipdi. U, »-'k. *. '^''a. ^'•*' ,"«^ 

10 I. «■ «. LUGANO. fvwm iMtnu 

corner at ths Piaiii QusUelmo Tell, 130 beds, B. S-1, fi. I'/t, L- >, D. i, 
P.g'lO tr.;HOT.-pEHB. LDaAiro(Pl. oj 0,1), tamo itieet, with amdl nidan, 
SO beda, R. B-fi, P. T-IS, omn. 1 fr. [ H6T.-0iaHi WuTClt {PI. p: 0, >), 
Pima Bliiioro Rciionico [PI. 0, 3), witb K^BtBuiHnt, 100 bed*, B. IVt-4, 

B. I'/i tr., aJipted for )iaa>[ng touriktii; HOt. itELvcoEioi (PI. 1; 0, tj, 
Plana OuBliclmo THl, with bcrr-ifataurant and small terrace on the lake, 
SHboda, R. 3-S>/t, B. 11/4, L. Z>/„ D. 3, P. 6-9 fr.; HiW. HuAuaiTE & Pm. 
FoRTAilK, Piaiia Rizilero Keizanlco, SO bode, R. from 1, B. 1>/^ L.I, 
D. IVii pens, 6-S fr., with central heating. 

In tAe Toten; Hftr. Soisai (PI. g; D,S), VUCanova, TObeda, B.t<V 
3'/,, B. !'/« L. »Vi. D. 3, P. I'/i-IO, omn. '/.fr., good ; HOt.-Qakri OaMTUL, 
ViaCanova, with Fafif-roetaurant. 4 S bod a at 2-3, P. 6.8 f r, ; H6t,-Bb(tai]- 
BiRT Oaldelibi, Plazza Dante (PI. C, I), I, 3), R, from Vl^. P, from S fr., 
nUin but good; HOT. Cordok (PI. co; 0, 3), Via Xaaaa, with rextaoraBt, 
R. from I'/a, D. S'/; fr., uagirctoiidiog. 

Xcnr the Slation. To the S. : *iI<lT. Mktropole et Momopole (PI. x ( 
I}, I), Viu Clrmrato Marnini, be«idc tlio cable-railway (p. 11), IWI beda, R. 
S-9, B. I'/i, L. SV,, D. li, H. 10-10, omn. 1 fr. (cloawi Nov.-Fcb.)i Hflr, 
Bristol (PI. v; B, 3, 1), uauie street, 100 beds, K. 3i,V8, B. I'L, L. )>/,, 
D. S-r, P. U-IS, oinn. 1 fr. ; HOt. St. OoTTHAKD-TiBiiiBra (PI. k; C, B), 
74 bods, R. 3-6, B. n/,, I.. »'/i, I>. *'!■,, P- 8-11, oinn. »;,-li/, fr. ; *H.)t, Bebb* 
btBum-a Vi«T*(Pl. r; C, S), with tiiodi'uomkni'i' /Mi, Liiecriif, VlaBelU- 
vJHla, 30 bvdH, K. i'lyCi, P. T-12 tr., all four with reutral boalliig, RUdDiia, 
and fiuo view. — Tu the W,, beyond thu railway: *IIi'it. Heau-Reoabd 
RT ConriKEKTAi. (PI. 1; li, 3), Viit Muiiturina, with lift, coiitial hcitlnK, 
and Kftrduu, 110 bode, R. S'lf^i, V. Ml fr, ; Peiib. Villa Mirekta, eaino 
KtreL-t. with garden, in boda, ll-io fr., |,'<>ud; Hi^t.-(.Iakri Ji:ha (PI. J; B, 

C, t), Via di Ciroonrallazionc, with reatauraiit, R. 2-3, B. l'/4lr.; HAt.- 
Pehb. Oermaxia (PI. zi It, 1], aamo etruci, R. Ii;,-3Vii P. H-H fr.; Pan, 
dek Palkiekb, with BBrdi'u, ft'/,-?'/, fr. — Tu the E,, below the station: 
HAt.-Penb. Ehio* (PI. q ! C, 1), With K«rdeo, l.-i beds, R. l-S'/a. P- 8'/i-8 fr. j 
HAt. Aulbh-Btadtuuf (PI. B I C, 1), au bvdH, K. i'1^5, P. f ruiu 7 fr. ; EdT, 
DK LA Cmiix liLAHiiBR, 31 boilx, U. l^l^-i'L, Si. l'/:,I). IVifr., well Bpokun 
of; ]ti>T. Mii.AH KT Hark [PI. t; K, 1), ft. I'Vl'/i. B- 1. i>- or 8. *'/„ P. 
H-lOfr. ; all four in (ho Via Paolo Hoeaizoiii; Pkrs. ZwMrKL, Via Bortnccio, 
P. e-7 fr. ; Pbhb. Iiduji, Via al Colle 8, 5-7 fr., plain bnt good. — To tko 
N.'.'EOt. WaSuirotohetPirs. KiiKa(PI. d; C, 1), Via (Inizana, 4G bedu, 
B. H/rBi ?■ e-lOt umn. J fr- ; I's"*- Carola, Via So8«a (PI. C, 1), P. 6-J fr. 

M Panutlto (p. 18), •/( M. to tho 8. : Oii the lake, *(luiiiD-HaTSi. db 

l'Bitrove(P1. v; A.fl), ISO bed «, K. from 3'/», B- I'/n, L- S'/i-l'/i, D. 6, P. 

from 10, onn. I'/|fr., 'HikT. Heii-hharr (PI. ii; II, H), IfiO Ledx, R. 8-6, 

B. 1'/^ D. *Vi, S. a'/i> P. 8-15. omn. 1',', fr. (cliwiid Doi-.-Fcb.), •H6t.-Peh8. 

TiDTOBU (PI, vi 1 A, 8), 80 beila, H. S'/j-S, B. IVj, 1.. 3, D. i, P. 8-11, omn. 

Ifr., all throe with IlftB, central hoatiDg, uud nmall gardens; U6t. Bsah- 

BlTAaB (PI. m ; A, B, H), with ecntral licating and auiall Kardcn, ?0 bodB, 

a.t-6, B. IVi, L. 3, C 1, P. 8-tlfr.; *H<'iT. Dia AnuLAis (PI. an; B, 6), at 

Oe end ot the Riva Antonio Caci-ia, 10 R. from X. B. !>/,, L. 3, D. i, P. 

fnn air.) H^T.-Pciia. Villa Oarhek (PI. n: B, fl), with Bmall garden, 

Hbtdl, B. H/rB, B. I'/i, S. 1'/.. P. fl'MO fr-i HOt, du (I'l. la; B, 8), 

wla tuTMo on the lake and I'afL', 50 ht'iln, R. from 1, P. frou 

• fr..mi,d,_j-M(ik(„UIaje;*8AVOTH.Vr. Somukk (PI. w; A, fl), R. 3i/t-8| 

with lift and garden, *II('>t.-Pei(b. Heistkii (PI. mo; A, 8), 

'.»lf4,V. t-Htft., IldT. Dabtwtleh [PI. dw; A, fl), at tho 

N itetion, with cafii-reBtauranl, 10 R. at l-3</i. L. Ii/,, D. S, 

ill with central lii'atiuK; Pbrb. Vidletta; Pehh. Villa Dabbiu, 

I. Villa Fedkbioo, 6-8 fr. ; Pkrs. ZiEEiEBT, S-7 fr. ; HiIt. Floba, 

■n, KAsaBiHiTA, b-ltr.; Pern. Hobi'ues. witli garden, B-Bfr. — 

-*i 'Imtirial Palaui Botcl (VI. o', A, ft\. v'Mi lift, central 

MMdguden, SO bcdn, R. 3>(»-8, ll.V|„ 1.. 1, "O-^, V.a-w, iwn. 

B6*,'Fbii€. Okkuer (Pl.gc; A,«), «it\is;aTAiMi, Wi\«\s,'ft.. t-V, 

-V. /, D. P/„ p. 6-8 fr. ; Tews. H ERniETTA, -wV^^i s;ttT*ctt, *-^ w. 

.ct», Google 

12 /. B.». LUGASO. FromlMceme 

9. 10. or IS fr. — Drive roiud tbe Mtf. SaH Salmlore (p. 1 1), ane-borae ctir. 
8 or 9. tvo-hor*e 19 fr.; to Coma»OTii Foraa. retDrnln^rlt Canohbla (*Qira 
del Pirmlo 8ui Bernardo'), T. 8. or 11 fr. ; ta Teiaertte and PoiUe ChpnoKa 
(-Oiro del Onn San Bernardo) 9, 10, or IS fr. 

Bowinc BOAt with one jower I'/, fr. (1-S pers. i fr.), with two 
roicrr* S'.'i fr. far the flr«t honr. eirh addit. ','< br. l(^U or I'/ifr.; to 
Caprino or Cliniflino, with 1 hr.'s stav, 6 fr. — MotwBoat, 3 fr. p«r 
hour. — BailiEtg BcWt, S fr. for the'firat hour, earh addit. Vi hr. 1 fr. 

Hotor IiumchM (battellioi a motore; 8 -8 p.m.; 10 c. per 
Btagpt tirket for MO stages. B fr.) every Vi hr. from Cortivo-CaatagioU 
(PI. H, 6} to (li min.) PanxdUo tii Cassirale and Lofcano, n'ith halt! at 
the Korgaal. Llovd Hotel. Qrand h Palarc HolE'l, the Ijike Battaa. and 
Hot. de I'Enrope. ' Also four times daily viK Piridiao and five timea direct 
from the Lloyd Hotel to C'apa}}iiio, Cdprino, and back. OccaaioBal trips 
to Gaadria. 

Cable Bailways (funiuoUri). 1. From the Piuia Funicalare (PI. 
C, 3 ; behind the Pjaiia della Riforma) to the St. Golthnrd Station (eomp. 
PI. C, f) in i min. ; service aa required from ti a.m. to 11.30 p.m. (faro 
up or down 10 e.. 1st cl. up 30. down 13 c). — 2. From tbe Riva Vineenio 
Vela (PI. C. I; next the Hot. International] to the Via CleiiieHte Maraini 
(comp.Pl.B, 4]. — 3. From the station in Paradiso (PI. A, Oi WO ft.; 
Sain, from the Bteamlioat-atation of Paradiso; motnr-lannchea and Iraai- 
wav, see above and p. 11) tn the to|) of .Voitfe Sua Snlratorv: ten tfuas 
daily from April tu Sept. (S times in Ort.) in 'ibr. (fare^ i fr. 10 c. np, 
1 fr. GOc. down; return-ticket S fr. JO p., un Sun. and holidays J fr.). — 
4, From Casaaratc (PI. G, 3; 3 min. from the sti-'amboat-atation of Ca- 
Rtairnola: motor-lannrhcs and tramway, eee above aud p. II) to the Monte 
Bri : to Snvigtiana tn summer every 10 min, from 0.35 a.m. to 9.£5 p.n!., 
in 3 min. (fares 35 c. ap. ii e. down: retnrn>tickct 50, on Sun. and holi- 
davs 35 c.); from Suv^iiana to the tup of Mte. Bni It timea daily in 
IB min. (fare t fr.. down 1 fr. -10 i.; from Cansarate to Mte. Bre i fr. 33, 
relum-tiekct 3 fr. 20, on 8un. 1 fr. oil c). 

ADgUoan Chnrch (St. EditanVa : PI. B. J), Via Clemcntc Mariini ; 
iicrvicts at 10.30, 11.30, aud 3.30: chaplain, ICrr. Hugh Vampbetl, M.A., 
Hotel Bristol. — Britisll Vioe-Coiuul, B. H. Hamilton. 

Liigaao (950 ft,), with 13,000 inhab., the largest (own ia the 
Swiss canton of Ticiiio, is chariniDgly situ&ted on the Late of 
Luf/ano, and is a vpry pleasant place (or some sIhv. The winter 
leniperatDre is ouly a little higher than that of Montrcux or ATeran ; 
the heat of suiumeris seldom excessive; while in spring and autumn 
X. winds prevail, from which, however. Ciistagnola ip. 13) is some- 
what protected. The scenery is Italian in character; iinmerona 
villages and country-houses are scattered along the banks of the 
lake, and the lower hills are covered with vineyards and gardens, 
contrasting- beantifnily vrith the dark-grecn chestnats and n*alDuts 
above them. To the S, rises Ihe Monte San Salvalore (p. l-il, wooded 
lo its summit: to the E., beyuuil the lake, is tbe Monic di Caprino, 
with the Moiile Generoso qj. 17), (in llie right and the Monte Bri 
(p. 14i aud the beiiiititn! Mimle Kdglia (ii. IGl on the left. To the 
N. opens tlic broad valley of the CaKsarale, backed by a group of 
monntaina among which the Monte Cainogh^ ip. 16) und tho rugge4 
Sasso Grande (p. 16) arc con.ipicnOQ.i. 

-Wji/- fhr stpambvat-pier of Lngano-CeiitraVc *\iA ^Toa'jpA.e.ti'Kfti. 
the A/if//uij/io {PI. C, 3; 1844}, witli a \)eaul\t«\ soXoftw&feA. W'vA.j 

U MtloH. 


I.B.S. 13 

arc the Ibrc*? prindpiil sqnarrE or Liigitno; the Puau Gurduo 
(PI. C, D, 3l with plea»ar« groiinAs unA n foimtaiii, thv PIauiid«Ua 
kiforuia (PI. C, 3,i, aiL<l the Pisna Riznera RpuAuico 'PI. C, Ji^ 

The Old Tnw.s, with Hs arniiloR, its shops and tt'or]cBlie|>s in 
ibt ftpoi) air, and tlit jEranito wh'>i>l-trjirks in tli^ sTri><>tA, is qnllc' 
Julian in i-liiir,n't(?r. — TIk' L-li«rcli of S-an Iti/remo (I'l. (J, 8), on ii 
lleiglit bi;liiH' tliL'slalii/iivlriuiiway.-iiKl eiiMi'-rnilwnv, wv pji. 11, iS), 
liniTl nl Ihc rln*- nE ilii; IMti CfnI. iind rest<)rcil In lOlJB-lll, liiu a 
iMti'tuI niurbk fuvi"!-; i" 'li' coi'Ij-KciiHissmcL' slvlc, uacribi-il l<> 
Tdniniiiso B'ulaii ilTiI"!. — 'nic ye/raec Id front of Ibc stntlon 
I'll. 9), i-iiinniiiii<ia an udiniraMi: "View vt thr Inivn ild<1 the bXi'. 

A liriijul iJi'AY (liiva'i. pl.inleii wilh tree* mid nmrti freqni^nii-d 
in Ihi' I'l i-iiinj;, atrctrlios, nndifr viirious niimieii, ulnng llii> Ukp. In 
llie PiiiMu Ougllelnm T-'ll (PI. C. 4). al tli.- S.W, pnil nf IW Riva 
Vlnc*iv»o Vein, arc a sniiOl Irjuntiiin-*lJiLiu> of THI, by Vi-lii (lSS2j| 
iind a moiiumi'jil tii \VHiiliingU>ji, 

Tlw nlU cdineiiluii 1 cliuri'h of Santu Maria ileifli Aiiifinli 
(PI. L', 4,1, ndjfltning th<' IJrnnrl .t I'uliit''" Hntci. ontiiim s'tnifl gond 
I'rfsi'ouB by Iti'Minrrliiiii l.iiini )|)- 2^2: ln.'»t liglit in tin- nioi-nin^i. 

TJiP |i>iiiliii|r III! tilt.' wall lit Wiv KVJVQW [iriVH]. one ol Ihi^ lur^'iit 
cvsr i-xevmcj \iy l.iu'ici, ti-pri'scuu ibc ^Pua.Hii-u iil C'lirint. nail ('»iilain> 
■<n,'(>iDl linDdri'd kiciyix. »mn\[n\ Hi'i><>rclLti$ to lfii> antiqiiitod •tyl< in 
tyi) niw. In llic foiif i unml utiinJ lliri'c iiiiiri' i-(iiniica, i>l tiju fiiiil ii( 
vrhiuh urp Ijntnin unliliir-, tlji> lioly wtinicn. 81. j-lin. uuii llii- (-iiutiilioiicrH 
Fuslior lull tilt tliu ffiirini'utii. .Vliiiiri'. nn « Jiuiiniiliiil ki'iiU'. rmiu li'fl 
l« n|ilit, iifii ("lirist nil Ihp Mmiiil nf (lliTi'o. Cllrlil tukoii |j[Ui>nL'i', llii' 
.Mui'kiiiu lit U[ii'i»t, IIii! lU'iii'liint lit I III' L'riiKK. till' lCntiini!> input. Tlii'imx'i 
l,'iil><-lli<r, iikI Hid AM'Mi.-i'pii. nil iuininlintcl.v nit|iii'i;iit. AI[I|"IikIi iIiu 
htyl'i' of till' rnnipiwltliin MdlCi'a «iii? ax nlil - InittitiJiii'il, llii' i>yL> iiNiiiiiil 
tail tu i<i: iiriuiflcd I'V lliv nuiuci'iiiiH lii'iiitifiil ilctiilii. Tlii' SI. Si-liftnlfuu 
nliil SI, Ki.,i>liiifc, Ih'Ihiv, liL'lH'i'i'ri tilt' ffir.'ho, itn inirliriilnily fliio, — 'i'li 
tlio li'tl. nil lilt- Kull -if till' I'hiiirlii uliii. A'lt. Vrlrlui. .St, XranvU 
ri'iioivinj: tins Slij-instii : Hii-i'. I-iiiiil. I.n-I SiipUiT [tfii-i-A. — In tlbi< 
lit Olin)H!l III! till- rielit il'it'ki'il; Jfi-^lll c.j in IL lliit? Mnduiiiiii liy iMliii. 

Tbii Riva Aivuvtn (.'*ii'i.i. tvlilcli [ii'iil'niifi lln.- iiuiiy in Ilip H. 
(lino kirwK). rnnni'i^tii lli{' olil town ullli tlie fulinrli vt P\R«mttii 
(i'l. A, It, ti; tniinKviy nnd ninlor-l:nincli(-s. »ii>i? pj). II, M\. hI the 
r<nil ii.[ Mfi: Xiiij Sufi'rilore (p. 111. ■ Hn iH" Kli"Ji Iftiii'iiiido Al- 
bi'i'liilli, (In- K, I'lhl nl tlif rjnay, is l)ir Kiti-Miiil d'l. I), 'i: p. |||, 
I'l lilt' N. Ill w'liirli in till- Vill'ii Viitiii iPI. I), K, ai, with u (hnily 
park mill a. \myr\Af utiilnp nt u. iiinuniiiiK n'mnjiii t' Ui'Snluxiaiic'j 
tiy Vein (I'litr al l'iuE»i ildl'linliin'tidonmi TH; f"'n '.',-1 hX 

I''mj(ii llif N",E, «iij(k' of Ihi: PJjizKii drll" liii!tpfiidi'iia;i ivn miiy 
fi.llnw til* \iali! L'lii'lo l-"rtllanr>o il'l, D. E, Hi, n'iiii'h iTcms^'S Ihi" 
('/, JI.) Vatmi-aie. to ("/^ M.f iPl. IJ, :i; triiniwuy iiiitl 
motw-l.'iiinrht's, sec pp, II, 12). ;lI the W. linMi? of tlic Moiitj: Bt" 
(p. l.ii. 'I'ki'iii.'o ivr mnv aawiid (rriidmilly liy Uw sM.v.ii'j Vv^t^'*.**-'*'* 
thi) slojii' of SUfl.Brtio l"., M.; C«T*tiS(n,i. avvs^^^■^"*^-*-"•'■^j. 
hotels, set' /I, ij; Imhiwbv twd motoTAiancV *\.<a\o»n 'BI!-*^''-^ 


14 I- s-s. 


i'ltiiii l^ifemr 


TItis I'imil iinil iho mail to Ruvifllaua (Hno brio*) euininiad flnOj 
vtpwji of llii^ ceiiinil arm ui \ht Inkf. 

Aiimiiic lUu atirnuiivi" i li-w-imiaU m-ur ibe town arc lh.c 'Tor 
EndtiUn iPl, ]i, 3 1. almi e \\\i: valky ot iIim Tn»*ino ij>, I6i lud lh« ] 
VlaClnjicjiU-Mni'aiiiiii'Hl>U-niIlwa),p. I2]:llw Mefderrv/Muii' 
rticfo iPI, A. i). uIhiw iIli.' «liyel of lb:il ii;imL'. * , M. I(i Ihe W. o( | 
llie SI. Irotttiiii-ilSlatluti; ^iiid t\K JMredr-iv dt (iiiiiillin' ilOSUIl.^, 
1'., M. lo ihf S.K, (J Piii'iKliso anil .'> rnln. alioTt tlif ron<l Ui llui' 
rsim ot San MarliTno iji.Sliij, 

The *Mout« Snn 8a.lvatare tM>oo ft.!, the ruriunaly ikliinnd Miiutult 
to lilt H, <j/ U\*ifitn<i, ^-inmanii'i^ n ri^li^UrHtiMl |iAiiiiniini>- T^ti^ f Atii.ic n^li.' 
W»I In tilt l-'p (|i. li: isnn j-iIb. Innirt r^<iiiiiii» the M. tMiltlinrcl Itsll- 
ivHv, Uavurwii « vljiilii'.-t (,!}•< rJit, li-iiic; iirnilivul aP;lW), mi'l miTli^ii 
\\U! hilirwny vlulinii nf iVi-~ci(t(i ilKW Il.j, M-lid'L- i-iri'in^i-ii irf i'liui9i><l. 
Thi^ Hue now hsi'i'ihIm cvi'i <|riliiiiiili<' nii'k, ill aii iiii-ii!n"iii(; iim liliMj t 
rOittUy Mli;1i>[>), lo Ilic lonaiiiiin inwis (1.; Ili'ti'l Ktiltii >. u-lilcli li» : min. 

lirliiH- till! HiiDniuit (IWfii.i wlijrii llirir In ii iiHi?'' ""iK'"*''li'>t'''l- The 

*ViK« ■>inl-rii'ii« nil tlic nntia i>f thn l.akrr of Ln;-iiiio, lli« ini<niilain* 
iiiirl ihrli' ti'iiNtli'il Hliipi'H, i'>|i<>i'hllv lliiiM' uliiivi? Liikhiiii, ■inliihlril wtlli 
imiiii-rmifi »-illn«. T'l Itn- E. nl"iv,' Pi>rli'(ja i" M'^iil" lj'|(iiniii> [|., tllji 
\. aliiitv l.ngniin 1lii> iIdiiIiIo jii^iik i>( Moiilc Cnmnahi^ (p. lllj. In llin wt 
ii( thin tlni rlindint Hlioliiwulil miPilnlHiiix : W. Montr iUnn imii ottin 
All)* III Ihr Vnlnlit (IimbT IIkKI Iii iIiii inriTiiiiijri pailocamii by tinfitlil], 

Wnllterii, ulurtiiilj fruni llit juial - oJfti'e in PurndiHc. [I'l. A, 111, )■»•• 
iipdor Ibo SI, fiotllmril lini- nnil rolkw llio rmrf vin fit/jirtn" lo tlin ill- 
)«([i) or (IV'j M,) /Vi$tuJ/(> (IIIW! n,). Ikru ttiuy lukc vui' i>t llii' |tf «■•)»■ 
niarkeil'iil Moiitn', iiml llivii mi'i'iLil hy h ttuny fuoipnlh, ''rinainj! ihr tOBl- 
oiiUt ruilway. In llio OVi li'-i *''V- ^'"■' •'" ilpfi'""'!! tlipy »li"nlil firlecl 
Ilia jialli to pi'j lir.) I'ivnn [Jfiil^ ri.l, wlH'iice tin-y mny iiitlii-r fnllnw Ihu 
romr tu lliii N. via (Virnrilji'^i {liSS 11, j In ijij', fit.) FiiT/iillii (»Mi uliurej, 
ot takp Iha tnsil tr. tln^S. ti-. |i M.i fiirmi" ;iii7S fi. ; ijiinlnt old sliurtfti, 
Ihr liiiinr nf tlir liiiinlmrill l|). 3AIIJ, tlic Vrni'tisii fniiiilv iif iirTlila. Ftaiii 
riioim n »iBn>g I'alli il.' Kofi "In I" ttuJ K. t.) {US iiiin.) ifrli^r \\>- Itil ; wbilo 
siidllici' iniitP li'inln 111 thi' H.W.. [mid llio clilir'iliifi iit linntii Mnrta Ultl 
Mni/iiiiiin 'lf-irOif[ft^fi (!^0?ri fl.: IruMtHH.iit l»y Pi'triniJ jiiieI nlirnK lhf» Ki 
llHiik i.f Ilir ; Arhvilvra \i7lO It.), M (H.Jj 1ir.» )tarfiile ([i. IW), 

A. Ciiii.K tlniLWAT i;l M. I'ihk: p. Ii), upi'iii'il ill IMI, HxroBiJa tlw 
MuiKt- Bri'i Willi itii iiiitin] uribiliciit ol HU</(ili]U, Tlio Unit hUIIoh la 
Suviyliat'i (itlif /t, ; )i"teU, iiH- j>. II), ttlii'iv tiirritguBMtc i;li»u( Thia' 
i« tli(> dtntiiiii hI«" r<ir IlarljiUuiia (Hilt fl.: taiiiilurimn. |i. tl>. ■;, M. lo i 
iFiF S. Till- lliic niiii'ailii {'I7>,'^: H")) tlirvtiKli n luuii"! diiil fl<Tr<a" a vindtli't] 
111 AtiUtfigii tlH.'irift.;, Ill" lilltlii'al villnitii niii-u fruiij J.ii^uiin. A BntVOl 
UiriiUKli u iTiniiiil, tiMi yUi,. Iii k^iiKtli. liiliiKii iii> \v Ilii' irVuiinliH uii Uioj 
nitiiinH nf l.lii" Mente Bl* iIliMilfL; Umtri " ennt\ wliich pftnimiiilJ* ■ 
liiip vl(H' ft ^\\f Uki' iiiiit iiT Mil- iiiiTaniuliiii; hhiiiiiiaIiiii. 

Kraiii lliii (,'i Hiiii ) !;,W npiir ■>( tlic iii'iiiittiLiii, KU<m<'i> l.iii;ni>n is hihui 

iur lii'luH'. ■ nnrtiiv t(iiit|inlli, p)«iiliiR Ilir rlnirrh. ili-«i^riii'l» tii lliu vill 
iiIBl>4 (WtMl ft.; JiiHi, nil 11)0 I', sloiii'. Twii 



njiLi. Twit rnmlx, nilll-iiii;; L-<-h|ir-<i<li'ro1y 

louiiil iliu N. nml Ultl S- Kiilii nf Itin inwiiiUiii. rimiu'ri nri- nitli Aliitmago 
[hep nljijvujf wtiiMU'ti v-c tuJiA" vlllirJ" ['riK'iu'^l ti> ilio X. vtit Athi^HJtgc 
imn HO mill 1 7ifj(OTY;»M f I . II. 1; IIkIiI milwBj, *ncp. Jt,j Imct ii> [1 lir.) 
t'ltimtfiU-, III iKwi'hiI In tliv fl. viS. (';, Urj Iti'VlijUiitta C"Ci; uluvi-) sml thfl 
^(iin^tubLn cbiirdi of Cialimmlii (ItlW t1,j la tlu min.) IVtiOfptola (p. IS). 
Tlio I.iwiir liui-Wjii -I'l. TmiifciiBT* ("int p. Hi h'hl viiJwi. uu tllB 
rlalil) I'lDK t'l IliK \.K. ri'oiii lh,|i Si. fiotilmril KiiLliuii tliruiiirli tlii' Hiibtirlm 
of Jtia^inyiii) mil iia»rn, thi:u liltch un llin iviiuiii;i1 W, lln-iiiriiif llil^ Casta- 
rate Yalleu (ricw], nri'l thioiiifli ■ liitinnl In (ii/, M.) Vti-a, Tic tUtion of 
(»/i Tit.) VmiiMHa lirn '..', M. nliolf Ihi? villain f HSfT,), »il1lillcd OB tbg , 

h ftl!",,. 


J. K.s. 13 


from Tlgcala ttrvjuwAjr, »(( p. II}. irhinli iiwvu Ibe chttetn of 

CIW. tlii> propeity nf Mr. Lontu [»mbirri nf Now Y«rk, •linipWon»ly 

* up, wiih II hL'iiiiiiriil piirk iiviitly no m-m w citcDi irliiion ridnJIIcd 

■ Hniliiig iLcu- fiirdr.). — IltyiMifl {»'.', M, i Siiftgjii,- ILn V«1U •(! Oull* 

(•ebPliiW) ii]n-ii«oi]H]('riirlit;iiiytlii'k(l flupllir llMitl <k-lli Vpculitii ip. lOi. 

ii/, >l. I.uiia.gtjiii. — AM. TeM9ret« rilJ.^ fl.^ •IIM. iV"t. yirroxA- 

,(iin-; /;('i!.-/<«7.>irmrit a« fn cyoi\', 1.. i'!,. U. J'f,. P.] is llii- 

Clik'f pl»™ In tlio Vallr or /"Jpiyi (Wjii-vum. 

I Eic'ilrxIiiiiN trmii 'C'lmiivrAlo. Ta llin N.W. %iK UVi V-) lUffarla 

, raatIO ft.l iiij l1«' (■'.'. M.I C'/nniilo li'into MrrH.i [iSW fl.) lo llio [l','jlif,J 

tap '>f Monte BigoHo (SfJJ ft.; allnttiTF'. -- ViA Salo (ISMfl,] 1.. 

[ |l M.1 Pii'itc ('0|Tr(siC'i llUAft.j. 111!.' i-liurdi iif vthieHi iruntnic* «■ Knod 

' dill nnpy [liv Pinro Liiiui?! nf ],™iin[iln iln Viin>L'» Lnit SiippiT <p. l»l ; 

Ibi^it liclit. il-r'. — T« tilt S.E. vii C'im]«-ftrf U /(Wn(/im lIMIOlt.l, ■ 

I mrHnsji'iint m »hP mnpHt of Itt'-nli' lli'r {MIW (l, ; :Ujm.i, - - Tn tlie R. 

(dllifffiii't) throiiKli Hir V-il/i il! Cnlln, via (Vi((i"W( mid iiiit llir Hiiiiikii- 

'finuiif I'liurdi il Sfl" ilnttrr: timl t.hp nmiill mini-Tiil U»fhii of Ojipio, In 

(n M.) M'l'iJin ili r-<lhi ^asiiali. ; ItlnKiuinlP Si.iV Tfjb.u. f, 1-i It.l. - 

Alxiiit 4</,'M. io lilt' S.I''. I't TcKitrAid ll<>i ih'' rliuri'li <>f San Bernardo 

riSiKI (t,l. oil s rncky pUlcnn of ttiB Mniitc fian llrriianh' iiliivL' iiriiml 
ill? rnollillqiru hi'f p- 111)* 

ThL' Limit R.^tiLWiv ifi Drvru lp. II: Ltit vicwi uii llii.- Irll) iikii:U 
Iho v.. liilit ikf like rn««riitr %allc}-. \ii Viaijatllit, l.igfliwi (n>ia ft.), 

anuMi I'liaifi-i, mil (,S"/, M.i linivtco \\k!< U.: liuua, [., iii/io ia M.J 
■'-B {]i!3l)ft.l, tliP n'lition (or Sonvioo nwMl.i I!fit.-!\m. I'vft, V. 
Itt.), K tiuiiiniiii'K'iKirt Aniily uHiiBtiiil 1<,',H, iIlu N.R Kioiil NonriFO 
idk-piltli Icnila to lh<> a.R. ntniiK "i" ffthilt'iic fSWO tl.] lo fiiindtra 
(ivtn ft). In Ilin Vnlli^ ill Colin, not fnr fmm Mnjjlio ill C'.ilU {Me Htiuvp], 

Ii^xriiHsinuB rnuy lic tnniJii nlno in CupriRO (Bfnniiir ilnlly In >.niniiuM; 
on Mi>n. mil Prli1. mil} in wiiittr^ inulor-liiiiii'-lwii .mil [iin'i]i;'.liijnl.«. nra 

!.. IS), VHivjIUim, Mid rniiijitcnr faTpnnihiint-pirpii, sit p, illij, nil nn the 
'.. bank »I tliF riintrnl unii cf Hit- lukc, Tlu- H-in(^-(.>tlliirii nv.nll'iK ill 
Cnfirinui \a llie tm'ky ^I'liltiioi »t thi> (unl u) Iho Mnnlt ili (.'a.yHiio, ind 
llic UBrilr.'n-ri'BUiiriiJit lit f'lrmilii'" "t Itfuliiui (\'i>iu-\ie<{ by t muiiiilHiii- 

{■(1g 1r«iB VnyAan), nm iiiui-'-li fro^ixcutod uii Siiii., itml IiuHiIhv* {A*Ix, 
>,'i fr. 11I.T bultlcV Tlie Cncitiiie tm cluiH at uniiKCt and in wintec arc 
cjifu »n Mnii. iiuil F(l(1, oiil). 

Tlie t iHrBi'livc i-iniriiiiiiin In Ilii" ?i,W, ut t.iiiraini iri' llinif tii 

tUo vndoui p"iDti nf viiiw Iq tlic fertib Colllaa d'Oro. Pfuni the 
liill |j( .fflij ^;nrf(. {lajirift,: lii-ttniifimt 'In .Idiilin, 1'. :. ft,; Pi'iis, de 
In €oltini: il'Or), ^h hr. Iinui Ik' l^t. t^nlllini'il !<lnll«iii, a *kiM-I K'uita lia 
[K inin.) fJ('fl(J/fiin ilSHO f1,; ri'iiu. Wnlilriiriili. iVdlr,). Hip fliiind ..I SiniC 
M^'omlh ;iaiA(1,), \uu\ Vi-tl>-miui' lllin fl..i. 1u (I',„M.) UontagiiolA 
(I'jfiOft,: J'djii. Urilr.riie. I'. ]';,tT,. plum lull itpoiIi. TIr'WiiIIc mrij* tio 
iiKrcpdlilj c'sU'ii']p(l ilifiiii'i- \la lUiiimtii) i-f is'/t^.^ Aiiin (iM;i;.ft.; lUli- 
pTI'tii'fl lo l.iiit.^nflj, I'D 1iii> W. «i'lf i>f wliicli n woniilmni piifli I'ihIb rniin<| 
Ills M'liltf <Yiirr. (■CiiT'-ln ili-l .MimW). Wp fMii™ vli .Vnviiiro iinil i^iii- 
Ifip [lIMOfl.) cr (jiim (Ji-nlilinii i iii ltti.Mi<ll,n,ni (I'l, A, .V. 

A pluniiiiiit cifarnldu may lit iiiudc iii a liglil niaiinlslri-iMrriiiBi* 
(Ifl-IT ft.; (nuti Lng-ilifi by tlia (Vx^tf Tii" [p(>m(>. PI. A, B, Ij tn tlio 
Vmlcicjriu villcy, mi'l llii^iice tiu ttivimio OUQ'l fl.) nuit /lunci i;n4ll fl.) In 
[S II".) i'adnnario (MOO ft.), wittucu tlii> eniriagv in annt mi In Aonci. 
Fiom Oailvinatio wc (it'Ciiil nil faiit T.n {ia luiii t San Bernardo d!S3 fl.}, 
B rhiipol r-iBninniliiig ■ flno ripiw of IIjp 7,iiu».i MiiBfiluiv. Wc jusccii'l wi ll".' 
P.W. U. Ilinroml «iiil fiilJi-w Ii to tlm Infl vii /(en (»iS3 f t,), rimodltas fl.) 
■□d VoriHifp *o (I'l', hr.).^if»u (p. «i>). 

In lliii vtlUi) lit ttip Mf'el'''*'""- I'll" ""-"iilk'-l MiUi^a«tout>j. tl M, t.« 
tbc W. cif J.iii.iiiirj l'(iniK'-'(i"> finiii Mnirlimin lljilif iliii^-j \.ii Vi,iV^--, •"» 
p. BW), Iliia WovaBuEo.snn ft,; •(Ol.-Pftii, Brfm.Moiur. IB.- X'^V.f^, ■*■">> 
B. l«/,-li'/„ P. B-iolr,; mi.-Ftm.Uma. P. Itura Mt.; IV.mi. >«»'^W'^ 
.goodj, I */>r/n^ aiji-f iiituinii lomirt in * i-raU-j inus.B.l.*VB-\*.»fc*»»**'- 


le '- » *. LL'OANO. f"* Uttrm 

l|«* *l MMtc KoM u4 Ibt Lua )luxlor«. IW i«*i ■**> «■ lhM«« 
M )ta V. lo .iaMM CtOH n.; Fou. P. « (r- aril ■)»>'«■ »'''- tiM 
»«W1lt t lit tvt ib« aKcBI «l JftMf« hma* (MMh.; f, lin., willi 
nU*). Pmb AiUdo «« Bar dMMpd Til Skmb (Ijm fLj ta lmMiHi4ia 

(p. no) or iV«tt >VaH (p. U*). 

]|«rv»n Aaom* 5kMB wilk ■■ils >d*rMU«^ *HaaM BqbUa 


ItMBli.) I* M fi J tJ tU ^ratfOMMM iiaru (i.t, lAanima <v. ill, aairtbit 
Olf Aofli ia (-■■'( hii. s>U« 4MiraU*), m fra* IM in. 11) in 
!■;, bn^ TW lirv I* leiH pittnmive bai bari pkCBrra^M lua Uat 
fMM Ml*. QflMnH (f. I7>. DoMovl on I|h> C aUc ».nH^ tlw icna*}' 
TdJ 8«Ma ■• OuCeUo aa-l .^n MamtUr tM <\rin <iioutha>l-Btitlo«i: 
■u fin. .Ftbm tba Alp Hnllt DiH-tt (lialHto Biay ucv«d Ikr -Vaaaa f^rMKilp 
[MBStC.), with UM niioDi dafoallic feiX* of Ihc iXirti ifirUa Vtttkia. 

Blania Canaochft iTMO fl.i «• , b»., wilh f|Bia«:<. cvaau^iu n 
■bOilH MiMama of th' Alp* from Mtc. Koh to ibe Ortlrr, li umainl 
/>«« Jh^lo di CvlU (p. Uj til (W/<t <SIW tLy lad U« ^)> t^etnrv^Kt 
(IIO (I.}. WriBg the Mialf GanirvU (•» bclav] lo Ibc Utt, ta lka> 
'I lita.< Mp 8frUir« iMuSfi.i a><l Ike (i"i hr.l t»p. The 4r*c«nl nar 
b mult U Ike S.. Tii On alp* nf ffivolle lail fjrrrao aad Ikramgh Ike 
rW JHOraUia, la OiafciM(«BDJ(i hn.) firUia&Mu I'l-.*;, - The WMCRt 
•( JhnK OartireU fSNOll.; S hn-J from Colli it rMaan<nil«d aJa*. 

Honte TainAni lMM n. ; »hr*.:^idrl fraa IUnfiiHimi4ico (p.V], 
vU t^ Jlj- r.ppa nt.ta ft.i, t-\ iMenU. ^i-Itb-IM *jt« of tbf l^tfa 
Mtguiuif. t^t Ijke at I.n^ad. Ullaa. olr. 

lEHsnian t" tliF iliMtr UnH-nrnu, mw p. IT; t* Lfluiit itTntttti 
a«4 llw Urotlo nf Ottriia, at* p. lU: to Ibnta*. am p. On, 

KtytmA ImgtKd the iir.(iaftn\itt>R\n.irnvfTiin«f» thr T^tUtHO 
VaUetf by mMlia ot a ri*il<t>rl rl30(t. bigli; rbaniiiltg ri«« of 
L^^HD In tbc MVi, akirta I'lrailiao aod thf M»nt' San Stlntorp, 
Mul puwM auitt th# X.K. Kjiitr «f Ibc lost. Il ihcu skirt* the V. 
Unk of Ibr bkv riJi tWK M.I .lff/iV« <<.'aff<SKbloniula tupuio, 
(.'■f^Kntanraat <In Kepo», RUIoraiilv del lUttclIo, all plabi;. Th«- 
train aad Ibe mad lli«n croM Ifac lake t« Biuone p. SI9'i bv tbc 
J'viiJr Pi'ja, a nionc viailncl '/, M. lonjc fvipwa). — 130 M. J/ff- 
TOW'« 'IIC.l.-R/'aUiiraiH Viil Mara, B. I'/i-^, P. 4-tt fr.), « llw W. 
baxr of ib^ Mlc. nrm-riun ip, 17^. 

.^ illliEvnir I'l iiiu«« ilailv. iii 1 lie,; pllci tnn Mamnla la Arocno 

riWirt : HiM- llrirrdrrr. I'. «-: (r : /Mf, ^rtyiM, V. Ulfr.; /V-., 
lanra). a lairr wal'-b'tiiakiiiir villai.T. iiiDliirtaqoHy sllaat«a III ilir Val 
Jlitra, tl tk* I'M't .i( till- ('.ilm.> iti frrrein i*IS3j (I.: atlm'fivii akntnt 
Il V; hn). Kitir liim fmin Ibc rhtiivl ol Mini VitnJr •■;iii tl.}. ir, M. 
I* IW N.W, Tlic rfi'l «« on. irfib-iiij; Hit iJ JI] IIiIiiu riouticr, to 
ir;, M.l ;jiri:.i din/rirl fp. It«. 

Abuol l',M. 1.. 111.- K. of Mirog^ia idilivvun' twi.i- Jsilr 'O '/.Iw.} 
lib BOvio riaui (t.-. K'lrli'wi * /Vut, JfONJ^ (imrrrum. P. U rr), a 
aaiil vjIIajti^. ivItL^iti-o Mvnir Hi^nptoflo i» aicciidod bv a iTpop iia'b ia 
^ lira, fino vii'wn ari' I'aijniwl altii tnim iho J^inM .It'iitl <l0iifn 
Ifl.; 1',, l.r. l« lliv y.K.i anil tioin Ih.- -Ui^c di JfrJ-zMo (SeSfl II.; 
I'/l It. Ill thn S.K.I, iliiiiii ili<> vll1i|>v> nf ilrl'iii'i. 

laa' ,M. Capolago, //o^. lin hac : Hot. i'liisse ; Alt}, d' If alia), 
Hbe lienil of thel^.K. arrii af l)if> lakf, afar tho monlli it thoXo- 
" Tin, w llicxitirling-pciiiiinf iliellnnlftlicnfmao Itailw8y(«ti>ainer 
frimi Ln^nno S ttutfH daily in anmnmr, in 1-1' ', Itr.; (inrly nt<^Amo^ 
v'lk Fortii Cer^sio in S hrs.;. Ca.piolago i« n atntion on tbo lieht 
^ajiwar irom Chik.<nt> to KJvn San Vitak fp.lT). 

U Milan. MONTE QEKEROSO. t- B.s. ij 

Fboh Cai-olaoo to the top or Mohtk QESEBoao, iRck-uid-piniau 
riilwsy 4-5 times dally (April to Oct. onJy) in iV* br. ; to BelUvista {H8t. 
GeneroBo) in ca. •/, hr. Fare to the top 7Vs fr.. relnrn-ticket (valid for 
10 days) 10 fc. (on Sun. S, for two days Vf, tr.); retorn-ticket from 
LoKano 11 fr. 75 e. (San. 8 ft. 75 c.}, incl. H., D., & B. in the Hat. Knlm, 
IB M. — The trttina start from the Htesmboat-piei at Capoligo and hali 
>t (S min.) the 8t. Qotthard BailiuiD Station. The line tben sHcondi 
(gradient SO : 100, aEterwarda 2i : 100), passing through five short (DnneU. -^ 
I'U M, San Nicolao (2300 ft.) , a station in the finely wooded Vol di 
SlUnriiio. Farther on we en^oy a fine view of the plain of Lonibardy 
aa far as Milan ; to tho right la the Monte Biabino (p. 209). 

flVa M. Bfllaviula (4005 tt.; Hot. des Alpca, R. i'irS, B. l'/„ L. 3, 
D. 1, 1'. 1-10 fr.). About S miu. to tha S. is the *Ferron, a niountaiu- 
Hpur oommanding a beautiful view (beat in the morning) of tlie Lake of 
Lugano and the auow-peaks of the High Alps from the Qran Paradiso 
to the St. Qotthaid. About 'U M. to the E. of the station (trsmivay; 
hotel-porter meets the traina) is the HOtel Monte Geiteroin-BeUa Viata 
(3960 h. ; R. S'/j-S, B- "/i, L, 4, D. 6, P. 8-12 fr.; post and telegraph 
otOee; Anglican Chuccb Service), aitnated on a terrace commanding the 

Slain of Lomb&rdy aa far as Monta Viao. Tho hotel, open from May to 
ct., is frequented in aummer mainly by Itslians, at other seaaona by the 
Engliah and Americans. A hridle-patb leads hence to the anmmit in \'U br. 

The railway anda at the station of (!'/, M.) Vetta (5295 fl.; mtel 
K«lm, R. 3-5 B. 1'/=, L. S'/a, D. 5, P. 9-12 fr., with restaurant; Hit.- 
ReetauTont Clerit^iU , R. 2-S, D. 3 fr.). A good path taada hence in 
>/t hr. to the summit of *Uoiite Generoso [5590 Ft.). The view, em- 
braces the entire Alpine chain from the Monte Tiso to tho Gorno dei Tre 
Si^ori, and to the S. the plain of Lombardy, backed by the Apennines, 
with the towns of Milan, Lodi, Oiema, and Cremona (best in the morning). 

Uontc Generoso may be ascended also from Rovio (comp. p. 16); 
ttu'ra Mendriaio (see below j bridle-path vil SanSicolao, in 4-l'/> hra.); 
or from Stiiggio. The last-named route (diligenoe twice daily in 2>/t I'l'^'l 
ascends the Vaile di Maggio vi4 Oasiel San Pietro, Monte, and C^ima 
to (51/g M.) Muggio (S160 ft. ; inns], whence the top is reached in S hra. by 
a bridle-path. From Laazo d'Inlelvi (3>/i hrsj, see p. il8 ; recommendeil 
for the return (guide advisable for novices). ~()n thoioBSoBeHo (3725 ft.), 
on the S. flank of Mte. QeneroBo, is the *Pens. BerntMConi (P. 7 fr. ; fine 
view), I hr. from Bellsvista atatioo, 2 hia. from Mandiisio. 

135M.MendriBio(1180ft.; Alb. dd Leone, R. I'/ifr.; H6t. 
Mendrmo et Feng. Suisse; Stella), a small town of 3800 inhab., 
'/] M. from the statioa, lies at the beginning of the bridle-path to 
the Mte. Generoso (to the Hflt. Genoroao 3 hrs.; mule 6 fr.). 

At Liyometto, I'/t M. to the W., the birthplace of Vincenzo Vela 
(1822-91), la the Mute.o Vela, with models and a few originals by that 
sculptor (diligence thtice daily, 35 e.).- ~ To Serpiano, see p. 219. 

.A short tunnel carries as through the watershed between the 
Laveggio and the Breggia (p. 204). 139 M. Balema. 

140 M. ChiiWBO (765 ft.; Bail. Reatmirant; EM. Felix, 
Alii. Croce Mosaa, H6t. de la Gare, all near the station), the last 
Swiss village (5T73 inhab.; Italian and Swiss cnstom-honses), is an 
important station for Italian emigrants. An electric railvay mnr 
hence to Mendrisio and Biva San Vitale (p. 16). — To Masliani' 
and Ceruobbio and ascent of the Monte Bisbino (4 hrs.), see p. 20 

The line pierces the Saeso Oxvoffoaca \(^ * \.wvin.^,'V'B^' 
yrhieh » view ot the Lake at Como ifl Aiiic,\ob«.4 \,^ \\v6\ft*" 
143 M. Como (Stanone San Giouamti), »&b ^.A-Vi- 
BAKotKKB't Nortbotn Italy. liUi E4u. , „ CoOqIc 

18 t.n.^. ■ MARSEILLES. 

The line traverses the teriulnnl moraioc of tbc branch of the 
lake on which C'omo lies. — 146 M. Alb(Ue-Camerlala (tramway to 
Como, see p. 199). Camerlata (930 ft. ; Alb. Canierlata) is charm- 
ingly sitnated at the 8. base of a mo an tain -cone (1415 ft.) bearing 
the mined Cattello Baradello (see p. 201). — 148'', M. Cvcctago 
(1135 ft.). Tnnnel. — 150 M. CatU6 - Amago, with the tramway 
Htationforthetownof Cfflw(il(p.202), 9'/*M. totheN.E. — 152 M. 
Carimate (970 ft.). — At (154' ', M.) Camnago a line diverges for 
Seveso San Pietro (p. 197). To the left lies the fertile Brianea 
(p. 196), with its nnnierons villas, and in the baekgronnd rises the 
indented Monte Resegone (p. 196). 

158M. Beregiio(73dft.; Alb.AngeU>), a town with 12,000 in- 

Fbok Sebiqko to BuRCAao, 25 M,, railway in J'/*-* hrs. (facei * fr. 
66, S Ir. !5, i fr. 10 e,). — 8i/, M. V»imU-Camale (p. 1B6). — Beyond 
(18 K.) Paderno d' Jidda (8T0 ft. ; inn) tbc iiilway crOBaCB the Adda (p. 195) 
by tbe 'Ponte di Paderno, a singlo bold iron arch, £75 ft. above the 
water. Below the bridge tbc stream forma a H«rica of rapids. Adjacent 
la t.n Electric I'oiixT HoHte belonging to tbc cities of Uiian and Mobu 
and conatTucted in 1897. A atill larger power-bouse Ek being bailt at 
Sobbiate, above Paderno. — MM. Poutc-tian-rietro-Locate (p. i58). — 
th H. BeTgamo, sec p. Hi. 

From Scregno to Xoeara, sec p. 85. 

Beyond (160 M.) Desio a good view is obtained of the Alpine 
chain from the Monte Resegonc to the Monte Origna (p. 210) and 
behind it of the mountains as far as tlic SplQgen. — 161 '/^ It. 
LugoTte-Mugif id. 

164 M. Afonsa and thence to (172 M.) Milan, see p. 193. 

4. From Marseilles (Paris) to Genoa by the 
French RlTiera. 

»5',',M. Uailwat in 12-18 br«. {fares 18 fr. 50, 33 fr. 80, il ft. 6Se.); 
to(10IV,M.] Vfrt(iniij/(ia in 6-10 lira. (iH fr, 30, IW fr. 95, IS tr. 10 C). — 
To Genoa from Parit vii UarseilleK :7U<I M.) 21-32 lira. (115 fr. 5, 98 fr. 45, 
fil fr. 85 c.j. — Tbainb i>e Liie (1st tl. only; with onhsDccd facos). 
('iilaiH-Mcditcrranean EipresH froui Calais (in conneFtion witb tbe II a.m. 
service from London) daily from Deu. 20tb to May Isl (tbricc weekly 
from 4th to iHtb May] vitl Parin and Mavseillus to Ventiniiglia in SlVthrs. 
125',', hrs. from London; fare tlicuco llf. i», lOd. or 101, 18s. Bd. according 
to season], Riviera Express (Bi'rlin-Ventimiitlia), daily in Jan. -April, 
tuifc weekly ill Dec, froia Jfararilleg to Vcntiiniglia in ea, 5hra. CanneH- 
Vieniia Exprpaa, dailv in winter from Cannes to Ocnoa in ca. 7 bra. ; to 
Milan ill lllira. ; (o Verona lu 13'/i hrs, ; lo Veniou in 15i/j iira. — For 
/iirllii'r detailB, oec Ilartlek'ir's Soiitlterii France. 

MarBeilleB. —Hotels. Gr.-Hdt. dii Louvre et de la Palx, R. from 
■t fr.. Ur.-Hot. Noaillri et W^tiopoU. H. 1-10 fr., Qraiid-HStel, Rnc No- 
ailles 3, ii. and 2n, Bfilna Hotel, Plarc Sadi-Carnot. K, from 4 fr., H6t. 
lirintul. Rue CanuebiOrc l«-i3. all five of the first filas«. — Qi-.-irdt. de 
yfiiitv, Rue dcs 3Vniplier» S, K. from S'l-j It.-, H6l, i'i'» Plioeeena. ^ii« 
ThH/inniviii -l. with rentmiTAnX. R. from 8 tr. ; H6t.<l«Boinc et de St.PltTre, 
Cmin .y(. Louin 7, S. /roiii :i tr. — At or near tVve B^ntton-. HM, de Buart* 

, , ji>Coo»^lc 

si. kai-uaGi. 

r B.4. Id 

itJuaMem, R. l-» (t., Oit. J« OoriM^a c4 if Orient, A. from B /r., 
Huai. il AtWm'i SI (.nil U. — Uutairajti. Ijt Ri<ifrrr. Piilnoii Hdtrl, 

[iTsI'Vliies. Ilearau rant dn Ho"fr-a-IIU"ic. Iiotb in iIk clir-iuln ilr la Tot- 
nirh"; /sirnpyf. llni. il.m Fdm'rtciiii i [>, in; : ilf Pnjfai'ff, t.Vrani Bi'liUncB 1), 
— L'*rts, I'hiflly in Ibc Ilui:* K'.-niUii mil CBnmrbWiv. 

Mar»riUrs, with .iI7..'iW Jiilixli,, lUo Muntiliit uf anllqoity, \« 
iho pritirl[>Hl n'apiirl. Hiirl smmil cily nf Kmni-i' mid thi* lU'pet of ft 
brisk n)»HliiiiL- irnflii' «UIl tin' Kii«. !inly. uri't^lfrinii. Tlif iiu'iUrn 
Hiariwli^r nf \\* linililiiigw is in innrlci'il i'<>ii let II* iuit.i<|iiiiy, 
HUiI except for il« Sarlumr iind bcuiililul sMr th^ rity in orim* 
pafntivply niiiiilPi*Mtiiijr. — The '( 'athfdral, n Iai'f;e iind haiKUimie 
iinnlrrn linililin^ known an La Majnr dt Ste. Marii -Mftjfure, 
sUntlf oil a U'rrm:i- Ici llit- X.W. »( tlir oKI lo« n. — 'I'iiv iiia((uifto«nt 
*-i'aiaia tit Lti/niirhixmp cuutuiuB tlic Mwavi" <1i.>b Bcaii.t .Vrls, tt'ilU 
vuluulk' paintings JiiiJ sculpt iirtB. — i'luvsitf Ir'-iiii *^'iiti-e-l}aiat- 
ilc-ln-f fit rile. «a tliC liill to the H. itt lint iijirlimir. 

Thii railwHy to Vcntimiglia travvrgta aa iiutlulnting' and not 
nii[nliTi'»iiiiK i:uuutr,v, nt first nt »omc ditiUni^i! I'rniii [lie sen. -^ 
Near iit\', M.I <SV. jl/«ivi"i h-p isrns.i the Cnnnl lip Mnrscillc. 

lO'.'i M. J'»ifw/rjf iliufffll. 16° 4 M. f Vuw<"«. J3 M. Ln i'io/al- 
tfUir. 3l' !, M. fl(rnrW(Hftt. iif» [tniii*!. StiM. OlU'iutrn-^nnttry. 
38','i M. /^H .Sri/in'-Tam(ifiit-Kiir-.\ffi\ 

4 1 Vi if- Toulon [(■imiitl-il'Mft. K, frmii 4 (r.; Hot. Vivioria, 
H- friiiiL 3 (p.; Ui'il. itir J,tiui-re. H- from 3' , fr, : ('([".i. » riirtpnsn of 
iliK tiral i'lu9>! Hiu1 iifl'T ftrcut ihp ninii im|iortaiit nnvnl Ktution In 
l-'r!inee. is flurly sitiiatcH nii u lii-vp liiiv. Pi.p, lOS.'t.'iO, •SVft Marif- 
Majp-iirr, the fin'iii"-!- lallcduil, dnten from the ll-lilh Ci-nl., but 
liiL^ bi'i^ii nuirli altorGil uiiil I'niiti'gcd. 

48'/, M. t,a I'ariline is tli* jiiDciiuii for llyirta. — We Proas 
tbe Gaprau. — o3';j| M. HolUii-Vfiht. W> M. Ciim-l'lerirffii. 
t5i)','iM. Cariioiilef. Go' ,,M./'iynni!*, — We puss ihionglillii; irilky 
lit tlie JiV^e, B-iili its 'jlivc ;iiiil mullx-rry troM, inU\ llip vallry of llir 
Arfftim. — lhW. Le Liir H Lif-Ctuiiie'. .M M.riVjfHi'ftiiit. — W.'.M. 
/iM vlrcj (buffi-t), 3iiii(-linn fur DmiiiiiijiiOH. — ii'J' , M. Lf ilU-lf, 

'JSi M.Fv6jaa < H'if./hi Muti I, Ihr Ju>r-im Julu itt ii\c Romm*. 
«-11h A19U ttiiiiib., iM ndtrd fur ita Rnmnn remain*. 

im',; M. St. Baphnfil (Gra/idll'iUl, E*. (roiii 12 fc; £*«"■ 
/iivatfit, Voitfiiie.i\lul rf dru Pninn. nl liuli I', frunt ll> fr.; i'fc'.>, a 
tbriviiig Ktapurl i>ii llii; Oiilf of Frrjim, iS fr<iqui-nt('il (ur Bea- 
lintliin^ anil as Ji wiiiUT-ruiurl. Tlif ,!/««( Viiimffrr iSOSfl ft.>, 
iIji? liiulit-'Nl .vuiiiuiit III Xht! KMf'cl. uuiiy be n.ictiKlrJ tirncu In 
.1'/, lira. 

Tlic ^Coniiclu' d'Oi; or C«fmi:he <lc t'BstUvU n flnr rimil vying i" 
liiHiiily with Iho Onwiff-C'ftMfBhe ip. *>) mil ■hiillnir Iho lu-outUBV at.***. 
M f»i' H fill M,) La SiiioKie [p. inj. Ik pt;<fcnbk »« VVi ^ftW-s^l V"" 
dear, buiKiUii ■cIvImiI.U-'i. 

ili M. /.r /Vv/yrt^ :E<l.t(Tt Itoia Pl Ot.-Wt,V. A.\v'V»*^i■^*•> 


»t iIk U Bfaervvj U tlic fllarliiiif-piiini Tar llie aaci-ut ut the 'Grand 
Pitdii C'oj*fiwrfjr(l485 ft.; 3 lirs.j and lur ctlicr twunions In lli« 
Kalii'tl. — 116 M. La Kapimle. uriih iho Oaiinta (toU-club. — 
lift' , M. La lioira is iLr juiirtion (oi- Grasnelloyi.]. 

120'- W. Oaimes. - Hitki,.-, St^ffuiHii itom. n. fMiu o, u. 

M:, fr.; W-H. rf(t VVnii-f», R. l-« , II. .**/■ f'-! Tfrwive. R, from S, 
U. 4 ft,; Hat, ,lni Cidt'iiirj rl <ies XesoaauUi. R. (turn i. ll, 3 (i-j rf*- 
!.»••)', It. fi'iiiii SI;',, □. a fr. TUrie lliroii nc'ju tlie tiUlttrD) far th^ nuinv 
iiihrra. inrliiillrii; the must lumpttwiu crtnlilliihinuvU, we Uanlrlxr'it 

Cannes i3'S,IiCr» liiljiili.'f, ilijoly slluatril iin the flnlfinli- la \a- 
pwiCr. In n [ir II H(]C rolls winUr-iTflort, nllli [lii'tiircBijiii' .tii rrouniiiiijpt, 
u liixui'lant noiithci'n vn^ctallciti. iitiii a mild au<\ ei\n:Mc I'liumli;. 
ibove tV linrboiif riBfi Ibc Muiil Chevnlier. witli tlic olfl qiurtfr 
o( Le Suijlii-t. The 'Eiiffll*li liiinniT' i/ilrliiln lo tlie W. toI.iiD«Coa 
isee lUoKil llff liip COHSI Itr tlir //!cs if.e4 Ij^riii*. 

Near (IS4 M.l (.'nlfr.-Jnuii'VnlUniris » <iilLiTitii roniiiK-inorule* 
thp liimjinjr dT Napnlcun 1. nn lilo n-liini friiiii Klbii id 1915. — 
126 M. Jiinti-le»-Ptn» ^(.ir»tnl-ll(itpl, ulr.i ■■ ii winlcr-rtisoi't atil 

ia7','j M. AntibeB \(ir.-ffii*i^l 'in Crip it'AnfUfM, R. fpom 
fi fi'.: ft'rimri-Hi'ilnl. K, rrntii 4 IV.; Xiifwiim c/ tf-'Altiiirr; >'U-.\, tlio 
iiniiifrit Autipiiha, \* a Hm-Iy siluntcd si'dpirt ( I l,7fi3 inhiili.i. Th« 
t'ap d'Aji/ioi-*. n |)i>iiiviinliL abniit i' ^ M, lnn|(, i* nalffil for iU 
IftiLnrlftiil TcgC'tBlliin and lino {tai-ii^ns. 

ISS M. VeufneH <,HS1, Sm uuriiiti ;■ , a «iiitor-ri.'Si)rt with nn old 
cnatle, — Wc cross llio Kffr. funin'fly Hit rnmlier <nf Frnmv, 

IJO M. Nloe. — lloTEW. Nffir tlw r. I.. M, SliitlinK y.riiifiiii»- 
iraM. H-, from i'li. D. S fr, ; ilit JItn'B. H. from a. U. lilr, : tlM.'Fmn. 

Hich'-iiTU'il of rfa RiihIb, R. (luiu J, I>. iV, (r. : //o(, Vrut. liu Ijlobc ** 
(fen yi\saytitn . R. fruui I'/i. U. 1 fr- Tor oilier huK'ln, UIBIJ3* 00 111* 
iii"~( jiuhiiiil "viilc, ICO WwA'ti'i-'c H'li'thfrii /'mwr.-. 

AVi'e 1 1 3.4-,",?!12 inhal).), tlic Xlcfca ot the .iiirli'iils, superlily 
niuiaii'd on titf brtind Suit rl-rs Aiiga, in t!if ivJntcr-rendt'iivoiiii uf 
Invaliils unci nllicrs from ull pnrU ol Eiiropr, for vlioxc comforl 
und enterlaiiiriii'nt every provision ii< niadr. In .^miiiiier Nice is lean 
I'rninimtod. Tlifl old tomi is Brpuratcd fnini llii' nincli largnr 
Nl raiigiTPi' iiiiRi'lor liy <hi]i iimJicniflcaiiL PaiUiMi, 

TW ^•^ltllIuHl.l ^Route da !« GrBade-Corniohe to ilu';, M.) Muu- 
lOLie trft^orufB t\\c nutjt IhiLjiiiliful jmrt uf llm Ujvi-'J'il puiil in fur jtri-"- 
frroblo tu ilw niUij* ii'iirt. 3s fr... Huiul tu Lii iJiaiiiluIii iVievoln), 

Bi-'vnnd _Xie.e the line jiossps lliroiieh two long luan«I». — 
HS'/i W. ViUrfram-hv-aiir-^ftr'HdL Ae la RtMcrvf. dc l't!Di«pr«, 
«tl^), ill a bRuiit.i I'll! niluntlon, hux u runiuits roiiilsli.'nd. 

143' , M. Bea.uUett<7ftf. BrM(cf, K. fruiii ID fr.; Ji6t. M«- 
tropuU:, K. from fi fc; I'lV/LinVt 7/(i/e^ 11. (rum 5 I'r,; fffif. iCrtfft, 
Jt from 5 fr.; Em^veM Bvtel, B. from 4 (r), in a weU-ihielterwl 

L 'v.^to;;k, 



Lliiil iunny Mtuallen on a viit bay, is (be ,voiinrcsl of llic largpr wiu- 
' liT-rcaori? on the Froitcli ILitioNi. — 147 M. Cap d'AH-LaTurbie. 

141> K. Monaco. - Hotrd (it I,* Cnnilainlnc^. (3i\-nit. Papllton 

Dor*. R, from .'■ tr. ; Hit. Bri»M. R. fi 4 fr, : Ht'iK BtauStJonr, H. 

fruu B'/j (''■ ; Oil. lie la l^imiaiiitiit, It. froni O'l, (r. ; USI. iltt Kiritngtrt, 
B. fr<iiii 31;, (r. — BriU.h Vfi'n-t'..i|.iil. — .Vn(illp>«(i Cliiircli, 

^Mf/c'iis tbfl capilii] (>ftlii.MliniiuMtiv« i>i'inflpttlity<>flli«sNiiiR 

nanii-, v'hii'Iiii) vn\y tisq.JI. iu arv.-i imd cotitiin* 1!I,1S1 liilinbitanlti. 
It, iI1plp^^■^n«(l 1j_v ^ol i;iTi|;ri priisirys i-l tlii; liuimeo/ (J rim nidi- Tlinrn 
nrr nn liixi/s, lis iilt llic i-x|iL'ijflt's uf llit ailuiiiilfelrnliou aro dotrBVCil 
liy tin: 'fiuri.'ir Ji-m Ruins iK-Sffr', Tlie ("H'ltmuslais of Monaco ijni- 
JUT, on a lulJ iiruiiioiiliiry. niiil La Cvitdaiiiiite, tliv iirw town niwl 
li4>Nltli-re<i(irt. on tho bny bcluw. 

ICd'/j M. Monte Carlo. — IIothi-b. At Munic tinri* jwopw! 

Hut. Millriijnli', R. (iiin.i HI (i.: Hii<. rfio Priri». VUev itii C'HxiiiO! (?rn»rf 
yatel. Hue lit 1* Scaln, E. (ralQ Ifl (l.l Bniiiiorul PiUaer, At». lUt U 
CubU. H. from ( fi. : HH. ('(■» t'n/oivira, Avn. (ii' In l.'(iitn, K. (cnlo 5 fr., 
Simvt} HflrJ' dn Luin-ri., Buul, Ji^n Mouliim ni, R, dmi] r> ft,, thrive tvo 
pliinci', — At Bsouiiuliiil! Iliiiei'a Palaci-i H. Irorn IB fr. ; ll6f, Suhtt, 
a. tivtn i It. 

Monte Carlo (73'i2 iuhnli.j. belonging lo tli* iiriiiei]mHty nf 
Hoiiairo'. \i well kno'wn for its^ cliarniinj; gUuialD and bi^auiHul sit- 
jiution, but \» chiefly visitpd on uccoiinl i>( (la gaming I'jtellilicfi. 
Tbo hai)(lBOmP *C«8)')?i>(IS7(t) is Biimpln-ouHly filtt'<l up, ami Iii^hLiIpk 
Ihp SallcB fie .Icn ront.aius rcadinf;- rooms, n con'?orl-i'ooiM, ola.; tlio 
Iturilons Ki'O T(>i'_v beimtiful, — ■ Hig' up lii?ii (he nrw Frctic-h lown 
vi DeansoUU, n'ilh 6841 fiiliiib, iiud tun uasinQS, wiiirli i» 11 sislioti 
wii Lliu moan I Mill- railway fruiri Mnjiitu Ciirlw lu llie ancieul vilUuv uf 
La Tnrbie (1595 It. ; Hit.-EetitBuraiit du Kiflii U'Hivcrl 

Fftvtlicr on w<j pass Elirougli Cizp ^fat■t^/^ by a lou^ luuiiol. 

13j X. Hentone. — Hutui.v. in Dili Avi'iiuc df Ih niKU [fir 
imnnliiB ImifiKlKj; WiM. rill /'«ff, K, (11)111 a, I>, I fr, 1 iJii', iff VF.Kmipr: 
Il'il. SI. I'Mfrtbimra : liSt. S'iiil', Hit. lirt Drit-r itnudft, liolli iiiipti-tt-ud- 
liip. — AUo nour tiiH ijridi^inl utminii : fir.-lliit. dii* llri tlrtlniiiilqnr)!, 
B. fujiii B, I>. « Jr.; Gr.-Bil. 'til- tv"vn, H. (rnui ^ H. " tr. ; iir.-HM. 
>!(* AmliaimiuicHr; ar.-H6t.. Viftarla, (ft\.B(1f. d'Orlcit. Bl u-tl tliiffn 
R. EtiJiii 1, 1>. S fr. 

Mentane.Vv. MeiiUin ;l.'i,l)£'!Ji!i.!iiil>,*, whirli belnngcc} toM'fnacn 
unlii 18(11, is phitrmlogly stluaieti un ilic Golfe ri!c fa I'alx; iviii- 
Hilling of I no buvf Kt'puriilixl \>y a rocky promontory. As a wijitor- 
ruiort iMenlone oITi'th «iinpler and r[iiietftr qimrtcrt iliaii eltlit-r Nice 
or Cannes, wiiilo it in nul Icm fiivoiiniil iiy olimatp nnil lias most 
luxorinnl vi?;'clutlori. Tlic Of'i Tinoji . on ihe promcmtofy, la very 
jiifitiiniKiiin, The "Ca/j Murlin (<'n|) Martin Hold, R. from 10 fr.i 
licK nboiil a M. to tk' 8.W. of Monloiin, 

Tlio iraiu piundFi bnncatli Mfntnne by a Wft taTi«.«\ ^m^ «i\V''<» 
Italy. Arii-r nix iiioff tnniiPis wu cross lV« K<>v«- _ „a 


6, Prom Inasbmck to Verona by the 

171 M. AcBTBtiit SorraEBB Railway ( OeaferrelchUche SMbahii) to 
Ala, thenco Italuk State RAn-WAi; cxprpsa fares 32 fr. 45, M fr. 5, 
15 fr. JOc; grdinaiy i5 fr. 75, la fr. 10, ISfr. JOc. The dsy-ex press (1st & 
Ind cl.) takes 7-T/,, the night-e»nrcaa (let, 2nd, & 3rd cl.) 7*/, the ordlnuy 
trains 12 brs. ~- The folloMing Tkaiks de Ll'ie [Ist cl. ODly ; tt higher 
fares) tske flVi-7 hrs, : Xonl-Sad-Exprens daily frotn Berlin to Teroua, 
going on after Sept. to MtUii and in Dec, -May to Milan, Qenoa, ind 
Canues; BcrlJu-Kaples Express team Iniubrnck every Mou. jtThnra. ntg:bt 
froin Dcr. to mid-May; and E|;}'jitian Kxpreaa (Berliu to Naples) from 
Jaiubnick every Thurs. at noon from Jaii. to Marcli (inclusive). — Viewii 
on the riffht aa tar as the sumTnit of the Brenner, 

The Brenner (ilBO ft.), the lowest pass over the main chain of tlie 
Alps, once ucod by the Romans, was the first over which a modem road 
was made (ll'ri). The railway, opened in 18B7, ia carried throngh 
!l tunnels and over DO bridges. The steepeat gradient between Idqh- 
bruck and the summit is 1 : JO, between the anmmit and Sterling 1:44. 

ljD3iBbmdk.(18Sbft.\ Bail.Beatanraiif ; H6t.Tirol,R.troia4, 
}). 1'/,, D. 4 or 6 A', Goldetie Sonne, R. 3-7 A', Hot. de I'Eiirope, 
R. 3-8 A', all near the station; Hot. Maria Thereaia, id the 

tovn), tbc capital of Tyrol, with 53,^00 inhab,, is described in 
Baedeker's Eastern Alps. 

The railwBv ascends the vallev of the Sill. Nuinerotis tunnels. 
fi M. Paisck ("^570 ft.). — 12Vs'm. Mativi (3255 tt), with the 
chateau of Trautson. — la'/j M. Sleinack (3445 ft.). — The train 
now ascends a steep incline, crosses the valleys of Sckmirn and 
VaU in a wide curve beyond (18'/, M,) 5^/. Jodok, and runs high 
above the Sill to (22M.)<Tne«(4115 ft.). It then passes the small 
green Brenner-See (on tlie right) and reaches — 

25 M. Brenner (4495 ft, ; Buffet), on the anmiuit of the pass, 
the watershed between the Black Sea and the Adriatic, From the 
hillside to the right descends tlie Kigah, which the train now fol- 
lows. — Bevond (27'/, M.l Brenn&'bad {iZbd ft.l the line descends 
rapidly to (30', '» M.) Sckelkbera (4070 ft.), enters the Pflerach-Tai, 
anAtraveraea the Aatei' Spiral Tunnel {83iy(i».). 'iS'.M. Pflerach 
(3760 ft). — 36 M, Goaaenaasa (3610 ft.), a summer and winter re- 
sort — Tbc train now runs throngh wild rocky scenery. 40 M. 
Sterii»gt.bllO!t.\ a picturesque little town. On the left rises the 
castle of Sprechetiatein and on the right those of Thnmbvrg and 
Reifenatein. — 43 M. Freienfeld (3055 ft). — We now cross the 
Eisak. On the left bank is the restored castle of Welfenatein. — 
47 M. Graeatein. (2770 ft), at the entrance of the narrow defile of 
(49'/, M.) Mifttwald, the lower end of which is closed by the 
FraiUeiiafeBte, a strong fortress conslructcd in 1833-38, The 
(68 M.) station of Franzenafejste. (2450 ft,; Kail. Ke.'tauraut) , tlic 
igMcOon of the Pusterial line, lies 1' ^M. to IVS.Ni.iit Wc ^oft- 
-iff, — Viop^YHrds and rlicstnuts now apprnv, 

Qi.tlliiiiid ov 



SflM. Brixenn«3»rt.j Hot. Klffimt ; liaJtn/nff H<>teii*p,^ 
I Ihe rnjiit»t i>( an ccck'slnBtkiil prliicliioliiy, seculBriwil in IfldS. — 

MTu trues (lie EUuk, lil if. Albeina. The vnllej coiitioew. 64 M. 
Viltiiifi: (i.i M. Ktatitfii 1 1720 ti.i. — Thy IKie thirl* lirrriiiitiiu* 
l)(ii|)!tyry tlid's. — 65) M, n'aitHiri'c/i- i l.WJ fi.i. On ibe li-H, hiali 

Iubiivc. r\»i-a Ihe TriMtbiirg, TIil' irain crospie!! tli« Elaak, in a wild 
ilelllti o( porphyry rui'k», TJ',-, 3r. Atswaiiy fl22l) fl.j. -- "8 SI. 
Sliiumti. On ihe rip^tit linnk lip^^tn ibc rliu'-ckd «la]R>!t uf (lie Hotif- 
tier Leite. ^ !*I' , S. Kai'dnun. The train recrusst's tho EUakund 
enters lli« wide t>a§lii of Botjipi], a >)i«ti-ift of liixnri»[i( reiilliiy. 
H:1 M. B0tB4Il iHnJtiat}/ Hi i In it rani. I. — lU-tEt-s. tIfUM. K» 
Vi-iunK-.riiNOiili-J^tr.. a uiiii. tiuni ttio ituiioii. R, 1-iu, Jl. 1'',. II. 7 K: Vtr- 
tucln. oiJpiipilf lliu •liilhiii, B, ttma ii, 13.1'.',, I). l',A', Ctj^. Wdlct- 
Plali, R. I'.V". B. I'lg A", witli rt'Htiiiiriiut; Knttfrltriii'i: Eriiit'rinB. Ruinar. 

Sir., R,s-ft, B. I'., A': tSOiifn Laurln, K»I>ri. Fraiii Jmcub-fitr. dUlid 
Girnil. R- f'!'™ -'^' '■• I'Ji 'i'. ><" "' <>>•' ■>"'' Hiui ll/il.ife fKunijie. H. 
ei;,-li, tJ, I'ltA. ili5(- R'tiffer lyirt ifrr l\'<fdirelile. It. IL B. I',, A. l>etU 

liv tlin Wiilti'i'Plnli. U'llti rt>iT/iiii'iuti : Hiit. Stiryl, ltr<miiei-Slr., K. Ii,,- 
rV»K; (yiwi-iT, Uiiliiiljuf-Hii., K. IK. 

BohemSTOtt.i, htil. liuhniw. with 34,30rj inhnb,, In the miJiIle 

Hges tlifi clijrf crnlrc of thii trntli! I>r(wrcn Trnicc uTid the Nortli 

and 1 0-day the nt out iinpwrttiiilcuriiiiiciTitil town lii Tyrol, la braiitl- 

mily situnird nl tlic ciinniii'iicc'if tin- Kinnlc \\w\ tlu' Taffer, whicli 

dcHcends frnni thr .Siinttnt m Hie N. Tim K. bHckgrnmid U forniod 

by the fiinlwtk' dulimiili" imi\m nf the iSchlern and llosoiigarl'.'ii; to 

Iha W. rid'S Iht- loiij; poriihyry ridgn of the Mendel. In Ihc WaJter- 

-Pbtn is II itifinunii'nl t" Walfn- vn t/i-r I'oifeiweiile. tlio poet, by 
H. NntliTilsSH). Tlu' Gi>thi<i PnywhClnirr'Ji of tlio i4lh iind 151h 
entit. Iina a jinrl.iil v>'i(li Iwo limin vt rrd iiiiii'hli< and a fp-!U>c(ul 

■ opiMi-woi'k S|)ii'e. — I'lio hill of Vityf(litl3H.; cwlilr-tramwiiy rvery 
'(»"',» ''^'■i so'tiiiiands n fiiifi virvr; thf. trniiiwuv utalion in 3 niin. 
from llifEisiik (jrid^r, iiiid-'i' the S. rjiilwny. -'Ui-yond llie Talfer, 
ill iLi- font uJ th« UuiilsohniiljiTg, lit* Oricn, « winl<,'r-ri;Bai'l. 

Beyund Rotttii t.lif trniii I'rufjiitii llii? Kixiild *ln)rtlj hrl'i>rii il* 
CO 11 fl lit' II tie with tbi: ICtuciFi, or .-le/iye, which 1ktiiuii'» tynvi^n'ilR »\ 
(8tf"5 M.\ BraiitQtt. Til \\i<i right ristw Ihi- wooded MiUxIbafi, 
toni iimndcd hy the lony rl'Ij;i: of ihe M«inhl. — Ikj-yiid \'i'A M,) 
Jwpr thi; Inniii i;ri)»sM thL- Adigi', — 8(j M. yfiiiii'irk-t-Traiiiiri. — 
loa", Sf. NalKi-n, with the mined HtKlvrl/'iri) uo a iiruoljiitous 
rotk, — 11)7 M. AVii MirFie/e. is lliir stotinn fur thu Val d-i A'm. 
TIic trnin ngiiln unmans the AdiRr, — II I M. Luvu, on (he /IWaid^ 
ihn stuny hcd of which is PrtisHi'd by ii liHdj^c KlOUydji. in Ifn^th. 
117 '■',W. Trent fU<illHa.ii Ittttaiimitti, — Moitv». Jmpriiiil Hotet 
Trriilo (M. ii; £. I), PioKsa Dantr, H, J-8. B. !</«. L. n. Ii. d K. ArxI-vlMt ; 
J^antir (PI- J; B. I:, to Ihr W. of tlio utiiHon, K. S'l^s. Ii, IK; Bi-i»t.i\. 
»illi kM: Imki -VrifjiTi :Pi, ui B. 1. tJ, with t<jiilnuTii\.\, 'Si. v'..(lv,.j'K.v 
Kanpn (Pi. b: €, i). Vfn Luii^ ll. — |'i>vx b T»ii.«i»*».** ^J^v^*- ^*^' 
" »!, PiniKu lii'lla pMla. 

s-ffg^o/r. \ or Tretito, Igt. TrMpnlwrn, *ttV*T .■^'^'^'»' 

^ I.I. LuaaL 


24 J- B' J*- TRENT. From Innthrueic 

the woahhiost towo in S. Tyrol , owod its early importance to its 
position at the junction of thu road Icadin^^ from Venice throogh 
the Tal Sugana to the Brenner road. It lias belonged to Aastria 
Hince 1814, bnt with its unmerons towers, palaces, and broad slreeta, 
still presents all the characteristics of an important Italian tovn. 

In the Piazza Dante (PI. li, I) oppoxitc the station, rises a lofty 
Mmument to Dan/e, by Zocchi (1 8!)6), The Via Boniana (PI. B, 2) 
leads hunce to Ihe S., crossing llie 'old Adige', to the Via Lnnga 
and tliu Via Rodolfo Beleniiani (formerly Via Larga), the two wide 
main strecU, containing several fine palaces. To the left in the 
last-named street is the ralasu/ Mufiicipak (PI. 2; B, C, 2, 3), 
eontaining the Muteo Vomunalf. (open on week-days, 9-12 and 
3-6). — The Vieolo Colioo, a passage on the right, leads to the 
chnrch of Santa Maria Maggivre (PI. B, 3), begun in l.i20, vbiok 
contains a picture (16G3), in the choir, with portraits of the mem- 
bers of the Council of Trent (1545-63). The handsome •Organ-loft, 
in the Benaissancc style, is bv V. Viccntino (1534). 

The "Cathedral (Diiomo; PI. B, C, Z\ founded early in the lltb 
cent., rebuilt by Adam d'Arogno (d. 1212i, but not completed nntil 
the 16th rent., contains frescoes and many bishops' tombs. In the 
Piazxa del Duomo (PI. B, C, 3), which is adorned with the Xeptvne 
Foatdain (1768), stands the Palazzo Pretofio (now the military 
headquarters), with the old Torre Gfraude or clock-tower [PI, 11; 0,3). 

On the E. side of the town rises the imposing^CVtsfe^of/e^Buim 
Voimglio (PI. D, 1, 2), erected in 1474-84 as the residence of the bi- 
shops and rebuilt in the Renaissance style after 1525, now a barmck 
ladm. 9-1 1 and 3-4). It contains two ilne courts and frescoes by B«- 
irianino, Dosso Dossi, and others. The round Torre di Augusta {ao 
adm.) is not of Roman origin. — A good view of the town is ob- 
tained from the Captichm Convent (PI. U, 1) above the C'astollo. 

HoTOK DiLioEitcii (ufSce next tliu HAt. Katop\) in S>l, tirs. (fkrea 
10 K, (t K 10 ft) to (iO'/a M.) Riva (p. ilM>), via {J3 M.) Sarefir (to Ponto 
Ciffaro, tee p. tTT) and (23 H.) Area. 

Krom Trent to Venice, viii Bntiaiio ttnd Cattel franco, nee H. 6. 

Beyond Trent, the railway follows the left bank of the Adige, 
the lower valley of which (as far as the Italian frontier), rich in 
vines, maize, and mulberries, is named the Valle Laiiarina. — 
122V» M- Mattardlu. On a hill near (127Vj M.) CaUinwi rises 
Ihe mined castle of Beeeno {to the left). 

132 M. Bovereto (625 ft. ; Rail. Rettaurant ; Hotel Central, 

R. 2-3 A" ,- Hot. Rovereto), with 11,655 inhab., is the leading in- 

dnatrlal town in Southern Tyrol, ~~ Road to Recoaro (motor- 

L onin. twice daily in snmmeri, Torrebelvicijio, and Schio, see p. 329. 

I The train crosses the J.eno. On the right bank of the Adige 

' lies l»ero,, noted for its wine. On the left bank, neat Linana, ia 

t/ie C'a*/eUo Danfe (U)m ft.), in whic\\ tt\e <;.x"\W\"Dai\\>i iv'e-^^'*\ 

f «/(/ to liavv Iit^eii thr eiifst of Count Carte\>t»ico ^V^\ 'V^^. 


to VtTona. PEBI. 1- B. 5. 26 

134'/, M. Mori (570 ft.; Buffet; Hotel Staximie, y/iib restau- 

rant, R, 1 '/s-^'/ti !*■ ^Vf^ ■^) '* ""' starting-point of a narrow- 
gauge railway to Siva (aoe below), and of the road to Riva vifi Nago 
and Torbole (lO'/s i^-\ carr. in 2 bra., T £', with two horaea 14 K). 
Fkoh UoBi TO Rita, ISVgM., rsilvray id IV^hi. |fsies let cl. 3 £20, 
3rd rl. IKiOJi; beat vicwB to the left). The hoe croaaea the Ad i^ to 
1 M.) Itiori-Borgala, the gtstioQ for Ihu largo vllInKo of KoH (635 ft.). 
It then Iraversos the broad green valley to (4'/i M.) Loppio |735 ft.), 
with the ehitcaa of Count Csatolbirco, paaacs the little La^n di Lojipio 
(7BS ft.), with ita rocky islands, and ninda ap among rocky debris to tlie 
Hniiimit of the pbbb heside the ehapcl of San Giovanni (H15 ft.). Wc 
descend lo (8 M.) Nago-Tdrbole, the station for (KO min.) Torhole (p. 288) 
und for yago (710 ft. ; Alb. alle Due Oche; AqiiiU Ifera). a village Bttuated 
on the brink of a Favine, with the ruins of the castle nf Penede {VhtS ft.), 
on a steep ruck to the left. — The liuc now foUowa the Aico road, com- 
inandiag an exc[utaite *View of the blue Lago di Qardn, with the Sarca at 
our (eet, and the long Monte BrJone oppoBitc, and, farther on, of the 
(iarca valley, with Arco and the surrounding villages. — 11 M. OUreiarca 
is the station for Viqnole, Bolognano, and other villages. We then cross 
the Sarca to (IS'/a M.) Arco (p. 298). Thence wo .traverse the fertile 
valley viit flS'/a «.) San Tomato. — IBVs M. Biva (p. i%0\ ateamers on 
the Lago di Qarda, aec p. ST9). 

Near (136 M.) Marco the line intersects the Slavim di Marco, 
probably the remains of an ancient glacier, but according to Dante 
(Inferno xii. 4-9) the remains of a landslip of 883. — At (138'/, M.) 
SejTavaUe the valley contracts, 

li2]£.AlBLii80tt.;Eail.Mestaurant;H6t.Stazione; Corona), 
a town with 5300 inhab., is the scat of the Austrian cnstom-house 
authorities. Luggage forwarded by this roote to Italy should be 
cnqnired for at the custom~housc here. 

Through the Val Frcdda to the Como d'Aqailio (Fosse) and through 
the Valbona to Fodeaieria (Cbiesanuova), see p. 813; Uiroiigh the Vafic 
di Bonehi to Oiassa, see p. 313. 

Above Sabbionara, on the right, is a chateau of Count Castel- 
barco, with 14th cent, frescoes. — 145 M. Avio. The village, on 
the right bank, at the month of the Voile Aviana (comp. the Map, 
p. 279), is a starting-point for the ascent of the Pnnta del Telegrafo 
(p. 293). — 149'/, M. Borghetto is the last Austrian rillage. 

151'/j M. Peri (415 ft.; Corona'), the first Italian station and 
the scat of tlie Italian custom-house, is the atai'ting-point for the 
ascent of the Monte Baldo (comp. p. 293). Via Fosse to the Pontc 
Ui Vcia, see p. 313. — To the right is the Madonna della Corotia 
(p. 293), to the left the Moitte Fastello (3680 ft.). — To the right 
of (154 M.) Doki is the Monte Cordospino (2070 ft.), with a fort. — 
On an eminence to the right, near (158 M.) Cerahio, lies Sivoli 
Yei-oneae, which was stormed by the French in 1796 and 1797 
nnder Massfina, and afterwards gave him his dncal title. — 'W* 
now enter the Ckiuaa di Verona, a fortifieA defeVt ^^ ■^4a,\n.-^'^ 
At the esit are the village of Volargne (,^60 ll."l, «^ W«i\*V^.-, ^ 
tie MoiUe Moscal (p. 2m), on the rigU. . v» 

The tram passes ( l eg y^ m.) Domealiara t,WQ ^\-">^ *^'''^ **W* ■ 



nil thi- VVniiiu ;iii<l (htAii liiiL- i.rmiiTi. \'. SSOl To the left »]tf>ttii 
Ihf. M'inti LfK»itH (|i. SJfli. — Bi-yonil (IBll',, M.,i JWiantimt unA'' 
(llifl',; N.i Ptiniiin ttU'Adiijr '\t. SSlti llii- llm; cioswcs tUu Adi(c<'.i 
Al. Verona i^ne |i. S9Ti llii: lialn Blojifi flr»l ai i17j M.j iba . 
Staxione Porfa Xtmni ami tlioii st i ITT JI,1 itic Slaziarie Porliti 
t'fyiitmi, llie jiriiiifipal tttillau. 


6. From Trent to Venice via Bassano and 
Castelfranco. Val Sugana Railway. 

IIIJI M. AinfriHN Siii'TUEiik HtitLU'.i'v !■> Prlmiiliiiiii. llirncc IrxLUI 
SriTE KaCwat: i:ii]m'^< in 1'/, lirt. (fmt-i i" It, SO, 19 Ir. Ti>. 9 fr. tic.'t, 

nnlinnry tmin in ,'i-:ii,.', Iir-". (IT tr,. II fr, 40, H fr, («> c.i. B™i vi«w«]' 
Tut hi hi^vka lo Ihc It'rt : lii'tvrrt>ii FrlmnlHiin Hrid Bnaxaiiu lu thr riihl. - 

Trfiit, sL'i: p. £3. — The Vdlsiijciiim llaiK-ftv Jivurgc* to tW li'ft 
IVoni (lie S.RflilWBV after l'.| M.,, crnMua tbc i^o''«'»«, ■lid IrnvcrspS' 
the fertile Adigc valley by n limg Woilii*!. It thmi iirtrtiiiis t'lipiiily 
'gradient 1 : 50;, descrlbca u wirl;* luuj) un tlxr luuiititiiiii-tdnpc, and. 
travcfsta a spiriil tiiniK'l lo llii; N. In — i 

r>'/j M. t ('W(K:n.(tw (!)iU n.l, « suiiinicr-rt'sort witli many villi 
Tn.nit uii«' 4lirtii|i|i liars frinii view. -- At (8 M.) /^jctj fll>8D ft,) v 
i-iiltr tin: TW Fersiiia. Ne;ir iD'.'a M.i Poiile AHn (lljj IL) is 
wBli!rl'all (in (li* Fi.'r^ina, 12J tl. in lieigltt. — Tim valley conlriic 
10 a »]|rl riviije, in nliich tixtr tiimids art ti.iviiratd and two (or 
psssert. -- 1 LM". Cive^aiio. ~- iSM.Roiu-ugiiutlSSOtX.) ins!tiilte< 
oppotilp tlie siitraiice o[ llie I'al Pin^. 

15", M. P^rgrine ilTii'd tt.; Biiffvt: mt. I'eiyinp. B. froin. 
2 ff), un l.lii' w.-!if('rHhe(i linlwecii th(! Adigo and tlie ]Jri?iita. rfiw 
viUa^ (.lOniJ inlinl].!, tlia K^liicf pliice in tlid KwBiiii* vall(?y. lit'ii 
'/a M, to tiin E,, itt tlip fddl (if tlio old Va^tft Pirttn (9290 ft.; 
I'l^'fllnrod ill 191111 iind now a ()r>riiinn liiild). 

Tfm rHilwBv (Ic-cpiiiIb thmii^li a fertili; region, riiipe tlie bnil 
■ if II lake, to (17'', M,|-S*rt'i <.VrVo/t>/vj il'liichia., Her. SI . Chnthijth 
'(WiVtetHS'i tl, : Hnt, Sutli-il'; HiJl. Sun '.'risliifuru;, at tli>.' V, unci of 
itic Xujd tli Vatdouaxio. wliicli in BiiiTuniidcil bv woodrd hvigliln-j 
- SI ',^ M. Vald.„t<mi. (ir.m) n.i Hab iU llit muutll <;f the Val Vmla\ 
iy, ^i\>i. — Wi- i:i'(ifls tlic lirat'it, thi? (Iisi:liiii'gir of the Inki'. 

24 M. L^vioo illUO fl.; B'iff'ff: Gr.-Hi'il. i/ea Uanm: f.V.- ! 
//(i/. iVeiind Kiirhniit.: Htil. Kr/fii., Brf/rviie, '■\i:>. witli (i('IJI)iiiliiiliiH 
nnd oliiilvlti-iatD mid iir^i.-niinil liiilLs. .supplied Ity i^t"''"J^'^ rising atj 
tlic TiBlliB of X'rtriuiit >4H90 tl.,1, 3 hrs. Ijiglicr up tii thi' X. 

ITcrc hcpin» tlie fi'i'iili' Val Sugajia, wlili its vincyiirds, laul-j 
hctry ItL-ca, nnd coHilpruiiH xtuuds. Tii ilii' left, bolow Vetriolu,,! 
iippear* ihfl niinnd obsIIp <■( Sdva. ~- Hevoiiil r^tj Mj Barcu iiiid'J 
[28 M,) NavnMo Ihc Ilccnlft is rr^sneit twiico. — ;iLl M, Jioncefftio 
ifarfef- flSffi ft.) h Ibe datlon for fl<»iiws|n« ;i4i>t. 1^.\ S«ti, 

. ,, . . C.oOi ' 

(o Venice. PRIMOLANO. '■ H. fi. 27 

Gr.-H6tel, etc.), with arsenical and chalybeate springs, sitnated 
1'/, M. to the N., at the foot of Monte Tesobo. 

33 M. Borgo dl Talsugana {1245 ft.; Sail. Eeaiaurant; 
H6t. Valeitgana), with 4500 iahab., is the Roman Ausugum. On 
a hill to the N. are the ruins of Caatel Telvana, high above which 
are the remains of the Caslelto di San Pietrn (2885 ft.). To the 
S. are tlie Cima Dodici (7670 ft.) and tlie Cima Died or Undid. 
(7310 ft.), on the N. margin of the Sette Comnni (p. 329). 
, The train returns to the left hank of the Brenta and crosses 
the broad gravelly channel of the Ceggio. — 36 M. Cagtehw/vv 
(1175 ft.). The jM(Mo and the CAt"e^j«a are crossed. Se'/jM. FiVi' 
Atjnedo-Strigno (Ilia ft), at the village of .^jfBerfo, near the hand- 
some Castello d'lvano, the property of Coont Wolkenstein. 

Beyond (39 M.) Os}iedaleito we skirt the base of the CimaLaaie 
(5510 ft; on tiie left), on which, high op, is the cnrioas natural 
bridge known as tlie Ponie deli' Oreo, 30 ft. in span. — 43^'5 M. 
Gi-igno (820 ft ; Rail. Restaurant), near the entrance of the Teaitto 
VaUey. We cross the Grigno to (47 M.) Tezxe, the last station in 
Austria, and leaving the Val Sugana, cross the Italian frontier. 

At (50'/* M.) Primolano (710 tt.; Rail. Restaurant; Alb. 
delta Posta, plain) is the Austrian and Italian cnstom-house. The 
Forte della Scala, above, to the left, commands the road to Feltre 
(p. 417) and Fonzaso (Primiero). 

The railway enters the *Canale di Brenta, a narrow gorge 
in the Venetian Limestone Alps, with nnracrons tobacco-plantations, 
'established here in the ITtb cent by the Venetian Repablic. The 
road and railway (18 tunnels) descend on the left bank of the im- 
petuous Brenta. On the left, in a rock-cave 100 ft. above the valley, 
is tlie now inaccessible old stronghold of Cdvolo; on the opposite 
height is EnSgo (2580 ft), a village belonging to the Sette Comnni 
(p. 329). — After passing j'ort Tombion, the line crosses the Cmiuhi, 
descending from the Val Primiero, to the (54 M.) ancient village of 
Cimaon. Thence amid imposing and wild scenery we reach — 

59'/^ M. Cat-pan&'Vahtagna (485 (t. ; Cavallino). Opposite, on 
the right bank, lies Valstagna, with straw-hat factories and electric 
power works. A bridle-path hence ascends the wild and romantic 
Val Frinzela to (5 hrs.) Asiago (p, 329). 

At Oliero, a village on the BaeBano road, '/^ H. below Valstagna, 
the Olieru (oil-river), a short trihutary of the Brenta, issues in coneidcr- 
ablc volame tTom the Qrotte di Oliero, an impoainK stalactite -cavern 
with a Hubti'rrnncaD lake [adm., incl, boat, 1 fr. ; guide, Qiav. Bonata). 

61 Vs M. San Samrio. Beyond (64 M.) Solagna (480 ft.) the 
valley e.tpands and we enjoy a "View of Bassano and ttic ?.\«soi» 
(to the right). — The train traverses a lei\,\\e ipValva. 

68% M. Bassano. — Hotels. Alb. Stint' Arvtoiiito,^\'-i--^*'*^ 
Vecebio, Mb. del Mondo, Via del Mondo, B.. irom ^H,, omw\- '■\»"-i 
uapreleniling, — C^rf■.a \n the Pjaiiaa viltoiw 'Bma.w'ftsV. 


liateatiD {Hi ft.) h a Dliarjalii^Ir sltiuled iiiilnBlrinl lowu 
76CIU intiRl'htiiits. 

I'roiii TliP iltli c«ut. It WM rvM bv tUe QliIWllUo futiiUr 9I 1h« 

Kccdiiil. tiie 'iMI kimwLi i>t wLiiUL «■!« ftw lOTrilili' ElWlr'Hu ((11' fforirtno 
[d. It.Mi), ".-iio, •luup will] Entlo fp! -i!!), na* tlic tlimiiplou ol llip Jlwhi^n- 
atRuri'n In N. [Inl;. Xiipol^iiii t iieri'Rtl>il llvi' AiiHliiHOa lit Hti-hiNIio nil 
Hill Stfpl., i;ill). tour «!»>'■ *1li!i' lliii litltif 111 Itiivrictiii liivlg; uiurtinl 
liKlior froiu Trent in twn ilivn. Th* covMpit timlipf liriilfn oti-f the 
Brnil!! int'c lii'luiv) ovcnjili-i X\v< ])Imt dI nno blown ii|) by thi' Pccucli on 
Ihil uri'iilim. — In lS(Hi Nnji<il<ir,n vtr>atoi1 lbl^ UielTl^'t <>t MnuROn Inla 
n illLcli)' unci I'linlurtcd it lijiun MnreA, liii Hi'ci'4.'t<iry of i>[ili>, 

I'i'iirii till! stiilioii we (triiivril sl.r:iitr|jt on, tlii-ii liini In II11' J'if^ht 
ituil Iiii'dicr on Ii> lUi- liifl bj llii'Tiii luciijid da I'liiili-. wliiclt Lpings 
114 lo Iho I'iirj;!! (liiHl.nldi. Tliia. Willi ihi; Iciiy i'isKJia Vitwrio 
Kiiiiiiitii'lo nml till' I'biiKti JUmli' Vt'pclii'. (nw below), to the W.. ia 
fln> fliki^t w-iilre o( trjiMiu-. Frflm Us 8.1'-. (loi'u^r thi> Via <k'l MoBt'O 
lea*!* lo til* Mii*Ko Civioo (0-B or 3, in wiutfr 1(1-3 ; ftna. 9-IS ; >dm. ( 
IfO ('.. Hull, aud TLiirs. Fr>cc1, coiitaitiii)g a iiuiiilivr ol' aorks b^ VaM'. 
Da I^u'ile fituliK, enruamcd Jhuiiuiiv (roiii tLcir bt(tbplnc«. 

IlniMi I, 'l\/ f'l'iuir^eit/i Jlii*8.Jt»r> (fiiiiinr "( lii'ojiii) am »trpflioi)! 1 
Nu. X, ?>Iii[lonEin Willi Sfi. PelPt alid T'Jiul ilQHiO; t)i:> only milliL-iiIkiiloi < 
piumplr); 1. M«cli.uiia with 8S, BmHUuIuiiipw nud .lolm ItP Bnptiit; 
3. 81. .Juliii; J. Sf. Vntur. ■- lly lacupii tia»«n» (IJIU-UH: ibe mult 
cniliipiil u( tlii* gniiiji cf iitiist^j, urn Ni>». 6-30 (louttly esily votki), 
llii> licti Iji-iiiur |i, Ri'Mi (111 tliB Flliilil lulu Eitvpt; l.TiiP (■{hIchU ,5orinao 
krii'^tinK b'^Foi'i? 1hc< Ma^iiiiiiu ; *lli. St Jnlni Tiid lljinlMt iTi \hf> vWAiitav** \ 
*1ii. St. V nil! lit I lie Imiitiniiik' n ilii'iili Igirl : \'.. Niilivlty (tSM; d IhIo Wnrlt). 
- Ry Ijv'iniinr Bn-ttano [tM!-l"iili "ou u! Iturvjiv): a;. Ponmit* «( Ihc 
P'lili-ilk Cn^Iii'llii nnil liin tnnii tiofriru Ihn Mmliitiiiii (151)7); xa, MiiIdiiiih 
niiil ail .nliiiit, — RiioM 111. The iiilglniil mailcli ol Canotii't Tonuii 
iinil irelii! iiul c'hrvta i^f llnniivii'ii wnrlta. 

Ill Ihir chiirfli nf S<i" Giueajini iiatlhhi, in tin' Pinasii "VKIflria 
Kiimuucki, Hrc h larRu utiUTii ri'llct nr tlm BiiittiBiiL vf Chrl)(. br 
Giuv. Miurlli, ond iiaicwnrlliy |>li:turi)!' by invripo Tlnf^nno, 

A iiiirrnn' strccl Icnila fmin thi- PltiMti Mmik Vocchio, lIiO'' 
iiiiirlifl-jilBi.r, tn Ihc i-l;;lil Uj l5if PIhukb ilH TiTrngliii (vinwi niiil 
to (hn Bij-i'iilkd Oi.n C.wiikiiiial. ivliirli cimtaiiis pfiiiilinps hy 
hirii[Ki BflMHjHi: rlj(lit, .^ssiiniplifjui vl llic Virgin, villi iinrl.riiils h 
lit ChnrlpB V,, tli« ]>cigo of Vvnif?, Ilir Piipi', Pli'.; Iffl: of t!ic liigli- ^^ 
tilliir. .\il(ir»'liiii of till.' Chilrl; riglil, Murlyrdom of Sti'iilieii. ^* 

tin tliii N. siiin nf thu Inwii i« 11m ('.isriii.i.u tiRwu IIwki.Iki, 
IIDW iin'.iijiii'rl liv Ilii> arrijiri'ln icliemii; Milm. ini! uiw.ivs (ji'aiilad. 

Till' |H'(iiiii'na(}i"K niiciirliii^' llic tiiwn viitiinniiid be.iuiitol viowa( 
of Uiij Aljin iiiul ikrir fonr.-liills jiiul iif Ibo ln-iiwllnt; UrLniiu, spanned 
li.V " |)iciiirtgqii« liitiltr bi'jilgi' {ac-e aliiii'c), — In llio siilrarl) BoTfl 
I.i'otii^ is the Villa f'/mliiti: with n beniililu! park, 

PiMiaano fiosoft,- Ath. Sura/), lilnliplnoo iif Ant. Ciiiinva [IJOl- 
)8!!f, liijiiiiiKullj BlliiiiicJ n Tilt luM '>f Mx'dr Grui'iniiSiUlt.}, 10 Ki_ 
III llii' S'.K, (i( Hiii«Einr>. i" rf aiibpil by a b'icii' '""il (ililV'''ii^<' iwino ilBJly ' 



in £1/4 lir(.|. iMotlntr [fl H,) JCiniiaini d'Enethio, tlii> WlLphnju uf Bh«- 

Ifno (•cenlinTt), (5V, W.i Boi'no. niiil ("M/j cnBujiomi, Tliu ilumed churdli, 

- f^ Mfj-lc of ttip I'nttViVow, IJHiU Hi Cnnn^Vo i;i,i(o«,i«, wonWin* )^ 

i. nU)'' 

Dtub, an all>T-pl«v<> \'y Klni, sntl a ftnc Urumo K«iHp of lti<^ KutnmbiueiJI. 

'!lu F^l(r)=:l>, Ml IiIh Ituiiac ih riUerl, aonUmn uidiMl* (till iMali 'if liin WurlU. 
Thu I'Jiil to CuiiiuiU li'i!Ut|i, ]i. Ilii mil* tu ttiL' E. ir'>ui Uikmiuo, 
■kirlinj) tim moiuii.'iliiii mil yamiiii Iho villattui u) jli', M.l Ma/u-itrHlr, 
^yti M.l .Smi ifcitrmc itfu'< Ein'liiil, mi'l fi:i','i M-'' ttijsfi: On a |jpi- 
jirlndil rl'tRi' 1 lltlla nluvi- ll«' run it. abyHt iv, M, Iroiu '.''irniiilB ip. tlTl, 
llCH As6l0 [O"" [t. ^ 1-]"'. fti|i''(i1, A'Irillii'r Oailiitriiir Cuimitgi, llir ni'l"W«ii 
tjncnu at l'j'r>riit. tt'tiri'd in liDr nil (I i I'll i 'in Ip. SW|. t'alhiiino raUlliMl 
b«T till" An>r 'Kiitiinl iK-iarlf Ijiii'rii i>( (.'yiiiiiK. Jt'ntinli'ni, ninl Aiiih'hI*, 

p>vliHlii>i> for 1lii> ii»l*tiiiicii< of tliu fnot. ilhltlhulms rum, Kialla, In 
yCJLr> i>f ■li"lE<-rtH, lihli^Liirffc l<i lliii i-oiirTly iMnvi-'t>ELlii'ii uf fiLtdtnjit MMnhri, 
nnrl xniixlnii liL-riclI In llic jt^iilriit i>[ Let ■iii<iimiir)ioui>(* nil t\n\ plnlli' 
(Horntii. I'. Bmwiil. A«liIu wuv ■ (utouiik rmirl ol U-ilicrt BninniiiK 
fin<l It l> the ic'i-iii' of hi* 'Pi{>jiii r>>Ht<H', Hill liHlinii, ill Uii: itm't nuriini 
Bitrr liiiii. wiM iiiBrlii"! \iv n Inlilct uii llii- iMitoinry ip( [li* Kctli [Iftij;. — 
Tlw t'nrt'h ('liiiifJt riiii*(fltrn a fliiP iil[sr-iiii'ri» (Mjilniiiw «iIli_SlS, An- 
Ihoiiy All but uinl Raiii) bv Lutaam Lullti ic;irly work ; iMiili 
(iwice iluily in X h™,] in il^'i'f M.l (■'uMfraiic" ("f"" MiiW 

liS !iaa Villi 

lira, J HI ; l£'^j| J>1'J ! ttlCIf r-mn," ^"'"■ IHTimvj ^ in H1L" • tt't 

AUtvvli: Kiiil I'iVj M-l liififi: (Due', i:'"!" l""' K*''"')! biilbpUKU sf 
Pope Plii> X. (1VK5I. 

Fkujx II«>is*b«. Til TaiiI. t, 111' M., [ullwiiv ill VffVliht. linry* J fi. lit, 
t it. II,, I fr. W. P.)' T'"' I'lily ii"|»>rum -l.illi.n- (irn ll>'/, M.l I'lttadelUi 
(|i. S!8J, .iiniPtinti fill Vli'min .iiicl 'I'ri-vl«ii, mid <1BV» M.l L'ujnjwunmjiiiLHi 
(p. tMJ, Jimrli-iii for Dip PvlLi».Miiiilrlii.<lliiiiii liix'. — jWiiu, >eO p. WJ. 

TiDniVD)- Irnm Uhmiuu \a Vitvnta tNiiTcntnj, •ni.' p. SHIj, 

Biwiiiil BiiHimiK) lliii I'allwiij' num in a Mtritiglil iini; tfi ilin S.E. 
thrOBJth lilt fertlki VunL-tiaB iiliiiii, with m fine view, on tlie U-ti, of 
tli4' hllU Hs I'lir nH Asolo, nnil n )ir>)iiitjtnl rHrnNjiiT'l of tliit M-iiito 
Iirii|it"*lp' -**J- — TBM. Cmlpll'j tfi fJiUlnjc (icia TLj, oi. tlio little 
Mmoiii; \th% n tr>n¥ cilm]iiiiiil.' Kiiil trt tlw Vciitlittii!!. Tlifl 
towers (if i;ii8li.'lf'r;'(n?(" .i|t|jCiii on iIri li'ft fHrtlur oil. 

7!»',,j M, Caetelfranoo Veneto iU5 fl.; Alb. atlu i-'ipa.tiu, 
K. i it.. Willi Bpuki'ii I'l'; Sldla ti'dnr, til tlii> .Spada, » iilcanuiil 
loMii villt 5I0U iiiliiili., is till! jiiiii;lii>ii for tilt' Viccium-TrBviiH) 
lEi. 838) aiid Pmlitii-Miiiilelmlliiiiii linen (ii. 3g9>. This liiwJi iviiJi tlio 
hirthiiUcc (if ihe |iHlutor GiuryUine i\i. .'J&li. Tlic ivy-clail Uotliie 
"Tmrit iVall. wSiiDh la crossed-nt thu clorli-tuwrr im ibir wny fnicu 
tW ntntitiii. nicloflc!! the ruiiii'il CajifcMoanA ilir('AtiiKiiiiALO«ii>iii' 
(rDTii lliit MUtiun; irloscil ll,;tll-li lli'liirii! llm iii[ih-nltnriB it **ilii- 
itiiiiiia Willi MM. Krmii'in iiini Lilitnilin liy flmrijiunc. (ifilM; ft't'tiy 
rentiirtilj: in the tnu-Tisty are fi-esL-iii-s iit Justlw. I'l'iiidi-ticc, Tlnu-, 
>'aiiie, uud roui' Ciipidi. by Puuh tVi'owwie and Jtatt. Zdntli. 

EsosHMd*". Tu Oittlitrii Vcu'ln (i», «2S( '!, lii-'« ilrivc'i ; tii t'maalv, 
<c« p. all). Frcm CiKti'ltmnpo ifcut uiurt' fiinvtini-Mitly (rrun t'oniuiis, 
p. 417) n vialt iiiny lin pni<l in t!iii I'ifia Ulitroiarld, mini Mitni'T, nlildi 
)ii«y Tin r«>i*lii'il by cBirinfe iiv« (r.j lii J"/, lir, (A i)li'&»«»t iMloar m»Y 
lio insilo by /'niuo/'o oc by i«n« miil j1«o((j, mo ab<ivo,] 

flO'/j M, Noatf-!^riirz6 in the stntimi for tho vHlaga of Si-onB 
nod for llio Idwii tit Xoaie ipne Spudej, an important agrirolluToL 
nmrkfll, with mi iiiiw-nt VtMioliaii towor. — itt'j^Ji. !iul««.i»ix * 
(nmEnM-ronDrt of llio Veoeliaai. 

9S M. Mc^frv aui (Jicnce to (103 Vi.) Vem«, w*; ■?.'i'*»- 

H nmrk« 
B tnmm 


7. From Villach (Sakburg, Vienna) to VenicO 
Ti& Fontebba. 

167 M. AcaTBiAB State Railway Id Pontafel, thecco Italuh Statb 
Hailwat; oiprcsa in ll>/, hr», (fares 58 fr. 95, 38 fr. 95, 21 (r. 95 p.). 
rrom Salsbitrg to Venice via Villsoli, 29* M., eiprcsa in lii-ia'/j h™, 
(farca 58 fr. 55, 38 fr., ii It. 50 f.)- — From Vieniia to Venice, 400 M., 
eipieBB in 15VflI bcs. (70 fr. 25, 5S ft. S5, SI fr. BSc.Ji Vienna-Romo 
ExpreBfi (itsily from mid-Jan. tu end of April) in !]>/, bra., Tienna-CftDneR 
Riprean (daily from luid-Nov. to mid-MayJ in IP/^ hrx. (eitra fare by 
tlii^Ke 'trains dc luxe', 20 K 55 A). — .See alNO .BofciaJtcr'ti Eattem Alpi. 

Vmaoh(1640ft.; Bail. Restaurant; Hot. du Pare, Mouer, 

etc.), an old town on the Drave, with 19,300 inhab., where the lines 
from Salzburg and Vienna converge. See Baedeker's Eastern Alps. 

We cross the Drave and, beyond (3 M.) Warmbad VUlach, 
where (be Karawanken line diverges, the Gail. 10'/, Jt. Arnold- 
stein. Traces of the landslide of 1348 are still seen on the ridge of 
theDo6ro(sc;A(7110tt.). — ■WecroBsthc(?(H7IV^to{13y,M:.)TlW!r^ 
Jfr^£elv^ and proceed high np on the left side of the Canal Valley. 

Beyond (IT'/jM.) 2'arDM(2400 ft.), a favourite snm me r-rewrt, 
the line ascends along the Bartolo brook, with tbo lAischariberg 
on the left, to (22'/s M.) SaifuHz (2680 ft.), on the watershed be- 
tween the Black Sea and the Adriatic. —We skirt the FeUa to(85M.) 
iVolfsbach (2575 ft.), at the entrance of the Seisera Valley, at the 
head of which rises the rugged Wiechberg. The train crosses the 
stream at the pictnreaqne Fort Malhorg^h, and beyond (28'/j M.) 
Malborgeth traverses a ravine to (.^2 JI.) Lusnitx. 

38 M. Pontafel (1675 ft.; Rail. Restaurant), tbo Austrian 
frontier and cnstonis station, is separated by i'hf.Pontebbanaiiam — 

39'/j M. Pontebba, the first village in Italy, with the Italian 
cnsloni-honse (luggage examined!. The line then descends the wild 
ravine of the Pella (VaUe dd Ferro), traversing an almost conti- 
nuous series of cuttings, tannels (24 before S tazi one Carni a), bridges, 
and viaducts. ^ 44 M.Z>oi7na (1520 ft), at the moutb of the (7ana^ 
di Dogna, at the head of which, to the E., rises the grand pyramid 
of the Moidasio (9030 ft'.). — 47 31. Chiusaforle (1285 ft. ; Alb. 
Pcsamosca; Alb. Martina), a summer-resort at the entrance of the 
picturesque Raccolaua Valley. Before (52 M.) Resiutta (1035 ft.) 
the train crosses the Resi'a. 54 M, Moggio. — 57 M. Stazione per 
la Carnia (845 ft.; Alb. Grassi) is the junction for a line to Tol- 
mezEo and Villa Santiua among the Friulian Alps. Beyond the 
atalion the Fella flows into the TaffHamenfv. 

60 M. VeiKone{7bb ft.). The train traverses the marshy valley 
of the Tagliamento by an imposing viaduct, "« ^1- '"' length, and 
tben quits that river. — 64 M. Gemona-Ospedalet/o. 

82"tM. C'dinemA fbcnce ti)(167 M.^ Ven^^:p,s,';e¥9.4a'l-^^.%. 

Li.qiiiii;d ov 




Runic Ptn 

ft. Tiiiiu £} 

Kraiii the Pinun Cuktutle, vi-ltlt Ota Hoviil Pfttaei>, to Ui« 

Acnilcniv iinil tlio Piaxse 8ui (.'biId ami Culo Gnaciiele, 
Ml. — trnm Iho PI»M» Cwlollf. to tic C»Ihedr«l, Urn 
Polls Pnlnlinn. nnd tin' CunnulnU. 4f. — Piom lliu Pibkk 
L*iiAl^Uo Eu ttic PjEidB df^llii Stntul»: Ginrilino dtllACillH' 
M\i ; CutKU VilIoti« EiimiiuclLi SCTuiidti ; Giinliiiu i'ub- 
liliti, il. — t'ruoi tlic PU«a CjhIi'IU Ij' llm "Vr* >1i 
Po to till' PiJiji-i Vitt'iTJu Eiusiuwli! Priiuu, 1,V — KIeIiI 
b>nk of the Po; Munto di'l Cnj-piii^uini, I'. 
KiiiiitiiiutiH: Tlic Siip«r|[ii, i;. — Muni^slln'rl. ririKUkno, 
StaplnlKi. Kbell, l», on. 
0. rroril Turin to Subu. <19> 

11). Ffuiii Turin tfl the tcll-ioii Alps 51 

n. Tanr. Pdllco. SI. -- b. CrUsolo (Monte V(»o), St. 

11. VrciiiiTuriu lo Vciiiinti^Iln vld Cuiico aiidTonilii. The 

MHrilliiiii .\lji» M 

IS. From Qanao lu Uiistiii (Turin, SavoiiBj. Tla' Ltgnrlin 
Alps 67 

Kiivminx ut Miiiidovl. M. 

13. Pi'Dtn Tiiriii lu CJi'itoii . 58 

n. \'lti "Sra iind Siivioigii fifl 

Ptum Bio 1-j AUh-iimliiiii trvm VtMt It Orimjii, SO, 

b. Via Acqui anKJ Orndu fill 

p. Viil .^Icasnndriii nnd Novi tiS 

14. From Tarin to Ibc titoiuii Aljia (14 

«. Lnnio and tlit Stuta ViIIl'j'fi, 01. — ]>. CokhdIc, US. 

15. From Turin lu Atjsta and Coiiriii«)eiir 67 

Till Ori'tBOocj, tIB, — Viil Tinirinni:lip, <l. -— Itcccu ill 
Ninin. 71. — Kriiin VilloDi'UVP ta C«p«iiIij JtStU, 'i, 

Ift. From Aoala to the GrRkn .-lliis 77 

I. rpnin Anali lo Cngnn, 17. — a. frnui I'uftneti) VnluiVl- 
r^ncSi^, 'D. — S. Frnua VdlaiTirriikr^iD It. Hbf^mrt N<»tre- 
Uinio, 80. — i. From Hlit-mp Sotri'-Doaiu lo VulKri- 
Miui'liv, Livn'i'guu, iiuti A"Kt>. ^i, 
17. yrom l^irin Ift Miliin Yin Snjithlii uwl Novara . , , 81 
r<iim Voroelli to Akiseunilrin, SS, — Oom N<n'iiin !<• 

It^. From ^AnlhiJi ^Tnriii, Milati) lo BielU 6a 

19. l''r«iii Puuiu^ossola lo Sovan nA Qrvvdlcuo niid <Jrla. 
Prom Orla to Varallo »7 

20. Frotu Varullu to Ngvur.n. Vallu ili-llii Sejla , , . 90 

Kiuui VftmHu lu I'i>bellD[ lu Alnsiin, Ul. 

Tliii dlttiiet 'ill llic (uvt u( the aiuuuifiiiifc', fueluinii uu>Sa«t "NiVe* 
by ttoW. Alpi (p. V) nut A|.eiiiilrn'a urid m!^iii*.Vi;i\ tT'im "V.^m'Vt^ft'O'l ■^'*'* 
Uga Haggloi'* and ibc Ticiiiu, cmbratrB llit niuiluwiB uV TurV-i*, 'v" sJw2» 
fCuttea, ind Mivumi/f^f/t. witl H.WT.OOO iah^t. mi4 •■» ««* "* vi't" 


11,100 i«|, U. II cuDaUta of lowUuctg flaukine tlic baaki of tlic Po and 
its tributtuies, which jrield rice, wheat, and miize, of hlBhluda where 
excellent wine tai xilK arc produocd, and laatlj' of ai bleikei monnt&ia 
region of (oresta and pastures. The earliest InBABiTARra were Celtic ud 
Lignrian tribes, who were but alowly isflueaced iy Roman cultare: >nd 
jt ras not till the reign of Augustas that the subjugation of the higher 
valleya was completed. The Dialect of the people still retains trace* of 
their ancient afBnlty with the French ; thus, pleuv^, Initead of the Italian 
piocere, om for uomo, rhear for citwe, »ilA for eitUi, rcuoti for ragU>ne, 
piatia for piassa. This patois is nnivcrsallv gpohcn, even by tho npper 
classes, but is nnSntelligible to straiigers. Throughout Piedmont, how- 
ever, French is very gcncrslly understood. 

The HisTOBi of the country is closely interwoven with that of its 
dynasty. The Houte of Savoy '{or Casa Sabaada). a family of Oermaa 
origin, professing even to trace their deacent from the Saxon Dake Wittc- 
kind, tlie opponent of Charlemagne, first became conspicuoos among 
the nobles of Upper Burgundy about the year lOOO, Humbtrt I. (-Bian- 
I'smano' ; d. 1058), Count of Moriauna (La Haurienne, p. 1). who acqalrod 
the territory of Aosla in 1082, is generally regarded as the (oundor of 
the dynasty. His descendants, partly by marriage and partlv by Judi- 
ciously espousing the cause of the pope and of the emperor alternately, 
gradually succeeded in extending their anpremaey over Susa, Turin, Ivroa, 
and Nice. ATtiadeua VI. (1S1S-B3), Icnown as tho 'Conte Verde' ('green 
count') from his usual dress, Gxtended the power of his house in uDmerDna 
tends and warred in the East. Aniadeiia VIII,, raised to the ducal dimity 
by Emp. Sigismund iu IlIH, added Geneva, Vereelli, and part of Pled- 
uiunt to bis possessiouH , and gave the principality its firat legislative 
code. He retired to a hermitage at Ripaillo, near ThoQou, In 1184, bat 
was created pope aa FeiU V. (H39-1B) by the Council of Btlo and died 
in 1151. — Situated between the two great medieval powers of France 
on one side and Austria and Spain on the other, the princes of Savoy 
frequently changed sides and, allhuugh sometimee overtaken by terrible 
diaasters, contrived to maintain, and even to extend, their territory. In 
the reign of CharleB III. (13IM-5S) tho greater part of the duchy waa 
annexed to France^ but his son, E/iniiaiiuel Phitiberi ('Testa di Fsrro'; 
1553.80], restored it to its original extent and became its eecond founder. 
This prince spent £3 years as a general in the service of Charles V. and 
won the battle of St. Qucntln for Philip II. Under bis aon Charlet 
Emmanael I. (1580-1680) the duchy again liceame dependent on Fiance. 
From the sons of this prince arc descended the older branch of the fanity, 
which became extinct in 1831, and the younger Carignano line, which, 
auecceded to tho throne in the person of Carlo Alberto. The following 
dukes were Vitlorio Amedeo I. (1630-37] , Fraiicenco Oiaciato (1S8T-3S), 
Carlo EnioHuele II. (1038-"S), and I'itloi-io Aiaedeo II. (1875-173(1). Tho 
last of these, baving boldly allied himself with Austria during the Suaniah 
War of Snccesaion, managed to throw ott the French suzerainty (1708); 
he obtained Sicily as his reward, which island, however, he was after- 
wards obliged to exchange for Sardinia (1720), and in 1713 he aasnmed the 
title of King, which was subBcqueuCly coupled with the name of tbo 
latter island. His successors were Carlo &aaiiuele III. (1780-78) and 
yittorio Amedeo III. (1773-96). After the battle of Turin (1706), in which 
Prince Eugene commanded the Imperialists, the Fiedmoutese urincea 
directed their attention to Prussia, which served as a model for the 
organization of their kingdom. In both countries the military and feudal 
element preponderated, and both were obliged to succumb to the new 
powers evolved by the French Revolution. Carlo Emanaele lY. (1798-18(8) 
was deprived ot all his continental possessions by the Freueh in 1768, 
and restricted to the Island of Sardinia, which was protected by the 
English fleet. Vitlorio Emoniule I. (180J-1U wsia v,\, Vti«\.'B irtniUted 
« Art daminionH, witli tho addilioll ol Gcuhb, hy l\\c to\i(;!s*« «\''Q\oo.*». 
»8ff Xspolconi'.- jicrivA had swept away tlio !en4R\ i\iB\i\»V\iiiw «\ ■*\ftft.- 

^ Tl'llIX. IJ !••■». U _ 

^^Uiuul (ikI Ii*>1 tC'iiur*(liF<l In tlivlr •ichiI miinv v( ilii' Warni* of iai>itcra ^| 
^BegidAIIoQ *nd liltli iTiillury T(>niirn. Ii i> tlrotprvt" intdlltiflhtc thai ^M 
^HjliO oliM'lcal [cacllan, ^lilt'li <ct In Wiilt lliu JiIuk'b rrliitiL. k**'- ri>i.' 1o M ^M 

^F]B*tirr<c1l09 wliirli •'HUHSil till' Iclnj; to iliillptl.i mill hnil t-> )ic> quelled hy ^1 
Atinitliia trooiiii. Bit Lrollii-r t'tirln I'ctttp ii»ii-]|; adlitri;'! fiilllifiiliy 
In .li>(iiltli'*l prluclpliTi infl UtiiiI an tho vhnli' in if rord >■>•''■ vith ki« 
motlo, ■KoB »iniu It ji'T c»iii:n: nci-nin* ['WLimi-i','. Tlio olilni llnti of 
the HoiiHe laf }4Hvi>y litcBini! I'Xtiin^t Willi thin prii»4-'i.'. niul «-»»» KUfCpi^oil 
lij- Ibc i-i>llitcril lino c>r CaclKHKiio II'' IK: XIIli Apiil. I«»l<. I'aiio.lJbfilo 
(h. ITDtt), wlu liiil Ix'uii cJiicnli'J iil il Fi^doIi lullilsiy •i:haiil unil liad 
lii'nilcd till' iiLaiiiTvvtJun i>f 18>i. wsn |i«itwttvl liy Franca anil RiuiU 
■ iritiiiMt Ilic iilli.'iii|>l> <•{ Antlrin lu ilcpilvc liliu of UU f luiiiit li> l)ic iKi'unc. 
Kin owH i^x|iL>rli.Mii.<u« mill llir fori'i* i>f ir1ri'iiniatHii>'i.M Ti.>iiilvri>il liim nu 
iuluUi'kllu vJiiniy <A AnalrU. Willi lilin lieKi'i tl>c duiIuuoI JuicUunitut 
of PiiMlliii^Tit, Jillliwiiifli IiIh Hlfurtii w>'ri> imt :ilwiiyk "iin>Uti-iil. Tliw IlliiTnU 
rnlk'il lilm liie 'Hf Ti'hIpiihi' (tlii: ni^illntilntl.' On Oili Jsii.. IBIS. (■■lUrtf 
t>nV'i"-i- iiimli' till' ni'Ht t'ulil"' licniiiiiil (or Ihn rtinliHulimi'nt nf a c^n- 
MltiilUili, iiiiil oil llii: Tkli l^'uli, Ihf hiiiK, litll ill ilftjiiir, livlilrd to llii' 

iiiipulAr 4lL-4irofl. The iiiitiirrrellifn tn Lumbiircly iif I4<n;f1li indui'cd lilci \a 
>L-i'utiip till.' <.'liam|ii-it> ai iinlii)iiiil tiliIl'IhiiiiIvik'ii mill In t(i<'i' '<'"l I'J '■'■> 
old «nmUy ke^lii^t AnatriA. (lUiil Mnrthi. but uii« yi'oi liti-r lii« ■mipccI 
ti'iinlntlcii Vi'itli liU ikfuf it. N'uviitn '.Ulliil M'n-li, iMli], llii ihiMi ab- 
jii'iti'ii Anil ri'tlrod ti><>|i(ir><i, u'luiri' li(- <Ii<>il v, fi'W iiL<iT>tli< Utiic [tiltfi.lntyl- 
It wan rc*civrd for IiIn noii Vilturia Ematiurlr II. \.\t. luo, d. Dili .laii., 
IKI0) iinnllf Lu ^TU eSvui to Hi-u nutiuiMl winliiw u( Ilnly. 

8. Turin, Ita!. Torino. 

Rbllway BttttiODi. I. fltoilune Cmtralr, or ill fiiflii XuricaiV). 
1>, 4^ *lt('Kl>iuraut, luui'li (i'<'i<>iculv<( l>v llii< iiilmbilniitfi, Vi*m L'arlij 
Pi-lii'i! ('-til ill Iliu ViH SHL'iihi). whurt^ lioti^l-iiiiinibUH.'>i unil ribt (liHIT. 
ni'iT p, ail iiiiivt till: tniiuii. — I, ataiiuut! tli rinlir f-'isd (PI. i), i: Bi-i(«\ii' 
iinti nnJ il. Nfaeicnc Torhm Dora, to ttif X. u( llic- t"Wii. nocundiiry 
■latliiii* fur lilt liiIii" n( tlir Xiiv«r»-Miljiu l^lll^ ',R, Ii) aiiil Ir.f tlii; Hint 
luP'iul C'ftiLotx'BO (]'. 1l<%). V\iy itttifif! (y^xvii), Va-rfMiftf^fCj Uiill«fia Siibnlpinii 
[|^. 37); M(-»]>iiii; Cur (tflli'i- it [Im Oiilral .M«lii>ii. — I^tiiliiino nf Ihti 
LiiOAI. n«ti,«-«Yii; (or t\n< Hi'ivr-ga (p. iJl, t'n TroFardto {p. (10) vii 
Mupcialtiirl 111. tit), anil tiir (/Airruan timl /ri''i«iiit<'>i i'i>. HIK 'n 'I'" fl^tn 
r-.l»lln ;pl, E. ». Ii; fwCir' " ' " 

(/AirrU'li tiiiil /ri''i«iiit<'>i |i>. nl>, lii ttie flitioi 
C«Wh"i(.». (p. -161, in Hid Vll »i«»ii(I'l. 1),*); 
idlii'sj, aiiij (tip fiiicriiUi (|J. MJ liA Orliaom'j 

l..r Stiijiliiiai rp. If" bhJ /*! . ^ .. . , 

in tbi* «nu dirui'tluu uiiil fui Qi-accta iv- 3} in IliU utiiui, in tin;: Vin itncrhl 
(V). U. 1: si^i) iitiuvol; lur Wfvli ^p. lUl. in tli() Plu/n. drllii SUIntu (PI. 
t'.Bl; (it Vii-ic-LiwS'/t.f. 11). near the Puiitu Mu.i'n jPl. E, ")- Vor II"- 
liii'Rt ifllluiiid, I'uiiiii, (hi- Hi'irvr ciliii'in i'( Iliu I iinu-Ublo mputioiiL'il at 
ji. \vli, or ibi! OiMiu iIkI Ti'miiwiiyii (10 p. |. 

SoMIb (i-iiiiip. p. ^il). <lin>iii-H()'rt;i. Bt HOtii. il' Etiltcivi: [I'l. B; 
t',, il). rlnzEii CHiti-llo IV. Kill 11. troni I. It, I'/j^ L. 1, 11. i, I*. 1mm ts, 
iiinii. 1 (r, : IjH.-llriT. imTi'iliN W! TnfpuuKTTJ iPl. b; D, i). Vii Sipclil ill, 
iiL-ar ibi! I'cnlril ,Stnli(iii, fi. i-'. B. I'.'a, I.. 3' W^ P- "-W- P. ffum '". "in"- 
',V1 Ir. ; Pii.*.!! lli-jT[iijTi:ni!i, VliiS«<--idii IW. ft. ftoiii I, K Iroui IS (i'| (In.. 
IfiiT. LiBtiific ET d'AnijI.btBkkk. i'lKJii ChpIii I'f lliT.i il. IHHiocJs ftoiu3'/, f[*. : 

Illirbn •^t tliu Ar^^ ujan*. ^- Qll.■H<^T. Sui^cir TiiutmuSf i>ppi>jitL' tLo Oi^utr'al 
Sliliiiu. K, ftiitni, ti. I'j,. n. II tr-; lIAr, lliiii>K<KKHiilt. MtTHiiPOiiB, KX 
Fztmn (PI. •■ 1 E, S), Vin Viptro Mi.T. ;l, H. ftoiii a'/,. I*. fmrnSfi-i H*r. 
t'KEiTHAi. KT CH'KTUiBKTJit. iPI. «i H, S], V liiili>l If yjiiinso If , ullLriuianr. 
■Jit, Ui) R, ftuniS, B. 1'.., L, a, D. i','», P. (rum ft, onin, I (r.; Gi'-BiT- «■« 
I.* ViLu: ET BnLOiixH [Pi, I: II, ■!>, Cmai) Vlltiiriii KlnunutWaetBoAi W», 
M R. (I run ii'/.j tr. -Ttic (cllowiiiir urc tcrrniA^iAn™ niiA miio'™ >■'«-'» "^'^''*2; 

i#v «ii«i<ri., ~ i-f-'i — iii^ »viivi> iiift itiv vv^uii^k-1 t nnm 4 nit vu^'^^-i *«~ -^- - 

slvlc, hilt alBi> witli wntrsl lii'slili^: UoT.lii. Si.Hba"^. v.\X>,\VN\,a"»."'»»"-. 
j 111 a niii»)- ciii/Kfii-n, K. a-j. H, if.]U, utnii. ••(, It., giiuA't ft*"- **«"■ "*■"■'" 




M «- «. THUS, 

twt^rn. it IK «■ Ka— <WW n«v U. pMnay Mtn^J. a* U4. 
m »■». P.BWb.. w><; B»?. 9S ruws ar CM e u M iVL k: W. B, 
Tb M »* », a» M« M »r*.. r a-M, ..k t b.. Mr. - 

^ 'g!Uah MwMti «Mr_> •>&> te.-B*t. TWmu iTL tj D. n, 
KbIm «. M* bob at •-«, MB. I Ir.: Bftr, r i*M«*. t ai. ItBOa fft ya, 

fWisMk. t. tM ttutm A i » u tamfaat Jm iWr. t- i fr.t fj 

JBWrHfi. VU SasU TtrcB, ■■ tte nnn dt tkr nnu SaiftrnM} 

Via ntWa Xtna ^ l> Ite HM. ftelu '« b^tcI. ■Trtanuli fwSI 
Mw-w»rfMs TU « r« £»-», b-U «.A friN,M«Mi FT ITtiliiwlli 
mtti, tii4i pB,attt*CWact«<tbc Via AlWrt<i:Oi^lK)ftma<«-AMto, 
fton farla An«rt*s Mktor^mU CVniwrcif. TU T<ati i>rlM«bic IL — 
Wrk Rmmk. Ctattea A terob. Tw I'ltcv ): Vem«Mk. food 
■I (la.r|«M'«. nun CuuUa I* m< fioua Tiootw Flwflr Priso k 
Caitis :rMBp. f.xavi'. Oft Sn Ov«o, Pwtn Sh Ctete. /^m^ 
■n ». *>, •! both rummt ia lb* okcaioe: itfK Smtttki. Tio nebo 
Mi«. U; JJ/IeW, Vm di p. D: Bmmm* if. 3S). Pbn« I'ailcU*. — Oen* 
fMUoiMn. Aarard' 4 MU^nn, (l*lktu SokoljiiBi U'-^'ii Aomhm. 
fWM Culdllb nt Htratia, I>iaiu Eicn Carlu 1. ChoroUlc (b. SO ■! 
tlliUaito'i, Via ih-ir Aecadcnit <lollc Scieaie. ^ A favonrilc lacal be. 

mmrls IroBf' P' XSVl^ B)lloniN(r fbJ Tcotrn AI0rri, Ptuia 

Maslib (ear at tfceac two: Mima. Via dcH'Arcadeata dtlle .■irioao* 1; 
I'HtmT t/rfHttl, Via Orao^a li; fitrrcnti I'mriv, Via al Fuitlao H 
(.Taiia boMj, «JU eooeert^ooB kiiiiMtl evuty mMiiR( ta ainawr), toller- 
•liallov rivK, aad ■ pU*:* fw filling Bvtcia. 

ToxImsUr 0*m ifiriff in vwli Tefaield; ku >.'. jk.-i i«o nMrM. 
Itfi fw i-tiji :ii" III, iiiiiK- ur tur '.'4 Ix,'* waitiax; *niill liig^igr DUiied 
intl-l" frtii , tiiinh tir, itnnxlnniri ai)t.]. — Hotor CatM; TO c p«> 
iUU at., 10 r. fur larli 100 III. niure <ir for ti,, nin. wiiliDKl lufgaxo Oa 
•Idivt. — H«Mr Oara [tbi ptcnninuaj i Qorn^j MiriiifriPut'i. Cunu 
Maoaluo fl'Ainfllu in. 

■loctrio Trotnirajpa (HmlcU th-lgA TuriuL-tr anJ AiUmU Tramvii; 
Muiilcljialt; umial [iiii< liii:,. [i't<i;ii-lickel 15c., iMuiftfut-lii'knlx availtblit 
f^t 'n*y iEa> u»»l Tiri tlu* iJiM'* (<f tb? 4ainc n^mpaay niiW'f iruvoiac \\\is 
atrraU lii )iiiiii> ilini<ri'nt illini'llmii (<'^mi>. HJaii iiml yt. i'M) Tim vhlvf 
•'BBtri't nil' I'laaidi Canti-llu rl'l. E. ». U.ii I'insin linjuuutk Filibcttit ('Puria 
PalaMij'i f- ": ^■. I. !)- ■'<"»» clolluMalUtr> iCl, ('. il, PisMii Kmu Mu- 
llouiI'l.U. .'K l*lB»iLiiAirir-rliii>ll'l. D. »), luiiriaiCH C'irtn Felii'i' (>']- D,41. 

PeatOttloo il'l. •«: D. »/, Via Allli-rl lu. Br!iiinli.(.fSci.a at Vi^ftiici.lii 
It, Oallutla \iii.iLi»iili: {]i. iir, Viii iluilmiDUi 1. I'gnua Hullerino S, uiil 
i'l*L-*hi>r*, Tfilegroph Offlco i W. E. ai, Pinumi Ujrl.. Albcrig, 

l)>0O]la«ll«rM. UvfriibfKj* H'lHtr. Vie Mniin Vidoru iS; f. Gntn- 
MOMI ^ f/i»., i^jhf «A (.'iiii^riDi'jo ; i^istU*, Wn Gii'JbitlJi H. — KiEwqt-AfKiip. 

TeurliieH' Bn:]iur)- OHIob. I'm 'J'rjrlm; Vit lli.iun S8. — Chiads 
Aconta. /'culc/li ifoiuhiiurl, UalI«rlH X»»iini«lof|i. UJ. — Ciral-» Otltai. 
\H Uiiiiii ai. 

Baakftra. Jiantu l.-ummpirtate Itiillatt^, Via Himlu Tuteaa u: JVI/c 

SrtiU * Morin, PImiiii. Sulfi'iiim Oi Cu frnif': * Cu., Tin .Mfluri IB: 
'(i»(pf rf> <*■-. Vin itiiirAtitfiiJili.' II. 
PhyMioiant, I'v. btUMunn, ln: Olkctu. [jr. t.nnv. 


//- ff.«. 

Batba. /.■! t'l-orflitni^, Vln \'i>Hli f>rtl*iii<iro I; fi'tfiit Oi»->«r, 

"is I*|frii"sit (I: Uagiil (fcl('jliiii«H:('i(<i. Viii lii Pci >l, 

Hilitixry Uiui« In fi<>iit at tl»' raj-d pnliic:: <;vtr)' attcraovn bc- 

' Iwi'nu I iiiil •) |i,in. ; ill Mriv Mul Jimo vii .Hitii, tii Ihi.- old Hii7« d'Aniit 
itliiriit p.m.; auil tluicc wciAilv B-I<) |).tu, in ilic Qiujluo PubMii'tj i|i. (ij, 
un<l an Sun. !-l in \\>v liianlfiit- ll<';ili' i|>. mi, 

Thflatras frmuii, u. isvJi;>. Tnu'iu iJ-'f/^n [PI. K. 31. Pinami Cnilrllii. 

L frif opiirn-i nnil I>tllcl'i. built in 17;ill u,n<l Lturnil Iti lim-R ivliiiii it irn-i "-n- 

] Vi'i'loil Into till' miinif liml Ihi'lllic lujii'ii itniiiir Iiftit ajiit tlir l'in'iii\ nl mly; 

rkilni. 3 (r., n'ar.rvi'hl HPit 10 (r.)f Tr-nti-a Vllfr.i'ia JitaJtifrlf Sfftni/lnli']. Mi 

I ?. ai. Via Kimini ll. (nr opiTitu nml Imlktt [nlnci flitriHil; Tratro fori- 

f-ffititint I I'L t^} K, SJ, I'iuvriikOiiii'ijiaE.'L-nii 1^ i*>t opj'fhH nnil drnmiiH; lAitit'mittt 

u-VhMivli'i- tl'l. I), K, ft). Via l'rliit'i|)r TniiiniaBa, for niicnii niirl iltnmiui: 

I JfVa/rii IMIio (PI, B, IJ, Vl» Aiijruii llorb IS. fur ofeifltat. pI'M TIt'i/i-h 

|vil^/Ir,rr. Piuiiit Siil(*riiiii; /V'i(it) Brnttlni, Vfii •■) t'li. — JV'ilfi' itiiinrliila 

n-<M: K, S), \'in Priiioipp AniPilo« SI. d iiiitlonotlcilpiitru. — ViitiuTT 

nniVKE*. .SUtbiliiiieuli film, Vix linHiiiii 10 Htiil Uiirnii Vill. Bmiinni<ti' 

.Jnondo; \'arlM Sta/feK Vin Piliul[ic T'lirnilimi S; I'nHt'fi! /hmmmi, 

'Bnlloiia ?iMl)»lpiiin (p. .ti), Willi a xopnnitc iX*ga fnv ■nmmnr on ihn 

Piilaa CanlcUi-. 

Feativala. Tin- Cantinal h L-cU-lirrlt'il with m itiiiuh brUtiwii-i' fin 
;>vur in Turin, uiilik^' \lii* "tlii't Inrgf tunii* ij( Itnl)'. -- Oii Hu-pt, WIl 
lliiiri" in « L'h'irTli fralmil nl (Iw Sii|n'rifii (p.-lKl, 

British Con8ul-Gen«ral, .WiUur ic. v. flMjimna. — Ain«rtMii 
C«nml, .llhcr' II. itirhf}»'>ir , VIn AnilfJi Diii'iii 1»; rii-u-MMiil, JJ/iro 

AaglioAn Churoh, Vin 1'i.> (^iiiiiC,! l^, li^ln'ml Ihv Tcnipin VnMi7«<'i 
Kcrvifc iincc n, niontli. ^ I'foti'stniit SwvlPi? In llic TaMulo I'd/rfdw fl'l. 
11, K, 1, S) on Miiii'lMj-B, iu Frcmili at 11, iii Unlinn »t S " cli^k. — Cliiran 
HtftiHltita Et>iiC"iiii-lr. Via IiWIiiigH IH [(lim. In a-.iu.Miil 'I'lilir*. 111..% A.lri.J. 
- t'htcso (JriKthiKfi KfH-'i/cflfi', (iii1l('i'l/i XiiKiojinU', 

Publid OoIleoCloiia, cir, (iifHiiiiil liaHrii!!, loii p. xivll]. Mniit nf 
tliv luusuiini! atv vury i^ulij tu \riiiti-i'> 

.]rpaJi'inln Mlirrlina ili Hi'llr Arii (ji. irij. wapk-diiyii li)-3; Irv nur. 
jIwWctim'ii I'fWe StK'ir;i? (.Udti'iini "f Aiillni'Uka niiJ ffed'i'e GuiU-m: 

p.aoj, wepk-iliiye IC-J iMjiy-Oct.u-n, 1 f r. ; Siin. S liolldnj-a 1-1, fr.'c 

■>ii <:c!it4in litiHduyi ujicii in liw mvriuitv' nlxu. 
Ariiitria li:.iiIn(J'''"»>i''l/; p- '■>')• wi!i>k-ilitj'» lu-li AS-l, l.y iU:\ia^ oMaliioil 

(uralii) N[ tliu rtHiiij ili'llii Dirttluik'. <iu lh« flWini»i-'; Sim. 4 Imll- 

iliiya V-]il, liw, 
IlMiiilera .Vn:iuii«le l|i, ITi), iliiily lesnnpl ."iuii-l in hdiiuiim »-j rSoi*. to 

April ll-l nnil T-10]i clonccl in StptcunLmr, -, 

r'lmirtUi ^f^.'rl<ltr.,r|ll {|i. 15), ilailv Kvn iMiiv-S;i|pt. n-l! mil] J-n.V afti-, . 
Jlfvl" A<i.l'tf,HHInari (p.-iC), iliiitv Ift-S rNov-Fcli. fl-l), M*-. 
fllnnle '!ri ivppiicrint , ilnrrmim' tif the llnllan Altihie Club fp. 47!, 

Tt"V. til Mj. 8-]i,!lfi Bii.l i-j, M«y trj Auk, '"I'.fK* mi'1 S'"; *t "tliPi' 

limcw "i,M-n.3» mill 1 II: frfi-. 
jVhmh (^fi'lco.- -IW'- niif'Hc'Uo. nW Jnihith'fa I'u. M) , Viu Otuilcuiio 

Ki!miii"l, Tw*.., Tiiiiri. , uiirl Sim. fl-l. frw; Wed., yrdl,, and Sm. I (f.; 

I'liKfil oil Moniluyn. - h^llr Aeti I'c. 11), Curao Slctni'tli 30, Tucn., Ttiiirti, 

Sit,, if Siiii. »-l, fnii'i Weil. A I'rlt!. 1 (r, : •■Intnil iin Miiiii!«.j'«. 
jl/"H,inii IiultintrlnlD Itail'iuii fp. JJ?. Sim. 4 liiilidHBB li',aii-l. fret, 
jVi-ii>ii S'lKiriDah il'jFiinlifr."' .p. ■Ill, «Tf|[-ilnyj iuls * S-S. Sy tlrki-t 

iililkini'rl lit till' Uiri;[iiitiv ili-ll Utlli'iiiii lU Cuitnixi'iiiL' !l';Vtti£liWu, Vi» 

tli'U'Ar.i'jinUi il; Stiii. & lii>liJa)-. fl-lK, (.cc. 
Miifta di Storiii, Xittirali: ip. 3"), dsilv, I'lcyjit Moii.. 1-4. frtt. 
iWn^iy Hwile [p. Hi;., Sim,. Tii.«., Tiiura., A Silt. lO-li & i-l, feu M^W'^^;,, 

tut utlii^r tiiucii <iii iti>|>li<-ali(.>n lu Ihi' niml.ur. Siignijt %\Ti>.uiait^c\. 
Jttiik /"tiKKufew, 'Vs Ai'tii'Jfiilit •ItUc ScitTiif, ~ . 

1 Prinolp*lA4tMotion»tM>/, .Irv)! Atw^m^ ^C-*"*'- *F''^^?2XSr'X\ 
Icryfp, Ki) antl MusiMai oMntlqnftlo» (p. SBJ, in oTi n wpi\V» ■"* '■''"'■ j 

fp. 45), \ivv' rriilH llic Mole AnluiitllijmK (p. W. frulil Uie MnuU llri 
(.'anil "fi'i 111 (ji. 17:i. or itcjiii Ihp KjinnrBi rp. J71, — Est'iirsioii lo III* Sii«» 
di Sia MkIie'Ic niiH tinhA {p. n auil H, ft). 

Turin (7S5 fi.i. Ital. Torlm. the aoat of n nuivcr§itv Konndcd 
ill 1404). of na 4i'chbl»<lio|i. of n nillitttry acatJotii.Vi &iiA tbc hcad- 
i|uartei-ft of the Ifli linlluii army corps, lies In il fi'rtilc ptnin oii 
iho left bank of the 2h, which rccL-ivcs Ihc wntrrs iiE tht Z>wa 
Itijiaria brlon- llit t'it.y. Tht^ plnin i(t tlm Pii is l)(miiUiul iiii tin- 
S.W. hr thr Oottio-ti -^||in I'p. 51 i, flti th.^ N.W. by thi- (Iraiaii Alps 
(p. 64), iiii<i on the E, i>j' the CWi Tuniiexi, willi llic Monte di-i 
Cappiicriai tp. il), i\iv •^vjieiyu (p. 41), aud tliH Bricvo della 
Maudaiaia Oass ft.i on iTie right bitnk of llie river. The pupii- 
Ulion u! Turin iiuinb'urs iibuul STit,000, including tlu' garrisaii 
of 11,000 num. Tliu inibstna! iirlivjty whicli bas reucitlly been 
wleadih- faliing lieliiiul ibsl u( Milan, oivin* lo Ihe divemon ot 
irnt&p lij Chf 8iiiiiiloiiRiiil«n>, iiirliuiea the iiiniujacturi! of iiiaclii- 
jiery, iH«tur.t'ai's, leaihtr. iiini fanrv {fooilH, besidi."* iroii-toimdiiig, 
itylton-spinning", itiiri iniiiiing. Turin in Hotoii for vcrmoHtli (Ycr- 
nionth di Tofimu, ulim-ulfil>- Kiin^iHliiiii, >'k-J, uiii ciiruin i.>l». 

TuriUj the «Bi;iL'n.l 7'nurnela. cnuiiliil fjf I lie Toiliiiii, li Lipiirliip-t'oltlr 
Irth-c, ilefllruyoil hy tlminiliil in :iiiiti.C,, xfti.ii'U'Hr,U tlin Huiuhu ^itignutt 
TaiiilHiii-uiii. »'»*'tlic spBl or u Frnnhihh miirgriivp iiuiipt tlioCarolingUm. 

i-BBiilaucF ut tlu* Duk«« <if Unviiy, In ]5Ue-it£ il tins oiztiipi^il by ihe 
IVbo-cIi. Fmm I7SII it wni tlw i-.iiiitil uf lh« Kicgilom of SarJiaU. la 
the I9lh cient. Turin vm* tlir rhiof I'sntre of 1\n' nalliniil Hlriiggleli for 
iinlfluiitLoii, fmiL fvotn 1-H5V ti3 1S83 it vo^n tti« mpilal uf Italy, 

Turin Ik oiinspif hoks aiuoug Ihe oilii-K ut llaly tut tin- lueiilmltyor 
it4 I'onstriirtiiia aud for thi' DUOibcc of it^ maaumnuU. lu plan prDicDt« 
roclaDtnil'T Morkh of liaiieoa (titniei, long-, bi'UBil, aUaighl Hircvia (VitJ, 
fti!,itii>Qlly u'llh iiroiiik-a (Porlici), cui ipaciotin artiiiirL'H, iisiiAlly nilonuiii 
wiin gnruens. IlsJiiilory ciiilninn tlilii. Thu jiUd uf tlrn irki tuivn, with 
Hlislit virUiiont. Ji llii' BiiiDt' ns that of iliv colouy fuuDiluil in A.D. X7 hy 
llic EiLpornr AiiBVii-lliR. nr un'n o( Bu iililor Riimnii (Liiiiip. It f»!'ii»nl R 
ri'i'luui;!!' vl iHM ft. in length anil £2(li| 11, in liriiiiillh, anil tiail rluTi>ii 
luviiri on eiuh hiHi-, Iik vi*[> is nuw boiiniltH hy the I'iiicit Cmttello 
on ihc K,, thi: Viii doliii OoiiHiil.itn uikI llic (Vtho Kircatdi on lh« VT.. 
Iho Via Oliilio on Hit K., nnd the ^'ii Suntn TcrFsn on Ibf S. The au- 
riciit Itrc'iiittiiii* il triiriwwiiDil !■>- the uiiiileiii Via Ouiibnldi iinJ tin: 
C'arrfi) liy Hm Via Pruln I'olsliFiii iliii! III.- Vin Siku Toinmimi. Kcbiilcii 
ttto N. innlii gntc. ni I'lirfn I'rhjrijiitU Uexttix (mi* the Puiti PalaUna, 
p. iSj, frnynicnts Mill ipmBin uf th" E. iB*iu gulc [/•oHn /JeCiiujoiin, p. 8!J 
and of Ihf unvlujil N.W. •'onii'T- tower, ti?iiidi> tlu UonuiilntH (ji, 13), 

1b mcrtim-nl hiijldinf!" Tnriu in rtuiirkiibly porr, Tli« earlirBl period 
of •rchilcctur»l ncllvity tuems tn liuvc dcvolopi'il In llic IHth fen!, mainly 
iiadur EdiidiiiiiidL FJiililiurt, Iho fuuuJuc uf ilit' uitsjel [p. li}. Tliv city 
"iiffcrcd murli Onmaite wlicn It whs boniuited by iIip i'l'eni'h In iHlO nnil 
1"O0, uiiil il «'«> nflcrWBKl" •yalciiirtlii-nlL)' entiiiiilud in licvorilinti; witli 
tliti iii'i|i<niil ijlati. T)i(> [oi'tittT'.^tiriiin «'ori> di>muliKhcil in ISVI uiicl IMD'7. 
Tup «i-d)it.^ Pint 111 I'lmnffi't of ibo iiiuer t-twn wbh cliinfly <lctpi' mined by 
Iwpi uti'liilni'l" '»t tbv biiroqii* rCTiuil, Giinri»c Gitnrliii of Moilfnk 
(I4ll-«n) .liicl FUipjii' iNVnm .>£ Sidly (lUWi-lIBO), to whuui nuiiiprimii 
ccclailutli-'al "ml ■i'i'IiUt crllrli^cn at<i <liic, 

, TJw s/jM'iowi i'lAzzx (.'astbllo (.PI, E,9,3) lotmR Oaft c»rW« *l 

w toirn. >'mm (*/,« poinl tlir hiisicst Blrei^U A\xt»e"'-."^^*'"*»™*' 





Via fietri) HicCH, Via (EnHlialili, Vin dell' Arraiicinls ilrtli.- .Sdrimtr, 
^iiid yih lii Pa i'p. 45). '- til ihe 8.E. alible of tlic I*iaxx» Caitrllo 
is ihe GaUeria MVInduiilria Suhalt/itia iPl. lOi. Ilii! olhpr end 
of which I* ill ilii- t'\»xf.a Carlo Alln-rto i|i, 38). 

The Falaxeo DCadama iJ'l. E, It), a latiy uid cumbrao* |)Ele 
111 iJir ePiilid tit ihe fia:«Ka Cssleilu, liad a« iU coeltiis u tin'Jia-i'iil 
i^nallu, adjoining ttiP K. wnll ct iho Knmiin town. This Cuntrmn 
ywlx FbiMlimm, .iimiigly fortHlod by WlUiaiii of MoTilfi'rrsi 
tnwsrriM Xhr I'nd of thi.' 13th cotiC, wa! I'xtenikd on tho E. side by 
J.odofiw d'Acaia 1 1116} and prot*ctpd by two lyfiy "ixlpM-aided 
tOwUH, Mio lower part of which was a rcmiinnt- of ihfi Ptirta Dfev- 
nianu ip. Sti). Fsrthoi' alloM'tioiie w.'rf in*d« hj' Chflrliia Ero- 
iriaiiue! n,, but thi" hiiildin^ Ofl'ea its prespnt tlnnlf^ tn his widtiw, 
Maria, who si diwBgpi'-dvich«» I'Mndama ReaW) uddrd iii 1718 
the double 'Plight ut' utipt mid the fa;ii(L<: ou the W. fide, from a 
design by i^i^. JinHira. T\xv B.iiartmL>iil* on ihr lirst tioor, whicli 
we-f-e redetJjraU'd nl Ihi' aa inu jjurtud, w vri: intd from lii-liJ l.o 1860 
iis (hit mvotiii^idat'i; uf tti</ Viii'diniau 'Si^iiali;. Tlii.' [laluci! iiuw I'uii- 
(fiins sevoml iiiBtitultiiiiii, laeludlug the ^tate Aivhti-va and an 
Ohntrvatory, in llm tuwcrs eonctalcd by the W. fafade. Tlit 
courtyard IsttHciiaa a public thsroughfare. — In front of the jiftlsce 
.itaiidx a Moiutiiitnt fu Me Sardinian Armt/ (PI. 2S> by Vine Vein 
a8o9K oil the S, ilde is a bronze Matuc of the clecti'Iclan Galileo 
Ferrari* (1847-97). by L. Contratll UBOSl 

At Ihe X.W. corner of this piantals the ehnrcb of San Lorenzo 
il'l. E, i: entr. frntn Via San Lorenxu.i, liy Gnarlnl «I687), willi » 
ptculiar douie and an e\agj;«rnted barij(|ue interior. 

To tht* N., in (hi? PlnxEa Koale, risee ihi! PalsKiso Beale, or 
Royal J'aiace {PI. E, 2|, a plain hrit'It cdillcii circled in l6-lri-38 
under Charles Kniiminnol II, Th.' pnliicr-yard is [mbiic thorough- 
lam) is sfpariilril from llii' I'iaKKii hi- n g»tp. Ihc fiillari of whitll 
uru adorned with two urmiiui in ht'onii' nl t.'uslor ntid Polloir, 
deaijCraed by Abboucitii Sauf/imyia in 18i'2. 

Tn ILc IdK lu thu liull ■>(' tbi'*j>i>li"'i' (•'IniikHioiv tn'rl, nrii' Ibe ilillr- 
raac. U mi eqaciliUn nUtnfi ot Dakr Vlrt<ir Awulrn-i t. [J. 1US7). Thu 
liliriilBnmo BUircnic In i>tnliiilH"lii'il with utiiiiPs of Kiinnmiripl Phililn'tt, 
hy Snii(o I'liriif, mid Chnilcn Albert, liy IVnr. I'ilju. 

The Kin** Pt.uoa laJni,. iou p- W: wo iii'jiiii »-itli tiii.' S«U clpgrli 
l^viiivri) rantiiiiiH a stitiu) of IihihIxiiiik' *AunrIiMi'iit>i ivitli iriliiijt-ilcrtir- 
atlaQB Ij}- JW/oa/a (18111. Zfir.nX KriM;- <.[Vipnno [IIJMH, VInwiif BeaU- 
«tunt. Kcii th.1} liinthrm ftii \tfiM], nnil Mtth to|iri>ti-y diaiIl^ i\ Turin 
(17-I8th «cal.]. Tha prjvale aptitmcata ot Viot«T Euidi«iiiui1 II. aro ii«t 

Tho S.E. wttiE of Ibe palnce oontalaa tie •Boval AaMtwiiv 
{Armerla Sttale: PI. E, i). Entrance beside (he Prcfcltiira (PI. E.,'l\ 
Jirat door to the Uft/ ; adniUsion, »ec p, 33. Tt% w>\\sw;\.q.ii.^ ■«\i.Oft 
i« on tho second »lorv,iivc.rycUoite. CiiU\pga>: l.^%'^«■l'^^■^■'-^*'*■** 
CiRuUle lyWi}, illastnicA, httt. ^ 




M If- ft- «. TITJIIX. ftf,iryf A<yni».r\i. 

Book 1 /flotwuloj. To lit* riflil, U«h[ii«l JO. Wupaiu fMin Iwlit, 

W. Africa, 8. AiutrUft, etc: Jspsnatc cdaMtrUn itninni [i;th c«iii.), 

Viotijr BitipinnuiTl I[, Ilii)-ond Ihc door. fnli. J4. Siimltar at Tipfioa 
Hnbih, SiiHin "f Myauro iM. I7UV), tii tlir .'ciilrx, I'kI, CD. Uraniia aliitunlto 
oi NRpalnoil I. (by Mnrn-irliottL) nnil n iiwoi'J \if ware; Iwo FtDnoh inri* 
lUonUl vokI''"' C'iiI'. liV ^'ikiIehuI lOi'-l l>y Nigiuti'on I. when a yvtiiiK 
0KI01.T, Cnb. M. CtifU uf liiiiriiiir In KiiiK H<iii>)i-'rt ; ini'in<)ri>1ii aF thP 
Duki- of Aliruiil'* iictii: Dip^'illtiuu CliiOS KlUn' i M-iIikv'- IIhIIaii uiJeia. 
By Ihti ll>j *iiiil«iv, T»(i mtiU uf Sani'i'iiir tirijiiiiii; i»i>n.|"in» triini Kri- 
lltrcA; JnpOiKCKii wonpunn snil niinour. TUc ftvouiitr horip of Cbarlu 
Albert. Onb. !>1- Miinrnrliiln n1 Charlii* Allinrt- Ah^vii tint ojibltivt', 
Fligi tram Iho warn of ISIS-W oiiil lK<iB- — Wcii>i«- vnlvr thv longQALb 
(OiiUrin Bt'Oi'itvxtii. On llm right, hi<v>'(sL milti at et^aattJiua arDionc 
worn hy mombeni o( Iho Broaoiaii finiilv of Miirllniinitu (latbcent,). By 
Mie Ind wiriilnw, ■Kijtinilritii iniiunr 'il ('■rdiEid AiuiaUi U>ri( SforiiK 
Vbcootl (I'Mx cuitl.j. Oil the riglil, C-nb. m. 8word, allriburcd Id Ifaua- 
telle. Cab. il. ^wuril at ouu IliuQ etrLiiieuii*Iy sttribmlaJ tu Henv*mtto 
CtUtni. By the fith window. Cuii]ii)i)in init i>f Frinc-i Riii^vB'U (ITOS). 
IJKiIi. t. 'SliiHd. i'uib<-9B<?<l with ■ernoi Jruui tlia n'«r of Hiriaa tgainat 
.riiicurtliS (luliiiii, liitli "uul.!. VTi' riiliini iil"ii|{ Ihi> left wxll. By ttiB 
Jit wlodov;, Suic-JDii^ cijTiii.'itriiiQ suit <j( irmoni with the wri'tn ImiiBcr uf 
tlio Prorihiil ; ifi \\\f riiflit, nn nnriDnt nixtnini Id thi'' fnrni uf > (>r>,ir'ic hi>til, 
(ounrt In laa* Id hhu Imrhour at (ifiiuu. Armour uJ Uuki- Eminaniiai 
Phlllhurt, Vli^nriiy ii( Mioily (uncly Kill rant.). Cah. li. Sn-pullad i^wori 
ol 8t. Miiiriirc (u work of thc^ lUtli CL>iit.}. Culi. V. Prvhinluiii' wi^apons 
ef thii atnnc igr, Unb. tl. litnmc-LTi nnd KAinan vnponi niiil ntftaaflt. 
pKllmr Du, Cub. ST. tJvmrLl d( tli« IiupurUI Gvntiml itubmin Tun Wcrtii 
[SotlnBau vurU). Bj' Iht> -Dili vlndow, E(|iicitriBn iirnii>4u ei Duke En- . 
uiknuol FhiLiliurt (p. St), liy Nparati., an iiriiiunrcr lyt Milnn [19fi1> Alia, 
lllu*iECtii, difc^pra, n>Jior-«, nod Itili? l]diEii<t« Emnl nlkLcldii (1A-ll^lh niil.T. — 
Thi^ hIhiIowh on Hir I'l^-ht foiiiiiinoil t lliii; t Irh of tlii? pnLicn gnidcii 
lind tlir< SlIprTfn ft>. 1*). 

Da the Huw lull"* I* till' Iloi'Ai, LinKART f Bi'MioteCtt def Ses nt 
~n,IK\K viiIh. mill Siiflit MKs. (nhnnii only on mipltcnlion t«i tho lihniri«ii), 
cniiuminfr tildablo imoicniplilf]^!. Iiiiltotlr'al, .iiiil tiuii<<'>l<>(r><'Al wnrkb, 
jilLitiiturcii' ot IJiv ll-tHlli L'i!iLt>, ih'UM'ilkKi by l^.onniiio i/<t Vinci [^Por- 
tr«it dI liinmolf). F111 }iart.olniiiri}. I 'm-irtli/l", Oiiuili'iizio yWrart, rt^. — 
A NluiruUiBi' iiMi^ciiilii liuut'i' t" Ihii (ullfrtiifiirif l.'oliiii, tiitikcts, cnaiucl*, 
L'urvriil jvi>ry. Hi'., in 11 iim»ll tdoik adjiiiniiir thn Ai'iiiniiry. 

Tlie Fslaoe QardAn iGiarrUmi Ri-ale: PI. K, F, S), Ruterrd 
rrntij ttiQ artfliie ojiposlii^ tlip Piilanzii Miidamn, yi apfa on San. and 
lLoli<la,ys, Lel:ivc'eft lat July And IaI Ott,. 11-5 o'dlack iinilit*)y 
mugio; p. 35|, — Vaihedral^ seP ji. 4S. 

In the PiA»«ji CARtasiKo, to llip f». «[ tlic Pl.-iitsa Cnsttdlo, rises 
Ihc PalasBO OarigD&uo iPI. 41; E, 3j, with u brkk Tuvnilt' in 
Ihc Imroqu* sIvLc, ci'culed byG'fJWiVH* in l8t*W, Vittur BiiiiiiiiiiupI U, 
WM born in i'Iih ijiikti' In 1820. Tin: SurdUIttii t'lmiiibfr o( De- 
puties mot lirrii fruiii 1848 tu IW.VJ, and tiio Iljiliaii ParliamRnt 
trom 1861 to 1964, Tli<? huniliunic fncniti' iit tUc^ back, Iii tlie Piiiax« 
Curio ALbertd, wb« nddpd In lBti-i-71 by Ferri uiA BoUati. The 
[lalncp contniiis Ihi; Miimo di Storia fCaliirale larlm., aoc |i, 35). 

In the T^ihxrA Carienano nUnds the marble stntui; of Ibr philo- 
Mplitr ami [inlriot Vhicrnza Giobertt (18(H-52j, by Albrrloni 
(16&9j. — TbR PiAxxA TAHMt Ai.BERro (PI, E, 3) contains ft brotute 
ao/iiijtjL'nt to A'trjff Ciartrs Albrrt, liy Mwoo^icUi l>ftftVV 




W 111 I 

i» nf Anln/uUlit. TL'RIN. 

/I. R.«, M 

111 llii: (iriuily, Viii tlvll' AcL-jiilcnib tCu. 4, at ^he omtr uf 

ILe I'lNxta ('ari^niiu. it thr Palaxzo d»irAooad^mla dell* 

Sdetuie iTI. E, 3t, fortinTlv ii .irna'n ritliiiyc, «ipc)v(1 by ijuaiihi 

rjn IflTti, llti t.lir i;r(iiimlll<»)r »iiii flnt flnur is tbp culloi'tuin i>r 

I'ftiiliitnilii-K: oil till' ■'>i^iiihI ll(ii>r i lutt ntirpni ihir pirtnrc-gatliTv. 

'I'bc Miuetua of AnLlquilioa rijfife Mimro tii Aalirhllii) bid iw 

Il> iiui'li'im Ihr viiliiiililo EK.'rptiuii .'[I lire I lull (uuudvil nil out IHHt by iC-m. 
Iti'imrtli. Ilirw-lui, I'lvl. Km. Srliiaparelli, Sp riitnloliiH'. 

OBorNi» Ki-oun. Uaomp I *■ [I ccQUin tVip Iitp.T Egjiiliiiii anli- 
iiilitia. flivlitdiug n hilin vMillnl jii tlic h1iri>i< i.! .1 U't^th i>r k>laa- 
lawor*, « lloilic ^Slniin' "f iliiu><.'s 11. <1t. It. iiud atlii'r myiil tt*tu('» 
I (K. III. — Gi'llrffi. to Dm li'ft. I'T 7ii<iitji>ii ; Cri'Si'i>r>-IIi>iiiui i>i-ul|itu>i"i 
[Jniind III Gcypt Aiij Uuuie. Acnniiia (lit >T>'L-n biialt; rcitoied) ; (i'az- 
IDont of 11 tliic tiAU'.t I't'iiutti III n liioriol wilh fisur homrtj. piiibahl)' H 
UrEch w<iik. Ill thi» ivrlion nti.' lina EtTiiitmi Biiliituilirii ftiini Luan 
(p. US), and firniBin* af a Knmin iiioa«Jc fmr'li "f Orphpnn^ 
mid mturipliuan joiiiiil in Pit'ilinmit. ilnl Sviti-ju: Huiiihil iiiHiTi|itIuDn 
bud sichitQotntBl fineniiMiU (miikI n.i Tmin, 

'i'hi' EjiyiiliniL <-'iillomi>iiii nn- puiilliiiiiiil an tllr Fihki' I'lohh. IiA>'>i« I. 
MllUi.nriit>&, Eiiffiii*, t.oiii-4lkJi«u i^jLii'i|ti, ptfr. Aiiidub tbr p0[>>'ri it Ibt* fftiD4^11i 
Honk lit iJic Ocnil i.''<lllL<'di fiy iji^piiii*. — Kiiom S. Ititt.iiplinut fruni llii' 
-Mil Dyi%. It) llir' Ifomn-ik p-L^ri'irtl; HtAtiintl^M. An .I'ljoiain^ rntrin vilh 
(^j'nrliin nnllqnitU-a rimlnini nUo llm oplubtalnl iti'ti- oJ thn miSteif 
MulbhUi^'Dn ill f ho Ormcra- I'liivi-' ii*jK'. from ('Artbiif^, — iJfttU^rit S. 
Mumjoits. vMci. and houiuhold iili'iisiU oJ the [H'chiiiioriir p-L'riod: nlm 
tiiilv1-n[Lii;)i!i>. wi-vpiFiiH, HttiiilHl*, cli;. On tliv hhUh 19 the ^uujuii* lltt 
of Kt^yplian Xiu^ iIuh-ji 10 Kk IVlh Dynnutv. liallrri/ !. Eu>'ti(iiiii 
dcilk* kuil ailli'lt" ill wuishiw, Iti lliv miililto in (lio Ta'iulit ItiiiC" 
rijiinri in Ihv punlilli'atpuf P41L1I III. — lluom H. Ui Ihf rijrlil. Prtlil^lnrii' 
rullFctimi fi'oni riL>iliiiU]il; Miat» vl Tin- ti-Iitifn i'>r Hii: triuiiqilinl iiri-li nl 
Hunn Ip. M), In lb* Pirntrff. inoilcl '.f tkt lire*"! •fJiirncJic' (/(irlJUril 
ilnuttlneJ j'n Simliuln. — Boom -t. I'l-ltK' niiil Ki'iuim mjii^uii.ii.'-* Tuiiiiil In 
I'inijiuiiiil. Ani"ii^-<1 1l>p UlliT m-e tmov Atn' )rU» ""■! gnud hr<iiiT"'> <■ 
Kih'iiiia: AtliiiJiA uf tliii Xypn -if Ihn fnrllit'iuiH iit I'IiIiIIhh: Koiiinti porltntl- 
biixt of H iHf^nibcr «if llir Gvnn l*U]ii3ij>V — Itot^nt '* (tn ^b" b'ft uf 
£)iilleij- !), In tlir M •ui'llon irci KBypIlan ImllLon nf tlio CliHitiiu ami 
JVrjib piiriiiiK i'jii4ilniiljifi l!<i|itl4r fnlirjrt). duct K?x\ (nuUmiilli>>')^ Itri'^'k 
kiid Knuinii ntitiictloB uiid uli'iiuilii In bmiiic. Gri'ck Had Etriincuii viiw<, 
|irc-Romnii ^luiflh niiA lrTOJijii:>f ftuin tiuriljiian- Ori'rk Hud nvniun 0'r»Liift, In 
til" nculro. lufid .11110™. wronjily allriUiiliil tu MirtinH JjiU'iJfJ. flrdl See. : 
EHiooBraphical ciillcttmiiii frum Aajci'Ji-ti, itit Fiji I«laii-d«, tha t'un(rii, ulc 

Tli« 'Picture Gallery { Pivarulfj'a) I'liibi'm^ps 81 rof>ni», 
Cfiiilaiiiing (ivitC*JO jiauiliii^. Dirrotifr, (.1', OaUini. Gtiod illus- 
trainl i!atnl(i(;ii« (19(>9;i, D fr. — Tin' arl-oollcciions il tli<j Hoii«f 
uF tiiavdy vi^ri; foiiii<luet by {'lmr!i<R EiiiiiinitHrl I. f LatlO-lOnOi uiul 
ftSt Inrgclj iiicreaseil iu 1741 by llio puriihtiso wf Prince Eu^^l-iii-'s 
flTjU" sallcry, which included itmri.v N"cllirrliin4ish works. A 
^ or of the pniiilings carricil off by thf Vrciich in lT9fl remiiiiirfl 
iris iitti>i' ihe conclusion ot ]>C3C':' iu 1815; and iii 1832, llii> 
rest, wblch Lad nionntiniL" been ncnUercil llirmigli variong puUi-ii». 
were cullccled lo form a ptiblir gullcry in Tbi: Pala*i!0 MmU,™*. 
TJi«y were Irunsferrsd lo I.hti Acaiicuiy iii 18ft5. 

This collection is important Tor Vhc. atnd'j ol MocTi.TW> «V AJ-p* 
,(ca. \iliyjf>S8) nnii bin pnpil DeftndtiAe. Ferrari ljWO-v«>^*>' 
^ , . . CtvlO,^lc _^ 



uul •( Oa0Jr»iio Ftrntfi 'o. UTl-lMC: p. l^iSj. SiAma 
(a.UTi-tU9: ^. tiSi tUaifmtU rtpmnlti. Lonm»diGr«lf» 
(1449>U3i: p. i60. XmIoiuw. No. 113. W Us ben perM, abm 
that Iw *u iaNncBf ed b^ Leon. 4* Vlad. Aaoa; »■ ■« » ■■ nd 
hKpovtut vofki of tbc otd Xrthn4udi*k aekool ■»: ttt. iUnn 
Oufu : tot. Memlin^: 17, 2M, il9, 2»». I'm iV^r Ul. 
G»sr*-pl«ram b; D. Tenim the Ytnr»i/vr; Z9S. Rtmbrrndft 
OM mam ulc«p. 

t. E»Mt. PrtATM of a« Bmm ■! St*«y: 1. Hant* VtntL 
OaalaB jUbccti 3. /. m iStihrpfen. Frw« Basrac; ni. Poa £«db 
FllMa T>f n ':ia31^ p. ts:: I!. >'. Migmari. FnoMU* d'OtlMM, liM 
■Ma W OmIm E«L.u«cl U. 

nr wAs in lh« aazl At«« r«««w Mt child; Vt Pi»<a w »»'> «Mtm 
•( flto t4-Mtk <cituk>. LL RoOTi. TBttoriKfcH «- Bm u ttada !> * ■■ 

i fcl t^ M riM^ •>■. M^MU nliwm(4 •> ilaad^ vM 88. Jaka tb« 
••fbrt, JHMa, Bwb, wl JeroB* iib* palaMr'a — « m pUti t<»^ tl, tx 
JUtu-wi>a» vHh St. Loai* «f T»al««i« a»d S9. hat, pK«r, ta4 Ur»* 
iiw»rj mil rrfiii gml frim rf Ma^mwsHUnMdi Or^SndnrfaJH 
Am«w€, U. BtlTrtUI •! SL CMUxiM, K. X*4«aM witt 5S. MiftadH 
Md Bntun toB Ibc pi*4elU •( Uk uiciut fraMr. tb» LxMri of St.^H 

UL Booat. fiMMlPBfiu JVmiW. U. CorcmiUmi of Hi. Asu. ««f. 

iS. K«*wi«» csiteaacd ud two atlatt. M. CratiSiioa ^ dtaUMHr). 
il. WrU. 

IT. Boom. SdiIomi. M. Holf fiMlr. M. Laoxtii. •«l. HldOBBl 

«9nn«o4 vhh SS. Jobs Oc EvMc«li»t. Jenwt, Uelh ud CatkMlHe. 

T. RoMi. PMmmWm Hutnc af IW ink «■« Wb f«M«>lM.- 

n. BoML Tama ISekMl flVlSU t*avj: ua.\M. Frm. 

Fttttlf. i4aft>« uffU: IM. Sl^ *f Smtb* Bttnttm, ' 

CtMUtTt«M *( «le lerio MntigMcd m b. WtU lio. BeMtMOf. : 

Itt. AwKtoMfia. AunkrtkllMi; -lift, XM. lur. 4t Owil, U*d«Mn> 
III. flOT nUiiuf*. ToblM (Ml ilM Mciu«rri lupkad; m. ■;>. Am. 

BrtaStt. tXtnan, ia ToUtt* aaJ b*r bs.kni C<»iBa t. of M*<trt; . 
BaUL iVnKTf. to. HmiI. 111. Itnlxn foi ■ facade idraBtan). \ 

Vn. Bawf. \''irit»IUlIu»i>:kM.U rlS-iaihroiil. : .(H^niy. BoMkl 
ff«M<r. Ul. St. ABbnw pmchiiK aad CaMMntion uf St. AnutnF. 
U& IWaua: iWrc, IM. OuwnMWwo. &S. CaiWiin loJ PfIcv SUrtrr; 
U3l JUter SafAMl. Fi>rtr«ii *f Pap* JdHiwII :n, ten: •■(«. ffii^AMl, 
ITHiaiw MU ta^ (• maiaTopj kf ibe uibiiMi *i MuaUh)i •l(S. 
Tfrnm, rrmmi. Coht tt lUpharri l6it»BbBi«Bi ]> tk* BwfbMi' Uatl^tv 
•IBa«« tUU): IB. W>l<a tVorli?. -II Suillwl«i>Su4»ii>' .toiud. p. 4S;; 
IS?. Ui^r. BtiUft. MutsBS* mlnnl br rvlnvilila^,; IBS. f>BW. >*rvuN:fit, 
BMaHltBtal ClAMj: HI. IINaH. Si. Jcrnar L' UH wiMkt i^rcd)! M>L 
tfnrtfMiaSfUvMM, MuloDU; lei. JfowluiM, ltuloBBaulMlbU(fi«di- 
tctoKhr^H J«». After Titian, rope Paal lU. taruinal il N'aplci). — Tlia , 
Arrx-RooM nJ Baom IX roBUi* » Mlkptian at ^awinen, mgnvingi^J 
Md «a«4nla ty vld Bmalcn (thMtnd frMi line 1o limf). . 

\'I1I. Bomt. in. JSaaMitrtorfa MeHifMUH. UadmM (narbU r«liof)| 
lr».iw. |^nT<>Uiii-i>aiHim Vf X OiiHlniiiiH af UMMira (chiMny uoiJiei< 
of (Ain»<i> pirlnn-a; ca. lalSV ~~ We p*» throUick R. IX to th« — 1 

X- ItOOM. Kltmlab ud nnlrh Srt«nU ili-ITU r^nLI: *I8:. Jr.ii vaill 
Ar|l'~A> ''*' l'*[iiiii'i< rnv(< ing tW Sligiuatai 1>^. I\lmi Vriiitit, MsdnaaiilJ 
•l«i, IWd. ff<']i*rr rjiM Jrr HVyifi-s. \iilniluu, irlih ii>>iirait of ihii iliinorl 

«y|l»rwfir|[i i-ot"llr!n'il^ i W%. nrmiOt il'tnUr ff 1>>ert't<aeaaif-fgnnit,\ 
tuniti%U'ti I'liliityclil: •tot. H. MttnUiip. Tin- I>a>NUti. ■ chroii(ilD;i(«lJ 
rfpfrtviilnlliin tn Itii- |vii|>iilai ttjU ul Vhn '^<ii\\i ^Ui ttat (MOlprotlBd 

lY Ol'ltfl'ff. 

e>c«ll«ul pvntnlts ef llic ilvnor ami kn wile}; Tmitn Uie t'oianycr, 
Hl8. Till' Miinlcr'x urifa. Sit. Tavorn-areDC ; S31- JriM /C'lUij/Arr, lamUi'ipi'. 
Xt. BonM. I>ulrl] ^irhuul llllh ceDI.l: ICI. T'-nim IJv. Voiiaifi; 
»i)-nlnyivT> ; "(Bl- VnH liyrK; KMiSttn oj Cli«r!i-i I. .>t Knuliinl 'WJii); 
tii., Sketch of his apulheoHii <>f Ilt-nri IV id tli.c I'lAii (Dmn. 

r[*hawinj[ Ihc jcLjiiiiriicF ii( Tit 

ititn); *9i. J"//'. f^liUli'''; tW. Suiiilr'-t. Friiil. 

XI I. RniiM. Ofrutu >nil Spiniih Sc-Uoi^la : Sii.f. tl. Hoibf In Ihf I' 
I'otlrait of Eraamiii (> fnp; ul llii- ■jtiKiail iu i^rninj; Mi. Si" AHyel'ai 

,'».lai. I'lrficqwf^i Pliiliii IV, "f Sjiiim; 3J1. Rihtrn. SI, .Jl'ri'iiii'. 

XIII. UooH. Pccurh School C17-M1li <'CliI.t : SSO. .V. iVHiffit, SI. Mnr- 
[■miri't; 9S>*. C. .Viaminf . Luiiit XIV mi liuriclmplc ; U3. .Tl'l. (IrKuJ^ 

X'lrraiii, Lbdc1iic*i>ci , nso. K Drtyiirtei. SiIlMito: 3W. JJpcraxffli'on, 
B»llle iis»lnat tlie Tiitkn; SIUI. Mmr. Vifif/-l.ehr,in, P"rtMit (IfeS), 

XIY. ItonM. rifiaUb and D«lrti SchooU [lO-lItli 3W. «™oi- 

bi'telHurn, Cfncifttiuu ilrl|jij-cli); <;. /Jou, 37i. p.mruit tl i i{i.irtirr«piii>t, 

j)I. trit) nl n windin- IWSl; H'V, t'niiu ran itirrie Uic tihirr. Putlrait 

" tinflf (lesni: :l<l:. it, t'nltrlHnt. Eijinlilon of lliL-nr UCiMi •303. 

hroni'f, rilil uiiiii o«lcirji. ir»i-]iiljiiii^ x\i<- ntti'i'' fiUlicr (ua (niily 

i, Oft, IBifitl: .Wft. Mylri'i 'Ac KWrr and SfcciiH-vf'', I'hurli" I. of E«#- 
lund :ilW7i, l-UIIUin Hfiicri-maa. lur, DmHo, lUl. UurmfslT: ♦MB. 
/Viiif P/illfi: Cattfo il«1B); •lis. nitvrrdam, Sj-n«ipiroo, the flpirBn hy 
j4. rail OstniU: Jill. 1^0, ./. D. ilc Hctnt, Fcuil hqiI H'iwiitii. 

XV, Room. L»n>lBi'ii|iu>i vl the Dntcb ■cbocl. cte. l «t tbe «xit (rijlitl. 
J'U. J, '.''Lit KU)l»lillet, LuiKliiTHl't. 

Tho uitxl tbtr:v ruuiufe eoutdiu chitfl^^ Ititliin work* of the Iftli ttU' 
tuvy. XVI. Boom. 4iU. OiuUo C'ennir f'/Tinrr ri'iti ilictr ulliibtilril ti' 
OiOf. B«!()'#(n <Vi;»pO. 8i^- Frunci* oml Cnrlo Bifiromeo ■'lorlne lie 
Mniliinna; '4«S, CamMjiiifH: Lalv-pUyi't ; t:i. Hiimi.irri'mtii, Mmliiiinii : 
'ITti. Cai'lo XaTotte, ArciLingi'l GaliHcl^ mt. Satiofc rroto , Hniluiiuii 
ilclln Biiks; above, il7, J«S, G, P'lituiin, T.mi<lw'ii|i(i", 

XVir. Boom, Io tlif Icfr. im. tliinrlira. Nairn: Wl. wa. frnwr. 
Alhmil, Snlmsi^U ncH iti.i H"rni»phioi1itoj JWfi- </»Mn Wrti, I'litli; iw;, 
e.l uerrino, RrIuhi ri[ ilir I'rodignl Snii; Mil. Ulim. Maria i'lttpK Tlic 
UU^OJI Li^Jni'u .SI. Jfthn Vi>{]ninii<* ill Ihi? I'^MifLnq^ji'viu], Jii llit^ j'oriii^rAr 1S4, 
■IM. iWO, 0(19. FmiiC. /tlibfinf. The ttnir KIrmmiU. 

XVlll. Ho«>i. [>»l. O'lf'-eUm. Eccu Hnwo; V^JK. JtibFrvi (Iiki'c ■!• 
trltiiii'i'il to flrrii, Stro^zt). liomtr. 

'J'lii'n two rooms rhii'il}- wltli VvufliKil [ilrturciH (llt-l)llh rent.). 
XIX. Boom. 5111. t'ai>lo IVroiiojf. Diiiu*; 5117. AnI. BrtiiUf. Hnmi-iiWliwi 
U ihu T<'iii|ilBi 6IS, P. riWM'.'St', Tli'i qiicoii of Slivba I'tfwe Solonrnii ; 
b;.1, Wf;-u(iiinu Snrotih). AJoiJttiim i>f tilt' CHliI ; riI5. Scltool Of I'. Vrrii' 
wfWi Findinx of Moim. 

JCX.RooM- •asft. /*. T'jpciiiiMn. Miiry MuBiliiIi'ii wmIiIhk lliuSafi«iiit'» 
(ctli 18*. Wi. Uerii. Hriottu, VJi^wo o( Tiiriu; 0»il. Aiil. Oimile li'/iira- 
htto). I"liii!(i.'lln 111 Viiniwi .'ifW. (J- ff. Tlf))nh'. Ttiiiiii|>!i "f liiiniiaiii''iiii, 

j(.\l. HocM. Hnlttc- uf I'rliiir Eiiiti'in'- 'O' H"cfiUnbii<'yli uuil iillicn.. 

Opjiosjie ihc Arnrfciiiy [« tlio cburcli 'if tVci Filijijjo (PI. M; 
E, a), LToctcd by Qniiriiii atlcr 1679 atid rcalurcl by Inviirii in 
'''1T14. X\k jjoi'ljm ill traai li a luti^r it'll di lion. Tlic bcimlil'iil 
liitorlor t'onUlTi* i>ittnn'ii by ({nprciuo ninl otUtra. 

The PiakkiSax Caklo ill. B, E, 3), laid nut by Count Carlo 
■li Cniteilanioiiiu in tflSS, iii l)i» mitgi linmii|;Kn'«iii» '■( ihi* pi.ixiuii M 
in tbe nld lown. It is (iniliDUiihit'l wiiii :iii fiiiittili-ian *atft.Vxft «t f 

II3uke Emmanuel Philibert, in liminzp, liv Mn,iud\*t.V\ kVWW-v 
Tiiu relief on Mic W. side r0|ii-«s*mtft Hie Btt\\\e o^ *^-'^'**^^, 
pSB-;,- mi nn the B. »hlf the Peace ot (laUan^nw^'Tt'A* ^.^^^ ' , 





40 tl. It.*. tVR\y. Vallifliv'. 

Iiv wIlIi'Ii tho dni'lij' o( PloiLptiunt wm rratoreil (o llic lltjiiiic of 
rtiii'ijj: ilic ifrkc na ^j>aceiit rttldiiiivut' is in liip »<■( of Rhwitlilnff 
liiH irnnl. — llir fwo liliuriilit'B ')ii tlw S. nlrl-e of Ihi; piazca ore 
NiN I.'ahijO ut)fl iS.ivr* ('BifcTiv*, Imlli foiiiiilcri i« tlin 17lli I'ent., 
«-ith riir;a(ii's of lnliT rliiiu, ri'.*pvi;li vi-ty hy r.i'nssi (183(i) BDil Ii.v 
liiy.irn il7li!>), >S)iit ('Hrln riinuinx » iixxititiu'iil <\l llic cnmlotlirrr 
]''i' inures I' o Miiriii Hrii|ir|i;i, 'iiii'i'idnr nf tin' i''ivnrli 1ir<ii«(- nf Brnglii^ 
»iiil ii lLigL-alI,iir.|iJm'i' bv M»ij';uxniip'. 

TUf Via fiiiui, kivlg frfun tlif I'iiixita Sau Oarlrt to Ihc X. (a 
tlif Piiizaa Crtsli'llo iji, SIS'., and lo Iht" N., TinaAing llip Galf^tl 
Xasion-atr; 0']. U, 4; lBH!>i, lo llin I'iii/nii 1 iirlfi I'Vliri" ttmii Ilm cnn. 
tt'iil rtiilway'Slnl-ioii (p. Itili. ■ 

To tlie E. nf thr ['iaxEJi Sau Curln, itt Via J.iigi'iiiigr No. K, ia ■ 
tlieitft'HJwujreFjiraiv'iwu'cja.rcimifknlilcfortliRinttjciiilicrut rococo " 
clecorMions of Ha iiciin'ipiil rnonis; in llir iitrinni nrr ffcsrnon liy 
Jif'rn. Oalliiivrl i|i, -NT'i, In ilic Viti Maria Villnrii], Irailiug: tn Ilio 
J'iiiKriiCai'li)Einriiiiii'li'Sr™ii(l«(!<ri'!."'liP«i, h)l\fl'itLf!rHti Cisleriia 
rH, 44.; E, ;ti, (lir rraiiicnri' nl llii? flukt nf Ao.ita. No. Sii in ibo 
Viu cii'ir Os|)('tiiilr is till' .Mitum Indmtrinlf: halioiin fPI. aH, E 4;. 
niJiii,, see fi. 35,1. 

Tim .■Kiiri^t H'Uliii (HI. E. 11, thu t'i'ii^a Cauvi'r (Pi. Ii. F. 11, m\'\ »hi[ 
I'mma llinl-ini (PI. F, 1), »ll iii llii» uriglihoiirJiood. tru hiIoi'HimI witfc 
ntiitiiiM uf diatiu^uUlictl :n'iili?ru lUliann. 

llLI|]^''l■ul^o■J^lhoPuJ!Z.^ l.']iHi,oEM*.!rri!i,K h■lcl•(^^■|^o(l'l.E,S,4), 
rominonly culli'il lliv 'Piiikeu CartJuu', rtNDH tlio nuirlik' Mwaiweiit _ 
(/C'nDoi(i*(181U-6H. liyGimv. rin|,irt*. .'rwtcd lii IST.'i. I'lii' creilur ■ 
nCItullaiinnity holds a scroll in hin li'fr hniid wUh tli(. fanious i-onio ■ 
'llbnra (■liioan In lilmrn stinii'. - A tablol at Via C'avonr No, * 
niiirlin Ihr liniifli' M'l, IJ, 4) ill tt-liiii^Ji Uavmr vaa lior" il'iinal-jilin'r', 
i.'i'hiM[K |i- f^ll^ ^1 

Ailjoiiiiiijt til.? i'al. Itualo ip. UTi on tlic N.W,. In llin' Via VpiHi 
Sptli-iitl.iT, JH tl]f Catheilral {Su.n (Jwvvitnl Jiatiistii ; I'l. E, 2^, 
rropliid (111 iltii silp of Ihrw^ ouHiei" chnri'hi^u in I40S-W8. Iiy j/wj 
fi«' Viijmnii of P'torence, in tho'i' style, «-ilh a miirlilc 
fiii.'iuii;. TIk upper pnrl .■!' llo towi'r ikf,.! frojii lliiS. 

Thr ISTkiiion (■..iiniltD 'jf ii«vii, ,iiuki«, iiii.l truiiBr.,pl, «-ilii nn optagouiil 
(liiiiic, 'Ivur tlir W, imrlHl is a rupy lit l.tnii, rta VIui'I'h Lint Sii|ipM 
^p. IBIi. Oi'i,r th,? qo(?r,]kit altar on tli'' I'l^'il in lui iil*Fir-pjf..f,i hy /V^i;. 
■friitf*. Frri-ari. ^ri-nvtiaa oil tliu •■oiliiin lainlurii. Tim »(.>ji1b i>f I'lio ruvst 
fiimily ur,. |» fhc |,,(l tf tijo liighiiluir, 

ndiiiiil (ho hjtcti-nltor ie tlin Cnppella d«l SBiitiflBimo Suda.rlo 
i,r riW/K S(in(cj«(m'i Sh'ilnnf (uurn iliinnn iniiruiu(;-aiii«iy liU " n'diu'lti 
rnirM by H.' ntppit tu llt« rierht «f Tho hi^li-altur)'. osn.itrDrti!'! in liiUl 
liy QiHtriai. ll 1» o Iffly uii-cuW uliiiiml "( ilnik litonu i(i«-1jIp. run- 
tniBiloK "Iri'BBly *iili 'lii' wtiiti' ninim ill puts, Bi'piiratucl Iruni Iho vhair 
by u Klioii imrtlliuu uud ruvcrcl with n cuiluiisly iihapeil (Itinic. Tho 
numnraent" wm rppctnl iiv Kiajf (lhrirl,»B .Alhr-tf in IWM to Ihs mfmATy 
/ tlhiatrii'Hi uiiriultffi t:t liU fjiniily, ir.l Kiviainimrl tUilih-nrt (il- IMuj, 

yorthrru liwirlem. TURIN'. "■ "■ "■ i'ii 

■ imperii', hy I'oiiipco Mareheii : Prince Thnmu (il. Ifltifl; p. IS), 
i/;CharleBEiiimMinelII.(d. 1616), byFrMcaroK.-AmiiloinVlII. 

'restitntor i 

by QagainI ; ... 

(i. 14S1), bv CaceiaUiri. The necnllsc ligbt frum abova enhucM the efTecl. 
In It kiDci of iim over the Rltst ia •areaetvei the Santittimo SudaHo or 
Sanliiihna Sindone, a part of the linen cloth in which the body of the 
Saviour ia said to havo hcen wrapped. This was bronght from Cypnln 
to Chambiiry in IISS and since 1578 has been proaervcd at Turin. 

From thi! Piazw San Giovanni the Via Qnattro Marzo leads to 
the W, to the Palazzo di Citta (sec below). ~ Behind a railing 
on the ri^ht in the Via Vunti Settembrc are some remnants of the 
■ Roman Theatre. Parther on we tnrn to the left and reach the 
Porta Falatiua (PI. E, 2), a Roman gateway with two sixteen- 
sided brick towers, judicionsly restored in 1905-11. — At the S. end 
of the Via Porta Palatiaa, to the right, is the charch of Corpus 
Domini (PI. 1), E, 2), creeled in 1610 by Ascanio ViUoxii, on the 
Hitc of a chapel built to com mem orate a miracle of the Host (1521). 
The interior was altered in 1753. -- In the adjacent clmrch of 
Santo Sjnrito, dating from 1610 and restored in 1743, Ronssean, 
an exile from Geneva, at the age of 16, became a Roman Catholic 
in 1728, but he again professed Calvinism at Geneva in 1754. 

The Fia»sa del Falaezo di Citta, a few paces to the W., is 
adorned with a bronze group by Falagi (1853), in memory of Ama- 
deus VI. (PI. 21), the 'Conte Verde' (d. 1383; p. 32), conqueror o( 
the Turks and restorer of the imperial throne of Greece. 

The Palaaao dl ClttA (Pi. D, 2), or town-hall, was erected by 
Lanfrancki in 1669. The marble statues of Prince Eugene and 
Prince Ferdinand (beside the entrance) and ot Charles Albert and 
Victor Emmannel II. (in the vestibule) date from 1858-60. On the 
first floor is the Biblioteea Civica. 

The Via Milano leads hence to the N. to the church of San 
Domenico (PI. 8, D 2; founded in 1354 and frequently restored), 
which contains a Madonna and St. Dominic by Guercino; and the 
Via Corte d'Appello to the W. to the Piazza Satoia (PI. D, 2), in 
which rises an obelisk (75 ft.) eommemorating the abolition of 
ecclesiastical Jurisdiction by the minister Siccardi in 1850. — 
A few yards to the W., in the Via del Carmine, is the Chiesa del 
Cannine (PI. 1; C, D, 2), by Invara (1732; facade of 1879). ' 

The Via della Consolata leads from the Piazza Savoia to the N. 
to the charch of La Consolata. At the S. end of this street (So. 1) 
is the Palazzo Paeaana (Pi. 45; D, 2), built in the 18th cent, by 
Planteri, a pupil of Invara, with an imposing vestibule and staircase. 

La Consolata (PI. 2; D, 2), formed by the union of two 
churches, is a building in the baroque style, erected by Guarini in 
1679, decorated in the interior by /Mttoj-a in 1714, and au'm.ii^'ia'aA^ 
remodelled in 1903-4. It ia adjoined b^ iCam'pamLt*^V!l'Ca.'^«^^■:*^^ 
a reWc o/ (ie Benedictine convent oi 8a^\V Nxiitco, ^(^■av.*.*:%.^i>.'*'^'^ 
by monks from .Vovslesa (p. 50). 

Dqiiiisa 01 Google 


44 //. ».*. TrRIN. II..',, , V 

iMtHKin. Via BrtI kbIvf lb* o\'il vlHiirh ut &■«(' it»f Mn, 
e««ai( «a11n rl^^. m • nw cbupcl. caniniDiuK a buthh*-rcr«i«l im«gfl 
AT n» IMOMli, Mjolalni ■■> Iho limt^iiinil SaiHinrlo iUII« CnofotiUn, 
with wermX cfredM •Mt'dnpcli, A ntw rli.iprl t« tin' Iffi conUlnn 
kruvlloi^ atiltin In ■a>tl>lD uf m>M> Tlien'^o, (jiinrn of Chiirlpa Albert. 
*nd Mtiia A^ltlalJi', t^nwD uf Vutui Emininiii.-1 II. <'li«tli il wli'im illnd 
Id Lsiii, liy VrU :lN«li. 

Fr«tn lliu PiufM L'liatcUo tp, 36" tbv niirroT Via Giiribiildi kkds V 
|iul thf c!iiir<:hor>V««f< .VJ>*fi'r>il']. la, D:J; IcCl), ui Dstrntotioiu 
lMroi|Bc ItuiMJiit; liv I'i'UrjiiriiioTJbBlili, to the I^aiza i>bli.u Statuto 
(H. C 3-, wilh Ihc liOjitf J/W (V'if> Tujinrl Monvtnrul, by ^ 

rock^, an whirh li<' tlir ronqiii'nil punl.s nl thr niqunlain. 

Vroiii ihr Via linriUiilili we pfircfil lo llir S, by ihi- (?i>rM Sw- 
Mrdi lo Ifii- (iianlino dfUa Viflitdelln <\'\. (.', II. ;; . nilli minium. 

In lliricr') anils nal^iiU' tliv Maachio della Cittadella i?l. M : 
U,3>, th« fonuMcnlranci- tolIl(!cilaikliet«lfili[ila6,i)j_v Prtritilto m 
tta I'rbiHn ami imrlr all pnlliil il'iwii iti t857i. to n uxiuiiiinriit tn ■ 
iiirniury iif ISrim Mirrn, tbi- 'tolilftto miiislqfe'. wlio. according 
la ihf Imdiliott. «»i*tl IW I'iUdf^l (it Turin at Ihi- »acril!ci- of lita 
uwH li(». oti SUili Au^.. 1 iO(i. liy ii(>t'in^n)j> a niiuc « hen iIil- French 
greMa4i(ni had already advaiired in Ihi? vrry tgaXvK TIif liitorlor 
MGonMaitilrs Ihc .V«s«u yat'winaie d'.lrtiylieria, a collcclioB ^ 
of veajMiBB of all |M>rliMlK, iioni|irlsii)g ])ivDi« of ordaiiiM from tlw ■ 
14tli emU to Ike prMTiil lUy ladiu., «fo p. A^i. v 

la tbr fin-tiT ind ilivly ieiuiibiI* uf thr Yi* iiiu^i Cii»At*. In Uic 
W'- *f tbr vitxirl, ri^ch tlar ttjitqr «f f!fntn%l .UftKttitdrb l^ntntinrntttn 
It. 1Kb ia Ibe CYlunl. «ha (aaodail the BprMclipH in IK3S. 

In Ibv Ptuct tlou'suiu iPI. D. S'l an in njunlrUn ilalur uf DMlia 
Ftrdtaamd o^tinHM rit.Hll. t>f Baliicu ii^": '"^ ullipr avumnruU. ^ 
T^ thv 9^. of iW Pt<«i* SwUct1»v, ill lliu V!i Ml' Ar*rnalr, •UiiJs iht m 
JtrtObrf ^Irmml (P). L>. 1, I', fsanilml In !«)». fl 

Parlhrr e* the Corso SjcMrdi {nt«r§^^l« the Piaiia Vhm«» ■ 

Kmajivku: Ssoosih) < 11. C, 4 !, *ith tbt' larjp? .W.-HxwfH/ nfVifior 

/intwanurf //.. W 1'. (-'wiU «l. 15*01 1. - To Ihi- S. of Iho I'iaxM, 

r«r«> {tifcanii so. b lUt- J/n*r<- tVcVr. rfi fle//r Jrf.' iPL B,C4j 
aditi., MV p. 3&^ coalainini; ni^drra ticul{>t<u\-it nnO )»ii«iling». 

TVf broad t'van> Vitto»w Eua^CBUi Sec"*i>i> [PI- A-K, 8-4), 
aV«il i' ,Sr. in Irnflb. tntmtviB ilir coHrc tonu. In thf middle, 
la froDl vl tbc Onfru/ Stiilii-i, ip. 'iS\ U, tiiv Itfl, Iks the Piuu 
i'uuo Pmrc ',T\. I). 4 . with tia *G3nlrii!i, adornrd with a brftBur 
ftMnrol ^f^unaKlr^'A^nl^io\^79^l866l. ibr statrfiaaa. pntt, rmI 
paJHtfr. by Baluco -IsiSi. This piaata Is adjointd bi.- fro smaller 
■an. >itk HiaiMfs ot L. Layrwtqe <A. 1813; PI. 3r, thr aalhrnu' 
tktati. mA fteinfrnpa i. 1869:' PI. :16,. ikc )>oliii<-iaiL — To tbc 
of tkr Plaua farto Prlltv U thr fVaiticfinn Otnri'A i TVmjnVi 
.■ n t*. K. 4. 5: m-r p(i, :i5, Si , tVp ftrsl VnftciViiA tVwrV 
■f^toi ntrrn^ftrrlhir^tJiblithBivntfit TvVtpouBMAvTUVAwV'MA. 


EatterH (iaarUrt. TURIN. ■''■ ^- *■ 45 

At llie E. end of the Corso Vittorlo £iii)iiine1e Secondo, opposilo 
the faBhionable Corso Massimo d'AseKlio, tlic grounds of the 
Oiardino Pabblioo, or Parco del Val^niino (PI. E, 5-7; cafii- 
reat&nrant; concerts, sec p. 35), extend along tlie river, coranand- 
ing attractiTe views of the well-wooded right bank of the Po {boats 
for hire). In the middle of the park arc the Botanic Garden 
and the nnftnfshed "Castello del VftlentiilO, a building in tlii; 
French style with fonr towers, begun in 1650 for the Uadaina Rcule 
Cristina, wife of Vittorio Aniedeo I., by a pupil of Sal. Debrosse. 
Since 1860 the chateau has been occupied by the Poli/lechnii: 
School (Reale Politecnico). In tlie coart is a bronise statno of 
Quintino Sella, the Btatesman (1826-84). Oil the S. side of the 
garden riaefl the colossal bronze equestrian statue of Duke Ama- 
(fe)tso/'.do«(fl!(I845-90; 1870-73 king of Spain), by Oalandrn (1902; 
PI. 21a); on the pcdcatal are scenes from the history of the princes 
of the house of Savoy. A little to the E., ou the Po, is the Cmftello 
Medioevak (adm., see p. 35), an interesting reproduction of a castle 
of the 15th cent, with its dependent village, constructed in 1884. 

Prom the end of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele Secondo the Corso 
Cairdli (PI. F, 5, 4), in which is a monument to Garibaldi (hyTuhnc- 
chi; 1887), leads to the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Prinio (p. 46). 

la tbe New Quahteb, to the S. of the Cotaa Vittorio Emaouelu 
Sccoodo, are the Synagogue (PI. 5S; D, 5) and aerersi modern ehurchen. 
i'art of tiic former Piiiza d'Arml (drill-ground) is now oi^eupteil by tlio 
Stadium (PI. A, B, 4; 1910-11), the largest aieua in Europe, with room 
for 10,000 spectators. 

In the VuBiPo, which leads to the S.E. from thePiazzaCastcllo, 
on the left (No. 17), is the Univoreity (PI. E, 3; 3000 students), 
erected in 1713 by Ant. Ricca of Genoa, with a handsome court 
and several statues. It contains a Museo Lapidario of Komsn 
antiquities, chiefly inscriptions. 

The Univebbitv Libbaby, now the Btbliofeia Nazionale (adm., 
sec p. 35), was founded in 1720 by Vittorio Aniedeo II. 

The nncleuH of this important collection, which nuUbers over £75,000 
printed vols, and IGOO MSS., consiHts of the furmer library of tbe Iiuubc 
of Savoy. Among the MSS. are 09 eodlccs from Bobbiu (p. 137), Theo- 
doret's Commentary on the HIaor Fropbeta, with Byiantine ininiatur<!H 
(9th eeut.], Pliny's Historia Ifaturatia, witb miniatares of tbe Bchool uf 
Mantegna, the ApocajypBe with commentaries by Beatus, Cardinal Ros- 
Delli'a misaal, and a Freneh volume containing tbe Romance of Huon of 
BoFdeaui. The 1D95 Incunabula include the Rationale of Qugllelmo 
Suranti, printed by Fust at Hayence in 1169, and a copy of the great 
Bible of Flantin, presented by Philip II. of Spain to Charles Emmanuel, 
Pr. Basso's map of the world (1570) and about 10,000 woodcuts and engrav- 
ings of various schools are among the other tressnres of the libraiy. — 
A diaaatrous Arc in 1904 destroyed shout 24,000 priuteil voU. and. ^a-sA. 
S600 MSS,, including tbe famous 'Heures it Tmirf , *« XS.'J^e. ^Vt-Me* v\ 
the Duke of Berry. 

To the right, si Via Accademia A\\jpr\\i\* ft,w\.V« ^'J^'^^^!^^ 

.AJfcerftaa di Belle ArtUn.E.Y,^-, aiVm.,«ic -e-^^V^^ 

je II, il '. ^^^^r TPRIX. KatlntH ^mrifr*. 





ill 16a!i and iMnsrerird billiL>r hi 18811, U ronUitiK n omntl rol- 
Jei'tioii ot plclnrrs. Among t!ie l>cst or lliu oldt-r wnrks i^niciny 
i-o[)ies) ar*: 140, I-ll. FrO: Filij>j>o l.ifrpi. Four Falktrs of lh« 
Cburrli (wia^s of an nltnr-pi«c<;i. AIm mniicroUE "CnrtgaDs liv 
traatfeniio i'trrari iiiid Bern. Lftnliii, nud n cni'tooii ol* Ltoa. da 
Vinci's St. Anna wiili Ihc Virgin and Ho]y Cliilil Inot geniiint), 

'I'be Viri Monti; be 1 1 0. the u^■^( ci-oss-strnit on thn kft, lends lo 
llic su-LMllei1 Mole Antonelliona \?\. I', 3; ndiu., arc p. 9$)^ 
begun in 1^(13 ii« u sviiji;;iigiiiL liv Al.Anl\m<Ui I'll. ISflSt niul ourn 
fitt-Icd by I 111' city simv 1B7H. Il ka S(|mire Imllditig ^44y(ls. well 
way) ri'sirnibliug a liin'iT, will) ii singular fatodi; [■ormtU uf 9i'VrniI> 
(ii'ili'rx of rnluuiuj', itslii-ighl is.^i3l3ft,. iii<:tu(3iii^ Lhc 'Stcllri rl'Iuitt'' 
.VIR ft. I Wushiiiglon Ulirtisk .i.i j U.i. Tlit iUihk! is alrikiiij; Ii'oni i 
bold disn-pnril iif tin: iirdiiiary li'rliJiii'aJ rult-s nf finist ruction. Tlic 
li»ll Jji'neuUi lilt' (bnii', tV »o-ca\ii:d Gyaride Aiihi, ia 85 It. sq^narv 
iiiitl ufii^ards or JUO ll. til^li: il coutaiiii thi'eegHllcTiteoDt^.ibiave IIm. 
■itlicr. 'i'liogull(>ryiib>ive thL'duiiie (lU?4etep)i.icoi]in]«iii)su!pleDdli 
•View of IliL' eiiy Jiiiil Iho Alps (comp. Ilie Pauorama and p. 47). 

'riict:*ilc^i<"<>>ilj(iiuiiii; ilirceulnil \\iill vvnUin the Mutru ya:ioiiiiit n 
ItUiirgiiitrnh- Ilaiictiiii, iiii-l«ili n« mi-nHirlsl. nuil sutngrnpl'a a I mail)- t»uiu 
!Il<lliii«, Wilb Ihc c^xtcjitiuii tit <lie|>urltiilt uf OjVQiir I In- piPtiltce stupm 

CInsi' l>y, iu tile sliiii't Viy Gsmletiiio Ferrari, No. 1, is th' 
MuBea Civioo d'Arta appliaata all' ludu&tria (PI. F, 
iir Mttsoun of Iii'iimfrial Art. AUni,, SL-e p. 35. 

FiHsr Fi,otiii 111 Room. PninltOK* by Ci. }/inillMr»l. furtu ClgHt 

(<ti^. Till- i.'1'Dlrul iiiii" (.''iDlnina iltHminnIcil msnn^cripU : luinsnl of Can 
J>um- ilflK BoTun.- (.bit<.- l^tL i-cut,): tlAtuti-'b uf tlit tuwii uf Tuflix {IJ 
•nit.): ubi iHiLilii. — Si-il Huuui. Ciiiki'ts (lJ-17tli I'l'nl), ul<l fiirnitiico i 
iiitisipJil instrmntiila, i i« bs .»( TiiWii, ftc. — Suconu Plioh. Itli B«vi 
m Kte-rniim). Itdu luiil binsi wuiks. — H\\ Ruani, Otngiauutal lucks i: 
ln-ja; Urijiims and btonm iitBOHils , infiliili. plni)iiutl«», -- <lth Hoo; 
GiiAIDi'la. gltj* vuBcHa, prfciniiE attiiii^a. ilaiuEil glima , in tliu midiT' 
H.'1o..-l{H, a<tmff-l>^!tei», ott, — TlliDuuiu, •C':>lkictin-n of eylinuim^a fpsin 
glws, 13.1Dtli ni'iilj. — 8tb ft ttlh Rnnma, >ipiiiiik!i-M»i>fn»i|liP nnd lt»5l 
viTniiik r-ttiv, ia^lutliiij; tdmirablc i|ici.'imciLe ftoni Vluavu <,i;Tn-ltliO) w 
t'tjiodiuiuutL- ami airly VicitncHL' u'sri.>. — lOtb Knuui. Si'iiliiluiiu 
ui»blc, Iviii')'. nuil M'uoil. Ncur lliv i'ii<iniii:i:. six rulkfa fri>ii> lltu U 
«f Qsalon Ou FoJK (p, 175), by Jtnutfcam. — lltbRoaiii, Tcxtil^i ind ca. 
tuiJtca <l$lhccul.). - l^iilli Rooui. Euibruideiti-'ii ; Uu'. - - IStli Uenoi (uit. 
room), t'unl 11111(1 M, sbin-ii, vln. — Wn re turn to th* FinnTFLLioK. Illk Ruom, 
Wvtiil-cwvinp. — inilj Biji>iLi. CiitH'il fiitliiliirB mid pani-le. — llUli KoO 
rhuir-atsll" from Iho abtity t>f Stii-ffjniii (lUh ooal,), — 17lh Hopm. Pi 
iiiturc lliili fiiktl 18lb i-rdl.J. — W« ikncund tu The — 

Gnoi'icrp PiouH, adtb Room ((■iili^-ty), FrAgmcnU i>( huildUfB 1' 
noulplmfii, tL'rrBi'ulUj, — ;i»t Haoni. Corvcil wnoilffii Oothii' cirllillg ftOB 
SI, M:t]'ri<J in tlio Dki'ji TrLlUy (15iBb (^pkhI.^- . — i'Ar^ Rotjm. Sla-te cnrTiBgnB 
of IhL-Aichliisliup uf Turin (cud of Ilic ISih rent,] aiid of fmout; Q*ii> 
baldi'4 ttuvellLti^ <:itrriiLgi^_ — Sdtb Jiiiniiu. UdJcI uf a Isrge TeneiiSA 

ItHlley fj«(i(n; vi iT3i). 

T)>p Tin di Pi) fiifls at lUe Urge Pii/jii Yittorio EnAjfrBU! 
J'Kii/u (PI. /•'. 4}, helow tliL' Oorso t-'mt^Ai, iui!»Vuii\i'iJi ^m ij. \^. 

^ I '^ 

Sigkt Bank of the Po. TU8IN. J-T- B. 3. 47 

On tlie Right Sank of the Po, opposite the Pottie VUtorio 
Ematmele Prima (PL F, Or, 4) and the pi&ua ot that name, stands 
the church at Qraii Uadre dl Dio (PI. Q, 4), erected by Ferd. 
Honaignore in 1818-31 in imitation of the Pantheon at Rome, to 
oonimemorate the return of King Victor Emmannel I. in 1814. — 
A little tower down, on tbeCanaleMichelotti, arc the shady gronndtt 
of the Basco Michelotti (PI. G, H, 4, 3). 

The Via Moacalieri leads from tbe bridge to tUc riglit to (5 miu.) 
the Monte del Gsppuooinl (PI. F, G, 5; 958 ft.), a wooded hill 
rising 160 ft. above the Po and ascended by a cable- tramway 
(funicolare; retnrn-farc 15 c.). At tbe top are aCapuehin monastery, 
founded in 1583, the chnrch of Santa Maria del Monte, a garden- 
restaurant, and a Station of the Italian Alpine Club, with mapii 
and other collections and a belvedere (adm., see p. 35). 

The *View (beet by moraiDK-light} embTu:es tbe city, tbe pl&iu, and 
the chain uf the Alps. To the N., beyond the mountaing above BielU, wo 
nee the Honte Soas chain (15,E15ft.); to the If. W., the Oraian Alps, with 
the Tersivs (11,5X5 ft.) to tbe rieht of the Hole Antonelliana, the Paata 
di Lavina [10,855 ft.) to tbe loft, then, farther W., the Gran Paradiso 
(13,321ft.; cuncealing Mont BUnc), Monte Lovanna (U,87Sft.), and tbe 
Ciamarelta (12,060 ft.), and, behind tho Torre d'Ovarda (10,090 ft.], tbe 
BcBsaneae (ll.fllSft.) and the Crooe Bohkb (II 705 ft.); to the W., behind 
Monte Mnaino (p, S) and in front of Mont Cenis, is the Boeciamelone 
(11,601 ft.), to the left of which lies the valley of Susa [p. iS), with tho 
8aora di 8an Michele (p. 3) on a conapicnoua hill: to the S.W., in tho 
midst of the Cottian Alpa, rises the pyramid of Honta Vino (11,610 ft.); 
to the S. are tbe Maritime Alps, with Houte HatCo (10,130 ft.) and the 
Punts dell' Argentera (16,930 ft.). 

A few minutes to the B., at the G. end of the Corso Vittorio 
Emanuele Secondo (p. 44), stands the large Crimean Monument 
(Fl. 25; F, 5), by Lnigi Belli, erected in 1892 to commemorate tbe 
war of 1855-56. — Hence wo return to the city across the Ponte 
Vmberto Prima (PI. F, 5). 

The Cemetery {Catiipo Santo Generate; PI. G, H, 1), I'/^M. 
to the N.E. of the Piauia Castello (open 9-4 in winter in fine 
weather; in March and Oct. 8-5; in summer 8-12 and 2-7), is en- 
tered from tbe end of the Via Catania, which is reached from the 
Pontc delle Benne, beyond the Corso Regina Hargherita (nearly 
3 U. long), by the Strada del Regie Parco, a shady avenue (iram- 
way from the Piazza Castello). In tbe front section, to the left by 
the wall, is the tomb of Silvio PeUtco (A. 1854; comp. p. 58); in 
the central section wc observe the names of D'Axeglio, Bava, 
Brofferio, Gioberti, Ptpe, Tamagno (magnificent monument), and 
other eminent Italians. — At the S. end ia a Orematorium {Ara 
Crematoria; PI. G, H, 1, 2; adm. 9-12). 

The excursion to the *CoU,e diBTip*t«;Bi<i'c So-pcrgal^ft-Wi* 

eomp. PI. IT, 3), tbe highest point Wt one \n \\it C'5&.'^'*«»-' 

.Ba*«^««'s mrtbcrn Italy. I4tb £4it. ^, ^, ,^^^ ^^ (;^-,^ig \^ 


48 //. li- s. 




viih ilH coiiBiiicniriu cbnruli, u vrelt wurtk mukiiig in fine woatbcr. 
A itcfuu-trrniiwny plirs (rom \hr fiazeu t-'astcllo to tlw village of 
(3M.| Siuei (830 ft,) in '/•'""■i Hiencc we rcurli iht loit by cable- 
trBnivruy I'ca. S M. Iciiij^: tiiKxitiJUJti gmilieDt SOilOOf in 30 iiiin. 
tS Imins daily, in viuleriTi ; iio i;!i»ngi' of tarriagesi; rtlnrn-farpj to 
Bassi 6D or 50 <■., to i\w. SujiiTga ♦ Jr. 6(1 or 3 fr. 40 c. (oil Sun. 
and lidlidays 2 Si. IJ nr 1 Tr. 55 f.i. Kniiii Sasxi the lop may l>o 
reacbed on foot in 1',;, lir. by n sihaily rviiA ilii tile right a.9 mt 
quit -tin; sla-liiJii, Ilifii by thi- llrnl luniin^' to tlit- !<■(!; dcscpiit ill 
1 hr.). 

Tlifl Chk-Mii d! Siijiiirpi, an offering vowfd to llii' Virgin by 
Vlftcjr Aiiiiidj-'ns II, on tbu upcasion ot Ibe rai-ting el thr sif'jjft 
(ij Turin in ITUS iii. JiBi and crrcttMi in 1(17'31 Irimi de-signs liv 
Iiivara, h a hanilBomc cfilifi.' n-illi a loflv lionw auA jib itiiponing- 
porlico In tbu style of an nntiiinra Icnipk, and bus a Niwclomi octa- 
gonti inlnriur. J'ruii) 17-80 till 1849 il whs llii' s-iiyal liurisl-clitircli, 
rtpIntiuK HwiLtyfoiiibc {p- fi(- H iiwludea n library uiid ii auiic uf 
royal aiiurlui'.'iits (never o«cupivili. Wi; fnltr by llii; dour lyti lliv 
li-rt ul' tliu cliui'cb, 111 tlic intiTKif (tluei'd 13-^) arc hIiuwii a ruuiii 
Iiuii;; villi IndlflVrcnl puiCraits uf nil tlic popi;:^, the I'liurcb, ami [I 
crypt >i;utiliiliiiiig uiuiiunKiits nf Hit kiiig.t Eroni Victor Ainadcua If. 
to Churb's AliiL'j't, and tif ^an'ii Mnrin Adelaide (\i. 44) and Duke 
Auiadciw of Arjsia (p. -15). Tim rlunit' (245 (t. Jiij;h: 811 iltpsj 
cumiiianilH a spleiKSiJ **View p[ IIh' Alpx, I'niiii Miiiite Hi'tlcpaul 
ill the Ligui'ian Alp^ fi> tlii' AiluiiK'lki llr(ju)i in iS, Tynil (auiup. 
■lie iiatiurajitu, alau Ciiri'Qbiiii'.i rt'lier in Lbi^ xlulinti-lmiiiling). Iha 
l-Igiiriiiii Aju'iiniiies, tb« valley t<\' Hie I'li, ami tlie I'olli Tiirlnc-iii. 
— Alberiiii-JVuitiii-aittt dulla J-'aitifntnrf. L. 3, It. ^-4, 1". 7 Ir.; 
lihlurante fietvedt-re, I., ]','„ D. -'-H h:, |iliiiut'r. 

Aliuut li,'| M. Lu till.' S. <ir Turin, iin llii- liiii! li> Qi'nuu (Nee |>. lini anil 
nta<i iin itio trjimwitv t^i Trnfarcllo (p, 9U ; n-turn ftic HO i:,). Ik'H Hon* 
CeliWi lAlbcryii Huitur. kiukI ; JJIitonmlit Gfotta fli<ti». i |>1t>Bian1 littlu 
tiiwn iia llin ^.VT. viTk'i^ ol liie (lull) TuHiical. I'Jn u lii^lN^it ■Imvc tlio 
tuwii i» Ibe lyHl VliiUc'i' (l.Mli .viit., reliiilll lltJj.iMU.; lii"' viow..), in 
wliirh Vlt'lor Eiumannel J, illcfl la IMl anil Priiiixnri rintllita •>( Pnvtiv, 
^.'iJffW- of rrinpi; JcrJiui-i fiuiiAtijtrli^, in 11111, 1'liu |Jictm-if«g-H^ii^ry in tfio 
W. Win|> ouuUins a aeiiiM (if Vrgc |iiiilil.Jli){« iUilalrRtiuf; ttiu liixluiy ni 
Ihfl Huu»v (jl $ji\-.>^-. T)n.* ii'Mt of llic "LTicK, 'll-cllvory "f t^u I'lcLiaello 
uf Tniicaa)' try Barnn Riea"ili ia ItlHU', in -inlrrrittin); fiMia ii> iiiiniDriiuH 
|ivrtnil> (fct ii|-l It,), Viiilvri lu llii; ■.■l.Sluiu iiIibIiI hI Hk' Icmnw*)-- 
dlaliun befitt' Oie tuwn. 

A nteaiu- ImiuwKy ii>. saj e;>ii)ii'<'ri Turin villi Ga-riKnano (li^-'fl.; 
.Mil. Vfini'-'i' Jienir],\ lii-«-ii witli JTIKI ini.iti, nnil «i.>r,il lliiii I'liiin-l*., 
hiuimi'd uD the tiiuhriiKiI tn Nki-. jjnii tfiuj'Qiint ilii'f ittii wm ciccloil liy 
(.Vii-ial AlQiirii HitirtJt IHarUi fir'IJt Gruzi^ tirutaiiiH tlir tr,jnii "f Bisni^k 
ral«ol<j(tin. danjiiiliic r( tiuKlli^liiiiii IT,, MiijrrHVt cit M'JiiItcrcnt, nnd wlfij 
uf Duke Ch*rlii& l.f nt wIiuho <.imr1 llip 'Olir\i»lk'r Bh^rtril' -wbi* lii-unj;bt uji, 
— L'triuiiauu, wllli Ilie ltll<< nl » prinrjiinliiy, abh ufri-n x :>in uiipuniiri' 
lo ThoaUH (J, lUiO), (iiiiitli ■UQ •>! iMjiidea Kiunignin.'l )., /i"iu wtiuin lliu 
jirMCiat tuyal fauiily ii ili>ii:eiiileit, ~ ^Slvum-Itauiwy tu K'ai-'naBimla, 

SU8A. //. B. 9. 49 

About fl M. tu till- H.yi. lit Turin (xtcani-tiamway, aco p. 88) lion 
0tupillisl (SOO ft. : Inn), a chiltean erected by Invua in the rcian of 
Chtrlw Emmanncl III. sad occupied since 1900 as an autumn residence 
by the Qneen-Dowager Mareherita. It contalas several rooms wilb floe 
froscoes and is Burrounded by an extenaivo decr-piik (visitors not always 

A tiimway runs to tbo W. oF Turin via (IVi ^■) Beglna Xargherita, 
tiie station for College (p. 3), Aad (5 M.) Leiunann'g cotton - mills, to 

K/, M.) Bfvoli (stat. 1160 ft.; Alb. Tre Be; SittoranU CasaUgno, 
side the chateau), the YeiasilleB uf Piedmont. The quaint little town, 
the Coilrum Bipuui of tbo KomanH, lying on the lidgo of the hill be- 
tween the valleys of the Dora Biparia Iv. 39) and the Saugone, has been 
a favourite residence of the princes of the house of Savoy since tbo 
middle ages. It now forms a sort of suburb of Tnrin, mnch frequented 
from Aug. to October. The most interesting buildings are tho Villa luva, 
by luvara, tho so-called Ca»a del Conte Verde (ca. IlOO), au elaborately 
ornamented Ootbic edifice, and the collegiate church uf Santa Sfaria 
delta Stella. The Villa Ducale, a squaro builriing with a tower at each 
corner, erected by Cliark-H Emmanacl I. in 15U!, wan partially buincd 
down in 1098 by the French Mamhsl Catiuat. The huge now ediflcc 
called the CatUilio di VUtorio Amedeo Secondo was begun by luvara 
in 1712, hot only onc-lUird of the original plan waa carried out; moat 
of it is now used aa barracks (adm. to the other rooms; fee). TbeSpiaiiata 
del Cagtello (1B79 ft.) atFords a fine view. 

9. From Turin to Snsa. 

Si'ItJi. HONT Cehih Railway to Bussoleno (ll'lt H. in l-l'/g hr.): 
BRAnCHBAJi. WAY thence toSuaa(9M. in ca. >/thT.). Retnin-ticket (p. xviii) 
'J fr. ao, e fr. 50, or i ft. 20 C. — Comp. the Map, p. 61. 

From Turin to (27'/, M.) Bussoleno, aee p. 3. — The branoU- 
line to 8usa remaiDa on the left bank of the Dora Riparia. To thu 
right, at the foot of the Rocciamdone (p. 51), is Foresto di Susa 
(1595 ft.), with quarries of green and white marble. 

32'A M. Suaa (1625 ft.; Alb. del Sole, with caft-, R. I'/a fr., 
good), Fr. Sute, the Roman Segusio, splendidly situated in the 
midst of the so-called Comba di Susa, at the junction of the 
Cenischia or Novaleaa VaUey with the valley of the Dora, is 
now a quiet little town (3600 iahab.), the seat of a bishop. 

SegnaiOj the chief town of the daring Alpine tribSK of tho valley uf 
the Dora Rtparla, -was in Cssar'a time tho capital of King Cottiuit I., 
wbo received the title of prefect after hia aubjectiou to the Romans and 
in 8 B.C. concluded an alliauee with AuguHtus. In A.D. Sli, having 
capoused the cause of Maicntiua, it waa destroyed by ConiitBBtine the 
Oieat. It subxequcatly passed through the hands of the Ostrogoths, the 
Byzantines, and the Jriingubards, into the posscHsion uf the Franks. 
During the great predatory raids of lite Tiininian Berbers from Albenga 
|roup. p. IIH) Snsa and Ifovalesa (p. 50) were seized and plundered in 906, 
and were nut reeoTcred until SAO by Margrave Arduin uf Turin. About 
H century later the marquisate of ansa and Turin came by marriage la 
tlie house of Saroy, after which It alternated with Chamb^ry as the 
residence of the new dynasty. The revolt of the citizens against Frederiol' 
Uarbarossa in 1188 was cruelly punished in IITI, only the caaUib inA,' 
few eburches escaping destruction. 

The 'awiimplial Aroh (44 U. li\g\\ , ^^ l^.. ■^'^^i-'^') "^^ *^ 
called Passeggiata Archeologica, ia iVu 'pVcV^xaMSWi *i\6.'w«v 

6U //■ n- *. NOVAIESA. 

tlic t-ifht bftnk of the Dora, is tbe cbiiif maiiuiiicnt ol' the Roman 
jpcrioil. AcToriling lo lb« iiincrifjliuu it wa* uri-etitcj in honour of 
Au^aiuM in H U-*-- hvColliuA 1.; Iliij rLt]|L>rA<>ii tliu I'ricxi: rvprvsrul 
tbii i:u»cluHtuii (rl the allliitici' uiid vni'nHciuL vcvat'i. — Tbc two 
ii[iinlui'iii'tli'u'/e</(''!i''^W'"""'"'fi'i'l»««l"'c vntj-iinceluihr CWVc 
vf Cultiite I., rebuilt Iv lUi: ilurjji'uvmu AJi-Uiuid ua<I aow uinoli 
(1 itiUcuruil. 

Of ihi; Hi'i'iaii. 3'(j-"-» U'w/^ rcBtun-J iu ILv rn-rly niiditlu ngcB. 
uulhiiig rttiuiiiifi hilt tli(! sii-calti'fl I'tuin tiavotir-, a iiiiiiili iiltcircd 
iluiilili.' g^iitrwjiy bcIu-'iM'ii llic: DauKU ISavuii tliiiI Viaxtii. H-Ati Giititu. 
— Tliu liltlii Mosrn Civiai (ij|irii Uiiii. tU-ll) in Hit: L'alneKO <li 
UitU iir Pil. Ciiitiujiiili' contiilns :i hv.- Uuiiiiin Hii[iijiiilii-s, 

Aiiiinijr lliL' iimiliii-;!!! Biituliii' iHiililiti^Ti uru ilii.' Tiirre tlrl Mo- 
tnri, llip liiB-i'r nt u mjliieiiii»ira castli!. iii liii- ciiurlyurd ol' ^^u. 35 
Via riilux/o ili l.'lLlii, lliv C/im dm Di2 BriiioUmi'-i. in llii! J'iiiwin 
iloJ Mfniatu (!)iil!i ol' tlit i;»li .■I'lil/i, uml ttic <M liouMun of nolilc- 
nif'B of till' t.jurl of Siiviiy in ihi'' Bunjii ilti XoftUi. 

Tlitf ttltl BeiiudioliHL' clmvcli ol San Qiudto, a I'l^Iir uf a iioiivcnt 
(<rcoti3<1 ia 1U^6-SD mid «i[|i|ii'L'Mi3ii In ITT:!, i6 now tliv L-utticilral: 
it W'HK t'i'biiilt ill till (.iotliii.' bI^Ii.' in t)i<i 13lii ci'iit. nii<1 Iiuh u lUii' 
ttuiiiuiK^Bqiii; «uiii|ian(lr, t\ir. Inwi.-!" jisi't uf ivliivli nwi sl.ruiif;tlr('ni;<l 
ill 177^. 

Ivrritiiiii iiiflntlrriPlivi'ly <iti;ijraU'tlJ. In lliuUripi>fllii ild l^>l■^'l)nrll'lulll^ 
ii 11 (]ulliiu lti;>lyi'ti in bruncu (IDM) C'liitu'ily in tliu <'hii|ii'l i.<ii llii' fiui'do- 
iiiBUilif ([1, '•!)■ ThL-QutMu uliolrntallt L-inii> Irnni tliu fHjrnii:i' «Uurcli i>r 
Smilii Miirii Mj>)3:iiiii:. In lliu nAiiritly uri; tvu Kuiiiniii:>»i|iiv liiuiiiiit iluor- 
kn«<>ki;rii. TiiL' nrh iri'ct, 'ihn]io1 ibiljninin); tlio rijtlit IrniiiFpl eMiitnlun » 
n'iiii(li-ii oliiiiiL' iif t.hfl Mnrirrnvliii! Arii'tlitiit (?iaili i'i!(il.), — TIlc ISjiinfmrBiir 
I1JI4 n iin^iliit^ Ai fi'd <>f gci^fin iu4rlili.^ \iiih oi^iil.), 

Tl"; foniuT Omv't'l" 'U '^"■ii Frunceevo iliili.-' fi'imi Ibc 13lh 

Tv tJit' ^.W. ill Sii^ju- till: *y)L» Muxi CcMB Uixo (diligcnai! 

ilaily tu Nuva.lva;ij crosHi'd tliu Dvru by tUu 1'odLu iJuu liUircu and 
UDi-riiiU Xhv rl^lt liutilc uf tin' C'uui^i^ltiii. Uu llii; ujjpudlu ImiiiIi uru 
tliu riiiiia uf the ii'iiulU uf M^iiii/tatiUefii uiid uf tliu fiirlri'sa of 
lirniictta, bulh duati'uyi'ii liv IIil- Fi'chcIi In ITSfi. 

3'/iiW. Ifidftua I'lSSOn.i. - 5 M. -Vomfcsu i'271.> [I.; Alb. 
lit XaFitli'»a,IC. 1' ', I'l'.i. with tlirui' ualurrdls and mi otuelric |jiiwur> 
Hatlon for Turin. In ihu iiuri<!h-c]iiii'ch aiT )iteliirc!j liy Itiibmis 
and l'aritva{,'!,'io, and tbc- Tucii di Haul' Elilrndo (l^lh ciiil.), con- 
liiiniiif; ihu relict at tliutaaiiil, whaliinucll ruvci'cd In this district 
(fi-Mtlvjil lyth Marokil, 

iihort of IhB vill;igi' a road dlvergei on tiic riglit fur tlm ('/< llP.) 

tornivr Convento dl Novalesa (now (pallid itiu Oonv^nto tJm- 

}wrlu I'riiinv, fuiimli'd in TSS liy tlic Itinicdif fiiii'H iinil t.bit most 

^Hiporiiml coiM'i'iil in N". flnly lii'tni'flilfti.lpsttwUo'B^is UiuWcvVv.xft 

■4&J. The fflrtsrated Clironiccm NoMA^rtiiuHii l,\U\i ctWi-l, tt»ii 

I , ■ .,Cit.KVlic 


PINEBOLO. u- n. i«. r.l 

history of the convent, is now preserred in the atntc arnhivea of 
Turin. The principal Ckurck ot the convent waa rebuilt in 1712, 
and the only ancient parts remaining are the Bomaneaqnc chapela 
of Santa Maria Maddalena (11th cent.), San Pietro, and San 
Salvatore, and the Chiesetla di Sant' Eldradn (9tli cent.; sco 
p. 50), now alone used for services, with rndc 13th cent, frcacoea 
(legend of 88. Eldradns and Nicholas of Myra). 

The Ntw MoHT Cebis Road, made by Napoleon I, in 1808-11, I" M. 
io tbc N.E. of the Moat Cenia tnnnol (p. i), connects Sana with fit M.) 
LtmalebmtTg in Ssvoy (seo Saedeker'i Southern Frimre). Motor- dilfgenco 
to (ISVj M.) the Mont Cenii Fast (6B40 ft.) a-8 timps dnily (in winter 
every eecond dny only). ^- Another road leads to the S. from 8nsa over 
the ColU delte Fineatre (7S65 ft,) to FenettreUe (»oo bolow). 

The Boooiamelone or Boecametone {11,G10 ft.), Fr. Eoche-Melou, 
ealled by the ancients Moiia Romuleai, niHy he ascended from Susk in 
8-9 bra. [guide 10 fr.); the path ia practicable for mulen ss far aa Caga 
d'Aati [9S0O ft.), where there is a chapel and a house for pilgrima. On 
the anmniit arc the chapel of the Madonna della Neve, a popular pilgi'lm- 
reaort aa early aa 1358, a large broiiie bust of Victor Emmanuel II. (1S91), 
and a bronic atatuo of the Madonna by Stuardi (1869). The *View extenda 
on the N, to Monte Levanna, on tbc W. to the mountaina of Savoy and 
Dauphiny, and on the 8. lo the Cottian Alps, In nlesr weather Turin in 
distinctly visible. Descent to Beaitaiia, ace Baedvker'i Sontlurit France. 

10. Prom Turin to the Cottian Alps. 

The volleya of the Cottiaw Axpb, called Alpea Coltim by the Horaans 
after Coltius I. (p. 4»), are all short and deep, like thoae of the Grainn 
Alps (p. 61), for the F,. aide of the Alpa of Dauphiny and Savoy ia here 
very piecipitoua. — For the Btringcut regulations for viaitora in the 
fronlier-districtg, see p. iv. 

a. Fbok Turin to Torre Pellicb, 34M., railway, in l*/^-2i/j hrs. 
(fares 4 fr. 45, 3 fr., 1 fr. 95 c). — The train diverges from the 
Genoa line (p. 60) at the Sangone and turns to the S.W. — 15Va M. 
Airaaca (855 ft.), whence a branch runs vift Morctta (p. 63) and 
Salnzzo (p. 53) to Gnneo (43 M. ; p. 54). 

23'/, M. Plnerolo, Fr. Pignerol (1235 ft.; Alh. detta Cam- 
pana; Cannone d'Oro, good), a town with 12,600 inhab., long the 
residence of the Acaia family in the middle agea, has a jnte-faetory 
and a military riding-school for officers. The Cathedral dates 
from the 11th century. A new vault (1898) in the church of San 
Maurino contains the tombs of eight princes of Savoy (13 34- 1490). 
A little to the E., above the road to Riva, is the convent at Monte 
OlivHo, occupied by French Carthusians since 1903 (comp. p. 535). 

A Btcam-bamway runs hence vii Cavour (985 ft.) to Salaxxo (p. 93). 
Cavonr, from the 17tb cent, onwards the seat of the now extinct Gonnts 
of Cavonr, liaa at the foot of the Soeea (1505 ft.; view), an isolated 
granite cone. — Another steam-tramway runs from Pincrolo to Peroia 
Argentina (8016 ft,), in the Val Chisone, whence an oumai^* ^\S!« ^»» 
J^rrero (8785 ft.) and FenestreUe (ST85 ft,). 

29 X. Bricheroiio, Fr. Briqw^oa (.l^^Q V^.% is^- ^^'^^ 

Oroasa); branch-line to Barge (p. 52V 

DqilisJov Google 


du Fu'i 

:,s ri p. If. enissoio. 

.14 M. Torra PAUice, Fr. La Tovr-Wh (1695 ll,; *IiSi 
P<-««, BdAlr, R. S-3, ?. 6-7 fr. hwl. wine; /id/, riw /"afr, WA.' 
tU. rO„.rs, ([oitd; mt-.-Pem. Belit^w, T. 6-6 d'.; i*en«. li^i Fori), 
H smaU l.ovn n! 4000 jiilinK, in n Sno situation, is ttio oapiUl ot ih» 
"Wdlikii.^iari Vallfijs, 

'I'hv Waueiehbiap Vu.LLia (I'alttuB roiidiihrei, tdJuiiiinK tlicFicuch 
(i-ihutliir. nrf Ihc himte if Ihinv u.i-ll-liJii'jmi Proli'Hlmit I'niiimniiiiliiiii (nlioiil 
is.<«¥' Nduli'^ ivliii ftwl (["ui l)»u|iliiny lu riciliiiciTit liiitinn ibo iv4r ol ihe 
AIliigriMiaiM (I»llH-i><i), n.nrl Tii»iiir»iiii<<t iS^muelvnJi tliiirii iti it{vHii of triiul 
[nTSOCiirioin liijiitlniliirly in It&f. IMid-til. nmt leii.'ii, It wna tli« pcrse- 
nitiiMi r>F IliSri llikt i'ILt^IIaiI b. pnttcisit fco^ii L'rniti u-otL aiirl inepjrcii Miltca'a 
wfll-kDnn'Q tinnnFt. In iriB^I llie Vo>ii1<][h were puilislly ^lUirmlnoW, l>iit 
in IflBfl lliey insdfl thniir timnnB iMpndilnin ftnm (iPIicva rmdct /felJH j<W- 
iiiniid mill TVciiitiirrd thi^ir I'Triloiy. Tiioy diit not rv('i?Wo full riglita of 
■liliBijiishiii nnlil 1«1S. Allcr TorrP IMhi-e ItiP "lilcf leUlonieols ■!« 
hiiierm. ]'i!riii: nml JJnIi-diii reltin-. Ft. Uolii-PHit (SUM) ft, i Hot. rinrki 
Huf- Mii'Ricliii)., :ill Ihrt'O ill tht< valley of Ihi' PolLicp. irtj^'!ti i« enolotoa 
hv t)ie Cnnlu f wiiottf iiiiln fr, ; 7 liii-, gulili) S fr.l iiTi'l tlio JWtitirc Srnmiro 
|tr. JHoil' Or'iKirr; 1",W;> It i SV^ liin., giiids li f r.)( Jwjfrogwo <2SBS ft.)> 
iD Xlw 111' nil [I fill viillcy nf lltv ii»ui> uiiup la Ibo N. of Totce Pcltliie; S-ctH 
0<rjMa»n or S(. Qfi-inalii (ISHS ft, J, jn liie V»l Pliinnnci »iid Pcrrvro 
in Ih? VhI Oi'iiiiiiiiaMi'ii. ^ Conip, iLie nuido dcs VrIIl^m TnudnlnM 

Pu'moiil iiaA cdil.i Torre ?rllii't, lfl(i;|. 

I). I''ko« Ti-HTS Tn CmaHoLci. Riiilwiij tii (37'/i M.) Uiir(f<! laJ 
2i/,.2Vj'"""- \^^'- 10, 3 fr. 2J), 2 fr. llIc), diverging In (lie 6. frmiiL 
Ili<: Torn! PiVllJee lino ui [2!»M.j Bricheraniti (p. .'il). — Fruin 
Hai-tif. (1175 ft.; Alli. (II Torino^ rosds (liiligencf twici! ilsiily.i lead 
in ftneillrccliiiii In fftticWofp, »ai,ait(Unll:n!othei-to(3 M.;7'ci'eaM«, 
Ip. j;ij iinil ii|i tlir I'u valli'v U> (9',', M.) Cnssdlo, Fr. Urmiiot- 
(437.1(1.: ^(i. (iVWn foCfDifi, R. I'/.-arr.; .■l//i. rW 6"n«o ; guido, 
(Jiuv. fionre, Anl, & Franc. Ant, Oilli, rtaiiilio, Frunr., & GIus.. 
Pprotli, nnd olliers). Near Criisolo is !lii' Catjer-nn dvi Kin Martkuy' 
(400fift-:ciiidci]n'j iilnininntiunof HieciiiT, j fr.), a cliiJuiiiLlo cavern. 

Ctlnaiila !■ ihc •Tiitint'-poiii' fw ihc nncoiil of 'MontB Viao 

flC,MO fl.\, tlic JfniiH TVjj'fii* .>! Iho BiiiBRiTu, IIil' Mpiu'st -luiimit nl the 
'oIllBn Alp* I not TPnumniuli'li'il to any bill i-\psrt« ; gitiilp a.'i, by the E. 
ta-:p 33 fr,j, \Vi' fujlovr iho 1irii|Ic-|>iitli li'adiiiK i^ Ihi' 'Vi. tu Ihu Col de 
('I Trat'ritetU inOSl) ft,) pnul Ihi' Fi'iH ."H('/:i' (riTTB It. : Alb. cli>IU RegiiiK} 
"■ hi M till' (* lira.-, till'- vj.'w) iViui iW Jii' iWi^ /I, j Alli, Aljiiito), new 
the ujnivc* nf tliP Pi'. Thiiiifii vri- iirnci'i-il to 111* S. t^i tin' (i'l, hrn.) HI- 
fi'ai"-AI\>. i^aii'li'ii' Si-lh [SeUft n.), ncer liic Imhii tii-'U"li\ (H.M1I ».). PtUlil 
Ihli piiiiil ivr' ii'ui'lj lliii Hiiniinll Vy a ■iliff ''limb of Cr Iitn, it p t lie 8. ficv. 
TliP naniniil rrnniuiiiiilK a ■)i1i-iii1Ii1 |iiiiini'niun, ruilimr-in^ Muul Uluiin nnil 
HoBlif Hain nti tlic S. ■ - From Ihi' ('"I ifc M Ji-awivrltf In ^bri^M, 

>m Turin to Ventimiglia vl4 Cuneo 
id Tenda. The Maritime Alps. 



//. A f f . SS 

(S h.). C»tT. anrt pair from Tenila I* TvBlioiigli* in J>i't in. 
I.J rroiB V*titiiiiin!iii 80 (t.l. — B^^rnml T^oiU Iho rmil tiin. fof 
J oUUncc ihronjh l^mcli ictillory. >o tlial ihi' 'ntlnin-liom* fur. 
iltfn (hlrirtlj liHYO ta 1h* irniU^rKniKi lif^'ii^i*- Camp- HiP rrmirk* on p, nr^ 
The Train liivcruii Ihi? torn? ol Ihi- BrUumonnnia, ihn I'ltmolj ton- 

proBsd rcgi'in of Ibr UKiiiiin wid M^rilinui Alp-, wtiinli, jntlajing tll« 
. BilJiFcnl t'&tiiin Alpi on iho >'. iB. icij. oilpudi from _8«vini» to Hriinfan 

[p. I). Tbo girDl(i(,-icsl cbaruIcrUliv* if tlii* acid. il:iiuly' peopled tofliui' 

Uin-ffBloji arc liiigo bd'I pifdpllout ffliffnof limoitonp, tmstM »nil fsm. 

|il'iiMi:>I alitta i^l ilulr, mil vtlrnaivu ilihlni-ilion*. 

From Turin lo {IS W.)Can'ia«fii(Ja. tev pp. 60.58. — 23',, M. 
JiacconiQi i8,13 (t.; Alb. Coroiia' Orossa), with a royal cliSttfuu 
btiJlt In 11)70 and ri!»<tar?tl in 1H:U ami 19<JS: the |>ork was UM 
out In 1755 In tlic ilylc ol 1.0 NiMro. Tlic uhfllcau una thi< birth* 
place o( liu' prown-priiii'P Hitmberl i,l904l. — From i28 M.i C'a- 
vaUei^niag^'ore i,!HO ft.) brfiiich-linoa run E, tP {8 M.) Bra I'ji. 59) 
noil W, tn I'lU JVr. Mfirrtta (p. .Sit. 

32V, M- BsTifiliano (1051) ft.; J/i. Aquila d'Or^; Corona), 
n tiinm of 9900 inhub., on thp Maira, hM rutlway-camisK work*. 
TliP principHl clmrch cnntaina |>ainting<i by Giw. Anl. MoHnari 
(l5J7-lS4y), a Dulivp yt tlie town. 

Fmui 8j(vipli»n" « bi»iii>h-l int |il'/alit-i''''i'»'"'>i *•*** ' f'. M, I (V.M, 
S.'.r.l innit Irn SaloKao <:il2<) H, ; jl/h. ilrl Galla, Cnrmin (Srmni. II. 3-3 tt,, 
lidEh gdnilj, (>irmi<r1v Dn' (i[>ilftl <it a nmrqiiionlL', haw n tAwn o[llk,;lL)ii(nb«h. 
imdlfc »i:al of i tililiinp, witli n HnurUhing trnite In UKiiPUlluial produce. 

II J* thf JLIUCtluEi f«r (In^ lirm fntsii .\irjL'4Rji In ^'riuou^'p. MJ. Th*^ C'ltAf^rtd., 
built in livi-l.'/it bill mudi'Miiifit iu thv iDirriur, I'ontaiiit s UrK<^ cmcilU 

III ISOO iu llie I'liuir. Ni'Bp llii; cslhi'drnl Is n muniiintiil in Hili'h I'cllieu, 
llii> p"t't ami iitilriiil <ii. INAI: p, 1M;). who ^VlIb liuni iil Sriliiixr> Iu i;M. 
Tho lii)(l"'r purl of iliii lijwn I'leuJ I'l.l ■.•riijtaiu» ByvcjHl mmi'Til l>HilJiDS"i 
nniniie whii'h nre thfi mciiiicvnl Tnfrnihi CuiBHRe (lath c-cDI,). ttiu town* 
vt llio filj Iu«'U'(ibII, lliii t'rwri 'W/« (-'Aifnii, witli WjniUril letttcotln 
firluinpntation, nn-l thf iV»ndel lliuretoiiiirlfo ('icnK'i (IMU pi-rt,). nfiW 
tbo Mmro I'ivlco. Iri itir ni^w /^i/rufn fviinti-iinJir urn iiLi'iurfcIalu of thr 
V«U-kni>wn rrintcr tiinmbiultiiU Rodoni (1Iin-l«iyi n. l-ld), who w»t linrii 
atnalniKii. A viiil >liiiiiM lie pilil t» tiki' t'liiiii-li tit fiun liinraniU, lii liii> 
Frf'atih'UntFtli? i^t^'l'^. *Aitl' ^ raijiril fliitlr. Thu <-hi1idrxlit Uti^'llittliat! in- 
tiTlor conlaln* tlif tmiih i.t Mnniiiiii LihIovIpo 11.. li)' Ikit^ ftriouro, innl 
iinijiy uIFkit «i:ui]itiiri-K tiy t.-ipnthnrJ nilihtH. 'f Ln lti'i.-ft<'C of llie itA-.?Alli>i| 
i'luMfii inc. il ijic iinpiT mil "I l.iii' t"Wii, brymiil thp Pi«iti ilcl Cu'loiliii, 
■''juiiuiiii-lu K 111."!!'!!!!!!! *Vii-ii- "f till' Muritliiin Alp". 

S-itiM TiMuw.ty*. I. Til III!' W. [!• (li'f, M.,1 IliPtnnn fp. M) vU 
(Ti M.j HeMtii (1150 ri.), ■ uiiiiiit plin'i- wltli Ihc riiiu« •'( » ck»i1li mil 
ml tmi'li'iil HMpvuf I.rnti. ila Vini'i'i I.iikI Siiiiiicr I'li, IHi;, n ith vnrintloiia. — 
S, To IW -S, t-r iifti/, M.) t'.iiifo I p. Ml, vi5 fiVi^'l .W"Filn [1350 (1.) utiil 
(II M-) fWH/i'ffJf.-.fn Sah's^i (l-V!llfl,l, l.^ith nilh i'S-lli-'*, I'rom t'jiillKli'Jli.- 
u briDi^li-Iliir li M.l tuni I" rpwo*™. {iSli> ft.), iii tlii- Vul PiirarVn, 
■rliDiico Ihn Inmlih-rpiiort nf Samprur/: iSit.'.fl. ; Alli. iIpU' Angi-'lo ; .Uli. 
£iici4» ili ffBtidn> li tuncliiui llS'/, ».] hy iniil<>>'ilitip'iivc In Hiimmrr. • 

iMhar ktcKiu-ttBiiivJiyii (^oiiiid'l Snluuo -111111 Turin unil Piaerclo [^■i\}. 

fl»'',M. PoiBEUio(I2:).'i ft.: Rail. Itf^faui-aiit : LfviitfOr^/;, h 
witli (TOO iiilinU, lliKiiy ailimtril 011 11 low cniiddntr almvc ilw ]i?tt H 
l>Hiil( of the Sfin-a di hr/noiife 'p. .Wi, ciiniinaudr.v\ Vi-j ^ sa.a'Oit, * 
tbe wnt ofd bisjioii iiJii] lias nn anadpnis unil ltl\■nst■fe^^*»^^v6 ^^'t■>>■^'^' 
line 10 Moiidnrl smS Vilfnuma, p. .'iS). — 4TNI. C;ei;ifolU. l.V^'ift^^'^ 


n s >f MBQOUVsUlUZBn. 

Cnor Biinmb. ■ iwMliirtli |Am* «4th raniM •( it* «c4)ml 

M' . a. COMQ, «r CWi ' t ru ft. : BvTV « fWrv^. g«MnIljr 
iC: J». JfcA &V»yB; Ads <rOr^ «ltk bm4 n- 

, Bm «■ a M^, TiJgi rtipJflMw It tkr ■wfcwiBi «( 

I br th« VU RaM4, Ur Mtn tWvaglAr* af tk Mm, la 
1^ £MMiMlr .SImmAv, vitk k »en»cat u tbejniii 

hrlkai '1879. ud futbn- m la Ue w fltMa . 
U8mrwvCmi»v -Kj^ taiW Pinn VflL Em»,80<^^ Xcxrikf^'ial 
■•■■ is (be Piun Virpisx^ wili ibr «M fVn — < «n i— (S«mb (^ 

fartiiotfMt, afed i ryW^ aa rim nf ikf Kuitiw A^ «ilk tlie 
!jL $7) m4 vf tk( C«tUM Atpi «iti SfMic VwQ ip. i^h 
nft aW tV tiTota Tiik it^i .KkpU i« <S' ', V.i tb*] 

Bin-WAT fro* Caaet t* thr Crrteao ft TtJ ntia taJ la 

mt i-.%^ it. lO X-' ..l(r«Ma lit SUwsc ml M«mti, wc a. SL — StuM 
TkawwaTa. 1 To Ihi X.W. U [11 IL) JlnHwn (JHl n'. ia Oa Ibin 

nmB«-Ma*(i i>t t>mSbmt ^m* ft.; Jllk. M Cartf<U*'< la tka HMr 
t-T> tb»8.y. » JtrySaaiMwawa (we Waal. ». T« fta 

>. U .Mace (IMI tL). — Brniaai T«amaV fPitai ; *• fyr i '^ M — *U 
Spiism*; finaiiai Is fUaM (^ >T) f«a)trt(A. 

TLt rtilaar tn Vm-tpU cnww« tfar fiaaaa. — 62', X. 

«tt afiOO lakak, tk UfU iWoM af tb« Kobuu. U ovcrl 
fe^ Oc rOpiK^c^tarrk a( JfaJ— riirf JMMjrmifji vitaV 

Ttom BfTft S<a DiIhum b lillrtrM tiRanifB ntf ht m»M W 
At riTXB Vkixar iir twM Oiwo- {mmmc twW i*ili n naniv h. 
fB a* Iht Tcrvc H ViXHtrx.. ~ TW mU aM«ada the Irfi t^aak (f Ac 

to!>X.)raUi(rt ^>4»n.;Hat.ran^Ef•l^ CM': A()>. lalU). 

to •• atcrc^wat lu m MCMt *t IW JhnU r<(r* .:aKU n.i, >■ 
rai^l rwB afnra-. -- Fn« Ike ftaa* laaM, akoal tv. M. baroad 
T <B Mi ,a*aaJI«afc»»ttaltJl»»— twa[wa(»ifcft.tJ».apffJhMnl», 
~ baa|tmh«t|M4).atMtUf.<trUl«>*t ilMhktk.. aalaaAdlF 

1 iaalaiBiSnlkT. •i^M.fnaBa^SaaDalBium. Pr»MtM< 
" — " — Oeati, tttar. IN^irtuHi? w«y h« mtt* ta ifc» 

, . . , '*" 1 *»^) a wMw 

MB tmtL Hik. ater* IW iaa4 MmtaaMa. aad onr ifer OMt* «f Sa6- 
Um( niaa H^ to OMfciriwi (tau. fi. K] j to a« S.W. Urf^avh Oa TUI« 
" ~ ~ a •• O-Vkn.) *k £ala af Jtoaiaa ,Mn n.,' Hrf aa, m*I ■ 
-aaaaclBll. to A« (l> , Ui.' Lagf ArnrM (MW fu). via ■ 
-nrti— lal, Btar vhirk t* Ae Kif^fU OiaaM ffiUS M.V ■ 
tm tmmtmt at Uc AaMa diir Arwmtrm (I kra.; 8 bau 
~k V(«<4-a 

*^ iMcafaa, aaM* IS bA. «*«i raaJ a»»aat V*A-wa«a» to fflLl 
■m laniaii ]]&■■ B-l. aWate brMW-pkU> >ad W tto tUcter.Wnl 
*^ at ^ at^toy ■ tta faat al JtoaM rti^i«r (HW) ft i S fan. Imi 

acraa tke OtOr 4»Br /taatttaoiwi 

(0 Venthnl^Ui. IJMONE. I^- "• "- 55 

The main cosd contiuuoa to ucenci the dcop Qmho v&Iley, pMsing; 
qnlrries of groy laarblo. Beyond the hamlet of Sant' Amia (Osteris Pia- 
ceDia, poor] we paaa tlie Palassina, di Sant' Anna di Valdieri, s bunting- 
lodge and Bummer renidence of the rovBl familv. — About 8 M. above 
yaldieii, in a acqueatered aplaad valley, lie tbe Tsnne di Valdieri 
(4*16 ft. ; *IUt. Terme di VaidieH, B. from B, P. aVr'*t motor-oar from 
Ctmeo 10-10 fr.), with thirty-aii warm aulphor-aprings (100-158°Fahr. ; 
aeaioa, June iSUi to Sept, 30th] and fine plne-woodg. To the W. a pleasant 
encnraion mav bo made into tho Valaseo VaiUg. Ascents (with guide) : 
*Monle MaXtO (10, £30 ft.), fatiguing though not ditBcnlt (e hra.; guide 
8fi.}; Punta deW Argetitera (10,826 fl.; Thra.: guide 14 fr.), the highest of 
the Maritime Alpa, tor experts only [aplendid panorama). 

Another road connecta Borgo San Dalmazzo with the Upper Vallrt 
or the'Stdra di Demortb (motor-omnibus from Cuneo to Bagni di Vinadio 
in summer). Tho capital of this beautiful valley, known to the Romans aa 
the FoMii Aurea on account of its fertility, is (11 M.) Dentoate (2495 ft. : 
Alb. Garibaldi), an industrial place with SiOO Inhab., pleasantly situatoil 
in an open part of the valley, with tho rnins of a fortrosB of the end 
of the Iflth centary. Above Demonte tho valloy contracts. The noit 
villagea are (15 M.) Aiaone, (17'/, M.) Vinadio (2970 ft. ; Alb. d'ltalia), 
pictures quel y situated and encircled by strong fortifloatious, (18Vb M.j 
Pianehe, and (!5 M.) Sambuen (S715 ft.), near the Kodo del Miilo, a 
mountain -(QMS of strategical importanco, dominating the valleys of the 
Stura, Macra, and Grana, with dilapidated fortiScations dating from 
ITU. Farther on is (S6 H.) Pietraporzio (t090 ft. ; Alb. delle Alpi), and 
beyond the -pass of the Barricate (custom-house revision in the hospice 
before tbe paas) come (31Vg M .) Bertexio (5S30 ft.) and (S3i/i H.) Argentera 
(Fr. L'Argeatiire; 5545 ft.), with the Italian custom-house. From Argon- 
tora over tho Colte delta MaddaUna or Col de Larche (6550 ft.) to Larche 
and BareelomieUe, in France, sec Baedeker's Southern France. 

To the left beyond Yinadio (see above) opens the VrUlone di SanV 
Atma, with the Santuario di Sant' Anna (6594 ft. ; hospice ; cuaCom-liDuse). 
A bridle-path leads tlirough this viUev and over the (5 hrs.) CoUe di Sant' 
Anna (7603 ft.) to the VaUone di CiasUgHone and on to Itola in the Tiicio 
VaUea (coinp. Baedeker'g Soiit?iem Fra}ice). 

Shortly before Fianche is icachcd [see above) a road d!ve»ca to tbe 
left from the Stnra valley road and leads to (5i/i M.) the Bagni dl 
Vinadio (4185 ft.), possessing a hotel (P. 71/1-9 fr.) and eight hot sulphiir- 
Bprings (86-144° Fahi.), resembiing those of Valdlori. A pleasant cicarsjoii 
may be made hence to the (1 hr.) hamlet of Callieri, with its old woods 
of beech and pine and a fine waterf^l. Admirable views arc had from 
tbe Beeco Alto d'lichiaibr (9840 ft. ; 8 hrs.), reached through the valley 
of the same name and past several tarns, and from the Unnte Tinibraa 
(9950 ft. ; 9 hrs.), but the ascent in each case is fatiguing (gnide lS-11 fr.), 

eS'/j M, Moccavione (2126 ft.), snrronnded by chestnnt woods, 
with a mined castle. Tbe train here enters the valley of tbe Ve)-- 
menagna, enclosed b; wooded heights, alternating with precipitons 
limestone cliffs. Nnmerons tunnels. — 65 31, RobUante, with n 
chAtcan of the Counts of Robilant. 

70 M. VematUe (2620 ft.; Alb, dell' Alhero Fiorito, good), a 
snmmcr-resort between the Besimiiada {p. 57) on the E, and Monte 
Bussaia or Bee d'Ord (8140 ft.; 4-6 hrs., easy and repaying) 
on the "W. — We pass through a long spiral tnnnel and across a 
lofty viaduct. 

74Vj M. Llmon© Piemonte (.SaWl U.-, H6t. «'E«,twe^,"» 
S-3%, P. 5-9 fr., fncl. wine, good; Alb. ddla PoBta,^«rs V^ 
BBmmer and winter resort with 3000 m^tiV., W-^ \^ W* o^w*^*' 


A« tJ.a.ll. TESli.\. Pf^mTiirlt* 

ot th« valtey at tbe N. haac nt Ihp <;vff« di Tenda. The Galhia 

l<ariali*clinrc!i li Snit I'ietro in V in coi i \1360) ooiitnina froscoo* 
ul tltc ISlli lent mill « pul[>U frum Ihi; t'crUsB '11 Pc*iu (p. i7j. — 
AscunI of tliu Bcaimauda, stc p. hi. 

Tho ol.l rf.»il ovirr iI.l- (..riiHcJ OollB di Tenda, ai mtmii Voruta 
lei-IQ fl.). where tlie Miiitliiif Aljii (>V* } tri'itihiiilo mil Ilie liit\iiiui A1pi 

1£.} tii-^P| is ii-uw oloKCrL 1o vrdiniTV li&fQc. Tb& new tuDi^, can«lriif1i*(l 
D ise:i. in^iK'tmloK ilif iiv^iiijiiiii* liy luokii* uf a tti'iiiiil, riMrly : M. 
Ifriis (N. cfltimiou -llllt^i ft,, S, ciitrsiirc ■12(10/'.). Fiom tliu fcnlril point 
liiilh oniln nil' I'lnihli*, Tbc^ niiil fitnn iJi>ii?Eii<la Iliroiiff'h Die vttlnj' stt llin 
Hale, p««t (■jttJllMtiunB, ti> (B';, M.) Vlevnin f«po >ir-W), 

Tlip rnilftiiy nnft- IraviTKes llie Ttiida. T»iiticl i?i^i\Q it.; i M. 
long; 18If!H. iitiil niters llic vnlley nf tlio RoUi. ~ 81%M.Viovola 
(9210 ft.), II villugi^ <ir vt'orkmcD, Ilic iircsi'rit leriiniius at the rail- 
way, Miilor-ilil igi^ni-'f In Vculiriiiglia, see |j. a2; to Ni(;^^. 8c-« |i. fiT. 

Th" Dm-! HiiiD TO VK^T™IGtI* passes Ihrongti ii ravine, eu-' 
rlnsfil by L'urioiis iiuarU-rorks, ami readies — 

2Vt *•■ ifroin Vinvula} Tenda 12673 It.; Atb. Kazioiiale, Bl 
2.J5, 1". fi-IO fr,, good ruisitie; .'IW, iSavo'ia: Alb. delta Ovii'i! 
Biiinea, HOf. de yramv d de la Gare, bnlli jilsin), n [liL-liij-eaqiie 
liltli! (ou'ii si'itb 1800 jQliiil,, in II s|iIgiiii1j(I silunliovi, (ii't<i'liutig by 
I lie priicipitous MiDilf Ripa ill Hei-nn iSSSO fl.i. A few frn^rn'OrW 
!•( tiiL> eiistli! wliJ^ri' heatri-'t ili Ti-iida wan lorn (coiiiji. p, 190) 
■.tmid an a rnrk nrnr lino i!')iitot«ry. 

E((-nrslaDii (HUldc, Mailrlilo IiitKiiL) Riny I>d Tiiailo !tnm Ti'itila 10 Vrt» 
W. thTouifh tbi* i'ni'i l\'o(rit to li hrn.) Ilio Kvy o( thv MohIo f!aal6ta 
(Trii,"i IT. I, n'hleti cHiiiHiunilB n HpW rxli'lutiiiB tii tin- Hen: In llm S.E.. 
Ihlnujth tlip i'i<'liif"«'Hio vdliov v( llir flio /';¥iiifp uml ovtr tlio (J bn.) 
(lilii- ilcl Slgli"Tt (HIJM ft.: fcf'IKii-liutt In (hi' tftp of tin- (S hw.) (.iBW 
atriruiinrtii (8iUI tt. i Ruiilv 8 fr.), the bighval suminit I'l tliu LiKurlH 

Wc now "IcsocB't (limiiEli. n nau'nw rocky valloy, ]>ast lorgo 
tiiarrica of pictro vMflr, to — 

.'''/I'^^l-SiuiDaliniuiflodi Tenda i-l^ahh.; Sf-Dal- 

mati, If. i-!), 1'. 'MO fr. ; lliiliaii I'listDni-lloii.sci, ii ploAsnnt ttiiininrr- 
roNort nituDtcil omitl hixiii'itiiil tiL'otxti nf tliGSlniil.s, viUi a iiiinncry 
*K[rls' •tcli'iiill mid icvcrril Tillii*. 

Abuiit 3 M, 1<> ili« K. of Sun t>vliii<ii»> Ikn Drljin ti'^'v fU; ItitA 

ill' In S v:\ K. Ji,',, P. li-H fr. liii'l. w!ii"), III tliii VHlU'y nl lln' t.rilfnia. 

wllli n iOlh '-t!iit. I'liiiri'Ii. Alinlil i! H. In Ihi' E.. uhovc'lhv !:l-iiiliiiarh ill 
Xoitril SiflHoni Hfl t'oiitaii (IhIi-wuIIiib [rc»iiiir» i)( Ihi! ISIh ciint.! fcoj' 
lit BrJKK]. it Ilu' i»iiiti-(i)i'v>tt ii( llii' I'liit. 

A brlitty ■|i«lh Iciidt Id th« W. Ihroi'Kli lliQ Vaih-inf iMii Mlairm 

(11 ihc pkiutnui Krrffc/fe VnHlnrimi, iii tLu W. luixii nl ilii' WiiM^e Ciaglola 

(nfi) hIi'H'p), with (,'(1/, hrii.) tlio Immlrl '.( Vnaleriiin (ilOi ft.; iuul. In 

Ijiii iipptr iiovt ri( till! V«l!inii' ili-llii Miiiifm nt Vittie ikW /iiftruo is the 

minhii; vilUpl <>f Ln Minlfrn lIUIiO ri.; ^Iniii imvl, ^'li hrs. fir>ni Sun 

l)»i(nii»n, iirnr viliir-Ii la t)ii< iiTli'loiit liiK mill W.»i\ nnvc. of !.a iWnltrn 

"r IViHiU'i'/.i, nuM- ■nrki'il hj- n. llolciim i-nnnniiiy i i'/., hm. fnrlhcr on, 

hiijfiiiij iIk! Liifiki I.Kiif/lil. Vi'c rcfli-li t)iii l.iiiikl'l'ilr .Virtivliiilr, acnr Ilio 

.Kmifi'^if ('!iti It,}, rooift nf ululo iimcttlipi I'll^i iviAu ltii-«\nif,« bI «. 

/•rr-kUiifvif pprlnil. S-'riitn ilii'" t.ajrlii T.nnKlii ws inn'i miOKi' M^B *v\ifc''\'«6 

**tv<in */ Mp .Kjyffc Jlegv I'lHSH fl.l, wlii.'\l ncimnnwA« ■• ■«"«:« "^ \>«« "-V 





II. K. II. 37 

, ■□d the Btvlni; deuiunt IhiDEijfli Ihn FatfAmaUin Vatttg, ilK Int Isl«nl 
vaIIpj- oil ih<> W. siiif of Ibc "Villune CmlPfino, o'hMe Ibctn tto moto 

itrofl-iDaa uii tin: rudti. — lu lln' Vuimittcn Vitllrij, itn .i-finip| on Ihv W. 
■iMo nt IK>r. TnlLniiR ('IituHna. nrc llirw Innrc nnniiiliin- Ukca In > 
rarky HutltuilL\ one nbuw imioUjij', thi: 1«ckv>IC-0!M fl.i l']jht>.i Uiiltfime] 
>t ihi> fjnt .if Ihu jVrr, (-^irimiiifjaa |'U&T)I II. ). Ftmii ihv\ illuni- Culurlnu 
I over tho Voile ilrl SabhiuiK V> Hiilr<i'i"r , "vii |'. St. 

Nsar llie {8 M.l Froneh fronlkr the Rota valley (oiiinicU 10 
tliH '^G'Jadl Ga'tiforena, nii itii|)<isliiK (;orgp. sn iinrnm ut jiIiu-cm 
as hrtrtly to Ipai'i* ro^>m fur rh'pr ami rum! Iirtwecn Ihe pcrjioji' 
tlic'iilsir r"cka |70ll.80Uft,l, — At (lO'/.M.j FimrmtOii.'tlX.: UCt. 
ck« KirnrifCLTti, with ihc Fr*iipli pint oni- house, Ihn ar-nrry awnmP* 
o more ^iontliem olinrnctpr and Hie fiMt oU\-r» iipiii'iii-, Knrtlier on 
fVairiyc (18il0 (t,; Hi'.t, rlt-s Tooristod/. on a Iflflv i-ncliv tftrr.-icr In 
tlic loft, with 111'.' rulii* of « caatlv "icslrajt'd by tho Kiiiu'li in ITilS, 
connianila the ruii<l. 

At '15', , BI.i Lit (fianilvla («85 ft.; HOtfl do* KlMnscril, 
vllauti^d in u green valky at tlic foot ol bura cliffn nf jitttc, the 
r'loits to Mioc anil Venliriigli» iliviiie. 

Vhe Ro^urnJTicK fSS M- j Hiotur't-ardnily ; railwny nniliT p-HiTilfui^t i'ln' 
li-nilt rjvcr Ihc tW dc BriiKii CSBSafl.) I" Siopr-Htt, Vr, SiHjH'i illHi ft.. 
ir«t(il tilt PmBU'fl; HAL dcM Vcujipt'iiia^, hiul iUi-n rii-**r llm ('*:>? r/r pi'/i^Lti 
(.■f!87 fl.) Ill I.'iTiearfBr [It»!. ^ciifrniii lUnH.). flcull)- aptrwiiliiig aloiij[ 
iIh" /'((i?(o«. — t'luiip. Bnaf-'kti't Hiinlhern Fiiiiire. 

Till! roaJ In Vontiinisliii WIiiws tlir pii-iurcsninr vullcr of tlir 
itr.ia, iias.Hi'H till' Utile ti'ttti of Jin-ii/in or lirril ( fi.; Hiil. 
<U' Kr;iri(-i!, \wy fair: Hill, ('[ici'iarilii. Willi llic riiiiiiMl 'mmIIu hI' 
(.Vii'cWh, iH'l ri';(aiint Ilnllsji *iiil ii'uittim-lioiini-i. It lln'ii iljivinlti 
two tQniii!lB, b«low tln> iwtiy UMt u[ /"(Wvo jllioa tt.i, uikI IrMTnirs 
llio villa^Ji of (33 11.1 *'n« Mirhrln and i24 M,) ^ijyifc i+flO It.). 

.12 1 'j M. VmlimitjUa. sec p. Ii!«. 


12. From Cuneo to Bastia (Twin. Savvna). 
The Ligurian Alps. 

«l M. Riii.WAV [II 1";, hr. [fni-i'd I fr. ;Mi. S fi\ -n, l /r. Iijivl. 

V"'it:'>, KM (I. ii4. — Frol" (•'• M.} Ili'im-fle ill'illl fl.i ii liiglirudil 
((iili)^-iicL- Utriccilutl.v) runs in tikt S.K. Iriin M.i OhiUBa di Pesio 
(iy5'l fl.; All. (fei V'JinnieyrH; Len'i ii'(h\i, Ixilli iiii jiri'li'tnliiix't, 
A Hiiinll iiiilusLriii.l hiwii a\ llni iiuiiilli u-t tlir 7W" i'tliUi/. 

TliP Certoan. di Peiio (ssaii It,t. in llm wll in™il.-it r^l (Inun, 
JO M. fri»m BL*iin-(l,* (pjiu^'ljui'iit' ^flrt, 7, lw,>-b.iNi'>ni IS f r. ; <jnm, jh »UID' 
iLii<0, Hnu fi>iiiii|<'il ill ]l7;i hikI ■ii|>|iit!iiii-'il in IHiiI It iu :i(iu' n lij'drn- 
piilhtc (ij|ii'ii Jiim--Hi'pl.i P. ILin fi'.l unit •iiininvr-rflxiitl. An fxp:ii[i«iiiii 
in»y I"' nijiili.' hpnw di llii.« (ii;., iir.) Unnrer^ «/" ihi^ iVufu. in t roi'liy 
ioviiic ljt:l<i« iliu kiivp X. ■Iilit 'if llif (."irtiH j/(i fi/Kiiri i> (j>. M\. 'Cw- 
rtirtimi in uIkhi llic ■.tiirlinu-jmiiil tur Hit- ii.i'i-al »( VWt ■IVr.sumou.Vn. 
i.r Hl'i'it" (N. ]iC(ik. 7WII fl,\ iMiniinoiiiUMg; H umlvuf N\ts-« ■•\ *■«■ "*,"** 
«f tliP [Jn nnil tlio Alpn (loillr-fnth, t lir-k.\, i.m\ »l tt\fl IV't l""**'* """ 
(llfiiij (I, ; (^'^lrHf III t lirnniili' iir in |,(«>mi(i, Mf V- '■'■''• 


> iMWfl of MnO lnhKl>.. vm Uh nail uI i mlvtmic* Ini 
ITIO. nnm. Iko Afti 1 12S& ft./, m Invvr and ifldMUal [ 

npf^^pirl iiTrti* tovti. wirli theCMnfast 1 Jrfe <t«Bt., aailn ma»- 
Miinii !n fnucntx' 'tw pkrneist 1714-41. Tb A£- 

nMlnv ' 1^'t n. . ' 111- tov^'r. ';>inii»H>toi4pI«*<M«ie« 

U i ' . J(. t*r '^fmAMriad Flmca 

"■ ml ivnniii- . > kaR> dan*! 
>■- -ic nf A^rxoi* Tlaucn tai < 
'iir>* t-ULii^viM^l [. ip. Sf) ui>i fr«acii*i> \j Bl 
' MgKinwA bwt »• itin E ra t—M« 
I; llHaMMi " 

n-. «HaMM AriM •iulr) ■■.{ to A* 9u ni 

iiMBrgM [SaJS-tK-: AlB. ttoli*; amuL. twin 
■M iiBiapr «lMttat ir<M4<. >rii]t bu 
rub taroM^MMn 'Ins. ^^Ka„ U tbi> 

fhuaMH .w>av..nt *r /'■•■Mb A OuaOrt miB (I,), «bMM 

-mw* [|w tnrntra /Mot 'IMn It. ', -id n* :4. Uofm of At AV Ifflii^rilil 

rmn )f«B4o*i » nllviy RIM InlVijlL' ytiwinw :y. Ml to Ik* Xu. 
««d aiDApr a<'<«H« iWnlltTar tha Zlhiri) tolbaEJ.W.. twnKfS^IL] 

^.^,, -T VmaHavB XaodBvl mm ft. : .ilk A<ia 

•^ '> town •« Iba ■(••n *t lbs Jlb«<» CfcJPMrti 

rii , X. 1* tie W. »r Tillu^n u ftm »r«CM 

•*■ I ^r. . Mm «zpU(s<lM sf wUch takm ahMt 
*«i II St. C» Ur 9. of Uhe fnittM IhMw 

*• ^'1>^ 4i (ytfm^lM, U Ik MMk fan •Gnlto 

•f' . .m:i>it'H kr «»«■««> «iU MMitt^B Hefci. It 

!■ .'U .i H- /rrtiW iXII— tiU *• WM 

-■■n*.r IMC ft-t Bit. Sm«m*. f. T-t b., t»d. 
' V MMkOrt. Utt.. Tbo f«« is ifem tcon Jn« ta Oct. 
.••«fX« irfHspm: ■* faM): «■ iwt UaJ4* it u apn fr*« 
M IMfta^laff «f :*cptrBka. Ta Orani, we ^ 5». 

Vr* fiK«i"A %lftnf t%B v*rp> sf iIm litii'-'Ikil BBdoIstiig fittriel 
tX 0&tt»g»a tt i^ M.; Htulia. on W* ntlrsT rr»m Twte U Sk- 

c /'•W J»- WV 

13, From Turin to Genoa. 

A. TIA Bra aiul Bavoiia. 

-.. IJ f(. i. » ft. Mt.',; tbnre ta Gm«a, 
• !• ti . 1 fr. SO. I U. Xir.; npttM Sir. Mi, 

Fr-** 7»flii tt Tr>.fnrtUo, »p(p.«>. l!?'iM. Vil/uslrilonr. 

tff V r'.i-m-OTwU iTBfi /!.; /1/A. rkirAlhero Fiorito: D<iv 

Hh ' iiihatt., «3« Ihe liJrtbpUrc iI.I&O) of Uic fanioun 

I : I iro ftnuone. (on nf a nwiiiHicrd. usnall; callt-d 

vmafffKjfa, «lin r^eonqocrtil a ureat iiart of Lonibanly 

Moitfjfl* Vlw/mll, uiA Wrhiiv. OcftM«\\»s.\-ina ^AWn 

«'MA'' tn f42lt. At kBRlli Wh fti.AUf «!»& ■sftft^f^.t\«i 


//. It. 1$. 59 


ly tliG Cuuucil i>( Ten, aud lie woo bcbvadcil un Ath Mii.v, 14SS. 
Baisottt's [bM in llir niiiiject of u iragciy Lj Mdjuunl. — The 'Cur- 
niaguoln', thu r^liibrntcJ rtpubllcnn duuci' Hud luinir of tlic FriMii-b 
It«valiiiii>ii, wu* nBiiu'il afUr tlilt ton-ii, iLr lionif vt uuuy ot ilie 
itreet-irmstciiius of PiiiU. — BlL-ani- tram way to Caiiiptano (p. W) 
»nd Turin. — Tu C.'hhpo ( Vtiitiuii;jliu\. see |)|i, J3-iT. 

31 M. Brit (!!1« Tl.; J/t. tiafiibero d'Otti, jwofli. willi 1 l.iuil 
tiilialj. and n btiuy Irmlu iii wlim, oiillli.', IrnlUvs, nnil silk, j^ situali'il 
ftn tho S. Hpum <il' llit- O/Wi Toyiinxi (ji. 36j, which btn; «pjirotn;li 
t]it< Apcnninc-ij. ISruiith to CuvullETiiLii^'cioro, trnv p. liS. 

tfion Usj. Til .VLbsitsuMiA. H M., I'liilwii}' U :i hin. Uunu. H fr. 00, 
tt fi'. un, 1 fr, 15 I, J. - - l>/sM> Saala TittMrta: [itoDitnt vsiiuraivn tliuliiii; 
lu tho ripvul tUitoiiLi iif Poileiitt>. wllli lti« romiiliiii 'if Ihi* Rxinmi luwo 
ftl Potit.ntia. — II M, Alba {SKi (t.; ,U'i. i/iJ Otiirton ■J'O/W, «-iuil; 
Burji P<w»(j. with Bliuii inliab. Tlio mUiertrBl u( .Smi Liinaio <Uil-« (rum 
tb'U litti i^uutuiy. AViu^-grMwiii); on-l [liu ri.-itriii([ iit tUk-wuciut duiirliili 
in Iho environ!.. ]{nillii«( Irnrnwiiy lu IS M.J Dnmla (0W> ft.), mlrl fi^r 
it» Mine fcamp. p. ixv). — Wl^ M. (.^ufniniote r^tnsc; I'lsjich-linc ii'< 
>lii(i (p. m). — "W« ni-st trBvPHF JI (urlilc wijiu -niuntrj'. iSi'.j M. 

Soiito Stofano Btlbo, OD ttici Btlho, lUo vntluy of wliidi Itii' tniiii irn- 
VLTSL'S for Bcjinf ili^lFiiitu. — 81 M, Sii:n Xonftr4idi< [155 f(.: Alli, Hiiu 
n'jnau. iri'll ajinhiiii ufl. nliia mi ihi^ Aiti-(Jvadi-(ivnui. lini^ (p. i>0. ~- IN tU. 

3051. CW-cf oai.'o (»4j IL), at tliti iruiil!ncinii; u( tlio Tdimrvn).6()) 
aiid the Sturadi Demviileq). jS;, is nut stcii froiri tbis lijiu, wliicb 
ascends the font; fi'. To tiit-iurtlii; Llii! viiii-elaJ CiilUneddlcLoiujhi:. 

m M. liastia, the juiictiun of tliH lian tu TunHo {R, 12). 

OS'/, M, Ceva il27:i ri,; .l«i. Jlmli^: fhronu Grmm, K. 
lV»-2 (r.;. a liuiJibLt tilllt lnwn witb 2TUW uihub., ini llu- Tiuiiiiv, 
witti un old cajtLc'. 

FiioM Cev.i ro OUHm, M'(. M., rjiilwoy iu I'/j lir, if,ir«ii 1 fr. 2", 
1 fr. Hi, 1 fr, OOe.l. — Tlie lintn mccajii the vnlley ip( itte Taciiru, iu- 
, li!i««tiiig llie fiJgTts «l itio BriinnsdnnBi'i inus fji, &3). — 7'), M, B'ra'uiMn 
(BIS fl, ; Alb. Bugoiii;") . no fha ro»d ralliuonco) ruonlDg vii I'lS'/, M.) 
Oili-taiuKtliiO It.; AW. ilcUli'Biul to [i'V, M.) Ftn«lt: .VHHiia !\<. llS). — 
Buyuuil (IS U.) I'riola a, yiuturitsfjuc raiucil onntle uptictms (id tliu \eti. — 
ISi/.j M, DarcsKi'j (iUS« II.: Uon iI'Otq: Alb. Uiirfimio). villi » Tnlneil 
Cixtle anil awrbtu qmttii'B, Is KiiiiLCctnil witli (SI'/» M-lAlbpHK' (p- '"'3 
by (1 ruii'l L'roeiiiiip tin' i>f .Viiii rSri'ininlo (SIM fl.). Tii Ciimpnrslo 

iUuijiluvl). «eo p. oS. — :S','j M. Ormon I'ili'n ft.; 'ih'au't-it'itnl. witli 
lydriipBthli', V 7-19 fr.; J/o(. rfc« jlfjiCi,- J/iit,-/V'l». ilm .iufflait; Hit. 
, d' Italia tt dfCt Klraagnrt : Aih. Hiteimnuf'i, iin anulcnt and piiilaiFaqui- 
liltli! lAirii, vltfa >. miii^ii cn^tlu uml luiirlili, rjuitrln*, U traiiurTiI<»l ii>- 
a mininn'r-rrsorl. Flrniiaiit rai'iiinl uim may he iniiik- to Uiu 3,W. tu ilif 
I ^'/l iir.J Btntbc-tif,^ ^!J»v>^^n nf S"''ifj fnrtliiT to tlie W. Ilarlhii^h tliir 
BiirE[i.*< uf iliu .Viffruui' ti' (1 liri.i k'iijiCFiir liiiii: t.'oi'l''*!, Iln' ilaitinn- 
l-oint iur lli.i n.ccul u( tii' JI/.i«if;/uiV fHlfao /I.; 3 lit..;; tu lln' W. tc Uii? 
lip "il till- fiiru irOniiPii tSlS.') ({, : I'., lirn.J; Ii.i llio H, tu Ilia ini'aila«B 
<m ihn XoMtv Jnloriil-) (T0S3 ft.; tirli -Opine tiui™} aril "Wt tho fSV* br*.) 
I'lillf. rtl renmid [i|j«il ft.) to iIib {*V,l>f^-l Gnitla ili UataM. {p. i«)i tu 
till.' N-if. lo Ae top uf JUuiilt Arnietta \i4Vli tU; a Int.). — Ttuiu Oiwa- 
H jilptiji-fls iiiic riiS'f fill 1)1 iir-iiiligvuL-w Iwi™ ilailt in S.'i(.-.lir*,\\oi.&.»*fc»™* 
Ihf firrtltlrj I'nirr. di Nana (SOTirt.! Hut, Mou\ «\oVil W.^ f""^ ^^^ 3^*\ 
th.. priitfih- -jtitiit.i.l VLllK^sfPof iifeivnii IVr* l.'BQt.U.', MV..«li-W J.m.*.'^«>i < 
iu till' Aunndii \»lli:y, lii'[n M.) Otieiflta (v'^-^i- 

8U II. II. 11. ARTI. IVu«. T* 

Tliu tniia |»m«p* unrtpc tlio miotic of I'cva by a Uniiel *nd 
gins lo cross the Liipirian Alps, thcfiuval pnrtcf th«linc. flctircett 
tlii* po-inl sod Snvoiin nrr numerous viuductH and 38 InnncU. Tho 
irjiiu i^uits tliv Tiinaro iind uarcnils. Bcyt'cid (<>4';, VL.) Salt Mit | 
Lnitghr- (3015 tl.) le tli« Orilhrio <kl Btlbo, a lunnei u[>ininls of 
2\, M. ill lijiigtl), Ik' IiHigsj^t oil till- line, — Td'.jU. tJeiiijin 
(173S ft.(, ill Ihi- *alley ol ibr- Jiiirmidatfi MiUniiiw, wlicncc llic 
lii^hrovil lends M ;>i M.) MiUeaimo (1410 Tt.), with an inlerroliii^ 
R<iiTiikti tiriilgc. 

70 M, Snn Gli'uriipe dl (.'aim (1120 l't.|, on the BomiUladi 
Spifjnii, ihrnii^li the vnllry nf wliicli Llie railway from San GinMppc 
ili Cairo to Arijtii ilciri'iiils isir ji|i. fill, d'i). 

InliTcsIliig jimriii'; :iiiii<l IIil- ilcfj} riivlncs unci ]irci'j|iia'« vl 
llic A|it'iiiiin.(':<. Tninii'ls ami viadiitls in iMjiid lui'cofisioii. — 87'/, M. 
t(ttiil.nHi-i<i di iSd'iiiHH, a pilgi'iiiijigK-L'liurcli, [aiiii'ltil in 1536. 

'30';, a. Suviiiiu, ami lliviicni Lo Oemra, ml'l' jui. 11^-116. 

b. Tift Acqoi anct Ovada. 

inn;, ;il. Kiilh^y in o-W/jIim. (fiiri's i» fr, (Mi, ri fv,, S fr, Mie.). 

'\'\w line ul Ilr«L niDK .it toiito dislaiici' frmii tlio Ml bank of 
till* Vit, vtoiwn Its MQInent tlie Santjone, and Lbvii the To ll.sdl by 
a Liridgu of sdieii ari'lic*. — 5 M. Moiicaliefi, coiiimiinded by R 
Tnyal chfitfiin <p, 48), A rtnnl ri.'tro»pect is nuw tibtnititd of tha 
biilx til' Turin auil iiT thr 8uowy jiimIis of thr jVljis to lliii k'ft. 

8 M. Trofarello (i^a ft.) is I.Iip juiiittioii fur linincli-ilvos lo 
A'«riin« mill t'j'J'fo- I'jeiWrt i,RE. 13ii, llj. 

Tlx- Mill' frimi TiiiiiJi Tii CiiiEHi (IIJi.'.j M,. ill tx, '!^ lir.) »I"U illicriiM 
III T.uf«i'.-lL(j. — Chiori [IWO ft. [ Jl'i. r.,i:,l/" Siniieo, ^..oil; Tru lit), mi 
iiiiliiHiriil lunii H'illi tl.lKHi iiiltab., hnt, u (Mtliiu fatliadnit (I'll) i^ciil.J 
«uj 1 /rci.'lj' iCBtiirwl in'(d^tiu«( JlatitUlcrfj (liitlj wnl.J, wilL nil iltiK' 

SiiH'c by III' f pud I'll tu Ff'irtiii (li. SJl. — A prolty tuid (tliligi'iR'e luifo 
'aiJy in 1<,V1% li'-l liinJi W lie E. fiuM Ohiuci, lli[vu«!i hd umluUtiUit 
wimi-mriiwiii),' iti»liii-t. 111 fn^rWiiwiiiirt (fjlfti (ilWiS ft, i Alli. rl(illj Ciwi-i, 
iiuprvti'DiIiuelii Abiiut 1 lii.'n drlTu tu tlic K. is tlii: funniT .'lli'iiufii i/^ 
Vi'ssulnau liHtH) II. i, -inlit tu lixvt^ bt'i'ii fmiii'dvil liy t-iiiiTlcmt^c, thn 
ItiiiutIli:*4Ui' vbucL'li 111 wLitli tUlU uciil.^ iiiloriur it-ntorud} liiu jiu ttr 
lorMiinf X'lllpturcil luirtal buJ i^'nUinA » Hiii' niuii-luft iiul trun.'MB uf IliQ 
lath I'l'iiliiry. Tlu' ntJJBli-M aru in [Jiu lulu-Kiiiuitni'nijiii; tmiiniiion slyli;, 

10'', H. Caiitbiaifo-J^aitle/ia; Lliii uLiti^au of Siintens, 1 M. lo 
Ihc 8. <ct the ainlloii, coiilaiii.tCjivdnr's grUTi' i>ey|), 42). — Beyond 
lil'/^M.i VUt^iitm-tt. d'Anli iNfia i\.} tier limi I'lilirra llie rertik 
uplantin of the ('olU Tiit-iiiexi ifi. il(i), — Sl>','. M. tVaii Damiaim. 
TtiL' tr;iiii thci) rrDaNe^ tlii' liorbare ani) rcHchfi llie vdlty of Ihr 
Tiiiarc, whkl.i Hows down lo the I'd tbrou>[li Ihe vaUpy between 
le Colli Torliiesl and llie A|ieniiijies. 
3,'! M. AstKUUn.: Unil. Healauratit ; Afb.HmU, f^ooa- Alb. 
atrntfi, liir Kfimuii /Ufu, it irii'ilia>vaHooltiii^ Iowa willi I8,!»uuin- 
Moii iitimpvnaii (iiwrrs, in (niiiitaR tov Us tijasWi^B, ^inti: A«ti, 
'tfjufrj onil i\f fiortipiiltiirc^. It is Lhe ecitl ot aXti.sAwv- "V;'** 


to O^iott. ACQUI. "■ JI- '"■ 61 

Gothic Cathedral, erected in 1348, has au inlercitliug brick {a; ade ; 
the loft aisle containB two altar-pieceB by a master of the Hchool 
of Vercelli. The Komanesqne baptistery of iS'an Giovanni, close 
by (the sacriBtan of the cathedral keeps the key), Is a circular build- 
ing (now without a font), bnilt in the 11th eeut.(?) over an ancient 
Christian basilica, part of which has again been rendered accessible ; 
it has monolithic colnnins with capitals bearing Christian symbols 
(6th cent.). In the Piazza Alfleri is a statne of the poet VUlorio 
Alfieri (1749-1809); the house in which he was bom contains an 
Alfieri Museum. Near the Porta Alessandria, on the S. aide of 
the church otSan Pietro, is the small octagonal Baptistery of San 
Pieiro {11th cent.), borne by short columns witli cubical capitals, 
and enclosed by a low polygonal gallery, — Asti is the jnnetion 
of the line to Gcnova \'\k Alessandria (K. 13c). 

Fbon Abti to Hoktaha (Milan), 46 S., railwsy in JVr^'/i ^i'- ((ari'i 
8 U. 60, e fr. a, 3 fr. 90 c). StatioDB unimportuit; iS li. Casnle Jtion- 
fen'fUo, see p. 8S; Mottara, wa p. !!8. ^ Faou Asti to CttiTAONOUS 
(p. QS), 13 H., in ■/, hr. — (itiMiin Ttiimw^iya from Ant! to CorUnlse, 
Ciuioie, and Montemagno (p. BS). 

The Genoa line now crosses the Tanaro and near (SS'/j M.) 
San Marxanotto-JRivi reaches the wine-growing hill-district of 
the Colli Astigiani, the N. termination of the Ligurian Apennines. 
On a hill is the old ch&tean of Beltangero. — 40'/^ H. Monyar- 
dino. We thread a tunnel and enter the valley of the Tiglione. — 
45 '/j M. Agliano-Castelnitovo-Calvea. — The line crosses the 
Betbo and unites with that from Bra to Alessnndriti nt (50'/. M.) 
Nitza Monferrato (p. 59), a town of 9200 inhub., with vineyards 
and silk-cnlture. — 55'/: U. Mombartiesu (1055 ft.), in the Vol 
Cervino. — We thread a long tnnnel and near (58'/^ M.) Alive 
Belcolle reach the valley of the Medrto (good wine). 

63'/, M. Aoqul (540 ft.; Graitde-Holeh des Tkermea; Hot. 
Boma JBof/ni; Hot. Modeme Meu.hl£), the Aguie Statiellee of Ibc 
Bomaus, an episcopal town on the Bormida, with 17,000 inhub. and 
a considerable wine-trade, is known for its warm saline xulpliur 
springs (84-162°), cfflcucious against rheumatism. The Veivhie 
Terme, on the right bank of the Bormida, are uiicd in summer 
(Jnnc-Sept.), the Xuove Term^ (preferred by foreigners ; hotel, see 
above), in the town, near the warmest spring (La Bdhnte), chictly 
in winter. The donble-aisled Cathedral dates from the laih cent- 
ury. — To Alessandria and Savona, sec pp. 6S, 63. 

Wc cross the Bormida by a bridge of 15 arches. 65 M. Visone 
(560 ft.) ; 67 '/, M. Praeco-Cremolino. The tunnel of Cremolino, 2M. 
long, brings us to the valley of the Orba, an affluent of the Tanaro. 

72'/j M. Ovada (610 ft.; Alb. dell' C/ini«er8o,?..=l.-'!>VVt>i> 
with 8600 inhab., at the confluence oi Itfc Slura -^XXVOa.* '^*^»- 
Fbom Ovad* ro AtissABDWA (p.ftS), al"Sl., t».i.\-««.-i '^'^.J^i^^.ij^Sei. 
(/Tea 8 fr. 95, t It. 80, Ifr.BOc). — S^EfciiTaMi^*--! wTSo^^vs-^ 







Vc MCCbJ iW preltT TtUef oC ike Ulttn. 77> . M. IhtmgUoH* 

pigligmn illS3 ft.*, ib hvbnl Mint, Um Iwe p«eT<c«9 the crot of 
iIm ApcBsiiKs by the Gidieria a<i Tirxkimit >i H. lav> Orctbcad 
b tbc pua of tie (WDc name ,ltj^ flA 'VTp iItvccsiI to 'Hj'/, U.) 
JUe-lMI ft.i,alHi<it .t X. «lro>t^ VolUi p. 117). 

Fartbrr (m ibr lisc !>ktrt) ibc sI«|h» uf tbc nauiuian. ))8 If. 
J^-Mn*fti;»::3f. Grvnai-a; i>i' ,H. BurxU{mit.!. ScTrnil 
i»c liras of Ibt sea arr obtaieed to Uic right. — 97'.} M. San 
PSerO'Araia ip. Il6i. Tkfncr lu Gtuoa. sr« {i. 63. — 99'/, M. 
(>e«u«i, i«r p. 95. 

c TiS Aleeeaadn* aad Novi. 

W M. K»a«ti in S'Mv his ifiinisft.M, 11 b. M, Sb. »«.: 
«H«« Mfr. ;3. 11 fr. ^, > (t. JOt.i kv Uh Ptiit K»b« tnia <l« lue' 
»Tr.Mc>. — HoMen of thraDck-mktU lu ."iaa R«bo uJ VntllaigltB 
t>— KP <vt>ien ml Saa ?icr d'&rFB*. 

FrniBTiirinloi3ft3L>J«<f, wcp.SO- — Tbrari' aor lini; ascriMis 
thr lallryof ikc Taaarv. — 47 M. hWi~ami '3t J ft.^ Nrar Alr^ 
raMinm Uie tine to Atori tbranrli of Ibr ^iiDplua railvi^r. ]>. 5) and 
BrItiniaRa (JL 3S> dtreigvs (o thr N. W rrou the roMani. 

jfi' '( H. Aleooandris .'/{aiJ<f«{( l)r*((Mr«>iU. ~ Runw Cmop. 
p. uiv* l/At. (.\>B«n«Mtat <t Un»if JAwi. Tja Ptikc CiralUHi B, B. 
S-i fi. : fl<M. ifr CEurofr. Vii A1rt>u)dra l>sn, c**t: Jlh. I'tMci*, 
CvrK SoBk. R. IVr< fr. — P«t A TUji«ur« 0»»K», Via PifB*, wu 
tkr Piiua Tiliari* Eauanvlt. — K>*culi1iuwi tm thr Mi^boiibn^d at 
fxtiflrMi'iai, 'sap. p. 

^Uemjiu/rm <3fD fl.!i, fatiKlrd in 1)68 l>y iV- IxmbaM I«wbi 
allird apuiLsl tbn Enip, Frcili'rkk ftarbiirouj, aas nunnl after 
Pdpt At'sandpf 111. It 19 nov ibr c.ipil^ u[ a provinctr, with 
33,900 inhib. and Ihriviag indtntrirs. inrluiliag^ a large frit hat 
faclnrr (bortaUiu)). From thr Vixti* (iarjbiidi the Vu Tittoria 
Irads to thr t<-fl to tbe Piaixa Viltnm Eminudp. ibe centre of the 
\trwu. Thrnrr tbe YU rmbcrto Prino and the Via TogbicH lead 
t« tbr X.V. to Ibe bandsone brid^ «tiT ibr Taaaru and ibe bngflB 
CUadtl on the UfX bank. ■ 

AlMMBdria U • jtMlivn fvt cvmal IIdm : tU yuTir* tu BvUiaiuiM 
■^ I* Aj«aa, *Bt t.9 (Ad B.Mi Is Taotlli vii VilEUk, ■« p. 88i M 
MUh *ii llOTtin aad Tieerua, Me p. IM: lo Fitia liiTumbaretti, 
M(p.MI:to naeeaxa. Fu-na. Bvlogna, tit., see BS. M aad 31| toBnH 
(CknIlnHiOTto'*), (N p. Ml; O 0**i(*. •«« t>. Ki. ■ 

Sckils TaAKvikTi (nttiiar frnn Al»»uiiti1t nation) no U lb« "S.yC. V 
•M 8m SalTUkrc Maafrmtu M Ou>ia^ ItiMftrraU f. Kti; ta ILo W. 
M XMtrMMHo Cp.S>}: to tW X.E. Id Sate (p. Ul) : <o tlir ^ t^. >il SpiDL-Ua 
(p. ia» U JKDBd/Wfw. ■n? lut lim tiuu* piu> fSf^ Sl,> ilamya. Ml tlia 

' «Ut •( Ike Baraida. vkerc. on lllli Jane. I«av, Ntrolcun defeated 
Ik* KmtHiiMMt U • BOBnalsoa baltln. 

Fbom AUM.UDHIA TO Siiiusi, C3 M., tailwR)- in l-iVi hn. [fare* 

It fc. », B fr, U. 1 fr, M «.) — A* f*r M iS 

ttF Inc la Ikr uaew to Bn [Me p. 3*). — 1 
«■ Or nttrmf fnm ^ti to Ortda lad 0«B4k \»t« V 

t*F Inc la Ikr uae w to Bn [mo p. 3*). — m M. AOQtU. alio ■ atttEwn 

lai r """ 

to aenoa. NOVI. II- ■»■ '8- 68 

•icends the vMej ol tlie Bormidx, puslag through anmeroni tanaela. 
6S M. San Binteppe ii Cairo, tee p. 60. — 66 H. Bawma, lee p. Its. 

Tie line quits the Taniro yalley tnd oroBRes the Bormtda. 
To the left, in the plain extending tow&rds the Scrlvia, is the bsttle- 
iBeld of Harengo (see p, 62). 

69'/, M. TSo-ri Llgure (760 ft. ; Alb. Beale), a town with 
17,900 inhab., commanded to the right by hilla with a belvedere- 
tower, was the eceae of a victory gained by the Anstriana and 
Knssians under Suvoroff over the French on 15th Aug., 1799. 

Bi>neb-line from }fovi to Pavla tBil Milan vU Tartoni aad YDghen, 
see B. S7, Steam-tramway to Ovada, aee P. SI. 

A baiilf kept Hiqhboid Icada to the S. from Kort, vU (B H.) Oavi 
(7B0ft.; inn), la the Vai del Lemme, to (li'/i M.) Voltanlo (llSOft.; 
*Qratid-H(^tel, with hydropstblc, opan Ut Jnae-lBtb Oct., P. from 
8 fr. ; Alb. Vollaggio; diligeace to Busalti, see below], & small place with 
baths and a aalpbur- spring (ti'lt Fabr.). Tbe road goes on over the 
(IB'/j M.) Pasio la Barchetta (2S30 ft.) to (iSVj M.) CampomoroTte {380 ft.) 
and [i5 M.j Fontedecivio (see below). For motor-oara tho route oyer the 
Ooila del Giovi is preferable. 

74 M. SerrOKoMe Scrivia (730 ft.; Alb. delta Stazione) lies 
3^/4 M. to the N.E. of 6avi (see above), on the highroad from Tortona 
(p. 244) over the CoHe dei Giovi (see below) to Genoa. — The train 
enters a mountainous region. — 77 H.. Arquata Scrivia (820 ft.), 
with a ruined castle. Between this and Genoa there are twenty-fonr 
tunnels. The train threads its way by means of embankments 
through the pictureaqne Bocchetta, the narrow rocky valley of 
the Scrivia, which is crossed several times. — 63 M. laola del 
Cantone; on a hill to the right a ruined castle. 

85'/, M. Konoo Sorlvia (1085 ft. ; Alb. Leon d'Oro), a small 
town with 3600 inhabitants. 

At Roaco the old line vi& Buaalla, whicb some trains follow, dlvcrgsB 
to tbe left from the main line. From Busalla to Genoa the line waa 
electrified in ifllO. Beyond Bnaalla (dlligenco to Voltaggio, aeo above) 
it paaaea three maoafacturing placca on the left bank of tbe Poleivera 
(tee below): Pontedecimo (iSO ft,; Alb. delta Posta; tramway to Qcnoa, 
Bee p. 97), BolzaneU) (185 ft.), and Bivardlo lAgure (85 ft.). — 15'/i M. 
San Pier d'Arena (see below). 

The main line penetrates the Chile dei Giovi (1550 ft.) by 
the Ronco Tunnel, upwards of 5 M. in length, and then descends 
along the right bank of the narrow Polcevera Valley, partly by 
means of yiadncts. — 91'/, M. Mignan^o (510 ft.), the station 
for the Stabilimento Idroterapico al Colle dei Giovi (1150 ft.; P. 
from 7 fr.). — 95'/, M. San Quirico in Vol Polcevera (300 ft.). 
~~ The valley expands; its well-cultivated slopes are dotted with 
the snmmer- villas of the Genoese. — We cross the river. 

101 M. Ban Pi6r d'Arena (p. 116; Rail. Reataxtrani.., L. 
3'/,, D. 37,-47, fr., iucl. wine). On the t\s\i\. wt 'C(ife\S^*<^'a^^ 
and the rockj headland, mentioned on p,l'\.^,>i«\«'»' ■wVi'iti'Ca.'fc '«i»»- 
passes by taanela. 

103 M. Genoa, see p. 95. 
fl«M«i,', Wonljorn Italy. UthEdit. D,,l,z.d«vGo^<?lc 



14. From Tarin to the Grai&n Alps. 

IW Oiui*> Au4 (>Lr jUbm Ordb of asli4iil)r; , 

■«■■(!»■ ■'•■«« ralainiciDB In ibn Itmatrrll* (p. Uj i: 

amor if. U) in the N.. uJ tlv Oron AtrttM*o ^. Wi in ibe E 1[L 
M««ni tt« <i4lt*]P* of tba itam Mo/tdi (f.«) ud U* lt*rf (p. ti o^ 
the K., ud tb*w >( tbc bom MiparU (p. t] n ithr Air (f.Tj •u It* 8. 
Tbe flii«r Tillaya in the S. pot of lfe> ;TMipnr« tb« ihTM&uTon oBMr 
■nUex*"' UK^tliintrfitansutnr b*l*T*llilp.ia;>DilIfar rW/e<<irdTCW. 

ib4 r^ntml purllbn of vhkh u kao«ra u tbe ValU di Imvih. <taaBL 

ibf Slip, p. ;a. "^ 

a. Khom Trmiii t« Ljsio, 20 V., rnitvir in '/fl'', fcr. (br« 
3 tr.35, 9 fr£5, 1 rr.50(.i. slirliii; from'lhc Vu Pdiil« STomk 
|P). E, 1 1, where exrritgea or Mits in thn o»biba» (or the Stua 
«»lli*_vii sbonld be Mi^gfd !■ idvaitw, — 4' , M. IV^orif A«afe; 
aitb Iht! inins of a royal hnniin^-^hSteaa, nt th« influx of Ibr 
Cieronda iuU lh< iVwi-a (K Lain^, xu alRuciil «f ilia Po^ The 
trUD crwsrs b^th ami swuHb (lie lallrv of ihr Stars. — 13 M. 
Cirlt (IliUXl.; Liuii d'Orft, iriil n IStli cent. Oothic <-hur«b. 

20 M.Ijbiwo Torinese il77« ft; HiuL Reriaurant ; Poala 
Torirw: Kiirvpa) i-> a siniijl jiiacv I6(*tf inliab.1. prettily sllaat 
ona hill.'witharniiit'll i-u:<ll(.', and ^iirruaodt'il «ithTilla>. X[iv Ponii 
rieC Rnr, Kliii-h urusai;s llic f>lutit, ' , M. Iii the 6. of Luim, with 
an ireh 120 fl. in widlfi. was built in 1378. 

To lli« N'- vf Iikuiv up-cDs the jiiEttv Ttlluy of tbe r«»«it. the rhicf 
pUi'pinwhichiiiW.M.tfWriJi.uir^. T.iWiifsf ;J3»r>(t.: Alb, J'lulii.i, On 
the il'JitU litttlin, IV|lir. It! ilif W, (i( Ij^My, is llie SaMuario at Snnf 

tfMosto <aom ^,). 

Imom i.i the bptt stsrlin^-poiul for rirnrrfons in the Valleys 
of the Bturo, wludi divrrgc from each oihrx at tbe Pimte di 

Gtrmn!fniini>, 2' , M. aboi-r Lniico, 

1. Thr VixiB riL Yiv is llir nixilhrrniiiosl of these (motor- iHli- 
geocr in snmniiT tn Ussirglin in 3 hrs.. (iirc 5 tr. at otber Itnifi 
omn. in 5'/, fir*.; <iin'-b»rsi- (^irr. 14. iwii-horse 25 U.). Thfl obicf 
i-illages arc: 10 M. Fi'i r257a ft.; Alli, ili Viii; Corona Realc), on 
a Jf.E. spur of tbo Monfe Ctvrari iT.iJll tt; o brsM 13 M, Lt^mir 
(31&0f1.;SlpUH: ISnii Mii-bvlcj; anili]8>,,M.iDs8eglio (41()U||.; 
Alb. ''ibrario; Kopcianirlont'i, lit thr S-. bssmf tin? Ton-pd'Ovarila 
(jO.UQO (i,j; jfnides, Franc. Ffrro-Fwniii and tjclro Kc-KiorMitin. 

About t>!, hm. to iliK S.W. of UmiiigliiJ. in ihi- Taltone di UlaiclaHutia. 
tn tbo ohaleta at UalciaaaiiSa [MAOlX. ; yofr ui^cjoiiuvJnliuiO. I bt. bcToiiJ 
wbitb 11m tbo Lopo .Viwfi (ertiO fl.J, euuimnniiing- n fino vii>« ef the Viad 
of tiM ratlur (Rui-rjamolvuir, PnuU dul Futt. Puala <lvLl' Antarct] anil nt 
tt* Tofre d Oviird*. — 'i'hL> Rifiigto di lira I'mFa! (SlilS ft.i, bclwfvii 
the Jfonlr /jfra ill.ClO (l.j iiml \\<t Croco JtuMi' (11.7011 ft-J, lici J',', hr». 
In the K-W. u! rHCgliii. vlA lhr> T^tffliiir if'.lrnnii md tlii> ri>ljf»(r r(> 
/Vrn ( lara/. Tliu Croro Kormi U uroailwl tliniir in S hr». vii the C.W(r 
((r^/<i ['(ji/M(a(lil,MS n,i; guiiln IS tr. — An uIlotliTf pM» ^fjuiiio IB fi.) 
I»a>l4 •!* thii Vtllonii cl'.'Vrrm, l!ir iIiL hm.) ji/pi fipiuorirfli) [fBtlll fr.i, 
wJ (** /» }.r:) PftAf Mi>i,jiuirr (iiniS ((,) i-> *l.i. (S hm.) Cfooo rfrflli 
Hrjwi <;ri* ((o mm J ffnhin [p. (15), 


.ct„, Google 


/r. A ift. 

Ein< Jei Bo-e, Uid tbeac« by ■ reyil huntlDg-pith ta tiM /t lus.) *CdU4 
' dW/a i\ir(ii <1>88CI fl.l. betneun Ibc (."ima CVinnnoit tnd the cima iN 

SrwH "I Bf'aiUi {ii,SS3 fl.l, wlifocE we htvc * vie>» uf itiu Uriitn 
Alps » Fur M i\w Turn il'OvtMi (ji.tilj )uil <it Ibti Tkri'nlaiiv hritcbU 
(Grmil* MuCU. Vauiiinj), uii Ibe W. Wo may JctconJ •in lit W. \i tba 
{■/, III.) Logo Lillet iWiKi fi.j, nt tUo M. btui of tliu Mar* frrfiit (ii.inn ft,), 
MiJ (i^liini liu'itni^ tv Itii-S. tu ii his.) Uua, vU Ibc ^riioc/ef iU(^'«oi8li3(I,>, 
the JJpf MltlUt (VrtiKI ft.), BHil /'lnunn itwao (1.]. 

Piiiiin- rtvor thu I'nllit della J'Ictata lo /'oma, ncc p. flJ: oyor tlio 
0^7 tltt Stvpht to ['dcJ Sjil^iirrtHt^ht fwitb a*i:rul cjf tb« Qma PatnJiaa} lud 
f(VI«r>*uiV lAnaliii. iice |). 75; ott'T lliu Col ihi Carm 1u AnnneiiiJ, aud 
»vct tho L'c! tfe la Qaiitc tu t'ot d'Uin In Soviy, »ce Ba*i^i*«r'«i'i>(i(fccm 


15. Prom Turin to Aosta and ConrmayGiir. 

RtLLWA* lo \M\ M.) AuK<o ill ill,-.'. Iif*. (fjiiL'i Iftfr,, Id fi'. SO. il fp, 
til t,; «xpiU(tb ia t^-A'/, Iitx,, trsiiL in «i^uinicr uTily ^ faris* Id fr. All. 11 fi, ft(, 
7 ff. 50 c). Tlic part of ttio Uns betwocn Jvpcit kE'I Ao«Ia (11'/, M,. In 
IV^'/g hi*, i hra* 7 fr. 8U, ft ft, 1&, S fr. DO c,i Ix iliilintpiivbvij tulli by 
the bi>(iiity of tbe sfeacry and Ilii- bu|jlnt<iis i>f iU copscFring. — From 
Autla tu rcii riiim^Hr', KS H,, YiiTOn Ommuus Cwlci: dnil)' fruui July Itl 
to Sept. inth JD S bra,, faro IU fr. (in th« o-Ihcr dfrfclinn 8 ff.j; lagj;*^ 
1 fr. HO c. par 12 Ibk. Oillgviivc or orriiurn (imc-liorMC l^i, tWQ-liune Ifi (r.) 
in 6 hrt.; n very fine 'line, bnt hut \M -lunty in lh« )iv%ljt iif mmmcr. 

Tbp valleys uf Aobii auiI Siisb (p. 411) weie ilt«iiinlul y iicfiininil by 
Ibfl P[«jili« a"itl tho Lnnynli^rrU nntl fmlongi-d to ilii- FrftiicoiiipL-r) Empirft, 
ic pcrme^iicnce nf wliicfj a Saulh Ft«ncli ilulirl ilaaifuf iHildOlniii/'.) tllli 

Siri?i]illDiiiAte>« ill tllLiHi? ttnUnQ ^lUtrinitA, TliD vJlih^L- "I Dttfii HtV>iri^ fblT 
ori) in till! piiint uf Transition fiflm Ilnllau lo Fiiiiioli, Tim vUli'.VB olono 
to the E^, anil 8. lidct at Moula Ituna H'crv suttlvil by Uctuiiu pi'laanta 
from thu Vnlaia In the I3ih cent,, nni! in ttio puu iiciitt;al ttia tnoiititiilii 
B Octiuau iliilci;! ia itill ii|"iki'a. 

From Tarin to (18 M.) V!iiva»m, see pp. 81, S2. — Thu Uiit! 
to Aofttn liurv div(!i'uu!( lu the N. fi'uiu thul lu Uilun. Uotwemi tbe 
depressions nl' the ^ow«r luonnraliia p«ep ihu Oriin PHradUo, urid 
to ihp E., fafllier on, Moiito Ro.ia. - Beyond ('ifi'^j M.j Calugo 
CanavrsK iBflfl ft.) the train trgvflrsas tu tiinuelbelow tlic Xforaine 
CircM of h*7-ea, thi> cbain (>f hills (IS M. by 18 M.) on iIib 8. 
iii»r(fln i>i ihu lorttipr Ttorn ^lUcipr, wliiph [irujiwita io ibo form of 
u Jpitii into the filaiii of ih'i Vi>. Hfliirul tliH liili« U u 8*nmpy rDgion 
with atimll ponda, the rfinainc nf n Urge Uh« nliich cxiitipd atill 
in the Ramna lime. To the Ji, rinL' iJit A>r''o d'h'rea (p. <i8). — 
Beyond (33 Sf.) ^tramftlno (SSO ft.) Hfc erois the Chiuadla. In 
tilt! forcyruuitii, at the (iitrantip lo ihe Dora vallpv, wc see tlie 
Mf>ngttyi}i-iv (64)0 ft.,i on tho ■■.■ft nud the Cclma di Afcwt&aroNo 
(p. 88) i)u the rl(,'lil. 

38'/, M, Ivr^a iRailita^ Rtataurmil}. — Hotslh (romp. p. tilj, 
•Sciwiti <I< Fran^cia. R, fniui I'kU.: Vrirmiad' Italia; Alb. di Londra. 
— Ciri*. t'off* J*Jto SMiit/>, I'a.jj'li Jrl l-ntrnnerHo , Pinna Vtllurij 
Biuanuclc; V'ifi -HUUiranlit Uojitiinti tl'AzrgtIii. 

Iwrea (876 ft.), tho Paijiial of the Ca-iawesi; a.'cvi vt<.<-- w'i.V «^ * 
bishop, \3 a town wilfi 6000 inhiib., p\olaY«!H\«eV^ wv-iftVA oi*'^'** 

//. R. la. IVREA. *'r<™t Turin 

Dora Uultea iFr. Doire], the Duria ^f^juT of Iho Roniuis. The 

Uili iSiHO ft.), al thf E. hini- nf nhith it lios, is fronncd tiy thn 
Cattelln ilclle Qua/lr'.i Tirrri, Ijuilt, by Aininii'ii!* VI. [p. 32,1 in 
1358, nrid niiw a (irisoii. Only llircc of ilic Infly brick towers ru- 
nmin, the fiiiirl.h hiwiDg Iil'i^h ilfsLroycil liy lighlrinR ld 167fi. 

Iviva, Ihi' aiii]i<:al £|'iir['c!/u, vus i-oluiiiacl by Iha Bdciiiiis, S,0> 100, 
In order to ™maniijd tlin Alpiue rouii'a ovur tliu Urcut srd l.nilu St. Barn- 
ard. Of 111* iiiBrgmvci of Ivfwi the lies l-kn own mo Bc-ii:nffar 11. {J. 8W1) 
iilid Afdiiia [lOIB), who ohtniiiPrl the IluHin crown it FavU Ip, SIO). 

NfftT ihp atdtinn th(' rn'ir U oros^i'd by two bridgpst, one tit 
whiph is u }fi>m'in liridift cit nnc arcli, rcstoi'i'd in ITIS and 
widMoil in isan. Hr'niiio t!ic Giardino f'uliblu'u, un tlic k'tl bank, 
risca Ibc squure brick Ruuiaiiesiiuo caunjaiiik' dOili i>( \\k forim-r 
lihurt'h uf f>aii/'> .SV/icc.'. — Al Vi!i bertimilti 4, «l<'ee by, S» the 
OlACi Tat/liandf wUii a BimilHr luwt-r (IStli cunl.), 

TJm Vutheiirid. o-[ iincii'ot ui'iitiu, ban bt'L'ii fcc'(iui:iilly reljuill, 
with thu u;(cuptiuu uF llio tuw'i:i'a and (hu liuuuu r^uluiiuiB aupiiurtirj^ 
the crypt. In tbc umbuUtory la n ISlli cctnt, rrcaco; llii^ saoHFily 
i^oiitaiiis nil allnr-pk'ro lAdoraticiii of the I'hiltlj by DcfcniientL- 
F«rrarl. Beauty ri'iuuiiis of the di>ialcre (lll-J Ith mit.) may still 
be seen in the gnrdrn of Ihr ronvciit of tlii'. Swore rillSan Giuseppe. — 
ITiiiier the nrchwuy btiwecn ilic c/Jiihcilriil ari'l lb"' cpiscopaJ pAluci; 
Hlands thr 8an'o]|}iH;[rus i'\ the Koirian iluinnvir C, Alrriii^ Vuleriua. 

Till- Palaszu jilimicijiah foiiljitaa llit littk' Miisi^n (iardn. 
with elhiiOErHplikiil collerlidim fnuii E, isia. — lii IIil- Piawa 
Miirsalii IS lliu iuiurcBiiUf^ Ctmn di (Jri-ilviisa ae dei Creiiendari, 
H liriek hii)Idi]]j{ uf tin? laih ri'iil,, uum llii! nieeliiig-|>!«i'e of Itc 
nobles wlio ninde (lie lows. — Tu tbeN.E. uf town lifa tha|ii[- 
grioiage-chMrcb of Madonna del Monte. 

Walks. To iIic N. ttroiiifli uiiilisnlii li> l% lir.) Il»' Li'nti Sirio (it 
iMS" il' J*"" Oi'Ufvi'^ [8(1(1 ft.); tln'opf to iLo M.E,, puF-i llic ■Looting- 
raniti! |hi'r>i»Hli<jJ ann tlio ('.', br.l Lcwo di Vlnqi^igiiii (TRI) ft-), I.'i CRin- 
ttrtino {1(180 /t.j. « niiiall l««n pftttily iitiiaition ihc nlKc o( thvSerr*! 
uc fram llio Laeu l^ldo lo thi^i K, pn^l llii^ Zir(;Q IHif./uiii |0S5 ft.) ui'l 
IwiflH Nerv [ICHHiftJ to |i',', lir.) auryofmnco (bl'u litliiw], 

STHAuTn\Mw*T from Ivri-n in l^/.-S hvn. tn 1181/^ M.) HaalhiiUn. *ti 
fiiri^i I fi. «('. I fr, 00 c), Till! line nins noar tlit H.W. piIkc uf Uie Scttw 
rt'JvreUj 11 hiUy ridgo «a. 10 M. ill Ipu^tli, IIli^ lifU^iibl inoi'[j.Liii] in J^urnp?. 
M fme ilaie lliLi E. futoidl iiiiiriiiini nf tliii elucitr of llii' Duni vslley, Tim 
(>bi#f aliitinn* inv: 3 M. Bnittngo (lOUS ft.). c<ii Uio liigliiuAiI vtl Iho 
*VUIlcci dr/la Snri'a (1930 fi. ; I'iswn) mill Znbitiin iioifi f |.,) tu Hl'i'iaraudn 
(b, WIJi ^ M, Pii^eroKf ipti ft.), tlio ■tatjiin fur tljo ii^iinl iill»Bi> o( 
Magnaiio (l"ao n.), lying \% M. to tlit N., im t]io riitgo of ilii" Snrtu, 
with » 'tkiiltii' (si'c p. SS)j 1(1 M, nirrdiw (»7(l (1, ; Inn), mi thi- E. b*nllt 
ol Itio Lttjfo f(f niiHTO-ite'(7M n,), llm lurgcut xtinat of watw cnroitntng ' 
ttam ihu hitc« uuntinnvd mi p. SI. 

The trail! ptauti'ftlc's lUf iiill uf Iirea Ij.y meiiiis of a tunnel, 
{i&ti yclA. luiig. »iid necL'ii<l9 tbi; fcilllft valloy uf tbn I>i>i'ii, 41 M. 
\foiitaUo Dora, with i jiicturi'wiiui; ruined ensile {12-15th ceut.^, 

4.,1 M. Bnriiijf'ranc" d'lvirii (ft,ll> fl.; Mb. dei Bagrl) is n 
jaaini jihcf at ihc E. fi;Rr nf ihi: JWindebiuimn i"\\M (l.,l, with « 

to Aotta. GRESSONEY. il- S. la. 69 

Stabilimento Bain e ate rap ico (with arsenical springa), 130 caves in 
the rock (babnetle), and a brewery. 

A steep path (mule 3, desccDt by sledgo 2-8 fr.) leads to the N.E. 
from BorgofraDeo to the village of Andrate (2745 [\.;Alb. del Mom- 
bartme, plain), magniflceDtly eitnated hi|;h above tbe Dora valley, on 
tbe S. slope of Monte Torretta (1150 ft.) and tbe Coima di Mtmtbaroiie. 
(p. 88). From Aadrate a pleasant bili-wilk may be taken over tbe Croee 
di Serra Pat/ (2800 ft.) to Donalo (2335 ft.), whence a road leads via 
Heiro (1780 ft.) to Graglia Paeie (p. 86), 

To the left as we proceed lies Quassolo, with two mined castlea, 
to the right M(mte»trutto, with a modern Chilean. — The train 
crosses the Dora to {45'/j M.) Tavagna»co-S&timo, the station 
for Tavagnasco and for the larger village of Settimo Vittone, or 
tbe left bank, on the site of a Homan military camp, with a hospice 
(DOW an inn) founded in 894 by Marquis Ansgar of Ivrea; on the 
biitside is a rained castle, partly inhabited by peasants, and besiHe 
the church is a very old chapel (8th cent.?), 

Beyond (47 M.) QuiTicinetto (950 ft.) the Dora, which has here 
formed a large island, is twice crossed. To the right rise the mined 
caatles of Cksnola and CaatruzzotK; on tbe hillside, amidst vine- 
yards, lies the village of Carema (1145 ft.), 

49 M. Pont-St-Mortin. The vi!lage(l 130 ft. ; Cavalio Bianco ; 
Hot. Delapierre), with a mined castle, foundries, electricity-works, 
and an old Roman bridge over the Lys, is picturesquely situated 
at the month of the Voile di Gressoney, 1 M. from the station. 

A road (motor-diligence in sammer twice daily in i hrs,, fare H fr. ; 
electric tramway projected) rflns hence through the deep Talle di Ores' 
aoney (comp. the Map, p. S6), watered by the Lyit and lined with chestnut- 
woods, iij, M. lAllianeg (2150 ft.); S M. FontaineritaTe (£495 ft.; over 
the Colie dclla Barma d'Oropa to the Santnarlo d'Oropa, see p, 87). — 
8Va M. Issim« (3080 ft, ; *H6t.-Pent. Mont-mry, P. 7-9 fr. ; B6t. lagime, 
P.lnol. wine 8-8 fr.), vb^rtm Vae "Pimta Frudiera {Mont-Niru ; 10,090 ft.) 

may be ascended vi^ tbe C'olle di C1ta»ten in &■^ hrs. (guide 12 fr.). 
II M, Qahy {3S95 ft. ; 'Hot. Regina, P. incl. wine 6-8 fr, ; H5t. Moderne 
over the Colle dclla Vecchia to Picdicavallo, see p. 87, — nVi M! 

OreBsoiiB7-Bt-JeaTt (4545 ft.; *H6t.-Peiia. Li/ikamm, P. 10-14 fr.; 
H6t.-l'en>. Delapiorre, P. 9-10 fr. ; Hdt. du Mont-Bote, P, incl. wine 
9-10 fr.), the capital of the valley, in a fiae situation, is a favourite 
sHmmer-reBort, with 950 inhab. To the W. below the village lies the 
C'aafello Savoia, a aummor-reaidence of Qneen Margherita (comp, p. 49). 
farther on Is the *B6tei MiraBaile (5270 ft., B. from 3, P. 10-13 fr.), 
commanding a fine view of the S, side of the Monte Bosa chain, with 
ita glaciers. — U IS. GreMoney-lB^Trinit^ (S340 ft, ; Hdt.-Pens. dii 
Lac Oabiet, P. 10-15 fr. ; H6t. Thedy, V. 9-12 fr. ; Cdsfor B6M, P. 7-10 fr.}, 
where the road ends. Bridle-path over the Qahiet-Alp (7735 ft.) and tbe 
Colie d'Olen (9420 ft.; 'Alb, Col d'Olen, R. 3-4, L. 3';i-4, D. 4V» f '- '"fl- 
wine), with a magnificent view (more extensive from the Como del Ca- 
moteio or Gem»»Uin, 9930 ft., '/, lir. to tbe N.W.), to (7-8 hra.) Alagua 
(p. 92). — Comp. Baedeker'l Switzerland. 

We follow the broad valley, flanked by fine mountains, to 
(50'/sM.)theprettily-sitnatedJ?orejia!;(1056U.-, KWi-^^v^toq^ '^^«. 
train ascends a rocky defile and paaaca ft\tQ'a^ a. ^.■^^^^l■*■ "*'^*^^ 
Fort Bard (1383 ft.), which was bu\U to V^\e\\\.V^lfeT^.^..,V<■^***^• 




70 "■ B- "' VERRfiS. 'Vom Tuiiiv^^ 

on tli« site oC Roman fort ificnt ions, md wu Ukon fn 1S4S by 
AniivJeuB IV. iif Suvny after a long siege, wblle In Miiy, 1800, 
before ttc bttltlu ut Miirungo (p. 63), it was g-uM&ntly ilt'fendi-il by 
400 AostriiLDS, who kepi the Prctirb nrniy in check fur u wei;ki 
it was rebuUl in 1SS5. The train l-ben cnisscs the Dora to {M U.) 
Hoite-Barfi, beautifully sitnitird. On the letl npcna tho Vol di 
Cainporcifro, or Chaw.jiori;/ier, with Us fine rotkj peaks (p. J9); 
to lUi'K.W. towers the Becca iti Lmerjef/ \li ,i{H\ n.j. — TIil' train 
Inlernccis h aoai: of debris an the Idt bank urthc Dora, — 54V»M. 
Aniaz (1350 ft.i, willi u lofty i-ained castUi (2080 n,j. 

5BViM.V8rr*»B(1210fl.)- Die village 1 1280ft.; 'Hifi/.d'ftolie, 
B. 2, B. I'ft, P. 7-9 ff.; Alb. tUgli Aviici), witli lltiO inbab. and 
\n old castle (Jiocea) of tUe foimer Connls of ChslUnt built in 
1390, rBfurliflfid in isae, lies pkitnrtfsqnply on a roolfj bill at tbe 
eatruDCP nf tb-r Vait^ di Chatlaiit, "/, M, rrom Ibe utalioD, Oppo- 
elto, on Ibo rigbt bunk of tbe Dora, Ilea Imnfftie, also with x 
"Chltenii of the Cnuots of Cballnnt in Ih« late-lrotbic etyln (14811; 
interior tnsti'fnlty reslorndj. Tn the N.E., batween the Clullant and 
(Jressonny vullnys. Iowlts tliti ro«kv pframid D[ttaeSMN.'a di Vloii 
(994R rt.). 

A Ri>»ii iilili|{i|n''" 111 Krustnu Iwicp, lo Cliiinipr>l«c uiiipo iliily) run« 
boaot Ihruu^li i|]c valle di Challant, whi«1i is vntcieJ l>r tho Evancon, 
lomi/i M.)"flfiiMU*iC3IUf1. i Hflt.Ei]i!ii,P. iniil, winu 7-lu"fr,, Rooil: Alb, 
JolV Aqullii, r. (nol. winp 8-7 fr, J, tlie fapitil u( tbo v»llov, fiequcalud 
■■ 1 «lliomvr-T»>ort, anil \a ^IT M.J l.'hani}ml«c {&lJOfl,; hfuilurn Efoti-I: 
not, Qroitbotci- CoDif. Baeilcker'ii Swilsc'laiva. 

Abo»t Verrts the salb^y i.'»:p«,nd», bnt aoon cf)ntnict>i again. 
Kit«n»iv« uifiHyards are passed. We cross the Evan^nn and Ibr 
Dors. On tlif (lope to the UK \» tin' rillaje of Champ-ife-Pre:, 
lying at the cntranee nf the I'al Chalaiiu: (rich in uietnls). Fartkrr 
«ii lofty walls of rock liw to the left. — Near (60 M.) Montjuvtt 
nppoar on the right, high above ua, the exlun^iTe mins of Ibn 
chSlean at Afoitljovel or St. Germain. The IrjLiii erosses iboBoraby 
means of a vhrluct and unterH the pictur^'aqno 'De/iU af Moatjovft, 
tho jjrnndosl pari of the line, with a xncoeBsioa nf tunnels and bnt- 
IrMeos of naflsonrj', and thp brawling I>or» far below. 

A!t'/| M. St. Vincent. — Botbi.ii ^nnmp. p. iii; open in qiimmAv 
cnly). *O-r.-!l0t. BULia. on thn CliHtillon raad, soo hfltls ai 8'VIS, B. 1'^, 
L. 4V,, D. Bv,, P. iiM»,i 'luiii. IVu ft., *Gr.-mi. dc la Source, at tUc B. 
«DiI ut Itiu villieu. lOD H,. P. inrl. wini- lO-U fr., tiutli of tlio flrat i^lBM, 
Ttltb livdropilliin; Qr-IIOC. (.'iririmiit. H. S-i, B. IV* I- 3, i"' «. !*■ U* 
II fr. ; Hiit. dv l.tan <l~Or, R. (mm Z. B, 1% L. VI,. D. i, P. ind. wine 
homVI,h.; fMt. ifei ftnmd. R. (-S, B, I'fi, I'-H, D- 4. P- fnrl. wino 8-10 fr. 
Near thc! mirur*! iptinu' Il6f. RtlleeiiB, P. infl. wiao froin S fr.; Hflt. 
flmtcifrnfif, — OulJc, forto LauTtitt. 

>*lt. Vincent. HHUri ft.>ll«Fion the hillside amidst beautiful cbeit- 
Wt-wotids, y, tr, tn tint N. of the station iU15 ft.), from which It 
» itor vitibh: '', M. higher op (eaWo rRWi*!.^) iVm v* ii wu-attoi 
Pf^ CFoBs tiahUH', «tl90 tL). 

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St, VtiK'L'iil 01' ChMilluii, via Ihrr cbik-ti i>f FTitaciiit (IU1SA (t.i iniilo-iiilb 
■ bill fin) III 5-A b'Hr, <^i»m]iiHf;4H 4 uiji^iiinui-itT ^ivtv uf thit A!]itEiii rbtin 
rruin Miintit Ross lu ftoar Ulina ntnl uf tlic flmti Piiradiiu KruiJ|), 

Tlii- Irjin rum tua-nrdi; tlic W. Loftily p*rchnd nn (hp liift is 
tho Cft«tl.- of f'swi (ni. IliSOf, niiae belonging to th( (.'nanU irf 
CliMllHiit ivieibln for n nhorl titan jnat after the tnnnd). 

64' ', M. Ch&tlUon. HiiTBiji. * HI. Vhifeitt, OB tlie 

at. Vini."-nl nail, wltli liiilropUblo. K. fioin X>/,, bouil n'l,ir,; *HM.iir. 
jAtnttrxK, H. i'V*V,, H. i'/a, '- ^'/i. »- 1, l"- iui'l- wio" I-IO. omn, '(^ ft.. 

. til Sora, K. i'U-:i. V. luul. »lM> ^^a te.. boili In tlm town, liV Ui« 

9r briiljjsc. — Caffr-iiUluriiiitt Atfilii": HnfUtarivtl Carntl. - Ouidv, 

Vh<iliri"n\i»WiU, n •mitll town with SlOOinlvrib, and n hanrl- 
?mnic cliSti-au i>( th<^ foruit'r Conntu of Chollftnt, in finely «toRtcil 

I H. )•> the N. nburi.- tlio atAtion (lirCtft.), at thi' cnlritncL- ta lb<i 
Kaf T-iiirnanche. Its houses are plctn^rosquely Mivttorod ovei* thr 

<l<iop "wnoili'd gcii'yi- of till- Ufaliiitiirf or Mai'morr; n l^rrpni diMicend- 
in)i; rroni ilio MAUerihorii, and liQrr apAniiti'l by two lofty briJjteN, 
hcsideH du' Itoiii&n bri<%c Llown u|> liy tlii'^ Fri'tiuh in 1601. 

A DiLioEKi:^ [dirlLT cluily in t l\n.. fnro thiTC anil liiM'k a>U frj niii-i 
vii fl>/, M.J fyi'fuuJf'^foi'Jijiii lilHin ft.), whora tbc im|)oiiiDg MuDisrtiiil'D 
^udilH-'nly iipiJOurs, (fi'/a M. i f'i'-nin; iflfls fl.; Hul. 8«lluviniJ, mid (U'/jltj 
rr««i<. (119(1 ft.) to (11 U.) VaUoumaBob-O ct J^hiki- tSIKlO f(. ; ■>;4(, 
llfr/al-. P, ini;!, wini: 7-IS ft.; Hfif. MtuMt, P, incl. wini; 6-7 fr.). llic 
prinoipiil plico in tbi' vnll'^y, Briitlc-patli Lonci-* tbrough tbo ^'or^ti «aIIoi/ 
t\\v *GvB're ite» Butnei-nilleii tlliii, iks Alpes) tnil tlitniiKli inolriisr «il<l 
4111I romnntic rsivin-B lo llii? (1 hr.) Chal-ef^ ^'AVinill {fM9^ it,y, m nn j>|>ch 
txliny xiirruiiiiildd by liugi.' luounlikiiia (Cliiti^iiu itex Ittiaen, Di'iil il'HrreiiE, 
MAlltrliffrn, eti;.), Aituiit Va li''. fo ttit N.E, art tbc (ilinUls uf Le Breitil 
iir JJwiJ C«TlSft.; Rot. ilua Jomnmix, P. B-ltl It.; Hat, aieiiil, P. ionl. 
wine 7-lU fr.). 10 mill, nbvvv vi'bitb. uu l!ic bill of (Jluirv.iii, ia tbu *B6tt) 
•111 Unnt-Ci^rvin (P. inH. wliiu lU-ia fr.). Over Itln TMmLalc Pag» U 
ikrmaii, euu £acdi:K-n'» Sirifscrlauif. 

TIic liiii- criiHB'i^H the Mtitiiuiii-L'. trnvi-racs a deep cuttin^r tbrangh 

II rti:p(isi[. of diJbris, and reaches (til'/^ M.) Chambaw (1560 ft.), 
nuled for il» wins. To tlie W. opens Ihe bcanlifal valley of Ao»U, 
rirJi Jii froH and snrrotindH by lofty moonlBlna, with thti thm> 
[iLuked Rutor (p. 81) In thj; baokgruund. 

TliL- !ine traworai!B ji mRssnf debris nt Die^iim tyindiMit 107 ydg. 
long; tuiinclj. To IIil' left lies Ibo pictiircsqne phiteiiij of '1-y^ 
(4365 ft.; built by Ibe Couiits of Challant, with old mnral pAint- 
ings), above the mantb of th& Vol de Clavalite, through »hiof« 
peupft the §nowy peak ofthp Ti?jm>(r(p. 78j. — 72M. Jtfu*{175.1ft,; 
Alh, Croue d''Oru), with s ruined Ciistle, at tbc month of the VtiUie 
df St. Barih^mi^. — On llin slupc above {73'/v M.) St. Marcel, 
wliJeU lies at the lawnth al tljM valky of the aatoe uaniii (p. 79), a 
thf pitpriuiaj^e-chnrch of i¥v« (S085 (t.V — 1^^. Qjua.'rt-'flxy*- 
fr/iache (175q ft.), with tlie castle at Quart l?.^*'^^"^^- "^^'* 
rrntK th^Bairnire atid the BufMcj- . 

W) M Aoita> Wvnui' (timt. r- uDl *BM. Roiut netoria 

II, »,, ■! (h. .Ulloh. R. |.«, n, l',„ L, J, I>. 5. P. ineL wine 9-1* fi.. 
M ht'iatllCane rl'l. Ii; A. IJ. ftiitiKiirK SI. QmIb 10, uii t)iv mait i<. 
irnityi^iii. It. B S"/^, It. I'/,, IJ, S, I". 7 1.". ft. , nmn. Mt e., th«E^ two opon 
iHHO'Atpf, oiilt) */Me. iM llul>irirr)»»r (n.n: H, El, Plare Chiulix-Albcrl, 

flll'|l»"1"'. ll. I", >'. t'l". <•>"<•' '/>''') *^'')'' Ccntuil.Pl. il; 13.11, Placr 
CliWl'M Alliiirt, vtiii ■ <li<[i<>iiiliii>i'n [rj,r>: H. IJ in Ilia Ainnur h'le-ljurant 
Mtdlflii, nnn ilitol, II. V-H, I'. '^V (r. ; JfM. Huhtt (I't. f; I), =1, Run il« 
raftlillni. II. I'J.H. I'. "U fr., irn«it; ;/*(, M,iiii [Vhyf. n,i), Cuuis Vielor- 
Blliin*iiit"l t*""i f"/"' fl'il'mrffnt yanviat, Pttcp Oli.»rlB>-Albctt. — 

n»r Hi Xij»ni|ir;iiiinir.'ii, lliKi Xivinr ilnKiiliitriT i ffl. K 1]. 

I'liiiT « Tni.iiin*''!! OrrH'ni I PI. 7; Ii, I|, Pliir" Rlilltlut-Albiiit. In III u 

trAIni iliiVlllii. Tiiniiiitii' Hii«tji»t Orrii'R. rlmiicJnr/'iMfi I'tJif'Wdiaa, 
'luno I '111 r Is* AUii-'l. H'lT'iii 1>ii,i-ii4it<*K,<iiiinlliiiK, aii<J uni'riuiii'* lu Coui- 
iitiTinifj 111* |i 'niii|i|i|j III Mil' linir'iii <li Vi'lliir-i', lii'niiIi'(li(>Rilt riiiitiinilO). 


iS l > f« iin n i» at Uw Kmiams «a« Mrtv ia tltc lllh rent oconpiiri 
t^ ItoltMMU wfStmx. U b MV tV<-»|>iUl a[ ■ d«p>n«*«l, hi* 
•IMinliAk, »w<t rWUuX ud i* ik« «at «( « b««k»]>. Tbt tan 

■•MMtta*. Ttf IW N riw XMt Yrlu ilS.ITOn.. ui tV tirmtti- 

/ K iW tSttta lFV«aHtn i>. C9 ^ tu. 

»» *■« <^«M MMM >»•« (Ms >• <AmL Th9 ««M ••»- 
' ft>i' >i.< IVmNliwTMMn, «W iM «i>U ■^ *<■•• ■• lAiw 


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aostjl xx.m.m. n 

nt &MM TWfl fTaO*, •rlfte>B7 aWM S>-U CL hM. Ian 
ka |W9MM < alaaM is tfe tr rult* men, «U« si (W SJB, ngk 
•f tic Mdtat tMiar ui mralre an Mltl ia aim. npnilti 
, li O* rigU. Is tW a»«aOei Tom* Ai JWfew (K !«: 
mtond ti \tfn-, tUi twcr u4 tftc Ttv tk Ufinsz 
. 7^ v« Ike Miy Kmhm Wvcn tUQ rJlaM. 

TW CMts TicMT-EwMMwl n Inrdi tkrwgk ■ \KmA )« tW 

' v«B Md pwt tW JaniM AUk (PL ft. fv ^ *Uch b i fcVMM 

•utM At TiatM E»»«wl n. i% fciatty wffluifi, v> iW Plmx 

. C^abiv-JUkr, IW Mrfctt-pUc«. TVe A'««/dkrilb<T14:B,n 

i piwUmi tke nlbetiM* •€ tkc Italin Alpiwc Cl«b. 

Fn* A« »»rfcH ylicr, akre tbt ■■!■ «tr«<ti •( tb« trw, 
UiB fr tM/ r W iW 0M Kmu trnveowal. fotentd Mcb albH, 
viM»twtkSMBaaWTtI*tatte£.M««^U. ibtor^hMlly 
ttr wxrttJ Pe«M l*K«>«cu, » iwhlc ffalt fprifwg —raha ; 
»MaBAMbiVi«itkacawtl0afLlM«M4S9fi.«Mi. OoM 
|« b tk vcaDeJ FSrOr /■urafiM. &t i^Mre tenr at tbt 
■cAralcvUraf ikeI«r4>W<tenr^T1-. — A bv pMiw U tk 
K-V^ntkbrdaTWAm-keMiB. i*iW Rmms nnifrriPl.S; 
KlVaf «-bickiwIjikF& valiaSft bi^ rvnsilu. 

Fiwn the Pwrti PnKoris lV« R«« 9i-An*clf»» l«a^ M (4 «(■.) 
Ik'HmmaAKTAia or Arer^ir^^PI.C. \\ wilk its t«nCM^«l&iM 
pBi«<m:tWibl»r«of fatrafptti lilS VrtkMcrovatliellBlkln-, 
vbiek cltMcH tl« ckuvrl ia tk« ■■44Ip aj^ts. «b4 natl tbv arcti 
•r a Rtrmm Bridge (VL C. \\ *»> half-kgri«4 in llw rartb. 

X link to the S. «t tke Bar St-Aawtat. ja U» Ror Sl-Oon, 
Hm tiw farvn mth^rlMt t\vtii of $t. Otm (Ft C, IV (Mndrd 
by BL Avwla (A. HW bat rrrqaFDl]; rrfnm. Abore tk Oolfcie 
CTiw r Ml tiaic HitV «-»t^ In ifo iMrrlor ihr old ««Ml«n rvilla^, I 
vitk frapnnita «f B«inM<«qae fre«e«r* llltb emt.t, has beea ^ 
pnaemd. Tbe dwir, wkkb u sbat off hr a Urnqar stnta 1 1768^ 
coDtaiu tbr t^ab of BMwp Oallvs <'a. S46' uii^ Ontlt cani^ tulb 
of Ibf tSib nat. (Sate woric). The tarly'Roaiaara^ac crypi i* 
borne W tarKr ttwaaii colana*. In fmni of the rbarcb riiw«a 
6«rtfc Ca mpa m S t f 13th watl. paril,^) billt of Rnmaa h«wa itontt; 
b«>i4e Ibp Uf irra ta the aqBaiv an two trancatMi rolanos. — 
Th* Rsp C3oi«!rra, oa Ifca 8. ri jp of \kt tbnrch ik^ la tbi! >«cri*tT), 
vitb lat(r««tt>g RaaiasMqae tcalplarra «n tbp rapiUb. dait tr^m 
tht i«tb Mai. sad Ihf Ootbie vaaltiag froai tb* IStb. — The Pritwi 
rfcAr.OimCPl.C, 1: IStbMntKa^Nfll on IbeS:, h»>> l(>rra»tta 
oraaiavatatiM aaA aa Mtafowl uvar. Tb« iatcrtoT ctf^^-utiv fwA 
«ood-r«r*iaca and frcaeaea. 

Tb# Bm A-Oan osils hmt 1W Tmcr 4ea PrUoM «t "^^^ ^^ 

T4 TT. H. «. AOStA. ^^^^^ rVwrt Tvriit 

BaiUia0e{B\. B, 1), the N.E. cornci' at the tnwB-wflll, rotiiiitt in 
tlio I2f-»«"ftit. iiTid innorporakd in llic Baillifuir. (PI. I; ofllcc 
tli« itLiiyt^n ill 1363. — I3i;lilti<l the B.iillliigi^, in Ibi? Cnuvrnt ilo 
8tB. CathcriLO (H- 2; II, 1), iii tlie Ituo lii; rAuipbitlifiUre. eight 
iircitdi'S <ii Ibc liinitaii Awphlthva^re have ^ci.>n pri'6erv«ii [aiiOi 
(Uily 10-11 &;M). 

Tlic Catubvual (PI. A, U, Ij, fQiui^cd nnoordiug tu t»diti»iii 
by Si. Enscbius [p. 82j, owes its prMriit, form tn llin l.illi cent,; 
tlic Rciiiiiasiini;p f»(f(nlc (1&22) wns hiiillj- i-Hstriri'i] in lfi37, On tlip 
N. KJdi.' iir<- riotliir rliiistcrs ilTiLli criil.j, iiiuub sjioilf^cl in 16G0 by 
the insprtinii nf u miidfirti Onlbic clinjicl. 

IdTEMoii, Till'- iihiiriili I'untdlne Inatt-fiitOvthiv vlMit-tlalls flSlli cmtOi 
IVn inniinlr pivnuioiUs of MSI', mil sevenil inltrnilin^ tumbe. — In Ihn 
riypt no luu Runtau CDluiDua nai nu uwly-CbrMiun altur. — Tbu liom- 
urj (inTiUlii& two roUqunrka of tliu 131h iriil loth rent. (SS, JuQundus nnil 
Orulnuli a cumiiD nr t Ri^mnii nnprtwa ja a n^idlii^ fit tlio IStb iionl., and 
Jil JTory *Dlptyfh i>( iKp Cuntiiil Pi'i>biia |illG) wltli ■ rfj)ri-iiviitii[ii>n of 
tiiu Emp. Bonurrn*, 

In l.fiP (UU^f tU St. Anselme^ close by, aw Celtic and Roinitn 
anliquiljes. — Tu l.lii^ W. of tbe oiilhfdi'al:, in lbi> Rue .St-B&nianl, 
lliD Rmnmi Fiivvm iPL 3: A, 1), ot arcflrrting to utiiPi's a graiti- 
mriffozino ^boiri'mni, wa>i brongbt in light in 19C)!i, on'iip^iiig a 
rectarglfl 98 yds, lung by 95 _v(i§. wide, witii u C0'iiti';il area {%! by 
74 yilfl.) ontilosod by arcndos. 

In thii F'Uop Rotipna. t.hi- m[v nf llm anpirnt I'orta Prinripaliit 
Siiiialrs ffl. pnldi, rises tliP I'ainU Jinncas (PI. A, 1), dating Tr^m 
ISns and nnw t.hi? sotiniirffcltnra, witli pretty frescoes in tho contl 
and 01) tl)(! 8tiij'ci>!<L'. 

V/i; imw akiri llie town-«-ftll on tliv outside t.o tht rnimd Tout' 
•le Toitrnriive il'\. A, 1| at the N.W. oorner of tht wall. — By the 
W. wdll, lievond tlic rprtii Ocpninniin t;pulU'd doiv-ii in 18(JS), is the 
Tour flu LrlprcHj: \ PI, A, 2), wlilcb was uLlcrpd in the middle ngcs. 
This tuwer, in wbi<:li u li-pvr nniui^d Guascu' (il. IS'O'Sf unil liis aietrr 
Anp'ticnid. lT!ll)dr;i),'K^d dutlliRiriuisornblr c\J9lcnrr<!,ii«di.inoribed 
in Xnvif'r ih: Mai.iln-'s aL>iry, 'Lo Luprfins dc la Citc'^ d'AiiHlfi'. 

In the Avcnni" il« la Oure, near ibfi flrsl breicl; iu the S, wall, 
we sBM on tht led ihu Pcjcfi* Principaiie Dexfra [PI. 6 ; B, 3j, the 
old S. ^Ic, and on the right thf Tour ili- Bramafant (PI. B, 2), a 
I'clicuf ncHslleof tbcC()nntsof0liallaiitil2tb<:ent.i, cnntaiiiir;^ :in 
ingcription dedicated lo Au^Ntas by tbo ShUssi. 

^Ex'JUMlo>i. Tu till' a.i'.. vt Aoniii rixrt tin; *Beaoa di Nona ll'ic 
rjirft'/.'IO.Sll wbipli inH>- hp bbpi'ihIi'iI iii «-; hr>i, ijtLiiiip iri, if ilic niirlil 
ho ipcnt II tt,') ; prorUinnx ■liuiil-il 1it- takni, Night -qiiiir tern iit \hr. Alji 
CotnloA (kfiy iniut hf brfHifrhl frrrni tlw qiwrtfi of thn Alpii"^ C]nb ir 
AuiU . lUDlfi ti> lliifa piiinl IH fi'.|, Tlit lirlillii-|iiilL, wliirli ti <liiaty nl 
flf»l, i'r(i*«i>ii thn Dnra (ci-iiip, PI. B, a) to llif villngi- of rJi'rriv'iUii'' 
fHDD ft.), whrn™ it prnpcedi 'hicfly thrniic'i Touil. past Ihc Ijcimitngo 
*/,?/. w™/ ('.M/.l Kl,} /ind fV' ^.b«li■l^ •,( (Tuim.oH^ !,BWMi K.I, U Wk tt«.l 
**f riv <* yy^n reiifirt (7.11X1 ft, ! niifl tho 1*1. lii.) Alp r:oiiii)o"« sw»!«i \\:i, 
» « nurevyy rjillpy at tho W. base ot tVMiBoof.». inia Biaiinl Slsmnwrtii. 


ti/ (Xmrmtwtr. TILtENElTE. 11.0.16. 75 

'^TOOftJ, >/i>>'- ikcweCS.) the Cnl Jb I'll an Praflte, euumnil* a lino Tiaw 
' of IhB Rulor niiJ lli« Vrnninr Alps. Fjciin ttic All" Ciniibii('- ■ iruiil xitMtg 

tifi'lfip liiublrn bf thi' IttlliiD Aliiliii* UJuh unil an initi •Ulni' »f ilj<- 
liuloiinii. IV inii-fr)! *V'ivw (piui»r>rB» by Uiml) i-ml'Tucx* Monl Cliiaf 
■Kill [lie fttnniiK'' *nil UinUn Atpn, — Expsrt iDou»uliii-r'[> iimy itkn 
tlic cllri'd duii;i>ul U' Ibi' X. Iltruiivli Ihc Cb»ibl4 IW/ivl <><"'' l'") prclty 
WSlijrfiiU lu'luw llji' biiiin of foBiuui' Ihi'J' (buulil >UMk Uio >lr«ini mil 

lluitl^Illl III lIllL' \vi\ III C'IlH[Vl'llI»ilL 

TI10 Monl Bmlliua iil.i>;i ft : U bm. rrom Aiiili, \calAe 16 U.) m>y 
\\ii tMI'-aAeiirum Wk Alp Vvmbui iw I'li 1t[>~ I rilicuiliKi fur *<i(>(iU oblyj. 
WiitullowUn' niululu Cogue (pp, II. 7S) « f»( M tli*(l br.i LVMIirt d'jIrAo/r 
taiumi.] aiLii ihi^n anumid U liiu IfFl pt^l ihoi^mill iMga <l' ArbiAf, iVl\i t\.) 
ami U{j till' S, ir'tc. The rtpw ■<■ atill more Pitfiiofvp lh«n (hal irmB Iho 
Bcri'ii ili Xi>iia. 

From Aoktu vli Pixxrdj/^ *n^ iUp Co^ ''-* VitiprHtw (0 Znvurit. or over 
thi' Grrat til. flcrwniti In lSnHiy«g, !»■• fliKuri'ih'r'ii SicifrTfan'r. 

TLt Roip to CocHMiYBtTB (ni6tijr-(IUI|lti>tic? nnd OTiin., we p. G7,i 
u»ri>nii« tlip hrosil and ^bsrtdcaa vall-cy o( thp Dorn Uallva, pfissinj- 
(3M.)llift\ilUgcof .SffljVYaiiiillip rtijnl chflli'du of A'<inrl2155 ft.; 
Imilt in 1710), In f.'.'/, M.t .SV. /Viv-e (SlTft fl.1, witii lis (liotar- 
csqui? (ostlt (lilh cenl; piirllj icslorod). Oppifsile h A^naviile 
(2130 ft.), vi\li a caslk wilh four towers (Jltli ftud lOtt teal.), 
ulicit Ibc Val dc Cmjne iji. 78i <i[icu8 lo llic (i. 

rrijjii St. Pifrrc we proaccd, niyoTlng u flue skvr of tliK Eiitor 
and Griv«Iit, past [lie wdl-iirenccvoiS easllr ot Sarriod de la Tour 
(Ulb teflt.) anil tfie Towr Oalin (1 1 th Dcnl.), ttnsUy craasliiff ihc 
I>ora to — 

7 M. ViUeneuvo 1 2295 (c, : Well',- ftfat.aur. CoC AVtofrt ; ^6.- 
Rinftir. ilell'l'ifiiiiir, Siator. Pellii}iit\, it iiictiirpiaudj' Bitaated 
villii{;p, tuui mail ri fill by tlie rockjiflrolipd ruin o( c'Mfef-.ljyen' 
(inili omit .). 

I'kxii Villkheuve to OuiiiitiLE IK hn.). AiriMil frcnn VillEiinnfcliy 
ii pnvod pntli, rrjit^l, niiii *l4?iip, Tu (im W.. a flliti^ vidw of Mu»t Htnnr, 
Uppo^lU^ I'/j iir.> I'AiirHjj/HKB- *berii wp tncli Ihu lowu*! pirl of lliD I'lU 
Kii'nniiiiiAe fp, SOJ, llit Wiiiilfullv wuuituil rn/ife^A^mc "priia «n Ibi; W. ; 
on Ihc- hclilit liflw«i>rj thii va]1n)'< riif-( tlir (vlln nt JnTiiiI (|l. HI). 
Following Uic liiftv E, Imiik of the Jpcp vtllpj o( IW i'o™™, wo nest 
I'uiiii! lu (3 ht>.) D'tjtloi- Valgnvnranche (p. 801, ilii'ii J'i^imI (d. W). 
flir.. (S»tiJ H.), atid .ii,'. Km. I Awif-fitf.av'iniiicftr ifttiS fl.; HOl.UonU 
OrJV'ilK, riluln bul icuuil: jrunlo. Uliir. l.i-on, E)i)-i>«). the higheM li*a]l«t 
iu Ibu villcy. tt tti; W. buu u( Um Or»u PaiitilW ip. SO:. 

Tliii V«l Sinnrsnrlii' dii'idn hprt. I>iu iialli I'roon Ihu lifook dt- 
■cMiiIin^ fmni ih' V. 1>r«ni?U nt ilic vuIIl-v. and Dtcouili a itorp rority 
■lepo ta the W. la nnmDro.H wlndiniia, ri>>iiiK a flni^ vMerfull, In tti< 
tl hr.) *VroU-d'ArpJfi m CY^ct lirl ICelcu i7»l9tt.l, t croim iiii Ibu brink 
at a pfiii'lpirii. trhncn wnonjny a iiiagtillii:L:iii <iin-»y uf tlii." (Iiau PaiidiBu. 
itsiniC (iMlu PitPUiiri; Miuwrii-liin innni-tliiitslv uppiinlln in ni; f.i lira K. 
ot II aru lbi> llcnicn ili .VimlBitJiiur, Hiiinli; Kurliii ti'l, unil thi< (jdviilu, tu 
thti S.W. UteTrnii-ula, C'iBrfui-un, nail Bi'i-i'a di Hnnrlnlr I'morn ct1iiiiiiir<] 
vii'ir to (he S., ftuci llii' I'liiiiu drl H-ilfff, 08SO ft,), Wn n»w (ricn'rM- 
thii Piotil thl Jfirolel. 1 umMJitaic-vdllcy ibunndinu In Ilnwi^ti. «»& ia- 

ilialdtt i>f Gnin falM, HBOl (t.J moiost a'rumTOi.i\iv\.\iiu i" V^-'■ '"'='y"^,"„ 

I'lialdit i>r «ni.i (WJrt fTHOl H.j moilDst a'runvTOi.iUUiiu in vv ^'='?'"7,^ 
.uniiHTf .uJAVibW vt r«aoh fl hi.l the\ »"h'.«x.\-tt,»-^>-». J-'*-**-"^;-, ^ 
df CAciJt M Klvotpt) an th« lower l^a^o d«l Nluolrt l,WW» *^-" * « 

r75 ir. R. ti. PS^-ST-DIDIEB. fnm Tmri» H 

path dinT||«f*U«r%l>lf«lbeK<wJJdIb«t, with lkZa«« Amn< H 

mn ft.). tiK UfpM aavaun-UcB 1« Ike Gniaa ^ps. n* appM ValH 
4* BkiBt *• nxM buMs •*«* *■ OtOt BmM iWO ft.). fl 

Ov imW kural* Hat Ike npcr Ue« M Mivotrl (WO ft.) ta tka'IH 



Ov imW kuenl* Nat Ike ippir Ugi 
(•/« k(.) •OoUa dol BflVOUt (9«» ft.?. « Mrnir [UgB «( n«h wltb ft 
•Mark «■••, In (be S., af It* Leruma ib. M), nting •■ tb* ■w—lte 
■lla af Ac Jm» VoIJi ddTOrxo: m ibc S.W. ue the ^tatn it iIm 
AifaDlM Baeu«> |ii,<U ft;, tfae Ct*« i* Carro riO.mi fi. , uhI tbs 
CImc dtKa (ia,;3it ft.), M \he C, Ibe Thus ot the Ocan rtiaiiio. Wo 
•Mr I mw bJ ■ atMp rMky •lope, in bu; siiUinn, ta lli« CoUam* 
fA^neUo, • lik*k valley vltk icTeral mall tuai aad a trrm <haXc\». and 
Uhvc bj Bleep lup^^ oa 1W lufi ^ij* oF tb* alrta^, witb ita aiti&troaa 
(•lla. to the Mp Pitarea tfUo rt.i. otpoalic Uk ta<«tb of ibc rchloMdcC 
CWro, aoJ tv IS ht,.) ChiapUl di Sffn (STU ft.;, tW Uebcst haalatja 
tbe faiimb of :• bn.) VtrtviU icssap. p. fl8J. '^ 

Befond Villeocare we er«ac Ike Savar/trtehe umI Mcend rmpidly 
la '9> t Jt.) .4rriirr >;SS4S ft.: Crocc Biaoci^. Uigb ■)> o* tbe 
ptttip-ilta* cliff lo lie rigbt fUnds tbe cbureh at St. Xieal^U 
l39ii (t> In froal at vah theEDiw-clud Kntqr ip. 81). — }fcar tbo 
btaatifoilT uiuUd Tillage ot >10 JX.j Liv«rogne J^99 It.; ffH. 
dtt Col liu Mual, pltia) tte cross tbc deep fut:ky bed ot Ibe Dora 
di Vaigri»<t'Kite \p. £1J, and Iravurse a rockr gorge. Opiioaibi lies 
jlfMc i3J40 ft.^ with t«o old costks and tbi- mineil CUaleaa Cr6 
(lOlh ocbL). Kear ('/s ^r.) Ruuias •.iidQ fL) Hunt Blanc cornea in 
slgbL Tlie road passes tbron;b another k'M Ji-Sie (Pitrre TaitiA), 
partly by meauodanntb. and f^ruMi^stullie Uft bank ti; llieiV^br.) 
Punt iTBqaitiet 1*570 (l.j; ta ihe righl is ibc fine (all ot ihc Ver- 
toaaa. Tb« rall^y expands. On the rigbi biak. utioTe Derby, is a 
«at«rral]. Ftom :i3>;.Mj/%nX-/a-.Jfa/i<<J925 fl.; inn; a road leads 
to lb* ri^bt tg itie tittle lumnicr-rraort ul La Salle :S2$i It. : EuUe 
d'Orienl^i, with llie CbSt^an de* Coors \ l9lii cent.). FarlberoD. t« tho 
r^lil, u tbe mined CMteau ite CAMelard I,38t0 (l; 13th'c«nt,t. 

17';i M. Morrjej: (30^0 (t-; K5I. Cliimc Vert, P. 4-6 fr.; H«t. 
de rAogcl. Ihe road ntiw follows tic bfty slop* for sonic distucc. 
witb a flue ret roe pec live Tiew of tbe (jrlvoU ^p. 79), erodes lo tbo 
right bank of the Dora, and reaches — 

30 M. Pr^St-Didler 32a0 (t. ; *tUtel dc i' fnivert. 100 beilfl.a 
rrum fi'.a, B. 1 '/.. L. 3. D. 4V„ P. «~lO (r.. iDcl. wine: Uit-deLoH-^ 
firw, P. T'/,-10 fr. incl. wine), " pictureaquelj sitiiali-d nilage with 
bolbs (nr«ciilca! cbalylcatc spring, 91'/i'Fnbr.). Vi-hcrc tbe road to 
(he Liltle St. Bernard diverges lu ihi- liift (we below.l. Near the 
irarDi spring*, '.', M, lowur, tbe Tliuile !i»s forwd its way tu the 
Don nitejr tbrongb preiiijitiiu^ clitTi. 

' TW nuMt af ibe •T6te de Crummont [nwi) tt.t, 6 lir*. to Ibe W. 
«f f i44t-I>iJirTi k highly iututi^niiiiK lU'i''!" " !'•• nui iaili>ii*n*>ttii i mula 
ItiKi tt4ttt fraflicablu to within 'I, hr. ot tbo top. un whirlj pcLiitt a 
rf*w •ttinflMiliag abuulJ bi- I'uiau W with Llis muUluct). Futluwicg tha 
Ulfla >l. Bwaawl taii lu a iiuIqI oliuiil >/f )i[. iliuve Ihu flri) tunnel 
'*b>rtM tuntfttb iaW laio.l, we llivnOL' lacfud lit li^atpi tu Ibo rielit lu 
l^ it in.1 kimlH of CJUintim {iUlu tt.\ ^nil t1i<Htl'Ltt>T«.>iiininit. :3pTvii(itil 
rirr 9/ M«at Bttat! mai the liraiuu Alpt , Aliiiat j mut. \ib\sii Vn» Xa'j 





U> Vo«rma.i/»ur. COCBMAYEDH. ^'- H-JO.* 

la llio Caftaana De Saiuiute, a rfffnan-hot «( lli« ItalUn ^IplDO Olnb. 
Aiii>Iliur ita'i iixh-t (uiiU' [|ivur)[ct lu IIid n^hil fiuiu Hid M. Uuftiunl luad 
>l iJfdurU, U M. fioin riti-^t-XtiJii'i, juiuiiii tliu ubuvc [huIl- &I CliutlUD. 
F(oiu PrfrSl-UliHiT vifl Hahiu mil lii;, M,| t^ Thiitlr liTllli ft. ; Mai. 
Nilioiiat. Uul. Jiviiuciiiuii, liuth UDpr<.'tvaJru|f ; Hiuiti:, Uaiiruio lloiiniBi,!, 
Ihe iiMt slti'tiTig-piiiuI tar tlie iiiypnl of the Jiiitu^ (pomp. p. SlI, tn Ilu 
pUB i>r thu Utile at. Ucniiij-ii (Tt'-iO ft, J Mid L3i M-J iJu'ii^-Sl-JUoar-icc, 

Ueyoiid Pre-St-Uiilicr tho rutid cruMCS the Don, pus«M (■/( hr.) 
PaUnettx, and «-iiiils tlirougii a woudtU ravlui; to tl ht.j Conr* 
Ua;cnr. Piritstrijina folioir ilie aliailj pntli oii Ibe right baulc. 

23 M, Coarmayeur. — Horn-n. '(fr.-ltec. tloDal-JtcrtaUni, with 

Btideu, 1»U K, 01 StO, D. H/i. L, i'l,, D, S, P. li-iO ft. ii.pnn .Imio- 
bvpt, (iiilyl; *{ir.~Hnt. de I'Auge, nlmllar cliOrRuai: *H0t. <U I'Vnlon, 
au U. 41 i i. D. I'Jt. L, 3, D. -i'/ic E*- »V<-11 ii'-. 'Kcl- wiDu to|)OD Junu- 
Oct.ii "ifif. .ju JWo«(-flf*nc, V. M. tu tho N. ot the vi!liiei.i. It. Vl,-6, 
II. I'/n. L. S, 0. 1, r. lU-13 (r.. ind. wiuu (<>|)iMi Xay-Ui;t.>; //«(. Saivue, 
S. X'VU, B. 1, L. 3. D. 8',y P- ■^lt» fr.: Hot. JJn«6te ftufflcr. — f<J 
ilu IStmi-Blaite- — Muruu Uii.iiii.,'(i!e, i.uiu., uuj CJlir. li> Au.U, -uo p.UI. 
— ,Jti(;iica« CT"ri;A Sercice in tlii; «onoii it lire Granri-lMlel Rnj-al. 

Cotirmayeiir (S&S-a ft.), n coneldttruble \'Jllagi' boavtitiilly 
qitiitited at tlia Ilea d of (be Aoslu valloj, is mucli fri.-i.]u(<iitc(l m it 
suiuiiier-resort uml for ita cbatybcale springs (liydropaliiie), TiiD 
aniaiiiit vt Mont BUin; is ciincoiilod froiu t-'iiuriuayi'iir hy lliu Mvnt 
VMifmSih.), ijul ia acoa Eroui lticPre-iit-J;idii:r rtiia, V. M. 
t« llie 3. — About 1'/, IL. tu ttiu N. Aie tliu small auljiliui'-liatlis 
of La ■'iaxc i-iO-iS ft,). 

TIh' *Uoat d« U Stix« ('73C'Ct.: S hn. i vitiJi: ttunucuxsiiry'i «ir«rdii 
u uuiiipldu vii>iT uf Ihu 3. tiilo uf iloul ttlani! witli it* Klai-lvm. f rum tlie 
Cot J[i Ia ^I'jguc tu i\te Cut Fcrnjt, tin; Dvut ilt> (ic^aiii uijii i;1ju JuriiiriivH 
bi'iiitrptuuiincnl. A i;nr>4l liridl>>pilli aiK^tuJii from Cnuiiuns'tur, v:it CVi lir-I 
KiUai?-, W the {i bm.j C/infetn J« /Vi- |0U5J fl.] aud tliu (i hr,i nuiiiiiiil. 
The dontcnl may bu amla by thu ClmietM itit L^oeh' tfiHiMlt.) int-o tbo 
TU Fi-rrct- Utyimd Villikir i> Xba (>'h ^'-i ^>o» i^ Saataiat (ai»i:> tt ; 
ffuiclu itt;.<'V44t.ryJ, H UhyrLUtb uf aJtiSclAl u^vah, mUi Ut bi^ tbA runiaia* 
ut u llomtu mini.'- — KxiMUMuna Id IIil- Mhui UIhuc cbaiii, loc Uaaieker'f 
Siailte Haiti -r Si-idhFrn t'tauet. 

16. From Aosta to the Oraiau Alps. 

Till* liiglical |E.I i^liniu nC Ihi- (iriiiau Aljis il>< <l*ii l<^tWLivii tlio VaUl 
dtWOreo (p- ««) nuil tb« Dora llatUa lp..e&j, <iiliiiiimli>8 m llii^ (/ran 
/'ariul'wii (1^,3:!') ft.j, abiisu kiinas ul ^uvIhh hidi! ycmiilii. ami ibi' r>rliiiilii 
(lJ,03i fl.i. Wi! horn Jo.oilis tliu iiisin tiiiiti.'* paly, iii tbr> farm of ii 
clrciilir tniiT of four duju from J,oala., ("ii Cagae, Vaitnearmichi:, Hhlnui 
XvlrV'I/<un«, Vali/rUu ■icfiB, rni'I Lii^roant. Cugu^ ia tliu bust ouutiij (oc 
Oxiui'Biani, Thi.' monnuiuo of Ucj^u ii; s (avontitc ehaxM ot tti.i Kinrit 
«t Italy, uid Iliu iljux (vujjrii Hiox^ IIhI. 'eUmlrvCv*', Fi'. 'bouqantin'} I't 
Blilt foDail lii^ri', Victor EniiaiinDi?! II. liuvingr 1)rai«rVC>t Ll hy uunati)^ U 
-nitli llie uii.iiintniii-i!"^t, Tl\\i liiirlk'-jmtlii) Irniliiii; to llii< niyal fhu^liiig- 
lodg^H A'o oflou a ^rcat ikfiijitiii^ej to ttia (j^Ji-btriu. Tbo b">Fit map i> 
Ibat c( Ibt ttnllin Al|>ij|ii Cluli (1308: i:JiVtXii». 

Isl Dbj-. — Fkoh Aoitj to'l, trs;.!, K'i\ax -aA '■5»"^*'^> 
AymaaiUf {iliO U.) vre any Collow Iht; Wij^WuaA vv- "'*u *'**'^'°^ 
^ji^ amy bif torf/urilini thence; bttl it is prf.t«t»W.* Vi «**»*ja| 

78 II- B- te. CO&NE. The Qraian 

Dora near Aosta, and to go vifi Greeaan and Jov^^an (2070 ft.), 
acroBa meadows and fields. The bridle-path theu ascends rapidlj 
past the church of St. Martin to Pot/a (2790 ft.), and enters tte 
monotonous Val de Cogne at a great height above the ravine 
of the brawling Grand' Eyvie. Far below we observe the honaes 
of Pont d'El (2865 ft.), with its "Ronian Bridge (originally an 
aqnednct erected in the reign of Angnstns), 60 yds. long and 393 ft. 
above the stream. The valley contracts. Near the bri^e by which 
we cross the stream we obtain a view of the Grivola (see below) 
to the right for a short time. — We next reach (2 hrs.) Vieyet 
(3715 ft,; cantine), at the month of the VaUone di Nomen&n 
(p. 80; pretty waterfall), with the tirivola and the Grand Nome n on 
(11,444 ft ) in the background. Beyond {*|^ hr.) Silvenoire (right) 
and a deserted iron-foundry we reeroHs the brook by the (*/< hr.) 
Pant de Laval (4460 ft.), where the mountains of Cogne are re- 
vealed, to C/^hT.) £pinetli76b ft), opposite the Punta del Pousset 
(see below), the VaUone del Traio [p. 80), and the Traio Glacier. 
— At (V, hr.) Cr^an (4940 ft.) the Valnontey descends from the 
S. to the Grand' Eyvie. — 20 min. — 

Cogne (5035 ft.; Hot. du Grand -Paradis, bed I'/s-S, B. 
1'/,, P. incl. wine e'/j-S fr-, good; Hot. Grivola, bed 1-2, B. l"/„ 
P. iocl. wine 5'/,-7 fr., clean), the chief place in the valley,^com- 
mands a beautiful view of the Gran Paradiso and the Tour du Grand 
St. Pierre (p. 79), with their glaciers (Glacier de la Tribulation, dn 
GrandCron,duMoney, etc.) to the S., and of Mont Blanc to theN.W. 
Three valleys converge here : the VaUone di Valnontey from the 8., 
the VaUone d'Urtier from the S.E., and the VaUone di Grau»o7i 
from the N.E. 

Abcbmtb ard Passes (fiiuideB: Qisparc, Piotro Clomente, and Pietro 
Fcrdinando Gerard, Luiei t/iosb Key). — 'Punta del Pouaaet (9991 ft.; 
5 hra-i guide It, with mule IS fr.), a superb point of view. CraB«ing the 
Valnontey at Vritax (see above) the bridio-path enters a wood and ascends 
graaay slopes to the chalets of Ora-Dee»tt» and (B hrs.] Poaa»el-I>e%%a» or 
Huperiori (8890 ft.). Thence B steep elimh of I'/i hr,, passing a very giddy 
place near tho top, brings us to the rocky aamniit. Close to us, above 
tlie Traio Glaciar, tow*ra the Grivola, which, on this side, is hardly in- 
ferior in boldness to the Matt«rhorn. 

Tho 'Punta di Teralva (11^538 ft.; 7 hra., with guide, 15 fr.) 
presents no difficulty to ailcpts. We proceed through the VaUone di 
Orauaon to the (!'/» brs.) chalets of &rau80>i (7150 ft.) aui! to (s/^ hr.) 
Srvillire» 18210 ft.); thence, passing the Lac de Dorireg (8635 ft.), to 
the (1 hr.) Pa»eo a'Invergneux (6*85 ft.) and by the W. areto to the 
(i'l, hrs.) eummit. Magnificent view. The aaoont may be made also 
from the S. from the Vailone d'Urtier via the /"onion Alp (p. 79}, or 
from the N. (more difBcnlt) from the Val de Clavalili (p. 11). 

The Grivola (13,023 ft.; 9 hrs.; Riiide 35 fr.) in laboriona and fll for 
I experts only. Ascent from Valsavaranche more difficult. , 

ft In the Vailone cU Valnontey. opening to the S. of Cugnc, n I 

' bridle-pttk letda along the right liank oi ttic sVicum, ^».b\ "Cac xiWi^i* 

o/ PiUnontey fflSOj ft.) and (li/, hr.l Valmlaua (.iTii i^.":, ^-o Viw: \"met 
roytl abootitig-boxes (Appostamenti di Cancialneit ItvcVottijilVii'i-iaWe^ 

■ . L.\)oOk 

IK,.. «)», Google 

go II. B-ie. TALSAVARANCHi;. TTK Orafan 

palli ascends tn the "ff., ttirongh wood, passiii^ d fall of tlio Lar^-j 

*)n, In Ihi! fS',', Iirs.) rnyul s!ii)otIiig-!(i<ige fCaniiJfiiicnt du Hn!;.| 
Mm ft.) and thfl (3 lirs.l Collo del LauBon (Kl.83i> h.',. with 
an Hilmiinblp vjew(»lin more extfiisivc fruni a liHglit n rewminnlr^aJ 
Ui tiic S.l, We descend, with views of IIjc Gran Panidlso on the left { 
and ibf prBoipilnuH slopei of Itie Grivol* on rifrhl, tn f] '/« I""') 
tlip iiiidflle Alpidi Tj^itivfC (TT.'iS fh.V The hridlopnth follnwn Iha 
left bank and reaflicslhe hollpni i>f t.lieFw/iS'ffiwrrjjicteBlfl Vjhr.) 
77ff«p' (S225 ft,), I M. in t!ir S. r.f Dfigioa-Valsiivaraiiche 
(fiOfifl ft.: mt.dv (rr/ind Parndis, R. l'/„ D. 3'/i fi^; flot.-J'eng. 
du Oil La'isnn, P. ft-7 Fr., I>»tli pliiln lint goodl, Fr, Eau Jtiiisge, 
ttf fhi^f Tilkge in Ihe valUjr (gnides, Aihinri Dnynf. Uios. Prnyctj. 
& ftiI[|rumB pnn>> IhrDiiEli lb«> Vatloiii.' ili Vnlnmilvy [p. 78] laViKa- 
virniirhc (ruv»I htidlu-puh as fii Uf llio <'lio!el 'f' I'Jffbftet, 1985 ((.; 
Mfominoiiili'iii) i* ttw rnUe 4'fifrhfM fui.'tiin fr 1. k'lwwiv lh<< 'fmo 
ito( eiwii Snrti fll.flnB tl.) and llio *foudr. dn Vlirrbclet ili.aflS fl.i 
erivnff W4!wJ, — l-'mm "VJ^ye" fp 7*} tn VulwiviiTiiBrhT? thmiiirh thy Y/iVf^nA 
Si Kameiimt or Stum Epiiiel [p, IE) Hiruu^h the Vnltnnc del Trnio and ^| 
ovc tlio ivpJ/ii ifc/ Trnio (flfliHl (t.J- nnil tlimpe ti. I^? 8.W, iivsr the C'ufM ^| 
if Bcllefaxc or Toi^e rfj Boccniiere (10,100 f1,), bptwccn the tithoU and ^B 

From V»l«nTiirnnphi' tn Ctirranlf. bl'p p. "5, -— Prom {li(, hrB.l Fnitt- 
Vt'tunvarnnchr (p. "St Iho Orem Pa.radi*o (IS.SH fl.), Ibt hlchesl wholly 
lUIiitn nuiinliiiii. mxy Xw n>reiiilH In n-7 hTF. Iti'lliiDin'' xnd 111 fnr Htiurg 
etSmWr" i.raty: K'li'li^ '" ''■!■ Atn'iit */, tir. f<. Ilip 8. df Pnut tliP briJts- 
puth iipipMd«'t'i llic li'fr fii Ihi- iSlir" > PIfaijIn ntfcrfo Emolmelt Seronrlo 
{01O5 (t.i inn), on thf N, «lripc of tin- I'larfnron (ll.fl-lS fl,): llicaoe we 
«ltift llio J*. BmrRin iif tlie Ci-nii ParrtSlto Clnrlitr tci the (l-Shra.l KUivuriit. 
TliO r|p«pnt t" CVrii'P rnnv lie tnidf ai-rins the (iBSHrtrt (V/octur (fe /n SVi- 
tiidnlinn nr\A hy tlio rBnl^f '/<■ I'Tlerb^trl (aoti !iIIiovt>; x-ory rfifflrMill). 

3l'd DjlJ, ^ Pbiih VAtBAVAnAKCHE TO RBilTK NtlTHS-DiM* 

(8-9 hra.; porter 10 fr.). — Tlic royai bridlc-patli a8<:nid'! TiSfl M.} 
Crddm <530{) ft.), at first somcwbnt Uccplj, to fS lirs.l s roynl 
ahootfng-lodgc (Rrnlr ApB.impainniitii dell' Anjoiian: 71811 (t.), and 
thonre Iwds in aig'«nj:s oloiip tlio slopp to tlic left. pttSBingCl'/*l3r,) 
the Miinlt Lri^v dr Pjonan {5280 ft.). TfTc then lalie the pnth to tbo 
rig:)!!, pii.1t till- m m\n.) Ln^o Nero (9080 ft.), lo thr fl lir.) CoHo 
d*Eiilrslor (ifSJiO (t.J, hntwocn Iht Cinia, tU GnUkn (111,245 ft.]n 
nnd llif Cima di Permit {\i>,^W fl.). Fine x-\cv nf thr Rutor tn the] 
W. and (if the Gran Vw rndiw iitid Rrivolii to the E. Descent ralliwj 
s1l'(')i tliriiugli thp Vntlmir d' Knlrelor,wi\\\ tin: Bercadi Samhemai 
ClO-STS ft.) im Iho tail. U) (2V, lirs.) iUi6me Wotre-Dama| 
fSUISri.: Ifmtrtiiranf Gramle-ft'ivfse. R. I'/i--. ^^ !■ L-orD.; 
1*V2. P. 6-7 fr.), Ihp *hief place in tlic Val de RltOmt: whicli uj 
(indotcd b^ imposing glaciers {guide, Ciinimiro Tbdrisod). Notra 
Dame i« A hn. from Villptionvi? (p. 75}. The rente down the 7alt«y] 
pSBSfS Vl^ hr.) Omriavmj (HCt. Zt^moz, nnprelending but food}jf 
Rhf-mi: Sr. Gf<>r<ieii (39:iS ft.), iind If>trod{'£ii»b ft.),whcrelhe Val de' 
Kh/inip iinitts with tbfl V'nl Savaranchc (tonip, p. 75). In descpndint 
rrc oA/aifl a Au^ ,-,>«■ of JHoiit Vdiin and Uvu tiTO,v\A,CoTO.\ivft Vl thol 

^ ■.vH!''lC 



ti. K.t*. 81 

A a>Bte lojlaanio rirnU (V hin.) tliu llie Oul d'Enlrclor \e\ii trua 

TkliBvannchci to Rh"iiii> Ku<rt-Diiiiii< iutow the i'oiie lU Surf (i'Sb fl.)> 
wlikJi lls« 1" the a. u( ili.> Site. HoUtia Cli.ino !t.). 

4th Bay. — FjioM Riifixi: Notuk-Daio to VALdtisAXciiB aso 
VHRHCB TO Lirctio»>'E A.SO Avsta i,T lira, to ValgrlmacliR, portvr 
12 fr.; 3 lirn. nmrc to Liviriigni'}, Steep ascent lo the i.a'/, lirn.) 
Colle della Fineatra i.SlliO (t.), Itctnocn ibc Retxa ili 7'ei 
(10,435 (l.i oa tht right Ntid lite Granda Jiifuaae or Bw dt Vitt- 
virrgnan (l],S3i> ft.) "u tliu left, nitli fine vicvf o( tlie Otniiiluno 
(10J55 ft.) iiml tlie Riilur. Tlie patli deHCciiils ihrou^b llie rtuny 
Vullon del Tiisuc. Wlierfi it ilivid^« ve kwp lu (lie luft. On orir 
left art tlie Glacier de Itabiiiyiie and ^foJtt Fon-hat, whicb coii- 
Oe&l< the Orsiiil* Bontse, Passing \ I '/, br. i the Mpeifotiva (702a ft,) 
we desRGiid and oross the brauk la Fornet\liW) tl. : small inn), the 
bighegt lian)lel in tlic Val GrUanche; tbeii to A'evfi/. Montiarifff, 
and |2 hrs.j TaljirlBaaehe (54*0 ft. ; BcBimnn'idntbii at thd Can- 
tiiiedii Cut ilu Mont or at iIjp cHrt's; guidos, Sev-Piintim »nd Gin v. 
SaljjIzJa Roiiieri, ttie diiof vUlag^i in llie viilky, nt thi^ base of tlte 
Jtutor or Jiriittir. 

Tho iirL'nl uf thi^ Kut^or. nn ?iti-n$ivi'. g-lH?icr-i'1iid inouolaiii uiilh 
auvviul prtkB iS, iinil hi^li(.'<ii pirah 11.43& !\.\ N. jietli ti:sil ft,), citlxi 
from Vdgfiftaniilip or bi'itt'i (torn La Thuilf ip. ;,), pruseiil! no «eri»UB 
iKfflcuhy til climlii^rR WLlk u ^lilll^ rrnni LiiTliidic a liritlli'tinth Uiila 
Ihrnrf-h tho liet^ mid iimtow Riilor villpy vil La Jfiiiir iMK ft.l to thu 
n hrn.* 'Fa[U of EiitoT lrt34B (1,). wlituci! wc iNPtDcl to tlit left to 
tbo (21/, i,t«.) ftifiigio di Santa Margherita !c3. 79111 fl.), piitUFiti>d oo tho 
little i-flflnift/ KufrH-, .1 niin, tii tlmJi.E. int « liBiflit (HH8S ft, i I'oiiimiinil- 
ingii inagniflntnt'Vituf, Tlipntr nvprtlnj (I'lihr.) 0*f di* fiH/or (10|WV| ft,), 
nitli Ihn I'ajjaii-aa Defei/ of Ih« Itxiian A.Jpiac CIuli, lt> ['!, hr.} the Tile 
du Ruinr (lt,4,W (t.J, wit-li r apItsniHil puTniMnm of Unnt Blsno, etc, 

Tlie britllc-putL trorti Valg-riaanflie to Lii'Crogus (3 brn,) li'udB 
tkrou^b the bcaulifDllj wi;udcd Val Oristiiicbu, uu tUc Ml Uttak of 
tUc I)ora d! Yalyrhanche^ to Ctrca or •SV/r^ (Hflt. Frassy, rustic) 
Biicl Rrverg, wlicri- tbe river disappears for a short ilifltarice tindor 
rocks. Tlic hamkt of Ptanaval lies to tli« left. Tin: vullcy oou- 
Irttcts tt) u wiltl ravine mid tbe path od It^ htt slie skirts & pri^c[;iici: 
Ugb abu-vc tile Timting lorrcnt. On tlir iiiitiositt l>Hiik, irii uii appa- 
rent!; [natceasiUle rock, in perched the ruined castk of Aloittma- 
jhtr (3773 ft.). — Liverount, sue p. 76. 

Near Livcrogtic lUe path quits tbe gorge and dtaceniti to Die 
left throagb meadows to tbo road from Cannimyenr tv Aiuif.a (p. 72). 

17. From Turin to Milan via Santtii^ and 

8a U. Rjiil.WAV III 2>/i-ft brt. (fiiCH 17 fr. 10. IE fr. Id. T fr, We.; 
iprtmi, IB fr, li. IJ fi, 4(1, S ft. 70 f .), — Pine viowi of the ^\V* ^ '^''^ 
n on cliiar ilHyi, 

'T'..^« » aa FHi,. n d; ;„ i_ ---....oA. Oa«o VjR» ■ 

on cliiar ilHyi, 

Tftrtn, ice p. 3a — The i)oro Riparia Va ccossei., ^'^Si' 
(SVu/tf Ui f^mo (p. 64; lieyond (1 M.) Tvrxrjn Dor*. — ^** > 


Ji.Jtn. TEMSUJ- 


Sfttima Torimar, U^ jnetiM for Sinnl* rPiinlhaMii , ^««t 

18 X. CbiT&Mo <60U fL; AA. dJfm iWa Beate^ • law* 
«itk 4200 Uki&^ Mv IW idu «r tk Otm foU iW Ai. IW 
yariifc cfcirrfc ooMaiBs m faiatiaf bv DcCeadcau Ffrnui rp. 39. 

Iktfa tnw bewe to ^totfa IB. U| W I W . v.) OhI* JtaltaM* 
to^RV ~ t««*' BM.WU baa T«r>> r«««. p. Ml, •»!«« «*«dB 

Mt|*«r fclrtijOt. tti. Su 0««»M. P. rr» > f/- aBU Mar ShJ. > IL 
to ^ S. *l Cif«a««. »»d tx^ H.J rwt«#wl* r*M rWfh Af KtMa n* 
*U BaMW^f eartl^i; w ^ ILi Areata [MB ft-'" 

y«ar rU X^ •Satt^Brw n mm ibr fitora OaOAi p. C$l Tb 
UelHt.ip)tBpMg(lWOniui AJp«; tb«« of Ikv Tal iTAwts. - 
S9 X. /.m»^u> VtraUar^ To lti« Irft n thf Arm dltrts > 611.. 

3«' , 31 BABtliia r«OQ ft.; JtaU. Bttlvmrant; Ati.-Bith- 
ratJe VUtvrio. wtU tpofcto »f : JZb. <td PiaUoneu «ilb &S00 b- 
kabUaMa. Tbc ckuvh «f SoJtfJgata MabUi 4b atUr-fCm bj 
Oud. Pert*H 'p. KV SurtUi b tbe Jucilon for tbt Vw tnu 
Tvria lo Arana. a braaeb cf tbc Slmploa railvaT (p, SV. KaJlvij 
Ui Biella, MX R. 18: steun-mwaf lo Iirra. »rr p.Cft. 

49 M. TAe^U (430 n.: jli&. «M J>cm (TOro. pM4: jtik 
Trv He,, lh« fifTMOv «f tbe Rontau, is an «pl«rapal tovuvUb 
13,$00 inbabilaata. From the itatioi we tee tbe impMiBg (buck 
ct ^Sam^Andrtia, *ntui in Idl9'*4 bf <aMM from Paris; lW 
fa{«& it Rwiuwaiiiie; Ihr interior, tttrr tbp MftH*! at lb« eh aiUw 
Ik jr. Frucc, U tarlf-Ootkk. Adjw«Bl Ja a JfuaM /<a/; ~ 
vilb KoinaB iccrriptioax aed ccalptarM. 

Tk« Oahrdrai, AeAUtUA U> 81. EB«rbia(, Bbhop of ' 
fea. 3M-960I, v» rrbnilt in tbe 18th ceat vitb tb« eiMpttM < 
the tower. T\ye Cut^tdrat Librar<j pftaKsaea aonic rar« old USB.' 
Tic Areivati'vad'/, cIqm br. cvntaiu a ngiB vilh pkltra bj 
Gsail. Frrran and nth^n Cadm. «n wr«li-4aT$, ^11), 

The DominitaD chorcb of Saa CrWofont, in tfar strrct of ifaal 
aamc, CMitains ftrncDCt by 0. Frrrari (1^33-38) and B. Laauu; on 
th« bijHi-altar. 'Madaiina aad Si. Chri«t«pWr in la, orcHard, bjr 
Frrntri. San GiuUano aad Han PUiJo ibo c«nuin wnrk* ^ 
Ferriri. — lu tin- Via Borgogna in (be .Vumo Bori/ugna i<Im. fr 
uu Soil. & Thm. Bftemoon*. al other timw ' ',.l fri, wiib pfctnrecj 
by old BiasUm. irhiellT of iln' .Vvtherlanilii; and Italt iSodotaa. Hnl^ 
Family: Cmari- .Uwjnijt, Jvnras anil Uiilo;, niodem pictoras. »tr.-| 

Tu the S. of VtrettlJe lav tbe Canjn Savdii, whei* Marl 
iMeatfd thf Cimbri in 101 B.C. 

A Brazil T»««AT pli^-j lo {!B M.I BUai ;p. u;,; ■« tar u (>81[.); 

a; ricp'tcldn arc pk*<od. to',', H. Smita ;9io ft.1. tbe statlMij 



rai r«rraiM, "irh it* olil aCn'itlt fisili »nl.;>; U M. <tntM» (». n)- 
tJiuar Ittn.wtTa run Itnol Wrd'Hi ti> 7inrii<i on thr S.W.: tft Oii 
Jf»»/>miiA ,'f.M) OS Ikf S.; iivd ts the K.lo .Ji-diHM.0*rwajifW>(;». 9!)i 
«*/ t^ ai„v,/,^ntt (p. «; and Fara. , 



[„ Jtilm^^^^r KOVARA. //. S- it. 83 

FcoM VsBcvij4ii> At.E!4dSDBtA, »EK,, nDviy 1> IVr'S ^- ('■"■ 

ri fr. Ifr.::i, S fr. 9n r>.>. — Tho chiaf ltllormOiliiLt» bMIidd i« (U'/i M.) 
Ofteale iSonSviralv (310 fl.i Alb. Reta Siitta. Vjs filcotogl in, with 
I'L'Mirnl lipjLiiiig, H. (rtim K (r., muallj well ■pdkirB of; Attt. dfll'jftiO-flJl: 
Lfon iVOixi), 'm tlin >\g\i\ bniik «t llir Pa, ni'ir the hill nf Mnlifcmlo 
(p. £Sm, with INAWI inhiibitnnta. It WK Ihu kndoiit npiul >( Ui*iln«hy 6l 
TnonfivTUI". vrliii'li |in>i»i:il In la^lH tu llio Uuniacu Ci'- '13). II ii Di>w 
the cent ol n bishop ind has cfnirnt t^4 vitriol wnilt*. Tba lutitcvuiiug 
HiiiuiiiiCKiiiic cDllic^ilrnl cif Saut' KrvtiK . n vnulltri hii>iilt<*a wilh cloultlc 
ni-ilon anil n fine atrtiim, vii funmlcil in 'Jl b}- Hie Ijonihui) king Li ul- 
(iranti . nnil c«liiiltl iu lin7. II toiilalii* tfivfiral ttauA jiaiiiljniri rtiV 
O. Prrrmi niiH othnri) ind ■oulptor™ hvLmubac'I Bn«ip?r«, The chiiifb 
(if ^« /Jfiwr/ifcrn, wdlt Ihn rpinalnii of (jricuBn hy (;«nilo fp. JJftO), Ihg 
Ff^t^sit di OHUt, wJtH ji h;in(l4i>kinT< i'flU>it[iHiJf<, and tlir n-tif j'iii^f^) of Sdit 
eUnrffln »m noioKorlbj- al'u. Tin- fihUiullino priiifii Willinui nf Mont- 
futtul ill uii-ut ion I'll \iy DirnW lu bi« Puripilvry (rij. 1S-I)> Xusr Casula 
in Ihu S'nnvj Jlonfi' Ji f rrn, u plli!TiiiiH'"irl rptpmblini: the Ml. Calvnty 
lit VorulU. Tiii^ o!iii(iil" i-oDUii) tiTin,i'<il[ii Ki'iup-i by T»biifT'lji;tli (p. IH) 
hmI iitlii'ri {ncurly ill ladly dumiiyFil]. ibi] in llii- chiirvh U h pBtnlinx 
by Miii'iiun il'Ania. — CnMnlr In ilic Jaui'il'ni «l lln'^ Aatl-Moitui* Una 
I'p. Kl) nnil nf thnt lo OhlvuiKn i'[i, KS). It !>; (it>n«vte'l with Aloaonnilri*, 
Milh Vi'rrt'lUoi. S!), inil Tritli Mniiliinintno (j). fil ; viA AilaviltiJ by Irnm- 
wnya, ~ sa M. Vatfuxa. ata p. sail, — 35 M. AUuaiulrut, SM p. (V9. 
Friim t'rrci^fli In I'nrla, ttp p, H". 

Tl](' train crosses [lie Sfsitt (p. 31(1; to Hih Mi rise llio Alps, 
witb ilie nia^iiiticput MuTite Hosb gruup. — .'i2 M. Bvripi Vervf-Ui. 

1)2 M. ITovarftC'^Q'l'i'au fr''>ln'!7viMt. witbinturenlini: wlnu-cullir), 

- Hiiritui i.'tuoji, p. Kii). Alb,<i'llfiiiiilVl.a; B, 1>, Vi* B(iiii'!lflli.iC«i"ill, 

R. 3, omii. 'I^U.iJlit.Jrla Vtllr (Pt. )i; B, DJ, Via Kid OnudMiaio. R, *7„ 

i.nin. '.'afr, ; j1//<, J'rcifc (PI. r; B. rj.CiTMi) Csvniir. f Il-sii ; AiU, MUi Fare, 

Ui>rno Umhi'rtd Priino, R, Vj^ fc-j HuprpteuiJiiigj well upaki^ii nf 

Post * T«L,u.nriii'i[ O^rniK [PI. C, Si, Ciinm Fulici' CsvxIIiittL 

Nnvara i^flO 11. \ the Romjin Nt-vtiria, noa- ihe cupilnl of a 
Iirovincp, the seat of a biehop, am) the bdadqiiaiterR of nn nnnjr 
itiviaiim, in nn iiUrnwlivi" town wiUi ca, 3ri,000 iiih;i(i, mill Ji sining 
garxisiiii. Tin- diifiinl of IIji* PiiijlnnHilw at thp biiltJii uf Ndvhti 
i»nn ]i. 3ai on SSrfl Unrrh, 1«4!), leil In ibi- ubilieiiLinii oli Ihe aama 
(livy of ("linrlca Albert. Trfitly pninn-'mtilt* linve httit lil'i out on 
tlie sill- "1 till- fottiliciition*, wbidi ilat(i<l from the S]itintBii jioriod 
(IS.'rJJ, Silk lind cotton mills, «igliirtring wnrka, »ed VmauH ind 
cheese faclorlnii givp evidpnee ol the in(iiHlri»l ili'vrliiprin.'nl of Cbo 
(own. riiflri' i* also fi Isrfti? csrtngrdj'liii'Al imtitnln (1)0 Agofttini; 
PI. B. A}. Liki> I'urin Nuvaru iiIii-uiiiIh in ni<>iiiimL>iLti>. 

»otu tb« ilnlian iP|. C, i| ve follow ttio CarKi Garibaldi to 
the Larifo Vat'-mr \V\. S, I). A liltU to tli" W., nt tlic end of 
the Viu Gsudi-nxii) Pcrrnri, risi'!i the cburcli at 8a» Gxiidenuh 
(PI, B, 1, :;i, iTuctcd in 1577 by PrlUyi'ino Tibaldi. witli a mo- 
dvrci ciiiii|iniiil(t, nnil a ilnnin '.i'.n ft hi,i;h. Tlie intnrlor, vithitot 
Bial(«, uunliiiris (Sinl chiiprl tn llii? luftla hxrgr altur-pirci? b.y Gaud. 
FerraHH^\-i, rr.iHin.rd in lOllS). An cMen.iivp vitw uf Uic Wi^ 
Is obtairifil from the ttiwi-r ami from \\f, ^i(nnvTO«.\t »\»s*\'i "^^ 
nolgliboiiring raiiifjcn (Baliiurdo HuVnUwo Se\Uv — ^ '^^^^'^ 1*^ "i!^ 
e., (a the r/;i -Vi-^'j-oni, rises the PoIobm BeLUni t?V.ia, iV«» — 

^^Uf i 

TliP (UTJiBiiuftL (PL U. 3), (irigiiiiillv an rarly-CtiriilUn L-iliftce, 
liu bftii (inK^Lknlly rtbnill by iilef. MtU-hiuiii in 183] tclioir) and 
by AntinirlU in I8(53.(is, U lias an exi'iilli'iil or^'iin aiid conlniiw 
IrmtHifii by Bnrn. iMiiini .'lail a MarHnjff of St, Cjilliariue , by 
6'(it«'. Fcn-ari. UiJ|M)«ilf iht imposing enlrnueo-tourt is an carjj- 
Boonui^itiiue Bajifiah-ry [PI. I ; 11, 2,, 

Liu l))e >i. siile uF tlie PiuzKH Viliario Emaaaelo fiecoQiio rifm 
Mtf Imudafaie Palaiko nta. Mbrcato [PV. i, 11, 4*, IBU-W^-rt*..; 

MAGENTA. II.B.i7. 86 

a Urge colonnade ; tlie interior accommodaf ea the small Musewn and 
the Siblioteca Oivica with two works (angels) by G-. Ferrari. — 
Opposite is the Qothic Castdlo (PI. A, B, 2, 3), dating from the 
13-14th cent., now partly nsed as a prison. 

The tasteful terracotta ornamentation (15tb cent.) on the Qothic 
Ca»a ddla Porta, Via Cannobio 8 (PI. C, 2), should be noticed. 
Trumwtiy to Vigevano (p. i!6) and to Biattdrale (p. SS], 
Fbom NoviBA TO Sebeobo, 33VjM., iti\vt.y (Ferrovie Nord If itanoj 
i* I'/^-a hra. Itares B fr. 50, 3 tr. 65, 2 fr, 25 c). — 4Va M. OalliaU (490 ft.J. 
the station for Cameri, i M. to the N.W., where thero is a. school of 
aviation, — 8 M. Ttirbigo (490 St.), on the Naviglio Grande (see below), 
with an electric transmiBBioo-slstion. — IflM. Buato-Areizio (p. S). — 18 M. 
Castellanza, with another large electric tranainiHsioa-Btation (30,000 H.P.). 
— 25 M. Saronno (p. 198). — aS'/j M. Seregm (p. 18). 

Novara is the Junction for the lines from (Bomodossola) Arona 
(p. 239) and Bellinzoua (R. 36) to Genoa, and for the branch-lines 
to Varallo (R. 20) and Orta-Domodossola [R. 19). 

68'/, M. Trecate (445 ft.). The line crosses the Ttdno by a 
bridge of eleven arches, jnst beyond which we cross the NaoigUo 
Grande (p. 157), a navigable canal constrnoted in the 13th centnry. 

76 M. Magenta (455 ft.). 

Near Magenta eCand the Church of Sort Martino, by Pcrrucchetti 
(190S), and aa obelisk to eem mem orate the victory of the French au<I 
Sardiniana over the AuetrJans on 1th June, 1859, whieb compelled llio 
latter to evacaatc Lombardy. Near the station are a hattle-rnDBeum, a 
charnel-houee, and a bronze etatue of MacMahon (1895). 

The tine intersects rice-fields. — 79'/i M. VUtuone. — At 
(84'/) M.) Rho (p. 6), wc join the main line of the Simplon Railway. 
93 M. MUaii, see p. 152. 

18. From Santhia (Turin, Milan) to Biella. 

181/0 M. RAiLWiT in a/.-l hr. [fares 3 fr. 40, 2 ft. 65, 1 fr. 70 c). — 
From Turin, 65 M. , in 2-3 bra. (fares 10 fr. 35, 7 f r. 25, 4fr, 85 c.); from 
Hllan, 75 M., in 2'lri'U hrs. (tares 11 fr. 5, fl fr. 85, 8 fr. 35 c.). 

From Tarin to Santkid (36'/, M.) and from Milan to SantUd. 
(56Va M.), see R. 17. — 7','i, M. Salussola (940 ft.), the Soman 
Castrum Gmareum, on the S.E. spurs of the Serra d'lvrea 
(p. 68). — We cross the Elvo. 

lO'/j M. Vergnasco (890 ft.), the station for the villages on 
the plateau of La Beasa, on the E. slope of the Serra, where there 
were gold-mines in ancient times. Good view of the Monti Biellest, 
of which the most prominent are, on the left, the Colma di Mom- 
barone (p. 86), the Monte Mucrone (p. 87), Monte Mars (8530 ft:), 
and the Cima di Bo (p. 87). 

13 M. Sandigliano (1060 ft.). — At (15 M.) Canddo <ttt.5.e™\ 
p. 82), near the CerTO valley, is ^•xeW-ptftaeTiftftL^RviAte'v^^'^^'*", 
cent), or fortiSed place of refine, wiXt 8\io-vA ft'i'i JW'^^va'e. w^"*- 
storehoases (now cellars). 

Dqiiisaov Google 

S6 w. B. ta. 


Id'/, M. Biella.- £[DTBu(ccmii.p. xsl>. *Tetta Orlela^ *Alh.tUll' 
IntKlC'i *Leoa d'Oro. A'b. t'miti-alr, pUiii but |{>>ri<l, oil in tKi' Ti> I'ni- 
bwto Piliun, — fayr It TELKuniPii Oirici, Tin Arniiltii. — Fhdtootupii) 

Eh« miHint.jiin* »t. IVHorip .9tV/nV, — Cablk HiiL,tt*i fTim) tlir PillI^^ 
<1nl Diiaino (a lhi» upfiur tnuni tlQ c). — <'iiiitii.»i fur lialf a lit]' a, willi 
tiHo bi^'KQii 19, wbult' djiy l£ or ^A fr,; to i\iv Sjntunriu dl 0-raglia ur Lhi- 
Binluario irUropn 1! or ix fr. Ihnre ucid buck. 

BieUa, sn cpisco|>».l sre with lfi,300 itiljRb., lies on tbe Gwo 
aoA ia divided iiilu Biella Piazzo iln^S Ft.)t the njtjier lown, and 
Biclla I'iatiG i\'ii.b ft.), tiic industrial lower tewu, will fnctoriea 
o[ woijJkn UTid co-tton j[u>jds, for wliicli llif p^iwer is lurniishcd bj 
the Chiiueila and the Z>oj-a {jieir Punt-St-Miirtiii, p. 691. 

I'roni tlie station, licside wbich ial)ippr"tt,j Gtardiwi I'lAblivo, 
wp turn to thi! riglit ititoLliu ViaUttilierlioPrimw, the ninlallioroiigh- 
(are o( Imvtr tiivrn. The Via (Jcl Viistovadd, the tlrsl sldc- 
ittrcet uu the left, limiis lo tht ulturth of .?«« SehiiJiliaiiaf a tiiiiiil- 
sonic Keimissiirn;!^ slraclnre nf 1304, wiLli n modi'in fa";ade (IftrtSl. 
— Tbe life ef llii' iim-n Cftntres round tin- Larpo di'iU Vittoria iiiid 
lie Pinzza ilfl Dimmn, also to tlie U'fl of Llit Via IJeiibL'rlo PHirio. 
Heri^ are tile I'tUazzo Munivijinlv, oa ilic site of ihfi cliiircli of 
SrinluSK^fiiiio (tialleil ituwii in 1873 ftitli the Pioejjiion of the 10th 
ccat. Mill pail ilol, and tli« CuCA^rfj'a/f originally erectod In the Gotlik 
stylo in 14(12, Uul iuodefiLi8e.d in \l'i ifs^ade ol 18aoj. Clnsp \iy 
is an ("arly-RoraiLnotquB Bttp/jVcfy l9t!v ci-nt,'?]. 

Among thi? palaong nf thr upper lown, which arc non' parti v 
lenarilpd liy nrtlKftna, the fornicr Paloao tid CoMUiie, the Pal. 
Srit'tho., aiid llic Pal, Del Po^o della Vishrnn should be ndticed 

(jn b hill on tlij; Iclt hunk at the Orvo standfl the fonati' Cfiiivpiit- 
cliurch lit Son Qc'ilamu (IMb h.), a. tael<.'ful RcnninAsiii-i; ciUduu <if 
IMD-n. — Or Ihtf plulMii, k M. lo tW S, uf BitllB. to the W. of tliF rim.l 

■urilli « flno '■inirtj'iirii, Thp intiTior wa* moiicrniierl io tho IJ-lStb i-orl. ; 
the henuliful nurk u'nii Isiil mil in tliu lltli cviitiiry. 

I'mro Bicll" a 3re*ii T>r»MWAT fSi/j M. in V, hr.) ruiiB to IKe H.V 
Vil (E II, J Octhitppo Jiiff.riore [VM> (t.J ind acironn tli» Elvo to Jtfon- 

S^ur/(j ^lOo^ft,}, till? etJirtiii^-p4>mt of the n^Hd (|i. fl&] vi& thu tV'i'i'^s dr'/ii 
trra. tu Bvllengo (Ivri'i)- 

A HoAD cuDininndmif flue views t'luvlor-i^l'i to tbr SDntiinrk ili tlmella 
tnleo dilly In KJ liiin,. iata 1 fr,, hunk IVi, (t. ; umn, to Qrx^Ii& Ptimc; 
curt., Kill' nhovfi Ii'ulI? to lliii W. from Uicllii, vlft Outliii'iii"! Infuikie, 
Oc ffl frjpjio SFjpfmjra |IIBt>fl.l. nnl Jtf"=;nflo inJS fl,;. (u 1 7i/, W.) llni 
SaiiliiarUi ill Ui-aalia. {i^^b ft.i Alli. ilelL'Ecu), a pil^rlunkgu-ohuroli 
(171h fnnt.l with t Isree hnme for pMerinii (fiBpiiio:, siJii>itii<< i M, nhuv* 
thi! vHlwc iif (Inmlia J' (IBSS tl.l, on tilt H-JD, slopi- <jf Itic Colm* 
dl Mainlinriino I'-ix: IjolowJ. Cliinr b; ii lliu Sliil]iliu>i!]ilu Id lolo rnpli'C' (II 
Orairliii iSTOTi ft, ; P. from II (r.]. A mill raore citomivp view ia ubKiined 
frcim the CappeHa Han Carlo (9STS fl.j, '^ hr. ta th« N.; Iiuucu t foutuatl. 
li^nrls past the fhnlPti of Faailr lil Nopra iMiO (1,) »iiii Hir li'lli^ Lagv 
Puiifl iflnsn fl.l lu [*-!'/• Iir".'i til'' tup "f lli.i 1'i.tmudi ifnuili'iTimc i^lSOtL), 
Vhpncii we hava a uprrndid vl«<w uf thr UnsCi Bielle«l. Ihd luoanlalDx 
otii:it>-liii^ the AusliL ralli-y, nud the Mimlu Rtm* i^ruup. 

All Ki,«nTiini l:iirKT Rmi.wjLir (fli;, M. in I lir.) nmii to Uib N W. f! 

J/Ulla. li* flV, Jl.) C^gtila A'aii Grofo fnOO ft.), the (! M.) StabilimcHto 

inttftpteit rii (.'aiii.Ms I'P. 8i;,'Ui Ir,-. »V"" Jvinu-^^.^, toti ratrom 

■ 1 .<t»,Gooolc 

gg rr. R. 19. 


from Dciiiuidoittvta 

w>iilc the Slinplon Railway (H. 8) follows tJie loft bank. — At 

(8'/, M.) ViUaMmola fAtb. del Si'iupinnel the Arttrmia VaUeu 
opniB uti llic rJKlil (st'i! Baedeker's Su'iticrlandi. At [7 M.) PieM- 
miilrra f8IO ft,; Coruna c Posla: Alb. Piodiumlcra : Alb. delU 
Stanluni') llic Vat Amaaca nftDs lo IIip right frofid Id Macugnaga, 
5!U M.. with nietor-diligent'e from PoTDorinssola in snniner, see 
Haedvker'» Sunize-rlavd), TIip rail way cronsi'S tin- /Inifi anrt then 
tlie Tuce. 9 M. Votjogna, 11 M. Pn-nioseUo, 13 M. dmngo, thr^e 
stBtioiis OH till- SJniplDii Bjiilway nUo (see p, 5/. - Rpjotid the 
last till" ToPP is rirnsscfl In ll-i',', M.i Omox'ilKf'* i&^O It.; Itnli.i), 
181;', M_ Gravellona Tooe (Hml. Regtaiirant). with Inrjjr 
rnltDB-millB, at, tbn juuetkti of th-c HHrona with llit Tow. 

Oriivplljon lies iibout i';, M. [j the S.W. uf tlii- ilition Pitilan:M- 
Foa^u-Tuct nn tlio HliniPliiJi ttiiUwr(.v iiTunip. y. l>j. One-liursi; CWi. to 
IS M.I flniwin |p, ?3«l J fr., twii-li(.r«e H fr. 

The railway rune Ip the 8. throug'h lli« tijrlil* vkUvjt of the 
Strooa. Bcifon'l (21 il.) CnmnaUo it crosses tic rmr «ad tbo 
NigtUia Cti'ial, wliiiUt clrninj the Ld(« af Orta. 

23 M. Omegnatflftrift. : CroceBiniwi., well spiiken of; Pimta ; 
stcamhiiat., sci^ lif^tnwi, wUli a large pA.]»er-niill, li'i's at the K. rnil 
iif llii> rharmiuK Lake of Or ts (i)iil) fi. above tlie gcii; 7'/, M. 
lony), now Iinuwii also n» ihc /,o;;r3 CVnifi froni ils (aomiiwhal (imilil- 
Tnl) anfimt imiin?. — Tht line runs hi;fl] Jihuvi? tlin laki'. Ui^yoiid 
(37 5f.) Pulfeuanco we croHs the Pesciw*?. nijd thtn thu Imjunong 
Saxsina Viadiiei. 

2SV3 I^- Of tu - MiasinOi — The Statioi Ilea mi tUu Fiaa» iti 
Lfgrn, liKlfwaj hi'l.w-iH'ii OrU and Mirwino (p. 388), Wt tum to tho [pit 
at llic uxll. psst iinilct Ihr niklwny, nui) Itiuu go utrAlgbt in, imtl (</) lir.] 
thf^ l''ii/n t}ri!Api ^in tbr Moorin^h «tyli?), Ko^rond whEoh n, ^itMi^pnqt |ioii]tp( 
to Ihp riirlit to l(ip Jfoiite d'Orla itin Itc f'f, lit. I AIli, BelvedBM. 

HoiEr.s. *IIof. Bieijf'}^re, ou lit- W, Blnpu of tTic Mun te 'VOrtu^ vrItU 
floi- vii'W, H. I'/«-3- B, 1'/,, L. 2'/„-3. B. l-l'j,!. C 8-10(1-., urt'n April tu 
Out. [Angl. Ch, firrvicD in saiamct], — Alb. Sail Qliilin ^- Ilrgla,urtmt 
Saniy. m l.ho Pinsiita Pritti-ipilr; Mb. Ijioii 'Vffni. V. fi-I fr.. Alb. Orta, 
B. SVt fr., butli ii: 1Ik< Piuxaii, tiy tlio hikii, — Pu^t At Tgleorai-ii OmuB, 
PiMWl L'nibnrfn Priran, 

Stejuboit* (May lu Oct.l, fulir t-iini™ Juily '■" T'olii Sftn Clinllu £10 c), 
Pellii (2o II.}. uu'l OuiRgiiJi |1 lir, ; 1. fr.) ; Xwiee d:iily tn Buccionn. — RowMO 
UOAT t'> UolnHiintliiilio nr Biii'ri«n^ an.l Uink, JVjf'-i f"iy tu Prlln 1 fr. 

Thp Utile town rrf Orln-Novai'ese (M)0 inhsb.) ronaista mainly 
(if tho PlfiBia Prinoipalt, ojioiiing; on the lake, and one loiip narrow 
struct. It liiiB oppoaili? tho small hola San (rhilto, nl tlie S.W. 
huge of the Honte d'Orta 11315 ft), or .S'fflcr.'j Mm'e rfi Saa ' 
/ViJncMCO, a hoftutifiillv wuodcii hill, jutting intu tlin laVc, Tha 
.■iM.ent of the Sucro Moiiti; map he made either frr>ni the i-oad iw- 1 
twfpii the lawn and the slalioii (see aijovc) (it Iroiii flu: Piaiaa by 
IhoTia nl Sacru Mont"-, pa.wLuethc tlmreh, In lie 16-lTlh cent. 20j 
chapels wiTo creel"! on tlic hiH ii: honour of St. Francis of Assis 
*«ai a«ntMning a scene fj'oiD his history \n ^wn^Ai VV^«auK Agtui 


' Wotwra. OBTA. //■ B.JS. $9 

' tcrractttta. witb a back^i'onod 'al Cresco' (the best in tlie ISlh, 

X8tb. iinil SOdi cbnprls; in thit Iimt the rRnniiientinn nf llii^ Knint; 
fpe to Ilir kr-'pcr at Um: llrsl i;Im|«'I, .1(1 i^.l Thr ii-rntrr of Ihu 
IMIi rbapcl ntif! Ilie adjoiDing walk* alToril dfli(cl>l[iil vifHT. Frum 
thft I'ainpanitc at Ihi" top (oO iM *m ciijuy a [jiiiioruiiu tli)Tiiiiin[e.[l 
iiik Ihc W. I»_v i!ir sniin;? Montt' 

ThP laola Ban &liilio (Ijimt. -rv [>,««; BWurtinte tiell'i Fimltj, 
mO'ipftt) oWl-h \ts ikriiiic 14 St. Juliub, wUi> eJiniu from Gro(?ci.' in ^79 tu 
iTOiLveit' tiiti n»ti*Hii ni'l fiwiniti'il the i-hureii (('"lueiitly ifliulli). Thu 
InlUT ^'t>1ltniu« toIicN, old friMoocs, mid « It'^ainiiFir]!!!' pulpjl tliih piMit.). 
In till' >«K.rri<it]' tip >- Mjnlnfiim Iiy <lkiiil(iuxifl I'ltrrAil ami Jionip (il<t viiiit- 
(uoutHf wliilc the crypl. ic'Iow tbo hijth-aUtt, c'^nloiim ■ *ljrLiii' tif silver 
ninl I'l'i'iittii. Billli Ihif boilj' cif St. .Iiillm, Thf vilU ot I'niinl I'lrinti U 
rli-li ia »nisllc In'isurcn. 

EiCT'KSHisi fTrini (Irtnt tu llin K. tn tlii- (I hr.) Madnnun di-Jtn Hoeelota. 

tlOltD ft.). Bituat>.'-I on Iha hill iboti: tho aluIk'Ui to Ibc 9. tu Uio i'l<;, hr.) 

,X^rr^ <Ji Bucflotit (Ira bEUw: bant, iro p. Mj. bcitJi painCi VDitimiiiii- 

fuDil vk'wt. — Friun ft/id i>aij ItclmO tu ('/a lir.l Aim tinni, with 
Ir-qnuTii'* Ibronch -Milw*)- ff«ra yoMMin, »M bflowl; to |1 lit.) 
ilie iliuioniuLilfl Satui' [iilkHO M.y, tlir irri'lly r'linirl:! «( (bn liAirilot lif f)r>- 
1^t-lt>, CD R lofty olifT, .ntmiiiAn'lJni^ u fiiic^ vipv; aiiil hv- t)iu nUpo '^f llip 
MimU f '((nio(fmD<Sl()OII.) lo [l',, hr.) fUam I All". Il-iiai!j, lit Ihn vjiIlBy ot 
(he Humu m^ni', — Tiii: MuhU JtFuUitrniir' mikv hv vii'i-iitiir'il from Ort* 
ill J'.'i h™. vU t'orrppnn. drnir-nn (p»it. pratlli^Hljlii tu tlii* poinl], mtiil 
CKcgyino (him: p. ^Jl^; arrows iiD tlio hoOBM. ^nl MntlLrvDi*^ gr *hL Mt-rgojt. 
lolo'); iti'i'iu «, tiunlcoy ]0 (r. ; iwer llio Mott»ri>ne lo BiiYono or Slrcm, 
Iti uiiil Mil. 

Bcanlifii] vit'ws of thi' lakt? us wt iirowcd. In llt« cietitre lii-n 
I i«Iand o( San Oiuliu (m-r aljovs), and mi lUe sl«pp i-lilTs ot tlip 
r. laTik is theehiwcli oft lit- Madonna iSel Sassoi'.tei' iiliuvi:). Bi^jonil 
(30',, M.,1 Corcoiiiu llie ti'ain Irnvcrses a tiiltiiLf; cjij lliu W. side 
of the Turr* (/* i?wmow*, a eonsiJlcuons olii wnlch-luwi-r at Iho 
8. end of tho laltp. — 33V, If, Gostano, a camldtrMv v\l\ise 
(braiii'li-lrtiii In Ah", noo tiVove), Wc now iraverBO the ferlllp Vol 
tC'A^ingjiri. 3S' '^ M. Burf/tmtnnei'ii, jnnrt.ion for th* lins from 
Tnrin to Aronn Iji. 5). — 46'/* SI- MnnM (1305 (I,). 

58 51. Hovara, stc p. 83. Froni Novara to jUj'/am, rw'lway in 
1-1'', lir., MG p,8i; ta Lae^ao in I'/^-S hra., see pp. 225,234. 


^T KttOB OnrA ovbb thk Colm^a to Viiii*u,p, 4'', 1ir«. {(lonliey 7, 

lij Lbo Colinn 4 fr.; guiily nniieruaaaryl. Ou ibe W. bank of tho 
]Hk.- Ilea PeUa -lOOti Et.; A!-b. d^l P«cf, /lit, Milwci,, bolh nji- 
prctfitdiugK dDttidflt clicfltiiiita mid walnuts I'stcaiiilHiat nr miriiiy- 
IioBt [rum Ortn, see p, S8i. Hert wi' strilii; tlic rom! b-HiliiiK oti tlir 

I hillside from Abo lact nbovc) to (1 ixr.) Anila ('21)311 (t.j. Wc liirii 
to llir left. 5 niin, bpyond ihc rillag^r, dpsfient] a littJp, ami tben krcp 
nn for '/, br, on ttip sanic li'vul, akirtlnK \kt j^irgi? of tbp Pdliiin 
(wat.t'rfall). Wc ncsl. ascend throiigti wood to tlie ('/^ lir.) wouded 
Colle delta Colm« ClOaO ft.) TLc hfiigirt Hi \.\\ft V'W. (Lnw»nv*'a*« 
Mijiilt Ruaa, tin lalte* of Ortancil Vareae, wA tt\c-o\».mVt!voTi«-5.Vii'>^ 
•ire vietf from the Mmle BrifUM, 3890 ft.,*Ui»-X»'^'^''*''>; 

90 II.n-30. TARALLO. 

JnscfiDding (tn ttio righl) wo ovorlook the fortilf Vol Sesiay with 11« 
villages. The pitli lead^ tbrough groves i>r cliesinuts sjid walnnt.s 
to [% lir.) Civittsi-o (2420 ft,; aeverul tsverns), uIjl'jicc a new nnil 
(§hi]rt-cuL bj till' old patb to Clio lefli, nffordiug a ^raud mw of Mir, 
Suaa, winds duwu. past tlii! chapel of Madonna di Loretu (freiico 
by G, FeiTara ovflr Ihu door) to CVi^"') VaraUo (see belowj. 

20. From VaraUo to Novara. Valle 
della Sesia. 

91 JL BiiLWAT in l'lt-S<!, Iir^. (far^x fl Ir. ill, i fr. M, 1 fl. frO(.; 
BijiroiiB. July til Si'pl. only. ' ti, &, 4 (r. 1)5, 3 ft. ao a.). Boit riowa 
lu till,' ciKht. Cuinp. tliu M«p, p. HO. 

VaraUo, — Hoteli!i, 'Splemlld Park Hotel. Vis d'Addi, on the 
rj^lit bank of thv MjiiiUll'iine, stiuvD tbc tuvn, wUli 3lalii1jiii<?al>> Idio- 

tcMpico, R. l'/ir5'/„ B. IV,. L. S, P. '. f- frotn B fr, (li^hl rMtm), upon 
iluni! lit-Oi't, l&tti; *t{6l. li'ItnJU, CcrrBii Kuidl, nitli gftri[«>u, R. l*/i-j, 
L. S, D. 1, P, 7-9 fr., inpl. wine, ornn. 5(1 c, {iiliiaed (JfiT.-M«rrh) . •/to«(o, 
Vi» Ccnbcflo Prlittd, B. i-l, P. !-B (Incl, wint), oion. '/, ft,; fdrtflf; 
f'rof-o Uinm-n, H, l^i fr., pliin hat fmid. 

Poap & TCT-coTtAPH Orrir.'B, Pimin dul MunicLjiiii. — OmbibOh Orrim 
Bt li|,p Alh, Ctut'u Gltiidtt. — Ct"^ Afjiino. PijiaB*. VilToriu BjnflhU[ttu(jibcrvu 
tht ttiPitrii), Willi ri'mliiiK-rooin (» trim gem ■dinillpil 3-i), 

Aiieticaii Chnn'lt Serrice, — EcsiilonI Engli-h Phgiiefan. 

TarMi'ScHia (liSO ft,), witli 3300 iiihali., iho capital of tlic 
Va!, SgJiia ami a tavouritfi mmmer-nmri, willi a scWil of art 
fSenol.i d'Arte applicataj and a cotton- factory, in fliit-lj ailuiied at 
the jmictioQ of the M/istaliaiie witli the Setia. 

From the Piazza Vitt. EmnniiGie, at thu entrance to tlie town 
friini the atation, a flight of eleps ascends to the collegiato church 
of San GitudeiKio {^catored in 1710), whicli contains (behind the 
high-allar) a pictare in sis sections (Miirringo af St. Catharine, 
Pielil, nnd Sftints) bv (Jand. pprrari. Tho Via Umhcrto Primo 
IhsvHirans tbrt entire town, A few minutes hpytiiri the Vintza "Vitt. 
Emiiniiflic tiiC Via al San'o Monte diverges to tlii- rig-lit, piiaatng 
nc»r the biiilJiiig of tbft .S'ufie/a per I'lncor'a'/^iift^iierito alle Belle 
Ai'ii, wbich coLitniiis a i\a\\\ piciuro-galjicry and natural history 
ooilectioua (Mineo Cakiermi), At llie eniJ n! tin; struct is tbu 
church of Santa Maria iklle Grasie, In wbivh h a ssrics of 
"Scenes (rmn the lifi! of tlirist flo07-13; rood-scrn;]ij nad other 
frMCocs (Irfl ai,i,li:i by Gniid, Ferrari, 

Tlic *Si»oro Moat« (Santiiarlo di V'aro^Jo; 1M5 ft, J, » frtii]u«il<iil 

?iterim-rnnorl. iliint! ill t)i<.> iinmciliRlu vininity n( llio tiiwn, is itucran doil 
roni Santa Miirlii liallv Oriiiie (ui* •bovc) in >ci mln, hy u pjYud nuli 
■bmliiil bj brnutifiil cLi'Htniil-i, in"' eoinnnnrlM n Ji'liylitfill view. Thii 
'Niieva Ocrutntftn tne iml Secra IHinctr di Vnralto' was fmitiilwl iii t*8B 
by BanMirdLnn finimi, a MilAfioke noblpiDiin nnii KranriaJfin monk, with 
llii' mMnrtiua af Popi' iimcircnt Villi '- On Iho to|i of llii^ tiill mul mi ha 
hli^poA firu a cliurcU nnil ,ta LWiat-eu. or orntdrlun^ RUDtniiiin^ Huoncii fran 
utrreii biliary in psitilcil lilnif jii figiiif* of li'iMtiitti, "■itii Hii|jpleoicQtiiry 
,S»»B<w», lagiaaiag ritb tlic P«II, •o^ eniUg wit,>i ttis E.<AoiabmBBt of 



•18. {■lufifiiinu), liiR iiiijill Bcni. ImiiM. T-ifmrrArfli h^. Ifli&l, ifcrof 

liilli'il jirlitlt. TJii' li?iiiilt<iti<i' (HiHiii, hiilll ill JIMI-1U, hu a ii]iiili<rn 
fftiA'J^i III ^Vv il*>aLo ib u |i]K^ti< rL'itr>''>i-ntAtiiin 4>f tUv At^iJtii jptinji. with 
iili'iiit l.'i'ii ntfiitt'i-. Iiy lloiai'1-i mill iW^'Iul nC IVIlUii. JIflbw llii' oliiin-ll 
In tliP Jffc(r|;f"Ki«((in"ifr :lil S'lTd' H'l'ili, witli I'oti'. 

T>i(! *CiinadQllB Ren iK-riroonfldi. .%;iau(i.i. itic llin>ut |>(ilni oIvIbw 
nciir Vardllii. in [T.iii' riilcil m en. 3 lit", (r'jiii ("nrruln i irt Uii- Alim ('"aacri 
fiml the -lljir iW/n H.i :lOltf(tJ. BL-InK- tlic luj, eo Ihc IL lidc, Ik UiU 
flifugia Oraciii Sjiainiii [tduta. in muuunvr]. 

FiiUM V*Kn,i."i Til riilu.!.!,''. II M.i ^lili^n■a^c Xvi'«:f iltilif In B'/a Urn. 
Krum tlii> liriilee tlij rni\rl iuM'iiil' Ihp liirlit Tumfc nl tlie Mn^Inilniw, but 
Iji'jiiIhI till' ItiujiioU' V'U'rii, in llii- fl lii.j iiirriunwiiii- Oirl'U- ilrlt't l.lii!a, 

ivlui'im 111 Ihi' l(fl l.ntiW. - ;ii, M. ;).jr<*i*"'('i'ii liniii. nl llir n tli 'if llii- 

Vnl Sitlihh-lii ; S>', M. I'rirriiulliiiin liin'i ri.j. Hj'Vun.! ytrrnn. » liamli'l 
nt ibr mitnlh '»f th" V'llhrlhi fjur^r^ w ira\ntnr lijc riiirniw /J-jcfrt <li IViy 
I'l (iriM 1 I'liiili' iMtf lliir AC'i'T. 1 Iri'lHi'uVi'dlii' l.iili<t«-|i«.wr fupp lirlnwi. 
-- II M. Fohello (3«*iS f(.: hmf'i fUiili; tMii'; iitMe, I'lrttu l'ami.H«.>), 
tlw r^aiiilnl iif 111'' villcv. 1» I niimiiU't rr.iii't. 

PniiH FbIk'Uii ■ ijj'i'll';- I'll 111 li-nit" \\i in I'iiiirn (M6S h.J, (fJBi-'iro, 
iinil til" vhiUi-tt of Uirm Urim nntl /furaiii'it (AlVu Ft.i to llii? i'l liri.J f'nidr. 
ill lltirmu'" [Sli'itI (I.; ,Vlli. iKil I'luii Alulno. ujil-ii iifli'c Jut)' iJtli). 17, lit. 
In tht K. of wliifti riuci tin' ifrin rfti .Voco (TIWW ft.; vir»S. I'fftin tW 
jiknii n Hti^i')) ■li'Hi'i-iii Iniib llimiijtli ihr VaUr OloreMi lu iS iir»0 ■0'"""*" 
i>nil (S liii.i I'fiitlffifjmlr. [Ilail ft.) ill tl" Vnl .rAu>«i.i'a (i-. Kk). — Kmiu 
Ihl! Diillf ili Iiai»n(ji mi iilliiii'Hn' niivlii («■ ; liis. friiiii Fnlifllul li'mli I'lS 
lh(i fliiilBl ftf ,SVW.! rti Wuyifi '.SflllO tl.i Fiii.l 111.' ili,'j l.r.l f.JI.- rf'B)7«(i 
iVaai II,; viL'ii lit -Vltt. itittin^ lu ll«p TniliCft'KiPff nnil juwl llio Jl/iJ<Ci;ffHii 
(11X1(1 EL} Til i,i lit-,; (,'ij.r.j/V>j« (-!■" Ih'Iihv). 

Til.' rtiaJ cimiiiJiB i" ifii' N, (ri'in I'lmli-ili'lU-Ilui' Ai-ijiio imp iilmTej, 
nu III-' lafl I'luih '•[ Uk' LmfJiniaiei; Icniln in ] <)i'. I<j ill'.'.. M. tnm 
"Viiriillii.i BirtLellit, n (lormnu cinuiiiiini' wiUi n. icxm liUnli, ilisttihitlfiii 
111 f.i II III' I'll liiiiiilria fu iIk' m-ii-iiiliiiii-t'liiin'. Ncsi' iIk ■'hiittli nri' tlic HSl. 
KiiuliiiiH mid tlii^ AlU, dplln I'uMq iili Imlh. I*., iiu'], it Inf. li-K fr.). 

P*>.Fii!'i. Th till' S. .'v.-r ilii- rviffc iroiChfrtn a\- Invcftt'lir tiViti ».] 
In Biiiinin iiiid (0 lilt.) r-"frgr(utiia t,tre ulinvi'i - lu ilic M.R. vllL fhtln u>J 
thn Hfechnttn w folui'i ill Cnntftelli- Witi fl. i. oi, Kip X. nmik of ttii ,irinth< 
<Mp!o (Ttwfl.,'. In fl hv!.) C^j->ivllf M'ji>t"iilt'>fl-i All', ili'lU NlKriliitlai 
(tlllili'. .Mii'lc 'rinahol, i IJniiiiuii hnirili'l fiiipty niluilnl in thi? ii]i[1it purl of 
ilie )'i'tk' Stri/Ku ip. »Ti. 

I'hdh V'aIULUI- TUllPUUll THE Vjl. St'l.l TO AltJVRJ, Stf M., niutOf" 

ililltfi'iii'i- livii'c iliiily ill IV, Ili'. itiite 1(1 fr., l>aolt H fr.!. fui'i'luicu 14. Willi 
twu hiji-ip* KU -« fr. 'I'iie ri'iiil ii»«'hinl« Iliv wiJjH'r Vul t*i!iU. "Iiii'li li'Viud 
Vni-illln In kiiiiwii «• Ihp V/rl Ur-riiif^, vil iVit'nvffi'n. rnrri, isml i« M.i 
Ulitiiliicr.ia (l'.i|>"fl,i All'. Iminul, {iliiiiij, m tlia !u9iiy «( llii' Sfi'nifiiM 
aai o]i|iakllP thc' jD|r?n-1 IMiiti <li ijfir^la (.UUA ft.;. 

tTrulu BsUiiuri'la n i'oii<( Jrjtanll'ni' ilalty froni VnrHllii t<] RiijiiHi'n in 
m. i £ fr.l iiBi'vinU lIic pii'liiriiBijiiu IVil iicfrwuiij inid VaUlc Pir.ciiln 
vlil rn.', M.J iloreivMu iSlBB fl. : Aid. Fmlrc. i". tiom S fr., ifii,i[[) siirt 
(lV,Mi; Fri'unU" (K>-»tinn*iit Vnlli- S^Tiacfiiiai »■- il M.I ft'WKrriruiK'iofl. ; 
iiiUtU (U'leiiii) AliiiiLii), iihiji.' fiir,i ndhL- *'/>*« I'tuii-iti^navniA. whot.- 
tliF iiilloy )liviili->. Ill tlic l'i! 'I'Kfiita, li> tin* lEulit iX.t, n liiiiilr- [iiilli 
himli to IKV,', M. frr-m VnrMlln) Cfn-iyfum aWII (I, ; Alb, Mnnt.- Mi%r(i. P. 
|5 B [i,. pliiiiij, wlicurp wr mny pmi'iTil iiicr lliyi (Win it'Kyiin iiiiil llir 
f^fllfi' rfi Onrmica t-i PunHftrau'U i>r FnheiU {•^<- nhfu-ifj, 'I'ln- t-inil friHH 


Uini.liii'ii Kfi'* nil tn tlie W, vil (IS M.I Wfwin Nob (Jiunouiw ^X*'" "iVLa*'! V 

|1H M.I HiniB [iHSnf.. „„. ... , ., ._ 

iliiai' Kiili 111 Wcpi, Jiiilii, mnilipr ot tho Uytiuaw IvxtrfttX* «.\ ^■*« *Jji^ 




M ji. n. 90. sKSTA yATxe 

TVnnJie CITM ft.) to (.VtuvnAirn in -I'/i l"*'i *■'(> ^iiido {iliiup bnl uut diSi- 

voll). Two pmiBi 'guide ;rr.Jl*iirl talheW. lo jt/ofljuiifon tiBlowl, ril. Hi" 

Bcyoiiil ll.iliniK.'i'ii i'|i. 1111 nut ronU "opk oh. on ilic li'tt liiiik ot liic 
8t'«i», -vii (1ft M.I Sc'H'a fAll'. T"pUill, ^i-ujiitHv [Pn«1i-ri, P., intT. wine, 
«■» (r.). imd ;lIVj M.) Piln, m <1» M.i Piiyln tiiinl. kIuti- ilic villuy Incni 

vli Bimmi I'l T'ii'dirilvsllii, ■fi''-'' P. *'_)• 
15 M. fviiJiif (-(oyniinlnii', TIk im 
left. — it M. ih-ilhi \tSHl ft-: A]|i. Vnl.oniiinn. plBtn^ - Thpn^i IhroTiKh 

lie inipoiluK Artduna VaUeu lyvn* on Ilic 

thu liJliToWiiia valli')- Itj tal M.) if!m l-'nWnfifti^ (SBSS (l„; *Ani, ilpllr 
Al[l, I',, jiirl. vvini>, T-K f r. ; Pvii«. Al[iidiiil, hiiHiitlfiilly xltiixreil. In vii'W 
vt WTViTBl pimXb Lif Mrjnln ]{'isa. Un tliC nhliri'ti ji n, Iiiicp fr ^n iif 
the 1. 1st Jnilpiiicnt by MrlrliiiiiTo J-l-^nhW (I'lllTl. 

a3Sl. Alogiia Valaesia [aHSSfi.: ■'Ormiil-lUicl MiihIf, Hnj^. witft 

f/tfjr j'jm, V,. incl. wini>, >!!) fr. ; Ijulli niii'ii July -Sept. uiilyt « villiyci' 
wllti KM inlioli,. Haoly situnleJ, is oiiicli l/c^llflnt^d m a»orl. 
To iff ma. "M nliom anil p. 01 ; tn Gitttnae.y-Ui-Tnnilt ii«i"r llm (Slffr 
^'OlfHj bco p, tin^ other uiLvnriJtiQb oji-J paHsotiTitf^iT ha'}ji'''f^fy^ t SivitKc-pfaii^ 

I.cnviiig Vornllo, tltf rnilwiiy fnr Novani ilirn*(l» ill" imrrorw 
pass kniiwn nn Onln til Loivlo. — 3-'''t M. Hiuxn Pirh-a, M ihf 
bnsii o[ llir ffdTff, Willi ii niiiu'il (■ll^l.l^^ — 'A', j Jr. lj"(i.rfin.rt. — 
I'/.M. BorgOBeeia. illAfl ft.; Alh. Brctfrtfjari', witli 2S0n irilink, 
lin§ i:otl.()u 1111(1 wiinlliiti Fiirtiirif^s :uiif ji;i|ii'i''iiiilJ.». — «'/', 3t. T'fff- 
thijipirt. Al till' rillu(ru "I' llinl iifiiiie, ;i M. 1o Ilic N.E., (i«aiieii;!iii 
i'errai'i lea. l471'lo4C: p. ! JH) wiib horn. 

To tbu U'fl. ufiijosile tli* ojittniiig of tlie Valie SosHi'i-a. ri«CB tllo 
Movt« I'eiiera (2950 ft), iuleresting to geolLj-itis. «'illi Kn/Bral 
NUlitctite (nvems. — 11 M. Grignaaco I'lliU fl.l, a larg* village, 
wh«rp vliipyitrda begin. 

FuaM (lriio»*sci> TO Cfinoioi,*. (I'/, M,, rniJwnv in",',!!!. (I'lirca 1 [r. Iff, 
KOo.i, Al. (fty,) Sfiriiaie-Itoii''.i lilt' riii1«'«y ctiliiV* thp IW/e Sf *WjV!, — 
ri'J. W. D'ft'or"inir-.'i(i»(iY//">. TIib quiilnt vlUafri- of CnivriPUoro (I'OS'F.! 
Albh Mgntp di ViirjilUO* W-Jtli h (bnltt- riUin^it ttitiiM- HUT. Uvu ^J^ ftf. lu tho 
,V. — 7 M, MaDtfi-ri'Moiurt U lilimtci! at Ihii niomli iit tlin Puninne volley 
{p. SI). *• It';, M. CiWr/'"'" [ISS" (1. ; C'lninii (IriiswiJ Ih lliw Ktnrtliiifpiiinl 
lur the urent of thr Jhnilt! U'lruiir nt Moaibiron' ifi ^'alifiirrn (tnif) tt.; 
1 lirs. : vifw). Frwni Bivllii a, m"t"t-«fli fl'iei vlH Mohhu fjjintii Mi>i"l« (p. HI) 
In Cuej^luU ill I'l, lir. rfariH II Ir. .1(1 c), 

la'/f M. lUtmaguano Boem (STO il.') is tlie jau(?tioa Tor 1IiC 

liim fi'om Ardii^i lo IWin (*tc [i. 3). — 181/, M. fi/ieiiiMe (790 tt.) 
in fiolfi! for its win^. !J3' ', i\. Bridiin f71(.i ft.] is ailiialM on one 
ft tho IdHt spiirit (il lli<; IVnnijie Alps. — Our line cross&s tho 
Affogna I'p. 8'J; nud jom the liiit; frum Doiiic'i.Un.4i>Iu <'p. 61^), 

J., Google 


SI. Genoa 95 

». Frmn (hi Plnjia D^ffrrul lo the Hwbani. 7hr- OIil 
Tevii, I«l, — h. From Ihu PlHib Dtfomu-i lo Ihf riitin 

jlfqiinvrrdn unit Ihi? LlKhthonao. lOU, — r. I'raui Ih« 
rUna Dirfuirml tu |[ir P^aiF.a Mtiiin rU ll>« I'inu Cm- 
TCttfl, Via (1[ OitcrtnmlUrtMie t Mnnlp. CMWllxdu, 
Ctmjiu 8«nli>, 111. ~- il. Fruiu Ihii Piuik Dortiii&ri t>i 
thp via •ti Cifooarallinmti! ■ U«>c aniJ Ibr Lidii iJ'Al' 

SS. From Gpiiob lo Tvntiinifriix. Kiiioru di PoiiRiite . . 116 
PcRlI, IJT. — Hiiana, iia. - .Mbcagi, IIS. — Alujb, 
im — San Iloni'), Hi. ~ Oapnrlnlntt!. Hordlghilrft, \». 

88. Prom Genoa to Pisn. Itinera d( L*viinW .... 189 
MiTvf, ISO, — Mowlii lil I'Ditaaait. ISI- — S»nu Mar- 
ebcritiL', thi'ncc tu PittolInD, 133. ~- Ripallo , LM. — 
Ho«i( froin Hspano to Olii>vi.ri, IStt. — SbiWi LoV»BtO. 
IHT. — Li^viulo, ISU, — Spi'xU, 1 10, — Htnuift, lU. — 
Oarrtrii. lU. — Vl&rag^O, 14S. 

84. Ttie A[>u&u AI]>h 147 

Thi» ITariMrrW iiii'l Ltnuri/tn Alpt Bud IW diintieuDUn ..Ijwnntn^a (Ui> 
bniiftrlnry bclwirn wlilch U s«mi: 21) H. la tlic W. of Octiob) *1o|iii s^kHk 
jiortliwir^^ to Ih^^ Po to the form of md oitrnvtvo rolUii^ ^oiinlry, tad 
iJ»i^>nL! Abiiipiiy tiinaiili Ilio «;■ lo lh(^ H. Oecuionil elrtliqiiklic* imaiitt 
(he Ap^'ri:iiiii<» b?t(^Wi?n l^iT lli« procpna tiF *c(tli*mr.*af ta mvl quit? 4t UL 
itnil. On llif W. portion of tlie Sii*/" o/ Otnoa the moiintnlni no iritor- 
■ectoil bytlfiil and duup ijrunn-i'Bllvyic, l)iv liim nf wbivb nisy ha linDcd 
nven hi-fuw tSi- uei; in the E, porlion tlic rlvor* ftui- In lunallnillnil 
vnlluyii, brr'ikinK lliri.inirh ta lliu M-» uiily nWrl ■llittiiicr aliuvu thi'ii 
moulnn, 'Tlir nniruvi Jllflrm, nr coiiut-ilTiilrict, ti. t-ii:!'])! m G^uua and 
tho moullj" i.f lliii |>rliii:ij'st viillry", Hlwllrred frcim iht N. wlml lijr tho 
itioiinln im »nd ♦njrty* a fin* Nimny «»pe«t. While tNp mfHii l*irpCTMiirft 
at Turin la nx~ Knbr., tl U uu Irjin tiit.n fll* at Hiiii ItuQiD) anil agtln, 
wtiilo 1t>(> tninpiiiatnti? iif Juniitry uritgti !l'i*'xt Ilm Furuiiir XnA annaAiun- 
nil}' (alls tn a'. It nvorBRf" i*" it Itie lallcr mil Is rartlv lower IhXR 
Hfl", Tlid 4:1imjit^ ni tho Rbvfi^ni tH iiiiil'rf.iri' lEiihlfrr IbLn tuitt at Romr, 
and liDcR itir mlitdln iif ilin tntli trnl. hi* aiuatlod crovnl* of Tiiilar*, 
Suinir from notibcru wlntpii. 

The Ei»nrt*, (ilviHliid by Genoa into »a utHtemtBivieTadiLeviailf; 

f, 1!B) anil a Uigci mciileru ^ilf (ItMtrKJi Ponmlc}, wliii'h bcloiiK* In 
ranci? from VuniinilL'tm >vettwiinli, it ant a! (In* iiiii*l bifniiliriil rveioni 
uu catlli, II arrunln n ili'liuhlfiil vtilcly of Uiidicapcu. loIJ tnil lofty 
protnuntiiriaa nitcniKtitiK willi wiimb-il billii, ami rii-tily Mihivutpil ptnini 
m'-iii the lUBiI, Al ploi'i'ii llii' loiJ jiaino pn-i-lpiiouB inj frowning i-liffB. 
wanh^d by Ihc ttirf of Itic Mn'Hliirfihf^an. wbilm Ihr hiimiiiilA nn <rr«wnMi 
villli llii- Ytrn!t»til<' inlin at lontprn eifrlnl In byronn apm (nrpMICPtlnn 
tKaiuiI pirAlc-i. A I nthi'r plai-ni rit«n>iivA pl.intatiniiii •>f oUv«* . Ni\'>^ 'kAl^i 
giotMqiic anil gnarlrd stpma. bright grfnn nlni; - tmwt* . Mift \'<i>»'''w-'* 
(TtnwlbH of Hbfi, vinpn, rilrom, orinsc*, "UMirt»ia, oilit\p»i^»tt^ •■'^'^=*"''^,^ 
Hip rlfw. tnil nvcn palm* arc ocpwiDnilly »a^^Q. iiAH'J »' ^''^ ^•>'*'" 
SAKoisiK-r JVoi-Ificrn (Wly. Hih Edit. * 

.- -^..i^^uAc 





GliKrmiD||ty ^ItualoH lu fertile apota at on pktureH^ae hllls] otheia, 
commaltdcd by uncieul ktranshuMa. aru perclicil like nc«l» smong tba 
tooke. Little rhorcliea ami ctafitlK pcpiing tioiu tUe BOinbrL' falligp of 
nj>pri>Hes. aiiil gigsntlo grey plnuMdHH nf rmilc fniwniiii; i)[i(in llii' iioil- 
ii>e plaius, tiiKiaaali^ eahautu; iLc cLarma oi th« aucacty, wliilc tLe vaiit 
Btptini? ijf tliL' Muilircminfiin, wilh ITa ewei -tarylng 1ib«», rNruia ona 
u( llie <:Lief nltiavLitius. 

Af^ tb^ onimtry rliffrrR in Tnany Ti.<4rie^tfi Inun Pieiimont, bo tlflf^ Ao 
ita luBjLBiTAJiTa, wLik llinir Qonijufic ilmlenl, wtiich is diflleiih for fot- 
tfigrtDr« tt> Lin^li^ratJinil, (jf^i^uplit^ a uMifl& ] bct^c^u tbt GbHia pKtnia 
of Uppor lUly tml tliot of SiinHnifl. Tin- liialorlfal devrtopmCQl of Iha 
tvt> uoiintcri^s hUu hAa buDU wirloly rliffsB-i! d t- TLi? u-xtitrol re^rjiircii of ttie 
tCl/uriTiiiir, or Ihi" inhihiinnls ot I he Riviera, wua IhR »i!a. nnii tliey were 
jicr'urdiDgly kn4>wn tu tbo G-rcok^ ut a rury otiriy jivrfQi! na ptrnl<74 and frH«- 
boalert. &a the Grenic Muiaiia (Mani-illi'Kj fcrmi^d the cetilre of traile 
in S, FrsiJiiu, witli Niltftifi fNiciO lis its fslrntiic outpost liiwiiidB iho F(„ in 
GcHDh <^u[iBlltu!rd Ilii' nuturnl oiillet fur Ilic ti-sJQi^ of Ihn Eivicri, OiLr- 
iug tbi^ drd i:vot> B,Ch Oiin>>a bo^jrime tiibk^LiL lo the fiuiitfLUM, wlia !□ tiu1}- 
lu^nvnl cstilurli^K hnd lo wu^ie lc<ng iiiiil anntinnlu wiirs wUti Diu Lignriaiit. 
ill urik^r 111 wiiufc tbu pORsuaMiJU of lliD uiili^ary conM-ruUid to Spuin. &• 
lite as till- r^i^ nf AiigijAtiis t-hv Rnmnn culture hid niirlr litUc pr«f!T«aa 
beri?. At tliut pDiiod luu iukiibitiiiLlH miioilol riaibtt. cattle, hiiloi, woul, 
anil lionoj-, tL-cpiviog wirci »nri oil in eiiliaiigtv In Ihiv Jlli i-eol, tlir Lortga- 
bardt l.p. IQ2) ((aiDdil a fouiiig lioic. i»d Ihovcetortti the polititol ttma 
gf thp «oD1ltry nraa ^udiiAlly nllBrod, TIid W. pHrl- wiEb TJicn 'boFongrd 
to PiiHTonco, but In ISRS cs-Tmi into tlin poBioHBian of fhn ConnU nf Savoy, 
famoQ^ t^iL-ir i^nly acvvsa totbi; ivn dipwn to tbe pufiud when they a-cmiLrcil 
aeno«(lHia|. Allvr thi! AuEtiiLo wuruf isas Nir? t^^l^ «i|. M.} and envujr 
fU 89 ^n- M.) weru cuJctl by Ilnly lu Fran™ in iSBtl lis « eunijiuimlion for 
the aer^ices rendered by Siiiuloon III. 

Thi: dibliicl uf Liififia, i^uEii>i»IIiig uf tbu provincoii i>f FvHa ita-H- 
rixta auij Guana, wtih iin *m\ «f auiO aq, M, and l,07&,IW) inhab,, ohm 
titioKi lixe RnpfBLTC vr (iKiroA, wbici] in tbc latb nenl. bvcjiniu mintcMii 
of Ihii W. ptrt nf llii' MtditLinBii'iin, suil sfttTwurds foH|[ht afjainBt Venice 
(ni ItiR nupitniary of I.uvuHt, Orcan'A Eccntncsii was foimdod on Ibe 
ruin of PjU, Tbo Tuhcho Latruj at tlir Oonivte was pnihodicd ia the 
Baying — 'Maro bbdih upht. montiKtic •onza nlbrti, iitraini «?iiib toilA, 
^ nimjio feonaa y^r^o^a', jind Dn-nir- {lti{, Kiiiii, 1^1-59) ftiTdrL^saea tbeu 

witb Ihe woriln — 

'Ahi, Qcaonaij uomml div«rH 

B'ugni uiiutiiuo, pi<;D d'''^i loagAgiiii; 

TerpliS null liflp voi iM inuuil" a|H'i'Hi? 

ModvrD bistorisna ilui^otibc Ilic (^bi>riL-li.'r Df Iha Ctiiiiuvno in l)i« middle 
(ig«s in a almiloi' striia, Tlie nbulc tattey it ib« Ocuvcse ee«iiQB iodMd 
toi hiivc bsUT cnncffiitTat^d nn (omtnerjtMiTio tho piimiiit of brIii, Nolwitli- 
aliniiing ttipir pioiid UBVul Niiprctiiiidy llj^y purtii^lp.itcd lUlln in tbc 
ii^tiiLl^tuftl dijvflliKjinivnt lit Tlnly, unil u^titikCr ^LiKapsafd s, acboa] of art 
nor prdilutod any si'buUtH O'f CQiinoniiB. Whep at iongth tlin cffelo re- 
public vaa ini:(irp»rillcil witli Pitdnont it bcH'«me Ihr rop[esanIat{vi> ef 
radical principles ot conlrnloil with tbc comeriiiitiain of thu royaliil 
totlit^. GiiitepfK ilasii-ni {lS0N-:3) was Ijorii »l Oenuii [neo p. 101), and 
Garib<wll (IHtn-sx), thoiijrh liurn at Nico, hih tbc lou of n CJenoBao of 
CbiaTiil, Tbc rivilry ul Ibu oavu far-fnmuil rvpubtic witli Ihw apttart 
Turin, «nil nt tbc rextlciM harbour puiiulaliuu uith tbe stolid PiailmoatCEe, 
Lbvo «( Kccal yeais licua pioiluulivi: uf veiy uultlLe ceaiLlta, Modom 
Ctvnaa hiu, nisriMi'vor, ri'eaiui'i:! ita Kni'lvnt DiiTosnlilu inipuitaune, lliougli 
its oaviil aiacml hna bina txauefsrted lq Spcaii. 





21. Genoa.^ 

Bailwmy StsUona. 1. .Miiriniii l^iir^^a Frincfpe (Tl. B. S; rtatu- 
IDIil, L. S-3^ U. S-i fr.i, in (lii> I'liicin Aivi riii-rrrlc, tbu contritl atiilloii lor 
all tnlDs. Tho hotel -uinnUiFi"!'* .laii naln fimifT, *»!> n. M} «»U hern 
only. — S. Sltuil'inc ISri-anoU vc fduiuno Or/rn(u!e (PL I. 0, 7; re«t»U- 
T»nl). Pi»lia (iiuhcppi? \ errlt. iu Hip Hi'itmi) viUoy. pnnnrtcti>il wjtii lh» 
coiitrnl »titti'>n lijr mviiii' nf t tiiniivl tivluu- tho blulii-r partn at [hi- lown, 
in Ao Brit hill uf ihL' Spt^ii nnd PIkh Irnitin mil Ih'- iitiiTtlnc*p°inl of 
tliu lucail liain* li> Gliltivirl, Tnvi.OliTii nnuacfiitf monm bi-furL'haaii will 
io veil Id >4<>erUin fram Vtie Inn-flord wliclker \a iliglit at anil bouk 
IdKRH^ IB Stsiroiic Prlnrlpour Rricnulo, — Elii|-*«y-Ufliiili of all kiiidn 
tattj ba obtkll14^■1 \\ tltL^ C^^nrlnVapi^nU* Djontio'DGil \iii p, U^V 

Arriral by Sen, I'[i»ii™gfr.»iii»uir'r« hcrlli in ilni P'mfc Fedcrjcti 
QuglMiw ',Vi. A. B, .IJ or nt thn Pflnfc; ^nrfrea Doria (PI. A. 3>, or unclior 
in Ihi! uiclulty CsDitiirklnit ar rtlixiii btrktnti tiy liml nit r,, tl nlghl niD.], 

anil > nllwsy houltlTii-oftliso. — Tinvnllr>r» winhin;' fo b" u" l>y "il 
wUboiit delay moy. iinini.''1ii<uly after iht: DUisto mboufc ciimiiuiitioii an 
■ha ^a>y. honik tlitlr lu^gagi? tlmro for tlinlr (Irallnntlnn (tri> In thp fueiiliiau 
111 VnE d4E«iiti. :tO-3c> 1^.). 

HoMU [romn. p. Ill; rnniit of thpol «ro In nalay eltntliDDi) Rnd 
nmnr nru \iiriiiiinljr jmigvil; ifrinkiiig-wnter. auc p.xtv: nenrly All tho 
larger botol* h&'O lilt* Jtnil caiitritl Imiilin^l, ■Qfumi-Hotni. Mikakaki 
fPl. 1; A, t). Via Phc"" Duris. ia Iho furmtfr D«rU Oariian on the hill- 
iImo Bboro Iho riiiilwii)>, witli viuw-ttrrnoc-i HSU Lml« fioio fl, B. ), L. 6, 
P. frniii Ifi. irnin. l fr. ; Ok.-H6t. on OtaBU |P1. (; B, J). PisiH 
rrnvi. Iftfi hcHs (mm 5, B. IV,. L, 1. D. fl-T, P. (lonv IS, uniji. 1 (t.; 
r.-Pus, Bbihtoc. fPi. p: F. fil. Vis Vimti ppl[pnibri> S.'i, 16ft h«'I» 
from ft, B, i, flTl, O: T, P. ftom lifr.i Edbb Paxa-jb Horsi. (PI. fc ; 0. S), 
iiSemfi. kokw iIia AaqiinHel* (p, 111] tiiil nnl tuf friim (tio BrjfnoU 
8t&tiQD, qak't, wlCli p1i^»anl RirdcD. llfl bC'dH at 0-lX, S. IVg, L, 1. D. S, 
P. froiD IJ, omn, HJ^ tf.- On.-eilT, Sirnv iT'l. e; P, !1. VIb Arianalo dl 
Ti-rrn. abovp ihu I'la/ii AotiiiaveHe Biiiil oloao tu the t-'cntrnl Stnvloa, 
ISO hul'! ftain 5, B. 1%, L, 1, B, 6, S. S, omo. I (r.; On.-HftT. Isotta 
(PI. a; P. a), Vin Honn 5. 150 brii* at i-T. B. l'f(, P. lf-l&. oBin. V!, Er,. 
wilh rmtimriini. — llAr. ns i.» Viu-tr rpl, rh D, ■!), Tia OiirUi AUmrlo, 
110 bedi It !•:. B. ]■/,. b. i'lt. D. S. P. rioDi It'lf ninn. 1 fr.; Modekh 
Kuril. fPI. w- F, B], Via Vanti Seltcmbre 40, \1') hf.\« frnm i. B. KL, 
1., .IVs- D,4i/-ji, P. ii-M, oinu. 1 fr.: Bi^t, iib I,onni«"[Tl, li: C. »), Vfi 
Ttolhi aa, 8(1 bnit* fiom 4. B. I'/y L. 8i/„ F. !, S. 1, ooin. 1 ft.] Mr. 
ComnKiiTAi. rPl. Ij B, d), Vlii 6ntuU 1.3, I'D !i*d« frrim n, B, I'/j, L. 
IVf. D. 1-U, £. G, 1*. from t^, niTin. I-IV, tr,, w!tb t«ialaiiraut iinil («*■ 
(oom: Ttw Picmr.iB no'rni,, Viji Biilhi, nonr tho siailon fPl. 0, IJ. 1» 
hudx fruni*. B. 1%, L. eVi-*. D. 3-«. P. from l-ifr.i On-Hdr. Bkitannu 
(PI. y; 0, i). TIb Bulb) SM. Iso huda it 3-8. B. tV,. L. 9'/,, D. ^i/,. P. 
a-]4, oiDB, i/j (r,, goflfl. -. Lst- prinoojlng; *H*r,-PiiiB. Smith fPl. c, 
DO; Enirlis^ liiidlc.rd), PIii*:!^ Carii'umndlfl, R, i'jVt._B, 1';,. T.. 3. D.I. 
P. 3-10 fi,. iucl. wine, ona. 1 It.. ffRuiicnlcil \iy EiitrlUh anJ Ain^iVanst 
"HOP, ViUTonu [PI, 1; I), B), Pimm AnnimsiMr., U<p bcilK fnim lli/j, P, 
frum aVv ''.. with realaniiiiii ; Kovai. Aqith.a (Pi. k; 0, iJ, T'lAnen Ai'iimt- 
vnrdo, nosr Iho CunlrAl Nlntinti. IIS horts from m/j, B, I';,, L, 3iJ,, D, S, 
P. fritni 10, oinn. Irnni lilt' liaibuiir Ti'u fr.; HOr, nlc FlUici et Kcssti 


t Opno* ia ilisi'loil iiilu tlio Seallirri uf fV?, itolo, fVr(*ria, .Son 
Viin^en^o, San Tcodarn. nnit Maddnttna. — Thn liean tit Knfflc la tho 
Placia OBfermri [PI. E, 5, 6). — I'-ia, slroct; tiko, Ua'i*, 'jvt'> rt..v-kw>, 
lilinil allyy i milita, annunililig stfDrt! mjCTit, TivnUiirt. — tUb 'iii>i"e* »•■ 
muwlxrcJ in lliicU, Hn iliDps ftoBi*o'«ft) »» ^^^i ^''i^" 4\OCTa"A 4.-«'^«'*'' ^ 
)□ leaiuDiuiM ara jtninhewtt alio (eg. lut«cn.o tV ^H 

I ^^o^ak.M 

96 HI. II.SI. 



(PI. ^j D, £), PtOMl BUncbl, ]» loilt ut S-4, 0. IL/t, L. S, D. I, P. 
10-11 tr.i Hot. CKrrrn.i, [PI. c: P, SI, Vis 8an 8plJ^11imlo 8. B. fruiu a, 
U. I'/i, I.. 3, D. 4, P. 81/^11, oniu. I fr.: Co>;a, Viii Com* ;PL I-', r>), 
Til bull* iit*</r9. B. I'/i, L. », D. 4. F, 'J-ia fr., Kin"h Mii«opoi,ii [PI. o; 
P, BJ, PiniM* Fdiilaiie Murom-, H. S<l^l, B. I, L. S D, 4, P. 8k/,-10 fr., 
iuol. «iiii\ iiijin. 1 Fr, — IU'it, H«LV»ri» rri. r; D, 3), Piiii!i!i AnniiniiaM. 
» borJn at si/,-1. H- 1V|. L. ?V,. D. 3"/-„ P. S'/.-*i f™". '/j I'-; Bl*-iBn* 
Pkivati H.vtel, CofKo Ck'i BiiN-i !1 t?l, C, I'l. K, 2i;,-(t, M, !■/,. L. IVo 
D. SV,. P. e-1! /r.; Hir.-pBSi, Lr-'IHi-ic, Via AhnurU 15 {Pi. C, 1], 
SS h*r!a il !..1i/„ B. IV„ L. or D. !'/, (with wiai- 3). P. ft.8 fr, ; HfiT, 

CosooHou (Pt. n; I. .1), "Vlu Sun Gimcppu. It, a-3'L. omn. I fi.; CaooiJ 
Di Mii.ti, Vfn Sail OiiiHappi" 3S. R, i'L'X, umn. i fr. — DBiipnteniling i 
hotol" far louiftla. H'lth runtniimitn: HAt. UniDKE. Flnznii CiimpeUa S 
rPl. E, il. K, Si.'rH-tr.: ALB. Mtiroi^i-EiPl. U; D, 4), Vii Lnmollini U, 
B> X'ft-S fr,, umn. >tl)c.. r-^truiiizcrl by llic Ruinaii Cuttitilir ciliTgy; Hi^T. 
aTKM.A. VU An.lrMDuria(PI. U, S). II, aV,-SV)ft, 1 Lmithm b Sihpi-ok, 
Viii B«1bL Urt, B. B-Sfr.; l.i,t>-rD-IIOTB;i. licBMniiM. Vid Carlo Alberto 3tl, 
0(Mlf l>ipCoiilmlS(nt.i.n, li, fi'diaai/v. B- 1: C *'/ii P. I'/j (r-j HOt. Fibewkk, 
Vis fiirlii AllnTiu XI, Aa hi'-ls Nt i-i';, fr. 

SOteU Ueublde (with lifti uuJ ccalrtl li<iaiJiig). HDt. ItrLBimiDB 
fPl. x: F, (1), Vin Ettiirn V,?riinBi;»-, tt, f rfiin 3, nmn. 1 fr, i Qn.-Hflr. B*r4.(ilA 

iPI a; F, i], Yiit Mnitinn Fia,j{giu, pIvinDiillv "itimleil liriililv thu PiMzn 
JorvoMo, 11, B-IS. omn. 1 fr, ; iMi-tRiAt. (Pi. iin ; P, fl) . Vin Vcoti SM- 
ttmbrt au, H. i-i'lv. nmii. 1 fr, ; ExciLSioii iTl, wi E, 01. Vin Carlo Pt- 
Ijea J, nnniineriiial. — HospicM. "II'It, Jetr*. VIh KifiliJO Dori* 8, 
K. from S'ft. B. [i/j, L. KV,. T), -1, P. from T ft., (rc!l spuksr of; Dkdtbcv- 
Katuolibcueb irp>aHj£, VijL ^ti^a□lal'o 1 ^P], E, R) ^ If ivjnAA-HoBf^i "Vi^ 
Ugo Bnssi zdj SciiwiiiEBSiiiciii (Tfo.i.l. Splmintii Jl Ca^lellcMcF 20i, 
inl. 5, ffir Iviiipv. — PenaioDB. J'rnti- /7or-i, Via. Vt'iiti SeMum^iTU 3) 
fPI. F, fij, g.lO fr., well s|>c>kan of; f'e«», Riviirra Ll!)UTe.. Via Pennliior* 16 
(PI. 0, n, 51; />Hi. Itii,.,m, VU AB»Jir"lli B, P. 7-10 fr.; /fena, UeaWct, 
Vis Pl1tf>ttn. lit, ftolii i'/jfr.; i'tnt. W'ebn, Vi[i PiluwlTo C, 

CaMa (conijj. p, nvil, C'njfj firirrao, Viii Kuihh, doKsiit. Mlta.iio, 
Giil1*ri.i Maiilni, both teitaiirmti iilei>; Andtfn D'n-ia. Via Ruma, ua 
Ilie giiiiiiiilfloor i)f lli(! |prtfi!ltiirn; Pimta', Vh Vaiin FelicB, 

Bestuurants. TrattoHi. liel J-cUr^Cnrhi Felice {Pi.Vi,i\ 6; y.aS), 
(•oiji) hill nnl rtiPAp (uftcn rr"wilpilji (!'nff¥-/i'ii!om.ii(c LJfinrc, Via. Ssn 
l.uco Sil; ffli(or»«((! Cnf'^, Via Vruli Stlluiiilue 3fi, tti'O'' ; tflfiO, VU 
Curlu KbIIcb I i I'inta, OaHeria Msitlni. nnl txppnsivt, often ovfiePOWdiMl 
iniit fui Inritc* in the evBiilui^j; jlqiiHn d'Orti, Vin Snn Plelrd II, ncu 
tbf OM EirliiiDifi' ()i. 1(1]); Omiju.'Via Awitts. Uori* HI {wir.Ii ijc-ilruitm* to 
lotj; Omitifcpi*, Viii Luuiullini, ul ttic oiiniar of the Piam riolla ZoPO;t. — 
Birrerie, Qjo-riiitui d*Jtnfio, Piii^jn Corvotlo ;Pt, G, ii), Eii-ar tlm An;i|ELji- 
■oln, with BMtckn fi:iiicninlo|rra]ili and cuucetln iti tlio cVvcilii.sJ, BavaFla, 
corner ff vl:i Vnuli f^olttitiLbtn rinJ Via Efloro VcritBr-zji, IhoIIi reatjin- 
Tcnti ki mull. «'itb Munich and PilnvDi^r tii;«r: OamArfiLiM [iiliu L. ; cold 
vitnd* (n tliu evnuiii^l. Via Sua Sobanlinno <P1, t', C), poimLiii'i An^ualinvr 
£i4u^ Piiniii Cfirvutt" (PI. (1, Sj; BlrrrHa Pilten, Pinau ili'lln Zum» 
(PI. D, H. a): KrhoTt, Yin Carlu relico fl; Ccrvi»i<* [alao twiiucunt), 
IJullarta Maitiiii- 


Cftbl (1 tMlIT 1u uinh^. 
I'w iltiv- (ln'twTi-n th» BJHxnO ou 
ilii' t.. and tba lf)(htbaua» nn thi^ W.) 

I bviir 

K«oh arfiiit. i.'j br 

Uic Csmgir) Saalu [p, 111!) . . . 

Kwvl ip. 130} or Pe$ll (p. ]l*) . 

OneAwnii e\b 
Sy dij-IAl night 

1 — 

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Twn-borne I'lib 
Uv day 1^1 olghl 




^M/>Amr HIV Jnc from 8 (ftot.-ilM. 1 v™'! ^''■'■''^ Ai.™a. Iwi 
^hlpoarf Uk- ton-;!, inol. aWl o( 'J,llt., » Imi\Hm« wrMi.nnan.'OB 



i']. H. I. 7)-BHn Praiii^o'trr] ii'Altiuiu>t^t»rlii - Uuirtu - lJiiiiil<>-IVtErvi; 
'/, dr., in to mill., ili-, (tu SlurU 30, lu (.(miilc; St r.j. A brwicli- 
IDS lo llip Liilij il'jllliiiti), 'wty 1 mill, in 'i.lir., 3* c. — 9 (while 
od^MdX J'io^d ttiftir^ii''! -\ ilk \bDh Haiiaiiihr^-- i'^Btf^ I'lU-tiaD MhfIitiji 
JiMtirt'Slvrl'i : i-v«ry If. Iir, ^) i'. 8uiiii> u( llic earn iwhilp] dii iiul gn 
RM]VDit8tB Maruiio. —10 Iwhilp iinri. grv-i'ii), Piatia I>c/rrrarl Vit Vonti 
kSeilcmltrP - KiBins .•ixv-nuin-oln (PI. J. K, K>- fnw/ferp iiflla Fort (PI. H, 
Ijj lOJi STory Itioiii,, to e, — 11 (whiw Mil fcrl), Ficum /iaSlnltB (PI. 

0,, "Ji ovury H mia., 10 r. -- 12 (hliiut. i'WMO I>efO'T(iri-Vu Vuoli 9"i- 
trnibrc-Vii ChiibvjiiI - Pnntn CaxluifHitnlo-PIUiR HmiEani (Pi. K, Bj-Sna 
fi-itltwim; c^ciy ; inin., lU •;. — 18. liana Cai-icamcitto iPl, I>, C^-TIb 
Tiirlu Alliortw-I'lmia Prlnsipe (PI. K, S)-JjJan V'^i-r ifMrfiiu 1*0 n, I, «iii1 
IJicijcc in tlic one iliicrtioii W Coraifilii.nt) <tfi r, ■. Smli't I'niinaie fSS c.l, 
PrffH iHlta), dnd Fn/fri, nml in tlio ulhei li. Rivantlri {iO r.l, Unlsannhi 
(On n.:, and /i>iito/r.cijiio jailc.i. Pinit^iilrriiiin 1> n'»rlic(l ciUo bya tniifh 
«lioil«r Witu ir!,\D tlll^ I'iamn ])iii'<Ern Ip. >1I,L llm fintt (iiirt i-i Wlilcli I'la 
thi' iiniiim <\t Oit'itii pBiiifii ilitQiifli t tiiiini-1 ii;, M, In IciiKth tnil fcry 

Cable TramwayB (^iinli^D^nrJ.i, 1, /'(a.ijnricKn Zwi?iii('l'l. IJ, K, Si- 
Ooriiu llHilioiiii.s (TI, t:, ii ]o«.).K«ii S'icnl.'i ip. Ill; i;.p.)-fjift<rH'>ttii> 
tliryoaii PJ. K. 1 ; p. iiaij every 10 niin., ftOe. — 2. I'lassn Portfll^ iPI. 
F, i>-Ci»'*o^a((i<,vi(a[PI. r, 0, S;p. HSji lUe. — 3. SraiJonsfiasio jvi.i. 
djip (PI, A. B. 1. «! Silitn San HojiPoi-CJmjutfoM (p, ilij-, «T»ry 'j, li». 


■U (arlhaTBluni. — Bniftll utidn af IngU^ nrricd latido frM; ttnnk 

Air. — MUTOH Ctii> (votlniv-miliiuKiliili piililiHiiO. u]' tit IllMI nii^ltoii 1 fi. 
30 t., ttcU LiJiili. SOO ui. Wir. ; Bt niylji Cfiom 10 k » [h.iu.), SJ"/, mure. 
Trunk »S i?, Tmill imt I'aliJ iK'yiiDil hi'rri, Vultii, PiitilcilOTJMio. ni Fialo. 

OmnibUB (i»m iht WaJia Dcftrran >Vl. E, 0. Iij- ilit Vii Qurlbkldl 
«nil Viii Knitii In liiL- I.ViilrHl SUtinti spnl \\«- l-'ini^a I'rintijM [PI, B, <l 
fmr' l<i I.I. - - UotO'r OmtiibuB fi-nn tbo Fittia Xiufi'irtn lu the /.Jdu 
■tf'^/hiti-ii [p. mil. in -iiminnir only lf»ni, ifinl. mlm., I fr, 6"ic, rrliiTtiUlr.); 
Id faettilhio (p, lillj, (iiur Uiw% dnljy fs /(,, n'liim-tickrl I! (r.l. 

Motor Oars f.^r ^^tfiirAii^na may he tiirort it th' Uaragim /iruiiKJ, 
Ci>fBi'j BiiL.Tiuv Ayri-'B l1'3, I, K. I*]. 

flleotria ^ramwn^ {frojii A nr 7 jt.Bi. tu Tnii)iii||btJ. Th« itdbarhAn 
lines are (juDcrallj oipfi'iowdcj by workmcii IibIwmo &.ao anil T p.m. 
1 .'wliili' liuiirils nnl iaoipn. ulc^. Pliiisa CaHcit/ne-ibi iPl. D, 4. fpi- 
PiiX«U DDfcrraii (P1.E.3. HI- Piiim Curvnttn- (FL. P. O. bJ-SfiuJuna 
Briaiwtc iPl. I, 6, 7); i^vury 6 niiu., ilyr., — 3 [fJ iinil wliilol. Piocsi) 
Durfmiri (PI. &, S. tti.Pisim Cortii»ii-Pi»jiin Miinin (PL I. IJ .Vin i\ 
Clri'iiuvilliiiiuiiii )i Muiile (■lillvii lit istui Nii;u1j. ji. Il3:-Pluia At:i|ii>vcti]e 
[PI B, C. i)-Piiaio I-riiicipe (PI. B, H': irvi-rv ;■/, luiu., »]«. — 3 ■ 

hvliiU' itnil yolliiw). Fi«-:-a Dr-fiirr-ari -ViAiin torvotln - Cumo Amttcn H 

roilMti (PI. P, G, 6, 7)-Vi» Onf, Mfsti-rin^a Cai-igwtn (VI E, S}: W 

every i inin., Hi i>. — 4 {whilt mil yelliiwj, Ilnz^a Carlciti'ir-nfii (t'i. II, 
I, fiJ'PiacBa Di'fvTrnri. PiitKXJt Corv>*tln. Oiiian Amlfn Pi>H«t*-l'ifl Ck^f- 
tiira (PS- K, F, 8, Bii fvety It uiin.. If. c. — 5 iruili. t'taxia Deffrtnri. 
PiutEii Curvdttn . l>iii»ii Mnndn (PI. I, l{.YIii Uunliiliin rPl. I, U-<\tmj>ii 
Uanto (p. IlSj! nwry Ii/, mlu.. sn c. — e (liluoj. Pi n;;a flrr/ecmn'- Pi Imb 
Cu'vitlo-Ptuia Porlrll'-. (PI, P li-Tiu.ii .inlla Zit-m (PI. D, E, S) -VU 
Ballii-Pinui AefliiftvoiilD-|-ia;;n. Prinript (I'l. Ii. 3i; pvcty 1 mln,, lo e. 
Tiii« llpr tun« vBtliy Ihronf^li luniicU lu whiuli Ihc tonpsTalurii in Inw. 
— 7 (whito and bliioj. i'(a?M De{iirraTi-\\a Vnnll McUc.iil.rn (PI. F, _^ 
G, Oj IJ- Via Caaerari iPl. I, K, B-ii-Cainpo Santu-Dgria 'i'mlo ctory 
1(1' tnin.., SS F. — a (roril. PJnira Of/Vrmrl -Vu Vcnl! SfillsmlirB - Poftte 
Piln iPl, H. I. - - ■■ ■ - - . 

(•vfiy I/, tr., i 
lino niDS lo liip Liilij il'jllliiiti), I'Tprj' 1 miii. in luhr., 3* c. — 9 (while 


djiP (PI, A. B. 1. «! Silitn San HordD-CJmjutfoM (j, 111J-, «T»ry 'J, li». ^ 

(tn winti'i Cfei; hr. ud w Little Ji)*bJ, Sue. down sDc, H 

Lliifti rniimiKnrlJ. 1. Vin VonCi Sptl.niihTP-l'aiito MniinmtMft.le (»o«.-"t. ■ 

Hl.fl, 9; p. Ill), be— 2.Pifta«> Poilrllo [I'l. F. Vi-»vUii.B.\aV^'*'«"^'^^'«' B 
loonip. PI, E,l:p. 11,^1, 10 <■.; SpproMh tVit(.ug\> VW 'i»\Wv*^'.'>'w'.«""^'*"*' M 
I liiiiiirl IS.'iyih. lone, n-llh 8bcipu. ^H 

98 ;//, It. gi. GENOA. Praet.lmi 

TbentreB. 'Tetdro t'aiitr Frtiee (PI. B, F, S), ant a! th» Utgost in 

imly, ■ipcn in widtLT unty, fur ojiciiii; foCUoaiita Onnnvnae (PL F, 0,4), 
Vi» Uuito, foi npiTB... (wiiukinK nlinwi'dji Piililfnrfi<t /frjjin-a liJar^lifriin 
^Pl. <i, ?), Vii VttulJ Sellembre, fuf ilMniM, opi^tnn, uii-il npi-icltin ; TeatTit 
Paganlnl (PI, F. 3, l), Vi« [Ijilfiirn, cbii'Hj fut rliaina", in wlntor only; 
T*fic™ Verdf. VliiV»HliSallpaihri>aii. — Vikicti TliEiT'iiE*, Stnhiliineiili 
Riuniti. Via Vuoti Suttenibi? : Teatrt! E'inn. Vialuiiui:L>iiiiuFi'i]){vnii I'cutro 
Veriii, aw ibuvo. — Basd in lh« JfijiiiifJla /tort (p. 114) llircn IIinOB a 
neck, U*I0,3U p.m. in ■iniimur anil f-1 p.m. in wlntor. 

Bhoija. mtdiiBSi.IiER! t A. Dmalh, Via Luuculi S3 [PI. E, S; alic 
EngllHh »nii Freud] bouku). ~ PiicrouniPK*: A'lidct'ii vii-ws uf lliu Ri- 
viei-a lud N. 1UI<' may W Im-l fioni all si-t-it^AlfrA. ot«.; Cieelnri, QtiXait, 
Haitinl W. — RirnoticcTroit* ur Wn««4 or Oid Mjistekh: Hl."ta**i%, 
Pinna LuFculi ti. — FiLianiEii Wokie i Baraijino, C'Bdceilla, tinil uthon. 
ia Ihii Vin lUigli Oriiflct: Sivelllf Via Hums 80. — CnnntKU Fann Ifrutli 
tandit!^; HiiiKditenyo, 71* i9i?gli Oicltpl Tl : Kiaingiiii ^ Piiiai& SuEigli^l 
fvrr" n f.'nus'iiwlh', Piaii^ Dt^fvrrjiri. 

Post Office, PlniiB DL'MTiiH fPl. E, 8i, npcn 8, to 9p.iii, — 
Telegraph Otfioe (Fl. E, 81, PhUkiu Ducitlo (p. lOlJ, Pi>is« DcTermri. 

— Si'vi?[fll bi^mcl] ufllc<:B. 

Baafeai's. Oi'ii'iff. Bi'ojt-n, *Cd., V1» Clnribolili Tj .Ba-nrn (Aiifmww- 
cfoJe Ittiliaiia. PiitZM Bunchl [?l. I), D). tip&r thv Old Tji«tiiDg'ii (f, 1M]I 
CjwiJ(o Italiano. Yia San Lilca 1 «nS Via Venti Sottombro SS; J9aiMa 
d'tlalia, Vin Sill Lorc^ilio (fl, D, E. 6); I'pMer. Viii Kiiiiia 5. — MoirvT 
OBji*DKns nlmnili-iil iicJir Ihu OIJ Escliliigiij Via RonH. ?G, etc. 

SteBtabOBts (<'tmip. uliu ISaeiltktr't Matii-trraataii): Siirinti No^io- 
naU. di Servi;l Maritllnil (VI* Uillji Jtlk Wftkly tit Pttluctim. lo LKglium, 
BiHliH, auil Flirt iilur run (Goriilcii). ti) CiiHliari agii.1 Tnmi iTflpuIi), «i« 
L«gliucii, NjipU"", Mcitlua, ond Cutiois tn Aleii»niliU, vti Nuplfn, Moaeina, 
Roegii. 'nil Cntaniii lu ^yrHH'iiKU, vH LKgliiiru, Ifiiplea, PxlDriua, Menflin*, 
Ctluiiln, liiv Piivu!., dD-cl Cotttianiiii'tiilc lo (Jtic^^MELH — Xaviffi^^'fio Or- 
vi^rnlr /(a/(ana (Via Veutl SotlBnibri" 311. Ihrlci! loowthly v[» Naplcn M 
BoBMn or Nuw Vork. — TITiiiB Siar Line [PiBEll Anuunilala IS), 10 
Nspli'B, lliliraltM, Nott" Yi>i-lc iir E'nton. — Viiniurd Llae i(J. Fignli, 
Piaaca Smi MdrurlUro OJ. to (librultDr And New Vurk and lu Tri»tB. — 
Ha-Hhurii-Jlineiiea Line (Pimiu Annimsiatn ]8|, lo Niplfa iinil Kcw Y»»lt. 

— Nitrtii Orrnmn Uond (Fralrlli LpiiiiLilii, ViiiQnribiilHi S), llirku inonlblj 
lo NiiplcK lUliiiii iir A nil "11 liiicr), wuekij ui- (urmigiilly- !■) Vaple*, 
?«ii'ritLi', OibraltAr, iiid New Turk, rurfiiiitlitlT lo Biisrtu and AliOKXulrta. 
iMiCL' mifutldy 111 Niiplcv, Citbulft, SiiiyE-iin, Coohtituliuoj'ik., OJiSHta, hn\ 
BMOui. — SMielii Ittilia (Via VoriCi Si-llfmbti.- U), txi Veiurc (Tia GlH. 
baldl t), niid Ltoffd lla-llatm (PoImso Duria, Via AiiilMa Dwin)^ omro ft 
Iwioo luuuliily ti> Kiti'len urnl New Kiirk. — Lloud Snlnuido iFiaisa 8in 
Slru l<ij, iwifc uisutlify lu Naplc*, Piilurnio, anil Sew York, — J^enayarict 
3lari'U"e» (llorrlrund, Culntil Zin^riri, PnlHSiii Borig*. 

PbyaioiaiiH. IJr.-r. R, ,Sin)'mle!i IBubI.). H*ii;l Unionoi Dr. Ilreitlaa 
lajifika EtigUnli), (loiKfi S<ilf(!rinn sfD; /-Vn/. OiOB. Fe.Ti'afi jupcaks KnpliBh), 
Vin Amaiiitii II, Uc. Stirilf im-ulisl), (Joino Solfutino IS, int. 1. — 
PralettaiU Uoi-pilnl, SiUts Sim Roofhinn, *ii.pporti!<i liy the (oTPipnor* In 
QtDun ^pbyiii^inn, Lir. hruiiitif), — DentlsCa. Bright. Via Sunli Uiacama 
* Filipjiu SlI; ilarkui. V\n Ki.UlU i: .Wfi/n, Spilils Hnnls CulCTina I. — 
OhemiWB. Zexiga (Eiiitliih prescript iun*), Vin llirlu Fplii^e i : /'ctrnuicdt 
Tnicr^ta^tritait: iliiKcaiifti. Via. C'arlo Puiitu SK; FiiriTjatria Aifft<f-Ottrviet' 
1^iCll (Hklini, V'ti Citimli ih, 

Bntha. At tbo Atbrrgo Dhr/ic, Wluw tlie Ttiilro Carlo Felice (mO 
abnvit); at ttio Paloisn Sjiiri'/la (PI. P. 51, Salila Smfs C»«irioit, a,nd 
plupwbuc-, — PEi a..Tai> (July ji Aug.) al lite Liild d'AJlaco (p, ue)| 
aluD at SiQ Pic I d'Arons, hoyiiuil (ho lig'hlhunHU i|j. ilH ; pivurly Dttiiil lip). 
Sua-liiihiDtr pluix't DD tJii; Uivicra, dce RS. ££. iS. 

Ijtui D AiailicE llatiint^ pubb!ii.'be I t(l i!,j m tliii AJtiur^o Diurnn 
,<teeji<?ve/i Silita x!el I''ajiilnti) (PI. E, a, ff); in Xhc M i,\Vtni iAMMiii ( VUij 



III. R.11. 


firnnU QiBDotn^i f Pillion ^Pl- O, fl) i ib Uib ^i<t«nii bflhEnd th# IJolimbx* 

roonnmi'nt IPI C, *i: ott. 

Tourist Avaats. TA. (%nl; if' S<>», Tiwixi JelU MeiHisat IT 
(HI, K, (1): (JjuwTraiiJ (utso gruxlt nnd nlpfpioB-cni- i(rrnl«), Vli Vodti 
«aUFi)rtnT~S:: nuil CiUiu ^iutrLri (PI. A, i); Attotiasionf tfaxiowle 
Itiiliaaiipei- ?/ .l/iiriniciflii i7ti J'firc»Mi?r<. Pinitu Diiffrrnri .in Ifio Tuttro 
Carl') tVlli'i), ■ Goods Agents. A'lwHt'i'i Erjireu Ci>., Pimbi An- 
vimnUtu Hi Sofifta TratuHa. VU LdihoIIIdI n fPI. D, I, 1): J^fmrnr 
It Oerltatdi, PtmiH Snntn »iil>Lnft 3 (PI. Jf. A). 

Ooiuialit. Iliunmi Ou|[4ri.-Ui*aH«i.. U'illiiHii Keeiv. Vin rslcntra)!) 
vio^-n nil Kill , O. S. Btnk. — AuGniciiii 1'ox.iui. , .!ame» A. VinfM , I'urto 
ika^ien PfiAttii, 0; vicc-ponsiil , Janu-t H. I'mmfl, — Lluto'" Aiixirr. Evtm 
IfnfiV-tiiif. Pulmxti ilclti MvritlUnii. — Hhituii CiiixiiEit or CoMHSnnE, 
Tici Iiintt-oDiB l-'riigiini |10-li; 3-S). 

Englisb Cburoliei. CiuTeh nfthe. Bain Gfinit [tnitl hy Strwl, In 
llic LuuibBrii Elyk), Piuzm Mnjiilii iFl. G, I, M; iii;rvi<»>a at M.llk, 11, snd 
fi; thupluiii, Jfaif. K<iK*« il. BuTti. M. A. — Sraaira't Sn»tHal», VI» 
Milan u 't'i (Mi-, Biirtdi nrrv. tioD. mid T h^ii-x. -.Su p. ill. i wi'L'klj waovrt DU 
M.; r(>iiilinB. writln)r. imd rCLTculinii toomn apon. diilly Itt ip»nicii, 10.11). 
^ i^lVM(iy'iT((i.pi (.'/mi rc'i , Vin Pi'»rliiiini l fRrv. Jim. Lain-n , SI. A.): 
'.Mnlci) itt 11 - Venoa liarbnvr Mimion. in i^onncctlon with t&e 
Brit, ft Pui. Sslltir*' Si'ciiil;' Hinl Hie /\mri, Sr»iuNii'» Friciitl Sadnijj 
■■■rr. Snn. si '.30 inil Tuci. Dl M p.m. in thi> Sailori' Sat, \& Vii MiliAC 
(Unv. Mi, I^hii; mil Mr. T'r.M, Ri'MIIhI. .Snolnl i>ni«rtii>iiDHiit>i Ttui. tl 
e p-W. (Tiflitnf* we-loouio). 

OoUeoticnB uad OoUariCB. 

mi TTfB»itfti ([1. lost, Moll. » 'rhiim. l-l; i/, If. 

_^_. CTiJewciK fp. 10!j, dftily. I'l.'cpl Moc, lO-Sj 1 (r. ; free la aiTiuuiiM 

on ThiirB., in wUlcr va Siinduvs, 
Palaisu Biaiieo (p. lOB), i)g,iLy, li'-L lAiiHl to Sapt. lU-l); L U.. Sun. iSe. 
i'alassn JIf.ale (p. llOj, iliiiy, in Tim niisonnc at thn i^niirt. 
Pnlaza' Hosio j|>. lOTj, on Mon.. Thitm,, niid But., 10-4; 30 p.; on Sun. 

■G a.; claa«! DO TnCH,, Wi'J. imit FriJuyn. 

PnnioipBl Attraction.* (iwn iliiyv). iitDnv. Mamlng: Sut' Ani' 
■ I 111. lOJ!); r»lliL'iIr«l (p, IDS i; Hurloiir ([i. lau APlBriL.ion; Tin Oail- 
(jp, 107; witli I'iait III 11(11 P^\s.i.-ci, RufHii (p. lOIJ ur Ilia Pit. Uiaiirii 
10*]; Via B^llt 111, llUli I'lUfjn Rmuek* fp, lit) i.t LiKhlhodx' 
113), — 2ml Diiv, Mc'iniiiK: Vln Viinli Spttoiuiiic (p. Ill); Cotun An- 
^ FiiilL*Blh (ii, ll'll; aaniii MuriJi ill Csrl^iiiuui-i ([i. )14i; ViB ili Cici'uii 
vjillneiiinc n Miir« (p. US) ti IiiQo d'AlLnu lp. llll). Afwrnogm THIctia 
)>iuocri> {{', IIS); L'iiBt<!lliU!<^ia (p 11.1; hitsl Iciwnrde ovnnlaB). Invllld* 
ili^iiU ati aitcmpE lu vi.ill llic BiKneiio villcv oi Cae1i.-llic<no in vrinloc 
whoa thu N'.W, wtnii (Tuniontsjiaj u blowliifr. — EMorilon lo Kotrl, 
RCS pp, lia, IIV, 13i>i Id PnttaUaD, p. 134., 

Genoa, Italian Geruum, rriinuh Gineit, with lti3,2IIO Inhab, 
(■J72.400 iiicl, Ihn siihticlis on tLe lefl Iwrnk of ihc Bimgno), the seat 
uf auiil^'orsily iinilornn nrctiliiahiip mid Ilia handqiiarterB oftte 4lh 
Italian urm.v corps, is n Filrong forln^ss and tho chief eommspofal 
town in llaly. Its situation, rising abovii the sea In a wida aemf- 
firolo, and its iniinerfln* paIaf«E justify entitle it to the cjilthot of 
^La Sufierlfii'. The old (own is a network of imrrow ami atoep 
streets, lititil witli uiiixij-atorieil buildings, lint the newer qum'tors 
liave brmd noil atraiglil tliorouglifures. Since llie ITth cent. Gbboa 
I ilBSU proluclcd im tlif Ujutwird side by a rariijiurt, uv.^ ** IS. 

ilwMolniKtonds truiiL thu Iiirgfi ligliUiftttntwwS.V's^ .a\\*'.-^.\'^'*'>. 
Ihe Ftrrffi Vegato (162(1 tt.), Ui t\ve Fdrte tU»» ai!««~ 






'1C90 tl.) ani then desccnils past Forle Caaiellaccio <1250 ft.; 
p, 113i into the VBllfiy nl Iha Bleatfiio, on the 8. E. The heights 
around tLp town ure crownuil with ttn tlalftihcd (oris. 

Th(! oldest barbour I'.QURistei! nf the f'orfii or iircscni Inner 
harbour, tilosi-il in the S. liy tlin Mi^u Yeecidii (now 660 jils, loti^l, 
begnn «bnnl 1S50, aud by Ihe iTMo ft''(i«uo (.7150 yils, long'), dutiug 
from 1637. In 1877-95, Siowi-vKr, v«!ry exlemive aililition» were 
made, largely at LLe r:ost nf tlit Duht al QalUera [A. 1876.) TIib 
Molo Nuovo was prnliingL'il ti> Ihi- S.E. by llie MtAii Duca fti 
CfaUiera (abciut 1 M. lung), and cm ibo E, *itie u iiew breakwater, 
the Mi>lo Giaiiii or Orieiitale (5S0' yde, long), was uddi'd, creating 
u new harbour (Partu Niumv) and an oiilor basin ("^jtamiporto 
Viltorio Erniiuuelf •'ievondo) for nieii-of-wnr {coniiJ. the Map, 
p. IIG).. Tlii^ .iggragate water-area of these differont baiina U 
470 ncres; the length of tho qnays (calatej U 7 M, Tho chief im- 
ports iirp raw TiiiitrriaiB (eoftl, eotttm, iron, eocooiie) for the factories 
ut N. Italy, besides whenl, joaiao, and petrolyam from Russia niid 
Ania'wn aud piiosphatns fruiu Tunis and Amuricu. The cxiitirts 
(niiich hes importujit) are mainly cutto'U aud silii fabrics, Carritr& 
marblu, etc. Guni»a is x\sv au ini|]orUnt eitiigratioa liarboar, la. 
1 Mil the barbonr was entered and cleared by iS.SJi) fosscla, witll 
an aj^gn^icalii burden of 15, SOU, (WO tons. 

Omi')a, wbic!) is tlu- Iii'ftdi|iiftrtcrs of tlic slcel combine, knowa 
as thH Unione Sidcnirgica, is ^ eotiiiiirrcial centre for the iron- 
iiiiulrig interest and fcir tlic grriwiiij,' indiistrieB of Italy, (rnm irou- 
founding to slilp-biiilding. Mont nf thi' factorieH, including a rolling- 
mill, oil and ciilonr fuclnrins, i^tc, ari' ustahliBhed in villages to.^ 
the W, and iu the PoleiWuru I'lillcy (p. 63j. 

From ibc cnrlipii tiiiip* (icnoH hit bi^pii fanioiis as a seaport: ibtot 
i^ii U.C iiit trA'Eo villi L}ti! Orocke, EtTiiHriiUH, sitil Ccli^i ■h'jlk jiln-nhTy 
roiiaiilurslilB. Tlio Itoman dirm of itji mnnlrijial governuipnt b'hs malii- 
ULflCii ihrDUKhaul tliu pariod «r U\ii tinrl-iariaa iiivn'jk'iiN, vilirii n Frankinh 
foililal iiL.liilny xjiTung' Mp iilutimiclt ut thi.' natiVE^ nokk'nau, Tbt^ninull^ 
Idhdii uq till.' Lig-iirian cvunt lixikvil up lu (Iriina ilk Urir eliaini^iiMi ni^Jimnt 
tho Si.rEcnn>i, (rim rivggi^fi iIjo eonntry fruni Albonga nnil KraiiHinctu 
(FtliUelJ anil jti {ISG even (iljinloriMl Quniin ir.iL'lf. Iu lllli-;^;! Llir U^-n- 
eete w«a*il war vith viryinp himhb agninil I'ina, whioh thrcaltneii 
IU niarfliiHe Rouiinorci: from l.lii; HUltlcineiitii nn (SiirHica ftiiil SSii'ilinia. 
In liip felinwing nonliiry ttifi rival citius wfri> ulmntt pcimnucnlly iit 
KBi down to laM, wlicn tho puiter of Piaa vrnt nhattorcd foi ever ia 
liitt torrilrlo naval biltk' H.t Idi^lt^riH (p. 5]£), At a Htill earliet pnrifkd 
(jmiDa had partiiripiitPil In the fcranailcs. unil sCTiirml to lictntlf a bu»jr j 
tTadu frith ilici Lavidit, Hho alhii yvnaoKuvi Hottli.'-iia&iitfi m iliu Criiiii>&b 
at CoaBianliniiplp (I'er»l. ID Syiis, inil Cypriu, in Tiiiiin, AlffBTJa, anil 
Mvrotcu. Tbc t<inm:iiu<irit rivtli)' of tlm GcaoMP anrl Vcnctixni ivaa i. 
friiilfiil tuarci! nf wan nail ff^iiilk, n-liiHi wufc Dot Linilud until tho ilofcat 
of Gvaiift at the liullli: ot CUiuggiu in lIlNf (cninp, p. »4ilj. 

'inu- iatvrtial liii^lnty nf th(i city wn no less ehiMinprecI thun tha 

Biti-nial. Till- fiiKly-imiflii^la Imtwreii tli" great fRiuitii.'n of llio Dorln, 

Sjjfiidfn, Ailnrni, anil Frenfuii ((Jliiliiillin''«i on cue niilp. and tbo QrimaWi, 

J'ie/icAi, liiiarchi, and Mnnlaliii (Uiu'lpba) ua lliv iiDiiT, Inil tii avnio 

owtraor^latry r^»alU. T/iO dDf«atB<t pavty UBftS, rt fte m'SBmrt ot ttt«\cb' 

OSNOA. lIt.B.$!. 101 

DWa 1 Dile|>nai1 onco, to jnvuke IliB (ill of Mne f*»Ini [irinee, «iiJ araord- 

tmrly we llnd Ihil iflui tliv Ktli uvnl, IliD kinic* nl ?ik|iki hikI Fran». 
Ihi; umriiui"-" I'f Minilfermt, &nj] the dultc* nf Mlluii nenr iil!i'ia»lu1)' 
mJiittT" n/ (itiucii, Wit Win llii» Mlnlr i.f JifTiir* (intrti»1l)' »llvti;il by 
1|>E ivvulEilfuii of tSfm^ hy hliitjh tlit.' oicliinjvii ■*■)' >>! iljr iiiilinjty win 
ovt'rtficiM'U. iDi\ 1 /"'uuf, I'lijcWil flit Mil", liivMli'il "iili tliii iiiiiti'ijii' iiiiwcr. 
la ibu aiiiltt vt *H lliii cvufubluii lUc vnl>' •inblv I'lcnu'iit wub lliv mun- 
Chaltl* Baiiro (fi Sitii <li''<'!rlti, KhirHlinA itpqiiitrnt nxli'ni-ivi' jiiiiimhIiiiiii. 
cliicflj U Ci'ultB, Biifi would, pi'rliapi . Ijbvc cieiiliiaDi- »biofbtJ tlic 
vholf nf Ihr Ti'puhlii *nil I'nnvi-clml it InK. i ruminiiiPlnl trliln-nrary, 
hBfl not OciLun Icit iw pu-n'ci of iDilc(i:iMli>iii duvi^lupmi'DI by bccoralng 
linnlwiiil in Ihr I'lrK iit tho Hnmt |i(iivLirii. /Uiiirra Dorin CHHH-lSBIi; 

f'. lllj, (lii! Bitinlral cif Kruijvrtn L'liirlut V,, nl. tuiiRlh rc)iiluri.-d jitacu by 
h» iiiiUhll4>it»Knt df B nnw aii^iie]M. ranitllntlriii |IIi9H), in'r tlio UD' 
■llrwinful cnruipirity irf FiLincd ill IM7 wu OLU of Ihi' Uid nlluniiiU to 
miikti Ihi' mipri'mL' pirwut ilE^pisTiittuf im mi>Fricll<3<lpor"<mal fi]iibj1i4>ij. Uu! 
the |>DW« ol f]cn')a ".Hi (iliridy on llic w(iin>. Tlip Turkj ci>n(tiJi'n.'i! ill 
Qriciitn! puHHUHviuuh iiuh^ ftflc^r Aiii^tlicr. Aii'i tli-^ c^ly *'ik* aiLbioelcd 1<i 
■uvetu liuini lint Kill < i>j l.nuiii 2IY vt Ftunri:. wlniT ifi'i'l uikIit Dny/irm*' 
boiii\iarJcii GL'ii'hiL Li> ]!!r41, Hail by Ihi; liiipr:ii4l ItunfiH whn 4jOi:ii[ii«!rl tli4^ 
ritji r»r si-KiH i]>i>iil1iit in l.'lA. Tlimi' Uir u,'(>ir ripi-IIH )iy n |i(i|iultr 
riony-T hi-^in by ri vioiic thiriwn by BnlkUit, ii ]in\ uf ID yeqm, A rnvoll 
In Uoriirj. whi-'h begin in 17ie, «>•■ niipjii'muiiirl only villi iliii aiil of ilie 
Freniih, vhv nflrrii-iitrln (ITIIJil t"nk pon-H'miruii of tliij Ulami on thflr owu 
bdiilf. In 17B> Iti'i oiiHlQi'inur roi'iirnmiinl nt Oniiiiii wM i>n|Hir>i>iIi>il liy 
tli« iiviaDer«tic 'UiTurUii Rtpulilii'', uitabliiliEiJ bv Kspolcon, Id llitt 
LiKUrJE wtu formally niini>i[nd In tno Knipirn nt rrtace and In 18IK le 
tbu Einiciloin cf Sttciliuiii. 

To Ihn »tiitlonl 6f nrl (Innon ftlTiiia iniifh »l Int5pii«t. )jaiiii> of tJiii 
Banllcr chuirhru arc of \rif aiirii:ut rjii([in, Ihuiiiih luually nltcred In 
thi> UiiIMr' ]i«rli)d tiLiI aifiirnixl \iy l'l>itn i<r I.niii1iftr>l ■culiiliirc. Tim 
8i-niil"iinr:<- imlBPts of llic livnoiMr nolilrnc arii, nn Hie nllirr liHnil, of 
ItiE- ^r-ii4l(i-«1 jiii|i'4>rtiitr'it, Niirp.h«Aiti>{ i» numhi^r ttiii' la^n^iBcvfltiB tUtfJtv u1 
any olhL-t cily m llily. Many of tli.-ni! pnUra* netii fii-elui! by daitacsa 
Alctui of IVruHi" (1BI£*T!), ■ follmmt nf ,Vkh.-irl in^lih, H'hdiii' itrtc 
iiiBuenuucI aim] tiilinoqiicnl niohllDiitir, moat uf whom wcie Loin l>iiiit>< 'Hfi'crii 
LHtHm/, liitriilijiiicf Siamu, tai ollmrnl, In "piW of octrniuaul ilvft'olt 
OBnoL-tv piliioo-ntdiitoFiiiru i> dF mi Impoainic buiI irollorm otinrurU'r, and 
dlijilayi (fri'al Iii(fi'iiiii1y In mtkinK the \<.'>\ of unfuviiriblo mill linillicl 
■llaa. Tlii^ iitlm<i.>i. inuraoTer, oontain a Funii'llvriililu number uf vnrk* of 
art, nnrl Rdbi-'ii, wUu lotided «I OuDoa ia iOUa-S. itm! Van Dffck {i^i\ill) 
have nntii^rt ml itii> mcmiiry of many inntntauni i>t lhc> noliKviMi-- Tho niiivn 
Bchvu) of an, bowcvpf, ncviif rune lo linporlanrc, ami w*" lllllc bi'UtOUtl 
by IhL' Inflilonpe of IHn Klomnlimi* fmfl l^otri'inti" nrd inliii hy lliat of thn 
Cftrii'i'l {f- itt). fiis chief psiutorn wcte l.iiea. frimliiatn |1S1!-0A], Giac, 
Batt, I'aggi (l^Bi-IMJl. Bernarrln Slrnssi , «iiriiainp(l /; t appuceitui at 
J'nti Oenovete (IMU-IMI), and BeiiBderio CaiUuUoiie {lOlO-lt). 

a. From the Ptazna Deferrari to the Harbour. 
The Old Town. 

Thf PiftKKA Bbfebbari i'PI, E, &, Ii; 78 It. above the aoa; start- 
uig-|ioini of most of tiic electric traiiiwnj'ii, p, 97) is tliu chief 
centre ol iralllc. On Its N.W. side stands llji: Pa^-ttZM Deferrari | 
(18th crnt.j. Opposite, near tbe eqni^iliisti st.tluv of Garlltbtd^itl 
arc till,' Tfiiti't/ Carlo Felice iji. OH) aiu\ \\n^ \tiit«\^ ■. ^tc. Wt *S 
siile ihc J\'fir /Cj:rAmiiif aud the G«i*r<Ll I'nsl Offiw. iVi\.^v 
Thf Aa-^iigifu Liovsrici. ni JJellb An-n i,V\. «.,¥»*!, \««A-**-^ 

C'. ooqIc 

lOJ US- H, VI. OENOA. "■ '''■"" P- ilfflrraH 

17&1| aoanmmodBtM on the llf«t Hoor the Bibtioltoa Ctviai, aiKf 
on tbu icennd floor Ibo *M«u<-i CkiMMni- {udrn. , *m p. B9J, |_ 
vftluablc oolleetioo o( .r»iiiinese and Cliincii; art. 

'Vhv tVort Vid Swllni Iraiis from tim W. nngli- of Ihc squiro te 
till' I'lAiK* U»itn;r(Tr>pRiuo(Pl.E,6l, on tlicK. sicii.' o( which nice -~ 

Siuit' Ambrog^'Dt o I'liiu-cli of ibc Jcnulb ilStitI;, withafB;B4af 
L'timplvluJ in lUItU und ii [itrirastly iluO'Oriitvd iatvrior. 

In IHBB; covrri'd), Bigli-sltnr-plfct, I'ri'iniqtjtion Ju thp Triiijili;. hy BulJi"l» 
fmn enrly ttark nt ithiMit IltOTj. 'II11: frmr Ulacik iTioiB'tliLLti- iiotiiaiDB srfl 
(tnin Kurlo Vmurf ([i, US.I. 3rd nltnr nu Hip Iffl: IliiliKni, •HL lgB»tlMi 
licalliiK ihc rir.k (en. 1831, rostufud in tSOti- cov.'itfrl). 4th »Usr on tb*^ 
left: Aitl. Smiiiil, Mirty-rOoni uf St, An<ln<w (Hill), 

On the N. side of the PimsM Umberto Pritno riaes tli« Palasao 
Duoale (P!. E, fl), th» old residenpp of the doges, originiillya baild- 
ing of th-u I'ith CRiil., but I'l^modellcd aliaal 1590, nnd modoriiiEied 
by Smciii Caritvni tidcr n fire in 1777. Tho siimptnons interior 
(Bnr •Stnircosci now ci>nt[iin8 thp telcgmph-iifllcB and other govcni- 
ment-ulli'UG.';. — Tlic adjoining Gothic Torre ddi I'opolo intes Jrom. 
1307 (upper part from ift.TJf. 

The hii5>- Vi t S,<s LoHKrfjw (PI. E, D, 6, ft) mns hitiipfl tfl tho 

'CatbedriU of San Lorenzo (PI. E, ft, 6), fotmded in 9ftf>,' 
rc-rrrotud abnul llOO in ltnm3iirH<iiic Htylir, rrsturcd in the 
ftothin style in ia<17-l2, nnd provided with ii Renaissance doiiip liy 
Gaietuui Alt^aei in 15(17. T\m rlioir was uiorienii»'i1 in If^tT, and 
tile interior of Iht nnvo hiu buNi hiirmoiiionsij restored since ItiOGi. 
Till! luwer part of tir« f.ii;«il'C, wliith connisls ot alli:ninif c<)ijr«i!a 
of bi^k and white [iiarlilu, vns roiistrui'tpd In imitnUim uf tbe n 
Frejieb Qoiliic churchi^s. On thft B. inwpt (tbi? (i:ilv oim nw" pie led) fl 
Is the Bo-callod Arrotino ('Hcissors- grind i'r',i, tlw lijjuri' nI a saint ■ 
H-ith a *iin-diil. Tin- seutjiturcN of tlie jiriueijjal fini'ld dale from 
the end of thi^ IStth pL'ulury. The KoitiLUi(.-^i|iii' «idi.>-p[>rlalB are 
riehlj decoralod with si'ulpturoa of the 12-I4th oanl, (on the N. 
portal, a (!arv«r'i iu«crl|itluii o[ I3ii) and with arekaiatic ornanieii- 
lalion on (he (inlablainre and impitals. 

Till ImmidH, 10 wlilnh lhi> iiiAKiiiva miliHtruptuia of Ilia lowan foniis 
a kinil af ■iriiiiD, ntill rctulD* lO Ootlathlan nolumni ttoa 1ht> orlflnil 
!toniano*i|iii) liiiliiHnff. Thi> upper ordiir nf nolumnH (IteniBtlQg with 

f'itfi" brl'Jiirii tu the LiuiUing ol HOT. Thu Bsllutl'Oa woru roiDBVud i»h«B 
ho (lalDa vnm \tMght<'t\i-i iihont MHft. — Thn tonib of HitoL. Calvi 
(d. LllS.i, tiiMide Ihii ilUr on llin rlfrlit, Is tliu olilcpil Hpni'iniBii uf 
tarly-ltantliiiinxA aiiiipiiiiii hi (innnn. -- On thn tlcht. over tho BBfiinil 
iSilo-purlsi, i« tliu mDiKiinrnt (rL-->1umi In luoai of Curdiiiil L(tr4 FlMchi 
(d. 1830;, by 1 W1..W"! (if JJiiiv. /■mhhiD. — '['liii fi-om^ui!. in tlio trlDlOpt 
ari^ hy Lod. I\isiUajihi ;liiio). ^ In ilic diipsl lu ttio tiglit nl lliv uhofr, 
■ •Ctrii-iflitluii. Willi nniDlii Kcd angulu (ooverml), tlis uioalorpftM of JPrf, 
ibM^Cflo ^ LMIS), In thu (>liuir. hundnmna utilla with bilsid wink (lAli-MI). 
Jt# ifh»pfi U ttiD Ivfl uf Ilio choir, all pliKuren nml a bUIuo of Faith 
CtMt Cniii/iia$i>. In Hie flint chmmV in Wire \pU ^\yXi> Jti! eov«u 
M Af fff'vA 'Wto fcrCa, The lorijuil iiViyA <,■« omt.o n.A aAmWwA'), 
f *6aii ffniTAMin Uattuta, liy IJom. Ua))i|tili V.*tU« VWKl^ tanWisa 

GENOA. 103 

1 (WMpbups of iha 18th o«n1- ( ? be*ida Itic allar) »Hh rolJM of J»lni lb* 
Baptiirt. Thi.' nix Hlatm't .11 iriv >ltli-> arc by jVoICo CfvUoJi {f. SSO); Uia 

MidoTinu iii-I John Ihc SiptUI )>)- /livf-riHi »A;i>oii>no <IEOS)i ili.i> c&aopy 
AVer ifd t'oi'U (i.Mii.u unit tlm nilini iHTOlptnm* \'y Gitfoiiu) *iiil rfii- 

tlUt"\o rfoi/fl i^rtn ilMSI'. Ttir fat*'!'' "^f ""i flinpnl, irilh tdmlribU re- 
[el* aliiJU>> |liC-Hl lidlil In llic rtllnrnunn), WM i-xi-i^utnil liy J>On, toil £lf4i 

f«E"io rfoi/fl i^rtn ilMSI'. Ttir fat*'!'' "^f ""i flinpnl, irilh tdmlribU re- 

pin aliiJU>> Ilic-Hl lidlil In llic rtllnrnunn), WM i-xi-i^utnil liy JJOm, toil Stilt 

Oa^gini «nci fllov. da BUaoiic (l*J9-50ii Ihe inli^tiwr WM rn4c<coifttDd In 

IIIOt-UK hy Cliav. li^ Aria.. 
Ib the urrinly ia llici CjiTHKCRiL TutiBiint fadm., neo p, 90; «Dtr., 

thn v»acl out of which thi; Suviuiir itniJ hin i)i)>ut]>1t'ii sic nld lu hiivi< ^^ 

pKrliikim u( llio puii!hM litiub. or thnt in vliicli Joiicph of Arlmtthiia ^M 

caught naaui dtojrB af IbL- MiiOil uF llitr (IdiciflCr) (hd ftndonl urintit&l ^M 

lo be mutle iif K 1«rli' riiirrtlil, until it vna dcvki'ti *l Piriii, vbilldur it H 

hud bc'n uurrjoJ by Na|>ol«?oD 1,]^ Vho tiyttinfi ilnlp* fioru l&f?, Oih(>t ^M 

Ucmiuriia iirr Ibi- Cnxi; ill Mm ZmAntdi. .1 Dyimitlnii |iiiK'mKirii»l Eruan; ^1 

u allrur ihi'Iuv inT tb<.> Proci-KaUin o! Corpm Iioiuiol, i^KuiiUtcJ Id ISU- ^| 
mil )i<r Franc. K'trrfii oS Ulliin anil ulhur arlliN; a stUvt alur-friint 
hy Ulc OrniiKii gnlilMnith jUcHinr SUcd 115Stl|-, a silver ahrtiit Coi r.ho 

fTonMBioi) nn A.H Wi>rlri*siliij', by 7'frofnn liC iiu.»ie(j I113;j, with ttJt- 

Dultua nf tlii^ fiiui palTcjiL-h.iiiiln n( Osnua |&fi, Julin Ilic niptint, Lav- ^I 

rcnco, Oenrgo, ami SIiiib) by Kfjiioiif Valdtra <^V] % two <ihi^ir VAxImcDU ^M 

(l&th tnd mill cont.J H-DiI t^ottly vnsrU. ^H 

To tliie left of Iha cattieiiral are Romaiiestint cloisters (T^lli 
rent.). — Op(insiie, Vis dall' ArcivoacovaiJo 14, are tlia iSlUft^ 

The Via Sun LoreriBO ends in the Via Vitl. KmatmelH at thfl 
Piazza Baib^ta iP\. D, 5), nuur llie Harbour. Ojjjjosiie is ihc 
f»rfo Of Dep6»iti) Frnnt'o, Die frue harbour, rouiiiied in 1642. ~ 
'Fa Ihf? rigtil, in tha Via L"i>inmercio and Piswra Curicnmento, is tho 
Gothic Palazzo di San Giorgio (Pi. D, Si, cntctcd about 1360, 
(atnrgcd in ths I4lh cMit, ind in 1571, nnd from 1408 ta 1797 
oocupicd !>>■ the Buuco di San tiiorgio (p. 101}, Kostorcl bjt jyAn- 
(trade, it is now tUv «eal of the Uurbonr L'uminis»ioii fConaorain 
Aatiiuomodc'tForto). Tlic lar^t: ball is embetliiilii-d «itb 31 marblu 
.ilatoun (if iiiuii wild hitvc (luBi'rvcd well at the cilj, sonw by Loiubii'i! 
masltrs (Michelo du Aria, Pace Qa({glni, Taniaftttlno;. 

llL-liind Itic frcp harliour tlic Pudadd Moto (Pl.C, 5i, built in 
1550 by GalcQjeii Alesisi, lDnd§ lo the Molo VKthin, tbn now 
Maijosiini GeneraU aod u sniall lighlfconsu l^fanale; PI. A, 5; 
uo ndra.). 

A Row in TUX OiBBoiTB (S ff . per lioHr fflr M p*ni,i hurgata be /»(»•- 
h»n<1) ia very allrn'-tivii irhon Ihn iky l« clcai* nnd Ihn sen palm. Wb 
Hist rovT Ic till' euj of Ihi* iiru'f T^ccAici uid Ibunci |>[4c;ciid lu the Oaeinl 
di f}a,*e>ynQoin (I'l. C, 1), 7, iij, or dry docliii. whcBfe wo rnw p«-i iha 
Dad of Wtfitolo Oiana iliirlillivuxu; Pi. C, A, V) Iv Ihn Jfolu DueadiOai- 
Uent, whieli iMimmiiiiiEB n lino •View of llis elty and niduataine. Bunce 
n'o rctutu cm fuut, j^anainic Iho Q.uiirsnliuu Slilioti, and L rave !«□ the M«lo 
NuoviJ In IhL- large ligbllmiwi: (]>. Ili), wliK'h !ii«y Im viaiwd. TUuo by 
plL'Pliin (ininwgy (Nu. 15) to tho Piam Ciuiiiufnda [f. IW]. 

Tlie busy Tix C*hui Ai.uuiito (PI. D, £,1-4^ Xip.^iw* -A "^^J 
PisMa CarieanieiHo. To tlia right is 'C\w Pirrtii^ato i*'^ ^"'^^^ 
|PI, D. ^,J). tiKft arcades rMt6re4\tillRftQoftv\c«V3\«'™-'^***' 



a. Barbofr. 

Further on Uio street Icsfts past the cM Ddrtma (Pl.C, 3), 

iklyhI liarbuur, iu wliicii Fiunco {p, 101) wan drownei! in I.'i47, ihc 
Mmfitzzini dellu JJareei/tt il'I. C, B, 3, it. tbu old iia^ul urspnnl 
anil lliu Dijyana (PI. B, ^, 3^, or cu^tani-hnu^c. Bvlijnd Oh' iasl, ai 
iIjo Caiala Sauia UiiiMiiift, ar* llu' AVfiw i i'l, B, 3}, iir sriiin-iiijig«< 
^(l!ie», and (i llillc farllitr ou is the PatUe J'ederico Guglitmii 
PI. A, M, 3), near the PalEiiijeo Doria a PasHolo q). 111;. 

We rt>lurii to tlii.- amiall fi^m CoiiJiriciida(,Pl. B. C, 2\. wi'lti ihfl 
old loA/^e lit Ui6 Kriiji;lils lit St. Juiin isitiL-e 15311 Kriig-lits of Ualta). 
Al tbc curner ot llie "vis. di Pre nnd th« Via t>an Giovanni (Ic&di 
to tli« Piaxsa Aci)uaverd«, p. 1 1 1j is Ilic sniall early-Goilii« chnrc' 
of San (ritrvayini liaffieta or id jfr^ (IDIIi cent.), with a taL«tvfi 
campunile. Since n reounslructiiji] ia the 17tb rent, tlii: eDlrani 
of ttie utiurck has bt'cu al the E. cud. 

From the B.E, pfid ot the Via di Prf , whcnre tie Via dclli 
Fontanp ic^ds in Ihi' left lo the PtnKZQ Annituxiata (p. 1119), we p. 
Ihrnugli lUc- GaUnc I'orta <i^i TacctK?!. D, .■)}, the N,W. iown-gati 
of liriS, ridorued iritli iiiediieviiJ sciilptnres, tu tlie Via i\e\ Cam 
(PL D, 4,1 and thi' riiizza Fusmh'Uo (PI. D, 4i. Tlii! Torre 
Piecivmiffli, in the Via del Caiiipo, dutcs trom i460. 

Tan slmrt Vi> 1,<)in«lllni am^L-nilg tu tlie N. frnm tlici Piuia Potnai 
Icll" lu thL> PUixa A 11 nil nbI Kill, In tliis slruvt aic itiir Pnli^iv Cfut urivnt 
(S«. t), ]>y 0>). Ali^xHJ. till- liDoiv [Xn. 3S1 in vlklth Jla::i«i jp. »4j wu 
bota, aail tlic bniuijuu churcli i>( Sail Fitippo Xi-ri (H. D, 3; 19741, wilb 
fTi'HiiiiPK Ijy W»rii' Aiil, KnliiCTipliini imil Hoiiirii'li H»(TiiL"r (n. *3B]. Trip ij- 
Joining Ofat(rriuni i''iinuinn a, ■tnluu •>! l>ii: IiiiniiiE^uEiitti, iiy ficrrc Puguli 

Id llic RnuU TLizza ^an Sirci, a fen' paces lo the E. from Ih-B 
Piaxxs Fossntnllo, is the oiri cathedral o1 Sus Sibo )PI. 1>. 4J. n 
liailt alinnt ihlS (facade cT l^aO), containing frcwons liy Van 
iiud an ftltBr-fiidyr. hy Orasin Lomi (Gevtilem-fiiJ. 

riipii thfiuj-L thi,' Vi.n San Lth-j to the PiAia* Bisctn, witia 
Old Exchange (Lvgijia dei Bo'ic/ii. Bursa: PI. D, !i: liusinci 
linnrs, ll-a,iaiid tlu: fojim'r ciiiircli o( San Pif^tm in lianrhUlbSSif' 
with iia liigh fli(;l]i of si«ps. 

Tbc Vii di'llji M«<lil»l«ii«| (Jtii* ut (he nwd curion" »lr»tcl9 o( tlie oH, 
tnnn. diviDTgoH lo liic li'fi ni'ar llu- hciiiniiirig of Ibii Viii Snii Ltiva itt\ 
antttnAit to Ihv TU LuGciilI mil Ihc I'laizB rvtilun'i: Mnruau (p. JOD], 

Froni the S. corner of the Exehaii)i;i: the narrow Vu Orefici' 
I PI. D, E, .'■I, with nnmeronfi j>i)ld.>mithi' shops (a door on the rl^b^' 
i» adorni'd with an Adoration oF the Magi iu relief, l.'ith cei3t.)|' 
lead* to thd little I'iama C*mp(.tto (PI. E, 5), in (he centre of wha' 
h'uj: nncr llin nin*jt faahlonahle qnarlpr, with many aristotratlvi 
{inlaui. in this piazza is the handsome lale-Kenaiasanct., 
Palami !mjifria!i. hy (iiov. Ratt. Tastcllp of Bcrgatno (15&0^, 

A lew pacps lo Iho left, in Hip Ullk Pia««ii dpllf VigiiP, is thc 
a'>rjrat cliarch nf Banta Maria delle Vigne (PI. E. '>), rsslored 
■'* (isjjaroqm 6iyh since loSfi. 



a. TJie Old Taiun. 

Tbi* oHtirvb Han tbren Oolbia Gp^rsa abovv the ftJdo-partHl uai tlip 

light nnil II tower uf Ihe J3I^ conliir^. In tlio chspollo tliii kfl of tho 

tinll it s «'ui.mIud criivilli. "idi piiiiili'il •IrImo-i uf iW Virnlu mod St. Jubn, 

fry Mtir-iinliaiui. Thi: plinrpli It a.i.luiDeri liy s niliwd elvinter of tha 

Illh ocniiity. 

A lilt.lo to lliu N,W„ in tlio Vipti Jtfllu MpIu IPl. I'. 5>, tlo«r Ihn 
?iaMPliii S»u 8(i]n'Ivr(i. i» llic deMui I'ttttLni' Orill'iStnii, with a roliet 
){ Ht. Ocoigc an iU pnrtnl. In Iht atylf of Giov. QacirEDl. 

Wo now follow the short Via San Kitten. Iciiliiig to the S.E. 

froi!! the Pinzzn Oampclto. No. 12 in Ihc former Palazxn Poffairo 

yoria. built in the 14tli cpiit, hut altrrrd id 151», Tim vcstiholo 

and tiinirnt^iu nri> dciturstcil with niitjulica tiles rcavmbliiig ihc 

S|iai|[sh 'nmili^jon'. 

ThB Oothicclmrcii of San Matteo (PI. E, 5i, ri'slimicl in 1278. 
eontaln§ nwiiy infmorJals uf tlii' I)(iri» f;iiiiily, tlw t^'adi' hiiiug 
covered wilh iiiJtari|iliiius iu their liauour. To Ibe ri^ht is uKuiJiiiii 
■arcophngiis pimtal niiig the ruimiitis of LuiJiba D'lrin, who ilefenti'd 
tliii Vt-nctians iit Curzoln in 1297. 

Till! IxTtnion W&1 nltirurl Atinf 1530, with Ibe nttliuiticu of Gliii\ 
2JiUt^ CtJJitEilii Biiil Luia Cw'il'iuxo, Ly lliiJ Fl^renttuu Sloiil<rni<jUr who 
w«» jnviu-ci to liinta i'j' Amlrei Bsm «jir[ mswiili"! the whi>le of ll]i> 
trill {it urifB Khidj Hiloro tl>i: church. Tliu laliiilrodv i>f tlic vcgiu-Uft it 
purtiiriilHrly Bni^, Abuvc lUv liigli-allur U Aiii{n>n Dorin'ii bwum, buJ bin 
luiub i« ilk (he crj'pt. ~ Tu llm Ivit •/{ tbc cliurcli tec bitu'liuuic cluiilcrii 
with iloiihla poloniiis in ihv ^nrly-Gofhin slylc (iS'lS-Hll. with anoiont 
inin'riptioitn idmhic to ihe Surljui iLiiil rcnminn uf MciilurHiili'fi ■intiic of 
AnrJrv'n D^ria jl&3»J inA thi> ntitiir- n( Uiuv. AndrDB Darik {tblli vhieh 
were mutilnlcd iliirint; the Kt^viiliillun in I7D1. 

Tlie Uttle piazza In frout of tho church ii lurrouiided with 
Palacei of the D^ria FaiiiHij, sorno with their lower halvus covered 

k^lh biftcb and y(^lli>w nitirbU, The palaiic (Sa. ITi at the eora«>r 
of the Snlita alio Arcivescovddo heare, s.hovt its plujtanl e»rly-Ru- 

IjiuioHHaau |)ort(i.l, thi' initci-iFitiiii, '8«iiat. Ca»». Andrew ds Oria, 

VpiitrLie libu-ratori iiiuauD ptililtcuiii'. 

Tn Iliii !J,, 111 llio Via CliioMiJou, is aaotlior Doria I'alaee, with ot. 
gnrly - RdKiibiiuiii:^ rullot <id ttiu uurTuli mid in lliii (tatlts I^uii Mutli'ii, 
MoenJiM to th* Ptiim Dcfetrapi (p. loll, on tb« JViliwee Banovtif" 
|Ko. IB (ormotly Dinin), in s rclltl iif 8t' Ooutg^, !iy liliiv, ils Ulnrvonn, 

Tbc atoep and iiicturnatiup strwls to the 8. of the Via Sail Lo- 
tvitui fp. 102i, in the oldcBt pari of Cfinoa, contain several olmrchfs 
of con 9 ido rail It arlifltiff Interpat. The tnin in nation of the Via Sao 
Pl«tro delln I'ortn leads tu the Piim* S\s Gioimio (?1. D, 6), ou 
the 8.E. aidr of which stands the bKroqne churuU of San Giorijio 
(16S0\ couLaioin^ a PietA by the Speinish master tijuich^K Coi^llo 
(\st chnpt^l to the left of the clmir) and three jmintin^s by Luica 
Catuhia^o. Adjoining it on the left is the uha^iuing littlo chnreh of 
Snii ToTfffe. by Ant. Rocca fl63L). 

^A f^w pnrds to the S.W. of San Torpete t« ttiii?\kn.t^^»^^A*^ 


,*rTAWKo, with the Poinszn CaHa-nfo, ■«Y\p,fe "Vim. a. ^'**'-^^'^'*^1a j 
auKMee portal {1504} by laiuivgDiiJo au4 tjVV.«cft. — "«.» ^tw^**^ I 



106 W/. H. «l. GENOA. a. TKvOU To™. 

th«ne« to the 8.W, bj tht Viao dintm il Cnro di Itan Cmimn and 
thC'U hy «n Brchwa;^ on Ihe ngbt, ntiri rvncb t1ie Komiiii«i>qn« cliurob 
of S(»nli CeiitiHti < Da-mlaiiii (IStli rrnl.V}, whicli conUinn (l«ft of 
Ibe higli-HJUrjK Mnddaniiin thottylc of llnrnnl>ndnMqdi;na |p.4Sl.) 
From Ibc rnd of the Inot-anmi'd nco Ihv l>>litEi di SunU Maria di 
CnntcJlo anci'Qils to thp Ictl to tliu church of SoDtn Maria di 
OaitoUo (I'l. D, til, B RaitiDQciiqur building ipi:rli[i]>» ol the lltb 
oodL) with Gntlilc ohnir, on Div »ilc of tlie Koinnn casUc. AboTC 
the portal Ih nn nnrirnt nrcliltravr. 

Tun dI IIio nhifU of llio voliinini iu (hn InWrinr «ii> satiqnp. Tu the 
t1n<l I'bnpd nn lliv Ipft U n. Koinan nkn-'opltafliin. »ini] *■ in olIM; thtt 
p»i1yH<iniil»««.ijcif Bidrblo lUiT-jiiLico in by Kiln On^gini, To tb» lunnod 
Rbipnt un (lis rltibl is » CornDitlon n[ Ilia Vlrslu liy J^d- itrvn [iSIEtl 
ttlil the Ihinl lia< In-lffiLl l(<.>iial>ta>uCL> ilt'Cutntluiii lUlt^O ■nil ati slUt- 
Jilero |iy S<ircl\l I1M6). ~ In lltc FlQiili<r> ntv cdllnir-trviii^ai't of Slhyti 


IBDil Prnplicl* hy (trrmdn rjn Allrm'ti/n<i mil un AniiiiDcialiiiu liy i/H^ifia ^ 
n/ itawiuhuri/ (I4S1: cmiler Kla»). H 

To tbn X.K it thf liUU- I'iuKii Kml)riiii'i (!■]. D, $), irilh th* fl 
Torre liftjii Kmbriari, the «olit!iry rtlin (i( the oastlc of Qnyllelmo fl 
d«2li Erabriaei, who diatiiiguinhed hinmrU at tbit captnre of Jeru- V 
WHm In ID99. Tbtnoe tbo Vleo d«l Oluitinianl XmAx tu tbc Til 
Sao Bernardo, at tbe S.K. end cf whioli v.-r turn to thi' riglit to rcacb 
th« piana nod cliiirrli of Bail SoUAto {PI. E. I>), tlic littler a 
BomancMiuc iilrticluru of Ibc \i\\\ cvat. i'rt^>lure<t In 1900). Thv 
•robitrart) and evlutnim o( Ibc mitraucc show au artbaistic It'ndcacy 
like Ibime a[ tbc cticL«dral. In tbc iulfrior arc roiiiv aiiliqii« oi>l- 
Dnins and ^lu ihc Iffi traii»c|il) an "Aduralioa of ib« Hi^i, bv the 
Nf tborl>iidi»h .Vtufer of the Death of fkr Virifia. 

We ma; procord bcncc eiibcr viA ih« Salila PollaiuoU to the 
If-E. to Ihr PUua Cmh^^lo Prima ip. lOdl. or to ibc S.W. vIA the 
Strada Saul' Afcnalinn to tbc Piaasa Sarr auo (p. I IS), or to the G. rii 
tka Tico del Ftoo lo tbc Piano dt Saol' Andrea, and (bcncc paaa 
under the Oiilhie Porta Siiprana or Pmia di Sant' Andrea, ibc 
&E. ('ity-);alr {IIA.*!!, and descend th« Vloo Dritto di Poiiiirclto to 
Iho PiuM Poatwrlio and tbo Via VmkI ScttcDitira (|i.II4). No. 37, 
<M th» left (idv nf tb* Vloo Dritto dt Ponticfllo, it tfao small An- 
eMfntf WoiHw (>/■ fW»«nftH» 'PI. K. 6; p. 11 n. 

b. From tta* Fiona Deferrori to the Plaasa AoqaaTordtt 

and tlie Ligbthouse. 

Proa Iba Piaxn Drfcrrari Ivo ativeU lead lo tbt KJB.: to tke 

rMl Ibt ViaB»uaip, 112|, to Ibr Irtl ihv abort Tu CaBio Pujcs 

(PlE.r, &). Tb«lall*r lvadxpa)itlhei^ifaaDi\ittannfii(No. IS; 

•ow tb« Aii. I>«riu») ta lkt> Pttt«A uaiu Po-trixi Maaooi 

rm F. 4. IV N«. 17 iB tbis plana U lh« Pal. Drila Oiaa < 15th e«Bt., 

iMif /»^I]ill Jb tb» 17(b>. attonied vitb ii* aai>l«ut bonorary atatnes 

n/cAen.- Xo. iT ia lb« Aii. LoA. Stffanu PtUlaieuniu, 'vVCta. v 

■i/m/ Afrndf, mnd immpUtomily Stl<il v^^ ^ii noAtn uaM. 

V At tU 

. Uimlcipate. 


m. B. Jl. t07 

At tliR PJBUft dollo Fontsnc Mara» bc^na a line cit sincle 
laid out. ill tliP I8lh ftiitt Kill oeul.. i-McadluK If the PlnMii Ap-qna- 
VPrdo <|i. Ill*, nnder the aaioca ot Via Garihaidi ituruu'tiy Via 

»2^iiova). Via fairrfii'ifornirrly tVa }ftiot:iatinia), aud Via Dulbi. 
lu tlii'se »tt'L['[s, wMcb tcirm one of the cliici arteries ot tralllR, an 
tbe uioHl Impnrlxnt palaces antt seventi I'.burclies. Suiue of tli« toT- 
mer should be dslted for ihe aske oFthi^lr uoble slalrcasea, ouq ot 
the sights uf Genoa. 

The first of tht'Bip niiiiii stri't-ts, the nsrrovr *Vii G-imsAtDt 
(PI. E, d), is flankird with a. encve^sioii of paUcea. Oa the rit;hl, 
Nu. 1, Palasso £'«"'ii(Mc, (jy Oal. Ahssi, Od the L«(t, N«.!?, J^ai, 
tiambaro, formerly t'ambiaao. Right, Nu, 3, Po/. Purodi, trguted 
ill io6r-61 bj (iai. Alcwai, with (maiuoa by Luca fiaiubias^i and 
uthcrs, Ltfi, Nu. 4, Pal. Oalatdi, fumiorly Carcgia, ctucted abunt 
IhGb by 1?i(jv. BiilL Caxtfllo fp. lOri) and admitei! vrltli ci?ilinK-fre«- 
eocfl. Bight, No. ."i, /'a/. Sftinola, by Gal. Alossl, now a coniuierclal 
school. Lfft, No, li, /'aJ. Giorgio Dwia (not always open), by 
Akml, vilh frescops by Liica Cambla^o and olher' pictures iCaetl- 
giioTii!, Shepierd and sliepberdesa; Van Dyck, Portrall of a lady; 
r. VBronu«<, Susanna), — RigbL No. 7. Pal,. PtidestA, a late-B«nals- 
Kaiice fdia«i! wJth a pr^lty fmintftin, by Fll. Parodl. 

Left, Nu. 10, Pal. Adomo laccessJble by introdHOtlon OBlyj, 
iiiKo by Gtil. Alegg), oontnms aflvsral (food picturea: Huhenta, Hnr- 
eules and Di'i^nrira (hiith ranoli reetoredi; three small pietnrea 
attributpd to Mniileffiia, Ibougli mor.> ii: Ibt iityle ol S. BoHietUi 
(Trinmph of Amor, o( Jiigurtha, ni .riidilh; comp, p. 40, Ifo. JOS); 
Camhiaao^ Madonca niid sRiuta; Conieille de Jyt/oii litntJ, CliiutI}, 
tortraiti of hur oliildreu; I'dlegrv Fiata, FricM with thildreiu 
Prrin del Vega, Nativity of Mary. 

Left, No. IS, Pal. Serra (an adnilasiun), by Q. Alossi; lotorior 
rABodvlled bj Clinrlre ic. Wniliy (A 1788) and Tngliafico, with a, 
iHueut riiCDDo ball. 

Bight, No, 9, *PaIaBBo Mnnlcipale fPl. F., 4), fnrnn^rly 
Duria Tii.rBi, hy Rvcco Liirrigr- {i!<64), wifti ahand.touie atatrcase 
Hnd coQTt, akilfaUy adapti-d lo llie slnpiiii* .sitp. 

^ Tlic U ■dojni'il will) (rt'ii-'oo froia lb« tifo of Iho Dage 
GrinHlrii aad llic aT*mq»aii !□ [fie uomi «itli n itnlira uf CittanBu P!n«tTi. 
— In tlie large Cousuil Cb*>ib!!R nn lliii ii|i|iiic flow are miiinte [iflrtrJulH 

fliy 8iilvl»tii ISOJ) at CuliiioUin imil Mikrvu Pnlo. In tlm adiiitdiil; luom 
■re hinimiliu ut iellnrn o{ C<i|[iinliii>L (tlin oiiglDalit am in tlia 


,_ - ---„— _ — podeaial 

of lit! huit [b Iho Sal.t itt^ltt (Itnnts). A tvmn in, tJie wbU [0 iba loft 
cottlalnii Fi|;jiiiiiii"ii violiu {t ■Gmrneri'). 

Left, No. IS, Pal»MoHo8Bo(Pl.E,4), by J&Mi'f?), eo oftned 

frutn its rod colour, formerly tlie properly uf tlic BriffnoU-Sale 

family, was preeunted to the city 0/ Genoa in IR14^ *i.wif, ^S-C*- 

its valiialile contents, library, and "Pidure OoUcry k^l aV.^**^* 

Briffaok-Saie Deferrari; a<Vm.. set n- ^^'- '^«'>-» *^ \iWuax'* "" 



m. B.»t. 0SI70A. t>- Pram p. DeTemtH 

each rnom), hy tbe Huroheaa Harii Brignolc-S'iLlc, Onohoas of 
OallieriL (d. 1989). 

Axnonitiiis th» >tMrcAi« to tba third *iory, we ftm to Ibo r[g;>it into 
rhc Srinxi ukixb Akti LiiinnAU (It, IJ. omiinil, Ilkr levni'tl nf lh>^ rulluw- 
inff rLiiiiim, nfli*f Ihu t^DiliaL^-jmialin^it ((i-rtTp* Hy Gio'', Ani, Ctirtfttm), -ind 
c.imulnliiK ilir™ poitrnits of ikiBci of Ihn Bnirnola fnmily iU'lillji'eiit.), 

erijniolp (nuuly; /'icuMii, JJiu'tiLim uf Onlllpru. — III. f-T*™* [ 
WvebtC (I'liilinK by D'tm. I'atoi.U). On lliu Till will; OiitrriMo, CIcn 
Emm: Jf, Sfro;;*, '/f f'«u', Cnrilnn or milwnil kivo (oflerrKin- 
iii»o), Cunk with poiillry. — IV. Sii.* OiiAsi'i:. willi I'L'ilhiu JcCJr^U■^ 
villi Ilic urmoriut biiiiriniri «f llii' rninJI)'. Enlfiiiicu-wall : £). J'tu'l, Sun- 
irhttriul u/ Auollu, — V, ^ri.iit» UKtUA PniaAVWi* (/ri'in:":!* Iiy QTCuiiriii 
Deferrarii, PrtrJn Jtjpjvlonc.Vi-netiJiiii womKn ; 1/oroWu, •PKy«L"tnn (llHll; 
Vtui Duck, *ii.\\i(hvi,v Aiil.iiiilij (Chilli) nr%iiii1o-.Sii1c <iii luiiiimiiii'h (iTnlurvil 
Id \mi)i Jt.StrtKti. SfiPfhvH witli flnlc; A. D»rer, Purttilt (liOO; dtib- 
■>IC<^<I^ Ci! ll<' I'll! Willi: I'ij;i Puck. Puitiail of rntlii^c anil Ann. Eu- 
trnnoB ■ unU i Vtui Djick, Mirflimii PftiiJii Ttriguolii-SiiU fruimul), Bcnnnii; 
ur ibt. Uriiiih (rnrly wuih ; linrii luimlit^d t.n Bulioiiiiji /n<:. Jla««aico. Vat- 
tfuil i)f f»II«'r lifi'I -11111; Parin Bnnlnnr, •Porlinil. - VI, Stinia iibll' 
EsTATi: (coilini; liy tltifn-l'iirli. Oiterciiio, SiiicMp o( llito; B. Strnxsi, 
lanroiliility tjf 1^li>(iinAiii Canumffffint Hi't^iag i>j LnkirEiHi Tletid. Av^r- 
rmitp iiiiil Bmegliwll, Twu nintoi-sfunui. On tlin wimliiw-will in n Urgn 
ruirrnr wilh (1 mmj-nlflfcnl iniriji|iiiv frnnii> hy Fit. Parodi, — VII, 8t»»»» 
ij«i.i.' AuTDHTo i[ttoiioocii hy I/nnt. PInIa), Ojirf/nu. Holj" I'lnily wltb 
S8. Jobu the EvmniTDlliil anil Bmlbulsinvw, — VIIl, Stakca i>bll' Ik- 
vKHsci (frmi'uoM l,y J3wm, Piala], To llin li'ft, Pnolii Vorimcic, Judllh 
and Ho1o[tnin. EdtruiiTO-wsll : Pelltaru riula, Huly Fumilji JtfBrJifii, 
Holj" F«iiitly (o«rly worV): i'oi'dl BBrdotif. Koly Fniuily willi S3. JoToniO 
iiid Cntliarimi (unu uf tbu uBHlvr'n i'liii>[ wurld, liiil uliii'li liijurodj. — 
IX, SrA.TtA Dci.t,J Vita dbll' Cuhu Icvilinn-piilnliti^. IIid Fnlei, by Q, A. 
Oirlufwj. Van DHei*. Pitrir«li; Aheaimm JVifiCcj*, Twii. gimrn pli-liiioii, 
BnttinrF-iirAll 1 Van D^Ft, Mnrohuiis tiurntiiml BriKiialp - SitlA. with lier 
iIsukIiIw I t«oin-bi;ii). 

No, 13, nejirly !i[ipf)«llp thr Piii. Rosso and ramed 'whtto' liy way 
of cnntrn^l, la tlio FalasBO Bianoo \\'\, E, 4l, I'roctnd in 1505-69, 
alao ones the property cf llic {Srii/iwl^Sa}^ family, but bi-^npiithed 
[n 1889 with niiiticrii«» wnrfw of art to thi- city by thn Diirlips* of 
Oal]|*ra(ae*iibovfl!, andsiroi' 1893 pmivprtfd iiiton tmiannni known 
likf tbu other a» tli* "GfilJeria Jiriri>mfe-Saffi DefrrrnH (ndin,, 
tvi p. 110: lixtd in piich roomi, 

V»Ti>ni.E. (In thf wnlln orf^ iriiciiptlflna Mid ■RU.lpturei, inolnAInf 
rfmiiiQB uf OiMiut-ai] nDimlrliral iiiiiiiuiiitiiil*. 

tlrrnaini,. — To VtiB Ivfl urn iwa Toama avi^iiplori by Did Ut^ana dbi, 
BnoRuiHBirru C'^o■Ilp. p. ITKj. In I)I<^ bi^coik! Air^ tXw bamii^r of llin 'Tliou- 
Mail of MarfiU* «.oi\ Ictti^rt of OaiibDlill. - To the t'tghi <• tbe Mitsro 
nt eYiiuiA ail Arte. Roum I. I'rL'.Roniiiii aciiulvbral rciniina tciim Ihc 
VU Vi'liti Sctti'iilliru {|i, )U}. Kauni II. Lii'kc biniiic labM nf 117 I1,C., 
reroTiIinK l!ii- Jiidicmciil nf Rumaii Hrblttirn tii H iHNpiiIi: 1>i:lwi-cit Qcntia 
An4 a piallc iti tbc Vnl T'uUcvcfJi- R^iimn itinco^'eiiL'^ from l.ibiirria anil 

Luiil (II, U3], Rimui IH, ByiuiitiHi.' mlli rriini Firii, wltb lii||!Tn(la of 

U« aalDta flStli fciit,). Ruuiii IV. CulLiQibiia Itnoln. Ci^aUI I'rn. nn. 
cdMina \ (mitli pari, nf tbo >i>)ii<-i nf Ciiligujhiiin, iii>ii?iviiri;il la tSJT in tho 
OBtb«dnl of SnniD DomlriK*: mfldcU ttf tilt tiiiei: mrm-t-l" of CnlumliiiA 
OOfit), Flfrciiliiie iDfiMlrlnii, Rimiti V. Viuws nf «iii>i(iiil QoDooan noloolea 
(Mtiidf q( Cbios, Jerha, Ooi'tca, Tnbiicta), RootoW. "W u'lsWa vw'i m"?*^ 
y^iVRi; (,yrf ftniinn /oiind iu the linrWor. RonaNU. &m\^ a;ibii* aV 

.■ uioilt-la of ablpt. Soota VIlI. Bridal lieiS ol \\ic ^t\Bo.°'*o UvnWi 


(]8lh cmt^/i Ufc (if llio mill crnl.; Fcclctiulinil vcaliiK^ati (Iflli ccnI.V 

— W« rrtiira tn (Ji(> iilnirii«M*. (vithtlii- <i(iiitiiiuilifia of Ihr cvUectioii o( 

AOulptUfn. Oil ll'i* •rriinit litniMnK uK! 'I'Tuiiimitx of [tin Iniiib (i(tlii< F.m- 

ifcuA Mikr;(nTr<1 llmUnrkt fA, 1^111^ itnu^ni-t *tt tlimry Vfl-, h\ (J Cop, /Vvr«MA< 

SUTOHU J'l'ion, — i'hcr .Anto-Uooni cniittini upaljitiiri'i'; iS/xri/i) nf IM 

Dtjltft Tiohhtn, IV-rrni'iittJi "Jtur, witli tliii I'tjrtitiittinn ni t^" Vitfciii r/rniri 
Sprab); ll:i('i'lik' proi'fftnlnn. n Rdimn •urTiihiLKim.ri'Ilc'f (runi tin" futih 
of Fianc. Spiii"]B ul 0»i.'lii. Frv-ic-c* ■•( iIm' i*i1i cmlin-y. 

Itoum I. Pi'rU'nfli. Aiii^ii'TiI niiiini' mil .Tn|inri(.>ii- VBii». - Boain II 
(III llui U'lt). Plciulkli liipuati]' ; Jiipum'ao i.i>rm 

R. 111. PxiiitJni:ii uf \\ic Kli^inmli iinil DiiMi lohu'ilri. Ji\t Slrfu, 
''Ranlir wiiitiliiii;{) lluhriu, '[.uvi'i-i, Kuji>yiiji'iil el l[(i-.<nii .tlli-icm v; aIIit 
lOSni! Giin-sl llnnM .nnl FI'iriiK ■Aliiiliintia , willi KS. Jprn'iiir miil 
JfiHi^lnB nf Ti'lt'iiliiim Jim S'trrii, I'MUitrn't (i-ilivnl lliijiiii'il i; •/. riijt 
Iliij/ii'!'i''l, LibAii-ij^-' ; I'nii Stiji'l; OlifMt iiihI tlii' l'liiiriiiiii>oi ; ^V. I'ftrl'in 
tlu aider (nut Ilullftinl, I'ortrnlt i>! ii yuiinj; wonniti; 'i'ritlrr* rtir. roiiiigi:r, 

Ilxioii <«i'hoo!-i)i«i'B): .Vif. Maet, Porttiit, — P'raac. dt Sua liioratii if), 
ISf-^-ixii bunt ip[ nigv. CIJuviAQ'i I'uii Ui]L> ; t'iirif/'.-iB, Pifidlunt Uni^cliilr'M {ITOfl^, 
U. IV. SpHiiliii soil l''i'<'ii('h jin)iiliut:*. Jlurillu. Ht. Ytaurir ill octttiiiy; 
VrltHt'K'-, Philip IV- lucliPMil-j-li'iii-V. Zvhai'aii.Sif. CmiliiniiJ I'liiiluMiii* ; 
I,. Pavi'l. fiirli'iit; XiiriUa. llcHt im tlK- IJisht lulu EkmiI; Sfdcin. 

H. V. iMllnii piiiiiTiiir''. PC'lo Ti'iWKc •(■[*), liny iiMj-iin-; Fi'iitaMtur, 
I'Di'lialt I Flll}ifKSii l.iiifil, Mmliiuuik iiuil uuui^U. hUIi .'^S, Ptnncli, fintian- 
llnv. mill J'llui l)i-^ Itiijiltit (luW!; ftiliiin I-VcWjih, MnituniiA \vll.h tlw 
Muijililuil anil tliL- lla|>tlnt iri'iillm uf Hio piiintiiijj' in DcrpilimO; (.'iJfiTj/flhi, 
Mulunnii Ailoniiff till' rliilil (pujij'J. 

]|. Vt mill liilli'n I. I'liljiiiiivH uf Mil' liwitim m'lmo] mid dmwfuic*. 
II. Sli'nui. SI. IViili.i; J., ('jiJdI.i-Tw., Disim ilhiI Calli.t'.: W. futligl i'litf, 
Jai"iili'H H'tii'hijf, — 11. Vll. ttuuur'M" fri'H'rii''. AtillijH" vpihi^n. ■ 

It, VIll. "lUliuii jmliiliiign. ~- ■HnlliTy 11. Siiinll w'i.I|ilim'N, iilr. 

it. 11. Mo'lui'ii itniiiiiiiui. [ii I)k' l-^iibou iin^ itntic)tii' iDinps, vuicb. iclim, 
■ud ■uiii>. -- II. X. MftJiiUi-ii fc-im Suvuim iinil ol-uwliiTi.' i i^'iTi'lniu- 

Ci'OHoIiig tlic sjtiull Pia/Ba Ji'lla Mci'iilluiia lo llii' N.W., vb uulcr 
Ilic \'i.\ Uaikuu (PI. E, D. 4,1. The Valuizo De Man, lit tliK ci>ru»r. 
IlSH Il4 rriir-fHttiilL' rtecorH.letl vritLi paintings III griiiuiUeuf till' lalfoufs 
vt ir.-i'i'nl(is(l('.|li ecu I.}, lu tliu iiiU'Tior ,irn fresi'OTH liy L.Cnuibiiiaii 
<Ulyn««>Iijiii|Bthi'W'oi)iTB, B'J'ii'iu t'>i'^lt'-»cenes,ii«v(ii l.)iitHi.-g,rti>.i. 
At llio end of lliL- Nlri.'pl, Nu. IS, h-ti the l<ifl,,'is Hit? Palusn tiiMi 
(PI. D. J); liy Ui'fgiii-iii Pi'tiimli,, llii'imgli vilwh u Una view i* 
iil)li(i»i'il uf lli« liiWL-r-lyiii{t Viii Liinii'llitti i|i. I'Ui. ^ Wi.' lln'ii (.'rosH 
tlir Piiizan Ui'Hh Zeocii tl'l. n, 3), villi Hie MtiUiim o[ tlin <Wi'*- 
I'l-nnJitunj ui (liu Via, di CircutivrtllsKlmie a Montu (|i. 113,i iinil I'.i- 
ji^rlbnpiii i,(j. 113], nnil follow ihe Vi.i allii XnnKL'itn m ilii; — 

J'tAJ'K*. [•ELL'AsvrxiiATA (I'i. D, ill, ill ivliiuh riars llm fncrii'T 
fflpn^hiii tlinroli of "Santisauna. Aannnaiatfl del Taata-to, 

Wlii-IciJ l.y O'l/i: iM/u Puii/l in l.'.-ST. CJiitkc laipl fiH;H(!c', ulln't- 

iriBe_unlliu5it(;il, is a, tlasfit poj'tici; l;y Carlu Jiarabinoyliii'i;. 
The iui<;tigr, (I ntU-jjroporlwntil bosUiw witli a ibmc, was I'ubulit 
ill Uni ITlli oi-iit, Hud adorned wiib Ercscors by tbo Carione, (HuHq 
Jieiifj ((.'buiri, uiid otLer itrlists. 

Ill flip Icfl UauM\)l tin; allni-pleM I* II tulontcl vi'niiKti iK'iws u\. **!«■ 
Coninninff.iKir N(. Pu»qiii)Iiv iiy jWaruyiJami (.llttV tW '.w.<\''''T '""''''^y*! 
• l>Moral fioiu iJic Proas, b}' Jfuiuifriniiv (.\ia*y, Uit eu\jb»Aiii»v."'«"'*"*- 

HatDxiiXR'n Sanhctn h»\y . lit'nF.ilit. ^^ C»5)pijic J 




110 III. Ll-KKOA. ti. FroBi P. Dtftrix^ 

III till! Iiitutlsoiiiti Via Kaliii U''-''i *^ ^i ^}i "■> the rijfhl, So. 1, 
Is ttic PalasEo Durazzo ■ PaUavioinl, linilt by liatt. Biamu 

tar Piiolo Batlii aliuiil 1020, hUIi a liaiiasiiuii- Cat-Hdc a (lin; vcsli- 
Imie, iitid a trnpi-rlj •fllaircs-io Ji'fij addfU liy Aitdrru Tm/l ia/icu at 
ihc Hurt n[ tilt' IStli ci;iitiir,>. On llic llr« Uoor (bill lu llii: riglil, 
ul ilie buck/ Ulhi) 'Gatleria Dtirtasu-I'aliaviciHi {.i\iovrn on liHrih 
diiPtion oulyi 

Tlic AaTtM.n,* i-iint.nioh liimlJi nf llir Dlmiiici-Piililiii-ifiiHi fimlly. — 
II. Ho OH (Co Ihf loft. h-jfuA ]f. 111;. L<<(t: Ui'lviit, •SiL-Dim villi 
Burelmiitps (r>. 1«K)H): Imitntnr o/" !'«« iDi/iA', Largii family gvnup jnot 
Jfltlli-'A Ip ^t Eui^litikil will] liirt ffimilyj- — ll[, Huov. IlErir- iiffoszij Var- 
unit of a liirhoiii U. t'an'ialicnie. linear in thu ilr^ti'tr: THinii, Mai]' 
Msgilnlcn ^^ late wurli'. — IV. Jiuux, Gniilii Il':>ir. (.'nrilA Buiomri ; r<"jlv 
VreBnrf . Murriiiir^" uf St, Ciitlmrinu (*plm»l-]iitn'i'); Ktiheiiirift, I'lirlriiil, 
n jnniiil |tkliiri:i 7'iiili.>n:Uii, Mun-liiisu Agintlim Diiti"!!!", iiiU-li'UgtU; 
Ouiito Ural, Voti'm Erjiniinu ; II. fttjjw.tirf, MatthMO I[i|nili'l<i Panst'i. Art- 
iiiicnliU p<'rt;eln!ij vasvi in c)ie coutrc «f tlii; ruum. — V, Kaou. Chiuctc 
pweelnii). — VI. Koox, Entrminp-wnll! DoHifM lehiao. ttiai^n Chriiit *p. 
nenrjns In Itis mullicr, Ccmli o.{ AiIoiiIk ; I'njt VyrK, "bny lu v.~liltc s&Ifn: 
rmt l3yrJ.'(?), Yoiing TiitiUj; I'lu Dyrif, •Thri'O riiLMron will] s ring; 
Uubea*, "Philip lY. «[ .Spain, jQll-Itmplli [ca, l(j.W'; Jtilirra., HmigUIiu 
[»i*rpiiiff philOBuplioi") , DiimiriirJtiiH (lAii^hf iij^ jilii ti>Bn[ih<.r) ; \'r.}it I}2ftk^ 
•*M»rchT>aa CUiTinn illinisiKi with Iwo rhllilri'n (spdiltdi, - VIT BiiciH. 
UniirijiorUnl- — VITI- JloriM, (Jcvmnn Schuitt. MiitU'nnu with BjtApts iinii 
dontiri: Ver'ii'il Dnnkltr], Rput on tlii' Hiirlit iiilit Ejryi't. — IX, Room. 
Kight! fii'(i(,vn, Amlir'FBio HiiiiiitJuifV); ticrmnii .Sfh'ivC (i^ot LinnliovJ ftol'-J, 
CriiULfltirn witli »iihili. — Tht' l,tniiA,iiY coiiliiinn 7i"Hl i'"l>t., iin.'liiHHii|( 
la»ltf (FpcciuiL'tiii of oil]' i>riiiliii^. 

On ihf. brt -xiiK', No. 4, is tin- 'Foluzao Balbl-SenSregn 
(PI. 1), 3,1, lipgHii iirii!i' 1620 I13- Bart: Biaiirii athI cabrgcil in tlit 
IStli t'l'iil. by I'itv Aiit. Vorrndi. It siill liplmigs l(> tlic rnniil)' 
ivlii) biiill it, anil uUur wliuiii lln' Kti'rni j!i niinii^d. Tbc sii|i('rli 
unnrl, with its riiirii: ciiluiiiiiuirs, iilfoiiis n. glimiisr of ihr iu'wigery. 
Tilt iiilcrcgtfuy pifUrL'-gflllcry un tlit sccoiiil flour is imt iuti'ji* 
Rible Id «lraiig:i rs. 

On ihe rigljl sidi; uf tlie tilrevt, No. 5. is tliv Pa.lasBO dell' 
UmlverBlt^ (1*1. 1», 3), bnjfun an « Jissuit cuHl'^to Iij Barl. Bio-ncu 
In 1623 and iirenled ft iiiiivt>rdly in 1812. Tiic "ivmri atirl stnir- 
PARC aro llio &uf.%X nt Genon. Tlio Sicroiiil lluni- ('•iiiIiiIiih & lilirnry, 
a nnlnral liistoi-y iiiiiai;iiiii, and an unb n-itb nlK nllo^nrtcnl broiiKii 
NtuLiirii nnd I'clipfs by Giovamii dn lloUf^ii.i, A sinii-oasa \pm\» lionef 
t« tbi' bigli-lyinf Bofflnic Garden nf ibi>iiiiivergtty il'l.I), 2; riiijr 
si tlic iron gale). Ail joining 1 lie u|i|iei- ciilvNiico, in tlio Cotno l>>ig'iili 
ip, )13j, is the BofitiiU- limHtufe, f.-mndpil in 1S5I7 liv Sir Thomno 
Hnnbiiry /p. 13!)>, 

On ilio d^lit ie SoH t'drte, wllb scnlptm'fH l»y Algnrdi (ISAO). 

l.L'(t, Xo. KJ, PalasBO Beale (PI. C. .1), crci'ttri obonl IfJ&O 

by thoLouibiirdni'cbitci'lsJ^'affe. CVwitoiie and (.titiv. Awj. Fuli^oae 

for ibe litt\A77,n fHniily, snd pxli^ndwl in liOo by Curh Fwdo-iia 

of Romp. It nns punihasrd by i.liit r(i_vnl rBinily in 1HI7 itnil tv- 

it«n<tl ill THi^i, intii i'iiiit:i)iii> Uaiidsniiitt slSuMVue'H viA (reUinniM 

•^ ivto'jk' 




tJEXlU. JH 111 

(Una vicwsi. i'be iiicturis aii<l Hiilii)ulilctt arc vl iiu gtaal \al\if 
[oAm., sotf p. BB). 

Wi> VM> iliiouKti in •nia-rbunilirr lit the bmiliiKairilntllcry wltli nM4<u 

palDlinu "I"' " Ti-w nni'li'iil anil nimlnrn tlniniHi: on the riirht. .Ip^'Iln ariil ^m 

Apilliii". "11 l''c Ifft. Mi-r^iit) [ 4l ilie i-nd. Bjipc jl VT.uiTriiiiii'. by Schli-f' ^M 

tt-,1.1. Ill Ihn lli[<iiii>.cnniii, Iwn liinr>' i>>i'lnrr> from Tii»n't ■Jeniiiatam ^| 

iJi^llviMi'i]', liy i.ui'<i tli'jnfoHa. Ill ihc i^>yal npnriiui^nlN: f<in Durli, ^H 

I'l-iw-illvinn iiv>'iiiWlii;f tlii» T)»liitiii([ Mt.'liftlr, p, nlj, l-'Ino vl.-w ^M 

iif iIh' liiubciUf frrjiH ilii' linlV-iTiy. ^| 

Thr %'i;i lliillii •■Jills al ijir Pr.inn.i -\i'wrA(Kii»K il*l. C. 2), tin- 
JHi'lic siiiiiiri' in fniivl nf iln' cfiiiriil riitlwjij -stafjiin flriiiiiM-ij'i 
Xo6. 2 & (i, li. 97j. On llii- N. siilr nr iti.' i'iiuua, friiliDwjiiinl in 
pfllin - 1 ri'i'K . rlRi?s a iimrltk Statue of Columbus i iTin-ti'd in 
MUM: Kill A-ai Iiorri at ftenoa pr(ib»b1>- about iii. in IJOli ^ 
nl VnUiiduliil.i. ^1 

Tii till! VV. of tilt! st.iliiin is ihi> PiAZn.i iiKi. Pui^cii-K (?l. 11,^1, ' 
wUi(Oi I'om iiin)iil« ii \h:>K of part oT tlit' oM fnrtllliMitloiiii. A laro>' 
brnnte niuiiiipii'iil, 4(» ft, lji™li, W 'jiiilin MiniU'iorili?. «'ns evpfli'*! 
horp III lUflij ill iKiHniii- of iln> Diitf of (inlHei'it (f. lOOj. Ii rcj 
pM'icntM I.DiiTAlily linmliii^ tdStPV^nry trfiwiirfs fi'om lift cnp. — 
No. J in lh>-' J'r.ixnii iM'. siilci is tho Ifiiig — 

P^asBO Doria a Fiasalo i I'l. A, It, S), iirvw^nkil in Wi'i 
to Aiidrta Vurio. 'jiaili'.' ilcllii I'litfiu" [d. I5tju, ot llie Hp' iif ftS), 
li ivns rfiiiodt'lki I nl.'uiit Iji'J froiii dt■8igi)^ l.-y i'^cn O'l"!-, .l«v. 
Miiittorsfili. Hiiil lului'iiwil willi IVi-ncn.* ainl giDtcuqufs h\ lWin 
i/A t'uija. Till; ulili'i- briincli of tlic Dodii taniily, to wlilcU llic 
palfice liolimg*, lniB nlTiciI itsi-lf with tlic I'unipliill fnmil'yaiidBtnior' 
ully I'tftiili's nl. Ilijiiii'. 

Tlic l<jiit; l.ailii JiiKoipiivu uu iliv •itU' licit ilic nii'iiti ri.'i'utili. tliki 
.t.iifrfa. 'I'Oria. mlmlt^l nf iV I'.ipul, liun«iial. KronHi. mJ llunnmi lli<ct>, 
ill iirilor 1" vWtv Ills cvciittul riKCfi- lu linuum'ikiiln ivponr, fuiiiH^il Ibc 
[iiilftLV' U> I'f^ volinJIt for hhiiAiJf F\iiil liU iMiitr'tii4'rr<i, IIU rirAivOi wi^rn lliitn 
hiiuK hy Atlootui -nHi-iio ^ qiii'l Kcdii. I'l"' 111 iliii pirnil ilniro il roi^ru 
uiivc yi^t tiiltl i Eckli , 

Til rljt' riulit lu ihp roiir! i> s Ini'ifi^ xmili^il Itiuic'i'i. In Itnr k't il laklt^ 
(ill Bir<><'ii unit ■! ttiiiiilitii l>y 111" l'"i-l-itf ll.'iUli - lUnt), wifh * ■tnln'^ nt 
Aiiilii'it tluri" (in Kfpiiiiio. — Till.* kit Flimr 'iii Ilir lirlii mhnili iis ti> Ilii» 
Ii|rni'tnk4.-iitb *"i(li i*''yi't *it't yi'jj'i'i* Punf*^''ii:r- (ro^lrjif.i in lAI'i). (Ill ll<i* 
•'I'lliii^'. tniilliuK, mill liiiii'Ui<> >>r till' Bn'Ht i'iitiHii<'i''-liii11 air foiiu) fr'iiii 
Ruiiiitii biik'fv, \>-:hin «'lii''h me (■■lii'l" by Miintnrmiii : "ii Ihc •fnlri-jt..- 
iin- In-ili'fiil (ti'Hili'ipiifi-. A I'oriiil.jv un lU- flint Itonc. with ]ii>lfteltii nf 
\\ii> Tttiiiti fnuillyr !< I'thnmiiii^'ly iti^rf-nUi'il mUIi p>1ii'''^o :iuJ [ifLinTt'il uliih. 
mfuls III tliD Htyti! x'f Kii|iliiii'l's Iniricii- iii Hiii Vntli'^ii: n imlnuii u^illi ii 
Ihirfiu ui>iling'i>iiintiiiH', .rii|iiii>r i^iciilif'^IiiE tlio Tilinn l«iil.crl) vliiimicy- 
pfi^nc)' ■I'll » «lili'-ri"ini Willi * I'vi llii(f-fi'OHi f llii> CnriU Ki'iniiiilt. 

Thp iilciho will] a colosnal statiii' of IlfirnilPB I'lt ifiganfe'i, on 
llii.' lilII ii*ni- llm ffoti'l Mii'niiiiiP4\ ia iho only rclii' iiow'left "f ilio 
iijiper Doriu gurdcn. h 

A C»bmTji,()(Wii |\ii. *. |>,1IJ; Inwiiir ulsliim ! iiilii, hi th» S, nf tlin f 
PImih Prlai-ipu, i-nti'. frniu [In- NoIiliiKBii Hihtw »3i'uiiili \i Oraaariln 
1775 (t. ; RitlDfimls I'oui'Onli'.u with ttir'liiill, wliU'.U oMii.mMi.Ajt h *i^tL 'A'-ji 
of tlic loM-n nnil fhr mvicrnilf l,rvMi1.-. Vri.Ki VivnHRin\t V> iJ«*LsV«"W»v 
»pi' p. US. ^H 

r- - .-■■ ". ::'<< .:- "f'fl -hr SiOfUfttt lllll M 

'J. .^i" :— j:. "I. .■■X .!•■ 'ifWI. lathK 

.^ -,_-■.-— V ;l.^ T.- ;„.. ... — J'riVM'.-'f la tt>U- 

'[ ■'.' '.■ ■ -,\i ':■>■ ■ii'ii'- .■! ■;:•- '■. . ;ai: ii '.i'- ^iewnu. T- 

: . ."■ ■ '.iiiTi-".' ■' .1 ' .; -i;;::'-Tin» +inillr Btu- 

- -■ I- .,- ..; - ■■'.'% T !,'■« .!• la i|T»i 

■ ■:. ■! :.iii.iiin>-i' 11 .J" ■ . T'iirit.* if *ttf{m 

.' I.'. ■'. ' ..: 'i i ""irLM... > i ■.•■:V I'ini: Iff XODic 

i'..i ■; n . "lii' .i. ■■■■■!.■:■ jii. "<j "iii- S.E.. 

' J ..1..-HI- -[.■ -ill I F. - i.-^ ,..■ ■■ii^£.,ii t. l»7i . — 

. ..!..■ ■ ]:,! i;-- ,1" ".'1 11 \ : ■ . :■■ y •.' •■ i~ . 

1. Wrr.vo. -Aw. Ptaua D«f«rr^^ ■:c sh« T":* di Clreon- 
7«.laaunift 3, Xaj:? md lh« Lidc cTAIImeo. 

— .-..:.: ■!;■ .":i:i i.i^i '.-'..7 '£ ■, " . i i.U'iBinn.! tiWEUOgb- 

.1- ■■ri-'j ^;:'i i-r ..-. : Sf;-: f,'.'. i.ti Jankeii witli 

.1- II'.-. ii, 1,11. ,iL' . ■ ,■ 1" )■!.:, rt" . .1 !:^':0ii4. Fruni 

:•■■■'.■-;.■ i.i.iL" ,'■'-■>'- -il-- ir "•?..■•• \-: P'rlUe il'J*"- 

•.fi-iiK :■".'.- i . .■-. -.-.- .. .'7 n.; il iij' is -— icbed Irvni 
-r .•'-.xj.i.x ' . .r- ■.■■'.■I ;i. Wi I •.!.: A:-;-i'i-v.''i ?L O. A. 6; con- 
I 't*^ 1 ,/ii-k :■!.■! 'Ill' .il ■;.i.-; .■£ M.: .ij-;l- ':')xa'raaipart>. 
..■I .11 . i:'i'i A.i'i/i:;i I'm"-' I "i.-i.i. 11 N ;.■;... jr . — SUnalKil 
-. 1 ■ "i:-: ■!■: 1.- ■!!■■ r';u' ■ ^I : i i. :. '. .- ' ..■: i.ilji j>ir'.»nt fcrmtT 
.1.- I .1" -- 

%K.D£r, atflfkna Pi, t. '.'. -i, 1 4.-: I .J.:', .-i li;.:!! cuILifMcd 
.. : i:j. .'■( &., 11.1.1 ■-■^ftn-: :i,i-.T ii l :-.2: .t '3: i.-:,ri3al cksreb oa 
i.-i ■ ' ■ '■^■..- -w.: tii-.v\- i.i'i r.''- ...ii:.:- .-.Ittw ■.; ^a-i choir d»tc 
■ ...I I . I' 1,1' i--T:.i,i';iti-,n b "'i- iiii ;-...",i.-; . lii .- vucom'ehoir- 

^ . Ill 'p.: ■■il'.riii.:.;-HMlS U *.:<. :J-'.- i, .rt '.i'i9 ot BeH. da 

:?:■■•'. ■.■.II-. .: ■■!':i-.-n.:". A'-)'..--: :!;.- !:',:-;-.i'-i:'. ti.; *5li)D{iig of 
■■ ■:' -iiir-.-i ,; <ii"/i-j lii,,i-Ai-:- . ■' bi* ':■■:?; works <16£3; 

'" '■' A.j/.iniu-^ ]. ■ 'i^: i-Ti- ... h ■! ri; I: 'j:! 'i - sjs:.? aune. 

' t .1., > u:.-:- -J.; -. [;.i.-. .,f '.',1^ I...-T1. i,Tir-i Poilesti 'PI. U. 
." ;lji<. i..*-, . F.'.,^. '.1- Pl^i/zii i.;i:-,j/r.. Alrssi PI. F, 8,^ »-e ■ 
'-.... r '.II- '. ..1 ',■ 1I-.1//1, Al -,-! •-■, •!!. W". to '.h-: rhinh of — 

■H*fttA BfarU di Carigimno I';. K.S: I7.1[t. . (K'jrmi«hiT 
: .I'l '.-..1 ' , '/(■'.rt :::', .Ur^^-'^ 'l-^i^ii Ij-ii aii<l completed till 
■' '''■'''■ .! I -.i:;..' .|;-|...:i 'i,f th'.' t-ljii ad.*[jted by Nicbael 
.i.'iK ■... I.. : .:,"i ;. i,.-,-: f.,:- >•. Ivttr's at K-.-n-.: H'-tc, however, a 
m^ur- /.-. ..: : ;,.i(> '.n't-~ ■;■■ |i!.-.i.'..-..(iiir. lir^rvk I'ross olSt. Pelw's, 
au'i ti.ii.i ..!.;■ ■.■■.■ ,'-rir.--.:i:' :ii.: iNiuur .[..[ii ■;. Tin' principal pofttl 

tUtr\ f. ■•',.!. :.. : I'.:';. •rn\'trv. 

/n-i.;:,, : .; J.-.,,- ;., ■;,, .1 _: r 1|,. r.>tl.i . >lm*.tiAi«tt M %V 

fill-:,,, t' . , ■,_ /■,-...., :, ..; I- ,.;.. M .,t \Vv'v Sl,i'i4a-\>:»'-^»^ A^" 

d. Cireiiinvall. a 3Iare. GENOA. III. 115 

to the left, Qvercitw, 6t. FruteiBi Srd tXUx, Imco. Cambiato, •Entomb- 
nent. BuDquc Btatues belov the dame by Pierre Paget (8t. Sebutiu 
md tbu betttified Alessandto 8aall), Parodi (Jobn the Bsptiit), and Claude 
David (8t. Barthotomeir). 

The 'ViKw from the hlgheBt gsllery of tbe dome (870 ft. above tlio 
net.; lie Btepa to Iho Brgt gallery, thence to the top ISO; essy and well 
lighted BtilrcMG) embitcea the city, hsrboni, and tortiflcatioiu, the po- 
lialona const (comp. p. 112), uid on the S, the vast, cvcc-Tirying eipanau 
of the HcditeTranean. (Bacriatsn KG e, ; his attendance tor tbe wcent dd- 
neccBaaryj beat light in the muniing.) 

The Via Fiesclii Ic&ds from the N.E. side of the church to the 
Via Venti Settembre; from the N.W. aide the Ponte Carignanu 
(1T18-S4), spanniug a street 100 ft. below, leads to the Piaun 
Sarzauo (PI. D, 7), with ?iew of the tasteful campauile of the early- 
Qothic church of Sant' Agostijw (PI. E, 7). Tbe Strada Sant' 
Agostino g^es on to the chnrch of San Donato (p. lOG). — In the 
opposite direction the Via Nino Bisio leads to the PiiiiA Btwo 
(Fl. F, 8), among the gardens of which rises a bronze statne of 
General Nino Bixio {18S1-73), by Pazzi (1890). 

The broad Via Coksic.v (PI. F, E, 8, 9), the prolongation ot the 
Corso Andrea Podesta, descends from the Piazza Bixio towards thi' 
S.W. to tbe — 

*Vla di Clroonvallasioiie a Uare, a fine street, laid out 
in 1893-95 on the site of the outer ramparts, traversed b; a tram- 
way (No. 11, p. 97), and commanding beautiful views. It begins, 
as the CoBso Peiscipe Oddohtk, at the Piasza Cavonr {PI. D, 6j 
and passes the docks mentioned at p. 103, the SaUors' Home 
(Cas* di Gente di Mare), and the AHergo Popolare (PI. D, 7 ; 
p. 184); then under the name of Coeso Aubeuo Satfi (PI, E-H, 
9, 10) it ascends gradually, skirts the sea beneath the hill croifned 
by the church of Santa Uaria di Carignano (p. 114), and finally 
ascends the right bank of the Bitagno, passing the Piazza di 
Francia with the new Museo Gvico di Storia NaturaU (PI. G, 
H, 8), to the Ponte Pila (PI. H, I, 7). 

From the Ponic Pila the Via Oanevarl [PI. 1, K, ^i) and the Via 
Bubbio (PI. I, 2, 1) aacond the right bank of the river to the Campo Santo 
(u. IIS; tramway No. 7, p. BJ). — Another tramway (No. 18) divergoB from 
the Via Canevari and crosses the Ponte Caatelfldardo {Pi, K, 6) to tbo 
Buburb of 8an FmttuoiO. A steep pilgrimB' path aacenda thence to the 
Saiitnario del Monte (460 ft.), ■ pilgrimagc-cburch rebuilt in I6SS, wit 
altar-pieces and aoulpturea of tbe Genoeao school. 

The Corso Bnenos Ayrcs (PI. I, E, 8), the E. continuEtion 

Ihe Via Venti Settembre (p. 114), intersects the sabarb of Boi 

Pila. The Corso Torino (tramway No. 10, p. 97) mns to the rij 

to the Canliere delta Face (PI. H, I, 10), extensive ship-btdld 

yards, whence a new Coa»t Projnenade to the Lido d'Albaro (p. 1 

is being made. 

Tbe Coreo Bnenos Ayres ends »t Ite 'PVMsa.'loHi'BssaRJs^'^'^*' 

to the N. of which is the anbnvb ol San Martlno « ASMro **.* 

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.■ \ ■;: ■ 

■■■' '■"; '.■'■■■, ''•■■y~ 

/ ■/.■/■-■'(.'('.awt'"^''"'' 
■ .-.■ilii l'.',r*e Bthi^lKit 

■■\ N\V\v. iis*lie\-. an in- 

Qi.qiiized a^ 


116 m- B-W- SAN vim D'ABEIfJ 

no> Kq, 9, |i. 117), The Riiiii lo Nbbvi Irailw blrdiplil. uu ilrmuwiiy 
Xo.8;cnrr., «f |i. fl'J),vIi llic Collinu il" Alhan: In Snw J'^'Owcwri* 
li'Albnn fliT s hniiae ticciiiiicil W /.';;''i B<jr(tii in 1822'23(Vt« 
Alhiirii 10). llio PaUtzsn ild ParadUi) (llilli ff^til.l, llic Yillii 
C/niibitis" i;i5JT/. aijti! uthiT Hhk DuimLry-liousi's, 

A iit«- ruai! (Imiiiwa)' Nil. 8, ji. y7.), divci-giiig to llii' risUl at 
Ihc Villa Kaggiu, on llo Uiii ot llic ridge, descends to the "Iildo 
d'Albaro, :i jileaiu re-re sort (jidm, SO c), with coiiPeit-i'oomH, 
libni'ly-lliciitre, carc-ri'StauranI iL. 3' a, 1). 5 fr.), and »ca-li»lhii 

(70 e. - 1 '/• '""O- I''ino ''i^w "f Hn' ""'"*'■ "'' '"i' "*i ll"*' Monlp lU 
PorlofitLo (p. 132). Ou Iho Ijcnrli Ik an arliliriiil grirf.ln, uliri-n llm 
surf Is BinuctiiJiiKi v^iry fliir wlwii lliu Sini'ooi'ii ia liloiviiig. In 
wiiiliT lb" Lido d'Jlliiifii in fi'njiieiiiei] uiily on liuliiliijs. 

Tlin Nnni mad icmMu's Uin si!» at (I'.'u H,} tllm-Ut (ji. laii), fceyunrl 
wlilch it akirts Ihc foAAt., vifjlh cunt in u unit iini; vilma <j£ liolL mvlflriiH 
(p. H3), [o ttif BtatloD if Q'ia;''u rl^i Mill'e (p. lUOJ, A Firall nianniniiDt 
jum llio ilAtiuii iiiHrks tliv [laist of oinliarhatit-D or (ho IVbO Quibaldiou* 
fuv Mnc-ialB ill IWId, Tlifncs vi* (J"'"*" (p. l-t"] '" JWr/ fii. ISO), 

22. From Genoa to Veutimiglia. Riviera 
di Ponente. 

!H M. P*i(,w*v 111 I'/j-n liifc, (fni'iia i; fi-, y,. iv t'r. so, : tr. nof.; 

.'SpruBB IHd'.SS. ISft.aO. Sir. 7S o,), — Tim 'Ii-|iiiifi ck- Iiikk' [Nord-fjllil 
i:K|ir«'ti. n. IHj Vionnii-C'iKincii, j. Sil; ll(im«-t'nniu>j. Jnii.-inirl-JEiiy) blt- 
(urai tliu jiiiiniov In iiIjwii 1.7, lirs, ifiiriiJitl fr. Jli i:,J. Tt* view*, lienl iiii 
llii.- lu(t. ^^L• i.iiilv iiilci'nii>tp«l hy the tnniiiilii (7li in 7iiiinb'>r) throngh. thp 
11 II III IT on » pjiiiBfiii'torii.'*, — TltlK liHii liy lonil (infl M.) i> ulroogly rwniu- 
moinlcii 10 J/gtiij-/<li; fur Vj/cUfls il is lerj- fii,tigaiinr. — Eleclf'-c jOwni- 
u'liy i>'(j. 13) ti) Vulli'i, tCK p. 117. 

Ill culm wcslliM' (lio *STi[MriiojiT Jouhmt nlonj; tlio i'obbI. fioui Utmoii 
lo Sifit U Itr pjcfi-'iiiblo to Old I'nilvfiiy. A snUmn. sIuuintT u( Ihc 
/J«ni'iMr'ff-./lmrrJ«n- /^W jilii'ii iii wjiilvt every M"ii,, Wml., jiiiJ Ptiil. »t 
a fKJni (Iciiniti iHtiitiiiiie fraln Sirn on Tiii"*., Thiii*,, mid Hnl. iit 
1* ■■ni.: fr'nn Gi"noVif to Saii lii'iiii" f» lii'*.) (hiiimo la Kii'ts S'/^ Iii-s. ; fuM'* 
frolD Niinnfl tn i^iHu Ifiilnii IS'/^ fr. . In NQrlonu t'i it. . li> Muiiiico ■iX tr., 
t'> Siti? ilS It. i r«nim-tliikole at reJuvod riiloa, vnliJ f-jr llic wlii>lo nct'oiu 
Soi/lll InggBBO ftrc! Unfor triiakii * fr, BoilMirari' lui liiiiiid. 

(Smiid, »ti; |n, fl,", -- Tliir rH-'iiiHrku at p, tl3 riii thi' Insiirinnt 
tloi-A iipplv (■"(."■cisillj !u Ihi- Jiirifia lit Poneiittf. 

2',.', M. 8«ii Pier d'Arenn oi- iHiiTufiieniarena (jj. 63), ui la- 
iluiilrial town fl5,1l)(l inlinl),! Riltmtvil tin Ihc (tmsI b.1 thi" monlli "f 
iIk PvlHi'rru f p, SUt, Imci two K«niimcM|uc' tlitirclics Mtid iinuj(.Tiiiiii 
palwcBB, inc!«(Hn« till I'al. Sfcutsi, Svnuvrly Ji'tpmaN, nwAthr- I'nJ. 
apiuida. !j<Jtli Ij UjiK'ukk" Alt'.isi, Large sngiir-ri'llm't-y, sIcel-w-uibiH, 
etc Piiic'vif'wTri'ai ths ifilKrimiiK^^'chiin^liin-'iir llif i'<irlc Belvedei'e 
(42ft ft; inn),, I'/j M. In Ihr N.E. - Wp rross llin Pt-lctfvern. 

il ?!. Cvnugliann Liijure (riraiid-Hrilcl Villn Itnclicl), nn in- 
JiiftrM tmvi} with jiiinirroiiB villas iVlllii Rn™t;ii, ftn'l") Mliial.iil 
fa tic coa&tj. 


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118 III- fl-2?. SAVONA. FromGcnoa 

Columbus (p. 111). — 20 M. Varaax (H6t. Genova, B. 2 fr., HOt. 
■Torrett), both good), Tith 6700 inhab., is a busy ship -bnildinfr 
place, prettily situated Boioiig orange gardens, and is visited as a 
irintering-place and batbing-'resort. — S2 M, Celie Uffiire, the 
birthplace of Pope Sixtus IT. (Francesco delta B6verc). — 24, M. 
Atbisedla, the Boman Alba DocUia, situated at the uunth of the 
Sanaobbia, inclndes three villages. Pottery is largely manufactnred 
in Albisiola Marina. The handsome Palazzo dells B6vere (now 
Pal. Gavotti), in Atbissola Sitperiorej was the birthplace of Pope 
Jnlins II. (Qialiano delta Bovere). 

26i'tM. Savon* (Bailtva;/ Bcatanrant].-'EoTEi.», *H6lel 8ait»e, 

PiuiR Gftrlbttldl, 6oB. at S-G, amn.'/tfr, ; Hbt. Moderae dn Commeree, neu 
the atition, 45 R, itS^r^'/g'^- i ^Ibergo IComa e Torino, Pitzzn Pileocapa, 
H. *',';, omu. '!q fr. — Cafi Cftianale. — Cabs. Per drive 80 c., per hour 
l>/g fr., special tariff tar longer excursions. — Ouhiiittseb. To AlliiBsolB 
Superiore, 35 c.; to Vido, every SO min., 30 c.; to Spotorno, twice daily, 
50 c. ; etc. — Sea Baths st tlie Stdbilitneitio Wanda. ~- British ConacL, 
Salv. Onattari. — Lloyd'u Agent, E. Bandinf. — Church Seamen'i !»• 
tUtnte for British Hilbra (services on Snn. and Tuea., concert on Wed.). 

Sitvaita (33 ft.), the Soko of the Bomans, on the Letimbro, 
was uccnpled io the second Piinic War by Hannibal's brother Hago, 
and daring the middle ages waged an nnsnccessfnl rivalry with 
Genoa. It is now the seat of a bishop and an important seaport 
and industrial town (24,900 inhab.). Soap (sapone) is said to have 
derivud its name from this town. 

At the Harbour, to the N.E. of the station, rises the ancient 
Turre Pancaldo, called after the navigator of that name; and on 
the adjoining point is a Genoese fort (now a prison), incorporating 
some remains of the old eathedral, destroyed in 1542. The new 
Cathedral (1604) contains a picture by Lod. Brea, a marble cross 
by G. A.SIolinari(1499), and a Benaissance pnlpit bySfollnari and 
Ant. Aprile (1522). Opposite is the Ateiieo (nnflnished), built (or 
Jnlins II. by Ginl. da Sangallo. — The handsome theatre, erected 
in 1853, is dedicated to the poet Gabr. Ckiabrera (1552-1637), a 
native of the place. — The oratory of Santa Maria di CaateUo has 
a targe altar-piece by Vine. Foppa and Lod. Brea, with a portrait of 
the donor, Gin llano delta Rovere (1490; injured). — In the Ospedale 
Civico is the MtSEO Civico (open on Sun. & Tbnrs., 9-12 and 3-5), 
including a small picinre-gallery and natural history collections. 

To the S.W. of the station lie a large Industrial Quarter, with 
iron-work.s, liteel-works, potteries, etc., and the pretty Giardtno 

The ihurch of tlie Madoiiiia degli Angeli, near the artillery-barraeka, 
Id tlje N, above the harbour, commands a *yiow of the Qnlt of Qcnos at 
fur as Camopll (p. 132). — Santiiario, aoe p. 60. 

From Ssvnua to Tiirfn, see pp. 60.58; lo MeuandHa, Bee pp. SI, AS. 

Tie railway now (rai'erses orange g&rtena, ^\wV 'jwVi *.t\<i 
'chinottr (smaU candied oran|res) of comvooTCe. — WJ^i,"»..Vttdo, 

to Vcitimiglia. ALBEHGA. III.B.iJ. ]1D 

the Vada Sahatia of the Romans, on a deep bay protected by two 
forts (fine view from the lighthonae IV4 M. to the S.E.). — 82 M. 
Berget/gi. From the highroad to Spotorno we obtain a flue •Retro- 
spect of the Riviera as far as Camogli. Opposite lies the roeky islet 
of Berf/etfgi (210 ft.l, once the seat of a celebrated monastery. — 
34 M. Spolomo (Atb. della Pace) has an excellent bathing-beacb. 

36 M. IToli (Albergo Italia ; Alb. Roma), a tittle fishing town, 
charmingly ensconced in a sheltered situation, once a free town 
under the protection of Genoa, has several ancient towers, the 
remains of the town-walls, and a good beach. The small Roman- 
esque basilica of San Faragorio, near the station, dates from the 
"lath century. — Beantifnl "View from the Capo di Noli (905 ft.), 
S M. lo the S. (bridle-path), on which are a sigual-stution (Semdforo) 
and the Romanesque church of Santa Margheinta, finely situated 
on tbe edge of the cliff. The road from Noli to Finale Marina 
intersects the cape by means of a tunnel, 130 yds. in length. 

H'l^'K.Varigottt (\n\i)\ pat 1 1 to thc{lhr.)ScmAforo(see above), 

41'/a M. Finale Marina (Albergo Garibaldi) is a prettily 
situated little town, with orange -gardens and two sea-bathing 
establishments. The elaborate baroque Cftur-cft is by Bernini. The 
old Castle (14th cent.), above the Villa De Raymondi, is now a 
prison. To the N., above Finale I\a, lies the village of Verzi, 
with a Roman bridge. To the W., beyond the mouth of the Fiyrra, 
Ih the precipitous promontory ot Caproioppa, which the road 
pierces by a tuonel; and farther on are the Arene Cdndide (.sand- 
dunes; whence sand is shipped) and large limestone quarries. 

43 M. Borgio Verezzt (Pens. Internationale). — 45'/, M. Pietra 
Ligare has an interesting church and a rnined castle on an isolated 
rock. — 47 M, Loano (Hfit. Bellevne). To the right of the line is 
the suppressed monastery of Monte Carmelo, erected by the Dorias 
in 1609. — 48 M. Borghetto Santo Spirito. ~ Beyond (49 M.) 
CeHale, with its market-gardens, the mountains recede. 

,')2 M. Albenga {Rail. Restatirant; Hot. Albenga, R. 1' V 
2'/j fr.; omn, to Alassio, see p. 120), the Alhin^jaumim of the 
Romans, in a wide plain on the Centa, is the quaintest old town in 
the Riviera (4300 inhab.) and an episcopal see. The old harbour 
has disappeared with the recession of the coast-line. The old Towti 
Walls are preserved, besides numerous Brick Towers of cliateaus 
of the old noblesse, including the leaning Torre dd Griffi and the 
tower of the present Sottoprefettura, connected by an arch with 
the campanile (138 ft. high) of the Gothic Cathedral. The lower 
part of the cathedral- tajade and the Baptistery (5th cent.) are the 
oldest early -Christian stmctnres in Liguria. Other InteroaUii% 
bnildings are the early- Bom aneaque cb&pe\ ol SaiAa 'M.aTH.o. w 
Fi>»n'btis flOtb cent.) and a Roman briige (Ptmie lAnrugo ■, \^^ ■^*«; 
JonffJ, beneath which the Centa formerly ftowe4,vtt*^<i^'^«™^^\'' 

120 Til. R. 32. AI.ASSIO. From Genua 

to l!ic N. o[ tlio town. Near llic present moutli of the river, I'/j M, 
from the station, we obtain a beantlful view of Albenga, tbo coast 
us far as the Capo di Noli, the island of Gallinaria, and the Lignrian 
Alps. — From Albonga to Gareaiio, see p. 59. 

To (he left lies the rocky island of GaUinaria (295 It.), with 
pictnrcsqne cliffs, two caves on the shore, and an old Benedictine 
abbcj- (13th cent.; now a private house). — The train skirts ttie 
proninntory of Santa Croce (sec below). 

ri6|/( 9f. Alassio. — Hotiii.b. Gi'aad-HdIH Alamio, 110 bcilii 
Hi 1-8, B. Vl^ L. S'lfi, D. 5-9, P. 8-14, omn. (luftgafro extra) >U Ir. ; *SaiU- 
bun/ Hotel, high u^ pationizcd by the Englitib, P. 9-lIir., thrso two 
with gardens; HSi.^eng. BcUeime, in an open sitnation, 50 beds, B. 1'/,, 
L. S'/i, H. *Va fr., inel. wine, board I fr.; 'The Norfolk IToM, 80 be<l«, 
B. I'/j, I.. 3, D. *■/,„ P. 8-1! fr. ; H6t. da la MidHerraMe, on thu bob, with 
e»rdcn, 60 R., B. I'/i, L. 3, D. i, P. 9 fr., good ; Terminita Hdtel Coneordirr, 
very fair ; Hot. Victoria, on the sea, an EngUnh family hotel, 30 R. from 
3'/,. B. H/i, L. S'/j, D. 3Va. inol. wine, P. from 7 (r., well spoken of j HOt. 
lie MOtm, on the Boa, R. from a, B. 1, L. Ei/il ^- *< ^- ^'"^ ^ ^'i B^6t. 
Savoia, with centra! heating and garden, 32 B. from S, B. 1, L. 3, D. 3, 
P, 5-6 fr. ! Alt), del Commercio; Alb. WaifonaJe, iinprotonding. — Pension 
VlUa Viit(/rlii, 5-7"/, fr., very fair, — Banker, Himao Agent, etc., Wrdt'-r 
i:m%grr.m. — Bookselljcb, Librmriu InternationniB. — CAmnuoii with 
ono horse to the Capo Santa Croce 3, with two lioracB E fr.; to Solva 
ur Moglio 1 and 6 fr. ; to the Capo dclla Uole fl and T fr. — OuviBca 
twice daily to Albonga (SD c.) and to Laignuglia (aeo beelow). — Boaf to 
Gallinaria S fr. — Ahouoah CursoB (St. Jobn's), aorvicoa at lO.SO It K 
or 5; ebaplain, Bev. G. E. Stodart, M. A., Cana 8an Giorgio. — English 
Phyitelan, Dr. E. O. Boon, Villa Catnriua. 

Alassio (16 ft.), a fishing-port with 4200 inhab., situated on a. 
seniicircnlar bay opening to the S.E., has a fine sandy beach ex- 
t I'nding as far as Laigneglia. It is frequented in summer as a bathinjr- 
placc and in winter as a health-resort, especially by English visi- 
tors. Beside tbe station is Hanbury Hall, with concert and reading 
rooms; below are the pnblio park and a short esplanade, with an 
ancient tower and a view of Gallinaria and Laigneglia. 

ExerRsioHs (phntngrapbinp on the mnuntaina forbii!den). To the N.E. 
!o the CI, hr.) Cnpo Santa Vrorc, with the rpmaina of n Hoinnu road and 
llio pieturesqno ruins of tlic Arco Santa Croce (evcninK light best). — T<) 
the top of the (g hra.) 'JWonio /'(«ciot'iiio (1060 ft.; wide vicwl, cither by 
the road to Ibo K. viS Solva. or by the ranle-palb to the N.W.. leadliijf 
IbniuKh groves of olivea and earob-lreeH, to Vegliaiiro (ISSOft.). The 
di'menl mav be made vii the Slonic Bignotic (1705 ft.) to Allfiiga (p. 111)]. 
Viil t'eyjimco, or to the W, via Slofiio, to the top of the ilfontc Tiraatn 
[VMn ft,), on wbifh in thp pilgrim age- chapel of Sfadminn detln Oiiardla. 

.ifi IE. TMiguf<iIia (Alb. Concordia), a sea-bntbing place with 
narrow si reels, was lionibardrd by ihe Britisli in 1812. — The train 
lieneliali'.i the Cojiii dtlle Mele (240 ft.; lighthouse, signal -station, 
:ind pilgrim agc-eliapel) by means of a long tunnel, while the road 
describes n wide enrve. — CO M. Andora, a group of villages in 
Ihe forlile vale of the Merula (snlphnr-springs ; I'/j M. inland a 
/ar^r riii/i'''/ ra.<itlf). — 63'/. M. Cfrvn-fSan Barfntrmwo. Cervo is 
pfcliu-csquvly situated on tJic right. 

Qi.qiiiiiid ov 


63 H, Diano Marina (UOt. l'arudi», vUL soiL-ballu, B. £%■ 

nliuh,, lins Wuu Iiirgi-ly riibiiill Binri: tlin iiirllii)Dnki! of iS(*i. i'. 

ftlir riglil, iilirnT, is Diano ViutHln. — Tlio triiiii |ibwc* Ijy n tunni'l 

iriiliT the C'tiit' Bi^rin (Sfiil fl.j, on wlnVli si:mil«lbr niim-ij Torrt 

'flt'Ariiisi-llrr. In cU'.ai' wi';il,ln;r lilt vii;iv fniiii llii! fujii- 1'/, 1(i','k 

jw;ilk froiii Oijigliu' «l('iul» «'»)iL-n arils i»i tlii- ItiricriL di [j-raiili-, 
, M. OnegUa i llai/. IfentwirittU ; * (irnnd'Jf'Ui-l Oim/lia, 

Ivti llip sM. (jjii^ii ill wiiiiiM' uiilj'. IJO bi'ilii 3-j, U. 1' 5, ],. 2' „ Ii. 
H',;. r. 7-» li',. Irfq^ueuloJ by tliu Kii^hKb: i/(W. TiWojiH, in the 
tiinii; oiiiiiibiiH It> E'ciHo Maurl/io, '2U v.i. wtlli k^iiU iiiliuli. nud a 
sliallow harbour, is ona til lliu nuwei" wluier-reioi'ls, ll pajriL's on 
a iinny uado ia «liv*!-iL<IU Xcar tito statioit in a orllnlHr [trlHun. 
Uji(>^liu VMS tliv birtlipUi-'cof Andrea Dorla (p. 111; nnd of Ei-ltuomlu 
ilr Aniicis ilSiU,., Ihi; wrilcr. To ^0 N. apiinar l^« \ivaks if lljy 
Ligtirtan AI[ib. 

^L Friiin (^nrgltn tn Ormta. \\h. tlii' ('uf iff .Vctt^n, uri' |j, nu. 

" TliP train er(>«sw Hi« liioail 11ml slnny bed oF tlic iirifrer-u. -- 
7(1 JW. PqHo IdtvorisiD ■'Hiirirra Valntr lUM, \i)\) liciis finui 
&, li, I'/i, L, 5, D. 7, 1', fruiij 1:2, oimi. 1' „ fr., Iiigg'agt cKtiii, tiliwi'^l 
ill nciiiLnicr: JIvUl tie I'l-ain'c, in iIil- tviwu; Auj:]iuaii riturfli 
Krj'vki'h aX liiL' rulnrv H^ilrl'i, ^r\\\\ lliSOO ittliali. anil n Miinll liur- 

Ibitur, ia must (iicliur-s([iii'l> siliialcd iiii ii iiniinontory. Olive-oil '\>> 
'i\\r aiupk uiiiijiiiitdiiy. ['iirlu Mnuiuio lia» u llni; il'iind chiiiTlt by 
KhiiDiii: t.'jiiiluni (I7HI|i idiiI 11 I'hiiriiiing liiarilinii PuliblJco. 

Tliu aci^iiciy iiuw bi'tomcs li-»i pii'liiivsniii'. — 73 M, Snu 
Lorviizu at Mint : ll^'.'iA. Sixulv;'ifi'ffin'>-iiiK'it-hii/iir<^. ~- Tin,' 
U'aiii crusseK ilie Aiiffitliwi ur i-'iii/mirii fU Tatjyiii, btyotid wliii-li 

I In (I'J'y, M-.i Ta;iijitt. wliltli Is Uil' staliuu alsu tur liii- lisliiiiK- 
Vlllaj,'*' ot .'If^iK/. A rnid lead'* fi'oiu Ai'iiia to k3 M.) Tiii^sana 
Vecchia, i-omnnticaliy iKTcliijii iiii 11 hill (S70 ft,;. Tim mins of 
O1laTillu5.11, wliicli wnstoiiijilolrly iIcKtroy'l liy tlif t'liJ-tlniiisiln.' »l 
1H8T, urr wui-tli viicillii^' iltin' '>f tli<j niinuil uliiiruii nl Buatamt 
■Viiwi, I', J M- I'lwci" diiwii). 
I Tiiu |iii^tuMW|[ii' lilrtw tdwii «r roagia f.«(j. d'tUiHa; ohib, frinoS,iii 

^L 1I<-iiiUi nui: Ik-Iuh) I!v( i M. ii)> ihi; valli|_y uf tlu- I'lvi't-. (Vfuii, Vr'tn. Uufflu! 


f BT '"4^ t '"•"' ■*h»-'inj -I^WH .-a< I ""^ ' i«*»n- 1 -»■ ■■'> riTk-i »-'--vi ».'''"- ■* --^■'ii^ 

(lMnT,|(I]. |ii>i>I mill pHtriiil, livi'il ln.ini fnim IK^'i til! hix iI'Mtli, Thu Iiiuu 
touululiin •vtcrnl u]i| i-otrliiuii iunuiiU'D>>, uuJ lu t)i<? i^h'iri'li ol iUrDc>iuJ' 
f.tii^in eoBvcnl niv |iiiiiitinKii "f thy mrlv (li-mn'ik' j<.'Ii()i.1. 

Uiijondiialiurlliiuiii'hrcublaiiia view luu tlii- I'ijfliti QlBtinaann 
V'«t''.Ai« uiiil liuaifaiiu i"«i»iv utiJ vf I'vyifi'j >[i. ISij. Tlitii a 
tiiiiiicl nndtr llir (Wn IVrrbr. im wlildi \n \\w. iiil^rtjuiic/uliiiiii-l 
(>r Lilt Muflunnii. liiilii (iiiardia. 

JH151. SanHenio. - Tlic lUti.r.T Sr,\»i.jic <!'], C, ij He«ia<t- 
('inii.i Ik'i 111! Iliu W, liaj-, 11 f>.'iv liuaclri^il yiinlt liusani V^io til's \ij«ti. 

Hotels A PeoBiODB Imvirly »ll li»5i> kmiVciwi. *mi tV-'Vi* . '*'Sb^. 
•u oppu pifnnduji, j>j-i-CiTn.-il hy Kngtjiih vliUoi*-, Mi w.-tttrt ■"»»■« ''■^*-"'- ^ ■ 



In Vevliniiyliii. 


^^^wu »a leu ilr*inilil>>, nwiii^ In Uip ouLilui»> vf tlie *Ct-wls. ViU-u 
ibuimilt icut for tliu nintor I5au-11.000 [r.. inr-IiiiHiia fiiiuituiv itid rrtliur 
KiqnihiliiK [ili-tiuii liBi'iiiiin in'i-i'»i"ii,vi. l.islt <-( minrliiicoli kii'I linm ul 

llaiiectt rA fhyi-.Mi"!. jitl iii llm Vlft Viiliflu Kiu«mi"k-. 

Cards- Reatatiriinls. litutanr. dii (.'rmhii M/iniciyil, in tho Km- 
mil liw tiilniv-j; i:i.'fc liviiiit. Vi» I'mlxitu a, l.iiiU Willi Miiiii':|i nu4 
I'ilnuol' lietr. L. Si(,. D. a','-j fi. , in^'l vrinn ihsnil sinl virinlift in tbe 
CVonSnK); •Cii/VC if« vnmiiurr.r. In llin Ihll. rp. lis). •('n/"ri Kui*. 
uA>ii, Vin Vitt, KinikniK-l'' ) /2r4((ii'r<ii>r hilr rimlhitin! illniiillan lliivsli, 
I Via Viti. Eiiiiinui^ln 31, liici{iL.'n>ivi>. — Oontacllanetv. rtiiirti, lieiiig 
' Ita? GiordLHii riit^hli^'^i tJ<iApi\rii , Aiul/-iJ, •k Vu.^ Ym Vil!- Km^iLriiilLi fti^ 
■ S*tl\irr ,Snf»:rict Hj,. Vm Viit. EmHuHL'lo 6 (.]», — Tea-Boom. y*f-rj-nn. 

MuaiC in tilt Vi^i RiilBiii [H. B, !] on Sun., Tiirt., ftTliui>,. ».:iLI-tp.ui. 

PloocB of Entertainment. Cnauw ^U'nir.iii'ih i\'\. C, sj. -wlili 

Bonmirl-rooiJi, llii^al/i.' ;inii!r;iM nnil (HicrctlEn). ii'mlinj: - rixmi. miil 'Cwfli? 

■let E1tniit?i'rri' (I'Hril-rifiiiu, f iir uiL^mlrnfH vi\\y ; li^'lmt VjV Oii: Jdv ] fr, ('Uu 

Kiihaprilhiji'i;, — Tintni }'rinci)tv Amttfiiii (PI. D. SI. 

Cajriagea. Iliivc iii ttiR lunor Innii I fi., ullli Ihm l>arai<4 i^i fr. 

(iLt niKht I'/a (jf dV, fr): puS' h"lf-h(iiir l'/( i" * 'r («t ni«lil * or :i fr.J; 

dilvt in Ihe nsvut Ihwit, I'j,, I. ». i>r a (r, : [K-r Imnr S',„, 31,,. s'.'j nr 

i fr, Qciibli' riu'n in tio towr litliroon 1 niiil 1 fttiii iipc. i* mlil- 

Ulf C'lflunlv-'). I f l;ij{ei|K (JVi't ■UliiB. . LMfti 1i<iK ',',1 ft. Onff-hatw- I'srr. 

I ta'Hie Midonnt He\H Vtii.\n 4, Intuitu foi- 1 ^na. I. two-buoiii i^urr, (r.: 

twtn niuail Tim hlll-ni»il ('IJirn <li<lla OlrDunvnllniinno'; {i. Mi] i. n, iii' 

>'lDfr.; In Barili|;hi'iii 10, l:i, or IS- fr. (iiK'l lli-o Slrn-la R"iiia.nii It, II. ov 

in (r.J. Cori'. "nilh i-llliln'r ly«j» I'liurtfC t!fk Ti"'io iu pjucIi i-n».'. — DoalEe}' 

to Mddonnii rfi-lln Giinnlin, Ti'roiin, or OfiHlioiil 4, lo BuMtiinn Vvc-lim 

or tiaii IIi^DKiln fl, Cunliiix nr M'lnlo ItiuiKiiiii H, Ii* VniitHa tti ti. — Soilt 

per liriiir i'fjr 1 ('.^r^tin I fr,« fi>f auvcr-il ^ fr, Aud fire [haiK^ihilMti nJvUnblo^ 

Motor Cars ul Hii' .s'nri^fc' Gfiei'iilf KuciWsi cp»i vl<ifi>«m'>f(i, np- 

pDiito the ialln':iy-»tEilI<-D. 

Omnibng tr»in thi< i'iii?«K i<nppn<inlni (PI, 1'^ 3) t<i ttin onil <if llio 
Coraii Fil. Cavjiltiilli I' il'Olivl"), nviT)- Vv In'. 'riiDi 7 In IS aiicl /roui 
S tu T /10c,'.; fi-nni tho I'iaj^!] Oi.Ionilif. I" 0»jW/iWfi II tfiiiflj. lUily IW) 
C). lu ISoiilnihitn Uii;(! fliiiK illOc). 

PoBi And Telegraph Office 'I'l. II. h;, Vin K<>mH U l>l»: ujiku s^i.ui, 
to Sp.iu, (Idi'jrraph-iilfiCT lill !i ]i,tii. ind hll iiiidiili.'lil (rmn Hri'. lit In 
Api'it flOlli^; l>rfln«li-pfliF^o nt. f'nrh" I'lHrjIiiiiil] fl. 

Bankers. Bttif.rkit ft Hci/ipiiiil (»i'i! oIidvi']; F/NifrH* Aiti'irinrinfi : 

Itubiiio; Mooibillo. Debr-naHl. it Co., nil In thf Vin Vltt. Knuuitipli-. 

ToariHl Agenta. TAoj. rnn**S')i', Vis VIH. Kiniiauplp IT: nranek' 
p( Bc!l<t"ud [sol- bIjiivs) , (nr llio Inti'mBtiniinl Slpojiinij-Cliir I'.i. anil lln> 
Nfirtli <*nriii»n Lloy>I; ('. StrJ'tmn, V'UIIomi 11, (01 ttic ibrnbiifu-Anii-tiii» 
il.(ao ((I, IIB). 

Stiopa. Biiihksiillni'H: lliff, Ccii'sn (riiriliKlili IW: KfitycU. Cufno iIl'!!' 
lijipiimltKB J; <}<iinhilf<>, "Vln Vilt. Eiiimiitolr SI; X'mrtl liil>« [•hiilo- 
niikphii), Vin Vlit. Kmiiiuiclii IK. — Atddur the ii)<(^i'lHlli['ii Hi iliti |>1u<''> arc 
iiiluiil '«-i>nil :A\it'">iiA, t'i Uti', Vin ViU. Kuininii'lc) nml IIip prrhimc" 
iiiiiiiiifitotured hy vlfV^nfi. 

Enitli«li Payilolani. Dr. M. i'otUr, VilU Snii n iiivmiiil ; lir. HdiMi-- 
SiiUm, Villa Yii-I..MJi; Dr. V'-rfitiOi-JitUl'-i; VilU Mflrj-: J'y. ll'rit', Villii 
MufKUi^rit*; Dr. Sjil.Un, Villji San Burl 0I 01 nun. — Deoilst. lir. Jnitjih 
tjcrholinif Yis Privn**. — Ohoml4tM. 5y»^ivij Vin Vitt, Hrnjiuiii*!!- 17: 
itifiqiuriiHiT M'iei/einanii., VId Vill. Krunmiule id (■(*'- 'Ij'..' t-'- -1); Joiytaii, 
Via Vill, Riuiinuiila H. — Hatha in llie Vin Prl»»iii rniil in tim NfuhlU- 
iiit'ili) fffi li'imi (h Hart \V\. K. i). t'lMupuliU I mijic 1:1.1.0111 "?eA«v\wa. 

VwitoM' Tfta ih ily 60 .-., pot w«i'kalr.,«p«», \U,. '«».'-*>» ■«'"*^y- 



BHtiab Vicia-Co-nBul, 3fc;/»ii"i( Tii-rtnn. 
Ani»T. .JW. Amrijlln. 

- - Nws.vur. !.> 


. L.l.)l.WlC 



154 lU, It.ti. s\S REMO. 

Anglic AH Ohureheiih'MiiOrt iv ii»y). m.JohH tite Haphteg^ , 
B,41. ViiRiiliih: wrvicft II * i.ail; rliopUlo, Hep, W.J.S. Enteri/, X.A., 

C«»u ymuio, P<if«" ftcll' liDfL'Hilrii'i?.. — Atl Sainlit' (PI. H, J), <'"r«o JpII' 
Imju'ialtii'P ; npn'lrvH Kt.ilCi A I'l.'Irt' rlnpl.iin. Wer'. ft. Jl. HmrJmftiiry, 
W. ^1,, VUln Smi fliorttiii, — riiTt>iiiTKiii»« t'mmiiii £1*1. 1', 1; npiiino* >t 
I] ft :■). Ciitxii ilnll'lnipnintili'i' >. 

Cliin»t9. Mn )<i<m() U >lii'll<>n»l hy' nn uiitiro]|rii tcmH ri.ulai bill 
litlij^ ftolU ibc <IN>Jin ^rr^-t (4' llip /V'lfr'^ i\\rjiMrc} (Wl^fi fl.^t i-iilnuEinllnff 
in IhB Mm'* (Vipffli taHTS (l.> niiJ Jfofifr Jfif;nrajj" {«U0 fl.). uicj ilptrnnd- 
InlC tlL-iiCo W llm Onpv V-mh, its "uiimiil WinK iiuivln-n- inon; Ibiii * M. 
■Itnliinl In a utritiKht line. Tlir N. viiii>l? ntii. tliL'n'fiirn. cntiri'ly oti'Indutl 
trwiii tlilh fnvourcj iiput. vHiiL-riiilly im IL itiiulilu inu^d>l iiiiiiinliiini> r!*rii 

wiiidFt in iiiiii'li bi'iikuii. VI'>lcjLt E. wiii'lu. Wwcrci', fi-cqiivnth' uucnt ai 
tKa cntl .>r tV'btiiAty KQi) thi: Itxrinnine <<f MmvIi, nivl ihi' 'Miitral' ia 
■lau HJi uuvi'li'iinr vlnllxr iil liiln ki'itMiii. — Tu c-imAiimjitlvi' and biiiii- 
cliiiil ]nitii'iil* t)]f v.. buy in rd'oinnicn-W <in ii'i'unn' I'f il* "Mtcjul 
Hilimlioil mill liiunlil dtiiioapticn', v,\\\\e Iliniic aitrti^nii^ fimin urniinh anal 
liver niiiijilsiDtn Mill Ainl llii> <lry ami i-liiaTilntin^ nlr i>! Ihit W. liar 
imim Imni'di'lnl. — Tlin iiicun li'iiiiiriniiirn iif soTi lli'iuo durlnj; llin ilinii 
■wiiifi^i innnllm ii SI" Fuhr, 

SftH flrmn, a liiwii nf IT,tOO Inlinl*., lir>it Sn thu iiiiJilIt- al u 
Wiitl Till liiiv, .'i' '^ M. Willi'. i'iuli(>siijiii-il So oHi'D-pruv-oa iKiit rritViT 
tin- viilli-yi' »m} li)Wi'r .iltijii-* aiii! jcivf |iliicf hiijWr iiplu [litii-iiiiiiO 
(illiur fiiiilffiw. II Ims bt'i'ii a lii^iillli-rtsnrt '(iiici: ISIH. 

Till" I'l'HwJi'il huuMi's vf tilt' Olji Tow% iCiJftiVfffltiu or Jm 
IStroit. I'l. L'. IJ. i, :ii, wlt!i Ih^ churi'b of .San .S'fVn (i»nnilc(l Iti Ilic 
12lli cent., occupy u atccp bill bclwccn llit iliurl viilk'j's of Ihv 
T'lrifiile SiiH Fitinftteo iinil llie T'irmitir di Salt Ifimwlc. 
A jiiiiHllcr qiim'Ur iisnicd Ctutfi'jlinnli lies lit llir W. of (lie lallci 
wlrcaiii, Tlii'Sd oilier parts 'if IliL' limn cfliiniil i>l' jic«ri«iiis laliyrinlii 
iiiT iiniiiiiv 1:111(1*, dijjhls-iil' sii'im, nri'liwiij-ji, li)fly luiil miiiittrp tionwj, 
Jiriil iiiiiiiliti.'nrig w^iIU, Tlir nri-)ii'U \iliii'1i I'liniii'-ct tln' Imiififii lit);li 
aliuvi' IIk' Kiri'i'Lsnri-iiitiiiiiilr.'tl log-ii'i'llii'iii Hintiilily in Miki- i>f i-iir'tli- 
<)iiiiki'H. VinrH an: fri'ijin'iilly «i-i'ii r limi b('riii(c up tliii liiiuni'ii niiil 
|niUiii)r nirlli llii'ir Icnilrilw iitnl Ifiivi'* uii tin* t'ljiiniwil nlorft'H. 

Thf NitwTiiws PiKiupfi'* the iilliivia] lntnlait t lit- fool. i>i tlm hill. 
TJio lojijt Via Vilhirio KniaiiwU (I'l. ^\ U, 3), witli il« imuiofuue 

RhopK. ii tbi> c]>M f<>uti'(' ut tiMlllo. N<i. ii ill till:! Hlri'l't, tllr 

iVi/flii*^ Boren d'Ofiiio (loth ceiil.!. jioesi'jues n fine ilnlMnBc — 
'I'l* (lid S.K. in tlio [«rt ot H(in/n Tei'Ui il'l. I>, 13. J : iiim u pi-i>>ui>, 
rnriHtrncte'l hy ihf Uoiiuchp to tlcfriiO tlio' liHrlionr, wliifh in 
* hoi I II rod liy a IjreakwaliT 1300 fl. in Icii^rtli. 

Till' Via, Vill.Euiiiuut'U' kails (lUnL lljf Ojbwo Mi';>u'ii-.ujs{A"«r- 
mo/; PI. (.',3; p. 12i(jU)lli(.-*Ci)uiwuBLi.' lai-KK.vrtiiniil'l. B, C,4V 
«in thi.' W. bif, wLii'li h iilniilvd u'illi paluis. "This magui^vtuit pi-u- 
aitDtde, iLq invourhc witit-ii-rt'.»iirl nf llii' visitor, skirls tlir rail wny 
utA iIicHi'nnuil t(<riii iuntrn toM'^trtii) ilif AV. iijilinlirnulll^il (iinrdino 
^^/f.y^ra^fit.-c {I'l. A, li. 4i, l)i-juiu\ wWtU \)tg\i\ \V. Oirao 
^j^^a and itn' (hnnti I'oi>r'itifi\'\. A,4), nviWttg K^. Wb wiva*Wii.- 

to r ml t m l gUa. 3A1T BEMO. /"■ S. ■■. 12s 

The main thorongifare of the qnarters on the E. bay Is the Corao 
Garibaldi (PI. D, E, 2) and its E. prolongation, the Cryrao Felice 
CavaUotti (PI. E, F, 2). A little above the latter, next to the Belle- 
vne Hotel, is the ViUa ViUeneuve or Zirio (no adm.), where the 
dying German Crown Prince Frederick William resided front Nov., 
1887, to March, 1888. ~ The chief promenades In this quarter 
are the high-lying Via Wolfango Goethe (PI. E, F, 1) and the 
qniet Cotko Federico Guglielmo (PI. E, P, 2), by the sea. 

A delightfnl drive {tariff, see p. 123) is afforded by the *Hill 
Road to the N. of the town, which begins at the Eondo Marsaglia, 
above the Piazza Colombo, and, at first nnder the name Strada 
Zefflro Xassa (PI. D, 2, 1), ascends the left bank of the Torrente 
San Francesco in the sheltered Barragatlo VaUey. The Via 
Porte Candelieri, the old road to Yerezzo, coming from the Madonna 
della Costa, crosses the stream bv a pictnreaqae bridge. Farther 
on we follow the Via Dante Alighieri (PI. D, 1), which tnrna to the 
S. towards the whi te dome-covered chnrch of MADOMfADE);i:A Costa 
(PI. C, 2), perched on the top of the bill as the keystone of the old 
town. The chnrch is approached by alleys of cypresses and, like 
the Giardino Regina EUna, beside the large Hospital (PI. C, 2), 
commaods a fine view of bay and monntaio. 

The Via Galileo Galilei (PI. C, B, 1, 2), the continaation of the 
hill-road, rans np one side and down the other of the San Bmnolo 
VaUey, passing the Madonna del Borgo (PI. B, 1), and then, 
shortly before the Bondd or Piazzale San Bernardo (Pi. C, 3), joins 
the Corso degli Inglesi (PI. A-C, 3, 4; formerly Strada Berfgo). 
This road leads to the W. and, flanked by beantifnl gardens, winds 
along the hillside. A little below the road is the fine palm-garden 
of the ''ViUa Farva (PI. B, 3; adm. Wed. & Sat., 10-12 and 2-4; 
1 fr., for charitable purposes). We then enter tlie valley of the 
Torrmte deUa Face and descend it to the Corso Matnzia (PI. A, 4). 

EiouRBioia. A beaatiful and esiiily reacbed point of view in the (1 hr.) 
•JfadOBna deUa Ouardia (370 ft.: reatmrant) on Capo Verde (beat view in 
the morniog; ait., ace p. ISS). The ascent begins at the Daiio Camunaie, 
about I'/t M. to the £. of S&n Boma. The return from the church may 
be made b^ Po^gio (Albergo Foggio, etc.), a village noted for it» wine. 
The best view is obtained from near the old tower above tlie village. — 
To Buiaana Veeehia or to Taggia, see p, 1!I. — 4 good road (omn., see 
p. 123] leads vii Poggio to tho (S'/j U.) picturesque hill-town of Ceriana 
(1210 ft.; inn). ^ A road leads through the charming valley of San Marlino 
to the (£1/, bra.) prettily situated Verexzo, with the churches of San Donate 
and Sant' Antonio, — To San Bomolo (2580 ft.), a former hermitage, with 
fine cbestnnt woods and villae, in the upper valley of San Somolo, a 
donkey-ride of i'l^ hrs. {6 fr.). This excursion may be continued vii the 
Cnlle lUi Termini (3105 tt.) to the (I'/j hr.) *Monle Bignone (4280 ft, ; pano- 
rama of the sea with Corsica to the S. and the Maritime Alpn to the N.). 
Riob flora (rhododendrons). From the pass a bridle-path doseeads ta tto 
N.W., vifi the Piano delBe, to the well-sitnated viUaae it Boiwfdo <3Sft»'v'^.% 
two inns), whence we may return to Ban BAmo iii CwiaYUj. V^^* '^'*'\$\ 
Another pleMoat oKtenaion of the eiouraion tiom ?.rai '^o'oi.iAq ">-*^„^^r, 
r/i the mnte Caggio (8575 ft.) and tlie vi\\a^» ol Sebovij* *.-eA «>^''»" 

.arMMS's JTortbeni Italy. UttMU. ,,, OoOqIc 

166 nr. 


Id BoT^igJifra (net Ijelow), — To ColdireiU (are below) ^ 
£lini.; ur iI[n.-Ft. by a \eiy nusleax lead, 1 br. — Til v*\ 

(S>,', hri,) Bordijihern (nmn.. s?c p, l*3j. 

Tile train jiasers thruugli a tunnel unilifr Capo A'a 
ruBid winds roumd tiic prouiunlorv liigli nWyi; wv kI 
87 M. OspedalflttL — Botkls. 'ar.-iuiet rfi- (oj 

Mi-2, B.V't, L. ■!, n. ft. P. »-]8fr., o( Ifcp llrilrlii"; /W 
Tfl H. M S-J, a. LVi, I" ", n. I, P. 8-li fr. i »EM. ft-ifa), 5H B.l 
K, 4"/i„ S, 3','j, P. S.I5 It, (nnt (of imiiliilB); IIAt'.-fnit.X 

mS-e, B. J'/». L, *V<- D- 3-3'Jai P' T/r">'''-i r""li *J'"'S*-'i 
P. C-g fr.; Alb. ■t'llnlia, P. ffom .1 fr. — A\v< Priiitp , 
Ai(ni.i<iJtR ('iii^Kcii Siiiviin iu wlalvc in the Hul. iJulnHC. -^ 
/>)■. Ev'f-trlin; Dr. Il«giipiiiii : Ilr. Oilir, itiid nthtra. - Vltii 
J'<2 fr. ii(-i KTi'k. - OiinH'r-il.H in tlic ('tjnini- (ivlt)i rrjiliiiitiil anil 
iii'im) nji Mun, i,nA Friil,, i,nil-l,3ll r.iti ■ Po»t * Txi.noBiirH n»| 
ih'T Hill. Mi'lriipole. — CIxjiibi's Io Sun Rfnio Bnd llorfllglirri, «Nr 

Abwvp till' liiilo (ishing-porl of Oupvlahiti » wlnw 
(inn n.) vas \w\ nm in 18S2 at grcMt dcpotisr, in a ctulu 
ui'ijiit fiivouriiiili' alluAtiiiiii, witli ivaiks Fri-i* from ilU'I. QlJ 
in 1)111'' (if till' f)\\ti Savi.T-iniirlLet» in tbi' Rivi'Tu; vJKiU ■] 
p»i<i to thd JVpirii^iv ill liie Via Girlbnidi, ntovo Ibu 10 
to the Gimtchftto [venerable pnlmsj, on thi- itorJij^hcf* ifl 

l^roiii ObgicJalttii j iiiuL^-lr^vk [^ft '■■'-) '^■■-<1 ^ r<>hLl itiV4'tlfiiJ 
Kf-rii Irail 1ii tl>i' liltli^ Iiihii uf CiildlroiU nt ('(tlt<il»SD Si : Clfil 
),nl rli-B EtriDgcn; CnU';- Riiili>rDiiti> rltlld Bibliul»vij, tk>» IiitI 
whii:li mrliiinn 1 libriity Biiil an inciiniiili'rii!ik> pii'lnri'-galLcfj |u 

PilK' Vl'^iW QOJir till? CL'IUL'UtV. 'I 

00^/. a. Bordighera. •- Hotels and Penaiona Cl* 
jicil 1>y tbi' EngliKli}, On rlic Straila Humana (p. 13i|, \m 
liliLiliun: •HOtbl Ef KitHWAUB nii C»p Avi'kouo (HI. i|l, 
pMbic uui) uiag^nificent viun-, 130 bcJs £l «-lS. B. i, 1. ft, A.1 
i-nin, I'/r (p.; 'Hot. Ajkist iTl. n) . with flBo puTdiMi . 1»U 
n. IV„ L. I-S, D. (1-8. r. m-M fr. : •Hot, Uoyw, fPI. ti. B fnmlT 
L. S'.'j, D, S, P, li'-U fr. ; "H^T. HB-iPKnu (M. "1, lift 1.. ' 
L. 4. D. SVt, P. *roiu lit, uiuii, 1'/, f r, ; •H-Tr. Itnf, 
giKjM, OS fl, nt 4-8, B. !'/„ L. J, D, 0, P. lilH, ■ ■ 
HE LoaoBKs (Fl. (0. English: 'llO'r, Billu'hth ji'l i 
L. 3 , D. 4 , P. B-Il /r. — J« /Ac Via Vltf<n~io Eumiw ■ 
IPI. h). 80 bdls it 3-7, B. li/a, L. Bn,, D. IV^ H ■ 
"HAt, d'Abiletekbb (PI. (), 70 l)c<]> nt 4-T. B. ll/„ I 
11 fr., "Pahk H(,tci, {PI, e). K. VI,-7, B. H/,, 1.. »',„ 
nil tlirM witli Bir-dcn? 1 H6t. Ckjthsj, (PI, lu), ut '.'„ -.--.■ 
ri'iilauriiHl, H i';,-<f^l.u B, IV,. P- 1-8 (r. — Jn tlie lin ilMOfel 
}I''>T. 1» LA ItiiHi; (fl. t), Ji. S-S. B. ]>,'t, I. S'l,. &. 4'v P- « 

fttfji* I'in. [mjH^rnlrica Fiilericif' HOr. Vn-rowrA., wilti •■ -■ ^'-' 

II, JVii ■-•. i'li. D. S'/s. P. flVir"' f'- 8»u>I; riririK i: 
». frtiti », B. 11/,, L. ai,',. a 4, P. from S fr, | llrtT, li. 
jtisco til, b>. a. Z'if3'r,, B, iVi, L. aVi. D- a'/i,. P- 6" i'-. ''■i 
*(. — Jn the Stmila 'Ui (MH, lo fhf N,E. of tli# old tuwn, B#7-l 
P, Ji/i-M'/i fr.. l^nglish. '! 

PeittiONS. Vflla VoiutaiUlii (PI. c1>, .^lra<tn Itmnalln, V. B-lt 1 
Piniii.Jolie(e\.i(), ViivliPHina .Mjirfi']iPi-ita , P. c.-sfr., pocil: Pmi 
(PI, |i>i /tirti. tft: li< Rniiit: (PI- ti. Vis BiHL'hiiitnlipim, P. i^mti . f! 
nellevut, Bttit Iho Stmrti ili rtrPumvdUiiuuo; I'jfl 
Hirlifiiuint, Ixith sci&iln Rdhlhoai f'i<Ha. Atrj-n,wlm, Vj» 

yn raaimi^r only the Hotel t'entraX and j^nji, Ji-i. 

•Iff"*. BORDIGHEHA. Ill, R.aa. 127 

Kunktlta. FaUanI>or^(roomsX?i'>IiiiF6ratiiceFeil(!ricD(Muni''li 
fi-Ri»loTaate Ligtire; Caffl aella Staxioiie. — CaM & Coil' 
Rerger, Vii Vitt. Emsnuele, — T«a Boom, Borttigk^m 
Til Biachaffaheim. 
iana. Dr. Snbbard, CKxa Santa Monies ; Dr. J. Linton Bogle, 
tniglia ; Dr. Q. Bamilton, Villa Pozsoforto (all Engliah) ; Dr. Her- 
T. Leicituohn (Oennan). — Dentiata. Sattaretli; Yiviani. — 
M. C'aivauiia; Taitarotti; Sentrieh, Wiirtz, Vi«Vitt. Emimnele. 
SUoan Churoh. Alt Saints', Via Biachoffahcim, services Crou 
lav at 10,30 and S; cliaplain, Ref. H. P. Ituriel, 3t.A. 
i ft Telegrapb Offloff, Pima Mazzini, open 8 
itlah Vioe-Oonaul, A. Turton. — BAokora: Biribaldl; The 
l(aUo monof-changor's) ; Edw. Berry, Casa BaleatTa (Engl. Banker): 
fit two arc alao agcutx for fiirniaheil apartincnta. 

B ft Flower* at L. Winler'e, Via Vittorio Eraamielif, 
(lot 1 or It pcr«.)' psf drive 1, with two liorsea !'/» fr. ; per 
S fr. ; each acl<!it. pecs. SO c. more ; to Oipedaletti 6 or 10 fr. ; to 
t-idi 1! or 18 fr. ; to Periiialdo 18 or SO fr. 

^mnibTlB viS Oipedaletli to Son Bemo, see p, 1S3; to Vallebotiii 
, and to Soldaiio once daily. — Bleotrto Tramway from the Pisiaa 
li by the Via Vitt. Emannelo via Piani di Vailecrosia and I'linti 
»{p. 128) to VeiitimlgUa[-p. Its), avery VfVihr- in winlBr (4B orSO c). 
Jimat*. The atraneers' quarter is formed by the Strada Romana, 
boDTerted into a wide and dnat-frec promcnado running along the 
xbron^h grovea of pine and olive. Only its £, eiiit is fairly sheltered, 
~st being expoaed to the dry coaat-winds. Serioua cases of illncnn 
netoie not uaually aent to Bordighera, which, in contrast to the 
Riviera atationa, ia frequented mainly by convaleacunta and touriatii. 
temperature in winter ia lower than at San Bcma and ti^pedalctti. 

tordiglKra (3900 inhab.), first brought into general notice by 

li's novel *Dr, Antonio', consiata of an old upper qnarter, on 

fgher yround of the Capo Sant'Ampeglio, and a new lower 

r, between the coast-road (here named Via Vittorio Emannele) 

Strsda Rouana. The Patgeggiata a Mare, a pictnreaqne 

promenade free from dnat, extenda westwards from the foot 

r rocky cape. 

oni the Via Vittorio Emaunele, in wliich are the station and 
tteaa di Terrasanta, bnilt by Gamier, the Via Begina Mar- 
tha Via Imperatric-e Federico, and the Via Bischoffsheini 
. to the Strada Romana (the ancient Vin Aurdia'i, whicli 
the W, at the Borghetto brook, This fine road affords 
ping viewa of the palm-gardens of the Hotel Angst and thii 
I Etdiiida (built by Garuicr). On its S, side, below the Hotel 
bodros, is the Museum, or International Free Library, 
led by Mr. Biclinell and containing a reading-room, a ron- 
nal!, a library, a nuiqne collection of the flora of the Riviern, 
[lection of minerals, and an archseological collection (inclnding 
entB and casts of the rock-inscriptions mentioned at p. 56), — 
ptiflcent •View is obtained from the Spianata del Capo, on 
p of the promontory, at the E, end of the road : to tlie left., tl\e, 
' Ospedaletti ; to the right, VeIlti^v\%V\4,■yLt\^^aT«.,^w%■^^.'"^;v^^ 
^0, the MontB Esterel, and Van sftO'H-&«cV'4i k\ii«.*^'«^'<i^^*^ 
•ether pleasant walk is affotdeAW t\>« Strada Aw, CoU^iVi 

lea m.B.n. bordigreba. 

ly tieyon^H 

N. oF Oi« old town. From the end of lliii rnad, immeillatM^ heyon 
lUe Villa BUntliini, u fointpulh nscfiids to lliu If fl Id the ro/vr <fci 
Mostaucini [375 fl.), an uld waleii-1uw*r coiuriiondiiig a fine view, 

Durdi^bnra is fHinaiis fur ItH lloriculturo (roace, caruatiuaa, &no- 
uiDiics, ct«.), wlaicli parlly snjijilants uUvc-groM-iag, uud lor its data- 
|ialiria (P/fcnin (lai:t>ilifti-ai, of wliicli, iiowcver. tlie froEt Heldom 
ri;ji!ris aufBck'Nlly in be edililr. Llko EIcJil' (sec BncdelEcr's Spajii) 
fitirdigltcra dues a. kro^c linsincB^ in Hnppl^^lng pa.lm-brnnohea to 
Roman CHtliolic dicirelics Cor Palm SuD'tny nnA to -Tovleh oom- 
iiinnltics for tlie Feast of Tobernnclca. I'Yir tin' funiier purpose 
ilii' Ipovfs arc lilcacln'il on llic li'cot liy being ti^ljlly Imiinil up, — 
'J'lir llnnfil palni« uri.' lo- )ir wvn on Ihc Ospt^diilclli road, to llie E. 
nr Ihp town : in \h« (rurdnns of tic Villa Garimr (unw Goimvinnn ; 
afJm. on Wnil. fc Sul. inly), at Winler'a Volinnr liarilen» (adtii. 
I'm*), 1 M. frniu lliestatiiin, andiii l\ie 'Mudonn.aOardtfii^tJliiiilu, 
"', M. beyond llii' bridge, liplufiging tn Ih.i' esmi? omier and ennlain- 
ing Ihi! (lelejjruled SsliolTel PaliiiH (ailm. (ioi.-Ajjril T5 c). 

From [he Vallnne Qsrilt'rin. wv ukay aaiTnil tlio Valley iif Iht Sario 
(111 iltj wLaltmr) l-i llio (I M.l A-[iiei!nc:t; WUiw it ("t '/, M. md rnliifB 
IliViiri' V) (l</( MO IliiriliKliorii Hltins the cundnit. 

l^xci'iifrK-^jB, Fr^iii Olil Borjjghcrn by jDi>t and hridio path4 llirori^h 
beiiitifiil iiliTH'Univeii tu W, lir.j f<i)Ji>o CiiS It.): thaiii!i> vii iSfl'iirf;n 
(IfiMIl (t, ; irnt, fuioiTrly Ihu mini af llie liitol) yi Li tint, to tlie J/cii'n 
fiiflQio »n(l to Sfj.w HiiMoIo, see p. IB^i. — To [lihii.; uniii., seoji. 1ST) 
lVii/*^una viJ JIvrijhrltu. — from tin- Piairi ili Tr^lecysiii-, ili"> W. iiib- 

nrb of 1 lord IB hi' m (trmawaj'-slnlion, «cn p, itl}, a rouil oHpeu-ds viS Vatie- 
rn'uid., S('n liiaiiir'iJell(iVima,nuilSvl'laiHi (ijIDII., bi.'i: p. 11?), Id (3'!rl hrx.) 
J'priniiliiii 1 18)15 ft, ; Inn : onin. lo VpnllmisliB, son lielnwl, a villlKO pdoi- 
iiijuiiling bviHtlfiilvij^wfl. I'l'iiiiiiilduiK tIioliirLtiplii.['G i^(tboa<itruaDin[<riiQior. 
Den. Cuaini(lua.Vi:i}J. Oim. Fll, Marildl a<iG.^-l 7111)), nnil O. D. Maraldi 
1I70MS). — Till- iiBi-cjil of thfl *('Jmit di Sairta. Vrocr (1100 (t,| 1e bigtly 
•tlrnptiv*. Frum llip tram»Ji;'-n1iitl»ii at tliLi foul of the yalloj" of "V»]|i>- 
croniii n inadioil (tiBtpnlL iisr-i'iirlH thr'iiigh ivimrt Cii (I'n, I'/jhr.j llio thipol 
on lhi> mimmil (miiBiiillfPtit vIpm'). We diaj- return by n Bleep pntli I'l lie 
N. ta .Snn fJIn^/Jn iir ti> />filrc('i''3(in.. — from llii'. trumisny-sliilinn nf I'miUi 
Ktrvia («»e ImlowJ, in lliu Niirviji vulk-y, wo may proMed vin (!'/, M.l 
(Hmptiromfi to r4'),M.) J»nfrfJt-rf|jiinifi.'i ft,; tbiee inua), vritfi tha mlnoil 
jmRHHltiit iijiiit.U- of the Porins of CiiMimi. {p, IM). Thonor »c ga on via 
C M.J Uolnhona lo (IIV, M.) /'f[(Ha (lois f t. ; 1151. dcFfBU'c; Hfil. Bin. 
fcorl'. Ptiuio; gnin. lo Vcntiiolglin, >ce holim-), llie [iirisli-dinrtli of whtrli 
h» a vinend itUr nf ihc ifitli rfUtnty, In Ihe nnnaut rhniio] of San 
Utrwinlo lint xouie iii IltohUu^ frfiuno-ee. — To C&iflirodi vll (B'/g M.J 
OlpflaMU, BPe p. ISfl. 

nS'/, M. lwi^i*.^i'o/iia, nrnr Ihe I'j'am di Valiervotia (aee above; 
viftwsl; lathe right is an Itiiliiin I'rolesl.ant scliool. CrosaiiigtlieJfe*- 
fitt, wp obloin ^linijisc of the Maiitiuiv Alps; an. Ibc left, ai PtrnU 
Nervia, afc »canty reiijai-ns of a Kouian settlement witli n theatre. 

84 M. Ventimlglla (Hailv-nn HetlavraM, L. S, I>. i, Innrliaon- 

hadlict BVi tr.). — Hotels. I16l. (/c» [VyuKj/cnca, witSi riiiilaiitBnl, tt- from 

>'/« ''•. gobrf, «*(. Suitte H Trrmiiiitf, ft, aV,-ai;, ti., JWI, Maitoit Dm-it. 

w/lb marturaal, all near Itic uljiimri, — WHarnnle Ornate, tlein..— f-ii/T' 

nafri*. — Mnnnr Cn*Knttttt M the rail. xlMiau.. — fiooti" fmif»t%. Fratilti 



04a p*r ilcivo t tt-i *t Dig-bt I'/i (r. ; uitr hr. I fr.; lo UorloU >. Ibetv 
and baok 1ft. — Blkuthiu Tkiuiw>y lu Bordigtiera, ibb p. III. — UutUH 

Venlimit/lia (4.5 ft,), Fr. VintimiUe, the Homnn ^ifrirun /n(e- 
tnelium, tlie Italian front! c Mown, wItU 3300 inIlit^. nnd thu acat 
ot a bishop, consists of the Indiistdiit nw tniyn, in iin cxpnsi'il (N. 
wlnilj siluation lietw«L-n tht station and the wca. iind Mie pJolar> 
BsquB old town on a hill to lie W. of thi^ ffoiu. Tn thw olfl tnirn is 
the M'lniciph, containing a sraall colleclion of Romsn antiiiuilion 
from Pont«! Nerrin (p. 1?*), The Caliiedral, lite J3(iii(Utenj. and 
the chnrpli of .Smti Mti:kifle are tliriie inlcrL-stingRoiuaiuMqac ljuil» 
dings. Tlip arst CMitains iiMndonn«liyBaniiil]«daMmlcria ('ji.JSI); 
thfl la-fit hiiE noluiuns b'Tiirlng- Rotiiuu in^^uriptions. dbuiit 'y, ^- 1" W. lioB Ihu piuliiroBtjiiL- Purla Canurda. Aliovfi IIib Isolated 
tnwtr-liko rocli (Songlio Mo) va Itiv b«^b riiiea the foriuer Citadel 
fnow biirrufilca). 

I'iue viBKa ate ubtuueil friim llie iiiin^il Uaiioi>!i(i fnrl af Smt Paolu 
fMS il.), «> aiin, alinvii Ibe nlri iowr, imd fioia nbove tLo (1 lir.) niiooct 
rasUUn d'Ajipi" (1130 ftj. — T" tli« fof jVon-to, *IT p. 1I«. 

On llio sU'titiiuD ruii4, within Hal)', in is'/,, .M.i Mortols, witli ll"> 
*(Tfici''JJJiiJ Haiihirr]!. Ihn must luiiiriuDt uii ific ltivi?]'ii (luliii. on Moil. 
& Friii. iLflpruui'ii-, (I'U l fi'., l\>t lliu Itcmufll u^f tlii' g'iMr ; riail'/ra iiiccritiu 
Ihoip names). 

From VoDliuil^lift lo Tunds [ fi^r Ouaeo audTncia^ bee It. II i XnSar- 
teiriea iMeiitane. sileej, «oe B. *. 

23. From Genoa to Pisa, Riviera di 

]0:lViM. R111.W&T. 'Truio da Irtio-' (Farin lu Ituinn, p. I1 Udnnes lu 
Kone, p. 196) la S'/'r''/, lim. {Fare 29 tr. 50 c,;; fasi sxpiVHH io SHj^-iiu 
■ad »prDBii tn i-J'/j br*. rift fr. fiS, IJ fr- 15, II fr. iO ■>.); Dtilinnry inin 
In 5'/4-Bi/, hra. (19 ft. 13. 13 Ei. 40, 6 fr. ao c). Till' Iraioi sUrt from Ihs 
HtasloHG Pietzza P-rlncij^e flucal triima ir\ -Cliiiivari *ila** itoui tho litftslena 
Briiriiole; mtiiii, llie irrao-ubleii. — Tiekuti to NBPrl, liapiillo, ne. hy 
thi? fi4*l cipi'-obo njK ibHin^ti "jiilv iiq v'xI^inbtoEiH «f linjkoln to Q-miun, oji 
Hpplicstion liolntt iiijtili? to tin.' 'Conlmllure' i>r In tin* Bta.lion-ai»Blvr im- 
msrlJJilralj on lE»u travi'lli'f'fl al'I'KnlI hi C^^iiihjt. Sonic I'f i\ic oitjucia traii^n 
tin ni>t riiny local |iiui>t(-ii^i>ni lntilu't<i.i[| (j>iitii> M'I Clilivuri, Iripiiiiii- 11111I 
PfBii, or Viikrc^jgio tod P£««, — Best vioW" on Ibo rigbt ipnUtiiiTO-ald'i 
nt ihi! (Brrinpi), TlRtHTi-n Nurvi ami Spijiia. tlio vinw ia niui-li iulcrru.jiIoiJ 
fjj Ibc oumctovQ lunndf. II is ditD^-uiiiui tu luau uul of tbc uainoBc- 
rioilow. — EUeii-ic rramiL'a^t rNo. SJ la Sarri, «do p. ii7. — Motor Oin«i. 
fmacg to pDitoAnu f|i. 131) i tiuiva dulyi I frii llicrv and liacli 11 It. ) vSw 
til Cunoii, Piii«Ka Dt'fernii'i- 

Gi-.riort. Bee p. 9S. On li^iiving tLe Slaziohe Piaextf J^'incifV 
tll0 train jjtisacs Ibrougi m loog tunnel 1-1-5 mln.). 

S M. Statio'ie Bntfii/k. I'o the left wc obtain n view of tfae 
fortress-ort-wnL'J IieighU arouitd Gcnou. 

On Ibe ii(t-«cro di Levante, or cowtt to the £. iil ^jwvi.w.,'*^^ 
regalatiuD is Ifw IiixnrisBt than un Llio T(,\vi&Tii iWiu'iMN': v^ '^'^*'' 
bat the scfncry is alniost morn strilung. TW^in«'»»»*'f>*^'*^*'*' 


ISO "'• *-^ SEHV!, FnmGcMtM 

iiuuicrvuB cnlliiigs and luorc liinq cif-liljr (ttiinvlr. Tliv vUlafcUH linvi! 
iisrf'ivi- ttlK-cla aud lofty liuuecs. elusolr Imilt oil the narrow srs- 
Luuril ft In ccuOocd yilHc^s. 

TIjc uaIii rroHHcfe the lii«lKniflcaiii Bisagno ij'. It5i auO jiaHnra 
KnA^riUvColliim d'Al}fdro{]f. Ilfij bviuenn^of b luiiiiel, — 4' .M. 
AVt/cilo (Oi'.-llfli. .Stiirla. I, i';,, D. 3','.. P- h-inn 7 (r..-. wilh icH- 
baths (OficcLU ut youti? Fascia, si-v j». I3I>. To tlio right, lliu 
Sfedltcrraucaii; lu ibc Id't. the ulivi'-c'liid ^Iojil^s of tlie A[irDnIiir!>. 
EiprinUed witb Miunlry-lionws. — J M, Quarto ilei itilkip. 1 Ifii. 
— 6 M. Qainto al Mare irir.-HOt, Uluimo, od Ihr *fa, witli viriv- 
lorniCM aiiit bph-IjhI h«, K, 3' ,-7 fr, U. W) c„ P. 8-10 (r., llallnn, 
vtTy Inir; HOl.-I'rtH'. Ili'iiii-Sr'jotir, iilaiitcn, with Kiivoral lupturirs, 
II jiriHLy '>inr(!im> ]'iiljlilic(i, hiiudsomi? villa'', ik'jisc in-jiiigi'-gruvi'-i.. 
mill tiiio iialiii-ii'iTH, lii llic fortgnniiid risi's ibis proiufinturj uC 
S'lirlnliiif, fji. 132,, 

7'.', M, Kervii — HotelB ;i'uin]i- p. «ij; wliii rTiiinti ln'otiHe ami 
^■rikuii/. Al Hcrei; ^liuAHu-UViTSx., Viu (iiribaldi. itdjuiuliig llic pmk 
"f MofiiLn'M' Ofoiiallo (p. l(i), ftUli leiiiinriiiit »iiil i'»fO ou ilie cuhui ijfriinc- 
rm.l;, H(n lifiiln lit *-!», D. 1',',, L. i, D, S, P. li-B^ umll, I't, U.\ •Uhabu 
Kn»» HnrKi,, mi tl«i hill nljovi- Iho Ti.t lirtmnldl, wifli pufdiiLi ktrulcliiBg 
fii Itm -I'll, IM lieils nt 3-10, S. l'f«, I.. J, D. J-T. f'. 10-31. oinn. I'fj (r. ; 
•Hot. Vi. tipkia, iii'iii I lis ihitlr.n mv\ thii stu, il\i lii!i]» iit 3-6, B. IV). T.. 3. 
li, 4'.i„ ri. ". r. li-lH ft.: •aTriAsw Hutu,, iii ml ("iipn silunii™ willi fine 
*li^w-, 111 Ihi- W, *iml <if llje L-OBBt pToiiLouaiJc, "willi Jma-bBlh?-, lO liodit lit 
3.». U. li/„ I,, a. I). ^.Ji/,. K If-Ufr. ; lifiT. Savoib. Via CnriEiuiiu, noiiT 
llii' .tulioii. al IpiiiU h>ni< SVj, B, 1',',. D, 1, S. B, F. B-U (t, ; acHWEiKiiiiitir 
A Pkxv, ?iii/i>inu, Vii btiiimlill (two boiiEisii), witli gnnli^n. r\fi, vf^itat- 
nut, mill ■cii-tiillijf. III 1)C<Ib from ;), H. li/„, D. 1'Jif ^< ^'/ji I'- .Troiii B, unm. 
1 Ji',;lIiVl',-l'Kliii. Nbkvi. SalinIii«t3-3, B, H/,. I-. S'/,, 1>. *. !', S-H tr., gooil. 
H^T. Ihtkhsaimkiu,, wiih r(;otaiit«nt, R. B'.'.-l, B, i';,, T. iVj-i^ff-i it""''- 
I Ar.n.-KisToRjLFi'fe runcfoifiHKj C<ji,i)»ib(1i III! tbrfi) in l.lio Pffieea Vllloriu 
'BnnBUclr. — .-is Cn.pnli"/ii» i*p. IWl]; *Sc!iriaKi[iiT'6pAi(KlJi)Tist., with Ciii: 
qil'uundB hirnlchliig ti> thii vi^n (iilm. ficeT, f)kf4 - rsatauraut Hiid aiu>htthb. 
IBS IidiIb st a-(i, 11. l'/:j, I.. i\. n. 1, T". 8-15, onin. IVj f(-, not fur oonBump- 
llveft; H6t.-I'i[(6, Bfli.i.vue, Vi& Bulvtdrtro, «n the mnil to tho thnieh of 
Saul' Iliirlu. with flni: view. K from Hi/, fr. - In siiramor, tlic BctiieefKcr' 
liof li^iil ^f'bii'kcil'a Pink IlrJliJ oiAy at'' opon- 

Peiutonit ;iiHyiLll;- wiHi ):i>rdi.'iihii. i<. Hmitra, in thu finrk ui rniiiit 
RnifciOj, tu tliu W. of tfm tuivii, B-l" fr, ; F. SiilcjKiJiie, /■■. ifc la \'UCi) [hvm 
Ulr.l. P. Cautrale, tl>c•l^ tbrcn' nl tliu W, end -^f the town, noar th« GJArdiDv 
■■iiWjIIciji i". Jftofem I/miu 7'/a tr.J. P. F(f(f( Fri»iit, f. Biiealakir fhom 
71/, fi.j. Ihotnlhruo in llio VinlaVitt, Kiiijiniitlp fp-iail: J". B«P(/i(7.1(l fr.], 
P. rill rrtjitoii^w (6-11 tr.], F.itu Witi, tliisc tliicoTia Clittieaino; r.lkau- 
Slln llliilinnl, Vii- Si'rrii 1«, P. fr.iiii T tr. ; P. SnccMti, ncsr lilt Edcu 
Hnliil, P. hinn (Mr,; /'. tUnui-- hlvagi:^ Viu tJii]ioIuiiKU. 

FuTDkhed Apartments lemMMufr. fur llic Bouniiit)imit vil]>'>{3^'}u- 
Ifflnl h.\ UK' itiirc*. Iiittriiint.ion iil l-'ricko's inJ .infhpn'i (p. ISI). 

Curria. Cli/T'i' Vatliirlu. Viu Uinli<!rlu I'rlniu; Qi/T^ rfcl Eio»a, 
V. Mifitijuir'''. Iiolli i>a tlio roiiit |>ruiiifna(li^. 

Post A Toletrttiib Otllce, via C'nrvplto 13J; bniiu'li-iiltlce at Capn- 
Tlinitu III. i;ii). 

Caba. I'cr ittlvi' in tlii' luwii Mi c, with Iwti liiiiacs l>/4 ft-: atniKlit 
1'/, of i ft-i v»r hiiiir a, Pf„ 3i;„ iiiiil 1 f r. SpiMiiol Uriff (or Jtivta bufund 
tti' iDWu ilo Vm'" llarlo. 3i/v i" ■ ''■ J '" Of'""!, 3 <" Witt.; lu Kapatfv, 
Ww JJ/v,; lu Pfrtp/Ino, l« or 30 fr.]. 

U> Pt§a. NERVI. llI.S.»a. 131 

Kleotrio Tnuniray [fram tho Piatzk Vilt. Eoiuiaele) to Qaioa, 

ntc p^I (No. 8). 

Pbyiiclaaa. Qerman, Dr. Brat:, Dr. OrUnau (StnstoHum Hysie&], 
Dr. Schneegam; Anitriuis, Dr. Strelinger; RnssiBnt, Dr. MoMleiberg, 
Dr.S<dmanoff, Dr. Scheinin.eit:. — Decuat. Dr. JSbiMr, Via del Poiio SB. 
— CbetnlBtB. (?(i;Eo, VisCorTCttolll; P. fricjlce (Oerman), Pisiia Bel- 
Tedere (also photographic requisites}. ~ The di in king- water of Nervi la 
objectiomWe (aco p. ixv). 

Bea-Batha: Straod Hotel, Scbickert'a Park Hotel, Schwciierhof. 

AngUoan Churoli Svrvioa, at the Eden Hotel in winter. 

Koaio, daily at 1.30 p.m. on tho coaat pranieiudo. — Vuitobs' T*i, 
I'lt U. per week. 

BookMller and Bazar: Ed, Behrmann, Via del Pozzo 61. — Baskkb, 
M^tOtet, Via Garibaldi 48. 

^m Oliniatv, etc. Ne rvi, tho oldest winter- station on the E. Bivieia, ia 
hacked on the N. by itoute Qiiigo, and is sheltered on the N.W. by the 
Monle itoTO, a synr of the Monte Faece, and on the E. by tho promontory 
of Portoflno, while it lies fully cipoaed to the S.E. wind. Ila mean winter 
tempcratDre (SX° Fahr.] is alnioat tho same as that of the W. Riviera, but 
the rainfall at Nervi is more copious and the perioda of dry weatliei leaa 
proloDgod. The relative moisture of the three winter montha ia 60.1 per cent. 

Nervi, a small town with 3500 inbab., sttrronnded with groves 
of olives, oranges, and lemons, is much freqneoted in winter by 
English, Rnssians, and Germans as a health -rceort. The town is 
intersected by the highroad, which bears sis different names be- 
tween the Torrente di Nervi on the W. and Sant'llario Ligure on 
the K. In the Piazza Cavonr (to the W.) is the small Giardino Pub- 
blico with the fine park of the Villa C'roce (Via Corvette No. 113). 
To the E., towards Capolungo, Via Garibaldi No. 55, is the Park of 
the Marchete Gr<jpallo (adm. '/, fr.), with a fine gronp of date- 
palms and an old watch-tower. In the Via Heira is the Villa Serra 
(no adm.). All these are noteworthy for their laxarJant vegetation. 

A feature of the place is the dnat-free and saiioy *Coaat Prom- 
enade (to the left on leaving the station), which rans along the 
shore above the rooky beaeh, and Is protected by a lofty wall on 
the landward side. Pleasantly placed benches on the promenade 
and in the adjoining gardeos afford resting-places for patients who 
wish to be much in the open air without taking active exercise. 

The Via Belvedere, beginnioK at the Piaiaa Belvedere, about the middle 
of the main atrect, ascends in curves to {1j^ hr.) the church of SaiiV llario 
(6iO ft.). On the way. and from beside the ehnrch, wo obtain admirable 

.views as far as Portofino on the E., and of the Riviera di Ponente and 
the Lignrian Alps on the W. The footpath (■hort-cuta) may be chosen 
for the descent; or we may follow the hill on the W. and descend vi& tbe 
Cappella San Bocco (655 ft.) to the Oiardino Pubblioo ('/» tr.). — From 
Sant' llario we may proceed via the Wonie Qiago (1565 ft.) to the top of the 
Xtrnte Fonda, oi Fa»te{i^SOii.•, i'/ihra.], whence a flue vW is obtained of 

.Geuoa and to the N.W. of the Apenainea as far as the Honte Bosa chain { 
descent vii Appariziotie to Sturla (p. ISO). 

The nnmeroas tnnnels that now follow sadly interfere with the 
enjoyment of the view. — 8'/i M. Bo^^t'osco (^.o^.-tw*. '^^'iVJ^. 
9y, M. Pieve diSori, above whicb lisea l\ie c\«.^e\ ol S«i"tA<»- Cro"^* 
.(17S0tt.;l%ht.;MKw). ~ lOV, M. Swi t,6^ i^^l ^»'^»-^^'^^*^'* 

,.> Google 



133 III. B, it. MONTE 1)1 POSTOPINO. '*™n 0^»i>a 

silniilcd tit tliP moutli of a pretty vftMny, up which a rati runs la] 
(1% M.) Canepti. We enjoy n nuLIfi Bui'vny of sc« nnd valloj fron 
the TinJuot wliicb |>iisee9 bigli nbovn tlic town atiJ rivulet. 

13 M. B«000 {Aibergo dvUa /■^Ineionc, niotleat) is > convenUl 
Btarting-pwiit for n Tisit to tin; Moiitc E'orloSuo (s«c below): 
hpTPi; torddgi' to Kuln 2-3 fr.; niotur-otunilius vijl Cul& to Porto- 
linu-KulD) four liiiici'iliiily, faru 4, tlicrnund bncli 6, with descent to , 

TIhi "Monte di Portoflno nr Wnn/* TrT'ffrafo {aWMlft.j in in aliiii»t^| 
vi|iiiLfi^ proinoiitiivy lit Iiri'lJ Icrllary 'fonulcmoTiLlii, wiUi it rli'I] 'flara, ftfOKl- ^1 
ally nn it"* y. slopi^K. Tiiu n^Nt rio-nvrpiittnt jirprotrli 11 1>y tliij T'lJul frooL 
Rcri'ii liK SimU M.irghciltn [p. 1S3) tn'l Uapil'u (p. Ill: ni!>l!ir-«mn. '■"HL 
Dciiun. sec i>. W; fi'vtn Iti'ccoi ^utr ubovu i ffjui ijiiiila Mai'ithcfilii BiInF^ 
]tp]iilli], s<ye p. IIS). Tlid tniid (flno vluwa). whloh In JuIiiim! abi^Ut halfway 
U|) by lliij "Itopur roml fnim Ciinijijli [nfii liol"w], mwdiIm Id llii' B.E. to 
nVi M.I Huta (090 ft,}, & village Hilmtlecl at (he Cop of the rid^i- botwesD ^m 
tli(>UuIt <ir <lcn<i& uid the Qulf of Bapallu, nod ceunuauJIngi Bno rotrg-^l 

H|ll.-(!t of G^llllll, ^H 

lutincilialoly tipfcro it IuudcI Imviiruril by the Mg'h roiirl , tu t)ip Tigliti 
Ik the I'nlinncv to tlii' 'l>»fk of Port-iflro-Kiilin' (aijin, 1 Ir,), tbr(Hi(!b Which 
n pnviiTr luriil \VU M, -. iiiotur-rir Uitin nnil Imck 1 fr.) unccniU iu L-ptvoi 
i,iilii'Gr.-Hat. PortoHno-KnIm(iJ'riff.; luiH. khi-h\ n. a, T„ 1, n. T, 

P. from la'/ulr., i,t Ihe nml cUsi). »itHuti:<l on llic top of tlin hill, Th* 
tii.ii(;9iillici'itt ^Yivvf t(] 1^10 W., iai:]uJub Ihci rtiHal from C)tiniiu;1i in Qeboa JtnJ 
till? KivieiB ili ronr:iilo u iu lu t'spo BfirU. tonimnniliiil hy thn LiKUri*! 
■Liul MftrjtilHO Al|>Ji Jiiil by llii^ Monlci VBn^^ (|i, fi-} uml t^tlioi" jii-nkt. of W^\ 
CotLiiin AlpH: tu tliv 8.E,, the Ilulf di Itipillo. tbo mint an fir ii I'tilmdl 
Knit Purtiiv nnorc (p. lit J, nuJ llir iliutuut Xpiiuu Alpn ip. 147; pi>[ii^r>i,mii by 
Di'llu Piniic). — Th»«u 1/W1 mibIi I'l muiil tin.' priviile mnid aici'tnl tIiop»tli 
wllli alirpt, to llifl Ni, 'jpjio«l1« llio piktrniii't', mil lii^voiiij t^lv cliutab vf h 
KmU [•illow K piiTi>r( litlillp-pittti to II»> S. (ij.lir,), wliiob ilivi'loi, Stnlll. ■ 
■bovo Iha itiD, Into thrc« uiDi: one k'»diQf( Iu tlm right t« til s (Vihr.) SMKfr V 
/orii Xiiiivfi. thn iiiiv iilgiiiil-iiEAtlMn (V, lir. Iiiitnw ilic nIil imn) iiii th<< Vanbi 
Cainj/ana [lifllS fl,}, innihti Iri ilur Ivh to tlir I'/jl't.) Pktre Slrcltg (««< 
below), whllo wo proMoil hj tlip nildillii }i«t!i (jfroon wny^mirku), it (r«t 
throiiKti wouj, lu Ilv ['(^ br.l Samitfurui yecehio (tWi tu), no tbi hLglie»t 
Kiimuiit of Mtc, PortoUno. whioh. conimmnln nn «iliniriil.lo vlr^*-, itxtantll*g 
Iu lliv it.W,, in nluivc mintbcr, t'l Ccimim niiil the Tuai^aii iitanda. 

From tho ■uninjl vs prnfeei tu thv W. b-r nho muln-trti^k \ciitn^ ti 
tlit> new "JKiml'ataClttD MI1I, linlfwiiy. oilliiir ituJU'cnd In Ihu rfi:)it I<i thd 
(.'Jut^ct ["afodixo (rfml*. : v>(^n«) nnd the iinli'l, cr Jprrfrrablc) folluw thA 
iiOH' pnlli oil t.W N. ilapc n[ clio in Dim ml 11., »illi i. giwil I'iow uf tbu wuudnd 
l*y of Cala ileU' Or^, i\ riiinod »-JilHk-t«"ifr {Tnrrctli), nnd S»ii rrii1tuo«o, 
lo tliR p»»ii known n» titc I'lefn StTcttc [Hltitt.J. A sifcp pii.h ("'•y-niMlo) 
iIi'Ki'C'irilt bunin tft tliB K. tn C/jlir.; Stu AVK^fMOio [n. IM), wlifin ■ boat 
for rsniojrll i^.o fi.) or rortoflnci li>fi f rO "mj" f-o lilicii. Or, ahnul Imlt- 
v»y iJtfivti, w0 luqy ctiti-r *a oiticllttit mnisDtikin-jpnlbi nn tbo Lrfi, which 
leada t-iove tba S. ridgu of the prumontoir to San Scbimtfano (MO ft.; 
'nil) nnd |IV, lir.) J^rtnjhin fji, ISI). 

I4'>'^ M. Camogli (xUb. deilu Stasioitc, pluiii), a »n]iill, lint 
»t one tiiiic inijiiii-lKul liarbour ((5700 inhali.l, willi a scliool of na- 
vigalioii. loHy luitisos, and ruiiii^d Caxtetto Drajjunt (views), 
is also connected with (2'/a M.) Rula (ste sborei by road, and witli 
(hr Monte di I'ortufiiro (2 hri,] by a tirldlc-path vill San Rocco. 
— Froin San liocM s /roov foatpalli («lew«l \Bad» IqAb S. ^mI th.e 
eiaivh of San Nicola to tlio Ftaiio. deUa CKiappa, Vu« %Sl . _ 




III. B. t». iB 

jtolnt of th@ promontory I'l*/, br. tiim Gftniogli*, witii n viuill orn- 

Itorj (Madtmiiina), n. r.urinnfi tinrbniir. and nti olil onnvenl (now a 
'priv;ite liouir). To Snn FruttuoBU, sne p, ISi. 

Drjonit n tunnel (l''^ M.) peniitrating the jiromfMitorj nf Porlo- 
|.flno llie triitn ranches — 

t7';, M, Santft MargheHta Lignre. - Hotels. Iti j. i.tty 

f *ni1 npon litiiltinn n^nr tlic itstlon : " RTir-- (in.Tp Hi'itil (iroi.n;i.Mni. 

Wltli tcttntL", Ml brrlM ffim S, B. 1V„ I- ■!->, i>. H-M. 1', ttviB I J, t^ino. i'l'j F" 

■ cF 1h(^ ftTLtt clAbh, tldfieJ ID hUrnintf. — Oii Ihv Pitrtoflso rottil, l-l^i M^ 

■from llir Mation ; *Qr<.-H*T, MiitAUAttt, mo ■: «-i8, B. i»(„ L. -M. 

D. (!-S. P. la-^i. 6nin. Ifr. :*Ufir tt com A Eli It*, "(i tjdjt iH-D, B. |i/„ L. 8, 

M n s. p. iii-ij, iiiiin. l"i ff, — On Uip Ks|ia[]ii mail, tifiif itip inition : •Hk,- 

I^Mlf'l l ni-.-T.^nTi. . 7ikhfil«M4-8, B, I'f,. J,.3, D.6. P.lft-IS, onin. 1'/, ft., 

t •VlfTFiOPiiLE, Sil I.Mi. »t 3-1. B. H/„ ].. 3, D. 1, P. 7-fi, onin. 1 (r,, lioth Willi 

M fine Ki"'''''n*i lHriint*L P>L«t«. s«e p. ISl. — On thi' «iiB»»rrt "(tr «( Ihp 

■ l^iBui »Si-i(mii fl»[ti„ ;oo lindi lU-in. n, n;,, L. !i. D. iVi, P- lO-lifr.i 

■ JlflT-BiLLEv™, VUSi-II™, so lipil. ni a-i, B, i'lt, L. fl, D. J'fj, P. t-fl (i. i 
H HfiT.-PisB, VicTomi, iviih jfnnlon. an R,. P. from 7'/, (r.: KuEHiitHoTtu 
■^ *iUi c«fv-rt>.i«nri)at au.i .H.-«-lmliiii, R. (ruai 3, B. I'/., t. 3. I>, i'^,, P, 

truBiSfr. — 1m Itp lawn: HOT. CiJirnit. Kiis»iiiioi, R.ltom I. B. IV.. L *. 
D, 1, ?. from S ft.. Ald. Roma, trith tcnuutnat, P. i; fr., Iialli lii Ibc Plucia 
MmjiTii, pUin htil enori: .Vlo, niLMi Nfov* Poit*. — PBJWOMfi: ViU« 
Unitcr, Piizzii Maiiinl. M> fr.; F. SiiiMf, £0 l)cd«, ?. fl-lJ fc. — Uirti- 
E)iRT»iiiuiiT. Bnr Coffljuhd, BiiBr tlin hArliftiir (Agonn)- for natnr-rlts M 
TorTdfinii-lvnlio, p. IflB], 

O&rriage In PnHi.flnn tsrl hank with «no hnrtn ^ pars,] G, wllli lu'>) 
hfirw« » fr. : to Riinllc S or 9 fr. ; lo Ilutii IB or li fr. ; lo Zoiu;Ii » or IC ti. : 
to Clii« v»ri m o( iO fr. ; lo SenfW t-i-Viinlp S.l or S5 fr, — Bojlt In Piirlnfino 
nnd linuk J-fi. la Mnu Frul.Umso 13-1-1, tn Cmiiog'!: (nilhom rotilfni IS (r, 

teTsioLt^^ Dr. Scluacnkt. Vin '^cMi II. 

Saitia Marfjhr.rila, a l.owu *it"h 4900 inhiLbitsnts, fn'nuenied 
:iH3 winter-resorl. and for.'(Ra-b;illiiTh)r. is aitiiated fiii a lit'SuUfnl and 
ulipliered bay uf Ibp Gulf of Rajiado, iJsii i^iille-ii (iolfft Tii/aUo 
iiftiT Uii; Tiffttlii, the unoiftni inhiibiunls of iliis n-jtiiiii. ColuniboB, 
ViiMuf Kmnianunl IL, fnvour, Jtu/Kini. and Hunibei-l I. are all 
coinineitiorawd bj staiui's lii'i't!. Many of the Moiuen Rte engagpd In 
IiiHe-ninbing. ^ A magnilicent avonup of plane -trens Irnils up ihi' 
Val di Si7« Siro to tUp chnrcb of San Siro (tn Snn iMtr.nzn und 
Kiila, «ey ji. 133). 

The •Eo4& TO PoKTOFiTfo (3 M.: oioii., see abovel. oomiBcnofld 
under Napoicon I., in on« iif tbu moit kemitiful lu Ttnly. 1l »kirU 
ihc aca from Snrlft Margheriia, wltli vjrwa ot Ihc ponil ni (or as 
tlie hills ot SpMia, &nd pasaes below the ('/« '"'■I f'^'"'""!' Benedic- 
tine convent of fVrvnra (ca. 1(131 ; now occupied hy Prpneh Car- 
Umnians, where, aflor Ihp hattlo of Paviii (p. S40j, Frands 1. of 
France, dptainnd hy contrary wiiuls iin his way In Mfi'lfid m the 
prisoner of Cb.irip.? V., was onrr rotitlnol. Thc'ncr the road, piwHing 
tlifi pictare^quci Cnstlf of Partt^rji (.Mr. V. Hrown, of G(>nns), londs 
(0 Paracfgi (Pnns. CosniopolUr, willi ipn-hathH, P. 8.9 Ct., ^^^,sl*;\^ 
vlierfl tYif. nid roftd (fine view*! (livcr|);c« lo \W t\¥)\V. 'Wt^ &c« \o».*i 
loitdfl ronnd ihf Pri/ifa Cuieza and cnis al tte ^attVal.'**^'^ ~~ 

■m. B. »». POHTOFIKO. JVom Otttoa 



PortofLno. — Hvtkm, Qr-mt Bptti^lUt, in t lofty >Itiittii>n 
wKh loiiirc Mill r&rdEo, B. ftuiB I. B. |tj„ L. Si/,-i. B. S.«, P. frW, omo, 
I>ii fc. — PltOlU IMel, at tltc (n'riinfe uf Thi- villMre, pliiii bol Rood; 
>i/(!. 0<*(Jl«o, l.y ilic hnrl'imt, P., iocl. wine, "l-ifr. — CA.rii-R»-i«uiuc<'»_ 

K*^n"'Io, S'litio'Kil. Iiiilli l)y llit barliour, inoilot. 

Tb« l!Bl)in^-»tI]agi> of Port'ifiim, iht Rnm&n Porhig Dtfphial 
U rntoonteA In h narrow and <ie1l-4h«ltBred \iAy near lh# S.E. tx- 
Mmiiiy of tb«-pMmfl*l9^~»lier^ HichM'd Coeur-d«-Uon embai-ked_i 
fur Stcilr in 1190. Lii(-« i.i iumI? Iiltc. ^H 

Froui 11)0 9,W. curiKT of tho PixHa <lel Porto tb« Salita 8u^| 
Giiirgiy iistcnd* III 5 iwiti. t« tli« eliari'h of A'. Oiurgh' I'lStli cenl.^, ^ 
witb n !<liikii>|{ virv ot the oppii cea. Tli-^ I'lHa C' lirnarrot!. oloac ^^ 
bv (entrftnc;, Salitn d[ San Olorj;i'» 1"\ was uccupli'd lij tliti tier-/" 
man Crown Prince Frederick WlUiam in mtumu 1686 I'aJai, to \htt' 
bcBulifui park Mon. 10-13, 2-4; &0c.). 

The Vis ddla Pcninnln, a footpath below tho cliurch, pbm[b)- tbaj 
castles of Caatdlo and Ca^dkito (now convened Into Tlllaii. leads 
to the Oli hr.} I'inila del Capo, a small liglithaa&c on llio edge ot| 
llic cliff H|)li-iiiliti view). 

The hiRtily «ltrartWc moiuiWlD patb fii-m S. Marghtrlta W Portvflga,! 
rMtnWil hy a m>'1 lurfiiriinff )i«Tnnd thi- Hrl, BcHna Kn^nji, crniaM thai 
bill bcl'D*"' Ihr: chiuch tt Slndnnita tii yozdrf^'jo, tiul (Irdi-irjiild la Join Tb#^l 
nwit «l Parafffjl fji. 1J3), On Ihi- «■»!■« fnnipnili JJri'rpH'* fin [ho l»ft foti 
Ctnarii{p. IflBt in it snothpr oii Itio tIkIiI !i,r lYrrHrrla. ■ finrpuinl of vioir,il 

ThP cifUfiion to I'ortoHnn m«y lie pti-Minliy prnlnnfdl (in oilnt'l 
wtmthi-rl I'r lakinx « li<>«t fp, IS"; fftim riirtHflim fVH fV-l, alcin*.- thf nrcpl-f 
pftFKii S, c-atnl ef thf prijiDimlnr}'. to rl7, lir.) Ihc dibfy uf *Bikn Fmt- 
tUOBO (Ogtrria i'Hint. viiiircilcndinuli uivntinai-i) ■■ cirlv aa IVffl. pictnis 
OMJocTt t)ti»l«<l nn ■ hiiir liotA'i>F'ii ttrty tucU*. Tim rkrly-dotluf i-hnrcli 
eiiiii*lii> III ilir rliilMi't* a R"iitaii Hgrmpbaiii" nn") Ihp tomb* n( airtn- 
aiMnti^r* of tht D^trii f&uiily iIJt'7ith t^rul.). W& thrnt^d i-dw cm lo t^ 
(Silir.) P'<iiM •i/'IU fhitimi ami [if, tir.) Iuni«//Jt (p. 13J). 

Tho Mnufc" rf( Poriefttio fp, ISJ] oiay bu nuc'ciiilci! from Povlofliifl 
Z'!,bn.. from S»ii Ftultmitu in 3! bra. 

The ptclnresqii* •Riiiii to Rapxi-lu (S M.; omn., we |>. 1! 
parses the TiHo Spinola !■> ihu a*hiiiR-i-ilU^e of A'an ^flcfieU ■ 
PeUfAiifi , tlio cburch of which pr>iȴ""('B an allaT-picui! liy Vaa] 
Dyck iCrnyiflsion; on. 1625; iujured; lo^I ligbl 2-3 p.iii.;<. Furtbef 
OB, hej^ODil lilt- KarBBBl t|j. I3S) and llie arch tjf a Romaii brid^ U 
pa«««4 th«- mad to Ri^cc" (p- 139] and cTOBscs lie Boalu (p. IZh). 

The rana to the N. and Iraversea two tciinvlH, bo- 
twctn ivhieli llc" the local station of (18 H.l San Mfrkelr.. 

IS'/i M. RapallO. — Rotals fcowp. p. ixl; mo'tly claard fn 
WinniiTl On (/if S-rnt/i \tnn,h>-'tti\ Rnitd. to thp 8.W., l-Hf. M. fiom tho 
»l»ll»n I ■lyr..nin Pti .1 . n.v.t,. iji, hnif. from ft, B, *, L. «, I>. 6-B. 
huh 3. F. II>:uir, ivio. ilxu at Slim Marirhprila ilaliun]. pnlfoiriiotl liv 
Enaliili iDiJ Jkmcrlcan vii4l<ir>: * X»^v Kr iifj ■■' [•'..-r»i jtlmvp [bv KutKBal 
re. US), lOrt hovia friHii .S, B. n/,. T. "~. '..V. \-. inU.; both of thf flm 

*-lth pArk*. ■- O't (ftc B'-cfci R'r'iA (Via San ^^^t■olJll, ID tNo W,, 

to PiKt. BAPAIXO. W7. S. »a. 186 

P. 7-10 fr., Qarrnan. — Onlht Chlaeari Soad, to the S.E., 1-2 H. from tba 
at»tEoii, with gsrdcDC 'Xew Bbihtoi. Hotkl, 100 bed* at S-8, B. VL, 
L. 3Vi, D. a, P. 11-18, omn. IVi fr. ; Hxliitia Fu.aci Pabe Hotel, W) buda 
at S-il, B. li/m L. a, li. 6, P. S-l«, odid. I'/t fr. — On tAe aea, aetx tbo Oiar- 
dino Pubblico: *OB.-HdT. Modirbi: (three huavOB], IM boda it 3-6, B. t'/ir 
L. 8, D. S, P. 8.15 fr. ; 'Biv iha Splbudj) Hotel, 100 beda at S'/rl, B. ni„ 
L. 3'/j, D. fi, P, S'lS, DioD. 1 fr. (no lift), theae two wilh ■in*il gardeDa; 
Gb.-H'Ot. Bavoia, BObeJaatS-l, U. V/,, L 8, D. 4, P. B-li, oiun. l-li;,ft, 

— Oit the Cor$a Begina Elena: Ob.-HAt. Botal, with garden, isu beda 
froia 3, B. I'U, L. S'/„ D. 4Va, P- 8-14, quid. 1 fr.; H6t. oaa ETBAJruKSa, 
60 R. from ^Vi. B. IVi, L. £>/» C- >Vti F- '-^O 'r-l ^d'" Hotel & Pehb. 
GKBMAirii, wilh (laell garden, E. aVr3V» B. H/j. D. S'/i, S. «Vii P- e'/i-» fr- 

— At the Harbour: HOt. MAiiaALA, with reitauiant and chalet on the nea, 
P. e-Bfr., Italian, (rood. —Attlte:i.E. end of the Town, beyund Iho Caalle: 
OBAHD-HiiTEL BT EoKOPE, With small ^STilon, 90 beda at S-A, B. I'/i, L. S'l,, 
D. i'lt, P. H-li, umn. 1 fr., tnany Eugliah ; Ai.^. d'Italia, on the aea, with 
roata.irant, 40 boda from V>/i, P. 6-k> fr. — In the Curao IttUia, near the 
atalion: I16T.-REaTAUKAi>T i>c i.a Oakc, Alb. Cohkeboio, R. i fr., both 
unpretending. — Peitbiohb: AUea, EtUobeiA, Jotanda, etc. 

OaHs-B«Btaiiirants. TTOttorla Salliie (with Boa-bathn), MUnehnv 
Ktndl, both un the hsi^ Cafi VentraU, Piaiia Cavonr; Oamhrtnut, at 
the H6t. de U Oare. 

Caba (aland in the Piazza Cavour, where the tariff ia displayed ; de- 
Qnitc banain adviaable). Drive in the town with one horae 60 c, with two 
boraea 1 fr.; to the Kuraaal 80c;., 1V» 'r. Longer drivea (incl. '/i hr.'s halt 
whon the cab ia hired both wayaj: to Snnta itargherita, one-borae cab i'li, 
two-horse 3V«. there and back i'L and a fr. ; to Zoa^li. 3, 4Vi, 5, and B fr. i to 
Portoftno or Suta 6, 7, 8, and ii fi. ; to Vhiaoari {1V» nr.), 8, 10, 10, and ISfr. 

Uotor Omnibus to Fortofliio-KulTa (p. 132j 1 times daily in eon- 
nectiun with the exproHa Iraina {4 fr., thoro and back H fr.]. The I'abiolos 
atari at the Oambrisna Clfd (aec above; and hare balla at the Trattoria 
Saline and in tJaniaHargherita. — Omnibua to SaalaXa.rgherila, sco p. IBS. 

Boata. Per hr. i fr. ; to Portofino and back, ca. S fr. ; dnring the 
aeaaon motor-boats to Santa Margberita and Portoflno. 

Post & Telegraph Offloe, Corao ReginaElona 14; branch'offlce Id 
the Knraaal. 

Kuraaal-Caaino, on the Santa Marghetita road, with park, reatau- 
lanl (L. 4-5, D. 5-6 fr.), and roller- a kating rink; concerts twice daily; 
adm. SO c. In the morning, 1 fr. per day (aeasun-tickets moderate). 

Pttyaloians. Engliah, Dr. Winalote, Via Monlcbetlo 3; Qerman, 
Dt. Brick; Dr. aehmincke, Dr. Wilhelmy. — Obemlat. H. Voigt, 
Piaiia Garibaldi. 

AngUoEUi Ghtiroh (SI. George's), at the W. end of the town ; asivlcea 
(Nov, -April) at 8.30, 10.30, and 6.30; chaplain, Bev. T. Hudson. 

OUmate. Rapallo ia aurroundcd on the N. by a Bomicirclo of monn- 
taina, which unite with tho promoQloiy of Portofino on the W. to form a 
tolerable ahelter against the wind. Rapallo is cooler, nioiater, and rainieT 
than Nervi, but far excels it in the number of ila attractive walks. 

Rapallo, a small seaport with 7500 tnhab., wbo mate lace 
and carry on n brisk trade in olive-oil, ia sitoated at tbe head ot 
the Gulf of Rapallo (p. 133), between the month of the Boalo and 
those o! two amaller streams (TorrcTiie San Francesco and Rio 
Taia). It ia mnoh frequented as a winter-reaort and for sea-bathing. 
In the Piazza Cavour, at the interaectioti ol t^*. «\wi *.tt,fe\.%,''>». 
tie par'iah-charch, with its leanittg lo'WftT. 't\i« "SJ^^J^ft G\o.t^Wi 
Pubblico, at tbe mouth of tlie Boato, ii(iittia.«tti& »■ a'aa.tisiv'a^'^^?^ 



nr. R. n. 197 

builds nbipH. Near the slaliun arc preiiy gartlent hdiI tki- diuruU of 
Madwnia deil'Oi-tu \ HilSj, now ihc «atLednl, *itli n Inrgt poriitxi 
added in 1835. The tu'nieiL'aslU daie» (rum Liie IfitU ccutiirj. Fine 
view from llie immLli of tbfl rUtt. at ihe E. tnd of llir Iq*ii. 

ef iho kriJgva ovvt tlic Eiil<>llit, to i,',\ hr.} 1hit l>to-RriinEni>t4]iip (liijnii 
«f •Son Salval'/m. LTyWi! in IM-I-M ; »Jj«fi!nl 1« nil alil pnUeir uf Ihe 
Fiecctii iWfl Wlowj. ' Vn'i Sd'j AnJ^nii ilj /^fi lo tijr Madonna 4i 
MoitlalUirrv, o't [>. Uii, 

I^rutii Chlivari i iui>l niuii V. vi« f'urnirca (tOO fl.) intn llie StHwJo 
ViAteil- ill vrliii'li i"'V tiii> vil1iig;i>> nl UftrynMunKo anil (to M.I BiH-tiiflOtrii 
(610 ft.; scvctsl inn'K From ihp foinuT a r">ii) ili-v«r)[?ii Id Ihp S.E., 
ri\DniliS vii till' PiJrf»u i/r/ liitrro (3IJ5 (t.J ici ttin I1«!e uiimWiT Uil 
Tillgrlmn' rcnort uf Santa itaria tic! Tara <tJ-iO ft.; inn), A triiUepKli 
(rnlilo 5 (r.l I'litinci'ta K'lr-innmcH witli il''j lif.l yratii Sejtrit la f'rocf. 
tI8lS ft.; Alb, dt'l Cluti Aliiiiio, li. 1 fr., well aptiksii of; H;.i,-K'n». ?itlii- 
luga), a fsv^trito minmiT-rnaorl Iti the fVwMfl I'fiVi'if (old edeitnnl tto'idn), 
iicar I vuIl) minptnl ?;i[iiu(- PibId U tlii BlirliuK-iiuint fvi \hi.' luci^ul ul 
till- -Wunh^ >ir<>iia fuSHU ((.; Si/|lirt.; vicwt) inri uf thi' ruL'trKl |rrMB>1oiia 
jii'iih uf tliij Atiiiife. Pciinn ififlisS fl,; 4'/o-6 lim.l, «lj<:iii;u lh« ilciniDUt mty 
hii iiiAilc vii Iti^ fulfill d^l I'enim (ISS6 tti] |^od Mt} to (*'/( hn.) SohCo. 
iWflrlii ilet Taro [m-i ilinvi'), 

25',', M. i««(ipw« (Aib. Jfu-KiooHk'), » aliip-builJing pUri' wllli 
5300 inhab.. wns the Bflat o( llm Count* Pirwli iinii! 1198 Mori thn 
birthplncc of SinibnWo iW Fii'schi, nftorwsrds Popp Innocent IV, 
(IS43-ii4j, AsciMit nl Monte Cnfmnor (in riA C'ojwwft, spop, 138. — 
37 M. CfflW. ftt lie iKunlti i>( II cbftrmia^ riiTiue. 

28", M. aestPi X^avante. — Hotkui. '(frnnfi-flrtlri Jtateb. 
ill ixu t>(i[Mi sitiiutiui! on the W. (isy-. witti iCH-rdun, IM) brdt from 4, B. 
H/s- I.. H'/j, D. 5, P. 10-lU, .lum. '/j-1'/* ft- i "'^'. 'I'S'ira/'e H Mh-aina--nt, 
<•» Mil' S. Lny. E. i-« II. 1'^,. b. S. Xl. ■!. V. »-lI tr., good; .■116. Kmtin.*i f(oQ4 f£wt*iu",i(it. — Krjtfowfigfrt Vh'rUt'i^ nyar tlii? hlAlinn, cicmn. ^ 
CifjJ^ L'j-wtru. iii'nr tlin ;niii(-olllpf; Otieria HhircuHB |wiii*). 

Pour & T(;.i:i-LiA,i'ii Orncu, Viit CutU .Ubi'itu, the siaio utrncl. — 
ftti BiTiw nl llii! Sra'jiii5;(*»i((J N["«i!«!> (»1j>u IhMlru), nn 1b» W. bay. 

C»uuui>E (n Oilavarl with lac lisiis 0. wltl> iwo liiii(«a 7 (r. -, ti 
BapItUu IS nnil 111 fr.; tn I'nrtiiflno nr Huls li nnil 30 fr. — UHJinttn 
In CliiniTiii lio-iiiL^- (if) t.], 

Seslt-i LnniiitiK, probably tbo Koiwaji i^tiitala Tlgalioram, a, 
sniiiLI scAport wild 3000 inliiih., in Hilualitil <iij tlif Hat mid (cctllc 
lgthmiL» wlilcli conneccii tbi! pluiti ul the jii'iutli of llie Rtienmlet 
(rHmty^o with the hola (i!3(l rt.; 'iNt'i' lui iiiliiiidj, qu abrupt and 
pictnresi^tie sanilKtiiii4> tapii. Tho sbiJIiiw W. tiuj' ctiiiiiiiaiiJs an 
eEti>n«lve How of tb>^ On If n( Rnfulloip. 133); tlie smaU S. ba^ bas 
stdcp wooded banks. SostH Ik visiMd [or aoa-balbiiig; In siuiiDier 
liy Italians and a? a wiiitnr-rraort by ni-n-uiis patitints, whilu iU 
beontifMl nnd widl-wnoded ^nvirnna attrAct iiiiiii'nrnait pUn>^uFi> 
loiirlsta. It) wlnttr-ttiup-.Talurc (4i>.4° Knhr.j i? lower than thai 
of other Riviora atatiutiii as H t» not tttt wll itlii>l(i>ro(l rrom tlic K. 
winii, but the ann U |{iii|;'!r visible imd Ibc atmoatjlwtt v*«'-'tW5^- 

TLc prttty Coaai l^rumeiia<ic, on \W('*s ■ W-j, ot-AtV^'i*^'^'^''^'-' 
am) tbc Bitioiaing Giardiuu F»hhili:<' arc vVw li-iijatv^*-' y^iwitV* *» 


Carafrv . 



LETAKTO. ill a. li. IM 

of Ihe Aprnninrt to iht S.E. Iioui tlie Pmid iti CcoU Crod, tM^« tII 
thi JWO(i(« Seatgeflit (J(i3o fi ) to Ihc JtTiTuM Galtera rp. ISO] tn ( in. 

Tli( rniliru)' nfiw inteneals the jilotixfMqiie hlllydi*triot»f 8«tri. 
Beyond (31 M.) Rtva-Tri^osr), with a shipyard, innncU raeceed 
caelj (itlicr in mpid sucfeseion all the way to Spexla. Serernl fina 
glinipscs of tlic sen and the rocfey cosil to tli* riglit. — S-1'/, M. 
Mitnefflia, birtbplnc« of Lacu CainHaio (Ih'il'itt; p. iQll, tixa 
painttT, liastwo old cmtlcs. — ST'/j M.-Deit'o. »l (In anlrsncif to i 
«idp-Vftllcy; 311 M. Framura, — UTS. fiomuafila, with aes-taihn 
sad B mined cnnt1l^ Ti> Barancjt, aee p. 133. 

4S M. Ii^vanto. — Hotdlb. •Orand-mui. m hod. nt a-&. B. ii;,. 
L. Si/,, D. i'U, V. fl-10, omn. l fr. ; Strlla iTItalia, wilb ron tin rant, R. 
Ji/i-S'/,, B, 1, P. 7-T/i ^t-i 'Wa/sJ «arr.(*. K. Ji/^H, B. I, L, ('/i. D- li 
P.fl.8 fr., IhPSB tUfo GnKli"f'; *'«'■ A'rrffoaaJ. R. *- 1 fr. , B, 80<;. , F. 
inri, wlno ft-7 'r.; nil llici.* hnve nirJcii.j Aib. E'i-rof-a, vtoieml. — 
ASDI.1C11!) CntnicM Sekfior [Jtia. to A|irllj nt llir 81. Culiiiiilinn Obkpel 
in Ibt Pal««o B-innTOUtiiri fohmpUIn, B«e. 8. T. */n"fc<iJf). — Evolibh 
FHTdOux. Dr. Beehy. 

Ijevanto, a quiet town, wlnter-renorl , and seg-bstliing place, 
Willi 2700 inlisb., occupies a shcIli!rod ^itnntbn en n SDrniciroiilap 
bay, at the mouth of a nhorl and wid" mniintHin valley, cnmiimnd- 
ed hy tho woodi'd summits of the MonleRnns'iln /184S ft.i md tha 
Monff Vt (Ifi90 ft). It pnsses-flM nn nid ritiidnl and wrll preKprcfrd 
nmiliwvitl town-wnllB. Iti the n^ighljoiirlionrt i* \n old abbry. la 
rlnar weather (lii< sni^w-eurcred pi'nks of tbe Cottian A.lpa (Monte 
Vi»o, i-l(!,) may iio dnwncd ti> tlio W, 

Prom thu (irt'ilo'pnlh to Mnnlcrn^isH luac I>p3nw) A foptpalli rli-v-cr^?u ti* 
fhi' riffht, bryonil the (I hr, 1 =iirniiill nf thp pini>. «ni! fDllows the ti'lpgtiipli- 
poluR lo lilt? ['/i hr.) pM/tl'i lid Mcsrt> rlOSO ft.Jj i prnmnTitory with jl 
"if{iiii1--<i"t. t ririnvfl rhippl. *nrl nriit vlri' nf thp Cinqiio Terro" (ik'Ment 
to M'i'tUsr'itiiii, '/jliT.), — rr-)iii L-;viinlri to flnrnfcii, .co |). IM. 

Bnyorid the F'liiita A-A Mmco I'tttnrif;!. I'/a M, Inngl TkUoiv tlio 
villages of ihc Clnqao T«rro. occupying \ery ebi'ltcrcd xituutioui 
but out off frntn cnch olhcf Ijy lofty cliffs. Omii^ps, lemfltiB, iind 
wlae sro larecly pTodncRil Itcrt^ the vines nrR in iiinny crt.'iva iritiiied 
omra Tire over thi- gurgcs nf t.lir streanilei.s Mid on tho (ucc of 
,'A6er rtiDT*.«<istIi]L' otily by laddi^rs or rope?, 

4S M. Majilernaitif al Man- fliin) lirt'- ik Gothic chnrch of 1S07 
and n lofiy ruined c»«le. The jillgrimngc cliiipril of Maitovna di 
Soviore (1&3& ft.!. I'/j lir. to llic N.E., conliilns n vnry anclonl 
iriisgB of the Virg'lii). Flue view from th« ("/, hr.) rhupel of Santa 
Croce (3025 (t.), wlipnco wb mtty di'SPend td V«rnii«M. 

48 M. Veriiii7za (136 fl.). wiHi s niinsd ciistler, is situated on 
the sdyo of nn overhanging cliff. The Movte Mnljiertmo fS69i) fl.) 
mny he aspendpd lionre in 2'/, hrs.; dusconl to Cnrniglin, to 
iimgffiore or di Biansii |"p. Ul) to Spem. — B'lyond VernaJizM wa 
pass thr dibrin of km cxtensivp Inndnlip (18S.l-62k 

.■iO M. Cnrniglia, with an old chart\i. — t)\ tS.. MowiroVa, 
with a roJned easi/e. — iH/, IL i(iomaggwr« ^Nr^-V tijwix^T*^ 



140 Tn-R-n. SPEZIA. 

ta thft 8.E. nrc lll'^ old pilgriniAffR ehnjnrl of Madonna di Monte 
JVigjfiflllfifl.) »nd tht Gtpo Monte Keipo, thi^ S.E. Siniil *f the 
Cinque Terru. — Bcj-ond tW A'a'.to Tuund (U' ', M,; 7 niin.) 

wc rench — 

56 M. Spesla. — Hotel*. HAth. Rotac. Rrooi m Milth (fine- 

lUli luiJluril), Vln Mniiinl, in id upcd giiuatlua nunt lb? •««, with 
rwtiiinml, H, M<\ U. i>;,-*. I:. S',,, n, n, P. m-U. Amn. 1 (r. — Ai.>. 
It*lia, Vii DomcnlrD Chlailo IDDliy}. with nnixl rcnlauraci, It. S-3V|, ODIB. 
'1,-1. ff , i OlKK RKjfmoxA E RiiMi. I'Inito by. uitli ri'iiliiuranl, H. B^j-I, 
aiBEi. 1 fr., Ai-n. bu. Ourrona. Cotsu Cnvaiir. H*iili It.iiiorm, It. t-f!t, 
itna, *!, fr,, thM» (wii riimmptaln.! ; Al.B.-tti»Tnrt»«Tl (lilT-lso, K. I'((- 
>ir. . pliln but EDixl. Ai.ii. I'iiiknbk. luiprctcnilinKi bulb at tlic BUtks. 

efminfif, c, 'Jm-hitvi; npiir Mid fUnrJlno PiibUlcti, — SaJ- /liimrlMH*, 
fUline lal'.p rfiatortieau''). IlaUa, ull in Itiir Outei> Cavviir. 

It«BtAarant». * RUlam-uIr Hehrfr.hiiio, Via Diifa iN Rrnori; TrVl' 
Corfu /'torf H NnQ', VU Fcraio, luixli-il fulKU twiina lu let), 

fiftths. filtthUi'ivftilii ZaiMcai. Viit Di Piwiaaa. ~ Sen BbiL* at 
the Salriiir. AWvirfi!, Biiiil iride olablUhmt^nT* on the y. liHp of tbo (cnlf, 
Mit at Sun Teremo rrlsii\> «n<l Loriei (p. Ull. — Obttnilall. MagAi, 
Frati. StroTn-ritK, Bill tbrft Tin Chiorlo. 

Foit A Telaicritph Omce, CDmn racititr. 

TJloatros, Ici'lfo Chiirn. Fiasia MpiiIsiih; (lifiWnnta r«(r-ra dt 
Otnorn. PIniib Vpiili. — Stiiilf nti Suo,, Tii"?»., snil Thiii-. in tin Oinr- 
itlno Piilvhlii'ii. 

Electria Tramwnja. 1. HnilicaiiHUitioti-Via Douicnlco Chfado* 
Wfffllartnrt ii M.iFiW [85 n.| — !. I'in rWnrfa . rtiitlcw 8411 Kiirli>loin«a- 
JtHtegtana fia tf.) — S. f"o«jio Jtiutra-Via Chinilo-fVffEiKnnD fSac), — 
i. I\irfn linem ■ fkiAppn. — Dii,in«Mn« lu Pflrtoiwi/wv. Ihrtw Jully In 
IV, hr. (70 f,l: EuEornic OMninin lu Fc:tano (p. Ul; 6« «.). 

Oaba. IVr iltivi' sn r., ni niKdi j tr.. trunk SO r. Oiil"iJe Iha l«wn 
VI, ft. per ■', hr,. rnr-li aii'lilinnnl 1/, hr. 1 f r. : (0 Hiaio H fr. Ctrcnikr 
dnvu yit La Face ■ml Sarbia ('Cilitf -IcIU Fui-o'l, «iili onn liurHa 8, 
(wo horiM H fr.; I0 Partavmere er lo Sail TereatD inH /.art W, 10 and 
IS tr.t carr. mil I'Air ui Ihe tup u( ttir JfiiiiCc <li CMUIlann K, tu SantalM 
I) and )U f(. 

Boat with on» rnwnr. |i/, (r, 1li» flnl hr,, t Fr. ttmh arliiilional Mr.,' 
for t per*. 1 fi.. and I fr. ID ?. cacli addll. hr. 1 9 per*. IVi Fr, aniJ 1 b. 
Ill »■-,-. I jinrfc, fl fr. anil 1 fr. ftii r, ; .1 per", av< an" * f'.t to the iSCabi- 
liiaf.nin Sehna 30 r. (ot W. OO, 70, ami m •:.) i lo /< fInuU VI, fr. (or 1 tt. 
nil r.. S tf., S fr. an, • Jr. W f.)-. t* .Ssji rn-mtrn 9 fr. (nr » (r. *0, 
Ifr.Wl. H fr. ai, 3 fi, BOC.U Id i'orMlMWHmn nr ia iM^ei, 1 ptTa, J'/» h.. 
to njmnrta S h. (Dinh adilltt'iniil p<>r*, >/( fr, mnro)- 

SMunboiiU (>Iirlinir al ttiii GiEir^llnn hihlilirn) , pntir and oftun 
ero^'Uvil, ViS /■'(;!««!> niii[ in f?rar(r to rurlntciicit, tliiife dnilrln 1 lit., 
fare SO p. : ti .fan J'trenjo tntl Ijirlrt. hourly la wiimmiT. In V»*fi li*.. 
hit 30 c el u)Wr •vKoiiB ikricu Jiily (Ave tiuDi ou buliJars). 

AagU«»n Churoh, Via Priivriun jVmn<lui>;>iiitviuna In winlnr U B.tO, 
10,50, ami ).*!, — Britlab yioQ^OoiiAul. ff. C, (Mrarrfo. - Ixorp'a 

AOIVT, £^. PoitglgHviK. 

N.B. Vttitiin niiiint tint apprnaFh vithin inu )rdt. of the fort* ram 
tbc Ai>lioc boarj ■), anrl ii)t«lt1iiii|c 41B11I jiholi^tfri piling hIiotiIiI be avf^ini^LJ, 

SpmalMh.). rouniim in i:»7I. un iiiOuatrUI ti3K-ri with 3«,9rKI 
inhnb., .1 strong furtriiaN, utid Ninto IB6I tlit ehii'l niiTnl liarboiip 
efJinly. /M. ;tf ifcr AT. W. gujilf- of the 'Jolfo Sivcrifi, ?.\ vV«5 
* ofbffaatifal bills tringei by piotMTPBa^n v\\V*.^eB vul w-.-wtiei 

I L. .^ U '^jL' 




to Pi»a. HfEElA. "'- H "■ 141 


-with toita. Tbe nierc^atlle likrtiour t'J'tiiitv .VercantjJcJ is unliii- 

poTtant. TUfi cllmiilo in Tcry uiilil, so tliat Sprain Is frcqinontpi oa 
A wiiilcr-rcsidauGc 1},v the Eiijtlisli end ^or s(iu-biillilng Id suminor 
by the Italian*. The Via del Prioiit offers tlic fllinrkst route frum 
tliH THilivay station to the st-d. SidL-slrccls trail frum this slrcet lo 
the 8.W. (0 the Corso Cavour, tin.- uiMiii thoron^iitHri.- in llifl iniier 
town. No. 39 in wliicli lecouiniodHtfs Ihi- puliliii J.ibrury and lliu 
Mvxo Cioico (list. hist. coUrcMini" ; Roaiun unr.iqnit.iF" from San 
Tilu; nitmicipst relics). Tim geaward sidt nf t.lie town is skirted 
ky thfl Via Domotiico Chiofin, planted with oratign- tNips, wliicli 
jiasflps n*iir the Pin«7a Viltorin Einnuue lu, cionvisrlcil into a Oiar- 
ditiu PwbbUco, anii Iho Viftie Miwaini, with itrt llnf pilms unil 
jaccae. From tlic sliore "C enjoy a hftimtirn! viiiB' at thf jjulf aii'l 
of the Apviaii Alps /B. 24( rising iibin'c the Caprimit, the Mlly 
liiEid lo Ihc E., with ihf white lunrblc-qDarrie^ of Currara. 

The Via Chiodo lenda lo the y.W. to the Rtfijal Kanul Arttrnrd, 
vrHdi covers uti urni of 330 urrrH inn adniinsiun, cutivpt on Xarcli 
19tli}. — TfiiJ manriv arliilrry ningTuinea in llii; bay ul' iS'wd VUii, 
iminediatL'ly tuthi'S,, i^uveran •tri'anriSOAurcs, Ui^uiaiuiulKoniiui 
jn'8-lial!i» wci'i: found here, — I'lie Canfirrr d! .S'mw Bnrt'jlumro 
(p. 1^2), (111 tilt KE, side of the gulf, aervi- na ii lorpudo atutiiui. 

The 'GulfofSpeda. tipwarda of 5'/. M. in ieriBtli and 4'/, M. 
wide, one of the largest and safest iintaril tmrhnurs of Ibti Mn- 
ditcrrnnenn, anciently praised by Enniun m the Liinai PurtriK, 
In protected by forts and by i\w Diga Svbaciiuen , « Kubmari)!" 
breiikwater nearly 2 M. long, constructed in l8Ti. 

lExCDiiBiniiii. A Gn@ Min-i']* r:f l[ii> ic.wn tni! g"" '"' tSffiAri Ii^' Ilia 
'Oln> ilolli Fiitfi' (cur,, ««o p, IJil; i',', iirn. on (onlj. Wi- fullnw th« 
Slrada ilvi ('"lii, nr Strtv/n. di C'lri-o:n"ai!aiiaiu , wtiith divorgct lo tte 
lofl at the eiiil of IlioTinlo Muuiiii, mil l>i i-itunncli'il wllh tlin tnivii hy 
Iwu fiiKliie uf KlffpK ii1ku> Tliis Uiiiii vK Ihc (!^o!H«n. Jul Poggi'i, (Iwiro 
lin> Oufeiio mill the Ratita, « amftili't ffiutlo liuIlL hj- llio MiUnptri In 
1(171 iod rcLiiilt 111 t;JT, iuBniiig pri'lly cuiialry-hiHUiici, tu Ike P'<;7(a 
I 'a*fclli::o on lliii S,W, ThTnee wr uiny rplurn I" thi' Turlii Gouov« 
{■on bulow) i>o tliu ii'fl, ir ponfimie uur wulk tu tlit V. vli jfrlrtfo uud 
Bluuif lb* flwik uf tlin Cortilliiil iliKilr fnali'lln^sn {HHi tt.\ tu tlartnaiirn, 
wllb l]i9 oW chiiieli of Sniili) Blifamj. anil Iht: piea o( IM t\iec {7110 ft.; 
ina), wbance we hue u •View of tliii puK luil tliii Aihi»h AIub. (Prom 
BuBUftbcKUiifuliaiiil touJa up tho Ifuraeca. Valley tu the .Vuiiie^^lbanu,] 
Tndi Li TofL' a nvitinI'in'Mn rniiil lenrtE down vlil rhlappn (trnmwiiy, 
II. M\ lu tliB Por((i nriioia. ~- A Nlill finer "Rimil lend' ii|j lo the W, 
Irfrni Pegiusano {trflmwii)", Sei.' Ji. IIOJ tlirongh tlic Ulnara Valiey [four 
nlslnc'lice caren) to llin i|,iliiliil villntte uf Bio»iiii (ll'i^ Ft.; iuii; iinrr., bei> 
p. 140} tiiid llifiii (Hfi'Drlii [n i>iirvi.>« (ihiirt-eiitcj tlituugli wouj to tlie cient 
1" tilt N.W. nf tlie Monlt Fro.Hhi fl 146 II. J. Tlii>nii* wo pfofieeJ to the 
N.. Ibrougli pinuwnriiis, to tW snilrlle (aiWl fl,; Ijclu'Mn the Xoiitu Bror 
mapanf. mil fhi! JUujifd Vems'iU (2125 (t. ; both (afllfltii!), when', ftiini 
the inrrnw lOnJ muaing lo t\\v W,, we etijuy lliic yicru at the Cinque 
Twin (p. 1H(1) uid the poaiil. Honctf wii niike nut wiiy tu tUo N.E. to the 
■•cldlo bBtwrcQ lie Wunl* Btntaa [i^'M tx.) isA tli-o {ortv-&*\IA*^. f'*'"**^ 
rUOO fl.], ami we ilencpud Ihcnco [ftno viewH'i- \<i \Vvi ti\'i «V "V/i- "?<j<* 
(■ee above) uiil ic ciiv town vib ths Sundu au UoV^' 



Qi.qiiiiiid av 





lo Pita. SARZANA. '"- R- M- 143 

Ibo Alpi Apiuiiii* iK. Hi. — 62',', V- •Irmfa, witli u i;iFi>!ipIrn<iu« 
rampaiiilc. TIil- irniu criissi:* the Mutjia, ibr niiritiil !\lurrn, 
whfRfi /oniied ihe bouiictnry btltticu Etfuria nnil iJi^iiria. 

t)6 M. Samana ibJ I'l.; .V^b. d'llatia. Plaua GHrlliHkli. vm 
ruin, \vUIj (!^U4) iiiliub,. llic Rtiniuti Ser^ianiiiii. rii [,iiiia Novo, 
rruiii Itn liavInjiT ttunn^e^ltiil ihc nricli'ni Luiiit ',wv bctowi. whk itikrii 
by lliL' PlorniiiiirH in 14tii iiiidii' I.uitiim) Mngnflkn, from u'liviu il 
nan wf iJBti'J lij (,'h;irl«s VIII, ol France. It unljHt-ijHPiitlr lfcliiii(;t''l 
U Gcnuiu Sai'itaiiH, ilie scat of n Mshoji nJncii 1 3UJ. wmi ili« Uinli- 
placii of rt)|niNi('holii« V. iTommnso I';irpnfo«ci'IIi, l447-.^5). The 
towu, which is sltoAtod Ju A fi'i'tilc plMn, Ik naU'il for itx well- 
[irpBiTvi-rl Toicti IPiilU uf tliu ISlli icfiitMry, Tlir (.Vw^i^t, 
by (lie PidiinB ,111'i alt«ri3il in U8S imil lifl'i, in nnw a pHmm. Ttic. 
barnWriif VofhriUitl or whilo uinrWi.', in I In: llii-liiLii (lotliii- Jilyi'-, 
rc-ctcc^Ud ill 1355-1 ITT, coutuiua uii nncii'iit |ijiiiit<;il crucillK from 
Iiitiii <lia8> mill Iwi turiy-HcniiissHiicc Mitiii!. by Ije-mnnlij Ricfo- 
niiiunl. In *SW Fraixeravc aiv the tomb of Uimriiitrii, a .inn nl 
CaHlruccLu C'lmlniruiii i')i. r>iiV>, hy fiiqi-. ili ISnlrlncnin i13^H>, tinil 
two t-otnba uf lIic MuluH]iiiia faniilv. A iiliM.iiinl uuiL vrcll-»fiui!»i) 
lirbiiirnade Mkirin ilii> |.»wri on tlir K. On iliiv vvrge uf tlii^ liiU 
("niiiuerouB villim), "/j M. to tUo N., in Llie pichirrsiiiu! fiirlifliMtiuii 
<p|' Sarzani-lto, cun.itniiitcd hy Ciislriicciu. 

EatuusiriBM, To T.lio N.E, lu Fuediimi:i! (p, lll\ un ilir ru.irl in 
fiiilmmo (Hogulo), — Tn tho S.E. to (liJ, W,; VaiiMniitirM di ttufim 
ftiSO n.), Willi a riiBtIo of ntl. — T» llip W. vlil (il/, M.j Anid; di 
jVnprn tn tcnVi ((umu. p. il«\. — To tlw 8.E- nlmig Iho rijrU haak ul 
l-hfi SJJigra tn (D M.l Aiacgliii (niu: i<. U21. or l>- thi? rivof]">lii)ii ti> IIik 
Axliin^iitUgo o1 Sa-ula Vruec, nt Ihn moutli itf Itiu Mnifii I'lltuiinil- 
Ing in ci:l>i.- vrrjj iik'tarenqun m'rr-Uliilgp»pi'J. willi llin ttniniiu at i 
moUMterj in wbicn Danlv io »Ki<l to Tiuvc i-ni'c livml. HtiiL'o wi> lUMjr 
ptocccrt 1(1 the N.W. \ij .ITonfe Marfello In 'J'eliiro tnil icr-ifi lccnii|i. 
p, 118): ur ti-g nil}- croau lo the kl\ hunk uf Ilii: MigrH Efun'v '/j fr.l «ii<l 
walk nlong thcfboro in (ho E, to (li/, lir.l itni-iiiadl Varmm (hoi- liuliiwj. 

Rsitwiiy froni Sarunu tfl /ViiiiHi iJUiiaiij, tico R, SB. 

On the Apuati Alps, in llie It* fl, wp nliarrvr fhc nmHpiriHmtt while 
ravanefi ip. IM), — Nuar (OU''^ M.i iuHi" jin- llir ruitii uf Lunfi. 
Tliis tirigiiiuliy BlritHcan luwn, a Kumiiii rolmiy *iin'ir 117 II,C., wun 
ilestjiijeif li,v tlin Arabs (lOlfii. arinl lu i^iiisinipjil sfif was in cmi- 
sequence transFcrrod Iv Sar/jiiia ui llic ISD) ctnliirj'. Tito MilitN of 
an amphitheatre aofi a IlipHtR' iiri- slill traoeablt'. I'r«Fi lunn tliu 
JiNtricl. rli'riwi's Hh numr nf /,w Lnni'jiana. 

72 M. Avensa (Rnit. Jirittniiraiit), aliovp wHeli ri«>'N en nld 
CfwllD (Rtivfo) of Ciifitrutctu Cail.raPiini, pf 13:2£, with bulil roujid 
towors iknd pinnilpiM, waa otxct iho fronlier-tuwci t>f lilt Dutliy uf 
.^fassa. It i* now in Tnncany. 

rJn tli« Pliant 11/, M. to Iha S,G., lies Mnirinii d'Avpna* »r Xartnn- ■ 
<ii Carrara fAlli. KlKlotantu il Titrcno). « Bcu-bnthinK testirt, -«Wa >. ■^'« 
m> yds, in li'tigtli ((loati cafieilori;, thu tuinviuaa «^ ^V.^ «,.ii.i\\r.-t»J\'"ii'i 
uioatioDOil bi'low. ^. 

Know Jr««M io OinaAiiA, S fil.,i»nv(k3 l&M*'^^. (JLww W, «^** "^ 




li4 in. tl.tS. CAREARA. i^ui»amva 

DexnLTA. — KoTBi.s, Qr.-B6t. twcwira, Vl« Roou 13, E^Ii/rl. omn. 
1 fr.i H6t. dti la Fottc ei National., Yin Alhurkn 6, R, SVj-*- ""O"' '/t Ir.t 
jrooil. — PoiT OmciB, IHniza di^l Bisoreimunto. — Oni-iionai CiMUi8« 
tu Uiu Csiupo BanlD 1, l<j Mbbsh I-C It, — OasiDtTa from lUu Pinzi* ddl' 

t'UT-rora (>!8a ft.l in * «lenHiit littlu luwn »i(li S&.OIW inlinb,, inu*l ol 
wb<>ui guin lljrit llvclibouj Iry working t-ko mar1jEt\ bomu of tbo t^tu-dioB 
■if tlift iiHiiitiritiiK Bi.'iilplurB uni iliUirfihtiug f(>,(|. fitiiJiu Ls.iiariiii , oev 
tlic tlicittit:^ •iUbiltiii'Uiilu "LviKytumia , ut tLi^ titatiuu), Acai'riciiiD UunoLiUr 
Aj(i?nt, Fvlij; A. Duli/uxg, — Fidiu tba mil, BlatlLio we fiiiluw tlio "Vm 
San Marlina nrij tlio Corso Viltorio Eminiiele to the tight lo iho TlKatre, 
wbaru thii Tid Apuxan (f^ah-Ktund) ijiver^'cii for tliu {^litirch of the Ma- 
itoiina ilctle ariKie, vrith auiapiiiciut ilucn-iatinui ia maclitti, Tbc Tin 
LiUkfljuci goes on from llio thcJiIrn tc thu FiiiJii Alhirii'i, sni! tlii: Vi« 
Khiliiillgiiii 1hi;n,uu tu Ilie Plnzzii Jcl I'liomu, In wlikii uro the huuBn 
iHirt^upu^J "Ml Mfivcrit] >i>4;cii«iunp \iy Miolmul Anjii'lu (p. 5B0f uuii tlie •Lrigintc', 
uu uuQuIbIidiI biulue u( Andrea puria, (ji. lOlJ b^ Buri'iu Kaiidlurllj. Tbs 
churoli of Stiitl'Aiuli'fiu, u (iotLin otiueliira i>f Hit Ulli fi;(il,, ban n flnn 
facsde und itoiu] sciilptmcs. Tlic Viii Siintu Miirin (Tfo, 1» llin Utllo 
Cjolliio Ccili JitfcW'i IbhiIs to tlie f'luEia doll' AoeadcinU, willi the fomior paluiip, uow llio Jerdrfw/iia rf/ BeH« jlrtt, tiimfsimaig worki by 
tculp lurr. '>f €>i,iTnbii iiii<.l -mvi-'riil Huutiin anliquitioa Fuuu'I in llic quarries 
(if F>lnti»ciil1i r»i''' linli.w; r.ii, a liua-rollL'f uf JllJlitiT Bfltli Ji.iccliil*^, 

TliuMftrbl« Quarriea ( t'isiwj of Curmrii enj-iy n wu-rU-wido Jainc. 
Tiiu ilutiaKil' of tuxrljlii uri'.tir tbrihiigbuul Hluiniit Ihu wbdlu (if Ibu jffiiitiEii 
Atjii ttt. SI), from Oie llttip rivm- Aulr.llii im tJin N. Lo fieii'MiinU 
Cf. IIS) on llio S. sur] C]kslis1iin>>vi> ili GHrfa;;iiaiiii {p. Ijn) on Iht li, Tlsr 
ijniiTriM io tlio valleys of FitaHtci'UU. Viiliiniinlit, auil J'umKo wtio 
ivurkoti Ir)' ihf- RanmiiB, ■>□( tftur tbii ■I'twrifjill nT the Wi^ft Ruii.iihD EuLptn 
Ihc 'tiLirmur LuucubIk' («n ntitiicd Irijir tlio aenriort of liuiia, p, I4S) waa 
uliuoiit entiroljr forgnttou, Tlic boilJing of llio liitliBJrnl of I'isH »uJ 
(li(^ t.'liarrlii]ii of Lui'Cit, Plxtiila, and itlhcr noigililKinririg tuwn> tgaiti 
crested s deniind toi Ckrrurii muiblvi sad llic irtlstio sMIvily i>f tbc 
lS-16tli ceul- gavs k ruiKiwttJ impiilsu tii Us iixi<. Tlie iniluatry nuv 
Kr«ws Htcidily ; rn LAOS ibuut ll.<l,i>ui> toni of rciiRh llook^ v,-cte «tparted, 
bMtdoR a:S,noo luna i>f »nvn Muclcs Mlil 153, mO toux of (jllicrvlue workor) 
Uooks. About 700 quuri'iua tu all uri' iji i]{ierii1iaD; of ttiL-sc Ml, with 
*!. B600 workmcQ, urn iit fiarrarn. and tho fCHl nX Moasa, ill ILo rartUiJS 
n.'Hb], niirl 111 Ami (|i, US). Thoru a.ri* 71 uiurlitc-Bawuig wocllS >t 
lurrara sud SB nt Mhemii, The bost nnd Ini-gfM hlnrku yield tfiB mormd 
tlAU'-ario. — Thp quBriynii'D work fruiu » lo 4 in wiulor, in miniHiBr 
from S to 3. 

A Hnit lo tho quKrrlrv {t-i lits,; i,'iiiili^, not inditpcusahlr, I'-afr-.) In 
meat PonvE)iu«iLtii^ miLdo b\- nioniii of Ibo Foft'ovio JUannLf^ra, or *iouJ>lo 
rallwiiy', wlilrli seitil* ii liiuui;b iiiti> Eseh of tlie tbree viillcyN (1(111109 
in tht Tin Umbtrto Vrimu, nt Ihp E, end of llip tnwn), PuMengrrii sro 
curled (rrniis [Clie lunnelii .itis oflun very i^old), Visitnrii on tntit. ntBrtlnK 
from ihii Iiliu[<^Dn» dflU Grsziu {siv n'latt), follow tho absily Viule Ji 
Pntrleuanfi (view to Ihi> right, of tlm ColonnaDi vlilJoj') to the CiLinpn 
Sanlu and iJunccail Ihuai;!! It Turv,«n (JCO ft.). At tliu t'lilriii'UD lo the 
villMge wo turn lo the riglit uurl uUiiih Iho sti>cp liTiffl lo »ha mwhlB 
milnay I'nv 1iul»w}, the Itsch uf wliicli wi; fnUon iu tho nRrniw shmli'- 
loflt upliuid viitloy, psBHtDg fiiinioruiis qiiiiiTii!ii . to [1 M.) Ibo, otstiou 
«( fiOM'Tii (S7S ft.), Wo limy pii»li on Iu llio MrfiOHl Htiifion [iniall 
TC(ts'ni'int)^ tiilt tho nnocnt in fnti^iing, snd the visitor Kill prDbnbiy be 
•iIIbHi-iI liy Tlie «[iiairi'i'» i>ii>l i^if"'''"'''' "' itiliillQg mLII.o dilbrlii truoaiuitij 
»\ta'n]y ai.'i.'U. A horn i^ lilowii si o tignil n-hon 1lu> rook la nlioiit In 
he blnslFil, Tlin blork* of IiiqiIjIc nro rongilily sqiinicd on the spot. 
KomutiTDcH iliey jiro Hitaply tallod ^own Iho raoimtuia, hut. iiBUsEly the^ 
aio rBnicd down on fiide wondcB ilodfoi ili:zc} dEsocBdinF sleep piren 
a/ijitntfa pnniteil with iiu»pcil wuoiIbb rplluTS, *,ui uatttvolfiiid by asoPf** 


MASBA. tMi. tLiU. \tA 

cnlilst voniul roind patla >1 the lUea of the sHpways. At Ibe f<i«t 
Ihcy srs cirried awiij on oi-irt8K°<'*< rilticr lo Ibe thipa at Uarioi ili 

CaiTara «r to tlio mil way. 

From C»ran lo Fua^xiwim. ir^ p. tli, 

Beyo!i(IAvtiiK«tboriilwBV(jrc>fl8cetliL't'fflm'o«i!ftntHIic fVi^tto. 

76V, M. IfaBBa (213 ft' ; mtel Mae»a, with gardon, K. 3-7. 
P. 9-13,omn. 1 fr., good; All: it (.iia/jpoiur, R. S. oma. '/;fr.,tn(>(lcot; 
Dun. frum lUe atatiun lo tbe riuss^ Cmbifrlo l?riuju uud IbvDi-c to 
tkrrarai, with 10,GO0 iuliab., turuierly tbo r«iiitiil or tliu Ducli)' of 
M»efls-C arrant, i« (fliraaiiii.t]y aituultd ou tlic FrigiJu iiuil<kt ugarbk- 
vieliliiig bills and uiijuyH a iiiilil climHtt^. Tlt-c hnndsMiiv t'alazsu 
Dunait (]701; now lljii inroIi'ttitrB), B'ltb Its fiuc ooiirl, wasusniu- 
iiior-reKtdente of Najxilfiim's sisUr Elisa ISaclocL-bi. Thfl o( 
Han Francf-ttca rutiUiiin a Madonna by Pliitiiricrblo , some re- 
maim of fresciie^ Stwix .Sanlit Tttaria del rojiola nt Romr, and six 
r&Ddelabi'a and a ercicHU by PIciro Tacca- 

TliF Itncca, cuw ■ fi-iamii, "/^ M. In tlK*^ N.K., cuniinandt a tplMdld 
vUlK Cp^nmiDHho At th^i jin-fftlnrnj . 

A LiuHT ItjitiiVFin 12(1 mill.: fmiik !fi. sn n.) ritn* frf>ni Mjuhi to tlm 
llttk port of anil Civsi;y]K vt Martna >U HOMta (llil, Tlrrunw. P. fruni 
X U.), 3 M. 1i> tbi-> ayf,, \ivar tlji- mu'iiih at ilii' l>'FJgiiiu, vith 9Pii-)i«tht. 
Tlic woodru Jelly, whcri: tumble in iiliii>jiml, iITfioIh n n^ilvuiliil vi<!w »f 
III" flusil iriim Piirtai-ynuf" \a TiHriiJniki, iiuil of Ihp Alci AplUini". 

EiGUraiun trnni Mnt^ia lo Llic Aljii j\]niii.iif,, nrp R.xl. 

We nnw |ms» Ihniugli i-xtrrimvc olivp-ftouds; to tlm tpfl lies 
the vJllag'e ol Mmiliijium} (32^ fl.) with the pictnresqne ruins tif 
the Ointelln Affhimilfi ou a Bleep hill. ~ 80'/, M. .Sen-aansa. 
Tim village of t'bat tiiitiip [p. U8) IJcn 2 M. lo tlio N.E. 

A tnaa llrBinwnj' prnjwtedj Iriutu fpiiiu Ihi" nulliiii vift QwiTCfn tii 
(J M.] j'orfr ^t Jlnrmi (Fcna. Uobbi i Toas. Id<inr), i Iltrlt' ■fiiiI'Iv- 
rcBort uarioun'li'd by pinif-vonrlii, nitJi t ^uiiy tut tchi^pin^ mirblc. 

83 M. PietvB.9NiU^{All/.'Jiiati>ra>iteJiciUeriiii, cineni, a siiull 
town (8700 iiibiib.i witii aiicioiit wails, tlii- espila! of tlit Vergiliti. 
(p. 148J, was Uken by the FlorenlinL's Jn 1184. At (he beginning 
rif Iho town is tUo Bvc^iltelttl, a relic gl' tiie FarliGuiitiuns. Tbo 
calliPilral of San Maiiiiiu (U Diwno) dates trom llie Htli rent.; _ 
Ibe inltrior, muduj-iiiKcd in the ITtlircrit., nmuijin u imlpit imi! ■ 
Beulptnrt's by StjiRioSiai^i. Camiiaiiili^ nt IH80, ii'anl' Affoaiuw ia ■ 
ftOntliic H7)nirc'!i of llii' l-ltlin-nt., coruiilckd in 1911. To tlicS.W. 
of the town rbd.i tL^ Hocca, a I'ulnod custlc i,13tU cent). — Near 
PiclrBSiintji arc qiiirksilver-mliica and morbid -qnurrloa. Excumiim 
lo tbc Apnaii Aljis, sec R. 24. 

89'/jM. Viareggio. — Hiu-wAi- Brifioii it ilie E. oiwl of Uif 
town, •;, M. itfiiji ihii liwifh (irftinway, ae* p, 1J6). 

Hat«lB (mniclly riverrruwitt-d in Mimuier anil prjitett rviqvi; I(i0 lar^r 
liontM hiivn (;iiniriil ln'nliiigj, Omi'R-HorKl. IT Rot*l, 'Vinlc Cirdiieoi, 
llWbi'd»Bt4-a.]S. !'/„ L. S. D, S, P. li-ll ImiB. VI, ti.; (ta.-eHT. RtQiKk. 
Utiag tlie BDK, wltb ■ small piidcu. 00 B, friiloB'la, S, VW \.-''\» ^•'°> 
P. from 10, oma. 1 Ir., Ha«, db Howii, 4& ft. W i-ls, »- vMt i>"*'v 
D. l'i„ K wig. 0)011. t fr., hdlli in Uir Vi» 'Vin.iiiM, ■*. *» awtaw 



146 Hi fl- ta. 


Um FUxKl (i'A-Pglio: Enntt.BUJB UAt. d'It»i.iii!, 410 R. Hi 9-5, B. 1 P. R, 
IHDD. 1 ft-. pHtti'iiiEvJ by llii; En|;tiali am) AmiTii'Sno, FIfir lix rAKru- 
'SmiLt t"''!' '" lliL- KuiMiji .I'Aecgliii; 115r, r.n Nick, V inle Uro Fwsffulo; 
Tot. 3«voi.i BT flmnTot., Hot. iig Vi.tixtni-n. H'it. tie h Tjih (well 
■iruli^u I'S), MIn. Qkanok Urjitaose, nil in ttio Visk Munin, — IIut. 
MtaKvtKH li CiisnruiH'H). Piiiijn OHriliaMf, dtii, Vittoku, Viii Hegi*. CI 
tljt< I'niiirr at Hki PIbe&u ilml Mtircntc, 'i, M- fitim thu alAtian, bolh un- 
prrtfndinp. -- pKBiirpjr Pin, Villa rtello S.o»e, P. B-J ft. — vljHirtnmrii 

Caf4s. CtojR -rfof Tfofru, Piann Vitlnriu Einanuole Sc^tondn ; CcffJ 
•III I'lmhin. in Ui9 OssiiH] fuee bplowl, Piaziii WiinaQni, mul. iii mirimer, 
ntcvrul •it.iv'i uid confcftiDticis in tlic Vialo Maoin. -- BeBtaurant. 
Hiitornolc Tomcii, Vin fliiisi-ppo Vfnii [Witli rimmii In l^pt). 

0«l)a. Per drive I pi-i-i.. i fr,. nevptal \<ert, I'k fr, ; |hm lir. within 
I'/t Ml, i ft., i?«p;li Btldil. Iir. I'/jfr.; I'lngpT Ji)\'.-i iioi^i>ritiiig tv bugaiii. 
Niiaii! lui-M Hi Mijflit. Hiii<l-liigKH8<-' ireo: Iruiilc !<(I-AD i*. 

^r&mway fmni lliu rKilwny-HlnCJuii tn [In: Pitszu d'Azcgliu tiuil 
llieiH''e Ijy llikM'ujiuI tti iLePobBo ilirll'Abitt.-. — LidiT Jf A[LWA¥ 1m ClisilAiurc. 

Post ft Telftgraph. Offloe, Pi»a?i» Vitloriu Ein:inne1i' SufooJu. — 
ThB-ttlras. lii'uli: Triitni 1'iwhi.l, riuiin Tin. Emiii, Sccoudn; t'asltiu, 
['i»j»ii MniiTim; /•iiHtrnniit. opi'n-Jiir thi'ntr?, nil tin" hMi'h. 

Sea Battling nl Ilif "'Stiiliiliinento \'i]tturio and Bd/pitn. tiutli iiilh 
n-6UHrniitB, ImU-tcjitiiifl. nml slatiiiHviil'si Bamio di Felice. — Bfggfn 
■tiii\ lia«'kL<r« Aril i^tiiuitriiiifil}- Iruiihk'aiiUiu DU lav tiont-li ill siiiuiii<ir, 

Aneliaan Church, Tin Lciiimnlii lU Vinei; noniTOn it in, ;i(i nml ]i: 
4'1iofiUiEi^ I/9W. J- K. h\v"'f-'ai ^J' --1' 

EnglMb PhyBioiflD, Dr. Hugh Mimro, Tho fliiii;«1(iir. 

T'i'nm/i;(u[l3fL.|, I'oiiuileil Itj Lutcit in 1171, is a quiet connlry- 
I.0W11 fl+,illHI iiilmlij, Willi regular uiul iiionoldiioiiB Ntrwl.*, ajtuateil 
ill » «[iu<'iuin9 .1TI<1 somctt'liat iii:irKh.v |>ltiin nit llii> sen, ulioni 3 31. I» 
Ihe S.E, of the spurs fit the .llpi AEiunjir>. It if v-iKitiiii iks it wiuter- 
resoi't (mainly by Eiiglisli and American traveltersj ami in anminer 
it i% the most. freqnBntM Ben-hHlhin^ plnoe in luly, ncKt Co thn 
Jj'do nt Venice. 

From the rnilwai'-BKition a mini loajlw to tJie W. direct to llii' 
bnach, ci-oflsiij the Pon-Te rfj I'isa, sltirting the fUinalt Btirlu- 
ntacea, thu iljsi'jiarge of tim lake ol' MiiBBiiciiictoli (p. 147), MlJ 
jiamng tlie Dareena Vecvkia uud Darwna yiiova. two small 
harbciirs fur llie export of jiiarWe, f'rem llie t'nil of the N- Moio 
(S 30 J da. long), at the niontli ot tlm taiial (J'urto Canah), we 
rnjiiy a Dplcnilld view vt Llic Alpi Apunne ami of the coast from 
Lpgburn to the liilf uf Spcaia.. 

Till- Vinic Miiiili) ar Liiiigo Maie, rikTrtiiig tht bfaoli, nnd the 
Piaain d'AKi-glio, wltb its gnrdpiis, arc the fnvonrile rcsortu of 
vijiil-ors. In l.lir 1'iu.zzB Principe Ami'deo, adjoining th-c VUlc Marlti 
to the W., is :l iiionTiiiieiit to SlieUeif Ip. 1 *4), hj i'rhano Lncuhpai. 

Oh ibu aidu of llio ptniesUI, ciiplrclcil Ifv iiitcnviut'd lii(ilich-i.'8 of oak 
nnd nLive, in i bnok h^.iriu^ on itn novur 'ihc^ wiitil 'Hriinictca'. Alinvn 
llili ia tljo fcllovriii^ LiLMtriptititi ; — -ViH l<i P. », Sbullcj-, hrwt of bMU'Ut 
ill tmt ilrowuuil ip ihiB sen. coniiimod by lire oil Thiu thorer wliBre ha 
■ncilitmi'tl tliv udililiuD to 'IroinetliFiiK I'niioiiliil' of » poathiinimiii pi^ 
ill ft'hiJ'h fVifry (;*l"'rn'ioB wmiM hiivi: h tnkau uf il« HliupFlr*, it>. loarn, 
•ifii/ rf* Jri/oiaplion', 

APtf AS" ALPS. I//. a«*, U7 

Tliei^W/a. or piiie-forcHt, of Vlnrcigftio. pstrnds far € M. along 
llie caatt lu tlic X. It belongs lo thr town anil h ojirn la vi^ilora. 
In tUc Tejiiita Boybonr. a pinc-Forcsi In thn S. of ihe town i.tlic pro- 
jiorly (it Arclidulto Lctupolil SBlrator of Ansiriai, is tbo TiiJ/a tier 
Borftunt.bnilt fort lie AfphrliichcssMnrirl.dniiie (visitor* siiinittcil.i; 
llie clispel rciiil.iius Dii' M,iiisi>l*«iii nf tlip DiiVcjiot i'lirniaira. 1823>. 

Fi Hill VimvgKiii it njiirovcnnsr r»j|w-iiy runs In tlie S.E. in i-a. ",', bt. 
I« (7 M.| ll>v lit'lli- li.wn i>I r.ViMiiiaf'i (li; ft.; Alt>. Il liliritlncttnj' i U. 
Ii> Ihc If, ttra Ihi- /'Irvr ffl (VimnCnrr. ii RninniiiL'iqiii' cliiiti'h luiiiiilcd Hi 
vftv niiitly iIkIp. Vrimi (■(iniiiiiiri' « rniiri Icuili. to tl"' S.E. rl£ (S'/, M.J 
MnHl'riiiniiini [73S tl.> lo (ia'."i M.) V.mcm (p, l*l»j. 

A pli'iwsiit DmvK fur i:yi'U>.li:pUri tn«v hr niililc lu fS M.l llclminHft 
I'll. IISI or III tliB /.rtfl" (// jifu/jiiiriiircufi It'la nq. M. ; 8 M, i1rij>), iii-ftr 
tin.' nlBlinti •>[ Torrv ili'l I.iw" <>-iii; IfUiw). Seer Ihn villajif of Msun- 
i^lurpoli. m lliii E. rml "I tlii! Ullr, iui> lli« ko-pbIIi.''! iliijif'ii i(i N'ltiiir, 
n Romuu rain. 'J'lici lukc niuv' Iv rcacbcd by Ivat on l1>c cnn«l, 

From Vimrou 111 T<i Lll-cI, l-liy, M., Ihr(nii'li-r»i!w«j' in ^'^lir. vlSl ('> M.) 
Jfrumnriiwaml (SVa M.' .V"«n"0. — Fruui Iiai-ca Ip. 3S&) \v Ftorentr vij 
rlut'iin, t<<8 pfi. .S.tH, f^S7, S-lli.tyU; to Uitlngtin s'iD HiHlnli. ^rn ii|i, &Xfl, *ix;. 
lUil B. Oi. 

The KiiLWAT irHmrses a thick jiiue-wuiKl (Mti^chia lii Mi- 
ifUariiM) l)ov(iml 'i»2'', JI.) Torm M I^o, aiiil at (!>•';, M.i 

loa'/j SI, Fl8a(ii..'illl. To t!ie k'tt, befoi'Dwi' enter lliv »tittiim. 
rise tli>' ciilhfilnil. baiitisti^rv. iiml enmpuiitk.'. W'p tliiMi rro«K the 

24. The Apnan Alps. 

Thi> nime of th" Alpi Apunut is lii'iivcl frum ihp wsriiko triW of 
tlio Apunat, snllilriml liv tlic Ri)mr>ii« in ISO B.C. niui mniillv' Trin«fiiiTi?il 
tA Kmnniiini, \ti'iig with ttii' iimiiiitAtn .r.hiiliiK .if Sjit'-^iii ftii^y rriim t^tiiti« 
nil iii(l*ticciili'iii Bvstnii. Rpoloffirnlly iillinl witlj ilm .VlarHliiiit 'aIih. Tliey 

"ii-fifcf mil ID h- *iV Emnf iim«ihtf>nc rnr'.k«, ti^ Ifn^ iironuiiii I ctVrititlHiin 

utmHtion III Hhii'li i' iliit tli<>ii' I'XtDordiairy wfutli uf ninrbli? 'ni. Ill): 
but i»l<li"t uIaIc for III lii i'l MX iil».ij iiiTilr, fi* iii tbi,' jtt'>ittr Pigjinin'^ fflaSi It,}, 

■ lie lilehaicl tiiiiiiiilt lit llu' irruii]!. Tin- Aiimiri Aljn iiri' "(■|i«i;i.l»il lij' lliu 
ili*pp vii!lpvi4 lit tbi,' M\"li^Utf Qiul tXiv Hcrcfttry fnmi trip Etni^omk Alicoiii iih.*ii: 
wiJ thoir boldly ilmpfil pi'iiks uriiml In liviil piininiiit tii tlii' llai loimited 
uLintmitfi nl \.\iv liiltiif, w1il.:h in u'liitcc iii'i^ miiiili ninrii CLJi'icN i^fivuTi^d 
Willi 41I1J11'. TIjp lii'ti pwlnila f'lr iiMHrvlim* In tlim i^niiipnmlivi'ls' little 
kruivrii but ln^uullfiil iuc,iui Inhi ri'^i''!' nr"-' i'i'"'ii Apiil In Juin' oilil III 
Ki^jili'mlivr anil Oi'lnliiir. Iti uhuiiiK'i' Die.- tnlililny Him in Iriii liDl for 
cuiTtioik. In d^Af wcatllici' tin' vii-nk^ rniiiJiinuit fiuu vi^L'vn uf llii; Ap<-ik 
nini'ii, thi' Iiiriili.> I'alv-i iiF ttiL' MAurm su<l tliii I^ori'liiD, i>t thu oMuit-Uiir 
iitira 8uiMiA In l.i^gtiQin. noil at lIiK TimrKn luljinit" Aiiil l.hi; ilinlmit (.'umku, 
Only thii rJiiiif rtmliis iirti given fa nlir iln^nriplinn hflow, 

1. Cnrrara ip, 114j is tbi^ li^st RUrtiiiif-jjuint for the Tntigulng 
bdt reiiayiiiii; iiBctnt of ih« Muiite Sa.i[ro (liTiO (I.; V\j lira., vifl 

2. From Maeaa (p. lih) a rouit aect^nds ttie pIvlnrrsi^iiD Vat 
Frigiilo, to tlifi N,E,, to t4'/, Sr.j Foi-nn, wlitber a Ui^V.^. ti-\'«»K 
(ilso runs on Sun. (4 trains. In 50 mlti.j, Av fjiHMUne i.'^ft'a V^^> *■ . 
little sliiiri ufFonio, :i road diverges tti the vVg^A \o» *»* ^"■*^'' 


146 m.B.t4. APUAlTAtPS. 

uF BaBoeto (1695 ti.; itin; guide, ft. Conti), T/^ K. team XtesA, 
A lirgad piilli, iiit'Crriijilcd at pUve^, usceiiils from Reacctu to the 
(S lira.) I'aMij tt^Ha Tninhina (i"31/» ft,(, Ijinj! butwDun tW iluHte 
Tayiibura (6200 rt. ; vitw), ','4 lu'- t» tlic N., and tlw ^Wu fii HeUa 
{b^oblt.; isccot iliOIcultj. IboDcc we tlcsocadto tbcN.£., vid ktu^t 
(Ji £o^ra iSneo rt.; good Inii) and VajfU di Sotk/ (1!)T0 lt,)'w 
(S'/i hrs.) Camporgiano (p. 450), In llir falluy of tLo Scrcliio, — 
Tbo Paiso rfeWa /'or.WaM*« (MOS (I. ; ncnr it (0 the 8. tlie Hifuffio 
Arrmfe of the I.A.C. ; bejr at Hiiscelnf, 3 hrs. to tlie N. oi' Rescuto, 
18 ilir sinrfitig-poiiii for the difficult astcnlof the Mifiiie Pit anino 
(Oass fi.). 

A. A 1ii;.')irDQ[l loiiiiiiliiis to Pimtc filmxirnirsc •'i-O c, csrr. S Fr.) 
runs I0 lln' N. Triuri l'»'nitir (]>. 145) a|) Ibn THlley oF tbe Sfrra 
\ti Serrurezzn (180 Fl.; railvaj-slaliru, sop p. 145;, sitiinled at 
tliR jioinLffliere lUeA'erru mid IheFcsrounitflil In lonn the t'c/'si7ifl, 
fruni wliii-b till! dislri'i't bus tukoji its namti. Thv (Jnsiiio Duc.ilc bore 
WW hnill Fur Urninl-tluketJoJiLtrio I. oETusoaiiy, hj Bari, Aiiiuiarnili. 
Thfr Inrffft ninrljic-quiirriys at Si!rravf!K«a were l^p(^n^'ll in iSlS liy 
Jdtchiel Aii;?i'b), on bchnlf of Pope Li'ir X. Farther on the rtiad enter.i 
the V'al di Vtzza to tbc E., ond prncceds via (5 M.i UArgentera, 
a I'frry nnsk'nl HilvLT-ininp, and {h*/^ M.] J/.iifj»ina to(8'/jM.)Ponte 
&tWB9eMe'ft&(I>63'ft,;/lfb. A/i7aTji;guidos, L, BiAnchinlandalbisrtii. 

A higiily pittiitUHiLUr) LuiiiiiiltJu-riinir Insilt 10 Ibv N, truui Hiiniiin* tn 
tlip(6M,) Ci/t'llaifi Tiiimd (ifllo (1,1, ISIH>^-il.. lunji nnJ enllrel>- luiltelllcct, 
»iii[ lo tim msrhlc.iiiiarrioa in (lie riimniiiii> villoy of llio 'Itirrllr. Seem, 
below ilo uiiiiiug vitliw ii Ami iSKiii It.; laiij, From Arni wu any 
NHConil via llii! fasHO di Sella (S(>!ll fl.) In Vnyli rfi Sopra (»t>K ihovrl. 

funto Sluxoiui?aD iiOer» lli<> bcsl hcbilqiiiirtt'ts foe tke oxploratloii ol' 
the S. portion of tiio Alpi Ajiimio, To i&o N. wo praccnd vil I'offijnd 
IiaWtH.) annl tlic (J'ijJirs.l /V.- ifi M'lrctln ill"" ft,; ictugi'-liul), wliprc 
A bridle- pa tia dEVorge-a for Ieuumiiia viii t^t^ifftiani, io lli^ Icip i*f tit^ l4 krrl.J 
*l\l,Hiii ilelta Craee (HlOil ft,), Inue fainiiii" ■» b point of view. To thB 
K.E. we ritu}' ati^fnii the Afcurf Foratn (Jdl.'i fl.), vili tViriJuio (Sit, ft.Ji 
00 tli« l«ii id » ciitiDiiii fi)i-k..»rfli IT "CI II ill! ng «. *-liiJ(iw. To Ihr E. tincn 
tho Montf Prociiito CSitlV} It.), tlio woodod siimniit of whidi, «urr<iMni!u<l 
«D all Klijpii liy bIji'oi jiiritiiiJiotia luiarlj !iUii ft. Jeep, in ci>lol!r£lB(l l>y 
Ariado H 'llie abciTo of Su-ipii'iciu'. 'Hjp fniii'' (.'J hm.) louils via Sf'uai'niu 
(ItlOft.), Willi 11k ISCh ffKt. I'liiirrh (intiTi^Mtliig iriilpturi'ii on tliii portal), 
•nij the [i hr«,l jti.pc- 'tHa Orulta (^61" fl.J, whi^tu wii fln.i Llnj pfiiiilr 
((i. Gh>iiTUi[l, i 1r.). Tiiiv iliiil aMi[?nt (1 lir.). by mciiiiH iif lirlilvra aiiit 
■tcpo, ■bould bu ■tWmptiiil Dill)' liy cliuiWis wilti iilt:a,il>' liouit"- 

J-'nmi the AIpi; ilt^llu firotia tse.r. abovci, ve procci.'d viH Ihc 
Calidredi Mtilumia (.tTOa ft.), a pans '/, lir. Xa iIjp N, of the Monte 
Matarmo (43211 ft.j, to <! br.) tbo Pian d'Omina (3410 (I ; Inn, 
P. 5'/,-T fr.l, with its atimclive niount.iLn -pastures. A path Indi- 
CBtei^ by red uiark:^ lefld§ bonce to tbe E. vili Palaifnaua 12440 ft.) 
ifl(2 hrs.J t'dbbrirhf, and tlieiice, in a'/j hrs. iiiore, flnslly Iravern- 

tha mllny iil Ibc StrrJiWf lo the Bagnx di Lwca (p. 535), 



ll'l- ,«)lv 




_l V I J_J\^JVLD«l.|%|# JLv 








H. ¥!t)m tbo FiniM dfl Sudinfl to tlie Cinlnl Stilinn. 



Soilljvru OuniUri i>[ lie CHr. Tli» IlriTS, IM, — li. 
fi'Dia the Fiaua del Dlioqio .mil tin- I'lliill del Uoi. 



caiiti lu llic! Cusldlo ami llii; Aicv Mia I'aw, 1*1, -— 


v. We'll (Itiirtcr! iif tlio tit;-. Biblioieui .VinlituiUiu. 


Naata TSitciii ili<tli> Clriiiii'. Snul' AiuWuwivt ITS. - <l. 


jllrjuir Dm Tiu Tjrijio lo llm f^Diilhrrii QiiHL-li^ra n[ tbu 


Cil)' (Snii Poliru, Stii I.orun<'i, SnuV Eiiflaruiii, Okpi- 
dnlti WaCTi<>'''>), 188. — <■. Eput QKartftn f.f ihe tiiy. 



The Cnrnn Vitlnrin Kiiinimi'lii sii'l il* aUln fitrncti, Dlilt- 


i^iiii J'iil.hlioi, IBB- -- f, TliP Cciiiftorio*. IW. 




Kroii] Mf iBn to l.ecfu and OoKco vift Moiian ((.'hiu/i'iiin. 



Fi-um ^liliLii to iit'llitf^iu, Tlic BmuKH 



Kroni Miiii'i ta Oomo vifl Sg,rou)i« 





Frniu (^olico lo Clilavi>ii>i!i (Maloju T'hhh, Spln;;i;ni . . 





J-'i'oin Mtnnggio, on lie Lake of Cwiiju, tu Li>k&\io snd 



Z-'rcui Jliian (a I'oi'tu l.'(iti>iii, mi llic I.slir or Lurujio, 



I'Voin Milnii lo l^vtiio, tm llio l4iigri MngKlTe. vl*. Sn- 




Fiuui Mika 10 Morlmn [0«oo») vii V1k«viiu<j, ixi. 




Fioni Pnviii l.i Altvjmimid'U nnil l" fUTinnnii , MB. 



Ilnniiino. kJT. — >'rnui CrT-niniin la Pinwjiis, SIS, 





1. VoI1l> Jfromlmnii, 3M '- t. Vsllc Sfiliiiiii, JMl. — 


B. Viil Cuviillli.*, M7. 








*. LiBo irjo»n, *7ll. — b. Viil {!»inoiiii5., (IH, — P. Vil 


']'r<;in|>iii. £111. ~ il. Viil .Snlibli and Lngn iI'Mro, iilt. 


! -*«. 

From Ili'i.'iciu lu Gui'g'iuiuo "u llie Lagti Hi Untd^ . 


I 1 






BtMDKKKS-t Xorltiem Truly. Ulli RiU. "V* 

, 1 






iiouibaMf/, lli« HiUrivl lii th« M. vi Ui« Alp*, Vftii«li i* nrpnrMMl (ran 
Piuiluio-ni hy [lie Ijigo XiigglnTe nnil \\<e: 'S'i(Uio, tram ViMiclla by tlir 

Jdin^o (p- ^fi^^r ^"*l friiui llj>i Eiiiilin bv tike fV. iHhen iin natnik froiu IIie* 
(i*rniinli' trihe Ihai _mvaclL>cl Ifily in'attS. It is ilivi.lnl liit» thi- i-i^hl 
provinoi's ol (^'f^o^ Mi-lntio, 1*nfin^ Hi'Hdrifff Bf/y-iiiio, f'f'enmttit, Sn'icutf 
Slid 3liinloi:ii. I'uvctitiK mi *rr:i of about UIMJII nq. M. . ivii<l roiiliuaiing 
d,334,]O0 iithnliitiiiil". Thi,' iiniiir wuh on-'e upgilicit t" ii uiui'li InreiT ttart. 
l-otobArdy liiE cul iiiapLl)' lii'cn likL-nviI to nn itrtiL'tioki', tlic lt>nTr* nf 
which wciE fiileil off Jii iiKcc^gicu li\ tlic ii>ida nt I'leJoiuul (p, 32); 
lh«ii in 1-lSJ (toy niiptopriiikul "Vi.ti'eiIIi, in isai Asli, in 13(M Ali'ttsnuiififl. 
1701 Val Si?nU. in I'M Toi'lona snd ^ornm. nnit in lil3 DiimmlaMaln. 
Tho hfnrl of llie e-oiiiitry, t" fniitiiiiiie lli* miitjiplnir, wniiliE II11111 lie tlin 
MiLAMEBK nr DitiTEijnr or Mtt.AV, Ilie tr&rl lyiiiK IifLwcpii Ihu ridnu, I'oi 
sckI Aitda. The Knnus or 'iillU'iTion arfi llii^ >>.uii< as in I'ifilinoiit, nU. 
Ihc ii^^inn >>I pnnli([«n Dinone tla' muunliiUs. ihst nf tlic vin?, friiji-trLfi, 
Hiid lii ik-i:iitt tiro nu thv luwor iLiirlnlJitiik^ i.'4kii ntr}' ujul lUr sloiii-fl aJj-niniii^ 
thr Ukrs, ni]il lliHl uf wlii'Bi, main-, unil mcitilows iii the iilaind; rice i% 
jyrr>\^'n jii Ihr rlvir-fcnlt-mm (rooip- p. lODJ. TIjl" crajjn nn^ murU mom 
n>iiliiilnl>t thiit ill PiPcLtii'ilil. Tti(^ tiitiiHIc <i( Linnbiirdy i« llivrvHEtily Cuu- 
tineutnlt winli'i' en 1hi" plpiJH", ^vlik^h ni-c =['oiii'e"''iI by hitliT winiU, in 
vrry mid (Tniuiiniim iil Milin, I.I°Pilir,; iiiiMii 1«tiiporiitiiri! cf Jm, Sl'l 
uiiil &buuaila in aiiuHi- iluiI iiiiul (itl Milan niiuw uciiurt uii 18 dayi veulv, 
iiilBt uii 7.11; wlill*^ ill aiiminiir Ihc lii'iit in {>ri<»l?r lliim lli:it o'f !^, llnly 
Vmaxiuiuiii m MiUii, inrFulit.; ihicnn [onip. uf Auk- •■ 1. Thr miniinl 
rAinfnll is by no ini^iinii liiiiurialilerii)ila (st :Mi)iiii )I,K iui>)ip<il. lathe 
linlftlit at aiiiuinHr rein is fJirc hoynnd ihc InwiT Alpn. anil i* Inoru fee- 
ijuiral Ahcii iht wiiiil ii Itttiu Ihi) E. tliaoi vrLi'ii it i* ttnm tli« W., i» the 


innJsliiiD nf the W> wiiliU Ih sbncu-iii'il liy tlir Mnriliuiu Al|i» mid llm ^M 

»ny uther pttrt o( Eiituiip, premilii lii'ic. bo ihnt 1 fniliii'i' ot Hit iTojm H 
iH bitrdly iinHaibt?, In llic uiirldle Jip/r» tli** imporijiii'^i^ vt JAHnu w»ia dnr ^| 
lu lit wiioiluii indflnri: but Khi'rp'lirFi'din^i iinji in iikkIpi'ii liniv* hevii ^M 
Lire^ly ■iiptr-cdiid liy the til k -culture, nii itiidiniry whi-'li Iri'i »ii mulKrially ^H 
titi:if>:<iii'd thr wcnltlt i)f the I'miritrv, Ihxt it liii'd In lio taid iliii'in^ tlii? ^H 
Auttiinn reRlnip Ihnt tUe army and thi' otU i'lt^ Liv<?d on uiiiIIivit]' li-avi^n. ^| 
m llii'ir iitndupi^ aIiiiio <>iil1k-ud l.i piii tlie land (hei'u. In thvei- (lirotiiii- 
9(ln]t<!« InP ptrpulutioii in iiuiijunlly JcnBp, Wing oliriiit -Wl pmsans to I!il- 
>>i|, niilr. u! ntily n littliO k'li dp[i«i> Miun ill Liftiiriii iinil (.\inipiiiiiti. 

'J'lif riTllIiil nilunlion nnd llm vrnllli cf llici rounlty lilivt l.'H'I KU- 
cliTfil liiiitiliard<r an applr ai djacorfl nmnug tlia Eiicupi'nii nntibna. lu 
lliu tiiirlii'Ki pi'tiud known to us it n-Lt ni:i?ii|)ii'd. in Kitfi'ctiiliiii to Ihc 
LisfWlatit nud I'uibriimt, )-y IJin Elnmr^rmi, no tliilnui nue, »-liir,li in 
Ihe 8lh ctnt, B.C. vms siiIiJiicoIl'iI or upHli'd \ty Cifdi truni tliP W, ThVsC 
immi([iiiiit« fuUiiiji'd .lMt'i)"iiWJi; (Milnii), near thr -ilu uF llir? Etriiwun 
Mulimm, ilvHlrnyi'il in S'Mi K.Cf, II m-hh liiit xliiwly thMt tii<< llnliiiiiii nub- 
tlueJ M a>»liiill(ilPd tlipBC fumgncr". md It wn» not lilJ tSS ll.C. tlin.1 thij 
BwiiriH* OJilPhdiiil lli.'ir «iipri>in»i'j to the haiiku uf tini Po hy lhi'ir_viiiitnry 
lit iflarllifliim tp, llloi. In iLo /ullowiiip century CnHi'i (■iaalylna wii» 
cnnilllutuil A [ii'iA liiccr, rrii u'liicli Caisnr ruiilGCreil thi> ri^ilila of dtiscuuh Ip 
iuK.C. IB. Tlicouihoiit the B-holf of ihu iinjirtinl fjicdi thene rcginUB i.( 
Xoftborn Itnly lufiniid thii rliiiif bntlrras of llin iiuwiif of Hoiiio. Fi'nnt 
Ihu lUit.'iint. i>n Milnn turpifiHCil fConii: ill L-xtupt and, In niinv rcnpfcts, 
in iitip-irtimri? uUn. It lipi'nnii' nn itiipcfinl rrti'ttiitp, jtiid the rhiimh 
/iiiiilili^tl lioTL^ by Hi, AiiibriiHiiiK (wIjh wan hi>ilii>n uf Milnu ill ST4-EI>J lonif 
laaintained, lilcfr llioi* 0/ AtiiiilcU (p. WBJ uud Oindo [p, .IKn), it» iinliv 
pi-ndiini' flir pi-prii, I'Hnlinil I'Plrun Diiidiniii, (liu li'ifnte nt Gniveiy VII,, 
Hnnlly riMnoi'd il to (iihJL-c-ljnii (Iltli ''I'nl,}, but thi^ Hu-ialliiH ■AiiibiDti>iiu 
IlliirEv' nvrprltmlcd the tmdilioti uf iti liiiorly don-ii to onr own tiinot, 

'I'liu LiiHSobaiiti made Pinvi^ tbfli- cupitnl, oiil tli^ir d'l ml nation, niter 
A[»(/as' ''"'■ ("'" ("'ntnrir*, tn» oTOrlbi'nwo by CTfti'Itnt-ajfjiB in III (p. 3>, 

jCemhiinl dinlci'! conlnjitii n gooj mut^' ■Kuiiit ^idv«d frook ug 




I'll ■(.'iiniliiiiih lid pHjwiln'. mill ill IWl Mvlti'ri yiiir->rili, hi" iii'iihuw. 

OnauMi jlhu^ bivii. y(i«r, tfru, pj^i tmi'Mor, flont, wJ idiHi, Iroiailiv 
liurnnn nniiiiien, (iNni. Grvit, Kltiiir, Ui'tnor, ultrfu, mil hIommiJ. Thu 
iTUWtl fjf J/iiuJiiiri1y WAH Wiir» Min't'i'ul^nly by Um fYttiitoni^tJi Jiinl by 
Ihc iiti'gt. the latter nf whniu, pnrliriiilnrlir tlii* OiLiii. diii iuupK 
^-LunSlpflWIla III'' [iiiiM'i'i'iy 'Jf ilii^ Iii»ii>. Wbm iIiD i'upiun> k'twccj the 
, •UBMIB' anil tlir p^'pn ili>*i<10il llii' n'lii>1'> 'if lUly iiili> a Ciituluti aiul n 
IwiwHtn* mnip, Bllliin. ttio tmilor t<t tti^' fi'ilcmli'i) Lnint'Mil i'iUi)K ttiii'v 
]]<!?, fiiriJii<i1 Ihv liiindijdArt'-'rn i:>f IIht imlimmt^ j»m-[ Cri-mijcm UiEiKr> of ttio 
iiiiliflrliil imrly. iinil lliu pnwur o( Ihi" l|pi|jtn>liillfi."D [iTovoil lu liii nn nnlrA 
i'w thi.' LonibitriE wnllH. 

Tlitf ill NBctlv Ions hrlwraii tliuiioliiUK Olid llie biiPirlisW; wlilcll i»r»v»Uu(l 
111 cv«i'y luwu, Icil III Ibil criijliun i-f •uti.'r:il cvw pi'iuuiijiililit:". In I:i;i 
^jvM>liili')|i Otiviir ilpfih I'iteuHli iif Milnii (H'Iiuev fimily wn* au rnlli^il 
fioiii tln'ii- 

nun «|>|iuiiilr4[ F:-in'4.'rtM'C ljT I .u hi Iiili'i:! y hy thr Hcriiinri lei tin, '^lTl■]f qT 
!^tiia». Ahlimiirii lpiiii«Iiwl fnr :i time hy Ih^- li(ifl[>li fiimily fiulln Tort*. 
MiitlFo nii'l llii •onpt imil llidr punrrrlt)' ruTiIiii'i'il (n nkHnl llirif I'i^lil. r<i 
llicT Si^ii^jrifiH Th'' ftr^'Jifi'x^T '•! tbiii fAinity vrvre- J,i"i't'Jriitrt yiiriHiii ilSi\t^ 
1113, Pi'lrnii'li'H iiiklroii, mill (Vlnn (/i(m;;'i). wlai mifti'iiikil lili [jlhct 
W;-/'"::" II. (p. ITSj il. IMIK) ii« niliir nt Hif W. (iiuti.iii (•( (h.T rll-tHnt 
li/,^<laii. In i:im (iJiii Linlmixa wtloU'iI IIic ri^gun uf ixiivrmnit'iii In iho K. 
1 fr.,!! Jilm Pr<iin hii» iiihjIo ll^i-uaiiu, lunl Iji" nfiorwufiU I'uLrtiiinil liix ihtrhy 
riiur in iiiitl lluliitfii.'^, mill I'voii ii> far lit I'l'inKiii niii^ K|>cilatn. llii rhlni 
■'>. »i'U Wn* 'ti Tolnij Inio fur llio pitinons i)f pstiyiiiK i>ii w*r, tiul ■< 
from Kill liiiK llin ijnimtPji lloiirinlr"il lliiili't liU JHbI iiihI »y«li.>iiiiitki ituv- 
]i;F,£l. I'liD muiiicljiBl I'uiliKillDrt were vuliiintcd wllli adailiiliilrittivD 
wfll nnpatlvi' |ii>wi'i'u In umltiiru uf piiMrii, whilii Dl'lixlx HiiiE liii'ii i>t lel- 
>lBLiriiiJii' juvitcil Id thf? i*url liy 111!' prince, irho fmiiiilcd. tiio-Cillii'ilrnl 
IVi, )<'"'i A'lil I'll' Ci'i'!.i>>ii nl I'm. In. Jtiit tifli't- hia lU^ntli ill Hill i^hiiix 
iuiiiiiiw.iii"» "n »"■'" nifcitTili'il liy tiln llirc« iCFiis, (yiociiimi J/imn. jih< 
giidl in IlIK liV ttin sr.ii« nf Hi'i'iiain'i, PiliiiiM Uifri.i, j.iii[ Uii^riel.i 
ST Hi'''' I-"*!' I'li^li-T Pllil'V" i**"'"' "''TL' fitriiiKi nil with I'Initni'p, Vo- 
HftT i"'' ^'"I'l''''' 

p.imilm' "'^ PxtiEi'liuJi ij[ lln- Vini'imli fiiciiilv ultli lliii ilonlh iif I'illfipn 
Ultiiims J^ 1117, .Mlliiri (Nu'Ihiii*! llM'lf u r^'iMihlii' iin^Uii' thi"" mni'' H^jiitk' 
Ij^ji-jl *()if',l«l'ij'-'>H'i'. Ill iilll. linM'i'vl-'r. f j'ri/irp«cr) .V/'nr:". th.i run- 
ji^tWi;. wljfi liiitl liL'i-ii I'lr'il'il MiJiiai'iiI'iu-dik-f liy llio 'cHiiiliiiii' "f thi- 
■'[iiibliii . Iiindi' liiniui'lf 'Inkr. iLiiil ivnturcd tttivt iiiiil nei'iirlt^' In lhi> 
itl«tIiioli?<l lUle. U<; lolriilLt Ilio CiMlcllo, iH-iiHti'ii^Kil llic^ MiirlVHann (.'nunt 
null HlB 0'i|H'iliil.' Mi)[Kiiin', uiul HiiTrniiiiiliipl Mmnnlt villi ilyTniilIni- u,ni1 
ItnlUii ■lOiolirn, who iiii|ilniidtnl llit L*»ln timtlniii" 'if liU il»iii[tilHi Ulp* 
jiiilyiii. Frunptii™ dW in UM ami hln m-lovliiir hiil ilimicilut.i »on. 
linUiiSZo Maria, •Km HMhUMaiimlud t«ii ycurB liiWr in Mm phtiicli ••( S«liU 
Sli<riii>n, Iriivin^ lii-< kiiii (:io\!aiiii) (liltn::!c atill a iiiinvr. Lintovira il 
.Mom (I'iifil 111!! rcKsnry In iimiiu <-t liin iirjilii.'W, iiiiJ oil Cliii ilrntli •>rilii; 
I.iller ill lUU hu iniliii'nd (.'lurln VIII, of Frnnon 1™ iiiMi-HnkL" 11 mm. 
[iiili;]!. nKdiii.-it Niiptiii, thus [iniiieiunling n niiv pui'lnd In Ilir lilxliirv iif 
Ilaly. tiinct Hint tiniii llnly Iiiii nl niifn Lorn Hi" liXltti'lli'lJ o-iirf tliu 
[irciy 11/ tilt' gi'ciit |n>w«rit 01 Kiiropi-, l.oifovi™ liiioii'K. nfii'i' liiivlii(r re- 
vuliuij ngitiii»t FrjuLi:!! jLini hntTi iFofnnliul ill Vipvurn in 1^1111, ti-rrniiintod 
IjIx tuiurr In 11 Fiivii'h iliin|i''cUJ. ]|i> mil .l/imJiiif^oUii, ufh'r a lii'ici' 
tIjCii (tj»l:f'lif1, aurrcilEU-roil Mllnu 1" l'Vlkl1[-i< Lf rlin 4'J4'l(>r ;lt Mnri^uiui" 
Ip, Li."!;. TtaL- vit'tory nl I'liarlri I'. «X Uieiivca lu IMi plirinl yi-mi- 
t'r»ivi If. Mni-lv, litutliPi- "I Mii>Hiiiiiii>i.iiu, uii llit tliruiK*; uuj ia IMS iliu 
liiitllo or Favio ['dinlituli.'d Charlci Y, ailiitPt of tho fortiin™ nf Italy. 
In l.'iio, flye ycu» a/ier ilii: ilvulli uf tliw luil Stnrau, bp Ihm'iIl'iI hx 
Kon. yhliip if. of S[iiii(i, with Ihr; iliiclij- of Militn. 

In liU IhB Spsrjiiili tiiinTiHin-/ wii'i fiillnwiiil Viy V\vi; AimVtiuirt v* 
rnnnjMi lion flu at the Wiir of SaMoniiinii. <)ii (iini nni^MrtBa* 'i'^"'''*" ^'^'*''■'va. 
liMil, ami I8IIHJ thi- /■Vein-It took pmipsulon ot Mt\n.ti, al»^ \l\oTS.*»^^**'*'^ 



IBS ly- l^if- 


Althonaii Xiiptilr mi Hniii'X'i''l Itic whok of riedmont, Gpiioi. riiima, Tux- 
(■»uy, unci RiuDC- (k1i'>iiI SU.OM nci, M, ■.( IlHliiin (.•rri(orj') l:o Fifhi™, tlii" 
iircctiuii of tlip Ciialjiinv Ufi'iililii: (1T1J71 iind Ihi^n ol « Ainfli/nm of ita)'/ 
llSnii) cunliibiitoi] inili'riHlIy l» nrouti' ■> intliunnl b|iji-I| uf ]<ik1irlollE>ui. 
Thin kiDgiJom ombrxi'tii LortiliFiir!)'. Tuiiii't-, is Tj-iol, I'.lriii. fLo (jrunWr 
yart ot tlic Kiniliik, sui'1 llio MjiicIio. Milau \vm IIki i^itptliil, unti NupoUon 
wii» king, Init wm rwiiriiKi'iiliiil hj' lii« iili'|F"im Kiifihi* Bfaiihi'l^iaiv *" 
vieotoy. Till) ^ii#Ii-£nit Si'j/rcnifii'f, wliicli w-n« rcBi^rt^i) in IHli. prnv«il 
iTri'i-nni'iliiliU- nilh Ilii' iiJihniial n>>|i<riili<>nii nl tt>(> piiijplo. By tho Psmii 
'it 2iii'lcb IK(iB> LaiiLli«iHv, wtlJi lliv t'Xi-qnIou of the dlnlrkl of IiUntut. 
WIN ciiiliiil In X'aixiliion III., nlii ediUiiI il iu liirii In Knnllnia. Cowp. 
A*, titiilmi't Tlie llii;oii of l.ndibiinly' (l-oml'in. iWi.i. 

25. Milan. 

BoUway Stntions. I. Ttir- tvufr'^; Statimt iCI. F. U. li Ht'tMiti'- 
Kill, g<K>d^, butli III 1004, is iiAcJ liv nil ilii' kinto limm. itiiiuihgiscH fL-Dni 
mo*! of tho iiMpls »rc JTi wiiitinK 'I'll"' "(V'a '>■■'■ ('"'■i ""ff i>- 'M. Klt-olrir 
Inmiiriyit (Saa. 1, E. :\ £1), A Mij inlii llic tnwn ICl r. Oiano-ling^Fia'e niiV 
AlluWP'k i '''Hup' pi 1M)- — 3/- 1'liP ^fasiiiftf J'^rrnfU- .VoTvf JfrMi-in (Pi. l"*y, 
|{cit»tir»nli, tov lliv llrifi of ilii> JJ. Hnilwuy lo .Smcrnan aniJ C'lnnio iT*'"'!' 
In Erlin (B, BT), ■lid 111 Vii.r«ai' iinil IjivciK. iH.a.')), in oonnocloc] wlmml 
Piui* difl iJtioiiio anil ilic i)tli*T two n\l. itailouH by Iht rleclviu'i 'lii' 
wny- X"*. 13 * S5 (j. IM). — II. I'lu- Hlasi-mc -ii l-nrdt Qeiiova^ "«- 
Porta Tiriitrie CPI. S, 8'< ia > niM^amliiTV nlnlimi fur Ibii irNiiii lo 3^ t^i' 

>Un at Vlii Smitn MHrtrhpritii 1« (P1, E, I, Si «imI iii llip Imirinl a^' i" 
menUi'iiuJ lit )>. J5U: f'lr llio >'. Ilsilwa<>i M IIip .-l(/c«iin J''i-IT'>L'(<: !l*l" 
(ta1k'rl« Villi>rSa Emaiiuvli' 2tl, ami nl llin Aiii-iiti:! ('hiurl-SviimitiW' 
I p. jaal, -- ilffcnra o/ (A? Slnping vnr i':i., at Vk AlufiKundiu Manr'f"-'''''' 
mhiI al l!ia »tiLiioB-lii>.[iL'('Hjr's oBli'n. iijilly 

Hotels (tnoatl) iu a niilny hiluii'iijii: Jriukiuicwater. sue p. m^ l^"' 
tin ToiLii! 'ilJi'i:!. uiu. V114.E iH. »; 1", Hi. t't.iM(i Vitlr.cio EiilnniiiJiVi'». 
Willi i,u.l-i.ftirL' sivllii'liei und liiBsru^r ihfll™, lift R. ul S-IC, H. t'lri^iini- 
D. «-;, P. Irmn IB. tmn. S: (r.: »iJfiT. t'i^orH (HI, li ; t\ 81. I'inaa In llip 
10, iiluiiHiiiitli nitiin It'll njipi'i-it'.' II111 ■.llnriliiij i'tiliblki, Willi IilijImhi- u,.. 
Itiihvis at I'.-U, E. a, Lji;,, h.n-'., I*. IS-sn, omn. l'/,t(-i "(In-llfl'i.- 
MiLAji (M- mi; F. B, H), "Vin AIi'KNiiniirn MniiiKiil ifl, wUli IkkfiT «uil 

IllRtfll^i! liMfl-, Slid tir'da •■ &-I0 Tr. I.Ml |»>V4t<' listhg), B. I'.'g, L, t, Tl. Ml. 
P. le-Sit, iiinB. 1 fr.; »nii.-H"T, ["<i»virih.]irrii, (Pl.c; E, 1), VinAlmanii. 
dm Mnnintii !, villi linki-' nml lii(;|;ii);i' "Ifippv, IU* lii-iln Irnni fl, H. I'/oi 
L. 1. II. Ii-n. f, IK, g-Tiiii. 1',', Ix. — BnoicwbriT k'ls pifloudlwi : 
*Rkkti». !■>'>■ HJt. Kiiuiii-ii (fl. f ; V, 5.1, l!ijr»o Till, Etnmiiicl" 11, lufl l.(-il» 
ki fj-iu. 11, i»<,, L. 4. 1). 11. P. Ironi ia. oiun, Iif, f r. : *(iii,-HO-r. tM.ETKni'tii.k 
(W. q: t. S), l'i«»ii Jul Uuoiut. i, KE i-i'il- ill *-lil, B. !»,,,, I-, J, H- 5',',. 
P. fmiu 11, aiuii. I'Vx Cr.: *!linitiiii 1Ii%riiL a Hcncuunuu (E'l. u: K. 1^). 
VU Suila UiirElj«EJia liA. *fl H. «i i-B, 11. Vl„ 1,. 8>,-'„ D. 6, P. W-18, 
omn. I'.i, fr. , (|[ii| liv IlsHiitiK. — •Rtiiiy Ikirii. (PI. e: V. !•}, 
Cnnm Vill. Ilnii.iiin-li.- I, B. 1 1«. B. !•/, , L. 3^:.,. D. 6. P. Iruiu U, 
anil. II', (r, ; 'IIht. Mmiiir fp), k i K. ^), Vi'ji Muhiii 7. ii(i»r Ilic Hiiin.lini 
fiit.l.l iir^, in u pjcunsoi •itniiliun, M U, horn I',',. B. IV„ L, H-a",, H. 
Ml. P, Itoui 131/,. iiBin. Ii'i fr., palionljo'l liV EnKl'"!" trnrtllcii : Sw.K»- 
Mvs Cw"'. Utirai. (I'l. i-: I', ai, L'wiiu Vili, Enimiucle ],1. Jlcj l>oilii trtiui 
B. !'.'► 1-.4, 11, ail,, r. ffoni 1!, ■ l';,Jr.i rjB,.Hi;». Hu**t. 
^l & a), \lo BrvlptM I, I«0 !(■ lit l-llf, B. I'.„ I., :i, D, *. V. (rum 
■■ 1<V»". 'f-: UiU.A Viimtix (I'l. t! K, V. S). I'iiKdi S«n Fed»lo 
" B. I',,, OJIID, I (r. i ■VUTOMik iPl. u; O. \. &], Ourao Titlcir(« 



I ..Goo«jlc 

Tinfuj- Hiiito, It. l'Jr»i "■!' 

KiOm. MIL 


Tho MlawinR nit> jtwoil Italid )iniiBei oflbv HeDnif fliM; IUt. bsFkam;* 

rfl. Ill ; F. 11. C«riin Vin. iCiMti. m, lio bedi »i av*''., l- ^ ■ l*. ii/,, P. 

U*ll ItD'.'l. wlnol, ciiiii. 1 ft.i IIi^'i. CvuuKncio iPI. en; T, il, Pftixa 
Potitneii u, with mfi'-n-ataiimiil. ItKI 11. si 3-i'!^ uiriii. I (r.: HW, Patio- 
CEirnul. tPI. 1; K, -It, Vii. ildlr A-olc tt, mi. ut tbu Vin Toilno, B. 
rum 31,',, L. 3. K. I. ?. ti-]l, iimii. 1 f r. i Aiixii.l.u » iitt. Ilruvo i P). 
ii; >', oi, Via Agui;!!" a, If. iC;,", I.. S-l, D. l-il. P. H)-U ft., wllh wlnu; 
Aboioli it SrwproKI (PI. »Tii K, i), Vin Sin Prclimo .T . U. *",■,. L. 3, 
Ti. 4, •lOin. "14 Ir.: HciiwKiiKiinoir A KxccMton Ilnr. (I'l. rx; ti, n), \\» 
i?lliilTi.-lli ijit, R. Irnm .1, ]). m'^ P. R-in fr. i IIi^t. l't].('OHB k S^adk*, 
Vli rsUoiiL- S [1-1, K, III, IWi bL-ds al t'JyS<lt. U. 1-4",. I". St/D-I". o'OB. 
I fr. — riiii.ii H.Vt. foxT.n.» tPl. t.i; F, 6J. HiilKE* PoliUiia llj HAt. 
llnrioiK t'i, fliiii»,ttFontiiiiii », H. l!',nr>'''.«li'-; Ahii. PiwmiiiLijji. 
Viii Piixnt.-llii 91 (PI. F, U, b/, U. fruni i fr. 

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wrlli rnntmiriiiit iiiiil tjrki'l niiil lii^'iu(n iilDrr.. It. A-IS. It. t. I: I'r^ t>, 
;. S. '., iimii, ',', Ir. (liieffnp; Vi\ cii IIAt. nc Noon (PI, «; K. IJ, vitU 
r.lii'(li«1»<iii]|>n(ii/i'i>«.'/?ii'li'l/ri'>*, It. Il>/^, II. 1>I,,,, l>. I>V P. H.14it., 

WOII »l,ul«-ll "Ii •B«LLINr» IIl3-T. TBimiiClPlfH. Ti C, IJ, M R, tl S'V"- 

H. 1'/^. Ij. 3. D- 4>;^ oniii. '/j-l fr. : Hilt. CoHo, tii'-vt ihi- lli'il. 'I'rniiliiitii. 
U. H-S, R, l'/„ L. i'/i. n. *''■: H''>T- c' lE'l. t; V, I>. H. B-l, B. 
IV.. 1..S, Ik J fi'.; Coiii'tinnH (I'l.*: P, l>. R, Vl^. U. V',. L. 3, D. 
I Ir.. ni.l...iBly judtto.l; IIpSt. I'l.erii-Sui-ii!, M. *'VH. B. 1", tr.s the Imt 
r<iiii' 111 tliH HijUlTF in Friiiit ut (lit- ■Ulion : \i.a, Hm UiiTrAHiiu. Via Oxlilwi 
S. veil ivollFii vl; IIuT. ^oiiMID fPl.s: F. 1), Via Miroo Pulu Id, B. 
fniiii S, B. 11,',, 11, "f .'i. Sir., i-ikhI i I'liuniiiTjULS HijTiP.L, tin Kini) (PI. 
n; F, sj, Via Prinaliic ViobcrW 83; Hot. LqOkKXn, a riiin, frym Ibf Ktalloli, 
wpII •.jii'lti'ii of. — llvi.vhTli II SjivfiLi. Ti» Mori'i. I'uln IS, mill r«- 
nuuriiui, It. »-.i, fi. 1 fr.i Ai.n. Nibia, Vinle frinripu I'lulwrio «. Jt. »- 
1',,. 1!. t (r. ; At.h. VRtfium I'uiMfi, Vis Priin'ipfl I'liilmrtii l-l. wllii wnl- 
liiruit, H. *'S'r., fr.i Wimjbi.h, Vib .Vlari^i. Pulii Ti. II, l'/,-3",'j (t,, 8. SO r. 

Hftlela MeuWfis iM'iili lid iiml pL-ntrnl ln-nlinKi. (In.-I!rtr, M^ridu 
cr Ntrini'Ai. (I'l. ma: K, 4), PiiHit MU .S.'ain -t, H. 1-(1. mmi. 1 Ir.; 
H(1t. Pu-i.i Mki'di.k. ViHlF M'jiiI'KiD 4:!. ill ttii; Kurn»iil Ili:inii [tr. IDt), 
iiiuiilit,r (iricr-: llw.-U'ii'. MonmiNK Mkiiii.w <P1. mu; E, &), Plmo Jel 
Illl'.iinu (Ti* Piir[Ti Albt-rto IW). H. S','^. oiimi. I'.'j /r ; IWt. Awirli.l •r 
OairiEvE Mi^ciiLii I'PI. a: F, :.). Cuiiu VlH. Km h II lid i' il, R, !>/i"' '>'' I 
t.»tt»i HilT. Mi:i.B'[.ft tfl. t; P. »), PJ»*Ki f"iil»iii» JU, R. J'lV.liJ, tr.j 
Si-i.iioA (Pl.r; R. 51, Vi<i Ban PfqUso I, H, tHr. 

Fcnaiona r..'(iiii[i. p. sij. jHbk Hffiiam, Vin Ilrora i. « U:: B6i.- 
HM. W<iper rfomi^rly .Vi'O}. Viit BufSL'du 1 iH, H, 1), wiiii lift, 1'. 
liKlii T'/,[i., (iciuiaui Knicji£, Uoiii.t "Vilt. Enmntu'lir *, I". T-»ft,i /"fl-JJll, 
VlmVii'iiir huBii ,i (PI. E. B), ivl fi-,; n'i/«», U"™;) llucnrm Ayrcs I. 
Jill fPI. II, 1, Ki, Ti'u-" f r. I /^H«. Aiifjl""^ iMm. KranlS, (Vti-.i 
Viltoriii KiilBDiiiili- ai,'<l-1 fr. 

ZLvatatiraatii. *<^t'u , Via AU'saanlrD Mhjik'IiI l un-l Tin lil Iiihvpji'' 
VcrJI K: *.VaiViiiJ, finlli^rUViII. KiD«niKi|i.; 'f^itifhdlffia JWcunn.AiJt 
Ikn'lK'l I. "uii tliv K. litHiii^ti uf lliL' (iHlIiTin Viu, Iviunuiu'li'i lh^fvmrr«, 

Bi-liT tho \', ■IlkllilU, iBMllOniJVf. 

O&Hs r""'!!. p, iM'i), ('(iff* CujTf, Via (tiimeiiii* Vi>nli S ipl, K.fl, 
uIugKully lllW'l 111), will) Knrtlcu. iivciilu); cuui'i^il* frvui Miiv li- Sv)iC: 
(Wiii^uM'i, (iulli'i-iii, ViTI, Kiiiiuiiipin ; \^atis iii iIju (iinrrlini f'ublilh'i f|i. Itlii 
niiiL lliv .VdiKV. /'Kirti ;p, 17;). — CAr^s- Rt»T,n-.Tt,iHTr«. *f'/iffl: fiiff. 
tJn>iHltrlnin-HiiH.e, liiill-i in I lib liiillcriH 7iK. Ciiiiin»iilii (niimti- in tlif I'Vcii. 
iu^)i *yiuiuntttt (^[unifi'vti , I'LAF^fi ili'l Du^'iiiiir I VtfL fr^rli^ A!l>ri'1ij fii 
*Oruluvi'i. uii llio E.nlilii a) tliv ("nthniltjl; I'niiinUfrfla. Plaidi F^uUB* 
■I (era uliuvu) ; I'liopeTatiLir, OMctia Vrlt. Eoiimiiuli; (abi>vi! tlie'<liiiAb\\u«- 
lUUe). Via M.inivlgli H(iii Uii. Ucioon Ci>ujio(Ktrtli, V- ^^^1% '^'^''^V^^^ 
VuDosIa !■; Kimaat VImm, Eilen, la Ihy ViiiM^ TWftW* w^*"*"*** 
at |i. llfSi Xoreic", Tin Mttriao i. iiPur iVe Qtms. 



Coil racst Ion tra rr<iiirall«i'lf . PaslWerlvk. (^fft f'tir". viv p. IS!!: 

.MiiiiHiit, Viii .Mirtbnuili'o Kliilioiul tVlIt lli'inn, V hi (tn-Hcl 3, 

BirT»i'i» Ulu' ji. nr!;. A' llii; i'iiIi'M-rc»liiuruiilii fmif |j, IM); hIhu, 
I'iflciHliii, Vin [ irr> Fomcoli) I lOi'riiiiu liccO: t'tlrwirulierfiMin, V'in Oallliiii, 
•<i.'t. ipf Vl'i ''niilil Miirtrlinrllii, (n-i^lioiitsil liv (tniiMiiii; linr At«jlt<:i, with 
1iiiiii<iiiHiit iJriMniHCK, i-ii llin Ji. kiile (i[ lliv Piiii'iii iti>1 Iliitniio f^iiiiii'c^i't hIIi'i'- 
uiioii nii-l i,'t-culii|t; 'ii'i'V lulxcrl •'i>iujigiiiyl> 

Oatis ilnrilTlii (iiifli vi-hifli'l. rnjimtter tW**; Nil p. |nl^ li"»i iBi''tr';i. 
)•■ I. tin' »c1i Don 111. niuro ow (I'l <,', lir.'a witlliiR i ■iiiiill JllSKl1Wl^ •firriH 
iiitldii fri>n. Iriink 3a •■■ (intKiniiiin Ivi <'0< - ]fnl'»' iCMhii.- 70 i', j^M' lOu in.. 
ii> i\ for cnrli Jofl m. lunif «r fiii' JIVi mti'. mhIiIiik i Imrtfim' ni tbuvr. ■ - 
Miwim (.Ijiw fi.r tihiitinir niny lio linil frram tli.' SiiHi't/i JIaliiutn JhI/i- 
mi/lilfi t'lnl, Finn lliinnjinrli' .1.'iii. 

KLaatrlo Tramwaye. 1. fin-.:n 'I.-I linnim [HI. l(, s) l.v Vii Al, 
Miiiu<iiii. \'iJi l'i!iii-l|>c' riiibi'iiii. t'i'iilriil .•irntiiiii (1*1. F, (i- 1). t'nrliiVi'' 
imviii (PI.JIh S], mi'] t'lUKtt A'nirxj^u Imi'k to rlu' Hiiiaxu ili'L lliioiiK*. -- 
3. Haiiif luiili' ill [lie ri'vcrni' ilirwlluii. 5. Cfu;.:" <frl lliiiinHi liy Vtn 
Al, Mniiiniil, Vin Miinli'lii'tl.>, Cmwi fli VufU Niitivi (I'l, K, 1. i\. uii-l 
Ntaiiiiiii' Tvi'iii KU'lIiiiii (I'l. I', II In rill [liiilf Sc-ri'im. — B. J'wizn 
jlet Jtnuiiii. ti_v Vinxta iK'llii MciiIh. VIu liii-iu (Ml. }i. J. 3). IVrlu YuIIh 

(I'l, (.;, t) Id rliiiilriii M'minaeitMf ii Iji, F'l, C 1 1, - 12, rini:a iJW 

Ii^Ki'»o U\ Via ItnnTP, I*iii*'n1*' Slwhi-jiii* N'm-il fl'l.C', Jj, VU VitictftH" 
Mimlf, iiiitl J'lilln Miimjliiil* (?1. II, SI In fhi-mi Nivivii'lf .I'l. A. II, I. SJ. 
13. Phi;sa M Jfi'iiti- by \'ln l)iinli' «iu1 rum Uuinpurt* tu /fuMn/r 
Sduimi? Xnnl. - - 15. WiiiJfr iW /Ihhoiu Ih' VIii Jlnntr, Koin MMii»i|iiirli'. 
Viu Bu''c».'eiD {I'l.B. ^), PiirliiMnjiumii il'l, A. S.!, im<\ Vhiru JUdiclimntiilii 
HiiniinP'ilti tn Wjiji .Kfcd i(r>|"'"''"i'i"'l> — !'■ Mn;:il rfi"/ Ditiiiiiii liy \'U 
Carlu Allii'tlsiiii') VidKiiiriiVlkil'l. K.«, 71 tu /'uyYu ^AW^piv't-rdl'l. Ii, B), 
ii'tliminB lir \U -Viiu'Joi il'l. K, tti nnd I'luTorlnii. 18. I'inisnrM IJuiUfl" 
?'V ViK Turiiiii. Via (Wiiri' L'urtciill if I. V, B, ■), oiitl Viii AuhljiiIh \\'\. B. C 
li. ;i (" I'*". Aiidiva Xiilai-i [H. A. :. 8i. - IB. J'Jiirw dt<l IWiiiui ity 
Viai Turiiiii. y\<t'« ili Purlii Tkiin'Hi" (H, D, H-«I, aiitl I'urln Tiiim-su (I'l, 
U. M> tit S'flK I'fittofiii'o. — SI. f'lir::/> iM Jlwoiiio lij t'iniKO I'oBliiiiii 
(I'l. 1'', >ai utiil <]>if>ii ill rui'ln \'ill<>i'iii (I'l. II, !i) li> C'lMii yinfiilii^ .Vnr^ii 
i.'rimji, 1*1,11. ;•]. — 35. rJir'ti liih-riiUisiuKliI' : fmni Veidm} SMfon l)V 
l'((H4 Niiotii ipl, F, F, li. Vin I'uiiWc.'lti (t'l. H, K, A; Jlici«), PlMJi*l4' 
M.iiimiii Xofil (I'l. I.', 1), Biiil V(ji I'ntilm'i'i rl'l. 1!, (', !'. 11) In SUt^laat 
lU IWlii Hriiora nt TUturw ll'l. II. B), — S7. J'lii::iilr J.ikvIv (t*i llii- 
N.K. i>( I'l, II. I'l l>^ I'urx' Hiiitiiiii Ayri'H I'l'l, II, 1, il, I'-Tt-i \'viii>tit. 
Via J-ili-Bim (I'l. IK K. 3), Vin M. MunKiiil. VIu Mniitu ill I'lcli (I'l. 
K- !l, J.I, xniL Vvrit ILiujijiiirlcT (it iHimtilf SlfPsUtttr y<*'ii' — 99^ 30, JJirrti 
lit t:li-e,iariUtaiiinir ruuuJ llii' »lii>lo «1 tlic l^lll Iu*ii. — Vrtc osriy In 
1 1 10 luutniiiK Q <.'>i •' ot!»'r IIilv* !<■ r. Ti'>iiinfvr*lii.'1ivti {'Uljilii'lti |)i<t vut- 
n'Hponiluiiii'.i iLM' IkHii'r'El on lomi^ liiu'ni, Tlicrr nfv no flii^il tliiti'iiii : 
t>»ni<iiDti'''rii liull lUv ililii'i-t wliciii llii<> ni«1i lu i-iikr mxl iliiit wlii'li llii';' 
i>'ii>li Id nlichl, 'nic can ruuiiiRU' (u llii' Ci'ntmt Stmluii, u'liiHi nrc uflcn 
iniTrriJn'J.''J, chitv lulkT'lionrs. 

Bleotrio Bikilwiiy lo Xlmiza r.i', ivs; i",', M. in c )it , ritr<»i ni ur 
tr. !■. . iHiiiii I It. Ill iir TO !■. ; i-irtv Vj lir, fivin tlie Viiriu Vnii'in, I'l, 
H s; vii the tone ltiif™<pi A\fv» [I'l. II. J, 11 i.iiil tlic Vinip M.-ii'i witli 
lt> iil«ii'-ltrr>i (hit I'liii'I ■tiilinTr» iiir I'lrrnlli.; »pilli n Ih'mj", fi'iimlrv, nnil 
Sftlii |i>, )li:lj, li,'j..iifi wliirli till" ii<'»i' ipf Ihi^ Ai[i« i™ niiiiiiin'Jcil. The 
-c'tiii'f n<iii>|>lii(^--pliin*ii hi IiJi>ii«A Mil' nt IhP ■Itillim, :lif I'ljiMn lloina. 'ind 
tiji- rm'jj rliAti'ntt. 

fifenm 'TriKnwBy^ rnnin'cl Milan wiili n Ijiiith i>url "if IvfunVmiily 
fi'uLii)', 1lii< Mii]^ [>, 11*?', Tbf' t'lily line iif iimtiiihlr in1cr>-«t For Ihii Ht rnti^r 
is lliAl to tlio Torrr. ilil jl/riHgniiu (CuTtUHii; *ep \i. IDU) nnil y',iiii/ii. 

Feat A tTalegrnpli Offloe ;?]. ]] , A), Vin •I<>11h V»-iu S, oiim fium 
f '.m. tu V p.m. (Sun. ^-i: lulcnTumii ri'L-uU'i'd nt lUwlit Uau); lininch- 

fVni' lVin-//ff ;.- rti-, - I'nTCHATIC ToW (^ii«.U ^mP'OTO«\''BV irt1.\i\ol.>»t> 

I L.i.HV'Il' 


*«w. MILAN, /I'. WW. 155 

h'licu at Iht LVuu^l Station, Qmcral Pu«l OOw, Via Al. Uanianl U, 

nnil FUixt Ctiov[iii(< lidia (Pi. A. *, &}. 

frbvalren ■'e..nip. p, smli), Tlie *TcHtro nlla S'fetti {PI. B, J), «bo 
(if ilie I.iriip-il- III KHrop"?, vm* bulll tiy Glut. Plennapinf in ITT8-18 
auil liulds llfiDU t|>ecia1ijit. The pci'furiunnc^cii I'uiicix. IxIIfU, ■■i>tcli»:uliii 
pioMB) Utio iilai"# liiiriuB witiir'f .miv. Tlio iiitcpi^jr i* umiliv uf iii«pi" ■ 
UiMi (nppu K-l; ',', fr.]. — Tcairo LiHcu [PI. V. fl). built by iJ(ijii4riHi 
(n 18111. M tht> iinnii?!' nl tLo Yin Ln-WR luul Cho Via Kulriilfi (vpert). 
rrniiyi J)ni fiM-iw^iPI. I). I|. Furu Boonjirirli' tiipcria ami ballcta, tomWtiiiw 
iixvd ni> n I'iri'iiit). — Teittrii ittiiiani-l lV\. K. IVi. Viuii sou Vfiiii\t, «ti<- 
Baiillv- llttpd up iKooil BrrformAni'cn of coniudv): JVn'irj /VJotfraoiiiwIHrt 
iVl. £, 1), Vis Sail nulmili'i.i (flriilli*»); Tr.alro FnHflli {PI. 1». S}. Vat., 
Ilcinnunili' (ccjidriIIc*. (Jlirrri^llui. cU').: J'lsoti'ii Olifnyjiia ;['!. D, 4>, Vl* 
iltoeJpIl" Cjinili 'jilii)" auil .ijicrii»j. — 'PiiBiTm!» or Vanikiiwi: Ki-r- 
mial Diasin. (fl. 11. t). Viiilu Munlnttv fiiUn «iiuiTll4ia); B(itii Tfiatlir 
(PI. D, .1), Via Csirolii ihIiii. 1 (r. (ver) iiiUtil pnlilie 41 tli";»c- iwo) ; Trif- 
won, in %iie ^liIniuIiilL' ('<it«u lloli'l [■■. tSt'i. 

Bands pli>y in nuiuiui'i' In iliu T'lnma iklU Si:'iil< fp. IKj; Tliuni.. 
8-ILi y.iii,). the Ciiiitilit.l PliUlilli'l (|i, 1S#; Sim,. S-lt in.l 8-11 p.m.]. nmi Hi" 
Piircu ((I. ] JTi riiiii., SI I p.m. I. 

BeiBkara. linnfi fnuiiiiNVli'li'- It.tUtitfa (PI, K. t; p. IHS'i. PiiKvii 
flrllll ScMltl Si fivrfjdi Itclliaiiir, I'lama CwiIubIj; Mulliii rf Po. . Via 
t'lericf i fPl. E, 11; rtniHllfr * «'fl., Vii Oatduaio, "ppMitu llio (1,P,0.; 
SrjCV'di Hniicariii MtlaiHui: Vin Tommino fitoasi 1. — Mo»Rl C'li^nucitt. 
/'uiifi, III! Ilm S, ).lJi' ..( llif Piiimn ilel Duoiuti; Biu/ki * (S,,. Vi« ilcl 
MprciiulL (PI, E, b); Virini, t'aiietln, Sb/rrliorv, a- Cu.. Vin AI, Miimuni X. 

Bwtluellena. Jf'iriti:, l^nlli-iin, cIf CrUti.furi), (p. IHN), C'utin Vltf, 
Kiiinniiflii a?- Siic'fA' •^ f'iiili, C'lmi) Vciii-iU 13; L'd'-Ki'U' Trvm. HbII, 
ViU. Kmnourlt; fWd-W tJofca, Cui'm VIII. Einsmiclp 11 : Jtrmo Snitdi-ou, 
Vi* Al. JMuKuiii X; Jul, ViMiiill, VhtM sllii NiialA 111; Baljlltil, CatliiUli 
tS Co., GiiUciia Vtu. EiiiBimoU'; Sjn'rltiin ■* Kinjfci; Via Muiouo 3. — 
Sewspspeiis. Ji' Cirrni'ir iMIii Sfa (5 i',) : /," IVj'<f ivj-oifiw.; £.« .V^i'ii ,- 
/f Urcnlo. etc, 

Sbaps. 'J'>ip' In! xrv in Iha (Inrmi iml lli.i CiLlK'iiii Villnri.i ICiiiJNii<ili', 
Tin- I'liiiiiii: rtjfriternt-ira (PI, IJ, ftj, Vlil Miirnvlell n, miil llir At/r (■ttlii 
il'Itiilla iI'mIi'IIi Hocrrmh. Piju'n ili>l lluinio, M'r fltt»MI-Khv»nT^ iix Hi<i 
»ty!(? i-r IIk> lartfc Migiihiiis lit Pivrii IHXfil iJtIi'P*!. -- Silk": lliilniaini, 
Vitv Al- MnTtni'iLi 10^ )1a.h'fffi, fiiitrci-it-ifofi, »£. P"., ri>ri»" \'ilL 1Jt(ijX[i«oU' Jfl, 
— liilaiJ Fiiriilliirii: f-iiili'inii. Vlii Mimto Nuinjleoiu' IS. -- Tiavfllinit 
rtqii^niLt^bi fi-tiiisi it fc^., Viu Al. .Mftiif »f li'f, Pli»tffRruplmi Uvirv/ni, 
Owl. Vm. Emiiiijpte SJ; toin/iiiyi*'*! B'.jr"(/l'(ijliii, VU IfiiaHltilln fl («1jiii 
pLolognipMi' uinterial*>, — Art Dpolrmi (h-itniH. Cnrni. Wnpaiii li (vii- 
gravlintaj: Gfubittu Piims Cfwti'l!" * (tiihiIhtii biIJ. — C'l]([ii'» [I'omp. 

II, xxvi^- Mi'imEni.. hiivmias may \k ■rMBlnv'J 'rmn Tc^iinhvt-^ UhUvrtn Viti, 
Smiiiiiii'li< ^1. 

Plirsl«l»na. Iff. Hubert lliffiiiiia, Piii»»u Sl.tiiiiine tX^iilraU' 8 £1-1) : 
Jtr. Si'ffiii. Vin ili'l Muuti' Xa|><i|p(,ai; 111; iJr, Sc)Liu'l'ii<r, Turv BhikjibUl' 
■13; l^r. Sriiutlr. VU del U'latv Sau'iWviK' ll. ~ I>n»Ti»r». ZJc. J^a;*^, VI* 
0mA IS; /)s- I'laluv, Vm i1i<llii PiutHri-lln an, — PittvstK Hinii-JT>t.«, 
.l»Wii f''^<i»ili'l!ro lif''' AmuuJiHt, Via Mmitr Run.* li, oilwHo lln- PiitU 
MneonK , tlic hi«pit-iil if tlin f■>rl^iK'n rnlony in Miliini Cijiii -11 S/ilirli-, 
Fariijilnl. Ylii .\lfuiiiO Liiinaiiiinin » iPI. U, If, "'. — t'liKuHT*- Fai'MirrU' 
Aittjhi-'Ot'itiniiii'J , Pin££A Oi:'fihixiii : /'^ftjif't'fnui yiir>'tfffjtlic>i ^ Vvj-iti. 
iIpI Diioiao (Via I'liiln All'd'hi;: ITifrdinnHiVn , irormi Vilt- Kiiiaiiiiele J . 
j^^mAirttfUi^ Piufxii i^au PjirU) l, Ciimu Vitt, Eritjibiuu]i- ; Krlm^ Pipbbh Ji'l 
niiiiinu IX, aiilcj, 

Ba,thii. *'J''r;iiF, Funi SuuiipHtti! US. wHIi TiirhNIi, luorllriiial. and 
luiiijiiiitiu; liiitlw findii'i ».IS); j(ii- Jfc. Via Tre Albpr^flil M CPl- «.i*\\ 
JIujiJiJ <li:!rAiuiii'iciBl(i. vis, Aiimiui'iala 11; Bimm', Ccitl'iAV, ".^-iixwi \ili 
luNu Eniuuudo i:. Willi nuiilliiinaJ hiitlm; li<\i\na rtcUt tK*"*""- '™5^^ 
dl Pi^rm NiHMJt /n. B, j;. with nwlmmhig-ViMli. tin\ s-»,\*iwi.««. - *" 




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Duoino (W' ti'lt^li PtM*'! Siiu I-'ldvlc iPI. C, J, Dl: Plnsifv CorJiinio. «.<\- 
Joining 8«n BaWU [PI. O, i)i Toro Bmiflpiirte, by rlieTnilfC ifol V«rme; 
Id rlo Purk sad r.ho (lluriliiil PiiUiird. 

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(.1 to 6 I'l.iii. ft «.3" (r- III p,iii,[ li«li<lj»ys 3.fl), — t'oi'i'lag Cluti Ilnlimto, 

Tourist AfSnts. Tlwu. I'nnk* Snv. VIn At. Maiimiil 7; Tofiing 
noire Oiuiivnltit. (Islli-ifi VJlI. EiiiaiHiclo it: AniHSUi Chlail-Sfimniarivti. 
Vin Kfdlcltu S [I'lfliKn-CnnliiBli.). — Goods Agente. Frirlrlli Goadriwiii, 
VIn Pntdiic-rin i'l (T'l. D, 31; Srift, litiUfc, Vi« t.'uilv <M[ii:ilo 3t; Jncky 
Hiiiitnxrfer * Vi'-. Vin Snlforlno W, 

OonsuU- lliiiTibii ViiMii'i.i JiiKfiih II, T'liFiKti, — Aksbican Cnnut., 
ilinrUg ft. I'li'ifihj/: vtcii-'"iii>iiil. l:hn>. l'. Jii'iiy. 

AnglknT) OhiiPoh.. Ail iS«iji/»MPl-l>-Sl, Vin S"lfi-riiiu 17, ailjDmiuit 
iXtV Britiuli <'-)ri»ii lilt I'l Sun. ot 8,9[», II, niiil S.ait. — Witldrii'l'in Cfinrrh 
iTL-iupiu Vnliii-nL', PI. E, Iji, Pliuaa Sini IJi"riiiitii in (.'"iiM, iit LI iiti(i I. 

CotiGCticoa mud Objeots of Lateraat. Fmr h I i-l of tlti^ imU'inil 

lii>liri(iy«, fifo |i. xivil, 5(<FNt "( iW niiiswimK iiiL" Itry i^ulil 111 vrUli-r, Ijiil 
Ills BrTcil in luintyil, 

Ainlii-(*«l'iiin, in. IVrJi. duilj lll-4, Biiu. tiuil linllilrtjn t-l iSuv. - Fol-. 
Ki-3 A I ;lj, Ifr, (.Sotliilii Mii»[iiiui nu Snn,, 'WtKl,, K Prlfl. -nnlj', Siiln iIdIU 
lima uii Hili4., TucB.. & 'L'liilin.l Itculiiilj Room (ri'D. 

(l.jii.jWwm {p. Im), ^A.iU-D-: L^ff'-M !*''■''> l"-!)), !So.; flont'd ji Buti-f 
uiiJ Chi'UtniiiH. 

Hrriti (ji. 1«.^J. T.lhriirif, iUitv II-& ^Kiiv.-A[)iil 07^ Snii, H)-i, ilmiwi 
■III lioliilKj K. i'lctirra Uidlerii. wiek-dayn IU*1 iJuiil', Jul)-, R Auij, »-3J; 
I (ri CIO Kiiii. rini! Iiullilnv., O-IS, frL-i>. i'mJJrd ioii n/ O'lhis. Muii., W"«I., 
nnil Trill.. 1^3: rlimuit ua Suit. & Imliilnvs. 

L'litMlii I'vllr-eHaiiii {i.e. Mii"Co Aiffliecplugkio cil Atlintlco, iQiillorit 
il'Arlt' Muili'cli.i. mill MiikCD iliil I{-i>ii>rKiiUEiiloKii:iuiiiil(v; pii. IVK, 1?6], Mon, 
1-i 01' I.S. otltiT wcck-dnyA 10-1 at l()-r>, ] It, ; nji^pli frL'c un Sllil. not) Ilult- 
<l8y* ]]-(. 

Efhlbllh'i if thi: Socl-rtii jw h SeJh- .t''l! (['. iftli, iluiTj M f^lolor 
KM), I It., ihi .Sun, nnti lifilutnyt Wi\ — TU\- .i bob 1 1 urn in nii Uivra »Uii 
LcLuD ill I'lliilillioiia vl luuiti'tn |JiLirilltiK9 IiiTi.'. 

La»f fiiijijvfnf Jj'niianln rin I'hiel tji. l»n. lUily fl,ln-4,B0 iXov-Pab. 
IIM). t^iiii. dikI Iinlii3iiyii lO-lj Jidiii. 1 fr. 

Miiaro tlul'i-i'iiieii (p. 130), Tud*. & Frifl,, 1 I. fup {'/i-! (f.j. 

Miiatii Vivieo ill klorla- yateitwie U'- 1SI>), Mnu, l-rj (Nnv.'roli. l-J; 
cLoi<.'<l on till* trit Mod. in cx^h inonlb), nVlicr w^plE-tlaj-s lun [lU-1), 7l f'' ! 
fiiiti, mill li"lMny'< & l-n [J-IJ, /loo, 

Jfudfi^ poldi-i^zsili ^p, 103J, wn-k-daya 9-J <Nt>V, -Feb, JCM), 1 fp. ; 
Niiii, mirl li'iliilsyx n-l:, H'l, 

JW.itiu Rrij/jr fp, IBSS ii»il>- Ifl-li, "ii iil.[i1ii; fl fr.)j tree Oil 
^lln, & Tliiif.,, 12-1. 



Principal Attraotioaa [S ilnyiil. Ut Day. Mutuiui;: *(.'»[ Iioilml 

(p. l.'iU; MniH 11-lS '111 Hiin,), imOTiul lu tli« •Rniit ('[i, Ifllj ; {liUi'nuVitloiiw 

Kmnniii'ln (|i. IHii; Viiluito Mmin'i f[i. lUSli ♦Uina Uallury (|i.lOJI. kSUir- 

nuun: I'iiiiii doi MwiiBiili [if. I'^.i; t'DalJIcj Cullcitiniis [i.|j. ITll-lM), 

Kvfiniu;!: walk in the (.'oi'tn Vlti. Kiuaniuilu ff. 1HS> imil I'liuii ilul Uunmu 

HI. liiil}. — tu(] Day. MuiiiiuK- '^niilii Msrin ■ItWv (Irxauo d'. lt)l) nuil 

•UhhimtIu in Vfncl'it Su]iin'r(|>. 181); Sam'Amlirogiu (ji, 18f); 'Snii 

Uivntu (p, IKi;; •l:)|iii&utir9(ii, ISJii *0« iji'dulu Mn/r^lori! [|i. l»;j. ^ftor- 

noiiii: MiiHi-i) Figlill-I'rrcoli Cp, \Vt'M. Elvciniiig: rrinrilliii I'libtilit'i (p, levj. — 

Eicuriiqu lu CliUitvtlln (liDtl hy cuttiitgv) niiii lu lliu ■'Cvi^iuhii ill I'nvio,, 

«M p. 19f: 10 J(«nt*, IM D. I<IS| til V£r»e(MDDtD Tfa CrodJ. ici> p. iEI). 

r/ifr taleti^do-flteis aol hawkcin in Vlit ¥iiii.ift ildDuiinia trc agte&t 

naltKiiee. TVitiT'IJp™ »bonlil bo on tliovv gnntil igiVost t\t\i^06VM>.\*vW 

C^tlifilral atiiS un tht plnlfornn of llii- ItamiiAi;'^^". C vU^''1l' 

Mil. AX. 

I v. H.36. 1,1 


Milaii i'4l>& ll.ii liaJ. MUdito, liic Mediolaitum ot itig Boniuns, 

'In 111? cupltnl uF Lumbni-il)', thu suet at nn nrcMihlio]), tlio iKfid- 

'quiti'tcru of llir ftccuDd aimy uurp^, iiiiii l.hi; |)i)pulun!i «it}' in 

" laly >,filO.<i(K> iiilitib., incl. o garrtion of SSOfi nii-iii. U lif.f on the 

.Rinll rivrr QJonit i\s. 22li, hi l.Iir Tiiiilclli" "f '.l)i' friiilful ^,ntn^llr^)i^,■ 

>)ttulii HLut nonr ihf iiiiiiitlix ol' ^I'vcial iiu|)UJ'l!mt Aljiiiic pimua. 

As tl:c rliirf riiHwiij wiiLri', iIib Mi'nllliit'i*! maiiiifaL'liii'iiiji tnwn, 

the priniiipiil Hn.'ini'iii! I'l'iilre, arid lioiidiiiiarli'rji o( tlie IjooksoH- 

IjijT irtiilc, it I'liiiitH 111 Iju [fn-> virtiiiil rapiliil I'cniillale ruuralc'i 

of lliilj mid till' fucuH ii[ it.i iinxk'ni netivily and lifi>. It Is ili« 

i(it't»(«l sUU-iuiirliM iiiEurojit' (Oi-yr 300 Inrgc (IniiB;, ami ils luaim- 

fnnhirM of woollen nnci edttun ftooiU, gluvue, railwaj rolling 9lo«t, 

n.iiil iirt-fiiTHiturc iiro iiii [mrtiijil alsi». It I'Sjiui'tii ii vtry ruLiBiiiiir- 

alilfl ftmuiml of I'liccsc, bnltM', Pfflf*' I'fm'ti'y- a"<l oHk.t cn-iinlry 

proOuj*. The ii* y-'t liUio dcvelojjful iiil.nrnal navtgiitiiiii of X, Il.filj' 

IS «.irv«il by llio Ihirs^ait (I'l, {'.. 81, or li.irliniir 1)11 tliu OMiia, whli^li 

If) ciMitiijI^Iijil Iry incjiiis i>f llig \a-t''<lf'" (rrtllial-r. (p. iti'ij willi tlli: 

Tiviiio imJ Hio hag'> Magg'iore, liy lli« Nai'i^li-> 'Ii Paviu Ip. 24(l) 
wilb tUu Tit'iiii) oml llit I'o, and l>y \\k Xavrrjlio delta Maiirennii 
(|t. 11>4) witli tlii: AilJa, (hi? I.abr o[ l.'oiiiif. iiiiU tlji> I'o. Abmit 
801.10 rivcr-traft cnuT tim linHioar nnnujilly. Tbcrc urn nuinvroua 
Kwiria uitd {lunimii ri'ijiiuiitn. 

Hlslorr iou'np. nl-i» i>. ISOi, Tlir Fii c<»i'iitilv nltiialivn »f Milnii tivi 
iilwitjx mipiirnil fcjr il. k liltili iliwiiu ut jijiiKinii-ity. liiili«r tli" lli'iuiiiir, 

wiiu 111 Ills lie iijil il ill iii ]i.c„ it, ivM itii- liii'(!P« liiij- of linlr i'"' "luv 

liiil owlns I" il" rojx'itloif ilLwtriii'linii Imrill)' n tmrii »F tlmt piiH^xl Iibh 
lii'uu ioit ((P. IW}, AflLT tic 'Itfoj if llii' liuiulmi'l iinciuiirniy (In." 

(lgl8'.15), iiL'aiiiBl ivlii.m lliu nmnllrr vas«nl» Yomicii u li-aiiiio in hiili, 
kuuwu ii> tliv .((uKii, At » IkliT iKti' Ilir jiuuplo, ifraiifnMl ruuurl IImi 
(I'lU-i'iici'iu, foiiiflit fui' Ihi? ArL'libitliup'' liutli airuijiiit Ccitirgil II. mill aifitiiixl 
Itiu □■>Ulcttno. oipoIUni; tli^ ]vLlltr fiuiu 1iiL< t-rt^' in 1041. At ItiAt tini4> 
IliU tciulu Uhil itiiliiatry nf Milnii, i<R|>c<'iii]1) 111" KVuving itf w-iiilloii (!fliirl> 
uii'l Uiv iimkiTk^ p>f nrnifl ninj i«ltjcelfi in k^IiTl lio't l(*flnniiT vnrv iiii]>DrlKiil. 
Thu Kuitinn walk liml U-uit Uthitit I'cruian Cui) cimiipi'il. unti in ll.'i; mi 
jiiiuoft iiifrSuluL' iiEojiL H.liU [irii)ir]'V(.-<il ill tliij inniij' i^rkiinl iX'ii'iiflio^, Mnit 
I'lumtrlirtrrl rUODil tin- tu\rn. 111 IWS, howi'Vor, tlie fimir. Frt'tl'.ritly' /.. 
«illi Un' l>rl[i ft liiu UliiWililc Ivwil* iif IjtiiJiljiivily, lotally iImIi'mji'iI tliU 
I'jty « iOl 111" drti'iiliiiti of u few oliiiielii't. Hin -iflvi-tu niln, Imwi'Vi'i'. "inill 
■ ■■WBcd 1iu> whuK' *f LmiiUoviJ)' UKi>>u<t Jiliii; fl(« ycm'" kltr 1 Itij'l MiUii 
v.\iM I'i*l>iil1t liy till- hIIIioI <-ltiii« nf Bii'ai'iM,, HiittfitUKi, MhiiIiiii, hiiiI Voi'i<n)i. 
iiliili- tl>i) likMie <i( I.i'Knuiiu (p, et 117il) Iluully DlmtUTvl lUi'botuMn'n 
li<.|i'<a n1 rr-nttaliltxliinic the unipIrA 1j!' ('luirlotnnuiii-. 

Tliu yiaennli ([i. Jll), wbu Wl'uhh- ■Siunull' o( Ulluii In 1J77 itiiH 
(ikqIuIioiI ki^i-i-m! a.'uuUliatM ta the OTdilrfiMcapnl ''ti»lr. Iiini1<i mi tiwl ■<( 


i|>i' dly's voiMtitutlunol Iiii1npvu4i!iiiiu> 1>ut' liuni-BIi-il It Iiy t)l<i liilitiiluuliuti 
ut llin »ilk-liiilii»hy (en. ISio), Ly Ijic wi " ' " 


by till- riiimlriH'tiiin iif a iK^w oiili'r tiiiiiiiiit lllii- [icfotknu or [letUftiito) 
U. prnlfint ltii> •iilmrW. Tlii' Sfimna (IISO-IM.^1 DiiJ.-nviiiiroil m ni (■•-ud il" 
Iho MlloiinH: lu iliuir Iiium uf Ubi>Tly hyliiii brlUmiiiTy of tJiHr L'outt nml 
tli<ii' nittrijuiigii ot iirl. 

riio "Jim" ii( lin' PBiiy jjnrl uf llju lUtli riiut. aal V\i» \ievi-i \MJt* jj^ 
ihi Spaniili Pt.v'ml iliil itui jirovum ihc |[To«t\v ol Um tt»\-i, ■■'nwiSi V* ^-^J^ 
BHiiilicml !ie,ii(iaiKftii6jinijt«. in iss; (■Uywal'Vii «eio ««ftVo4 «o ■*« 



148 J\: itus. MILAN, ^^ nt,i<.,-„. » 

at IliL' MiiliT rnin|iiirl>>. ntiil lii liW i iinw wricH of rurtilicil ami binildned 

»-tilU wi'iT li<-B"ii. to nil Mihli. M-ltli lUc rcil nf l.iiniTinl'iIj'- pM«cJ ItiIo 
1lw> lininia <if ^liMFi'fM, liHiJi*!- wii'im it cnji.yml n iniiiOi licllfr Rf-vf ftiini'iit. 
In 1107 l< lit^mmi- till' rnpiliil >rt ilic 'ffififnliif Hcpuhlir'. niiil t)i(ii iriiiwii 

10 ISI&i lliiil ti Ihi- Kiitji'l'iiii f[ l\nl\i, Tliu liiiiiiilv lu-iirroliuii nf Hi? ^H 
ItiiQi'i^ tll'iTirdle [Mnri^Ii nth-lrnil. li^lx; ^'GiDprllc'il ilu' .-li'iiri-iiiiK tu c;v>- ^M 
iiiifltir llin' flly frir •icviTril irimitli-- und 111" MlriolU' iiHilrifl"ii« wliMi i-n- ^1 
■tiL-il viTp li»pi)lly uniii'd by Hip ilunlfwl tiufon wllb tlio ni'M- kiuit^oin oT 
Italy 111 18MI. 

Art Hlttory. Tlir <'iil> IxiiMinir'' uf llip vaily-Oitiviim uml Hdihkji- 

cmjiii.- iivrliirli (hul tiitvivvil llii' ilvKlrui'tliiii uf ItHll wfi'o llii? I'liuri'lit'ii ••( 
San I.i'ri'iiKx I'tlii: ulilcii I'liiii'i'li in Mllmii, Sunt' Aml>rut;i» filii- >)UDlatu>i 
I'liuriOi ill Milnlii, Smi Siniiilli'iniin, Hnii St']iivlcr'i. Smi ['"liiii. iinil Sun 
Biilitn. Tliu Guliiii: tliiuvlici *r' uf uimv ilccm-nllvi.' lliau couiiciicliiv 
»*lui.i; «"tiiL', liltD lilt' ''illliii|lr»l, ri'lii'"n"iil » ii'il M-rv ■nici'i'Msful cuiii- 

(iiojiiipio lic-lwi'rn llii- ntvk'i u[ tlii' N. nii'l u( Cl-ily. uliflc itllicm Wlow 
.'pni^tirin moill'ln lllm Krflrl!. 

ll van mil till aiUi H!i» tint ritnnlf (O^pcJalc Xncldure) Oitil ifWIu- 
}/iSitf {llniK'o Mi<illi.-<'ij, rnjipi'lln I'lirlliinr! in Sunt' V.atitnsal") dh coovd »'l 
In liitmriiiclnii llin Tiiifim irmly- HrLiiiiBonnni' ntj-lr, ,idi1 liiU unly after 

t>M>tTHitliifl i«Ti-ii^tfli<A witL tlm tifiiliUlirrl iiijiHtcirK^ wliri i^liitip^ nliHtlntlalv \'i 
\u> paintnl nrt'li. Their liifliiirni'i!. nliiuir willi triL-rin of ilinl uf IS. iirl. 
■■ uiiiTDTcJ III llir l.oinljiirilli' •t'lii>ul ih{ ni^ulijIurL', wlilHi {iroiv up iilnii'l 
111(1 mill ifiniliiKll)' cxti'intc'il ita Hi^Iivity lu vviiii-i.-. (IvnuA. S. Itiily. >"'! 
tivt-iD K|rnjii, lt» ^irdiii'^^iril iiipin1[-i«, l\'l^rtifitro 3U'"ff^tytett h\. tlMif), (iiof\ 
Aiil. .Uua'le/i (lllLIMO. CrUt>>lon< SkIuH \i. l.^H!), tinATtin'm H'llni-i 
(iL IS^U), may lii<«t Iti' ttuJk'il lu lliv Ci4|'|i>ii iu Piivln* Ihv Cii|>|ic:lU T^iif- 
iiiiiiii 111 tli-rK*iii", vnA Iliv ChTlii'ilrnl uf l'i>iiu', Tlii> ili-i'lliii' ■>! 1hi> tlylK 
[■* itlivKvi in thL' lull' u'4irlc* ^-^r ,i't'>ttUiv Tirtufi, lumoiacil Ti^iinbtiln f^'ii. 

1 1 HIM, '•*)<). A miirn HiTlinih mill niHlUlir iiiiiii'iijiliiiii lu ri-vntiliMl \i\ IIil- 
vrmmili' Ci-lil-if-ro Foppa. tilrn«iii('il (.■"rniin'Kii (r«. 1 IfiiliriilJ, wIm> i- ^\al< an • inPiInl-i'UMfiivt'r iiii-l ((iiUlBiiilIli. — Tli" farllur jninlcfn 
•it llii" in>ri"il, tUL-h »<f Vhieeam Fopixt (llHiurinlji'J IIOTISIOJ. wllu W" 
Imm ni Brcwlii liul tnliiiiil In I'mhiB, ami hlH piipi! J iiibfii^i'i Miifgutriivi" 
iCluiii i«1i''il I IJtiMriiS^t. ii'inHliit.'d (Hitlilnl lu lliu lui>ul Imitillun. 

Milnii n'RElicdt lliii ii-nltli uf It' BVI-Trjiii.liitlnii ■• the I'utlilHnvu nt 
nnuHtmlr n*TI-lS(«i). lu mliuiii uri' dm' Hun Snlim, llip chulr ftoil domi- 
"f .Santa Miirln ilflli' (lintlc, mxl iIir i-ldinlciii of SmV AnibmclOi "tid at 
LruMtnlotla, VInH fllM-IOUli «i)il IftiMI-iH). TIk- lutlrr Ihti' i/itrriilod lih 
inaitirrpiiT.'F*- tlii-LnxT Su|i|i>('r ilikI IIil' I'liiy iiiuilol iif Vfi>* unimatriitn OAMv 
iinirnl of T''riiiii.'i'>iri> iStDtrn, diii>trii\>-i! l>y \\\c Fii-iuli ill \\m. .\mirVi\c tlir 
fiiip?!* of Levriiii-Liu wore IIk' f>AiiiK'Tr« Oit'i-ifi'ir* Aut-oiiio lf"ffm0t', Mttfrt^ 
ifngtJ'i'Uv, Aii'fmi SiiJiiiuii, f'fiaiv lilt tifilti, mil liiniijiJetrCiin : ■ml liu 
iiifhlcn"!' U iiiiuikifi.^«t \\tit hi ll^f H'tirhx cjf Amirrn ^I'lnriv, lirn iittaitl itifit 
Ui^ninftiiiit, tAiiui. iiltii'. Aiit. llJKii lil SMirma: mi. ]17i-13lll). iind 
Utiw^ctiiiv Pcrmi-t ^'h, 1 ITl-lMI^), h i7iiEi-l3-lrH\'ii|li4il iirtiif,. win* hkuwh 
nl.o tr»ii-« iif 111* «tiiily cil ricii'Lj IVniulno, lUrihUfl. ami (.'uri"i."ltlo, 

Wr rc':ii(tiii*t: JItaraiirili.''" nlyk' in iimny IjiiiHiiiKu uf Luiiit'rirdy. mirli 
■ i Sunt* MiiriD in Biidu Ai'akiu. llii' nlnirtli of Alil>iiLli.'i;i'Xii>'<. linnlii Miria 
<li:1la Cri^n; nl ('i'c'ji;n, <Tii; CiiCliE'dripl nit\ f itiiln Mivtix ik' {'Aii>'|rAnr>vii aI 
I'nvit. and Ihi! Eiiri>Mnii1» nl I.uili, Miliin ilx'lf uu-Qa !(• )nvinnt iiii'liili-t'l- 
B'll |>liy*miriwniy rillii.'r l'> llw iLimlcri uf llicl«lv-Ki'iini»>>iiiT - (I'lUnstv 
Atrmi ii>, 1"1 : Piil Mtifiiin', Vint. Seivyiil ilSlvl-lM ; l'»l. iW Hiiin-i'iinrntltri, 
«liit I'-llfV^iMi TIti'iliti III Brilrifiin (11, iTl; ISBT-l)* : I'lititt crt Hip Aruhl- 
ii|ilii<>i,|iii1 rnlBri'i. Tho I'lmri'lipi bv llip«i' nn^Mti'^l-i (Sin T'nnhi nl l^iiriiti, 
Sju Yitliifr, .S*|) Knlcli!, Sun SrliailUim) uliiiK II"- trruiill'ni lu Ih-i' lini'iic|iH' 
itj'lii. Till' m'.iit iiiii>"rliinl Ati'liilivt '-f llii> lltli oiinl. im- t'niKr. Jlorla 
Wfffi'iiJ, hIki Ilu ml Fill ril m. IIMfl.SI fUri'is I'nlm'i', liiwPt purl" uf tin- 
Mhcihul tii^Ai}t: San OIuncii ]>■.•, VA. liiWn, m\.ll\\.^ •^■KtK "1 (Iw (J-uc-iUlu 
'tK'ofi. Till' Ulriil creatiuiw ■)( tVo >n,ioqiie uli^fXu O'*^- •iftw'.i". *»»* 
Urn a-!emlitii'l "<"■'■ iiniiH-'illalcly ii«oso«i\"!4 Sj ^W iMiiJ.'i-f\w*\MX 

I , ..L.i.u>''k' 

(ViMn/fif. .\111.A.\. /I. ''■ -•''- ITi!) 

t.ililjin^ ol UUnr^-jw /Vmnarnvi flT^l-ltlVHi ■'lr ■>( Ikr- ■icli!- 
Cliiiwopal phUpii, Pnl. HnlBinifit.i, Pill. Hrnlrt. tMitif rauoniia riTAI-ISll: 

Till" lliriv iiBi'lU'i /'FurinTiit/. Ilio i-hlf f piinlPi-i «(rnf IJMI, Iclmy Ihu 
nimiiipiUiit "f the L'lm'Tci, wliil.i f:r'-ttlf i\iic<rch-i tfiv JWirifrK f|ii(>lU 
IflTH). Mfiii'. Jf"'!. I'trtpt. siiniimnrl // f Vrniio liMMflS.I). tiunltli' (liijit 
fir.BO'Wlil. nu'l <rj|-f., /-'mil*-. Siir'tJi-ni' I'lftOS-Olr ire vi('ji'inndl«flpli'fc i)( 
till' ailiU' ri'loftii- iiiniliTii I'p. IJf,. - Tlio ■i-iilptiii'it of Ihu |>.vUiH U ni- 
si khI A run t. 

Sinfo the XminluaniP ptHoil, nnd niotc eiipcin Jv sitter I85fl, MiUii 
liiLs lumiuicil u iiinili'TTi ii|<iit'iirHnri'. oniiiir t» • •jiii]imiiii«i«i! hilcrpal Im. 
IjrnvciiiciiU, to »'M(h Tnntij' iioltihlc biiililinjia liave Iifimi iisi^riniifrl. In 
liiiiiitlnij It rimko witli Vimirr «iiil Koiitf mtiuntt lliv u\"%\ imituiUnl uliiillr 
i-d^itrci of inuilci'ii Itftly- Hi^iilptuEi^ i« hctv i^jit't imi <iu t" iiui<l» kti i-kIfiii iui 
III lriivi> liiTiinir iilinui-l a ■iifi'inl iiiilimii'v. Ttw Miliiiir>f' u'liliitotH iiko 

a. From the Piaftza del Duomo to the Oontral Bttttiori. 
Northorn Quarters of the Olty. Brern Omllery. 

Thr (ocui ti( llir CoiiilUnl'l-i;iI ItliA piililif lifo of XIIhii t« thr 
'Pioxea d6l Duomo i Tl. K, ">., mnrlt rxlcnil^d mntu IttTG au<) 
ii"w ciR'l'-si'i I Oil till' X, mill B, \i\- inipo^iing r-diticDs drnKiivil bv 
Mcitifviii \\K ms,!, It i» tv ri'iitrc fur ulcctriv lniiinviiys{p. 154y. In 
I 111' miilOU-urilir ;iiiuutu riitcii tlu' lirQnE<.-i'[|U<ijtmii ttlHtar of Victnc 
JCtfi'intiii'el II., \)\ En'ulf IWa /'IH9U). on u pi'dciliil bcnrliig rclivtM 
of tUr Allit's i-iiIiiri(iK: Milnii iiftrr llii' biillli' iif Mngniiln. 

Tlir fi'-l.'l.talrii "Onthodral I'lM. K, >'. &i. Jfdlrjitfil 'Afanix- 
KtHifidi'. 11" till' iiisrriplioii m ||ir I'lttailc juiiioiiiicph nitd 38 Dir 
,i{iIiloi! slalui- OH till- ci'iili-Hl tmiiT inilirslM. is tiiiill on tlic *llc of 
Ilii'siiiiillerciidy.Climlhii bntilicii uf Samn Mariti Mag^lor*. Ilwim 
■A tlial |i('j*iiiil Mil! Iiir^i'vl rliiirrli hi rtisipnrp a\»\ it in hIM] oiu- iif 
Ibe Inrifi-M ntui iiinsl nuiiijiIuoiih in tbr noHd. Thin ItRf^'Htrllfliii'i', 
iiiAiW til rv'hili* igiiii'Mi> fnim < 'amidol in i\i. 7i] nitil <ilbi>i' i|iiiiri'lrc. 
i-iiviTB iiii m't-n ut I l,(J(l(J Ml. vtlti. 'ul' u'liii-b ii!hiiii 240(1 si|, viU. .ire 
l«lt'in up liv \\w wiillit nnd p!l).-irs«. and \w\A* nliuiil ]U,(1llli'ppiiplr. 
Till' iiHiTii'i- U 4«fi rt. In len^ilb, tlic 1 raiisi'ijl SH9 ff. a<'ro«i, the 
rMvnitf HUS It. in hronilili; ilir iim-o 1M (t. iii hciglii, 16 ft. In 
lirondlli. Tbc tluiin- U S93 (t. in )ii'i;r|ti; tb<< lutiil \w\f;\i\, to the 
I'i|i (jf tli« Klalue of lliir Tir^lii, in :t,j4 (I. Tli<- biitlrowi'A niiti tito 
rrn>r ai'r.' a<l')rtiod «'itli i:J"i |)iiiiiiii'Ii'«. ami liii- i-iU-rliir nilb nbiiiil 
SaiHl »lnliici In oiarfclc. Tlir slniiiril-gjii-.* n-indow* in tlie cbuii 
arc nalil lu bt (lip larjji-nl iu tbi,- ivtirb). 

Ttiu catlicdrul viis fuimilcd by tin.' xpU'Eidunr-luvliij; (iian (in- 
li-BMuViiK'uiilifiilSSti. ISimoiKtla (h-ffnUi'iawA yfaiTirdo Caiii- 
P'lfiii: <(I. 13911, ari' niiiiii'tl M (In- raj-llcnl niiiMiT-biiilJiTS. Tin' 
biiibUiii; proirri'Shi'J but ilowiv. iiwitij: tn llii' dissouitiuii* liclwcen 
Ibcllnlioin'rrliltpftflnmltbwflri-miiti iirii] Vmrhuiii^U'i!' (Xk-finfta 
de Bonat'cidnir. Umn run Fitihuyij, Hrijirir.h i-jim CinVtinV, 
I 'hlrJi vrm FilKMitiffn. Jraii iViyiwit, wiA uW^tn^, "uNift iiox« ^'* - 
i|iiiTiiIv c!ilU-il Id their ml. TIip Vftml\ Vs. i comv''*"**** ^*^'*'*1 



Ifin /KB. 70, -MILAN. (WJuar^. 

t,)ia llikliiin and the Nurthrni pointu ot vlvv. Atu-ong Inter anper- 

iritoinlt'til« of tliL- huIldlng-opcrBtbns viTrc Pilippo dei/li Oryani 
of Morlenn (sulc nrphilcrl from 1-102 lo M48.i, tthcaum •ii/lnri 
smdhisi^nti <<ui'iift'iirSi>lnri{Wt\\-r<-n lliWuni] 1476), Friiiicttro 
tW Giiiiyki of Sii'ii:i 1111(3 (wLdv. .htl. .iianifen inl>niil l.iOO), ;iliil Oicc, 
Dnlri'tiiinfin, Crixtnfnrd Siilori. Rtr. The cr^-pt nnd tlir bajjl.islery, 
lii" ilj'le of wliirli is qiiil'- out of harmiiny willi llio gen?rsJ di'tii^ 
of t!ie liniMiri^, irprn Sfldfil sCWr l.ili" l>y !YUe<jritiii Tihnlili, wliii 
;ilsi) !sid (InnTi tin.' iiiarlilr [tsvcmiMit ttiiil di.'si^riii'il ;i lun'ofjoe fili.'Hili'. 
Tlip cliiircli wa* i"(miici>rali-d liy Siiii i'lirlo KiirrutiicH uii (Jci. 2f>tli, 
I.177. Till' iloiiio wii* a crt'ailim of AniaiK'U attit Jtoli'cliuono; lliii 
iiijniiroi-lilro sjiii'e wliicli niiniifutits il, 'ih it. in lii.'i>;lit, was iiddod 
liy Vro'-e iind Munilatuw^ tliaii Koccnttiries laliT ilT.jy-H'Ji. The 
•Fa(,iadp, Ipgiin in 1616 Uy i/iVfA/vi 'paihrilrni-nrc-liHprt (n 161)5- 
3Si, mori: or !i'9« aflcr Tilisl ill's rlusif;*!, rcmainr-d rnicomiileie^ until 
Nspol(?ini cansc'ii llii' "ortiH lu be iTSiimpil, with iiiodilip.iliims Ijy 
itugsi and Ftfl: .V'jrttt (IftOWll. Tlic iiiiiii-iclrs ittnl lln;ii' plnttlic 
iirnaiiit'iitrtliuii dutf iriaiiily (I'um the first lialf ot tliu 19tli cpiitury. 
Thti npiii'r [jtii'tiuu t/l" tlic favi^l* ^ft* rcs-torcii lu l!)Uil-7. TIil- 
iieti-Goliiic bririiU'ti donr ot llic inuin poi'liil, with rclicfn frnm Xho 
llfi? o( ITi-; Vii-»i)i. Is liy LwlomK- I'cfjUiriihi ilHOfil 

The cliin'cji is cruciform in plnri, villi dipublc iii,*li's iind ii 
trn-iiSfjit, i\K. \riXlct nlsii flnnVi'd with iiislcs. The Istbhmu Inyu-n 
from ft.3V or B.30 lill dnsltl it supported li_v fifty-lno j;JKiiiilii' 
)iilliirs, i>;ifli II fl. in iliiiurli^r, nbuve tliu c;»|iiiiilB iif nhlrli nrr 
iiiijjl(?a.sing rsiMpjiii.'d iiioLvvs wlfUsliitnes. The gtin'ral I'JFptt is vocy 
iinpr<<ssivi> in spile of tbv iiinilequiilD li^lJi. 

Interior. — liimiT Aisli . Siitn.pbii^miif AiTlJiinlmii Aril]trt(]j. Mil), 
.ibora wliiHi In a gilJcit i-iin'i1lv ul tlit lilh ceiiloi)-. Mniinmont »f 
nildiirViKpiintiid. iwri) mil Oiuvinmi Vi«-oiitl ^il, laail, Imili arclihhliflpii 
of Jlilnii. liLilhic iiiiiiiuiiii>nt uf Miirr'o Cnnlh (il- IM'll , Uit inen>hiint 
lirimii.'. til tlw i-lyli! "f Nitciilii iPAiv-io lii. 3Mi- Tuiuli i>[ Caiiun Vimcf- 
■■ill. by Itiinbnia. -- Hivin Tbihshpt. Hhk" stuLin-ii-^-biss window, wilb 
•in«iiir» from Ihc life nf Kxii rmlo Bormnim (luio.. To Itie liglil. liT llii" 
Hlnlrniiij lo Ibu roof (lickct-nfllm'i ii. IflJl, la lliu 'Mntiiiuiual of tliu 
tirullicrii (ilan Oinooiikn niiil linbriHa ilti" Mi-iltci, lioth of Milnn, arvotaij 
iy ilirlr briiilitr l'n\>u Vlua IV. ilMO-OS), lli-u Wii»u ll|(iir\'» by Lronr 
t^imt. ThH' illiii cit ili« iJffb'Hnir uf Miirj' rivpiKmiri-, to Ihi' I^fl) Is tJorncil 
with nun fL'liL'fB lij fio«i(F(itii, Willi tn rtilii'f "f llic .Viillvily uf Ihu VIckIii 
hy TantiDilial | iniJH) nl tlo' F'>ul, Ailjiii'ciit i< tin- Htiitiia u( ^1. Htrtlin- 
liiTnrw by Hu.m- .tuii'lr ^l.l'll^i. JiiiAl'iiiili'iiU}' I'l'iiiniliulitc, no llic «d1iiI !:• 
ri"ptv«L>?ilo(l finj't'il. Willi Ilia •hill en hi« nhiifldnr, ninl I'iOHtIiiK Ihn niiidivt 
litiK'tlplliiii 'iiiHi iiir l*(iiilti.'li'a ■I'll Mnri'iin nimit ApnlrA*. 

liini r.iTdiir, Tin' ilnoi' -'f t\\V H. Ktu>i'i>ity hiirp in n-mnrloiMn for ITh 
iltMy scnlpluji'd fifilliic iliroiiiilonn, hy Uti'tit h'eravch i.l'Mn\. Iii tlit 
nuiifijfty »rii m R^m* n£ Cbi'i^l Uv i'l'tHi-nftn-i} Si}hi-rl nini Ibo Tit*Afi('itv 
(idtn. 1 fr,). wliicli nnnlniiiN •ilvi-tnUtiii-i cnuiii'lolirn nl Ibo llllicpiit, : 
llin DnfliiiE'llfil ICvnnp^iiit'ii uf Al>|>. AriiiurC (i>, 15t}; rliptyi'b^ uElt^^lli I'cnl.; 
book-ravcm idorncd v'ith ll;-iEib<tii,fl nnri Luiiibitilit- I'lrviui; of ttm curly 
id'Ilc' ii,'(Bi Ivory tciiHiT Moiisiiiir lu Aliji. (loilfriry (J. 6171, origlnnlly 
7'*/ thei porujiaripn of Olbo II.'. auit ii icotilnn Psi by C'dfutiiMO i^Tj. 
It the amltilnh'ty, n liitltf (irllicr «ii. \'> a \i\«V\j ttn n«iL M.imIooiMi 


Ctett*ftv,I. MILAN. IV- B. S». 161 

erroneouiil; wcribed tu Hera. LuiHi, bcjuud wlilch in a nittiDg flgure ut 
Martin Y. by /oecptno da Tradate (lUl). Then tbe black marble Mod- 
nment of CardinU Harina Caracciola (d. 15S8), by Btanbaia. Tbe fourtb 
of the handaome neo-Qothic confeaeiocaU is Eoi the Engliab, Frencb, 
Oerman, and SpaniHh languages. The etaioed glsBB In the three vast chuir- 
wiudows, compriainK aSO Scriptural snhjeclB, mostly copied from old pic- 
turea, wore eiecuted by Qiov. Bertini (18ii). — Before the N. SicaisTY 
is reached the atalao of Pius IV. is aeeo ahove, in a sittinB postnre, by 
Angela de Marinia (/! SicUiano; 1558). Tho door of this aacrist)- in 
adorned with fine acnlplures by lae. d-a Campioiie (d, 18»e). 

CaoiB. The marble acreens and the tihemacle of tbo bigh-alur (1508) 
■wore designed by Tibaldi. — In tho Bpindrels of the Domb arc utatucs 
of the four Latin Church Fathera, by Cristoforo Sotari {1601). — In tbo 
(Jbtpt is the Cappella San Carlo Borromeo Ip. 23B). with tho tomb of 
the BSint, hnilt hy Ricchini and rcdecoraled by Peetagalli (1B1I|. The 
toliquary, richly adorned with gold and jewels, was a gift of Philip IV. 
of Spain. Entrance oppoaitc the doora to the aacristy, to tho N. and S. 
of the choir (open freo till 10 a.m., at other times 1 fr. ; for ahowing the 
relics of the aaint 5 fr.). 

In the centre of the N. Tbassept ia a valuable bronic ^Candelabrum, 
in the form of a tree vitb seven branches and decorated vith Sgiires on 
the lower portioDB (prohahly a Frencb work of the 13th cent.). 

Lsrr AISLX. Altar-piece, painted in 1600 hy Fed. Baroccio, repreaoul- 
ing Sant' Amhrogio releasing Emp. Theodosiiia from ecclesiastical peDal- 
tics (1800). The third chapel contains the old wooden Cniciftx wbi^ San ■ 
Carlo Borromeo bore in 1616, when engaged, harofooted, in his misaiona 
of mercy dnring tbe plMne. Adjacent, the manument of three arehblsbops 
of the Arcimboldi fsmUy (1555), and hy tho wall, the ataluea of eight 
Apostles (13th cent.). Not fat from the S. side-door la tho Font, con- 
nisting of an antique hath of porphyry; canopy by Pellegrtno Tibaldi. 

The traveller olionld oot oinil to naceud to the *Boof and 
TowEB oF the Cathedral. The staircase ascends from the corner 
of the right transept (ticket 25 c; panorama of the Alps 76 c; 
guide needless). Single visitors are not now admitted, except n*heu 
other visitors are already at the top. Wc first nionnt to the roof 
(158 steps), where we get a good view from the platform of the 
facade. At tbe N.E. angle of tbe chnrcb, above the N. sacriaty, is 
the oldest pinnacle (Guglia Carelli), with scnlplnrea in tbe manner 
lit Niccotd d'Arezzo. Adjacent is a group of Adam and Abel, by 
Ch-iatof. Solai-i, to whom is ascribed also the Evr and Cain at thi' 
b.E. corner. 

We now turn to the dome (Tibnrio), the oldest and finest pin- 
nacle of which, on the N.E. side, is by Amadeo. On the opposite 
side is a winding staircase {177 steps) leading to the platform of 
the dome; to reach the highest gallery of tbe tower, just below the 
fignre of the Virgin by Giuite]^>e Bini (1773), wo mnst monut 19a 
steps more. A watchman, generally stationed at the top, possesses 
a good telescope. 

ViBw. To the extreme left (S.W.), Monte Viao (p. 62), then Moiit 
Cenia (p. i); between these two, lower down, the Sitperga (p. 47) near 
Tnrin ; Mont Blanc, Great Bt. Bernard ; Monte Sosa, the most coo.ft9\.tM.KB.i 
of all; then, the Misehahelhttmer, Monte Moro,tfH)t\c\»^Vn'ita,'Cw;"S>.wB-Va 
Leone near the Simplon, the Bemeee A\pB, SoXtae^, V'aft ^iwiisBi, '"^^ 
liD tbo dislaacK to tbe B.) the Ortler. Tlie loteRvonoi ™\.'\ifc"&-'v* ^'^Si; 
// ll;c hilly dMrleX helween the l.ago M^BBiotv iini Wt-U*" f^^^"'" 

10:2 /r. K. Bfl. MII,AX. i/tilt. yiU. KmmiMie. 

Tu Iha tj. IhA Cei'tAAH dl l*Avk <ii. IRIj U vlHlbln. tnrlhar £, the tdwpn and 

ilomos iif Piivlii ilBi'lf, ill thi: liiipkt'ririiuri tfce Api'iiiiinM. TItP ntoiiiftplifti'i! 
iH tmvnr f'li'iir 4'iiiiittf^i tu iii'-> nil IIh'h' |J"iiil* [-xi-i'pf (ipirTy iai llii* moniiou. 

To lb« a, Btmi& th<! PalaUBO Beale iPI, I;^, I'', J. G: mltu., 
fliiU (J. l-)ti), biilll III 1788 liy rk-iuiariiii dm llio nIIi; of llir I'liliwaii 
(li Corti', Mil' uiii'lii'st iiimiHiiiii ui' llti^ VUronll aiiil llii: >>f":'i^n: tlm 
fn^ndc on llic Tin Lnrgn. k Ij.v 6'i'iij. 7*<K;/in'ri836). li, In adomcl 
ttllli ri'cijcai'it by Aiidrcn A[jpi»nl, Ginl. TrntiallL-til. Pclni^li) Piilnxli 
and Frniic. Jlavi'e, mi'd coniaiiii sf i*i'c;il Iihii'I»oii)c siiloniis. In tUo 
Vk (Ifl I'aiazzo Rk-jiIp, to tlic K. oT ilic palace, arc visible tlin 
*'IWev iiaau; l>iiill. hy I'". Pci'iirjirii :iinl .-iiiwi- nf llie chnirli at Svn' 
(iotfaril'i, fni'iiii-rly thi' I'liiipc! i»f Ihn Visciuiti, 

Tn ilir E, lit lilt Hiiyiil ral!<ei>, in \hc l'ijixx:i th-\ ("'[imjiii Sinitn 
ifiii'nicrlv llip (iMlheilriil-CL'mL'lPi'ii. I'iscillie lai'ijr AjfchiepiBOopnl 
Palace tl'iiliis'^Ji Aycii^px/'ovile ; PI. F. 5), iire-cli'il hy Ah]i. niiulft 
.int. Areimlirtkli ill 14Hi i;t stq. in lliL' I'tirly-HMiiiissiinrii style, hut 
;illci-eil ill Is7() by JifleeiriiM Tihirlfli. vhWn tilt Jiifiidc towai'rfs 
\.\\ii PiiizKH Fuutiiim is iiy I.Htm. i-'.ifri"'i'-iri{. 1'\v Hi-st iwiirt 't.'ortiln 
ilclln (.'iii)(iiii>'ii liii'' !( rluulili" i.''ilimiii«([i^ :iBil I'ula'ssiil stiilin-^ (Min*e8 
andAiirum liy 'f)iril'irtUiisnt\i\ SCnisii. Tbi' Bwund court, on the 
s'n\c Dviit tilt' PijUKd l''oiiliiiiu, <:'iiiii]i]i-li^(l by Pud. Uoi'i'onicii []i, ITBj, 
is I'TiiIiplliKlifHt wiflMlH't!uni11i-i' |iii iiiliiit'.'i "f llic RfTiiii.Mafirc {skJl- 
fully rcslflreiil. 

Tlid W". fiitlr' 111' ilii' l'iti/./,ii ili'l PiiDiuti is sliirii'il by i.lie VU 
I'lirlii AllitTio, bi-yiijid ivliiili, l(i Ilic N.M*., llus itii- i'imsa tlni 
AFri-raiilitp. ITL'y. 

Oil (he .V. side In tin? Jniiumtiifriialuliiil facuJi.' .fiiiislicil in 1878) 
wlildi forms the ciilntun' in ilir 'dallerJa Vittorio Snionuele 
li'l, E, ji, con II 1^(^11 tig llii' l'iiu;i.'i del i>iiiiiilii MJlli llie I'l:i/2» dpila 
SmIh, 'L'liii* was itiiilt in ISU.'i-tiJ Ijy '.Viun. Meiiifoii'i at at I'lwl "f 
11211,1111(1^, itiid In tlio (iKii-t iiii[jijRii)g ulj'uctiiru of \\ip Itiiid in ICnrii^n- 
i^l3yiie. ill Iciigtii, IS yiin. hi IjcbuiIUi, iiinl H3 fl, in licljjbtj. Tlir 

("inn ■» Ihal al a Iiatin (tish, willi uii iH'ta;,'iiu in tin iitir, iTinviit'il 

111 a lii'iglit i>r la' ft. fill] n j;lfws ciLjiiilii. 

'I'll'* I't.lMA riKI.LA St',VL.» lI'bK, Jl i.H filllll'lli.'lll'd Willi till- 

M<iii\'wrnf ••!' Ijnoiiiirth) rid Vrm-i fia.'iS-l.i.lUi liy MagiJ ilSTir. 
riiniiil lliH prUi'.HUI iLr« Marru ii*(';;i,'ioiiu, UffcaiT da .Soslo, BaUhio, 
:iud liiiJti'ulllo. riiiir or l,r'iij)nriln'>! piipils. - In tlie |iia^;!u, to lbs 
V.W,, is till- Teu'ru nflii Srtila iji. 1j5i; Io ilie N.K.. ilic Bunco. 
Coniirten'iiile ItaHaiiir. by l.Ufa BoltraQU <l9l}7'lUj. Tn tliii S,K, ,^m 
istlip Irirjit'Palaaiio Marino iPl. E,-li, t\\i< ^fn)l'ln2''^'• wki' 18fll,^| 
oiTctiid hy f>V(/ear.-'.i A/essi i\>. I.")^; in i.'i.W.fiil fof I'oni. Mnrini iif 
Upnijii, TLe main fa^arlf, ton tnds thi- I'iimjcti d'^lla JvmIii, was ikm- 
Hl(ili>(( in IttHU (roiii ihp di'«igJi» nl' Liiiv. Brltfitmi, 'I'lie "CouFt 
and III,' i'.>iiiii'il.oliiiinh''r ifuMniKidy tlic l>all-i'oom) nn the first HooP'-, 




Mkvo I'fdtll-fnzali. 


i\: ii.-!-x K 

rliHiind iliR I'al. Mnrino i$ the l>Uinn Hun Frdolr, v\\\i u bn>iiic 
HHtiie iii AlvMaiid 111 Matizom \[t. i'ih)n.Bi\^ lu the N.. llii.* Jc»iiit 
plniK^li ul' j6'u« Feddt iPl. K, F, 4,f, cit'Ctcd l».v Sun C«rlo Bori'u- 
(iii'o in Lalt9 /I'uiii (I'-sigiis l>y IVllcgrinn TiliiilHi umi I'oiilainliin ■ 
MiHiptnoiis liigh-Bltnr awA Uiv flue l'r(iii»c rniiili-I*l>rn, The «(lj«lic 
iiig I'titaisu del ('tKini td Ai'vfiii^in utiJt (oi'trirrlv lUr Ji.'diil rolliigi', 
-^ Ti) Uie N.K,, Vin Angll Oiin'iioni 1, i> the Ptilnxz'nli'ijli i.hiii'mim, 
Di'*ttP(l lij LrotiP Li-nni ami afliinipil villi Atlanlrs. Tlii' Vj« <ti?gli 
Omtirnni] I'luis jii the T'iaaKU. llulgioioso iPI. F, 4). in vhicli iri" thii 
Palnzsi) SH;}i<niisn iTTo. 3), liv Picriniirint 1 177T\ iiml .Iftfwioni'if 
House (No. ;t), n-illi fresiKH'ii liy liiai'. fniii|ji i IHHl/, 

ArtjacpTil., Via Movone Ii.i, is tin- *MiiBeo Poldl-PeasAU 
(I'l. E, F, 4i, lipquoal-IiPi! tn ihe lown by Oittn Oiii-. Pdldi-I'Mioli in 
D^TDsiiilrxLibilvil iii IIil- t«Ht.>tuHy-fiijni»lH-/l hoiific uriiic l'ouiidi.'r. 
Till] titllectiuns iiu'lnJc piclurea, teWll-; fai>rli'§, arois and nrnwiUi', 
aiidKiiiiiU niiti(|ii<^s intliii,. \i. 156; niUl'Ufiic. liJIl. I fr.i. Diructw, 
Co'w-Uo Uuilv. 

QrouudPloor. Boon I. di-IculBltirjiuln.— Bih-mUI flcflj. L'opttB 

Pjral Floor. In llu' Salj Vbkdk (to tln' \vU]. (urmi-rlj- Uiu litcary. 
Ih iui Hii.i.'-li'iit Fl^'iiiieh tnpi'wtr>' (IMIj i-rii1,'i, ri')n<'"iii]1iiXA ^i^itf Solomuu 
itnd Iho tjiK-en ill Stii'bH, I'liiiUnn ; *!<3. hibriii, fiirtralt u( in tii!i:'k-«i> 
iu,\ir {inSSJi *IM, ^V. QnanU. L»giH"ii at Wiiii-c: J«, BciT. BeMUi, 
Vii<n- III PiiiltiH: 11^, Siov. J}inri. Ti^puiu. Mjiluimn vrtlii niiiiilx: 111. ItD. 
Uior, Uati. Ttefiiilo, Twu ekct'i:lic». — I'lio .VnriiHJ>i..v iiud tlic )i\i.A C-Iijlli.a, 
tliii ni>«l Iwii Tfiaini, ('oiitniii niilliiiip of iiPiioi'tniii^i'. 

StLnxt D'hiuto iln llii'- riHii), lii Iti^i' iviill*i'n>'i' i> piiwlniu; in llic 
i'n»ii Hi Iho ii'ioilow. sntiiiH* f-ilf iprn'mpnls niiii Bnld«.mitli'« wjrk o( llifr 
Illlfllll i'l-iil.; In ilir i-niU'e-i-nin, viiliinlik rrcli'iiiii.tinil vci.«ii1 », i'If' finnir 
liotliir,!^ in tln> IhuI •'Hm', »ii1m|"i> nlwun, viisri. atirl liTniui:-, Itc.irip tlip 
uiliTor. Persinii wpniiolis >nil lliii' 'I'sinUii i"nipr«i flfilli fimi. /), CtMiiini: 
*IJS7- litnn- VtMii'ihnrf} fhi?)'!"" .TRrrilnsd In t'ii'rintf.'Uu Vix'Hf'MCfi^^ i'nrTrriJt 
rpf tt ».-iiniu:i;_ 15IJ, HiiHirflll, MBrliinnii. Hinni.' liiiM nf I'lplniio Volpl. 
HkHlbu^j of tlhii'U, Ijy Lur- Uei'ittr*i ^.S'<»- SfiTV. — la thi* Hiikfill r-mtn iidJAi'i'iii s 
Lnriit Cratiiu'li, Plirinl, MmIuhhh; l.iu. FcAi<tUaii[^), Atiimiii'iiJtiiin, 

Sah Xkba. I'Wui'on: Ji;:l. Uiiinniiilli, Si. Unilmi-Jl ; lU. jyili'|/ti]f/tOJir, 
SL. Lintlinriiip; 'ITl. Jlln.rMti/All»'rHiiflIi. Hiiiall whiiC'il ;illni'iiirti'ii, n-lth 
Ihu MaUuniiiii Bmt 88- CBth>rlii« iiml BtirliuiB »'lthlD iiiiil tlii; AiiL>nn''i>tl>'i< 
vi-illitjiit (1M<}J. — .Skiu, nil Vt-piii ffriniicrlv e iHnli'iinmi. liljix triim 
Muriiuo fp. 41-11, Ficturcs; laD-193. /"m I'ntare Uhlali'niii {[>. MS), l'i>r- 
irnltt; J89. BerUrii, Punrail i>f Hui f,>iuul('f, — t'onsGit Hodm ilialilm-tln 
Jlniili'). lli>tu*ai;ii4U(> m-iHiiVti miJ [rliiiimik'n, -- 8,vi..i i>KU[.i Si'mhijii. 
[tun. 11 ii'ol aim/ Jdimtintip, Midonni. ciiit)>r<i[i<<il vitli unintx nnd tui^'cU, in 
1111 iitlrKi'livc i»ii>)iini|)io; Jftll, Pnlrnn VKC.i^hlii. Pcrtmil. 

SjiLi, DKi. PEDfaiHO, *a;i. i,'ni:nf. jVIqi-Ijic , Naiuian nnd Drliluii 
(nlginluri! 'Virlor t'lirptit.iin' fiirei'il) ; S«I, .Iim/. VrmXihUi. Mniliiiiiifl with 
Jkn/als (irhrtol-ihioonji 599. vln^ ^'^p^l•iili, MA(i'>im^ cnthiorn'J, ni'itb iLi]|fi,iH ; 
,1IW, i'Jiifro tonviwMf, Samp mljruil; MIJ. CiyKiiiU T'rira, Maloriinl 'loii? 
[irhao!-pio(ni)[ nug. Pfcim i/p/fH. franreicti., Si. DouiitiU i MX Cfo- IVrii, jV 
Miiulirsnil blihuji; I'lflrn tfniffhii), *Mailollnn will) sum-In ((n tln' iniiUlluJ. 

CiAuiMTTo tiBi VeniTi, niT, Slit, Bnct. SIuHlasiia, St. Ji-ioinc uwl 
SI. Pliil; C'iirfcJ Cj'ii-fl/fi. 02(1. eiirlHl HiliE St. Fr»iu'Ji, *»l. SI, Si-Uii*V\*»-, 

MJ. Cl«'. BeHini, Rincii CliiUt: oa;. ^itotir. Bmmdlflrtovi. Y"^'^-'"-'^"' 
Otmo rid Vrmrfftifrno. •Bstphiiit unil Arlftai\&; •fiii. M'lnttuno., ■»&»!«»»* 
Willi llm iili'Bpinir(7u"(ri (-.hDwins Hjc inBiieinn- -A DMiftMiVio'i^ et>.V. -»'«''^' 



i«4 tr. a.u. MU.AN. ««■ 

fn^HMi, fvtnit. — BetuwaK 1» Lbe SaU Awti SucnU va oalM, lo 
tiM rfKbt,1fc> — 

rmamf, Madrana iriU dngiae ubcI* I *6U. Gic«. Jut. BoUmfitc. Uidcuna : 
*A FtiK. Aim, )I«4mm ; Mt. I«Ii>t. St. J«Mnc ; ^. tfoJnrlc, *«U. r 
M lh« PlUit latoEnpt (ISlS), eu. Jska Ikf BavUH. AS7. St. CMkI __ 
•r Alvtudtia; S. Zn^l. tM. Bttring ftf ihc Cruu. viU Umi «n«I« 
MaiT. W9 MtTTiuM «f St. Oatharinc (ta hmI*: Mr. CV>Mr» tU P ' 
Kaibafia wiih Ihe'Luab (iboKine Ixoa. lU Vind'a intODiiM); So 
UadAmu. — ThiM l.ridat fbuto lliih r«a).), Iktl «■ 1fa» rit^l wilk K 
rharmi>£ ncdalljon* by Dorf. it<intimiiolTi. — Ta Ibr ligkl ii \Ui A 
jvmr, witb la #i.trti«itc cuU^cIioq of LlaliaSf nvtisfto ^ ninl Spinri 
aiBOor nul wckpana {l^lslli cent.!. 

TIw Via .VL»««Ki<ki> JdA.tWisi iy\. E. F, 4, S: tramvkjs 1, 
ft 97, s'^ p. IS4/. «ii« of th« Mel thoranghfiirK «f tb« «itr, W- 
)rini at th^ Piii«« ^elU Scda <'p. I69'. In th« Tja Bigli, the Dt^t 
ero»9-»trc«l la lh# rifrlil ii*)-on(i th* Via iibnM. sUnds lh» Comu 
Aiij/randi- Tav^na or Ponfi iSo. 11, to tli* rigJit), with k Sue 
HrnniMance |)«rUl and arc»ded coort, witt freely restored myllio- 
k^^kil paiiiliuK'' ut llic aclivvl </t Leouardo li-i Vjui'i. — From thi' 
Viit 21aiilf Napvtriirir. tbu Deal crnse-sti'«i^t />q llie rjglil. ve litni 
10 tbf le/l into llsc Vis gaiilo irpirilu [W. K. i. Z). mth Ihc Pfdassi 
Baa'Olti-VaUeetrku Thai tm Ihe righi fNo. lOj. buitl in l8flS tu 
lliE late B<.'imisHan(^r atyle, cooiaius talualk arl-lrea»ut» (rieilora 
ailiiillleil : Ice ' ',-1 (r.1: Xo.7, in lie left. Is a bi ick building tfffCled 
ill ]8ir> In tliir style of tbc early LombnvJ RcuaiMance. 

ThcVift AI»».tiidro>l3]iz«tilcii<lsnl tlii-I'iAEziCAvoL'8<Pl.F.8), 
In vhich, opposite ll)f S.W, mtraiice n( thn Giarflint Pubblkl 
'p. I89j, risM a Brovtf Staliie of Cavovr, by Tabaci'bl, irilli a 
flgrurr ijf Cliu, by TiiHlanliDi, on tli" prdnnlal. — To the rtglil U 
llip Hrnlf fnliliihi Tei-iiirri Sr'jifriitrK , 

Furlhpr 'ni, in tlir Viii Priiifii* Ciiilinln, to tlir rijjlit (So. 3i^ 
iirii Ibo bIiow- rooms of tlic A'c-ida jifv I'- Hetie AtH <PI. \\ 2- 
(iJm., ac p. I56i, 3'lii* rtpwl rmls, b*Iow tbe Bui^tioni di l*Arta 
VfliiPKin 'p. 189i, lit ikv rortn Pi-inf^ipt UMherf'-i P]. F, IJ and 
tlir Jnr^i «|ii-n sjiliri- in friJiit nT llii) Ctriitral. SInlii-ii f|i. I5!i). 

At lie K.W. unj^lc nf th« Piozia ilHb Rcala ip. Il?2> begiiit tlic 
Til timtiifFB V'bhiii iPI. E, 4 ;, wiiich i« travprsvd hv ibi> tratuvray 
(Kn. 6; p. Ifi4i In Ih" PDrlii Vivlt.i. To Ibo righl, iippimitn Mm 
IfcHln Tboati'i', U (lit< rurniir Crm/iio dei Kabili fS'in. 3 & 4), vixth 
» Urnaiutiiiiirr c'nurl. - FHi'tiioi- on, lo lbe rigbt, at tbu i>i>rn»r iil 
lb( Via Anii-gari, i« tbn email church of Snn G-iuKpp'; btiiU l>y 
Rlrrbtni (IG30), irilb a snmpttiftiis baroqnebighbnlur. — Tbi* Vi* 
ill Bftra, Itif prciloiigntioii nf tbc Via Oiiisi-]'!.!- Vi»rJi, etmlaiiin 
I'lefti tilt l'til'it:n C"»nni iW-w the f'oiuaiido Jlllilnrft; I'f. E, S), 
vlttiiiabli' imriifjiip strurtiir^ I'T Uu(j;gicri fed. iri.'>), n-it.b ii ;tiif- 
(§ptHe by J'iemmriui. To tUc rlgU iSo. W) alaiwltt Ibo — 

AL <K flwM. 


IV. R u. 185 


FalaBBO di Br«i*a 'PI. R. 3j. 1>i?|^ti far a Jcsnit c^ollffr'' ^^ 
Jtf^hini ill IGIT) bnf mil cnmpW.pil till thr fnilowinjr cenliiry. 
Sincp 177B it lins licon tiin sfAt nf tlifl Aefndjmii */>' 5.V/^ ,-lwV, 
and il is now nt.ylnil I'al<i~o di Scicme, Lcflnt'd Arli. It oon- 
luine till! Pi'-fiirr fJati'crij AfserWitA liclow, tlip lAhrarff (nntiik'<i 
in 17T0 (liiblioleca KaBiunak Itntiden?-;: 3(111,001) vcls. wnrt 3000 
MSR: adiii., see p. IGD'i, tlir Realr Oabinrlto ^iurnismalico. or 
Volkction of Coine (■I'fl.OOO; ailra., see p. 156), and th« Oii»e«-- 
r.dltiry, fuiinrfcii in 17fifi. 

In llic liandsome "Cnr*Br 'I'.v Ricrrhiiill, witli Il.t rkiililr fllgljt 
Ol' steps, ISA lirnnJtr isUlue of S'npnleiiii 1., as aKnnian nrnpL-rnr. 
by Canfivn (IRlOj, pticed lii^re in lSr>!>. tty llie itiiirrMt:, l"> llic 
li*tt, tliP stat.UPi>f l.liecL-ieliralfdiuiisl C'fmre Bfcrtiriti 1 1T.1A-I)4y, 
Ibn flriil: Rcii'nl.ilir ip(ipoiH'iit \i! cspilul pmiisliraenl. 

On l.lie first rtfinr in tin- Ticture Gallery nr PinarnUra, 
(ounilptl in ISllll. Attin,, see p. ISO; catalnpi'' (ISnfl), 1 fr.: largo 
sMentificcalato^uo. wiili ill^1St^atiOlls(19^JJ^J, r>l'i-. Mit^eiar.Dr. E. 
Affiflitjfiano. Gniiii liplil iiorcs^nry. — Tlip ehiet strcii^tli of the 
(ipllpfttiiin, whifti cHuitHins oa. TftW oM piciiirps, liPs in the worii? 
bj N, Itnlian miiHl.prH. Amnnu Ihr painl.frifrj) nf Ihp IStli cent, tllp 
Ihrrr pxauiplcH «( ilfaf*/*7"« (Koodi iX) rank first,. Thp raosl nnl- 
ftlilp wnpka nf the Vcnctinn schnol ip. lili are t.linso Ity Vorl') 
Crh^tli (R. IX), The PrisaehiTig nf St. Mark bv Oftifil,-' SfUimi 
(it. V), the wivrks i>f Giovanni Bellmi. (R. IX), ami C''m« '/« t'nffp- 
illiano(R, V)! anil of a Jnter p-'ri'xi TItc Fimiing i>f Moses ]\y Bi'iri- 
fii::iii liei Pifafi (R, IV), ili^ J'gHmil of Pprcin nnd tbr St, Jerome 
tO' TKian- (R. VIj. Thtfo-r^'Jio'" Fimling of the hodj- of St, MarJ; 
(K IV], nnrt thr mlminilili- sitii" nt portmits hy Lm-pnso LnHo 
(R. VH), riviilli;il hy fi'iVir, fln.W. Mnrnrii of I!''rE(imo (E, IIli. 
Till' l.riiuhiiril pupiln nf Lrimar'hi (la Viitc'i arr iitnpty and iiili'- 
quatKly I'fprtsi^uieil in RR. -MV iinil X\', Tlie Madrjnnji in a Imwi'r 
nf rnrii-B (It. XVIi la iV lirnt uI llic oll-iiaiiilinES l>y Bervnrdhii' 
lAiim, iinil tlic liL'it i>f his frescors lire tlir Mnilonim witti SS. An- 
ihimy jinii liuiliiirii iH. 17) nix! Ilir I.iuriiil of St. C;itli;irine fit. XVlt. 
Thu nrhooja nf Emilia ttir illnslr.-iti'il U\ icilerc^linf; vcirki< liy tlir 
l''i-rr uresis masltfrn Errntr- tip' Ifithejii iid'l Dnyii Doxm iK, XXl. 
Of CiWTM/flio l1te <?i)llectinii (Hwncssea .la adjniraljlLi early work 
(K. XX). Tho examples ot tbe iiiaslers or (.'eiiti",!! Flaly arc Ten' in 
iinuiber. hnt they indnde not only extinisile wo)'k<i by thv I'mbriiiiiA 
fi'ewfi'/e da Fabriaon and Piern lielln tVanftsi-a (R. .\XV|. but 
also JiaphaeVa fsr-fanipd S[)0§alisio (Tt. XXIl), iho phisf work n[ 
his first nr rnihrian pprloH, iind Brttmanfe'a Ti^oroao frsspno.* 
iH. XSIV). Tim moHt important vorka of foreign sclinol.t at^ the 
jiorlrnils nC ladirs l>y }'an Ih/cti- and hy fftmbrnn/ff. (Tt. XXK.t\, 

From Ronwl, in which »diniflHfon-tick>'taOTi- n\.\.■^.\^e^,'8*0^'W* 
(to the righli — 

l}.iKr»KKit'K ,Vo«herjl ItBlj-, l-ltli VAH. ,, 1^^ 

16« JT U. 25- 


HrfM Gi 


HooM U. a long eallurj, hmig i^ith frcscoSs nt Ihs Loiolttt 
SrLoul. to thr lefl, Brainairlim, 15. Mndnniin untlironert, ■wii 
atigi'ls, 16. I'ntli amid Ernpr-i'jne*, from tlir Villii delU Pulnr 
(Mojiza,; IT. S[. Mjirliii ; \'inr. F'lppt- »"• Mailuiimi with 88. Jul 
ilip Baptiot ami Ji.Iiii ihi- Evnnfrelist lUSi), 2». Miirlyrdnm 

St. Scbutitin; 32-95. Bmfiofjnntie, Niue asiiilu ifrom 8»n S«tl 
Mndtjoaa witb angeU ; Ui the nght and l*fl, 26-38. Gaud. Fern 
tSetiioa (roiH ihc Ijfu vi llic Vij-gi.i (from Ihc old chiin-li of 8a 
I dcUa Puce), — To tl>e l«ft U — 
fttooji llhh. fMlairiiug frtHCoes liv B(r iiafdmi. Lmm fi 
'I7/Vff ilcih l-vlacca n<--.>r MooKii, nmong '«ViU'\<. \w bwKCvi 

■ ..Google 

Brera OatUry. MILAN. IV. S. SB. UJ 

Nou. *66. Madonna with 88. Anthony Abbas and Barbara Ui*^!)] 
73. Sacrilice to Pan, 74. Apollo and Daphne, 76 (r.). Birth of Adonix, 
•288. St, Catharine laid in her sarcophagus by angels, with the in- 
scription 'C. V, 8, Ch.', I.e. Catharina Virgo Sponaa Christi. — The 
Anteroou on the right contains the archires and a collection of 
photographs. — Straight on are the nine — 

Boohs oi' thb Venetian Schools of the 15-l8th centuries. 
Room III. To the loft, Morftto, 91. Hadonna with 88. Jerome, 
Anthony Abbas, and Francis (injured), 92. Asanniptlou. — 755. 
Romanino, Portrait of a Marfinengo; 93. Moretto, St. Francis; 
98. Romanino, Madonna; 99. Franc, rorftirfo, Portrait; *llin. 
GioK. Batt. Moroni, Portrait of Navagicro, Podeatik of Jlirgamii 
(1565); Pa7-is B&rdon£, 104. Holy Family with 8t. Ambrose and 
the donor, *105. Love-scene. — •114. Oirol. Savoldo, Madonna 
and fonr saints; 116. Cariani, Holy Family with six saints. — 
119. Palnia Vecchio, Adoration of the Magi, from the chnrch of 
Sant' Elena at Venice (completed by Cariani). ~ To the left is ^ 

Room IV. To the left, Paolo Veronese, "139. SS. Anthony 
Abbas, Coraelins, and Cyprian, and a page, the finest 'conversa- 
zione' piece (see p. 352) by this master, 140. Christ at the honso 
of 8imon the Pharisee; 142. lac. Tintoretto, 88. Helena, Macarius, 
Andrew, and Barbara. — •*143, Tintoretto, Finding o( the body 
of Sf . Mark by the Venetians, to whom the saint appears in a vision, 
one of the grandest compositions of the artist and also a master- 
piece of technique (from the Scnola di San Marco in Venice; ea. 
1548; comp. pp. 359, 372); *144. Bonifazio dei Pilati, Finding of 
Moaes, in the style of Giorgione (p. 351). — 148. Paolo Veronese, 
Adoration of the Magi (injured). 

Rook V. To the left, 160. Michele da Verona, Crucifixion, a 
colossal work, with fair-haired popular typos and a view of Verona 
in the background (1501). — 164. Gentile Bellini (completed by 
Giov. Bellini), Preaching of St. Mark at Alexandria, from the 
Scuola di San Marco in Venice (injured); *165. Bart. Montagnu, 
Madonna enthroned, with saints and angels with musical instru- 
ments, ouo of the master's best works (1499). — VM. Carpaei^io, 
170. St. Stephen and the Scribes (1514), 171. Presentation of the 
Virgin (1504); Cima da Conegliano, '174. St. Peter with John 
the Baptist and 8t, PanI, 175. Madonna enthroned, with SS. John 
the Baptist, Sebastian, Rochns, and Mary Magdalen (an early work), 
— 177. Liberaleda Verona, St. Sebastian; '176. Cimada Cone- 
ffliano, 88. Peter Martyr, Augustine, and Nicholas of Bari. — 
To the right Is — 

Room VI. Titian, •180. Portrait of Count Porcia (of the master's 
middle period, ca. 1537 ; injured), •ISS, St, Jetom%\iv^Sni% k^Vi^-^ 
landscape, a eharacferi.stic example ot WsXaUt &t■^\ft^?^a^l■!^'s.^-^^'^v^ 

IfiH IWS.ti. MILAN. i^ttv OMIerv. 

Hooii Tn. •I6S-185. l^mitBO I^tla, TIn-M |i&i-LmIU. 

'Thi- nni-rlilwllMl fcittiiM'H {»( lliv laily), vxlrvmuly pure in dnwinl', 
diiiNii Ijy llirir iiiilil I'lprenbjuu. A ilrtiLiLlc lull 3]riiltti)' CDUploiiiell I* 
diKplnyeH In wirni SM-fct tinfs nf 'jtruirilirilr)' tianapoiMM; and m*aWr)>* 
unDHilleiiB Icar] iljc ovi? fntiu ojui) Ilgli1« iiilo rirli niirl ci>li>liird iiliiiitniri. 
A hnlF Icnetli ia tliu kiiiiir' I'l'lk'nlitm r('|in»it'iitE iw in]>ii of IcHn aiiJ \,fi\f 


make ivilh ii suslluw-Uilcd bcsrii. a S"'y '^Jl'. tlimi »cl fruUii'c*-, anil ■ 
i^rxvc UHjivinl- - - - Tiis! ruJilv fikiu uf the tuct fin tliH thjrcl porlrxitj in 
llrolicii wilti tonctiei now wntiu Jiow cold hyifJiicli ih.f jibj of light lail 

ri*fl4*ctiunB \i EfniKvv.i witli deceplivo Irnth,' — (\ it C- 

Wi^ jirui'piv) tUrongli Kftom Vlll and to flie kfl imUi' — 
IliWM IX, coiiluiniiij; iniLsterjiieBcs wf llit Intli rcntury. To the 

t j^lil, *1!>S. A'jidrea Alnnif^iiti, Madoiiua iu a niiiibiia ot angslii' 

hcaiis. — J^i^. Andrea Mariteffiia, I'ietS. 

'It in n pruliirr' in Kliitb Mmilcpnn'B griiniloBt Mylo ic iiii]irr>*<i(1, 

(orpslioi'tifiii'd lilli clioFii-n'r'Trl.l.' I.idili"-"", liiil with '(.iiijirinlag truth, 

xlwdlpd from nature' — f. i!' (', 

SftO. Andivii Mnnif<fini, Alisr-iilooe (above, Plclft, bolow, 
St. Luhp niid iiIIiit Hiiiiitai, |iul]iti>d in 1454, ani1 ii pi'wf uF the curly 
iiiiitiiritj' iif llip urtisl, then 24 ytars old; Vnrlii VriveUi, •201. 
lladoiinBMitlij'Oupd, with Four 9ai(ilB(1483),. 203, 20.1. Co i on ut ion of 
flic Virgin, wJlh a Pieti'i iihovi- il [1493j, SOB. Ci'iiciSxioTi with the 
Maiioiino iiod SI, Jiihu, "907. Madi) enLlironcd; Give. Belliaif — 
•H14, riclii,aii carlyBinigciitiijiclyiiDpasaitniiMl work, 315, iladonaa S 
fa InU wcrk, ITilO), 21B, Jtiidiiniiii ian i:arly worh from ii GreeV ^ 
cimrnli), — Wc pass l!ir(jugli Ituom Vljl and lu Ihe left enter — 

BoumX. 223, Surano da Zeviu, A[lorol.ioE of theMafrifHaS): 
225,FrHvicMwu»e,Mailituuiieiillir(iupd witliSS.Niclioiaa andZtni); 
228./1wVi)wr(i'/fi;ll/'«.ro"'>afidf^i'oi!..-1/eHittnflu,Madi>anii wllli (laints, 

Hoiiw XI (ISlh reiil... 2150. Giiir. Batt. Tic^i'y/o^ B.iIlle-piPce 
()(k(-tflji; 229. Gim. Bnfl. I'iazzeda, CrucifixiuTi; 2^5, 236. Jfww. 
JitUittit, Villii GLizz-iiIri, nyiir V'arese; 242, 243. Fi-irm: Ouarit*, 
(irniid (.'niiiil In Vcnicv. — We next i.'nler thu sfivfin — 

itof.M* or THi; LoKMJitB b"cnoi)i.B, liocrii XII. Dsfenihnte 
J-V.-«i-(', 71S, SS. Cntlmrine and Si>liasli;Lii, 71!l. St. Andrew; 734, 
Viitc. Oitfi-'Jiii,, .\doi'aIif>u of lilt t'liild. — Koom XIII. Boi-fft- 
iininie, Sf)9. Mudimnu vrilb a Curthiiaitiii looiik aod -St, Clnro, 3R(l. 
!^S. JiToiuc, Aiiilji'ijBf, utid Calliaj'iai;, willi a Piulr'i aliove. 

lii»oH XIV I'liiiil XV); ftciio-n-i. of TiBo.^Aftao n.\ ViMCi. 2G2> 
(iiiiiqiitlrino, Miirv Mugdak'n: 274. Ctmirt: du. Snlo, SI,, Jeroiuc, 
— huiiM -W. 27fi. Ci-mre daiiestu, Miidomiii ocidur llie lanrcl-trBC; 
277, Gaud. IWruri, 278. Franr. Napohtam, Madonnas; 280. 
Lmuardn dfc Vi'iteH'fj, Head of C'lirist, a drawing (injiin-d); 2ftl. 
liol'ra^u, Kneoliug donors, runiaiiis of a larger allar-jiifi^e ; Antfr, 
•folaria, 2Si!. Portrait, 285. Madonna wllli 8S. JosypU and Jerome. 
nn curly work (M9,i: rostorrdj: SMfi. Jy'iKioma. Madunna. 

ItiiiijiXVI, Willi |)ii'liii-('s iind fri'Si'')PH liv liern, huini. 1st le 
'•'iia: Ai-4i. Atigfli) (fj'giii the tocmrr Mniiusti'ro dell(j ViiUti' h' 


Brem Soffcrv. MU.AS. tV. K. is. H 

IUlIad); 2^9. HadouiiA in & bower of rww. 2iid Smiiou liii imi- 
lalion ot tlia Cliapnl iif Si. Suitpli la the old cIiiikIi af Saula MtrU 
dullM Pae<0: 2^1-305. Sconi's trom ihe life ot ibo Vlrcia, *UU 
nn^ek — To lliu rigbl U — 

Rook XVII. To llic riglil, »2I. Oa<i>i. Ferrari, Marlyriloui 
»t St. C.'sLliiritie ot .Aleisndria. — 3liy. Britiiiniilinn, i'ncifLxton^ 
:UI8. Borj/wy/iojie. AsstifBplioiianiU'dniJiatiiiti nfllir Virgin ISiJ); 

IS07. Vine.' t'ojipa. Madonna OBthron.'d with aiigr!«, uiid six \iMif\a 
Willi ligtirt's of saints, — 310, Mai^tri- nf tin- Sfoy::a Atfat; Ma- 
doniia onlhroiiflil, wHIi tlie roiii' LhUii iiliiin'li-fiitlii'r«, SS. Jifrumi', 
(irt'gopy, Ang-iistini', and AatbrDSf, und lln^ iliiiinrn, Lodiivii-rt tl 

^Mul■'), IiIn wiCe Uenfriw li'Eittc, nnd liu-ir two cliilcircn il-l'J4>. — 
a!Jj, Cariiiflo Sorrafcino, Mmtonna, witK «iinl«. --(Jn onsi'li: 
i^'iUBCWB [mm liic Villn cli-llti Pcluci^jt l>y I.iiiiii '735'HS. History 
^Hosi's, l-iH. Viilvun'* for)i;t') nnd Bruinantitui iT46, 747. 1'ntti); 
BIB. Boltruffi", IVrtniit of Rirolniini Caniu, llie poet linjiircd; in 
nu ulU frauit.'). — lu lliu midUh', Drawings (1 j-18tli cciitA 

Roux XVIII (IT-ltilh uent.i. In t!i« Diitlille aru lie rviuuiuiiui' 
(jL' tlie Pelntua (i'liacuus (749. l.uini. (lirle Laliiiu^i and ilrawitigH 
{.Miaio lioquuaLliHil liy Murclli, \i. 231). — Faither on ar« liit- Uru — 

RiM>m» up THE S(:Ei>;>Lfl <iy iuh EmuA. ItooM XIX. -117. FH. 
Afuzsola. Poitraii. — Book XX. To the riglit. '428. En-ule dt' 
liobei-li. MuduTina eBlliroiicci with SS. Anua. Eli2*ln-Ih, Antfusliiie, 
and the Lcatifled Pielro dcgli Ojiesli: 42'J. Lor. Oistii, .Woraliou 
of til* Ma^i |149fli: 't;)l-4:i3. Duaso Do»si. FrauCLWii d'Esti.' as 
SS. Goofge, Joliii tlie Bajitist, and Sebaslian. — Gurafidv, 43S. 
Pletil (15-27,1, 439. Ci-uclllxiou: ■434, Ortolano, Crueiflxiuu ; 447. 
Con, TiiTa, Fragment of a Cmciflslon; 418. tyane. Franeia, 
Aiinunpiftlion; 449. Fraru: Co»sa. Two wiii^s ol au altanrltli 
KS. filter nnd John thi Buptist. — On an cnsct : "437. C«rregr/h. 
AdarBtiun ot the Magi, an early woric in llin master's Fcrrarl^sl1 
at.ylo. — Wo n<>xt enter — 

Rook XXI: tjiriiiiai.s o>- Tim KuuAiiXA. ykt: Jtondtttiflii, iiti. 
N1. John tlm Evangi^list ftpjitaring- to (Inlln I'liicidtn f]t. 4U4i, 'liS. 
Jfuduiiiia eutlironcil, with four Ei^inli. - - Wv wiw I'littT IIil- four — 

BoonBof THBSyiiyiji.soi'C'iaTjijLlTiLi illu3la«lio»,Ti[, 
UinbrlSiVtc.}. KooxXXir. •M7^, Jlui/ltaefK fai-'famod HpuBiiUnio. 
ur [111! Nujjliala of the Virxio, piiiiiLt-d in 1DD4 tire thi; clmrdi iit 
Son Fran<;cH'CD In Cittil di CiisUJlo, ivtioru It ri^malned till IT0K. 

Tilt coiuprjKillun clnnelj- reHeiiiLlin thiil uf IhiA fijJuHulmU «( iVrui/trto 
(now j(l Cuiiiij. ill nliu»u Hliiiltn ](u|iIisp1 Mioii wiukiiJ. In liutli imioliiigii 
H "mn-ll polyg'on(il teaivilc i'l*o> ill llio l>ni'ks™inn], while lini forvBrou^'' 
la oconpiod liy ilio hl((li-(irLi'Ki: Mury is nlteniltii by a group of gnepfMl 
virgiiiH, vfbile nvir Jotvpli twud tlii: rcjei-HjJ lullum. A rluaur exfctnliiii.- 

Itltin of Rtplmol'n work, ti«iv«*iir, piiful^te* rnnny piihitv uf ilivvrennHn. 
Tbo i;oinjo(iiiu-n bqJ drawing "C Urn Imlividiml ngiiie» auS V'ttt laiia *>'^'^* 
pwlo iUs|)u«itiou iif Hie Ki'oiipinif rcvaul iIil- llcipn^\ htmV ^tcuVvw ^-owww 
at lliB yuviiigcr nrliol {/ijiHnucr). 


Kuva XXlll. l,"ca !Si(fiti/relti, 4TT, Muduouat 4711. tki>iir|;iii|; 
■■( I'brifll ipiirly works); lirlii-cmi ilii-w-, *4!u. Beiiinxn timtoli, 
iMirnrlFs uf Sl. Uuiriinic (pnrL at iiii a! Ur-giiccc''. 

TiooHX.\IV. 'Mi^S-JOl), Bi-ii'i\ante, HerarliinM mxj Demo- 

ri'iluB, iiilli fiis fijrurcs u( hi'nics, iiiin^ilrclH. mid figbiiiip-men, fmf:- 
niL'iils III fiTwors tnini lilt I'asa I'HiiiynniliL (now Priiiclii.i in Milai»,: 
ccnceiTt'd Willi MiJuiMtlidl ut lilt digiiiiv nr a Mdowa ik Fortl. — 
Rouu -\XV. "JftT. Griilfir ibi Fnhi'iaiiiu AllHi'-]iieci', aiiove. Cor- 
oiiiiliuii or tliei Vii%'iii, Milli lout* iintiiU. «ji tlii' preitell*. CharraitifC 
M't'iH's r^JUi the lifu of ilie Virjriu rcjirlr worfe., — 5UH. fiwr, Saitti 
ir»tli*.'i'i.iri(]ipliueti, j^iuiiiiiriHlion: Mil, Tiiiiotev I'ili. AitciiiiipiaLimi 
ividi S^. .I'lliii Ilio C»|ili»1 iiiiii Si'biialkn. - oi>5. Lneti Sifjiiorelli, 
Miiilouna oul Itrniieii wiili saintu: •51U. ['iern rie/la Fraiicfsca, Ma- 
tlounn ^iillironcij wiili i<n,iniB. :i)igcU, and iIm' n'orsbippiug donoi-. 
Piifeo Fdrtprigo rill Monlpfi'lirii ip. bHi}. — Then roins fhr two — 

Kooxit CV TlIE I{l>I.CKlSKi.E SrH0Ol,(l6'17lll ffUl-l, RooM XXVI, 

Hv Ihi- I'^il. 53S. l.ii'Xilfi lifui. S8. Pijtor wni Paul. Ou an twjcl: 
sis. IVaia: Alhaiii, Daitcc *( C'upidt. ^ Khom XXVll. Sid, 
Domtttivbino, Ma^otiua cullii'oiii'd, VhitL Sc?. JdIui tbc £vaii{feU8l 
unci Peti'Oiiiiifi; 556, Guei-niiu, Ex|iulsioiL «f Hfigar. 

KuouXXVIlI: Honx-a ScHuuLi'lfl-lTtbcculJ. To i])e rigiit,S6i, ^ 
>t.Bfon5(rttf, ArdrpaDoria (p. lui) asNeptuiif ; i>74. F. Barotvii), ^ 
Mariyrdoiii of St. VUnlis U^dSi: S88. Sa/tavferrtiti'. Mndonua. 

TtooiiXXlS:S™ooi»i>rGKJo« and NupiEfi. 6113. Z.»ra Gior- 
liiiiui, Madfumn uiid saints; 007. .Salviitw fivnn, L«nd8Cipf, with 
St. Putil lie Hrmiit. On uu (.'ascl: Iil3, Ttihera. St, Juromp, 

Booms SXX atiii XXXI: KwHBtr.s .Sciiooi-i". Room XXX, C20, 
Herri met ile Hlva, Aiiiiniian of lljo Magi; Ii55. .^w/j liTueiffwl, 
Viliage-streel riftnTi. — Room XXXI. To Lin; ri^fbl, 079. Suhe»»; 
I.iisl Sttjiper irroiD Muliuiis; ca. 1615-iOi; 699. Jar: Jctrdaena. 
Abraham's sstrtfioff; 701. J, van Dtfel; Mado-nno ami St. Anlbooy 
of Padno. (hi cnsels; *(JI4, Heinbrmidt, Portniit of his sister, an 
.■arlv work (Hi32i: '7Ut). Vaa Bi/ci; PHtictsH Ama]i<i o( (ialuis. 

Ti>« fciluviDu ruuinK tiiitilain unrk^ ol the lUili oouliiry. Iti Room 
^XXII. ui'ir IIlO 2iirl wifiitiiv: riii'if. Hitui'i^, Poi'tralli ' uf MaiiEOui 
f\'i>. )K1. MH.HiiiKp il'.Aspplio. (511, ntiil Ant, It-Msioiui (5*). - - In Kooim 
JlXXIII-SJiXV itiv ciimtiL-tiyvc itRsi^iin liy pijirli it( tliu otnilcmy. Knolii 
XXXV i-f*cilHJiLB jilflii- Ai'i'iifni, Pi'rlrriitb i,if C^hlkovn mail of Vffu FiiNH>o1ik-^ 

v. rroj'biCrtoifl. Bunt «1 liiov. apgmiticil. 

At So. 18 Via Unr^o Kiioio, licliimi llic Breni, is iIib PalasHo 
Ci^eapi (PJ. K, 3i, ronluinin.;^ nii iniportiint ''Pii-ltire Gallertf (ua. 
'JOO pii-tnvps bv old laastflfH), ti> wliit-b ndiiiiasioii is eon i'(eon«Iy 
jiraritfd on previous itpfiliMt ion {tec ',■',-1 fr.i. 

Iluc-H J. *'liUaii im.'tlLnnl lAna lu GiiirgSvae -ir Btrn. L'lciniii)^ Poc. 
liait ut * xiiiiiiiii i.'la Si'liiii niin'); Uncchiacra. Aduratiou u[ tht; Mtsi- 

IlnoM li. UaaikttU^'Liir. UitU:Hi,U Vit.iai\y:*UaneUa Albertiiit*tl, 
•rfenn/iiw nf ilii' Plillil : */Infrhinrrn, MinhninnifVaHC J-'rnvrin, Si. Bar' 
(»/ T'fiffr^ar'o, Aiti}Fiit\-jn fif lln' HiUil, \n n UvuImB^ With >t< 

l^ .vU' 


Saadfarco. MILAN. IV. E.iS. m 

eu-ly work io the mister's Forrarese style! Frant. Qranaeei, St«tc-entry 
of Cnsrles VIII. into Florence; Marco ilarziale, tieti: Florentine Sclmol 
(not SHchael Angelo), Madonna. —On the walls: Canatetio (Ant. Cannle), 
Two Tiewa of the Grand C»ii«l in Venice; Bern. Licinio, Holy F»iailyj 
*Doia, iforotie, The f»U ot the Bontcolai (p. 31B), with an interesting 
representation of the Piazza Sordello tai the old facida of the o»thedr«f 
(1490). — In the Brat side-tootn are some Nether I an dish and Oerniin worts 
(B. Bruyn, Portrait). — In the aocond sida-room : *.Franc. Caroto, Holy 
Family (1&S0) ; *6ioi: Bait. Tiepolo, Vision of St. Anna [with the aketch 
beside it), the Beata Laduina; Bibera, St. Jerome; Oiui. Cretpi, Oenro- 
scene; Bart, Veiteto, Madonna; 3tarco Baeaiti, Madonna with two aaints 
(i5!l); portraits by Qior. Batt. ilorani, Oiaii. Bart. DotH, and J. L, Daeld, 

Root! III. On easels: Ber». Luiiii, 8t, Jerome; Qianpietrino, Ma- 
donna; Ambr. de Pyedii, Madonna; Andr. Solaria, Portrait; Qiov, Aiil. 
Bottrafflo, Madonna; Bogier van der Weydeii (?), Holy Family j with 
St. Paul and the donor. — On the walla; Oirol. Savoldn, Adoration of 
the Child; 'BoHiaitiiw, Bearing; of the Cross; Oiaiipietrinn, Holy Family! 
BoecacdoSoccocciiHJ, Madonna; *Giov. Bellini, Madonna; Pari) Bordoiie, 
Hhcpherd and nymph ; *iIoretlo, Visitation ; Palma Vecchio, Chriat arisen ; 
A. Solario, Hadonns, The Virgin at prayer, Beee Homo; Gaud. Ferrari, 
Madonna; AaUir. Bo^'gogiwns, Adoration of the Childi Vine. Foppa, 
MadoDDB; Marco d'Oggiono, Attar-piece in three parts, Madonna enthroned 
with angels, saints, and adoring donors. 

In the Gedboom: *Qaud. Ferrari, Pieta. 

Adjaceut, at the janction of the MartesHuu (p. 157) with thu 
Xaviglio, is tbe church of San Maroo (PI. E, 3), a Gothic build- 
ing of the 13-15th cent., with a fine brick facade (upper part by 
Carlo Macciachini, 1871). The interior was modernized in the 
baroque style in 1691-98, The transept contains the Gothic toiubs 
of Beato Lanf ran co-Sat tala (d, 1264), founder of the church, by 
Giovanni di Balduccio (p. 185), and the jnrist Salvariuua de All- 
prandis (d. 1344), perhaps by one of the Campiotiesi (comp. p. 219), 

To the N.W. of fte Brera is the church of San SimpCiciano 
(Fl. B, 3), a fine Romaaeeqae stmctnre, repeatedly altered at a 
later date; the facade was skilfnlly restored by Macciaciiinl in 
1870. The apse contains a Coronation of the Virgin by Borgogaoac 
(restored). — Farther to the N., in the Corso Garibaldi (r.), not far 
from the Porta Garibaldi, is the Gothic double church of Banta 
Maria ^ooronata (PI. D, 1), built in 1451-87, bnt modernised 
iu 1652 and again in 1827. The Cappella Bossi contains the tombs 
of Giovanni Tolentiuo (d. 1517) and Archbishop Gabriele da Coli- 
gnula (d. 1457), the former in the style of Andrea i\»ina. 

To the S.W. of the Brera lies Santa Maria del Carkinb 
(PI. D, 3, 4), a Qotbic cruciform church of the 15th cent., with a 
modern facade and a modernised interior. In the right transept 
is an Adoration of the Child, by Vincenxo Gverchio {?). — At Via 
Bossi 4 (PI, E, 4), close by, is the Casa Vistnara, on the site 
of the Banco Mediceo, built from the plans of Uichael Angelo in 
1456 forPigello Portinari, the agent of CoBimo \,\ie"iai.« Vi-'^'^'^^- 
Of the original hailding the portal (p. 17 4) aai ^mVs t>\ '^V^i «ww^ 
s/one remain. ■ - -1 

Qi.qiiiiiid !iv 


I7ir tV. B.3S. MILAN. PloMu de( JfFrcitiMi, 

In tbe ndjiLccnt Via C'lorici, on ihc rlghl, la ibo PolozBO 
Cldeioi (aow itc Corte d'Appollo: PI. E, 4h wltU Its fluo rucoco 
rvoius, built ill 17-10. I'liu bftuiiuct-ruouL /oLwAys u|)<\u) uontams 
nil admirably -pre served 'Ceiling' Fresco (Course at tbu Su[i) by 
G.B. Tiepolo (1740). — The Caoo- Vimcrcati, Via F 11 ud mm ma- 
lid (I'l. £. i), has a lute-Gothic portiil (ca. 1460), with three busts 
o[ uieijibei'* of tbe Sfiir:t;L fainllv. 

b. Froin the Piaaza. del Duoiao and the Flazaa del Mei> 
oajiti to the CastQllo and the Aroo della Paee. 
To thu W. is! Ihc I'iuzaii del Diiouio, licyimiJ tbo Viu Cariu ' 
Alberto (ji. 162), lies the 'PiMza. del Mercanti (I'l. E, 5), thft 
central poirtt of th« niixliaviil fity. lunl (orraiTly jiniPided with 
flvc gittcs. Ill tbo ct'iUr-t ul this [UiizKU i.t llie former ^alaieo iftLLA , 


KiujusK (cuuri uf justii'i'j, a Urge hall (reeled iu 1S28-33, purtlyj 
ol l(()iuii.ii retiLuius, Jilld skilfally re^itorc'd in 19U7-1II; on tli? Si^l 
side isari eijucatriuu ilgiire (by Bm. AnKlaniil) <it thw bniWer, ibu 
I'odesttt Oldrudo da Trussuuv, with the iaecriptiun, 'qui solium 
slruxil, Catbanis uL >Jcbnil uxil' (the Cutbun or hcrulics barou-d by 
liiiu wurii tliu Wiililciifliaiis). — On ibu N. sldo of the pitizzji (Tlu 
del Mefcaiili) is thi- PalcKiif del Giurevfy/mn/ti, erected by Vluc. 
Sercgui (l&6i), vrilli an old lower i.l374j. ^ On the quaiiLt-looklM 
G, sidr arc tbe Gothic Luugia itaau Osii. crectud ia 1316 in black 
utid white marble {rrstufed in 19Ui!-4; now theMuseoCoinmcrcifllo), 
iiiid tbe Falaszfi deiie Soiole Faluline inciw tiii; Clianibur of ComJ 
loerwn), a free copy ol thi! Pal. del Giurcoiinanlti, — Through th| 
Via Cvsare (Jantfi to Uit Eihiioteca Amhrosiana, set- p. 178. 

Tbe I'iazzn dej Mprtmili is adjoiued on Iho N.W. by the nc* 
I'iA2gA C'OKQcsio (PI. D, E, 3), coiumodly kuowni as Piiizza Ettttiea^ 
from its alliptjeai shaiiL'. It Is ibt suirtlng-jiiiint ut si-vuml tram- 
wHy-liiiea, On ihci S, sido riues Ibe Excha»'je, wilh a fine covcrud 
rmirt, by L. Uro^'gl {18SIH-11I0I; iiduj. l-.T | Fadng the Ti» 
Diinli! is a hronsL- slntiio (by Liiigi Secrbi; ISOUj of Giut. Jfainay 
(17!J!1-1H>), niitborot the sutiric poem '11 Oiorno". 

From the ViazEa t'ordusio to theCastellu runs !i new liiie 
litreeis, formed by tho wide Vis Uaste (PI. It, i, ij triiuiways 
Ji'os. 13 & 13, see ]i, 154) and, beyood the Fuiii iSoriujiarte, by the 
Viii lltiieiictto Ijairdli il'l. D, 4). In the Fore Bunnpiirtc (laid oat 
Hiidet Napuleon I. on tbe situ of the castlc-nioat) is a bronic 
t't(noBtriau blntui; of Garibaldi, by Ettore Ximcncs fl895), with 
allct.'uriral lipures of RyvidTition und Liberty. 

Tin; -"CastBllo itr CasleUo Sfurzi-iri-o (PI. 0, 3, Jj, llic caslle 
tit Milan, ii rrClanijQldr Imildiii);, dt-feiided by four corn er-toir era 
uiid a curtain-wall, was orijrinally Imllt in 13S8 as lliy R<icca 
Viacontea vr VasleUii dl Purlii dirvja by Oaleaiiio II. Viscoiiti 
t3^o-t(i), Hiijoiuiag the old rurtay'vuvvi. ^V-*nsiw»,i;<iye<l ty t 

i" 1 



OuUOv. MILAN. tV- SI. li. 173 

Ambrasian RciinblJc (p. 1!>1) in 1-HT, W was retiuilt ntid calarg«d 
by tb« Srotia aflpr 1450 and buautlltoil liy Brajnaiitc. Leimardo 
Ha Vinr.i, ami otiipr iiia»l«ia. Frwiuonlly since llie Fnrnch In- 
vaHiun (149!>) Clti: ciHtlu has liotn llii' rocira t)f ilrugglts for Ibc 
puasujtsLuu uf Lumbardy. llLdtr tliu AuAtrien r^^ine it wa* con- 
verted into barrack*. Id 1893-1111] it- wm adniirsbly rf»lor?il Jii 
the 15tb eenL elyln from IIip pUn» iif /,Hf-<i Hrtframt, nnd it no«- 
oontaiiia n sthool or :irt and Ibr uiunii^ijiul nrl-rnllrrtirmK. 

T)j« TJi.tiii entr^tin^, in thit ujiddl'i! of tjie []rinri]iiil fngiiili', luwnrds 
Ibe Piasia ('aal.elln, is by Ibe Tirrre Vmhei-io Prinui (33<P tl. hijcb), 
a l.owpr-gafpway erected in 191)1-5 in irailation of tbo iild to«cr 
doslJNijcii by an fxploalon i>f gunpowder in 1551. The two rouud 
tAwerg (1{J9 ft, bigb) at the corniTs, tlie Ti>rrivne HaiUo Spirilo 
on the left nrid the Torrione rf« Caririiiii on th* ripbt, were 
rwlorcd in lSi*4 und iyU4 BUii imw »orv<.' as reafli-voirs (or ilrinJi- 
inic-walL-r. Tbc iiidp-tntrnnccs, J'i'Ha •^an/o S/iirHo {8,W,| aiiii 
J'f/Ha 'Ifi CVm«,*R,'(N.E.r, wvru added in iai)G. — On l-ho N.E. 
side, beside the Torru didl* Abhl', iti llu I'vtiHctlla dl L'jJovicu 
if Mora, a bridgv over the caatlcm^rul, with « tuetcfiU loggia; il 
was rcconntrurli^d by ItramaDtc after 1400 anil restored in 190'3- 

Tht ihrrc entrances upcttoutbc 'Plana d'Arint, thelargu BDcl 
pi'ilDrcsi|uu untcmt' court, witb Us llowcr-bcds, At the bacls of 
tldK, lo ibe lutt, in Ihe Riiix-iiBrrT*, erected by Frrmcrsoo Sforzn 
cfb the ftinndatiuns iif iho Viscoiili caatle, wilb a wiiirlowb'" filmic, 
t ncvf I'nrlain-wall, and twu siinar* towors: Ibc Tnrrf rA' Biimt di 
Savoia (1477; 1411 ft. bigh) and ibi^bind) the Torre dd Tennni 
Of Outellnna. To tbu ri/bl. is ibe Cobtk DcciLs, ihn new |i;ilact' of 
the arumas. uilh Outbiu wiaduus (reatoredi and u curlaiii-wull. 
The passsffe between tbe twu [lulaeeB uppna on llie Farfo ([i. 1771. 

In the N.W. aaglc of the onurl of Ibo LVjHl' Dueale i!i Ihi; 
ioiyr/frt, a griirf'fu! KitnaiasnneiiHtrneture, crootfd by Bi°»,>Vn'iMi 
in llie tiiuL" of HliU-umo Maria. Ttii building now m'l'iimmrnin-li'K 
the 'lUueeo Arcbeologioo ed ArtlBtioo (itdiu., Hi^e ji. Ijti; 

Od thngronnditoor Is tbeMrHRoAjt™i!(ii.ootrt>, formerlj' (1868- 
S8) in tbi> iir^^ru. Thin inrliiilrs pri'-Kuniun nrliulm and antiiiDtrs 
dlH4tovercd iu Lnmbiirdy iind nicdiinvnl und modern MinlplnriiiM. 

I, Koon tfjincelleria Oucalm. In tlic llnl iliviilou iro riru-HumRn 
ftQtii|iiiti'O0, Itirliijjng twu Mkp]i^lt>v^ 'Jf thr Inti'i^ tlijia*? it^u, Cultii' anli- 
qQiticafrnrn ^iivvsat Tretin unri Sviilo llakridc. mid |<ri>liiwl«ric ([Imbrlsn '') 
objects SsfiVi Alli^tc; lIdu Ecjuhuau ami Qiiiuk mUijullicii. Iu llie wioouii 
■oetinn ht-j-cnii Ihp fonr iiiiti"^iie pnrphyry rolumna. Grut-lt inJ Itoiuim 
aniiijiiitics. Ruiuiia iiBri';<ipiiBgi and UKUitcnlurnl riAguicuU; iiin<>ne Iho 
■uutplurea it. & icriu ol Vi'niix (f<iiin>l nl MiKo). 

II. RcioH, l^ui'Iy inviiiotviil rtntiqiiilic.i am] Ai;iilplii(cs (S'llftb vnl.J. 
Kntr»neii-WBll! Frignitnla of ftt-."(iif huiI Bn'bilPiitiiml tripiin'iilB ttaw. 
Ibu (iiriuec i.'uiivi<nI-(i]Urnti of Suili Sliiiii d'Aui<in& i^Miae e\i\\ ' 


Loilftobflrttis (lylfij. lo the (w.i middU oa^iji, »rt»a\«" liiwa*. ^^ '■^*'^^ 
I«lMi? mill LruifubdHlic gdivcn; lieliiml , l,«iigii\i«tftw \i»»^ "^ i^ «»»*> 

114 jr. i;.s- 



l>tli I'ciitO- — ^vll wall: Euiiiiinciiqui' IrtifiamU tiiim the uburubci of 
^nnt' T^VB%>>rgii- nriit Scvn CiOwi (lif^i JiiiTiit,^. — l^itt-wiLlI: Pr'niiiEua from 
l!n' rloi-tiifs uf Ihi- i-om-Piil iif Siitilii HfukijroiMla (l*lli onnt.1; n-lii-fs (rem 
tliu Pnitih Iloiniuu {Illl) unit I'vrtu Tvah. uuiujtrUing <:iktkBtu[i:b of Ump. 
Frt'dotiolc B»rli«fi>«iii iinil thp EiujircHa BeilnitV), 

III, IluuK. Willi tnictiw "1 ilu' nrictniil ci'illiig-iiniotiiiKt flitauffetlloB 
mil MniiiiflJ , l>j- Viiif, fb/j/wi. I'liftiLl of Thi' ntinrpli nf Snii Oiitlarda 
[p. tUIJ. In lliL* ovntcr, lori^ii *Miiiiiiiiiitnl nf JSi^rimlm YiHr^nnli (p. IGl), 
III Iho il)U of JJuw'hi) <Ja Cnni^iJuifi', tiurnteH ilnring HurDabiVfi lifMimA 
jL'ii. ISTHl for liic "III i-liuit'Ii u( Sim Uiovunui lu CnnPii. Willi traWB of 
^iMiii]!. On 111* saroi-iphiigns iro rMlcfs of the EvaogolSnlB, tlii' Pmrrf- 
rtiioii "111 Jt Pietil, BinI tlie l!ii run 1.111)11 nf Miiry: bIiovl-, tin' piiup»(rii>ii 
• mliio .-f Bernnlii". nnH «wo Virtnns [[''.irtitinlw iiml .IiibIWI. 


IV. llnnx. On Ihr onlmicovill, niiiuTi{iir>al of lint Hium family of 
Uimiii (da. 1400). Tq llir leftj luiiuiiini^ul uf Hpginn ripllii Si'iilu, siBiiir 0/ 
L'm aignoii" (p, .'iOS) nnil wtfr of Hcrnnln'i Tisi^iinti (iioo ahnvoj: sliluo 
I'f tlie Virgin, Itam tke cjLlli«i}rji3. By thri ri?iir wnll^ »nii1ptlizua fn>Bn 
the PurtB Orjenulo iHorti Veotsinl. — In Clio uil.jaroiit aiilo-ioam, tn tlw 
k(t> (voiBiua uf ibc oil] uuiliug']>iiiiiliii|{it (Iiitli veul.}. — In tliu ii4ilrl, l» 
Ilin rifflit, IB lliL' — 

I'oBTiui-s cSaia Aperiai, wilh a i:'"lI(ir.tion of llif «rm*, of ihu TinKontl 
unci Ntoriii. — In llic ailjaupiit Ciirn'r. in tlie li'fl, barmiiio pnrltl nf rtie 
lime (it Pliilip 111.; uupnailc. no I.I111 lislll, riiiirlilii I'orUl fri>in t.lio Jiiinnn 
McrJivi^o (p. nij, with th( aims snd pottroito of I'imbc^'itcp Sfirjn sad 
hi* Kite Bitmen Mnriil TincnulL 

V. Itcav, tilt.- fniTiKir «ha|>"l ifnppfll-i Jtiienlf), witli tlift nsdiy dan* 
mini [I'dium <jt wiling-fteacuL'a (llcsiiriuctioii, AiiiiunriiitKiu) iiy {iUfann 
<if* Frjicli-, Ciiov. ili MtiriPiirfiittu, jitii| uthore (11?^}. I..4tri<f3u1hiii Hcnlp' 
turri fScuulu Lniiibunlii'Vi-ii'^ziiuu; ea, M0II-5I>|. friiiii Ilm iiilhvdTiil. Cib- 
li|(U»iir OLotm, ati^-i i<nrK''Ri?uiiEFf4jv(iciT pulpit Frcm Pii:ttii ■□ Ifoavftto. 

VIL Iluou (Sala dei Ihitah), n-ith IL uvilin)- Iiutcfiilly ilDCorilod 
ivitli II1U ariUH uv\ iuiliiiln vi CliiLi'iiz^o ^f■iri]l !>f'fr?;i i^u a. liiiio ground. 
Earlv-iicDilaBiiiiFP miiiliilairDii. ulinvrng thi' influi'tii'i' nf I9niiiiti!lln {>Si9I1dI« 
Lumuwila.PiiiluviuiLi im. l4j>i-i.^H>i : lu Ibv I'iKlit, ^Tabi^mnclo with six 
Mjwli. by tin* -Umrtpr of Sua Tropaii": n tAi<-t nf Liiuia the Sum on 
■ CTniFiili-. by Aaiitiua ili Daccin. In Ihr miOiltc. atntuo of tho Virgin 
J -if«i*i>n D J 'fi'l ( '"■il»oiii>') by J". -1, Siilnri, Jfinu eho mitlieiltjil (llSi). — 
av iA«* riirhl in tiia — ■ 

ortheOuteHo. MILAN. JT. I75 

TI. RooH {Sola deOe A»»e), inteDded for memociaU a( tbe SforzaH, 
The fine ceilinKpaintLiigH (restorsd in 1B01-!) are ucribBd lo Leonordii 
da Vinci (1498). The ceiling preaentB the appearance at a huge arhour 
('pergolato'). among the denau branches of which are golden cords (the 
crest of LoaoTico il Moro) and tablets with inscriptions. — To the left 
U the — 

VIII. Boom (Sola delle Colonibine), with well-pteaerved ceiling and 
wall decorations on a red ground. (The white dove in an anieolo is th»< 
creat of Bona di Savoia ; beside it is her motto, 'a bon droit'.) Soulptares 
uf the best Lombard period (ca. 1500]. Entrance-watl : Giov. Ant. Amadeo, 
Adoration of the Child (116Z) and Annunciation (circular relief). Exit- 
wall: Uedallion portrait of Lodovico il Moro; ha!f-lei^h of a woman 
(aludio-piece) and relief of the Madonna, by Tomm. Rodan. In the centre, 
half-length of a woman ('La Mora') and head of a girl by Amadeoill, 

IX. Boon (Saia delli Scarlioni). Sculptures of the 1<9-I8th ccntarios. 
In the first diviaion, by the entrance- wall, Andr. Fuaina, Tomb of Biahop 
Batt. Bagaroto, from Santa Maria dalla Pace (1519); by tho window, 
Bamiaia, Portions of the monument of Qaston de Foii (p. B06) ordered 
in 1515 by Francis I. but never completed , with the recumbent "Statuo 
of the hero, and casta of the cemaining portions ; Bambaia, Monument 
of the poet Lancino Cunio (d. 1513). — la the aecond division, in the 
middle, *Bronie bust of Micbaal Angelo, by one of hia pupils freplica 
in the Louvie). In the caaea, ornamental locka, keys, etc. 

X. KooM. Terracottu of the IS'lSth cent., from Milan and Cremona, 
including large medallion beads (by Carodotao?) from the former Banco 
Mediceo (p. ITl); by tbe entrance- wall, frieze with sea-gods from the 
Pal. Trcocbi (p. S47). 

The ataircaae at the end of Room X, affording an excellent view 
of the g-racefal Gothic vindow iu Soom IX (to the right), leads to 
the Loggetta (p. 17S), on the first floor of which is the — 

*UuBxo Abtistioo Muhicifale, with the collections of indastrial 
art and the mnnicipal collection of old masters. 

I. Rook {SaladsUeQuardie; No. 11 on the Plan). The first division 
contains a valuable collection of *MaJolica: Milanese fayence (IBth cent.), 
including imitationa of Chinese and Japanese porcelain; fine Italian majo- 
lica of the 16th cent., with sumptuous specimens from Urbino (Case 9, in 
the middle; H), Oubbio, and Deruta (Case 1; P); fine Persian tiles 
(window-wall to the right; Case 0) and Eispano-Manresque majolica 
^centre of the left wall ; Case Q). Then, Chinese and Enropean porcelain, 
including examples from Capodimonte and Qinori. — Second division: 
In the central cabinets are ivory carvings (in Cab. 8, Koman, early- 
Christian, Byzantine, and mediieval], niello works, Limoges enamels, glasH 
(goblet of theSforzas; ISth cent.); on the walls are Japanese antiquities 
(1.) and stained glass (r.). — From the first division wo enter the — 

II. Room (iVinia SaZa DucaU; PJ. 12), To the left, Italian iron-work 
and bionies (16-18tb cent.), including several elegant ciaketa. To the right 
of the entrance, bust of Coatanza Buonarelll, by Irf>r. Bernini; in tlin 
case below, equestrian statnelte of Marshal Gian Qiac. Trivulzio (p. 18ti), 
perhaps a free copy of tbe lost model by Leonardo da Vinci. By the 
first window, Eccleaiaatical Jewellery (14-mth cent.). By the exit, Japa- 
nese bronzes and armour. On the walla is Brussels tapestry [I8-I7th cent.). 

III. Room (Seccnda Sola Ducale; PI. IS). Italian furniture (IS-ITtb 
cent.), including several bridal chests ; collection of frames (15-17th cent.). 
— IV. Rook (Terza Bala XhieaU; PI. 14). Furniture and frames of the 
J7-18tli centuries. 

V. Room (Soto detla Torre; PI. 15). Laco, em\ii<i\4tTj , \feiJC*»*, 
puppets, costumes of the 18th cant., lUliaw lattlicmiV ■io»\>im's*- "S'\fc«A^ 
early-FJemhb lapeatrv (15th cent.), witb tte ^tB.\ft\n?; ol "Ui.i.i>x«a ■ — ^' 
aow retrace but itops and pass through R, 1 (,T\. VY^ Vixla "Coa — 

i::v Google 


176 'f HTLOr. 

W. HoDW {SiUa lii MtliHn: PI. iKj. ObjtetB or Inrnfoitt nuDDvi^Ied 
Vk'i'th Miliiii; niiuiuiit viuwn uf 1lir: i'it>', OHlln'rlml ({Ji-ri<iil <tf rvtlu^rini) 
Tlhrnlriii, Ih<! PisKiE del [Inomu (vltli tho olil Porlifa il^i Piirlni ■In thn 
vntT)' «t I'HiiM KuKfiiii of Sfivuj'I, niiH onMollo; Jjiigu linini>T "( Si, Am- 
lM'i)SJa«, ftri'lcil ill munkipal profL^Hiliiiii ilSU5.i; iMiiiiii anil niNliiiU: urielniil 
Mf llioli''iiLy rusirlr^ lirlwi'i'iiMlinii iiml l.iwiHTtll in Krii^; roui'li'i^ii inrilfiTliun 
fortraiti ■.■I IhP Sf'miii iiirl Knip, MnximiliBn I,, by liflrti, I.iilni <?«. 1^3(l^. 

VII. 4 Ylir. H(inii»('i PUmrulrfii ; Kl. I7, llil: •H«iciiliif». 
pif g»llpij- '■f "U' immli't*. I'l R'^^ni VM. *ntrn. Slrn::i, H"rr."i)i(.'i>i I. 
\'i»r. J'ojijm, MurivrJiitii iif M. Sdmiiiiiin ; .Unrtito, Ni, Anttiniiy rn Uin 
w.-"rk), SJ. t.'ruiilH, »)nlin Iho H.tpi.ihl, t.Iin MtPinthpl .lui'^'mijili h'Hrlr wciplt-j, 

VIII. Room, Tii llic ilffht. !", rirn'niii. I,ut and hii clillitl'itsrii; in. 
Ihrii. I,ia:iiilii, lloubln |iiirlmlli IS. Ltir. Lvllf, I'iFrtrnit u( n j-uuth) 5S. 
I'miieniiiir. I'urtnitt cil ii umitli-iiiau. wiili u ixp-dug: M. fnr. Hautui'i. .it ■ p.'UHrnl; "tU. Tii-lririlli: l)o^- Im\ Si.muitiK IS, CJ. «. 
iSornnl. Purlmil; ^, U, JK. Tirjuilu. Ciiiiiiiiimiiiii «( St. Liinlii; AV. liuniiU. 
•«». Sloiiii. •illl, 'SM, Spo-tili'i'Cii iiitii mini.; C /'. .V.'jTiffi. IJunlli -ij 
Nl, i'flPi' Miiivr; ISII, (imi:r. (JiilV Itwl ; IM. C, /'off^r. Shi'iil' (IttdUl 
H.y t'oti D'KK, Uwirlflllu Muilii. wift uf CliftiW I, u( EnirUml (•clu'-l- 

K" iiH'j, ' - lis, C P j\'»ii"j|ipwr, ^iniiiiiiipi, -- J'lVi IW'i'V' ithittiriiill , ao». 
Itmlt uf hiiiiHi^lf. »HI. Tiiiiinit ij-[ ii nunk ; liffi, vl'. Slujfiiancf. Mirllvl- 
wimn; •aiW, J"', flu MrtaUin^ Purli-ull <.( ii iii*i> 111 n liiuri;l-\i' rciitli ; •!.'S3, 
l^rivgyk), FtulvFiimly. tiic nu-rslkil Mmliriiuii iiuluKiiiui, uQ carl)- Wuric 
in Iho nilmlPr'ii F«rriiT(.''n; ■lylc; Dfillj-'ini". :!Wl, .VCniliiiini, (;(i, iSl, Allnt- 
vluK" with Hiilnla mill iliinorn; "IfS. fiijilumn , Arv-hani^-l Mu'lincli 3»n. 
lil/iBjiliitiiiio. Mnvy M opinion; Jl/'\fji>ffiimif. St. Ji'i'ninc : ■IW.'i. V.Fapint. 
MNiluniiii, - 111 tiiv I'l^iitriv rlii)i[-biinka (Jil-inUi cuiil.). <lrnwiii|rii. ulu. -- 
On tb.B iiglil iiiiic>-w dl nre Mil»neie (ri>iicuCii (I.MIi*cnt,J from Iho Jpraiilialu'i' 
rliurcbpii ut Smilii ('hlilra auil iiiicirii Hurin <li<l (liordilUi. Piuui tlii' «idkL1 
Plit-daur bt 1lii> uml of thin mini vg may lki'4jc-LMKl by Iho cIlrtDia-v&ll 
anil B lliglil lit itviis lo n ■idL'-viiCiaiici' li- Ibr >t<iilR[U Unliety licit bniuw). 

Tlio Ri.rmETT* lua lost almoBl. iho uhol" o( llie iirti*tiptl*i'(ir- 
mion tif its inlcrinr. Tiii* Ejtiifrni'/'irnl Xvctiov nt thp Arciwnlog- 
k'al MiiKeum is an'Msgod uikIcl' Ihf Hrcxdi^it nl tba oourl i.ratulog'uc 
b_v Em, Sele-llii. Tin) rmnQS iin lhi> S,W. sidi' of tlie ^rouinllloiji' 
pontuiii theeollectiona a! the St^rietn Ximiiiiiitatica Italianaitnios) 
iinci (he ftTflitves of the AWi>fo. •Sliricf Lo»iharda. 

The lliree largf ro'Oiiisou the N.W. side of tho gi'auiidtloor, tsA 
the tii'st Hixl a(M!oiiil (lucirs ui-e uv['u)>ied by ibe Q-alleria d'Arta 
Modema 'iiiliii,, si'c p. lIJ6i, wliich whs ffliimifd in I9U3 "ml ew 
«wl» mainly cf worlta ^f lln' XWt I'rnt. pdintfr? ami wuIiiI't* iif 
1.0 lu bit I'd y. Oil the jiTomiilHijor is also lln' Mtmicijiul tiiiltctiuit- 
"f Vovit itH'i .l/w^ffl/o, ivliilf all llif lirKt iluur is IIk' .W"»eci '(cJ 
l/imirgiiiiviihi Naziemdr t'adiii.. sen |i. 15(ii, ftilli n inlli'dJuu iiT 
fMlrigtii' i)b,ir'(.'t» fmiii llm limi; 4if l.liu Cisaljiim- Ki'|Hiljlii> ip. l&d> 
iliiwri 111 till' prirwiit Any. No tuLalfi^'ur. 

(Inwi-M) Pi.diiii, -- I. B<n>v flSiilit lift l.'i)H»lfi!Ui/. Hi'iiljitiiri'i, Ini-lnd- 
inir Dnmi-Toiii ninluon niiil husli uf fjnioiiii rai-'n, EutranL-u-wall: ram]tro orliBlliiiimilf, ti»7,Caiiyv».lViiiilu'«--wallf TOS.iVnrcftvi'i 
Lc-uniriln ila Vini'l; Til. Thnyi'dldnrrt, Cannt SoHiniarivn. Kiil-wtll: 
Caxnva, Btimvijli-ii™ !ii1i>iit';. II, Hrma fftifu MIf ^catiurc}. Flkilor 
mwX: HI, Rin'H iS'iln ilel Teti'm). wilb Ibi* iouiphiHh iif a trp«o<j of 
Jlertury or A(gii», by Iriiiutarite: itulpiurcsi cdriuunt by Aiidr. Appltrnt; 
eotnt mil *MfHMii. -- The ilnirpiup Kf«ilft» fti! ot.\l Vesiii l» tliu ^- 

/■V^ffT rcdun. V'o Ihi- riitlit ii Ihii MH>.e" i\c\ Wnm*.''.'"''''-'^'^' — '''« 
rtlntv ear ttcpn lot! turn t.i llii; Tiglut vi\a \\k •^i\m\^i\ *».\"un, turaiirtt^ 

ItbcJfida tirtta Hatta ( ft. lonj; «iitl av fl. Untile wlirub riu Item 
■ (llviiinit mil- i»'i. f."-ni4 iIV, Vj, IV. Rnou iMlli-cji I'l, Ij, I'i.'liirM 
liy (ilaeoni'i furnlto («i)4. '^«fiii«liBttio', n pii'iiiiF-i-p'ntortr; tVM. Mi>mB>, 
muaKT ArnlpLurfk, And tliii ftralf^iie L'tilttt^tloii (t'lipruviu^B unil nl^liiiiit^ by 
fffuriirAf, Mri'f<iniv. Hupi, Unite nft'atr, Cltiihine. i-ti'.). (.vmot't. Iltliii 
(mtxtiOl. — v. KiiuM (Wit; PI. ;.i l»t Si-plicn; [j>.!liiri'ii lij Vi-tr njitaehl 
[im. Stjtiiuru Ji Mimra. (miii M»iiiniiii'« 'PriJiiii>-i»i Jiinitr; <\tT. Kvo of 
cupdiiiiilltutll. IIiJ Spo.i KI. (MiT""". S«n Tl^Iii'I fMilariti 4ir., 4Tl*, 
^c. Hai/ff. PorlMil* nf MriHUliil and I'HViiur. J-ril Scr, ^ ("ii-liiri'ii hy Hv!)m. 
lib Sue.! 45J. .I»(f, 'laJVOru Btaiieu, Ait Msrin. iTnv-i, H'. Dp*iniir. 
•IIA. Mniiltuni. !:)li Kv><'.: 4!(1. TA. ftiHiCurv. 1'hB imiftl'': Sutti. Minor 
(lidiiiac). — AilJiiiiilUH iJii' uliiireaiiB ie l)w — 

III. liALLUWY. T" [hu 1||(1. Il'i. 7>0liiiiT. TrmmitHrini'j.*: Ilil, Thm'- 
mlriiKa, Cminl Knminarliu: .1v&, Xvurttt.^it'iin vi Vciiiri'i iivi, i,<Hr- 
iftitC-f. rai]iiv»i 'JtWi- /^Wftnt'. I'u'iut -SuiituiiiTivi. Wlnitnw- will; 3?i, 
.1. .IcA/fp'Jorft.BiinBi't : SmI, //. IV.'iwf, »ali»ri.: a74. Iinbr.ij. iirjs. ,1, ,ltVii- 
tfH-&, >Jpji'|^i**<ii*j' 1 HllT- r''i^f*j(-f, Mu'iittljiE»->i'i^]i.i': aiirjltji, Tt'*^[/'f>it^ IIuTp*i'» ftl 
wiiliT; :)5T. Hilri-lri , Mnik: 361 Str vUA Kud. Lifiidoii bj-|iii[lil. — Vfr 

HM!-t'JM\ ti» till' — 

8k<.'<j*u I'lduu. II. OtLLKHV lb>alti-ry ul IbL- H»,]» iti-lln BhIIih, Ti> 
Ilio le(t. Sa«, BhiKh', atiirm on tlip Ingavuiii .4. ^'minW, Vii-wi- ••f MiIhii. 
Til th.-Tinlil, luiTipiitun hy SfiHtjivroie Mii .Viirehr*'. "WiM'i-liira tu the ■ 

I. U-ALiiKiiT. Tu ihu lull, Doisaiv, Mn-Juiiun i-:l C'odiiiiii- tMlltui. 
Tina iMltlng Iho voil: !»!, iJ^mii^AI, Hitliunr nf Oii'-KUU; »t. Indtiitv. 
rvtry-lruiiJiilfi »:>> f'uJiUMij'a, Oitl [Wtnai'li /'. Tniubftiki'V. Kuul-hIHiiii 
■fjilup of ToUiol; Ml. yiirmln, I.ttgininv; iril. ''n.iwiiji>, .\flin- niork-lKPiiri., 
— Tu lUu light in lilt - 

J. Ruuu. aj. (.vijfJHifrf. Coiiriitj VTHlnt-ofiliiiiT* lij' lla//iix, lttitii;4i,, 
Bianchi, ami olIii'.r.H. MiniBlurtis. — II. R<hjm. "ffitcr-iiirnur'i ; iO. Jfitniii-;'. 
FiBlic-miiiii III 0*t*iiil ilituBsr). — III. Kriiiu, f).™. Mi^rrll', III. Sknti-li. 
111. Hi» owD jii>rtr»jri iim, rn^liaiw, lailliii miiniiiLT ; lou. MiiifUI. Mji. 
i)utro<lt: 8J. I'litinl, t'ourt of • muatjui:: -1. Hfnii. Bcfxfi' lln- dtifl ! 
MS. J'tti/liJiiHi, SllliJiu. — IV. Suon, Carluicmiliii'nl L'ulLuntinn ijf Iliv 
MiiniclpM Arehlvoii, — V. Room, Old vkiT« til Mllaii, 

The open spnce at the back of lli« Caalello. orlfciiially tltc plcn- 
"iiiu'r of the Vistonti aiid Sfurza, was coiiverled in 1893-97 iiilo 
the piihlir Paroo iPl, B, C. *-4-: 116 acresi. At tlif K.K. jiart w.f 
til'- grounds, sit Via flauiiro 2, is tlii- *Aqiiarinm ipl. C. 3, 3i, irilli 
a )tuuil rollecliou uf iDiiritiii huiI fn-nisvalt'r !i];rHmLng ladiii., si-'.' 
|i. 15(ii. — Beyoiiii ri.sfB the Arena fPl. <-, 2i, an ampliilln-itU'e lot' 
spoi'I?, built ill \)W1 (With the niul'Tiiil of t!ii' <M I'lirlilii'iiliuii* ol 
tlie CniteUoi uiul iicomnmoilntiiig 30,(1(10 spetlatore. Hiii-(l hy Mri> 
thp Tot'ye XliifUr, uri iron belvcdpre i l»!i4-i, cotnuianilirijj un px- 
teii^li'O'Pfllioniniii uf Miliitl, Oil- jiliiiin uI'Loiubiirdy, ami tlic Al|is 
(adm, yiJ c: iwi-c^nt imlv on Suu. iu clt-«r wnBthiri-, in Himiiin-r in tlir 
L'vi-niuj,-HiiW-,iiiid1hc MvHieyiivla, 'Ivy hiW v'lthtt vKti-rratnatmit 
(cuiiccrh, NCI,- ^. Lid). 

Tli(i K-W. sidti of the park is buuuded by tin; Pat-la ilel liV"'- 
^'•«nc(tr*ui*ay Nu. Ifi, sre ji. IJ4), thu uuiiie iif wbieli refers in 
the cou struct imi of the Simplun ruaJ Ip, -li, anil tin- Aroo della 
Faoe (I'l. fl. Si, u li'iuiiiiiliiil arcli ut vrlulv marWi' . bi.'giiii by 
L. Ctff/iwla I'or llit Foru Uoimpurte (ji. 1721 in IflOii ami eom^lttM 
unflcr The .\iistrimi.s in IftSrt, >fijnt ii[ ili svuVy^w:* a\^■-^*■i "?<.«*"■- 
/"■ii ^firrchtni. 



178 f- B.SB. MILAN. B/Wiolefo dmfcroifawa. 

t'luui tliu S.W. sid'? ot lliH (JiLsIellu w« pruceed acrnes the Piiu- 
liilo Sliisione Nord (PI. 0, i) and Ihro'iigh ILc Vin Boccaccio uid. 
tlie Via Curadosao (Pi. 6,S) Id tlie cviLvcnl-chuiTL •}! Santa Mariv^ 
tMie Graaie ani Leon, da Vinci't Latt Stqipcr (p. 181). 

o. West Quarters of the City. Blblioteaa Ambroalaiia* 

Santa Maria delle Grarie. Sant' Ambrogrio. 

from tbn Jv.W, cornel- ot Hip Muzna doi Mnvrnnti (p-. 179) tin? 

Via l.lMave Oanlu IusiIj* tu tlin Binftll Pia^Ka ilollit Rosa, willt tin 

siii^iiliLL- nlouiiuieut, liy IK, Bazxiiiilo (IHWO), to Felke CavaUofli, 

I III.) It:i(:lii'»l piilitieJiin unil |iiii.'l^, wliu In ri'preiiuiitcil us f.Lc LoojiiiliM 
u[ M«]itaiia. — On tlic 9. sldi.- of the iiinanii is tlii; i;elel>rnled — 

"Biblioteca AmbrOBiana 'PI, D, E, bi, fmindoil by Ab|i. 
Fell, Borrouipo il594-HJaii, Tlic ■irigiunl litiUiliii); , trcctedl by 
I'dliio MatifToiif in 1(103-!), nbiitN uii tlii! PiiiMn Han .Supotcvo; tLc 
piirt to iIk: S. wiiN ailili'd iii 1S39-3I1, On tlic griHiiiilUoor nro tho 
hihrar;i priipi:!'. cviituising ca. iji>,lJllll vols, of jiriulud lii>iik.t uiid 
15,0110 MSS., and also tin: M»*eo t^etlala, tlic oldtst luuseuin ii| 
Miiiui, founilt'd liy Dr. JlriLifrcdo SetliUa (d. 1680], UpgtJiJrs ari: lliu 
v;ilii;ilile culltctions of arl, includitig tie Pk-titre Gallery, JoundoJ 
Ijy Cjurd. BuiTotiie'O in 1C18 (adai., sue p. tiC; e:it7'MiiLT to tlie AnCi- 
I'ttmeru, in tlie L'ourl, third door to the riglit). 'Guida tJommfiHa* 
(l«(l7j, u'itii illnstpaliniLS, 2 fr. 

On till) I'lasi' Ft-'iok U tin- *Plaaco1>eca. Iloum A (0«bin«l «l 
Brenaca). BiiHtd of Pjiiiovh alnl Th-^rv-iliiucnj 3fy lLoniHclv-?s. Pl^avoVt 
fl. (7er'mun I'^cftniir, A<l uraT imi i)f tLu Mngi; i:. FitfiAiK'' Mtngt, Ttfit 
CIdubuI XXZI.; iJait il7-i<e^Ji<F, II. Miilnnis in i cnrlaii'l oi flovart, Ih 
i'ariwliso. — Wo .isovnd n sliopt ^InirMaii lo liuoiii B. 4. LiihA, Mji- 
>ii>ii[jii; 3, Bart, Veniit'i, Holr Fiuiilv; JB. Marcu Ba'itlti, ttlaca diiixl; 
(;iii«p/i'(n>i'i, i!7. St. Jolm, SO. Miiv Mneilnlun I It. Gjiilio ('(oWo. C(in- 
vutKiijii of Si. PiLu], — Rouiii C, l5-aiJ, 2j-au, ./([(I BetietiUel, L;iiiili.(«p«« 
mill still-liti' iiiL'fi!a;33. Habiitf {'f], Mnrioniiii at tho Well (youili(wl«mli f); 
113. Rvttenlmmmer, Clioit nf auri'ls ; V.i. Mtiigt. i.i'iipLiliS f. {p. snil), By tlio 
wiailowB. .loM lintfghi.1 , •18. Water, "B». FlfB. — IliioiiiD. JB. Moretto, 
Di.'»tJi oi at. Filter Marlyt; liurgomivm:, "i.S, Mutliiiiiia ciithi-i>iii!il, wixK 
kai»U aitA r,ii.i^iii^ aiij^^elM (ttSfiK ^t & 1". Wiu^H oP iiii ikltiir "witli SH, 
r^iirinli'iiiii.'i' NMil Pu1er Mnityr, Hniuri* ami F.liEakiirrli ; liriuuaiitlno, ID. 
Miwlouin "i-illi HS. Mlchstl :toA Amlifosiv •!!>, Arf-in.lion iS (hi) lloly 
Chilli (Kii imily wnrk). I)ii oxhi-Ih: *\^. S, DiiUici/H, MhiIoiidil mill an^irln ; 
It, 'finiwf™ rij;, (Joil lliu Fi.llier. - ll'jirai E. T.I tliti riglit, "Rirj'ftn«i> 
I'Jiilnnii of thij ■Seliool of AtUi^iis', U'lliuli slimilit liii purofiilly stuiiioit. 
Tliu dllupi'iluti.iH] tiuuiiitiuu ul lliu frubvu in Ihil yuliisu iiiukL's Clna uctvoU' 
uf L-rciit inliTL-Bl mill v.ilur. bIuiii^ liuro iiiOy ivu iriuu tliu fiiil kay lu tllO 
lu'lftliQ luuClvos ot lliu [laiiilor. The ilci-iNtiiinc nf tlio rrciiuu from llic 
Ptiiliiiii, Willi llio «!X('i' Titian of thi^ Hflilitiuiiu of tlR< eittiiiu llEiiri.* lit tli4) 
foot of Uii; Htoiri'JMi^ lFii.1 ti:mjill"-i*»tiMiiiii<Ii.^i iinil lUe. iiugimU nf Itniihncl 
hlnmilf, iLi'n uoimpnrliint. Arfjupsnt. atu'ly fot Ihi- A.rf liimwk'B lypdrlTnit 
ut Krniiiniitrj ilihI n |ihiitugiii{ili iif ihv frrru:n, Ainu in tliin roami 8>i 
//. LUiiiii, IToly Fnmily (nFt-'c Li^oii tin Vinni's i<iittfiii.ii In LAtidftnJin 
5. Uianpietriiiv, Mad-niTiii. tin pubp-Ib; 'B. Loonaritn ila Vijici IV), PoT* 
Imit uf [fl yutmg liiily (|ii.^f-lijL|iff Mui-tiaikDn Bijiiu'tL, lUu^btor of Loilovlot^ 

II Muio niui will' of Lobi-rtn SonsLTiTflHO: Liilnt. ». Toiithfiil Clirht, 
I (K Jolt II Ihi! ^JiptiMt 4K n Itoy^ *1V. J^ci/h. *la ^'tnci v'^^i Mu«1vi«ii [|iiurlfeii 

I - k nU)''lc, 




lOaMcw .MILAN. IV. B.t6. ijfl 

FnuioLinD OBlTiirlo); 36. VarUlnl, Bearing i>r tlis OrvM; tt. P. Ventln, 
Tartiiit; Giianli. 3!. Ijii.iii^iiL'hiJv, *34. Si'a-|'iva<; Ttrpulu. tS. tluhoii, 
Sa. Ptosi^ntnti'iu In llic Tptiii-Ic; *SS. Ti'fa'i. fllnn <!■>■ McJkl [p. *lli 
ISXl), ftii tliu Ti-Mt uiill; 111. /«f, BOiiCiiiri, A'liiiiitioH iif tli(i SlifiAiiTil*! 
•IS. i'ltiicn, Aduculkni i>f ilir H>iRi [urik'insl iu ihi- I'lailii st MaJrxi). it. 
i)MliT">''> '''-'>' I'iU'li. Hull I'miiiL; , ivill'iT'iljjiia iii<l llio niigiil; 11. .Vi/forif, 
Pcrlrulnitii*): *■- Gltii'lnii'il, JurU'iiil, - Ituuui 1'. ',',. Jiaroccio. Ailor*- 
tioJi "f Ihii Jiliiijiln'rilH, Miniiiliitca. — L'nljliLiit (1 i'Uiil:liiiitii> l.oomiril*'). 
in thu caifl. cki' frtii]iiii9 *r'(iili'i Atliuikun uf l.i-un. ilu Viuci, an nlbiuu 
of SOI piigda, lulth orljliiBl drawing* »nd MSS. (lliutrnting Ihc uiilVPranHly 
at ]i«oDiir<lc>'B Kcniua; obtivi', Uri'U'iii)^ uf tin:! Hdiuol cf Lcuu, da Vinri. 
Tlin iiOiKr Irditca i;i>iitiiiii <liuivmg> hy lili jiugiiU fiDil nuci^cuDrB (oiap. 
p. I>>8j. — BaDiD II. *Ocil]i-i^lion [ir l>niwi[ii.M nnil Euirariiiicai lucluiliuic 
i>»»m[ilcn of lltanrihi (p. BOO). ifiiHirffirrt, iSaphi^el, Ji/lrfr, BeJiutn, 
Alilaiirtver, naii I'eiirz. In llii' iJiiililU- uf lUi' nimii nrc iJic diit'f IrriHiint* 
nt tlic 8(11^11 MiliiOUiii (»i'0 Ijclow), vii. tlm broiiip flgnic of » RaiDsii 

iMT KDtl IL Hilvi'ruilt pDUll «( DUUS UU II lljllll [A\l|r»tllLtir ; ntll Cl'llU. 

— On III-; uii|ic( luidia): (Lj arc Bculiiuiit'n lij BttnibLiJo, frpm ibe loniii 
uf Oiwtiiu lie Fnix ,'11, I7a|. 

C1iM>i-m> Pi-onu. To itiP itjclit, ilv llic coiiil, U tll» .Viikod &:tiafn., 
■rrRTigcil in ihii nrinltitl 17lli niiil. maiiu^ir. It tiiduiti^t tl]i' laauiiur'n 
llPjUratiis la! ]iliV6i[al adiI rhi-miiAl icnuDich-uiitti. iiiiiirrilugii'iii ind 
■awNti'^'i^ collcrlfmi, Honiiin nn.l Klnvicon inliqn itirs. BtKimunrliiPill 
oblMl) fi-»ui ViTii, Kiiil |i{;iiir(>v. In Ibi' inirMIt' Hri' uini.TK (tilth ccnl.; ami 
ftopr wompcpii^. — Firtlioi i>n (H ii tilt' Snta- dfHa Ho«<t, with pmltsils 
\iy Ajiiiianl lti3, fifli hikI /Vr'uif) iMj rikI nthin lUIIi iriil. [Uililingi. AIno 

BibliateoB. In tlic- Cniillntia iK'l Mninil (I.) nri- n lin|>lit h\ SrAmiow 
utiii ^ liEist i>( }iyt*H\ Kiid F»iiv ii'Uikfn liy ThiirtinUtaon- — In tli« Iftr^o 
Bain Antii^B (Mj, rititiiiir from, ibc tirnR ii( I'eil. Hrnfiini<i(j, sru c;«liilitli'rl 

ijiiirtly ill |>!ii>"lcjpni|fj]ii: rnprtiiliLi^tliiiiH) lli(i rJiiiif trrJt'iiri'fi of tliv |i"!l<?i*tii»lL- 
riiiliifnnt' fi-KfinirnIn of nn illiiiiiinulpil MS. nf llnmi-r iltrd rcnt.t: « MS. of 
Virgil, tvflli uiiiilulu [!;■ 1>^' ^(I'ru'K (((I f'ritn Mu-j iiiiTiiuiulitt ti; I'f tin i' I'll ; 
fl imlimjuteel uf Ibu .Mil evM. uilii llic Vuiillnr iiju'.tIi'v nuii ullit'r pmtii ut 
rflllyi'" Gotliic CimiJilii-ili'L pif iliL' Bilik'. aliiiiu wiih ii ffiiem'-iil "f ii fluihiV 
t»]riiJnr (fruin Bubbiu. )>. l!lT'i: a Danlo MS. uf the i-ud of llic Utli uiml,: 
■nuip puge* (i( llin INiiIri Allaiilii'im <»i.u' iiliuvri; iliijuiin"."- |iriiit> njiil 
wcodonls; mitogTapLt nf .Sua Cirlo Coiromtci, Arioilfl, TVrniu, 0«ll]i>i., 
Li^iiurl, Sluni, cl>>, ^> 7'lii' Siiti ilcll' liii'iiroiin^lniK' (1.1 cimlnlriH nii'iltl*, 
wonpftH*, «ii4 H ixv-Ko of C'brint pruWiH'il witlj lliom* iij- tifrn. Luini (I.ISI). 
At Ihc linfkuf till.' lilirnrv, in IhcFi.tEiu H.iii Stipnlc-r*. i>tnMon- 
iimi^nt la tMenifo Ifurrfitiieo (iS^b). ~~ Tu llm rif-l"' U I'n' Romiin- 
fsqnc I'lirircli ot .Van S^fJofrro {Vh D, ^i), ilalfnp; from Ihr- 
C'lil., villi two cjt III pnu ilea, Wi'rl-\uiilliu)r, iiiai iilnr^H.' cr.vpt, Tlit> 
iiitvrfor Jiaa licni jiiottcniiBuil. '.'ii ihf cnliani^ii- wall if n fruin'ii 
(.rieJA) by Bram^nliiio ; Iii iIlc a>ii;i'I^t)' i^ a pklurc b; Clinii|)icli'iiiiJ 
(Mndounn hiliI iingels). — Thr Viit dt-l JJulIu li,'ads liL-uec lo tbc W. 
til llip Piozrn Sim lifliTuniro. wliicii fontflinn u stntiic of Snn Curb 
Bnrrimiwi (p. 230j niiil olsti Uic old — 

PalozKO Borromoo iXi>. 7: T\. T), fij. Tn llni laU'-GwIliic 
5iili\-t«Lin o[ till- jininci' iiri- t.tiri'C rn^si'dm, bUUii'iciiUy inlercgliiijj; 
for tliL'ir tniliJM'l* I'lrard-pl.iyi'rs, jiluvcrs ai. lull, Eiiil ;i ruslin iluni;ii>, 
iiscribeil w M ithvUim dii Bedwx (ca. UHO.i. On 1 tie llrsi glory inn 
■I'jtTruK 0*i.T.RHV (i'miicoleeaj cniitiiiiiii)^ mnnt! importimt Vi\«>v 
iiigs ;i(nl a tv\.- *ciitptiiri's. rbi*1ly (i[ i^c l.timWTA SvUmA •».&,««." 
Hi*t> Ji. I5lt; m> i-alnlvgnet. 

I , ^---''^ 




180 /!'■ n-KJ*'. MILAN. ■''■"" Muur!i,o. 

1. Rnow, Uulonnii wlih John ibt^ BnpilHt rtnil Ki. SAhuiiInu, 
iiltii-rrliff hy Xtirco da Sfin MtfMflf (ISMI. Cnpji-n n( inck-ut |jHial(n^| 

j."iK. pHvulry pnpigiimrmt, tiy Eivi-h ilc' Riilir-rtf), i-lf. II. Ko"M, •jwir(nii- j 
t'lmina, Miitonnu. with KiuK Franpt* I., ulln-rollpf ; Detldsrio dn StUUJ 
UnaPpCf), Biinl: of ii (tii'h laS. I^Joi', .Inf. Bolti-nffln. Ilei.i o! Ihtf Virjriii J 
('riHRUiriit of n FreaooJ. Thrn tniiiii nl«ij rcintiiiix xoun- Iji't'itifiil niiii]a.lvrim 
iipoa toiipirr. — 111, R(""». PuiiiliiigH nS Hie (^MI.lJln uml Ni.'tliiTLiimli«L 
irhnnls. Sriiwings. milogTH.plii, ell". — IV. R"dsi, iiiinlsinini; Win ii)iit"( 
n'cihs of thi? cipUdciIi'II. W. (i'tniipUtriiio. Plttn ; <?*"('. iVrrnj'/, 10, 
St. J^rbikstimi. U. Mmlniiii" with SS .tu.«i>|ili Aiilhcdy AlihiK; l;l, 
Urm. I'nr'-Htliiii. Bi-iu'ltijf n( tlii' finns; tinfci. feccriri. 14. K(. Kochus, HI. 
'IVn Ani'iri.fti; *fiB. Bcf". I.i'iii. Siinmina ilnilMiiiiKtli) ; tlB. i'lf. _H((j:iSI^ 
h'luirnii (I-MiHj: il. Liiiutf Hulvl'iiinilj'i 35. fhrii. Xi-nnJrin'itfiorniiffiioHr), 
['..thsit iv( Anilri'S //■' JJovclli, BLahap ef Allm; Ht!. I'liit'irieeAIn, mtring 
rir ilir Croiia OSIS) ; HT. t'rmTt da. .Sfet«, Ailonitifni "f lliu M«EJ (i^arly 
ft'nrk); I'l. L^'jt'itnf Lt'Hr-, L'rm'iiiaiinrii 49. li'irt- Veii-rPt', SI. 'CHlbnriuv; , 
Hitrtingiiiiiit. 'li, Mnilonnn •'nih.rniK^d. Ji>, Mn'Inmin !■)' i TotL'-hedge; 
l.iilii', *(l- MmlnMi.n iiiirl 9iiipt.i, i1. IHujiMi'i "f HcriiJi.i" ; HurffOffiionB, 
IH. riiiint lilpuKiiif. III. Maihmns; 5U. Si!, rtid'. t'l'jwfi (mil Jloffloyjiion*), 
AiinHiii;i*tiHni; fil, IJlmliiiril Sd'nil (i!"l i.J'n". I'a I ifwi), M«il"jiiiiii; "7!, 
H'lltrafflii. Mjriuniiii willi llii- vjtw (('iirly work). 

A lillU' til the N.W., lit No. 4 Vii Gorani (F!. D, 3), In tlii! Cam 
Bnzn-.rii. witli a collection of woajioiis and u view o[ tUc luwei' ot 
un iinisiimt pa.tnoiiitL castlo (14tb ueut.l, whk'b ia viRiblo hIso fram 
ihi! pour t nr Jfo. '2 Via Brisa. — Tlip Via Santa M.^ria alia Porta 
Ji>«d» fartLer to the N.W. to IheCiiiiiio Mahestj (tramway No, 15, 
see. p. Ij4i, iQ wliifb, tni the rig'bl, is tlie Po,la^<i Litta \9\. C, Sj 
Ittrwtrly Aro8« I, buili hy Rkf bini in 16J[8,«-ilL an inipoeiogrgcoco J 
li.ii,'fiJii "ml »■ haiidsonni stiiircase and ccHti'l, how ooi'iipicd hy tllB', 
iiffld'* ol' till? Stalf Railways 'p, svii\ On the left riacs ibe email] 
i-bni'i'li uf — 

8&n Matiriaio, or Vhieaa del Monaatero Ma<f<fiore ^Pl. C, JJ, 
ciTi-li'il in 1.jO;1-19 hy Giov. Dolcebvimu, u pupil of Brniuante. 

'l^liv iNTKTiEoia coiitnlnn itumcroirA fi'prjco?4i. TliircE olippi>! i-n Ihp rf^lii; 
'Sivgiiririiiit "I Chtifti nnii hiioheb friim ihi' innct.ynluih n[ SI. Cdharlnr, 
ipuimerrii\ L«it(( in J5S0. Tht •Pri'scon^n beiiilt th« hi^li-iiiiii «t»o n'o 
liy f,iiiii rfhi' ISSS); holnw. tn Ihi' li>f1, SB, Cerilid «.ii(l UrwiU lit Iho 
dl'di^ii lit ihu labotUBpis, witli i bi^tiuliful figiiri' of au autr''!. In Ibn 
liiDMli' iihova la a kiiri'lin^ Sgnra et tliu ilonur, Alusumrlri) BuntlvoitLlt*, 
iri, ].*>;l£; t'Xpi'lli'il fruni Bul'»{jiii imd liLidcd here I, vith ISH, ll><iiL^dlf t, Jobu' 
111*. Waptliit. and .lulm the Ev«iiKx>list. Abtivo, murtytrinm of St. MnutwH. 
lli'liiH-. Ici llii- riglil, St4. ApiilluEiin miil l.iK'ia al tbp liilcs of Iho Mbur- 
imc-li', wilh Iho tlnnn Cl.MMt: in the Iliql-IIo, IppuUla Sfotaa, wife of 
JleiLtivugtiii. wiih SS. Si'li'ilaiilJi'B, Aifiioi, and Calfmrloi'. AUitvr, fit, SinU- 
inimO pi'OAL-nU a iiioilrl of thr churoh to Si- MjLLirioi.. In ILo oi^liltd ii 
llii> AiMiiliiiithiri, Till' fri'Hi'oes ill llii' cbaiiL-li Hi 1bi.< nIJ^k iir tbe I'ntraiii'e- 
iij"Nur nri.' Siv Afifr-Ho Ltilfti ar'l hi" piipili. — Ho-hin'i llio liifr}»-iiUiir I'^^J 
lliii Mi'.^s' I'lidiH, lit lliR tume ni^u Ub Ilio I'tiiitr^Ii Elxt'lf. At llku bl^li -nltif 
In ■ •iripB of mnp Fri'sunc" of tie Pus'tion : Iwlnw, thu lifealii' flgii-ni- nf 
Sk. Apollauli, l.unln, Oatlmrine, A^Mh>, Si^bngtiin. sad KofliiiH, ill Kjr 
Ltihti. Bvtn'i-vu the irchuE on Ib-L' Hidu-wdllB uc ocdtilliauii vf sniuti^, by 
Jl/jrflojfnonr (?J. In ibo nMlics of tho gUlcty nbove iro oiedalliooi 
huly wouinii, by Beltrafflo, 

III ihe Via Bernardino Laini. beyoiril tbe t'hurcb, is an earlyJ 

mfd/jfyat lowiT. sfliii to liatpfroii! the days oF Abp. AiiBp*'rt(.p. ISSm 

Farthrr nn iu f/ic Corso Magenla, un rte if\g'tiV,\n sUitttcil ' 

(.»•( Nnpjiti- ot r^i'iimh^. M [ 1..VN. 

ry. K.rA. IK I 

llibrif-choi-i-li E>r *8anta Mn.rin delle Orasle (i'l. B, A\ it Otilliir 
[iprkk edilice ol 147i.l-s2. The pJeipml. rasiii porl»l is in iht carlir- 
leDsissaiii'e slyle, Tin' clittir mhiI Ihr .•ixti^i'n-nideil *n(»mtr with 
neil by Brawanle (1493-fl7i, Inil wi-rw not ciimplKlcrl till ilic 
I cpaliiry. Tins dahomle pxlenni ilHciij-a lions o( llio Iowit pari. 
r^f Ttir huildiiiji-, line to BrHtiiiinlc uit »moti^ iku uioit ctianiilu^ 
' crciitiuns a[ tin- Kurly Ri'iuissaiH'c, 

lUiitiT Aisle. In Ihp *jiil i-liiiiiiil, Jubu l.ln' Ruptlnl, uu iiltif-|iiir''i« 

by (Jt"(. Jhifiii'fllMi-. I'll ctispol. (trwoM hv (/iimlrniiii yrrriin. Ilii- 

' Oni-tifliion, thtiil 'rnwiird with tlmrriK, llhtfut nfliiiiryffJ 'liWli, nnj[»U 

' with tijo iilnlriiiufiili (if the Pn»iiit;i fun Ihf vnulliiint. — lu Itii' (iiutiii 

, tie g^ooA btiilh nf tliL- JtonHinf-nnni), pnilnil!}' \'\ Znnalr nnil riii. J)'iiiii-tiii- 

StK, 1J9TI, — LtliT ArsLB. The RorBPons Ka'ppella <\e\ BoHatlo, willi ii 
r(n"«l ItvK-^n (MMt Mincrij-i.riliH-;, li)' Bniiifasiu Bf^hli, t'UiiUlBa llin 
iciiiiil tiililet nf Hmnilri t'sstiiflionu (li. IMS), in th" ulyle 'if u'iut'. A'l'. 

Jiii'l t'^nacenCi' tin I'fizziiiiifiu (ll-^l^i irnlureilN 

Th« DoDainloao Monaetery lo Ihe N.. nwd u* ii barriiKU 
aim** 179G, hns heen restored by /,i(<^a Bfltrauu. Tlu' flr»l walk «t 
thPClfli«tpM, tolhc kn of thi'dioirofthechiircii, U adjolni'd ontho 
N. by tbn SttcriBtj", which cuutains an allar-pii't^i? (Jobu lln' Bajjliwl 
Hud donor) liv yiw. Apjikini, a pttjiil of Marcu il'0(t);ir.i[iu. To Ibt' 
ri|[ht and Icf! Brc relief- jjyrlruits cl Lodovifj il JJtin.i and bio hou 
MMrimiHnno, from Bambma'a Bludiu. Thf Rfiiiiiseani^C' nablutts 
o.ri! Jidornrd with t'liiiriDiiig- paiulinj;^ dn wucni, Throngb thti small 
ccntroi cloister nnd Ihu ch(i]iicr-hoiise w«' reach tin' gri'al W. wiilJi, 
in«orp« ruling the refectory [not acfiossibk from tbis siilc'i, 

A door marked 'Ceaicola Vliiclatio'. in the >J."\V. iingli' nf llii' 
PIdiza Santu Maria, i§ the preseut eiitraiicf to lhi.> ri'leelury, cun- 
Uininglhocelubrsled "'Last Suppei- &f Leonardo da Vinei, 
the gruat inasteppiccc of I1ie artist (adni., see ]j. I5fii. I'hr jik'tnrc, 
]>ninted on Ibo v.ill 'a tempci's' probably befi>i'<i l-tSfl, hnA already 
tmffor«d grMtly from the peeling' dtf of ibc colniirs hy the iitiddln 
of the Ifith cfninry. Tiif earlier ri-stni'i.tiuua Ly Ikdlntli icn. 1730,^, 
Muxn (1770), and Barezei flSWi accm lo htivi' bei-ii cjiiliiird prnf- 
ticallylo till; (Irnjitpy andthfarChilfftoiiictiiitligrDmid. TUp padit- 
ing -Kiis cari'fully cUiun''! ami I't'slored niid the cylourB wre fi.\eil 
by C'avonaghi witb iiustic iii IVOK. 

In the BAino i-unm nm rihiliit^ii iiliii RiffiAl Marj^ticn'* wnU'kinwa on- 

■ grivins. BUBsroin pholnanphs, inplailiua Hioup of llitifira'ii'liiirn fit Weimar 

i»m>iiiT4>Uhl^ htfribnto'l l<i LuiiimnE^j, iin^il fwmlvinfifajrpL-uKinih ('upji'ii at Utt' 

Srcet fra»CF). by Amh^a Solaj'lii. CrixTr ilfl ItBffiii'. Miirr.wii' Omiiini" . A'll . 
f Ulimtate. sml Lonin^z-j. Thi: •liidy ■■! lliu nriKiim! in inimh fiiL-lIiUlcil 
by Rii inniivt'Iloii of liiem}, thuiluli tlii'v irr nil iiift'i'ior to the i^i>|iv at i'uiili- 
r.ipfliHuii (p. IS). Till- oiiiilual nione, hiiwi-vci', oxhihili Iti iti full pkiciiI 
tlta i!inallua« whiuli thu mititiir int.i'iiil"il In >iK|>rl'i<K, au<I u-Iiii.t>i i^vun Ibi- 
best unpJM (ail lo ccyfoiliioc. Tht in>;llTO of tbt wuk bno licuu well 
pxpliinpil by Ofi«th«! 'Tii' Hrtixt iiiiiri'iiinin Ihi' ticiii<i>titl )UIIi> IikuA. 
luuad tho «'crcd tabic ai tbuDilur-iiigflk by tbc Martot'i -tc.i^«. '^w'- mV 

i'oH iih«l] liHtmy rnc. Tliny hiivn bocii ptiimniufiiiV-, ttin >«\iu\>4 '.umv^"^^ 

IBS iT. KM. MILAK. SanVjMbnffo. 

«k«Ie atUlibtr, the m*IJOD at hii athm ud baniln, all wm to 

**II 'WiaBI ht alterwiH?. On<^ fyoi'U shil! bemr <i><^!" ' (-'imp. lUti p. lvi[£] 

TUe liecoratlro nmr*! paintiuns bj-LpOD.irdo in Hif loiicne9»o4j 
»pui<lr(']-i iSfvrEii. ciisU-of-arms and garlands.) arc in almtist u dft-j 
jiIortMe > roDililiou aa the Last Supper. Tbe large fresco liy 6to 
i^omto MontirfattQ iCrDciSuonJ of 1-195. opposite the 
Sapper, ia bclUr preserved. Tbe kneeling figures of Duke Lodovicft^ 
il jforo p. 169i and his wife BinufB Marin, witli l3irir children are 
\\ LcODirito, bill of iheBe, in spiir ni frrr rriouchin^. only scjiuty 
intCM rrniniii. 

Tbe Vin C^radct»<a nnii the- Vin BiKruxio Icki) hcDcr U ttc 
V-nMrUn 'p, 172|, 

In Ihp Piazxak' JlJrli^lajigelu Biioiiarotti, brytiDil ihr fonntr 
Pnrtn Mugrntn iPI. A, Zii, is tbn Cttsa ifi Rlptixu jtri Sluaiculi, a 
home iif N'$l for ntn^idans, ir« cu litis it i-d in 1S99 liy Verdi td. 1901), 
u-li(p is luirii-'il UiT'', II i^oatains alsu :i Vi*rili Moseniii and » ifoncrrt-; h 
liatl. Willi pivtcTL-ii liy Dvm. Mun-lti, l-'il. I'niizzi. ntid ulbcrs; adm^fl 
daily fxct\ii Tlmrs. 2-S p.m., 50 o, ^ 

Krom Santa M»ri» delle Grazi« ihv Via lli>mitrdo Zt^nale and 
the Vjt San Villore lead to th« S.E. lo the ehnrch of &ati Y'Uot^i 
ai Corpo \V\. B. 6). a late-Benaissaure Inilding by Galeaxzo JUeMif 
(1560,ii with el3li(irH,le interna! iliicvrnli'Tia i $tu coo -work, cUoir-stAlls J 
1)1 1583, cabinet* of tbe 17tli tent, in tile sucristy). — A lilth 
farther on, bi-yund the Via, Cardscei. (inrt of tlic unuknl ruate rami 
tlic rampHne, we reneh thi> quiet Puzka Sitsr Am^skoqw (PL ' 
*i, 6'i, with the old churuh of — 

*8&nf AmbrQglo (PI. 0, 6j, a Roiuancsquv b.isiliea, with^ 
d'KiH- nri>1 airiiioi but no transept. The eliurcli. icittcntrfl 
I") .SS. Grrva^ina and ProlasinB, was fonnded in 386 by SI, Am- 
hreiBi" fp. ISW), wlig according tii an nntieni trnililion lisptixed . 
St. AnjiiiBtln'' hrrc in 387. It wa* rclniill by I'le Benedictines ea. ' 
KDO, bill or their wnrk snlhin^ remains rxrppr. Ibr fliitnrrt nnd th«1 
<'jimp»iiilr dri Mitnnci (S.). Tbe ilriiim \,xs reiirwd by Archlip,.] 
Ansperl iS6S-S.*tljj nud Ihi- j^ri'ittiT piirl iil Uie I'hurcb was rplmllt 
iit till' I2l!i ennliiry. Tht N. lower iCniniiaiiilc dci I'linunifij ilslr 
(ri>iii II2S. rrilerFedertgoBorrmiicui.i*. ITS) Jiifi'hini n^nUtrfA the] 
arcad'.'x of IhrHlriuni undlieguii ihereiiiu(k>Ili>i^oI [lii^iutcrlor. 'i'hft ' 
t>xer*»etnw* nf the 17-181h ccni. wcrr all removed by K Sdimidt 
«l Vienna (IB58 etscn.) and by Gael. Landriani astiJ-SS). It 
now Intended to relieve the i;horch of the disfiguring building 
round it and to eatabtinh ■ miiicum. 

Tli» Hilt ArHiim. PonlainiriK roiii«ii)« nf ani-ionl tombatonM, innerlD- 
ilncn. anil tnrarnca. tvraiM. Ilkr^ Ihc rnfnrk, t<i have prcoErve'd tbe ■rcbl' 
1*«tnril (AriTia t,! tirn uriRiiinl Luiyin^. TIiil> littidi^d v«ni1on ilD«r itt tbf 
rbarrh, vlth irlldfo from the litf at Davlil (pnrlly ri-iitnri'il in li50J, dalM 
t/iiai Ihi- lia-r ol St. AnilitiH.c. 

7*1' la-TKHwu hn a niiacinii* imvi', iiinuUni iTAb- jaWBitea, aBtf.'l 


Bant' Ambroifio. MILiN, /K *■ »«- 188 

OPltnoani rcipDii i>cct IIid {il^*ii]ut. Il ban hepg trtinllir r#ile(rsrttcr] 
SmU iMjnfuiini n>»ny wurka o( irt. — In Ihe Itt ebapcl «f (be tcfl »i»l«, 
■ Riicn Chi'LKT. Itiii>ri> liy Uol^airHO'"'* — lll^ht llil<i. (In tbr riglil •Rd 

thu BQ«iJnKof thu Cniss, the thrct Mnrje*. inrt ihc Danci^at froQi tlinCmu. 

£d<I niinjii^l^ n Hun kni'rlinir alxtiiu 'if fit. Muri^iilliiin, l>r J'U'efd (|tl>J, 
5th ChNpI^I : IieKtnil uf 8t. Gcior^. treicom by Bfrna.nlSi%o Lanlal. Tho 
finl juot 1» Ihf left in tbt Inrwc OtJi cliJipft kuila lo tlir Sutvilii dallfl 


HL'iec. with fvlliiig-piinling b; tieprjo (Ki'hUx)* uf St. Butiiuj). Thrnugh 
lhi> HcriiD'l iluur wr enter thi' CagipdU lif S«a 3aiI[uiiKiQ0i'>lly clutoa i 
vorv' liri'k}, tho ualy rcli* of tlip urigiunl iihiiri'ii, «-ilh inimiiifJi (rMloted). 
— to llju rhapvl III the (ig'lil lit Ihc diuii i» mi illKr-plcri- lii IS. Li^tiii, 
Miiiorna unil a»ints (cluftrir lielil friirni"'! <in im rnijui'*!). — In (rent of 
Ihe rliDlt (I.) mc bu ewly-CliriKilwi aimiplupus fOIh rPTit.) aiii3 llio pulpit 
(ro-iUroJ fiftrr Il-Mi), with ruJ« Uln-Hbiuancn^uo uitrvfntr'' Alintn tr* 
B liniBiB r«ttef iif St. Anihiuin and i li[i>iiiv iiti.'l'! frau tlip nld pulpit 

StOih v«iit, ?). — T'hr *iligh Altar, ali<i rEslurai! Hftor UIIR, alill rotaiaa 
U ar[)tlni1 rlGonratiiiD of oa, SAX ttio only inlirt eiinipic of lii puriod. 
Thin finnriJHlq df ruliijfH on HilvDr hikI ^oM g-ruaiaJ ^In fruut), rnt iriiifd witla 
titinuiRl UI4] uiinia, iixDculcd by Volffitiiii. ■ OcriDan (vuvaroii, ihoim 
eriy ipii paymoul of B fr.l. Tim Kill tent. oitHi;py; ovnr the liigh-sltar, 
I111111U l>]i Inur Hnlumna i>f pnriitiyty friim llic oriKiiial iilliir. in idurued 
wiih Ilijmsuo->ii|uu iituuco 'Keliel" (nccnily rceilJed), iu ili« ulylo of 
tliQun HI llii> TVnipieltLi iii CivMnlji fp. iSfti ainf miKaibly [ho w™rk of H 
neiniaii Bancdlrilnc. TIir TriLunii c'lnuirlH flnn lleiiBliiaiiiici^ mhIIa, in a 
Bltumllsllr otyls, hy Oinf. ifti .Wi'it" nti'' ntln-rs lliltflj, nnd jir mtili'mt 
enlsiinp*! thfoiiu, AIkivc itp (larly-Riiiniiiit^aqEic mosnics iff tho fllh font.; 
[iSrlfll In lllO fftnlrn. «I the niilci. SI, Amlirfiis no.! other miiiits. — Tn tho 
Ipf I of the cljoir is tho lo rutin lone iit Pepin, sun of ChBrlomjigTiff (p. tWt. 
OppDnlfo, It the N. fnlriinue In llie Ckvpt, in ti fromio hy H/irijagn^ne 
[Cffirist »uionjr the 3priW«), Thu modorniioil crypt njiilsinii a atlror 
foliqiiii'y jlHOB), in wMcli ant prHa-eryeJ ths bunot at 89, Ambronij, Pn>- 
t>titlii». Ln<l GorvBfliiKi. 

Adjncont to the left ai^k is an nnJuished c1oial.«f, dc«ignnd l>v 
UraKiante |1492), and nfterwariis rebnill, ^ A gn-od view of Iho 
church 13 obtained from lh« forecourt of the C^storcion conveol of 
8isnt' Amhr'Hjio (now n militarj ho^pilal; PI, C, ^}. The two inngr 
courts, designed b; Bremantc, are iaaoGcsniblc, 

The Tin Lansone tPI. C, G> Ipuds liencp to the 8,E. to the Via 
Torino (seo below) and San Loremo (p. 184). 

d. Alone the Via Torino to the Southern Quaptera of 

tho City. Sftn Sfttiro, Ban Lorenzo, Bent' Eustorgio, 

Osped&le MaggioTO. 

The liiwiy Via Toitiso fPI. E, D, &, 0; tramwuys Nos. 18 & 19. 
see p, 164) lieg'iDs at tLc S.W, corner <if Ihe PimEa del Danmo. 
To Ihr Irft tbesl sMn froiri the Vin CRpjiH liiri 1 !,» 111*! sirinll chorfli 
of 8an Satiro (PI. E, S, fl; flosed 12-4, in wintiir 12-3), founded 
bv Abp. Atispert ('879), pmetii'nlly mhnilt in 1242, (ind re-erected 
by liramante. and uthors jibout 1480. The facade i.i mnrti'm. The 
apparent choir ia unly puinted in [verspeclivp. Thi- nptignnal 'Bip- 
tl*tery (ongitiatly thiB smirhtj), oJF the right itisie , ii.U<\ V'^ "fttiv- 
wasi?e(before 1488), ia the gem of tVio iiii.tlg-litwa.w?-*.^^''- '■^^^^^^ 
barriy; it has s hesutiM Mtis by Car adosso (i^ t>l -piAW m^^^^"**^ 
S«i.Min'i. ,Vurl)i.Tr Italy. l«h E.IU. , , iS't">Oi"'lc 



184 IV. R.S6. MILAN. StinLortnup. 

in miatUllions. At tlic cuti of ihc li-rt Lranaepl is a carinas lit lis i 

bnildinf wltl) a capols (Cnirpclln della Piftil; 87fl), rontiuning »! 
PieU, in paintetl tcri'ncotlft, liy (.'arwlnmiit (f usually uovortidl. 

Farther on in the Fin. Toritin, lo fJn: riglit, is tlio nliprch oP 
San SfbeMf.iauo [PI, D, E, Ri, a twri-storind cireukr cdiflfio in iho 
baroqnfl style, by P. Tihaldi il.jr7); tbc frescoes in ihu doma *re 
moiiicm. — Th? pLurcli nf Sail Oiorffio al Palazzo (Pi, D, 6^, 
also to llii! irijfiil,' WW ffnindrd in iM, rebnilt in IBOO. and rustnred 
in 1S21 asd liMiS. II coaLuiris in tlin 1st '.'iiapel oil tlie rlg*t a 
St. Jeriime by Gaud. Ftrrari: in (lio Srii I'hajiel un the rljht, 
paintings by Lmiii: abiive thi^ allnr, EnluiubiueQt and Crowning 
with thorns; nt the sides, Sr&nrgin^ and Kooo Hooio; in the dorati, 
Umeifljtion ifreaeof. 

Farther to llip? N.W.. in \\if Pl»ji«» MpiiUnn (PI. D,B;, in n Jtoilum™* -1 
by Luigi BuUi, tri-'^lsil la ISBO iu nitiaury «f the Itnllinw wlio Wl it ■ 
Monism. — In the Vln Sim rnlnccrn, \X iho S,"W, onrl oJ tlin old town, 
in tbc intcrcEting ctiurrli nf San TinosnnO' iti Prato (H. B. C, !J, a bi-l 
4ilisA »-itliuii[ trs.uhV|iU, i^lil Id have lii^iyii [iri^Rtoil in SRFi, rchnilt in I3HU 
loTiK iiJiPii fm •eniliir piirpuaps, an'i shlilfiilljr Ti^slomd by iMiiiMani is] 
1B9G-88. Mnat 'if the onlumos uru inuluiit; Ibo i:h<iir-vi:ri:cnh and niuUonHl 
fp, ttitii] KivP a Eo<"l iil<^li of ihu priiiiitivo Christian Brrunspmoiil. — jJ 
III ttin Vin Mnrcii il'Of>gi(-iio {PI, C, 1), nloBr tu Ihi? Niviglio clol VUlonO } 
llmibour-fiinal). tUDds ihe brgo jIKirri/o /'<i)icif«rf (Fl, C, 7), a 'puo 
uiall'e holi'l' fiionileil in IDOO Ijy II11.1 Vninni' (.'oufn'tativi (JJ, I5S). 

To thn S. the Via Tofino is continued by Ihe Conso Di PoiiTAti 
TiOfiESE fPI. ri, 7, %), in which, on the left, is a large 'CoLossar 
lPI, D, t) nf cistern Corinlhian columns, the laost important relid 
of llip Roman Weiliolannm. Arijuccnt is the cntrancf ti> — 

^San LioreiiBO (PI. D, 7 j, the mo«t ancirnt church in Milan, < 
whitK w«s erocleil tn nn (he ruing of !i Konian biuliiiag, and 
rpbuilt alxmt 560 nnder tbi! inflnetipft of St. Sojiliia in Coiistan- 
triioplu and Ssin Vimle in Riivniina. It wa.s r«slured attor a flrB in 
1071. ant! praoLicaily rrhuilt \>v yiarlinn Bagni about iri73. It ia| 
ontiS'fi''^'l '" form, and covprcd with a (iome. On the fonr principal] 
sido* are larpo spmipirriilar iipse!) in two storifs, cneh homfby fuop] 
oolumas alternately oeiafonut und round. 

Al Hid hir.k nf ih" higii-iilttir it Ihp CapptVa di Saiit' Jpjfillto. ''"^I 
inK DtlKinally ttimi tlic Sli Miit,, Willi thn loinli of Ciiuul Oio/, MariT 
Visponli, tj" JfoPY/. Agrnit (luSfl) -- To tbf rigM of lli« iilioifli is lb 
Jilinogl luiimlly snrlent Cnopeita di Ha,nf Aquliirw) (oloacilj, minlllinln 
«ld mOflttltB [Christ snrl the. Apcmtlt" ami Annuo cm (inn to thn Shej 
lieriln, Xhv latti^r fri^cly rcstoicil). nnil iiti nnricnt ('hnatim aarcopiiinisJ 
Thf ontranffl to ttm rlinpel frg.ui IJic i^biiroh i> Hiluined with an mtiu — ■ 
innrMu rrntur, on n-liioli B|jppatii a Uirrtianle riding i goal (to t,\» iHf 

Fartlior t^i the S., bnynnd the Nawtjlio, rises ihe eonvent-chnrcj 
of — 

Sanf SuBtorgia rPl. B, 8), a basilicn with aisles and witbon 
transepts, fomidfd in the 4lh fltiit., alleced in the Ruthic Btylc III' 
iS'iH, aiuJeroixi'd in the ]7lh cent, by Hichlni. and restorptl in 
«(• arig'iMti stvh oflcj- IS62, The mo\an twiB-ii la b^ Gro 



Sojif EiOtor^o. 



Brocca (tSBb). In ibr Tia Santa Oroce, beliind ibe cliuir, is the 

ekgnnt Ijrirk Porlitiitri Cha|H'l (see below). 

Ill Cha;>('I 1.0 Ibo rJKlil. Miinl mvBnnvnt »f OiM. Slefna Brirjo 
[d. HM), hy Tnmmnin ila Oisniinftra Ul'l Sanal. BrtcMU: llh Cbtiis! to 

IbD light, UolliK niiinuniLirirl of Sttvlnnu VlDRunti {en. I3'il>;, ly llantno <fa 
rnni/iiowi^ 1?1: Glh f'hapol. Monnmriita of G!up«n« VMPonli !tid hia wih 
A)mL-t (el. UlTl. — Foitlnir on, in Ibe »Btiio ndf.. Itic (■"nj'jwWn if<iJ(ii||l, 
niiii|jii:nin^ a TiWft «t IKK bhiI > Inti-RonaQ iai'(ophB()7ii, in vLJiih IhB 
■hflnn nf [hi' Miigi' wen- pirni'tvi'ii iLdtil tlii'V in-'i^ pn'm'iiii'il lu Ihe nity 
of Colngil'' I'V Prwlciii-k ftirlaroinl in llfll, By thp liig'''*""' *" "llflii 
or tlt(> Pnnoiuii, ilKlini; fr>>m l\m l-llli renliity. lu ) iriodaiii i»ri:o|i1i>fi]a 

BPOD) IffKrw me dcpif^it^H ihc kionrt of 9.S, Kiiitf>rT;iQ*i Mtf^tu, and 
pnnrnliiH, (lin'f (irc1ilu«iiiiii« i>/ Mi1in in Ihn Itti ceiilmy. — "Kram Iho 
' choir wo piisa Id tbu Ip[| inti Ibo "OiPpdM PoHJimW, ""(Ih n flue unpaU 
Ui'l H <7hHrmine frimi 'if anuria, built in l-iej-KS tiy MUhftfisso fp. IM) 
for Pigclto Poriiiinii {i3. lIUBi p, lit) of FloroQcL-. ll coutiim Ihu mur- 
ihifi(!(.Dmolhii'*Twiiih, in m»rhb, of .St, Pinor Murtyr \iy Oiaf. dilla.lduccit> 
at PIbi fiawj. Thin saint, Iho- Dominiiiiin Trn I'iulri) <>t Vprona, »»» 
imidlnrnrt in 1861! in Ihc foTcil of EnrlBstlnB, \n rnnsnijiioBi'o o( hli BM- 
■cpiitiiiD uf bttFtics. TUy wbIU iiti! adiitiipil ivilli •rn.-som'n uf tbc fjui 
I.otin Fitiior* of tho Ctiiiwh, Bpent« fr«in Iht lilp of St. Pftev Mirtyt, 
tJir AiiiiuaeinilriD, luil tV AMDiinpilDii. Iiy nxr. Fopiia — Trt Ihc: Kfrftly 
IK n Psnittinl 8t. Jpromf, by liargcgnone', 

TIii; adjncfnt Dnriiinican Crmvriit is now ii Imrrnck. 

Wd follow Lli(! struct to l.iip Porta Tinwjirf (PI. I>, 8), ori|rinii!ly 
intcodrd to DoinnieinornU tlii- Battle of Mitri'iij^ii, hut inNcritiiil in 
18tS 'FiriPoiniJi.iniui Sospiln'. W*' thi?n liirn. t.o the E. ali>n^ Ihc 
Vi;i Ijian Galeae*) to tbc old. Forla Loditvira iPI. E, 8|, whence 
wr follow Ibe rnii«i) S*v <^EJ.«> (PI. E, 8, 7), to th« loft, t.o the 
t-hiiirli of — 

Santa Maria preeao San Celea (PI. E, 8), bnilt in the Ri'- 
HHiBWinc'^ Htylr hy Giov. Dolcfbuovti (p, 180), (."riitof. Solnri, ami 
ntltiirx nfltr 1493, It poaAiiaura n kinds oiai> :itrjiit» il.'>14*2(>|, a.U 
tribntefi To Bf>~n. Zaialp^, 9-tiA nn or*r-r!ec&rntcA ro»ro!t fa^nrto de.- 
signod by Gaipitizo Alejmi nnd cxPHutcd hy Marlino Btttai (15GS- 
7S), The »ctil[iture« nrc by Aim. Fiiiilaiin nnd i^folilo Ijurvm^. 

Tlii' IsiTHjtr'in lu in Ihi? form of .1 tmsllim wilh coffore'l h»rw>l-vmill!inr 
over Ihii iiAVP. a lifldfciiEunnl i^iipoU, Slid an ainliiilu,tnry, B>- llio Xiirl 
liltar lo llio righl, 'Holy Vinillj' divl SI. .Trrnmf. liy Pnrin Bnrdnnc: (hi- 
riipoln is iltcnrnloii with ftrwom hy jlJidr. Appinni 1171'fij, in IIil- iil»JiMlri»t 
■tylo; to the left of llio )ij^li-«tti.r. 'SlatuB of tkc Virgin (Aiiiintii, from 
Hip Iscail't;) hv jlitt^. FVinftviwi; in ilu' niiiliiiUlwy. Oiwmiitiri ferrnni. 
D»l)tiBni of Ciii'i«t, »Bil iloi-etto, PonvDniun olSt.Piuli At Ibo hcpiiniine 
of ttie left ftiili^. Bi'Viimiiionf., Mmloniin huiI ■niiilk. Tliii Sin! rJiBpOl on 
thF left contniria n ^nrcnpliiRi'* villi th» ri^licfi nf !^t. C'^ltii*. — tu tbe 
fariLtty urn £ niarMii InvhhD mA apL-iiiineui of golilimitli's work. 

Ad^jeccnt is the Roiniinps^nr. chnrch of San Cflso, doctcd of 
its W. half in I8fl6 and iirvw possrssiri)} few remaiiis of thr; orig- 
inal stinftiirc. 

At tlie N. ctiil of the Corso San C'slso Ib the Piassa Said' Eu~ 
femia, in whieli. to tlie n'glil, slandd the diunib nt thai. wiKniv. 
(PI. E. 7), dating ot-jgiiia.l1y froiii Viv: Sl\t cciA., Wv tft^^.a-Vs^^-i 
restored il sat iri iS7i)). \b the tljird chapel ow vWVelVw «.'*»*■'**'"'' 



18G /f. R. H. HtUir. 

vith Ktiintt and siif^h, hj Mir(« d'0):)ri«n<>, — On the S- *JdQ 
the Pintxa ii the churcb of Ban Piolo iI'L E. T|, k ricbljr oi 
nutDcDlcd buililinji of Ihc niidillc dI tlic ICilit ccalury. Tbe wcbl* 
teirlaral drcnrtttoDK of \hv l&^ie alroaily illnnUatc liir {irinriplrs 
of tlie Inter tftnii|ui.> ntylc, and tliix i.i srtn ettn niurr ^ttuii|;Iy w 
the intrrlor. whicli in ftdiiriird irilli trrwar* by the linitbura GiuUo, 
Atitonin. nud I'lnn-flw rntii;ri (|). S4&\ 

The ViaJliu«dci leti* licurr tQwardt iticN. ta the third tSif 
street on the Irft, th* Via OIihHIli, is Dip Omi/regaaoiu ill CaritA 
(Pi. D. E. «i. foniicrly the Pal, Archinti; Ih* oellinj ot tb« l»tl 
CoutalntiiK llic archive* li decorated with tartci.' (icicota by OIot. 
Daiii.rtep«lo. rfprr<iciitln)(lht'Triaiii|jlt uf llicArti. — To ihe right 
(No. t^ in thf Via Piatll, which leads buck U ihe Via Torino (p. 183), 
ii tli«i Cata I'liattboitfUo. villi n prvlty earty-Rpaaltwance court. 

Bftvrrn tlitHc tlrocM anif the Piaaia Sam' AI«8san<<to »t«MU 
(ho hngr PailftssoTrlTQltlo(Pl. D, E,<)t, »itli a handMui* UnKgn* 
[lOrUl iind valnalile art ■doIImiIou-i (adni, by liitroducUun only), 

6i-n1ptar»! Tv.) s*riv-CbrtittUn l)iptyl■^ol CfOi'pral.U temti at Aacaa* 
YiBCvnll 'IMP-SI*.^ train t<aa Qolunlo. br GInr. M BaUucclv. Ii> wtna 
ii inrMihcrl also thv rt'iitt b1 Ijiii1> thf ItirirUn larMtlng AiiuDf Vii. 
rAQll a* iuii'i'iial i irtrrtrr'nl i nUltiPttr ot t warriur, bt^injr a hicmxe cun 
of OOP of id* apnie* «( Z-mh. da V'ttici't llT»t Bia,<«l lur Ihx ci)untna 
niiinuiiiiiil I" Fi«ni\ Sf.irdi ip, 1 Ml); » rrlEcf- port nil lijr (TiiU'rvro St^lari ; 

(taOaBOMf^ anil Hfn. flrtnttti; ni«rM« liiml of fhillp tl. "V S|MLla. hj 
LtOiUtMi*!. PaintiFiRo: Ai^diie^M iIa ifi^ •<•■«, P.nliul [IIISl. Xawbgwo, 
Itlidoaiusatlirrini'il, iilT)i Uiiiti mil anAvti (I(b:1; aiix-, ?(p//t>ii, Mml'inaa; 
Hi omMtlin^ Mailn-nni in'! uiiiU, *U<i Ivrlr? •kf'l>hi>i U't Upc*lr(» 

■lilt reprwriitill'in* of ilrp niLiniln. — Tho IHir*Fy (IllMiiiliTilVii-uliUaa; 
eOM vuIb. oriI KUXi M.'<-S-] r.»nUm> * D^ntv roitra nf 13-^:, ■ tvv IcaTf* 
from the Heui« Jo Turin 'p, is). > MS, of I^onirdo ila Vijifl, otr. 

Oppaillr. on Ihn 1^. tide <if the (tLtxatL, utanil^ the charcfc ft 
Bant' Alowuidro^PI. K,6., n-cciod nfldr lfi02 by Lor.Sing^t! ' 
tltP W. la^Bili? imliircil in ISfln), with Iwo Inwrrs, is a copy of 
Santa Mann <li CMignfttto in OcDoa ip. 114). The fiiic iul«mr bu 
«labqtnlc riccoralitaf of the mil of the I"lb ccnlnry. 

From Ihc riaaxa Sam' Alrasandro wc follow Oic Via Zebfdla 
to the B. to Ihc Cosso di Paurx ttonA^i,. tbe cDiilinoalion of |)m 
TIb Carlo Alberta, whtcb Icada to ibr Porta Somana. To the left 
!■ Ihia Mrrat ii<tn ibc oburnh of — 

Bui Nhbio iPl. F. 6, 7<. pcrbapn a fonndallon ot ibe 4th Dflnt., 
rtilorrd tn the I3th ocnt. and in lili. 

I'lTtKioa. tir t'lppclU Ktnla riterini, on the Ml. cnnlafai ou «t 

■>f Rl. CriTliirlno. palnloil in ImlUIIcm trf tlir tliulUr ^ctar* 
■ >.v l^ninL't fiiftiil^f ttati^lonaJn Pcrrart ip> l^^Ji ^'^ tb« rlglki 
>.''i i-<:tair tltar and anrhfiil NwUi tlainml-ftluii vliiilim. — 
'i4tt<:f Bifinlls tu lh<i arliix»i>tl ■npolrbtil rhtpcl "f Ihff Trlrqlsti 
fa foflrtvs, bnllt by fVanr. flriowa (ISIBI. in-l c>inUliilnr IhV 
larvAal OUn Olai. TrivuUio ilU*-\W»-| *i.4 V\. \""> -At^^ 
«WiMMl and Bxalileo At AvaXoa, Vf Burt. d^\a PorUI^ 


rOfpnIciEe mggtore. MI LAX. IV- B. K. li 

St. Ifxiiliii I4ih i-CDI..^ i (iri'tk-iirivninl nurk rxan-rvi-d in in *iiiirat)t 
Jllili'ii^o uinnnpr f€brl-t «« ■ y^'^tlifiil diUt in? Ilio wurM), 
To thu S*,E. of Sao Nuaru, iu tlio Vii ilcH' O.^pciltlc, is tbe — 
•OBpedalsMaggiore tr'I.F,6), the flf« luuninipil lioipiul, 
founded is 14..1& iiy Prum:. Sf orca, a vaisl mid rviua. k.-ihly fine Urlck 
Ktructuru, ulioui 'Jlj.i It. lung nnd ^:)J [I. tiniutl, with a rnnin 
crntril courl .-lud tiij;!)! »iib*idt*r)' Lvurls. 'l'h« "S. vritijj wns began 
it.ter 1462i?| in lliu 'Luinbai'U iruiitiLluu «iyli<'. a uiiiluri! ul Gothic 
Hiid Reruissiiiivi; fnriiis, \iy AJiroitiu ^dartffe (|i. 153t, witb tbo 

»ftS8istaucL' ii( (ravjififiie Solan <p. tOlj und iiilnjr Luuilmnliirdil- 
teclN. The suialler uuui-U ou Ite S. aide funpui-iaUy Uil- ^puterul 
Ciortilc diii Preti; 1488) iind [h« S. uoluniiade of ihe "Wain U&urt 
show Bgiadual "ippi-oximiiion to thf style cfBrmunate. The ccotr«l 
pait at till! FiKfndc ^with IM Gnthlc u'liidot?^ nud b(iroi]iiL' port&l^, 
Xiw other three ttidea nl' llie main court, and tliu oliiircli urc crvatioiis 
of iduuAi'ii il6^4-49j; thiii N. wiii(- of tli« lioipiln! wna compiled 
by Piein/ CasteUi at tliL> end uf tlic IStli toutiiij-, Tiie uilillci; ie 
entirely covered exterunlly wUb cci'J'ucotIa, Ici u style (rcqucnlly 
observed in otlier Milanese tmildirigv-, but tlio ulricf paiiH uf tie 
fa(&dc, witiii Lts ricli wiiiduw-iiiuuldiugs, &rc superior tu niiy utber 
stracture of ibe kind at Milan. 

Friim ihc li&cli uf ibv liuiplu) llie Vi» Sou Btraiibiii lukJn ti> ilia 
SoConda (Fl H. »-. i>|>i;n 'in Thiim. A Siiu., 10-1; u.Iui. AU n.), bulli Ly 
Airlgnau auii <lciIiuLleil Uy llic VitRruy Eugunu ttvUbilinruBix iu 18UV u u 
Pftu^Aivu'l iVostniMVA. It ninv cuiitiins s oulki^cluD uf purtrdit* af bcuc- 
fai^Iiirt <jf \ic OnpL-iUlv Mitcg^iorc, fniiii Ihi' IHth r-unl. tu Ibe piuiKMit d&f . 
— In lli« Viu Gimxtnlln. tfli' Uml iroe-'.-oti'ect uf Ilic Vis Sau Bniiiabu, 
is tliu Siiiiagujfiic [PI. G, Uj, by Lucn Ueldaiiii [18'ai). — Snn FUti'v Ui 

FruDi nic Bii.r[ti>n Titlom (PL F, S) iba Conn Vcullilue Maizii luiLiln 
ta \he ^(irddrii MO , api^nvd tu 1^10. 

A lUtlc tu tim "S. o( tbu Oapuildu Uaj^gioro Is itic PlaiEft Stutla 
StctivnimFl. F,6], with Hio uld cbiirtli ol HatUu Stffano (piiictlciilly 
rubnilt ill till! 16th cent,), in which Galeazzo Munu Sl'orca ip, ISI) 
»us miirilcred iu 1476. — Hnrd by is Uin PiiiMa di-l Vtiraicre 
(PI. F, 0, 5), uwd as » H'([cisblr-iiiarliel. We may now Kiuni to 
tliir W. by Ihc Via TeniiKlte iimi tlip Viaem Fuiitaiia i.Pl. F, 5), 
witli its gractfal Fuitntain iby (J. I'iermarini), lo lim I'iazs.i del 
l>numa, or «■(■ iiiiy folliiu llie Via Citsare Uw^cai'ia lo lite .V. tu tha 
J'tda^v di GiiiMhsia (VI. F. D), u liafuEjuu atruttlun.' by Suiegni (?), 
witb a (tourlj'ftnl o( liiii'i' diito U6U5;: to Iht- li.'tt ul' llio porlal \a a 
tdblet comirii'iuuralliif: Silvio P'ellico and tiie uilmr Itttliiin patriols 
conimittad by Ihv Anslrians lo the fcjrtreaa nf Spidbnig in 1821 
(coiup, p. 53j. Adja-ccnt Is llic i'laixii Buecariii, with h guud Jtlatuo 
of Beciaria (p. 165;(, hy Qius.Orimdi {1871J. — The Via Ctf,in.T« 
eccaria ends 911 the K. at (be Corso Vittuvlo E>iaMiiut\« ^- lA'*^- 

, L-^K-^^ 


I 188 ir. n. «5, JULAW. ^^^"Cotm Ftmwto^^B 

] e. Eaat Quttrtaps of the City. The Coreo Tittorio ' 
I]raanudl« and its Side Streets. Oiapdiut PubblicL 

Od ihe N.E. sUl' uf thr rulliiilial bi'^iusi tjiu Cur&u Vittouio 

Ehasitblr (fl. F, a: traitniiiy So. 3, sec p. IM). which, witli its 

pruluiigntiuD, Ihf) Corsii Voiiezia |P1, G, H, 4. 3). leads lo tlir Gior- 

ilini Fublilid. TMa w ihc pMijci|ial busliicss-slrcel in Mtkn, ron- 

' (uLiiIng i\\t bcgl slin]ia. At No. 2H. ou (be left, i§ au niittquc sUloC: 

Ikiin-A'u as M'Qonio Ji pieira'. Further on is the oliureb <ii ^\s C^nui 
(PI. F. 4,5). a rotiijula by Aniatl {1H36-4T) in the stjle <if tin- 
I'aulleop al Rome, dodlcalod tu .San Carlo Borromuo (|>. 239). The 
adjaceat Galleria de (jTisttifons, occupied bj shops, was precteii 
by Ptazala in ie30-32. 

To iho right, fartlior on, at Ihe oornor of tho Cimiso VESSUi 
i and tlio Via Monforifl, is the iniail Homsiios'iOB rhureh ol .S'au 
L Babila{l'i. O, ii, wiili a new fatadc {l!J06). 1» front ol llie ylmrch 

is an olA Viihuui) v.'ith n lion. 
I To llie S. of tiic Via Monforifl, in tlo Via del Conaercatom, )i 

thu large oouvciitiial cliurcL oF Santa Maria della PctBeiobo 
iPl.H, &), 'amori ct dolori aacruui'. begita iu tin; ]i«ii:iib sauce style iu 
1485, with an uctagouol dome i Ift4- £t. Ligh) b.v CWj/. Holari (15301 
■ Later iiuvc, iind a Facade Ijy Rusuati in au nnbiidled baroque atvir 

It ciint&idn a Lbrit Siipppr Ly OaiJri. JVrf\tr( [left trixiiiopt ^ frfolf 

iMUitmll, » 'VMft >iy i.iiiNl (h«liiud lliB higli'»ilst; uitli n prmli'li*. 
TVproivEiLalJc^ f*coui'*i from ttir.' lifi' of C^umtuntinr anil fIi>IcQ^, the carlloM 
kCflwD vfiirk a! Diin niuilcr. «bi>wt.Lii! llie iufiupace ur fiiirgO'Eilniie ■U'l 
Branmntinnj, nD>1 the tumb uf Abp, Birigi^, Ihr f-jiin^lpr of ibc Ebudi, 
by Aiufna Fuslna (HB.%). Tho piljmteis arc jrloriicJ will llgurM ot 
mLuIs by Banirlc CTCapl (lOW). Tbe toUinj of tho sucriaty WM pliotriJ 
by BoTgoffaiiae (m. IMBK 

The J?pa/f C'onw-t'afoj'icJ di Mmka Uiiiaej?pe Vtydi occupies 
tlic old LattrauDiisia" riiona»ti>ry, — A littl.i tu Iby H,W,, near Uie 
CVfso di Porta Viltoria, is (ho Uulhicni-ouaaliet Lurch ijfBaBPistro 
In OeBsntedM. 0, S-l, rebuilt aboat l-160-I3(^G'. Tbia ci>ala3na uncb 
ilofaccd (reficoL'S L_v Bern. Ilulinonr. and Bern. Hciintc (seenci from 
tilt Ule ot ^t. AuibroHc), tbc italiifullj fculiatic luouiioieut of Aai- 
ibMjrisOHfo (d. 141)3) by C Solaris and elaborate baroque choli-- 
' ralflL The Bencdirtliii; ckiat«ra. with two early-It cnaksoncc conrts 
(1500), arc now occupied by the Orfanotrofio, or orpTiaimgc. 

We now rcUirn lo tbe Corso Vpnenia. Clii ihe kft, iin lliia side 

ftttlic punn!, Is thf Arch iepiseopal l^'cminary (PI. F, 0, 4; No. 29). 

'Gills. Meda (l^TO), witli a barcpi|iu< porl&l (by Riectiiui} adA ■ 

It court with ft two-story arcade. — KBrthpr on, lo the right 

lo. 16), in the Caiia I'lmtana mow SitvfMri). nf the middle of 

ie ll/ih cent,, urilli winnly traci^s of tfti;cid(.<-[iuintiugs by BrBstaaU, 

• wbaui ii uitc'riiied also a frieze in utii^ n\ Vas viihim.*^. 

la tbf Via ihl Scnatii. which flVvctftp.B m Uvh VbIxXi-j \V>;'SW\^wt. 

l ^ 

Oiardini PubblUi. MILAN. IV. B. 18. 189 

stands (I.) tlie clmrcli of San Pietro Celeatino (PI. 0, 4), with an 
interior Id an eitravagast bnroqtie style (1728). On the right 
(No. 10), adjoining the fioschetti (see below), ia the Palazzo obl 
Sbnato (PI. G, 8; formerly Collegia Ehietico), bnilt abont 1600 
by Fdbio Mangone, now containing the provineial archives; in 
one of the handsome conrts is an admirable equestrian statue of 
Napoleon III. (bronze), by Barzaghi. 

Farther on in the Corso Venezia, to the right, No. S2, is the 
Palaxeo Serbeltoni (PI. G, 4), a classiciBt building by Simone 
Canton! (1794), with a collection of old mnsicsl instruments, some 
artistic treasures (Antonello da Messina, Bramantino, Moretto, and 
others), and a large garden. — On the left, farther on, Nos. 59-61, 
is the Pal. Ciani (Pi. G, 3), by Caaati (1861), with rich ornamen- 
tation in terracotta. On the right (No. 56) is the Pal. Rocea- 
Saporiti (PI. G, 3), by Gius. Perego (1812), in the 'classicist' style, 
with reliefs by Marchesi. — A little farther on, to the left, stands 
the 'Uaseo Civioo di Storia Naturale (PI. G, 3), a tasteful 
brick bttilding by Giov. Ceruti, erected in 1892-94 and enlarged in 
1907-8. It contains the natural history collections of the city. 
Adm., see p. 156. Catalogue (1908) 20 c. 

The •aiardini Pubblioi {PI. F, G, 2, 3), between the Corso 
Venezia and the Via Manin, are probably the most bcantifnl public 
park in Italy, with their tasteful flower-beds, their ponds, and their 
picturesque groups of venerable trees. They were laid out in 
1782-85 and extended in 1856-58 (45 acres). Concerts, see p. 155. 
On a small island in the middle of the park is a marble statue of 
the Milanese dialect poet Carlo Porta, by Puttinati. Bronze figures 
commemorate .^«/.>S(opp(X»ii, the geologist (1824-91), .^Tsi.iZosmiwi 
(p. 238), and other worthies. The high-lying N. portion of the gardens, 
known as the Montemerlo (caf^-reatanrant), is skirted by the chest- 
nut avenue of the Bastioni di Porta Venezia (PI, 6, F, 2, 1 ; p. 164). 

On the S. side of the park, in the Via Palestro, is the Villa 
Reale (PI. G, 3), erected by L. Pollack for Gen. Belgioioso in 1790 
and presented to Napoleon by the Cisalpine Republic in 1802. It 
contains a tew works of art. The Giardino Reale possesses a 
small lake and is separated by a small canal from the Boacketti 
(1785), an avenue with trees and monnihents. — In the Via Manin 
stands the Palazzo Melzi, containing paintings by Cesareda Sesto, 
etc. — Piazza Cavonr, see p. 164. 

f. The Cemeteries. 

To the TS.W. of the Porta Volta (PI. C, D, 1) and at the ter- 
minus of tramway No. 6, mentioned at p. 154, lies the Cimit^co 
Monumentale (60 acres), designed bj C. MacciacVim, "V\\?.w^- 
closed hj coloanidea and is one of tte tueal 'ta.m\.\ ^ko-'CC S.ti'Vvi^'i- 
(Guides, who speak French or German, l^i ^^- ^'*'' **^^ V'^'*^^^ 



IV. J». M. UILiM. Br«ir«fant#. 

Tlid onmerouB and hnndtODio isanmmeDU furm a veritttblt: nuicnm 
uf luudern MJIunusc sculjitnre ip. lattj. Ailjiiining iIjo eutrucicc ii 
the h'avtediij, a, Urge Unilding witb ihe lujulis of AL Muntoni 
(p. 19Sj wid other eelehrBlcd Milanese; lli« wings aru iiftud sm Co- 
Innihnria. In the corn-er lo ihe !eh is the Ciiaileru det/li Acattotld 
(for Proteataul*. eic.j, and W llie right b the dmitero dei;U Eliitl. 
Iti the lasl (N-W.j section is aitiiatfd the Tem/jiu Crematurio, 
erected in 1876 lirwpetlicin permittedj. 

Tlic Cimitera dl Muaoooo, a M. ti. ihe S.W. nf ili« Porifi dol 
Geinpiunc (p. i::}. wii hid -nil in IUH5 und is lwio« th(! aiiv of Iko Ciini- 
leri) Monnmmttili;. ll in imi'lii'J liy ibt furjo ifcr .Idnjitow (PI. J5. A, i, 1J 
bud tbi; Vim CaiiUiv (tTaiiiWA}'), Ihr iNltcr WgiDniiie il thu Pixiiia Ccaiaiu, 
tu the Vi, nf itii? CiniitDru Mumiuiuiiliitu. 

Ncnr the Vi» MncMnhoD, n f*»- Imu'lrail yirdn to Uk V, nf tho VI» 
Cciiixiu, tien ihe diUpiilaieJ PalASBO dtalln Bimoii«UA, liiilll in ISIT 
\>y Dorn, OHlnfalfmll /ut Ptrrsaie (jouiKgu, Diiltu of OumIbIIm, forinorly 
■ muJcl ciiuiple ol llie hrilliitnt miburtim villia cil iha RuaiiMtu-cu. 

Exoursiou A-om Hilan to the Cet-tosa 4i Piivia, 

Tu lisil thf Cerlfisu di Priviii ive may ii-i* cilhur llic SiiLW*? to (.'er- 
loio, US thu Pirrii-Unnvg linu (K. 98l. ur tliO PnviA S'tEkU TfL«ilwA« in 
ttr as I'orrf di Hdnnano. Tlie railway alvrtii ftam t)iu CuDtrsl St^IiDn 
upd tqk?<« 'f^-l br, {vK|.U'idd4 rctiir»'furvb 5 fr- lA. 3 fr- flO; cuuip. u- ^40). 
ThBlrmiiwHy »ts.rl« kIjiiui tuDry :i lir». nimtidi: tlic Puri.n Tirintisi; (PL D, «; 
clo^lt-fi? litiawAV' 7C4. lU, from t^v PinKnu i^ol Dilduig-, sec p. 151) aqit tuev 
1% br. I'rKliiFU-raien i fi,, I fr. 3U u.J. Uae-hurjiu cah froLU uilher xtation 
■to tbe CtrifnB, aoc. cnch; omn, aoo, Tlic titurslun iilttB 7, Jay. 

The district iraversfd Iclwcea MiUn and Pavia consist* oC 
ultcriislL" str niches of meadinntuardte, |i. 150i, rice-fields (p. 150), 
ani! nndi'rwooii, and oiTers little of interest- At (J'/'. M.j liujiorfdo 
Iba*v divtrgHs to tLe li. from tlie line to Piauciuea (p. 434J. 

dVi M. Chlaravalle MllauesQ (9 M. from Ibi: ParU ICa- 
maaa, j). 186j iii nutud fur its Cistorciun 'Church, a fine hriok 
edifice willi a loftj" tower, in tlia Itifraanemjne style, funnded by 
8i. Bernard uf CUij'vaax ind dedioaicd in 3S2t. The interior, in 
lie truiisillon style but partly njudoriiizcd, is udorncd with frusuoes 
by Milane§cpa!iilurii of tbe l»lh eon[.(doiue), BruiuaiiUl^tJcourging^J 
of Clirist; N. Iranappt), and B. Luini (Madonna; N. transept). Tbc^B 
cUb»ratt) bar-vqub cUuir-eialls arc by Carta Gai'avi;,'^liiL [LliiU). The 
8. side t( tb".- ohuruL it adjoined tj a graceful littl* (;I«i»t«r, — 
12',, M. Vtilinnaii>ih/-e. 

17'/i^^> AVasiwHe deUa (irtota fHfit-ReBtiioraiit de U VLUe, 
L. 3 tr.j, whence ;wo roalfls lead alnn^ tlio enuloMng wall (righl 
and l(-ft) to t!ie eiilmnce (W, lide) «f the Certnsa (walk of ' \ lir.). 

Thf hrKAU THAuwAt (-illown ilic liiBlirosii nail jjin"** (lu M.J Bimtacu, 
witti ao aneisnt eutllc. ia whteli the ,j(?aloiiB Dukv Flliiit>o Uiiria VJ9.eDnti 
vauttil bli uuMc uhd iuuorcut wife Bclliiirit dl Tumls (p. ^i Id lie aiiC 
ID dniitli ill niK. Tlie >itiitluii »r (15>/, M.) Torfc •lal iliingaHa (CaBTA- 
RiBtvi'Daii] Vdioria, on the ra^iJ lu ilia Ci:[i<i->a, iiiiurTiiuitiligig; Biittor. 
MlltO'i, to thr K «l Ihii [V»i>'n;i, na ibc Ntvi^lii] di Pnvi' [p. 167}, lla* 

Qi.qiiiiiid av 





1S8 jr. AH. CBBT08A DI PAVU. 

Bvfore entering tbe ehnrcli, ir« abonlil take • ^an«c (from 
rtti) at the rhwr »nd cfrDtrA) t«««r. 

Tlie bcdiitifiil «nd tptrioiis "Lrreaioa (■»■ ■ partly Cotliic OBVcii 
supported by eight tiindjoicc pillnri, with aislea nnil 14 chipcU;! 
wbik Renatssaacc tarius begin t« appear Id iht transept' nad diolr' 
/each will] a triple nhsiilAl eniiing; oikI io the Hoiue obore the 
Crossin;.'. Thr originally banilsoini? derurations designed by fior- 
j*of/n»nr i?i and tLe flne slained-gt&is wiodovs oC tbe )3Lh cenL 
bsTe partly ilisappcarpd. Kosl of ihs altar-pieces ami the present 
flniid cDricliuteiit§ of tlir rljitpels date (rniu the ] t ih ceotarr. The 
bnanlifnl ehflir-screnn oC iron and broom was nccuted about 1660 
by J*V. Villa ioil P. F. Rij/a. Tite mosaic pavetm^nt, origitinlly 
laid down by BiitaUode SfauriB \ei- I460i, iras Kulured in 183Q. 

Wt be^n in llie Lbft Ai>«.k. I»I rh*pf1. Oraccful E(Dii««tDcc («a»- 
tsin (lnvabij/ by the broltient itantitia::a, iail C^jvl'I. Altu-piooe hv 
PIftrv Pfn'(/ini', nt wbii'h ntily tbi; I'snliil jiarl, ilote. r^pmualiog Om 
tliv I'tlhi^r, lA Ofi^iml . Ib« other patln Lveh;? attw la Ih? Nkti«aa1 OAlldry 
in Lonilon. Artjiftrt ar? the fant Ijiin Chnteli Father*, by Brrr^oa'^otie. — 
la th< Sib Cbaptli BcrgQjii-oHe. St. AmbtdBC «^itb t-toj utlicc eiial^ C14Wk- 
Ixrt TaAVfttPT : 'FitnirM of Lodovieo jl Mrir<^ imif hie wife Ikstricii i'Ktttf 
til. liar,), fioqi the upfiniilied ncaameat of ihc latter, oac oi the «lila' 
worki of tViif. Solari, bronght in: IStU friim Snail MaFia dtila DtiaiA b 
Milan (p. isi l idi! rujtared in isei. In frnnt ut Itie Utii is ■ handavnaj 
brnnES casitMabrum bf Ann. i'tntaaa <I5H>). 'Chf emliuv-frtaeo ia bj 
BorgagKoneiy]: Coronatinn o( The Vhbih, with the ItnealinK flgurwi ' 
FnDc. KIdfim (flit L^uJurir^ii it Mom, 

The Out SicKiaTT. lo iho left ot the ehoii. hai a fine laatble portal 
■ritli ■even purtraEtz of ihe Visvuntt gnii Sfuna lamilivi; In the [iit>rii>r 
is a lla« eanciS-hone altar-Tiiv(«, ia M aecliunt, liv Hatil. lirgli Biitbriachi 
•( Venice (IWSJ. — Th-t Cuoui cualata* a fine allat liy AinWiisio t'olp' 
■nil elli«r* (>5<8j; beofstb. in frvar. in a tmall Picta, a (harming nliet- 
medallion. The 'Ctioit Slalli ue adorueil with ialalJ hifaieit at apotlle* 
anri iiainlt, Kii'i^ale'l liy Bnrl, dt' folli nf MQil^na and "Iher ariiiti iltM- 
et'; fram d:a>cliiK« tiv Borgoffnonr. TIjc frotnou eo the vaulting ue by 
SittninU I'rt4ph — Th« iaoi \ii l\ie tight uf the «hoir, Iiiin<li<>iu<>ly frnmed 
in iiinrWc aai) iritlt Hevcs porlraitJ o( Milanese priurenkcs, li-iils \v tbe 
I^TAhDf whif^h e^ittainft a ri■^]1 ReiiataaaDFi< fi>tiTi1aiti by jt'l>, Jfia^fd^ af 
Uarrara (iiiKii. a fr»co by Bern. LHdii CMadoaQi villi the caiutiuD). 
aad a tlaiucd-^Usk wiailow nF tlT*. 

liiuHi TnaaaLPT : magnlfleeal *MoiiiiiBeat of IJInii liatuaeto Viicontl. 
Iwenn ill H&t-9J Uv Oion Critlvf'.-nf Kvnuiiio and Ben, fir(o«C«, but not 
ftoiibeil iinlil 10*il (by Oaitiueo Aletti and athen). Tbe FCilltv-fnwOOua, 
br flKri/o^wt-iici'^j, rcpitwcDt OUa Qalcaixo, hulding ilie uiigiuai niudcl 
111 t)ii' rhiirvb, ftDd hii son> kneeling bpfure tbe Virgin. — The idjoininit 
Saaaanu Kuova, han a larfc altar-pitoe. na *&nsaioiitioa ty A. Solnrii ^^ 
((oinplet«d IB 1J7<I by iteen, fampfi. tn ilie detk-saMt are cheii-faoalB^H 
el liil tbd isd;. ■ 

Ao alepni early. Htiniinanee p&rtal. by Amodeo jnd fllber« (IdWl,^* 
leada frsia the li^t lianwpt la ttie 'KKniiT Ctoti^atia iUMoairo dnlla 
KoBlaaa), wbieb Boneu el?nili>r innrblc i^olumae and charming dL-Raratian* 

in teiraeotUi by fldiofilo iti S'niirfi (lii)S.?8i. Fine Tietr fiain Ibc front 
a! tha RarcCTiiBi fW, siile) uf ibe nirtv '>f ihe rburcb lud tbe S, liaDHapl. 
— Aioiiitd Iho Gw:»T Oi.«l«T«>i riJfands CJiinUroj. wiiiph alio bare floo 
(erritullt d'cgsraliunit by B- tie SlnuHn, am aitiiulci il (iiiiill bouae* f«r- 
Mli>rl,v ui'i'iiuiL^I li<r Ihc muliki, cnrti eannidling of ihT>.v ru.imi nilh u lo^ia 
W ( aaiall gardes. On ibc patk-gaU, b; iKn bniiliori Manlegij:ia, m a 
IM of fafhurlaa VlaeonIi (p. IW). 


^TT^jO'. B. K 19S 

Wc tiaVTe-Mit«r1hFChD[C>K. RinnT Aiile, In the fsd CLipel: Quet 

0, jtTiirtDiiiin vntliiuCieit, witli tno oninla (IMl; iDjnrMl). Srd Chi|i«l: 
Snrodrfunnit^ St. Sinn noii (nnr nthcr mint* (I'd). Tin; wdliTf-itrruii 
rxlllitft-ili'i'iirjtiun in liy lae. dK MaliH (1491,1. 4lli l'hii[i(>l -- Uorgvifiionr. 
■I.Varifixi'iii I'Hi'ltJ. flih tliapcl i Altar-pitto \tj Nacrlnod'Atha IlifM; ILr 
Jam EvBnsD!iil9 uhove hip !■)■ ISiirgoiinont}. 

Tliii Palazuu Dt'CAie (|i, Ifil'i \itv bi'vii 'xscupicd Kiacc IfrOl liy \\\f 
Crrtonn MHHirum. touiriinliii; |!lkoiu^ri|ihM unit cmli igmniiiltln'M!, Soir- 
9tii(9 [iiK'1. ilriiltriiB fur 1 biirafiii;^ rntailcl, mill fiUKnicnlt iif ■'.'ulpiiiiR. Tbr 
la-ist iopoi'tiint painlioK in Bm-(. JMfliiWmia'*. *M»<liiTini naihriiiAj «;ih 
B>inti and ikuei'lii: rDUaidiiiiH [Mt:»>.i, with Hidn-pii^'hifiM by Utirffnffnnmr 

Favia, wliicb Ilea M. to Ibe ^. of iliu C(>rtviiH, and ibc mil- 

•way ihenofl to Voghera and Gmoa, are Jeseribad in H. SS. 


26. From Milan to Lecco and Colico via 
Uoaza (CftiairntM, Tiramt). 

W 0, i rxprc^s, Jl tt. M, G fr, S, i (r, aS c). TLc 'Litrhtnliic Eiprfta' 
(July lit h la Scut. J&thj lake« Z'/. hro. Tlii'mij^li xiiil riiliirn ifiiltol* may 

Ilia MapE, pp. !5i, 2(M. 

The liiii' to Lfj.'i'u is idcnticnl wilt lliu Si. GoltliiiH Hiiilwav 
(R. 3) us Fur !is Mtiiiaii iitiU trHYLrs<"s u fiTlilt! uml wi-'Il-irfigHtpd 
jiliim. Inxuriiiiitly elollii'd witli vincyiinK j!iulljfirry-|)luiita,[ion»i, and 
ticlda afmnhc. — 4'/, M.SesliiSan Guivantti, unindnstrinl mliurb 
■ofWiliin, with elCL'l-WorliS, cai' t i ago- fiif lories, irun-fomiiiries, etc. 

horn Ihc B(nlii)n, K. IV'^SVi ''■; Al'>. dfl Paixv, Alb. Iff/Ort, Wlb IVjM. 
Siotn ^he Kt^ttlon, uiiiioafilu 1hi> vuIibiilip tn l)iu pilai^o inrli. njlli gurduns: 
Caitcilo c Faluiiie, »i tli« eUiicu. niiprsliMiiIiii^. — Ro^AtUAAT. Tfiill'iriti 
ol Diioiiio, HiuiiKi del Duuiuii, — Cajfi-Rlttnranie vaHii/i, Pinna Rpuib. — 
C'arh. Per ilrivc <,'( f r i por '/« lir. iu llic lovn 1 fr., iineh ailillt. ^I^hr, 
7Clc.-, onlBtdP flip \iiva i mill 1 It. 

Moma (532 ft,), ti tnwn on tho Lambrr>, with 67,800 inha))., 
haa been the eoronntioti'lovn flf tho kings if I.Miibavdy eincn the 
mil cant, (.oomp, p. 240,i. LcaviriK tlit' Btatiuii and I'ollowing Ihf 
Via "Italia to the right, we pass thi' clmrcb at Santa Maria in 
Strata (»wond on the rijrhtj, witli a Ootlilc l)rick ta^adi^ of ca, 
t !1!>IL ODtoi'icr iiiodorniaod^, unci in III in in. rvuoli tli<:' Piazza Bunia, 
llic coBtm of tli« town, with 111' Gntliii: Municipio or tawn-baU, 
cdlcj ahn Jfolasso Aremfano (liMi ctiit,, realoreJ in IHW). — 
Tu iJiu riiclil, lit tljo cud »f tlie Tia Nii{mleonc, is tlie PUitita del 
JJuoiuo, in wtiioh t£aca the — 

(JAxateDBAL (San Givfaniti), the chief ahjeKt of iiilfn^.tt. Il 
WM crcetsd. In the HUi cpnt, In the Lombard -Oulliii: siyle by 
Mallrv da Catnjrione ou the silc of a clitircli I'ouiided iti 'y'M by 
tin: r.nngtibard qui'cii ThcodutlndH anil atterwardi rtplftwd by a 
I(nii)Niipsi|iie Fti'uctiire, Tlie iiitBrior, witii bolt a.\ft\fe» ^■iv.v'yv,*i^>'S 
rhftjH']*, has bMn aiiuosl entirely iHwVitniiZM\ *\\ie« ^"*if. V"V'"^* '^■J'X 
iii;r. Tie HtiG fAfado, »'it)i a iMge toac-'wrnittw, ^»» iwww*^ ^'' 





194 ir. MOXZA. From Jiuatt 

1889-1901. Above llie |iorial' is a vi-ry curious Roniancnqiic relief | 
I'epreivtiliii^ ijiieeji Tlii'i'iiulinda amid h«r treaKni'e^; lieUitir, ths 
Baptttm or Uliri^t. Tbe canipanite, burnt dowTi in 1T4U. hm boBD 
re-«rGCt«d «ince 1^91. 

Inrsiiirin. In (tie rUhT tnnaCEit la n curtnnii relief fcnrDnonllne the 
eioruniil iiiB •:! » {iunuBa King, fl'iiui the funiipr iiiipctliil jallopy hy M. da 
Canipione (n-i-v the ur^mi - loft.. — Tli# rbini;! lu thi: IcEl of Ihi' cliuir, 

tlJth conl.! iml trosnupi uf i.fffiieii fruin Ue.r life liy- llin iTni'irt'drl (IMl). 
lor« in (irunorveil «l'u tin.' reli'huleii Intin Cbowb rCoronu Ffr:fal, •un- 
poucil lu hnv? Iii??ii lliL' ruykl liniWD uf rhi! Lungalii.rdi. witli u-hich iGe 
Qunusii i.-tiipoi'ijr^ \itfi uruwiiud ua kiiiKA oi Itiilyi frnn; ilir IStii tent, 
onwnrilx. Thi>j VL>iu.>fnlili' rtlLc u-bb uhi^iT :tt tlii- ntrumillun of the Binp. 
Charles V. in. l.>»i>, u( Niiiiii'i'riri nt MiUii in 1*15, nmt uf E-mp, rcrrlriiMnl 1, 
In IKRS. It coiiniil* iif II broail liuop uf guld ariiirncd with nrcianii •l^nea, 
nniTiit (hf inli^riur uf whirli in ]| tliin Mtrip iiF iriiri. *iliil rn linvp Ijccii made 
Frviu n noiil of tliv tnioVru"! brutipiit >•/ the Gm pruts NvlFnn fruiii PAlt->i1iii«. 
(Jfeu fur Bkitiug tilt cniwn mJ trcumiryi i fr.] — Tide •rKHnsi'KT (fco I fr.) 
cofiiAiiiM Fiuvdrftl *»hjj?cls *»f bji^lfiricnl mrprp-l: n Vipn witlt upven rVit^keiift 
in xllvcr-Kill [an n miidctn riipptrr Iibsd). rcrhip!i ropremiaTlnit Loiiibuily 
unit it" mil-en priH-incijii, cicriiK'il by nrrtpr iif OiK'ni Tho"d'jli|ii1ui Ihg j 
i]iii!™'i crown, fan, und imiiib: n rii'hly-mluriiQcl buck - PHiver wtrli aci lti«l 
Bciip'Un of Tliuudiiliiiilii ; fini- illpiyuhs uf tbv l-Otti ccnt.i rvUqnarr tit'\ 
BBK>iisfti'iilB I. ; julilQt of sippliipt, with 1 atom uf Oiithie workwianalilpj i 
GuibJi' gt)bLvi vi GiiLii Guluaiau ViicDiiti; Gothic I'lrviiign iti ivDry. 

Tu tlic N, of ilie town, about '^, M. I'roin the Piiutx Koms, lies 
the ViLj-A Re*lb. rcaciied dy fciHowing Llie IrsiHway-liut; mid 
orossirijf the Piawa Viitutriti Emamielc; il was Eurnierly the royiil 
aamraep-palate and standi in au exieiisive and lieanlifiil psHf, Ira- 
versed by the Lamliro. The iiiantiimi, in the '<;]asi?icj«t' iityle, vna 
bnilt alioHl 1773 by Givs. J-'iemuiri/ii For Archduke Ferdinand, 
Govcrtior of Lunibardy. A drivi^ iu tlic piirli in itttraDtlt-e (entrance 
n«ar tlti> tcnufiiiia of tLjo (nimu-ay, 6 min, rroni tlie VilU); cyclii*t> 
ftrc udiulCt«d. 

Tfn? Vin Kut-'"^ MArgltvrfU nod tlie Via Matteo da CumpioDu 
lead frum tlm viclniiy of tbu Villa lo tlie Expiatm-ij Chnjiel il^W, 
ill the crypt oi wldclj ia a block of siniia marking liicspolon whicU 
KitiKHuiubei't I. wnaassasflinatcd, on July 29th, l9ill). TliBcliap(!l, 
designed by Sacooiii, la richly I'mlu'llishL-d with mosaics and oricu- 
tal marble. 

PuoH MonftA TO BsRUiVuo, ^i M., Htunm-trHiiiway in 3'/. lir». Tlla 
ohier iiitDniiudinIe itriiliiiti^ iirt' (5V, M.I Yimereaie nnn (18i/» of.* I>c!»e* 
mil'Ad-fit (illA ft.; Alli. Ti-eemJ, willi t}ic nicliirL-niiiti- mjnii uf a (nut/a 
or'Ae ri«c««!i fHilio, 60 M, til whirh C.linn Oi!c»*>o ip, IMJ tjintioeii hia 
aar\t Bi-mnbij. The J/ucMiakd ip. IJTi fllverg-dh hcrr, ami ilit rtlii »1ul<ru>i *ra 
mttl to hiiva boun ri.iialnirieil liy Ijiousrrli. iln Vinsi. — Ure^anio, scf p. 148, 

OtluT "tCMii-lrniiiwiys nia from Muiibx: I. Flint Ifw mvai park tn 
ITJ, M.l l-tcrnie llria«:a. S.Vii ft'/, M.) ^iTore t^cc bcliiw|,[li U.) Uonlt- 
tetlv (ISSU ft. ; Coalfl. R. I-I fr.K a fivourili' Jtnaiiiii.>j--ri!<iuil in llie BriRAfa. 
<p, IBB), au<l (13 M.) Manano (1215 ft.J, M laO M.) 0/(j)ioiio fp. "OS). 

Tho lities to I.EcLo und lu Conn divide at Mun/a. The torwer 
Hirls the S.E. slopes of tho htflnlifiil ranj^e of liills of thu- Brianta 
iff&i. — i^'/i if. licoui Sinaii) Arfur«(,63«U.'i, a«ei,lwy«. — i 



toCUKo. LECCO. /»'. ft»'. 19& 

IS'/, M. Vamote'Carnaie is a[«o t ■UEion on the line from 8n- 
regno lo Bi^f^Jiiao ([i. lA). — 18'/, M. Ctrantca-Mfrntr^ The 
villHgp of Mtiaitt (945 fl.; Alliorgd dul Sold, 1 M- to Uie E. ot tlie 

etal.iiiR, hiis n large fiiuiuir.v ttilaltilliiiciiLo QbvquI) and )>fcit}- vilU*. 

From thir rail. Nluiiun n {>lvi>anl civurtiuu (I hr.| niaf kc likea la 
thfl \.W. lit 111* l"(ty Hoiieefxehia (IS7li tt ; Alh, ilflU Pitntit. Th« 
Crtiurcd iif Mmilcvrci'liia i:i)iiiruii(iiln an (Ki'dlpul view ot Uic I-arulnH 
PIkUi, Milan, Crvniona. Iiavirm, anil PAH <i| Iho Etriitiu, vW. W« mky 
OPtrcnil hi>n>'n li> l.liF W,, witli « g'ulilo. !■> flVi 'I'-J Sltinagtia {IIWA It; 
Alli, Miu-iplia; BD'I go nn llipni'ii !■> f'/i I" ) .V'">lir*f'ii (p. IIM>. 

21 M. Ol^ialr-MiiUjoTu, Beyond u tiianel a view uf llm valley 
of tlic Adda i« nhtniriL-d to tbc riglil. Tlic truin i1<!.\n<.'iidii, <irtiMM 
oins llm; Lyccn mid B<?rgnmo line (R. 42) st (27' '» M.) 
ao(780fl,(, wliirh 19 inayn i(it;cnllj siioaied at Hit: fO(]t of 
tha luonnUinK, on ibc E. Iiu^nk uf llie rnnall /.a</[i rli Olffiuafe. — 
Thuiice wi; skirl t.lie E. bank uf llie La^i di (raiialir ^\i {SS'lfil.] 
Vercurug'i-Sun-GMiaiiio. wliicli lies liflluw llie lilll of San Gi- 
rof-ama {1310 It.: viewi, willi a pilgricuage-ohurcli ntid a rnlDed 
castlp. 3(1 M, Magrjianiev, wilh a hjdtopstliifl eUahliijliiiipiil. 

S]S M. Ji&ooa, ~ The RaiLiwaT Statioh Ifpir rostaurent) \h» on Itin 
E^. aMu of til? luwiF, V-i M' frmm llie pi'iTF fPitntilc); umn. 1 fr- finplu<]«<d 
in ihruueh-funi), Irimk !S n. 

Hti-TELS, *CYocedi Mallard HaJta, PraiiB tlsrthil'Ii 4, vEtlt reatikuraal. 
B, from SV,, omn. >;. (t., JJof, Jfwinftni, R, S-5. omn. I fr.. wpllsltuntod at 
tliu pipr. Ilie»ii two- uiFh FUulnil livalintf ; Alb. Cariina, Tin favuiir ill, ufk 
thi' eulion, a fm> Itn-linn ln.tim', — rnffi Tfntro, PIbiib Msmlni (Ixnr), 

PoHT & TELidKirJi Omc-B, FiuEa OaiilinMi. 

LevfO (lOQ it.) is an iiiriuslrial town wit]] 1 0,4(10 inliab. and sili, 
outUin, and iron ni.iriiifactuneii, ratntniBci'ntljsil.ualcd a^t the W.Iiasc 
at Mfe. Heseijime {\i. ]!)4jsnd al tlie S. ntidof ti:c Lake uf Lci'i-ii tir 
E. arm of the Lake ot Como (p. 3041, fi-fini whirh the Ailda herd 
emergCK. Tlie Via L'livour, thi' (-liii^f tliuriiuglifarc, ooniinets the rail. 
atHtion with X^a r'i.ixsa Garibnldl, ti«ur the harhoor. Jii»t lo thuS. 
i« the Piatts Mmnifij, wlu'uee w *«ueiid, along the Torrifutt CaU 
ddtw, to thfl I-irgd Alc9B*ndru M*nz mi, wiiflre a slalud l.y L'linfftlo- 
nleri, eoin Me BIO rates ALfsiandro Matvu'tii (t. in Milan 1785, A. 
1873), the poet; the [Ktieitalia decorated wit b reliefs from Mnnaoni's 
'J ProiiieBsi Sjioei', Ike occne of wliich is partly laid in Lcooo, 

From till.' Largo Manhunt t)ic Via Aasuni' Vi.-JCDiiti leada H. to *}\mte Grande (views), it slotit! bridge nf ult^vcii arolics, tion- 
Btcuctiid ill 1396 liy Aizune Vinuuntifp, 180} audsimntiiiigllic Adtk; 
at thi! lomi-eiid an- reuuiiiisiif a t«rtllled lowtr. Beyond tlic bridge 
Ihf! road forks: the Itft lirancli liads via Pescafc and GaHiile to 
OUjinatf, on tlie Lngo ili Olginaie (see ahuve); tlie right bi'ancli, 
pa^aing the village of Mtifyi-ate Ivr'ilh many ailk-farturios nnil aii 
old pastedo ot the Malaapiiia), lo the W. of Lcuco, leads to Ciinio 

s£p. 199). 

EicimiiinM!. To San Qirolamo, tee at<i«ra. A.w«n\. •i\ •Coa^TSfJ^ 

■Smrco, nes p. is^ (ctrr. to Oolbittte 8, wlHi two 'lot^a* VH b.>. — |»** 




196 IV.B.ta. LECOO. 

ascont af *Jtonb Jt«A!ir'"ic (ttl(>&fl.)i «<■ lnil4t]t«<T dolninltfi ridw, lalnt 
ii/g bra. fiooi Looco, thiouph ihr- ]'ai f^nwra, *lt1i the ItifiifffoStDppaHi 
(a^^tx.ji frnm Ciilol(i<i <p, m.'i) \t Titkoa ri ttrA,, vll. t>i>ii (IS^Sfi.: inn; 
irnlilp, C. MilHsi) unri ilit Ittfi'Bl" AlpinieU Mnn^wi liWHi it.), oa Iho 

A IIiunKoui fmotor-dlliin^iiFE tn Tacenu tlirici- il&ily iu 2'/t far>-l nint 
hi Ihp N. (rnin L1..T11 1.1 ISd'/. M.l Bullnnu. — S'/a M. Lmrrca (1181) (t.J, 
II miiUHf»L'iiiriii(^ pliTp; d'/j Si. iiciJ(«(nii biff:rivrt tiilJcifi,: inn), in a 
nirrow valU'v Uulwumu Hh'ritr Hitii. ^['iriiiw [p- 301)1 4tii] ifiinfc Due iSani 
[M7nN.l Fkdhor un Ihu ["inl llironilE llrii rlerlle at 0'>lii ili linlitiv and 
[uiuIiQ" tlio Cflllc i/i Bvlhlo (tSTO ft.: ;[>i)')i unlma], Hhlcli tfTDnU ii, view 
uitpiiiiine Iti lliff Piiaii ili'l TrL' Siidinti (S38fl (t). l^P then iie«r?enJ talo 
tie Val^iLuBlnap u bruail vnllfv lying at llio bnso of the Qiignu cliniii 
(mi. aun, *l|i| iirirl WHlMi'il hy Itiu Piiivrr-ilic. Tlif n-liii'T (ilaryit in (Tim 
T(iUc7»ci;VgM.) UanliniixHt.: Aih.M\aSto]Ui. s lltUcIc tlio ligU 
ftf tlii> rn«M, S lira. h<ilnw thp MfuffiA f^em (ftS7ll II,), on the Alllyifnito iJi 
flobftio, niTOli (tequenlcd in wlnttr by iki-rnnnum fiuin Milnn; w M. jCm- 


inra (SI05 ft.; .Alk UiMnUnl ; ffiiiil<>9. Ci^ICHtinii nnil Gitlilu Iiivetnitliji 
to thf kit *[ iho riinl lustoot of iIip Urigna ScitPntrionalr, soc n. SlOl;- 
10 M, lulri>r<l» (lilBOft.; Alh. rfiiUf MiwinrL'; Alh. iHlMhio), nnn? fhn Raa 

watprfjill uf thr TVnffntit I'l'nrBitim) Jfi Cani'); ISVii M. CnrlJiflhdi : It'^M: 
mHrirom il58» fl.; Alb. (laoncliij; IBM. Taecno (inns fl.; Albotju-Hmlo- 
funw 1,1'irtioiiii, R, I'ijfr., jiUIn]. --- B0IOV.' Taccjiu, lioyotiii tin.' /"'iiJiirirMii 
Slallr (with llio minfl iiuiirrdi Imlhi i>f Tiu'fnvuiKc In lire U'tt\ tliii j-nni 
onleia the Vailr Wuffalaica, (ha nntrnH' Inwor mlli'y nf thi.' Ptovema, 
Mljulniog ibu S.W. f.'(>1-bJll» of lliu J/crtfc d( JWuu-fin (Miri fl./. Wo mm 
llirauith fuiit luiiiiut* 'iiiiil uiuiiy t:\iUtiieK. Nvitr Bi'IIumi. iu 1Iil> (iTvlib lil 
Bellaip, fttu lw> wntot(fill>. — iO',', M. B^Hsuh), bac p. Ji, 

StMlDOr fruin Lpoim fo Codeiiftbbia lCfinn)), sea p. !l)S, — lUilnr 
l« JJer^HtOi geu R. is. H 

The HLiarntc to Colicd rntii along the E. ^itnli oFB 
th« Ukr, fhnMiojp tlirnnph tiiDneb itnJ over viitdticts. 38 M, Mtut- 
ildln-Toiivtuien tp. 209); 42 M. LIrrna (ji. 20!)); 4.'i'., M. /Vi'- 
/rr/o-Krtnrnwtt (|i. 210), ihe stscion fiir Ihu stuamnrs on Ihe Como 
aniioftlielsku: 47", M. lj>.2ll);bliy^M. Drrvh(p.ill). 
— 56 M. Cii^iV*;, sbp p. 212. 

27. From Milan to Bellagio. The Brianza. 

R»ii,rfin iFcrrtirIc .Vo«l Jlilane) (rr>ni Milan lo (S!'/-) M.) /iiHnO- 
firlia (Marling from llii' Stuioiio Fi'rrovie Nitrrl. p. }ii) In IVi-^ It;. (ftTDi 
4 fi, n, S (r, SO. 1 tr, SO v.). — Eiaunonu (ruiiiGiLa viH [1^ M,} CivQDiia 

^di1[»ni>B. .I'y p, fw] to (!»'/, M.) Bi'lJuKin. 

* The Srianwi i> the uniliiliitln^ iiact liutw<!ca ibc Lnaibrn and tho 
^tfila, Htreti'Uiii^ III till- K, III t)ii< •ii'Uallcil ..'tHn tirlnii:a. Diu IriiLujpilv 
pEEDlniiilii whloli ilivl<lc-> 1Iin LngD Ui Couiii rinin Ihr lji|r<> >li I'Oi'''<i (r^uOiEi. 

E- !(U), I.tkiT thii r'nti"! rfljrinti u fir an th* L»(r" MapRiJiriv it U osMljiid S 
y Ihri rKlFcnjc Inn^^T ikirli nf llin Alpliin rimia KriMoi^nAiii Kmmlane), I 
Whtf.h «« fivftilaiil with iMi-k itUrial diipotlln nt tin.' pU'>i.'r« nf Ibo main ■ 
valli'ys liurE anme to an cntl. tii llir fonlrc iirf trvi'tal HmalJ lahea rtiVgO 
d*AH»/!iif, Pufiitiin^ i^pffi^'UJ, Alreriit, unH MoufrT/'Hiiiii,!, houi^ iballoit^ 
(IcipicAtiunt in tbP llnriiliiiin. aanin dammnd in by mominp urc^unmlatinna, 
Tbo aoil U vwrj' fcrlilr, unci Ihn wSnls dlitriiit itml'lpd with villaa pecpiog 
om frum vllpii, orchaiji, miil mulbBrry-pUntitlnni.. 

Milan, wni p, 1 .S2). — Tbf> R«ti.wjiv to Incts'O'EBm trnvtrses 
^Jftrgc ehemicJtl itorka, it coiaCiileB «it\i U\c \V«b W» ftatowwN 

EBBA. IV. B. aj. 197 

(R. 28). — 4'/, If. Affori, with a partah-chnrch containing an old 
copy of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Vierge anx BocherB*, ~ &^/, M. Cor- 
manno-Bmauglio. The train now aaoends tlie rigbt bank of tlie 
small Seveso aa far as Seveso San Pietro. — 10 M. Varedo (590 ft). 

From (13'/i M.) Seveao San Pietiro a branch-line divergea 
to {!'/( M.) Camnago (p. 18), a station on the St. Gotthard rail- 
way, which onr line crosses near (15 M.) Jtfei^a. — Near (18'/, M.) 
C(i>'W?o-(?tMs«ano the conntry becomes hilly. 20M. jlro«'o(985ft.; 
Alb. dell'Angelo), pleasantly sitaated amid vine-clad hills, some 
of which are crowned with villagea and conntry-honses. 

21 Y, M. /ntJertyo (1 150 ft. ; Alb, Cfigante), a pretty village to the 
W. above the valley of the Lambro. On a hill rises the Botonda, 
one of the finest TJUas in the Brianza. The Villa CriveUi is fa- 
moDs for its cypresses. — Beyond (23 M.) Lambrugo-Lurago the 
train aacends the valley of the Lambro. — 25'/s M. Merone-Pon- 
ienwmo, the janction of the Lecco and Como line (p. 202). The 
Lcigo d'AUtrio (855 ft.) is passed on the left and the larger Logo 
di Pnoiano (845 ft) on the right. The train enters the charming 
plain of Erba (Piano d'Erba). 

2T/f M. Incino-Erba, the station for the village of Incino and . 
the small town of Erba. Jnctno, the ancient Licimforum, is men- 
tioned by Pliny along with Bergamo and Como; it contains a lofty 
Lombard campanile. !Eirba(1055 ft.; Albergo C'rotfo Rosa, good; 
Alb. della Stella} lies a little to the W,, on the road from Como to 
Lecco, built on the terraced slopes of a small hill in a fertile region. 
Among the villas on the N.W. side is the VUta Amalia, commanding 
a charming view of the Brianaa. — From Erba to Como, see p. 202. 

The "HiflHSOAD rnoM Erba to Bgllagio crosses the Lambro, 
which has been canalized and condncted into the Lago di Pusiano, 
a little to the S.E, Immediately afterwards the route to Bellagio 
diverges to the left from the road to Lecco, and runs to the ~S., 
past (2 M.) Longone al Secfrino (1225 ft; Alb. Rocca), on the W. 
bank of the narrow Lago del Segrino, to — 

5 M. Canao (1270 ft ; Alb. Oroce di Malta, clean), which is 
almost eontignons to (6 M.) Ateo (1395 ft), the two nnmbering 
together 3000 inhabitants. At the entrance of Asso is a large silk- 
mannfactory (Ca»a Versa). 

The road now gradually ascends in the wooded Vallasaina, the 
upper valley of the Lambro, passing (9'/s M.) Lasnigo (1865 ft.), 
Bami (10 M.; 2086 ft.), and (11 it.) Magreglio (2415 ft; Alb. 
Monte San Primo). The first view of both arms of the Lake of 
Como is obtained from the eminence near the (12 M.) chapel of 
the Madonna di GkiaaUo (2475 ft.). 

Delightful survey of the entire S.E, arm (La^ys ^\\A^^'^a^ ■%.'iSfi^ 
after passing the Arat church o! (,15 M.-'i CV^«a»- l^-ftVa Vx.A 
Be^ievue, open from April to Oct., wWn View-textWieV B.%»to-^"«**- 


Iflg IV. fl. l«. SAHOXNO. 

iteila Piftta, with beJroomn). Tlio road now rnns m far ob (15 M.) 
Gtiflilv (iiiiil along' tlie sliady brow of tbe mououiii. wlilcti extends 
into ibt luke at Bellsgio. Beyond Llie cliapt'l guud views are ob- 
tained o( the W. aim of tlic TrfnieMiiia (p. SOT) to ihe W.. of tho 
La^ dj Lccco. and finally of the i-nttre lake froDi the )*QntD dl 
BelUgio (p. 2116) to Doma^o ip. 21^). ^ 

Tlie rond wind* downwHrds piissing thd ViUa Gi'dia (p, 3Q9)^| 
and tlie ch«rcliy«ri] of Qpllagio. iS'/j M, Belktrfio, str p. 207, 

A luagn ruutc. which will rawsrri Itic pcdiMlnan. i* hy Ihn *U(illt« 
San Prhn^ (p, ^ti). A4i^E?i]t fc-ria Cnnr,i> wilb k giilrti: in i-ii htft., difn^DDt 
ViA (iiielLa C*^ abuve) to JJnlliglD 3 bra. (fatiguing, orer d<!bria}. 

28. From ISilan to Como via Saronno. 

: fr. Kl>, 1 fi, e&<. ( rolurn-fiucn i fr,, 3 fi. iO. 3 fr. £&«,). — At bulk llio 
StBiinne FttrnvifH NnrH iin'l the lti*Ti otSfp (p. li!) tJirniif-Ji anfl rplnrn 
tichiTlfl (p. sea) niav be pr-oi^uiud for BruimlD, Vcrnobbia, CaiicuaLibli, tlel 

As far ait (.t M.) Birvtst, sec p. 196, Farther en we enjof 
ffdud view of f.lie Mte. Euaa gronp, tu tlio left. 

13'/, M. Saromio (700 ft.; Aibeiyv dpi Commercio; Iioin 
d'Oru), a large viilaj-y on the Lara, wllli 8700 inliab,, a large 
factory nf hcc, and luuuinuLivH andl maehine works, is known in 
Italy fur its excellent jfingirbread (amarelti). — A ([uudnijite 
aTeniie tit pisac trees lead* W. [roui tlie station to tlm ('/, M.) 
celebrated pilgriniage-churcli called th« SANTDJiaici deu.i Beita 
Vkroixe, ail early- Renaiaaance structure by Viviemo daU'Ortc 
(14118), with a cainpanile by Pa'jlu deila Porta (1&15), wbilc Ihfl 
fs^adi? and other addition; are in a pompuiin baroque uiyle (lllli 
colli, I. Et contains a serioa of admirable 'Froscoes. 

'I'liii piliitliifls ill tha iiilorior ul tin; iloniu roprciejit a coucort n( iUHnl", 
■ nd arc iy Gn'ideiixio I'erraH. Ituuiul Ike drum iru snvcril wouilsu 
Rlnlum by A'ldfen Fttahitt. The fr^aritf^a iminnrlintj^lv Sl^Iov IIig drum dfQ 
by Innini, Itioxo in ihv ntxE ist>i?tluii liv Cesnrt i)e> Magiw ind Barnanlino 
Litlal [US. Itochua unrt Stbsalian). "fhe rcinaiiiinij freicocj. the bo«l of 
H-taI<rli aiL' Ilia *A.<liiratiaa u( tliu Maei (>n tlin diaii] anil *8S. ApuUoniB 
tuil (!itharlii0 [id tlic qniAll ftpic), Lie ill hf LuJni. vKo, is (he 4tarf g"'^', 
•ouglit an iwylnTD In ihr "anplnisry nf Hanmnn after killinB a maa in bcK- 
dvfc^iLCB, inJ \ikt\ to wnrlc al tbr Ifidding oiF tU*^ ^tKfoku, 

Baroniio is a station on the line from J/V'rarre to Sertgnn (p.SO) 
and tbe starting-point of a hrancli-lino of the Ferrm'ic Nord »i8 
CulGlUnti (p. 851 to (14'/s M.) Cairafe-Lonafr-Cfppino, in the 
itidnatrlal Olona valley. — Froia Saronno to Varese and Latxno, 
fcc R. 33. 

Zl'JtK. FimMr>rHn»m(lOTiti.]: 2bi/tK.G-rnndaff-Brrccia, 
jiinclion nf tlii-Cnnin and Laviia.n line (p. 202); 27VtM. CaineTkila 
(p. 18j. — W(! di'SL'tiid, (-njoying a pretty view of Como, and B. 
JM/P. li> (Sa M.J Co-iiiu Borghi. 

S#% Jlf. Cr)mr> Lagti, Ihn main s-talwa (.ootoiIj, ^.W^V 

960 TV. JL99. GOJtO. CdSftednil.' 




most ^H 

The Piasxii favour, a Urge square near (ho bKrboor, tha 
animaleii [iwrl of thn lowu on line evenings, in conneaUd with tho 
Fiazin ikl Dmimo bj tlit sliorl Via Plifiio. 

The 'Cathedral, Lullt cutirely of marble, is one a! the "hstt 
in N. lUly. The eurlicst building, the Itoiuiincsqne double -aisled 
liafliliea of Sanfn Maria Mcuifjiore, was erei'ted e»riy in lbs lltli 
eftntnfy. llii^ nave was rebuilt In 1336-1453, raainly by Loremo 
def/li Spoii (1402) and fiefro da Bre/ffiaCU39-S3|, Tho Qothic 
ta^niif W.1B orucleiJ iu 1457-87 by Lji'Mno Srarabola ol MiUn. 
Tbii! clabornte eRj'ly-Riiniii.ssaiii.'r dct^iirBtiiin at tbc Fs^R-dG and cf 
the exterior ot ibn nnve lin tfan gtyle of Bramant.« od llie S. sidi?) 
wss the work of the brothers i\rmmmo md Tacopi^ Jiodecri 
(148T'1613i. In !5l3 cl atq. llie cboir was rebntit in t"he Renais- 
saoce style liy Ihe Rndori, who used Criatof. Solari'» design (t5l9) 
lai- Ihe beautiful apse. Thu octagonal central dome, designed la 
part by Fil. luvara, dnlcs itom 1730-7'), Among the moflt sac- 
ecssful sculptufiis lire the figures of pruphels and nrn-bearcrs on 
(he hiittrcsscs. The noble fj. portfll {!4flf ) wm ImiU is Brnmanie'e 
style by an unknown architect, Adjoining the fine mum portni sro 
seated flgurrs of the two Plinys, erected in I4M. The uver-dcoorittfd 
IT. portal (Purtfl della Ransi dates from 1507-9. 

IntBKioit. Tlio bcnvy vaulling vt tiiti 1D-I7tb ai3a\., with its guidy 
painting of teas, diisiroya thn atlmx of Lho fin-e proporlioni. Tu tbn right 
of Ilie cnttitiiui; ia the luouiitncrnt cf VardinaX Tfiimnen Oailin [tesi). By 
tha Orit iltxr Br<> telrisfs of tlic PnuiiDn, by Tomin. Rodarl; th« MBSnd 
•Altnr, n Ki'MftlusiUBrio wurk 'jf liiH, b&nrB BriiJi^.'s frum lh« Ijfo of St. Abon^ 
dim, Ihe pjitrnn iiiiint of llir tflwoi sflifFininH (1.) lli(> 'Ai(ar»tion of lie 
TitJipl, hy ilor«. Ijiiiiii, mil [r,] tin: Fliiflii (urn I'lypyt. hy Gumt. Fei^ori. 
Ovjr )h(! tliinl all»r, i. Msilonnn hy 13, L<dni. fn llic Ciioeii, Iho j\pOpitlo«, 
Vj- Pawvpeo Marchetl, ■nil alimort Kl»a» Ity G«(«(p/>ft jifrltiti (I86I-J8). — 
Fin<- Htalnu nf St. SulinHtisa (I4!>8j in tliu K, TnanisKPt. — Id (he Left 
Alius: on Ihe Altarc dull" AdrJuliirata, EIll<llnl>m^^Tlt by Tominiuo Sodarl 
i;itB8)j Jlt tlio ii«Bt olUr, (7. Ffrrrflri, Nu;.liiil« of Iho TlrgU (I.), B.iuini, 
Aiiiirtlion til iFie Shopliurdt (r.). — On highilnvii nlavitn pior-iia uf PlomUh 
iiU'l lidlino unptstrj- {Ifi-nili ti'nl.l nro Liln([ up id \b« utm. 

To llie left of the cathedral is tlic Broletln {now a pnblic oCBcc), 
conatriteted of alleroate coiir.<'ei of blnek and wlille atone, and com- 
pleted In 1215 (regtored in 1900). The Toi~re Cmnpannria (cam- 
pnnilD) was built M the s.inie time. 

In tho Via Rusexmi, , the first straet iIlTerjJng on the right (I'om 
the Via Vittorin Euiannelo, to tiio 8.W. ot th* oalhodrai, is the dilt- 
pidatpd PulitsM Riinciivi (now Casurira), "r-ipually eroclfti Iti 
the ISlli eent>, but Temodellfld in the iBth anr) 17th. 

Near lh(f middle of the Via Vittorio Euiaimrlo (r-.) ii tb« r«»r 
of thfl RonuoMqiie Bharch of San Fed(J,t, Itaown to have existed 
in 914 but rebuilt iu 1S65, with «. flnn |ieatagoual ajiae. The cliiof 
fnpidc, (a Ih* Piuza del MexoQto, U ualliiishudi the intoriar wis 
inoderniafd in thu t7th century. 

The /\i4at*ci Giovio, on lb« IqEi,, U iha cud of tho Btreel, ooa- 

SoHf Abbimdio. COMO. JT. S. »$. 201 

tains the Maseo Olvioo (sdm. daily except Tnes., 10-4, 50 C, 
Frid. 1 fr. ; cataiogoe 1 f r.), 

Oa the fpoundfluor are memorida of Volta and of OsMreOutA (1807-SS], 
tha hialorian; views of Como, etc, — On the first floor are prehiitoric 
and Rouian antiquities; a rich colleotioii of coins; uitographa of Volta 
and nthera; local ourioaitiea, etc. 

The old Town Wall isintact except near the lake; on the 8,E. 
side are three welt-preserTed towers, that in the middle, the Porta 
Torre (130 ft. high), now known as the Porta Vittoria, being 
a massive five-storied strnotnre of 1192 in the Piaua Vittoria, — 
In the Visle Varese, a promenade shaded with plane-trees and 
skirting the S.W. town-wall, is the church of theSantisHmaAnnwi- 
data, of the 16'18th cent., known also as the Ckieaa del Crocefiato, 
from a miracnlons image, 

Prom the S.W. angle of the town-wall we follow the Tia Ln- 
cini, ascend along the Cosia, cross this stream at the dye-works, 
and reach (6 min.) the charch of 'Bant* AbboncUo, a donbte- 
aisled, flat-roofed Romanesqne basilica of the 11th cent., erected 
on the foundations of an early -Christian chnrob (5th cent,). It 
was modernised in 1587 and well restored in 1863-88. The choir 
contains 14th cent, frescoes from the life of Christ, inclnding the 
Bream of the Magi (a very rare subject). — Farther up on the 
right bank is the Piasza San Bartolomeo, with a station of the 
tramway to Camerlata (No. 3, p. 199). 

EiCDBBloifa. By tramway {No. 3) along the Via Mil«ao towards the 
S. to the chnrch of San Rocco, and thence hj the Via Caatel Baradollo 
to the (i/( hr,) Altipiano di Carpdforo, with the early-Eomasogque church 
of San (^rpoforo, eaid to have heen founded in the Itb century. Farther 
on is O/i hr.) the OaAtallo Baradello (p. is), built by Emp. Frodertck 
BarbaroBsa, and destroyod by the Spiularda in IB!S. The tower wan 
reatorod in IMS fview). 

On the W, hank of the lake, on the heautifnl road to (t'l, H.) 
Cemobbio (p, 104), Just beyond the Borgo San Olorglo or N.W. auburb 
of Como, and adjoining the Villa Salazar tramway- a tati on (p. 199), lies 
the *Vaial'Ol'mo (Dnca Viaconti-Modrone), the largest on the lake (17S0- 
8i), with fine rooms and a chHTming garden (visitors admitted; local 
steamer, see p. 189). — Another *Road ('Viale Agano', shady in the morn- 
ing; carr,, see p. 19B), traversing the Borgo Saiit'AgoHinO. leads alonj 
the E, bank of tfae lake to the Villa Geno, with the beautiful mtiQicipa! 
Oiardino Pubblico, and then, on the hill'idc, higfa above the Pnnia di 
Qeno {p. 201), to [2'/, M.) Blevio and (4'/, M.) Tornn (p. iOb). This route 
affords a Sue view of the lake, the Vat Brcggia, and Hontc Rosa (to the W.). 
At Torno a path with steps leads from the road to the pier in S minatea, 

A CAni.c BAII.W1T C/i M. long; stoepest gradient EiSilOO; faros, 
aeo p. 199), passing throug^b a tunnel ISS yds. long, leads from the N, end 
of the Borgo Sant' AgoBtino , vii CaTeicioiie (Ristorante Falcbetto], to 
(13 min,) Brunate (1460 ft.; Orand-H6tel BrunaU, with garden, B. from 
3'/,, B. IV„ L. 3'/4. D. S, P. 10-14 fr.; Bdt. Milan, K. from 2i/i. L. *Vi, 
D, S'/i, P. from 7 fr.; Splendid Hotel Mirandota, on the rosid to San 
Haiinzio, with garden, R. ii/i-3Vi. B. I, L. iVi, Q. i. P. 1-9 fr., clas?^ 
from Nov. to April ; *Hdt. BellavUta, with sma\l KU&eu »,t6. Vw™ , ■^- 
from i, B. l<lt, L. 8Vi, D. 3'/b P. Jfr.; Atbergo-Hlatoraiite Volto,,"* . '^W 
7 Ir.), a vinter-reaort, with the villas of many MUancsft. 'V.X. toiaia^** •■ 
taparb *View ol the Como ytllej, theplsdn ot Lomtaaii^ a,al».t t*»ii™^ 

HW rv. F.a». 



the Pnalpi ind i>( Iha Al|» Id MI«. iEunt (liMt light la the nuntiiiB). 

Suvorai plpiiiiint wiliu ((juiilc-v-uiti Ktid bcnr^bcii): to "tbit (ti) min ,) iHant^ 
•li [Iniisale, "a th-u s!i>|iii nbuvi- iIut liiki^ ; to tlii' [11 uuii.) ft>iii<\:ia TVii 
i/irtittinii [aS85fl,l. wi'tli {> view til (VniiiMtli) .mil Mnntn Hisliinu; jian" 
Ihc Allj, Rip>Mo (P. av,-' fr.i iiud Splcftid H'jI. Minmd»l3 to (',', tr.i tfai, 
il/nMWifo 'iBWkfl. : Rtisiiinpiim/f.nil ffm rr'if'mc'(Bj'.in«»^ 
or vis till' .!/}■!. 'H illi-t'iit tu iV-iiitr Platlf (JIIU ft.: Alli, Alpluo, I 
tritb win* from S (r.j. Miirrt floiupriilipinnivii v-lowa ito cniitniuinTLiB liy Ih 
Piico ill Tnnio laiiin ft.), I'/i li'. tn llir E. <■( S.iii Mnutiiiii, anil I'V tli 
IS Ills.) SfoHid B6'(Un (IrtMfl,). 

FnoH CnHO TO Bei.i.40i<:t vit, l^unA, SC'/aM-, ano-li'tt^p mLrrj*|{^r in 
^-Bll^ll, [SS Ir.l. 'thu ri>iiil, wlilciliwill rt>p«v tlii^ pt'ileKtmn ulsn. Mccndi 
llic vnlloy o-f i\m OdhKu- Tlic l*lcr' in iv>iit«i^(xtnil Ipy Ibft a|Hir4i uf Hut Mirnli? 
HiiIpiCd. Hear liii' Cukin brjdga is. tho iulviosliiJK Mfiriuiila Jei Qii/anfl 
iarliicicr-ini IL). lo tijfi clmiri'li of 1,'aiti-miiii V'-Uii, (1050 ft.: a litlln lu tin- 
N, 1)1 tiiL- f'laJI in 1,(11.1 luinb tjf (p, JliW). furthiT 'in, lo Iha 8. of 
lliir [umS, riBRi t>i« ia^^cil ttontiirfam^, itcir a. lltUc lake. Heaj' (4</>Ii[.) 
C'aiaiio Albe»t (litS'S rl.l jk a luMtiiug [■aiuNiuiUi. BflyimiJ la M.) Alhe*i^ 
ilitbU.], wu tnjuy «i vww iif tbc/YnPiu li'^rha, wiili i]il> lakee I'p. IMl 
at Alterin , fiufrrnn , aai) .^tiionR. liiimlnnicil on ILo E. Ia^ the JKt/*. 
/ICMiJntKl (p. iWf- — S M. fi^rlin, anil tlieocu tu Bcllagio, sue pp. 197, IM, 

I'BnM L'oaii TD l.Buoo, Hi M.. « torn- rail way in lVy-!'/y bra, C* It. W). 
S ff. ir., 1! tT. so 1^,1, --AM. Alhstf-rainclinln. aco p. IB. — 7i/, U. 
Ountfi (UIO li.-. jlifj. (.'iiiifr*; ,lf6. Cenlrala), n tun'ii of Jtaooiiiliab.. al»a 
II NtiilLup Bti ltd St. Tf utlliiril Huilwiy |Csii(il-ABniip'o, p. !«]■ Jinil trrriiii(i« 
'i( tlio trail] way incntiinniil at rj. Iftli. — 11 M. Amnno del. furco 1 11)80 fi.V 
Til itm Ic'ft liL'B lino Lflj/(i *iM/er^drt. - IS'/g M. ilfr"fii^-Voiiir4tii-uvi/j l^o 
jiiii.'tiiin of iliii Milan auri tirlia lliiif (R.^T); i-'i'/y M. CnslettnRofiete, i>ii 
Ihc S. yinnk nf Iho Ln/fo rf( ft.ii(Mio.- ITV, M. Itoltriia (M,'. H.); IB'/, M. 
rlffOJriAi), at Ilio 8. piiiT or lliiv iniiii lii Annime ITiO ft-: li^hl rstlway tu 
McnB'S IB" [1. l(il). Tlic train thi>u nius aloiiK tlit E, ijitu-k vi Ihit Islle' 
ti'it M, £afii nl Barm iIM ft.) le ibn sliiliini Uit iLo villiifa iif G-alhlnlit 
(UtSfl.), 11/, M. Iv lUe S.E,, lliu boat Btarling- wuinl f"i o-u ateent ut 
*Mbut« Barro laoiSli fl.l. X bohiI briillo.pntli tbotmi B"/, fr. . inftl. fon) 
iMucndn lu tliu |i lii'H.) ''flflttir!7u-i{ia£ura'if.i: ttuf iVui'iI' Barro iSXK ft. I, a 
iniet msni't wiili a lutifi' iruriloii (R. from *. 1.. 9, D. 1, P. fiom 6 (r, : i'IobimI 
win Oct. l.'iUi In April ,'imli). Hninr a wulli uf i/nlic. brings us tu tin) lup. 
Thr mlenifii'i'nl view cniliraoM tlic RHiinEn (p. lUli), tbo Lake at l.eceii 
[f.tdS), ani) lie 7iilMia'ilii>ii. TliR iti'*iMNir uiay ij" iili.'Hxanlly imtiln lu ll'Jg lii'.} 
Maturate ^p. IDS), pahsiii(t » fluply »iliiateJ piljiriiuace-thiiitli. — avar 
[«'/, M.) Civale isan l\. : iiim, in llif Fifft' rfcl/'f)rii, is tlii> blll-ehapfl -il 
Sitn J*ietro ^^llti H-), witl. JiuinHD^LKriLiK Ktii'ifMi-i'r.|ii.f.^^ piu'liApTi by i,i4.i-iLiiiEi 
liuucditlinps of tliP lith twituiy. Tlii? Lino ili AnniiiiM li. I'liiiiicnliiil tt'ilb 
til'" LaIhi of LiTc'i? liy tbo RiinrlOi lUir imtirsu of wbivlL wi; nnw fuUnw- Tbn 
Mil?, RLiBL'j-oriL' (u. IMO) ii prumiliiint lu fhi' E. — SI',', M. Valma/trrrn 
1^0 ft.), rtiu tmin thcu -jcfv tho Ailiia ami ruioiito (2iiM,> iecco (p. lUB). 

FiiOK OuM(F vU YAKKtii; Ti> l.avBiio, vn lh[< La^ii Mni^iutn, Sl'/t ^-i 
riiil»'«y (*Vni-om> Vwiti jMitenyJ in a-gf^, hr«. (faro* i(r. I'], 3 (r. 8o. 1 fr, 
TO e.l. to ViiTr':',, 18 M., in I-IV, lir. tfarii* » (r, lo, * fr. lil, l fr, 56 i!.). 
-^ Au far M (a M.) Oryuidn'f-Vrfcei/i, apt It, Kfi. Oiii lino tnns to the 
S.'W.. tvitb a vlsw iif Monti: Hiabiuu fp. illSi nitil Muntc lii:it.fri>Mi un tl)« 
riirht. Wn .!Bii.»0i1 tb (IIM.) L-'rn.te-L'a-efh^'o (lllWlEt,). >l»i (lipo a«opni3 
lliiouKb IiirL([ll lA.)»iilt'\afc-A/bioro (HBOfl.), tfie liJEliPst puliil 
«f tlio littf. Ill thr fiTii^ntunil appoara the MuFit-fi IT'ji.aapii dvi Fj<>ri [p. ifd), 
- IS M. Maliiatf (ii. i!4j. Ihc ]utintiou of ihp Mil.infiaroniio-Viri'ao lln( 
-- J8 M. I'n^Vjir (r.liiAiiuu ifafrlnfrea), unH thauuu to i'3IV'.. M.'i /.<iiiiTr(4, 
p. £11. 

Fram <3ona to ths JIfoitto G«rHru«o, »ou |i. 17. 




SO. Lake of Como. 

Plaa of BxouTflion. Tbo Lsfcea of Como iind Lugino (p. 217) a.nd 
the LigD Mafl^iore (B. 37) amy be visited (rom Mllia moat expeditionBljr 
ta follawe: by the St. Ootthord line (B. 3) or the Saroona-Ooma »ilwiy 
(R. 88) in 'U-l'lt hr. to Como (Cathedral); proceed by BteamboM in the 
afternoon ia l</,-3>/g his. to Cadenabbla or Bellagio, the Utter the moat 

to Porlesza, ia time tor tho steamboat which starts for Liigano (p. S17], 
arriving early eoough to leave time for the ascent of Monte San Salvatore. 
From Lugano by Bteamboat or electric railway to Ponte Treia and thence 
by aleam-tramwa; to Luino (comp. p. 232); steamboat from Luino in 2'/^ 
3'/] hre. to the Jiorromean Iglanda (IsoU Bella). From the inlands we may 
praceed in t^|^ hr. to Aroaa and letnm by railway (R. S) to Milan (I'/i- 
2 bra.}, or we may return by steamer to ll-l'/i br.) Laveno and go on 
thonco by the N. railway viS Vareie (H. 35) to (l»/,-2 hrs.) Milan. — The 
CiBCULiB ToDB TiOKBTS (seo p. ivii) isanecl for this eienrsion are econo- 
mical and convenient. Tour No. 8 of the state railways (Ist clasa 28 fr., 
2nd cl. Si fr. 3& c.) and No. 1 of the Ferrovie Nord (20 fr. 50 16 fr. 15 c), 
both available for 15 days, follow substantially the routes indicated above. 
— TmioDoa Ticaira vi& Como (R. 29) or vii Lecco (R. 16) to the princi- 
pal steamboat stations are iesucd at the Central Station, the City Agency 
(p. 162). and the Tourist Agents (p, 166) at Milan. — The B»tdbii Ticihth 
issued by both railway-systems for Bellagio, CadBDabbia, and Menaggio 
(state -railways, 9 fr. ii, 7 fr. K5 c. ; Ferr. Nord, 8 fr. 50, 7 fr., 4 fr. 10 e.) and 
those isaned by t)ie Ferr. Nord for Collco (10 fi. 45, 8 fr. 95, i fr. 95 c.) 
are valid for eight days and allow the steamboat Journey to be broken 
at three points. 

Bairway (stations marked 'B' In the teit). Fboh Liooo to Colioo, 
21 M., train in l-1</i hr. (fares i fr, 55, 3 fi. 20, 2 fr. 5 e. ; express fares 
6 fr., S fr. 50, 2 fr. SO c. ; see B. 2B). 

Steamboat (comp. p. lii) thrice daily from Como to Colico in 41/,- 
5 hrs. (fares 4 fr., 2 fr. Ml c); six times daily from Como to Beiligio ; 
four times daily from Cadcnabbia to Lecco in I'/rt'/ hr. Betum-ticketn 
are good for three days (Sunday tickets, comp. p. xii). Family tickets, 
good foi one year (21 fr., 11 fr.], entitle the bolder to an abatement of 
50 per cent for each trip. Some of the boats are handsome saloon-ate a niers, 
with good leatauranta on board (L, 3, D. 41/, fr.]. — In the following 
description the stations at which there ia a pier are indicated by 'P', the 
smali-boat stations by 'B'. 

High Koads lead along (he F.. bank fiom Lccea (p. 19S) to (2C M.] 
Colico (p. 212), and along the beantifnl W. shore (nnmerons villas) from 
Como to (32 M.) Gera (p. 212), with a ahorl gap between TremcsKo and 
Cadcnabbia. A road along the Como arm to {4Vi M.) Tomo (p. 206) is to 
be prolonged to Careno, 

Bowing Boats (barca, pi. barclie). First hour 1'/, fr., each ad- 
ditional hour 1 fi, for cacb rower. From Bellagio to Cadcnabbia and back 
(or vice verSH), each rower 2>/i fr. ; Bellagio to Tremezzo, Bellagio to 
Mensggio, and Bellagio to Varenna also 2'/i fr. each rower; Bellagio to 
Yilla Melzi, Villa Carlotta, and back, each rower 3 fr. — One rower suf- 
fices, unless the traveller is pressed for time; a second may be dismissed 
with the words 'basfa uno!' The traveller abould insist upon seeing the 
tariff before embarking. When travellers are not numerous the boatmen 
readily reduce their demands. In bareainiug the following phrases will be 
found oaeful : Qiianto voleie per la enrao ai iiii'ora (di due oxt,',t Sio.-nw 
due (tre, quatiro} peraone, E troppo, vi iarb wao. lira (.3.11* XVre., 's^t.^. 
In addition (o (lie tare it is usual to give a. 'mancio' 01 'bn.QnoJt"'-!"'' "A 
>/,/r. at I fr, according to the length o£ the ex.c\H«wft. 

JKoior Boata are kept for hire at some ot live \».i%ei Vd\*«- 

I , . CooQ C 



IV. S. BO. 206 

■W. Biirx. 
Cemobbio, a considerable vil- 
lage, 2V» M. to the E. of Chiasso 
(p. 17), is snrronnded by hand- 

Home villas. 

The Moate Biabloo (1890 ft.), 
with a pilgrim age-cbnrch and a fine 
view, la easily aaconded in S'/g- 
4 bra. from Cemabbio yii, [■/■ br.} 
Sovenna (1450 ft.) and the Monti 
Madrona j^^^ ft. ; poor inn in 
BnmmerJ. The deaeeDt may be made 
on tho S.W., viS (IV) br.) Sagno 
and (Vt hr.) VaeaUo, to (■/««.) 
Chiaaao (p. 17) or Maalianico (tram- 
way, see p. 198); the descent on 
the n.B. leads along the cidKS, to 
(4-6 bra.) Argegno (see below). 

ViUaPiezo, on a promontory 
extending far into the lake. 

Moltrasio (P; Alb. Caramaz- 
za; Ristoraote della Posta), 
rising in terraces on the steep 
slope, with luxuriant gardens. 

LoctU Steamer toComo, Beep.lBB. 

E7rto(P); then Carafe Z/oWo 
(P; Het. Lario, R. 2-3, B. 1, 
P. 8-10 fr.), Laglio, and Ger- 
mandio, all with attractive vil- 
las. On the bank of the lake is 
the pyramidal tomb, 65 ft. high, 
of Dr. Prank of Pavia (d. 1842). 

Torriggia {P ; Riatorante Tor- 
riggia); on the promontory, the 
Villa Cetti. 

Brienno (P; Osteria Nazio- 
nale, with B.), embaaomed in 

To the N.&., beyond the Pnnta 
d'Avedo (p. 206), appear the 
•Alps from Mte. Legnone (p. 211) 
to the Grigna Meridionale 
{p. 209), often atill capped with 
snow in spring. On the lake 
itself Var en na (p. 210) and Bel- 
lagio come into sigbt. 

Argegno (P ; ffSf. Villa Bel- 
vedereelduLac, P. from 6 fr,, 


Tomo (P ; Atbergo del Va- 
pore, R. from 1% P. 5'/, fr., 
inol. wine, good; Alb. Bel- 
vedere), finely situated on a pro- 
montory and surrounded by vil- 
las, with a pretty chnrcb. 

ZiOcai Sfeamer toComo, aoB p. 199; 
road to Como, »ee p. 201. — Mnla- 
path to (1V» hr.) Ute. Fiattt) (p. 208). 

Villa PUniaTia, in the bay 
of Molina, erected in 1570 by 
Count Angnissola, is now the 
property of the Marchesa Trotti 
(adm. 50 c). It derives its name 
ofPHniawo from a spring which 
daily changes its level, a pecul- 
iarity mentioned by the younger 
Pliny (Ep. iv, 30). At present 
the villa is reached only by boat 
from Tomo. 

Riva di Palamo (P; Alb. 
Plinio) and Pognana (B); then 
Quarzano and Careno (B). 

Nesio (P), at the mouth of the 
Val di NesBO, which ascends to 
the Piano ddTivano (3800 ft.), 
with awa.terta.VWns.^OT^'fc. fe^- 
ceflt oi Mte. Sau Pfrmo ^ *«» 

Dqiiisa CI Google 


S06 / 1'. Jt. Eti. 

W, Bass. 


ulean (im) Mnifortublo), at thn 
month (if iho [<!rlile fnlflvi 

A (iirimEii-niiLiI li^Ritii ]iencn viH 
C(LHiaJfoo£ d-Iiiltllii ilVlO U. ; Alb, 
Omtiglionp) anil A'«»i Ji'wfrif d'lii 
lelvi f!D5(i It.: Alb. Sim Foiliilu, 
Willi ffirdeii, P. ini'l, wine 8 (r.) to 
reUiii Jufcrtorf. Sricrin ( ft,l, 
iiid iaiisw d'InUtl'i (p. SlWi T»il- 
iBim iriiawny iDf ice ^nil^) In od« 
i)inii:lioii, and lu tlis oilier In Gatea" 
(P, SlgJ, 

The *Uri--t> tu I'rc-meiio (u, 307) 
irjfty Iji^ itroiigTv re^^iriniinoiiui^J- - 
ABC«iit of 2!te. BUbiiio. im h. i05. 

(JoUmiw |Bj; tbpn i'a/n (P; 
ojjpoBJle liie «rjiall islaud of Co- 
maeinu, frequuuUj uiciitiuni^d 
in tk' Lufl^ubaed perind imil in 
tliii ariiiiLlR uf uiediaevitl wiirfiirG, 
with tbc !tiiiuU churcb »t 'Sii'^t 


Campo (P; "Ristnrault* Gnti- 
ili>bi), — On the Pimta d'Avuffii 
or ili BalJiiaiieUo. wliioli pro- 
jects far iiiln Uk Ittkr luIN 
wHy bel«~ei{ii L'Hnip') anil Leiitiu, 
gliticrB llie Vilia Arviiiiali (Biie 
"Vii'w; aeoessjble by lioat only). 

In Hie liaj lies liemio (P; 
*H6t.Jififh)u, Willi gariler, R.S- 

in tlicTMiiieMintKp. S07I, wilb 
un old oc'.agijn*! liapti'ttocy. 

A 'itmiTa dr Ullvairo', wifh 15 
rbnprla tike tiling nf tlio &i.^id 
Monia at V«rallo(p, 9l>). leads. I') 
I'/jlir.) anfflfl Maria M. Sucenriio 
(IBr^ft.; inn), a 'Mt. Oalvtry' nom- 
nlKniling Ji slrikinK vitvi, Tlif rctjiru 
may Lt muilcviriAr^r.^^^rri f 1i35ft,Ji 

AsPOat lit Mie, fi/i/!n"i;n frrim 

Aisa»0{P: PptlS. Sftiwte, P. 
S.7 fr.). on thn N. shore of the 
fti^ of Lf-nt\n (ToaA ta Cade- 
aubbia projectini). 

E. B*M. 


Bcynnd Cavatjiiolii, a. Iiiiiiilet 
on a. spur- nt lliB Fi/ivoletia 
{Oil»ima/^m; iaflli rt,), 
iBiaa vii^w of iliu I'liatu d' 
nnd Eiellngin. 

we ah- ^M 
Ave do ^M 


Oh liic 9ti;i!|i N. slops af tltti 
PafCKilBtla, whii>li in wiotef Is sunless, iipjioni' (lie hani- 
leU of Carvayriaua, I'atai^ 
iBj,iiii(i fi(tttnn.iia,''iil l}el<jiiging- 
til llic rr)tiiiiiuQii of LljisauQ. 

lipyund Lizierio (P; Alb. Bo- 
Irsn-I"rus|ieriii», modeat) ia ihS' 
trroft't lid Tiwltiam . scarcely 
iii!<'ei«silj|ii «xccrpt by boat (adm. 
Itiv; op«nMatcli-Nov.), WtiOTL 
tlie litihC is paHly excluded from 
tii^e uiivu, ibe WHier nisniDDS a 
woudertui green hni?. 


of Oomo. 


ir. a. ao. S07 

W. Bjlkk. 

TremeKBO (P). — HoT«t.i. 
*ffd(. TreTnezzo, with the dipon- 
daace Beaurivage, adjoining the 
VilU Carlotts, 160 beds from 3, B. 
I"/., L. 3, D. 6, S, S'/i, P- from ^'/i, 
omn. Viff-;*HW-BaE2Dnie(((uii(ie, 
witb the d^pendancea H6t. Belve' 
dere and Villa Erminia (commaDd- 
iog site and old park), ISO beds at 
8-B, B. I'/i, L. 8, D. i, a, 3, P. from 
e fr. ; *H6t. Villa Cornelia, with 
restanrant, TO beds at S'lfS, B. I'/t, 
F. 7-10 fr., closed in Dec. ft Jan.) 
Me»taurant-Penii(m Bel Bogglor- 
no, Italian, 

Tremeezo, the capital of the 
Tremezsina,yi\i\i luxuriant gar- 
dens ontheslopeaf themoraine- 
hilla, lies at the S. base of the 
Monte di Tremezzo {5580 ft.). 
An avenne of plane-trees, pass- 
ing the Villa Carlotta (p. 208), 
connects Tremezzo with Cade- 

Interoaling: *Eii!urBiDn (drive 
there and baclc, i-thn.) b; teano 
(Punta d'Aveda, p. £Ofl) to Argegno 
(p. 805). 

Cadenabbia.— Hotels (many 
English and American viaitoraj 
botel-omnibttaea meet the trains at 
MenB^o also). 'Billbtue, ad- 
joiuing the Villa Carlotta, with 
ahadygtoundg on the lalce, IKObeda 
from ■!, B. 1>U, L. B-O, D. 6-8, P. 
from IS fr. (closed Nov, I5th-Peb.); 
*BiUTAiiiiu, with garden on the 
lake, 100 beds at 3-7, B. IVi, L. 3-1, 
I5th) ; •Bbi.i.i-Ii.x, 76 beds at i'/rS, 
B. I'U, L. S-4, D. *i/i-e, P. 8-li, 
omn. '/« fr- (closed Dec. -Feb.). -— 
Lees pretentioiig : E6t.-Pbii8. Cadb- 
RABBiA, 50 beds at 3'7, B. 11/4, L. 3, 
D. 1, F. 7-10 fr. : PEsa. Bder, XO beds, 
P. e-7 fr., good; H6T.-PEBfl.SoOR- 
BATi, with restaurant (Hnnich baer), 

P. 7 fr. ] A1.H E BOD - BiSTOB ARTE 

MoBOABTi, P. 6-T/» f'-i unpretend- 
ing, — Anglican Church (services 
in Oct. & Nov.), — EnglUh Phyri- 
eiang, same as at Bellagio. 

Cadenabbia, a small place in 
t&e pariah of Griafite, '/, M. to 

E. Babe. 
San Ovmarmi di Bellagio 
(P), vith a chorch oontainiog an 
altar-piece by Oand. Ferrari 
(p. 158): Christ in glory, with 
saints aoddooorH. The beantifnl 
garden of the Villa Trotti 00m- 
binea the iQxnrianoe of a 8. vege- 
tation with English-like expan- 
ses of turf. 

ViUa Beaana, formerly Pol- 
di, contains the modern manso- 
lenm of aPrinoe Gonzaga, in the 
form of a ronnd Romanesque 
tower. Pine view. Visitors are 
admitted to the beautiful garden 

ViUa Melzi, see p. 308. 

Bellagio. — Hotels (comp- 
p. xii). *H6t. Orabdb Bbitaque, 
frequented b; the English and Ame- 
ricans, with large park andAnglicau 
chnrch, £50 bellB at &-10, B- I'/t, 
L. BVi-l'/i, D. 5-5, P. 1*-18, omn, 
*U fr., closed NoT.-Feb. ; Gs.-HaT. 
BEI.I.AOT0, with garden on the lalie, 
£50 beds at S-10, B, UL, L- ^^Vi. 
D. 6-7, P. 11-80, omn. '/< fr., with the 
dipendance F«taSe7-tjeUo«i(p.808; 
similar cliargos ; both closed in Dec. 
& Jan.). — *HiT. QiNAEiiHi bt 
Metropole, beautifully sitaated 
on the lake, with small garden, 
SO beda at 3-5i/i, B. n/g, L, 3, 
D- i'k, P. 9-11 fr,, closed Nov. 15th- 
Feb. IBth; *Spi.endiiii EAtei. deb 
Ei'RAiiOEsa, with garden-iestaurant, 
75 beds from 3, B. H/,, L. 3Vi, D. 4"/a, 
P. (torn 8 fr. ; •HflT. FlohebCB, with 
lestaufant (Munich beer) and small 

Suden on the lake, 100 beds at 3-5, 
. li/i, L. 3, D. Vlv'5-'*-^^. "■■«'■^- 
1/ It, _ *k.6T. OTl \^fcQ. ^■t ^'™' 

8-10 ft.-, mi.-^tOTCM**.*"* "»i^ 



208 /I'. S. SO. 


W. Ua«. 

tin: N.K. of TI'ellleIE(^ and Z M. 
to the 8. of Uensggio, liirs id the 
wariitest and moMt sbelteri^d ait- 
iialion us the La.ii; o! Conjo utter 
TreniesEO. It bus scv^rnl plunK- 
ant villas. — In the Tii:biLy 
(8.W.), OB the pond (p. 307) 
nlong tho shora to Ti'ctiicexri, 
stanrts the •Villa Carlotta, 
[ormerly Stmmiari.'on, hiiili hy 
Giorgio'cierici {p. 172] in 1747. 
In 1841] it came into [be pniMoa- 
flion of PrineeBS Albt'rt of Prus- 
fija, artcr whouc danghlci' Char- 
W/e, DiwhcHsofyiixe'-Meiningen 
{d.]8S5), ilinniimL-d. TlieDtiko 
oISttxc-Meining^en is tliflprcsL-ot 
proprielur {atteBaiblu from 8 l(f 
&, dour opened Bvery '/, br.; 
1 fr, eucli pcrs.). 

IhTi&RTon., TliH Marble Haui, 
conlKlnii llir* «L'I I] li rilled *HetiL'f8 liy 

nniiiT (lit- OrcSil's Tdnjnnhal Enliy 
into Bili/lun in 9S3 B.C. Thi-- 
Mvic «i" fliil rviiniiliiveiliij pUater 
fortlii'Qiilrinil in liill-li. In nnnour 
at NuiinlDon; fur tliia rucctilD itt- 
pllci B sum of UVCT ll.OOOf. wu» 
jmiil liy L'oiml Olov. Hull, Sumiiin- 
liva in ISXS. Aliu S'DvcrdI tliimus 
hv P(iMnM fCiipirl ntiil pMyrht.', Mary 
Uueil'iliMi- Patainuikit, Viidiii;, itIh:, 
— On Ihn chimnrj-plpci! in the Bii.- 
iiiAnu Room I>^ n nuiiitl wnrlilv trirra 
of m BiH'dinniiliAri profKn'lnD. ariid 
to Iiii mi firly wrjck drTtifirvnlilxtn. 
The wpll'lctpl •OAHrKB, Uiil imt 
un Kh iilil iiniinini'.cualDlualhi' imiflt, 
InKarinBt vcj^flBtinii. U is uapcci- 
tlljr buxiitifiil In Mny, irli^n thr 
unlflK uniL rhoiLii'lc'nJrn'Da arc in 
lllcoui. Tlio Lulip-irreH, tintuni, anrl 
n»ruuli» xrc vrfv flno, whiln the 

CJHUlilyof llin ellnmr Is allestod 
/%)><! vrtDRu lail luDDn crclliiioii, 
lltn iiinu. Ilic cm-ll, wnif thn Auh- 
tnilliia fvnid. rii-iflaiil jrlimpBCn of 
lljf liikc aro nl.tatnoi! IhTiUfli Iho 
^Uck *l.riihliory. 
fir.voud l)ie VilU Carlotla, on 
'/aA-w-i-odi/sthe/smilv vault 

E. JImtx. 


!a blKU Mt ll/g-£Vl. Li. S, 1>. 3V(. 
p. 6-1 fr.| plwn. — RisiOBartB- 
Pension Bblvidehk. id Itie Vkf 

In ihr Villjl Uiillin 

near ihe pLL^r. 

PoiT OmoK at tliP S. naJ nf lliB 
lawti. — TR^^oRiru OfncB in the 
gonlcn of 1(11! Clr.-H6t. BulliBio. 

Lace, S'll' Oi/vda, and tWw 
U'OMf mrvlrigi nl niltuuiroili ahapf. 

Lake B«Tii3 (for awimtaBn;> 
Baipii Volla (I fr.), wkli viev-Ur- 
muo itjifo], rmr iIiB VIU« Mnlu, 
1/, M. to ttio S. fif th" pier. 

Uiiwiiis Uitati. sec ir, S(I3, 

Ani/lieii-a OiHreli tUtJumei'ti; 
I'ImplJiiii, Rov. FT. I), Salilvrin. 

Eni/lith fhiitielanj, Dt. Biehop 

BeUufii'j (710 rt.), a small 
town vith 1100 Jriliab., at till 
W, base of ihn Funta di Bel- 

lagio (p. S<J4j, ia perbnps thn 
moat delightful point nmon^thn 
laUes of Uiiper Italy. — A roiid 
iind u stt>e|) IMiU ( bugi lining be- 
hind Ihu Mnt. Oi-niixaici) naueDd 
thi'ougli tlie lou'n to Ibe — 

'Villa Serbellaiu {lia. 
lEr., free fcr gu«ats of lIM.Bul- 
logio; litflel, ti'OL'p. SOT), the park 
(if wliicli, will its uld palms, 
exlmiUa to lliQ end of thi; iiro- 
itjoiiLory. Obunuirig^'1iin|jaes of 
Varcfltia, Villa ArcoiiEiti, Villa 
Carlolta. Tiliii Viaonti. etc. 

The Villa La Bui/ssonade 
UKiiii. lU-lSniid 3-6, •jsfe.) aa4 
the Villa Bdmonte coaunani 
nthor fine i-icwa. 

arm of llm liike, '/, M. to the 8. 
ut Bellftgio, was erected iu 1310- 
15 aud u'lv livlouk's lo (bia 
Duchfas of MiiUi; It jjasaoaaes 
niiiiii^roua wi>rka of oi'l Had n 
siilevidid gfttdiiLn^&Aiw.TViTB, &. 
Hun.. Vie.-, oTiWA-j &. igjiMM. ■ 


/ r. R. BO. S09 


E. Bl3K. 

On the CIvvniiM r*»d {p. 197), 
beyond tlio ccnielery, «< rimh 
IL bine iron gati'on lit* left, lead- 
ing 10 thp Villa alalia, with 
lieanlifol "GarrfejiS, fKitiunit for 
tlioir taniuUitts !» spring fitjiun 
daily iiiBumuiur, other IIiu-ks on 

A plc»«Hil •E.ioiiHit.B ni«? lie 
UknuV'iicc lu tl'/g li'<l Onel'o or 
it'l, llfi.) yir.'B.ina ip, IK7). oilhot 
by rui'l, pnK.iiijf iIj" Ti/fn Oialia 
(dillguoc* to CrnuB* twko dsily 
in K Urn. : iiiin-liiimn natr, 8 fr., 
9 liFii. Ihcra anri bnrk), or (ri>in thp 
eti!snliual-jiliillnii« oF LCnionbi and 

Tl^p hiRhty inlcitoaiini; uceat af 
the 'UoQtQ San Prlmo PS3V ft.) 
lUEiy be muJ^ in i'y, ]ir«, fri^iiL Qol' 
In^i-n (^ 10 ft. I, Wk fiillHW Ihn 
liigliwAj- lu OuL-lln uDd then k(ji>p 
iLt Ihc left slniig llic riiiKl [jLiBio^ 
Ibti So*"> Leiifiiin., ■ Siif;i' frnti^ 
buulitt!!, nnii awi r'plui; riiiin<l la llin 
A'pt M Borgu t;i1tw ft ). wboiirn 
u fiiulpulh IciiJo Ii> iliu iJ hm J niim- 
iiiil, oD wluch 19 a taiiii-'il chapel- 
Mji(rniflr'ii|it viirw of llio i.uko of 
Comu aiJiil Ihc Briuiii, biii;kuil by 
a ^raoii mbuiitiun-paniir&ina. The 
rivsctnt nay- lie oisJn dq tba W. Cu 
isy, hrs,] liimao [p, (OB) or on tho 
8.E. tu Conso !|)., lUT). 

W. BiSTB. 

of Ihe Sommarivss (opeu 9-ft; 
fjiy 3«-3U c.>, wUl] Ilia toinbn of 
liy rojnpi-o Mar«li«8J, and l.nigi 
Sommuriva (J. 1838), by Piatro 
Tenoraui, Tbo illar-pifco is a 
Pioti by Bi:n. Cjicciaturi. 

BiihinJ CpiJuii>l>liia lUfn the rntlt 
of /( Haam [i',V> fl,). Hnlfwuv ii|> 
■tainln thi-- Maiiotma di San ilor- 
tino. u Ktiinll chuiTii. ■'uiiiiiiaiiitiiiE 
t betulifijl viiiw : tiei-ul I'^.tn". (vll 
Qticude to tlie emill i<hH|fel "t Sua 
SOCtO, itieii IcjUok itia pnvcil Irnck), 

Thi' Monte Croolona {;-345 (t,i, 
te the W., toDiiniiiidd & elrikiug 
viow of III* Lakn of Cuiiio and Bp!- 
iMgiv (» Ruiuvwhal faligiiiDE iixcciit 
of 4 b/B. ; guiilB S ff. ; in ordL'r to 
uvuU tlii^ licHl till: trKvi-lkr ■b^iilil 
etirt at i II ni,,l. A ftticr view of th<j 
4l|ji( ol Volaia (_VV'.)i» iibTaiurJ (t"iB 
iliF •Monie aaLbiBA (»li17 ft.), 
which rfiny he rRnuliciriD 1 hr. Irma 
Moiitv CVt/uifiDV by nnri^iidin^ 'tbi? 
iLiiJ LhrMitu fEillow^D^ I bo l?ri?Et. 
From Monte finlMga rt iii«y tlo- 
g<.'Uii<l a oU'cv aatl aluQ)' |j!ilb ua 
Ihf S.K., luaSiiii; viS .Wcj^cfl™ l« 
(3 bra,; Lennu (|i. £UQji or ■m.- may 
from Idc sariillo between thu M-mtn 
lit LcTtifu |S£0^ fl.1 aud tbi- Vima 

W. throtigk tliF VtJif J (»ii>a to 
Ifl^irt. I Sail Fed, led' I Aieii-Hf.^M}. 

At thti Pim/a rii Stilarp'o ibe S.W. anil fi.E. armN of t1lft'tak« 
unite (coiiiit. j). £04). 

Tlii: Ullof, Uiu La^ di Laoao (It'/i ^' '°''8')[ HioKSb lufuiioi U 
Ilie Dihrr in l>iclai(.'«tiiii:nfigi atii] liiiiiriaaoe of vv^tntiou, jinint^iit' ^^riiider 
mtiumnln etieaory. Tlic ibiupl E. biiili, wllli it» •totp ilngb-psths, i* 
ekirte'l by tbn lailwiiy iiii'iitlunoil ut p. IM. Sleameri fr-uu Cad^nalibia 
10 Locco, ace p. Sos. 

The HCcamer foiinilH IIiq Puiita Ui Bel/agio (sea nbovc). Ta tlio left, 
Lieriia iP aud R: Kiutovaulv Uui-^ini-i. ti tbc loot of ihc abrupt C'Ima fa- 
lOfli'a {MBD fl.J. Finn viow l.nv»»rln the N. — Hi^ttlil: Lhaoula (B; PauB, 
Ccrviuri. B. l'/«, P. «'/» (r-, Italian, rtry fair; iVaitorii ilul Porlo), tho 
■IMian for (Junllo (p. luSl. l'(uis«ia (S), tho ttalion for [a M.) Cii'iin-iiii 
[p. IHTi, taA (lanrr (P; Alb. Ofl t-ortol, l.i^fl; OUiir rR), Ibtn MandeUa 
f^rio [P & 8| Alb. Ak\U Crig-nni Ri.toruulr! HhIIk Tifiti), ™ ». AAvv 
riiDDiag fur mil iDto llic lak* al the (ool of Vhft Gi-iijiia MtTWVjixoli. •■^ 
Mte. i-Buijiiowe (IieS ft.), wilh Ihu now Rlfwgso- Alb ergo <.:«tL'. 1'''"''^-^"'*?^ 
uIhii Ju iwccBiliug iht angnn. Splinitrliiiiiilij \.v. '^H11 . rV^nv AV>>i'ii^^"' ^"^^ 



^'^- SaiiA/ttHimi (ilif, it.). On IhpW. \jiuV, -a^ ^V,o \i»>« J>^ Y\1*^■. ■^'*' 




/tarl, •Itiutod tX Vit Biaiith of ths KiloTio (p. SOS) >n^ t(paTal»d tram] 

MotffT^tt >i>. I9!i) by thi- iiruaionlory ot Suit i>it:idfui. Tbo laka noi 
ediitn«ta to Iho vldlh of iho jtdifn. — Leeeo (P & H), ine p. I9&. 

On llie ctiisf arm of tlit Lak« of Como, as «■« proct'i'il Uiwjirdapl 
Colicu. tlif first atcmiiljoat-sUlioiis art' Mi-uSfrS'" '^'* *'i"''') ""^ ' 
Vftrenna (E. luuki. 

V. Bask. 

MenaggioiTi. — Pi»ii». i>i\v. 

tJ lliL'fi,, Ip-'ii-li; tlioHflU'l MrriBKBiu, 
loT till' ^(ciim rruBiHiiij/ I'l Piiriy»»ii 
(Luj^Huu ; ICC p.iLlj^ auolllcr, be- 
«iili»thr> tlrtlrlKVii-I'Tiii Biiil rnfom, 
Mulnl'iiinniWeDfl nl lie III. [innnylvtwIiiihanilAiiicri- 
I'Mi vislliirij. •JJflfrf I'frfnrta. l«a 
bpd» •( » «, B. iv„ 1-. W D- S, P. 
lO-in, iimii. l-l'l, fr. (Einmiil (ii>iu 
Deo. Ixt lo Feb. lUCli). *Ol^ild nU. 

Jl buSi kC av'- B. 1%, L. 37,. 
D. 5, P. B-U H.. holh with ffurrfpn. 
un the lake. — Bii. lie tit Conrvitrie, 
ID bedii at S-3, D. 3i/,. I*, na fr., 
iDC'1. viiiu; ^CbfTuu'JIuiliiriiiiiCe Ori- 
vetUre; W™*. a.^ifa rii(a, P. 7fr., 

Etod; /f61. Oliitil'j, n. frdiii S. 
, |l/^ D. MV^i P. ffni-o 7 fr., Willi 
tpoken uf. ~ Rnilii-nfi liMtnHmnC, 
L- i^jf ff' t goo*l [aUi> tr^l'^'rhOi-a, 
(row ) ft- 1.— IjDtf l.-auTMiV liain}, 
tl Unnrl-aU (p. >IT). 

Afrni^i'MI'^On tiilinli.),wfth 
A largw "ilk iiiiiiiufRCt(ir,v, aiini- 
tnnndi) n Hud vku of BHltuifio. 
())i<^ luki«, lu Ibfr S., In ih<< 
bundHoint! Ti^fs Mi/liu>. 

X met ruy. rlU'urptiie lo Ibt 
iluhl fciiai lIiePiTlftjiiMiailiji, ii'.'j, 
ttiteaii in vinifincii t'l (% lir.l /..(i' 
OMO lopr.1 itr-nayfi'K \ Mitn ft, : \tu- 
Timnt), ti<-Kr Vm- r>nir*h lit wbir-li 
■■■Tiilii Ihf Vltla VIKOnI, i-ani- 
aiaii.linK h tnnjiHift.'Mit i-ir« l»ppl)' 
la the jrirdoiiiM ; '.'i-' ''■!■ '''" '*'■ 
iltti-jijklqDii r^onl-ninn tiA'<' nilivf'* liy 
TlutrvatdiifH- — Aiijirnnl nrp tli'i! 
Vilta Xoitltae d'Areylio >D<1 Hid 
VUla Uafvmffl ia. 

Ptom tlifl VIIIh ViKoni a iranil 
fvulpilb InJii tit ilm vilbgiiN cf 
(I ht.) riril'i IVOi fl.) 111(1 .1.1, lir.j 
BrWJo ilinli tt.J i» ibc ftmroli -t 
Jfadnuiin di Brigtia, o>miiiundiii|c 
«fl pj[.'a«/vc I'/eif. Fii'ui Ilr^-ulin 
■¥ nijy (fBjypnif 6y i itmp path 

E. BlNK. 

V&ranua (P & R; Soy, 
Vief^tria Hotel. 9D lieda at 3-6, 
B. I Vi, L. aVi. D. 5, P. H-1 5 fr.f 
viifr. Otivedo, (111 pre I end I ngi »' 
Dhannliigly sltuaCeit on a saoa^ 
promoiilory, at Uie nioiill of the 
Vailed' EsUm. It iBsurronuded 
Hy gardonij htiiI Iiu« qaarriae of 
Iilnrk marMiv M»^'nillci!<nt vjmr 
o.f Bnllayid and ihi- entire lak«. 
Tho railway etalinn in '/« M. 
from (ho pier(f)mn. ,10c.). Inlhp 
vicinity linth rniiil .ind milwaf 
pasit [hrough at?<irral tnnnMs. 

Aliuul "/. M, In llio S. uf 7itmaaa 
lliLif "inwJjitfft(*mflk brook', froia 
ill euli.iir) in ptof iT»JU(«d in levBral 
lfii|» Friiin n bi<iKtJt if 1000 ft., 
(«riniu^ in iiuroxins iMiaotdv fa 
■nrliig, bill ilrW p la Hiimmer.— 
Tbc luinn of Tim di r«(o, W- 
utdn Ihi' hiKb-ljfia^ hainUl af ntclo 
i';, br.J, Slid tlii> fliapul of San He- 
ffiutftitp, a M. In iIki W. at EMaa 
Saperkro im bt'low), ttinmaad 
boonilful vi*tn. 

Ft'utii Varauiia a fntivuiuK foi't- 
path lei*! vU Hi'galtdn [p. Ill) 
iind iibwvp tiDP flrri'i- tli Iifii'ino 
rp. IH.)) iu (IV, br.,1 JJtIlaitc (p. Bll], 

TiiM lUaute CMana SatMn- 
trl»Date ^.i -Womt Cv3«m>0Wiiit.) 
i» a vprv Dno pol'il (main lu tb» 
Itlfuslu Miiiiin & fi.j. From Va- 
rnnni « liriill«- pulh i(>ail» nn tb« 
ilgbl linnl; ot the £irfn« rli JVr- 
M^ ll.licift.j and iC«iiif> J»fari»rt 
{t'.ni U.) to i]V.bF>,) £Vlrin JjHjw- 
rtiJM [SIW6 fl.; Alb. Mnmc t'nrltiin, 
ioMponiiire) . prettily BhiiBicri. 
ThoiiPiT (^(liilrt, C'mrlu BiPrlnrini, 
10 tt, : nul ill dill pen nab I p) vil iIil- 
Alp (.'ninntltJ (I'f. \<i-) and llii- 
Aiji itimtt ('ijffriio'rlVi br.) to IhL- 
Ci] lii.'l Ilif<m'<"" ■^W'^'B" Mfl'itw 

(Rlfwuio atiffno yrtU., V«» *a 

of QlWH). 


IV. B. 80. 911 

W. Bank. 
C'luia (a Orona (5685 ft.], axceaded 
from Plesio in 3'/, hiB., cDmmanda 
B fine view of Lake Como and of 
the E. ■rm of Lako Lugano. 

A *Raad, moBtl; in abtde in the 
afternoun, leads to tbe N.E. from 
Menaggio, itkictiag the (10 min.) 
quiet bay of IfobiaZlo, the station 
of the Como 'torpedo hoats' (p. S8S), 
and thisn traversing five tnnnela in 
the yellowigli-broiFn elifT, the Satso 
Saacia {'orange-rock'), to (10 min.) 
Acquaaeria (see below). The Bua- 
aiana under Bellegarde marched by 
this rente in 17H(> along the old 
rIangerouB footpath over the rock, 
but suffered heavy losses. 

Aoquaa^ria (P; Alb. Mi- 
lano, on tbe highroad, plain bnt 
good; Caffk - Ristorante Gab- 
bani, at the pier, unpretending), 
at the £. base of tbe Cima !a 
Grona (see above), with a bat- 
factory, IB the chief village in tbe 
comninne of Sant' Abbondio. 

Bezzdnico (B), at the foot of 
Monte Bregagno (6915 ft.), has 
the ancestral seat of the Torre 
Rezzonico family. 

Cremia (P), with the hand- 
some cbnrcb of San Uicbele 
(altar-piece, "St. Michael, by 
Paolo Veronese) . TheoJdchnrcb 
of San Vito, a little to the N., 
contains a &ne Hadonna with 
angels hy Borgognone (p. 158). 
— Then PianeUo Lario (P), 
amid groves of chestnnt, 
. On rocks rising precipitonsly 
above Musso (B) is situated the 
mined castle of Bocca di Mtis- 
so, the residence of Gian Giac. 
do' Medici (d. 1556) in 1595-32, 
'the Castellan of Mnsso' or 'Fal- 
co della Rnpe', who from this 
spot rnled over tbe entire Lake 
o/ Conto. 

£. Bark. 

sammer). The lut part is rather 
trviog. Suparh view of the whole 
Alpine chain from the Mte. Vlso 
to tbe Ortler {the Mte. Rosa groop 
particularly fine), and of the plain 
of the Po to the distant Apen- 
nines, We may descend to the W. 
(ateop) to the club-hnt Rifugio Re- 
feecio (5625 ft.) in the Vol Meria, 
and to Mandello (p. 109), or to the 
and the CoUe di BaiUio (p. 196) or 
Paaturo (p. 196). 

From Begoledo (B), between 
Varenna and Be llano, a cable- 
railway (940 yds, long) runs in 
summer (retarn-fare IV, fr.) to 
the Grand -ffdtet Begoledo 
(1425 ft.; with hydropathic 
establishment, 150 beds, P. 9- 
19fr., closed tromNov. to April). 

Bellano (P & R; *H6tel- 
Bestaurant Tommaso Grossi, 
P. 6-8 fr. ; Alb. Porta, P. 6-7 fr., 
both on tbe lake) has 9300 in- 
bab. and some factories. By the 
pier is a monument to Tomm. 
Grossi (1790-1853), the poet, 
who was horn at Bellano. A 
street leads hence to the (8 min.) 
rail, station (p. 196). 

Throngh the Piovema Gorge and 
Valtaaiina to Lecco, see p. 19a. 

Dervio (B & B), at the mouth 
of the Varrone, is sitnated at 
the base of tbe Monte Legnone 
and its spur, the Monte Legnon- 
cino {5625 ft.). 

*l[oDt« Logaone (sses ft.) 
may be ascended hence in 7 hrs, 
(with guide; not difficult and very 
interesting). Bridle-path tofheN.E. 
to (I'/i hr.) Sueglio («S80 ft. ; Ostc- 
ria Bretsgna, plain bnt good) on 
the W. slope of Mte. Legnoncino, 
and thence (red way -marks) via 
ATte$$o to the (2 hce.) Rifugio B6c- 
coli LoTla of tiiQ uj&ulvl ^^-.s.^ 
Club (,1W» U. ■, ^■flo^.ij.'w, ■•i\'0& v,-!^*- 

818 ir. £.30. 



W. Bi3tK. 

Dongo {P; All). Trt: Pte^si; 

Mb. Donijij), «. largy vilJagu in 
■ filielterod silnll^iol1. On tbt' 
road toMun^'O Itca tlin b^auttfal 
Giardino Mx«M, with a wood- 
ed park. 

Graveddna fP; S^ot. d-Iia- 
lie), wilh 12((0 iiiiiab., U sttaai- 
nd Kl llic niontb ot tlie gorge of 
tlip Lirif. Tlie liitnd§oiiie Pa- 
laazv <l«lPerovi\\.\\ lowr lowers, 
at the u|>pcr end, was built in 
1586byPellegriQoTihsldi, Ad- 
Joining the venerablo I'hnri'h iif 
San Vfjice-mrft riscH tbi' Biifi- 
Halery nf Sitnta Maria itel 
Tiglio. an imcnislinf^ Imildiiig 

A bdilU-LJKtli l<>Bil« III ilio W. 

Uitoneh tlio Voile di Orrn'orfoiiK, 
ovK llie Pruaa San Inrir- (H4j!0 fr.l, 

bla 111 (10 lir»,) BcniniciD» (p. B). 
Provlaiooa unci gu ido noc-Cioary (no 
itiji SB niulo), 

J)otn(i$o(V} has sfsvBml hsnd- 

•iMoe viUab. — Finally Gera ^B). 

£. Bub. 

Tiffwj ; theunu li> llie S. In ihe (! lini.) 
Bifiiaiit Le^Hrmt [70111 ft.; na bed*) 
RDil lTi«(Iiy, lrr,)*ii'ninll, vllhaiifiiil- 
itr-ont view, — Thi^ KJii-cn^ <tn tjift 
NJ!l. side, ri'<ini VrHhio (u. :I4I. I> 
dij^r, A Lirjr]!f--|>nfi] li^jicU Ihron^li 
ttiu ValicdtLJa t^tina lo IhoU hnt) 
Aip Ca-ptKlIt, (mi ({.), tad thancn 
acraiD ilic Bor.ehnlla dei Lngnoai 
tv Ihv {9*3',', liri,] •uiooiit- 

0)r«i»(!, wltli a. rained caHIo: 
DorioiR.): Oti/ia^ca. — J'ioua 
(R,), ou Ilia bay named Lagfteito 
di I'i'ma. 

Cdlloo (P & R). — Tlia B^iti^ 
WAT STATJOn llc-Ktanrnnl] in '(« M. 
from the t«kQ fuma,, f*rf> indn^vd 
iu Ihtoiigh-llckcl). — HoT«l.B. Hlit. 
liiai, will] ^aFi^-ruHtHUTHiil, R. 3- 
°'ji Cr., fliian; Alb. Croce d'Ore. 

— Eeatouilint Sjiup'f, Bt Hic all- 

tinn, Killi riionis. gmiii ; /ffjtorandt 
dijZ(a iVtP(« {tt- f tjQi I'i^ It.), Tdry 

Colico, p\tMs.nily situatfid in 
n pluiii aenr the mmith or thi' 
Adda, is tho jnnetinn of the liucs 
from Milan tn Loccci ntid Cbia- 
vMitn <RR. 26, aij and lo Sou- 
dm and Tinino (RH. 26, 32). 



31. Prom Colico to Chiavenna (ifaloJaPass, 


II M. Ki.c^muc Ritii.wAYi ■ cuntiDUAlluii i>f Iho Milan ittd Cullni 
linn (B. M: BWnKally ruoning rouoMliuD willi Ihu X-nJi* Ponio 
■■Iviiincrl. Till* viJ-rnHui! 'LlRhlumii E)iiiri,'>->i' (|>. IDS) (tutu MiUa iu 3 bni,) 
■oil tlir urchin HTy cipn.'*!! tiikii lij-l^ riiiti. (firvii 3 U, IB. i U. I&, I fr. SO «.)( 
ibo ullii-i- Uiiitin Hike JO uiin.-l'/, lir, f.tittf i ft. 16. t fr. iO, l f r. 1& i-,). 
Coliw, scp ahovc. — Al thf fort of i^cnlct, iinllt by the Spa. 
niardi in 1603 aid dcslroycd by tbc Fmiirh in 17ft6, tbc line di. 
TprguN to the N. (row the Val TiiUiiia Railway (R. 32) and cros)iu.i 
tlif AAin (p. tH). — 4',, M, Ptibinti i750 fi.j. in the Piano di 
Spa^na, the fe vet-scourged delta nf lie Adda. 

Farther on, weahivt the E. hnnk uf ibr Z-ui/o dl Mfzcalaip- 204), 
:oiiDe^ta wilb Liihc Comi) by the 3/cfaoiily ihcix navipable). 
»t of the yiTrnniid of Mle. Leguooe ip, 211). — 8 St, 
, no till? N. tiay of the' lake. 

f (3tiarrnn.a, ibu name gWeti to \be nWe vsMw 
» Cbiavrnnn, i» etn;li>sed ^i^j VoUj buj'toVwm w&. 



CHIAVENXA. ri^- «-«■ 91S 

Mposed to the rnvRgcs of thf ri\nr. -- Ift'/s M. Samrilacn 
if tbe sljitiiin ti>r tlip ril!a](<! or ttiiil naiui^ on llifs rijclil bunk, ili>' 
Roman Siimmolttcu, at the furmcr N, tiid of Lake Coniu. To tlin 
Ult JB the fine wawrfull of l!ic Boggia, dt-sesiidinff froiD llie narrow 
J^(i(& Biidmiyu; thi-n, on the sloiie iitar l!ic l'a«« de^iffl F6n<ila. 
liin ^lla^R of Qvrdiina (SliO tu). umld liixiirlajit vlnc^iirde. Flut- 
view of I1j« Liro vulley (aoe below) and C'lil»vonnH, Tliriip taniieU. 

17 M. ChiavennB. — Hotels. *S«ttt i''i»tra(Ji-/Vi#(o. '1,51. (nira 
the tnilwny-nUtion, «-ilh Bno «anko, IjO hpiU M i-A. B, IV„, I.. Si/,, D. l'i„ 
P. 3-I0. nma. 'i,r'U 'f- ; *HA'fl KiilloiuU ot Eiif;ai£iiier JTn/. at thi- ■tjtjon, 
H.irouig'/i. B. 1V„ L. «'/i. !>■ 3'/i, P. e-lXr,-. fHf. Hclwlia -t ftpicola, 
nt llio i>t»tii>Ti, E, (turn 3'/,. 13. IViff-! J"". '^''*"wn., im thi- Vruiiioniil*, 
It. i tx-i nSt. do la Qarr, Mi, San- X^-ato, both ncir Ihu nUtiuii, uii- 
priitiiiiSiiitf. — Oanil licpf »t tlic MuTKfccJfE!', 

The STiTItiH {Cafi-EeilaHraitl^ 1.. or B. iiifl. win? S'/, Ir.) Um W 
tliF S.E, of the In-wn. Throngh-tlplct'ti iro hFrc> imiicil to Ihii aliMiiu 
b()»t--U1iiini im Ihp IJiieu i!i Cumu, wiUi L-nnlmti /iir llic iitauiliiis bnlweon 
tlirD riiillwiiy-Dtitiqn mid Iho quay nl Coiku (iMinp, p. «I!f). 

^^fti'ovcnflo {1040 ft,), the Rnmnn CTaucnna, un nncii^nt to*u 
with SlflO iiihdli., cbarmiBg-ty situalpd on llie ;Wrra, ie tidnpled fur 
n slay o-t some liiiiu. TLe town, llic key of ibc Splllge:! tontl iiad iif 
tbo Val Bregagik, tlirougL wliicli [lie rojid lt> thi- Miiloja P*aa atiJ 
the Engttrfino Irailfi to the E., Ticlnngud (alofig witli the Vsltulliiia) 
to til? Oraons from 1512 to 1797. San Lurtriisii, thu [irlnelpal 
cburcl), hits M blender cntiipanile, rising' from hii iirraduii (-iiclosurc 
which was Itunwrlj lie liutial-^roniid. Tii* ocljigunal Jialdslero 
(clciarf; Tl'p In-JOc.i eontiiins a foul, of 120fl, jidurni'J witli reUefti. 
in tbe Piasiza CiLnUiUn, rI Uie font of the canlJu-cock, arn tlie cuius 
ofaDLufiiiislu'dpuliioiuof tlie lugifrrn'iirnoruppoiHteil by ibeGflsona, 
The rnSiitd C'Aufeun, ■n-tlh two tosccrs, hi the sami* plu«a, Is Ilio 
legendary icene of Predt-rick Burbaroasa's unavMillnf; prostration 
hpfore Henry the Lion, shorily before the bsltio nf Legrmno (p, 6). 
Tlin castlo-poelt above the towii, now known iii» tlic 'JAirrMd'nn', enm- 
mands n pictaroRquc view (udin. 50c.); the Cattle, (hipk deittoyed 
hj Uai-buiTiLiou in 1187, fel) into final min in lfi30, llii! Cmirija, 
a cutting 30 ft. wide ui&de by llie Visooml In the oaallo-rocfc, Mcalle 
the doHpcrale slrugelcB wLlh tliL* (lalH'o of Milan. 

ViA tbe Lira Vatioy iVetlis Situ Gidcniaiti inri evnr thd SpHigfin PiUi 
loTliiiBin, tnd ViA the VrU SSregaglia ikDil MtUaJa i'<us to tlifl Upper 
Eiigsdiat, BOO BfiMektr') Svtiin'fltiad. 

32. From Colico to Bormio via the 
Val Tellina, 

Pbom Colici.> lo Somitio, KSVg M,, ekiKic liW-"*^ '.waiWTi 'p™«o^ 
; ft. 36, !tr. lb 0., bi^TOK!. till. I?,-*"'- 

■n i-i'i, IK. (lure* l Jr. ad. H ft, 36, ! W. lb o., bi^T«n& ^M. i.-i. " " ■ 'J^ ^ 
JJr. JDeJ, Thalliie ia a continimtion n( ViW lT<.niV\\M\ \«C«w-'>!;\;^.i, 

/ran, MirfJufj. („ ^aii-Btpi. only. - Piwi* TEuiw™ •*«»■«*•*'" 


BU If. Kfi M0RBE8N0- FtvmC>>li<<o 




BotLuio , ^5Vt -^T mctiJ'-B>Jiifiihi]«i htm times daily in voninvr (Jti^j- 

Sopt-l in IV,-BV» lirs. (0M:e dally )a S>/. hr«. it Dthur aeisnni); (mo 8 (r., 
d^wn fl tT. ^ploctrid r*i1why rirftjpct"'!), y^f rftin'h-LiL-kct* from MSIaii ti> 
the BagTii 'I" Ilorraio »nd !» Si, Mntiti, ctimT). p. ivii und Ihr lirgo i-dltion 
i>f tbo Orariu Cflli^iKlo I'p. aviil. — Cijmp. Iha Miip. p. JM. 

Tile Val Tellinn, vUicli li! wnltTud bv tliv .Irfrfo. is uiic o( ihn ma\n 
luuKltudiDnl va.lky> In Ihv Al]», i<<iisr*tlnir Uin rciitrnl cliitlii. from tlia 
Bnrgniniii9i|iio S\p> [K. it). It bi!lvni;i<d to Ilio Dri^onu dnva In 1797, 
theo tu AuitrU, jiucl vinco ISfrO lini! Ixiuu UuileJ to lUly. Tlir: ioilndl- 
fiune iif tilt" river ofton PBiite [sNting dfiiHifr* by -sMiUonng i1*i.ris (rnm 
ilH lirnail ^rivclly rlinnui'l snd innhf lliF: 1oivi:i- part uf tLfi vnlley niaiatiy 
ADil iinii<<iillliy. An AroiDMif tfA wine i^ RrAwn on tbo elnpp* of Ihe 
VJllIC}^. A« fnr us 'i'iiatiii tlir line ia iiraoiaptinkd liy the pnlci nf Hie ^m 
cldctrie trnneoiiii^ioii cnMi' (lUi) M. [nngj from RniHiii in Ihp PoArtimvn, ^^ 

CoUco, BUI' p. 212. — Till) tilnfltric railway tit Sotidrio tnirw li> ™ 
ihe E,, nsc-ctKliog tli^: \f!l }iaak of the Addii and [iiissiii^ llir Tori uf 
PMrnW (p, 913), tii(4:','5 M.) Delehio (710 ft.), on the /*«'«« (Mci:nl^_ 
(if Mtf. Legrioite, spo p. 213). — 8 M. Cuiim-VtdldUiti}- Traona^^ 
To the left fises tin- j1-/((n(<; S}>li';ja £9330 ft.). ^ 

10 M, Morbegno (835 ft.; Alb. Morbeffno; Cent.raU), with 
3600 inluh., lies til Llie muntli of tin; Vulk del Uilto. The church 
of San Lon^nxi) lias a fine carved Hilar nf Ilt '01111(1. P'ei'i'aj-i's design 
by Angiiln del Maina (1516-22). la the viciiiitj U the ^eiitirating 
stiLtiUD u( till! railway. 

Id the V'Ule ttal BlWi tli Serota, tlic S. tarn uf [lin Vnlle do] Bit' 
liHS thu liltlf niimmnr-roi.ll of <10 M.] G*ro(rt Atla [SlSn f I. : Alb. Pill* 
iloi Tre BiKUori: Pens. Motbomiol nt llie N. liase of Hit- i"il;o ttlii JYt 
SiffnorHp. llW), — Tlirougli tba Vallc li,'! Biftu ill Albsrpfl.i, tliu B. MB 
In tliB V»l Bri'iuli.ina, ^to Ji. SBIl. 

Wr crossi tlic Adda to (.14 M.) ArdennQ-Mdaino, nuiir Ihfl HMrQI' 
of llir Fai^ Afctfirtv. 

A ciiligiinrL- pliui honpi' iliricp daily inS'/^hn. Ic>f9'/,M,| ihr BqhhI** 

jVrt«i/(i"(5SliHl,; Kdrhiii", ui-Un June i Mil to aept, iStli only, P. fl-iefr.l, 
Btartinff-jioiiit fur tliu ii<ic'i>tit nf tlii^ lHaitti< rlrsfla Ditgrtain (18,1)70 fl.y, 
lilt litgljval nuaiiiiit in LmuiiivriJy (uump. Biuxirkcr't SiBUcertaw). 

19'/) M, San-Pielt'o-Berbeiiuo [to branrA in the Val Brembua, 
Nee p. 256). — Farther mt the train skirls the hill of Saaietta, 
noted for itt uini^ and crowned with n church. 

W/', M. 8ondFio(i(l'.il> ft.: 'ITnf.ikla Poate. with rcKUnrant 
iiiii(lyarrien.H.3-5,B. 1^,,, P.8-10, ornn.»,', fr.; Al-b. 'Mia 'Simiant, 
well >i|iokcii of), the papitiil <if thr Val THlinn, witli 4401) inhitb., 
wtuntod on tiip brawling Mullero, proiinuca oitiielliiiil wino. 

A road iiim to Hio B.W. to Ihp [iv^ M.J (ormcir niiniinn' ofSniiLo- 
rtastt fii<»v X ft^huol). ■Uunit^H on a lull CDintnjiniiin^ a ^iKr viav. — 
Abont S M. la tlio N.E:. of Hu-tiiiriu \i tbe ruiuuil <aslla uf QmiMlto 
<c«n-. thero >Dit b»ck S fi.j vii>w), ntir which oti;l'1Ii"iiI wino (flrumollo, 
Ilifi*tiiD) U r'rndtirml. 

TliroiiKh the I'aff^ .VWc'iCu la <'kirm f'litr. t fr,), jinmlas the plclur- 
iiMliip filU at ibr M«l!i?ro in the {'J, hr.| Kor|rei flf j1iv""<f ID" '•" ('([f I"-) 
tniuyrtiticu fait, In Chtcaa ntiil I'Vi't llii' l^'Tdtu I'lmi tu the tfjiper ^ffo- 
■U, ma /Jnnfot-n^n Surftei^lan^, _ Aawnt uf th« Ccrrnu SItlln. mtp.WS. 

f Tic j-ju'/n'nj tg Timuo iirooceis y\i (2.&>|,'W.'i TTPm-ni*., W 
'^'tJaa for (8 Si., J^aaxmiaai), wiUi tt*<i 'BauaWno V«i^oVM%\iia- 

lo [ 



T)erio Priia^', Ibe publio aauuturluiu lor Ibe iiruvliHe of .Milno. — 
Ahnut 1", M. to th« N. of i3fl',', H., Prntte h tlifl villdgr of that 
niijuf^ iLl!40 ft, J, with n Miiilnnau in Itvsea. hy LuinI, ovi^r ihc VT. 
ilflor (ff the clinri^b. — 33'', M. San (rtatwiio {1180 fl.r. Piviw (« 
Bnndionc, in llit- Val Surio, see p. 2S7. 

From i3(>M.iTreBeiidail£S0 tt.: Alb. Ambi'oainU juuiliintBi 
u ruad (oiiiii- twiw daily i leads X.TP. tu iJ' , M.) I lie siuiii! uiiil aiv. 
ciKiil town ot TtfjHo ift<HU ti.; iiai.Oomtinlol, altiiatcd on a aiauii- 
talu-riilge (viewi^ with a ralnecl castli'. the hnmUoioe Rsniii^MUcr 
ynXfiito Serta (liUli ci'iil). uiid the cbniTh of A»n Lorrnxo. wllb 
ffearoos by Foruio Stella n[ (.'flmva^gio i1598). Truspnrtu is thr 
alatiiiig- point of the roml ovi'i- iho Passo ii'i.priea (ji. 37fit. T« 
SonclioiK?, sot p. 9S7. 

41 ' '; ST, Tirano. ^ Tbu KsitiyAv Station lies on ilio riglit hauk ot 
llie Adda, ketweiiu. Ib« tu^'a of Tiihiio and tbo viIIieg «f Mnibnail ill Tirauu. 

HoTtt-s. Or.-IIM. TirnM. E. S-T. B. l',„ P. 8-li, omB, 1 fr.. Nil. 
de la Oire. vllii garilsn, bolli ul (he biutloii; H^'t. SCclvh, B, i-9'/vi 
B. I'L. P 7i,'rli> ff., KUiit, frps, J^srfn. H, l',V!i , fr , lliffL- [«-u in Ti'tuuo. 
— Alb. San WchoU, in Mndcmm ii Tirnoc B. a-a, B, I fi. ~ Cnffi 
J.Brandi. in Titano. 

Tii-atio i!t4I0 ft.), » smikU town Ol' 3&U(I iabub., often Hxpos«d tu 
xlamftljt' from the 6ov4s of tbc AdJui ci>a(aiii» ol') oiaaaiijiie ul tlio 
Vlscouli, PallaTiciui, aud Sails fniuilitis. — About "^M. Id thvX.W., 
ftt the enlrnnce to the Val di Pose/iiavo, nsar tfie Siimn fmiitier, 
UMatloima di Tirana (liiO fc), a villftgc w-il!i alar^o nnA haiid- 
nomt pilgriniftge-churn!], built hi 1 50fi-33 nfter desj^jis by Br.irimii- 
tiiio. The elfthorately carved 8crei:Ti dati'i from the IStlt oenturv. 

Hflneo Ij- llic iJirnina HaUKUu thronah Uii- Viil iti PwailjiiivD Id ihc 
Cj^'' E'tifCJli'lL; "i"- BaaielCi'rU Sirll^rlawl, 

Tho High Ruau tu tkii Baosi oi Bohmiu (niotor-omnibKB, sec 
pp. 2J3n 314) ci-i>asp» lite Adda. Tf Iti' N. risi;* the prtcipitous 
Mofife MaSficch (9210 ft). - 2 M. Strnio (B08& fi.i, amid *iuc- 
clftd hills. Wc descend to the S.E. t« (3% M.) Lmero VaUellmv. 

At (5Vs ^'1 jVasrjtf di Valfntlina (1835 ft.) tlic rood recrosscs 
to the right bmili of the AdiSn , auA bfljond fT'', M.) Groseof.!" 
(21)3.) ft. ; Alb. Pinii it crussi-s the Boaacn, wbJrti liere iasiii's from 
tfic Vul Grosinu 'sec Bardcl'fv'x '"^'witserHuml], T-o ibc U'ft the 
imposing I'aiiieil c;istle of I'cnus/d. Oppiislte, on l.hc li'ft liaiilif is 
the new Eki-trk Pou-er Hunst for thu rilj of Miku, the [.tiii'tiiig- 
point of the cable (90 M. lon^) over the Mortirolo I'jias aud tliriiu];b 
Iho Val Camonlca. — Beyond <sVv M.) Groaio (2170 ft; Alb. Oi- 
lardl. well spoken of), with a beli-foundrj and ihe cl\WftiKafa\tjHOsA 
Viscorili-VeiiostK, wo once more cross Uik A44iv. 

12', N. BoUadore (2790 ft; H'M di'» Al^ea, -weW *i;«Y<- - 
of; /\^fa, R. -2. B. I fr. : Pem. Viil<A Ma-nara;. -V"- v'^'' ^- ""^'^ 

ItJm Mmfe AWmini ["» 73 j ft.), ^ 

■jl^ 11. C3i. BDBiUO. 

T* a« y., ibU Ike kol-hilU .( tl« Ciw a«lu» (.M W«*j, Ilea 

iW tfltift •< gamSatt (MW fi.:. Im Dm pN»*aa4> »bat« vbtak fFtmua 

Tte ntk* contncta: t^t wstlKr* «egtmi«i dba|ip««rs; Hx 
liehnr nnlK> tbe gre? glacier-«aitr of ibe A4dx. — The road nuu 
MtbeX. *M Mondadisia. silli a cari»u old ckuvh. taa4',, M.} 
Le iVew ;30» j fi. >. whtn we rccrau ibe AddJL The dam hen «u 
f«fBe4 to MEBecdbii ailk ibe e!«ctrie vorb ot GnMSOlio. V« sen 
tUtr Ibc dfile of .Sn^ni di Morifmomt, abonl 3' , M. ia length, 
wUah KparaiM \be Tal T^IIjh trtn the r«giiu ol B«rsua. In 16A9 
the PmU del Viatolo vu iht i^ne ol as «ig»yiamt IMWMI 
Antriana tsd GariiMldiuit. A|.I7S. th« end of tk« put ti«a tk 
baalfi af JUcin^iKMie iSSiO ft. . TIm Fotfe di SctU, foraing tbc 
upper *Uge «( tke tallei asd ^ it? ndiaj; t« BorBW, ia doDaioaU-d bv 
tvwwinc oMaiitaiBB. so«« of th*'n vitli glaciers: |a the Ittl tbc 
ama&ifiMM> 114,300 IL/ ud tbc CVmo Jj I'last {11.36a (i.). to 
ihc ri;hl the Mviife S<^freHa i'lV.»l» (1.1. Fartbcr oiiia tbc hamlrt 
of SmU' Anl^inio JIoriifHone i3393 fi... 

BcfofldiiOVilt.] O^ir'na ^3745 fu: Hdl.-Fyaa. Ceplki, R. i-i\„ 
B. 1, P. 6Vi-'',it tx.) *« naeh the Icrel pttv n]iey(PUtno) 9t 
Boriaio. At Santa Liiria {3dlO tu) wc rron ihe Frwiolfo (sec 
bdov). Tie mid runs to \he N.E. lo — 

24'.,M. Bormio i4(J20 ft.; /\M(a, B. 2-3, P. iiMl. Vint 7-9 fr.: 
^;A. dtUa Torrt, R. l'.,-2Vt. P. G^ fr.. well spoten Df; €^ 
Cletntntij, i quint Ullle toRn vitfa unaitroos dilapidated t»wt7%, 


pdctKretqnely *ttiul«(l al th« enlisuiie to the foJ J'urca or vallev H 
of Ike Frodnlfo. To Santa Caterina, s«« fioedeterx Eadfr* H 
^i[/>«..i T& the >'.W. «|x^ns the I'c^ rfi Dntro, leading ui ibe Bh- H 
nlna Pass ^sce BafdeL-tr't Stritset^amt,. ^M 

itBoricio begins lhc^f«/L-roA«(uf, built in 18S0-&3. It iBCfod^ 
in a widt cnrvf, affbrdin^ a fine rciros]teci of Bormiaand iti^girdlv 
of roonolalnv, ^^ 

Sv", M.BsgttldiBormlo. J\tt Sew Batht (Bo^HiifMvi; V 
434^ It-', a b^iidsoujv buildiog EarrvoiidccI with g!irilvu!< oa a Ur- 
race comiuaDdiug a fine aarrCT. are mueti freqututed iu sDuimcr 
[WObcdastS-S. it. 1' ,.L. 3' 'A. D. 5, P. Ifl-lSfr.; Angl. CLnrcb 
Strrlcc,. Tbr? D€ifi»i Fcc-cAt, or Old Baths (Elotcl. 1 10 beds at S-4, 
B.l»,j, L.3,D,4,P.7';,-]Orr.; sca-cn from July lat to Sept. lOtb), 
an Vt U. bighcr np ^4755 ft.), perched on tbc rocks bclnn- the mad. 
The tertn aprin^t, tanlniniiig sslt and sulphur flOO-lOO" Fabr.}, 
rlM In ibe dalomite cliffs ncnr ihc o]t\ ballia; th(>_v are njrutioiit'd 
by Pliny and C.miod'frni. Tlir old Itninu.u baths ipiscine) hevn in 
lb* rock are inlrreiilinn:. — Fmra liiirmio over the Sfrlvia (StIIfatr 
•focAf lo I,Mid*'rk ami Slifran, %vv Ba«riefcer'a tloitfrn Aljii. 


33. From Henaggio, ou the Lake of Como, 

to Lugano and to Luiuo, on. the Lago 




43 M. LieuT BAiLwir Irnm Mi'tiuj^iu lu I'miraa, 8 M.. In in uilu. 
uBiW Sir., 1 f r. ii c, ; vicn'f lu tUe Ivli'ri ntnllcu al MonA^iv, cuiup. |>. :]{>, 
^Btbauudat (Qtediouru rL'Ktimrnal ) Irr.iui Pork-mk tn (II M.) Li'i/mio la 
M''tbr, ffai'fS Z (r. SO, I fr. 20 f.\ loit /fuui T.iii;liiio vlft Pmto I'ntnia 

IS ti5 M.J J'oJi/ff rp<^»T in i'/,!'f, hr". ' f«r.>< * fr , 1 fr. SO vX — Lion* 
R*ll.w»v frniu Pnnle Tretn vifi CvcuKnn^;™ in Lniao, a M., Ih 40 laia, 

ifnroe 3 fr., 1 fr. -10 <•.}. ThriiKgh-tiilcM» Croin -Mfiint7|>lo I4 UiuNtin G (r. SO, 
■ ;r. 83 !■,, t(i Lulna in (r. ."iW, 5 fr. 71 c. 1 Silii. rplitrn-lii'liyl* train Lupinu 
to Pftrli-j^ft urn! P&nla Tre.*!! V'^ & I fr. f'Ticknt* ntifl <in b^ijifj nf (lift 
9t«BiDera1. — Swlnii watoiO'hiFiiiB cintDiniiiiin un iho xtriiiil>ou.T. [lallnn 

Huuaii) ■□ Pnnto Trcia. 7 U.. II Ittuct anttj* in 'I, lir. [farm 1 fr. M, 1 fr. 
SO 0., Ilicro tiui l)U4k 3 fr. IS, I fr. 14 «.), tm pp. tIT, %)<>. — Ccwp. lira 
Mtpi, lip. Km, H, t«7. 

Meiingt/ii, spo p. 210, — Th* Lioiit Kah-wav to ['fiiiLezEA 
nt first ascenils rapidly 1 j ; 100) l« tbff liilU liWvc tlic lake, tiicii 
turns ami rune lon'iirds thcK. for almut liulf-ii-iuiK-, Fiiio •Vitn- 
to tbp rij"!it of iJie cvalrai part of the Lake of Cuuio, willi BcUiipis 
ill the taidtllr. Furthtfr on ihu lirti' di.'scribus a wjJe Ijiiiil lo llic 
W. ami winds hlgli up along llto kfi side of lliu (lcc|i \'al Sunmjrti. 
Tunuel. — At iflM.] Ortuirl^iJct iiit'tit h.: Alli. Crolio Sc]iceirl")t 
ihi-stfltionfor tboMtnaggit>gult-Hiit,si]i, 2ll>,i. we raucl ilicliiglieat 
poini uf the line, 610 fl. above ilieLatc orCoiuu. Tiii> train dcsoi'inls 
(on ibe Kiuall La^o del Piano), San J^etro (8"/, M.; wLero the 
I«g(i di J.iigano coiues in .ligliU, md <,7Vj M.J Tavordo, in tlie 
broad Valleij offliu Caceio. 

8 M. Porleaaa ('J/6, del Lri^o. well spolien. of; Fosta or 
Angeto), nti Ihp N.E. arm of llio Lalio of Ln^aiiti, wilb. glasB-worUa 
iiri<1 lliu Jlalinn citstfuu-lioiisn fur trnvrllcrn from Lng'ttDo, U till? 
staliou or ihc Elaliau 'i«rptiilo-l)out!*' ip. 386). Riiil. sisiHon, cliigi! 
lo the 8teaiiiboat-pii.'r. iligtroad to OH^nir (p. aiH.i. 

Tin' Lake of Lugano (890 fl.i, called liy iha lialinai Xufyi 
Cftvrio aftci' its <1aiii>tfiil Lsiin nanip, is dtl eq. Jlf. in arcn ani 
045 fl. drqj at it? dci'iipst point, Tlie curiuiisly sliapeiJ liido, iKit 
unlike tlie ileltcr S, occnpios (lie deepest porliona of two cruss- 
valleys, aepiti-ated bv llic Moiitu Suu Stilvalore, ■wlilc: llie X, cuds 
of tlic vallejs. na wdi aa tie I'alky to tiicN.E., lielwcen CantaKnok 
unil Porlciaa, bivo bcou llllcd ut" !)>■ tlie rivers Aifno and Cimsu- 
rtite. Its partly wooded and prccIpUoiia bmha aro less viiried and 
niuro sombre thim iliosc of lakrs C'omo aud Unggiort!, bti^. \\'' 
ccatral piirt, tbe 'Bay of Liujaao^ vies in «cwv\t t\iii\\n ^m** 
Insiiriii.ucii of rcgcUV^u nilli its more ce\ebro.Ui\i\«\4V^"iw«. . 
The STBiXBH pi-ofpods vfl CVma, nt. Wm- fool »! v'tvv ■a'wcv^™* 
oil they, bunk., mid uroiHs-s tbe lake \<i — 


t -,. >( Hi |i 

iig n: I'.'ia. 


h'rvit Mtimiifih 

OetBiLO (Alii, (ttl Vapof'e, exprnisi^ei Aiii. Hella G-rotta), m 
i5jc wdoilwd b. iiiiiik (it \hv iiikc, llic larlliiilncB of tlii: stiiiiilor 
Aiidi-ea Bnyiiu i(V l&(lfi in Koiiif, tvIio is roprcseiilcil by lw» 
I'iboria Ut Klv I'liiiirli, 

Tilt Grotto of 0»tenO, IirI, On-irio or i^^»c(fvfl [*A>i1i>!rna-n'* gnw'J 

rii Oeleao. i« fruiiui'iill^' viviioit fruiii Lii^naii (rtf1nrii-[ari< 2fr, iSt,; liohet 

'Pill' iorrytiijin B(]ijle>- vwiium iIitiiiibIi titu villn^u uml iluii-ii to tb* riaht 
nbort of thi; atuuHf l>rld(;i-<4 1^ a nmriil fuol-briJ^ 'tvor ^b^ Iroqilc, TJiC 
iiiuiilli nf IKi; (-iiT^i^, in whii.'li tlii>rii it n «miil:J wnForfill, ia nmr C mm.) 
u prDjeiillog lork ircriimirnDi), Viiiiti>r>) ihimil lliu Ufliruw rnviue in « 
■ninll hoBt. Ffir sbum, llic riji)f Ji iDridi'd by oiMPliiiiiglng IihbIhib, bi-. 
twci'i) which Eliiii|iagn lit Itldi: "hj' nti' ublnjnoil. Th(< eorev is Irnniiinlcil 
bj- 1» witcrfal!. — Tini^ pcHiutiniir. the tlrntUici nf Hftthu wiili tlioir 
ItlCn qiinrrirB anrl fossil h, iimy lio vi^ili."! iiUo [buHl tlitri' i^nil bsi'k in I lirO' 

'V\\t: eti'mniT siMis olilitinolv nprusiS Ihr- Inl*, a (T'l I'd iiig- a clew 
lo the lelt iif Mtu. Aaii Salvaloi-c ip. 11). tu fiaii Momelte ["SleUii 
d'lUtin. oil ihi? pier: 'Pons, -AuiBlei'-Qarteii, \\ lir, lii^liDT ui>, 3',,. 
& fr, ^oort ; T^iib. VaI Sddah. bE?aiitifiit]y sitiiftlGd aL Che mouth ot ; 
tbc pictnrGSfiiic Val Soliia, with CuitteUo high above it tp. l6). — 
iji'ia (Elii.-Vawa. Bean-Rivagu', I', from G (j'.l is also tho siatiou Cor 
Alboifaeio (Kistyrantc Dud G'-nielli, ploin.i, witli a picturc«nuely 
situslcd clinrcJi. Aocctit vt Monte SvgUa, sec p, Xfi, 

W'c a<jw ri.'tm'ii to lb« S. bunli, ou nliJch lies Sajita Uar^ 
gherlta. itn old churi-h at llic beic «f tljc jif ccipiloua Moiitt Catli 
t343fl ft.l 

A CUdle IUiuwav, 3/, U. long Ituteti i 3i i fr,, letum-tjckcta itt, 

(•II riiia. >iu<l buliAsvH £i/, S ti/, fr, ; fi-iiin lji|;!iii(i il f r. 35 <t n fr. 'K3 iiulSfr. 
A 1 fi- 8<>f.), IfHil" from tbo slut ion of Sunt a Mnr^irhcrits fPIO ft.l in tOniin. 
l«Icc[ieii ernilicnT ^5:10(1; to BelBcdere ili Ldiaii d'/nteld (S»Oi t\.', 
Fiitiiciil!iir*.Rea(iiiipunl BdvcJi'ip, with K,, L. 3'/ji P. SV,, V. "-)',') fr.lj 
iinuTdiBB n fllB vio«-of llio Val ScliU, llicBay odiiganft, and th^Alpa with 
Muntc RviD. A tuiidi tiirning to the I'ight it ttiu uiminnja uSicra' buracX*. 
Icidu lo th* An^lipiin ChiiTPh [ncmteinaBniruPi') ivnit the (iomin.)''Oii"i''- 
ndtd Beh-eiUrc i8"15 ft, j tW Wils M .'i';,-li'i L. S'4-l. D- 5-e, I'. B-14 fi.i 
ojupii from April tn Oct.). nn [lio N. ninrgiii of lU* Pin-ii d'ftiviifi (34mi fl.J, 
- - Tlic iiinia liniQcb "f iW. roml nin-» from Ibu '!ii»TiMn«-biitincki' tu the Irlt 
10 li'UM.i La-BBft d'lntelTi famsft. ; ]--aIaee Hotel Bella VUta. villi 
Ptnlral b<.'ii[i!ijif anJ jinrli, B(t liciln ot t>i^-i, B, li;„ L, 3'/j, D. i"/., P. 8- 
18 fr,. ,'!»«i'H (rem Oi-i. 1« April ISlhi H(>'. rie Milan. P. fl f r. ; AU>. C*»- 
frai«f B. I'.W/i. L. *- D- ii/s fi.; SH. Vlllu Atinimrlnlo, P. O-M fr.J. t, _ 

5le*BBDt vills/j'e o'iili eovprul villna, .m (In' iii>TiiTnioi.t It'Vi"! o£ the Vol;j 
'Intilvi In. S!ooi, A loart lesde to tliii hdirII clinlvlioatp bnths of ParaxlM 1 
(eS» ft.: P. Si/j-ei^ ft.), 1 M, t« Ibo B, — ]'TO.n Unso vi« JrvffXO Wl 
[S hiB.) JftwofljfJn. !ioa p. IB; uscrnt of Ibo (Bi/, bre.) JfonM OcneiVM, .1 
ice p, llj 10 (1 h[B.) AryesnOi tcf p. SU9i 

Tbc jtccp N. §lu|jei of thu Mwile di Cnprino (p. 15) bevoiid 
^nntu Miirf;boritJi, and llic N. bank ul l)i<> hie; beyond Jieltafna 
lietuag til SwitaarUnd. 

riiR utoamPT steers diagcmally aordss Ihc Inke lo the village 

of Odjtana \H6t. Seehol, by lh« p\er, ^- tttivn \Vi,i P> f""" 

^ /r,.' Antieo Jlistontntf')^ witb its ntciiAea nvii'A* NTOcAtttwisi vin. 

Me i./et/i */opfi« at (he fuol ot Jite. Bi* kj- V4\ ■soMt W tot^ 

(« l.-finuiK I'liKTO I,'EHEMO. H'- K--M 

(.'^•liigiKflii, >i-t' |i, L4i. — 'I'hr iiexi sUlinn, aim on llic 8l?«p S. 
etojK it MiiMli' Hri*, is Lmjnmi-i'attO'jiiotit \\t. 13\ Tbn ^It-anittr 
tlii'n triivrrso9 llio pn-tty lii}' v( Luj^aixi. ivii llnf !v. Ntilr uf wlilrli 
the Mtc. Sun Snlvnlurt' ri.>i>ti coiiajiicnouiily. 

LugsBQ, »!'(■ ]i. B. TliP alallon of Ibe Hi, OoiilinrifRallwDV 
lica high almvA the Uiwii, 1 M. from IHl' Litgnni>-CeiilrnU' pif^r. 

A» wii Itivi? Lagniio, w* isiijoy a Kni' rptrosjied o( l]ip lown nnd 
Jllc. Uri'. Tlie tieamiT ronm)* On- pi-omontory ol Smt Martino 
fp. 14* nnd eiillfi si (WijpiVnr, iin lUliiiri ".'nclsvii in Swiss krri- 
. (ory. Tlliff viUupj w:\n tilt' h'Jiui; vt llic L'^mlmril «Uul|)tur3 of \iu: 
I 13'IlllLnMil. Iuii>wu UN Ihi.' '(.'aiupioticsi'. Tlie rliurcli vf titv Mt- 
ilitniiii di'll' AiiiiuiirluUi. coiitiiitiH H'lini' 14lli rent, fretiruett nf tlic 
Ijr.iiil>iiril Ki'liriiil I'liifi' (if ,FtiIi!i till" Buiitiflli. Hno jutnicpect iJ thi' 
Al|)^ I'l III!' X.; (n ilii' I'll rlsu tlii: fiitcj) Iluiiks i>( .!//<■. flenei-"f 
(|). IT I. Till- Uuiit riijw pnssFS. wllli luurrril ruiin-*1. tlii'<iii|rh an arrli 
of tlir Pfii/r fii'ja ip. Hi) anil "frefallv luui'lii's botli ut BtMOitv 
ip. tfii im ilic K. hniik iinil nt yfelidr \\i. lOi on tin- W. bauk. 

Al rliiH pciiiit n lino vii-n' i« iibUiiiud (■> ill-' Ipft uf thi>S,E. arai 
'if till' liiki' 'Cnkif of Ciii«'lnt!i:, "rep. Ifi), wliiiib Ilir I'linta tli 
/'aitinti, 11 spur iif Mtr. Sun (fiurifin iit'i" bi-Juwi, scpiiniU'* l|-01IJ 
thu W. :inii. Tlu' HLtiiiiii-r ciiU'r* llm liiltiT (l« llie U-fl, Jtrimiii. 
.lr-»Ki'>l iitiil stiijis :it Jdoroota (f\-itii. OtivtUn), a ttnmn limn 
jiliHut'i'siiiii'K jiliiuti'ti ill I he S. iiiijfiii III Mnnlv Araa)Sle-ra 1 2710 ft.) 
uiid I'liiiiiiiiiruli'd lij' llicclmri'h uf M/idnniiri )M fi'inmo mhI n rtiinod 
cuilk (151)0 rt.j. Tho ciiiij'i'li ul t.ho .idjnfciir iN.K.i villngc of PTtfo 
Af&rciite 11415 ft,) cmtiiiiis lot:? iv sl.iii(( ni-nlf.tnrfn. 

Till- atcnmor naw I'l'iisnf* llip kkr in tin- smiill Ii4iy <>r Porto 
Ceresio <yl-'^- Cfrc^iu.-yhiw, nitnulcd uii hiiliiiii ugll U'lcctrW 
roilwAv to F«nr«c uiiil ^iil<tH, sen K, 34 1, 

A )'ii>iw»th ■•'•Aiiilii tn i!i>' .N.J':, to i.i>',U. I Sarpjane \m>) ft. ; Alh. 
scxttlBHo\. CO Hem in lib' iiiiunU'''l iiiuuiik vooiln oit'd mi'mlomt ot the fool of 
Haiitt Huh Wwrgia (SOW tt,). auil cuiuniaiiiliuif n Ih'iibIIIiU vivw uf thulAkv 
111 Lugiiii'j (riiii'l froiD Mi'iiitriKiii lii Xtride undrr <:uU9liii-.'tiuii; sdd p. I1)i 

TLi.' Kleumcr liini* in tlip X. nml i'i;nclic» tlio W. purl uf tbc 
lukf. To thi- left, in [Inly, Ik-s Sii'si'ii/iiitu'' iA!b. I'ariiiii, wliorp 
Mt«. fiBii SBhalorp ngsiii (.-orijes into *)«Iil Ui I In- N.K, 

Tbii boat passe* Co tlio left of tlic Lalci- of A<jii„ \\,. 22(lj, tlm 
liuckgrouml «( wliieli is furiuL'J by Mlu, Digurin, Mtr. Tainnro, ami 
otWr summits, ami steers tbrougli iho A'(rfff<i i/j /-iirpHn. ii iinrruw 
rhtinncl kniHiig into tbe wcstcriiniost bay of tlio iaJn-. In Uie loft 
Sh the villajj;Q uf Lui^cna, In live rigbt, tLe barren Mnn/f tini'salf'i 
(1740 ft.l. rocmprly iin i»lnnd. At tbii W. eni) nf thft l>ft« k — 

Ponte Tres&, ctnul.tling »f two \Ulagi:t>, W, \m?»-i tvl •«Vv<^^ 
is Swiss jmd ()i<'«;iMli.Tllnlian, Jivl4':4 \>^ \W ('\t«T 'ir»*o.,Vvi\c»^ 
/^^ari from tJic iako lifra. Tlje rnilwaj slft\\wft»tt4. "''^'^^■'^^^^^ww 
j/'c /'fi tbs luJlai, a!,U- deft liaiiki. On i\i* Sw\*.*i -,\4«-/v*^^'"- '^'■ 
0-'iv///(^. /rout i (r.,. ^ 

TliA IitanT KAti.w^T rnoia Ltraiso to PntTt Tiist^ {I M.; eoe p. SIT} 

fiMHi Sonnm (liaid.'i, ik'sionie jiftHi tlio •iHflll Lv^e tif Mxiuiun 
lUO ft.l to iltc (Mf, M.I OappeUa Jt Viglio, an.!, taming to \he (iKtit 
»loiij[ llitj liillBiilu, I" (3i;»M.) mngirio [*17 fU; ten p. 15); ihcopD ihiuiigb 
IliC broail talti^}' uF llir <l|f>"> If. It) (a llii? •mail tmrn of (4*/, M.} y1i7'la i 
1870 fU: fil>itiirniit(^ BiilTiil. ou llie itiu nf 1!ii~ Lakn <i( Lapnno nftiDFil utlor 
it (u. »I0!, Fmlhti nn wp p^'"• (5'/, M ) Ma^liaio {flW fL, ; Pni-. Helv.-tw, 
r. iij',-5 ff„ BH"'' ; lu Tfuvjppflii, •OP p. Iji unit ctoiis thp iVojjKiWfrm lo 
(OV) M.) Cfiei'tMu nnd [! M 1 JViil^ 7'tit»o. 

Kpiiio Pinle Tipis* lu (iltMa f Vitreur), •op p. il.1. 

Tl)c LioKT l(Aia,WA\ pKnic P'istk Tresa to Lrrxi> di-^cetids 
aliinj; tbi' left. Imnli (if tlit! rii]iifl iinil eWsir Trrsii, wliii'li Iiitc fi>i'in« 
the hoiiBtlarv ln'iwoi'ii Italy uiiil .Swiiivrlnuil. SLV*nil villa;,n'H Ttml 
chutcbca me solu p'-rclipd on tlio lirlU. Ui.'vnnil Ihi" slittk-iii t-f 
(S'/j M.) Cremevttifa \H'Mi ft.) ihi; Iriiin pnsNW Ihrntigh \vo lntm''U. 
At I'outf iVcmPiia'lO (iiujtur-(lili(;<'ni'p, sci- ji. 217 1 it iTus'jes tlic 
fiver, liw |/rLTipilguti rijclil b'mk of wliicli i» now also Ilnlinn. — 
B Jr, ff'ci-" (i4.'i fl.i, Willi luniiiifactorii'S. I'roBsing iLc Ui'-IHiiMiiia- 
Gi'UuiiIliic(Ei,36;'<Uiliui) l<>ilir leftl.^vc itrrI\vu('^4:<^J.)Z,iiiii'/,nlirTe 
llii' rtl.iliiin iic3iiiiiiH till' La^ii Sliigpiiin- plfaiiitioiil-ijiiiiy iaci: |i, BSitj, 

34. From Milan to Porto Ceresio, on the 
Lake of Lugano, vit Gallarate and Varese. 

•lU'/j M, Kleithji. H«7l,ivai tft rrocie drllo Staio) in l',!-!^.'* 1"- (fltr« 
1 ((. Elt. iff. KSi-.);lo(8:i/,M.) l^.in-sc In l-S lin>. (fjre« 3(r. S'l, lh-.«Bc.J, 
itv'lurn-ticki:'U In Liigsu" Sfr. iS, * fi'. 5ft c. (3nn. & holidBjt J'/i ft*/r..i; 
liQiu Lugano lo thi» Snoro Manic & Cf . KC, S fr. 9i>c. (4 fi. (^, 3 fr.lDcO' 
Tb« lniB« gmt (Q iLo Via (Jiilili'u Wslikii (PI, F, I; trsiniriiv No. 6, wu 

f>, lA'lj, brt-iik' lii? Ovntrnl Slntinu. Ilcuvy lngs>^c l' accepted on ItiE '0' 
riiD« o»1y. Tlici Irijnic nre uiiieii uvorcrun'>il>!<l iiii Suii. mil )iutiiJty« xnil 
an Sit. tvonliiKs In (uuiiucc, Botb tlit' Swina and llic UalUn riiilum-liuuaf 
rtrnnimitiuji Islctt gilnco un rho etcumcr, ^Comji. liiu Maii, p, ISS. 


Frum SlilR-n to ^SB M.) Gallafate, where tho Siinplun Rsilwajr ^t 
diverges, s«c p. 6- ^| 

rnoii (i,ii.i,,Mi\rB»o I.AVCSO, so M., tallwnv ln»/.-l In', [fiin-s l(r. BO, ' 
flUi-.i Iiuai Milmi. ill S-SV, lifB.. Sir, 00, l fr. S& o.). — lt» M. Temalt- 
Vanine-Bfii-fflii, on llii- lUllc Inlw of Comubbio (lU.i ft.). — 15 M, Smm^o 
iSOU fl.], — iy M, Lavmiii, bbi- p. S33. 

Our line runs lo llie N- tlirougli ihe fertile niofaliw UUls of the 
VarcBotlu. au';, M. Albizzatt; 35 M. Gmzada (I23U ft), in a 
Iijfiy silnatinn, n-llli llie ViUa Cagnola. As tlic Irnin procccdi 
wc enjoy n Ijcaiitifiil vigw, lo tlip left, of tlip Liike of Vai mb and 
Vsrcw with tlio Moiile Cjimpii 4ki FiHjvi in llie biirkgroHiiiil. 

37'.', JI, Vareee. — Hailwuy Stationa, i. l<ttiiit-iie FpriV'L'ie 

dflii) Slato. tij lilt K, cil Ihi.' ti'wn. — !. ^7lI;i^J^lf JVrful'Fe XorA MilaKV, 
SCO j-iU. to itic N.£. ul Cliu /oic^aiug, Juc llii: UIlun-LuYuuu' {It. SS? and 
Pema-Lnvcno litic» Ip. iuij. — 3. SimioiiF. d-e/le Bitlnle, en llio N. slda 
R^ /iu town, /nr Wie rteoltic riilwaj lo liiiinu \?. asij. 

Botela. •EicRLdioB ClnABS-llfitKi. \i,iitiiv. a Xit^v. win\i\\'ifcw.'rt.t, 
■*i ^. fn IAl- n', of ifio town, ncnT \\\t sUViira ol tlniAienu^^. WV„ ■^VSi* 
'•tvatlfnl gaiylou anj i splendid viifw "I IWW- S.\v»->'*- l"™^,ft.Viv 


Pnrto r-^iwirfn. TARESE. "'- *■ ''• 


iAiigi tjBccQ :. R. fruiii s\,, P. ftaia I. am*, *', h, , Irabu. C<re« 
Bt. wilh Biiiiill piHiiii, H.!i,-,-l, P, TO. oirii,>,fr.. both lltlvui, »11K 
jIurnTil^; iVkqiim), Vii AK-nnsnilni Mnaxntii 1", (.' t ■ riiALi:. Cuno Vil- 
lo Ciufimiclf? S^i^ciiiJo 11, buili quite iinpret«iicllng. — CrM> [f.vii^A'-, 

BtO.) iiniN'r tfiL- iiTi^ilcM in lln: Timnj Viiturin Enwiiiirlp Srcundu. 

Post & Talegritph. OSo«, iu llic MimiiipU iix^c Wnw^ 

GAb*. Onc-lini'"!' nri', (11.T liiivp in Ihif Kiwii, I It., la ('xllHliuun 
[p. J8t), "»'illi » 'inv "f I i 111",, aWnt fl fr. iii«r|riijii nt-io'ini-;*, 

Eloolrio Tpamwavs iBciiiiriillj' riuwM nn Sun.J. 1. Kioin ilis Sw. 
e'oi'ff Ferrni-le .ViJirf, riS ttic Pioin'Porearl, <!)■.■ Tiaiia BrKiiiii, lli-llulr, 
f! M,), nnilHnhiri'lln. to I'f, Tir.l Iho PHma I'npiiiUa, bplow ilw Mirionna 
del Mvnlo ftx'cry lO-ifO luin.i faip, up au, doviu iiu c). — 9> Fri'in ilia 
XroiiolJJ 'IpKu SCalfJ viS L' li> Hntihl'ilr, cv. 40 minute*. - - 3. From 
llie SCaxiiiue <le!le Stutir, vij the Tiikxis I'urr'nd miil Iho Vin I<iii;ri ^*ccv< 
lo Haiiingii, pv, £(i inintilf". — 4. I'rotii Hip S(nii>iHj- iffUo Sli\to to B>3Z(i- 
rci'o, tv. at) mi]iiili'?. — 5. From (br S'<i«HiHf '/iffu .SdU'i U Atzalf^ 

Wire Bopo Hail"wi»yi [I'^iiii'^oloriJ. I. Pr<.m Wllant i>t tlip Pritn» 
rjij.prllii, KOI.- iihiivu) 111 ilio (;,') mlu.l 3r<iJi/e Trv Ci-»el. fv. Eilinlu. £(*» 
\ It. m, drjK-n «(i f. ; VnrPBe * Ir. i(i. iW c.; — *. l>?)«ne tft Ih" 
(IS Biln.) Sncro Jfoiitr, cv. EO Bin. (inro I (i., floffn ID.\; (roiii Vurwo 
« (r. sn, lOr.)- 

Electirio HaU'way troiii ifrltolr. /•vt.' ahuvL-i. liJ (iMiUnoJ Cunanlu, 
to (15','aM.) l.iih,', i^j, SS3J in .^n. 1 hr. iti.n-s i fi-. nO, I (r. SSn.). 

ADsUoaD Clmrcli Servioe ia liiv Orutiii-HiilFl V»ri.'>(>. — G«lf 
Conrae (9 lioli's.) i.tor Ifi" Oriiul-lUti:!. — English Ptiraiol»n fin 
KiiinmiTj, Or. ffiilitH fHuffhii), Via Slniirdn-lDi 8, 

Vareie (1250 fl.i, a thriving town wSth 7700 iiiliab. itiH, allk, 
leattier, cnrriagt', wud utlier 7iiaiiufnc lories, cviiUiiiK 11 Kursaal, a 
Stftdinui, an^ iiumcrcna suiuraer- villus i>f MiiaMex-; fitiuiliDs. Tb" 
earli-ons nrc vburmiji^, anU tlii^ suiiiuier-IieLt is ciiUuruble. 

Tlifi Via Orn'giini niiil (be Via Emanueln Sliinjsiui lead frum 
lh.e trail. ^tiiiiKii 111 tlif! Piazza Vi'uti Srlu-mlitr, ITure ticglns thn 
bnaioHt lino sif tlwmiighftircs. coiiBisling of tliM Via Goroni, llio 
C'orso Rcniu, iinil iTii'jtiml tin: sjuall I'iazwi Torcari) the (r.) Corsu 
Vitloriu Ematmcli' Si^puiulo, Iluliind llie arcailt-s ol tlic last, in iho 
small PiiiMH 8aii Vltlorc. is llie cliiircb o£ San Vitlorc, rebuilt in 
IfiSO-lfilS after a lUsign by ?ellrgri:in Tibaliil. with a fanatic by 
L. PoUaiik (1735). l''ine "View liMin tlio miupanilc (1617-1773,1. 
2ZQ ft. in hHnlil (lif-liHt fi'oin IJio sostun; 27" xUjis; asceiil dark 
and (atiguiiig). Ailjuiiiins is aii aiieioit Bapliitery. 

\u tlie Via Liiigi Sacco. lo l.ho left, uear the PlaKza Porcari. 
[a tlie Miiiik-ipio, torinrrly nainpil La Corte, built for Diiko Frjin- 
cls TIT. of IHntlrDfi ill 177."i. In the rig^it wing is Ihe Muneii Civieo. 
s collection of prfOiiNlorif itnil lioivmn anHqtiities. The Giardinn 
l^ibblivn. finiii-rly thn palnrL'-ffnriluii, is Iniil out in ihe oH Italian 
ilyle; fine vicwnf ilic Luko of Vsrcw v>w\ Iho W, Aljs, with Mouti" 
Rflsa, froiu tlifc tii|i of Ibo wonrtcii rid^r. 

Thp Villa IJtfn ModUpinni, in Biumo fnfmorc, ft.\vVi\». ^" 
the N. <it the y, Stalioii, »till btars Uwne. ut * ■sW'^TOX'i'V. \wee.v 
here fit lfio9 lictwi-^n Oarib.ildi and Uie \aa\.naws. — \» "^V*^. 
Jir^ the aflrnrtive ViUa Ponli •m\A VUlaUMa.. 



iUS /»■ 'f-a'. VAKKSK. 

Tlip inoDt attMCllvo oxtii.i'alon from VnreaE !■> tliM to tha 'UonM 
Tre Orooi (vn-ta ft.), whicli in usi'vudwl 1i>' x itiutiir Totil mi] alMu bi ■ 
W..1* U.,*-it Dailwit (p. JKIi, WKIyJa. 1oji«, uiicnrd iu 1«I1. TIlC lower 
•inlitn uF WO'iK i;:o;0 tt,j lit'* lieyund ifm kiiort tunri^l it Ihe Diociric 
trpinwiy Iprinlim* of Pel in i Calfpdlo (p. Itl}. Tli» iipppr altlloA of Campo 
ilrti FiuTi fXSHa fl.j, nvM wljicli n-rv ft large Iiolo1_ :>U(l nun)* iieir VlIlM, fa 
8 rulu. LNun Ilic baiC' oudiidH tit tlic iDuuaUin Inarkcd Ijy * cro'ii). 
Tho view W fRiuuti*. It luotn'li'K Ih( hmNll InkM 'if Cnmabliiu, MooMe, 
ddJ BUitdcuimOi [IiC Ln^fo (llVarc*i.'i Cwo iiim^ cf iLc Lago Mtigglcvt. 

f)nrl uf LHkiLi L'riia'i, till! llrljiiivn. Ch<i licir|,'aRiiiriuii>i Aljia, and thO wilu. 
Hii ottfii niliii-rioverpd plain iriii^iidtDK Fimi Milia sDd Nov«i& t« tlic 
I'lilil I'ltrlniitil (|i. mi. 'Iw 5. Ii'irlzi>n ih linuiiiti'il l>v lliii li)ii|{ nbiln iif 
IIiE A]ir»iilnFs: thir miBt iir<inuiu>ni fi'mnrvn iil ilic VV. Alpn Bra Uvnlr 
V)«r>, llir- Itmlnn Aliia, inn Morti' Hiim (nKiinJng- light most f nvoliml) lo). 
— A Diiito tuiiiprthi'iiBire vjuw, iiicliiiliiif! llm BUiiET-iintlii of 8. SnelUer- 
luiit, i» uMnMiril fiiJiu ihf {!'/, 1>(.) "Monte Compo del Fiori (lOBS ft.i, 
Frimi Itii" untiiLiitl It \irai\t-\<a.\\\ iltBi-cuilit t" ll]'- Sai'i'i M'jiitii, riiniiiiii; hilrh 
■hove lilt Voltuvli fp. VW] iriil naii*iTip llif I'linta J'irj:fllR [ao3U ft.), ii 
IiriijiiL'liiiit «|iiir uii llrn N, »iilu ul tin.' Mimli; Tre L'loti. 

AiiiilWr WiTir Itoi-B Railway (p, KS1). UN5 ydt, loiiKi o|i(.'nc'J in ItWO 

rtti'i'|ip»t giniltDiii ii7 : JW), 1i>mI>i fri>iii tho Miiluii of I'tlioiie tu llit Saoro 

MantB iVSSn ft.)i ■ rocU)' iirotiiilji'rnitrp un 1]]r> .^,(-:, slopo uf Did 2funlc 
Tri? C'rcii?), T)iu lormiiiii* lio lii'yinirl llii] vlllii);i> (AI1>i Campnniivo), liiiir 
Ilic (oriiicr ecinvtint {founduJ H;51 md iiilgriniigc-ijhHrcli (ll)-l?lh oollt,; 
»f srafltinna ilel Munrr, In 'hji vnHilbiiln iif llin cIiiii'itIi Ih n 13th ouui. 
relief of (hv MaiEannai tii tlio dome Uaeva of frcaroca uf i;a, liDO. PletiU' 

cii^llle *V!rw. Frum Iho i-liiirrh n pnvci! palli ilosfprids lo llin hKinlM fli 
Orunuo 118J5 ft.; Alb. ilcl Itiliosu, willi Buriltu iiad vlt^wj, uuat lli« slBtluii 
qI frlmii CEppolU. ThU pitti pnaana it alunin of Moiiiia and ll ehapigli, 
aili>Tii»d willi l>llic<?nl. trcrti^nus mi Kcoupx lu pointed utuccu illDRti*liiiic 
Ihv mystfTioK u( the ronury, 

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ta fl! M.) Orantiria \BiO fl.), i" llis monnluiimiii }liiri)or<iUf'l'i Viilley, ~~ 

' UVi U. Luifio, eui- p,332. 

Floni Vnri'ac tu Cfino. "I'l^ V. 301: to Lrifcitv, nci) B. 3S, 

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