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Full text of "Nouveau dictionnaire français-anglais et anglais-français"

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.^ r 




ioS6-81 — CoRiitiL. Typ. et stéf. de CnLiB. 





Nouvelle cdilioii, eiilièremeiit refondue 



la Prononciation figurée de tous les mots anglais 

£t augmeDlee des premiers élêaieuls de U Grammaire anglaise 









a, sm, an A> 

Af }>r. to,at, on, witb, in, into, 

wilhiD, about, according to,for, 

of, against, ly, after from. 
*! troisième pers. sing. of Ihe 

indic. of the v. avoir, to bave, 

bas. [caent. 

A-compte, sm. payement on ac- 
Abaisse, sf, under-crusl, in pas- 

Abaissemeut, sm, abascment; 

fall ; humbling; diminution. 
Abaisser, va, to abase; lower; 

* let down *; bumble. s' — vr. 

to ' fall ; • sink ; cringe , to 

tbaisseur, sm. dépressor. 
Abaloiirdir, va. to stupify. 
Abandon, sm, abandoning ; lew- 

Abandonne, sm, a, rake. 
Abandonné, e, a, aband0D6d; 

shameless, impudent. 
Abandonnée, sf, prostitute. 
Abaudonnemeut, sm. abando- 

ning -, giving up ; dereliction ; 

Abandonner, va, to * forsake ; 

•givi oYer^ ' leaïe off; doliver 

np ; • let loose ; désert : toglw 

up. s' — vr, indulge one's self; 

Abaque, sm. plinlh — top of a 

column. [slupify. 

Abasourdir, va. — to stun, ta 
Abatage , sm. the felling of 

trees, clearing. 
Abatani, sm, sbutler, flap. 
Abâtardir, va, to corrupt; tO 


S' — vr, to degenerate. 
Abâtardissement, sm, adulté- 
ration, degeneracy. 
Abatéc, sf. raar. falliijg aback. 
Abat-jour, sky-ligbt. 
Abattement, sm, déjection g 

faintnesâ, prostration. 
Abatteur, sm. a feller, a great 

dispalcher of business. 
Abattis, oITal ; defeat; giblets. 
Abattre, va. pull dowa; ab^te; 


S'— vr, ' fall down; despcnd. 
Abattu, e, a. afOicted ; dejected. 
Abattures, sf, foiling — deer'o 

h-ack. ' 

Abat-vent, jm. pent-bou9e Of & 

steey le ; wind screen. 

ABO ; 

Abat-voix, sm.the caoopy sbove 

a pulpit. [an atjbot. 

Abbulial, a. of or beloDgJDg to 
Abbaje, sf. abbey, convent. 
Abbé, sm. abbot. 
ftbbesse, sf. abbess, 
ftbcédcr, "n. to change into an 

>bcès, sm.abscess; imposihume. 
kbdalag, cm. a. Persian monk. 
abdication, sf. — lion, 
abdiquer, t)n.loabdicate,resign. 
abdomen, sni. abdomen. 
AJ>ductctir, a. S. — tor. 
Abduction, sf. — tion. 
Abécédaire, sm. a primer, a 

hornbook, a novice. 
Abécédaire, a. abecedary. 
Aberqiier, Abéquer, feed 
Abée, sf. dam ; bay. [a bird. 

Abeille, sf. a bee. 
Aberration, sf. — tion. 
Abêtir, va. et ?i. to stupify, to 

grow stupid. 
Ab hoc et Ab bac, at random. 
Abhorrer, va. to aLhor, detest. 
Abigeat, sm. catlle-robbery. 
Abject, te, a. abject, mean. 
Abjection, sf. — tion. 
Abîme, sm. aliyss, hell. chasm. 
Abtmer, va. to deslroy enlirely, 

S' — , vr. sink, decay. [to ruin. 
Ab-inlestat, abinlestate. 
Abjuration, sf. — tion* 
Abjurer, va. to abjure, renounce. 
Ablaciation, sf. the weaning of 

an inTant. 
Ablatif, sm. ablative. 
Ablégal, sm. ablegate. 
Abluer, va. to revive old wriling. 
Ablution, sf. — tion. 
Abnégation, — tion. 
Aboi, Aboiement, sm. barking. 
Altois, pi. point of deatb; at bay, 

extremity. [obliterale. 

Abolir, va. to aboHsb : annul : 

S' — vr. grow obsolète. 
Abolissemeni, sm .abolisbment. 
Abolition, sf, destruclion. — tion. 
Abominable, 2. a. exécrable, — 

Abomiiiiiblement. ad. — bly. 
Ah«tainalion, if, — tiOB. 


Abominer, va. to abominate i 

abbor, detest. 
Abondamment, a^/. abundanfiv. 
Abondance, sf. abundance, ful- 

ness plenly. — Avoir la c<irce 

d'abondance, to be lucky. 
Abondant, e, a. abundant, nlen- 
Abondcr, tJ?t. to abound. [tiluU 
Abonne, srii. a. subscribe. 
Abonnement, sm.. subscriptiont 
S'abonner, vT. to subscriber. 
Abonnir, I). to * improve. 

S' — , vr. to * grow better. 
Abonuisscment, sm.. amena* 

ment. [1') ; from the very tirst. 
Abord, sm.. access; ressort (dès 
D'abord, ad. forthwith, at first. 
Abord, ad : mar : on board. 
Abordable, 2. a accessible. 
Abordage, sm. boarding a "hip. 
Aborder, va. to accost; board, 

land ; altack; resort, [natives. 
Aborigènes, sm.. pi. — gines; 
Abornemeut, sm. the IJKing of 

bounds, boundary. 
Aborner, va. to * set tounda- 

ries, to limit. [successfui, 

Abortif, Te, a. abortive; un. 
Abouchement, sm. conrerence. 
Aboucher, va. to * bring per 

sons togelher; to confer. 
About, sm, end of a pièce of 

timber eut square and shel ving. 
Abouter, va. place end to end. 
Aboutir, vn. ta broak, to abut, 

to corne ta. end> 
Abouti8âaul,e,a. bordering,oi^ 
—,sm. abutment; abultat; limita 
Aboutissants, sm. pi. Ihe ends. 
Aboutissement, sm. ekingpie* 

ce; suppuration. 
AboT/ant, a. barking, baying. 
Aba;er, vtl. to bark. to bay dun 

a debtor. [cannot bile, 

— à la lune, to bark when ont 
Abojreur, syn. barker ; dun. 
Abraquer, va. mar. t^b-""»! anj 

rope inlo a ship. 
Abrasiou, sf. abracion, méd. 
Abrégé, abridgement, compen- 

dium. [viate. 

Abréger, va. to abridge ; abbra» 
Abreuver, va. to n&ler, soak. 


Abreuver {S'), vr. to drinlt pTen- 
tifully. [horsepond. 

Abreuvoir, sm. watering-place, 

Abrévîateur, sm. — tor. 

Abréviation, sf. — tion. 

Abri, sm. shelter, defence. 

Abricot, sm. apricot. 

Abricotc, sm. candied apricot. 

Abricotier, apricot-lree. 

Abriter, va. to shelter, toshade. 

Abrive, mar. pull. away. 

Abrlvent, sm. shelter fiom. 

Abrogation, sf. — lion. [wind. 

Abroger, va. abrogate, repeal, 

(brouti, e, a. nipped, browsed. 

Abroutigsement, sm. browsing. 

Abrupto (ex), out of hand. 

Abrutir, va, to besot to stupify. 
S' — , vr. to grow slupid. [u' ss. 

Abrutissemeut , sm. brutisb- 

Abscisse, sf. part of thé axis of 
a curve abscissa. 

Absence, sf, absence; missing. 

Absent, e, a. s. absent. [self. 

Absenter (S'), vr. to absent oue's 

Absinthe, sf. wormwood. 

Absolu, e, a, absolute; perem- 
ptory. [terly. 

Absolument, ad, absolutely; ut- 
Absolution, sf, — tion, pardon. 

Absolutoire, 2. a. absolutory. 

Absorbant, a, 8, absorbent. 

Absorber, va. to absorb; suck. 

Absorption, sf, — tion. 

Absoudre, vn. to absolve acquit. 

Absoute, sf, absolution, acquit- 

Abstème, 3. a. S, abstemîous. 

Abstenir ^S'), vr, to aLstain, re- 
frain, [cleansing. 

Abstergent, a, 8^ abstergent. 

Absterger, va, to cleanse a 
wound, abslerg'i. 

Abstersif, ve, a abstersivô. 

Abstersion, sf, — sion. 

Abstinente, — nence, fasting. 

Abstiueni, e, a. abstemious. 

Abstraction, sf, — tion. [tedly, 

Abstractivcment, ad. abstrac- 

Abstraire, va, to abstract. 

Abstrait, e, a. abstracled. 

Abstrus, e, a. abstruse, dark. 

Absurde, 2, absurd. 


Absurdemcnt, ad. absurdly. 
Absurdité, S. — dity 

Abus, sm. abuse; error; fraud. 
Abuser, va, to abuse; deceive, 

delude; misuse. 

S' — vr, to * misiuke. [ver, 
Abuseur, sm. seducer, decei^ 
Abusif, vo, a, abusive, deceilful. 
Abusiveuient, ad. abusively. 
Abutilon, sm. yellow marshmaU 
Acabit, quality, taste. [ioWi 

Acacia, acacia (a tree). 
Académicien, member of an 

Académie, sf, academy; gam 

Ing- table, or bouse; ridiiij 

Académique, 2. a, — mîcal. 
Académiqucmcut, ud, — cally. 
Acadcmiser, vil. to workafter a 

Acudcmiste, sm. academîst. 
Acagiiarder(^^),Vj\to gron slotb 
Acajou, sm. mahogany. [fui. 
Acanucé, e, a. thorny. [root. 
Aruntbe, sf. braok-ursine bear'a 
Acare, sm, — rus. handworm. 
Acariâtre, 3.(7. peevish, sullen> 
A cause de, c. on accouot of. 
A cause que, because that. 
Accablaut, e, a. grievous; trou* 

blesorae, overwhelming. 
Accablement, sm. oppression ; 

faintness; heaviness. 
Accabler, va. to overwhelm; 

crush; oppress; tire. 
Accaparement, sm. monopoly* 
Accaparer, v. forestall ; mono- 
Accapareur, sm. a. forestaller. 
Accéder, vn, to accède, assent. 
Accélérateur, sm. — rator, 
Accélératiou, sf. — tion. 
Accélérer, va. to accelerate, ha- 

sten, dispatch. 
Accent, sm. accent; tune; note. 
Accentuation, sf. — tiou proso» 
Accentuer, va. to accent, [dy. 
Acceptable, 2. a. rea-onaule, 

worth accepfing, acceptable. 
Acceptant, e, s. accepter. 
Acceptation^ 6/. acceptante. 
Accepter, va. to accept, receiOa 


Accepteur, sm. accepter. 
Acception, s^ — lion; meaning. 
Accès, sm. access, fits, attacks. 
Acc«B»it>le, 2, a. accessiMe, 
^ccessiou, sf, accession; in- 

crease. [premium, 

accessit, sm. tha second best 
accessoire, sm. accessary, 
— , ((, accessery; contributing. 
Iccideiit, sm. accident; chance. 
àcciilcuté, ad. hilly, di\ersified. 
Acciileutel, le, a.— dental. 
%ccideutelleiiieut, ad. — ally. 
Accise, sf. excise, tax. 
Acclamateur, sm. commender. 
Acclauialioii, sf. shout: huzza. 
Acclimater, va. acclimatize. 
Accoiiilance, sf. familiarity. 
Accolade, s/'. embrace; dubbing. 
Accolé, e, a. joined. 
Accoler, va. to * clip, and cull ; 

' put togelher in a dish; add 

into one sum; joiu. [dabie. 

Accomuiodable, 2.^. acconemo- 
Accomuiodage, sm. dressing o! 

méat; titting up. 
Accommodant, e, a. goodnatu- 

red ; cotrplying. 
Accoiniuodatiou, sf. — (ion. 
Accommodé, e, a. nell provi- 

ded for; drest oui; fitted, 
Accommodemeut, sm. compro. 

mise; expédient; accommoda- 

Accommoder, va. to accommo- 

date; toadapt; toadjust; dress, 


S' — , vr. to * get accustomed; 
agrée witi; seize upon; be ar- 
rangea, [panist. 

Accompagnateur, sm. accom- 

Accompagnemeuly retinue, ac- 

Accompagner 9 va* to accom- 
pany; attend; match; escort, 
follow. [fulfil. 

Accomplir, va. to accomplish, 
S' —, vr. to* be fulfilled. 

Accomplissement, sm. accom- 
plishmenl; fulfilment; réalisa- 
tion, [cord, harmony. 

Accord, sm. agreement , con- 

Arcordable) i, a, graulablei 


Accordailles, espousalSi 
Accorilani, e, a. concordant. 
Accorde, sm. bridegroom. 
Accordée, sf, bride. 
Accorder, va. lo grant; recon- 
cile, to tune. 

S' — , vr. to agrée. 
Accordeur, sm. tuner of anj 

musical instrument. 
Accordoir, sm. a tuning kcy. 
Accorer, va, to prop, to staj. 
Accorné, e, u. horned. 
Accort, e, a. complaisant; sa- 

gacious, civil. 
Accortise, sf, complaisance. 
Accosiable, 2. a, affable, [up to. 
.accoster, va. to accost, * com3 

8'— ,i)r. to ' keep. company wilh. 
Accoter, va, to prop up. 

8' —, vr, to lean. 
Accotoir, sm, prop. [bed. 

Accouchée, sf. woman in cbild- 
Accouchemeut, sm. delivery. 
Accoucher, do. to * lay a wo- 

—, vn. to * be brought to bed. 
Accoucheur, S7n. man-midwife. 
Accoucheuse, sf. midwife. 
Accouder (s^), vn, to leaa on 

oue's elbow. 
Accoudoir, sm, a leaningplace. 
Accouple, sf, a leasb. 
Accouplement, sm, copulatioDi 

Accoupler, lia. to couple. 
Accourcir, to sborten , abridge, 

8' —, vr. to '. [sborten. 

Accourcissement, sm, sbort- 

Accourir, lui. to run to, to hasten. 
Accoutrement, sm. garb dress. 
Accoutrer, va. to bedizen. 
Accoutumance , sf, habit, eu* 

stûm, wont. 
Accoutumé, e, a, accustomed ; 

usual, wonted. [use. 

AccoiEtumer, va, to accusLom} 

S' —, vr. toget the habit. 
Accréditer, to * give autbority, 

to accredit. 

8' — , vr. to ♦ get a name. 
Accroc, stn. rent; hook; stop, 
Accrotsber, v> tO * hang on f, 

aCH 1 

hook, tacleng; * catck ; grapple. 
Accroire (faire), to * make one 

believe an intruth, to impose 

Accroissement, sm* Increase ; 

growlh ; rife of a rider. 
Accroître, vn. to extend increase. 
Accroupir {s'), ur. to squat down. 
Accroiipissement, sm. squat- 
ta ng. 
Accru, e, a. increaseti, grawn. 
Accueil, sm. réception, welcome. 
Accueillir, va. to roceive; * 

overtake, honour (a bill). 

S' — , t!7'. to hire ono's self. 
Accnl, sm. a blindalley, creek. 
Acculement, sm, mar. extre- 

mity of thestem and sternpost 

of a ship. [le it. 

Acculer, va. to * put one' liard 

S' — , 10 * hetake one's self to a 

corner or wall. 
Accuniuintion, sf. — tion. 
Accumuler, va. accumulate. 

S' — , vr. to hoard heap up. 
Accusalile, 2. a. blamaljlc. 
Accusateur, tricc, 5. accuser. 
Accusatif, sm. accusative. 
Accusaiion, s/. — tion, charge. 
Accusatrice, she-accuser. 
Accuse, sm. party accused. 
Accuser, VU. to accuse; to 
Acéphale, acéphalous. [charge. 
Acerbe, 2. a, acerb, sour, harsh. 
Acéré, e, a. sharp; keen; acute. 
Acérer, va. to Steel. 
Accteux, se, a. tart, acetons. 
Acétum alcalisé, sm. distilled 

vinegîr. [mers. 

A ritalander, va. to draw cuslom 
Acharnemeui, sm, rage, fury, 

AoUarner, va, to enrage, pro- 

\olie, aniraate. 

S' — ,!))•. to'fall furiously upon. 
Acbat, sm. purchaso, bargain. 
Aclie, sf. smallage. 
Aciice, baitworm, maggot. 
Aclietniiienient, sm. means to 

bring a thing about. 
Acbeuiiuer, va. to forward. 

S' — , ur.go one's to proceed way, 
Acheter, va. to purcbairC, buy. 


Acheteur, se 9 8, purchaser, 

Achevé, e, a. perfect, complète. 
Achèvement, sm. finÏFiiing. 
Achever, va. to liiiish; end; 

complète ; • put to death. 
Achoppement, sm, ob^scle; 

stumbling block. 
Acide, 2. a, acid, sour. 
Acidité, sf. acidity, soumets. 
Aciduler, va, ' make sour, aci- 
Acîer, sm.. Steel. [dulale. 

Acolyte, sm. acolyte. 
Aconit, sm. aconite ; wolfs bane. 
Acoquinant, e, a. engaging allu- 
Acoquiner, va. to allure, [ring. 
Acoquiner (s'), VT, to be atta 

ched to habits. 
Acoustique, sf. acoustics. 
Acquéreur, sm, purcba?er ; 

buyer. [* buy. 

Acquérir, va. to acquire; ' gct, 
Acquêt, sm. acquest, acquisition, 

Acquiescement, compliance. 
Acquiescer, vn, to acquiesce, 

yield. [remcnt. 

Acquis, sm, knowledge, scqui- 
Acquisitiott, sf. — tion ; pur- 

Acquit, sm. receipt discharge. 
Aeqgiit do douane, cricket. 
Acquit au jeu de billard, the 

Acquitter, va. to clear, acquit. 

S' — , vr. to discharge peilornii 

fulfll, pay off. 
Acre, 2. a. tart, sour, acrid. 
Acre, sm. acre. 

Acreté, sf. sharpness, acrimom; 
Acrimonie, acrimony. 
Acrobate , sm. ropo-dsncer 

among the ancients, 
Acronique, 2. 0. acronical. 
Acrostiche, 2. a, acrostic. 
— , sm. acrostic. 
Acte, s. m, act., action, deedi 
Actes, records; acts. 
Acteur, rice, S. actor ; aclress. 
Actif. S. essets. [tirifa. 

Actif, ve, a. active, induslrious, 
Action, action; sbare in stock; 

baltle; tuit at Uw. 


Action de grâces, sf. thanks- 

Actionnaire, sm. stock-holder. 
Actionner, va, to sue at law, to 

Activetnent, ad. actively. 
Activer, va. lo put in motion, 

stir up, hasten. 
Activité, sf. aclivity, quîckness. 
— «le service, in actual service. 
Actnel, le, a. actual; real. 
Actnelleinent, iid. now; reallj. 
Acuité, acuteuess. 
Aciiniiiié, acuminated. 
Acutangle, i, acutangular. 
Afiage. sm. adage; proverb. 
Adagio, adagio. 
Adaptation, sf. adaptation. 
Adapter, va. to adapl; to apply, 
Adéquat, e, a. comjjlute. [suit. 
Addition, sf. addition. 
Additionnel, le, a, additional. 
Additionner, va. lo cast up, sum 

up. [de. 

Adduct^'ur, sm. adducent mus- 
Adept, sm. adept. [hesion. 

Adhérence, sf. adhérence, ad- 
Adbérent, e, a. S. adhèrent. 
Adhérer, to adhère, * stick to. 
Adhésion, sf. adliesion. 
Adiantc, s>n, maiden-hair. 
Adieu, sm. ad. adieu, farewell, 

good bj-. [away. 

Aiiieu, lia. (mar)tack awajjveer 
Adipeux, euse, a. adipous; fat. 
Adjacent, e, a. adjacent. 
Adjectif, sm. adjecli\e. 
Adjectiou, sf. adjection. 
Adjertivenicnt, ad. — vely. 
Adjoindre, va. to adjoin. 
Adjoint, sm.. assistant, adjunct, 

Adjonction, sf. adjunction. 
Adjudant, s. adjutant. [der. 
Adjudicataire, s))^ highest Lid- 
Adjudication, sf. adjudging. 
Adjuger, va. to adjudge. 
Adjuration, sf. adjunng. 
Adjurer, va. to adjUre. 
Admettre, va. to admit; allow of. 
Adniinicule, sin. slight procf, 

adniinicle. [minislrator. 

Administrateur, manager ; ad- 


Administration, sf. — tion. 
Administratrice, — tratrix. 

Administrer, va. administefi 

to pioduce proûfs. 
Admirahle, 2. II. aomirable. 
Admiiahlemcut, ad. — rably. 
Admirateur, sm. admirer. 
Admiration, sf. — tiOn. 
Admii'atrice, a. admirer. 
Admirer, va. to admire; 

wonder at. [missible 

Admissible, 2. a. allovvable, ad- 
Admission, sf. admission, ad- 

Ailmonitcur, syrt. monitor. 
Admonition, 5^. warning. 
Adolescence, sf. adolescency. 
Adolescent, sm. youth, lad,lass. 
A4lonien, ne, a. adoniî. 
Adonner, vn. mar. to veeraft, 

foinard. [vote. 

S' —, vr. lo addict one's self, de» 
Adopter, va. to adopt, approve 
Adoptir, ve, a.adoptive. 
Adoption, sf. adoptiot». 
Adorable, «.2, adorable. 
Adorateur, sm. adorer; wêT 

shipper, admirer. 
Adoration, sf. — tion, worshipi. 
Adorer, va. to adore, worship. 
Ados, sm. shêlving bed, border. 
Adossemcnt, backing. 
Adosser, va. to * put back to 

back. [against. 

S'—, vr. to lean one's back 
Adouber, va. to set a pawn right 

in playing. [stone. 

Adouci , sm. a soft grinding 
Adoucir, to sweeten; appease; 

soothe ; soflen; mitigate. 

S"—, vr. to * become sweet; ta 

relent; grow milder. 
Adoucissant, e, a. softenîng. 
— , sm. sweetening; emollient. 
Adoucissement, sm. softeuing; 

mediura; lenitive; lenity; mi- 

tigation ; aileviation. 
Adiagan, sm. gum dragant. 
Adresse, sf. direction of a let» 

ter; addiess, industry, skil, dex- 

teiily. [mark; direct. 

Adresser, V. to address; hit ths 

S'—, * vr. lo apply; * be directei 


Adroit, e, dexterons' sklITuI, 

cunning. [cle-verly. 

Adroîteinetit, ad, dexterously. 
Adulateur, sm. adulator, flatte- 
Adulatiou, sf. flatlery. [rer. 
Aduler, va. to flatter meanly, to 
Adulte, s. an adull. [fairo. 

Adulte, 2. a. adull, grown up. 
Adultère, sm. adultery; adulte- 
Adultère, sf. adulleress. [rer. 
Adultère. 2. a. adulterous. 
Adultérer, va. to adulterate. 
Adultérin, e, born in adultery, 

adultérine. [burnt. 

Adustc, 2. a. adust, overbeated, 
Adustion, sf. — tion, burning. 
Adveutif, Te, a. — tîlious. 
Adverbe, sm. adverb. 
Adverbial, e, a. — bial. 
Adverbialement, ad. — ally. 
Adversaire, s. — S^t'y, oppo- 

Adversatif, ve, a. — tive. 
Adverse. 2. a. adTerse, contra- 

ry, opposite. 
Adversité, sf. ad'versity. 
Aéré, e, a. well aired. 
Aérer, va. fo air, give air. 
Aérien, ne, a. ethereal ; «eroi-- 

tatic, aerial. [tion). 

Aérier, va. to, air (by fumiga- 
Aérograpliie, sf. aerography. 
Aéromancie, aeromancy. 
Aéromètre, s)n. aerometer. 
Aérométrïe, sf. aerometry; ae- 

Aérouaute, STn. aeronaut. 
Aérophobc, one nho is afraid 

of tbe air. 
Aérostat ou vaisseau aérien, 

sm. air-ballooc. 
Aérostatique, 2. a. — tatic. 
Affabilité, sf. — bilily; cour- 

Affable, 2. a. affable, courteous. 
AfTablement, ad. affably. 
Affadir, va. to cloy; surTeit; to 

render insipid. 
Affadissement, sm. cloyment. 
Affaiblir, u(7. toenfeebje; weai^eQ. 

S'—, vr. to * grow weak. 
AffaibliâseKiout, sm. \veakness, 



Affaire, sf. affair; business; m»t 

ter; concern ; lighl; dispute; 

action ; scrape. 
Affairé, e, a. busy, fussy. 
Affaissement, s»i. dépression. 
Affaisser, va. to * press down. 

S'—, vr. to * sink down. 
Affalé, e, a. wind-bound. [sails. 
Affaler, va. (mar.) to lower tha 
Affamer, to famish, slarve. [of. 
Affamé, e, a. famished, greedy 
/«fféager, va. to * give in lease- 
Affeelation, sf. — tion. [hold. 
Affecté, e, a. aiTected, conceited. 
Affecter, va. to affect ; naort» 

gage; appropriate; to move. 
Affectif, ve, a. affective. 
Affection, Sf. aflection, love. 
Affectionné, e, a. affectionate. 
Affectionner, va. to love. 

S'—, tir. to deiight in. 
Affectueusement, ad. fondly. 
Affectueux, se, a. affectionate 
Affermer, va. to farm ; let. 
Affermir, to strenglhen. 

S'—, vr. to • be conlirnied. 
Affermissement, sm. support^ 

strengthening, consolidate. 
Aflété, e, a. affected. 
Afféterie, sf. affectation, finical» 
Affiche, sf. bill posted up. [neg. 
AfCclaer, va. to post up. 
Afficheur, sm. bill-sticker. 
Affidé, e, a. trusty, confldant. 
Afiiler, to sharpen, set, to grind 
Affiliation, sf. Siiation; adop 

tion, entrance. 
Affilier, va. to adopt, initiale. 
Alfiuage, sm. aflinage, refining 
Affiiiemeut, refîning. 
AHiuer, lia. to refîne. 
Alfiiierie, sf. refining forge. 
Affineur, sm. retiner. 
Affinité, sf. afiinily, relation. 
Atfiuoir,i'ni. halch.-l. 
Alfiquet, knitling-sheath. 
Affiquets, sm. pi. ornements. 
Affiruiatif, ve, a. pereniptory. 
Affii-mation, sf. — tion. 
Affiimative, — tive. 
Afûi-uiativemeiat, ad. positi* 

velj, affirmatively. 
Affirmer, lia. aflirm. assert. 



ftfflixe, S. a. lied to Ihe end. ] 
Aroielir, ve, a. arniclive. 
ArOiction, sf. affliction, grief. 
Arnigeant, e, a. afflicting, sad. 
Aroigcr, va. to afflici, distrefs. 
S' — , vr. to grieve. [course. 
Aflluence, sf. affluence ; con- 
Affluent, e, a. flowing; running. 
ArOiier, vn. to resort; abound; 

• flow; rush; flocli; swarm. 
Affoler, va. to infaluate. [food. 
Affouragement, sni. foddering. 
Affourager, affourer, to fod- 
der. [anchor. 

Affourche, s. luar. small Lower, 
Affourciier, to moor across. 
Affranchi, a. emancipated; freed. 
Affranchi, a. freed man. 
Affranchie, a. freed woman. 
Affranchir, va. to * set free ; to 

emancipate; deliver. 
•- une lettre, to prepay. 
Affranchissement, sm. delive- 

ry; exemption. 
Affres, sf. pi. terrors. 
Affrètement, sm. bire of a sbip, 

Affréter, va. to load a sbip. 
Affréteur, «m. freighter. 
Affreusement, ad. borribly. 
Affreux, se, a. dreadfui , hl- 
deous. [to allure. 

Affrinnder, va. to use dairities; 
Hffrioler, to allure, entice; 

Affront, sm. affront; insuit. 
Affronté, e, a. facing (in heral- 

tCTronter, va. to face; cbeat. 
Affronterie, sf. cbeat. 
Affulilvment, s>i).gear,nTapper. 
Affubler, va. to muffle up. 
S'—, to * be wrapped up. 
affût, sm. frame of a cannon; 
lurliing place. [catch. 

Affût (être à r), to be on the 
Affûtage, sm. set of tools. 
— , the dressing of an old bat. 
—, the grinding of tools. 
.— , the monuting of a pièce of 

Affûter, va. to sbarpen; mount. 
Afin que, c. to the end Ibat. 


Afin de, o order tO. 
Agn ou agba, sm. an aga, a 
Turkifh officer. [iing- 

Agaçant, e, 0. enticint- îrovo 
Agace, s/", magpie. 
A gacement, s»l. settîn' 3n edf e. 
Agacer, V. to * set oir-edge; to 

entice; pro^olte; irritale. 
Agacerie, sf. enticement. 
Agapes, love-feasts ; ag»» 
Agaric, sm. agaric, [P'-*^ 

Agate, sf. agate. 
Age, sm. âge, centnry. 
Agé, e, n. agcd; old. 
Agence, sf. agency. 
Agencement, 5)jn arrangement. 
Agencer, va. to * set in order. 

S'—, vr. to rig one's self. 
Agenda, s»), meraorandumbook. 
— Le drûle est sur mon 
agenda, I remember tbat fel- 
low. [down. 

Agenouiller (S'), V. to kneel 
Agcnouilloir, sm. bassock. 
Agent, sm. agent, depuly. 
— de change, exchange brokeri " 
Agglomération, sf. aggloméra* 
tion. [erate. 

Agglomérer, va. to agglom- 
Agglutiner, va. to agglutinate. 
Aggravation, — tion ; provo- 
Aggraver, va. to aggravate. 
Agile, 2. a. agile, nimble. 
Agilement, ad. nimbly. 
Agilité, sf. agility, nimblenesf. 
Agio, sm. course of exchange. 
Agiotage, stock-jobbing. [fundsi 
Agioter, va, to gamble in tha 
Agioteur, sm, Etock-jobber, 
Agir, va, to act; * do; deal; 
* hâve an influence ; behave no» 
goliale; sue. [cious. 

Agissant, e, a, Etirring effica» 
Agitateur, sm. agitalor, alar- 
Agitation, sf. agitation, [mist. 
Agiter, va. to agilale; move; 
stir; disturb; disorder; debale; 
toss, discuss. 
Agnat, sm. descending from a 

collatéral maie line. 
Agneau, sm, a lamb* 
Agueler, va, to yean. 


Agnelet, sm, lambldn. 
Agnè», sf. a young raw glrl; a 

Agnus, sm. agDus Beit 
Agonie, sf. agony, last gasp. 
Agonisant, sm. dyiog mac. 
Agonisant, e, a. dying. 
Agoniser, vn. to * be at the point 

of dealh. [and eye. 

Agrafe, sf. clasp, et porte, hook 
Agrafer, va. to clasp, heok> 
Agraire, 2, a. agrariao. 
Agrandir, va. to enlarge ; ralse. 

S' — , vr. to * be enlarged, raised, 

promoted; to increase. 
Agrandissement, sm. enlarg- 

ing; promotion; inerease. 
Agréable, 2. a. agrceable. 
Agréaliiement, ad. pleasantly. 
Agréer, v. to allow; accept of; 

please, like ; approve. 
— un vaÊsseaii, to rig a shipt 
Agrceur, sm. mar. a rigger. 
Agrégat, sm. assemblage. 
AgrégntioiB, sf. admission. 
Agrégé, sm. fellow of a collège. 
Agréger, va. to aggregate ; ad- 
mit into a Society. 
Agrément, sm. agreeableness; 

consent; approbation. 
Agréuneuts , — ornaments ; 

charms; music and dancing in 
Agrès, rigging. [a play. 

Agresseur, sm. aggressor. 
Agression, sf. — sion ; assault. 
Agreste, 2. a. agrestic, rustic. 
Agriculture, sf. — ture. 
AgrilTcr (s'), vr. to * cling, tO. 
Agripper, va. to snatcU ; pilfer. 
Agronome, sm. agriculturist. 
Agroupcr, va. to group figures 
Aguerrir, -vrar. [in paintaing. 

g' — j vr. to inure onc's sell' lo. 
Aguets (être aux), to * lie in 
Ah ! int- ah 1 ob 1 alas 1 [wait. 
Alian, sm. trouble; effort, hard 

labour. [^stubborness. 

Abeurtemeut, sm. ohïilinacy, 
Aheurter (s'), Vr. lo ' be obsti- 
Abi, int. oh dear 1 [nate. 

Aburir, va. to astonish, hurry, 

amaze. [ease. 

Aide, sf. aid, belp; cbapel of 


Aide, sm. helper assistant. 

— eanon»ier,s»i.(mar)quarler 

— charpentier, sm. (mar) car- 
penters crew. [mate. 

— chirurgien, sm. surgeon's. 

— de cuisninc, sm. under cook. 

— major, sm. adjutant. 

— pilote, sm. (ma), pilots. 
Aider, va. to heip; aid, assisl. 
Aides, sf. subsidies, excise. 
Aïeul, sm. grandfatber. 
Aïeule, sf. grandmolher. 
Aïeux, sm.. pi. forefathers, an» 

Aigle, sm. eagle; superior ge« 

nius, Elandart. 
Aiglon, sm. eaglet. 
Aigre, 2. a. sour ; britlle ; shrill; 

sbarp; acid, tart. 
Aigre*doux, ouce, a. sourisb; 

quaintly polite. 
Aigreflu, a. sharper. 
Aigrelet, e, a. tart, sourisb. 
Aigrement, ad. severely, shar- 

Aigremoine, sf. agnmony; h- 

Aigret, te, a. sourisb. 
Aigi-ctié, c, a. tufted. 
Aigrette, sf. aigret; tuft of fea- 

thers. [spite. 

Aigreur, sourness; sharpness; 
Aigreurs, pi. heartburning. 
Aigrir, va. lo ' make sour; irri- 

tale, embitter. [angry. 

S' — , vr. to turn sour; to * be 
Aigu, e, a. sbarp, acule; sbrill. 
Aiguade, fresb waler. 
Aiguemarine, sf. sort of pro- 

cious stone, aqua marina. 
Aiguière, ewer, jug. 
Aiguiérée, ewer-full. 
Aiguille, sf. needle ; spire; 

band of a watch, cock. 
Aiguille de têtes, sf. a bodkin< 

— à emballer, packing needle. 

— à tricoter, knitting needle. 

— de carène, oulrigger. 
Aiguillée, sf. needle-liill. 
Aiguiller, sm. needle-maker. 
Aiguillette, sf. tagged point; 

slice, sboulder knot. 



AIgnilletter, va. to lie with 

points lash. 
Aiguillicr. sm. needie-case. 
iligiiillon, goad,sting; motive. 
Aiguillonner, va. to * sting; 

drive wilh a goad; to incite, 

Aiguiser, to sharpen ; wket. 
Aiguisement, sm. sharpeniDg. 
AJI, çarlic. 

Aile, sf, wing; sweep ; aisle. 
Aîlé, e, a. winged. [pinion. 

Aileron, sm. fin; small wing; 
Aillade, sf. garlic-ragout, or 
Aillcurg, ad. elsewhere. [pauce. 

D' — , otherwise, besides. 
Aiioiable, 2. a. amiable, lovely; 

Aiuiant, sm. loadstone. 
Aimanter, va. to touch with the 

Aimantiu, e, a. magnetic. 
Aimer, va. to love ; lilie ; be fond 
Aine, sf. groin. [of. 

Aîné, e, a. eldest, firsl-born. 
Atné, sm. elder, oider, senior. 
Aînesse, sf. eidership. 
Ainsi, ad. so; thus; just so. 
— qtie, as; even as; so as. 
Air, sm. air; vent; wind. 
— , sni. manner; carriage ; waj. 
— , sm. tune. 
Airain, sm. brass, bronze. 
Aire, Sf. arca; wind. 
— , barn floor; aerie (nest of a 

bird of prej). 
Airée, a. barn-floor fuM of she- 

aves ready to thrash. 
Ai», sm. board; planli; shelf. 
Aisance, s/, ease in manners, 
Aisance, ready money. [comfort. 
Aisances, sf. pi. privy. 
Aise. 2. a. glad; joyful. 
— , sf. ease; content; conyenien- 

cy ; leisure. 
Aisé, e, a. s. ea^y; rich. 
Aisément, aa. easily; commo- 
Aisselle, sf. armpit. [diously. 
Aisscttc, sf. a. coopers adze. 
Aiircs, Etres, stn. pi, the dis- 

[lOïitions of a house. 
AjiMirnemont , smy s.ïmmons , 



Ajourner, va. to summon, put 
S'— , t)r. to adjourn. [o(T. 

Ajouter, va. to add, join. 

Ajusté, c, a. fittpd ; joined. 

Ajustement, sm. adjusting; 
agreement; attire, dress. 

Ajuster, un. to adjust; trim ; fit; 
use ill; reconcile; ' taise one's 
ai m al, agrée. [dress. 

S' — , vr. to suit; trim; agrée, 

Ajustoir, sjji. coinage-scale. 

Alailer, va. tO Suckle. 
Alambic, sm. alembic ; a still. 
Alambiquer (s'), Vr. tO puzzle; 

refine loo much upon. 
Alan, sm. a sort of hound. 
Alarguer, va. to * stand off to 

sea. [ming. 

Alarmant, e, a. dreadful ; alar- 
Alarme, sf. alarm ; fear. 
Alarmer, va. to alarm, fright. 

S' — , vr. to * be frighted at. 
Albâtre, sm. alabaster. 
Albatros, aibatross. 
Al berge, sf. early peach, alberge. 
Albiuos, albinos. 
Albran, sm. a voung wild duck. 
Album, sm. album ; memorsn- 

Albumine, albumen. 
Alcade, alcaid ; sheriff. 
Alcaïque, 2. «. alcaic (verse). 
Alcali, sm. alkali. 
Alcalin, e, a. alkallne. 
Alcalisation, sf. alkalizaliOD. 
Alcaliscr, va. lo alkalise. 
Alchimie, sf. alchymy. 
Alchimiste, sm. alchymist. 
Alcool, sm. alcohol, spirits of 
Alcoran, alcoran. [wine. 

Alcôve, sf. alcôve. 
.%lc)'on, sm. king-fislier,halcyon. 
Alflorinan, alderman. 
.Aléatoire, 2. a. contingent. 
Alègrc, 2. a. brisk; cheerful, 
.llvgi-emcnt, ad. briskiy. 
Alégresse, sf. joy ; alacrity. 
A rencontre, ad. against; by. 
.ticnc, sf. an awl. 
Alentour, ad. roundabont. 
Alentours, sm. pi. neigbbour 

ing places; intimitate frieadSi 




Alerte, 2. a. alerl ; brisk ; pert. 
— , sf. a -warning of beiog upon 

one's guard. 
— , ad. be upon jour guard. 
Aleii (franc), sm. freehold. 
Alexandrin, e, <Z- alexandiine. 
Alezan, s. a. sor"el horso 
— , e, a. sorrel oolour. 
Alizé, under fhut. 
Algarade, sf. insuit; prank. 
Algèbre, sf. algebra. 
Algébrique, algebraical. 
Algébriser, V. to * speak, Or 

* Write upon algebra. 
Algébriste, sm. algebraist. 
Aigiiazil, — zll, constable in 
Algue, sf. sea-weed. [Spain. 
Alibi, sm. alibi, absence. 
Aliboron, 5m. ass ; donkey. 
Alidade, sf. a cross-slafî. 
Aliénable, 2, a. aliénable. 
Aliénation, sf. — lion, insanity. 
Aliéné, e, a. insane. 
Aliéner, va. to alienate. 
Alignement, S7n. Une ; row. 
Aligner, va. to lay Dut by line, 

to trim, square. 
Aliment, sm. aliment; food. 
Aliments, pi. alimony. 
Alimentaire, 2, a, — tary. 
Alimenter, t'a. to maintaîn; feed. 
Alïmenteux, se, a. nutritive. 
Alinéa, sm. alinéa, paragrapb. 
Aliquante, sf. aliquant part. 
Aliquute, aliquot part. 
Aliter (s*), ur. to'keepone'sbed. 
Alité, e, a. bed-ridden. 
Alize, sf. beam-berry; lotos. 
Alizés (vents), a. trade-winds, 
Alizier, sm. beam-lree. 
Alkermès , sm. alkermes (a 

compound drug). 
Allaitement, S7n. suckling. 
Allaiter, va. to suckle. 
Allécliement, sm. allurement; 

Allcclier, va. to allure; entice. 
Allée, sf. entry; walk, alley. 
Allégation, quolalion. 
Allégé, a. tender; lighler. 
Allégeance, allegiance. 
Allégement, sm. a'ieviation. 
Alléger. i<:i, to ease ; lighten. 


Allégorie, sf. allégory; fiction. 
Allégorique, 2. a. — rical. 
Allégoriqiiement, f((2.— rically. 
Ailégoriser, va. to allegorîre. 
A!l<'-grosse, mirth, sprightliness. 
Ailégoristc, sm. allegorist. 
Allégro, liTely, briskly, gay. 
Alléguer, va. to allège, qnote. 
Alléluia, ,9m. praise the Lord. 
Allemand, the German tongua. 
Allemande, sf. allemande. 
Aller, va. to ' go; wafk; to fit, 

— à cheval, to ride, [become. 

— à pied, to go on foot. [aloy. 
Alliage, sm. mixture of metals. 
Alliance, sf. — ce; coTenant; 

Allié, e, s. relation ; ally. 
Allier, va. to ally; mîx. 

S'—, vr. to match; blend. 
Allier, sm. a. bird-net. 
Alligator, — tOT. 

Allobroge, sm. a. clownboor. 
Allocation, sf. allowance in an 
Allocution, — lion. [accouut. 
Alloilial, e, a. — dial ; free. 
Allodialité, sf. freehold. 
Allonge, eking pièce. 
Allongement, sm. lengthenîng. 
Allonger, v. to lengthen; to 

stretch; prolong, expand. 

S' — , vr, to ' exlend" 
Allouable, 2. a. allowable. 
Allouer, va. to a'iow; admit. 
Allumer, va. to Mglh ; kindle. 

S' — , vr. to be kinifed. 
Allumette, sf. a. match. 
Allumeur, sm. a. lamplighter. 
Allure, sf. gail; pace ; way of 

dealing ; manner. 
Allure, sf. trim of a ship. 
Allusion, — sien; hint. 
Alluvion, — \îon. 
Almanach, sm, almanack. 
Aluiandine, sf. sort of ruby. 
Aloës, sm. aloes. 
AIoélique, 2. a. aloelic, bifter. 
AIoî, sm. alloy; ualue ; qualily. 
Alors, ad. at that lime, Ihen. 
Alose, sf. a. shad Csh. 
Alouette, a lark. [heary. 

Alourdir, va. to slupify, maks 
Aloyau de bœuf, sirloiOi 


Alphalict) sm. alphabet. 
Alphabétique, 2. a. — betical. 
AlpfaalycUqiicmeiit, ad. caily. 

Alpislc, S7n. canary-gras?. 

Altpralilc, 2. a. chaiigenble. 

.4l(érant, c, a. Ihirst-excitingi 

Altératif, ve, a. alterative. 

Altération, sf. — tion ; adulté- 
ration ; excessive thirst ; per- 

AKercation, conlest. [verling. 

Altéré, e, a. thirsty; adultcra- 
led; altered. — tu tigre al- 
téré de sang, a bloodthirsty 
man, changed. 

«Itérer, va. disorder; aller; 
adulterate: to make thirsty; to 

Alternatif, Te, a, allernafe. 

Alternative, sf. — ive ; choîce. 

Alternativement, ad. nafely. 

Alterne, 2. a. alternate. 

Alterner, va. to allernate. 

Altesse, sf. highnes?. [proud. 

Altier, ère, haiigbty, lofty; 

Altièrement, ad. haughlily. 

Altimétrie, sf. allimefry. 

Alto, alto. 

Alude, sf. dressed sheep^tins. 

Aludel,sm. ch. subliming vessel. 

Alumine, alumen. 

Alumineux, se, a, aluminous. 

Alun, sm. alum. 

Aluner, va, to steep in alumwa- 

Alunière, sf. alummine. [1er. 

Alvéole, sm. cell ; loolh-socket. 

Amaliilitc, sf. — lity, amiable- 
Amadou, sm. tinder. [ness. 

Amndoueuient, fondling. 

Amadouer, va. to fondle, coax. 

Amadoiieur, sm. coaxer, whee- 

Amaigri, c, a. emaciated. [dler. 

Amaigrir, va. to * make lean, 

— , !))!. lo *grow lean,* fall away. 

AmaDgrisscuicut, sm. eraacia- 

Amaigamntion, sf. — tion. 

Amitlgaiiic, sm. — garaa. 

Amalgamer, va. to amalgama- 
te, unité. 

Amande, sf. almond; kernel; 
aho 3 pièce of cryslal eut in the 
form of an almond. 

Amande, sm. alniondmilk. 



Amandier, sm. almond tresi 
Amant, lover; suitor. 
Amante, sf. swcelheart. 
Amarante, amaranthus. 
Amnriner, va. to * send saU 

sors, etc., to replace those oft 

taken ship. 
Amarque, sf. sea-mark, buoy. 
Amarrage, sm. enchorage. 
Amarre, sf. a. rope, a fast. 
Amarrer, va. * to tie, moor. 
Amarres, sf. ]>l, cbceks, of sida 

posts of a wind-beam or crâne. 
Amas, sm. heap; pile; mass. 
Amassemeiit, heapingup. 
Amasser, va. to heapup ; • laj 

up; galber, collect. 

S\Amasser, vr. to gather. 
Amassette, sf. plainter's knife. 
Amatcloter, va. to man a ship. 
Amateur, sm. lover, admirer, 
Amatir, va, to unpolish motals. 
Amazone, sf. amazon ; a bold 

woman, lady's riding dress. 
Ambages, sf. pi. preamble, cir- 

cumlocution ; ambage. 
Ambassade, sf. emba=sy. 
Ambassadeur, «m. ambassador. 
Ambassadrice, sf. ambassa- 
Ambesas, sm. ambsace. [dress 
Ambiant, e, a. ambiant, sur- 

Ambidextre, 2. a. — dexter. 
Atnbê^ti, ê, a. arabiguous. 
— , sm. medley, ambigu. 
Ambiguïté, sf. ambiguity. 
Ambigument, ad. — guously. 
Ambitieusement, — tîously. 
Ambitieux, se, «. ambitious. 
Ambition, sf. ambition. 
Ambitionner, va. to affect ; co 
Amble, sm. amble. [vet. 

Ambler, va. to amble. 
Aiiiblciir, sm. pacer, ambler. 
Ambiygonc, obtuse angled, am- 

brelte, ambret, muskseed.mnsli 
Ambre, amber. [pear. 

Ambre-gris, ambergris. 
Ambrer, va. to perfume wilb 

.%mbroisie, sf. ambrosia ; deli' 

cious eating or drinkiog; o,%li 

of Jérusalem. 


Ambroisieu, ue, a. ambrosian. 

Ambulant, e, a. ambulatory. 

Ambulutoire^ 2. a. — latory 

Ame, sf. soul ; spirit. [strolliug. 

— , middie part of a fagot. 

Aîné, e, a. well-beloved. 

AiiiéSîorotiou,5/". irnprovement. 

Améliorei-, va. lo iraproTe. 

Amen, amen; so be it. 

Aménage, carriage, porterage. 

Amonile, sf. a fine, penalty. 

Amendement, sm. bettering. 

Amender, va. to fine; mend ; 
• fall in price, reform. 

Amener, vn. to * bring ; * cause, 
incise, draw, throw. 

Amener, va. lo bring to. 

Aménité, sf. pleasantness. — 
Aménité de caractère, swee- 
tness of temper. — Aménité 
de stj-le, flowery style. 

Aanenuiser, va. to reduce. 

Amer, e, a. bitter. [beasls. 

— , sm. billernesp; the gall of 

Amèrement, ad. bitlerly, sadly. 

Amertume, s/, bitterness, bat- 

Amétb)|»'sle, sf. ameihyst. [red. 

Ameublement, S7n. furniture. 

Ameublir, l'n.toloosen ;mellow. 

AmeuloiBer, va. fo stacli. 

Ameutemeut, sm. mob; cou- 
pling hoiinds, [toslirup. 

Ameuter, t;a. to couple bounds; 
S' — ,vr. to conspire; to assem- 
ble riofoiisly. 

Amligouri, amgibigourî, sm. 
a burlesque discourse. 

Ami, friend ; lover. 

Ami, e, 2. friendly, courteous. 

Amiable, 2. a. friendly, amica- 
ble, privale. 

A Tamiablc, in a friendly way. 

Amiablemeut, ad. araicably. 

Amiante, araianihus, [ble. 

Amical, e, a. courteous, amica- 

Amicablemcut, ad in a friendly 
way. [der-cloth. 

Amïct, sm. amice; priest's shou- 

Amidon, sm. slarch. [ter. 

Amidonner, va. to starrh ; pow 

Amidonuier, sm. starchmalier. 

Amie, sf. friend ; mistress. 

Amincir, to * mako itiin. 



Amineur, sm. sait mêler. 

Amiral, admirai. 

Amirale, sf. adunral's shîp; ad» 
miral's wifo, [nish admirai. 

Amirauté, sm, amirant; Spa- 

Amirauté, sm. admirally. [lost. 

Aniixsible, 2. a. which can be 

Amitié, s/', friendship ; love: fa- 
veur; symp.'illiy. 
mitié's, compliments, regards. 

Amman, sm. a title of honouf- 
in Sniizerland, 

Ammon. corne d^ammou, s. 
a kind of spiral shell. 

Ammoniac, .sm. ammoniac. 

Amnistie, sf. amnesly, pardon. 

Aiuo<liatcur, sm. a lessee, 

AmodiatioiB, sf. lease ; lettîng 
of a land, 

.amodier, va. to let land. 

Amoindrir, i}(i. to lessen ; abale. 

Amoindrissement, sm, de- 

dc, c. under; except. 
A moins que, unioss. 
Amollir, va. to softon ; mollify. 

S' — , vr. to * grow efferainate; 

grow soft ; • be moved. 
Amollissement, sm. softening ; 

fffominacy. [pii'^- 

Amonceler, va. to heap up, to 
.«mont, ad. up Ihe river. 
Amorce, sf. bait; prime, decoy; 
Amorcer, va. to bait ; allure ; 

Amorçoir, sm. an auger. 
Amortir, va. quench ; redeem ; 

allay; ' dcadon ; wcaken, fado. 

S' — , vr. to grow weak ; abale, 

to decrease. [ablo. 

Amortissable, 2, a. redeem- 
Annortis9cment,sm.mortmain ; 

finishing; uppermost part of a 


caisse d' — , sinking-fund. 
AnioTibilité, sf. removing; rao- 

ving away. 
Amovible, 2. a. removable. 
Amour, sm. love ; passion 
Amouracher (S'), vr. to * bft 

smillen, in love. 
Amourette, sf. intrigue, datatj 

bits of multon and veal. 



Amotiretisonient) ad. amorous- 

Ij, lovinglj. [amorous. 

Amoureux, se, a. in love witb, 

Amoureux, sm. a lover, wooer. 

Amour>propre, self-Iove* 

Amours, stt'pl. sports ; smiles ; 

Amours, sf. pi. a. mistress. 

Amphibie, 2. a. — bipus. — Cet 
liomme est un ainpbibie, 
Ihat man is always of every bo- 
dy's opinion. 

Amplliliologie, sf. — logy. 

Amphi!fo1ogique, 2. a. — gical. 

Ampliiliologiquemeut, ad. 

Ampbi«^cieii9, sm. — iababî- 
tants of Ihe torrid zone, amphi- 
scii. [gallory, 

Amphithéutre, — théâtre ; first 

Amphore, sf. amphora, pilcher. 

Ample, 2. a. large; wide j spa- 

Amplement, ad. fully, amply. 

Ampleur, sf, amplitude; ful- 
ness. [exlending. 

Ampliaiif, »c, a. amplialing, 

Ampliatiou, sf. duplicale. 

Amplier,t;a. to dclay, to give 
more libcrty. [amplifàer. 

AmpliGcateur, sm. romancer; 

AmpliGcation, sf. — lion. 

Amplifier, va. lo amplify; lo 

Amplitude, sf. — de, extent. 

Ampoule, bubbie; blister; am- 
pulla. [basiic. 

Ampoulé, e, a. high-ûown, bom* 

Ampoulette, s^hour glass, of a 

Amputation, sf. — tion. [ship. 

Amputer, va. to * cut olT am- 

Amulette, sf. amulet ; charm. 

Amurer, va. to baul a tack. 

Amure», lacis of boom- 

sails and stay sails. 
Amusant, e, a. amusing. 

Amusement, sm. — ment; dc- 
lay; toy. 

Amuseur, sm. amuser, Irifler. 

Amuser, va. to amuse, divert. 

Amuseite, af. triûing, amuse- 


Amusoire, sf. arausing, trlte. 
.Amygdales, tonsU. 
An, sm. year. 
Anabaplisme, — tîsm. 
.anabaptiste, — list. 
Aiiacborète, anachoret. 
Anachronisme, — nism. 
Anaoréoutique, 2. a. — tic. 
Anagogie, sf. my^tery, anagogy. 
Analogique, 2. a. mystical. 
.Anagrammatiser, vn. to trans- 
pose leders, anagraramatize. 
Anagrammatïste , sm, ana* 

Anagramme, sf. anagram. 
.Analectes, sm. pi. analects; 

•chosen fragments of an aulhor. 
Analême, sm. analemma. 
Analeptique, 2. a. aoaleptic; 

.Analogie, sf. analogy. 
-Analogique, 2. a, — gîcal. 
.Analogiquement, ad. — cally. 
Analogisme, sm. — gism. 
.Analogue, 2. a. analogous. 
Analyse, sf, analysis, parsing. 
Analyser, va, to analyse. 
Analyste, sm. analyst. 
Analytique, 2. a. — tical. 
Analytiqueuieut, ad. — cally. 
Ananas, 5m. ananas; pine apple. 
Anarchie, sf. anarchy. 
Anarchique, 2. a. anarcbical. 
Anatbéniatiser, va, to anathe- 

Auathème, sm. — ma : person 

excommunicated, anathema. 
Anatomie, sf, — my. 
Anatomique, a. — cal. [cally. 
Anatomiquemeut, ad. — ml- 
Auatomiser, va, to — mise. 
Anatomiste, sm, — mist. 
Ancêtres, sm., pi, anceslors. 
Ancette, sf, mar. bow-line. 
Anche, sf. bautboy-reed. 
Ancher, lo put a reed tO. 
Anchois, sm. anchovy. 
Ancien, ne, a. old; late ; ances< 

tor, ancient. 
Ancien, sm. elder; senior. 
Anciennement, ad. anciently. 
Ancienneté, sf, aociontness; 



Anciles, sm. pi. sacred b^iteldl. 
Ancolie, sf. columbine flower. 
Ancrage, f>m. anchorage. 
Ancre, f{f. anci or, iron brace. 
Ancre à enipeiiuelcr, kedge 
anclior. [chor. 

— d'aCTourcbe, small bower an- 
^ de liossoii> bowcr anchor. 

— de Hot, flcod anclior. 

— de jusan, ebb anchor. 

— du large, sea anchoor. [chor. 

— de miséricorde, shect an- 

— de rechange, spare anchor. 

— de (erre, shore anchor. 

— de touce, stieam anchor. 
Ancrer, vn. to anchor. 

S'—, vr. to get a footing. 
Ancrure, sf, a little plait or fold 

in clolh. [deralely. 

Andante, sm- andante. ad. mo- 
Andonille, sf. hog's pudding, 


— de iahac, roi! of tobacco* 
Andauiller8,£?n. deer's antlers. 
Adouilletlc, sf' rorced méat. 
Androgjnc, sm. — gynus. 
Audroïde, sm. autom.ilon. 
Ane, sm.ass.donkey; idiot, [stroy. 
Anéantir, va. to annihilale; de- 

S' — , to humble one's self, to * 

come to * nothing. [tion. 

Anéautissemeut, sm. annihila- 
Anecdote, sf. anecdote. 
Anée, sf. the ioad of an ass. 
Anéuiograpliie, — phy ; the 

science of the winds. 
Anémomètre, sm. — meter. 
Anéuiométric, sf. — try. 
Anémone, sf. anemony, wind- 

Anerie, sf. gross ignorance. 
Ancsse, a. she-ass. 
Anet, sm. anise, dill. 
Anét-risme, sm. aneurism. 
AnTraclueux, euse, a. uneven, 

winding, anfractuous. 
Augar, sm. shed. [fish. 

Ange, angel; chain-fhot ; angel- 
Angélique. 2. a. angciical. 
Angélique, sf. angelica. 
Augéliquemeut, ad. — cally. 
Angelot, sm. a sort of Norman 
Angélus, ïngelus, [cbeese> 



Angine, angina, sore Ihroat. 

Anglais, Englishman. 

Anglais, e, a. Englifh. 

Angle, angle. [Enpland, 

Anglican, e, a. anglican ; ot 

Anglicisme, sm. anglicism. 

Angoisse, sf. auguish, pang. 

Angon, sm. javelin of the Gaul?. 

Angiiiciinre, sf. huntsman'bclt. 

Anguillade, lasb, stripe. 

Anguille, eel. [holes. 

Anguillers,sm.p?. mar. limbcr- 

Anguillièrc, an eel-pond. 
Angulaire, 2. a. angular. 
Anguleux, se, a. angulous ; 
hooked. [mur, lub. 

Anicroche, sf. hînderance, de- 
Anier, sm. ass-driTOr. 
Anîl, anil; indigo-plant. 
AnimadTcrsiou, 5^. '- sion^ 

Animal, sm. animal ; brnte* 
—, e, a. animal ; sensual; dunce; 

Animalcule, sm. — cule. 
Animalité, sf. — lily. 
Animation, — tion. 
Animé, e, a. animated; brifk. 
Animer, va. animate ; enlivcn. 

S' — ,t)'be angiyjtocheer up. 
Animositc, sf. aaimosity spite, 

ill feeling. 
Anis, sm. anise; aniseed; suga- 
red aniseed. [joints anchylasis. 
Ankilose, sf. a swelling of the 
Annal, e, a. annual. 
Annales, annals. 
Annaliste, sm. annalist. 
Anuate, sf. anuats. 
Anneau, sm. ring, bow ; curi ; 
Année, sf. year. [link. 

— bissextile, leap-year. 
Anncler, va. to curl ; 10 * ring. 
Annelet, sm. little ring ; annu- 
Annclure, sf. curling. [let. 

Annexe, annex ; chapel of ease. 
Annexer, va. to annex ; unile. 
Annexion, sf. aanexment. 

Annihilation, — tion. 

Annihiler, va. to annihilate. 
Anniversaire, a. s. — sary. 
Annonce, s/".,ad-ïÇlti55Çjnenl pu- 

bik notice. 


Annoncer, ua. to * 10 foretell; 

* give ont, proclaim. 
AnnoiicIniSC', sf. annunciada. 
AniKiBicialciii', 5^77. proclaimer- 
Annouciatiou, annunciation. 
Annotateur, annolator. 
Annotation, sf. — tion, inven- 

"venfory, [torv, to note down. 
Annoter, t'O. to * toke an inven- 
Anuuaire, almauack, annuary. 
Annuel, le, a. aonual, yearly. 
Annuellement, ad. annually. 
AunuitcS sf. annuity, set pay- 

ment Tor life. [finger. 

Annulaire, 2. a. (iloigt) ring- 
Aunulation, sf. annulling. 
Annuler, va. to annul ; repeal; 

revoke. [lilale. 

Anoblir, va. to ennoble, nobi- 
Anohlissenient, S77t. ennobling. 
Anoïliu, e, a. anodyne. 
Anomal, e, a. anomalous. 
Anomalie, sf. irregularity. 
Anon, sni. ass-coU. 
Anonner, vn. to hesitate ; to 

* read clownishly, foal. 
Anonj'uie, 2. a. — mous. 
— , S7)7. — mous aulhor. 
Anse, sf. bandle; ear; creek. 
Ansénfiiques, 2< villes hanse- 

Autugoniste, antagonist. 
Antan, svi. tUe last year, 
Aiitauaclase, antaiiaclasis, 
AiBiarctique, H, a. antarctic. 
Autécéilemuicut, ad. — dentij. 
Antécéflent, e, a. foregoing. 
Antécédent, sm. antecedenti 
Antécesseur, predecessor. 
Antéchrist, antichrist. 
Aotéciens, S7Î!. ;>/. aniœci. 
Antédiluvien, antediluvian. 
Antenne, sf. sail yard. 
Antennes, pi. horns of batter- 

flies, antenna, etc. 
Antépénultième, a, S. — tima; 

the last but two. 
Antérieur, e, a. foremost. 
Antérieurement, ad. before. 
Antériorité, sf. priorily, 
Antes, s»Jt,p/, pillars. 
Anthologie, — logy. 
%nthrax, antiiriix, carbuncle 



Anthropologie, — logy» 

Anthropopathic, — palljy. 

Antlii'opuplia^es, sm.liL men- 
eaters, cannibal. 

Anthropophagie, sf, — l'i^gj» 

Anliehamhre, — charaber. 

Antichrèsc, antichresis, mort- 
gage, [tian. 

Anticliréticn, ne, a. — chri - 

Antichristianisme, S777. — iiisni« 

Anticipation, sf. — tion. 

Anticiper, va. to anticipate, fo- 
restall. [vadf. 

Anticiper sur, to usurp, in 

Anliiiiite, sf. anledate. 

Antidater, va. to. antcdate, 

Antidote, s7n. antidote, 

Aiatidoter, vu. to antidote. 

Antienne, sf. anthem. 

Antirébrile,2.a. reraedy against 
fever, antilebrile. 

Antilogie, antilogy. 

Antilope, antelope. 

Antimoine, S)?î. antiroony. [ca!. 

Autiuionarehiquo, 2. a. — cUi- 

Antinionial, e, a. niai. 

Antinomie , sf. coniradiclion 
bctween two laws, antimony. 

.Intinomien, ne, S. — mian. 

Antipape, s;77. antipope, 

Autiparalj tique, 2. «. S. — tic. 

Antipathie, sf. — pathy. 

Antipathique, 2. a. averse, an- 

Antipéristase, sf. — tasis. 

Antipcslilentiel, le, a. — tial. 

Antiphonie, sf. antiphony. 

Antiphonaire, Antipbonier, 
antiiihoner, book of anthems. 

Antiphrase, sf. — phrase. 

Antipodul, e, a. — dal. 

Antipode, contrary contradic- 
lion, antihode. 

Antipodes, 87)7. pU — yodes. 

Autiptose, sf. antiptosis. 

Antiquaille, sf. antiquity. 

Antiquailles, pi. old rubbish, 

Antiquaire, S)7i. — quary. 

Autiquuriat, the knowledge a'. 
antiques and anliquities. 

Antique, a. S. antique ; ancienU 

Antiquité, sf. antiquity. 

.liitiscieus, sm. pi, Autiscii. 


AatiscorbiKique, 2. a. — tical. 
Antispasiuodique) 2. a. antis- 

Aiitistropbe, sf. — phe. 
Aiilillièse, sf. — thesis. 
Aniiij'pe, sm. antitype; ^Sire. 
" Aiitioéuérien, a. sm. — nereal. 
AulivéroISqne, 2. a. gOOd a- 

gainsl ihe small-pox. 

Anti-c, sm. den ; cave ; cavern. 

Aniiiter (»'), vr. to be * benigh- 

Anus, sm. anus, tundament. 

Anxiété, sf. anxiety, anguish. 

Aoriste, sm. aorist. 

Août, sm. August ; harvest. 

Aoûté, e, a. ripened Ly the sun. 

Aoûterou, sm. barvest-man, 

Apaiser, va, to appease ; quiet, 
quench, calm, cool. 

Apaiser («'), Vf. to be appeased. 

Apanage, appauage ; appendix. 

Apanagcr, va. to settle ou, give 
an appanage. 

Apauagiste, sm. a. prince who 
enjoys an appanage. 

Apanttaropie, sf. apautbropia, 
!. e. misanlhropy. 

Aparté, sm. aside. 

Apathie, sf. apathy. jsible. 

Apathique, 2. a. ap.iihic, insen- 

Apcrcevable, 2. o.'perceiYablo. 

Apercevoir, va. to perçoive, no- 
tice, discvoer. 

Aperçu, sm. note, observation. 

Apéritif,ire,a.aperitive, opening, 

Apétale, 2. a. apetalous. 

Apétissement, sm. a diminu- 
tion, lessening. . [«en. 

tpétisser, va. to diminish, les- 

A-peii-près, ad. nearly, aimost. 

Aphélie, sm. aphriion. 

Aphérèse, apherisis. 

Aphonie, aphony. 

Aphorisme, sm. aphorlsm. 

Aphoristiqne, 2. a. aphoristic. 

Aphronitre, stn. sallpetre. 

Api, délicate sort of apple. 

A pic,arf.pcrpendicularly. [jard. 

Apiquer (mar), lo Icp a" sail 

A|iito}'er, va. lo move. affect» 



Aplauer, in. to nap clolh. 
Aplancur, iW. he who LBpi 

Aplanir, va. (0 levai ; smooth. 
Aplunisscment, sm. levelling 
Aplanisspur, se, S. a poliflioi 
Aplatir, va. to Satten. 
AVWtisseuient, sm. flattening 
Apiets. sm. pi. herring-nets. 
Aplomb, ad. perpendicularly, as 

Apocalypse, sf. apocalypse. 
Apocalyptique, 2. a. — tic. 
Apocope, s/, a final elision,apa 

Apocryphe, 2. a. npocryplial. 
Apocryphes, apocrypha 
Apodictique, 2. a. — ctical. 
Apogée, sm. apoga^um; 
Apographe, — pbum;copy. 
Apologétique, 2. a. sm.— iical. 
Apologie, sf. apology. 
Apologiste, sm. apologist. 
Apologue, apologue, fable. 
Aponévrose, sf. aponeurosis. 
Apophthegme, — thegm. 
Apoplectique, 2. il. apoplectic. 
Apoplexie, sf. apopiexy. 
Apostasie, apostasy, défection. 
Apostasier, vn. to aposlalize. 
Apostat, sm. apostate. 
Aposter, va. to suborn ; apport. 
Aposthcme, «m. swelling ; i"- 

Apostiiume, s/', aposthume; ini- 

posthume, abscess. 
Apostille, sf. postscript, marpi 

nal note, aposlil. 
Apostiller, va. to * Write mai 

ginal notes. 
Apostolat, sm. apostleship 
Apostolique, 2. a. nposlolic. 
A r.tpostolique, ad, bolily. 
Aposloliquement, ad. — lio:illy 
Apostrophe, sf. apostrophe. 
Apostropher, Va. to * speali IQ 

* cul olf a vowel. 
Apothéose, sf. apotheosis. 
Apothéoscr, va. deify a rnan. 
Apothicaire, sm. apothecarj. 
Apfitre, sm. an apostle. 
Apozème, sm. apozem. 
Apparaître, to rppear. 



SP — 9 vr. to * shew ooe's self. 
Apparat, sm. préparation; pa- 

rfiiie, pomp. 
Apparaux, sm. pi. ail appurte- 

nances of a ship. 
Appareil, sm. préparation; ban- 
dage; équipage heighl or thic- 

kness of a stone in ihe quarry. 

ppareiller, va. to maich; * 

gel ready. [stones to be eut. 

ppareilleur, sm. a marker of 

pparcniment, ad. — reutly ; 

Apparence, sf. appearance; 

sign, likelihoad. [manifest. 

Apparence, a. — rent; erainenl, 
Apparenté, e', a. related. 
Apparenter (S'), vr. tO marry 

iolo. [lazy. 

Apparesscr ( S'), vr. to * grow 
Apparier, to pair, match. 

S' — , to couple. 
Appariteur, sîn. — tor ; beadie. 
.apparition, sf. — tion ; \ision. 
Apparoir, vn. (0 appear. 
.^ppartenicul, sm. apartment; 

drawing room, lodging. 
Appartenance, sf. apparte- 

n-mce, appendant. 
-appartenant, e, a. belonging. 
Appartenir, vn. to belong to ; 

le ' become. [grâces. 

.t5>|ias, sm. charnis, atlractivee, 
.ïppât, bail; allurement. 
Appâter, to allure, to * feed, to 

LCcoy, infant?» birdp, etc. 
Appauvrir, to impoverish. 

S' — , vr. to * grow poor. 
Appauvrissement, sm. impo- 

^crishment; decay, exbau^tion. 

ppeau, bird-call; quail pipe; 


ppel, appeal ; call ; challenge. 

pjislant, e, a. S, appealing; 

.appeler, va. to call; appeal. 

-^'— , vr. to * be called. 
.'-ppeilatir, ve, a. appellalive. 
Appelialion, sf. appeal, na- 

Appcnrtice, sm. appendix, ad- 

(ifnda, [up. 

A£>trcndre, va, to append, bang 



Appentis, sm.a sbed,penChou<». 
Appesantir, va. to * make boavj 

or duU, oppress. 

S'— , vr. to * be made heavy; 

to * grow dull. 
.Appesantissemeut, sm. hea>i< 

ness, become inert. 
Appétence, sf. appetencj. 
Appeter, vn. to covet, to crave 
Ap^ctiijiiité,$/^. — lity, désire. 
Appétible, 2. a. désirable. 
Appétissant, e, a. relishing. 
Appétit, S7n. appetite; désire. 
Appétitir, ve, a. — tive. 
Appétition, sf. — tion, désire. 
Applaudir, va. to appland. 
Applaudissement, sm, Hf 

plause, cheer. 
Applaudisseur, comraender, 
Applicaltlc, 2. a. applicable. 
Application, sf. — tion; study. 
Appliqué, inlaying setting. 
Appliquer, lia. to appiy; set; 

* put; * give, bestow; * stick 

ut, appropriate. 
.Appoint, sm. odd money. 
Appointemeut, allowance, de- 

cree, salary. [ance, 

.Appoiuter, va. to * give allow- 
Appointcur, sm. partial judge. 
Apport, share of capital. 
.Apporter, vn, to bring; con- 

vcy ; use ; slart, cause. 
Apposer, to put to, or in; * set. 
Apposition, s/'. — tion; putling. 
Appréciateur, sm. appraiser. 
Appréciation, sf. appraising. 
Apprécier, va. appraise; raie. 
Appréhender, Urt.toappreheud 

fear, dread, arrest. 
Appreliensir, »e, a. fearful. 
Appréhension, sf. — sion, fear. 
Apprendre, va. to tearn; beat; 

inform, discover. [vice. 

Apprenti, e, s. apprentice; no- 
Apprentissage, sm. appreniicf>. 
ship. [dressing of food. 

.Apprêt, préparation ; priminç. 
Apprêter, i'(7. to prépare; difss, 
Appi'êteur, srii. dresser, [trim. 
Apprivoisement, taming. 

Apprivoiser, va. to tame; t« 


AQU 19 

g' — , to * grow tame. 
Approbateur, sm. approvei ; 

Approbatif, ve, a. approving. 
Approbation, «/■.— tioil. [like. 
Approchant, e, a. somelhing 
Approchant de, near aboul. 
Approche, sf. approach. 
Approcher, va. to approach; ' 

draw near, ha^ve access, 
Approroudir, to " deepen ; to 

search into, investigate. 
Approfondissement, sin. mak* 

ing deeper; investigation. 
Appropriation, — tion. 
Ai»proprier, va. to appropriate; 

to adapt; to fit up. 
Approuver, va. to approTO of, 

to like, to allow; consent. 
Approvisionnement, sni. sup- 

p!y (oF provisions), victuals. 
Approvisionner, va. to supply 

wilh provisions ; provide. 
Approvisionneur, sm. provi- 
Approximation, sf. — tiOn. 
Appui, s>n. support; prop ; siil of 

à window rest, hand-rail (hau- 
teur d') breast height. 
Appni-main, sm. manlstick. 
Appuyeiv support-, *prop; 

protect; keep up, to second, to 

— , vn. to press or dweli upon. 

S' — , vr. to rely; lean; rest. 
Apre , 2. a., rough ; eager ; bard. 
Apremont, ad. ïiarshlj ; sharply, 

rigidly, roughly. 
Après, p. ad. after, next to. 
Après coup, too late. 
.%près que, c. when, after. 
Après quoi, ad. after that ; af- 

terwards. [morrow. 

Après*»dcmaiu , ad. after to- 
Après-dtnéc, sf. afternoon. 
Après'ikiidi, afternoon. 
A prêté, roughness ; stiarpness; 

eagerness, acidity, sourness. 
Apte, 2. a, apt, fit, proper. 
Aptitude, sf. aptness. [tling. 
Apurement, sm. cleanness; set- 
Apurer, l'a. to cleanse; seltle. 
Aqualile» 2. a, aquatic. 


Aquatique, 2. a. aquatic; na» 
Aqueduc, sm. aqueduct. [tery. 
Aqueux, se, a, walerisb; vs'ate- 

ry, aqueous. 
Aquilin, e, havt'ked; aquillne. 
Aquilon, sm. nortb-wind. 
Aquilouaire, 2. a. northerly. 
Arabe, s. m. Arabian, Arabie. 
Arabesques, sf. pi. arabesks;. 

wliimsical ornaments (in pain- 

Arnbesse, sf. Arabian woman. 
Arabique, Arabesque, 2. (it 
Arable, 2. a. arable. [Arabie. 
Arac, sm. arrack. 
Araignée, sf. spider, web. 
Arang, sm. a lazy printer. 
Arasement, levelling. 
Araser, va. to level a wall. 
Aratoire, a. belongiDg to hus- 

bandry, aralory. 
Arbalète, cross-bow. 
Arbalète à jalet, stone-bow. 
Arbalétrier, sm. cross-bowman. 
Arbalétriers, «m. pi. beadraf» 

Arbitrage, arbitrage; référence. 
Arbitraire, 2. a. arbitrary ; ab- 

Arbitrairement, ad. arbilra- 

riiy. [award. 

Arbitral, o, a. (sentence), sf. 
Arbitraicmeut, ad. by way of 

arbitra tion. 
Arbilrateur, sm. — tor. 
Arbitration, sf. estimation,- 

prizing. [arbiter 

Arbitre (libre), sm, freewili 
Arbitrer, va. to arbitrale; de 

Arborer, to botst ; * set up. 
Arborise, a. leaved, tufted. 
Arbousier, sm. strawberry tree 

arbulus. [tree sho!' 

Arbre, a tree ; beam ; mast, ax!' 
Arbre de Diane, chymical tree, 
Arbrisseau, srbub ; small tree. 
Arbuste, sbrub. 
Arc, a. bow ; arch ; section. 
Arcade, sf. vault; arch; arcade. 
Arcaue, Arcauum, sm, ^cbiui) 

Arcausou, colopbaoy. 

ARD : 

Arcasse, buttcck of a ship. 
Arcliuutuut, sm. butlress. 
Arclioiiler. va to * prcj ; stp- 

porl v.uh a Mttress. 
i%2ceau. sm. arch. keystone. 
Arc-cu>cîel, sm. a raifliow. 
Arctoi, trass wire. 
ArcliMicge. archange!, 
«rt-lic. ïA arch , ark [ofbcat. 
krcliéf, SOT. (chim) pnnc:p!e 
.rcufel«(, iin. UUie bow, drill 

coTt. If'quities. 

.l'ciieoieeie. st. treatise on an- 
A.rcûei'. an archer', a ccnstablc. 
ArcUct., im. tid(Ue-i.tick ; bow; 

A.ti'ii«:i>pe. archétype; mode). 
Aici^eiôcki', archbishoprick ; 

arciiLui-tiop s palace. 
Aiclievpque, archbishop. [ship. 
Arcbsdiacouat, archdeacon- 
Ai'i'liidïacoué^ archdeaccnry. 
ArcliitSiarre. arcbdeacon. 
Arcliiditc. aicbduko. 
.%rcbidurlia. erthJukedom. 
Ari'IiiducUetse, sf. archdu- 

Arcliîcpi^coiral) e, a. — pal, 
Arcbiépisorpat, sm. an arch- 

bifliop s dignity. 
Arclii|iel^ — peJago. 
.Arc h i prêtre, sm. archpriest. 
Architecte, aichitect. 
Arcbileotiire, sf- — ture. 
Architrave, £m. — Irave. 
Arcbivea, sf. pi. archives; re- 
cords, [records. 
Arcbiiiste, sm. keeper of the 
Archivolte, aichivault. 
Archoute, aichon. 
Arcbures, sf. drum, casing. 
Arçou, saddle-bow. 
Arctique, 2. a. arctic, northern. 
Ardeiumeut, ad. ardenlly. 
Ardent, e, u. ardent; burning; 

tiery, intense. 
Ardeur, s/', ardour; beat: zeal, 

eageiiiess. [ckle). 

Ardillou, sm. longue (of a bu- 
Ardoise, sf. slate. 
Ardoisé, e, a. of a slate colour. 
Ardoisière, sf. slale quany. 
Ardre, VU. t« * buinj consume. 



Ardu, e, a. arduous, hard 
Are, sjn. the unit of the frCiicS 

SLpeificial measure. 
Arec, bclel-nut tree. 
Aréuutiou, s/', a balh ofhot sar.d, 
Arèue, sf. sand, gjavel; arena. 
Areueux, se, a. sandy. 
Aréomètre, sm. areometer. 
Areopikge, Ar.;opaguS. 
Areopagcte, — gîte. 
Arête, sf. fish-bone; edge; ridge. 
Arêtier, sm. bip corner oi a 

Argemun, sm. a. disease of tbe 

Argéuioae, sf, Ihorny poppy. 
Argent, sm. silver; money, cash. 

— (vif), quicksilver. 

— monuajé, ccin. 

— blanc, silver, coin. 

— comptant, ready money. 
Argenté, e, a. ot a silver colour. 
Argeuter, va. to silver over. 
Argenterie, sf. plate. 
Argentier , sm. silversmith ; 

house slenaid, purser. 
Argentin, e, a. silver coloured. 

— f of clear Sound, silvery. 
.Irgenliue, sf. sîlver-weed. 
Argenture, sf. silver-platinc . 
Argile, white clay, argil. 
Argileux, se, a. clayey. 
Argot, sm. dead bough ; siub; 

cant language. 
Argoter, va. to * eut the Sli-b of 

a Iree above the eye. 
.%rgousin, sm. galley-serjcanl. 
Argue, sf. wire-drawing. 
Arguer, va. to * wire-draw. 
Arguer, to argue; reprove. 
Argument, sm. argument. 
Argumentant, disputiug. 
Argumentateur, arguer. 
AriBumcntation, sf. arguirg. 
Argumenter, un. to argue, iufer. 
Argus, sm. Argus, spy. 
Argutie, sf. quirk, cavil. 
Arianisme, sm. — nism. 
Aride, 2, a. arid, barren, dry. 
Aridité, s^ — ty ; barrenness. 
Arien, ue, a. S. an Arian. 
Ariès, bélie^ n». Arles, ranu 



Arieilc, sf. — ta; tune- 

Aiiser,iia. to lower (a sea terni). 

Aristarqiie, sni. a critic. 

ArË!<tocra(e, sm. — crat. 

Aristocratie, sf, — cracy. 

Aristocratique, 2. a. — tical. 

Aristocratiquemeiit 9 ad, — 

Aristodémorratle, S/'. — cracy. 

Aristodémocratique ^ 2. a. 

Aritliiocticien, sm. — tian. 

Arilliniétique, sf. — metic. 

Aritl>n>étiqiie, 2. a.— tical. 

AriBitniétîqiiement.a/f. — cally. 

Arlequin, sm.buffoon,harlequin. 

Artcqiiinadc, sf. buffoonery. 

Armadille, a. llght frigate, ar- 
madilla (fleet), armadillo (ani- 
mal), [owner. 

Armateur, sm. prWateer, ship 

Armature, sf. iron bars used in 
timber-work. [coat of arms. 

ArnxB, sf. arm ; weapon ; armour, 

Armes blanclses, bayonets. 

Arme à feu, a. fire-arm ; gun. 

Anne de trait, a bow,crossbow. 

Armée, S/', army ; fleet. 

Ai'meliiie, ermice. 

Armement, sm.fitting ont a sbip. 

Arménien, ne, a. S. Armeniaii. 

Arméuieune, sf. a bluisb stone. 

Armer, fa. to arm ; to fit, to 
S'— , vr. to arm one's seir, for- 

Arniet, sm. helmet ; head. [tify. 

Arm-Elaire, 2. (sphère), hol- 
low sphère, annulet. 

Armï.lle, sf. annulet. 

Armiuianisine, sni. — nism. 

Arminien, ne, a. s. — nian. 

Armistice, sm. — (ice; truce. 

Armoire, sf. cupboard ; press. 

Armoiries, ;)^ coat of anus. 

Armoise, mugwort; molhwort. 

Armoisin, sm. -sarcenet. 

Armoriai, book of armory. 

Armorier, VO.. tO paint coats of 

Armoriqiic, 2. a. maritime. 

Armoriste, sm. armorist; he- 
rald ; blazoDPr. 

Armure, sf. armo.ur. 



, sm. armonrer; gnn- 

I, arnica. [perfiime. 

tes, sm. pi. aromatics; 
Aronuntiqiie, 2. a. aromniic. 
Aromatisation, sf. — tinn. 
Aromatiser, va. to perfume , 

aromatize. [iike myrrh. 

Aromatite, sf. a precious stone, 
Aronde (queue €l^),s^. swallow 

tail. [low. 

Arondelat, sm. a young swaU 
Arjvailleur, sm. gold-finder. 
.%rj>cnt, French acre. 
.Irpentage, land-surTey. 
.irpenter, va. to survey land; 

riin walk miich or fast. 
Arpenteur, sm. surveyor. 
.^rqiié, e, a. arched; bent. 
.'ïrqiiebiBsade, sf. — sade. 
Arqgsebiise, arquebuse. 
.^rqiiebuserie, sf. trade of a 

gun?mith. [smith. 

Arquebusier, sm. — sier; gun- 
Arqijer, un. fO * bend. 
Amichcment, sm. pulling out 

looihiiig, plucking oui. 
Ari-achcV, va. to pull, fo * draw, 

* piuck out, 01' up snalch. 
.^rraebeur de dcnls,s»i. tootb 

drovver, dentisl. 
Arracbis, sm. pi. young trees 

Arrangement, sm. — ment; 

disposai; contrivance, setiing 

in order. [adjust, prépare. 

Arranger, Va. to * set in order 
Arras. sm.z sort oT large parrot. 
Arrentement, S!)!, renting out. 
Arrenicr, vn. to * let out ; rent. 
Arrérager, vn. to ' be in ar- 
Arrérage». sm. arrears. [rears. 
Arrestation, sf. arrest. 
Arrêt, sm. decree ; arrest; stop. 
Arrêté, sm. resoluliOD. 
— de compte, a setlled accnunt. 
Arrêter, va. to * stop; balance; 

arrcft, fas(en,hold, hire, sirike. 

S'— i')'. to ' stop ;*stay,* larry; 

I Arrêtistc, sm. compiler of de> 
[ crées. 


Arrbe, sf. earnest. picdge, tno- 

ncy advanced. 
Arrhémetit, sm. the bailin g, or 

giving security. 
Arrhcr, va. to'gÎTe earnest mo- 
.»rrîcre, ad. away. [ney behind. 
Ai'i'icrc «le, pr, far rrom. 
Arrière, sni. stern, abafl, 
ArB'ière-han, arrierban. 
Arrière-eliaiige, sm, interest 

Arrière-cour, sf. back-yard. 
Arricre-forinier,under tenant. 
Arrière-fier, mesne-fce. 
Arrière-snrde, sf. Ihe rear of 

an army. 
Arrière-mnin, SOT. back of Ihe 

hand ; back-slroke. 
Arrière-iie\'cii, Eon of a gran- 

dchild, or nephew. 
Arrière-pciiscc, sf. mcnlal ré- 
serve. [i:randdaui:h!cr. 
Arricrc-pelile-fille, «/■. a g rcat- 
Arrière-peti(-nis, sm. grtat- 

grandsoii. [stilchcs, 

Arrière-point, sm. wrisl band- 
Arricre-snisoit, sf. latler end 

of aulumn ; o!d a^e. 
Arrière-vassal, S7n. under-te- 
Arrièrc, e, a. in arrears. [nant. 
Arriérer, va, to ' Ihrow behind- 

hand, delay. 

S' — , vr. to * be in arrears. 
Arrimage, sm. slowago. 
Arrimer, va, lO StOW. 
Arriinciir, S7n, Stower. 
Arriser, va, to lower (Ihe sails 

of a ship). 
Arrivage, sm, arrivai of goods. 
Arrivée, sf. arriva] ; coming. 
Arriver, vn. to arrive ; * corne 

10 pass, happen, befall. 
Arrogaiiiniciit, ad, proudly ; 

Arrogance, s/', arrogance; pride. 
Arrogaut , e, a. arrogant, 

Arroger (S''),ur',arrtigafe, daim. 
Arrondir, vi, to ' mako round; 

* give a good turn, enlarf^e. 
Arrondir, va. (roar.) to wea- 

tber a capoi 

2 ASC 

."<' —, t'A to * grow round. 
Ai'roïidissciiieiit, Sî)?.roiindirig; 

a district, vvard. 
Arrosage, watering. [klinu. 

Arroseinent, walering, sprin 
Arroser, va. to walcr; baste. 
Ari'osoir, sni. watcring-pot. 
Arseaial, arsenal. 
Arsvnie, arsenic, orpine. 
Arsenical, c, a. — cal. 
Art, sm. art, skill, abilily. — • Il 
n'y a point d*ai-t chez Iciir 
he is a mosl candid man. 
Artère, sf. artery. 
Artériel, le, a. arlerial. 
Artériciix, se, arlerious, 
Artcrïole, sf. small arlery. 
Artériologic, sf. — logy; 

Ireatise on arteries. 
Artériotornie, — lomy ; opening 

an artery. 
Artésien (puits), artesian wcli. 
Ai-lliritiqiic, 2.0. — tic; goiily. 
Artichaut, sm. artichoke. 
Article, article; joint matter, 

thing, subject. 
Articulaire, 2. a, — lar. 
Articulation, sf. — tion. 
Articuler, va, to articulate. 
Artifice, s?H. skill; craft; artifice. 
Artificiel, le, a. artificiel ; fitti- 
tious. [by art. 

Artificiellement, aft. — cially; 
Artificier, sm. fire-worker, 
Artificieiiscmcnt, ad, crai'lily, 
ArtilîcieiBx, se, a. cunning. 
Artillé, e, a. (mar.) mounlcd 
wilh cannon. [nance. 

Artillerie, sf. artillery; ord- 
Artilleur, sm. artilleryman. 
Artimon, mizen-mast. 
Artisan, c, arliliccr, tradesman. 
Artisan, sin. wood-worin. 
Artisonnc, e, a. vvorni-eaten. 
Artiste, sm. artist; performei" 

Artistoment, ad. artfully. 
Aruspice, diviner, soolhsayer. 
.*B, sm. ace. 
A savoir, ad, to wit. 
Asbesic. asbestos, a stone whicb 
firo caiii:ot consume. 
scnriticB. sm. pi. — de?. 



A8cen<1an(,sm.— dant;influence. 
Ascendaul, e , a, ascendirg , 

Asccaieiou^ sf, ascension. 
Ascousionnul, le, a. — nal. 
Ascè<c, s. ascetic; anchoret. 
Ascétique, 2. ascetic. 
Afioieus, sm, pi, asciî. 
Ascile, sf. ascites; dropsy. 
AscitiquO) 2. a. — tic. 
Ascyron, sm. St. John's wort. 
Asiatique, 2. a. S. Asialic ; loose. 
Asile, sm. asylum, slielter. 
Asine (bête), he or she ass. 
Aspect, «7?!. aspect; looli; 'vi- 
sion ; sight. 
Asperge, sf. asparagus. 
Asperger, va. to hesprinlile. 
Aspergea, sm. holy water sprin- 

Aspérité, sf. roughness , asperity. 
Aspersion, besprinivling. 
Aspersoir, sm. lioiy waterstick. 
Asphalte, sm. jeco's pilch, as- 

Asplinitiquc, 2. n. bituminous. 
Asplioilèle, sm. dalTodii , as- 

Asphyxie, sp suspension of 'vilal 

action, asphysy. [asphyxy. 

Asphyxié, 2, a. struck witli an 
Aspic, sm. asp, slanderer, spi- 

kenard, aspic. 
Aspirant, e, a, S. Candidats» 
Aspirant, midsbipman. 
Aspiration, sf. — tion; pious 

Aspirer, v. to aspire; * draw 

brealh; aspirale; attract. 
Aspre, sm. Turkish. coin (about 

one penny), [gressor. 

Assaillant, sm. assailant; ag- 
Assaîlllr, l'a. to assault, attack. 
Assainir, to render healthy. 
Assaisonner, va. to season. 
Assaisonneiir, sm. seasoner. 
AssaUi, sf. the favourite sulta- 

ness. [derer. 

Assassin, sm. assassin, mur- 
Assassinant, e, a. very tedious. 
Assassinat, sm. ■— nation, mur- 



Assassiner, un. to murdcr, kiil 

plague, vex, tire. [oiiset- 

Assaut, sm. assault ; sIoiit] , 
Assêelienient, sm. a dryiug up 
Assécher, rrt. to dry up. 
Assemblage, assemblage ; joi 

ning, union; heap, collection. 
Asseuibicc, sf. assembly ; nu et- 

ing, call. [meet, gallicr. 

Assembler, va. to assemble ; ' 
Asséner, to strike hard. 
Assentiment, sm. assent. 
Asseoir, va.lo* sel ; * lay assess ; 

pilch; flx , seat. 

S' — , vr. to * sit down. 
Aseermenter, va. to * swear 

one; to confirm by cath. 
Asscrteur, sm. asserlor; rescuer. 
Assertion, sf. assertion. 
Assertivenient, ad. affirmati- 

vely. [slave, 

Asserx'ir, va. to subject; on- 
Asser-t'issement, sm. subjec- 

lion. [iônt. 

Assesseur, sm. assessor; assis- 
Assessorial, e, a. belonging to 

an assessor. 
Asseï, ad. enough. 
Assi<lu,e,a.assiduous, constant. 
Assiduité, sf, assiduity, dili- 
Assidûment, ad. assiduously. 
Assiégeant, e, a. besieging. 
Assiéger, rn. to besiege ; * Ijc- 

set, surround. 
Assiégés, sm. pi. the besieged. 
Assiente, sf, slave trade; As- 

Assietv«, sf. plate ; situation ; 

a«scssment; fund; temper; 
Assiettée, plateful. [irim. 

Assignat, sm. mortgage ; French 

credit-paper, [sumnions. 

Assignation, sf. assignment , 
Assigner, assign; to suni- 

mon, allot. 
Assimilation, sf. — ton, u. ma- 

king iike: resemblance. 
Assimiler, va. to assimilate, * 

make Iike. 
Assimilé, c, a. comparedi 
Assise, sf, laver of slonest 
Assises, sf, pi. assizea< 



Assistance, — ce;\ 
A«siï!>(;iiii. e. a. s. an as^I5laD[•, 

lielper. tij-stander. 
-ts^utantc, ,<:/". a Dun that as- 

stis tue abbess. 
AssisiRiiis. sm. j)i.-as?enibly. 
Assister, va. to asf ist ; to ' be 

présent; to belp. [nership. 

Association, sf. — tion, part- 
Associc> e, s. partner. 
Associer, va. to associate, to 

join unité, admit. 

S" —, vr. to enter into part- 

nership wilh. [crops. 

Assolement , distribution of 
.Assombrir, to darkon, look 

gloomy. [oppres=. 

ABsommer,tolniockdo\t'n; maul; 
Assommoir, sm. loadstone in a 

Assomption, sf. Assuinption. 
Assonance* rbyme. 
Assonant, e, a. assonant; chi- 

ming. [suit, set, 

.Assortiment, sm. sortment ; 
Assortir, l'd. to ' supply, match, 

suit. [stock. 

S' — , vr. to get a suitable 
Assortissant, e, a. matcbing. 
Assotcr, V7i. be infatuated. 
Assoté, e, a. doatinp ; fond of. 
Assoupir, va. to * makc drowsy; 

to Euppress, luil. hush. [sleepy. 

S' — , vr, to ' grow dull, or 
Assoupissant, e, a. somnife- 

Assoupissement , 5m. beaTi- 

ness ; suppression, 
.«ssouplir. va. to supple a horse, 
.tssotirclir. to deafen, stun, 
Vssouvir, to glut; satisfy. 
rASSoiivissement, sm. glutting. 
Assujettir, va. to subdue; * 

overcome; submit, [self, 

S' — ,vr. lo subject, tic one's 
Assujettissant, c, a. slavisb. 
Assujettissement, sm, subjec- 

tion, sen'îtude. 
Assurance, sf. — ce, safety; 

confidence; trust; boidness. 
Assure, a. certain, steady firm, 



ncnt, ad, assnredlj. 


Assurer, va. assure ; Insnre* 

encou-.age; to assert, déclare, 
.Assureur, 5»;;. insurer. 
.Astelle, s/', (chim.) splint bolster 
Astérisme, asterism. 
Astérisqnc, asterisk(*),cat'seye. 
.Asthme, sni. asihma. 
Asthmatique, 2. a. asthinatic. 
Asticoter, va. to plagup, for tri- 
Astragale, astragal, [fies, 
.A»tral, o, astral, slarry. 
Astre, sm. slar, planet. 
Astreindre, va. to confine, tie 

up * bind, oblige, 

S'—, vr. to submit to. [costi-ve. 
Astringent, e, a. astringent, 
Astrolabe, sm. cross staff. 
Astrologie, sf. — logy. 
Astrologique, 2. n. — gîcal. 
Astrologiquemeut, ad. — cally, 
Astrologiae, sȕ. astrologer. 
Astronome, astronomer. 
Astronomie, sf. astronomy. 
Astronomique, 2. a. — mical. 
.Astronomiqiienient, ad. — cal- 
Astuce, sf. wile, craft, [ij. 

Asymétrie, sf. assymmetry, 
.Atabale, sm. kettle drum. 
Ataraxie, sf. — xia ; quiet of 

minrt, [dio. 

Atelier, sm. TPorkshop, m., stu- 
Atermoiement, delay, 
.Atermoyer,t'*put off, delay. 

S' — , vr, to compound witb 

creditors. [tical. 

Athée, 2. a. s. atbeist atheis- 
Atliéisme, sm. atheism. 
Athénée, sm. athœncum, 
Atlilctc, sm. athlète, champoin, 

Athlétique, 2, athletic, 
Atinter, va. to ' trick up, * se! 

ont, adorn, dresc. 
Atlantes, sf. ]il. statues put 

instead of columns, caryatide. 
Atlantique, 2. o. Atlantic, wes- 
Atlas, sm. Atlas. [tern, 

Atmosphère, sf. atmosphère. 
Atome* SDit atom. 
Atomiste, atomist. 
Atonie, sf. atony ; faintness. 
Atours, syn.jÀ. woman's altirei 
Atout, sm. trump at cards. 



Atrabiluîre, 2. a. — larlous. 
Atrabile, nf. black choler. 
Atraïuentairo, sf. Sulphate of 

iron, -vitriolie slane. 
Atre, sm. hearth. [nefarious. 
Atroce, 2. a. b^Hnous, grievous, 
Alrocité. sf. heinousness, atro- 

Atrophie, sf. consumption. 
Altanler (S'), vr. to * sil down 

at table. [dearin^. 

«ttaoliant, e, a, engaging; en- 
Aitachc, sf. a tie; string, atla- 

cblment. [zeal, tie. 

Attachement, sm. alTcctioa ; 
Attacher, va. to tie ; fasten ; 

apply; altach. [to * stick le. 

S' — , vr. to apply one's self; 
Attaquable, 2. a. that raay be 

attacked, assailable. 
Altaqunul, e, a. S. aggrcssor. 
Attaque, sf. attack; insuit; fit. 
Attaquer, va. to attack; * fall 

upon ; insuit. 
Attarder (S'), to be late. 
Atteiudrc, Vil. to reach; atlain. 
Atteint, e, a. arraigned ; afflic- 

ted; hit with or by; cbarged 

Atteinte, sf. tlow; hurt; fil. 
Attelage, syn, set of harness, or 

liorses, team. 
Atteler, va. to * put to, or into. 
<lttelle, sf. splint. 
Attcloire, sf. a peg, or pin. 
Attenant, ad. next to ; near. 
Attenant, c, a, contiguous. 
Attendant, e, a. that waits, in 

the meanlime. 
Attendre, i;a. to wail; expect. 

S' — , vr. to rely upon ; to ex- 

pect. [mo\e. 

Attendrir, va. tO soften ; affett , 

S' — j vr. to * grow tender; to 

* be affected, pity. 
Attendrissant, e, a. mo-ving. 
Attendrissement, sm. Commi- 
sération, compassion. 
Attendu, pr. for, on account of. 
Attendu que, c. seeing that. 
Attentat, sm. outrage, altempt. 
Attentatoire, 2. O. illégal, un- 



Attente, sf. expectalîon, hopB. 
Attenter, vn. to atlempt, heed. 
Atten(ir,«'e,a, attentive, in tent^ 

fui mindful. 
Attention, sf. atlenliun ; vare. 

Attenliiement, ad. — fely. 

Atténuant, e, a. weakening. 
Alténuatir, ve, a. attenuating. 
Atténuation, sf. — tion. 

Atténuer, va. lo altenuale. 
Atterrage, sm. landing-place. 
Atterrer, va. lo ' throw down; 

destroy, cast down. 
Atterrir, vil. ma. to make land. 
Atterrissement, sm. land in- 

creased by sea-slime, allu\ion. 
Attestation, sf. — tion ; certiB- 
— sous serment, affida\it. [cate. 
Attester, ua. attesl ; cal! to wit- 
Atticisme, sm. atticism. fness, 
Attiédir, va. to cool; make lu 


S' — , vr. become careless. 
Attiédissenient, sm. COolnesE. 
Attifer, va. to * trick up, 
Attiqtie, 2. ffl. attlc. [implement. 
Attirail, SOT. baggage ; train, 
Attirant, e, a. attractive. 
Attirer, Va. to altract; * draw; 

entice, wheedie, excite. 

S' — , vr. to draw upon one's 

self : * to • win. 
Attiser le feit, va. tO stir up 

fire; to inflamc. [the flrn. 

Attiscur, se, S. one who stirs 
Attitrer, va. to appoint ; to Com- 
mission, to bribe. 
Attitude, sf. attitude; posture. 
Attouchement, sm. touch ; fee 

ling, contact. 
Attractif- ve, a. attractive. 
Attraction, sf. attraction. 
Attractionnaire, 2. a. — nary 
Attrait, sm. allurement, bail. 
Attraits, -pi. charms, beauty. 
Attrape, sf. gin, snare (mar.) 

relieving tackle, trick. 
— mouche, sm. fly trap. 
Attraper, va. lo * catch ; * hit, 

• cbeat; * overlake; surprise^ 

to reach. [priser; clieat. 

Attrapeur, se, S. catcher, sur- 
Attrayant, e, a. attractive. 


Attreinpcr, va. to temper. 
Attribuer, to attribute; ascribe; 

Attribut, gm. altribute. 
Attributif, ve, a. attributing. 
Attribution, sf. allowance; pri- 

Attristant, c, a. sad, grievous. 
Attrister, va. to grieve, afflict. 
Attrition, sf. attrition. 
Attroupement, sm, tumult, 

riot, rubbing, friction, mob. 
Attrouper, va. to * get together, 

S' — , vr. to flock in crowds. 
Au, art. VI. to the; in; with; for. 
Aiibnde, s/", aubade; reprimand. 
Aubain, sm. alien. 
Aubaine, sf. windfall ; escheat. 
Aube, «/■. daybreak, alb(of priesl) 

dawn liorit bonrd, pudtile board. 
Aubépine, hawthorn. 
Auberge, pubbc bouse, inn. 
Aubergine, egy plant. 
Auberon, sm. calch of a lock. 
Aubier, sm. bazcl-trfe ; sap. 
AubtToin, cornflower. [canter. 
Aubin, white of an egg, aubin, 
Aucun, c, ((. no; none; not any. 
Aucunement,, ad. not at tall. ' 
Audace, sf. boidness ; audacity, 
Audncieusement, ad. boldly, 
Auflacieux, se, a. audacious, 
Aii-decn, pr. on this side. 
Au-delà, beyond. 
Audîejice, s/, audience; hearing. 
Audiencier, 57?i. Crier of a court, 
Auditeur, — tor, [usher. 

Auditif, ve, a. audifory. 
Audition, sf. audit, hearîng. 
Aisditoire, sm. ses^ions-bouse, 

auditory, congrégation. 
Auge, sf. tro\igh ; tray, hod. 
Augée, «. tray-full. 
Auget, sm. drawer of a bird, 

cage, fpout, of a mill hopper, 

bucket of water wbeels. 
Augiucntateiir, sm. who adds 

to the wcrk of anolher, aug- 

Augmentatif, Te, a. — fative. 
Auiinientntion, sf. — lion. 
Augmenter, va. to augment,in- 

crease, en large 



Augurai, e, n, of an augnr, an' 
gurial. "[omen- 

Augure, sm. augury; augur; 
A'igurer, va. to augurale. 
Auguste, 2. a. august; royal. 
AujourdMiui, ad. to day; noWi 
Auli(|uc, 2. a. aulic. 
-lumôuc, sf. alms, clinritj. 
Auniôner, va. to beslow alms. 
Auniûuerie, sf. almoner's di- 
guily; almonry, [ner. 

Aumônier, sm, chaplain, almo- 
Aumiice, sf. amess. 
Aunage, sm. alnage, measuring 
Aune, sf. an ell. [by ells. 

Aune, sm. aider tree. 
Auncr, va. to measure by the ell. 
Auneur, sm. alnager. 
Auparavant, ad. before. 
Auprès, pr. near, about ; by; to. 
Auprès, ad. hard by ; close by. 
Auréole, sf. glory; crown. 
Auriculaire, 2. a. — lar. 

Témoin — , ear-witness. ' 
Aiiriciile, auricle, auricula. 
Aurifique, 2. a. that convcrts 

inio gold. [long-eared herse. 
Aurillas, clieval aurillas, 
Auronc, sf. wild wormwood. 
Aurore, dawn; aurora ; yellow; 

the east. [lis. 

Aurore boréale, aurora borea- 
Ausculter, to auscultate. 
Auspice, sm. auspice , omen , 

patronage. [as, likewise. 

Aussi, c. aiso, so, too, but, truly, 
Aussi-bien, for; as vell. 
Aussi peu, as litllc. [soon. 

Aussitôt, ad. immedialely ; as 
Aussitôt cguc, c. as soou as. 
Auster, soutbern wind. 
Ausiere, 2. a. austère, rigid. 
Austèrcmcnt, ad. severeiy. 
Austérité, sf. auEterity, rigor. 
Austral, c, a. soulh'^ru, austra» 
Autan, sm. south wind. [h,!. 

Autant, ad. as much, so much; 

as many. [lar as ; as — so. 

Autant que, e. as much as ; as 
Autel, altar; religion (in poetry). 
Auteur, sni. aulhor; maker; 

writer; inventer; aulhoritj; 

contrider, proinoter. 


AiiUicnticité, sf. — City. 
Aii)liciilit|iie, 2. a. authentic. 
AutlieiitiqiiC) sf. authentic; 

Roman laws. 
Aiitlicutiquement, ad. — cMy. 
Aii(lieu<iqiicr, va. to prove. 
AiatooépliaEc^ syn. — lus, I* e* 

bis own ruier, op ma?ter. 
Autocrate^ sm. autocrat, 
Autocratie, sf. de?polic go- 

Autoctlioncs, pi. aborigines. 
Au(o-ila>rc, sin. auto-da-fe. 
Autograiilie, st. et m. aufo- 

grapby, original writing. 
Automate) sm. autoraaton ; a 

Automnal, e, a. autumnal. 
Automne, sf. autumn. 
Autonomie, autonomy ; liberty. 
Autopsie, antopi^y. 
Autorisation, empowering. 
Autoriser, va. to empower ; 
.jusiiliy ; empower. 
S' — ,' pr. to * get crédit. 
Autorité, sf. autliorily, power. 
Autour, pr. about, round. 
■autour-; sm. goshawlv. 
Autre, pr. olher, another. 
Autrefois, ad. formerly, hère 

iîutrerois, sf. another time. 
Autrement, ad. otherwise; also. 
Autrepart, elsewhere. 
Autruche, sf. ostrich. 
Autrui, sm. others, other people. 
Auvent, pent-house; shed. 
Auvernat, a. sort of red heady 

wine, auvernat. 
4ui, art. pi. to the. 
4u:iiliaire, 2. a. auxiliary. 
lïvacliir (S'), vr. to Qag. 
Aval, surety for payment, endor- 
cement. [river. 

Aval, ad. downwards ; down the 
Avalage, sm. letting down. 
Avalaison, sf. ilood, torrent. 
Avalanches, sf. pi. fal' of snow 
from the mounlains. [a river. 
Avalant, a. ebbing, going down 
Avalasse, sf. a torrent. 
Avaler, va. to swallow; * let 
down, to endorse. 



Avaler, vn. to * hew off. 

S' — ,(;»■. to * go down; to * hang 

Avalcur, se, s. greeoy-gnt. 
Avaioire, sf. large throat. 

Quelle avaioire! what a gui. 

zierl [juttiDg. 

Avance, sf. advance ; step ; ont- 

D' —, ad. beforehand. 
Avancement, sm. preferment; 

advanct ment ; progress ; for- 

wardneps; promotion. 
Avancer, va. to advance; 'set 

forth ; forward; * avail, project. 

S' — , vr. to move, * eome or * 

go forward ; * get preferment. 
Avanie, sf. oppression; insuit. 
Avant, sm. prowhead. 
Avant, pr. before; forward; deep. 
Avantage, sm. advantage ; en- 

dowment, privilège; honnr, 

viclory; odds; breakhead. [vour. 
Avantager, va. to bestow ; fa- 
Avantageusement, ad. profit- 

ably ; favorably. 
Avantageux, se, a. advanta- 

geous. — Une taille avanta- 
geuse, a fine shape. 
.tvant-bec, sm,. jutting-stones 

of a bridge. 
Avant-corps, forepart. 
Avant-cour, sf. fore-court. 
Avant-coureur, sm. forerun- 

ner; warning, harbinger. 
Avant-fosse, sm. fore-dilch. 
Avant-garde, sf. vanguard. 
Avant-goût, sm. foretasie. 
Avant-hier, ad. day before yes« 

Avant-jour, time before sunrise. 
Avant-logis, sm. fore-honse. 
Avant-main, forehand stroliC. 
.%vant-mi<li, fore noon. 
Avant-mur, outward wall. 
Avant-propos, preamble. 
Avant-toit, house-eave. 
.4vant-train, fore-wheels. [re. 
Avant-veille, $/'. two days befo- 
Avare, 2. a. covefous sordid. 
Avare, s. a. miser. 
Avarcnient, ad. covniousiy. 
Avarice, sf. covetoufness. 
Avai'icîeui) sej a. avariciouSc 

AVI 28 


Avnric, e, (I. averaged,damaged. 
Avarie, sf. average, damage. 
_*»«rii's, pi. a^erage, loss. 
.«vaste, stop (sea term). 
A-vaii-reaii,a^. down the river. 
Avec. /Jr. with; withal; for; by; in. 
Avi-iiifire, va. * take, fetch out. 
Aveline, sf. Albert. 
Avelinier, sm. filbert-tree. 
Avenant, e, a. becoming; pre- 

possessing. [ming. 

Avènement, sm. accession ; co- 
Avenir, vn. to happen ; chance ; 

Avenir, future ; posterîty. 
A l'Avenir, ad. henceforth. 
Aveitt, sm. advent. 
Aventure, sf. adventure ; event ; 

fortune ; love. 
Aventurer, va. to Tenture. 
Aventureux, se, a. venturous. 
Aventurier, e, a. s. ad\enturer. 
Avenue, sf. avenue ; walk. 
Avérer, va. to prove ; aver. 
Avernc, sm. hell (in poetry). 
Averse, sf. heavy shower. 
Aversion, sf. aversion ; hatred. 
Avertir, va. to warn ; inform, 

apprise, tell. 
Avertissement, syn. advertise- 

ment; warning; caution. 
Aveu, confession; consent; avo- 
uai, admission. 
Aveugle, a. s. blind. 
A l'uveugle, ad. blindly. 
Aveugle— né, e, stone-blind. 
Aveuglement, sm. blindness. 
Aveuglément, ad. blindly. 
Aveugler, va. to blind; dazzle. 
— , to erect s battery againsl. 
Avcugletle, à l'aveuglette, 

ad. groping raslily, [ping. 

Avide, 2. greedy ; eager, gras- 
Aviilemcnt, ad. eagerly. 
A virtîtc,s/'.pagernef s; greediness. 
Avilir, va. to disgrâce, abate, de- 

preciate, dégrade. 
Avilir (s'), vr. to debase one's 

Avilissement, Sm. ahasement. 
Aviiier, un. to imbibe witli wiue. 
Aviron, .s)n. car, paddie. [onrs. 
Avironner, va. to draw wiD' 

Avis, sm. advice ; opinion; In 

telligence, notice. 

Avise, e, a. prudent, crafty. 

Avisemeut, SOT. thought , Con- 

Aviser, vn. to consider; spy; 
warn; * think of, [self. 

S' — , vr. to • bethink one's 

Aviso, sm. advice-boat. 

.%vitaiilcnient, sm. victuallÎDg. 

Avilailler, va. to victual. 

Avitailleur, sm. victualler. 

Aviver, va. to brisk up; polish; 
hew. ' [ fogger. 

Avocasser, vn. to • be a petti- 

Avocat, sm.. lawyer, advocate. 

.Avocat plaidant, barrîster. 

— consultant, cbamber COun* 
sel. [trix. 

Avocate, sf. advocate, média* 
Avoine, Aveine, oats. 
Avoiues, j)/. standing oats. 
Avoir, TOI. to * hâve, * hâve got; 

— faim, to * be hungry, [tobe. 

— soif, to * be thirsty. 

Avoir cliniïd, to * De warm or 

— froiil, to ' be cold. [hot 

— heaiB, — in vain. 

— «O ans, to be 20 yearsold. 

— lieu, to take place. 

— égard, to pay attention to. 
Avoir, sm. sulistance, vrealth. 
Avoisincr, va. to border on. 
Avortement, sm. miscarriage, 

Avorter, vn to miscarry ; abort. 
Avorton, sm abortive chiid ; 

Avoue, attorney, sollicitor. 
.1 vouer, va. to own ; avow, te 

Avril, sm. April ; prime. 
Axe, sm. axis, axie-tree 
Axillaîre, 2. a. axillary. 
A.\iuomance, sf. — m'ancj 
Axiome, sni, axiom; maxim. 
Axongc, sf the fat of animais» 
Ay, aje, int. ah ! oh 1 ah I 
.tzédarac, sm. jujiib tree. 
Azcrole, sf. azerole. 
.ïzébro, sm. ethiopian horst. 
Azimut, azimuth 
Aiimiital, e, a. azimuthal. 


Azote, sm. azote. 
Azur, sm. lapis lazuli, azuré* 
Azui', sk}-colour, blue. 
Azui-é, e, a. skj-colouréd. 

'^U BAI 

Azyme, 2. u. uuleaveiied. 
.azymes, sm. azymes. 
Azymithe, s. azjmite. 


B, sm. un It bien formé, — a 

w.ell made B; 
D (être marqué au), être 

borgue, bossu, boiteux ou 

bègue.— to be one-eyed hunch- 

tacked, lame, or a stammerer. 
' B-moI, sm. B-llat. 
B-quarre, B-sharp. 
Babel ( tour de ), sf. confused 

place or affair. [whey. 

Babeurre, sm. butter-milk, 
Babiche, sf. lap-dog, Babicbon. 
Babii, chat, talkativeness. 
Babillard, e, a. chatterer, prat- 

tler. babbler. 
Babiller, va. to chat, prattle. 
Babiue, sf. lip of beast. 
Babiole,_bauble, toy, trifle. 
Bâbord, sm. larboard. 
Babouche, sf. Asiatic slippers. 
Babouiu,S7)i. baboon; simpleton. 
«abouiner, V. play the bulToon. 
Bac, sm. ferry-boat,tank. 
Bacaliau, stock-hsh. 
Baccalauréat, bacbelorship. 
Bacchanale, sf. tumultuous de- 

bauch ; Bacchanal. 
Bacchanales, Baccbus's feast. 
Bacchante, sf termagant l bac- 
Baclia, sm. a bachaw. [chant. 
Sache, sf. a waggon-tilt, larpau- 

ling. [a knight. 

Bachelier, sm. bacbetor of arts; 
Bâcher, va to tilt. | 

Bachique, 2. a. drunken, merry. j 
Bachot, sm,. wherry, pass-boat. i 
Bachotage, wherryman, busi- 1 
Bachoteur, wherryman. [ness. 
Bâclage, sm, a lier of boats. 
Bâcler, va. conclude, to patch 

up. [clude. 

BaculouiétrM;, sf. — metry, con- 
Badaud, e, s. booby ; cockney. 
ti. B. Badaud at Paris an swers 

to the Word Cockue; in LoudoQ. 

Badaudage, silliness, saur.toi 

Badauder, vn. to gape ahout. 
Ba<laudcric,s/. silly behaviour, 

Badigeon , sm. plaster of Parïs 
Badigeonner, va. to lime-wasbi 

to white-wash. 
Badin, e, a. S. playful , wanton. 
Badinage, sm. sport, play. 
Badinant, a horse of reser-ve. 
Badine, sf. light walking switch. 
Badinenieut, ad. jistiDgly, 
Badiner, va. to jest, play. 
Badiuerie, sf. jest, play, sport. 
Bafouer, va. to ridicule; abuse, 

to scotr at. 
Bâfre, sf. guttling. 
Bâfrer, vn. to guttle, to stuff. 
Bagage, sm. baggage , luggage. 
Bagarre, sf. brawl, strife, squab- 
Bagatclle, trifle, toy. [ble. 

Bagatelle, int. stuff I away 1 

— Vive la bagatelle, aM'ay 

with sorrow and care. 
Bagne, sm. galley. 
Bague, sf. ring. 
Baguenaude, bladder*nut. 
Bagueuauder, vn. to trifle. 
Bagueuaudier, s'm. bladder- 
Baguer, va. to baste. [nut-tree. 
Bagues-sauves, clear, safe. 
Baguette, sf. wand; rod; stick. 

Baguettes, ^2. ganlelope. 
Baguier, S'm. ring-case. 
Bahut, trunk, press. 
Bahutier, trunk-maker. 
Bai, e, a. bay-coloured. 
Bai-brun, brown-bay. 
Bai-châtain, of a cbestniit-co> 
Bai-cluir, light-bay. [lour. 

Bai-doré, yellow dun. 
Baie, s^. bay berry; ûarii ; gap. 
Baie, bay gulf. 




Baictte, sf. baize. 
Baigucr, va. to balhe ; soak, to 
water. [nio-kecper. 

llaigueiii> se, s. bather; iiaj- 
Baignoir, sin. batliing-place. 
Baignoire, sf. bathing-tub. 
Bail, sm. lease. 
Baille, sf. large sea-tub. 
Bûilleiiient, sm. yawning. 
Bâiller, vil. lo gape, yawn. 
Bailler, va. to * give, reach, de- 

liver, to grant. 
— à feruie. to lease; * let out. 
Bailleresse, jf. b'asor. 
Bâilleur, se, S. yawner. 
Bailleur, sm. ieasor. 
Bailli, sni. bailiff; judge; sene- 

schal, rêve, sberilT. 
Bnillage, bailiwiok. 
Bùillou, sm. gag. 
Bâillonner, un. to gag. 
Bain. sm. batli, bagnio. 
ilaiii-inaric, balneum-mariœ. 
Baioiiitette, sf. bayonet. 
liaiseuiaius, sm.' pi. compli- 

mrnts, service. 
Baisenaeut. sm. kissing. 
Baiser, sm. kiss, buss. 
Baiseiir. se, s. a kisser. 
Baisotter, va. to kiss often. 
Baisse, sf. diminulion in value, 

fall, décline. 
Baisser, v. to * let down ; stoop ; 
lower; * fall; ' sink, strike, 
Baissière, sf. dregs, sédiment. 
lîaisure, kissing crust. 
Bajoue, s/', a hog's cheek. 
Bal, sm. a bail, dance. 
Baladin, e, s. dancer at sbows ; 
hnffoon, merry-andrew. [scar. 
Balafre, sf. gash ; slasb ; rent, 
Balafrer, va. to slash; gash. 
Balai, sm. broom; besom. 
Balais (rubis), balass, a fine 

ruby; a very red pimple. 
Balance, sf. Ijaiance ; libra ; 
scale. [dancing). 

Balance, sm. a. balance (in 
Balancement, balancing. 
Balancer, va. to balance, poise, 

waver, weigh. 
— (»c), • swing; Lover; waddle. 

Balancier, sm. halance-makor i 
balance of a watcli ; flil cf a 
jack; beam of the scales. 
Balanciers de boussole, s 
}il. (niar.), the symbals of i 
Balnucincs, sf. pi. lifts. 
Bsilançoire, sf. see-saw. 
Bnlassc, sf. mattress made o! 

oat chaB. 
Balausle, sf. wild pomegranate. 
Bnlaj'Cr, va. to * sweep. 
Balayer, to kil or * drive out 

frnni a post (in war). 
Balayeur, se, s. sweeper; a 

broom-man, or woman. 
Balayures, sf. pi. sweepings. 
Balbutiement, Sin. stammc- 

ring, stuttering. 
Balbutier, Vîi. to stammer; lisp. 
Balcon, sm. balcony. 
Bai<Iai|uiu, canopy, baldachin. 
Baleine , sf. whale, whalebone. 
Ifuleinier, wbaler, wbaling sliip. 
Baleiuon, Sm. voung wbaie. 
Balcvre, sf. under l[p. 
Balise, buoy or masf, beacon. 
Baliser, V. to * set buoys. 
Baliste. sf. balisla. 
Balivage, sm. the markins o! 

pollards in a forest. 
BalÎTcau, sm. pollard stander. 
Baliverner, vn. to trille. 
Balivernes, sf. pi. nonsense 

Ballade, sf. balladj "iODg. 
Ballant, a. smnging. 
Balle, sf. bullet, bail ; iLiOle. 
Balle ramée, a. cross-bar shot. 
Ballet, sm. ictertude; ballet. 
Ballon, stn. football; balloon. 
Ballon aérostatique, air-bai- 

loon. Vid. Aérostat. 
Ballonnier, foctball-maker. 
Ballot, sm. baie, pack. 
Ballotade, sf. bounding of a 
Bullotc, voting-ball. [horse. 
Ballotcr, vu. to baUot; disciiss; 
toss. [the batl]-. 

Balncable, 2. a. belonging lo 
Balourd, c, s. loggerhead, silly. 
Balourderie, Balourdise, sf. 
absurdity, stupidity. 



Balsamine, batsam. 
Italsaiiiiquc, 2. a. balsamic. 
Balustrade, «/■. rails, balustrade. 
ICaliistre, sm. rail, baluster. 
Ualzaii, black, or bay horse, 

while-footed horse. 
Ruinbiii, sni. a babe, brat. 
ilumbockado , sf. grotesque 

Raïuboche, shrimp; jKippet. 
Bambou, sm. bamboo, sort of 

ladiaa cane. 
Bau, bans; outlawry; exile. 
Uaual, e, a. conimou, vulgar. 
Uaualité, sf. triteness tbe'rights 

of a manor. 
Bauanc, sf. banana. 
Uanauier, sm. banaua-tree. 
Uauc , banli ; bench ; seat ; pew ; 

Banc do sable, sand-bank. 
Bauc du Itoi, King's Bench. 
BuMC de rocher, reef. 
Bauc lie glaces, field of ice. 

— de briiuie, — fog bank. 

— de pierres, bed of stones. 

— de poisson, ?hoal of fish. 

— Comuiuu, Coramon Pleas. 
Bancale, sf. bandy-legged per- 

son. [man. 

Bancrocbo, sm. bandy-legged 
Bandage, bandage ; truss. 
Bandagiste, truss-maker. 
Bande, sf. band; fiUet; gang; 

link, cusliion, flock. 
Bandeau, sîn. fillet;veil : peak; 
Baudége, sin. tray. [wreath. 
Bandelette, sf. liltle fllfet. 
Bander, va. to * bind; *bend", 

eock. [league. 

— (se), vr. to coTer, unité in a 
Bandereau, sm. string for a 

ICanderuUe, sf. streamer ; ban- 
liaudière, sf. ensign. [drcl. 

IBandît.Sîn.robber; highwayraan, 
Itaudoulier, vagabond. 
Oandouliéro , sf. bandolcer; 

Ranlieue, precincts of a town. 
Banne, tilt for a boat ; cabin, 
Bauncau, sm. fruit baskcl. 
Bauuer, va, to cover with a tilt. 


Bannerct, a. m. baaneret. 

Banncton, sm. a cauf. 

Bannière, bauner, standard^ 

Baunir, vu. to banish. [flag. 

— (se), vr. to withdraw from. 

Bannissable, 2. a. banishable. 

Ilaniiisseuient, sm. exile. 

Banque, sf. bank. 

Banqueroute, bankruptey. 

Banqueroutier, e, s, bankrupt 

Banquet, Sm. a banquet, feast 

Banquette, sf. raised foot waj, 
long bencli. 

Banquier, sm, banker. 

Banquise, sf. field of icei 

Baptême, baptism. 

Baptiser, va. to baptise. 

Baptismal, e, baptismal. 

Baptistère, sm. a baptistery. 

Baquet, bucket; tray; trough. 

Baquetiires, sf.]>l. droppings. 

Bar, sm. handbarrow, barble. 

Baragouin, sm.gibberish; cant. 

Baragouinage, gibberish; cant. 

Baragouiner, V, to ' speak gib- 

Baragouineur, se, jabberer. 

Baraque, sf. barrack, hut. 

Baraque, sf. a shed hut. 

Baratte, sf. a chura. 

Baratter, va. to churn; cheat. 

Barbacaue, sf, a barbican. 

Barbare, 2. a. s. barbarous; 
rude; barbarian. 

Barbaremeut, ad, barbarousiy. 

Barbarie, sf, barbarity; rudè- 
ness ; cruelty. 

Barbarisme, sm. barbarism. 

Barbe, sf, beard ; lappet ; vane 

Barbe, sm. a Barbarj horse. 

Barbeau, sm. a barbel. 

Barbelé, e, a. bearded. 

Barbet, sm. water-spaniel. 

Barliette,^^ ^tomacherfor nuDS. 

Barbiche, lap-dog. 

Barbier, a barber, tonsor. 

Barbilicr, va. to shave. 

Barbillon, sm. little barbei. 

Barbon, a. grey-beard. 

Barbote, sf. eel-pout. 

Barboter, V. to dabble; muddio^ 

Uarbot'aur, sm, tame duck. 




Sarbotiiic, sf. worm-seed. 
Barbouiliagc , sm. daubing; 

nonçense. [plex ; scribble. 

Itarboiiiller, va, lo daub ; per- 
— (se), Dr. lo besmear, slur. 
Rarboiiilleur. se, s. dauber; 
Harbu, e, beardcd, [sciibbler. 
Barbue, sf. brill. 
Rarcai'olle, s/', a Vcnetian bal- 
Bardane, sf. burdock. [lad. 
Barde, bard ; slice of bacon. 
Bardeau, sm. sbiogle. 
Barder, va. to bard. 
Bardeur, day-labourer. 
Bardis, sm. partition. 
Bardot, small roule; drudge. 
Barge, sf. a barge; boat. 
Barguignasse, sm. hagiçling. 
Barguigner, haggle, wa-ver. 
Bargiiigiieur^ se, S. hagglei. 
JBaril, sm. barrel, cask, 
Barïllage, sm. boltîing. 
Barrillee^ keg ; barrel. 
Bariolage, medli'y of colours. 
Bariolé, e, spcckled. 
Barloiig, ue, (i, longer on one 

side Ihan another. 
Raruabite, sm. baroabite. 
Barnacle, sf. sea-duck. 
Barocher, vu. to daub. 
Baromètre, sm . barometer. 
Raroiuétrique, 2. a, — trical. 
-Baron, ne, sm. baron, baion- 
Barounage, baronage [ness. 
Baronnet, a baronet. 
ISarounie, barony. 
Baroque, 2. a. queer; odd. 
BaroBCope, sm. baroscope. 
Barque, sf. a bark. 
Barquerolle. litlle Sstiingboat. 
Bari*age, sm. paspaje-toll, dam, 
Barre, sf. a bar; spar; crossbar; 

helm. [wjers. 

Barreau, sm. bar; court; la- 
Barrer, lia. to bar; * stcp; knit 

fast; erase. 
Barrette, sf. bonnet, cap. 
Barricade, barricade; barrîer. 
Barricader, vn. tn barricade. 
Barrière, sf. barrîer; gale; list. 
lEarrique. hO-lfheat'. 

Barriquot,sm. s-.mali barrel, keg. 

Bartavelle, sf. red parlridgei 
Bas, se, a low, shallow, base. 
Bas fond, sm. Dat, sballow. 

— peuple, [lopulace, mob. 

— relief, bas=o relievo. 
Bas, sm. a stocking hose. 
Bas, ad. down, low. [p^"^ 
Bas. sm. bollom; foot; lowei 
A bas, ad. down. 

Eu bas, ad. downward. 
l>à bas, ad. yonder. 
Basalte, sm. basait. [leather. 
BaKaMc , sf. tanned ; sheep's 
Bas&né, c, a. tawny, sunbarnC 
liasbord. sm. Ihe larlioard. 
Bascule, s^. swippe; swioggate; 
Base, lasis, foundation. [see-saw. 
Baser, va. to seltle; fix; esta- 

blish ; ground. 
Basilic, sm. basilisk; sweet ba- 
Rasilicon, — con. [sil. 

Basilique, sf. basilik. 
iiasin, sm. dimity. 
Basoclie, sf. tlîe Company of 

lawjers' clerks of Ihe parlia- 

meut al Paris. 
Basque, sf. skirt of a coat. 
Basse, Ihe bass, in music. 
Basse continue , a thorongk 

— taille, countertenor. [bass. 

— de wiole, bass viol. 
Rasse-coiir, poullry yard. 
Russe-fosse, dungeon [saîl, 
Rasse-voile, tha main or fore- 
ISasse-mer sf. (mar) low-tide. 
Rassenieui, ad. low, meanly. 
Russes, pi. .'hallows, flats. 
Bassesse, sf. base action; vî* 

leness. [slalura 

Rasset, .sm. terrier-dog of a lof 
Rassette, sf a basset, a gome. 
Rassiers, sm. pi. flals ; heap oi 

Bassin, sm. basin; pan; scale. 
— , a wpt dock. 
Bassine, sf. wide pan. 
Rassiner, va. 10 warra ; balhe. 
Bassinet, 5m- small basin uT 

pan ; onzzle ; pan of a gun. 

— (fleur), butter cup. 
Rassinoire, sf. warming-paa. 
Basson, sm 'nas.'.oon. 
Basie, '.id. im. be it so. 


Rastc. sm, basto, ace of clubs. 

Ilasiidc, sm. neat country'seat 
(so called in Provence), 

Bastille, sf. Ihe Bastile. 

Uasiiiigiicr, va. (mar), to bar- 
ricade a sbip bj means of net- 

Rnstioii, sm, buiwark; bastion. 

Raxtioiiiic, e, a. bastioned. 

Rastoiïiiadc, sf. bastinado. 

Uastoiiiier, va. to basiinade ; 

Bât, sm. paki=add!e; tail. [cudgel. 

Rataille, sf. a battle, tight. 

Ratnillcr, vn. to struggle hard. 

Bataillon, sm. battalion. 

Bâtard, e, a. s. baslard; mon- 

Râtardcaii, sm. a dam, [grel. 

Ratardièrc, sf. nursery. 

Bâtardise, bastardy. 

■iatayoles, sf. pi. iron stan- 

Bateaii, sJ7i. beat. [chions. 

Batelage, trick, fare. 

Râtelée, sf. fare, boatful. 

Ratelet, sm. little boat. 

Bateleur, merry-andrew; jug- 
gler; mountebanck. 

Râtelier, waterman. 

Rater, va. to saddie wili a 
packsaddlBf [saddles. 

Râtier , sm. malier of pack- 

Ratifoler, vn. to romp ; to toy. 

Râiimeut, sm. building; ship. 

Ratir, vu. to * buiid; erecti 

Bâtisse, sf. the building. 

Bâtisseur, sm. great builder. 

Ratiste, sf. cambric, lawn. 

Raton, a. stick, staff, cudgel. 

Bàtonner, va. to cudgel ", score; 
cancel. [bearer. 

Bâtonnier, staff man ; wand- 

Rattage, thrashing of corn. 

Battant, clapper; folding; bea- 

— ting; — d''uu pavillon, si}t. 
Dy beetle. [staff. 

Batte, sf. paving, beater, churn- 
Ratiellenient, sm. bouse ea\es. 
Battement, sm. beating; clap- 

ping; slamping; shafUing. 
Batterie, sf. baltery ; squabble ; 

— de cuisine, kilchen tackle. 
Baitenr, se, S. beater, Ihrasher. 
Batteur dépave, sm. rambler. 

— d'or, gold-be«ter. 



Batteurs d'estrade, sCOUl 
Battoir, battledore, beetle. 
Battre, va, to * beat ; str 

— (se), vr. to* fight. [beare:;. 

— (se- faire), 10 * get on 'es scf. 
Battre Tostrade, to scour 

— monnaie, to coin. 

— le blé, 10 lhra«b corn. 

— le beurre, to rhurn. 

— les cartes, lo siiuffle. 

— des mains, to * clap. 

— de Paile, to flap, Butter. 

— bien du pays, to travel for. 

— la campagne, to speak af 
random, rave 

Baudet, an ass ; trestle. 
Baudrier, shoulder beîti 
Baudruche, sf. gold beater'j 
Bauge, sf. mortar, lair. [sliin 
Baume, sm. halm ; balsam. 
Raumier, balm-tree. 
Ravard, e, s. babbler, talkati\o, 
Bavardage, sm. prating, gofe [i. 
Bavarder, vn, to prate. 
Bavarderie, sf. gossip, chat. 
Bavaroise, tea sweetened willi 
Bave, g/". s!aver,froth. [capillaiti;. 
Raver, 1172, to slaver, drivel. 
Bavette, sf, a bib. 
Raveur, se, s. slabberer. 
Raveuse (chair), s;f. proudUe^h 
Bavoché, e, a. rough ; dini 

Bavolet, sm. head-dresst 
Ravure, sf. seam, beard (In cas 
Bayer, vn. to gape. [Ucg. 

Bayeur, se, s. a. gaper. 
Bazar, sm. bazar. 
Béant, e, a. gaping; openi 
Béat, e, s. sanctimonious. 
Béatilicalion, sf. — tion. 
Béatifier, va. to beatify. 
Réatidipie, 2. a. béatifie. 
Réatilles, sf. til-bits ; giblets. 
Béatitude, — tude ; .^iliss. 
Bear-r bel, belle, n. fine ; hand- 

some; béautifui ; fair. 
Beau-père, syn. falher-in-law. 
Beau-fils, son-in-law. 

— frère, brother-in-law. 
Reaii, sm, excellence, linenesf, 
Beaiicoiif , ad, mucb, manj. 



Rcnii-pré, sm. bowsprit. 
Kt-nuié, sf. beauly; finencss. 
I- l'f, sm. bcak; bill ; iiib. 
rv-c d'aiguière, gullet. [berd. 
Kicc-dc*coi'1)iii, pincers; hal- 

— «lo lampe, sockct ; burner. 

— de terre, point. 

— de pliiiue, nib. 

— de cigogiie ou bec de grue, 
stork bill, or crane's-bill. 

Rec-dc-lièvre, hare lip. 
lîécnrre, a natural in music. 
):écasse, sf. ï:_'i icock. 
Isêeusse de mer, sea-ple. [cock. 
Ctécasseau, sm. a young wood- 
Récussiue, sf. a snipe. 
ncrngue, sm. becaffio; fig 
lEécbamel, cream sauce. [pecker. 
ttêclie, sf. a spade. 
tlêelier, va. lo dig. 
riécliiqiie, 2. a. pectoral, sloma- 
[:eci|uce, tf. tiiliru!. [chic. 

livcqueter, va. to * peck, pick 
Itcdaine, sf. paunch, guts. [up. 
Itedeau, sm. teadle, verger. 
ICeffroi, sm. belfrj; alarmbell. 
tCcgaieinent, stammering. 
"ésayer, v. to slammer, * lisp. 
nésiie, 2. a. s. stamnaerer. 
IBéiïueule, sf. prude. 
ISégiiin, sm. biggin, cap. 
tlégiiiuagc, nunnery. 
Régiiiue, sf. nun. 
Bciguet, a fritter. [booby. 

tiéjaiuae , sm. young bird ; a 
Bel, a. fine, handsome. 
Bi^landre, sf. bilander, a small 

coasling vessel. 
Itêlunt, c, a. blealing. 
liêlcment, sm. blealing. 
l;êlor, vn. to bleat. 
ccelette, sf. weasel. 
icelier, ram; aries; batteringram. 
ISélilre, sm. a scoundrel. 
n^^iladone, beiladonna. 
Ileile, sf. a handsome woman. 
UL-llc-de-jour, sf. day-Iilj. 
nL-lle-de>uuii, night-shade. 
It. 'Ile-mère, sf. molher-in-law. 
fit.'lle*fille, sf. daughter-in-law. 
lii'lle-sœur, sisler-in-law. 
B.-Uigérant, e, belligerent. 
B. lliqueiu, se; martial, warlike. 



DelTéder, sm. a turret; ter» 

race ; belveder. 
Bémol, a Dat in music. 
Bémolisé, e, (I. marked with a 

flal. [meals. 

Bénédicité, Sm, grâce before 
IBéiiédicliuik, sf. a blessing, 
BéiiéHcc, sm. benefit, living. 

— simple, sinécure. [living 

— à charge d'ames, a parisb 
Béiiéficeiicc, s. beneficence. 
Bénéricial, c, a. belonging te 

a benPlice. 
Bénéficier, sm. incumbent. 
Bénéficier, un. to profit by. 
■Ipnct, o. S. silly; a ninny. 
Bénévole, 2. a. kind ; friendly. 
BénignpuienI, ad. kindly. 
Bénignité, sf. — ty, gooduess. 
Bcniu, m. bénigne, f, a. be- 

Bénit, c. Béni, e, a. blessed 

praised ; holy; consecrated. 
Bénitier, sm. boly-waler pot.' 
Bénir, v(f. to bless, praiso. 
Benjamin, sm. a darling. 
Benjoin, sm. benjamin, agura, 

Béquille, sf. a crutch ; garden 

trowel. [trowel. 

Béqniller, vn. to dig with a 
Berberia, sm. bo barberry. 
Bercail, sm. sheep-fold ; pale. 
Berce, sm. a robin red breast. 
Berce, sf, a cow parsnep. 
Berceau, cradle ; bower; Tault; 

Bercer, va. to rock, amuse. 

— (se), iT. to flatter one 's self. 
Bergamote, bergamot-pear ; es- 
sence, perrume. 
Berge, high beach, barge. 
Berger, S7n. shepherd. 
Bergère, sf. shcphordess. 
— , sort oT easy elbow-chair. 
Bergerie, sheep-fold, llock. 
Bergeronnette, sf, wagtail. 
Béril, béryl. 
Bcric, $f. water parsley. 
Berline, a berlin. 
Berlue, sf, dimness of sighl. 
Bernardin, e, ». a. Bernardiu . 

friar or nuo. 




neriie, sf. (mar), a waii. 
liei'iiemeHl, sm. tossiog in a 

iilanket; banter. 
iti-riicr, va. to * toss in a blan- 

kel; to ridicule. 
iloi-nîcIe8,s/'. JiLnothing; fham. 
ISfsace, sf. a wallet. 
iSi'Mucier, sm. beggar. 
IlL-saiit, sm. besant. 
Rcsiclea, sf. pi. temple glasses. 
Itpsognc, work, labour, task, 
ifiesoj^uer, vn. to work. 
Kc-suiii, sm. want, nced, lack. 
Bc'^tiitl. e, a. beastly, brutish. 
Resiinlcmeni, ad. beastlike. 
Ilcsliuiité, sf. beastliness. 
liosiiaiix, sm. pi. caltle. 
Bestiole, sf. liltle beast, insect. 
Bc-stion, sm. wild boasl. 
Itcta, sm. simplelon; booby. 
Bétail, catlle. 

Bête, sf. beaft, brute, hloch head. 
Bête, 2, a. siliy. 
Stète fauve, wild deer, 
Bciel, sm. bétel. 
Bêtement, ad. sillily. 
Bêtise, slupidily, folly, nonsense. 
Keioiue, bctony. 
Bette, beet. 
Betterave, beet root. 
Beiigleiuent, liellowing. 
Beugler, vn. to bellow; low. 
Beurre, sm. butter. 
Beurrée, sf. bread and butter. 
Beurrer, va. to butter. 
Beurrier, e, S. butter-seller. 
Bévue, sf. mistake, blunder. 
Bcy, sm. bey. 
Bexoard, sm. bezoar-stone. 
Biais, slope, angle, way, bias. 
Biaiscmeiit, fetch, shift. 
Biaiser, va. to sbufflc, dodge. 
Biaiseur, sm. a shurHer. 
Biberon, ne, s. lippler; suck- 
BiUle, sf. Kible. [ling-bottle. 
"SJIiliographe, sm. — pher. 
flibliograpliie, sf. — pby. 
BIkliouiane, sin. bibliomaniri,. 
D<l>Uoina»ie, sm. biblioniania. 
Biltliuthéeaire, sm. librarian. 
Bibliothèque, sf. library. 
Bibus, sm. pallry tbing. 
BicUe, tf. a bind, roe. 

vtîehon, ne, s. lap-dog. 
Bicoque, sf. a paltry town. 
Billet, sm. pony; tit, joiner'» 
Riiluii, a can, tin. [bench. 

BicH, good, weallh ; beneljt. [very. 
Bieu, «fi.woll right, many,rauch, 
Bieii-ainié, e, a. S. beloved. 
Bieu-être, sm. comfort, ease. 

— loin, very far off. 

— loin de, nr. so far from. 

— que, c. althougb. 
Bicufaisauce, sf. beneficence. 

— faisant, e, a. libéral, kind. 

— fait, sm.. favour, benefit. 
Bienfaiteur, beDcfactor. 
DJeufaitrice, sf. benefaciress. 
Bienheureux, se, a. s. blessed. 
Biennal, o. lasting two years. 
Bienséance, sf. decency, con- 

■veniency. [■venient. 

Bienséant, e, a. décent, con* 
Biens-fonds, sm. pi. lands. 
Bientôt, soon, shortly. 
Bienveillance, sf. good-vill; 

Bieu-veuu, e, «. welcome. 
Bien-venue, sf. entrance-mo- 

ney; initiation; garnish-iïioney i 

haiipy coniing. 
Bière, béer; coffîn. 
Bièire, s??i. a beever. 
Bi^.z, water-mill, channel. 
Biffer, va, to erase, cancel. 
Biis.inie, 2. a. s. twice married, 
Bijiamie, sf. bigamy. [bigamist. 
Bigarade, a sour orange. 
Bigarreau, sm, redor nhite, 

heartcd cherry. [\ariegate. 

Bigarrer, va. to party-colour, 
Bigarrure, sf. variety or CO- 

leurs, medley. 
Bigle, sm. a beagle. 
— , 2. nr s. squiBt-eyed. 
Bigler, vn. to squint. 
Bigorne, sf. an anvil. 
Bigorneau, sm. little anvil. 
Bi;coi- e. ii- S. a biL:ot, hypocrite 
âigoterie, S;, bigo'.r;; 
Bigiier, va. to barter 
Bijou, sm. jewel , trinket locket 

l'élit bijou, little darliug. 
Bijouterie, s/, jewellery. 

Bijoutier, am, jeweileri 



nilan, balance fheel. 
nilbo(|iict, sm. a ciip and bail. 
Mil»-, sf. choler, bile, gall. 

— , (colère) anjrer, passion. 
ttilinire^ 2. 0. bilîous. 
nilicux, se, biliouf, choleric. 
nill. a bill in parliament. 
Itillaril, sm. a billiard-l.ible. 
J^illai-tler, vil. to * strike a bail 

Billp. sf. billiard baM, packer's 

Mick, rolling-pin. [stick. 

«•lier, va. to * pack with a pack- 
Billet, sm. note, ticket, billet, 

bill, ballot. 
Billet-lilanc, a billet. 

— de lolcrie, lotlery ticket, 

— doux, love-lettcr. 

— de banque, bank note. 
RilleTcsée, iddie Irash. [lions. 
Billion, s)n. a thousand mil- 
Ilillon, bad coin. 
Rillonuage, debasing the coin. 
nillonner, vn. to * put otî bad 
Billot, block dog-yoke. [coin. 
Binibelot, a t'y. 
Bimbeloterie, sf. toy-trade. 
Biinbelotier, sw. a toyman. 
Binaire, '2. a. binarj. 
Binage, second dclvîng, 
BiBicr, va. to * dig again. 
Biuct. sni. a sa^e-all. 
Biographe, biographer. 
Biographie, sf. biography. 
Bipède, 2. a. Diped. 

Bique, sf. a she-goat. [gold. 

Biquet, sm. a kid ; scale to -neigh 
Biqucter, va. to weîgh money 

with a money-scale. 
Biribi, Sm. a game of hazard. 
Bis, e, a. brown. 
Bis, int. encore, OTer again. 
Bisaïeul, sm. great grandfatber. 
Bisaïeule, sf. great grand-mo- 
Risannuclle, «. biennial. [iher. 
Bisbille, sf. quarrel, discussion. 
Biscornu, e, (T. ill-shaped, odd, 
Biscuit biscuit. [queoi- 

Bise, sf. north-east wind. 
Biseau, sm. basil, be-vil. 
Biset, sm. stock-dove. 
Bisette, sf. narrow lace. 
BiBmiHb, Sm. bismuth. 


nison, sm. bison. 
Itisquains, slieepskin. 
Risque, sf. bisk, cullis, odds. 
Rissac, sm. wallct. 
Rissextc, bisse.\tile. 
Bistouri, sm. bistouri. 
Bistourner, va. to t^vist Ihe ge* 

nitals of a horse. 
Bistre, sf. bistre. 
RiKer, tv). to bit a cable. 
Riiume. sm. bitumen, 
RilBsniineux, se, a. — nous. 
Bivalve, a. s. bivaNuIar, 
Bivouac, sm. bivouac. 
Bizarre, 2. a. odd, -nhimsical. 
Rizarrenicut, ad. ranla<-tically. 
Rizarrerie, sf, fantasticalaess 

Blafard, e, a. wan, pale. 
niaireau, sm. a badger. 
Rlûuiabic, 2. a. blâmable. 
Illùme, sm. blâme, censure. 
Rlànicr, va. to blâme ; repri- 

mand. [blank. 

Rlaeic , che , a. wbite, clean, 
Blanc, a mark at shooting ; "a 

break; a blank; white slice of 

the breast of a fowl. 
RIanc, -nhiting. 
Rlanc-bee, a noTice. 
Blanc-manger, sm. a dainty 

difh. [che. 

Rlanc-signé, S)n. carte-blan- 
Blanchaille, sf. young fry. 
Blanchâtre, 2. a wLitish. 
Blanchenient, ad. cleanlj. 
Blancherie, sf. bleachfîeld'. 
Blancbct, sm. prinler's blanket. 
Blancheur, sf. uhitcncss. 
Blanchiment, sm. bleacbing; a 

wafh for sil-ver. 
Blanchir, v. to whiten, clear, ' 

grow grey; blanch, wash. 
— an soleil, to bleach. 
Blanchissage, sm. washirg 

whitening, bleaching. 
Blanchissant, f, a. ^N'blTi^L 

hoary. [house 

HIanchisserie , sf. bleaching 
Blanchisseur, sm. ^hMilh 

bleacher. [man 

Blanchisseuse, sf. washer-wo 
Biaaer, V. topall,deaâen. 


Blason, sm. lieiaidry, blazon, 

Blusonucr, va. to blazon. 
ICIns|ihciua(ciir, blasphémer. 
Blasphéiuatoii-e, 2. a. biasphe- 

niusphAnie, s)?i. blasphemy. 
BZaspUénier, v. to blasphème. 
Kialier, sm. corn-faclor. [bolllc. 
fitlavel , corn-Dower, or biue- 
Blé ou bled, corn, wheat. 
Illvime, 2. a. wan, paie. 
Rlcsscr, va. to ' hurt, wound. 

cEfend. [ofTendcd. 

— (se), vr. to miscarry, to * be 
Blessure, sf. wound ', bruise. 

Blet, e, a. half rolten, averripe. 
Blette, sf. blite. 
nieu, c, a. s»i. biue. 
Bleuâtre, 2. a. bluish. 
Bleuir, va. to * make blue. 
Rliuder, to co'ver with blinds. 
Blindes, sf. pi. blinds. [lump. 
Bloc, sm. ragged marbie, blocl;, 
Blocage, m. ou Blocaille, f. 

rubbish, shards. 
Blocus, sm. blockade. 
islond, e, a. s. fair, flaxen. 
ISIond ardent, red as a carrot. 
■tloudc, sf. blond lace, fair wo- 
Blondïu, sm. a beau. [man. 

Blondir, V7i. to * grow fair. 
Blondissant, aute, a. golden 

Bloquer, va to block up, £11 up. 
Blot, sm. log-line. 
Blottir, se blottir, to lay squat. 
Ulouscr, va. to * tbrow a bail 

into the hazard. 
~- se blouser, to fall into a 

mistake. [cornflower, 

Bluet, sni. a blue-bottle, or 
Bluelle, sf. liltle spark. 
Bluteau, sm. a boiter 
Bluter, va. to boit, sift. 
Bliitcrie, sf. bolling-room. 
Blutoir, sm. a boiter; sie\e. 
Boa, sm. boa a sort of serpent. 
itoiièche, sf. clandlestick-socket. 
Roliine, a bobbin. 
Bouiiicr, V0-. to wind silk, etc. 
BuJtûtuuses, s. pi. wiuders. 

' BOM 

Bolio, sm. small oilment hcitr 
Itocagc, a grove, thicket. 
ISocai, sm. a jug. 
ICodiuc, sf. keol of a ship. 
BuL-uf, sm. an ox, beef. 
Btsjuf à la mode, a la modebeoî. 
Bo;i;ue, sf. the rough piicklj 

schell of chestnuts, husk. 
Bogue, sm. sort of sea fish. 
Bohémien, ne, s. a gipsy. 
Boii'c, lin. to * drink, soa!: . 

blot. [alTroi)'. 

Boire, to * put up witU ai 
— , sm. drink, drinking. 
Bïtîs, wood ; deer's horns. 
<:)^llis, a copse. 

— iv 4-hur|iente, timber. 

— de lit, a bedstead, [wood. 
Buis de teinture, sm. dying.. 
Boisage, tirabcr nainscot. 
Boisé, e, wainscotted, wooded 
Boiser, va. to wainscot. 
Boiserie, sf. wainscot. 
Boiseux, se, a. woody. 
Boisseau, a. bushel. 
Boissclier, sm. a turner. 
Boisson, sf. drink. 

Buiio, lillime to drink new winc. 
Boite, a Lox. 

— de tuontre, watch case. 

— de presse, hûse* 

— ù fusil, tinder-box. 

— à poudre, powder-box. 
Boitement, sm. balling. 
Boiter, vil. to * go lame, limp. 
Boiteux, se, a. S, lame cripple, 

Boitier , S7n. suageon's case ; 

box of jewels; case maker. 
Bel ou Bolus, a bolus. [niât. 
Bol d'Arménie, bote ammO' 
Bouïbance, sf. riot, junketing 
Bomliarde,a bombard, gunboat. 
Bombardement, S7n. bombar* 

Bombarder, va. to bombard. 
Bombardier, sm. — dier. 
Bombasin, bombazin. 
Bombe, sf. a bomb. 
Bombé, e, a. curved. [condexity. 
irombement, sm. bunching out,^ 
Etomlii,r, va. to ETvell, bulge. 
Bomerie, sf. (ma) botlomrj. 




Bon, stn. promise, acceplance, 

tonus, good. 
Bon, lie, n. good, kind, brave, 

skilful, excellent. 
Bon air, good lucii, trrace. 
Bon mot, sm. witiicism, jest. 
Bon ! int. pshaw 1 
— , sm. good, cicar, the cream. 
■ — , ne, 5/". dear, honoy. 
— , ad. weJl. 

Bonace, sf. calm, quictness 
Bonasse, 2. a. siiiily goodnafu- 

tured. ' [tmeats. 

BoubounSère, sf. box for swee- 
Bonlion, sm. dainlies. 
Bond, rebound ; gambol ; skip. 
Boude, sf. sluicc , flood-gale; 

bung, bung-hole. 
Boudir, un. to frisk, rebound. 
Bondissant, e, a. skipping. 
B«udisscnient, sm. l'risking. 
— de cœisr, a rising oï the sto- 

mach. [hole. 

Boiidon, bung, stopple, ming- 
Boudouuer, va. lo bung, ?top. 
Bondounicrc, sf. COOper's tooi. 
Bondrée, a bird of prey. 
Bonheur, sm. happiness, good 

luck, blesfing. 
Bonhomie, sf. good nature. 
Bonification, sf. improvement. 
Bonifier, va. to impro'^e. [ning. 
Bonjour, good day, good njor- 
Bouiie, nur-scTy-maid. 
Bonne fortune, good adventure; 

lady's l'a-vors. 
Boniteuu, sm. buoy. [simply. 
Bonnement, ad. honcstly, ncll, 
Bonuet, sm. a cap, bonnet, [ing. 
Bonnctadc, sf, capping, cring- 
Rounetcr, va. to * cape cringe, 
Bonneterie, sf. hosier's busi- 
ness, hosiery. 
Bonncleur, sm. sliarper. 
Bonnetier, cap-maker, hosier. 
Rouiictte, sf, a bonnet of a sail. 
Roii-soir, good night. 
Bonté, goodness, kiudnesSf 
Bonze, sm. bonze* 
Uoquet, scoop. 

Borax, borax [the entrails. 

Borborygme, sm. rumbling in 
Bord, edge, brini, brink, stiore. 

Bord à bord, ad, level, even, 
Rord (navire), sbipboard. [with. 
Rordage, side planks of a sbip 
Rorduyer, vn. to tack, .çail. 
Borde, sm. bem, lace. 
Bordée, sf. broadside, tack. 
Border va. to edge, to border, 

Bordereau, sm. note, acconnt, 
Bordure, sf. Trame, edge border. 
Boréal, e, a. norlliern. 
Rorée, sm. north wind, 
Rorgne, 2. a. one-pyed. 
Korgue, sm. one-eyed man. 
Bornage, sm. setting bounds. 
Borne, sf, a bound ; ]imit; 

mile-stone ; post. [narrow. 

Rornc, e a. shallow, sraall , 
Borner, va. to bound, limit, 

confine, end. [bounds. 

— (se), ur. to ' keep wilhin. 
Bornajer, va. to look over a 

surface with one eye. 
Bosquet, thicket, grove. 
Bossage, cmiiossment. 
Bosse, sf. bunch on the body'; 

ri'iievo ; bruisse; lump. 
Bossclage, gm. a relievo ; em- 

bossing. [emboss. 

Bosseler, va. to work in relievo 
Bosselure, sf. crimpling. 
Uossemun, S)?!, boalswain. 
isosser, va, to stopper. 
Kossette, sf. bridle-stud, boss* 
Bossu, e, a. s. hunch-backed. 
Rossuer, va. to bruise, batler. 
Bot, S7n. a boat. 
Bot, pied bot, lame of one foot. 
Botanique, sf. botany. 
— , 2. a. botanic, botanical. 
Botaniste, sm. botanist. 
Rotanologîe, sf. botanology. 
Botte, bool; bunch; Ihrust; bcttle. 
Bottelage, sm. botling of hny. 
Bottcler, va. to bottle hay, tiuss. 
Botti^leur, sm. hay trusser. 
Botter, va. * make boois, ' put 

boots on. 

— (se), vr. to • put one 's boots 
on, to clog one's shoes. 

Bottes, pi. clods of dirt. 
Bottier, sm. a bootniaker. 
Bottine, sf, boot, buskin. 


Bouc, stn. he-goat. 
Boucan, sm. a drying but. 
Boucaner', va. lo smoke, dry by 
— , to hunt oxen. [smoke. 

Boucanier, sin. huccaneer. 
Boucassin, bocasine. 
Boucaut, a kind of hogshend. 
Bouche, sf. the niouth, \ictuals. 
Bouchée, mouthfui, morsel. 
Boucher, va. to* stop up,*shut. 
Boucher, sm. a butcher. 
Bouchère, sf. butcher-woman. 
Boucherie, shambles, bulthery. 
Bouche-trou, sm. stop-gap. 
Boucheture, fence, enclosure. 
Bouchoir, lîd of an oven. 
Bouchon, stopple, cork, bush. 
Bouchonner, va. to rub wilh a 

wisp, riimple. 
Boucle, sf. buckle; knocker ; 
— d'oreille, ear-ring. [curi; rmg. 
Boucler, l'a. to * buckle ; * ring ; 

to curl, block up. 
Bouclier, sm. buckler, shield. 
Boucon, sm. poison. 
Bouder, V)i. lo pont, sulk. 
Bouderie, sf. pouting.— Ils ont 

toujours quelque bouderie, 

they are always wrangling. [len. 
Boudeur, se, s. who pouts ; sul- 
Boudiii, sm. black-pudding. 
Boudiné, sf. mîddle knot in a 

glass pane. 
Boudiiiière, s^. a Mtlle Tunnel. 
Boudoir, sm. a closet boudoir. 
Boue, sf. dirt, matten, mud. 
Bouce, a buoy. [gei*. 

Boucur, sm. dustman; scaven- 
Boueux, Be, «. muddy. miry. 
Bouffant, e, puffing. 
Bouffe, sm. italian buffoon. 
Bouffée, sf. paff; blast; slight 

fit. [lenly angry. 

Bouffer, va. to puff; * be sul- 
Bouffette, sf. ear-knot of narrow 

Bouffir, va. to bloat, • puff up. 
BouTCssure, sf. swelling, tur- 

Bouffon, ne, a. s. jocose ; buf- 

Bouffonuer, va. to droll ; jest. 
Bouffouuerie« $f. bulfooner}. 



Bong«, sm. a lodge, the middla 

of a cask, dirty hole. 
Bougeoir, flat, wax-canarestick. 
Bouger, vn. to budge, stir. 
Bonnette, sf. budget, or hag. 
Bougie, a wax-candle ; bougie. 
Baiigiur, va. to sear wilh a wax- 
candle. [b).'. 
Bougonner, un. to mutter gi-jûa- 
Boiigrnii, sm. buckram. 
Bouillant, e, a. hot, hasty. 
Bouilli, sm. boiled méat. 
Bouillie, sf. pap. 
Bouillir, vn. to boil, work. 
Bouilloire, sf. boilcr, keltle. 
Bouillon, sm. broth; gust of 

passion ; seething up; puff; buLi- 

ble : irolh. [plant. 

Buuillon-blanc, mullein (a 
Bouillonnement, buLbIing up, 

ebullition. [gust oui. 

Bouillonner, vn. to bubble up, 
Boulanger, sm. a baker. 
Boulangère, sf. bakeress. 
Boule, a bowl, bail. 
Bouleau, sm. birch-tree. 
Boulet, sm. a buliet, bail. 
Boulette, sf. bail, pellet. 
Boulevard, sm. bulwark. 
Bouleversemeut, overtk::>i 

Bouleverser, 'cverthrow. 
Boulimie, sf. bulimy, hunger. 
Boulin, sm- pigeon 's cove; pu- 

llock, scaffolding pôle. 
Bouline, sf. bowline, tack. 
Boviliuer, lack about,fhifi. 
Boulingrin, bowling-green 

Boulinier, a. ship that * goo 

wilh a side wind. 
Boulon, iron pin, sarcn-boll. 
Boulonner, V'1. lo fasten ; boit 
Bouquet, sm. a nosegay, posv. 
Bouquclicr, a flow'cr-pot. 
Bouquetière, sf. flower-girl. 
Bouquetin, sm. wild goal. 
Bouquin, old lie-goat; Icclicr. 
— , old book. [brooks : to cflu| 'p. 
Bouquiner, vn. to hunt aftcr ii d 
Bouquiuerîe, sf. a hcap of d 




Roiiqiiineiir, am. book-worm. 
■bouquiniste, oM books dealer. 
I^ouraraii, barracaE. 
liuui-nsquc, sf, suddin storm. 
E!uufl>e, mud, mire. 
Xuui'bcux, se, a. mtiddy, miry. 
«ourliior, sm. slough, luiie. 
l?f>iii*billon. core. 
F?our<Ie. sf. sham, fib. fim. 
Ifourdiliou, sjn. clefl wood. 
tloiu-flou, droit, staff. 
iruui-i9oBiiiaii<, e, a. buzzing. 
iruui'douiiemout, sni. bum- 

min?, IjuzzÎDg, murmuring. 
fîoiiriloiiucr, V7i. to hum niut- 
ÏSourg, lorough. [ter;buzz. 
Ituurgade, sf. little lown. 
nourgeois, e, burgess , citizen; 

ltf>urs;eoïseiuc»t, ad. plainly. 
Ituui'gcoisic, sf. cilizensbip. 
Rourgcoii, sni. a bud. 
ISuurgcoiiner , vil. tO bud, * 

-hoot, pimple. 
Itourguiestre,.;»!. burgomasler. 
Roiirraolie, borage. 
Itoui-rnde. beating, snap. 
IN>iirre. wad, cow's haïr. 
lEoiirreau. sm. executioner, tor- 

ISourréc, sf. chal-wood. 
Itouri'ée (dause), a boree. 
Rourrelcr, va. to torment, lack, 

Roiirrelet, S}7ï. a pad, hood. 
I«;>urrelicr, harness-maker. 
B .:irreilei'ie, sf. harness-mak. 
uuurrer, va. to pad; eram ; 

aluipe, stuff. 
Koui-riche, s/", basket. 
Ro:ii'riqne, sf- ass, ass's coll. 
Uuui-riquei, s»i. barrow ; ass's 

Rourrn, c, a. morose, cross. 
iiourse, sf. purse, pod; excban- 

gp, ve'icle, bag. 
lîoursicr. sm. treasurer, burser. 
Roiii'SOBi, sm. fob. 

.Inre, «/■. swelling, pomposily. 
notii-HourOcr, t'a. lo bloal, , 

ïîciise, sf. cow's dung. 


Bonsillage, sm, a mud w»ll; 

Bousiller, va. ' make a mud 

wall, (o spoi! a work. [dabbler. 
Itousillciir, sm. m jd-waller, or 
Boussole, sf. compass, guide. 
Bout, sm. end, iip, nipple. 
Bout d''aile, sni. pinion. [scrag. 
Bout saigueux, neek of mullon, 
Boutade, «/■. freak, nhim; spurt. 
Boule, sf. ma. cask. bucket. 
Boute-eu-lrain , sm. decoy- 

bird, nierry companion. 
Boute-feu, gunner; linstock; 

incendiary, firebrand. [thrifl. 
Boute-tout-cuîre,sm. aspend- 
Bouteiile, sf. a bottle bubble. 
Bouteillei-, sm. butle.r. 
Bouterole, sf. chape of a scab- 
Boutcr, va. to * put. [bard. 

Boiiiiquc-s/'. shop; implements, 

slall, trunk. 
Boutiquier, S/Î7. sbopkeeper. 
Boutoir, snout, bullress. 
Bouton, bulton ; bud, pimple.. 
Boutonner, va. to butlOD ; bud, 

* break out. [king. 

Boutouuerie, sf. butlon, ma- 
Boutonnier, S711 . button-maker. 
Boutonnière, Sf. buttOU-hole. 
Bouts rimes, j)(. rhymes. 
Bouture, slip of a tree. 
Bouvcau, sm. stirk. 
Bouvcrie, sf. a cow-house. 
Bouvet, sm. a plane. 
Bouvier, c, s. cowhcrd, cIowSi 
Bouvillon, sm. bullock. 
Bouvreuil, bullfinch. 
Bo,«uu, a gut, bowel, hose, 
Bojaudier, sm. catgut-makei. 
Bracelet, a bracelet. 
Brai?l>ial, e, a. brachial. 
Bracliniaiie, stn. bramin. 
Braconner, va. to poach. 
Braconnier, S7n. a poaclier. 
Brague, sf. ma. span, breeching 

of a giin. 
Brai, pilch and tar mixi. 
Braie, sf. Dursery-linen. [as=, 
Braieuient, sm. biaying of an 
Braillard, c, a. S. bratiling. bawl. 
Braillcur, se, s. bawler, scold. 


Braire, V7i. to bray as an ass. 
Braise, sf. \ne coal ; small coaU 
Rraisicr, sm. brazier. 
lirnuier, vn. to bell (as a stag). 
Iti'iiii, coarsest bran. 
I>raucard. sm. a iitler, shaft of 

a coach ; hand-barrow. 
Rrnucliagc, branches, boughs. 
liruuche, sf. branch, bougb. 
Brancher, va. * lo hang on a 
— , vn. to perch. [tree. 

Braiicliici^, sf. pi. gills. 
Hrnncbu. e, n. branchy. 
Braaadevîii,s»î. brandy. 
BraudcTMiicr, e, s, sutler. 
Brantlilleincut, sm. swinging. 
Braudillcr,U(Z. to swing, seesaw, 
Braudilloire, sf. a swing, [sway. 
Brandir, va. to brandish. 
Brandon, sm. a firebrand ; wisp 

of straw, [ring. 

Branlant, e, a. sbaling, tottc- 
Branle, S))!, jogging; hammock. 
Braillement, jogging ; motion, 

pushing. [ver, totter, mo've. 
Branler, IL to jog; * shake ; wa- 
Branloire, sf. swing; see-saw. 
Braque, s>n. a. setting-dog. 
Braqueniart, a. cutlass. [non. 
Braqnemeut, pointing a can- 
Braquer, va. to point direct, 

Bras, sm. arm, claw, sconce, 
Braser, va. (o solder, [liandie. 
Brasier, sm. coal-fire; pan for 
Brasillcr, va. to broil. [coais. 
Brassage, SOI. stirring, brewing. 
Brassart, brassets; bracers* 
Brasse, sf. a fathom. 
Brassée, armful. 
Brpsscr, la. brew, mix; devise. 
Brasserie, sf. a brewhouse. 
Brasseur, se, s. a brewer. 
Brassières, sf. cliild's stays. 
Brassiu, sm. masti-tub. 
Brasure, sf. soldering. 
BravacUe , a swaggerer, t)ully. 
Bravade, sf, bravado. 
Brave, 2. a, s. brave, gallant. 
Bravement, ad. stouïly, finely. 
Braver, va. to brave, defy. 
Braverie, sf. Bnery. 
Bravo, int. well, bravo. 



Bravoure, valour. courage. 

Brayer, va. to pitch. 

Brayer, sm. a truss. 

Brebis, sf. a sheep, ewe. 

Brèche, breacb ; gap, notch. 

Brèchedeut, 2. a. s. gap too- 

Bredi-hrcda, hurriedly, hastily. 

Bredouille, sf. lurch, backgam- 
mon. [ring. 

Bredouillemcnt, sm. stamme- 

Bredouiller, vn. to stamraer. 


Bref, ve, a. brief, short. 

— , ad. in short, sliortly. 

— , sm. brief, calendar. 

Bréliaigne, 2. a. barren. 

Brcland, sm. a gaming-house. 

— , sort of game at cards. 

Brel.indicr, sm. a gamester. 

Brelle, sf. a raft. 

Breloque, a gewgaw, toy. 

Brème, a. bream (fish). 

Brésil, sm. Brazi! w-ood. 

Brésillcr, va. to ' eut small, te 
dye wilh Brazil wood. 

Bretailler, vn. to tilt. 

Brelailleur, sm. tilfer,bul]y. 

Bretauder, va. toi * crop. 

Bretelle, sf. strap ; braces, 

Brette, a rapier. 

BreUeur, sm. a bujiy, hector, 

Brelturc, sf. teeth of tools. 

Brcuil, sm. copse. [beverage. 

Breuvage, drink, potion, drench. 

Brève, a. short syliable. 

Brevet, sm. warraat, commis- 
sion, indenture. 

Breveter, va. to patent. 

Bréviaire, sm. breviary. 

Brille, sf. a scrap, lurap. 

Bric à lirac, sm,. odds and ondï. 

Bricole, breast, band. 

Bricoler, vn. to toss sideways. 

Bride, sf. bridie, stay, loop. 

Brider, va. to bridie, bind. 

BrSdou, a snafûe, a liit. 

Brief, ve, a. quick, short. 

Brièvement, ad. brieBy. 

Brièveté, sf. brevity, shortness. 

Brigade, sf, brigade, troop. 

Brigadier, .s;>i. brigadier. 

Brigand, higbwayman, ruffiaa. 


Brigandage, robbery. 
Brigaiitiu, sm, brigantinei 
Brigiiolcs, sf. jil. prunes. 
Brigue, sf. solicilation, cabal. 
Briguer, va. to solicit, sue. 
Brillant, e, n. shining, bright. 
— , sm. brightness; a brilliant. 
Brillautcr, i;a. lo*cut in facets. 
Briller, un. to * shine , sparkie, 

Brimbale, sf. pump-handie. 
Brimborions , â7?i. j>^ baubles, 

Brin, sm. bit; sprig; ?!ip; stick. 
Briu à brin, ad. bit bj bit. 
Brioche, briosb, blunder. 
Brîon, sm. moss on trees. 
Brique, sf. a brick. 
Briquet, sm. steel, tender-box. 
Briqtictnge, brickwork. [liki?. 
BrîqHeter, va. to * make brick- 
Briqueterie, sf. brick-kiin. 
Briqueticr, sm. brick-maker. 
Bris, ureck, breaking open. 
Brisants, sm- pi. breakers. 
Brise, sf> a breeze. 
Brisées, s/'. pi. tracksin hunting. 
Brise-cou, narrow staircase. 
Brise— fer, s^n. a very sirong 
Brise-glace, sterling, [fellow. 
Brise-vent, shelter, screen. 
Brisement, dasbing; rcnding. 
Briser, un. to * break; ' split; 

dasb; bruise; * rend; destroy; 

* fall out. 
Briser (se), «r. * break; crush. 
Briscnr, sm. brcaker. 
Brisoir, a brake for flax. 
Brisure, sf. fracture. 
Britannique, 2. a. Hrilisb. 
Broc, sm. ,iug, can. 
Brocanter, va. (o deal in old 
Brocanteur, s.abroker, [goods. 
Brocard, sm. taunt; brûcket. 
Brocarder, vn. tolaunt; * nip. 
Brocardeiir, se, S. a taunter. 
Broccoli, sm. brocooli. 
Bpocbe,s/". spit ; knittingneedle; 

faucet; stick; peg. 
Brochée, spit-full. 
Brocher, va. to * knit, stitch, 

nai!;*doin ahurry;*slick;pa«le. 
Drociaes, tusks ot' a wild boar. 



Brochet, sm. pike, jack. 
Brochcter, va. lo skewer. 
Brochclon, a small pike. 
Brochette, sf. a skewer. 
Brocheur, se, j. st'tcher. 
Brochoir, sm. smilU's sliocing 

Bi'ochure, sf. a pamphlet. 
Brodé, e, a. enibroidcred ; 

Brodequin, sm. buskîn ; bool. 
Broder, va. to cmbroider, era- 

Jtroderie, sf. embroidery. 
Brodeur, se, s. erabroiderer. 
Broie, sf. a brakc for flax. 
Broiement, Sm. crushing. 
Brouchade, sf. stumbling. 
Broncliement, syn. failure. 
Brancher, va. to slumble; ' Irip. 
Bronchial. e. a. bronchial. 
. Broiichotomie, sf. — temy. 
Bronze, 2. S bronze, brass. 
Bronzer, va. to bronze, tan. 
Broquettc, sf. lack, nail. 
Brosse, a brush, pencil. 
Brosser, va. to brush. 
Brossier, sm. a brush-maker. 
Brou, sm. shell ofalmondSjbusk. 
Brouet, sm. thin broth. 
Brouette, «/■. wheel-barrow.[row. 
Brouetter, wbeelina bar- 
Brouettier , sm. wheel - bar- 
Brouhaha, hubbub, [rowman. 
Brouillamini, botcb-potch. 
Brouillard, mist ; daj-lmok; fog. 
Brouiller, va. to fhiiffle, * mix 

togelher, embroil, pcrplex, 

jumble,* set at variance. 
— (se), tir. quarrel, get cloudy 
Brouillerio, sf. broil, quarrel. 
Brouillon, sm, foui copy ; day- 

book ; meddicr. 
Brouillon, ne, a. S. shuffling, 
Brouir, va. to hlast. [busy-bodj. 
Brouissure, sf. bligbt, blast. 
Broussailles, sf. bramblcs , 

Broussin, sm.. excrescence. 
Brouter, va. to browse, graze. 
Broutilles, sf, sprigs, trifles. 
Broyer, va. to ' grind, pnund. 
Broyeur, -siii. grinder. [brayi 


Broyon, brayer. 
Bru, */. daughter in Uw. 
Bruaut, sni. yellow hammer. 
Bruguoii, a. nectarine. 
Bruine, sf. rime; hoar Trost. 
Bruiner, t)?i. to drizzle. 
Bruire, to roar, rustle. 
Bruissement, sm. roarins^. 
Bruit, a noise, report, uproar, 

quarrei, famé. 
Brûlant, e , a. burning, bot, 

scorching, scalding. 
Brûle-tout, sm. savc-all. 
Brûler, va. to * Lurn, scorch, 
Brûleur, sm. incendiary. [blast. 
Brûlot, a fire ship. 
Brûlure, sf. a burning, blast. 
Brumal, e, u, winteriy. 
Brume, sf. fog mist. 
Brumeux, se, a. foggy. misty. 
Brun, e, brown, dusliy, darl;. 
— , e, brown manor woman. [ken. 
brunir, V. to burnisb, tan, dar- 
Brunissage, sm. burnisiiing. 
Brunisseur, a. burnisiier. 
Brunissoir, burnîshing-stick. 
Bruiiîssure, sf. polisiiing. 
Brusque, 2. a. blunt; abrupt. 
Brusquement, ad. bluntly; 

hastily, suddenly. 
Brusquer, va. to prccipitate. 
Brusquerie, sf. rudeness. 
Brut, e, a. rough; brute; raw. 
Brutal, e, brutish, rude. 
— , SOT. churl ; brute. 
Brutalement, ad. rudely, clow- 

Brutaliser, va. to use rougbiy. 
Brutalité, .'i^. — lity 
Brute, a. S. brute, brutisb. 
Bruyamment, ad. noisily. 
Bruyant, e, a. clamorous, roa- 
Bruyère, sf. healh. [ring. 

Buanderie, a wash-bouse. 
Buandiére, a wafber-woman. 
Bube, a. pimple, blister. 
BuIjoH, sm. bubo, blotcb. 
Bueeulanre, sm. bucentaur. 
Btacépbale, Bucephalus. [block. 
Bûche, sf. billet, ijiockhead, log. 
Bûcher, sm. wood-pile, wood- 

house, funeral pile. 
— , va, to fell vood. 



Bûcheron, im. Goodman. 
Bûchette, sf. small log. 
Bucolique, a. bucolic, rural. 
Buffet, sm. buffet, side-board, 

set of plate ; case. 
Biirne, biiffalo, liuff-skin. 
Bufnoterle,s/'. bellsoFa soldier, 
Bufflelin, a young buETalo. 
Bugle, sf. bugle. 
Buglose, hugloss. 
Buis, sm. box, box-tree. 
Buisson, sm. busb, thickct. 
Buîssouuicre (école), sf. tQ 

play the truant. 
Bulbe, sf. a scallion. 
Bulbeux, se, a. Lulbous. 
Bulle, sf. bubble; bull. 
Bulletin, S7n. ballot, certincata 

of heaith, tbickef. 
Bnnette, sf. a hedge-f parrow 
Buraliste, a. cicrk. 
Bure,coarseclolh,shariora mine. 
Bureau, sm. office ; law-court; 

factory ; desk. 
Burette, sf. cruet for ail. 
Bncgrave, sîii. burgrave. 
BnrgraTÎat, sm. burgravate. 
Burin, sm. graver-burin. 
Buriner, va. to engrave. 
Burlesque, sm. ludicrous. 
Buricsquement , ad. comte 
Bursal, e, u pecuniary. [ally. 
Busard, sm. a buzzard. 
Buse, sm. busk, whalebone. 
Buse, sf. buzzard, ninny. 
Busquer, va. to stilTeD. 
Buste, sm. a bust. 
But, a butt ; mark ; aim. 
But à but, ad. even bands. 
Buter, u/i. * hit the mark, .lim at. 
— (se), vr. to stick at, be * fixed 
Butin, sm. booty, spoil, pjize 
Butiner, va. to pillage, plunder. 
Bniireux, se, a. bullery . 
Ruior, sm. a bittern, a lob 
Butte, hillock, mark, poiut. 
Buvable, 2 a. potaljle. " 
Buvetier, sm. tavern-keepi^r. 
Bu-ïctte, s^. a tavern, a drinkinj; 

Buveur, se, S. tippler, toper. 
Buvotcr, vn. to * sip, tipple. 
Bysse, tm,. byssus. 




\a, bit. corne on. 
l'a, abbrevialion of cela, that it. 
^'ii et là,a'/.hilher,iipand down. 
l'nbalc, sf. a cabal, club. 
Caijalcr, un. to cabal. 
rabaleur, sm. a caballe? 
rabaliste, a. cabalist. 
Cabalistique, 2. a. caba'i::tic. 
Cabane, sf. cottage, cabin, till 
Cabuiioii, sm, sniall cell. 
Cabaret, sm. public-liousc, tea- 

Cabarelîer, e, S. a publican. 
Cabus, sm. frail, basket. 
Cabcstau, a capstan. 
Cabillaud, a cod, cliub' 
Cabinet, sm. closet, cabinet, 

summer-house, prh'j. 
Câble, a. cable. 
Cfibleau, small cable. 
Câbler, va. to a cable. 
Caboche, sf. hobnail ; liead ; old 

nail. [not * eut. 

Cabocbou, sm. precious stono 
Cabotage, coastiofc trade. 
Caboter, va. to coast. 
Caboteur, sm. coaster. 
Cabrer, V. to prance, irritate. 
— (se), to be refractorj. 
Cabri, sm. a kid. 
Cabriole, sf. a capHole; caper. 
Cabrioler, vn. to caper. 
Cabriolet, sm. cab. 
Cabrioleur, se, 6'. a caperer 
Cabus (choux), cabbage-boad. 
Cacao, sm. cocoa nul. [tree. 
Cacaotier, Cacoyer, cocoa- 
Cacaojérc , sf. cocoa planla- 
(Tacaràer, vn. to cackle. [tiûn. 
Cacbalot, sm. smali whale. 
Cacbe-cacbe, sf. bide aud seck. 
Cacher, va. * hide, conceal,cover. 
Cachet, sm.. seal, signet, stanip 
Cacheter, va. to seal, wafer. 
Cachette, sf. lurking-hole. 
Cachette (eu), ad. secretlj. 
Caciieiie, cachexy. 
Cachot, sin. a duugcoD. 

Cachoterîe, sf. aneclatîon, mys- 
Cachou, sm. casbew. [tery. 

Cacis, .sm. black currant. 
Cacochyme, 2. a. ill-natured, 

cross, odd. 
Cacocbyinie, sf. cacocbymy. 
Cacogihonic, cacopbony. 
Cailiistre, sm. doomsday-book. 
f 'atiaiêreux, se, a. cadaverous, 
Cixinvre, .5m. corpse, carcass. 
i'ixieau. sm. prosent, gift. 
Catleuas, a. padiock, c!asp. 
C.tilesiasser, vn. to padiock. 
Cixieucc, sf. cadence, hai mony. 
Cailcncé, e, n. cadeuced, trilled, 
C'aileucer, vu. to cadence. 
Cadet, sm. junior. 
Cadette, sf. younger sister. • 
Cadi, sm. cadi. 
Cadran, sm. dial. 
— solaii'c, sun-diai. 
Cadre, rot, fraine. 
Cadrer, va. to agrée, suit. 
Caduc, cadiaquc, a. decayed, 

frail, perisliable 
<'aducee, srn. Mercury's wand. 
Caducité, sf. decay, craziness. 
Cafard, e, a, s. hypocrite. 
Cafarderie, sf. hypociisy. 
Café, sm. coffee, colTee-house. 
Caféirie, sf. cofTee plantation. 
Cafetier, coffee-man 
Cafetière, sf. coffee-pot. 
CaGer, sm. coffee-tree. 
î'age, sf. cage, frarae, coop. 
Cagueux, se, a. bowlcgged. 
Cugut, e, hypocrite ; bigot. 
Cagoteric, sf. 
Cagotisuie, sm. cansing. 
Cahier, sm. copy-book. 
Caiiiu-caha, ad. so so. 
Cahot, «m. jolt. 
Cabotage, jolling, liumping. 
Cahoter, v. to jolt, .•^hake. 
Cuhutte, sf. a liut, cottage. 
Caille, sf. quail. 
Caille-lail, sm. rennet. 
Cuillebottc, sf. curds and nUej. 


raillcbottc, c, n. curdled. 
Caillcbotlis, sm. gratings. 
railler, va. to curdie ; coagu- 
Caillctagc, sm. gossiping. [late. 
Cailictcaii, sm. yonng quail. 
Caillette, .'/'• rennet; silly gossip. 
Caillot, sm. a dot of blood. 
C'aillotis. sm. kelp. 
Caillou, a flint, Dint-stone. 
Cailloutagc, pehble-work, 
Calma», an alligator. [body,ca?e. 
Caisse, s. chest ; cash; drum; 
Caisse (livre de), ca^h-book; 

— (il'épargne), saving-banks. 
Caissier, sm. a cashier. 
Caisson, sm. covered waggon. 
Cajoler, va. to cajole, w'heedle. 
Cajolerie, sf. cajoling, coaxing. 
Cajoleur , se , s. wlieedler , 
Cajute, sf. berlh. [coaxer. 
Cal, callosity, callus. 
Calaisou, sf. dcptli of a ship. 
Calamine, calamine. 
Calamité, — ty, misery, distress. 
Calaniiteuz, se, a. calamitous. 
Calandre, sf. caiander; weevil. 
Calandrer, rn, localender clolh. 
Cainndreur, sm. a calender. 
Calcaire, 2.a. chalky,calcareous, 

Calcédoine, s^. chalcedonyï 
Calciualion, calcining. 
Calciner, va. to calcine. 
Calcul, sm.calculation, calculus, 

Calculalile, 2. a. compntable. 
Calculateur, sm, calculator. 
Calculer, un. to calculate, * 

cast up. 
(Talcnlcux, se, a. calculous, 
traie, sf. wooden wcdge ; crcek ; 

ducking; ship's hold ; flat cap. 
Calebasse, a. gourd. 
Calèche, calash; chariot. 
Caleçon, sm. drawers. 
Caleçonuier, drawers-maker. 
Caléfaction, sf. — lion. 
Calemliourg, a pUD. 
Calendes, sf. calends. 

— grecques, never. 
Calendrier, sm, a calendar. 

— (irégorieu, Gregorian * ca- 



Calepin, sm. mémorandum. 
Caler, t'a. to lûwer, to steadj 
CaKas, sm. calking, oakum. 
Calfat, a calker, calking. 
CalTatage, calking of a ship. 
Calfater, va. lo calk, pitch. 
Cniratin, calker's boy. 
C'alfeutrage, stopping CDin' s. 
Caircutrcr,iin. to * stopchiiiki. 
Calibre, sm. bore, size, sort. 
Calibrer, va. to dispart. 
Calice, sm. chalice, calix, ciip. 
Califoiirckou, à catifoiira 

clion, astrido. 
Caligiuenx, se, a. gloomy. 
Câlin, e, s. coaxer, wheedler. 
Câliner, vn. to coax. 
Calleux, se, a. calions, hard. 
Calligraphie, sf. calligraphy. 
Callosité, $/'. callosity, hardnes.s. 
Calme, 2. a, calm, quiet, slill. 
— sm. calm at sea, calmncss, 

quielness, slillness, 
Calmer, l'a. to calra, appease, 

quiet, still, pacify. 
Caloninialeur, sm. calumnia- 

tor, slanderer. [trix, slandercr. 
Calomniatrice , sf, calumnia- 
Calomnie, calumny, slander. 
Calomnier, un. to calumniale, 

slander. [rously. 

Calomnieusement, ad. slande- 
Calomuieui, se, a. slanderous. 
Calotte, leathcr-cap; skull-cap, 
Calotlier, sm. cap-niaker. 
Calquer, va. to counterdraw. 
Calumet, sm, calumet. 
Calus, calus. 
CaUaire, sm. Cahary. 
Calvinisme, calvinism. 
Calviniste, 2. a. S. calvinist. 
Calvitie, sf. baidness. 
Camaïeu, camaïeu. 
Camail, a camaii, a capucliin. 
Camarade, a. comrade, fuHon'. 
Camard, e, a. S. flat-noscd. 
Cambiste, sm. cambist. 
Cambouis, coom, grease. 
Cambrer, va. to \'ault, " Icoii. 
Cambrure, sf. bending. 
Camée, sm. cameo. 
Caméléon, a chamcleon. 
Camelot; camlt;t< 



nérîcr, sm. Chamberlain. 

lerlingat, camerlingate. 

lerliugue, camerlingo [cart. 

lioii , cat's miaikin, claw, 

lisole, sf. under waistcoat. 
lille, camomile. 
Camp^ camp. [country, rustic. 
Campagimnl , e, a. of tbe 
fanipagnard, Sm. rustic. 
Canipaguardc, sf. a country- 

Campagne, countrj , campaign. 
t'umpagnole, sm, great-beaded 

C'iimpane,, a tuTt, fringe. 
Canipanellc, — nella. 
4'ampauette, blue-bell ilowcr. 
C'ampanille, Steeple, belfry. 
Campêclie, (bois de), sm, log- 

Campement, encampmen. 
Camper, V, to encamp, place. 
<'aiupbre, sm. campbire. 
(aiuplirc, e, 0. campborated. 
Campine, sf. Coe pullet. 
<'ampas, S7n. a plaj-day. 
Cacuus, e, a. Dal-nosed, balked. 
Canaille, tbe rabble, mob. 
Canal, sm. canal, channel, gut- 

ter, pipe, ways, means. 
Camape, a canopy-couch, sofa. 
Canard, mallard, drake. 
«nnarder, va, to pelt, * slioot, 
Canastre, a. canisler. 
<'auuri, sm. canary-bird. 
Cacan, sm. gossip, tattle. 
Caneel, chancel. 
Cancellation, sf. recision. 
Cancellei-, va. to cancel; annul. 
Cancer, sm. a canker, cancer. 
Cancre, «. crab-fisb ; poor ; 

Candélabre, u. cbandelier. 
Candeur, s/, candûur, frankness. 
Candi (sucre), sm. sugar-candy. 
Candidat, 0. candidate. 
Candide, 2. a. candld, sincère. 
Candidement, ad- sincerely. 
Cane, sf. a duck. 
Caneler, va. to cnaruTer. 
Canelle, sf. cinnamon, a tap. 
Canellc, e, a. cbamfcred. 
Cttaellior, sm. a cinnamoQ-tree. 


Canelure, sf. chamTer, flutings. 
Canetille, sf. gold or silverpurl. 
Caneton, sm. duckling. 
«anoag, sm. canvass, rough 

draugb sketch. 
Caniche,, sf. spaniel do^. 
Caniculaires (jours), dog-days. 
Canicule, sf. dog-star, dog-days. 
Canif, sni. a penknife. 
Cuuiu, e, a. canine. 
Canne, sf. cant', stick, [cannibal. 
Cannibale, sm. a man-eater. 
Canon, sm. cannon ; gun-barrel, 

quill-barrel, gun, cliurch law. 
Canonial, e, a. canonical. 
Cauonicat, sm. a prebend. 
Canonique, 2. a. canonical. 
Canoniqnement, ad. — callf. 
Canonisation, s. — zation. 
Canoniser, va. to canonize. 
Canoniste, sm. a canonist. 
Canonnade, s/. cannonade,can- 

Canonage, sm, gunnery. 
Canonner, va. to cannonade., 
Canounier, S7ît. gunner. 
Canonnière, sf. embrasure ; 

drain-bole, gun-boat. 
Canot, sni. a small boat, canoe 
Canotier, sm. a rower. 
Cantaloup, cantaloup. 
Cantate, sf. cantata. • 

Cantalille, a Utile cantata. 
Cantatrice, s/, a singer. 
Cantliaride, Spanisb lly, can- 

Cantine, a bottle-case; a ta- 

vern for soldiers. 
Cantinier, sm. sutler. 
Cantique, sm. a canticle. 
Canton, district ; canton. 
Cantonnement, cantonîng. 
Cantonner, va. to canton. 

— (se), vr. to fortify one'sself. 
Cantonnière, sf, valance of a 
Canule, sf. pipe, tube. [bed. 
Cap, sm. a cape. 
Capable, 2. a. capable, able.apt. 
Capablement, ad. skilfnliy. 
Capacité, sf. abiiity, skill, size. 
raparafon,sm. caparison. 
Caparaçonner) va, tO capari 


CAP 47 

Cape, sf. hooded-cloak, ridlne- 
^ tiood; main-sail. » 
rapillaire, capillary. 
Topilotade, sf. a ha?h. 
rapîrninc, STO. captain. 
rapiiaîucrie,s/'. captainry. 
» «l>i«al, e, a. capilal, chief. 
— SOT. main point; stock, princi- 
fap.inle. s/-, chief City. [pal. 
rapiiali-ment, ad. capitally. 
rap.iales, capital letters. 
««pi«alisje, sm. capitalisa 
Çaplian, sTO. boaster, hector. 
«■apaane, sf. the admiral's eal- 
; "pKatîoo, poll-tax. [Tey. 

« apiieux, se, n. heady, stron. 
rapitole, sȔ. Capitol. 
C'apUon, silk well. 
<'apitoiiI, capitoul. 
^apiltilairc, 2. a. of a chapter. 

< "pituluiiciueul, ad. capitu- 
,. "'7.- , [chapter. 
" "P"ulani, sm. memher of a 
(ap.iulaUoii, sf. - tion, arti- 

tles, agreemenl. [parley 

«apituler, vn. to capitiilale, 
«apoM,sw.sharper,erariy knave 

< aponner, vn. lo * trick. 
Taporal, sm. corporal. 
«apoi, great coat, cloak; capot. 
f'ipotcsf. riding-hood; cloak. 
« âpre, a caper, m. pri-vateer. 
«aprice, sm. whim, caprice. 
«'upricieux, se, a. capricious! 
C apricorne, sm. capricorn. 
Câprier, a caper-tree. 
Capripède. 2. a. goat-footed. 
Capsule, sf. a case, percussion- 
« aptaleur, sm. in-veigler. [cap 
Captaliou, sf. inveigling. 
<'»ptatoire, 2. a.fraudulent, de- 
Capter, va. to inveigle. [ceitful. 
( aptieusement, ad. sublilly, 

deceitfully. ■" 

Capiîeui, se, a. deceitful, sub- 
til, sophistical. 
Captif, *e, a. s. captive. 
Captiver, ua. to captivate, con- 
r"°!: . . [nement. 

Captivité, sf. capti-vity, confi- 
« npture, capture, booty, seizure 
Capiice, sm. cowl. i 


Capiiclioii, riding-cloak; cowl- 

Capuoiii, capuchin-friar. [leum 

Capucine, capuchin-Dun; Iropo- 

Caquage, SOT. barreling up. 

Caque, sf. a caç, barrel. 

Caque.deiiicr, sot. pinch-far- 

Caquer, un. to barrel up. [thin?. 

Caquet, sm. babbline- talk.riing. 

Caquetage, sm. praltling, chat- 

Caqueter, vn. to chat, prattle. 

Caqueterie, tittle-tallle. 

Caqueteur, sm. gossip. [rings. 

C aqueur, sm. barreller of her- 

Car, c. for, because. 

Caral.c, SOT. yellow amber. 

Caraliiii, carabineer; rook. 

Carabine, a carabine. 

Carabiner, va to rifle, [bineer. 

Carabinier, SOT. rifleman, car- 

Caracol, eu caracol, winding 

Caracole, sf. caracol, or whee- 

ling about, gambol. 
Caracoler, vn. to wheoi about. 
Caracouler, to coo. 
J'aractcre. sm. character ; style; 

humour; charm ; type. 
Caractériser, va. to characte- 
"^s- [teristic. 

Caractéristique, a. s. charac- 
Carafe, sf. a décanter. 
Carafon, sm. an ice-pail. 
Carambole, sf. carambol. 
Caramboler, va. to carambol. 
Caramel, sm. burnt-sugar. 
Carapace, carapace 
Caraque, sf. a carak. 
Carat, a carat. 

Caravane, sf. a carafan. [raTan. 
Caravanier, sm. leader of a ca- 
Caravausérail, sm. cara-van- 
, sary. [ley. 

f aravelle, sf. Portuguese gai- 
Carbonate, carbonate. 
Carboncle, carbuncle. 
Carbone, sm. Carbon. 
Carbonique, carbonic. 
Carbouuade, sf.n carbonade; 

a rasher. [collar. 

Carcan, sm. necklace; iroD- 
Carcassp, sf. carcass ; skeleton. 
Cardamine, cardamine, mea- 

dow cress. 




Carcinome, sm. — ma, a can 
cer. [choke 

Tarde , sf. stalk ol an arli 
— , 3 card. 
Cordée, cardrul. 
Carder, va. to card wool. 
Cardeiir, se, a carder. 
Cardialgie, sf. hcart-burn. 
Cardiaque, 2. a. S. cordial. 
Cardicr, sm. a card-maker. 
Cardinal, c, a. cardinal. 
— , sm. a cardinal. 
Cardinalat, cardinalship. 
Cardinale, s/', (plante), cardinal. 
Cardon, sm. cardoon-thistle. 
Carême, lent. [culous-fellow. 
fjn Carême-prenant, a ridi- 
4'arcnagc, sjn. careening-place. 
Carène, sf. keel, botlom. 
Caréner, va. to careen. 
Caressant, e, a. kind, Tawning. 
Caresse, sf. caress. [whecdie. 
■Caresser, va. to caress, sooth, 
Cargaison, sf a cargo. 
Cargaer, va. to brail up the sails. 
«'argues, sf. pi. brails. 
Cariatide, caryatid. 
Caricature, s'f. a caricature. 
Carie, roltenness in the bones, 
Carier, ra. lorot, taint [cariosity. 
Carillon, sm. chimes; Ecolding; 

jingling. . 

Carillonnement, chiming. 
rarillouucr, vïi. to cliime, 
jinele. [bell-ringer. 

Cari'llonneur, sm. a chimer; a 
Carline, sf. carline Ihittle. 
Carlingue, sf. ma. tlie keelson. 
Carme, sm. a carmélite. 
Carmin, sm. carminé. 
Carminatif, vc, a. carminative. 
Carnage, sm. carnage, slau- 
rrjiterr [-voracious. 

{'arnassier, e, carnivorous, 
Carnassière, sf. pouch, game- 

Carnation, sf. — tion ; tlesh- 
Carnav»l,sm. carni-val. [colour. 
Carne, sf. angle, corner. 
Carné, e, a. carnation-colour. 
Carnet, sm. a debt book. 
Carnivore, 2. a. carnivorous. 
Caruosité, sf. carnosit}. 

Coron, sm. a slice of fat bacon. 

^'aroiiadc, carronade. 

Caroncule, «/■. a small gland; ca- 

Carotide, sf. carolid. [runcie. 

Carotte, a carrot. 

Carpe, a carp. 

— , sm. the wrist. 

Carpettes, sf. packlng-clothe 

Carpillon,sr)i. a young carp 

Carquois, a quiver. 

Carre, sf. crown of a bat; sh.ipe 

of a coat; toes of a shoe. 
Carré, e, a. square. 
—, sm. a fquare, garden-bed. 
— de mouton, breast of mnllon 
Carreau, square; pane; dia- 
mond, at cards ; cufhion, floor; 
tailor's goose. 
Carrefoiir, a cross way. 
Carrelage, paving with square 
tiles, etc 

Carreler , va. to pave with 
square tiles, etc. to mendshoes. 

Carrelet, sm. a flounder, square- 

Carrelette, sf. a fine file. [ 

Carreleur, sm. tile tloor layer, 

Carrelure, sf. cobbling. 

Curréntent, ad. square. 

Carrer, va. to square. 
— (se), vr. to strut. 

Carret, sm. ropeyarn. 

Carrier, a quarry-mar^ 

Carrière, sf. quarrj; career. 

Carriole, sf. cab. 

Carrossier, sm. a coach-maker 

Carrousel, a. carousal. 

Carrure shape of a coat. 

Carlaycr, va. to quarter. [bill 

Carte, sf. card, map,pastebùard 

Carte-marine, sea-chart. 

Cartel, SI", cartel; challenge. 

Cartero, .tm. a pocket book. [isin 

Cai-tesiauisu.c, the Cartesian 

Cartier, a card-maker. 

Cartilage, a. gristle, cartilage. 

Cartilagineux, se, a. gristly. 

Carton, sm. pastcboard, bacd- 
box, cancel, cartoon. 

Cartonner, va. to board. [books. 

Cartouncur, siii. boarder ol 

(r.;-,:'tonuier, sm. pasleboard- 



tartoiicbe, s^. a changé; 6ar- 

tridge, carlouch. 
Cartulaire, sni, a cartulary. 
Car»!, sm. carrawôy-Jeed. 
Cn», a case ; fact ; chance ; mat- 

ler; "vaille. [per; sodentary. 
rnsuuier, e, a. close hoiisekee- 
rasnqiie, sf. a great coat. 
Casaquiii, sm. a short gown. 
l'uscude^ sf. cascade, waler-rall. 
fasc, a point at hackgatnmon ; 
squaTe m a draughlboard ; meaa 
ha'jitation ; box. 
Casemate, a casemate. 
f 'ûscniater,ra. to fortify. [tables. 
Caser, l'/i. to * take a point at 
— (se), to find a placo, settle 
one's self. 
Caserne, s/, a barract. 

^'aserncr, vn. to * be In bar- 

C'usSer, case. [racks. 

( iisilleux, se, a. brittle. 

'iisoar, cassowary. 

Casque, sm. a helmet. 

C'aNquette, \isor cap. 

r'nssant, o, a brittle, fragile. 

Cassation, sf.repcal,abrogating. 

t'assave, sf. cassava. 

<'assc, cassia, pcn-case, case. 

Tasse, e, a. broken, infîrm. 

Casse-coa, sJïi. unsafe place; 
uneven ground. 

rasse-Boisette, sm. nut-cra- 
cker. [crack, abrogate. 

Casser, u?i. to * break, bruise, 

Casserole, jf. astew pan. 

Casse-tête, puzzle-brain ; toma- 

Cassette, sf. cofferet ; privy- 

Casseur, sm. Cracker, boaster. 

Cassier, cassia-tree. 

Cassolette, sf. perfuming*pan. 

Cassonade, pow'dered sugar. 

Castaguette, castanets. 

Caste, tiibe, ca^te. 

Castelane, green plura. 

Castille, bickering; contention. 

Custinc, limestone. 

Casior, sm. a beaver. 

Castrauiétation, sf. — tion. 

Castrat, sm. castralo eunuch. 

CaMratiou, $f, — tioa. 


t'usuel, le, a. casual; prec»- 

rious. [tes. 

Casuel, sm. profits, perquisl- 
Casiicllcnient, ad. casually, bj 
Casuistc, sm. casuist, [chanca. 
Catacombes, pi. catacombs. 
Cataclysme, sm. cataclysm, 
Cathacrèse, sf. catacresis. 
Catafalque, sm. decorated bter. 
Catalepsie, sf. catalepsy. 
Cataleptique, 2. a. — tic. 
ratalogue, sm. — logue list. 
Cataplasme, poultice. [rollr 
Cataracte, sf. cataracl. 
Catarrhe, sm. a catarrh. 
Catarrkeui, se, a. catarrhoui. 
Catastrophe, sf. — phe. 
Catéchiser, va. to catéchise',; 

tcach, persuade. 
Catéchisme, sm. catechism. 
Catéchiste, catechist. 
Catdchumèue, 2. S. — men.^ 
Catégorie, sf. — gory, class. 
Catégoriquement, ad. categO> 

Cathartique, 2. O. cathartic. 
Cathédrale, sf. cathedial. 
Catholicisme, — licism. 
Catholicité, sf. catholicism ; ea- 

tholic countries. 
Catholique, 2. O. S. catholic; 

Catholiquement, ttà. catboii- 
Cati, sm. gloss, lustre. [callj. 
Catimini, ad. slily. 
Catir, va. to press cloth. 
Catisseur, sm. cloth glosser. 
Catoptrique, sf. catoptrics. 
Cauchemar, sm. nightmare. 
Caudataire, sm. trainbearer. 
Causalité, causality. 
Causatir, we, a causal. 
Causées/, cause, reason,molîT9« 
— d'appel, action upon appeai'. 
Causer, on- lo c-iuse; talk, chat; 

Causerie, sf. babbling, gossip. 
Causeur, e, s. talkative, chatty, . 
Causticité, o,nialignity. [laitier. 
Caustique, 2.n. caustic.waspislL 
Cauteleusement, ad. slily. 
Cauteleux, se, a. n'ily, sly. 
Cautère, sm. issue ; cauterf. 





Caat/rIsatSon, s^.Cauferlzation. 

ranlériscr, va. to caulerise. 

Caution, sf. bail; security; su- 

ra<i(|on«emeu(, sm. baillog. 

Paiitlonner, va. (o bail, warrant. 

Cavalcade, a cavalcade* 

Cavale, sf. mare. 

Cavalerie, cavalry,borsei 

Cavalier, sm. trooper; gentle- 
man, horseman, spark, knighl. 

Cavalier, e, blunt, liaughly. 

Cavalièrement, ad. bauglitily. 

Tave, sf. cellar; liquor-stand; 

-, 2. bollow. [vault. 

Taveaii, sm. Taull. 

t'avce, sf' bollow way. 

Cnvcr, V)i. to bollow; sunk. 

Caverne, s/'. cavern,den. [bollow. 

Caverneux, se a. cavernous, 

Cavcrnosité, sf. bollowness. 

Cavité, sf. bollowness, cavity, 

Ce, cet, cette, pro, this, tbat, it. 

Ce que, wbat, lliat. 

Cest pourquoi, tbercfore. 

Ce n'est pas que, aot tbat, 

Céans, ad. witbin, at bome. 

Ceci,p/-o. Ibi?, iliese. 

Cécité, sf. Llindness. 

Cédant, c, s. grantor, ceding. 

Céder, l'fi. (o cède, yield, resign, 
part witb, give up. 

Cédille, sf. cedilla ç. 

<rédrnt, sm. cédrat, citron. 

Cèdre, ccdar. 

Ccdule, sf. bill, note, cedula. 

Ceindre, fn. to enclose; * put 
on ; gird, surround, [enclosure. 

Ceinture, «/'. girdle ; sasbwaist; 

Ceintnricr, sm. a belt-maker. 

Ceinturon, bclt. 

Cela, })ro. tbat, tbus, so. 

Céladon, sm. sea-green. 

Célébrant, officialing jfriest, 

Célébration, sf. solemnity. 

Célèbre, 2. a. famous, eiîiinent. 

Célébrer, va. celebrate, ' per- 
form, officiât. 

Célébrité, if. — ly, solemnity. 

Celer, va. to conceal, * hide. 

Céleri, sm. celcry. [speed. 

réiéritc, $f. — rity; swiftness, 
déleste, 2 a. Mlestial. beaveoly. 

Célestiu, celeslin. [lorshlp. - 

Célibat, sm, celihacy; bache- 

Célibataire,s»!. a bachelor. 

Celle, pro. f. sbe, Ibal. 

Cellcrier, stn. cellarist, cellular. 

Cellier, sm. cellar at ove grounij 

Cellule, Sf. ceil, box-case 

Celui, pro. he, Iha. 

Celui-ci, celle-ci, this. ' 

Celui-là, celle-là, that. 

Cément, sm, cernent. 

Cendre, sf. asbes, embers. 

Cendré, c, a. asb-couloured. 

Cendrée, sf. dross of lead; 
small sbot. [asbes. 

Cendreux, se, a. ashy, full of. 

Cendrier, Sin. asb-pan. 

Cène, sf. the Lord's supper. 

Céuelle, bollyoaks berry. 

Cénobite^ sm. monk. 

Cénobifique, 2. a. — tical. 

Cénotiiplie, sm. cenolaph. 

Cens, qiiit-rent, census. 

Ceusal, sm. a broker. 

Censé, sf. a fee-farm. 

Censé, e, n. accounled; reputedi 

Censeur, sm. censor, critic. 

Censitaire, sm. copyholder. 

CensncI, le, a. feudal. [mable. 

Ccnsurabic, 2. a. — ble, bla- 

Censure, sf. censorsbip ; cen- 
sure ; criticism. 

Censurer,ii(!.(o censure; * cbide. 

Cent, 2. a. bundred, cent. 

Centaine, sf. about a bundred. 

Centaure, sm. centaur. 

Centaurée, sf. centaury. 

Centenaire, 2, a. centenary. 

Centeuier, Centurion, snt. 

Centésimal, a. centésimal. 

Centième, 2. a. bundrcdtb. 

Centime, sm. centime. 

Centimètre, sm. centimeter. 

Central, c, a. central, centrical. 

Centre, sm. centre. 

Centrifuge, 2 o. ccnlrifugal. 

Centripète, 2. a. cenlripelal. 

Centumvir, sm. centumvir. 
CentumvSrat, sili.centumvirate. 
Centuple, 2. o. SHi. bundred 
fold. [tly, centuple. 

CvMtupIcr, va. to increase grès- 


Centariatenr, sm, — atol". 

f'ciiturie, sf. — ry. hiindred. 
(cnlurion, sni. — rion. 
<'cp, sm, a Tine. 
Cependant, ad. in Ihe mean 

time, neverthe!e?s, yet. 
f 'cpbalalogie, sf. — ^y, 
Céphaliqnc, 2. a céphalic' 
Ceps, S7n. 2>l- stocks, felters. 
Céraf, sm. cerate, plaster, 
î erbcre, Cerlerus. 
Cerceau, a boop, net, quills. 
Ccrcelle, sf, a teal, 
Tcrcle, sm. a circle, assembly. 
Cercler, va, to hoop. 
Cerclier, sm. hoop-maker. 
Cercueil, a coffîn. 
Ccréal, cereal, corn. 
Ccréliral, e, a. célébrai. 
Cérémoninl, c, a. — niai. 
— , sm. — niai, rilual. 
Cérémonie, sf. — ny, rite. 
Cérémonieux, se, a. ceremo- 

nious; formai. 
Cerf, sm. a stag ; a hart. 
Cerf-volant, horn-beetle; pa- 
Cerfcuil, sm. chervil. [per kite. 
Cerise, sf. a cherry. 
Cerisier, sm. a cherry-lree. 
Cerne, a ring, circle. 
Cerneau, kernel of a nut. 
Cerner, va. " take ont the kernel 

jf a nut, tap a tree, to surround. 
-).- yeux cernes, eyes surroun- 

ded with black and blue spots. 
Certain, e, a. certain, sure. 
-, sm. certainly. [news. 

.-une nouvelle certaine, sure 
— une certaine nouvelle, a 

ifertainenienf, ad, certainly. 
Certes, truly, indeed. 
Certificat, sm. a cerUficate. 
Certificateur, a voucher. 
Certification, sf. — tion. 
Certifier, va, to cerliPy, assure. 
Certitude, s/'.certainty, certitude. 
Cérumen, sm. earwax. 
Cérumineux, se, a. ceruminous. 
f;éru8e, sf. wliite lead. 
£ervaison, venison-season. 
Cerveau, sm. the brain. [sage. 
Cervelas, cervelas, kiud or sau- 



CerTclcf, hind part of ihe braln. 
Cervelle, sf, brains. 
Cervical, e, a. — cal. 
Cervicr (loup), sm. a lynx. 
Cervoîse, sf. sort of béer. 
Ces, j)ro. tbese, those. [sien. 
Cessation, sf. — tion, ii^tcrmis- 
4'esse, ceasîng. intermission. 
Cesser, v. cease, * leaTe oCf. 
Cessible, 2. a. transférable» 
Cession, sf. a yielding up. 
Cessiounaire, 2. a. cessionary, 

Cestc, sm. cestus, girdle. 
Césure, sf. cœsura, pause, rest. 
Cet, pro. this, that. 
Cétacé, a. m. cetaceous. 
Ceux, celles, jyro. thèse, those. 
Cliabinge, sm. the l'ees of a 

waler officcr. 
Cbablaeu, sm. a tow-Iine. 
Chnblcr. va. fasten lo a cable. 
Cbablour, s?)!, a water-officer. 
Chablis, wind-fallen wood. 
Chacal, jackall. 
Chaconne, sf. chacoon (a tune). 
Chacun, c,]iro. every one, each ; 

{it cnn never be joincd to a 

substuntivey. [soirow. 

Chagrin, styi, grief; vexation 
— , shagreen. 
— . e, morose, sad. 
Chagrinant, e, vexations. 
Chagriner, va. to vex, grieve. 
Chaîne, sf. chain, warp. ridge ; 

Chaîuctier, a chain-maker. 
Chaînette, sf. liUle chain. 
Chaînon, sm. a link. 
Chair, sf. flesh, skin, méat. 
Chaire, pulpit; chair. 
Chaise, chair, seat, chaise. 
Chaisc-percce, sf. ciose-stool. 
Chaland, e, s. customer; chap- 
Cliâlc, sm. shawl. [man. 

Chalet, sm. swiss cottage, cabin. 
Cbaleur, sf. heat ; warmth ; zeal. 
Chaloupe, sf. launch, boat. 
Chalumeau, sm. reed ; a pipe; 

Chamade, sf- parley. 
Chamaillcr,i>n. to right',wranglek 
Cbanarrer. va. to lacei dauk 

CHA • • 

riinninrriii-e, sf. lacing, trim- 

riiambellun. Chamberlain, 
Chambre, sf. chamber, room. 
Cbainbrce, mess. 
rhaiiiljrcr,i!)i. to chum together. 
Chambrctle, sf, litlle rooni. 
Clianilii'iei',$?n. Chamberlain. 
Cltambrière, sf. chamberraaid ; 

rhamcnti, sm. camel. 
rhamclier, camel-driver. 
Chamois, sbamoy; wild goat. 
Chamoiscur, shamoy-dresser. 
Ckam|i, Seid; matter, région. 

— de bataille, field of baltle. 

— clos, camp list. 
Champagne, sf- champalgn. 
Chauipélre, a. rural. 
Champignon, sm, mushroom. 
Champif^nouuiêre, sf, mush- 

Champion, sm. champion. 
Chance, s/", chance, hazard, luck. 
Chaucei ou Chauceaii, sm. 

chancel. [teady. 

Chancclaul, e, a. totter!ng,uns- 
Chanceler, vn. to totter; wa- 

ver, stajger. 
Chancelier, s»!, chancelier. 
Chancelière, sf. chancellor's 

wlTe, foot-warmer. 
Chancelleinent, sm. tottering. 
Chancellerie, s/", chancery. [fui. 
Chancenx, se, a. lucky, doubt 
Chancir, va. to grow mouidy. 
Ciiaucre, sm. cancer, sore. 
Cliancreiix, se, a. cancerous. 
Chandeleur, sf. Candlemas. 
Chandelier, sm, candiestick, a 

t;,^_ tallow-chandier. 

Chandelle, sf. prop, candie. 
Chanfrein, sm. chamfcr. 
Change, excbange, change, ban 
ker's trade. [broker. 

riiange (agent de), sm. stock 
4'iiiineeaiit, c, u. variable* 
Chanscmenl, sm. change; al 
I Chan.ser, vn. to change; al 

I ; ter, shifl, barler, convorl. 

^ ChuDseur, sm. money-cbangerc 

> CHA 

Chanoine, prebendary. 
Chanoincsse, canoness. 
Chanoiiiie, canonry, canonshipi 
Chanson, song. ditly, nonîeuse. 
Chansonner, va. lo lampoon. 
Chansounetle, sf. liltle song. 
Cliansouuier,sn2. ballad-maker. 
Chaut, singing; tune; canto. 

— du coq, cock-crow. [giOo. 
Chantant, e, a. tuneable • sin- 
Chantean, sm. cantle 
Chanter, t)a. to* sing; tocrow; 

praife. [decoy-bird. 

Chanterelle, sf. treble-string 
Chanteur, se, S. a singer. 
Chantier, sm. timber-yard ; 

stocks, ga.wntree. 
Chantignoie, sf. a bracket. 
Chantourné, a head-piece of ■ 
Chantre, a chanter. [bed. 

riian-»re, sm. hemp. 
«'Iianvrier, hemp-dresîer. 
Chaos, chaos, confusion. 
Chape, sf. cope, flap. 
Chapeau, sm. a bat. 
Chapelain, a chaplain. 
Cliapeler, va. to ' rasp bread. 
Chapelet, sm. chaplet, a chain- 
Cliapelier, e,s. a hatter. [pump. 
Chapelle, sf. chapel, bénéfice. 
Chapelure, chlppings, raspiugs. 
Chaperon, sm. hood ; coping of 

a vall ; companîon. 
Chaperonner, va. to • cap one; 

to protect ; to hood-wink the 

Chapier, sm. cope-bearer. 
Chapiteau, chapiter, capital- 
Chapitre, cbapter; chapter* 

Chapitrer, va. to reprimano. 
Chapon, sm. oapon. 
Chaponneau, sm. youngcapon. 
Chapaunièi'c,s/'. caponry. 
ï'Iiaqtie^ ^ro. each, every (* is 

ativaysjoined toasubstuntive). 
Cliar, sm. chariot, car. 
Ciiarailc, s/', charade, riddie. 
Charançon, a weevil, mite. 
Charbon, coals ; ulcer. 

— de bois, charcoal. 

— de terre, pit-coal. [forge. 
Charbon d'usiue,sm. coals fora 


rharbounée, if. short r!b of 

beef. [» coat. 

rharbonuer, va. to daub with. 
Charlioiiucux , se, a. pesti- 

Charbonnier , srn coal-mer- 

chant ; collier; coal-hole. 
Charbonnière , sf. colliery ; 

coal-house; coal-woman. 
Charcuter, va. to hack, mangle. 
Charcuterie, sf. hog's-Uesh, 

sausages, etc. 
Charcutier, e, t. nho keeps a 

pork-shop. [htad. 

C'bai-dou , sm. Ibistle; spike- 
Chardonner, va. to nap clolh. 
Chardonneret, sm. goldfiDch. 
Chardonnette , sf. wild arti- 

Charge, load, charge ; cargo ; 

employment; place, office. 
Chargeant, e, a. cloggiog; te- 

Chargement, sm. bill of ladiog, 

Charger, va. to load; charge; 

burden, lade, clog. 

^(se), lo*takeupon one's self. 
Chargeur, sm,. a loader. 
Chariot, sm. waggon, cart. 
Charitable, 2. a. cliarilable. 
Charitablement, ad. — tably. 
Charité, sf. charity, alms. 
Charivari, sm. paitry-music, a 

dut ter. 
Charlatan, a mountebank, quack 
Charlatanorie , sf. quackery , 

Charlatanisme, sm. quacquery. 
Charmant, e, a. cbarming; de- 

Cliarme, sm. charm, yokcelm. 
Charmer, va. to tbarm; allay. 
Charmeur, se, S. charmer. 
Charmille, sf. hcrnbeam bcdge. 
Charnel, le, a. carnal ; f'ensual. 
Charuellement, ad. carnally. 
Charneux, se, a. Desliy. 
Charnier, sm. charnel-liouso. 
Cliaruivrc, sf. hinge, joint. 
Chitruu, e, a. flesby, plump. 
Charogne, carrion, carcass. 
Charpente, timber-v'ork. 



Charpenter , va. to herw ; te 

Charpenteric, sf. oarpentry. 
Cliarpcuticr, sm. caipeuler. 
Charpie, sf. sm. lint. 
Charretée, cart-load. [ner. 

Charretier, sm. carman, wagc* 
Charrette, sf. cart. 
Charrier, va. to cari, convey, 

Charroi, sm. convoyance. 
Charrou, cartwrigbl. 
Charronage, caitwright's wo;k. 
Charrue, sf. plough. 
Charte, charter. 
Charte-pni-tîc, chartcr-party. 
Chartre, sf. cbarler, gaol. 
Chartreuse, cliarter-liouse. 
Chartreux, se, Carthu^ian friar 

or nun. 
Chariulaire, sm. book-shehes. 
Chïïs, sm.. needie-eye. 
Châsse, sf. shrine ; scale ; frame; 

Chasse, sf. hunting; game, chase. 

— aux oiseanx, l'owling. 
Chasse-avant, sï)i. foreman. 
Chusse-cbîen, sm. Iieadsinan. 
Chasse-coquin, beadsman. 
Chasse-marée, sm. lîsh-cart. 
Chasse-morte, sf. randomsbol. 
Chasselas, whilc prape. 
Chasser, va. lo hunt, * drWe 

away, cbatp, pursue, expel. 

— au fusil, lo ' go a shooting. 
Chasseresse, sf. a huotress. 
Chasseur, sm. hiinter, fowler 
Chassie, blear-cyedness. 
Chassieux, se, a. bleard-eyed. 
Chitssis, sm. sash ; frame; cbate. 
Chassoir, cooper's driver. 
Chaste, 2. 1!. chaste ; pure; neat. 

Chastement, ad. chastely, 
Chasteté, sf. chastity, purity. 
Chasuble, chasuble. 
Chasulilier, sm. maker of eo 

clesiasiical ornaments- 
Chat, cat, kitten. 
Chat-buant , sm. scrcech-owl. 
Châtaigne, sf. chestnut. 
Châtaigneraie, chesnut-grove. 
Châtaignier, «m. chcstautlreei 


9'bâtain, a. m. cbestnut-eolour, 

Cliâtpau, sm. castle, seat, man- 

sioii. [caslles. 

Châteaux en Espagne^ airy 
Ckûtcluui, lord of a manor ; 

Cliâteict, little castle. 
C'iiùielleiiie, s^. castle-ward. 
('lutter, vil. to kilten. 
Chàliablo, 2. a, punishable. 
C'iiûtier, va. to chaslise, cor- 
rect, cliaslen, 
€'li;iicéi-c, sf. cat-hole. 
C'bâiiiueut, sm. chastisemeat. 
Cbatou, sm. bezel, kilten, 
Cliaioiiillemcut, tickling. 
riiaïuiiillcr, in. to lickle; flatter. 
Ctaaiouilleux, se, a. ticklisb, 

Chatoyer, vn. sparkling. 
Châtré, sm. aa euDucli. 
Châtrer, t'a. to castrate, 
Châtreiir, sm. a gèider. 
Chats, jil. catkins. 
Chatlq, s/', a slie-cat; puss. 
Chattcuiitc, demure hypocrite. 
Challerivs, sweelmeats. 
Chaud, c, a. hot, warm, hasty, 
— , sm. lieat. [flercë. 

— , nd. bot; warraly. [nestly. 
Chaudement, ad. warinly, ear- 
Chatidiére,s/. caidron; copper, 

great kettle. [dron. 

Chaudron, sm. a ketllo, cal- 
Chaudrounerie, brazier's ware. 
Chaudronnier ; sm. brazier , 

Chau0age, $m. fuel. 
Chauffe, sf. furnace. 
ChuuCTe-pied, sm. a foot-slOTe. 
ChautTer, va. to beat, warm. 
Chauiferettc, sf. a foot-stovd. 
Chaufferie, cbaftry. 
Chauffeur, sm. 5toker< 
Chauffoir , uarming - place ; 

warm clotb for a sick person. 
Chaufour, a limc-kilD. 
Chaufournier, a liine-burner. 
Chauler le blé, V. to lime. 
Chaume, sm, stubble, stubLIe- 

fieid. [to Ibatcb. 

CUauœer, va. U> * eut stubble ; 



Chaumière, sf. a thatched cot- 

Cbaumine, small cottage. 

Chausse, sf. stockiag, stra'r.- 
iDg bag. 

Chaussée, sf. causeway. [brcn. 

Chausse-pied, sm. sboeirij- 

Cbausse-trappe, sf. a caitiop. 

Chausser, va. toput * on sbocs, 
or stock) ngs, maie shoes to C(. 

Chausser le cothurne, to turn 
a dramatic writer. 

Chausses, ;il. breeches. 

Cbausseticr, sm. bosîer. 

Chaussette, sf. under-stocking. 

Chausson, sm. socks, pumps. 

Chaussure, sf. any cover for Ibe 
leg and foot, stockings, boots. 

Chauve, 2. a. bald. [slippers. 

Chauie-souris, sf, a bal. 

Cbuuvcté, baldoess. 

Chauvir, va. to prick up. 

Chaux, sf. lime. 

Chavirer, va. to turn upside 
down, upset. [fag-end." 

Chef, sm. bead, cbief, leader; 

— de r.traîlle, housekeeper. 
Chef-d'œuvre, a masterpiece. 
Chef-lieu, cbief town. 

— de parti, a ringleader. 
Chelem, siam. 
Chélidoiue, ceiandine. 
Chemin, way, road, course. 
Chemin-couvert, sm. covered 
Cbcmiuée, sf, a cliimney. [way. 
Cheminer, vn. to walk, Or * go. 
Chemise, sf. shirt, sbifl. 
Chemisette, under-waislcoat, 
Chênaie, a gro^e of oaks. 
Chenal, sm. cbanne!. [rogiio. 
Chenapan , sm. ascouudre!. 
Chêne, an oak. 

Chêueuu, a pipe to conTey raio- 

waler froni tlie gutters. 
Chenet, haud-iron, lire dog. 
Chenevière, sf. bemp-lield. 
Chenevis, sm.bemp-seed. [pecl. 
Chcuevotte, sf. Etalk of bem[i 
Chêne votter, vn. te peel benip 
Chenil, $?n. a dog kennel. [stalk. 
Chenille, sf, a Caterpillar. 
Chenu, e, a hoary; grey-headed. 
Cher, e^dear; costiy; beloved. 


Cherche, sf. search. 
t'hcrchci-, va. to * seek, look 

for *, fearcli. [cher, punter. 
Chercheur, se, s. seeker, sear- 
Chère, sf. cbeer, fare, enter- 

t^'héremeiit, ad. dear, dearîy. 
Chérir, vci. to cherisb , love 

dearly. [affection, 

Chérissable, 2. a. whorty of 
Cherté, deorness. 
Cbcriibin, sm. a cherub. 
Chervis, »in. skirrsl. [fui. 

Chctif, ïe, a meaD ; sorry, piti- 
Chétivemont, ad. pitifulljf. 
Cheval, sm. horse. 

— de bataille, charger. 

— de course, race-horse. 

— de selle, saddic-horse. 

— de trait, draught horse. 
Cheval-foudu, leap-frog. 
Chevaleuieiit, sm. prop, shore. 
Chevaler, i;a. to shore upi scra- 

peshides; run about. 
Chevaleresque, a. chivalrous. 
Chevalerie, sf. knighthood; 

Chevalet , sm. wooden horse ; 

bridge of an instrument , easel; 

trestle, buttress. 
Chevalier, a knight. 

— d'industrie, sharper. [usher. 

— d'houueur, flrst gentleman 

— errant, knight errand. 
Chevalière, sf. knight's lady. 
Chevaline (bête) , horse , or 
Cheva«cher,U)i,to*ride. [mare. 
Chuveau-léger, sm. ligbt-hor- 

Chevelu, e, a. long baired. 
Chevelure, sf. heai] of haïr; 

beams ; fibre. 
Chevet, sm. a bolster, pillow. 
Chevêtre, a halter joisl. 
Cheveu, a bair. [botch. 

Cheville, «/". a peg; anclebone, 
Cheviller, va. lo peg, pin. 
Chevillctto, sf. small peg. 
Chevillon, sm. turner's peg. 
Chevillurc, sf, the branches of 

a deer's head. 
Chèvre, sf. a she goat, crab. 
Chevreau, sm. a kid. 



Chcvre-reuille, bonejfsuckle', 

— pied, a. m. goat-footed. 
Chevrette, sf. a doe; siruppot; 

iitlle andiroQ. 
Chevreuil, sm. a roobuck. 
Chcvricr, a goatherd. 
Chcvrillard, fawn of a roe. 
Chevron, a rarier,che'¥ron,stripB. 
Chevrotement, sm. quivering. 
Chevroter , vn. lo kid ; fret ; 

skip ; to * bave a trembling 

■voice in sioging. 
Chevroliu, sm. a kid's skin. 
Chevrotine, sf. deer-shot. 
Chez, pr. at, to, the house of, 

among, witb, in. 

— soi, at home. 

— moi, at mj house. [home. 

— nous, at our country or at 
Chiasse, sf. scum, dung. 
Chicane, sf. chicanery, cavil- 
Chicaner, va. ta chicane; cavii, 

Chicanerie, sf. chicanery. 
Chicaneur, se 9 s. chicaner, 

shifler, caviller. 
Chicanier, e, chicaner, caviller. 
Chiche, 2. a. stingy. 
Chichement, ad. slingily. 
Chicon, sm. coss-lettuce. 
Chicorée, sf. succory, endive. 
Chicot, sm. a stump. 
Chicoter, v/i. to wrangle; trifle. 
Chicotiu, sm. orpine. 
Chieu, a dog, cock of a gun. 

— couchant, a setter. 

— courant, a hound. 

— d'arrêt, a pointer. 
Chiendent, sm. coucb-grass; 

Chienne, sf. a bitch. 
ChiOTe, sf. sorry silk, or stuff. 
Chiffon, SI)!, a rag, scrap of paper. 

— s. jil. dress, trinkets. [ble. 
Chiffonner, VU. to rumple, tum- 
Chiffonnier, e, S. a rag-picker, 

clicst of drawers. [ber 

Chiffre, sm. cipher, figure, num« 
Chiffrer, «a. to * cast up ; wriU 

in ciphers. 
Chiffreur, sm. calculator. 
Chignon, sm. nape, chignon. 
Chimère, sf. ckimera, idle faucj 

ClIO 56 


Chimérique, 2. a. chimerical, 

riiinicriqiicmenl^a^. — rically. 

rhiiuie,s/'. c!ijmislry,chemistry. 
rbiniiquc. 2. c. cbymical, cbe- 

riiiuiigtc, sm. cliymist, chemist. 
riiiiicr, va. to clôud, ftreak. 
Chiiioîs, snj. chinese. [riients. 
Chiiioisericfl, chinese orna- 
riiiouriiic^ sf. of convicls, crew. 
rhi|>er, va. tofilcb; crib. 
Cbîpotcr, un. lo piddie; trifle. 
nii|iotiei', e, s. piddler, trifler. 
Cliiquenaiidc, sf. fillip. 
riiique, sf. quid. 
riliqiier, vn. to chew totacco. 
Chiquet, sm. bit, 
Cllïrographaire, in vîrlue of 

a note of linod. 
rhiromnnrie, sf. — Cy. 
rhiromaiicifii, ne,».— mancer. 
rhirurical, e, a. — cal. 
Tbiriirgie, sf. surgery, 
rhirurgien,. a. surgeon. 
rhirurgique, 2. a. — gical. 
rhlanij-fle, sf. cblamys. 
rhiore, s»i. chlorine. 
Chlorose, sf. green sickness. 
Choc, sm. shock; dashing; on- 

set, clasbing. 
Chocolat, sm. chocolaté. 
Chocolatier, one who keeps a 

chocolate-house, chocolaté ma- 

ker, or seller. 
Chocolatière, sf. chocolate-pot. 
Chœur, sm. choir, choius. 
Choir, vn, to * fall. [oui; select. 
Choisir, va. to * choose, * pick 
Choix, sm. choice, option, [kept. 
rhôuable, 2. « Ihat ougbt to be 
rhôniage, sm. respite, resl. 
rhôiner, v. to * kcep, tO want 

work, rest from work 
rhopiiie, <f. balf-pint. 
Chopiuer, L'n. to lipple. 
Choppenicnt, sm. slumbling. 
Choppcr,t; blunder; sturable. 
Choquaut, e. a. sbocking, of- 

Choquer, V. to • shock, offend, 

• dash,*clasb,to * touch elasses. 

— (Se), w . 10 • tike offence, i 

abuse one another, • clash * 

slnke, encouDter. 
Chorégraphe, stn. — phcr. 
Chorégraphie, sf. — pliy. 
Choriste, sm. cLorister , cbo- 

Chorogrnphic, s/.— phy. 
Chorographique, 2. a. — pliica!. 
Chorus, faire chorus, to ""^ing 

together * niake chorus. 
Chose, 5^. lliing. 
Chou, sm. cabbage; colewort. 

— rave, sm. radish-cabbagi.-. 
Chou-fleur, cauliilower. 
Choucas., sm. a jackdaw. 
Chouette, sf. screech-owl ; lau- 

Chouquet, sm. cap, block. 
Choyer, VU. to cocker ; to ' Iake 

great care of. 
Chrême, syn. chrism. 
Chrémeau, chrisrn-cloth. 
Chrétien, ne, a. S. Christian. 
Chrétienuenieut , ad. chiis- 

Chrétienté, sf. christendom. 
Chrisiiiiuieme, christianily. 
Chromatique, 2. a. sf. — lie. 
Chronique, sf. chionicic. 

— 2. a chronical. [chronicles. 
Chroniqueur, sm. a writer of 
Chronogramme, — gram. 
Chronologie, sf. — logy. 
Chronologique, 2. a. — gicali 
Chronologiste, sm. — gist. 
Chronalogue, — loger. 
Chrysalide, sf. chrysalis. 
Chrysanthème, sm. — temum. 
Cllrysocollc, sf. — colla. 
Chrysolithe, sf. — lithe. 
Chrysocome, sra. — me. 
Chuchoter, vn. to whisper. 
Chucboterie, sf. whispering. 
Chuchoteur, se, s. whîsperer. 
Chu«; int, hushl 

Chute, s/, fall, di.'astei^ cadence. 

— L.a chute des Veuille», 

autumn. — Cnc chute d'hu- 

uicui-s, a deQuxion. 
Chyle, sm. chyle. 
Ci, ad. hère; — après, hereaf- 

ter,— dessous, bereuDder; 


rSodesBus, aToresaid; — de- 
vant, heretofore ; — gît, hère 

Ciboire, sm. a pvx, box, cup. 

Ciboule, sf. scaliion, chibbat. 

Ciboulette, chives. 

Cicatrice, a scar. 

Cicatriser, va. cicalrize, gash. 

Cicéro, pica prinling tjpe. 

Cidre, cider. 

Ciel, sf. sky, hcaven, canopy. 

Ciel de lit, trster, top of a bed. 

Ciels de lit (des), bed testers. 

Cierges, sm. a wax-taper. 

Cieux, sm. pi. ciel for its sin- 
gular, heavens. 

Cigale, s/, chirping kind of gras- 
Cigare, sm. a cigar. [shopper. 

Cigogue, sf. a ftork. 

Ciguë, sf. hemiock. 

Cil, stn. eye-lash. 

Cilice, sm. hair-cloth. 

Cillement, sm. winking. 

Ciller,, va. to Iwiukle, wink. 

Cime, 5^. top, ridge, heigbt. 

Ciment, sm, cernent, union. 

Cimenter, va. to cernent. 

Cimeterre, a scimitar. 

Cimetière, a cburciiyard* 

Cimier, crest, bultock. [clay. 

Cimolie ou Cimolis, sf. pipe- 
Cinabre, cinabar; red lead. 

Cinéraire urne, sf. urn ino- 
ludiDg ashes, cinerary. 

Cinglage, sm. ship's course. 

Cingler, vn. ta sail before the 
wind, to lash, ' eut. 

Cïnique, 2. a. cynical. 

Cinnamome, sm. cinnamoQ. 

Cinq, a. sm, fivc. 

Cinquantaine, sf. fiTty. 

Cinquante, 2. a. fifty. 

Cinquantième, 2. a. Urtieth. 

Cinquième, 2. a. sm. fiftll. 

Cinquièmement, ad. fiftbly. 

C'inti-age, sm. the coras which 
etther encircle, or lie a ship. 

Cintre, au arch, centre. 

Cintrer, ua. to * make archwise. 

Cippe, sm. cippus. 

Cirage, waxing, blacking. 

Circoncire, va* to circumcise. 

Circoncision, sf. circumcjsiun. 



Circonréreuce, circumférence. 
Circonflexe, 2. a. circumflex. 
Circonlocution, sf. circumlo- 

cution. [lion. 

Circonscription, circumscrip- 
CircouBcrire , va. to circuin- 

Circonspect, e, a. circumspect. 
Circonspection , sf. circum» 

Circonstance, circumstance. 
Circonstances et dépcudun— 

ces, appartenances. 
CircouBlancier, va. to relate a 

tliing wilh its circamstances. 
Circonvallatiou, sf< circumvaN 

Circonvenir, va. tO circum- 

venl, deceive. 
CirconveiitÊon, sf. deceît. 
Circonvoisiu, e, a, neighbour* 

ing. [volution. 

Circonvolution , sf. circum- 
Circuit, sm. circuit, amhit; 

dislrict, compass. [round. 

Circtiluire , 2. a. circular; 
Circulaii-emcut, arl. circularly. 
Circulant, c, circulaling. 
Circulatcur, sm, — tor. 
Circulation, sf. — tion. 
Circulatoire, 2. a. — lalory 
Circuler, va. to circulate; be 

current. [black. 

Cire, sf. wax, gum, seal ; sboa- 
— d Espagne, scaling-wax. 
Cirer, va. to wax. 
Cirïer, sm. wax chandler. 
Ciron,ahaadworm; little blister. 
Cirque, sm. circus. 
Cirure, sf. wax pîastering. 
Cirure, sf. waxing. 
Cisailler, va. to * clip, * shear. 
Cisailles, sf. shears, clippings. 
Cisalpine, a. on this side the 
Ciseau,. sm.chise!,graYer,[Alps. 
Ciseaux, pi. scissars. 
Ciseler, va. to cbase, carve. 
Ciseict, sm, a graver. 
Ciseleur, chaser, pinker. 
Ciselure, sf. chasing, carving. 
Citadelle, a citadei. 
Citadin, e, a. s. citizen. 
Citateur, sm. quoler. 


ritnlioii, sf. — tion, summons. 
rite, a City, a town. [name. 

Ciicr, lia. cite, quote, summon, 
ritérîeiir, c, a. citerior; hither. 
C'itcrue, sf. a cistern. 
rilo.veii, uc, s. a citizen. 
Citrate, sm. — le. 
rîtrin, c, (t, lemon-coloured. 
C'iti-oii, sra, citron, lemon. 
C'itronui-, c, «. that has Ihe 

lasle ot' lemon. 
C'ili'oiiiiL-llc, sf. balm-gentle. 
t'id-oniiicr, SHi. a lemon-tree. 
f'ilrotiiile, sf. pumpion, gourd. 
Civatlicrc, sf. sprit-sail. 
Cive, liind of onion. 
Civet, sin. liare ragoût. 
Civette, sf. chive ; civet-cat. 
Civière, a hand-barrow. 
Civil, e, a. civil, well-Lred. 
Civilement, aJ. civilly, kindly. 
Civilisation, sf. — zalion. 
Civiliser, va. to civilise. 
Civilité, sf. civilily, courlesy. 
Civique, a. f. civic. [fellow. 

Clabaiid , sm. liar ; noisj 
Clabaudage, barking of dogs. 
Clabauder, vn. lo bark; bawl. 
Clabuiiderie, sf. damour. 
Clabaudcur, se, S. noisy man 

0?' woman, a bawler. 
Cluie, sf. a hurdie. 
Clair, c, a. clear; light; thin ; 

bright; plain. [plain.. 

— y ad. clearly; plainly; clear 

— sm. sbine, light. 

— de luue, mooDsbine. 
Claîremcut, ad. clearly, plainly. 
Clairet, te, a. reddisb, claret. 
Clair-voie, sf. rails in a park. 
Clairière, glade in a wood. 
Clairou, sm. Clarion. 
Clair-scuiê, e, a. thin sown; 

thin, scarce. [netration, 

Cloirvojauce, sf. sagacity ; pe- 
Clairvojaut, e, a, elear sigh- 

ted, ocute. 
Clameur, sf. clamour, outerj. 
Clan, sm. clan. 
Clandcstiu, e, a. clandestine. 
Clandestinement, ad. — nely. 
Ciandesiiiiitc, sf. clasdestiae- 

Dess, privacy. 



Clapet, S))i. sucker. [taraerabhii* 
Clapier, coney burrow ; rabbll ■ 
Clapir, vn. to squoak. 

— (se), vr. lo * tquat. 
Clapotagc, sm. rough sea. 
Clapoter, va. to ripple. 
Clapotcusc, a. f. beaving swel- 
Claque, s/', a smack, clog. [linp. 
Claquedeut, sm. beggar, chai- 

tering. [rini;. 

Claquement, clapping, cbaLIc- 
Claqucmui-er, va. to * put in 

Claquer, vn. tO * clap, * snap ; 

clialtcr. [chil. 

Claquct, sm, mil! -clapper ; 
ClariCcatiou, sf. clarifjing. 
Clarifier, VT. to clarify. 

— (se), i!)-. to * player. 
Clarine, sf. a bell for Ibo ncck 
Clarinette, clarinet. [ofanimals. 
Clarté, sf. light. clearness. 
Classe, s/', class; order; form ; 

school. [ord-:!-. 

Classement, sm. disposilinr , 
Classer, l'a. lo dispose, io levy. 
Classification, sf. — tion. 
Classique, 2. a. classic. 
Claude, a. foolish, simple. 
Claudication, sf. lameness. 
Clause, sf. clause. 
Claveau, sm. thc rot, scab. 
Clavecin, sm. harpsichord. 
Clavelée, sf. the scab. 
Clavelc, e, a. scabby. 
Clavette, sf. a key; peg. 
Clavicule, the collar bonc. 
Clavier, sm. a key-chain; llio 

keys of an organ, etc. [uastic, 
Claustral, e, a. claustral ; mo- 
Clayon, sm. litlle hurdie. 
Claionuage, a fence made with 

hurdles and turfs. 
Clé, Clef, s/", a kcy, clef. 
Clématite, sf. — lilis. 
Clémence, cleraency. 
Clément, e, a. clément, merciful. 
Clepsydre, an hour-glass. 
Clerc, sm. clerk, clergyman. 
Clergé, clergy, churclimen. 
Clérical, e, a. clérical. 
CléricaIemeul,a(Z. clergy-maD 


CLO 50 

Clérlcatnre, sf. clerksbip; State 

of a clergyman. 
riichage, sm. stérêotyping. 
Cliché, sm. stéréotype plate 
riicber, va. to stéréotype. 
riicheiir, sm. stéréotyper. 
Client, e, s. a client, [nection. 
Clicntelle, sf. protection, con- 
<'liEnemciit,sm.\vinking. [seek. 
C'Iiiiiip-iniiscite, sf. hide and 
C'iiisiiei' les jeux, va. to nink. 
rii;;notemciit,£)n, winking. 
C!is>>oler, to wink oflen. 
f liiuat, sm. climate, clime. 
riiniatcriqiio, 2. a. climacterîc. 
Clin d''œil, s)n. tbe twinkling of 

an eye. 
en un clin d'œil, ad. in a trice. 
Clinique, 2. a. clinical. 
Cliiii|uant, sm. tiusel. 
Clique, sf. party, gang. 
Cliqueter, vn. to clack. 
Cliquetis, sm.clasliingofswords. 
Cliquettes, sf. snappers; clap- 

Clisse, little hurdle; splint. 
Clîaser, îjn. to * make hurdles; 
Clistère, sm. aclysten. [splint. 
Cliver, va. to clieve. 
Cloaque, sm. common sewer; 

fillliy place. [ing-pan. 

Clocbe, s;', a bell, blister, stew- 
riocbemeut, sm. hopping. 
Clocher, steeple ; parish. 
— , vn. to limp, Lobble. 
Cloeliette, sf. band-bell, bell- 
Cloisou, partition. [Hower. 

Cloisonnage, sm. partition- 
Cloître, a cloister. [work. 
Clottrer, va, tO cloister up; 

Cloîtrier, sm. claustral raonk. 
Clopiu-clopaut, ad. bobbling 

<'io|>incii., va. to bobblo along. 
Cloporte, sm. wood-louse. 
Clore, va. lo inclose, close. 
Clos, sm. a close. 
— , e, a. closed, close, shut. 
Closeau, sm. small close, 
Clossemeut, cluckin;^, 
CInsscr, vn. to cluck." 
Clôture, s/'.aû enclosur*. 


Clâturer, i)<i. ju. to close an ac* 

Clou,sm. nail; a boil; clove; slud. 
Clou à crochet, tenter-hook. 
Clouer, va. to nail. 
Clous de girolle, clOTes. 
Clouter, va. lo slud. 
Clouterie, sf. nail-trade. 
Cloutier, sm. a nailer. 
Cloutiére, sf. nail-mouldi 
Club, sm, a club, Society. 
Clubiste, member of a club. 
Coaccusé, accused witb one, Oî* 

several persons. 
Coactir, vc, a. coercive. 
Coartiou, sf. coercion, coaclion. 
Coadjuteur, sm. a coadjiilor. 
Coadjutorerie, sf. — tordbip. 
Coadju trice, coadjutrix. 
Coagulation, a congealing. 
Coaguler, va. coagulale, curd. 

— (se), vr. to curdle. 
Coaliser (se), vn. to coalesce. 
Coalition, sf. — tien. 
Coassement, sm, croaking. 
Co.isscr, un. to croak. 
Cobalt, sm. cobalt. 
Cocagne, sm.. pays de co» 

cagne, a land of niilk and lio- 
Cocardc, sf . cockadc. [ncy. 

Cocasse, 2. a. odd. comical. 
Cacatrix, sm, cockatrice. 
Coche, s?ïî. caravan, large cùacb. 
Coche, a passage beat, 

— sf. nolch, oldsow; fat illsba- 
ped woman. 

rochcnillage, sm. scarlet dye. 
Cochenille, sf. cochincal. 
Cocbciiiller, va. to dye scartrî 
Cochenillier , sm. cocbinca'. 
Cocher, a coachman. [Irci'. 

Cocher, va. to * tread. [enlran'.'i- 
Cochère (Porte), sf. carria^â 
Cochet, sm. cocberel 
Cochevis, sm. tufted lark. 
Cochon, sm. bog, pig. 

— d'Inde, sm. guinea pîg. 

— de lait, sm. a sucking pîg. 
Cochonnée, sf. litter of pigi 
Cochonner, vn. lo farrow. 
Cochonnerie, sf. filtbiness. 
Cochonnet, snx, jack at bowlA. 
Coco, cocos 



Cocon, sm. cocoon. 

Cocotier, a cocon-tre. 

Coctiou, sf. coclioa, diges-v'on. 

Tocu, sm. cuckold. 

Code, sm. code, codex. 

Cocuagc, cucholdom. 

rodccimateiir, partner in 1l> 
tlies. [a codicil. 

Cudicillaire, 3. a. ccntained in 

Codicille, sm, codicil. 

Codille gagner, vn. to win. 

Codonataire, 2. a, he or slie to 
whom a thing is given jointly 
whith anolher person. 

CoeGcient, e, a. cocl'ficient. 

Coégal, e, a. coequal. 

Caeniiitiou,s/'. rcciprccal buying. 

Coercilir, Te, a. coercive. 

Coercition, sf. coercion. 

Coéternel, le, a. cOPternal. 

Coéternîté, sf. — nity. 

Cœ«r,sm. hcarf, courage, spirit, 
stomack middie; à contre — , 
againslone's will ; de lion — , 
heartily ; de gaîté de — , wan- 
tonly; par — , by heart. 

Coexistence, sf. — ce. 

Coexister, vn. lo coexist. 

Coffre, sm. chest, trunli, coffer, 
belly of a lute. 

Coffre-fort, strong box. 

Coffrer, va. to' put in jail. 

Coffret, sm. a little chcst ; trunk. 

Coffretier, a trunk-maker. 

Cognasse, sf. wild quince. 

Cognassier, sm. quiuce-tree. 

Cognât, kinsman, 

Cognation, s^. — tion, kindred. 

Cogue-fetu, sm. a triQer. 

Cognée,s/.a Lalchet, axe. [knock. 

Cogner, va. to * drive in beat, 

Cognoir, sm. printer's shooting 

Cohabitation, sf. — tion. 

Cohabiter, vn. to cohabit. 

Cohérence, s^. cohérence. 

Cohérent, e. a. uuilcd. [ress. 

Cohéritier, e. s. co-heir ; cohei- 

Cohésion, sf. cohésion. 

Cohober, va. to thicken, fortily. 

Cohorte, sf. cohort, conipany. 

Cohue, a rout, crowd. 

Coi, te. a. still, quiet. 


Coiffe, sf. coif, hood, hnsk. 
Coiffer, va. lo put on tlie hrad; 

dress the liair; cap a bottie, 

lay a sail aback ; inTaluate wilh, 

— (Se), vr. to covér ono's head; 

dress one's head; bf- fond of; 

bewitched wilh. ^dresser. 

Coiffeur, se, s. milUner; liair- 
Coiffure, sf. a bead-dress. 
Coin, sm. corner, wedge; coins, 

die; lock of a wig; dock of a 

Coîitcidcnce, sf. coincideDce. 
Coïncident, te, a. coïncident. 
Coïncider, vn. to coïncide. 
Coing, sm. a quince. 
Coït, sm. coilion. 
Col, sm. stock neck défile. 

— (Faux), false collar. 
Coloture, sf. Dllration. 
Colégatiiire, <!. S. collegatory. 
Coléoptcre, sm. — ter. 
Colère, s/", anger, wrath, passion. 

— , 2. a. passionafe. 
Colérique, 2. «. choleric. [libri. 
Colibri, sm. humming-blrd, co- 
ColiQcbet, gewgaw, toy, bird- 

Coliu-niaillurd , sm. blind- 
Colique, sf. a cbolic.[man's buff. 
Cotisée, sm. colisœum. [bourer. 
Collaborateur, sm. fellow-la- 
Collaboralion, s/'.^tion. [ging. 
Collage, sm. sizing paper haa- 
Collant, a. tight. 
Collataire, sm. one who bas 

been collatcd to a bénéfice. 
Collatéral, a. — rai. 
Collateur, sm. collator. 
Collatif, a. — ti-?e. 
Collation, sf. — tion, adTowsor 

— , artcroon's luuclîeon , te? 

Collationner, va. to collale. 
— , to • eat betwcer dinner an 

supper, to * drink tea. 
Colle, s/, pa.'te, glue, size. 

— de poisson, isinglass. 
Collecte, collect, gathering. 
Collecteur, sm. a collcclor. 
Collectif, a. sm. collectiTe. 
Collection, sf. — tion. 
Collectivement, ad. — vely. 


Pollége, »m. collège. 
L'ullcgia:, e, a. collégiale. 
['olligieu, sm, collegian. [low. 
['olloguc, stn. colleague, fel- 
[•oller, va. to pa?te, glue. 
-du vîn, to clarifj wine with 


— (Se), vr. to lie close, cake. 
Dollerette, sf. woman's neck- 
_ kerchief, tucker. [of méat. 

['ollet, sm. collar; SDare, neck 
-, cape; neck, hand ; gin. 
Colleter, va. lo collar * set suares. 
'ollctir, sm. paper hanger. 
^'ollicp, sm. necklace, collar. 
^olliger, vn. to collect, infer. 
rolliue, sf. biU. 
'ollïsioii, — sion. 

ullocatian, — tion. [rence. 
Colloque, sm. colloquy, confe- 
'olloqucr, va. to place in order. 
'olludcr, vn. to colludejuggle. 
'olltision, sf. juggling. 
.'ullusoire, 2. a. — sory. 
olIuBoiremeiil, ad. — sorily, 
■ollyre, sm.— rium, eye-salve. 
'olombc, sf. a doYe. 
'olombiur, sm. a dove-house. 
^olonibîue, sf. pigeon 's dunk. 
'olou, sm. a planter, colon. 
'olouul, a colonel. [pa°ï- 

.'olonelle, sf. Ihe colonel 's [com- 
'olouial, c, a. colonial. 
'oloiiie, a colony, plantation. 
'oloiiisatiou, sf. — tion. [lony. 
'olouiser, va. to setlle a co- 
'oloiiuade, colonnade. 
.'olunac, a column, pil'.ar; — 
-d'uu lit, ted-posts. 
'olopliaue, rosin, hard rosia, 
'oloquinte, coloqiiintida. 
'olorant, e, a. coloul'ing. 
'olorer,, va. to coiour,dje, dis- 

guife, cloke. 

'olofîer, to varnish, [plexion. 
oloris, sm. colouring, com- 
'oloriste, a colourist. 
'«lossal, e, a gigantio. 
'ulosae, sm.. coloâsus. 
'olustre, sra. colostrum. 
^'■»~i'iaf 6, h&wker's trade. 
uiporter vu., to hawk about. 
olporieuri ifft. a hawker. 



Colure, coluri, colure. 

Colza, sf. colewort; — hiiils 

de, — coleseed oil. 

Tonia, comma. 

Comateux, se, a. sopori ferons. 

Couibut, sm. a fight, batlle. 

Couibattaiit, a combalant. 

Combattre, V. to * Bght, com- 
bat, oppugn, contend wilh. 

Combien, ad. how much; how 

—, .sm. price. [many. 

— que, although. 

Combinaison, sf. combination^ 

Combiner, va. to combine. 

Comblé, e, a heaped. 

Comble, sm. top, height, timber- 
work of a roof. [fill. 

Combler, va. heap np ; load one ; 

Combrière, a large net. 

Combustible, 2. a. ble. 

Combustion, s/'.- tion, tumult. 

Comédie, a play ; playhouse ; 
shamming; sport. 

Comédien, sm. an actor; difr- 
sembler, comedian. 

Comédienne, sm. actress. 

Comestible, 2. a. eatables. 

Comète, sf. a cornet. 

Comiecs, sm. pi. comitia. 

Comique, 2. a. comical. 

Comiquement, ad. comically. 

Comité, sm. officer of a galley- 

Comité, a commitlee. 

idaut, sm. commander 

Commande, sf. order. 

lOKen; made to or- 

command ^ 

(de), bespo. 

der; feigned. 
Coniniandemeut , 

Commander, va. tO command] 

order, * bid, • bespeak. 
Commanderie,^/'. commandery» 
Commandeur, sm. commander 

of an order. 
Commanditaire, s, 

Commandite (société en), 

sieeping partner sbip. 
Comme, ad. as, like, almost. 
— , C. as, whereas. 
Commémorutir, *e, a. — tive>. 
Commémoration, sf. — tion„ 
Coniiueufaut, e, $. beginner. 



Commeuccment, sm. begin- 
ning. [menée. 

f oinmoiicer, t'rt. to*begin; com- 
roiiimciidulaire, — tory. 
fommeiide, sf. commeDdam. 
Commensal, a. m. messmale. 

eatingat Ihe same table. 
fonsmcusulîté, s^* — lity. 
rommcnsural>ilité, — lity. 
rommciisui-abic, 2. a. — ble. 
i'ommeiit, ad, how, why. 
ï'ommoïKnire, sm. comment. 
C'omuiciilateur, — tator. 
Commenter, va. to comment, 

to romance. 
fommérage, sm. iddle gossip. 
Vommerçable, 2. a negotiable, 

C'ommerçauf , e, trading. 
Commerçant, sm. trader, mer- 
chant, [intercourse. 
Commerce, sm. — ce ; trade ; 
Commercer, vn. to trade. 
Commercial, e, a. — çial. 
Commère, sm. a g'SSip. 
Commettant, sm. trustée ; con- 
stituent, [appoint ; expose. 
Commettre, va. to commit; 
Comminaiion, sf. Ihreatening. 
Comminatoire, 2, a. — tory ; 
threatening. [missioner. 
Commis, sm. clerk, deputy,com- 
<'ommisc, sf. forfeiture. 
Commisération , — tion, pity. 
Commissaire, sm. commissary; 
coromissioner; overseer ; — prï- 
seur, sm. auctionneer; — de 
police, justice of thepeace. 
Cauiniission, sf. commission; 
message. [an errand man. 
Commissionnaire, sm. Tactor; 
Commissionner, vct to com- 
Commissoire, 2. a. ju. binding. 
Commodat, loan. 
Commode, 2. a. commodious; 
— sf. a commode ; chest of dra- 
Commodément , ad. conve- 

niently, con.^ortably. 
Commodité, sf. confenience ; 
l's.])L ocnommodniion, waterc'o- 


Commualile, 2. a. commulable. 
Commc«r, va. to commute ; rai- 

Coiiimnn, e, n. coramon, usual; 

mcan ; publie. 
Commiiuanté, sf, community, 

Commune, sf. corporation. 
Communes, inhaliilants of vil- 
laces; common pasture; Ihe 
bouse of commons. 
Communément, ad. commonly. 
Communiant, e, s. communicant. 
Communicablc, 2, a, — ble, 

easy of access. 
Communicalif, Te, a. — ti've, 
Communication, sf, — tiOD , 

intercourse; Society. 
Communier, v. to receive, Of 

administer the sacrament. 
Communion, sf, — nion; fcl- 

Communiquer, va. tO commu» 
nicatc ; to * liave corresfion- 
dence ; to produce. 
— (sc),y)'.to*be communicated. 
Commutatif, te, a. — ti\e. 
Commutation, sf. — tion. 
Compacité, closeness. 
Compacte, sm. agreement. 
Compacte, 2. a. compact, close. 
Compagne, sf, a female com> 

panion ; consort. 
Compagnie, company. 
Comp.ignon, .5m. companion ; 

journeyman ; fellow ; partner. 
Compagnonnage, journeyman- 

Comparable, 2. a, — ble; like. 
Comparaison, sf. comparifon 
Comparant, e, a. S. appearing 
Comparatif, »e, 0. — tive. 
Comparalivemenl,ad.— tivelj; 
Comparer, va. to compare; cot 
— à (se), to vie with. [fo ■ 
Comparoir, un. to * make dm : 

Couiparaîlre,toappear. [ninr^ 
Compartiment, sm. COmparC' 
Comparution, sf. appearaut*. 
Compas, compassés. 
Compassieniciit . tje mc^f* 
ring »ilb compnsse». 


ksmiiaxscr, un. lo measure ; to 

proportion; order well. 
Compassé, c,a.formal;affected. 
Compassion, sf. compassion; 
«omputibilité, — lity. [pity. 
«ompatililc, 2. a. — ble. 
Compatir, v)i. lo commiserate ; 

siiil; * bear with. [sionate. 

Compatissant, e, a. compas- 
Compatriote, 2. s. compatriot. 
Coiupcadium, sm. — dium. 
Compensation, sf. — tion. 
Compenser, va. to compensate. 
Compéragc, sm. compaternity. 
Compère, a gossip, jovial l'ellow; 

partner. [tently; enough. 

Compétesumeut , ad. compe- 
Compétrncc, sf. compétence; 

compétition; jurisdiction. 
Compétent, c, a. compétent; fit. 
Compétcr, vn. tobeiong. [rival. 
Compétiteur, sm. competitor; 
Compétition, sf. — tion. 
Compilateur, sm. compiler. 
l'ompilalion, sf. — lion. [lect. 
Compiler, va. to compile ; col- 
Complaiguant, e, s, plaintiff. 
Complainte, sf. complaiiit. 
Complaire, vn. to please ; to 


— (se), vr. to delight in. 
Complaisammeut, ad. com- 

plaisantly. [complacency. 

Complaisance, sf. — ?ance ; 
Complaisant, e, a, complaisant; 
— , sm. fawner. [obliging. 

Complément, sm. — ment. 
Complémentaire, 2. a, com- 

Complet, e, a. complète, pei feel. 
Complètement, sm. compiction. 
Complètement, ad. — tely. 
Compléter, va. lo complète. 
Complexe, 2. a complex. 
Complexion, sf. — xion ; con- 
stitution ; temper; humour. 
Complcxiouné,e,n. constitued. 
Complexité} sf. — ness, com- 

Cociplicatlon, f^f. — tion. 
Comi^lieef 2, a S. complice; ac- 

coï^^'ice. [accomplice. 

Co.vf.^cité| if. tbe beins an 



Compiles, sf. complines. 
Compliment, «m. — mentt 
Complimentaire, iirst partDet 

in a trading society. 
Complimenter, va. tO compli» 

ment; to flalter. [menler. 

Complimenteur, se, s. compli- 
Compliqué, e, a. complicate. 
Coniplicfiier, va. to complicate. 

— (se), tobrcome complicatcd. 
Complot, sm. a plot; conspiracy. 
Comploter, l'fl. to plot; conspire. 
Componction, sf. compunclion. 
Comportement , sm. comport- 

Comporter, va. to allow,* bear. 
— (se), vr. to behave ; act. 
Composé, sm. compound ; — , a. 

compound. [compound. 

Composer, va., to compose ; to 

— (se), vn. to compound ; ca- 
pitiilate; make a compromise. 

Composite, 2. a. composite. 
Compositeur, SOT. a composer 

(in music); a compositor. 
Composition, sf. composition, 

agreement. [or setting-stick 
Composteur, sm. a composing 
Compote, sf. siewed fruit, etc. 
Compotier, sî for stewed 

Compréhensible, 3. a, — ble. 
Comprcliension, sf. — sion. 
Comprendre, va. to compre- 

hend. [ter. 

Compresse, sf. compress, bols- 
Comprcssiltilité, sf, — lity; 

Compressible, 2. a. —ble. [sure. 
Compression, sf. sion, près* 
Comprimer, va. to compress. 
Compromettre, va. to compro» 

mise, to expose. 

.-(sc),tjr. lo commit one's self. 
Compromis, sm. compromise. 
Comptabilité, sf. responsibi" 

lily, accounls. 
Comptable, 2.(^5. accounlablei 
Comptant, argent couiptant, 

ready money. 
Compte, sm. account; à — ^ on 

accoiint ; arrêté de — , accouvil 

agreed u^ion; à bon ~, cheap; 



Acuîr compte de^ to pay 

attention ta. 
Cuinpter, va. to count, seltle 

accounts; charge; reckon. 
Compter, v)i. to dépend ripon. 
Compteur, sm. accounlant. 
Comptoir, counter ; counling- 

house; factoryjbar of a public- 

('uinpulser , va. xo examine,' 

inspect; search. 
TompiiUoire, vn. a warrant. 
Cuiupiit, computalion. 
Coiupiitisic, sin. — tist; t«r. 
Comte, stn. count, earl. 
Comté, countj, earldom. 
t'omtesse, sf. a countess. 
Coucasser, va. to pound. 
roncave, 2. a. sm. concaTe. 
Concavité, sf. ccncavity. 
Concéder, u«. to grant, concède. 
Conceulratiou, sf. — tion. 
Concentrer, ua, to concentre, 


— (se), vi: ' be thoughtful. 
Concentrique, 2. a.— trie, con- 

Concept, sm. conception. 
Conception, sf. — tioQ. under- 

Concernant, />>'. concerning. 
Concerner, ca, to relate to ; 
Concert, sm- concert; [concern. 
Concertant, e,s. concert singer. 
Concerter, va. to concert. 

— (se), vr. to concert matters. 
ConceHsiou, sf. grant, conces- 
sion, [lee. 

Concessionnaire, sm. a gran- 
Concetti, sm, conceits. 
Concevable, 2. a, concei'vable. 
Concewèir, va. to conçoive; to 

' breed; to svord. 
Conchyliologie, s^. — gy. 
Concierge, 2. s. porter, door- 

porter, dooi-lieeper. [place. 
Tonciergerie, s/^. a keeper's 
Concile, sm. council. 
"^onciliable, n. reconciteable. 
Coueiliabule, couventicie. 
Conciliant, e, u. cocciliating; 

Conciliateur, ). conciliator. 


Conciliation, sf. — tion. 
Concilier, reconcile; gtls. 
Concis, e, a. concise, sliort. 
Concision, sf. conciseness. 
Concitoyen, sm. fellow-citize». 
Conclave, sm. conclave. 
Coiiclaviste, 5m. — vist. 
Concluant, e, a. concluding; 
convincing. [fer; convince. 

Conclure, ua. to concludejin- 
Conclusir, a. conclusive. 

Conclusion, sf. — sion. 

— pi. demands; opinion. 

Concombre, sm. cucumber. 

Concomitance, sf. — tanC6> 

Concomitant, e, a. — tant* 

Concordance, sf. agreement^ 

Concordat, sm. concordate; 
compact; agreement. 

Concorde, sf. concord ; nnion. 

Concourir, vn. to concur; to 
* put in l'or. [course- 

Concours, sm. concurrence; con. 

Concret, e, a. concrète. 

Concrétion, sf. — tion. 

Concubinage, sm.. — âge. 

Coucubinaire, sm. one wh» 
keeps a mistress. 

Concubine, kept mistress. 

ConcupisccBice, — cence, iust. 

Concupisciblc, 2. a. — ble. 

Coucurremmcui, ad, in com- 
pétition ; joinlly. [tition. 

Concurrence, s/". — ce; compe- 

Concurrent, e, S. competitor; 
rival. [tion. 

Concussion, peculation; extor- 

Concussionnuire, sm. pecula- 
ter; exlortionner. [ble. 

Condamnable, S. a. condemna* 

Condamnation, sf. condemna- 

Condamner, va, to condemn; 
to blâme. [denser. 

Condcnsateur,sm.(/)ft(/s.) con- 

Condensation, sf. — tion. 

Condenser, ïM. to condense. 
— (se), vr. to condense; ie 

Condescendance, sf. — descr.' 

Coudeaccudaut, «^ 4» — ^ £U'^ 




Coudcsccudro, vn. to conde- 
scend, to * Lear viilh, 

foii<Ii8ci|iIe, sm. schoolfellow. 

Cuudiliou, sf, — tioD, service, 

C'Giiilitîoniié^e^a. couditionned. 

C'oitdîiionnel, le, conditional. 

CondikiomieElciueut, ad< con- 

Coiiditiouuer, va. ta article ; to 

* make weli. 
Coudoléance, sf, coudolence< 
Condor, tm. condor. 
Coudiicteur , sm. conductor , 

guide; tutor. 
Conductrice, sf. conductress. 
Conduire, va. to conduct; steer; 

* drive; convey. 
Conduire (se), vr. to bebave. 
Conduit, sm. a conduit. 
Conduite, sf. coaduct; beha- 

viour; care. 

i'oiidj'le, condilus. 

Cône, a cône, [lion ; confection. 

Coufection, sf, making ; execu- 

Confectîonuor, va. to make ; 
to exécute. 

^'onfédération, confederacy. 

Confédérer, (se), vr, to con- 

Confédéré, tm. confédérale. 

Couféreuce, «^ — rence ; com- 

Conférer, V. to confer, admit. 

Confesse, sf. confession. 

f^'oufesscr, va. to confess; own. 
—(se), vr. to confess to a priest. 

Confesseur, sm, confessor. 

Confession, s. confession, 

CoEifessional, sm. confe&sional. 

Confiance, sf, confidence; trust. 

ÇonOaut, e, a. sanguine ; con- 
fident, [tly. 

Coulidemment, ad. confîden- 

CouOdeuce, sf. trusting; inti- 

Confident, e, s. confîdant. 

Confidentiitire, tm. who holds 
in trust. 

ronfideutiei, le, rt. — tial trusty. 

CoufideutiellcmeMtj Ul . COnfi- 

Confies-; va< to intf usti 

—(se), vr. to confide in trust !•• 
Configuration, sf. — tion. 
Confiner, va. to confine; border 
Confins, s?n. pi. confines, [upon. 
Confire, va. to préserve; picklo. 
<'onfiruintîf,ve,rt. confirma tory. 
Confirmation, sf. — tion. 
Confirmer, va. to confirm. 

— (se) , vr. strengthen one's 

self; to* beconfirmed. [feilure. 
Confiscable, 2. a. — ble; for- 
Coufiscaut, e, a. liable to for- 

feiture. [feiture. 

Confiscation, sf. — tion, for- 
Confiseur, sm. confectioner. 
Confisquer, va. to confiscate. 
Confitures, sf. pL pomfits, 

Confiturier, sm. Confectioner. 

ConOugration, sf, — tion. 
Conflit, sm, contention, conflict> 
Conniient, conflux, confluence. 
Confondre, lia. to confound. 

— (se), vr. lobe bien ded, con- 
fused; — en excuses, to losa 
one's self in excuses. 

Conformation, sf. — tion, 
Conforme, 2. a. conformable. 
Conformément, ad, conforra- 

— (se), vr, to conform one's 
self to. 

Conformiste, 2. s, conformisf. 
Conformité, sf. — mity, union, 

Confort, sm, comfort, aid. 
Confortable, 2.n. comforlable. 
Confortatif, ve, a. corrobora- 

tive; comfortable. [lion. 

Confortution , sf, corrobora- 
Conforter, va. to corroborate. 
Confraternité, sf, brotherhood. 
Confrère, S7n. brotber, fellcw. 
Confrérie, s/', fraternity, Society. 
Confrontation, s/, confronting^ 

comparing. [compare. 

Confronter, va. to confront, la 
Confus, e, a. C0Qf"Hed, out of 

Confusément, ad. coDfusedlj. 
Confusion, s/'. confusion, supeiv 

abundance ; disorder; shamè. 
Confutatiou, sf. — tien. 




ronfiiter, va. to confute. 
Congé, leave; disciiarge; war- 

Diijg ; play-day. 
< ongéable, 2. a ju. claimable. 
Congédier, va. to disiniss. 
Congélation, sf. — tion. 
Congeler, va. to cODgeal ' freeze. 
Congestion, sf. ■ — tioQ, mass. 
Conglobation, $f, coD^lobatioa. 
f'onglutiualiou, — tion. 
Conglutiner, va. to giue. 
Congratulation, sf. — tion. 
Congratuler, va. coDgratulalet 
Congre, sm. conger-eel. 
Congréage, sin. (ma) worming. 
Congréer, va. (ma) to worm 
Cougréganîste, a persoo be- 

longing lo a congrégation. 
Congi'égntiou, sf. — lion. 
Congrès, sm. congress. [pètent. 
Congru, e, a. oongruous ; com- 
Congruilé. $f. songruity. 
Cougrûment, ad- exactlj. 
Couifère, 2. a. coniferous. 
Conique, 2. a. conic. 
Conjectural^ e, a. — rai. 
Conjecturalemeut , ad. b} 

guess. [guess. 

Conjecture, sf. conjecture; 
Conjecturer, va. to conjecture. 
Conjectureur, «m. conjecturer. 
Conjoindre, va. to conjoin. 
Conjoints, sm. pi, busband and 

wife {in law). 
Conjointement, ad. jointly* 
Conjoucilf, *e, a. conjiinclive. 
Conjonction, sf. conjucction. 
Conjonctive, a. eonjunctiva. 
Conjoncture, coDJuncture. 
Conjugaison, sf ConjugatiOD. 
Conjugal, e, a. conjugal. 
4'onjngalenient, ad. — gallj. 
Conjuguer, va. 10 conjugate. 
Conjurateur, <m< conspirator 

conjurer [racy, entreaty. 

Conjuration, sf. — tion conspi- 
Conjurer, va. to conspire i to 

conjure ; to ectreat. 
Conjurés, S7n. p/. conspirators. 
tf'otiiinissable, 2. a. kno^able. 
Cofinaiflsancc, 5^. knowledfe, 

cogni5aiice,acquaintânee; judg- 
— pi. [meot. 

Connaissement, sm. bili oF lc« 

Connaisseur, s. connoisseur. 
ConnaStre, va. to * know, ao- 

count ; • take ccguisance of. 

Se — à , en, to be a j udge of. 
Connétable, sm. a. conslable. 
Connélablie, sf. constable's ja- 

Connexe, 2. a. connecled. 
Connexion, sf. connection. 
Connexité, connexion, relation. 
Coniiî\ence, sf. connivance. 
Couniver, Vïu connive; • ■wink 
Conoïde, 2. mat. conoid. [at. 
Conque, sf. a concb, shell. 
— marine, trurapet. 
Conquérant, sm. a conqueror. 
Conquérir, va. to conquer;sub- 
Couquèle, sf. conquest. [due. 
Consacrant, sm. consecrator. 
Consacré, a. consecrated ; esla- 

blished, sanclionned. 
Consacrer, va. to consecrate; .to 

dévote ; adapt ; ordain. 

Se — ,ur. to dévote one's self. 
Consanguin, ou Ibe 

falher's tide. 
Consanguinité, sf, — nity. 
Conscience, conscience. 
Consciencieuseiueiit, cens- 

cientiously. [tious. 

Consciencieux, se, a. conscien- 
Conscrit, sm. a conscrlpt. 
Conscription, sf. — Uon. 
Consécratenr, ym. — crator. 
Consécration, 5^, — tion. 
Consécutif, ve,a. — tîve. 
Consécutivement, ad. -^ tively. 
Conseil, sm. couLsel ; council; 

resolution; advice. 
Conseiller, e, »-. counsellor; 

adviser. " [vise. 

Conseiller, va. to counsel, ad- 
Couseutant, e, a. consentisg. 
Consentement, sm. consenl. 
Consentir, vn. to Consent. 
Conséquemmeut , ad. conse- 

quentiy ; accordingly. 
Conséquence, sf, conséquence; 

Conséquent, sm, conséquent. 
Couserintcur) (ireserTec. 




Conscrvalion, sf. — tion; pré- 
roii8er»Btoire, a, s. — torj. 
(ouserTatricc, sf. — trix. 
rouscri'e, conserve, comfits. 
roiiscrver, vn. to conserve; 

serve ; to ' koep in paj. 

Se — , vr. lo * keep ; mind 
one's self. [(spectacles). 

Conserves, sf. pi. preservers, 
rousùdérablc, 2. a. — ble. 
C'oi'.sidérablciiicut, ad.— ably. 
roiisidéraut, e, a, considërato. 
f ousidération, sf. — tion, note. 
CouaidérémeiK, ad. coDsider- 

atelj. [bave a value for. 

ConsidéFer, va. to coDSider ; * 
rousignataire,sni. a trustée. 
Consignation) sf. deposit; car- 
Consigne, a trust; watchword. 
Consigner, va. to deposit. 
Consistance, sf. consistence ; 

Consistant, e, a. consisting. 
Consister, vn. to consist; * lie. 
Consistoire, sm. cODSistory; ves- 
Consistoriai, e, a. — rial. [trj. 
Consolable, 2, a. consolable. 
Consolant, e, a. consoling. 
Consolateur, am. comrorter4 
Consolation, sf. — tion, comfort. 
Consolatoire, 1. a. — tory. 
Consolatrice, sf. comrorter. 
Console, s^. bracket; prop; con* 
Consoler, va. to comfort. [sole. 

Se — , vr. to console one's self. 
Consolidation, s/'. — tion. 
Consolider, va. to consolidate ; 

to heal up. 

Se — , vr. to grow firm. 
Consommateur, $m. finisher. 
Consommation, sf. CODSUmma- 

tion ; consumptioo. 
Consomme, sm. jellj-broth. 
Consommer, va. tO COnsum- 

mate; consume; boil to rags. 
Cousomplift voj a. I. eousiuup- 

Consomption, sf. consumption. 
Cousonuance ^ $f. faarmoDy , 

Conaounantj e^ ■ eODSOnuut. 

Consonne, a consonant. 
Consort, e, s. associate. 
Cousoude, sf. comfrey. 
Conspirateur, sm. — ralor. 
Conspiration, sf. — racy. 
Conspirer, ua, to conspire, plo{. 
Conspuer, to * spit upon. 
Constamment, ad. constantly, 

cei-tainly. [ness. 

Constance, sf. constancy; lîrm- 
Couslant, e, a. constant; certain. 
Constater, va. to verify; prove» 
Constellation, tf. — tion. 
Constellé, e, a. constellated. 
Consternation, sf. — tion. 
Conslerneri va. tO dispirit, dis- 

may. [tiveness. 

Constipation, tf. — tion ; cos- 
Constituant, e, a. S. constituent. 
Constituer, va. to coDStitute; 

place ; raise ; * put. [sion. 

— une pension, to settle a pen- 
Constitutîon, — tion, annuitj, 

composition; order; decree. 
Conslitutionnaïrei 2. s. annui- 

tant. [tional^ 

Constitutionnel, le, a. constitu- 
Constitutionueliement, ad, 

Constricteur, sm. — tor. 
Constriction, tf. — tion, com- 
pression, [binding. 
Constringent, e, a. — gent. 
Constructeur, sm. oonstructer; 

Construction, sf. — tion. 
Construire, va. to construct, 

* build; construe ; frame. 
Consubstantialité, sf. — lity. 
Consubstantiel, le, — tial. 
Consubstantiellemeiltf ad. 

Consul, sm, consul. 
Consulaire, 2. a. cODSnlar. 
Consulat, tm. consuisbip. 
Consultant, a. S7n. one wbo iK 

coosulted; counsellor. 
Consultation, sf. — tion 
Consulter, va. toconsult. 
Consumant, e, a. consuming, 

devouring. [waste. 

Consumer , va, t« coQSUaie ; 


Consumei (se)j vr. to waste 

Contact, sm. contact, touch. 
Contagieux, se, a. contagious. 
Contagion, sf. — gion, plague. 
Coutaniiuatiou, d&6iiDg, pollu- 
Contaniiner, la. to deflle. [tion. 
Conte, SîH. story, laie. 
Conteni|>lateur, rice, S. — tOF. 
Contemplatir, ve, a. -^tive. 
Contewplatiou, s^. — tiOD. 
Contempler, va. ccntemplate. 
Contemporain, e^a» S» coûtem* 

porary, coetaneous. 
Contempteur, sm. despiser, 
Contemptible, 2. a. — ble. 
Contenance, sf. capaciousness, 

appearance; posture; order, 

Contenant, sm. conlainer. 
Contendaut, ante, a. rival, 

Contenir, va. to contain * hold. 

Se — ,wr. to contain one's self. 
Conleut,e. a. contented; pleascd. 
Contentement, sm. content; 

satisraction; pleasure. 
Contenter, va. to content; sa- 

tisfy; please. 

Se — , vr. to * be satisfied. 
Coiitenticu8ement,a(i. conten-> 

Contentieux, Be,a. contenlious. 
Contention, sf. — tion ; êtrife 

Contenu, sm. contents» 
— a. staid, guarded. 
Conter, va. to relate, • tell. 

Eu — , to wheedle, cajole. 
Contestable, 2. a. disputable. 
Contestablement, ad. contes- 

Contestant^e, a. contending. 
Contestation, sf. — tioniCOnlest. 
Conteste, dispute, odds. 
Contester, va. 'i contest, con- 

tend, debate. 
Conteur, se, s. a. teller. 
Contexiure, sf. contexture. ' 
Contigu, ê, <t. contiguous; next. 
Contiguïté, sf. conliL'uily. 
Continence, — nency, cLastily. 
Cajitiueut, e; a. continent. 


Continent, sm, mainlând. 
Contingence, sf. — gency. 
Contingent, sm. contingent. 

— e, 17. contingent. 
Continu, sm. close bj. 

— e, a. continuai. 
Continuateur, sm. — tor. 
Continuation, — tion. 
Continue, sf. conlinuance. 
Continuel, le, a. continuai. 
Continuellement, ad. — nually. 
Continuement, incessantly. 
Continuer, va. to continue,* go 

Continuité, sf. continuance; 

coidness; cohésion. 
Contorsion, contortion. 
Contour, sm. contour; outline ; 

circumlerence; winding. 
Contourner, va. to * draw the 

contours of a picture. 

Se — , vr. to get out of shape. 
Coulournemeut, sm. convolu- 

Contractant, e, a. S. contractor. 
Contracter, va. to contract. 

Se — , vr. to * contract. [ing. 
Contraction, sf. — tion; sbrink- 
Contractuel, le, sfipulated. 
Contradicteur, sm^ opposer. 
Contradiction, sf. — tion. 
Contradictoire, 2. O. Contra' 

diclory; peremptory. 
Contradictoirement, ad. con« 

tradictorily; peremplorily. [ble. 
Contraignable, 2. a. compella- 
Contraindre, va. tO constraiu, 

to slraiten. 
Contrainte, tf. constraint; force. 

— par corps, writ of arrest. 
Contraire, 2. o. contrary ; hurt- 

— S7n. contrary. [fui. 
Contrariant, e, a. eontradictory. 
Contrarier, va. to coutradict| 

Contrariété, sf. contrariety. 
Contraste, sm. contrast. 
Contraster, va. to contrast. 
Contrat, sm. contract ; covenant. 

— de mariage, articles of set- 

Contravention, sf. — tion. 
Contre, ^r. against, near« 


rcntre-allce, sf. a stnall walk 
alongside of a great one. 

Contre-amiral, sm, rear-ad- 

Contrebalancer, va. to coun- 
terftalance. [or smuggled goods. 

Conirebande , sf* prohibited 

Contrebandier, e, S, smuggler. 

— basse, sA counter-bass. 

— batterie, counter-battery. 

— coup, sm. rebound. 

— danse, 5/". country-dance. 
Contredire, vn. to contradict. 
Contredisant, e, a, contradic- 

ting. [\ersy. 

Contredit, sm. answer ; conlro- 

Sans — , ad. assuredly. 
Contredits, sm. pi. objectioDSi 
Contrée, sf. country, région. 
Contr^éckange, sm.. countor- 

cliange. [of trees. 

Contre-espaIier,sm . hedge-row 
Contrefaçon, counterfeiting. 
Fontrefactenr, sm. counter- 

feiter, forger. 
Contrefaire, va. to counterfeit, 

to ape, disguise, feign. 

Se — , vr. to feign. 
Contrefaisenr, sm. a mimlc. 
Contrefait, e, a. imitated. 

— fenêtre, sf. inside shutter. 

— finesse, sf. counter-trick. 

— fort, sm. arch, spur, prop. 

— hacbcr, va. to côunterhatch. 
^ jour, sm. false-lighl. 
Contre-latte, sf. stroBg lath. 
Contre-Iutler, va. to counter- 

— niattre, sm. a mate. [lath. 

— mandement, sin, counter- 

— mander, va. to tountermand. 

— marque, sf. countermark ; 

— mincs^countermine. [check. 

— miner, va. to countermine. 

— mineur, sm. connterminer. 
^ mur^ conntermure. 

— murer, va. to countermnre. 

— ordre, sm, counter-order. 

— partie, sf. first and second 
part in music. 

— peser, va. to counterpolse. 

— pied, sm. yrong seaî', re- 



Contre-poids, counterpoise. 

— poil, sm. -wrong course — » 
contre poil, agaiosttbc grain. 

Contre-point, sm. counter-iioint. 

— pointer, va. to quilt on bolli 
sides; to thwart. 

— poison, sm. antidote, [proof. 
Contre-preuve, sf. counter- 
Contre-promcsse, counler- 

bond. [slope. 

Contrescarpe, sf counterscarp 

— sceller, t;fi. to counterseal. 
Contreseing, sm. countersign. 

— sens, wrong sensé, wrong side. 
Contre-signer, va. to counter- 
sign ; to frank. [sappointment. 

Contretemps, mischance; di» 

Contretirer, va, to ' counter- 

Contrevallation, sf> — tion. 

Contrevenant, e, s. offender. 

Contrevenir, vn. contravene, to 

Contrevent,}»!, anoutside shut- 

Contrevérlté, sf. irony. 

Coiitrcvisito, second search. 

Contribuable, 2, a. taxable. 

Contribuant, sm. — butor. 

Contribuer, va. to contribule. 

Contribution, sf. — tion. 

Coiitristcr, va. to grieve. 
Contrit, e, a. contrite. 
Contrition, s^ — tion. 
Contrôle, sm, control ; mark oC' 

plate ; command. 
Contrôler, va. to control; ve- 

rify; mark plate; carp at. 
Contrôleur, am, comptroiler. 
ControuTer,va. to forge; in Tcnt. 
Controverse, sf. contro'vei'sy. 
Controversé, e, a. controverlcd, 

Controversiste, sm, — 'vertist. 
Contumace, if. contumacy. 
Contumax, a. a ciimioal mai 

Contus, e, a. bruised. 
Contusion, sf. a bruise. 
Convaincant, e, a. convlclive, 

plain. [convict. 

Convaincre, va. to convjuce, » 

Se — g vr. to be^ 




Convaincu, a convinced con- 

■victed. [recovery 

ConTalesrence. $f, — cence; 
Convalescent, e, a. — cent. 
Convenable, 2. a. 61; proper; 

becominç; beOttinj; condgn. 
ConTenablement, ad. Fuilably, 
Convenance, sf. suitableness; 

Convenant, e, a. suit^ble, raeel. 
Convenir, vn to agrée, suit, 

* be proper; • become. 
Conveniiciile, sm. conventicle. 
Convention, sf. — tion, con- 

tract, assombly. [tional. 

Conventionnel, le, a. conven- 
Conveutionneliemen«,ad. con- 

ventioDally. [life. 

Conveniualitj, tf. conventua! 
Conventuel, le, a. conventual. 
Conventucllement, ad. — tu- 
Convenn, e, a. agrecd. [ally. 
Convergence, sf. converging. 
Convergent, e, a. — gent. 
Converger, va. to converge. 
Convers, e, a. S. laybrother or 

ConversaMc, 2. a. conversable. 
Conversation, sf. — tinn. 
Converser, vn. to converse. 
Conversion,»^.— sion, change. 
Converti, e, s. a convert. 
Convertible, 2. a. — ble. 
Convertir, va. to convert. 

Se — , vr. to * be converted; 

change; tura. 
Couvertissement, sm. change. 
Convertisseur, a converter. 
Convexe, 2. a. convex. 
Convexité, sf. convexity. 
Convictiou, — tion. 
Convié, sm. a guest. 
Convier, va. to invile; incite. 
Convive, 2. s. a guest. [-vening. 
Convocation, sf. — tion, con- 
Convoi, sm. convoy, funeral. 
Convoitable, 2. a. covetable. 
Convoiter, va. to eoTet. 
Cuuvoiteui, se, a. covelous. 
Convoitise, sf. Cûvelousnpss. 
Convoler, vn. to marry ngain. 
Convoquer, va. to convoie; as- 

Convoj'cr, l'a. to conTOy. 
Convulsif, ve, a. convulslvs. 
Convulsion, sf. — sion. 
Convulsionnaire, a. convul- 

sionary ; suhject to convulsions. 
Coobllgé, sm. party in a bond 
Coopérateur, sm. — rator. 
Coopération, — tion. 
Coopératrice, sf. — ratrix. 
Coopérer, va. to cooperatB. 
Coopter, va. to admit. 
Copahu, sm. balsam-copahu. 
Copal, sm.. a sort of guin. 
Copeou, 5m, chip, shaving. 
Copcrmutant, sm. one who eX" 

changes a bénéfice. 
Copie, sf. a copy, picture. 
Copier, tM. to copy, mimic. 
Copieusement, aà. copiously 
Copienz, se, a. copious. 
Copiste, sm. copier; prompter. 
Copropriétaire, 2. S. joint pro- 

prielor, or owner. [ning. 

Copiilatif, ve, a. copulative joi- 
Coptilation. sf. — tion. 
Copiilative, conjunction. 
Coï|, sm. a cock, churcb wea- 


— de bruyère, a healh-cock. 

— à l'âne, nonsense. 

— (l'*lndo, turkey-cocit. 
rof|ue, sf. egg-shell, cod. 
Coquelicot, sin. wild poppy, 

Coqueliner, vn. tO crow. 
Coqtielourde, sf. pasque-flower. 
Coqueluche, sf. capuchin ; fa- 

Tourite; hooping-cougb. 
Coqueluchon, sm. hood ; cowl. 
Coquemur, a boiler. 
Coquet, te, a. S. a coquet, beou, 
Co(|ueter, vn. to coquet. 
Coquetier, sm. a higgler. 
Coquetterie, sf. coquetry. 
Coquillage, sm. shells, shei!- 

work, shell-fish. 
Coquille, sf. a shtlli 
Coquin, e, S. rogue, ja^e. 

— e, 0. idle. 

Coquinerie, sf. knavery. 
Cor, sm. French horn, a corn. 
Corail, coral, sm. Coral. [co:tîI. 

Coralliu, e, a. coratine ; red a> 



roralloMe*, seed ofwhite 
Coraux, sm. pi. corals. [coral. 
Corbeau, sm. rCTen, cbrhel, 

corp?e-bearer [ket, 

Corlteille, î^.tiread or fruilbas- 
Corlicilléc, baskelful. 
Corbillard, sm. a large travel- 

lintr coach, hamper. 
Corbillou, small nat basket; 

Coriiiii, sm. a raren. 
Cordages, pi. cordage, ropos, 

Corde, if. cord, rope, striDg. 

— à boyau, cat-gut 

— de boSs, cord of wood. 
Corder, va. to twiat ; to cord. 

— (»e), ur. to become stringy. 

Cordeau, sm. a line, a cord. 

Cordeler, va. to twist. 

Cordelette,;^, small cord or Une. 

Cordelière, Franciscan nun, 

—, cordelier's girdie. 

CordelierB, sm. pi. grey friars. 

Cordelle, sf. party, gang. 

Corderie, sf. a. rope walk or 

Cordial, e, a. cordial. [house 

Cordialement, ad. cordially. 

Cordialité, sf. cordialness, 

Cordier, jm. a ropemaker. 

Cordon, twist, string, hand, gir- 
die, lace, slone-pliut, edge of 
coin, mitling. 

Cordonner, va. tO twIst, mill. 

Cordonnerie, sf. shoe-making. 

Cordonnet, sm. edging. 

Cordonnier, a shoe-maker, bat- 

Cordonan, sm. spanish leather. 

Coriace, 2. a. lough. 

Coriandre, sm. coriander. 

Corinthien, (in arclii(ect.).';)n. 
the Gorinihian order. 

Corlieii, sm.. curlew. [pie. 

Pornie, sf. a ser"vice, sorb-ap- 

t'oi-mîor, sm. the service-tree. 

rurniornn, cormorant. 

Cornac, a groom for éléphants. 

Cornaline, sf. cornelian, 

Cornard, sm. a. cuckold. 

Corne, horn. hoof, cornet, 

— d^nbondance, cornucopîa. 
Cornée, cornea of the eje'. 


Corneille, a rook, a crow. 
Corneniiise, sf. a bag-pipo. 
ï'orner, vil. lo * blovv a boni, % 

trumpet about, tingle. 
Cornet, sj)i. horn, ink-hom, die». 

box, rolled wafer. 
Cornelicr, a horn-dresser. 
Cornette, sf. a cornet, mob. 
-^sm. cornet of a troop of lior>e, 

a commodore's broad pennant. 
Corniche, sf. a cornice, gig. 
Cornichon, sm. a Utile horn, 

Cornière, sf. Corner gutler. 
Cornoiiille, sf. cornel-berry. 
Cornouiller, sm. oornel-trto. 
Cornu, e, a. horned, coroute. 
Cornue,!^, curcurbite. 
Corollaire, sm. corollary. 
Corolle, sf. oorol, corolla. 
Coronaire, 2. a. coronary, 
CoronnI, e, a. coronal. 
Corporal, sm. a corporal. 
Corporation, sf. — tiOD. 
Corporel, le, a. corporeal. 
Corporcllcment, ad. — rc.T'Iy. 
Corporifier, va^ tO COrponly, 

suppose a body, assemble. 
Corps, sm. a boay,shape. ni"''^^- 

— de logis, side of a j-'ieai 

— de garde, guard-house. 

— perdu (à), ad headiong. 
Corpulence, sf. corpnlenoe. 
CorpBileut, Of a. corpulent, 

Corpusculaire, t. a. — lar. 
Corpuscule, sm,. a corpuscle. 
Correct, e, a. correct, exact. 
Correctement, ad. correctiy. 
Correcteur, sm.. a corrector. 
Correctif, correclive, salve. 
Correction, sf.— tion. 
Correctrice, she who corrects. 
Correctionnel, le, a. — ml 
Corrcctioniiellement, ad. 

Correcli»ement, ad. — vely. 
Corrcgidor, sm. — dor. 
Corrélatif, ve, a. S. correlat'va. 
Corrélation, sf. correlativenes». 
Correspondance, sf. — d«n?e. 
Correspondant, e, a. suitabl'j. 
—, «m. — dent. 


Correspondre, vn. to corre- 
spond, answer. [municate. 
Se — , vr. to correspond, com- 

Corridor, sm. gallerj, corridor. 

Corriger, ua. to correct, temper. 
Se —, vr. to mend, * forsake. 

Corrigible, 2. a. corrigible. 

Corrolioratir, v©, a. tive. 

Corroliorntion. sf. — tion. 

Corroborer, va. to corrobora«9. 

Corrodant, e, a corroding. 

Corroder, to corrode, gnaw. 

Corroi, sjn. currying ; pudding. 

Corrompre, to corrupt, taint 
mar, bribe, aller, temper. 
Se —, vr. to corrupt, spoil. 

Corrompu, e, corrupted. 

Corrosif. Te, a. corrosive. 

— S7n. a. corro'ive. [in?- 

Corrosion, sf. corrosion, gnaw- 

Corroyer, ra. to curry, plane, to 

Corroyeur, jȔ. a currier. [join. 

Corrupteur, débaucher. 

Corriiptiliilitc, sf. — lity. 

Corruptible, 2. a. — ble. 

Corruption, s/'. — tioD, bribery. 

Corruplrice. corruptril. 

Cors, sm. corns. 

Corsage, shape, form. [rate. 

Corsaire, corsair, privateer, pi- 
Corselet, corselet. 

Corset, stays, bodice. 

Corsetier, ère, s. stayiîiaker, 

Cortège, a retinue, train. 

Coriiication, sf.— tion , flashing. 

Corvéable, 2. a. averrable. 

Corvée, sf. a job, average; sta- 
tute-work, or labour. 

Corvette, sf. cutter, sloop, scout. 

CorToy©ur,sï?î. statu te-iabourer, 

Corjmbe, corryrabus, tuft. 

Coryphée, sm. chief, leader, 
worthiest. [manor. 

Co-scigneur, joint lord of a 

Cosmétiçiiie, 2. «. cosmelic, 

Cosmogonie, sf. - gcr ,-. ~ 

Cosmngraplie, sm. — pher. 

Cosmograpliâe, sf. — phy. 

CosmograpIiic|iie.2. a. — pbical. 

Cosmologie, sf. — gy. 

Co8mologii|ue, a — 'logical. 

72 cou 

Cosmologiste, sm. — gisl. 
Cosmopolitain, e, s. — Il Isa, 
Cosmopolite, 2. S. — lite. 
Cosmorama, sm. cosmoram^. 
Cosse, sfshell of peas, etc. 
Cesser, va. to butt like a ram. 
Cosson, tm. corn-mite. 
Cossu, e, a. shelly, rich. 
Costume, sm. costume. 
Costumer, va. to costume ; drers. 

Se — , vr. to dress one's se'.f, 
Colangente, sf. cotangent. 
Cote, sf. number, quota. 
Cotte, sf. petticoat. 
Côte, a rih,coast,declivlty,billoc!& 
Cote à côte, ad. abreast. 
Coté- sm. side, sideway, party. 
Coteau, sm. hillock. [rib 

Côtelette, sf. chop, cutlet, liltle 
Coter, ra. toquote, endorse, cite. 
Coterie, sf. a club, Society. 
Cothurne, sm. a buskin, 
Côtier, a coaster. [der, 

Côtière, sf. a. range of coast, boï- 
Cotillon, under-pètticoat. 
Colir, va, to bruise. 
Cotisation, sf. assessment, club- 

Cotiser, va. to assess, to club. 
Colissurc, sf. bruising of fruits. 
Coton, sm. cotlon, down. [tons. 
Cotonnade, sf colton tissues; cot- 
Cotonner, va. to * stuff \vitb 

cotton. [cotton. 

Se — ,vr. to be cofered -wilb 
Cotonneux, se, a. spongy, soft. 
Cotonnier, S7n. a cotton tree. 
Cotonnine, sf. common calico. 
Côtoyer, va. 10 coast along ; to 

walk by the side. 
C'>«'-et, sm. a little fagot, cotrei. 
Coitc d^armes, sf . coat of arms. 

— do mailles, coat of mail 
Cottage, sm. cottage. 
Cotiiteur, a co-guardian. 
Cou, the neck, narrow pass. 

— -de-pied, sm. instep. 
Couard, e, a. S- coward. 
t.\n:nrAr~v, sf. cowardice. [inî. 
Couchage, stn. bedding; lodg» 
Couchant, a. m. sitting. 

— sm. the west. 
Couebe, sf. in bed,deIiTery Ijing 

In ; stake at play, hot-bed in a 
garden, siralum. 

— fausve; miscarria^e. 
Coucbée, an inn nhere one li&s 

on a journoj,nie!it's lodging. 
Coucher, va. to *putto bed, to * 
lay, or stake, • lie down. 

— en joue, to aitn at. 
Se —, tir. to * lie doirn, t« • 
go to bed, to • set. 

Coucher, »m.bed-tinie,bedding; 

night's lodging. 
Couchette, sf. a conch. 
Coucheur, se, j. bed-fellow, 
Conchis, $m. iayer, bed, cen- 
Couci-conci, ad. so so. [tering. 
Coucou, tm. a cuclioo. 
Coude, sm. elbow, any angle. 
Coudée, sf. elbow-room, cubit. 
Couder, va. to * bend. 
Coudoyer, to elbow, hunch, 
Coudraie, sf. hazel grove. 
—, va. to sew, stilch. 
Coudrier, sm. hazel-nut tree. 
Coudremcnt, S7n. soaking. 
Coudrer, va. to soak (skins). 
Couenne, sf. hog's skin. 
Couette, featlierbed. 
Coulage, sm. leakage. 
Coulamnïent,rtf/.fluently, freely. 
Coiilnnt, e. a flowing, smooth. 
'^ ^<eud — , runningknot. [jewei. 

— sm. slide, slider ; cursor, neck 
Coule, sm. a quick sinking plep 

in dancing. [ing. 

Coulée, s^ runninghandin writ- 
Coulemeut, sm. running of a li- 

quid, ilujt. [* run. 

Couler, un. to flow, raeit, strain 

Se — , vr. to * slip, glide, cast. 

— à fond, va. to * sink. 
Couleur, sf. colour, suit at play. 
Couleurs, sf. pi. livery. 
Couleuvre, sf. snake, adder. 
Coulevrîue, sf. culverin. 
Coulis, sm. jelly, gravy. 

Tent — , a sharp draiight. 
Coulisse, sf. grocve, scène or a 

playhouse, gulter. [lender. 

Couloir, sm. a strainer, col- 
Couloire, sf. a collender. 
Coulpe, sf. trespass, sin. 

73 CC.U 

Coulure, sf^ dropping. 

Coup, sm. blow, tlirow, act, 
time, bout, a move, aim, 

— de i>âed, a kick. 

— de poing, sm. a Bsticutf. 

— d^arme a feu, sm. a shot. 
.— de bâton, sm. cudgelling. 

— d^épée, sm. thrust wilh s 
swrod. [clap. 

^ do tonnerre, sm. thuoder- 

— de pinceau, sm. stroke witb 
a brush. [pen. 

— de plume, sm. dash witli a 

— d^œiU sm. a glance. 

— de siraot, sm. whistle. 

— de Touct, sm. a whipping. 

— de dent, sm. faite. 

— d'essai, sm. trial. 

— de bonheur, sm. lucky hil> 

— do hasard, sm. by chance. 

— imprévu , sm, unforeseen 

— du ciel, sm. proTidential. 

— de théâtre, sm.strikingeyent. 

— de mattre, sm, excellen! 

— dV-clot, sm. remarkable feat. 

— de vent Torcé, sm, stress o( 

^ sûr (à), ad. certainly. [again. 

— sur coup, ad, over and over 
B*Oiir le — , ad. now. 

Coupable, 2. a. culpable; guilty. 
Coupage, sm. cutting. [pola. 
Coupe, sf. cutting, eut, cup, cu- 
Coupé,S))2.acoupee,stap. [culter 

— cors, sm. coru-knife, corn- 
Conpe-gorge, cut-lhroat place. 

— jarret, a rufBan, assassin. 

— paille, sm. chafl cutter, chaS 

— papier, sm.paper knife. [box. 

— -pâle, sm. baker's knife. 
Couper, va. to * eut, • eut off, 

* eut out. 

Se — , vr. to fret, (of stulTs! 

to contradict one's self, to eut 

one'5 self. [way. 

Couper chemin, to * stop lliQ 

— la parole, to interrup*. 

— court, to be * short, in short- 

— du vin, to brew wrne. 

— la racine, OU — pied û, ta 

— la tête, to behead. [root o>iU 



Toiiperel, sm. G tlfU^W- 
foiipcrosc. sf. tcppf ras. 
roiiperoBc. c, «. full of red 

pimplef, blolfhed 
Coiipe-lêle, leap-froj. 
Coupeur, se, s. a ciilter. 

— de bourse, cul-purse. 
Couple, sf. couple, hrace, yoke. 
—, sin. couple (of per?ons). 
Coupler, va. to couple. 
Couplet, sm. slaff, couplet. 

— salirique, lampnoD. 
Coupleter. va. to lampoon. 
Coupleteiir, sm. lanipooner. 
Toupoir, sm. cullcr. 
3'oupole, sf, a cupola. [=hred. 
Coupon, sm. remuant, dhideud, 
Coupure, sf. a eut, Cutting 
Cour, sf, court, court-yard- 

Faire sa — , to court, [don. 
Courage, sm. eourage, hcart, 
— , cheerupl [pafously. 

Courageusement, ad. courage- 
Courageux, se, a. couraGreous. 
Couramment, ad. currenlly. 
Courant, e, a. curreut, riinning. 
CouraiBt. sm. current, course. 
i'ouranio.sf. courant, loo^eness. 
Courlialii, e, a. foundered. 
Courbature, sf. founderinj. 
Courbaturer, crt.lo OTer fatigue. 
Courbe, 2. a. crooked. 
Courbe, sf- a crookcd pièce of 

'timljer, rib of a sbip; rurbs. 
Courbement, sm. bendinfir. 
Courber, va, to * bend, to how. 

Se — , iT. to bend, to «lo.ip. 
Courbette, sf. cur\"l ;/;/. n-.ean 
complaisance?. — faire de», — 
to crin^, to fawn. 
Courbetter, vn. to curvet. 
Courbure, sf. cur\ily, curve. 
Coureur, sm. a ruî'ning foot- 

man, rambler, racer. 
Coureurs, p/. m. scout?. [walker. 
Coureuse, sf. gadder, street- 
Courge, sf. a gourd, a yoke. 
Courir, vn. to * run, ramble. 

— à toutes jambes, to * run 
with full speed. 

.— la poste, to • rV* po=t. 

— le cerf, to hunt a staç. 

— les mer», to infest the sea;. 


r«<sf llsi, sm. a curlew- 

Couronne, sf. a Crown; bla?, 

Couronnement,sm. coonslion, 

finishing, crownwork. 
Couronner, va. to crown. 
Courrier, sm. Courier, letlers. 
Courroie, sf. leather-string. 
Courroucer, va. to irritate. 

Se — . i'7-. to be greatly iu- 

cen?ed, to rage. 
Courroux, sm. -wrath, raging. 
<'ours. sm. course, run, airiug- ] 

place, ■veni, sale. 1 

— de centre, sm. looseness. j 
Course, sf. running, race,cruise, 1 

incursion, run. [steed. 

Coursier, sm. conrser, cbarger, 
Court, e, a. short, brief. 

— ad. short, quick. 
Courtage, sm, broterago. 
Courtaud, sm. a thict-set mat 

cropped borse. [horse's tailj. 
Courtnuder, va. to ' crop (a 
Court-bouillon , sm. courtp 

Courto-bot(e,sm. a dwarf. 
Courtc-lialeine.s/'. shortbrealh. 
Courtemeut, nd. hriefly. shortly, 
Couric-p.-iille, sf. culs. 
Courippoiiiic. sf. counterpana» 
Courtier, sm. a broker. 
Courlillicre, sf. mo'e-cricket. 
Courtine, sf. a curtain (In for- 

Courtis.'in, sm. Courtier, suitor. 
Courtisane, sf. a courtezan. 
Courtiser, va. to court. 
Courtois, e. a. courteous civil. 
Courtoisement, ad. courte- 

Courtoisie, sf. courteousness. 
Couru, in request. 
Cousi-n,e, s. cousin; gnat. [red. 
Cousinage. sjn.cousinship, t.n.i- 
Cout'iner, va. lo call cousiii, te 

Cousinicre,sf. swarm ofcousins. 
Coiisoir. sm. sewing-press. 
Coussin, sm. cushion, pillow. 
Coussinet, sm. bag, pad, Lois- 
Cousu, e, a. sewed, [ter, tush. 
Coût, sm, cost pric«. 




rou<efin, sm. a kulfe. 

— de chasse, a hanger. 

— poignard, hunling-knite. 
_ à découper, carvTng knife. 
roiitclns, sm. a cutlass. 
Coiiielé, e, a. flaugbtered. 
«'outclier, sm, a culler. , 
C'ouiollerie, sf. cutlery. \ 
roulellicre, sf.acsEe oriniTes. 
«■ofiter, vn. to C05t, • stand m, 
r'oiiteiix, se, a. expensive. 
roûtîcr, s»n. ticking-maUer. 
Coutil, coulis, sm. ticking. 
roulille, sf. a kind of sword. 
foutre, sm. coulter,pIoughshare 
rontume, sf. custom, toll. 
Coutumier, e, a. customary, 

Couture, sf. seam, sewing, scar. 
Couture, e,n.scarred in tlifface. 
Couturer, va. to feam ; ?car. 
Couturière, sf. a mantua-ma- 

ker, scamstress. 
Couvuin, sm. cggs of becs. 
CoHTce, a covey, nest of eggs. 
CouTent, sm. i convent. 
_ d'honinics, friary. 
— de Biles, niinrery. 
Coui-er, va. to Irood, sit on, 

breed, incubate, lurk. 
Couvercle, sm. a cover, lid. 
Couvert, sm. Ihe clolh, cover, 

lodging, sliady place. 

A —, ad. uuder shclter. 
Couvert, e, a. covered, clad, 

hid, close, obscure fuli, loaded, 

CouvertcBient, ad. secretW. 
Couverture, sf. cover, blankct, 

rng, roof, cloth. 

— de laine, sf. blanket. [ker. 

i Couverfurier, sm. blankel-ma- 
; Touvct, sm. foot-stove. 

Couveuse, sf. hen broods. 
I Couvî, a. m. addie, rolten. 
i Couvre-clief, sm. kerchief. 
I — feu, curfew, fire-screen. 

— pied, cover-feet, quilt. 
] — plat, diïh-cover. 

Couvreur, sm.. a tiler, slaler. 
Couvrir, un. to cover, ' bide, 
conceal, défend, load. 

— 4^ardoises, to slate. 

Couvrir de cliaume, tO Ihatch. 
— de tuiles, to tile. 

Se —, VT. * bo overcast, * pul 
one's bat on, * put on a suit. 
Crabe, sm. a crab. 
Crabicr, sm. crab-eater. 
Crac, sm. crack, cracklingnoisa 
Cracbat, sm. spittle. 
Crachement, sm. spittmg. 
Cracher, Dît. to * spit. 
Cracheur, se, s. a fpitter. 
Crachoir, sm. spittoon.[fpining. 
Cracholoment, sm. a fréquent 
Crachoter, vn. lo ' spit often. 
Ciwtie. sf. chalk. 
Craindre, va. to fcar, dread. 
Crainte, sf. fear, awe. 
Craintir,ve,a. fearful, timorous. 
Craiulivemenl, ad. feaifuUy. 
Cramoisi, sm, crimson. 
Cramoisi, e, a crimson, dyed 
Crampe, sf. cramp. [in grain. 
Crompou, sm.cramp-iron. 
Cramponner, un. fasten vNith 
a cramp-iron. 

iSo —, to — cling at any thmg 
Cramponne», SV\. little cramp 
Cran,s)?i. notch. [or staple. 

Crâne, sm. the ?cull, a hotbrai- 

ned fellow. 
— ment, ad. swaggeringly. 
Craucrie, sf. swaggering. 
Crapaud, sm. a toad. 
Crapauduitle, sf. thin crape. 
Crapandière, sf. swampy place. 
Crapuudine, sf. toadstone, iron- 
wort, malt-worm, sort of pear. 
A la crapaudine, eut opcn 
and broiled. [stunded person. 
Crapotissin, c, sm ■ deformod 
Crapule, sf. gross debauchery. 
Crapuler, vn. to live in a gros» 

Crapulciai, se, a crapulons. 
Craquelin, Sm. cracknel. 
Craquement, sm. cracking. 
Craquer,U) crack, loasl 'ii.ip. 
Craquerie, sf. cracking. 
Craquètement, sytl. cracking, 
Croqucter, vn. to crackle. 
Craqueur,sc,s. boaEter,brngger. 
i Crasse, s/', dirt, nastiness, rust, 
[ Crasse, a. gross, thick. [drosi 



rrnsfier, va. \o foui, dirly. 
' C'i-asscHz, se, a. dirly, ûllby, 

C'B'aicre, sm, crater, round cup. 
f'ralicailer, va. to reduce by 

C'ravnchc, sf. a ridinç rod. 
<'ravnii, sm. cravan, barnacle. 
rravntc, sf. cravate. 
— , sm. a Croat. [on 'es cravat. 
('ravaler (se), vr. to put on 
Crayon, sî)!. penoil ; description; 

rougii draught. 
rrayoniicr, ra, * draw, sketch. 
Crayonneiir, sm, sketcher. . 
Créance, sf. trust, belief, debt. 
Créancier, e, s. créditer. 
Créa», sm. an usher in a rid- 

Créateur, sm. Creator, maker. 
Création, s^. création. 
Créature, sf. créature. 
Crécelle, sf. a raltle. 
Crécerelle, sf. a hawk. 
Crèche, sf. a manger, crib, 
Crédeiice. sf. cupboard \\here 

tiie church plate is kept. 
Crédibilité, sf. — lity. 
Crédit, Sîïî. crédit, intcrest. 
Créditer, va. to crédit. 
Créditeur, sm, créditer. 
Credo, sm. creed. 
Crédule, 2. a. credulous. 
Crédulité, sf. credulily. 
Créer, va. to create. 
Crémaillère; sf. a poi-hanger. 
Crémaillon, sm. a book. 
Crème, sf. cream. 
Crcment, sm. climax. 
Crêmer, vn. to Cream. 
Crémeux, se, a creamy. 
Crémier, ère, milkman, milk- 

woman. [nacle. 

Créneau, sm. battlement, pin- 
Créuclage.sîït. stamping on the 

edge of a coin. 
Crénelé, e, a, embattled. [Ile. 
Créuel«r, l'a. to indent, embat- 
Crénelure, sf, indenliug. 
Créole, 2, s. Créole, Creolian, 
Créosote, sf, créosote 
C'rê|ie, sm, crape. 
Crêpe, sf. pancaksi 


Crêper, va. to frizzlej * crisp. 
Crépi, sm, rough cast, 
Crépin, crispin. 
Crépine, sf, fringe. 
Crépir, Va. to parget. 
Crépissure, sf, rough cast. 
Crépitation, s/', cracklingof flrc. 
Crépon, sm, thick crape. 
Crépu, e, a. crisped, frizzlcd. 
Crépuscule, sm. twilight. 
Créipiier, s??i.thewild plumtrce. 
Créaeau. Sm. kersey, 
CrrssoK. sm. cresses. 
Cressonnière, sf. cresses plot, 
Ci'ésiis, crœsus, rich man. 
Crétacé, e, a. marly, cretaceous. 
Crête, sf. crest; cock's comb; 

bank of a ditch, tuft. 
Crêteler, vn, to chuckle. 
Crétin, sm. Crétin, idiot. 
Crétinisnie, sm. cretinism. 
Crêton, sm. residuum of fallow. 
Cretonne, sf. sort of wbite Mi- 

nen, cretonne. 
Creusage, sm. deepening. 
Creusement, sm, digging. 
Creuser,i,' dig,or* drive into. 
Creuset, sm. crucible. 
Creux, sm. hollow, pit, mould,. 
Creux, se, a. hollow, deep. 
Crevasse, sf. ' crevice, gap; 

Crevasser, va. to ' chap' crack, 
Crève-cœur, sm, heart-break- 
Crcver, va. to * burst, cramp, 
Crevette, sf. prawn. [put oui. 
Cri, sm, cry, sbriek, molto. 

A cor et à— , wilh hue and cry. 
Criailler, va. to bawl, scold. 
Criiiilleric. sf, bawling. 
Criailiour, se,s.a bawler.[merK!. 
Criant, aute, a, glaring, shi- 
Crîard, e, a, S. bawling, bawlcr. 
Criblage, sm, sifting, screening 

Crible, sm, a sieve, riddle. 
Cribler, va. to sift, to riddle. 
Cribleur, sm. a sifter. 
Criblure, sf. sifting?. 
Cribratiou, sf. sifting. [dens. 
Cric, sm. enginc for lifting bur- 
Cric-crac, crick-crack. 
Cri-cri, sm. criket. 


Criée, sf. an auction, outcry. 
Crier, vn. to cry out, proclaim, 

inveigh, clamour. 
Crierie, sf. cry, clamour. 
Crieur, se, s. "^ bawler; crier, 

Crime, sm. crime, sin. 
Criiuinaliste,sm. writeron crl- 

minal jurisprudence. 
Criuiiuel, le, a. crimina],guilty. 
C'i'iiuiuel, sm. malefactor. 
Crimiuelleuient, ad. — nally, 
Cria, sm. horse-hair. [capitally. 
CriiiicF, sm, horse-hair worker. 
Crinière, sf. horsa OT lioa'« 

mane, paltry wig. 
Crinoline, sf. criaolinei 
Crique, sf. creek. 
Criigiiet, sm. a lit; small horse. 
Crise, sf. crisis. [''"?• 

Crispation, sf. — lion, wrink- 
Crisper, va. to draw, squeeze. 
Crispin, sm. jester, joker, cris- 
pin (short cloak). 
Crisser, vn. to gnash- 
Cristal, sm. crystal. 
Cristallerie, giass-works.[mour. 
Crislalliu, e, a. cryslalline-hu- 
{'ristallisation, sf. — zation. 
Cristalliser, va. to crystallize. 

Se — , vr. to crystallize. 
Critiquable, 2. a. censurable. 
Critique, a. 2. critical, caplious, 
—, sm. a crilic. 

—, if. criticisra, critic, censure. 
CritiqueuF, sm. criliciser, fault- 
Critiquer,i;a. tocriticize. [finder. 
Croassement, 5m. croaking. 
Croasser, vn. to croak. 
Croc, sm. hook; fangs, tusk 

sharper, pôle. 

roc-cn-janibe, sm, trip, 
Croche, 2. a. crooked. 
—, sf. a qua-ver. 
Crochet, sm. hook, steeUjard 

pick-lock, crochet. 

rocheter, va. to * pick a lock, 
Crocheteur, sm. porter, pick 

Crochets, yl. m. fangs, braces. 
Crochu, c, a, crooked, hooked. 
Crocodile, sm, a croeedile. 
Vçocs, sm. pi, whisJ 



Croire, va. to believe, • think. 
Croire capable (se), vr. to 

think ones self capable. 
Croisade, sf. crusade, boly war. 
Croisé, sm. crusader. 
Croisé, e, a. crossed, twilled 
Croisée, sf. casement; cross 

bar, window. 
Croisement, sm. Crossing. 
Croiser, la. to * lay crosswise ; 

' strikeout; cruise ; cross. 

Se — , to cross eoch other; 

take the cross. 
Croisette, sf. Crsissief. 
Croiseur, sm.. a crulser. 
Croisière, 5^, eruise 
Croisillon, sm. cross-bar. 
Croisure.s/'.cross-web. [growlh. 
Croissance, sf. giowing âge, 
Croissant, si)!, crescenr, hook. 
Croît, sm. increase. [wax. 

Croiltrc, vn. to* grow, increase 
Croix, sf. a cross. 
Cromorne, sm. krumhorn. 
Croquade, «/■; rough skelch. 
Croquant, e, a. scranching, 

Croquant, SDZ, a poor wretch, 

a spunger. 
Croque au sel (à la) (man- 
ger), ad. to eat with sait. 
Croqueniitaiue, sm. bugbear, 

bogie. [man. 

Croque-mort, sm. underlaker's 
Croquer, Va. to scranch; crackie; 

de-vour ; pilfer. 
Croquet, sni. crisp biscuit. 
Croquette, sf. olive (of potatoes., 

rice, etc., fried). 
Croqueur, Sm. a devourer. 
Croquignole, sf, a fillip ; a sort 

of cake. 
Croquignoler, va. to fillip. 
Croquis, sm. sketch. 
Crosse, sf. crosier, but-end, bat, 

drumstick, or pestle. 
Crosse, a. croziered. 
Crosser, vn. to beat, bat, abuse. 
Crossette, sf. layer. 
Crosseur, sm. cricket-player. 
Crotte, sf. dirt, mud- diingaf 
Crotter, vn. to dirt. [animais. 

Se —, lo dirty one's self. 

CUB 78 

Crottin, sm. duDg of horse. 
Croiilnut, e, a. sinliing. 
rroulcmeut, sm. siaking (of a 

house), shaking. 
Troulcr, vn. to * sink. * shake. 
t'rouliei-, c, a, boggj- 
rpoiip, sm. croup. 
Croupe, sf. crupper, croup. 

Monter eu — , to ride happen. 
Troupi, e, a. stagnaled. 
l'roiBpier, s7n. croup, Crupper, 
Croupière, sf. crupper. 
Croupion, stn. rump. [abîde. 
Croupir, vti.lo' stand, slagnate. 
Croupissant, e, a. stauding. 
Croustillant, e, a. crisp, crus!;. 
Croustille, sf. pièce oi" crust. 
Croustiller,»», to nibble crusfs. 
Croustilleusenieut, ad. smut- 

Croustilieux, se,,free. 
Croûte, sf. crutt; scurf; rind; 

a bad picture. [dauber. 

Croûton, sm. crust (of bread) ; 
Croyable, 2. a. crédible. 
Croyance, sf. helief, trust. 
Croyant, tm. believer. 
Cru, sm. growlh ; soil. 
Cru, e, a. raw, crude. [thing. 
Cruauté, tf. cruelty ; grlefous- 
Crucbe, a. pitcher, biockbead. 
Cruchée a pitcber-full. 
Oucberie, if. stupidity. 
Cruclion, «m. little pitcher. 
Crucirère, 3, a. cruciferous. 
Crucifiement, tm. crucifixion. 
Crucifier, va. to crucify. 
Crucifix, sm. a crucifix. 
Crucifixion, sf. — xiOD. 
i'rudité, sf. rawness ; crudity, 
Crue, sf. increase [indigesliou. 
Cruel, le, a. cruel, hard, severe. 
Cruellement, ad. cruel ly. 
Cruement, ad. bluntly, rashiy. 
Crustacé; sm. a crustaceout. 
(Triple, sf. sepulchral Tault. 
Crjptograpbie, sf. cryptogra- 
Cubatiou, sf. cubalioa. [ptij- 
Cube, sm. cube. 
— a. cubic. 

Cubèbe, sm. cubeb-pepper. 
Cuber, va. to cube. 
Cubique, 2. a. cublcal. 


Cubital, e, a. cubital. 
Cucurbile, sf. cucurbite. 
Cueillc,s/'.a breadth ofsailcloth; 
Cueillette, sf. harvest gatherv 

ÏD?, collection. 
Cuvilleur, se, S. a gatherer. 
Cueillir, va. lo galber, to *pick, 
Cueilloir, sm. fruit-basket. 
Cuiller, sf. a spoon, ladle. 

— à pot, a pot ladle. 
Cuillerée, sf. a spoonful. 
Cuillerou, sm. bov.1 (of spoon). 
Cuir, sm. leather; bide. 

— à rasoir, razor-etrap. 
Cuirasse, sf. cuirass. 
Cuirassé, e, a. with B cuirass; 

prepared. [cuirass. 

Cuirasser, va. to arm with a 

Cuirassier, sm. cuirassier. 

Cuire, V. to cook ; digest ; smart ; 
bake ; to * do ; * dress; digest. 

Cuisant, e, a. sharp, Smart. 

Cuisine, sf. kitchen ; cookery.. 

Cuisiner, va. tO cook. 

Cuisinier, e, S. cook, man-cook. 

Cuissard, sm. cuish, cuissart. 

Cuisse, sf. thigh ; leg of a fowl. 

Cuisson, sf. dressiug of vic- 
tuals ; Smart. 

Cuissot, sm. bauDch of a deer. 

Cuistre, sm. servant in a col- 
lège; pédant. 

Cuit, e, ». done; dressed; boi- 
led, baked, roasted, ruined. 

Cuite, sf. baking. 

Cuivre, sm. copper, 

— jaune, yellow copper, brass. 
Cuivrer, va. to copper over 
Cul, sm. bottom, posteriors. 

— de lampe, a tail-picce, 

— de plomb, a sedentary man. 

— de sac, a blind alley. 

— de jatte, 8 lame mac. 

— de basse fosse, a duugeon. 
Culasse, sf. breech. [head 
Culbute, s^, tumble; heels over 
Culbuter, t;. to * overlbrow ; 

break; tumble. 
Culée, sf. butment of a bridge. 
Culière, a. rectum. 
Culinaire, a. culinary. 
Culminant, a. m. — atiug. 
Culmiuation, »f. — tiOB. 


Culminer, mi. to culiniaale. 
Culot, sm. a nestling ; drosSf 
Culouagc, sin. blackeuiDg (of a 

pipe bowl). 
Culotte, sf. breecbes ; back part 

of a pigeon; rump of beef. 
Culotter, va. to breecb, to put 

in breecbes. 
Culotlier, sm. breeches-maker. 
Culpabilité, s/". culpauility,guilt. 
Culte, sm, wotship; adoration. 
Cultivable, a. cultivable. 
Cultivateur, sm. busbandman, 
C'ultivation, sf. cullivation. 
Cultiver, va. cullivate, instruct. 
Culture, sf. culture, tillage. 
Cumul, sm. accumulation. 
Cuuiulatir, ve, ('. accumulative. 
Cumulativeineut, ad, accumu- 

Cumuler, va. to accumulate. 
CuuL'iformc, a. cuneiform. 
Cupide, 2. a. co'velous, greedy. 
Cu|ii(Iit6, sf. cnpidil}, lust> 
Cupidon, sm. Cupid. 
Curable, 2. a. curable. 
Curage, sm. cleaning out. 
Ciaratelle, s/', guardiansbip. 
Curateur, rice, S. guardiau. 
Curatif, ve, a. curative. 
Curation, 5^. curing, cure. 
Cure, s^. a cure; living; parso- 

nage ; cleaning. 
Curé, sm. parish-priest. 
Cure-dent, sm. toctb-ptck. 
Curée, sf. hound's fées, carnage. 
Cure-oreille, sm. ear-picker. 
Curer, va. to cleanse, to * pick. 
Curette, sf. SCOop, scraper. 
Cureur, im. cleanser, cleaner. 
Curial, e, a. rectorïal; priestlj. 



Curie, s/, curia, ward. 
Curieusement, tï(i. curlouSly» 

Curieux, »e, a. curions, rare. 

— sm. a Tirtuoso, sighiseer. 
Curiosité, sf. curiosity, Inqul» 

Curoir, sm. plough-spud. 
Cursive, a. s. cursive. 
Cur«Ie(cbai8c),s/'.curule chair. 
Curure, sf. mud (frora a pûad)o 
Curviligne, 2. (1. curvilinear. 
Custode, sf. holster-cap, pyx, 

— Siu. warden, curtain. 
Cutané, e, a. cutaneou». 
Cuticule, sf. cuticle, tbin, skin» 
Cutter, sm. entier, 
Cuvage, sm. tub bouse, plaça 

for tubs. 
Cuve, sf. a tub, vat. 
Cuveau, sy7i. little tub. 
Cuvée, «/■. a tubful. 
Cuver, va. to work, fret. 
Cuvette, sf. hand-basin; basin, 

cap of a watcb. [tub. 

Cuvier, sm. a fisb tub, bucking 
Cycle, sm. cycle. 
Cyclope, sm. cyclop. 
Cygne, sm. swan. 
Cylindre, sm. cylinder, rolt. 
Cylindrique, a. cylindricat. 
Cymaise, sf. cyma; ogee. 
Cymbales, sf. pL. cymbals. 
Cymbalier, s»l. cjmbal-plajer. 
Cynique, 2. a. cynical. 
Cynique. s»i. a cynic. 
Cynisme, sm. moroseness, cy- 

nicism, ribaldry. 
Cyprès, gm. cypress-tree., emperorofKusEi». 
Czarine, sf. czarina. 
Czarowitz, sm, czar's son. 


Da, int., truly, indeed. 
D.ictyle, im. dactyle. 
Dada, sm. hobby horse. 
Dadais, sm. booby, ninny. 
Dague, s/'.dagger; pricket; tu»k. 
Duguer, va. to ?tab ; flog. [type, 
Daguerréotype, $/n. dagueneo. 

Daguerréot}'penr, sm. daguer» 

Daguet, sm. joung stag. 
Dahlia, sm. dahlia. 
Daigner,i; dei^^n , condescend, 
Daim, sm. buck ; 4eer. 
Daiue, $f. a lloe> 


Vais, sm. a canopy. 
Dallage, sm. Dsgging. 
noUc, s^ flas(s«oiic-). [flags. 
Uiillcr, va, to flag; to pave wilh 
Dnliuatiqiie. sf. a dalmatic. 
Dam, sm. cost; loss; lormenls. 
DaniaH, sm. damask, damson. 
Uainasquiueur, sm. damaskee- 


DnmaBse, sm. damafked linen. 
ISnmiisser. va. to damask. 
Damasseiir. sm. damas-uorkcr. 
Clame, sf. lady, goody, draugbts. 
a»nme-jeainie,s/'.demijol:n c:ir- 
ltanie,ad. Day, indeed. [boy 

— le pïon,to*outdo. 
a>amcrcl. sm. beau, spark. 
Oamici'. sin. diaught-board. 
£>iim:iiil>le. 2. a. daninable. 
S>niiiiial>lemeiil, (2(2. damnably. 
Ttamliatioii, s/'. — tiOD. 
Damiié, e, a damned. 

— s. damned soûl. 
Damner, va. to damn. 

Se — . vn. to incur damoation. 
Damaiseaii, sm. spark, beau. 
Dainoiselle, sf. young lady. 
Daiidiii, sm. noddy, simpleton. 
Dandinement. Slll. lolloping. 
Dandiner, t>a. to bebave like a 

Se —, vn. to lollop. [ninoy. 
Daudjr, sm. daudy. 
Danger,sm. daDger.risk. [ousiy. 
Dangereusement. aff. danger- 
Dangereux, »e^a. dangerous. 
DanB,pr. in, into,witbin; with. 
Dansant, e, a. dancing. 
Danse, sf. dance, dancing. 
Danser, v. tO dance. 
Danseur, se, s. dancer. 
Dard,siti. n.darl, spindle. 
Darder. dart, throw, spear. 
Dardiilon. s)n. barb (of a fish- 
Dariole, s/', custard. [hook). 
Darne ou dalle. sAsIi"; of fisb. 
Darse, sf. wcl dock. 
Martre, s^ telter, ring-worm. 
Darirenx, se, «. beipetic, 
Oataire, sm, dalary. 



Date, sf. date. 
Dater, vn, to date. 
Daterie, sf. dalary's office. 
Datif, »e, a. datWe. 
Datte, $/■. date (Iruil). 
Dattier, sm. dale-lree« 
Daiura, «/■. thorn-apple. 
Daube, s^ a kind of slewed ineat 
Dauber, va. to stew,jeer. 
Daubeur, sm. banterer, 
Daupbin, sm. dolphin. 
Daiiphine, sf. dauphiness. 
D^autaiit que, c. "wbereas. 
D'autant plus, ad. tbe more. 

— mieux, tbe ratber. 
Davantage, atl. more; longer. 
Davier, snî. pincerfor teelh. 
»e,2)r. ofjfrom, lo.witb, bï,at,in 
Dé. sm. die, tbinib!e. 
Déalbalion,!/'. — tion. 
Uébâeler. va. to take oï tbe 

lai|ianlin (of a wagon). 
Dcbàciage. sm. clearing. 
Débâcle, sf. breaking ofa frozea 

ri-ver. [tbe ice. 

Débâeicment, sm. breaking of 
Dcbàcler. va. to clear, undo. 

— vn. to break up (as ice). 
Déballage, sm. unpacking. 
Déballer, va. to unpack. 
Débandade (Â Ba), ad. m con- 
fusion ; belter. [banding. 

Débandement, sm. skelter dis- 
Débauder, va> tO uubind \ un- 


Se —, vr. to corne uubouud ; 

corne unbendi 
Dcbanquer, va. to break tbe 

bank of(at pla;)> 
Débaptiser, to unchristen. 
Débarbouiller, va to wasb. 

Se —, vn. to wasb one's face. 
Débardage, s?n. unlading. 
Débarder, va. to unlado woodi 
Débai-deur, sm. lumper. 
Débarqucmeut, sm. dis»<nbar- 

Débarquer. V. disembark; land. 
Débarras, sm. riddance. 
Débarra(iisemeiit,sm. clearing. 
Débarrasser, va. toclear; 'gel 
Déb;Qrrer, va. to unbar. [out 


n^at, sm. debate, dispute. 
îiéliBler,!;a, touDsaddle. [down. 
Uébâtir, va. to demolish, pull 
«ébattre, va. to debate, discuss. 

Se— ,Dr. to Etruggle; grapplo. 
Dobuiiche, sf. débaucher;. 
Débaticbc, e, S. débauchée. 
— , sf. courtesan. 
Débaucher, va. to debaucb ; to 

bribe, to entice away. 
1 Se— ,iir-.torallintodebauchery. 
Dcbaucheur, sm. débaucher. 
Débet, sm. balance, débit, [tate. 
Débiffer, va. to disorder; debili- 
Uébile, a. weak, débile. 
Débilitant, e, a. debilitating. 
Wébilitatîon, sf. — tion. 
Débilité, sf. — litj. weakness. 
Itébililer, va. to debilitate. 
Uébiiie, sf. needj circunstances. 
Débit, sm. sale, utterance. 
Débitant, e, s. relailer. 
Débiter, va. to vend, utter; to 

* sel! by retail. 
1 Se —, vil. to sell ; eut up. 
IDébiteur, «e, S. utterer; pro- 

Débiteur, ra'ce, a. debtor. 
Débilter, va. to unbit (a cable). 
Déblai, S7n. riddance, cutling. 
Déblaiement, sm. cutting, clear- 
Déblatératiou, sf. scurrilous, 

declairation, railing. 
Déblatérer, vn. tO rail. 
Déblajer, va. to reraove ; cleir. 
Débloquer, va. to change tur- 

ned Jettera. 
Déboire, sm. twang, grief. 
Déboiser, va. to clear of wood. 
Déboîtement, sm. disjointing. 
Débotter, va. to * djslocate, to 

Warp; disjoint, r 
Débonder, va. to open the dam. 
— , vn. »B Débonder, vr. to 

sluice ouf, • break forth. 
Déboudouuer, va. to unbung. 
Débonnaire, 2. a. affable, gra- 

cious ; kind; good. 
Débonuairement, ad. kindly. 
Débordé, «, a. dissotute. 
Débordement, sm. overUowlDg; 


81 DEC 

Déborder, vn. to overtiow ; run 

o-ver ; project 

Se —, vr. to overflow; burst out. 
Débotter, va. to pull off boots. 
Débouché, débouchement, 

sm. opening, oullet. 
Débouchcr,!;(* unstcp;open. 
—, un. to fall ; debouch. [uncurl. 
Déboucler, va. to unbuckle ; 
Débouquemeut, sm. disembo- 

Débouquer, va. to disembogue. 
Débourber, va. to clean out. 
Débourrer,i;a. topolish; unstop 
Débourg, sm. monej adianced. 
Déboursé, sm. disbursement , 

outlaj. [ment. 

Déboursement, sm. disDurse- 
Débourser, fa. to disburse. up, standing upright. 
Débouter, va. to refuse. 
Déboutonner, va. to unbutton. 
Débraillcr (se), Un. to go bare- 

Débrider, va. to unbrldle; di»- 

patch; to relax, open. 

Sans — wiithout drawing bit. 
Débris, sm. ruins; remains. 
Débrouillement, sm. disentan- 

gling, unravelling, [sentangle. 
Débrouiller, va. to unraveî, 

Se —, to get disentangled; 

clear up. 
Débrutir, va. to roug-polish. 
Débucher, t;n. to start; dislodge. 
Débusquemeut, sm. dislodging. 
Débusquer, un. to dislodge; oust. 
Début, sm. lead, beginniug, 

Débutant, e, a. new performer 
Débuter, vn. to * begin; p!ay 

first, lead; make onesfirstap- 
De$a, ad.onthisside. [pearance. 
Décacheter, va. to unseal. 
Décade, sf. décade, [decadency 
Décadence, sf, deûay: décline; 
Décagone, sm. decagon. 
Décagramme, sm. — graro. 
Décalitre, sm. décalitre. 
Décalogue, sm. decalogue. 
Décalquer, va. to transfer (t 
Déeamètre, <m. âecaiMt»r. 



Dôcampemeut) sni* decâmp- I 

ment. [ke up. 

Décamper, va. to decamp ; ma- 
Décantage, j»i. decantiQg. 
Décauta<iou, sf. decanling. 
Décanter, va. to decant ; trans- 
Décaper, va. to ciean, scour. 
Décapitation, sf. bcbeadÎDg. 
Décapiter, va. to behead. 
Décarreler, va. to unpave. 
Décastére, sm, decastere. 
Décatir, va. to sponge (woollen 

cioth). (noilen clotb). 

Décatissage , sm. sponging 
Décéder, vn. to decease; to die. 
Décèlement, sm. détection. 
Déceler, va. to discicse betray. 

Se —, vr. to malie one's self 

known; show one's self. 
Décembre, sjn. December. 
Décemment, ad. decently. 
Décemvir, sm, decemvir. 
Décemvirat, sm, decemvirat. 
Décence, sf. decency, propriety. 
Décennal, e, a. decenuial. 
Décent, e, a. décent, bccoming. 
Décentralisation, s/'. — zation. 
Décentraliser, va. to deceutra- 

Déception, <^. déception, deceit. 
DécorneF, va. to decree, award. 
Décès, sm. decease, death. 
Décevable, a deceivabie. 
Décevant, e, a. deceitful, de- 
Décevoir,va. to deceive.fceptive. 
Déchaînement, sm. ^ildness; 
Déchatuer,ua. to unchain. [rage. 

Se —, vr. ' togel loose. 
Déchanter, vn. to sing small; 

lower one's note. 
Déchaperonner, va. to unbood. 
Déchargo, if. unloadlng ; case- 

ment; discharge ', acquittance ; 

. Déchargement, tm. nnloading. 
Décharger, va. ta unload; dis- 
charge ; ease ; open ; empty ; 

lire off. [change; clear up. 

Se— , iw. to discharge itself; 
Déchargeur, sm, porter dis- 

Décharné, •, a, scragg;; I«aa, 


Décharner, ta. to ship ot 

Cesh, * malie lean, emaciate. 
Déchaussement, sm. barring 

(the root ofa tree); layingbare. 
Déchausser, va. to puU cff 

boots, to lay bare. 
Déchaussoir, sm. lancet. 
Déchéance, s^ forfeiture, lOSS 
Déchet, sni. diminution, loss. 
Déchevêtrer, VU. to unhalter. 
^Déchiffrable, a. legible, dect 

Déchiffrer, va. to decipherj 

make out. 
DéchilTreui', sm. decipherer. 
Déchiqueter, va. topinii; slasb, 

* cul. 
Déchiqueteur, sm. pinUer. 
Déchi<|ueture, sf. pinking; 

slashing. [boas, etc. 

Décbii'uge,s»i. breakingup old, 
Déchir.'inl, e, a. heart-rendiog. 
Déchirement, sm. tearing, rcn- 

ding. [rip up. 

Déchirer, va. to * tear; defame ; 

Se —, vp. to tear; lacerale. 
Déchirure, sf. rent. 
Déchoir, i;ii. to decay, * fall off. 
Déchu, 2)rét. di Déchoir. 
Décidé, prêt, et a. decided, de- 

termiiied, resolute. 
Décidément, ad. — ediy. 
Décider, va. décide; résolve; 

scttle; fir. 
Décigramme, sm. — gram. 
Décilitre, sm. — litre. 
Décimal, e, a. — mal. 
Décimateur, $m. lithe-ownefa 
Décimation, sf. — tion. 
Décime, sm. tenth, décime. 
Décimer, va. to décimale. 
Décimètre, <m. decimeter. 
Déciiitrer, va. to remove the 

centeiing of (an arch). 
Décisif, ve, a. décisive, clear. 
Décisiou,s^. décision, resolution. 
Décisivement, ad. 1)0Sitively, 

Décistére, sm. declstere. 
Déclamateur,im. declamatorj. 

PéclanmtiQD) «/•-déclamation. 



Mcclama<olre,2,a. àeclamatory. 
Dpflaniet-, vr. déc^im ; deliver. 
i>cclaratioii,s/', — lion; ■verdict. 
lïéclai'utoii'c^ 2. a. — ratory. 
Dvrlarer vp to déclare ; reveal ; 


Se — , vr. lo déclare one's self. 
Dcclassemeut, sm. change of 

Déclasser, va. (o change tbe 

class of; disrate. 
Déclin, sm. décline ; wane. 
Déclinable,». — ble. [clination, 
Décliaaisou, 5^ declension; de- 
Dcclinaut, e, a. declining. 
Décliuatoire, s?n. — tory. 
Décliner, v. to décline; fall away. 
néclivité, sf. declivity. 
Décloîirer, v. to uncloisteri 
Redore, va. to Ihrow open. 
uéclos, e, a. open, unfenced. 
Déclouer, va. to unnail. 
Dccoclior, lia. to * shoot. 
ïlccoctiou, i/. décoction. 
Décoiffer, va. to undress; dé- 
range the haïr of ; open. 
Décollation, sf. beheading. 
Décollement, sm. ungluing, 

beheading. [bodied. 

Déoolleté, e, bare-necked, low- 
Uccoller, va, lobehead; de col- 

late, [of; cullow. 

Décolleter, va. to bare the neck 

Se —, vj). to go bare-necked. 
Décolorer, va. to discolour. 

Se — , vp. to lose colour; fade. 
Uécombrcr, va. to clear from 

Décombres, sm. pi. rubbish. 
Décomi"auder, va. to counter- 

inan. [complète. 

Décompléter, va. to render in- 
Uécompuser,va. to discompose, 

to dissolve. 
Décomposition, s/', dissolvlng. 
Décompte, sm. déduction. 
Décompter, va. to deduct; 

• take off. [* put ont ; baffle. 
Déconcerter, va. disconcert; 

Se — , vr. to be disconcerted. 
Découdre, va. lo discomfil, rout. 
Déconfiture, sf. discomfiture, 

feilure, comsuœptioa. 


Déconforlor, va. to discomfort, 

* cast dowD, despond. 
Déconseiller, va. to dissuade^ 
Déconsidération»;/', disfavour, 

discrédit. [dishonour. 

Déconsidérer, va. to discrédit; 
Décontenancer, va. to pul out 

of countenance, confound. 
Déconvenue, sf. misfortune. 
Décor, sm. décoration. 
Décorateur, sm. decorator. 
Décoration, s/'. — tion. 
Décoré, e, a. knighled. 
Décorer, va. to decorate, adorDi 
Décorticatiou, sf. — tioQ. 
Décorum, sm. décorum, pro- 

priely. [home. 

Découcher, V(l. to * sleep from 
Découdre, VH. to unsew; * rip 

up;rip. [fallaway. 

Se — , vp. to come unsewed; 
Découlemcnt, sm. trickling; 

flowing. [down; proceed from. 
Découler, vu. totrickle, to*ruQ 
Découpage, sm. carving, pin» 

king. [carve. 

Découper, va. to 'eut up; pink; 
Découpeur, se, S. pinker 
Découplé, e, a, weli bullti 

strapping. [out. 

Découpler, va. uncouple; cutting 
Découpure, sf. pinking. [ging. 
Décourageant, e, a. discoura- 
Découragement, $m. discoura> 

gement. [depress. 

Décourager, va. to discouragei 

Se —, vr. to lose courage. 
Décourber, t;a. to unbend. 
Décousu, e, a. unsewad; out of 

order; ripped. 
Décousure, sf, rip, rent, glash. 
Découvert , e, a, uacovered; 

discovered ; open. 

A —, in the open air. 
Découverte, sf. discovery. 
Dccouvrir, va. to uucover; dis- 
cover; reveal. 

Se — , vr. to uncover on'e» 

self; expose; ' make on'es soif 

Décrasser, va. to clean; polish. 

Se — vp. to clean on'es self. 
Décréditer, va. to discrédit. 




Décrépii.c, «.décrépit. [crackle. 
Borrépiter, VH. to decrepitate; 
Décrépitude, sf. — tude, de- 

Décret, S7n. decree, writ. 
Décréter, va. to decree, issue a 

wril againsl. [graca. 

Décrî, sm, crying down ; dis- 
Dccrier, va. to cry down; to 

disgrâce ; * piohilil. 
Décrire, va. to describe. 
Décrochemcut, sm. unbookiDg. 
Décrocher, va. to unbook. 
Décroifisemeut, stn. decrease* 
Décroître, vn. to decrease. 
Décrottage, sm. cleaning. 
Décrotter, va. to clean, Lirush. 
Décrotteur, s»i. skoeblack. 
Décrottoire.s/'. bard sboe-brush. 
Dévrne, sf. decrease, Tall. 
Décuple, a. teofold. 
Décupler, va. to décuple. 
Décurie, $f. decury. 
Décurion^ sm. a decurloD. 
Décuver, va* to tuo. 
Dédaigner, t). to disdaii>,scoiD. 
Dédaigueuseweut, (/(/.disdain- 

fully. [scoroful. 

Dédaigneux, 0e, a. disdaiufu], 
Dédain, sm. disdaiu, scorn. 
Dédale, sm. labyrinth, maze. 
Dédaler, va. to untlag ; uupave. 
Dedans, ad. in, nitbiu. 

Ak — , inwaid. 
DcdauD, sm. inside ; iuterior. 
Dédicace, sf. dedication. 
Dédicatoire, a. dedicatûry. 
Dédier, va. to dedicate. 
Dédire, va. to disa\ow; UDsay. 

S« —, vr, to recanl, * recède. 
Dédit, sm. a. forfeit. 
Dédaiiuniiigeuiuut,^»!. indem- 

nity, satisfaction. 
Dédoiunia;:er, v (. toindemnitv. 
Dédorer. va. 10 unglld. 
Dédoubler, vu. to unllne. [lion. 
Déduction, sf.—Uon, enuniera- 
Déduire, va. to deduct, deduce. 
Dôefse. s^. goddess. 
Défaillances/'. fainling,swooii. 
Déraillant, e, a faiuliug, de- 

—, ». defaulter 

Défaillir, V7i. to faii ; decay; 

swoon. [deTeat ; rid; reduce. 
Défaire, va, to uudo; uumake ; 

Se — , vp. to corne undone; 

get rid ; fay aside. [dejected. 
Défait, e, a. uudoDe; routed; 
Défaite, sf. defeat, rout subter» 
Uéfulcatiou, sf. — lion, [fuge 
Défalquer, va. to defalcalr; 

deduct. [waat; default; flaw 
Défaut, tm. defect: blemisb 

En —, at fault. 

A — de, for want of, 
Défateur, tf. disgrâce. 
Défavorable, 3. a. unTavour- 

able, [vourably. 

Défatqûrablemeiit , ad. unfa< 
Défectif, ve,a. defective. 
Défection, sf. défection. 
Défectuoiuemenl, ad. imper- 

fectly. [imperfect. 

Défectueux, se, a. defective, 
Défectuosité, sf. defect. 
Défendant, prt. defôodiog. 
Défendeur, défendant ; — de» 

resse, lemale défendant. 
Défendre, VU. to défend; prn- 

hibit; • forbid. [one's self. 

Se —, vr, to défend ; to excuse 
Défense, sf. défense; probibi- 
Défeuses, pi. tusks, thorns.[tion. 
Défensif, ve, a. défensive. 
Défenseur, »m. defender. 
Défensive, sf. défensive, [pect. 
Déférence, sf. déférence; res- 
Déférer , va. to coufer ; de- 

nouQce, accuse. 
nê'i-i-ier, va. to unfurl. 
Déterrer, va. to remove iron- 

work from ; confound, abash. 

Se —, va. to UQsboe ; get con- 

fuied. [êheet. 

Defet, tm. odd sbeet; naste 
DéO, sm. challenge, défiance. 
Défiance,»/', distrust; mistrust, 

suspicion. rpicious. 

DéPiaul, e, a. diffident; sus- 
néllcit, sm. déficit, deficiency. 
DéOer, va. to deTy, cballenge. 

Se — , vr. to mistru^l, suspect. 
DéOgurer, va. to disfigure; de- 

form. [Bllnç off (of soldiers), 
Déûlé, tm, âcble, narrow oass 



B^ai«r< yix • 10 unstring;, nn- 

thread. [appoint. 

Dénnl*. en. to deline; describe; 
Définissable, a. definable. 
Définitir, ve, a. definili've, pe- 
Dpfinition, sf. tlon. [remplorj. 
Définitivement, ad. — vely. 
Dûlleurnîson, s/'. Tall orblossom. 
Déflenrir, vn. to • lose tbe 

blossoms; — va. ' nip the blos- 

£om ; rub off the hloom. 
néOexion, sf. — xion. 
Dédoration, s/', deflowering. 
Déflorer, va. to corrupt, da- 

Dérouccmcnt, sm. staving. 
Défoncer, va. to * stave (casks); 

DérormatSon, s/', derormation* 
DérormcF, va. to • put out of 
Défrayer, va. to defray. [form. 
Défricher, va. to cullivate; 

clear(land).[up untilled ground. 
Défricheur, sm. he tbat grubs 
Défriser, va. to uncurl. 
Défroncer* va. to * undo the 

gathers. [left by denlh. 

Défroque, sf. goods, moveables 
Défroqiier se, • Ihrow off the 

monkish habit. 
Défunt, e, a. deceased, late. 
Dégagé (degré), sm, back- 

stairs ; — e, a (air), a free 

easy way. 
Dégagement , sm. disengage- 
ment ; freeing ; passage ; cal- 

ling in. 
Dégager, un. disengage; redeem. 

Se — , vr. to be disengaged. 
Dégatner , lia. ' draw one's 
Dégatncur, sm.a bully. [sword. 
Déganter, ua. topull off one's 

gloves. [* strip, unrig. 

Dégarnir . va. to nnfurnist ; 
Dégarnir, tJft. ma. to unship. 
Dégât, sm. havoc ; waste ; spoil. 
Dégauchir, va. to plane ; level. 
Dégauchtssenient, sm. level- 

ling, improTing. 
Dégel, sm. thaw. 
Dégeler, un. to thaw. 
Dégénération, 5^. — tlon. 


Dégénérer, va. to degoneratei 
Dégénérescence, — ration. 
Déslucr, iingtue;gcl ridof. 
Dégluiîiion, sf. aeglutilion. 
Dégommage, sm. the firft pré- 
paration of the silk. 
Dégommer, toungum (silk, etc.). 
Dégonflcmeut, sm. déduction, 
Dégonfler, un. rcduce; ompty. 
Dégorgement, sm. overflowing. 
Dégorger, vn. to clear, purge, 

spread out. [one' self. 

Se — , vr. to overflow; emptj 
Dégorgeoir, sm. an engine to 

clear a gun. [levi-ved. 

Dégourdi, e, a. sharp, acute. 
Dégourdir, va, to quicken, to 

wnrm w.nler; to polish. 
Dégourdissoment, sm. quick- 

ening; removal of numbness. 
Dégoût, sm. disgusl; satiety, 

aversion. [disagreable. 

Dégoûtant, e, a, disgustful 
UégoHié, é, a. squeamish ; out 

of conceit wilh. 
Dégoûter, va. tO disgUEl 

Se — i u)'. to * be out of conceit 

wilh, to like no more. 
Dé, e, a. dropplng. 
Dps:outtcr, vn. to * drop. 
Dégrad.-ition, sf. — tion, waste. 
Dégrader, ua. to dégrade, waste, 


Se — ,ur. to dégrade one's self. 
Dégraffer, ua. to unclasp. 
Dégraissage, sm. scouring. 
Dégraisser, va. to scour, clean 

* take away the fat. 
Dégraissour, sm. SCOnring, 
Degré, sm. Etair; step ; degree . 

sfaircase. [from stop to step; 

Par Degrés , ad. insensibily 
Degréer, ua. to unrig a ship. 
Dégrèvement, 57n. réduction. 
Dégrever, va. to reduce a tax- 
Dcgringolade, tumbling dowD, 

leppling down. 
Dégriugoler, vn, ' to run down 

slairs ; to tumble. 
Dégriser, va, to sobef. 

Se —, vr. to get sober. 
Dégrosscr, ua. lo reduce. 
Dégrossir, ua. tr chip; to œodel< 


Dégneuillé, e, a, tattercd ; in 

rags. [otr. 

Dégueriiir, va. to qnit; pack 
négiaispiiioiil, sm. disguise. 
Dcguîseï'* va, to disguise, con- 


Se —, tir. to disguise one'sself. 
Dégiistntciir, sm, tasier. 
Dégustation, s/'.—tion, tasting. 
Déguster, va. to taste. 
Déliaiiclié, c, n. hipshot, hipped. 
Délia rnachement, sm. unhar- 

Dékonlé, a. shameless. 
Dehors, ail. pr. out ; abroad. 

En — du —, withont. 

Au — , outwards. 
Dehors, sm. outside, oulworks. 
Itéici<1c, s?)!, déicide, [theosis. 
Déilication, sf. — tlon; apo- 
DéiGcr, va. to deify. 
Déisme, sm. deisra. 
Déiste, sm. deist. 
Déité, sf. deity. 
Déjà, ad. aiready. 
Déjection, sf. flcol. 

Se Déjctor, vr. fowarp. [fast. 
Déjeuné. Déjeuner, sni. break- 
Déjeuner, 11)1. to breakfast. 
Déjoindre, ua. to disjoin. 
Déjouer, va. to Urfle. [out. 
Déjucher, vti. to uaroost; turn 
De-là, nd. off; frcm thence. 

Au delà, pr. bejond, over, 

Délabré, a. rulned, tatteredi 
Délabrement ,, sm. ruining 

decay. [ruiu. 

Délabrer.rn. to chntler; impair. 
Délacer, va. to uniace. [ment. 
Délai , sm. a delay, adjourn- 
Délaissemcnt, sm. relinquisli- 

ment. [abandonne. 

Délaisser, l'a. to forsake ; • 
Délassement, sm. récréation, 
F^élosser, rtT.torefrcsh. [repose. 

Sfe — , vr. lo rest; repose. 
l>éluteur, sm. informer. 
Délation, sf. an inTormation. 
Dél.iyant. a. di luent. 
Délajement, sm. diluting. 
Délayer, va. to diiute. 



Déleelable, a. delightful. 
Délectation, sf. dciight. 
Délecter, va. to deligtit, re- 

create. [mission. 

Délégation, sf. ^ tion, com- 
Délégatoire, a. delegatory. 
Délégtié, sm. a deputy; dele- 

gato. [point. 

Déléguer, va. delegate ; op- 
Délestagc, sm. unhallasling. 
Délester, va. to unballast. 
Délétère, a. deieterious, 
Dcliliatîon, sf. — tlon. 
Délibérant, e, a. deliberalîng, 

deliberaliye, [lution. 

Délibération, 5^. — tion, reso- 
Délibératif, ve, a. — tive. 
Délibéré, e,fi.resolute délibéra to. 

De propos — , ad. on purpose, 
Délibérément, ad. — ratelj. 
Délibérer, vn. to deliberate. 

détermine, résolve. 
Délicat, e, a. délicate; nide; 

weak, dainly. 
Délicatement, ad.— tely; dain- 

tily ; tenderly. [kcr. 

Délicater, va. to pamper; coc- 
Délicatesse, sf. delicacy; nice- 
Délicc, sm. delight. [ness. 

Délicieusement, ad. delicious- 

ly. [lightful. 

Déiicienx, se, a. delicious; de- 
Délié, e, a. slender ; fine ; thiu ; 

Déîier, va. to untie; nndo. 
Délimitation, s/°. marking limMs. 
Délimiter, va. to mark lirait;. 
Délinéation, sf. — tion. 
Délinquant, sm. délinquant. 
Délinqucr, vn. to ofTend. 
Délirant, e, a. délirions frenzied. 
Délire, sm. delirium, raving. 
Délirer, vn. to rave. 
Délisser, va. to sort rags. 
Délit, sm. fault, crime. 

En flagrant — ,arf. in the facl. 
Délivrance, sf. deliverance, dc- 

Délivre, sm. arier-birth. [rid. 
Délivrer, un. to deliver, set free, 
Délivrcnr, sm. deliverer. 
Déloger, va. lo remove ; to turn 

out; dislodge. 



Déloyal) e, a. disloyal, knaTish. 
Déloyalement, ad. perfîdiously. 
Déloyauté, sf. disloyalty. 
Déliige,sm, déluge, flood.[luster. 
Dclustrer, l'a. lo take off ihe 
Démagogie, $ft — gy. 
Démagogue, sm. démagogue. 
Démailloter, va. lo unswathe. 
Demain, sm. ad. to-morrow. 

Après — , after to morrow, 
Démaucher, va» tO unhart. 

Se — ,vr. to lose its handie; 

get unliinged. [ontho violon. 
Démancbemeut, sm. shifting 
Demande, sf. demand, ques- 
tion, pétition. 
Demauder, va. to demand; beg; 

ask, require. [self. 

Se — , beasked, ask ooe's 
Demandeur, deresso, s. com- 

plainant, plaintif. 
Demandeur, se, s. asker, dun. 
Démangeaison, sf. itcbing, a 

longirg for. 
Démanger, trn. tO itch. 
Démautclemeut, sm. disman- 

tiing-, undoing. 
Démanteler, ta. to dismantle. 
Démantibuler, va, to break; 

put out of order. * 
Démarcation, sf. — tion. 
Démarche, sf. gail, proceeding. 
Démarier, va. to divorce ; un- 

Démarquer, va. to unmark. 
Démarrage, sm. unmooring. 
Démarrer, u. to unmoor; * set 

sali, unlie. 
Démasquer, va. to unmask. 
Démasliquer, va. lo remove 

the putly from. 
Démâlage, sm. dismasiing. 
Démâter, va. to dismast, uumast. 
Démêle, sm. debate ; quairel. 
Démêler, va. lo discover, COH" 

test, unravel, comb. 

Se —, vr. to * exlricate one's 

self ; unravel. [large cornb. 

Démêloir, sï?î. v\'inding-reel , 
Démembrement, sm. dismem- 

bering, cutling oïï 

émembrer, va. to dismem- 

ber; eut olT; cantle. 


Déménagement, sm. remoTSi. 
Déménager, vn, tO remove; 

get silly. 
Pémencc, s/. madness,insanity. 

Se — , vr. to bustle; struggle. 
Démenti, sm. lie; balk. 
Démentir, va. to ' give tbe lie ; 

to conlradict; deny. 

Se — , vr. to * be inconsisteni. 
Démérite, Sm. demerit. 
Démériter, vn. to * do amiss. 
Démesuré, e, a. excessWs, im- 

moderate. [ratelj. 

Démesurément, ad. Immode- 
Démettre, ua. disjoint; discard; 

dlsmiss, dislocale. 

Se — , vr. to resign. [nislilng. 
Démeublement , sm. unfur- 
Démcubler, va. to unfurnish. 
Demeurant, sm. remainder. 
Demeurant, e, a. living; dwell- 

ing; aliiding. 

An demeurant, ad. besides. 
Demeure, sf. dweliing, stay ; 

Eu — , in arrears. [abode. 

A — , immovable. 
Demeurer, vn. to live, • stay, 

remain, stop, réside. _ 
Demi, e, a. half. 
— , ad. half. 

A —, half, by halves. 
Demi-cercle, Sm. semi-cercle, 
Demie, sf. half an bour, half. 
Demi-dieu, S7?z. demi-god. 
Demi-lune, s/', half-moon, cres- 

cen(. [tone. 

Den>i-ton, sm. scmi-tone ; half- 
Démis, e, a. out of joint, dislo- 
Dcmissi«n,s/', resigning. [cated« 
Démissionnaire, sjn. a resigner 
Démocrate, sm. — crat. 
Démocratie, sf. democracy. 
Démocratique, 2. «. — tical. 
Démocratiquement, ad. — Li- 

cally. ^iizc. 

Démocratiser, vn. tO democra- 
Demoiselle, sf. young lady, 

miss, giri, rammer, dragonfly. 
Démolir, va. to demolish; puli 

Démolisseur, sric, demolisher. 
Démolition sf. demolisbing, 



Démon, sm. imp, devTi. [wal. 
DvnioiiélisittioM, sf. withdra- 
Démonéiiser, va. to call in 

(coin). [Iraliilily. 

Dénioiistrabililé, sf. demons- 
Dénionsd'atciir, sm. — lor. 
Démoustrnlir, »e, a. — Uve. 
Démonstration, $f. — tion ; as- 
surance, fjrove. [ly. 
Démanstraiivemcnl, <T({. clear- 
Déraontage, sm. taking down. 
Démonter, va. to uiihorse; * 

take to pièces, confound, dis- 

mount, * undo, Ihraw. 
Démontrable,», demonstrablo. 
Démontrer, va. to drmonfirate, 

lodcscribe. [nioraiizinp-. 

Démoralisalcnr, tricc, a. de- 
Démoralisution, sf. zation. 
Démoraliser, vrMo demoralize. 
Démordre, un. ' let go one's 

hold; recède fiom. 
Démoucheter, lia. to break tho 

bulton off. [garnish. 

Démunir, va. to unprovide, de- 
Démurer,i)a. tounwall; re-open. 
Démuseler, va. to unmuzzle. 
Dénationaliser, va. to denatio- 

nalize. [ralize. 

Dénaturaliser, va. to denatu- 
Dé»alter,ii«. lountwist, unlress. 
Dénaturé, c, a. unnalural. 
Dénaturer, va. to pervert; to 

misconstrue, disfigura. 
Dendrite, sf. dendritis. 
Dénégation, sf. déniai. 
Déni, sm. déniai, refusai. 
Déniaiser, va. to ' sharpen up. 

Se —, vr, to * grow sharp. 
Déniaiseur, sm. sLarper. 
Déniclicr, va. to unnestle; 

— vn. to fly, get away. [turn out. 
Dénicheur, sm. «ho goes a 

birds nester. 
Denier, sm. money, denier. 

— à Dieu, sm. earne^t-penny. 

— vingt, sm. fîve per cent. 
Dénier, va. to deny. refuse, di- 

sosvn. [delraction. 

Dénigrement, sm. slandering, 
Dénigrer, tw. to revile; slander. 
Dénombrement, sm. enumera- 

tion, survey, ceasus. 



Dénombrer, va. to number; 

Dénominateur, sm. — nator. 
Dénominatir, »e, a. — tive. 
Dénomination, sf. — tion. 
Dénommer, va. to name, de- 

Dénoncer, va. toinform against, 

impeach, accuse, denounce. 
Dénonciateur, sm. informer, 
Dcnoncialion, sf, information, 

Dénoter, va. to dénote, e-vince. 
Dénouer, va. to untie; * sup. 

pie; unravel. 
Dénouement, siin. conclusion, 

catai-tropbe, issue, [pro-visions. 
Denrée, sf. commodity, ware 
Dense, a. dense, compact. 
Densité,;/'. densily,corapaclness. 
Dent, ,</■. footh, p<. teeth; notcb. 

«oiiii de—, bite. 
Dents ciicisives, incisors. 
-- de lait, young teeth. 
Etre sur les — , to he tired out. 
Denl-de-iion, sf. dandclion. 
Uecilitirc, a. dental. 
Dental, e, a. dental. 
Denté, e, a. notched, înffented. 
Dentelé, e, a. jagged, noiehed. 
Denteler, va, to indent, jag. 
Dentelle, sf, lace. 
Dentelure, sf. indenting, nolch- 

ÎDg; dented work. 
Deutieule, sm. denticle. 
Dentier, sm. sel of teeth. 
Dentifrice, a, dentifrice. 
Dentiste, sm. dentist. [of teeth. 
Dentition, sf, — tion, cutting 
Denture,s/. set of teeth, toolhing. 
Déniider,i)a. to dénude; laybare 
Dénué, e, a. stripped, devoid. 
Dénuement, sm. deprivation. 
Dénuer, va. to bereave * stiip 
Dépaqueter, va. tO * unpack. 
Dépareillé, e, a. incomplète, 

Dépareiller, va, to unmatcb. 
Déparer, va. to disfigure, spei!. 
Déparquer, va. tO let (slj.!fp) 

out of fold. 
Départ, S}n. departure, paili'.g, 

selling out. 




Départager les voies, V(U to 

' give tlie casting \ote. 

Départenieut, sm. departmeni; 
distiicl; quarlers. 

Dôpni-tcuiciUal, a. — tal. 

Départir, lia. to impari; to allot. 
Se — , ur. to desist; recède. 

Dépasser, va. to * go Leyond, 
pass ; exceed. 

Dépat'cr, va. to unpavB. 

Dépayser, va. to bewilder, send 
from home; to*put on awrong 

Dépècemeni, sm. cuttîng up. 

Dépecer, va. to * eut up; carve, 

Dépêche, s/', dispatch; raail-bag. 

Dépcclier, va. to dispatch. 
Se —, vr. to * make haste, 

Dépeindre, va. to depict, de- 
scribe, ragged; tattered, ex- 

Dépenaillé, e, a. ill clad (old). 

Bïépendaniinent, ad. — dentiy. 

Dépendance, sf. dependence, 
dependency, pi. eut houses. 

Dépendant, c, a. dépendent. 

Dépendre, l'n. to dépend on 
unhang; • talie down ; belong. 

Dépens, sjn, pi. expense; cost. 

Dépense, sf, expense; waste ; 
larder. [waslc. 

Dépenser,!;^, to'spend; expend; 

Dépen8lcr,Sïn. expensive, spend- 

Déperdition, sf. — tion, loss. 

Dépérir, vn. to decay, perish; 
décline. [ing, wasiing. 

Dépérissement , sm. perish- 

Dépétrer, va. to disengage, ex- 
Se —, to * get clear. [tricate. 

Dépeuplement, sm. dépopula- 
tion, [unpeople. 

Dépeupler, t!(j. to depopulate; 

Dépiécer, VU. to dismember. 

Dépilatoire, sm. — tory. 

Dépiler, vn. 10 dépilate. 


Dépicfiier, va. to unquilt. 

Dépister, i'«. to track. 

Dépit, sm. ■vexation ; pet ; spite. 

Dépiter, va. to 7ex;to provoke. 

Se —, vr. to fret. 
Dépitenx,8e, a. fretrul ; pettlsh 
Déplacement, sm. displacing, 

Vemoval, [move, change. 

Déplacer, va. to displace; re- 
Déplaire, Vn. to displease. 

Se — , to be ill at ease. 
Déplaisancc, sf. dislike. 
Déplaisant, e, a. unpieasant. 
Déplaisir, sm. displeasure; trou- 
ble ; annoyance. 
Déplanter, va. to displant. 
Déplantoir, sm. transplanter. 
Déplâtrer, Va. to unpiaster. 
Déplier, va. to unfold; open, 

Déplissage, sm. unplainting. 
Déplisser, unplait, unfold. 
Déploiement, sm. unfolding. 
Déplorable, a. déplorable. 
Déplorablcmcnt, ad. — rahly 
Déplorer, va, to déplore, [furl. 
Déployer, va. to display; un- 

Se —, vr. to spread ; deploy. 
Déplumer,t)a. to unplume; pick. 

Se — ,Dr. to mollit. 
Dépolir.tjci. togrind. [unpopular. 
Dépopiilariser, va. to render 
Déportation, sf. transporlatîon. 
Déportemeut, sm.. deporfment. 
Déporter, t)a. to banish; exile. 

Se — , vr. to desist. 
Déposant, e, a. s. depositor. 
Déposer, vn. to dépose; resîgn, 

deposite. [fidant. 

Dépositaire, s. depositary; con- 
Déposition, s/'. — tion; deposing. 
Déposséder, va. to dispossess. 
Dépossessiou, 5/. dispossessîon* 
Déposter, va. to dislodge. 
Dépôt, sm. deposit ; trust; chesl; 

Dépoter, va. to take ont of pot. 
Dépoiidrcr, va. to unpowder. 
Dépouille, sf. skin; crop; ef- 

fects ofadeceasedperson; spoil; 

Dépouillement, sm. despoi- 

ling ; spoliation; privation. 
Dépouiller, va. to strip;skia 

despoil; plunder, put off. 

Se — , slripotr, 'ay aside. 
Dépourvoir,i; dcpriYe,strip. 



Dépourvu, c, a. uoprcvided. 

Ah—, ad. unawares. [''''y- 

DépraTatioii, sf. — tîon,depra- 
Dcprover, va. lo déprave. 
Dcprcciatcur, — tor, déprécia- 

tiug. [depreciate. 

Déprécier, va. to undervalue, 
Déprérinlion, sf. — tion. 
Déprédation, — tion, maNersa- 
Dépreiulrc, i'«. topart. [lion. 

Se — ,lo detach one's selT. 
Dépression, sf. dépression, dip 

(of Ihe horizon). [wer. 

Déprimer, va. lo depress; lo- 
Dépriser, rrt. todespise, viliTy. 
Déprisonuer, va, to release 

from prison. [aTter. 

Depuis, ad. j>r. since; from; 

— quand? how long? 

— peqi, lateiy. 

— lougteiups, this lang whilo. 

— que, since. 

Dépuration, s^. — tion.purirying. 
Dépuratif, »c,n. depiirati-ve. 
Dépuratoire, 2. a. — tory. 
Dépurer, va, lo depuralo. 
Députalion, sf. — tion. 
Député, sm. a. deputy. 
Députer, va, lodepule, delegate. 
Déracinemcut, sf. uprooting, 

extirpation. [oui; exlirpale. 

Déraciner, va. to uproot ; root 
Déraillement, S7n. running olT 
(he hails. [Iiail?. 

Dérailler, f)!. to run off the 
Déraison, sf. folly, unreason. 
Déraîsouuable, a. unreasona- 
ble. [sonabij. 

Déraisonuer, vn. to la!k non- 
sense ; rave. [confusion. 

Dérangement, sm. disorder , 
Déranger, va. to dérange ; dis- 
order, unseltle. 

Se — , gct ont of place; dé- 
range one's self; go aslray. 
Dératé, e, a, lively, sharp. 
Dérater, i;n. to take the miltout. 
Dercclicf,,OfZ. again, once more, 
Déréglé, e. a, disorderly; irre- 

Dérèglement, sm. irregulari- 
ty, disorder, wildness. 


Dérèglement, ad. disorderlji 
wildiy. [range. 

Dérégler, va. to disorder, de- 
Se —, vr. * (0 gel ont of or- 
der, become licentious. 
Dérider, va. to smooth, nn- 

Se — , vr. to get smoolh. 
Dérision, sf. dérision; ridicule. 
Dérisoire, a. derisive. 
Dériialif, ve, a. — tive. 
Dérivation, sf. — tion, origin 
Dériie, sf. lee-way, drift, 
DériTé, sm. derivative. [drift. 
Dérirer, va. to leave the shore; 
Dernier, e, a. last; utmost 

Tvorst ; hifhest, lowest. 
Dernier, snu the last. 
En — (lieu), ad. lastly. [centiy. 
Dernièrement, ad. lateiy, rè- 
Déroliéo (à la), privately, se- 

crelly, stealthily. 
Dérober,™, lo rob ; conceal ; 
deprive ; * hide ; di-vest. 
Se — , Dr. to * steal away; 
avoid; disappeat. 
Dérocher, va. to scourmetal. 
Dérogation, sf. — tion. 
Dérogatoire, a. derogalory. 
Dérogeant, e, a. derogalory. 
Déroger,^)!, derogate ; stoop. 
Héroidir, i'(2. unstiffen; Eiipple. 
Déroiiillemeut, sm. rubbing 

ofT riifl. 
Dérouiller, va. to rub off rust. 
Sk —, vr. lo get less rusty; 
grow polished. 
Déroulement, STO. unrolling. 
Dérouler, va. to unroll; run oui. 
Déroute, sf. roui, ruin, failure. 
Dérouter, l'a. puzzle, baffle; leal 
Derrière, pr. cehind. [astraj. 
—, sm. back side. 
Des, of the, from the, someiany. 
Dés, prop. from. 

— lors, immedialely. 

— que, as soon as. [disabuse. 
Désabuser, lia. lo undeceJTe; 
Désaccord, sm, discord. ? 
Désaccorder, va. to untune. 
Dèsaccoupler, va. to uncouple. 
Dcsaccotitstmcr, va, to disac- 




de dcsnccotitiimer, vr, to 

leave off a cusiom. 
Dcsaclialandci*^ va. tO * hurt 

Ihe cusiom of. 
néoagi-éalilc, a. dîsagreeable. 
Désagréablement, ad. disa- 

greeably. [bleness; annoyance. 
nésn^ïrémcnt , sm. disagreea- 
DésiijMstcr va. to disorder ; 

Désaltérant, e, a. rerreshing. 
Désaltérer, t^a. toquench thirst; 


Se — , to qnench one's thirst. 
Désapparciller, va. to unraatch. 
Désappointer, va. to cashier ; 

Désapprendre, m. to'forgel. 
Désapprobateur, sm. di=appro- 

Ter. [bation. 

Désapprobation, sf, disappro- 
Déi^appropriation, sf. aliéna- 
tion, [prove. 
DésnpproiiTer, va. to disap- 
Désarçoiiner, Va. to unhorse ; 

throw ; upset. 
Désargenter, va. to unsllver. 
Désarmement, sm. disarming; 

Désarroi, sm. confusion, disar- 

ray. [lion. 

Désarticulation, sf. disarticula- 
Désarticiilcr, va. to disarticu- 

late. [pièces. 

Dcsassembler, va. to take to 
Désassocier, disassociate. 
Désassortir, va. to «nmatch. 
Désastre, sm. a disaster. 
Désastreiisenient, ad. disas- 

Dés.tstreux, se, n. disastrous. 
Désavantage, sm. disad-vantage. 
Dcsavaiitagetisemciit, nf/, dis- 

advantagcûusly. [\antageous. 
Désavantageux, se, a. disad- 
Désavcu, sm. disavowai, disow- 

ning. [cry, diîown. 

Désavouer, va. to disavow, de- 
Dcsccller, va. to unseal. 
Descendance, sf. descent. 
Descendant, «.descending ebb. 
— »?)!. descendant. 


Descendre, vn. to desce 

run; foll , go, corne 

alight. — va. to taise, carry 

down ; descend; go down. 
Descente, sf. going down, 

wering, landing, irruption; r 

ture, descent. 
Descriptif, ve, a. descriptive. 
Description, sf. — tion. 
Désemballer, va, to ' unpack. 
Désembarqucmeut, sm. land- 
ing. disembark. 
Désembarqucr , t^a. tO land; 
Désembonrber, va. to * drag 

ont of the mire. 
Désemparer, va. to quit ; leave. 
Désemplir, l'a. to part, empty. 
Dc9enipri8onner,î;a. to set free. 
Désenchaîner, va. to unchain. 
Déscnclaantement, sm. disen- 

Déscncbauter, Va. to disen- 

chanl ; undeceive. 
Désencloucr, va. to unnail ; 

draw a nail. finstring. 

Désenfiler, va. to unthread ; 
DésenOcr, va. remove a swel- 

ling; unswcll, eniply(aballoon). 
DésonUtire, sf. diminution. 
Désengager, va. to disenro!!. 
Désengréner, va. to disengage. 
Désennuyer, va. to divert, en- 

Se — , to amuse one's self.riiven. 
Déseiirayer, va. to unskid a 

wbeel. [cold. 

Désenrbumcr, va, to cure of a 
Déscnrouer, va, to cure ot 

hoarseness. [hoarseness. 

Se — , vr. to get rid of ono's 
Désensorceler, va, to unbc- 

wilcb. ri'irrrci. 

Désentortillc»-- v:;. to untvvist; 
Déscntraver, va. to unfelter. 
Désert, e, a. désert^ solitary. 
— , s?ii. désert, wilderne.'îs. 
Déserter, va. to désert; ' ruo 
Déserteur, sm. déserter, [avay. 
Désertion, sf. — tion . 
Désespérant,e, a. discouraging; 

disbeartening. [despair. 

Désespéré, e, disperate , in 
— , sm, desperaio, desperate per- 




nésespérémeiit, ad. despera- 

Uoscspérer, vn. to despalr — , 

va. to • driTe, to despair. 

Se —, vr. to despair, [ration. 
Désespoir, sm. despalr, despe- 
OéBlinbillé, sm. dlshabiile, un- 

Déslialil(iier,vn. to disaccustom. 

Se — , vr. to break one's self 

or a liabil; disuse. 
VéaUévvnce . sf di^herisrin. 
Iloshcriter, va. to disinhoril. 
Désiiouuête, a.dishoEest, in- 
décent, [lly. 
Désiionneur, sm. dishonour, 

DéshoiioraP^ïenicnt, ad. dis* 

Déshonorant, e, a. disgraceTul. 
Déshonorer, va. to disgrâce; 

nésiguaiion, sf. — tion, choice. 
Désigner, appoint, dénote; 

Désillusionner, va. torreerrom 

illusions; undecelvo. 
DésiiiTeeter, va. to disînfect. 
Désiufoction, sf. disinfeclion. 
Désintéressé, e, a. dislnter- 

estfd ; impartial. 
Désinléressemeut, $m. disln- 

terestedness, impartialitr. 
Désintéressement, aa. disin- 

Désinlérecser,t)a. (oindemnify. 
bésinvoltare, sf. unconslraint, 
Désir, sm. désire, wish. [ease. 
Désirable, a. désirable. 
Désirer, va. to désire, wish for; 

long for. 
Désireux, se, a. desirous. 
Désistement, sm. desistance. 

.Se —, Dr. to desist. 
Désobi'ir, v)i. lo disobey. 
Désobéifii^saiit, e,a. disobedieot. 
Wésubiigeamuient, ad. diso- 



Désoliligeance, sf. disobliglB 

Désoblîgeani,e, a disobliging. 
Désobligeante, sf. ligbl car> 

riage for two persons. 
Désobliger, l'a. to disoblige. 
Déseeiivré, e, a. unoccupied. 
Désceiivrement, sm. idleness. 
Désolant, e, a. grieTous, af- 

flicting, sad. 
Désolateur, s. desolator. 
Désolation, sf, — tion; grief, 

lateness. [grieved. 

Désolé, e, a. dcsolate, sorry, 
Désoler, va. to afflict, * lay 

waste, dlstress. 

Se —, vr. to lament. 
Désopilatif, ve.a, deobsiruent. 
Désupiler, vn. to deobslruct ; 

deoppilale; clear. 
Désordonné, c, a. Inordinate. 
Désordounément, ad. inordi- 

nalely. [senslon, tumult. ' 

Désordre, sm. disorder- dis- 
Désorganisatenr, sm. a dis- 

organizer. [nization. 

Désorganisation, j/. disorga- 
Désorganiser, vn. to disorga- 

nize. [nized. 

Se —.vr. to become disorga- 
Désorienter, va. to lead astray, 

disconcert. [reafter. 

Désarmais, ad. henceforth, be- 
Désossemcnt, sm. boning. 
Désosser, va. to boDB, unbone* 
Despote, sm. a despot. 
Despotique, a. despotie. 
Despoliquement, ad. — tlcally. 
Despotisme, sm. despotism. 
Dessaisir, va. to dispossess of, 

Se — .vr. todisseize.partwith 
Dessaisissement, sm. partin' 

with. [freshened, 

Dessalé, e, a. soaiscd, crafty. 
Dessaler, va. to freshen. 
Dessangler, va. to ungirth. 
Desséchant, e, a. drying, wilhc" 

ring. [draining. 

Dessèchement, sm. drying, 
Dessécher, va. lo wilher; 'irain; 

dry up. 
Dessein, sm. design, sclieme, 
drawing, plan, pattefn,projecl. 


A dessein, ad. on purpose. 
Desseller, va. to unsaddle. 
Desserrer, va, to loosen, ualock. 
Dessert, sm. dessert. 
Desi«eric, sf. brokCD vîctuals, 

parochial duties. 
Desservant, sm. curate. 
Desservir, va. toclearthe table; 

disoblige; todissene; to * do an 

ill orfice. [of; undecelve. 

Dessiller, va. to 0|:en Ihe eyes 
Dessin, sni. drawing, sketch, 

design, draught. |wer. 

Dessinateur, sm. designer; dra- 
Dessiuer, va. to design; * 

draw ; delineate. 
Dessouder, va. to unsolder. 

Se — , ta. to corne unsoldered. 
Dessoudure, sf. UDSolderiag. 
Dessous, ad< ^r.^under, under- 


Au- — de, au. pr. under; below. 

Ci-—, hereunder. 

Par- — , under. [upsidedown. 

Sens dessus — , iippermost, 
—, sm. under part, boltom. 
Dessus, ad. ;;r above, upon,on, 

Par- — , over, upon. [o\er. 

Au- — , bejond, abo\9. 

Ci- —, above. [tage. 

Avoir le — , to get the advan- 
—, sm. upper part; upper side, 

soprano, top- 
Destin, S7n. destiny, fate. 
Destination, s^. — tiou. 
Destin», e, a. destined, bouad. 
Destinée, sf. de^liny, Taie. 
Destiner, v. to desigu ; destins ; 

Destiiuable, a. removable. 
Destitué, e, destitule; deposed. 
Destituer, va. to discharge ; dis- 
Destitution, j/. dismissal.[miss. 
Destructeur, rice, a. destruc* 

tive. [bility. 

Destriictibilité, sf. destrucli- 
Sestructir, ve, a. destructive. 
destruction, sf. — tien, ruin. 
désuétude, sf, désuétude, di- 

kcsuiiiou, 5/. disunion, discord. 
•ésunir, va, disunite; disjoia* 

Se—, or. to * disunite, part. 



Détachement, sm.detachment; 

abstraclion. [unfaster,separate. 
Dctaclicr, va. to detach, untie; 

Se — , vr. to get loose ; get de- 

tached. [account; détail. 

Détail, sm. retail ; particular 
Détaillant, sm, retailer. 
Détailler, va. td retail; relate 

in détail. [away. 

Détaler, va. to * clear, put 
—, un, to shut up shop; scamper 

away. [out. 

Déteindre, Da- to discolour; take 

Se — , Dr. to * lose colour. 
Dételer, va, to take out borses 

from a carriage. [take down. 
Détendre, va. to uubend; • 

Se —, slacken. 
Détenir, va. to detain,hold- 
Détente, sf. trigger- 
Défentenr, rice, s. holder. 
Détoution, sf. — tion, holding. 
Détenu, e , s. prisoner. 
Détérioration, s/". — lion; wa^te. 
Détériorer, va. to deteriolate ; 

•spoil. [tive. 

Déterminant, e, a. delermina- 
Déterminatif, ve, a. determi- 

Détermination, sf. — tion. 
Déterminé, e, a. bold, froward; 

—, syn. desperado. 
Déterminer, vu. to détermine; 

décide ; settle ; cause. 

Se — , vr. to • be resolved. 
Déterrer, va. to * dig upe ; un» 

derneath; discover; exhume. 
Détestable, a. détestable, [bly. 
Détestablemeut, ad. detesta- 
Détestation, sf. — tion. 
Détester, ua. to detest; abhor. 
Détirer, va. to pull out;strecbt. 
Détonation, sf. — tion. 
Détonuer, vn. to be out ol tune : 

thunder out ; out of keeping. 
Détordre , va. untwist; undo. 
Détorquer, va, to wresl; dislor». 
Détôrtiller, va. to untwist; \in- 

ravel, [cuit; subterfuge. 

Détour, snt. winding ; turn ; cir- 
Détournement, sm. dissuasion, 

turuing, aside. 
Détourner, va, l« turn aside ; 




wrest; embezzle; dissuade; avert. 
So dctouruer, vr. to turn 
a&ide; lurn a^say. 
ï>étractcr, detract; traduce. 
Eictractciir, sm. — lor, 
!)t-ti-action, sf. — tion. 
Détraquer, ya. tO upsetj de* 

range; uEseltle. 
Dctrcuipc, sf. distremper. 
i>éircui|ici-, va. lo soften steel; 

Foak ; v.el. 
Ititvcsae, sf. diflress, 
l5étrcs8cr,!;a.tountress, unpiat. 
Bétriineut, sm. — mont, loss. 
I><-troit, sm. sirails ; uarrow. 
Détromper, va. to uudeceive; 

Se—, vr. to be undeceived. 
Détrûucineiit , S)n. delbroae- 

Détrôner, va. to dethrone. 
Détrousser, tJa. to untuck; riQe; 
let down. [ruia. 

Détruire, va. destroy; demolisli; 
Se—, vr. to ruin; decay; to kill 
one's self. 
Dette, sf. doit. 
Deuil, sm. mourning, sorrow. 
Deutérouoiuu, sm. — nomy. 
Deux, a. sm. two. 
— fois, twice. 
Tous—, botb. 
Deuxième, a. second. 
Dcuxiéuicuieiit, ad. secondly. 
Déx'ulisor, va. to rob; strip; riile. 
Devauccmeut, sm, outrunning. 
Dexaucer, 'outetrip; 'ou- 

trun ; prevent; précède. 
Dexaucier, (. predecessor. 
Devant, ad. pr. bcfore; OY«r- 
ngainst ; facing ; ahead. 
Pur- — , in présence of. 
«•;-—, forinerly. 
Au-— (aller), to go to meet. 
I-e — (prendre), to gofirts, pre- 
Devant, sm. Torepart. 
Devanture, sf. shop-front. 
IIU>Vastateur, trice, a. devas- 
laling ; — s. ravager ; desolator. 
Dévastatiou,;/'. — tioD, ravage. 

Dévaster, va. to deïastale ; ra- 
vage ; destroy. 

Développeiuciit, 5>n.UMfo]diDg, 

explanalicn, display. 
Déxeloppi^r, va. to unfold ; un- 

ravel, cxplain, develop. [get. 
Devenir, vn.lo* bocoine; * gi ow; 
Dévergonilage, sm. shameless- 

Dévergondé, o, a. shameless. 
Déverrouiller, va. to unbolt. 
Dévers, c, a. leaning. 
Devers, pr. towards , near. 

Par — , ad. before. [lean. 

Déverser, va. to throw ; warj ; 
Déver8oir,sm. wasle-weir; ovek 

Dévêtir, va. to ' strip ; undress. 

Se—, vr. to divest one's self. 
Devêtisseuent, sm. divestiture. 
Dévintiou, sf. — tion. 
Dévillage, sm. winding of silk. 
Dévider, va. to wiiid skia. 
Déxideiir, se, S. winder. 
Dévidoir, sm. winder, spindie. 
Dévier, V7i. to deviate , swerve. 
Devin, e, s. conjurer, diviner. 
Deviner, va. to divine, guess. 
Devineresse . sf. a devineress. 
Devineur, sm. diviner; guesser. 
Devis, sm. eslimate of a buil- 
ding ; talk. 

Dévisager, va. to scralcb the 

face of; fall foui of. 
Devise, sf. device ; motto ; posy. 
Deviser, V)i. converse; cliat. 
Dévisser, î;a. to unscrew. 
Dévoilement, ini. unveiling. 
Dévoiler, va. to uaveil ; revesl ; 

Devoir, sm. duty ; Usk. —s. pL 

respects; bonours. 
Devoir, va tO owe. 
Dévolu, e, a. devolded ; vested. 
Dévorant, o, a. dOTOuring, ra- 

Dévorer, va. ta devour, con- 
sume, broûk, squander. 
Dévot, e, a. devout.— s.devolee. 
Dévotement, ad. devoutly. 
Dévotion, sf. — tion , disposai. 
Dévouement, sm. devotedness, 

Dévouer, va. to dévote, dedicate. 

Se—, t« devoto «a«'s self* 



Bevoyer, va. lo mislead ; slope; 

Dextérité, s/".— rlly; skili,adress. 
Diable, sjn. devil , deuce , lorry. 

Pauvre — , a wretch. 
Dialileuieut, ad. de-vilishly. 
Diablerie, s^wilchcrart,deviIry. 
Diablesse, sf, she-devil, fury. 
Diablotins, sm. pi. chocolaté 

lozenge, devilkin. [vilish. 

Diabolif|iie, a. diaboUcal, d«- 
Diaboliquemeiit, ad, — lically. 
Diaconat, sm. deaconry. 
Diaconesse, sf< deacouessi 
Diacre, sm. deacon. 
Diadème, sm. diadera. 
Diagnostic, a. diagnosliCi 
Diagonale, sf. diagonal. 
Diagonalentent, ad. nally. 
Dialecte, sm. dialect; idiom. 
Dialecticien, sm. dialectician. 
Dialectique, s/'. — tic, logic. 
Dialcctiquemenl, ad. dialecti- 

Dialogue, sm. dialogue. 
Dialoguer, v. lo dialogue ; con- 
verse; Write. 
Diamant, S7n. diamond,adamaDt. 
Diamétral , c, a. tral. 
Diamétralement, ad. diametri- 
Diamètre, jf. diameler. [cally. 
Diane, réveille, morning-gua. 
Diantre, int. the deuce 
Diapason, sm. — son, tuning- 

forlh, pitch-pipe. 
Diaphane, a — nous; transparent. 
Diaphanéité, sf. trinsparency. 
Diapborèse, sf. — resis, pers- 

Diapborétique, a. purging. 
Diaphragme, sm. midriff, dia- 

phragm. [ted. 

Diapré, e, a. diapered, variega- 
Diaprée, sf. a violet plum. 
Diaprure, sf. diapcring. 
Diarrhée, sf. diarrbœa. 
Diastole, sf. diastole, dilatation- 
Diatonique, a. diatonic. 
Diatribe, sf. diatribe. 
Dichotomie, sf. — ray. 
Dictame, sm. dittany. 
Dictateur, sm. diclator. 
Dicltttorial, e, a. diclatotial. 


Dictature, sf. diclatorship. 

Dictée, sf. dictation. 

Dicter, va. to dictate, suggest 

Diction, sf. diction ; elocution. 

Dictionnaire, sm. dictionary. 

Dicton, sm. saying, proverb. 

Didactique, 2.a.— tic,didactic»l 

Diérèse, sf. diœresis. 

Dièse, sm. diesis ; sbarp. 

Diète, sf. diet, low diet. 

DIEU, sm. GOD. 

Diffamant, e, defaming. 

DifTamateur, sm. defamer. 

Diffamation, s/, calumny, libel. 

Diffamatoire, 2. a. defamalory. 

Diffamer, va. to defame ; tra- 
duce ; libel. 

Différemment, ad. différent. y. 

Différence, sf. différence, dis- 

Différencier,ua. to (ft'stinguish. 

Différend, sni. variance ; diffé- 
rence, [varions. 

Différent, e, a, diffcring; unlikei 

Différentiel, le, a. — tial. 

Différer, V. todiffer; deJay, 

Dirncile, a. dimcult, bard, Tas- 
tidious. [ty; hardly. 

DirOcilement, ad. witb difBcul- 

Diraculté,s/'.dif&cult y; obstacle. 

Diriicultueux, se, a. fui ol' dif- 
ficulties. [pen. 

Difforme, a. deTormed, missba* 

Difformité, sf. deTormity. 

Diffus, e,a. diffuse; prolix. [lixiy. 

Diffusément, ad. diffusely, pro- 

DiffusSon, sf. — sion, verbosity. 

Digérer, va. to digest; stomacb ; 

Digeste, sm. digest. [endure. 

Digestif, Te, a. digestive. 

Digestion, sf. digestion. 

Digital, e, a. digital. 

— sf. fox-glove. 

Digne, a. nortby, deserving. 

Dignement, ad. wortbily. 

Dignitaire, sm. dignilary. 

Dignité, sf. dignity, honour. 

Digression, sf. digression. 

Digue, sf. dike, bank, obstacle. 

Diguer, va. to dam up ; embank 

Dilacérer, va. to rate; tear. 

Dilapidation, s^. — tion. 

Dilapider, va. tO lapidate. 


i>llatalioii,s^.— tioa. expansion. 
Dilater, t'a. to dilate, extend; 

Se — ,to dilate; expand. [expand. 
Dilatoire, a. dilatorj. 
Diloctiou, 5^ — tioo, love. 
Dilcinme, sm. dilemma. 
Diligemiiicut, ad diligent!;; 

promptiy. [coach ; promptitude. 
Diligence, 5/. diligence ; stage- 
Diligent, e, a. diligent; quick. 
Diligenter, V)i. to haslen, push 
Diiuauclie, Sïii. Sunday. [on. 
Dîme, sf. tilLe; the tenth part. 
Dimension, sf. dimension, ca- 
Dlnier, vu. to titlie. [pacity. 

Diiueur, sm. tilbegatlierer. 
Diminuer, va. to diminish; les- 

sen, reduce, decrease. 
Diminutif, ve, a. s. diminutive. 
Diminution, sf. — tioDJ de- 

erease, lessening. 
Dîmissorial, o, a. dimissorial. 
Dluandier, 5772. braziur. 
Dinde, sf. turliey-hen; niony. 
Diudon, sm. turkey-cocli. 
Dindonneau, S77i. turkey-pout. 
Diudunnier, e, turlfey-keeper. 
Dtué, Dîner, 5771. dinner, din- 

ner party. ['iog- 

Dinée, sf. dining place in travel- 
DSner, va. to dine, take dlDoer, 
Dînette, sf. play dinner. 
Dîneur, se, 5. diner, eater. 
Diocésain, e, a. diocesan. 

— s. inbabitant 0! a diocèse. 
Diocèse, 5771. diocèse. 
Diopirique, $f. dioptries. 

— a. dioptrie. 
Diorama, 9771. diorama. 
Diplitongue, sf. diptitliODg. 
Diplomate, sm. — tist. 

— a. diplomatie. 
Diplomatie, — macy. 
Diplomatique, a. — tical. 
Diplôme, «772. — diploma. 
Dire, va. to tell; say; recite. 

— vr. to say to one's self. 
Cela va sans —, that wants 
no explanalioo. 

C'est-à- —, that is to say. 

Pour ainsi, — so to say 80. 

^■•e, »77i, say, acçouni, opinion, 



Direct, c, a. direct ; straighi. 

Dii*cctement, ad. directiy. 

Directeur, triée, s. director; 
manager; confesser. 

Direction, sf. — tioo, conducl. 

Directoire, S7)i directory. 

Diriger, U(i. to direct ; manage ; 
conduct, turn. 
So — , vr. to direct one's self 

Disccrnemeut, 5772. judgmeot* 

Discerner, va. to discorn. 

Disciple, sm. disciple; pupil. 

Discipliuable, a. docile. 

Discipline, sf. discipline; whip. 

Discipliner, Va. to discipline , 
ta cbastise. [nuance. 

Discontinuallon, $f. discontl- 

Discontinuer, va. to disconti- 
nue, to cease, * suspend. 

enable, a. unsuitable. 

Discunvcnance, sf. disagree- 

menl, incquality. [fuse; admit. 

^ ' ' ' ny ; re- 

U)2. to 
Discord, e, a, disaccord. 
Discordance, sf, discordance. 
Discordant, e, a. dissonant, 

jarring, discord. 
Discorde, 5^. discord, dissension. 
Discorder, va. to* be ont of tune. 
Discoureur, aey s. great talker, 

declalmer. [expatiate on. 

Discourir, V71 to discourse, to 
Discours, <77i. discourse, speech. 
Discourtois, e, a. discourteous 
Discrédit, sm. discrédit. 
Discréditer, va. to discrédit. 
Discret, e, a. (iiscreet, war}, 

Discrètement, ad. discreetly. 
Discrétion, ^A — tion, prudence, 

cautinn. [nal, discretionary. 
Discrétionnaire, a. discretio- 
Disculpation, 5^ — tion. [tify. 
Disculper, va. to eiculpate; jus- 

Se —,t)r.toexculpate one's self. 
DiscuBsil',ve,a. discutient.[bate. 
Discussion, 5/. discussion, de- 
Discuter, va. to discuss. debate; 

Disert, e, a. fluent, voluble. 
Disertement, ad. fluently. 
Disette, sf. want, scarcity. 



Diseur, se, s. teller, tal&er. 
Disgrâce, sf. difgrace; ill-Tor- 
lune. [lavoured, difgraced, 

Disgracie, c, a. deformed ; ill 
Disgracier, va. to ' pul out of 
favour; difgrace. [cefully. 

DisgracieusvmeiK, ad. ungra- 
Disgracicux, se, a. disagreea- 

Me, ungracious. 
Disjoiudrc, va. to disjoÎD, dis- 

imite, separate. 
Disjouctif, Te, a. disjunctive. 
Disjonciioii, sf. disjunclion. 
Dislocntiou, sf. — lion, takiEg to 
pièces. [to pièces. 

Disloquer, l'a. to disIocate,lake 
Disparaître, vu. to disappear, 

Disparate, a. — rate, unlike, 

Disparition, sf. disappearing. 
Dispeudieusemcut, ad. expCQ- 

Dispendieux, se, a. expensive. 
Dispesisaire, sni. dispensatory. 
Dispensateur, trice, 5. dispo- 
ser, dispenser, dispensing. 
Dispensatlon, sf. — tion. 
Dispense, sf' permission. 
Dispenser, va. to dispense, dis- 
tribute, exempt. [self from. 
Se — , vr. to * exempt one's 
Se — , vr. to disperse ; be dis- 
Dispersion, sf. — sion. [persed. 
Disponibilité, 5/. power of dis- 
posai, [able. 
Disponible, a. disposable, avail- 
Dispos, n. m. active, agile, hearly. 
Disposer, va. to dispose, ar- 
range, order. 

Se —, vr. to prépare one's self. 
Dispositif, sm. enacting clause. 
Disposition, sf. — tion, pian, 

tendency, order, disposai. 
Disproportion, sf. — tion. 
Disproportionné, e, a, — tiOQ- 
ate. [ — nally. 

Dispropvrtionnellenient, ad. 
Disproportioiincr, va. to dis- 
Disputable, a. disputable. [bâte. 
Dispute, sf. quarrel, discute, de- 


Disputer, va. to discute, con- 

tend, for quarrel. 
Se —, to dispute. [putanl. 
Disputeur, sm. wrangler, dis- 
— a. disputatious. 
Disque, sm. disk, quoit. 
Dissecteur, sm. — tor 
Dissection, sf. — tion. 
Dissemblable, 2. a. unlike. 
Dissemblance, sf. uniikeness. 
Disséminer, va. to dissiminate ; 
scatler. ' [persioQ. 

Dissémination, sf. — tion, dis- 
Dissension, sf. dissension. 
Disséqueur, sm. disseclor. 
Disserintenr, sm. dissertator. 
Disscrtatif, ve, a, — ti-ve. 
Dissertation, sf. — tion. 
Disserter, dissert, descant. 
Dissidence , sf, dissidence, 

Dissident, sm.— dent, dissenter. 
Dissimilitude, sf. — tude, un- 
likencss. [bler. 

Dissimulateur, rice, s. disseia- 
Dissimulation, sf. — tion. 
Dissimulé, e, a. dissembling. 
— , s. disserabler. [conceal. 

Dissimuler, t'a. to dissemble 1 

Se —, vr. to be dissembled. 
Dissipateur, trice, 3. spend. 

Dissipation, s^— tion, waste. 
Dissii>er, va. todissipate, spendj 
squander, divert. 
Se — , D)'. to divert one's self^ 
Dissolu, c, a. dissolule, lewds 

Dissoluble, a. dissoluble. 


Dissolution, s/. — tion, lewdness, 
'DisBolTaut, e, a, dissolvant. 

—, sm. dissolvent. [cord. 

Dissonance, sf. dissonance, dis 

Dissonant, e, a discordant, 
dissonant. [nul ; break up. 

Dissoudre, va. to dissolve, ai^ 

Dissuader, va. to dissuade. 

Disuasif, a. — sive. 

Dissuasion, sf. — sion. 

Distance, sf. distance, inter'vai. 

Dislancer, va- to distance. 

Distant, e, a. remote ; (Hst&ot> 



Dîs(cndre,t) distend; strecbt. 
Dîsteiisioii, sf.—sion, sireching. 
Distillateur, sm. distilleri 
Distillatiuii, sf. — lation. 
DÎMtillatoire, a. — lory. 
Distiller, va. to distil, vent. 
Dixtillcrie, sf. — lerj. 
OiHtiiicl, e, a. distinct, clear. 
Disliuctement, ad. distinctlj ; 

Dititiiictir, vc, diftincli've. 
Distinct 1011,$/. — lion,eminence. 
Distingue, c, a. distinguished; 

genteel, eminent. [to note. 

Distinguer, va. to dislinguish, 

Se — , vr. to distiQguish one's 
Distique, sm. distich. [self. 

Distraction, 5^. — tion, sépara- 

tien, absence, inadvertence. 
Distraire, va. to separate, di- 
sert, distract. 

Se —, to amuse one's self. 
Distrait, e, absent, inattenliTe. 
Distriliuer, va. to distribule, 

dispose, arrange. 

Se —, vr. 10 be distributed. 
Distributeur, trice,s.— butor, 
nisit'iliulir, Te, a. — butive. 
Uistribution, sf. — tion. 
Uistrict, sm. district. [^urnamed. 
ï»it, sm. sajing, — e. a. said, 
ailhyraïube, sm. ditbyramb. 
niton, sm. ditone. 
DUirnal, sm. diurna]. 
Diurne, a. diurnal, daily. [ing. 
Divagation,!/'. wandering;5tray- 
Divaguer, vn. to wander , stray. 
Divan, sm. divan. 
Divergence, sf. divergence. 
Divergent, e, a. — gent. 
Diverger, vn. to diverge. 
Divers, e, a. diverse, varions. 
Diversement, ad. diversely. 
Diversirier,iia. to diversiry,vary. 
Diversion, sf. — sion. 
Diversité, sf. — sily, variety. 
Divertir, va. to divert, embez- 

lie, recreale. 

Se— , • divert one's self, 

make merry. 
Divertissant, e, a. âivertiog, 

Divertissement, «m. dlTersiOB, 


embeizlement, eulertainment, 

Dividende, sm. dîvidend. 
Divin, e, a. divinn. [jurer, 

Divinateiar, srix. diviner, con- 
Divination, sf. — tion. 
Divinatoire, a. — (ory. 
Divinement, wl. divinely. 
Diviniser, L'a. to deifv. 
Divinité, s/ divinily, deily, god. 
Diviser, va. to divide, part, se- 

Se — , to divide. [parate. 

Diviseur, sm. divisor. 
Divisibilité, sf. — litj. 
Divisible, a. divisible. 
Division, sf, — sion, disunion 

Divisionnaire, divislonal. 
Divorce,sm. divorce, dissension. 
Divorcer, va. to be divorcfd. 
Divulgateur, trice, s. divulger. 
Divulgation, sf. divulgation. 
Divulguer, va. to divulge, pu- 
Dii, a. len. [blisli. 

Dix-huit, a. eighfeen. 
Dix-huitième, a. eighteenth. 
Dixième, s. a. tenih. 
Dixièmcment, ad. tenthly. 
Dix-neuf, a. nineteen. 
Dix-neuvième, a. nineteenth. 
Dix-sept. a. scventcen. 
Uix-septicme, a. seventeenth, 
Uizuin, sm. decatish. 
Dizaine, sf. ten, halT-a-score. 
Docile, a. docile, traclable. 
Docilement, ad. with dociilty. 
Docilité, sf. docility, obédience. 
Dock, sm. dock. 
Docte, a. s. learned. 
Docteur, sïïï. docfor. 
Doctoral, c, a. doctoral, 
Doc'toraicment, ai/. — rallj. 
Doctorat, s»i. doctorale. 
Doctrine, sf. doctrine. 
Doc nmcut,s/. — ment, tille-deed. 
Do<Iu,e, a. plumb, chubby. 
Doge, sm. doge. 
Dogmatique, sm. dogmatical. 
Doguiati(|ucnicnt, ad. — cally. 
Dogmatiser, lin. to do;,'m.ilizc'. 
Uogmatiseur,sin. adogmatizer. 
Dogme, jiii. dogma, lenet. 
Dogue, sm. jard-dogue. 




Doigt, sm. flngor, claw, toe {of 

Ihe foot). 

A deux doigts de, ad. near. 
Doigté, doigter, sm. flngering. 
Doigter, va. et n. to flnger. 
Doigtier, sm. finger-slall. 
Dol, sm. fraud, deceit. 
Doléances/', complaint, grief. 
Doieiumeiit, ad, mournfuliy. 
Dolent, e, a. dolefui, mournful. 
Dollar, sm. dollar. 
Dont, s7n. don, lord, [property. 
Uaiuaine,$>n. domain, demesne, 
Doiuauial, e, a. oï domain. 
Doiuc, Sïïi. dôme, bood. 
Doiitesiicïté, sf. dome?ticîty, 

meniai condition, servants. 
Domestique, a. domestic^tame, 

interna^ Ijome. 
— , sm. a domestic, family, man- 

servant, sf. maid-servant. 
Domicile, sm. home, domicile. 
Domiciliaire, a. domiciliary. 

Se domicilier, vr. to settle, 

Dominant, c, a. ruiing, prédo- 
minant, prévalent. 
Domiiinteitr, trice, S. domina- 

lor, a. governing, dominaling. 
Domination, sf. — tion, domi- 

Dominer, t). to rule, predomi- 

nate, command, tower. 
Dominicain, S7n. Dominican. 
Domino, sm. domino. 
Dommage, sm. damage, loss. 
Dommageable, a. injurions, de- 

Doni|>iablc, a. tameable. 
Dompter, vu. to subdue, lame, 


Se—, to govcrn one's passions. 
Domptenr, sm. subduer, lamer 

of beasls. 
Don, sm. donation, gîft, présent. 
Donataire, s. donee. [ver. 

Doiiaieiir, trice, s. donor, gi- 
Donation, .sf.— tion , deed of gift. 
Donc, c. llierefore, Ihen, so. 
Dondon,s/'. stout red-faced girl. 
Donjon, sm. lu. fret, keep of a 

caMle. [libéral. 

Douuant, ante^ a. gênerons, 

Donne, sf. dcal at cirds. 
Données, s/, dilum, pi. data. 
Donner, v. to give; heslow; 

présent; give away; snpply; 

allow; deal (cards) ; yield. 

— à entendre, to give a hint- 

— à penser, to puzzle. fven. 
Se—, to give one's self; begi- 

Donnenr, se, S. a giver. 

Dont, pr. wliom, of, from whotn. 

Donzeile, sf. wench. 

Dorade, sf. dorado, gold fish. 

Dorénavant, ad. hencefortb, for 

Dorer, va. io*gild. [tbe future. 

Dorenr, sm. gilder. 

Dorique, a. doric. 

Dorloter, va. to cocker; coddle. 
Se — , vr. to coddle one's self. 

Dormant, e, a. sleeping. Stag- 

Dormant, sm. sleeper, shroud. 

Dormeur, se, s. sleeper, slug- 

Dormeuse, sf. long chaîr.couch. 

Dormir, VU. to * sieep, slumbcr 

Dorniitir,Te,n. — tive, soporit^j 

Dorsal, e, a. dorsal. 

Dortoir, s;)î. dormitory. 

Itornre, sf. gilding. 

Dos, sm. back, ridge. 

Dos-d''ùne, steep ridge sides. 

Dose, sf. dose, portion. 

Dosse, sf. stab of wcod. 

Dossier, back of a seat, file, 
bundle of papers. 

Dossière, sf. ridgcband. 

Dol, sf. portion, dowry. 

Dotal, e, a dotal. 

Dotation,.';/'. — tion, endowmcnt. 

Doter, l'a. to endow, portion. 


Douairière, sf. dowager. [toms. 

Douane, sf. custom-bnuse, cus- 

Douaner, va.lo pass at thecus- 

Douanier, sm. CUStom house 

Doiililage, sm. shealhing. 

Double, a. double, deceitful. 

— . sm. double, fold, subslitute 

Double-croche, s/', semiquaver 

Doubicau, sm. binding-joist. 

Doublement, ad, doubly. 



1)11 IJ 

Doubler, l'a. to double, to line, 

multiply, linc a sail. 
Doiil>lc-t, s»i. doublet. 
Doublon, sîn. doubloon. 
Doublure, sf. lining, substituts. 
Douccnieiil, ad. soflly, gently, 

slowly, sweetly. 
Doucereux , so, J. sweetish , 

mawkish, affecled. 
Doucet, «e, o. dcmure, gentle. 
Doucette, sf. corn-sallad. 
Douceur, sf. sweetness , soft- 

nesf,mildness,pleasure, flatterj. 
Doucbc, sf. lopical balh. [balh. 
Doucher, va. to Ji<ve a topical 
Doucinc, sf moulding-plane, 
Douer, lYi, to endow, gift. [o?ee. 
Douille, sf. Socket. [sensiiive. 
Douillet, «e, a. sofl, délicate, 
— , s. over-delicate person. 
Douillettenieut, ad. softly. 
Douleur, sf. pain, ache, grief, 

affliction. [lully. 

Douloiireuseuieiit, ad, pain- 
Douloureux, se, a. painful,sor- 

rowful, afflicling. 
Doute, sm. doubt, fear, suspi- 
cion, appreliension. 
Douter, Vil. to doubt, question. 

Se — , vr. to suspect, surmise. 
Douteuscmeut , ad. doubt- 

fully. fous. 

Douteux, se, a. doublful, dubi- 
Douvc, sf. stave. 
Doux, ce, a. sweet, mîld, easj, 

affable, soft, smooth. 
Tout —, ad. genlly. 
Doiizuiiie, sf. dozen* 
Douze, a. twelve. 
Douzième, a. twelflh. 
— , sm. twelfth part. 
Douziènieuieut, ad. twelftbly. 
Dojcu, s7n, eldeer, dean, senior. 
Doyeuué, sm. deanship, dean 's 

pear. [shot, cornet. 

Dragée, sf. ougar-plum, small 
Drageoir, sm. dish for comfits. 
Drageon, sm. sucker. 
Dragou, sm. dragon termugant, 

Sragouuade, sf. dragooning. 
Dragoune, sf. sword-knot. 
Dragonuer, va. to dragooa. 

Draguoge, sm. dragging. 
Drague , sf, grains . drag, 

dredge. [sweep. 

Draguer, va. to drag, dredge, 
Dramatique, a. dramatic. 
— , sm. dramatic, drama. 
Dramatiste, sm. — tist. 
Dramaturge, sm. dramatist. 
Drame, sm. a drama. 
Drap,si)i.clotb,sbeet. [standard. 
Drapeau, sm. colours, flag , 
Draper, va. to mill stockings, 10 

jeer, to drape. 
Draperie ,s/'.cloth-lrade,drapery. 
Drapier, sm.woollen draper. 
Dreche, sf. malt. 
Dressage, sm. breakicg, trai- 

ning of barses. 
Dresser, va. to * erect, set up, 

rai,=e, dress; draw up; arrange ; 

Se —, vr. to ri-'ie, stand up. 
Dressoir, sm. dresser. 
Drille, sm. fellow, bard soldier. 
— , sf. rag for paper, dril-box. 
Drogmau, SHi. dragoman. 
Drogue, sf. drug, trasb, stulT, 

rubbisb. [nait 

Droguer, va. to physic; drug. 

Se —, vr. to physic one's self. 
Droguerie, sf- drug-trade. 
Uroguier, sm. medicine-cbest. 
Droguiste, sm. druggist. 
Droit, e, a. slraight, rigbt, jusf, 

upright, direct. 
— , «m. rigbt, law, claim, f«e; 

lax, equJIy, due. 
— des gens, law of nations» 
— , ad. straigbt, uprigbtly. 
Droite, 5/. che rigbt band. 

A —, on Ihe rigbt. 
Droilcmeul, ad. uprightl?. 
Droiture, sf. uprigbtness. 
Drolatique, a. bumorous,'funnï. 
Drôle, a. droll, funny, comica,. 
— , sm. sly fellow, knave, rogue. 
Drûlcmenl, ad. comically. 
Drôlerie, sf, droUery , merry 

Dromadairo, sm. dromedary. 
Dru,e, a. fledged, brisk, thick, 
Druide, sm. druid. [liYelj. 

Druidcsse, sf. druidess. 
Druidique^a. druidical|druidio 

ÉBA 101 


Drnldlfime,, sm. dism. 

Dû, sm- due, duly, 

Du, art, some, of (he, from, the. 

Dubitadon sf- — tion. 

DiibUativc, a. f. — ti\e. 

Duc, sm. duke, born-owl. 

l^llcal, e, a. ducal. 

Sïiicnt, S7n. ducal. 

Dticlic, sm. duchy^ dukedom* 

OiichesBe, sf. duchess. 

Ductile, a. malléable. 

Ttuetilité, sf. malleableness. 

Duègne, «/■. duenna. 

Duel, sm. duel, dua! number. 

Duelliste, sm. duellist. 

Dulcînce, sf. swecthoart. 

Dûuient, nd. dullj, legaly. 

Dune, sf. down. 

Duuette, sf. poop (of a ship). 

Duo, duetlo, duo. 

Dupe, sf. dupe, gull. 

Duper, lia. to dupe,„gull. 

Duperie, sf. — ry, trickey. 

Dupeur,S7?i. clicat. 

Duplicata, $m. duplicatOi 

Duplication, s/'. — lion. 

Duplicaturo, sf. (cbi.) — ture. 

Caplicîté, sf. — City, doubi» 

Duquel, voy. Quel, pro. of 

whom, of wliich, whereof. 
Dur, e, a. bard, tou^b, cruel, 

rude, severe. 

Eutoudre —, bard of bearing. 
Dure, sf. ground. 
Durable, a. — rablo, lasting. 
Durant, pr. during. 
Durcir, va. to harden, to dull. 

Se — , vr. to * barden. 
Durcissement, sm. hardening 
Durée ,s/'. duration, continuance. 
Durement, ad. bard, sevcrely. 
Durer, va. fo last, ' remaini 

continue, endure. 
Duret, te, a. somewbat bard. 
Dureté, sf. bardnesE, cruelty, 

callofily, severitv. 
Duretés, pi. bard words. 
Durillon, sm.. callosity. 
Duvet, sm. down. 
Dynamique, sf. — mical 
Dynastie, sf. dynasty. 
Djssentcrie, sf. dysentery. 
Dysscutcrîque, a. dysenterie. 


Kau, s^. water,rain,sweat, gloss. 
tian douce, fresb water. 

— do mer, sait water. 

— de fontaine, — do source, 
spring water. 

— de puits, pump water, 

— de rivière, river walefi 

— de vie, brandy. 

— bénite, boly water. [water. 
A Oeur d'— , ievel witb the 

Ebahir (s'), vr. to * le amazed. 
Ebahissemeut, sm. wonder- 

ment. [pare. 

Ebarber, v(i. to stripe, scrape; 
Bbarboîr, sm. scraper, parer. 
Ebat, sm. diversion, sport. 
Ebattre (s''), vr. * to take one's 

ease, sport. 
Ebaubi, e, a. astounded. 
Ebauche, sf. a skelcb, rongb, 

draught. [hew. 

Ebaucher, va, sketcb, rough 

Ebauchoir, stn. coarse, hatcfaet, 

bosting cbisel. 
Ebc, sf. ebb, ebb-lide. 
Elièiie, sm. ebony. 
Ebénier, sm. ebony-tree. 
Ebéniste, sm. cabinet-maker. 
Ebénistcric, sf. cabinet-work. 
Eblouir, va. to dazzle, deceive. 
Eblouissant , e, a. dazzling, 

transplendent. I^ï^" 

Eborguer, va. to blind oione 
Ebouillir, vn. to boil down. 
Eboulenieut, sm. falling down. 
Ebouler, vn. to * fall dowQ. 
Eboulîs, sm. rubbisb. 
Ebourgeonuemeut, -^m. nîp- 

ping off buds. "", 
Ebourgeouner, va. tO nipp off 

buds from fruit trees. 
Ebouriffant, o, a. astounding, 

stunning. [.flurried. 

EbourrilTé, e, a. disordered 




Ebranchement , sm. loppiog 

of trees. 
Rlirnuolipr, VU. to ' lop slrip. 
Elirauleiiient , sm. shaking, 

shocii, fcar, [disturb, agilate. 
Ebranler, t'a. to * shake, move 

S'—, vr, to mcve, * give waj, 
Ebi'écher, va. to notcll. 
Ebruiter, vn to di-vulge; hu- 
mour; publisd. [bruited away. 

S' — , vr. to * ce remoured, 
Ebullition, sf. — tien, rash, 
Ecaille,;/'. scale, shell.[eruplicn. 
Ecailler, v. lo scale, peel of; 

open oyslers. 

S' — , vr, to peel off, scale off. 
Ecaillcre, sf. ojster-woman. 
Ecailleux, se^ a. scaly, squa- 

Diose. [eggs, etc. 

Ecnle, sf. a shell off walnuts, 
Ecalcr, va. to shcll. 

S' — , vr. to corne off. [smash. 
Ecarboiiiller, va. to * crush ; 
Ecarlate.s/'. scarlet. [ding wide. 
Eearqiiilleuient , sm. spren- 
Ecarqtiillcr, va. to open wide. 
Ecart, sm. aside, fault, disgro- 

lion, straiD, slep. 

mettre à 1'—, to lay by. 
Ecartéleiuent, sm. quartering 

a crimmal. [minai. 

Ecartcler, va. toquarter a cri- 
Ernrtcnieiit , sm. séparation, 

opening, removal. 
Ecarter, va. to put, lay, turn 

aside, remove, open, discaid. 

S" — , vr. to diverge, open, de- 

Ecvlesiastc, s-/". Ecclesîastes. 
Ecclésiastique; on. Ecclesias- 
— f clergy-man. [tiens. 

— ) a. ecclesia'tic. [cally. 

Ecelésiaslif|iiciiient, ad. — 
tcervelé, e, a. harebrained. 
toliaraud. sm. scaffoid, stage. 
Ecbafuuiluge, sm. scaffolding. 
Ëcbafaiider, va. to scalTold. 
Ëcbalus, .sm. prop, stake. 
ï^chalasseuieut, sm. propping. 
fecbalasser, va. to prop a vine. 
£cbalier. .5)11. dead hedge. 
Ecbalotte, «/■. shallol. rscallop. 
Ecliaucrer, va. to* bollow out; 

Ecliaiicrare,î/'. hollow, scallop. 
Ecbauge, sm. exchange, barter« 

returu. [ter, * relurn. 

Ecbanger, va. to exchange, bar- 
Ecliniison, sm. cup-bearer. 
EcliaiiKonucrie, sf. tbe king's 

wine cellar, [tern. 

Ecliaiitilloii, sm. sample, pat- 
Ecbaiitilluniier, va. to take 

sampies; gruge; test the weigbt 

by the standard. 
Ecbanvrcr, va. to batchel. 
Ecliaii«roir, sm. batchel. 
Ei-bappado, sf. slip, [terfuge. 
Eclia|iiialoire, sf. fhil't, sub- 
Ecbappé,e,a. escaped, fugitive. 
Echappée, sf . prauk, snatch. 

— de »ue, visia, prospect. 
Echapper, va. to escape, * let 

fall, • forget one's self, * slip, 

évade, avoid. [rowly. 

Echapper belle, escape nar- 
Kchurde. sf. prickle. [thistles." 
Echardouiicr, va. to clear of 
Echarner, va. to flesSl. 
Eciiarpe, sf . scarf, sling for 

llie arm. 
Eclinrper, va. to slash,gask. 
Echar«, e, a. niggard. 
EchiisKv, sf. stilt, double-metre. 
Erbaiiboiilé, e, a. fuU of pim- 
Erliaiidagc, sm. lime-wash. 
Ecliaiidé, sm. ecbaudé, camp 
Echaiider, va. to scald. [slool. 

S" — , vr. lo * burn one s fin- 
gers; scald one's self. 
Echaudoir, sm. scalding-house. 

beatinp. [excite; chafe; inUame. 
Echauffer, va. 10 beat, warm, 

S* — , vr, to ►eat get warm, or 
excilfd, Ofangry. 
Ei'hauffuurce, sf. affray,brush, 

Echaiiffure, sf. hoat-rash. . 
Echauguctte, sf. watcb-lower. 
Echéance, sf. expiration. 
Echec, im. cneck, loss, rebulf. 

— et mat, cbeck-niats. 
Eclieojii, sm. ]>l. cbess, cbessmen. 
Echelle, sf. ladder, rack. 
Eckelou,sm. ladder-step, round. 




Echelonner, vn. to place at îd- 
tervals. [terpillars. 

Erbi^uiller, l'n. lo clear of ca- 
Eclici'cau, sm. skein. 

EcUcTclc, e, a. disbevelled. 
Eclieviu, sm. alderman. 
EclicTÎuagc, sm. aldermansbip. 
Ecliiue, sf. chine, spine. 
Ecliinée, sf. chiue (of pork). 
Echiner, va. to * break the 

liack of; beat unm. rcifully. 

S' — , to break one'sback; over- 
exert one's self. 
Echiquier , sm chess-board, 

exchequer, square-oet. 
Echo, sm. ecbo. [happen; fallto. 
Echoir, VH. lo expire, * fall out, 
Echoppe, s/', slalj, scorp. 
Echouemeut , sm. slranding} 

Echouer, vn. to * ran aground, 

shipwreck; miscarry. 
Eciuier, va. to top tiees. 
Eclabousser, va, to splasb; 

Ecl:>hou8surc, sf. î^plasb. 
Ecluir, sm. lighlning, fiash, 

flasb of lighlning. 
Eclaircie,s/'. opening in a wood, 

clear spot in a cloudy sky. 
Eclaircir, va. to clear, clariPy, 

thin, instruct, elucidate, enli- 


S"—, vr. to * become, grow 

clear, to inform one's self. 
Eclaircissement, sm. explica- 
tion, clearing. 
Eclairé, e, a. ligbted, exposed. 
Eclairer, va. to ligUt, euligh- 

ten, watch, observe. 
— , V7i. lo glitter, sliine. 

8' — ,vr. to become enlightoned. 
Eclaireur, stn. SCOut, loûk-out- 

Ecluuche, sf. leg (of mullon). 
Kclat, sm. pomp, luslre, splen- 

dour, brigbtncss, noise, explo- 
sion, scandale, shiver. 
Eclalanl, e, a. sbining, brîgbt, 

transcendant, eminenl. 
Eclater, vn. to burst , crack , 

slii\er, shine , appear, fliy into 


Eclcciisme , sm. — tism. 
Eclipse, s/, éclipse. 
Eclipser, ua. to éclipse ; surpas». 

S' — , vr. to * be eclipsed. 
Ecliptique, s/'. Iheecliptic. 
Eclisse, s/', splint, cheese-vattls. 
Kcloppé, e, (I. lame, limping. 
Eclopper, va. to lame. 
Eclore, vn. to • hacht * bloWf 

peep ; springup, 
Eclosiou, sf. halching; blowing.. 
Ecluse, sf, a sluite, lock. 
Eclusier, sm, lock-keeper. 
Ecoiuson, sm. jamb of a doorv 

Ecole, sf. school. 
Ecolier , e, s. a scholar, nOTice. 
Ecoiifluirc, va. refuse; show out. 
Economat, sm, stewardship. 
Econome, — mical , saving. — 

sm. — misi, steward. 
Economie, sf, ecoûomy, order^ 

Ecoiioiuique, — mical. 
Econoiiiii|uemenl, ud.— callj. 
Economiser, t'd. to ecoaomize ; 

Ecope, sf. scoop. [outside. 

Ecorce, sf, bark. shell, peel^ 
Ecorccr, va, to peel bark-strip. 
Ecorcfaer, va. to flay; gall, mur- 

dera language, rub of. 

S'—, to rub oï the skin. 
Ecorcheur, sm. a flayer, extoi>>' 

Ecorchure, sf, excoriation. 
Ecorner, va, to * break tha 

horns; dogs-ear a bock, curtail; 

eut dù^n. 
Ecornifler, va. tO spunge upoD. 
Ecornifleur, se, s.spunger, pa- 
Ecosse, sf. Scotiand. [rasite. 
Ecosser, va. to shell; husk. 
Ecosseur, se, sheller. [koning. 
Eco«,s»!.share ; score quota; rec- 
Ecoulemcnt, sm. ilowing , ruD- 

niog ; vent ; sale. 
Ecouler, vn. to ♦ run. 

S" — , x)r. to * rua away; Qow 
away ; retire; go off- 
Ecoupe, sf. swab. 
Ecourler, va. to'crop, shorten. 
Ecoutant, e, a, listeuiag. 




Ecoule, sf, listening-place. 
Ecouter, va. to hcar; listen to; 

hearken; attend lo. 

S' — , to indulge one'sself. 
Ecouteur, sm. listener. 
Ecoutille, sf. halchway. 
EcouTîllon, sjn.maulkin; scovol, 
Ecoiiiillouuer, i;a. tosweepout* 
Ecran, sm. screen ; tire screen. 
Ecrasement, sm.crusbing; ruin. 
Ecraser, va. to crush, squash 

ruin ; run over. 
Ecrcmage, 5»}. skimmîng. 
Ecrémer, va. to skim \ take tbe 

best of. 
Ecrevîsse, sf, crawfïsh, crab. 
Ecrier (s'), Dr. cry ont exclaim. 
Ecrin, sm, a jewel-box. [.«pell. 
Ecrire, va, lo • Write, compose; 
Ecrit, sm. writiDg, wrilten docu- 
Ecriteau,sm. bill, sign, tille. 
Ecriloîre, sf. inksland; stan- 

dinsh. [scriplure. 

Ecriture , sf. hand wriling ; 

— Sainte, tbe Bible. 
Ecrivaiileur , Ecrivassier, 

sm. scribbler; sorry writer, au- 
Ecrivain,s7n.writer, clerk. [llior. 
Ecrou, sm. screw-nut,— gaoler's 

book, [scrofula. 

Eeronellos, sf. pi. king's e\il, 
Ecrouir, Va. to sbingle iron. 
Ecrouissement, sm. sbingling. 
Ecroulement, sm. Talling in. 
Ecrouler, vti. to * fall in. 

8' — , vr. lo* fall down. 
Ecru,e,rt. unwashed; unbleached. 
Ecu , sm. sbield, esculcheon , 

crowD pièce. 
Eculiiers, sm. bawse-bole. 
Ecueil, sm, rock, danger. 
Eciiclle, sf. porringer. 
Ecuellée, sf. porringerfull, 
Eculer , va, lo * tread down the 

bcel of. 
Eeumage,sm. skimming. 

— de mer, sf. meerscbaum. 
Ecume, sf. scum, Trolb, foam. 
Ecuméuique, 2. a. gênerai. 
Ecumer, va. to foam, 5kim,frolh. 
Ecumeuz, a, frohy ; foaœj. 

Ecumoire, sf, skimmer. 

Ecurer, va. to scour, clean ont. 
Ecureuil, sm. sqiiirrcl. 
Ecureur , se , s"i. scourer ; 

Ecurie, sf. Stable, équipage. 
Ecussou, sm, esculcheon, sbieldi 
Ecussonner, va. lo bud. 
EcuBSonuoir, s»2. grafling, bud- 

Ecuycr, sm, esquire , riding- 

master, equerry, rider. 
Ecuj'ère, sf, liorse-woman. [ted. 
Edeutc, e, a. loolhless , edenla- 
E<Ienter, va. lo * break oui tbe 

leeth of. 
Edinaut, e, a, ediTylng, 
Ediûcateur, s?)i. builder. 
Ediflcaliou, s^. — lion, building. 
Edifice, sm, édifice, building, 

fabric, [found. 

Edifier, va. toedify; erectjbuild; 
Edile, sm. edlle. 
Ediliic, sf. edileshipe. 
Edit, sm. edict. decroe. 
Editer, va. to publish. 
Editeur, Sin. pubiisbera 
Edition, sf. édition. 
Edrcdon, sm. eider-down. 
Educutiou, s/'.— lion,breeding. 
Eduquer, va. lo rear; bring up. 
ECTaf ablc, u.effaceablo, erasable. 
Effacer, va. lo efface, strikeout, 

éclipse; erace. 

8'—, to be effaced ; stand bacit. 
Effoçure.s/".erasure, oblitérât] on. 
Effauer, va. to pull off Ihe lea^es. 
Effarer, va. lo scare ; frighlen 

S'—, vr. to * be scared. [away. 
Effuroucbcr, va. lo fright. 

S** — , vr. to be scared. 
Effectif, Te, a.— ti-ve, effectuai. 
Effecti%'cment, ad. rcally. 
Effectuer, va. to elect, perfcrra. 
Efféminutiou, sf. — nation. 
Efféminé, e, a. effemiuale , wa> 

Effémincr, va. to efferainate. 
Effervescence, sf. — cencc. 
Effet, S7n. effect , exécution , de- 
sign, producl, bill ef exchange; 

Effeuiller, va. U'Etrip off leaves 




Efficace, a. erficacious, efficient. 

— , sf. efficacy. 
Efficacement, ad. — cionsi;. 
efficacité, sf. — cy ; efficiency. 
KrOgie, sf. effigy. 
Effile, sm. plaiD, Tr'UgS' 
C<:rfilé, e, a. slender, unwoven. 
Effiler, va. to ra-vel. 

S'—, to fray out ; ravel. 
Effilocher, va. to draw tbreads. 
Effilures, sf. ravelling. 
Efflanqué, e, a. lean, lank. 
Effleurer, va. to glaze ; touch 

slightly; skim over. 
Ef floreeccuce, sf. efflorescencet 
Effondrement, sm, deep dig- 

Effondrer, va. to * dig deep ; 

subsoil ; slave in a cask. 

S' — , vr. to give way, fall in. 
Effondrillcs , sf. pi. dregs, sé- 
diments, [endeavour. 
Efforcer (S'), vr. to * stiive, 
Effort, sm. effort, endeavour; 

sirain; trust. 
Efl'raclion , s^ breaking. 
Effrayant, e,«.frighirul, terrible. 
Effrayer, va. to frighten, alarm. 

S' — , vr, to be frightened. 
Effi-éuê, e, a. unbridled, ungo- 

Effroi, sm. fright, terror. 
Effronté, e, a. sbameless. 

— e, i. impudent, person. 
Effrontément, ad. impudently. 
EffroLiSeric, sf. effrontery, im- 
Effroyable, a. rrightruljhîdecus, 

wonderful , dreadful. 
Effroyablement, ad, fearfully, 

Effusion, sf. effusion, outpou- 

rirg; openness of heart. 
Egal , e,a. s. equal , even, uni- 

form, indiffèrent. [both. 

Egalement , ad. equally , alike , 
Egaler, equal; alike; even; 

compare, macbt. [equal. 

S' — , vr. to mate one's self 
Egalisation, sf. — zaljon. 
Egaliser, va. to equalize, level. 
Egalité, sf. equality , evooness, 


Egard , sm. regard , respect, at- 
tention, considération. 

A l'— de, prép. as to , as for. 
Egaré, e, wandering, wild, lost, 

stray. [error ; wildness. 

Egarement , stn. wandering , 
Egarer, va. (o'mislp'^d. to mis- 

lay a thing. [der. 

S'— ,t)c. to lose one's way; wan- 
Egaycr , va. to enliven , rejoice. 

S'—, vr, to be cheerful ; make 
Egitle, sf. shield , œgis. 
Eglantier, sm. eglautine, brîar. 
Egiantine, sf. dog-rosOi 
Eglise, sf. a church. 
Eglogue , sf. eclogue. 
Egoïsmc, sm. — ism, selfishness. 
Egoïste, s. egoist, selflsh. 
Egorger, va. to * eut the troal 

of; slaugbler, 

S'—, vr. to eut one's own 
throat ; raurder each olher. 
Egorgeur, sm. cut-throat. 
Egosiller (s') , vr. to ' make 

one's throat sore with shouting, 

sing loud. [of a roof. 

Egout, sm. sewer, sink, «aves, 
Egoutter,t;?t. to drain. 

S'—, vr. to drain. [rack. 

Egouttoir, sm. drainer, plate- 
Egoutiure, sf. drainings. 
Egraincr. V. Egrener. 
Egratigiicr, va. to scrafch. 

S''—, VI'. scralch each olher, 
Egratignurc, sf. scratch. 
Egrener, va, lo * shell Out, 

Egrillard, e, a. sprigbtly, Issiab 
Egi'illoir, sm. grate , grattog. 
Egrisée, sf. diamond-dàst. 
Egriscr, t>a. to'grind ai. moadi. 
Egrugeoir , sjli. mortar. 
Egruger, va. lo bruise ; pound. 
Egueuler, va. to ' break the 

gullet of a pot, etc. 
Egyptien , ne, s. gipsy, Egyptiaa. 
Eh! int. ah 1 
Elionté, e, shameless, 
EjaciBlatiun, sf. — tioD. 
Ejaculateur, ti-ice, a. ~- iOtJ. 
Elaboration, sf. — lion. 
Elaboreri va, to elftboiatei 




Elaguer, va. lo * lop ; suppress. 
ICIan, sm «uiiDg; flisht spring, 

RlnuccDicnt, sm. twfDgc; year- 

ning; sbooting. 
El:inccr, vn. 10 push on, fhoot. 

S' — , vr. lo rush; spring l'or- 

ward, dosli, darl. [libérale. 

Elargir, va. to widen , release, 

Elargissement . sm. enlaige- 

nient, libération. 
Eiiislicilé, sf. — cily. 
El::sliqiie , a. elastic , buojant. 
Electeur, sm. elector. 
Eleclir, »e, a. electi'vo. 
Election, sf. — tion, cboice. 
Electoral , e, a. rai. [sbip. 

Eleetornt, sm. — rate, elector- 
Elccii-icc,s/'. eleclress. 
Electricité, sf. — citj. 
Electrique, 2. a. elettrfc. 
EIccIrisialion , sf. — zation; 

Electriscur, sm. ciccirifler. 
Electriser, va. to elfclrify. 
Elégauinient, ad. elegantly. 
Eléisance, sf. élégance. 
Elégant, e, a. eiegant, fine. 
Elégiaque, a. elegiac. 
Elégie, sf. elcgj. 
Elément, s))i. élément. 
Elémentaire, a. — tary. 
Eléphant, sm. éléphant. 
Elévateur, sm. — tor. 
Elévation, sf. — tion; raising; 

height; lofliness; rising. 
Elève, sm, pupil, scholar, ap- 

prentice. [elevaled, bigli. 

Elevé, e , a. bred , educaled, 
Elever, un. to raife; erecl; * 

bring up; extol,* educate; rear. 

S'—, vr. to'rise,* arise, * bear 
off, raise one's seir, * amount. 
Eleveur, sm. caltle-breeder. 
Eligibilité, s/'. — lity. 
Etinter, vr. 10* wearout. 
Eliminer, "li. to eliminate, 

etrike oui. 
ESire, va. to elect, * choosCt 
Elisiou, sf. elision. 
Elite, sf. cboice, best. 
Eliiir, sm. elixir. 

Elle, pro. t. sbe, 
Ellipse, sf. ellips 

, her, U. 

Elliptique, a. — tical. 
Elocution, sf. — tion. 
Eloge, sm. elogy, praise. 
Eloigné, e, a. distant, remota- 
Eloiguement, sm. removal, ab^ 

sence, distance, aversion, es- 

Eloigner, va. to remove, es- 

traiigr; send away; teep away; 

put off. 

S'—, vr. to go awaj; swerve, 

deviate, diverge, differ. 
Eloquemment, ad. eloquently. 
Eloquence, sf. éloquence. 
Eloquent, e, a. éloquent. 
Elu, c. elected, chosen. 
Eluciilatiou, sf. — tion. 
Eluculiratiou, sf. lucubratiOD. 
Eluiler, va. to élude; évade. 
Email, sm. enamel. 
Emailler, vn. lo enamel. 
ICmailleur, stn. enameller. 
Emaillure, sf. enamelling. 
Emanation, sf. émanation. 
Emancipation, sf. — tion. 
Emanciper, vn. to emancipate. 

S' — , vr. to make too free. 
Emaner, vu. to emauale. [note. 
Emargement, sm. marginal 
Emarger, va. to Write in the 
Emaux, sm. colours. [margia. 
Emballage, sm. packing. 
Emballer, VU. to pack up ; send 

lo prison. 
Eniballeur,.':7n. [station. 
Embarcadère, 5t?î. jelly, wharf, 
Embarcation, sf. small-craft. 
Embargo, SIX. einliargo. 
Embarquement, sm, embarka- 

tion, shipping. [ship. 

Embart|uer, va. to embark, to 

S'—, to embark; go on board. 
Euibai-ras, sm, enil anassmenl, 

encumlirance; perpiexily, trou- 
ble, obstruction. 
Embarrassant, e, a. embarras- 

sing, trouble-some, perplexlng. 
Embarrasser, t:a. lo embarrass, 

encuraber, perplex. 

S'—, vr. lo ' be enlangled 
1 • gel embarrassed 




Embasement, sm. basement. 
Einbattre, va. to ti'^e; sboe a 

embauchage, sm. hiriog, de- 

coying, enga^ing, seducing. 
Embaucher, t'a. tohire, seduce; 

tamper willi. 
Emhniio^eur, sm. recruiter. 
EiubaiK: joir, sm. boot-tree. 
Emba-.<n>eiiieiit, sm. embal- 

Embaumer, va^ to embalm, 

Embaumeur, sm. embalmer. 
Embéguincr, va. to muTtle up. 

S' — ,vr. tobecome'infatualed. 
Embellir, va. to embellisb, 

— , vn. to * grow handsome. 
Eiubellîsscmeiit, sm. embel- 

Embesogné, e, a. busy. [ring. 
BCiiïbêlaiil, e, a. annoyiog, bû- 
■Ciubêter, va iù stupify, annoy, 

Emblaver, !;t!. to sowwith wbcat. 
Emblée (d'), ad. at the firsl 

Emblcuiatii|ue, a. — tical. 
Eiulilème, sm. emblem. 
Emboirc, vn. to soak in. 
Emljoilemeiit , sm. jointing, 

filting in. [bnx up. 

Embniter, va. to joint, * lit iii; 
Embottiire, sf. joint; socket. 
Embonpoint, sm. lustiness; 

sloutncss; obesity. 
Embordurer,t)a. to Trame. [bear. 
Embossagc, sm. bringing to 
Emboucher, va. to bit a horse, 

• pat to the moKth; blow a 

trumpet. [river). 

S'—, vr. to df.,,',harge (as a 
Embouchoir, sm. moutb pièce. 
Embouchure, sf. river's mouth, 

bit, moiilli-piece socket. 
Embouqiier,ua. to enter astrait. 
Embourber, va. lo * put in the 

mire; involve. 

S^ — , vr. lo * slick in the mud. 
Embourrer, vn. to Slulî. 
Embranchement , S)n. brau- 

cbing; brancb; branch-Iiae. 

Embrancher ^ va. to brancb; 

S —, vr. to join. [toin» 

Embrasement, sm. conflagra- 
tion, splay of a window. 

Embraser, va. to * set on fire, 
S' — , vr. take fire. [inflame. 

Embrassade, sf. embrace. 

Embrasse, sf. curtain-loop. 

Embrasscment, sm. embrace. 

Embrasser , va. to embrace, 
comprehend, kiss ; encircle; 

Embrasure, sf. embrasure. 

Embrcaier, va. lo befoul. 

Embrocher, va. to spit. 

Embrouillement, sm. Confu- 
sion; embroilment. 

Embrouiller, va. to perplex, 
confuse; embroil; entangle. 
S'—, vr. to embroil one's self; 
look foui; lower; getconfused. 

Embruiné, e, a. blîghted. 

Embruusé, e, a. fo.cgy; hazy. 

Embryon, sm. embryon; fœtus. 

Embûche, sf. ambuf^h, snares. 

Embuscade, sf. ambu cade. 

Embusquer, ra. to place in am- 
S'— , vr.*lie inambusb. [bush. 

Emender, va. to amend. 

Eracraude, sf. emerald. 

Eincri, sm. emery. 

Emerillou, syn. swiTel, merîlD. 

Emérite, s. a.emerited; retired. 

EmersioiLS/. emersion. [tonish. 

Emerveiller, va. to amaze, as- 
S'— , vr. to wonder. 

Emclique, a. emetic. 

Emétiser, va. to render emetic. 

Emettre, va, to émit; issue, 

Emeute, sf. riot, insurrection. 

Emeutier, sm. rioter. [ble. 

Eiiiier, Emietter, VU. to crum- 

Emigrant, sm. emigrant. 

Emigratiou, sf. — tion. 

Emigré, e, emigrant, emigrateo 

Emigrer, vn. lo emigrs',^. 

Emincer, va, mince. 

Eminemment, ad. eminently» 

EuiiiBcnce, sf. eminence. 

Eminent, e, a, emincnt, higb» 

Emiiientissinie, a, IQOSt. 

Emir, sm, emiii 




Emissaire, i>m.einissar;,out1et. 
EmiBsioii, sf. émission, issue. 
Eminngn^iuage, siïl. ^'hare- 

house. [bouse. 

Euimngasiner, va. to wliare- 
Einmaillolcr, va. to swalhe, to 

Emmaiirlieiucnt, sm, hartiug. 
Emmiiuclicr , va. to baTt; set 

about. [malter. 

Eminaiiclioiir, sm. handle- 
Enimaurliiifc, sf. sieeve-bole. 
Emmariué, e, a. birdened ia 

sea-service. [season. 

Eminariiicr, va. to man a ship; 
Emménagement, sm. removal 

10 a bouse; InstalliDg. 
Emménager (g''), va. to fake 

possession oT a new lodging. 
Emmener, va. to cany away, 

to * lead; bring; talce. 
Emmieller, ta. 10 sweetBD 

^vîlb boney; boney. 
IRramilouncr, va. to murQe up. 
Emoi, sm. trouble, auxiety, 

Emollicnt, e, a. emollient. 
S!:molumen(, sm, émolument. 
Emoude, sf. dung of hawks. 
ESnionder, IY(. to prune; * trim. 
tEmoiiou. s(. émotion, distur- 

bance. [of- 

Enintter, va. to break tbe clods 
Emonclicr, va. to * rid of Oies. 
ESmoucliet, sm. muskel-liawk. 
Emouchuir, sm. fly-flap. [etc. 
Emoiidrc, lirt. to *grind (knives, 
Emouleur, sm. grinder. 
Emoussé, e, a. blunt, dull. 
Emousser, va. to clear of moss; 

blunt, dull. [excite, stirup, start. 
Emouvoir, va. 1o move, affect, 

S' — , Vf. to risc; be excited. 
Empailler, va. to * BU with 

ftraw, to slull (animal); pack up 

in siraw. [mer, stuffer. 

En9)iaillciir, 8e, s. cbair-botlo- 
Em[>nlemen<, sm. empalement. 
Empiiler. va. to empale. 
Eiii|i:>iinrlier, vit. to adorn witb 

(\'allicrs [dumc. 
Eni|>aqneler, va. (0 ' make 

into a bundie, to * pack up. 

Emparer (s'), vr. to take pos- 
session of; seize upon; cccupy. 
Empàlemeut, sm. clamminess; 

cramming; impaslalion. 
Empâter, va, to * make sticky; 

to cram ; to fatten; to blend. 
Empaumer, va, to strike (a bail 

at tennis); grasp, wUeedIe. 
Empanmnre, sf. top antlers oft 

slag; palm ofa glove. 
Empêchement, sm. hinderance, 

obstacle, impediment. 
Empêcher, ta. to hinder, pre- 

vent, stop. 

S' — , vr. to • help; présent. 
Empeigne, sf. vamp of a shoe. 
Empellemcnt, sm. sluicBi 
Empereur, sm. emperor. 
Empesage, sm. starcbing. 
Empeser, va. to starcb* 
Empester, va. to infect; taint. 
Empêtrer, va. to entangle, ham 

jer. [poîiiy; bombast: 

Emphase, sf. emphasis, pom 
Emphali>|uc, a. — lic. [cally 
Eiiiphaliquemciit, ad. — ti- 
Empiéter, va. to cncroach; iU' 
Empiler, pile; stack. [vade. 
Empire, Sm. empire, sway, rule, 
Empirer, va. to * make worse. 
— , vn. to * grow worse. 
Empirique, a. — rical. 
Empirisme, sm. empiricism. 
Emplaceuient, sm. ground, 

place, spot; slite. 
Emplâtre, sf. plaster. 
Emplette, sf. b3rgain,purcbase 
Emplir, va. to RU. 

S'—, vr. to eu. 

Emploi, sm. use, employ, em- 

ployment, office, place. 
Employer, va. to use, to employ. 

S'—, vr. to dévote, or em- 
ploy one's self. 
Emplumé, e, a. feathered. 
Empocher,va. le pocket, [clutch. 
Empoigner, va, (o grasp, seize; 

S'—, vr. to seize eacb otber. 
Empois, sm. starcb. [ning. 

Empoisonnoment, sm. puiso- 
Empoisonner, va, to poison, 

infect, corrupt. [soner. 

Empoisonneur, se, s. a. poi" 




Enipoiaser, va. to pitch. 

EiupnissoiiiivmeuC, «m, stock- 
ing with fish, [with flsh. 

Empoissonner, Da. to stock 

ICmporlé, e, a. S. passionate. 

Ëniporlenicut, sm. passiOD ; 
transport; fit, ■violence. 

Emporta-pièce , 5m. punch; 
bitlfir salirist. 

Emporter, va. lo carry away, 
imply, pre\ail, obtain, * take 
out; surpass; outdo. [sion. 

S'—, vr. lo * fly into a pas- 

Empoler, va. to pot; put in pot. 

Empourprer, L'u. to purple. 

Empreindre, va. lo imprint, 
impress; stamp. [ged. 

Empreint, e, a. impressed ; tin- 
Empreinte , sf. impression, 
stamp. [ward; eager. 

Empressé, o, a. assiduous; for- 
Empressement, sm. eagerness, 
alacritj, haste, assiduity. 

Empresser (s^), vr, to * be ea- 
ger; hasten; make haste. 

Emprisonnement, sm. impri- 

Emprisonner, va. tO imprison. 

Emprunt, sm. a loan. 

Emprunter, va. to borrow, de- 
rive; receive, assume. 

Emprunteur, so, s. borrower. 

Empjrée, a. empyreal. [— tress, 

Emulateur, trice, a. — tor; 

Emulation, sf. émulation. 

Kmnie, sm, rival, competitor. 

I!':mulsion, sf. emulsion. 

Ha, pr. in, into, for, by, of, like. 

— avant, ad, forward. 

— liant, above, up slairs. 

— bas, below, down, stairs. 
~,pro. ofhim, of her, of them, 

«fit, on it, al il, to it, it, any, 
jeme, Ihence. 

Encablure, sf. a cable's lenglh. 

^ncaclremcut, sm. framing; 

Encadrer, va. to * fiame; sur- 
round; enoircle. 

Encager, va. to cago, encage. 

Encaissement, sm, putting, 
tubbing plants, elc. 

Encaisse, if, cash in band. 

Encaissé, e, a, having steep 

Encaisser, va. to pack up, case. 
Encan, sm.auctioa sale, auclion. 
Encanailler, va. to dégrade; 

lowed. [low Company. 

S'—, vr. to dégrade one's sell'by 
Encnpiiclionner (s^) , vr, ta 

wear a hood ; muffle one's head. 
Eucaquer, va. to barret. 
Encastelure, sf. contraction ùt 

the hood. 
Encastrer, va. to fit in, let in> 
Encaustique, sf. encaustlc. 
Encavcr, va. to ' store in acel- 

lar. [round. 

Eneeindre, vr. to enclose; sur- 
Enceinte, sf. enclosure, circuit, 

fence; place, room. 
— , a. pregnant. 
Encens, sm. incense, flattery. 
Encensement, sm. censing, 

perfuraing. [worship. 

Encenser, V. to cense; incense; 
Eaiceiiseur, SîH. llatterer. 
Encensoir, sm . censer. [cession . 
Encliaînenient, S}}?, cbain; sue- 
En chaîner,i;a. tochain,enchain, 

S' — , vr, to be linked togelhcr. 
Encbaiuurc, sf. concaténation. 
Euchanteuicnt, ^m. enchant- 

ment, delight. [gic. 

Eucbanté, c, a. enchanted; ma- 
Enckantcr, va, to enchant, de- 
Enchanteur, im. enchanter. 
Eiicbanteres^e-.s/'. enchantress. 
Encbaperonuer, va. to hoodi 
Enchâsser, va. to enchase, 

enshrine. [ting. 

Enchâssurc, sf. enchasing, set- 
Encbausser, va, to earth up 

Enchère, sf, bidding, bid. 
Enchérir, va. to outbid, raisc; 

bid for. 
— , vn. to raise in price. [in price. 
Enclicrissemcnt , sm. rising 
Enchérisseur, sm. biddcr. 
Enchcvaucbure , sf. lapping 

Enchevêtrer, va. to halter. 

B''—,vr. toget enlangle. 




Enchevêtrure, s[. chimney- 

beam, halter-cast. 

Encliifrcncmciit , 5m. stop- 
page in Ibe nose. 

Eiicliiri-ciier, va. to cause a 
coid in Ibe bead. 

Eticlave, s/, boundary. 

Eiiclaveiueiit, sm. enclosing. 

Enclaver, la. to enclose, sur- 
round, [«ipt. 

Enclin, e, a. inclined, prose, 

Eiicloîtrer, va. to cloisier up. 

Enclore, va. to enclose, fence. 

Enclos, sm. enclosure. 

Enclouer, va, to prick a horse. 

Enclouure, s/, pncking of a 
horse 's foot; spiking of a gun. 

Enclume, sf. UQYil. 

Encliimeau, sm. hand an\il. 

Encoche, sf. notcb. 

Encoffrer, va. to coler: hoard; 
put in prison. 

Encoguure, sf. corner, angle. 

Encollage, 5m. sizing; size. 

Encoller, va. to size. 

Encolure, sf. Ibe chest cf a 
horse; looks. [dont. 

Encombre, sm. cumber, acci- 

Eucombrcment, sm. incumbe- 
ring, obstraction. [truct. 

Encombrer, t!«. to stop up; obs- 

Encontre, sf. counler. 
A r — , ad. against. 

Encore, nd. jet, again, even, 
besides, still, more. 

— que, though. 
Encorné, e, a. horned* 
Encouragement, sm. — ment. 
Encourager, va. to encouiage, 

incite. [o'"g. 

Encourageant, e, a. eccoura- 
Eiicourir, va. to incur. 
Encrages?», inking. 
Encrasser, i!(i. to diity; soil. 

S*—, Dr. to get dirty. 
Encre, xf. ink. 

— tlo Chine, india ink. 
Encrer, va. to ink. 
Encrier, sm. inksland. 
Eiicroué, c, a. entangled. 
Eiicroùié, e, a. inveterate. 
Encroûter, ta. to cover nith a 


S^cncroûter, vr. to (alher a 

Eucuver, va. to* put into a tub 

Encyclique, a. — clical. 

Encf'clopéilie, sf. encyclopedia 
Encyclo|lcilique. a. — dian. 
Enilctter, va. to bringinto debt 

8' — , vr. to run into debt. 
Endêver, vil. to * be vexed, 
Endiablé, e, a. possessed, de 

testahle. [one's Sunday clolbe: 
Enilimaucher (s'),vl'.to*put on 
Endoctriner, la. tO iudoctri 

nale; teach. 
Endolori, e, a. painful. [injure 
Endommager, va. to damage 
Endormeur, sm. wheedier, ca- 
joler, [benumb, cajole 
Endormir, va. to lui! asleep ; 

S'—, tir. to * fall asleep. 
Endos, sm. endorscment. 
Endossement, sm. endorse- 

ment. [on; ïaddle with 

Endosser, va. to endorse, toput 
Endosseur, S)n. endorser. 
Endroit, sm. place, spot, side, 

part, passage ; right side of a 

Enduire, va. to * dû over, coat. 
Enduit, sm. coat. [ring- 

Endurant, e, (/. patient, endu* 
Endurcir, va. to harden, inure, 

S*—, i'?'. 10 grow bard, become 
hardened. [callousness. 

Endurcissement, s »7. bard ness, 
Endurer, l'a. to endure, sulfer. 
Energie, sf. energy, power. 
Energique, a. ene;getical. 
Encrgiquement, ad. — tically, 
Eiici-giimène, s. a demoniac. 
Enerver, va. to eaervate, wea- 

ken. [of. 

Enfaiicr, va. to coTer Ibe ridg 
Eiifuiice, sf. infancy, chilhood. 
Enfant, s. cbi'.d, ialaiit. 
— trouvé, foundling. [hope 
Enrants perdus, pi. forlora 
Enfantement, sm. cbitdhirth, 
Enfanler, vu. tO * bring forth. 
Enfantillage, S)», cbildislincss. 
Enfantin, c, a. cbildisb, infan- 

Eufariuer, va, to Qour; âust. 




Enfer, sni. hell. [close, comprise. 
Enfermer, va. to * shut, to en- 

S' — , vr. to shut one's self up. 
Enferrer, va. le * run through, 

pierca, [inconsideratelj. 

S' — , tir. co ' hurt one's self 
Enfllade, sf. suite of rooms, 

string, séries, enfilade. 
EnQIer, va. to Ihread, * string, 

* go through, * run Ihrough. 

S'—, vr. to he run through; 
get involved. 
Enfin, ad. in fine, at last, in short. 
Enllauimé, e, a- burning, on 

fire, ignited. [on fire; ignite. 
Enaainuier,va. to inflame, * set 
Enfler, u to * swell up; pufT up. 

S' — , vr. to swell; rise; be puf- 

fed up. [clalion. 

Enflure, sf. fwelling, bombaft, 

Enfoiiçage,sm.boltominga cask. 

Eufonceinciit,sm. breaking in, 

recess, driving. 
Enfoncer, va. to ' break open, 

to * thrust in, to * sink, rout. 

S' — , vr. to penelrale, plunge; 

Eufonceiir de portes ouver- 
tes, sm. boaster; braggart. 
Enfonçui-c, sf. bollora of a bed- 

slead; hollow, ca"vity. 
Cnforcir, va. to strengthen, to 

gather strenght. 
Enfouir, va. to * hide; bury. 
Enfouissement, sm. hiding, 

Enfourcher, va. to besirîde. 
Eufourchure, sf. setling in 

Enfournei., va. to * set in Icaves. 

S' — , vr. to get inlo. 
Enfreindre, VU. lo infringe- 
Enfreinte, sf. iurraclion. 
Enfroqucr (s''),ur. lo turn monk. 
Enfuir (s'), vr. to ttoe ; lly run 

away; escape ; run ont; disap- 
Enfumer, va. to smoke, [pear. 
Enfutailier, ua. to barrel. 
Engageant, e, a. engaging, 

winning. [raortgage,eulislment. 
Engagement, sw. — ment, 
Engager, va. lo indiice, enlist; 

mortgage; engage; pswn, invite. 

S'engager, vr. to enlisi, I ind 
one's self, *run in debt , en- 
Engagiste, sm. mortgagee. 
Engaîuer, l'a. lo * sheatli. 
Euganter, va. to gain upon; 

Engeance, sf. brood, race-. 
Engcncer, va. to embarras?; 

saddie with. 
Engelure, sf. chilblain. 
Engendrer, va. to engender, 

produce, * beget, breed. [sheaf. 
Eugcrber, va.' bind insheaves. 
Engin, sm. engine, craft, skill. 
Englober, va. to unité, * mix. 
Engloutir, VU. to swa'llow up, 

inpulf, absorb, squander. [lime. 
Engluer, va, to daub with bird 
Engonce, c, a. awkward. 
Engoncer, va. to disfigure. 
Engorgement, sm. obstructiOTl, 

congestion. [struct. 

Engorger, va. to choke up, ob- 
Engoueuicnt, sm. choking, in- 

faluation, foiiduess. 
Engoueras''), vr. to cboke one's 

self, tn * be infatualed. [gulfed. 
Engouffrer (s''), vr. to * be in- 
Engouriti, e, a. torpid; dull as- 

lerp. [dull. 

Engourdir, un. to benumb 

s" — , vr. to get dull, torpid. 
Engourdissement, STO.benum- 

bed ncss, stilness, dullness. 
Engrais, sin. fat, pasture, ma- 

niirc, compost, falting. 
Engraisser, va. lo falton, ma- 

nure, cram, enrich. 
Engranger, l'O. lo house COm. 
Eugraver, to strand. 
Engrenage, sm. gear; gearing. 
Engrener, vn. to feed a mill. 
— , m lo Ihrow inlo gear; • teed 

uilh cnrn. [child (low). 

En;;rosspr, Va. tO * gel wilh 
Enharilir, l'a. lo embolden. 

.««''—, vr. lo make buld. [ing. 
Enliarnaclicnient,sm. harness- 
Enliarnaciier, va. to baruess, 

Euigmniique, a. — tical. [callj. 
Enigmati<iuomcutj ad. — U' 




Rnigmc, sf. coigma. 

iCnivré, e, a. drunk, inloxica- 
ted, conceited. [transport. 

■':i>ii'i-ciuciit, S7n, iiiloxicaliiig 

ecuÎTrer, vn. to * intoxicate; 
inebriale. [catcd. 

8' — , vr. lo get drunk, intoxi- 

Bnjamlicc, sf. slrido. 

Enjaiubemcul, S)7i. running of 
a verse. [jsi'tï encroacb. 

Enjamber, v. to * slride, pro- 

KnjGii, sm. stake (at play). 

Knjoindre , va. to enjoin, 
charge. [joie. 

Eujûlcr, va. to invcigle, ca- 

Enjfilcur, se, s. inveigler; ca- 
joler, [ment. 

Enjolivement, sm. embellish- 

Enjoliver,i;fT. embellish,* ?ct ol. 

Enjoliveur, sm. embulli^hc^. 

Enjoué, e, a. playful, sportive, 
merrj. [spriglitliness. 

EBijoucmcnt, 5?n, spoi liveness, 

Enlacement, Sf)!. entangling, 
interlacing. [fold. 

Enlacer, ta. to enlace; twine: 

Fnlaidir, v. to disligure, to * 
grow ugly. [rement. 

Eiilaidissemt'nt, sm. disfigu- 

Eulévement, sm. carrjing off, 
clearing, removal. 

Enlever, va. to lift up, carry 
off ,* take off, raise; flay. 
S' — , Dr. to corne offjrise. 

Enleveur, sm. kidna]iper. 

Enicvure, sf. pustule, pimple. 

Enlnwiner, la. to colour. 

Enliiminotir, sm. colourer. 

Enluminure, sf, colouring tin- 
sel, [fiend. 

Ennemi, e, a. s. ennemy, foc, 

— , a. unfricndly, hostile, [vate. 

Ennoldir, va. to ennoble, cle- 

Ennui, sm. tc'diousness, vexa- 
tion, irksomeness; spleen an- 
noyance. [some. 

Ennuyant, c, a. tedious; tire- 

Ennujier, va. to weary, tire. 
S'—, vr. * be tired. 

Eunu)eu8ement,af2. tediously. 

Ennujeux, se, a, S. wearisome, 
tiresome, tedious. 

Enoncé, enuncicrtion; statemeuti 

Enoncer, va. to express, enun< 

ciate, stale. 

S' — , vr. lo express one's self. 
Enonciutif, vc, a. to enuncia- 

tive. [cnunciation. 

Enoncintion , 5^ expression. 
Enorgueillir, va. to * luakô 

proud, puff up. 

S'—, vr. to * get prend. 
Enorme, a. enormous, huge. 
Eiioi-mcuient, ad. — mously; 

unmeasurably. [nousness. 

Enurmité, sf. — mîty, hei- 
Enquérnnt, e, a. inquisitlvo. 
Enquérir (»'), vr. to inquîrei 
Enquête, s/, iuquiry; inquest. 
Enquêter (s'), vr. to inquire* 
Enquêteur, sm. inquirer. 
Enraciner (s') , Vr. tO take, 

root; * implant. 
Enragé, c, a. mad. [provokîng. 
Enrageant , e, a. maddening, 
Enrager, un. to * be mad. Ce 

enraged. [apply tbe brake. 

Enrajer, lia. to * spoke a whell ; 
Enruyure , «/■. lock-cbain; trig- 

ger. [in régiments. 

Enrégimenter, va. to embody. 
Enregistrement, sm. register- 

ing, rccording. [enroi. 

Enregistrer, va. to register; 
Enrliumcr.rfl. togiveone acold. 

8'—, vr. lo * catch cold. 
Enrichir, va. to enrich, store. 

8'— ,tji'. to * grow rich. 
Enricbis8ement,s7>i. enrichi ng, 

embellishment. [enlistment. 
Enrôlement, sm. enrolment; 
Enrôler, va. tO enrol; enlist. 

S' — , vr. to enrol one's self. 
Enrouement, sm. hoarseness. 
Enrouer, va. to ' make hoarse- 

S' — , vr. lo * become hoarse. 
Enrouiller, va. to * rusty. 

S'—, to * get rusty. 
Enroulement, sm. rolling. 
Enrouler, va, to roll, wrap up> 

S'—, vr. to twist round. 
Enrubanner, va. tO trim witt? 

Ensabler, vr. to ' run aground. 
Ensablement, sm. sand-bank. 
Ensaclier, va. to * put in a bag. 




Snsnuglanter, va, to * blood;, 

stain wilh blood. 
EnseigiiL-, sf. sign, token, co- 

lours, mark. 
GnseigiiKnirnt , «m. Inslroc- 

(ion, (eacliing. 
enseitsncr, îja. to leach, instruct. 
Kusellé, e, liollow-l>ackfcd. 
Ensemble, ad. logclher, at once. 
— ^ sm. w'bote, ensemble; uniiy. 
CnscinciicciuoHt, sm. 50wing, 
ensemencer,»!, to ' sow. [close. 
Ciiscrrer, va. to * lock np; en- 
Ensevelir, va. to lury; î+iroud. 
Kiise«'eli»9einciit, 51)^ burying. 
ensorcellement, sm. bewit- 

Ensorceler, tin. to hewitch. 
Ensorceleur, sm. bewitcher, 
Ensoufrer, va. to • brimsfone, 

sulphur. - [slove. 

EnsonCroir, sm. sulphuiing, 
Eusnite, ad. aflerwards. 
Ensuivant, s. ensuing. [sue. 
Ensuivre (s"), î follow, en- 
Eniublemcnt, S))!, entablalure. 
Entacher, va. 10 lainl, larnish. 
Kutaillc, Entiiiliurc,$/'. nolcb, 

gasb, incision. 
Entailler, va. to notcb; gasb. 
Entame, sf. fîr^t eut. 
Entamer, va. to * make the first 

eut, * begin, eut, incise. 
Eiitauinre, s/, eut, first eut. 
ICntassement, sm. beap, board. 
Entasser, va. heap up. 
Ente, sf. grart, grafled, stock. 
Enteuilenient, S7n. undersland. 
Entendenr, sm, hearer, [ing. 
Entendre, va. to * hear, * un- 
— »un. lomean, expect.[derstand. 

S** — , vr. to * be understood. 
Entendu, e, a. inlelligent. 

Bien — que, ad. certainiy; of 

Entente, sf. meaning, skill. 
Enter, va. to graft, ingraft. 
Eiiterremeut, sm. funeral; en- 

Enterrer, lia. to bury, inter. 
Entêté, e, a. obstinate. 
— , s. obstinale person. 
Eutêtemeut, sm, obstinscy. 

Entêter, va. to alTect Ihe beod 
of; icioxicate. 
S'—, t')'. to * he obstinale. 

Entlloiisiasn>e,.s'?}t. entluisiasir. . 

Enthousiu^mer, va. to eorap- 
ture. [for. 

8'—, vr. to be enibusiaflic 

Enthousiaste, sm. enlhusiasl. 

Enticher, r«. taint, blemish. 
S'-^- to get tainted. 

Entlc>,e, n. eniire, whole, com- 
plète; perrect. [wholly. 

Entièrement, ad. enlirely, 

Entoiler,* mouDt on can- 

Entomologie, sf. - gy. [vas. 

Entomologique, a. — gjcal. 

Entomologiste, sm. — gist. 

Eiiloniiage, Entonnctnent , 
sm. tunning. [an air, sing. 

Ei>toiiiier,r(r. toinlone* strike up 

Entonnoir, sm. funnel. 

Entorse, sf. sprain. 

Entor«illage,s)?î. entarglement. 

Eiitoi-tiilement, S7n. Iwisling, 

Entortiller, va. fo wrap up 
t\\ist, perplex, entangle. 
S" — , vr. to twist; wind aboul. 

Entourage, $/}i. a rrame.[tance- 

—,sm. mounlingsetting, acquain. 

Entourer, va. to surround; en- 

Entournure, sf. slee\e-hole. 

Eutours, sm. pi. environs, at- 

Entr'acte, sm. interlude. 

Entr''aider fJ/J, vr. to * help 
one anolber. [bowels. 

Entrailles, s/.pZ. entrails, heart, 

Entr'aimer (s'), vr. to love 
one another. [malien. 

Entrain, sm. life, spirit, ani- 

Entrainalilo, a. liable to be 
carried away. [teniptalion. 

Entratncment, sm. enlbusiasm; 

Entraîner, va. fo carry away; 
lead; drag; entaii; captivate. 

Entraver, !;<j. to clog ; Iramnel; 

Entraves, sf. pi. shackles, fel- 
ters, obstacles. 

Entre, jvr. between, among, îd. 

— ileuX) betwixt and betweea. 





Rnire-detix, sm. middle; inser- 
tion of embroidery, 
Entreliâilicr, vn. to lialf open. 
Kuii'ccbat, sm. cross-caper. 
Entrechoquer (s^>,vr. to * dash 

against each olher; clash. 
F.uii'ccdte. sf, ribs of beeF. 
entrecouper, va. to iutersect; 

inlerrupt, cross. 
Entrée, sf. entry, admission, 

entrance, beginning. 
Entrcfaiie, s/', interval. [time. 

Sur ce» —, ad. in the mean- 
Entre-sent, syn. tact, address. 
En«rVsorgcr (s'), vr. to • eut 

one anotber's throat. 
Entrelacer, vu. to interlace; 

blend. [lard. 

Entrelarder, va, to interiard, 
Entremêler, va. to intermingle. 

S'—, vr. to intermix. 
Entremet*, sm. side-dif-b. 
Entremetteur, s. a gobct^veen, 

agent. [pose. 

Entremettre (s'), vr. to inler- 
Eutremise , sf. interposition, 

Entrepont, sm. between-decks. 
Entreposer, va. to ^arelionse. 
Entreposeur, sm. store-hcuso 

manager. [warehouse. 

Entrepôt, sm. a staple, mart ; 
Entreprenant, e, a. bold, as- 

suming, venlurefome. 
Entreprendre, va. to * nnder- 

take, altempt, incroach, at- 

tempt upon. [masier-builder. 
Entrepreneur, s?/i. underlaker, 
Entrepris, e, impotent, cripple. 
Eutreprïre, sf. enterprise, un- 

dertaking, incroachraent. 
Entrer, va. to enter, • go in, * 

corne in, express, * begin. 

Faire — , to put in; inlroduce. 
Entresol, S7n. entersol. 
Entretailler (s"), vr. to eut, 
Entretaîllure, s/, crepance 
Entretemps, sm. meaiilimo. 
Entretenir, t'a. to hold toge- 

ther; keep un, enterlain; con- 

•verse with. [verse wilh; keep. 

«'— , to support each other; con- 

Entretlen, sm, maintenanes, 

keeping in repair, conversation^ 

Entre-toile, sm. open <vork, 
Enire-tuer (s'), vr.lo kill cacb 

Entrevoir, t'* hâve a glimpse 

of, * see imperfectiy. 
Entrevue, sf. interview. 
Enlr''ol>ligcr (s'), vr. to oblige 

one another. [set ajar. 

Enlr''ouvrir, va. to half-open; 

8' — , vr. to open; crack. 
Euumération, sf. — tion. 
Enumcrcr, Da. to enumerate. 
Envahir, va. to invade, usurp. 
EiBvnhissemcnt, sni. invasion. 
Envahisseur, sm. invader. 
Enveloppe , sf. a cover; exte- 

rior; envelop. 
Enveloppement, sm. nrapping. 
Envelopper, DO. to * wrap np, 

cover; surround; disguise. 

S"—, to wrap one's self i^p. 
Envenimer, va. to envenom, 

exaspcrate, irritate, fesler. 
Envcrguer, va. to * bend sails. 
Envergure, sf. spread of the 

wings; lenglh of yards. 
Envers. ;)r. towards, to. 
Envers, sm. the wrong side. 

A P — , ad. wrong side outwards. 
Envi (qf), wilb émulation, emti- 

Enviable, a. enviable. 
Envie, sf. envj, désire, mark; 

agnaii, flaw. 
Envier, va. to envy; long for. 
Envieux, se, a. S. envions. 
Environ , pr. about, thereabout. 
Environnant, e, a. surrounding 
Environs , sm. pi. environs , vi- 

cinity. [round. 

Environner, va. toenviron; sur- 
Euvisagcr, va. to look at, face. 
Envoi, sm. sending, envoy. 
Euvoisinc, o, a. having neigb- 

Envoler (s'), vr. to fly away. 
Envoj-cr, i;a. to ' send, t» émit 
Epacte, sf. epact. 
EpagnenI, sm. spaniel. 
Epais, se, n. tbick,dutU 

El M 



Epais, sm. tliickncss, thick. 
Epnisseiir, sf. tliiokness. 
Kpnissir, va. to Ihicken. 

S" — , vr. to get thick. 
Epaissiisseiucnt, STn.lbickenlngc 
Epamprer, lin. to thin outwinds 
Epauchemciit, s)n. pourÎDgout 

extravasion ; effusion. 
Epancher, va. lo pour out, dis- 


S'—, vr. to overflow, speakont 
Epnudi-e, t'a. to scatter; shed. 
Epanoui, e, a. full blown. 
Epanouir, va. to open; exp 

cheer. [cheer up 

S' — , vr. to blow, te bloom 
EpanoiiÊsscnioni, sm. blowing 

of Dowers, brightening. 
Epargne, sf. savingness. 
Epargner, va. to spare; save. 
EparpillenienI, sm. scattering. 
Eparpiller, va.lo scatter. 
Epars,e, a. scattered, dispersed. 
Eparvin, sm. spavin. 
Epaté, e, a. jlat , broken-footcd 

(as a glass). 
Epaule, sf. shoulder. [shoulder. 
Kpaulemcut, sm. epaulment ; 
Epauler, va. to hurl in tlie 

shoulder; help; aid. [epaulet. 
Epaulctte, sf. sboulder-piece, 
Epave, a. if. straj. 
Kpée, sf. sword. 
Epcler, va. to ' spell. 
Epellation,;/'. spelling. 
Eperdiu,e,B.dismayed; distracted. 
l'^perduuieut, ad. distractcdly. 
Eperlan,s??i.smelt. ['iugs. 

Eperon, sm. spur, bnttress, star- 
Eperouué, e, a. spurred. 
Eperouuer, va. to spur. 
Eperonnier, sm. spurrier. 
Eperonnière, 5^. spur-leather. 
Epervier, sm. sparrow-hawk. 
Ephémère, a, epbemera!. 
Ephéméridc», sf. yl, epheme- 

Epi , sm. ar of corn. 
Epice, sf. spice. 

Paiu d' — , gingerbread. 
Epicéa, sf. pi, sweelmeats. 
Epicé , e , a. spiced, seasoned. 
Epicer, va. to spice, season. 

Epicerie, sf. spices, grocery. 
Epicier, e, s. grocer. 
Epicurien, ne, a. epicurean. 
— sm. epicure. 
Epicurisme , sm. epiCurism. 
Epidémie, sf. epidemy. 
EpidéBiique,a. epidemical. 
Epiderme, sm. epidermis. 
Epié, e, a. eared, in ear (as corn); 

Epier, va. to watch ; spy. 
Epierrer, va. to clear of Stones» 
Epieu, sm. spear, javelin. 
Epigrammatique , a. — ticat. 
Epigramnialiste,sm. — list. 
Epigramme, sf. an epîgram. 
Epigraphe, sf. epigraph, motto. 
Epilatoire, «. depilatory. 
Epiiepsie, >f, falling sickness, 

Epilepiique , a. et S. epileptic. 
Epiler, va. to depilate. 
Epileur, se, s. depilator. 
Epilogue, sm. — gue. 
Epiioguer, V. find fault witb 

censure. [critic. 

Epilof ueur , sm. Tault-finder, 
Epiuards, sm. jjI. spinage. 
Epine , sf. thorn, prickle. 
EpineHc,s/'. spinet. 
Epineux, se, a. thorny difficult. 
Epingle, sf. pin. [ney. 

Epingles, sf.^i. présent, pin-mo- 
Epinglier, e , S. a pin-maker. 
Epiuière, sf. spinal. 
Epiiioche, sm. stricldeback. 
Epiphanie, s/, epiphany, twelflb- 

Epique, a, epic. 
Episcopal, e, a. eplscopal. 
Fpiscopat, sm. episcopacyé 
Episode, s?)t. épisode. 
Episodique,a. episodicaI> 
Epispasiique, a. epispastic. 
Episser, va. to splice. 
Epissure, sf. splice. 
Epistolaire, a. epistolary- 
Epitaphe, sf. epitaph. 
Epitase, sf. epitasis. 
Epithalame, sm. — lamium. 
Epithète , sf. epithet. 
Epitome, sm. epilome. 
Epi«oo(ie; sf. epizogtyi 




Cpizoolique, a. cptzoolic. 
Spîire , sf. epislle ; letter 
Eploré, e, a. in lears. 
S^pliiohnge, sni. picking. 
Epliicbemciit^sm. picking. 
Cplucbcr, va. to*pick, sifl* lop 

off; eut oir. 

S"—, topick fasbirds)i 
lEplucbcur, se, a. picker. 
Eplucboir , SDi. a paring-knife. 
Eplucbiires, sf. piekings. 
Cpoiiité, e, a. without a point; 

!Epoinler,r(7.lo break tbe point of. 
Epoinlure. s/', hipshot. 
Eponge, sf. sponge. 
£ponger, va, to sponge. 
Epopée, sf. épopée. 
Epoque, sf. epoch, date, 
Epouilrcr, va. to dust. [lungs. 
epoiimoiier (s"), tireoue's 
Epousailles, sf. pi. espousals, 

Epouse, sf. spouse, consort. 
Cpousée, sf. bride. 
Epotiser, V. to nmrry, espoiise. 
Epouscur, syn. suilor. [beat. 
Epousselcr, va. to du5t, brusb, 
Epoiissettos, sf. dusting-lirush. 
Epoiivaiitnhle, a. drcadful. 
— ïïuotit, ad. dreadfuliy, terribly. 
Cpouvuutail, sm. bugbear. 
Epouvante, sf. friglit, terror. 
Epouvanter, va. lo frigLten; 

Epoux, sm. spouse, husband. 
— ^ pi. husband and wife. 
Epreindre, va, to express; 

press out. 
Epreintcs, sf. tenesmus. 
Eprcutlrc (»'),ui'. tobesmitten. 
Epreuve, sf. trial, prooT. 
Epris, c, a. smitten, enatnoured. 
Eprouver, va. to trv, prove. 
Cprouvelte, sf. eprouvetle , 
Eptagone,^'>}1. heptagon. [gauge. 
Epiicer, V. 10 free from tleas. 
Epuîsaliie, a. cxbaustible. 
Epuisement, sm. draining. ex- 

Epuiser, va. to drain, exhausl. 
Epiiisctte, sf. land ing. 
Epuratir, ve, a. purifjfiag. 

Epuration, sf. puriTying, pur- 
Epuratoirc, a piirifying. [ging. 
Epure, sf. modei; diagram. 
Epurer, va. to puriTy, purge. 

S'—, vr. lo be purified. 
Equarrîr^ Irt. to square. 
Equarrissage, sni. squaring. 
Equarris8emcnl,$m. s qunri ng. 
Equarrisseiir, S171. knacker. 
Equarissoir, sm. rimer. 
Equateur, sjn. equator. 
Equation, sf. équation. 
Equerre, sf. square, i 
Equestre, a. cquestrian. 
Equiaugic, a. equiangular. 
Equilatéral, e, a. — leral. 
Equilibre, sm. equilibrium. 
Eqiiinocliai, le, a. — tial. 
Equiuoxc, sm. equinox. [crew. 
Equipage, sm. équipage, dress; 
Equipée, sf. prank; trick. 
Equipement, sm. cquipraent, 

filliug out. [fit out. 

Equiper, to equip , accoutre; 

S' — , vr. to equip one's self. 
Equipoller, va. to * be équiva- 
Equitable, a. équitable, just. 
Equilablcnicnt, ad. justly. 
Equitatiou.s/'. — tion; riding. 
Equité, sf. equity, justice. 
Equivalent, e. ». s. — lent. 
Equivaloir, rii. to be équivalent. 
Equivoque ^ sf, equivocation, 

— , «. equivocal, suspicions. 
Equivoquer, va. lo equivocate 
Erable, s>n. mapie-tree. 
Eradicalion, sf. — tion. 
Eraller, vn. to graze; scratch. 
EraOure, sf. scratch. 
Eraillé, e, a. frayed, frettcd. 
Eraillen- -nt, sni. ectropium. 
Erailler.. va. to fray; to fret. 

S' — , vr. to fraj out. 
Eraillure,$/'. fraying. 
Ere, sf, era. 
Erectcur, sm, Ereclor. 
Erection, sf. érection. 
Ercinté,c,a. knocked up; jaded. 
Erciuter, lia. ta * break the 

back of; knock up. 




flVrelnter, vr. to break one's 
Eréinitiqtie, a. — tical. [back. 
Erésipèlc, sf. erjsipelas. 
Ergo, sin. therefore. 
Ergot, sm. a cock's spur. 
Ergoïc, c, a. spurred. 
Ergoter, va. to cavil. 
Ergoteur, sm. ca^iller. 
Eriger, va. to erect, raise. 

S'—, vr. to set up Tor. 
Ermitage, sm. hermitage. 
Eruiiic, sm. hermil. 
Erosion, sf. ero?ion. 
Erotique, a. erotic. [bling. 

Erraut, c, a. wandering, ram- 
Errala, sm. errata. 
Erratique, erratic. 
Erremcuts, sm, pi. Steps. 
Errer, vn. to err, \iander. 
Erreur, sf. error; Tault. 
Erroné, e, n. erroneous. 
Ers, syn. -vetch. 
Erse, sm. criugle. 
Ernctalion, sf. — tion. 
Kruilit, sm. learned, erudite. 
Eriitlitiou, sf. ^tion, learning. 
Erugineux, se, 0. erilginOUS. 
Eriiptir. ve* n. eruplive. 
Eruption, sf. eruplion, rasb. 
Erj'sipèie, sm. erjsipelas. 
Es, pr. in. Bnëbeiîcr-cs- 

Bcieiices, bachclor of sciences. 
Escabeau, eseabeIIc,S. a Stool, 

Escadre, sf. squadron. 

Cljef d' — , sm. copimodore. 
Escadrille, sf. small squadron. 
Escadron, sm. squadron (oT ca- 
Escaladc, sf. escalade ['valrj. 
Escalader, va. to scale. 
Escale, sf. calling. 
Escalier, sm. staircaseï 
Escalope, 5/, scallop. 
Escamotage, sm. juggle. 
Escamoter, va. to juggle; filch. 
&scamo|i-<ir, .':m. filcher, Jug- 

g er. 
Escampette, prendre de la 

poi&dre d^escnmpette , to 

scan)per away. 
Escapade, 5^ prank, escapade. 
Escapc, sf. sbalt of a column. 
Escarboi, sm. black-beetle. 

Escarboucle, sf. carbuncle. 
E^^arcelle, sf. pnrse, monof 

bag. [stairs. 

Escargot, sm. snail; winding 
Escarmouche, sf. skirmisli. 
Escai-iBiouclier,rfZ. to skirmish. 
Escarnioucheur , sm. skir- 
Escarole, sf. endive, [raisher. 
Escarpe, sf, scarp. 
Escarpé, e, a. steep; rocky. 
Escarpement, sm. escarpment. 
Escarper, va. to* cufvertically;. 
Escarpin, sm. pump. [escarp. 
Escarpolette, sf. 
Escarre, s/'.escliar, gap.[earnest. 
Escient (à bon), ad. in good 
Esclandre, sm. scandale. 
Esclavage, sm.slavery, bondage. 
Esclave, s. sla^e, drudge. 
Escobnrd. s?n. equi-vocator. 
Esoobnrflcr, va. to equivocate. 
Escobnrderie, sf. equivocaiiOD. 
Escogriffe, sm. a spunger, a 

shabliy fellow. 
Escompte, sjn. discount. 
Escompter, va. to discount. [t«r. 
Escompteur, sm. bill-discoun- 
Escopette, s/. sort gufi; carbine. 
Escorte, sf. escort, attendants. 
Escorter, va. to escoit, conTOy. 
Escouade, sf. squad. 
Escoiirgée, sf. scourge. 
Escourgeon, sm. grecn barlejf 
Escrime, s^. fencing. [forfodder. 
Escrimer, va. to fenee, spare. 

8' — de,vr. to know some- 
Escrimeur,s»>.rencer. [tbing of. 
Escroc, sm, sharper, swindler. 
Escroquer, va. to * swindle 

Escroqucrie,s^. swinding. [ber 
Escruqueur, se, s. stealer; crib- 
Espace, sm. space, room. 
Espacement, sm. inlerspace. 
Espacer, va. to distance; splact. 
Espadon , 5m. espadon ( t^o< 

bandled sword); sword-Ssb. 
Espndoiincr, vn. to use tlie es* 
Espagnolette, s^. "baize. [po don. 
Espalier, sf. eS'pa.Mer. 
Espèce, sf. srecies, kind, case. 
~, ]>l. coin cash; spccies. 
Espérance^ sm. hope, trust. 




<E8iiérer, va. to hope, to exp ict, 
•Espiègle, a. s. waggish. [trus ip. 
Espièglerie, sf. frolic, a ^ 12- 

glsh Irick. 
Espiiigolc, sf. blunderbuss. 
Espion, sm. spy. 
Espionnage, sm. eïpionage. 
Espionner, va. to spï,walch 
Esplanade, s/", esplanade. 
Xspoir, sm. hope, expectatioi . 
Espontou, sm. spoDioon, ha If- 

pike. [wit, sr"H. 

Esprit, sm, spirit, mind,geDiuS, 
— -de-TÏu, spirits ot wine. 
Esqnir, sm. skiff. fken tone). 
Esquille, sf. splinter (of a bro- 
Esiininancie , sf. cjnancho; 

Esqiiipot, sm, money-box. 
Esquisse, sf. a skelch; plan. 
Esquisser, va. to sketch; ouIUls. 
Esquiver, va. to évade; avoid. 

S' — , Dr. to ' slip away. 
Essai, sm, essay, proôf, trial, 
Essaini, sm. swarm. [sample. 
Essaimer, vn, to swarra. 
Essauger, va. to soak linen be- 

fore washing it. 
Essarter, tJO. to grub up,assart. 
Essayer, va, to trj ; attempt; 

essay. [powers. 

S'— ,i)r. to try one's self, one's 
Essayeur, sm, assayer. 
Esse,*/', a pièce oTiron likean S. 
Essence, sf. essential oll ; per- 

fume, species ortimbcr trees. 
Essentiel, le, a. essential, in- 
— , sm. main point, [dispensable. 
Esscnticlleuicnt, ad. essen- 
Es»ieu, Sin.hammer-axe. [tially. 
Essor, sm. ilight, soaring scope. 
Essorer, vn. to soar up. 
— , va, to air, to dry. [ears. 

Essorillcr, va. to * eut a dog's 
EssourUeuieut, s)n. blowing. 
Essouffler, va. to * put out of 


S'—, vr. to gel out of breath. 
Essui, sm. drying place. 
Essuie-uiuin, sm. towei. 
Essuyer, va. to wipe, ' endure. 

S' — , vr. fo wipe. 
Cst, am, EasI, Orient. 

Estacade, sf, a stockadfl^ 
Estafette, sm, express. 

EstaQer, sm, stoffier /'ÇTinel 

Estafilade, sf. slash, glasn. 
Estame, sf. worsted. 
Estaminet, sm. smoking-room. 
Estampage, sm. impression. 
Estampe, sf. prini, eut, stamp. 
Estamper, va. to * slamp. 
Estampeur, stn. stamper. 
Estampille, s^ slamp, small. 
Estampiller, va. to stamp. 
Esiimulile, a, estimable. 
Estimateur, sm. appraiser. 
Estimatif, ve, a. eslimalive. 
Estimation, sf, — tion, valua- 

liûu. [koning. 

Estime, $7n. esteem, value, ree- 
Esiimer, D«. to esleem; reckon; 

estimale; value. 

S' — , vr. to esteem one's self. 
Estive. sf. trimming. 
Estoc, sm. stock; point. 
Estocade, sf. stoeeado; attack. 
Estomac, sm. slomach. 
Estompe, sf. a stomp. [iog. 

Estomper, va. to stomp a draw- 
Estrude, sf. platform; estrade. 
Esirugon, sm. tarragon. [sword. 
ISstra maçon, sm. two-edged 
Estrapade, sf. strappado. 
Estropié, e, a.maimed, erippled. 
Estropier, va, to maim, bun- 

gle, cripple. 

.S''—, vi\ to cripple one's self 
Esturgeon, sm. sturgeOD. 
Et, c. and; bolh. 
El csctcra, and so on; se forth. 
Etuiilc, sf. stable; ox-hovel hog- 
Etablcr, va. to stable, etc. [sty. 
Etabli, sm. shopboard; joincr's 

bench. [fîx, setlle. 

Etablir, va. to establish; erect, 

S'—, vr. seltle, * set up. 
Etablissement, sm. ttab^lsh- 

ment, founding. 
Etage, sm. floor; slory, degree. 
Etager, va. to taper the hair. 
Etagère, s/, dresser; what-not. 
Etai,S)n. prop; support; stay (in a 
Etaim,s)n. carded wool. [ship). 
Etaiu, sm. pewter, tia. 




Etal, sm. stall or a bulcher. 
Elnlnge, sm. exposure for sale; 

stnllage; obstentalion. 
Etaiugiste, sm. stall-keeper. 
ECaler, va. to expose for sale; 

parade. [self out. 

S' — ,vr. tostretch;spreadone'3 
EtaIîcr,sm.journeymaa butcher. 
Elaliuguer,ija. to clinch a cable. 
Etalon, sm. slallion, standard. 
Etalonuage, Etalouuemenl, 

.5m. stamping weights, etc. 
Etalonner, va. to * stanip wei- 

gbls, etc. [of glass. 

Etamago, sm. tinning; silvering 
Ktambot, $m. stern-post. 
Etamer, va. to tin, silver glass. 
E^tameur, sm. (inman; silverer 

of looking-glasses. 
Elainine,s/'. bolting cIotb,sie\e; 

stamen of a plant. 
Etampe, sm. stamp. 
Etamiirc, sf. tinning. 
Sitauclie, a tighl; water-tight. 
Etaucheuieut, sm. stanching. 
Etanclicr, va, to stancli; stop; 

quench thirst. 
Etançou, sm. support, prop. 
Etançouner, va. to * prop; ' 
Etang, sm. pond; pool, [support. 
Etant, part, being. 
Etape, sf. stage, rations, sol- 

dier's, daily allowance* 
Etat, sm. slatSi case, condilioD, 


Faire — de,to think highlj cf. 
Etat-major, sm. staf. 
F:tau, S7n. vice. [porting. 

Ëtayement, sm. proppiug; sup- 
Etaj'er,va. to support; prop. 
Eté,sm. summer. 
Etciguoir, sm, extinguisbor. 
Eteindre, va. to extinguish; * 

put out, quench, destroy. 

S'—, vr. to • go out. 
Eteint, «,a. exlinguisbed,queii- 

cbed, exlinct; dull; out. 
Etandage, cni. drying-place. 
Etendard, sm. st^vndard, ban- 

ner, colours. 
Etendre, va. lo extend; * s-pread, 

sirelcb ouU 

SVtcndre, vr. to stretch, 
reach ; exlend; dilate. 
F-tvuilu, e, a. large, extensive; 

vague. [corapass. 

Etendue, sm. cxTent, extension, 
Eternel, le, a. eternal, ever- 

lasling. [everlaslinglj. 

Eteruellemen«, ad, eternaily. 
Eterniser, va. to eternizei 
Eternité, sf. elernity. 
Eternuement, sm. sneezing. 
Eternuer, vn. to (nccze. 
Etêtcment, sm. heading a trea. 
Etêter, va. to head; pollard. 
Eteiif, sm. tennis-balli 
Etcule, sf. stubbla. 
Ether, sm, etber. 
Eilicré, e, elhereal, subtie. 
Ethique, a. s. etbic. [briglit. 
Etincelant , o, a. sparkling, 
Etinccler, vn. to sparkie; glitter. 
Etincelle, sf. spark. 
Etiucellemeut, sm. sparkling. 
Etiolenieut, sm. — tion, blan- 
Etiolé, c, a. etiolated. [ching. 
Etioler (s'), vr. to fade away. 
Etiologie, sf. — gy. 
Etiqiic, a, consumptive, lean. 
Etiqueter, va. to label; ticket. 
Etiquette, sf. label; ticket; éti- 
Etirer, va. to strelch. [quette. 
Gtigie, sf. consumption. 
Etoffe, sf. stuff, cloth. 
Etoffer, Txi. to * stuff upholster 

(seats, etc). [asterisk. 

Etoile, sf. star; starwort; luck, 
Etoile, e, a. starry. 
Etoiler, va, tO stan 
Etole, sf. slole. [fuHy. 

Etonnauiment, ad. -wonder- 
Etonnant, e, a. wonderful, 

amazing. [wonder. 

Etonncmeut, sm. astonishment. 
Etonner, va.lo astonisb, astound. 

S' — , vr. to wonder. 
Etouffant, e, a, sultry, close. 
Etouffement, sm. suffocation, 

stifling. [suppress; suffocate. 
Etouffer, va. to slifle, smotheri 

S' — , vr. to be suffocaled. 
Etouffoir, sm. damper. 
Etonpe, sf. tow. 
Etouper va, to stop (witb t<w)i 




Etoiipille, sf. quick-match. 
Etuiirdci'ie, sf. giddiness. 
Kioiii'di, e, a. slunoed, giddy, 
t':ioiii'<li,e,s. mad-cap.[hoedless. 
E:it>iir<tiiiienl, ad. giddiiy. 
ESuiii'dir, va. to stun, parboil, 

* take the Chili off. 

S"—, ur. to forget one's trou- 
lïluuriliesaut, o, o. stunning. 
■alourdisse lueut^ 5?)i. stunniog. 
l'Uotirueau, sm. starling. 
iiiranse, a. slrange, odd. 
IStraiigemeui, ad, strangeiy. 
Etranger , ère f a. foreigo, 

— 1 s. foreigner, stranger. [tion. 
Elrauglemeut, syn. strangula- 
Elraiiglcr, va. lo strangfe, * 

choke; scant; slur over. 
Etraper, va. to eut stubble. 
Etre, m. to'be; exist, belongto. 
— , sm. being, exislence. 
— . ])l. parts of a bouse, etc. 
Eii-vcir, va. to straiteu. 

?•' — ,*get Darrow';*5hrink. 
Eti>cci!isemeiit,s?n. straiteniag. 
lUi-eîuflre, va. to '* biud; grasp, 
Etruiute , sf. ^Dibrace ; kuot, 

Eti-euuer, t' gWe a new jear's 

gift, sent; handsel. 
—, vn. to take handsel. [gif" 
Etreuue, s^ handsel, newyear's 
Klrésillou, sm. prop. 
Kirier, sm. stirrup. 
r.ii'ille, sf. curry-cumb. 
étriller, va. to curry, thrash. 
Eiriqiié, e, a. narrow, scanty. 
Eirive, sf. cross-seizing. 
Etriviore, sf. slirrup-Teather. 

Donucr les —, V. to thrash; 
Etroit, e. a. strait, narrow, strict. 
Elroiietueul, ad, stricUy, nar- 

ronly. [tree. 

Kiroiiçouncr, va. * to head a 
r. tilde, s^.study, learning,olCceof 
ICI iidiuu t,s?n. student. [anolary. 
riudié, e, a, studicd, ailGCled. 
Etudier, va. to sludy. 

S'—, vr. to be studious; seet. 
Etui, sm, case, box. 

Etuve, sf. slove, bot-haa>e. 
Eliivée, sf. stewing; stew, 
EtiK'cr, va. to stew; foment. 
Ktiivisic, sm. liagnio-keepei. 
Eiyo.ologic, sf. — logy 
Etymologique, «. — gicallj* 
Etymologitile, sm. — gist. 
Eucbaristie, sf. Eucharist. 
Eiicbaristique, a, — tic, 
Eiicologe, sm. euchology. 
Eunuque, sm. euDuch. 
Eu|>liauie,s/'. eupbony. [spurga. 
Euphorbe, sm. eupborbia; 
Eux, pr. them, they. 
Evacuatir, ve, a. evacuating. 
Evacuatiou, sf. — tion,Teiding. 
Evactier, va, to evacuate, void. 
Evader (»'), vr. tO mak one's 

escape. [iualion. 

Eialuation, sf. estimate, va- 
Evaluer, va. to value; estimate. 
Evaugéliqiie,a. — tical. 
Evaugéliqiiemeut, ad. ically. . 
Evaugétiser, v. to evangelize. 
Eiaiigéliate, sm. — list. 
Evangile, sm. the Gospel; 

evangel. [away; vanish. 

Evanouir (s'), ur. lo svoon,faiut 
Evanoiiisseuieut, sm. swoon- 
Evaporalile, — rable. [ing. 
Evaporatiou, sf, — tiOD| thou* 

Evaporé, e.u. evaporate;"jiJdy. 
— , s. a giddy head. 
Evuporer,i'a, to evaporate, vent 

8' — , vr. toget Ihou^htiess. 
Evusé, e, a. bell-moutbed. 
Evaser, va. lo widen; spread. 
Evuscmeut , sm. widening, 
Evasir, ve, a. evasive. [widtn. 
Evasion, sf. escape, évasion, 
Evasiveiueut, ad. — vely. 
Evasure , sf. widening ; ope- 

ning. ^fbishopric. 

Evêché , sm. bii^nDp's palace» 
Eveil, sm. hinl, warmng. 
Eveillé, e, (i. sprlgbily; lively. 
Eveiller, va. lo awakea, wake, 


S' — , vr. to awake up; arise. 
Evéueiueut, sm. eveul, issue; 

incident. [veut; windage 

Eveut, S)n. mustiuess; open air; 




Eventail, sm. fan. 
ETcutailliste, sm. fan-maker. 
Evcntaire, sm. flat basket. 
Eventé, e, a. musty, giddy, flat. 
Evcutor, va. to fan, 'air; di- 

■viilge, ' make krown. 

S'—, vr. to * fan one's self; 
flat, • get wind. 
Eveutoir, sm. fire-fan. 
Eventrcr, va, to disembowel, 

* draw a fowl; split a sail. 
Eveutiialité, sf, — tj, contiu- 

Evenluel, le, a, eventual. 
Evêquc, sm. bisbop. 
Everrcr, va. to worm a dog. 
ETersion, sf. eTersiOD, ruin. 
Evertuer (8^), vr. to exert one's 

sell; * strive. 
Evidemmeut, ad. evidently. 
Evideuce, sf- évidence. 
Evident, e, a. évident, clear, 

obvions. [ont, 

Evider, va. to hoI!ow-out; scoop 
Evidoir, sm. borer, bit. 
Evier, sm. kitclien-sink. 
Evincer, VU. to evict. 
Evitable, a. avoidable. 
Eviter, va. to avoid, sbun. 

S' — , Dr. to spare one's self; 
avoid eacb otber. 
Evocation, sf. — tion. 
Evolution, sf. — tioQ. [call up. 
Evoquer, va. to conjure, evûke; 
Evulsion, sf. — sien. 
Ex-votoy sm, volive-offering. 
Exact, e, a. exact, accurate. 
Exactement, ad exactiy, accu- 
Exacteur, sm. exactor. [ratul;. 
Exaction, sf. — tion. 
Exactitude, sf. exactness, ac- 

curacy, ponctuality. [rator, 

Exagérateur, trice, S. exagge* 
Exagcraliou, s[. — lion, excess. 
Exagéré, c, a. overcbarged. 
Exagérer, ua. to exaggerate. 
Exaltation, sf. —tion, advance- 

Exalter, va. to exall, to exiol. 

S' — , vr. to bfcome escalied. 
Examen, sni. exaniiuation. 
Examinateur, sm. examiner. 

Examiner, va. to examine; 

scrutinize; observe. 
Exaspération, sf. — tion. 
Exaspérer, va. to exaspérât^; 
Exarque, sm. exarch. [incense. 
Exaucement, sm. bearing. 
Exaucer, va. to * hear favoura- 

bly ; grant. 
Excavation, sf. — lion.[througb. 
Exeaver, va. to excavate; eut 
Excédant, e, am.. exceeding , 

Excéder, exceed, weary out. 

S" — , ur. towear one's felfout. 
Excellemment, ((c2. excellenlly. 
Excellence, 5/' — cy; excellence. 

Par — , ad. pre-eminenlly. 
Excellent, e, a. excellent. 
Excelleulissime, a, most ex- 
cellent. [• ouldo. 
Exceller, va. to excel; surpass; 
Excentricité, sf. eccentricity. 
Excentrique, a. eccenlric. 
Excepte, ad. except, save, but. 
Excepter, va. to except. 
Exception, sf. — tion. 

A P — de, pr. except. 

Sang — , wilbout regard. 
Exceptionnel, le, a. — liona). 
— meut, exceptionnally. 
E\cès, sm. excess, surfeit, 

A r — , to excess. [reasonable. 
Excessif, ve, a. excessive, un- 
Exocssivement, Uil. — vely. 
Excipcr, va. to allège an ex- 
Exciser, Va, 10 eut off, [ceptioQ. 
Excision, sf. excision. 
Excitable, s^. excitable- 
Excitant, e, a. exciting. 
— , s. excitant. 
Excitateur, sm, exciter. 
Excitatir, ve. a. exriiative. 
Excitation, sf. — tion. 
Exciter, va. to excite, stirnu- 

mulalc, urge, inflame. 

S'~, vr. to rouse one's self, 
Exclaniutif, ve, a. — lory 
Exclamation, sf. — tion. 
Exclure , va. to exclude, d^ 

bar, sbut out. 
Excliisir, ve, a. — sive. 
Exclusion, sf. — sion. 
Exclusivement, ad, — vely. 




Exeomniuiiication, sf. — tlon. 
Excomiuuttic) Cl s, exoimniu- 

nicale. [nicate. 

Excouii]iuii(cr,t'a. toexcommu- 
Excoi'iaiiuii, sf* — tiOD. 
Uicorier, vu. lo ' exooriate. 
Excrémcut, s»i. — ment. 
Rxcrétioii, sf. excrétion. 
EJxcroissaiicc, sf. excrescence. 
Excursion, $f. — lion, inroad. 
Excusable, a. excusable. 
Excusatlou, sf. excuse, plea. 
Excuse, sf. excuse, apology. 

Faire des excuses, to apo- 
logize, beg pardon. 
Excuser, va. to excuse. 

S' — , vr. to décline, raake an 
excuse; excuse oue s seii'. 
Exeat, sin. exeal, pass. 
Exécrable, a. exécrable. 
Exccrablentent, ad. execrably. 
Exccratiou, sf. — tîon. 
Exécrer, va. to execrate. 
Exécutable, a. — ble, possible. 
Exéculaul, e, s. performer. 
Exccu»er,î)«.lo execule,perforni. 

S'—, vr. to jield. 
Exécuteur, tricc, s. — tor, 

executrix; executioner; hang- 
Exécutir, »e,a. executive. [man. 
Exécuiiou, sf. — tion, perfor- 
mance, distraining. 
Exécutoire, sm, — tory; writ 

of exécution. 
Excuiplaire, o. exemplary. 
—, sut. exemplar, mode); copy 

of a book. [rily. 

Exeiu|>lairenieii(,ac2. exemple- 
Exemple, sm. et f. example, 

pallern, copy. 

Par —, ad. for instance. 
Excuipi, e, a. exempt, free. 
—, sm. police-ofScer. 
Exempter, va. to exempt, free. 
Exeuiptiou, ^f. — tion, dispco- 

sation. [lise. 

Exercer, vu. to exempt, try; pra- 

S>' — , vr. to exercise Chne's self. 
Exe<*cice,5m. exercise, praclice, 

performance, mauual exercise, 

fatigue, use. 
Exercitation, sf. — tkm. 
Exergue, sm. exergoe 

Exhalaison, sf. exhalatioa 


Eihululiou, sf. — tion. 

Exbuler, va. to exhale; vent; 
brealhe ont. 
S"—, 17'. to emanate. [beight, 

Exliaiissciucnt , sm. raising, 

Exbausscr, va. to raise. 

Exbvrédatiou, sf. — tion. 

Exhiber, va. to exbibit, pro- 
duce, [ducing. 

Exhibition, sf. — Uon, pr(^ 

Exhortation, sf. — tion. 

Exhorter, va, to exhort; en- 

Exhumation, sf, exhumation. 

Exhumer, va. to exhume, di- 
Einter, bring to light. [culU 

Exigeant, c, a. exacting, diffi- 

Exigence, sf. — cy, exigence. 

Exiger, va. 10 require, exact. 

Exigibilité, sf. — lity. 

Exigible, a. demandable. 

Exigu, e, a. exiguous, scanty', 
siender. [■derness. 

Exiguïté, s/, exiguity, sien- 
Exil, sm. banishment, exile. 

Exilé, e, s. exile. 

Exiler, va. to banish ; exile. 
S'—, vr. to banish one's self. 

Existant, e, a. existent. 

Existence, sf. existence, being. 

Exister, va. to exist, to be ex- 
Exode, sm. Exodus. [tant. 

Exouércr, Va. to exonerate. 

Exorable,a. exorable. [tantly. 

Exorbitumiuent, ad. exorbi- 

Exorbitant, e, a. exorbitant. 

Exorciser, va. exorcise. 

Exorcisme, sm. exorcism. 

Exorciste, sni. exorcist. 

Exorde, sm. exordium. 

Exotique, a. exotic, fureign. 

Expansible, a. —ble. 

Expansif, Te, a. expansive. 

Expansion, sf. expansion. 

Expatriation, sf. expatriation! 

Expatrier, va. to expatriate. 
S'—, Dr. to quit one's country. 

Expectant, £m, expectant. 

Expeclation, s/'. — tion. 

Expeclatixe, a. sf. expectation, 

F.xuectoraut, e, a. expectorant» 




fispcctoratîoii, sf. — tioB* 

Expectorer, iw. to expectorate. 

Expédient, sm. expédient. 

— , a. m. proper, fil. 

Expédier, va. to dispatch, ex- 
pedite; * send off; draw up. 

Expéditeur, sm. sender. 

fi^xpéditif, vo, a. expeditious. 

Expcdition, sf, — tion, dis- 
patch, copy, enlerprise. 

—, sf. ])l. dispatches. 

Expérience, sf. experiment, 

Expérimeiitul, e, a. — tali 

Expérimentatiou, sf. — tion. 

Si^xpériuieiiter y od. to expé- 
rience; test. 

Etixpcrt, e, (1. expert, skilful. 

— , sm./)Z. -viewers. [-vey. 

Expertise, sf. examination, sur- 

Expcrtiser, va. to examine; 

Expiation, sf. atûnement. 

Expiatoire, a, expiatory. [for. 

Expier, va. to expiate, to atone 

Expiration, sf. — tion, expiry. 

Expirer, va. to expire; die, end. 

Explicable, a. explicable* 

Explicatif, ve, a. explicative. 

Explication, sf. explanalion. 

Explicite, a. explicit. 

Explicitement, ad. explicitly. 

Expliquer, va. to explain; ex- 
S' — , vr. to explain one's self. 

Exploit, sm. exploit, achieve- 
ment,writ. [for sale; marlietable. 

Exploitable, a workable; fit 

Exploitant, «m. officer seiving 
warrants. [min». 

Exploitation, sf. working; far- 

Ezploiter, va. to * carry on; 
speculate in; work. 

Exploiteur, sm. sweater. 

Explorateur, sm. explorer. 

Exiiloratiou, sf. exploiatiOD. 

Explorer, va. to explore. 

Explosion, sf. explosion. 

Exportateur, sm. exporter. 

Exportation, sf. — tion. 

Exporter, va. to export. 

Exposant, e, a. petitioner; expo- 
ueut, exfaibitor. 

Exposé, sm. statcinent; récital. 

Exposer, va. to expose; to * sel 
fortb, expound. 
S'—, vr, to expose one's self. 

Expusition, sf. — tion; expo- 
sing, explanation, situation. 

Exprès, se, a. express* 

Exprés, sm. express. 

— , ad. on purpose. 

Expressément, ad. expressly. 

Expressif, ve, a, expressive. 

Expression, sf. expression, ira- 

Exprimable, a. expressible. 

Exprimer, ua. to express, convey. 
S' — , vr. to express one's self. 

Expropriation, sf. expropria- 

Exproprier, va. to expropriata. 

Expulser, va. to expel; eject. 

Expulsif, ve, a. expulsive. 

Expulsion, sf. expulsion, ex- 

Expurger, ra. to expurgate. 

Exquis, so, a, exquisite.[trance. 

Extase, sf. ecsiasy, rapture, 

Extasier (s'), i r. to *be in ecs- 

Extalique, a. ecstatic. [tacies. 

Extenseur, sm. extensot. 

Extensibilité, sf. — Uty. 

Extensible, a — sible. 

Extension, sf. — sion, extent. 

Exténuation,;/'.— lion, debilily. 

Exténuer, va. to extenuate; de- 
Extérieur, sm. outside,[bilitatei 

Extérieur, e, a, exterior, out- 
nard, external. 

— meut, ad. oulwardiy. 

Exterminateur , a, m. des- 
troyer, destrcying. 

Extcrmiiiatiou,sf. — tion. 

Exterminer, va. to extcrmi- 
nale; exlirpate; dostroy. 

Externat, sm. day scbool. 

Externe, a. external; ont. 

— , s, day-scholar. 

Extinction, sf. —tion, quench- 
ng, extinguishment. 

Extirpateur, sm. — tor. 

Extirpation, sf. —tion. [ont. 

Extirper, va. to exlirpate, root 

Extorquer, va. to extort. 

exturaiou. sf. extOltiOD. 




Extraction, sf. —lion descent. 
ExiiMitlitiou. sf, extradilioQ. 
E.'<ei-«ire,i'a. toextracl; drawout. 
Extrait, sm. exlrnct, aLstract. 
Eitraordiuaire, a. — dinarj, 

iincommon, siiigular. 
— , svi, extraordinary. 
Exti-aordiiiaircnieiit, ad. ex- 

traordinaiilj. [-vafantly. 

Eitraviifiniiinieiit, ad. exlrâ- 
E\ti-aTagauee, sf. — ce. [wild. 
B'^xtravagaut, e, a. s. — gant, 
Eitravaguei-, V7i. to exlra^a- 

gate; mie, be âeliritus. 

Extravaser (s'), vr. to be ex 

trai'asaled. [excessJTe. 

Extrême, d. extrcmi?, utmost, 
— , sm. extrême, ulniost. 
Extrômeiucnt, ad. exlremely. 
Extrcme-onclioii, sf. exti'Cme 

Extrémitc, sf. — mity, utmost 

part, last moment; excess. 
Extriusèque, a. extrÎD&ic. 
Exiibéi*ance. sf. — rance. 
Exiilcératîou, sf. exulcoralion. 
Eitilcérer, va. to exulcerate. 
Ex-Toto,sm. tbiogvotedj'vowed 

Fa, sm. fa, or f. 
Faille, s/", fable, story,mythoIogy. 
Fabliau, sm. metricale taie. 
Faliricaut, S7n. manufacturer. 
Fabricatuur, £m. — lor; coiuer, 

forger. [manufacture. 

Fal>ricaliau,s^. — lion, forging, 
Fabricieii, sm. churcbwarden. 
Fa briqcae, s/', fabric manufacture. 
Fabriquer, va. to manufacture, 

to coin, to forge. 
F<tbuleuHeiucut ad. fabulously. 
Fabuleux, se, a. fabulous. 
Fabuliste, S))', fabulist. 
Façade, sf. front, fronlage. 
Face, sf. face; front, State. 

En — , to one's face, in front. 

Faire —, va. to meet. 
Facétie, s^- pleasantry, witty jest. 
FacêtieuBeiueut) ad, face- 

tiously. [jester. 

Facétieux, se, a. facetious, 
Facette, sf. facet. 
Facile, e, a. angry; sorry. 
Fâcher, va. to * vex, grieTe, to 

tease, to make angry. 

Se —, vr. to * be angry, 
Fàcberie, sf. vexation, pique. 
Fâclieux, se, a. grievous, sad, 

difficull, vexatious. 
— , s. troublesome person. 
Facial, c, (1. facial. [neak, facile. 
Facile, a. easy, free, indulgent, 
Facilement, ad. easilj. 

Facilité, sf. — ty, easiness. 

Faciliter, va, to faciiitate. 

Façon, sf. fashion, raanner, ce- 
remony, affectedness, tillage, 
sort. [polish; work. 

Façonner, t'a. to form; fashion; 

Façonnier, c, a. S. ceremo- 

Fac-siulile, sm. fac-similé. 

Factage, sm. parcels-de!i"very. 

Facteur, sm. factor; poslman; 

Factice, 0. factitious, artiflcial. 

Factieux, se, factions. 

Faction, s/'.faclion,sentry,watch. 

Factionnaire, jjn. senllnel. 

Factorerie, sf. factory. fsentry. 

Factotum, 5m. factotum. [cause). 

Factum, syn, statement (of a 

Facture, sf. invoice, bill, 

Faclurck-, Va. to iuvoice. 

Facultatif. »e, a. — -ve. 

Faculté, sf. faculty, power, ta- 
lent, virtue. 

Fadaise, sf. foolery, trilîes. 

Fade, a. insipid, dull, faint. 

Fadeur, s/*, insipidness. 

Fagot, «m. fagot, bundie. 

Fagoter, va. to fagol; bundie 
up; bungle. 

Fagoteur, sm. fagol-maker. 

Faible, a. feeble, weak, faint, 
slight. [ting fit. 

Faiblesae) sm. feebleuess. Tain- 




Faiblir, vn. te get weak; abale. 
Faïence, sf. fayCDce, delfl-nare. 
Faïencier, ère, 5, potman, 

Failli, stn. banÉrupt. 
Fitillibilité, s/, faillibility. 
Failliltle, a. faillible. 
Faillir, vn. lo Tail, * mistake, * 

be nrar; * be err; offead. 
Faillite, sf. baakruptcy. 
Faim, s»!, hunger, appetite. 
Faine, S)»» beech-nut. 
Fainéant, e, a. lazy, idle. 
— , e, s. a sluggard. 
Fainéanter, vn lo laze; be idie. 
Fainéantise, sf. idicness, lazi- 
Faire, vn. to make, to* dû.[Dess. 

— croire, to make believe. 

— l'auniûne, lo give alms. 

— la loi, 10 give laws, 

— ses affaires, to thrive well. 

— venir, to send for, 

— entrer, to call in. 

— voile, lo set sail. 

— eau, lo leak. 

•- savoir, to infornii 
Fait (il), itis. 

— chaud, froid, it is hot, cold. 
Faire fairct to * bespeak; hâve 


Se — , vr. to improve,* get, be- 
come, turn,*grow, use,ioure. 
Faisable, a, practicable 
Faisan, sm, pheasant. 
Faisander, va. lo * keep méat 

lill it gets high. 
Faisanderie, sf. pheasantry. 
Faisandier, sm. pbeasaot- 

Faisceau, sm. bundle, cluster. 
Faiseur, se, s. maker, doer. 
Fait, sm. fact, aci, case, deed, 

matter, affair. 

Bc laît,«(i. actiial,real,rcally. 

Tout ù fait, ad. quite. 
Faîtage, sm. ridge-piece. 
Fatto, sm. top, ridge, pinnacle. 
Faîtière, sf. ridge, ridge-lile. 
Falaise, sf. cliff. 
Falbala, S7)l. furbelow. 
Fallacieuseuicut, ad. falla- 

Fallacieux, se, a. fallacious. 

Falloir, v. imp. (o * be neces- 
fary; o'ighl; want. [be done. 
Il faut faire cela, Ihat must. 
Il me faut, I must bave.ï. great lanterD,fire-pnt. 

Falourde, sf. fagot of thick 

Falsificateur, sm. a falslSer. 

Falsiacation, sf. — tion. 

Falsiner, ta. to ta'.sify, adull&- 

Falun, sm. shell-marl. [rate. 

Faluuer, va. to manure with 

Famé, e, a. famed. [shell-marl. 

Famélique, (T.famisbingjStarved. 

FauieMx, se, a. famous. 

Famil ariser (se), vr. lo fami- 
liarise oce's self. 

Familiarité, s/, familiarity. 

Familier, a. familîar, free. 

Familièrement, ad. freoly. 

FauiiEle, $/. faniily , kindred. kin. 

Famine, f/. famine, deaitli. 

Fanage, sm. bay-making. 

Fanaisou, s/, haj-lime. 

Fanal, $7n. iantern, light-hoiisa. 

Fanatique, a. S. faDatiC. 

Fanatisme, sm. fanalicism. 

Func, sf. dead leaves. 

Faner, iade; * make hay of. 
So — , vr. to wither, to fade. 

Faneur, se. s. a. haymaker. 

Faiifan, S7}i. deary, ducky. 

Fanfare, s/'.flourish of trumpets. 

Fanfaron, no, a. blustering. 

— , sm. a blusterer. 

Fanfaronnade, sf. bragging. 

Faufreluclie, sf. gewgaw. 

Fange, sf. mire, dirt, mud. 

Fangeux, se, a. miry, muddy. 

Fanon, sm. dewlap, fellock , 
fannel. [whim, humour. 

Fantaisie, sf. fancy , raind. 

Fantasmagorie, sf. — rîa, dis- 
solving view. 

Fantasque, a. fantastîcal, odd. 

Fantassin, sm. foot-soldîer. 

Fantastique, a. fantaslic. 

Fantôme, sm. phantom, spectrs. 

Faon, sm. fawn. 

Faoïaier, va. to fawn. 

Faquin, SÏ7Z. scoundrei, rascal. 

Farandole, sf. farandole. 

Farce , sf. stufSug, farce, joka. 




9»reeuv, sm. bulîoon. 
Farciii, sm, farcy (horse diçease). 
Farciiicux, Bc, a, altacked by 

Farcir, va, lo stuff; cram. 
Fard, sm. paint, linsel; dissimu- 
lation, [weiglit. 
Fardeau, sm. burden, ioad, 
Farder, va. to paint the face, 

■varnish over. 
— un. tosini;; sellle down. 

Se — , vr. lo paintone's self. 
Farfadet, sm. elT. 
Farfouiller, va. to rummaee. 
Fariboles, sf. idie taie, stulT. 
Farine, s/, flour, pollen. 
Fariner, va. to flour; dredge. 
Farineux, se, a. mealy. 
Farinier, sm. mcal-màn. 
Faru, sm. foro. 

Farouche, wild, fierce, sayaje. 
Fascc, sf. fcfse. 
Fascicule, .;m. fasciculus. 
FascînaiEe, sm. fascine-making. 
Fascination, sf.— tion. 
Fa^ciue, sf. fascine, fagot. 
Fasciner. 1'^. lo fascinate, charra. 
Fasliion, fasl.ion. 
Fasliionaljlc, a. fa?hionable 
Fasier, vil. lo shiver, 
Faste, sm. promp, splendour. 
Fastes, ]il. annales. 
Fasti€liensoment, «<;. tediously. 
FastidicuT. se, (T. ilisome, fasti- 

Fastiiousecient,n(Z. pompously. 
Faslneiix, se, a. ostenlalious. 
Fat, sm. coxccinb, fop, puppy. 
Fatal, e, 17. fatal, uniucky. 
Fatalement, ail lalally, unluc- 
Fataliste, sm. fatalist. [ki'v. 
Fatalité, s/", fatalily. [më. 

Falignnl, c, a. fatiguing, irliso- 
Faiîgue, sf. fatigue, weariness, 
toil. " [tease. 

Fatiguer, Va. lo tire; fatigue, 
— , vn. to * labour, toil. 

Se—, va. to fatigue one's self. 
Fatras, sm. trash, medley. 
Fatiiilc, s/, fatuity, folly. 
Faubourg, sm. suburb. 
Fauchage, sin. mowing. 
Fauchnison sf. BioniDg-time. 

Fauche, sf. mowing ; crop (of 

Faucher, t'a. to mow. 
Faucheur, sm. raower. 
Faucheux, sm. field-spider. 
Faucille, sf. a siclile. 
Faucon, sm. a falcon, hawk. 
Fauconneau, S7n. falconet. 
Fauconnerie, s/, falconry. 
Fauconnier, sm. falconer. 
Faufiler, <;«. to baste, slip in. 

Se—, vr. to creep in. 
Faune, sm. fawn. 
Faussaire, sm. forger. 
Fausse-couche, s/", mîscarriage. 
Faussement, ad. falsely. 
Fausser, va. to * breack; lo * 

bend; dint. 
Fausset, sm. spigot, falsello. 
Fausseté, sf. falsily, falseliood. 
Faute, sf. fault, errôr, want. 
Fauteuil, sm. elbow-chair. 
Fauteur, s. fa"vourer. 
Fautif, Tc, a. faulty. 
Fauve , a. fallow, tawny. 
Fauvette, sf. linnet. 
Faux, /■. scyllic. 
Faux, fausse, a. false, sbam, 

feigned, counterfeit, untrue. 
Faux, sin. faiscbood. 

— frais, ])l. incidental expenses. 

— fujant , sm. sliirt, évasion. 

— monnajeur, sm. false coi- 

Faveur, faTOur, good grâces, 

crédit, protection. 
Fax'uralilc, a. favourable. 
Favoralilemcnt.niZ. favourably. 
Favori, le, a. S. favourite. 
Favori, s»!- whiskcr. [friend. 
Favoriser, va. to faveur; be- 
Féal, c, a. trusty, failbful. 
Feauté, feally, fidelily. 
Fébrifuge, sm. fébrifuge. 
Fébrile, a. fébrile. 
Fèces, sf.jil. fèces, sedunent. 
Fécond, e, a. fruitful, fertile; 

Fécondation, sf. fecundation. 
Féconder, va. lo fruitful, fertile. 
Fécondité, sf. fecundily; plentj. 
Fécule, sf. scdinient, fecula. 
Féculeul, c, a. féculent. 

fi: Il 



Fcdcrat, e, a. fédéral. 

Fctlvraliscr, va, to fedcralize. 

Fc<lcrnlîs«e, s))i. federalist. 

Fédératif, vc, a. federalivo. 

FédcraUoii) sf. fédération. 

Fédéré, c, a. federary. 

Fée, sf. fairy. * 

Féci-ic, sf. fairy land. 

Féerique,», fairy. [mulate. 

Feindre, VU. to feign; * limp, si- 

Fciiite, sf. feinl, disguise, dissi- 

Fêlé, e , a. crazy, cracked. 

Fêler, va. to ' crack. 

Féiicitalion, sf. — tion, Con- 

Félicité, sf. felicity, bliss. 

Féliciter, va. to felicilate; con- 

Félon, ne, a. S, felonious, félon. 

réionie, sf. felony. 

Felouque, sf. felucca. 

Fêlure, s/', crack, chink. 

Femelle, s/, female, heu. 

— , a. feraaie, woman. 

Féminin, e, a. féminine; wo- 

Féminiser, make féminine. 

Femme, sf. woman, wife. 

— de cbarge, liousekeeper. 

— de chambre, cbamber maid; 
waiting woman. 

Femmelette, sf. silly woman. 
Fémur, sin. thigh-bone. 
Fenaison, sf. hay-har-vcst. 
Fendant, sm. cutting blow. 
Feudeur, s<n. cleaver, sliUer. 
Fendoir, sf. splitting-tool. 
Fendre, la. to * cleave ; splil; 

crack; rend. 
Fendu, e, a. cleft, slit. 
Fenêtre, sf. window. 
Fenil, sm. faayloTt. 
Fenouil, sf. fennel. 
Fente, sf. cleft, chink, Crack, 

slit, chap. 
Féodal, e, a. feudal, féodal. 
Féodalité, sf. feudality. 
Fer, sm, iron ; sword , sboe (ofa 

harse); head (of a lance); jd, 

cbains; letters. 
— à repasser, smoothing iron. 
Fer-blanc, sm. tio. 

Ferblantier, sm, linmaQ. 
Férié , sf. ferla. 
Férir, V(l. to strike. 
Ferler, l'rt. tO furl. 

Fermage, sm. rent ofa farm. 

Ferme, sf. farm. 

Ferme, a. firm, steady, resolute, 

—, ad. fast. hard. 

ment, ad, firmly, résolu- 


lient, sm. ferment, leaven. 

I''vrmentablc, a. fermentable. 

Fermentation, sf. fermenling. 

Fermenter, va. to ferment. 

Fermer, va. to shut , close, 

— la main , to clinch the fist. 

Fermer (se), vr. to' shut; close. 

Fermeté, sf. firmness , resolu- 
tion, vigour. [ning. 

Fermeture, sf, closing; faste- 

Fermier, e, s. farmer. 

Fermoir, sm. clasp, chisel. 

Féroce, a. ferocious, savage. 

Férocité, .s/, ferocity, Savage. 

I^erragc, sm. shoeing (a horse). 

Ferraille, sf. old iron. 

Ferrailler, un. to fence; wrangle. 

Ferrailleur, sm, buUy, fighter, 

Ferrant (maréchal), shoeing- 

Fcrré, e, «. ironed. [smitn. 

Ferrement, sf. iron implement. 

Ferrer, va. to * bind vvilh iron ; 
shoe (a horse); tag (laces). 

Ferret, sm. tag. 

Ferrcur, sin. tagger of laces. 

Fcrrière, sf. smith's shoeing- 

Fcrron,S))i. dealer in bar-iron. 

Ferronnerie , sf. foundry. 

Ferronnier, e, a. ironmonger. 

Ferrugineux, se, a, ferrugi- 
nous. [of a horse. 

Ferrure, sf. iron-woik,* shoeing 

Fertile, a. fertile, fruilful. 

Fertilemcut, ad. fruitfully. 

Fertilisation, sf. fcrtilJzaliOQ. 

Fertiliser, va. to ferlilize. 

Fertilité, sf. fertility, plenty. 

Férule, sf, ferula ; rod. 

Fervent, e, a. ferveiiU 


Ferveur, sf. fervour, zeal, 

l''csse, sf. bullock, breech. 

Fc«8c-ma(liicu, sm. skinflint 
iriiserly hunks. 

B'vssée, sf. whipping. 

■''csser, va. to Uog whip. 

i'esseuv, se, s. a llogger. 

l'essïer, srn. bultocks. 

Fcsiiii,s»!. feast, banquet. 

Feston, sm. festoon. [lop. 

Festouiier, va. lo festoon; soul- 

I''estoycr, va to feast. 

Fêle, df. feast; boliday festival 

Fêle-Dieu, s/'.CorpusChrisfiday. 

F''''«r, va. to keep as a holidav; 
to feast. 

Féiiclie, sm. felich. 

Fétide, u. fetid; rank. 

Fétu, sin. stiaw, rush. 

Fétus, sm. fu;tus. 

Feu, sm. tire, Uame, beat, inflam- 
mation, passion, anger, liveli- 

— dç joie, bonfire. [ness. 

— d'artîGec, fireworks. 

— follet, gnis fatuus. 
Feu (armes à), fire-arms. 
Feu, e, a late, deceased. 
Fcuilatuire, «»{. feudalory, 
Feuillage, sm. foliage. 
Feuille, sf. leaf, foil. 

— de papier, sbeel of paper. 
Fouillée, sf. leafy. [leaf. 
Feuillc-uiorie, lilcmol, dead- 
F'euillel, sm. leafof a boot. 
Feuilletage, sf. puD'-pa^te, 
Feuilleté, a, a light cake. 
Feuilleter, va. to turn over. 

— la pâte, to make puff-paste. 
Feuilleton, sm. lUeraiy part 

ofa journal. 
Feuilletoniste, sm. novelist. 
Feuillette, s/', wine-cask. 
Feuillu, e, a full of leaves. 
Feuillure, sf. rabbet. 
Fourre, sm. straw. 
Feutrage, sm. felling. 
Feutre, sm. fell, old uati 
Feutrer, l'a. lo felt. 
Feutrière, sf. felt-maker. 
Fèves, sf. bean. 
Féverole, sf. horse-bean. 
Février, sm, Februarjf, 



Fi, int. fie, 6e upon. 

— donc, l'or sliame. 
Fiacre, sm. hactney-coach. 
Fiançailles, sf. ,d. betrolhing. 
Fiance, S)/(. bride-room. 
Fiancée, sf. bride. 
Fiancer, l'a. to bclrotn. 
Fibre, s/-, fibre, filament. 
Fibreux, se, a. tibrous. 
Fibrilles/', fibril.small fibre. 
Ficeler, va. to tie, to * bind. 
Ficeleur, sm. corder. 
Ficelle, sf. packlhread, stri'jg. 
Fiche, sf. book; flsh, counler. 
Ficlier, ii,î. 10 «drive in; deal. 
Ficbet, sm. ivorypeg. 
Fichu, sm. neckerchief. ■ 
Fictif, vc, flclitious, imaginary. 
Fiction, sf. fiction, lie, story. 
Fictivement, ad. fictitiously. 
Fidei-comnii» , sm. trust. 
Fidèle, a. s. lailhful, lovai, true, 
Fidèlement, ad failhfully. 
Fidélité, sf. fidelity; failhfûl- 

ness, loyally. 
Fief, sm. fief; tenure. 
Fieffé, e, a. arrant. regular. 
Fieffer, va. to enfeoff. [tj, liile. 
Fiel, s»!, gall, malice, cnimosi- 
Fiente, sf. dung. 
Fientcr, i>/i. lo dung. 
Fier, va. lo trust; BEtrust. [in. 
Fier (se), vr lo rely on ; tru>l 
Fier, c, a. proud; loflv, fiercu, 

baugbty. •" 

Fier a bras, sm. bully. 
Fièrement, ad. haugbtily. 
Fierté, .s/-, pride, baugblines?, 

spirit, arrogance. 
Fièvre, sf. lever. 

■ ntei'mittcnte, ague fever. 

— lente, bcctic fever. 

— chaude, a violent fever. 
Fièvre (.%voir la), to be in a 

fever, to bave an ague. 
Fiévreui,se,«. feverish,aguish. 
Fifre, sm. fife, fifer. 
Figer, va. to congeal, coagulate. 
Figue, sf. fig. 

Figuier, sm. fig-tree. [figurant. 
Figurant, c, s. baliel-dancer, 
Figuratif, ve, a. figurative. 
Fij(urativcment,a(^. — vely. 




Figaro , sf. figure , form, shape. 
Figiii-émcut, ad. Bguralively. 
Figurer, en. 10 figure; appear. 

Se — ,ur. to imagine, fancy. 
Figurer, vn. to look well, rank. 
Figurines, sf. figurine, [stream- 
Fil , sm. tliread ; wire , edge, 
Fîl«ge, sm. spinnîng. 
Filament, £»!. filament, tbread. 
Fîltmienleux , se, a filameu- 

tous, stringy. 
Filaudière, sf. spinster* 
Filandres, pi. flianders. 
Filuudreux, se,a. stringy, wiry. 
Filasse, sf. tow ; flax or hemp- 

ready to ■* be ' spun. [dresser. 
Filassier, sm, flax, or hemp- 
Fiiaicur, sm. spinner. 
Filature, sf. spinning. 
File, sf. file, row. 
Filer , va. to * spin, * -wiredraw; 

file o[r{as soldier.'^). 
Filer, vn. to file off, to purr. 
— doux, to be submissive. 
Filerie, sf. rope-walk. 
Filet, sm. strlng, fillet, net, rid- 
ée, tbread (bride); snaffle. 
Fileur, se, s. spinner, wire- 
Fiiial, e, a. filial. [drawer. 

Filijileuieut, ad. fîlially. 
Filiation, sf. — lion, descent. 
Filière, sf. wîre-drawing iron, 

Filigrane,sm. filigrane, filigree. 
Fille, sf. girl, inaid,daughter. 

Petite- — , granddaughter. 
Fillette, sf. young lass. 
Filleul, s'in. godson. 
Filleule, sf. goddaughter. 
Filochc, sf. net, net-work. 
Filon, sm. vein in a mine ; Iode. 
FiloscUe, sf. floss-silk. 
Filou, sm. sharper, pick pocket. 
Filouter, va. to pick pockets. 
Filouterie, sf. cheating, filching. 
fils, sm, son; maie cbiïd. 

Petit- — , grandson. 
Fillration, sf. straining. 
Filtre, sm. filttr. 
Filtrer, va. to filter. 
Filure, sf. spinning. 
Fin, s/', end, aim, ciosej View. 

A la—, at last. 

Fin, c, a. fine, thin , snhtie, slj, 

cunnîng, sharp, nimble. 
Final, e,n. final. 
Fiualeuicnl, ad. finally, 
Finance, sf. finance, cash. 
Financier, sm. financial. 
Finances, f. pi. finances. 
Financer, V. to mise money. 
Finasser, vn, to finesse, [ger. 
Finasseur, se, a. s. artful dod- 
Fiuasserie, sf. finessing. 
Finaud, c, a. artful; deep; sy. 
Fineuieut,a(i. finely, cunningly. 
Finesse, sf. Ëneness, slyness, 

delicacy. [len tissue. 

Finette, sf. thin cotton or wool- 
Finir, va, to finish , to end, to 
Finisseur, sm. finisher. [dis. 
Fiole, sf. figure, phial. 
Fion, sm. finish. 
Fioritures, sf, pi. flourishes. 
Firmament, sm. firmament. 
Fisc, sm. fisc, treasures, 
Fiscal, e, a. lÎFcal. 
Fissure, sf, fissure, crack. 
Fistule, sf. fistula, ulcer. 
Fistiileux, se, a. fistulous. 
Fixation, sf. — tion , appoia- 

Fixe, a. fixed, steady, set. 
Fixement, arj. fixedly, steadily. 
Fixer, va. to * fix ; setlle ; deter- 
Fixité, sf. Ëxity. [mine. 

Flaclie, sf. llaw, hole in a road< 
Flacon, sm. îlask, smellingc 

Flagellation, sf. flagellation. 
Flageller, va. to flagel late. 
Flageolet, sm. flageolet, kidney- 

Flagorner, vn. to fawn upon. 
Flagornerie,fawning. [cophant. 
Flagorneur, se, s. a toady. sy- 
Flagrant, c, a. flagrant. 
Flair, sm, smelling, scent. 
Flairer, va. to * smell; ' scent 
Flambant, e, a, blazing. 
Flambe, sf. flag (a Dower). 
Flambé, e, a, singed; undone. 
Flambeau, sm, flambeau, c»tt- 

dlestick, light. 
Flamber, va. to singe. 
—, vn. to blaze, flash. 




dFlambcrge, sf, rapier, sword. 
Fiaiubojaut , c, a. flaming , 

fflambojer, vn. to blaze. Dame. 
Flnmme* sf. Came, ship's pen- 
Flatnmèclie. s/". Dake of fîre. 
Flan, sm. custard, planchet. 
Flanc, sm. flank, side. 
Flanchet, sm. part or a sir- 

loia of heef. 
Flauilrin,«m.lonf;hacke(J fellow. 
Flanelle, sf. flannel. 
Flâner, D)i. 10 louDge ; saunter. 
Flânerie, sf. louDging; saunter. 
Flâneur, se, S. lounger, saun- 

Flau<|ner, va. to ûank ; deal 

(a blow). 
Flaque, sf. puddle, pool. 
Flaqiier, va. to da«h; sluice. 
Flasque, a. Paint, flabbj. 
—1 sf. powder-horn. 
Flatter, va. to flalter ; please; 

favour; charm;fawn upon; coax; 

wheedle. [fclf. 

Flatter (se), vr. to flatter one's 
Flatterie, s/, flattery, fawning. 
Flatteur, se, a. S. flattering, 

Flatteusenient, ad. Datteringly. 
Fléau , sm. flail , plague, scale- 

beam, bar. [point. 

Flèche, sf. arrow, stiteh, team, 
fPléchïr, V. to ' bend ; move; 

bow; assuage. [bending. 

FIéchissenien«,STO. génuflexion, 
Fléchisseur, sm. flexor. 
Flegmatique , a. — tic , grave. 
Flegme, sm. phlegm, coolness. 
Flétrir, V. to * fade; blemish ; 

brand; sully. 
Flétrissure, sf. withering, stig- 

ma, fading, blight, brand. 
Fleur, sf. flower, blossom. 

— de farine , fine flour. 

— de lis, flower-de-luce. 
Fleuraison, .cf. blowing ; efflo- 

Fleurdeliser, va. to mark with 

a flower-de-luce. 
Fleuré , e, a. flory. 
Fleurer, Flairer, vn. to'slselK 

Fleuret, s?>!. silk ferret, fenfing» 
foil. [gallanlry. 

Fleurette, sf. floweret, cajoling, 

Fleuri, c, a. flowery. 

Fleurir, t>/l. tO blossom ; * blûW, 
to flourisii; * thrive 

Fleuriste, S. florist. [rUh. 

Fleuron, sm. flower; gem, flou- 
Fleuve, sm. river, stream. 


Flexible, a. flexible, suppio. 

Flexion, sf. flexion, defleclion. 

Flibustier, sm. filibuster, free- 

Flic-nac, ad. thwick-hwack. 

Flocon, sm. flake, flnck, hift. 

Floraison, sf. flowering, hiosso- 

Floral, e, a. floral. [ming. 

Florentine, sf. florentine, figu- 
red salin. 

Florin, sm. florin. 

Florir, vn. to flourish. 

Florissant, a. flourishing. ' 

Floristc, sm. Ilorist. 

Flot, sm. wave, tide, float. 
A—, ad. afloat. 

Flottage, sf. floaling. 

Flottaison, sf. (mar.) water-line. 

Flottant, e, a. floating, wave- 

Flotte, sf. fleet, float, buoy. 

Flotter, ni. to float; fluctuate; 

Flottille, sf. flotilla. [hesitate. 

Flou, ad. soft, light. 

Flouer, va. to deddle-dupe. 

Flouerie, sf. diddling; clieat, 

Floueur, sm. diddler; cheat. 

Fluctuation , sf. — tioD. 

Fluctueux, se, a. fluctuons, 

Fluer, vn. to flow ; * run. 

Fluet, te, o. tender; slim; weakly. 

Fluide, a. s. fluid, fluent. 

Fluidité, sf. — tj, volabilily. 

Flûte, sf. a flûte , pink (a sbip). 

Flûte, e,a. soft, fluty. 

Flûter, vn. to plaj the flûte; 
tipple ; tope. 

Flûteur, se , S. piper. 

Fluvial, e, a. fluvial. 

Flux, sm. flood , tide, flux; 
flush at cards. [tion. 

FInxion, sf. snelling, inflamma. 




Fol, if. failh, évidence, feally. 

Uoune — , sincerity, good faith. 

nSaiiTaise — , dishonesty. 

Digne do — , truslworlhy. 

.«joiiior — , to give crédit tOi 
—, sm. foihle, weak side. 
Foie, sm. Ii\er. 
Foin, sm. hay, choke. 
—, int. piih 1 pest 1 
Foire, sf, fair, fairinj; looseness. 
Foireux, se, a. S. relaxed, pale> 
(Fois, sf. lime. 

Due — , oDce. 

lieux^, twice, two timesi 

A la—, at once. 
foison, sf. plenty, abundance. 

A — , nd. abundantly. [lip'y- 
Foisonner, vn. to abouod, mul- 
Folâtre, a. playfu!, sportive. 
Folâtrer, vn. 10 splay; toy. 
Folâtrerie, sf. playing, wanton 
Folichonne, a. piayful. [trici;. 
Folie, sf. folly, madness, fond- 

ness, mania, insanita. 
Folio, sm. folio. 
Foliole, sf. leaflet; rdiole. 
Folle, a. f. vid. Fou. 
Follement, ad. madly,fcoIishly. 
Follet, te, a. wanton, piayful. 
Folliculaire, sm. follicular. 
Follicule, sf. folicle. [1er. 

Fonaentateur, trice, s. fomcQ- 
Fomentation , sf. — tion. 
Fomenter, va. to foment; en- 
Foucé, e, a. rich; clever, darlf. 
Foncer, va. to botlom; sink; de- 

— , supply furds; fall upon. 
Foncier, e, a. land, profoimd. 
Foncièrement, ad. tboroughly. 
Fonction, sf. funclion, duty. 
Fonctionnaire, sm. a fuuctio- 

Fond, sm. bottotn, ground, main 

point, back part, end. 
Fond en r'>mtile (de), ulterly, 

— de caic , hold of a ship. 
Fondamental, e, a. fundamen- 
ta' [raentally. 

Fon.^ mentalement, rtd.funda- 
Fondant, Oj a, melting. 

— sm. flux, for mefals. 
Fondateur, trice, s. foundeft 
Fondation, sf. foundation , en« 

Fonde de pouvoir, 5. attornoy. 
Foitdement, sm. foundation 

base, cause, fundament. 
Fonder, va. to found; * lay tha 
foundation; base. 
Se —, vr. to * be founded. 
S'onderie, sf. foundery.. 
I''ondeur, sm.. founder. 
Fondoir, sm. melling-houSB. 
Fondre, ra. to mett,*casl*pusb 

upon, blend. 
Fondrière, sf. a quagmire; bog 
Fondrillcs, pi. grounds, sédi- 
Fonds, sm, land, soi), fund} 

steck, ground, 
Fongeux, se, a. spOBgioux 
Fongus, sm. fungus. [cistern. 
Fontaine, sf. fountain, sprinç, 
a'ouiaiuier, sm. fountaic-maker. 
Fontanelle, s/', fonlanel. 
S''ontaHge, sf. top-knot. 
Fonticule, sf. issue. [font, 

S'onts, sm. pi. font, baptismal 
l'orage, sm. boring. [etinerant. 
Forain, e, a. foreign travellingi 
Forban, sm. pirate. 
Forçat, sm. a gaiiey-slave. 
Force, sf. slrenglh , fortilade, 
violence, force, power, magna- 
nimity, energy. 
De—, violenlly. 
Force de (à), by dint of. 
Forcé, e, a. forced; constrained 

Forcément, ad. forcibly. 
Forcené, e, a. mad, in a farj. 
Forceps, sm. pi. forceps. 
Forcer, vn. to force ; ' break 
open; override; violate. 
Se — , vr. to do on 'es self vio» 
lence; strecht a point- 
Forces, sf. large shears. 
Forclore, va. to foreclose. 
Forclusion, ^<;/. forciosure. 
Forer, t'a. tobore; perforate. 
Forestier, sm. forester, rang«r> 
Forêt, sf. forest. 




Foret, sm. drill ; gimblet. 
rorfuii-o, V. 10 Irespass; forfeU. 
ForTiiit. sm. heinouf crime. 

Pi-fiu!i-e à— , to coiitract for. 
Forfiiiiiire- $f. forfeiture; trea- 

SOD. [bragging. 

Forfaisterio , sf. romancery , 
Forge, sf. forge, smilhy. 
Foi'gcable, tbal maj be forged. 
Forcer, va. to forge ; ÏQYent ; 


Se — -, vr. to produce; fancj. 
Forgeron, sm. blaksmilh. 
Forfjeiir, sm. forger, fabricator. 
Fci'Iiiuccr, va. to slart (game). 
ForloBicicr, va, lo protract, vn. 

to gel abead. [oITence. 

Foriu:iliser (se), vr, to ' take 
Formaliste, ri. s. formalist. 
Foruiuliié, sf. formality, forni. 
Format, sm. size of a book, 
FoB'uiatioBi, sf, forming. 
Furiiic, sf. form, sbape, for- 
— i!c eliai>eaii, Crown of a hat. 
Formol, le, a, formai, pofitiye; 

e^|Jrofs. [positively. 

Formellement, ad. formally, 
Former, va. to form, * make, * 

produce; conçoive; train up. 

Se— ,r/-.lo*be l'ormed. [riliie. 
Formidable, a. formidable, ter- 
Formier. sm. a la^t-makcr. 
Formulaire, sm. formulary. 
Formule, sf, formule, prescrip- 
tion, form. 
Fornication, sf. — (ion. 
Forniquer, vn. lu fornicale. 
Fors, ]ir. save, except, but. 
Fort, e, a. slroiig, sloul, bard, 

violent, powerfui, robust. 
Fort, sm. ma^terpiece; skill ; 

main point, fort. [londiy. 

Fort, ad. very, very miicb, hard, 
Fortement, sir iigly, stoutly. 
Forleres»e, sf. furtiess. 
Fartili:(nt, e, a. strenglhening. 
Forliiicateur, sm. slrength- 
Foriincaiiou, sf. — tion. [ener. 
FurtiDer, va. to fortify ; streng- 

llieii, iiicigorale. 

Se fnrtiEer, vr. tO grow 

Fortin, sm. litlie fort; fortlel. 
Fortuit, e, a. forluitous, casusl. 
Foriiiitemcnt, ad. lorluitousiy, 

Fortune, sf. fortune, luck, con- 
dition, destiny, chance. 
Fortuné, c, a. fortunate; bappjf, 
fr'orum, sm. forum. 
Forure, sf. bore of a key. 
Fosse, sf, grave, pil, hole> 

Basse—, sf, aungeou. 
Fosse, S7n. ditch, moat. 
Fosse». SOT. peg, faucet. 
Fossette, sf. cbuck-hole, dimpla. 
Fossile, sm. lossil. 
Fossoyage, sm. grave-digging. 
rossoyer, va. lo ditch. 
Fossoyeur, sm. a grave-digger, 

Fou, fol, le, a, mad ; sîlly, very 

fond, fooliîh. [cliess. 

— , sm. lool ; jester, bishop at 
Foiiaee, sf, hearlh-cake. 
F€>unse, sm hearih-money. 
Fouaille, sf. quarry (reward). 
Fouailler, va. to lash , wbip. 
Foufire, sf. thunderbolt. 
— , stn. large tun. [striking. 

Foudroiement, sm. thunder- 
Foudroyant, c, a, Ihuuderiag, 

drcadful, flashing. 
Foudroyante, Sf. rocket. 
Foudroyer, va, to fbjndeiii 

striko; batler-down, confound. 
Fouce, sf. bat fowling. 
Fouet, sm, whip, whipcord, rod, 

iafh, tail. [flog ; pelt; eut. 

Fouetter, va. to*wliip; lasb; 
Fouetteur, se, s. a flogger. 
Fougade. sf. feugade. 
Fougeraie, sf. fern-plot. 
Fouscre, Sf. fern. 
Fougon, sm. caboose. 
FougMe,sAimpetuo«ily; passion; 

ardeur, (ire. [nate; spirited. 
Fougueux, se, a, Hery; paîsio- 
Fouiile,,</'. excavation; digging. 
Fouiller, m, to * search;"excd- 

vato; dig ; ransack. 
Fouillis, sm. confusion. 
Fouine, sf. pole-cat. 

F'')uir, va. to ' dig; sink a weUi 
Foulage, sm. fulling. 




Foulant, e, a. pressing. 
l'''o'.ilard, sm. foulard. 
Foule, sf. crowd; ihrong ; ful- 
ling; mob. 

Eu — , ad. in crowds. 
Foulées, sf. pi. deer's tracts. 
Fouler, va. to tread; to full 
trample upon; crush; oppress. 
— du drap, to inill clotli. 

Se — le pied, etc. to sprain, 
Foulerie, sf. ruilery-mill. 
Foiileur, .;i)2, luiler; wine-pre5- 
Fouloir, sm. fullinj-board.[ser. 
Foulon, sm. fuller. [stag. 

Foulque, sm. coot faling (of a 
FoitU'-re, sf. sprain, fulling. 
Four, sm. o-ven; kiln. 
Fourbe, sm. cheat, impostor. 
— ; a. cliealing, false. 
— , sf. imposture, cheat. 
Fourberie, s^. imposture, chcat. 
iFonrbir, aa. to lurhisli. 
Fourbissas;e, sm. furbishing. 
Fourbisscnr, sm. sword-cullcr; 

Foiirbissure, sf. furbishing. 

Fourbu, c, a. foundered. 

Fourburc, sf. foundcring. 

Fourche, sf. a fork. 

Fourché, a. cloven, splitjforkpd. 

Fourcher. r«. to forkout; bi- 
furcate ; branch oIT. 

Foiircheté, e, a. forked. 

Fourchette, sf. fork,breast-bone. 
. Fourchon, sm. prongofa fork. 

Fourchu, e, a. forked, cloven. 

Fourchure, fork, furcalion. 

Fourgon, Sîlî.waggon, [ poke. 

Fourgonner, va. lo stir the fire; 

Fourmi, sf, ant, pismire. 

Fourmilier, sm. ant-eater. 

Foupmiiîcre,s/. anl-hill; swarm. 

Fourmillant, e, a. swarming. 

S'ourniillemcnt, sni. tingling; 
swarm: g. 

Fourmiller, vn, (0 swarm wilh; 

Fourna|;e,S)n. baking. [be fullof. 

Fournaise, sf. furnace, 

Fourneau, sm. slove, kiln, mine. 

Fourn(je, sf. batch, baking. 

Fourni, e, a. full, tliick. 

Fonrnicr, sm. o\en-tender. 

Fournil, sm. bakebouse. 

Fourniment, sm. powdcr-flask, 
equipment. [?upply, afford. 

Fournir, va. to lu^ni^.h ; * flnd 
— , vn. to contribute . 

So — , vr. to be supplied by. 
Fournisseur, sm, contraotor, 

Fourniture, sf, furnîshing, pro- 
vision, trimming, garnish. 
Fourrage, sm. fodder, forage. 
Fourrager, vn. to forage, rava» 
Fourragcur, sm, foragcr. [ge. 
Fourreau, sm. case, scabbard, 

child's frock. 
Fourré, e, n.fur; stuffed; bushedi 
—, sm. thicket ; brake. 
Fourrer, va. to thrust; * stulT; 
to fur; poke. [self, engage. 
Se — , vr, to intrude one's 
Fourreur, sm. furrier. 
Fourrier, sm, quarter-masfer. 
Fourrière, s/, green-yard.pound. 
Fourrure, s/, fur, serving. 
Fourvoiement 9 sm. going as- 

fray, errer. 
Fourvoyer, vn, to* mislead. 
Se —, vr. to go wrong way. 
Foutcau, sm. bcech. 
Foyer, sm, hearlh; house, seat| 

tiring room, focus, centre. 
Frac, sm. dress-coat. 
Fracas, sm. crash, smash, noise. 
Fracasser, va. to * break in 
Fraction, s/, fraction. [pièces. 
Fractionnaire, a, fraclional. 
Fracture, sf. fracture. 
Fracturé, e, «.broken. 
Fragile, a. frai!, brittle. 
Fragilité, sf. — lity, frailty, 

Fragment, SMî. fragment. 
Frai, sm. spawn, spawning. 
Fraîrlicnicnt, ad. coolly, recen» 

tly, freshiy. 
Fraîcheur, sf, COoIness, fresh" 

ness ; floridness. 
Fraîchir, vn. to fresTien. 
Fraîrie, sf. merry-making. 
Frais, fraîche, a. coll , fresb| 
new, récent, raw [airt 

Frais, sm. cool ; coolness, fresU 
— ,pl. charges, expenses. 
—, ad, newly, coolly. 




Frnisc,s^ strawberryiruff, frill; 

counlcT-finli. [counler-fink. 
Fi-niyci-, VI, to [liait; fraise; 
Fi-ai>^icr. sm. sliawberry-plant. 
Fratsoir, S))), counlor-sink bit. 
Framboise, sf. raspberry. 
FramboÊscr, V(L lo * give a 

taste ol' raspberry [bi:sh. 

Frain|joi».ier, sm. raspberry- 
Frauc, sm. franc. 
Franc, franche, a. free, frank, 

mère, arrant, true, bold. 
Fr.^llc, ((rf. plainly; quite. 
Fraiic-nia^aii. sm. freemason. 
Fraiic-tnafoiineric. freema- 
Fraiir.iîs. e, 0. French. [sonry. 
— , s. Frenc'.iman. 
— , Fi(^nch\vom:in. 
Francliemeul,atZ. franlily; free- 

ly. [corne. 

Francliir, va. to * leap over; oyer- 
Fraiicliise, sf. immunily ; fiee- 

dom ; franlinesi?. 
Fr,-)uciser, v(i. to Frenchify. 

Se — , vr. to become French. 
Fr.i!Bcisc|uc, sf. double edL-ed 

axe. [paid. 

Franco, ad. po";t-paid; carriage- 
Franç ois, sp. Francis. 
Frange, sf. fringe. 
C'rangcr, va. to fringe. 
Fr.Tiiser, e, s. fringe-maker. 
Fi'it>]^;|iiiiiG. sf. frangipane. 
Franquette (à la), frccly fran- 

liy. [ tial, notable. 

Frapj>ant, c, a. slriliing; essen- 
Fraps^e, 5/. stamp. 

— -ninin, sm. bot cockles. 
Frappement, sm. striking. 
Frapper, va. tn * strike, * smite, 

inock, lath. 

— €l<i la monnaie, tO Stamp 

— tïes m.tius, to*clap. [money. 
Se —.Dr. to knock against; 

be impressed. [cker. 

Frappenr, se, s. beater, kno- 
Fratcr, sm. barber, surgeon. 
Fraternel, le, a. — nal, bro- 
theriv. [nally. 

Fraloi-iicllemcut, ad. frater- 
Fratcrnïser, vn. to fralcrnize. 
Fraternité, sf.— nity; brothfr- 
Fralricide,S(n. fratricide, [hood. 

Fraude, s', fiaud, decoit, cheat. 

Un — ,ad. fraudulenlly. 
Frauder, vu. to dcfraud; deceÎTe 
— , v>i. lo smiiggle. 
Fraudeur, sm. defrauder; smug- 

Fraudulenscnient,fZ(7. frauQu- 

luntîy, by fraud. 
Frauduleux, se, a. fraudulent. 
Frayer, Vn. 10 open, to * shew, 

rubagainst,graze,spa\vn, agrée. 
Frayeur, s/'.IVight, dread, terrer. 
Fredaine, sf. prank ; frolic. 
Fredon, sm. tril; quaver. 
Fredonnement, sm. humming'. 
Fredonner, D?i. tobum an air. 
Frégate, s/, frigale. frigate-bird. 
Frein, sm. bit, bridie, curb. 
Frelater, va. to adulterate. 
Frelatcrie, sf. adultération. 
Frêle, a, frail ; weak, brittia 
Frelon, sm. bornet; drone. 
Freluclie, sf. tuft, small tassef. 
Freluquet, sm. coxomb; puppy. 
Frémir, vn. to sbudder; chal'e; 

roar; simmer; tremble. 
Frémiss<?ment, sm, bo'lling, 

sliudder, shiver, sbivering, agi- 
FrÎMie. S)H. asb-tree. [tation. 
Frénésie, s/', frenzy, madness. 
Frénétique, O.S. frantic. 
Fréquemment, ad, frequently. 
Fréquence, s/", frequency. 
rréquent,e. a. fréquent; usua!. 
Fréquentable, a. fréquentable. 
Fréqucntalii', ve, a. — tative. 
Fréquentation, sf. frequend-. 

lion. [fclloweta 

Fréquenté, e, a. frequented, 
Fréquenter, Va, to fréquent, 

— , vn. to keep Company with. 
Frère, sm, brother;. friar. 
— de lait, fofter-brother, 
Frcsaic, sf. screech-ow!. 
Fresque, fiosco. [pluck. 

Fressure, sf, liarslet of a pig, 
Fret, sm, freight. 
Frétemcut, sm. ths freighting. 
SFi'éior, vn. to freigbt. 
Fréteur, sm. frcigblcr. 
Frétillant, e, ri. frisky; livelj 
Frctilleiment, sm, frisking. 




rrétilict-, vn. to frisk; flullcr; 
l'rotiii, sin. frj; Irash. [fidgel. 
l'rettc, sf. ferrule; boop; collar. 
I''re««cr, va. to hoop; coilar. 
■''riabilitc, sf. — lity. 
Friuble, a. friable, briette. 
Friand, e, a. dainty, nice. 
— , S. dainty person, epicure. . 
Friaudiso, sf. daiatiness, epi- 

Fricandeau, $m. fricandeau. 
Fricassée, sf. fricassée. 
Fricasser, Va. to squanderaway; 

Fricasseur^ sm. a bad cook. 
Friclie, sf. land, waste, fallow. 
Fricot, siî!. ragoût, siew, hash. 
Friction, sf. — tion, riibbing. 
Frictionner, va. to rub. 
Frigidité , sf. frigidity. 
Frigorifique, a. frigorifie. 
Frileux, se, a. chilly. 
Frimas, srii. rime, îioar frost 
Frime, sf. sham, prclence. 
Fringant, e, a. frisky,brisk. 
Fripe, sf. rag. 

Fripé, e, a. tbreodhare, shabby. 
Friper, va. to rumple, gobble 

up; boit; squander. 
— ) broker's row. 

Fripier, e, S. salesman, brocker. 
Fripon, ne, a. knave, rogue. 
Friponuer, va. to cbeat. 
— , vn. to play Ihe rogue. 
Friponnerie, sf. knavish Irick, 
Frire, va. tO fry. 
Frise, sf. freize, flannel. 
Friser, va. to curi, crisp; graze, 

ruffle, nap. 
Frisotter, l'a. to frizzle; becurl. 
Frisquette, sf. frisket. 
Frisson, sm. shivering, a cold 

fit. [ring. 

Frissonnement, sm. shive- 
Frisouncr, vn. to îViver; sLud- 

der ; quake. 
Frisure, sf. curling; curis. 
Friiilinire, sf. — lary. 
Frito, sf. frilt. 
Friture, sf. frying; fried food. 
Fri\ole, a. frivoious, vain, tri- 


Frivolité, sf. frivolousnesSi 

l'ruc, sm. monts habit. 

Fi'ocord,sni. nionk. 

Froid, e, a. cold; frigid, gmTS. 

Froid, sm, cold, coldnoss, indif- 

Froidement, ad. coldly, coolly. 

Froideur, sf. ccidness, indiffé- 
rence, reserve. 

Froidure, sf. cold. 

Froissement, sm. bruising 
clashing. [ruffle 

Froisser, va. to bruise; rumple; 

Frôlement, snt.grazing, contact. 

Frôler, va. to graze. 

Fromage, s?n, checse. 

Fromager, e, s. checsemonger. 

Fromagerie, sf. , clieesc-dairy 
place \\here cbeese is* made. 

Fromageux, se, a. chcesy. 

Froment, sm. wheat. 

Fronientéc, sf. frumentj. 

Fronce, sf. gatlier, plait. 

Froncentenl,sm.frowuing, kuit- 
ting cf ibe braws. 

Froncer, in. to galber; knit tha 

Froncis, sm. gather. [brows; 

F'roude, sf. sling. 

Fronder, Va. to sling; stickle; 

blâme; criticize, fling. [rious. 
Frondeur, sm. flinger; censo- 
Frout, sm. forehead; front, as- 

Dc — ad. in front, [surance. 
Frontal, sm. a frontal, [work. 
Frontenti, sm. frontlet, breast- 
Froulicrc, sf. fronliers. 
Froniisipice, Sm. frontispiece. 
Frontou , sm. pcdiment. 
Frottage, sm. ruhbing. 
Frottée, sf. drubbing. [bing. 
Frottement, sili. friction; rub- 
Frotler , va. to rub ; drub; 

Se—, vr. to fréquent, [bang. 
Fi-otteur, se, rubber. 
Frottoir, sm. rubbing-cloth. 
Froiier, va. to pipe. 
Fructifère, a. fructiforous. 
Frucliflnnt, c. n. fructifying. 
Fructinration, sf. — t on. 
FrucliOer, v. to fructify; pros- 

per; be fruliful. 
Fructueusement, ad. SUCCesS- 

fully, fruilfully. 




Fructueux, se, a. fruilful, lu- 

Frugal, e, a. soDer, frugal, 

Friignicment, ad. frugaliji 

ffrugafîté, s^ frugahty. 

Frugivore, a. frugi\orous. 

Wruit, 5Hî, fiuii; advantage, pro- 
fit, effect, result. [loft. 

>IFruilerie, sf. fruitery, fruit- 

Fruilier, ère, o, fruit, s. frui- 

Frusquin, sm. ail. [terer. 

Fruste, n. defaced ; broken. 

Frustratoirc, a, — tory. 

Frustrer, va. to frustrate; balk. 

Fugitif, »e, a. s, fugilivei 

Fugue, sf. fugue. 

Fuie, sf dovecote. [retreat. 

Fuir, vn. to * flj; * run away; 

— -tn. to fly from; i-bun. 
Fuite, sf. iiiglji; évasion; escape; 

IcakiDg, subterfuge. 
F'ulgiiratiou, sf. — tion. 

Fuligiueux, ee, a. fuliginous, 
tiuskj. [dering. 


Fuluiiuatiou, sf.— tion. 

Fuluiiuer, v. to fulminate; 

Fumage, sm. lackering. 
Fumaut, c, a., fuming. 
Fumécjs/. smoke, fume, vapour. 
Fumer, u, to smoke; duug: 

rceke; fume. 
Fumeron, sm. smoking-coal. 
Fumet, sm. flavour, tasie. 
Fumeterre. sm. fumitory. 
Fumeur, sm, smoker. 
Fumeux, se, a', smoky, fumy 
heady. [1^,11. 

Fumaer, sm. muckjdurg; dung- 
Fumigateur, si», lumigatûr. 
Fumigation, sf. — lion. 
Fumigatoire, a. fumigalory. 
Fumiger, vu. to fumigale. 
Fumiste, sm. chimney doctor, 
Fumivore, a. lumivorou-, 
Fumoir, sm smoking-room. 
Fumure, sf. manure. 
Funambule, sj7i. rope-dancer. 
Fuuébre, a. funereai, di>mal, 
mournful. f'cquics 

Funeste, a. fata.; dismal, 
Funestemenl, (7(/. lalallv. 
Funiculaire, 0. fuuicular. 
l'uuin, sm. rigging. 
Fur _ au fur et à iticsurei 

as Eoon as. 
Furet, sm. ferret. 
Fureter, v. to ferret; 'search. 
Fureteur, sm. ferreter; prycr. 
1 ureur, sf. furty, rage, madnU. 
ïuriijonil, e, a. s. furious; mad 
Fur.e, sf. fury; rage. [sivcl, 

Furieusement, ad, furioublî 

excessively. ■ 

Furieux, se, a. mad, furious: 

prodigious, raging, 
Furoiicle, sm. furuncle; 'joil. 
Furtif, ve, a. furtive, viandes- 

!in;_Eieaill]y. |;(i,i|y, 

J'_urtiTci„ent,nrf.rur'.ceIy, steal- 
l'usaiu, s))z. spindie-iree. 
Fuseau, sm. spindie; bobbin, 
ï'uscc, sf. spindiefull, rocket, 

squib, fusée. 
Fuser, vu. to fuse; melt. 
Fi^sibilité, sf. — lity. 
Fusible, a. fusible. 
Fusil, sm. firelock, box, steel, à -, sf. Uint. [gun. 
Fusilier, i))î. fusileer. 
Fusillade, s/, discbcirge of mus- 
l-usiller, l'a. to sLoct. [ketry. 

Se ~,vr. to fire at eochotlmr. 
Fusion, sf. fusion ; melting. 
Fustel, stn. fustate. 
Fustigation, sf. flcgging. 
Fustiger, va. to wbip ; tlog. 
Fût, sHî. gun-stock, shaft of a 

pillar, cask, staff. 
Futaie, sf. forest, trees. 
Futaille, sf. cask, barrel. 
Fuiaiue, sf. fustian. 
Fulaiuicr, s)ïi. fustian-weavcr. 
Fuie, c, a. crafly, cunning, sly. 
Futile, a. Iriflins, vain, futile. 
Futilité, s/. fulUily, vanitj. 
Futur, e,,i. future, s. inlcnded 
(liusband, wife). 

— sm. future, fulurily. 
Fuyuut, e, a.flying, fading, t^pa- 

ring. fugitive, vild. 

— ". lt;-iUve 




Gabare, sf. lightor, transport! 
Cnbarer, sf. to seuil. 
Knbari, sm. model (ofa ■vessel). 
Gnbarîer, sm. lighterman. 
Gabelle, sf. gabel; sait-store. 
Gabion, s?n. gabion. [biens. 
Gabîouucr, un. to COTerwilh ga- 
Gâcbc, sf. staple, wall-book. 
nâcher, va. to mix; rinse Mnen. 
Gûchclte, sf. tumbler-sl.iy of a 

lock. [labourer. 

Slâcheiip, sm, Bungler, mason's 
Gâclictix, se, a. splashy, sloppy. 
Gûcbis, sm. slab, splash, mess. 
G::(t<>iiar<I, sm. nightman. 
Cndone, sf. night-soil. 
Gaffc,s/'. boat-hook. [g^ÔS. 

Gage, sm. pawn, token, plcdge, 
Gagei-, t'rt. to hiro, to bet. 
Gagei-îe, sf. seizure orgoods, 
GagcHi-, se, s. tettCr, 
Gagiste, sm. per-.on hired. 
Gngnage, sm. paslure-ground. 
Gaguaut, c, s, a winning, gai- 


— paîu , livelibood. 

— pclit, kniwes grinder. 
Qogiicr, va. to*get, gain, *wîn, 

carry, reach, earn, bribe, im- 

Gagner (se), vr. to be calching. 
fôai, e, a. gay,mcrry, lively. 
Gaiement, ad. merrily, gaily. 
Gaieté, sf. gaiety, mirth, chêer- 

Gaillard, c, a. merry, brisk, 

tipsy, gallant, bold, pleasant. 
Gaillard tfavant, sm. lore- 


— d'arrière , quarter-deck. 
Gaillarde, sf. wantoD, gay wo- 

man, bourgeois (a type). 
Gaillardement , ad, mcrrily, 

blunlly boldly. 
Gaillardise, sf. fi'0lic,gaiely. 
Gain, sm. gain, lucre, profit, 


Gatne, sf, sheath, case. 
Gatnicr, sm. shealh malcer. 
Gala, sm. gala, grand party. 
Galamment, ad. gentcely, c!»> 

\erly; gajlantly. 
— sm. spark; gallant. fguo. 

Galanterie, s/', gallanlry, intri- 
Galantine, sf. snow-drop. 
Gulbaniim, sm. — num. 
Gale, sf. the iich, the mange, flia 
Galbe, fim. sweep, curve.[scab» 
Gale, s/, ilch; mange of dogs. 
Galée, sf. printer's galley. 
Galène, sf. galena, plumbago. 
Galère, sf. galley. [way. 

Vogue la — , corne \hat coma 
Galerie, sf. gallery, corridor, 

Galérien, sm. galley-slave. 
Galet, sjn. shuQe-board pcbble, 
Galetas, sm. garret. [shinglo. 
Galette, ■ç/'.bulter pasle,damper. 
Galenx, se, a. itchy, scabby. 
Galiraalrcc, s/', hotck-potch. 
Galimntias,sm. rigmarole; non- 
Galion, sm. galleon. [sensa. 
Galiotc, sf. galliot. 
— ù bombes, bomb-Tcetch. 
Galipot, sm, galipot ; whif.a 

Galle (noix de), sf. gallnut. 
Gallican, c, a. gallican. 
Gallicisme, sut, — cismi 
Gulliqiie, a. gallic. 
Galoche, sf. galoshe. 
Galon, sm. lace, gallon, gimp. 
Galouuer, va. to lace. 
Galop, S))!, gallop. 
Galopade, sf. galloping. 
Galoper, DU. to gallop. 
Gulo^iin, sm.errand-boy, ro£ae. 
GnU-aniquc, a. galvanic. 
Galvaniser, va. to galvanizo. 
Galvanisntc, sm. galvanism. 
Galvauo-cicctriiine, a. gai' 

\ano-elcctrIc. Jplasiics. 

Galvanoplastie, sf. gaivano- 




finniliailo, s/', gambsl. 
«iliiuibailcr, i;/i. lo g.nnjbol. 
<^amliillcr, vil. to kick about. 
(Jumelle, sf. wooden bowl, 
f^aïuiii , sm. streel boy. 
aau,ine,sf lissy; gipsj. 
tj*aninie^ sf. gamut. 
Ganache, sf. lower jaw cf a 

korse, lilockhead; doit. 
Gauglion. sin, ganglion. 
Uaiigrèuc, sf. gangrené. 
Caiigréner (se), vr. to gan- 
grené, canker. 
«an grcn cm, se, «.gangrenons" 
iàapsc, sf. loop,cora. 
«iaii», sm. glove , gauntlet. 
Humé, e.a. glo\ed. 
«antclé, e, sf. foxgloTe. 
«;anlel,ct. S))!, gau nliet. 
Ganter, l^fl. to* glove. 

Se—, î;}'. lo put on one's gloTes. 
Ganterie, bf. glove trade. 
Gantier, e, s. a giover. 
Garançagc. sm. madder-dyiDg. 
Garance, sf. maddcr. 
Garancer, va. to madder. 
Garant, sm. warranter; guaran- 

tr.', surrtty. 
Gni-aniie, sf. warranty. 
Garantir, va. to warrant ; pro- 

tect; assure; secure, fhelter. 

Se—, to sheller one's self. 
Garce, sf. strumpet. 
Garcette, f. gaskel. 
Garçon, S7n. boy, bachelor , 

journeyman , wailer, lad. 
Gartle, sf. guard. keeping nur- 
se, watch; care; waid. 

Corps do — , guard, bouse* 
Garde, sm. keeper, warden, 

— bois, forest-keeper. 

— boutiqne, old sbop-keeper. 
nnfashionable wares. 

— cliauipctre, sm, field-kceper. 

— chasse, s)ii. game keeper. 

— côte, sm. coast-guard. 

— du coi-ps, life-guard. 

— feu, a tireguard-fender. [e!c. 

— fou, parapet, Landrail,quaj's, 

— magasin, store-kceper. 

— Dialaiie, s. sicl;-nurse. 

— manger, larder, sale, [dilto. 

— »cublc,\vardrobc,ycomaD, of 

Gardc-nnppc, sm . fable-mat. 
— robe , sf. wardrobe ; water- 

Gai-der, v. to * keep, * take 

care of; shield; nurse. 

Se — , to ' keep; beware. 
Garde de* sceaux , the keeper 

of the seals. 
Gardeur, se, s. a herd; keeper. 
Gardien , ne, s. guardian, pro- 
GaraJon, Sî)ï. roach. [tector. 
Gare, int. look ont; '.ake care. 
— ■ sf. fcasin, slalion. 
GareiiBie, sf. warren. 
Garer (se), to *take care; stand; 

moor a beat. 
Gargariser (se), vr. to gargle. 
Gargarisme , sm. gargling; 

gargle. [house. 

Gargote, sf. cheap eating- 
Gargotier, e. S. paltrj victu- 

aller, bad cook. 
Gargouille, sf. a gulter-spout.' 
Gargouillement, sm. grum- 

bling in the bonels. 
Gargouiller, vn. to dabbic; 

paddie. [tmg. 

Gargouillis,s)n.Eplashing; spou- 
Gargoussc, s/.cannon-cartndge. 
Garnement, sm, «OrthleSS; lel- 

low; scamp. 
Garnir, va. to furnish, trira, 

store, adorn, garnish,bind;rig. 

Se—, vr. to provide one's self; 
Garnison, sf. garrison. [fill. 
Garuisseur, sm. trimmer. 
Garniture, sf. furniture, gaf« 

nisbincnt, sel; rigging. 
Garou, sm. spurge-laurel. 
Garrot, withers; packirg-stick. 
Garrotter, ra. to*bind; pinion 
Gars, sm. younker, stripiing. 
Gascon, sm. gascon; biagger. 
Gasconnade, sf. gasconade. 
Gaseonncr, vn. to brag. 
Gaspillage, sm. spoiÙng, was- 

ting, Lspoil. 

Gaspiller, vu. to -naste ; * 
Gaspilleur, se, s. spendlhrifti 
Gastralgie, sf. 
Gastrique, a. s. gastnc. 
Gastrite, sf. gaslntis. 
Gastronome, sjH. gastronomisU 




tiastroiiomie, s/. — my. 
Castronomique, a. — mie. 
Gate-niétier, sm. a spoiltrade. 

— papier, sm. scribbler. 

— sauce, sm. sorry cook. 

— tout, sm. spoil-all. 
Gâteau, sm. cake. « 

— J^^ niiel, honey-comb.[corrupt. 
Gâter, va. to* spoil, waste, mar, 

Se—, vr. to taint; be spoiled. 
Gâterie, sf. fooli-h indulgence. 
Gateur, se, s. spoiler, waster. 
Gauche, a. left, awkward. 
Gauchemeut, ad. awkwardly. 
Gaucher, «, a. s. left handed. 
Gauchvriu, sf. awkwardness ; 

Gauchir, vn. to * turn aside ; 

dodge ; warp. 
Gauchissement, sm. easting, 
Gaude, sf. woad. [warping. 

Gaudir (se), vr. to* liave some 
Gaudriole, sf. coarsejote. [l'un. 
GauCTrc, sf. lioncycomb ;paslry, 
Gauffrer, va. to goffer. [waftir. 
GauOi'ciir, sm. gcfferer. 
Gaiiffrier, sm. waffle-iron. 
Gauffrure, sf. golTering. 
Gaule, sf. switcii, pôle. 
Gauler, vil. to ' beat williapole. 
Gausser (se), vr. to jeer; ban- 
Gausserie, sf. jeering, jest.[ter. 
Gausseur, se, s.jeerer. 
Gairutte, sf. gavot (daucfi). 
Gas, sm. gas. 
Gaze, sf. gauze. 
Gazé, e, a. veiled. 
Gazelle, sf. gazelle. 
Gazer, va. to coTer with gauze ; 
Gazctier, sm, gazelteer. [veil. 
Gazette, sf. gazette ; nowspaper. 
Gazîcr, siu. gauze-maker. 
Gazomètre, sm. gazometer. 
Gazon, sm. grass; turf. 
Gazonuemeut, sm. turfing. 
Gazouncr, va. to turf. 
Gazonucux, se, a. turfy. 
Gazouillemeut, stn. warbling, 

Gazouiller, V7i. to warble ; purl, 
Gazouillis, .sm. warbling. [cliirp. 
Geai, sm. jay. 
Géant, e, s. giant, giautess. 

• Ticlienne, Sf. genenna. 

Geindre, vn. to whine : moan. 
Gélatine, sf. geiatin. 
Gélatineux, se, a. gelatinous. 
Gelée, sf. frost,jelly. 
Geler, va. to * freeze. 
Geler (se), vr. to freeze; con- 
Gcline, sf. hen. [geai 

Gelinotte, sf. barn-door fowl. 
Gémeaux, sf. pi. Gemini. 
Gémir, vn. to groan ; lament; 

wail. [ting 

Gémissant, (T.groaning, lamen- 
Gémissement, sjn. groan; moan. 
Gemme (sel), 50!. rock sait. 
Gênant, e, a, troublesomme, 

uneasy, tedious. 
Gencïve, sf. gnm. 
Gendarme, sm. gendarni;afer- 

magant; pollce-man; pLsparks, 

Gendarmer (se), vr. to fly info 

a p.îssion. 
Gendarmerie, sf. gendarmery, 
Gendre, sm. son-in-law. [police. 
Gêne, .ç/. rack, pain, constraint. 
Généalogie, s/, genealogy, pe- 
Généalogique, a. genealogical. 
Généalogiste, sm. — gist. 
Gêner, vn. to clog ; constrain ; 

inconvenience ; cramp ; straiten. 
Général, sm. a gênerai, chief. 
— , e, a. gênera). 

Eu — , ad. in gênerai. 
Géuéralat, sm ganeralsbip. 
Générale, sf. gênerai (beat of 

drum). [gênerai. 

Généralement, ad. — rally, in 
Généraliser, v. generalize. 
Généralissime, sm. a genera- 

lissimo. [neral remarks. 

Généralité, sf. — ty ; sf, pi. ge- 
Générateur, trice, s. genera- 
Génératif, ve a. — tive. [ting. 
Génération, sf. — ti.on : poste- 

rity ; production, [!y. 

Généreusement, ad. generous- 
Généreux, se, a. gênerons, no- 
Générique, ((. — ricaJ. [ble. 
Géaiéro^lté, sf. geuerosity. 
Genèse, sf. Genesis. 
Genêt, sin. broom, furze. 




Senet, $m, jennet. 
Gcuette, sf. genêt; ring-Curb bit. 
neiicTrier) s?n. juniperlree. 
4icuîe,6Y. gcnius; spiijt; temper. 
bcnièvre, S7n, Juniper, gin. 
fàeiiissi'^ sf. heiferi 
tiléuital, e, a. genilal. 
Géiiitir, sm. genitive case< 
Ccuiiure, sf. offspringi 
tiiciioii, sm. knee. 
tiSciiouiller, snt. knee-pieCS. 
(>eiiouillére,sA knee-piece boot- 

top. [gender, species. 

Genre, sjn. genus; kind, style, 
Gens.s/'^j/.folks, peopleserfanls. 
tient, «/T nation ; race. 
Cent, e, a, neat ; prelly. 
Gentiane, sf. gentian. 
Gentil, s?/^ bealhen, gentile. 
— le, a genteel, pretly. 
Genliibouiixie, siH. gentleman, 

noblemaii. [try. 

Ccutilhomnicric,^^. small i;eQ' 
Gentilhommière, sf. couulry 

squire's bouse. 
Gcntilitc, s/, tbe beathendcm, 

heathenismi [squire. 

Genlïllâtre, sm. poor counlry- 
Gculillcsse, sf. genteelness; 

prelty speecb, pretly Irick. 
Gentiment, ad. prettily ; grace- 

GenuOexion, sf. génuflexion. 
Géoreuti'ique, «. — trie. 
Géographe, sjn. — pher. 
Géographie, sf. — phy. 
Géographique, a. — pbical. 
Geôle, sf. gaol. 

Geôlier, ère, s, gaoler; gaolcr's 
Géologie, sf. geology, [nife. 
Géologiqaie, a geoiogicait 
Géologue, s. geologist. 
Géomancie, sf. geomancy. 
Géomctral,e, «. geometrical. 
Géomètre, sm. geometer. 
Géométrie, sf. — try. 
Géométrique, a. — trical. 
Géométriquement, ad. — cally. 
Georgiquee, sf. pi. Georgics. 
Géranium. 6')'i. crane's bili ; gé- 
Gérant, sm. manager, director. 
Gerbe, sf, sbeaf. 

Gci'her, va. to bind in sheaves; 

set caslis onc on anollïer. 
Gerboise, sf. jerboa. 
Gercer, V. to chap; * C\aclt. 
Gerçure, sf. chap, cleft, crevice. 
Gérer, va. to manage ; conduct. 
Gerfaut, sm. gerfalcon. 
Germain, e, a. germain. 

Cousin — , first cousin. 
Germanique, a. germanîc» 
Germanisme, sm. gcrmanism. 
Germe, sm bud, shoot, gcrm; 

treadic» [shoot; * sprout. 

Germer, v>i. to * germinate; 
Gcrnïinatiou, — tiOD. 
Germais, sm. steeping-CÎSlerB. 
Gérondif, sm. gerund. 
Gésier, sm. gizzard. 
Gésir, vil. to • lie. 
Gesse, sf. thickUng.velch. 
Gestation, s/, gestation. 
Geste, sm. geslure, movcmenH 

—, s. pi. exploits, feats; tricks. 
Gesticulateiir, sm. — tor. 
Gesticulation, sf. — tion. 
Gesticuler, vn. gesticuiate. 
Gestion, sf. management, 
Gibhcux, se, a gibbons. 
Gibbon, sm. gibbo. 
Gibbosité, sf. gibbosity. 
Gibecière, sf. game-bag ; jug- 

gler's bag, satcbel. 
Gibelotte, sf. stewcd rabbit. 
Giberne, sf. cartridge-box. 
Gibet, sm. gibbet. 
Gibier, sin. game. 
Giboulée, sf. shower. 
GIboyer, va. to fowl, shoot. 
Giboyeur, sm. fowler. [game 
Giboyeux, se, a, abounding Ie 
«^ifOe, sm. buffet, cuff, How. 
Gigantesque, rt.gigantic. [game. 
Gigot, SHi. leg of mutton, leg; 

Gîgotter, un. to* kick about. 

Gilet, sm. waistcoat, ■ves\. [ker, 
Giletier, ère, s. waistcoat-ma- 
Gille, sm. clown; simpleton. 
Giiublette, sf. ring, biscuit. 
Gingembre, S»), ginger. [short, 
Giiiguet, te, if. poor, weakj 
Girafe, sf, girare, camelespard. 




fàlrandolc, sf. girandolo. 
GiroHc, sm. clove. 

(iii'onpo, sf. gilljflower. 
Gii-oniei-, s»i. clove tree. 
Gii'oii, sm. lap, pale, piron. 
Ciii-oiieUe, sf. weathercock. 
(ïisuut, e, (/.. lyiug. 
Gisement, sm. bearing. 
Gît, cit-gît, liere * lies. 
Gîie, sm. liare's form; resting 

place ; layer, stratum. 
Gtlei-, vn. to ' lie ; lodge. 
Gi»i-e, sm. rime, hoar-frost. 
Glubre, sm. glahrous ; smooth. 
Glaçant, e, a, treezing; cuttinï; 

Glace, sf. ice, glas?, Dow-coM- 

ness ; chilliaess; looking-glass; 

glazing. [glaze. 

Glacer, un. to * freeze, to cliill, 
Glaccur, sm. calenderer, 
fiâlaclal, e, o. frozen, sharp. 
Glacier, sm. glacier ; ice-dealer; 

Glacière, sf. ice-house. 
Glacis, sm. glacis; slope. 
Glaçon, sm. icicle, pièce «f ice. 
Gladiateur, sm. gladiator. 
Glaïeul, sm. gladiole, corn-flag. 
Glaire, s/. glair, while of an egg. 
Glaireux, se, a. slimj, glairj. 
Glaise, s/, clay; loara. 
Glaiser, t;«. to'clay; loam. 
Glaiseux, se, a. clayej; clayish. 
Gluisiére, sf. clay-pit. 
Glaive, sm. sword. 
Glanage, sm. gleaning. 
Gland, sm. accorn, gland ;tassel. 
Glande, s/, gland; kernel. 
Glandé, e, a. baving swelled 
Glandée,s^. forest-mast. [glands. 
Glandule, s^. small glandule. 
Glanduleux, se, a. glandnlous. 
Glaner, va. toglean* pick up. 
Glaneur, se, s. gleaner. 
Glanure, sf. gleaning. 
Glapir, vn. lo yelp, lo squeak. 
Glapissant., o, a, sgucaking , 
sbri!l. [barking, 

Glaiiisscnient, sm. yelping; 
Gins, sm. toliing; knell. 
Glauque, a. glaucous 
Glèbe, sf, glebei £Oil> 

G lis 

sf. slip, slipping, 
«Glissant, e, a. slippery. [slide. 
Glissement, sm. sllppiug. 
Glisser, du. to * slip, slide; 


Se—, vr. to * slip, creep in. 
Glisseur, S7n. siider. 
Glissuirc, sf. slide. 
Globe, sm. globe; sphère; orb; 
Globule, sî)i. globule. [bail. 

Globuleux, se, a. globuious, 

giobiilar. [nour. 

Glaire, sf. glory, auréola ; ho- 
Gloria, sm. coffee and brandy. 
Glorieusement, ad* gloriously. 
Glorieux, se, a. glorious;os- 

tenlalious. [or womar. 

Glorieux, se, S. proud man 
Glorification, sf. — tion, 
GloriOer, va. to glorify. [of. 

Se—, va. to glory in ;be proud 
Gloriole, sf. petty-glory. [rody. 
Glose, sf. gloss, comment, pa- 
Gloser, VH. to gloss ; inlerprel ; 

Gloseur, sm. censurer, carpen 
Gli>ssaire, sm. glossarj. 
Glossogra|lhe, Sm. — pher. 
Glotte, sf. gloltis. 
Glouglou, sm. gurgling. 
Gloussement, sm. clucking. 
Glousser-, v)i. lo cluck. 
Glouton, e, a. gluttonous greedy. 
— , s. glulton, greedy-gut. 
Gloutounemeut, ad. glutto- 

Gloutonnerie, sf. gluttony. 
Glu, sf. bird-lime. 
Gluant, e, a. glulinous ; stickj» 
Gluau, sm. lime-twig. 
Gluer, lia. to make sticky. 
Glumc, sf. busk. 
Gluten, sm. gluten. 
Glutiueux, se, a. glutinous, 
Guouie, sm. gnome. [viscid. 
Gnouiiquc, a. sententious. 
Gnomon, Si?!, gnomon. 
Guomonir|uc, s/*. dia11in.g. 
Go (tout do go), without an) 

ceremony, [eu p. 

Gobelet, sm, goblot, içglerls 
Gobelins, )n. pi. manuiactory oî 

tapestry in Paris. 




Gobe-muuvbes,sin. fl;-catcher; 

Ciabcr, gulp; nab,toswaI- 

low, catch. 
Goberger (se), ur, lo banter; 

take one's ease. 
Gobeter, va. to points a wall. 
Gobeiir, se, s. guiper; swal- 


obillnrd, S7n. stave-wood. 

odailler.rn. totipple; fuddle. 

otlclcireati, sni. lop, beau. 

odeuot,siii. a juggler's puppet. 

Oder, vn. to puckcr; bag. 

odcl, s?)i. a iillle cup horn; 

bovvl ; drip-cup; bucket. 
Godiclje, a. awkward; UDgaînIy, 
Godichou, ne, a. silly. 
Godiller, vn. to seuil. 
Godiveati, s)n. force-meat pie. 
Godroii, sm. round-plait; go- 

Godroiiner, va. to round-plait. 
Goélette, sf. schooner. 
Goëuion, sm. sea-weed. 
Goguille, sf. merry-making. 
Gogo, in clover, [jeering. 

Gogiicnartl, e, a. bantering, 
— , s. jeerer; banlerer. [ter. 

Gogiieuarder,rn. to jeer ; ban- 
Gogiieites. sf. pi. raerry story; 

pleasure paity. 
Goiufre, sm. gormandizer. 
Goiufrer, VI). to gutlle. 
Goinfrerie, sf. gultling. 
Goitre, syn. goitre. 
Golfe, sm. guir. 
Gomme, sf. gum. 

— arabique, gum arable. 

— élastique, india rubber. 

— giitte, garaboge. 
Gommer, va. to gum. [mous. 
Gommeux, se, a. gummy, gum- 
Gommier, sm. gum-tree. 
Gond,s»i. hinge, hook.[eye-cup. 
Gondole, s/', gondola; eye-bath; 
Gondolier, sm. gondolier. 
Goufaloiinier, sm. gonralonier. 
GouOemeul. s»i. swelling, puf- 

fing. [pul up. 

Gonfler, ru. to swell; inflate; * 
Gouorrhée, sf. gonorrhea. 
Gordien, am. gordian. 

Goret, sm, porket ; <Brtj fellow 

Gorge, sf. throat, neck, gorge, 

boEom, gullet, défile; pass. 
Gorgée, sf. mouthfui; sup. 
Gorger, 171. to gorge; ram; cloy 

Se—, t')'. to gorge, one's self. 
Gorgerede, sf. gorget ; tucker. 
Gorgeriu, SiH. neck-plece, goE" 

get. [ loicri . 

Gosier, sm. throat, guliet^ 
Gothique, a gothic. 
Gouaebe, sf. water-colours 
Goudron, sm. tar. 
Goudronnage, S7n, tarriog. 
Goudronner, va. to tar. 
GouiTre, sm. gulf. 
Gouge, sf. gouge. 
Gouger, va. to gouge. 
Goujat, sm. camp-follower; 

drudge; low blackguard. 
Goujon, sm. a gudgeon dowel. 
Gaulée, sf. large moulhful. . 
Goulet, sm. narrow channel. 
Goulot, sm. gullet, neck of a 
Goulu, sm. glutton. [bottle. 
Goulu, e, a. s. gluttûDOus; 

Goulûment, ad. gluttonously. 
Goupille, s/', pin; key. 

kler; bollle-brufh. 
Gourd, e, a. numbedstiff. 
Gourde, sf. gourd, piastre. 
Gourdin, stn. cudgel; club. 
Gourgandine, sf. strunipet. 
Gouruiade, sf. cuff; punch. 
Gourmand, e, a. S. glutton. 
Gourmnudcr, va. tO scold; 

rate; chck. 
Gourmandise, sf. gluttony. 
Gourme, s/. strangleSjhumours; 

Gourmé, e, a. curbed; stiff. 
Gourmer, va. to curb; druh. 
Gourmet, sm. wine-taster; epi» 
Gourmette, $/■. curb. [cure. 

Gournable, sf. (ma.) tree-nail. 
Gousse, sf. pod, husk, shell. 
Gousset, sm. fob; gusset, brac- 

ket; arm-pit; pocket. 
Goût, sm. tasie, palate, 

relisb, style, fancy. 




Goûter,^ va. to faste; approuve; 

relish; eaf,£mell-, enjoy. 
Goûlci', s'", collation, lunclieon. 
Goutte, sf, drop, goût, jot. 

IS'e voir—, ad. not toseea bit. 
Gouttelette, sf. droplet. 
Goutteux, se, a. gouty. 
— , s. goiity person. 
Gouttière, »f. gutter, spout; 

roaT; garret*, groove. 
Gouveruable, a. govcrnable. 
Gouveruiiil, sm. rudder, lielm. 
Gouvcruante, sf. governess ; 

goYcrnante, housekeeper. 
Guuveriiemeut, sm. govern- 
menl, admiDistration; rulejsway. 
Gouvcruer, ta. to govern,ru!e, 
steer, busband, manage. 
Se — , to behave. [tor. 

Gouverneur, S))i. go'vernor, tu- 
Grabat, sm. pallet; stump-bed- 

Grabuge, sm. a squabble. 
Grâce, sf. faTOur, grâce, pardon, 
thankp, agreeableness. 
De — , ad. pray. 
Grâces, sf.^pl. the grâces. 
Graciable, a. pardonable. 
Gracier, va, to pardon. 
Gracieiiscineut, ad. kindly. 
Cracîeuscr, tït. to treat kindly. 
C racîcusetc, sf. kindness, gilt. 
Gracieux, se, a. kind, graceful. 
Uracilité, sf. slendernefs. 
Gradation, sf. — tion , clinnax. 
Grade, sm. grade; rank; degree. 
t.radcr, vrt. to confer a grade. 
Gradin, sm. f tep , bench, seat. 
Graduation, sf. — tion. 
Gradué, snî. graduate. 

— e, a. graduate, graduai. 
Graduel- le, graduai. 
Graduellement, ad. — dually. 
Graduer, va. to graduate. 
Graillon, sm, broken victuals; 

scrap. [kernel, seed. 

Grain, sm. corn, grain, berry, 

— de folle, a touch of madness. 
Graine, sf. seed, kernel. 
Grainîer, ère,s. corn-chandier. 
Graisse, sf. fat, grease, drip- 

ping. ■ [dirty; smear. 

Graisser, va* to gr^iise; soil; 

Graisseux, se, a, greasy. 
Grnn>inée,n. bo, gromineous. 
Grammaire, sf. graramar. 
Grammairien, S))!. g rammarian. 
Grammatical, e, a. — cal. 
Grammaticalement, ad. 
Gramme, s?)!, gram. [cally 

Grand, e, a. great, large. 

En—, ad. in full lenglit, in 
Grand, sm. grandee. [great 
Grand-oncle, sm. great-unde. 

— -père, sm. grand-lcilher. 
Grand'-rue, sf. bigh-street, 

— ^tante, sf. great-aunt. 
Grandcicl, <e, a. rather-talI.[lT. 
Grandement, «f^. largely graud- 
Grandesse, sf. grandeeship. 
Gi'andeur^ sf. tailness, large- 

ness, grandeur; magnitude. 
Grandiose, a. grand; majestie. 
Grandir, vn. to grow. 
Grandissime, 0. very great. 
Grange, sf. barn; grange. 
Granit, sm. granité. 
Granulation, sf. — tion. 
Granuler, va. to granulate. 
GranuletEx, a. grauulous. 
Graphique, a. grapbîc. 
Graphiquement, ad. — cally. 
Grapboniètre, sm. — meter. 
Grappe, sf. bunch, cluster. 
Grapillage,s);i. grape-gleanîng 
Grapiller, vn. to glean, scrape 

up. [gleaner. 

Grapilleur, se, s. a grape- 
Grappillon, S))!. cluster ofgrapes. 
Grappin, sni.grappling; grapnel. 
Grappiner, va. to grapple. 
Gras, se, a. fat; plump. 
Gras, sm. fat, méat, greasy, 

— -double, tripe. 

— (Jour), flesh day, carnivalé 

— fondu, sm. molten-grease. 
Grassement, ad. plentifully. 
Grasset, te, o. ratlîcr-fat; plum- 

Grasseyement, sm. lisping. 
Grasseyer, vn. to * lisp. 
Grasseyeur, se, S. lisper. 
Grassouillet, te, a. rstllW 





eratiflcation, sf. gratuitv; re- 

Gratiner, vn. fo ' favour, oblige. 
Uratiii, sm. part burat to (in 

Oraiiole, sf. water-hyssop. 
Urixtii, nd. fur Dollimg, gratis. 
Gradiiiilc, sf. gratitude grale- 

fuhiess. [clerk; quill-dri\er. 
Gratic-papivi-, pn- copjing- 
Grallcleux, se, a. i*fiiy. 
Gratter, va. lo scratcht, scra- 

pe, pilfer. 
Grasiuir, sm. scraper. 
Gratuit, e, a. gratuitjs présent. 
Gratuitcmeut, ad, — tousij, 

Graire,«.graTe; serious,weighlj. 
Grave, un. grave. 
Gravé, pitted; engraved. 
Graveleux, se, a. gravelly, in- 
Gravolle, s/, graïel. [décent. 
Gravelure, sf. obscenity; smut. 
Gi-aveiueut, ad. seriûusly. 
Graver, va. to grave; imprlnt; 

impress; eut. 
Graveur, sm. engraver. 
Gravier, sm. gravel. [up. 

Gravir, tn. to clamber up; climb 
Gravitation, s/', — tion. [deplh. 
Gravité, «/■. gravity, importance; 
Graviter, V)u to gravitate. 
Gravois, sm. gravel, rubUsh. 
Gravure, sf. eDgraving , eut, 

Gré, sm. will; inclination. 

Savoir bou — , to take kindly, 

Savoir mauvais— ,tolakeill. 
Grec, Grecque, a. s. Greei. 
Grécisme, sm, Grecisra. 
.Grecque, sf. fret-work ; book- 

binder'ssaw. [put-dog 

Grediu, e, a. s. bepgar; scamp; 
Gretlinerie, sf. beggarliness. 
Grééiucut, sm. (maj rigging. 
Gréer, va, to rig. 
Greffe, sm. registry; graft. 
Greffer, va. to graft. [the court. 
Greffier, sm. r'egislar; clerk of 
Greffoir, s>?î. grafting-knife. 
Grégeois (feu), sm. greek-fire. 
Grcgues, s/, u. brecches. 
Grêle, sf, haif; hailstone. 

— ,n. slim, lank, shrill. 
Grêlé, e, a. much pitted wîth 
the small-pox; ruined by Ihe 

Grêler, va. to hail,to rxin. 
Grelin, sm. small cable. 
Grêlou, »m. large bailstone. 
Grelot, sm. a Utile bell. 
Grelotter, vn. to sbiver. [nade, 
Grenade, sf. poiDegranate, gre- 
Greiiadîer, sm, pomegranate- 

tre'e ; grenadier. 
Greiiadillc, sf. passîon-flower. 
Grcuiidiue, «/'. grenadine, 
Greiiage, sm. graining (of gun- 

Greuaille, sf. small shot 
Greuat. sm. garnet. 
Grcuelé, c, a, grained ; grainy. 
Grcuelcr, va. lo grain (leather,!. 
Grener,i(i.lo pound seed,to seed. 
Greiietcrie, sf. corn, grind. 
Grcueteric, sf. seed-trade. 
Greiietier, e, i. corn-chandlor, ' 

a hucksler. 
Greiietis, SI)!, engrailed ring. 
Grenier, Si)!, granarj, loft, gar- 

ret ; storc-house. 
Grenoir, >m. graining-bouse. 
Grenouille, 5/. frog. [ned. 

Grenu, e, o. full of corn, grai. 
Grés, sm. sand-stone. 
Grésil, sm. sleet. 
Grésillemeut, sm, shriwelling. 
Grésiller, in. to sbrivel. 
Grésillouucr, vn. to chirp. 
Gresscrie, 5^ sand-stone. 
Grève, sf. strand; beak. [wrong. 
Grever, la. toaggrieve, burden; 
Gribouillage, sm. scrawl. 
Gribouille, sf. ninny; flat. 
Griboiiiller,i;a.lo scrav.l; scrib» 
Gribouillette, sf. scramble,[blet 
Grièclie, a. speckled. 
Grier, sm. grievance, complaint. 
^, ve, a. grievous. 
Grièvement, ad. grievously. 
Grièveté, sf. grievousness. 
Griffe, sf. claw, clutcbes. 
Griffer, l'ft. to claw, scratch. 
Griffon, sm. griffin. 
GrifTonuagc, sf. Scrawl. [bis. 
Griffouusr, scrawl , scrib» 




nrlCTonncur, sm. scribbler. 
Gi-ig'iion, sm. crust, hard. 
Krigiiotter, va. tonibble,munch. 
d'il, su; a gridiroa. 
Grillade, sf. broil.[wire-Iatlice. 
Cii'illage, sm. broiling; grate, 
Criilo, s;, grate, palisade. 
«rillei-, «a. tobroil. parcb, toast; 
Grillou, sm. cricket. [burn. 
Grimace, sf. grimace, grin ; \va- 

fer-box, affectation, [facef; grin. 
Grimacer, «n. to grimace; malie 
Griinacerie, sf. grimning. 
Grimacier, e,n.s.grimacing; af- 

fected; hypocrite. 
Griinaud, sm. brat; doDCe. 
Grime, sm. dotard. [scrawl. 

Grimoire, sm. conjuring booli, 
Grimper, vn. to clirab; clamber. 
Grimpereau, sm. creeper. 
Grimpeur, se, S. climber. 
Grincement, sm. gnashing. 
Grincer, VH. to gnash. 
Gringotter, vu. to warble; hum. 
Griotte, sf. a black cherry, [tree. 
Griottier, sm. black-cherryt-ree. 
Grippe, sf. whim; influenza. 
Gripper, catch, seize, [lilie. 

Se — , to shrink-up ; take dis- 
Grippe>soii, sm. rent-collector. 
Gris, S7n. gray. 
— de lin, gridelin. 
— , e, n. gray, fresh, tipsy^ 
Grisaille, sf. gray-camaieu. 
Grisailler, va. to paiût gray. 
Grisâtre, a. grayish. 
Griser, v. to make grey, fuddla. 

Se —, vr. to get tipsy. 
Grîsette, sf. grisette. 
GrisoUer, warble. [spy, ass. 
Grisou, ne, a. S. grey-headed, 
Grisonner, vn. to* grow grey. 
Grive, sf, thrusU. 
Grivelé, e, a. speckled. 
Griveler, va. to embezzle, flich. 
Grivois, e, rt. jovial, gross. 
— , s.joily dog; merrj wench. 
Grog, styi. grog. 
Grognard, e, a. grumbling. 
— , s. grumbler. 
GrogBiemeut, sm. gruntin^. 
Grogner, vn. to grunt, growl. 
Grogiieux, se, s. a. grumbler. 

Grognon, a. rumbling. 
— , s. grumbler. 
Groin, sm. shoul oTa hog. 
Grommeler, vn. to grumble. 
Grondement, sm. rumbling. 
Gronder, va. to growl, scold. 
Grondcrie, sf. SCûlding. 
Grandeur, «e, a. grumbling 

— s. grumbler, scold. 
Gros, s»i. main part, cîiief. 
— , ad. much, a great deal. 

En —, ad. by wholesale. [ther. 

Tout en— ,ad. takingall toge- 
— , se, a. big, large, coarse. 

Femme — , woman with chlld. 
Gros-l>ec, sm. gross-beak, 

— rouge, currant. 
Groseille, sf. gooseberry. 
Groscillcr,sm. gooseberry-bush. 
Grosse, sf. gross, copy oF a wri- 
Grosserne, s/", iron-ware. [tings. 
Grossesse, sf. pregnancy. 
Grosseur, sf. bigness, swelling. 
Grossier, e, a. coarse , thick, 

rough, raw, rude, gross, clow- 

nish. [grossly. 

Grossièrement, ad. coarsely, 
Grossièreté, sf. coarseness, ru- 

deu' ss ; grossoess. 
Grossir, va. to * mako bigger, 

eniarge, increase, magnify. 
— , vn, to * grow bigger. 
Grossissement, sm. magniTyog, 
Grossoyer, engross (deeds). 
Grotesque, a. grotesque, antic, 

odd. [ly. 

Grotesquement, ac2. grotesque- 
Grotte, sf. grotto. [miag. 
Grouillant, e, a. stirring, snar- 
Grouillement, sm. grumbling. 
Grouiller, vn ta stir, swarm ; 

Groupe, sm. group. 
Groupement, sm. gronping. 
Grouper, va. to group ; class. 
Gruau, sm. oatmeal, groats. 
Grue, sf. crâne, noddie, 
Gruerie, sf. foresl court. 
Gruger, crunch; squander; 

Grume, sf, rough ; timber. 
Grumeau, «m. dot, lump. 





Knimeler (ge), ur. to clôt. 
Ciriinipleiix, se, a. clolteilsgru- 

Griij'ère, sm. Gruyère cheese. 
Gué, sm. ford, pass. 
GuéaMe, a fordable. 
Oiièdc, sf. woad. 
Giiéer, va. la ford, soali,wash. 
Guenillc,$A a rag,latter.[tatlers. 
Guenillcux, se, a, ragged; in 
Gueuillon, stn, small rag. 
Caucnoii, sf. sbe-monkey; drab, 

ugly woman. [key. 

Ciucnnclie, sf, young she-(,-?ûn- 
Guêpe, sf. wasp. 
|Giiêpier, sm. wasp's nest, snare. 
Giierilon, sm. guerdon, reward. 
Guère, Guère», ad, but litlle, 

not very, not long, few,scarcely. 
Suéret, SÏ7!. fallow ground, fleld. 
Guéridon, sm. small rouud 

table. [Ter. 

Guérir, V. to cure, heal ; reco- 
Gucrison, 5/*. cure, recovery. 
Guérissable, a. curable. 
Guérisseur, sm. healcr. 
Guérite, sf. sentry-box, belve- 
Guerre, s^ war, warfare. [dere. 
Guerrier, e, a. martial, war- 

like. — sm. soldier, warrior. 
Guerroyer, un. to war ; wage; 

Guerroycur, sm, warrior. 
Guet, sm. watch, sentinel, 
— à pens, ambush, lijng în 
Guêtre, sf. gailer. [wait. 

Guêtrer, va. to gaiter. [gaiters. 

Se — , vr. to put on one's 
Guetter, l'a. to watch, wait for. 
Guetteur, sm. watcher. 
Gueule, sf. moulh ; chops ; jaws. 
Guculêe, »/■". mouthfui, low lan- 

Gueuler, vn. to bawl,squall. 
Gueules, sf. pi. gules. 
Gueusaille, sf. rifrraïirascalily. 
Gueusailler, va. to beg; mump. 
Gueusuut, e, a. begging; mum- 

Gueusard, sm. rascally fellow. 
Gueuse, sf. beggar; pigjworth- 

less woman. 
Gueuser, vn, to beg. 

Gueuseric, sf, beggary, trasb. 
Gueux, se, a. bfggai'ly, poor, 
— , s. beggar. [ boom, 

Gui, .fm. mislleote ; mar, main. 
Guichet, sm. wicket, door ; small 
Guichetier, sm. turniiey [door. 
Guide, sm. guide, direclor. 
— , sf. rein. [duct, * bring. 

Guider, va. to guide, * Icad con- 
Guidon, snt. a guidon, standard, 

sight of a gun. 
Guigne, sf. black-heart cherry. 
Guigner, u; to leer, to 'ha-vo in 
, Tiew. [ry-tree. 

Wuignler, sm. black-heîirtcher- 
Guignon, sm. badluck (al play). 
Guignonuant, c, a. provoking. 
Guildive, sf. rum ; r.ilafia. 
Guillaume, sm. rabbet-plane. 
Guilledou (courir le), lo fré- 
quent low Company. [mas. 
Guillemets, sm.pL turned corn» 
Guillcr, va. to ferment ; work. . 
Guilleret, te, (7,.sprigbtly,merry. 
Guillocher, va. to engine-turn. 
Guillochis, sm. gnillocho. 
Guillotine, sf. guillotine. 
Guillotiner, va. to guillotine. 
Guimauve, sf. marsli-maNow. 
Guimitnrdo, sf. Jew's harp; 

tilted waggon. 
Guimpe, sf. wimple, chemisette. 
Guimper, va. to make a nunof. 
Guinriage, sm. boisting. [ced. 
Guindé, e,hoisted, strained; for- 
Guinder, va. to hoist up ; OTCr- 


Se — , vr. to clirab up. 
Guinée, sf. a guinea., sm. gingham. 
Guingois (de), ad. ail awry. 
Guinguette, s/', tea-garden; dan» 

cing garden 
Guipure, sf. guipure, gimp. 
Guirlande, sf. garland, wrealh. 
Guise, sf. guise, manner, likin^ 

way (mar), breasi-hook. 
Guitare, sf. guilar. 
Guitariste. s?)i. guitarist, guitar» 

Guttural, e, a. guttural. 
Gymnase, sm. gymnasium. 
Gymnasiarque, sm. — Siarch. 


Gymnastique, a. — tic. 
fSymiiosophistc, sm. — phist. 

tijuacée, sf. gjaaudria. 



Gypso, sm. gypsum ; plastic 
Ch^Pscux, se, a. g-ypseous. 
Ci^roinanciC) s/". — mancy. 


(Les H qui sont aspirés en fran- 
çais, sont marqués d'un *.) 
• Ha, int. li:i ! lia ! 
Baltile, o. knowinv ; able, clever, 

active, qualified. 
Habilement, ad. skilTully, 
Habileté, sf. abilily, sliill, de- 

Habilissime, a. Tery able, 
Habitation, sf. — tion. 
Habiliter, va. to qualify; renfler 

compétent. [try' 

Habillage, sm. trussîrg (poul 

Habiller, va. to dress ; clothe 

trim;truss. [one's clolbes. 

S' — ,vr. to dress one's selfjget 
Habilleur, s?n. dresser. ■ 
Habit, sm. clolhes garb, dress, 
Habitable, a. habitable, [coat. 
Habitacle, sm. habitation, bin- 

Habitant, e, sm. inhabitant ; 

habitant, résident. 
Habitation, sf. tion, abode, 

colony, plantation, 
habiter, v. to inhabit; live in 

cohabit; réside. 
Habitude, s/, hibit, use; wront. 
Habitué, e, s. fréquenter. 
Habituel, le, a, habituali 
Habituellement, ad. — tually. 
Habituer, va. to accustom. 

S'—, vr. to gel accustomed. 

• nâbler, vn. to brag; crack. 

• Hâblerie, sf. bragging, crac- 
king. [gart. 

• Httbieur, se, (. braïger ; brag- 
' Hache, s/', axe, hatebet. 

• Hacher, va. to hash, mince. 

• Hachette, sf. hatchet. 
'Hachis, $m. hash , basbed 


* Hachoîre, sm. chopping-hoar 
— knife, etc. 

* Hachure, sf. hatching. 

* Hagard, e, a. wild, tiaggard. 

* Hiiha, sm. haha, suak fonce. 

* Hai, int. boy 1 [range 

* Haie, sf. hedge, lane, row, 

* — fi»e, quickset-hedge. 

* HaTp, int. gee-ho'. 

* Haillon, sm. a rag, tatter. 

* Haine, s/'. hatred,erudï8; spite. 

* Blaineui,8o, a.fullofhate,spi- 
* tlaïr, un.tohate, dislike, [teful. 

* ilaire, sf. hair-shirt. 

* Haïssable, a. hatefui, odious. 

* I9alage, sm, towing. 

' Halo, scorching beat ;sunburn. 

* Hâlé, c, a. tanned, sunburnt. 
Haleine, sf. breath ; wind. 

Eu — , in breath; on the alert. 

* Halemcut, sm. bauling. 
' Hâter, vn. to heave; haul. 

* Haletant, e, a. out of breath, 

* Haleter, vn. to pant, puff. 

* Haleur, sm hauler. 

* Hallage, sm. marketdules. 

* Halle, sf. market-place. 
'Hallebarde, sf. nalberd. 

* Hallebardîer, s??z. halberdier, 

* niallier, sm. thicket. [circle. 

* Halo , sm. hrîlo , luminous , 

* Halot,sm. rabbit-burrow. 

* HIalte, sf. hait, stùp; resiing- 
•— int. hait! [place. 

* Halte-là, hold there. 

* Hamac, sm. hammock. 
Hamadryadc, sf — dryad ; 

* Hameau, sm. hamlet. 
Hameçon, sm. fisb-hook. 
Blameçonner, va. to hook. 

* Hampe, sf. staff, stalk; lighj 
sf 3 sue. 




* naiiap, SI», large cup; bow!. 

* lEniicliir, sf. bip, baunch. 

* IBniigai-, s»i. shcd ; liovel. 

* Iluiiiietou, sin. Maj-bug-. 

* IBHiitor, i;;i. to fréquent, baunt. 

* IlHiipC: sf. cramp-iroa. 
*Ilu|>|ie-chair, jm.fberilT's oT- 

ficer ; graspj-all. [omply fop. 
IIa|i|icloui*de,s/'.raUe diamoud ; 

* Happer, lia, lo • snap; nab. 

* llaquouée, sf. nag, ba^kncy. 

* lEuiiiict, sm. dray. [speech. 

* flaraugue , sf. barangue , 

* Haranguer, D/i. lo harangue. 

* Harangueur, sm. haranguer, 

" Haras, sm, breeding-slud. 

* HarasijL'iucui, sm. eitreme 

* Harasser, un. to barass;weary. 

* Harceler, va. to barass; tor- 

* Harde, sf. berd of deer. [ment. 

* Ilardrr, ca. to leash hounds. 

* Hariles, sf. pi. clotbes, apparel. 

* Hardi, e, a. bold, impudent. 

* Hardiesse, sf. bolduess, da- 

* Hardiment, ai^. boldly, freelj. 

* ISareiig, sm. herring, sand- 

banli. [ season. 

Ilareugeaison, sf. nerring- 

* Harengére, sf. Dsli-woman. 

' Hargneux, se, a, morose, 
snarling. [rîcot 

* Haricot, Sm. kidney-bean, ha 

* Haridelle, sf wcrn-oBt hack 
Harmonica, sm. musical glasses 
Uarniouie, sf. harmony ; kee 

ping. Iniousiy, 

Harmonieux , se, a. — nîous, 

Harmonique, a. — nical. [ly. 
Uaruiouiqucmeut, ad. — nical- 
Barnioniste, Sm. barmonitt. 

* Hurnachemeut, sm. harness; 

* Harnacher, t'a. to barness. 

* Haruaclieur,s»i.harness-ma- 
kcr. [harness. 

* Harnais, sm. horse-trappings, 

* Haro, sm. bue and cry. [flint. 

* Uarpagou, sm. miser, skiu- 

* Harpe, sf. harp. 

* Harper, ?)n.tograpple ; cJulch. 

* Harpie, sf. harpy. 

* aiai'pistc, si'it. barpist, harpert 

* Harpon, sm. harpoon. 

* Harponner, va. to harpoon. 

* Hitrponueur,sni. a harpooner. 

* Hari, sf. halter; withe. 

* Hasard, sm. hazard, lisk| 
chance, péril, danger. 

Au — , at random. 

A tout —, at ail events. 

* Hasardé, e, o. hazardous. 

* Hasarder, va. to risk, yenture; 

Se — , Dr. to hazard. 

* Hasardcusemeut, n^rbazard- 
ousiy. [■venluresome. 

* Hasardeux, se, a. hasardons, 

* Hase, sf. doe-hare. 

* Hûle, sf. baste, hurry. 

A la — ,in hasle, hastily. , 

* Hâtelet, sm. small skewcr. 

* Ilàier, l'a. to hasten forward. 
Se — , to make hasle. 

* Hâtcreau, Si?!, broiled liver. 

* Halif, \e, a. hasty, early, for- 

* Haiiveau, sm. early pear. 

* Hâtivement, ad. early. 

* Hùtivcté, sf. forwardness, 

* Haubaus, sm. pi. sbrouds. 

* Haubergeon , sm. sbirt of 
mail. [mail. 

* Haubert, sm. large coat of 
' Hausse, sf. lift, rise (of stocks, 

etc.), layer. 

* Hausse-col, sm. gorget. 

* Haussement, sm. raising. 

* — d''épaule9, shrug. 

* Hausser, va. to • raise ; rise, 
shrug the shoulders. 

Se — l'j'.to raise one's self; rise. 

* Uaussière, sf. (ma), hawser. 

* Haut, e, a. higb, tall, upper 
lofly, summit. 

* —, sm, height, top, ridga. 

* —, ad. bigh, aloud, big. 

* Hautain, e,a. baughty, proud. 

* Haulaiuement, ad. proudijf. 

* Hautbois, sm. hautboy. 

* naul-de-cliau88es, sm, 1»'^ 

HEM 149 

naiite-conti'e, s/, eounter- 

tenor. [tertenor. 

— taille, treble, alto, coun- 
En haut, ad. above, up. 

— mal, epilepsy. 
nautemeuC,ad. highly, open- 
ly, briskly, boldly. 
Haiitesse, sf. hig^hness. 
Hauteur, sf. height, eminence, 
hillock, haugbtiness, boidness, 
pride, greatness, full length, 
altitude. [start. 
Ilaut-le-corps, sm, bound, 
Hâve, a. pale, wan. 
HâtSi-, V. to scorch. 
Havre, sm. haven, harbour. 
Havre-sac, srn, knapsack. 
Hé! int. t'hl oh 1 
Hé bien! n'ell. 
Heaume, sm. belmet. 

Hebdomadaire, n. weekiy. 
Hébergement, S?II. lodging. 
Héberger, D«.tD harbour, lodge. 
Hébété, c, a. stupiSed. 
—, e, s. doit. 

Hébéter, lia. to slupify, hebelate. 
Hébraïque, a. Helirew. 
Ilébraisme, stn. Hcbralsnii 
Hébreu, a. s. Hebrew. 
Hécatombe, sf. hecatomb. 
Hectare, sm. hectare. [me 

Hectogramme, sm. hectogram- 
Hectolitre, sm. hectolitre. 
Hectomètre, sm. hectometer. 
Hégire, sf. heeira. 

• Hein! int. eh? ehî 
Hélas ! int. alas 1 
— , s, sigh. 

Héler, va. to hail a shlp. 
Héliaque, a. heliacal. 
Hélice,;/', spiral, hélix, SCrew. 
Hélingue, sf. strop. 
nélioscope, sm. helioscope. 
Héliotrope, sm. héliotrope. 
Hellénisme, sm. hellenism. 
Belleuîste, sm. hellenist. 

* Hem! int. hem 1 
némérocale,s/'. day-lily. 
Bémicj-cle, sm. hémicycle, se- 

Héniisplière, snî. "hémisphère. 
Hémisphérique, a. — cal. 
Bénaistiche, im. hemistich. 


Hémoptysie, sf. hemoptjiîi. 

, S^ 

lléniorrhoïdal, e, n. — dal. 
Hémorrlloïiles, sf. pi.— roid ^ 

* Hennir, vn. fo neigh. [pilil 

* Hennissement, . 9m. neighi 
Hépatique, sf. liverwort. 
— , a. hepatio. 
Heptagone, a — nal. 
— sm. hcptagon. 
Hepl.trchie, sf. heplarchy. 
Héraldique, a. heraldic. 
' Héraut, sm. herald. 
Herbacé, e, a. herbaceous. 
Herbage, sm. herbage, greens 

Herbe, sf. grass, herb. 

En —, cora in the blade, to h© 
a spendlhrirt. 
Herber, va. to grass-bleach. 
SIerbetle, greensward. 
Herbeux, se, a. grassy. 
Herbier, sm. herbal. 
Herbière, sf. herb-wornani 
Herbivore, a. herbivorous. 
Herborisation, sf. — zation. 
Herboriser, vn. to herbnrize. 
Herboriseur, sm. herborizer. 
Herboriste, sm. herhorist. 
Herboristerie, sf. hcrb-shop. 
BBerliu, e, a. grass-covered. 

* Hère, sm. poor wretch. 
Héré<iiCaire, n. hereditary. 
Héréditairement, ad. heredi- 
Hcrédilcs/'. inherilance.[tarily. 
Hérésiarque, sm, heresiarch. 
Hérésie, sf. heresy. [tic. 
Hérétique,», s. hercUcal, here- 
Hérissé, e, o. bristling ; full of. 
'Hérisser, v. to liristle up; 

erect, set up. 

Se — *, vr. to stand on end. 

* Hérisson , sm. hedgedhog; 
boltle-drainer. [tance. 

Héritage, sm. héritage, inheri- 
Hériter, V. to inhcrit; heir. 
Héritier, e, heir, heiress. 
Hermaphrodite, sm. — dite. 
Ilorméiiqiie, hermetic. 
nierniétiquement, nd— tically. 
Hermine, sf. ermîne. 
Hermine, c, n.ermined, 
Hermiuette, sf. adze. 




neriiiUage,^??). hermifage. 
Hcrmite, sm, hermil, aachoret. 
"lEerniaire, a. hernial. 

* ISeriiie, sf. rupture, liernia, 

* Heriiieux, ne, a. Iiernious. 
néi'oï-comiquc, f\heroi-coinic. 
néroide, sf. liercid. 
Kéroïiie, sf. hercine. 
Ocfoïque, a. heroic. 
IIçroïc|iicii>eitt, ad. heroically. 
lii-roisinc, S)i>. heroifin. 

* leéroii, sm. héron, hcronshaw. 

* EBci'OiiMcau, jouug lieron. 
mëroiBiiière, sf. heronry. 

* eicros, sm. hero. 

* I9ci'sagc, sni, harrowing. 

' llei'sc. sf. harrow; porlcullis. 

* ticrger, fa. to harrcw. 
nésilation, sf. — lion. 
Ilcsiicr, un. to hesitate, waver; 

pause; l'aller. 
!9v(érocli(o, n. irregular , odd; 

uncoulU wihmsical. 
fiEéférodoxe, rt. — dox, 
ISélci'ocloiie, sf. hclerodoxy. 
HEétérogèiie. a. — Eeous, 
Slcicrogëiiéilé, f. — ty. 
Hî'ire, sj;ï. beech-Uce. 
Hciâ! int. hejl s. hay. 
Heure, sf. hour, time, moment. 
Ton! à P— , presently. 
D"heurceii— , eyery hour. 
A toute—, at ail limes. 
A la Ijoiiue — , so be itt 
l>e bouiie — , early. 
nciii'cs, sf. prayer-book. 
Ueureusenieiit, ad. happlly, 

Beui-eux, ac, a. happy. 
Heurt, sm. shock; collision. 
Heurté, e, o. abrupt; harsh. 
Heurter, va. to hil, strike, con- 

— , i')ï.knocT[,rush, against. [ther. 
— , vp. Se — , to run agaiust ano- 
Hexaèdre, a. sm. hexahedron. 
Hcxagoue, a. hexagonal, sm. 

Bcxiimètre, a. hexameteri 
lEiiiiiis, sm. hiatus, gap. 
' EEibou, s»)î. owl, sullen fellow. 
«ic, rub, diffîcujty. 
* UideHEement, ad. hldeously 

* B8ideux,se.n.hideous,frightrul. 

* I!5e, sf. paving-beelle, rammer. 
Hiébic, sf. dwarf-clder. 
Hier, (id. yesterday. 

— au soir, last-night. 

* lliérarcliie, sf. bierarchy, 

' ïlitTarcliïquc, «.hierarcbical, 

* llêôi-nrchîqueineut,aJ. hicr> 

Iliéroglj'iihe, sm. hieroglyphic. 
IliérogljpLiquc, a, hierogly» 

liierographie, sf. — phy. 
Eiilai'ité, sf. hilarity, cheer- 

Hi|>i>odromc, syn. — dromei 
eiifiiKigritTc. sm. hippogriir. 

iEI|ipo|>olaiiie, sm. hippopo. 
liiroiiUoile.s/. snallow. Itamus. 
Hisser, va. to hoist; haut up, 
lEistoire. sf. bislory, story, taie. 
BEistorieu. e, s, bistorian. 
BCistoricr, va. to embellish; rç- 
Ilistoriette, sf. story; tale.[late* 
EEistoriograpLe, sm. historio- 

llisiori<(ue, a. hislorical. 
nistoriquemeut, ad> historl- 

cally. [player. 

lEisirion, SOT. histrion; stage- 
Hiver, sm. winter. 
iBiverunge, srn. ma. winter- 

time, \\inlering-piace. 
IBiverucr, i;;!. lo winter-fallow. 

S' — , Vf. to inure one's self, 
tlo! !«;. bol hollal [to cold. 

* IBobereau, sm, country-squire, 

* IJoc, s)ii. hcck (a game). 
t'cla m'est—, I am sure nf it. 

* BCoche, sf. nGtcb,nick, [head). 

* IBocbc'uieul, sm. tofs (of tbc 

* BBociiei>oi , sm. bodge-podge. 

* BIocbec[eieuc , sm. wagtail, 

* BBorbcr, va. to ' shake; jerk. 

* Biocbct, sr/i. a chiid's coral, 

BBogner, vn, to grumble; growl. 
Rloir, si/î.beir. 
IBoirie, $/■. inheritance. [Ioo\ 

Ilolù : (/(/. hoMI stop, bolla 
' Blûler, ru. to boot. [(quills). 

* IBollauder, va. to bardent 
Holocauste, sm, bolocausi. 




Rnmnrd, sm. loljeter. 
" If onilirc, sm. omhre (a game). 
Iloiuéiio, sf. liomily. [dprcr. 
Blnsuiriflp. sm. liomicide, mur- 
— . a. liomicidal, murderous. 
ISoinilinstc, sm. a writer ol' ho- 


âge, sm. bornage; respecl; 



Glcnimasae, a. manlike, mascu- 
illumine^ sm. man, manliind. 

— faî*, a grown-up man. 

— «!c robe, lawyer. 

— d'cpée, sword-man. 

— «le lettres, author, 
Iloiuœopntlic, s»î. homœopalh. 
Sloiiiœopatliic. sf. — thy- 
Iloinoeopathiquo, a. — thic. 
Sioritœopathiscr, lia. topracUsc 

S!<M!iogèMe,''n. homoeenoii?, 
SSouio^éiiéité, sf. homofreoiis- 

ncss." riion. 

^ioinologation, sf. confirma- 
ESoRioIogiie, 0. homolognus. 
iloicinlogiier, va. to con&rm; 

ISoiiioiij'inc, a. homonymous. 
• EEoiigre, a geldcd. 
" asoiigrer, va. to geld; eastrate. 
Eiongroyeur, S))l. saddl'ers cur- 

(ioniiêto, a. honesl, modest, 

ci-vil, genteel, polilc, courteoiis. 
Ilouiiêtemeiit, ad, hnnestly; 

ohliginsrly, kindly, modcstly. 
ISniiiif-Icté, sf. hone?ly, modes- 

ly, civilily, courtpousncss. 
ïSoiineiir, sm. honour; crédit, 

plory, rcpiilalion, mark of res- 

k'airc— , to honour. [pect. 
' iCoiiiiir, va. to disgrâce. 
!9«EioruI>le, a. honourable. 

.^luciide — , public pen^r.V}. 
ISosiornblement, ad. boDOra- 

bly, respectably 
Honoraire, a. honorary. 
— , sm. fee, émolument, 
Sloiiorer, bonour-, respect, 

cneem. [one's self. 

S"—, vr. tobo proudof; respect 
Bonoriliqne, a. bonorinc. 

* llontc, sf. shame. mcdesly, re» 

Avoir — , to be asnamed, 

* BQontciisciuciït, fid. shame* 
fully. rccriil, sliarneful, 

Ilnnteiix, se, bashPul; disgra- 
Ilôpital, sm. liospital, alms- 

* llorgiiet, sî?i. hiccough. [housOi 

* iBoqiictou, sm. hocqueton; 
ycoman of Ihe guard, 

Horaire, a. horary. 

* Ilorile, sf. horde, gang. 
norizon, Sm. horizon. 
Elorizotital, p, a. horizontal 
esorizoïitalcnipiit, ad. horizon» 
Ittorlo^e, sf. clock. [lally, 
norlo^cr, sm. a dock orwatoa- 

norlogerîc, sm, clock-makinj, 

watcli-making. ['ving. 

Ilormis, pr. except , but, sa- 
Iloro^raphie, sf. horography; 

norospope, sm. — cope. 
Horreur, sf. horror, dread, de» 

t(i:-tation,rright, antipathy;ug!y 

Itorrihlc, (T. horrible; horridj 

deteslalile, shocking. [tremely. 
Horriblement, ad. — bly, ex- 

* Elors, pr. out, except; save. 

— de doute, without question. 

* Hors-d'œu»re, sm. digres- 
sion, outwork, [ri?t, 

norticiiltcur, sm. horticultu- 
Horticulture, sf. horticulture 
Hospice, sm, hospital , alms- 

Hospitalier,! j, a. s. hospUable< 
Hospitalité, sf. bospitality. 
lïospodar, sm, hospodar. 
Hostie, sf. host (consecrated 

waTer); victim. 
WorAlle, a. hostile, Inimical» 
Hostileuient, ad. bostilelyi 
Hostilité, sf. hostility. 
Hôte, sm^ host, landlord, guest| 


"i-titeic a^ — , ordinary. 
nôtcl, sm. hôtel, inn, palace. 

— do ville, guildhall , town« 

Mattre d*— , house>5teward. 




BAtcIier, e, s. hotel-V^eper, 

landlord; landialy. 
liniellL-rie, if, ina, licsteir;, 
■rôtcsse, sf. liostefs, landlalj. 
• ISodc, sf. dorsel. 
" Ilotiéc, &f. dorserfull. 

nonbloii, sin. hop. 

Uoublonuière, sf. hop-field. 

Ilouc, sf. boe. 

Douer, un. lo hoe. 

Mouille, sf. pit-coal, 

Houillère, sf. coal-pit 

Elouilleiir, svi. collier. 

Ilouilicux, se, a. coaly. 

Houle, sf. swel, surge. 

Iloule*te,s/'.crook; eheep-hook. 

Hoiileuz) se, (ma.) snellic^, 

rough. [fhoul. 

Uouper, vn. to whoop; honp; 

Houppe, sf. tuft. [great coat. 

Houppelaude, sf. a rough 

Doupper de la laiiie, to 

comb wool. 

Houra, sm. burrah. 
Hourdage, sm. rcugb-walKng. 

Uourder, va. to roughwall. 

Houri, s^ bouri. [ting-i\ord.) 

Hourvari, sm. uproar (a bun- 

Douseaui, sm. pi. spatler- 

dasbes. [out ; mcb. 

Houspiller, va. to beat; pull; 
Doussaie, sf. boly-grove. 
Housse, sf. horse-clolb, case 

for a cbair. 

Ilousser, t'a. to sweep; dust ; 

saddie-cloth, hammer-clolb. 
Boussetle, «)i. spring-lock. 
Uoussiiic, sf, s^>'ilch. 
Houssiiier, va. to switcb; cane. 
Houssoir, sm. fealber-broom. 
Houx, sm. bolly. 
Ho^au, 5))^ matlock. 
Hublot, sm. (ma.) scu(tle.[bin. 
Huche- sf. incading-lbrougb; 
Uueher, va. to balloo; \sboop. 
Hue! int. bo, gee! 
Huée, sf. bootïDg, sboutiDg. 
Auer. to. to hoûl aller. 
Huguenot, e, s. et a. — DOt. 
Uu§;ueuate, s/.pipkin, earthen 
nulle, sf, oil. cookiDg-btOïe. 
Buile de colza, râpe oil. 
Huiler, va. to oil; lo auoint. 

naileiix, se, a, oily, greasy. 
Huilier, $m. oilman; oilcruet. 
Buis, sm. ju. dcor. 

A — clos, privately. 
Huisserie, sf, door-frame. 
Huissier, sm. usher, lipslaiï, 

* Huit, a eigbt. [baililT. 

* Huitaiu, sm, staDza or eight 

* Huitaine, sf, eigbt dajs. 

* Huitième, a. sm, eigblb. 

* Iluiiivmenient, ad. eigbthly. 
Huttre, sf. oysler. 

* Hulotte, sf. madge-howlet. 
Humain, e, a. buman; buniane, 

iiod, good natured. [nien. 

— , sm, pi. mankiod, morlals, 
Humainement, ad, bumanly. 
Humaniser, va. to bumanize, 

civilize; soflen down. 

S' — , vr. to * grow gentle, 
Humaniste, sm.. — nîst. 
Humanité, sf. human nature, , 

bunianity; kindne?s, mildnessi 
Humble, a, humble, lowly, rao- 

Humblement, ad. humbly. 
Humectant, e, a. huiïiectÎDg, 

refreMjing. [teniug. 

Humeciatiou, sf. — tion, niois- 
Huniectcr, va. to moislcn , 

damp. [in. 

* Humer, va. to * sucb up ; suck 
Humerai, e, a. humerai. 
Uiimcrus, £;;?. bi.merus. 
Humeur, sf. humour, teraper, 

disposition fancy, nhim, mois- 

fure. [wet. 

Humide, n.humid, damp, moisi, 
Humide, sm. bumidity. 
Uumidcnient, ad. damply. 
Humidité, s/'. — dily, dampness 
Humiliant, e,a. mortifying. 
Humiliation, s/', — tion, Difir. 

tification. [^'^1- 

Humilier, va. lo humble; nior- 

S' — , r)'. to humble one's self 
Humiiité, s/, humilily, humble- 

Humoral, e, a. humoral. 
Humoristes, liumoi isl, peevish. 

* Uiiue, sf, (ma), Ihe top. 




* Hunier, sm. (ma), top-sail. 
Crniid ' — , main top-sail. 
1)>eii( * — , loietope-sail. 

* Huppe, s/', puet, lapwing,tuft. 

* Huppé, «, a. tulfed, topping. 
cunuing. [ a salmon. 

Uure, s/, heaa of a boar; joie of 

* Uurlcuicul,sm. bowling; jell. 
" Uui-Iei-, t'ii. lo ho«l; jell. 
Hurluberlu, a. silly, mad. 

— , sm. harebrained l'eliow. 
Hussard, sm. hussar. [IWe. 

Hussarde (à lu), ud. hussar- 
Ilittiu, a slubborn, beadstrong. 

* liuUe, sf. but, cabin. 
Hyacinthe, sf. — cinth. 
Hydraulique, (I. sf. — lîc, hj- 
Hydre, sf. bjdra. [draulics. 
Uydroccle, sf. hjdrocele. 
Hydrocéphale, sin, bydroce- 

phalus. [namics. 

Hydru<lyiiauii(|ue, s/', bydiodj- 
Uydrogéue, 4))(. hydi'ûgou. 
Hydroijrapbe, sm. bjdrogra- 

Hydrographie, sf. — phy. 
Hydrographique, a. bydi'Ogra- 

pbic. [mel. 

Hydromel, sm. meal , bydro- 
Hydromèlre, sm. hydrûnietei', 
Hydrophohi*, a. b^drûphobic. 
Uydrophobic, sf. bidropbûbia. 
Uydropique, a. — pic. 
— s. dropsical person. 
Pydrojjtîsie, sf, — dropsj. 

Hydi'ostatiquc, sf. bjdrosta 

Hyène, sf. byeîia. 
Hygiène, sf. bj'giene. 
Hygiénique, a. bjgienic. 
Hygromètre, sm. — meter. 
Hymen, sm, bymen. 
Hyuiéuéc, sm. wediock. 
Hymne, sm. bymn. 
Hyperbole, sf. bypcrbola. 
Hyperbolique, a. b\perbolicaI . 
Hyperboliqucmeut, ad. bjper- 

Hyperborée, a. — lorean 
Uypcrcritique, n. sm. byper- 

Hypocondre, sm, bjpocbondria. 
IBypocondrie,^/'. bypocbûndria. 
Hypocondriaque, a. s. bypo- 

Hypocras, sin. hyppocraE.[iion. 
Hypocrisie, sf. ^sy, dissiinula- 
Hypocriio, a. $. — tical, an 

Hypothécaire, a, of morigage. 
Hypiiiliécaireiuent, ad. b; 

moi igage. 
tlypoihéque, sf. mortgage. 
iiypothéquer, va. to mortgage. 
SJypothèse, sf. bypolbesis. 
Blypothétîque, a, — cal. 
Hypothétiqucment, ad, hypo 

Hypotypose, sf. hypolyposis. 
Hjsope, s/', hyssop. 
Hystérique, a, Uistedcal. 

ïambe, sm. lambus. 
lambique, a. iambic. 
Ibis, sm. ibis. 

Icelui, icelle, ^ro. tbis, that. 
Ichueumoii, sin. — mon* 
Ichuograpliic,s/'' Icbnograpby. 
lchor,SHi. ichor. 
Ichoreni, se, u. ichorous. 
Ichtyologie, sf. icbthyology. 
Icbtyophage, a, s, icbtbyopba- 

gous. [place. 

Ici, ad. hère, hither, in tbis 

D'— j hence, froiu bere. 

D'icl-là, by then. 

Jusqu^ — , bitberto. 
Iconoclaste, sm. — clast. 
Iconographie, sf. iconograpby. 
Ictère, sm, icterus, jaundice. 
Idéal, c, a. idéal, imaginary. 
Idéaliser, va. to ideaiize. 
Idéalisme, s)n. idealism. 
Idéaliste, s. a. idealist. 
Idée, sf. idea, notion, conceit, 

fancy, tbougbt. 
Ident itlcat ion, s/'.identifj cation. 
Identifier, va. to identil'y. 




li^cntEqiic, n. identical. 
Idcutiqucmcut, ad. identically. 
Iileiitilé, sf. id niily. 
Idéologie, sf. ideoloiry. 
Ifléologue, sm. -. gist. 
J<Icg, sf. pi. ides. 
Iiliome, sm. dialecl, idioiïi. 
liliopathie, sf. idiop.ithy. 
Idiot, e, a. s. silly, idiot, ninny. 
Idiotisme, sm. idiom, phraseo- 

logy. [later. 

Idolâtre, a, S. idolafrous, ido- 
Idolâtrer, va. to idolize. 
Idolâtrie, sf. idolalry, idol. 
Idole, sf. idol, statue, slocli. 
Idylle, sf. idyl. 
if, sm. yew, yew-tree. 
Ignare, a. illiterate, ignorant. 
Igné, e, a. fiery, igneous. 
Igiiicole, s. flre-worsliipper. 
Ignition, sf. ignilion. 
agnoble, a. ignoble, base, mean. 
Ignoblement, ad, ignobly , 

Ignominie, sf. îgnominy. 
IgiïoiuÎEiBeusciaeut, ad. igno- 

niiniously. [nious. 

Ignominieux, se, a. igncmi- 
Ignorance, sf, — rance. 

lit, ■ 


Igeioré, e, a. uniinown, 
Ignorer, va. to ' be ignorant of, 

not (0 be aware. 
Il, pro, he, il. 
Ile, sf. island, isle. 
Iléon, sm, ilium« 
Ilex, sm. holly. 
Iliaque, a, iliaCi 
Illégal, e, a, illégal, uniawfull. 
Illégalement, ad. illegally. 
Illégalité, sf. illegality. 
Illégitime, a. illegitimate, un- 

lawlul, [tely. 

Illégitimement, ad. illegitima- 
Illégitimité, sf. illegitimacy. 
Illeiirc, e, a. uniettered. 
Illicite, a. illicit, unIauTul. 
Ellicitemeut, ad, unlawfully. 
Illimité, e,a. unlimited, bound- 
ISIisible, a, illegible. [ less. 

Illumination, sf. illumination. 
Illiitniné, o, a, s, illumiuated. 
Illcimluer, va., to illuminate. 

Illusion, sf, illusion, deluslon, 

crror. [self. 

.Se faire — , to ûeceive one's 
Illusionner, t:n. to deliide, de- 

S' — ,to deceive onu'sself. [ceive. 
Illusoire, a. illusivo ; deceitTul. 
Illusoirement, ad. deceilfully. 
lUustrntion, sf, — tion; illus- 

Illustre, a. illustrions ; famous. 
Illustrer, lia. to illustrate ; do 

lionour to. [trious, 

illustrissime, a, most illus- 
Ilot, sm. isiet, eyot. 
Ilote, sm. sla-ve, helot. 
Ils, pro. pi. they. [picture. 

Imase,s/', image; likeness, slatuei 
Imagcr, *re, s, print-seller. 
— , va, to picture; embellist 

wilh imagei'y. 
Imaginable, a, imaeinable. 
Imaginaire, a, imaginary; vl- 

Imaginatif, ve, a, imaginative.. 
Imagination, sf, imagination ; 

invL'ntion. [nation. 

Imaginative, sf, fancy, imagi- 
Imaginer, va, to imagine, con- 


S'—, iT. to imagine one's self. 
Iman, sm, iman, 
Imbécile,a.s.— cile,weak; idioti 
Imbécillité, sf, imbecilily. 
Imberbe, a. beardioss. 
Imbiber, va. to imbibe, absord. 

S* — , vr, to soak, Le imbibed- 
Imbibiiion, sf, îmbibition. 
Imbroglio, sm, confusion, \Vf 

tricacy, imbroglio. 
Imbu, e, a. imbued. 
ImlitiTable, a. undrinkabis. 
Imitable, a. — ble. 
Imitateur, trice, S. imitator» 
Imitalif, Te,n. imilative. 
Imitation, sf. imitation, copy. 
Imiter, va, to imitate ; copy; 

Immaculé, e, a, immacnlate, 

Immanquable, a. infaillible; 

certain, [bbly; 

Immanquablement, ad, iufaU 
Immatériel, le, a. immatorial. 




■nmatcriclleniciiC, ad. iiDma- 
Bngiiall'îcu'talioUq 5^. — tiOQ* 

,cr, va. lo matricu- 


éilint, c, a. immédiate. 
Smmédiutcment, ad. immedia- 
Immômorial, le, ».— rial.[tely. 
lium<-uioriaIcment,a(2, — rial- 

Iiniuciise, a. immense, infinité. 

Eiiimeiiséiueiit, ad. immensely. 

■ inuiciiiiité, sf. imraensily, in- 

Einniensiirable, a. — ble.[tinity. 

Immerger, va. to immerge. 

Emméritc, c, (I. unmeriled. 

Immersion, sf. immersion. 

Immeuble, a. immoveable. 

—, s. real ; landed estate. 

ammîiicmmoiii,nrf. imminenlly. 

Imminence, sf. imminence, 

ImmiiBeiit, e, a. imminent. 

Immiscer (g'), vr. to interfère 

Immîsciltlc, a. immiscilile. [in. 

Immobile, a. immoveable. 

Inimubilier,ièrc,n.real. — s, lan- 
ded propeiiy. [real property. 

Immob!!iser,ua.toconvert into 

Immobilité, sf.— lity, 

Iminodéré, e, a. immoderate. 

Immodérément, ad, immode- 

Intmodeste, a. immodcst. 

Emmodeslem«nt,n(2. immodes- 

Immodcslie,s/'. — desly. [tiy. 

Immolatcur, S))2. iminolafor. 

Binmolation, sf. — tien. 

Immoler, va. to imraolate, sa- 
S' — vr. lo imir.olate one'sself. 

Immonde, a. unclean. 

Immondices, sf, pi. iiltfa, dirt> 

Iinmoral, e, a, immoral. 

Imuior.ilcme>i«, orf. immorally. 

Immoralité, sf. immoralily. 

Immort.tliser, va. to immor- 

Immortiillté, sf. immortalily. 

Immortel, le, a. — tal, undying. 

Immortelle, sf. gnaplialiura. 

Immuable, a. immuable. 


tiableiïiient,rt(/.immutably. I 
unité, s^. immanity. ' 

mmutabilieé, sf. — Ilty, un» 


mpact, sm. impact. 

mpair, a. odd, uneven. 

mpalpable, a. impalpable. 

mpardouuable, a. unpardo* 
nable. [fecti-ve. 

mparfnit, e, a. imperfect, de- 

mpnrfaitcment, ad. imper- 

mpartablo, a, jll. indivisible. 

mpartageable, ((. indivisible. 
iipartial, c, 0. impartial. 
nparlialcmcut , ad, impar- 

iipartialité, sf, impartiality. 
npasse, sf. blind alley, court. 
upassibilité, sf. impassibility, 
npassibic, a. impassible. 
npatiemment,drf. inipatiently. 
npaticncc, sf. impatience, ea- 
gerness. [voking. 

upatient, e, n. annoying ; pro- 
npatieutcr, t'a. to put out 
of patience; provoque. 
S' — , va, to fret, grow angry. 
upatroniser (»^), VV, to take 
possession of. [chless. 

npayable, a. invaluable, mat- 
npeccabilité, sf. impeccabi- 
npeccable, a.impeccal3le.[lity. 
iipénétrabilité, sf. împeae- 
irabilily. [ble. 

upénétrable , a, impenetra- 
npénétrablement, ad, impe- 

npénitenee, sf. — tence< 
upénitcul, e, a. impénitent. 
upeuscs, sf. l>l. outlay for re- 

npéralif, sm. imperative mood. 
npéralif, ne, — tive. 
upérativement^ ad, impcra- 

npératoire, sf. master-wort. 
npératrice, sf, empress. 
upercepCiblei a. impercep- 
tible, [perccptibly. _ 
npcrcepliblemeiit, ad. im- 
iiperfection, sf. imperfeclioa. 
upérial, e, a. impérial. 
— , sf. tbe roof of a coacli,the im- 
périal lily, a game at cards. 



Impérinleiuent, <7(Z. imperially. 
Inipéi-iniix, sm. pi. tbe impe- 

rialists. [riously. 

liupérictisement , ad. impe* 
Impérieux, se, a. imperious, 

haughiy. [ble. 

Impérissable, a, imperisha- 
Impci'iiie, sf. ignorance, uns- 

kilfulne?s. [bility. 

Imperménbililc,s/'. impermea- 
Iiupcrméable, a. imperméable. 
Impersonuelfle^a. impersonal. 
Impersoiiucllenicnt, ad. im- 

persona!!y [tinently, saucily. 

■ nipertiiiemment, ad. imper- 
Inipertiiiciice, s/. — nence; 

silliness; flippancy. 

Impertinent, e, a. S. imperti- 
nent, silly, intrusive, sauce-box. 

Iniperturbabiiilé, sf. —bility. 

Imperturbable, «. imperturba- 

Imperturbablement, flfZ. — bly. 

Impétrant, c, a, S. grantee. 

Impétration, sf. iimpetration. 

■ mpélrer, va. to impetrate ; ob- 

tain. [tuously. 

ïi^ Impétueusement, ad. impe- 

linpétueux, se, ^.impetuous. 

Impétuosité, $f. imp'-luosity. 

Impie, a. impious , ungodiy. 

Impiété, s/.impiety,ungodliness. 

Impitoyable, a. un-mercifui. 

Iinpitoyablcuseut, ad. uiimer- 

Implacable^ «. — cable, [cirujly. 

Iiiipliintation, s^. implantation. 

Implanter, va. to implant. 

Implication, sf. — tlOn. 

Implicite, a. implicil. [tavlle. 

IiuplÊciteœent, ad. — citly; 

Impliquer, va. to implicate; 
in.volve, imply. 

lunplorabie, a. implorable. 

Imploration, s^ imploration. 

Implorer, va. to implore, to 
faeg, rcqueit, involie. 

Imptili, e, a. unpolite, rude« 

Impoliment, ad. rudely, unpo- 
litely. [politenefs. 

Impolitesse, sf. rudeness, un- 

InipolÈtiqiïe, a. impoiitic. 

Importance, sf. — larce, consé- 
quence, material. [importance. 


luportant, e, a. important. 
luporlaleur, sm. importer. 
Qiportation, sf. importation» 
[nporler, la. to injport; COB» 
cern, introduce. ■» 
-, vn. to signifj; matter. 
mportHn, e, a. s. imporlunafe. 
uporlunément, ad. imioitu- 
nately. [bore; plague ; dun, 

niportuner, va. to importune; 
mportunité, sf. importunity. 
uposablc, a. taxable. 
[uposaut, e, a, imposing, com- 
manding. [on ; awe. 

mposer, va. to impose, laj 
Eu — , 10 deceiTe. 
S' — , vr. to lay on one's selT. 
^position, sf. imposition, im- 
posing, lax, i_ 
mpossibilité, sf. — ty. 
[■■possible, a. — sible, im- 
inposte, sf. impost. 
uposteur, sm. impostor. 
aiposture, sf. imposture. 
inpât, sm. impost, tax, duty. 
xipotei^t, e, a. impotent, in- 
firm, crippled. 

npraticuble. a. impraticable. 
[upréealioi^, s^. Imprécation. 
inprécaloire, a, — tory. 
[uprog^iation, sf. — gnation. 
aiprégi^er. va. to impregnate. 
iiiprenable. a. impregnable. 
nprcscriptibilité, sf. — lity. 
iiprescripliblc, a.— tible. 
npressi.o^i , sf. impression; 
stamp, print. 

upressioiinable, a. impres- 

■■pressionner , va. tO make 
an inipressionn on ; impress. 
nprévoyance, sf. improvî- 
dence, want of foresight. [dent. 
«prévoyant, e, a. improvi- 
nprimé, sm. prinled paper; 
uprimcr, va. to inipress; im- 
print, slamp; impart. 
nprimerie, sf. printing; prin- 

uprime^ir, sm. printer. 
^probable, a. improbable. 




Bmprobateur, irice^ a. s, dis- 

sapprovor; censurer. [tion. 

Iin[ii'<>!i.tiian, sf. disapproha- 
Iiii[troiluBcLfil', vc; a. uDproduc- 

Biu|>i'<>>ii|i(ii. sm. impromptu. 
Bin['<'<)iii'e, a. improper; unfit. 
ïoipropreineiit, ad. — perly. 
Iiupruprii-té, sf. priely. [blâme 
■mproiiTer, va. lo dlsapprove 
Ini|irovi«iateur9 trice^ 5. im' 

pro^isator, — trice. [tion 

Improvisation, sf. improvisa- 
Improviser, V. to extemporize 

deliver exlempore. 
Improviste (à V), ad. sud 

deuly, unawares. [dently 

Imprudemment, ad. impru 
Impriidcuee, sf. — dence. 
Imprudent, e, a. S. — dent 

indiscreel. _ [tly 

Impudemment, ad. impuden 
Impudence, s^f. — dence, slia 

melessness. [brazen 

Impudent, e, a. S. — dent 
Impudicité, sf. — ty. iewdnesE 
Impudique, a. immodest; lewd 
Impuissance , »f. inabilîty 

impolency. [unable 

Impuissant, e, a. impotent 
Impulsif, ve, a. impulsive. 
Impulsion, sf. impulsion, im 

puise. [punity 

Impunément, ad. nith im 
Impuni, e, a. unpunisbed. 
Impuuissable,<7. unpunisliable 
Impunité, sf . impunity. [chaste 
Impur, e, impure; lewd; un 
Impurement, ad. impurely. 
Impureté, sf. impurity, unchas- 

Imputable, a. Imputable. 
Imputation, sf. imputation, dé- 
duction. [ with. 
Imputer, va. to impute charge 
Impulrcfiable, a. impulresci- 
—, sm. ûcto-decimo (book), 
—douze, a. duodecimo. 
— . sin. duo-decimo (book). 
—folio, a. et sra, folio. 
— octavo, a, sm, octave ; In-S». 
— quarto, a. sm. quarto. 

lu-soSze, a. decimo-soxto, 
— , sm. decimo-sexto. 
— trente-deux, a. S. thirty-twosi 
Inabordable, a. inaccessible. 
Inacceiitnble, a. unacceptable, 
inaccessible, ffl. inaccessible. 
Inaccoutumé, e, a. uoaccusto* 

Inachevé, e, a. unBnished 
lnactir,ve, «.inactive, indolent. 
Inact ion, s/', inaction ;indo'ence. 
Inactivité, sf. inactivity. 
Inadmissible, a. inadmissible. 
Inadvertance , sf. — tence, 

oversight. [ness. 

Inaliénabilité, sf. inaliénable- 
Inaliénable, a. inaliénable. 
lualliable, a. that cannot be 

mixed. [bleness. 

Inaltérabilité, sf. unaltera- 
Inaltérable, a. unalterable. 
Inamovible, a. unremoveable. 
Inanimé, e, a. inanimate; life- 
Inanition, sf. inanition, [less, 
Inapercevable, a. unperceiva- 
Inaperçu, a, unperceived. [ble. 
Inapplicable, a. inapplicable. 
Inapplication, sf. — tion. 
Inappliqué, e, a. inattentive. 
Inappréciable, a. invaluable. 
Inaptitude, sf. unaptitude, 

Inarticulé, e, a. inarliculate. 
Inattaquable, 3a. unassailable, 

inexpugnable. [unforeseen. 
Inattendu, e, a, unexpecled, 
Inattcutif, ve, a. inatlentive; 

heedless. [lessness. 

Inattention, sf. — lion, heed> 
Inaugural, e, a. inaugural. 
Inauguration, sf. — tion, ope- 

Inaugurer, i'(!. to inaugurale. 
Incalculable,a. incalculable. 
Incapable, a. — ble; unfit; 

unable. [bility. 

Incapacité, s^. incapacity, ina* 
Incarcération, sf. incarcéra- 
Incarcérer, l'o. lo incarcérais. 
Incarnat, e, a. carnation; llesh. 

fucaruatiou, sf. iDCarnationt 




Incarné; e, a. incarnate. 

lucai'iier (s'), Dr. to take flesh. 

lucarladc, £^ pelulanl; insull; 
quarrci ; folly. 

Inucndiaii-c, incendiary. 

Incendie, sju. fire,couflagralion. 

luccudié, e, s. sulTcrer by fire. 

Incendier, va. lo burti; set fire 
to. [resolute. 

Incertain, e, a. uncertain; ir- 

lucertitude, sf. uncertainly,in- 
décision. [tly, immediately. 

Euccssamnient, ad, încessan- 

luccssant,», incessant. 

Incessible, a. inaliénable. 

luccst, sm. incest. 

Incestueux, se, a. incestuous. 

Incboatif, \e, a, iûclioative, 

Incidemment, ad. incidently. 

Incidence, sf. incidence. 

Incident, sm. incident, event. 

Incident, e, a. incidental, inci- 
dent, [ties. 

Incidentcr,un, to raise difticul- 

Iiicincratiuu, sf. incinération. 

lucii-coucis, c, a. s. uûcircuni- 
cised. [sision. 

Incii'coucision, sf. incircum- 

Incise, sf. incidental pbrase. 

Incisé, e, a. incised, notched. 

Inciser, va. lo incise; slash; 

Incisir, ve, a. incisive, cutting. 

Incision, sf, incision, eut. 

Incisive, s/, inciser (tooth).[tive. 

Incitation, sf. inciteraent; rao- 

Inciter, la. to incite, insligate; 
pns bon. 

iuciiil, c, u, uncivjl, rude. 

lucivilcmcnt, ad. unciviUy, 

Inci^ilisé, e, a. inci'vilized. 

Incivilité, sf. incivility; rude- 

Incivique, a. unpatriotic. 

Iiicitisiue, sm. incivism. [rity. 


tueU'-uient, e, a. iuclement, sé- 
vère, [of the needie. 

Inclinaison, sf. inclination; dip 

lucliunnt, e, a> iacliuing; in- 

Inclination, sf. inclinatiooi 

tendency; love. 

Incliner, va. to incline; bend. 
.S^ — , ir. to incline, bow down. 

Inclus, c, f(. inclosed. 

Inclusif, ve, a, inclusive. 

Inclusivement, ad. inclusivelj. 

Incognito, ad. Incognito. 

Incohérence, sf. incohérence. 

Incohérent, e, a. incohérent. 

Incolore, a. colourless. 

Incombustîliilité, sf. — lity. 

Incombustible, a. incombus- 

Incommensurabilité, 5^ — lity. 

Incommensurable, a. — men« 
surabJe. [moding, 

IncommodanI, e, a. incom> 

Incommode, u. inconvénient. 

Incommodé, e, a, indisposcd; 
crippled. [veniently. 

Incommodément, ad. incon- 

Incommodcr, va. to incommo- 
de; annoy; impoverish ; indis- 
pose, [venience, indisposition, " 

Iiicouimodité, s/'. — ty, incon- 

luconimunicablc,». incommu- 
nicable, [mutabilily. 

Incommutabilité, sf. incom- 

liBcouimutable, a. incommula- 
ble. [chless. 

Incomparable, a. — able, mat- 

Incom|iarabienieut , au. ÎQ- 

Incompatibilité, sf. — lity. 

Incompatible, a. — tible, cou- 
si^lent. [inability. 

Incompétence, sf. — tcncyj 

Incompétent, c, a — teut. 

Incomplet, e, a. incomplète 

Incomplexo, a. incomplex. 

Iiicompréhensibilité, sf, — 
hrn-ibilily. [hensible. 

Incompréhensible, a. — pre- 

Incomprcssible, a. incompres- 

Incompris, c, a.not underslood. 

Inconcevable, 2 a, inconcei- 


Inconciliable, a, irreconcilc^ 

luconduite , sf, misconduct. 




neongrti) e« a. inceiigruous, 

improper. .[ously. 

Incoiigrûnïeiit^ ad> incûngru- 

lucouiiu, e, a. s. unknown, 

obscure, strangor. [sistontly. 
lucoiiséi|iicuiiueut, ad. incoQ- 
lueoiiscqiieuce) sf* inconsis- 

tency. [tent. 

Inconséquent, e, a, înconsis^ 
tnconsidéraliouj £/'. incoosi- 

derateness. [rate. 

Inconsidéré, e, CZ. incoDside- 
Incousidércmeut, ad. iacoa- 

Incoaisistaiice, sf. iastability. 
Inconsolable, a. inconsolable. 
lucoitsolablcmcnt, ad, incoa- 

solably. [tly. 

lucouslaniment, a(i. Inconstan- 
Inconstance, sf. inconslancy, 

Incoiciîiant, c, a. inconstant. 
Incoiiseiîtitionuel, le, a, un- 

constitutional. [putable. 

Incoutostalilc, a.— able, indis- 
lucoulestableuicut, ad, incon- 

Incoulcsté, e, a. unconlesled. 
InconiiiBouimeHt, ad. Inconti- 

luconiiiicuce, xf. Incontinence. 
lucoulâueut, ad. immedialely, 
— , e, a, incontinent. [at once. 
IncouTeuauce, f^. unseemli- 

Inconvenant, e, a. improper. 
Inconvénient, sm, incon"ve- 

nience, difricully. [lion. 

Incorporation, sf, incorpora- 
Incorporcl, le, a, incorporeal, 

abslracl. [embody. 

Incorporer, va, to incorporate, 

S' — , vr. to incorporate. 
Incorrect, e, a, incorrect. 
lucorrectciucnt, ad. — recUy. 
Incorrection, sf, inaccuracy , 

lucorrigil)»U(é,s/. incorrigible- 

Incorrigible, a, incorrigible. 
Incurfii[>libiiité, j,f. — bility. 
Incumiplible, a, — pUble. 

Incrédule, a, S. — lous, nnbs- 
liever. [unbelief. 

Incrédulité, sf. incred'jlity 
■ ncrcé, e, a. uucreated. 
Bncriininer, vu. to incriminato 
incrochetable, a. nnpickable 
lucrojable, a. incredible, ; 
belief. [dibly, 

lucroyablenieut, ad. increa 
Incrustation, sf. — tiou. [lay. 
Incruster, va. to inscrust; over- 
Incubation, sf. — lion, [bus. 
Incube, sm. nîglitmare, incu- 
Inculpation, sf. inculpation,, 
accusation. [pâte. 

Inculper, va. to accuse; incul- 
luculquer, va. to inculcate. 
Inculte, a. uncuUivatcd, un- 

tilled, rude, waste. 
Inculture, sf. incultivation. 
lucurabîlité, sf. incurableness. 
Incurable., a. s. — ble. [gence. 
Incurie, sf. carelessness, ncgii» 
Incursion, «/■. incursion, inroad. 
Indébi'ouilluble, a. unravel- 

Indéceniuieut, ad. indecently. 
Indécence, s/'. — cv, impropriety» 
Indécent, e, a. — cent, unbeco- 
ming. [ble, illegible. 

Indéchiffrable, (t. uudeciphera- 
ludécis, e, a, undecided, irra» 

Indécision, sf, indécision. 
Indéclinable, a. — able, [nisb. 
ludccrottable, a. boorisli; clow» 
ludéliui, e, a. indefinile. 
Indéduiment, a. indclinitely. 
Indéfinissable, a. undeRnabla. 
Indélébile, a. indelible. 
Indélicat, e, a. indélicate. 
Indélicatement , a^. — tely. 
Indélic.ttcsse, sf. indélicatesse' 
lud4.*iuBiiser, va. to indemnify. 
Indemnité, sf. indemnity. 
Indépendamment, ad. indâ< 

Indépendance, sf, — dency. 
Indépendant, e,«.— dent, free. 
Indestruclibilité.s/. — iilily. 
Indvsiriictible, a," indestruc- 




Cndétcrmiiiable, a. undetermi- 

nable. [sion. 

ludéiei'uiiiinlion, sf. indéci- 
ludélerniiiié, e, a. indetermi- 

nate, uniimiled. [termiaalelj. 
lillléleruiinéincnC, ad. inde- 
liiflcviiiahle* a. undivinable. 
IndcTotioii, xf. indevotion. 
itiflcx, sni index, fore-finger. 
luilicnteiir, SJH. — tor, tlie fore- 
Iiidicalir, »e, î. ■ tive.rBnger. 
— . 'îîîî. indicative mood. [si^n. 
Indicutiou. .«/'. indication, mark, 
Indice, sm. indicalion, sien, to- 

lien. [fable. 

Indicible, a. unspeakable, inef- 
Iiidiclîon, sf, indictioD, convo- 
Indienne, sf. printed calico. 
ludifTércninieut, ad. indiUe- 

rently. [ness. 

Budifférence.5/'. — rence, cold- 
lindilTérent, e. indiffèrent. 
Indigence, sf. indii^ence, want, 

poverty, distress. 
Indigène, a. indigenous, native. 
indigent, e , a. — gent , poor. 

needy, [gest'r s. 

indigeste, a. undigested, indi- 
likdigestion, sf. indigestion. 
Indignation, s/'. — tion. [vile. 
Indigne, o. unworthy, infamouf, 
Indigné, e, a. indignant. 
Indignement, ad. unworthily, 

Indigner, va. to irritate , to 


S'— vr. to be indignant. 
Indignité, sf- indignity , ua- 

worthiness, baseness, outrage. 
indigo, ><im. indigo, [tory, 

lutligoterie, s/, indigo-manufac- 
indiquer, va. to indicate ; point 

ont. [rai. 

Indirect, e, a. indirect, coltate- 
Iiidireclenient, ad. indirecliy. 
inilisci|ilinabie, a. indocile, un- 

Indiscipline, sf. indiscipline, 
indiscipliné, e, a. indisciplined. 
Indiscret, te, a. S.— creet, im- 
ludiscrvlemcnt, ad.— creetly. 

indiscrétion, sf. indiscrétion. 
Indispensnbiliic, sf. — bleness» 
Indispensalde.n. indispensable. 
leidispcnsableuieBit ^ad. indis- 

pensably. [well. 

Indisposé, e, a. indisposed, un- 
Indisposcr, va. lo eftrange ; in- 
dispose; make unwell. 
Indisposition,»/'. — lion,dislike. 
Indispiitalile, a. indisputable. 
Indissolubilité, sf. indissolu* 

indissoluble, a. indissoluble. 
ludissolublemeut, ac^. iadisso- 

Indistinct, c, a. indistinct. 
indistinctement, ad. iodistinc. 

tly; without distinction. 
Individu, sm. individual. 

Son — , one's own self, 
IndiTidtiel, le, a. individual. 
Indiiiduelleiueut, ad. indivi- 

Indivis, e, a. undivîded. 
Indivisibilité, sf. — tj. 
Indivisible, a. — Sible. [bij. 
Iiidivisiblement, ad. indivisi. 
Indocile, a. indocile, untractable. 
Indocilité,!/'. — lily, untracta- 

■ nflolemmeut , a(2. indolently. 
Indolence, sf. indolence, slug- 

gishness. [gish. 

Indolent, e, a. indolent, slug- 
Indomptable, a. untamable, 

indompté, c,a. untamed, wild; 

Indu, e, (i. undue,unseasonabIe. 
Indubitable, a. — ble. 
Indubitablement, ail — bly. 
induction, sf. induction, infe- 

rence. [infer. 

Induire, Va. to induce; lead, 
indulgence, sf. — genee, for- 

Indulgent, e, a. — gent, lenienti 
Induit, sm. induit, induite. 
Indûment, ai/, nndiily. 
Industrie, sf. induslry, skiU, 


Cbevalier d'— , a sharper. 




Industriel, le, a. industrial, 
commercial. [maD. 

— , sm. inanulacturer ; Iradcs- 

Incliisli'ieusemcni, ad. indiis- 
triously. [ingpnious. 

Industrieux, se, a. industrious, 

■ nébrauiable, a. immovahle, 
sleadlast. [vably. 

InéliranlnblcBuent. ad. inmo- 

Surdit, c, «. unpublished. 

Ineffable, a. — ble, unspeakable. 

Bi.uiri.çal.!e, a. indelible. 

Siiofûcacc, a. — cacious, vain. 

lucrOcacitc, sf. ineflicacy. 

Inégal, e, a. unequal, uneven. 
De caractère — , wbimsical. 

Inégalciuent , ad. unequally. 

lucgalilé, sf, inequalily, une- 
venness. [gance. 

Bnélc^amment, n^/.wilhout ele- 

Iiscfégance, sf. inélégance. 

Siiclcgant, e, a. inélégant, un- 

Inéligible, a. inéligible. 

Inénarrable, a, unutlerable. 

Inopte, a. inept, unfit. 

Ineptie, sf. ineptilude, fooly. 

Inépuisable, a. incxliaustible. 


Inertie, sf. inerlia,sluggisliness. 

Inespéré, e, a. unexpected. [dly. 

Sucspéréuieut, ad. uncxpccte' 

Inestimable, a. inestimable. 

Inévitable, a. — able, unavoi- 
dable. [voidably. 

SuoTitablement, ad.— bly,una- 

Inexact, e, a, inexact, inaccu- 

Inexactement, a(Z. inaccurately. 

Inexactitude, s/', inaccuracy. 

Inexcusable, a. — able. 

Iiiexéciilable, a, impractîcable, 

Inexécution, sf. inexécution. 

lucxigible, a. Dot deraandable. 

Inexorable, a. inexorable, in- 

incxorablcmeut, ad. — bly. 

Inexpérience, sf. — rience. 

lucxpérimeutc, e, a. i-nexpe- 

Inexplicable, a. inexplicable. 

luexpressible, a. inexpressible. 

Inexprimable, a, ioexpressibl*. 

Inexpugnable, a. impregnable 

Inexlinguibilitc,.«/. inext'"gui. 

Inextinguible, a. unexting-ui- 

Inexiirpaltle, a. fnexiirpable. 
Inextricable, a. — cable. 
Infaillibilité, sf. infaillibility, 
Inrnilliblo, a. infallible. 
Infailliblement, ad. infallibly. 
Infaisable, a. impossible. 
lBif:iBuant, e, a.infamous. 
Infauiuiion.s^. brand ofinfam,y. 
Infâme, a. infamous, sham^^/ 
— s. infamous, fîltliy. 
Infamie, sf, inTamy, basen*V. 
Infant, e, s. infant, infanta. 
Infanterie, sf. infantry, foot» 

Infanticide, sm, infanticidet 
Infatigable, a. indefatigable. 
Infatigablement, ad. indefa- 

tigably. [possession. 

Infatiiation, sf. — lion, prfl* 
Infatuer, va, to infaluafe. 
Infécond, e,f<.unfruilful, barrent 
lufécoudité,s/'. infecundity, bar» 

Infect, e, a. infections, foui. 
Infecter, î)a. to infect, taint. 
Infection, sf. infection, conta- 
Itiféodatiou, sf. infeolTment. 
Inféoder, va, to infeoff. 
Inférer, va. to infer, deduce; 

Inférieur, c, a. inferior, lower. 
Inféricurement, a(2. inferiorly. 
Infériorité, sf. — rity. 
Infernal, e, a. infernal, hellish. 
Infertile, a. unfruitful, barren. 
Infertilité,!/. — tility, barenness. 
Infester, la. to infest, barass. 
Infidèle, a. s. faithless, infidelt 
luildclemcut, ad. unfaithrully. 
Infidélité, sf. infidelity, dis- 

Infiltration, sf. infiltration. 
Infiltrer, vtl. s'— , to iniiilrate. 
Infime, a. lowest. [boundlcss. 
Infini, e, a. infinité, endless^ 
— ) sm. infinité. 





Inflnimeiit. ai}, infinitcly. 
InOnitê, sf. infinily, eDcîJpss, 

host. _ [mal. 

Infinilésimal, e, a. infinitesi- 
Infiuilir, sm. inSnilive moo . 
Infirme, a. s. infir icklj, in- 

Infirmer, va. lo in-validate. [lai. 
Infirmerie, sf. infirmarj, hnspi- 
Infirmicr, e, s. nurse in an hos- 
Infirmilé. sf. infirmily. [pilai. 
InOammabilité, sf inflamma- 

InOammalile. a. inflammable. 
Infiammalion,;/'. Camm lion. 
Innnmma<nire,a. inflam tory. 
Inflexibilité, sf.— lity. 
Inflexible, a. nflexible, inexo- 
rable, [nately. 
InOoIiblemen<,n(^ -bly, obsli- 
■ uflexion, sf. infleclion, inlina- 
Infliclir, ve. a. inlliclive. [lion. 
Inflictiou, s/', inflidion. 
Inai°;er, va. inflict, pnish. 
Infliieuco, sf. influence, sway. 
inOiicucer, t'a. to influence; 

Influent, e, a. influential. 
Influer, vn. to hâve influence. 
— sur, ïo influence ; sway; a ect. 
Inrormatiuu, sf. information, 

inquiry. [fect. 

informe, a. sbapeless, impcr- 
Informer, v. to inform, * tell, 

S* — . vr. to inquire. [apprise. 
Inrortituc, sf. misfortune, mi- 

sery. [tunate. 

Infortuné, e,a. unlucty, unTor- 
— , s. unliappy. 
Infracteur, sm. inTringer. 
Infraction, sf» infraction, viola 

tion. [ble 

Infrancliiflsable, a. însurpera 
Infructueusement, a<i. unpro 

li--lj|y. [vain 

Infructueux, «e, a. fruilless, 
Infiis, c, a. iniu-ed, inspired. 
Infusé, sm, infusion. 
■nfu8<>~ va. to infuse. 
— , vn. draw; steep. 
Infusible, a. infuaible. 
Infusion, sf. infusion, 
laifusoire, a. inf^^? "rj. 

Ingambe, a. active, lithesotnfe- 
Ingénier (s"), vr. lo exercisB 

one's wits. 
Ingénieii r ,jn .englneer. 
Ingénieusement, a(/.in.genioi!3- 

ly.. [witty. 

Ingénicnx , a, îngeniou?^ 

Ingénu, c, a. ingenuous, candid. 
Ingénuité, 5/. ingenuou^ness, 

candour. [frankly. 

Ingénument, ad. ingenuously. 
Ingérer (s'), to meddie wilh. 
Ingouvernable, a. ungovsrna- 

ble. [grate. 

Ingrat, e, S, un grateful ; in- 
Ingratemen tai. ungratefully. 
lugraiitude, sf. ingratitude. 
Ingrédient, sm. ingrédient. 
Inguérissable, a. inu jable. 
lugiiinnl, e, a. inguina . 
Inbabile, a. unable, unfit,inapt. 
Iiilinbiliié, sf. incapcity, ina- 

Inbabilable, a. uninhgbitable. 
Inbabité, e, a. unink iled. 
Inhabituel, le, a. unaccustomed. 
Iiibérence, sA inhérence. 
Inliérent, e, a. inlirent. 
Inliosj>il.'»lier,e,«.inbospi table. 
Inliospitalité , sf. — ty, inhos- 

Inhumain, c, a, S. inhuman. 
Inhumainement, (1(2. — manly. 
Inhumanité, sf. inliumanity , 

cruelly. [rying 

Inhumation. s^,.inl)umatlon. bti' 
Inhumer, va. l inhume bury. 
Inimaginable, a. inconc'^ivable. 
Inimitable, a. — be. 
Inimitié, sf enmily, antipathy. 
Inintelligibilité, sf. uninteli 

Inintelligible, a. nnintelligible. 
Inique, d. iniquitous, unjust. 
Iniquement, ad. iniquilously. 
Iniquité, sf. iniquity, injustice. 
Initial, c, a. initial. 
Initiation, sf. iniliation. 
Initiative, sf. initiative. 
Initier, va. to iniliale. 
Injecter, va, (0 inject. 
Injection, sf. injection. 
Injonction, sf. injUDCtioo. 


Injure, sf. injurv, oufraffe. 
i"j", va. to insuit; al.use. 
l'', ad. injurious- 

lujorieui, ,e, injurious, aba- 

• njuslc, a. unjust, wroDsrful. 
Injusleineiii, a,l. uniuslly. 
Injus».ce,5A injustice, wrong. 
luhsible, a. illegible. 
luua»isal,lc, a. innatigable. 

• nnc, e,a. innate, inborn 
iMiiocemmcH, ad. Innocentlv. 
lunoceuco, sf. innocence, sim- 

plicitj, harralesness. 

— » e, s. innocent, simplelon. 

■ uuoceiilor, va. to acquit 
Inuombrahle, a. inuumerable. 
In..oml,..ablcme..i, «J. jnnu- 

merablj. r, 

Im,omiué, a. (anat.), ianomhm. 

■ niioTnlriir, sm. _ tor. 
Iiinovatiou, sf. innovation. 
lunover, V. to innovale 
lucbservaiio.., j/. _ ^ance. 
Inoccupé, e, unemplovcd. 
inoculation, sf. inoculation. 
Inoculer, va. to inoculale. 
Inodore, a. inodorous. 
lnoffc.«if, ve, ad. inoffensive. 
luoCfeiis.ïcmeu», ad. inoffen- 


luofficieui, se, a. icofficions. ' 
Ino„da..on, sf. inundation , 

flood. ' 

Inonder, va. to inundate ; flood. 
«uopiiie, e,«.unroreseeD,sudden. 
■ nopiueineui, ad, unexpectedlv 
*""l'.P"';*""'e,«- unseasonable. 

unlimely. [bless, unfilness. 

Iuoppori„„î4c, sf. unseasona- 

poTne!""''"""'' "''■ ''"'^" 
Inouï, e,"n. unheard cf. 
ïnquiei, e, a. uneasy, restless,, e, a. alàrming 
inquiéter, ua. loalarm; dislurb. 

"^ ~\^'>'- to * bo uneasy. 


luquSsileur, sm. inqnlsitor. 
luquisiiinn, sf.~ tiun, inquiry. 
■ nqui^-itorial, a. inquisitorial. 
Insuisissablc, a. un-eizable. 
Insalubre, a. unsalubrious, un- 
''«î^ithy. [heailhiness. 

Ingalubri(é, .i^insalubrily, un- 
■nsaCabilitc, sf. insatiableness. 
Insatiable, «. - ble. 
Insatiublenient, ad. insatiably. 
iHscripiible, a. inscriptible. 
Inscription, s/, inscription, en- 
^'"y- , [ter ; enter, 

Inscrire-ua. to inscribe; to regis- 
S'— , vr.lo inscribe one's naïae; 
put down. 
Insecte, sm, insect. 
lusensc, e a. s. mad, senseless, 

mad-man ; man-woman. 
Insensibilité, i/.— litv, apalhv. 
Insensible, a. insensible; ii.''- 
perceplible. [perceplibly. 

Insensiblement, nf2._siblï;iiu- 
Inseparablc, a. inséparable. 
luséparablemeut, ad. insepa- 

Insérer, va, to insert; put in. 
Insertion, sf. insertion. 
Insidieux, âe, a. insidious, trea- 
Insigue, o. notorious. [cherous, 
I —j SI», bad»e.— s.])l. insignia. 
■ nsiguitiance,;/. insignilicance. 
Cnsigiiiliant, e, n. insignificant. 
Insinuant, e, a. insinuating. 
Insiuiiatif, ve, a, insinuative. 
Insinuation, sf. — tion, ia- 

Insinuer, va. to însinuate j.hinL 
*' — ! î-T. to insinuata one's 
_selr in, to creep into. [dull. 
Insipide, a. insipid, tasieless; 
Insipidement, ad, insipidly. 
Insipidité,,^.— dily,insipidness. 
Insistance, sf. insisling, [sist. 
Insister, tj;î. to insist on ; per- 
■ nsociable,n. unsociable, sullen. 
lusociablement, nrf.insociably. 
Insolation, sf, insolation. 
Insolemment, ad. insolenlly. 
Insolence, sf. iosolence, sauci- 
ness. ' 




lOnsolent, e^G, insolent, saucy 
Insolite, a. untisual. 
Insniiiliililé, sf. insohibilitj. 
Iiisnliiltle, a, insoluble. 
Insolvabilité, li^ insolTenCy. 
insolvable, a. insolvent. 
Insomnie, sf. sleeplessness. 
Vusoiieiaiice, sf. carelessness. 
Insouciant, e, a. careless. 
Insoucieux, se, a, free from 

Isisouinis, e, a, unsuhdued. 
Insoumission, sf. insubordina- 
tion, [intolérable. 
Biisoutenablc, a. indefensible; 
'Bns|iec(cr, va. to inspect. 
Inspecteur, sm. inspecter. 
inspection, sf. inspection, con- 
trol, lotion, breatd. 
inspiration, sf. — tion, sugges- 
Ssispirer, va. to inspire, suggcsl, 
inliale. [tainlj. 
Instabilité, sf, — lity, uncer- 
Snslable, a. unstar.le, isconsia nt. 
installation, sf. — tion, induc- 
Installer, va. to inslal, induct, 

S'—, vr. to seule one's self. 
Instamment, ad. instantly, ur- 
gently. [suit, 

Snstauce, sf. instance, entreaiy. 
Ënstaiit, sin. instant, moment, 
minute. [nest. 

—, e, a. urgent, pressing, ear- 

A I'— , instanlly, 
instantané. e, a. instanfaneous. 
Instantanéité, s/, instanlaneous- 
ness. [neously. 

Instantanément, ad. instanta- 
Instar de (à V),ad, liko. 
Instigateur, trice,s. iostigator. 
Instigation, sf, — tion, suggcs- 
Insliller, va. to instil. [tion. 
Instinct, sm. instinct. 
Instinctif, ve, a. instinctive, 
Kustinctivement, ad, instinctif 

Instituer, înstitule; settle. 
Institut, sm. institute, institu- 
tion, [tor. 
Instituteur, s. founder, precep- 
Institutiou, sf, — tion , boar- 

Institutrice, sf. foundress, 

vorness, schoolmisircss. 
Instrikctcnr, sm, inslractor. 
Instructif, ve, a instruclive. 
Instruction, sf. — tion, educa» 

lion, linowledge, inTormation. 
Instruire, t!a. to instruct; teach; 

inTorm ; educate. 
Instruit, e, a. learned ; well- 
informed, [tool. 

Instrutaient , Sm, instrument, 
Instrumental, e, a, instrumen- 
Instrumentation, sf, — tion. 
Instrumenter, vn, lo make 
decds. [lalist. 

Instrumentiste, sm. instrumea- 
Insu de (à T), unknown to. 
Insubordination, sf, insubor- 
tusuburdouué,c, a, insubordi- 
nale. [cienllj 

Insiiflîsaninicnt, a. insuffi- 
Eiisuftisaiice, sf. insufficiency. 
Etïsul'fîsaiit, e,((. insufiicient, in- 
Insulaire, o. S. — lar, islander. 
Eusuliublc, a. {mil), assailable. 
Insultant, e, a. insulting, abu- 
Insulte, sf, insuit, affront. 
Insulter, va. to abuse, insuit. 
Insupportable, a, — able, into- 
lérable, [portably. 
Insupportablement, ad. insup* 
Insurgé, e, a. s. insurgent, re- 
bel. [revolt. 
Insurger (s'), vr.' rise in arms; 
Insurmontable, a. insurmoun- 
Insurrection, sf. — tion. [table. 
Insurrectionnel, le, a. insur- 
rectional. [entire. 
Intact, e, a, untouched; intact, 
Intarissable, a. inexhaustible. 
Intégral, e,(Z. S. intégra! ,whoIe. 
Intégralement, ad. integrally. 
Intégralité, sf. integralily. 
Intégrant, c, a. intégral, inté- 
Intégration, sf, intégration. 
Intègre, «. upriglit, just. 
Intégrer^ va. to intégrale. 
lutcgrîté, £^. integrity,honcstf. 




Intellect, sm. intellect, under- 

Intcllpclir. \c. t . intnlleclive. 

Intullectiiel, le, n. — tuai. 

Intclligeniiui'ntj ad. intelli- 

Inlclli genco, sf. — genco, un- 
derstanding, union, concord, 
correspondence. [sharp. 

Intelligent, o, a. intelligeni, 

lutelligiblc, a. intelligible, au- 

lulellîgîbleinent, ad. — gibly. 

lulempéruiice, s/*. — rance, 

Inlcnipérnnt, e, a. — perate. 

tntenipéfé. e, a. intemperale. 

Iiiteiiipéi'ie, sf. intempérance. 

CiilL-:iiil>le. n. uutcnable. 

Intciidaiicc, sf. intendancy, di- 
rection, management: inten- 
dant 's liouse. [steward. 

Iiitenduiil, sm. intendant, 

Eutciisc, «. intense, \ebement. 

■uteuttir, ve, a. intensive. 

Buteusité, sf. intenseness. 

lutensivenicut, ad. intensively. 

Inlcuter, ra lo'bring an ac- 
tion; enter. 

luteutiun, sf. intention, Intent, 
purpose, design. 

Intcuiâoiiné, e, a. 
Bien—, wei-intentionefl. 
Mal—, ill-intentioned. 

Intentionnel, le, a. intentional 

Intercalaire, a. intercalary. 

lutercalatiou, sf. — tion. 

Intercaler, va. to intercalale, 
interpolate. [médiate. 

Intercéder, vn. tO intercède, 

Intercepter, va. to intercept. 

Interception, sf. — tion. 

Intercesseur, 8711. — cesser. 

Intercession, sf. — sion, mé- 

Intercostal, o, a. intercostal. 

Intorcutané, e, a. intercuta- 
neous. [of lunacy. 

Interdiction, s^. — tion, stalute 

Interdire, va. to proliibit, inter- 
dict dumfound; confuse. 

Interdit, sm. interdict. 

— e, Cl dumfounded; lonrused. 

Intéressant, e, a. intereslingi 
Intcrcesé, sm. intcrested partv, 

— c, a. selfish, intere.stcd. 
Intéresser, va. to interest, te 

affect. [in. 

S' — , vr. to takc an interest 
Intérêt, $'?!, interest, concern, 

selfisbncss. [inteiior. 

Intérieur, Sm. inner," inside. 

— e, a. inlerior, internai. 
Intérieurement, ad. inwardly. 
B II t éri lu, 57n. intérim, meanlime. 
Interjection, sf. interjection. 
Interjeter, va. to lodge an ap- 

luft-rligue. sf. spaco hetween,, 

l.vo laies. 
lutcrliiiéiili-e, a. interlineary. 
ïalerloculciir, trice, s.— culor. 
Biitcrloculiou, s/. — tion. 
Interlocutoire, a, S. interlo» 

Interlope, S7n. intcrloper. 
Bntermèile, sm. interlude. 
Buteruiéiliaîre, n.intermedlale. 
Iiiicrniéilint, e, a. — diale. 
lutcruiinaljle, a. interminable. 
Iiitcrmittciice, sf. intermit- 
Interuiilteut, c, a. intermittent. 
Bnlerne, a. internai, inward. 
Biiternoiice, Sm. inicrnuncio. 
Bulerpellatioii, sf. — tiOn. 

sommons. [upon. 

Bnterpelcr, va. to summon, call 
Iiilcrpolaienr, sm. interpola» 
Bilterpo!ation,s/'.— tion. [for, 
Interpoilor, va. to interpolate. 
Biiterposcr, va. to interpose. 

S'—, vr. lo intervene. 
Interposition, sf. — tion. 
Interprétatif, ve, a. interpre- 

tati-ve. [talion. 

Interprétation, sf. interpre- 
Intcrprète, S. — prêter. 
Interpréter, va. tO interpret- 

Interrègne, sm. interregnum. 
Interrogateur, sm. — tor, 

examiner. [gative. 

lulerrogatir, ve, a. intorro— 
luterrogatîou, sf. ^ tion* 




(nterrosatoire, sm. examina- 

Inlorrogcr, va. (0 inlerrogate ; 

to examine. 
Bntei'i'ani|iro, va. lo inlerrupt, 

break off. 
Interrupteur, sm. interrupter. 
iHlcrruptiou, sf. — tion, ces- 
lutcrscction, sf. intersection, 
jutersticc, Sîïi. inlersllce, in- 

Intervalle, sm. interral. 
Intcrvenaut, c, a. inter\ening, 
luteri'enir, vn. to intervene; 

Interveution, sf. — tion. 
Intervertir, va. to interTert; 
inTert. [verting. 

Intervertisscment, sm. inler- 
Inte6tnt,rf. intestate. 
Intestin, c, a. intestine, inter- 
Intestiual, e, 0. intestinal. [nal. 
Inieslins, sm. pi. inleslines. 
Intimation, ;/. intimation, no- 
Intime, a. close, intimate, hearty. 
Intimé, e, s. appellee. 
Intimement, ad. intimately. 
Intimer, lo. to Eummon, inti- 
Intimidation, sf. — tion, 
Intimider, va. to intimidate. 
Intimité, f/". intimacy. 
Intitulé, sm. title of '(dced). 
Intituler, va. to ej)title. 

S'—, vr. to cal! one's self, 
IiGtolérable, a. — able, unbe- 
aralile. [rably. 

Intolérablement, ad. intole- 
Intolérancc, sf. — ance. 
Intolérant, e, a. intolérant, 
lutbléraniisme, sm. intolé- 
Intonation , sm. intonation. 
intrados, sm. intrados, [table, 
lntradui».{ble, a. untransla- 
■utraitalile, a. intraclable , 

Intransitif, Te, a. intransitive. 
in trépide, a. intrepid, fearless, 

Sulrcuidemeat. ad. Intrepidly. 

Intrépidité, s/.— dily, fcarlts* 

Intrigant, e, n. inlriguing, 
— , s. intriguer. 
Buti'igiie, sf. intrigue, plot. 
Intriguer,™, to puzzle; perplexi 
— , vn. to intrigue. 

S"" — , vr. to manœuvre. 

Intrinsèque, a. intrinsic, ia- 

trinsical [sicallj. 

Intrinsèquement, ad. intrin- 

Introducteur, trice, s. intro- 

Introductif, Te, a. — tory. 
Introduction, sf. introduction. 
Introduire, l'a. to introduce, 

bring in; let in. 
Introït, sm. introït. 
Intromission, sf. intromission. 
Intronisation, sf. enthrODe- 

Introniser, va. to enthrone. 
Introuvable, a. uniindable. 
Intrus, e, u. S. intruded, in- 

Intrusion, sf. — sion. 
Intuitif, ve. a. — tive. 
Intuition, s/*, intuition. 
Iittiiitivement, ad. — tively. 
Intumescence, sf. intumes- 
cence, swelling. 
Inusité, e, a. unusual. 
Inutile, a. uselcss, neediess. 
Inutilement, n(2. cccdlessly. 
Inutilité, sf. — lity, uselessnes.. 
Invaincu, e, a. unvanquished. 
Invalide, a. S. difabled, invalid. 
Invalider, va, to invalidate, 
annul, [Hty- 

Invalidité, sf. invalidity, nul- 
Invariabilité, sf. invariable- 
nes£. [tant. 

Invariable, a. invariable, cons- 
Invariablement, (II?. invariabi». 
Invasion, sf. invasion. 
Invective, sf. invective. 
Invectiver, va. to inveigb; rai". 
Invendu, e, a. unscld. 
Invendable, a. unsalable. 
Inventaire, sm. inventory. 
Inventer, Va. to invent, con- 

Inventeur, sm. —tor, contriver. 


SnTcnlîf, ve, a, inventive. 
liiTeiilioii, sf. invention, con- 

Inventorier, va. to invcntory. 
9uvcr8al>le, a. not liable to 

SiiTcrse, a. s. inverted, réverse. 
SnvcrsioH, sf. inversion, [cher. 
iuvcsli;a(ciir, sm. — lor, sear- 
liivesligntiou, sf, — tien. 
ficivestir, l'a. to invest. 
luvcsiissenient, sm. investiug. 
SiaTcstiture, sf. investiture. 
IiiTétéré, e, a. — raie. 

S''—,vr. to grow inveterate. 
3nvincible, a. — bîe, unîonque- 

InviiiciblcmenC, ad.invincibly. 
Snviolabilité, sf. inviolability. 
BuTiolalile, a. inviolable. 
anviolablemciit, ad. inviolably. 
Invisiliilité, sf. invisibility. 
Iiivisilile, a. invisible. 
invisiblcment, ad. invisibly. 
InTÎtation, sA invitation, call. 
(nvitatoire, sm. invilatory. 
Invite, s??l.invitedperson, guest. 
luvilcr, va. to invite, beg; ro- 
Invocnlion, sf. — tion. [quest. 
Involoniaire, a. involuntary. 
EnvolonlaîremenC , ad. invo- 

luntarily. [upon. 

Invoquer, va. to invoke ; call 
luvraiscniblable, a. uniikely. 
Invraisemblance, sf, ».^\W<^V'- 

Invuluérabilité sf. invulnera- 
Invulnérable, a. — neraLle. 
loilc, sm. iodine. 
ludure, sf. ioduret. 
Ionien, ue, a. lonian. 
Hpécacuauha, sni. ipecacuanba. 
Irascible, a. — ble. 
Ire, sf. ire, wrath, anger. 
Iris, sf. iris, rainbow, orris, flag. 
Irisé, e, a. irifed, irisated. 
Irlande, s/^. Ireland. 
Ironie, sf. irony, jest, raillery. 
Ironique, a. ironical. 
Ironiquement, ad. ironically. 
Iroquois, e, a. Iroquois. 
— , s. boor hurapkinl 
IrradîatîoD, sf. irradiatiaa. 

167 IRR 

IiTaâter, va. to irradiate. 

Gi'i'oisoiatiable, a. irralional. 

Irr.aisoiinableniont, ad, irra- 

Irrationnel. le, n. irra'Joiial. 

■ rrcronciliable, a. irréconci- 
liable, [liably. 

IrréconcilinbSemcnl, ad.— ci- 

Irrécnsable, ad. UECXceptiona- 
ble. [bleness. 

Irréductibilité, sf. irreduci- 

Irrcductible, a. irreducible, 

IrrëOccki, e, a. thoughtiess. 

Irréflexion, sf. thoughtiessness, 

IrréTormable, a. irrévocable. 

Irréfragable, a. — ble. 

Irrégularité, sf. irregularity. 

Irrégulicr, e, a. irregular. 

Irrégulièrement, ad. irregu- 
larly. [giously, 

Irréligieuscmcut , ad, irreli- 

Irréligieux, se, a. irréligions. 

Irréligion, sf. irreligion. 

Irréméiliable, a... — diable.» 

Irrémédiablement, ad. irrs- 

Irrémissible, a. — ble. 

Irréinissiblcmcnt, ad, IVTQ* 

Irréparubilité, Sf. — blenesS. 

Irréparable, a. — ble. [rably, 

Irrép'^"'»Wemen», ad. irrepa- 

Irréprckkvnsinie j a, îrrepre- 
hensibleness. [!>!?• 

lTrv,iM-»*-»saibIemcnt,«(Z.— si' 

ij^-tit^AKbahle, a. irreproacha- 
blc. [ably, 

lrrépro«^*«blemcnt , ad, — 

Irréslsti-Àii», a. irrésistible. 

Irrésistiblement, ad. irresis- 
tibly. [wering. 

Irrésolu, c, a, irrc?olute, wa- 

Irrésulitment, ad. irresolulely. 

Irrésolution, sf, — tion, indéci- 
sion, [pectful. 

IrrcspcctiieiBK , se, a. disrec- 

Irrcspousable, a. irresponsible. 

Irrévérence , sf. irrévérence. 

Irrévércnt, c, a. irreverent. 

Irrévocabililé , sf. irrevoca- 
bleness. ■ - 

Irrévocable, a. — ble. [cably 

Irrévocablement, ad, irrevo. 




Irrigation, s/', irrigation. 

Irt'iiHbililc, sf. irrllabiiitj. 

Irritable, a. — aille. 

Irrilniit, c, n. irrilaling. 

Irriiatioii, xf. — tion, exaspé- 

Irriter, va. to irrilate, exaspe- 
rale, provokc, incense. [tated. 
S"— vr. to cliafe ; liccome irri- 

Irriiption, sf. irruption, inroad. 

l8ab<-)le, a, s. isabella, light. 

lechôoii, sjn* iscliium. 

ïscfiiiiric, sf. iscliury. 

Islniiiisiue, sm. IslamisiDi 

■slniide, sf. Icelandi 

Isocèle, a. isocèles. 

Isocliroiie, a. isochronal. 

Isolé, o, a. insulaled, lonely, 
solitary. [liness. 

isolement sm. distance ; lone- 

Isolémcnt, ad. separctely. 

bolcr, va. insulale, scparalei 
S' — , vr. to ssLun socicty. 

I8»u , e , a. Lorn of, .sprung 
froni. [sage. 

issue, sf. issue, end,oulIel,pa»- 
A 1' — , immcdialely after. 

Isthme, sm, istlimuè. 

Itaguc, «î)t. burton. 

Italie, sf. Italy. 

Italien, ne, S. a italian. 

Italique, a. s. Italie. 

Item, aiZ. item, also. [ted. 

Iiératir, -wc, a. itcrated, repea- 

ItcrattTement, nd. repealediy. 

Itinéraire, sm. itinerary. 

Ivoire, sj)î. ivory. 

Ivuirier, sm. ivory-tumer. 

txtuie, sf. darne), lares. 

Ivre, o. drunl(, inebrialed. 

— mort, dead d,-unl;. [brietjr. 

Ivresse, sf. drunlienness, ine- 

Ivrogne, a. S. drunkard. 

— , sf. — guesse, drunkine wo- 
man. [pling- 

Ivrognerie, s/', drunlienness, tip- 

Jà, ad. aiready. 

Jable, srij.grove, chime ofa cask. 
Jabler un "tonneau, t'Q.tO notcll 
a ca^tv [ a sliirt. 

Jabot, S7n. a bird's crop, frill of 
Jabotnge, sm. jahbering. 
Jaboter, vn. to jatiber. 
Jacasser, vn. to chatter. 
Jacasscrie, sf. chattering. 
Jacée, sf. bo. knapweed. 
Jachère, sf. fallow ground. 
Jacinthe, sf. hyacinlh. 
Jacobée, sf. ragwort. 
Jacobin, S7H, a wbite-friar, jaco- 
Jaconus, sm. jaconet. [bin. 

Jacquerie, sf. insurrection. 
Jactaïkce, sf. lioasting, bragging. 
Jaculatoire, a. ejaculatory. 
Jade, sm, jade. 
Jadis, ad. orold, of yore. 
Jaguar, sm. jaguar. 
Jaillir, vij.lospoulout; sprirt. 
Jaillissant, e, n. spountig. 
Jaillissement, sm, spouting. 

Jai*, sm. Jet, black bugle. 

Jalap, sm. jalap. 

Jalon, sm. station, pôle, stake. 

Jalonner, stake oul;marti 

Jalouneur, sm. jaTelinman. 
Jalouser, va. to envy. 
Jalousie, sf. jealousy, uneasi- 

ness, window-blind. 
Jaloaix, se, a. jeaious, envious. 
Jamais, ad. ne\'er, e^ver. 

Pour, à — , for e'V'er. 
Janjbage,5?».jamb,down-st^ ^e« 
Jambe, sf. leg, sbank, tliig! , 
Jambette, sf. clasp-knife. 
Jambier, sm, sbin-muscle. 
Jambon, sm. bam. [knuckla* 
Jambonneau, sm. smalt bam ; 
Janissaire, sm. a janizary. 
Jante, sf. felloe of a wbce£ 
Janvier, sin. January. 
Japon, sm. Japan. 
Jappement, sm. jclping, bar- 

Japper, vn. to yelp ; bark , to 





Jac|ueinart, sin, jack of the 

laquelle, sf. jackct. 
Jai'diu, sm. garden. [dens. 

Jardinage, sm. gardeningjgar- 
Jnrdiuer, i')i. to garden. 
Jardinet, sm. litlle garden. 
Jardineux, se, a. cloudy, not 

— 5 s/', gardener's wife; flower- 

Jargon, sm. jargon, gibberish. 
Jargonncr, v. to jabber, to talk 

Jargoiinetir, se, 5. jabberer. 
Jai'uac, sm, small poniard. 
Jarret, svi. ham, boiigb. 

— de bœnf, shin of beef. 

— de veaii, knuckle of veal. 
Jari'cté, e, a. close-hocked. 
Jarrcter, va. to garter. 

Se — . vr. to lie one's garters. 
Jarretière, sf. garler. 
Jars, s?)î. gander. 
Jas, sm. anciior-slock. 
Jaser, vn. to chatter ; blab. 
Jaserie, sf, prating, tattling. 
Jasciir, se, s. a. prater; Llab; 

Jasinîit, £>ji. jasmine,je5samine« 
Jaspe, SHi. jasper. 
Jaspé, e, (I. marblcdj'veined. 
Jasper, va. to marble ; Teio. 
Jaspure, sm. marbling. 
Jatte, sf. bowl 

Cul fie —, cripple. 
Jattce, sf. bowl-full. 
Jauge, s/", gauge, standard, mea- 
Jaugeage, sm. gauging. [sure. 
Jauger, i'<7. to gauije. 
Jaugeur, sm. gaiigcr. 
Jaunâtre, a, yellowiib. 
Jaune, a. yellow, jolk of an egg. 
Jauuet, sm. CTOwfoot; butter- 

^tup; yelloï-boj. 
Jaunir, va. to make jfellcw. 
Jaunisse, sf, jaundice. 
Javart, sm. quitter (lumour). 
JaTcler,i!u. lo bind in busdles. 
Jaielcur, sm. harTestmani 
Javeline, sf. ja\elin. 
Javelle, s/', handfui. 

Javelot, sm. short javelin. 
Je,7)ro I. 

Jérémiade, sf. jeremiad. 
Jésuite, sin. Jcsuif. 
JÉSliS, Jésus, Jésus Christ. 
Jet, sm. cast, tlirow, swarm, 
shoot, sprig, casling. 

— d'eau, sm. water spout. 
Jetée, s/, jelty, pier. 

Jeter, v. to throw; cast; suppu- 

rate; swarm ; shoot ; spout, shedj 

!ay foundations, run. 

Se — ,vr. to run info; throw 
one's self; fall upon; dash ; 
rush, fall upon^ 
Jeton, sm. counter. 
Jeu, sm. game, play, sport, jest, 

acting, motion. [game. 

Avoir beau — , to haïe a Hne 

— de billard, billiard-talile. 

— de boule, bowling-green, 

— do cartes, pacli of cards. 

— d'échecs, chcss-board. 

— de mot», quibble, pun, 

— do quilles, skiltle-grounU 
Jeudi, sm. Thursday. 

— saint, Maunday-Thursday. 
Jeun (à), fasiing. 

Jeune, <T.young,youthrul, junior. 
Jeûne, sm. fast, fasting. 
Jeûner, vn. to fast. 
Jeunesse, s^.youth,young folks. 
Jeunet, te, a. very young. 
Jeûneur, se, S. fasler. 
Joaillerie, s/, jewellor's trade. 
Joaillier, ère, S. a. jeweller. 
Jobard, sm. simpleton, ninnv, 

Bat. [tiick. 

Jobarderie, sf. silliness; lool's 
Jocket, sjn. jockey. 
Jocrisse, sm. cotquean. 
Joie, sf. joy, deliglit, mirlh. 

Feu de —, sm. bonfire. 
Joignant,;»-, adjoining, next ts, 
— , c, a. adjoining. 
Joindre, l'a. tojoin; fix ; OTCr- 

taie; accosi, corne up; add ; ad- 

join, meet. 

Se — , Dr. '0 join, combine, cou- 
Joint, sjn. joint, joining. [pie. 
Jointe, e, ad. joinled. 
Jointée,s/'. double-l]andful.[ther. 
Joîntir, ve,(i. joined, close loge< 




Jointoyer, va. to point. 
Jointure, sf. joint, articulation. 
Joli, c, a.pretly, genteel, fine. 
Joliet, te, a. rather prelly. 
Joliment, nd. prettily, finely. 
Jolivetés, sf. pi. prelty tliings, 

toys. [holcs. 

Jombardo, sm. flûte witli three 
Jonc, sm. rush,reed, rattan,caue, 

Jonchée, sf. slrewed flowers; 

cream cheese. [Ter. 

Joncher, vu .to strew; over; co- 
Jonchets, sm. ;)I. spillikins. 
Jonction, sf. jolning, ccnjunc- 

tion, meeting. 
Jongler, vn. tojuggle. 
Jonglerie, sf. juirgling, cheat. 
Jongleur, sm. juggler. 
Jonque, sf. junli. 
Jonquille, sf. jonquil. 
Joseph (papier), sm. silver-pa- 

per. [of masl. 

Jottereaiix, (ma.) clieelis 
Joubarbe, sf. bouse leeli, jou- 
Joue, sf. cheeli. [barb. 

Coucher en— ,lo take aim at. 
Jouer, u to play; act ; sport, 

jeer, mock, cheat, rush, handle; 

gamble, feign ; ridicule. 

Se—, vr. to be played; sport; 


Faire—, vr. to set in motion. 
Jouet, sm.plaything, toy, sport. 
Joueur, 8e, s. game-ter, player. 
JouOu, e, a. s. chubbed. 
Joug, sm. yoke. 
Jouir, vn. to enjoy; possess. 
Jouissance, s/'.etijoyment, frui- 

Jouissant, e, a. enjoying, in 

Joujou, sm. plaything. 
Joii:-, sm. day, light, dailight, 

life, means, \say, insÎL'Ut, clear 

space. [per, day-book, 

Jouriii*^. sm. journal, news-pa- 
Jourj JïL'r. sm. 
Joiii-unlier, e, a. daily, chan- 

gcable, diurnal. 
Joui-it.'ilisie, sm. — nalijt. 
Journoo, sf. day, daj's journey, 

cays nork. 

Jo n-iicllemcnt, ad. dailj, eve- 

ry day. [(of cots). 

Joule, sf. jonst tilling lîsht 
Jouter, un. to joust; tilT; fight. 
Jouteur, sm. comlatlant tilter. 
Jouvence, sf. youlli. 
Jouvenceau, celle, sm. a lad, 

stripling, sf. young fellow. 
Jouvencelle, sf. lass; damsel. 
Jovial, e, a. jovial, merry, gaj; 
Jovialement, ad. jovially. 
Jovialité, sf. jovialily. 
Joyau, sm. jewel, gem. 
Joyeusement, ad. joyfullj. 
Joteuseté, sf. merry, jesl. 
Joyeux, se, a joyTuI, merry. 
Jubé, sm. mane (of a lion). 

Venir à — , to knock. [joicing. 
Juliilation, sf. jubilation, re- 
Jubilé, sm. jubilee. 
Jubiler, t;n. torejoice; bejoyful. 
Jitcher, vn. to roost; perch. 
Juclioir, sm. roost, perch. 
Judaïque, a, Jewish, Judaîcal. 
Jufliiïsme, STti. Judaisra, 
Judas, sm. traiter; peep-holo. 
Judicatiire, sm. judicature. 
Judiciaire, s/^. judgnnent. 
— , a. judicîary; judicial. 
Judiciairemeut, nd. judicially. 
Jiidicieiisentent, ad. — ciously. 
Judicieux, se, >i. — ous; prudent. 
Juge, sm. ajudge, justice. 
Jugcable, a. amenable. 
Jugcnient,sm.jiidgtraent; trial, 

sentence. [belicve, think. 

Juger, V. to judge, try, Ihink, 
Jugulaire, a. jugular. 
Juif, ve, a. Jew, Jenish. 
Juillet, sm. July. 
Juin, sm. June. 
Jujube, sf. jujube. 
Jujubier, SI/!, jujube-tree. 
Julep, sf. julep, décoction. 
Julienne, s. Julian tlower. 
Jumeau, Jumelle, a. s. twin. 
Jumeaux, sm. pi. Gcmini| 

Jumelles, sm. chcck of a prêts; 

double opera-glasE. 
Jument, sf. mare. 
Junte, Sj^.'junta. 
Jupe, sf. pelticoat. 




Jupiter, sm. Jupiter (pla-net). 
Jupon, sm. under-petticoat. 
Juraitdc, sf. warden?riip. 
Jurnt, S}}}, jurât; alderman, 
Jiiratoire, swoin, on oath. 
•Iiirc, sm. warden of a cotnpany; 

jurjman, juror. 
Jure, c, a. sworn. 
Jureineut, sm. oath, [squeak. 
Jurer, u. to swear; clash; jar 
Jiiroiir, se, s. profane swearer. 
Juridiction, sf. jurisdictîon; 

province. [tiona!. 

Juridictionnel, le, a. jurisdic- 
Juridique, a. juridical, légal. 
Juridiquement, ad, jurîdi- 

cally. [suite. 

Jurisconsulte, sm. juriscon- 
Jurisprudence, sf. jurispru- 
Jurijte, sm. jurist. [dence. 

Juron, sm. oath. 
Jury, sm. jury. 
Jus, sm. juice, gravy. 
Jusant, sin. ebb-tide, ebb. 
Jusque, Jtisques, pr. to; as far 

as, until, till, even to ; even. 
Jusqi>''ù, Jusqu'au, eYeniVery. 
Jusqtios à quand? faow long? 
Jusqu'ici, till now, hitherto. 
Jusqu'où ? how far? to wbat 

place ? 
Jusquiame, sf, benbanei 

Jussion, sf. command; order. 
Justaucorps, sm. a close coat. 
Juste, a. jusl; fil, righl-, équita- 
ble, exact. 
— , sm. juft; righteous man. 
Juste, ad. right; exaclly, proper. 

Au—, exactly. ["gbt. 

Justement, ad- juslly; exactly, 
Juste-milieu, sm. moderate- 

Justesse, s^.justness, précision. 
Justice, sf. justice; equity, ju- 

Justiciable, a. justiciable; ame- 

Justicier, t'a. to exécute, punish 

— , sm. judge;justiciary. 
JustiGuble, a. justifiable. 
Justifiant, e, a. justiTylng. 
Justificatif, Te, a. justificative. 
Justificative (pièce), a vou- 

cber. [measure. 

Justification, sf. — lion; prooT; 
Justifier, vu. to justify, prove, 

vindicate. [self. 

Se — , i')'. 10 justify one's 
Juteux, se, a. jnicy. 
J»vétiiile, a. juvénile, young 
Juvénilité, sf. youtbruincss. 
Juxta-positiou, sf, juxtapo* 



Kathouame, sf, caretta (tor- 

Kakatoès, sm. cockaloo. 
Kaléidoscope, sm, — pe, 

Kali, sm. kali, sallwort. 
Kanguroo, sm. kangaroo. 
Kaolin, s?n. porcclain clay. 
Kopi, sm. kepi soldier's cap. 
Kermès, siii. kermès. 

Kilogramme, sm. kilogramme 
Kilolitre,s»i. kilolitre. 
Kilomètre, sm, kilomètre. 
Kicsque, sm. kiosk. 
Kirch-nusser, sm, kircb 

Kyrielle, s/. litany, string list. 
Kyste, sm. cist, cystis. 
Kystotomie, sf. cysfotomy. 

I,a, les, art, the. 
l.a,;jro. her, it. 
• , c» la {musO> 

I I-à. ad. therei yonder, tbithsr. 
l.à là, ad. so so. 
»-"-I>a», down ;onder. 




lià-dcAnn9,\vitbin, In that place. 

— dessous, under this, that, or 

— dessus, iipon Ihat; up there. 

— haut, up yonder. 

De—, pi-, thonce, from there. 
Labeur, sni. labour, work. 
I.abinl, e, a. labial, \erbal. 
Labié, e, a. labiated. 
Laboratoire, sm, laboratory. 
Laborieusement, ad. labo- 

riously. [painTuI, difficult. 

Laborieux, se, a, laborious; 
Labour, sm. tillage; plougbing. 
Labourable, a. arable. 
Labourage, sm, tillage, plough- 

Labourer, va. to plougn; drag; 

till, toil. [ear up. 

Laboureur, S7n. a ploughman, 
Labyrinthe, sm, labyrinlh, 
Lac, sm. lake. [maze. 

Lacer, va. lo lace, line. 
Laeération, sf. lacération 
Lacérer, va. to laccrate; tear. 
Lace», sm. lace; snare; bowslrlng, 
Laccur, sm. net-maker. 
Lâche, a. loose, slack; faint, 

conardly; base; spiriiless. 
— f sm. coward, wretch. 
Lâclieuient, a({. stuggishiy; ba> 

sely, cowardly. 
Lâclier, V. loloosen; lel go; fire; 

abandon; relax. 
— le i>ied, to run away. [slip. 

Se — , Vf. lo slacken; Ict out; 
Lâcheté, sf. cowardice, villany; 

Lacinié, e,.a. laciniated. 
Lncis, S7JI. net-work. 
Laconique, a. laconic, concise. 
Lacouiquciueut, ad. laconi- 

Laconisme, sm. — nism. 
Lacrymal, e, a. lachrymal. 
Lacr,tmaloire, sm. lachrynna- 

lory. [snare. 

Lacs, sm. string, noose, cord, 
Laciutiou, sf. lactation. 
Lacté, e, a. lacleal, milky. 
Lacune, sf. hiatus, lacuna, gap. 
Ladre, a, leprous, stingy, sor- 

did; measly; insensible. 

— , s. lepor, miserly. 
Ladrerie, sf. lepro^v, measles, 

lepcr-bospital, sordidness. 
Lnguc, sf. (ma.) o{ a sbip wake. 
Lacune, s/. lagoon. 
Lai. e, a. lay. .«TO. layman. 
Laiche,s^. bosse tongue; sedge; 

La΀l,e, rt.ugly, déforme d,wrODg. 
Laideron, sm. ugly fcmalr. 
Laideur, sf. ugliness, us'ght- 

L.iie, s^. wild-sow; inarrow fialh. 
Lainage,sm.voollcn goods fiecce. 
Laine, sf. wool. 
Lainer, va. to teazie (cloth). 
Lainerie, sf. woollen-drapory; 

Laineur, sm. (earler. 
Laineux, se, a. woolly, fleecj. 
Laïque, a. s. lay, layman. 
Lais, sm. sladdle. 
Laisse, sf. leash, hatband, allu- 

Laisser, va. to leave; let, quit; 
abandon, foresake; bequeatli. 
Se — tomber, to fall. [rence. 
— aller, sm. freedom; indilTe» 
Lait. sm. milk. 
Petit—, whcy. 
Fi-érc de—, foster-brother 
Laitage, sm. milk-diet. 
Laitance, sf. soft-roe, milt. 
Laite, e, a. soft-roed. 
Laiterie, sf. dairy; milk-sliop. 
Laiieron, sm. sow-thistle. 
Laiteux, se, a. milky, lacleous. 
Laitier, sm. dairyraan; milkman; 

slag, dross oT metals. 
Laitière, sf. dairj-Diaid, suckler 

(wel nurse). 
Laiton, sm. latten, brass. 
Laitue, sf. letluce. [stulT. 

Laize, sf. width of cloth or 
Lama, sm. Tarlar priest. [ting. 
Lauianage, sm. pilotage, pilo- 
Lamaneiir, sm. harbour pilot. 
Lambeau, SJH. rag; shred; tattcr, 
Lanibel, sm. label. 
Lambin, e, a. dawling;loitering. 
— , s. dawdicr. 
Laïubiuer, i;)i. tO dawdie. 




K.aml>otii'<tc, sf. joist, soft buil- 
ding Etone. [lop. 

Ivnuihreqiiiii,^?}?, fesfoon, ?cal- 

E.nuitii'ia, sm. wainscot, canopy. 

Lambrlssnge , sm. waiiiscot- 

I^nnibrisscr, t'a. to wainscot. 

I.nme, sf. sea, thin strip (of mé- 
tal), blade, flake, wave, lamina. 
Fâiie — , a cunning- Made. 

(.aine, c, a. laminated. 

E.atticiitable, a. — ble, mournrul. 

E.ameiitiililcnicnt, ad. moura- 
fully, lamenlably. 

S>auaciitalion, sf. — tion. 

H.ainculcr, u. lo lament; wail. 
Se — , to lament, lo mnurn. 

Lamentîn, sm. manatfe (sca- 
cow), ['ing, flallinj. 

I.aniiua^e, sm* rolling-, lamina- 

I^ainiiiei-, va. to llattcn; lami- 

E.aiuincrie , sf. Daltinj-mill. 

L.aniiiiair. sm. rolUng-mill; flat- 

lyampadairc, sm. lamp-bearer. 

I^ampas, sm. lampas, palate. 

Lampe, sf. lamp. 

E.aixipéc, sf. bumper, brimmer. 

ILniiiper, i)(î to guzzic. [larap. 

Lampion, sm. illuminalion- 

E.ampistc, sm. lamp-maker. 

I.nmpi-oic, sf. lamprcy. 

I^aiiçagc, Laucomeut, 5m. 

L.auce, sf. lance, spear. 

Lancer, va. to dart; throw; 
cast; launch. [out. 

Se—, vr. to rush spring; launch 

Lancette, sf. lancet. 

Lancier, S7n. lancer. 

Lancicre, sf. wasîe-gate. [ting. 

Lancinant, c, a. twinging,sboo- 

Laiiçoir, sm. mill-gale. 

Lande, sf. beath, moor. 

Landgrave, sm. landgrave. 

Landgraviat, sm. landgraviate. 

Laiicret, sin. laneret. 

Langage, S7n. language. 

Langes, ]il. swaddTing-clothes. 

Lange, .s/jî. swathe. 

Laugourcueeateut, acZ.lang'jJS- 



Langouste, s/", .cpinny lobster. 
Langue, sf. tongue, "language, 

Langnctto, sf. linguet, tongue, 

strip, index, cock; j;ey. 
Langneur,s/'.langour; faintness. 
Langucj'cr, t'a. to e.xamine a 

bogs tongue. 
Langiicj'cnr, sm. bfig-doclor. 
Languir, vil. to languish; pine 

Languiasammcnt, ad. langui- 

Languissant, e, a. languishing, 

pining, dull, hcavy. [shrike. 
Laiiicr, sm. lannier, leraale 
Lanière, sf. Ihong. 
Lanifère, a. lanigerous. 
Lanscfucnct, sm. lansquenet. 
Lanterne, sf. lanlern, cupola, 

trundle (of a mill). 

— 8ourdc, dark lantern. [wîtht 
Lanterner, t'a. to loiter; totrifle, 
Lantcrnerio, sf. nonsense, tri- 


Lantcrnier, e, s. lantern-ma- 
ker, lamplighter, triflor. 

Lantiponnagc, sm. nonsense. 

Laiitiponuer, vn. to talk non- 
sense. [cards. 

Lanturlu, sm. langterraloo (of 

Lanugineux, se, a. downy. 

Laper, vn. lo lap. 

Lapereau, sm. young rabbît. 

Lapidaire, sm. lapidary. [ning. 

Lapidation, sf. lapidation, sto- 

Lapider, va. to lapidate; stone. 

LapidiCcation, sf. lapidifica- 

Lapitlîner, lapidify. [tion. 

Lapidilique, a. — cal. 

Lapin, sm. rabbit. 

— no, sf. doe rabbit. 
Lapis, sm, lapis lazuly. 
Laps, e, a. lapsed. 
Laquais, sm. lackey, footman. 
Laque, sf, gum lao. [who. 
Laquelle, ;))•. f. (liai, which, 
Larcin, sm. tlieft, robbery. 
Lard, sm. bacon, lard. 
Larder, l'rt. to -ird; assail, 
Lardoiro, sf, larding pin. 




ï.nrdon, sni. slice of bacon, 

Large, liirge, width broad, free. 
— , s. open^a, offlng:. 

Au —, ad. keep off: at one's 
ease. [dantîy. 

Largement, ad. largelv, aburi- 
l,nrgcsse. s^. iarecss, eenerosily, 
Largeur, sf. brealh, breadth. 
Largo, o.d. largo, slowly 
largue, styi. oifing, open sea. 

Veut — , side wind. 
■%urguer, un. to ' let, loose. 
Larigot, sm. Date, pipe. 
Larme, sf. tear, drop. 

drip, drip-=toue. 
— , eye veins (of a stag). 
Larmoiemeut, s?n. n'alering or 

the eyes. [ttars. 

Larmojant, c, a. wecpiog, iu 
Larmoyer, vn. to weep. 
Larron, nesse, s. tliief, rogue. 
Larve, sf. 'arva. 
Laryngotomie, sf. laryngolomy. 
Lar}(ux, sm. larynx. 
Las! int, aiasi aiack. 
Las, se, a. weary, tired. 
Lascir, ve, o.lascÎYious, lewd. 
Lasciwement, ad. — ^iously. 
Lascivclé , sf. lasciviouiness, 

lust. [ledious. 

Lassant, e. n.faliguing; tirlog; 
Lasser, vrt.lo tire, i'aligue,weary. 

Se— ,»!'. to grow weary. 
Lassitude, sf. lassitude, weari- 
Lastfn^, S)n. iasling. [ness. 

Latanier, sm. latauia. 
Latent, e, a. latent, bidden. 
Latéral, e, a. latéral. 
Latéralement. uJ. laterally. 
Latin, e, a. S. Lalio, lateen. 
LatiDiiscr. v. to latiolze. 
Latinisme, sm. btinism. 
Latiniste, sin. Latinist. 
Latinité, s/. Latinity. 
Latitude, sf. latitude. 
Latitudiuaire, a. S. — narian. 
Latrines, sf. privy, necessary. 
Latte, sf. lath. 
Latter, va. to lath. 
Lattis, sm. lalhing,lath-work. 
Laudanum, sm. laudanum. 

Laufiatir, ve, a. laudatÎTe. 
Landes, «/■. ;)/. lauds. 
Lauréat, sm. lauréat. 

Lauréole, sf. spurge-lourel. 
Laurier, syn. !auri-l, baytree. 
Lavalio, Si?!, wafhliand-sland. 
Lavage, sm. wasliing, slop. 
Lavande, sf. Ia\etider. 
Lavandière, s/*, laundress. 
Lavasse, sf. drenching shower, 
Lave, sf. lava. [wasb. 

Lavement, sm. glister, washing. 
Laver, va. towash, clean; batbe; 

colour (a plan). 

Se— wash or clean one's 
Lavette, sf. di>b-clout. [self. 
Laveur, se, s. washer, dish-scul- 
Lavis, sm. wash, colouring. [lion. 
Lavoir, sm. wash-louse; scul- 

Lavure, sf. dish-valer, hogwash. 
Laxatif, ve, a. laxative.opening. 
Layetier, sm. trunli-maker. 
Laiette, s^. a drawer, box,cbild- 

bed linen. 
Lazagne, sf. ribbon -vermicelli. 
Lazaret, sm. lazaretto. 
I.Biii, s»!, jest; pleasantry. 
Le. les, art. m. the. 
— , pro. him, it. 
Lé. sm. breadih, nidthi 
Lèche, si. tliin slice. 
Léeliefrite, sf. dripping-pan. 
Lécher, lui. to lick; lick up. 
Leçon, $/■. lecture, lesson. [rcr. 
Lecteur, trîce, s. reader, lectu- 
Lecture, sf. reading, lecture. 
Légal, e, a. Ii'gal, lawful. [fully. 
Légalement, ad. legally, law- 
Légalisation, sf. légalisation. 
Légaliser, ua. lo legalize ; au- 

Légalité, s/'. Iega!ity,lawfulness. 
Légat, sjn. lejrale. 
Légataire, sm. legatee. 
Légation, s/.legalion,legateship. 
Lége,n, (ma.) light ; without car- 
Légendaire, s»i. legcndary.[go. 
Légende, sf. legend. [trifling. 
Léger, e, n. light, nimbie, fickie, 
Légère (à la), ad. inconsWera- 

ttly. > 

Légèrement, a(2. Mght1y,nimbl; 




Légèreté, sf. ligblness, agility, 

jimbleuess, leTily, frivolity. 
I.égion, sf. légion. 
Kicgioiinairc, sm. Icgionary. 
Iicgislalciir, Irici-,»'. legislator. 
Eicgislaiir, vc, fi, législative. 
l^égîslatioii, sf. législation. 
Législalure, sf. législature. 
Iicgisle, sm. civilian, legi.5t. 
Lcgitiuiatiuii, sf. légitimation. 
Légitime, a. legilimate, just, 
— , sf. légal share. [lawfui. 

Légitimement, ad, — mately, 

Lvgttimcr, vfi. lo legilimate. 
Légilimisle, sm. legitimist, 
Légitâiuité, sf. Ie;^iliinacy, 
Legs, sm. legacy, bequcst. 
Léguer, va. to Lequealh, leavc. 
Légume, sm, légume, puise; 

vegefable. [nous. 

Légumiueux, se, fi. legumi- 
l^emuie, sm. lemma. [row. 

Lendemain, s»i. next day, mor- 
Lcnilore, sm. dawdier. 
Lénifier, vu. to leniiy. 
Léuitif, sm. lenitive. 
Lent, e, fi. slow, sluggish. 
Lente, sf. nit. 
Lentement, ad. slowly. 
Lenteur, sf. slowncss, dullness. 
LenlicuUiire, n, Icnticular. 
Lenticule, sf. duck-weed. 
Lentille, sf. a lentil, freckle, 

bob, lens. 
Lentilleux, se, fi. freckled. 
Lentisi]ue. sm. maslich-tree. 
Léapnnl, sm. léopard. 
Lépidoptère, sm. lepidopter. 
Lèpre, sf. leprosy. 
Lépreux, se, fi. $. leprous, leper. 
Léproserie, sf. leper-bouse. 
Lequel, jjco. m. nhicb, wbo, that. 
Les. p(. or Le, La. 
Lêse*majcsté,s/'. high-treason. 
Léser, va. to wrong; offend. 
Lésine, sf. niggardliuess, stin- 

Lésiner, vn. to bestingy; haggle. 
Lésinerie, sf. stinginess, mean- 


Lésion, sf. wrong, lésion; hurl. 
KiCssÎTC; 3f. lye; nash. 

Lessiver, Vfi. to wash wilh !}•; 
Lest, sm. ballast. 
Lestage, sm, ballasting. 
Leste, nimble, brisk; sly, incoih 

sidérale, uncivil. 
Lestement, ad. brisidy, actively. 
Lester, va. (ma.) to ballast. 
Lestour, sm. ballast-lighter. 
Léthargie, sf. lelhargy. 
Léthargique, fi. letliargic. 
Lettre, sf. letter, epislle, type, 
— ,pl. liteiature. 

— do change, bill of excbanga, 

— de créance, credentlals. 

— de voiture, way-bill. 
Lettré, e, a. lettered, literary. 
Leur, pro. thoir, to tbem. 

Le — , la — , le» — , theirs. 
Leurre, 57ÏÎ. lure, decoy. 
Leurrer, va. to lure; decoy. 

Se—, vr. to delude one'8 self. 
Levain, sm. lea\en, yeast, re- 

( evaut, sm. east, Ibe Levant. 
Levantin, fi. sm. Le-vantine. 
Levée, sf. le-vy, raising, rising, 

takingorjremoval, enbankment, 

trick (at cards), crop. [up. 

Lever, sm. levée, rising, getting 
— , v. to lift up; raise, levy, re- 

move, lake up, off; r.ollect, 
— , l'ji. spring up; rise. [sbool. 

— l'ancre, to weigh tbe anchor. . 

— un plan, lo draw a plan. 

— la garde, to relieve. 
Faire — , to spring, to start. 
Se — , vr. to rise; get up 

Léviaihan, sm. leviatban. 
Levier, sm. lever, crow-bar. 
Lévite, sm. Lévite. 
Lévitiqiic, S)7i. Levilicus. 
Levis (pont), sm. drawLridge 
Levraut,s?n.leveret,youni Lare. 
Lèvre, ■!/. ;ip. 

Levrette, sf. grcyLound-îiitch. 
Lévrier, sm, greyliound. 
Levure, sf. yeast. [pher. 

Lexicographe, sm. lexicogra. 
Lexicologie, sf. lexicology. near, hard by. 
Lézard, sm. iizard. [a wall. 
Lézarde, sf. a crevice, crack ia 




I.ézar<Ié,e, a. full of cracUs. 
Lczarilcr, va. lo crack; rend. 

Se—, vr. (0 crack. 
S.inis, sm, lias. 
Liaison, s/', joimnîr, friendshîp, 

slar (in music) thickcning (of 
S.iuiie, sf. liane. [sauces). 

Liant, c, a. affable, mild. 
Liard, sm. a half farthing. 
Liai'der, va. to club sniall sums. 
Liasse, sf. bundie oT papers, 
Liljalioii, sf. libation. 
Lil>L-lle, sm. a libel, lampoon. 
Libeller, vn. (^u.) to draw up, 

specify tbe object of. 
Liltellistc, sm. libeller. 
Libéral, c, ((.libéral, gênerons. 
Liliéraienicut, (id. liberally. 
Libéralisme, sm. liberalism. 
Litiéralité, sf. liberality, gene- 

Libérateur, trice* s. liberator. 
Libératir, »c, a. liberating. 
Liberation, sf. discbarge, re- 

Libérer, va. to deiiYer; exempt. 

Se — , vr, to clear one's debts, 

to get free from. 
Liberté, sf. liberly, freedom, 

immunity. [lious. 

Libertin, c, a, libertine, liccn- 
— c, s. freethinker. 
Libertinage, sm. libertinism. 
Liberliner, vn. to play the li- 
Libidineux, se, a. libidinous. 
Libraire, sm. bookseller. 
Librairie, sf. bookirade, boot- 
Libration, s/", libration. [selling. 
Li^i-e, a. free, easy, bold, loose. 
Librement, ad. freely, easily. 
Liée, sf. lists; tilt-yard, arena; 

bilcU-hound. [ness. 

Licence, sf. licence, licentious- 
Liecncié, Si», licentiate. 
Licenciement, SiU, disbanding 

Liccncier, disband(troops). 
Liceucieiiscuicnt, ad. liceu- 

Licencieux, se, a. licentious. 
Licben, sm. lichen ; liver-wort. 
Licitation, sf. ijii.} auctioD. 

Licite, a. lawful, allowahlSf 
Lieitciucnt, ad. lanfuIlT. 
Liciter, un. lo sell by auclion. 
Licorne, sf. Uiilcorn, 
Licon, sȔ. halter. 
Licteur, sm. lictor. 
Lie, ff. lees, dregs, gro-unds. 
Liège, sm. cork, cork-tree. 
Lien, sm. iitring, tie, bondi 
Lier, va. to * biud; tie, join, 

tliicken, unité, slur (notes). 

Se—, vr. to bind one's self; 

league, thicken; join. 
Lierre, sm. i\'y. 
Liesse, sf. joy, gayely. 
Lieu, s»i. place, room, cause, 

fami!y,2JÎ. premises. 
— d''ai'sancc8, water-closet. 

Au — de, instead of. 

Tenir— de, lo be asi 

En tout—, cvery svberei 

.4u — que, c. whereas. 
Lieue, sf. league. 
Lieulenuncc, sf. lieutenancj. 
Lieutenant, sm. lieutenantt 
Lièvre, Sïii. liarc. 
Licvretc«u,sm.sucking leveret. 
Ligament, sm. ligament. 
Ligamenteux, se, a. — tOUS. 
SJguturc, sf. lure. 
Lige, u. lieg.e, eulire, absolute. 
Lignage, s»!, liueage. [family. 
Liguager, sm. one of tbe sama 
Ligne, sf. line, rank, fishing- 

line, equinoctial Hue. 
Liguée, sf. lineage, issue, race. 
Ligner, ta. to draw Unes on. 
Lignette, sf. Iwine. 
Ligneux, se, n. Iigneous;waody. 
Ligue, s^. league, faction, parly. 
Liguer, va. to confédérale. 

Se — , vr. to league. 
Ligueur, se, s. a leaguer. 
Lilas, sm. li'ac. 
Liliacé, e, a, liliaceous. 
Limace, sf. slug, suail, limax. 
Limaçon, sm. snail) cocblea 

(of llie ear). 

Eu — ad. spiral winding. 
Limaille, sf. lilings, file-dust. 
Limande, sf. daljtifh. 
Limbe, sm, limb,edge> 




Limbes, sf. pi, limbo. 
SJuic, sf. tile, lime. 
IJmcr, ta. to file, finish off. 
Liniour, sm. filer. 
Limier, s»i. blood lound, spj. 
Umilatif, vc, a. limitary. 
LtEuitatioik, sf. limitation. 
Limiter, t)a. to limil; Lound, 
Limites, limits hounds. 
Limitrophe, a. bordering upon, 
LimoD, sm. mud, slime, lemon, 
Liuiouade, sf. lemoDade.[sbaft. 
Limouadier, e, s, lemoDade- 

Limoneux, se, rr.muddy, slimy. 
Limonier, s^'Kshaft-horâe, lime- 

tree thiller, [riage wilh shafts. 
Limoiiière, sf. four-wheel car- 
Limiousin, sin. hough waller. 

se, sm. rough-wal- 

Limousine, s/, waggoner'scloak. 
Limpide,», limpid, clear. 
Limpidité, sf. clearDCss, lim- 
a.imure, sf. Ëling. [pidness. 
Lia, sin. lincn flax. 
Liuaire,s/. toad-tlax. 
Linceul, sm. winiling-sheet. 
Linéaire, a. llDear. 
Liuéal, e, a. lineal. 
Linéament, sm. lineameiit| 
Linctte,$/'. linseed. [outline. 
Linge, siji, liuen, linen rag. 
Linger, e, S, linen-draper. [dry. 
Lingerie, sf. linen-trade, lauQ- 
Liugot, sm. icgot, slug. 
Lingolière, sf. ingot-moulet 
Lingual, e, a. lingtiali 
Liuièrc, sf. lla.x, of ilax. 
Liuimcnt, sm. linimect. 
Linon, sm, lavrn. 
Linot, sf. linnet. 
Linteau, sm. lintel. 
Lion, ne, f, UoD, Leo, lioness. 
Lionceau, sm. lion's nhelp. 
Lippe, sf. Lilobber-lip. 
Lippée, af. mouthful. 

fr'rancbe — , raeal at free-SCOt. 
Lippu, e, blobber-lipped. 
Li<iiiation, sf, liquatioD. 
Liqucfactiou, sf. liqueraction. 
LifiuéGcr, va. to liqueTy. 

He~f vr, to liquefy. 

Liqueur, sf. liquor, spirits. 
Liquidateur, sni. liquiilator. 
Lii|iiidatian, sf. liquidation. 
Lii|uide, u. liquid, net, clear. 
Liijuidcr, va. to liquidate. 

Se — ,rr. to pay olT one's debts. 
Liquidité, sf. liquidness, li- 

Liquoreux, se, a. luscious. 
Liquoristo, Sm. dealer in cor- 
Lire, vu. to read; peruse. [dials. 
Lis, sm. lily. 

Lisable, a. readable. [stripe. 
Liseré, e, s)?!.piping; bindiug; 
Liserer, va, to welt. 
Liseron, sm. bindneed. 
Liseur, se, 5. reader. 
Lisible, a. legible; readable. 
Lisiblement, «d. legibly. 
Lisière, sf. list, leadiug-strings, 

border, ridge exlremily. 
Lisse, sf. (ma.) riband, rail. 
Lissé, a. sleek, smooth, glossy. 
Lisser, va. to smooth, gloss; 
Lissoirc, S|^. sleek-stone. [sleek. 
Lissure, sf, polishing, smooth- 

Liste, s^ iist, roll, catalogue. 
Listel, sm. cincture, fillet. 
Lit , sm. bed, channel of a ri-ver, 

— de camp, field-bed. [stratum, 

— do repos, couch. [bed« 

— desangle, horse-bed, stump- 
Eufaut du premier — , chiîd 
by thefirst wife. [story. 

Litanies, sf, pi, litany, long 
Liteau, sm. coloured stripe on 
Literie, s^beddiog. [napkins. 
Litbarge, sf. lilharge. 
Lilliograpbe, sm. lithographer. 
Lithographie, sf. lithography. 
Litbograpliier, vn, to lilto- 

Lithographie, a. — phie. 
Lithotoniie,s^. lithotomy. 
Lithotoœiste, sm. lithotomist. 
Litière, sf, litler (for horses); 

litler, straw. 
Lidganl, e, a. t. litigart. 
Litige, sm, litigation, stnfe. 
Litigieux, se, a. litigious, dis- 

putable. [a suit). 

Litispeudaucc,!^. pendeDOy(a{ 


LOG 1 

l.ître,sn!. litre, Frencb measure. 
Litron, sm. litron, measure of 

about a pint. 
Littéraire, a. literary. 
Littoral, c, a. literal. 
Littéralement, ad. literally. 
Littérulité, sf. lilerality. 
Littérateur, sm. litterary man. 
Liticratiire, sf. lilerature. 
LitteruI, e, a. littoral, of Ihe 
—, sm. a shore, coast. [shore. 
Liturgie, sf. liturgj. 
Liturgique, a. liturgique. 
Liure, sf. cart-rope. 
Lifide, a. livid. 
Lividité, sf. li\idity. 
Livraison, $/'. delivery ofgoods, 
numbtT ofa bock. [rcgister. 
Livre, sm. bock, volume, canlo, 
—, sf. pound; livre {coin). 
Livrée, sf. livery, liverj servants. 
Livrer, va. to deliver; give up; 
surrender, confide. 
Se—, vr. to deliver one's selr, 
trust to, confine in. 

— Iiataille, to give baltle. 

Livret, siH. litlle book. 

Lixiviatiou, s/'. lixiviatioQ» 

LixivicI, le, a. lixivial. 

Lobe, sm. lobe (of Ihe ear). 

Local, sni. place ,situation,hou5e. 

— , e, (I. local. 

Localité, sf. locality. 

Locataire, s. lodger, tenant. 

Locatif, ve, a. belonging to. 

Location, sf. Ictting, location. 

LocJi, sm. (ma.), log. 

Locbe, sf. loach. 

Locber, un. to be loose. 

LocIiie«, sf. pi. lochia. 

Lecomotion, sf. locomotion. 

Locomotive, sf. locomotive. 

Locution, sf. locution, phrase. 

Lof, em. (ma.), lool', luff. 

Loffer, vn. (ma.), to luIT. 

Logarithme, sm. logaritlim. 

Logarithmique, a. logarilhmic, 

Loge, sf. lodge, but, box, cell. 

Logeable, a. convenient. 

Logement, S)?l. apartment, lod' 

gemenl. L'er 

Loger, V. 10 lodge; réside; quar 

Se —, vr. to lake a lodging. 

S LU a 

Logeur, sm. lodginghouje-kee- 
Logicien, sm. logician. |per. 
Logique, a. sf. Icgical, logic. 
Loiiiiquement, nd. logically. 
Logis, sm. lodging, bome. 
«.ogogriphe, sm. logogriph. 
Logomachie, sf. logomachy. 
Loi, s/, law, rule, aulhority. 

Homme de—, sm. lawyer. 
Loin, ad. far, far off, rcmotele. 

— de, far from. [distance. 
.tu —, do — en —, at a greal 

Lointain, e, a. remote, far dis- 

— sm. distance. [tant 
Loir, sm. dormouse. 
Loisir, sm. leisure, leisure-lime 
Lombaire, a. lombar. 
Lombard, S))!, pawn-shop. 
Lombes, $?71. ji. the loins. 
Lombric, SfU. worm, lob-worm. 
Long, sm. lenglh. 

— gue, <i. long, great. 
Au —, ad. at leuglh. 

A la longue, ad. in time. 
Le -. 2": along. ..,•,• 

Loiig-juinté, e, a. long-jomted. 
Lougauime, a. patient. 
Longanimité, sf. forbearancc. 
Longe, sf. loin of veal, It.npe, 
rein, tulher, jess. [along. 

Longer, va. to go along, ruji 
Longévité, .9/'. longcvity. 
Longimétrie, sf. iongimetry. 
Longitude, sf. longilude. 
Longitudinal , e , a. longitu- 
dinal, [tudinally. 
Longiliidinalemcnt, ad. longi- 
Loiiglemps, ad. long , a long 

Longue-vue, sf. télescope. 
Longuement, ad. long, leng. 
tbily, at lengtb. 

Longuet, n. longish. [dclay. 

Longuciir.sA '■înglh, longitude, 

Looch (lok), S))!, loch. 

Lopin, sm. gob, lunch. 

Loquacité,»/', loquacily. 

Loque, sf. rag, latler. 

Loquet, sm. a latth, catch. 

Lorct<e,s/' courlesan,gay woman. 

Lorgner, 1(1. lo og!e, eye. 

Lorgucitc, sf. opera-glass, 

Lorgueiir, »o, S- ogler. 




liOriot, swi. loriot, witwallt 
Lormicr, sm. lorimor. 
l>ors «le, ad. ihal iime,lhen. 

Bcs — . froin, Ihat lime.'sqiie, c. when. 
liosange, sf. lozenja. 
tôt, sm. loi, poiiion, share. 
E,otcric, sf. loltery. 
L.o(icr, sm. lolus, sweet-trefoil. 
l'Olion, sf, lotion. 
Lotir, va. to lot; share; portion. 
Loto, sm. loto. 
Lotte, sf. eelpout. 
Louable, o, laudable. 
LouablenieiK, ad. laudably. 
Louage, sm. Icllin^, hirin^. 
Loiiauge, sf. praise, commen- 

Loiiunger, trumpet; praise. 
Louangeur, sm- praiscr ; flat- 

lerer. [biguous. 

Louche, a. sqiiînt-ejed, am- 
S.ouciier, t^l. to squint. 
Louchct, sm. niallock. 
Louer, t)«. to hire; let; praise. 

Se — de, to be picased wilb. 
Loueur, se, s, praiser, birer. 
Loiigre, sm, (ma.), lugger- 
Lotiis, sm. louis (24 fr. pièce.) 
Loup, sm, nolf, black masi:, 

stock jobber; lupus (ulcer)- 

— CKrtier,sm. lynx. 

— garoia, a. werewolf. 
Loupe, sf, wen; wart (on trees); 

Loupeux, se, a. warty. 
Lourd, e, a, heavy, dull, bard. 
Lourdaud, e, s. duilard, block- 

head. [ly. 

Lourdement, ad. heavily, gross- 
Lourderie, s/", gross blunder. 
Lourdeur, sf. heaviuess, dul- 
Loutre, sf. otter. [ness. 

LouTe,s/'. sbe-wolf, lewd woman. 
Louveteau, svi. a vvolf's cub. 
Louveler, vn. tO wbelp. [ling. 
Louvetcrie, sf. tlie \vo!f-hun- 
Louvetier, sm. wolThunter, 
Louvoyer, l'a. (.ma.), to tack, 

ply manœuvre. 
Louvre, sm. palace. 
Loxodromie , sf. (ma.), loxo- 


Loxodromiquc, a, loxodromie. 

Loyal, e, a, loyal, honest, fair, 
true, upright. [rully, 

Loyaleincut, ad. loyally, faith- 

Lojauté, sf. loyally, fldolityi 

Loyer, im. renl, bire. 

Lulicrne, sf. leopardess. 

Lubîc, sf. whim. 

Luliricilc, sf. lubric.ity. 

Lubrifier, va. to lubiicate. 

Lubrique, a. lubric. 

Lnbriqucuient, ad. lecherouslj. 

Lucarne, sf. dormer-window. 

Lucide, a. lucid, 

Lucidouicut, ad. lucidely. 

Lucidité, sf. lucidily. 

Lucratif, ve, a. lucrative, pro- 

Lucrativcmcnt. ad. lucratively. 

Lucre, sm. lucre, gain. 

Luette, sf, uvula. 

Lueur, sf. light, glimmeri 

Lugubre, a. — brious. 

Lugubrement, nd.lugubriously. 

Lui, i)ro, he, bim, ber, to him, 
to ber. 

— même, himself, ilself. 
Luire, t)u. to gliller,gleam,?hinei 
Luisaut,e, a. sbining, glisfering. 
— , sm. gloss brigbtness. 
Luisante, sf. sbining star. 
Lumbago, sm. lumbago. 
Lumière, s/, light, touch-hole, 

(of a gun), knowledge, insight 

Lumignon, sm. snuif, wick. 
Luminaire, syit. luminary,ligbti 
Lumineux, se, a. — ous. 
Lunaire, a. lunar, luoary. 
— , sf, moon-wort. 
Lunaison, sf, lunation. 
Lunatique, a. S. moon-eyed, In* 
Lundi, sm. Monday- [natic. 
Lune, sf, moon. 

— rousse, April-moon. 

— do miel, honey-moon. 
Clair de — , moon-ligbt. 

Lunette, sf, Ibe scat ol' waler- 
clo.set, spy glass , télescope; 

— , pi. spectacles blinkers. 

Luucttier,s))7. spcclaclc-raaker> 

Luui-solairct a. lunisolar. 


I.uniile, sf. lunula. 
I,ii|iiii, sf. lupine, [fellow, 

Lui'oii, sm. jolly dog, resolutci 
Luronne, sf. buxom dame^ 
Lustral, e, a. lustral. 
Luslrntion, sf. luslration. 
LusSre, sm. lustre, gloss, foil. 
Lustre?, va. to glops; glaze. 
Lustrcur. sm. silk-dresser. 
lustrine, sf. lustrine, lustring. 
Lut, sm. iute. 

Lutaiion, sf. — tion, Inting. 
Luter, va. to Iute. 
Luth, sm. Iute, lyrei [nism. 

Liithéranisnic, sm. Luthera- 
Lulticrieu, ne, s. Lutherau 
Luthier, sm. lute-maker. 
Lutin, sm. goblin; spirit, imp. 
Luliner, va. toplague; tormeni; 

Lutrin, sm. reading-desk. 

180 MAb 

Lutte, sf. wresling, struggle. 

Lutter, vn. to wresil^, struggle. 

Lutteur, s»i. wresller. 

Luxation, sf. luxation, disloca- 
tion, [dor, profusion. 

Luxe, sm. luxury, pomp, splen- 

Luxer, l'a. to luxato; dislocale. 

Ltixiseux, se, a. iuxurious, ricii. 

Luxure, sf, lust, lecbery. 

Luxuriance, s/. — auce, exu. 

Luxurieui, se,fi.lecherons,,'ew. 

Luzerne, sf. lucerne. 

Luzcrnîcre, sf. luceme-field. 

Lycée, sm. lyceum. 

Lycéen, s. collegian. 

Lymphatique, a. lymphatU. 

Lymphe, sm. lyrapb. 

Liinx, sm. lynx. 

Lyre, sf, lyre. 

Lyriiiue, a. lyrio, lyrlcal. 


Ma.7)7'o.^ my. [road. 

lUarutlani, sm. macadamised 
niacnclamiser, va. to macada- 
Slxkcaron, sm. macaroon. [mizc. 
Macaroni, sm. macaroni. 
Macaronique, a. macaronic. 
aiacédoiue, sf. medly, hodge- 

podge. [Ëcalion. 

Uacératiou, sf. — tion, morti- 
Slacérer, va. to macerate, mor- 


Se—, mortiTy one's self. 
Mâche, sf. corn-sallad. 
lilârhelîèrc, grinder; molar. 
idârhcr, va. te cbew, masticalo; 

cbamp (tbe bit). 
Mâclieur, se, S. cbewer, ealer. 
Machiavélisme, sni, Macbia- 

Machinal, e, a. mecbanical. 
Machinaleuieul, ad. mecba- 

BSachiuateur, $m. plotter. 
Machination, sf. — tion, plot. 
Machine, sf. macbiue, artifice, 

— électrû]ue,eiectncsl machine. 

nSachîiie pneumatique , air- 

— à x-apeur, sleam-engine. 
niachiner, plot; machinale. 
Machiniste, sm. machinist. 
Mâchoire, s/', jaw, jow-bone. 
— , ;)/. chops. 

Mâchonner, va. to mumble; 
Màchiirer, maclile.[munch. 
IMucis, sm. mace. 
Muf on, sm. ma;on, bricklayer. 
niasonnage, sm. masonry. 
Maçonner, va. to build with 

slono ; bungle. [son'swork. 

Maçonnerie, sf. masonry, ma- 
Macque, sf. tewing-beetle. 
Macreuse, sf. scoter. 
Mucul.-itiou,s/. maculation, 
Maculaturc, sf. macled sbeete. 
Macule, sf. spot, stain. 
Maculer, va. to mackle. 
— , vn. to set off. [lady. 

M.ii1ame, sf. madam, mistress, 
Mailenioiselle, sf. raiss. 
Muilré, e, a. spotted, sly. 
Mn<l répore, sm. madrepora. 
Madrier, sm. plank (of Ihimber. 
Madrigal, im. madrigal. 




Hacstral, im. tbe north-vest 

niafOé, e, n. clubbj-cheeked. 
Blagasiii, sm. {magazine, store- 

houSB, «arehouse. 
Bîa^asliiagc, sm. warehouf^ÎD^. 
Slagasiuicr, sm. warehouse; 
Slagc, sm. mage. [store. 

Slagicieu, S))!. magiciaD. 
Single, sf. magie. 
Magique, a. magie. 
Alagisme, sm. magioBÎsm. 
Slagislci-, sm. village school- 

Magistère, sf. magîslery. 
Magistral, e, a. magislerial, 
principal. [rially. 

Magistralement, ad. magiste- 
Magistrat, sm. a magistrale. 
Magistrature, sf. magistracy. 
Magnanime, a. magnanimous. 
Magnaniuiemeut, ad. magna- 
nimous!y. [ty. 

Magitanimité, sf. raagnanïmi- 
Maguésie, sf. magnesia. 
Magi>étic|iic, a. magnetic. 
Magiiéiiqueuieut, ad. magne- 

Magnétiser, va. to magnelize. 
Magnétiseur, sm. magnetizer. 
Magnciismc, S17!. magnetism. 
Maguideeuce, sf, — cence, 

Magnifique, a. magnificent. 
Maguillqueiueut, ad. raagniS- 
Maguoiicr, s/".magno!ia.[cent!y. 
Siagot, sm. grolesque figure, 

hoard; ape ; booby 
Mahoniélau, ne, a. S. Mabome- 
tan. [tanism. 

Maliomctismc, sm. mabome- 
Mai, sm. May, may-pole. 
Maigre, a meagre, iean, tbÎD. 
— , sm. Iean,abstinenee from méat. 
Jour — , fisb day. 
Faire — , to abstainfrom méat. 
Maigrelet, te, a. spare, rather 

Maigrement, ad. poorly, badly* 
Maigret, te, (X. ratber Iean. 
Maigreur, sf. leanness, mea- 
greness. [away. 

Maigrir, vn, to grow leaa; l'ail 

Mail, sm. mail. [oys, link. 

Xluille, sf. mcsh, stitc, ia tbe 
I^Iailler, u. to liammer;beat lea- 
>llail!el. sm. mailet. [Iher. 

.tiaillocho, sf. beelle. 
M:iillot, s)(i. swadd iar-clothes. 
M.tiii, sf. hand, wrilin;,', power, 

bandle, clasper, tiick at cardSi 


Coup de —, bold stroke. 

En venir aux — , to coma M 

Donner la— , to faveur, assist. 

— forte, assistance. 

Faire — liasse, to put tO tha 

— ciiaiide.s/. hotcockies.[5WOrdi 

— <raiuvrc, making. 

— levée, sf. replevjj. 

— morte, s/'. raorlmàin4 
Maint, e, a. many. 
Maintenant, ad. now, at tbis 

lime. [support; keep. 

Maintenir, va. to maintain ; 

Se—, l'î*. 10 maintain ono'sself; 
keep up. 
Maintenue, sf. maintenance. 
Maintes fois. ad. many a time. 
Maintien, sm. maintenance, 

counlenance, carriage. 
Maire, s)ï7. mayor. 
Mairie, sf. mayor.s ofSees. 
Saaï9, sm. Turkey corn. 
Mais, c. bu(, bowever, neverlho- 

less. [mily. 

Miiison, sf. bouse, home, fa- 

— de comusei-cc, fîrm. 

— de santé, private infirraary. 
Petites — , bediam. 

Faire — nette, to discbarge 
ail one's servants. 
Maisonnette, sf. small bouse. 
Maître, sm. master, teacber, ow» 

En —, autborilatively. [nor. 
— , a. (ma..), master, main. 

— autel, higU allar. 

— d'^éeolo, Pcboolmaster. 

— crbûtel, steward. 

Petit — , sm. fop, coxomb. 
Maîtresse, sf. Mistress, land* 

— ancre, (ma), shcel-anchor. 

— femme, élever woraaii.[pony. 
, Maîtrise, sf. Treedom of a corn- 




Hntlriser, va. lo domineer, sub- 
BIi>jc>>tc, »/■, — tj, dignilï. [due 
ni.-).iosiiicii8cmcut, (/(/. — lical- 
]Unj<'*<<diieiix, se,rt. majestic.[Iy. 
Bliijoiii'. c. a. of âge, grealer, 

supcrior. [g'?m, 

Mnjriire, sf. major of a sjllo- 
Blojor, sm. mojor. 

Eîat —, slaff' officers. 

Sergent — , sergeant major. 
Blujoi'iit, sm. cslate in tail. 
Blnjui'doiue, sm. major-domo. 
]U:ijoi'ité, sf. majorily. 
Majuscule, sf. capilal lelter. 
Mal. sm. ill, eviljmisthier, pain, 

aclic, sore. 

— avêsé, e, a. imprudent. 

— Ijâii, c, a. ill, — fliaped. 

— caduc, falling-sickness. 

— d'aventure, whillow. 
■— de dents, toolh-ache. 

— d'ciifaui», pains of childbirlh. 

— de goigc, sore-lhroat. 

— de mer, sea-sicimess. 

— de tète, head-ache. 

— d*\eiix, sore eyes, 
— , ad. ill, nol well. 
IHnlackiic, sf. malacbite. 
Malade, a. sicli, ill. 

— , s. patient [malady. 

Maladie, sf. disease, sickness, 
Mal:i<Iir, le, a. sicklj. 
Maladrerie, s/, leper-house. 
Maladresse, sf. unskilfulness. 
Mahtdroit, e, a. auk\Nard. 
— , e, s. awkward person. 
Maladroitcineut, ad. awknar- 

dlj. [Lie. 

Malaise, sm. uneasiness, trou- 
Malaisé, e, a. difficult, uneasy, 

needy. [culty. 

Maluisément, ad. ViMh difû- 
Malaudres. sf. }>l. malanders. 
Mataiidrcux, se, a fuli of dead 

Ma l-à-propos, unseasonably. 
Mâlc,$)i!. maie. 
— , a. male,manly, vogorous. 
Maiebêle, sf. dangerous pcrson. 
Malédiction, sf. malediciion, 
Maléfice, sm. Eorcery. [curse. 
UaléOque, a. malign. 
Maleucontrc, sf, misbap. 

MM]cncontFeux,8e,a. unluclcy. 
Maleii'.endu, sm. misunders- 

Malepeale ! int. plaguB on it. 
Malfiiire, i'7î. to do ill. 
Malfaisant, e, a. nOxioUS, ma- 

Mnlfait, e, a. ill shaped. 
Malfaiteur, sm. malefactor. 
Malfnuié, c, ((. ill famé, ['villy. 
Malgracieusemont, ad. unci- 
saali^ré, ]ir. in spite of, noî 

Slalliabilc, a. unskilful. 
Malbeiir, sm. misfortune, ill- 

luck, disaster, calamily. 
Malheur ! int. woe I [pily. 

Mallleurcuscuicilt, ad. unbap- 
Malliciircux, se, S. unfortu- 

nate fellûw, wretch. 
— , o. unbappy, uniucky, pitiful, 
Malliuunête, a. rude, uncivil, 
dislionesl. [nestly. 

ItSallionnêlenient , ad. disbo* 
Mallioiinêteté, sf. inciviiity," 

Malice, sf. malice, wanton trick. 
Malicieusement, ad. mali- 
cioiisly. [cbîe\cus. 

malicieux, se, a. — cious, mis- 
i\Eali};iienient, ad. maliciously. 

Malignité, s/', malignily, malice. 

Malin, igue, a. malicious, mis- 

Maline, sf. (ma.) spring-tide. 

Maliiie, sf. mecblin. 

Malingre, d. sickly, ailing. 

Malintentionné, c, a. ill-diS* 

Malle, sf. mail, trunk, box. 

Malléabilité, sf. malleableness. 

Malléable,», malléable, ductile. 

Slalléole, sf. ankle-bons. 

Mallcticr. s)n. Irunk-mater. 

Malette.s/. liltle trunk. 

Malmener, va. lo maltreat. 

Malotru, e, a. awkward. [nasty. 

Malpropre, a. slo\enly, dirty. 

Malproprement, ad. slovenly. 

Malpropreté, if. slo^enliuess, 
diriiness. [le^cme. 

Malsain, e, a. sickly, iin\\ho- 

Malséant, e; a. unbecoming. 




Hait, sm. malt. [rln?' 

Sïaltôlc, s/', exorlion, tax-gathe- 
Illallûtier, sm. ta\-galherer, ex- 

Blallraiter, va. (o maltreat. 
MaWcillauce, sf. male^olence 

MalTcillant, sm. maleToIcnt. 
SlalTcrsatioii, s/', malversation 
Hlalverser, vn. to embezzle. 
nialtoisie, i/. Malmsey. 
AlaHuaii, sf. mamma. 
lUamclie, sf. breast, bag. 
SIanielon,s»i. nipple. 
lUainelii. e, a. full-breasted. 
Illaininircrv,;7. S. mammiferous, 
nianaiii^ ,s})i. cio^vD, [paps. 

lUanccuillïcr, sm. manchîDeel- 

Naiic-hc, sm. handle, haft, heWe. 
Blauclicrons, sm. pU plougll' 

Slaiirhette, sf. ruflle. 
niituelion, sm. muff. [pied. 

Klaucliot, c, a. one-handed; crip- 
niaiidiirin, 6))i, mandarin. 
mandat, sm. mandate, order, 
chèque, draft. [proxy. 

Uaudataire, sf. mandalary, 
Uaudemeut, sm, mandate; or- 
der. [write to. 
Mander, r^.to apprise; send for; 

Blaudiliiilc, s/', mandible. 

Mandoline, sf. mandoline. 

Mandragore, sf. mandrake* 

Mandrill, sm. mandrill. 

Mandrin, sm. mandrel. 

Manège, sm. manège, riding- 
bouse, horsem.mship. 

Mâues, sm. pi. mauc-, .î,:'''^. 

Manganèse, sf. manganèse. 

ASangcalilo, a. eatable. 

Mangeaille, sf. Tood; victuals. 

Mangeoire, sf. manger. 

Manger, u. to eat,feed, consume. 

—, sm. food, 

Mangeur, se, s. eater. 

Manguier, sm. mango-tree. 

Maniable, <i. maniable, worka- 
blc, manageable. 

nianiiKiue, a. sm, maniac. 

Manichéen, ne, a. S. — chean. 

Manie, sf. mania, aiadncss. 

Maniement, sm. handliog, ma- 

Manier, va. to handie; manage. 

Manière, s/, manncr, way; me- 

— ,pl. good-breeding; deporlment. 
Ile— que, so tli.lî. 


Manieur, s>n. Iiandier. 

Manifestation, sf. — tion. 

Manifeste, a. manifest, évident. 

— . S)», manifesto. 

Manifestement, ad. manîfeslly. 

Manifester, va, to raanifest; 
évince; display. 
Se—, vr. tomanifest one'sself. 

Manigance, sf. sly dealing. 

M.inisiancer, va. to flot; ma- 

M.tiliiic, sf. anklel. [nœuvre. 

Manioc, sm. nianihot. 

Manipulation, {/.manipulation. 

Manipuler, va. to mauipulate. 

Maniffiie, sj. hand-Iealher, 

Mauiveuu, sm. wicker mat. 

Manivelle, sf. winch, crank. 

Manne, sf. mauna, liât. 

Mannequin, sm, haniper, man- 
nikin. [hamper. 

Maunette, sf. long basket; 

Manœuvre, »m. mason's labou- 
rer, [lulion. 

— , sf. manœuvre, conduct, evo- 

—,pl. (ma.) rigging. 

Manœuvrer, va. (ma.) to ma- 
nœuvre; work a ship. 

Manœuvrier, S7n. clever ofËCer. 

Manoir, sf manor, domain. 

Mauouvrior, sm. workman. 

Manque, sm. want, deficiency; 

— '■•■, :;--'. for want oT. [miss. 
Maiïqiicmcnl, sm. failure, 

Manquer, V. to miss; losc, fail, 
turn bankrupt, need, bave need 
of, commit a fault, offend, * do 
amiss, want, lack, • be missing. 

— de, lo want. 

l,a— belle, to escape. 
Mansarde, sf, garret. 
Mansuétude, sf. mansuétude. 
Mante, sf. mantle. 
Mantelet, sm, mantlet, mantle. 




HniXille, sf. mantilla. 

Bf auture, sf, lieavy sea. 

Sliinucl, le, a. sm. manuali 

Uanueilemeut, ad. manuall;. 

lUaniiraclure, sf. — ture; fac- 
tory. [lure. 

nSauiiracturer, v^. to manufac- 

Slanufacturicr, S7tl. manufac- 

SfiaiiEiiuission, sf. — sion. 

Haniisrrit, sm. manuscript. 

iUaiiiiteiition, sf. maDagement. 

BSappemoude, sf. map of tbe 

Haquerean, sm. mackerel. 

—, pi. spots in Ihe legs. 

■faquerellage , sm. pimping. 

Uacgtici'elle, sf. procuress, paa- 

Maquignoo. sm. jockey, [der. 

BIat|iiiguoiiuage, sm, borsc- 

Uaquignoniier, va. to job. 

Haqiiiileur, sm. mackarel-boat. 

Uaraboii, sm. marabou. [ner. 

Uaraiclier, sm. markel-garde- 

Uarais, sm. marsb, bog, mar- 

— salans, salt-marsh. [lion. 

Uarasnie, s?n. — mus,cûnsump- 

Slaras<|uiu, S7n. marascbino. 

Slai-âtre, sf. barbarou? motber. 

Maraud, c, s. rascal, jade. 

Uarauder, vn. to maraude. 

maraudeur, si)!, marauder. 

Uarbre, sm, marble. 

Marbrer, va. to marble. 

Marbrerie, sf. marble-culling. 

Uarbreur, sm, marbler. 

Marbrier, sm. marble-cutter. 

Marbrière, sf. marble-quarry. 
Marbrure, sf. marbling. 
Marc, sm. mark (old weight of 
8 ounces); grcunds (of coffee). 
Marcassiu, sm. young wild boar. 
Marrassile, sf. niarcasile. 
Marrliand, e, <! mercantile, 

— , e, s. merchant, dealer, buyer, 

— en délnil, relail dealer. 

— en ^ro8, \\hoiesaIe dealer. 
Harciiander, va. lo cheapen, 

baggle forj cbaCfer. 

Marchandeur, se, s. haggier. 
.Marchandise, sf. merchnndisc, 

goods, wares. [f-^y; stop. 

Marche, sf. march, way, jour- 
Marché, sm. market, bargain. 

Don —, cheapness. 

A bon — cbeaply. 

Par dessus le — • info tb( 
bargain. [board. 

Marchepied, sm. footflool, foot 
— , (ma.), foot-rope of a yard. 
Marcher, sm, gait, walk. 
— , rn, to go; walk, march,' 

tread; (ma.) to sail. 
Marcheur, «e, S. walker. 
Marcotte, sf. layer. 
Marcotter, va. to layer. 
Mardi, stn. Tuesday. 

— gras, Sbrove-Tuesday. 
Mi'.re, sf. pond, pool. 
Marécage, S)}t, marsb, swamp. 
Marécageux, se, a. marsby, 

Maréchal, sm. farrier, marshal. 

— de logis, quarler-master. 

— ferrant, shœing-fmilh. 
Maréchalerie, sf. farriery. 
Maréchaussée, sf. marshalses* 
Marée, sf. tide, fresh seafisb. 

Basse —, low-water. 

Haute — , higb-water. 

<^randc — , spring tide. 
Mareyeur, sm. fish-lranter. 
Marge, s/*, margtn, time, means. 
Marger, un. to regulate tbe mar- 

gin of a sheet. 
Margelle, sf. curb-stone. 
Marginal, c, a. marginal. 
Margot, sf. magpie, possip. 
Margouillis. stn. piiddle; mess. 
Margrave, sm. margrave. 
Margraviat, sîïi. margrariato. 
Marguerite, sf. daisy. 
Marguillicr, si?i. churchwarden.- 
Mari, sm. husband, spouse. 
Mariable. a. mnrriageable. 
Mariage, sm. niarriage, wedding) 

Marié, e, s. bridegroom, bridCi 
Marie-graillon, sf. slut. 
— salope, sf. murd-barge. 
Marier, t'£. to marry ; la mttch, 





Se uiai-ier, vr. to g«t married; 
njarry, blend. 
niarieiir, se, 5, match-maker. 
Marin, s)7i. seaman, mariner. 
— , c, «. marine. 
lUai-iuade, sf. picliled méat. 
Hlai'îiie, sf. navy, navigation, 

maiine, sea-piece. 
Mariuei-, va. lo marinale; pickle. 
lHariitgoin, sm. a musquitOi 
JUiiu'iuicr, sm, mariner, barge- 
Alariuuuette, sf. puppet. [man. 
lUuriluI, e, n, marital. 
IBIarituleincut, ad, maritally* 
niai-ïliiiic, a. maritime. 
Marivaudage, sm. o\er-refine- 

Marjolaine, sf. marjorami 
Marinaiile, sf. brals, clildren. 
Marmelade, sf. marmalade. 
Marmite.i/.porridge-pol; boiler. 
MarniitoBi, sm. sculiion. 
Marmoiincr, v. to mumble. 
Marmot, s>n. marnioset, litle-boy. 
Marniottage, sm. mumljlip^^ 
Marmotte sf. marmot,litlle girl. 
Marmotter, m. to mutler. 
Marmotteiir, se, S. m'rmbler. 
Marmouset, sm. monkey, ape. 
Marne, sf. mari. 
Marner, va. to mari. 
Maruicre, sf. marl-pit. 
Blaroquin, sm. moroCCO. 
MaroqEiiuer, va. to morocco 

leaUier, etc. [trade. 

Maroqtiinci'îe, sf. morocco- 
IlEai-oqiiinier, S>n, morocco- 
Maroliqae, a. — tic, [dresser. 
Marotte, s/', fool's bawble, hûblij. 
Maroufle, sm. scoiindrel. 
Marque, sf. mark, token, note, 

proof, sign, distinction. 
Marquer, va. to mark; dénote, 

indicate, show, to sbew mar/t 

(as the liorses). [inlay. 

Marqueter, va, lospot; speckle, 
Marqueterie, sf. marquetry, 

inlaid work. 
Marqueteur, silt. inlayer. 
Marquette, s;', cake of bées wax. 
Marqueur, se, s. marker. 
Marquis, sm. marquis. 
Blarquiïat, sm. marquisate. 

Marquise, sf. marchioness. 
SSurraiiic, sj. god-molber. 
Miiri'i. e, ((. porry, grieved» 
Mari-on,.'vî». cbesnut; a runawaj 

slave; a curl of bair. 
— , a. marroon. 

— d'iutic, borfe-chesnut. [troe. 
niarroiinier, s}»i. sweetcbesnut- 
Marouuer, va. to arrange in 

grcat curis. 
— , vn. to interlope; mufter. 
Marrube, sm. horehound. 
Mars, sm. Mardi, Mars. 
MarsouiBi,5j}7. porpoise, seahog 
Marteau, S)». Iiammer, knocker. 
Martelage, sm. marking trees. 
Marteler, va. lo bammer; tor- 

Martcleur, sm. hamraer-man. 
Martial, e, a. martial, war like, 
brave. [fisher 

Martin-pêclieur, S))!, king- 
Martinct, sm. flat candlestic, 

ill-hammer; tr.artin. 
Itrariingale, S/', martingal. 
Martre, sf. marlen. 
Martjf, e, s. martyr. 
Martyre, sm. martyrdcnj. 
Martyriser, va. to martyriie; 

torture, forment. 
Martyrologe, sm. martirology. 
Mascarade, sf. masquerade. 
»Ja8caret,s»!.(ma.)l'ar ofariver 
Kiiascaron, sm. mask. 
Masculin, e, a. masculine. 
Masculinité, s/'.masculineness. 
Masque, sm. mask, masker. 
— , sf. ug!y female, hagwitch. 
Masqué, e, a. masked, disguised, 
Masquer, va. to mask; cloak, 

— , ma. to back, lay aback. 

Se — , vr. to mask one's self. 

Massacrant, c, a. cross; un- 

bearable. [ter, butchery, bead. 

Massacre, S)?i. massacre, slaugh- 

Massacrer, va. to massacre, 

slaugliter, bungle. 
Massacreur, sm. rfiassacrer. 
Massage, sm. sbampooing. 
Masse, sf. mass, luni*p, beap, 

bulk, stock, mallet, mace. 
Massepain, sm. marclipana. 




masser, l'ii. to group; shatnpoo. 
Massicot, sm. massicot. 
niassii-r, sm. maco-bearer. 
Massif, «/■. pier, pile, clump. 
— , ve, a. maffy, liia\7, bulky, 
Massivviuciii', ad. massiyelj. 
Massue, sf. club. 
Mastic, sm. ma=lic, cernent. 
Masticniioii, sf. maslication. 
Hasiicutoirc, sm. masticitory. 
Hasiigtiiloiir, sm. maslicador. 
Mastiquer, va. to cernent. 
Uasure, sf. ruins of a housC) 

decayed house. 
Mât, sm. (ma.) mast, staffi 

Ecbcc et—, check-mate. 
Hat, te. n. unpolishpd , dull. 
Matadure, s?», matadore. 
Mâtagc, sm. (ma.) masling. 
Matamore, sm, large filoe, 

hecfor, bujiv. 
Maiclns, sîii.matlress, padding. 
Matelasser, va. lo slulT; pad; 

line. [ker. 

Matelassier, sm. mattress-ma- 
Matelot, sm. (ma.) sailor, sea- 

Maiolotage. sm. searaan'ship. 
Matelote, sf. sailor's dance; ma- 
telote, [morlify. 
Muter, in. to check-mate, mate; 
Mâlcr, la. (ma.) lo mafl. 
Mâicreau, sjji.(ma.) small mast. 
Matérialisme,;»!, materialism. 
Matérialiste, sm. materialisl. 
Matérialité, s/, materiality. 
Matériaux, s»!. }]I. materials. 
Matériel, le, a. material, subs- 

tanlial, gross; coarse. 
Maternel, le, a. maternai. 
Matei'aielletucut,a(i. molberly. 
maternité, s/, maternily , mo- 

Hâtetir, sm. (ma.) mast-maker. 
Matliéiuaticien, sni. matbema- 

tician. [cal. 

Matliéuiatïque, a. matbemali- 
Mathéiiiatîquciucut, ad. — 

caity. [matics. 

niatliéiaiatiques, sf. pi. mathe- 
Matière, sf. matter, si:l)Stancei 

subject, cause. 

Matin, sm. ad. morning, fore- 
lUâtin,sm. masIifT; cur. [noon. 
Matinal, e, a. morning, early. 
Matinée, sf. forenoon, inorninir. 
Taatiucs, sf. pi. malins. 
Slatineux, se, a. early. 
Matir, lYi. tofrosl; deaden (gold). 
Matois, e,(i. s. cunning,Eharper. 
Matou, sm. tom-cat. 
Mutras, sm. matrass. [caria, 
Itlatrieaire, sf. feïerfew; malrl» 
Matrice, sf. matrix, womb. 
Matricide, s. matricide. 
Mati'irulaire, sm. — late. 
Matricule, sf. matriculation. 
Matriuiouial, le, a. — niai. 
Matrone, sf. matron. 
Maturation, s/', maturation. 
Mâture, sf. ma-ting, ma-I?. 
Maturité..':/', malurily, ripcne3Se 
Matutiiial. e, a. matulina'. 
Maudire, va. to curse. 
Maudit, e, a. s. cursed. 
Maugréer, vn. to curso; fun-.«« 
Mausolée, sm. maupolenm 
Maussade, a. sulky; .=ont-. dull, 
Maussiideuient, «rf.full.i y. 
Maussaderic, sf. sulkilii--. 
Maurois, e. a. bad, evil,ili, 

hurirul, cruel, dangerous. 
—, ad. bad ill 
— , sm. bad. 
Mauve, sf. mallow. 
Mauviette, sf. lark. 
Mauvis,sm. mavis. [lary. 

Ma.\illiairc, a. maxillar, maxil- 
Maxime, sf. maxim. 
Maxiuiunr- sm. maximum. 
Mazette, sf. poor hack, dull- 
Me, pro. me, to me. [head. 

— voici, herc I am. 
Mécanicien, svi- mechanician. 
Mécanique, sf. mecbaniis. 

— ,rt. mechanical. [cally. 
Méeaniqueuicut, ad. mecliar.i- 
Mécaniser, lo. to renden ma- 

Mécanisme, sm, mechanism. 
Mccbaniment, ad. wickodiy. 
Méchanceté , sf. wickcdncss, 

depravity, malice, perversencss. 
Méchant, e, a. wicked, bad> 

(altry, pitifui, miscbievous. 




Méchant, s. rcprobate. 

lUèche, s/', wick, malqh, tinder. 

Mt-clier, in. lobiimslrine a cask, 

MûcoiBipte, S7n, misreckoning. 

Hi-coiiiiiiii, s?)i. mecouium. 

UécoHunissaljle, a. urecogni- 

ftlécounaissaul, e, a. tbanklcss. 

BléconiiaSti-o, va. lo recognize; 
to dissûwn, lo deny. 
Se—, i')-. lo forgel one's self. 

Slécouiiii, c, a. igiiored. 

Mécouicut, e, a. dissatisfied, 
displeased, maloconlent. 

Hécoiitciitc-iuent , sm. discon- 
tent, dissalibfaclion. [displease. 

nécoiitoiiter, va, to discontenl, 

Bléei-caiit, sm, miscreant; infi- 

Sléilaille, sf. medal. [del. 

Blédainer, sm. cabinet of me- 

Blédaillîste, sm. medallist. 

]IIi-(3ai)lon, sm. médaillon. 

BIcileciu, sm. plijsician. 

Méi!ocine,s/'. naedecine, physlc. 

SIédt-ciiicr, va. to pbysic; di ug. 
Se—, vr. lo doctor one's self. 

lUétliaiie, 5/'. médian. [p"^'"* 

Blédiauoche, sf. midnigbl-àup- 

Médïaiiic, sf. niediant. 

IHédial, c, a. médiate. 

nicdiateiiieut, ad. medialely. 

Blcdiateiir, trice, sm. media- 
tor, mediatrix. 

Blcdiation, sf. médiation. 

Blcdical, e, n. médical. 

lllcdicaiiieiit,5m. — ment. 

Mcdicaincntcr, va. tu Joclnr. 

BlédicaïucMtciix, se, a* medi- 

Blétiicaiiou, sf. médication. 

Médicinal, e, a. médicinal. 

BIcdiocre, a. middiing, mo- 

Mcdioci-cmcut, ad. middiingly. 

Mcdiocritc, sf. medioc.'itj; mé- 

Médire, va. to speak ill. 

Médisance, s/, backljiling, slan- 
der. [-vUer, slanderer. 

Médisant, e, a. S. backbiter, re- 

Médilatif, ie, a. — liTe. 

Méditation, sf, — tion. 

Méditer, ts. to mcdltate; thlnk 

:>lédilcrranéc, sf. lilediterra- 
itjôdiiiBii. sm. médium, [nean. 
:«lôfliil!aii'e, a. medular, me- 

dullary. [barir,. 

Slcfaire, VU. to do btII, wrcng. 
Méfait, sm. misdeed. [cloi;. 

IfléiSancc, sf. mhlrust, suspi- 
S9élianl, e, a. mistrusful, sus- 

Blélicr (se), vr. to mistrust. 
Richarde, sf. inadvertancy. 

l'ai — , inadvertcntly. 
Slcgèrc, sf. slirew; vixen. 
Klégïsseric, sf, tawing. [ger. 
Mé^issBcr, sm. tawer; fellmon- 
IMoilleur, e, a. heller, 
IMéluneolie, sf. melancholy. 
Mélancolique, a. melancboW. 
Mélaiicoliciucment, ad. me» 

lancliolily. [confusion. 

Mélange, sm.mlxlure, mediey. 
Mélanger, va. to mingle; mix. 
Mélasse, sf. molasses. 
Mêlée, s^. figbt, fray scuffle. 
Mêler, va. to mix; mingle; 

blend; sbuffle (Iho caiJs). 

Se — de, vr. lo underlake; in» 

Icrfere, meddie \\ilb. 
Mélèze, sm. larch-liee. 
Mcliiot, sm. moiilot. 
Mélisse, sf. balm-mint. 
Mélodie, s/', melody. [diously. 
Mélodieusement, ad. me!o° 
Mélodieux, se, a. melodious. 
Mélodrame, sin, melodrama. 
Melon, sm, melon, 
Melonnière, sf. melon-bed. 
Membrane, sf. membrane. 
Membraneux, se, a. memlira* 

nous. [(ma.) ril'. 

Membre, sm, member, liiiib, 
Membre, e, a. raembered, lim, 

Membru, e, a, strong-limbed. 
Membrure, s;..frarae; (ma.> 

Même, a. same, self, itself. 

I,e— drap, tbc samcclolb. 

De—, tbis, so,thesame. 

A—, able. 
i Mëmemcut, ad. Iikewi;-e. 




Mémento, sm. raemenlo. 
Blénioîre, sA memory; remem- 
^, sm. memoir, noie, [brance. 
— , pi, m?mojrs. 
memoralile, a, mémorable. 
BIéiuoi'ableiiieut,a(/. — rably, 

Blémoratif, Te, a. remembering. 
Méuiurial, sm. mémorial. 
lUeii.tçaiit, e, a. menacing, 

Bteiiisce, sf. menace, threat. 
BIciiacer, va. to menace; Ihrea- 

ménage, sm. house • keeping, 

bouschold, family. 
néuagemcnt, sm, considéra- 
tion, caution, care. 
Uénagcr, va. to manage; to 

spare; care; economize. [self. 

Se — , vr. 10 take care of one's 
ménager^ e, a. saving, econo- 
Ménagèi-e, sf. hou6e»ile.[mical. 
ménagerie, sf. menagery. 
BIcudiaut, e, a. S. begging, 

beg?ar. [g'ng- 

aienilicité, sf. mendicily, beg- 
Bleudier, V, to bei'ginj,'; beg; 

implore. iplol, intrigue. 

Sleuée, sf. underhand, dcalïng, 
Blener, t;(i. lo lead; drive; con- 

duct; introduce; drive; govorn; 

catlle a coach. 
Ménestrel, s»!, miostreli 
Ménétrier, sm. fiddier. 
Meneur, sm. leader, driveri 
Meuin, sm. gentleman usber. 
Méninge, sf. méninges. 
Menotte, sf. liltle tiand, 
—, pi. handeulTs. 
Mensonge, sm. r\e, faischood. 
Mensonger, o, a. deceitful,ralse. 
Mensirue, sm. menstruum. 
Menstruel, le, a. nienstruous. 
Mensuel, le, a. monthly. 
Mensuellement, ad. montbiy. 
Mensurabic. mensurable. 
Mental, e, a. mental. 
Mentalement, ad. mentally, 
Menterie, sf. fib, untruth. 
Menteur, se, a. s. lyng* 
Menfbe, sf. mint. 
HeutioU;^'^- mentlOQ. 

ïïcntionner, fa. to mention. 
Mentir, vn. (0 lie; tell storics; 
Menton, Si?!, chin. [deceive. 
Meiitoniiière, sf. cbin-piece. 
.\Ieutor, sm. mentor, guide. 
Menu,sm. bill of Tare. 
Menu, e, a. slender, sn.all, tbini 

— plaisirs, privj purse. ^ 

— peuple, moh. *■ 
Meuuaille, sf. small change. 
Menuet, Sm. minuet. 
Mciiuiser, vn. to carpenter. 
Menuiserie, s/', joinery, joinert 
Menuisier, Sm. joiner. [work 
Méphitique, a, mephitic. 
Mt*pbitis, sf. mephitis. 
Mépbitisme, sm. mephitism. 
Méprendre (se), vr. to mic 

take. [disdaiii 

Mépris, sm. contempl; scorn, 
Méprisable, a, contemptible 

de5[iicable. [tibly. 

Mépri^ablcment, (T(Z. contemp- 
Méprisant, e, a. scornful. 
Méprise, sf. mistake, blunder. 
Mépriser, va. to contemn, des- 
Mer, sf. sea. [pise. 

Haute—, highsea, main. 
Mercantile, a. mercantile. 
Mercttntilement, ad. mer- 

Mercenaire, a, S. — nary. 
Mercenairement, ad. merce- 

narily. [dashery. 

Mercerie, sf. mercery; haber- 
Merci, sf. mercy, pity. 

Dieu— , tliank God. [dasher. 
Mercier, e, S. mercer, a haber- 
Mercredi, sm. Wednesday. 
Mercure, sm. Mercury, quick- 

.Mercuriale, sf. reprimand. 
Mcrcnriel, le, a. mercurial. 
Merde, sf. turd, dung, excre» 
Mcrdcux, «e, a. dirly. [menls 
Mère, sf. mother, dam. 
Méridien, sm. thcmeridian. 
Méridien, ne, (7. meridian. 
Méridienne, sf. meridian lint 
Méridional, c, a. — dional. 
Mérinos, sm, merino. 
Merise, sf, wildchorry. 
Merisier, sm. wild-cliorry-tree. 




Mérlie,sm,inerit, désert, worlh. 
Xl<-riicr, ua.todeserve; procure. 
niéritoire, a. merilorious. 
IlSéritoircntent ^ ad, merîto- 
Iftfi-liiu, sm. whiling. [riousij. 
Merle, sm. blaokbird. 
IMcrletlc, sf. martiet. 
Uci'liii, sm. a kind of axe. 
— (ma.) marline. 
norliuer, to marr. 
Merluche, s/', stockfishjhaddock. 
Mcrraiii, sni. small timber. 
SIcrvuille, wonder; marvel 

A — , ad. admirably well. 
Slerveîlleuseiucut, ad, won- 

derfully. [strange. 

aiervciliciix, sm. marvellous; 
— , se, a. marvellous, wonJerl'ul, 
Mes, pro. pi. my. [slrange 

MésalUauce, disparagement. 
aiésallier, l'a. lo misallv; dis- 


Se — , vr. to dégrade one's self. 
Mésange, sf. tom-til. 
Mcsavcnli*, V. to succed îll. 
Mésavcutiire, sf. mlscbance, ill 

Mésantère, sm. raesenlery. 
Mc!scntcrÈf]eie, a. mescnterîc. 
Mcscstiuici', va. lo sligbt; de- 

preciate. ]slaudinj. 

Mésniitelligeiice, sf. misunder- 
niosîutërpréler, va. to misin- 

SlésoCTrir, vn. to underbid. 
Mc9i|tiin,e, a. s. stingy, sparing. 
Mesiiuiueuiesit, ad. stingily. 
Uesfiïiiuerief sf. stingiuess , 

Mcss.igc, sm. message, errand. 
messager, e, s. messengcr, car- 
Messagerie, s/.poEt-house, stage- 

Messe, sf. mass. 
Messéaiiee, sf. impropriety. 
Hessëaiit, e, a. uûLecoming- 

Messeoir, vn. to be unfilting. 
Messie, sm. Me«siah. 
Messior, Sm. field-keeper, 
Sïessâre, sm. sir, master. 
Mcstre de caïap, sm. colonel 

Mesurable, a. mcasurable. 
Mesurage, sm. measurcmsnt, 

Mesure, sf. measure, time; 11» 

mit, proporlion, maître. 

A— que, in proportion as. 
Mesuré, c, a. circum^pect. 
Mesurer, va. to measure; com» 

pare, consider; proportion. 

Se— avec, to figbt. 
Mesureur, sm. measurer. 
Mésuser.uji. to raisuse. 
SSëlucarpe, sm. raetacarpus. 
Métairie, sf. farm-house. 
Métal, sm. mêlai. 
Métalepse, sf. melalepsis. 
Métallique, a. metallic. 
Métallisatiou, sf. — zation. 
MétalKser, va. to metallize. 
Métallurgie, sf. metallurgy. 
Métallurgiste, sm. — gist. 
Métamorphose, sf. metamor- 

phoiis. [morphose. 

Métamorphoser, va. to meta» 
Métaphore, sf. metaplior. 
Métaphorique, n. metaphorical. 
Métaphoriquement, ad. — 

Métaphrase, sf. metaphrasîs. 
Métaphysicien, sm. melaphj- 

Métaphysique, sf. metaphysics. 
— , (!. — cal, abstracted. [cally. 
^Sétaph^siqnemcnt, ad. — si- 
Méiaslase, sf. raetastasis. 
Métatarse, sm. — SUS. 
Méialhcsc, sf. melathesis. 
Métayer, e, s. farmer, farmer's 
Méteil, s?H. meslin,maslin.[\vife. 
Métempsycose, sf. metempsy- 
Météore, sm. meteor. [chosis. 
Météorologie, sf. meteorology. 
Météorologique, a. — gical. 
Méthode, sf. method, way, cus- 

Méthodique, a. melbodioal. 
Méthodiquement, ad. metho- 

Méthodiste, sm. melhodist. 
Méticuleiiseraeut, a(^— lousiy. 
Méticuleux, se, a. — lous. 
Métier, sm. trad, calling, pro- 
fession, loam. 




Métis, Bse, o. S. mongrfti. 
sei'toiiymie, sf. meîonjray. 
Métrage, sm. measurin-j. 
Méfrc, S))!, metrc, lime. 
!IIétriqiie, ff. metrical. 
aiéiroiuaiiic, sf. metromania. 
SBétroiiomc, s»!, metrnnome. 
lUéti'oinctre, sm. nietromeler. 
ASétropole, sf. metrtipolis, mo- 

Iher-city, molher-church. 
Itlétropolitui», c. o. S. metro- 
lUL-ts, sm. di5h, meals. [politan 
AScttnlile, a, wearable. [setter. 
Itlctteur ou œuvre, sm. stonc- 
Slettre, va. to put; set; lay; 

weary; place. 

— à lu «aile, to set sail. [forlh. 

— au jour, to puLilisb; bring 

— bas, (0 bring forth. 

— do côte, to lay by. 

Se—, vr, ID place, set one's 
self; stand, begin^; dress; sel 
down at table, [article; ustensil. 

niciible, sm. pièce of furnilure. 

— , sm. household-goods. 

nioiililcr, va. tofurnish, lostocli. 

Mouîc, sf. millslone; grindslone; 
code, rick (of hay). 

!IIouIii-r,sm. milUlone-maker. 

nictiliéro, sf. millslone; mills- 
tone quarry. 

meunier, sm. miller. 

— , sf. miller's wife. 
Meurtre, sm. murder. 
Meurtrier, e, s. a raurderer. 
— , o. murderous. 
IHcurtriére, sf, loop-hnle. 
iMcurtrir, va. to bruise.[tu«ion. 
^eiirti-issure, sf. bruise. con- 
Sleute, sf. pack (of hounds). 
niéveudre, va. to underM-il. 
Slezzauitie, s^ arch, mezzanine. 
lUezzo-tiuto, sm. mezzotint, 
Mi,2>ar. ind. mid, balf. 

— Août,sf. middie of August. 

— careiue, sf. raid-lent. 
A— clicuiiu, ha!f way. 

Stiasine, sm. miasma. 
Miaulement, sm. mewinf. 
Bliauler, in. to rnew. 
Hiiva, sm. mica, talc. 
Miche, sf. ioaf of bread. 
Uicniac, sm. intrigue. 

nBicrocosnie, sm, mîcrocosm. 
Xlierograiiliie, sf. micrography. 
K^Bicruiiictre, sm. micromeler. 
RSU-roscope, SHI. microscopc. 
!tSi('i'ospu|>ique, a. microscopic. 
Midi, sm. mid-day, noon, soutb. 
Mie, sf. crumb of bread. 

Ma — , my dearest. 
Miel, sm. honcy. 

Rajou de—, honey-comb, 
Miellat, sm. hnney-dew. 
Miellé, c, a. honeyed, sweek aa 

honey. [cious. 

Mielleux, se, a. boneyed, lus- 
Mie», iio,_Bro. mine , my own. 
Miette, sf. crumb, crum. 
.Mieux, ad. bélier, more. 
— , sm. bcller, amélioration. 

A qui , in eager rilvary. 

Milliard, e. fT.dc!icale; mincing. 
Miguardeuieut, ad. delicatcly. 
Mi^uarder, va. to rear delica- 

lely. [ressing raanners. 

Miguardise, sf. delicacy, car- 
Miguou, ne, a. dehcale, prelty, 
— . s. darling, a favourite. [fine. 
Mignonne, sf. (lyp.) minion. 
Mignonnette, sf. mignonett» 

lace; poundcd pepper. 
Migraine, sf. megrim. 
Migration, sf. migration. 
Mijaurée, sf. fioical creaturCi 
Mijoter, va. to summefi 
Mil, sm. millet. 
— . ad. Ihousand. 
Milan, sm. kite. 
Miliaire, a. miliary. 
Milice, s/', mililia, war, host. 
Milicien, sm. mililiaraan. 
Milieu, sm, middie, médium, 


Au beau—, in Ihe middie. 
Militaire, a. s. military, soldier. 
Hilitaircmeut, ad. la a mili- 

Militante, a. militant. 
Militer, vn. to mililale; faveur. 
Mille, a. thousand. 

— ,sm. mile. 

— feuille, sf. milfoil, yarrow 
Millénaire, a. s. millenarv. 
Millepertuis, sm. St. JODh't 





RIilIcsIme, sm. date. 

asillct, sin. millet. 
Slilli.tii-e, a. milliary. [lions. 
niilliai-d, sm. a Ihousand mil- 
Rliliicnie, a, tliousandlh. 
lUillicf, sm. tliousand. 
Slilligramiuc, sm. milligram. 
millimètre, sm. millimoter. 
aiillioM, sm. million. 
Slilliouièuie, sm. millioulli. 
IUillioiii>«(ire, sm. a very ricb 

Aliiuril, sm. an Engtish lord; 

a four-wheeled cab. 
lllime,s»z. mime. 
Illinalile, a. pitiTul. 
Bliiinrct, sm. minaret. 
Rliiiaiider, vn. lo simper. 
lUissaudcric, sf. primness. 
lUiimuiIier, ùrc, s. aHected, 
Milice, a. thin , siender, small, 
mille, sf. mien, look, counte- 

nance, appeaiance, raine, ore. 
— de plouib, black lead. 

Avoir lionne — , to look well. 
niiiicr, va. lo mine; undermine. 
minéral, sm. minerai. 
— , c, a. minerai. [(ion. 

Illiiiéralisatiou, sf mineraliza- 
SEiiiéralogic, sf. mineralogy. 
Sliiiet, to, s. puss, kitten. 
Sliaciir, sm. a miner, pitman. 
— , e, a. s. minor, under âge, 

less, lesser. 
Mineure, s/.minor ofa syllogism. 
miniature, sf, miniature. 
miniaturiste, sm. miniature- 

Minière, sf. mine ; placer. 
minime, a. very small. 
miiiiiiium, sm. minimum. 
Hinistère, sm. agency, minls- 

iry; administration. 
ministériel, le, a. ministerial. 
miuistérielleiuent, ad. minis- 

ministre, siji. minisler; parson. 
minium, sm. minium. 
minois, s)7i. face; physiognomy. 
minoH, sm. puss. 
Uinoraiir, sm. a. laxativei 

minorité, sf- miiiorKy. 
minot, sm. measure of 39 litre*. 
Hlïnotnure, s))i. minolaur- 

minuit, sm. midniglit. 
minuscule, sm. small lotter, 

fmall capital. [drauglit. 

minute, sf. minute; rougb 
minuter, va. to make a rough 

draitght oT, propose. 
minutie, s/', trille, mère nothing. 
minutieux, se, a. minute, 
minutieusement, »(/. minutely. 
mioelie, sm. Utile boy; brat. 
mi-imrii, e, a. bipartite (blas.), 

Mii-Kliclle,s/'. mirabelle (plum.). 
miracle, sm. miracle; wonder. 

A—, ad. admirably, pcrfectly. 
miracnleuseuteut, ad. won- 

derfully, miraculously. 
miraculeux, se, a. miracul0US| 

mirage, sm. loomîng. 
miruudcr, va. to gaz6 at; ad- 
mire, sf. aim. [mire. 
mirer, vn. to aim at. 

-Se—, vr. to admire one's self. 
mirliQorc, sm. fop, beau. 
mirliton, sm. cbild's llute. 
mirniidon, sm. shrimp. 
miroir, looking-glass; mirror. 
miroité, e, a. dapple-bay. 
miroiterie, sf. lookiug-glass 

Irade. [ker. 

Miroiticr,sm. looking-glass ma- 
miruiou, sm. miroton. 
misaine, sf. foremast, forosail. 
misanthrope, s. misantbropei 

misanthropie, sf. — thropy. 
misHuthropitiue, a. misantro- 

misccllancc, sm. miscellany. 
miscible, a. miscible. 
mise, sf. disbursement, layîng 

ont; dress. [worlhless. 

misérable, a. misérable, wicked, 
— , s. scoundrel, wrelch. 
misérablement, ad. — bly. 
misère, sf. misery, poTCrty, ca- 

lamity; trifle. [passion. 

miserere, sm. miserere; iliae 
Uiscricorde* sf, mercy, pit}. 



MîsérScorilIctîScmcnt , ad. 

Sliséi'icordîviix. RC, Gi COm- 

passiocatc, merciful. 
Missel, sm. mas--book, missel. 
Mission, s^. mission. 
Kissiunuairc, sm. missiODSry. 
Missive, a. sf. missive. 
Uitnine, sf. milten. 
Uitc, sf. mite; clieese-mito. 
Mitigatiou, sf. — tion. 
niiiiger, va. to miligate. 
Miion, sm. long mitten, 
Miioiiner, v. to soak, simmer. 
— , va. to coddie; nurse; secure. 
Mitoyeu, ue, a. middie. 

Mur—, sm. party-wall. 
Mitoj'onnclé, s^ party-right. 
Mitraille, sf. old iron, scraps 

(ma.) langrave. 
Mitre, sf. "mitre, chimney-top. 
Mitre, e, a. milred. 
Mitron, sm, baker's man. 
Mixte, a. raixed, mixt. 
— , sm. a mixl licdy. 
Mixtion, sf. mixlure, — tlon. 
Mnénioitîquc. n. mnemonics. 
Mobile, a. movcable; ficlile. 
Mobile, sm. mobile, motive. 
Mobilier, e, n. iiersonal. 
Mobilisalioii, sf. — sation. 
Mobiliser^ va. to mobilize. 
Mobilité, sf. lily, mûveableness. 
Mode, 5/. mode, fashion, vs'ay, 
— , sm. mode, mood. 
Modelage, sm. modelling. 
Modèle, sm. model, pattern. 
Modelé, sm. mode]. 
Modeler, v. to model, rashîon. 
Modeleur, sm. modelier. 
Modérateur, triée, a modera- 

tor, — trix. [tempérance. 

Modération, sf. modération, 
Modéré, c, a. moderate. 
Modérénsent, ad. moderately. 
Modérer, va. to moderate; re- 
press, aljate, chr-cii 
Se — , vp. to refrain one's self. 
Moderne, a. modem, récent. 
Modeste, a. modest, reserved. 
Modestement, ad, modestjy. 
Modestie, sf, modestv, modera- 
tlodiciié, s., smallness. [tion. 


Itlodidable, a. modifiable. 
niuiUncatiou, sf. — tion. 
Biodiner, in. to modify. 
Modillon, sm. modiiloa. 
Modique, a. moderato, small. 
Moi!ii|uement, ad. muderatelj. 
Moùisile. sf. milliner. 
Modulation, sf. — tion. 
Module, sm. a module; diameter. 
Moduler, va. to modulate. 
Moelle, s/, marrow; pith o!' plants. 
Moelleux, se, a, marrow, pithy, 
soft. [riously. 

Moel1euseinent,a(2. soft'y; luxu- 
Moellon, sm. rough stones. 
Mœurs, sf. pi. morals,manners. 
Moi. pr. me, I. 
— même, myself. 
Moignon, sm. stump. 
Moindre, a, less, lesser. 

ï-e— , s. the least. [warmer. 
Moine, sm. a monk, friar; bed- 
Moiiieau, sm. sparrow. 
Moiiiei-ie, sf. ff.onkery. 
Moiuillon, sm. monking. 

Moiiîs, ad. less, except, but. 

— , sm. the least. 
* — que, c. unless. 
Aîi— , du — , pour le — , at 
le.-ist howe-ver. [less. 

Ni plus ni— ,neither morenor 

Moirage, sm. watering. 

Moire, sf, mohair. 

Moiré, e, a. clouded, watered. 

SBoit-er, t'a. to water; wave. 

Moireur, sm, silk-waterer. 

Mois, sm. month, 

— , pi. menses, courses. 

Moisi, sm. mould. 

— , a. mouldy, hoary. 

Moisir, va. lo mouldy. 
S<'— , vr. to grow mouldy. 

Moisissure, s/', mouldicess. 

Moisson, sf. har-vest. 

Moissonner, l' reap; harvest. 

Moissonneur, se, S. a reaper. 

Moîie. a. moist, da mp. 

Moiteur, s/'.moistness, moisture. 

Moitié, sf. haïr, moiety; wife. 

MoKa. sm. mocha. 

Mol. Molle, Yoy. Mou. 

Molaire, a. S. molar. 

Mâle, sm. mole, pier. 




— , sf. mole, 3ioon-calf« 
Slolcculaire, a. f^ccular» 
illolcciile, sf. moiecule. 
Molester, va. to molesl; harass. 
SIoloKe, sf. rowel of a spur, 

painier's muller, windgall. 
mollasse, a. flaLby, fiimsy. 
Slollenieut, ad. soflly, falntly, 

effeminalely. [cy, easiness. 

Mollesse, sf. soflness, effemina- 
SJlullet, te, a. soft, lifïht. 
— • sm. calf of the leg, short 
:t9aIletou, sm. swanskin.[lringe. 
Moililîer, va. to mollify. 
(iSoIlir, V. to soflen; get soft; 

fiog; slacken; give way. 
Mollusque, sm. mollusk. 
Molybdène, sf. molybdenum. 
Moment, sm. moment, minute. 

A tout—, every moment. 
Motiicntané, e, a, momentary. 
Momeutauémeut, ad. uiomen- 

SSonierie, sf. mummery. 
SSouiie, sf. mummy. 
!^ioii, fein. Ma, pr. my. 
S9oiiacal,, e, «. monachala 
Muiiacalemeiit, at^.monaclially. 
Slenacbisnie, sm. monachism. 
SSoiiade, sf. monad. 
Moiiai-cbic, sf. monarchy. 
Mouai'cbique, a. — cbical. 
1SSoiiai'cbi(|ueiiieul, ad. mo- 

Monarque, sm. monarcb. 
Monastère, sm. monastery. 
sroiiastique, a. monastic. 
-Uonaut, sm. one-earedi 
Monceau , sm. beap. [dane. 
Mondain, e, a. s. «orldly, mun- 
Sloiidaineuient, ad, norldly. 
Mondanité, sf. mundanity. 
Monde, sm. world; servants, 

foiiipany, pleople. [world. 

I^o beau—, the fashionable 

Tout le—, every body. 
Mondé, e, a. peekd. 
Monder, vn. ta cleanse; peel> 
Monétaire, tnv. monetary. 
Alunétisatinn, sf. giving CUl! 

reiiij ito paper). 
iHouitrur, sm. monitori 
iMoniiioD, sf. — tioa. 

Monîtoire, a. monitory letter* 
Monitoriai, e, a. monitory. 
Monnaie, s/'.moDey, coin, change» 
Monnaj-age, sjn. coining. 
Monnayer, va. 10 coin; mint. 
Mouuayeiir, sm. coiner. 
Monocorde, sm. ironochord4 
Monocle, sm. eye-glass. 
Monoculaire, a. one-eyed. 
Monogame, sm. monogamist. 
Monogamie, sf, monogamy. 
Monogramme, sm. mocogra» 

pher. [loquy. 

Monologue, sm. — Icgue, soli» . 
Mononiaue, a. mottomaniac. 
Monamauîe, sf. monomania. 
Monôme, sm. (mat.) monôme. 
Monopétale, a. monopetalouSi 
Monoplijlle, a. moDOphyllous. 
Monopole, sm. — ly. 
Monopoleur, sm. monopolistt 
Monosperme, a. (bot.) monos« 

peinions. [blei 

Monosj'llube, sm, monosylla» 
Monosyllabique/^ a. — bic> 
Monotonie, a. — nous, tedioUSt 
Monotonie, sf. monolony. 
Monseigneur, sm. my lord. 
Monsieur, sm. sir, master,gen« 
Monstre, sm. monster. ftleman. 
Monstrueusement, ad, moQS« 

Irously, prodigiously. 
Monstrueux, se, a. moDStrouSi 
Monstruosité,»/', monsfruosilj. 
Mont, sm. mount, mountaio. 
— de pieté, public pawn shopi 
Montage, S7n. carryingup. 
Montagnard, c, a. S. mouD 

taineer, bighlaoder. 
Montagne, sf. mounlain» 
Montagneux, Se, a. mountal* 

nous, billy. ftolal, amount. 
Montant, sm.flood'tide; upright^ 
Monte, sf. covering, serving 

(mares). [asceud. 

Montée, sf. slaircase, step, as» 
Monter, V. to go up, risS) a$r 

cend, get up, to flow. 

Se—, i>^. to amount. 
Joniieule, sm. Ilillock. 

Iflonioir, sm. hor^c-block. 
Rlontre, sf. a watch ; sample 
musler, shew. 




Monlrer, va. lo show; teach. 

Se—, vp. to show one's self. 
lUoiitiieux, se, ^ T»oj.î''"inO!is, 
lloulitre, s^ aLeaStli/i o »t4A/, 

stock, frarae. 
Monument, sm. monument. 
Monun«en<al,e,«. menu mental. 
Moque, s/, (ma.) a ead-eye. 
Moque-- île (se), dc to laugh 

al, ridicule, scorn. [scoff. 

Moquerie, sf. mockery, jeer; 
Bloquctte, sm. mockadoes. 
Moqueur, se, n.jeering, SCO ffing. 
Blorailles, sf, pL twitcb for 

Moraillon, sm. claps (ofa lock). 
Moral, e, a. moral. 
Morale, sf. morality. 
Moralement, ad. morally. 
Moraliser, V. to moralize. 
Mornliseur, sm. moralizer. 
Moraliste, sm, a moralist. 
Moralité, sf. iiioralily, moral. 
Morbide, a. morbid. 
MorliiQque, a. morbiSc. 
Morbleu, int. zounds. 
Uorccan, s?n. bit, pièce, morse). 
Morceler, vu. to parcel out. 
Morcellement, sm. division. 
Uordacité, sf. — City, corro- 

si-veness, speech. [sarcaslic 
Mordant, e, a. biting; caustic; 
—, sm. mordant, keenness. 
Mordicus, ad. obstlnately. 
Mordiller, va. to nibble. 
Mordoré, e, a. brown,reâcoIour. 
Mordre, va. to bite, corrode, 

carp at, hold fast. [another. 

Se—, to bite one's selT, one 
Moreau, sm. black horse. 
Morelle, sf. nlghlshade. 
Moresque, a. Moorisb. 
—, sf. moresque. 
Uorfil , sm. wire-edge; an- 

wrought elephanl's tusks. 
Horfoudre (se), vr. to dance 

attendance, to wail in \aiD. 
Uorfondu, e, a, obllled', star- 

•ved with cold. 
Morfondure, sf. nasal catarrh. 
Mordue, sf, boue-bouse; pride. 
Moribond, e, a. dying. 

uoricaud|«m. tawojf person. 

— , o, a. tawny, bLick, dark. 
Morîçcner, ua. totutor; correcï 
Morille, s/.morel {ormushrooni). 
Morillon, sm. fine black grape, 

sort à! emerald. 
Mowion, sm. morion. 
Morne, sm.. knoll; rock. 
— , a. dull, sullen, sad. 
Morné, e, a. tipt, blunt. 
MorniDe, sf. slap on tbe chope 
Morose, a. morose. 
Morosité, sf. moroseness. 
Morpion, sm. crab-Iouse. 
Mors, sm. horse bit. 
Morse, sm. morse, «alrus. 
Morsure, sf. bite, biting 
Mort, «/■. death, decease. 

A — , mortally, 
— , e, a. dead, deceased. 
— , e, s. de^id-person. 
Mortadelle, .s/'. Italiansausage. 
Mortaise, sf. mortise. 
Mortalité, sf. mortalily. 
Mortel, le, a. s. morlal, deadlj. 
Mortellement, ad. mortally. 
Morte-saison, sf. dead-season. 
Mortier, sm. mortar. 
Mortifère, a. mortiTerous. 
Mortiûaut, e, a. mortifying, 
MorliUcatiou, sf. — tion. 
MortiUer, vr. to mortify. 
Mortané, e, a. still-born. 
Mortuaire, a. mortuary, buriaL 

Drap — , a pall. [burial book. 

Extrait— ,certlficate out ol' tb» 
Morue, sf. cod, codBsb, 
Morve, sf. snot, glanders.[brat, 
Morveux, le, a. s. snotty, liltli 
Mosatque,^/. Mosaicnork. 
Mosquée, sf. mosque. [saying. 
Mot, sm, word, noB) motto. 

Bon—, jest. 
— a Mot, word for word. 
Motet, tm, motet. 
Moteur, tm. autbor, mOTOr. 
Motif, sm. motive, aim, caus*. 
Motion, if. motion, action. 
Motiver, t'a. to relate >be mo- 
Motrice (force), motive faculty. 
Motte, sf, clod, turf, bil'ock, 

Se—, vr. to skulk. [peat 

MotuS) int, bushi mum. 



inoa, sm. lights (slack\ 

, Molle, n. soft, inellow ; loose, 

Mou«-liarU,s)H. spy. [shisgish. 
tiiourhe. sf. fly, patch, luft, loo. 
-,sf. (cards). 

Prendre la to lake pet. 

Gube —, credulous man. 

Moucher, VU. to wipe tlie nose of 

a child ; snull a candie. 

Se — , vr. to blow one's nose. 

Moucherole, sf. muscicapa, tiy- 

catclier. [a candie. 

Mourlieron, sm. gnat ; snuiï of 

nuucbeler, va. to spot; siud 
wilh spots. [a cornice. 

IHuiichette, s/', vater-table (of 

lUoiiclicttes, ;42. soufers. 

nioiiciieture, s/', pinking, spots. 

BBoiicheur, sm. candie'snufTer. 

Blouchoir, sm. tiandkerchief. 

Sloucliure, sf. ttie SDuff of a 

Moudre, vn. to grind. [candie. 

Moue, sf. grimace, pouting. 

Mouette, sf. sea-œew, sea-gull. 

Houl'etle, skunk. 

Moufle, sf. mitten, bloated face. 

Moufflou, sm, mufllon 

Mouillage, sm. anchorage. 

Mouille-boucbe, sf. lammas 
pear. [cast anohor. 

Mouiller, va. to wet, soak ; 

Slouillelte, sf, slippet. 

Mouilloir, sm, fînger-cup. 

Mouillure, sf. wetting. 

Moulage, sm. moulding, casting. 

Houle, sm. mould, modeK 

— , sf. mussel. 

Mouler, va. to fflould, cast, 
print, pile up. 

Houlettes, sf. pi, small sbots. 

Mouleur, sm. moulder. 

Moulin, sm. mill. 

— à café, coffee-mill. 

— à eau , water-millf 

— à vent, wind-milh 
Moulinage, sm. silk-throwing. 
Moulinet, sm. capstaD i turn- 

stile, small mill. 

Faire le—, to whirl. 
Moult, arf. much, irery much 
Moulu, e, a. ground. 
Moulure, s^. moulding. 



— , sm. dying person. 

Mourir, die ; expire ; eome 

lo notliing. 

Se — . vr. to be dying. 
Mouron, sm. cbickweed- 
Mousquet, sm. musket. 
MoU6quelade, sf. musket-shot. 
niouM|upCaire, sm. muskcleer. 
IMousqueterie, sf. niusketry. 
Mousqueton, sm. niusketoon. 
Mousse, sf. moss, lather, frutb. 
— , sm. caliin-boy. 
Mousseline, sf. muslio. 
Mousser,», to frolh, lather. 
Mousseron, sm. button-mush- 

room. [mingr 

Mousseux, se, a. frothy, foi- 
.Moussoir, sm. chocolate-stick. 
ÎIIoussou, sm. monsoon. 
Moussu, e, a. mossy. [chio. 

Moustache, sf. wbisker, musta' 
Moustique, sm. mosquito. 
Moût, sm. must, sweet-wort. 
Moutard, sm. little boy-, bat. 
Moutarde, sf. muslard. 
Moutardier, sm. mustard-pot; 

Moutier, sm. monastery. 
Mouton, sm, wetber, mutton, 

sbeep, rammer. 

Moutonné, e, a. woolly, frizzled. 
Moutonner, vyi, to foam, curl. 
Moutonnier, e, sbeep-like. 
Mouture, sf. grinding, mixed 

corn, miller's fee. 
Mouvance, tenure. 
Mouvant, e, a. moviog. 

Sable—, sbifting safy '. 
Mouvement, sm. motiOJ, mo've- 

ment, impulse. [incite. 

Mouvoir, va. to move ; stir ; 
—, vn. to move; stir. 
Moyen, sm. means, power. 

Au — de, b; means of. 
Moyen, ne, a. middliDg, médium^ 

Moyennant, pr, for, by means 
— que, c. provided tbat. [of. 
Moyenne, sf. mean proportion, 
Moyennemcut,ac2. moderately, 
Moyeuner, va. to médiate. 
I Bloyeu, im, but) of a wbeei,' 




yolk of an egg; nave; preserved 

Hiiable, a. mutable, changeable. 
Mucilage, sm, mucilage. 
SliEciIngiueux, se, a, mucila- 

Blticosîté, sf. mucosity; mucus, 
Mil, e, a. moved, slirred. 
Blue, sf, slougb, coop,mouUing, 

muer. Vin. lo monll, mew; shed. 
niuct, te, a. s. dumb, mule. 
Muffle, sm. muzzle snoul, mug, 
Rlusrci, sm. Mufti. ~ [phiz. 
Mugir, vn. to !ow ; bellow ; mar. 
Mugissnnt, e, a. bellowing, 

roaring. [roaring. 

niugiasK'nieiit, sm. bellowing, 
niuguei, sm. illy of tlie valley, 

uiciy-lily; fox, coxomb. 
lUugueter, va. to court. 
Muiil, sm. hogshead. 
i^tuiatre, s. a mulalto. 
niulatrexse, sf. mulatress. [per. 
niuir, sf. she-mule, pope's slip- 
— , pi. chaps. 

RluU't. S'/î. bo-mule. mullet. 
Muletier, sm. mulc-drîTer. 
Huile, sm, surmullet. 
Mulot, sm. Seld-mouse. 
Multipare, a. mulliparODS. 
lUuliipie, a, multiple, 
Multiaoï-c, a. (bot.) muitiflo- 

rous, bearing manny flowers. 
Blultipliable, a. — pliable. 
Vultipliaut, «m. CDultiplymg- 

Multiplicande, «m. — caud. 
Multiplicateur, sm. multiplier. 
Multiplication, {/. — tion. 
Multiplicité, s/'. — city. 
Multiplier, t'M, tO msUiply. 

Se—, vr. to moltiplj. 
Multitufle, $/. mullitude, 
Multitalve, a. multivalvullar. 
Municipal, e, a. municipal. 
Municipalité, s/', municipality, 

lown hall. 
Munificence, 9f% — cSi 
Munir, va. to supply; proTÎde. 

Se— , ur. to protide one's self 

(wilh). [store, provision. 

■luuition, if. aœmunllion , 

Muuitionneire, sin. commiss» 
ry of stores. [brane. 

Muqueuse, sf, mucour. mem- 

— , se, a, mucous. 

Mur, sm. walI. 

— uiitoyeu, party wall. 

Mûre, Mûre, a. ripe, matare. 

Muraille, sf. a wail. 

Mural, e, a. mural. 

Mûre, sf. mulberry. 

Mûrement, ad. maturely* 

Murène, sf. murena. 

Murer, Do. to wall; mure np. 

Murex, sm. murex. 

Muriate, sm. muriale. 

Muriatique, a. muriatic. 

Mûrier, sm. mulberry-(ree. 

Mûrir, va. to ripen. 

Murmure, sm.. murmur, whine. 

Murmurer, V. tO murmur; 

Musaraigne, sf. shrew-mouse. 

Musard, e, a, s. loiterc". 

Musarder, va, to loiter; trifla. 

Musc, sm, rausk. 

Muscade, sf. nuttreg. 

Muscadclle, sf. musk-pear. 

Muscadier, sm.. nutmeg-trea 

Muscadin, sm. musk lozonge, 
dandy, fop. 

ïluscat, a. muscade). 

Muscle, sm. muscle; strengbt. 

Musculaire, a. muscular. 

Muscuieuz, ae, a. muscutCUS. 

Muse, sf. muse. 

Muscau,$m. muzzle, snoutiDose. 

Musée, sm.. museumi 

Museler, ta. 10 muzzle> 

Muselière, sf. muzzle» 

Muser, vn. to loiter; triSe» 

Muserole, sf. nose-band of I 

Musette, tf. bagpipe. [brldle. 

Muséum, sm. muséum. 

Musi-tal, e, a. musical. 

Musicalement, ad. musicallj. 

Musicien, ne, s. musician. 
Musique, sf. music. 
Musqué, o,a.musked,perfumed» 
Musquer, va. to musk. 
Musulman, sm. — man. 
Mutabilité, s^— lity. 
Mutation, s/. — tion, change. 
U«lilaticu,(^— tiOD, maiDiiiif. 




Mutiler, va. to mntllate; maim. 
Bliitin, e, a. s. saucy; self-wil- 

led, olistinate, mutinous. 

Se — ,;;r.toniulinj; reTOlt;reboI. 
Mutinerie, sf. mutinj; sédition. 
niuiir, vn. to mule. 
Mutisme, sm. dumbness. 
Mutuel, le, a. mutual. 
BIntuellement, ad. mntually. 
Hj-ologie, sf. myologie. 
Myope, a. shorlsighted. 
Myopie, sf, rojopy. 
Myosotis, sm. myosotis; forget 

me not; mouse-ear. 
Myriade, sf. myriad. [gramms. 
Myringrammc, sm> ten kilo- 

Uyriamètre, (•»> ten kilo- 

Myriare, sm. hundred hectare*, 
Myroliolan, sm, myroboiaro. 
— , a. slunning. 
Mvrrhe, sf. myrrh. 
Myrte, sm. myrtle. 
Mystère, sin, mystery. [riou?ly» 
Mystérieusement, ad, mysts- 
Mystérieux, ec, a, inyfterious. 
MyiiiieiKme, sm. mysticism. 
My8tificateur,sm. mistifier. 
Mjslification, sf. — tion. 
Mystifier, va, lo mystify; hoax. 
Mystique, a. — tic, mystical. 
Mystiquement, ad. mystically. 
Mythologie, 5/". — Icgy. 
Mythologique, a, — gical. 
Mythologue ou Mj'thologisle^ 
sm, — logist. 


IVabad, sm. nahob. 

Naliol, c, s. fhrimp, dwarf. 

Nacarat, e, a. nacarat. 

Wacclle, sf. cliiff; car. 

TXacrc, sf. motlierof pearl, nacre. 

Nadir, S)n. nadir. 

lV»ge (à la), by s\vimming. 

Être eu—, to he in a sweat. 
Nageoire, sf. fin, wingof a fish, 

cork; bladder for swimming. 
Nager, vn. to swim; sail, row. 
Nageur, se, s. swiûiâier. 
—, sm, swinimer (ma.); rower. 
Naguère, <ic2. not iongsince. 
Naïade, sf. naiad,water-Dymph. 
Naïf, «e, a, artiess, nalural, 
Nain,e, a>$> dwarr. [simple. 
Naissance^ sf, birlh, nali\ity, 

rise. [new-born. 

Naissant, e, a. Dascent, rislng, 
Naiirc, vn, to be born, arise, 

îpring, grow. 
Naïtcmeut, ad. iia!yely> 
Naïveté, sf. ingenuousnesS] naï' 

Nanan, sm. ^oodies. 
Nantir, rn. to insure, secnre. 

Se — , tir. secure one's self. 
Nantissement, s)n, security, 
Naphie, sf, naphta. [pledge. 

Nappe, sf, taHe-c!olh; deerskiD, 
— d'eau, a sheel of water. 
Napperon, sm. napidn. 
Narcisse, sm. dafTodil. 
Narcutinc, sf. narcotine. 
Narcotique, a. s. narcotic. 
Nard, sm. spikenard. 
Narguer, va. to Leclor; defy. 
Narine, sf, nostrii. 
Narquois, e, s, dodger. 
— , «. sly, deep, salirical. 
Narrateur, sm.narrator, relater» 
Narratif, i/e, a. — tive. 
Narration, $/". — tion, narratiTe. 
Narré, sm. narration. 
Narrer, vn. to relate; narratc. 
Narval, sm. narwal. 
NazaI, e, a. nazal. 
Nazardc, s^. fillip. 
Naseau, sm. nostrii. 
Nasillard, e, a, snuffling. 
Nasiller, vn, to epeak througi 

the nose. 
Nasilleur, se, S. snuffer. 
Nasse, sf. hoop-net, eel-f ot. 
Natal, e, a, natal, native. 
Natation, s^.natation, sw iinining. 
Natatoire, a. natatory. 
Natif, ve, a. native, born. 
Netiou, sf, nation, (eople. 




NaOonal, e, a. national. 
Natioiialemeitt, ad. nalionally. 
^'atiiMialitô, sf. Dationalncss. 
Nalioualiscr, va. to donationa- 

Kaliona./té, sf. nationality. 
Nalioiiaiiv vn. ph fellow coun- 

trymen. -ï, 
IVariTité, sf. nathitj, birih. 
Natrou, sm. catron. 
Natte, sf. mat, tress. 
niaticr, trrss, piaf, fnat. 
nfaturalisation, sf. — zalion. 
Naturaliser, l'a. to 
Naturaligmc, sm. naturalisnk> 
Naturaliste, sm. caturalist. 
Naturaliié, sf. citizenfhip. 
Nature, sf. nature, constitution. 

D'après—, from liTe. 
Naturel, le, a. natural, native. 
— , sm. nature, disposition, natu- 
ral feeling, constitution. 
Naturellement, ad. naturally. 
Naufrage, 5771. shipwreck,\vreck. 
Naufragé, e, a. wn'ckcd. 
Naiimachic, sf- nauinacby. 
Nauséabotiil, e, a. nauscous. 
Nausée, sf. uausea, disgust. 
Nautile, sm. nauliius. 
Nautique, a. nautical. [man. 
Nautounier, S77!. mariner, boat- 
Na\-al, e, a. naval. 
Navet, S77!. turnip. 
Navette, sf, rape-seed, weaver's 

Navigable, a. navigable. 
Navigateur, S)77.— gator, sallor. 
Navigation, s/°. — tiou, voyage. 
Naviguer, V. to navigate; sail. 
Naville, 5777. canal (for irrigation). 
Navire, s?77. sliip, vessel. 
Navrer, va. to vring; distress. 
No, ad. not, no. 
Né, e, a, born. 

Mort—, still-born. 

Nouveau — , new-born. 

Premier—, flrst-born. 
I^'éanmoius, c. nevertheless. 
Néant, sj77. not.hingaess, nought. 
Nébuleux, se, a. cloudy, darli, 
— , s. neljula. [gloomy. 

Nébiilugitc, sf. nebulosity. 
Nécessaire, (!.necessar},aeedrul. 

— , sm. neces5arles. [rily. 

Néoeseaircnient, ad, necessa- 
IVécessitaut, e, a. necessitating. 
Nécessité, sf, necessity, need. 
— , j)l. necessaries. fforco. 

Nécessiter, va. to aecessilale; 
Nécessiteux, ae, a, necessitoui 

Nécrologo, sjTi.regIsfer ofdealhs. 
Nécromancie, sf, — ancy. 
Nécromancien, nc,$. — mancer. 
Nécrose, «/■. necrosis. 
Nectar, S77J. nectar. [vessel. 

Nef, sf. nave of a church; ship; 
Néfaste, a. ill-omened; fatal. 
NcOe, sf, mediar. 
NéQier, sm, medlar-tree. 
Négatif, ve, a. négative. 
NéETatiou, sf, — tion. 
Négiitive, sf. négative, rerusal. 
Néga^^.•cment, ad. — vely. 
Négligé, e, a. oIT-hand. 
— , S)n. und~ess, negligect. 
Négligemment, aa. negligently. 
Négligence, sf. négligence. 
Négligent, c, u. négligent. 
Négliger, l'rt. to neglect, siight. 

Se — , vr, to neglect one's selT, 
Négoce, sm. trade, corr^crce. 
Négociable, a. négociable. 
Négociant, sm. nrerchant. 
Négociateur, S77Î. negociator. 
Négociation, sf, négociation. 
Négocier, trade; négociât». 
Nègre, s. a negro. 
Négrerîe, s/, bararcoon. 
Négrier, SÎ7Ï. slave; of a slaver. 
— , S777. slaver. [girl. 

Négrillon, no, negro-boy, negro- 
Neige, sf, snow. 
Neiger, t', im]), to snow. 
Neigeux, se, a, snowy. 
Keuiti, ad. no. 
Néuiipbar, sm. water-lilj. 
Néologie, sf. neology. 
NéoEogique, a, — cal. 
Néologisme, S777, — gism. 
Néologne, S777. gist. [vei-t. 

Néopbjte, ncophyt, new con- 
Népbrétiqne, a, nephritic, re» 

Népotisme, S77!. nepotism. 
Néréide, sf. sca-nymph. 




Wcrf, gtn, sinew, ner?e,hand. 

— de bœuf, a bull's pizzle. 
Wcroli, sm essence of oranges. 
Nerprun, sm. biioLthorn. 
Nerval, e, a. corded nerred* 
Norveux, «e, o. nertoas, sinewy. 
IVervin, e. a. nertine. 
Riervure, sf. a ncrve, ribicording. 
Ket, te, a. neat, clear, clean. 

— , ad. cleany, shor.. 

Au — , to make a fair copy of. 
IVettement, ad. nedllj, plainij. 
IVetteié. sf. cleanness, neatiiess. 
IVettoiement, sm. cleanin». 
Kcuoyer, va. to clean ; scour ; 

clear; sweep. 
IGeur, a, nine. 
— • sm, a nine. 
— , ve, a. new. nnexperlented. 

A—, nid. afresh, like naw. 
Neiitralenient, ad. nentrally. 
IVeiitraligation, sf, neutraliza- 

Neutraliser, va. fo neutralize. 
Neutralité, sf, neutrality. 
Neutre, a, neuter, neutrali 
Neuvaine, sf. Dovena. 
Neuvièuie, a. s. niatfa. 
— , sm, ninth part. 
NeuTièmeaieiit, ad. nlnthlj. 
Neveu, sm. nephew. 
— t pi. posterilj. 
Névralgie, sf. neuralgyi 
Névritique,a. neurotic; nervlne. 
Névrologîe, sf. neurology. 
Hez,sm. nose. 

— à iiex, face to face. 

Avoir bon— , to be sagaclous. 

A «on—, to his face. 
Ni, c. neilber, nor. 
Niable, a. deniable. 
Niais, e, a. silly, simple. 
— ,». simpleton. 
Niaisement, ad. sillilyi 
Niaiser, vn. (0 trifle; faddie. 
Niaiserie, sf. silllness, silly 

tbing. ('~'^''u 

Niche, sf. niche, kennel, pranS 
Nichée, sf. nest,?et, crew, brood. 
Nicher, vn. to build; lodge. 

Se—, vr. to nestle; bide; lie. 
Nichoir, sm. breedinp-cage. 
Nicodème, sm, noodls , niuny. 

Nicotiane, sf. nlcotlaUi 
Nicotiue, nicotine. .■ 
Nid, sm. a nest. 
Nidoreux, se, a. nldoroas. 
Nièce, sf. nièce. 
Nielle, sf, mildew, blast. 
Nieller, va. to blast, mildew. 
Nier, va. to deny, disown. 
Nigaud, e, a. s. silly, simpleton. 
Nigauderle, >f. silllness, siliy 

Nimbe, if, glorj, nimbus. 
Nipper, va. lo fit ont. [thés. 

Se—, vr. to get a stock of clo- 
Ntppes, sf. pi. clolbes. 
Nique (faire la), to mock. 
Nitouche (sainte), sf, a sao^ 

timonious person. 
Nitrate, sm. nitrate. 
Nitre, sm, nitre. 
Nitreux, se, a, nîtrotl8« 
Nitrière, sf. nitred-bedi 
Nitrite, sm, nitrite. 
Niveau, sm. level. 

De—, ad. level, eTen. 
Niveler, va. to levé!. 
Niveleur, sm. leTellefi 
Nivellement, sm. levelling. 
Nobiliaire, a. nobiliary. 
Noble, a. s. noble, nobleman. 
Noblement, ad. nobly. 
Noblesse, s^nobility,nobleness. 
Noce, sf. wedding party. 
Noces, marriage, nuptials. 
Nocher, sm. pilot. 
Noctambule, s. noctambulist. 
Noctambulisme, sm, noclam» 

Nodus, sm. nodus, node. 
Noël, sf. Chrislmas carol. 
Nieud, sm. knot, stress, tie,knn» 

ckie, node,knob. band, intrigue. 
Noir, e, a, black, base, dismal, 


— de fumée, sm. lamp-black. 

— d'ivoire, 'wry black. 
—, r^'^. black. 
Noîfiitiv,, (I. blackish. 
Noiraud, e, o. s. dark, fawnji 
Noirceur, sf. blackness, blaci; 

Noircir, V, to blacken, asperse. 




Se—,vp. toblacken; gelcloudy. 
Noircissure, sf. black spot. 
Noire, sf. Crotchet. 
Noise, s/. strife,fqualble. 
NoiMciier, sm. bazel-lree. 
NoisottCf sf. hazelnul, nutbrown 
Noix, sf. walnut, plug. [colour. 

— de galle, a gall-nut. 
Nolis, freight. 

Noiiser, va. to freight, charter. 
Nom, sm. Dame, ncun, famé. 
Nouinde, a. nomadic. 
Noinlire, sm. number, rhylhm. 
Nonibrer, fa. to number,' count. 
Nombreux, «e, a. numerous. 
Nomliril, S712. nanel. 
NomenclateuF, sm. — tor. 
Nomenclature, sf. — ture. 
Nomiual, e, a. no.ioinal. 
Nomiuateur, sjn. patron (of 

a liviiig. 
Nomiuaiif. sm. Bominalive case. 
Nomination, sf, nomination, 

Noniinativement,n(^b; name. 
Nommé (à point), ad. in the 

nick of time. 
Nommément, ad. particularly. 
Nommer, vn. to nnme; nominale. 

Se—, D1-. to gite one's name, 

be called. 
Nonipareil, le, a. matchless. 
Nouipareille, sf. nonpareil; 

small sugar-plums, narrow rib- 
Non, ad. no, not. [bon. 

Nonagénaire, a. ninety jears 

of âge. 
Nonagésime, a. nonagesimal. 
Notante, 0. ninety. 
Nonanticme, a. ninethleth. 
Nonce. ;i;!. nuncio. 
Nonclialammeut, (7(2. negligen- 

tiy, CGCly. [coolness. 

Nonchalance, sf. nejlifpice, 
Nonclialant, e, a. 8. negrr^'ent, 

Nonciature, sf. nunîînture. 
Non-conformité, $?)!, — IDity. 

— être. S)»!, non-entity. 
NoBics. sf. }il. nones. 
Nonina. sm. nonius. 
Noitnaân, sf. nun. 
VVouuettc, s/', nunt^^nger-bread. 

Nonolistant, ad. notwilhstan» 
Non-pair, e, a. odd. [ding. 

— payement, sm. non-payment. 
Non plus ultra, ud. ne p!uB 

— -sens, »»!. nonsense. [ultr». 

— -seulement, ud. not oniy. 
Nonuple, a. ninefold. 
Non-valeur, s/', loss; dedi:c'ion. 
Nopal, sm. nopal. [bad dept. 
Nord, sm. norlh. 

— est, north-east. 

— ouest, north-west. 
Normal, e, a. normal. 
Nos, pr. pi. our. 
Nosographie, sf. nosografhj» 
Nosologie, sf. nosology. 
Nostalgie, sf. nostalgiâ. 
Nota, sm. note, mark. 
Notabilité, sf. respeclabiiily. 
Notable, a. remarkable, nnl.ible. 
Notablement, ad. noiab'y. 
Notables, sm. pi. leading-men. 
Notaire, sm. notary. 
Notamment, ad, especially. 
Notarial, sm, profession of a 

notary. [lary. 

Notarié, e, a. settled by a nô- 
Notarler, va. to draw' up (a 

Note, sf. note, mark,bill, account. 
Noter, va. to note; brand; prick; 

Noieur, sm, copier of music. 
Notice, sf. accounte, knowledge. 
Notification, sf. — lion, [tice. 
Notifier, va. to notify,give no< 
Notion, sf. notion, idea. 
Notoire, a, notorious, manifest. 
Notoirement, ad. notoriouslj. 
Notoriété, sf, DOtoriety. 
Nôtre, pr. our. 

Les—, pi, ours. 
Noué, e, a. tied ; rîckety. [form. 
Nouer, va. to lie; knot; knil: 

Se—, vr, to set (as fruits), to 

knit. [satcbel, 

Nouet, sm, ragful; little bunch, 
Noueux, se, a, knotty, nodose. 
Nougat, sm. nougat, "cakes made 

~C almonds and bonej. [celli. 
bouilles, sf. pi. ribbon ■vermi- 
Noulet, sm. gutter (of a roof). 
Nourrice, sf. wet-Durte. 




Nourricier, ère, a, nutrîlho. 

—,sm. fosler-father. 

Nourrir, va. to nonrîsh, feed, 

suckle, nurse, eniarge. [upon. 

Se — de, v^ to live or feed 
Nourrissant, <$, a. nourishing. 
Nonrrîsaeur, sm. dayrjman. 
Nourrisson, sm. fosler-child. 
Nourriture, sf, food, breeding. 
Nous,;))-, we, us, to us. [cent. 
Nouveau, nouvel, le,a.Dew,re- 
1 De — , again, afresh. 
'Nouveauté, sf. newness, novel- 

fy, innovation, change. 
Nouveautés (marchands de), 

Nouvelle, sf. news, noTel. 
Nouvellement, ad. newly. 
Nouvelliste, sm. oensmocger. 
Novatïon, sf. change. 
Novembre, sm. November. 
Novice, (7. s, novice, raw. 
Noviciat, sm, noviciate. 
Novissimc, ad. (Lis minute, Te- 

ry lately. [ncl, mould. 

Noyan, sm. stone of a fruit, ker- 
Noyer, sm. walnut-lree. 
—5 va. to drown; flood , blend 

(colours). [go to ruin. 

Se—, vr. to drown one's self; 
Noyon, sm. bound cf a bowling- 

Nu, nae, a. naked, plaiDi bare. 

A—, ad. naked. 
^, sm. maked; nudity. 
•» *6ie, bare-beaded. 

— jambe, barre-leggeâ> 

— pieds, bare-foot. 

— propriété, réversion. 
Nuage, sm. cloud , mist. 
Nuageux, se, a. cloudy. 
Nuaison, sf. a tradewind. ' 
Nuance, $f. shade, tint. 

Nuancer, va. to shade; tint. 
Nubile, a. nubile, marriçea 
Ntibilité, sf. marrigea!j!en 
Nudité, sf. nakedness, nudily. 
Nue, sf, cloud, sky. 
Nuée, sf. cloud, swarm, ciowd. 
NuemenI, ad. nument. 
Nuer, va. to shade; blend. 
Nuire, V)i. to hurt, injure. 
Niiisnaice, sf. — ce, damage. 
Niiisible,n. hurtful, prejudicial. 
Wvii», sf. night. 

De—, ad. by nîghl. 
Nuitamment, ad. in the night. 
Nuitée, sf. night's work. 
Nul, le,a. void,none, noone,no-. 
— part, ad. DO where. 
Nullement, ad. by no means, 
Nullilc, sf. nullity, incapaciiy. 
Kùmcnt, ad. piainly. 
^'umérnire, a. numéral. 
— , specie, cash. 
Numéral, e, a. numéral. 
1%'uniérateur, s»!. — lor. 
1%'umération, sf. — tion. 
Numérique, a. numerical. 
IViimériquement, ad. numerl' 

Numéro, sm. number. 
IVuméroter, va. to number. 
Numismatique, a. — matic. 
Nuuciipatif, ve, a. — live. 
Nuptial, e, a. nuptial. 
Nuque, sf nape (of the neck). 
Nuintion, sf. — tion. 
Nutritif, vc, a. nutritive. 
Nutrition, sf. — tion. 
Nyclalopc, a. night-seeing. 
— , s. njctatlops. 
NyctalopkC, «/■. nyctalopia. 
Nymphe, sf. nymph, njmpha. 
Nyniphomauic, sf. nympho- 


O! int. oh. 
O ça, now. 
Oasis, sm. oasis. 
Obédience, sf. obCidience. 
Obédicutiel, le, a, — tial. 

Obéir, vn. toobej, bend, serve; 
yield. [misMon. 

Obéissance, sf. obédience, sut»- 
Obéissant, c, a. obedient. 
Obélisque, sm. obelisk. 


202 OCT 

•Obércr,t'(i.eti!p.toruninto deht. 
Objecter, va. to object; oppose. 
Objectif, sm. object-glass. 
■Objectif, Te. a. — tive, idéal. 
Objection, sf. — tîOD, difficulty. 
■Oljjet, sm, ohject; end, matter, 

*;ticlo, suhjecti 
Obintion, s/, oblatîon. 
Obligatiou, obligation, bond. 
Oblii;atoii-e, a. obligatory. 
Obligé, a. obliged, indispensable. 
— , s. oliligor, obliged, idenlures. 
Dbligcaiumcut, ad. obligingly. 
Obligeance, sf. ob!igingness. 
Diïli^caHt, e, a. obliging, kind. 
Obliger, va. to oblige; bind. 
Obliiiiie, a. oblique, indirect, 

slant, sloping. [directly. 

Obliquement, ad. obliquely, in- 
Obliquité, sf. obliquity. 
-Oblong, ne, a. oblong. 
Obule. sf. obole, mite, farthing. 
<tboiubrer, va, to conceal, over- 

Obrcptîce, a. abrcptitious. 
Gbroplion, sf. — tion. 
Obscène,», obscène. 
Obscénité, sf. obscenity. 
Obscur, c, a. dark, gloomy. 
Obscurcir, va. to darken, grow 


S'—, vr. to grow dim. [ing. 
Obscurcissement, sm. darken- 
Obscnréraent, ad. oliscurely. 
Obscurité, sf. obscurily, dark- 

Obsécrationa, sf. pt. — tion. 
Obséder, V. to beset, obsess. 
Obsèques, sf. pi. obsequies. 
Obséquieux, se, a. obfequious. 
Observable, a. observable. 
Observance, sf. observance. 
Observateur, trice, s. observer. 
Observation, sf. — tion, re- 
mark, observance, keeping. 
Observatoire, sm. — tory. 
Observer, t'a. to observe, watch, 

notice, practice. [other. 

S'— ,vi'. lobeobserved;eyeeach 
Obsession, sf. obsession, beset- 
Obsidienne, sf. obsidian. [ting. 
Obsidional, c, n. — nal. 
Obstacle, S)/!, obstacle, bar, clog. 

Obstétrique, a. obstétrical. 
Obstination, sf, obstinacy. 
Obstiné, o. a. s, stubborn, ob> 

stinate, willul. 
Obstinément, ad. obstinately. 

S'obstiner, vr. 10 persist iû ; 

be obslinate in. 
Obstructif, ve, a, obstructive. 
Obstruction, sf, obstruction. 
Obstruer, va. to obstruct; stop 
Obtempérer, t;a. to obey. [up. 
Obtenir, Df7. to oblain, get. 
Obtention, sf. obtaining. 
Obtus, e, a. obtuse, dull. 
Obvier, vn. to obviate. 
Obus, si'-x. howitzer shell. 
Obusicr, S7n. howitzer. 
Obvier, lia. to obviate. 
Ocease, a, occasive, seltinf. 
Occasion, sf. occasion, oppor- 

Par — , occasionally. [tunify. 
Occasionnel, le, a, — nal.[lT. 
Occasionnellement, ad. — nal- 
Occasionner, va. to occasion; 

Occident, sm. west, [west. 
Occidental, e, a. western. 
Occipital, e, a. — tal. 
Occiput, s)n. occiput. 
Occire, t'<x. to slay; kill. 
Occiseur, sm. slayer; slaughterer. 
Oceision, sf. murder. 
Occultation, sf. — tion. 
Occulte, a. occult. 
Occupant, e, s. occupîer. 
Occupation, s/', occupation, eni« 

ployment, work. 
Occuper.rn. to take up; emploj) 

possess; hold, plead, manage, 
appear. [iLink about. 

S'—, vr. to occupy one's self; 
Occurence, sf, occurrence. 
Occurrent, e, a, occurring. 
Océan, sm. océan. 
Ochlocratic, sf. ochlocraty. 
Ocre, sf. ochre. 
Octaèdre, sm. ocfaedron. 
Octant, sm. quadrant. 
Octante, a. eigbtj. 
Octave, »/■, octave. 
Octavin, sm. octave (flûte). 
Octavo (in-), sm, octavo. 
— , ad. eightbiy. 




«tctobre, sm. Oclober. 
«(■«ogôiiaire, a. S. oclogenary. 
Ooiogotte, a. sm. octagonal. 
Octroi, sm. grant, fown-dues. 
Oclroj-er, va. to graiil; afford. 
Ociiiple, a. e'ight-rold. 
Ocdiplor, va, to eigbl-fold; in- 
Ociilaire, a. ocular. [crease. 
Oculiste, s;n. oculist. 
Odalisque, sf. odalisk. 
Ode, sf. ode. 

Odeur, sm, odeur, BBielI, scent. 
Odieusemeut, ad. odiously, 

Oilieux, se, a. odious, bateTul. 
fidomètre, sm. odometer. 
Odontalgie, sf. odonlalgy. 
Odontalgique, a. odontalgic, 
Odorant, e, a. sweeted-scenled; 

Odorat, sm. smell, smel!ing. 
Odoriférant, c, a, odoriferous, 

CEcuménique, a. — nical. 
lEii, sm. eje; bud; gloss. 

— de boeuf, Lull's eye (o-val 

Coup d'— , look, eye, sight. 

Clin d'— , twiDiiiEg. 

A vue d^ — , visibly, by sight. 

— de perdrix, sjn. partridge- 
wood; soft corn {on Ihe foot). 

<Eillade, sf. ogle, look, glance. 
4EilIèrc, sf. blinkcr of a briddie; 


Dents d' — , cye-lealh. 
Œillet, sm, carnation, pink, 
OËillelon, sm. sucker. [eyelet. 
flîsopliage, sm, — phagus, 
*Euf,sm. egg. [windpipe. 

Œuvé, e, a. hard-roed. 
(£uvr«, sf, work, act on. 

Hors—, tbe outside. 

Hors d'— , by dish. 
Offensant, e, a. ofTensi've. 
OITense, sf. oITence, trespass, 

Mn, injury. 
Offense, S))!, offcnded person. 
Offenser, va. to ofTend, injure. 

S** — , va. to take offence. 
Offenseur, sm. oITender, in- 

O0cusif, TO, a. offensive. 

Offensive, sf. offensive. 
Offeiisiveinent, ad, — vely. 
Offerte, Offertoire, sm, offcr» 

tory, [turn, service 

Office, sm. crfice, part, good 
— , sf, butler's pantry. 
Officiante, sf. orticialily, eccle- 

siastical, court. [ter. 

Officiant, a. s. ofticiating micis- 
Officicl, le, a officiai. 
Officiellement, (7 rL ofRciali;. 
Officier, vn. to offîciate. 
— , sm. officer, hojse-steward. 
Orficieusemeut, ad. officiously, 

ol)'ii;,'ingIy. [officions. 

Officieux, se, n. obliging, kind| 
Officinal, e, a. officinal. 
Offrande, s/, oblation, offering. 
, Offrant, a. s. bidder. 
Offre, sf. offer, lender, supply. 
Offrir, va. to offer, bid, tender. 
Offusquer, to darken; éclipse; 

dazzje, olTend. 
Ogive, sf. ogive. 
Ogre, sse, ogre, ogress. 
ou: int, oh! 

Oie, sf. goose. [callositv. 

Oignon, sm. onion, root, bulb, 

lioitc d'— , rope of onioDS. 
Oille, sf. olio. 
Oindre, va. to anoint. 
Oiitg, sm, hog's grease. 
Oint, e, a. anointed. 
Oiseau, sm. bird; hod. 

A »ol d'— , as the crow Aies. 

A vue d'— , in birds-eye pers- 
Oiseler, va. to go a fowling. 
Oiselet, sm, little bird. 
Oiseleur, sm. bird-catcher. 
Oiselier, sm. bird-seller, fowler. 
Oisellerie, sf. bird-catching. 
Oiseux, ne, a. idie, frivolous. 
Oisif, ve, (». idIe, unoccupied. 
Oisillon, sm. liftle bird. 
Oisivement, ad. idly, 
Oisiveté, sf, idieness, inaction. 
Oison, sm. gosling; oinny. 
Oléagineux, se, a. oleaginous. 
Olfactif, a. olfactory. 
Olilian, sm. elilianum. 
Oiilirius, sm. pietended; swe!. 
Oligarchie, sf. — cby. 




Olignrcliiqiie, a> — chical. 
Olii-aiso», sf. olive-harTest. 
Oliiûtrc, a. olive-coloured. 
Olive, sf. olive 
Olivclte, s/'. oliTe-jdrd. 
Olivier, $m. olive-lree. 
Ollaire (pierre), a. pot stone. 
Olographe, a. holographie. 
Olympe, sin. Oljmpus, skj. 
Olympiade, sf. oljrapiad. 
Olympien, ne, a. olympic. 
Olympique, a. olympic. 
Ombelle, «/■. umbel. 
Ombellirére, a. umbellirerons. 
Ombilic, sm. Davel; umbilic. 
Ombilical, e, a. umbilicai. 
Ombrage, sm. shade, umbrage. 
Ombrager, vn, to shade, lone 

down. [picious. 

Ombrageux, se, a. sklttish, sus- 
Ombre, sf. shade, shadow,gho5t, 

Ombrelle, sf. parasol. 
Ombrer, va. lo shade, a drawÎBg. 
Ombreux, se, a. umbrageous, 
Oméga, sm. oméga. [shady. 

Omelette, sf. omelet. 
Omettre, va. to omit; leave out. 
Omisnioii, sf. omis.^ion, neglect. 
Omnibus, sm. omnibus. 
Omuiscieucc, sf. omniscience. 
Omoplate, sf, omoplate; blade- 

bone. [man, pleope. 

On, pr. it, Ihey, one, somebody, 
Onagre, stn. onager; wild ass. 
Ouc, ad. never. 
Ouee, sf. ounce. 
Oncbets , sm. pi. spillikins. 
Oncial, c, a. capital, unciaU 
Oncle, sm. uncle. 
Onction, sf. unction; annoiting. 
Onciue'^semcut, ad. Viith UDC- 

Onctueux, se.f7, uncluons, oily. 
Onctuosité, .■<f. uncluosity. 
Onde, sf. wave, undulation, bil- 
Ondé, c, a. watered. [low. 

Ondée, sf. shower, 
Oadoiemcnt, sm. private bap- 

tism, undulation. b'ing. 

Ondoyant, e, a. undulating; wa- 
Ondoyer, vn. to undulate; wave. 
— > va. cbristeu. 

Ondulation, if. undulation. 

Ondulé, e, a. undulated.wavei 
Ondulatoire, a. undulalory. 
Onduler, m. to wave; undulate. 
Onduleux, «e, a. undulating, 

Ouérâîre, onerary, actirg. 
Onéreux, se, a. onerous, bur- 

densomo. [horse. 

Ougle, sm,, nail, claw; hoof 
Onglé, e, a. armed (in he- 

Onglée, sf, hot-acha (painful 

numbness of tho Angers from 

Onglet, sm. gnard; mitre, Oal 

graver; single-Ii af cancel. 
Onglette, s/, flat graver. 
Onguent, sm. salve, oinlment. 
Ongulé, e, a. hoofed. 
Ouirocritie, sf. oneirocrîtics, 
Ouocrolale, sm. white pélican. 
Onomatopée,;/'. onomcEtopœia. 
Onyv, sm. onyx. 
Onze, a cleven, eleventh. 
Onzième, n. eleventh. 
— , sm. eleTenlh part. 
Onzièmement, ad. eievOnUielj, 
Oolitlie, sm. oolito. 
Opacité, sf. opacitj. 
Opale, sf. opal. 
Opaque, a. opaque, opacous. 
Opéra, sm. opéra , opera-liouse, 
Operculé, e. a. operculated. 
Opérateur, (rice, s. operator, 

Opération, sf. — tion, vrorking. 
Opérer, va. to operate, work; 

elîect. [opération. 

Se faire — , to undergo ao 
Opbïte, a. s. ophite. 
Ophtalmie, sf. ophiaimy. 
Ophtalmique, a. ophtalmie. 
Opiat, sf. opiate. ,■; 

Opilatiou,s/. oppilation. 
Opiler, va. to oppilate. 
Opinant, sm. speaker. 
Opiner, va. to give ono's opi- 
nion; speak. [the resl. . 
— du bonnet, (0 chirae in vith 
Opiniâtre, a. S. obstinate, wil- 

ful, mulisb. 




Olii»i«<rciuciit, ad, obstinatcly. 
0|iïi>iâ(i-er, va. to render obs- 


S'—, vr. lo be obslinate. 
Opiniâtreté, sf. obsUnacy. 
Opinion, sf. opinion, vota. 
Opinni, sni. opium. 
Opo<Iel4loc,5?)i. opodeldoc. 
Opportun, e, a. opportune, sea- 

souable. [nely. 

Opportunément, ad. opportu- 
Opportunité, sf, — nity, occa- 
Opposnnt,e, a. opponent.[sion. 
Opposé, e, a. opposite. 
Opposer, va. to oppose, face; 

allège, plead; place opposite to. 

S'—, to be opposed to. 
Opposite, sm. the opposite. 

A I' — , in front of. 
Opposition, sf. opposition, r - 

sistance, protest, ca\eat. 
Oppresser, va. to oppress. 
Oppresseur, sm. oppresser. 
Oppressif, *e, a. oppressive* 
Oppression, sf. oppression. 
Opprcssivcnient, ad. — vely. 
Opprimer, va. to oppress. 
Opprobre, sm. disgrâce, shamej 

Optatif, sm. optati-ve mood. 
Opter, va. to clioose. 
Opticien, sm.. optician. 
OiHiniisine, sm. optimity. 
Optimiste, sm. optimist. 
Option, sf. choice, option. 
Optique, a. sf. optic, opties. 
Opulemment, ad. opulently. 
Opulence, sf. opulence, fulness. 
Opulent, e, a.opulent, wealthy. 
Opuscule, sm, opuscule, brief 

Or, sm. gold; or (in heraldj). 

D'— , gold, golden, 
— , C. but, now, and. 
— , (a, sus, come now. 
Oracle, sm. oracle. 
Orage, sm. broils, tempest. 
Orageux, se, o. slormy. 
Oraison, sf. speech, oralion, 
Oral, e, a. oral. [prayer. 

Orang-outang, stn. orang-ou- 
Orange, sf. orange. [lang. 

Orangé, e, a. OrSBge-CCloiuïd. ' 

Orangeade, sf. orangeade. 

Orangcat, sm. candied orangt 

Oranger, sm. oraoge-tree. [piel. 

Orangerie, sf. orangery. 

Orateur, sm. orator, public- 

Oratoire, n. oratorial. 

— , sm. oratory. 

Oratoirement, ad. oratorically 

Oratorio, sm. oratorio. 

Orbe. sm. orb, orbit. 

—, a. bruising, contunding, dead 
(as a wall). 

Orbicnlairo, a. — lar. 

Orbiculairement, ad. — ISflj» 

Orbite, sf. orbit. 

Orcanctc, sf. orcanet, alkaDet. 

Orcbestre, sm. orchestre» 

Orcliis, s)n. orchis. 

Ordalie, sf. ordeal. 

Orilinaire, sm. ordinary, fare, 
common, custom. 

— , a. ordinary, vulgar. 
A r — , as UEual. [usually. 

Ordinairement, ad. ordinarily, 

Ordinal, a. — nal.[holy orders. 

Ordiiiand, sm. candidate for 

Ordinant. Sî/i. ordaining bishop. 

Ordination, 5^. — tion. 

Ordonnance, sf. ordiaance, 

prescription, warrant. 
Ordonnancer, va, to pass (for 

payement). [ser, orderer. 

Ordonnateur, triée, s. dispo- 
Ordonner, va. to order, dispose, 

prescribe, ordain, enjoin. 
Ordre, sm. ordor, disposition. 
Ordure, «/■. fiith, dust, ordure. 
Ordurier, e, «. S. obscene fil- 
Oreillard, e, a. lap-heared.[thy. 
Oreille, sf. ear, tie, ear-lap, 

dog'sear, corner, handie, flucke 

of an anchar. 
Oreiller, sm. plllow. 
Oreillette, gf. auricle of the 

heart, ear-rag; ear-lap (of a cap). 
Oreîllon, sm,. swelling of ths 

almond of the year. 
Oremus, sm. prayer, orison. 
Orféire, sm. goldsmith. 
Oi'féTrerie, sf. goldsmith 's art. 
Orfraie, s/', sea-cagle, ospray. 
Orfroi, sm, £old,friDg$, orfuys. 




Organdi, sm. organdi. 

Organe, sm. organ,\oicc, agent . 

Organique, — nie 

Organïsatiou, sf, — lion. 

Oi-sauiscr, va. to organize. 
' — . vr. to gel orgaiiized. 

Organis^me, sȔ. organism. 

Organiste, s. organisl. [zine. 

Orgausîn,s»î.thro\v silk, organ- 

Orgasnic, sm. orgasm. 

Oi-ge, sf. barley. 

Orgeat, SOT. orgeat. 

Orgie, sf. orgie. 

Orgue, sm. sf. OT-gan. 

Orgueil, sm. pride,haughtiness. 


Orgueilleux, se, a, proud. 

Orient, sm. east. 

Oriental, e, a. eastern, oriental. 

Orieutaliate, sm. orientalist. 

Orienter, l'a. to set in an east- 
ward, exposure, to tiim Ihe 
sails. [silion ; look abouk one. 
S' — , vr. to afcerlain one's po- 

Orifice, sm. oriBce, aperture. 

Oriflamme, sf. oriUarae. 

Origan, s»!, origanuni. [ifsued. 

Originaire, a. originary, 

Originairement, ad, originai- 
ly, primili'velj. 

Original, e, a. original, odd. 

— , SOT. original, odd fellow. 

Originalité, sf. originality. 

Origine, sf. origin, cause. 

Originel, le, a. original, pri- 

Originellement, ad. — nally. 

Orignal, sm, Canada, elk. 

Orillon, sm. ear (oF a piphlo). 

Orin, sm. buoy-rope. 

Oripeau, sm. tiasel. 

Orle, sm. orle. 

Orme, sm, elm. 

Ormenu, sm. young elm. 

Ormille,s/'. eir.-plant. 

Orne, sm. manna-asb. 

Ornement, s»l. ornament. 

Ornementation, sf, — tion. 

Orner, va. to adorn, embellisb. 

Ornière, sf, fut, track. 

Ornithologie, sf. — logy. 

Ornithologiste, sm. — loglet. 

Orpailleur, sm. golâ-se»rclier. 

Orphelin, e, a S. orphan. 
Orphéon, sm. singing-scbooT; 

Orpiment, sm. orpiment. 
Orpin, sm. orpine. 
Orteil, sm, toe. 
Orthodoxe, a. S ortbodox. 
Orthodoxie, sf. — doxy. 
Orthographe.s/'.— pby.spelling. 
Oi'tographie. sf. — phy. 

Ortographicr, Va. tO Spell. 
Ortographiqtie, a. — ical. 
Orthopédie, sf. orthopœdy. 
Orthopnée, Sf. orlhopny. 
Ortie, sf. netile, rowel. 
Ortive, a. ortive, east. 
Ortolan, sm. ortolan. 
Orvale, sf. clary, orval. 
Ort'iétan, sm. orviétan. 
Os. sm. lione. 
Oscillation, sf — tion. 
Oscillatoire, fl. — tory. 
Osciller, un. to oscillate. 
Osé. e, a. daring, bold. 
Oscille, sf. sorrel. 
Oser, vn. to dare, risk; Tenturao 
Oscraie, sf. osier-bed. 
Osier, sm. o£ier-wilbe.[kle.hone. 
Osselet, sm.OEsicIe, osselet, bue- 
Ossements, sm. pi. boncs. 
Osseux, se, a. bony, osscous. 
0^'siGcatiou, sf. — tion. 
Ossifier, va. to ossify. 
Ossilîquc, a. ossifying. 
Ossn, e, a. large-boned. 
Ostensible, a. — kle. 
Ostensiblement, ad. ostensibly. 
Ostentation, Sf. ostentation, 

Ostéograpbie, sf. csteograpby. 
Ostéologie, sf. — logy. 
Ostracée, a. ostracean. 
Ostracisme, sm. — cism. 
Ostracite, sf. os'racite. 
Ostrogotk, a. golhic, uncountb. 
Otage, sm. hostage. 
Otalgie, sf. otalgy. 
Oter, va. to Iake away, pull off, 

remove, deprive. 
Ottomane, sf. ottoman (seat). 
Ou, c. or, eilher. 
Où, ad. wbere, wbither, whicb. 
D'— , froœ, whencs. 




Ouaicho, sm. wake Oi a ship. 

Oiinis! iat. hey-day I whish. 

Ouaille, sf. sijeep. 

—, s. pi. flock. 

Ouate, sf. wadding. 

Ouater, va. to -vad, pad. [vion. 

Oubli, sm. forgelfulness, obli- 

Oulilie, sf. wafer. [glect. 

Oublier, va. to forget; omit; ne- 

S'— , forget one's self. 
Oubliettes, sf. pi. oubliette; 

Oublieur, sm. wafer-raaker. 
Oublieux, so, a. forgetful. 
Ouest sm. west, occident. 
Ouf! int. ohl 

Ouï, ad. sm. yes, ay, indeed. 
Oui-da, indeed. 
Ouli-dire, sm. hearsay. 
Ouïe, sf. hearing. 
Ouïes, sf. pi. gills (of fishes). 
Ouïr, va. tb hear. 
Ourngau, sm. hurricane. 
Ourdir, va. 10 warp; frarae, plot. 
Ourdissoir, sm. beam. 
Ourdissurc, s/', warpingi 
Ourler, va. to nem. 
Ourlet, S7n. hem. 
Ours, sm. a bear. 
Ourse, she-bear. 
Oursiu, sm. sea-hedgebog. 
Ourson, sm. bear's cub. 
Outarde, sf. bustard. 
Outardeau, sm. joung bustard. 
Outil, sm. lool. 
Outillage, sm. sct of toob; plant. 
Outiller, va. ta supply witb toois. 
Outrage, sm. outrage, injury. 
Outragcaut, e, a. outragcous. 
Outrager, va. to outrage -, treat 

witb contumeiy. 
Outrageu8ement,ad.— geously. 
Outragcnx, se, a. outrageous. 
Outrance, utteraace. 
— , to excess; to the death. 
Outre, sf. lealher boltle; budget. 
—, ad. farther, beyond. 

D''— en outr«, thrOUgb and 


Outré, e, n. excç=sive, Ihuroii;.'- 

going, overdoiie. 
OutrccuZdauce, sf. presump- 

Outremer, s. ultra-marine. 
Outre-mesure, ad. bejcnil 

measure, excessively. 

— -passer, va. to exceed. 
Outrer, l'a. toover-work, exagge- 

rale, knock up. [servecU 

Ouvert, e, «. open, frank, uura- 

Livre— , at sight. 
Ouvertement, ad. opealy^ 

frankly. [bint, overture, means. 
Ouverture, sf. opening hole. 
Ouvrable, working. [manskip. 
Ouvrage, sm. work, work- 
Ouvrugé, e, fl. worked, figured» 
Ouvrant, e, a. opening. 
Ouvré, e (linge), diapered. 
Ouvrer, va. to work; lashion. 
Ouvreur, se, s. opener. 

— de loges, box-keeper. 
Ouvrier, s. working-man. [king. 
Ouvrier, c, a. opuralive, wor» 
— e (cbeville), raain-bolt. 
Ouvrière, sf. work-woman. 
Ouvrir, V. to open; unclose; 

brcach, excite, sliarpen. 

S'—, vr. to open up; uaboso» 

one's self. 
Ouvroir, sm, a work-room. 
Ovaire, s»2. ovary^ 
Ovale, a. sm. oval. 
Ovation, sf. — tioa. 
Ove, sm. egg, ovolo. 
Ovipare, a. oviparous. 
Oxalate, sm. oxalate. 
Oxalique (acide), oxalic, 
Oxidé, e, a. oxidated, combiaei^ 

witb oxigen. 
Oxjcrat, sm. oxycrate. 
Oxydable, a. oxidable. 
Oxj'dution, sf. oxidation. 
Oxyder, va. to oxidate 
Oxygène, sm. oxigen. 
Oxjmel, sm. oxymel. 
Oyant, e, a. s, hearer, audilor. 
02«ne)ini. «z«a«. 




Pacage^ êm. pasture, grazing- 

Pncnger, un. to graze. [land. 

Pacha, sm. pasha, pacha. 

Pacbj'derme, a. pachyder- 

— , sm. pachyderm. [malous. 

— ,]il. mata. [ficator. 

Pacificateur, trice, sm. paçi- 

PaciOcation, sf. — tion. 

Pnciûei',Da. to pacify. 

Pacifique, a. peaceable, pacifie. 

Pacifiquemeut, ad. pcaceably. 

Pacotille, s/, seaman's venture. 

;pacle, sm. compact, pact, league. 

Pactiser, t'îl. to convenant. 

:Pailou, sm. ferret. [heathenism. 

Pagauisme, sm. pagauUm, 

Pngaie, sf. paddie. 

Paguyer, va. tO paddie. 

Page, sm. page. 

—, sf. page (of a leaf). 

Pagiuatian,s^. pagingoTabook 

Pagiuer, lia. to page. 

Pagne, sf. cotlon-drawers. 

Pagode, sf. pagoda. 

Païen, ne, a. S. pagan, heathen. 

Paillard, e, a. S. lecberous. 

Paillarder, va. to play Ihe rake 

Paillardise, sf. leechery. 

Paillasse, sf. straw-mattress. 

— , sm. merry-andrew. 

Paillasson, sm. straw-mat. 

Paille, sf. straw, flaw, chalT. 

Paillée, sf. floor (of corn). 

Pailler, sm. farm-yaxd. 

Paillet, im. a. pale. 

—, s. beap of siraw 

Paillette, sf. spangle. 

Pailleiii, se, a. Qawy. 

Paillon, large spangle; foil (for 
jewels); link (of a walch chain), 
tit of solder. [lihood. 

Pain, sm. Lread, loaf, live 

— d'épice, sm. ginger bread. 

— à cacheter, wafer. 
Petit—, a ro!l. 

— rassis, slale bread. 

— tendre, new bread. 
Pair, e, a. rqual, par, evan. 

— , SM. peermale. 

IDe— , on an equality. 
Paire, sf. a pair, brace, Coupls^ 
Paircsse, sf. peeress. 
Pairie, sf. peerage. [peaceful. 
Paisible, a. peaceable, quUti 
Paisiblement, ad. quietly. 
Paissant, e, a. grazing. 
Paisson, sm paEture, feed. 
Pj<ître,U(;. to feed, graze;brows9. 
Paii, sf. peace, pax, quiet. 
— ! silence! be quiell hushl 
Pal, sm. pale. 
Paladin, sm. paladine. 
Palais, sm. palace, court ofjaS" 

tice, palate (oftbe moutb). 
Palau, sm. (ma.) tackle. 
Palanquer, va. tO haul On • 

Palanquin, sm. palankeeo. 
Palatin, e, a. palatal. 
Palatine, sf. tippet. 
Pale, sm. mill-galc,sluice, pal». 
Pâle, a. pale, wan. 
Paloe, sf. row of piles. 
Piilofreiiier sm. under-groom. 
Palefroi, sm. paifrey. 
Paléograiibie, sf. paleography. 
Paléontologie, s)', paleontbology 
Paleron, sni. shoulder, blade- 
Palestrc, sf. palestra. [bone. 
Palet, sm. quoit. 
Palette, sf. baltle-board, paiu» 

pallet, spoonbill. 
Pâleur, sf. paleness. 
Palier, sm. stair-head. 
Palingénésie, sf, palitl_ 
Palinodie, sf. palinody," reCSIl» 

Pâlir, va. to grow pale» ' 
Palis, sm. pale, paled yard. 
Palissade, sf. paijsade. 
Palissttder, va. to palisade. 
Palissage, sm. yaling up. 
Palisser, va. to paie up. 
Palladium, sm. palladium. 
Palliatif, ve, ((. S. pailiativS. 
Palliatiou, sf. palliatioa. 




Pallier, va. to palliate. 

Palliiim, sm. pallium. 

Palnia (hrigii, sm. ricinus 

commuDîi,. fpalni-Iear. 

Palme, sf, palm, palm-branch; 
Paliuettc, sf. palm-leaf. 
Puiinier, sm. palm-tree. 
Palmipède, a. webfooled. 
Paloiiuicr, sm. springle-tree, 

of a carriage. 
Palpalile, a palpable. 
Palpableuaeut, ad. palpably. 
Pa1palion,s/. palpalion,feeliiig. 
Palper, vn. tot'eel; palp;handle. 
Palpitant, e, a. palpilating. 
Palpitation, s^. palpitation. 
Palpiter, vn. to pa]pilate;throb. 
Paltoquet, sm. luberly fellow. 
PaliiB, sm. marsh. [away. 

Pâmer (se), vr. to swoon ; Taiol 

80 — de rire, to be rcady te 

die with laughing. 
Panïphiet, s?n. pampblet. 
Pampre, sm. vine-branch. 
Pan, sm. pandeaD pipes, mouth- 
Pauacée, sf. panacea [organ. 
Panache, sm. plume; tuft (Of 

foliage), final. 
Panacher (■e),t; get streal y. 
Panaché, e, a. variegated. 
Panachure, sf. streak. 
Panade, sf. panado 
Pauader (se), vr. to strut. 
Panage, sm. panage. 
Panais, sm. parsnip. 
Panaris, sm. whitlow. 
Pancarte, sf. placard; toll- 

table, paper-case. 
Pancrace, sm. pancratium. 
Panoreasi sm. pancréas, sweet- 

Pancréatique, a. pancreatic. 
Pandectes, 8f. pi. pandects. 
Pandore, sf. pandora 
Pan-lonre, sm. pandour, Hunga- 

rmn soldier. 
fanég^-rique, a. panegjric. 
Panégyriste, STO. a paiiegjrisl. 
Paué, e, a. coîeved wilfa cruin- 

bled bread. 
Panée (eau), toast and water. 
Paner, va. to coter wilh crum- 

bled bread. 

Panerée, sf. baskelTul. 
Paneterie, sf. paiilry. 
Panctier, stn pantler. 
Paiselière, sf. scrip, pouch. 
Panic, sm. panic-grass. 
Pauicule, sf. panicule. 
Panier, sm. basket; boop — 

PaniGcatiou, sf. panification, 

Panique, panic. 
Panne, sf. pane of a hammer, fat, 

puriin, plust, shag. 

Mettre eu—, (ma ) to bring 

tù ; bave to. 
Panneau, sm. pannel , trap, 
Panneton, S}n. key-bit. [net. 
Panoplie, sf. pano[ily. 
Panorama , sm. panorama. 
Pansage, sm. grooming. 
Panse, sf. pauncb, belly. 
Pansement, sm. (iressing of 

wounds, grooming (horses). 
Panser, va. to dress a wouud, 

to groom (horses). 
Pansu, e, a. S. big-bellied. 
Pantalon, sm. — loon, buffoon 
Pantelant, e, a. panting. [bow, 
Panteler, vn, tO pant; puff and 
Panthéon, sm. pautbeon. 
Panthère, sf. pan'.her. [net). 
Pauiièrc, sf. panier (birding- 
Pantin, sm. puppel. 
Pantographe, snu — graph. 
Pantois, e, a. sbort-winded. 
Pantomime, sf. — mime. 
— , sm. pantomist. 
Pantoufle, sf. sllppor. 

En—, ad. slip-shod. 
Paon, sm. peacock. 
Paonne, Sf. pea-ben. 
Paouueau, sm. pca-chick. 
P«pa, sm. papa. 
Papal, e, a. papal. 
Papauté, sf. papacy, popedom 
Pape, syn. popa. 
Papcgai, sm, popinjay. 
Papelard, e, s. hypocritical. 
Papelardise, sf. hypocrisy 
Paperasse, sf. waste papper. 
Paperasser, V7i. to ru.nmage 

old papers. [of usoless papers, 
Paverassier, e, s. a préserver 





PapMerle, sf. paper-mill, pa- 
per-making, writing case. 

Papetier, ». s. paper-maker, 

Papier, sm. paper. 

— , s. pi. passport; documents. 

— peiiil. paper hanging?. 
Papillnire, a papUlary. 
Papille, s/, papilla. 
Papillou, sm. butterûy, a fop. 
Papilloiiacc, e, a. — ceous. 
Papilloiiiicr, vn, 10 fluUer. 
Papillotagc, sm. trilliDgthings. 
Papillote, s/. cur]-paper,comfit 

wrapped ia paper. [papers. 
Papilloter, va. to put bair in 
—, vn. to twinkle. 
Papism», sm. poperj. 
Papisie, s. paplst. 
Papyrus, sm. papyrus (plant). 
Pâque, sf. passover. [pocket. 
Pac|ucbot , sm. packet boat; 

— à vapeur, steamer. 
Pâquerette, sf. easter-daisy. 
Pâques, sm, Easter. 

—, Oeuries, Palm Sunday. 
Paquet, sm. packet, parceli 

Pâquis, sm. pashire. 
Par,;)r. by, on, Ihrough, ont 0% 

for, wilb, aboutjin, Oï8r, at. 

— de là, beyond. 

— «ci, this way. 

— ici,parià,ad.bereaadthere. 

— là, thatway. 

— on, which way. 

— dessus, sm. ovor coat. 
Parabole, s/', parable, parabola. 
Parabolique, a. — lical. 
Paraboliqueuieut, ad—Wc^V.'j. 
Parachèvement, $m, eudiog, 


Parachever, va. to Snisb, end. 

Parachrouisme, em. — nism. 

Parachute, sm. parachute. 

Paraclet, sm. paraclete, com- 

Paradox sf. parade, state, 
sliow, display, pagcant, state. 

Paradigme, sm. digiu. 

Paradis, s)u. paradisd (upper 

Paradoxal) e, a. — doxtcal- 

Paradoxe, sm. paradox. 
Paraphe, sm. tlou-ish, fizzle; 

initiais; abbrevialed signature. 
Parapher, va. to sign with ini- 
tiais, [latitudes. 
Parage, sm. extraction, parts, 
Paragoge, sm. paragoge. 
Paragogique, a. — gical. 
Paragraphe, sm. paragraph. 
Paraître, vn. to appear; seein; 

look; show one's self. 
Parallactîque, a, — tlO« 
Parallaxe, sf. parallax. 
Parallèle, a. sf. parallel. 
Parallèlement, ad. parallelly. 
Parallélipipède, s»t.— lopiped. 
Parallélisme, sm. — HsiD. 
Parai lèlogramiiie,5?n.—.grani. 
Paralipomènes, sm. pi. para- 

Paralogisme, 9m. — gism. 
Paraijiscr, paralyse; palsj 
Paralysie, sf. a, palsy. 
Paralytique, a. s. paralytiCi 
Parangon, sm. paragon. 
Parangonuage, sm. justifjing. 
Parangouner, va. to justify, 
Parauomasie, sf. paranomasia. 
Parant, e, a. ornameutal. 
Parapet, sm. parapet. 
Paraphrase, sm, paraphrase. 
Paraphraser, paraphrase. 
Paraphraste, sm, paraphrast. 
Parapluie, sm. umbrella. 
Parasélèiie, sf. parasOlenSi 

Parasite, sm. spunger. 
Parasol, sm. parasol. 
Paratonnerre, sm. lightning" 

Paravent, sm. folding-screen. 
Parbleu ! int. zounds I forsootlii 
Parc, sm. park, fold (ma.)i lockerj 

Parcage, stn. îSs^il-roldi^g. 
Parcelle, sf. part particlSi 
Parcellaire, a. delailedi 
Parce que, because. 
Parchemin, sm. parchment. 
Parcheminerie, sf, parchment 

trade, parchment manufaclory. 
Parcbemtuicr,sni. p<tr(<lim«Bt' 





Parciniouie, s/', parsiraonj. 
Pai'coui-ir, va. to Iravel ovor; 

run over; survey, peruse. 
t'ardou, sm. pardon; forg- 

Pnriloiinablc, a, pardonable. 
Pnrdouiier, va. to pardon, 

Pareil, le, a. S. like, equal. 

Kendrcla — , togi\e titl'or lat 
Pareillement, ad, similarlj", 

likenise, also. 
IP'nrclle, sf, parella(dye-lichen). 
Parement, sm. ornamenl,trim- 

ming, eut, face, front, kirb, Ihick 

slick (in a faggct). 
l'as-eiicbj'iue, sm. parenchyme. 
Parent, sin. relation, kinsman. 
— , pi- parents. 
Parenté, sf. relationship. 
E>arcu<Iièse, sm. parenthesis. 
Parer, va. to dress; adorn; trim; 

pare; slielter; find a remedy. 

Se—, vr. to adorn one's self; 

shelter. [zincss. 

Paresse, sf. sloth, idieness, la- 
Paresser, vn. to be idle. 
Paresseux, se, a. S. slotll,idIe, 

lazy, indolent. 
Parfaire, Va. to perfect. 
Parfait, e, a. perfect, complète. 
Parlait, sm. prétérit, perfect. 
Parfailenicut, ad perfectly. 
Parfois, ad. sometimes,attimes. 
Parfondre, t'a. to fuse. 
Parfum, sm. perfume. 
Parfumer, va. to perfume. 
Parfumeur, se, s. perfumera 
Pari, SHi. a wager, bet. 
Pariadc, sf. pairing-time. 
Parier, va to bet; lay. 
Pariétaire, sm, pellitoryi 
Pariétal, e, a. pariétal. 
Parieur, sm. better. 
Parïslenue, sf, (impr.) ptarU 
— , o. parisian. 
Parité, sf. parity, equality. 
Parjure, a, s. perjured. 
—, sm, perjury. [self. 

Se—, va. to forswear one's 
l>arlagc, sm, idle talk; chaltle. 
Parlant, c, a, speaking;lifelike. 
Paricmeui, sm, parliament. 

Parlementaire, a. S. — tary. 
Purlemeiitcr, vn. toparley. 

Parler, vil. to fpcak, talk. 

Se—, Dr. to be spokea. 
Parler, sm. specclî, ao'-.ent, man» 

ner of speaking. 
Parleur, se, s. a. ta^mer. 
Parloir, sm. parleur. 
Parmesan, sm. — fan cheese. 
Parmi, pr, among, amongst, 

Parnasse, sm. Parnassus. 
Pai.".die,s/'. parody. 
Parodier, va. to parody. 
Parodiste, sm. parodist. 
Paroi, sf. wal!; side; inner sniv 

face, coat. [church. 

Paroir, sm. parer; scraper. 
Paroisse, sf, parish; parish- 

Paroissial, e, a. parochial. 
Paroissien, ue, s. parishioner. 
Parole, sf. Word, siieech, pro- 
mise; parole, [whcn speaking. 

Couper la— ù, to iuterrupt 

Avoir la—, to bave the rigbt 

to spcak. 

Porter la—, to be spokesman. 
Paroli, sm, paroli. 
Paronouaase, sf. paronoiZiasiai 
Parotide, sf. parotis. 
Paroxisme, sm. paroxysmt 
Parque, sf, fate. 
— , pi. fatal sister. [fold, inclose. 
Parquer, va. et n. to park. 
Parquet, sm. bar of a court of 

justice, inlaid floor. 
Parquetage, s»i. inlaidfloorisga 
Porqueter, va. to floor. 
Parqueteur, sm, floor-joiner. 
Parrain, sm. godfather. 
Parricide, a. parricidial. 
— , s. parricide. [stud- 

Parsemer, va. to strew; scatler; 
Part, sf. part, portiofli sharej 

A—, except. [side. 

Autre — , elsewhere. 
Parts (de toutes), on ail sides. 

Faire— de, to impart; sbarei 

Nulle — , no where. 
Part, sm. (méd.) cbilâbirtbt ia- 

fant boroi 




Partage, sm. share, lot, divi- 
PariagcaMe, a. di\'isible-[sion. 
Pariagcaiit, sm. (jur.) sharer. 
Partager, va. lo share; divide, 

Se — vr. to divide. [part. 

— le .ditréreut, lo split Ihe 

Partance, sf. sailing, departure. 
Parlant, c. llierefore. 
Partenaire, sm. partner. 
Parterre, sm. flower-garden, 

parterre, pil of a Iheatre- 
Parti,, faction, delach- 

œent, match, condition, means, 

ofTer, resolution, place, side. 

Esprit de—, partj spirit. 

Prendre aou — , to œake up 

one's mind. 
Partial, c, a. partial. 
Partialement, ad. pirtially. 
Partialité, sf. partiality. 
Par(ici|iant, c, a. participer. 
Participation, sf. — tion, sha- 

Participe, sm. — pie, abeltor. 
Participer, v)t. to participate, 

share; take part (in). 
Particulariser, vtl. lu partîcu- 

larize, speciTy. [juarlicular. 

Particulurilë, sf. particularily, 
Pariiciilc, «/■. particle. 
Particulier, e, a. particular, 

privale, spécial, intimate, odd, 

— ,sî». privale iDdhiduaI;priTacy. 
Pai'ivciElîèrenieut, ad. — cu- 

larly, in détail. 
Partie, sf. par-t, qualification, 

sum, ganie, party, client, match. 

En—, partly. 
Partiel, le, a. partial. 
Partiellement, (Tol. partially. 
Partir, vn, to set oui; départ; 

go off; starl; begin; arise ; 

tursl, rush. 
Partisan, $)/!. partisan, adhèrent. 
Partitif, ve, a. partitive. 
Pariitiuu, sf.—tiOD, division. 
Partout, ad. every where. 
Parure, 5^. parure/ iress, pa- 

ring 's. 
Parvenir, va. to arrive, reach, . 

•Itain, oÙaiD, make a loitune. i 

Parvenu, sm. upstart. 
Parvis, sm. parvis of a church. 
Pas, sî)!.step, pace, stile, foots- 

tep, perplexity, streighl, strait, 

stride; walk. 
Pas à pas, step by step. ^step. 

Sauterie — , to take a decided 

.4Ilcr bon—, to walk prelly 

Faux—, false step. [fast. 

Pascal, c,a. paschal. 
Pasquin, sm. pasquin, bufl'ooD. 
Pasiiuiuade, sf. lampoon. 
Passable, a. passable, lolerable. 
Passablenienl, ad. so to,tole- 

rably. [stay; passade. 

Passade, sf. passing, short 
Passage, sm, passage, nay, 

toli, transition. [sient. 

Passager, e, a, passing, Iran- 
— , e, s. passenger. 
Pa8sagèremeiit,ac{. transiently, 

for a inoment. 
Passant, sm. passenger. 
Passant, e, a. Trequected by 

Passavant, sm. pass. 
Passe, sf, pass, channel, over- 

plus, way, front. 

— debout, sm. transire. 

— droit, favour, injustice. 

— lacet, sm. bodkin. 

— passe, sm. jugglina. [frame. 

— partout, sm. "pass-key; plaie 

— port, sm. passport. [sion, 

— temps, sm. pastime, diver- 
Passc, e, a. past; over; gone. 
— , sm. lime past, past. 
Passée, sf. passage of troops. 
Passement, sm. lace, triniming. 
Passementer, va. to lace. 
Passementerie, sf, francy- 

trimming. [meaker. 

Passementier, ère,$.trimmi ng- 
Passer, v. lo pass, excel, go 
beyond, exceoa, corne or go 
by, skip, outrun, allow, vanish, 
disappear, rease. strain (li- 
qiiors). Jmililarily. 

— par les armes, lo exécute 

— son envie , to gralify one's 

Eu -parla, to subœit. 

— outre, to CO OD- . _j^ 




Se passer de, vr. to be con- 
tented witli; do without. 

Pas«4erago, sf. pepperwort. 

Passereau, sin. sparrow, 

Passerelle, sf. foot-bridge. 

Passeur, sm. ferryman, 

Passiliillié,!/'.— lity. 

Passible, a. — liable. 

Passif, ve, a. passive. 

Passion, sf. passion, lovOi 

Passionné, e, a. passionate, 
prejiidiced. [nately. 

Passiounémeut, ad. passio- 

Pasr'-nnner, va. to impassion. 
Se—, vr. to get irapassioned. 

Paosârement , 0(2. — vely. 


Pastel, «m. woad, pastel. 

Pastèque, sf. -water-melon. 

Pasteur, sm. shepherd, pastor. 

Pastiche, sm. pasticcio, imita- 

Pastille, sf. pastille, lozenge. 

Pastoral, c, a. — rai, rural. 

Pastorale, sf. pastoral. 

Pastoralcnient, ad. pnstorally. 

Pastoureau, sin. young shcp- 

, lierd. [berdess. 

Pastourelle, sf. young shcp- 

Pat, (at chess), sm. stalemaie. 

Pntaclie, sf. advice-boat, masl. 

Pataraffe,s^ scrawl, scribbling. 

Patate, sf. polaloe. 

Patatras, inf. slap-bang ! crash I 

Pataud, e, a. clumsy. 

Patauger, un. to dabble; splash, 
plunge about. [tulion, tcmper. 

Pate, sf. paste; dough; consti- 

Pâtc, sm. pie, pasty, blot, pie. 

Pdtée, sf. paste for poultry, 
dogs and cats. 

•''utrlin, sm. wheediing fellow. 

Patelinage, sm. wheediing. 

Palclîner, t>. to wheedle. 

Patpue, sf. paten. 

Patciiétre, sf. chaplet, beads. 

Patent, e. a. patent, évident. 

Patentes (lettres), patent let- 

Patente, sf. patent. [ters. 

Pater, sm. the Lord's Praycr. 

Patcre, sf. paiera, curlaia-peg. 

Paternel, le, a. paternal. 

Paternellement, nrf. — nally. 

Paternité, sf. — tj. 

Pâteux, se, a. clammy, dougbj. 
Pathétique, a. sm. pathetic. 
Palhéliquenient,ar/. — tically. 
Pathologie, sf. — logy. 
Padiologique, a. — logic. 
Pathos, sm. ranting, fuslian. 
Patibulaire, a. — lary. 
Pafieninieut, ad. patiently. 
Patience, sf. patience, dock 

Pa(ieut, c, a. patient, constant. 
Patient, sm. malefactor, going 

to the gallowSjSufferer. 
Patienter, un. to bave patience. 
Patin, s)n. skate,patten,ground- 

Patîmer, vn. to paw; handle. 
Patineur, sm. skater. 
Pâtir, vn. to suffer. 
Pâtis, sm, common, sheepwalk. 
Pâtisser, vn. to make pastry. 
Pâtisserie, sf. pastry-making. 
Pâtissier, e, s. pastrv-cook. 
Patois, sm. provincial dialeot. 
Patraque, sf. gimcrack; useless 
Pâtre, sm. herdsman. [lumber. 
Patriarcal, e, a. — chal. 
Patrîarc.-tt, sm. — chate. 
Patriarche, sm. patrîarcb. 
Patrice, stn. patrician, noble. 
Pntriciat, sm. patriciate. 
Patricien, ne, a. — Clan. 
Patrie, sf. native country. 
Pali-inioine. S771. patrimony. 
Patrimonial, e, a. — uiat. 
Patriote, S7n. palriot. 
Patriotique, a. patriotie, 
Patriotiquement, ad. like a 

Patriotisme, jm. — tism. 
Patron, sm. patron, pallern, 

cockswain, master. [■vowson. 
Patronage, stn. — âge, ad- 
P.itronal. c, a. patronal. 
Patroucsse, a. S. patroness. 
Patronne, sf. patroness. 
Patrouille, sf- patrol, rounds. 

Faire — , to patrol. 
Patrouiller, un. to pp.ddie, paw, 

Patrouillis, sm. puddie. 
Patte, sf. a pa-.v, l'ool, Dap. 




Patte-pclu, sm. s chealîng 

Pndii, e, n. fealhcr-Iegged. 
Pâdiragc, sm. pastuiage. 
Pâtiire, sf. food, paslure. 
Pâiui-cr, 171. pasture, 
Pâliiro», sm. pastern. 
Paume, sf. palra or the hand, 

hand, tennis. 
Pnuincr. va, to give a slap, 
Panniicr, sm. master ofa tennis 

Paupière, sf. eye-Iid, eyc-Ias, 
Pause, sf. pau?e, stop, resti 
Pauscr, va. to pause. 
Pauvre, sm. beggar. 
— , a, s. poor, beggar. [garly. 
PauTrcmciJt, ad. poorly, beg- 
PauTresse, sf. poor uoman. 
Paiavret, *e, s. poor litt!e thing. 
PnuTreSé,s/'. poverty, platitude, 
Pavage, sm. paving. [need. 
Pavaner (se), vr. lo ïtrut, 

Pave, sm. pavement, pilching. 
Paver, va. to pave; pitch. 
Paveur, sm. paver. 
Pavillon, sm. pavillon, flag, tenl, 

Pavoiis, sm. =hield,pavise; (ma.) 
the waisl-cio'.h. [feuce a ship. 
Pavoiser un vaisseau, to 
Pavol, sm. poppy. 
Payable, n. payable. | 

Paynul, e, a. paving. 
Paye. sf. pay, salary 

Bonne — , good paymaster. 
Payement, sm. payraent. 
Payer, va. to pay; liquidate; 
reward; return. [payer. 

Payeur, «e , S. paymaster; 
Pays.sîïî. country. native coun- 

try; compatriot. 
Paysage, sm. landscape. 
Paysagiste, sm. landscape- 
painter. [woman, peasant. 

Paysan, n»,, «■ countryman or 
Payse, sf. fellow-countrywoman. 
Péage, sm. loll, toll-hoiise. 
Pcagcr, sm. toll-gatberer. 
Peau, s/, skin, bide, rind, peel. 
Peausserie, sf, skin-trade; 

Peaussier, sm. fell-monger. 

Pee (hareng), pickled herring. 
Pécari, sm. pccc.iry. 
Peccaijie, a. pecca'ble. 
Peccadille, sf. peccadillo. 
Peco.ivi, sni. repenlance. 
PêcUo, sf. peach; fishing, pic- 

kiQg up. 
Péché, sm. sin, trespass. 
Pécher, va, lo sin, transgress, 

Pêcher, va. to fisb; angle. 
— , sm, peach-tree. 
Pêcherie, sf. fishery. [sinner. 
Pécheur, Pécheresse, s. a 
Pêcheur, se, s. fisherman, fis- 
herwoman. [mal. 

Pécore, sf. blockhead, lout,ani- 
Pecloral, sm, pectoral, breast- 
—, e, a, — rai. [plaie. 

Péculat, sm. peculate, tliefl of 

public money. 
Pécule, sm. hoard; savings. 
Pécune, sf. money, ca«h. 
Pécuniaire, n, pecuniary. 
Pédagogie, sf, — gy. 
Pédagogique, «. — gical. 
Pédagogue, sjii. pédagogue. 
Péda!, sf. pedal. 
Pédant, e, s. pédant. 
—, a. ppdantic. 
Pédanterie, sf. pedantry. 
B'édautesqne, a. pedaotical. 
Pédasitisme, sm. pedantry. 
Pédéraste, syn. pederast. 
Pédestre, rt. pedestrian. 
Pédestrement, on foot. [dlcle. 
Pédicelle, Pédicule, Sin. pe- 
Pédiculaire, a. — cular. 
Pédicule, sm, pedtcie. 
Pédonculc,sm. peduncle, stalk. 
Pégase, sm, Pegasus. 
Peigne, s?ïi.corab, card,hatelie!. 
Peigner, va. to comb; card; po-> 

Se — , vr. to comb one's selT, 

Pcigneur, sm. comber. 

Peignoir, sm. combing-clotb. 

Peindre, t'a. to draw; paint, 

defcribe, write. [portrait taken. 

Se faire—, vr. to get one's 

Peine, sf. pain, penalty, pains, 

A—, ad. hardlj. [trouble. 

PEN 215 PEN 

Se —, tir. to stoop ; bencf, lëai». 
Prnilable, a. hanging ; a nocious. 
■*en<laiwon, sf. hanging on a 
l'enilant, jir. during. fgallows. 
— q""-, ad. whilst. 
— , wîî. ear-ring, pendant, hajï- 

gins (low. [bird. 

Penilaril, e, s. hang-dog. galloT, 
l'rnilelnque, sf. pendant dang. 

ling rag. [pendenlive. 

Pcnilentif, S111. (arch. Tault. 
Pendre, u. to hang, suspend. 

Se — , vr. to hang one's self 

(up). [hiing ; hanged. 

Peniln, o, prêt, suspended ; 
Pendule, sf. dock. 
— , sm. a pendulum. 
Pêne, sm. boit of a lock. 
Péiiélrabilité, sf. — lily. 
Pciiétrabic, a. penetrable. 
Pénétrant, e, a. penetraling, 

piercing, piingent, 
Péiiétralir, ve, a. — tive. 
Pcnétratiou, sf. — tiOD, sa- 

gacilj. [tralcd. 

Pénétré, e, a, affecled, pene- 
Péiiétrer, V. to penelrate, 

pierce; see through ; imbibe, 


Se — ,w. to imbue one's mind. 
Pénililo, a. laborious, hard, 
Pénililenient, ad. painfullj. 
t'éninsnic, s/, peninsula. 
Pénitence, sf. repenlance, pn- 

Pénitencier, sm. — tenliary. 
Pénitent, c, a. s. pénitent. 
Péniteutiel, sm. penitenlial. 
Penne, sf. beam-feather of a 
Pciinon, sm. pennon. [hawk. 
Pcnouibrc, 5/. pcnumbra. 
Pensée, sf. Ihinking, care, 

lion, thouglit, sketcli. 
Penser, v, to Ihinli, imagi 

belie've, snppose. 
Penser, sm. lliouglit. 
Penseur, .y, tbinliing man. 
Pensif, »c, a. pensive. 
Pension, sf. board, boardîng- 

school, allowance. [school. 

Pensionnat, sm. boarding- 
Pensiouualrej S. i)oarder,pea- 


Sans peine, cas! I;. [labour. 

Peiner, pain; trouble; hard; 
Peiné, e, loboured, stiff. 
Peint, c, a. painted. 
Peintre, sm. painter; coloured, 

linncr. [miner, description. 

Peinture, sf. painting, iim- 
Peinturer,i'«.to paint roughij; 

Pelade, sf. alopecj; fox-evil. 
Pelage, sm. colour of animais 

Pelard, slripped of bark. 
Pêlc-mcle, ad. pell-mell. 
Peler, va. 10 maka bald, pare, 
Pelé, sm. bald. Ipeel. 

Pèlerin, c, s. pilgrim. 
Pèlerinage, sm. pilgrirtiage. 
Pèlerine, sf. pèlerine, lippet. 
Pélican, sm. pélican. 
Pelisse, sf. pelisse. 
Pelle, sf. «liovel, oTen-peel; 

blade; paddie. 
PcUeréc, sf. sboïelfull. 
Pelleterie, sf. pcltry, fur-trade. 
Pelletier, e, s. furrier. 
Pellicule, sf. pellicle. 
Pelote, sf. pincusbion, bottom 

of Ihread, clew, bail, star in a 

horse's foreliead. 
Peloter, va. to toss, to bang. 
Peloton, sm. bail of tbread; 

plaloon; groop. 
Pelotonner, l'ft.towind (tbread). 
Pelouse, sf. lawn; grass-plot. 
Pelii, o, a. hairy. 
Peluche, sf. sbag, plusb. 
Pelucher, vn. to wear rough. 
Pelure, s/, paring, peal. 
Pcuaillo, sf. crew cf monks» 
Pénal, e, a. pénal. 
Pénalité, sf. penalty. 
Penard, sm. old dotard. 
Pénates, pénates. 
Penaud, c, a. eut of counte- 

Penchant, sm. decli-vity, pro- 

pensily, décline) brink, prone- 

ness. [clining. 

Penchant, «i, a. bending, de- 
Penché, c, a. bowed down; 

lolling. [be inclined. 

Pencher, va, to beud; incline; 




Penalonnrr, va. to pension. 
Pensum, sjîî. extra task. 
Peulagonic, a. peutagonal. 
—, sm. pcnlagoc. 
Peatanièii'c, sm. — meter. 
Peiitateiiqiie, S7n. — teutch. 
Pente, s/', declivity, ■valince, 

proneness. [pentecosL. 

Peutecûle, sf. Wliitsuntide-, 
Pentiire, sf, irou-work of a 

door bicge. 
PénuKicnie, a. s. penutiimate. 
Pénurie, sf. — rj, scarcilj. 
Pcpie, sf. pip Ihirft. 
Pépin, sm. pip, grape-stone. 
Pépinicre, */, nu:sery. 
Pépiniériste, sni. nursery-man. 
Percale, sf. cambric muflin. 
Percaline, sf. giazed calico. 
Perçant, c, a, piercing, sharp, 

Perce (en), ad. broached. 
Percé, e, a. pierced, bored. 
Perce-neige, s/", snow-drop* 

— —oreille, s»i. ear-wig. 

— -pierre, sf. samphire. [cing. 
Percement, sm. opening, pier- 
Percepliliilité, sf. — lity. 
Percepteur, sni. collector. 
Perceptible, a. — ble. 
Perception, sf. — lion, receipt. 
Percer, D((. lo pierce, tap, break 

Perceur, sm, borer. [lect. 
Percevoir, va, to perceive; col- 
Perclie, sf. a perch, pôle, rod. 
Percher, vti, to percb; roost. 
Perchoir, s;«. roost, perch. 
Perclus, c, a. impotent, crippled. 
Perçoir, sm. piercer. 
Perçu, e, (i.perceived;collected. 
PereuKsiou, sf. — sien. 
Perdalile, u. losable. 
Perdant, e, S. loser. 
Perditi»-!!, sf. perdition, naste, 

corri.^-r, undo. 
PertS'iî.-, va. to loso, ruin, 

'e-1 or. lo lose one's self, to 

be cast away. 
Perdreau, sm. youog partridge. 
Pcrdi'igon , sm. pcrdrigon 
Perdrix, sf. partridge. f{plura.) 
Perdu, e, a. iost) ruiaedf 

A corp«— , ad. headlong. 
Père, sin. ralher,sire of a hor^e. 
Pérégrination, sf. — tion. 
Pérégrinité, sf. aliensbip, a!i& 

Péremption, sf. liinTlalion. 
Pércmptoire, a. peremptorp 
Péremptoirement, ad.— [ûri \ 
Pérenaiial, e, a. perennial. 
Perfectibilité, s/'.perrei;tibilily 
Perfectible, a. — tible. 
Perfection, sf. perfection. 

En—, ad. perfectly. [vementi 
Perfectionnement, Sr;i.irj]prOi 
Perfectionner, va. lo perl'ect, 


Se—, vr. to improTe. 
Perfide, (I. s. perfldious. 
Perfidement, ild. — diously. 
Perfidie, sf. perfidy, false. 
Perfuraiion, sf. — tion. [hood. 
Perforer, i.a.lo perforste; pierce, 
Péricarde, sm. pericardium. 
Péricarpe, M)!, (ma ) pericarp, 
Pértclîter, î;/i. to be in danger. 
Péricrûnc, s»!, pericranium. 
Péridot, sm. — dot, a prccious 
Périgée, sf. périgée. [slone. 
Périliélie, sili. — lion. 
Péril, sm. danger, péril, ri?k. 
Périlleusemeut, aa. perilousiy. 
Périlleux, se, a. 

Périmer, va. to lapse. 
Périmètre, s»!, perimeter. 
Périnée, sHi. perinœum, [acme 
Période, sm. pitch, sumniit, 
—, sf. période, cycle. 
Périodique, a. — dica!, [cally. 
Périodiquement, ad. — di- 
Vériœcioua. sm. pi. perioecians. 
Péripatéticien, a. peripatetic. 
Péripatétigme, sm. peripape- 

ti«m. [sjiude. 

Péripétie, sf. peripelia, vicis- 
Périphérie, s/'. — peripbery. 
Périphrase, sf. — phrase. 
PéripUraser, vn. to pfl:iphra?e, 
Péripueumonic, sf. — nia. 
Périr, va. to perish, decay; die. 
Périsciciis, 4»!. pi. Periscii. 
Périssable, a. perishable. 
Périsialtiqne, a. perislaitiCi 




Péristyle, sm. — péristyle. 
Péritoine, sm. porilonœura. 
Perle, sf. pearl, bead. 
fo'-lô, e, a. pearled, pearly. 

Oi'se— , pearl barley. 
î'orluro, sf. curlings of a deer. 
Peruiiiiioiice, sf. — nency. 
Pcrmaueiit, e, a. lastinj. 
Perméabilité, s^. permeability. 
Perméable, a. perméable. 
Permettre, va. to permit; suf- 
fer; allow; lolerate. 
Se — , vr. to permit one's self. 
Permis, e, a. lawTull, allowed. 
Permis, sm. permit. [leave. 
Permission, sf. permission, 
Permutant, sm. permuter. 
Permutation, sf. — tion, ex- 
change, [change. 
Permuter, vn. to exchange ; 
Pernicîeuaement, ad. perni- 

Pernicieux, se, a. pernicious. 
Péronné, sm. Sbula. [sip. 

PérounelIe,4/'.silly woman,gos- 
Péroraison, sf. peroration. 
Pérorer, ud. to harangue, spout. 
Péroreur, im. spouter. 
Perpendiculaire , a. sf. — 
cnlar. [pendiculary. 

Perpendicularilé, sf.— rity. 
Perpétration, sf. perpétration. 
Perpétrer, ua. to perpetrate. 
Perpétuation, sf. — tion. 
Perpétuel, le, a. perpétuai, 

Perpétuellement, d(^ — tuilly. 
Perpétuer, va. to perpetuate. 
Se—, vr. to be permanent. 
Perpétuité, sf. perpetuity. 

A—, ai. for ever. 
Perpleie, a. perplexed. 
Perplexité, tf. perplexity. 
PerqtiisilQon, sf. search, per- 
quisition; research. [house. 
Perron, «m. steps before a 
■*»erroi|uct, Sm. parrot; a top- 
gallant-sail. [quet. 

Pei-rucbo, sf. hen-parrot; paro- 
Perruquc, sf. wig, pernke. 
Perruquier, sm. peruke-maker. 
Pers, c, a. bluisb grey. 

Perse, sf. chintz. 
Persécutant, e, a. importunate, 
Persécuter, va. to persécute; 
importane. [cutor. 

Persécuteur, trice, s. perse- 
Pei*écutiou, sf. persécution. 
Persévéramment, ad* perse- 
■veringly. [rance. 

Persévérance, sf. perseve- 
PerséTÔranl, e^ a. 5. perse- 

Persévérer, vn. to hold On; per- 
sévère; to parsist. 
Persienne, sf. windowblind., quizzing. 
Persifler, va. to banter; qui». 
PersiOeur, sm. jeerer; quiz. 
Persil, sin. parsley. [parsley. 
Persillade,:/', cold beef and 
Persillé (fromage), sm. Spot- 

ted with green. 
Persique, sf. large peach. 
Persistance ^ sf. 

Persister, vn. to persist, hold. 
Personnage, sm. person, per- 

sonage , part. 
Personnalité, sf. personality. 
Personne, sf. person. [body. 
—, pr. nobody, any one, anj 
Personnel, le, a. personal. 
Personnellement, ad. — so- 
nally. [nification. 

Persouniflcation, sf, perso- 
PersouniOer, va. to persocify. 
Perspectif, a. perspective. 
Perspective, sf. perspective; 

prospect view. 
Perspicacité, sf. perspicacity. 
Perspicuité, sf. perspicuity. 
Pcrspiration, sf. — tion. 
Persuadoat, e, a. persuading. 
Persuader, va. to persuade: 
satisfy, advise, induce. 
Se — , vr. to be persuadPd. 
Persuasilile, a. — ble. 
Persuasif, ve, a. persuasive 
Persuasion, sf. persuasion, 

Perte, sf. loss, damage, ruln. 
A — , al a loss. 
Kn pure—, to no purpose. 
Pertiuemaioatiact. pertiaoal\| 




Pertinent, e, a. pertinent. 

Pertiiis, sm, narrow pass, hole, 

PerftiiSsnno , ryf. partisan. 

Pei'tiirbnteiii-, tricc, s. dis- 

Pertiirbalion, sf. — tion. 

Perwciiolio, s/, winkie (Dover). 

Pervers, e, a. perver?, wicked. 

Pcrvcr9Kou, sf> — sion, corrup- 
tion, [ness. 

PcrvorsUë, sf. — sity, wicked- 

Pervertir, va. to pervert, cor- 
rupl. [sion, 

Porvertissement, sm. perver- 

Pcsammeiit, ad. heavily. 

Pesant, e, fï, heavy, weighty, 
ponderous, slow. 

Pesant, sm. weight. 

Pesanteur, sf. weighl, hea» 
viness, dulness. 

Pesée, sf. weîghin^. 

Pèse-lettre, sm. letter-weigher. 

— -liqueur, sm. hydrometer. 
Peser, va, to weigli, eslimate, 


— vn. to be heaTj, to weigh, 
Pasour, sm. wciglier. 
Pcson, sm. steelyard. 
Pcssaîro, sm. pessary. 
Peste, sf. plague, pestilence. 
Pester, l'a. to storm; rave; in- 
Pestiférc, a. — ferous, [veigh. 
— , ca.s. infecledwilhthe plague. 
Pestilence, sf. pestilence. 
Pestilent, e, a. pestilent. 
Pestilentiel, le, a. pestilontial. 
Pe», sm. Tart. 

Pétale, stn. petal. 
Pétarade, S|f.continuou5 farting. 
Pétard, .sm. pétard, cracker. 
Pétarder, va. ta blow down 

with a pétard. 
Pétardicr, SOT. petardeer. 
Pétautlicrc, sf, Dear-garden. 
Pétcchiul, c, a. petecliial, 

spots. [wind. 

Péter, un, fart; crackie; lireak 
Pétillant, e, a. sparklinj'.fkling. 
Pctiller, un. to crackle; sparklc; 

long; be eagcr. 

Petiote, j. dilling. 

—, a. ting. [petty, short. 

Petit, e, a. little, smal] Jfoung, 

— lait, SOT. whey. 

— fils, grandson. 

En—, ad. in miniature. 
Pelile-aile, grand-daugliter. 
Petitàpetit, ad. bylitt««adlil. 

— maître, sm. a fop; dandy. [lie. 
Petite vérole, sf. small-i>ox. 
Petitoiueiit, ad. little, lueanly. 
Petitesse, sf. littIeness,lownesj. 
Pétition, sf. — tion, domand. 
Pétitoire, sm. demani. 
Peton, sm. tiny Tool. 
Pétoncle, sf. seallop. 
Pétrifiant, e, a. pf'trifying. 
Pétrification, s^, — fjing; pelrl- 

Pétrifier, va. to pelrify. 

Se—, to pétri fy. 
Pétrin , sm. kneading-trougû. 
Pétrir, va. to knead. 
Pétrissage, sm. kneading. 
Pétrisseiir, se, s. a. kneader. 
Pétrole, SOT. potroleum, rock-oil. 
Pétulaminent, ad. — lantly. 
Pétulance, sf. petulancy. 
Pétulant, e, a. pétulant. 
Petun, SOT. tobacco, snuff. 
Peu, ad. little, few. 

— à pcn, ad. by degroes. 
A — près, thereabout. 
Tant soit —, a little. 
Un — , sm. a little, somo. 

Peuplade, s^colony, plantation. 
Peuple, sm. peuple, nation, 

vulgar. [pond. 

Peupler, vn. to people, stock a 

Se — , vr. to peopl'-'. 
Peuplier, sm. poplar. 
Peur, sf. l'ear, dread, fright. 

Avoir — , to fear. 

De—, for fear 

»e— nue. lest, for fear that. 

Faire—, lo frighten. 
Peureux, se, a.fearful,timoroas. 
—, s. trembler. 
Peut-être, ad. perhaps. 
Pliaëtou, sm. pliaeton. 
Phalange, sf. pbalanx, joint. 
Plialoiio, sm. phatena, night- 
Pbaraou, sm. pbaraoh, [molh 




Phare, sm. light-house, beacon. 
Pbai'isaïquc, a, — saical. 
Pharisien, svt. pliarisee. 
Pbamiaceuliqtic, a. — - tic. 
Pharmacie, sf. pharmacy. 
Pharmacien, SVI. apcUiecary, 
Pharmacologie, sf. pbarma- 

Pharmacopée, sf. — Copœiai 
Phanuacopolc, sm, — polist. 
Pharyiii, sm. vtharynx. 
Phase, sf. phasis, phase. 
Phénix, sm. pbœnix. 
Phénomène, sm. phenomenon. 
—, pi. mena. [pist. 

Philanthrope, a. S. philanthro- 
Philologie, sf. pnilology. 
Philologique, a. — gical. 
Philologue, sm. — ger. [fale^ 
Philomélc, sf. — mel; nightln- 
Philosophale (pierre), tbo 

philo'sopher's stone. 
Philosophe, sm. philosopher. 
— , fl. philosophica.'. 
Philo9opher,l)«. to philosophize. 
Philosophie, sf philosophy. 
Philosophique, ft.philoEophical. 
Philosophiquement, ad. philo- 

sophicallj. [phism. 

Philogophisme, sm. philoso- 
Philosophiste, sni. phi losophist. 
Philtre, sm. — ter, loTe potion. 
Phimosis, sm. phimosis. 
Phlébotomie, sf. — Illjjblood- 

letting. [cold. 

Phlegmatiqiie, n. S.— tic, dull, 
Phlegme, stn. phlegm. 
Phlogistlque, sm. — giston. 
Phlogosc, sf. phlogosis. 
Phoque, sm. seal (animal). 
Phosphore, sm. phosphorus. 
Phosphorescence, sf. — ce. 
Phosphorescent, e, a, — cent. 
Phosphoriquc, o. phosphoric. 
Photograiihe, sm. — pher. 
Photographie, sf. — phy. 
Photographier, t'a. tO photo- 

Phrase, sf. phrase, expression. 
Phraser, vn. to phrase. 
Phrasier, Phraseur, ' sm. 


Phthisie, $f. phlhisis, consuma 

Phthisique, a. phthisical, coi.« 

Eurapli-ve. [sopher, physiciat- 
Physicien, sm. nalural" pliilt ■ 
Physiologie, sf. — logy. 
Physiologiste, sm. — gist. 
Physionomie, s/', phj&iognomv, 

looks, phiz. [gnomisu 

Physionomiste, sm. pliysifc. 
Physique, sf. phjsic, natura; 

— , a. sical, nalural. 
Physiquement, ad. — sicallj. 
Piaffer, vn. to slrut. 
Piailler, v}i. to screain; bawl. 
Piaillerie,s/'.scoldiDg, bawling-. 
Piailleur, se, a, s. scold, 
Piauist, sm. pianistt [squaller. 
Piano, 5m. piano. 

— (forte), S771. forte piano. 
Piastre, sf. piaster (coin). 
Piauler, va. to whine; whirapcr. 
Piauleur, se, s. whiner; whim- 

perer, [peak. 

Pie, sm. pick-axe, -wood-pokor, 
Pica, sf. pica. 
Picorée, sf. pickeering, marau- 

ding. [rifle; pick. 

Picorer, un. to pickeer; maraud; 
Picot, sm. purl (lace). 
Picoté, c, o. pitled, pricked. 
Picotement, sm. pricking. 
Picoter, vn. to prick; peck; 
Picoterie, sf. leasing, [tease. 
Picotin, sm. peck. 
Pie, sf. magpie, pied horse. 
— , «. pious, charilable. 
Pièce, sf. pièce, fragment, bit, 

room, bason, paper, writing, 

Pied, sm, foot, set, plant. 

— plat, a wretch, 
A — , on foot, 
Coup de — , kick. 
I/âcher le — , to give way. 

— à terre, occasional lodging. 
Piédestal, sm. pedec-lal, 
Piédoucbe, sm. litlle pedestaU 
Piège, sm. snare, trop. 
Pierraille, sf. hrokcn sîones. 
Pierre, sf. stonc, flint. 

— pouce, pumice-stOQO, 




Pierre à rosll, gun-flint. 
— de touche, (ouch-slone. 
B*5errée, sf. rubble-drain. 
Pierreries,;);, precious stones. 
Pierrette, sf. littlo stone. 
Pierreux, ge, a. slonj. 
Picrrîer, sm. pedrero. 
Piété, sf. piety, godline?Sf 
Piélinciuentj ad. traropling. 
Piétiner, vn. to trample on. 
Piéton, ne, s. walker, footsol- 
Pictre,<i. paltry. [dier. 

Piètrement, ad. miserably. 
Piétrerie, sf.trasb,pitifuUbiilg. 
Pieu, ttn, stake. 
Pieusement, ad. plousiyi 
Pieux, se, a. pious, godiy. 
PilTre, esse, «. a. glutlon. 
Pigeon, sm. pigeon ,bubble,dove. 
Pigeonneau, sm. J'oung pigeon. 
Pigeonnier, sm. pigeon-house. 
Pîgmce, sm. pigmy. 
Pignocher, vn. to eat litlle. 
Pignon, sm. gable-end, pinion 

(wheel), inlerior wool. 
Pilastre, sut. pilastcr. 
Pilau, sm. pillau. 
Pile, sf. pile, heap, pier. 
Piler, va. to pounJ, bruise. 
Piletir, sm. pouDder.[drunkard, 
Pilier, sm. pillar, post, gibbet, 
Pillage, sm. pillage, plunder. 
Pillard, e, a. S. plundering, 

Piller, î plunder, pillage. 
Pillerie, sf. plunder. 
Pilleur, sm. plunderer,pil!ager. 
Pilon, sm. peslle; sumper. 
Pilori, sm, pillory. 
Piîorier, va. to pillory. [work. 
Pilot.ige, sm. pilotage, pile- 
Pilote, sm. pilot. 
Piloter, va. to pilol; pile. 
Pilotis, sm. pilei pile-work. 
Pilule, sf. pill. 
Pimbècbe, sf. pert minx. 
Piment, sm. pimcnto. 
Pimpant, e, a. spruce, Emart. 
Pinipreiiclle, sf. burnet, pim- 
Pin, sm. pine-tree. [pernel. 

Pinacle, sf. pinnacle. 
Pinasse, sf. p'.nnace. 
Piuastre, sm. wild piae. 

Pince, sf. nîppcrs, crow, lever, 

loe of a horse. 
Pincé, e, a. alTecled; stilT. 
Pinceau, sm. pencil (brush). 
Pincée, s^. pincb. [eut. 

Piacelier, sm. sinusfa-pot; dip- 
Pince-maille, sm. pinchpenny. 
Pincement, sm. pinching oï. 
Pincer, va. tO pinch; nip; catch; 

Pincettes, pi. tweezers; longs 
Pinçon, sm, the mark ofapincli 

on tb," skln. 
Pinçu) ) $f. crease. 
PiudarM]ae, a. Piadaris. 
Pindariser, vn. to Write; talk 
Pinée, s/', salt-cod. [bombast. 
Pinéal, e, a. pineal. 
Pingouin, sm. penguln. 
Pingre, sm. curmudgeon. 
Piunule, sf. pinule. 
Pinque, sf. pink (raar). 
Pinson, sm. chafflnch. 
Pintade, sf. Guineahen. 
Pinte, sf. pint. 
Pinter, va. to topo. 
Piocliage, sm. dipping,detv1ng. 
Pioclic, sf. mattock; pick-axa. 
Piocber, va. to dig; loosen, 

delve , work hard. [student, 
Piocbeur, sm. delver, hard. 
Pion, sm. pawn (at chess), man 

(at draughts). 
Piouner, vn. to take pawiis. 
Pionnier, sm. pioneer. 
Pipe. s/', pipe. 
Pipeau, sm. pipe, bird-call. 
Pipée, sA birding by decoy.rcog. 
Piper, va. to catch tirds; caeat, 
Piperie, sf. cheat, Irick. 
Pipeur, sm. cheal, bird-catchor. 
Pipi, sîn. pee, piddle. 
Pif|uaul, e, a. tart, piquant, 

keen, sharp, satyrical, bitting. 
—, s»i. prickle. 

Pique, sf. pike, pikeman, pique. 
— , sm. spade. [ger. 

Pique-ai>siettes,parasite, spun> 
Pique-bœuf, jm. drover beaf- 
Pique-nique, pic-nic. [eater. 
Piquer, va. to prick, sting, 

quill, lard, anger, offend. 
—, vn. to prick; excite. 




Se piquer, ur, to prick one's 

self; get spolled; take offense 

pique one's self on. 
Piquet, sm. slakC) picket, pi- 

<juet (at cords). 
Piquette, sf. tiad wine. 
Piqueur, sm. huntsman, over- 
.-^ seer, groom. 
— , se, s. shoebinder. 
Piquier, sm. pikeraan. [pinking. 
Piqûre, sf. pricking, quiltiog, 
Pirate, sm. pirate ; l'ree-boboler. 
Pirater, va. lo pirate. 
Piraterie, sf. piracji extortion. 
Pire, a. worse. 

lie — , worst. Tout. 

Pirogue, sf. a pirogue, dug- 
Pirouette, sf. whirligig, pi- 
rouette, [on thewhi ri, runabout. 
Pirouelter,vn. to pirouette, keep 
Pis, s. udder, dug, teat, bag. 
— , a. s. worse, worst. 

De mal eo— ,froni bad toworse. 

Tant—, so much the worse. 
— -aller, sm. worst, last shift. 

Au — , at the worst. 
Piscine, s/, a pool, pond. 
Pissat, 5??i. piss, urine. 
Pissement, sm. pissing.[delion. 
Pissenlit, sm. piss-a-bed, dan- 
Pisser, vn. to piss, mak^. waler. 
Pisseur, se, sm. pisser. 
Pissoir, sm. urinai. 
Pîssotcr, vn. to piss often. 
Pissotière, sf. dribbling jet, 

paltry fountain. 
Pistache, sf. pistachio-nut. 
Pistachier, sm. piftachio-tree. 
»«ste, sf. track, footstep. 

Suivre à la—, tO traCSi 
«-istil, sm. pistil. 
Piitole, sf. pistole. 
Pistolet, sm, pistol. 
Piston, sm. sucker of a pnmp. 
Pitance, sf. pittance. 
Piteusement, ad. pitifully. 
Piteux, se, a. pitiful, pitiable. 
Pilié, sf. pily, compassion. 
Pilon, s7n. slaple; peak of a 

mounlain ^ [piliful. 

Pitoyable, a. compassionate, 
Pitoyablement, ad. pitifully. 
Pittoresque, a. (icturesaue. 

Pittoresquement, ad. pictn» 

Pituimire, a. pituitary. 
Pituite, s/', pituite, phlegm. 
Pituiteux, se, a. S. — tous. 
Pivert, sm. wood-pecker. 
Pivoine, sf. peony. 
Pivot, sm, piTot. 
Pivoter, va. to turn on a fiToL 
Placage, sm. plating. 
Placard, sm. plaçai d; cuphoard. 
Placarder, ua.topost; lampoon 

Place, sf. place, room, squ 
spot, office, employment. 


Placement, sm. placing. [tresSi 
Placenta, sm. placenta. 
Placer, va. to place, put; lay. 
Placei, sm. pétition. 
Placeur, se, seller, placer. 
Placide, a. placid. 
Placidité, sf. placidity. 
Placier, e, S. agent; town-tra- 

Plafond, sm. ceiling. 
Plaronner, va. to ceil. 
Plage,s^flat shore,region, beach. 
Plagiaire, sm. a plagiary, 
Plagiat, sm. plagiarism. 
Pluid, sm. plea. 
Plaider, va. toplead, argue; sue 
Plaideur, se. O.S. liligantjSui (or. 
Plaîdoirîe,s/'. pleadiDg,la«suil. 
Plaidoyer, sjfi.counsel's speech. 
Plaie, sf. wound, sore, scar. 
Plaignant, e, a. s. plaintif. 
Plain, e, a. plain, fiât, even. 
Plain-chant, sm. piain-song. 

De— pied, ad. on the same 

Plaindre, va. to pity, grudge. 

Se — , vr. to compiaiu. 
Plaine, sf. plain. 
Plainte, sf. complaint, whinirg. 
Plaintif, ve, a. Diaintive, moa~ 

ning. ^ [fully. 

Plaintivement, ad' niourn- 
Plaire, vn. to piease, be agreea- 


, Se— , vr. to loTe, deiight in. 
plaisamment, ad. pleasaiitly, 
Plaisance, pleasure. [comicaily. 
Plaisant, e, a. pleasing, plea* 

eant, coinicai, 




Plaisant, sm. joker. [jeer. 

K>liiii<aiiter, VU. to joke; jest; 
<>l;ii8niitcrie, sf. joke, a jest. 
Plaise (àDieuiie), God forbid. 
Plaisir, sm. pleasure , joy, di- 

icrsiOD, kindness. 

lUeiius— , pocket expenses. 
IPIan, sm. plan, scheme, plane, 
— , e, a plain. [draft, level. 

Plaiirlic, sf. plank, iioard, shelf, 

gardenbed, plate, 
piaiïcbcr, sm. floor. [table. 
Plauchcier, va. to âoor, plank. 
Piançon, sm. set, slip. 
Plaiie, sf. spoke-shave. 
—, sm. plane-tree. [planish. 
Planer, va. to sha-ve, smoolh, 
— , va, to hover, look downi 
Planétaire, a.— tary. 
Planète, sf. planet. 
Planeur, sm. planisher. 
Planimétrie, sf. — metryi 
Planisphère, S))). — sphère. 
Plant, sm. set, plant. 
Plantain, sm, plantain. 
Plantage, s, plantation. 
Plantation, s/. — lion, plantin?. 
Plante, sf, plant; sole of tbe 

foot, [drive in. 

Planter, va. to plant; set Sx, 
^ là, to leave in the lurch. 

Se—, vr. to be planted. 
Planteur, sm. planter. 
Plantoir, sm. dibble. 
Plantureux, se, a. abundant, 
Plauure, sf, shaving (of wood). 
Plaque, sf. plate, a cross, sliell 

of a sword, bsck of a chimney. 
Plaquer, va. to plate, Teneer; 

give a blow. 
Piaqueur, sm, plater; veneerer. 

Plastique, a, plastic. 

Plastron, sm, breast-plate, 
plastron , but. [plastron. 

!Se plastroner, lo put on a 

Plat, sm. disfa, mess, fiât side. 

— , c, a. flat, insipid, mean. 

Platane, sm, plane-tree. 

Plateau, sm. scale, teaboard, 
plalform, tay. [der. 

Platv-baude, sf, plat-band, bor- 

Platée. «^ fsuQdaUoDi dismuil. 

Platc-forme, sf, platform, flat 

roof. [spirit. 

Platement, ad. flatly, wilhout 
Platine, sf, esculcheon plate of 

a gun-Iock, platen, apron of a 
— , sm, platina. [cannon. 

Platitude, sf, dulness, insipid| 

Platonicien, sm, platonie. 
Platonique, rt. platonic. 
Platonisme, sm, — nisnii 
Plâtrage, sm, plaster-work, 

manuring with gypsum. 
Plâtras, sm. rubbish,oldpIaster. 
Plâtre, sm. plaster. 
Plâtrer, va. to plaster, patch up. 
Plâtreux, se, gypseous. 
Plâtrier, sm, pla^terer. 
Plâtriére, sf, gypsum quarrj. 
Plausiliilité, Sf. — lity. 
Plnunilile, a. plausible, specious. 
Plausililement, ad.- sibly. 
Plébéien, ne, a, S. plebeiaDi 
Pléiades, sf. pi. Pléiades. 
Pleige, sm, pledge. 
Pleiger, V, to pledge. 
Plein, ne, a. lull, \hole, close 

worked; with joung (as the fe- 

males of animais). 
Pleines mains (a), pleQtifully. 
— jour, in broad daj. 
Plein, sm, fuIU 

Pleinement, ad. fui!;, entlrely. 
Plénière ,a. plenary. 
Plénipotentiaire, stn.— tiary. 
Plénitude, sf, — de, fulness. 
Pléonasme, stn. — nasmi 
Pléthore, sf, plethor. 
Pléthorique, a, pletboriCi —■■■, 
Pleuraut, e, a. weeping. 
Pleurard, e, a. blubbering. 
Pleurer,^;, toweep, cry, moura, 

Pleurésie, sf, pleurisy. 
Pleuréiique, a. S, — ritiC. 
Ploureur, se, weeper, mourner. 
I>leureux, a. tearful; crying. 
Pleurnicher, vn. to pule, 
Pleurs, sm. pi. tears. [whimper. 
Pleuvoir, V. to rain, pour dowR;» 

Plexus, sm. plexus. 
Plefon, sm. osier-baad 




•*II, sm, plait, fold, wrinkle, 

;urn, bend. 
Pliable, a. pliable, flexible. 
l'iiage, sm. folding. 
Pliant, S}», a folding chair. 
Pliant, c, a. pliant; flexible; 
Plie, sf. plaice. [docile. 

Plier, V. to plait; fold, yield, 

give way. 

Se—, Vf. to bend; bow; turn. 
Plieiir, sm. s. folder. 
Plinthe, sf. (arch.) plinth. 
Plioii', sm. folder, paper-kûife. 
Plique, sf. plica. 
Plissage, sm. plaiting;. 
Plissement, sm. plaiting< 
Plisser, l'a. to plait, fold. 
Plissure, sf. plaiting. [sînk. 
Plomb, Sf>;. lead, pluramet.shot; 

A—, perpendicular. [l>ing. 

Plombage, sm. leading, plum- 
Plombagine, sf. plumbago. 
Plombe, sf. a sort of 'varnish. 
Plomber, va. to lead; plug a 

tootb, glaze. 
Plomberie, sf plumbery. 
Plombier, sm. plumber. 
Plongée, sf. glacis, slope. 
Plongeon, sm. diver, sea-fowl. 
Plonger, un. todip, dive, plonge. 
Plongeur, sm. a diver,plunger. 
pioquer, va. to sheath witb 

h air. 
Ployable, a, bendable, flexible. 
Ployer, va. to bend; fold up 
Pluie, sf. rain. 

Plumage,s»i.fealhers, plumage. 
plumasseau, sm. pledget, pe- 

nicil, feathor-broom. 
Plumassier, sm. fealber-seller. 
Plume, sf. feather, quill, pen. 
Plumeau, $m. fealber-broom, 

Plumée, sf. penful ; dip of ink. 
Plumer, va. ta pick; fleece, 

Plumet, sm. feather, plume. 
Plumetis, sm. satin-stitch. 
Plumeux, se, a. Diumeous, fea- 

Plumitif, sm. mihute-book. 
Plupart (lo), sf. mosti Ihe grea- 

test put. 

pluralité, sf. — lily, majority 
Pluriel, le. a. plural. 
— , sm. the plural. [any more. 
Plus, ad. more, most, furtha? 

Au—, at most. 

De — , hesides. 

l.e— , the most. 

Sans—, without any more. 
Plusieurs, a. pi. many,3eTeral. 
PliK tard, latcr, 
— tôt, sooner. 
Plutôt, ad. sooner, rather. 

Au—, ad. as sooQ as possible. 
Pluvial, sin. pluvial. 
Pluviale, a. pluvial. 
Pluvier, sm. plover 
Pluvieux, se, a. lainy, pluvious 
Pneumatique, a. — matic. 
Pueumatologie, if — logy. 
Pneumonie, sf. piiL'umony. 
Pueumoiiique, a. s. — Die* 
Poche, sf. poclict, bag, kit, 

craw, net, pouch, crop. 
Pocher l'œil, va. to bîack eyes; 

poach eggs. 
Pochette, sf. pocket, kit. 
Podagre, a. S. gouty, podagrical. 
Podestat, sm. podestat. 
Poêle, sm. a stove, pall. 
— , sf. fryingpan. 
Poêlée, sf. panful. 
Poêlier, sm. slove-maker 
Poêlon, sm skillet, sauce-pan 
Poêlonnéo, sf. saucepanful. 
Poème, sm. poem. 
Poésie, sf, poctry, poes}. 
Poète, s. a poet, poetess. 
Poétique, a. poetical. 
— , sf. art of poetry 
Poétiquement, «(i — ticallj. 
Poétiser, v. poetize, to make a 

Poids, sm.gravity, heavlness,im- 

porlance, conséquence, weight. 
Poignant, e, a. poignant, acute. 
Poignard, sm. dagger; poniard. 
Poignarder, ta. to pODiard; 

stab, bore; plague. 
Poignée, sf. bandfut, handle; 

hilt of a sword 
Poignet, sm. wrist, wrist-band. 
Poil, sm. hair, colour of abeasti 

besrdi bristie; filei 4own. 




Poilu, e, a. hatry. [puncheoD. 
Poiiiçou, S7n. bodkin, punch, 
Poiiifoniier, va. to stamp; 

mark plate. [sting; appear. 

Poiiidi-e, vn. to dawn; lorlh; 
Poing, sm. est. 
Point, ad. no, not, none. 
— , not ai ail. 
—, sm. point, stop, dot, stitch, 

size, mark, moment, degree, 

pitch, respect, regard, matter, 


— d'^appui, basîs, support. 

— de vue, pro.spect, aim.[dawn. 

— du jour, sm. break of daj, 

— et virgule, semi-colon. 
Deux — , colon. 

A — , seasonably. 

A — uomuic, in time. 

De — en — • exaclly. 

En tout—, entirely, to'.ally. 
Pointe, sf. point, top, sprig, 

frill, shoot, graving tool, larl- 

ness, head-land , promontory, 

Poiutcment, sm. pointing. 
Pointer, v. to stitch; dot; point, 

level, soar higb. 
Pointeur, sm. marker gunner. 
Pointillage, sm. dotting, pri- 

Poinùlié, sm. dotting; stippling. 
Poiniiller, va. to dot, quarrel, 

nettle, prick, [\iliiDg. 

Pointillerie, sf. bickering; ca- 
Poiutilleux, se, a. punctilious. 
Pointu, e, a. pointed, sbarp. 
Pointure, sf. point; size. 
Poire, sf. pear, a powder-flask; 
f bail (of steelyards). 
Poiré, sm. perry. 
Poireau, sm. leck, vart. 
Poirée, sf. white-beet. 
Poirier, sm. pear-tree. 
Pois, sm. pea, peas. 
Poison, sm. poison. [low;Tulgar. 
Poissard, e, a. billings-gate, 
Poissarde, af, fisbnomau. 
Poisser, va. to pitch, wax; soil. 
Poisson, sm. flsb. 
— d^ivril, april fool. 
Poissons. Pisces. 
Poissonnaille, sf. small fish. 

Poissounerie, sf. fish-market. 

Poissonneux, se, a. full ofash 

Poissonnier, e, s. fishmonger. 

Poissonnière, sf. fish-kettle. 

Poitrail, sm. breast-band; cbest; 

Poitrinaire, S. consumpti'ïe.V 

Poitrine, sf, breast, bri;ket. 

Poivrade, sf. pepper and vine» 

Poivre, sm. pepper. [gar sauce. 

Poivrer, va. to pepper. 

Poivrier, sm. pepper-plant. 

Poivrière, sf. pepper-box. 

Poix, sf. pitch. 

— résine, yellow-rosin. 

Polacre, s>n. polacca. 

Polaire, a. polar. 

Pôle, sm. pôle. 

Polcuiif|ue, a. — mical. 

Poli, $jii. polish, gloss. 

— , e, a. polile neat. [insuranca. 

Police, sf. police, policy of 

Paliccr,i;«. to ci\ilize. [punch. 

Polichinelle, syn. puncbinello, 

Poliment, sm. polishing,poli5h. 

— , ad. politely. 

Polir, va. to polish, brighten 

Polisseur, sm. poh'sber. 

Polissnir, sm. polishing-tool. 

Polissoire, sf. shiniog-brush; 

Polisson, sm. blackguard, wag. 

Polissonuer, vn. to be in mis- 
chief, to play the blackguard. 

l>olissounerie, sf. blackguar- 
Polissure, «/■. pollshing. [dism. 
Politesse, sf. politeness, good- 

Politique, a. political, artrul. 
— , sm. politician. 
— , sf. politics, policy. 
Politiquement, aa. — tically. 
Politiquer, un. to talk politics. 
Polka, sf. polka. 
PoIUer, vn. to polk. " 

Polkeur, sc,sm. polker, polklst. . 
Pollen, sm. pollen. 
Polluer, va. to pollute; profane. 
Pollution, sf. pollution, profa. 
Poltron, s. a. ooward. [nation. 
Poltronnerie, st. cowardica, 
Polyèdre, sm. polvhedron. 
Polygame, am. polygamisU 




Pdlygainîe, «/•. — gairy. 
l'olj glotte, «.— glot 
Pul)gone. a. S. — gon, 
Pol) graphie, sf. — phy. 
l*olyj»e,S)?ï. polypus. 
I»olj|>c(ale, a. — Ions. 
Polysyllabe, a. S. — lable. 
Polyteclliiiqiae, a. — nîc. 

Polyiliéisiiic, sm. — llieism. 

Polythéiste, sm. — theist. 

i>omiiiadc, sf. pomatum. 

fominader, l'a. to pomalum. 
^oinme, sf. apple; head, let- 

— «le terre, palaloe. [tuce, elc. 

Pommé, e, a hearted, regular. 

—, sm. cider. 

Pommeau, sm, pommel, knob. 

Pommelé, e, a. dappled. 

Pommeller (se), vr. todapple. 

Pommelle, sf. cap (or a drain- 

Pommeraie, sf apple-orchard. 

Pommette, sf. small pommel, 
cheek-bone. [ple-roaster. 

Pommier, sm, apple-tree, ap- 

Pompe, sf. pomp, pump; slate. 

Pomper, VU. to pump, imbid, 
suck up. 

Pompeusement, nrZ.pompousIy. 

Pompeux, se, rf. pompons, lofly. 

Pompier, sm. pumper. 

Pompon, sin. tnft; (asse)i 

Pomponner, va. to adorn; trim. 

Ponant, sm. west. 

Ponce, s/, pounce, pnmice-stone. 

Ponceau, sm, corn-poppy, cul- 
vert, [wilb pumice-stone. 

Poncer, va. to pounce; rub 

Poucîre, sm. limo (fruit). 

Poncis, sm, pounced drawing, 
paltern for pouncing. 

Ponction, s/. punction,tapping. 

Ponctualité, sf. puncluaiily, 

Ponclualion, sf. punctuatiOD. 

Ponctuel, le, a. punclual. 

Pouctucllemcut, ad. punc- 

Pouctuer, point; punctuate. 

Pondération, sf. — tion. 

Pondre, u. 10 lay eggs. 

Poney, sm. pony. [fall. 

Pont, sm bridge, d«cli| liap, 

Pont-levis, drawbndg&. 
Ponte, sf. laying, punler. 
Ponté, e, a. nilh a deck. 
Ponrer, vil lo punt. 
Pontife, sm. pontiff. 
Pontifical, e, a. pontifical. 
Ponlificalemcnt, ad. — catfj 
PontiOcat, srti. ponlificate. 
Ponton, sm. pontoon-bridgsi 

Pot-tonagc, sm. bridge-loll. 
Pontonnier, sm. pODtoneeirj 

Popliic, e, a. poplitic. 
PopMlace,s/'. populace; mol». 
Populaire, a. popular. 
Populairement, ad. — larly. 
Populariser (se), VT. tO fre 

Popularité, sf. — rity. 
Population, sf. population. 
Populeux, se, (f. populous. 
Populo, sm. cljubby cbild. 
Porc, sm. a hog, pork, pig. 

— épie, porcupine. 
Porcelaine, s/'.china, porcelais. 
Porche, sm. porch; portico. 
Porcher, sm.a swineberd. 
Pore, sin. pore. 

Poreux, se, a. porous. 
Porosité, sf. — sity. 
Porphyre, Sm. porphyry. 
Porphyriaer, va. tO grind WÎtà 

a muller; pulverize. 
Port, sm. port, harbonr, whapfj 

burden, postage,gait,presenca. 
Poi-table, a. wearable. 
Partage, S))!, carriage. 
Portail, sm. portai; front. 
Portant, a. bearing. 
Portatif, ïc, a. porlable. 
Porte, sf. door, gâte. [dcoi 

— à deux battants, folding 

— halle, pediar. 
cigares, sm. cigar-caso. 

— clefs, sî?!. key-ringjturnkaj. 

— cochère, a large gâte. 

— crayon, a pencil-caso. 

— croix, cross-bcarcr. 

— de devant, slreet-door, 

— épée, sword-bearer ; belt. 

— étendard, slandard-bcarer. 

— faix, street-porter. 





Porie-maiiteau, portmanleau, 

— mounaie, sm. moneT-case. 

— moatre, sm. via(ch-«tand. 

— moiichetlea, snuffers-pan. 

— -woîx, speaking-lrumpet. 
Porlereiiillc, sm. porlf'olîo, 

pockel-book. [makcr. 

Por»efeiiillis«c,s»n .pocket-Look 
Portée, sf. brood, litter, reach, 

capacilj, length, shot. 

A—, at hand. 
Porter, un. to carry, bear, wear, 

induce, incite, cotiTey. [carry. 
—, vn. le bear, rest, lie, reach, 
Portant (à bout), Bear, to 

one's face. 

— le deuil, to be in mournîng. 

— le» armes, to he a foldier. 

— malbeur, to brinï ill luck. 
Porter (se), vp. to he (weil, ill) 

to claini; tendj repair; fly. 
Porteur, sm, porter, bearer, 

Portier, e, s. hall-porter, door- 

keeper; door-keeper. [door. 
— , sf. porleress, door-curlain. 
Portion, «/■. part, portion, allo- 

"B'ance, ?hare. 
Portic^ue, sm. portico, porch. 
Portraire, va to portray; depict 
Portrait. Sm. portrait picture 

description. [ting 

Portraiture, sf. portrait pain 
Pofiage, sm. Pose, sf. Iayin_ 

pulliug up. [atlitudë. 

Pose, sf. laying; selting; posture 
Posé, e, a. staid, sedate, steady 
Posément, ad. softiy, staidly. 
Poser, l'a. to set; lay; suppose 

grant; admit; bear; rest, lean, 

lie, put; place. 
Poseur, sm. layer setter. 
Positif, ve, a. positive, certain. 
—, sm. positive, realily. [site. 
Position, sf. position, situation. 
Posiliiemeut, ad. — vely. 
Possédé, e, a.person possesscd. 
Posséder, va. to possess; enjoy; 

hâve; be master of. [tempci. 

Se — . vr. to be master ol one's 
Possesseur, sm. possessor, ow- 
PoB8e«sir,a. possessive, [i'^''- 

Possession, sf. possession, es- 

PoBsessoîre, sm. possession. 
Possessoircment , ad. posses* 

Possiliililé, sf. possibility. 
Possible, a. sm. possible. 
—, ud. perliaps. 
Posl-scriplum, jm.poscript. 
Postcommuniou. sf. — nion. 
Postdate, sf. post-date. 
Post dater, va. to post-date. 
Poste, sin. post, station, place, 

office, guard-house. 
Poste, if. post, post-orSce, hail- 

shol, mail. 

Courir la—, to ride post. 
Poster, va. to post; place. 

Se — , vr. to post one's self. 
Postérieur, e , a. posterior, 

laler, Lind. 
Postérieurement, ad. after. 
Postériorité, sf. posteriority. 
Postérité, sf. — rity, issue. 
Posthume, a. poslliumous. 
Postccbe, a. supuradded, fa'se, 

artificial. [^oy. 

Postillon, sm. posllIioD, post- 
Postulant, e, a. s. postulant, 

Postulat, sm. postulate. 
Postuler, va. to solicit apply for. 
Posture, sf. posture, altitude. 
Pot, sm, pot. 

— -au-feii, sm, bollcd beef and 
its broth. [vase. 

— -de-cliambre, sm. nigbt- 

— -de>viii, présent, douceur. 

— -l>oiirri, sin. hotch-potch, 

Potable, a. drintable, potable. 
Potage, sm. potlage; soup. 
Potager, e,a.culinary, kitchen- 
Polasse, sf. potasb. [garden. 
Potassium, sm. potassium. 
Pote, a. impotent ùand, swelled, 

Poteau, syn, post, stakOt 
Potée, sf. pctful, putty. 
Potelé, e, plump, cbubby. 
Potence, sf. gallows, gibbet, 
Potentat, sm. potentate.[crulcb. 
Potentiel, le, u. poteDtial. 




J>oteric, ff, pottery. 
Polcriic, s/, postern. 
Potier, e, s. polier. 
Potin, sm. pinchbeck. 
Potion, sf. draught; potion. 
Potiron, sm. pumpion. 
Poil, sm. louse. 
Poanb, int. poh! pho! 
Pouacre, a. nastj, filthy. 
Ponacrerie, t/'. nasliuess. 
Pouce, sm. thumb, inch. 
Pou-dc-»oie, sm. padesoï. 
Pouding, sm. pudding. 
Poudre, s/', powder, dust, sand. 

— à canon, gunpowder. 
Poudrer, V(i. to powder. 
Poudrette, sf. dried night-soil 
Poudreux, «c, (7. dusty, powdeiy. 
Poudrier, sm. fand-box,pounce- 
Pouf ! plump! bangl [box. 
PoulTcr de rire, vn. lo Dursl 

out laugbing. 
Pouilleux, se, n.s.loiisy, mean. 
Poulailler, sm. hen-liouse, 

poulterer, upper gallcrj. 
Poulain, );m. coll, foal. 
Poularde, sf. faUened, pullet. 
Poule, sf. hen; pool (a gaice). 

— d^eau, moor-tien. 

— mouillée, coward. 
Poulet, sm. chiclien; loveletter. 
Poulette, sf. bea-chicl£ea, lass, 

Poulicbc, sf. fillj, foal. 
Poulie, sf. pulley. 
Poulier, sm. block. 
Pouliner, t)(!.to foal. 
Poulinière , sf, brood-mare, 
Poulot, s. darling. freeder. 

Poulpe, sf. poulp, cephalopod. 
Pouli, sm, puise. 
Poumon, sm. lungs. 
Poupard, sm. baby. 
Poupe, sf. stern, poop. 
I>oupce, sf. doll, puppet. 
Poupin, e, a. fpruce, Smart. 
Poupon, ne, s. plump child. 
Pour, pr. for, « order lo, as 

for; towards. 

H^e — et lecoi-<rc. pro audcoD. 

I.e — cent, sm. percenlage. 
Poiir-hoire, Sm. p»t-money, 


Pourceau, sm. hfig, swine, pij. 
Pourchasaer, va. to pursue* 

Pourfendre, un. to cleavei 
Pourparler, sm. parley, con- 
Pourpier, sm. pursiain. 
Pourpoint, Sm. doublet, 

A Ijrûlo— ,nilhm arm's length. 
Pourpre, sm. purple, purpls- 

çolour. [dignilj. 

—•, sf. purple die, tlie Uighes( 
Pourpre, e, a. purple. 
Pourpris, sm. enclosure. 
Pourquoi, ad.c. whyjwhereforei 
Pourri, e, a. roUen, [trefy. 

Pourrir, V. et vp. to rot, pu- 
Pourriture, sf. rottenness, de- 

Poui'suite, sf. pursuil, process. 
Poursuivant, sm. candidate, a 

suilor, pursuer. 
Poursuivre, va. lo pursne; 

pro^ecute, court; chase; follow. 
Pourtant, c. howe'ver, ne\er- 

llieless. [pit-lier. 

Pourtour, sm. circuniference, 
Pourvoir, va. lo providc, look 

to, supply, bestûw, eudow. 

Se —, vr. to appeal ; proTids 

one's self. 
Pourvoyeur, sm. purveyor. 
Pourvu que, c. provided that, 
Pou8»e, «/■. slioot,damp;growth. 
l"oitsse-cul, sm. bumLailifT. 
Poussée, pushing, showing, 

Pousser, va. to push; tbrust; 

shove, force, urge, di5Cuss,pro- 
— , vn. shoot, germinate. [voke. 

Se—, vr. to make one's waj. 

— à bout, to provoke. 

— des cris, to scream. 
Poussette, sf. push-pin. 
Poussier, sm. coal-dust. 
Poussière, sf. duit. 
Poussif, ve, a, astbmatic, bro» 

Poussin, sm. chick, chicken. 
Poussinière, sf. Pléiades, chis. 
Poutre, sf. beam. [k^o-coop. 
Poutrelle, s^ small be:im. 
Pouvoir, v-to be able, maj, un. 




Se pouvoir, DU. to be possible. 
Peut (cela se), that mav be. 
Se iiV-u puis plus, I am 

quite oui. 
Pouvoir, sm. power, inleresl, 

influence, aulhorily, force. 
Pragmatique, sf. pragmalio. 
Prairie, sf. meadow; pasture. 
Praline, sf. praline, burnt al- 
Prame, sf. praara. [mond. 

Praticable, <i, practicable, pas- 
sable, [the law. 
Praticien, sm. praclitioner in 
Pratique, sf. practice, cuslom, 
—, pi. dealings. [customer. 
Pratique, a. practical, skiITul. 
— , sf. pratice, habU, expérience, 
— , pi. dealings. [client, cusiomer. 
Pratiquer, vn. to praclise, per- 

form, fréquent, open, tamper 


Se — , vr. to be customary. 
Pratiques, sf. pi. clandestine 
Pré, sm. moadow. [devices. 

— salé, downs, mutlon. 
Préaduiuite, a. S. preadamite. 
Préalable, a. previous. 

Au—, previously, before hand. 
Préalablement, rrf/. precarious- 
Préambule, sm. preamble. [ly. 
Préau, sm. green, vard. 
Prébende, sf. prebond. 
Prébeiidier, sm. a prebendary. 
Précaire. s?n.tenure during plea- 
— , a. precarious. [sure. 

Précairement, ad.precariously. 
Précaution, sf, — tion, caution. 
Précautionné, c, a. cautious, 


Se — , vr. to laka précautions. 
Précédemment, ad, formerly, 

Précédent, e, a. preceding. 
— , s»!, précèdent. [first. 

Précéder, va. to précède, go 
Précepte, sm. precepi, rule. 
Précepteur, sm. preceptor, tu- 

tor, têacber. 
Préceptorat, a lulorship, 
Précession, sf. — sion. 
Prêche, sm. protestant church, 

sermon. [leach, extol. 

Prêcher, Vé to preacb, advise, 

Prêcheur, sm. preacher. 
Précieuse, sf, a finie, affectea 

Précieusement, ad. dearly. 
Précieux, se, a. preciou?, ■va» 

luable dear, beioved, affecled, 

Précipice, syn, précipice. 
Précipitammenl, ad, bur> 

Précipitation, sf. — tion. 
Précipité, sm. precipitate. 
—, e. li. — taie, basty, hnrried. 
Précipiter, va, to precipitate; 

overhiirry, hasten. 
Préciput, sm. préférence lega- 

cy- [tome. 

Précis , sm. abstract , opi- 
Précis, e, exact, strict. 
Précisément, ad. precisely. 
Préciser, vil. to State precisely. 
Précision, sf. — sion, exactness. 
Précoce, (i.precocious, forward, 

early. [wardness. 

Précocité, sf. precocity, for- 
Préconipter , va. to deduct, , 

Préconisation, sf, — zalion. 
Préconiser, va. to préconise; 

to extol; ■vaunt. [precursor. 

Précurseur, sm, forerunncr, 
Prédestination, sf. — tion. 
Prédestiné, e, S. one of the 

eicct. [nate. 

Prédestiner, va. to predesti- 
Prédétermination, s/". — tion. 
Prédéterminer, va. tO predo^ 

Prédicable, a, — ble. 
Prédicument, sm. — ment» 
Prédicant, sm. preacher. 
Prédicateur, sm. preacher. 
Prédication, sf. preachingi 

Prédiction, sf. prédiction 
Prédilection, sf. prédilection. 
Prédire, l'n. to forelell, predict. 
Prédominant, e, a« — nant. 
Prédominer, vn, to predomi- 

nale; prevail. [ce, superiority. 
Prééminence, sf. pre-eminen- 
Prééminent, e, a. — neul 




Préexislaiit, e, a. — tent. 

Préexistence, sf. a. — ce. 

Préexister, vn. to preoxist. 
Préface, sf. préface. 
Préfecture, sf. — ture. 
Préférable, a. préférable. 
Préférablement, ad. — bly. 
Préférence, sf. préférence. 
Préférer, va. to preTcr. 
Préfet, sm. perfect. [appoint. 
Prélîiiir, va, to détermine; set, 
Préfix, e, a. prefixed set. 
Préjudice, sm. détriment, pré- 
judice, [injurions. 
Préjudiciable, a. prejudicial, 
Préjudiciel, le, a. inlerlocu- 

Préjudicier, vn. to préjudice. 
Préjugé, sm. précèdent, judg- 

mcot, presumption. [resee. 
Préjuger, V. to prejudge, fo- 
Prélart, sm. taparwling 
Prélasser (se), vr. to strut. 
Prélat, sm. prelale. 
Préluturc, sf. prelacy. 
Prêle, sf. rougli borselail. 
Prélcgs, sm. préférence legacy. 
Prélèvement, sm. previous dé- 
duction, [viously. 
Prélever, va. to deduct pre- 
Préliniiuaire, a. S?».— nary. 
Prélîuiinaireuictit, ad. — na- 
Prélude, sm. prélude. [rily. 
Préluder, DU. le prélude. 
Prématuré, e, a. prématuré. 
Prématurément, ad. prema- 

Prématurilé, sf. — fureness. 
Préméditation, sf. — tioD. 
Préméditer, un. to premeditate. 
Prémices, sf. pi. first fruits. 
Premier, e, a, first, former, 

Premièrement, ad. fi:st. 
Prémisses, f. pi. premises. 
Prémunir, va. tp çrepare; warn; 


Se—, i«. to provide. 
Prenable, a. pregnable. 
Prendre, va. to lake, catch, put 

on, choose, seize, stcal, arrest. 
— , VH. to freeze, lobe congealed, 

coagulate ■ Mtch eurdie (as 

milk), break ont (as fire), strtta 

— à témoin, to cal! tO witne«« 

— terre, to land. [catch. 
Se— , l'p. to freeze, congeal; 
S'en— à, to lay blâme on. 

Preneur, se, taker; lessec; 

Prénom, sm. first name.[bujer. 

I>réiioiion, sf. prenotion, 

Préoccup.ition, sf. préoccupa- 
tion, prepossession. 

Préoccuper, va. to prepossess. 
Se — , to be preoccupied. 

Préopinaut, sm. préviens spea- 
ker, [opinion firsl. 

Préopîner, vn. to express one't 

Préparatif, ve, a. — live. 

Préparatif, S7n. préparation. 

Préparation, sf. — lion. 

Préparatoire, a. prcparatory. 

Préparer, va. lo prépare; ar- 
range; get ready. 
Se—, vr. to prépare one's self. 

Pi-époBidérance, sf. prépondé- 

Prépondérant, c, a. — rating. 

Préposé, sm. officer, gauger. 

Préposer, t)rt. to set over; place. 

Préposition, sf, — lion. 

Prépuce, sm. prépuce, fores» 

Prérogative, sf. — i'ive. [kin. 

Près, /))•. ad. near, liard by al- 
A peu — , nearly. [mosi; by. 
A cela—, save, except that. 
Bien — , very near. 

Présage, sm. présage, omen. 

Présager, va. to présage; for- 
Presbyte, s. presbyte. [bode. 

Prcshytéral, e, a, — rai j 
prieslly. [presbytery. 

Presbyicro , Sm. parsonage; 

Presbytérianisme, sm. — nism. 

Presbytérien, ne, a. s. — rian. 

Prescience, sf. prescience, fo- 

Prescriptible, a, — hle. 

Prescription, sf. — tion. 

Presci-ii-c, vn. to prescribe; 
order, d.rect. 

Préséance, sf. precedence. 

Présence, sf. présence. 
En— de, in tlie présence of. 

Préaent, e, a. présent. 




Prcsont, sm. présent lime, pre- 
setil len<e, gift, présent. 
■*~5 ad. nt présent, now, 

Piéseulable, a. — Lie. 

■>réseiitaleiir, sm. présenter. 

Préseutatiou, sf, — tion. 

I^rcseiitemcntj ad. at présent. 

Présenter, va. to présent, of- 

Ter, iotroduce, afford. 
'Se—, vr. to appear; offer 
one's self; occur. [serTer. 

Préservateur, triée, J. pre- 

Préservatir, »e, a. sm. — tiTe. 

Préserver, va. to préserve ; 
keep; save. [presidency. 

Présideuce, sf. presidenlship, 

Président, sm. président, chair- 

Présidente, s^. présidents wife. 

Présider, va. to préside Ofer. 
— , vn. to talie the chain, 

Présidial. sm. — dial. 

Présouiptir,ve, «7. presumplÎTe. 

Présoni|i<ion, sf. présumplion, 
surmisô [sumptuouïiy. 

Présoniptueusenient, ad. pre- 

Présoniptueux , se, a. pre- 
sumptuous, coneeiled. 

Presque, (id. almost, nearly. 

Presqii^ile, sf. peninsula. 

Presqii'ouibre, sf. penumbra. 

Pressage, sm. pressing. 

Pressamnient, ad. pressingly. 

Pressant, c, a. pressing, ur- 
gent, [ (angine) press. 

Presse, sf. crowd, press, hurry; 

Pri.ssé, e, a. in haste. in a hurry. 

Presseuliment, «m. pressenti- 
ment, foreLoding. 

Pressentir, va. to foresee, 

Presser, to press; squeeze, 
crowd, hasten, require, haste, 
urge, quicken, harrass. 
Se — , vr. to sit, hurry; mate 
haste; crowd; stand, bustle, 

Presseur, sm. presser. 

Pressier, sm. priss-man. 

Pression, sf. pressure. 

Pressis, sm. juice (of méat). 

Pressoir, s?n. pre.=s wine press. 

Prossurage, sm. pressing, près- 
sed uine. 

Pressurer, va. topress; squeeze^ 

Pressurpur, svt. press-man. 
Prestance , 5/. deportnicnt, 

port, hearing. 
Prestation, sf. prestation, ta- 

king (oalh.) snearing. 
Preste, ((. quick, nimble. 

— , ùit quick. [bij 
Prestement, ad. quickly, nira- 
Preslesse, sf. agility, nimble- 

ness. [juggler 

Prestidigitateur, triée, 5. 
Prestidigitation, sf. juggling. 
Prestige, sm. prestige, illusion. 
Presto, sm. ad. presto, quicii. 
Presto*9t, sm. priestling. 
Présumabic, a. presumable. 
Présumer, v. to présume; an- 

Présupposer, v. to présuppose. 
Préstipposition, sf. — tion. 
Présure, sf. rennet, cheese- 

Prêt. sm. a loan, adfance. 
Prêt, e, a, ready, wiiling. 
Prétantaine (courir la), sf. 

to be al\va\s gadding about. 
Prétenduuî, e, s. pretender, 

candidate, suitor. 
Prétendre, V. to prétend to 

daim ; expect, aspire at, mais- 
tain, design, purpose. 
Prétendu, e, a. supposed. 
— , s. intendtd (husband or wife. 
Prétention, sf. — tion, daim. 
Prêter, va. to lend; stretch, 

give, afford. 

Se—, vr. to lend one's self; be 

lent; comply with. 
Prétérit, sfii. prétérit. 
Prétérilion, sf. — tion. [sion. 
Prétermissiou , sf. pretermis- 
Préteur, se, a. S. lender. 
Pi-êtcur, sm. prêter. '.î 

— sur gages, pawnbroker. 
Prétexte, sm. — text, prelence. 
Prétexter, va. to prétend; al- 

Preliutaillc, trimming, 
Pretintniller, la. to Irim. 
Prétoire, sm. pretorium. 
Prétorien, ne, a. I. — rian. 


f*rêtre, sm, priest. 
Prêtresse, s/, priestess. 

Prî-«riso, sm. priesthood. 

Prcture, sm. prelorship. 

Preuve, s/, proof, Toucher» 

Prcui, am. valiant. 

Prévaloir, vn. to prevail over> 
Se —, vr. to take advantage ; 
pride in. 

Prévaricateur, sm. — tor. 

Prévarication, sf, — tioD. 

Prévariquer, vn. to preTari- 
cate. [tentions. 

Prévenance, sf. engaging at- 

Prcvenaut, e, a. engaging. 

Prévenir, va. to preïenl, iiin- 
der, anticipate, prepossess, pré- 
So— , vp. to be prejudiced. 

Préventif, ve, a. préventive. 

Prévention, sf. prévention. 

Prévenu, sm. prisoner. 

Prévision) sf. prévision, antici- 

Prévoir, va, to Toresee. 

Prévôt, sm. provost. 

Prévôtalemenl, ad. by the 
provost's court. 

Prévûté, sf. provostsbip. 

Prévoyance, sf. foresîgbt. 

Prévoyant, e, a, provident. 

Priapiame, sm. priapism. 

Prie-Dieu, sm.. prajing-deslf. 

Prier, va. to pray ; beg, invite, 
beseech, implore. [treaty. 

Prière, sf. prayer, request, en- 
Prieur, sm. prior. 

Prieure, sf. prioress. 

Prieuré, sm. priory. 

Primaire, a. primary. 

Primat, sm. primate. 

Primatial, e, a. f. primatial. 

Primatie, sf. primacy. [raacy. 

Primauté, «/■. supremacy ; pri- 

Prime, sf. premium, prime. 
De— abord, at first sigbt. 

Primer, va. to be ; play first ; 
lead; excel. 

Primevère, sf. primrose. 

Primeur, sf. early fruit, bloora. 

Primitif, ve, a. sm. primitive. 

Primitivement, ad. — vely. 

Primo, ad. sm. Srst, firstly. 

231 PRI 

Primogéniture, sf. primogenl- 

Primordial, e, 0. — dial. 
Primorilialement, ad. priraor- 
Princo, sm. prince. [dially. 

Princesse, sf. priocess, 
Princier, e, a. princely. 
Principal, e, a. principal,chief. 
Principal, Sm. principal, top< 

pingman , bead of a collège 

main point. 
Principalement, ad. — pally. 
Principauté, sf. headmaster» 

sliip of a collège. 
Principauté, sf. principality. 
Principe, sm. principie, be- 

Principion, sm. petty prince. 
Priutunier, e, a. spriog, veraa!« 

Printemps, sm. spring, youth. 
Priorai, sm prîorship. 
Priorité, sf. priority. 
Pris, c, a. taken, seized. 
Prise, sf. taking, prize, dose, 

hold, scufflle, pinch, power in- 

Etre aux — , to be figbting. 
Prise do corps, arrest for debts. 
Prisée, sf. appraisement, valua- 

lion, appraised value. 
Priser, va. to rate, to value, 

e5teem,extol, praise; take snulT. 
Priseur, se, a. appraising. 

Commissaire — , auctionea 

and appraiser. 
— , s. snulT-taker. 
Prismatique, a. — tic* 
Prisme, S7n. prism. 
Prison, sf. prison, gaol. 
Prisonnier, e, a. S. prisoner. 
Privatif, ve, a. — tive. 
Privation, sf. — tion, want. 
Privativement, ad. exclusively 
Privante, sf. familiarity. 
Privé, e, s. a. privy, private. 
Privément, ad. farailiarly. 
Priver, va. to deprive, tame. 

Se^ — , vr. to deprive one's self; 

abstain. [tage, secured deljt. 
Privilège, sm. privilège, advan- 
Privilégié, e, a. — leged. s. a 

privileged person 


PrlTlIéglcr, va. lo privilège. 
t»*-!!, srn. price, rate, prize, 

value, ^ortli, revvard. 

Au — de, in comparison with. 

Hors do — , Tery dear. 
Prolxiliiliié. sf — lity. 
Proliublo. o. proljalile, liltely. 
Probablement, ad. probably, 

Probant, e, o, probatory. 
Probation, sf. — tion, Irial. 
Probatoire, a. probalory. 
Probe, a. honesl, iipriglit. 
Probité, sf. probily, honesty, 

Problcmatifiue, a. — tical. 
ProblcDiatiqucmeiit. ad. — ti- 
Problème, sm. problem. [cally. 
Procédé, sm. proceeding, con- 

duct, procédure. 
Procéder, un. to proceed, be- 

bave, go forward, issue, arise, 

Carry on. 
Procédure, s^. proceeding prac- 

îice, procédure. [action. 

Procès, sm. procès?, lausuit, 
— verbal, verbal pincess. 
Processir, ve, a. .itigious. 
Procession, sf. — sioQ. 
Processionuel, sm. — £ional. 
Processionuelleuseut, ad. in 

Prochain, e, a. nex(, near. 
Procliaiu, sm. nei^hljour. 
Procbaiuemeut, ad. sLortly; 

ProcUes, sm. pi. relalions. 
ProcUc,;)r. roar, nigli, close to. 

— , «(/, by, bord by. 

De— eu — , gradually, by de- 

Proclainateur, sm. proclaîrcer. 
Proclamation, sf, — tioQ. 
Proclamer, r. 10 proclaim ; pu- 
Procunsul, sm. — sul. (blish. 
Proci-éatiou, sf. — tion,' 
Pr«crécr, ta. to procreale ; be- 

get; engendor. 
Procurateur, sm. — tor. 
^'rocuration, s^ — tiOn, power 

(ol' atlorney). 
T rocurer, la. to procure, get. 

£•— , vr. to be procured» 



Procureur , sm, «ttoraej, 

Procurcuse, sf, altorney's wife, 
Prodigalemeut, ad. — pally. 
Prodigalité, sf. Drodigality 

Prodige, syn. prodigy. 
Prodigieuseniciit, ad. ~- gî- 

ously, amazingly. [amaziiig. 
Prodigieux, BC. a. — gious, 
Prodigue, a. proTuse, prodieal, 

la\ish. [digal. 

Prodigue, s. spendlbrift, pro- 
Prodiguer, fa. to lavish; wastc, 

Producteur, trlce, 5. producer. 
Prodiiclif, ve, a. productive. 
Production, sf. — tion, bree- 

Produire, va. to produce, yield, 

malie, sbew, bear, œake tinown, 


Se—, iT. to présent one's self. 
Produit, sm. produce, product. 
Proéminence, sf. prorainence. 
Vrofiinaleur, sm. proTaner. 
Pi'oranaiion, sf. — tion. 
Profane, a.s. profane, profaner. 
Profaner, vo. to profane, pol- 

Proférer, Va. (0 ulter; express. 
Profés, se, a. s. professed monk 

or nun. [clare; teacb. 

Professer, va, to profess; de- 
Professeur, sm.. professer. 
Profession, sf. profession, cal- 
lin?, trade. 
Professorat, Sm, — SOrship, 
S'roDI, sm. profile. 
I>ronler, t>a. to profile. 
Profit, sm. profit, gain, advan- 

tage. [geous 

Profitable, a, — ble, adianla. 
Profiler, in. to gain; improve, 

profil; taiie advantage; ^row. 
Profond, e, a. deep, profcund. 
Profondémeut, ad. deeply. 
Profondeur, sf. deplh,' pro- 

Profusémeut, ad. prffusefy. 
Profusion, sf. profusion, pICDly, 
Progéniture, sf prcgeny. 
Programme, tm. programme» 




Progrès, sm. progress, impro- 

Progresser, vn. to progress. 
Progression, sf* — sion. 
Progressif, ve, a. progressive. 
Progressivcmeut, ad. progres- 

sively. [bid. 

Prohiber, va. tO prohibif; for- 
Prohiliitir, ve, a. prohibitive. 
Prohibition, sf. — tion. 
Proie, s/', prey, booly. 
Projectile, S7n, projectilei 
Projection, sf. — tioa. 
Projet, sm. Project, draught, 

design, scbeme. 
Projeter, project, scheme. 
Prolégomèuea, sm. pi, prole- 

Prolétaire, s. a. proletaryi 
Prolifique, a. prolific. 
Prolixe, a. prolix, dilTuse. 
Prolixcm«nt, ad. prolixly. 
Prolixité, sf. — ty. 
Prologue, S7n. — gue. 
Prolongation, sf. — lion, delay. 
Prolongement, sm. prolonga- 
tion, [then. 
Prolonger, fa. to prolong, leng- 
Promcnade, sf, walli, walking. 
Promener, va. to walk, to lead, 

disquiet, banter. 

Se—, vr. to walli; take a wallf. 

Se — à cheval ou en voiture, 

to take a riding on horseback, 

or in a coacb. 
Promeneur, se, S. proraenader. 
Promenoir, sm. public walk. 
Promesse, sf, promiss, promis- 

Prometteur, se, s. promîser. 
Promettre, va. to promise. 

Se — , vr. to résolve. 
Promiscuité, sf. — cuousness. 
Promontoire, sm.— tory, cape. 
Promoteur, sm. proraoLer. 
Promotion, sf. promotion, ad- 

tancemeat. [advance. 

X'«romouvoir, va. to promote; 
Prompt, e, a, quick, sudden, 

active, speed, ready. 
Promptemout, ad, quickly, 

Promptitude, sf, promptitude- 

Promulgation, sf. — tion. 
Promulguer, va, to promulga- 
Prouateur, sm. pronatoi [la. 
Pronation, sf. pronation. 
Prône, S)n. sermon, scoldin». 
Prôner, va, to cry up, eitol, to 

preach to. [ser. 

Prôneur, se, s. leclurer» prai" 
Pronom, sm, pronoun. 
Pronominal, e, a. — nal. 
Prononcé, sm. sentencOi jndg. 

Prononcer, va, to pronounce , 

utter; articalate, deliver, dé- 
cide, pass. 
Prononciation, sf. pronOUD- 

cing, delivery. 
Pronostic, sm. prognOStIc. 
Pronostiquer, prognOStî- 

cale. [cator. 

Pronostiqueur, sm. proguosti- 
Propagande, sf. propagauda. 
Propagateur, sm. — ter. 
Propagation, sf. — tion. 
Propager, VU, to propagate» 
Propension, sf. — siîy, incli- 
nation, tendency. 
Prophète, sm. prophet. 
Prophétessc, sf. a prophetess. 
Prophétie, sf. prophecy. 
Prophétique, a. propbetiCt 
Prophet iqucmcnt,a(/. — tically. 
Prophétiser, va. to propbesy. 
Prophylactique, a. propbylac- 

tic. [rable. 

Propice, a, propitious, favou- 
Propitiation, sf. propitiatiOD, 

Propitiatoire, a. — tOry. 
Propolis, sf. propolis. 
Proportion, sf, — tion. 

A—, in proportion to. 

Compas de—, sector. 
Proportionné, e, a. propor- 

Proportionnel, le, a, — tional. 
Proporliouuellement, atZ. prc* 

portionably, [tion, just. 

Proportionner, va. to propor- 
Propos, sm. discourse, propo- 

A— , a, suitably. [sal, design. 
— , ad, now. 

A— de, with respect to. 




Hors do—, mal à—, UDsea- 

Proposablc. a. proposabICi 
Pi-oposer, va. lo propose, offer, 

move, make a motion. 

Se—, vr. to offer onc's selT; 

be proposed. [posai, motion. 
Proposition, sf. — tion, pro- 
Propre, a. proper, own, neat, 

self, fit, apt, clean. 

Amour — , self love. 

IVom — , proper name. 
Propre, styi. properly, réal es- 

laip, peeuliar quahtj. 
Propremciii, ad. proper'.y, 

neally, cleanly. 
Propret, le, n, neat, clean. 
Propreté, sf. cleanliness, neal- 

Propriétaire, *• proprîctor, 

ouncr. [perty. 

Propriété, s/", propriety, pro- 
Prorata {ont), in proportion of. 
Prorogation, sf. — tion. 
Proroger, va. lo prolonfr, pro- 
Prosaïqiie, a. prosalc. [rogue. 
Prosateur, siii. a pro3e-\\riter. 
Proscenium, sm. proscenium. 
Proscription, sf. — tion. 
Proscrire, va. to proscribe; ex- 

pei ; outlaw ; banish. 
Proscrit, sm. outlaw, exile. 
Prose, sf. prose. 
Prosélyte, S. prosélyte. 
Prosélitisme, sm. prûselytîsm. 
Proser, vn. lo Write in prose. 
Prosodie, sf. prosody. 
Prosodique, a. prosodical. 
Prosopopéc, sf. — popaMa, 
Prospectus, sm, prospectus, 

bill. [rishing. 

Prospère, a. prosperous, flou- 
Prospérer, vn. to prosper, 

tlirive; flourish. 
Prospérité, sf. — rlty. 
Prosternation, sf. Proster- 

nement, proslralion. 

Se— , t'î'.to prostrate one's self. 
Prostituée, sf. prostilute. 
Prostituer, la. vT. to prosiitute. 
Prostitution, sf. prostitution. 
Prostration, sf. — tiOQ. 
Protase, if. protasis. 

Prote, sm. overseer. 
Protecteur, sin. a protecting, 

Protection, s/". — tion, patronage. 
Protectorat, ;m. protector-sbip. 
Protectrice, sf. a proteclress. 
Protéo, sn\, Proteus. 
Protégé, e, a. protégée. 

Protéger, va. to prolect, dé- 
fend, shield. 

Protestant, e, a. S. protestent. 

Prolcstautlsme, Si7î. protes- 

Protestation, sf. protestation. 

Protester, v. to protest. 

Protêt, sm. protest. [locot. 

Protocole, sm. formula, pro» 

Protonotaire, s»! . protonolary. 

Prototype, sm. — type. 

Protubérance, sf. — rance. 

Protateur, sm.acting guardian. 

Prou, ad. much, enough, many. 

Proue, sf, prow, bow of a ship. 

Prouesse, sf. prowess, exploit. 

Prouvable, a. probable. 

Prouver, va. to proTe; évince. 

Provenant, e, a. provening. 

Provendc, sf. provender. 

Provenir de, vn. to proceed. 

Proverbe, sm. provcrb. 

Proverbial, e, a. — bial. 

Proverbialement, ad. — biallj 

Providence, sf. providence. 

Provigner, v. lo provins; layer. 

Provin, sm. layer lof a vine). 

Province, sf. province, country. 

Provincial, e, a. s. — cial. 

Provincialat, sm. — cialsbip. 

Proviseur, sm. provisor, prin- 
cipal ofa collège. 

Provision, sf. provision, vie- 
tuais, food, stock. 

Provisionnel, le, a. — sional. 

Provisionnellemeut, ad. pro- 
visionally. [porary. 

Provisoire, rt. — sional tem- 

Provisoirement, ad. — sional- 

Provocation, sf. — lion. [ly. 

Provoquer, va. to provoko, 
urgc, incite, cause. [mity. 

Proximité, sf. nearness; proxi- 

Prude, a. s. prudi^h, prude. 

Prudemment, ad. prudeotl}. 




Prudeuce, s/*. — ce, wisdom. 
Prudent, e« a. prudent, clr- 

Pruderie, sf. pnidery. 
Prud''lioiuiue, sm. honest man. 
Prud'homie, sf. visdom (in ac> 
Prune, sf, p'.um. [tion). 

Pruneau, sm. prune. 
Prunelle,s/.sloe; pupil orihe ej6. 
Prunellier, sm. sloe-lree. 
Prunier, sm. plum-tree. 
Prurit, sm. (méd.) pruriencj, 
Prytance, sm. prytaneum. 
Psalniisic, sm. psalmist. 
Psalmodie, sf. — dy. 
Psalmodier, v. to sing psalms. 
Psaltérion, sm. p'altery. 
Psaume, sm. psalm. 
Psautier, sm. a psalter. 
Pseudonyme, sm. pseudonym. 
Psora, sm. ilch. 
Psyché, sf. p?yche-glass. 
Psycclogîe, sf. — gj. 
Puamment, ad. stinkingly. 
Puant, e.a.stinking, disgusling. 
Puanteur, sf. stink, stench. 
Pubère, a. pubescent. 
Puberté, sf. — ty, puberty. 
Public, que, a. public, common. 
— , sm. public. 
Pubiicaiu, sm. — can. 
Publication, sf. — tion. 
Publiciste, sm. publicist. 
Publicité, sf. publicily. 
Publier, va. to publisb, pro- 

elaim; irake known. 
Publiquement, ad. pubUcIy. 
Puce, sf. flea. 
Pucelage, sm. maidenbead. 
PuceSle, sf. maid, ■virgin. 
Puceron. sm.vine-freHer, plant- 

Pudeur, sf. modesty, chastity. 
Pudibond, e, a. basIiTul. 
Pudicité, sf. — City, cbastily. 
Pudique, a. chasle, modest. 
Pudiquement, ad, cbastely. 
Puer, vn, to stink; smeli. 
Puéril, e, a. puérile, childish. 
Puérilement, a. cUildishly. 
Puérilité, sf. puerility. 
Purpuéral, o, a. puerpéral. 
PuH, sm. puff. 

Pugilat, sm. boxing. 

Puîné, e, s. a.younger (brother, 

Puis, ad. then, afterwards. 
Puisage, sm. draning (nater^ 

Puisard, sm. draining-well. 
Puisatier, tm. well-siuker. 
Puiser, ta. to draw; take; bor- 

row; let in. 
Puisoir, sm. ladle; lade-pail. 
Puisque, c. Eince, seeing tbat. 
Puissamment, ad. mighlily. 
Puissance, sf. power, might, 

force. [ly, slout. 

Puissant, e, a. powerl'ul, migh- 
Pnits, sm. well, sbaft. [iate. 

Pulluler, un. to multiply, pullu- 
Pulmonaire, a, pulmonary. 
Pulmonaire, sf. lung-wort. 
Pulmonic, sf. consumption. 
Pulmonîque, a. consumptive. 
Pulpe, sf. pulp. 
Pulpeux, se, o. pulpouf , pnipy. 
Pulsation, s^.— tion, throbbiiig. 
Pulvérin, sm. priming-powder. 
Pulvérisation, sf. — zalion. 
Pulvériser, va. to pulverize, 

PuUériseur, se, s. puheriîer. 
Pumiciu, sm. palm-oi!. 
Punais, e, a. >. aSected witb 

Punaise, sf. bug, drawing-pin. 
Puncb, sm. punch 
Punir, va. to punisb, chastise. 
Punissable, a punisbable. 
Punition, sf. punishment. 
Pupillaire, a. — lary. 
Pupillarité, sf. pupiiage. 
Pupille, s. ward, pupil; sf. pupII 

(of tbe eye). 
Pupitre, sm. desk. 
Pur, e, a. pure, mère, cleai 

clean, innocent. 
Pur ée, sf. soup; pea-soup. 
Pi£.i-emenl, ad. purely, merely, 

clearly, really, solely. 
Pureté, sf. pureness , purity, 

clearnesg. [g'ng- 

Pur-atif, *e, a. s. — tive, pur-' 
Purgation, sf. — tion, purge 
Purgatoire, S)7i, purgatory. 

QIjA '. 

Purge, sf. purge; purginï, 
paying off. [off. 

Purger, va. to purge, clear; paj 
Se — , vr. to purge one's self. 

Purification, sf» — tioD. 

Purificatoire, sm, — tory. 

Purifier, va. to purify ; cleanse. 
Se—, vp. to get pure. 

Purisme, sin. puristn. 

Puriste, sm. puristi 

Puritains, sm. — lan. 

Puritanisme, sm. puritanîsm. 

Purpurin, e, a. purplish. 

Purulent, e, a. — lent. 

Pus, sm. pus, tnalter. 

Pusillanime, a. — nimOUS. 
Pusillanimité, sf. — nimity. 
Pustule, sf. pustule, pimple. 
Pustuleux, se, a. pustulous. 

Putain, sf, whore, prostilute. 


Piitani«me, sm. whoring. 
ll>utassier, sm. whoring. 
Putatif, »e, a. pulati-ve, repu- 
Putois, sm. polecat. [ied. 

Putréfaction, sf. — tion. 
Putréfier, va. to putrefy. 

Se—, vp, to putrefj. 
Putride, a, putrid. 
Putridité, af. pulridity» 
Pygmce, sm. pigmy, dwarf. 
Pylore, sm. — rus. 

Pyramidal, e, a. — dal) pyra- 

Pyramide, sf. pyramidi 
Pyrite, sf. fire-stone, pylle. 
Pyroicclinie, sf. — nies, 
Pyrrhiquc, sf. pyrrhic. [nie. 
Pyrrboiticn, ne, a. S. pyrrho- 
Pyrrbonisme, sm. — nism. 
Pylhouisse, s/.pythoness,witch. 

4|uadragéuairc,a. S. — narious. 

Quadragésimal, e, a. — mal, 

Quadragcsijne , sf. — ma. 

Quadraugutaire, a. — lar. 

Quadrat, sm. quadrate. [ing, 

Quadrature, sf. — ture, squar- 

Quadrieuuiul, e, a. quadren- 

Quadrifolium, sm. — rolium. 

Quadrilatère, »m. quadrilaté- 
ral, [men. 

Quadrille, sf. troop of horse- 

— , sm. quadrille. 

Quadrillé, e, a. cbecked. 

Quadrumane, sm. quadrumane. 

Quadrupède, sm. aquadrupcd. 

— , a. quadruped, fourfooted. 

Qnadrnpl"-, a. S»!.— pie, four- 
fold. [cate. 

Quadrupler, va. to quadrupli- 

Quai. sm. quay, wharf. 

Quaiclie, sf. kelch. 

Quaker, esse, S. quaker, 

Quakérismc, sm. — rism. 

Qualificatif, ve,n. qualiTicative. 

Qualification, sf. title, epitliet. 

Qualifier, va. et Dr. to call; 

style; term; designate; qualify. 
Qualité, sf. quality, tille, rank, 

Quand, ad. when, though. 

Depuis—, how long siace. 
Quant à, ad. as to; as for. 
Qiiuuiicme, sm. number, day 

(of (he month). 
Quantité, sf. quanlify, deal, 

multitude. [rantine. 

Quarantaine, sf. forty; qua- 
Quarante, a. forty. 
Quarantième, a. fortîeth. 
Quart, sm. quarter, watch, point; 

— de cercle, quadrant, [l'arrel. 

— d'heure, quarter of an hour. 
Quartanier , sm. four-yeard- 

old,v.i!d boar. quarler-cask. 
Quarte, sf. quart, fourtli. 
Quoricron, c, s. quadroon. 
QtiartÎL'r, sm. quarler, ward, 
Quarlicr-mattro, sm. quartCT- 

Quarto (iu-), sm. quarto. 
Quart*, sm, quartz. 




Quasi, ad. almo.'t, quasi. 
Qunsimodo, sf. Low Sunday. 
Qiiatoriiaîre, a. quaternary. 
Qiialcruc, SOT. quaternary. 
Quatorze, a. sm. fourteen. 
Quatorzième, a. S. fourteenlb. 
Quatrain, sm. quatrain. 
Quatre, a. four. 

— -temps, pi. ember-days. 

— vingt, a, eighty, four-score. 

— vingt-dix, a. ninety. 

— vingtième, rt. eiglilieth. 
Quatrième, a. Sm» fourth. 
—, sf. fourtli, flcor, flourlh. 
Quatrièmement, ad. fourlbiy. 
Quatuor, sm. quatuor. 
Quc,|)ro.which,wlioin, that,wbat. 
—, c. et ad. till, when, whether, 

only, no more, notiiing but, 

how, howmuch, Ihan, but, less,, let, thaï, nobody. 
Quel? Quelle? jii-o. a. wbat. 

Tel—, so so; sucli as be is. 
Quelconque, wbatever, any. 
Quelque, a, some, aoy, what- 

eyer, whatsoever. 
Quelque, ado. about, however. 
Quelquefois, ad. sometimes. 
Quelque part, somewhere. 
Quelqu^uu, pro. some, some- 

body, ona, [idle tattle. 

QuVn dira-t-on,sm. lown talk; 
Quenotte, sf. tootli (of a baby). 
Quenouille, sf. distaif, bedpost. 
Querelle, sf. quarrel, debate. 
Quereller, vn. toscold, quarrel. 

Se—, vr. to quarrel. 
Querelleur, se, s. a. quarrel- 

some person. 
Quérir, va. to fetch; go for. 
Questeur, sm. qucstor. 
Question, sf. question, query, 

matter;torture. [question-book. 
Questionnaire, sot. torturer, 
Questionner, va, tO question; 

Quesiioiiueur, sm. questioner, 

Questure, s/'.qneslorsbip. [ring. 
Quête, sf. quest, search, gatbc- 
Quêter, VU. seek; search; beg. 
Quêteur, se, S. beggar-collecter. 
Queue, sf. tail, haodie, latter 

end, loin, vessel, stalk, eue of 
a wig. [wax-taper. 

— de rat, sf. round file; small 
Qui, 2)V0. lhal,'vho, whom,wbich. 

A — , wbose, to whoni. 

— que ce soit, jjio. whoever, 
whomever. [sed. 

Qui.i (être à), to be uonplus- 
Quiconquc, ^)'0. whoever; which- 

ever. [dual. 

Quidam, sm. certain indivi- 
Qiiictisme, sm. — tism. 
Quiéti-ste, SOT. — tist. [lude. 
Quiétude, sf. quietness, quie- 
Quignon, SOT. huncb (of bread). 
Quiliagc, sm. keelage. 
Quille, sf. a nine-pin, keel, 

sidc-trimmîng, skittle. 
Quinaud, e, a. aliashcd, silly. 
Quincaillerie,»/', ironmongery. 
Quincaillier, e,s. ironmonger. 
Quinconce, SOT. quincunx. 
Quinine, sf. quinine. 
Quinola, S171. kuave of hearts 

(at reversis). [years old. 

Quinquagénaire , a. S. fitfy 
Quinquagésinic, sf. — sima. 
QniiM|ueunal, e, a. — niai. 
Quinquet, sm. argand larap. 
Quinquina, SOT. cincbODa, 
Quint, e, a. fiftb. 
Quintal, SOT. quintal. 
Quinte, sf. fit of COUghing, 

quint, crolchet, fiftb. 
Qniule-rcuille, sf. cinqne.oil. 
Quinicsseuce, sf. — Cf-. 
Quintessencier, i>a. tf tefine; 

sublilize. [cbety. 

Quiutcnx, se, a.capricious, crot- 
Quintuple, a. quintuple. 
Quintupler, t'(7. ta quintuple. 
Quinzain, SOT. fifteen ail. 
Quinzaine, s/", fifleen, fortnight. 
Qeiinzc, f!. fifteen. 
Quinzième, a. sm. fiftcenth. 
Quiproquo, sm. quid-pro-quo. 
Quiiiance, sAreceipt, discharije. 
Quittancer, va. to receipt. 
Quitte, (I. quits, clear, free, 

out of debt. 
Quitter, vn. to quil, forsake, 

pull or casl olT, leave, yield, let 
Qui-vivcï who goes thereî [go. 




Stro «iir le—, 10 be on the 

ionk oui. 
Quoi ! ]iro. nhicb, what, that. 

— qii"'îl eu Boit, bow ever it 

— ! int. whatl Ijowl [may be. 
Quoique, c. allbougb; tougb. 

I Quolibet, sm. quiri;, pun, quib- 

Quolilielicr, sm. punsler. [bla. 

Quote-pat't, sf. quota, share. 

Quolidien. ne, a. — dian, dailj. 

Quotient, sm. quotient. 
I Quotité, $. quota, sbare> 


KSabAchago, sm. endless répé- 
tition, tautology. 
Rnbàclier, l'u. lo make tire- 

some répétitions. [tilion. 

ICabâchci-ie, sf. tiresome repe- 
Itabàcheur, se, a. endless re- 

peater of lie same Ihing. 
Rabais, sm. fall, abatement, 

diminution. [tion. 

Raliaisscment, sm. dimmu- 
Rabaissor, v. to abate, Tall, 

lower, humilie, undervalue, 
Rabat, si)!, band. [^l'O*- 

Rabat-joie, sm. damper; niar- 
Rabattre, va. to aba'e, pull 

down again, to humble, lessen, 
— , DU. to turn off. [tip. 

Se—, vr. to fall on or upon. 
Rabbin, sm. rabbi, rabliioi. 
Ral>binii|ue, a. — nical. 
Rabbiiiisme, sm. — uism. 
Rabbiiiieto, sm. — nist. 
Rabctir, V. to stupifj; grow 

stupid. [rake. 

Rable, sm. back (of a tiare), 
Rabouuir, va. to improte. 
Rabot, sm. scraper, rebate. 
Ral>otcr, va. to p'ane; polish. 
Raboteur, S7n. planer. 
Raboteune. s^planing-inachine. 
Raboteux, «6,0. rugged, rough, 

har^b, une^ven. 
Rabougri, e, a. slunted. 
Rabougrir, vn. to be stunted. 

Se — , vr. " > grow stunded. 
Rabougrisk^uieut, sm. stun- 

Rubouillère, j^Irabbit, burrow. 
Raboutir, ta.tojoin end by end. 
Rabrouer, va. to scub; snap at. 
Rubroueur, *e, I. SDappi.'b 


RacB^e, sm. (ma.) parrel. 
Racaille, sf. rabble, trash» 
Rncouaiuodage, sm. mending; 

repairing. [ciliation, 

RaocouBmodenieiiC, 5??i. recon- 
Raccommoiler, va. to mend; 

repaii-; reconcile. 
RaccoBnni«ideur , se, s, & 

inender; pairer. [tion. 

Raccord, $m. joining, junc- 
RaccordrBkenf, sm. levelling. 
Kaccordsîr, va. to join, unité. 
Raccourci,;»!, fore shortentDg. 
— , e, a. shurtened. 

Au—, briefly, [abridge. 

Raccourcir, va. to shorten, 

Se—, to gct sborler. 
Raccourciasemeut, SOT. short- 

ening, curtailing. 
Raccoutrenient, sm. mendjng. 
Raccoutrcr, va. to mend. 
Racooutunier(«e), vr. tO reac- 

custom one's self. 
Raccroc, sm. lucky hit. 
Raccroclier, va. \ô hook agaIn, 

catch hold of. [-ver one's self. 

Se— ,iT. to cling; catch; reco- 
Raccrocbeuse, sf. street-wal- 

Race, sf. race, breed, kind. 
Rachalander, lia. to recoTer 

cuslomers. [som. 

Radial, sm. rédemption, ran- 
Raclietable, a. redeemable. 
Racbeter, va. to buy again, re« 

deem, regain. 

Se — vr\ to be redeemed. 
Racliitique, a. rickety. 
Racliilis. sm. rickels. 
Racine, sf. root, radix. 
Kaciner, va. to take root. 
Hûcle, sf. scraper. 




Etâclée, s/', hiding, dnibbîng. 
Kâcler, va. to scrape; grale; 

slrike. [fiddier. 

Râclciir, sm. scraper, sorry 
Râcloir, sm. fcraper. 
Râcloire, sf. stricile. 
KârJure, sf. scrapings, gratîngs. 
StacoliigC) S7n. crimping. 
Racoler, va. to enlisl; crimp. 
Racoleur, sm. crimp, 
Riicouter, i;a. to relate; tell. 
Raconteur, sm. relater; oar- 

Racornir, va. to harden; shrivel. 

Se—, Dr. to grow hard. [Ding. 
Racoritisscuicnt, sm. barde- 
RacqiiSdcr, vr. to win back. 

Se — , vr. to rctrieve one's 

Rade, sf. road, roadstead. 
Radeau, sm. raTt, £oat. 
Radial, c, n. radial, [cancelliog. 
Rndiaiîou, sf. — tien, erasure, 
Radical, e, n. radltal. 
Rntlicalenicnt, (7(/. — cally. 
Ridicule, sf. radiclc, radicule. 
Radié, c, a. radiated. [ming. 
Radieux, se, a. radiant, bea- 
SCudis, sm. radif'h. 
Radius, sm. radius. 
Radotage, sm. dcitage, Eenility. 
Radoter, vu. to dote; drivei. 
Radoterie, sf. dotage. 
Radoteur, se, dolard, dri'veller. 
Kadoub, sm. refilling, repair. 
Radouber, va. 10 relil; repair. 
Radoucir, va. to soften, ailay; 


Se — , vr. grow mild, relent. 
Radoucissement, S7n. mitiga- 
Rafalc, sf. squall. [tion. 

Raffermir, va. to streoglhen, 

harden, confirm. [ftrcnglh 

Se—, vr. to harden; gain 
Raiferniîssement, sm. streng- 

thening, confirmation. 
Raffinage, sm. refining. 
Raffiné, e,«. suLtle, deep; wily. 
Raffinement, sm. reflnement. 
Raffiner, r». to suLtilize; refine. 

Sic—, vr. to get refined. 
Raffiner.e, sf. sugar-bakery. 
Rafiiueur, sm. sugar-baker. 

Raffoler, vn. lo dote. 
ituffolir, v)i. to go mad. [dice). 
RaOe, sf. grape-slalk, double (al 
— , vil. to play at dice. 
Knfier, va. lo sweep oIT, 
Raffratchir, D. tocool; refrpfh; 

revive; Irjm; refair; renovate. 

Se—, vr. to gel cool; refresb 

one's self. 
Riifratchissant, e, a. cooling. 
Rafraicbissement, sm. a cool- 

ing drink, refresliment. 
RafratoliisBcments, pi. fresb 

Ragaillardir, va. to cnliven; 

cheer. [phobia. 

Rage, sf. madness, rage, hydro- 
Kagcr, va. lo be furious, enra- 

Rageur, ae, a. passionate. 
Ragot, e, a. dumpy, thick-set; 

fquat. [zest. 

Ragoût, sm. ragoût, relish, 
Ragoûtant, e, a. relishing, sa- 

voury. [stomach; slimulate. 

Ragoùter, va. to revive one's 
Ragrafer, va. to clasp again. 
Ragrandir,iin. to enlarge again. 

Se—, vr. to get larger. 
Ragréer, va. to finisli off; dub. 
Ragrcnient, S7n. finisbing off. 
Raguer, va. (ma.) tocbafe; gall. 
Raide, «. sliff; stark; rigid; harsh, 
— , ad. rapidly, rougbly. [tight. 
Raideur, sf. Etiffness, rigidity, 

Raidir, ta. to ftiffen; tighten. 

Se—, vr. to get stiff. 
Raie, sf. Une, streak, furrow; 

ftripe, stream of the hair, ray- 
Raifort, sm. borse-radish. [fisL. 
Railler, va. to rally, banter. 
— , i')i. to jest, jest. 

Se—, vr. 10 jeer; mocV. 
Railici-ic, sf. banter, jest. 
— ù part, scriously. 
Railleur, se, a. S, banlcring 

banterer, jest. 
Raiuceau, sm. leafy bough. 
Kaii.c, sf. fiog. 
Kaiiictte, 6'/. rennet. 
Rainure, sf. groove. 




Rniponce, sf. ramplon. 
Raire, va. to bell (as a deer). 
ISni», sm. rny, spokc(of a wlieel). 
KnÎKiii, S)». -Hrapcs. [curranls. 
Raisins (I<. t'oriiilhc, dlicd 
Raisiné, sm. preferved-grapcs. 
Raison, sf, reason, sensé, proof; 

cause, maller,salisracUon; Erm. 

A— de, at Ihe rate of. 

En— <lc, at Ihe rate of. [faction. 

Demauili'r — ,to demandsntis- 
Raisoutiulilc, a. reasoDable, 

rational, just. 
Baisonualilemcnt, nd. ratio- 

nally, justly, reasonably. 
Raisonné, e, a. iDCthodica), ex- 

planatory, [argiimcnt. 

Rui»oniieinent, sni. reosonJiig, 
Raisonne- ■', vn. 1o reason; argue. 
Raisouneiii'. se, s. a reaeoDcr. 
Rajeunir, va. to make young. 
—, un. togrow young again. 
Rajeuuisscmeut, sm. groning 

joung again. 
Rajustement, sm. rcadjnst- 

ment; putling to righis. [ri^lits. 
Rajuster, va. \o set in order; 
Râle, sm. rail, crack (l'iid). 
Râle, Rûleincnt, sm . raltle. 
Ralentir, iY(. to siacken; make 

siower; diminisli. 

Se — , vr. to get siower; abale. 
Ralentissement, sm.slaj^ en ÎDg. 
Kâler, un. to bave a ratlliDg in 

the Ihroal, 
Ralingues, sf. pi. bolt-rope. 
Ilalliement,sm. rallying. 
{(allier, vu. to rallj, rejoin; 


Se—, vr. to rally; join. 
tiallonge, sf. eking pièce, leaf. 
Rallongement, s» j.lcngtliening. 
Rallonger, va. to lerglitcn. 
Rallumer, va, to liglit again. 

Se — , D)'. to rekindie, burst 

ont again. [flowering. 

Ramage, ârn. varbling of birds, 
Ramaigrir, v. to make leaner. 
Ramas, s»i. collection, heap, lot. 
Ramassé, e, a. thick-set, squal. 
Ramasser, vn. to galber; pick 

up; belavour. 

Se—, vr. to meet; assemble. 

Ramassis, sm. heap. [apple. 
Itanilioiir, sm. large bakirg 
Itauio, sf. car, ream, stick. 
■tnnié, e (boiilel). a. bar s'nol. 
Rameau, sm. loiigb, brancb. 
Knniée, s/'.arbour,green boughs. 
Ramener, va. to bring back, 

re^iw; restore, [terpuli. 

Ramer, vn. to row; stick; ten- 
l&niueiir, snt. rower. 
Ramenx,se, a. branchy,ramos« 
Ramier, sm. ringdove. 
Itamifieation, sf. — tiOD. 
Rnniifier (se), vr. to ramify; 

branrli eut. 
Ramollir, V. to soflen, enervale. 

Se—, vr. to soften; relent. 
■tumonugc, sm. sweeping. 
Ramoner, va. sweep (chimney). 
Ramoneur, sm. chimney-swe- 

Rampant, e, a. — pant, eraw- 

lirg, cringin?, sloping. 
Rampe, sf. tliglit of slair, ba- 

lu>lindp,flope. [crawling, 

Ran>|iemeiil , SJil. creeping; 
Ramper, ni, to crawl, creep, 

crint:i>, slope. 
Ramure, sf. brancbers, anllers. 
Kance. n. sm. rancid, rusly, 
Raneiiliié, sf. rancidness. 
Raiirir, vn. to grow rancid. 
ICïinçoii, sm. rausom. 
Ranfonnement, sjn. exfortion. 
Rançonner , va. to ransom ; 

Rançonneiir, se,s. extortioner. 
Raneiiiie, sf. rancour, grudge. 
Raiieiinier, c, a. S. rancorous. 
Rang, sm. raiik, row, tnrn, rate. 

Rangée, sf. row, range, line. 

Ranger, ni. lo set in order, 
range, rank, put back, subdue, 
tame. [gooier. 

Se — , vr. to sland liy; adhère; 

Ranimer, Î.Y1. to reauimale; re- 
vive, stir up. 
Se—, vr. lo revive, cheor np, 

Ranule, sf. ranula (lumour). 

Rapare, o. rapacious, grcedy. 

Rapacité, sf, — ty, greediness. 


24 1 


nnpotrier, va. to reconcilei 
Se—, vr. to be reconciled. 

ISûpc, sf. grater, rasp. 

Kiîpé, sm. rape wine. 

lEâper, va. to grate, rasp [botch. 

Kapctasser, lo patch up, pièce, 

Itnpctasaeur, sm. botcber, pat- 
cber. [in; shorten. 

Rapetisser, v. to lessen; take 

Kapidc, a. rapid, swift, fast. 

Knpidemcnt, ad. swiftiy. 

Itapidité, «/■.— ty, swiTtaess. 

Kapiécer, Rapicccler, va. tO 
pièce, palcb up. [piecing. 

linpiécetagc, s'in, patcD-work, 

Kapiécetcr, va.lo patch, pièce. 

Rnpière, sf, rapier. [dauber. 

R.tpin, sm, painter's pupil; 

Kupiue, sf. rapine, plusde. 

Kapiner, va. to pilfer; peculale. 

tCapiiierie, sf. pilfering. 

I&apiueur, sm. pilferer. 

Kappareîller, va. to malchi 

Rappel, sm, recall, recalling. 

Rappeler, va. to call back; call 
— , vr. to reinember. [recall. 

R.t).^ort, sm, report; produce, 
allinity, respect, rising in Ibe 
stomacb; story, relation, taie. 
Par— à, as for, as to. 

Rapporter, va. to bring back, 
carry, relate, jield, cite, pro- 
duce, bear. 

Se— ,t)r. to agrée; refer, relate. 
«'en — à quelqu^un, to COQ* 
fiae in one. 

Rapporteur, «e, S. tell-tale. 

—, sm. tale-bearer, prolraitor. 

Rappor(eu8e,s/.taIe-bcarer, re- 

Rapprendre, t.'(7. tolearnagain. 

lt::pprocfacnient, sm. reconci- 
lernent, comparison. 

Rapprocher, Va. to draw near 
ri'.-ain, recoDCile. [reconcile. 
Hc — , vr. to corne nearer, 

Riipsodie, sf. rbapsody. 

Cii^pt, sm. rape, violeoce. 

fiiipiire, if, raspings. 

«Caquette, î/. racket, battledore. 

Raqiictier, sm. racket-maker. 

Rare, a. rare, uncomaion, 
fcarcej tbin> 

Raréfaction, sf, — !:0n. 

Raréfiav*, a. rarefyin^'. 
Rarcfit..^ va. to rarefyT 

Se—, vr. to become rarefied. 
Rarement, ad. rarely, seldom. 
Rareté, sf. rarity, scarcity. 
Rarissime, a Tery rare. 
Ras, e, a. shavea close, smootb, 

shorn, blank. 
Rasade, sf, brimmer, bumper. 
Rasemeut, sm, razing, démo- 

Raser, va. to shaTe; raze; graze; 

bug ; eut down. 
Rasibus, ad. close, clean oS, 
Rasoir, sm. razor. 
Rassade, sf. glass-beadsi 
Rassasiant, e, a. cloying, »• 

tiating. {tf^. 

Rassasiement, sm. satiety 
Rassasier, va. to satiate, 


Se—, vr. to be satisfied; setfTeâ 
Rassemblement, sm. assem- 

bling; muster, crowd, mob. 
Rassembler, vn. to galber; col- 

lect; put together; musler. [ble. 

Se—,vr.meel again; reassem» 
Rasseoir, vn, to settle; reseat; 

calm; ù\. [down. 

Se—, vr. to sit down; settle 
Rasséréner, va. to make se* 

rené. [calm. 

Se—, vr, to become serene, 
Rassis, e, a. stale, staid, set- 

tied, calm, sedate. 
— , sm. borse-shoe, reset. 
Rassoter, va. to besot; infatuata. 
Rassurant, e, a. reassuring. 
Rassurer, va. to reassure; tran- 

quillize; strenglhen. 

Se—, vr. to be reassured. 
Rat, sm. rat, whim. 
Ratafla, sm. — fia. 
Ratatiner (se), vr. tO sbrÏTel. 
Ratatouille, sf. Stew. 
Rate, sf. spleen; milt. 
Râteau, sm. a rake, rack. 
Râtelée, sf. rakeTuI, 
Râteler, va. to rake. 
Râteleur, sm. raker. 
Râtelier, sm. rack, set 
Bâter, vn. to miss fire. 





Ratîer, sm. crolchetj. 
Rntiore. sf. rat-lrap. 
Ratification, sf. — tion* 
Ratincr, vn. lo ratifi'; cor.firm. 
Ration, s. ralion; allonance. 
Rationnel, le, n. rational. 
Ratissage, sm. scraping; raking. 
Ratisser, va. to scrape, rake. 
Ratissoii-e, sf. rake, scraper. 
Ralissure, sf. scraping. 
Raton, sm, racoon. 
Rattacher, va. to lie again. 

S»—, vr. to be tied. 
Rattraper, to overlake; regain; 

catch agaia. 
Rature, sf. erasure, scratch. 
Rntnrer, va. 10 eraze, scratch 
Rauqne, a. hoarse. [out. 

Ravage, sm. ravage, waste. 
Ravager, va. to ravage; dcvas- 
Ravaseur, sm. ravager, [latc. 
Ravalement, s»l. disgrâce, 

plastcring of a wall. 
Ravaler, va. to swallow again, 

dress a wall. Jseir. 

Se —, vr. to debase one's 
Ravandagc,sm. botcbing, men- 

Ravauder, V. to botcb; mend. 
Ravaudeiir, se, s. liotclier, 
Rave, s/', radisb. [meuder. 

Ravcliu, sm. ravelin. 
Ravi, e, a. glad. 
Ravier, sm. radish-plate. 
Ravière, sf. radish-bed. 
Ravigote, sf. ravigote-saucet 
Ravigoter, va. to revive. 
Ravilir, va. to debase, disgrâce. 
Ravin, sm. hollow road, ravine. 
Ravine, sf. mounlain slream. 
Ravir, un. to ravish; to charm. 

A — ,wonderfulIj. [ofit. 

Raviser (se), tjr. tothinkbelter 
Ravissant, e, a. ravishing,cbar- 

ming. [rapture. 

Ravissement, sm. ravishing, 
Ravisseur, sm, ravisher; spol- 
ier, [ling. 
Ravilail.'.-ment, SȔ. reviclual- 
Ravitailler, va. to revictual. 
Raviver, i'«. to brisk up; revive. 
Ravoir, va. to bave again, re- 

Rayer, va. to streak, crase» 
si ripe. [radius- 

Rnj'un, Si)!, ray, fcrrow, spol»e, 
— «le miel, sm. boneycomi). 
Ilaj'onuaut, e, a. radiani; sbi- 

Rnyonnement, sm. radiaiion, 
Rayonner, VU. to radiale; beani; 

Rayure, s^. stripes, rifling. 
Kë,s))i. musical note. 
Réaction, s/, reaction. 
Rcaclionnaire, s. reactionist 
— , a. reactionary. 
Réadmettre, va. to readmit. 
Kcadmission, s/', readmissioi}, 
Réagir, vn. lo react. [.■nous. 
Uéajournement, sum- 
Réul, e, a. régal, royal. 
Réalisable, a. realizable. 
Réalisation, sf. realizatiOD. 
Réaliser, va. to realize. 
Réaliste, s. realist. 
Réalité, sf. reality. 
Réai'pentage, sm, admeasurc- 

nient. [nions. 

Réassignatiou, sf, new sum- 
Ui-assigner, va. to resummons. 
Réattelcr, va, to put lo again. 
Rebaisser, va. to lower again. 
Rebauder, va. tobind up again; 

bend again. [cross. 

Rébarbatif, ve, a. orabbed, 
Rebâtir, vn. to rebuild. 
Rcbaitre, va. to beat again, 

reshui'tle cards, repeat ovcr 

and over. 
Rebaudir, va. to caress (dogs). 
Rebec, sm. rebeck. 
Rebelle, u. S. rebellions, rebel. 

Se—, vr. to rebel; revolt. 
Rébellion, sf. rébellion, revolt. 
Rebecquer (se), ur.tobe saucy. 
hVcbondi, e, a. plump, chubby» 
Mtobondir, vn. to rebound. 
Rebondissement, <m. reboun* 

ding. [border. 

Rebord, sm, ^icrder, edge. 
Reborder, vC (0 new-border. 
Reboucher^ Va, to stop, recork; 

putty. [back. 

Se—, tir, to get filled up; turo 




RcbODillIr, va. to boil again. 
Rcboiiisagc, sm. lustring, glos- 
Rcboiiiseï-, in. lo lustre, [sing. 
Rcboiu's, sïïï.wTong sidejTroDg 

sensé ; reverse. 
Rebours, c, o. cross-grained. 

A—, an—, against the grain, 

■wrong way. 
Rcboiiteiir, 8e, s. bone-setter. 
Reboutonner, va. tO button 


Se— button one'sselfnp. 
Rebrider, va. to bridie again. 
Rebrorker, va. to sew again. 
Rebroder, va. to embroider 

Rebrouiller, mix; jumble. 
Rebrousser, vo. to lurn back; 

brush up. [grain; wrong way. 
Rebrousse-poil (à).airainst Ihe 
Rcbroyer, ici. to grind'agaîn. 
bcbrunir, va. to buniish again. 
Rebuffade, sf. rebuff, repuise. 
Rcbus, sm, rébus. 
Rebui, sm. trasli, offal, refuse. 
Rebutaui, e, a. répulsive, of- 
fense, discouragirg. 
Rebuter, va. to re.''use, repel , 


Se-, vr. t« be discouraged. 
Recacher, vn. to hide again. 
Recacbeter, va. te Seal again. 
Récalcitrant, e, a. refraclory, 

Rccapiiiil.ntion, sf. — tien. 
Récapituler, va. to recapilu- 

Recardcr, va. to card again. 
Recarrelcr, va. to new-pave; 

Becasser, va. to break again. 
Recéder, va. to return; resell. 
Recêlement, sm. concealment. 
Receler, va, to conceal; secrète; 

reçoive. [len goods. 

Receleur, se, s. receiver of slo 
Récemuieut, ad, lately, recent- 

'ï- [rification. 

Recensement, sm. census. ve- 
Recenser, va, to take a census; 

Rccciit, e, (T. récent; fresh,new. 
Recépvge, sm, lopping a tree. I 

Recéper, va. lo eut down close. 
Récépissé, sm. receipt. 
Réccpiocle,S)n.receptacle, nest, 
Kcccpiiuii, sf. réception, draw» 

Recercicr, l'd.torehoopfïcasli). 
Recette, sf, receipt, recipe, re- 

ceiversliip. [missib'a. 

Rccevobic, a. receîvable, ad- 
Rcceveur, se, ». a receiver. 
Recevoir, va. to receiTj; admit; 

allow. [eut. 

Rechampir, va, tO set Off; pick 

Rechange, sm. change; re« 

Recbanger, va. to change again. 

Se—, vr. to change one's clo- 

'l'cs. [repeat. 

Rechanter, va, to sing again; 
Réchapper, vn. to escape; re- 
Recharge, sf. surcharge. [cover. 
Rechargement, sm. reloading. 
Recbarger, va. lo load again; 

recharge. [again. 

Recbasser, va. tO drive baclj 
—, vn. to hunt again. 
Réchaud, sm. chaling-dish 
Réchuur, sm. hot-bed. 
Réchauffage, sm. warining 

again; haîh up; reheating. 
Réchauffé, e, «. warmed again 
— , sm. hash-up; food warmed 

Réchauffement, sm. warming 

again. [revive. 

Rechauffer, va. to warm again, 

Se—, vr. to get warm again. 
Rechausser, ra. toput stocking 

or shoes on again, mould up. 

Se— ,î)c. to put on one's shoes. 
Rcchc, a. rough; harsh. 
Recherche, sf. inquiry, search, 

courtfhip, suit. 
Recherché, e, a.affected, choice. 
Uechercher, va. to seeli again, 

make inquire, into. [look cross. 
Rechigné, e, a. crabbed, sour, 
atechute, sf. relapse, new fall. 
Récidive, sf. relapse; offense. 
Récidiver, va. to relapse; re- 
peat an offense. 
Récif, sm. reef, ridg , 
Récipé, im.prescriplio , rc. p<^. 




né«ipiendaire, sm. new mcm- 
Kécipieiit. sm. — pient, [ber. 
KéciiirocnCion, sf. — tiOD. 
Kéciproeité, — City. 

Réciproque, a. S. reciprocal. 
Béciproqucment, arf. — pro- 

Réeiproqiicr, recïprocate. 
Récit, sm. récital, relation. 
Récitatetir, s>n. reciter. 
Récitatif, sm. recitative. 
Récitation, sf. — tion, re- 

hearsial. [declaim. 

Réciter, va. to recite; relate, 
Rcclamntion, sf.— tion, daim. 
Réclame, tf. editorial puff, 

eatchword. [plore, object. 

Bêclamcr, l'a. to claim, im- 

Se— de, ur. to refer to. 
Rcolincr, v. to recline. 
Recloucr, va. to nail again. 
Reclure, va. to shut up; impri- 
Reclus, c, a. ». recluse, [son. 
Réclusion, sf. seclusioD, impri- 

6onment. [repel. 

Rccogiier, v. to knock again, 
Recoiffer, l'a. to dress again (a 

person's hair). 

Se —, vr. to dress one's own 

hair again. 
Recoin, sm. nook; b; place. 
Recoller, va. paste or gluo 

Recollet, S. Franciscan monk. 
Récolte, sf. crop, harvest. 
Récolter, l'a. to harvest; crop. 
Recommandable , a. recom- 

mendable. [dation, esleem. 
Recommandation, tf. — men- 
Recommander, va. to recom- 

mend, charge; ad'vise. 

Se— , commend one's self. 
Recommenoenienl, sm. be* 

ginning again. [again. 

IKecommeucer, ua* to begin 
tïécompense, sf. a — pen<e, 

renard. [compensate; repay. 
Récompenser, l'a. to reward, 
Rccompo»er, va. to recompose. 
Recomposition, sf. — lion. 
RécoMciliable, n.reconcileable. 
Kécoiiciiiateiir, sm.reconciler. 
Réconciliation, s/.— cilcment. 

Réeoncllîor, lia. to reconcile; 


Se— , v)'. to be reconciled. 
Reconduire, va. to reconduct; 
Réconfort, sm. comrort.[e5COrt. 
Reconrortcr, ua. îo cheer; 

strengthen. [zable. 

Reconnaissable, a. recogni» 
Reconnaissance, s/', gratitude, 

reward; recognizance; sea-mark; 

look oui; vérification. 
ReconnaisfeaDt, c- a. grateful; 

Reconnaître, va. tO know 

again, acknowledge, observe; 

reconnoitre. [ther, look about. 

Se— ,i'r. to recogn;ze,one ano- 
Reconnii, e, piirf. «• acknow- 

ledged. [quer. 

Reconquérir, va. to recon- 
Rcconstriiire, Va, to rebuild. 
Reconter, V. to relate over 

again. [cross action. 

Reconvenir, l'a. to bring a 
Kcconventiou, sf. cross action. 
Reconstruction, sf. recons- 
Recopier, va. to recopy. 
Kecoqiiillcment, sm. curling 

up, turning. [slirivel, 

Recoqiiiller, l'a. et vr. to curl, 
Recorder, va. to record. 

Se—, vr. to call to tnind. 

Recorriger, la. tO COrreCl 

again; revive. 
Recorg, sm. bailiff's Tollower. 
Recoucher, va. to put to bed 

again; lay down again. 

Se-, vr. to go to bed again. 
Recoudre, V. to sew again. 
Recoupe, sf. rubble, coarse 

flour, stone chips broken hread. 
Recouper, va. to eut again. 
Reconpette, sf, sharps. [round. 
Recourber, la. et vr. to bend 

Se — , vr. to curve. 
Recourir, vn. to run again; to 

bave recourse. 
Recours, sin. recourse, redress» 
Kccoussp, sf. rescue, recapture. 
Kccoutrable, a. recoverable. 
Recouvrement, sin. recovery, 

collecting (debts, etc.). 




Bocouvrer, va. to recover, re- 
gain-, collect. 
BecouTi-ir, va. to coTer again. 
Recracher, va, to spit again. 
Becréanee, i(. prOTitional pos- 
I^ettre ôe— « letter cf reoall. 

Rccrcatif, vo, a. diverting. 

Récréation, $f, — tlon, play, 
new création. [le anew. 

Recréer, va. to recreate, crea- 
Se— , Dr. to disert one's self. 

Récrément, <m. — ment. 

Recrépir, va. tO parget again. 

Recrouser, va. to dig again. 

Récrier (ae), vr. to exclaim; 
Cry oui. 

Béct-iminatiou, if. — tion. 

Récrïmiucr, vn. to recrimi- 
nate. [answer. 

Récrire, va, to Write again; 

Recroqueviller (se), vp. tO 
shrivel up; curl. 

Recru, sm. shot; growth. 

Rccrudcsceucoj sf. — C6> iD- 

Recrue, î^, recruit, recruiting. 

Recrutement, sm, recruiting. 

Recruter, va. to recruit. 

Recruteur, sm. recruiter. 

Recta, ad. exactlj; punctuall;. 

Rectangle, s. a. s. rectangle. 

Rectangulaire, a. — lar. 

Recteur, sm. rector. 

Rectification, if. — tion. 

Rectifier, va. to rectiry; correct. 

Rectiligne, a. rectilineal. 

Rectitude, if. rectitudei a- 

Recto, sm, first pageoFa leaf. 

Rectoral, e, a, rectorial. 

Rectorat, sm, rectorsbip. 

Rectum, sm. rectum. 

Rcf u, sm. receipt. 

Recueil, sm. collection. 

Recueillement, sm, médita- 
tion; collectedness. 

Recueillir, va, \0 gather; 
reap, recollect. 
Se—, vr. to medilate. 

Recuire, va, to coolc again; 
relieal; anneal, 

Recuiflson, sf. annealiog. 

Recuit, e,a.overdone, anncaled. 
— , e, s. anaealing, baking, ra- 

Recul, 5m. recoil, recoiling. 
Reculade, sf. drawing back, 

Reculé, e, a. distant, remole. 
Reculée (feu de), a. roaring 

fire. [ching. 

Reculement,sm. back'iug; bree- 
Reculer, va. to move back; set, 

put, draw hack; hack. 
— , vyi. to stand, go back, recède; 

retreat; recoil. [recède. 

Se—, tir. to move; stank back; 
Reculons (ù), ad. backwards. 
Récupérer, vn. to recover; r«- 

Récurage, sm. scouring. 
Récurer, va. to scour, cleanout. 
Récurrent, te, a. récurrent. 
Récusable, a. exceptionable. 
Récusation, sf. exception, chal- 
Récuser, lia. to excGpt, récuse. 
Rédacteur, sm. compiler, edi- 

tor, writer. [nal; edilor's room. 
Rédaction, s/.cditing of ajOur- 
Rcdnn, sm. redan. 
Reddition, sf. surrender, giv» 

ing in (of accounts). 
Redéfairo, va. to iindo again. 
Redéjeuuer, va. to breakfast 

Redemander, va. to ask again» 
Rédempteur, sm. Kedeemer. 
Rédemption, sf. — tion. 
Redescendre, va. tO descend 

—, v)x. to take down again. 
Redevable, a. indebted. 
Redevance, sf. quitrent, due. 
Redevaucier, e, s. vassal. 
Redevenir, become agaia< 
Rcdcvoir, va. to one still. 
Rédhibition, sf, rédhibition. 
Rédhibitoire,a. redhibitory. 
Rédiger, va. to draw up; word; 
indite; writo. [one's self. 

Kédimer (se),' vr. le redeem 
Redingote, sf. frock-coat; sur- 
tout, [fault wilh; repoat. 
Redirei va, to sa^ again ; find 




Rediset ym. repeater,babbler. 
Rodite,' s'f. repetilion. 
Rccloiiilniit, c, a. redundant. 
Rviloudcr, va, to be redundant. 
Rvdouuer, va. to give again, 

reflorc, return. 
Redorer, va. 10 regild, 

increase, paroxysm. 
Redoubler, va. to new-!îne, to 

increase, redouble, [dreadfull. 
Rcdoiitalilc, a. formidable, 
Redoute, s/" redoubt. 
Redouter, va. to fear; dread. 
Rodowa, sf. redova. 
Redresseuieut, sm. roforming; 

redress; straightening. 
Redresser, va. to rectify; set 

up again, redress; correct. 

Se—, vr. toget straight again; 

right one's self (ma.); to right. 
Redresseur, am. redresser, 

Redû, sm, balance due. 
Réductible, a, reducible. 
Rcductir, ve, a. reduclive. 
Rcduetiou, sf. — lion, reducing. 

éduire, vn, to reduce; subdue, 

compel. [minisb; to come(to). 

Se — , vr. to be reduced; di- 

cduit, sm. lodging, corner, 

Réduplicatif, Te> a, — tive. 
RéduplicatSoD, sf, — tion. 
RéédifiCHtion, sf. rebuilding. 
Rcédincr, va. to rebuild. 
Réel. le. a. real, true. current. 
Réélection, sf. re-election. 
Réélire, la. to re^lect. 
Roellcmcnt, ad. really, trnly. 
Refaire, va. to do again, re- 
pair; nnal;e agala; restore; deal 

apain (at cards). 

Se—, vr. to racover one's 

beaith, recruit. 
Refait, sm. drawn garne. 
Réfection, sf. repast, repair. 
Réfectoire, sm. refeclory. 
Refend (mur de), parlition- 

Refendre, va. to split; saw. 
Référé, sm. référence. 
Référendaire, sm. — darj. 

Référer, va. to refer, report. 

Se—, vr. to refer, relate. 

S'en— à, to refer to. 
Refermer, va. to sliut again. 

Se—, vr. to shul again. [horse). 
DSeferrer, va, to new-stioe (l 
Réaéchi,e, a. rcflecling, reflex; 

coneiderate, Ihoughtful. 
Rénéchir, u.tothinkon, reflect. 
Réfléchissant, e, a. reQective. 
Rénéchissement, sm. reflso 

Reflet, sm. reflection, refleï. 
RcOcter, va. to reflect. 
Refleurir, va. to bloom or flou 

rish again. 
Réfli-xibilité, sf, — lity. 
Réflexible, a. — ble. [tation. 
Réflexion, sf, refleclion, medi- 
Refliier, vn. to flow back. [tude. 
Reflux, sm. ebb, reflux, vicissi- 
Refondre, va. to meit again, 

remould. [li"?- 

Refonte, sf, recoinîng; remodel- 
Réformable, a. reformable. 
Réformateur, sm. reformer. 
Réformation, sf. — tion. 
Réforme, «/■. reform, invaliding; 

pulling on half pay. [invaiid. 
Réformé, e, s. reformed, 
Réformer, va, to reform; forra 

again. [reverse; amcnd. 

Reformer, va, to reform; abate; 

Se—, vr, to reform; amend. 
Refouler, va, to press again, 

ram; force back. 
Refouloir, im. cannon-rammor, 
Réfractaire, a, refractory. 
Réfraction, sf. — tion. 
Refrain, sm. Durden of a song 
Refréner, V. to refrain, to curb 
Réfringent, e, a. reTraclive. 
Refrire, va. to fry again. 
Refriser, va. to curi again. 
Refrognement, sm, frowning. 
Refrogner (se), vr. to knit 

one's brow^; frown. 
Refroidir, v, to cool, Chili. 

Se — , vr, to get cool. 
Refroidissement, sm. COOllDg) 

Refuge, sm. refuge, shelter» 
Réfugié, e, s. refugee. 




Rcftigier (»e),vr. to shaller. 
■tefiiitc, sf. doubling. 
■Icriis, sm. refusai, déniai. 
Kcrusablo, a. reTusablo. 
itcriiscr, va. et n. to refuse, 

deny, rcjecl, docline. 

Se—, lo deny one's self. 
Réfulablc, o. refutable. 
KériiCnttou, sf. — tion. 
I(éruter,va. to réfute, disprove. 
Uegagner, va. to rejoin; reco- 

ver; get again; return to. 
Regaiu,sm.after-grass or math. 
ttcgal, sm. treat; great enter- 

Régale, sf. regale, treati 

Eau — , sf. aqua regia. 
Régalomeut, sm. assessmont, 

levelling. [level. 

Régaler, va. to treat, assess, 
Régalien, am. régal. 
Regard, sm. look, view, air, 

aspect. [near, saving. 

Regardant, a. nice; particular; 
Regarder, un, to look al; face, 

front, consider, concern, view; 

pay attention. [trim afresb. 

Regarnir, va. to furnish again, 
Régates, sf. pi. regatla. 
Regelcr, vn. to freeze again. 
Régence, sf. regency. [nerator. 
Régénérateur, trico, s. rege- 
Régéncration, s/'.regeneralion. 
Régénérer, va. to regenerate. 
Régent, e, u. s. régent, protec- 

tor (of a collège), master. 
Régenter,», to domineer; teacb; 

Régicide, sm. régicide, [cise. 
Régie, sf. administration, ex- 
Regîmber, vn. to kick; resist. 

Se—, vr. to revolt; resist. 
Régime, sm. diet, rcgimen, go- 

Régiment, sm. régiment, host. 
Rcgimeutaire, a. regimental. 
Région, s/', région, counlry. 
Régir, va. to govern, ruie, ma- 

nage. [steward. 

Régisseur, sm. manager; land. 
ICégisIrateur, sm. registrar. 
Registre, sm. register, accounl- 

book; ledger; damper. 

Rogistrcr, v. to register. 

Règle, sf. ruIe, pattern, <nod»l. 
— . pi. menses. 

•iogié, e, a. set; regular, steady. 
Règlement, sm. régulation. 
Reniement, ^(2. regularly, 
R('-^lcmcnlnirc, a. regulating. 
Réglemcutor, Va, to lay dowD 

tbB law. 
— , un.'to regulate; managei 
Régler, va. to ruIe, regulate, 

order, setlle, détermine, décide. 

Se—, to follow; regulate one's 
Réglet, .i!?M ',^->k-marker. [self. 
Régleur, *u, s. paper-ruler. 
Réglisse, s/'. liquorice. 
Réglure, sf. ruiing, lineSi 
Régnant) e, a. reignant, pré- 
Règne, sm. reign, kingdom. 
Régner, on. lo rcign; rule; pre- 

vail; cxtend, run. 
Régnicale,s. native; denizen. 
Regonfilcr, i)i. to swell; accu- 

Regorgement, sm. over flowiag, 
Regorger,!j) overttowjabouud; 


Se—, vr. to gorge one's self. 
Res»uler, va. ta snub; soarlat; 

Regoûter, va. to taste again. 
Rcgrat, sm. regrating, huck- 

stering. [scrape again» 

Regratter, va. to ECratch agaia 
— , VH. to huclister. 
Regratterie, sf. regrating. 
Regraitier, e, S, a buckster. 
Regreffer, va. to new-grafti 
Regret, sm. regret. 

A — , ad. reluclantly. 
Regrettable, a. worthy of regret 
Regretter, va. to regret; b( 

sorry for. 
Régularisation, sf. — zation. 
Régulariser, va. to regularizeil 
Régularité, sf. regularity, sym- 

metry, slrictness. 
Régulateur, sm. regulator. 
Régule, sm, regulus. 
Régulier, e, a. regular, exacti 
Régulier, sm. regular. 
Régulièrement, ad, regulurlf. 




Kéhabilttation, sf. — tlon. 
Bébabiliter, un. ta rheabililate; 

resloie; reinstate. 
Réhubitucr, va. to reaccustom. 
Rebniissenieiit, siii. raising, 

Bchausicr, t) • . to raise, en- 

hance, iieiglnen, decorate. 
Ilchauls, sni. jil. ligLts (of a 

Bviniposer, va, to reassess ; 

Bciinposition, s^, reassessment, 

BoiiuprosBioii) sf. reprînting. 
Kôiuipriiuer, va. to repriot. 
Kviu, s)n. kidcey. 
— ^ pi. loins, reins, launcbes. 
Beiue, sf. queen. 
Beiue-claudo, sf. green-gage. 
Reitielic, sf. rennet, pippiD. 
B<l-iur<.-cter, t,Yi. to reiiil'ect. 
Briustallatiou, sf. reinstalia- 

Briiiiilaller, va. to reinstall. 
Boiiilc, e. (t. strODg-kacked. 
Bpiiilpgraiide, sf. a replevy, 
Béinipgraliou, sf, redinlegra- 

tion. [reinstate. 

Béiutégrer, va. to redintegrate; 
Rciiération, sf. — tion. 
Bëitércr, va. to reiterate. 
Bettre, sm. rciter. 
Bejaillir, va. to gush out; spirt; 

flash; rebound; reflect. 
Rcjaillisscmeut, sm, gusbj 

spirting; glance, rebound. 
Rejet, sm. rejecUon, springe; 

Rcje<able, a. rejectable. 
Rejotar, va. to tbrow back; cast 

Bp, condcmn; deny. [scion. 

Bpjelon, sm. sucker, shoot; 
Rcjuiudrc, t'a. to join again; 

meet again, rejoin, overtake. 

Se—, vr. to rejoin eacb other; 

Bieet again. 
Rejouer, va. et pis; again. 
Réjoui, e, a. merry,jsçial,iol]y. 
Réjouir, va, to rejoice, cheer; 

gladden. [merry. 

Se — , vr. to rejoice , make 
héjouissQucc, sf. rejoicing. 

Réjonissant, e, a. joyous, re- 
joicing. [road, harbour. 
Relâche, sf. relaxation, bay, 
Kelilcbé, e, a. loose, slack. 
Helûcbemeiit, sm. slackness, 

relaxation, giving Tay. 
RuIAcher, va. to slacken; re- 

lease, loosen, rent, put into 


Se—, vr. to get railder; get 

slack; unbend; giïe way. 
Relais, S7n. relay of borses; 

stage; posting-bouse. 
Relancer, va. to start again; 

sniib, beat up. 
Relaps, e, s. relapser. 
Kélargir, make wider 
Relatif, »o, a. sm. relative. 
Relation, sf. — tion, narralioa. 
Relativement, ad. — Tely. 
Relavcr. va. to wash again. 
Relaxation, sf. — tion. 
Relaxer, va. to release; relax. 
Relayer, va. to relieve; change 

liorses. [another. 

Se—, vr. to relieve one 
Relé^ation, sf. banishra.ent. 
Reléguer, t'a. to — ate; banisb, 

Relent, sm, Tusl; musliness. 
Kelevaillva, sf. pi. churcbing. 
Relevé, e, u, raised, noble, 

loriy, high. 
— , sm. abstract, list; statement. 
Relevée, sf. afternoon. 
Kelèvemont, sm. raising again. 
Relever, va. to raise again, soi 

ol, extol, relieve, lift up, tun: 

up, tuck up, ease, quickeu, 


Se—, vr. to recover; get up 

again, rise again; stand up. 
Rcliiige, sm. hooping(of casks). 
Relief, sm. relievo, relief. 
Relier, va. to bind; hoop. 
Relieur, sm. bookbinder. 
Religieux, se, a. religious,piou5. 
— , se, monk, nun. 
Religion, s/.religion, piet^, scrv 

Religiounaire, s. protestant. 
Relinicr, va. to file again. 
Reliquaire, sm. reliquarj. 




Reliquat, sin remainâer, rem- 
nanl, talance. [deblor. 

Rcliqiiatnii'c, stn. reliquator, 
Ri'Iiqiie, sf. relie. 
Roi ire. L'a. (0 read agairii 
Reliure, sf. lindiDg. 
Reloucr,i' let agaiD;uDderlet. 
Reluire, v? sbitie,glitter. 
Reluisant, e, a. glittering. 
Reluquer, va, to ogle; Icer 

Remâcher, va. to chew again. 
Remanier, t'a. to bandie again, 
to do o^ver again; (iinp.) lo oyer- 
run. [ning. 

Remaniement, sm. o\er-ruu- 
Se remarier, vr. to remarry. 
Remarquable, a. rennarLable. 
Remarque, sf. remark, noie. 
Remarquer, va.lo malve again; 
obserTe; discoTer, notice, dis- 
Remballer, va. to pack up again. 
Rembarquement, sm. re-em- 

Rembarquer, va. to re-embark. 

Se—, vr. to re-engage (in). 

Rembarrer, t'a. to repel, re- 

pulse. [ment. 

Remblai, sm, fiUing up; embank- 

Rcmblaj'er, t'a. to fill up ; 

embank. [vWh coin. 

Remblaver, va. to resow again 

Rcmbuticmeut, sm. resetting. 

Remboiler, t'a. to reset. 

Rcmbourrement,:»!. stuffing. 

Rembourrer, ta. tostuf; craoï. 

Remboursable, a. reimbursa- 

ble. [bursement. 

Remboursement, sm, reim. 

Rembourser, va. to reimburse, 

Rembrunir, make darker. 
Rembrunissenient , sm, dar- 

•^•jing; gloominess. 

S-rmèdc, sm. remedy, clyster, 

lïoema. [to rights. 

Bemcdicr, vn, to remedy, set 

Remêler, va. to mix ; sufîie 

again; entangle. 
Reniémoratif, ve, a. COmme- 

Remémorer, va, tO remind. 

Se—, vr. to remember. 
Remener, va, lo carry or bring 

back. [miss,refii?e_ 

Remercier, tia. to lliank, dis- 
Remerctmcnt, sm. tlianks. 
Réméré, sm, redemplinr. 
Remettre, t'a. to put back again, 

delay, resign, commit, remit, 

send, deliver up, replace; rea- 

tore ; reset. 

Se— , tr. to set to again; re- 
member ; recover. 
Remeubler, va. to refurnish. 
Réminiscence, «^.réminiscence. 
Remise, sf. ccacb-house,lhicket, 

delay, remiltance, déduction. 

Voiture de — , glass-coach. 
Remiser, tia. to put np a car- 

Rcmissibic, a, remissible. 
Rémî«eioit, sf. remission. 
Remmener, t)f7. to lead again. 
Rcmulade, Rémoulade, sf, 

Rémollicnt, e, a. émollient. 
Remonte,!/'. Remontage, sm, 

waniping; wioding,up remount. 
Remonter, vn. to go up again ; 

rise; reascend; trace back. 
— , t'a. wind up ; carry up ; new- 

stock; supply; wamp, go up. 
Se — , t'î*. tosioik one's self again; 

wind up (as a watcb, etc.) 
Remontrance, sf. remon- 

strance. [show again. 

Remontrer, v. to remonstrate, 
Remordre, va. to bite again. 
Rémora, sm. obstacle, delay. 
Remords, sm, remorse. 
Remorque, sm, towing of a 

Remorquer, l'a. to to* a ship. 
Renioudre, va. to grind again. 
Remouiller, iJrt. to wet or dip 

again, anchor again. 
Rémouleur, S)ii. knife grinder. 
Remous, sm. dead-waler, eddy. 
Rempaillage, sm. chair-botlô- 

Rcn)liniller,l'a. to Stuff, botlom. 
Rempailleur, tm. cbair-botto- 

mer. [again. 

RelnpiW|iieter, t'a. to pacK up 




Se remparer, vr, to fortifj 

eue 's self. 
Rempart 1 sm. raitipart, bul- 

wark. [reinvestrrent. 

Reuiplacenieiit, S)7i. replacinf:, 
JKeiupIaccr, va. to replace, 

^upply, reiovcst. 

Se—, V7: to bo replaced; ob- 

tain a fresh supplj. 

Se faire—, to ge"t a subslilute. 
Rempli, sm. plait, tuck. 
Kemplier, va. to turn in. 
Remplir, tid. to £11 up, fill a^-ain, 

fulfil. [rubbisb. 

Remplissage, sm, filling up, 
Rciiiplisseuse, sf. point-Iace 

maker; filler. 
Remploi, sm. replacing of mo- 

ney, compensation , reinvest- 

ment. [again. 

Remployer, va. to employ 
Remplumer, va, to new-quill. 

Se—, lo get new feathers; 

Rempocber, la, to repocliet. 
Rcmpoissouuer, va. to restock 

with fish. 
Remporter, ta, to carry back, 

bear cff; oblain. 
Rempoter, va. ta repot. 
Rempruuter, va. to borron 

again. [ring, 

Remiiago, sm. moving, stir- 
Remuant, e, a. stirring; bu<(;; 

restless. [ging, stir. 

Remue-ménage, sm. runima- 
Remuement, sni> moving stir, 

Remuer, v. to move, stir; affect; 

slir, budge; fidget. 

Se—, vr. to move; stir; bestir 

one's self. 
Rémunération, sf. renard, 
Réjiiuuératoire, a. (ju.) remu* 

neraiory. [munerate. 

Rémunérer, va. to renard; re- 
Reuâcler, un. to snufûe up; 

snort; dcmur. 
Renaissance, sf. régénération, 

revival. [again. 

Renaissant, e,a. springing up 
Renaître, vn. to revive; spring 

up; bc born again, rise again. 

Rénal, e, a. recal. 

Renard, «m, fox, crafty fellow, 

dcep dng; rejnard. 
Renardeau, sm. fcx's cub, 
ECeucaisser, va. to put into 

anolLer box; get in (monej). 
Hencbéri, s. tasiidïcus person. 
Renchérir, va. to make dearer; 

get dearer; rise, 
Reucbérissement) sm. ri.'ie 

in price. 
Rcuclouer, va. to spike again. 
Kencogncr, l'a. to drive into a 

Rencontre, sf. meeting, ren- 

counter, occasion, cbancei 

De — , second band. 

Roue de — , balance nheel. 
Rencontrer, ta. to meet; £nd; 

fali in wilh; quess. 

Se—, vr. to meet; to coincide. 
Reudex-vous, sm. rendezvocs; 

Rendormir, fa. to sleep again. 

Se—, vr. to fal! asieep again. 
Rendouliler, ta. to turn in. 
Rendre, ffi. to rcnder, restcre, 

express, proûuce, \oid, bear, 

pass, deliver, discbarge, 

— compte, to give an account. 

— jtisiice, to do justice. 

— rûme, 10 give up tbe ghost. 

— raison de, — lo explain for. 

— un arr2t,to pass a judgmeut, 

— visite, to paj a visit. 

Se rendre, tr, to render one's 

self; Eurrender, yield, repair, 

liecome; go. 
Rcndurcir, v. to barden. 
Rêne, sf. bridie-rein. 

Tenir les — 8, to govern. 
Renégat, sm. renegado, reno- 

Reneiger, vn. to snow again. 
Rencltoyer, t'a. to clean again. 
Renfaiter, t'a, lo new ridge. 
Renfermé, sm. mustiness; close 

Renfermer, ta. tO shut up 

again, enclose, include, com- 
prise; boid. 

Se— ,t)r. to shut one's self up; 

conGno one's self, 




noiHIcr, un, lo thread again. 
Renaaniincr, va. tO kindie 


Se— , vr. to talio fire again. 
ReiiOcincnt, sm. swelling of a 

pillar. [up. 

Renfler, txi. to swell out ; puir 
Rciifoucenicnt, sm. hollow ; 

Rciiroiicer, va. fo new bottom 

(a cask), drive; pull further on; 

indent again. [Ihening. 

Rciirorceimeut , sm. slreng- 
Renforcé, e, a. thick, strong. 
Rciiforcer, jjo. to reinforce ; 


Se—, vr. (0 get stronger. 
Rcufort, sm. supply, reinTorce- 

ment. [ment. 

Rcngiigenieii<; sm. re-eugage- 
Kcngager, va, lo re-engage 

ono's self. [up. 

Rengainer, va. to sbeath; put 

up. [up. 

So Rengorger, vr. to bridie 
Reugruisscr, va. to fatlen 

again ; feed. 
Rcniable, a. deniable. 
Rcuicmeut, sm. denying. 
Kcnior, va. to denj, disown. 
llcniaenicut,S)n. snii'nng. 
Renifler, va. to snif. 
Rcnifleur, »e,s. fnifTer. 
Renne, sf, rein-deer. [again. 
Reuoircir, va. to blacken 
Renom, sm. renown, famé. 
Renommé, o, a. renowued, fa- 
Renommée, sf. famé, renown. 
Renommer, va. to reelect; uame 

again; renown. 
Renonce, sf. renounCBi 
Renoncement, sm. renouncing. 
Renoncer, v. to renounce; dis- 

claim, relinquish, forsake, re- 

Renonciation, s/. renuncialioD, 
Renoncule, sf, ranungulus, 

Rénovation, sf. rénovation. 
Renouée, s/', blood-wort 

Renouer, vn. ta tie again, re- 
oew, reconcile. 

Renoucnr, snn bone-setleri 
ICcnouvenii, sf. fpring, 
Ucnouvellenieut, sm. ren» 

wing, revival. 
Ucuouvelcr, va. to renew, 

revive, refresb, replace. 

Se — , vr. to be reiiewed. *•' 
Bcnsvignement, S7n. bint, iQ- 

formalion, indication. 
Benseigner, va. lo leach again; 

inform; direct. 

Se—, uî-.toobiain inrormation. 
Kentamcr, to eut again. 
Kentassé, e,a. thickset dumpy. 
Renlasscr, l'a. topile up again. 
Kente, sf, ront, jearly iucome. 
— viagère, life annuity. 
Renier, va. to endow. 
Rentier, c,s, annuilant, renter. 
Reuloîlagc, sm. putting new 

linen (to shirls); new canvass 

(lo paintings), [nen to. 

Rentoiler, va. to put new li- 
Renloriilier, va. to new twist. 
Rentraire, va. to Ëne-draw; 

Rentraiture, sf, fine-drawing. 
RviEti'ajeur,Be, s. fîne-drawer. 
Rentrée, sf. re-opening; re-en- 

tering; relurn; receipt. 
Rentrer, vti. to come, go or get 

in again; re-appear; return; . 

drive in. [again. 

Renveloppcr, va. lo wrap up 
Renverse (à la), backwards. 
RenverHcauent , sm. reversing; 

ruin; ovenhrow. 
Renverser, va. tO throw doWD, 

cverlbrow, ruin overturn, des- 

troy, upset. 
Rcnversour, sm, ovcrthrowor. 
Reuvier, vn. to improve upon. 
Renvoi, sm. sending back, ré- 
Renvoyer, va. to send again, 

send back; dismiss, return, re- 

fer, direct, repuise. 
Rcordiuation, 5^ reordinal^on. 
Réordonner, va. lo reordain. 
Réorganisation, sf. — zation. 
Réorganiser, t'a. to reorganizs. 

Se—, vr. to be reorganized. 
Réouverture, sf. reoponinga 




Hcpalrc, jm.haunt, den, repalr. 
Repatire, vn. to feed; delight. 

Se—, vr. to feed; delight in. 
Rcpniidrc, va. to spill; shed, 
scatter; sprcad; pour oui. 
Se — , vr. to be poured ont, 
shed, go into soeiety: burst out. 
Réparable, a. réparable. 
Reparaître, vn. to reappear. 
Réparatour, j»i, repairer, re- 

Réparation, s/, repaîr, repara- 

ration, amends, satisraclion. 
Réparer, va. to repair, relrieve, 

recover; redeera. 
Réparitiou, sf. reappearance. 
Répartie, sf. repartee, replj. 
Repartir, tJ.lo set out again, go 

back again, reply. 
Répartir, va. to divida; assess. 
Répartitiou, sf. division; asses- 
Repas, sm. repast, meal. [ment. 
Repasser, v. to repass, wlict, 
iron, rcvise, mend, poiish up. 
— , V7i. to repass; relurn; call 
Rep.tsseiir, S)?ï. grinder. [again. 
Repasseuse, sf, ironer, lauD- 

Repaver, lia. to new-pave. 
Repayer, va. to pay over again. 
Repêcher, va. to fish up again; 

Repeindre, va. to repaint. 
Repenser, va» to Ihint again of. 
Repeiitance, sf. repentance. 
Repentant, e, a. repentant. 
Repentir (se), vr. to repent; 
— ,57îî. repentance. [rue 

Repercer, va. to pierce again. 
Répercussif, Te, a. — cusiTC. 
Répercussion, sf. — siOD. 
Répercuter, va. to repercuss; 

reflect; repel; rererberate. 
Reperdre, va, to lose again. 
Repère, sm. bench-marki 
Répertoire, sm. — tory. 
Répéter, ra. torepeat; rehearse, 
reflect; claim; sue for. 
Se—, i_r. to rcpeat one's self. 
Répétiteur, sm. private tutor. 
Répétition, s/'. — tion, rehear- 

sal, duplicaie. 
Repeuplement, sm.repeopling. 

Repeupler, va, lo repeople; 

Bepic, sm. repeek (at piquet). 
Uepiler, vn. to pound again. 
Repiquer, va. lo pri''k asain; 

pick up; prick out. 
Répit, stn. respite, delaj. 
Replacer, va. to place again. 
Replaider, goto law again. 
Replanter, va. to replant. 
Replâtrante, s»i. rcplasiering; 
siiam reconcîIiatioQ. [botch. 
ReplAtrer, va. 10 repla.ster; 
Replâtreur, sm. apologist. 
Replet, te, a. corpulent, obese, 

Replélion, sf. corpulence, re- 
pl'tion. [cess,wriDkle. 

Repli, sm, fold, winding, re- 
Replier, va. to fold again; wind. 
Se—, vr. to fall back; coîl; 
liirn up. [eue. 

Réplii|ue, sf. reply, answer, 
Répliquer, va, to reply; answer. 
Replisser, Va. to plait again. 
Replonger, va. to dip again, 

Se— ,Dr, to plunge in again. 
Repolir, va. to repolisb. 
Répondant, sm, security, res- 

Répondre, va. to answer. 
—, vn. reply, agrée, lead, equal, 
be accounlable for, be corres- 
pond wilh, return. 
Répons, S7n. response. 
Réponse, sf. answer, reply. 
Report, sm. continuation; car- 
rying forward; brought forward. 
Reporter, va. to carry bacii, 

Repos, sm. rest, quiet, landing 

place, pause. 
Reposée, sf. lair (of deer). 
Reposer, v. to rest, calm; slum» 
ber, lie, iay, repose, settle. 
Se — , vr. to rest one's self, 
settle; rely; dépend (upon); 
dwell; trust. ' [altar. 

Reposoir, sm. resling-placo. 
Repoussant, e, a. répulsive, 
forbidding, [king, 

RepouBseuicutjsm. reçoit; ki» 




Repousser, va, to drWe; pusb, 

repuise; ropel. 
—, un. 10 shoot; kick; recoil. 
l&epousaoir, 5m. driver, chisel. 
Blcprchcusiblc, a, — fible. 
ItépréheiiAion, sf. — sion. 
Ueprenilre, va. to retake; re- 

new, cliide, take up a stilch, 

blâme, criticise, get profit, re- 

ply, take root again. [close. 

Se — , vr. lo correct one s self; 
Iteprésaillcs, sf. reprisais. 
Kcpréseutaut, sm, représen- 

Rcpr<-scn<alif, ve, a. — tive. 
Représentation, sf. — tioD, ex- 
hibition, acling, show. 
Représenter, v. to represent, 

produce, act, perform; express; 

Répression, sf. repression. 
Répressif, Te, a. répressive. 
Reprêter, va. to lend again. 
Réprimande, sf, reprimand , 

Réprimander, va. to reprove. 
Réprimer, un. to repress; curb. 
Reprise, sf. relaking, reoewal ; 

burden (ofa song); darn. 

A diverses — , at différent 

Repriser, un. to Dnedraw, darn. 
Réprobation, af. — tion. 
Reprocbable, a. reproachful. 
Reprocbe, sm. reproach. 
Reprocher, va. to reproach; 

except against; grudge. 
Reproduction, sf. — lion. 
Reproduire, va. to reproduce. 

Se—, vr. to reappear ; re cur. 
Réprouvé, sm, reprobale. 
Reprouver, va. lo prove again. 
Réprouver, ua. reprobate; con- 

Reps, sm, reps. 
Reptile, reptile, cravling. 
Républicain, e, a. S. republt- 

Républicanisme, »m. — nlsm. 
République, 5^. republîc, coiiQ- 

Répudiation, sf, — tion. 

Répudier, va. to repudiate. 

Répugnance, sf. répugnance. 
Repiigii^3it, e, a. répugnant. 
Répugner, un. to . 'îol repu» 

gnance, go against. 
Repululer, un. 10 repuUulalBe 
Répulsif, vc, a. répulsive. 
Répulsion, sf. — sion. ^ 
Réputation, sf, — tion, repute. 

famé. [deem, 

Réputer, va. to réputé, esteem; 
Requéruble, a, demandable. 
Requérant, e, a. plainlilf. 
Requérir, va. to applicant, re- 

quire, demand; call in. 
Requête, sf. requcst, pétition. 
Requiem, snt. rcquest, demand. 
Requin, S7n. shark. 
Requinquer (se), va. ta dren 

or spruce one's selfup. 
Requis, e, a. requisite. [call. 
Réi|uisitiou, sf. réquisition; 
Réquisitoire, sm. suit, request. 
Rescindant, sm. motion tO 

refciud; cancel. [cel. 

Rescinder, va. to rcscind, can- 
Rescision, sf. — sion, cancel- 

Rescisoiro, «. sm. rescissory. 
Rcscrïptiou, sf. assignment. 
Rcscrit, sm. rescripi, edict. 
Réseau, sm. bag-net, net-work. 
Réséda, sm. mignonette, reseda. 
Réservation, sf. réservation. 
Réserve, sf. reserve, proviso. 

A la—, except. 
Réservé, e, a. s. reserved; coy. 
Réserver, va. to reserve, sa-ve, 

keep Lack; lay by. 

Se—, to reserve one's lelf, 

bide one's time. [pond. 

Réservoir, sm. réservoir, fish- 
Résidant, e, a. résident. 
Résidence, sf. résidence; resi- 

Résident, sm, résident. 
Résider, va. to resida ; abide 

dwell; stay. 
Résidu, sm. residue. 
Résignataire, sm. résignée. 
Résignation, sf. — tiou. 
Résigner, ua. to resign,give up. 

Se — , vr. to Eubmit. 
Résiliation, $f, cancellioj. 




Résilier, va. ta canceli 
Hésille, sf. net (for the hair). 
Rcsiiic, sf. ro?in; resin, 
Itésiiieiix, se, a. resioous. 
Uf'sipisecBice, sf. résipiscence. 
Rcsisiaiice, sf. — ce, opposi- 
Résisior, vn, to resîst, oppose. 
Résisiiblc, a. resislible. 
Résolu, c, a. s, resolved, reso- 

lute, Lold, stoul-hearled. 
Résoluble, a. resolvable. 
Résoluincut,a(i. boldly,stout1y. 
Résolutif, *e, a. s. — tive, dis- 
solvina;. [détermination. 

Résolution, sf. — tion, résolve, 
Résolutoire, a> $. résolutive, 

Résotiiiauce, sf. résonance. 
Résonnant, e, a, ecboing, ré- 
sonant, [ing. 
Résouucment, sm, resound- 
Résonncr, vn. to resound, éclio. 
Résoudre, vn. to résolve, solve, 
induce, cancel, melt. [(on). 
Se—, vr. to be resolved; décide 
Respect, sm. respect; révérence. 
Respectable, a. respectable. 
Respectabilité, sf. — lily. 
Respecter, « respect; spare. 
Se — , V. to respect one's self^ 
Respectif, ve, a. respective. 
Respectivement, ad. — vely. 
Respectueusement, respect- 
fully. [fui. 
Respectueux, se, a. reipcct- 
Rcspirable, a. breathable. 
Respiration, sf. — tioo, brea- 
tbing. [respire. 
Respirer, v. to breathe, rest; 
Resplendir, V. to be rcsplen- 
dent. [dent, gliltering. 
Resplendissant, e, a. resplen- 
Respli'udisscmcut, sin. res- 
** plendence. [bilily. 
Responsabilité, sf. responsi- 
Respousable, a. responsible. 
Ressac, sm. (mar) surf. 
Rcssaigner, ra. to bleed agaln. 
Ressaisir, va. lo seize again, 
Rcssnicr, va. 10 sait again. 
Ressasser, va., to silt again; 

Ressaut, sm. jutty, projection. 
Ressaiitcr, vn. to leap again. 
Rcssellcr, va. to saddie again. 
Ressemblance, sf, ressemilaa- 

ce, likeness. 
Ressemblant, e, a. Hke. 
Ressembler, VU. to resemble, 
to be like. [otlior. 

Se — , vr. to resemble each 
Ressemelage, sm. new-soling; 
new-footing. [new-foot. 

Ressemeler, va. to new-sole; 
Ressemer, va. to sow again. 
Ressentiment, Sm. fecling, 

toucli, resenlment. 

Ressentir, va. et vr. to feel; 

expérience. [(of); resent. 

Se—, vr. to feel the elTecls 

Resserrement, sm. tigbtecing, 


Resserrer, va. tO bind up ; 

tigliler; contract,bind, confine; 

close. [energy; resort. 

Ressort, sm. spring, elasticity, 

Ressortir, vn. to be in tlio ju- 

risdiction of, to go oui again. 
Ressortissant, e, a. dépendent 


Ressouder, va. to new-solner. 

Ressource, sf. resource, shift; 

experient. [brance. 

Ressoiivenance , sf. reraem- 

So Ressouvenir, vr. to re- 

member. [branco. 

Ressouvenir, sm* remem- 

Ressusciter, V, to raise (from 

the dead), revive. 
Ressuyer, va. to dry. 

Se—, vr. to dry; be dried. 
Restant, e, a. S. remainder left. 
Restaurant, sm. restorative; 

ealing bouse. 
Restaurateur, s. restorer, kee* 

per of an ealing bouse. 
Restauraiif, vc, n. restorative. 
Restauration, sf. restoration. 
Restaurer, va. to reslore; re» 
eslablish. [residue, rest. 

Reste, sm. remainder, remnant, 
Au—, ad. aiso, besides. 
De—, ad. left; to spare- 
Du— , ad. besides. 
Etre eu—, lo be in arroar»i 




Rester, vn. to remain; slay, slop. 
Restituable, a. to be restored. 
Restituer, va. to reslore; reins- 

tate; give back. 
Restituteur, sm, restorer. 
Restitution, sf. ~~ tion. 
Rcslreiiulrc, va. to restricl; 

restraio; limit. 

Se—, vr. to reslraîn one's seir. 
Restrictif, *e, a. — ti\e. 
Restriction, s/,— tion, réserve. 
Restringent, sm. restriugent. 
Résultant, c, a. resulting. 
Résultat, sm. result; issuei 
Résulter, V. to resuit; ensue. 
Résumé, sni.summary, abstract. 
Résumer, va. to résume; sum 
Résurrection, sf. — tion. [up. 
Rétablir, va. tD reslore, rece- 
ler, re-establisli, briug back. 

Se—, vr. to recover; improfe. 
Rétablissement, sm. re-esta- 

blislimenl, reco\'ery. 
Retaille, sf. sbred. [mend. 

Retailler, vn. to eut again ; 
Retaper, va. to do up; remo- 

\ate (a hat); dress (a •vig). 
Retard, sm. stay, delay. 
Retardataire, $)n> persoo In 

arrears, laggard. 
Retardation, sf. — tion. 
Retardement, sm. delà;. 
Retarder, V7i. to relard, delà;; 

put off; lose. 
Reteindre, va. to d;e again. 
Retenir, va. to delain; hindcr, 

be°peak, carr;, boldback, Lire, 

Se—, vr, to forhear; hold on; 
cling; reslrain one's self. 

Retentir, »e, o. — tive. 

Rétention, sf. — tion, retaining. 

Retentir, vn. to resound, riug; 
ecbo. [ringing. 

Retentissant, e, a. resounding, 

Retentissement, sm. resoun- 
ding, noise; din. 

Retenu, e, a. reserved, discreet. 

Retenue, sf. reserve, discrétion, 
^kecplcg in (pupils). 

Réticence, sf. conceaiment. 

Réticulaire, a. reticular. 

Bélif; ve, a. restive, stubborn. 

Rctirorme,a. retiform. 
Kciine, sf. relina of Ihe e;8. 
ICciiré, o, a. rctired, secluded. 
Retirement, sm, contraction. 
Retirer, va. lo draw again, 

draw out, barlïour, redeem; 

fire again, deiiire. 

Se—, to retire, willidraw; 

fhrink, leave olT; elib. 
Retomber, vn. to Tall again. 
Rctordemcnt, sm. twisling. 
Retordre, wi. to twist; wring. 
Rétorquer, va. to retort. 
Retors, e, a. twisled, cunning, 
— ,s. craTl; person. [crafLy. 

Rétorsion, sf. relorting, 
Retouclic, sf, retoudiing. 
Retoucher, va. tO retoucb 

again, correct. 
Retour, sm. return, \icissilude, 

reciprocit;, turn. 
Retourne, sf. trump. 
Retourner, v. to return, turn, 

turn up, again, aboul, cvcr. 

S'en—, Dr. to turn back. 
Retracer, va. to trace again 

describe. [canlalion 

Rétractation, sf, — tion, re- 
Rétracter, un. to retract, recaut 

Se-, vr. to eat oce's words; 

Rétractation, sf. — lion. 
Rctraire, va. to redeem (an 

Retrait, sm, prÎT;, redecming. 
Retraite, sf. retreat, retirement, 

refuge; tattoo, pension. 
Retranclienient, sm. retrcnch- 

ment, intrenclinient. 
Retrunclier, va, to reirench; 

eut off, inlrench, take off; sup- 


Se—, vr. to reslrain, fortiBj 

one's self. 
Retravailler, va. to work agai n. 
Rétrécir, va. to strailen; sliii'i' 

narrow, conlract. 

Se — , vr. to grow narrow. 
Rétrécissement, sm, coutruct- 

ing, stricture. 
Retremper, va, tO soak agaia; 

invigorale; retemper. 
Rétribuer, va, to retribute. 




Acii'ibiition, sf. requital, re- 
iCèti-onctir, vc,a. — tive.[uard. 
Kriracêdei> la. to giïe back 

5ێti*oces*iion^ s^.reconveyance. 
Kêtrogrudntioii. sf. — tion. 
Btéd'o^rude^ a. rétrograde, 
Kéti-ogrndcr, t'a. to rétrograde, 

go Lackward. 
HvIrotiBBC. e, a. SDub. 
Relroiisscmcllt, sm. tucking 

up again, cockiog up. 
Retrousser, lia. to tuck up; 

turn up. 
RetfoiisBis, sm. cock of a hat. 
Kelrotiver, va. to find again. 
Keis, sm. nel; smare. 
Kvtudier, va. to sludj again. 
Stéunion, sf. reunion, meeting, 

party, [assemble. 

Réunir, va. to reunite; joio; 

Se— , ur. to reunite; join again; 

meet. [prosper. 

Réussir, vn. to succed; tljrive; 
Réiissilo, sf. success; issue. 
Revaucbc, sf. revenge, return. 

Eu — , in return. [port. 

Revancber, V)i. to derend;sup- 

Se — , vr. lo défend one's self; 

avenge.[pleasant dreams; muse. 
B^vassor, vn. to bave un- 
Rêïc,s?7i.a dream; fancy, vision. 
Repêche, a. barsb, cross-grai- 

Réveil, sm, awaklng, alarni. 
KéTeille-matin, sm. alarm- 

cloïk. [vive, excite, slir up. 
Réfeillcr, va. to awake, re- 

Se— , vr. to wake, up awake. 
RéTcillon, sm. midnight revel. 
Rcvclatlon, sf. — tion, disco- 

very. [ver; lay open; disclose. 
Révéler, va, to rcveal; disco- 
Rctreitaut. e, a. likely, taking. 

— , sm. gliost. [ment. 

— -bon, S)n. perqulslte, emolu- 
lEcTeiideur, se, s, cbandler; 

Revendication, 5/. daim* 
ItL-veiidiqiier, ta. toclalm. 
Revendre, va. to sell again. 
Revenir, vn. 10 corne back; 

grow again; return; corne; 

amount to; recover, arise, 
Revente, sf. resale. [please. 
Revenu, sm. revenue, iucome. 
Revenue, sf. young wood. 
Rêver, vn. to dream; rave; 

muse; think. 
Réverltération, sf, -^ tion. 
Réverbère, sm. réverbère, lan- 

Réverbérer, va. to reflect. 
Reverdir, va. to make green 

oi-ain; grow young again. 
RcvérecnmeiiC, ad. reverentîy. 
Révérence, sf. révérence, bcw, 

courtesy. [rentialy, 

Révéreucieusemesit, ad.reve- 
Révérencieux, se, a. reveren- 
Révérend. e, a. révérend, [tial. 
Révérendissime, sm. most or 

rigbt révérend. [rence. 

Révérer, ta. to revere, reve- 
Rêvcrie, sf, revery, musîng, de* 

lirium. [varnisb again. 

Revernir, va, to glaze OTer, 
Revei's, S7n. back of the band, 

reverse; back-stroke. 
Reverser, fa. to pour out again. 
Revcrsi. sm. reversi (at cards)* 
Réversible, a. revertible. 
Reversion, sf. réversion. 
Revêtement, sm. lining, facin^s 
Revêtir, t'a. to clotiie; dress; 

line, invest, bestow. 

Se—, vr. to put on; assume. 
Revêtu, e, a, clothed, dressed; 

iined. [musing. 

Rêveur, se, a. t, thougbtful; 
— , sm. dreamer. [fer. 

Revirement, sm. tacking, trans- 
Revlrer, va. to tack about;turB 

about. [mine. 

Réviser, vn, to revise, exa- 
Reviseur, S7n. reviser. 
Révision, sf. review, révisai. 
Revisiter, fa. to revisit. 
ReviviQer, va, to revive. 
Revivre, vn. to lift agaii ; ra- 

Faire— ,10 revive. | vive. 

Révocable, a. revocable. 
Révocation, sf. repeal. 
Révoratoire, a. revocato 7. 
Revoir, va to see «gain, reTÎset 





Se— , see each Dtheragain. 
névoliaiit, e, a. revolting. 
■tévolte, sf, revolt. 
RévoUé^ sm. rebel, révolter. 
Révolter, va. lo rouse; excite; 


Se—, vr. 10 revolt; rebel. 
RcTolu, e, a. revolved, pasti 
Révolution, sf. révolution. 
Révolutionnaire, a. revolutio- 

— , sm. revolutionist. [nary. 
Révol-utiouuer, va» to revolu- 

Rcvomir, VR. to Tomit; bring up. 
Révoquer, « dismiss; rccali; 

revoke. [examiBation. 

Revue, sf. review, searcb, 
Révulsif, ve, a. révulsive. 
Révulsion, sf, révulsion. 
Rez, even with. [floor. 

— -de-ciiauBsée, sm. groucd- 
Rhabillage, sm, mending, re- 

Rhabiller, va. to oew-clotbe, 

dress again, repair. 

Se—, to dress one's self again. 
Rhéteur, sm. rhetorician. 
Rhétorique, sf. rhetoric. 
Rhinocéros, sm< rbinoceroSi 
Khodedeudron, sm. rose-ba;> 
Rhoinbe, sm, rhomb. 
Rhum, sm. rum. 
Rhubarbe, sf. rhubard. 
Riiumatisnie, sm. rbeuœatism. 
Riiunie, sm. cold. 

— de cerveau, cold Inthdhead. 
Rh}'thme,sm. rhjthm. 
Rhythniique, a, rhjthmical. 
Riaist, e, a. pleasant, smiling. 
Ribambelle, sf. string; host; 
Ribnud, e, a, lewd. [array« 
Ribleur, sm. rambler. 
Riboie, sf. drunkenness. 
Riboter, get drunki 
ISiboteur,8e,s.drunlier; tippler. 
Ric-à-rîc, ad. rigorouslj; slric- 
Ricnnement, sm. sneenng.[lly. 
Ricaner, vn. to titler; sneer. 
Ricaneur, se, S. giggler, sne- 
Richard, sm. rich man. [erer> 
Riche,», ricb, wealthy, opulent, 

. costly, fertile, fruitfui. 
—, sm, riçh man« 

Richement, a(Z. richly, amply. 
Richesse,;/', weallh, richness. 
—, pi. riches. 
Ricin, sm. castor-oil plant. 

Huile de — , castor-oil. 
Ricocher, tin. to ricochet. 
Ricochet, sm. rebound. 
— , pi. ducksand drakes. 
Ride, sf. vprinkle. 
Rideau, sm. curtain, shelteF 
Ridelle, sf, rack of a cart. 
Rider, va. to wrinkle (ma.) 

stretch eut; rumple. 

Se—, vr. to wrinkle; shrivel. 
Ridicule, tm, redicule, reticu!e 

(Ptnall bag). 
Ridicule, a. ridiculous. 
Ridiculement, ad. — lousiy 
Ridiculiser, va. to ridicule. 
Rien, ad. nothlng; mère Iriflc. 

En moins de — , la less tbao 

no time. 
— du tout, nothlng at ail. 
Rieur, se, s. laugbter. 
Riflard, .<im. large plane. 
Rigide, a. rigid, sliff, severe. 
Rigidement, a. rigidly. 
Rigidité, sf. rigidity, strictneîs. 
Rigodon, sm. rigadoon. 
Rigole, s/', trench, rill. 
Rigoler, vn. to lipple. 
Rigorisme, sm. rigorlsm. 
Rigoriste, sm. rigorist. [ly 
Rigoureusement, a(2. rigorous- 
Rigoureux, se, a. rigorous, 

severe, hard, cruel. [cruelty. 
Rigueur, sf. rigour, severity, 

A la—, rigorously. [versas. 
Rimailler, vn. to Write sorry 
Rimailleur, sm. rhymester. 
Rime, sm, rhyrae, verse. 
Rimer, vn. to rhyme; tally. 
Rimeur, sm. rhymer. [glass, 
Riuce-houcbe, sm» Snger- 
Rinceau, sm, foliage. 
Rincer, va, to rlnse. 
Rinçure, sf. finslng. 
Ringard, sm, pokar. 
Ripaille, sf. feasting,junketiiig< 
Ripe, sf, scraper (for stone). 
Riposte, tf, reply; p^rry and 

(hrust. [and thrust, 

Riposter) Vd. to reply; parrf 





Rii-c, en. to laugh; jolie; jest; 
S« — , tir. to laugb at. [smile. 
—, S!u. laughler, laugthing. 
Ris, sm. laugb; smile (nia.)reers. 

— de «eau, sm, cail's sweet- 
bread. [stock. 

Risée, »f. Isughing; laugbing- 
nisible, a. risible, ISDgbable; 

Risqiiable, a. blzardous. 
Risque, sm. risk, bazard. 
Risquer, va. to risk; bazard. 

Se — , vr. to ruD tbe risk. 
Rissole, sf. minced-meat frilter. 
Rissoler, vu. to browo. 
Rii, sm, rite. 

iiournelle, sf. ritoroello. 
RitualUte, tm. rltualist. 
Rituel, im. ritual. 
Riv.ige, sm. sbore, bank, side. 
Rival, e,a. S. rival. 
Rivalité, sf. rivalrj. [skirt. 

Rive.s/.bank, sbore; border; oul- 
River,ua. to rivet; clioch. 
Riverain, a. river-side. 

— , sm. rîTer side résident. 
Rivet, sm. rivet. 
Rivière, sf. river. 

Rixe, sf. quarrel; afray; souffle. 
Riz, sm rice. 
Rizière, s/', rice-ground. 
Rob, S7n. rob. [hnsk. 

Robe, sf. gown,robe,skiD, bull, 

— <!o clianibre, morning gown. 
Roliiuel, sm. cock; lap. 
'Kuboratif, Te,a. streDgtbening. 
Robuste, a. robust, stroug; 

Ciobusiement, ad. robustiv. 
ISoe, sm. rock; castle. [vvtiort. 
Eiucaille, sf. grotlo or rock- 
liocnilleiix, se, a. slony; rougb; 

Roraïubole, sf. rocambole, zest. 
Rocbe, sf. rock, stone. 
Rocher, Sf». rock, cliff. 
Rococo, sm. rococo. 
—, rj. autiquated. 
Rôder, ua to rove,prowl. 
Rôdeur, sin. rover, rambler. 
Rodouioui, sm. bully, hulT. 
Rodomonlade, sf, boasling, 
noiialions, f>i. — tion, dajs. 

Rogatoire, sm. judicial com- 
Rogaton, sm. scrap. [mission. 
Rogne, sf. scab, itcb; mange. 
Rogner, va, to clip, prune; 

pare; eut. 
Rogneur,a«, s. clipper(orcoin). 
Bogneux, se, a. scabb;, itcbji 

Rognon, sm. kidney, bip. 
Boguonoer, vn, to growl. 
Bognure, sf, parlng, shre(J, 

Rogomme, sm. spirils; cordial. 
Bogue, a. haughty, arrogant. 
Roi. stn, king. 
Roitelet, sm. kingliog; wrcn. 
Bôle, sm, roll, list, part (of a 


A tour de — , In turns. 
Bôlet, sm. icinor part. 
Bomaiu, e, a. s. Roman. 
— , sm, (typ.) primer. [leltuce. 
Bomaiue, sf. steelyard; coss 
Boman, sm. romance, novel. 
Bomance, sf. ballad. 
Boinancier, sm. novelist. 
Bomaneaque, a. romantic. 
BomauesquemenI, ad, re- 

Bomaiitique, a. romantic. 
Romarin, sm. rosemary. 
Rompre, V. to break, break off, 

keep off, break up,disliand, train, 

Se—, vr. to break off.[destroj 

A tout—, furiously. 
Rompu, e, a.broken, accuslomed. 
Ronce, sf. briar, bramble. 
Bond, e, a. round, circnlar, 

plaiD, cirele. 
— , sm. roand, ring, cirele. 
— point, sm, eircus. 
Roudacbe, sf. round shieM. 
B jiide, sf, round, semibreve; 
-xiudeau, s»i. rondo. [rondo. 
Boudelet, te, a, roundisb. 
Rondelle, sf. target, round. 
Rondement, ad. roundiy, fasi. 
Rondeur, sf. roundness. 
Rondin, sm. billet, cudgel. 
Roudiner, va. to cudgel. 
Ronflant, e, a. snoring; bigb- 

soiinding; sonorous. [ming, 

BouOemeut, $m. snoring; bum- 




Roiiflrr, vn. to snore ; bum ; 
UonOuur, se, s. snorer. [roar. 
Uoiiger, va. lo gnaw; pick, 

niljble, eat, champ. 
Rongeur, se, a. gnawfng. 
Uoquer, vn. to castle(at chess). 
Ku(|iieA, sm. cur; mongrel. 
Koi|uette, sf. rocket, besperis. 
Ko(|uillc, sf. gill, quarteo. 
Kosace, sf, rose. 
UosaQe, sm. rose-ba;. 
Rosaire, sm. rosary. 
Rosat, a. of roses, rose. 
etosbif, sm. roast-beef. 
Rose, sf. rose, rose-wîndow. 
— , «. rosy. 
Rosé, e, a. rosy> 
Roseau, sm. rééd. 
Rose-croix, s. Rosicrucian. 
Rosée, sf. dew. [pure copper. 
Rosette, sf. red-ink-, rosette, 
Rosier, sm. rose-bush; rose-tree. 
Rosière, sf. youDg maiden who 
bas obtained a prize for her 
good conduct. 
Rosse, j^. misérable back. 
Rosser, va. to tbrash ; drub. 

Rossignol, sm. Dightiogale; pic- 

RosBiiiaute, sm, sorr; borse. 

Rossolis, sm. rosolis. 

Rostrale, a. rostral. 

Rot, sin. éructation, belch. 

Rât, sm. roasted méat. 

RotatioD, sf. — tiOD. 

Rote, sf. rota, court or justice. 

Roter, vn. to belcb. 

Rôti, sm. roast-meat 

Rôtie, sf. toast. [bum, 

Râiir, va. to roast ; toast; broil; 

Rôtisserie, sf. cook's shop. 

Rôtisseur, se, s. cook. [tus. 

Rôtissoire, sf. roasting-appara- 

Rotoude, sf. rotuoda. [oess. 

Rotondité, 8^. rotuudit},rouDd- 

Rotnle, if, koee-pao. 

Roture, sf. soccage, commo- 
nalty. f-vulgar. 

Roturier, e, a. s. plebeian, 

Rotui-ièremeut, ad. meanly. 

Rouage, sm. wheel-work. 

Rouan, a. roan. [casks). 

Rouanne, — ette* s, braDd (for 

Rouanner, t'a. to brand (caskgy 
Rouble, sm. ruble (russlan mo- 
Roucou, sm. roucou. [ney.) 
Roucoulement, sm. cooing of 

the dû\e. 
Roucouler, vn. to COO. 
Roue, sf. wbeel, peacock's tail. 
Roué, sm. rake, profligale. 
Rouelle, sf. round slice. 
Roueunerie, sf. Rouen goods 

(cotton prints, etc.) 
Rouer, va. lo break on tbe 

wbeel; dupe; gull; coil; cudgel. 
Rouet, sm. spinning-wheel,small 

Rouge, a. red. 

—, sm. paint, red, colour; rouge. 
Rougeâti-e, a. reddisb. 
Rougeaud, e, a.ruddy. [breast. 
Rouge-gorge , sm. roDin-red 
Rouge-bord, sm. bumper. 
Rougeole, sf. measles. 
Rouget, sm. red surmulet 
Rougeur, if. redness, blusb» 

colour. [blush. 

Rougir, sm. to redden, colour» 
Roui, sm. steeping; rettiag. 
Rouille, sf. rust, mildew. 
Rouillé, e, a. rusty. 
Rouiller, va. to rust; impair. 

Se— , ur. to grow rusty; déclina. 
Rouillure, sf. rust. 
Rouir, t>. to steep ; ret. 
Roulade, sf. roulade, trilling. 
Roulage, sm. rolling, roulade. 
Roulant, C) a. rolling; at work, 

easy. [roller. 

Rouleau, sm. rolt, rolling-pin. 
Roulée, sf. turn; voKey. 
Roulement, sm, rolling, trill. 
Rouler, va. '.0 roll ; ramble, 

rove, revolve. 

Se—, vr. to be rolled; wallow 
Roulette., sf. Utile wbeel, cap- 
ter, roulette. 
Boiilier, «m. aoDmoa-carrUr. 
Roulis, sm. rolling. 
Rouloir, sm. roller. 
Roupie, sf. snivel; rupoe 
Roupiller, vn. to doze. [bead. 
Roupillour, se, s. dozer sleepy- 
Roussûtre, a. rusfct. 
I Rousseau, sm. r«d-baired man. 




Stousseur, tf. redness; freckle. 
Housai , sm. Kussia lealher; 

burni smell. 
Roiissilier, vit, to scorcb. 
KoiihnIu, «m. cart-staliion, 
Bouaair, v. to redden; Ecorchi 
Boute, af. road, waj, course, 

route, palh. 
Routier, a. road-book. 
Routine, sf. routine, habit. 
Routiner, va. to teacb b; roa- 

Routinier, e, a. or routine» 
Routoir, sm, retting-pool. 
Rouvre, tm. the bardest oak. 
Rouvrir, va. to open again. 
Roux, Rousse, a. s. red, red- 

baired, rufus, carrotj. 
Royal, e, a. royal, régal, noble. 
Royalisme, ad. rovalism. 
Royaliste, $m, — list. 
Royaume, sm. kiugdoiD, realm. 
Royauté, sf. rojaltj. 
Ru, sm. chauDel. 
Ruade, sf. kick, fling, 
Rul>an, sm. ribbon. 
Rubancrie, sf. ribboD-trade. 
Rnbanier, e, sa ribbon-neaver. 
Ruliaué, e, a streaked. 
Riilticau (clieval), a bayborseï 
Rubicond, e, a. rubicund. 
Rubis, sm. ruby. [trick. 

Rubrique, sf. rubric, tltle, rule, 
Ruelle, sf. bee-hive. 
Ruchée, sf. hive-full. 
Rudesse, s/'JiarsbDess; eeverity, 

rudeness. [ment. 

Rudiment, «m. — ment, ele- 

Hudoyer, va. to use barshiy; 111 
Rue, sf. Street, rue. [use. 

Ruelle, sf. lane, bed-side. 
Ruer, va. 10 fling; tbrow. 

Se- sur, lo rush upon. 
Hugine, 5/'. rugine. 
Ru^ir, vn. to roar; bellow. 
Rugissant, e, a. roariDg.[wlng. 
Rugissement, sm. roar; bello- 
Ruine, sf. ruin, decay, fall. 
Ruiner, va. to ruin; destro). 

Se—, vr. to fall, to decay. 
Ruineux, se, a. ruiDOUS, totte- 

Ruisseau, sm, riyulet, gutter, 

Ruisselant, e, a. dripping. 
Ruisseler, va. to stream; drip. 
Rumb, sm. (ma.) rhumb. 
Riintcur, sf. rumour, uproar. 
Ruminant, e, a. ruminant. 
Rumiuaiioii; sf- — tion, che- 

Ruminer, va. to rumiuate; 

chew tbe cud. 
Rupture, sf. fracture, rupture- 
Rural, e, a. rural. 
Rusenj/.craft; deceit; sly; dodge. 
Rusé,e, a. s.cunniog, sly,erafty. 
Ruser, vn. lo shirt, usecunning. 
Rustaud, e, a. S boorisb, clown. 
Rusticité, sf. rusticity, clown- 

Rustique, a. rural, rude. 
Rusiiqucr, t'a. to rusticate. 
Rustiquement, ad. rudely. 
Rustre, a. s. boorisb, ciownish, 

churl ; lout. 
Ru», sm. rut, ruttiog. 

Sa, pro. f. bis, her. Ha. 
Sabbat, sm. sabbath, eaterwau- 

liug; row, uproar. 
Sabbatique, a. — tical. 
Snbéisme, sm. sabeism, 
Sabine, s^.sabine. [sable. 

Sable, sm. sand, hour-glass, 
Sablé, e, a. covered wilh sand. 
Sabler, vn. to gravel; sand; toss 


Sableux, se, a. sindy; gravelly. 
Sablier, jm. a hoor-glass. 
Sablière, $f. sand-pit. 
Sablon, sm. small sand. 
Sablonneux, se, a sandy. 
Sablonnier,S)n. sand-man. 
Sablonnière, sf. sand-pit. 
Sabord, sm, port-hole. 
Sabot, S)»i. wooden-sboe, borseï 
boof, lop. 




Sabotier, sm. wooden-sboe- 
maker. [scole; rate. 

Salioiiler, va. to push aboul; 
Sabre, >m> sabre, broad-sword. 
Sabrenas, sm. buDgIer. 
Sabrenauder, va. to bungle> 
Sabrer, va. to sabre; huddieup. 
Sabreiir, sm, gooi) fighter. 
Sac, sm. sack, bag, pillage. 
Saccade, sf. saccade; jerk; jolti 
Saccader, va. to jerk; check. 
Saccage, sm. overtbrow. 
Saccagemcnt, sm. sackingt 
Saccager, va. to sack; raosack, 

Saccageur, sm.sacker; ravager. 
Sacerdoce, sm. priesthood. 
Sacerdotal, e, a. — tal, priestly. 
Sachée, sf. sackfui, bagful. 
Sacbet, sm. tcenl-bag. [wallet. 
Sacocbe, sf. long money-bag; 
Sacrnmcnlal, e, a. — tal. 
Sacraiuontnleineiit,n(i.— tally. 
Sacre, sm. coronatiOD, consé- 
Sacré, e, «. sacred, holy. 
Sacrement, sm. sacrameDt. 

Sacrer, consecrate, crown, 
curse; swear. 

SacriOcateur, sm. sacriBcer. 

SncriCcature, sf. priesthood. 

Sacrifice, sm. sacrifice. 

Socriflcr, sacrifice; de'vote. 

Sacrilège, a. sm. sacrilegei 

Sacrilégemcnt, nd.— legionsly. 

Sacristain, sm, seston; sacris- 

Sacristie, sf. vestry, sacrisly. 

Sadiicceu, ue, 5. Sadducean. 

Safran, sf. saffron. 

Safrane, e, a. saffron; yellow. 

Safraner, va. to saffron. 

Sagace, a. acute, sagacious. 

Sagacité, sf. sagacity. [good. 

Sage, a. wise, niodest, sober, 

— , sm. sage, wise man. 

— -femme, sf. midwife. 

Sagement, ad. wisely, soherly. 

Sagesse, sf. wisdom, modestj, 
honesty, sobriety. 

Sagittaire, sm. Sagiltarius. 

B eou, sm. sage. 

Sagouin, e, S. sloTen. 
Saignant, e, a. bleedingi 
Saignée, sf. blood-letting; opSB 

Saignement, sm. bleeding. 
Saigneux, se, a. bloody. 
Saillant, e, a. jutting, salient. 
Saillie, sf. saliy, projection; 

ranl,gush. . [start. 

Saillir, mi. to gnA.' out, leap. 
Sain, e, a. s. Sound, wbolesome 
— et sauf, safe and sound. 
Saindoux, tm. fresb-lard. 
Sainement, ad. soundly. 
Sain-foin, sm. sain-Foin. 
Saint, e, a. S. boly, saint. 
Sainte-barbe, sf. glin-room. 
Saintement, ad. boliiy. 
Sainteté, sf. holiness, sanctity. 
Saisi, S7n. distrainee. 
Saisie, sf. seizure, dislress. 
Saisine, sf. seizin. 
Saisir, va. to seize; lay boI(J 

cf, grasp, distrain. 
Saisi de, struck with. [nable. 
Saisissabie, o.seizable, di.strai- 
Saisissant, e, a. S. seizer, iin. 

Saisissement, sm. sbock, chiK. 
Saison, sf. season, time. 
Salade, sf. salad. 
Saladier, sm. salad-dish. 
Salage, sm. salting. 
Salaire, sm salary, reward. 
Salaison, sf. salting; sait méat. 
Snlamalec, sm. profound bow. 
Salamandre, sf. — der. 
Salant (marais), sm .sait marsfa.^ 
Salarier, va. to pay, 
Sale,<!. foui dirty, tilthj; indécent. 
Salé, sm. sait pork. [coarse. 

— , e, a. brinish, salted, sharp; 
Salement, ad. fllthily, nastily. 
Salep, sm. salep. [dear. 

Saler, va. to sait; cure; sell 
Saleté, sf. fillhiness, dirtiness 
Saleur, sm. salter. 
Salicoque, sf. prawn. 
Salière, sf. salt-cellar. 
Saligaud, e, a. sluttish; nasty. 
Salin, e, a. saline, brinisb. 
Saline, sf. salt-pit, salt-meat^ 

salt-fisb, saltern. 




Salir, va. 10 dlrl, lain; soil; 
Salisson, sf. younï slut. [défile. 
Salissure, sf. fpoil; sport ofdirt. 
Suliiaire, a. clammj, salivai. 
Salivation, s/". — tion. 
Salive, sf. spiitle; saliva. 
Saliver, vn. to saliva; spit. 
Salle, s/, hall; room. 

— à manger, dining-room. 

— d'armes, rencing-room. 

— de bal, btll-room. 
Salmis, s)n, ha^hed game. 
Salmigondis, sm. botcb-potch. 
Saloir, sm. ?alt-tub. 

Salon, sm. drafting-room, par- 
leur, ejbibition of pictures. 

Salope, o. s dirlj, slovenljf. 

Saloperie, sf, sloveniiness. 

Salpêtre, stn. saltpetre, nitre. 

Salpêtrer, to nitriTy. 

Salpêtrier, sm. saltpetre maker. 

Salpêtrière, s/', saltpetra-house; 

Salsepareille, tf. sarsaparllla. 

Salsifls, sm. goal's beard. 

Saltimbanque, sm. moUDte- 
bank; juggler. 

Salubre, a. salubrious. 

Salubrité, sf. salubrity. 

Saluer, va. lo salute , bowto; 

Salure, sf. saltness, cbeer. 

Salut, sm. salutation, safety, 
sal-vation, salute. 


Salutairement, ad. salutarîly. 

Salutation, sf. salutation, bow. 

Salve, sf. salute; ■volley. [ritaa. 

Samaritain, e, a. S. a sama- 

Samedi, sm. Saturday. 

Sanctifiant, e, a. saDctifying. 

Sanctificateur, sm, sanctifier. 

Sanctificaiion. sf. — tion. 

Aaiictifier, va. to sanctify; keep 
boly; hallow. 

Sanction, s/', sanction; assent. 

Sanctionner, va. to sanction. 

Sanctuaire, sm. — tuary; clian- 

Sandal, sm. sandal-vood. [cel. 

Sandale, sf. saudal. 

Saudaraqiie. sf. — rac. 

Sans^ sm. blood; race, famlly. 

— -froid, sui. coolness. 

Sanglant, e, a, bloody, grloTOUSi 

Sangle, sf, a, girth, band. 
Sangler, i>a. tolash; girth; strike. 
Sanglier, sm, nild boar. 
Sanglot, sm. sob. 
Sangloter, vn. to Sob. 
Sangsue, s/'.leech, blood-sucker. 
SanguiQcatîon, sf, — tion. 
Sanguiu, e, a. sanguine, blood- 

red. [bloody, cruel. 

Sanguinaire, a. saoguinary, 
Sanguine, sf. red-lead, blood- 

Sanhédrin, sm. — drim, lewis!: 

Sanie, sf. sanies (bloody pus). 
Sanicux, se, a. sanious. 
Sanitaire, a. sanitary. 
Sans, pr, wilhout, but for. 

— doute, doubtiess. 

— -cœur, sm. heartiess fellow. 

— -gêne, s^. uDceremoniousness# 

— -souci, s. careless person. 
Sansonnet, sm. starliug. 
Santé, sf. health, toast. 
Sapajou, sm. sapajou. 
Sape, sf. sap. 

Saper, va. to sap. 
Sapeur, sm. sapper. 
SapCiique, a. sappbic. 
Saphir, sm. sapphire, 
Sapidc, a. sapide, tasteabifl. 
Sapidité, sf. sapidity. 
Supin, sm. fir, pine. 
Sapinière,s/'.shell;fir planlatiol. 
Saponaire, s^ soap «orl. 
Saquebute, sf. sackhut. 
Sarabande, sf, sarabaod. 
Sarbacane, sf. shooti;i^-Lube« 

arrasmc, sm. sarcasm. 
Sarcelle, sf. teal; uidgeon. 
Sarcler, va, to weed 
Sarcleur, se, weedftr. 
Sarcloir, sm, weed-liook. 
Sarclure, sf. «eedings. 
Sarcocèle, sm. sarcocelc. 
Sarcoma, sm. sarcoma (tu niooif 
Sarcophage, sm, — gus 
Sardine, sf. sardina 
Sardoine, sf. sardonyx. 
Sardouique, a sardonio. 




Sarigue, sf. opossum. 

Sarmeut, sm. Mine-branch. 

Sarmenteux, ce, n.sarmentous. 

Sarriisin, sm. buck wlieaU 

Sarrasine, sf. portcullis. 

Sarrau, sm. waggoner's froek. 

Sarriette, sf, savory. 

Sas, sieve, screen. 

Sasaafras, sm. sassafras. 

dasaer, va. to sift, examine- 
Satan, sm. Satan. 

Satanique, a. satanie. 

Satellite, im. satellite. 

Satiété, if. satiety, repIetiOD. 

Satin, tm. satin. 

Suiinage, sm, hot-pressing. 

Satiné, e, a. soft, glossy. 

Satiner, «a. to hot-presf. 

Sallneur, ae, s. hol-presser. 

Satire, «m. satire, lampoon. 

Satirique, a, — rlc. 

—, sm. satirist. 

Satlrîquement, ad. — rlcall^. 

Satiriaer, va. to satirize*, cen- 

Satisractlon, sf, satisfaction. 

Satisfactoire, a. satisfactory. 

Satisfaire, u. to satisfy, please, 
gratify, fulfil. 

Satisfuisant, e, a. pleasing. 

Satisfait, e, a. satisfied. 

Satrape, sm. satrap. 

Saturation, sf. saturation, 

Satiirer, va. to saturate. 

Saturnales, $f. pi. — nalla. 

Saturne, sm. Saturn, 

Satyre, sm. satyr, 

Satyrion, sn(i. satyrium. 

Sauce, sf. sauce. 

Saucer, va, to dip, sop; scold. 

Saucière, sf. sailce-boat. 

Saucisse, sf. sausage. [squib. 

Saucisson, sm, thick sausage; 

Sauf, Te, a, safe, secure. 

— , pr. save.under, but. 

— conduit, sm. safe-conduct. 

Sauge, sf. sage. [terouï^. 

Saugrenu, e, a. absurd; prepos- 

Saule, sm.. willow, sallow, 

Saumfitre, a, brakish. 

Saumon, sm. salmon pig(of lead). 

Saumoné, e (truite), a, sa) mon 

Bauoiure, sf. briue. [trout. 

Saunage, sm, salt-trade. 
Sauner, va. to make sait. 
Saunerie, sf. sallern. 
Saunier, sm,. salt-maker. 

Faux— , SOT. salt-smuggier. 
Saupoudrer, t'a, to powiicr, 

sprlokle, strew. 
Saur(hareng), hcrring. 
Saurer, va. to smoke (hen i ngs). 
Saussaie, Sf. willow-plol. 
Saut, sm. leap, jump, w&icv Fali. 

Au— du lit, on Brst getUug up. 

— de loup, baba. 
Sauter, va. to leap, jump, skip; 

tumble, coTor. 
— à bas du lit, ta get utfrom bed, 

— au cou de, to fall ou a per- 
son's neck. 

— aux yeux, to be obvious. 
Sauterelle, sf. grasshopper. 
Sauteur, se, s. leaper, lumbler, 

Sautillement, tm. skipping. 
Sautiller, un to skip; hop. 
Sautoir, sm. Sditier, 

En — , ad. sallier-wise. 
Sauvage, sm Savage, nild. 
— , sm.. salTage, savage. 
Sauvageon, sm. v :ld stock. 
Sauvagerie, sf. unsociableness. 
Sauvegarde , sf. safe-guard, 

Sauver, va. to Save; excuse, 

deliver, spare, palliate. 

— qui peut, escape who raay. 
Se—, ur. to escape, fly, amend 
one's self. 

Sauvetage, sm. salvage. 
Sauveur, sm. saviour, saver^ 
Savamment, ad, learnedly. 
Savane, sf. savanna. 
Savant, e, a. <. learned. 
~, sm, learned man, scbolar. 
Savantasse, sm. sciolist. 
Savate, sf, old shoe, bungler. 
Savaterie, (/.cobblering. 
Savetcr, ua. to cobl-le; biingle 
Savetier, sm, cobbler, biinjlèr. 
Saveur, sf, savour, relîsji. [of, 
Savoir, va. to kiiow, Le i a,{;8 

— bon, mauvais grc ili-^ lo 
be well; ill pleased with. 
Faire — , lo inform; let kuow. 




A «avoir, ad. to nit. 

— ,si)i. knowledge, learning. 

— faire, skill, tact. 

— vivre, usage of Ihe world. 
Savon, sm. soap; reprimaad. 

Eau de—, soap, î^uds. 
Savonnage, sm. soaping.[scoId. 
ISavoiiner, va. to wash ; soap; 
Savonnerie, sf. soap-bouse. 
Slavonnetle, sf. nash-ball, bun> 

Savonneux, ae, û. soapy. 
Savourer, va. tO saveur; relish. 
Savoureusemeut, ad. savou- 

Savoureux, se, a. savoury. 
Saxatilc, a, saxatile. 
Sayou, sm. roundfrock; blouse. 
Sbire, s)?2. sbirro, myrmidon. 
Scabicusc, af, scabious. 
Scubieux, se, a. scabby. 
Scabreux, se, a. rugged, difS- 

cuU, ticklish. 
Scalcue, a, scalene. 
Scal|iel, sm. scalpelf 
Scalper, va. to scalp. 
Scaniuionée, sf. scammony. 
Scaiiilale, syn. scandai, oITcnce, 

Scanilaleu«emeut,nrl. — lousiy. 
Scanilaleux, se, (7. s. scanda* 

lous. [gi've offence. 

Scanilaliser, va. to scandalise; 

Se— ,Dr. to be offendfid. 
Scander, va. to Scan. 
Scni>tilaire,sm. scapular. 
Scarabée, sm. scarabée, beetle. 
Scaramouche , >m, scara- 

ScariûcateuF, «m. — Cator. 
Scarification, sf. — tion. 
Scurider, va. to scarify. [feTer. 
Scurlaline (Oèvre), s. scarlet- 
Sceau, Scel, sm. seal. 
Scélérat, c,a.scelerat; flagitions. 
— , s. a tillaiD, 
Scélératesse, sf. villany. 
Scellé, sm. seal. 

JUvltre les — , lo seal up. 
Scellement, sm. sealiog. 
Sceller, va. lo seal; fasten; 
Scelleur, sm. sealer. [irabed. 
Scèaie, sf. stage, scène. 

Sccnique, a. scenical. 
Scénographie, sf. — phy, 
Scepticisme, sm. — cism. 
Sceptique, a. S. scepUc. 
Sceptre, sm. sceptre. 
Schako, sm. shako. 
Schelem, sm. slam. 
Schclling, sm, a sbillirg. 
Schismatique, a. s, — lie. 
Schisme, sm. schism. 
Schiste, sm. shist. 
Schiague, s/', flogging. 
Sciage, sm. sawing. 
Sciagraphie, sf, — phy. 
Sciant, a. boring, annojîng. 
Scialique, a, sciatic. 
— , sf. soiatica, hip-goul. 
Scie, sf, saw; bore; Loax. 
Scivmnient, ad. knowingly. 
Science, sf. science. 
Scientifique, a» — cal. 
Scientifiquement, ad. — Cally. 
Scier, va. to saw; reap corn. 
Scierie, sf. saw-yard; saw-mill» 
Scieur, sm, fawyer. 
Scille, s/, squill sea-onion. 
Scinder, va. lo divide. 
Scintillation, sf. tninkling. 
Scintiller, vn. la scintillate; 

Scion, sm, scion; young shoot. 
ScCssile, a. scissile. [division. 
Scission, sf. scission, schism;. 
Scissure, sf, scissure, fissure. 
Sciure, sf. saw-dust. 
Sclérotique, $f. sclerotic. 
Scolaire, a. scolastic. 
Scolastique, sf. divinity, 
— , il. scolastic. [lically. 

Scolastiquemeut, ad. scbolas* 
Scoliaste, sm. scboliast. 
Scolie, sf. scholiura. 
Scolopendre, sf. — dra. 
Scorbut, S7n, scurvy. 
Scorbutique, a S. scorbulic. 
Scorie, sf. dross, scoria. 
Scorificaliou, sf. scorificalioat 
ScoriOor, va. to scorify. 
Scorpion, sm. scorpion. 
Scorsonère, s^ scorzonern. 
Scribe, sm. scribe, copyi'-l. 
t^crofnlaire, sf. scrofularia, 





Scrofules, s, vl- scrorula. 

Scroriileiix, ae, '■. scrofulous. 

Scrotuui, sm. scroiuS 

Scrupule, sni. scruple, ^'►'ibt. 

Scrupuleusement, ad. scruyu- 

Scrupuleux, se, a. scrupnlous. 

Scrutateur, sm.—loT, searclier. 

Scruter, ua.lo scrutinize, search. 

Scrutin, sm. scrutiny, ballot. 

Scubac,sr/t.scubac; usquebangb. 

Sculpter, va. to cai-ve, sculp- 
ture, [lor. 

Sculpteur, sm. carver, sculp- 

Sculpture, sf. — ture, carving. 

Se, pr. one's selT, himseif, her- 
self, thomsel'ves, one anothcr. 

Séance, }/.seat, session, si tting. 

Séant, sm. sitling posture, [up. 
£tre sur son — , to be sittiug 

Séant, e, a. becoming, seemiy. 

Seau, sm. a pail, pailfui, bucket. 

Sebeste, sm. sebesten-plum. 

Sébile, sf. wooden bowl. 

Sec, a. m. Sèche, f. dry,blunt, 
sbarp, tart, leau. 
Etre à—, to be eut of funds. 

Sec, sm. drjness. 

Sécaute, 5/. sécant. 

Sécateur, sm. pruning-sbears. 

Sèche, sf. cuttle-fisli. 

Sèchement, ad. dryly, harshly. 

Sécher, va. to dry, wither. 
Se — vr. todry ono's self. 

Sécheresse, sf. dryness, aridity, 
drougbt, Llunlness. 

Séchoir, sm. drying-room. 

JSecond, e, a. S. second; otber. 

Secondaire, a. — dary. 

Secondairement, ud.— darily. 

Seconde,;/, second. 

Secondement, ad. secondlv. 

Seconder, va. to second; assist. 

Secondiues, aftcr-birth. 

Secoueuicnt, sm. shaking, jog- 

Secouer, va. et vr. to shake ; 
shake off; jog. 

Becourable, a, he!prul; relie- 
\able. [assist. 

Secourir, va. to succour; be!p; 

Secours, sm. succour, help; aid; 

Secousse, sf. shake, blow; ag* 

talion. [clos-l. 

Secret, te, a. seCret ; private; 
Secret, sm. secret, mysfery. 
Secrétaire, sm.secrelary. [6ce. 
Sccrétairerie, s/', secrelary s oT- 
Secrétariat, sm. sccretaryshi p. 
Secrète, sf. secret prayer. 
Secrètement, ad. secretly. 
Sécréter- va. to secrète. 
Sécrétion, "'. — tion. 
Sécrétoire, a. secretory. 
Sectaire, sm. sectary. [ciple. 
Sectateur, sm. seclator, dis- 
Secte, sf. sect. 
Secteur, sm. sector. 
Section, sf. section. 
Séculaire, <l. secular. 
.Sécularisation, sf, — zation. 
séculiiriser, va to secularizei 
Séculuriié, sf, secularily. 
Séculier, e, a. S, lajman. 
Séculièrement, ad. secularlj. 
Secundo, ad, secondly. 
Sécurité, sf. security. [ting. 
Sedan, siiî. Sedan cloth,(in prin- 
Sédatif, ve, a. sédative. 
Sédentaire, a. sedenlary. 
Sédentairemeut, ad, in a seden- 

tary manner. 
Sédiment, Sm. sédiment, dregs. 
Srdilieuscment, ud. — tiously. 
Séditieux, se, a, s, sedilious. 
Sédition, s/, sédition, riot. 
Séducteur, trice, s, seducer 
— , a. seducing. 

Séduction, s/'.seduclion, bribing 
Séduire, t;». to seduce, corrupt. 
Séduisant, e, a. seducing, 

Segment, sm, segment. 
Ségrégation, sf. — tion. 
Ségrcger, lia. lo segrogate. 
Seigle, sm, rye. 
Seigneur, sm, lord, signior. 
Seigneurial, e, R. seigneurial, 

manorial. p- 

Seigneurie, s/'.lordsbip, maiior. 
Sein, sm, breast, bosom. 
Seine, sf, fish-net. [manual. 

Seing, sm, signature , sigD 
Seize, rt. s. sixteentb. 
— , stn, sixieen. 




Seizième, a. s. sixteenth. 
Séjour, sm. stay, abode, man?ion. 
Séjourner, vn. te abide, slay, 

dwell, sojourn. 
Sel, s»), sait, nit, point. 
Sélénite, sf. scleiiite. 
Sélénitciix, se, a. selerjitic. 
Sélénograpliie, sf. — phy. 
Selle, sf. saddie, pinion, slool. 
Seller, va. <o saddie. 

Se—, va. 10 harden. 
Sellerie, sf. barness-room, har- 

ness Irade. 
Sellette, sf. stool; seat. 
Sellier, sm. faddier. 
Selon, pr. according to, after. 

C'eBl— , thaï dépends. 
— que, c. accordirg as. 
Semaine, sf. sowlng-, seed. 
Semaine, sf, «cek, week'swork. 
Semainier, e, a. weekiy. 
— , sm. septimarlan. 
Semaqiie, s/', (ma), smack. 
Semblable, a. sm. like, such, 
— , S7n. fellow-creature. [equal. 
Scmblablemcnt, ad. likewise. 
Semblant, sm. pretcnce; fee- 

ming. [appear. 

Sembler, va. to seem; look; 
Semble (si bon tous), if you 

think et. [sill. 

Semelle, sf. sole, foot, ground- 
Semenee, sf. seed, small nails. 
Semer, va. lo sow; sprinkie; 

Semestre, a. half-yearly. 
— , sm. six montbs; halfa year. 
Semestriel, le, a. half-yearly. 
Semestrier, sm. soldier on a 

six months; furlough. 
Semeur, sm. sower. 
Semi, a. half, seml. 
Sémillant, e, ». brisk; lively. 
Séminaire, sm. — nary, nursery. 
Séminal, e, a. — nal. 
Séminariste, sm. a semlnarist. 
Semis, sm. seed-pIoL 
Semoir, sin. aseed-lip; drilj. 
Semonce, sf. formai invilation; 

Semoule, sf. semoule. 
Sempiternel, le, n.everlasiing. 
Sénat, sm. senate, senalehouse. 

Sénateur, trtoj, s. senator, se- 

nalor's wife. 
Sénatorial, e, a sénatorial. 
SénatuB*consultc, senalus- 
Senau, sm. snow. [consullutn. 
Séné, sm. senna. 
Sénéchal, sm.. seneschal. 
Scnéchale, sf. seneehal's wife. 
Sénéchaussée, sf» seneschal's 

Séneçon, sm. groundsel. 
Senestre, a. left; sinister. 
Sénevé, sm. musiard-seed. 
Sénile, a. senile. 
Sens, sn\. sen^e, opinion, side, 

way, signification, meaning. 

Bon—, r'çht way. [turvy. 

— dessus dessons, ad. topsy 

— devant derrière , hiod 

Sensation, sf. sensation. 
Sensé, e, a. sensible, judicious. 
Sensément, «(h judiciously. 
Sensibilité, s/', sensibility. 
Sensible, a. sensible, tender, 

grievous, exceptions, [bleness. 
Sensiblerie, sf. affecled sensi- 
Sensiblement, ad. sensibly. 
S<'nsilir,ve,ft. sensitive. 
Sensiiivc, sf . sensitive plant. 
Sensoriiim, sin, sensorium. 
Sensiialistc, a. S. seDsuaiîst. 
Sensualité, sf. sensualily. 
Sensuel, le, a. s. sensual. 
Seiisuellement, ad. sensually. 
Sentence, sf. sentence, maxim, 

Sfutencier, va. to sentence. 
Seuteucicnsement, ad. sen- 

ienliously. [tious. 

Sentencieux, «e, a. senten- 
Senleur, sf . odour, smell, scent. 
Sentier, sm. path, by-nay. 
Sentiment, sm. — ment, sensé, 

mind, feeling, sensation, opi- 
Sentimental,e, a. — tal.fnion. 
Sentine. sf. sink, cesspool. 
Sentinelle, sf. sentinel, sentry. 

Faire—, to stand sentry. 
Sentir, va. to feel; be sensible 

of, smell; tastejsavour of; look, 

forcsee. [feel. 

Se— ,vr.loreel, knowone'sself^ 




Seoir, va. to fit well; become, 

sit; suit. 
Séparable, a. separable» 
Séparation,?/'. — tion, partition. 
Scparatoire, sm. separatory. 
Sépare, e, a. 5eparate, différent. 
Séparénicut, ad. separately, 

apart. [sever; divide. 

Séparer, va. to separate; part; 

Se — , vr. to part; divide. 
Scpia, sf. sepiay. 
Sept, as. seven, seMnth. 
Seps, sm. a seps (lizard). 
Seplaulc, a. m. seventy. 
Septembre, sm. September. 
Scptéuaire (uoiullre), septe- 

Septennal, e, a. septennial. 
Septentrion, sm. Dorlh; sep- 

Septentrional, e, il. nnrtbern. 
Septentrionaux, sm. pi. the 

nortliern nations. [sevenlh. 

Septième, a. sm, sevenlh; the 
Septièmement, ad. seventhly. 
Septique, a. septicai. 
— , s, septic. 
Septuagénaire, s. septuage- 

Scptuagésimo, if, — sima. 
Septuple, s>n. a. sevenTold. 
Septupler, va. to septuple. 
Sépulcral, e, (I. scpuicliral. 
Sépulcre, sm. sepulchre; torab. 
Sépulture, sf. burial, tomb, sé- 
pulture, vault. 
Séquelle, sf. gang, crew, set. 
Séquestration, sf. — tien. 
Séquestre, sm. séquestration, 

sequesiralor. [secrète. 

Séquestrer, va. to sequester; 

Se—, vr. to sequester one's self- 
Sequiu, sm. sequin. 
Sérail, SI», hackie, hatchel. 
Seran, sm. flaxcomb. 
Scrancer, va. to hatchel; haclile. 
Séraucolin , sm. seiancoiin 
Séraphin, sm. seraph. [raarble. 
Séraphique, a. seraphic. 
Sérnskier, sm. gênerai among 

the Turks. [dew. 

Serein, sm. eveniog dew, mil- 
—, e, a. serene. 

Goutte sereine, gulta serena. 
Sérénade, sf. sérénade. 
Sérénissime, a. most serons. ■ 
Sérénité, sf. serenity, caimness. 
Séreux, se, a. serons, watery. 
Serf, -Serve, a. S. serr.[matlock. 
Serfouette, sf. two-pronged 
Serge, sf. serge. [lioldrast. 

Sergent, sm. serjeant, cramp; 
Sergier, sm. serge-weaver. 
Ser»crie, af. serge-trade. 
Série, sf. séries. [earnest. 

Sérieusement, ad. 
Sérieux, se, a, serious, grave, 

Sérieux, sm.. seriousness. 

Au — , ad. in earnest. 
Serin, e, s. a. canary. 
Serinette, sf. bird-orgao. 
Seringat, sm. seringa. 
Seringue, sf. syringe, squib. 
Seriiiguer,ii«.to syrin^je; squirt. 
Serment, sm. oath. 

Prêter—, to take oath. 
Sermon, Sm. sermon; discourse. 
Sermonner, va. to sermonize; 

lecture; va. to prose. 
Sermonneur, se, s. sermoDi- 

zer; proser. 
Sérosité, sf. serosity. 
Serpe, sf. hedge biU. 
Serpent, sm. serpent, snake. 
Serpentaire , sf. snake-root, 

Serpente, sf. tissue-paper. 
Serpenteau, siii. young serpent; 

layer. [tine. 

Serpenter, vn. to wind; serpen- 
Serpeutiu, e, <i. serpentine. 
Serpentine, s/. — titie Stone. 
Serpette, sf. pruning knife. 
Serpilière, sf. «rappering; 

Serpolet, sm. wild thyme. 
Serre, sf. green-liouse , frni 

house; talon, grasp. 
— chaude, hot-house. 
Serré, e, a. reserved, close; 

lighl; brief; fast. 
Serré, ad. close; cautiously. 
Serre-nic, sm. last man. 
Serre-papiers, sm. weight; 





8erre>têle, sm. night cap. 
Serrement, sm. squeeze; pres- 
sing; wring. 
—de cœur, heuit-breaklng. 
Serrer, va, lo squeeze; close, 
lie tight, iay up; bind, get in. 
Se — , to près? one another, lace 
Serrure, sf. look. [liglit- 

Serrurerie, sf. locksmith 8 tra- 

de; iroD-work. 
Serrurier, sm. locksmith. 
Sertir, va. lo set a gem. 
Sertissure, sf. selting a gem. 
Sérum, sm, serum, serosity. 
Servage, sm. serTOge; bondage. 
Servant, a, serving. [vant. 

Servante, sf. servant; maid-ser- 
Sei'viable, a. serviceable, offi- 

Service, sm service, waiting, 

olfice, course, use, funclion. 
Serviette, sf, napkin. 
Serviie, a, servile, meau. 
Servilement, ad. servilely. 
Servilité, sf. — ly, baseness. 
Servir, V. 10 serve, wait; belp ; 
attend; be of use, court; oblige; 
serve up; lo be a soldier; be in 
service; be or use. 
—de, lo be instead of, 
Se Servir, to serve one's self; 
make use of. 
Se-viteur, sm, servant. 
Sei-vitude, sf. servitude, slaverj. 
Ses, pr. pi. his, ber, its. 
Sesamc, sm. sesame. 
Session, sf. session, sitting. 
Sesterce, sm. sesterce, [hels). 
Setter, sm. seticr, (twelve bus- 
Seton,im. selon. [groundsill. 
Seuil, sm, threshold; sill; 
Seul, e, a. sole, only; alone, 
bere, mare. [even, only. 

Seulement, ad. solely, but, 
Sculet, te. (t. ail alone. 
Scve, sf. sap; vigour, pilh. 
Sévère, a. severe, slern, harsh; 

Sévèrement, nd. severely. 
Sévérité, sf. severily, austerily, 

Sévices,5)ïî. pi. ill usage, [rage. 
Sévir, vn. to misuse ; punisb; 

Sevrage, sm. weaning. 

.Sevrer, va. to wean, deprlvj. 

Sevreuse, sf. dry-nurse. 

Sexagénaire, o. sexagenariao. 

Scxagésime, sf. — sima. 

Sexe, sm. sex. 

I-e beau — , the fair sex. 

Sextant, a. sextant. 

Sexte, sf. sixlh canonîcal hour. 

Sexlil, e, a. sextile. 

Sextuple, a. sextuple, sixfold. 

Sextupler, va. to sextuple. 

Sexuel, le, a. sexuai. 

Schérif, sm. sberiff. [iber. 

Si, e. if. so, as, yes, indeed; whe- 

— bien que, so Ihat. 

— ce n'est que, but for, except 

SI, sm. si or b (in music). 

Siam, sm. nine-pins. 

Siamoise, sf. siamese calico. 

.Siltylle, sf. sybil; propbefcss. 

Siltj'llin, a sm. sibylline, [vo. 

Sicaire, Sm. bired assassin; bra- 

Sircatir, ve, a. drjing. s. dryer. 

Siccité, sf. siccity, dryness. 

Sicle, S7n. shekel. 

Sidéral, e, a. sidéral. 

Siècle, sm. century, âge. 

Siège, sm. seat , see , bench^i 
sége. chair. 

— d'un cocher, coachman's box. 

Siéger, vn, to hold setlings; sit. 

Sien, ne, pro, bis, hers, bis 

own, her own. 
Sieste, sf, siesia, aftemoon Bap, 
Sieur, sm, mister. 
Sifflement, sm, wbistling, hisâ- 

ing, wbizting. 

Siffler, V. to wbistle; hiss; war- 

ble; whiz; imhilje. [pipe. 

Sifflet, s}n. whislle, catcall, wind 

Sifdeur, se, s. a. «ïListler; 

bisser. [lala. 

Sigillée (terre), s/, terra sigii- 

Sigisbé. sm. cicisbeo. 

Signal, sm. signal, sign. 

Signalé, e, a. signal, signalized. 

Signalement, sm, description 

of a man, sign. [giiah 

Signaler, vu, tn signalize; si- 

Se — , ir, to signalize one's 

self. [in.- 

Signnlure, sf. signature, signg 




signe, sm. sign, token, wink, 
— de <Ê«e, Dod. [mark. 

Signer, V. to sign; subscribe. 

Se—, lo cross one's self. 
Signet, sm. book-mark. 
Significatif, vc, a. significant. 
SigiiiOcaliau, sf. — tioD, notice; 

meaning. [intimate, mean, 

Signifier, va. to signifj, serve; 
Silence, sm. silence; stilliness. 
Silencieux, se, a. silent, still, 

Silencieuaenient, ad. sileoll;. 
Silex, sm. flint, silex. 
Silhouette, sf. silhouette. 
Silice, sf. silica. 
Siliceux, se, a. silicious. 
Silique, sf. siliqua. 
Sillage, sm. headwaj; speed; 

wake. [along. 

Siller, va. to run-a-head; dash 
Sillon, sm. furrow. 
Sillonner, va. to furrow; ridge. 
Silo, sm. solo (pit lo préserve 
Simagrce, sf. grimace, [corn). 
Simarre, sf. fimar (gown). 
Similaire, a. similar. 
Similitude, sf. similitude. 
Similor, sjn. prince's métal. 
Simoniaque, a. S. simoniacal, 

Simonie , sf. simony. 
Simple , a. sm. simple, plain, 

single, silly, mpdicinal plant. 
Simplement, ad. merely; sim- 


Simplicité, sf. — city, silliness. 

Simplifier, VR. to simplify. 

Simulacre, sm. Idol, image; 

Simulation, sf. — tion. [sham. 

Simulé, e,o. feigned; imaginary. 

Simuler, vn. lo feign. 

Simultané, e, a. — taneous. 

Simultanéité, sf. — neity. 

Simultanément, ad. simulta- 
neously. [in. 

Sinapiser, va. to mix, mustard 

Sinapisme, sm. — pism, (mus- 
tard plaster).. 

Sincère, a. sincère, n 

Sincèi-ement, ad. sincerely* 

Sincérité, sf. sincerity, 

Wuciput; sm, sinciput. 

Sinécure, sf. sinécure, [aper. 
Singe, sm. ape,monkey,baDOon. 
Singer, va. to mimic, ape. 
Sitigerîe, s/'.apisb Irick; grimace. 
Singeiir, eresse, a. apish. 
Singulariser (se), vr. to affect 

singularity, be singular. 
Singularité, sf. singularity. 
Singulier, e, a. sm. singular, 

strange. [straugely. 

Singulièrement, ad. — lariy, 
Sinistre, a. sinister, unfavoura- 

— , s. damage, loss, disaster, 
Siuistrcuient, ad. sinisterly. 
Sinon, ad. else, except 
Sinueux, se,a.sinuous,winding. 
Sinuosité, sf. sinuosily, wind- 
Sinus,s>n sine, sinus. [ing. 
Siphon, sm. siphon, water- 
Sire, sm. sire, lord, sir. [spout. 
Sirène, sf, siren, mermaid. 
Sirius, sm. Sirius, dog-star 
Sirocco, sm. sirocco. 
Sirop, sm. sirup. 
Siroter, va. to sip; sup. 
Sirtes, sf. pi. qnicksands. 
Sirupeux, se, a. syrupyi 
Sis, e, a. seated. 
Sistre, sm. timbrel. 
Site, sm. site, situation. 
Sitôt, ad. so soon. 

De — , for a long wbile. 
— que, as soon as. 
Situation, sf. situation, State; 

Situer, vn. to situate; seat. 
Six, a. sm. six, sixtb. 
Sixain, sm. stanza of six verses, 

six packs of cards. 
Sixième, a. O'i. sixtb. 
Sixièmement, ad. sixthly. 
Sixte, sf. sixtb in music. 
Sloop, sm. (ma.) sloop. 
Smalt, sm. smalts; powder-blue. 
Smectite, 9^. smectite (l'uller's 

Smille, sf. scappling Hammer 
Sobre, a. sokni, sparing. 
Sobrement, ad. soberly. 
Sobriété, sf. sobriety, tempé- 
rance, modération. 

Sobriquet, sm. BicknjtiDe. 




Boe, sm. plough-share. 
Socîabililé,s/'.— hIenesSjSOCielï. 
Sociiikie, a. sociable. 
Social, e, a. social. 
Socialîsiue, sm. socialisiu. 
Socialiste, a. s. socialiàt. 
Sociétaire, sm. member of a 
Society. [bip. 

Société, sf. socielj, partners- 
Sociiiiaitisnic, sm. — nism. 
Socinieu, ne, s. soclDiaD. 
Socle, sm. socle; plinth. 
Socque, sf. clog. 
Sodium, $m. sodium. 
Sodomie, sf. sodomy. 
Sodomi<e,3m. sodoœite. 
Sceur, sf, sister, nuD. 
Sera, sm,. sofa. 
Sofl, sm. sophi. 
Sofflte, sf. Suffit (ceiling). 
Soi, pr. one's self, itself. [be. 

— -disaut, sm.pretended,\vould 
Soie, sf. silk, bristle, hair; tang; 

Soierie,!/. silk-trade;silk-tissDe. 
Soif, sf. tbirst. 

Awoir— , tobe thirsty. 
Soigner, un. to look after; take 

care of; tend. [self. 

Se — , vr. 10 lake care of one's 
Soigneusement, ad. carefully. 
Suigucuz, se, a. carefui; id- 

lent (on). 
Soin, sm. care, attention. 
Soir, sm. etening, even, eve, 

afternoon. IP^flJ. 

Soirée, »f. evening, evenlng 
Soit, ad- be it so. 
—, c. either. 

— que, c. wbether. 
Tant-peu, ever so liltle. 

Soixantaine, sf. tbreescore. 
Soixante, a. sixty, tbreescore. 
Siiiiautième, a. sm. sixtietb' 
Sol, «ni. soil, ground. 

— , sol or g, musical note. 
— , Sou, penny. 
Polaire, a. solai. 
Solaudre, sf. seiiander, uker. 
Solbalu, e, a. surbated. 
Solbalure, sf. surbating, 
S»l<lai, sm. soldier. 
KolilatcB<l«e) s^. Eoldiery. 

—, a. soldier-like. [account. 

Solde, sf. pay, balance of an 
Solder, va. to pay; liquidate. 
Sole, sf. sole, borse-hoof, a 

Solécisme, solecism. 
Soleil, sm. Sun; sun-flower. 
Soleuuel, le, u. solemn; formai. 
Solennellement, ad. solemnly, 

in due form. 
Solouiiisation, sf. — zation. 
Solenuiscr, va. to solemnize. 
Solennité, sf. solemnity. 
Solfège, sm. solfeggio. 
SolOer, L'a. to solfa. 
Soliduire, a. jointiy and sève- 

rally responsible. [se^verally. 
Solidairement, ad. jointiy and 
Solidarité, sf. solidarity. 
Solide, a. sm. solid, strong, 

firm, Sound. 
Solidement, ad. solidly. 
Solidifier, Va. to solidify. 
Solidité, sf. solidity, firmness. 
Soliloque, sm. sollloquy. 
Soli|>ède, a. solipede. 
Solitaire, a. solitarv, désert. 
— , sni. soli'aire, ancnoret. 

Ver—, sm. tœnia. 
Solitairement, ad. solitarily. 
Solitude, sf. solitude; loneli- 
Soliie, sf. joist. [ness. 

Soliveau, sm. small joist. 
Sollicitation, sf. solicitatlon. 
Solliciler,t;a. to solicit, entreat; 

ur^e; promote. fsnitor. 

Solliciteur, se, s. soliciter; 
Sollicitude, sf. solicitude» 
Solo, s»i. solo. 
Solatiee, sm. solstice. 
Solslicial, e, a. solstitial. 
Soluble, a. soluble, solvable. 
Solution, sf. solution, release. 
Solvabilité, s^ soWencï. 
Solvuble, a. soltent. [brc. 

Sombre, a. dark; gloomy, som- 
Sombrer, m. (0 founder. 
Sommaire, a. summary; brief. 
— , sm. summary; compendium. 
Somuiairemeut, ad, summari- 

ly. [writ; sommations. 

Sommation, if, summons; 
Somme, sf, load; sum; burden. 




Eu somnie, after all< 
— , sm. nap. 

Suiiiiiieîl, sm. sieep. [doze. 
Soiumeillor, vn. to slumber; 
ISouiuiclicr, e,S. butler. 
Soiuuicr, va. to summon, sun 

up, call upoQ. [Crown. 

Sonimet, sm. lop, suinmit; 
Sommier, sm. suoipter-faorse 

hair cushion, summer. 
Sommité, s/', top; chlef; summit, 

point; principal person, 
Somuambule,s. somnambulist. 
Somnambulisme, sm.soninam- 

Somiiirère , a. somoiferous. 
—, sm soporiflc. 
Somiiolejice, sf. somnolenc}. 
Somiioleiii, e, a. somnolent. 
Soiuptiiaire, a. sumpluary. 
Somptueusement) ad. sump- 

Somptueux, se, a. sumptuous. 

San, sm. bran; Sound. 
—, pr. m. his, her,its. 
Sonate, s^. Sonata. 
Soudage, sm. sounding. 
Soude, sf. sounding-line; probe; 

lead. [search, pump, sin. 

Sonder, va. to Sound; probe; 
Soudeur, sm. leadsman. 
Souge, sm. dream; illusion. 
— creux, visionary. 
Songer, v. to dream; tbink, ima- 
gine, consider. 
Songeur, se, s. dreamer. 
Sonica, s. just in tima. 
Sonnaille, sf. bell. 
Sonnailler, vn. to ring ortCD. 
Sonnant, e, a. sounding, striliing. 
Sonner, vn. to Sound; ring; 

strilie. [striliing train. 

Sonnerie, sf. ring of bells, 
Sonnet, sm. sonnet. 
Sonnette, sf. bell; monkef . 
Sonneur, sm. renger. 
Sonnez, sm. Iwo sixes. 
Sonore, il. sonorous. 
Sonorité, sf. sonorousness. 
Sniiliismc, sm. sopbism, rallacy. 
Sophiste, sm. Sophist. 

Sophistication, sf. sophlstr}« 

Sophistique, a. sophistical. 
Sophisiii|uer, va. to adultérais. 
Sophisliqneur, S)n. — ticator. 
Soporntir, ve, a. soporific. 
Sopoienx, se, a. soporous. 
Soporirère, a. soporiTerous. 
SoporiDque, a. soporific. 
Sorbe, sf. sorb, service. 
Sorbet, sm. sherbet. [mould. 
Sorbetière, sf. ice-pail; ice- 
Sorbivr, sm.. sorb, service tree. 
Sorcellerie, s/, sorcery, witch- 

Sorcier, sm. sorcerer, nizard 
Sorcière, sf. sorceress, witcb 
Sordide, a. sordid, mean. 
Sordiilenient, ail. sordidly. 
Sordidiié,*/'. sordidness. 
Sorne, sf. iron, dross, sla^. 
Sornette, sf. idie stories. 
Sororial, e, a. sisterly. 
Sort, sm. fate, lot, sbell. 
Sortable, a. suitable. 
Sorte, sf. sort, kind, manner. 

De — que, so that. 

De In — , tbus; so. 
Sortie, sf. going out , sallf, 

export, outlet. 

Faire une — , to launcb Out. 
Sortilège, sm. sorcery; spell; 

Sortir, xm. to go OT come out, 

go abroad, i?sue, spring, get 

out, bring off, come off, shoot 

off. ffoolisb. 

Sot, Sotlc, a. s. a silly, Tooli 
Sottement, ad. Foolisbly. 
Sottise, sf. nosense; abuse; (oWj, 
Sou, sm. penny. [base. 

Soubassement, sm. basement 
Soubresaut, sm- start- sbocli; 

jolt; plunge. [ablgail. 

Soubrette, sf. lady's maid, 
Soubreveste, sf. surcoat. 
Souche, sf. stump, stock, stack» 

or chimney; top. [tona. 

Sourhet- sm. inferior frees- 
éou<-i, sm. anxiely, marlgold, 

Soucier (ae), vr. to care Tor, 

micd; be anxious. 




Soucieux, se, a> anxious; care- 

Soucoupe, sf. saucer; salver. 
Soudai», e, a. sudden; ucex- 
— ,ad. of a sudden. [pected. 

Soudninemeul, ad. suddenly. 
Soudaiueté, sf. suddenness. 
Soudan, sm. sultan of Egypt. 
Soudard, sm. soldier. [swort. 
Soude, sf. kalt, soda, glas- 
Souder, va. to solder; join. 
Soudoyer, va. to pay; bire. 
Soudure, sf. solder, soidering, 

union. [sheatbing of a ship. 

Souroage, sm. glass-blcwing 
Soufflaut, e, a. blowing. 
SoufQe, sm. brealb; puff. 
SourOemeul, S7n. blowing. 
Souffler, V. to blow; breathe; 

prompt, whisper, shealh.a ship, 

buff. [balk; slap. 

Soufflet, sm, bellows, blow; 
Souffleter, va. to slap; bufet. 
Souffleur, se, s. blower paater; 

Soufflure, sf. flaw, [rance. 

Souffrauce, sf. suffering; enda- 
Souffrant, e, a. patient; in 

pain; suffering. 
Souffre-douleur, s. drudge. 
Souffreteux, ee, suffering, des- 

titute. [endure, stand. 

Souffrir, V. to suffer; admit of, 
Soufrage, sm, sulpburing. 
Soufre, sm. brimstone, sulpbur. 
Soufrer, va. brimstone; sulpbur. 
Soufrière, sf. sulpbur-mine. 
Soufroir, sm. sulfuring-stone. 
Souhait, sm. wish, désire. 

.* —, accordingly to one's wish. 
Souhaitable, a désirable. 
Souhaiter, va. to wish; désire. 
Souiller, va. to sullj; sol; dirty; 

stain; défile. 

Se—, vr. to soi); sully; pollute. 
Souillon, s. slowen, scullioD. 
Souillure, sf, soil; dirt, stain. 
Soûl, e. a, Cull, drunk, cloyed. 
—, sm, belly-ful. [viation. 

Soulagement, sm. relief; alle- 
Soulager, va, to lighten, re- 

lieve, ease, comfort,abase, aile- 
«•ûlaut, e, «1 clojfiDg. [-viâitf. 

Soûlard, c, o. a druukard. 

Soûlas, sm. soîace. 

Soûler, va.lo saliate; feil; glute. 

Se — , to gct drunk. 
Souleur, sf, sudden fright. 
Soulèvement, sm. insurrection, 

rising. [cile; re-volt. 

Soulever, va, raise ; lift; ex- 

.•Se — , vr, to rise; revoit. 
Soulier, sm, sboe. [ning. 

Soulignement, ad, underli- 
Souligner, va. to unde'rline. 
Soulte, sf. balance; settleraent. 
Soumettre, l'a. 10 subdue;submit. 

Se—, vr. to subrait; yield. 
Soumission, «/'. submission, ma- 

obedence. [kingatender. 

Soumissionnaire, sm. person 
Soumissionuer, va. to tender 
Soupape, sf. ■valve; plug. [for. 
Soupjon, sm. suspicion, sur- 
mise, conjecture; dash. 
Soupçonner, va. tO suspect. 
Soupçonneux, se, a, suspî- 
Soupe, «/■. Eoup, sop. [cious. 
Soupente, sf. loft; brace (of a 
Soupe, sm. supper. [coach). 

Soupeser, va. to poise; weigh 

by hand. 
Soupeur, se, s. supper-eater. 
Soupière, s/", soup-tureen. 
Soupir, sm. sigh, rest, breath. 
Soupirail, sm. air-hole. 
Soupirant, stn. lover, wooer. 
Soupirer, v, to sigh; breathe. 
Souple, a, suppie, pliant, flexi< 

ble, docile. 
Souplement, ad. pliantlj. 
Souplesse , $^ suppleness I 

Souquenllle, S7n, smock-frock. 
Source, sf. source, head-waters. 
Sourcil, 5»i. eye-brow. [spring» 
Sourciller, va, ta frown:. win«e; 

gush fortb. 

Sans — , wilbout winciug. 
Sourcilleux, se, a, frowning; 

supercilious. [sensible. 

Sourd, e, a. S, deaf, dull, in- 
— , s. deaf person. [tern. 

Sourde (lanterne), dark lan- 
Sourd-muet, te, $, deaf and 





Sourdaad, s. dear person, 
Sourdemeut. ad. secretlj, low, 

Sourdiuc, sf. sordine, sordet. 

A la- , ad. secfelly; on the slj. 
Sourdre, vn. to spring; gush 

forth; \iell. 
Souriceau, sm. joung mouse. 
Souricière, s/'. iDOUse-trap. 
Suriquo!» {le peuple), m. the 

inicy tribe. 
Sourire, V)i. to smile; please. 
— , Souri», sm. sm'.le. [kouckle. 
Souris, sf. mouse; cram-bone, 
Souruols, 8e, a. sly; craftj. 
— , s. slj fellow; slyja'e. 
Sous, pr. under, wilbin, on. 
Sous-aide, sm. under-assistant. 

— -agent, sm. sub-ageot. 

— -bail, sm. under-lease. 

— -biliHotliccaîre, 5m. under- 
librarian. [bonate. 

— -carbonate , S7n. subcar- 

— -cbantre, sm. s£t>-cbanter. 

— -chef, sm. depuly head-clerk. 

— -diacre, S7n, sub-deacon. 

— -directeur, trice, s. sub- 
direclor; sub-directress. 

— -doyen, sm. sub-dean. [stand. 

— -entendre, va, to under- 

— -entendu, s. a. understood. 

— -entente, sf. menlal réser- 
vation, [uerness. 

— -gouvernante, sf. under-go- 

— -gouverneur, sm. under- 
goveroor. [dance. 

— -intendance, (/. sub-inten- 

— -intendant, sm. sub-inlen- 
dant. [nancy place. 

— -lieutenance, 9f. sub-lieute- 

— -lieutenant, sm. sublieute- 
nant. [nant. 

— -locataire , sm. under-te- 

— -locution, sf. sub-Ielling. 

— -louer, va. to under-hire. 

— -maître, teacher, usher. 

— -mattrcase, sf. under-go- 

~~ nsariu, e, a. submarine. 

— -multiple, sm. submultiple. 

— -œuvre, sf. under-pinning. 

— -officier, sm. non-commisio- 
ned or&cer. 

Soua-ordre, sm. subordlntta^ 

— -pied, S7n. strap. 

— -précepteur, under-tutor. 

— -préfet, sm. sub-prefect. 

— —préfecture, sf. 5ub-prefec- 

— -prieur, sm.sub-prior. [lure. 

— -prieure, sf. sub-prioress. 

— —secrétaire, sm. «inder-s^ 

— -sol, sm. subsoil. [cretary. 
Souscripteur, sm. subscriber. 
Souscripiiou, sf. subscription. 
Souscrire, pro. to subscribe. 
Soussigné, «, a. under-written. 
Soussigner, va. lo under-sign. 
Sous-taugente, sf. sub-taogent. 
Soualraclion, sf. subtracliOD. 
Soustraire, va. to sublract, take 


Se—, vr. to a'void ; escape. 
Soutacbe, sf. braid. 
Soutacber, va. to braid. 
Soutane, sf. cassock. 
Soulauelie , sf. short cassock. 
Soute, sf. slore-room. 
Soutesiable, a. supportable. 
Soutènement, sm. prop; sup* 
Souteneur, sm. bully. [port. 
Soutenir, la. to support; main. 

tain, keep, bear, endure, assist, 

défend , strengthen , fortiTy, 

uphold. [selT; bold out; resit 

Se— ,t) stand; support one's 
Soutenu, e , a. UDremitting ; 

equal. [tunnel. 

Souterrain, sm, Tault, cavero; 
Soutien, sm. support, prop, stay 
Soutirage, tm, rackiug. 
Soutirer, va. to rack ; draw oCT, 

Souvenance, $f. remerobrance. 

Se Souvenir, vr. to remem- 

Èer; recollect. 

Faire—, to reœind. 
Souvenir, sm. remembrapce. 

Souvent, ad. often, frequentlj 
Souverain, e, a. S. sovcreign. 
Souverainement, ad. sove> 

Souveraineté, sf. 50vereignLy« 
Soyeux, se, a. siiky, soft. 
Spacieusement. ad. spaciously. 
Spacieux, se^ a. spacious, wide. 





Spadassin, sm. bravo, bully. 
Spadille, sm. spadille. 
Spulii, sm. spahi. [etc). 

Spalnier, > a. to pay (nith pitch, 
Spai'nili-ap, sm. cereclolh. 
Sparteric, sf. things made with 

the tpilium. ' 
Spasme, sm. spasm, convulsion. 
Spasiiiodiqiie, a» spasmodic» 
Npatli, sm, spar. 
Spulbe, sf. 5pa(be> 
Spatnie, s/, spatula; spoonbill. 
Spécial, e, a. spécial, parlicular. 
Spécialement, ad. specially. 
Spécialiser, va. (o specialize; 
Spécialité, s^. — lity. [specify. 
Spécieusement, ad. speciously. 
Spécieux, se, a. specious, plau- 
Spéciflcaliou, s/.— lion, [sible. 
Spéciflcaiir, ve, a. specificalive. 
Spécifier, va. lo specify. 
Spéciaqtie, a. sm. speciSc. 
^péciûqiiemonl, ad» — Scally 
Spécimen, stn. spécimen. 
Spectacle, sm. spectacle, fhow. 
Spectateur, rice, s. spectator. 
Spectre, sm. spectre, apparition. 
Spéculaire, a. specular. 
Spéculateur, sm. — tor. 
Spéculatif, ve, a. s, spéculative. 
Spéciilatiou, sf. — lion. 
Spéculer, vn. to specnlate» 
Spencer, syn. spencer. 
Spermatique, a. — tic. 
Speriue, sm. sperm, seed. 
Spbére, sf. sphère. 
Sphéricité, sf, — City. 
Spbériqne, a. epherical. 
Splicriquem^nl, ad. — rically. 
Spliéroïdc, SDi. spberoid. 
Sphincter, sm. Sphincter, 
Sphinx, sm. sphinx. 
Spinal, e, a. spinal, 
Spiuclle, a. spincllei 
Spiral, e, a. spiral. 
Spirale, sf. spirale. 
Spire, sf. spire, hélix. 
Spiritualisatiou, sf* — zation. 
SpirituaISscr, va. to spiritual 

SpiritnaliHme, sm, — alism. 
Spiritualiste, stn. spiritualist. 
Spiritualité; s/, sjjiritu^litj. 

Spirituel, le, a. spiritual, 

sprighlly, witty. [wittily 

Spirituellement, ad. — tualiy, 
Spiritueux, se, a. spirituous, 

— sm. spirit, [noiogy. 

Splanchnologte, ^^ ^lanch« 
Spleen, sm. spleen. 
Splendeur, s/', splendeur, pomp. 
Splendide, a. splendid; magni- 

Splendidement, ad» — dîdly* 
Spiéniqnc, a. splenic. 
Splénétique, a, spIenetlCi 
Spoliateur, sm. spolier. 
Spoliation, sf. spoliation. 
Spolier, va. to spoliate; despoïl, 
Spondaique, a spondalo. 
Spondée, «)». spondée, 
Spondjle, .sm. spondyle. 
Spongieux, se, a, spongy. 
Spontané, e, a, sponlaneous. 
Spontanément, ad. sponta- 

Spontanéité, sf. — neity, 
Sporadique, a. sporadiCi 
Sporte, S7n. sport. [thy. 

Spumeux, se, a. spumous, fro- 
Spumosité, sf. spuminess. 
Sputation, sm. spitting. 
Squale, sm. dogfisb; shark. 
Sqiiammeux, se, a. squamous. 
Squelette, sm. skelelOQ. 
Squille, sf. squill. 
Squirre, sm. scirrhus. 
Squirreux, se, a. scirrhous. 
St! in t. hushl peace. 
Stabilité, sf. stability, firmnssSt 
Stablat, sm. a but. 
Stable, a. stable, firm; solid. 
Stade, sm. sladium. 
Stage, $m, novitiate of a lawyer. 
Stagnant, e, a. stagnant, still. 
Stagnation, sf. — tion. 
Stalactique, a. stalactic. 
Stalactite, sf. stalactite. 
Stalagmite, sf. stalagmite. 
Stalle, sf stall. 
Staiice, sf, slauza. 
Stase, sf. stagnation. 
Stnihondcr, sm. stadtholder. 
Siathoudorat, ïladlboldersblp. 
Statice, sf. statice. 
statiisu- "f' staLiaO) sUqcI ; staji 




Statlonuair», n. slatiooarj. 
— , sni. guard-ïhip. [sland. 

Stationner , va, to station ; 
Statique, sf, slalics. ^ [tical. 
Statistique, sf. statistic,' stalis- 
Statiiairc, sm. statuar}, sculp- 
— , sf. slatuary. [tor. 

— , a. statuary. 
Statue, sf. statue> 
Statuer, va. to enact, ordain. 
Stature, sf. stature. 
Statut, stn. statute written law. 
Stegauograpbie, sf. stegano- 

Stellaire, sf. stellar, starrj. 
Stelliou, sm. stellion (lizard). 
Stéuograpbe) sm. steoogra- 

Sténographie, sf. stenography. 
Sténographier, va. tO Write in 

short hand. [phical. 

Slénographique, a. stenogra- 
Sténographiquenieut,a(^. ste- 

nographically. [■voice. 

Stentor (voix île), ver; stroug 
Steppe, sf. steppe. 
Stère, sm. stère, cubic mètre. 
Stéréographic, sf. stereogra- 

Stércoiuetrie, sf. stereometry. 
Stéréotype, a. sîereotype. 
Stéréotypcr. va. to stéréotype. 
Stérile, a. stérile, barren, vain. 
Stérilité, sf. — lity, barreoness. 
Sterling, a. s. sterling. 
Sternum, sm. sternum. 
Stcrnutatoire, sternutatory, 
Stihié, e, a. stibiated. [stigma. 
Stigmate , sm. print , mark; 
Stigmatiser, va. to stigmalize ; 

Stimulant, e, a. stimulant. 
Stimuler, va. to stimulate, ex- 
Stipeudiaire, a. hired. [cite. 
Stipendier, va. to * keep inpay. 
Stipulant, e, a. stipulating. 
Stipulation, sf. — liOD. 
Stipuler, ïa.stipulate, coTenant. 
Stokfich, sm. stockfisch. 
Stoff. sm. noollen stuff. 
S(oïcien, ne, a. StoiO. 
Sioïque, a. stoiçal, austère. 
Stoïquement, dd. stoicallj. 

Stoïcisme, syn. stoicism. 
Stomacal, e, slomacbic, cordial. 
Stomachique, a. s. stomacbic. 
Storax, sm. storax. 
Store, sm. spring hlinds 
Strabisme, sm. squiaiing. 
Strangulation, sf. — tion. 
Strangurie, sf. strangury. 
Strapusser, va. to drub ; bang. 
Strapontin, sm. bracket-seat. 
Strass, sm. stras, paste to imi- 

tate diamonds. 
Strasse, sf. refuse silk. 
Stratagème, sm. stratagem. 
Stratégie, sf. stratcgy. 
Stratégique, a. stratégie. 
Stratification, sf. — tiOD. 
SiratiGer, va. 10 stratify. 
Strict, e, a. strict. 
Strictement, ad. etrictly. 
Siriea, sf. pi. flutings; streaks. 
Strié, e, a. striated. 
Strophe, sf. strophe. 
Structure, sf. structure. 
Stuc, S771. stucco. 
Stucateur, sm. stucco-plasterer. 
Studieusement, ad. sludioufly. 
Studieux, se, a. studious. 
Stupéfactif, a. stupefactive. 
Stupéfaction, sf. — tion. 
Stupéfait, e, a. stupefied. 
StupéQaul, e, a. stupiTylng. 
Stupéfier, va. tostupiry,asloundi 
Stupeur,»/', stupor, stupéfaction. 
Siupide, a. stupid, du]|. 
— , s. blockhead, dunce. 
Stupidement, ac/. slupidly. 
Stupidité, s/. — dity, stoliditj. 
Style, sm. slyle. 
Styler, va. to train ; form. 
Siylvt. sm. stiletto, stylet. 
Stylobate, sm. sljlobate. 
Styptique,a. s. styptic. 
Suaire, sm, winding-sDeet ; 
Suant, e, a. swealing. [shroud. 
Suave, a. sweet soft; délicate. 
Suavement, ad. sweetly. ^ 
Suavité, sf. — ty, sweetneos. 
Suitnitcrnc, a. S. subaltem. 
Subdélégation, sf. — tion, 
Suhdélégué, s>n. subdelegate. 
Subdélégueri V«, tO Eul)dele« 





Su1idi<'i«er, va. to subdivide. 
Siabdi\isiou, s^. — sion. 
Siihir. va. to * undergo, suffer. 
Siiitit. e, a. sudden unexpeded. 
Subitement, ad. snbdenly. 
Snliiio, ar/. suddi^nly. 
Subjonctif, a. sm. subjuDClive. 
Subjuguer, va. lo subdue; con- 
Siibiiiuation.s^. — tion. [quer. 
Sublime, a. sm, sublime. 
Sublimé, s»2. sublimale. 
Sublimer, va. to sublimate. 
Sublimité, sf. — ty, loftincss. 
Sublingual, e, a. sublÎDgual. 
Sublunairc, a. subluDary. 
Submerger, va. to Submerge. 
Submersion, sf. submersion. 
Subordination, sf. — tion. 
Subordiucmeut, ad. — nately. 
Subordonné, e^ a. 8. subordi- 

nate. [bordinate. 

Subordonnément, ad. as a sn- 
Subordonuer, va. to subordi- 
Subornation, sf. subornation. 
Suborner, va. to suborn ;bribe. 
Suborneur, se, 5. suborner. 
Subrécargue, sm. supercargo. 
Siibrécot, sm. afler-reckoning. 
Subreptice, a. subreptitious. 
Subrepticement, ad. surrej- 

Subreption, sf. — tion. 
Sulirogaliou, sf. — tion. 
Subrogé, c, a. surrogated. 
Subroger, t'a. to subrogate, 

subslilute. [quintly. 

Subséqiiemment, ad — subse- 
Subséqucnt, e, (1. — quent. 
Subside, S7n. subsidy, supply. 
Subsidiiiire, a. diary. 
Subsidiaireiiieut,a4.— diarily 
Subsistance, sf. snbsistence, 

iiveliliood. [live. 

Subsister, vn. to subsist; exist; 
Salistanct, »•/■ subs'.aoce. 
Sabatwatlel, ie. u. iuLitantial. 
Subsiauiiullcment, ad, — tUt* 

ly. [tive. 

Substantif, Te, a. sm. substan- 
Subslautivcmeut, ad — tively. 
Substituer, va. to substitute ; 


Substitut, sm. substitate; de- 


Substitution, sf. substltntion 
entai). [évasion 

Subterfuge, sm, subterfuge 

Subtil, e, a. subtile, keen, dex- 
terous, tliin, fine, artful. 

Subtilement, ad. subtlely. 

Subtilisation, sf. — zation. 

Subtiliser, va. to sublilize. 

Subtilité, sf. sublility, keen 
ness, fioeness, subtlely. [ve 

Subvenir, vn. to asfist ; relie 

Subvention, sf. grant; subven- 
tion, aid. [dize; aid. 

Subieutlonner, va. to subsi- 

Subverslon, »^.— slon. [throw. 

Subvertir, va. to subvert, over- 

Suc, sm. juice, essence. 

Succédané, e, a. suceedaneons. 

— , sm. succedaneum. 

Succéder, vn. to succeed; Inhe- 
rit; prosper. 

Succès, sm. snccess, Issne. 

Successeur, sm. successor. 

Sucressibilité.s^ right of snc- 

Successif, ve, a. successive. 

Succession, sf. succession, io- 

Successivement, ad. — vely. 

Succiu. sm. yellow, amber. 

Succinct, e, a. succinct, con- 
cise, brief. 

Succinctement, ad. succintly. 

Succion, sf. suction. [Tall; die. 

Succomber, vn. to sink; yield; 

Succube, sm. succubus, [ly. 

Succuicmment, ad. succulent- 
Succulent, e, a. — ent, julcy. 

Succursales^, cbapel of ease; 
branch cslablishment. 

Sucement, sm. sucking. 

Sucer, va. losuck; drain; exbaust. 

Suceur, euse. ;. sucker. 

Suçoir, sm. a sucker. 

Suçon . on. sucking mark on 
Uia skia. [ediy 

Suçoter^ «a. ta latk repeav- 

Sucre, sn;, sngar. 

—d'orge, barley-sugar. 

—candi, sugar-'candy. [gareA. 

Sucré, e^ a. sweet, aagary ; su* 




Sucrer, va. to sugar, sweeten. 
Sucrerie, sf. sugar-house ; pi. 

sweelmeats. [baker. 

Sucrier, sm.sugar-basiD; sugar- 
Sucrin, sm. sugar-melon. 
Sud, sm, south ; — -est, south- 

east; — -oueat, soutb-west. 
Sudoi'iAque. a. $m. — fie. 
Suée, >/'. sudden Tright. 
Suer, V. to sweat; toil; perspire. 
Suéde, sf. swealing-sictness. 
Sueur, sf. sweat, labour, [cient. 
Suffire, vil. to suffice ; be sufli- 
Suffisammcnt, ad. sufficienlly. 
Suffisauce, sf. sufficiency, self- 

sufficiency. [self-conceiled. 

Suffisant, e, a. s. sufticient, 
Suflocant, e, a. sulTocating, 

Suffocation, sf. — lion, cboking. 
Suffoquer, va. to sutTocate, 

Sulîragant, a. sm. sulTragan. 
Suffrage, sm. suffrage, TOte, 

Suffumigation, s/'. — tlon, 
Suffusion, sf.— sion. [prompt. 
Suggérer, va. to suggest ; 
Suggestion, s^. — lion, bint.' 
Sugillatiou, sf. sugillalion; li- 

■vid spot. [murder. 

Suicide, sm. suicide, selT- 

Su Suicider, vr. lo murder 
Suie, •«/■. soot. [one's self. 

Suif, sm. fat, tallow, suet. 
Suifer, vn. lo tallow. 
Suint, sm. greasiness. [ting. 
Suintement, sm. oozing; swea- 
Suinter, vn. to ooze oui; sweat. 
Suisae, sf. SwiUerlaad; a. S. 

Swiss, sm. portier, beadl». 
Suissesse, Swiss woman. 
Suite, sf. train, sequel, séries, 

order, succession, conséquence. 

De—, one aftcr anollier. 

Tout de—, immedialely. 
Suivant, jir. **cording lo, pur- 

suant to. 
Suivant, e, a. folloning, uext. 
Suivant, e, s. follower; lady's 

Suivre, un. to follow; attend; 

pursue; observe; pursue. 

Sujet, te, a. subjeet, liable, 

inclioed ; pr,ine. 
— , te, s. subjeet, vassal. 
— , tm. subjeet, cause, reason, 

Sujétion, if. subjeclion. 
Sulfate, tm, sulphate. 
Sulfite, tm. sulphite. 
Sulfure, $m. sulphuret. 
Sulfuré, e, a, sulphuraled. 
Sulfureux, se, a sulphurûus* 
.Sulfurique, a. suipburic aeid. 
Sultan , sm. sultan. 
Sultane, sf. sultansss, sultana. 
Sumac, sm. sumach. 
Superbe, sf. pride. [perb. 

— , a. sf. baugiity, sumptuous, su» 
Superbement, ad, superblj; 

proudly, sumpluously. L<^eceit. 
Supercherie, sf fraud, cbeat; 
Supcrfétation, sf. — lion. 
Superficie, sf. superficies, 

Superficiel, e, a. superSeial. 
Superficiellement, atî.—elallj. 
Superfin, a. sm. superflne. 
Superfiu, e,a. superQuous. 
—, sm. superfluily. [rior. 

Supérieur, e, a. s. uppar, supe- 
Super euremeut, ad, supe- 

Supériorité, sf. superioritj. 
.«iupcrluiif, ve, a, superlative. 

Supurlalivcuient, oà. — velj. 

Superposer, va. 10 superpos». 
Superposition, superposition. 
Superstitieusement, ad. SU- 

persliliously. [lilious. 

Superstitieux, se, a. 3, Supert- 
Superstition, sf. — lioa. 
Supin, sm. supine. 
Supiuatcur, sm. supinator. 
Supiuiiiion, sf. supination. 
Supplantateur,sm. supplanter. 
Suppliiuter, va, to supplant; 

di?place. [up. 

Suppléer, v. lo suppliy; maka 
Supp éuieut, sm. supplément; 

cliarge. [mentary. 

Suppiéuientairo, a. supple- 
Suppliuut, «, a. s. humble, pe- 

tilioppr, ^iipplicant. 
Suppiicuiiou, sf. supplication. 




Supplice, sm, pnnishinent, 

pain, torment. [sufferer 

Supplicie, sm. person punished 
^■■PpliciiT, iï!. to exécute. 
fiiipiilier, va. lo beseech ; im 
Supplique, sf. pétition, [plore 
Support, .tm. support, prop 

retl; bearer. [portable 

Supportable, a. tolerable; sup 
Supportablement , a^. toléra* 

bly. [prop. 

Supporter, va. to support, bear; 
SuppoHable , a. supposable. 
Supposé, e , a. suppositious, 

—que, ad. snpposing, that. 
Supposer, va. to suppose; attri- 

bute; invent; forge. [forgery. 
Supposition, if. supposition, 
Suppositoire, sm. — lorj. 
Suppôt, sm. agent, Instrument, 
Suppression, sf. suppression. 
Supprimer, va. to suppress, 

Suppiiratif, Te, a. sm. — tive. 
Suppuration, sf. — tion. 
Suppurer, vn. to suppurate. 
Supputation, sf. computation. 
Supputer, va. to compute; sup- 
Suprématie, sf. supremacy. 
Suprême, a. suprem», last. 
Sur. jir. on, upon, OYOr, about. 
Sur, sure. a. sour, acid, sbarp. 
Sûr. sûre, a. sure, certain, safe. 

A coup— , pour— ,infaiilibly. 
Suralioudumment, ad. super- 

abiindantly. [dance. 

Surabouilance, sf. superabun- 
Sur.'il>ou<1unt,e, a. superabun- 

dant. [abcund. 

Surabonder, t'a. to super- 
Surnigu, ë. (I. -very high 
Sur.ijouter, va. to superadd. 
Suranné, e, Q. superannuated, 

obsolète. [superannuate 

Suranncr, vn. to e.xpire ; vu, lo 
Stirarbilrc, s»i. umpire. 
Surard (linaigre), syn. vine- 

gar ofeldor. [pressed. 

Surbaissée, a. elliptical; de- 
SurbnissemenI, sm, depres- 


Surcharge, sf. surcharge; ad- 

ditional burden. 
Surcharger, va. to OTerload ; 

overcbarge. [pound. 

Surcomposé, e, a. double com- 
Siircoupei*, v. to trump abovi'. 
Surcroissance, s/', excrescence. 
Surcroît, sm. increase. 
Surcrotlre, vn. to grow tOO 

fast ; va to increase. 
Surdent, sf. prqjecting toolh. 
Surdité, sf. deafne^^s. 
Surdoi'é, c, a. double-gilt. 
Surdorer, un. tO doilble-gild. 
Surdorure, sf. double-gilding. 
Sureau, sm. elder-tree, cider. 
Sîirement, ad. surely, sal'ely. 
Sûrémiuent, e, a. superemi» 

Surenchère, sf. outbidding. 
Surenchérir, vn. to bid bigher. 
Surenchérisseur, se, s. bidder, 
Siirérogation, sf. supereroga- 

tion. [tory. 

Surérogntoire, a. supereroga- 
Suret, te, a. sourish, tartish. 
Sûreté. s/.%afety, security. 
Surexcitation, sf. over-excite* 

Surexciter, va. to over-excite. 
Surface, s/, snrrace, oulside. 
Surfaire, va. to asli loo much 
Surfaix, sm. surcingle. [for. 
Siirfln, e, a. superfine, [reacb. 
Surgir, vn. to arise ; start up; 
Surhniissement. sm. raising. 
Surhausser, va. to raise. 
Surhumain, e, a. superhumaa. 
Surjet, sm. OTercast-sUlch; wip- 

Surjeter, va. to wliip, overcast. 
Siu-iuicudance, s/', superinten- 

dence. [dent- 

Surintendant, sm, snperinten- 
Surinteudaute, sf. superinten- 

dant's wife. [ter the morrow. 
Surlendemain, sm. the day af- 
Siirlonge,s/'. sirloin. [drive. 
Surmener. vn. to founder ; over- 
Surmesure, if. over-measure, 
Siirinoulahle, a, surmountable. 
Surmonter, va. to surmounl; 

surpass ; outdo. 




Siirmofit, sm. must, scum. 
Surmulet,«)>2. gray-mullet, sur- 

mullet. . 
Surmulot, sm biow rat. 
Surnager, un. to swim ; Qoat. 
Surnuturel, le, a. supernalural. 
Surnaturcllemen<, ad, super- 

Surnom, sm. surname. 
Surnommer, va. to surname. 
Surnuméraire, a. supernume- 

Suron, sm. seroon; earth-nut. 
Suro8, sm. splint. 
Surpassabic, a. surpassabls. 
Surpasser, 1(2.(0 excel, surpass. 
Surpayer, in. to OTerpay. 
Surpente, sf. (ma) guj. 
Surplis, SU!, surplice. 
Surplomb, stn.slope, slopeness. 
Surplomber, vri. overbang. 
Surplus, sm. surplus. 

au — , ad, bowe\er. 
Surpolds, sm. o'verweight. 
Surprenant, e, a, surprising. 
Surprendre, va. to surprise, 

astonish; cverhear. 
Surprise, s/, surprise, trick; as- 

Sursaut, sni. en—, wilh a start. 
Surséance, .s/', suspension, slop. 
Sursenicr, va. lo sow again. 
Surseoir, suspend; put oïï. 
Sursis, sm. delay, respite. 
Surtaie,s/'. O'ver-tax; surcbarge. 
Surtaxer, va. to OTer-taxe. 
—, sm. upper coat. [dence. 

SurTeilluucc, sf. supenutcn- 
Surveiliant, e,s. overseer, ins- 
pecter, [eve. 
Surveille,;/', iheday before tlie 
Surveiller, on, lo inspect ; natcli 

o-ver. [pecledij. 

Survenance, sf. coming unex- 
Survenaut, e, a. S. come unex- 

Survendre, D». lo sell too dear. 
Survenir, Vil. to superveue; 

drop in. 
Survente, .';/'. overcharge. [out. 
Survider, l'a. to talie out; poor 
Survie, sf. survivorship. 

Survivance, tf. revers'OB, sur- 

Survivant, c, s. sur\iTor. 
Survivre, v, lo survivo, outlive. 
Sus, int. pr. up, come 

en — , above. 
Susceptibilité, sf. — lity. 
Susceptible, a. susceptible. 
Suseitation, s/. suscilatiûD, in» 

Susciter, va, lo raise, croate. 
Suscription, sf. superscriptioB, 

direction. [said. 

Susdit, e, a. aToresaid; above- 
Suspect, e, a. suspected, susfk 

Suspecter, va. to suspect. 
Suspendre, va. to uang ap; 

suspend, delay. 
Suspens, a, m. suspended. 

en —, ad. In suspense. 
Suspense, sf, suspension, [ing. 
Suspensir, ve, a. — ive, hinder- 
Suspension, s/, suspension, ces* 

Suspcnsoîr, sm. bandage ; sus- 

Suspente, sf. (ma.) sling. 
Suspicion, sf. suspicion. 
Sustentation, sf. sustenancc. 
Sustenter, va. to sustain, fet(}« 

Suture, t<f, suture, joining. 
Suzerain, e, a. paramount. 
Suzeraineté, sf. suzerainty. 
Svelte, a. siender, slim. 
Sycomore, syn. sycamore-tree» 
Sycophante, s. ~~pbaut, knave. 
Sjllubaire, sm. spelling-booka 
Syllabe, sf, syilable. 
Syllabique, a. — bical. 
i^ylU-pse, sf. syllepsis. 
Syllogisme, sm. syllogism. 
Syllogislique, a. £.ïilogistic> 
Sylpbe, S. sjlpb. 
i^ylpbide, sf. sylphid. 
Sylvain, siH. saiyr; sylvaioi 
Symbole, sm, Symbol, cre»(lt 

tokcn, emblem. 
Symbolique, a. — lical. 
Symboliser, vil. symboiize. 
Symétrie, sf, symmetry. 
Symétrique, a.— tricaU 




flymélrlqucmeiit) ttd. symme- 

8}'incti-i8cr,i<n. to symmetrlze. 
Sympntbie, sf. sympatby. 
Sr>ipalbiqiie, a. syirpalhetic; 

S;iii|>nlbUcr.t'i!. (0 sympalbize. 
S;iu|il>oiiie, sf. — ny, concert. 
Sympbonisto, sm. — oist. 
8}iD|>hi8P, sf. syniphysis. 
Syniptnuiutiqiie, a. — matical. 
SyniptAuie, sin. symplom; si^'n. 
Synagogue, sf. - gue. [malic. 
Synallagiuaticiup, a. synallag- 
Synchrouisine) stn. Eynchro- 

nism. [ling fit. 

Syncope, sf. — pe, swoon, fain- 
Syuroper, va. to sjncopate. 
Syndic, sm. syndic, assignée. 
Syndical, e, a. syndical. 
Syndicat, sm. syndicale. 

Syndiquer, va. to censure. 
Syni'cdoqiic, sf. — doche. 
Syiici'CBc, sf. syneresis. 
Synodal, e, (t. synodal. 
Synoduleuicnt, ad. synodicallj. 
S)i>odc, sm. sjnod, cuovocatioB. 
Syuodique, a. synodic. 
Synonyme, sm. — nym. 
— , II. — mous. 
Syiioplique. a. synoptical. 
Syuiaïc, sf. syntax. 
SytiihèHe, sf. synlbesis. 
Syiilbéliqne, a. SynlhetlC. 
»iy|ib>li«, sf. syphilis, 
Syriuga, sm. syringa. 
Syrics, pi. f. quicksand. 
Sy8lt-nialiqiic,a. — tical. [callj. 
Sysléuiatiqtiemeal, ad. — lî« 
SyNième, sm. System. 
Syatole, s/', systole 
Syiygie, sf. syzygj. 

Ta, pro, (. Ihy. 
Tabac, sm. tobaeeo -, snuff. [van. 
Tabagie, sf. smoiiing-room ; di- 
Tabarin, sm. buSoon ; merry- 

Tabai-iiiage, sm, buffoonery. 
Tabuliéi-e, sf. SDUff-box. 
Tabellion, un. notary. [office. 
Tabelliunuge, sm. scrivener's 
Tabernacle, sm. tabernacle. 
Tabin, sm, naved silk. 
Tabiser, la. to labby; water. 
ïablature, sf. tablature. 
Table, sf. table, board, slab. 
— à jouer, card-table. 
~ de cuisine, dresser. 
> d'bûce, ordinarj. 

— de nuit, bcd-side-table. 

— alphabétique, index, [tents. 

— dos nitttiéreti, table ci con- 
Tableau, sm. picture, descrip- 
tion, table, lisl, board; roll. 

Tabler, in. lo dépend, reckon 
Tabletier, e, s. toynian. 
Toble«te,.s7".shelf, lozen^e,cake. 
Tableltei'ie, sf. toys, toy-lrade. 
Tablier, 5ȕ.aproD,cbess-board, 

Tabouret, sm, stool. 

Tac, sm. rot. 

Tacet, sm. pause. 

Tuche, sf. stain, spot, blemish. 

Tâche, sf. task.duty. 

tt lu —, by Ibe great. [stain. 
Tacher, va. to dirty, to spot, 
Tâcher, un, toendcavour, strive. 
Tacheter, va. to speckle. 
Tach) graphie, sf. short-hand. 
Tacite, a. lacil, iraplied. 
Taciieuieui, ad. lacilly.' 
Taciturne, a. sileut,tacitura 
Tacituruité, sf. — ty. 
Tact, sm. feeling, touch. 
Tactile, ((. tactile. 
Tacticien, sm, tactician. 
Tactique, sf. tactics. 

Taffetas, sm. taffety j lustrlngi 
Tuûa,s»!. rum. 
Tai'aut, mMally-ho. [Ihe eye.) 
Taie, sf. pillow-case; web (of 
Tuillable, a. taxable. 
Tuillude, sf. gash, slash. 
Taillader, va. tO slasb. 
Taillanderie, sf, edge-lools; 
edge-tool-trade. [ker. 

Taillandier, sm, edge-tool ma* 




Taillant, sni. edge ofa(knire.) 

Taille, sf. edge, cuUIng, cul, 
tallj; size, taxe, waist, deal, té- 

— (l>aa«F), counter ténor. 

— (haule), upper tcnor. 

— i-doiice, sf. copper-plate. 

— -mer, sm. (ma.) eut «aler. 
Tailler, va. to eut, hew; lop, 

tally, carve, deal. 
Tailleur, sm. tailor, hewer. 

— de pierre, stone cutter. 
Taîlleuse, $f. mantuamaker, 

Tuilli9,sm.underwood, coppice. 
Tailloir, sm. trencher, abacus. 
Tailtare, sf. application embroi- 

Taiu, sm. tin-foil; lear-tin. 
Taire, mi. lo conceal, lieep secret. 

Se —, vr. to be silent, lo lieep 
Taisaon, sm. badger. [silence. 
Talc, sm. talc. 

Taleui, sm. talent, gift, power. 
Talion, s»i. retaliation. 
Talisman, sm. talisman. 
Talii»manique, a — manie. 
Taller, va. lo send up suckers; 

stool. [wtiack, 

Falmouse, sf. cheese-cako, 
ralmud, sm. talmud. 
rainiudique,a. — dical. 

ralmudiste, sm dist. 

Taloclie, sf. punch, rap on tbe 

head. [f^tock (at cards). 

ralon, sm, heel; couoterfoil; 
falounor, va. to pursue closej 

press; hard; toucb. 
Talus, sm, slope, talus. 
Taluter, va. to slope. 
Tamarin, sm. tamarind. 
Tamarinier, stu. tamariûd-tree. 
Tamaris, sm. — risk. 
Tambour, sm. drum, drummer, 
■^iarrel; tambour, roller. 
— do basque, tambourine» 
Tambourin, sm. tabor. 
Tambouriner, va. to drum, to 

beat on the limbrel, exlol. 
Tambourineur, siyi. drummer. 
Tamis, sin. sieve, slrainer. 
Tamiser, VU. to sift. [per, 

Tuui^uu, sm. bung, plug, stop- 

TnmpouucT, va. to bung, stop 
Tnn, sm. tan. [up. 

Tanaisic, s/. tau5y. 
Tancer, vd.lo reprimand, scold 
Taucbe, sf. tench. 
Tandis que, c. nhiist; wbile, 
Tungage, sm. pitching. 
Tangente, s/. tangent. 
Tangible, a. tangible. [send. 
Tanguer, va. ()(!«.); lo pitch; 
Tanière, sf. den, liole, lair. 
Tannage, sm. tannage; tanning. 
Tauuaut, e, a. liretome. 
Tanné, e, a. tawnv, dark, dun. 
Tanner, ua. to tan, annoj; tease. 
Tannerie, sf. lannery. 
Tanneur, sm. tanner. 
Tant, ad. so much, so many, as 

much; as many, bolh. [as. 

—que, wbilsl, as long as,so far 
— sVn faut que, far from it. 
-soit peu, ever so Utile. 
Tante, sf. aunt. 
Tuntinei, sm. litUe bit, drop, 
Tau<£l, ad. by and by, a liltld 

while ago, somelimes, 
— , somelimes; jusl now. 
Taon, sm. gad-tly, borse-fly. 
Tapage, sm. noise, racket; row; 

Tapageur, sm. noisy fellow. 
Tape, sf. lap, slap ; plug. 
Tapé, e, a. happy, pat. [tall. 
Tapi-cu, S)?i. falling gale; ring- 
Taper, va. lo lap; pal; stamp, 

frizzle; stop; plug. 
Tapinois (en), ad. slilj. 
Tapioca, sm. tapioca. 
Taptr, sm, tapir. 

Se—, vr. to lie ; squat. 
Tapis, $m. carpet; tapestry. 

mettre sur le — j to bring 

under discussion. 
Tapisser, va. to carpet; cover. 
Tapisserie) sf. tapestry, hang- 

ings. [tapestry-mater. 

Tapissier, e , s. upbolsterer, 
Tapissière, sf. spring-van. 
Tapon, sm. liundie (of clollies). 
Tapoter, va. to tap; pal; slrum. 
Taqiiot, sm. book, cleat,clamp. 
Tii(|uin, e, S. tease, plague; a» 





Taquiner, va. to teasej plague. 
Taquinerie, sf. leasing. 
Tarnl)u8(ci-, va. lo pester; huff. 
Tnrarc, int. Dddieslicl!. 
Taraud, sm. screw, tap4 
Tarauder, va. lo tap; screw. 
Tard, sm. ad. late. 
Tarder, vn. to delay; put oET. 
Tardif, ve, a. tardj, slow, 

Tardivement, ad. tardily. 
Tardiveté, sf. bracknardneSrS; 

Tare, sf. tare, waste, defect. 
Taré, e, a. disreputable. 
Tarentule, sf. tarantula. 
Tarer, vn, lo tare; larninsh: In- 
Targe, sf. target, [jure. 

Targette, sf. flat boit. 

Se Targuer, vr. to plume 

one's self. 
Targum, sm. targ-um. 
Tarière, sf. augcr. 
Tarif, sm. book of rates, tarlfT. 
Tarifer, va. to tariff. 
Tarir, va. lo drain; dry up, 
Tarissabic, a. exhauslible. 
Tai-isiîeuiciit, sm. draining. 
Taroté, e, a. cbeckered, figured. 
Tarote,;iZ. spoUed cards. 
Tarse, SOT. tarsus, tarse. 
Tartauc, sf. tartan. 
Tartare, sm. Tartarian Un- 

gnage, Tartarus. 
Tartareuz, se, a, tsrtareoas. 
Tarte, s^ tari. 
Tartelette, sf. tartlet. 
Tartre, sm. tarlar. 
Tartrate, sm. tarlrate. 
Tartufe, sm. bypoerile. 
Tartuferie, sf. Iivpocrisy, 
Tas, sm. beap, iroop; band- 

anvil ; pile ; lot. 
Tasse, sf. cup. 
Tasseau, sm band-an\il ; broc- 

ket ; bearcr. 
Tassée, sf. cup fui. 
Tasser, va. lo lieap; pile ap. 
— , vn. to groK tliick. 

(Se—, vr. to seule; sink. 
Tassette, sf. lass (of armour). 
Tâter, vn. to feei ; taste; sound. 

Se—, lo examine one's self. 

Tatillon, sm. busy-boftj. 
Tnlillonage, sm. twaddllng. 
THtilloiiner, vn. to twaddie. 
Tûtounement, S)yi. gropiDg. 
Talonner, V. to feel auout; lo 

t:ro|)e; fumble. [per 

TÀlouneur, sm, fumbier, gro- 

A l'ôluns, ad. gropinglj. 
Tatouage, sm. tattoin^. 
Tatouer, in. to tattoo 
Taudis, Taudion, sm. dirlj 

hole; fillhy room. 
Taupe, sf. mole. 
Taupior, sm. raole-catcher, 
Taupière, sf. mole-trap. 
Taupin, e, a. S. blackisb; tawny. 
Taupinière, sf. mole-bill. 
Taure, sf. heifer. 
Tauri-au, sm. bul, Taurus. 
Tautologie, sf. — logy. 
Tautologique, a. — gical. 
Taux, sm. assize, rate; price. 
Tavelure, sf. spots, speckles. 
Taverne, sf. laTern. 
Tuvernier, c, s. lavern-keeperj 
Taxable, a. taxable. 
Taxatcur, sm. taxer. 
Taxation, sf. taxation; assize. 
Taxe, sf. assize, rate, tax, price. 
Taxer, va. to rate, tax, assize; 
Te, pro. tliee, to Ibe. [accuse. 
Terlinique, a. — nical. 
Te Deuui, sm. Te Deum. 
Teck, sm. teak-wood. 
Tégument, sm. tégument. 
Teigne, sf. scurf; scaldhead ; 

molli ; tbrush. 
Teisufux, se, a. scurfy. 
Teiller, va.topeeKhemp); strip. 
Teindre, va. to dye , tinge ; 

slain. [bue, colour. 

Teint, sm. complexion , dye, 
Teinte, sf. tinct, bue; lincture. 
Teinter, va. to tint; colour. 
Teinture, sf. dje , tinclure ; 

Teinturerie, sf. dye-UOUSe. 
Teinturier, e, s. dyer. 
Tel, telle, II. such, like, so. 
Tel quel, just as il was. 
— que. suth like. 
Tel, tfllf, s. such a one. 
Télégraphe, s»i. telegraph. 




Télégraphie, sf. telegraphy. 
Tclégra|>lii()iic, a. — phic. 
Télescope, sin. télescope. 
Télescopiqiie,n:. telescopic. 
Tellement, ad. so rm}ch, so. 
— que, c. so thaï. [hardy. 

Téméraire, a. S. rash, fool, 
Témérairement, ad. rashiy. 
Témérité, sf. — rity, rashness. 
Témoignage, sm. testimony, 

wilness, évidence, [dence; show. 
Témoigner, vm. to testiTy, evi- 
Témoin, sm. wilness, évidence, 

proof; second. 
Tempe, sf. temple. 
Tempérament, sm. constitu- 
tion, temper, tally-trade. 
Tempérance, sf. tempérance. 
Tempérant, e, a. s. temporale. 
Température, sf. température. 
Tempéré, e, a. temperale, so- 

ber, moderale,mild. [moderate. 
Tempérer, î)d. to allay, temper; 
Tempête, sf. tempest, slorm. 
Tempêter, U(T. to l5iusler,storm. 
Tempétueux, 8e, a, tempe- 

tuous, ftormy. 
Temple, sm. temple, church. 
Templier, sm. templar. 
Teuipornire, ((. s. lemporary. 
Temporal, c, a. temporal. 
Temporalité, s. tempérais. 
Temporel, le, a. temporal. 
— , sm. lempovalities. 
Temporeilement, ad. — rally. 
Temporisation, sm. delay. 
Temporiser, va. to temporize; 

Temporiseur, sm. temporizer. 
Temps, sm. time, weallier; 

A — , iu time. [tense, while. 

Depuis le— , since. [time 

De — ù autre, from time to 

De tout —, ever. 

En même—, at tliesame time. 
Tenobic, rt. tenable, habitable. 
Tenace, a. viscous, tenacious, 

griping. [nacily. 

Ténacité, sf. tenacioiisness ; te- 
Tenailles, «/■. j)i. pincers, nip- 

pers. [cers; torture. 

TeMoiller,t'a. to tear with pin- 
Teaiuncler,e, s. tenant, occupier. 

Tenant, sm. champion, [raidry. 

Tenaus, pi. supporters (in he- 

Tout d'un tenant, ail in eue 

pièce; in a ring-feuce. 

Teuilanee, sf. tendency. 

Tendant, e, a. lending. 

Tendelet, sm. awniug; screen 

Tondeur, sm. stretcher; han- 
ger; setter. 

Tendineux^ se, a. tendinous. 

Tendon, sm. tendon; sinew. 

Tendre, a. tender; soft; sensi- 
ble, nice. 

— , vn. to bend; tend, strecht. 
liang; lay, drive. —, va. to go; 
lead, tend, aiin (at). 

— la main, tO beg. 
Tendrement, ad. tenderly. 
Tendresse, s/, tenderness, love. 
Tendreté, sf. tenderness. 
Tendron, srn. tendril ; young 

shoot; young lass; gristle. 
Tendu,e,(t.tight, sliff. [scurity. 
Ténèbres, sf. pi. darkness, ob- 
Téné gloomy, dark. 
Tenesme, sm. tenesmus. 
Teneur, sm. ténor, purport. 

— de livres, sin. book-keeper. 
Ténia, sm. lape-worm. 
Tenir, r;. to hold ; keep, stick, 

be contiguous, occupy, hâve. 
80 —, vr. to hold; live, lie 
close lojrcllicr. 

— debout, to stand. 
Tenon, sm. tenon. 

Ténor, sm. ténor. [tion. 

Tension, sf. tension, applica- 
Tentant, e, a. templing. 
Tentateur, triée, tempter. 
Tentation, s/'. templalion.[vour. 
Tentative, sf. attempt, endea» 
Tente, «/■. lent, pavilioQ. [try. 
Tenter, va. 10 tempt, attempt, 
Tenture, sf. hangings. 
Tenue, sf. sessioii, steadiness, 
deporlment, attiUide. 

— des livres, book-keeping. 
Tenu, e, a. tenuous. 
Ténuité, sf. tenuity, thinness, 
Ténure, s/'. lenure. 

Tercet, sm, tiercel. 
Térébenthine, sf. tiirpentine. 




Tergiversaleur, sm^ sburOer, 
Terglversatiou) sf. — lion, 

shuffle. [tergiversale. 

Tergiverger, vn. to shuffle ; 
Terme, tm. term, Umit, rent- 

Terminaison, sf. terminalion. 
Terminer, va. to terminate, ii- 

mit; finish. 
Ternaire, a. ternary, No2. 
Terne, a. dull, dim. 
—, sm. two trejs (al dice), Ihree 

Dumbers îd Ibe loiterj. [dim. 
Ternir, va. lo larnish, sully; 

Se —, vr. to laruish. 
Ternissure, Sf. taroisliiog. 
Terrage, «m. manor lillie. 
Terrain, sm. ground, Eoil. 
Terrasse, sf, lerrace, flat-roof. 
Terrassement, SB!, earlliwork. 
Terrasser, va. to throw do^n, 

to discourage; terrass (a »all). 
Terrassier, sm. terrace-maker, 

naTj. [estate, world. 

Terre, sf. eartb, giouod, land, 

— glaise, claj. 

— -ferme, sf. terra firma. 

— -neuves a. S. NewfoundlaDd. 
Terreau, sm, mould, Tegetatile 

Terrer, va. to clajf, Eugar. vn. 

to barrow. [eartb. 

Se— ,i-r. to be clajed; run to 
Terrestre, a. lerreslrial,earthlï. 
Terreur, sf. terror, frij^ht. 
Terreux, se, a earllij, ler- 

reous. [formidable. 

Terrible, a. terrible, drcadlul ; 
Terriblement, ad. terribly. 
Terrien, ne, a. lacdowner. 
Terrier, e . i. a burroB , terrier- 
Terrifier, ffl. to terrify. [àog. 
Terrine, sf. earibeo-pau, disb. 
Teriinée, $f. panfui. 
Terrir, t))i. to laod; go asbore. 
Territoire, stn. terrUory. 
Terroir, sm. ground, soil. 

Goût de—, taste oT tlje soil. 
Terrorisme, sm. terrorism. 
reriorislc, s»), terroiist. 
Tertre, s)i). knoll, biHock. 
Tes, pro. pi Iby. 
l'csson, sm. potsberd. 

Test, sm. test, trial. 
Tesiacé, e,a. teslaceous. 
Testament, svu nill, testamcnti 
Testamentaire, a, testamen- 

tary. [testalrix. 

Testateur, trice, s. testator; 
Tester, vn. to make one's will. 
Testicule, sm. testicle. 
Testimonial, e, a. s, — oial. 
Teston, sm. testooD (old coio). 
Têt. sm poUberd. 
Têtard, S///, ladpole. [ment. 
Tête, i;' hcad, top, sensé, jug- 

Pei d. la—, lo lose one's wit. 

-de ma..-t. stull. 
Eu — , ic I ront. 
Par— (laiii), so iDuch abead. 

— (signe de), nod. 

— -à-Tête, pnvate cooTersation. 
Téter, in. lo suck. 
Têtière, sf. Lead-stall ofabrid- 

le, labj's cap. 
Tctin, sm. ui; pie. 
Tétiue, sf. udder; dint. 
Téton, S)/j. noman's breasU 
TétracordCfSVi. lelracbord. 
Tétraèdre, tetrabedrcn. 
Tétragoue, s. a, letragOD, le- 

Télrurcliic, sf. tetrarchj. 
Télrarque. si/i. telrarch. 
Tetle, sf. un. dug. 
Têtu, e. II. beadslroogiObstioale 
Texte, sm. lext, 

(àros— , iwo lices brevler 

Petit — , bre\ier. 
Textile, a. textile. 
Textuaire, sm textuary. 
Textuel, le, a. texiual. 
Textuellement, ud. lextnaliy. 
Texture, sf. texlure. 
Tbaler, sm. dollar. [gus- 

Thaumaturge, t. tbaumalur- 
Thé, sm. lea. 

Tbéfiiral, e, a. tbeatrical.[cally. 
Théâtralement, ad. tbeatri- 
Tbèâtre,sm. tbealre, slage, 

plav bouse. 
Théiiaïde, sf, solitude, desert. 

Tliéière, S. tea-pot. 
Tlieicme, fini, theisffl. 
Tbeiste, a. Ibei'tic. [topic. 

Thème , sm. exercise , tbeme, 




Théocratie, sf. theocraCJ. 
Théocratiqiie, a, — tical. 
Théocratiqiiement, ad. theo- 

Théogonie, sf. theogony. 
Théologal, e, a. divine. 
Théologie, s/.— logy, di-vinily. 
Théologien , sm. theologian, 

Théologlqiie, a. — gical. [ly. 
Théologiquement, ad. — gical* 
Théoi'ème, sm. theorem. 
Théoricien, sm, theorlst. 
Théorie, sf. theory 
Théorique, a. theorical. 
Théoriquement, ad. — rically. 
Théoriste, sm. theorist. 
Thériiical, e, a. — cal. 
Tbériaque, sf. theriac. 
Thermal, e, a. thermal. 
Thermes, sf. pi. hot baths. 
Thermomètre, sm. — mêler. 
Thésauriser,Dn.tolreasure up. 
Thésauriseur, se, s. hoarder. 
Thèse, sf. tbesis, thème. 
Thon, sm. tunny. 
Thorax, sm. thorax. 
Thuriréraire,sm. censer-boary. 
Thuya, sm. thuja. 
Thjm, sm. thyme. 
Tliyrse, sm. Ihyrsus. 
Tiare, j^. liara, pope's crown. 
Tibia, sm. tibia. 
Tibial, e, a. tibial. 
Tic, sm. ticli, convulsiTe flt. 
Tiède, a. lukewarm, tepid. 
Tièdement, ad, luiiewarmly. 
Tiédeur, sf. lukewarmoess, te- 

T.vilir, t'a. to cool ; grow tepid. 
Tion, no, pro. tliiiie, Ihy own. 

Les TK-nr», thj leb.tions. 
Tierce, sf. 'Uficc, re:a-;t ; revise, 

FièTre — , li'r.iaii aguc. [thirJ. 
Tiercelet, m tsvsel, tttrcel. 
Ticr!.; S. tierce, tbid party. 
— étal, sm. Ihird slàte, Ihe eoni- 
~puîn<, r,n. a saw file, [iiiojis. 
Tige, sf. 3 ocli, truls (of a Iree), 

stalli, leg of a boot, shank, 

blade of corn. 
Tignasse, sf. scrubby wig. 
Tigre, sm. liger. 

Tigré, e, a. spotted, speckled. 
Tigrcsse,s/'. tigress. 
Tillac, sm. deck. 
Tilleul, sm. linden-tree. 
Timbales/", timbal; keltle-drum;, 

cup, goblet. [mer. 

Timbalier, sm. keltle-drum- 
Tiiiibre, sm. clock-bell, stamp, 

helmet voice 
Timbré, e, a, stampped, crae- 

ked; crested. 
Timbre-poste, sm. postage- 

Timbrer, va. tO stamp; docket 
Timbreur, sm. stamper. 
Timide, a. timid, rearful. 
Timidement, ad. timidly. 
Timidité, sf. — dily, shyness. 
Timon, sm. coach-poie, helm. 
Timonier, sM. steersman , 

Timoré, e, a, timoroas; tlmid. 
Tin, sm. block, stock. 
Tinctorial, e, a. tinctorial. 
Tine, sf. tub; water-cask. 
Tinette, sf. little lub. [pus. 

Tintamarre, sm. clatter; rum- 
Tintement, sm. tinkling. 
Tinter, va. to loll; tingle. 
Tintin, sm. jingling (of glasses). 
Tintouin, sm. tingling in ihe 

ears, trouble. 
Tique, sf. tick. 
Tiqueté, e, a. variegated. 
Tiqucur, sm. tUTous; erilv- 

Tir, sm. Bring; cribblter. 
Tirade, sf. straln: passage; 

shooting. [presswork. 

Tirage, sm. polling, drawing, 
Til'aillemeMt, tm. pulling , 

twitching; pain. [tease. 

Tirailler, va. to pnll ; about; 
— , vn. to shoot badly. 
Tirailleur, sm. skirmisber; 

Tirant, sm. purse-slring, boot- 

strap, beam, whit-ïeather, 

Tirasse, sf. draw-net. 
Tirnsser, va. to net patridges. 
Tire-botte, sm. boot'jack.[etO. 
— sbourre, gua-worm. 




TIre-foud, cooper's turreU 

— -lire, sf. nionej-box. 

— -moelle, sm. roarrow spoon. 

— -pied, sboemaker's slirrup. 
Tirer, va. lo draw ; pull ; shoot; 

lug; tug; gel; pull oui; fire; let 
off, pluck; take oui or off; milk; 
require; exlract; go, slretch ; 
pull eut. 

— à piirl, to take aside. 

— avauluge, lo take adTanlage. 

— du suiig, to let blood. 

— au gort, to draw lots. 

Se —, ir. (0 get out or off. 
Tiret, sm, hyphen (— ). 
Tiretaiue, sf. liDsey-\^'OOlsey. 
Tireur, sm. gamekeeper, a dra- 

wer of a bill, shooter. 
Tireuse de cartes, s/', fortune- 

teller by cards. 
Tiroir, s)(!. drawer, slide. 
Tisaue, sf. diet-drink, ptisan, 
Tisou, sm. brand, lire-bracd. 
Tisonner, va. to stir the fire. 
Tisouueur, ae, S. fond of Stir- 

ling :he fire. 
Tisonnier, sm. poker. 
Tissage, sm, weaving. 
Tisser, va* te weave ; plat. 
Tisserand, e, s. weaver. 
Tisserauderie, sf. weaTing. 
Tissu, e, a. novcD, platled. 
— . sm. tissue, texture ; fabrici 
Tissure, sf. texture; tissue. 
Tissutier, e, $. ribhoD-weaver. 
Titane, sm. Utanium. 
Tithjniale, sm. titbyoa. 
Titillalion, sf, — tien, tlckling. 
Titiller, lin. to tickle. 
Titre, sm. title-page, right; tou- 
cher; title. 

A bon — , justly. 

A — de, in quality ofa 
Titré, e, a, titled. 
Titrer, va. to give a tille to. 
Titubation, sf. — tion. [beut. 
Titulaire, a. s. titular, incum- 
Toc, sm, tap,rap. 
Tocsin, sm. alarm-bell, tocsin. 
Toge, sf. toga. 
'foi, jjro. tbou, thee, thyself. 
Toile, sf. liueo clotb, curtaiD (of 

s théâtre). 

— cirée, cere-cloth 

— d'>Braignée, sf. cobweb. 

— de coton, calico. 

— peinte, print. 
Toile», pi. toils, trap, sailg. 
Toilerie, sf. liceu-drapery. 
Toilette, sf. toilel; dressing, 
Toilier, e, s. dealer in linen. 
Toise, sf. loife (six feel). 
Toisé, sm. measuring. 
Toiser, va. lo measurei eje; 


Toisenr, sm. measurer. 

Toison, sff ûeece. 

Toit, sm. roof; home; bouse. 

Toiture, sf. roof. 

Tôle,s^ sheet-iron. 

Tolérable,a. passable,lolerabl«. 

Tolérablemeut, ad. — bly. 

Tolérance, sf, toleration, allo- 

Tolérant, e. a. tolérant. 


Tolérer, va. to tolerale; suffer. 

TAIerie. sf. sheet-iroD trade, 
sheel-iron Works. 

Tolelière, s/, rowlock. 

Tolet, S7n. thole. 

Tomate, sf. toiiiato. 

Tombac, sm. tombac, [grave. 

Tombe, sf. tomb-slone, tomb, 

Tombeau, soi. tomb, monu- 

Tombée, s/', fall. 

Tombelier, sm. carter. 

Tomber, t)n. to fall; tumble, 
drop; corne off, siDk,sia. 

— d^accord,to agrée. 
Tombereau, s?>j. dung*cart. 
Tombola, sm. tombola. 
Tome, sm. tome, \olume. 
Ton, s»t. tone, lune, voice, Sound» 

strain, accent, style, colour. 
—, pro. thy, thine. 
Tondaison, sf. sheep-sneaiing. 
Tondeur, se. s. shearer; clipper. 
Tondre, fa. to sliear; clip; crop, 
Tonii|ue, a, tooic, lonical. 
Tonnage, sm. tonnage. 
Tonnant, e, a, tbundering. 
Tonne, sf. tun. 
Tonneau, sm. cask, tUDi 
* Toui>«ler,va. I9 tunnel (gaoïe). 




Toinieleiir, sm. tunneller. 
Tonnelier, e, s. cooper. 
Tonnelle, sf. tunnel-net; green- 

Tonnellerie, sf. cooperage. 
Tanner, va. to thunder; boom. 

il Tonne, it thunders. 
Tonnerre, sm. thunder. 
Tonsille, sf. tonsil. 
Tonaure, sf. tonsure. 
Tonsuré, sm. priest. [sure to. 
Tonsurer, va to give the ton- 
Tonte, sf, shearing, shearing- 
Tontiue, sf. tontine. [time. 

Touluro, sf. sliearings. 
Topaze, s/, topaz. 
Tope, int. done. [artichoke. 

Topinambour, sm, Jérusalem, 
Topique, a. topical, sm. topic. 
Topographe, sm. — pher. 
Topographie, sf. — pby. 
Topograpbique, a. — pbical. 
Toque, sf. cap; toque. 
Toqué, e, a. cracked; deranged. 
Toquer, va, to slricke; offend, 

— vn. to replace. 
Toquet, sm. cap, toquet. 
Torche, s/', torch, link. [drub. 
Torcher, j;«. to wipe down; beat; 
Torchis, sm. clay; loam. 
Torchon, sm. dish-cloth; duster. 
Tordage, sm. twisling. [ster. 
Tordeur, se, s. twisler, throw- 
Tordre, Va. to twisl, wring, 

Ihrow; wrest. 
Tore, sm. torus ; tore, [fighter). 
Toréador, sm. toréador, (bulf- 
Tormentille, sf, lormentilla. 
Toron, sm. strand (ofa rope). 
Torpeur, sm, torpor. 
Torpide, a. lorpid. 
Torpllle,s/'. cramp-fish, torpédo. 
Torquette<s/. fith wrapped up 

in siraw. 
Torréfaclïou, sf. — tîon. 
Torréfier, vu. to torrefy. 
Torrent, sm. torrent, flood. 
Torrentiel, le, a. torrent-like. 
Torride, a. torrid. [(Ihread). 
Tors, n. twisted, wry. sm. twist 
Torsade, sf. torsel. 
iTorse, sm. Irunk; torse. 
TorsioBif/, twisliog (orsiODi 

Tort, sm. wrong, injury. 
Avoir — , to bo wrong. 
A — , ad. wroiig. 
A — et à travers, atrandoïE. 

Torticolis, SiH. wrj-neck, hypo- 
crite, [guage; underhand work. 

Tortillage, s?)), confused ian- 

Torlillcnieut, sm. twisting. 

Tortiller, v. to twisi; wriggle. 

Tortillon, sm. coarse cap; pad. 

Tortis, sm. wrealli, twisl. 

Tortii, e. II. crooked, tortuou?. 

Tortue, sf. tortoise. 

— de mer, turtie. [crooked. 

Tortuer, va. to bend ; make 

'Tortueux, se a. winding, 
crooked. [ly. 

Tortueusement, aï2. tortuous- 

Tortuosité, sf. torluosity. 

Torture, sf. torture, raek. 

Torturer, va. to rack; torture. 

Toscan, sm. Tuscan. 

Toste. V. Toast. 

Tôt, ad, soon, early. [ble. 

Au plus tôt, as soon as possî- 

Total, e, a. total ; wbole ; utter. 

— , sm. whoie; sum. 

Totalement, ad. lotally, wholly. 

Totalité, sf.— lity, whole. 

Toton, sm. leetolum. 

Touage, sm. towage; towing 

Touaille, sf. lowel. 

Toucan, S7)i. american goose. 

Touchable, a. touchable. 

Touchant, pr. concerning , 
about. [ving, affecting. 

Touchant, e, a. sensible, mo- 

Touche, sf, top, string, louçh, 
Pierre de — , touch-stone. 

Toucher, v, lo touch ; meddie 
with ; bandie; be next, receive, 
strike ; drive ; affect ; be at; re- 
late to. 

Toucher, sm. feeling, touch. 

Toue, sf. towing, ferry-boat. 

Touer, va. to tow ; warp. 

Touffe, sf. tuft, bunch; clump. 

Touffu, e, a. tufted, bushy. 

Toujours, ad. always; everi 
still ; hof^ever; ail the same. 

Toupet, stn, toupee; forelock; 
che«k; impudeocs. 




Toupie, sf. top, peg-top. [spin. 
Toupiller, vn. to whirl about; 
Toiipillon, sin. litlle tuTt. 
Tour, sm. turn, circumrerence; 

trick, sensé, order, trip, walk. 
—, sf. tower, rock (at chess). 
— de relus, strain in tbe back. 
Tourbe, sf. lurf, peat, rabble. 
Tourbeux, se, a. turfy; pealy- 
Tourltière, sf. peat-moss; tuif- 

pit. [\ortex. 

Tourbillon, sm. whiriwind, 
Tourbillounement, sm. nbirl. 
Tourbillouuer, un. to nbirl; 
Tourelle, sf. turret. [eddy. 

Toure», sm. réel ; wheel; drill. 
Touriére, sf. altendaul of Ihe 

Tourillons, sm. trunniOD, axie. 
Touriste, s. tourisl. [plague. 
Tourmeut, sm. tormeDt, pain; 
Taurmeutaul,e, a.tormentiDg. 
Tourmente, sf. storm; tempest. 
Tourmenter, va. to torment, 

plague; toss, strain. 

Se —, ur. to tease; warp (as 

Tournailler, vn.lohoTer round. 
Tournant, e, a. turning, S. el- 

bow; eddy; wbirlpool. 
Tourne -broche, sm. jack; 

Tournée, sf. circuit, lurn, tour. 
Tournemain, tninkling. 
Tourner, v. to turn ; revolve; 

aller, ^poil, couvert, bend. 

Se —, vr. lo change; into. 
Tournesol, sm, turnsole. 
Tourneur, se, s.turner. 
Tourue^Is, sm. screw-driver. 
Touruiquel,sm. turnstile, tour- 
niquet; (mar) relier. [ment. 
Tournai, sm. tourney, tourna- 
Tournoiemeul, sm. wbirling 

round, giddiness. 
Tournoyer, vn. to tuin; nbirl 

round and round; wind. 
Tournure, sf. turn; figure; 
Tourte, sf. pie. [sbape, bustle. 
Tourteau, sm. cake; oij-cake. 
Tourtereau, sm. JOJjng lurtle- 

Touricrpllc, sf. turtle-âoTO. 

Tourtière, sf. pie-dish. 
Toussaint, sf. Ail-saints day. 
Tousser, vn. to cougb; bem. 
Tousseur, se, s. cougber. 
Tout, e, a, ail, wbole, every^ 

whatewr, as, ihougb. 
— , sm. wbole, ail. 
—, ad. wbolly, quite, ail, ail over. 

— à fait, quile, entirely. 

— au long, at full length. 

— au moius, at least. 

— au plus, at tbe most. 

— autant, as much, as many. 

— bas, softly. [denly. 

— d'un coup, — k coup, sud- 
Du— , not at ail. 

— franc, frank, freely. 
Toutefois , c. nevertheless, yet. 
Toute— puissance, sf. omDip(^ 

Tout-puissant, c, a. almlehty. 
Toutou , sm. little dog, bow- 
Toux, sf. cough. [waw. 

Toxique, sm. poisoD. 
Toxicologie, sf. — gy. 
Toxicolo«ique, a. — gic. 
Tracas, sm. bustle, turmoll. 
Tracasser, plague; worry; 

tease. [leasing. 

Tracasserie, sf. chicane; worry, 
Trncassier, e, s. caviller; tease; 

pleaguer. [sketch. 

Trace, sf. footsiep ; track; trace 
Tracé, sm. outline; sketch; plan; 
Tracement, sm.. laying out. 
Tracer, va. to delineate, cbalk 

out, describe; trace; draw. 
Tracbée-artère, sf. trachea, 

Traction, s^ traction; thrust. 
Tradition, s^ — tion. 
Traditionnel, le, a. — tional. 
Traditioniiellenaent, ad.UZ^ 

Traducteur, sm. translator. 
Traduction, sf. translation. 
Traduire, t; translate; trans- 

fer, summon; appear; explain. 
Traduieible, ». translatable. 
Trafic, sm. trarfic, trade. 
Trafiquant, sm. trader. 
Trafiquer, va. to traffic; trado 
Tragédie, sf. tragedy. 




Tragi-conicdic, sf. — medy. 
T>-ngi-cou:iqiiv, o. — mical. 
Tragique, a. sm. tragic. 
Tragi(|ucuicii<,nii. tragically. 
Trahir, va. lo betray; deceive. 
Truliisou , sf. treachery, trea- 

Troi», sm. pace, track, train, 

course, rate, way, trake of a 

coacli; float (of wood). 

Etre en — , lo be in Ihe 'vein. 

mettre en — , lo set on fool. 
Tratuaiit, e, a. trailing, drag- 

ging. [gler. 

Trntnard, sm. lagger, slrag- 
Triitneau, sm, siedge; dragnet. 
Tratnée, sf. train; trail. 
Traîner, va. to draw; drag; 

trail; put off; linger. 

Se— , tir. lo crawl; creep along. 
Trntnenr, sm. siraggitr, poa- 
— d'c'pcc, snord-dangler. [cher. 
Traire, va. lo milk. 
Trait, sm. arrow; darl; trace; 

draughl; fealure; dash; slroke. 
Traitable, a. Iractable, 
Traitant, sm. former of the 

revenue. [lalion, draugiit. 

Traite, sf. journej, way, expoi- 

Tout d''uue —, without stop- 
Traité , sm. treaty, treatise. 
Traitement , sm. treatment, 

usage, salary. 
Traiter, va. lo treal; use; nego- 

cialc; handie; enlerlain. 
Traiteur, sm, ealing-house, 

Traître, esse, a, treacherous, 

s. Irailor, trailress. [rously. 
Trattrcnsenicnl, ad. IreacLe- 
Trajet, sm. passage; journej. 
Trumaîl, sm. traminel; dragnet. 
Truro"» sf. woof; plot; web of 

Tramer, l'rt. lo weave ; plot. 
Tramontane, sf. — tane, north 
Tranchant, sm. edge. [wind. 
Tranchant, e, a. sbarp, déci- 
sive; trencbant. 
Tranche, s^.slice,coIlop;rasher. 
Tranchée, sf. trencL; dilch ; 


Tranchées, pi. gripes, ColiC. 
Tiaiichefilc, sf. laeadbandini 

— lard , sm. lardlng-knlfe. 

— montagne, hector, bullj. 
Trancher, va. to cul off; carrj 

il higli, décide. 
— , vil. lo décide; affecl; glare. 
Tranciiet, sm, schoemaker'» 

Tranqnillc, a. quiel, calm. 
Tranquillement, ac/. quietif. 
Tranquillisant, c, a. tranqull» 

lizing. [lize; quiel, calm. 

Tranquilliser, va. lo IranqniN 

Se — , vr. to become tranquij; 

be easy. [ness. 

Tranquillité, sf. — ty, calm- 
Transaction, s^ — tton, treaty. 
Transhordement, sm. trans- 

Transborder, va. transship. 
Traiiscenilauce, sf. — dency. 
Transcendant, e, a. — dent. 
Transcendeutal, e, a. trans- 

cendenlal. [tien. 

Transcription , sf. transcrip. 
Transcrire, VU. to Irauscribe. 
Transe, sf. frighl; alarm. 
Transférer, ta. transfer; con- 

vey; translate. [assignment. 
Transfcremeut, sm. transfer; 
Transfert, sm. the transfer. 
Transngurutiou, s/. lraDsSga> 

ration. [Iransligured. 

Se Transfigurer, vr. to bo 
Transrormaliou,SJ'. — lion. 
Ti-ansformer, ta. lo transform; 


Se —, vr. lo be transformed. 
Transfuge, sm. déserter; fugi< 

Transfusion, S^. — sion. 
Transgresseur, sm. — SOr. 
Transgression, sf. — sion. 
Transi, e, a. chilled. 
Transiger, i;a. to Iransact. 
Transir, vu. lo cbill' vn. to he 

cliillcii; shiver. [numbne.'s. 
Transisscmeut, sm. cbill; 
Transitif, ve, a. transitive. 
Triiusitio»,s/', — lion. 





Transitoire, a. transitorj. 
Tran»later,vn. to traDslate.[val. 
Translation, sf. — tion, remo- 
Transmettre, va. to transmit, 

10 convey; make over, 
Transuiîgration, sf> — tioD. 
Trausiuissible, a. transférable. 
Transmission» sf. — tion, 

Transmuablc,a. transmutable. 
Transmuer, va. to transmute. 
Transmutabilité, sf. traosmu- 

Transmutation, s(. — tion. 
Transparence, sf. — rency. 
Transparent, e, fz, — rcnt. 
—, sm. transparent (sheet of 

black lines). 
Transpercer, va. to pierce; 

Transpirable, a. perspirable. 
Transpiration, sf. perspira- 

Transpirer, un. to perspira, to 

Traus|>lantation, sf. — tion. 
Transplanter, va. to trano* 

plant. [ter. 

Trausplantoir, sm. transplan- 
Transport, sm. transport ; car- 

riage ; transporlation, rupture ; 

conveyance. [ble. 

'ronsportable, a. transporta- 
~fran8porter, va. to transport ; 

rcmoYO, con'vej, transfer. 

Se —, VT. to transport one's 
selT; proceed. 
J*ransposcr, va. to transpose- 
Transposition, sf, transposi- 
Transvaser, va. to decant. 
Transversal, e, a. transverse. 
Transversalement, ad. trans- 

Transviticr, va. to decant. 
Traniran, sm. knack. 
Trnpèie. sm. trapezium. 
Trapcioïde, sm. trapezium. 
Trappe, sf. trap-door; pitrall. 
Trappiste, sm. trappist. [squat. 
Trappu, e, a. thick-set; dumpy; 
TraqueoartI, «m. ambler, rac- 


Traquer, va. to drive (game.etr)) 

surround; push hard. [fall. 
Traquet,S)n.mill-clapper; dead- 
Traqueur, sm. game-driver; 

Travade, sf. tornadn. [study. 
Travail, sm. work, labour, pain; 
Travailler, vn. to work; trou- 
ble; warp; ferment, incite. 

Se —, vr. to be worked. 
Travailleur, se, S. labourer; 

workwoman, ^'orkman; hard 

Travée, sf. bay (of a church). 
Travers, sm. breadtb; whim; 

freak; oddily. 

En —, ad. across. 

De — ,«d. awry, wrong;askew, 

A Travers, au Travers, a(i. 

through ; across. 
Traverse , sf. cross-piece ; tra- 
verse; cross way, by-road, 

cross, cross; across. 

A la — , in the «ay. 
Traversée, sf. passage, voyage. 
Traverser, va. to twart, cross; 

to pierce tbrougb, traverse. 
Traversier, e, a. cross. 
Traversière (Oûte), sf. ger- 

man flûte. [beam. 

Traversin, sm. bolsler, croSS- 
Travestir, va. to disguise. 

Se — ,1,'r. to disguise; one's self. 
Travestissement, sm. disguise; 
Trayon, sm. teat. ["travesty. 
Trébuchant, te, a. full weigbt. 
Trébucher, vn. to stumble; 

fall; trip. 
Trébuchet, sm. trap, gin; snare. 
Trèfle, sm, Irefoil, clover, club. 
Tréroiicier, Sm. landowner. 
Tréfonds, sm. land; property. 
Treillage, siH. latlice ; trellis. 
Treilluscr,r<!.lo lattice; trellis. 
Treillugcur, sm. trellis-maker. 
Treille, sf. vinc-arbour; vine. 
Treillis, sm. trellis; coarse 

Treiie, a. sm. tbirteen. 
Treizième, a. sm. thirteeoth. 
Treizièmement, ad, thir- 





Trém», s»n. diiresis (•). 


Tremblant, e, a. sbaking ; tre- 

Tremble, sm. appen-tree, 

Tremblement, sm. trembliog, 
shakiDg, trill, shake. _ 

— de (erre, eartliquake. 

Trembler, va. to tremble; 
shake. quÎTer; Butter. [bler. 

Trembleur, s^yi. quaker; trem- 

Tremblotant. e, a. tremblicg. 


Trémie, sf. hopper. [ing. 

Trémoussement, sm. {lutter 

Trémou«Bcr, vn. to flutter. 
Se — , vr. to flutter about,jog. 

Trempe, s^ tempering, temper. 

Tremper, V. lo dip; stamp ; 
steep, temper; mettle. 

Tremplin, sm. spring-boare. 
T'-entoin, sm. thirly ail. 
'.•renlaine, sf. thirt;. 
Trente, a. tbirty. 
Trentième, a. Ihirtietb. 
Tréon, sm. {ma.) lug-saili 
Trépan,sm. trépan, trepanning. 
Trépaner, va. to trépan. 
Trépas, sm. decease, deatb. 
Trépassé, S7n. dead. 
Trépassemenl, sm. death. 
Trépasser, vn. to die. 
Trépied, sm. trivet, tripod. 
Trépignement, stn. stamping 
Trépigner, un. to stamp; patler. 
Trépointe, sf. welt. 
Très, ad. most, very. 
Trésor, sm. treasure, treasury. 
Trésorerie, sf. treasury. 
Trésorier, sm. treasurer. 
Tressaillement, sm. start; 

Tressaillir, vn, to slart; tbrili. 
Tresse, sf. tress ; plat, [weave. 
Tresser, va. tress; plat; inter- 
Tressenr, se, s. platter. 
TréteoM. sm. trcstle. 
Trenil,sm. wbeeland axle;crab. 
Trêve, sf. Iruce, intermission. 
Triage, s»), picking; triad. 
Triangle, S7n. triangle ; trivet. 
Triangulaire, a.— lar. [larly, 
l'riamgulaireineut, ad. — gu- 

Triangulation, sf. — lion. 
Tribord, sm. starboard. 
Tribordais, Sm. (ma) Star- 
Tribu, sf. tribe. [bo;ird-watch. 
Tribulalion, sf. — lion. 
Tribun, sm. tribune. 
Tribunal, sm. tribunal, ccuri 

(of justice). 
Tribunat, sm. tribuîe'sbip. 
Tribune, sf. rostruro, gallerïi 

Tribunitlen, ne, n.tribunitian» 
Tribut, sm. tribute. 
Tributaire, a. S tributary. 
Tricbcr. un. to cheat. 
Tricherie, sf. cheating. 
Tricheur, se, a. s. cbeat; 

tricksfer. [cers. 

Tricnises, sf. pi. farrier's pin- 
Triculoi-e, a. of tbree coloured. 
Tricot, sm. cudgel; tricot. 
Tricotage, sm. knitling. 
Tricoter, va. to Unit. 
Tricoteur, se, s. a knitter. 
Trictrac, sm. backgammoB | 

Trident, sm. trident. 
Triennal, e, a. triennial. 
Tricnnalité, sf. triennial du- 

ration. [garble. 

Trier, va. to pick; pick eut; 
Trieur, se, S. sorter. 
Trifide, a. trifid. 
Trigonométrie, sf. — metry 
Trigoiiométrîque, a. trigono- 

metrical. [ — trically. 

Trigouométriquement, ad» 
Trilatéral, e, a. —rai. 
Trille. S7n. trill. 
Trilier, u«. to trill. 

Trillion, sm. — tioD, billion of 
million. rtrail. 

Trimbaler, vn. to drag aDout; 

Trimestre, S7n. quarter; thre6 
monibs; quarter's pay 

Trimestriel, le, a. quaterly. 

Trimestriellement, ad. qua- 

Trine, a. trine. [terly. 

Tringle, sf. curtaiDrod, triDgle^ 

Trinitaire, sm. — tarian. 

Trinité, sf. Trinity. 

TrinCme, s. trioomial. 




Trinquer, va. to louch glasses. 
Trinquet, S))i. foremast. 
TrinqueUe, sf. fore-staj sail. 
Trio, SI)}, trio. 
Triolet, sm. Iriclet; triplet. 
Triomiiliiil, c, a. Iriumphal. 
Trionipholcniont, ad. trium- 

Ti'ioui|ibant.^, n. triumphant. 
Triouipliateur, trîce,s. trium- 

pher. [trump-card. 

Trioinplie , sm. triuniph ; sf. 
Triompher, vn. (0 Iriumph; 
Tripiiille, sf. garbage. [excel. 
Tripe, sA tripe. 
Triperie, s. tripe-^hop; trlpcry. 
Tripctaie, a, tripetalous. 
Tripette, !/■. small tripe. 
Tripbllioiigue, sf. triphthong. 
Tripier, e, a. tiipeman; tripe- 

wnman. [Ireble. 

Triple, a. s. triple, three-Told, 
Triplement, ad. triply; trebly. 
Tripler, va. to treblc; triple. 
Triplicnta, sm. Iriplicata. 
rriplicilé, sf.— city, tripleness. 
Ti'ipoli, sm. tripoli. 
Tripolir, va. to polish with tri- 
poli, [nis-court. 
Tripot, sm. gaming-house; ten- 
Tripotage, sm. medley; mess; 

jobbery; mishmash, mingle. 
Tripoter, V. to mess; meddie; 

job, to jumble. 
Tripolier, e, S. jcbber. 
Trique, sf, cadgel. [cannon). 
Ti'iqueballe, sm. truck (ror 
Trirème, sf. trirème. 
Trisaïeul, sm, great-great- 

TrisnVenle, sf. greal-great- 

Triscclion, sf. — tiOD. 
Trissj'llnbc, a. — labical. 
Triste, n. sad, dull ; pitil'ul. 
Tristement, ad. sadly. [gloom. 
Tristesse, sf. grief; sadness; 
Triton, sm. IritOD. 
Triturer, va. to triturate. 
Triumvir, sm. triumvir. 
TriumTÏ triumvirate 
TritinI, e, a. trifial, trite. 
Triiialcmeutjad. tlivislljt 

Trivialité, s/', trivialily, tilviaf- 

Troe , sm. truck, exchange. 
Ti'ochaïqiie, a. trochaic. [ter 
Troclinnter, sm. {an.) trochaD- 
Troobée, sm. troclice. 
Trocbet, S7n clusler of fruits. 
Trorbisque, sm. trocbisk. 
Troëue. sm. prlvet. 
Trogloflite, s. — djte. 
Trogne, sf. phiz, face. 
TroguoH , sm. core (of fruit), 

slump of a cabbage, a cberub 

Trois, a. sm. three, third. 
Troisième, a. sm. third. 
—, sf. third floor. 
Troisièmement, ad. thirdly. 
Trombe, sf. water-.ipout. 
Trompe, s/.trumpet,Jcw's harp: 

tube. [delude; begiule. 

Tromper, va. to deceive, cheal; 

Se —, vr. to mislate. 
Tromperie, sf. fraud, deceit. 
Trompeter, vu. to proclaim; cry; 

Trompette, sf. trumpet. 
— , sm. trunipeler. 
Trompeur, se, s. cheater; a. 

cheating,deceitful. [stock; stem. 
Tronc, sm. trunk ; poor-box ; 
Troncbet, sm, block. 
Tronçon , SOT. stump ; pièce ; 

fragment. [lengtlif). 

Tronçonner, va. to eut up (in 
TrtJne, s»i. throne. [mutilale. 
Tronquer.», to truncate; lop ; 
Trop, ad. too much, too many, 

Par —, too, ICO much. [too. 
Trop peu, too litlle. 
Trop, sm. exubérance, excess. 
Trope, sm. tropc. 
Trophée, SOT. trophy. 
Tropique, sm, tropic. 
— , a. tropical. 
Tropologique, a. — gical. 
Troque, sf. barter; excbange. 
Troquer, va. to truck, barteq 
Troqueur, se, s. barterer. 
Trot, SOT. trot. 
Trotte, sf. trot; slep; distance. 
Trotte-menu, a. small-trolting. 
Trotter, v». to trot ; run ; waUt. 




Trjjtteur, se, s. trotter, Irottîng- 1 
Tr»««iii, S));, errand-boy. [horse. 
Trottiner, vn. to jog along 
Trottoir, sm . foot-palh , fool- 

Trou. S771, bole, gap. 

Itoiicher ii» — , to paya debt. 
Trou-madame, sm. troll-ma- 

Trou II a (four, sm. troubadour. 
frouble, sm. trouble, broil; 

agitalioD. [dull. 

— , a. tbick, muddy, cîoudy, dim, 
t'rouble-rête, sm. troublesome 


Troubler, va. to trouble, hinder, 
disturb; muddy; confuse; dis- 
concert, [certed; grow tbick. 
Se —, vr. to falter; be discon- 

Trouéo, sA ofjeuing, gap. 

— ,n. full of lioles; holy. 
Trouer, va. to make a hole. 

Se—, Dr. lo grow full ol boles. 
Troupe, sf. troop, companj, 

band, crew, flock. 
Trou|>cB, pi. troops, forces. 
Troupeau, sm. flock, drove ; 

crew ; herd. 
Troupier, sm. trooper ; soldier. 
Trousse , s/", truss ; bundle ; 

quîver, comb-case, heel. 

Hlouter en —, to ride bebind. 
Trousseau, sm. buncb, bundle; 

Trousse-galaut, sm. choiera. 
Trousse-qiieue, sf. tail-band. 
Troussequiu, s/", mortise-gauge. 
Trousser, va. truss; despatcb. 

— bagage, to boit. 
Troussis, sm. tuck. 
Trouvaille, s/", finding; pièce of 

luck. [find out, invent. 

Trouver, va. to find, nieet, 

— bon, lo like. 

— mauvais, to dislike. 

— à redire, to find fault. 
Se—, vr to find one's self, be, 
prove out, stand. 

— mal, lo faint. 
Trouvère, 5»). troubadour. 
Truand, e, s. "Vagabond; Tagrant. 
Truander, vn. to bq". 
Tauruderie, sf, l&~. 

Trublè, s^. hand-net. 
Trucllenicnl, sm. interpreteTt 
Trucher, un. tO beg. 

Truclicur, sm. beggar. 

Truelle, sf. trowel'. 

Truellée, sf. trowelful. 

Truffe, sf. Iruifle. 

Truffer, i!«. to stuff witb trufOe. 

Truffière, sf. truffle-grouud. 

Truie, sf. sow. 

Truite, s/', trout. 

— saumounce, salmon-trout. 

Truite, e, a. red-spolted. 

Trumeau, sm. pie'r, pier-glass, 

Icg of beef. 
Trusquin, sm, mortise-gauge. 
Tu, pr. thou. 
Tunble, a. fit to bo killod. 
Tuage, sm. killing (of a hog). 
Tuaui, e, a killing, toilsonTe. 
Tube, sm. tube, pipe. 
Tubercule, sm. tubercle, tuber. 
Tuberculeux, se, a. tuhercu» 
Tubéreuse, sf. tuberoso. [lousi 
Tubéreux, se, a, tuberous. 
Tubcrosité, sf. — sity, bunch. 
Tubulc, e, a, tubulous. 
Tubuleux. se, a. tubulous. 
Tuer, la. lokill; butcher;murder. 

Se — , iir. to kill one's self. 
Tuerie, sf, slaugbter - bouse; 

butchery. [bully. 

Tueur, sm. butcher; killer; 
Tuf, Tufau, sm, tut (calcareous 
Tuile, sf. lile. [rock. 

Tuileau, sm. shard of a tile. 
Tuilerie, sf. tile-kiln. 
Tuilier, sm. liler; tile-maker. 
Tulipe, sf. tulip. 
Tulipier, sm. the tulip-tree. 
Tulle, sm. tulle, net. 
Tuméfaction, sf. — tion. 
Tuméfier, vn. to tumefy. 

Se — , vr. to tumefy. 
Tumeur, sm. tumour, swellinge 
Tumuluire, a. Pierre, toIDD'» 

Tumulte, sm. tumult, riot. 
Tumultueusement, ad, ric 

tousiy. [tumultuous. 

Tumultueux, se, a. riotouS| 
Tumulus, sm. tumulus. 
Tunique, sf, coat; tunic; film. 




Tnnnel, sm. tunoel. 
Tiiorbe, sm. theorbo. 
Tiii'lian, syn. turban. 
Tiirliiiiê, e, a. turbinated. 
Turbot, sm. turbot. 
Tlirliolière, sf. turbol-kettle. 
Tiirbiili-mment, ad. — lently. 
Turbulence, sf. — lency. 
Turbulent, e, a. turbulent, 

noisy. [Turkisb. 

Turc", Turque, a. s. Turk, 

A la Turque, ad. in the Tur- 

Turelure, sf. répétition, bur- 

den of a song (low). 
Turgescence, sf. turgescence. 
Tiirlupiii, sm. sorry buffoûn. 
Turlupinade, sf. sillv jest. 
Turlupiner, v. to make connn- 

drums ; jest. 
—, va. to banter; tease. 
Turluter, vn. to pipe; loot. 
Turneps, sm turnip. [ness. 
Turpitude, sf turpilude, \ile- 
Turquel, sm. bearded wheat. 
Turquin (bleu), blue dark. 
Turquoise,. 1^. tuTquoise(stone). 
Tussilage, sm. tussilage. 
Tutélaire, a. — lar, [lage. 

Tutelle, sf. guardiansbip; tute- 

Tuteur, trice, ». guardian, 
Tutie, sf tulty. tprolector. 

Tutoiement, sm. thouing. 
Tulojer, va. to thon and tbee. 
Tuyau, sm. pipe, quill of a pen, 

tube; staik ot corn, shank. 
Tuj'érc. sf. tuyère, tewel. 
Tjiupau, sm. drum of the ear; 

lympanum. [decry, 

Tj'nipauiser, va. to ery down; 
Tynipanite, sf. tympany, 
Tyuipanon, sm. dulcimer. 
Type, sm. type, Bgure, model. 
Typhoïde, a. typlius. 
Typhon, sm. t'yplioon. 
Typhus, sm. typhus. 
Typique, a. typical. 
Typographe, sm. — pher. 
Typographie, sf. — phy, print- 

Typographiqike, a. — phical 
Typograpbiquement, ad. t;- 

Tyran, sm. tyrant. 
Tyrannicide, sm. tyrannicido. 
Tyrannie, sf. tyranny. 
Tyrunnique, a. — nical. [ly. 
Tyrauniquenient, ad. — nica!- 
Tyranniser, va. to tyrannise. 


IJbiqnlate, sm. ubiquist. 
Ubiquité, sf. ubiquity. 
tldoniètre, sm. rain-gauge. 
rka^e. sm. uk2se. 
Ulcération, sf. — tion. 
Ulcère, sm. ulcer. 
Ulcéré, e, a. ulcer. 
Ulcérer, va. to ulcerate ; exas- 

Ulcéreux, se. a. ulcerous. 
Ultérieur, e,f(. further,ullerior. 

Vltinintum, sm.. ultimatuin. 
VlIrniDuudaiu, e, a. s. ultra- 

mundane. [tane. 

Ullraniontnin, S. a. oltramon- 
Viublc, sm. grayling, umber. 

Un, Une, art. one, a, an, 
E.^ — et PauCre, botb. 
1,' — ou Tautre, either. 
Ni r— ni Pautre, neitber, 
Les Uns et les autres, allf 

U.^uD, Pautre, one another. 

— à un. one bj one. 

UnQuiine, a. unanimous. 

Unanimement, ad. — mously. 

Unanimité, sf. unanimily. 

Uuguiculé, e, a. uriguiculate. 

Uni, e, a. even, simple; unitudf 

Unième, a. Srst. 

Uniforme, a. uniTorm, 

— , sm. unirorra,regimentaIs 

Unirorméinent, ai. uniforml} 




l'nlformUé, sf. unirormlly. 
Unilatéral, e, a. unilatéral. 
Viiinieui, ad. evenly, plainlj, 

Vniou, $/. unioD, concord. 
Uuique, a. onlj, sole, single; 

Uniquement, ad. only, solely. 
Uuir, va, to unile, to smootb. 

S' — , vr. to unité; be united. 
UuiBson, sm. unisou. 
Unitaire, sm. unitarian. 
Unité, sf. unily, unit. 
Uiiivalve, a. s. univalve. 
Univers, sm. universe. [lism. 
Universalisme, sm. universa- 
UuiTcrsalité, sf. — liiy. 
Universel, le, a. universal. 
Universellement, ad. — sally. 
Université, sf. university. 
Vuivocatiou, sf. — tien. 
Univoque, a. univocal. 
Uranagrapliie,s/'. uranograpby. 
Urbain, u. urban. 
Urbanité, sf. urbanity. 
Ure, 5)n. ure-ox, aurochs. 
Uretère, siii. urcler. 
Urètre, sm. urethra. 
Urgence, sf. urgency. 
Urgent, e, a. urgent, pressing. 
Urinaire, a. urinary. 
Urinai, sm. orinal. 
Urine, sf. urine. 
Uriner, vn, to urine. 
Vrineuz, se, a, urinons. 
Urinoir, sm. retiring-place. 
Urue, sf. urn. 
Vrsuliue, sf. ursullne (nnn). 
Us, sm. pi. Gustom, usage. 
Usage, sm. usage, use; custmos, 


Usager,*, «. commoner. 
Usance, sf. use ; usance; wont. 
Usant, e, a. using, enjoylng. 
Usé, e, a. worn-out; seedy. 
User, u. to use; naste; wear ont, 

impair, exhaust. 

Eu — bien avec, to be baTS 

well to. 
Usine, sf. manuTactory ; mills; 

Usité, e, a. used; usnal. 
Ustensile, sm. usteosll, impla> 

ment; tool. 
Ustion, sf. uslioD. 
UsucapSon, sf. usucaplion. 
Usuel, le, a. usual; commoa. 
Usuellement, ad. usually. 
Usufructaire, a — tuary. 
Usufruit, sm. usurrnct. 
Usufruitier, e, s, usufructuarj... 
Usuraire, a. usurious. 
Usurairement, ad. usuriouslj.- 
Usurc, sf. usury, wear. 
Usurier, e, 8. usurer. 
Usurpateur, trice, s. usurper^ 
Usurpation, sf. — tion. 
Usurper, va. to usurp. vn. tO 

encroach upon. 
Ut, sm. ut, do, C (Brat note o( 

tbe gamut.) 
Utérin, e, a. nterine. 
Utérus, sm. utérus; womb. 
Utile, a. sm. usefui, proBtabla^ 

Utilement, ad. usefully. 
Utiliser, va. to utilize; improte^ 
Utilité, sf. utilily; proBt; use. 
Utopie, sf. ulopia. 
titricule, sm. ulrlele. 
Uvée, tf. uvea. 
Uvulaire, a. UTuIar. 

Va, fn<. doue. [days. 

Vacance, sf. vacaney, pi. boli- 
Vacaut, e, a. Tacant, empty. 
Vacarme, sni. tumult; uproar. 
Vacation, sf. proression, time, 

•sacation; silting. 
Vaccin, sm. vaccine matter. 

Vaccinal, e, a. Taccine. 
Vaccination, s/', vaccination. 
Vaccine, sf. cow-po.x. 
Vacciner, va. to vaccinale. 
Vaclie, s^. cow, cow-bide.[berd. 
Vucker, e, s. cow-keeper, cow» 
I Vacherie, t/.cow-bouse. 




Vacillant, e, n. Tacillaling; wa- 

Vacillation, s/', vacillation. 

Vaciller, un. to \acillale; tôlier; 

Vacuité, sf. — ty, emptiness. 

Vade, sf. slake al play, vade. 

— -nieciim, sm. vade-Mccum; 

Ta-el-vient, sm. alternale mo- 
tion; rerry-boal;(mar) pass-rope. 

dTagalioud, e, a. s. vagabond, 
rambler, wanderer. 

Vagabondage, sm. vagrancy. 

Vagabonder, vagabondize. 

Vagin, sm. vagina. 

Vaginal, e, a. vaginal. [ling- 

Vagis«enient,$))t. puliog; nai- 

Vagiie, sf. wave, surge, blilow. 

— , a. vague, waste. 

Vaguement, ad. vaguely> 

Vaguemestre, syn. baggage- 

Vaguer, un. to ranibl6;wander. 

Vaillamment, ad. valianlly. 

Vaillance, sf. valeur, prowess. 

Vaillante, e, a. valiant, brave. 

— , sm. worth; substance, [feat. 

Vaillantiae, sf. prowess-, great 

Vain, e, a. vain, idie; frivolous. 
En — , ad. vainly, in vain. 

Vaincre, vn. to vainquish; sub- 
due, surpass, conquer. [vainly. 

Vainement, ad, to no purpose, 

Vainqueur, ;m. conqueror, Vic- 

Vair, sm. vair. 

Vairon, a. m. uhall-eyed. 

Vai98oou,s()i. vessel, sliip; pile, 

Vaisselle, sf. table-utensiis. 

Val, sm. valley, dale, vale. 

Valable, a. vâlid. 

Valablement, nti. validly. 

Valériane, sf. valerian. 

Vnici, sm. foolraan, groom, va- 
iet, knave; hold-Tast. 

Valetage, sm, drudgery; maniai 

Valetaille, sf. pack of lackeys. 

Valetcr, V7i. to cringe, wait. 

Valétudinaire, a. — narian. 

Valeur, s^, value, worlb, valeur; 
pi. «ITects, billf. 

Valeureusement, ad, vaMantij 
Valeureux, «e, a. valianl. 
Vali<lation, sf. validalion. 
Valide,», vahd, lieallh" 
Vnlidcmenl, »'/. validly. 
Valider, vu. to render ?alid. 
Validité, sf validity. 
Valise, sf. cioak-bag. 
Vallée, sf. valley, vale, dalc. 
Vallon, sm. dale ; dell. 
Valoir, va. to be worlh. 

A —, on account. 

Faire—, to improve, eslallish 

Se faire — , to boast. 
Vaille que vaille, at anyrale. 
Valse, sf. wallz. 
Valser, to waltz. 
Value, sf. value. 

Plus- —, sf. Increased value. 
Valve, sf, valve; clack-valve. 
Valvule, sf, valvule. 
Valvulaire,a. valvular. 
Vampire, sm. vampire. 
Van, sm. winuowing; basket. 
Vandalisme, sm. vandalism. 
Vanille, sf. vanilla. 
Vanillier, sm. vanilla-tree. 
Vanité, sf. vanily, selT-conceit. 
Vaniteux, se, a. vain ; self* 

Vannage, sm. ninnowing. 
Vanne, sf. paddie ( of a lock); 
Vanneau, sm. lapwing. [sluice. 
Vanner, va. to winnow. 
Vannerie, sf, ba^ket-trade. 
Vannette, sf. server (for horses). 
Vanneur, sm. wiuoower. 
Vannier, sm. basket-maker. 
Vautnil, sm, folding door; leaf. 
Vantard, Vauteur, sm. boaster. 
Vanter, va to extûl; vaint. 

Se —, vr. to boasl; he e.xlolledt 
Vanterie, sf. boasting îbeggar. 
Va-uu>pieds, sm. vi>,;<iboad; 
Vnpeur, sf, vapour, steam. 

Bain de —, vapour-batb. 
Vapeurs, sf. pi, hystéries, va* 

pour, [pory. 

Vaporeux, se, a. vaporous; va 
Vaporiser, va. lo vaporize. 
Vaporisation , sf. vaporization* 
Vaquer, vn. to be vacant. 
Varuigne, af. tide-gaifl. 




Varangue, sf. floor-timber. 
Varech, sea-weed, wreck. 
Vai-eniio, sf, warren, chaseï 
Variabilité, sf. variableness. 
Variable, a. variable. 
Variant, e, a. fickle, chan^ 
VarÎHiite» , sf. yl. various rea- 

Variation, s^.— tion, chang9. 
Varice, sf. varix. 
Varicocèlc, sf. ■varicocele. 
Varier, va. lo vary; change. 
Variété, sf. variely; diversity. 
Variole, sf. Tarioia; small pox. 
Variqueux, se, a. varicous, 
Varlet, sm. a valet. 
Varlope, sf. jointer-planB. 
l'jFisculaîre, Vaaculeuz, se, a. 

Vase, sm. vase; vessel. 
—, sf. slime; mud; mire. 
Vaseux, se, a. muddj, rairy. 
Vasistas, sm. rmail casemenl 

(in a door or window). 
Vassal, e, ». vassal. 
Vasselage, sm. vasselage. 
Vaste, a. vast, spacious; wide. 
Vatican, sm. Vaticao (pope's 

Va-tout, sm. last stake. 

Faire nu —, to stake one's ail. 
Vaudeville, sm. vaudeville. 
Vaudevilliste, sm. vaudevillist. 
Vaurien, sm. a vile «retch. 
Vautour, sm. vulture. [roll. 

Se Vautrer, vr. to vrallow ; 
Veau, sm, calf, veal ; calf's lea- 
— marin, sea-calf. [Iher. 

Vecteur, sm, veclor. 
Vedette , sf. sentry on horse- 

back, watch-tower. 
Végétable, a. vegetablei 
Végétal, sm. vegelaflç. 
—, e, a. vegetabie. 
Végétant, e, a. vege'tàling. 
Végétatif, ve, a, végétative. 
Végétation, sf, végétation. 
Végéter, vn. to végétale. 
Véhémence, sf. véhémence. 
Véhément, e, a. véhément, im- 

petuous. [menlly. 

Véhémentement, ad. vehe- 
Véliiculot sm, vebicle.' meanai 

Veille, sf. watching; natcb, eve. 
Veilles, sf. pi. labours; watching. 
Veillée, sf, silting up; watching; 

viïil. [nake. 

Veiller, v. to walch; sit up, 
Veilleur, sm. watcher. 
Veilleuse, sf. night lamp. 
Veillote, sf. cock (of hay). 
Veine, sf. vein. 
Veiné, e, a. veined; velny. 
Veineux, se, a. veiny; yeaoDf. 
Vêler, vn, to calve. 
Vélin, sm, vellum. 

Papier — , wove paper. 
Velléité, sf. velleity, iaklinf^. 
Véloce, a. swift; rapid. 
Vélocité, sf, velocily,swiftDes3 
Velours, sm. velvet. 
Velouté, e, a, velvet, soft. 
—, sm, velvet ribbon ; smooth 

sauce. [rance of velvet. 

Velouter, va, to give Ihe appea- 
Veloutier, velvet-maker. 
Veltage, sm, gaiiging. 
Velte, sf. gauging-stick. 
Vclter, va. to gauge. 
Velteur, sm, gauger. 
Velu, e,((.hairy; villous; mouldy. 
Venaison, sf. venison. 
Vénal, e, a. vénal, mercenary. 
Véualement, ad. mercenarily ; 

Vénalité, sf. venality. 
Venant, sm. comer. 
Vendable, a. vendible; salable. 
Vendange, sf, vinlage. [grapesi 
Vendanger, va, to gainer the 
Vendangeur, se, s. vintager. 
Vendeur, Venderesse , s. ai 

seller, vendor. [claim. 

Vendiratiou, sf. claimaing; 
Veudiquer, va, to demaud; 

Vendre, va, to sell; boJray. 

A — , to be sold. 

8e —, to be sold, soll. 
Vendredi., sm. Friday. 
— saint, Good-Friday. 
Vendu, e, a. sold; belraje^ 
Véné, e, a. tainted. 
Véuéflce, sf, veneflce. 
Venelle, sf. by-street. 
f Véaéueux, ««i a, poisaaoas. 




Veuer, va. to drive about; bail. 
Vénérable, a. vénérable. 
Véuérabicment, ad. veoerably. 
Vénération, sf. — tlon. [rence. 
Vénérer, tia. lo venerate; reve- 
Vénerie, sf, venery, hunling. 
Vénérien^ ne, a. venereal* 
Veiictte, sf. fcar; alarm. 
Veneur, sm. huntsmao. ^ ' 
Vengeance, sf. — ce, revenge. 
Venger, va. lo revenge ; avenge. 

Se — , to take vengeance. 
Vengeur, Vengeresse, a, re- 

venger, avenger. [ble. 

Véniel, le, a. venlal ; pardona- 
Véniellemenl, ad. venially. 
Venimeux, se, a. venomous. 
Venin, sm. venom, poison. 
Venir, sm coming. 

— ,t)ii. to corne; proceed; reach; 
arise; happen. 

A —, to comej coming. 

— à, to happen. 

Eu — aux mains, to eome to 

blows. [gone ont. 

Il VienI de partir, be is just 

S'en —, to come awaj. 
Vent, sm. wind, vent, scent, 

emplinoss, brealh. 
Venlaîl, sm. ventail. 
Vente, sf. sale; auclion sale. 

En —, to be sold. 
Venter, vn. lo blow. 
Venteux, se, a. wind;. 
Ventilateur, I7n.— lator. 
Ventilation, sf. valuation ; ven- 

Ventiler, ua. to ventilate; value. 
Vcntosité, sf.—sily, windiness. 
Ventouse, sf. cupping-glass, 

Ventouser, va. to cnp. [1er. 

Ventre, sm. belly; stomach; ven- 
Ventrée, sf. liller (of joung). 
Ventricule, syJi. ventricle. 
Ventrière, sf. belly-band. 
Ventriloque, O.S.— loqulst. 
Veutriloquie, sf. — loquy. 
Ventru, e, a. big-bellied. 
Venu, come. 

Bien —, welcbme. [ming. 

Venue, sf. arrivai, growln, co- 
Venule, sf. little vein. [cbarm. 

Vennsté , »f. gracefulnes». 
Vénus, sf. Venus. [prayers. 

Vêpres, pi, vsspers, evening 
Ver, sm. worm ; maggot, moth. 

— à soie, silk-worm. 

— luisant, glow-worra. 

— solitaire, tœnia. [ness. 
Véracité, sf, veracity, trulbrul- 
%'erbBl,e, a. verbal. 
Verbalement, ad. verbal ly. 
Verbaliser, vn. to draw up a 

Verbe, sm. verb ; volco ; tona 
Verbération, >f. — tien. 
Verbeux, se, a. verboso. 
Verbiage, sm. verbiage, [ker. 
Verbiageur, se, s. verbose tal- 
Verbosité, sf, — sity. 
Vercoqulu, sm. maggol; whim. 
Verdâlre, a. greenish. 
Verdelet, a. tartish. [diction. 
Verderie, tf. verderer's juris- 
Verdet, sm. verdigrise. 
Verdeur, sf. greenness; green, 

verdure; sap ; lartness. 
Verdict, sm.. verdict. 
Verdir, va. to paint green. 
—,vn. to grow green. 
Verdoyant, e, a. verdaot; green. 
Verdoyer, vn, to grow green. 
Verdure, sf. verdure; greenness; 

grass, sa!ads, 
Vcrdurier, sm. 
Véreux, se, a. worm-eaton 

Verge, sf, rod, swilcb, verge, 

yard, wand. 
Verger, s^n. orcliard, verger. 
Vergeter, va. to beat ; brush. 
Vergette, sf. brufh; coal-brush. 
Verglas, sm. glazed frost. 
Vergogne, sf. shame. 
Vergue, sf. a sail's yard. 
Véridicité, sf. veracity. 
Véridique, a. vcridical. 
Vérillciiteur, sm. examiner. 
VériOcaliou, «/■. — tion. [prove 
Vériner, va. to verify, examine; 

Véritable, a. true, genuine. 
Véritalilenient,aa.lruly; really 
Vérité, sf. Iruth ; in Irutb. 

A la— indeed, I conrasa. 




En —, Indeed. [pes. 

Verjus, sm. wrjuice; sour gra- 
Vcrnieil, le, a. vermillon; rosj, 
— , sm. sil-vergilt. 
Tcrmicelle, sm. TerniTcellI. 
Vcriuicnlaire, a, vermicular. 
Vcrmirorme, o. -vermiform. 
Vorniirnge, a. sm. vermifuge. 
Vci-niillou, sm. vermillon. 
Vermine, sf. verrain ; rabble. 
Verniineuz, se, a. caused by 

Vermisseau, sm. worm; grub. 

Se Vermouler, vr. to grow 
Vermoulu, e, a. worm-eaten. 
Vermoulure, sf. worm-hole. 
Vcrmout, sm. vermuth. 
Vernal, e, a. vernal. 
Vernir, va. to varnisb; glaie. 
Vernis, sm. varnish ; glaze. 
Vernissage, jm. varnishing. 
Vernisser, va. to varnish; glaze. 
Vernisseur, $m. varnisher. 
Vernissure, sf. varnishing. 
Vérole (petite), s/'. small-pOX. 
Véron, sm. minnow (fish). 
Véronique, sf. speed-well, »e- 

Verrat, Sm. boar. 
Verre, sm. glass. 
— ardent, burning-glass. 
Vérrée, sf. glassrul. 
Verrerie, sf. glass-house, glass- 

making, giass-nare. [man. 

Terrier, sm. glass-makcr; gjass- 
Vcrrine, sf. slrong screw. 
Verroterie, sf. glass-ware. 
Verrou, sm. boit. 
Verrouiller, va. to boit. 
Verrue, sf. wart. 
Ver», sm. verse. 
Vers, pr, towards, about. 
Versant, e, a. apt to overlurn; 

sm. slope (of a moimlain) ; na- 
Versntile,rt. versatile, [ter-shed. 
Versatilité, sf. inconstance. 
Verse, à — , ad. Il pleut — it 

Versé, e, a. versed, skilled. 
Verseau, sm. Aquarius. 
Terscmenif $m. payement ; de- 


Verser, V. tO pour, flil, OVer- 
turn,5hed; laid (corn); deposit. 

Verset, sm. verse. 

VersiQcateur, sm. versifieri 

Versiacation, sf. — tion. 

Versifier, vn. to versify, [tion. 

Version, sf. veision, transla- 

Verso, sm. reverse ; second page 
(of a leaf.) 

Vert, e, a. green, nnripe; acld; 
harsb ; sharp. 

Vert, sm. gréen; grsss. 

Vcrt»de-gris, sm. verdigrîs. 

Vertébral, e, a. vertébral. 

Vertèbre, sf. vertèbre. 

Vertébré, e,a. verlebrated. ». 
m, vertebrate. 

Vertement, ad. smartly. 

Vertical, e, a. S. vertical. 

Verticalement, ad. verticallj. 

Verticalité, sf. — verticality. 

Verticillé, e, a. verlicillate. 

Vcrticille, sm. veriicil. 

Vertige, S7n. verligo; frenzy; 
madness. [slaggers. 

Vertige, sm. wèim , maggot, 

Vertu, sf. virtue , property ; for- 
ce ; power. 
En — de, in conséquence of. 

Vertueusement, ad. virtuously. 

Vertueux, se, a. 8. virtuous. 

Vertugadin, sm. fartbingale. 

Ver»e, sf. rapture, spirit. 

Verveine, sf. vervaiD. 

Verveus, sm. hoop-net. 

Vesce, sf. vetch. 

Vesceron, sm. wiM Tetch. 

Vesical, e, a. vesicti. 

Vésicatlon, sf. blisterlng. 

Vésicatolre, a. blistering. •, 
blister. [bladder. 

Vésicule, tf. vesicle; little 

Vésiculeux, se, a. Tesiculous» 

Vespetro, sm. vespetro. 

Vesse, sf. foisl. 

Vesser, vn. tO folst. • ^^ 

Vessie, sf. bladder, blister. 

Vestale, f. veslal. 

Veste, sf. vest, jackef . 

Vestiaire, sm. vesliary. 

Vestibule, sm, porch, bail, ves- 
tiLule, lobby. 

Vestige, sm. footsiep; vestige. 




Vêtein eut , sm. garment vest- 
Vèléron, si)2. \eteran. [ment. 
Véiérance, sf. veteianship. 
Vétérinaire, n. s. Teterinary. 
VeCille, s/', trifle. 
Véliller, vn. lo sland on triGes. 
Vétîlleur, «ctrifler. [fastidious. 
Tétilteiix, se, (I. ticklish ; nice; 
Têtir, ii«, loclolhe; dre^s; arraj. 

Se —, vr. to dress one's self. 
Veto, sm. ■»elo. 
Têtu, e, (I. clad, arrajed. 
Vétusté, sf. oldness. 
Veuf, sm. widower. 
Veule,a. weak, dull, sort. 
Veuvage, sm. widowbood. 
Veuve, sf. widow. [nojance. 
VexatioH, sf. vexation, an- 
Vexatoire, a. vexatious. 
Vexer, va. to vex; harass. 
Viable, a. viable. 
Viager, e. a. for life. 
Viaiiile. sf. méat. 

— blaiirho, fowl. 

— de Ijniicherie, butclier's méat. 

— noire, game. 

Viaudis, sm. grazing; browsing. 
Viatique, sm. viaticum. 
Vibrant, c, a. vibrating. 
Vibraliou, sf. — tion. 
Vibrer, vn. to vibrale. 
Vicaire, Sm. vicar, curate. 
Vicairie. sf. vicarsiiip, vicarage. 
Vicariat, e, a. vicsi'.al. 
Vicariat, sm. Ticarage , curacj. 
Vicarier, t)n. toofficiate as vicar. 
Vice, sm, vice, defect, blemish. 
Vice-amiral, sm. vice-amiral. 
Vicr-amirauté, sf. vice-admi- 

rally. [chancellor. 

Vice-cbancelîer, sm. vice- 
Vice-cousul, sm. vice-consul. 
Vice-ucrant, sm. vice gèrent. 
Virr-légation , sf. vice-lega- 

Viccnual, e. ((. vicennal. [dent. 
Vicc-reine, sf. viceroj's wife. 
Vicc-roî. Sî)!. viceroy. 
Vico-Vei-sn. nd. vice-vcrsa. 
Vico-rojauté, sf. vice-rovally, 
Vicié, e, a. viciated, tainled. 

Vicier, DO. viciate; taint. 
^'icieuseuieiit, ad. viciousTy. 

Vicieux, «e, a. s. vicions, dele*» 
Vicinal, e, a. vicinal. [tive. ; 

Vicissitude, sf. vicissitude; 
Vicomte, sm. viscount. [change. ' 
Vîcouité, srn. viscounlsliip. 
VicomleBse, sf. viscouDtess. 
Viciinic, sf. viclim- [quizi. 

Viciiuicr, vn. to victiinize; 
Victoire,*^, victory. [ouslj. 
Victorieusement, ad. victori- 
Victorieuxjse, a. victorious. 
— , sm. conqueror. 
Victuailles, sf. pi, provisions. 
Vidame, 5//Î. vidame. [ieaving. 
Vidange, sf. empljing, clearing, 
Vidanges, p2. Sllb', flood. 
Vidangeur, sm. nighlnian. 
Vide, a. void, empty, open. 
— , sm. void space, vacuum, gap. 
— -bouteille, sm. siphon; plea- 

Vider, va. lo empty; clear, eva- 

cuate; gut (fisb), leave a coun- 

try, pink, drain, draw a fcwl. 
Vie,s/'. life, livelihood; animation. 

A —, for life. 

En —, alive. [aged. 

Vieil, vieux, a. m. old, ancient; 
Vieillard, sm. o!d man. 
vieille, sf. o'.à woman. 
Vieilit^ries, sf. old clotheS. 
Vieillofise, sf. old âge; oldness. 
Vieillir, u. to grow old; to âge; 

grow obsolète. 
Vieillissement, sm. sénescence. 
Vieillot, te, a. oldisb, erderly. 
Vielle, sf. hurdysurdj. [player 
V^eîlleiir, se, s. burdygurdy- 
Vierge, sf. virgin, maid. 
— , a. virginal ; pure. 

rire —, virgin vax. 

Or —, native gold. 

Vigne -, creuper. 
Vif, Te, ((. aiive, sprightly; II- 

vely; ?mart,quick,ljright, sharp, 

— , sni. quick; body, substance. 
— -argent, siH. quicki;ilver. 

Vif;ie. sf, look-OUt. 
Vigilammeul, ad. Ti^aotl}, 




vigilance, sf, vigilance; watch- 

Vigilant. «, ((. vigilant. 
Vigile, sf. eye, vigil. 
Tigiic, 5)1!. vire, vineyard. vine-drcsser. 
Vignette, s(. vignette; meadow- 

Tiguobic, sm. vineyard. 
Vigogne, sf. vicugna; vicuna. 
Vigoiireiiscnient, ad. vigo- 

rously. [slout. 

Vigoureux, «e, a. vigorous; 
Vignetir, sf. vigour; force; 

Vil, e, a. vile, mean; low; base. 

A — prix, 
Vilain, e,s. vi Hein; miser; hunlis. 
—, « ugly, ba;e, vile; nastj; un- 

Vilainement, ad, vilely. 
Vilebrequin, sm. nimble; stock 

and bit. 
Vilement, ad. vilely; basely. 
Vilenie, sf. ugly Word; abuse ; 

meanness; tras'h; coarse food. 
Vilipender, va. to viliry ; cry 

down . 
Villa, s/', villa. 
Village, sm. village. 
Villageois, e, s. villager. 
— , e, a. cnuntry, village. 
Villanelle, s/, country ballad. 
Ville, sf. cily, town. 
Villénage, sm. villalnage. 
Villette, sf. small town. 
Vin, sm. wine. 

— rouge, red wine. 

— de Bordeaux, claret. 

— de Bourgogne, burgundy. 
Vinaigre, siii.vinegar. [vinegar. 
Vinaigrer, vu. (0 season nilh 
Viuaigreric, sf. vinegar-yard. 
Vinaigrette, sf. vinegar sauce. 
Vinaigrier, SHi. vincgar-maker; 

Vindicatif, Te, a, revengeful. 
Vindicte, sf. prosecution. 
Vinée, sf. vinlage; wine-crop. 
i^ineux, se, a. vinous, winy. 
Vingt, a. twenty. 
Vingtaine, sf. score. 
/iugiièms, a. stn. Iwen/ietb. 

Vinicole, a. wine-growing. 

Viol,s»ï. violatjnn, râpe. 
Violât, a. cf violets. 
Violateur, S))t. violatof. 
Violation, s^, — tion. 
Viole, sf. ténor viol. 
Violemment, ad. violently. 
Violence, sf. violence, force. 
Violent, e, a. violent, Lasiy. 
Violenter, va. to force; violai» 
Violer, va. to violate; break. 
Violet, te, a. violet-coloured. 
—, sm. purple, violet colour. 
Violette, s/', violet. 
Violier, sm. wall-Qower. 
Violon, fiddie, vloHn, fiddier. 
Violoncelle, sm. violoncelle. 
Viorne, sf. snowball-tree. 
Vipère, sf. Viper. 
Vipérine, s/', viper's bugloss. 
Virago, s/', virago, terraagant 
Virelai, sm. virelay. 
Virement, sm, tr'aosfer (of s 

dehl) tacking. 
Virer, un. to turn , tack about , 

heave, to veer; change 
Virginal, e, a. virginal, maid- 
enly. [liood. 

Virginité, sf, — nity, maiden- 

Virgule, sf. comma. 

Viril, e, a. virile, manly, maie. 

Virilement, ad. stoutly, manly. 

Virilité, sf. virility, manbood. 

Virale, sf. ferrule; collar. 

Virolet, sm. (ma.) roller. 

Virtualité, sf. virtuality. 

Virtuel, le, a. Virtual. 

Virtuellement, ad. virtuallj» 

Virtuose, s. a. Virluoso. 

Virulence, sf. virulence. 

Virulent, e, a. virulent. 

Virus, sm, virus, 

Vis, sf. screw, vice, spindie tree 

Vis-à-vis, pr. over-agaiost ; op«- 

—, sm. vis-à-vis. 

Visa, sm. act, certificale. 

Visage, sm. face, look ; visage.- 

Viscéral, e, a. viscéral. 

Viscère, sm, viscus. 

Viscosité, sf. viscosity,viscid;ly, 

Vi«ée,$/. airo i design ; object. 




viser, va. to aim; revise, tend; 
hâve an eye to. 

Visibilité, sf. — litj 

Visible, a. visible, manifest. 

Visilileinent, ad. visibly. 

Tisicre, sf. visor, sight ol' a gUD; 
shade (for the eyes). 

Visigotb, sm. barbarian. 

Vision, sf. vision, sight, appari- 
tion, cbimera. 

Visionnaire, a. S. visionary. 

Visi*a*ion,s/". — tion. [inspection. 

Visite, sf. visil, Visitation, searct), 

Visiter, va. to visit; searcb; exa- 
Se — , vr. to visit eacb other. 

Visiteur, sm. visiter, searcber. 

Vison, sm. vison. 

Visqueux, me, a viscous,sticky. 

Vissage, sm. screwing. 

Visser, va. to screw. 

Visuel, le, a. Visual. 

Vital, e, a. vital. 

Vitniement, (!(/. vilally. 

Vilaliter, sf. vitality. 

Vite, a. swift, nimbie; rapid. 

— , ad. quiclily, fast. 

Vitement, ad. quickly. 

Vitelotte,s/'. red kidney potatoe. 

Vitesse, s/. quiclcness, swifiness. 

Vitrave, sm. glazing, parlilion, 
glass Windows. [in cburches. 

Vitraui, j)i. large glass Windows 

Titre, sf. window glass; a glass. 

Vitré, e, a. glazed, vitreous. 

Vitrer, va. to glaze. 

Vitrerie, sf. the glass trade,gla- 
zing; glaiier's work. 

Vitreux, se, a. vitreous; glass;. 

Vitrier, sm. glazier. 

Vitriflable, a. vitriGable. 

VitriOcatiou, sf. — tion. 

VitriQer, va. to vitriTy. 

Vitrine, sf. glafs-case. 

Vitriol, sm. vitriol. 

Vilriolique. a. vitrioMc. 

Vivace, a. long-lived,perennîal. 

Vivaeitéf «/". vivacity; ardour 
liveliness, brighlness; choler. 

Vivandier, c.s. suller. 

Vivant, e, a. s. Iiving;lire; llver. 
Bon —, gay l'ellow. 

Tivat, t'nt. buiitl kuirii 

Vi»e, sf. 
Vivement, ad. quickly; bastil}. 
Viveur, se, s. sensualist: good- 

Vivier, <m. fisb-pond. [vifying. 
Vivifiant, e, a. quickening; vl« 
Vivillcalion, s^. viviflcation. 
Vivifler, va. to vivifj, enliveD. 
ViviOque, a. viviSc. 
Vivipare, a viviparous. 
Vivoter, vn. to live hard. 
Vivre, vn. to live; exist; subsisl. 

Faire — , to maintain. 
Vivre, Vivres, sm. food, provi- 
sions, victuals. 
Vizir, sm. vizier. 
Vocabulaire, sm. vocibulary. 
Vocal, e, a. vocal, oral. 
Vocalement, ad. vocal ly. 
Vocalisation, sf. vocalization. 
Vocaliser, va. to vocalize.[ialent, 
Vocation, s/, vocation, calliag; 
Vociréra)ion, ,':/. vociTeration. 
Vociférer, vn. 10 vociTerate. 
Vœu, sm. wisb; prayer; vow. 
Vogue, s/', rowing, vogue, lepute, 

Voguer, vn. to row; sail; float. 
Vogue la galère^ come wbat 

come mayl 
Vogueur, sm. rower. 
Voici, a(2. see bere; bere is, bete 

are; this is; tbere ire 

Me — , bere I am. 
\oie,sf way, means, course, track. 

— de bois, cartload orwood,etc. 

— d^eau, yoke. 

— d'eau, (mar.) leak. 

— lactée, sf. Ibe milky way. 
Voilà, ad. see tbere; those are, 

there is, tbere are. 
Voile, sm. veil; pretext; eloak. 
—, sf. sail, sbip. 

Faire —, to sel sail. 

Forcer de — , to crowd sails. 
Voiler, va. toveil; cloak; conceal. 
Voilerie,s^. sail-loft. [maker. 
Voilier, sm. sail (oT a sbip), sail- 

Fiii — , fast sailer. 
Voilure, sf. suit of sails. 
Voir, vn, to see ; behold; look, 

disceru; visit; examiae. 




Toîr le Jour, to be born. 

*» — 5 f*. lo visit one another. 
Voire, ad. indeed; even. 
Voirie , sf. inspection of Ihe 

highBays, common sewer. 
Voisin, e, a. neigLbouring ; 

s._ neighbour. [vicinity. 

Voisinage, sm. neighhour-hood; 
Voisiner, vil. to visit one's 

neighbours. [fare, load. 

Voiture, sf. -vehicle; earriage, 
Voilurer, va. to carry ; conToy. 
Voiturier, sm. carrier. 
Voîi, sf. -voice, singer, vote. 
Vol, sm. robbery, iheft, flight of 

— au-vent, sm puff-paste. 
Volable, a. that may be stolen. 
Volage, a. Tolatile; iight. 
Volaille, sf. poullry, fowl. 
Volailler, sm. poulterer. 
Valant, sm. shultlecock; flight 

of a windmili; fly-wheel (of a 

Volatil, e, a. Tolatile. 
Volatile, sm. volatile. 
Volatilisation, sf. — zation. 
Volatiliser, va. to volatilize. 

Se —,vr. to become volatile. 
Volatilité, s/. — lity. 
Volatille, sm. fowls, birds. volcano. 
Volcanique, a. volcanic. 
Volcaniser, inflame; excite. 
Vole, sf. vole; slam. 
Volée, sf. flight; Society, rank, 

voiley, brood, covey,bevy, flight 

ofa wiodmill. 

■* '* —, lo sow broad-cast. 

A toute —, to ring a full peal. 
Voler, V. to fly; steal, rob; plun- 

VoIer■e,<^ theft; thieving; haw- 
Volet, sm. shuller; ledge; nénu- 
phar; water-lily. 
Voleter, vn. to flulter; fly; flicker. 
l'oleur, se, s. robber, thief. 
toliere, sf. aviarj, dovccot, 
Volige. sf. slate-lalh. 
Voliiian,;/-. volition. 

»oIoniaire,a. voluntarj;wilful' 

Volontaire, tm. volnnteer. 


Volonté, sf. will, tenaclly ol 

A —, ad. at pleafure. 
De bonne —, willingly; at will. 

Voloiitier8,ad. nillingly; readilv. 

Voltc, s/-, volt. ' 

— •fare, wheeling round. 

Volter, vn. to voll (in fencing). 

Voltige, sf. stacli-]ope;vaul(ing. 

Voltigeineut,!»!, vaulting; flut- 

Voltiger, vn. lo flutter; vault. 

Voltigeur,sm. tumbler.vaulter, 
Iight infantry. 

Volubilis, sm. bindweed. 

Volubilité, sf. volubilitjr. 

Volume, sm. volume, bulk, book. 

Volumineux, se, a, — nous, 

Volupté, sf. voluptuousness. 

Voluptueusement, ad. volup- 

Voluptueux, se, «. voluptuous. 

Volute, sf. volute; scroll. 

Vomir, va. to vomit. 

Vomissement, s?», vomittng. 

Vomitif, iie,«. vomitive, S. vomit, 

Voniitoire, sm. vomilory. 

Voracc, a. voracious, ravenous. 

Voracité, sf. voracity, glutton». 

Volant, sm. voter. 

Votution, sf. voling. 

Vote, sm. vote 

Voler, va. et n. to votei 

Voiif, *e, a. votive. 

Votre, Vos, pro. your. [secrate. 

Vouer, va. to von; dévote, con- 
gé —, vr. to dévoie one's self. 

Vouloir, va. to will; be willing, 
want; require. [against. 

E" — «, to bave a grudge 

— , sm. will. 

Vous, p7'0. you, ye. 

Voûlc,s/'. vault, arch.[fhouldered. 

Vouié, e, a. stooping; round 

Voûter, vn. to aich; vault. 
Se —, stoop; grow double. 

Voyage, tm. voyage, travel 

Voyager, va. to travel; voyage. 

Voyageur, se, s. traveiler. 

Vojaatt e, a. gaudy, showy. 




Voyant, sm. seer; prophet. 
Voyelle, sf. ■vowel. 
Voyer, sm. lo run (Ijc). 
Vrai, c,a.lrue,ri£ht,At,regular. 
—, sm. Irutb. 

Vraiment, rfj. truly,în(3eed. 
Vraisemblable, a. likely. 
—,sm. liU'liliood. fbably. 

VraiBeml>l:\l>lcment, ad. pro- 
VrnÎBembluitce, sf. likelibood. 
Vrille, sf. giitilel; Lorer; tendiil. 
Vu, sm. sighl; inspection. 
— que, c. seeiog tliat, s nce. 

Vue, sf. sigUl, \iew, pro~iicct. 


A — d'ceîl, •vifibJj. 

A —, al siglil. 
Vulgaire, (I. common, vulgar, 

low, meaD,ba5e. 
— , SîJi.Tulgar, mob. 
Vulgairement, ad. vulgarljr. 
Vulgariser, va. lo vulgarize. 
Vulgarité, s/', \ulgarily. 
Vulnérable, a. vulnérable. 
Vulnéraire, a. s. vulnerar}. 
Vulve, if. tulva. 


IVagon, sm. waggon. 
llVhig, sm. «big. 

V%'Iiist, Wisli, sm. wbist, (a- 

'«'isky, sm wisky (carriage). 

Xénodocbic, sf, hospKalilj. 
Xéropbagie, sf. — gy. 
Xéro|ibtlialuiie, sf. — tbalmy. 
Xipbias, sm. thc sword-Ssh. 
Xil>boïac, a. xipboid. 

Xyloâlre, s. idolaler who 

sliips slatiies. 
Xyloii, sm. coUon-lrce. 
Xyste, sm. xysluSi 

T, ud. there; thilher; hère; al 

home. pr. to lb:m; lo her; to il; 

to Iheni, by, for. 

11 y a, tbere is, there are. 

Vous y êtes, you ha\e, it. 
Vatcli, sin. yatcb. 

Yatagan, sm. yalaghan. 

Yeuse, sf. holm-oak. 

Yeux, pi. Ihe eyes. 

Yole, sf. yawl. 

Ypréau, sm. brcad-icayed elm. 

Eagaic, sf. spear; dart. 
Zain, a. dark colour, 
Zani, sm buCToon, zany 
Eèbre, S7n. zébra, nild ass. 
Zébré, c, a. zebra-striped. 
Zélateur, Irice, «.zealot. 

Zèle, sm. leal, ardour. 

Zélé, a. zealous; ardent. 

Zclote, s»i. zealot. 

Zéniib, sm. zenilh. 

Zépbir, sm. zephir. 

Zéro, sm, nougbl; eipLer, zc.-o. 




Seat! int. psliaw I 

UiKru l« ziit et II' — , to be 

SEf»»e, sm. zest for oranges, etc.). 
Zil>cliiie, sf. saLle, sable-fur. 
XîK-ing, stii. zigzag, crankle. 
Tiitc. sm. ziDC. 
Xiiigage, s»i. zinklug. 
Zingiicr, va, to zink. 
Kiiiguerie, S/'. link-works. 
Zingueur, sm. zink-norbefi 
Ziiizolln, a. s. rcddish, violent. 
Ziiniiie, s/', disseosioo; taret. 
Eiiiphe, $m jujube-tret. 

Zodiacal, c, a. zodiacal» 
Zodiaque, sin. zodiac. 
Zone, sf. tane; belt. 
Zoogrnplie, siii. zongraphor, 
Zoographie. sf. zoograpb}i 
Zoolalrie, sf. zoolatry, 
Zoolitiie, sf. zoolite. 
Zoologie, sf. zoology. 
Zoologique, a, zooTogieal, 
ZoologiKte, sm. zoologist. 
Zooplijtc, sf. zoopbjte. 
Zoolique, a. zootic. 
Zooiouiie. sf, zootomy. 
Zoyiwa, sm. (mtr.) zosissa. 







A, i, A, 1" lettre ds l'alphabet. 

A; An, é, enn, art. un, une, le, 
la, par. [rière, sur le ma;, coi (Té. 

Abâck, a.bak^, ad, mar. en ar- 

A^liaciii, ab^-a-keucei I. trcbei 
f. abaque, ni. 

Ab&rt, a-b&fte', mar. arriire d'un 
■vaisseau, — adv. en arrière 

Abâtidout a-bann^-deunef va> 
abandonner, délaisser. 

Abûiidoiietl, a-ban nMeunnd, a. 
abandonné, dépravé. 

gne, s. abandon, m. 

AbândoDment, a-bann'-deune- 
inennt, s. tbandon, délaisse- 
ment, m, . [lir. 

Abâsc, a-béce. va. abaisser, avi- 

Abâscment, t-béce'-menut, 
abaissement, m. 

Abâsh, a-bachc', va. conTiir da 
honte, déconcerter. 

Abâsbuient, a-bacbe''-nieDQt, t. 
confusion, f, 

Abâio, a-béte', va. rabattre, di- 
minuer, abattre, annuler. 

—, vn. s'abatlrOî diminuer, per- 
dre, baisser. 

Abâteinent, Abâtiiig, a-béte'- 
mecnl, a-bé'-tinngne, s. dimi- 
nution, réduction, remise, alTai- 

Abator, a-bé'-teur, s. celui qui 
fait un rabais, qui diminue, 

Abb, abbe, ». trame, f. [d'abbé. 

A'bbaey, ab'-ba-ci, s. dignité 

A'bbess, ab'-besse,s. abbesse f, 

A'bbey, ab^-by, abbaye, f. 

A'bbot, ab'-beute, s. abbé, m. 

Abbi-éviate, ab'-bri-'vi-éte, ua. 
abréger, raccourcir. 

AbbrcTiâtion, ab-brl-'vl-é'- 
cheune, s. — tien, f. 

Abbreviator, ab-bri-TÎ-é'-leur, 
». abréviateur, m. 

Abbréiiatiire, ab-brl-Tii-é'- 
tcheure, ». abrégé, m. abrévia- 
tion, f. 

A/bdicate,ab'-dl-liéle, tvt. abdi- 
quer, renoncer à. [s. — tion, f. 

Abdication, ab-di-ké'-cheune, 

Abdomen, ab-d6^-menne, s. bas- 
venlre, abdomen, m. 

Abdominal, ab-dome'-i-na', a, 
abdominal, qui a rapporta l'ab- 

Abdouiiuona, ab-dome'-i-neuce, 
a. qui a un gros \entre; pesant, 

Abdûce, ab-diouce',ï«. séparer, 
ôter, détourner. 

Abdûcent, Abduclor, ab- 
diou''-cennt, ab-deukMeur, a. 
abâucteuri a> 




t. abécédaire. [abécédsire. 

Abécedary, é-bi'-ciHié-ri, s. a. 

Abéd, a-bed', ad. au ht, couché. 

Abérrance, abérrancj, ab- 
er'-rannce, — ci, ». erreur,/. 

Aberrant, ab-er'-ranut, a. égaré. 

Aberrâlion, ab-er-ré^-cheune, 
s. aliberralion, f. [errant. 

Abérriiig, ab-er^-rlDDgne, a. 

Abéi, a-belt', va. appuyer, en- 
courager, aider, provoquer. 

Abétoienl, a-betl'-mennt, t. ap- 
pui, eucouragament, m. exci- 
tation, /. 

Abétter, abéiior, a-bet'-teurr, 
t. partisan, auteur, m. 

Abéyance, — laiids in, — a-bé'- 
annce, t. vacance, atlenle, leires 
jaeentes, f. pi. [délester. 

Abhôr, ab-bor', va. abhorrer, 

Abhdrrence, ab-b&r'-rennce, 
». horreur, f. 

Abhorrent, ab-htr'-rennt, a. es 
horreur, opposé, contraire. 

Abhorrer, aD-hAr'-reur, ». en- 
nemi juré, m. 

Abhôrrine^ ab-htr'-rinngne, ». 
horreur, aversion, haine, dé- 
goût, f. 

Abide, a-baîde', (abode, abode), 
rester, demeurer, résider, en- 
durer, souffrir, soutenir, s'arrê- 
ter. — bj or lu, se tenir à, 

Abider, a-bal'-denr,». habitant. 

Abîding, a-bal''.dinngne, ». de- 
meure, /.séjour, m. stabilité, ^ 

Ability, a-bi'-li-li, s. habileté, 
f. pouvoir, stTOir, m. «a pi. 

A'bject, ab'-djekt, a. vil, abject. 

Abjéctedncac, ab-djekMed- 
nesse, s. servilité, f. 

Abjection, ab-djek/-cbeune, ». 
bassesse, f. [ment. 

A'bjectiy, ay-djekt-li, ad. vile- 

A^bjectiies*. ab^'djeLt-oesse, ». 
bassesse, lAcbeié, f. 

Abjuration, ab-djiou-ri'-cbaune, 

s. — tion, f. 
Abjure, ab-Qj 

Icare', va, alynrer, 

Ablietate, ab^-lak-téte, v. a«- 
vrer. [s. sevrage, m, 

Ablacl&tion, ab-lak-té'-cbeune, 

Ablation, ab-lé'-cheune, ». dé- 
possession, ablation, f, [tii, m. 

A'blaiive, ab-'-la-tive, ». ahla- 

A^ble, é'-bl,a. capable, robuste, 
aisé, expert, hab>le. To be— , 
V. pouvoir. 

A'blegate, ab'-li-guéle, va. éloi- 
gner quelqu'un pour s'en débar- 
rasser ; s'en débarrasser. 

A^blcnea*. é'-bl-nesse, ». pou- 
voir, m. habileté, capacité, /. 

Ab'lepsy, ab'-lep-ci, s. cécité,/. 

A'blet. ab^-letl, s. ablette, f. 

AVIueut, ab^-liouennt, a. qui 
nettoie. [ablution, /. 

Ablution, ab-liou'-cbeune, ». 

A'bnegHtc, ab'-ni-guéte, VU. re- 
nier, renoncer à. 

Abnégation, ab-ni-gué'-cheane, 
». — tion, f. renoncement, m. 
résignalion, f. 

Abéai'd, a-hftrde', a. à bord. 

Abôdc. 8-bAde', ». séjour, m. 
demeure, f. 

— ,v. présager, augurer. 

— . prêt, et part, de Abide. 

Abédement, a-bAde'-mennt, ». 
pronostic, m. [annuler. 

AbôIiNb, 8-boK-iche, vn. abolir, 

Abôlishable, aboK-iche-abl , 
a. qui peut être aboli. 

Abôlinber, a-bol'-iche-eur, «. 
celui qui abolit. 

». abolissement, m. 

Abolition, ab-ol-iche'-enne, »■ 

— tion, f. [abominable. 
Abémiiiable, a-bomeM-nabl, a. 
Abominableness, a-bomeM- 

na-M-nesse, ». ce qui est abomi- 
nable, [ad. — blement, 

Abominably, a-boxe'-i-na-bli, 

Abàminate, a-bome'-i-néte, va. 
avoir en horreur, détester. 

Abomin&tion, a-bon e-ivé'- 
cheu-ne, ». — tion, horreur, f. 

Aboriginea, ab-t-ridje-tnii, f. 

— gènes, m. pi 
AbértioB, a-bor'-eheoiiei a. 

fausse couche, A 




Ab6rtlTe,a-bAr'-tlTe,a. abortlf, 

— cbild, avorton. 
Ab6rlively, a bti/-tlTe-ll, ad. 

avant !e terme. 

Abôrliveness, a-bAr'-tIve-aesse, 
«. avortement, insuccès, m. 

Abértment, a-b&rte'-mennt, t. 
avortement, m. [der. 

Abéuiid, a-baounnd^, vn. abon- 

Abdtii, a-baoute', pr, environ, 
autour, à l'entour de, aux en- 
virons, touchant, sur, vers, 
dans, par, près de, prfit à, à 
l'égard de; ad. de tour, & la 
ronde, de tous cOtés. 

Abôve, a-benve', ad. en haut. 

—, pr. au-dessus de, au-delà de, 
sur, pins de, i)Ius que, li haut 
(aux cieux), ci-dessus. 

•- board,(iâ. sans arrière-pensée 

w ail, surtout. 

%- mentioiied, a. susdit. 

*- grouiid, ad. en vie. 

Abr&de, a-bréde', va. user par 
le froltemeni, ronger, effacer. 

Abrasion, a-bré' -jeune, (. l'ac- 
tion de miner en frottant. 

Abréiisc, a-breste', ad. de Tront. 

Abi'idgc, a bridje', va. abréger, 

Abrid'ged, a-bridjd', a. abré- 
gé, raccourci. 

Abrigder, a-brid'-djenr , f. 
abréviateur, m. 

Abridgement, a bridje'-mennt, 
$. abrégé, épitome. m. [perce. 

Abr6acb, a-brAtche', a(/. mis en 

Abroad, a brâùde, pr. dehors, 
dans les pays étranger.';. 

Abrogate, ab^-rA-guéte, va. 
abroger, abolir. 

Abrogation, ab-rA-gué^-cheune, 
«. — tion, cassation, f. 

Abrupt, ab-reupt^, a. escarpé, 
saccadé, brusque, 

Abrûpiion, ab-reup'-cbeune, s. 
rupture, f. 

Abrûpily, ab-reupt'-li, ad. brus- 
quement, hors de propos, 

Abrûptnefls, ab-reupf'-nesse, 
s. promptitude, brusquerie, f. 

A'bacesa, ab'-cess»,!. abcès, m. 

Abscind, ab'-clnnd, va. traa» 
cher. . [putation, f, 

Absci««ion, ab^-ci-jeune, 5. affl- 

Abscôud. ab-skonnd', vn. se ca- 
cher, [celui qui se cache. 

Af>0cdiider, ab-skonn^-deur, 8» 

Abscénding, ab-skonn^-dinn- 
gne, >. Tuile, l'action de se ca- 
cher, [distraction, f. 

A'baence, atZ-cennce, absence, 

A^bsent, ab^-cennt, a. absent, 
distrait. [être disirait. 

— , vn. s'absenter, êire absent, 

Absentée, ab-cenn-ti', s. absent, 

Absl'st, ab-ctst', vn. se désister. 

AbséU-v, ab-zolve', va. absoudre. 

A'bsolute , ab'-sA-lioute, a. ab- 
solu, achevé. [absolument, 


A'bsoliiteness , alZ-sA-lioute- 
nesse, a. pouvoir absolu, m. 

Absolution, ab-sA-liou'-cbeune, 
». — tion, f. 

A'bsonant. A'bsonous, ab'-sA- 
nannl,ab'-s6-neuce,«. absurde. 

Abs6rb, ab-sorbe', vn. absorber. 

Absorbent, ab-sor'-bennt, a. $. 
absorbant, m. 

Abstirpt, ab-sorpt', a. englouti, 
perdu, absorbé. 

Absorption, ab-sorp'-chenne, a, 
engloutissement, m. absorp- 
tion, /■. 

Abstâin,ab-sténe', vn. s'abstenir. 

abstème, sobre. 

Abstémiously, ab-Sti'-ml-CUC» 
li, ad. sobrement. 

Abstémiousncss, ab-sti'-ml- 
euce-nesse, s. modération, so- 
briélé, ;'. 

Abstention, ab-stenn'-cbeune, 
«.abstinence, privation, déten- 
tion, [sterger, nettoyer, laver. 

Abstérge, ab-sieurdje', va. ab- 

Abwtérgent, ab-steur'-djennt,a. 
s. alistergent, m. 

Abstérse, ab-steurce',va.pnrger, 
nettoyer, purider. 

Abstêrsion, ab-stenr'-cheune, *, 
— tion, f, [stersir. 

Absiérsi*e,ab-stear'>clTeia. ab- 




— ce, f. Ciro, modéré. 

A'IislîMeut, at/-sti-nennt,rt, so- 

Abatràct, ab-£trakl',«o. abstrai- 
re, extraire. 

—9 s abrégé, extrait, nii 

—9 ai abstrait, lu ibe — ^ abstral* 

Abstr&cicd, ab-strak'-ted, a. 
abstrait. [ad. abstraitement. 

Abstrâciedly, ab-strak'-ted-li, 

Abstraction, ab-stral('-cbeuiie| 
s. — lion, f, 

Abstrâctive, ab-strak'-tlvei a> 
qui a la faculté d'abstral.-e, ab- 
stractir. [straitement. 

Absirâcily, ab/-strak'-t;i, ab- 

Absti'ûsc, ab-striouce^i a, ab- 
strus, caché. 

Abstrûscly, ab-strlODCe^-li, ad. 

AbBti'ûsciioBs, Abstràsity, ab- 
striouce'-nesse, ab-slriou'-ci-ti, 
s. obscurité, profondeur, f, 

Absûme, ab-cioume', va, dé- 
truire peu à peu. 

Absûrd, ab-ceurd<', a. absurdei 
ridicule. [- dite, f. 

Absui'diiy, ab-ceur'-di-ti, s. 

Abmrdly, ab-ceurd'-ii, ad. ab- 
surdemeut. [s sottise, f. 

Ab^ûrdiifeBS, ab-ceurd'nesîo, 

^ul'und.Mice, a-beunn'-dannce, 
■> aliondaoce, f. [abondant. 

A'uûiidaiit, a-beunn-dannl, a. 

(ul. aboodanjment. 

Abuse, a-bioiiîe', va, abuser, 
maltraiter, injuiier. 

—, s. abus, m. offense, A. [m. 

4b68er, a-biou^'Zeur, séducteur, 

Abusive, a biou'-ciïe, a. inju- 
rieux, abusif 

Abûsïvcly, a-bioa'-cive-li, ad. 
injurieusement, abusivement. 

s. impertinence, insulte, f, 

Abut, a-beutt',in. s embrancher, 
èboutir. [aboutissement, m. 

Abûtuient, a-beutt'-mennt, s. 

Abysg, a-biss', s. abîme, gouf- 
fre, »)7, 

Académial, — oilcaU ak-a-di^- 

m!-al, — dem-ikal, a. académi- 
Académian, ak-a-di'-mi-ane, S. 

écolier d'une académie ou d'una 

université. [démique. 

Académie, ak-a-dem'-ik,rt. aca- 
Acadeuiician, a-ka-di-miche'- 

ane,s. — cien,m. [académiste. 
Academist, a-kad-^-i-miste, 5. 
Académy, a-kadM-mi, s. acadé- 
mie, f. 
Accède, ak-cide^, V. accéder. 
Accélerate, ak-ceK-eur-éte, t>. 

accélérer, se b&ter. 
Acceleràtiou, ak-cel-eur-é'- 

cheune, s. — tion, f, 
Accénd, ak-cennd'jUa. allumefi 

Acceu«ion, ak-cenn'-cbeune, s, 

l'action d'allumer,/', feu, m. 
A'cceut, ak'-cennt, va. accen- 
tuer, mettre les accents. 
— , 5. accent, ton, m, 
Accéntuate, ak-cenn^-tcbîou- 

éte, t'a. accentuer prosodique- 

Accentué tion, accenn-tchiou-é''- 

cheune, s. — tion, prosodie, f. 
Accépi, ak-cept', va. accepter, 

Acceptabilité, ak-cep-ta-biK-i-t!, 

s. qualité d'être acceptable. 
Acréplable, ak-cep'-ta-bl, o. 

Accèptablenefis, ak-cep^.ta-bU 

nesse, s. accueil, tn, faveur) 

grâce, f. 
Accéptably, ak-cep'-ta-bli, ad. 

agréablement, avec plaisir. 
Accéptanco, ak-cep^-tannC6, S. 

accueil, m. 
Acceptation, ak-cep-IV-cheuner 

s. — tion, acception, A. [teur 
Accepter, ak-cep'-teur, s. accep- 
Acception, ak-cep'-cheune, s. 

acception, f. ^m. entrée, /. 

Access, ak-cess'', s. accès, abord, 
A'^ccessariuc.s, ak'-ces-sa-ri- 

nesse, s. complicité, f. [plice, 
A'cessory, ak'-cess-sa-ri,ii. com- 
Acccéssibie, ak-cess^-si-bl, a» 

— ble. 
Accession, ak-cess' -cheune, (• 




accession, f. surcroUi avène- 
ment, m. 

Accessavilf, ak'-cess-s6-ri-Ii, 
ad, accossoirement, de compli- 

A^ccessory, ak'-cess-sd-ri, a. 
accessoire; complice. 

A'ccideuce^ ak^-ci-dennce^ s. 
rudiment, m. accidents de gram- 
maire, m. ;ji. [dent, incident,)?!. 

A'ccîdeul, al('-ci-dennt, £. acci- 

Accidéitlal, ak-ci-dennMal, a. 
accidentel, fortuit, casuel. 

ad. fortuitement, par accident. 

AccidéutaluesB, ak-ci-denn'- 
tal-nesse, t. hasard, m. 

Accfpieiit, ak-ci{/-pi-ennt, s. 
celui qui reçoit. [mer. 

Aceitc, ak-saïte', va. citer, som- 

Acclâiui, Acclamation, ak- 
kléme', ak-kla-mé'-cbeune, s. 
— tion, f. [tée, élévation, f. 

Acclii'ity, ak-kliV-i-ti, s. mon- 

Acclivou8, ak-kli^-veuce, a. qui 
s'élève en pente. 

Accl6y, ak-kloï^i;a.(voi/ezClo}) 
rassasier, déguûter de. [fracas. 

Accôîl, ak-koll^, vn. faire du 

Accémmoduble, ak-kom^-ra6- 
da-bl, a. — ble. 

Accômiuodate , ak^kom'-mA- 
déte, va. acfommodef, propor- 

—, adj. convenable, propre. 

AccommodAtian, ak-kom-mA- 
dé'-cheune, s. convenance, /. 

Acc^mpanior, ak-keum^-pa-ni- 
eur, s. accompagnateur. 

Acc6in|i8iiy, ak-keum'-pa-ni, V. 

Acc<impauimeut, ak-keum'-pa- 
ui-meant, a. aOmpagnement, 

Accémplîee, ak-komm-plice, s. 
complice, m. 

Accôuipiisli, ak-komm'-pliche, 
V. accomplir. 

Accômplisber. ak-komm'-pli- 
che-eur, s. qui accomplit. 

Accômplishmeut, ak-kome'- 
(liche-mennt, s, accomplisse- 
ment, m. perfectIOD, f. 

Accônipt,ak-kaounnt',8. compta, 
mémoire, tn. 

Accôiuptaut, ak-kaounn'-taant, 
s. arilhmélicien, m. 

Accord, ak-kord', a. accord, m. 
union, f. Orbis own — , volon- 

— , va. accorder. 

— , vn. s'accorder, réconcilier. 

.4cc6rdance, ak-kor^-dannce, s, 
rapport, m. convenance, con- 
formité, f. 

Accordant, ak-kor^-dannt, ». da 
bonne volonté, de bonne hu- 
meur; d'accord. 

Accdrding, ak-kor'-dinngne, 
pr. selon, suivant. — a», c. 
comme, selon que. — »o, pr. 
suivant, selon. 

Accérdingly, ak-kor'-dinngne- 
li, «(i.couformément. [aborder, 

Acc6st, ak-kost', vn. accoster, 

Accôstable, ak-kos^-ta-bl, a. ac- 

AccéunI, ak-kaounnt^, s. calcul, 
compte, avis, m. relation, con- 
sidération, raison.importaoce,/'. 
To niake — of, faire cas de. 
Ou Ibe — of, à cause de. Te 
call one 4o — , faire rendra 
compte à quelqu'un. To giwo 
— , raconter, rendre compte. 

— , va. compter, rendre compte, 
estimer, penser, faire cas de 
To — for, rendre raison de 

Accéuntable, ak-kaounn'-ta-bl, 
a. responsable, comptable. 

Acc^uutanl, ak-kaounn^-tanot, 
s. comptable, calculateur, te- 
neur de livres, m. [pler. 

Accouple, ak-keu'-pl, V. accou- 

Accoûrt, ak-kârte^, V. accourcir. 

Accoutre, ak-kouMeur, va. ac- 
coutrer, habiller, équiper. 

AccAutrenieut , ak-kou^-teur- 
mennt, s. accoutrement, habil- 
lemeni, équipement, m. 

Accredited, ak-kred^-it-ed, a, 
accrédité, reconnu. 

Accretion, ak-kri''-cbeune , s. 

accroissement, m. [sant. 

Accrétive, ak-kri'-tive, a. crois- 

Accréach, ak-kritoh»/, va. (CCro- 



cher, attirer à sol, s'approprier. 
Accrue, ak-krôù', vn. provenir, 

lé.-ulter, être ajouté, revenir. 
à demi-couché, posture des an- 
ciens pendant leurs repas. 
AcctiDib, ak-keumb', vn. se te- 
nir à table, à demi-couché, à 
la manière des anciens. 

t'ii. accumuler, enta-ser. 

AcciimiilÂiion, ak-kiou-miou- 

lé'-cheune, s. — tion,^ amas, m. 

AcniaïuIatÎTe, ak-kiou'-miou- 

lé-iive, a. qui accumule, qui 

est accumulé. 

AccùmuIatoF, ak-kiou'-mion- 

lé-leur, ». celui qui accumule 

ou entasse. 

A''ccuracf, ak'-kion-ra-cl , s. 

exactitude, ^ soin, m. fidélité /. 

A'ccuralejak'-kiou-rétein. exact, 

soigneux. [exactement. 


A'ccurateness, ak'-kiouréte- 

nesse. s. précision, f. 
AccMr»e,ak'-keurce,î)a. maudire. 
Accûsable , ak-liou'-za-bl , a. 
accusable. [s. — tion, f. 

Aeciifiàiion, ak-kiou-zé'-cheune, 
Acciisaiive, ak-kiou'-za-tive , a. 

s. accusatif, ?n. 
Acci'isaiorj', ak-kiou'-za-tê-ri, a. 
— tpur, — trice. [blâmer. 

Accuse, ak-kiouze', va. accuser, 
Accuser, ak-kiou'-zeur, s. accu- 
sateur, m. accusatrice, f. 
Accùtiom, ak-keus'-ieum, vn. 
accoutumer. — oue'a self, tir. 
s'accoutumer. A well accus» 
toincd sbop, une boutique 
bien achalandée 
iccùfiiomabic, ak-keus'-teum- 

a-hl,<!. habituel, ordinaire. 
tccûslomably, akkeus'-leum- 

a-hli, ad, souvent. 
Icci'istomance, aktcus'-leum- 
annce, s. coutume, f. 
Jccùslomarily, ak-keus'-teum- 

a-ri-li, ad. ordjnairemeut. 
Acciisfomary , ak-kous'-teum- 

a-rî, a. ordinaire. 
Ace, éce, s. as m. 


Acérb, a-ceurV, a. acerbe, âpre» 

aipre, acre, rude. [grir. 

Acérbaie, a-ceur'-béte, va. ai- 

Acérbliy,a-ceur'-bi-ti, «aigreur, 

âpreté, sévérité, f. 
Acér»B«e,a-cenr'-Téte,oa. amasr 

ser, entasser. 
Acerv&iion, a-ceur-Té'-cheune, 

s. entassement, amas, m 
Aeéscent, a-cess'-eennt a. ai- 
gre, âpre. '[dite, ;'. 
Acélosiijr, ass-î'-toss-i-ti. s. acf- 
Acétous, Acétose, ass-i'-teute, 
— tflze, a. aigre, acide, acéteux. 
Aehe, éke, s. mal, douleur, souf- 
france, f. 
— vn. faire mal. [accomplir. 
Achieve, at-tchIve',on. exécuter, 
Achicver, at-tchi'-veur, s. celui 

qui exécute, accomplit. 
AchieTomeul, at-tchive'-meDnIs 

s. exploit, écusson, m. 
A'cbor, é'-keur, s. teigne, f. 
A'cid,a'-cid,a. aigre, acre, acide» 
Acidilji, Acîdnes8, a-cid'-i-t;, 
a-cid'-nesse, s. aigreur,acidité,/". 
Acidulatc, a-cid'-iou-léte, va. 

Acknôwledge, ak-noK-edje , v. 
reconnaître, avouer, confesser, 
Arkuôwledgiug, ak-noK-edj- 

inngne, a. reconnaissant. 
AckiiaSivIedgaient, ak-nol'-ecfj- 
mennt, s. reconnaissance, f. 
confession, f. aveu, m. 
A'colj>»e,ak'-6-lite, s. acolyte, m. 
A^corn. é''-korn,s, gland, m. 
AcouMic, a-kou'-stik, s. acous- 

tique, a. sf. 
Acquaîu«,ak-kouénnt',t;n. infor- 
mer; avertir, communiquer. - 
Ta lie acqiiainted with 
pemon, fréquenter une pe 
sonne. Make, gel, briug a< 
quainced wilb, faire fait 
connaissance avec. Illake a« 
quaiuted nith , commun 
ce, s. connaissance, habitude,; 
Acquâitiled, ak-kouean'-ted, û 

familier, connu, averti. 
Acquédi, AcquUt, ak-kîuest 




ik-kouisl', s. acquisition, f. 

acquiesce, ak-koui-esse', vn 
acquiescer, se soumettre. 

JcqiiiéBceiice, ak-kouî-ess^- 
cence,s. acquiescement, m. per- 
mission, soumission, f. 

Acquirable, ak-koual'-ra-bl, a. 
qui peut être acquis, possible. 

Acqiiire. «k-kouaïre',ua. acqué- 
rir, [acquéreur, m. 

Acquirer, ak-koual'-reur, s. 

A cqiifrement, ak-koualre^- 

mennt, s. acquis, m. 

Acquisition, ak-koui-zî^-cbeune, 
I. — tion, f. [qui est acquis, 

Acquisftive, ak-Koui'-zi-tive, fl. 

kcquK, ak-kouite',i'(i. absoudre, 
acquitter; —a deb(, acquitter 
ane dette ; — an obligation, 
reconnaître un bienfait; — 
one's self, s'acquitter de. 

Acquitment, ak-kouile'-mennt, 
*. décharge, f. [solution, f. 

Acquittai, ak-kouit'-lal, j. ab- 

Aequittance, ak-kouit'-lannoe, 
*. quittance, f. reçu, m. 


A^crid, ak^-krid, a. aigre, âpre. 

A^crîmouious, ak'-kn-mfih-ui- 
euce, o. &pre, acre. 

A'crimony, ak'-kri-mft-nl, $. 
ipreté, acrimonie, f. 

A'critudc, ak'-kri-tioude, $. 
âcreté, aigreur, /. 

A'er6ss, a-kross^, ad, de travers; 
croisé. IVitb arus —, les bru 

— , p7 . à travers, an travers. 

Acrôstic, a-kross'-tik, s. acros- 
tiche, m. 

Act, akt, V. agir, jouer, animer, 
se conduire ; — ono^s part 
well, bien jouer son rôle; — 
contrarjr to, contrevenir à. 

—, S. action, f. fait; acte, trait, 
coup, m. Ta be talieu in the 
»ery —, être pris sur le fait. — 
of olilivion, amnistie, f. 

A'ction, ak'-cbeuno, action, f. 
fait, procès, m. 

Actioualile, ak'-cheune-a-bl, a. 
qui peut donner lieu à une ac- 
tion, punissable. 

A'ctivate, ak'-tlv-éte, va. actK 
ver. [sant, actif. Ingambe. 

A'ctive, ak'-tive, a. agile, agis- 

A'ctlvely, ak'-tive-li, nd, agile- 
ment, activement. 

Actiwity, ak-tiv'-i-ti,», — té, agi- 
lité, f. [dien, m. 

A'clor, ak'-teur, s. acteur, comé- 

A/ctre«»,ak'-tresse,'rice, f. 

A^ctual, ak'-tcbiou-al, a. -cluel, 
effectif. [actuellement. 

A/ctually, ak'-tchiou-al-li, ad. 

Actûiility, ak-tchiou^-al-i-ti, s. 
réalilé, actualité, f. 

A'ctuary,ak'-tcbiou-a-ri,s. com- 
mis, clerc, m. 

A^etnate, ak'-tchiou-éte, va. 
mettre en action, faire agir. 

A'cuate, ak'-iou-éte, va. rendre 

Acûleato, a-kion'-II-éte, a. poin- 
tu, piquant. 

Acûmeii, a-kiou^-menne, s. ai- 
guillon, m. subtilité, f. 

Acûminaled, a-kiou'-mi-né-ted, 
a. pointu. 

Acûte, a-kioute', a. fin, aigu, 
ingénieux, subtil, violent. 

Acûiely, a-kloute'-II, ad. fine- 
ment, subtilement. 

Actiteness, a-kioute'-nesse.s fi- 
nesse, f. esprit, m. [de force, 

A'dacted, a'-dak-ted,a. enfoncé 

A'dage, ad'-édje, ». adage, pro- 
verbe, m. [m. lent. 

Adagio, a-dé'-dji-A, s. a. adagio, 

A''damant, ad'-a-mannt, s. dia- 
mant, m. fa. de diamant. 

AdiimÀntlne, ad-n-mann'-tine, 

Adâpt, a-dapte', vn. ajuster, 
adapter. [s. adaptation, f. 

Adûptalion, ad-ap-lé'-cheune, 

AdHy9,a-dèz^,ad. maintenant. 

Add, ade,V'i. ajouter, augmenter, 
joindre, contribuer. 

A^dder,ad'-deur,s. couleuvre,/'. 

A'ddible, ad'-di-bl, ad. qui peut 
êtri ajouté. 

A'ddi.*.e, Adze, ad'-dice, adze, 
s. doloire, addition, f. 

Addict, ad-dikt', un. s'adonner, 
s'appliquer à. [application. 

Addiciiou, ad-dik'-cheune, s. 




Addition, ad-di''-cheuDe,s.addi- 
lion, f. surcroît, a\antage, m. 

Additioiial , aU-dicbe'-eune-al, 
a. en surcroît, de surplus. 

A'ddie, ad'le,rt. stérile, coaTi. 

— eggs, œufs couvis, 
^~ braiii, cer\-eau vide. 

— palcd, rt. nigaud. 

— , va. corrompre, stériliser. 

— , S. tartre (dépôt du vin dans 
les tonneaux). 

Addréss, ad-dresse', va, adres- 
ser, prtsenter, s'adresser à. 

— , s. adresse, f. requête, placet, 
m. prière, remontrance, dexté- 
rité, f. caresses, adresse 
(d'une lettre), f. [titionnaire. 

Addrésaer. ad-dres^-seur, s. pé- 

Addtice, ad-diouce', va. pro- 
duire, alléguer, avancer. 

Adducciil, ad-diou'-cennt, a. 
adducteur. [cir. 

Addiilce, ad-deulce', va. adou- 

Adomption, a-deni''-cl]eune, s. 
privation, f. [habile. 

Ado|ii, a-depte', s. adepte, m. 

A^deqiiate, ad^-i-kouéte, a. pro- 
portionnel, égal, conforme. 


A^dc<|iiatcness, ad'-i-kouéle- 
nesse, s. proportion, égalité, f. 

Adhère (»o) , ad-hire', K/i. ad- 
hérer, s'attacher, se coller, itre 

-Adliérence, — cy, ad-hi'-venn- 
ce, — ci, s. adhérence,/', [hérenî. 

Adhérent, ad-bi'-rennt, ft. ad- 

—, s. — rent, partisan, m [san. 

.*dhériT. ad-hi'-reur, s. parti- 

Adhëi*îou,ad-hi^-jeune,s. — sion, 
attache,^. [tenace, adhérent. 

Adhcsive, ad-bi''-cive, a. gluant, 

A'dii, ad'-ite, s. passage souter- 

Adjûccncjr, ad-dja'-cenn-cl, «. 
contiguïté, ^ voisinage, m. 

Adjacent, ad-dja'-cennt, «. ad- 
jacent, [adjectir, m. 

Adjéctî-j ^ ad-djek'-tive, a. s. 

.«/djéciiTely, ad-djekMive-li, 
ml. adjectivement. 

Adjûdso, Adjiidicaley ad- 

djeudje', ad-djiou'-di-kéte, itfli 
adjuger, condamner. 

Adjùin, ad-djoïne', va. joindre. 

— • vn. adjoindre, tenir, être con- 
tlgn. [ner, différer, remettre. 

Adjûurn, ad-djeurne', v. ajour- 

Adjôiirnmenl, ad-djeurne'- 
mennt, s. ajournement, délai, 
m. remise, f. 

Adjudication, ad-(ljiou-di-ké'- 
cheune, s. — tion, f. 

Ad'jugate, ad'-djiou-guéte, vn. 
accoupler. [aide, secours, m. 

A'djiiniL-ut, ad'-djiou-mennt, s 


— , s. adjoint. )?i. 

Adjûnction, ad-djeungk'-cheU" 
ne, s. — tion, addition, f. 

Adjûnctive, ad-jeungk'-tive, s. 
s. qui joint. [*. — tion. 


Adjikrc, ad-djioure', vn. adju- 
rer, conjurer, exorciser. 

AdjÙBt, ad-djeust', t;a. ajuster, 
régler. [s. ajustement, )>t, 

Adjùstuient, ad-djeust^-mennt, 

A^djutant, ad'-dj!0u-tannt, s. 
aide-major. [concourir. 

Adjûte, ad-djionle', un. aider, 

Adjùtor, ad-djiou'-teur, s. aide, 
m. [qui aide. 

A'djiitory, ad'-djiou-teur-i, a« 

Ad'juvate, ad'-djiou-véte, va. 
aider. [mesurer, régler. 

Adnieasure, ad-mé^-ji(nii'e, V.éj^-iour- 
mennt, s. estimation, f. mesu- 
rage, m. [f. secours, m, 


Adniinieular, ad-mi-nik^-iou- 
lar, a. qui aide. 

Adnifnisler, Admfnistrate, 
ad-mioe'-is-leur, —tréte,t)«- ad- 
ministrer; donner, régir, gou- 
verner, manier. — au oatli, 
faire piêter serment 

clicune, s. — stration; règle,/', 

Adniinistrâtor, ad-mine-is-tré'- 
teur, s. — ftrateur, m. 

trikce, s. — stralrice. [mirablet 

A^diuirable, ad^-mi-ra-Bl, a, ad* 




A^flniirableness, A'dtnivahi- 
. Ii<y, ad'-mi-ra-bl-nesse, — bil- 

i-ti, s. excellence, f. 
A'duiiraltly, «d'-mi-ra-bli, ad. 

— lilemenl. [ni. 

A'diiiirnl, ad'-mi-ral, s. amiral, 
A'dniiralsliip, ad'-mi-ral-cbi- 

pe, i". charge d'amiral,^. 
A/diiiii'aUj,ad'-;ni-ral-ti,». ami- 
rauté, f. 
Admiration, ad-mi-ré^-cbcune, 

s. admiration, f. Kote of — , 

point d'admiration. 
Admire, ad-maïre', va. admirer, 

Admirer, ad-maî'-reur, s. admi- 
rateur, m. grand amateur, m. 

ad. avec admiration. 
Admissible, ad-mis'-si-bl, a. 

.Admission, ad-miche'-eune, I. 

admission, entrée, f. accès, m. 
Admit, ad-mitt', va. admettre, 

permettre, donner accès, entrée; 

accéder. [admissible. 

Admitlable, ad-mit'-ta-bl, a. 
Admittauee, ad-mit^-tannce, t. 

accès, m. concession, f. 
Admîxtion, ad-miks^-tcheuneiS. 

mélange, m. mixtion, f. 

mixture, /. 
Admôuisb, ad-moneMcb«, va. 

avertir, exhorter, reprendre, 
Admôiiisher, ad-moue^-icbe- 

eur, s, qui avertit. 
Admônisboieut. ad-mone^-iche- 

mennt, s. avertissement, m. 

s. avis, m. [a. nionitoire. 

Adiuôiiitory, ad-mone^-i-teur-i, 
AdmoTc, ad-mouve', va. appro- 
cher, réunir. 
Adô, adoli, s. Tracas, m. peine, 

diriicnlté, f. niueh — about 

uotbiiig, beaucoup de bruit 

pour rien. 
Adolcsceuce, — cy,'-less- 

cennce, — ci, s. adolescence,^. 
Adôuize, ad-ô'-naïze, va. adoni- 

ser, orner, 
.4dôpt, a-dopts'', vn, adopter. 

Ad6ptcr, a.dop'-teur, s, qui 
adopte. [adoplîon, f. 

Adoption, a-dop'-cheune, J. 

Adôptive, a-dop'-tive. a. adop- 
tif. [ble. 

Adorable, a-d6'-ra-b[, rt. adora» 

Adoi'ubleiicss, a-dô^-ra-bl-uess, 
s. qualité de ce qui est ado- 
rable, [manière adorable. 

Adôrably,a-dô'-ra-li|i,rt(i. d'une 

Adoration, a.dû-ré''-ch6UDe, s, 
adoration, f, 

Ad6re, a-dêre', va. adorer. 

Adorer, a-dô'-reur, s. adorateur, 
m. [rer. 

Adôrn, a-dorne'. va. orner; pa- 

Adôriimeut, a-dorn^-meont, t. 
ornement, m. 

Adôwu, a-daounn^, ad. en bas, 
à terre. — prép. en bas de, 
vers le sol. [gré du courant. 

Adrirt, a-drift', ad. flottant au 

Adroit, a-droïte', a. adroit, ha- 
bile, [adresse, /. doïlérité. 

Adrôituess, a-drdïle'nesse, s. 

Adry, a-draï', a. alléré. 

Adscitilioiis, ad-ci-ticbe^-6UC6, 
<!. qui est ajouté. 

Adstrictiou, ad-strik'-cheuDe, 
s. resserrement, m. 

Adulation, ad-jiou-lê'-cbeune, 
s. — tion, flatterie, f. 

Adulâlor, ad-jiou-lé'-teur, s. 
— teur, m. [a. flatteur. 

A'dulatory, ad'-jiou-lé-teur-i, 

Adûlt, a-deulte', «..s. adulte. 

Adultérant, a-deu|/-teur-aDnt| 
a. et s. qui falsifie. 

Adûltcrate, a-deuK-teur-é(e, 
va. sophistiquer; frelater. 

— , un. commettre un adultère. 

Adultération, a-deul-teur-é'« 
cheune, s. sophistication, f. 

Adultcraleucss, a-deuK-teur> 
éte-nesse, s. falsification, f. 

teur-eur, — esse, s. homme oa 
femme adultère. [adultérin. 

Ad ûl te riiie,3i-deuK- leur-aï ne, (I. 

Adultérons, a-deul'-teur-euce, 
a. adultère. [tère, m. 

Adûltery, a-deuK-leur-i,$. adul- 

Adultuess, s-deull^-nesse, i. 




état adulte, addescenee, f. 

Adiimbraiit^ ad-eum^-braDDt, a. 
qui donne une légère ressem- 
Dlance, ébauché, esquissé. 

Adtimliraie, ad-euni'-bréte, t'a. 
ébaucher, esquisser. 

Adùnibralion, ad-eum-bré'- 
cheune, s. ébauche, esquisse, f, 

Adùiintioiiq ad-iou-né^-cheune, 
s. union, f. [courliure, f. 

Adûiiciiy, a-diounn''-ci-ti, s. 

Adùiiqiic, a-deungk', n. crochu. 

Adùre, a-dioure', un. brûler. 

Adusi. a-deusl',a. adusie, brûlé. 

Adiistibleta-deuss'-li-bl, a. com- 
bustible, [brûlure, f. 

Adiistîon, a-deust'-cbeune, *. 

Advânce, ad-Tanuce', v. perfec- 
tionner, proposer ; vr. s'avan- 
cer, faire des progrès ; va. pro- 
duire, pousser, avancer 

— , » avance,/", progrès, m. 

Adoaucement, ad-vannce'- 

Dicnnt, j. avancemenl, m. pro- 
motion, f. [moteur, m. 

Adȉiicer,ad-'vann-'ceur,J. pro- 

Advnuiage, ad-vann'-tédje, s. 
avantage , profit, m. To «ake 
— , V. profiter de. 

— ,ua. profiler, être avantageux k. 

Advaiiiâgeous, ad-vannté'- 
djeuce, a. avantageux, utile. 

Ad<antAgeo<i.slf , ad-vann-lé'- 
djeuce-li, ad. avantageusement. 

Advantâgeou»ne>B, ad-vaDD* 
té'-djeuce-nesse, s aTantage, m. 

Advene, ad-vlne', vn. accéder. 

Advénient, ad-vl'ni-ennt, a. 
survenant. [venue, f. 

A'dveut. ad'-vennt, ». Avent, m. 

A'dtc-iilive, AdveiKf lions, ad- 
venn'-tive, ad-venn-tiche'-euce, 
a. accessoire, adventif. 

Adventiire, ad-venn'-tchloure, 
s. aventure, f entreprise hasar- 
deuse. At ail — 9 à l'aventure. 

— » va. aventurer, entreprendre, 

Advcniurer, ad-venn'-tcblonr- 
eur, s. aventurier, m. 

Advéii(iiroti<4, adveiiliiroso- 
me, ad-venn'-tchiour-euce, ad- 
vann'-tchiour-seume, s. hasar- 

deux, hardi, entreprenant. 

Ad«éuturausl}', ad-venn' 

tchiour-euce-Ii, ad. hasardeuse- 
ment, hardiment 

A^dïei'b,ad^-veurb, s. adverbe, ï/i. 

Advci'biai, ad-veur^-bi-al, a. ad- 
verbial, [adverbialement. 

Ad wérbinlly,ad-veur'-bi-al-li, ad. 

Adversable, ad-veur^'-sa-bl, a. 
adverse, contraire. [veisaire. 

A^dvemary, ad'-veur-sa-ri, s. od- 

Ad*ér»ati»e,ad-veur'-sa-tive, a. 
— satif. 

A^dverse, ad'-veurse, a. adverse, 
opposé, contraire, malheureux. 

Ad*érsî(y,ad-veur'-si-ti,s. — silé, 
misère, f. [malheureusement. 

A^diersely, ad'-Teurse-li, ad. 

Advért, ad-veurte', v. prendre 
garde ; faire attention, s'appli- 
quer à. 

Adtértence, — ey, ad-Tenr- 
tennce, — ci, s. attention, f. 

AdverKsc, ad-veur-taîze', va, 
avertir, faire savoir. 

Adtertiscment) ad-veur'-til- 
mennt ou ad-ver-talze'-mennt, 
s. avis, m. [moniteur. 

AdïcriiBer, ad-venr'-taî-zeur.û. 

Advésperute, ad-vess'-pi-réte, 
vn. approcher du soir. 

Advfce, ad-va!ce', s. avis, con- 
seil, m. connaissance, instruc- 
tion, /. Ta take — with, 

— boal, $. iTlso, m. 

Advfsablc, ad-val' za-bl, a. Con- 
venable, prudent, judicieux. 

Adiikabli-iiess, ad-vaî'-za-bl- 
ness, s. propriété, convenance, 
opportunilé, f. 

Adwiae, ad-vaïze', va. mander; 
conseiller, donner avis de. 

— , vn. consulter; délibérer. 

Advfscd, ad-v»S'-zd, n. sage, 
éclairé. [demment. 

Advl8cdly,ad-val-zd-li, ad. pru- 

Adiiaednrss, ad-vaï-zd-nesse, 
s. circonspection, prudence, f. 

Advisenieiit, ad-vaîze'-menut, 
s. consultation, f. 

Adviser, ad-Taï'-zeur, g.conseil- 
Jer. nu 




A'di'ocate, ad'-ifl-kéte, s. avo- 
cat, protecteur, m. 
Advoe&tion, A^dvooacy, ad- 

■v6-ké''-cheune, ad'-vn-ké-ci, ». 
défense, intervention, f, 

Advolàtiou, % ad'vA-lé'-cbeune, 
s. ■vol, essor, m. 

AdTolûtion, ad-v8-1lou'-cheune, 
s. action de rouler. [1ère, m, 

Advoûtry, ad-vaou'-tri, s. adul- 

i%d\owée, ad-vaou-i^, s. patron, 
coilateur d'un bénéfice. 

Ad^'ow'aoïi, ad-vaou'-zeune, s. 
patronage, m. [nette, f. 

Adze, adze, s. doloire, hermi- 

JE'gia, é^-djisse, s. égide, protec- 
tion, ^ 

JE'ra, i'-ra, s. ère, époque, f. 

Acrial, é-i'-ri-al, a. aérien, d'air. 

Aéi-ic, i'-ri, s. aire, in. [logie, ^. 

Aerôlogy,é-eur-û|/-6-dji, s. aéro- 

A'oromuucy, é'-eur-ô-mann-ci, 
s. aéromancie, /. 

aéromètre, m. [aérométrie, /. 

Aci'ânictry, é-eur-ome'-i-tri, s. 

A'erouaii», é'-eur-ô-nsate,*. aé- 

Afér, a-fâr^, ud. loin, [ronaute. 

— off, de loin. 

Afep, EX-feur, ventdu sud-ouest. 

Afénrd,a-lird', a. craintif, effraj'é. 

Affabflitjr, af-fa-biK-i-ti, s. — li- 
té, f. [doux. 

A'ITuble, af'-ra-bl, a. affable, 

A^ffnblenesB, ar-fa-b!-nesse, s. 
affabilité, f. [ment. 

A'ff«bly.'af/-fa-bli, ad. affable- 

AlTûir, af-fére', s. affaire, f. 

Afféar, af-fire', va. confirmer. 

Afféct, af-rekt', v. a. intéresser, 
toucher; affecter, aimer, aspi- 
rer à, convaincre de. AITec- 
ted ways, manières affectées. 
He is well AiTected lo , 
il est bien intentionné pour. 
AflTccied ^ilk, atteint de. 

Afféct, af-fekt' s. affection, pas- 
sion, f. f— tion, afféterie. 

ADectàtion, af-fek-lé'-cheune, s. 

Afféctcd, ar-fek'-ted, a. affecté, 

précieux, t 
Afféctedly, af-rek'-ted-ll , ad. 
d'uM maaière affectie. 

Afféctedness , af-rek^-tcd-nesse i 
s. affectation. 

Aff«ctSng,ar-rek'-tinDgse,a tou- 
chant, attendrissant. 

ACTéciion, af-fek'-cheunH, s. af- 
fection, amitié, tendresse, zèle. 

AffcctSonatc, ar-fek'-cheune-étei 
a. affectueux, affectionné, pas- 

Afféciioiiatel}', ar-fek'-cheune- 
éle-li, ad. affectueusement. 

AfTcctionntcncss, af-fek'-cheu- 
ne-éte-nesse, s. alfection. 

Afféclioiied. af-rek''-cheuQnd, a. 
attaché, porlé à. 

Affective, ar-fek'-tive, a. inté- 
ressant, douloureux. 

ti, (. passion, affection, f. 

AlTéctuaiis, af-fak^-tcbiou-eucc , 
a. affectionné. 

Ara'anee, af-fa'-Iannce, s. con- 
fiance, f. fiançailles, f. pi. 

— va. fiancer. 

Arfld&tion, af-fi-dé^-cheane, s. 
union par contrat 

AfOdàvit, af-li-dé'-vit, s. décla- 
ration sous serment. 

Afaiiâtion, ar-fil-i-é''-cbeune, S. 
affiliation, f, 

Arn'uage, af-fi'-nédje, s. affi- 
nage des métaux, m. [lif à. 

Afflued, af-l'aîond, a. allié, rela- 

Arfl'nity, af-fine'-i-ti , affinité, 
re.ssemblance, /. rapport, m. 

.\ta'rm, af-feurm', va. affirmer, 

Ara/rmable , af-fenr'-ma-bl , a. 
qu'on peut affirmer, probable. 

affirmation, [ne,.?, affirmation, 

ArOrmàtion, af-feur-mé'-cheu- 

Aro/rmative , af-feur'-mé-tive, 
a. alfirmatif. 

.tiffl'rmativcly , af-feur'-nié-ti- 
ve-li, arf. affirmativement. 

ArOx , af-fikce', t;. attacher, 
joindre, lier. [d'attacher. 

Affliion, af-fik'-cheune, s. act. 
AraàtioH, af-llé''-cheune, s. ac- 
tion de souffler, f, 
AfOict, af-flikl/, va. affliger, 
elugriner, disoler. 




s. douleur, /. chagrin, m. 

Afaicter, af-ûik'-teur, s. celui, 
celle qui al'ai.îe. 

nfniciiuii, ar-flik'-cheune, s 

— lion, calamilé, f. 
Ataicli^c, ar-ûik/-liTe, a, dou 

loureux, affligeant. 
A^rOiipiice. cy, af'-fliou-ennce 

— ci, s. al'fluence, f. [danl 
A'rauciK. af-fliou-ennl, «. abon 
A/rfliiciiine88, ar/-fliou-ennt 

nesse, s. aljondance, f. 
Arnûx. af-fleukce', s. amas, m 
Arnûxioii, af-ûeuk'-cheune, s 

amas, afflux, in. 
Afférd, af'-fôrde, va. produire, 

fournir, donner. [en forêls. 
AITôrost. af-for'-este, un. mettre 
A/ITi'aiicliise , af'-frann-tcliaïze, 

va. alTranrhir. [rifier 

Affrây, at-fié', Da. effrayer, ter 
—, s. quertlle, bagarre, f. tu- 

niulte, m. [friction, f. 

Affriclioii, af-rrik'-cheune, s 
Affriglii, af-fraîle', va. effrayer, 

-, Affiighiinent, af-fraïte' 

mennt, s. effroi, m. 
Aftrôiu, af-fieunnt', va. affron 

ter, insulter, injurier. 
— , s. alTronl,)». insulte, attaque, ^ 
AfTr6iitiiig, af-freunn'-linngne 

et. chtaruant, outrageant. 
AffM8e,af-liouze',iYT. -verser sur 
Affûsion, af-lîou'-jeune, s. affu 
-AHy, af-laï', va. fiancer, [sion,/'. 
— , l'ïl. se fier à. 
Ali/cld, a-fîld', ad. aux champs 
AOât, a-flate', prép. de niveau 
AOôat, a-flôte', nd. à flot. 
Aloot, a-route',nd. à pied.[vant 
Afôre, a-fôrc',;)r. antérieur, de 
— , ad. avant, devant, aupara 

vant. [,1. précédent 

Arûrcgoing, a-fôrc'-gô-inngne 
Afôrclinnd, a-fôre'-bannd, «a' 

par avance. 
Arorenûuicd, a-fôre-né'-md, 

ad. ci-dessus nommé. 
%fôre8aid,a-fôre'-séd,rt, susdit. 
Arôreiiiiie, a-fôre'-taïme, ad. 


Atv&id, a-fréde/, a. efffavè, 

Afrosli, a-frèche', ad. de uou' 

veau. - [en face. 

Afrâiit, a-Vreunnt', ,.<?. de front, 
A'f»cr, af'-teur, ftd. pr. c. après, 

selon, après que, ensuite. 

— ail, ad. aprè?. tout, enfin. 

— birth, — biirdcn,5. arrière- 

— clap, second coup, [faix, m. 

— gaiDc, revanche, f. 

— math, — crop, s. regain. 

— noon, s. après-midij après- 
dînée, f. [couchement. 

— pains, tranchées après l'ac- 

— (aste, déboire, arrière-goût. 

— Ihougfat, arrière-pensée. 

— fîmes, avenir. 

— wi«, s. expédient tardif, m. 
A^rtcrward, af'-teur-oueurd, 

ad. ensuite, puis. 
Agâiii, a-guenn', ad. encore, de 

plus, une autre fois, de nou- 
veau. — aud —, à plusieurs 

Agâiiisi, a-guénn.M', pr. contre, 

vi~-à-vis, sur, vers. à. 
Agâpc, a-guépe', ad. regardant 

avec étonDement. [éperdu 

Agâst, a-gaste', a. surpris, 
A/gale, ag'-ate, s. agate, f. 
A'gnzc, a'-guéze, t»(. ébahir. 
Age, édje, s. âge, siècle, m. gé- 

néralion, f. [agi!- 

A'gcd, é'-djd, n. igé, avancé en 
.A/gcncjr, é'-djenn-ci, s. agence, 

action, f. 
A'geiit, é'-djennt, s. agent, sup- 

pôl, m. 
AggencrAHon, ad-djeunn-eur- 

é'-cheune, s. transformation, f, 
A'ggerale, ad'-jeur-éte, uo. en- 
.Agglàmoratc, agglora'-eur-éle, 

va. agglomérer, pelotonner. 
Agglomération, ag-glom-eur- 

é'cheune, s. agglomération. 
Agglûliiiate, ag-gliou'-ti-néte, 

va. coller, assembler. 
Aggliitiiiâiioii, ag-gliou-ti-né'- 

cheune, s. union, liaison, f. 
.Aggliitiiiâlivu, ag-gliou-ti-oé'- 

tive, a. agglutinatir 




A'ggrniidise, ag'-grann-dalze, 
va. agrandir. 

A^ggrniidisemciil^ ag-'-grann- 
daïze-mennt, s. agrandissement, 
m. [aggra-ver. 

A'ggrnvntc, ag'-gra-véle, va. 

8. — tion, provocation, exagé- 

fc'ggrcgole, ag'-gri-guéte, vn. 
agréger, réunir. 

Aggregâlc, ag'-gri-guéte, a. ». 

Aggreg&lion, ag-gri-gué'-cheu- 
ne,s. agrégation,/, assemblage, 

Aggrcas, ag-gresse', s. assaut, m. 

— , va, insulter, attaquer. 

Aggi'cssîoii, ag-grèehe'-eune, 
s. agre.*sion, f. [agresseur, m. 

Aggi-v^sui-, ag-gres'-seur, s. 

Aggi'îé*ance, ag-gri''-vannce,s. 
tort, pa=se-droit, dommage, m. 

Aggrîévc, ag-grive', va. cbagri- 
ner, attrister, faire tort, vexer. 

Aggi'éiip, ag-groTipe', va. grou- 
per (in painling). 

Aghnst, a-guéste', a. effaré. 

A'gile, adj'-il, n. agile, souple. 

A/gilcness, AgiUly,adj''-il-nes- 
£6, a-djil'-i-ti,s. souplesse, agi- 
lité, légèreté, f. 

A'gîial»lc,adj'-ila-bl,(i. agi table. 

A''gitiitL-, adj'-i-téte, v.a. agiter, 
débattre, inquiéter, troubler, 

Agii&tioH, adj-i-té'-cheune, s 
— tion, émotion, f. [leur, m 

Agilâtor, adj-i-té'-teur, s. agita 

A'glel, ag'-lette, s. aiguillette,/', 

A'gicis, ag'-leli, s. bot. élami 
nés, /. pi. [panaris, m, 

Ag'nail, ag'-néle, s. envie, f. 

.figiiHiiou, ag-né'-cheune,s. ag 
nation, /. 

Aguiiiou , ag-niche'-eune /. re- 
connaissance, aveu, m. 

Agnize, ag-naïze', V. avouer, 

Agiioininâliau, ag-nome-i-né'- 
cheune, s. surnom, ?J!. 

Agé, a-gô', ûd. passé. Long 
— > 11 ï a longtemps. Soiue 

jrcnrs —, il y a quelques an- 

Agôg, a-gog', s. désir violent. 
To be — , avoir envie. To 
set — , donner envie. 

Agôiiig, a-gô'-inngne, ad. en 
devoir, sur le |;oint. 

A'goiiisin, ag'-ô-nizm, s. com- 
bat, 7)!. lutte, f. 

Agdiiisl, Agonîstcs, ag'-ô-nist, 

— nis'-tiz, s. comliattant, rival. 
A'gonizo, ag'-ô-naïze, vn. être 

à l'agonie. 

A'goiiy, ag'-6-ni, s. agonie, f. 

Agôod, a-gôùd', ad. sérieuse- 

A'grace, a'-gréce, DO. favoriser. 

AgrAriaii, a-gré'-ri-ane, a. 

Agrée, a-gA',vn. accorder, con- 
venir, s'accorder, être d'accord, 

Agréeablc, a-grî^-a-bl, fi. agréa- 
ble, sortable, aimable. 

Agrceableiicss, a-griZ-a-bl- 
nesse, s. agrément, m. confor- 
mité, /. 

Agi-ceably, a-grî'-a-bli, a. con- 
formément, agréablement. 

Agréed, a-grîd', a. convenu, 

Agrceïngness, agrî'-inngne- 
nesse, s. conformité, conve- 
nance, /. 

Agpéoineiit,a-grî'-n)ennt, s. rap- 
port, accord, accommodement, 
marché, traité, »). To come 
to an — , s'accommoder. 

Agréstic, — cal, a-gress''-'.ik, 

— ti-kal, a. agreste, rude, in- 

A'gi'icultiirc , ag'-ri-keul- 

tcliioure, ». agriculture, /. 

Agrôiiiid,a-graounnd',f(. échoué, 

A'giie, é'-guiou, s. Sevré, f. 

— pnwdcr,s. fébrifuge, m. 

— flt,s.lrisson,accèsdo fièvre,ni. 
A^giicd, é'-guioued, a. qui a la 

fièvre. [vroux. 

A'guisli, é'-guiou-iche, a. fié- 
.4'giiishnc89, é'-guiou-ich»- 

nesse, ». état de fièvre. 




Ab! &,int. ahl hélas t 

Aba! k-&, int, bal bal 

Abéad, a-hed',n(i. mar. devani, 

iiUôi^bt, a-baîte^, ad. en haut. 

*i<l, éde, va aider, secourir. 

—, s. aide, f. secours, m. [»i. 

Vider, éde'-eur, s. aide, appui, 

A''idlc8a , éde^-lesse, a. sans ap- 
pui, sans aide. 

Ail,éle,vi:. avo'lr mal. Taire ma!, 
causer de la douleur, cliagriner. 
Wbatailsyou? où avez-vous 
mail 1 — uothiag, je n'ai 

—, s. mal, m. maux, pi. 

Vilmeu», él'-mennt, 5. douleur, 
incommodité, f. 

A'iling, él'-iangne, u. maladif, 
valétudinaire. [tramer. 

Aîiu, éme, va. viser, tendre, 

—, s. visée, f. but, blanc, coup, 
in, mire,/', (d'un fusil), [son,^. 

Air, ère, s. air, m. mine, chan- 

— bole, s. soupirail, m. 

— balloou, aérostat, m. 
-.. gun, fusil à vent. 

— pump, pompe à wr, f. 

— va. chauffer; aérer. 
A'iriljr, é'-ri-li, ad. galment. 
A'irtuess, é'-ri-nesse, S. gaieté, 

vivacité, f. 
A'iriiig, é'-rioDgne, i. aêrage, 

exposition à l'air, promenade,/'. 
A'irlesB, ére'-lesse, a. privé 

.A'iry, ér'-i, a. léger, creux, ou- 
vert, aérien, folâtre. 
Aisie, aile, «. aile, /. bas-c5té 

d'une église. [vière), m. 

Ait, été, s. tlot (dans une ri- 
AjAr, a-djâr', ii. entre-bâillé. 
Akin,a-kine',a.?"ié, qui tientà. 
A'Iubastvr, <<l'-H-bas-teur, s. 

albâtre, >n. 
Alûck! a-lali', int. bêlas l 
Alâcriously, a-lak''-ri-euce-l), 

ad. galment. 
Alâerii; , a-lak'-ri-ti, s. feu, vr. 

vivacité, ardeur, f. plaisir. 
Alârm, a-larm', s. aiarm, /. 

— bcll, beffroi, tocsin, m. 

— ffoti, corps de garde, m. 

— wnicb, réveil. 

— ,t)a.alarmer,eB'ra_ver, inquiéter. 
Alârming, a-lâr'-minngne, (T. 
alarmant, [cloche d'alarme, f, 
.Alârum, a-la'-reume, s. alajme, 
Alas! a-la-se, int. hélas 1 las I 
Alb, albe, s. aube de prêtre, f, 
.Albëîi, âl-bi'-ite, rt(i. quoique. 
Al'biigo, al'-biou-gô, s. taie, ^ 
Al'bum, al'-beum, s. tablettes, 

/. pi. album, m. . 

Alcby'mîcal,al-kime'-i-ka(, a. 

alchimique, »n. [miste, m. 

A'cbymisl, al'-ki-mist, s. alchi- 
A/lcbymj', al'-ki-mi, s. alchi- 
mie, f. 
A''lcobol,aK-kft-hol,». alcool, m. 
Alcobolize, aK-kA-bô-Iaïze, v. 

chim. rectifier. 
Alcôve, al-kôve', s. alcôve, f. 
A'Ider, âl'-deur, s. aulne, /.su- 
reau, m. 

— ploi, aulnaie, f. [échevin, m. 
A^ldermun, âK-deur-man e, s. 
Al'deru, àl-deurne, aulne (d'). 
Aie, éle, s. aile, bière douce, /. 

— brewer, s. brasseur. 

— coiiiier, s. iDspecteur des 
mesures pour les cabarets, m 

— gar, s. vinaigre d'aile. 

— bouse, s. cabaret à bière. 

— boof, s. lierre terrestre. 

— bouse keeper, s.cabaretier. 

— wife, s. cabarel:ère, /. Un. 
Aléuibic,a-lem'-b)k,s. alambic, 
Alcngbt, a-lenngtb', ad. an 

long, tout du long. 
Alért, a-leurte', a. alerte, vif. 
Alcxûndriiic, al-legz-ann'-drl> 

ne, ((. alexandrin. 
A'Iga, al'-ga, s. algue, f. [f. 
A'Igebra, al'-dji-bra, s alf;èbre^ 
Algebruical, al-dii-bréM-kal, a. 

algébrique. [algébriste, jn. 

Algebr&isi, al-dji-bré'-isie, S, 
A'Igid, al'-djid, a. froid. [m. 
Algidily, al-djid'-i-li, s. froid, 
Algiflc, al-djif'-Sk, a. glaçant. 
A'Igor, al'-gor, s. froid extrême. 
A'Iias, éz-li-ass, ad. autrement. 
A'Iible, al'-i-bl, ii. nourrissant. 
A'IicM, éle'-ïène, 5 éirnnger. 
—, A'iienate, él'-Iène-éla, va. 




aliéner, donner ds l'aTeralont 

A'Iicuable, éK-îène-a-bl, a. 

Alieuâtiou, él-îène-é'-cbeune, 
s. — tîou, mésinlelligence, 
désunion, folie, f. 

Alfght, a-lalte', va. descendre, 
mettre pied à terre. 

Alike, a-laike', a. semblable. 

— ,a(2. également. [ment, }?t. 

A'Iimeut, alM-mennt, s, ali- 

Aliméutaljal-i-menn'-tal, a. nu- 

Aliméntary ) Alim^nlou», al- 
i-menn''-ta-ry, al-i-m5'-ni-euce, 
a. nourrissant. 

l'Iimony , aK-i-meune-1 , S, 
pension alimentaire, f. 

A'Iiquaiil alM-ifouannt, a. ali- 
quante, /. 

A/|i4uot,aK-i-kouott, a. aliquole. 

tlive, a-laïve/, a. en fie, -vivant. 

ft/lkal'i, al''-ka-li, s. alcali, m. 
soude, /. 

A'Ikaline, aK-ka-Iine , s. alca- 
lin, m. [User. 

A'Ikalize, al'-ka-laïze, vn. alca- 

Alkaliz&tion, al-ka-li-ié^-clieu- 
ne, s. — sation, f. 

Ail, &11, a. tout; — along, tout 
du long; — meu, tout le monde; 
by — meauB, par tous les 
moyens, coûte que coûte ; — a« 
ouce^ tout i la fois ; uol 
at — point du tout; — over, 
sntièrement, d'un bout k l'au- 
tre ; — 8aiu<» day, s. la Tous- 
saint; — beariiig earth, la 
terre qui produit tout, 

AU&yi al-lé^, va. allier, mSler; 
soulager, adoucir. 

Allâyment, al-lé^-mennt s. mé- 
lange, alliage, soulagement, m. 

Allâyer,al-lé'-eur, s. qui soulage. 

Alleg&UoD, al-li-gué^-cbeune, s, 
— tion, raison,/, motif, m. ex- 
cuse, f. [citer. 

Allège, al-Iedje', va, alléguer, 

Allégeable,al-ledje/-a-bl, a. qui 
peut être allégué. [allègue. 

Alléger, al-ledje'-eur, s, qui 

.«llégiauce, al-U'-diiannce, a, 
miné, /. 

Alléelant, al-li'-djiai]nt,a. lova). 

Allegorical, Allégorie, al-li- 
gor'-ik, — i-kal, a. allégorique. 

Allegôrically, al-li-gorZ-i-kal-li, 
nd.— allégoriquemenl. [gorie,f. 

A'Ilegory , al'-li-gor-i, s. allé- 

A'Ilegorixe, al'-li-gô-raïze, va, 
allégoriser. [ment. 

Allegro, al-li'-grft, ad. vif, vive- 

Alléviate, al-li'-yi-éle, va. sou- 
lager, adoucir. 

.Alleviâdon , al-li-Ti-é'-cheuns, 
soulagement, »n. 

A'Iley, al'-li, s. ruelle, allie, ^. 
bliiid — , s. impafse, m, 

Alliauee, al-lai'-annce, s. al- 
liance, confédération, f. 

Allicieiicy, al-licheMeon-ci, », 
alléchement, iri. attraction, f. 

A'iligate, al'-li-guète, lia. lier 

Alligâlion, al-li-gué'-cheune, ». 
liaison, règle d'alliage, f. 

Alligator, al-li-gué/-teur, t. al- 
ligator, m. 

Allision, al-lij'-eune, j. cboc, m. 

Aliilerâliou, al-litl-eur-é'- 

cbeune, (. allitération, f. 

Alloc&tiou, al-lô-ké^-cbeune, t. 
allocation f. 

Allocution, al-lô-kiou'-cheune, 
s. allocution, f. [indépendant. 

Allodial, al-lô-di'-al,a. allodial, 

Allàdiuin, al-lô'-di-euroe, S. 
franc-alleu, m. allcdialité, f. 

Allôuge, al-leunndje', s, botte, 
/■. (escrime). 

—, va. allonger (une botte) (es 

AII60, al-ldù', V, exciler, pous- 
ser, [tion, harangue. 

A'Iloiiiiy, al'-lô-lioui , s. allocu- 

Allôl, al-lole', va. assigner, ad- 
juger, départir. 

Allôtmeut, al-lote'-mennt,j. as> 
signalion, f. partage, m. 

Allôw, al-laou', ta. donner ar- 
louer, souffrir, approuver, 
avouer, déduire, [time, juste. 

Allôwablc,. al-laou'-a-bl,a. légi- 

AlloTvableuess, aMaou^-a-bi- 
nesse, s. légalité, f. 

\ Allôwiiu««) sl-l-aou'-aaoce, «• 





■IiOMtlon, indulgence, conai- 
TODCe, f. [lité, f. 

Allôjr, al-lo-ï', ». aloi, m. qua- 

Allûde, al-lioude', un. Taire al- 
lusion, [enlumineur. 

Alltiminor, al-Iiou'-mi-neur, 3. 

Allure^ al-lioure^, va. amorcer, 

Allûrement, al-lioure'-mennt, 
t. attraits, m. pi. 

Allûrer, al-liou'-reur, a, séduc- 
teur, flatteur. 

AIlârKiBly, al-liou'-rinngne-li, 
ad. d'une manière séduisante, 

àlIûriuBuess, al-llou'-rJDngne- 
nesse, j, agrément, m, [sion, f. 

Allûsiou, al-liou'-jeune, s. allu- 

Allûsiwe, al-liou'-sive, a. qui 
fait allusion. 

Allûsivel}', al-llQu'-sive-Ii, ad- 
par manière d'allusion. 

Allûsiveiiess, al-liou^-slTe- 
nesse, s. allusion, f. 

Allûvlou, al-liou'-vi-eune, J. 
allu-vion, f, [joindre. 

AU}, al-laî', va. allirer, unir, 

— , ». allié, confédéré, m. 

A'liuauack,S|/-ma-nali, s. alma- 
nach, m [s. toute-puissance, f, 

Almigtatinesa, èl-ma^-ti-nesse, 

Almigbty, il-mai^-li, a. s. tout- 

A'imoucl, a'-meunnd,s. amande, 
/. A'^liuouds of Ihe tbroat^ 
amygdales, f. pi, 

— tree, amandier, m. [mtnier. 
A'Imoner, aK-meune-eur, ». au- 
A^lmoury, aK-meuDD-ri, 5. au- 

mflnerie,/'. [environ, biealôt. 
A'Iui6sl, âK-moste, ad. presque, 

eveu — , ad. à peu près. [f. 
Alms, tmze, I. aumône, charité, 

— box, », troue four les au- 
mAnes. [charité. 

— mau, s. homme qui vit de 

— house, s. m^'isou de charité, 
hospice, f. [m. 

A'Itiage, aK-nédje, s, aunage, 
A'iaager, al'-nè-djeur, », au- 

neur, m. 
A^oes, al'-ôze, ». aloè», m. 
AliSi, i-\oH', <id. «B haut, élevé. 

Toae* —, élever, 

Aldue, a-lône', a. seul. ma 
— , laisst'Z-moi en repos. E.e» 
me — for thut, laissez*mol 
faire. To leave —, abandon- 
ner. « 

Alông, a-lonngue', ad. le long 
de ; — «ide, ad. ma. bord k 
bord ; ail —, ad. tout du long. 

Alâof, a-lo'Ur', ad. au large, de 
loin. [voix. 

Aléiid. a-laoud', rtd haut, à haute 

Al<iw,a-lô', «(/.en bas [bel, m. 

A'Iphabei, al'-fa-beUe, s. alpha- 

Alpbabéiical, al-fa-bef-tl-aal, 
a. — tique. 

Alpbvbécically, al-fa-bet'-ti- 
kai-n, ad. — tiquement. 

A'lpine,al'-pine, o. des Alpes. 

Alieadjr, &l-red'-di, ad. déjà. 

A'Ico, à|/-sô, ad. aussi, de plus, 

A'Iiar, âl'-teur, s. autel, m, 

— oluib, ». nappe d'autel, 
A'Ilarage, âl'-teur-édje, a, of- 
frandes et profits de l'autel, p/. 

Agiter, 4l'-leur, va. et un clian- 

ger, altérer. [rable. 

A'Iterable, âl'-teur-a-bl, a. ailô- 
A'UerablenesB , âl'-teur-a-bl- 

nesse, s. altêrabililé, f. 
A'l»erably,àl'-leur-a-bli, ad, de 

manière à fiire changé, [ralif. 
A'Iterant, àl'-leur-annt, o. allé- 
AliL-râtion, âl-teur-é'-cheune, », 

changement, m. altération, /. 
A'Iteraiive, âKleura-Uve.a. S. 

Altercation, al-teur-ké'-cheune, 

s. débat, m. altercalion,^. 
Altériiacj', al-leur'-né-ci, ». al- 

ternation, f. [natif. 

Alteruate, al-teur'-nélo, a. al- 
— , vn. alterner. 

— , V(i. faire alterner, 
Altcruatel}', alieur'-néte-li, ad. 

akernalivenicnt, tour à tour. 
AltérnaleuL-s8, aj-teur'-nétfl- 

nesse, a. réciprocilé, mutualité, 

f. [s. lour, m. vicissitude, f, 
AUcruâiiou, al-teur-ué'-cheune, 
Aliéritalive, al-l^u ç'-ns-tive. (b 





—, s. alternali-ve, f, 
Altériialively , al-teuiZ-na-tiTe- 

li, ad. — vement. 

Allhéugh, Altho/, kUhd', c. 
bien que, quoique, quand mâme, 
encore que. 

s. discours pompeux, m, 

AUisouaurt , ai-Us^-ft-naiint , a. 

A'Ititude, aV-tl-tioude, >. hau- 
teur, f. faite, m. altitude, f. 

AKogéther, il-lô-gueth'-eur , 
ad. tout & Tait. 

A'Iiim, al'-eume, s. alun, m. 

Alûmiiious, al-iou^-ini-neuce, a* 
alumiaeux. [continuellement. 

A'Iways.âK-ouéze, ad. toujours, 

Amabilitr, ame-a-biK-i-ti, «.ama- 

Amâia, a-méne', ad. vigoureu" 
sèment, de toutes ses forces. 

Amâlgam,— gama,a-maKgame. 

— a, s. amalgame, jn. 

Amâlgamate , a-maK-ga-métO 
va. amalgamer. 

Amalgamatiou, a-mal*ga-mé^- 
cheune, s. amalgamation, f. 

Amaudâtïon, ame-ann-dé^-eheu- 
ne, s. envoi, message, m. 

cisse, s. secrétaire, m. 

Amâritiidv, a-mai^-i-tioude, s. 
amertume, f. 

Amâssinenl, a-mass^-menat, s. 
accumulation, /. amas, m. 

Amàss, a-mass', s, amas, mon- 
ceau, m. 

— , un, amasser, entasser. 

Amàte, a-méte', va, étonner, 
épouvanler. [teur. 

Armateur, ame'-a-leur,s. ama- 

A^matory, ame'-a-teur-i, a. ero- 
tique, [aoiaurose, f. 

AmaiiriSsis, ame-âîi-rô'-cisse, s. 

Amàze, a-méze', s. étonnemenl, 
m. [étonnement. 

*«iià«edly,a-mé'-zed-li,rtf(. avec 

Amdzeditoss , a-mé'-zed-nesse, 
aiMâi<;incnt,a-méze''-meunt, s. 
surprise, admiration, f, 

Amâxing, a-mé^-zinngae, «, sur- 

étrangement. [zone, f. 

A^mazon, ame'-a-zeune, s, ama- 

Atnbagea, amm'bé''-djez, s. pi» 
ambages, détours, circonlocu- 

Amb&SBador, — drcss, amm- 
bas'-sa-deur, — dresse, s. am- 
bassadeur, in. — drice, /. 

A^mber, amm'-beur, s. ambre, 
succin, m, [s. ambre gris, m, 

A'mbprgris, amm'-beur-grice, 

Anibidéxter, amm-bi-deks'-teur, 
s. ambidextre. 

A'mbieiit, amm^-bi-ennt, a. am- 
biant, qui entoure. 

Ambigûily, Ambiguoiisness, 
amra-bi-guiou'-!-ti, amm-big'i 
iou-euce-nesse, s. ambiguité, f. 

a. ambigu, équivoque, douteux. 

Ambiguoiisly, amm-big'-iou- 
euce-li, ad. — gument. 

Ambilogy, — quy, amm-biK-6- 
dji, — koui, s. emploi d'expres- 
sions à double sens. 

AmbCloquous, amm-bil'-fr- 

koueuce, a. qui se sert d'équi- 

A'mbit, amm'-bite,s. circuit, m. 

Ambition, — tiousness, amm- 
bichc/-eune, amm-biche^-euce- 
nesse, s. ambition, f. 

Ambition, amm bidie^-eune, va. 

Ambitioua, amm-bich8'-euce,a, 
8. ambiMeux, avide de. 

Ambilioualy, amm biche^-eucs- 
li.arf. ambitieusement. 

A'mbiluAe, amm^-bi-lioude , (. 
circuit, m. [l'amble. 

A'mble , aram^-bl. vn. aller, 

—, ,■!. amble, m. 

A'mblcr, amm'-Meur, s haque» 
née, cheval mnrchant à l'amble 

AmbraSsia, amoi-Wy-ji-a, S. am' 
broisie, f. 

Ambrôaial, amm'-brô'ji-al, a. 
délicieux, [manger, buifat, m 

A'uibry, amm'-bri, s. garde- 

Ambs-ace. âmz-éce, s. beset,m 

Ambiilâlion, amm-biou-lé'- 

cbeuueiS. marcheifromejiade,/. 





i, a. amliulaloire. 
Ambiiscâde, — do, A'nibiish, 

amm-beuss-kéde^, amm-Leuss- 
ké'-do, amm'-beuche, s. embû- 
che, embuscade, f. 

^'mcl. am'-el, s. émail, m. 

Auiélioi'ate, a-mi'-li-ô-réle , va. 
•méliorer, perfectionner. 

Ameliorâlioii, ami-liô-ré'- 

cheune, s. amélioration, ^ per- 
fectionnemenl, ?H. [soil-il. 

A^meii, é'-mène,«(i. amen, ainsi 

Améiiablc, a-mi'-na-bl, a. res- 

Améiid.a mennd', ua corriger; 
réparer, réformer, [santé. 

— vn. se corriger recouvrer la 

Améudei-, a-menu^-deur,]. celui 
qui amende. 

Auiéudeuieiil, a-mennd^-meDût, 
s. — dément, m. réforme, /. 
changement, m. 

AuiÉHds, a-menndî', s. pi. ré- 
compense, f. dédommagement, 
m. To iiiake — ,dédomma?pr. 

Aménit}', a-menn'-i-ti ■ J. amé- 
nité, douceur, /". [l'amen^'e. 

Auiércc, a-merce', V7i. mettre à 

Aaiicrcei-, a-mer^-seur, s. celui 
qui condamne à l'amende. 

A''iueib}st, ame'-i-lhist, s. araé- 
tbiste, f, [aimable. 

A'iiiiable,é/-mi-a-bl, f/, amiable, 

A'' miaule uesri, é''-mi-a-bl-nesse, 
s. agrément, m. amabilité, 
bonne erâce, f. [grâce. 

A'miabl)', é'-mi-a-bli, nd. avec 

Aiiiiaiittis, a-mi-ann-'-teiice, s. 
amiante, f. [cieux, favorable. 

A'iuîcahlo, ame'-i-ka-bl, a. gra- 

A'aiicablenesB, ame>'-i-ka-bl- 
nesse, s. amabilité, f. 

A'inicably, ameZ-i-ka-bli, ad, à 

A'niice, âmict, ame'-ice, ame'- 
ikle, s. aumusse,/'. amict, vi. 

Ainid, Aiii(d8i,a-mid', a-midsl', 
pr. an milieu, parmi. 

Aniiss, a-mice', ad. mal, mal à 
propos. If aiiy thiiig sboiild 
bappcii — . s'il arrive q'-ielque 
malheuri Va 4uke Aiuiss, 

prendre en mauvaise part. 

A/mity, ame'-i-ti, s. amitié, con» 

corde, ^. [ammoniac, m 

Amiuouiac, am-mô'-ni-ak, s- 

Ammoniacal, am-mA-ai^-a-kal( 

a. ammoniacal. 
AiumiiuiCion, am-miou-nîche'- 
eune, s. munitions, f. [nistie,^. 
A'mnesty, amm'-nes-ti, s. tm- 

Amàng, AmôugKl, a-meuDng', 
pr. entre, parmi ; au travers; 
avec. From — , d'entre, parmi. 

A/moi'ou8, ame'-ô-reuce, a, 
amoureux. [amoureusement. 

A^morously, ame^-â-reuce-li, ad> 

A^morousucss, ame^-ô-reuc6- 
nesse, s. galanterie, f. 

AmorCizatîoii, — xemeiit, a* 
mor-ti-zé^-cheune, s» amortisse- 
ment, m. [tir. 

Amériize, a-mor/-tize, t)«. amor- 

Amoiion, a-mô^-cheune, «.répu- 
diation, f. congé, ?n. 

.AmôiiHt, a-raaounat', vn, mon- 
ter, revenir. 

— , s. montant, total, m. 

Amour, a-mdùr'jS. amour, m. 
amourette, f. 

Ampbibioiis, amra-fit/-i-euce, 
a. ampliibie. 

Ampbibiotisnesfi, amm-fibM- 
euce-nesse,.s-. qualité, amphibie. 

Ampbibological, amm-li-bd- 
lod'-ji-kal, n. amphibologique. 

Ampbiboidgically, amm-fi-bô- 
lod'-ji-kal-ii, ad. — quement. 

s. — loirie, obscurité, f. 

Ampbiibéatrc, amm-iî-thi^-ao 
leur, s. — tiiéàtre, m. 

A'uipic, amm^-pl, a. amplej 
grand, étendu. 

A^iupleiicss, amra^-pl-nesse, s. 
largeur, splendeur, f. 

A'mpliate, amm'-pli-éte, va, 
étendre, augmenter. 

Ampliâiiou, amm-pli-é'-cheune, 
s. — tion, exagération, f. délai, 


AmpliOcate, amm-plif'-i-kéte, 
vu. accroître, amplifier, exagé- 
rer, [cheune, s, — tion, f. 

Amplification , amm-pli-Ë-k^i 



JL'mpUBer, arum'-pli-fal-enr, ». 

— Dcaleur, nî.[plifier, exagérer. 
A'mplify, anim''-pli-raï, va. am- 

A'miilitiide^amm'-pli-lioude, s. 
— de, grandeur, f. éclat, m. 

*''niply,amm''-pli,ad. largement; 
amplement. [amputer. 

A'mputate, amm'-piou-téte, t;(l. 

Anipu(A«ian, amm-piou-té'- 

cheuDB, «. amputation, f. 

A'mulet, ame'-lou-lette, ». amu- 
lette, m. [tromper. 

Amuse, a-mionie', va. amuser, 

Ainâseineiit, a-miouze'-raenni, 

». amusement, m. 
Amuser, a-miou''-zeur, ». amu- 
seur (par des promesses), [sant. 

Amûsive, a-miou'-zi^e, a, amu- 

An, ann, art. un, une. 

Auâcliorite, ane-ak'-S-ralle, ». 
anachorète, m. 

Anàchroiiifim , ane-ak'-krô- 
nizm,», — Disme, m. 

A'ii«grain,ane' a-grame, ». ana- 
gramme, f. 

Anagrâmmotism, ane-a-gram'- 
ma-tizm, ». art de faire des ana- 

Aniigrâmmatist, ane-a-gram^- 
ma-tizl, » — grammatisle, m. 

AiingrAmmalize, ane-a-gram'- 
ma-taîze, vn. anagrammatiser, 

Analéptic, ane-a-iep'-tik, a. ». 
analeptique. [analogique. 

Analôgical, ane-a-IodjeM-kal,ai 

li, ad. — giquement. 

knâlogize, a-nal'-ô-djaîze, va. 
expliquer analogiquement. 

tnâlogoiis, a-na!/-6-gueuce, a. 
analogue. [/■. 

Aiiâlo6y,a-naK-*-dji, ». analogie, 

Au&lysia, a-nal'-i-cisse, s. ana- 
lyse, [analytique. 

Analy'tycal, ane-a-lilM-kal, a, 

Analy/iically, ane-a-lif-i-kal-li 
ad. — liquement. [User' 

A^nnlyie, an&'-a-laize, m. ana- 

A/, aive'-a-lal-zeur, ». ana- 

AnamorpnCsU, ane-s-mor-ffi/. 
cisse, . anamorphose, f. 

*"*""•' «-"*'-»•«,». «nanas.m. 


AnAreh , ane'-ark , anarchiste, 
"!• [chique. 

An&rchic , a-tiar/-kik, a. anar- 

Anarchy, ane^-ar-ki , s. anar 
«hiB) f. [thème, »n. 

AnAthema, a-nathM-œa,». ana- 
[taïze, va. —User 

Anfithematlze, ane-athM-ma» 

Anatémical, ane-a-tom'-i-kal,(j. 

.«nalômically, ane-a-tomM-kal- 
li, tid. -miquement. [tomisle. 

Aii6iomig»,a-nat'-Ô-misle, s ana- 

AiiAtoniize, a-nat'-fl-maïze, va. 

AnAlomy, a-nat''-6-ml,». anslo- 
mie, personne maigre, f. sque- 
lette, [cêtres, aieux,pj. 

A'iiceslop. ann'-cefs-teur, s. an- 

A^'iicestrnl, ann'-cess-tral , a. 
héréditaire. [race, f, 

A'iicosti-y, ann'-cosf-tri, lignée. 

A'iirlior, anng'-keur, s. ancre; 
espérance, f. 

— ,»;«. mouiller,ancrer, s'attacher 
4, se reposer sur. To cast — , 
jeter l'ancre, mouiller. To 
■wcigh—, lever l'ancre, 

— Iiold. mouillage, m. 

— Bmiih , s. fabricant d'an- 

ancrage, mouillage, 7?i. [l'ancre. 

A^ucborod, anngk'-eurd, a. i. 

A'ncboret,— pîic,anngk'.9-rile, 
— raïte, ». anachorète, hcrmite, 

AnrhaSvy, ann-tclift'-vl, ». an- 
chois, [cien, antique. 

A/nririit. éne'-tchennt, a. an- 

— , s. enseigne, m. 

A'nricnlly, éne'-tchennt-!i, ad. 

AncientncBs, éne'-tchennt- 

nesse, ». ancienneté, vieillesse, 
f. [antiquité, nncierneté, /. 

Anrieniry, éne-tchenn'-lri, s, 

And, annd, c. et, que ; à. — yc«, 
néanmoins.— Bo fonb, et ainsi 
de suite. Toast — butter, une 
rfltie au beurre. To go — see, 
aller voir. Two — (wo, deux à 




Andfinle, ann-daDD'-tl, ad. an- 

A'udiron,anDd^-aI-eurn, ». che- 
net, m, [dote, f, 
A'ni-rdote, ane'-eli-dflte s. anec- 
A'necilotic, aoe'-ek-dA-lik, a. 
anecdoLique. [mone, /". 
Auémone^ a-nem^-6-ni, s. ané- 
Anéiil, a-nennl^, a. coDcernant. 
A^neurisni, ane^-iou-rizm, s. 
anévrisme, m. [encore. 
Auén, a-niou', ad. de nouveau, 
Aiirr&ctuoiasue8s, ann-frak''- 
tcliiou-euce-nesse, s. anfractuo- 
sité, A 
A'ngel, éne'-djel, î. ange, m, 

— aboi, s. boulet ramé,/. 
An^élic,— cal, ann-djel'-ik,anD- 

djel'-i-kal, a. angélique. 
Anf;éliciiliieas, ann-djel'-i-kal- 

ncsse,s. ce qui eslan;^éliqiie. 
A'ngelol, aDn'-dji-lotc, s. sorte 

de luth, m. [passion,/". 

A^uger., anng'-geur, s. colère, 
—, va. fàciitT, irriter. 
A^ii^ei'ly, anng^-geur-li,rtd. a^ec 

colère. To look — , paraître 

A'mseriies»,anng'-geur-nesse, J. 

colèr,., f. [f. 

Angiiia, ann-dji''-na, s. angine 
A'ngic. anng''-gl, s. angle; ligne 

à pêclier. [m. 

— pod, scioD (de ligne à pêcher), 
A'ngle, anng'-gl, un. pêcher à 

la ligne, chercher h gagner par 

«use. [à la ligne, m. 

A'ugler, anng'-gleur, s pêcheur 
A'nglicism, anng'-gli-cizm, .v. 

— cisme,»i. [pêche à la ligue,/. 
A'nsling, anng'-glinngne, s. 
A'nsrily, anng'-gri-li, ad. avec 

colère. v)-. 
A'iigi-y, anng'-gri, a. Tâché, en 

colère, irrité, aigri. To make 

— , fàciier. To be soon — , se 

fâcher facilement. 
A'iigiiish, anng'-goulche, t. as-, tristesse, f. 
A'nsuishrd. anng'-gouiche-ed, 

a. accalilé de chagrin. 
A'ngiilar, anng'-guiou-lenr, a. 


Aiigul&r(«y,— neBs,anng-guiou- 

lar'-i-ti,— nesse, s. qualité d'être 

angulaire, [ar/.angulaîrement. 

A^iigiilarly, anng'-guîou-leur-li, " 

A'nguialcd, anug/-guiou-lé-led, 

a. pointu, [a. anguleux, crochu. 

A'ngiiloiis, anng'-guiou-leuce, 

Angùst, ann-gueuste',n. élroit. 

Anbelfîtion, ann-hi-Ié'-cheune, 

s. essoufflement, m. [d'haleine. 

Anhciôse, ann-hi-l6ze', a. hors 

AiiighM, a-naîtti', ad, de nuit, la 

A^'nil, ane'-il,!. Indigotier, m. 
Anility, — lene», a-nil'-i-ti , 
a-nalle'-nesse, ». la Tieillesse 
d'une femme, [peut être animé, 
A^nimable, ane'-i-ma-bi, qui 
Aiiimadvérsîon , ane-i-mad- 
Ter'-cheune, s. — slon, puni- 
tion, f. blâme, m. 
AniuiadTér«ive(racuIty), ane-î- 
mad-ver'-ciïe, a. faculté d'ob- 
servalion, f. 
AnimndvérsiveiieB*, ane-1- 
mad-ver^-cive-nesse, s. pouvoir 
de former un jugement. 
AnimadTért, ane-i-mad-vert', 
va. examiner, reprocher, hlâmer. 
Animadvcrler, ane-i-mad-ver^- 

teur, s. critique, m. 
A'nlmal.ane'-i-mal, s.animal,m. 
— , a. animal, d'animal. 
AnîmAlciile, ane-i-mal'-kloule, 

s. animalcule,??!. 
A^niniaie. ane^-i-mète, vn. ani-* 

mer, exciter, encour.igcr. 
— , Aninialrd, ane'-i-mé-ted, a, 

animé, excité. 
Animation, ane-i-mé'-cheuna, 
animation, f. [animant. 

A^ninintive, ane'-i-mé-tive, a. 
A^nimator, ane'-i-mé-teur, s. 
animateur, nj. [silé, haine. 

AniinfSoe. ane-i-mflce', anirao- 
A»ini6siiy, ane-i-mossM-ti,ani- 

mosité, haine, /. ^) 

A'nise, ane'-ice, ». ams, rn. 
Anklo, ann^-kl, s. jointure da 

— bone, s. cheville du pied. 
A'nnalist, an'-na-lisie , t, 
i tuaaiiste, 7n. 




Vnnala, an'-na1Z| t, annales, 
f, pi. [épurer. 

A'nneal, an'-nile, va. purifier, 

A^iiiiexe, an^-nekSy V. annexer, 
joindre, réunir. 

— , s. annexe, m. 

Annexaiiou , an-nek-së^- 
cfaeune, s. union, réunion, f. 

Annihilable, an-na!'-hi-la-bl, 
a. qui peut Stre anéanti. 

Annihilate , an-naî'-hi-léte , 
va. anéantir, abolir. 

Annihilation , an-nal-bi-lé'- 
cbeune,s. anéanlis?ement, m, 

Aiiuivérsury, an-ni-ver-'-sa-ri, 
s. et adj. anniversaire, m. 

A^nno d6niiiii, an-nô-dome^- 
i-ni, l'an de grâce. 

A/nnotate , an'-no-téte , vn, 

Aunotâlion , an-nft-té'- 

cbeune, s. — tion, note, f. 

Annolâlor, an-no-té'-teur, s. 

Annûiiuce, an-naouDD^-ce, va. 
annoncer, publier. 

Anuôiiiiccukeut, an-naounce^'- 
mennt, s. annonce, f. avis, rn. 

Anndy , an-noï', u. nuire, in- 
commoder, m. 

Aiiuéyaucc, an-noï'-annce, S. 
ennui, déplaisir, m. tourment, 
71!. inquiétude, f. 

Aniiâycr, an-noï'-eur , S, celui 
qui ennuie. 

Annôyiug, an-noï'-inngne, ad. 
Guuuyeux, déplaisant, tourmen- 

A'uuua1,an'-niou-al, a, annuel. 

A'nnuall}', an'-niou-al-li , ad. 

Aiiuûiiant, an-niou'-i-tannt , 
a. rentierviager. 

4»iiûi(y, an- uiou^-i -ti , s. 
rente constituéei pension via- 

Auniil, an-neul/, va. annuler, 

A'nuular , an'-nlou-lar, a, an- 

Auiiûiurrate , an-niou'-mi- 
réte, va. ajouter h. un nombre. 

AuuiaïuerÂtioii &ii-niou-ini- 

ré'cheuno. s. addition k nn 
nombre. [u. annoncer. 

Aiiiiûiiciate, an-neunn'-chi-ét^ 

Aiiniiitciâlion , an-neunn* 
clii-é'-cheune, s. annonce, pro- 
clamation,/'.; l'Annonciation,^. 

A'nodjne, ane'-4-daîne, a. ano" 

Anéint, a-noînnt'. va. oindre, 
sacrer. [m 

Anôiiiied, a-noinnt'-id, a, oint. 

Aiioiiiter, a-noïnn^-teur , s. qui 

An6ititingf atiâintmeni, 

a-noînn'-tinngne, mennt, S- 

anomal, irrégulier. 

Anôuiulously, a-nome'-a-IeuCS- 
li,n(Z. irréj:ulièrement. 

Anômaly, — ism, a-nome^-a-It| 

— a-lizm, s. anomalie, irrégula- 
rité, f. 

Aii6ii, a'-none, ad. aussitSt, 
promplemenl. Ewer and 
Anon, de temps en temps. 

.«oônymous, a-none'-i-meucB) 
«. anonyme. 

Anôilier, a-neuth^-enr, a. autre, 
un autre. Oue aftcr — l'un 
après l'autre. One while— , 

— nbilc, tantôt, tantôt. One 
n-itb — , l'un portant l'autre, 
pêle-mêle, l'un avec l'autre. 

A'nsntvd, ann'-cé-ted, a. qui a 
des anses. 

A^nsmer, anu'-ceur, va. répon- 
dre, satisfaire, payer. 

— again, ré|iliquer. 

— for, rendre compte. 

— for ono, cautionner. [f. 
A'nBner, ann'-ceur,s. réponse, 
A^nswerakle, anu'-ceur-a-bl, 

(î. conTorme, responsable, cor- 

A'nswvrnbly, ann'.ceur-a-bli, 
ad. conformément. 

A^iiB^ercr, ann'-ceur-eur, ï, 
celui qui répond, antagoniste, 
m. ImJj.qu't répond à. 

A^nfiwering, ani/-cGur-inngne, 

Ant, contraction pour and U it| 
Bm sot, are oot. 




Ant,ann't, s. rourml, ^. 

— bcar, — eater, s, fooroîl- 
lier, m. 

— lioii, S. ,ourmi-lion, f. 
_/B-liole, — bill , fourmilière. 
AxtâgoiBifim, ann-tag^-ô-nizme, 

s. antagonisme, m. opposi- 
'tion, f. 

ttutâgoniEc, ann-tag'-6-Da!ze, 
vn. faire de l'opposition. 

«ftnt&gonist, ann-tag'-6-nisle, s. 
adersaire, m. [tarclique. 

Antârclic, ann-tarli'-tili, n. an- 

A'utc, ana'-li, prép. anté, ;)rép. 

Antecédn, ann-ti-cide', vn. pré- 
céder, [s. préséance, /. 


4ntccédi'iit, ann-ti-ci'-dcnnt, 
a. aniécédcnt. —, s. précédent, 
î?i. [li, <id. — demmenl. 


^utccésBor, ann-ti-ces'-seur, s. 
prédécesseur, m, 

A'nCecliainber. ann'-ti-tcbem- 
beur, s. aoticiiambre, /". 

s. avant-coùreur, éclaireur, m. 

A'utedote, ann'-li-déte, s. anti- 
date, f. [temps. 

—, va. antidater, jouir avant le 

AHtcdilûvial,— Vian, ann-ti- 
di-liou'-\idl,— vi-ane,n. s. an- 

A'utclopc, ansMI-ldpe, (. anti- 
lope, gazelle, f. 

Antemeridian, ann-ti-mi-rld'- 
i-ane, a. avant-midi. 

déne, (i. avant le monde. 

A'ntcpast , ann'-ti-pasle t S, 
avant-goiil, i)!. 

Autepenùlt, ann-ti-pl-neuUe' , 
s. antépénullième, /. 

Anlepôtio, ann-li-pône', va, 
préférer à. [térieur. 

Antérior, ann-ti'-ri-eur, a. an- 

Anterîôritji. ann-li-ri-or'-l-ti, 
s. — rilé, ^■ 

A'iiteroani, ann'-ti-roume, s. 
antichambre, vestibule. 

A'n<heni, annMheme, s. an- 
tienne,/', [anthère, f. 

A^uthcr, anoMbeur, t. (bot.) 

Aii4h<llugy, ann-thoK-5-djl, >. 

anthologie, f, 
A'nthony'a flre, ann'-td-Iiiz- 

faïre, s. feu saint Aniolne, erj- 

sipèle, m. [bon (mal.) m 

A'nllirax. aùoMhrakse, s.char- 
Aiithropâlogy, ann-thr5-p5K- 

fl-dji, s. anthropologie, f. 
Antropdphagus, pluriel a» 

thropophagi, ann - thrA - pof 

a-gueuce, s. anthropophages, 

sm. pi. 

a-djl, s. anthropophagie, f, 
A^ntie, ann'-tik, s. figure grotes- 
que, f. bouffon, m. 
— ,a. grotesque, antique, ancien. 
A'ntirbambcr, ann'-t)-tchem- 

beur,s. antichambre, /'• 
A/utichrcsio, ann'-ti-krï.dsse, 

». — chrèse, f. [aniechrist, m. 
A'n(icbri«l , ann'-ti-kraiste, s. 
Aniicbriatîan , ann-ti- kris''- 

tcheune, a. antichrétien. 
Antichrfittiaiilsni, — »K<yi 

ann-li-kris'-tcheune-izin, — tchi- 

ane'-i-ti,s. — nisme, m. 
Ani<cipatc, ann-tis^-t-péte, Va. 

aniiriper, prévenir. 
Anticip&lioii, ann- tî-Cl -p^ 

cheune, s. anticipation,^. 
Antiripâtor, ann-ti-ci-pé'-teur, 

s. anlicipateur, m. 

i, adj. qui anticipe, [quenient. 
Antfcly, ann-ti'-kli, ad. grotes- 
Anliconvûlgive, ann-ti-kODD- 

veul'-sive, a. — vulsif, 
Aniidôtal, antidiStical. aon- 

ti-dfr'tal, dot-i-kal, a. qui sert 

d'antidote, en a les propriélés 
Aiiiidôtary, ann-ti-dô^-ta-ri, ê. 

— dolaire, m, [dote, m. 
A'ntidote, aDn'-tl-dfile, s. anti- 
Antidrâpslcal, ann-ti-droj/-ci- 

kal, a. — hydropique. 
Auiirébrilo, ann•ti-fi'-^rîle, a. 

— fébrile. [d'antimoine. 
Aiitiinônial,ana.ti-7iô'-ni-al, a. 
A'ntiiiiony, ann^-li-mA-oi, s, 

antimoine, m. [antinomie,^. 
A'nlîiioiny, ann'-ti-nô-mi , s. 
AntipalbellO) — pathetîcaly 




ann-tl-pa-thett'-lk, — l-kal, o. 

Antipolbetically, ann-tl-pa- 

thetl-i'-kal-li, adv. par antipa- 

tliie. [lipathie, f. 

Antipathy, ann-tip'-a-thi, s. an- 

lenn'-chal, a, — tiel. 
Antiphon, ann-tif'-fine, (. antl- 

phone, m. 
Autiphonnl, phonic^ phont* 

cal ) ann-tif'-6-nal, fone-ik, 

fone'-i-kal , adj. qui appartient 

à l'antiptione. 
Antipbouary, ann-tlf'-ô-Da-rii 

S. — naire, m. [tiphonie, f. 
AnKpbony, ann-tif-o-ni, «.an- 
Antfpbrasis, ann-tlf^-ra-cisse, 

ji. antiphrase, f. Ironie, f, 
AnKpodea, ann-tip'-A-det, (• 

antipodes,»:. p{. [(ipape, m. 
A'mtipope, ann'-ti-p6pe, s. an- 
Antlquàrian, ann-ti-kouc'-ri- 

a,ne,adj. antique, d'anliq:iaire. 
Au<iqiiàrianisui, ann-li-koué^- 

rl-a-nizme, s. amour, passion 

des antiquités. 
A'utiquarj', ann'-t!-koua-rl, S. 

antiquaire, papier grand 

inonde, m. 
A'utiqiiate , ann'-ti-kouête, va. 

vieillir, devenir hors d'usage, 

abolir, abroger. 
A'utiquated, annMi-kouê-!ed, 

adj. 'vieilli, suranné. 
A'ntiqiiatedncss, annMi-koué- 

ted-nesse,nrf;'. élat suranné. 
A''i>tique, ann'-lik, a. antique. 
— ^s. antique, m, antiquité f. 
Aiiiîqiieuefia, ann-tik^-nesse, $. 

ancienneté, f. 
AntiqiiKy, ann-tik'H>ut-ti, 5. 

aniiquité, antiquaille, f. 
A/iilirooin, ann^-ti-roume, S. 

antichambre, /". 
Aii<iscorIiûtic, — (Ical, ann- 
ti-skor-biou'-lik, — ti-k«l, a. s. 

— tique, m. [anti-social. 
Antisocial, ann-ti-Eo'-chal, adj. 
Auiiaplénetic, anD-ti-spli/-ni- 

lik, a. — hypocondriaque. 
AnKstrophet aDD-tis^-tr6(l, s, 

— ttrof be, f 

a-lik, a. — scrofuleux. 

Anliiiiesis, ann-tith'-i-tisse , ». 
aniilhèse, f, 

Aiititbctic , — iScnl, ann-ti- 
thelt'-ik, i-kal, n.— thétique. 

Antiveuéreal, ann-ti-vi-ni''-ri- 
al, rt. anli\énérien. [1er, m. 

A'utler, annt'-leur, s. andouil- 

A'nt-leon, annf-laï-one, s. four- 
milion. • 

Anlouonifisia, ann-tS-nô-mé''' 
ihl-a, s. — nomase, f. 

A''ntre, ann'teur, s. antre, m, 
ca-verne, f, 

A'nus, é'-neuce, s. anus, m. 

A'nvil, ann'-vil, .ç. enclume, f. 
band — . siuall — , enclu- 
meau ; tbiii —, bigorne. 

Aniiety, ang-za!'-i-ti,s. anxiéléi 

A/nxions, ang'-cheuce, a. an- 
xieux, inquiet, désireux, plein 
de sollicitude. 

A'nxioiisly, ang'-clieuee-li, ad. 
avec anxiété, avec sollicitude, 
avec ardeur. 

A^nxiousuess , ang''-cheuce- 
nesse, s. anxiété, sollicitude, f. 

A'iiy,éne'-i, adj. quelque, quel- 
qu'un, tout, aucun, 

— body else, tout autre. 

— furfber, un peu plus loin. 

— longer, un peu plus long- 

— more, davantage [temps. 

— oiie, — body, quelqu'un, 
quiconque, qui que ce soit. 

— (Iiiiig, rien, quoi que ce soit. 

— wliero, partout. 

— wise, de quelq'jo manier; 
que ce soit. 

Avorta, é'-or-ta, s.(ana.)aorte, f. 

Apâce, a-péce', nd. rapidement, 

a gr.nnds pas. [part. 

'Apart, a-pârle', ad. Il colé, à 

[ Apài-tmciil, a-parte^-menot, s. 

pièce, chambre, Z'. A suite uf 

— s, un appartement. 

Apalkctic, a-pa-thett'-ik, a. 

A/pnihy, ap'-a-lhi, s. apathie , 

Ape,épe,;. guenon, ^.siaga, m. 




Ape, épe, l'a. contrefaire, imiter, 

Apôak.Apcck, a-pilie',ad. à pic. 
A'pep»j'.3p'-ep-si, s. apepsie, ^. 
A''pnr. é'-peur, s. celui ou celle 

qui singe. 
àpéi'ieiit^ apcritive^ a-pl'-rl- 
cnnt, a-pir'-i-li\e, a. apéritif, 
• pért, a-perte', a. cu-vert. 
Apcrtion. a-per'-cheune, s. ou- 
verture, issue, f. [tement. 
Apértily, ap-erle'-li, ad. cuver- 
A/pertnoss, ap'-erte-nesse, ». 

liberté de faire, f. 

A'perture, ap'-er-tchloure, J. 

ouverture, [, [apétale. 

Apétalotis, a-pett'-a-leuce, a. 

Apctaloiisncss, a-pett'-a-leuce- 

nesse, s. a] étalie, f. 
A'pex, é'-peks, plur. npîces, 
é-pi-cis, s. sommet, cimier, ni. 
Aphélion, a-fé^-li-eunejS.apbé- 

lie, m. 
Aptaiin;, ar-y-nl, s. aphonie, f. 
A'phorism, af'-â-ri>m, $. apho- 
Aphoi'Bslic, — ticn-1, af-ô-rîs'- 

tik, ti-kal, a. — tique. 
Apborfslicnll;, ar-ô-ris'-tl-kal- 

11, a, en aphorismes. 
Aphrôdîsine. — siacal, a-frft'- 
diz-i-ak, a-frô-di-ïi'-akal, a. 
A'pbtœ, af'-ti. s. aphtes, m. pi. 
A'piary, é'-pi-a-ri, s. rucher, f. 
A'picce, a'-pi-ce, ad. par tête, à 

la pièce, chacun. 
A'pisb, é'-piche, a. bouffon, de 
singe, badin. [fectation. 

A'pisbij', <id. en singe, avec af- 
— Iricks, s. singeries, f. pi. 
A'pisbness, é'-piche-nesse, s. 

singerie, afféterie, f. 
Apiipat, a-i iti'-patt ,j. tic-tac, m, 
To go— .faire tic-tac, palpiter. 
Apâe.iljpxe. a-pok'-a-lipse, s. 

Apocnl;;'ptic, — ticnl, a-pok- 

a-lip'-tik, li-kal,a. — tique. 
Apocnlj'pticnlly, a-pok-a-lip'- 
ti-kal-li,rtd. d'une manière apo- 
calyptique, [crjphes, m. pi. 
Apàcriffbn, a-pcy-rl-fai 3. aço- 

ApôerlphaI,a-pok'-ri-fal,n. apo- 
cryphe, [ad. apocryphement. 
Apôrripballjr, a-pok'-ri-fal-H, 
Apôcrjpbalnosii, a-pok'-ri-fal- 
nesse, s. caractère apocryphe. 
A'pogee.ap'-ô-dji, s. apogée, m, 
Apolo|ïélir, — tical. a-poUâ- 

djett'-ik, i-kal, a. — tique. 
Apologétically, a-pol-6-djetl'-l- 

kally, ad. — tiquement. 
Apôlogist, a-pol''-ft-djiste, ».— 

giste, m, 
Apàlogize, a-pol'-fi-djaiie,vn. 

justifier, défendre, louer. 
A'pnlogiie, ap'-6-log, ». apo- 
logue, m. Table, f. 
Apôlogjr, a-pol'-6-dji, s. apolo- 
gie, juswfication, excuse, f. 
Apooeurësis, a-po-niou-ry- 

cisse,s. apoitvrose, /. 
Aponeurôiic, a-po-Dlou-rot^-îky 

o. — tique. 
Apopblégmatic, s-po-