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Full text of "Notes on families in Fownhope, Herefordshire and other places, named Gwatkin"

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,„. fLLEN COI 


3 1833 01283 fl 26' 

* % 



Pmntr.lhs; F. L. If., October, 1913. 

" C'est ici I'image de ce qui dure. Le culte des morts, c'est le sens 
de notre destinee immortelle. Qu'est-ce que la vie d'un homme, 
qu'est ce que ma vie si le passe et I'avenis ne leur donnaient leur 
veritable sens? Tu I'avais I'oublie lorsque tu poursuivis ton destin 
individuel. II n'y a pas de beau destin individuel et il n'est de 
grandeur qui dans la servitude. On sert sa famille, sa patrie, Dieu, 
I'art, la Science, un ideal. Honte a qui ne sert que soi-meme! Soi, 
tu trouvais ton appui en nous, mais aussi la dependance. L'honneur 
de I'homme est d'accepter sa subordination." 

Lts Roqufvillard — par Henry Bordeaux. 


Some say one's parentage does not matter. Sometimes perhaps they 
are not living up to the standard their ancestors set before them and 
have got enough conscience left to speak to them about it. Others, 
when they arrive at what the world may consider a good position, 
may be inclined to make out that their ancestors were much more 
important than they really were. 

Is it not better " to examine well one's blood," so that misplaced pride, 
vain pretence and hereditary failings may be avoided? and so learn 
that one family is not much better or worse than another, for the 
" bad penny " turns up in every Family history sooner or later as 
inevitably as the family genius. 

It was hoped that when this account was begun it would prove the 
relationship between two or three different families of Gwatkin. 
It seems probable that the Gwatkins of Pencoyd are the forbears of 
that line which we call the " Reynolds " Gwatkins (owing to one of 
them having married Theophila Palmer, niece to Sir Joshua Rey- 
nolds). But the link which conne6ls the two lines is not found, 
neither are those which would prove the connexions with the lines 
we call the " Twickenham " Gwatkins and the " Brighton " 

Another question it was hoped would be answered was as to whether 
Thomas Gwatkin, who married firstly, Rebecca Seward, and secondly 
" Margaret," had any children by " Margaret "; but this question has 
gained no reply. 

In a letter, dated December 6"", 1829, Mrs Jane Gwatkin says to 
her son, the Rev^' Richard Gwatkin, " If you pass through Oxford 
perhaps you will call on Mr ' Nevil ' Gwatkin "; but his identity has 
not been revealed. 

In another letter, dated 1821, to her son, Mrs Jane mentions 
" Mistress Mayo." My Father once told me that " Madam " Mayo's 
maiden name was Gwatkin; he thought she was related. In the will 
of John Gwatkin of Bridstow, dated 25 Nov., 1774, page 51, we 
find he had a brother-in-law, Thomas Mayo ; but there is nothing 
to prove that he was related to the Fownhope line. The names James 
and Charles appearing in the pedigree of the American Gwatkins 
make me wonder whether they are anything to do with those of 

My Father once told me that there was a tradition that the 
Gwatkins were descended from " Davy Gam." This person, after a 
life of " violence and rapine," disgraced even more by his attempt to 
assassinate his father-in-law, Owen Glendower (Glyn dwr), was one 
of the three — the other two being Sir Roger Vaughan and Sir Walter 
Lloyd — ^who were knighted on the field of Agincourt, having given 


their lives to defend the person of Henry V. " David ap Llewelyn, 
generally called David Gam . . . was fourth in descent from Einion 
Sais " {Gentleman' s Magazine Library — Topography, " Monmouth," 
part II; pp. 201, 204; Vol. VII, p. 293) and connefted in some way 
with the princely house of Powis. If there is any truth in this tradition 
the connexion with David Gam (squint eye) is probably through some 
maternal line — perhaps a Havard. 

No name has been put down in this account unless some evidence 
of its bearer can be produced, and for this I have to thank my Father 
for permitting me to look through the family papers and getting books 
on Herefordshire for me to search in. 

If Mr. J. C. Bull had not introduced me to the Society of Genealo- 
gists I should not have had the kind help the Rev"^- T. C. Dale and 
Mr. A. J. G. Bryant have given me, nor yet Mr. George Sherwood's 
most useful assistance. 

Miss Fanny Lucretia Wale, who so generously did the illustrations 
for me, also encouraged me to stick to my purpose in writing out the 
account of my family — that Family which my Mother tried to teach 
us never to disgrace. 


My Father once told me that we were ancient British so far as race 
was concerned. 

In Richard Blome's Britannia {iGjl), it says of Herefordshire that 
" Its ancient Inhabitants were the Silures, a stout and warlike people, 
who sorely perplexed the Romans for nine years space, through the 
noble valour and exploits of their commander Caractacus." 

One day I was reading in one of the magazines, I forget which, a 
piece entitled " The Spanish People." It said they were " the con- 
nefting link between Asia and Europe," and " could best claim to 
represent the primitive European stock"; that they were "serious 
yet cheerful, warlike, though according a high place to woman, 
extremely independent and preferring to live in small clannish, closely 
knit communities, jealous and hostile toward other social units. They 
constitute an admirable human material, though one that is peculiarly 
difficult to tame to the ends of civilization." It is said that this Berber 
or Iberian race spread through Spain, where they are still represented 
by the Basques, and across France, where they are represented perhaps 
by the Auvergnats and Bretons, and then on to Cornwall and the 
southern parts of Herefordshire and Wales, where the Romans found 
them as " Silures." Duncumb describes the Silurians as " Longheaded 
generally, dark, curly hair." He says they are " still savage, have a 
childlike simplicity, intensity of feelings, hardness and austerity, 
combined with disdain for the superfluous, love of idleness tempered 


by the aptitude for violent aftivity, indifference to persons and things 
outside the circle of their own sphere of life." Duncumb quotes 
Tacitus, who gives an account of the difficulty the Romans had in 
subduing this people. 

When my second brother went to the Pyrenees for his honeymoon 
he told me the people kept asking if he was a Spaniard. 

I have noticed the peculiar type of the people who have come from 
Herefordshire and those parts — Vaughans, Philpotts, Mayos and 
GwATKiNS — to mention a few — they are all alike. 

I think my Father must have been right when I read the charafters 
given to this people — " savage and unsociable," " serious yet 



Preface Page v 

List of Illustrations ........ xi 

Earlier Gwatkins ........ I 

The Gwatkins of Fownhope ...... 9 

The Gwatkins of Pencoyd ...... 52 

The Gwatkins of Ballingham . . . . . . 57 

The Gwatkins of Sellack and Baysham .... 58 

The Gwatkins of Llangarran ...... 62 

Gwatkins unidentified ....... 63 

Lists of Wills and administrations ..... 78 

Pedigrees : 

Gwatkin of Fownhope ....... 84 

Gwatkin of Pencoyd ....... 88 

Gwatkin of Sellack and Baysham ..... 90 

Gwatkin of Virginia ....... 91 

Index 92 


The Lower House ....... Title Page 

Fownhope Church, Herefordshire. Painted by F. L. W., 

Oftober, 191 3 ....... Frontispiece 

Interior of Fownhope Church, showing Chandos Chapel to 
left of chancel, behind the organ. Painted by F. L. Wale, 
Oftober, 191 3 ...... To face page 14 

" Gwatkin land " (field in centre), view from Capla Hill, Fown- 
hope. Painted by F. L. W., Oftober, 191 3 . . . 18 

The Mill Farm, Fownhope ...... 20 

Impression of " Mr. Sadler's Seal." (Andromache weeping for 
Heftor), left to the Rev''- Thomas Gwatkin (1741-1800), by 
his uncle John Gwatkin (1715-1780) of Salisbury Court . 30 

Copy of Sketch at the head of Sir William Drummond's verses 

on the twins who were drowned; place unknown . . 36 

Silhouette of the Rev''- Thomas Gwatkin (1741-1800) taken 

probably c. 1798-9 ....... 40 

Silhouette of the Rev''- Richard Gwatkin, B.D. (1789-1870), 

as a boy, taken c. 1798-9 ...... 42 

Silhouette of Anne Graves {nee Goodman), wife of Henry 
Graves of Gutter Lane, London, Esq., and The Cottage, 
Ilford, Essex. She was the mother of Anne (Mrs. Thomas 
Gwatkin) (1834-1905) ...... 44 

Silhouette of Anne (Graves), Mrs. Thomas Gwatkin and of 
her brother Frederic Graves ...... 46 

Two Bookplates designed by the Rev. Thomas Gwatkin, M.A. 

(1839- ) about 1903 48 

Nash Hill, above Fownhope. Painted by F.L.W., Odober, 191 3 50 

^pe <5wafftin0 of ^erefotrb0pire* 

I begin with some evidences of early Gwatkins whose conne£ling 
links are not yet apparent. 

P.C.C. I Alenger. 
(Abstract of Will. Latin.) 
1539, December 9. 

In dei nomine, Amen. I, Thomas ap Gwatkyn, whole of mind, &c. 
My body to be buried in the church of St. Edmund de Coughoell 
[Crickhowel, Brecon]. I give to the cathedral church of St. David's 
iij"*. To the parish church of Llangadog for tithes forgotten xij*". 
To the church " divi Kadoci " x'. I give to Helena verch John my 
wife a third part of all my moveable goods. The rest of all my 
goods, moveable and immovable I give to Owen Thomas ap Gwatkyn 
and Meredith ap Thomas and Watkyn ap Thomas my sons, whom I 
make executors. I make Morgan Lloyd, re dor of Llanwenarthe, super- 
visor. Witnesses, Sir Hugh ap Meredith, redlor of Crughoell, Sir 
John ap Griffith, " stipendo " of Llangattog, with many others. 

Proved at Gloucester , 1539, by Owen Thomas ap Gwatkin 

and Meredith ap Thomas ap Gwatkyne, executors. 


Chancery Proceedings, Series II. 119/67. 



e. 1558-1579- 

Humbly complayning, &c., your poor orator Henry Morgan. 
That whereas one James Gunter Esq., being seised of one messuage 
with appurtenances scituate in the town of Abergavenny, co. Mon- 
mouth, and so being seised in consideration of sundry sums of money 
to him paid by one Morgan Lloyd, clerk, at the request of said Lloyd 
— years now past did thereof enfeoffe one Owen Thomas ap Gwatkyn 
to the use of said Lloyd by force whereof the said Gwatkyn was 
thereof seised in his demesne to the use of the said Lloyd who took 
the profits thereof during his lifetime and about twelve years last 
past made his will and by the same did bequeath the same house and 
tenement to your orator and shortly after died of the same tenement 
seised. After whose death the said Gwatkyn in whose hands and cus- 


tody the deed of feoffment of said tenement came as aforesaid 
synysterly practyses with one WiUiam Watkins into whose hands the 
evidences have casually come. May it therefor please yor good lordship 
to grant unto your orator a writ of subpoena to be direfted against 
said Thomas ap Gwatkyn and William Watkins, &c. 

Chancery Proceedings, Series II. 120/40. 

c. 1558-1579- 

Humbly complayning, &c., your dayly orator Henry Morgan of 
London, aged 22 or thereabouts. That whereas one Sir Morgan 
Lloyd, late of Llanwenarth, co. Monmouth, clerk, deceased, and 
father of your orator, about nine years last past made his last will 
appointing three executors Owen Thomas ap Gwatkyn, Thomas ap 
Morgan and Walter ap Morgan and the said Sir Morgan Lloyd 
commanded them to pay your orator xP that is to say at every feast 
of St. Michael the Archangell after his decease iiij" until the sum be 
fully consumed and afterwards the said Sir Morgan died leaving 
sufficient goods to pay the said xP. So it is that the said executors 
now refuse to pay the iiij" yearly contrary to all good conscience. 
May it therefor please your lordship to grant a writ of subpoena to be 
dire died unto the said Owen Thomas ap Gwatkyn, Thomas ap 
Morgan and William ap Morgan. 

The Answer of Water ap Morgan to the Bill of Complaint of 
Henry Morgan. 

He saith that the said Sir Morgan Lloyd was seized of lands in 
Llanwenarth and Burgeney both in co. Monmouth, called Lanlase and 
Gurlodvawr and being so seised did by his will bequeath to the 
complainant an annuity or yearly rent of iiij" out of the said lands and 
about nine or ten years last past died after whose death Thomas ap 
Morgan {sic) mother of the executors named in said will having or 
occupying the said meadow hath continually paid the complainant 
the said sum, &c. 

The Replication of Henry Morgan to the Answer of William 
Morgan follows. (No further information.) 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 
Original Will. (Abstract.) 
1562, August 8. 
In the Name of God, Amen. I, Jhone ap Gwatkyn, otherwise 


called Jhone Hoper of the pishe of Bradwardine, co. Hereford, 
yeoman. I geve to Katerin my wife all my goodes and catayles 
moveable and unmoveable to finde my chylderen to pay my debts and 
to bringe me honestly home upone yearthe w** sayed Katerin and Alis 
my daughter I ordeyne and make my hole executors of this my testa- 
ment and Last Will. These beinge wittnes Richarde Browne, 
clarke, vicare of Bradwarden, S'' Miles Jenkins w*"" others. 
(No date of probate.) 


P.C.C. 3 Alen. 


1540, February 12. 

In the name of God, Amen. I, James ap Gwatkin, hole of mynde, 
&c. To be buried in the churche or chauncell of Llanthewy Rythergh, 
[Monmouth], four and twenty prestes to be at Llandewy to saye 
masse and praye for my soule and all Cristen soules the day of my 
buringe with foure and twentie tapers burninge in the honor of 
almyghtie god. [Bequests to cathedral churche of Landaf, church, 
bells, &c.] To Sir Hugh ap Howell, preste of Lantheseringe and to 
David ap John Janken all my houses, &c., in the town of Kaer Lyon. 
To Margaret verch James my duaghter xxvj" 13s. 4d. at the age of 
fiftene yeres. To Elizabeth my daughter xxvj" 1 3s. 4d. at the age of fyftene 
yeres. And to Marye verch James my daughter xxvj" 13s. 4d. at the 
age of fyftene yeres. Whereas Jane my wyff is with childe. To John 
my yongest sonne in wedlock all myne indenture helde within the 
more and the lordshipe of Kyerlien. To William James my bastard 
Sonne fyve pounds, &c. To John James my bastard sonne my leases of 
Fostchipe otherwise called Pencoydurs office and a colt which I 
bought of Howell ap Thomas. To the said John James all my lands in 
Lantheseringe and Langottoge. To Waillyon verch James my bastard 
daughter eight poundes. To Alice my bastard daughter eight poundes. 
To Isabell my bastard daughter eight poundes. To Ptie Llns, Will'm 
Ross, Richarde ap Howell, Will'm David, Johan Willm, bullocks, 
&c. The residue to the disposicon of Sir Hughe ap Howell and Davyd 
ap John, executors. 

Witnesses, Mr. Llus John Thomas of Bergeveny, Sir Morgan 
Lloyd, parson of Lanwenorthe, Sir John ap Howell, vicar of 
Llandewy, Davyd William Morgan, John Griffithe, John Smythe. 

Proved 6 February 1545, by Hugh Rawlyns, clerk, proctor for 
John ap Watkyn, an executor; power reserved for the other executor. 



P.C.C. 30 Wrastley. 


1557, July H- 

In the name of God, Amen. I, David ap Gwatkyn of the parish of 
Garwaye, co. Herefford. . . . My body to be buryed in the parishe 
church of Garwaye at the discression of Thomas Watkyn my brother 
and Richard Lewys of Skenfrith my brother in law whom I make my 
executors. (Bequests to church, &c.) I give to Watkyn Thomas of 
Skenfrith my father one burgage. See, in the towne of Uske, co. 
Monmouth, remainder after his decease to Anne verch Jenkyn and 
Cycyll verch Jenkyn the naturall daughters of Jenkyn Watkyn my 
brother deceased and to David ap Jenkyn the base sonne of the said 
Jenkyn, to have, &c., to them and to Margarett verch Jenkyn their 
heirs and assigns for ever, paying to Isabell verch Jenkyn another 
base daughter of the said Jenkyn Watkyn 26s. 8d. Executors to offer 
premises in Garwaye to Mr. Thomas Wynston of Treyago, Esquire. 
To WilHam phut Willye fyve markes, and to his base sonne William 
one lambe of the best that I have. To Hugh Hotheny of Garwaye one 
kowe, &c. To Katheryn my suster one panne price ij^- viij'^- To Mawde 
verch John my nese one hayffer, &c. To James Phot of Saynt Moughn 
one cote cloth. To Jeiin Phot all my otes, &c. To John ap John Davyd 
Wyllye of Saynt Moughn xx^. To his son James, to John James Davy, 
to Joan verch Philipp ap Jenn, to William Phe Jenn, to Gwenllyan 
my servant (sundry bequests). 

Witnesses, Sir Davyd Jenkyn, clerk, curate of Garwaye, Meredyth 
ap Thomas of Skenfirth. 

Debtes to be payd. To the abovenamed Anne and Cycill the 
daughters of Jenkyn my brother deceassed Iv^- ij'^- To Margaret verch 
William xxvj^- viij"*- To Dythegy the wif of Reynald David Vacor 
vj'- viij''- To William Phipe ap Jevan vj'- viij"^- To Gwenllyan my 
servante xx**' To Hugh Hothany and to Thomason Hotheny vj'- 

Debtes to be levyed. Imprimis Will'm Thomas Sycyll oweth unto 
me iij'- iiij^- Item Gryffith de le Koyed Byghan oweth unto me v^- 

Item, Morgan Lawrence of Skenfrith oweth unto me xiij'- iiij"*' 

Item, Richard Lyncke oweth unto me v'- 

Proved at London 19 August 1557 by Robert ap Watkyns, prodor 
for Thomas Watkyn and Richard Lewys, the executors named. 

P.C.C. 15 Peter. 
1573, April 22. T. Watkyn John ap Gwatkyn. 
In the name of God, Amen. I, Watkin John App Gwatkine of the 


parrishe of Strapoll in the dioc. of Saincte Davys [Stockpole, Pem- 
broke] sicke in my boddeye but hoale of minde. . . . My body to be 
buried in the grave or sepulcre of John Watkyns my father w'^in the 
parishe churche of Ewas Harolde. Item I do gyve unto George 
Watkyns my sonne and Margaret Watkyns my daughter the one half 
of all my goods. . . . My lands, &c., in the Countie of Penbroke . . . 
grayne and corne, lambes, oxen, yearlinge beastes . . . the other half 
unto Margery Watkyns my wife. I give all my title in my myll unto 
my Sonne George and my wife Margery. Unto Harry John ap Watkyn 
of Ewas Harolde my brother and John ap John of the said parishe my 
servaunt vj" xiij^' iiij^- Unto Gwenlyan Baskervill my sister my 
best cloke. Unto my cosen William Morgan my best shirte and my 
russet cloke. Unto John Abrahall my nephewe my hosen, my 
doublet, &c. Unto George my sonne all such advauntage as may be 
recovered against James Barott of Tymbe, gentleman, touching such 
bandes as he ensealed unto one David Carold, clerke, the evidences, 
etc. Unto Francis Williams my best cap, etc. My said sonne George 
and wife Margery executors. Witnesses being presente at Ewas Harold 
at the making hereof, John Gwatkin, William Morgan, John ap John, 
Rosse Abrahall, Will'm John Rice, William Abrahall, and Philippe 
Johns, clarke, vicar of Ewas Harold. 

Proved at London 29 April 1573, by George Watkyns, personally 
present, and Margaret the relift, in the person of Ralph Browne, 
notary-public, proftor for the executor named. 


Chancery Proceedings, Series II. 38/41. 



c. 1558-1579- 

Humbly complayning, &c., your oratrix Alis Cycyll of , co. 

Lincoln. That whereas your oratrix is lawfully seased of one tenement 
and divers lands thereunto belonging lying in the parish of Llanbedr- 
Istradwy, co. Brecon, of the gjft of one John ap Griff deceased and so 
seased hath quietly taken the profits and issues thereof by the space 
often years last past. So it is that sundry deeds belonging to the pre- 
mises have casually got into the hands and possession of one Lewis 
John ap Gw^ATKYN of Llanbedr-Istradwy aforesaid and William Mor- 
gan of Llanvihangel, co. Monmouth, who by means of having thereof 
do enjoy the estate to the utter disinheriting of your poor oratrix for 
ever. Prays for a writ of subpoena to be directed to said Lewis John ap 
Gwatkyn and William Morgan, &c. 

The Answers of Lewis John ap Gwatkyn and William Morgan to 


the Bill of Complaint of Alis Cycyll, complainant. The defendants 
say that the charges in the said bill contained are insufficient in the 
law to be answered to and that they are devysed and imagyned only 
out of mere malyce. The said Lewis John ap Gwatkyn for his part 
saith that he and divers his ancestors whose estate he nowe hath byn 
longe tyme lawfully seysed in his and their demesne as of fee of and 
in one messuage and three pcells of land conteyning by estimacon one 
hundred acres of medowe and pasture called by the severall names of 
the land of Eva ap Jenn' ap Grono Penheverow and Penlloyne Jenn' 
Sayes lying in Llanbedr-Istradwy aforesaid and which he the said 
Lewis and they his ancestors have quietly enjoyed and as to any other 
lands in Llanbedr-Istradwy other than before espressed disclaym to 
have any right in same and deny the coming of any other evidences 
into their hands. Pray to be dismissed. 


Chancery Proceedings, Series II. 72/9. 


c. 1558-1579- 

Humbly compleyneth, &c., your dayly orator Howell ap Gwatkin 
of Penhedell, co. Monmouth. That whereas one Watkyn ap David 
Gwatkyn your orator's father was in his lifetime seised of and in the 
yard of Penhedell in his demesne as of fee and so beyng thereof seasyd 
about xij yeres lost past dyed thereof seised after whose death the 
premises descended and came unto your orator as son and heir of his 
said father. That since the death of the father of your orator divers 
deeds, &c., belonging to the premises have casually come into the 
hands of one James ap Powell William and Phelip Hopper who hath 
been requyred by your said orator the delivery of said evidences 
which they refuse to do. May it please your Lordship to grant a 
writ of subpoena to be diredled unto the said defendants, &c. 


Chancery Proceedings, Series II. 103/45. 
A.D. 1563. [Writ dated il December, 6 Elizabeth.] 

Watkyn Welyn David ap Jevan executor of the will of Thomas 
Llewellyn ap Jevan of Langeynen, co. Brecon, and Richard Thomas 
a pore enfante of tendre yeres sonne and heire of the same Thomas 
Llewellyn ap Jevan, complain that whereas the said Thomas was seized 
in fee of two messuages, &c., in Langeyne, co. Brecon, by mortgage of 


one John Griffith Phelipp Gwatkin and Thomas Phelipp Llewellyn 
the said Thomas Llewellyn ap Evan died seized since whose death 
the said John Griffith Phelipp Gwatkin and Thomas Phelipp 
Llewellyn have entered into the same and wrongfully expulsed the 
said Richard Thomas and have gotten into their handes the dedes of 
mortgage. That the said John Griffith Phelipp Gwatkin and Thomas 
Phelipp Llewellyn are men of greate welthe and substance gretly 
frinded and allyed in those parts so that yo" pore orators are sure to 
have no indifferent trial therein. Pray writ of subpoena. 

The defendant John Griffith Phelipp Gwatkin answers and says 
that Gryffith PheHpp Gw atkyn, father of this defendant, was lawfully 
seized of the premises and about xxviij yeres past gave the same to this 
defendant and Margaret verch Rosser his wife to have, &c., to them 
and their heirs, &c. Answer sent from Crickhowell, co. Brecon, 16 
January, 7 Ehzabeth. 


Chancery Proceedings, Series II. 74/43. 
1564, November 20. 

Humbly complayning, &c., your dayly orator Jamys David Gwatkin 
That whereas David Gwatkin was lawfullie seissed of viij acres of 
land lying in Grossmonde, co. Monmouth, and being thereof seissed 
died, after which the premises descended unto your orator as son and 
heir of said David. So it is that sundry deeds, &c., concerning the said 
premises are casually come to the hands and possession of one Hoell 
Jamys who hath entered into the said premises and hath taken the 
profits thereof sithence the death of said David and doth refuse to 
deliver the said evidences of your orator. May it therefor please your 
lordship to grant a writ of subpoena to be directed to the said Hoell 
Jamys, &c. 

The Answer of Hoell James. The said defendant says the bill is 
untrew and unsufficient in the law. Prays to be remytted with his 
reasonable costs and if he shall be compelled to make further answer 
thereunto sayeth that one James ap David this defendant's father was 
lawfully seised of one messuage and xl acres of land lying in Grusse- 
mont whereof the viij acres which the plaintiff in the bill demandeth 
is pcell as this defendant supposeth. And so being thereof seised about 
thirty years last past of the same estate died thereof seised after whose 
death the said messuages, &c., descended and came as of right to this 
defendant as son and heir, &c. 

The Replication of George James, Esq., {sic) and Johan his wife. 


complainants, to the Answer of Thomas John Gwatkyn follows. Refers 
to " Sir Charles Herbert, mentioned in the said Bill," apparently 
nothing to do with the preceding Bill and Answer. (Gives no informa- 


Chancery Proceedings, Series II. 133/36. 



A.D. 1566. (Writ dated 2 July, 8 Elizabeth.) 

Humbly complayning, &c., your dayly orator William Nanfan Esq. 

That whereas Ayshe Esq., deceased, was lawfully seised of one 

messuage and lands known by the name of Ayshe Rowghe containing 
200 acres lying in Bridstowe, co. Hereford, and so being seised about 
xl years last past did demise and grant the same by Indenture of lease 
to James Bennett, deceased, who entered into the said premises and 
was thereof possessed accordingly. And so being thereof possessed 
made his last will and testament constituting his then wife EHzabeth 
his executrix and so died after whose death the said Elizabeth did 
prove the said last will and did take upon her administration of the 
goods of the deceased James Bennett and accordingly entered into 
the premises and so being possessed did take to hosbonde one Edmond 
Taylor, deceased. And about one year last past the said Elizabeth did 
convey and assign the said estate to your orator as also the said In- 
denture of lease. But so it is the said Indenture has casually come into 
the custody and possession of one John Agwatkyn, gent., who has 
wrongfully expulsed your said orator from the possession of said 
premises and although your orator hath requested the said John 
Agwatkyn to deliver up the said Indenture and remove from posses- 
sion of the premises yet he refuses so to do. Prays a wrrit of subpoena 
to be directed to said John Agwatkyn. 

[Answer for the most part illegible]. The defendant prays to be 
dismissed with his reasonable costs and charges. 

Z^t &rt>Mim of ;§bwn9ope 

Having disposed of the sporadic and, as yet, unconnefted early 
possessors of our name, I proceed to the evidences of the branch of 
the family of which I know most, my own. The pedigree chart at the 
end of the book summarizes the principal fadfe, dates, and family 

From the Registers of Fownhope, printed by Fred A. Crisp, at his 
private press, 1899, with the permission of Rev. Thomas West, M.A. 

1562. July 21. Elizabetha filia WiUmi Havarde. 

1584. . . . Johes filius Johis Gwatkin. 

1583. Nov. 18. Inter Johem Gwatkyn et Elizabetha Havarde. 

1585. Nov. 7. Inter Nichalau Addys et Elizabetha Gwatkin. 


161 2. Elizabetha filia Johannis Gwatkyn. Nov. 29. 

1614. Richardus filius „ „ . May 25. 

1615. Maria filia . „ „ . Nov. 28. 

1616. „ „ „ „ . Feb. 27. 

1619. Willimus filius „ „ . Sept. 26. 

1621. Arthur „ „ „ . 061. 14. 

1623. Anna filia „ „ . August 9. 


1 62 1. May 12. William Havard. 

1642. Aug. 8. Martha filia Thome Gwatkin sepul. 

1644. Nov. 15. Elizabetha uxor Tho. Gwatkin. sepulta fuit. 

1652. Feb. 3. Thomas Gwatken infans sepult. 

1653. June 30. Jacobus Gwatkin infans sepult. 
1655. Sep. 22. Joannes Gwatkin infans. 

1665. Dec. 23rd. Elizabeth the wife of John Gwatkin was buried &c. 

1618. Feb. 2"^ Inter Jacobum Mericke et Joannem Gwatkins. 

1654. J"^7 ^^' Inter Abrahamu Seward & Eliza: Philpotts viduam. 

A Register of the names of them that . 
to the seats as followeth 


the 3"^ Jo: GwATKiN. will VernoU for Mrs Carwardine and The. 


the 4* Jo. GwATKiN for Bylieffes Rich' Homes Thos B . . . Thomas 

1621. Ro: Gregory vie. Jno Addice. Johis Gwatkin — gard: 
1623. Ro: Gregory vie. 1623. Jo Gwatkin et Willmus Sheffld. 

1679. May 17. Frances the daughter of Arthur Gwatkin was buried. 

„ Aug. 18. Syble ^"^ wife of Francis Gwatkin was buried. 
1681. May 21. Francis the son of Francis Gwatkin and Susannah 
his wife. 

„ Nov. 14. Arthur Gwatkin was buried. 
1688. May 28. Thomas Gwatkin sen' was buried. 
1690. Jan. 21. Catherine Gwatkin „ 

1697. Ap. II. Francis „ „ 

1702. June 2. Thomas Gwatkin Sen' „ 
1707. Sep. 4. Mary Gwatkin widow „ 
1712. Nov. 30. Francis son of Francis Gwatkin by Eleanor his wife 

was buried. 
1 71 5. Dec. 5. Rebecca the wife of Thomas Gwatkin was buried. 
1728. Dec. 28. Mary Gwatkin was buried. 
1750. Aug. 31. Thomas Gwatkin Jn' „ 

1762. Dec. 6. Thomas Gwatkin & his wife Margaret were buried. 
1774. Aug. 14. John Gwatkin J" was buried. 


1728. March. Thomas son of Thomas Gwatkin and Elizabeth his 
wife. [But see later list.] 

1749. Sept, 2'"'. Richard and John sons of Mr. Thomas Gwatkin and 
Rebecca his wife. 
In the earlier date Thomas Gwatkin is Churchwarden. 

The present (1914) Vicar of Fownhope sent extrafts from 
1 5 82-1 762 in which all the foregoing Register entries are 
mentioned except a few. He also gives the information " No 
entry of Baptisms between 1623 and 1675." He gives — 

Sept. 18 1680. Francis son of Francis & Sussana Gwatkin. 
Mar. 15 1681. Thomas son of Thomas Gwatkin J". 
Apr. 25 1686. Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Gwatkin and Mary 
his wife. 


Sept. 29 1691. Ann daughter of Thomas and Mary Gwatkin. 
June 25 1710. Thomas son of Thomas Gwatkin & Rebecca his wife. 
061. 4 171 1. Rebecca daughter of Thomas Gwatkin & Rebecca 

his wife. 
Dec. 30 1712. Richard son of Thomas & Rebecca Gwatkin. 
Sept. 12 1715. John son of Thomas & Rebecca Gwatkin. 

In this list Nov. 4 and not 14 is given as the date of Arthur Gwat- 
kin's burial 1681, and Catherine Gwatkin 21 Jan. 1691 in this list is 
stated " widow." 
Feb. I 1 714. Francis Gwatkin — is added. 

May 26 1709. Thomas Gwatkin & Rebecca Seward were married 
by Licence. 

Apr. II 1726. John, son of John & Elizabeth Gwatkin. 

In this list the entry for March 1729 is given thus: — 
March. 1729. Thomas son of John & Elizabeth Gwatkin. 

Extraft from The Wye Jour by the editor of the Ross Gazette, 
p. 99, Memoir of John Kyrle, " the man of Ross." 

. . . William Curl, son of the above-named Robert, . . . took up 
his residence at the Hulle, and from him descended a numerous 
progeny — . . . some of the sons and their heirs (intermarrying) 
with the families of the Abrahalls, the Gwatkins, the Aylesburys 
of Much Marcle, the Scudamores, etc. 

From Cooke's Duncumb's Hereford, 1882. III. 185: Pedigree of 
Kyrle of Walford Court : — 

Wm. Kyrle second son of =p ... Gwatkin 
Thomas, who died 1563^ j 

Joan =John Ayleway. 

This is an abstract of the will of the earliest progenitor of the 
Gwatkins of Fownhope that we can place with certainty: 

P.C.C. 16 Arundell. 

1580, April 22. T. Joh' is a Gwatkin. 
In Dei Nomine, Amen. I, John a Gwatkin of How Caple, co. 


Hereford, beyng sycke in body and whole in mynde laud and prayse 
be to almyghtye God. . . . My bodye to be buryed in the parishe 
churche of How Caple. Item I geve to Elizabeth my wyfe fortye 
poundes, all my household stuffs, iiij" oxen and foure kyen . . . my 
sylver sake and six sylver spoones and after her dayes to remayne to 
Willyam my sonne. Item I geve to Wyllyam my sonne fyfty three 
poundes six shillynges eighte pence. To John my sonne twentye 
poundes. To Rychard my sonne twentye poundes. To Margaret my 
daughter fortye poundes, my daughter Blanch £\o, Thomas Shephard 
lo/-, Syble Abayton two heiffers. To every one of Wilyam Serjaunts 
children that he hath by my daughter a yearlyng calfe. To Margarett 
Abrahall, Tnomas Browne, John Agllm of Fawley, gent., my 
brother's daughters (sundry small bequests). I make my executors 
Willyam a Gwatkyn and John a Gwatkyn my sonnes ; my overseer 
John a Gllm, gentleman. 

Debts owing from Thomas Shayle, S"^ Thomas Hullye, vycar of 
Upton Bysshop, Thomas Morton, M"^ Walter Baskervill of Pont- 
riles, Roger Tanner of Hereforde, Rychard Bromeage, Rychard 
Abridg, S' John Badam, Willyam Pryor, Rowlande Gryffith, 
Robarte James of Bromptons Busshe, Tefer Even, Rycharde Dobyns, 
Robert Wyllys of Woorceter, John Caldycott of Kyngeslande, 
Rychard Maio of Whiteokesende, Rychard Woodward of Woolehope, 
Willyam Tourner of Hope Solers, John Bennett of Over Rosse, John 
Bennett of Wylton, Willyam Yorcke, John Barwell, Rycharde Kyte, 
Thomas Pearce of Walfoorde, Rice of Aysshe, Thomas Love of 
Moonesley, Rycharde Awood, Thomas Gamond of Yatton, Thomas 
Jenkyns of Caple, John Phillipps of Woorceter, Walter Turner, 
John Maio of Reddyng ende, Robert Norton, Willyam Townsend, 
John Townsende, Richard Taylor of Rosse, John Baker, butcher, 
John Davyes, Thomas Hucks, and James Clapton. 

Witnesses, John Agllm of Fawley, gent., Thomas Agllm, gent., 
Thomas Maio, clerke, John Caryer and others. 

Proved at London 9 May 1580, by the executors named. 


P.C.C. 44 Brudenell. 


1548, March 3, 27 Elizabeth. T. Johannis Gwatkin. 

In the name of god, amen. John Gwatkyn of Fownehope, dioces 
of Hereford, being sicke in body . . . doe make and ordeigne this my 
last will. . . . Item I give to the reparacions of the parishe Churche of 
Fownehope 3s. 4d., of Howe Caple 3s. 4d. To EHzabeth my wief 
fower oxen, sheepe, &c., all householde stuffs as beddinge, brasse, 


pewter, pottes, pannes, sheetes, tableclothes and such lyke which 
William Havard my father in lawe gave unto mee at the tyme of my 
marriage . . . with my wief his daughter and then in the house of the 
said William Havard at Fownehope. . . . To my sister in lawes Anne 
Havard and Syble Havard fourty shillinges apeece. To John Gwatkyn 
my Sonne ;^30o at twenty one, his minority to the government rule 
and orderinge of my lovinge brothers William Gwatkyn and Richard 
Gwatkyn whome I make my exequutors ... to see him well and 
orderly brought upp in learninge. . . . Said son at the age of sixteene 
yeares to have ^^20 bestowed in cattell or sheepe or such lyke . . . 
The £1^ that John Kydley shulde pay me for the debt of William 
Hyll. I give ^3. 6s. 8d. to Johan Havard my mother in lawe. To 
Blanch Gwatkyn my sister, to George Abrahall's eight children 
which he had by my sister Katherine, to William Sarjaunt's sixe 
children which he had by my sister EHzabeth (small bequests). My 
copyhold land in Fownehope of the surrender of William Perkyns. . . . 
And where my brother William and I weare exequutors of the last 
will and testament of John Gwatkyn o' father . . . my brother William 
shall have the dealing thereof wholly to him self . . . discharging my 
brother Richard my other exequutor from the payment of any legacye 
or gift of money given by or father John Gwatkyn deceased. . . . To 
my sister Blanch two oxen in the custody of WiUiam Chynner. To 
Robert Thomas my godsonne 6s. 8d. To servaunts in my brother 
William's house, viz. John ap Thomas, William Hodges, John 
GouGHE, EHzabeth Rees; to John Havard which dwelleth with my 
father in lawe, to Elnor Younge my mayde servaunt, Thomas my 
servaunt, Alice ap Powell a mayde servaunt with my father in lawe 
(small bequests). The rest of my goods to my brother William and 
Richard my exequutors. Thomas Gllm of Mouche Fawley and 
Richard Cocks of Lytle Fawley, gent., to be the overseers. This is 
John GwATKYNS marke. 

Debts owing from Water Turnour, Richard Clarcke, Abraham 
Powell, gent., John Abrahall of Calberowe, gent., Thomas 
Nycholls, gent., Richard Bridge, gent., James Colyer, William 
LovELL, Robert Russell, WilUam Hardwyck, WilHam Chynner, 
Water Chynner, John Nycholls, John Taylor, Johan Amynde, 
wydowe, Thomas Androwes, Richard Scudamore, gent., Johan 
Scudamore, William Webbe, Walter Mercer, Robert Turnor, 
Thomas Kyfte, George Wyngod, John Mutlowe, Thomas Mayho, 
clerk, parson of Howe Caple, William Lorymer, John Frewyn, Gyles 
Mason, WiUiam Chynne, William Hyll, John a Powell of Yatton, 
my brother Richard, John Younge, Thomas Mayo and Roger Mayo, 
John Caryer. 

Debtes which I John Gwatkyn doe owe. To William Perkyns, my 


syster Blanche, William Rees and William Havard my father in lawe 
(various small sums). 

Witnesses, Richarde Cockes, Thomas Gwyll'm, WilHam Havard, 
William Gwatkyn, Richard Gwatkyn. 

Proved at London 20 Oftober 1585, by Peter Johnson, notary 
public, proftor for the executors. 

[The chapel in Fownehope church known as the " Chandos," or 
Collier chapel, is said to have been the burial place of the family. — 
E. M. G.] 


Chancery Proceedings, Charles I. G. 16/46. 


1641, February 14. 

William Gwatkin of How Caple, co. Hereford, gent., and John 
Wood of Brockhampton . . . complain that whereas the said William 
about September 1623 having intimate acquaintance with William 
Sergeant of Upton Bishop, yeoman, [the said Sergeant] desired to 
purchase of your orator Gwatkin one tenement and 24 acres of land 
in Weston, co. Hereford, who leased the same to him for ^^50 . . . your 
orator and Jane his wife conveyed estate in How Caple and Brock- 
hampton, 26 December 1623. . . . The said Sergeant expressing 
great love for your orator's children . . . your orator trusted to his 
fayre dealinge. . . . The said Sergeant caused your orator to be sued 
and arrested upon one Bond of ^80 . . . endeavours to utterly over- 
throwe your orator his wife and children. [Long account of monetary 
transaftions]. Prays writ of subpoena. 





1600, April 21. 

Memorandum that Willyam Gwatkin of Hughe Caple alias 

Howecaple, co. Heref did make his last Will & testament Nun- 

cupatyve by word of mowthe in e£Fe6l as followeth First his will intent 
& meanyng was or ys that his detts paid the residowe or over- 
plus thereof to be paid to Mary his wif & his children equallye .... 
the money he paid to M' Thomas Cesar & to Master Robert Webbe 
for certen land lyeing in Solerschope he did geve to his thre younger 
children & to the child that his wif goethe withall .... equally be- 


Showing Chandos Chapel to left of Church, behind the Organ. 
■Vmntc,lb\ F. L. Il'nir, Octohn; 191 3. 


twene them if the same may be had or gotten . . . And he did apoynte 
& make Mary his said wif his sole & only executrixe and M' Richard 
CoxE of Lytle Fawley & M' Thomas Gwillym of Moche Fawley to 
be oversears hereof These being witnesses, Roger Coxe, gent., 
Richard Gwatkyn and George Russell wth others. 
Proved 13 June 1600 by the executrix named. 

Inventory ccxxij'' xiij^' iiij^' 
[Proved at London 7 061. 1600, by M"' James Ireland, notary public, 
proftor for Mary, the reUft, P.C.C. 65 Wallopp.] 

The following documents are in possession of the Rev**' Thomas 

GWATKIN (1839- ). 


Indenture dated 26 September 1616, between William Sparry of 
Fownehope, in co. Hereford, yeoman, and John Gwatkyn of the 
same parish and county, yeoman, and Elizabeth, his wife. 

William Sparry sells to John Gwatkin a messuage, garden, orchard, 
etc., in Fownhope, part of the land borders on land belonging to 
William Havard. 

William Sparry's wife's name is Katheryne. 

The Indenture is signed by " John Gwatkin " and " E. G.," his 
wife Elizabeth, and witnessed by 

Richard Pierce 
John Weaver (his mark) 
William Vernoll (his mark) 
Richard Hoskin 
Labelled. " 26th September 14 Jas. i" W""- Sparry's Deed of 
Settlement and feoffmt to John Gwatkin in " 


This Indenture was made Sept: 10"", 10 Geo: II. Between Thomas 
Gwatkin the elder of the par: Fownhope in co. Hereford, gent., 
on the one part & Walter James, of the parish of S. John the Baptist in 
the city of Hereford, Cordvizer (corviser = shoemaker) on the other 
part — 

Thomas Gwatkin sells to Walter James the messuage or tenement, 
etc., in Fownhope, formerly in possession of one William Sparry, 
but now or late of said Thos Gwatkin; also land lying between lands 
of Scudamore Lechmeere Esq'°., on the north and the lands of Francis 
Holmes on the south 

(Signed) Thomas Gwatkin 
Sealed and delivered in presence of 

R. E. (?) Morse 
Henry Jones. 

10 Sept 1736 


Outside is written 


to ]■ Lease to ? Pofsion ? 

Walter James 

The Counterp't of Tho. Jones Leafe of his house 
Rent 15/- 

Indenture dated 30"* Oftober, 31 Chas. II, A.D. 1 679, between 
Thomas Willis of the University of Oxford, gent., on the one parte 
and Thomas Jones of Fownehope in Co. Hereford, cooper, and Joan 
his wife and Susan their daughter on the other parte. 

Thomas Willis sells for ^3 : 15 : o to Thomas Jones, Joan his wife 
and Susan their daughter. All that house or tenement, etc., for the 
term of 99 years 

(Signed) Thomas Jones 
Joane Joanes 
Witnesses, Abr Seward 

Isaac Seward. 

The lease of D' Willis farme Th"'- Gwatkin. Affignem' of ye 
Leafe of Greene's Farm 


Indenture dated 10 Dec, 31 Chas. II, Betweene Thomas Willis 
of the University of Oxford Esq., on the one parte. And Thomas 
Gwatkyn the elder of Fownhope in C°- Hereford, gent, on the other 
parte Witnesseth that the said Tho^- Willis for ^29 to him in hand 
paid by the said Thomas Gwatkyn .... demifed granted lett and to 
farme Sett, all that meffuage etc., situate in Fownehope .... 
heretofore in the tenure of John Greene, inkeeper, & afterwards in the 
occupation of Edith Greene his widdow. 

Mentions lands of John Havard, Anne Havard, M' Lechemere 
(Signed) Thomas Willis 

Abr. Seward 
Isaac Seward 
John Phillpotts. 

A document in Latin with memoranda in English (parchment 
eaten through in places). 

Memorand that one pte of the chirograph of the above written 
fine and the deed to leade the uses thereof dated the twentieth day 


of Oftober One thousand six hundred and Eighty and one Sealed by- 
all the pties to the said ffine remaines in the hands of S' William 
Gregory and the other p'° of the Chirograph of the said fine and the 
Deed to lead the uses thereof remains in the hands of John Kidly the 
older of Fownehope in the county of Hereford, gent., for the benefit 
of themselves and the other parties in the said deed .... ed By which 
Deeds It is declared that as for and concerning those lands which 
Thomas Gwatkin the older in the county of Hereford, gent., pur- 
chased of John ScuDAMORE, father of Dorothy Taylor, pty to the said 
deeds f fine Shall be and goe to the use and behooffe of Thomas 
Gwatkin the younger and his heirs for ever. 

Witnesse o' hands this eight f twentieth day of December One 
thousand six hundred Eighty and one (Signed) W. Gregory 

John Kydley. 



Book 9. Folio 75. 

1687, November 26. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Gwatkin the Elder of 
Fownehope, co. Hereford, yeoman I give to the poore of Fowne- 
hope ^5 to remain as a perpetuall stock for them. Also I give unto S' 
WiUiam Gregory, Kn'', 20/- to buy him a ring. Unto John Hereford 
of Hom Lacy, gent., 20/- to buy him a ring. Unto my grandson 
Thomas Gwatkin my right in three acres of land lying in Lydmore's 
field and one acre lying in the Low (exchang'd for one acre at Beggar's 
Stoole) by virtue of a lease or conveyance thereof made to mee by 
John ScuDAMORE gent., deceased. To my son Francis Gwatkin ^30. 
And whereas I have taken security from my son Thomas Gwatkin 
the younger in the name of John Hereford and John Kidley the 
younger, gent., in trust for the payment of ;^ioo unto my grand- 
daughter Anne Gwatkin the sole daughter of my son John, deceased, 

at the age of 21 the said security being a surrender of his and 

my copyhold lands in the manor of Fownhope dated li April last. 
Now if it happen the said Anne die before the age of 21 the said ;^ioo 
is to be equally divided between my two sons and daughter Thomas 
Gwatkin, Francis Gwatkin, and Margaret Elcock, and I make my 
said daughter guardian to my said grandchild, and I give her, Margaret, 
^10. To my nephew and godson Francis Gwatkin 10/- to buy him 
two sheep. My eldest son Thomas Gwatkin sole executor, to whom 
all the rest of my goods, etc., except those in the Parlour, the Dower 
House and Mill House. 

In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) Tho. Gwatkin. 



Witnesses, William Havard, George Jones, James Addis. 
Proved at Hereford lo November 1688, by the executor named, 
[A probate copy of this will is in possession of the Rev'^' Thomas 

GwATKiN (1839- ). " Gwatkin land" is in the fields mentioned 





1696, January 4. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Francis Gwatkin, the elder, 01 
Fownhope, co. Hereford, yeoman. I give unto Susanna my wife and 
Francis Gwatkin my son all that tenement or dwelling house, &c., 
called Hennans House with the garden, orchard, etc., adjoining called 
Mowchers Perry Tree and a half acre lying in Lidmore's feild neare 
the said Perry Tree, all in the parish of Fownhope. Said Francis under 
21. Said premises in reversion for default of issue of said Francis, to 
my brother in law Thomas Lanwarne. To my said wife Susanna my 
messuage, &c., lying near FownhopeJ Mill w"'' I hold by lease from 
Sir Nicholas Lechmere, F' To said son Francis ^loo. The residue 
to my wife Susanna, sole executrix. 

In witness whereof, &c. The mark of Francis Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Tho. Manfield, sen'-, Thomas Manfield, jun'-, Fra. 


Proved at Hereford i May 1697, by the executrix named. 

Francis Gwatkin's heirs and, Arthur Gwatkin's heirs. An abstract 
of M'- Harris and his wife's title to the land they have agreed to sell to 
m' lying in the parish offfozanehope in the County of Hereford * 

1st Oft. 1660. 

Indenture of Lease between John Scudamore and Arthur Gwatkin 
whereby the said John Scudamore, in Consideration of Five Pounds 
demises to Arthur Gwatkin all that two acres of arable land in Lid- 
mere field called by the name of the two Acres called Murthers perry 
and then growning upon the end of the said two acres of land and 
situate in the parish of Fownehope To hold from the date thereof 
for the term of 999 years at a peppercorn rent. 

1st April, 1 66 1. 
Indenture between said John Scudamore and said Arthur Gwatkin 
• Documents in possession of the Rev^ Tiiomas Gwatkin (1839- ). 

'GWATKIN LAND" (field In centre), view from Capl.i Hill, Fownhope. 
•P.witrd hs F. L. ir., Octobn; 19 13. 


whereby said John Scudamore in consideration of twenty shillings 
demises to said Arthur Gwatkin all that Parcel of arable land lying 
in Lidmeres field containing three quarters of an acre (more or less) 
being near unto Mather's perry and bounded as therein Sytuated in 
the Parish of Fownehope, to hold from the date thereof for the term 
of 999 years at the rent of a peppercorn. 

20th April, 1 69 1. 

Indenture of Mortgage from John Gwatkin to Francis Gwatkin 
in ffee to .... 8 : f Interest of all said in two first deeds. 

6 January, 1691. 

Indenture between said John Gwatkin f said Ffrancis Gwatkin 
(reciting said deed No. (i) & said Deed No. (2) and also reciting an 
Indenture (not amongst M''- Harris's writings) dated 20th Oftober 
1681 f 33 Chas : 2nd betw : John Taylor f Dorothy his wife Daughter 
and heir of said John Scudamore by EHz: his wife of the one part f 
S"' W™' Gregory of the other part, That for the ratifying and confirming 
the aforesaid premifses and the title, of the said Arthur Gwatkin 
t for the barring all Demands Taylor & wife might claim to said prem- 
ises, f in consideration of 20" p*^- by said Gregory did covenant 
to levy a fiine before Hillary Term then next of the said (f other) 
p'mises To the use (as to the said p'mises in s'' two first Deeds.) 
of the s*^ Arthur Gwatkin f his heirs for ever — which ffine is ... . 
to be levyed the Michaelmas term following & reciting the said 
Arthur Gwatkin was dead & that said John Gwatkin was his son & 
heir and that the s** p'^mifes descended to him and reciting said Inden- 
ture of 20th Aprill 1691. f the proviso therein for redemption f that 
the p^mifes were forfeited. It is herein witnefsed that the said John 
Gwatkin in consideration of the further sum of 9!! did release to said 
Francis Gwatkin & his heirs the Equity of Redemption of the said 
p'mifses in .... in the said two first Deeds. 

Mich. 33 Chas. 2^ [A.D. 1681]. 

Copy of a ffine then levyed by said John Taylor f Dorothy his 
wife to S' W"" Gregory of the Lands in Fownehope — under which 
copy is wrote that the Chirograph of the s^ fine f the Deed to lead 
the uses thereof dated 20th 061: 1681 : Sealed by all the partys to the 
s"" fine remained in the hands of the s^ S' W"- Gregory f the other part 
of the ffine f deed remained in the hands of John Kidley the older for 
the benefit of themselves f the other purchasors in the s^ deed named 
by which Deed it is declared that those lands purchased by the said 
Arthur Gwatkin of the s'^ John Scudamore fiather of the s'' Dorothy 
Taylor, should enure to the use of the s"^ Arthur Gwatkin his heirs 


& assignes for ever — the copy of this ffine f what is above wrote is 
signed by the said S' W"' Gregory & John Kydley. 

The title to the other two acres : 
14 April, 1708. 

By Indenture quadrupartite between Ed" Symonds f Eliz'^'' his wife 
of the first part, Ann Knight, cousin & heir of W"- Knight f daugh- 
ter & heir of Walter Knight Jun'' by Ann his wife, which said Walter 
was eldest son f heir of Walter Knight the elder & Elizabeth his 
wife of the 2nd part Francis Gwatkin of the 3'*^ part f John Kidley 
of the 4*^ part Recyting that said W"- Knight and Ann Knight by 
(?deed) dated 28 Dec. 1698: Did in consideration of 3oti p*^ by S** 
E*^- Symonds f wife (among other things) convey to s"* Symonds f 
wife & their heirs all that piece or parcell of arable land lately enclosed 
out of Lidmeres field lying near Muthers peartree in the Parish of 
Fownehope containing two acres & butted & bounded therein. To 
hold unto said Symonds f wife f their heirs for ever and recyting 
that the s** inde. f in the p'mifes though absolutely conveyed Yet 
the same were (with the other lands) only conveyed as a security for 
repaym' of 3oii f interest and further recyting that the said Symonds 
and Ann Knight had accounted for s^ 3oii f interest f that s"* Symonds 
had repaid the sum. It is therein Witnessed that in consideration of 
5% p*^ by Gwatkin to Symonds, f of i8ti p"^ by Gwatkin to s^ Ann 
Knight the s"^ Symonds f wife & s"^ Ann Knight did grant to s** 
Gwatkin in ffee simple the said two acres of land f the said Ann 
KNiGHTdid release the same : Affine is thereby agreed to be levyed, but 
no ffine amongst the writings. 

N.B The lands contained in the first deed f this last Deed 

were (though formerly two pieces) layd together f enclosed f con- 
verted into an orchard. 

Note alfo The said Francis Gwatkin marryed with M" Elianor 
KiDLEY by whom he had ifsue Susanna his only child who afterwards 
marryed with M"^ Coningsby Harris. 

30th June, 1735. 

By Indenture tripartite between Sarah Drew and John Drew of 
the i^' part, the said Susannah Gwatkin of the 2""^ part and Thomas 
Drew and Christopher Kidley of the 3"^ part To lead the uses of a 
fine levyed (with other lands) of a cottage tenement, garden, orchard 
& backside called Hennan's f of the p''misses in the deeds above 
abstrafted The uses of said cottage & those premisses are thereby 
declared to said Susanna Gwatkin her heirs and afsignes for ever. 


■Pahitc.l by F. L. II'., October, 19 i^ 


Noe ffine amongst the deeds nor was there any occasion of any ffine 
to be levyed it descending as aforesaid from Susanna's said Ffather to 

19-20 April, 1736. 

By Indenture of Lease & Release made between the said Coningsby 
Harris & Susanna his wife of the one part f the said Elianor 
GwATKiNof the other part, whereby the said Harris & wife in con- 
fideration of I20ti conveyed said cottage or tenement f the lands in 
the Deeds above mentioned abstrafted to s*^ Elianor Gwatkin in ffee 
simple but there is no ffine among the writings notwithstanding there 
is a Coven' in the said release for levying a fine. 

N.B. The s^ Elianor Gwatkin died lately intestant by reason where- 
of the s^ premisses descended to the s'^ Susanna the wife of the s^ 
ment^ Coningsby Harris who is her only Child & heir at law as well 
as heir at law to the said ffrancis Gwatkin (her late ffather) desc : 

[The following is scribbled over] : 

" Received this day of 1730 all 

& singular Deeds f writings within abstracted 

the which I promise to redeliver to M''' Coningsby Harris of whom I 

receiv"^ the same safe and uncancelled on demand as witness 

my hand. 

[Dates and names not filled in.] 

An Abstraft of M'- Coningsby Harris f his wifes Title to a Cottage 
or tenem' in the parish of ffownehope in the County of Hereford * 

13 Nov., 1640. 

Tobias Paine f W"- Paine (his son and heir apparent) released to 
Bible Dowding all their right &c., of and in one parcell of arable land 
containing by estimation half an acre with one cottage lately built 
thereon by Thomas Dowding (her husband) lying in the parish of 
ffownehope & bounded as therein. 

18 & 19 ffeb., 1674. 

Inden : of lease & release whereby John Wirks (or Kirke?) & Judith 

his wife in consid : of ^i 3 convey Sd' a mefsuage or tenem' Garden 

&orchard containing one acre in the parish of ffownehope near unto . . . 

called Holly fast and adjoyning the King's highway leading from ffown- 

• Document in possession of the Rev<^- Thomas Gwatkin (1839- ). 


hope towards Hereford to ffrancis Gwatkin his heirs & assigns for 
ever with a Coven* to levy a ffine (but no ffine amongst the writings). 

N.B The said M'- Harris's wife is the only daughter & heir 

at law of M"^" Elianore Gwatkin lately desc^: to whom the s^ M'- 
Harris & wife sold the s^ p'^mifses (with other lands) & the s^ M"' 
Harris is also Grand daughter &heir at law to the s"^ ffrancis Gwatkin. 

Note also, There must be a fine levyed by M'' Harris & wife to the 
person to whom the orchard f half acre of land is sold in which ffine 
may be included the said messuage or Tenem*. To the end it may be 
sold to a purchafer. 

Thomas Gwatkin H. 

Sellack Registers : 

Thomas Gwatkin of ffownhope and Mary Adis of Brampton 
Abbots marryed Ffeb 1677. 

[Mary one of the daughters of Philip Addis : gent : of Gatsford, 
Brampton Abbots.] 

In Webb's History of Herefordshire during the Civil War, Vol. II., 
pp. 34, 131, it is stated: 

p. 34 Siege of Ross 1644 It seems by a statement 

of Addis of Brampton Abbotts that he had at one time eight men & 
eight horses of Col Massey's & at another 4 troopers with their horses 
quartered upon him for four days; and that he was plundered of a 
horse by Massey's soldiers — 

p. 131. Addis, a farmer, of Brampton Abbots near Ross, etc., 

Thomas Gwatkin and Mary, nee Addis, had issue: Thomas, Mary, 
Elizabeth, and Anne. 


Marriage Settlement of Thomas Gwatkin & Mary Addis. 

Indenture dated 23'''* Jan. 1677. 29 Chas. II. Between Thomas 
Gwatkin the elder of Ffownehope in co. Hereford gent on the one 
p*° and Phihpp Addis of Brampton Abbotts in co. Hereford gent and 
James Addis of Newent in co. Gloucester gent., sonne and heir 
apparent of s*^ Phihpp Addis on the other part-Marriage intended, 
by Gods permission, between Thomas Gwatkin (the younger) 


Sonne and heir apparent of the s*^ Thomas Gwatkin the elder and 
Mary Addis one of the daughters of the s'' Philipp Addis, etc. 
(Signed) Thomas Gwatkin 

John Hereford 

J NEY (?) 

Richard Gwatkin 
William Havard 
Will Lewis. 
Witnesses to Memorandum 
Arthur Gwatkin 
John Havard. 

Notes on " Herbert Ravenhill's Release " * 

A.D. 1699. 

Indenture — 9 May 1 1 Will : HI., betw : Herbert RAVENHiLLof Long- 
ford in par: Lugwardine in co. Hereford, yeoman, & Anne his wife, 
on the one part & Thomas Gwatkin of Fownhope in s"^ co. Hereford 
yeoman on the other part — 

Thomas Gwatkin the older and Thomas Gwatkin the younger 
customary tenants of the Manor of Fownhope (1687) John Hereford 
of Horn Lacy gent. John Kidley the younger gent. 

" Anne Gwatkin, spinster, daughter of John Gwatkin the younger 
deceased, who was eldest son of Thomas Gwatkin the elder — 

"Thos. Gwatkin the younger his father Thos Gwatkin 

the elder — 

" Margaret Elcock widd : Guardian to said Anne (appointed so 
by last will & Testament of the s"* T. G. the elder). 

" Said H*" Ravenhill & the s"^ Anne lately intermarried " 



Exchequer Depositions. 

7 William III. Mich. 22. 



169s, September 21. 

Depositions of witnesses taken at the house of Mr Daniel Gratorix 

beinge the signe of ye Talbott in Ashbourne, co. Derbye, upon Satur- 

• Document in possession of the Rev^- Thomas Gwatkin (1839- ). Herbert 

Ravenhill of Longford in Lugwardine, who married, c. 1699, Anne, only dau. of John, 

eldest son of Thomas Gwatkin I. 


day the one and twentyeth day of September 1695 in a certaine cause 
there dependeinge betweene Robert Milward Esq., plaintiflF, William 
MiLWARD, Sir William Gregory and Thomas Gwatkin defendants, 
on the parte and behalfe of the plaintiff. 

Christopher Ley of Mathfeild, co. Staffs., gent., aged 54, deposes, 

Sampson Baker of Ashbourne, co. Derby, gent., aged 55, deposes 
that he did see the indenture now shewed unto him dated 23 January 
1691 and one purporting to be a mortgage from defendant William 
Milward to said plaintiff of certain messuages and lands in Fowne- 
hope, CO. Hereford, for the security of payment of £,i()2 : j : 6 unto 
said plaintiff upon 25 April then next sealed and delivered by defen- 
dant to plaintiff, &c. 

[No information as to defendant Thomas Gwatkin.] 

A.D. 1707. 

An Indenture,* dated May 6"" 1707, between Mary Gwatkin the 
elder, widow & relidl and Administratrix of Thomas Gwatkin, late of 
Fownhope, and John Manfield of Sollershope in co. Hereford, gent, 
and William Havard of Fownhope, tanner, mentions that in 1679 
in and by his Indenture he did demise, etc., for the sum of ^29 a 
meffuage, etc., unto Thomas Gwatkin the elder, father to Thomas 

Gwatkin, late husband of said Mary this messuage, etc., lately 

in occupation of John Greene, " inkeeper " & then of Edith Greene 
his wid : 

Mentions lands of John Havard, M'- Lechmere & Isaac 

Bromwith Esq" deceased also Anne Havard wid: and of Thomas 

Mentions Margaret Gwatkin daughter of Thomas 

Gwatkin the Elder, and Anne and Mary Gwatkin his Grand- 
daughters — then living 1679. 

Mentions that in 1707 Margaret Gwatkin had since 1679 died — 

Mentions Mary Gwatkin, Elizabeth Gwatkin, and Anne Gwatkin 
the 3 daughters of said Mary Gwatkin the elder. 

Mentions Thomas Gwatkin the son of Mary Gwatkin the elder 
the mark of Mary Gwatkin 
Th°- Manfield 
Ffra Woodhouse. 

This transaction is evidently to provide or the three daughters of Mary Gwatkin the elder, as the 
one in 1679 was to provide for Margaret Gwatkin, the daughter of Thomas Gwatkin the elder, and his 
two then living grand-daughters : Anne, daughter of his son John Gwatkin, and Mary, elder dau. of his 
2nd son Thomas Gwatkin. — E.M.G. 

• In possession of the Rev<'- Thomas Gwatkin, 1839. 


1710, Jan. 15. 

Mary Gwatkin acknowledges receipt of ^40 from her brother 
Thomas; she having married John Winter 

Witnesses J. Seward (Signed) John Winter 
W"- Havard (Mark of) Mary Winter 

1 710, Oft. 13. 

Elizabeth Gwatkin acknowleges receipt of her share 

Witnesses, W"^ Havard (Signed) Thomas Gwatkin 
Elizabeth Havard. Elizabeth Gwatkin 

Thomas Gwatkin H. 

On the 20"" June 1702 Administration of the goods, etc., of Thomas 
Gwatkin of Fownhope, Herefordshire, was granted to Maria Gwatkin 
of Fownhope aforesaid the relift. 

Sureties — ^Thomas Manfield of the same, gent. Charles Griffiths 
of the city of Hereford, pinmaker. 

Inventory £2<^'i : 7 : 5 

(Consistory of Bishop of Hereford.) 

Thomas Gwatkin H. and Mary {nee Addis) his wife, had three 
daughters : 

1. Mary, born about 1678 or 9, married before 1710, John Winter. 

2. Elizabeth, born 1686, married John Hawkins, said to have been 
a descendant of Sir John HawKiNS, the Elizabethan seaman. Her 
youngest son was Sir John Hawkins — the friend of Samuel Johnson, 
and author of -^^ General History of Music. 

3. Anne, born 1691, married William Phillips, a wine merchant, 
eldest son of Robert Phillips, vicar of Fownhope. He died 23 Sept- 
ember 1735, aged 37, leaving issue. She died 23 March 1773, aged 82. 

John Hawkins, the husband of Elizabeth Gwatkin was not a very 
sensible man. I have found these notes about his youngest son: 

Sir John Hawkins was the executor & friend of D' Johnson, 
He does not deserve all the odium Boswell caused to be poured out 
against him. He was born 19*'' March 1719, in London; bred an 
attorney, under a very disagreeable man named Scott. He was recom- 
mended to M" Peter Storer, who required an assistant, and he became 
a favourite with him and a friend to his only son Peter. It was through 
his friendship with Peter (jnr) that he eventually married the younger 
daughter, who was seven years younger than himself and not " an old 
woman he married for the sake of her money," as James Boswell in his 
Life of D' J H Nso N says . Eventually he became a magistrate, and in reward 
for his services in quelling the riots in 1 768-1 769, he was knighted. 



He collected a valuable musical library, and, after 16 years laborious 
research, published in 1776 J General History of Music. His elder son, 
John Sidney Hawkins, published a History of Gothic Architecture. His 
daughter, Letitia, published her Memoirs & Anecdotes: many of D"^ 
Johnson. Letitia left a small colleftion of prints, books and diaries 
to her lady-companion. Miss Margaret Mitchell, who, in her turn, 
left them to the Rev^' Richard Gwatkin. 

Thomas Gwatkin HI. 

Fownhope Registers. 

May 26, 1709. Thomas Gwatkin and Rebecca Seward were married 

by Licence. 

Rebecca is said to have been the daughter of Abraham Seward, 
Mayor of Hereford, who died in 1698, aged 63, and was buried by his 
first wife {Prior conjux) Elizabeth, in Hereford Cathedral; but Rebecca 
may have been his grand-daughter. Abraham Seward and Elizabeth 
Philpotts, widow, were married in Fownhope Church 18 July, 1654. 

Of the second wife I can find no trace, except the mention in his 

Abraham Seward, Mayor of Hereford, 17 Car. H. 1676. 

It is related in Besse's Sufferings of the People called Quakers that 
" the congregation assembled at this place (Hereford) were committed 
to Byster's Gate by order of Abraham Seward, mayor, 1676." 

Seward — " an antient race of gentility." 

Thomas Gwatkin and Rebecca Seward had four children. She 
died and was buried 5 Dec, 1715. 

The Children are thus given in Fownhope Registers of Baptisms : 

1710. June 25. Thomas son of Thomas Gwatkin & Rebecca. 

1711. Oft. 4. Rebecca, dau: ofTh"'- Gwatkin & Rebecca, his wife. 

1712. Dec. 30. Richard, son of Thos. Gwatkin and Rebecca his 

1715. Sept. 12. John, son of Tho'- Gwatkin and Rebecca his wife. 

For Thomas, see later. 

Rebecca married James Foote, a baker of Hereford. 

Richard married Anna Pritchard at St Saviour's, Southwark, in 
June, 1769. 

John married Arabella Parbury, and was a solicitor pradtising in 
Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, London. After his death in 1780 


his successor was M' Jones. His wife died in 1816, aged 83. She made 
a patchwork quilt, now, 1 914, in the possession of the Rev'^' Thomas 
GwATKiN. It is well made, and tradition says she made it when she was 

Thomas Gwatkin (the third) was married a second time to a lady 
named Margaret (?). They were buried together the same day " Dec. 
6, 1762. Thomas Gwatkin & his wife Margaret were buried" — at 


Consistory of the Dean of Hereford. 

Book I. Folio 241. 


1696, June 23. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Abraham Seward of the city of 
Hereford, Esq. I give to the poor of the parish of St John Baptist 
wherein I now live 20/- Unto my beloved wife Joane Seward ^40. To 
my brother Charles Seward and Samuel Seward and their wives and 
to my sister Philpotts, sister Jones, and sister in law Seward, 
widdow, and son in law Maylard, my daughter in law Wainwright 
and daughter in law Fisher 20/- each to buy them rings. I give to 
my Sonne Isaak Seward all my goods &c., and appoint him sole 
executor, hoping he will be carefull and provident for the good of his 
wife and children. 

(Signed) Abr. Seward. 
Witnesses, Tho. Clarke, sen., Ri. Gower, Tho. Alderne, Ste. 

Proved at Hereford 10 August 1698, by the executor named. 

Thomas Gwatkin. 

On the 29"" January 1763 Administration of the goods of Thomas 
Gwatkin the Elder of Fownhope, Herefordshire, was granted to 
Richard Gwatkin of Allensmore, Herefordshire, clerk, the natural 
and lawful son. 

Sureties, Thomas Price of Allensmore, farmer, Samuel Drew of 
the city of Hereford, vidhialler. 

[No Inventory.] 

(Consistory of the Bishop of 

Rev^- Richard Gwatkin (2nd son of Thomas Gwatkin III.). 
Note from the Registrar of Oxford University: 

Gwatkin, Richard, son of Thomas, of Fownd hope, county Here- 


ford, gentleman; Wadham College; matriculated 14 May 1730, aged 
i8;B.A. 1733; M.A. 1737. 

His benefadtions to the poor of Fownhope are mentioned on page 
352, Vol. II, part I (1812) of Duncumb's History of the County oj 

The following is a copy of the inscription to his memory in Aliens- 
more Church, of which he was vicar: 

Hie subtus Conduntur 
Cinerir Ricardi Gwatkin, A.M. 
CoUegii Wadhamensis, Apud Oxoniensis. 
Olim Commensalis Hujus Ecclesia 
et Clehonger annos xlviii. vicarii. 
natus est Fanhope xxiv° die 
Decembris anno MDCCXII. 
Obiit IP die Junii MDCCLXXXIX. 

In levamen et subsidium 
Egenorum hujusce parochia 
ac parociarum de Clehonger 
et Fanhope in hac provincia 
et parocia de Lydney in agro 
Gloucestrens : Quadringintarum 
Librarum ammos reditus 

Testamento legavit 
Hanc Tabellum non causa 
Ostentationis sed ne post hac 
Memoria hujus beneficii excideretur 

Honi volebat. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 43. Folio 61. 

(Abstraft of Will.) 

1777, December 16. 

I, Richard Gwatkin of Allensmore, co. Hereford, clerk. I give to 
my brother John Gwatkin, gentleman, ;^20. To my nephew Thomas 
Gwatkin of Hereford, clerk, Richard Vaughan of Thruxton, clerk, 
and James Lloyd Harris of Kington, gentleman, ;^8oo upon trust 
for my wife Anna Gwatkin. To my nephew Ross Gwatkin now re- 
siding in foreign parts ;^i6 a year for life and ;^400 amongst his chil- 
dren. To my sister Rebecca Foote, widow, ^10 a year for life. To the 
poor of Lydney, co. Gloucester, ^100, of Allensmore ;^ioo, of Cle- 
honger, ;^ioo, of Fownhope, ;^ioo. Collier's Chapel in Fownhope 


Church to be used only as a vestry Room or Burying place ; if used as a 
schoolroom the said ;^ioo to go to the General Infirmary of Hereford. 
The residue to my said nephew Thomas Gwatkin, sole executor. 

In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) Richard Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Ann Price, Fincastle, Thomas Price. 

Proved at Hereford 12 June 1789, by the executor named. 


Consistory of the Dean of Hereford. 

Book 10. Folio 2. 

(Abstradl of Will.) 

1802, January 26. 

Anna Gwatkin of Allensmore, co. Hereford, widow. I give to 
James Wallis and Thomas Wallis, sons of my niece Martha Wallis, 
by Nathaniel Wallis her husband, ;^ioo apiece. Unto my sister Lizan 
Heath, wife of Richard Heath of the Whitecraft in the parish of 
Newland, co. Gloucester, ^20. To said Martha Wallis j^io. All my 
household goods, etc., to the said James and Thomas Wallis equally 
and I appoint them executors. 

In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) Anna Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, James Meek of Allington, weaver. The mark of John 
Davis of same, weaver, Wm. Johnson, not^ public, Hereford. I, 
Anna Gwatkin did before witness blot out the names of Ann Trigg, 
James Pritchard and Mary Beavan for a particular reason. Witness, 
Thos. Wallis and Mary Bailey. 

Proved at Hereford 28 December 1804, by Thomas Wallis; 
power reserved for the other executor. 

Abstradof the will of Rebecca Foote daughter of Thomas Gwatkin 

1790, March 23, 

I, Rebecca Foote of the parish of Fownhope in co. Hereford, widow — 
I give ... all the goods, linen and household furniture of which I 
shall die possessed in the town of Ross in Co. Hereford, except my 
rings & silver butter boat, to Catherine Steel wife of Samuel Steel of 
Ross, ginger bread baker. 

To Sarah PhiLLiPS, Elizabeth Phillips, Letitia Pye, James Wathen 
of the city of Hereford and to Anne Lewis of the town of Ross one 
guinea apiece for a ring. 

To M"^ John Slade of the parish of Fownhope five guineas. 

To Miss Purchase, eldest daughter of M' Nathaniel Purchase 
of Fownhope, two guineas. And as to all the rest & residue ... I give 


. . . the same to my nephew Thomas Gwatkin of the city of Hereford, 
clerk, whom I appoint sole executor. . . . 

The mark of Rebecka Foote. 

Witnesses, Rebecca Gwatkin, Thomas Carver. 
24 August, 1794. 

Codicil. I direft my executor to receive of John Slade of Fownhope 
only half the sum he may be indebted to me at the time of my death 

I have the ready money in cash to my executor & the 

said Catherine Steel share & share alike. 

My silk cloak given me by my executor to his wife Jane Gwatkin. 

My wearing apparel to Catherine Steel. 

To my executor ^20 in trust to educate John Steel son of Catherine 
Steel until he reach the age of 14 & then to apprentice him to some 
trade ... if he should die the ^^20 to be paid to Catherine Steel. 

To poor of Fownhope one hundred sixpenny loaves of bread . . . 
within a fortnight of my decease. 

(Signed) Rebecca Foote. 

Witness, Arabella Gwatkin. 

Proved at Hereford 18 Feb. 1802 by Jane Gwatkin, relift and ad- 
ministratrix of Thomas Gwatkin, clerk, deceased. 

John Gwatkin, third son of Thomas Gwatkin HI. He was born 
in 1 71 5 and baptized in Fownhope Church. He was a lawyer who 
praftised in Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, London {see Law List, 
1775). He married Arabella Parbury, and died in 1780. An abstradi 
of his will follows : 

P.C.C. 16 Collins. 
(Abstraft of Will.) 

1776, May 20. John Gwatkin. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, John Gwatkin of Salisbury Court, 
Fleet Street, London, gentleman, do by this my last Will and Testa- 
ment give to my Nephew Thomas Gwatkin my gold watch, seal 
set in gold * and gold head cane given to me by my late friend M' 
Arthur Sadler, deceased. To my loving wife all that my leasehold 
messuage, &c., wherein I now dwell in Salisbury Court and all my 
books, household goods, furniture, liquors, linnen, pictures and plate, 
and all my watches (except the above given to my nephew) rings, 
cloaths worn by her and likewise the ornaments of her person. Also 
I give her ^^600. The residue of my personal estate and effefts and 
* See plate of impression of seal. 


ImpmuoH nf'^Mr Sm/lrrs Srnl" left to 

Rrzd Thomas Ca-atkhi ( I 74 1 - 1 800) /n' 

Ins Vm-lc John Gu-atkm S>ir (1715'- 

1780) of^aliihun Co'irt. 


all my freehold and copyhold lands, &c., I give and devise to my 
sister Rebecca Foot, widow, her heirs, etc., and I appoint my said 
wife and nephew executors. N.B. — I direft that not more than twenty 
pounds be laid out on my funeral. In witness, &c. 

(Signed) John Gwatkin. 
Witnesses, George Parbury, Thos. Sewer, junr., Gilbt. Jones. 
Proved at London 4 January 1780, by Arabella Gwatkin, widow, 
the relift of the deceased, and one of the executors named ; power 
reserved for Thomas Gwatkin the nephew. 

The following is a copy of a letter in possession of the Rev'^' Thomas 
Gwatkin (1839- ), (undated) from M'^- Arabella Gwatkin 
(1733-1816) describing a storm at Fownhope. It may have been 
addressed to M^ Jane Gwatkin n^e Powle: 

Dear Madam. 

I write to let you know I am alive after the Horrors of yesterday, 
of all the frights I ever experienced I think I never was worse, the 
water roU'd down like a sea and carried all before it, it soon rose to 
the trams not a soul to be got every one running to save their own, 
Goodman swam down the streem {sic) and got home but the gate of 
his fold burst open & he was with difficulty saved, all their Ducks 
were drowned. M"' Hadley was ill no one can tell the damage done 
there part of the new pits blewn {sic) up and part of the wall and the 
leather blown a distance off, the drawing ( ?) full as high as the window. 
Sally Atwood celler, all the Tobacco wet. Hannah Preece and Kitty 
Thomas House, Betty Downs children. Old Downs, all went to 
Stones, our poor Miller went to the Barn to save his pigs, the Barn 
went down the stream and he was drown'd a young girl his niece 
went down with another Building and was lost. A woman and 2 {sic) 
children who liv'd in a hut near the Bridge went down house and all 
and they in it it blew such a Hurricane I thought all the Trees and 
chimneys would have come down, the windows shatter'd with the 
tremendous thunder : but I never saw such Lightening : The Trees had 
been had {sic) been sadly hurt before but I fear it is worse. Now M*^' 
Slade of caple says he will not make a hogshead. God send us better 
times but I am thankful very thankful 'tis no worse it was a sheet of 
water to the little meadow Gate Nanny pulled off her shoes and stock- 
ings and opened a passage or the cyder would have swam. Comp*^ 
to M'^' Bevan sure the weather will settle I wish I could write any- 
thing more entertaining I think my eyes are the worse for the lightening. 

I am, 

dear madam. 



[She once reproved my Grandfather, who was her grandnephew, 
because his table manners were not very good. She said, " Richard, 
to see you' eating is Hke seeing men toss hay to the top of a stack." 
— E. M. G.] 

Thomas Gwatkin, IV., of Hackney. 

Thomas Gwatkin married Rebecca Ley, after the death of her 
father. Thomas Gwatkin does not seem to have been a wise man and 
he died early. He was a solicitor ' in Devonshire Square, Bishopsgate, 
and lived at Hackney. Rebecca was the younger daughter of the 
Reverend Rosse Ley, son of Thomas Ley. 

1697, March 15. 

Abstra6l of the Will of Thomas Ley, gent., now resident in the 
parish of St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex. 

I give my sonne Robert, already advanced in the world, ^40 and a 
further sum of ^^5. To my daughter Sarah, who is likewise advanced in 
the world ^^40 and ^5 to remain in the hands of Mr Whitlocke Bul- 
STRODE for one year after my decease. To my sonne Rosse, ^^120, to 
remain in hands of said Mr Bulstrode for the education of said Rosse 
in the University of Oxford and a further sum of £5. To my daughter 
Martha, who by reason of sickness and infirmity is less able to pro- 
vide for herself, ;^I50, to remain in hands of said Mr Bulstrode 
and my interest and the term to come of a house in Mountmill in 
possession of Mary Wood, the term to come being short, I desire my 
executor to compound with the Governors of St Bartholomew's 
hospital for a renewall of lease, and a further sum of ^^5. To my 
Honoured friend Mr John Ince the sum of ^5. To Mr Thomas 
Kennett ^5. To Mr Richard Cheney twenty shillings for a ring. 
To Mr Charles Rogers twenty shillings for a ring. All my goods and 
chattells, as plate, a diamond ring and all my East India Goods to be 
sold and one-sixth part I give to my son Robert, one-sixth to my 
daughter Sarah and the residue to be equally divided between my 
children Rosse and Martha. To Judith Barlow my servant ^10, etc. 
I doe appoint my dear friend Whitelocke Bulstrode of Clifford's Inn, 
London, gent., sole executor and desiring him to accept ^^lo. 15 
March, 10 William III., 1697. (Signed) Tho. Ley. 

Witnesses, Hen: Lovibond, Robert Tarrant, William Bromfield, 
Lawrence Legawe. 

Proved at London 17 Oftober 1698, by the executor named. 


Thomas Ley was clerk to the Carpenters' Company from April 
1675 to September 1683. At least his successor was appointed on the 
later date. 


1735, November 4. 

Abstradl of the will of Ross Ley of St Matthew's Fryday Street, 
(London), clerk. 

To my wife Mary Ley ^2,000. To my sons Thomas Ley and William 
Ley and to my daughters Elizabeth, Rebecca and Mary Ley, ^200 
apiece. I appoint my wife Mary Ley executrix. 4 November 1735. 

(Signed) Ross Ley. 

On 14 February 1736 Dummer Andrews of South Stoneham, co. 
Southampton, clerk, and John Wilkinson of St Catherine's near 
the Tower of London, clerk, severally make oath that they well knew 
and were acquainted with the Rev. Mr Ross Ley, late Redlor of St 
Mathew, Fryday Street, London, deceased, and with his manner of 
handwriting, etc., etc. 

Proved at London 9 February 1736-7, by the executrix named. 

(P.C.C. 34 Wake.) 

From Hennessy's Parochiale Londinense, (1898): Ross Ley, 
B.A. U. 257. 1715. Dec. 20. d. 1737. patron: John, Dk. Marlborough. 
Robinson. U. 257. A.B., M.A., one of the brethren of St Catherine's 
Hospital. Will 1737. see his epitaph in Nichol's Account of St Cath- 
erine's by the Tower. 

From Foster's Alumni Oxonienses: Rosse Ley, son of Thomas Ley 
of London, gent. Christ Church College, Oxford. Matric. 26 March 
1697-8, aet. 18. B.A. 1701. Born in Carpenters' Hall, 1678. Educated 
at Charterhouse. Chaplain of St Catherine's Hospital 1704 and to 
4th. Troop of Horse Guards, 1710. Reftor of St. Matthew's, Friday 
Street and St. Peter's, Eastcheap, 1715. Chaplain to Duke of Monta- 
gue, 1727. Died in Wellclose Green 4 January 1737; buried in St. 
Catherine's by the Tower. See Rawl. H. 158, IV. 332 and XVHL 37 
and Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

1745, December 13. 

Will of Mary Ley of Hackney, Middlesex, widow. Mrs Shewill of 
the Minories to be employed as undertaker of my funeral, no more than 
;^40 to be expended. To Mr. Nathaniel Phillips of Cheapside, mercer, 
and my daughter Mary Eckley ^^1,000 in trust to pay interest to my 
daughter Rebecca Gwatkin. My son-in-law Thomas Gwatkin 
shall convey to said Nathaniel Phillips freehold lands of the clear 
yearly value of ^50 to the use of my daughter Rebecca Gwatkin 
after his death, the said trustees to pay Thomas Gwatkin ;^5oo for 
his own use. To my daughter Mary Eckley ^^1,050. To Nathaniel 
Phillips ^20. Residue to my said daughters equally. Said Nathaniel 
Phillips and Mary Eckley executors. 

(Signed) Mary Ley. 


Witnesses, Margaret Gibbs her mark, Jn. Beard, clerk to Mr. 

Codicil 5 March 1745/6. 

I give to my daughter Mary Eckley ^50 towards making her satis- 
faftion for the loss she has suffered on my son-in-law Thomas Gwat- 
kin's account. To my son William Ley and his wife each a mourning 
ring of a guinea value. Mary Ley her mark. 

Witnesses, Susanna Wilkins, John Bearde. 

Proved at London 26 August 1746 by Mary Eckley (wife of John 
Eckley) the daughter ; power reserved to Nathaniel Phillips. 

(P.C.C. 241 Edmonds.) 

These Leys were connefted in some way with the Dummers of 
Southampton and America. 
Written in a book; a copy of Milton's works. 
" S' L (?) Ley e Dono 

M. DUMMER 1732, 


Another book has in it a book-plate with the Dummer coat of arms — 
Ax. three jieurs-de-lys, on a chief of the second a demi-lion ramf. of the 
first. Crest, a demi-lion ramp. Az. in the dexter pazu a fleur-de-lys or — 
William Dummer his booke anno Pretium. 

The book: "Contemplations Moral £5" Divine by Sir Matthew Hale, 
K', etc. Printed for William Shrowsbury at the Bible in Duck Lane; 
Dan. Midwinter & Tho Leigh at the Rose & Crown in S*" Paul's 
Churchyard, 1705." One WilHam Dummer was Lieut. Governor of 
the Province of Massachusetts. One of the Dummers, a Thomas, was 
Deputy to the Duke of Montague as Keeper of the Great Wardrobe. 
Ross Ley was Chaplain to the Duke of Montague. This Thomas 
Dummer had a son, Thomas Lee Dummer. Dummer Andrews, who 
swore to Ross Ley's handwriting, was probably son to Susanna 
Andrews, probably nee Dummer. 

In Thomas Ley's will we find Charles Rogers mentioned. J. 
Dummer Rogers was tutor to Lord Byron and an American Loyalist 
pensioned by the Government. {Notes and Queries 4th Series III., 561.) 

P.C.C. 174 Busby. 

1750, August 13. Thomas Gwatkin. 
In the Name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Gwatkin, eldest son and 


heir apparent of Thomas Gwatkin of Fownhope, co. Hereford, 
gentleman, &c. I give, devise, &c., to my loving wife all my messuages, 
lands, &c., whatsoever, and I make her sole executrix. And my will 
and desire is that my said wife Rebecca Gwatkin will be advised in 
her affairs by Mr John Eckley, apothecary, and my brothers the Rev. 
Mess'^^ Richard Gwatkin and John Gwatkin. 

In witness wehreof, &c. (Signed) Thos Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Thos. Moore, James Havard, Anna Pritchard. 

Proved at London 7 June 1751, by the executrix named. 

1781, Oftober 13. i;^9BH43 

Will of Rebecca Gwatkin, widow of Thomas Cjwatkin IV . 

I, Rebecca Gwatkin, of BuUingham, co. Hereford, widow, do 
make my last will and testament. Whereas Mary Ley of Hackney, co. 
Middlesex, widow, deceased, did in her last will and testament bearing 
date on or about 13 December 1745, give and bequeath to Nathaniel 
Phillips of Cheapside, London, mercer, since deceased, and her 
daughter Mary Eckley ;^i,ooo upon trust to pay the interest thereof 
unto me during my life and upon trust after my decease to pay the 
said ;£i,ooo unto such person or persons as I should by my last will 
and testament direft. I, the said Rebecca Gwatkin do by virtue of the 
power and authority to me given by the said recited will of the said 
Mary Ley give, bequeath, etc., the said j/^1,200 East India annuities 
standing in the name of the said Mary Eckley to my son Thomas 
Gwatkin, clerk, his executors, &c., and I do give all my household 
goods, plate, linen, books, and all other my estate and effefts of what- 
ever nature or kind soever to my said son Thomas Gwatkin and I do 
nominate and appoint my said son Thomas Gwatkin sole executor. 
In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) Rebecca Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Martha Jones, BuUingham, Herefordshire ; Gilb*" 
Jones, Salisbury Co*-, Fleet Street, London. 

Proved at London 8 August 1792, by the Rev^' Thomas Gwatkin, 
clerk, the son and the sole executor named. 

(P.C.C. 427 Fountain.) 

Thomas Gwatkin, IV., and Rebecca (nee Ley) had six sons: 

1. Thomas. Born 1741. Died 1800. 

2. Ross. Born 5 November 1743. He was a " black sheep "; went 
to Seville in Spain, and died abroad before 1802, leaving neither wife 
nor child. 

3. John. Born 1745. 

4. Richard. Born 1746. 

>■ T 1 [ Born 2 September 1749 (twins). 


Tradition says that Richard and John (Nos. 5 and 6) were drowned 
while bathing together, and that they were twins. Sir WiUiam Drum- 
MOND, M.P., F.R.S., on this tragedy, in the style of the day, wrote a 
poem, a copy of which follows. Accompanying it is a sketch of tomb- 
stones in a churchyard (unknown), as given in the pifture. 

John GwATKiN the youngest of the above children died in 1774. 
His mother a6led as administratrix on behalf of her son Thomas, 
then in foreign parts. On 10 February 1776 he is mentioned as John 
GwATKiN, junior, late of Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, gent., de- 
ceased. He was in business under his uncle John, {see page 39.) 

Lines on the death of Richard and John GwATKiNwho were drowned, 
written by William Drummond. 

" This mournful tombstone on their graves I raise 
Whose well-spent lives deserve the Poet's praise. 

" Two gentle youths, whom no rough passions knew 
Sprung from one root, in grace and beauty grew. 
Their minds were honest, as their reasons clear, 
Their hearts were open, as their souls sincere : 
The modest beauties of their forms exprest. 
The noble thoughts that fired each glowing breast. 

" As when the sun in Glory shines serene. 
And wide illumines all the sylvan scene. 
He gilds each objeft with his splendid rays. 
And blushing nature brightens with the blaize. 
So o'er each face the light of virtue smil'd. 
The perfeft image of a nature mild. 

" Gen'rous to all, and to each other kind, 

In them the brothers and the friends were join'd 
Thus from one root two lofty branches spring, 
And self-entwined upon each other hing {sic) ; 
The roaring blast may rage along the plain. 
But reeks its vengeance on their heads in vain. 

" Oh hapless youths, you soon resigned your breath 
The early victims of untimely death. 
For you no more, the feathered choir shall sing; 
For you no more the blushing flowers shall spring 
For you no more shall silver Phoebe rise. 
Nor sparkling sunbeams gild the morning skies. 

Cop)- of Sketch at the hend of Sir William Drummond's \'erses on the Tv 
who were drowned; place unknown. 


No other joys to you also are known. 

Than the green turf and moss embroidered stone 

No other sounds shall e'er salute your ear, 

Till the last trump from Heaven's vault you hear. 

" May the sad muse for aye your fates bemoan, 
And kindly weep for sorrows not her own, 
And drooping myrtle shade ye sacred tomb, 
And solemn cypress on your gravestone bloom, 
May guardian angels watch you while you sleep 
And careful vigil on ye ashes keep." 

N.B. — Penicillis, et manibus, primum pinui; 

Sed secundum compasius preclaviore labore exercindi 
Mentim et colendi facultates meas. 

Hereford, July 3rd, 1787. 

To the Rev*^- Thomas Gwatkin. 
Dear Sir, 

After an interval of so many years, will you permit me to renew my 
correspondence with you, by sending you a copy of the second edition 
of my translation of Persius. I am with great regard your most faithful 
humble servant. 

(Signed) W. Drummond. 
Portugal Street, Grosvenor Square, Jan. 3'^, 1800. 

(Written inside the book, which was published in 1799; printed by 
W. BuLMER & Co., for T. Wright, Piccadilly.) 

Sir William Drummond {see " D.N.B.," Vol. XVI, p. 51), (1770- 
1828), scholar and diplomatist, eventually head of the family of 
Drummond of Logie-Almond, was probably the same William, son 
of John Drummond of Perth, who matriculated at Christ Church 
College, Oxford, 24 January, 1788, etc., etc. He was M.P. in 1795 for 
St Mawes, in 1796 and 1801 for Lostwithiel. In 1801 he was appointed 
envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to the Court of 
Naples, and in 1803, Ambassador to the Ottoman Porte, etc., etc. 
In 1809 his diplomatic career ended. He was the author of several 
works, the greatest of which was Origines, or Remarks of the Origins 
of several Empires, States and Cities, such as Assyria and Babylon, 
1824-29. He lived latterly abroad and died in Rome 29 March, 1828. 
On the 4 April 1799, he was elected F.R.S., and on 3 July 1810, D.C.L. 
Oxford (Gentleman's Magazine, 1828, II. 90). 

His sister " C " (" Catherine " I think) married Sir George 
Stewart. His mother, Lady Catherine Drummond, lived in George 


Street, Edinburgh, in 1789. See letters in possession of Rev. Thomas 
GwATKiN (1839- )• 

John GwATKiN (1749-1774), of SaHsbury Court, Fleet Street, sixth 

son of Thomas Gwatkin IV. 

Fragment of a letter to His Mother, c. 1774-5: 

Hon"^- Madam. 

I reced yours of the 18* of last month, f delivered the enclosed to 
Mr Sadler, having first put a Wafer in it. I did not mean you should 
take notice of my last Lre, but of that wch I sent in Mr Sadler's 
Frank (wch I suppose you reced) : however it is of no consequence, 
only it must appear odd, as I show'd Mr Sadler the contents, f it was 
Chiefly concerning their intentions of going into the country, f being 
at your house, that I wrote — ^thatLlre. . . Mr Z^/g^has been inoculated, 
and confined best part of the time since his being in England ; this 
week the Ship sails in wch he came over f he returns in it, as it happens 
unexpedledly, it was not in my power to send you word time enough: 
but in a month or six weeks I shall write again, f if you send me a Lre 
I will take care of it. I am sorry it is not in my power to send you the 
sermon, for my brother took it to Virginia. At present I live more 
comfortably with my Uncle than at M'^- Parbury's. My Aunt f self 
agree mightily. I behave respeftfully f she is civil enough to me. I 
am asked to Tea every evening indeed I make no ceremony about, but 
rather behave as tho' I look upon it as a sort of right, being so near a 
Relation f living in the same House. Business has prevented my going 
to M"- Eckley, but as there is a half years Interest due, I intend to go 
soon, and I design sending it by M"' Sadler. I shall (if you can con- 
veniently spare it) dedudl half a guinea for myself. I have not any News 
to tell you except that my friend M"^' Sewer is going to praftice in 
Rotherhithe, where he has a view of doing very well. You mention 
that you don't know what my Brother means, by saying he " supposes 
you heard of the honour conferred upon him by the General Assembly." 
As it may interest you I'll explain it. The clergy in Virginia foolishly 
took it into their heads to want a Bishop, for which they procured a 
Convention of the clergy of that Province to be called, in order to 
debate about f petition our Parliament for one. My Brother sat in the 
Convention, f he (whose generous and Liberal principles render him 
averse to such slavish f foolish Schemes in religious iiires) strongly 
opposed it as did likewise three others, but the Majority were for it ; 
therefore he and the three other gentlemen protested against the 
proceedings of the Convention in form. When the General Assembly 
met, which is much the same as our Parliament, the House of Bur- 
gesses (which is the same with our House of Commons) voted nemine 


contradicenti (that is unanimously) the thanks of that House to be 
given to the Rev*^- M'- Gwatkin f the other three, for their steady and 
well timed opposition to a Scheme so detrimental to the interests of 
Society, f by which much anxiety was brought upon the minds of 
His Majesty's subje6ls, f there was more which at present I can't 
reinber. They read the thanks of the House with the ceremony upon 
such occasions. The opposition has had so good an Effedl, that for the 

{here the fragment ends) 

Extra a. Consolidated ^^4 per Cent annuities. 
Reg' 3631. 

Know all men by these Presents that I Rebecca Gwatkin widow 
administratrix to John Gwatkin J"- late of Salisbury Court Fleet 
Street, Gent deceased, do make constitute, & appoint Richard 

Gravatt of Fleet Street Banker my true & lawful attorney 

to afsign and transfer ^^200 . . . into the Name of the Rev"^- Thomas 
Gwatkin Professor of Humanity of the College of Williamsburg in 

id"" February 1776. 
Witnesses, (Signed) 

George Murray Rebecca Gwatkin. 

Alex: Murray. 

Rev*"- Thomas Gwatkin V. 
Oxford Admission Register: 

Gwatkin, Thomas, son of Thomas, of Hackney, Middlesex, 
gentleman. Jesus College. Matriculated 16 July 1763, aged 21; B.A. 
by decree of Convocation 21 May 1778; of Christ Church, M.A. 
March 23. 1 78 1. 

He was ordained priest by the Bishop of London in 1767, and by 
him appointed to the professorship of Mathematics and Natural 
Philosophy in The College of William and Mary, called the " Professor 
of the Humanities," in Williamsburg, Virginia. He was Chaplain to 
Lord Dunmore and private tutor to his son. Lord Fincastle. Lord 
DuNMORE presented him with the gold watch now in the possession 
of the Rev"*- T. Gwatkin (1839- )• 

After Lord Dunmore left Virginia Thomas Gwatkin remained 
behind, but was much ill-treated, being a loyalist, and was deprived 
of his professorship. 

Thomas Gwatkin is mentioned by Jonathan Boucher in his View 


of the Causes of the American Revolution, as one of the four clergymen 
who protested against the appointment of a bishop for the American 

In 1773 a letter from a M"'' W. Jones (or Innes?) of Williamsburg, 
to the Rev^- Jonathan Boucher, says, " To endeavour to express the 
abilities and amiable qualities of the man would be but wronging 
them, but this I will say, that if ever the profoundest depth of know- 
ledge, and the most extensive philanthropy were united, they are in 

our GwATKIN." 

Thomas Gwatkin was then 32 years of age. 

On his return to America he had the living of Cholsey and Mouls- 
ford in Berkshire, but his health being impaired by the usage he had 
received in America he gave up that living and retired to Hereford- 

He died in 1800 and was buried in Clehonger. 
Among his friends and patrons may be mentioned Sir William 
Drummond, M.P., translator of Persius. 

In . . . Sir William Drummond was desirous that Thomas Gwatkin 
should accompany him to . . . but — so her letter states — ^his wife was 
not anxious for him to go for his health was not good. 
He and his five brothers all had red hair. 

Thomas Gwatkin married Jane, daughter of John Powle, who 
survived him thirty-six years and was buried at Barrow-upon-Soar in 
Leicestershire, of which place their only son Richard was then, in 
1836, vicar. 

Inscription in Barrow-on-Soar churchyard, north side of tower : 

In Memory of Jane, relid 

of the Late Rev**- Thomas Gwatkin, M.A. 

She died Aug. a*"* 1836, aged 86 years 

He died Oft. 4"" 1800, aged 59 years 

and was buried at Clehonger, Herefordshire. 

To the Honourable the Commmissioners appointed by an Aft of 
Parliament for enquiring into the Losses sustained by His Majesty's 
Loyal Subjefts in North America. 

The Humble Petition and Memorial of Thomas Gwatkin, Clerk. 

That your petitioner at the commencement of the late war in North 
America was in possession of the office of Professor of Languages £'■= 
in the College of William and Mary in the Colony of Virginia — A 
College of Royal Foundation (the Charters of the said college having 
been granted by their late Majesties King William and Queen Mary) 
with a Salary of Two hundred pounds Sterling a year besides the 
emoluments amounting at least to One hundred Pounds a year 
(sterling) over and above the said Two Hundred Pounds a year. 


That in or about the month of June One thousand seven hundred 
and seventy-five your petitioner received several appHcations from 
Richard Henry Ley (sic) Esquire, Jefferson and other gentlemen at 
that time members of Congress to draw up Memorials in vindication 
of the proceedings of Congress with promise of proteftion and ample 
rewards. To comply with whose applications your petitioner, from a 
regard to his oath of Alligiance, declined and absolutely refused. 

In consequence of this refusal to comply with the above mentioned 
application and his constant adherence to his duty as became a loyal 
subjeft your petitioner was subjeft to a variety of cruel treatment by 
which his life was put to imminent danger — and which was the cause 
of a very ill state of health so that he has been in a great measure 
prevented from discharging the duties of his profession ever since that 
period. — About the same time your petitioner was obliged for the 
security of his person to place himself under the proteftion of the 
R*- Honourable the Earl of Dunmore then Governor of the said Colony 
of Virginia, by which means he was deprived of his professorship and 
the emoluments thereunto annexed (amounting in the whole to Three 
Hundred Pounds sterling a year and upwards) and also lost all his 
papers, Books and Household Furniture the exaft value of which he 
is at present incapable of ascertaining but verily believes they cannot 
amount to less than the sum of one Hundred Pounds sterling. 

That there is due to your Petitioner (at this present time) in the 
said Colony of Virginia the Sum of Two Hundred Pounds sterling. 

That the above circumstances of your petitioners having been 
pofsessed and being deprived of the said Professorship &c can be 
authenticated by the Earl of Dunmore now residing in Berkley Street 
Portman Square London or at Dunmore Park in Scotland. John Ran- 
dolph Esq'*' now or lately resident at Brumpton Row, Middlesex: 
That his loss of Books, Furniture and the debts due to him can only 
be ascertained by his own affidavit : And lastly that your Petitioner 
at present resides in Broad Capuchin Lane in the City of Hereford — 
In consequence of the above premises your petitioner humbly 
prays this honourable Board that such relief may be allowed to 
him as shall seem proper. 
13"" December 1783. (Signed) T. Gwatkin. 


The members were appointed and a plan of proceedings formed 
although that Body was not then adhially sitting. 

1778, Nov. 4. 

Will of John PowLE, of Wootton-under-Edge, Glos, Surgeon (very 
long with seven Codicils). 


Bequeaths to his wife Sarah, all that messuage in High St., Wooton- 
under-Edge, where they live ; after his death to M"'- Sampson Carey, 
his father-in-law; at his death to his two worthy friends Isaac and 
Anthony Austin upon trust for maintenance and education of his 
nephew Edward Bevan, alias Boffin, son of" my sister " Sarah Bevan, 
widow. Provision for his mother M'^' Sarah Powle, " independent of 
my Father, John Powle," in half yearly instalments of ^5. Should 
his father survive he is to receive this annuity in half-yearly sums. 
Bequests to brothers and sisters, Sarah. George, Jane, James and 

Proved at London 15 Jan., 1783, by Isaac Austin and Anthony 
Austin, the surviving executors (P.C.C 38 Cornwallis). 

Benjamin PoWLE, son to the above-mentioned Benjamin, brother to the testator, wrote to his cousin, 
Richard GWATKIN, son to the above-mentioned Jane PowLE, that their great-grandfather (Powle) 
vsras a silk dyer living in, probably circa 1762-5, the Strand, London, and this was corroborated by his 
first cousin, John Powle, son to the above-mentioned James Powle. The father of Jane Powle 
(afterwards Gwatkin) lived in Hereford, for, according to the " D. N. B.," her nephew, Edward 
Bevan, mentioned in her brother's will above, was left an orphan when very young, and "received 
into the house of his maternal grandfather, Mr. PowLE of Hereford." In the " D. N. B." is also a 
short account of George Powle, who was an artist. 

The Rev"'- Richard Gwatkin, 1789-1870. 

The Rev^- Richard Gwatkin, son of Rev. Thomas Gwatkin V., 
and Jane (Powle) was born in Hereford 17 Sept., 1791; bapt: at St 
Owen's Church, Hereford; educated in Hereford Cathedral School, 
and by M"^ Bradstock at Elmore Court, Pershore. He proceeded to 
S' John's College, Cambridge, Oftober 1810 (rooms E, second court); 
was Senior Wrangler 1814. i^' Smith's prizeman; Fellow of S' John's 
1814; assistant tutor to M'" Hornbuckle; College tutor 1826; B.D.; 
F.G.S., i827;of Horningsea, Cambridge, 1832; Vicar of Barrow-upon- 
Soar, Leicestershire, till 1853. 

He lived, after he resigned Barrow, at Bridstow, Herefordshire, 
Wellington and Worthing, and eventually settled at Torquay, where 
he died 14 Oftober 1870, aged 81. 

He married in 183- Anne, daughter of Edward and Sarah Middle- 
ton {nee Bird) of Barrow-upon-Soar, and had four children. 

Thomas Gwatkin. 


Henry Melvill Gwatkin. 

Anne Hughes. 

He was buried in Upton Churchyard, Torquay; and his wife, 
Anne, and his sister-m-law, Sarah Middleton, are buried also in the 
same tomb. 


Copy of Inscription on Tombstone N. of Upton Qiurchyard, 

Richard Gwatkin. B.D. 

Born Sept. 17. 1791 

Died Oa 14 1870. 

Thanks be to God which giveth 

us the viftory through 

Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I. Cor. XV. 57. 


Ann his wife 

Born July 9*^ 1817 

Died January iS"" 1884. 

In 191 1 the Rev. Thomas Gwatkin put a stained glass window into 
the West end window of the North aisle of the Church of the Holy 
Trinity, Barrow-upon-Soar, to the memory of his parents, the Rev''- 
Richard Gwatkin, B.D., and Ann his wife. 

From The Cambridge Chronicle, 22 Oft. 1870: 

The Rev. Richard Gwatkin, B.D., whose death we announced last 
week, was the son of the Rev. Thomas Gwatkin, of Christ Church. 
Oxford, sometime Professor at Williamsburgh, Virginia, and private 
tutor in the family of Lord Dunmore, the last English Governor of 
that State. Thomas Gwatkin fled with Lord Dunmore on the declara- 
tion of independence, and accepted a living near Hereford, in which 
city his son Richard was born, 17th Sept., 1791. Having been educated 
at Hereford School, besides other places, he proceeded to St John's 
College in Oftober, 1 8 10. After a distinguished College career, he was 
Senior Wrangler in 1814, and obtained the first Smith's prize; Wilkin- 
son, formerly master of Sedbergh School, being in both cases second. 
Mr. Gwatkin was elefted Fellow of his College in April, 1814, and 
shortly afterwards was appointed Assistant Tutor to Mr. Hornbuckle. 
In 1826 he became College Tutor. In 1832, he was presented by the 
College to the Vicarage of Barrow-on-Soar, which he held till 1853, 
when he was compelled to resign it from ill-health. From that time 
he lived the life of a retired student, residing latterly at Torquay. At 
Cambridge Mr. Gwatkin was a most successful private tutor, and 
won, as College Tutor, the esteem and respeft of all who knew him. 
His ready kindness and self-denying labour will not soon be forgotten 
in his College, in which he is still spoken of most affeftionately, and 
to which he devoted the best of his time and powers. All who were 
most familiar with him, his old companions and pupils, agree in their 
testimony to his many good and amiable qualities, and in their 
grateful resped for his memory. 


Copy of a Letter from M"'- Robert Lovell Gwatkin to the Rev*^- 
Richard Gwatkin (1789-1870): 

" Copy of D' Cove's Letter 

1826. Hereford. March 20*. 
Dear Sir, 

I send you my recolleftions and such information as I have been 
able to colleft respeftmg your family connedtions in this part of the 
country. Towards the end of the 17th century John Ballard of 
Treverin and Langrove in the parish of Llangarren in this County 
married (if I err not) Elizabeth Gwatkin* of Netherton in the Parish 
of Pencoyd near to Landinabo (about 8 miles from this place on the 
road toward Ross) at which parish their daughter Elizabeth, my 
maternal Grandmother, and the mother of D"^- Jones was baptized in 
1696 — and if I mistake not, John Ballard then lived at Pennipit in 

Whether the above Ehzabeth Gwatkin was sister, daughter, niece 
or cousin of your Grandfather in business at Bristol I know not ; but 
I well remember from my childhood to have heard your Father always 
spoken of as a very near relation of the Jones family and to be con- 
tinually mentioned by the members of it, by the famiHar appellation 
of Cousin Ned Gwatkin. I also recoUeft that my mother, in particular, 
when a young woman, used to visit your late Aunt Gwatkin and Mrs 
Deverell, who then resided in Bristol. 

M"*- Gwatkin, the mother of the Rev''- Richard Gwatkin, Fellow 
of St John's College, Cambridge, tells me that her late husband's 
family, from a conveyance between 3 and 4 hundred years ago of a 
small landed property near this place to a Gwatkin, the ancestor of 
her husband, appears to have been originally of Cornwall (might be 
Crickhowell, Brecon. — E.M.G.), though she knows not of which rank in 
life, or of what place in Cornwall, that ancestor is described in the 
conveyance. As he came into the county so long ago it is possible he 
might have been the ancestor also of some other Families named 
Gwatkin now existing in this county. M"- Gwatkin never heard of 
any Family arms belonging to her late husband and probably his 
ancestors were not entitled to bear any. Neither in Gwillim's nor in 
Edmondson's more voluminous work on Heraldry does the name of 
Gwatkin occur or that of Watkin, which is pronounced by the Welch 
with a guttral sound would be Gwatkin, as they say Gwealthy for 
wealthy, at least such as do not pronounce English properly 

My dear Sir, 

Above I have sent you according to promise a Copy of Dr Cove's 
account of my family which supplies but little intelligence — if you can 
* See table: Gwatkin of Pencoyd. 


trace out more concerning them I shall be glad to hear from you on 
the subje6l. We have no arms registered in the Heralds College but 
have always used 3 bees and a beehive for a crest. 

I feel obhged for your assistance and kindness to my Grand son . . . 
I remain my dear Sir, 

Yours faithfully, 


[The reason I suggest " Cornwall " may be a mistake for Covghoell 
(Crickhowell) is that my father thinks Cornwall a mistake and in the 
ancient writing the two may be confused. We do not seem to have any 
earlier deed than that dated 1616, but the Rev''- Richard Gwatkin 
quotes one of 15 Queen EHz. — E.M.G.] 

Rev. Thomas Gwatkin, 1839- 

Thomas Gwatkin, his eldest son, born 1839, married Anne, second 
daughter of Henry Graves, Esq^'^', of Gutter Lane, London, and The 
Cottage, Ilford, Essex. 

Abstraft of the will of James Graves (will and Codicil made in 1828). 

James Graves of 2 George's Place, HoUoway, parish of S*~ Mary, 
Islington, Mid^'' Gentleman, after providing for funeral and testa- 
mentary expenses bequeathed to his son James, of Ilford, Essex, one 
shilling. To Benjamin Haslam & his wife Helen, to Robert Rathill 
& his wife Isabella all his two leasehold tenements, cottages, land, 
garden, etc., N°^ i & 2, George's Place aforesaid, now respedlively in 
the occupation of myself & M"' James Blake (? Blakie) to have as 
tenants in common and not as joint tenants. To George & Thomas 
Thorpe leasehold property, N° 12 George's Place, as tenants in 
common ; leasehold & freehold property to his son John Graves, who 
is to be sole executor, & to his grandsons, Henry, Frederick, James & 
Charles, sons of James Graves, his shares & interest in the Grantham 
Canal C°. 

Will proved July 1829. 

Prayer book, published 1731: 

" Isabella GRAVEs/book, etc. 1752. 

" John Graves was born Jan. y^ 30th 1739. 
" James (I) was born June y* 24. 1744. 

" Ellen Graves." 


Registers of S' Mary's, Islington : 

James (I) Graves was buried on Aug. 30. 1828 aged 84. of George's 

Officiating Minister, Rev^- J. P. Rose. 

James Graves (II) is said to have come out of Yorkshire, when he 
was eleven years old, & to have succeeded his father in business. 
His father had at least five children, James (II), John, Helen, Isabella, 
and Mary, who died suddenly. 

James Graves II. had four sons: Henry, Frederick, James- John and 
Charles Goodman, and two or three others who died young. He 
married, in 1799, Sarah, eldest daughter of James Goodman, and Anne 
his wife (nee Mulliner) of Staverton, Northamptonshire. 

London Directory, 1833: 

Graves, James, Cottonbroker, 17 Budge Row, Cannon Street. 
Graves, Henry & C°-, [Charles,] Manufa6lurers of Sewing Silks &"•, 
40 Gutter Lane. 

Henry Graves, eldest son to James II. married Anne, daughter of 
Joseph Goodman and Anne his wife {nee Philips), of Staverton, 
Northamptonshire, and their daughter, Anne, married the Rev''- T. 







The Bishop (by Lapse) 

William de Wotton. 


Abbot & convent of Lyre 

Henry Barun. 


Sir Robert Chandos 

Richard Duffell. 


The Crown (on account of war) 

Robert de Ewyas. 


» „ 

William de Kynge. 
John Riley. 


The Crown (on account of war) 

William Troy. 


The Priory of Shene 

John Braunstan. 


" " " 

Thomas Tyler, on account 
of non-residence of Braun- 

I — 

J> 3J 5J 5> 

John King. 


Christopher Walwyn. 


John Scudamore, Esq. 

Henry Tanner. 


William Scudamore, Esq. 

Robert Howseys. 


Robert Gregory, d. 1643. 



164 . 

1 754 


Dean & Chapter of Hereford 

5> »J >J 

The Bishop (by lapse) 
Dean and chapter 

Edward Jones. 
William Sherbourne. 
Gwalter Rogers. 
Henry Davis. 
Robert Philipps. 
Patricius Gordon. 
William Lane. 
John Jones. 
John Evans. 
James Birt. 
Hugh Morgan. 
(United on this 
with Woolhope, on account, 
as asserted, of the insuffi- 
ciency of the revenues to 
maintain an able minister). 
Henry Ford. 
Thomas Underwood. 
Canon Matthews. 
William Munsey. 
Thomas West. 



Flatstone in chancel: 

Robert Gregory. A.M. 
Late Vicar of this Church, died Oftober 8"*, 1643. 

Daughter of . . . Stapylton, of the county of Durham, widow 
of the Rev*^- Robert Gregory, vicar of this Parish, died Feb. 9. 1665. 

Robert Gregory B.D. 

Robertus Philipps. 

Hujus Ecclesiae Vicarius ; Abdormivit in Domino 

12 die Mar., A.D., 1723. Gratis Suae 70. 

M''- W"- Philipps, 

Eldest son of Rev. R. Phillipps, formerly vicar of this parish 

Died September 23'''^ 1735} aged 37. 


His wife, died March 23"* 1773, aged 82. 

The Chantry: flat stones (now buried under tiles): 
Francis Gwatkin. 1697. 


Francis his son 1714. 

Susanna his wife 1730. 

Mary, wife of Thomas Gwatkin 1707. 

(Duncumb's History, p. 352, Vol. H, Part I. 1812). 

East end of South aisle : 

(Hoc quasi pignis amoris et pietatis parentum memoriae) monu- 
mentum exegit Jacobus Kidley filius et heres Johannis Kidley, hujus 
parochiae, generosi, Et Elizabethae uxoris ejus ex antiqujl famila 
Johannis Mead, in Comitatu Essexiae oriundae. 
Hic\ ,1 ", JFeb. I, 1718. 
Ilia [ °^"' iJan. 26, 1701. 

Inscription in Fawley Chapel: 


The daughter of Richard Rideout, by Ann his wife 

Departed May 23"*, A.D. 1725 [? 1735], aged 15 weeks and 3 days. 

The two following wills explain the reason why I have noted this 
inscription to Ann Rideout, also this note from Duncumb's History, 
Vol. II, Part II, p. 364. 

How Capel Registers : 

1 73 1. M"'- Richard Rideout, of Fownhope and M"" Hannah 
Gwatkin of Brampton Abbots, married. 


Consistory of Bishop of Hereford. 

Book I. Fo. 425. 


1668, September 2. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Richard Gwatkin of Brampton 

Abbots, CO. Hereford, yeoman I give to Anne my wife all my lands 

in Brampton for life, foure oxen and fourscore sheepe, &c. To my 
Sonne Richard one yoke of oxen the one called Scarlett and the other 
Tayle, &c. The farm that I had at Noverend in Brampton and one 
cowe called Primrose. To my daughter Anne the wife of Richard 
Weaver ^^5. To Alice her daughter ^5. To my sister Alice Phillipps 
IDS. All the rest of my goods I give to my daughter Mary, sole 
executrix. My brother Robert Prosser and my sonne Richard Weaver 
to be overseers. 

In witness whereof, &c. Richard Gwatkin his marke. 

Witnesses, Richard Weaver, Robert Prosser, John Crooke. 
Proved at Leominster 23 Odlober 1668, by the executrix named. 




flontaM ^^^ 

Drs'ignol about 1 903, b\ the Rn;l Thonuis Gtcitkiii, M.J. (1839- ). 



Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 29, Folio 254. 


1736, April 15. 

I, Richard Gwatkin of Brampton Abbots, co. Hereford, gent. 
Whereas by Indenture i August, 1719, made between me and Mary 
my wife, James Prichard, gent., and Richard Jones, distiller, and by 
a fine all my freehold messuages, &c., were settled to the uses therein 
recited. I give to my daughter Hannah, now wife of Richard Rideout, 
gent., the messuage, &c., called the Croft now in possession of John 
Prichard lying in Linton and Aston, co. Hereford. Indentures 22 
November 171 8 between me and Mary my wife, Richard Hill, gent., 
the said Prichard and Jones, EHzabeth Sarjeant, widow, my 
daughter, then Elizabeth Gwatkin, spinster, and Thomas Sarjeant, 
in consideration of a marriage between the said Elizabeth and Thomas. 
I give to my grandson Richard Sarjeant, and my granddaughter 
EHzabeth Sarjeant ;^300. Indentures 15 August 1716, between 
William Sparry, grocer, and Margaret his wife, and Thomas Sparry 
their son, and Mary my daughter, now wife of the said Thomas 
Sparry, and George Mann and Richard Griffiths (both since de- 
ceased). I give to George Mann of Ross, co. Hereford, glover, eldest 
son and heir of the said George Mann, all my copyhold houses, &c. 
in the manor of Ross Forren, co. Hereford. To my daughter Lettice, 
wife of James Price, clerk, ^^5. To my sister Alice Gwatkin ^10 a year. 
All other my goods, &c., to my said wife, sole executrix. 

In witness whereof, &c. 

(Signed) Richard Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Anne Griffiths, Margt. Mynd, W. Mynd. 

Proved 21 August 1738, by the executrix named. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 32. Folio 165. 


1744, February 6. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Mary Gwatkin of Brampton Abbots, 
CO. Hereford, widow. ... I give to my daughter Mary, wife of Thomas 
Sparry of Ross, gentleman, j^20. To my two grand-dau'rs Margaret 
and Mary Sparry ^20 apiece at 21. Whereas my late husband Richard 
Gwatkin did by his will devise estate in the manor of Ross Forren, 
CO. Hereford, to the use of my said daughter's Marriage Settlement. 
To my daughter Lettice, the wife of James Price, clerk, j^30. To my 


grand-daughter Elizabeth Serjeant j^8o at 21. To my grandsons John 
and Richard Serjeant ^^io apiece at 21. The rest of my linnen, 
furniture, &c., to my daughter Hannah, the wife of Richard Rideout, 
gentleman. To my grand-son Richard Rideout ^10 at 21. To Richard 
Jones of Ross, distiller, and Richard Osborne of the same, haberdasher 
of hatts, £100 upon trust for my said daughter Hannah, and after her 
decease to my grand-daughter Mary Rideout, daughter of the said 
Hannah. To said Richard Jones, James Price and Richard Rideout 
of Little Fawley, gentleman, ;^20, in trust for my grand-daughter 
Anne, the wife of John Pendlebury, and ^^50 in trust for her son John 
Sparry Pendlebury. To my kinswoman Anne Gwatkin, spinster, ^10. 
All my bills, bonds, &c., to my daughters Elizabeth Serjeant, widow, 
and Hannah Rideout (joint executrixes), they to pay an annuity of 
£7 to Alice Gwatkin, spinster, sister of my late husband Richard 
Gwatkin. Money due to me by mortgage on Mr. Gwillim's estate at 
King's Caple (of which I am now in possession). In testimony whereof, 

The mark of Mary Gwatkyn 

Witnesses, the mark of Mary Bird, the mark of James Clark, 
W. Mynd. 

Proved at Hereford 3 061. 1747, by the executrixes named. 

P.C.C. II Alexander. 
1 771, November 2. William Gwatkin. 

This is the last Will and Testament of William Gwatkin, of Dewsall, 
CO. Hereford, gentleman. 

I give my messuage, farm lands, &c., called the Ridd in the parish 
of Much Dewchurch to my wife Isabella for life and after her decease 
to my brother John Gwatkin. All other my messuages, lands, &c., 
I give to my nephew William Skyrme, in trust for my wife and to pay 
my two sistersElizabethWATKiNS and Joyce Skyrme 3s. weekly for life. 
To my two sisters Mary Wilcox, widow, and Ann, the wife of Thomas 
Mayos, £50 apiece, and to my two nieces Elizabeth Gwatkin and 
Jane Gwatkin, daughters of my said brother John Gwatkin, ;^ioo 
apiece, and to my nephew Thomas Gwatkin, son of my sister Mayos 
by her former husband, ;^ioo, and to my niece Eleanor Wilcox ^50. 
To John Hooper of Much Marcle, yeoman, ;^300. Walter, William 
and John Mayos, sons of my said sister Anne. I appoint the said 
William Skyrme sole executor. 

In witness, &c. (Signed) Wm. Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Ja. Woodhouse, Jno. Price, Thos. Field. 

Proved at London 27 January 1775 by the executor named. 

XASH HILL, above Fovvnhope, Herefordshi 
•Pamtcd b\ F. L. 11'., October , 1 91 3. 



Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 40, Folio 200. 


1774, November 25. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, John Gwatkin of Bridstow, co. 
Hereford, yeoman. I give to my Ijrother-in-law Jonathan Smith of 
Bridstow, yeoman, and my brother-in-law Thomas Mayo of Monkhall 
in the parish of Much Dewchurch, yeoman, my messuage, &c., called 
the Ridde in Much Dewchurch and lands, &c., to the use of my wife 
Elizabeth for life and after her decease to my daughters Elizabeth 
Gwatkin and Jane Gwatkin and my kinsman John Mayo of the 
Monkhall aforesaid. My lands called Priors Meadows held of the 
Bishop of Glocester. My nephew John Wilcox. To my said wife all 
my goods, &c., as covenanted by Articles of Agreement previous to 
my marriage and I appoint her sole executrix. In witness whereof, &c. 

(Signed) John Gwatkin. 
Witnesses, Ann Wallis, Jonathan Smith of Hildesley, J. Keyse. 
Proved at Hereford 2 March 1778, by the executrix named. 


Cpe &wa(9ime of (penco^b 


This Ime has a pedigree in Foster's Family Records, in which it is 
stated that they descend from Thomas Gwatkin {d. 1702) and Mary 
(Addis) his wife. 

I venture to point out that I think the two following wills — 1706 
and 1739 — will prove that this is a mistake. It is true, as they shew, 
that John Gwatkin of Bristol had a brother Thomas, but he cannot 
have been identical with Thomas, the son of Thomas Gwatkin and 
Mary (nee Addis) his wife, for their son Thomas, born in 1681, sur- 
vived until 1762; whereas, as these wills tell, Thomas Gwatkin of 
Bristol, brother to John of Bristol, made his will in 1 706, and must 
have died before 15"" Oftober 1717, when it was proved. 

I have somewhere seen it suggested that John Gwatkin of Bristol 
was identical with John, son of Arthur Gwatkin of Fownhope, but 
for my part, I still think they are the brothers John (b. 1676) and 
Thomas (b. 1 681) — note the date — sons of William Gwatkin, and 
Dorothy his wife, of Netherton in Pencoyd, whose daughter Elizabeth 
is plainly the lady mentioned in D'- Cove's letter. 


Thomas Gwatkin and Katherine Hopkin were married 16 Jan. 

John Brace and Anna Gwatkin were married 11 Jan. 1575. 

Richard Gwatkin of Netherton buried 19"" February 1592. 

William Gwatkin and John Brace, gardianes (sic). 

John ScuDAMORE, curatem. ^ 

Juliana, w. of Ricus Gwatkin lately desc. bur. 25*^ Jan. 1602. 

Richard Philips and Alice Gwatkin married 25"' May 1630. 

Mary, w. of William Gwatkin of Lanwarne buried 29 Mar. 1662. 

Sarah w. of Richard Gwatkin bur. 20 Aug. 1666. 

Walter Gwatkin Bur. 10 March 1671. 

Richard Gwatkin of Llangarren bur. in cemeterio de Pencoyd, 
7 Apr. 1677. 

Thomas Gwatkin and EHzabeth Wilcox both of this p : by John 
Cooper Cu': were married 30*^ July 1789. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Original Will. 


[1592.] November 20, 35 Elizabeth. 

To all Xpian people to whom this present viryting shall come 


Richard Gwatkins of Pencoyde, co. Hereford, yeoman, sendeth 
greetinge in our lord god everlastinge. Know ye that I ... in con- 
sideracon of the naturall love and affeftion w'"" I beare towardes 
Elizabeth Gwatkyns my daughter . . . give unto her all my goods, 
chattells, howshold stuffe, &c., whatsoever ... as well w"" in the parish 
of Pencoyde aforesaid as elsewhere within the realme of England. 
To have, &c., for ever. . . . 

In witness whereof, &c. [Not signed.] 

[No witnesses ; no note of probate.] 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Original Will, No. 19. 


1639, April 16. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Anne Gwatkin of Nethertowne in 
the parish of Pencoyd, co. Hereford, widow. I give to the parish 
church of Pencoyd iiij'- Unto the children of Evan Bevan of Pencoyd 
one half bushell of rye. Unto Alles Partridge, widow, Anne Hopkin, 
spinster, Joan Vaughan, widow (small bequests of rye, &c.). To Anne 
Gwatkin my daughter one feather bedd, lynnen, &c. To Richard 
Gwatkin my sonne one feather bedd, sheets, &c. To William Gwatkin 
my sonne, two flock bedds, &c. The rest of all my bedding, furniture, 
&c., I give to Margery Gwatkin and Joyce Gwatkin my daughters, 
equally. Unto Elizabeth Parlor, wydow, my daughter 40s. Unto 
William Gwatkin my grandchild one two yeares old heyfer. Unto 
Richard Gwatkin my grandchild fower sheepe. To Anne Gwatkin 
my grandchild one paire of Tere of hampen sheetes and fowre sheepe. 
Unto Alles Gwatkin of Hentland, spinster, one half bushell of rye. 
To Thomas Lewys my servant iiij'- The rest of all my goods, &c., I 
give to Richard Gwatkin, Anne Gwatkin, Margery Gwatkin and 
Joyce Gwatkin my children equally. The said Richard Gwatkin, sole 

In witness whereof, &c. The mark of Anne Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Eli Tompkins, Tho. Morse, Thomas Seymors X marke. 

Proved 6 June 1642 by the executor named. 

Inventory Ixxxvj"- xv^' vj**" 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 2. Fo. 495. 


1671, July4. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, William Gwatkin of Pencoyd, co. 


Hereford, yeoman, being somewhat infirme in body. ... I give to my 
son Richard Gwatkin ;^io. To my son Edward Gwatkin all those 
parcells of land which I lately had by conveyance bearing date 20 May 
1670 from Thomas Brace and Margaret his wife in mortgage for ^^54. 
I give unto my son and heir apparent William Gwatkin the moyety 
of my lands called the Hills in the parish of Lanwarn . . . the other 
moyety to Elianor my wife for life. . . . All other my goods, &c., to my 
wife Elianor, sole executrix. 

In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) William Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, John Hopkins, Jo. Rogers. 

Proved at Leominster 31 May 1672, by the executrix named. 

P.C.C. 189 Whitfield. 
1706, March 29. Tin Thomae Gwatkin. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Gwatkin of the city of 
Bristol, wine-cooper, being bound to sea. . . . All my goods and chattels 
wares, merchandises, sum and sums of money and personal estate 
whatsoever I give unto my brother John Gwatkin of Bristol, sope 
boyler, and I do make and appoint him full and sole executor. 

In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) Thomas Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, John Packer, Sam. Prigg. 

Proved at London 15 October 171 7, by the executor named. 


Consistory of the bishop of Hereford. 

Book 22. Fo. 301. 


1723. Oftober 26. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, William Gwatkin of Nethertowne in 
the parish of Pencoid, co. Hereford, gent. I give my freehold messu- 
ages, etc., unto my loving wife Martha Gwatkin and to my eldest 
son William Gwatkin, they to provide for my two younger sons 
Peter and John during their apprenticeshipps, and for my daughter 
Martha till her age of 18 yeares, and to educate my youngest son 
Edmond Gwatkin till the age of 15 and place him out apprentice. 
The residue to my said wife and eldest son William equally, joint 

In witness whereof, &c. William Gwatkin his marke. 

Witnesses, Tho. Hopkins, John Hall, Js Collins. 

Proved at Hereford 14 December 1723, by the executors named. 


P.C.C. 152 Henchman. 
(Abstraa of Will.) 

1739, June 12. John Gwatkin. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, John Gwatkin of the city of Bris- 
toll, soapmaker. First I give to my daughters Sarah, Mary and Su- 
sannah Gwatkin ^1,000 apiece. Of my stock in trade I give one sixth 
part to my son Edward Gwatkin and the remaining five-sixth 
parts to my wife Rachael Gwatkin, and all my shares in the Glass- 
house in the parish of St. Phillip and St. Jacob, and my messuage, &c., 
in Christmas Street in the parish of St John Baptist, Bristol, now in 
the occupation of William Stidston which I hold by lease from Charles 
Holder, Esq., and Hesther his late wife. My now dwelling house on 
the Key. To my daughter Rachell, the wife of Mr. John Deverell, 
^200. The residue to my said wife, sole executrix. 
In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) John Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Era. Freeman, Will"- Field. 

Proved at London 12 July 1739, by the executrix named. 


P.C.C. 426 Simpson. 

(Abstraft of Will.) 

1763, December 24. Edward Gwatkin. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Edward Gwatkin of the city of 
Bristol, sopemaker. My dear wife, my father Robert Lovell, my good 

friend William Berrow and my executors in trust. I leave to 

my dear wife my dwelling house in Orchard Street, all my household 
goods, jewels, coach and coach horses, &c., and ^2,000. To my three 
sisters Rachel Deverell, Sarah and Mary Gwatkin fifty pounds 
each. To my sons John Gwatkin ^3,000, Edward Gwatkin ^^3,000, 
Thomas Gwatkin ^3,000. To my daughter Charlotte Ann Gwatkin 
;^3,ooo. I leave ^^50 to the parish of St Stephen's and ^50 to the 
parish of St Augustine's, to the Infirmary ;^ioo. The residue to my 
son Robert Lovell Gwatkin at 21. To my godson William Berrow 
^1,000. As witness my hand, &c. 

(Signed) Ed"^- Gwatkin, 
[No Witnesses.] 

On 15 November 1764 Stephen White and John Coghlan, mer- 
chants, both of Bristol, depose to the testator's handwriting. 

Proved at London 23 November 1764, by Ann Gwatkin, widow, 
the relid, and the other executors named. 



Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 50. Folio 107. 


1 812, August 20. 

Elizabeth Gwatkin, wife of Thomas Gwatkin of Pencoyd, co. 
Hereford, yeoman. Whereas by indenture of settlement upon my 
marriage 29 & 30 April 1789,! am enabled to dispose of messuages, &c. 
called thePartridges Nest and the Marsh, the first in the parish of St. 
Weonard's and now in the poss° of Michael Jones as tenant, the 
second in the Parish of Pencoid and now in the poss" of the said 
Thomas Gwatkin, I devise the same to my said husband for life, 
and after his decease to Benjamin Gwatkin, son of John Gwatkin 
of Kentchurch, paying ^^13 a year to my cousins Mary Wilkinson and 
Elizabeth Winstone, and ^12 a year to Catherine Biggs, daughter of 
Francis Biggs of Harewoods End Common in Pencoid. The said Mary 
Wilkinson late of Gunsmills, co. Gloucester. The said Elizabeth 
Winstone now or late of Taunton, co., Somerset, Spinster. An in- 
denture dated 16 June last, made between me and my said husband 
and John Bennett of Harewood, farmer. I devise my messuage, &c., 
called Bluhenstone in the parishes of Llanwarn,Much Birch and Little 
Birch, formerly in the occupation of John Syer and now of Charles 
Medmore, to the said Benjamin Gwatkin. My said husband, Thomas 
Gwatkin, sole executor. 
In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) Elizabeth Gwatkin. 

Codicil: Whereas ... in case Benjamin Gwatkin (son of John Gwat- 
kin of Kentchurch) should not reside with his uncle Thomas Gwatkin 
my husband, the devise to him made in my said will shall be null 
and void .... 
In witness whereof, &c., 20 August 1812 (Signed) Elizabeth Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Wm. Palmer, Walter Palmer, Thos. A. Williams. 

Proved at Hereford 4 Dec. 1813, by the executor named. 


€^e &Yoa(^inB of (gaffinjjant* 

From the Scudamore MSS. at Holme Lacy. 
1620, 17 April. 

18 Jas. I. Arnold Gwatkin and others to William Scudamore 

the (?) conveyance of an orchard and close of land in 


1630, II May. 6 Chas. I, 

Samuel Gwatkin to WilHam Scudamore of Ballingham Esq"' 
Feoffment of part of a close of pasture in Ballingham. 

The above notes were given to the Revd. Thomas Gwatkin (1839- ) by Henry Graves Bull, M.D., 
of Hereford (first cousin to both my maternal grandparents, they being first cousins). Dr. Bull was 
one of the editors of Tie Hertfordshire Pomona, and in that work wrote a life of " Lord Scudamore of 
Holme Lacy," and so, no doubt, came across these notes when preparing his own work. — E. M. G. 

Notes from the Ballingham Parish Registers: 

1613, A.D. 

Thomas Gwatkin, who is described as " clericus." and as discharg- 
ing the duty of priest of this parish (hac parochia sacerdotis munere 
fungens) for 20 years (not distindl, it may be " 30 ") was buried 
(sepultus erat) 13th day of August. 


In this year there is another entry in connexion with a Thomas 
GwATKiNS " clericus " who was buried (sepultus fuit) 24"* day of 


Arnoldus Gwatkin was buried 4"" day of June. 


Matilda Gwatkin, a widow (vidua), was buried 28"" day of February. 
Note — After the word (vidua) the words "Thomas Gwatkins, clericus " 
are struck out in ink and " vidua " is placed above the line. 

Foster's London Marriage Licences. 1512-1869. 


Arnold Gwatkin & Ann Spurr of the city of Westminster, widow. 

19 Dec. (Dean & Chapter of Westminster). 


Cje (Bwa^6tn0 of ^effacfi avtb (ga^^^am 

From the Parish Registers of Sellack, co. Hereford. 
1 619. Johi GwATKiNE gen. sepultus est. quarto die mcij anno super- 

1622. John GwATKiNE de Capella regis et Sibilla Au . . ny matrimonio 

conjunfti sunt vicessimo die July anno predifto. 
1641. Walter Gwatkins was buried the 25*^ April an: predidlo. 
1664. M"^ Grace Gwatkyn. Virgin of fourscore and some yeares of 

age, was buried April xi. 
1673. John Gwatkyn Joann Philpots both of Hentland were mar- 

ryed Ffeb. the first. 
1673. Edward Gwatkyn of Worcester, and Elizabeth Morse of 

Llanwarn were marryed July 21. 
1677 or 79. Thomas Gwatkyn of ffownhope and Mary Adis of 

Brampton Abbots marryed ffeb. 



(Abstraft of Will.) 
1600, February 17, 43 Elizabeth. T. Johannis Gwatkine. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, John Gwatkine of Baysham, co. 

Hereford, gent., being sicke in bodie Item I give to the 

Cathedrall church of Hereford 3s. 4d. Towardes the reparacions of the 
parishe churche of Selleck 2/- I devise all my messuages .... goods, 

etc., in Basham, Sellicke, Foy and Bridstowe to John Gwatkin 

my Sonne and heir apparaunte, and his heires male and for want of 
such to William Gwatkin my second sonne, and his heires male and 
for want of such to Nicholas Gwatkin my thh-d sonne, &c. EHzabeth 
my wife shall have sufficient meate, drinke, lodginge, etc. I give to 
Grace Gwatkin my daughter one hundred markes. To Anne Gwatkin 
my daughter one hundred markes. To Jane Gwatkin my daughter one 
hundred markes. To Marie Gwatkin my daughter one hundred markes. 
To William Gwatkin my sonne the annuitie which I have yssuinge 
out of the Mannor and landes of Tretyre, late in the tenure of James 

ScuDAMORE, gent., deceased To Phillipp Gwatkin my 

brother ^10 given him by the will of John Gwatkin my father de- 
ceased. I appoint my said son John Gwatkin sole executor. My 
frendes WiUiam Harper of Childestone, gent., Thomas Guillim of 
Fawley, gent., John Harper of Childestone, the yonger, gent., and 
John Gery of Hereford to be overseers. 
In witness whereof, &c. By me John Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Rowland Scudamore, Anthonie Ingram, Nicholas 
Harper, William Vickers marke. 


Proved at London 6 May 1601, by Thomas Iles, notary public, 
proftor for John Gwatkine the son, the executor named. 


Consistory of Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 2. Fo. 275. 

(Abstraa of Will.) 

1670. September 17. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Sible Gwatkin of King's Caple, co. 

Hereford, widow I give to the three children of Richard 

RoBASON and Joane his wife ^10. To Alice the wife of Thomas 
Knight 40/- &c. To Mary Knight, spinster, one hogg pigg. To Robert 
FuRNEY one doulas shirt of 3/- the ell. To the 4 daughters of William 
NousE of King's Caple, yeoman, 40/- All the rest of my goods, &c., 
I give to Thomas Marrett of King's Caple, whom I do make my 

In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) Sible Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Wm. Nourse, Frances Marrett, the marke of Sarah 

Proved at Leominster 10 March 1670/71, by the executor named. 
[This is no doubt the Sibilla who married John Gwatkine of King's 
Caple in 1622.] 

"In 1538, the manor of Tretyre belonged to Thomas Baskerville, 
who settled it upon his adopted son, Walter Baskerville, its possessor 
in 1551. But, in 1579, Thomas Baskerville released the manor to 
James Scudamore, son of William Scudamore of Ballingham." 

" From the abstrads of Ballingham title deeds {fenes Sir E. Scuda- 
more Stanhope) it appears that the Scudamores had an earlier interest 
in Tretyre, for in 1564-5, John Scudamore granted a rent-charge 
out of the manor to John Gwatkin; and in 1572, Christopher Scuda- 
more and Hugh Scudamore, gents., brothers to John Scudamore 
of Kentchurch, granted a release to James Scudamore, their brother, 
of the manor of Tretyre alias Reedhyre, all lands etc., in Wormelow 
hundred of which the said James was " seized or possessed." 

Robinson's Mansions and Manors of Herefordshire. 

Extradts from the " Scudamore MSS." Copied by Dr Henry 
Bull of Hereford, for the Rev"^ T. Gwatkin : 

1563, August lo"' 5 Eliz. 

John Scudamore of Kentchurch Esq" and James Scudamore of 
Bolton, gent., to John Gwatkyns. Arbitration bonds respeding the 


manor of Tretyxe and the advowson of the Church of Tretyre and 
Michaelchurch and all lands and tenements there or sometime parcel 
of the said manor (and 3 other deeds with same parties and premises 
the same year). 

1564-5, ao"* March, 6 Eliz. 

John ScuDAMORE of Kentchurch and John Gwatkyns. Grant of 
rent charge out of Manor of Tretyre alias Retyre. 

1578, S**" June. 19 Eliz. 

James Scudamore of Tretyre gent, and John Gwatkin. Award 
relating to Manor of Tretyre and divers hereditaments in Tretyre and 

Notes from Robinson's Mansions and Manors of Herefordshire, p. 248. 
Sellack, included within the great manor of Wormelow, is supposed 
to derive its name from S* Teseliachus, to whose honour the church 
is dedicated. It appears from the obit of Ralph de Maydstone, Bishop 
of Hereford 1 234- 1 239, that there was also a church at Baysham, a 
hamlet in the parish appropriated by that prelate to the chapter of 
Hereford. No trace of the building can now be found, and Baysham 
court, occupied by Thomas Duckham, is a modern farmhouse. The 
estate was purchased in 1619 by Rowland Scudamore (brother of Sir 
John Scudamore of Holme Lacy), from John Gwatkin and Joan his 

Duncumb's Hereford: 

" John Gwatkin and Joan his wife sold estate containing Baysham 
Court. {See under Sellack.) 

In MS. Records and Deeds at Holm Lacy (S" E. Scudamore- 
Stanhope's) are these entries : 

1614, April, 12 Jac. I. 

John Watkins, gent., and Joan his wife, to Rowland Scudamore 
Esq. of Cradock. Bargain and sale in fee enrolled lands in Sellack. 

1616, Nov. 9. 14 Jac. I. 

John Gwatkin to Rowland Scudamore. Feoffment of a parcel of 
land in Sellack, called the Pied acre. 

1 619, Apr. 23"^. 17 Jac. I. 

John Gwatkin, gent., and Johan his wife, to Rowland Scudamore 
of Cradock, Esq. The estate farm of Baysham & lands in the parishes of 
Sellack, Hentland, Bridstow & Foy. 


1623, July 24*'', 21 Jac. I. 

William Aubrey and Johan, late wife of John Gwatkin. Release of 
mortgage in Sellack to Rowland Scudamore Esq". 

John Gwatkin. 

Sir Richard Walwyn died in 1578; his son Richard died Jan. 1589, 
and after his death, on the usual inquiry held by the Escheator, John 
Ballard, as to the lands held of the Crown on the day of his death, 
by knight-service, the jurors were — 

Rowland Burghill, Esq. Wilham Scudamore, gent. 

Peter Elton. Thomas Lechmere. 

Walter Meek. Richard Unett. 

William Bennett. James Ravenhill. 

John Gwatkin. Edward Winniatt. 

JohnHiNTON. John Philpotts. 

Edward Tarner. Richard Watkins. 

Cooke's Duncumb's History of Herefordshire, vol. Ill, ip. 16. 

William Gwatkin. 

Webb's History of the Civil War in Herefordshire. 

1642, I. 96. 

" It appears that one William Gwatkin petitioned the Commons 
about this time, and that William Hill, and Humphrey Dicary, 
the under-sheriff, were sent for in consequence." 


Cje &wat^iYiB of Bitanc^attan* 

From Memorials of the Civil War in Herefordshire, by Rev^ John 
Webb. (I. 29, 30.) 

" Of their loyalty the Roman Catholics gave indisputable proofs 

throughout the trial In Herefordshire they promptly and 

liberally lent their aid. The records of sale and sequestration in the 

cases of recusant Royalists present the names of 

GwATKiN of Llangarran. 

[and others]. 

Notes from the Parish Registers of Llangarran, Herefordshire : 
Anno Dom 1589, 7 die Novembris, baptizatus fuit* Carolus filius 

Walteri Gwatkine. 
Anno Dom 1591, 11° die Aprilis, baptizatus fuit Carolus filius Walteri 

Anno Dom * 1589, decimo Septimo die mensis Novembris, sepultus 

fuit Charolus filius Wateri Gwatkine. 
Anno Dom 1597, Elizabetha fiHa Walteri Gwatkin sep fuit. 
Anno Dom 1600, Bridget, filia Walteri Gwatkine. Sep. fuit. Jan. 24. 
Anno Dom 1602, Rogerus, filius Walteri Gwatkine. Sep fuit Odlobris 

oftavo die. 
Anno Dom 1626, Carolus Gwatkin sepultus fuit 22 die Martii 

anno supra dift. 

The Pencoyd Registers give : 
1677, April 7, Richard Gwatkin of Llangarron, in cemeterio de Pen- 
coyd [buried]. 

From the Heralds' Visitation of Herefordshire, 1569. 


Davied Gllm, of Lison [Lewson in: 
Llangarran. Lusson, Harl., 1545.] 

John Gllm of Faley in co.^Johan, d. of Robert Poell ot 
Hereford. I Whitcherch, co. Hereford. 

Thomas, 2 sonne, of Katherine m. to Thomas Blanche. 

King's Capel Harp. 

Roger, 3 Sonne. 


John Gllm = Mary, dau. of John William, Jane married to John 

Burfeld, of Lyn- 4 sonne. Gwatkin. 


gell, ar. 

"n r 

Thomas, son and Jonc. Anne. Alyce. 

heire, o.s.p. 1604. — — — 

Jane. Mary. Sybell. 


&wa(^iYiB QJlm^ettfifieb. 


Chancery Proceedings, Series II. 6^[iS' 
Foster v. Gwatkin. 
A.D. 1566, . 

Humbly complayning, &c., your orator Thomas Foster. That 
whereas one Thomas Foster the elder, father unto your orator, was 
lawfully seised of a messuage and xxx acres of land in King's Caple, co. 
Hereford, and died of such estate thereof seised, by and after whose 
death the said messuage, &c., descended and came unto your orator 
as son and next heir. So it is that divers deeds concerning the said 
messuage, &c., by casual meanes have come into the hands and pos- 
session of WilKam Gwatkin alias Watkyn and Johan his wife who 
by reason of having possessed themselves of the same have wrongfully 
entered into three acres of said land and have expulsed your orator 
to his loss and hinderance and will not deliver unto your orator the 
said deeds, &c. May it therefor please your Lordshipp that a writ of 
subpoena be directed to the said William Gwatkyn alias Watkin 
and Johan his wife, &c. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I. 61/123. 


c. 1625-1649. 

The Rejoynder of William Scudamore Esq., William Phellpotts, 
clerk, Mathew Sponghe and John Bullard, gent., defendants, to 
the Replication of William Gwatkine, gent., complainant. The de- 
fendants do further say they will maintain and justify and prove 
their said answer and that everything therein contained to be just 
and true and further say that the Replication is untrue and insufficient 
in the law, &c. 

[No place, or any further information concerning plaintiff given.] 

P.C.C. 7. Skynner. 

1626, December 12. T. Willimi Gwatkins. 
In the Name of God, Amen. The last will and testament of William 

Gwatkins of Thornebury, co. Glouc, gent My bodie to be 

interred in the Chancell of the parishe Church of Thorneburie. I 


give to my daughter Dorothie, wife to Moore Hill, that tenement 
which Richard Atwells of Thornebury, gent., holdeth of me in Hope 
in the parish of Thornebury, and tithe corne & hay in Rangeworthie 

and Fafield w'"" belong to the Reftory of Thornebury 

My Sonne in lawe Edward Thurston. To my daughter Anne Gwat- 
KiNS that tenement which Thomas Tayler, husband, holdeth of me 
in Hope. To Elizabeth Dyer, daughter to Elizabeth Dyer my 
daughter, that tenement William Pearce, husband, holdeth of me in 
Hope, and lands which Nicholas Power and John Ollyver holdeth of 
me in Hope and Buckover. My lands in Tiltfield in Thorneburie 
which I purchased of John Hilp, gent., I give to my daughter Anne 
and ^50 if she marry William Russell of Rockhampton, yeoman, 
and not otherwise. To my daughter Judith Thurston the profits of 
the rectory and parsonage of Thornebury with tithe of corne & hay 
in the parks of Morlewood, Estwood and New Parke. My tenement 
in the tenure of Edward Higgins, yeoman, in Hope re- 
mainder to Jane Thurston, daughter to the said Judith. My daughter 
Judith to have the use of all my plate. To Joane Hill, daughter to 
Dorathy Hill, ^5. All the rest of my goodes, etc., I give to Jane 
Thurston, daughter of Edward Thurston, my sonne in lawe, and 
Elizabeth Dyer, daughter of William Dyer, my sonne in lawe, whome 
I make my sole executors. I appointe the Right Worshipfull my 
hono"' good freind S' Robert Points, knight, Arthur Colwill, gent., 
John Limbricke, gent., and Edward Thurston, my sonne in lawe my 
overseers. In witness whereof, &c. William Gwatkins his marke. 

Witnesses, Peter Hawksworth, William Mallett his marke, 
Moore Hill, On 23 January 1627/7 issued a commission to Edward 
Thurston one of the overseers named in the will, to administer the 
goods, &c., during the minority of the executrixes named. 

Proved 27 May 1637 ^Y Elizabeth Dyer one of the executrixes 
named, power reserved for Jane Thurston the other; the letters of 
administration granted 23 January 1626/7 t° Edward Thurston 
being brought in and revoked. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I. G. 26/4. 
Gwatkin v. North. 
1628, November 7. 

Humblie complayning, &c., your orator William Gwatkyn of 
London, gent. That whereas about 23 December, 2 Charles I. 
(1626) your orator at the request of one Robert Briscoe brother in 
lawe of your orator became bound unto one William North under 
penalty of ^40 for the payment of ^24 unto the said William North 


who knowing that your orator had a competent meanes of his owne 
estate to live on about the time aforesaid both he and Ruth his wife 
treated with your orator that said Robert Briscoe might become appre- 
prentice unto said WiUiam North who pretended he was a proftor 
in the Archbishop's Court of Canterbury and Freeman of the City 
of London. That if your orator would enter into Bond for payment 
of ^^24 he would not only guide and maintain the said Robert Briscoe 
with sufficient food, lodging, &c., during his apprenticeship and in- 
struft him in the Science and praftise of a Prodor but would make him 
a Freeman of the City of London. Whereupon your orator became 
bound unto the said William North in said sum and paid him £() 
part of the sum mentioned. That your orator is now informed that 
the said William North is neither a Proftor in the said Archbishop's 
Court nor is he a Freeman of the City of London, nor can he take any 
apprentices whereby to make them free of the said City. Therefor 
said William North ought to repay unto your orator the ^9 of him 
received as aforesaid, &c. 

The answer of William North and Ruth his wife. [Mentions Robert 
Briscoe's sister, wife of complainant William Gwatkin, but does not 
give her Christian name.] 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 
Original Will. No. 131. 
1637, October 17. 

Memorandum that John Gwatkin of Redby in the parish of Much 
Dewchurch, co. Hereford, gent., did publish his last Will, &c., in 

manner and forme followinge Hee did give unto his sonne 

Walter Gwatkin his greate cheste and three silver spoones with 
postell heades and his table borde in the halle, &c. Unto Johan his 
daughter one diaper tablecloth and a joyned cheste. Unto Marye 
his daughter one pott and as for the reste of all his goodes after his 
funerall expenses being discharged he did give the same to be equally 
divided betweene his three daughters Anne, Johan and Marye .... 
He did make his said son Walter to be his sole and only executor. 
Witnesses hereunto, John Gwatkin, sen"^, John Gwatkin. 
Proved 28 Oftober 1637, by the executor named. 

Inventory Ixiiij". xvj^ viij"*. 



1 65 1, January 13. 
Memorandum. That Hugh Gwatkin late of the Parish of St. 


Bridgett otherwise Bride, Fleet Street, London, whilst he lived 
and was in perfeft mind and memory and especially upon Tuesday 
the 13th day of January 165 1 with a serious purpose to settle and dis- 
pose of his estate did make and declare his last will and Testament 
by word of mouth as foUoweth : I will that my estate be divided into 
three parts according to the custome of the Citty of London whereof 
I give one-third part to Elizabeth Gwatkin my wife, one third part 
I give to my seaven children unmarried and the other third part I 
give and bequeath to and amongst my said children unmarried to be 
equally divided amongst them part and part alike only out of the said 
last third part I give to my daughter Ehzabeth Haxham [? Flaxham, 
Claxham; in the margin below it looks more like Claxham] twentie 
shillings and to her husband Thomas Haxham ten shillings and my 
mind and will is that if any of my seaven children unmarried shall 
depart this life before their severall and respective ages of 21 years 
or day of marriage that when the part or portion of him or her so 
dying shall come, be, and remain to Ehzabeth my wife and I do desire 
and appoint my brother Thomas Gwatkin and my loving friend Ralph 
Gale [?] to be overseers [?] of this my Will desiring them to see the 
same performed. The said Hugh Gwatkin did declare his said Will 
and mind in words to the like eflFeft in the presence of creditable wit- 
nesses, Thomas Gwatkin, Thomas Gwatkin [twice repeated] 
William [illegible]. 

On May 25 1654 Letters of Admo'n were granted to Elizabeth 
Claxham the lawfuU daughter. [The addition to original entry re- 
cording this is too pale and illegible to transcribe. — ^A.B.] 

If one compares this will with the following one will see the doubt- 
ful name Claxham or Flaxham is evidently Clapham. — E.M.G. 


P.C.C. 186 BOWYER. 

(Abstraa of Will.) 

1652, July 23. The Wyll of Elizabeth Gwatkins. 
In the Name of God, Amen. I, Elizabeth Gwatkins of St Bride's, 

London, wyddow estate due unto me out of the estate of Hugh 

Gwatkins my late husband deceased. Imprimis I give to my sonne 
Thomas Gwatkins ^5. To my daughter Clapham 40/- To Elizabeth 
Clapham my grandchild three pounds. Item I give to my sonne in 
lawe Tho. Clapham 20/- To the child I now goe withall tenn pounds. 
The rest of all my goodes, &c., I wholly give to my five younger 
children, viz' William, Mary, Jane, Hanna, and Sarah and ye childe or 


children I now goe withall, equally. I make my loving brother in law 
Thomas Gwatkins, hatmaker, sole executor. My friends Ralph Gale 
and Thomas Almond my brother, overseers. 
In witness whereof, &c., (Signed) Elizabeth Gwatkins. 

Witnesses, John Ewyns, Ralph Gale. 

Administration (with will annexed) 30 September 1652 to Elizabeth 
Clapham, the daughter; the executors renouncing. 

[The name is clearly Clapham. — G.S.] 


Consistory of Bishop of Hereford. 
Book i. Folio ']']. 
(Abstraa of Will.) 
1662, June 4. 
In the Name of God, Amen. I, William Higgs of Littell Birch, co. 

Hereford, clerke, I give to my sonne William Higgs my 

messuage, &c., purchased of William Gynny and lands which I pur- 
chased of one Richard Gwatkin, Thomas Gwatkin, John Gwatkin, 

Hugh Gwatkin and also James Gwatkin, deceased in Littell 

Birch. To my daughter Elizabeth Berrowe 20/- To William Willim 
and Mary Willim my grandchildren 10/- each. To John Gwatkin my 
neighbour 10/- Said son William Higgs sole executor. In witness, &c. 

(Signed) William Higgs. 
Witnesses, John Gwillym, James Williams, the marke of Thomas 
Weaver, John Rogers. 

Proved at Leominster 28 July 1664, by the Executor named. 

Consistory of Bishop of Hereford. 

Book i. Fo. 417. 

(Abstraa of Will.) 
1667, November 30. 
Memorandum that Alice Gwatkin of Little Birch, co. Hereford, 

widow, deceased, , did utter and declare these words following 

or the like in effeft (viz) she said I do give and bequeath unto Alice 
my daughter the bed whereon I lye with all the furniture thereunto 
belonging. One flaxen sheet, one pewter platter, one brasse candlestick 
And I doe give unto Alice Williams my grandchild one flaxen sheet, 
one pewter platter and one brasse candlestick. Unto my daughter 
Catherine one payre of sheets. Unto my sonne Henry one bedsteed, 
one coffer, one paire of quearne stones and some other old things at 
the Hill. To John my eldest sonne all those goods which were his 
principalis and my said son John should dispose of all other my goods 


whatsoever according to his discretion. All which words she did speak 
and publish with an intent the same should stand and bee her last 
Will and testament Nuncupative in the presence and hearing of 
(Signed) Elizabeth Williams, Alice Williams. 
On 2 Oft. 1668 a commission issued to John Gwatkin the son of the 
deceased to administer the goods, &c., for that no executor is named. 

P.C.C. 58 Lloyd. 
(Abstraft of Will.) 
1685, January 21. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Gwatkins of London, hat- 
maker, being of sound mind and perfeft memory, thanks bee to God 
though weake in body, doe make constitute and appoint this my last 
Will and Testament as foUoweth. Imprimis I bequeath my soule 
into the hands of Almightie God hopeing for solvation through the 
meritts of my Blessed Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, my Body I resigne 
to the earth to bee interred at the discretion of my Executor, and as 
for those my worldly goods with which it hath pleased God to intrust 
me I give and bequeath to my uncle John Gwatkins of the Parish of 
St. Bride's London, hatmaker, in satisfaction of the charges and re- 
liefe I have had from him in my long sicknesse And I do hereby con- 
stitute and appoint him Sole Executor of this my last Will & Testa- 
ment in Witnesse whereof I have hereto sett my hand and seale this 
One and twentieth day of January 1685. (Signed) Thomas Gwatkins. 

Witnesses, Dan : Fox, Edward Webb, Anthony Walker. 

Proved at London, May 1686 by the executor named. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 8. Fo. 116. 

(Abstrad of Will.) 

1685, December 22. 

In the Name of God, Amen. Henry Gwatkin of Much Dewchurch 
CO. Hereford, yeoman. I give my houses and land in the parish of 
Little Birch unto my two sisters Elizabeth Williams & Catharine 
Gardner, paying my now wife ^^3 a year for life. I appoint my now 
wife Alice to be my sole executrix. I give unto Elizabeth Harris ^5. 
My executor to pay unto John Gunnie alias King ^^8, five pounds 
being due for wages. Unto Margery, daughter of William Harris £2. 
Unto William Harris's three children the younger £2. Unto Elizabeth 
Williams my sister my part of corne which I sowed to halfes with her. 
Unto my sister Catherine Gardner five bushell of rye. Alice Williams 


my kinswoman. The residue to my wife. Robert Vearie and Richard 
Peaking to be my overseers. To Edward Gwillim 5/- To EHzabeth, 
daughter of Wilham Harris my second brass pott at Little Birch. 

The marke of Henry Gwatkin. 

Witnesses,Will Harris, the markeof John GuNNiE,Edward Gwillim. 

Proved at Hereford 4 February 1685/6, by the executrix named. 


Chancery Proceedings, before 1714. 

Bridges 161/26. 

Gwatkin v. Scudamore. 


1692, December 10. 

John Gwatkin of Clehunger, co. Hereford, yeoman. That whereas 
Sir John Scudamore late of Ballingham, co. Hereford, K.B., and Bart., 
deceased, about April 1676, paid your orator, being his servant, 
the yearly wages of ^5, during which time your orator lent him the 
sum of ^46. 7. 6. And your orator continued to serve the said Sir 
John until his death about 22 August 1684, after which letters of ad- 
ministration were granted unto his reH6t Dame Margaret Scudamore, 
now of Madley, co. Hereford, who did transfer the said admo'n to 
the management and trust of Sir Barnabas Scudamore, now of Bal- 
lingham, Bart., brother of said Sir John, who said he would faithfully 
pay all the debts of the said Sir John. Whereupon the said Sir Barnabas 
took upon himself the administration and possessed himself of the 
goods, &c., of Robert Scudamore, late of Stoke, co. Hereford, clerk, 
deceased. But now the said Sir Barnabas doth intend to deceive and 
defraud your orator of said debt due as aforesaid. 
(No answer filled herewith.) 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 14, Folio 93. 

(Abstraft of Will.) 

1703, May 4. 

In the name of God, Amen. I, Anne Gwatkin of the Grove in the 
parish of Much Dew Church, co. Hereford, widow, being infirm in 

body I give to my grandson John Gwatkin of the Grove, 

^5. To my granddaughter Anne Gwatkin of the Grove £3. To my 
two granddaughters Elizabeth Gwatkin and Benedi£la Gwatkin of 
the Grove 30/- apeece, money now in the hands of my kinsman John 
Davies of Backton. To my grand children the sons and dau'rs of my 
sons Thomas Gwatkin, Morice Gwatkin and John Gwatkin, late of 


the Grove, deceased, ^85 mentioned in an Indenture of Lease 
I Oftober, 14 Charles II., between Walter Pye of the Mynd, co. 
Hereford, Esq., and Roger Pye his brother, gent., on the one part, and 
John GwATKiN of Rivernoll, said county, yeoman, on the other part, 
equally to be divided. The residue to my daughter in law Ehzabeth 
GwATKiN, sole executrix. 

The mark of Anne Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Margaret Cow^les, John Davis, Titus Neve. 

Proved at Hereford 5 June 1703, by the executrix named. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 
Book 14. Folio 231. 
(Abstraa of Will.) 
1703, July 21. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Richard Gwatkin of Ross, co. 

Hereford, yeoman, being aged and weake I give unto my son 

Philip Gwatkin my messuage, &c., wherein my son-in-law Richard 
Jones now dwelleth in Ross in a street there called the Brookend at a 
place in the said street called the Knapp, paying to my daughter Alice 
^25. To said son Philip two dishes of pewter that were given him when 
he was baptized and desire him if he happen to die unmarried to give 
the said messuage unto his sisters Anne the wife of Richard Jones 
and Alice Gwatkin to be equally divided. To my daughter Anne 
Jones ^5. To Elizabeth my loving wife the residue. My son PhiHp to 
be sole executor. 
In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) Richard Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, WiUiam Man, Edward Serjeant, John Drew. 

Proved 13 January 1704/5 by the executor named. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 
Book 15. Folio 109. 
(Abstraa of Will.) 
1706, July 28. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, John Gwatkin of Ridby in the 
parish of Much Dewchurch, co. Hereford, being sick in body, &c. I 
give unto William, son of Edward Lorrimer of Rockfield, co. Mon- 
mouth, a lease of lands made by Sir Walter Pye of the Mynd, knight, 
unto Walter Gwatkin of Ridby, bearing date 3 May 1658, after the 
decease of Susan my now wife. Unto Susan Trappin, daughter of 
Richard Willim ^i. To Walter Gwatkin my brother one shilling. 
Unto Valentine Rawlins, minister, whom I do desier should preach 


my funerall sermon in this parish church lo/- The residue to Susan 

my now wife, sole executrix. 

In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) John Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Edward Willim his marke, John Webb his marke, Val. 

Proved at Hereford 22 Oftober 1706, by the Executrix named. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 18. Folio 2. 

(Abstraa of Will.) 

1709, November 22. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Susan Gwatkin of Ribbey in the 
parish of Much Dewchurch, co. Hereford, widow. I give unto my 
brother George Willim his grandchildren as hereafter nominated, 
to Susan Atkyns ^^io, &c., John Atkyns £10, &c., Anne Atkyns 
j^io, &c., George Atkyns ^5, &c., Elizabeth Atkyns ^5, &c., Thomas 
Atkyns £5, &c., Mary Atkyns ^^5, &c., and Jane Atkyns £5, &c. To 
Susan Trappin, daughter of my brother Richard Willim ^5. The 
rest of my goods, &c., I give to my trusty and well beloved friend 
Thomas Gwatkin the elder of Much Dewchurch, whom I make my 
sole and only executor. 

In witness whereof, &c. Susan Gwatkin her mark. 

Witnesses, James Williams, Val. Rawlins. 

Proved at Hereford 8 March 1711/2, by Thomas Gwatkin, husband 
of the deceased (at the time of her death) and executor named. 


Chancery Proceedings, before 1714. 

Bridges 243/31. 

Gwatkin v. Willim. 


1712, May 20. 

Thomas Gwatkin the elder, of Much Dewchurch, co. Hereford, 
versus Edward Willim, Thomas Watkins and Susan his wife. 

That whereas Susan Gwatkin, late of Ribby in Much Dewchurch, 
being a widow and under a treaty of marriage with your orator about 
22 November 1709 came to an agreement thereabouts to make a will 
before her marriage with your orator who was appointed her executor. 
That the said will was dated 22 November 1709. After the making of 
the said will the said marriage took effedl between your orator and the 
said Susan Gwatkin and during the Coverture she the said Susan de- 


livered ^30 of her own money to Edward William or Wyllym of 
Lanwarne, co. Hereford, cordwainer, her brother or brother in law, 
who afterwards lent the same on bond to William Jones Esq., in the 
name of Susan Wyllym the daughter of said Edward and who was 
your orator's wive's niece, since married to and now wife of Thomas 
Watkins of Kilbeck, co. Hereford. But now soe it is the said Edward 
William, Thomas Watkins and Susan his wife and WiUiam Jones 
have contrived to defraud your orator of the said bond and refuse to 
deliver the same. 

Answers of Edward William, Thomas Watkins and Susan his wife. 
That they did not know there was any such marriage agreement made 
nor any such will and testament. At to the sum of ^30 the defendant 
Edward William saith the said Susan Gwatkin was heretofore married 
to John Gwatkin her first husband, deceased, and that she would re- 
ceive only the interest of the ^30 during her life and said Susan 
Watkins should after her death receive both principall and interest 
to her own use. 

Bond dated 10 January 1704 for £60 to the use of said defendant 
Susan Watkins then Susan William of Lanwarne, spinster, since 
which said John Gwatkin died. 

P.C.C. 127 Browning. 

(Abstradl of Will.) 
1716, January 18. Tm. Johannis Gwatkins. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, John Gwatkins of the Benjamin 

East India Ship being in good health of Body, &c After all 

my just debts and funeral expenses are paid I give all my real and per- 
sonal estate unto my loving friend Hanah Harding, wife of Henry 
Hardinge of London, marriner, and I appoint her sole executrix. 

(Signed) John Gwatkins. 

Witnesses, James Balleulke, Geo. Tullarton, Thomas Boldock. 

Proved at London 23 July 1719, by Hannah Harding (wife of Henry 
Harding) the executrix named. 

[Testator " of St. Michael's, Crooked Lane, London, but in the 
ship ' Benjamin,' a bachelor, deceased," vide Probate Aft Book, 
folio 138.] 

P.C.C. 179 Marlboro. 
(Abstraa of Will.) 
1716, May 14. Tm. Johannis Gwatkin. 
In the Name of God, Amen. I, John Gwatkin of Ratcliffe in the 


parish of St. Dunstan's, Stepney, co. Middlesex, mariner, now out- 
ward bound to sea I give, &c., unto my well-beloved wife 

Elianor Gwatkin, her heirs, &c., all my lands, &c., whatsoever, and 
all my wages, goods, debts, wares, merchandizes, chattels, &c., and 
appoint her full and sole executrix. 
In testimony whereof, &c. (Signed) John Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Thomas Beveis, Wm. Bennett, Thomas Quilter, 
Not" Pubq. 

Proved at London 13 September 1722, by the executrix named. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 28. Folio 124. 

(Abstraa of Will.) 

1733, September 22. 

I, Alice Gwatkin of Hentland, co. Hereford, widow. I give ;^I30 
to my esteemed Thomas Mynd of Kinaston in the parish of Hentland, 
gent., upon trust to pay my daughter Mary the now wife of Thomas 
Harris of WooUiope, weaver, the yearly interest, and her sons John, 
Phillip, Peter and Thomas Harris at their ages of 21, and to Mary and 
Rebecca Harris her two daughters at 21, and my daughter Elizabeth, 
now wife of William Pearce of Hentland, carpenter, and her two 
daughters Susan and Mary Pearce at 21 and Thomas Pearce their 
brother at 21. To my said daughter Ehzabeth Pearce all the rest of 
my goods, &c., sole executrix. 

In witness whereof, &c. The mark of Alice Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Will. Moore, att., W. Mynd. 
Proved at Hereford 27 July 1734, by the executrix named. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 
Book 32. Folio 276. 
(Abstraft of Will.) 
1747, Oftober 5. 

I, Thomas Gwatkin of the parish of Much Dewchurch do here 
make my last Will,&c. I give to my daughter Aw Tulley 10/- To my 
daughter Mary 10/- To my daughter Shusan ;^io. And I give and 
bequeath to my wife all Bills, Bonds, and Mony and Mortgages that 
I shall dye possest of with the House and Lands called by the Name 
of the Cherry Trees in the parish of Allensmore. And here I ordain 
and appoint my son Thomas to be my whole and sole executor. 
In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) Thomas Gv«tkin. 

Witnesses, James Hall, Joyce Foot, Elizabeth Hall. 
Proved at Hereford 24 February 1748 by the executor named. 




Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 33. Folio 49. 

(Abstraa of Will). 
1750, August 18. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Gwatkin of Much Dew- 
church, CO. Hereford I give to my son Thomas the house and lands 
called the Cherry Trees in AUensmore, and ^40. I appoint John 
Wilcox of Callow and William Gwatkin of Dewall to be in trust as 
guardians until he attain 21. To my three sisters Ann Tully, Shusan 
Fisher and Mary Jones ^^io each. The residue to my beloved wife Anne 
Gwatkin, sole executrix. 
In witness whereof, etc. (Signed) Tho' Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Mary Taylor, John Willcox, William Gwatkin. 

Proved at Hereford 15 December 1750 by the executrix named. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 33. Folio 297. 

(Abstraa of Will.) 

1753, March 21. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Martha Gwatkin of Yarkhill, co. 
Hereford, widow. I give to my grandson Edmund Gwatkin and my 
granddaughters Martha and Mary Gwatkin, son and daughters of my 
son Edmund Gwatkin, £50. [sundry household goods, &c.] The 
residue to my said son Edmund Gwatkin, sole executor. 
In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) Martha Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, J. Holmes, Ann Sandford. 
Proved at Hereford 20 September 1754, by the executor named. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 39. Folio 118. 

(Abstraft of Will.) 
1762, September 27. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, John Gwatkin of Kilpeck, co. 
Hereford, yeoman. I give all my messuage, &c., called the Three 
Chimneys situate in Arcop, co. Hereford, and now in the possession 
of Thomas Williams unto my dear and loving mother Elizabeth 
Williams for her Hfe and after to my two sisters Ann and Mary 
Williams. To the said Ann and Mary all my interest in a messuage, 
&c., in Kilpeck called the Merry Vale, subjeft to the life estate of my 


mother under any settlement made by my grandfather John Gwatkin 
on the marriage of my late father Joseph Gwatkin, deceased, with 
my said mother, I being the only issue of that marriage. I appoint my 
said sisters joint executrixes and give all my goods, &c., to my said 
mother EHzabeth Williams. 
In witness whereof, &c. (Signed) John Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Walter Price, William Gwatkin, Tho. Jenkinson. 

Proved at Hereford 15 November 1773, by Ann, wife of Thomas 
Medmore (formerly Ann Williams) one of the executrixes ; power 
reserved for Mary Williams. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 36. Folio 346. 


1765, April 27. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, John Gwatkin of the Grove in the 

parish of Much Dewchurch, co. Hereford, First I will and 

bequeath to my dear wife all the goods and furniture which she brought 
with her to be disposed of as she thinks proper. All the rest of my goods 
all my real and personal estate I leave and bequeath to Aristarchus 
Merrick of Treebaudy in the parish of Marston, co. Hereford, and 
John Cook of Hillesley in the parish of Ross, yeoman, in trust for my 
wife, 50/- a year to be paid to my daughter Benedifta Gwatkin and 
after the decease of my wife the monies produced from the sale of my 
goods and estates to be equally divided betwixt my daughter Bene- 
didta Gwatkin and all my grandchildren. The said trustees I appoint 
executors. (Signed) John Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Ro. Simpkinson, John Harris, Ed. Parry. 
Proved at Hereford 21 Odlober 1765, by the executors named. 


Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford 
Book 40. Folio 268. 
(Abstraft of Will.) 
1777, July II. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Benedidta Gwatkin of Little Dew- 
church, CO. Hereford, spinster. My body to be buried in the church- 
yard of Much Dewchurch. I give to my four nieces Sarah, Hester, 
Benedidta and Margaret, daughters of my sister Mary the wife of 
Thomas Fewtrell, one shilling each. The residue to my niece Mary, 
the wife of John Saysell, whom I appoint sole executrix. 

In witness whereof, &c. The mark of Benedifta Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Jno. Hughes, Ann Powell. 

Proved at Hereford 27 November 1778, by the executrix named. 



Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

Book 49. Fo. 275. 

(Abstraa of WiU.) 

181 1, December 16. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Gwatkin of Orcop, co. 
Hereford, yeoman. I give all my freehold messuage, &c., in Orcop, now 
in my own occupation, ready money, household goods, &c., unto 
Walter Mayos of Llangarren and James Williams of Orcop upon trust. 
To Eleanor Probert of Orcop, singlewoman, ;^20o for life and after 
her decease to my daughter j Lucy Gwatkin and my natural daughter 
Jemima Mainwaring, and in case of the death of the said Lucy I give 
her share to her natural son Thomas Gwatkin. To my sons Thomas 
and Charles ^10 each. To my son WiUiam in case he return from sea 
within three months 40/- To my daughter Susan Harris ^^lo. To my 
daughter Nancy Baynton ^^20. To Joseph Mainwaring ^^io. The 
residue to my said daughters Lucy and Jemima. 
In witness whereof, &c. The mark of Thomas Gwatkin. 

Witnesses, Thomas Meadmore, John Bevan, J. F. Evans. 

Proved at Hereford 4 January 1 81 2, by James Williams; power 
reserved for Walter Mayos. 


Consistory of the Dean of Hereford. 

Book ii. Folio 139. 

(Abstraa of Will.) 

1820, August 19. 

Hester Gwatkin of Wood Street in the parish of Allensmoor, co. 
Hereford, widow. I give to Joseph Tully of Lower BuUingham, 
gentleman, my messuage, &c., called the Cherry Trees in Allensmoor, 
in the occupation of Thomas Gunter and William Thomas his under- 
tenant, and my cottage, &c., called Well tree adjoining in the occupa- 
tion of Thomas Morgan to pay the rents, &c., to Mary, wife of 
Walter Price of Wood Street, for life, and after her decease to their 
son William Price. My messuage, &c., called Wood street to the said 
Joseph Tully in trust to pay Joseph Barrell of Allensmoor, ^50, to 
Ann Barrell his wife ^50, to Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Beeson of 
Handsworth, co. Stafford, daughter of the said Joseph Barrell ;^ioo, 
to Ann, wife of Thomas Hulings of Worcester, skinner, ;£ioo, to 
Richard, Sarah, William and Jane, sons and daughters of the said 
Joseph Barrell ;^ioo apiece. Said William and Jane Barrell under 21. 
To John Bull of Dindor, Hereford, Jane Bull his sister and Ann 


DucKSWORTH their niece ^250 between them. To John, Elizabeth, 
Robert and Susan the sons and daughters of the late John Price of 
the Goosepool in Allensmore ^10 apiece. To Mar^, widow of the late 
John Farrington ^10, and to Mary Richards her daughter ^10. To 
James Barrell of All Saints, Hereford, waggoner, and his children, 
^600. To Walter Mayos of Llangarren, co. Hereford, ^^loo. To the 
sons and daughters of James Barrell late of the Grove in Much 
Dewchurch hy his last wife £100. To the poor of Allensmoor ^^20. To 
the said Mary, wife of Walter Price, all my household goods. The resi- 
due to the said Joseph Tully, sole executor. 
In witness whereof, &c. Hester Gwatkin X her mark. 

Witnesses, Geo. Hooper, Thos. Price, John Williams. 

Proved at Hereford 13 February 1824, by the executor named. 


&xBt of &mi^in arib &(^tt (Wm 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury. 


1539. Thomas ap Gwatkin, Coughoell, (Crickhowell), i Alenger. 

1545. James ap Gwatkin, Llanthewy Rythergh, Mon- 3 Alen. 

1557. David ap Gwatkin, Garwaye, CO. Hereford. 30 Wrastley. 

1573. Watkin John Gwatkyn ap Gwatkin, Strapoll, dio- 15 Peter. 

cese of St. David's, (Stockpole, Pembroke) died in 

diocese 01 Hereford. 
1580. John Gwatkin a Gwatkyn, How Caple, CO. Hereford 16 Arundell. 

1585. John Gwatkin, Fownehope, CO. Hereford. 44 Brudenell. 

1600. William Gwatkin, Hughe Caple, alias Howe Caple, 65 Wallop. 

CO. Hereford (nuncupative). 

1601. John Gwatkin, gentleman, Baysham, SeUack, Foy 35 Woodhall. 

and Bridstowe, co. Hereford. 
1627. William Gwatkins, gent., Thornebury, co. Glou- 7 Skynner. 

cester. Adm'on with will annexed, 23 January 

1626-7 to Edward Thurston, during minority of 

Jane Thurston and EUzabeth Dyer. Probate 27 

May 1637, to Elizabeth Dyer alias Giles; power 

reserved to Jane Thurston. 
1652. Elizabeth Gwatkins, St. Bride's, London, widow. 186 Bowyer. 

1654. Hugh Gwatkin, St. Bride's, London. 6 Bovts'er. 

1686. Thomas Gwatkins, London, feltmaker. 58 Lloyd. 

[1687-1700. No Gwatkin found in wills P.C.C] 
1698. Thomas Ley, gent, St. Leonard, Shoreditch, Middle- 218 Lort. 

1717. Thomas Gwatkin, Bristol. 189 Whitfield. 

1719. John Gwatkins, East India Ship " Benjamin." 127 Browning. 

1722. John Gwatkin, RatclifFe in Stepney, Middlesex, 179 Marlboro. 

1 737. Ross Ley, St Matthew's, Friday Street, London. 

1739. John Gwatkin, Bristol. 

1746. Mary Ley, Hackney, Middlesex. 

1751. Thomas Gwatkin, Fownhope, Hereford. 

1764. Edward Gwatkin, Bristol. 

1775. William Gwatkin, Dewsall, Hereford. 

1780. John Gwatkin, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street, Lon- 

1783. John PowLE, surgeon, Wootton under Edge, co. 

1792. Rebecca Gwatkin, widow, Bullingham, co. Here- 427 Fountain. 










Consistory of the Bishop of Hereford. 

(Begins 1504.) 

(Calendar not Alphabetical till 1662). 


page in this book 


GwATKYN, Griffith ap Huntington. 




, Elizabeth a Kingscaple. 

WiU. lost. 



, John ap, ah. Bradwardyne. 





, Jane a Sellacke. 

Will. lost. 



, Richard Pencoyd. 

Will. No. 95. 




William Hugh Caple. 

Will. No. 60. 





Will. No. 183. 




Will. Nos. 16, 23. 




WiU. No. 222. 


Lists of Inventories in this Book, 1517-1661, 

, not searched.] 



John Much Dewchurch. 

WiU. No. 131. 




Anne Pencoyd. 

WiU. No. 19. 



HiGGs, WilHam LitteU Birch, clerke 

Will, Book I, fo. 77. 


1668, Oct. 2. 

GwATKiN, Alice Birch parva. 

Act Book 1 72; Book I 


Ad 'cum test, to John G. the son. 

fo.417. > 

1668, Oct. 23. 


Richard. Brampton Abbotts 
proved by Mary G., the daughter. 

Act Book 17s ; Book I 
fo. 425. 


1669, July 10. 


Alice Chfford 

Ad'mon to Eustace Price the 

principal creditor and nearest 

of kin. 

Act Book 205. 

1670, Dec. 2. 


, Roger Much Cowarne. 
Adm'on to Sibilla G., widow, the 

fo. 35. 

1670 /i, Mch. 3. 


Sibilla King's Caple. 
proved by Thomas Marrett the 

wm. Book 2, fo. 275. 


1 67 1, Nov. 24. 


, Mary Brampton Abbotts. 
Adm'on to Richard G., the 

fo. 78. 

1672, May 31. 


William. Pencoyd. 
proved by Elianor G., widow, the 

fo. 92. 


1678/9, Mch. 2. 


John Dewchurch Magna. 

fo. 77. 

1679/80, Feb. 21. 


John Dewchurch Magna. 
Account of adm'on filed by Anne 

G., widow, the relict, 

£171. 6s. lod. 

fo. 92. 

1682, June 10. 


John Dewchurch Magna. 

fo. 141. 



1683, July 14. GwATKiN, John Litde Birch. 

Account of adm'on filed by Henry fo. 168. 

G., the brother. 
1685/6, Feb. 4. „ Henry Dewchurch Magna. Will. Book 8, fo. 1 16. 68 

proved by Alice the relict fo. 218. 

1688, Nov. 10. „ Tho. sent. Fownhope. Will. Book 9, fo. 75. 17 

Proved by Thomas G., the son. fo. 260. 

1697, May I „ Francis Fow^nhope. Will. Original. 18 

Proved by Susannah G., widow, fo. 150. 

1702, Apl. 8. „ John Dewchurch Magna. fo. 30. 

Adm'on to Eliza G., widow, the 

1702, June 20. „ Thomas Fownhope. fo. 35. 

Adm'on to Mary G., widow, the 

1703, Junes. » Anne Dewchurch Magna. Will. Book 14, fo. 93. 69 

Proved by EUza G., the executrix. fo. 48. 

1704/s, Jan. 13. „ Richard Ross. Will. Book 14, fo. 231. 70 

Proved by Phihp G. , the son. fo. 8 3 . 

1706, Oct. 22. „ John RidbyinDewchurch Will. Booki5, fo. 109 70 

Proved by Susanna G., widow, the fo. 88. 

1708, June 22. „ John Dewchurch Magna. fo. 119. 

Adm'on to John G., the nephew. 
1711/2, Mch. 8 „ Susanna Dewchurch Magna. Will. Book 18, fo. 2. 71 

Proved by Thomas G., the fo. 10. 

17 14 June 23. „ Walter Dewchurch Magna. fo- 59- 

Adm'on to William LoRRiMERthe 
nearest of kin. 
1714, Dec II. „ Susanna Dewchurch Magna. fo. 67. 

Adm'on to Thomas G., the 
1714/5, Feb. 23. „ Francis Hom Lacy. fo. 69. 

Adm'on to Elianor G., widow, the 
1719/20, Jan. 27. „ John Hentland. fo. 168. 

Adm'on to Alice G., widow, the 
1721, April 19. „ Thomas Dewchurch Magna. fo. 193. 

Adm'on to John G., the son. 
1723, Dec. 14. „ William Pencoid. Will. Book 22, fo. 301. 54 

Proved by Martha & Wm. G., the fo. 9. 

1733/4, Jan. II. „ Eliza Kilpeck. fo. 14. 

Adm'on to John G., the son. 
1734, July 27. „ Alice Hentland. Will. Book 28, fo. 124. 73 

Proved by Eliza Pearce the fo. 22. 

1738, Aug. 21. „ Richard Brampton Abbotts. Will. Book 29, fo. 254. 49 

Proved by Mary G., widow, the fo. 76. 




1744, June 3. GwATKiN Joseph Kilpeck. fo. 162. 

Adm'on to Eliza^G., his relict. 
1747, Oct. 3. „ Mary Brampton Abbotts. Will. Book 32, fo. 165. 49 

Proved by Eliza Serjeant, widow, fo. 21 1. 

and Hannah, wife of Richard 
RiDEOUT, the dau'rs and ex'iis 
1 747, Oct. 24. „ Anne Ross, spinster. 

Adm'on to Eliza, wife of Richard fo. 212. 

Jones, the sister. 
1748/9, Feb. 24. „ Thomas Dewchurch Magna. Will. Book 32, fo. 276. 73 

Proved by Thomas G., the son. fo. 234. 

1750, Dec. 15. „ Thomas Dewchurch Magna. Will. Book 33, fo. 49. 

Proved by Anne Gwatkin, the fo. 16. 74 

relict and executrix. 
1754, Sept. 21 „ Martha Yarkhill, widow. Will. Book 33, fo. 297. 74 

Proved by Edmund G., her son. fo. 8 1 . 

1763, Jan. 29. „ Thomas Fownhope. 

Adm'on to Rd. G., the son. fo. 8. 27 

1765, Oct. 21. „ John Much Dewchurch. Will. Book 36, fo. 346. 75 

Proved by Aristarchus Merrick fo. 81. 

and John Cook, the executors. 
1773, Nov. 15. „ John Kilpeck. Will. Book 39, fo. 1 18. 74 

Proved by Anne, wife of Thomas fo. 309. 

Medmore, formerly Ann 
Williams, one of the execu- 
trixes ; power reserved to Mary 
Williams, spinster. 
1778, Mch. 2. „ John Bridstow Will. Book 40, fo. 200. 51 

Proved by EUzabeth W., widow, fo. 92. 

the ex'ix. 
1778, Nov. 27. „ Benedicta Little Dewchurch. Will. Book 40, fo. 268. 75 

Proved by Mary, wdfe of John fo. 113. 

Seysell, the executrix. 
1782, Jan. 12. „ Elizabeth Bridstow, wridow. 

Adm'on to EUzth. Smith, widow, fo. 16. 

& Jane, vdfe of John Jones, 
clerk, the daughters. 
1782, Jan. 30. „ John Bridstow. 

Adm'on cum Test, of goods left fo. 17. 

unadministered by Elizth. G., 
his widow, to Elizth. Smith, 
widow, & Jane, wife of John 
Jones, clerk, the daurs. 
1789, June 12. „ Richard Allensmore, clerk. Will, Book 43, fo. 61 . 28 

Proved by Thomas G., clerk, fo. 172. 

the ex'or. 
1812, Jan. 4. „ Thomas Orcop. Will. Book 49, fo. 275. 76 

Proved by James Williams, an fo. 149. 

executor; power reserved to 
Walter Mayos. 



1813, Dec. 4. GwATKiN Elizabeth Pencoyd. Will. Book 50, fo. 107. 

Proved by Thomas G., the 

executor. fo. 183. 56 

(Searched to end of 1813.) 


Consistory of the Dean of Hereford. 

(begins 1558.) 

A.D. I558-1813. 

(Good calendar to whole.) 


1698. Seward, Abraham Hereford, Esquire. Will 1, 241. 27 

1749. GwATKiN, William Dewsall, yeoman. Will V, 2, 21 ; 6, 100. 

1750. „ Martha Huntington, widow. Will V, 2, 23 ; 6, 11 3. 
1753, May 10. „ Thomas All Saints. Adm'V, 2, 26; 

to Anne G., the relict. 
1762. „ Philip Woolhope, shoemkr. Will V, 2, 46; 6, 272. 

1772, Feb. 26. „ EUzth. Allensmore, widow. Adm' V, 2, 75 ; . 

to John G., the son. 
1777, Apl. 12. „ Isabella Dewsall (no de- 

scription) Adm'on V, 2, 86; 

to Frances, wife of Tracey 

Caldwell, her sister. 
1786. „ Sibil St. John Baptist, Will V 2, 113; 8, 162 

Hereford, widow. 
1786, Oct. 30. „ Floris St. John Baptist, 

Hereford, bachelor. Adm'on V 

2, 115 to William Gwatkin 

and Ann, wife of Thomas 

Parry, the nephew and niece 

by the brother and only next 

of kin. Under ;{|6oo. 

1734, Gwatkin, Hester Allensmore, widow. Will V 3, 96, 100; 76 

Actually 1824. Book 11, folio 139. 

1804. „ Anna Allensmore, widow. Will V 3, 45; 

Book 10, foho 2. 29 

[Of the Wills and Administrations not marked with the page in this book on which ab- 
stracts are given, abstracts have not been made.] 


Consistory of the Archdeacon of Brecon. 
(Begins 1625.) 

No Calendars before 1660. In Bundles only, not searched. Searched 
Aft Books 1660 to 1707. No Gwatkin found. 


Peculiar of Bullingham alias Bullinghope. 
A.D. 1675 to 1858. 
No GwATKiN occurs. 

Prebendal Court of Moreton on Lugge. 

A.D. 1668 to 1858. 

No Gwatkin occurs. 

Peculiar of Little Hereford and Ashford Carbonell. 
A.D. 1668 to 1858. 
No Gwatkin occurs. 

The whole of the Courts in this Registry searched from the be- 
ginning to 1 813, with the exception of the Archdeaconry of Brecon. — 



(Bwa^ein of Jown^ope. 


John a GwATKiN, of How Caple, Co. = Elizabeth 
Hereford. WiU dated 22 April; proved 
at London 9 May 1580, by sons 
William and John, 

Wilham GwATKiN. Executor, with John Gwatkin, of 

brother John, of wiU of father, John Fownhope, Hereford 

GwATKiN. Perhaps of How Caple. Will dated 3 Mch 

Nuncupative wiU dated 21 April; 1584; proved at Lon- 

proved 7 October 1600, by Mary, the don 20 Oct. i cSc 
rehct. ^ ^" 


: Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Gwat- 

William Havard of kin. Named in 

Fownhope. Marr. father's will. 

Born 1583. 

GwATKiN. Perhaps identical with John Gwatkin of Fownhope. = Elizabeth 

Died 1665. 

? Thomas Gwatkin. Died e. i6si?=Elizabeth 
Perhaps father to Thomas and Francis ; Died 1644* 
Gwatkin. ! 


Born i6i2. 

Richard Gwat- Maria. 
KIN. Born 1614. Born and 
died 1615. 

Thomas Gwatkin, I, of Fownhope, 
yeoman. Will dated 26 Nov. 1687; 
proved 10 Nov. 1688 (p. 17). Died 

Martha. Died 1642. Bur. at 

John Gwatkin, eldest: 
son. Died before 1677. 

Thomas Gwatkin, H,; 
of Fownhope. " Son and 
heir " 1677. Died 

Herbert Ravenhill, of Long-=Anne. Only dau. Mar. 
ford in Lugwardine, yeoman. c. 1699. 

Rebecca Seward, f dau. of Abraham: 

Seward, Mayor of Hereford. Marr. 

26 May 1709, at Fownhope. Died 

1715. 1st wife. 

(see p. 86) 

Thomas Gwatkin, HI.: 
Born 1683. Died 1762. 
Bur. 6 Dec. 1762, at 
Fownhope, on the same 
day as his wife. 

:Mary, dau. of Phillip Addis, of Gats- 
ford, Brampton Abbotts. Marr. Feb. 
1677 at Sellack. Marriage settlement 
23 Jan. 1677-8. Administratrix to her 
husband's estate. « Addis of Brampton 
Abbotts " was plundered of a horse by 
Col. Massey's soldiers at the Siege of 
Ross, 1644. Died 1707. 

M.I, in the Chantry, Fownhope. 

=Margaret John=Mary. 

Died 1762. Bur. Winter. Marr. be- 

6 Dec. at Fown- fore 1710. 
hope. 2nd wife. 


. . . GWATKIN=. . . 



Abrahall. I 

Eight children. 

WiUiamrj: Elizabeth. 
Sarjaunt. I 

Six children. 





William Gwat- 
KiN. Born 1619. 

Arthur GwATKiN. Born 1621. Died 1681. 
Devisee of land in Fownhope called Lid- 
mere field and Murther's Perry, in 1660, 
from John Scudamore. 


rancis Gwatkin of Fownhope, yeo-: 
an. Died 1697. M.I. in the Chantry, 
wnhope. Will dated 4 Jan. 1696; 
•oved at Hereford I May 1697, by 
ife Susanna. 

Susanna, ? sister of John Gwatkin of Linwood, Frances. 
Thomas Lanwarne. Ledbury. Named as son and 
Survived her hus- heir of Arthur Gwatkin, de- 
band, ceased in 1691 (p. 19). 

ancis Gwat- 
N. Named in 
ther's will, 

? Elcock. 

= Margaret. 
Named in 
father's will, 

Francis Gwatkin. Named in uncle= Susannah 
Thomas's will, 1687. In 1691 the 
equity of redemption of land in 
Lidmere's field and Mather's Perry 
in Fownhope was released to him 
by John Gwatkin, son of Arthur 
(p. 19). Died 1714. M.L in the 
Chantry, Fownhope. 

in Hawkins. Said to : 
ve descended from Sir 
m Hawkins, the 
zabethan seaman. 

Elizabeth. Born 
1686. Living 
unmarr. 1710. 


1730. M.L in 
the Chantry, 

William Phillips. Born 1696. A wine-: 
merchant, eldest son of Rev. Robert 
Phillips, vicar of Fownhope. Died 
23 Sept. 173s, aged 37. 


1 69 1. Died 
23 Mch. 1773, 
aged 82. 

Sir John Hawkins, friend of 
Samuel Johnson, and author 
of A General History of Music. 

Francis Gwatkin, of Holme=: Eleanor Kidley. Living 
Lacy. Died before 1736. | 1736. Died intestate. 

Coningsby Harris, of London, gent. = Susanna, sole dau. and heir, 1730, 



<Bwatftin of 

Rebecca Seward. i?t wife.=Thomas Gwatkin, III. (see p. 84).=Margaret 

Thomas Gwatkin, IV.: 
Bapt. 25 June 1710, at 
Fownhope. Died 

1750. Of Hack- 
ney and of Devonshire 
Square, Bishopsgate, 

Rebecca, y. dau. of Rev. Ross James Foote,: 
Ley (son of Thomas Ley of St baker, of 
Leonard, Shoreditch. Clerk to Hereford, 
the Carpenters' Co.) Rector of 
St Matthew, Friday Street. Her 
wall " of BuUingham, co. Here- 
ford," dated 13 Oct. 1781; 
proved 8 Aug. 1792. Born 

: Rebecca. Bapt. 4 Oct. 171 1, 
at Fownhope. Marr. 
Living 1777. Died 17 
s.p. Of Fownhope, widow. 
Will dated 23 March 1790 ; 
codicil 24 Aug. 1794; proved 
18 Feb. 1802, by Jane Gwat- 
kin, relict and administratrix 
of Thos. Gwatkin, clerk. 


I. Revd. Thomas Gwatkin, V, of Hereford. Born 1741. Died: 
19 Oct. 1800. Aged 59. Of Jesus Coll., Oxon., matric. 16 July 
1763, aged 21; B.A. 1778; of Christchurch. M.A. 1781. Pro- 
fessor of the Humanities (Mathematics and Natural Philosophy) 
1767, at William and Mary College, Virginia. Vicar of Cholsey 
and Moulsford, Berks. Bur. at Clehonger. M.I. at Barrow-upon- 


Jane, dau. of John Powle, of Here- 
ford, and sister of John Powle, 
of Wootton-under-Edge, Glouc, 
surgeon. (Will proved 1783). Died 
2 Aug. 1836, aged 86. Bur. at 
Barrow-upon-Soar, Leic. M.I. 

Revd. Richard Gwatkin. Born 17 Sept. 1791 in=Anne, dau. of Edward Middleton, and Sarah 

Hereford. Bapt. at St Owen's, Hereford. Of St John's 
College, Cambridge, 18 10; Senior Wrangler 1814 & 
1st Smith's prize-man; FeOow of St John's 1814. 
B.D., F.G.S., 1827; of Horningsea, Cambs., 1832; 
Vicar of Barrow-upon-Soar till 1853. Died 14 Oct. 
1870, at Torquay, aged 81. Bur. in Upton Church- 
yard, Torquay. 

his wdfe {nee Bird), of Barrow-upon-Soar. 
Born 9 July 1817. Marr. 22 Jan. 1838, at Holy 
Trinity Church, Barrow-upon-Soar. Died 
18 Jan. 1884. Bur. in Upton churchyard, Tor- 
quay, with her husband and sister, Sarah 

I. Revd. Thomas Gwatkin.: 
Born 31 July 1839, at Barrow- 
upon-Soar. Fellow of St John's 
College, Cambridge. Assist.- 
master Dulwich CoDege, 1867-9. 
Second master St Nicholas and 
St Mary's School, Lancing, Sus- 
sex, 1869-72. 

Anne, 2nd dau. of Henry John Buckley 
GRAVESof Gutter Lane,London, Bradbury, 
Esq., and of the Cottage, Ilford, M.D. Down- 
Essex, by Anne, his wdfe, dau. ing Professor 
of Joseph Goodman of Staver- of Medicine 
ton, Northants, and Anne, his at Cam- 
wife, dau. of ... . Phillips, bridge. 
Born 24 Sept. 1834. Marr. 
13 Aug. 186—. Died 17 Jan. 
1905. Bur. in Mill Road Ceme- 
tery, Cambridge. 

2. Jane. Born 
26 Sept. 1840 at 

Thomas Ross = Anne, dau. of Richard 
Gwatkin. Born Bolster, Esq., of Lom- 
14 Oct. 1870, at bardstone House, Co. 
Lancing, Sussex. Cork, and Annie, his 
Of Ballyteigne wife, dau. of Robert 
House,Rathdrum, Farmer, Esq., of Glan- 
Co. Wicklow. tane, Co. Cork, Ireland. 

Marr. 29 June 1905. 


John Henry = 


Arthur Hart, 



3 March 

1872, at 


Katharine Mary. Born 
II June 1873, at Cam- 
bridge. Marr. 24 Sept. 

1. Theophila Margaret. Born 
2 July 1903, at Bournemouth. 

2. Francis Gwatkin. Born and 
died 1905. 

3. John Gwatkin. Born and 
died 1906. Bur. at Kintbury. 

4. Veronica Catherine. Born 
12 Nov, 1908, at Crawley, 

5. Thomas Ley Gwatkin. Born 
22 March 1912 at Crawley, 


^Otptt^Opt — continued. 


lichard Gwatkin. Born 24 Dec, Bapt.=Anna, dau. of . . . . 

|0 Dec. 171 2, at Fownhope. Vicar of Pritchard. Marr. 

Ulensmore and Clehonger. Died 2 June by licence (Bp. of 

789. M.I.atAllensmore. OfWadham Winchester), i June 

rdl. Oxford, matric. 14 May 1730, 1769,31 St Saviour's, 

ged 1 8, as a "son of Thomas G. of Southwark. 
rowndhope Co. Hereford, gent. ; " B.A. 
733; M.A. 1737; WiU dated 16 Dec. 
777; proved 12 June 1789. 


n Gwatkin. Bapt.= Arabella, dau. 

2Sept. i7i5atFovifn- 
hope. Of Salisbury 
Court, Fleet St., 
London, solicitor. 
Died 1780. Will dat. 
20 May 1776; proved 
4 Jan. 1780 (p. 30). 

of Par- 
bury. Born 


[745. 4. Richard Gwatkin. Born 
1746. Died in infancy. Said to 
have been drowned together 
with his brother John. 

1. Ross Gwatkin. Born 5 Nov. 
743. " Residing in foreign 
>arts," 1777. Went to Seville 
n Spain and died j.p. 

3. John Gwatkin. Born 
Died in infancy. 

5. Richard Gwatkin. 
1749. Twin with John. 

Born 6. John Gwatkin. Born 1749. 
Died 1774. Admon. to his 
mother on behalf of her son 
Thomas. In business with his 
uncle John in Salisbury Court. 

Revd. Henry Melvill: 
jWatkin. Born 30 July 1844, at 
iarrow-upon-Soar. Fellow of St 
ohn's College, Cambridge, 
868-74; lecturer 1874-91; 
)ixie Professor of Eccl. History 
nd Fellow of Emmanuel 
!^ollege from 189I; Gifford 
ecturer, Edinburgh, 1904-5. 

Clancy de Lisle 
Med young. 

Paul de 



iLucy de Lisle, Revd. Charles Edward Graves,==4, 

dau. of the M.A. Fellow of St John's 

Revd. Thomas College, Cambridge, 1863-5, 

Brock, vicar and from 1893; lecturer 1866- 

of St John's, 1901 ; chaplain Magd. Coll., 

Guernsey. Camb., 1886-94; tutor St John's 
Coll. 1895-1905. 

Ethel Ruth. Born 24 March 1874. 
Headmistress of Queen Mary's High 
School, Anfield Road, Liverpool. 

Born Feb. 
1846, at 

One son and 4 daus. 

tevd. Francis Ley: 
Jwatkin, M.A. 
torn 8 Nov. 
876, at Cam- 
iridge. Curate 
f Binfield, 
lear Bracknell, 
terks, 1914. 

Margaret Catherine, eldest dau. 
of Revd. Arthur William Henry 
Edwards, M.A., St Edmund's 
Hall, Oxford, vicar of Kint- 
bury, Berks, and Rural Dean of 
Newbury, and Catherine his 
wife (nee Oliver). Marr. 
Sept. 1902. 

Edward Arthur Gwat-= Amelia Louisa Cathe- 
Born 23 June rine, dau. of Henry 
at Cambridge. Thomas Palmer, and 
Assumed the name Amelia Sophia, his 
Gwatkin-Graves. wdfe. Marr. 27 Dec. 


Kathleen Blanche Anne. Born 
5 Sept. 1905. at Norwich. 

Edward Frederic Ross Gwat- 
kin-Graves. Born 14 March 
1909, at Norwich. 

Viola Joycelyn Marie. Born 
July 1914, at Norwrich. 



&tt>a((iin of (pencog^. 

Deduced principally from the Parish Registers of Pencoyd, co. Hereford. 

William Gwatkin. Born 
at . Died 1619, at 

Ann, dau. of . Born at 

Marr. . Died 

1642. Of Nethertowne in Pencoyd. 
Will dated 16 April 1639; proved 
6 June 1642, by son Richard (p. 53). 

William Gwatkin. Born 1599. Of= Elinor, dau. of 

Pencoyd, yeoman. Will dated 4 July 1671 ; 

proved at Leominster 31 May 1672, by wife 

Eleanor (p. 53). Had lands called Hills in 


Elizabeth. Born 1601. 

Marr Parlor and 

was a widow in 1639. 

William Gwatkin. = 
Born 1632. 

:Dorothy, dau. of 

Ann. Born 

Richard Gwatkin. Born 

1637. Query of 

Llangarran and bur. 

7 April 1677 at Pencoyd ? 

William Gwatkin. William Gwatkin. Born 
Born 1668. 1669. Died 1723. Of 
Died 1668. Nethertowne in Pencoyd, gentle- 
man. Will dated 26 Oct. 1723; 
proved at Hereford 14 Dec. 1723, 
by wife Martha and son William 
(p. 54)- 

= Martha, dau. of 
Boothe. Born 


Eleanor. Born 


William Gwatk 
Born 1 6c 

IN. Thomas Gwatkin 
6. Born 1698 


muel Gwatkin. 
)rn 1699. 

Mary. Born 
1701. Died 

1 John had a son Edward, and I think it is probably he who is the ancestor of 

the " Reynolds Gwatkins." 

2 Elizabeth is no doubt the Elizabeth Gwatkin who married John Ballard at 

the end of the seventeenth century. Dr Cove's letter says she was of 
"Netherton in Pencoyd." Dr Morgan Cove (i753?-i83o) wrote several 
letters after the death of the Revd. Thomas Gwatkin (1741-1800), and took 
great interest in his son, Richard Gwatkin. These letters are in possession 
of the Revd. Thos. Gwatkin (1839- ). 



^nn. Born 

Richard Gwatkin. Born Margery. Born 

1605. Proved 1607. 
his mother's will in 1642. 

Joyce. Born 

jjizabeth. Born 

Joyce. Born 
1643. Died 

John Gwatkin. 
Born 1644. 

Died 1644. 

Elinor. Born 

Edward Gwatkin. 
Born 165 1, 

John Gwatkin. Thomas Gwatkin. 

orn 1676. Born 1681. 

2Ehzabeth. Born 

1686. " Of Netherton in 


John Bahard, of Lang- 

stone, Hereford. Sold Lang- 
stone to the Revd. Thomas 

See below 

Iter Gwatkin. John Gwatkin. 
)rn 1703. Born 1705. 

Martha. Born Mary. Born 

1708. 1711. Died 


Edmund Gwatkin. 
Born 1712. 

Revd. Thomas Jones to whom John Ballard sold=:. 
Langstone. See Mansions and Manors of Herefo 
shire by Revd. Charles Robinson, 1873. 


Revd. John Jones of Lang-=EHzabeth, dau. of John Ballard 
stone, Herefordshire. I and Elizabeth (Gwatkin). 

in Jones of Langstone (" Dr==Louisa . . 
NES " of Dr Cove's letter). 

nes Cove 
(»ES, M.D. 


Anna. Born 23 March 1815. Died 
25 April 1815. Bur. in churchyard 
of St Mary's, Paddington Green, 
Middlesex. M.L (see The Pedigree 
Register, III. 40.) 

, a dau. 

Dr. Morgan Cove. Born 
c. 17S3. Died 9 April 
1830, aged about 77. Of 
Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 
adm. 7 Nov. 1768 (see 
Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

" The eldest of 
my single sisters 



&r0a(9iiix of ^effacR anb (ga^epam 

John GwATKiN of Baysham, co. Hereford.: 
In 1564/5, John ScuDAMORE granted him a 
rent charge of the manor of Tretyre, co. Here- 
ford. Party in 1578 to an award concerning 
Tretyre manor and premises in Tretyre and 
Michaelchurch. Died before 1600. Will dated 
. . . Mentioned in son John's will. 

Joan GuiLLiM. 

John GwATKiN, of Bays-=Elizabeth 
ham, gent. Will dated 17 
Feb. 1600; proved 6 May 
1601 (see p. 58). 


Philipp GWATKIN. 

Named in brother John's 
will, 1600. 

GwATKiN, gent., son and heir. Bur. = Joan. 
4 Mch. 1618/9, ^t Sellack. In 1619 he is said Living 
to have sold estate in Sellack containing in 
Baysham Court to Rowland Scudamore, 1623, a 
Esq., of Cradock, brother of Sir John vyidow. 
SctTOAMORE of Holm Lacy. 

2. Wi 

illiam Gwatkin. 
To whom his father 
left a yearly rent 
out of the manor 
of Tretyre. 

3. Nicholas Gwatkin. 

Grace. " Of four-score 
and some years of age." 
Bur. II April 1664, at 





&wa(^in of (^ixc^mia. 

Charles Gwatkin, of Bedford County, Virginia. Died before = Calloway. 

1820. Probably settled in Virginia end of eighteenth century. 

Kitty. Edward Gwatkin Thorpe. = James Gwatkin. == Otey. 

1st wife. Died 1820. I 2nd wife. 

Charles Gwatkin, dry- 
goods merchant. In 1850 
he removed from Bedford 
to Richmond, Virginia. 
Died 1867, aged 52. 

Elizabeth. Richard Catherine. James 

Gwatkin. Gwatkin. 

James Gwatkin. Of New = . . . . " My wife is 8th 
York in 1887. in descent from Rolph 

and Pocahontas." 



Abayton, Syble 12 

Abrahall 1 1 ; George 13, 85 ; John 1 3 ; 

Margaret 1 2 ; Rosse 5 ; William 5 
Abridg, alias Bridge, Rychard 12, 13 
Addice, Addis, Addys, Ad is, James 18, 

22; John 10; Mary 22, 23, 25, 52, 58; 

Nicholas 9; Philipp 22, 23, 84 
Agllm, see Gillim 
Alderne, Thomas 27 
Almond, Thomas 67 
Amynde, Johan i'i;see Mynde 
Andrews, Dummer 23, 34; Susanna 34 
"Andromache " 30 
Androwes, Thomas 1 3 
Atkyns, Anne 71 ; Elizabeth 71 ; George 

71 ; Jane 71 ; John 71 ; Mary 71 ; Susan 

71 ; Thomas 71 
Atwells, Richard 64 
Atwood, Sally 31 
Aubrey, WiUiam 61 
Au..ny, SibillasS 
Austin, Anthony 41 ; Isaac 41 
AwooD, Rycharde 12 

Aylesbury, 1 1 

Ayleway, John n 
Atshe, 8 

Badam, John 1 2 

Bailey, Mary 29 

Baker, John 1 2 ; Sampson 24 

Ballard, EUz. 44; alias Bullard, John 

Balleulke, James 72 
Barlow, Judith 32 
Barott, James 5 
Barrell, Anne 76; James 77; Jane 76; 

Joseph, 76; Richard 76; Sarah 76; 

William 76 
Barun, Henry 46 
Barwell, Johni2 
Baskerville, Gwenlyan 5; Thomas 59; 

Walter 12, 59 
Baynton, Nancy 76 
Beard, John 34 
Beavan, Bevan, Boffin, Edward 41; 

Evan 53; John 76; Mary 29; Mrs 31; 

Sarah 41 
Beeson, Elizabeth 76; Thomas 76 

Bennett, John 12, 56; Elizabeth 8; James 

8; William 61, 73 
Berrow, Ehzabeth 67; William 55 

Besse, 26 

Beveis, Thomas 73 
Biggs, Catherine 56; Francis 56 
Bird, Mary 50; Sarah 95 
BiRT, James 47 

Blackford, 90 

Blake, Blakie, James 45 

Blome, Richard 3 

Boldock, Thomas 72 

Bolster, Anne 86; Richard 86 

BooTHE, Martha 88 

Bos WELL, James 25 

Boucher, Jonathan 39, 40 

Brace, John 52; Margaret 54; Thomas 

Bradbury, John Buckley 86 
Bradstock, Mr 42 
Brawnstan, John 46 
Bridge, see Abridg 
Briscoe, Robert 64, 65 
Brocke, Lucy 87; Thomas 87 
Bromeage, Rycharde 12 
Bromfield, William 32 
Bromwith, Isaac, 24 
Browne, Ralfe 5; Richards 9; Thomas 

Bryant, A. J. C. vi 
Bull, Henry Graves 57, 59; John ^6; 

Jane 76; J. C. vi 
BuLMER, W., & Co. 36 
Bulstrode, Whitelocke 32 
BuRFiELD, John 62 ; Mary 62 
BuRGHiLL, Rowland 61 
Byghan, Griffith de le Koyed, 4 
Byron, Lord 34 

Caldwell, Frances 82 ; Tracey 82 
Caldycott, John 1 2 

Calloway, 91 

Caractacus vi 
Carey, Sampson 41 
Carold, David 5 
Carver, Thomas 30 
Carwardine, Mrs 10 
Caryer, Johni2, 13 



Cesar, Thomas 14 

Chandos, Robert 46 

Cheney, Richard 32 

CHyNNE,CHYNNER, " Water "13; WiUiam 

Clapham, Claxham, Haxham, Elizabeth 

66, 67 ; Thomas 66 
Clapton, James 12 
Clarcke, Richard 13 
Clark, James 50; Thomas 27 
Cocks, Cockes, Cox, Coxe, Richarde 13, 

14, 15; Roger IS 
Coghlan, John 55 
Collins, Jas. 54 
CoLWiLL, Arthur 64 
Colyer, James 13 
Cook, Cooke, ii, 61; John 75, 81 
Cooper, John 52 
Cove, Morgan 44, 52, 88, 89 
CowLEs, Margaret 70 
Crisp, Fred. A. 9 
Crooke, John48 
CuRLE, see Kyrle 
Cycyll, Sycyll, Alis, 5, 6; William 

Thomas 4 ; see also Saysell 


David, James 7 ; William 3 

Davis, Davies, Davyes, John 12, 29, 69, 

70 ; Henry 47 
Davy, John James 4 
Deverell, John 55 ; Rachael 44, 55 
Dicary, Humphrey 61 
DoBYNs, Rycharde 12 
DowDiNG, Sible 21 ; Thomas 10, 21 
Downs, Betty 31 
Drew, John 20, 70; Samuel 27; Sarah 20; 

Thomas 20 
Drummond, Catherine 37; John 36; 

William 36, 37, 40 
DucKHAM, Thomas 60 
Ducksworth, Ann 76 
Duffell, Richard 46 
DuMMER 34; " M." 34; Susanna 34; 

Thomas 34; Thomas Lee 34; William 

DUNCUMB vi, 1 1, 28, 48, 60, 61 
DuNMORE, Lord 39, 41, 43 
Dyer, Elizabeth 64; William 64 

EcKLEY, Mary 33, 34, 35, 38; John 34, 35 

Edmondson 44 

Elcock, Margaret 17, 23 

Elton, Peter 61 

Evan alias Jevan, Evans, Evon, J. F. 
76; John 47; Richard Thomas 6; 
Tefer 12; Thomas Llewellyn 6; Wat- 
kin Welyn David 6; William Phipe 4 

EwYAS, Robert de 46 

EviTYNS, John 67 

Farmer, Robert 86 
Farrincton, Mary 77; John 77 
Fewtrell, Benedicta 75; Hester 75; 

Margaret 75; Mary 75; Thomas 75; 

Sarah 75 
Field, William 55 ; Thos 50 
Fincastle, Lord 29, 39 
Fisher 27; Shusan 74 
FooTE, James 26, 86; Joyce 73; Rebecca 

28, 29, 30, 31 
Ford, Henry 47 
Foster 33, 57; Thomas 63 
Fox, Dan 68 
Freeman, Fra. 55 
Frewyn, John 1 3 
Furney, Robert 59 

Gale, Ralph 66, 67 

Gam, Davy v, vi 

Gamond, Thomas 12 

Gardner, Catherine 68 

Gery, John 58 

GiBBS, Margaret 34 

Glendower, Glyndwr, Owen v 

Goodman 31; Anne 46, 86; James, 46; 
Joseph 46, 86 ; Sarah 46 

Gordon, Patricius 47 

GouGHE, Johni3 

GowER, Ri. 27 

Gratorix, Daniel 23 

Gravatt, Richard 39 

Graves, Anne 6, 45, 86; Charles 45, 46 
Charles Edward 87; Frederic 45, 46 
Ellen, or Helen 45, 46; Henry 45, 46^ 
86; Isabella 45, 46; James, 45, 46 
John 45, 46; Mr 34; Mary 46 
Sarah 46 

Greene, John 16, 24; Edith 16, 24 

Gregory id; Frances 47; Robert 10, 46, 
47; William 17, 19, 20, 24 

Griff, John ap 5 



Griffith, Griffiths, Anne 49; Charles 
25; John ap I; John 3; Richard 49, 
Rowland 12 

Griffitts, Richard 49 

GuNTEE, James l ; Thomas 76 

Guillim alias A'glim G'll'm, Gillam, 
GwiLLYM, Gwyll'm, Alyce 62; Anne 
62; Blanche 62; David 62; Edward 69; 
Jane, Joan, Johan 62, 89; John 12, 62, 
67; Katherine 62; Mary 62; Roger 62; 
Sibell 62 ; Thomas 62 ; William 62 


KEN, Watkyn, Watkin, Alice, Alls, 
Ales 3, 49, so, 52, 53, 55, 67, 68, 70, 
79, 80; Ann, Anne, Anna 9, 11, 17, 22, 
23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 42, 43, 45, 48, so, 52, 

53, 58, 64, 65, 69, 70, 73, 74, 79, 80, 81, 
82, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90; ArabeOa 
30, 31, 87; Arnold 57; Arthur 9, 10, 11, 

18, 19, 23, 85; Benedicta 69, 75, 81; 
Benjamin 56; Blanch 12, 13, 14, 85; 
Bridget, 62; Catherine see Katherine; 
Charles 62, 76, 91 ; Charlotte Ann 55 ; 
Clancy 87; David 4, 6, 7, 78; Dorothy 
52, 88; Edmund, Edmond 54, 74, 81, 
89; Edward (Ned) 44, 54, 55, 58, 78, 
87, 88, 89, 91 ; Eleanor, EHanor 21, 22, 

54, 79, 80, 88, 89; Elizabeth 9, 10, 11, 
56, 58, 62, 66, 6j, 69, 70, 73, 78, 79, 80, 
81, 82, 84, 88, 89, 90, 91; Ellyn 86; 
Ethel Ruth 87; Floris 82; Frances 10, 
85; Francis 10, 11, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 
22, 47, 48, 80, 84, 85, 86, 87; George 
5; Grace 58, 90; Griffith 7, 79; Harry 
John 5; Hannah 49, 66; Helen I; 
Henry 42, 67, 68, 69, 79, 80, 87; 
Hester j6, 77, 82; Howell 6; Hugh 65, 
66, 67, 78; Isabella 50, 82; James, 
Jacobus I, 3, 7, 9, 67, 78, 91 ; Jane I, 3, 
30, 40, 42, 50, 51, 58, 66, 79, 86, 90; 
Jenkyn 4; Joan 9, 60, 61, 63, 65, 90; 
John 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, II, 12, 13, 15, 

19, 23, 26, 28, 30, 31, 35, 36, 38, 39, 
50, 51, 52, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 
62, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 
78, 79, 80, 81, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90; 
Joseph 75, 81; Joyce 53, 89; Julianna 
52; Katherine, Katheryne, Catherine 
10, II, 13, 67, 85, 86, 91 ; Kathleen 87; 
Kitty 91; Lewis John 5, 6; Lucy 76, 
87; Lettice 49; Margaret i, 3, 5, 7, 10, 
12, 17, 24, 27, 85, 86; Margery ll, 53, 

89; Martha 9, 54, 74, 80, 81, 82, 84, 
88, 89; Mary, Maria 3, 9, 10, II, 14, 15, 

22, 24, 25, 48, 49, 50, 52, 55, 58, 65, 66, 

73. 74> 79. 80, 81, 84, 85, 88, 89, 90; 
Matilda 57; Meredith I; Morice 69; 
Nevile iii; Nicholas 58, 90; Owen I, 2; 
Paul 87; Peter 54, 89; Philip, Phelipp, 
7. 58, 70, 80, 82, 90; Rachael 55; 
Rebecca 10, 11, 26, 30, 33, 35, 39, 78, 
86; Richard 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 

23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32, 35, 36, 40, 42, 43, 
44. 45. 48. 49. 52, 53. 54. 61, 62, 67, 70, 
79, 80, 81, 84, 86, 87, 88, 89, 91; 
Robert 4; Robert Lovell 44, 45, 55; 
Roger, 62, 79; Ross 28, 35, 87; Samuel 
57, 88; Sarah 52, 55, 66; Sible, Sybell, 
Syble 10, 59, 79, 82; Susan, Shusan, 
Susanna 10, 18, 20, 21, 48, 55, 70, 71, 
72, 73, 80, 85 ; Thomas i, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 
II, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 
27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 
38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46, 48, 50, 52, 
54. 55. 56, 57. 58, 59. 66, 67, 68, 69, 71, 
72, 73, 74, 76, 78, 80, 8i, 82, 84, 86, 87, 
88, 89; Theophila 86; Veronica 86; 
Viola 86; Walter 52, 58, 62, 65, 70, 79, 
80; Watkyn I, 4, 6, 78; William 2, 9, 12, 
13, 14, 50, 52, 53, 54, 58, 61, 63, 64, 66, 

74, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80, 82, 84, 85, 88, 90 


Gynny, alias Gunny, alias King, John 
68, 69; William 67 

Hadley, Mrs3i 

Hale, Matthew 34 

Hall, Elizabeth 73 ; James 73 ; John 54 

Harding, Hardinge, Hannah 72; Henry 

Hardwyck, William 1 3 
Harp, Thomas 62 

Harper, John 58 ; Nicholas 58 ; William 58 
Harris, Coningsby 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 85; 

Elizabeth 68, 69; James Lloyd 28; 

John 73, 75; Margery 68; Mary 73; 

Peter 73; Philip 73; Rebecca 73; 

Susan 76; Susanna 22; Thomas 73; 

William 68, 69 
Hart, John H. A. 86 
Haslam, Benjamin 45 ; Helen 45 
Hawkesworth, Peter 64 
Hawkins, Elizabeth 85; John 25, 85; 

John Sidney 26; Letitia Matilda 26 



Havard vi; Anne 13, 1 6, 24; Elizabeth 9, 
25; James 35; Johan 13; John 13, 16, 
23, 24; Syble 13; William 9, 13, 14, 15, 

Heath, Lizan 29; Richard 29 

Hennessy 33 

Herbert, Charles 8 

Hereford, John 17, 23 

HiGGiNs, Edward 64 

HiGGS, William 67, 79 

Hill, Hyll, " Dorathey " 64; Joan 64; 
Moore 64; Richard 49; William 13, 61 

Hilp, John 64 

HiNTON, John 61 

Hodges, William 13 

Holder, Charles 55 ; Hester 55 

Holmes, Homes, Francis 15; J. 74; 
Thomas 10 

Hooper, George 77; John 50 

HoPER alias Hopper, Ms 3; Jhone 11 ; 
John 3 ; Katerin 3 ; Phehp 6 ; WiUiam 6 


HosKiN, Richard 15 

HoTHANY, HoTHENY, Hugh 4; Thomason 

Howell, John ap 3 ; Hugh ap 3 ; Richard 3 
HowsEYs, Robert 46 
HucKs, Thomas 12 
Hughes, Jno 75 
Hulings, Ann 76; Thomas 76 
Hullye, Thomas 12 

Iles, Thomas 59 
Inge, John 32 
Ingram, Anthony 58 
Innes, D. 40 
Ireland, James 15 

James, Alice 3; George 7; Hoell 7; 
Isabell 3; Johan 7; John 3; Robarte 
12; Waillyon 3; Walter 15, 16; William 

Jefferson, 41 

Jenkins, Jankyn, Jenkyns, Jonkyn, 
Anne 4; Cycyll 4; David 4; David 
John 3; Isabell 4; Margaret 4; Miles 3; 
Thomas 12 

Jenkinson, Tho. 75 

Jenn, Joan 4; Philipp 40; William 4 

Jevans, see Evans 

John, Davyd 3; Helen 7; John 5 ; Mawde 

Johns, Philippe 5 

Johnson, Peter 14; Samuel 25, 26, 85; 
Wm 29 

Jones, Anne 70, 89; Dr 44; Edward 47 
Elizabeth 81; George 18; Gilbert 31, 
35 ; Henry 1 5 ; James Cove 89 ; Jane 81 
Joane 16; John 47, 81, 89; Louisa 89 
Martha 35; Mary 74; Michael 56; 
Mr 27; Richard 49, 50, 70, 81; 
"Sister" 27; Susan 16; Thomas 16, 
89; William 72; " W." 40 

Kennett, Thomas 32 

Keyse,J. 51 

KiDLEY, Eleanor 20, 85; Elizabeth 48; 
"Jacobus" 48; John 13, 17, 19, 20, 

King, Kynge, William de 46; John 46 

KiRKE, see WiRKs 

Knight, Ahce 59; Ann 20, 44; Christo- 
pher 20, 85; Elizabeth 20; Mary 59; 
Thomas 59; Walter zo; William 20 

Kyfte, Thomas 1 3 

Kyrle, John 1 1 ; Robert 1 1 ; William 1 1 

Kyte, Rycharde 12 

Lane, William 47 

Lanwarne, Thomas 18, 85 

Lawrence, Morgan 4 

Lechmere, Mr 16, 24; Nicholas 18; 
Scudamor 15 ; Thomas 61 

LEGAvra, Lawrence 32 

Lewis, Lewys, Ann 29; Richard lo; 
Thomas 53; wm. 23 

Ley, Leigh, Christopher 24; Elizabeth 
33; Martha 32; Mary 33, 34, 35, 78; 
Mr 38; Rebecca 32, 33, 86; Richard 
Henry 41 ; Robert 32; Rosse 32, 33, 34, 
78, 86; " Sir I." 34; Sarah, 32; Thomas 
32, 33. 34. 78, 86; WiUiam 33, 34 

LiMBRICKE, John 64 

Llewellyn, Llns, David ap. vi; Phe. 3; 
Thomas Phelipp 7 

Lloyd, Morgan i, 3; Walter 2 

LoRRiMER, Lorymer, Edward 70; Wil- 
liam 13,70,80 

Love, Thomas 12 

LovELL, WUham 1 3 

LoviBOND, Henry 32 



Lyncke, Richard 4 

Madyestone, Ralphe de, 60 
Mainwaring, Jemima id; Joseph 76 
Mallett, William, 64 
Manfield, John 24; Thomas 18, 24, 25 
Mann, George 49; William 70 
Marlborough, John, Duke of, 33 
Marrett, Frances 59; Thomas 59, 79; 

cj. Mallett 
Mason, Giles 13 
Massey, Col. 22, 84 
Matthews, Canon 47 

Maylard, 27 

Mayo, Mayos, Mayho, Maid 2; Anne 

so; John 12, 50, 51; Mrs v; Richard 

12; Roger i3;Thomas 2, 12, 13, 50, 51; 

Walter 50, 76, 77, 81 ; William 50 
Mead, John 48 
Meadmore, Medmore, Anne 75, 81 ; 

Charles 56; Thomas 75, 76, 81 
Meek, James 29 ; Walter $ i 
Mercer, Walter 13 
Meredith, Hugh i 
Merricke, "Jacobum" 9; Aristarchus 

75, 81 
MiDDLETON, Anne 42, 86; Edward 42, 

86; Sarah 42, 86 
Midwinter, Dan 34 

Milton, 34 

Milward 23; Robert 24; William 24 
Mitchell, Margaret 26 
Montague, Duke of 34, 53 
Moore, Thomas 35 ; William 73 
Morgan, David William 3; Henry I, 2; 

Hugh 47; Thomas 2, 76; Walter 2; 

Wilham 25 
Morse, Elizabeth 58; R. E. 15; Thos 53 
Morton, Thomas 12 
MuLLiNER, Anne 46 
MuNSEY, William 47 
Murray, Alexander 39; George 39 
MtTTLOWE, John 1 3 
Mynde, Margaret 49; Thomas 73; W. 


Nanfan, William 8 

Neve, Titus 70 

NicHOLLs, Nycholls 33; John 13; 

Thomas 1 3 
North, Ruth 65 ; Wilham 64, 65 

Norton, Robert 12 

NouRSE, NousE, Sarah 59; WiUiam 59 

Ollyver, John 64 
Osborne, Richard 50 
Otey, Miss 91 

Packer, John 54 

Paine, Tobias 21 ; William 21 

Palmer, Amelia 87; Henry 87; Theophila 

v;Wm 56; Walter 56 
Parbury, Arabella 26, 30, 87; George 31 ; 

Mrs 38 
Parlor, Elizabeth 53, 88 
Parry, Ann 82 ; Edward 75 ; Thomas 82 
Partridge, Alles 53 
Pearce, Pierce, Elizabeth 73, 80; Mary 

73; Richard 15; Susan 73; Thomas 12, 

73; William 64, 73 
Rearing, Richard 69 
Pendlebury, Anne 50; John 50; John 

Sparry 50 
Perkyns, William 13 
Phillips 86; Alice 48; Anne 25, 46, 47; 

Elizabeth 29; John 12; Nathaniel 33, 

34, 35; Richard 52; Robert 25, 47, 85; 

Sarah 29; Thomas 10; William 25, 47, 

Philpotts, Phellpotts, Phillpotts vii; 

Elizabeth 9, 26, 58 John 16, 61; 

William 63 
Phot, James 4; Jenn 4 
Pocahontas 91 
PoEL, Robert 62 ; see Plowe 
Points, Robert 64 
PovraLL, Abraham 13; Alice 13; Ann 75; 

James 16; John 13 
PovTOR, Nicholas 64 
Powis vi 
PowLE, Benjamin 42; George 42; James 

42; Jane 31, 40, 42, 86; John 40, 41, 42, 

78, 86; Sarah 42 
Preece, Hannah 31 
Price, Ann 29; Elizabeth 77; Eustace 79; 

James 49, 50; John 50, 77; Lettice 49; 

Mary, 76, 77; Robert 77; Susan 77; 

Thomas 27, 29, 77; Walter 75, 76, 77; 

William 76 
Prigg, Sam. 54 
Pritchard, Prichard, Anna 26, 35, 87; 

James 29, 49; John 49 



Probert, Eleanor 76 

Prosser, Robert 48 

Pryor, Willyam 12 

Purchase, Miss 29; Nathaniel 29 

Pye, Letitia 29; Roger 70; Walter 70 

Quilter, Thomas 73 

Randolph, John 41 

Rathill, Isabella 45 ; Robert 45 

Ravenhill, Anne 23; Herbert 23, 84; 

James 61 
Rawlins, Rawlyns, Hugh 3; Valentine 

Rees, Elizabeth 13 ; William 14 
Reynolds, Joshua v, 52 
Rice, Wilkin John 5, 12 
Richards, Mary 77 
RiDEouT, Ann (Hanna) 48, 49, 50, 81 ; 

Mary 50 ; Richard 48, 49, 50, 81 
Riley, John 46 
RoBASON, Joan 59; Richard 59 
Robinson, Charles 33, 59, 60, 89 
Rogers, Charles 32, 34; John 54, 67; 

L. Dummer 34; Gwalter 4(7 
RoLPH 91 
Rose, J. P. 46 
Ross, WiU'm 3 
Rosser, Margaret 7 
Russell, George 15; Robert 13; WiUiam 


Sadler, Arthur 30, 38 

Sais, Einion vi 

Sandford, Ann 74 

Saysell, Seysell, John 75, 81 ; Mary, 75, 


Scott, 25 

Scudamore II ; Barnabas 69; Christopher 

59; Elizabeth 19; Hugh 59; James 58, 

59, 60; Johan 13; John 17, 18, 19, 46, 
52, 59, 60, 69, 85, 89, 90; Margaret 69; 
Robert 69; Richard 13; Rowland 58, 

60, 61, 90; William 46, 57, 59, 6i, 63 
Serjeant, Serjaunt, Sergeant, Sargent, 

Sarjaunt, Edward 70; Elizabeth 49, 
50, 81; John 50; Richard 49, 50; 
Thomas 49; William 12, 13, 14, 85 
Seward, Abraham 9, 16, 26, 27, 82, 84; 
Charles 27; Elizabeth 26; Isaac 16, 25, 
27; Joan 27; Rebecca 26, 84; Samuel 27 

Sewer, Thomas 31, 38 

Seymors, Thomas 53 

Shayle, Thomas 12 

Sheffield, Will. 10 

Shephard, Thomas 12 

Sherbourne, WiUiam 47 

Sherwood, George vi 

Shewill, Mrs 33 

Shrowsbury, WiUiam 34 

Simpkinson, Ro. 75 

Skynner, Ste. 27 

Skyrme, Joyce 50; WiUiam 50 

Slade, John 29, 30; Mr 31 

Smith, Smythe, EHzabeth 81 ; Gwenllyan 

1 3 ; Jonathan 50 ; John 9 
Sparry, Katheryne 15; Margaret 49; 

Mary 49; Thomas 49; WiUiam 15, 49 
Sponghe, Matthew 63 
Spurr, Ann 57 
Stanhope, E. Scudamore 59, 60 

Stapylton, 47 

Steel, Catherine 29, 30; John 30; Samuel 

Stewart, George 37 
Stidson, WiUiam 55 
Storer, Peter 25 
Sycyll, see Cycyll 
Syer, John 56 
Symonds, Edward 20: EHzabeth 20 

Tacitus vi 

Tanner, Henry 46; Roger 12 

Tarner, Edward 61 

Tarrant, Robert 32 

Tayler, Thomas 64 

Taylor, Dorothy 17, 19; Edmond 8; 

John 13, 19; Mary 74; Richard 12; 
Thomas 13; HoweU 13; John 13; Kitty 

31; Llus John 3; Meredyth 4; Robert 

1 3 ; WiUiam 76 
Thorpe 91 ; George 45 ; Thomas 45 
Thurston, Edward 64; Jane 64; Judith 64 
Tompkins, EH 53 
TowNSENDE, John 12; Willyam 12 
Trappin, Susan 70, 71 
Trigg, Ann 29 
Troy, William 46 
Tullarton, George 72 
Tully, An 73, 74; Joseph 76, 77 
Turner, Turnour, Turnor, Robert, 13; 

Walter 12,13; WiUyam 1 2 
Tyler, Thomas 46 



Underwood, Thomas 47 
Unett, Richard 61 

Vacor, Dygethy 10 ; Reynald David 10 
Vaughan, Joan 53; Richard 28; Roger v 
Vearie, Robert 69 
Vernoll, Will. 10, 15 
Vickers, William 58 

Wainwright, 27 

Wale, Fanny Lucretia, vi 

Walker, Anthony 68 

Wallis, Ann 51; James 29; Martha 29; 

Nathaniel 29; Thomas 29 
Walwyn, Christopher 46; Richard 61 
Wathen, James 29 
Weaver, Alice 48; Anne 48; John 15; 

Richard 48 ; Thomas 67 
Webb, Edward 68; John 22, 61, 62, 71 
Webbe, Robert 14; William 13 
West, Thomas 9, 47 
White, Stephen 55 
Wilcox, Eleanor 50; Elizabeth 50; John 

50, 74; Mary 50 
Wilkins, Susanna 34 

Wilkinson, John 33, 43 ; Mary 56 
Willis, Wyllys, Robert 12; Thomas 16 
Williams, alias Will'm; Willim, alias 

William, Alice 67, 68; Ann 74, 75, 81; 

Edward 71, 72; EUzabeth 68, 74, 75; 

Francis 5 ; George 71 ; James 6j, Jl, 76, 

81 ; James ap Powell 6; Johan 3; John 

77; Margaret 4; Mary 67, 74, 75, 81; 

Richard 70, 71 ; Susan 72; Thomas 56, 

72 ; William 67 
Will YE, James 4; John ap John David 4; 

William 4 
Winniatt, Edward 61 
Winston, Wynston, Elizabeth 56; 

Thomas 4 
Winter, John 25, 84; Mary 25 
WiRKs (or Kirke), John 21 ; Judith 21 
Wood, John 14; Mary 32 
WooDHOusE, Era. 18, 24; Ja. 50 
Woodward, Rychard 12 
WooTON, William de 46 
Wormington, J. 10 
Wright, T. 36 
Wyngod, James 13 
YoRCKE, Willyam 12 
Younge, Elnor 1 3 ; John 1 3 


Abergavenny, alias Bergenny, Mon. I, 23 

Agincourt v 

Allensmore, Herefords. 27, 28, 29, 73, 76, 

Allington 29 
America v, 24, 40 

Arcop, alias Orcop, Herefords. 74, 76, 81 
Ashbourne, Derby 23, 24 
Ashford Carbonell 83 
Asia vi 

Aston, Herefords. 49 
Aysshe, Herefords. 12 

Bacton, Herefords. 69 

Ballingham, Herefords. 57, 59, 67 

Barrow-on-Soar, Leics. 40, 42, 43, 86, 87 

Baysham, Herefords. 58, 60, 78, 90 

Bedford County, Virginia, 91 

Berkshire 40, 87 

Birch, Little, Herefords. 56, 57, 68, 69, 79, 

Birch, Much, Herefords. 56 
Binfield, Berks. 87 
Bishopsgate, Middlesex 32, 86 
Bolton 59 

Bournemouth, Sussex 86 
Bracknell, Berks. 87 
Bradwardine, Herefords. 3, 79 
Brampton Abbotts, Herefords. 22, 48, 49, 

58, 79, 80, 81, 84 
Brecon i, 5, 6, 44, 78, 82, 83 
Bridstowe, Herefords. v, 8, 42, 51, 58, 60, 

Brighton, Sussex v 
Bristol44, 52, 54, 55, 78 
Brockhampton, Herefords. 14 
Bromptons Busshe 12 
Brumpton Row, Middlesex 41 
Bullingham, alias Bullinghope, Herefords. 

Bullingham, Lower, Herefords. 76, y^, 83, 

Capla HiU, Fownhope 18 
Caple, Herefords. 12, 31 
Caple How, or Hugh, Herefords. 1 1, 1 2, 1 3, 

14, 78, 79, 84 
Caple Regis (King's Caple), Herefords. 58, 

59. 63, 79 
Childerstone 58 
Choulsey, Berks. 40, 86 
Clehonger, Herefords. 28, 40, 69, 86, 87 
Clifford 79 
Cork, County 86 
Cornwall vi, 44 

Cowarne, Much, Herefords. 79 
Cradock, Herefords. 60, 90 
Crawley, Sussex 86 
Crickhowell, Coughoell, Brecon 6, 44, 45, 


Dewchurch, Little, Herefords. 78, 81 
Dewchurch Magna, Herefords. 50, 51 
68, 69, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75, 77, 79, 80, 
Dewsall, Herefords. 50, 74, 78, 82 
Dindor, Herefords. 76 
Dulwich 86 
Dunmore Park 41 
Durham 47 

Edinburgh 38, 87 
Essex 45, 48, 86 
Europe vi 
Ewias Harold, Herefords. 5 

Fawley, Little, Herefords. 13, 15, 48, 50, 

Fawley, Much, Herefords. 12, 13, 15 
Fownhope, Herefords. 2, 6, 9, 10,11,12, 14, 

15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 

27, 28, 29, 30, 35, 37, 46, 47, 78, 80, 81, 

84, 85, 86, 87 
Foy, Herefords. 58, 60, 78 
France vi 

Calberow2, 13 
Callow 74 
Cambridge 42, 43, 44, 


Garwaye, Herefords. 4, 78 
Glantane, Cork 86 


Gloucesteri, 51, 56,63 
Gloucestershire 28, 29, 56, 78, 
Grantham, Lines. 45 
Grossmonde, Mon. 7 
Guernsey 87 
GunsmiUs, Glos. 56 
Gurlodvawr, Mon. 2 

Hackney, Middlesex 32, 33, 35, 39, 78 

Handsworth, Staffs. 76 

Hentland, Herefords. 76 

Hereford 12, 15, 17, 18, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 

29, 30, 41, 42, 43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49, so, 

51, 52, S4> S6, 58, 60, 65, 69, 73, 74, 75, 

77, 78, 82, 84, 85, 86, 88 
Hereford, Little, Herefords. 83 
Herefordshire 3, 4, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 

27> 35, 4o> 49> So> 54, 5^, 59, 61, 62, 63, 

67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 78, 85, 86, 88 
Holloway, Middlesex 45 
Holme Lacey,Herefords. 17, 23, 57, 60, 80, 

Hope SoUers, Solerschope, Herefords. 12, 

Horningsea, Cambs. 42 
How Caple, see Caple 
Huntington, Herefords. 79, 82 

Ilford,Essex45, 86 

Ireland 86 

Islington, Middlesex 45, 46 

Kaer Lyon 3 

Kentchurch, Herefords. 56, 59, 60 
Kilpeck, Herefords. 72, 74, 80 
King's Caple, see Caple 
Kingsland, Herefords. 12 
Kington, Herefords. 28 
Kintbury, Berks. 86, 87 

Lancing, Sussex 86 

Landaf 3 

Langeynon, Brecon 6 

Langstone, Herefords. 89 

Lanlase, Mon. 2 

Lantheseringe 3 

Lanwarne, Herefords. 54, 56, 58, 72, 

Ledbury, Herefords. 85 

Leicestershire 40, 42 

Leominster, Herefords. 48, 54, 67, 88 

Lincoln 5 

Linton, Herefords. 49 

Liverpool 87 

Llanbedr-Istradwy, Brecon 5, 6 

Llandinabo, Herefords. 44 

Llangadog, Langatog, Brecon I, 9 

Llangarren, Herefords. 44, 52, 62, 76, 77, 

Llanthewy Rythergh, Monmouth 3, 78 

Llanvihangel, Mon. 5 

Llanwenarthe, Mon. I, 2, 3 

Logie Almond 37 

Lombardstown, Cork 86 

London 25, 31, 64, 65, (>(>, 68, 72, 78; 
Berkley St, Portman Square 41 ; Budge 
Row, Cannon St 46; Carpenter's Co. 
32; Charterhouse 33; Cheapside 33, 35; 
Devonshire Square, Bishopsgate 32; 
Duck Lane 34; Fleet St 30, 35, 36, 38, 
39, 66, 68, 78; Gutter Lane 46; Mino- 
ries 33; Mountmill 32; Piccadilly 37; 
Portugal St, Grosvenor Square 37; 
St Bartholomew's Hospital 32; St 
Bridgett or St Bride's, Fleet St 66, 68, 
78; St Catherine's near the Tower 33; 
St Dunstan's,Stepney 73; St Leonard's, 
Shoreditch 78, 86; St Matthew's, Fri- 
day St 33, 78, 86; St Michael's, Crooked 
Lane 72; St Peter's, Eastcheap 33; 
Salisbury Court, Fleet St 30, 35, 36, 
38, 39, 78; Wellclose Green 33 

Lostwithiel, Cornw. 37 

Lugwardine, Herefords. 23, 84 

Lydney, Glos. 28 

Lyngell 62 

Madley, Herefords. 69 

Marston, Herefords. 75 

Massachusetts 34 

Mathfield, Staffs, 24 

Middlesex 32, 33, 35, 39, 41, 45, 73, 78, 

Monmouth I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 70, 78 
Moonesley 12 
Moreton-on-Lugg 83 
Much Marcle, Herefords. 11, 50 
Mynd (the), Herefords. 70 

Naples 37 


Nash Hill, Fownhope 50 
Newbury, Berks. 87 
Newent, Glos. 23 
Newland, Glos. 29 
New York 91 

Northamptonshire 46, 86 
Norwich 87 

Orcop, see Arcop 

Over Rosse, Herefords. 12 

Oxford 16, 27, 33, 37, 39, 43, 86, 87 

Paddington Green, Middlesex 89 

Pembroke 5, 78 

Pencoyd, Herefords. 44, 52, 53, 54, 56, 62, 

79, 80, 82, 88, 89 
PenhedeU, Mon. 6 

Pershore, Worcs. 42 ^ 

Perth 37 

Pontriles, Herefords. 12 
Powis vi 
Pyrenees vii 

Somerset 56 

Southampton 33, 34 

South Stoneham 33 

Southwark, Surrey 87 

Spain vi, 87 

'Staverton, Northants 46, 86 

Stepney, Middlesex 73, 78 

Stockpole (StrapoU), Pembroke 5, 78 

Stoke, Herefords. 69 

Sussex 86 

Taunton, Somerset 56 

Thornbury, Glos. 62, 78 

Thruxton 25 

Torquay 42, 43, 86 

Tretire, alias Retyre, alias Reedhyre, 

Herefords. 58, 59, 60, 90 
Twickenham y 
Tymbe 5 

Upton Bishop, Herefords. 12, 14 
Uske, Mon. 4 

Ratchffe, Middlesex 73, 78 

Rathdrum, Wicklow 86 

Reddynge Ende 1 2 

RivernoU, Herefords. 70 

Rockfield, Mon. 70 

Rockhampton, Glos. 64 

Rome 37 

Ross, Herefords. 11, 22, 29, 44, 49, 70, 

75, 80, 81, 84 
Rotherhithe, Surrey, 38 

St David's I, 5 

St Mawr's 37 

Saynt Moughn 4 

Scotland 41 

Sedburgh 43 

Sellack, Herefords. 22, 58, 60, 61, 78, 79, 

Seville 87 

Shoreditch, Middlesex 78, 86 
Skenfrith 4 

Virginia, U.S.A. 38, 39, 40, 41, 43, 

Wales vi 

Walford, Herefords. 12 

Wellington, Somerset 42 

Weston, Herefords. 14 

Whiteokesende 12 

Wicklow 86 

Wilhamsburg, Virginia 39, 40, 43 

Wilton, Wylton, Herefords. 12 

Woolhope, Herefords. 12, 43, 47, 82 

Wootton-under-Edge, Glos. 41, 42, 78, 86 

Worcester 12, 58,76 

Wormelow, Herefords. 59, 60 

Worthing, Sussex 42 

Wye 1 1 

YarkiU, Herefords. 74, i 
Yatton 12, 13 
Yorkshire 46 


Ambassador 37 
Apothecary 35 
Artist 42 
Attorney 25, 39 
Author 25, 85 


Keeper of the Wardrobe 34 

Lawyer 30 
Lecturer 87 

Baker 26, i 
Banker 39 

Carpenter 73 

Clerk in Holy Orders i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 

13, 25, 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 35, 39, 40, 42, 

46, 49. SI. 52, 57. 60, 6j, 69, 85, 86i 

Colonel 22, 84 
Cooper 16; Wine cooper 54 
Cordwainer, Corviser (Shoemaker) 15, 

Cotton broker 46 

Manufacturer (sewing silks) 40 
Mariner 72, 73 
M.P. 36, 40 
Mercer 33, 35 
Merchant (wine) 25, 85 
Miller 31 

Notary 5, 14,15,29 

Pinmaker 25 
Printer 34, 37 
Professor 39, 86, 87 

Distiller 49, 50 
Doctor 44, 86 
Dry goods merchant 91 
Dyer (silk) 42 

Editor 57 

Farmer 27 
Feltmaker 78 

Gingerbread baker 29 
Glover 49 
Governor 34, 41, 43 
Grocer 49 

Schoolmaster 86 

Schoolmistress 87 

Seaman 25, 85 

Servant 4, 13, 15,32,39 

Skinner 76 

Solicitor 26, 32, 86, 87 

Sope boyler, Sopemaker 54, 55 

Surgeon 41, 78, 86 

Tanner 24 
Undertaker 33 

Victualler 27 

Hatmaker 67, 68 
Husbandman 64 

Waggoner 77 
Weaver 29, 73 

Innkeeper 16, 

Yeoman 3, 15, 17, 18, 23, 48, 50, 51, 52, 
54, 56, 64, 68, 75, 82, 84, 88