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Full text of "Novum Testamentum ad exemplar Millianum"

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Testament Neves. ^jj ^ ^'^ o^'^ ^6f 

TestHincntKBwydd. ^ :^ Nr|-[ri NQ:?? 

Sfldim^a&m.CanaantNoa. ^^^, ^^^£sr^ 
n^ni^bi; Kn^Sx^b^i . TheNewTcstiaBent. 
U Ntiovo Testaxnento . .^fl l<f> ^ H OT 
«TMl *nTv*H2Lt1. Testamentitak T^sa 

Tiamnaffli Nnaiih. Xm OWi A^ftOJmcnt. 
Xa.^Samut^vjerri^aKaujaslstadti^ ^\k. 
NovD TbstameqiD njj? firoJ^iJsSZmcIeafanimt 

j3dcJvtfq» fTfatai> tolt.LeNbRiveai^ h(V : 

£INuevDlbstBineiiiD 'snrT f^T777nlI»kitX^(tammlm 
^a(blf/4e5ilmrKiitIe8taineiLBeiTi£o Hg-Kief Ibstaineiit 

IfuiltK tBTicbba lii^u«r Caeleatlbua ujoau. 
IIQAAAI/MT ffty/Tois rAATTAl . u*a. if' Affnvaronftv. 




^. H KAINH AIA0HKH. ^.^' 









Stodio et Labore 


Sunnnft curi recenauit, atqnsmebdii qnto plurimis ezporpivit, 

J08EPHU8 P. KNGtRS,.A^2lf^ 


18 50. 






.,>U'/.v. i^n 

>-^:.''J. i.^^<^^hd!£i^ 

i V-- ' 



Onler in which they 



4 Amenian. 

„ 11 Estnineelo Sjnriac; 

5 Latin. 

« 12 Nostonan Syriac. 

6 Albanian. 


^ 13 Hebrew. 

7 Rreton. 


1. 14 Fenian. 

8 D^nish. 


9 Eihiopic 


1 16 Arabic 

10 Welsh. 

L 17 Chaldee. 

18 RuMian. 

19 Hindnww. 

5 83 Orenberg-Tartar. 

21 Rohemian. 


84 Gflorcian. 
86 Italiui. 

P 83 En«U>h. 

87 Nagari-Hindoo. 

ap Iri.tfi. 

89 Greenlandic 
31 Vikaneera. 

33 Wendish. 

34 Lettisb 

Sa SaiDOsitiUi. 
38 Brti?«»«B. 

36 Mahratta. 
30 German. 

41 Frenefi. 

42 Auameae. 

44 SwMcrit. 

45 Finnlsh. 




£z Officini Stereotypi L. Johuaii. 





Among the numerous editions of the Oreek Testament 
which have been published of late years, both in Europe 
and America, none, it is believed, combines the advan- 
tages of variety of matter, and convenience of fbrm, in an 
equal degree with the Polymicrian Testament, edited by 
the late William Greenfield, and published by Samuel 
Bagster of London. The text of this editlon is that com- 
monly called the Received Text, which was first pul> 
lished at Leyden, a. d. 1624, by Elzevir, and republished 
in folio at Ozford, by Mill, a. d. 1707. The centre column 
contains, (1.) The emendations and select various read- 
ings, found in Oriesbach'8 Testament, published at Leip* 
sic, in 1805 ; (2.) The present tenses of all the most difii- 
cult verbs ; 0.) The words supplied which are necessary 
k) complete the sense ; and (4.) Numerous references to 
paflsages in the Septuagint, Apocrypha, and New Testa* 
ment, in which the same Oreek word is found. 

In carrying this first American edition through the press, 
no pains have been spared by the editor, or the enterpris- 
Ing publisher, to ensure typographical accuracy. In the 
attainmeotof this object, much aid has been derived from 
the labours of a native Oreek compositor, in the printing 
oflSce. In point of neatness and correctness, it is believed 

DigitizedbyGoO^ 3 


that this work will not suffer in comparison with any 
other Greek book published in the country. This is par- 
ticularly the case with respect to the Epistles and Apoca* 
lypse. In this part of the work, the editor having learned 
to distrust the accuracy of the English copy, compared 
the text wiih a very accurate copy of Mill'8 Testament, 
published at Oxford in 1825; the various readings, with 
Grie8bach's Testament, published in Cambridge, New 
England, in 1809 ; and corrected the Scripture references 
by ezamining every possage referred to in theOld and New 
Testament and the Apocrypha. The result of his labour 
has been the correction of several hundred errors which 
are found in the London edition of the Polymicrian Testa- 
ment. Yet, after all, there may be errors found, for which 
indulgence must he solicited, in the words of the learned 
Dalzel : " Sed quHm sit diffUile^ vel potiHa quhm sit im- 
possibilet in hisce rebus minutia tj-actandis omni vitio 
caruiseef eruditissimi homines optinU norunt.^ 

The work is now committed to the candour of the Ame- 
rican public, with the humble hope that it may prove an 
acceptable offering to'the theological student and the 
minister of the gospel, and a valuable help to the youth 
of our country, in the study of a langiiage so highly 
favoured in Iseing made the vehicle of divine inspiration. 

J. P. E. 

The varlous readings, which in Grlesbach are denoted 
by arbitrary characters, are in this edition ezprened by 
the letters of the alphabet. 



a, denotes a reading adopted into the text, while the 
received reading is placed by Griesbach at the botiom of 
the page. 

b, a reading entirely rejected as spurious. 

c, a reading which should probabli/ be oroltted, although 
there is not sufficient evidence to justify its removal from 
the text. 

d, a reading not found in some manuscripts, but for the 
omission of which the evidence is still less certain. 

e, a reading omitted by some, but in Griesbach^s opinion 
to be retained. 

y, an addition made to the text in some copies, but 
according to Griesbach not genuine. 

g, an addition not altogether destitute of speciousness, 
but yet not approved by Griesbach. 

hf a reading equal if not preferable to that in the text. 

i, a reading deserving of consideration and funher ex- 
amination, but inferior to the received. 

kicl, readings adopted by Griesbach into the text, 
while he acknowledges that the received reading may be 
defended by arguments more or less specious, though ia 
his judgment insufficient. 

m, an addition made to the text by Griesbach, although 
he had some doubt of the propriety of the addition. 

n, varieties of readings or punctuation, which Griesljach 
ihinkfl unworthy of further notice. 

• a perpendicular line denotes how fJBir the force of any 
of these letters extends. 

The various readings which could mot be inserted in the 
centre column will be found in the Appendix. 



acc. . . 

accusative case. 

al.. . . 




nuscript of the 


App.. . 

. Appendix. 

Att. . . 

. Aitic dialect. 

ch. c. . 

. chapter. 

cf. . . . 

. compare. 

conj. . . 

. conjecture. 

Heb. . . 

. Hebrew. 

i. e. ... that is. 
i. q. ... the same as. 
Ixx. . . . the Septuagint. 
nom. . . nominative case 
q. s. . . . which is under 

s or, understood. 

sc to wit. 

V or. 

V. ver. . . verse. 

voc. . . . vocative case. 



I.V.KE mvi. _ _ 




iyivirturi *Tiiv 'laxt^0 " 
*laJt^ Si iyinvifiai: 

ii iy£irvr}a€ t^^Tdv rW' 
pjbi^ ' 'S^ap^fi 6i iyiv' 
vijvi r&v Af>d|tf' 
^'Aphft 61 •jb^EJHifTjcf 
tIk Afitra^^p' 'Apt- 
vaih0 6i tytifvff^t: 
"^tAv Naflffffwif* Na- 
agffhiv ^L iyivvniT^s r^v 
lAkfitiV j 

tj/Cj^i^i^ffE rd»' 'fl&\i Mi 
Tfl( *Ptf0 ■ 'QihS ^t, 


Ala- Ao^i^ ii h 0<t^i 
)>tis iyivvJitFE rdv f^a- 
Xo^blvrd ix tJSs *'tqv, 
^Qnptov* ^ * , ' 

7 £B^pfi«>}' ii *iyiv-' 

M. 11.31 

M. 3. II. 

lE ft, eOiTiff 

tftjffr T^p 'Pa0 aa^- 'Pa- 

A0i6.' 'A^sii ^i c^£i«- 
i^^at riv 'Affti' 

8 'AffA ^l *iyiviiifaE 
T^v '[cjffo^-iir' 'lEi>fl-a- 
0tfr Ai iyivvn^i tSv 

Itiipdp- [ii:ij>^/i &l tyiv- 
fFjffe Ttfj(i 'OCfiti'" 

i 'OUa^ U ^iyivvriffi 
Tdv 'ihitiQaft' ItiisfiSiiff 
6i iyivvjj^t: r^t^^Axtf^' 
''\\(/f dt iyivurjat Tiv 

Mavatrcrrf^ c^£ iyivi/tjai 

Td'" 'Ajt^if ■ 'A|WfJl' tfi 


11 'Itjijflfas ^ "Ej^ffifJT- 

■aiirl rjff i«prro^iteffia$' 

12 Meru (?£ Wfw ^fror- 
K£ir(av Ba0^Xh^vcn, 'Is- 
%prraE 'f^lifiri)£rf tAv 

i?£ CVfl/i^lJffE T^* ZopO' 

iaZopo/3fi/?cX (?2 *iyiv^ 
i/Titrt rdv'Kj^iuS' 'A0t- 
aitd Sl lylvvtiui tAv 
'B^-iafaifi' 'EXidircl^ 
61 iyivvjiift rdv 'A^f<jp* 


r^* ^aS^x ' SaJwff Si 
iyivvTfiJS T^if 'Ax^iij 
' A;j^£ I fi^ti yiv^ 15 o-f r^^ 

a^ap Sl iyivtffiije tov 
fj-ti^^fffffi T^j^ 'lajccjjif?' 

p 17^111 'Ijjcriff S My&^s.' 
vm Xfais^d^f. 
17 Ilacrac ai;i> m ycveal 
dir^ 'Aji(ia.iiu lixii Aa- 

pff ■ 3^ BJfd Aq^U hjs 
THi litToiKEfFias Ba^O' 
X^vos^ yivcai ^cffarcff- 
<Fapis ' Kai dvi ri^( 

vtal SiKaTi<rijapiSu 
ISTd Jcrf'li?ffif Xpi 
J-tf ^ *y£vviJ(Tii OVrrjif 

yap r^i ^ujrp^Sf avrji 

ffr(al i-x^ovaa iBjcit Ili^fiti- 

tttjrSf, *=n5iirpiDf i^cL*', 

I *• TcapaiLiyfiaTiOiity 

^WovXrf&'^ Xa0pfl aiffl- 

30 TaiTra d^ a^&TrQ tv- 
^Vftrj^ivrO^iiM, ^;^^'" 

**l^a*ij flitT-ttJt Xiytjjv' 
'lutrffsjt vl6i ^a^iy ^h 

MATeAior, u. 

Ii 7. 14. 

Lu. B.m. 

' yiirtBI^-k. 
Lu. 1. IJ, 

13 tlfii. 

I-V, J. 34. 

IB mfffpj^fi. 

ic. 1. Sl. 

1 Cth 7. 5, 

Im. 17. e. 

IS i.f/»/!(w- 

V,lt ,';^rt'b0V. 

IS Ka^^Ak. 

Vfx^ Sl. 

!3l^j3b<>. 17.23. 

Jio.3. SS. 

IJllO. 1.^. 

f iuyfiaTi 

31 Kt^. «, 9, 

'22 J3iA.DiiiAi. 

faiira W rd y&p iv av- 
rg '^Ji/yijfi^c* iK rivEV- 
fiaT6s i*£S"'-* oj^iou. 
n »Tt^rrflt cSiuii}*! i^ 

iciiAcirfif r{^ &vofia ai^TS 
*l}iXOTU ' aiiTiji yap 

cr^jq-fi rov )>a6t/ nvTav 
4nd TiHv a}zapTib}v a^* 


, 23 TbTO H BXffV *yi- 
yov€v "'tva wKiffiaiU^ 
ru >pi/iUiv vTT(i d T0V \ 

KuJJIOV^li T« TFplfi^fi- 
TlTj XiyitffTOS^ 

A£<:r|f(7[ jjj &|f&ua adrtfv 
'liMIMA^iOTHA^ 3 i- 

S'! l/Jfl?>CpjKnyjEll4fMf)fi0|f 

Mid i^puiv h i3c6s. 

2-1 AuyipBljsM i 'IfiJ* 
ff^^ iJjro rtf VlTl^tf £1fO|- 
ijd-ilr^Wf '* JrpoStrHfEK 
aitul h ayycXo; Kvpiv, 
ifai ^Tzaffi^&^c Tf)v yv 
i^aricii flirtrC, 

2&K(ii 1^^ I* tyivueKiv 
aiirfiv iwf J*ov * erejfc 
erpi? nldy *awrijf t6v 
jrptar^TOKOVfl T^ ^^1x6- 
XtiT^ t6 itvoiia ailfra^ 

TKe^. 0\ 

i^ndivrtjs if BrfSAfl^ 

r^f ^'IaVdaia$, iif iffii. 

'^. I». V' "i V ' ^ ■ \ 

■^' ' ' UivnToX^if^^lTafiiyEvdv- 

Ira ctg 'le^offiJATi/iaf 

Tix^eh ^aai)^,cvst^>' 


^ 'pai^'iit. 


a^irS rdr dcripa ip 

aai iTiitTa "UpooiXviAa 
p£r' avru^. 
4 Ktfi. ^ffairayaytait Tar' 
ras 7-ouf i^apxtt ffEii t^ 
i^ypafiji arf 4 s ro ij Kaai}, 
i*CJrvv&avCTO n-ap' uv- 
T:nv TToi 'X-pt^ds yf^f^ 

4 0i Sl c^TTQvavTY^ 'ELf 
Ui^dKcit* Tti^ 'lo^daia^- 
ifMThi yap ^'yiyp&irrai 
Jirt TO0 Trp&fpijrov- 

6 Kal jrif "BFj^Aci^. 
yH 'lovia. iiSajitiii iXa- 
xirn *^*^' it^Tots hy^p6- 
ffiv lov6a' ix aw yiifi 

9 iFtivdy^ 

Mv. 14. } 

13 trvvSdvp. 

1 l^eXcvetTat jjyovpiL- 

tAv k^^V ^Hj Tiv 'Iff- 

7Tori:'Hj3W(5ijf, AiiEOpa 

T()V J^^pSi^fiff TOi (^aiJ^On 

ik BfjOXEit^, €i^€' Hff' 

i^£TaaaTt TTEpl rS nat- 
Hk- iiTffr 6i^ cttaijrt- 
aTayyt£Xari fioi, ojfwf 
^'vaybi ^lXBojy jrpaffftf- 

'? Oi^S^t dttoiitrarrEs tU 

8'it' Kal i<Jo;&j rt atfrjjf), 

i-'flJpi' ^V rg ^ii^flrnX^. 

14 dvd^yiu. 

ij jTpc^iyituj, 

! Ln*^58 
Ac, lU.JS. 

■^ LuITt. t. 

Bft. ^2. ^I. 
7* 17 

^ i*'afuAa/L> 

Ai. li?. S5. 

En 5. 15. 
1 Th 5. if 

?? Ji£al /yi. 
3gi 1-i^d'ow. 


3J (fl^u*. 

32 Ha.11,1. 

^ KdAiu», 

|»^^fl&>^ »»?(rrj7 Irlifw 
' lO*'Mrf*rrfc5^r<J)^rts-4- 

r^* DEMiiak' "; ftpO'* rd 

^'jTfJjtfi/Tff *irpOCfJr^vJ}- 

craiffljJf^' 3^ ndifjatfay. 
r(F r&f Bn^avp^^ a6. 

r^ ^fil/)a, XP"°^'di'. if*il 

Xifjavnv^ icai iTfivpvav. 

12 Kai J«:^pj;,[<ariflWiV. 

if(i,Lrt^ai tr;ij5s'"H.OM4j)K, 

psjirav iif rijif xupa* 

13 ^^'Affa;Sffti/]JIff^ifrw» 
(J^ aw>iji', iJtfn «j-yf Aiic 
KvjtJiuu ^iitvirai trar 
ovafl T^ 'ltiijji<^H Af. 
j/^jij ia''E jKf fl (^£ i f i-* ffa. 
pfiAo^; rd Tflii^iuv Kat 
T^v f/Tfrifia jiivTUFfj (cai 
itiiuyz £i^ Ar>u3Trfjf, 3j 
'"iVt^l ijffi £f.>f np Ci^Tty 
cai' piXXit yap ^llpfj. 
^7f 5^1) rci*- rh 7raE(^fo*fj 
^*Tot5 dr4iA£ird2i a^riJ. 

11 'O U ^^iyEfM^ 
^*Tajt>fA42/?e rd TaiJioM 
rai rj^i' ftf}Tipa a&rav 

Kl' tl'f AtJ^lfJTTfll' ' 
15 Kai ^a^ir ^ifff ^jyj 

fjjf TfiXfvrTS »*'Jfjot.V 

^'p»f}ivvjrA dTMiKvpi- 
ffvniA tS T^ot&^r(f< A£. 
j/'OifT(ic" "'^'Ef A^viiirrii! 
'♦iJirdXfitffl TSif vl&vfiifv. 



KaTtitTipiit, ^ffruL rdi' "^ *■ ^atiJ^f' 

tS JT^O^igTtf ^.J^yUj^TPS- M^. jA]jp<5w. 
"jfJaoiff^Ojji cBtiffvffi nai la lu. 4. te, 

Trt rcjcjrn afrrjjf ' Kai 

$ip^a[, ort o^jf fKTi.^0 
la Tf X eti r^^a V ro ? *« Jl 

Atif Kupiffv ffor* fii^wp 

l^dfl^frai TfJ IbJO^^^ £>» 


^*Kaf}&Xii0t ra fffltJroy 
jtfll ri!!ii' ^^T£(ja aorflij, 
*ra( fl'&/i£i>ov ci? yrfj^ 'I(r- 

ol ^7}T0V¥TEi TjIv ipv 

X^v Tov natS(ov, 
St 'O £i ^■'EynpBEts 

^afip.a0£ T& TzaiSiov 

A'tfl Thv iiifjTcpa avrtivi 

i;al ^'^f^Xdiir fff yrir 


%% *A*ffli1trflV Sl prt 
ApvlAiios 3afn^tv£i'„ ■. .. 

riijrll TFK 'lov/iaias di^- ,^ ^Z^^"- 

Tl^Hpbtlov Tov irarodf ai Mu. 7. 4, 

13 Je. 31. IS. 

51 1. r* Slti. 
•i-et. 14. 

IV Tff Ipij. 
a II. 40. 3. 

25 «>*«>' 
39- ApIEk 
37 ly*(pw. 

3U fpjtit^rti. 
3L iirT^fu;iki. 


33 <^>o^i*u. 

*^avtXB£Tv 5* 

Tiirflft; ^l itar &ifap 


35 TCT. 12, 


^dv£Xt^Pf}OCP tti tH jKC- 

pij rijj raAiXfliflf. 
33 Kal iXeCiv *jtarcu- 
«ijflfiv rrf irdAi* Xf^tf- 
^fvi)*' *NaC;afllr ofir^j 

irAlIpCjflfl TDi '*^Tjy£i; 
J^tjl rtLiV R'p00}J74^1', 

CJrf Na^tjpalflj '"jfXnj- 

1-J>i rf(J|l rarf ^ifti. 
pais l)(^£ivais Tapayi- 
vfrat 'Itijai^i/jjf b UaTr- 

Titrrij^. 13 K^pCcrtrutv ir 
T^ **£ rfis 'lou- 

2 Kai Xlvfijr' McTfli^fl. 
errt '^^nyyiKE yap ^ 
iiaffiMia rHiv ^pftvbitf, 

3 OjjTfl^ yap ^"ffl-Tii' 
^pi}i}^i^ |^;rd "StiTai$V 

tS irpfnlttiTil^ Xlywrrti' 
•^■t^utvfi i0oCiifTo^ ^Hv 
rjj ipYi^ia, '14'lilraijid' 
crarf Ti}» IHv KupK^v^ 
cii^cia^ TotjfTrf ra^ 

ral ^ciliriji^ lnpp.aTi.VTiv 

^ (fi TJioi^]^ flirtf ™^¥ 
aKpi&t^ -i^ piXt a.ypiQv. 

5 T^TB " ^ff^rftpcijfro 
irpo? a^r^jf ^I^jOiOitroAtr^ 
fftt. ]^ irufffl ^ 'ifluJflfa, 
*'cii Tiaoa ii irtpixiiiaQi 

T9tf 'IOO(Jj^J|^fttF" 

6 Kai ^^ i^ajzri^pvTa 

Iv rcp ^Tojndiii^ij v^* ai- 
Tov^ ^ l(apQ)i0y(ivfttvot 
riff tifiapTiai aVTCtv. 
T ■ 'libjv ii roXAo^f 


i*t rS ^^Trna-^a a^rS, 
tt 7r£v avrot^ ■ t Tciitfn^ 

rn^ a^Witvvjl^ 6pyfi^ ; 
a ^tloi^f^aTi iiZv •jcflp- 


BKal ft^ Jof ijrr AfT^fci^ 
fr favrarf ' Uarifya 
ij^Ofiti^ Tov 'A^aadii- 
Afyca yafi {ifiiv, ori Sv- 
v^Tat b B£&i ijc Tt^v 
ki(fti>if Toiraiit ** iyct- 
pai TLiCirn Tfj 'A^fiadfi. 

vn -^p&s Tifv fii^av T^tf 
Siyifiii^v i^itttrat' ttSv 

Kafiw^i/ irciXdi^. 1^x6- 
VTtrai:, Kai ei£ jt^p 

n 'lCy^ filv 0aTri^ij 
B/jof T if^viari sii jke- 
Tu^Fo tnv h 61 iviaw fi tf 
ipX^f^f^foi iirxypdTipSi 
^ov 1« i^-y, ol ^K cifit 
ordFtf^ Tfl iTTnS^fiaTa 
^tMi^rdvat " iiiurd^ itud^ 
Pawriffst ^ '•iv ^vE-bna- 
71 ayiii} dKoii TriipiL 
12 Qv 'rd WT^ov iif r^ 
y«ipi i[t<i r i, 3^ »3 St astd- 
oaptci T-t)v ^Xijira av^ 
ToVf Kat ^* trvtfd^ii t^v 
airoi' d fll^rou I £if rijv 

pof KaTatcavaci vnpl 


^13 T6ts Tyapayivtrai 

rtfv vpH T^i* 'Imavviiiv^ 

MAT6AI0r, IV. 


jrEy^yij^ Bvrcty, At^Ciiy 

o-t! tpxti TTp6i fit; 

tps^Si ctJr£ T!-p4s air6v 
' A^ff S.fyrt' ovru yap 
s jrftlTTOv i^i^ly fiiitv 
~XT)pf^aat naaariiKai- 
oa-vvijv. T6tc *d^£riat¥ 

16 Kal 0a^riiFd€iS h 
Ijjfftff, l^^dfi^jf tvdvs 
diru r^ tr^arpSf- i iSoi, 
^^ fiviuixSfjaav ■■^tJrcS 
01 vpapoi. tui f?^i ,.^ 

fiti Jvou ^---uiati TrtptvTi' 
P^v, aai ipxiifit^ov Iv* 
17 Kal icv, i^j^bi»^ Ik 

^'^1^ ^^pilVuiV^ XiyMSa ' 

OuTOf ii^tv h vi6i fta b 

dyairT}T^i, is> (5 ^Sd' 

OTE biriav^: ttdy. 

Wn tii ^<>rT}u ipjfnov 
. VJzd rov tliftvparos, 

^*rtipairBt!vat vnA rod 

^ Kai vffortvirai ^pii. 
P^§ Ttooapdxopra Kal 
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23 ch. 26. 13. 

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MAxeAior, V. 


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6 Lu. 1. 47. 

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1 ch. 27. 32. 

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" Lq, 1 1. <. 
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H ch, 18. 17. 

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A. D. 27. aera* i^if JjireiT*, ± 
itipfiairt' irpottcrc, «ai 
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roTs airovcrtv air^v: 

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7 Kplvoi. 
J«. 2. 13. 

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U Lu. 6. 41, 
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17 amfer. 

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11 Td fiyta-n 

ch. 13.45, 

21 exifitt. 

Mnr. 3. 9. 
3 Co. 1. 6. 
2 Th. 1. 6. 
He. 11. 37. 
23 OTpiim. 


MATeAior, vu. 

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A. D. 27. 

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aelrdi'', | I Vjde App. 

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\/t^ov^' Ey<4 ^ tAfifMiv ch. 3. 1 1- 
Qlpa-ntvTt^ avr6v. \ Jki. j, ST. 

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. V. 2', 

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Ifh, it.T. 

Jlc. 16, 3£. 
3 yimfiac. 

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15 i. n. T[f, 

ch. IB. 14. 

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'^.^11 -A. alii 
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ttw l^ 32- 
Mar. 4. 32, 
Lu. !3. 19. 

n aTt. 3. 1. 

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27 di^'f]p.L. 

Rs>, 6. 13. 

ETJ. 2. 1. ■> 
Crti. ii. 13- 

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Joci. ai. fs. 

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MAxeAior, LX. 


32 Kfli elircy avraU ' 
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4 eh. l^. I*. 

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« i^Ur, 5. 13. 

Lu. &. 33. 

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aair h. 

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25 ch. 4. 11. 
35 jJdAA,!!!. 

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11 itiSi»!; 1. jy^^flr? OVTO0- ^iarl 
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Alt, p™ 

23 U. S. B. 

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A. D. £J. 

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'tjifd» a^rio avifptJiKov 

6 [LL^ll>. 

('[f ^si . 
t i^Kvlfii- 

ch. 15. 32. 
Mir, B. a 

Ilb l:L 3, 5. 

ID ^EirTU, 
ch. £7r 6. 

17. 2. 
Ac. ^T. 29. 

1 1 S.vTffimi- 

li •vtv^fi.Si- 

J3 iv(j(yn». 

16 iji^pi^a 

Siljir. I. 43. 

14 5. 
Jdck IE.32. 

173T1. 2.15. 

1:9 f^Va^' 
21 JdO, 17. 3. 

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Tuitf tiaifit^tfitjv iK^aX- 
Afi Th ^At^Qvta. 

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avTt^v, 3J teiffivaccjy t6 
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\^iaii t:ai &£paKei<t>y 
ifaaav y6<ror xat vS^ 
tj^tii/ fia^Xtiiciay h iv ro> 

36' ■ 'l<5rjr J£ rovs SX' 
Acnjf, ^ iait\ayxv(<rBti 
■tr£pl fiiTtS*', 5rt • ijaav 
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Ep. 2. 1, 5. 
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MiT. I. 43 
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U ch J. 6. 
U. 10, 21 . 

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n Lu. 3. 14. 

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ch. ^ 9 

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1&, 90,31. 
Abr. T. 3(^, 

Lo. 1. 22. 

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^ €ll. 10. ilS^ 

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A- D, *T. 

2 xfd«. "^ 

( Co. T. S. 

' 5 ch. Ifi. 4^ 
Mar. a. JS. 

Ja. 4 4. 

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H, 31 3S. 
LiL S. 19. 

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S9 ver. 22. 

ch. 7. 16. 



MATeAIOT, xin. 

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MATeAior, xia. 


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li. aJd. 
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l^. 1 L 115. 

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3 I^y. 13. 23. 

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Ae. 7. 11. 

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2 Co. l- 12. 
£n. 2. 3, 
1 Ti. 3. IS. 

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2 Pl'. 2. 18, 

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13 Aiu 27. 6. 
IS ch. 13. 41. 


13 L11, 15, 4. 

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10 cb. aO.2,13. 
Lti. 5. 36. 

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13 Lu. 18. 7. 

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ch. 13. 7. 

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noVf ez. T. 3. 


II Blar. 10.7. 
Lu. 10. 11. 
Ae. & la 

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17 Ac 1. 4. 
Ro. 8. 35,38. 
lCo. 7.10,11. 
PhUeBi. 15. 
He.7. 2& 

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19 eiiaiu. 
30 Mar. 10. 6. 


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25 ch. 6. 32. 
lCa5. 1. 

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ftiroii,! Kai rhv priripa * 
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" m tav nKw 



Lu. J2.39. 

II. 21 

22. II. 

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l? Attr- 10.45. 

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11 OI 6i ^Xot iXeyov 
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THaf^apir rrfs TaXi 

A. D. 29. 

I Aitu. 
3Zec9. 9. 

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VM, npats 

4 irrtlialvw. 

5 M^r II. 15. 

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1-2 cb. 24. 44, 

Lu. la ao. 

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II aifTo^, t. 


16 asu. 

17 dyavoK- 
Tto,c. 20.24. 

18 Kpd^itt. 

19 s. «pavoT;. 

20 dvayivw- 


21 Ps. 8. 2. 

22 Karaprf- 
U, MU-.1.19. 

iV 6. 4a 
Ro. 9. 22. 
> «Sepxo- 

25 <{<PX«>M« 

26 o-t/tu. 

27 tlnC. 

28 s. 6JV. 

29 aliXl^oaa 
Lu. 21. 37. 

30 s. Apas- 
81 Kuvdw. 

12 Kal ^eisfiXOev b 
'IrioSs cis rd iepdv d tS 
eeS,\ Kai *ile0aXe rdv 
ras Toiis vb)Xovvras 
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r(c lepio,^Kai ras rpa- 
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irevaev avrovs. 

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iroiriae, Kai roiisTraT^as 
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otv; *0 6i '\ri<fOvs Xi- 
yei aijToTs' Naf ' SH- 
irore ^dvlyvtoTe, *^ori 
iK arduaros vrivitov 3^ 
OriXa^Ovroiv «« «rari^p» 
rlaoj aivov ; 

17 Ka2 *« iraTaXiirb>y 
airoas, *^ilfiXOevifoi 
riis irdXetos eis Bi?- 
Oaviav ' Kai «• riiXt' 
oOri iKeT. 

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tiey tir' avrfiv, Kalov- 
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iyti avr^ ' M.ritiri ix 
aov Kaprroi "» yivtiTai 
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ItfpavOn irapaxpfina ii 

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0qrat, idavuaaaVf Xi- 
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J(fifilia * i^ripdvOii ii 

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'liiaovs^ tlrrtv^ aorot ; • 
'KfLfiv Aiy<a ipiv, iav 
iXTirc iriirriv, Koi ftfi 
^^ 6taKpi()nrt, ov p6vov 
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fiatrt. d\\a kiIv rioo- 
pei rvT(o tlirrirf »»*Ap- 
dririy kai i*/3\fidriri 
tis rfiv OdXaatrav, ^ yt- 

22 Kal rcdvra oaa dtv 
aijijariTt iv rij vpoatv- 
Xji, iriarevovrts, *'A^- 

23 Kal *iXd6vrt avri^ 
tis Td Itpdv, »• irposfiX- 
Oov aoro) dtddoKOvri 
•l dpxiipeis Kol ol 
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ov, Xiyovres ' *Ev iroia 
ilovata ravra voi- 
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1 trdm. 
a toxofiM. 

3 tvpivKi». 

4 crpw. 

5 tl/it. 

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7 yivoiMU. 

ch. 13. 1& 
* iv iav- 

9 AKOKflvO- 

10 elaieplvm, 



11 1. Ittfi. 


13 alpm. 

14 fidXXu. 

15 ^Mt. 

16 i*x«- 

17 Aafi/Sdi 

18 jrposipafo- 

t ^Eyi», ««• 
(>u' ical o^K 

19 ver. 32. 
ch. 27.3. 
2 Co. 7. & 

I ir/p«,-/. 

ta-Ttpov 6i 
etls, dir^X- 
20 •. iropc^o- 

31 '^«/u. 

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fipiv ' Atari ovv ovk 
iwiarsvaart avr^; 

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dvvriv u>s wpo<tf^Triy. 

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rcu 'Iriaov etwov OvK 
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rots Kai avros ' Oiil 
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woia iJ^ovaiif. ra^ra 

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KptOeis, elwev h* Eydiu«« 
irivpte. Ka2 ovk **aw' 

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rovwarp6s; Aiyovatv 
avrifi' 'O llirpaJros. Al- 
yet avrots b 'Iriaois ' 




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[[ VidC: App. 

9fl ]Ti. 4. 14., 
30 Lai. 15. 15. 

scii, e. is. 

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triXevi,, > totiryitr^ii ' Jial 
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tn\tv$ Ttiii &iaK6i>Mti " 

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^irayiievataaiv Iv X6- 

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civ air^ rovs itadriThs 
aiJToiv lieTa THiv 'Hpto- 
Siavdv, XeyovTes ' Ai- 
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dXridiis •«?> fcal Tfjv 
bSdv rovQeoi iv dXri- 
Oe(a SiSdiTKeis, Kai oi 
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v6s' ov yoip PXlxeis 
eis irp6stovov dvBpu- 

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coi SoKeT', »«>«^e(rr< 
*t SoSvat K^vcov Kai- 
capt, Ti ov; 

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rhv i*vovfipiav airuiv, 
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hroKptrat ; 

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air<o Sfivdptov. 

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Tivos fi eiKtov avni, Kat 
h hrtYpa^fi ; 

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To is' ^*'Air6Sore ovv 
riia Kaicapos, Kalaa- 
pij Kal t4«» toS Qeo9, 
Tu> Qeto. 

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Oa^paaav 3g ^td^tvres 

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pa ^rrposfiXdov airip 
"ZaSSovKaToi, ol Xtyov- 
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ppeiaei h dSeX^ds ai- 
Toi) riiv YVvaiKa aO> 
Toi, Kal ^*dvaarficet 
cireppa r(o dSeX<p<o ai- 


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kirra dSeX<^oi' kci q 
rrpuiros yap^cas, tre' 
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cweppa, «1 d(^riKj ^ rhv 
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pos, Kai b rpiros, etos 
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trov, rai ^v 0X17 Ty Std- 
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otftJj, Xty wi' * 

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riXpiaTOv; rivogvloi 
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A. D. 29. 

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ovv /^afflS iv wevpari^ 
Kvpiov avrdv xaXeTi 

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rot Kvpito pov »KdOov 
ix Se^itov pov, etos iv 
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X vrrorr6SiOv Ttov iroSoiv 

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XeT airdv Ki*piov, ir<os 
vldi airoi » ^o-ri ; 

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avroj •d7ro«rp(0r)va( X^ 
yov' jJ^e «•iTdX/iijo-i 
ri j dir' ixeivris rlis fiui 
pas i^ £7repci>riioa( aiJF- 
rdv oiKiri. 

K€0. Ky. 

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iral ror; paOrfraTs ah- 

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eivtoctv ifpTvtlrripeTv^l 
rripsTre i^ iroieTre • ica- 
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pri iroielrs' Xcx»oi yap^ 
xai ov voio9<ri. 

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ov OiXovai ^«•'•fifijffai 

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aireSa drtav inaritov 

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roKXiciav ev roi§ dei- 
xvoiij Koi ras ^vpayro- 
KaBeSpias iv rais cvv- 

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iv raXs aYOpaTsi Kai 
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repaMi' eis Y^P •^r»" 
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vneTs dieX<l>oi • icre. 

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Xicffre >« ituoiv eiti ri\s 
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variip iitoiv, b iv roTs 

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BnynTai' Xels Y^P ^f«w»' 
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kavrov, ixpcMfiaerai. 

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oBiere ras oiKias rciv 
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fHcairepov «» Kpifta. 


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pareTs Koi VapicaTot, 
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ere rfiv 0aaiXeiav rCiv 
ovpavdv ipirpocBev 
rciv dvBpciircjv ' ineTs 
yhp ovK ^ • £( jcpxeaf^e, 
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vovs ''dtbiere •eijeA- 

15 Ovat ipTv, ypafi- 
HareTs Koi ^apiaaTot, 
ivoKptrai' Srt irepi- 
dyere rj)v BdXaacav 
Kai riiv fijpav,»» iroi- 
^aat Iva "irpoffqAt»- 
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rai, noieTre airdv >»»t- 
dv ^eivvns StirX6Tepop 

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TV<pXoi, oi Xeyovres ' 
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i^ow. ov^^i' • eorrii'»» Ss 
S' av^ iidn6cri iv ry 
Xpvaio rov vao9, 40et- 

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ris Y^P **pei^<*iv •ert»', 
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ytaCdiv rdv xpt>0"rfv ; 

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an iv ru> Bvaia^ripi(o, 
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ftdffjj iv rw ^cjpo) ro* 
hrdvci) avrov, 6<f>etXet. 

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orfiptov rd dytdl^ov rd 
S<opov ; 

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ro> 0vo-tar>?P^^i ipviei 
iv at)rat, KaX iv vract 
ToTs iir'dv<a oiro^. 



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Ttj ya/uf dfivvtt iv av- 
Tw, Kai iv Tto • Karoi- 
Ko9vTi airdv. 

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ra oipavifi dfivvei iv 
ra 0p6vut roO 0eoti, o^ 
Iv TQ» « koBfinivu «ro- 
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Ttis Kol ♦optfforoi, i- 
voKpirai' 5ti •dxode- 
KarSre rd fiiwxrnovy aj 
ri ikvtjdoVi Kal rd kvui- 
vov 3$ 'i^ijtorc ro /?o- 
p€repa rov v6uov, riiv 
Kpiaiv, :i, rdv sAeov, «rol 
riiv vicTiv ' ravra t i- 
6ei xoiffaat, KOKelva /(j> 
1 i^iivai. 

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vunra, rhv H KapriXov 
» KaraKivovres. 

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reis Kai iUtpitraioi, 
i-KOKpirai' ^ort KaBa- 
pi^ere rd ilaOev roi> 
Toriipiov •3^Ti\S ^^apo- 
4/i6os, iaoiBev 81 yipv- 
oiv i^ ipiraytis Kai 
D dKpaaias. 

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KoBapiaov -Kpdrov rd 
ivrds Tod vorripiov 
cKai tHs ^''irapotpiSosA 
Iva »« yivrirat Kai rd 
iKrds tt avTtov Kada- 

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nareTs Kai i^apitraToi, 
ifKOKptrai' 8rt vapo- 
yLOiSi^ere r&^ots »'iffi- 
Kovtanlvots, olrtves 
^taOev fiiv ^aivovrat 


I hpivim. 

* KTWC^- 

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4 prodvouco- 

5cfa. 12.44. 

Ln. 11. 2S. 

21. & 





t tfi-m. 
9 Am.6.& 

9 2CaS.4. 
Re. 12. 1& 

§ nKricA- 

10 ntvaKos, 
La. 11.99. 

II Gb. 3. 7. 

11 idiKlas-i' 
alii iMa9ap- 

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yipovatv daribiv r«> 
Kpbiv, Kai Kaaris dKO^ 

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dev plv ^aiveoBe roTs 
dvdpwtots SiKatot, I- 
(TotOevii pearoi ^ivrt 
iKOKpiaeats «oi dvo- 

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pareTs Kai 9api<raTot, 
ivoKptrai' Srt •oiko- 
Sojutre To^s ra0oi»f 
rwy rpe^j)rbiy, 3$ •ko- 
apeTre ra ftvripeTa r&v 
itKai<av ' 

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rdv variptisv Qp<5v, iK 
iv t^uev*^Koiv<avoi ai- 
rtav ev rw aTfiar( rwr 

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iavroTs, Sri vioi ^iart 
r&v ^vevadvrtav ro^s 

as Ko2 IpeTs § irXi}pa>< 
vare rd perpov rwi/iro 
riptav 4<ii(ov. 

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ra ixtovwv, xds ^ytt 
re dvd rifs Kpioetas rHf 
yeevvris : 

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iyi) •• diros^iXXia itpds 
vpas vpo<f>^ras, ^ ^'<rO' 
00 vy, Kni ypapparets ' 
Koi ^^i^ airiav «•oiro- 
KreveTre Kai cravpta. 
cere, xai »«£f avr<av 
fiaartydycere iv^ raTs 
trvvaytayais {>p<av, «rol 
i»6toj{e*e dird ir6Xe<as 
ei% k6\iv. 



85 •Oirwj \f>fin c<t>' 
il/as ^irav oifia mirai- 
01/, eicxt»»'tfM«»'»»' ^'f' '"'J^ i •*'-*!'»": 
YHi^dird Tov aW«J :'•"•*»'"' 
"ApeX ro« iiKaiov, ?a>j 
roo otfiaToj Zoxapiot» 
viov hapaxiov, Sv 
i^ovet/o-are /lerofw rov 
paov Koi TQV OvataTfl' 

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•n^<t' rotfTO iravra ivl 
rfiv yevcav ravriiv. 

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oaXiilii h ^diroKreivaea 
Tovf jrpo0^ro5, Kal \i- 
Oo0o\ovaa rovi "^ dv- 
etrra\nivovs irpdj ot;- 
riiVf irocdKii ' ^Oi\iiaa 
i^iirtavvaYaYeTv ra ri- 
Kva cov, »» ov rpdirov 
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voaaia tavri\i ivd rai 
nripvYai, Koi »« ovk 
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inTvbot KOi iiidv e ip i}- 

89 Ae^o) ^^ap vniy' 0« 
ufi He ijJi^re dir' o^ri, 
cojs Hv eiTriyrc" EtXo- 
vir/ili^of 6 epy^SiJievoi 
ev dvSitart Kvptov. 

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lAI »« iJeXOwi' i *Ii7- 
aSi, WtJropevero dird rS 
lipov' Kai «»irpoj^X0oi/ 
oiuaOriTal awrovMeri- 
^etfoi avrw ras otKo- 
Soitas roif lepov. 
i'0 61 'Ii7<rot>f eijrev 
airois* cOil 0\iiTere 
vdvra ravra ; dnhv Xc; 
yoi vyLtVy ov (lii »«o0e0§ 


biie \(0os liri \iBov, 
Sf ov ft/u^l iraraXv0>j* 

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ivi Tov Spovs rtav i\at- 
wi/, »1 irpo(>jX0ov avTM 
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\iyovrei ' EiVe v^ti/, 
Trdre ravra *earat, a^ 
ri rd ariueTov rris afjg 
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'I>)o-ov(, eiirev avroTs ' 
BXeTrere, itfjris iiids 

6 IloXXoi yap i i\ev- 
aovrat ini ra> dvSitari 
/loti, \iyovT€S ' 'Eycu 
etfit 5 XptarSs ' aj woX- 
Xovj TrXofncrovffi. 

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civ iro\inovi, Kai dKoai 
iro\ip<ov' itbpare /i^ 

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d irdvra I »' ycviaOat ' 
dXX* to^iro) * ^ori rd 
«• Ti\oi. 

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iOvos iiri iOvoSi ^^ /9a- 
at\eia eiri 0aat\eiav • 
o^ ' iaovrai Xi/ioi e «al 
Xoi/ioi,l ffoi §o-eio-f(ol 

irdvrwv t&v 
Lu. II. dO, 
ffdvrcuv rwv 

' oTi-m. 


4 tlfil. 

1 Co. 15. 23 

lTh.2. 19. , 

2Th.2.1,8. > 
60.13.39,40. , 
t inoKTivu- 


I iiroaTiXXto. 
8 eiXu. 
8 inoKflvo- 

lOimavvdytu i 

II s.Ka9\ 

12 ch. 22. 3. 
Jno. 5. 40. 

13 i. e. <rwv- 

14 6pdm. 

15 Mw. la 7. , 

16 iifUiiiu. 

17 ytvouat. 
X oiiK tvSiuts 


18 ver. 13. 14. j 

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rd rdwi.5.a. ;,„ , „.. 

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Xh iiSivtov. 

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atv iu&s eis O^Tipiv^ 
xoi »* dirojfrevotJffi»/ i- 
liSs ' Koi^ iaeaOe ntai' 
Hevoi vtrd irovruiv 
«r(3i/l **idv(oVy 6ta rd 
ovo/id /lov. 

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8 ch. 4. 4. 

10 s. KaraS"»- 
Otls, He.3.7, 
U AyLl. 

12 KaBiS^riiit. 

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14 KaXim. 

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d* ttr^ auro((.l 

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rdXavra iKipSnaa dix' 

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avro^ ' Ev, SovXe «I va- 
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Lu. 11. 60. 

Jno. ir 24. 
13 Ko^lm. 



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19 atom. 

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^Lu. 17. la 

25 tliit. 

26 rp^ai. 

27 trvvdYtt. 
'^ ch. 13. 49. 

Ac. 13.2. 


3SKa2«ar49(i ripiv 
Trp60aTa iK 6e\itav av- 
Toij ri 6i ipi^ia cf ««- 

34 Tdre ipei h 0aot- 
Xeis Tois iK 6e^tiiv ai- 
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priv, Kal »•« owriydyeri 
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0dXeTtpe' ^iioOlvrioa, 
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yovres'' Kvpie, K6r» 
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Kai M iijpixLaiuv ; 1) ^t* 
xi/iavTa, Kal " ivorioa' 

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^evov, Kai ^- ovvriyayo- 
pev; Ij yvpvdv, a{ «» «- 
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deOevri, i) iv AvXaKn, ^ 

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rois' *Aphv Xiyto i' 
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iioare ••«vl rotJTW» 
r^v d6eX<^<iiv pov t&v 
»>iAaxtrw»'f «l*"! iiroi- 



41 TiJrr tfiii Kal ruTf 

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iiit>oi tif tS irtJjJ tA ai- 
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A.D. !& 

Jnch 12. 7. 
Ai^JTF Atyiii Vtity.^'^ Ai>fLt.Lttuai. 

rioj^j^/Aiuy rowro ^^ * . lar. n. ». 
fiXro Tb» jf^ffiitJ, i^flXjJ- 

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roi ^^ytXif t6 vd- 

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II Mar. f4.3a 

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15 ch. 14.33. 

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Lu. 4. 54. 
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• Vide App. 

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. &L 2.15^17. 

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rd Spos, Kai vpofKoXei- 
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avviiv rov d5e\^liv rov 
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avepytf, S * erriVy vloi 

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oy, Kai Owfiav, Kai 'lo- 
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^aiov, Koi OaiSaTov, 
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Lu. 6. 16. 

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liiat Saas dv /3\aairi- 

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av-rov ■ Kai c^u) *i<rrw- 
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iroXvS, u)sre avrdv 
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19 Mat. 7. 1& 

Lu. 8. 14. 
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vovra' Kal ««^cpe»', 
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rots • » 'O ixoiv ^"^Sira 
dKovetv, dKOvir<i}. 

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Tapdvas,^ *• ^poir^o-ai» 
avrdv 01 irept avrdv 
avv rots S<oSeKa ri>» 

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vai I rd ^vtrritpiov riis 
^aaiXeias^ rov Qeov' 
ixeivots Si^ToTs cfw iv 
xapa0o\aXs ra iravTa 
^yiverai ' 

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uat, Kai jifl avvtdoi ' 
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xai d4>eOg avToTs CTCt 

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raaas ras irapafioXas 
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yov aireipet. 

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A.D. 26. 

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5 ttdm. 
Lu. 8.14,42. 

7 l Co. 14. 14. 
Tit a 14. 

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Mat 13. 19. 
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Lu. 8. 12. 

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Lo.8. 13. 
Mat. 13. 21. 
2C0.4. 18. 

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yov, KaX xapaSixovrai' 
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llnKovra, Koi hlv tKa- 

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vri a iirt riiv 
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roTs dKOvovatvi 

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Kai Ss oitK ^X«. *ffli ' 5 
ixjii, ^dpdfiaerai «V 


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» icrXv h fiaaiXeta tov 
Qeo^, cis iav &vdp<i)iros 
*0&\ri rdv andpov IttI 
rfls yrjs, 

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iYefprtrai vvKra Koi ^- 
pLtpav Koi ^tnrSpos 
^pXaaravTi Kai tfi>?Kv- 
vtirai ois »iK • otSev 

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yfi Kapiro^opeT, jrpcJTov 
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elra rc\fipii airov iv 
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diroariAXei rd Sperra' 
vov, 8ri i^irapiariiKev 

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bitoitoattjfiev rhv ^a- 
aiXeiav rov Qeov; Ifi 
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"irapaSdXtoiAev av- 

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irewy, ds, orav '» airap^ 
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fidrtov » iari rtSi' irri 
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rotJ ovpavov KaraaKJi- 

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Xfjs oiK iXdXei avroTs • 
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driraTs avrov *iiri\v€ 

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yevonivris ' ' '^ieXdta- 
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oxXov, -KapaXaiiPdvov 
atv avrdv us ^ )V iy 
rji vXoitti ' Kai^ &XXa 
Sl t rrXoidpia » riv ner' 

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erinnae rtb dven<o, Kal 
etrre r^ QaXdaarf' ^tta- 
rra, i»ire^in<oa'o. Kal 
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yaXri. ^ 

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yov rrpis aXXfiXm' Tif 
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avTOts ol ^iS6vrei,V(os 
13 iyivero rZ Sainovi- 
^ojumt), Kai'irepi riov 

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paKaXeTv avrdv y dir- 
cXQeTv dird ruv opicov 

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Tov eis rd irXotov, irap- 
CKaXet airov h iatyio- 
vtoBeis Iva "p lur 

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^*d^i\Kev (vardv. dWa 
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eis rdv oik6v (rovirpds 
rovs (TovSi^Kal dvayyei' 
Xov avroTs oaa coi b 
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McXci^o-c (re. 

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r§ A«/ca;rrfXct, 5(ra J^i- 
voiri(Tev avria h^ 'Iij- 
(Tovs " icat vdvres iBav- 

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rov 'Ii7o-otJ iv T(o TrXoto) 
fraXti' ets rd' vipav, 
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irr' airdv, Kai >• ^v jra- 
ph rhv dd\a(reav. 

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ywv, d dvOfiaTt *ldet- 
pos\ Kai '^^iSciv airdv, 
niirret vpds rois v6Sas 

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ras X^rpaf j •owwj «o-w- 
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airoy' Kai i^ iiKo\69ei 
lirSi Sx^os TroXvs, Kai 
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ffa iv pvaet ai/taro; 
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dovaa vird ttoXXwi' la- 
rptui/, irai is^arroi^ijo-a- 
ffO §ro irop' totirrjf 
irdvroL, jcot nriSiv «>w- 
(beXriOeiaa, d\\a /uoX- 
Aov eis rd x^^^pov » i\- 
doiiaa ' 

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Iriaov, *i\dovaa iv rSi 

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rov litariov avrov. 

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ri kRv r(ovifiar((t}v av- 
roi) «» iiptJiiat, • aciOi}- 

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pdvdri fi ■nriyii rov oj- 
ftaros airrjs^ «roi *• »*- 
yv(ji r(o adinart. o- 1 
loroi dvd rrls partyos. 

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n'ov ^ffxi/aro ro»»» ifia 
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^adi^rai oiJrii* "BXi-irets 
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Kol *l(Offil, Kal 'lovSaA A.D.27. 
Kal Sf/iwvos : Kal o^ir r*^*'^"'^ 
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Mat 13. 68. [{fuTv, dveKTdrepov » i- 

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'Co. 11.30. ffe(os, Ifl rj irdXei ihel- 

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l Ac. 12. 8. 
Mat. la 10. 

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Oev. 191 iiu,. 

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eiSiai airrdv avSpa Si- 
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avve-riipeiavTdv. ^ aKH- 
cas avrov. voWa • i- 
voiei, Kal fiSetof avrov 
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Tiji evyarpdg toiurfjff 
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ooi. ^'^ hf>.i'K i. 

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T3,'Ore Sidvdiief^ai 

A. D. 28. 

'2 f|u>u. 

3 Mx*», 
La.1l. 53. 

4 9i)M. 

5 &&imfiMt. 
S 1. SpaS' 

La. n. 39. 

8 &ht. 14. 9. 
• An-6pa-n. 

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10 vlvoiuu. 

11 d9iriw, 
Lu. 7. 30. 

Jno. 12. 48. 

12 Ge. 37. 36. 
in Ixz. 

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13 iirtrdo-oto, 
ch. 1. 27. 
Lu. 4. 36. 


14 Jno. 18.12. 
Ac 21. 31, 


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r^ooro Xt^owoo' 6cXa> 
tyo poi ^*Sjas ilaxh 
riis * irri "• rrivaKi riiv 
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vdftevos b 0aaiXevs, St& 
rot»s *5pKovs^ ris avv- 
avaKetpLivovs oi>K * iidi- 
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irot;Xdra>po, ^^cirera^ev 
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Xiiv avTov. 

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veyKC Tiiv Ke<j>aXiiv ai- 
rov «ri Trtvoiftj^icai 
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paai(o ■ j^ rd Kopaaiov 
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naBnrai avrov, »a>fX- 
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dvSaroXot irpds ^dv 
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ixovTa iroiueva ' Kal 
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\ifi yevoitivrii, ^ irpoj 
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rai avrov, Xiyovatv ' 
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4 ti. 20. 12. 
(i Ex. 21. IT. 

Miii. 15. m. 

Hc. 6, 2. 
9 vf r. 8. 

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3 Ac. 17. 12. 


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S!i 15. 19. 

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f Lu. 12. 15. 
Ep. 4. 19. 
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' Vide App. 

13 Ho. 13, fa 

Mat. 12. 31. 

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& Vide App. 
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18 ch. 1& 14. 
Mat. 19. 8. 

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21 Ge. 2. 24. 
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24 Mat. 19. 5. 

Lu. 14. 34. 
Col. 4. & 

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Mat 19. 6. 

27 Mat. 19. 6. 
Ac. 1. 4. 
Ro. 8.35,39. 

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Ifl !VUE. 16.3. 


Lu. IB. £1. 


2ti di. ^ 36. 

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^ Mil.JB.2]. 

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37 yopirm. 

f ftf ff 7] {. 
St ch, 2. 9, 


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^otl laxaTot, irpiaroi. 
98 «^HffOv ^i iv rp 
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1 (Is^pvouat. 

2 ver. 24. 
ch. 1. 27. 

3 iKTrk^cna. 

4 irapaXa/i- 

5 >. irXtfato;. 

6 <r(6itti. 

7 iu^Mifu. 


10 Soxonni. 

11 d0/*7f((. 

12 (i>coA«0/(u. 

13 i,KQKglvo- 

14 li^vaUui, 
ch. 15. 31. 
Mat. 2. 16. 

20. 19. 



Lu. 18. 32. 


23. 11.36. 

15 ch. 10. 34. 

15. 19. 


27 30 

Lu. 18. 32. ■ 

t Kal tvtKtv 

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16 aviarriiu. 

17 XanPdvoi. 
§ Kon^avt 

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(TtXc/u cov, 
Mat. m 21. 

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irpodytov avTovs 6 '!)}• 
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rpirj ^/ilpo i^dvacTih 

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lyb) pavri^oj^ait pa- 
TTioBn^ai ; 
38 Oi Sl eiirov avrCi 
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Kal *l(o&»vov. 
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iv ifitv' d\y Ss ihv 
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iv ifitVf * iarai StaKo- 
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'•pov dvrt iroXXtJv. 


9 •vtvoaax. 

22 ipxofiat. 
B s. tls d^ 
v^v, ch.5.34. 
M SuiKovim. 

25 (Tcii^oi. 

26 ivapxinm 

27 Mat.20.25. 

28 dKoXvd^i... 


46 Ka2 Ipxovrat ds 
'leptxto' Kal iKVopev- 
pitvoy tavroi dird *I». 
p(X<^3^ TtSv ftaBifTio» 
avrov, X SxXov Uavoi, 
Xvlis Ttftaiov Bapri- 

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XafflS 'Iqao^ iXenaiv 

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avrio voXXol, %va at- 
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Xip ftoXXov »• {«rpa- 
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vrfinvat ' Ka\ <^fovoiai 
rdvj-v^Xdv, Xiyovres 
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06>m ae. 

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vas-as MijXOfi irpii riv 

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Tt 0eXei( irot^o-o) aot ; 
"O Si rv^Xds ciirev ow- 
r<o • n 'Pa0povl, Iva 

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a^roi • *Yiray£ * •» ^ 
rriarts aov •• aiatOKi 
ae. Kal eiBitos ^ dv- 
ipXexpe, Kai «• ^icoXov- 
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avrovs. HimpdX- 

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rat *H^C^aXov^ «>, ^/^'XJ:; 
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eis BriOaviav perd rcujr 

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avrS ' Kai »• cXOoii'^ in* 
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rof irtptarepasy • Kari- 

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avrdv axfiXatov ><Ai7- 

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1 ixmtflve 

5 /SrfAAw. 
Mit 21. 21. 



7 tliil. 

8 KarafpiAm 

10 tfM^(M. 


* Mptrt-i. 
12 It. 5«. 7. 

15Je.7. II. 

16 Mat 21.13. 
Lu. 10. 30. 
Jno. 18. 40. 

17 AkoCu. 

Kp. 1. 7. 

19 Ji/Ti«a. 
t dir*Ai<r»- 


20 diroAA^eo. 

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23 \lvoiuu. 
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ipiv, ravra 5<ra e dv I 
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vos^ 'va Kol h irarhp 
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27 Kal Ipxovrat ira» 
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rotJrrof «wrotJ, epxov- 
rat vpds airdv ol dp- 
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repot • 

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ovv oiiK 1« anvTcvaare 
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ravrcf yap e?xoi' rdv 
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ravra irotw. ' 

Ke^. iP". 
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roTi Iv vapaPoXaTi Xe- 
yetv 'A/iireXwvo «»£^v- 
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oirdv vcwpyorj ' xal 
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wpds To^s yewpyis rw 
Katpia isXoVi Iva vapa 

A. D. 29. 

1 inoKplvo' 

3 XaftBdv». 

5 cfptt». 


Jno. 18. 23. 

7 (l/tt. 

8 Ks^aXat^<a. 
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t Tl tlntf 

X Kei l/TCfta- 


9 dri/ttfw, 

10 JCitrTi^iit. 
§ Vide App. 

12 Ivrpinw, 
Lu. 18. 24. 

1 Co. 4. 14. 

13 c»«u. 

14 Spx^f^'**' 

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rwv xecApx^*' "Xi^» 
diri rov /copToiJ rov 

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povres, TO^s ii " «iiro- 

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^diriaretXe Kal avrdv 
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'\naovSi etirev avroTs' 


A.D. 39. 

1 iwoioKi- 
ch. 8. 31. 
Mat. 21. 42. 



He. 12. 17. 

2 yivofuu. 

3 AKo€limiu. 

4 tliil. 

5 Ci/rfo. 

6 Iircpiurdot. 

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24 d?pai. 

25 diroKpfve- 

26 ver. 27. 
ch. las. 


2ri.3. 13. 
Ja. 1. 16. 
1 Jno. 1. 8. 



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po$, Kacoo/ic ' ijrari 
Qei, ru Oea>. Kai 
idavpaaav iir^airto. 

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araatv ph etvat ' Kal 
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Xiyovrts ' 

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Xitrri vvvaTKa,** KdiTe* 
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^ri h dSeX<pds avTo9 
rhv yvvaTxa avro% 
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liTTOL «» eaxov avriiv 

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ovK *dviy^tiiTt iv 77 

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Lu. 20. 36. 
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ptov rdi» Qe6v too rif 
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X^S o-ow, «ral «'( n^ri 
r^j i^Jtavotaf ^ijii. *,!-£i 
il oXris rr\s i't\v<\; 
ffov. A^rri Trptarri iv- 

Iz. 10. 25. 
in \xx. 
He. 10.6,8. 

10 cb. 7. 9. 

11 diroieglvo' 

12 iicipiaTdtu. 

13 (iVat. 

§ Kdvrutv a. 

14 ch. 15. 43. 
Lu. 20. 40. 
J110.21. 12. 

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irpiurn i- 
rfv-A. alii 


19 Le. 19. 18. 

17 Mat. 22.37. 
Lu. 10. 27. 

18 fl uai. 

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tt Myal. 

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KavT(i)pdT(ov Kai ircuvl 

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airdv^ ort_^ vovvextos 
direKpiOri, tiirev avT&' 
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I WvoM<w. 

8 (»«. 

4 Mat. 24. 15. 

5 La. 21. 90. 

8 tyb, ...... 

9 lijJi 

10 V. T . 

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avvei^ia, KaX eis t avv- 
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aiXitjv »" aradfjaeoOe 
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pvxBifvai rd evayyl- 

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X^arjre, f.unSe ^^fieXe- 
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oovrat rtKva iirl yo- 
veXs, Koi OavarutoHoiv 

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ovros •» au^fioerai. [-«~*««-^'»' 

la r^-.w»- 

15 3= ^U-lOV 


16 napaiUu- 


18 dipui, 

cb. li. 3, 5. 
Mat. 10. 17. 

19 tVTtlfU. 

20 K^pOo-o-w. 
:{1 8. Ifkfigvov 
X Sywnv-a. 
22 Ac. 4. 25. 
33 ilimui. 

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96 ijravtoTi}- 


Mat 20. 16. 
98 ^cXiyo/tat. 
29 KoXo/}<i«>, 


2Sa.4. 12, 


14*Orav^2 >?^qr«ra 
*PSiXvypa rfls Hpriuta' 
ae<as, * rd *l>iiOlv 'wd 
Aayt ^A rot; irpo0^rov,i 
»»^ara)j Sirot» oi5 ^e» * 
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rf\s oixias avrov. 

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*iav, ^fi " eirtTPt^/arta 
eis ra dviatJ, **5pai rd 
Ifidriov airov. 

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dijXa^ovo-at;, cy ^c^ 
vais raTs fiitipais. 

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pas, ovK iv '^iooiOri nS' 
aa oapj^ ' dXXh Sia rhs 
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X£|oro, «» iKoX60uiot 
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ro W^^rrpaii^vai iirdvw 
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S iqlr. iH 3. 

Mit 2ti. 7. 
Jiy... IJ. :». 

4 Mat. 26 8. 

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syayyiXiov • r Jro I «ij 
oAov rdv Kiaitov, Kal 8 
ivoiriaev avrri, *AaAi7- 
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avrS' IIh OiXeis •direA- 
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&pav ypiiyopficai ; 

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Tov, Kai \eyet avTots ' 
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Kai \dvairaveade. **|Air- 
ex£tt ** nXBev fi ^»&pa' 
iSov, ** irapaSiSoTai h 
vlds Tov dvdp<^irov eis 
rds X^^P^i ^w*' dpap' 

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pev iSoi, b ** TTopo^t- 
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verat 'USas, eis " ftuvl 
rwi/ S<oSeKa, 1)2 jucr' av- 
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naxatpCiv /roi fvXtov, 
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Kai Tbiv ypauiiariuiVy 
Kai rwv irpe<jpvTep<ov. 

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<Tv<r<Triitov airoTs, \i- 
y<av *^Ov dv <f>iX^<rcjy 
aitrds ^^e<TTV KpaT^aa- 
re avrdv, Kai *»tiiroyd- 
yere d<T<fiaXois. 

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<os '»■' irpojcA^on' ovT^ 
A^vet- '¥a00i, <lpa$ 
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aev airdv. 

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&rir MET^ t^^^xtiifibiv - — 2g,j^ 

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tAv 'lijffoGi' irpiif Tdi' 
ipxicp^^\^^^ ffinflp' 
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irp€iF0^rtptii, K(tl oi 

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13 At 7- 4S. 
Col a. II. 

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iFf vi, aln 

l» di. 15. 4& 

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Ra. 1. ^. 

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.MaL 2<k 64. 

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t6v* ttlvaii* Ivoxov 

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invrvsiv avrOf Kal ve- 
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(oirov airov, Kal ^KoXa- 
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yeiv avra' UpoA^rev- 
<rov. Kal eoi vvripi- 
rai I i^&arianaoiv oi»- 
rdv II iPaXXov. 

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Hirpov depjtaivdnevoVf 
inffXixl/aoa «irw, Xi- 
yei ' Kai od pera rov 
riaCapnvoi) 'Iriaov »^- 

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sms^anai ri av Xiyeis. 
Koi !• iJ^iiXBev i^<o sis 
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dXiKTOjp • i6<ovTi<re. 

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"Ort oiros ii^ avr<av 
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eral yop ' FaXtXaro; 
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depariCetv K<il • dnvv- 
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rdv &vdp<orrov rSrov Sv 

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dvepvfi<rdri h n^rpof 
X roif ^fjparos ov eiirev 
aird h 'lri<rovs' 'Ori 
vpiv dXsKropa ^<ovfl- 
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rpts. Koi §"iirt/Jo- 
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oavres o\ dpx^epeis pe> 
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oXov rd cvviiptov^ 
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(Tofiv " dir^veyKav, «rol 
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A. D. 23. 

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rj?f airAi](i «■ i ifl-rt 


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roif F^i' it£(taAf>j' *a- 
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flilrfA «ul " i-t^ijTff 


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podai Svo Xr/o-rdc' iva 
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ypa<pfi fi Xlyvffa- «•Koi 
ftera " dvdptov »• i\o- 
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fievoi M e/3\as<l>fJnovv 
airdv, Kivovvreq rhi 
Ke<fta\hi avrtov, «roi X£- 
vovres • Ovhf h Kara- 
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rpt<r\v fintpais otKoSo' 

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Kal «■» Kar&0a dird ro^ 

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vpds dWfiXovi, perh. 
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fiivot avT^ • blivetSi^op 

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f/frijj, (TKdros iyivero 
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vori; i^ i06n(rev b 'I»|- 
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aavres, l\€yov ' 'I^od, 
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vh, Kol Mapia 4 roS 

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1k6vovv avrip' xal &\- 
Aat iroAXal al trvvava- 
0doat avrCi £ii'ltpoo6- 

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vonivtif, ihret « Tiv ira- 
paaxeviif 5 *■ iart npo- 

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fhs, Ss Kai airds * ^v 
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triaev airdv ei hiraXat 
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i '*'**• ,, Wpas' Kai ^irpostKvXtae 
IZW^ir^^fiov iri rhv Ovpav rS 

4 ffoo$Kv,v«.( 47 'H Si Mapia n M«. 

Mat 27. 60. ; ySaXnvfi i, Mapia » 'Iw 

« TiOfiiu. Otrat. 

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TCL Iva ^HXOSaai »• d- 
Acii//o>o'ty ai;rdv. 

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^iaj ^*aa0Par<i>v ip- 
Xovrat iirl rd pvtintt- 
ov, t^^dvareiXavros roi; 

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avrds' Ttj aTroirvAto-et 
fipTv rdv XiOov ix rrjs 
Bvpas roiJ pvnjeiov ; 

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yap piyas a<h6Spa. 
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ro pvnpeToVj tlSov vta- 
viaKOv KaOfinevov iv 

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pivov-^^ytpOru «« «fi- 
artv <t>St • »* td£, p ro- 
nos oiru •i&nKav avr6v. 



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rov,i, « Tgi n«Tpw, oTi 
rrpoayet Vfias ctj r»)v 
VaXiXaiaif ckcT aiirdv 
»ot//ea-tfc, Ka^m elirev 

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ftroxii' "^ etpvyuv dird 
rov jtvijneiov " m elx^ 
Siavras '■'»rp6iios Kat 
tieKvravii, jcat ovSevi 
oiiev etirov ' i^e<po0Sv- 
ro yap. 

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Trpcjrrj i« t aafi/Sdrov, 
i^fetltnvTi irpiorov Mapta 
rg MaySaXrivi, d0' ijs 
^HK0e^\fiKei enra Sai 

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lieT* avTOv *o yevoitt- 
voti, vevBoim i^ kXai- 

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res OTt "^^fi, Kal «■ iBe- 
6Br\ iir airf\ii a«^irt- 

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civ i^ aircSv itepiva- 
rovfftv ^iiif>a-sp<iBii iv 
irlpa M ^op<f>^, ropev- 
onevots eis dyp6v. 

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res ** dnfjyYeiXav roXs 
XoinoXs' ovSi iKeivoti 
M irriarevoav. 

lA'T<rTepov, dvaxetni- 
vots airoTs rots ivSeKa 
•T^ayepo>0i7, ^ **dii>ci- 

A. D. 89. 

6 iifpxoitai. 

I ^iyui. 

8 Knpwro-w. 

9 Col. I. 23. 

10 1 Co. 2. 3. 

II ch.5.42. 

12 ^M». 

13 o£im. 

14 KatoKgl- 
viuy c.10.33. 

• Vide App. 

15 dvfo-Tij/ii 

t traPpd' 

17 <l>atva. 

18 iKfidWto. 

19 iTrayyiA 

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X<p<ri» 5- 

20 Yivottat. 
91 atfm. 

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33 dcdo/tot. 

1 dirwrrtf», 

Lu. 24. 41. 

25 <]rir<dn/u. 

27 0av(O^M. 

29 dvaXa/i* 


30 KaO<^». 

32 xm-tWhu. 

33 Avu^Kw, 
ch. 15.32. 

94 ptpatdv. 

Si<re rhv *ttvtor(av «^ 
roiv, Kai * <rKXripOKap- 
iiav ori roTs ^Beaaa- 
fievois avTdv * eyriyep' 
Itivov oiK *^irti<rreV' 

15 KaX etrtev airoXq * 
IIopevt^CKre; et j rov k6. 
<Tp.ov &7ravTa, * Kripvla- 
re rd evayyeXiov rtaari 
r$ • Kriaei. 

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$airrtoBels, ^«awtf^o-c. 
rar 5 ^^ «< ciffcffrijffas, 
>< raravpiOqaerai. 

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aTevaa<Tt ravra vapa- 
KoXovBficei ' 'Ev rhi 
dvSuari /tov SatnSvia 
eKpaXovci ' yXdia- 
cais XaXricovci tKai- 

18 "O^etf ^idpovct' 
kHv Bavdctp.6v rt rritty- 
ctv, oi ph otirovs ^ffXa- 
xj/ei ' irrt d^inocro^^ 
Xeipas ** ciri(/ij<r»ffi, a? 
KaXuis ^i^ovctv. 

19 'O nlv ovv Kvpco(, 
ftera t6 XaXiicat av- 
roTs, •• dveX^<liBri ««5 
rdv oipavdv, Kai s<>6rd. 
010'ey Ik Se^ttav rod 

80 'ExeTvoi Si • ileX- 
BSvres • iK^pv^ttv irav- 
raxov, roi) Kvpiov c^v- 
epyovvros, Koi rdv Xo- 
yov, **$epatovvros 6ta 
rdv irraKoXovBovvruiv 
criiieiwv. 'A/ii^v. 





KlA, ft. 

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"Ka$clfji ffot ypa. 

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'«rf iTfit>u;is 'H 

aUT 'i i) -i* U TfO¥ Uv^ a 71' 

P<o^'Aa.p(ltVr7i, T^ oirafia 

ijK^STHiitit ivi^Ti^v tH 
iBtiit JTiiftEv^uivtit ly 
^aeji^ racj lvTn?i.ati 
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B. CA 

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II Kai '^'^lrapdxBit 

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13 E E JTC iJ^ irr> p s fl i' rd r 

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h ffivn trov 'J'],^mij/?er 
*T yoiirffcti vi&v troi. i 
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ffxp { j irai ■»* li j' aX ?i iatft (, 
jral TftjAol , £Ti rjf 



iucjiriou b Tov y Kwp/tr 

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, 39 ch. IK, m. 

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5 ch. 12, 45. 

M»l, ?4. 4S. 
S J^ fi. 19L 

11 ch.2d,23. 
^C^ 15. 

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le 2 Co. 9. 22. 

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Ac 2. 27. 

13 Tcr. 35. 

Mif, 11. 13. 
Ac Zl, fl. 

clL 7. 16. 

IS ch.a. 3«, 

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19 JycW 
ffl Ac, ri8L 

rjij. I, a 

ai ch. fi £3, 

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3^ ITh.3,11. 

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M Ac, 15, 16» 
^ ver 69, 77. 

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Ac. 1. 24. 

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aoyka, n. 

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IL cta. 14.3]. 

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^«1 At 11.26. 

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airov ' aj •avi/o^et roi^ 
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avrov, rd 6i &x.^pov 
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irepi irdvrciiv tov iiroi- 
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MorroOcoo, rov 2«/*«t, 
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'l<avav, roH 'EXiaic«i/i, 
vov, rw MarroOo, roi 
SaBav, Tov Aafiid, 

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taXiiaty, tov Nooa- 

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4>ap2(, r-ov^ lo^oa, 



I ylvfMi. 

8 tl/i<. 

3 sMoKim, 

4 *pxo/»«, 
ver. 8. 
ch. 13. 25. 
Mat 4. 17. 
Mar. 6. 7. 
Jno. 13. 5. 

5 vofitlmj 
Mat. 5. 17. 

6 ». vlS port 
adfin. cap. 

t aiii Tfi 'la- 

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ToO A(vt. 

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Mat 4. 1. 
%lv t5J ip^/ty 
^iiifas T«r. 

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ver. 13. ^ 
Mat 7. 28. 
Mar. 13. 11. 
Ac 21. 27. 
Ro. »28. 

12 Tftivdio. 

13 Mat.14.33. 

15 drroKflvc 

90 6uKV^. 

lomist, T9V 'A^P«am 
roi» 6dpa, roi» Naxo>p, 

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'Vayav, rov ^oAi/r, r8 
'Effep, rov ZoXo, 

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'Ap<pa^aS, rov £^p, ri 
fitJejTov /Ldiuv. 

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'Evwv, rov 'laptS, roi 
MaXeAcJ|X, rS KaXviv, 

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rov 'ASoh, rov 6eo«. 

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errpeipev diri rov 'lop. 
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vxd rov ^ Sta/36Xov. 
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iv rats iipepais eKei- 
vais ' «rat »1 o-vi^reXe- 
orBeKrtov avruiv, c^rs- 
poi/ • *» cire^vao-e. 

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»et rff 6eoii, ttiitrlrtp 
XiOat T<Ta> Iva » yevi^ 

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vai »"^^oerac db\ dv- 
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i6^av avrtov 5rt ifiot 
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vnaiji ev<iiiri6v nov^ **«• 
arai aov • icavra. 

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Kvptov rdv Qe6v aov, 
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sis 'lepovaaXiin, Kai 
»• iarriaev avrdv iiri 
ri •<» rrcpii ytov rov 
Upov, Kai el-Kev avra • 
Ei bhl vlds ^ei rov 
&S0V, 0d\e atavrdv iv- 
revdev Kdro) 


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airov «• «vrcXftrot rre- 

t aov, »' rov •• 6iouf>v- 
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tivev avrta o 'Iriaovs ' 

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iKirctpdoft; Ktiptov rov 
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vdvra neipaaiidv h 


1 Is. 29. 6. 

3 didwiu. 

4 intoaroi^ 

8 jrposicvvto. 


i.e. l(Mr<a. 
10 oiroicp^vo- 


1-2 KL & 13. 

13 rpi^. 

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19 ttrrniu. 
90 Mat. 4. 6. 
21 il/t^ 

39 Intdldttiu. 
23 dvairrito- 
o-co, Ju.8.26 
M ti>pl<rKw. 
S6 F>. 91. U. 

26 IvHWn. 

27 s. ivtKa. 

28 d(a0vXtf(r- 

29 s. frri. 

30 b. 61. 1>3. 
33 Idoiiat. 

35 s. card.' 

36 arpw. 
88 0pa^oi. 

£z. 16.6. 

39 (("pw. 

40 De. 6. 16. 

41 ffvvrjAiw. 

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avrov ^XP* Kaipo^. 

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pet rov Uvevuaros eig 
rfiv raXtAotov irol 
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pei/o; vird irdvTbiv. 

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irpo^qrov * irat »» dvo- 

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rovs **avvTeTptHpivin 
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roif li<peatv, Kai r«- 
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pvfot ivtovrdyKvptott 

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iatp6vta drrd rroXXiov^ 

§ 'lnealas-n. 

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21 iomTdia. 

23 eh. 23. 23. 



1 Co. 9. 16. 
9( s. 6 nvpt- 


96 fo-T9/it. 

97 8. altrii. 
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rdy, irai i«^X0ov Scas 
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airdv, rov nii jroptOe- 
cOat dv' airtav. 

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rovs ' "Ort /cai rats 
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avyeXicacOai pe iei 
riiv fiactXeiav ri QeS' 
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rdv X6yov roi Oeoti, 
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irap& riiv XtpvQy Tcy. 

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avayaYStv •» iXiyow • 


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00$ Ze0eSaiHy oT * ^oav 



1 Co. 10. 18 

3 Ter.3. 

4 AfU. 

5 2TL2.a6. 

6 Mat. 13. 5. 

7 <L^i7/u. 

8 dKoAov9icu. 

9 diroKf<vo- 

lOc. 8.24,45. 

11 AAMMvtt. 

12 y/vo^ai. 

13 avyKXtliit, 
Bo. 11.32. 

14 ir^irro». 

15 itap^y- 
Wfu, e.8.29. 

16 diofuu, 

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18 fiirrouoi. 

19 He. 1. 9. 


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25 lTi.6.9. 
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35 n$Mixea. 
38 <A. 9. 10. 
37 B. x^^pais. 


^KOtvtavol T(o Sfauvt* 
Kai etire irpds rSv £(• 
patva h 'lf7<rov; ' M^ 
tpo0ov* dvd roi vvv 
dvOpuirovs *ioy »^a>- 

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rd irXota htt rifv yifv, 
^d^vres ixavra, •^ko- 
XovOiioav airw. 

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*clvat airdv iv ut^ 
raj»» v6Xeo>v, xai tdoti, 
dviip vX^pris Xeirpas' i 
^iStov rdv 'InaSv, i*ire- 
aav iiri irp^iuynov, »«i- 
SefjOri airov, Xiytov ' 
Kvpte, idv BiXris, Svva- 
aai pe KaBapiaat. 

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XeTpa, »• HxLaro airoi, 
eiK(ov • OeAo), «» ica0a- 
piadnrt. Kai HOias 
fl Xeirpa ^dirflXdev dv* 

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yeiXev airbi priSsvi ei- 
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vepi roij^ KaOapicruoij 
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» rVav KaBfinevoi *api- J '^^^ ,7 
aaioi Kai ^voiiodida-l Mat9.S. 
ojraAoi, ol 3 qaav • ^Ai}< 4 Ac. 5. 34. 
AvMrej Ik vaaris /cw-l i,Ti.l.7. 
III7J rfls raA.Aaiaj, iral { {V^^'»»»' 

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Atin' Kai dwvaftijKvoi.,7orp«. [K^h 
ov » iji» eis rd • iaaOai 8 «■«faX<ki». 
airotif. I?„i7'*"' 

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&v9po}Trov Ss »1?»- •ffapa* 13 a. rd ic\t. 
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«xAo»'» i^avapavref 17.31. 

m rd " 66ina. 6lik 18 KaraKU- 
rciv Kepduiov KadiiKav\ „M««- 
airdi' avv rS» ^ /cAivt.l>»*f^«2''« 
vpoavev rov Inaov. \ Mar. 2. 4, 9. 

20 Kai ^i6C}v rhv Trt- 22 cfdw. 
ortv airdv, etvtv *atJ-'^ *fi^^- 
(ovrat o-ot at dftaprtat» tftdo/iat. 
ffOV. |27 Spxoiiat. 

21 Kai«"«^pfavroM(Jta-p» ch. 1.29. 

Ao^^tWat ol yP«Mi«a- agKara^JL 
retf Kal 0» *aptoatoi, god^oxi"! 
Aeyovrer Tt$ Morivj ,T 
ovrojF Ss AaAei pAaf-'3i iirtyivt»- 
^imias; ri^ ^vvarat' o-km. 
»(i0tlvat &iiaprias, efas cli.2.35. 

22 «1 Eirtvvovs 0« 5 33 dJTOKp/wo- 
'IijffOtJf ro«5 »a^iaAo-| ^at. 
yiauovs avrcSv, "tijro- 34 ch. 14. 13. 
Kptdeis etve vpds ai'l'~'~-"~^'**** 


rtfs- TtMataAoyf^«(»«« 
iv rats Kap6(ais iiiiov ; 

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repov,^ einetv »» 'A^t- 
(ovrai aot al ^paprtat 
eov ^ eiiret V *£yctpai 
irat "KtptTtdret : 

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i^vaiav Ixet h vlds rd 
dvdpcjirov ini riis y^s 
^dtfnivat ipaprtas, 
(etire rw • • vapoAeAv- 
nivof) ^o2 Aeyci), exec- 
pac '• a^ ''o^pas rd »»kAc- 
vt6i6v aov, TTopevov eis 
rov otKdv aov. 

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i^dvaaras ivtoniov ai- 
ruv, "i&pasi* 1i<^' cS 
'•jcorfKetro,»* dirfiMe» 
eis rdv otKOv avrS, 60- 
^dCoJV rov Qedv. 

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Aa/?ev £irayraf, icat ij^ 
j^aCov rdv Qe6v ' Koi 
^* inXfiaOriaav d^tf/?o«, 
Alyovref "Ort tt6ofLev 
irapdio\a afipepov. 

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«•i^iJAtfe, icat 9*iBedaa> 
ro re\<aviiv dvdpari 
Aevtv, xaBiiitevov tnri 
rd reXcivtov, Kai ei- 
irev avrto' 'AiroAo«dc« 


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&iravra, ^o dvas-^s ••4- 
roAovdi^o-ev avrio. 

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Xhv peydXfjv bb* Ae^tg 
airto ev r^ ocirta airi* 
Kai '« ^v ^xAof rcAciK 
v<ov iroAtif, irat JAAuy 
oF »i|foav iier* avrtiw 


rfiaartti avrta^ Kai 
9api(raTot irpdi 
T9Vi naOnrai avrov^ 
Xiyoprss ■ ^iari /«ero 
•rtXavQv Kdi ipap- 
raXav ioOitre Kai 
vtvtre ; 

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'Iif<r<nJf, elire irpdj av- 
rovs • Ov xPtiav «xov- 
viv oi i-ytaivovrts to- 
^ov, dXX' ol KaKbis 

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Xiffai diKaiovSi dXXa 
iliapr<aXovs eis ptrd- 

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«6r6v ^tariolnaOn- 
rai 'ladvvov vriTeveci 
"rwfva, Kai itnotts 
roiovvratj biioias Kai 
o{ rciv ^aptcai^av ' oi 
il ooi iaOiovai xai kV 
vowriv ; 

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rovs' Mii Svvaode rds 
vlovs Toi vvp<t>oivos, iv 
uia ^ vvfi4>ios per' av- 
rav ^iiari, voiilaai vn- 

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fiipat Kai orav *»dirap- 
Bg drc' aitrtov h vvp- 
01OJ- r6re vnorevaov- 
otv Iv iKeivats rats 

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xapa$o\hv irpds ai>- 
ro6s ' 'Ori iStis ^eiri- 
$Xntia tiitarioy Kai- 
voi 9tim0aX\ei iirl 
iHartop vaXatoV el 
ii lifiyei Kal rd xatvdv 



1 Ca la 10. 
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5 airoAA««i. 

6 ^fXoiuu. 

7 s. tvuca tI. 

8 pdXXm. 

9 vvvTii^im. 
ch. 2. 19. 
Mat. 9. 17. 

10 Klvta. 


Ep. 4. 82. 

I Ti. S. 23. 
13 yCvoinu. 

15 fc X/»*V. 

16 s.a«rois. 

17 Aiil. 

18 •. Sii. 

19 itratpv. 

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23 1Sa.21.3- 

23 vavdo). 

l iwd litaria 

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aas itri. 

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25 Hyca. 

26 Mat. 9. 16. 
Is, 3. 20. 

37 Mat. 9. 16. 


OTj^i^ei, Kal Tip waXat^ 
ov ovpi^avti « ijrt0\n- 
ftal rd dnd ro^ Kat' 

37 Kai ovStis 0d\\ei 
otvov viov tis doKois 
7ra\atovs' ti 6i pnyh 
« pilltt h vios oivos ris 
dffKois, Kai avrds *iK- 
XvOfiatraty 3^ ol daxol 
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tis doKovs Katvovs 
S0\nriov^ dKai dii<^6- 
rtpot • avvTiipHvrat.\ 

39 Kal oi6tts, ^^viuiv 
Ka\atdv, tvOicjis OcXet 
viov \iyti ydp' 'Oira- 
Aatdj »1 j(fi^ar6rtp6s 
f» iartv. 

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aaffPdrat e6evTtpo- 
TrptarM, I '6tavoptvtaOai 
avrdv 6th rtov >«<Tffo- 
pipuv Kai CTiAAov oi 
paOnrai avrS ris ara- 
Xvas, Kai noOtov, xpto- 
Xovres " rais xepff<- 

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aaiaiv tlrrov d avroTs ' I 
»» Tt iroitTrt S ix «>^(. 
tart iroteTv iv roTs 
adPPaaj. ; 

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avTovs tlirtv h ^lnoovs' 
Ov6l rovro ^^dvcyvtore 
S iiroinat AalSiS, ^h- 
ir6rt *> ivcivaaev av- 
rds, Koi oi ptr' aitrov 
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rdv oIkov rov QeS, Kal 
rois &PT0VS Ttls irp<^ 



Bictws dt i},a^£, jfai 1 1 A. D. Z7. 
i<l>aye, icai * /'fffjiJtf Hai ——-«««■ 
roU iier avrmx- ^v^ hk\\ -^tji^iv-j. 

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avvayciyijv ttftl Sf^a- 
vKtiv' Koi 'i^v iKilav' 
dpoivoi, Koi ft %Eip afi- 
roiJ ii ^£f'OL iiffj' f iT^J. 

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a^rdv ol ypattfKiTcU ^ 
ol *apt(70coi ti iv rtu 
aa^^arta fl£r>arrrt«{, 
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piaK aiiTov. 

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rwi' ifai ^£ix.e T^kav- 
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Ti rfiv X^^P^' "y^^yitpat 
Kai »»orn6i eis fjJ V/- 
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irpds awrovf- ^Kjrcpeu- 
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iroifjaai, J|f KtiKOT^Btn- 
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voi Trayras nvro^Sj f?- 
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Ttivov rfiv xtTp& (ffftf. 
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Xtip airov W vyihi &»f 
h aWri. 

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Mdp, 'I«Ato/?oi' roj* J*ri? 
''AX^atoB, rai %ia oivii 
rdv KOhvVfiCViHr Zl^XhJ- 

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dirfiiraffTT^ r^lf 'iviai^s: 

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w^BSTf mi icAffvtrrrt. 

ig isif^iml. 
MiL S. 44. 

A£ ly i, 

Rd. I. I, 

2 c*. 6. n. 

<^ I. LS. 

13 B. ^icf^pa- 

]fi (rXipriiu, 
Fl. 11 4.4 A 

1 Fc. 2. BO. 

Jl*1. 5, 4flL 

18 C.ii 43. 23. 

No. 33. I^. 

Mt,!. e.t5. 
Kiilr. 1$, 

ch. 1* fi3, 
Jiw. flL 12. 

Ei. 15.9, 

P6. lor, &, 


rar<i i Tpfra j^op »•£- 
Tsyitoi:'if Totf ipeyoovpa- 
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Thv n\ay6va, iraptxt < 
rrjij^ aX\f\v' ifoi dwd rg 

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Tiffi irf/iJtaii' il/ir»' o! 
aifUpcuTrai, (foi ifiet; 
TTrjicrr* airor; bixoi- 

ai^ Kal d dyavSre 
Tovs dyaf^wvTas i>iiSSi 
iToia viitv ^''x^P^S 
T cffTi" ; irat yap ol 
^fiapT^Xol To^df dya- 
jftihfTa^ a.iToii dyU' 


33 Kai lav dyadoTtotft- 
T£ ToH dyaboirotSvras 
vfids, Tota inTv »'»xo; 
pt^ 'tcTTi ;, ifoi yap^ oi 
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re irap' (ov eXiriCere 
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f 01 1 dnapTUiXol dftap- 
ruiXois Savei^ovatv, 
7va * diroXd0(t}ai trd 

35 nX»)v dyairaTC raj 
ix^^povs vnoiv, Kai dya- 
OoTToieiTej 3^ oaveii^eTe, 
firhSlv direXiri^ovTes' a$ 
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iroXvs, tcai i» eaeaOe » 
vloi b Tov\ ixpiaTy ori 
avTds pCPWris ^l(mv 
ivi Tovs ^^dxapi^i^^ovs 
Kai vovripovs. 

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KTipnoves, KadibsKai b 
varhpiiiCiv ^^oiKTip- 
fxbiv »iffrt. 

37 Kai nti Kpivere, Kai 
ov nfi ^*KpiBi]re' nti 
i^KaTaSiKa^ere, Kai ov 
{tfl ^* KaTaSiKaaOfjre' 
diroXveref Kai diroXv- 
Ofiaeade ' 

3S itAiSore, ± if SoOfj- 
aerat {iniv nerpov Ka- 
Xov, »• ireirieanevov Kai 
>• oeaaXevnevov Kai 
iirepeKxvv6nevov »"»Jt5- 
aovoiv eisjrdv K6Xirov 
ipiwv ' r^ yap airoi 
liirpM ^) ueTpeXre, dv- 
TinerpriOnaerat vj^Xv. 

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avroXs' M^rt Svvarat 
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inrip rdv SiSdvKaXov 


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13 Ja.6. 11. 

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vos ^Si jras ^larat 
(i)S b StSdaKaXos ai- 

41 Tt Si 0Xeireis rd 
Kdp(J>os rd ev roi d^6aX- 
pu) rS dSeX(bov a», rtiv 
Si SoKdv Ttiv* iv r^ 
it^ibj 6(pOaXp(a f ov Ka- 
ravoeT^ : 

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yetv rui A6tX<pih <ion ■ 

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Kpirdj ixfiaXe npuirov 
rtiv SoKOv iK rS d(f)Oa\' 
Hov aov, Koi Tore Sia- 
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Kdp(f)OS rd *iv rta 
d(pOaXp(p rov dSeX4)i)9 

43 Ov ydp » iari Siv- 
Spov KoXSv, renioyvKaf^' 
vdv ^^aairpov oiSe Siv' 
Spov >* aairpdv, iroiow 
Kapirdv KaX6v. 

44 "EKaarov yap Sev- 
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ydp i^ dKavObiv cvXXi. 
yovat avKa,ovSi iic P&- 
rov Tpvydai ara^9' 

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iros iK rov dyaOov On- 
aavpov riis KapSias au- 
rov irpo4»ipet rd dya- 
06v Kai b irovnpis ^&^ 
Optavos I iK rov irovif. 
pov cOrtaavpov rifs Kap- 
Sias avrovl vpo^ipti 
rd 7tovrip6v ' Ik yap r8 


AorKA, m 

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iia daiiro^.l 
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KSptt^ K-Bpii: ■ xal oi 

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TSf i5},0i KaitTis Ix^^v, 
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^ 10 

Jl,D. TI 

Mat. 13. S1. 

fi TiL 1 13. 

3 'Axovtraf il itipl 
roti 'Ijftfov, ^dwiffTitAt 
Tpttf itiurdii' jrpitr0VTi- 
pOVf ^TWV ^I(rt7i5a(uv, 

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6€ilr ' iD, ka tijtk MytO, 
Kal " iad^^iTai b Trati 

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vjt' ^^auTdr STTpa rttij- 
Tffs ' if fll X/^ti> rotfT^u ■ 
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AOYKA, Vll. 

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Sx^Oi «^'fc • ^ Aiyto 
vuip, oiil Iv 7-a> 'I<rpa- 
»> roaavrriv viariv 
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vovvra dovXov vytoi- 

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eig v6\tv KaXovfievriv 
Notv • xai ^^ avvsiro- 
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rai avTov d'iKavoi,\ aj 
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rris irdAco)? ^ (Kovdf 
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a&t} iz' avrris xal e7nev 
airji • Mi) «cXore. 

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ffoi',) roletTre- Ncovf- 
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veKpds, < ^hpUro Xfl- 
XeTv jcai ^HobiKev ai>- 
rdv rn ftijrpi fliroi>. 

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htavras^ aj »*i<5tfJo^oi/ 
rdv Oedv, Xiyovres ' 
"Ori vpo(f>^rris piyas 
^iy^yeprai iv fifAiv, ^ 

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Oeds rdv Xadv ourot». 

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yos ovTos iv oXri rn 
lov6aia itepi avroVf 

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'ludvvri ol iiaBtirai o^- 
rff ircpi irdvrwi' rnryiv. 

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vns 8vo rivas rwv pa- 
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i^errep^e vpds rdv 'Ii;- 
ffowv, Xeywv Sv »» ct o 
ipx6^evos, Jl oXXov 
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vpds avrdv ol avSpeg, 
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hyids irp6s ae, Xiytav • 
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dXXov irposSoKwitev ; 

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iOepdirevae ' iroXXot^Sp 
OTrd v6a(j)V Ka\ paari- 
ytav Kai irvevpdrojv iro- 
VTfPbiv, Kai rv<pXoTs 
voXXots «» ix(ip(<T(iTo 
cTd\ 0Xiiretv, 

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Iriaovs, elrrev avrots * 

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Trpoi Kadapil^ovrai, n <a- 
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ayyeXi^ovrat ' 

23 Koi /toirdpfof *<irf 1» 
SsJcLvpfi •* o-fcavJaXf > 
aOy iv iftoi, 


AorKA, m 


efa. 10. 16. 
Mar. 7. 9. 

3 ver.27. 
8Co. 12.7. 

Tc-A. ter. 

4 *5(pX0M«' 

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'ptff roiis 3xXovs vtpl 

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13 Bpfiviia, 
ch. 23. 27. 


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AOYKA, Vin. 

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rois SaKpvci, Kai rais 
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avTOV, Kai • ^Ae(0e rai 

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5 A&L 13. u. as reii 6f«u 

A, D- n. 

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t *t A, 
&rti, li.31. 

Ac. i. E. 
1 Ca 13. 3. 

lO ifmdqp.t. 


14 tti*r<u» 

Mal. 5l 13. 

We. ID. ia 

17 Jch 17. S. 

Hj>. K ». 
Gc. ^. 19. 

yM, vcr. 3il. 

htat. 13.7, 
21 a. To^raii. 
r *!?-ai 

Mir. 10. 30, 

■^l ch. 21. 1&. 
Rii. 2. 7. 
l Th, U % 


B^&^a^, KoXvTf 


Tov ffKSvei, ^ iiroKara A. D. 27. 
nXivfjs Tldnfftv dAA 
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voi 0Xeir(t}fft rd 0o3s. 

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rai, xal eis <l>avepdv 
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rai dv' airov. 

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ot dSeXf^oi airoiy /rai 
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TvxeTv airix* Sta rdv 

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iittrw, eXeySvroyv i^ 
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ffiv t^bi, ^f^iSeTv ffe 91- 

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yov rS OeS dKOvovres, 
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27 fxa». 

ch. 16. 19. 
29 fiivoi. 
90 iitpalvio, 

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36 Ju. 5. 27. 

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Itots trrtrdffffet, Kai rSi 
vSari, Kai ivaKovwtu 

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ffav eis rfiv x&3pav rwv 

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rriffev airu) dvfjp rts 
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iKavdv, Kai luariov 
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ffo6v, icat »* dvairpa^as-, 
•trrposiireffev airCi, Kal 
iftoiv^ IteyaXri elirt' T£ 
•liftot Kai ffol, d 'IrtffS.l 
vil drS 0600 1 tS vip(' 
ffTOV ; Sioftai 0*0 v, /</) 
^e ffaaaviffris. 


AOYKA, Vni. 

1, D. 27, 

6 MiT. &. li 

9 ch, A. €, 
II ch. 33.16, 

13 t srcipaff, 

14 [iffaryiA- 


'0 ^i frirf Acy£*J*" an ^^ ffoi^D*, 

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Xs • Kol » ireo-wv irafih 
Tois Tt6ias Tov "IrjtroS, 
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eXdsTv eis rov oXkov 

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ytviis " T^v avTUt wj 
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rri 9 drWvriaKSV. 'Ev 
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elirev h TLirpos^ Kal o\ 
hVier' avTH' 'EviTara, 
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KaX azoBXiffovai, dKai 
Xlyeis' Ti?^»6 >»ii//d- 
Hev6s iinv ; | 

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irev' i*^R\par6 pov ris' 
iyC) yap ^*Syv(iiv 6vva- 
fiiv ^^ileXaoiaav dir' 

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8ri iK M eXaBe, »o rpe- 
(totxra »> ^Xde, «rai 
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aov pfi i^aKvXXe rSy 

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vov viareve, Kai ' a<o- 

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riiv oiKtav, ovk >« d09- 
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rov Traripa rns irat6ds, 
Kai rfiv pnTipa. 

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vev, dXXa Ka9ev6et. 

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avrov, ei^Sres ort »dir. 

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i^bi wdvras, Koi I K-pa- 
rnaas rns X^^pSs ai- 
r9is, ^i<l>(ovnae, Xiytav' 
«"» 'H irar? iyeipov. 

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:3 ci.lM. 
Ju. 19.11. 



tipTt Sproi Kdl iCo i 
yfivtii ei itfiri irooeV' 
Bevres flneU dyopaaa)- 
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Aadv rovrov fipwna- 

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ivSpes irevraKioxiXioi, 
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Brirai avrov'^ «Karo- 
KXivare airus KXtaias 
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70), Kol dviK\ivav 2- 


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vivre &provSi f ''^ ^^"^S 
iyo ix^as^t dva0Xe\l/as 
eis rdv ovpavdVf ei\6- 
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14 Mat. 16.24. 
Jno. 7. 17. 

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^at, e.12.9. 

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Ac. 15. 26. 
21 P(. 141. 10. 

Mar. 4. 10. 

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10 ch. a ^. 

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f; f«S 

s. fl tto^n. 

I 8. tfotftvra, 
V. irapart- 
Oiiitva, V.8. 

3 Karafiipd' 

Afot. 11.23. 



4 ch. 7. 30. 
Jno. 12. 4S. 
1 Co. 1. 19. 
He. 10. 28. 

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1 Mat. 3. 6. 
Ro. 14. II. 
Re. 3. 5. 

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80 Mat.iaiS. 
- -.6.11. 

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Mal, 12, 2i 

SS. M. 
MSH- 37, 3i 
Ac2 +5. 

" - [. 12.11! 

' 16 Hal 

Hg, !■?. 16 

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19 xTff^iL 
■ 3ti Mil. 12.2S. 

Mal. 12. 2S, 
Aff. 3. 3L 

Phi.3. 10. 
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15. 14. 
tJoo.^. 14. 

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9B Mat. 6. 22. BaX^Ss ' Srav 4owt i 
\ tLJii.1.6. \d6eaXit6s oov Ma. 

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5 df 10. 19- 

6 Jdo. 1. & 
£p. I. la. 

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7 1 Co. II. «. 

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10 Jdo. 4. 12. 

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1 Mat. 6. 96. 

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3 Mar, 7. 82. 

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7 ovi/dYm. 

9 mdaifM. 

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11 crpok 

12 irrvo». 

13 ch. 24. 14 
Ac. 19. 33. 
Ro. 2. 15. 
2 Co. 12. 19. 

14 cb. 15. 23. 
Ac. 2. 26. 
Ro. 15. 10. 
Re. 18. 20. 

15 cb. 11. 40. 

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ip«« ?i)v K\npovoni 

Ep. 5. 17. 

16 cb. & aa 

17 Ajil. 

18 Mat. 6. 19. 
lCo. 16.2. 
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19 ucp/Cu. 

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22 Maf. 6. 25. 

* » ^ fl«,Mr« rfc tffi Ex. 2. 14. 

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Mar. 12.42. 

28 diroiUaiu 

29 iiac6xTa. 

30 Bo. S. 31. 

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ch.8. 48. 
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35 ch. 14. 35. 

!S«.2. 8. 



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169 ' 


10 s. f*y«?. 

11 Hn. 7. 25. 

Ac I.';. IB. 
I^Jdo. ISvl. 

! 1«. 41. 

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al. ivdntat. 

8 dvantnratf 
ch. 11.37. 

9 «fasava* 

10 He. 10. 8. 

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eh. 7. 49. 
Mar. 2. 15. 

14 ciiTisa. 

Mat. 11.23. 

17 dito\6m. 
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Jo. 5. 29. 

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24 vcr. 21. 

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Ro. 11.35. 

28 cb. 20. 46. 

Mat. 23. 6. 

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• SftVTOV-i, 

1 ylvo/nu. 

2 linTdffcm^ 

3 ttoUu. 

4 KOAidk 

Mar. 12. 

Ep. 2. 14. 

Nu. 22. 24. 

Ii. 5. 6, 
6Mat. 14.22. 

Mar. 6. 46. 


2Co. 12.11. 

Ga.. 2.3,14. 
8 (Ift^. 
10 &9X^V^ou 
n AsifXO' 

12 ytntim. 
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14 irapatr^M, 

Ac 25. 11. 

1 Ti. 4. 7. 

Tit 3. 10. 

He. 12. 19,85. 
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24 Re7l5. 18. 

25 Ezr. 6. 4. 
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ch. I. fA, 
[ c^. 12. a& 

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U ^iJ. 9 6]. 

2 Ci>. 2, 13. 

12 *ef. 24, 32. 

th. 19. io. 

Mflt. I& II 

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II Viir. 30. 

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40 ch 21. i. 

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II >o«. 

1-2 v«r. 2, 8. 
ch. 12.42. 

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14 «ia/3dXX«, 

16 d_. ■ 3. 
SliH.ii, i4. 

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17 ch. 5l !JI. 
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23 d>ro(T(d(out 

24 1 Co. 9. 17. 
£p. 1. 10. 

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28 diemftu 

29 t^^patvu. 

30 Fii. 109. 10. 

31 Mat.21.31. 

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34 u.tBls-niit, 

Ac. 13. sa. 

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A, D. 29. 

1 iKotm. 

2 2Cb.2.10. 

3 divonoju 

4 2Ti.a2. 
6 ver.6. 

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7 Yfa0<o. 

8 Inaivia. 

9 TCoUm. 
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liulv Ol-n 

10 Ro. 12. 16. 
Hc 7. 26. 

11 ch. 12. 42. 

12 Mat. 24.15. 

13 tlfil. 

14 8. irpoc^- 

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16 MV. t 24. 

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SO MaL 6. 1£ 

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80 Be. 18.12. 

31 tZs. 

32 cb. 12. 19. 

33 c 14.13,21. 

34 BdXXto, 
Mat. 8.6,14. 
id vr/vouat 

36 iAictfw. 

38 cb. 16. 26. 

39 d&va/tau 


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1 Kimv. 

2 diroXc/x»- 


c. 2. 40. 

5 iKoBvijmet 

6 1. ra^ra. 

7 iKofl>iot», 
M&r. 15. 1. 

8 fpXOf*«- 

9 Joo. 1. 18. 

10 dxoOcA. 
U fldjrrw. 

12 MaL 11.23. 

13 Inatpu. 

14 Mat 4. 24. 
l.<; 6pdti>. 

16 ir^uiro). 

17 Mat. 24.31. 

18 ivlffTfini. 

19 ittiem, 
ch. 20. 6. 

20 Ac. 20. 38. 

21 Ac. 7. 3a 

22 dvdyicij, 
Mat. 18. 7. 

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27 Mat. 18. 6. 

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30 MaL 6. 29. 

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Mat. 9. 1. 

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U eti. 10. la 

27 cJl g. 22. 
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U tb. 11.43. 

ISi. TraAfr*. 

He, 2, 17. 

21 ch. 16. &, 

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ch. 21. 36. c^irev avToTs h 'Iriaovs' 
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A. D. SS. 

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1 uniHitt*, 

2 ch. 14.7,8. 
Mat. 23. 6. 

3 Ez. 3. 2^.«. 

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A. D. 29, 
Msu Z4. 4. 

MaC G. 13, 

B eh, lA. 17. 

ch, 31.37. 

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ch. 5u S. 

Hfar, 13, 9. 

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A. n, 39. 

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19 AC; 12.11 


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23 I. rol; TLd- 

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27 dvaxpd ju 

1 K6KTm, 

ch. 8.62. 

Mat. 11. 17. 

89 Joo. 19. IS. 

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Sevcas ovv avrdv diro- 

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vat' Kai ^^ Kari<rx^ov^ 
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petv SirirrBev rov 'Iij- 

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avrov, Q* ifftiXov \lx\^- 

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autae, aitjaariM} lavTdVi] 


A. D. :s. 

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iS ver, 33, 31 

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lli ^ti^.ar 

19 Jilal. 27.33, 
au ch, ^ *1. 

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24 ch. 14. 8. 

25 6pdw. 

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Ar 0. 29. 

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'■ ViiSc Apft. 
23 Mil. 6k 16, 

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■JS Hc. 11.9. 
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'?lLe, 19-23. aif- Ifai «£Trap(l? Taf 

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A. D. m 

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avrov Svo. 

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dritTav r<3 'Iriaov. 

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vosavrovi ^^dKoXvdSv- 
ra$, Xiyei avroTi ' 

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elvoy avrC)' PaP0i, 
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fAevov, 6i6daKaXey) irov 
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xeaOe Kai II « Were. 

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»♦ eueivav^ riiv fiftipav 
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b)S 6eKdrri. 

aV ^y^'^^''^^'''^'^ 26 eh. 4. 42. 
d6eA4>di JlifKovos Ilc- Mat. 14.33. 
rpov, et; Ik roiv 6vo\ 27.54. 
rdiv dKovffdvruv irapai 

, crKi», 

6 Mat. 1. 

7 ^i>dtt«. 

9 /taprvpftt». 

10 1. i^^^p^. 

11 icaA<tt«. 

12 toTtffU. 

13 iftfiXiJiia, 

Mar. 10.21. 
La.20. 17. 

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poat A^Y" 

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17 AaXtcu. 

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20 0caoaat. 
81 ver. 50. 

Mat. 23. 7. 



32 ypd^. 

t ver. 43. 

ch. 9. 7. 

He. 7. 2. 

24 aivttt, 
Lu. 19. 6. 

§ Na{apid-a. 

25 fpxo^at. 

26 cb. 4. 42. 



'Icadvi/ov, 4rai dicoAov* 

Oriadvrujv air^. 

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•irpwros rdv d6eX4>dv 
rdv t6iov Xinbiva, koI 
Xiyei airi^ ' * Evp^ira- 
liev rdv iMeaciaVf (jo 
» eort ' fiedepiirivevdiis- 
vov, b h I Xpiordf . ) 

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rdv vpds rdv lr,aovv. 
i9^E,i0Xeipasb6i\ ov- 
T'jj 6 'lr,aovs, elire ' 2v 
* et Zi/Kov vids 'lutva' 
av i^KXr,6^ar, Kr,(l>as, 
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XiXoiay ' irat evpioKei 
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avrc5 ' 'AiroXov0ei uot. 

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iTOi drrd Bi^doordd, eic 
rqj ir^Xeuj, 'Av6piov 
Kai Hirpov. 

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roj' NaOavo^X, ^ Xiyei 
avTUf ^Ov ^^Cvpaxpe 
Mwaf/j ei' r<3 pOiib),X 
ol irpo<l>firai, *evp^Ka- 
liev 'lr,aovv rdv vldv 
rov 'l(oaii<l>, rdv drrd 
§ NaCopeV. 

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6avaf,X ' 'Ek § I^oCo. 
pir Svvarai ri dyaddv 
'eiyai; A^e* oirai 
*iXi7r7roj • *Epxov iral 

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'SaOavaf,X ipx^ftevov 
rrpds avrdv, Koi Xivet 
irepi avrS ' ^*l6e ^'dXr,- 


laANNOY, It 

•«j 'Upan\(rtK, 2y (5 A- D. 28. I 4 Aiyti avrn h 'Ii». 
. 2A\^. ....- . /-.. • ~~^ \aa9i • «Ti ImoI Kal col. 

Ac.i3.'jo.' |»w/»ai«oo. 
SCo. 12. 16.| 6 Aevft ^ pifirrip airg 
, !•?• 'i-§i .'"ot^y CiaK6voii' 'O, r» 
l£rlS ^"^^'y' */«?^, Toi/J<ra. 

3 tliU. ' '"• 

4 ch. 19^26. I 6 « Ho-OfJi ^xei T^. 
1 Co. 7. ifi. Jprai Xcfltva* £f, jrAttS- 

6 dir'o*p/vo.' jfffid»' TCJl' lowJatW, 

49 Af^^et «^r^i Na0a- 
wa^X • Tl69ei/ ne yivia- 
VKeig ; • '€Kpidti b o I 
'I>7o-ov(, irat C(irev av- 
Tw* ilpd TO^ cz *t- 
XiiTKOv <l><avil<rai, *ov- 
ra ind riiv avKVVf el- 
66v tre. 

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ira^X. Kai Xeyet aiTw • 
'Pa/?/(?t, od »e? 6 «f^S 
Ttf Oeow, <rv 'et & j^aot* 
Acof Tov 'l<rpa^\. 

51 *'\ireKpidTi 'Iijffovf. 
rai ciTrev auTfci • 'Oti 
eiirov croi, t\66v <re irro- 
Kdr(t} rrfs (rvKffs, * irt- 
arsvetg ; nei^u t6t<i)v 

S3 Kai X£yet airbi- 
i^^Afxfiv tifiiiv Xiy(o 
■inTv ctidii^ipTii i»5- 
xlfe<r0e rdv oipavdv «'(i- 
vewydro, irai rovg dy- 
yfXouff ToS Geoii dva 
0aivovTa^ Koi Kara 
0aivovTai IkI rdv vldv 
Tov dv9p(oirov. 

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ri7 yaptoi ^iyivero iv 
Kavq rfii TaXiXaias ' 
Kai *^v fi iifjrrip rot) 
'Iijoov tKei. 

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*lri<rovs Kai ol pa^rirai 
avroi eis rdv ydnov. 

8 Kai ^* ^<rrepn<Tttv- 
ros otvov, Xiyet ^ nfj- 

7 V. 7. raat. \x<^pov<rai dvh • ^erpi;- 

ch. 4. &. T&s (Jvo ^ Tper$. 
StSvi'®' ''^h^^^iroU h 'Iri' 
'0 p™ L; rs '?;*? ' • r«Mt>are rSff 
owTos ivw /"^P*"? vdaroy. Kot 
*iyip.tcav avrHs *®2o>5 


11 AvtMo», 

ch. 4. 7, 15. 

8 c. 3.3.5,11 

Mat. 6. S. 
13 cb, 13. 19. 

Mat 26. 29. 

Re. 14. 13. 
U ver. 9. 

t 5^?^«. 


16 i>£pw. 

17 ivotYu. 

18 Yf^ofnu. 

19 tftfft». 

20 Ylvofiiu. 
•21 Tl9riiu. 

rrip rod 'Invov rrpdy 
avrSv ' 07vov ovk I- 

8 Kal X£yet avrory • 
t» 'AvrX^oare vijiVjai Ae- 
pere rw "dpxtTpt/cXt- 
i^M. Kai ^^fjveyKav. 

9 *fif ^e " iyev<raTo h 
dfixirpiKXtvos rd vSap 
otvov «0 yeyevripivov, 
{Koi ovK ^*nSet v60ev 
■ iariv • ol dl 6idKovot 
^•^6ei<rav, ol " ^vrXn- 
K^rts rd v6u)p') ^tavet. 
rdv vviJKftiov h dpxtrpi' 

10 Kai Xiyet airt}' 
iite^Kiat Ilas av9p<xiTros vpCiTov 

J"- J2- f • \Tdv KaXdv olvov »» ri- 
l?'h 5.?: \^*f<^h Kai, orav ^neBv- 
Ge.43.34. o^cSo-t, r6re rdv iXd^r' 

23 KaXiia. acj- <ri ««rerij^jjifay rdv 

24 Trioim. iKaXdv olvov e<BJ ipTt. 
'^w • ,'« f?" ' • ' Tavri7»' ^TTotJjoe rfiv 

L^!\tu: jJPX^ r<ov <rnptei<ov h 
Ro.3.23. i Inovs ivKava ms Ta- 

26 ^vtprfo*. XtXata;, irai ^iibavi- 

27 vurTttta. Ipcoffe riiv 66^av airo^- 
""■'iftti ^iinicrevaav eis 




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vinx^ '^'^**' ^l^JtnJatcifi'. 
jftff * dvtffr} iii 'lir/30ffd- 

14 Kai " etrjafi'' Itf TtTt 
lipfTt To»s ir{ji'\uvvras 
jffduf Koi wp6ilmra icai 
ii(/iitrTifias, Kai Tavs 
Lt KtftjiaritrTai. KaUtjfit- 

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wavTas ^^ tlc0aXiv ix 
roD iirpnn"!, r*! rc vfn*- 
j5aT(i ffiii roiu^ /?i5a£ ' 
X TMy f* KoXkv^nF rtHv 

ittociIje ' 

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ffrcpdf irtijXfltfini' it' 

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ii/r£v&iy' t^h ii'fH-iiT£ 
T^v oTkvv tOv T:iirp6^ 

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pi naBrfTai avroi. Bti 
w ytypa^tiii/ov *iffriv 

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ffov Wnrnrii^ayl ^c 

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flj '!o»<iarf>ft irac trirov 
aerw" Ti ffJjurFo* j!f i 
iri^ei; j^^rv, art Tavfn 
wintli i 

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'Ir^o-ov;, «al eiTrei' av- 
rorj* ^Avaart Tov^va- 
dv tStov^ Kai iv Toioiv 
iinipais <€yepa5 avrdv. 

20 Etirov ow oj 'lov- 
^aioc TeacapaKovTa i^ 
e^ Itcoiv ''(oKoSoiifiOft b 
vads ovTos, Kai o-v iv 
Tptoiv fjpipats * iye- 
ptTs avT6v ; 

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irept Tov vaov tov o-ai- 
naros avTOv. 

22 "OTe ovv * iiyipBri 
iK vtKpdv, ai iftv^aBrj- 
aav 01 padrjTat airov 
oTi tSto «oeXej-ev *atJ- 
rotj.l Kai 1« iKiTevaav 
t^ ypa(l>n. Kai ra> \6yto 
to etTrev o 'Ii/oovy. 

'23 'as6i •7ivivX'U. 
poao\vpois iv tS> jra- 
oTYa iv^ T^ lopT^, jroX- 
Xoi »• eiriarevo-ai'»* ets 
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poHvTts avToi) Ta arj- 
/ieta a ivoiti. 

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ovK »♦ iviartvtv iav- 
rdv avruTs, Sia rd ai- 
t6v yivtjaKtiv hirdv- 

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eix«»' iva ris M napTV' 
pfiori iTtpi Tov dvBpo}- 
vov avrds yap ^*jEyi- 
voyaKt ri *liv iv rtu dv' 

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^17^0; dvoua avrioj ip- 
X<ov T&v XovSaioiv. 


1 Ovros ^n^Bt vpds 

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01, *oi6ane> ori drro 
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cxaXos' idtis yap rav- 
ra ra ar^neia Svvarai 
jroulv a ab iroiets; iav 
Ith •?& Qtds liCT av- 

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aovs, Kai tlvev airSt • 
'Kfi^v dni\v \iy(A> aot^ 
iai> un Tis ''ytuvndij 
avtovev^ ov Svvarai > i- 
6etv riiv PaaiXeiav rS 

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"NtKMriuos' Ubis ivva- 
rai avdpo)iros ''ysvvri- 
Onvai yeptov *(ov;ufi 
ivvaraitis TiivKotXtav 
rfis iiriTpos avrov Stv- 
rspov »» ttstXOeiv, Kal 
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aovs\ *Apiiv diiiiv Xiyu} 
coi, eav ftn Tis ' yevvri. 
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liarosi i Svvarat i^eis- 
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vriOfivai dvcjOev. 

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Xet irvei, Kai riiv 0(j- 
yifv avrov dKsets, dXX' 
oi>K * otSas ir6d€v^ ip- 
Xcrai, Koi iroi virdysi 

laANNor, ui. 

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yevvripivos Ik rS rvsv- 

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[(3; Svvarai ravra 
• yeviaOat ; 

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aovs^ Kai e7vev avTcJ' 
£v *et b StSdoKaXos 'r8 
'lapaiiXy Kal ravra oi 
ytvdaKtts '1 

11 'Aiii]v djiiiv Xivo» 
aotj ort S *otSautv *Xa 
XSptv, Kol S • tiapaKa- 
pev paprvpSpev. :^ rriv 
uaprvpiav hiibiv ov 

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itov v/itv, Kai ov irtrev- 
trt ' ffwj, idv tiiroi 
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iriarevaere ; 

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pifirjKttf ar'f rov mpa- 
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payov iiKaTtt0ai^h f (rtf 
roiii iiiiU(.tt^frfbu da *■ t^g 
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tis avrdv, cnii iidirdXri- 
rai d\X*\ 1%^ ^bi^v ai- 


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aevbOeds rdv^Koapov, 
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liOvoyevri^iSoiKSv' Iva 
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(xiv Trept *Ka6aptanoi). 

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rdv 'Icoai/fijv, ad etirov 
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Xovrat TTpds airdv. 

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vos cinl iyLirpoabcv 

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'O iK rov oipavoi Ip- 
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T r^aa>ICu, 

ch. 6. ^, 
Rp. 15- '2y. 
?Co. I.!U 


a Kan ff * lbjf»BKc «:ei^| jfc^Tl^gt. 
* ^icovcrt:. ^ roPTa I |(aap-I '^**'*™****' 

Pavu. I ^„.38. 


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ei Kal 0airri^^t I) 'Iw-;i» ^- 3, ^ 

avrd; oi?t ^^ //JnTTTi' | Efj. 3. 7. 
Cevj dW itt iivi&T}rai ^*^^/ ^ ^* 
' '.J^s-^ ;^ ftif iiB. 

3 A<^ffKr'^^ Tnv Itfda^' Eph.30, 15. 
av, jcai * <■ dirnXf^t ti jfa-\ Mai, k 2. 
A<i/l ctf r/.t' raXtAtffflM. ^ f^tj^ 

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i^ £jri£, 3^ 01 vlui airS, 
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dvfip' To9ro dXriBls et 

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ros, Sirov 6ei ir/iosKV' 

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A. D. 27. 

ore Sre iv rtpSpet rrfrw, 
otirc Iv 'lepoaoXvfjiois 
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'dw. 28 'Xiiets vposKvveire 
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rpi iv irvcvnari Kal 
dXride(<t ' Kat yip h iro- 
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avrdv, iv irvcvnart kuI 
dXriBeiet 6eT vposKV- 

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aovs ' Eftdv *• /Sptoua 
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Ite, Kai *' reAeteuo-cj av- 
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irat 6 depi^iov. 

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'lovSalas ets ritv Ta- 
XiXaiav, • dirfjXde irpds 
avTdv, dJ ^iipwTa avruv 
tva " KaTa0^ Kal »»id- 
ar/Tai aiTov rdv vl6v ' 
»» ^/leXAc yap dirofivij- 

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ffotiy rrpos avT6v ''Eav 
nit aijneia Kal Tepara 
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orevaev h avQpcjTTos 
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'irfoovs' Kat ^•i-nopev- 

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Ac 14.27. 


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8 arpta. 

Mat. 5. 10-. 
Lu. 21. 12. 
Ro. 12. 14. 
Ga. I, la 

10 Mar. 2. 4, 

11 Inri'^. 
12ver. 11,12 

Jn. 21. 24. 

13 tl,U. 

14 AOoi, 
ch. 2. 19. 
Mit. 5. 19. 

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18ch.l. 11. 


19 Phi. 2. 6. 
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Ju. 4. 18. 

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Siitot, bKai i^l^^row 
avrdv dvoKreTvat,i ori 
ravra liroiei iv aoB- 

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rvp fiov e<t>s &0ri ip- 
yd^erat, Kdy<a Ipyd^o- 

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Xov iiij^^rovv avrdv ol 
'lovSaioi diroKretvat, 
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ordffParov, dWd Kai 
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Tov Qedv, i*taov lav- 
rdv irotiov rai Qe<o. 
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'IriaSs, ^ elrrev airoTs' 
'Aphv dpfiv \ey<o ifiTv, 
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eTv d<ff' lavrov oiSiv, 
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Tavra Kai h vids hfioi' 
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avrds voteT- Kai ^sl- 
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ai;r^ epya, Iva ipeTs 

lilANNOr, V. 

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rfip eyeipei rds veKp«i 
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vids ovs diXei, ^ujo- 

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laANNor, VI. 

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dj, la, 12. 
l^ E. nini, 

^ clu 5. 411 

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rflt$ i *d*fl JTGff £i"|r. 1 *|f i^ I ''^ {/tiSwivckj, 

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Ne- B. I<t. 

Mir, M 

l^ jiTvAA^iii 
M fitvm. 
1? Afuvliif, 

Lu. e.^i.lSr 

Eccl. ^24.^1. 

19 J»i'^d'.i, 
ch.4. U 

t6v • Ti iro ixintv,^ Iva 

ffftvf. nfai f ?TCv awrorj" 
T«{fr(i t^rrrr rd cpyoif 
roif Gcov, (ra wiffrcw- 
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juafi'a ^ £6ayoy ev r^ 
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Ovaava^ Titv d\rfdiv6v. 

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vwv iK ri avpavS, Kal 
^tnijv i^^itVifi TUiKdaftffi. 

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rtfif ' KuJUr, irdvrore 
1" J3f ^^ti^ rdi' aproi' 

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36 ^AXX' ci'n'OJ' inXv 

Ep. I. l^ 
2 Ki. Sa. f 


Koi oi Trtnr£ir€r£. 
St Ilai> S ■ 6iA(fiiri fiot 

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ix tS ovf^avoiit oix n^tt 

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maifa^^iTtj ffiKTd iif tJj 

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ibi\ft}ia Tiiv ^Kifi\l/iiv- 

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ytfr^trw o^T^r fj-w Tp 

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'lo^Jeir^i ir£<at aiiratr. 
oTi lijriff ^Ej^dJ fcV^ ^ 
>ajOT'Of h *Kara0as itt 

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fliD* %if£t rf ^T&f '1 *Ori 
ix Tori oipavo^ ^Kara- 
^i/Snra : 

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T(]£tr Mi) yvyyv^iTE 
tiCT' tiW^Xdiv, 


A.D. 2B. 

flci*' jTpdf n£, iav f/ij b 
warifp b viuipas fjte, 

i'iX*TJ(ri) aitTOv, aj iyio 

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tton iv roii 7rtio<p^rais' 
Kal ^ iiuoiiTat irdvreg 

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rrafla Tov^varpds, Kai 
^''fHlOuiVi ^fix^^'^'^ TTp6s 
^^-^^ . 

46 Oii\ ori Tov irarepa 
^rf i i&i^iiirfi'', ei (xi) h 
^ t7sf Tapri Tvv Oeov' 
0^7 oi I tfJ/HOJrc rov na- 

iffiiy, bTTt^riioH^ eig c/it, 
iX€i C^i)if aioji/iot'. 
4S 'Ej^dj lifit aproi 

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f(^4l}.'0'i^ TO U\wva Iv 

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70^ b Ik Tv aipavS Ka» 
Tn^aivuir.. Iva rif if 
avTo^ (ffiy^^ Kai u^ 

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i'"^ **raTa/Jas ■ cav rif 

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alwva- KOi b apros 6e 
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j 1 tUmiu. 

Xiyu) vitiPt iay fifi »0d-!4 jrtv«. 

rf^v aaoKa tov 5ver.66-58. 
" ' eh,ia.ia 

Mat. 24.38. 
' 6 Lviarnfu. 
• 7 w. 14. 
, Mat.24.54. 
' 8 Ro. 8. 3. 
lCo. 15.35. 

viov Tov dy&puitUy Kai 
* -wifije avToH rd at/to, 
ovK ixfTS ^oiiiv iv iav- 

54 *0 •rpwywi' fiM rfif 
vdpxa^ Kal vivav fiov 

rd aJiia, ixet ^hv ai- 

lovtov ' Kai iyoi • dva- 1 2 Co. 3. 6. 
ariiaoj avrdv rn iaxd-\^ «*/*'• 
miliiipfi- •A.WAi^ 

rat ro alitauit t ' <iAih,ii d„s.<AA« 
doiinariiriati. 12 .M«. 

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o-apira, «rat »t»wi' ^ov " 

rd atfca, iv ijAoi iiivit^ 
»» Kdyoi iv avTta. 
S1 KaOios " diriaritXi 
ftt b »■ Cwy irarj^p, «d- 
yo» ^* ^b> Jta rdv vari- 
pa ' Kai h Tpojyoiv pt, 
1* «rd/re tvo( X^^^natrat 

55 O^rtfs • iartv h Slo- 
TOi h ix Toi ovpavov 
t^'KaTa0as' ov KaOois 
« i<payov ol iraripeg 
evfiijwl brd pdvva,\ xai 
i» diriSavov. 'O rpai- 
yo)v rovrov rdv &p- 
rov, § »s(^ii<rerat eig rdv 

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ayoyy^, SiidaKOtv iv 
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Toivair9,tlirov' SffXi?- 

14 vapaildtf 

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16 Xiyio. 

17 KaTa0al' 

18 ipxo/^fu. 

89 s. xp^vov. 
21 itripx»' 


32 a. ;^«Sp(a. 

33 >rep(R-a- 

I Pe. 5. & 

31 airoKp^vo- 

25%t.25. 24. 
Ac. 9. 5. 
Ge.21. 11. 


o6f** •ioriv ovrot h 
Myos ' rii Hvarat av- 
rov dKOveiv ; 
6l^E(db)f ii h 'Iifaovc 
iv cavrbt, ori ^yoyyv-^ 
^ovot irepi TOVTOv oi 
nadnTai avroo, tlvev 
avrois ' Tiro i/tdf 
oKav6a\i^ei ; 

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rdv vldv rov dvOptiirov 
dva&aivovra orov * ^v 
rd irp6repov ; 

63 Td •irMv^d •ioTt 
rd ^bMirotoSv, ii ohpf 
oiK c^eXei oviiv. Td 
pfipaTa a i-^o> *XaXbt 
vpiv, Kvtvpa •iTt Kai 
Cwi? •ioTiv. 

64 'AXX' •etVtv i| 
vpoiv rivls oT oi vt- 
arevovotv. ^^^HSetyap 
^f dpxilS 'Inoovs, ri- 
ves •tioiv ol ftfi irt' 
orevovreSf Kai ^ ris 
• ioTiv h >* irapa^b>aci>v 

65 Kat ^* eXeve ' Atd 
rovro etpriKa vpTv, ori 
ovitis ivvarat »• eX- 
derv irp6s pe, iav itfi*^ 
t itiouivov avrio iK rS 
Trarpof Cftov.l 

«1 dnfiXdov riav /laOi)- 
rwv avrS ei j ra ** «JTrt- 
aoj. Kai ovKiri ptr av- 
Tov •" irtpieirdrovv. 

67 Etirev otJv 'Iij- 
orowj ToTs ioiitKa ' Mp 
Koi vptis OiXtrt vird- 
yeTv ; ^ 

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avrip Yiitoiv Uirpos ' 
KvptSi vpds riva «» dir- 


roTt Otdv rofj ^^tovro^. 

mANNOY, vn. 

A. D. 29, 


Mfiai TOOi SMJiixa Titf.,^ ^T^pfy. 
tiS "^haJCfoAdf ^zffTiv ; \S dt a&tlvtM. 

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Zec. H. IG 

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fl-if ^t&€tapYjtfuyoi Ttt ip-i^J^' ^^^- 
yuoor,inoiui'^ wlnS^S.' 

4 Uiji^uf ^flp E»' if(CiTJ-| aCfi. 3, lij. 

^?*ai Tir ''«i>l-ft«*-|a«EK. 34.22. 

rif, 3i^{i>^fjijuffojr fftav- m ver. i. 
r oif r(5 it^tf d4r^<'j . J cli. B. 23 .E&. 

&Oj^d; yflp orc^iJcX^ot tt TOTi/, 
avrS ^h^ioTtVffv lis hiJ' 2s M4aiiut. 

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laANNor, m 

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h 'Iir^rirs, Kai ciirtv 'H 
Cfij^ iiiaxh oiK ' lariv 
i^ij, dXXa Tov venxpav 

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tioTiVt Mya» atr' i/aa»- 
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ros avrdv, ovro^ dXri- 
eiis Hirrt, Koi dStKia Iv 
airta ovk '*lartv. 

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Ktv hptv rdv v6nov, Kai 
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v6itoi Mtaaetus, •• efto* 


3 3M1C.S.1. 

3 fMvddvm. 

4 «-ot^. 

5 dlTMCffVO* 
t 3V«*T(«5W 

6 cb. 11.44. 
Rp. 1. 1«. 

7 tlM<. 

8 XiVM. 

9 vtviii^rKM. 

10 cb. 6. 56. 

11 eUuju, 

13 k4 'YJi>- 
: ilul.-n. 

15 Be. 3. 7. 
7. 1. 14. 

d(d Toi>ro. 
II t7iu-n. 

17 ^ liUXvos. 

18 iiroirriX- 

19 8.X/y«. 

20 <ifT<w. 
31 cb. ]& 21. 

ver. 32,41. 
cb. 8. 20. 


Ac. 3. 7. 

2Co. 11.32. 
Re. 19.20. 
Ca. 2. 6. 

23 2xi/MXX<u. 

24 X6u. 

25 jr«rTj*«. 


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avT^ Xiyovai. M^jro- 
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ovr6i iariv »• dXi|9c5( 
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ovitii yivuaKei ir60ev 

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Sart, Kai ^otSarev^ecv 
teiiti' Kai dir' inavrov 
ovK »• iX/?Xii6a, dXX' 
f iartv »>dXn0tvos h 
ncp^as pe, SvvitcXg ovk 
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rdv, ort irap' avroi» 
lletiii, ^'' KdKcXvoi its 
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Tdv ««irido-af /rai vJeiff 
M iirifiaXcv iv' avrdv 
riiv x^Xptt^ ori^ ovntp 
»« cXijXvOet h &pa av- 


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SxXov «eTrroretxrav e^s 
rt»Tdi',<»€Xeyov- 'Ort 
iXpti «$,orav»«eXe5, 


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ovrog » iirolriatv ; 
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yv^ovTo^ iripl airov 
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rtitipavrd pLt. 

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lix **ewp^<rers-^ Kai 
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■veTi ov ivvaade ^* iX- 

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SaToi irpds lavrvi' JIS 
ovroiueXXet ^^vopeve- 
vBat, iri fiueTi Qx *•«*- 
pnaofiev avrdv ; fii) eis 
rijv tf StaoTropav rtov 
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peveoBat, Kai dtSdoKetv 

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cere fic, rai^ ovx *• f ^; 
p^atTf Koi o-Kov t etni 
iyot, vpieTi ov SvvaaBe 

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loprffi *Hi(TT^Kei h W 
oovs^ Kai *' Expaff, Xi- 
ybi» • 'Edv rif ^n//S 
t«ipYe(r0a) rp6i ne, Kai 

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IflANNOT. Vn. 

A.D. 29 

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a^ airo^ *pswrov<rt» 
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•ineXXov Xan0dvetv ol 
rtorevovres eis avT6v • 
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ua diytov,\ tort ch I 
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aiii itdofU- XSvov, i^eXeyov Ovr6s 
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ros Aa0iS, Kai drdBrf 
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eir' airdv rasyeTpas. 
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pirat rpds rcvs dpxit- 
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rripirat'^ OvSirore ov- 
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roii »• fl-ptJrfeoi', «di 

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irropevov, koI t/i»j»£Ti 

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eavTots • «eXdAijo-c, Xt- 
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avTOV uapTvptTs ' fi 
yapTVpia aov hk » It^v 

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iyoj napTvpto irepi 
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ipxonat, II Kat irov iird- 

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iyo) Kai b ^^trenxpag pe 

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inov b i*irin\pas fit 


l Xiya.. 
T <5jroy«-n. 
Jdjri tS vOv, 

•. rd Aot- 

3 AaAico. 
8 iW 
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7 6.noKgivo- 

§ Kal oix «*■ 

8 Tal;d/iap- 


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13 irifLnm. 

14 ypd^u. 
tt Vide App. 

15 8. Kord, 
Ge.13 4. 

4a 18,20. 
Da.S, 1, 
in Ixs. 

16 De. 17. 6. 
19. 15. 

17 Ssris. 


iB^EXtyovt ovvaifTw' 
Uov 'is^iv b varfip an ; 
' 'AireKpiOri * b I '\ri<x»s' 
Ovre ifti ^^otSare, ovre 
rdv irarepa pov ei ifii 
*^}j6ttrt. jl,Tdv iraripa 
ftov >«5fd«tri: av, 

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iv TM * ya^o<j>vXaKi<o, 
StSdaKtov Iv Tb) Itp^ ' 
Kai liStis * iir{d<rtv di- 
Tdv, ori omro) "lAijAv* 
Ott fi wpa avroi). 

21 EiTrev ovv vdXtv ai- 
roTs <= 6 'Ii70"ovs' I 'Eyu) 
i-!rdy<o,^ /cal ^rirfjctre 
lit, § 3^ tv *r^ dnapriq, 
i)H<ov * dtroOaveTcde. 
"OitK iyo) indyo), ifieis 
ov SvvacOe >> ^A0eti'. 

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^aioi • M/j ri diro«rt- 
veT icrordv, 5rt Xiyei ' 
"Ovn iyu) {)irdy<o, iptts 
oi SvvacOt ^^tXOtiv ; 

23 Kai tlnev avroTs' 
'T/icrs iK rtSv >«icdr(ii 
•crtj iy<t> it rcoi/»» &v<o 
eipi ' vutTs tK rov k6- 
citov rirov » icri., iyia 
ovK tifd iK rov k6chov 

24 Eiiroi' vv inTv, ort 
• dTrodafCiffde iv raTs 
hiiapriats ifiwv ' iav 

rap^ fiil iTtcTticrirt Sri 
y<o tipt, * ditoOavti- 
cOt iv raTs ipapriats 

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2« ris »ci; cKail ci- 
irc»» avroTs b 'Ir/covs' 
UTiiv ^^dpxhv >'5, rt 
xat XaXo) ifiTv. 



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iftiav XaXeTv xal Kpi- 
peiv dW h ^iriittpai ne 
dXnOfji Harf «irdyw S 
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ra •Alyw «ij rdv k6- 

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rdy varipa airots 
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'IriaSs' 'Orav Hxi/toaff- 
re rdv vldv rot> dvdpcj- 
ir», rdTC ^yvijaetrde ori 
eyfii t«i/ac, aj dw' euav- 
rS voiM i<Sev, dXXa xa- 
9&S *^ iStSa^i fte b va- 
rfip iiov. ravra AaAcu. 

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fter' Ifiu^ Hariv. Ovk 
i^d^fjKi ftr. n6vov 'h 
trarj)p,l ori ijta rh 
>»dpco-ri airta voita 
■K&vrore. '«». 

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Xovvroii iroXXoX »• iiri- 
arevaav eis air6v. 

31 *EA«>'€i'' ovv h 'Iri- 
aa^S vodi rorJy^»' TTCTri- 
arevKoras avruf 'lirSa(- 
ovs' 'Ehv iiteU "/*«(; 
vrire iv rta X6yta rta 
iltbij dXrfibis itaOrirai 
pov iari' 

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dXfieetav, 3^ fi dX0eia 
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TW* ^irippa 'A0padit 
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SovXevKauev rrtarrore ' 
irtai ai Aeycn ' "Ori 
iXevdcpoi ^yevfiaeaee; 

34 'AiTfiKpiWij*» avroTs 
U 'Iriaovi ' 'A/x>Jv dnhv 



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4 cat iy^ 


• XaXA-A. 

6 ytWo-ica». 

7 Wy-.. 

8 irVtfw. 

9 1»«. 

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t f l/u, •i^-n. 

11 di^do-iew. 

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14 «pafti. 

15 Ac. 6. 2. 


16 rturriiin. 

Xiy^ ^lfivy Sri vSf b 
ro(i3r riiv iknapria»^ 
^tf$Ao( *lr( ^rfii iitap- 

35 *0 6e StnXoi oi iti- 
vei hv ri oiKia eis rdv 
aitava' o vlds'itivei eis 
rdv aiava. 

36 'EAv iv h vlds vitas 
eXgvdeptatrri, ivrtas t- 
XeiOepot ^iaeaOe. 

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A0paajt s ttrre ' dXXa 
CrireTreue dvroKreTvat, 
ori h X6y os h eitds oi 
»*Xup«r Iv ipTy. 

38 'Eyta S i*etap<uca 
iraoft ra -rarpi c ;io«,l 
XaXta ' kal ipcTs ovv 9 
t**l<apaKare rraph ria 
rrarpi «ifidiy,) iro<«r- 


39 'Air«irpi0iio-a»^t <ra( 
eiiroir a^roi ' 'O irari>p 
flltav 'Kffpadu. * htrri. 
A.iyei at^Torc o 'IriaSs ' 
E/ riKva roh 'A0padfL 
§»nr«, ro ipya ro9 
'Appaau >> iirouTrs 

40 Niiii' 6i ^vretri fLt 
dvoKreTvai, avOptavov 
Ss ri\v dXfjOeiav iitTv 
i» AeAdAi7«ra, }iv » ^kov- 
aa rraph ro9 Qeov ' rS- 
ro 'Appaan oiK "iiroC- 

41 'XpeTs voteTre r4 
ipya rSirarpdsintav. 
Elirov dovv^ air^' 'H- 
lieTs ^K wopveias i ••ye* 
yevvfineOa' ^tivairari- 
pa iocpitev, rdv OeSv.^ 

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" 'Iijootfs • Bi h eeds 


varfip iiteiv »J5y, ^if/ya- 

CK rov &eov *i\il\()ov, 
xal fJKO) ' ovot Y^P 
dir' iitavTov ^iX^XvOa, 
dAX' iKcTvoi fts *diri- 

43 AiaTi Thv f XaXiav 
riiv ^^hv oi) • yivtoffKe- 
re; ori ov 'SvvaaOe 
aKoieiv rdv X6yov rdv 

44 'Xfteii iK ^irarpds 
Tod dia06\u * iare, Kal 
tAj iviOvftias rov ira- 
rpos {>n6iv BeXere iroi- 
eXv. 'EKeTvos ^^dvdpoj 
iroKr6voi » »Ji/ dir' dp 
X^S^ Kai iv T^ dXi^deiq 
ovx »*2cm;«v ort ovk 
» iariv d\0eia iy av- 
roi. "Otciv XoAjI rd 
t}/evSnSi tK roiv liioiv 
XaXer • ori xlfcvcrris 
ii^h t;§ 6 iraTfip avTii. 

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dXfjSeiav Xiyo), ot; iri- 
artveri ftot. 

Xfi fte irepi hftaprias ', 
ei bdi\ dXffOeiav Xeyo), 
Siari ifteTs ov irtaTev- 
er£jtni ; 

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ra ^rjftara rov Oeov 
dKOver iia rovro^^peTs 
oiK dKOvere, ori eK roi 
Oeoi oi)K ieari. ^ 
48 ' kireKpiOTiaav^* hsv^ 
ol 'lovSaTot, Kai el-nov 
airCi ' Oi KaXuis Xtyo- 
ftev fifteTs, ori Haita- 
peirris *«? «rd, /rai "^Sai- 
lt6viov exets ; 

49 'Ar«ifpi6qt» 'ItjaSs' 



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15 t<rrrjiu. 
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QoiSKal b-n. 
X ye<><rijToi-o 

16 yfOouat, 
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§ *iii&vh. 
19 iKoKglwh 


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23 dyaXAui- 
Lu. 1. 47. 


'Eyui Sain6vtov iK Ixfo^ 
dXXi ripd rdv iraripa 
pov, Koi vfteTs 4 drtpd- 
^eri pe. ^ 

50 'Eyoi Si ov (i;rei) 
T^v S6^av ftov ' » icTtv 

^TirdiV Kai Kpiviov.. 

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vftTv, idv Tis rdv \6yov 
rov ipdv^ »0 TTipfiaTj, Bd- 
varov oit ftii de<tip^cri 
eis rdv »» aiCiva. 

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InSatoi' "Svv^^ivvto- 

Kaftev ort Satpoviov 
^X^iS ' 'AjSoaapi »« diri- 
dave Koi oi irpoi^nrai, 
Kai ob XiyetS' Eav 
ris rdv X6yov pv >®r»7- 
pfjarf, ov ftii i»«vcu4rc- 
rai Oavdrov dci; rdi> 

63 M») ffi) pei^biv « e7 
rdiraTpds hpdv 'Afipn- 
au, Ssrts ^*ditiOave ; ad 

01 vpo^ilrat ^^diriOa- 
vov riva aeavrdv baH l 
jToteTs ; 

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Eav iyCii So^d^oi epav- 
rdVi fi S6la pov »• iSiv 
^iartv' ^tcTtv h rrar^p 
ftov So^d^oiv pe, Sv 
vpeTs Xiyere Sri 6cdf 
§ ifttiv ^ecTt. 

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avrov ' iyoi Sl ^ o7Sa 
avT6v' Kai iav eiirw 
orc ovK ^otSa a-irdv, 
^iaopat Spotos vpcHv^ 
^xpevrriS ■ «XX' ^oiSa 
a-irdv, Koi rdv X6yo» 
avrov ^^rr,poi. 

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vftiav a> {;yaXXcaaarO| 



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tiptv, wplv 'Aj^pau^ 
e ^yc^iff&aiA iyt^ cifit. 

4y«y otirciif r 3 1 

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etv 'Itiaovi^ i^ «tt»c-| a.d.29. 
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«oiJf. P dvofyotf. 

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vcjs »dvc0Xcxp€v. '0 6i' — '*»* 

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il/dnnvj Kat 0X£ir(jj. 

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'^apiaaitov r ivii ' Ov- 
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9fta ii riv Iv avTois. 

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vdXiv ^v tI ^cytis Jri- 
pl avTov, oTi i ^voi^i 
aov rovs d0&aA/iovs ; 
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0»?T*i?f ^'■lartv. 

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*dvi0Xe\pev,\ cojs oth^» 
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avrov rS » dva0Xi\l/av- 

19 Kai ^ilpdjrriaav av- 
roi^S, Xiyovres ' Ovrds 
^^eariv vlds ifiwVi Sv 
VftcTs Xiyere ori rv- 
ipXds ^^eyevvfjdrj ; ir<os 
ovv &pTi fiXivei ; 

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roTs ol yoveTs avrov, ^ij 
etvov 9*Ot6anev ort 
ovrds ** ^OTii' b vlds 
flftoiVi Kai Sri TV<pXds 
a» iyevv^dri 

Lu. 2.^. 

He. 11. II. 

5 tirtrlQnfu. 

6 AaAiw. 

7 ViKTlJl, 

8 ^o/Sioi. 

9 A^yw. 

10 OTfVTffllJ. 

£u. 22. 5. 
▲c. 23.20. 

11 ei/tf. 

12 ch. 12. 42. 



14 cb. 7. 43. 

Mat. 9. 16. 

1 Co. 1. 10. 



16 ipmvita. 

16 iidtofii. 

17 ver. 25, 31. 
Lu. 15.1,2. 

18 TfurTtim. 

19 Alt. pro 
offTivos, M. 

20 rouiu. 

21 Yivvdw. 

22 dxovtt». 

23 dvoKfivO' 

24 y<vo/ia(. 
26 Aot^oolw, 

1 Co. 4. 12. 

21 noif Sl vvv ffXitrei, 
o^K •» oiSanev • ^ rij 
» ^voi^et' avrov rot)f 
d(ffdaXnovs, flltcts OVK 
>*oc<Jofi«v • avrds * hXt- . 
Kiav ex^t, avrdv «epa>- 
rfiaare- avrds trepi ai- 
rov « XaX^aei. 

22 Tavro ccirov o{ yo- 
veTs avrS, ort »e(PoffSv- 
ro^ rovs 'Indaiovs ' ^^n 
ydp i^ avveriQeivro ol 

litvSaTot, Iva idv rts 

avrdv bftoXoy^ajg Xpt- 
rov, ^^ditoavvdyotyos 

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avrov eXrcov "Ori ^Ai- 
«fiay /xci, avrov Hpta- 
rfjaare. ^ 

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ievripH rdv avdproxov 
Ss "i^i; rv0Ads, Kai 
eivov avrCi • j*Ads 66- 
fav roj <j€w* hjftTs 
^otSaitev ori b &vapb>- 
iros ovros ^"^dnaprbiXds 
11 iariv. 

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iKcTvos, Kai elvev ' Et 
inapT(x)X6s " inv, oiK 
**oida • £1' »»oi^a, ori 
rv0Ads "w>'j ipTt0Xi- 


26 Eivov 61 avrwvd- 
Xiv Ti^ivo[riai'aot ; 
v(os 1 ^voi^i oov 7ois 
d00aA/iovr ; 

27 'Airc«pt9i)«3 airoTs' 
Eiirov inTv li6n,^ J^ e iJirl 
*»i}ifovoarc • ri iraAii' 
BiXere dKoveiv j itii Kai 
viteTsOiXere avrod ita- 
Oriral «« yeviadai ; 

28 'EAoi^dpi}ffa)/9« bivl 



aitriv, Kal eivov 2d A.D.29. 
««? uaBririis Ueivov • "*** "'""""" 
flucTs 8i Tov Mwfffws l ?'^- 

29 HpLSis •otdaftev ori 4 ^^c 
Mbicry » AeXdXiixev & 5 Xa\iw. 

ee6i THTOV il OVK *ol « 'rpos^Ww 

SapLevT6Bev^icriv. ' i;^*<^»"'- 

30 'A.TreKpiOr} •' h iv- * «ev ydp 
dpoMTOSy Koi cTirev av- TotTo-n. 
Tois • • E» vap Tov- 8 a. /t^M», 
rw • eavitaarSv tertv, * ^y^^V*»- 

fr($0ev »effri, «rat »ove- job 1.1,8. 
tofi /lot» roi}j d(p6aX' 2". i * 

/itav;. Judithli. 

31 OiSanev* c Si » on . ^^ ^"» 
&ftapro)X6iv h 6edf wir 12 Lu. 1. 70. 
dKovei • riXX' idv th ac 15. is! 
" Beoae^hs » ?, fai rd P». 90. 2, 
0e'Xi»Ma aiJroS jrot^, r»- 13"^^^;, 
rovoKOvei. Uytwdc^ 

32 E5 t»r« attjvos rf^ ,5 ^^„„ 
>' ilKOvodri oTi » Qfoffe jg j«y„ 
Tij d00aX;ioi)j rw^Xov 17 ver *ia 

asEt pfi ^nv ovros ira- ver. 35, 
pa QeS, ovK *» i}^waro ch. 6. 37. 
irotetv ov6iv. ^u. 4. ^ 

34 'A7reKpJdn(rav^ Kai ,9 ^^ f^^ 
etfl-oi' aurw • Ev anap- f dv!?pw7r»-t, 
Ttajj ai i* iyevvfiBriS ^ c. I8.\6,n. 
oXof, /cai cv SiSdffKeis ^ Mar. 13.34. 
finas ; Kai »» eU0a\ov J Kai-m. 
air/ii/ r?w. § ^"'^*- 

35 "H/ftr<rei'«3 & 'IiyaotJy '-«l ^*^-.% ^- 
ori i» e^i0a\ov airdv j^^ 24 50 
^f w 35 «• eipoiv avTdv, ^c! 6. 19. ' 
elrev a-6r(p ' XH iris-ev' 7. 36, 40. 
ei$ tls rdv vldv rotJt }f'j^,J- 
Qsov', 16.37*39 

36'A-treKpidri'' iKetvos, 21. Qs, 
Kal elwe • XTis ^ ^o-ri, He. 8. 9. 
Kvpie, Iva ms-ei<ro) eiy;i^ Y^v°/*g'- 
air6v', ! .uvxxav.nL-.»^%* 

37 E7ir« e^^f «»Ta> h 
'lri<rovs' Kai ^^6>f)aica$ 
avrdv, «rai XaXiuv fie- 
ra ffOB, iAfer»»<55 » iartv. 

38 'O <Ji ««01?' IIi- 
rrfeo, Kvpte' T^ • Trpos- 
eKvvnoev avr^. 

39 Kai e?n'ei' & 'Ii^otff ' 
Eis Kpiiia iyoi eis rov 
K6aiiov rovrov >OiJX0oi>, 
ii-a 01 lifi 0XcTovres 
/^XeTcufft, irai ot /?Xe- 
irovTcs ri>0Xoi *« yi. 

40 cKail «•^^irwai' iic 
rw. r iptaaibiv ravra 

01 •,^es iter avroi, a, 
eir.'i- avTbi' M^ /rai 
flH . c rti0Xoi » ianev; 

41 ; ■ rei' awrors &'Ii^ 
ffoi>5 • Ei rv^Xoi » nrc, 
oiK clv »« etx«re i/iap- 
ria»'" vvv Se Xeyere' 
'Ori 0X£iroiicv ^ c «fv I 
&nnpTia iiitov fiivei. 

Ke0. t'. 
AmHN rf/if,v XeVw 
VfJiTv ' 'O n^ eisepx^ite' 
vos Stoi Ti\s dv^as eis 
rfiv tt aiX^iv Ttov irpo- 
/Sdroiv, dXXi dva/3ai- 
voiv dXXaxSdev, eKcTvos 
KXiirTriS * eori Kai Xp- 

2 'O oi eisepx^ticvos 
Std rrjs 6vpas,irotiJif}v 

iari Tojv Trpopdroiv. 

3 TovTM h ao dvpoipds 
dvoiyei,' Kal ra irpd/Sa- 
ra rfis 0&>vfj$ awroiH 
aKovct ' Kal ra HSta 
Trpd^ara hKaXei Kar' 
Svopa, Kai *» cjaj et 


inANNOY, X. 

4 cKat I orav ra iSia 
vpSffara iK/SdXn, iji- 
KpotrBev avroiv iropeve- 
rai ' < Th rp60aTa av- 
roi aKoXovOci, ori^^ot- 
Saffi rf)v <pbjv^v airov. 

5 'A\\orp(to* Si ov uii 

» 0rv|ovra( dv' avrov ' 
Sri iK^oiSatri rciv dX- 
Xorpitov rfiv tpoyv^v. 

6 TavTfiv r^v vapot- 
ItiaveiTSv avroTs h 'Itj- 
covi ' eKcTvoi Si oiK 
tlyvuaav riva *iiv a 
iXdXei avroTf. 

7 Elxev ovv iraXiv at;- 
roTs b 'Iijffoof • 'Afxiiv 
dfifiv Xfyo) vpTv, Sri 
iyto eipLt ii Qvpa rtav 

8 e Udvrei I o<roc «trpd 
iltov\ »o>jX0oi', ifXc7rT«( 
• eici Kal X^Tai ' dXX' 
ovK " tJKOvaav avroiv 
rci vpdpara. 

9 'Eytj £(/(( fl Bvpa * 
Si' epS idv r(j «»«(S£X- 
Oriy »« o-ti)0/|ff«rat • /coi 
i»c(jcXctlo-£ra(, aj >• cf- 
eXevo-cra(, /cai ^•voiifiv 
»* cfipno^ct- 

10 'O <cXcjrrff? oitK ep 
X^rat ei pfi Iva KXitLn 
Kal ^dvari Kai ^idzoXi- 
ffti' iyd) *">JXOoi' 'va 
^iofiv £X(k)a(,ifat ircp^o-- 
adv Sx^*^*^' 

11 'Eyc3 C(>( iro(fi}>i' 
& KaXif b wotnfiv h ko- 
Xds rfiv w rpvx^v avrS 
m riBtitTiv ivlp ruv 

Ge. 47.4. 
Ps. 74. 1. 

19 sij^lTKllt. 

' aoMitf, 

Mat 22. 4. 
I 21 <iiroXA<;(u. 
- 22 TlBfiiu. 
03 cb. I. 12. 
' 24 ver. 15. 
ch. 13. 37. 
1 Jno. 3. 16. 
1 Sa. 19. 15. 
' 26 ver. 13. 

^^ Mar. 1.20. 

"iT''© «» plodoJTdi^Sl, ^f;\^^*^' 
:4 w/c * WJ' voiiifiv^ ov uk,^^ 

A. D. 29. 

I ch. 16. 42. 
Mat 12.49. 

3 ch. 12. 6. 
Mat 22.16. 
Mar. 4. 38. 
Lu. 10.40. 
Ac. 18. 17. 
1 Co. 9. 9. 
1 Pe. 5. 7. 

4 Mat. 17. 25. 
Lu. 16. 12. 
Ro. 14. 4. 
2CO.10. 15. 
He. 11.34. 

* iKoXovei^ 


6 s. ngdfiara. 

7 ytvttio-Kca. 

8 KOl iyd. 

9 cW. 

10 j'px°Mat- 

II dicoljM. 

12 ]^ hulvoS' 

13 <r(u^«i. 

14 ylvoiuu. 

17 Xoj 

18 2*11.2.17. 

•ctai ra irpS^ara tSta, 
detopeT rov avkov ipx^ 
nevov, Kai d^iri<ri ra 
irp60ara, /rat d>evyet • 
xai o XvKOf apird^et 
e avrd,! xai *■ CKopvi^ei 
t ra iTp60ara.\ 

13 c'0 Si fitcOturdi 
(fievyet,^ ori liicBoyrSs 
• icrt, Kai ov s /icXet 
avTw ircpi rtai' vpo0d- 

14 'Eytu etVt & votnfjtf 
b KaXds, Kai yivaicKOi 
rd iud,' Kai ytvdocKO- 
pat vird T(ov iiiatv. 

15 KaQois ytyojcKet /le 
rrar^p, •<fdj'W ytvui- 
CKOi rdv iraripa • Koi 
rnv xlvxhf novriOriiJii 
virip Tcjv TrpoPdroiv. 

16 Kat &XXa irpSpara 
IVo), d VK 'esriv kk rrfs 
avXijs rav-rns' ^^KaKeT- 
vd ixe SeT dyayeTv, KaX 
rrjs dtoiviis pov dKovcH- 
ci' a^ »« yevnaeTat /jtta 
noipvri, eis iroiiifiv. 

17 Ata ToiJro h irarfia 
pe dyarta, orc eyot 
ridriitt rfiv xpvj^nv /iow, 
Iva rrdXiv >i Xa^to av- 

18 O^dei; aXpei aiirfiv 
drt' ip5, rtXX' iyCi ridri. 
Itt avrfiv dir' c/iavi-ov • 
i^ovaiav ixoi '* Ocrvat 
avrfiv, Kai « i^ovo-fair 
evw ^raXtv ^''XaPeTv 
avTrjV' Tavrriv r^y iy. 
roXfjV " IXa^ov rraph 
rov irarpos pov. 

19 Sxto-prt dHvi TrdXfv 
i*iyivero Iv roTs 'IvSai- 
ots Sia Ttis X6yus rirtts. 


20 "EXeyoir» 61 mWol 
c^ avToiv ' * AaifjLdvtov 
ixsi, Kui • lAaiverai ' 
' Tt avTov dKovcTC ; 

21 "AXXot^ ieXeyov' 
Tavra tci prJnaTa ovk 
• eoTt iiSainovtl^onivii' 
ftii 6ain6viov 6vvarat 
TV(f>\oiv d<lida\i/is dv- 
iiyetv ; 

22 'EyeveTO »» 61 to. 
i*iyKaivia ev CTOtfl 
'UpoffoXvfiOiiy^ dxoti 
Xetftuyv ■ ijv. 

23 Kat »» «ptcirdrft 
'Iija-ouj^ei' Toi icpt^ ev 
Tp oTo^ *rov iioAo- 
HtavTOi. ^ 

24 'EKvK\(t}aav i« oiu' 
aurdv oi 'IwJatot, :§ '£- 
Xcyoi' avrcj' "Ewj jrdrc 
r^f i//ux^'' ^/it5»' t ai- 
peig; eiovHlbXpts^oi, 
ei-rre fipiiv irapprjtria. 

25 'AireKpidrii* avroU 
o 'Itjo Ss ' EXitov vjiXv, ^ 
ov TriTCvere' tol epya a 
eyui ■JTOtl^ ev rw dvdfiari 
Tov irarpds /tot), ravra 
paprvpeX Trcpt lyiov. 

26 'AAX' vpeXs ov iti- 
arevere ' ovyap » larc 
Ik roiv irpopaToyv roiv 
t iiioJVf d KaQoiS eiirov 

27 Ta rrpSpara ra epa 
rrfs 0oivns fiov dKovei, 
»«/cova> yivcjffKO) avroi, 
Koi aKo\ovOovai ftoi '^ 

28 KtiKO»'* K,i^hv ai(o- 
viov 6io(*>pi avroXg, Kai 
«5 ow fiff ^^dir6\o}VTai 
eig rdv aioiva, Koiovjc 
hpira<Tet rtg avra eK 
rffs x^^P^S MOf . 


29 'O rariip fiov. 8s 
^6e6o}Ke *fiot, fiei^oiv 
iravTOiv *i<Tri' Koi •ot»* 
6eis 6vvarat »&pird^etv 
^K riis X^tp^J Tov va- 
Tp6s fiov. 

30 'Eyoi Kni h varffp 
logy •iapev. 

31 'E/3dara<rav *» ovv 
ira\tv \idvs ol 'Iv^atot, 
iva \tddaoiatv avr^v. 

32 'AireKpiQrfi» avroXs 
6 'Ii^oov; ' IloXXd jcaXd 
epya »■" i^et^a vpXv Ik 
rov irarp6s pov ' 6ta 
troXov avToiv epyov \t- 
Od^ere pe ; 

33 'A?r«<fpt0»jo'aj'»« av' 
Toi ol 'lov^otot, r\eyov- 
res' I Ilcpt roXotii ^Pyf 
ov \idd^op£v ae, dXXd 
ircpt P\as(pripias, Kai 
OTi cr^ &v0po)vos • oJVy 
iroieXs ceavrdv Qe6v. 

34 'AireKpiOrf^* avroXs 
b 'Irfoovs ' OwK • ^o-Tt 
^^yeypapfACvov ev rai 
v6p<yt vpoiv • *> 'Eyoi 
eltra, deoi 'i<Tre ; 

35 Et iKcivovs elire Oe- 
odj, irp6s ovj 5 \6yos 
roi Oeov ^^iyevero, Kai 
oi> 6vvarai ^'^^vdfjvai ff 
ypa<l>^ ' 

36 "Oy h itarfip § «« fl- 
yia<re, oi, *» oTrcoTCtXcv 
eis rdv K6<Tpov, vpeXs 
\iyeTe • 'Ort /JXof^j?- 
peXs' oTi eiirov, vlds rff 
Oeotl eipi ; 

37 Et ov irotoi ra ipyci 
Tov irarp^s pov, pff m- 
orevere pot ' 

38 Et 61 iroioi, K&v 
ifioi pff iris-evrire, roXs 


IflANNOr, JI. 

ipyoii viaTtvvars ' 
Xva » yi/dJrCj < Koi m- 
artvariTC !• ori iv i/iol 
»& traTfiPj *Kdyo} «cv 

J ««'"<?• .^ ,^ 

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av-rdv ^■niiffai ' <*H- 
ffXOev Ik rfji x«*Pof «^- 

TTtpav rov 'lopSdva, eis 
rdv r6irov otcov »»»71' 
'Iwavvi?? Td irp(orov 
^aKri^oiv ' koX ^*epei- 
vev tKei. 

41 Kal voWol i*JiX. 
60V rrpds airdv^ xai 
piv arnieXov ^^eiroiTiaev 
ov6iv ' vdyra Se 5aa 
clirev 'lo}dvvTis rrepi 
Tovrov dAijOiJ** ijv. 

42 Koi i» iiriarevaav 
TToAXol iKet ets avrdv. 

Ke<t>. ta'. 
1N«« Si Tts vidaOe- 
vuiv Ad^apos dtrdBti- 
Oavias, Ik rfls K(onrjs 
Mapias aj Mdpdas rfjs 
d8eX(bfls airfiS' 

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^idXettpaaa rdvKSpi- 
ov nvpto, Kai «» eKfjid^a- 
aa ro^s v6Sas avrori 
rais Bptftv airffs ' ^S 
b dScXipds Ad^apos 
M j)adevci.) 

3 AircaretXav^* uv al 
dSeX<f>ai irpos airdv, 
Xiyovaar Kvptc, ^■'t^c, 
Sv dnXets, daOevcT. 

4 AKyaas Si h 'IriaSs, 
tlirtv KvTTi fi dadiveia 
ovK »» Sari npds Odva- 

I yivdtiTKto. 
* alii Kal yi- 


3 8. fo-Tt. 

4 dyairdoi. 

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8 irtd^(o. 

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12(l/ji. [/*a(. 

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15 Xiyw. 

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17 diroKp^vo- 


rov, dXX* imlp rns S6- 
ItlS rjQeov, Xva ^So- 
YaaQn vlds rov 6«oti 
6t' avrfis- 

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o-oi;^ riiv Mdpdav Kai 
rhv dSeX<f>}iv avrfjs Kai 
rov Ad^apov. 

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daOcvcT, T^Tc piv »« t- 
pcivcv ev <1) ^^^v Tdnto 
Svo hliipas. 

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Xiyet roXs^ paOrirats ' 
"Ayoipev tis rfjv *lov 
Saiav irdXtv. 

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IxaOriTai' 'Vafi^i, vvv 
'c^^rovi/ at XtOdaat ol 
'lotiJaiot; Kai vdXiv 
itrdyets ckcX ; 

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aovs ' Ovxi SdjScKa 
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pas', idv^Tis veptTra- 
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TrposKdrrret ' *» ort ro 
0w$ rov Kdayiov tovtu 

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r^ iv Tfl vvKri, irpof- 
KorrTCtj »« 5Tt ro ^ds 
ovK ^%eartv iv avric. 

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rh roiro Xiyet avrois' 
Ad^apos h ^iXos iufov 
»« KCKoiiitiTat ' aXXa 
iropevonai Iva ^ i^v- 
irviaoi avr6v. 

12 'Etiirov ovv o\ paOti-^ 
rai airov ' Kvpie, ei 
«4 KCKointtrat, *» aotO^' 

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aovs vcpi rov Oavdrov 



^J7(3r££kiif rfpu 'ij~r(*ti' XI- 
14 T^tj: iHfi' fESrEi' hu- 

(Tpa i?fS"EtJffFjrF.) OTi if* 
"^ ^jfijM iver^ <iXX' iiyu- 

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la. §1. Itj. 
Ac. 25v S7, 

4S. 14. 

2Cn. 3.12, 
Ep. G. 19. 

liv:.. 4, IG. 

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S ch. 4. 14. 

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/iot, ver.38. 
Mat. 9. 30. 

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13 Lu. 10.21. 

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18 Mat.l9.2I. 
Mar. 10.21. 

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34 Pr. 7. 16. 

25 Lu. 19. 20. 

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-15 ch. 10. 30. 

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•^ ch. 7.4. 

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mANNOT, xm. 

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11 Cli. 21, 4. 

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mANNOY, xm. 

A. D. ZS. n0ai rts ^V ^ itTi ir^pl 
IV Xiyit. 

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ere els rdv Oedv, Kal 
els enl irtarevere. 
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A. D. 29. 


I e^apua. 
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pcOoiiat^ u 

4>fllV, QTi 



3 ver. t2. 28. 

ch. 7. 33. 


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roinderai al. 
Jtoptv8&, i' 
5 dyairdbt. 
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alii vDv d- 
Ko\»d4(r<u ; 
Spri Tj)v-n. 
U <f«xvto. 

15 T^tfimt. 

16 ch. 6. 7. 
Mat. 23. 9. 
Lu.3. 14. 
I Ti. 6. 8. 
He. 3. S. 

3 Jno. 10. 

17 ditapvio' 

18 ver. 27. 
ch. 12. 27. 

il ftiiii ittXl' 

•• KaXf. 

19 ver.ZI. 

20 ver. 11.20. 
ch. 10. 38. 


8r *iu7v' «iropcvofiai 
Iroiuaeai iSiroviiiTv. 

3 Kai « iay t iro0cv(f(S, 
Kai Irotndaoi ip.Tv r6' 
irov, •irdXiv tpxopai, 
>5 ' irapaXfiipoiiat vn&s 
v^ds luayrdv Iva oir» 
eiui lyCiy Koi iiicTi 

4 Kai oirov lyui iri. 
vo), *ollSare, Kai rriv 
oSdv *oiSare.^ 

6 Aiyet avru> QaitSs' 
Kvpte, ovK 'otSauev nS 
iirayets' Koi n-cSj » Sv- 
vdiieda riiv hSdv * ciSi' 
vai ; 

6 Aiyet airui h 'IriaSs' 
'Eyoj eiiii fi' hSds, Kal 
fl dXfideia, Kai fi ^oifi * 
oiSeis cpxerai irpds 
rdv iraripa, ei nh Si' 


7 Et »• iyvtoKCiri /ic, 
Kai rdv naripa pe »• i- 
yvdjKCtre &V j^ dir' Hp- 
rt yiywoKere airdv, 
Kai t^^ccipoKare airdv. 

8 Aiyet avrio ♦iXiTr- 
JTOS^ Kvpte, 'i*SeTlov 
flnTv rdv iraripa, Kai 
>• dpKcT fliiTv.^ 

9 Aiyet avr&h'lria3s' 
Toaovrov xP^^o^ neB' 
ipuiv elftt, Koi ovK »•?• 
yvojKas fic, ^iXtmre] h 
i> loipaKOis iph >» £&>- 
paKC^^rdv trarepa' koI 
irois <ri ^iyeis ' '* Act- 
JoK fiuTv rdv Trartpa ; 

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eyoi ^•cv ro» rrarpi, Kal 
h irarfip iv'ipoi *iart ; 
Tft Dfiuara S iyoi Xo- 
Xw Vpiv, drr' ipavr3 ov 



AaX&)' 5 Si vaTiip, b Iv 
Ipti) fj(ifi>iv,airds irouT 

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iyuf ii/ TtJy zaTpi Kai b 
iTitr^f li^ inoi' *eiSi 
fitif ^ift tii ipya aira 
TfnmvtTC ji p.01. 1 

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ifiTv, TTiaTevbyv eii 
Ifii, rft ipya a eyo) 
rroioi, * xdKeTvos iroi^- 
iret, Kai ^ fxei^ova rov- 
roiv irotfiaet ■ ori iyo) 
irpds rdv naripa cnov^ 

13 Kai 3, riolv i«>atri}- 
ffTjre Iv ro) 6v6p.ari 
liov, rovTo Troifjaro)' iva 
•Jo^airflj 6 irarfip iv 
r(p vio}. 

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ev rw dvSpari pv, iyo) 


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rag ivroXas ras ifias 
»3 rnpfjaaTe. 

16 Kal lyo) »« ipo)r^- 
<T0) rdv xartpa, Kai 
aWov 1» napaK\t]roy 
»' Soiaei vnTv, Xva § ftc- 
VTi iied' vyLwv eis tov 
aiwva ' 

17 Ta itvevtia rijf j dXij; 
deias, S b Kdanos ov 
Svvarai »» \a0eTv' Sri 
oi Oeo)peT avrd, oiiSi 
yivtoaKei^ airS ' ifteTs 
di yivoiaKere aifro, 
8ri nap' VfiTv tt|i|- 
vet, Kai iv i/iTv U ** fi- 

18 (Hk >' d0^<ra) it^Ss 
M dp<^a»ovs ' ipxoiiOLi 
vpds ^liSs. 

1 8. /tipo; tB 
Xp6v» Is-t. 

2 Caw. 

• l<rTiv-b. 

3 YiVfiffKa. 

4 Kol iyeS. 

5 Kal iKttvos. 

6 M^yo?. 

7 AC.25.2& 

8 in<f)av(^<u, 
ver. 22. 
Mat. 27. 53. 
He. 9. 24. 

t fii-f. alii 

Tdv JTOT^- 

J Kal Tt/. 

11 yCvoiiai. 

12 diroK(>(vo- 

13 Ttipioi. 

14 ipairda). 

15 ver. 26. 
cb. 15. 26. 
1 Jno. 2. 1. 

16 l'pxoA^<t'- 

17 6l6u)iii. 

II iAc<kro- 

•• ITMI^O-O- 


19 XanPdvm. 

20 ver. 15. 
Mat. 19. 17. 
Mar. 6. 20. 

tt M<v«I-n. 
li lo-Tiv-n. 

22 Xa\ia. 


I9*Eri /4(/cpd>s* Kol b 
K6aftos pe ovK ert Oeo)- 
peT ' vfieTs di Oeo^peTri 
pe ' ort eyo) « ^^, Kai 
{/(ieTs « ^no^eaOe' 

20 'EviKeivrj r^ ^ui- 
pa ^yvdJaeaOe ifieis ori 
iyo) iv rw varpi ixov, 
Kai yiiets^v ifioi, * «d- 
yo) iv ipTv. 

21 'O Texwv Tcts ivTO- 
Xdf pov, Kai rripoiv av- 
Tus, iKeTvds «* iartv b 
dj^airtov pe' b Si dya- 
vo-'}' }ii:, dyavriOfjaeTai 

ey'»' ,'j n^}}rro) avrdv, 
Kai f ii(i,ii!ji:'rr&) avrC^ 

22 Aeyet ainoi 'ISSas' 
(«X & 'laKaptwrris,) KtJ- 
pte, tri " ycj^ovcv ori 
flliTv neXXets in<i>avi- 
K,etv aeavTdv, Kai oix*- 
T(p K6aii(i) ; 

23 'AvrekpiOrit^ bbl 'Iiy. 
aovs, Kai tivev aiTui • 

Edv rts dyaita ne, rdv 
\6yov uov rripfiaet ' v 
b Ttarfip fiov dyurr^oet. 
avrdv, Kai 'rndj airdv 
II »«£Xct)(r<i/i£0a, a^ is ^o. 
I'»)!' irap' auro» »* ttoi^- 

24 'O /ll> dKOTT&Jl/ /46, 

r« j Xdvtfs nu oi ao .,.jj. 
occ* «rat b \6yos Sv dKy- 
ere,oi>K ^i iartv iu6st 
d\\a rS iriml/avros ue 

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vpTv, nap' vpTv liivtjv. 

26 'O Se 1* TlapdKXn. 
ros, rd Uvevpa to 3yt- 
01/, S ninxljei b iraTrip it, 



Lu. n. 61. 
2 Tl. 51, IJ. 
Tic.3. 1, 


6 Jfq^ iyt^^ 

wavra a ij-ffov iimw l^ '^i^- 

0^«Tri(rd(j viitiv Si xaft- 

2S 'Ifjf^d-ure* pri tj^^ 
ciTOif vnTv - 'irirarw i \ '^''^ '^* 

- "■- ' 11 1^. d. 12, 

Mit. II. II 
Ikr. 9. }■£. 

U th. 30. 7. 
MM. 14. 21 
Ep. ?. J2. 

13. yivaptat. 

n ch,_ii!, 31. 

Tipa'^ ori b jrttTjir, d ^^ ' 

rpli^ 13 yetti^at ■ iva 
otav '•j^eVijrai, irij-fv- 

X^Tiit yap h TflU "nfrf. 

ifiai cy ipol *J3^K iX!^t 

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/rJff^fflf ort dyuwbi Tdi/ 

firca ird<tj. 'Evri^Ejj^c' 
a7^6jp£)r ivrsibiv. 

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Hh i^ipav mfl^iif, mpei 
avT4 ■ xai iraf ri Kap- 
rrovp ipovj ■ » aa /raOa i- 

^•^ cfcu ], 9. 

CL tO. 

21 Tcr. 4.5 61 
Pm. 15, 2 

^ Hc, ib., 2, 

S4 ^jil^pw. 


3 "Hjjj ejdiTf Kadapol 
' EffTc dia Td^ Ad/oy 5i» 
^ XekaXrjKa vfiTtf. 

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*Kdy<^^ iv {ifitv' Kodtjs 
ro xAriita \j(- ivyarai 
«cajEiird^ tjicf\i\i d<ft' lav- 
rdiS, lav pq "iicivtj iv 
rjj *yTtXfri, ¥7Wf ovit 


3 'E;uj^ tifti ^ a^fl"€- 
Aofj iWtf LB ^,\ K\fnta- 
ra ■ i >jcK(jj/ iv iuoly 
*K'lyui k» avrio^ 0%rros 
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ov avvafr&E itfnsiv ov- 

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IV tiAoi 1» iiiX^dri £fw 
[i>f rd JtAfj^a, ^ai ^fiy- 
fiavdw^s. Kal avvdyov- 
aiv^a^T&j Kat «s Xirvp 
jSaWtjviTt, Kal J^i Kui- 

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cjuiflj Kni Ta pTitiaTa. fAH 
i-v viiiif * ^iuii, S ictv 
i^i\fi rf, 5 ftijrlnirde, kuI 
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ir^y ffoAutf 0/pijrc- Kal 
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b vajijp, B*ji. ;:? fifyd- 
ir^cra i^flf ■ *w(.Lj'ar£ £K 
r^ ji^affi) ry it^jp}. 

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pov "ii Tijthijujjrir, »/i€- 
"Cfrr CM rijf i/<Sir9 mow 



Kadojs eyi) ras ci/roXdg( -^ D- ^ - 
Tov TTarp6s itov » rcrq-p******^"'*** 

11 fawra » MXaAriKa] Mat. 22 38. 
{>HTv, Iva fl X^^Ptt ^l Mar. 26.21. 
ifi^ iv Vfiiv *neivri, 
Kai n X^fio, indv nXt}- 

12 AvTTi • lariv fi iv- 
itoXii fi inn, Iva dya- 
jrarc dXXfiXovi, Kaiiois 
' ilydirnoa t»/idj. 

13 MeiCova ravTris d- 
yavTiv ovSeis «x^*> *tva 
ris TTiy » ipvxhv avrov 
»•^3 vvip Tfjiv <piXu}v 

14 "tfteis «*0tXot ftov 
• «o-rt. iav voifjTe 
oaa \yo} ivreXXonai 

15 Ovk£ti i>ti3i Xfyoj 
^tfXot*;, 07 1 h SnXog ovK 
19 o7Se Ti iroieT avrov 
b Kvpios' viAds ii eXpri-^ 
Ka <f>iXtfS, oTi rrdvTa a 
«» nKovaa irapa rov rra- 
rpds liov, »■" eyvcopKTa 

18 OwY vfxeTs ue »» i^^- 
eXi^aaae, dXX' iyto 
*» ile\e^dpnv Vfias, Kal 
*» edriKa lo tl^ds, ti'a 
vneTs iirdyrire, Kai 
KapXQv (pcpnref /rat h 
Kapnds vndv itevri ■ 
Iva «»o, n dv «atr^ 
cnre t6v iraripa iv 
Tu) dvSnari (tov, « Jc5 

17 TaiJro «vr£XXo/iat 
i^rv, tva dyavare dX- 

18 Et h K^ofios ifias 

liicreT, ^iviavKtTt Srt 
efii •apCiTov inuv */te- 

19 Ei Ik toH Kdfffiov 
*riTe, h k6oiios dv rd 
liiov * ioiXei ' Hti ii 
eK roiJ KoaiiH ovk » tj-e, 
dXX' iyu) ^^i^eXeldfjinv 
vfids Ik tov k6<thov, iii 
TovTo niireT viids h k6- 

20 Mvrnip vcvere^ rov 
X6y<f6" oi iyot eiirov 
vnTv OvK *e(TTi iiXos 
nei^cjv Tov KXtpiov ai- 
rov. Et c/xe t^edtu^ai', 
Kai vnds »>(^ia3|(/orti/' ei 
rdv X6yov pov > irtipri- 
<Tav, Kai rdv viiirepov 

t Tripfl<TOV<TlV. 

21 AXXd roiJra vdvra 
■noi^crovatv \viiTv ita 
rd ovoiid nov, ori ovk 
^*oiiaai t6v veiiipavTd 


22 Et n)i 1« qX0oy Kal 
* i\dXnaa avroTs^ »«4- 
liapriav ovk a*£?xoi'* 
vvv ii >• np6(f>aaiv ovk 
exovat rrepi Tfjs &iiap- 
rias aiT<av. 

23 'O iiil ^iiiaoiv Kai 
t6v iraripa fiov piaeT. 

24 Ei rd epyajiii «> t- 
■noinoa iv atDrors. 5 ov' 
ieis dXXos "^^eiroiriKevt 
dpapriav ovk m £1X0»» * 
vvv il Kai ^lojpaKaat. 
Kai ^ liepiafJKaat 3^ i/is 
Kai r6v ■nartpa liov. 

2i 'AXX' m iva irXriptO' 
O^ h X6yos h ^"fyeypan' 
liivos iv rcj i/d/ito ah- 
r<av ' *Or t ' « c/i tan<xd» 
li€ ^* io)pedv. 


^S^Orav Si i iXdn &| A.D.29 . 

TIapaK\r}Tos, 5v eY<ii ^""^""''^^ 

veuiLu) vuTv irapa rov \ tpxofttu. 

Trarpd;, ronvcvparn, ^%t^Xr 

aXiitieias, S vapa rov 3 MilS. 5. 

varpos * iKiropeverai,\ Mar. 6. 11. 

• iKcTvog uaprvprjyei : 5 ^optioiAai. 

ireplhov. 5ch.i4.53. 

27 Kai i^eis Si pap. ^ '^'^-^^^ - 

TvpeTre, ori in^ dpxns 

per' inov ficrre. 

ch. S. 9.46. 
Mat. 18. 13. 
1 Co. 14.24. 
7 ilni. 
Ke(p. tr'. 8 V. 9-11,26. 

1 ATTA •XeXdXnKal Mati6. 11. 
vpTVf 'va nh ffKavSaXi A Mar.s. 16. 
«dnre. "■ 9 XaKiio. 

2 'Arroffwi/ayaiyovff « > ' jO JP^J^-jg 
iroifiai/aiv^vpas- isaXA ;,2 siva/ial 

^ £PXerai oypa iva irSg &|13 Lu. i2. 7. 
diroKreivas ijxSs, " J(J- H ^o«<.«- 
f>7 »» Xarpeiav wpos^e- 
peiv rui Qeoi. 

3 Koi ravra irointrov- 

(TIV b-^i/Tv,^ OTl OVK 

^'iyva^aav rdv varipa, 
ovne iue. 

4 'AAAa raSra 'AcAd- 
XnKa VfiTvj tva orav 
» eXdn fi tcopa, »»/ijki7- 
fiovtvnfe avrdv, ori 
iyoi clirov {fftTv. Tav- 
ra Si itiTv i^ d^xns 
»K einoVj oTi p.eB' v/icjy 
' Inv^nv. ~ 

5 Nvi/ 61 {iirdyu vpds 
rdv irifixpavrd ^ fxe, 
Kat ovSeis «^ v^oiy 
ipcara. fie' Hov vvd-\i 
yeiSi ■' 

6 'AAA' ori ravra sAc-lj 
XdXnKa iiiTv, ^ Xvirn 
II M rreirXnfCJKev in<^v 
rfiv KapSiav. 

7 'AAA' lyoi rhv dXfi- 
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15 Ro. 9. 4. 
He. 9. 1. 6. 

16 ch. 10. 31 
Mat. 8. 17. 
Ga. 5. 10. 

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18 Mat. 15.14. 
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19 ver. 21. 
cb. 15. 20. 
Mar. 16. 9. 

20 v.l4,I5,25. 

1 ver. 15. 
ch 3. 
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laANNoy, XVI. 

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mANNoy, xviii. 

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,1 € vffT. 15. 

7 v*f . 17. 
Mar, 13.34. 

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Mar, I4.&J, 

ji. 2. le. 

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23 VCT. 03. 

(h. 2I.J. l. 

iw th. ai. i. 

MaL £1. IS. 

27. I. 

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Tit. I. !S. 
He. JZ. I!i. 

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u. s, 3. 


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m. 19. 

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Ui, 11 21- 
I Co 9 25- 
Ckil. \. 29. 

4. T^i. 
1 Ti, 6, 11 

a Tj. 4. 7. 


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Mat. 19 3. 

i^c. 13. 28. 

6 ch. 3. 27,31, 

Ja. 1. 17, 

h paatXe^s rCiv 'lou- 
iaitov Koi » HiSev oi»- 
Tbi^pani<ri/aTa. }yiifV. 

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rd iTop<l>vpovv lndriov.'9 uiut. 
Kai X^v«t airorj- «"iJe 10 A«yas. 

' " •• 11 8. XP^VOV. 


13 Lu. 2. 34. 
Ro. 10. 21. 
U. 22. 22. 

• o*Tdv-m. 

14 Aa/i/3dvw. 
t Tcav Xtfycuv 


15 4'yW' 

16 Kad^^w. 

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18 2 Ch. 7.3. 
Es. 1.& 

Ca. 3. 10. 
J rapad&--n. 

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rdy ot dpxt^pcU Kai oi 
inripiTat, i^eKpavya- 
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vdfiov ixofiev, KaiKara ■.-.^ 
Tdv v6^ov ni^iov d<t>ti'\^^;^^'^' 
\et ^* dirodaveTv, oTt 20 iroUfu, 
lavTdv vldv b rov 1 6«i?j ch. 5. 18L 
w Ivoitjaev. in'?5' 

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h UiXaTos TovTov rdv § g^^ >„ 
X6yov, naXXov »^00-1 is-A. 
0fi6rj. (11 TfiTi) A. 

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rd Trpatrtoptov jraAt»', ^aU^T^ 
Koi Xlyet roi 'Iijffot; • 25 jo». 9.' 8. 
o» n6dev ^et<ni;'Odl\ 2Sa. 1. 3. 
'iTftrovs dv6Kptatv ovk 36 slitt. 
^litiiKtv avrCJ. .27 Kfdlta. 

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A. D. 29. XaX£?f ; oiK »o76as ort 
i^italav ix<>> aravpCi' 
aai ae, Kai i\ovaiai' 
Ix^ diroXvaai ae ; 

11 'ATTCJcptyij" ho\ 'I»7- 
o-oiJj- OvK ^elx^S e^ov- 
aiav ovSeniav Kftr cftS, 
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vov • avtiiOev 6ta rSro 
h *Trapa6t6ovs tte aoi, 
10 fici^ova hiiapTiav 

12 Ek tovtov >» et^ 
ret h IltAdro; aTroAv- 
aat avT6v ' o\ 6i 'lov- 
6aTot »■» iKpa^ov,^ Xi- 
yovres ' *Eav rovrov 
dvoXvariS, oiK ««f? 01- 
Aos rov Kaiaapoy jrds 
h 0aatXia iavrdv voi- 
wv, >• dvTtXeyei raj 

13 *0 ovv IIiAdrof 
dirovo-a; ^rovrov tov 
X6yov, »»^yay«' fftu 
rdv 'I170-0VV, «rat »< cicd- 
dtaev iTti crovl fiff- 
paros eis t6itov XeyS- 
ficvov *• Atflrforpu- 
rov, 'EppaXri 61 iTaff' 

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rS vdaxa, k Sipa 6t wj- 

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'\ov6aiots ' '"Ue h Ba- 
atXevs vn<jiv. 
16 0161 ^^eKpavyaaav 
*Apov,^ a* opoi', yavpta- 
aov air^v ' Aeyet ai- 
ToTs h IltAdToj • Tdv 
PaatXia vitdv arnv- 
pcjaoi ; »' 'AveKpidti- 
aav ol dpxupeis ' OiK 
Ixojiiev paaiXia ei ft^ 


mANNOY, ra. 

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ptdffai', JCiiif ^irr' airait 
aXXovs ^vftf tvT£-u&iv 
Kai tvrcvdEy, iiiiTQv 6i 
t6v 'i^tu^ovv- 

rirXi^v h IIiAri-rDf, jtik 
»'£(f;jtf£ir Irrl T"v<jrav 
pov' " fli' Jl 1* ;^c 
ypttff jji E if fj k' ' ' ] IIXO TT^ 
^O NA.ZilF.\]Oi: '0 


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tXo» iTcjAAji ''nivcyifii- 
<ra»» fun' ^lov^aiuiv Srt 
iyyv$ t^^v rjff TrdAewj 
TdiT''^^ nfjT^jw i' ia-rav- 
paiOij b 'I^flffflff ' i^ "i|j' 
liyCypafnJLlvftV ^R^pal- 
ari, EXXfjytffrij 'Poj- 
paitrr L y^ 

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roiv 'ln'iai\<}v' Mii ypi- 
d>e • 'O jJnTiXcDi TaiM 

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II Vi«t«-App. 

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^tni>avT&i 6i oAflf. 

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tta uov lavToi^, a^ iirl 
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veyxav airoS rt5 (rr6- 

30 'Ors ovv • e\aBe 
rd S^oi h ']ri<rovs, et- 
we • i^TereXearai • Koi 
K\ivas riiv K€<pa\fiv, 
i>irapeSo)K€ Td jtvcv- 

31 Oi^Bv 'lovSaToi, Tva 
tiilj*neivrihri rS r«t>- 
po^ ra cdftara iv roi 
va0l3dr<a, eirei i^Trapd- 
VKevii ^9'rfv, (i» ijv yap 
HeydXri h fiptoa II Uei- 

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.Mfiirrfcrav rdv TliAdrov 
iva *tKaTeayCi<nv av- 
r^v ra <rKe\ri, Kai *»dp- 


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vrparioirai, #roi TotJ 
filv irpxoTov MicaT^a- 
^av ra oKeXri, Kai rov 
&\\ov rov jrv<rTavp(a- 
BevTos avru. 

S3 'Eirt 6i 'rdv *lriaovv 
«« i\B6vTes, b)s tiSov 
airdv W»? «'TcWvrj/cdro, 
oi ^Karia^av avrov 
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rcwrtSv *• \6yxri avrS 
riiv n\evpav U ^evvfe, 
Kai evdvs^ •ii^ii\ffev 
alpa Koi v6<op. 

35 Kai b '* l(i}p<iK<t}s 
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d\ridivii avTOv l*i<rriv 
fl paprvpta' «"«icdicer- 
vos »• oliSev Sri dXqO^ 



I Kaaau 
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o tie. V. itf. 

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5 ntfirietnu. 

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9 yauBdvm. 

10 l^t. isja 
§ dir' adrS-t. 

II Zec 12.10. 

12 Snrofuu. 

13 TSXiut, 

Mat. 11. 1. 

14 iKKtvriiu, 
Re.1.7. [at, 

15 irapnHot». 
Mat. 27. 60. 

16 uiva>. 

17 Mat .27.82. 

18 Kp^KTOi. 

19 tilLi. 

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20 iTtrpin-o). 

21 ipwrdai. 
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23 arpai. 

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27 OvrfOTCu», 
- Ju. 5. 8. 
29 viwm, 

Eccl. 22.20. 
ai l|tfp vo^uu. 
|§ Kcvdv-n. 

32 T<dniH. 

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34 /lapTvpito. 

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X£y«c, Ua •Ipets »»• 

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p(oBn •'OarSv i^^rrvv- 
rptpfictrat § avrot;. 

37 Kai vd\tv irlpa 
iiypa(pii \iY^i' »«"0- 
tpovrai eis ov ** ifcrcv- 

38 Mera cgli ravra 
^^^p<orrict rdv II<Xd 
rov c h\ '1(1)0-^0 <f &I dn^d 
'kptpaBaiasj {}*<tivita- 
Brirfis rov 'l^cS, >• re- 
Kpvupevos ii Sia rdv 
dMipov roiv 'loviai(ov,) 
tva «'5p5 rd cijfia rov 
'Iricov • Kai ao Irrirpt- 
thtv h nt\dros. ««^HX- 
Bev ovv Kai ^fjpt rd 
c(5ua roi) 'IijffoiJ. 

39 '^mBe^* 6i Kai Ni- 
:6Sri'nos (h ^'i\B(iiv 
npds rdv ^lricovv vv- 
KTdi rd TrpwTov) <pep(tiv 
^^ piy^ia cptvfivrK^ Kai 
d\6ris •• listi \irpas 

40 "E^afiov* ovv rd 
ciina rov 'Iijffov. 3^ «««. 
Sricav avrd \^6Boviots 
peT\ rtov d/ou/iaro)!^, 
KaB(os tBos icri roXs 
"laSaiois ivra^pid^ttv. 

41 ■'Hv»» Si Iv rp r6ir(p 
Svov *o icravp(o6r], k^- 
vos, Koi iv T(o Kfirr(o 
Itvriuttov ^Kaivov. i» 
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'42 *EKti ovv Sia riiv 
vapacKCviiv t(ov 'Iom. 
Saioiv, Sti iyy^^s *• nv 
rd iivrinrtov, »« iBriKav 
rdv 'Incovv. 


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^ay6a\rivii^ tfixnai 
itpo)t, aKoria^ iri »ov- 
anSi £<C rd nvniiiiov • 
Kai 0\iirei riv Xidov 
^ijpitivov Ik tov itvri- 

8 Tpix^i ovv 35 ^PX«- 
rat ifpii YifKova tli- 
rpovy % vpds rdvaWov 
uaBriTfiv Sv ifiXti b 
%iaovs, Kal Xeyei av- 
rois ' '"^Hpoi' rov «Kt»- 
piov £K Tov uvripeiov, 
Koi ovK i^oloanev vov 
i*edriKav avrdv. 

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rpoSi 4 ^ «•XAos padri 

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ro itvripeTov. 

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&ptOv, jcat 5 aXXof ^a- 
driTiis ^*itpol6pape ra- 
Xiov TOV IliTpQV. Kai 
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PXiirei Ktiiieva ra »» d- 
0rf»»ia' ow iiivroi «*«'$■ 

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n/rpof d/coXov^cuj' av- 
Toi, Koi ^* eisfiXOev eis 
rd avripeToVy Koi 6e- 
aptt ra dBSvia Ktipe- 

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X»}s ovrov, ov pera 
TQiv ddovidiv Ktipevov, 
aXXa xwp'S V ^*""*" 
TvXiyiiivov eis Iva t6- 



A.IX 291 

17 Tp<x«- 


28 /JoffTdiw. 

6 Ttfr» •«» •««is^X. 
Oe cal & 2XXo( fia^ 
0>iri)( & i*£X0b)i/ Tp«5- 
ros c(S rd /lyq^erov, 
xat etJe, «rot «iirto-rcv» 
o-ey. j 

9 OiiiJeircu ^&p " ^6et- 
aav rnv ypaip^v,' ori 
6ei avTdv ix vtKpiov 
* avaari\vai. 

10 'Air^XOoy^ ovv va- 
Xiv vpds iavTHs ol ita- 

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irois * rd itvrmeTov 
Khaiuaa i^oy. 'Sts otv 
>• e/cXate, «firapeirvi^ey 
eis rd uvriptTov- 

12 Kat (k(opcT6vo dy- 
yiXovs iv XevxoTs »* 
1* Ka0e^opei'ov;, ^^tva 
vpds rn ire0aX§, «01 
nvavpos ToTs »»irooii', 
off» «» iKtiro ri ax^ita 

13 Kat Xiyovaiv avr^ 
eKeivot • M Fvvat, rt 
ffXateis; ^iyci av- 
roTs' "Ori •ijptii' rdv 
KvptSv fiov, «rat oix 
" oi^o irov »»e0ijifai/ 

14 b Kat I ravra etVv* 
aa, ^earpd^ri eis ra 
iiriatOy Kai aebjpcT rdv 
'IriaSv •iffrwro" icai »« 
"nJei 5ri bb\ 'Iijoovs 
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15 Aiyei air^ b *Ij7- 
aoHs ■ Tvvat, ri KXui- 
eij; riva ^nretf | 'E- 
Keivriy 6oKQVaa bri b 
KrrirovpSs ' iffrt, Xcyei 
ovrw • Kvpie, et o-d 
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tivi fiot voii ^ iOrjKas 
airdv ^Kdyu> avrdv 

16 Aiyct aiVp b 'I17- 
oovs' Mapia. *JlTpa- 
0etaa iKclvri \tyei •oi- 
rw- •''Pa0povvi,d Xi- 
yeraiy StSdaKaXe. 

17 Aifet aVT^ h 'Iri- 
aoys ' Mij ptov arrov ' 
oviru} yap ^^ ava0e0r)' 
Ka npds Tov iraTcpa 
efiov\ iropevn 61 npdi 
Tovs d6e\<l>ovs nov, Kai 
etvi avTOis' 'Ava0al- 
va vpdi Tdv vaTepa 
liov Kui itaTepa vuu»v, 
KaiBe6v nov Kai Qedv 

18 "Epx^Tt^i Mapia f} 
hlaySaXrivii dvayyiX- 
Xovaa T015 naOrirats 
OTi »» kcipaKe rdv Kv- 
ptoVf Koi TavTa eiirev 

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ry^ ^liipa Ueiv^ rp 
fita i» rcov aa00dr(t}Vy 
Kal rtov Ovptov "icc- 
KXstcruivtov oTov " ?i- 
cav ot naOriTai dftrvv- 
iiyitivot I 6ta t^v tpd- 
0OV Toiv 'lovSaicJv. 
«ojAOci/ & 'Iriaovs, xat 
«i earri eis rd fjiiaov, 3< 
Xiyet avruis' Eip«]vi)«« 

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Xcrpay Kai riiv irXev- 
pav^* aitrov. »»'EYd- 
priaav ovv ol p.aOri- 
rai *• i66vres rdv Kv- 
ptov. ^ 

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'hiaSs irdXtv 'Eip^vrfi* 
inTv KaOoJS *direaTaX' 
KC ne h rTarfip, ^Kdyta 
ITilX-KOi vinds. 

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6 lve0vanae,* Koi Xeyei 
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evrat avroTs ' &v rt- 
vcjv Kpar^re, **KeKpd- 

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yfltevos ^l6vnos, oiK 
»■' ijv ucr' aiTtjv 
ore ^<>riXOev 6 'I7 
aovs. ^ 

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ol dXXot fiaOriTai' »»'£- 
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Xcpffiv airS rdv t»« rv- 
TTov roiv fiXoiv, Kai jffd- 
Xo) rdv 6aKTvX6v nov 
eis rdv rvvav rtov 
iiXbiv, Kai pdXoi riiv 

pdv avroii, ov iifi iri- 

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dKTOi ^ vaXtv »' ncav 
icbi ol paOrirai airoiij 
< OoinSs HCT avTuv 
ipxerat h 'Iricovs r<5i» 
Ovoutv i*KeKXeic.ixivi>iv, 
Kat «' ecrri eis rd ui- 
cov, Kai eiirev ' Etpqvi) 

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fiu • 'Plpe rdv 6dKrvX6v 
cov b}6e, Kai »• t6e ras 
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nfl is i66wresy ral irc- 

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iXXa ^*criitcia i>liro£- 
natv h *ln<rovs Ivoiirt- 
ov rciv fiaOnrtiv a^ 
Toi^ S ovK »'lffri J" ye- 
ypa^ltiva iv t&» fit- 
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dvd KojfS Ttfs raXi- 
Xaias^ Kat ol»' ro«Z«- 
SeiatoVf KoiJiXXot iic 
reSv ^aBriroiv airo9 



A.D.9B. t Aiytt avroU Sf- 
potv Uirpos ' 'Yvdyu 
dXisveiv. Aiywtv ai- 
ru' *'Kpx6pe0a nal 
fl^eVs ot)y 9o(. *'E(' 
nXOov, Kol ••dvi0ti- 
vav eis rd irXocoi' 
ceiO^S^^ Kai Iv breivm 
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iyevopivns, t*iarri h 
'Iqooof teis rdv aiyt- 
aX6v oi pivrot tt^iet- 
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'lnco9s' J^nai^ja, ^<| 
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pipn ro9 irXoiov rd 
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cere. ^•"E^aXov ow, 
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rov vXfiOovs r<av ix06- 

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riis iKcTvoSf Sv •« j)ya- 
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ftevov, Kni iprav. 

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trovs' '«AcwTe. ^*dptrfi 
aare. OiJctf <Ji »»ir(5A. 
Iia rdv nadriTtov "c(«- 
rdaai avrdv ' 2« rig 
»• ci ; et66res 8ri b Kv- 
pt6s *^eariv. 

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'Iriaovs^ Kai Xanpdvei 
rdv dprov, Koi »»^i<Jci)- 
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ptov bnoitof. 

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roTi paSriraTs avrov, 

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aav, \ivet rtjj Yipoyvt 
nirp(,i b 'IriaSs' Zf^wv 
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ir\eTov rdrcov; Aiyet 
airo» ■ Nai K^pte ' o-d 
*otSas 5ri^*'0cX<i3 ae. 
Aiyei avru) ' m B6aKe 
ri ^dpviei itov. 

A. D. 29. 

16 Asycc airta vdXtV 
Sevrepov ^iiib)v 'loiva, 
dyairas f<e ; Aiyei av- 
rio' HaiKvpte' <rw »oc- 
Sds ori 0cX(3 ae. Ai- 
yei airS)' ^Uoinatve 
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irpds <r.i ; I Mar. 2. 2. 


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JL D,29. 

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'i E. 6 i?EA- 
S cii, 13. 47. 

Slar. 3l fl. 

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15 Ch. 22,11. 
11 iva.AiLji^ 

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ch. 2. n. 

31 Nu. 23. 9. 



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A. D, 39, 

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3 Jod2.28~ 

He. 1. 1. 

Jau 5. 3. 
conj. 'IvSi- 
av, M. *I(f«- 
aaluv, 8. 

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Ja.7. la 
Je. 23. 25. 


8 Lu. I. 49. 

P*. 71. 19. 

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^w.Ga. 1.7. 

Am. 8. 10. 
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15 ch. 17. 32. 

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15 O» ydp, ci)f v|iet$ Job33. i. 


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rriv iieyd\riv Kai eiri- 

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[ripaci Kaicnfteiots ots 


nPAEEis, n. 

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nPAHras, lu. 

A. D. 29, ] avTO, Kai tlxo* Siraira 
«-^^™^-"^ 1 31 jfuii/a ■ 

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l^ch. 21. It 
ajch.2, 1-14. 

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6 ^p;^o^<u. 

7 Ex. 8. 15. 


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I Crjv 14. 16 

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( I ch, R f a 

13 I Tt. e. 2. 
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A.D.90. rt0( IltAdrof. c^v {• 
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1 &m6u. 

2 ch. 2. 23. 
Scf.ver. 17. 

4 ffpoopt^w. 

5 diroA^u. 
8 ■. atriov. 

7 i. e. Kard 
Td vOv 

8 IkMu. 

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U eoid^m. 

12 Jno.l&25. 

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14 tliil. 

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16 iioiLai. 

17 ch. 24. 23. 

18 aaXt^. 

19 dffoyyA- 
2an\it». [A«. 

21 cb. 1. 1,14. 

22 XaXiu. 
1 atgw. 
1 Lu.2.29. 
Vide App. 

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oi)K Jtv x»»' 
pio-fids Iv 

25 ^pvao-fl-w, 
P». 2. 1. 

26 Aiyw. 

27 itsXtrda. 
'28 Joo. 10. 3. 
'29 Jt agls^iliu. 

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31 o-vvdyu. 

32 ch. 2.47. 
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34 tvdpxca. 



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11 l Co. I4.S. 

12 trvcrriXXm. 

13 eh. ». 31. 

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16 ddirru. 

17 Oe. 32. 16. 

18 tls<px»- 
/lat. [|iai. 

19 d>roKp(v9- 
21 1. rtMif^a- 
23 irwAtfw. 

ch. 15. 15. 

i c. 2. 45. 
y«0iov, vA 
26 Mcr^C». 

Tit. 2. la 

J08.7. 1. 
27t. fiipoyrt. 

28 s. rol^ro. 

29 it\iip6M, 

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ras e ravra.^ 

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nPAHEii:, V. 


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leavTti tv r^ aroa Do- 


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oirtvti ^iOepavevovro 

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rovs diroor6Xov5. Kal 
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pijaei 6ripoa(a. _ ....^ 

I» "AyyeAof ■ 6i Kvpiv 34 ch. 4. 3. 
6ta rils vvKTds •» fivot- 35 dvofyo,. 
?« raf Bvoas rijlf (kv * il^Y»- 
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mirovst <*»* * i**-—— «»%• 


l avvigxo' 


V. ivrutv. 
24 dirayyA- 

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36 0tpairc^ 
27 ^V((rri;iu. 
38 cb. 15. 5. 

29 KXitu. 

30 ixoikt. 
§ Ot rc o-rpa- 

31 Jci. 2. 17. 
Ro. la 2. 

33 CiaKopiw, 
cb. 2. 12. 
Lu. 9. 7. 

33 iirt^aAXtti. 

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flcKrcf j*AaA«trc iv rq* 
fcpoi ruj Aab> irdvra ri 
p^fiara rns *^ojfis rav- 

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airtov, ri av 'fyivotro 

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Aq^, ch. L4. 

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npAEEis, vn. 

1. D. 31. 

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Im. 21. IS. 
2 ifrTOfft. 
i Ge. 12. 1. 

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i«,c 19.29. 

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Mat. 10. la 

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2 O Je Mg'0, • WAr- » ch. l. II. 
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ver. 43. 
1 Ch. 5. 2& 

17 ch. 21. 28. 
La. 1&30. 

18 Hd<uju. 

25. & 

Ezr. 9. S. 

Fk.24. 3. 

Is. 00. 13. 

SO a. A etAs. 

21 ch.I&2l. 


23 A\da-<M. 
24(1/1^. [ftt. 
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nPAsEIS, Vll. 
A. D. 81. 

14 B. dvri. 

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rptis iv Toj oiKro rov 
varpds b avrov.\' 

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nPASEis, vn. 

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nPASEis, m 

al. ^nAv. 
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ipyois rCiv xeipCiv ah 

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avTovs XaTpcveiv rn 
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3(0Xoi Ttov vpo^rirwv 

Ho. 10. 6. 

9 Mat. 1& I& 

10 pro iitl 
iKtlva %. 

11 iixo^au 

12 SiaTdwm. 

13 Ro.3.2. 
He. 5. 12. 

14 ch. 23. 25. 
Jno. 20. 25. 

15 eiiioiu. 

16 6pd«i. 

17 0cAw. 

18 dwt»eionat 
cb. 13. 1». 

19 (IsiiYai. 
*20 Lu. 1. 76. 

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32 ch. 17. 24. 

33 1 Ki.22.19. 

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iipiov, etos Ttov fiiuptov 
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l Ha,a-IIJ9, 
I"!. 112. 14. 
b. Gfl. I, 

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£i. l2.4JaL 
Le IAj. 41. 

Ifl clu 9, U. 

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14 th, 3. rs- 

15 Lu. e. r& 

ari.a. 4- 

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21 IVfl, J5.2. 

^ cli- 22- 20. 

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irh. 5. 337 

V, 4. c.lE.]9. 

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30 Mat.15.14. 
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36 Ii. 53. 7,& 

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nPAfiEir, IX. 

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A. D.33. 

4 VTT, K» 

5 Pi". 17. 29. 
li. se. 10. 

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roti' dvSpdi Tovrovj ova 

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24 irA^w. 
85 AvlcrTiiiu. 

27 ch. 8.21. 

28 Le.1 1.9,10. 

30 s. jvjpa, 
ver. 12. 

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34 Ge. 48. 2. 
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nPAsra£, IX. 

A. D.a6. vpds rois dm9r6Xov(, 
Kai ^triy-^caro avroti 
ir<as iv rfi h6<o ei6e riv 
KvpioVyKai^ort *iXo- 
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indrta ooa iwoitt 


al. 'A<nnl. 

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13 /rurrc^w. 

14 nivm. 

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16 0.10.6,32. 
Job 16. 15. 

18 Tieiifu. 

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Ttj ^v iv.i. 

aoMat. 27.27. 



23 •. «6Ati. 


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MvTts' M^ 
bKv^nS 8. 
L 1ifUiv-n. 

25 cfa. 13. 26. 

26 ch. II. 14. 

27 Nu. 22.16. 

28 iiipxovMt. 

30 cb. 2. 25. 
2Th.3. 16. 

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liai. ifiat. 

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34 Mar. 1. 45. 

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36 1. Kae\ 

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nv^aro' «r«i »«iiri(rrpf- 
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tfivicrevoav ivi rdv 

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t al. transp. 

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13 1 Pc. 4. 3. 

14 ch. 5. 13. 
La. 10. 11. 

15 dUKV^. 

16 ch. 6. 3. 

Miit.2. 12,22. 
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«•«, T. 5.22. 

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27 ch. 3. 6. 

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Ln. 1.21. 

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29 ch. 13. 46. 
Phi. 1. 24. 

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19 x*tom. 
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» cfa. 27. 13. 


En.1. 11. 


3« eh. 18. 18 

M»t. 15. 38. 

Mar. S. 2. 
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■" Lu. 22,44. 

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29 ch. 16. 14. 

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13 br/s-s/Mt. 
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al. kv i>uXv. 

13 cb. 19. 40. 
§ iijr^twy^i 

alii Kal 5if- 

14 ch. 2& 29. 

16 ch. 15. 21. 
2Ca7. 17. 

11 VideApp. 

17 Tdvca. 

18 kKXtYO^OL 

19 cb. 18. 15. 
90 ch.l.a4. 

21 rfOwinKta, 
Ro. 15. 24. 

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aev avroTsi ** 6ois otv- 
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ov, Kad<0s Kol fiitTv 

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avrdv, rj viarei «*<ca- 
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ripes fiitHv ovre fi- 
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Spes dStXfjtoii dKoiaari 

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firi I ru 6v6part airi. 

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roiv dvBptairtov rdv 
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I «f<«t. 

3 «nyrf*». 

4 hnrriXXm. 

5 iKoim. 
t demK^e*- 



6 Ter. 39. 
1 Cor. 7. 2. 

7 ettiYioftai. 

8 Ter.29. 

9 jtoUm. 

10 s. irao-av. 

II diroKfivo' 
/Mu. rro>n. 

12 iKUTKi- 


13 Xa/t/JiiMa. 

14 doKtta, 

15 Ypa^* 

16 iKXiyonai. 

17 K^irrtM. 

18 i^yfo/iat. 

19 Karao-Ka 
.Am. 9. II. 

20 La. 13. 13. 

21 ypd^. 

22 ■. uiMo. 

23 Am. k 12. 
25 lirtKttXici, 

27 ch. 3. 21. 

Lu. 1. rk 

29 (Ifif. 
"^ rapdo-rw, 
ch. 17. 8. 

31 i.ddv. 

32 iraofvo» 

14* 17. 

r&v iOvwv irrtarpi^ 
atv Ixt t6v Qtdv 
20 'AXXa «iiriorcrXat 
avroTi rov drixe^at 
drri rwv dXtayripdrtav 
r<ov ItiStoXtov^ Kai rq$ 
i*iropyctaf, dicat ro5 
• Tviirrot»,! Kal ro$ ah 

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vetov dpxaitov Kari 
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ras avrdv extt, iv rais 
cvvayotyaTs Kara vdv 
ad$$arov dvaytvtoaK6- 

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diroar6Xois rai ror$ 
rrptafivripots trvv oXi| 
r^ ^«rirXmrta, i« iKXt^a- 
pivovs avSpas i^ av- 
rtov rriptf/ai ejs 'Avri- 
dxeiav, aijv rto IlavXro 
Koi Bapvdffti • 'lov^ay 
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airtfor * ^ ' 

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Mat. I6.20.|rdv vSpov.l oJs ov M|?l- 

"•^^"^*^ earTeiXdueOa- 





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dKai irviK^ovA Kaiirop' 
veias' i^ ojv otaTripdV' 
Tes iavTo-ds, «t> irpd^e- 
Te.n fE^^tofOe. 

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yaydvres rd vXffOos, 
^^erridcjKav t^iV liriTo- 

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exdpriaav iiri rjf irapa- 

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rrAaf, icai ovroi irpo- 
<pi}Tai vtSv-res, Sii Arf- 
yov TToXXot» «' iraptKd- 
\eaav rois «W«A0&y, aj 

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i'ov,»'^ «3 aireAv0i}(rai'\\\riyyei\apev rdv Atfyoy 

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Airtj, irai pfi «•o-wveA- 
ddvra avTois sis rd ip- 
yov, pii avpxapaXa^eiv 


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po^vapdSy Syare »« «JTro- 
Ywpt^rO^i^at airo^s dir' 

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ets Kvirpov. 

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15 ili6a. 

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uaros **XaXHaat rdv 
Myov Iv rg 'Atrta, 

A.D. 63. 

2 ipxonM. 

3 xupa^w. 
• ils-a. 

4 idw. 

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6 Karavrd^. 

6 irapipxo* 

7 tljU. [;tai. 

al. nadaias 


9 onTOfuu. 

10 ttrrijfu. 

12 BiaBalvm. 

13 ch. 21. 28. 

14 MAco. 

16 f nr^». 

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Mvo-tai', > tireipaCSi 

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teveadaf^ Kai ow 

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Xto' 'Avfip rty ■« ifi» Ma- 
Ke8b)v i^ e^ios, irapaKttr 
XCiv avrdv, Kai Xiyo^v 
"Ato/^ay ets MaxcJo- 
viav, ^*0ofidriaov fiittv. 

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ffa/i«j' »»«|«X0cri» ctff 
rriv y[aKe6oviav, i*ffvfi- 
0i0d^ovresort «>7rpo$- 
ire«Xi}rai ^/id$ & H K«> 
pios eiayyeXiaaadat 

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dnd r»?$ Tpa>d jos, a*cv- 
dv8poji^aauev eis £a- 
poOpaKTiv, T^ re ^ im- 
ovffj?*' et'j NediroAiv 

12 'Eirettfev re «ij 
^tXrffirovf, ^rt$ t iffTi 
••irpiuTi} dr»j$ /iept6o$l 
tterij$' Maxedovia; 
irtfXi$, iroXiuvia. ^^^Hpey 
8i ev ravTi^ rp iroXei 
8taTpi^ovTes hliipas 

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<ra00aT(ov ni^^Xeope» 
^foj r^$ t«ir Aebis iropa 
noraftdv, ov K*« evojit- 
i^ero irpo$evx^ ' eiwat 
irol <ra0to-avre$ ■• eX«- 
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aats ^vvat^i 



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nari AvSia, itop(^vp6 
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poiv, 'ffe0ofiivri rbv 
Qedv, *l^Kovev ijff b 
Kvpios fiifivoi^e Tiiv 
Kopiia», ^poii-x^eiv 
ToTs XaXaviiivois vvo 
Tov IlavXov. 

15 'fls ii •i0airT(- 
oBri, Kolh oTkos avTfJi, 
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9a' Ei "Kfirpr/carc pe 
maTfiv Tto KvpiM »««7- 
vai, i* ei'seXB6vTes eii 
Tdv o7k6v pov, ^"'petva- 
re. Kai^*irape0iatraTo 

16 'Eytvero^*^ ol wo- 
pevofievtov fipwv eis 
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rtva ixovcrav irvevpa 
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iiliiv, fiTis ^ipyaaiav 
TToXXfiv «» rrapeixt -rois 
Kvpiois airfiSt »'/*«»'■ 
Tivotiivn- . ., 

17 Kirri KaTaKoXovOri- 
oaaa ro3 UavXto Kal 
tflliiv.*'' iKpai;s Xeyov- 
aa' OvTOiolaifdp(oiroi^ 
SovXoi rnv 0co6 rov 
ixbiT» '■• ti&iv, olnves 
KarayyiXXnaiv II fiptv 
hSdv a(ornpias- 

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voXXhs hntpas. »*Am- 
irovridtis ii & IloiJXos^ 
KaX «« Itrtarpiihas, rw 
wvevpari elire' llapay- 
yiXXra aoi iv rS) 6v6^ 
pari *lriaoi Xpnrrov, 
'^e^eXdeTv dir* avrns. 
Kal « ^ffXdep air^ rp 


1 trom. 

2 ^ioxoiuu. 

3 <ripat- [vcu. 

4 iKikaiipd- 

5 iKoim. 

6 iXK6m. 

7 diavolYo». 

8 ch. 17. 17. 

9 parrTUm. 

10 n-posaYb». 

11 trapaKa- 

12 TiZZ. 35,36. 

13 «cptvii». 

14 tlnl. [nat. 
1.5 *}^px9- 
16 <^«fiu 

18 Kapaiixo- 


19 wapapid' 
fo,4at. [/*«■ 


21 y^vo/aot. 

• Ti>» rpostv- 

t ir^dwva-t. 

22 2Mac.4.28. 

23 ch. 19. 24. 
2t KiXt^o». 

25 rapix'0' 

26 2 Co. 11.25. 

27 De. 18. 10. 

28 inirlBrifu. 

29 /MXAitf. 

30 iropayyA- 

t tO Zi\(f-n. 

§ Xa/3a»v.-A, 

33 Xaii-Pdvof 

II */i^V. 

34 dfl^aXf J«. 
-- ch.4.2. 

37 ch. 20. 7. 
Mar. 13. 35. 

33 inviui. 
39 iiroKpodo- 

19 'lS6»Tts^ 8k ol K^oi. 
01 airiis Sn » e^>)X9cv 
fl iXiris riis ipyaaias 
airtov^ * iiri\eip6nevtii 
Tdv Ilat^Xov Kai rdv 2t- 
Xav, * e\XKvaav eis Tiiv 
•dyopw iirl To^s ^p- 

20 Kai *^posayay6v- 
-res airois roTs '^rpo- 
rriYoTs, eiirov Ovroi ol 
&vBp(»)irot iKTapdaoov- 
aiv fili(^v riiv ir6Xtv, 
'lovSaTot hrdpxovres ' 

21 Kai KarayylXXov- 
aiv edri, S ovk ••^fcs"»»' 
fipTv »• irapaiixtaBai^ 
ovil rroteTv, 'Fbifiaiois 

22 Kai '*oavveiriarri h 
oxXos Kar' avtoiv xai 
ol ^parriyoi, ^eoi^^ii- 
^avres avTdv ra ipd- 
rta^ ^*iKiXevov **pa- 

23 IloXXds re » iiri- 
Bivres airoTs wXijyij, 
M f^paXov cis (ftvXcuciiVi 
^^irapayyeiXavres nS 
•^ Seapo(bvXaKi, da^fta- 
Xuis rripcTv airovs' ^ 

24 "Oj irapayyeXiav 
ro tjiv rriv § »» eiX rir^ws, 
'^»e0aXev^ avrois eis 
riiv laojripav (ftvXaKiiv, 
K-tl -■■■■: voSas avnov 
»* ri-: ,' :J ■'irT.'iro eis rd 

£- -.u.-u J£ rd ^ffteao' 
vvKTtov Ila^Xof ^ TA' 
Xas irposcvxSnevot "{J- 
pvHv rdvQeov »»^^»7- 
Kpooivro Si airCav ol 



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3 4v«fy«. 

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^aipav, i^£ufAX£if tmj- 

t3 ittlTt.llttvytvai Tfl^f 

13 ix^tfyiii. 

; 16 JTfMlCTff-lUH 

19 HiT^tDf, 

■ ■» ^Jii. 

, 22 ch. 7. 33. 

■ li5 cb.iH.ZJ. 
liii^Sf 34/- 



fltrrovf kv tKilvn T^ 
,5pa ri,| WTiifrat, i*l\i, 


rovs iii rfv oiKOva^ 
Toii, * Tflpt^ijK* rpdve- 
i^av, f^ai i>rJY(i}.\iaaaro 
TiavoiKi »T^€JrijrevKo}i 

35 'Uiiifia^ i^ ^yevoiii' 
tijif 1 1"» dirfffrctXai» o{ 
(FTpflri)j'(»i roi)5 i»^a- 

'ATrtfXvtroif Toi!i dvdptJ- 
irovs iKHiVoVf , , 

hffttnt^^a^ rovs Ao- 
ytiV5 rfl£roti* Tpdff 
r^v TlaiiMv ■ 'Ort 
i*flir£^flX^flffi^' ol S"pa- 
ri^j/Dij iKi axwXvGiJrc* 
i^vv ovv i* c|«A6<Jv- 
rff, irojociffi<jtf£ elv ei- 

37'0 jEHaiiXof a^€0ij 
irpof ii^roij^' ^♦Acipai'- 
rEs ^/id? (5^>j(piTfa, »»d- 
jfartiJfpfT&ve, avOpcH- 

irous TtiJ|Wafrnjj t>ir op- 
Ttoprflf, i»^J?aXo»» £1$ 
0ifXdffi?i', i^ ifvv XdOpa 
hfias lK0dX},ov<Tiv ; ov 
/fljo ' dXXa *« ^XOdvrcs 
nwrol j^^4js '■" ejayayf- 

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Kai * If riX0ov. 


r^y 'AiiittinoXtv cat 
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»»0" * ^* <rwj/ay wy^ Tt5v 

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Tu> IlatJXcp »»«t$^X0£ 
■Kpdi avTOvs^ Kal hri 
ad00aTa Tpia ^''SicXe- 
yero t aurorf dird Toiv 
Ypa<Piov, ^ 

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paTiOenef^S oti tov 
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aovs-, ^" iy^ KaTayyeX- 
Xcu viAt/. . > jK 

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wereicdntTavj 3^ ^^n^P^f 
ckX^P^^'^^''^*' ^^ Ilav- 
Xm Kat ra> 2iXo, tcoi' re 
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iroXv irXfldos, yvvai- 
K<i3V TC rwv irp(oTO}v 
ovK dXiyni' 

5 § Z»|Acj<ravrcf»» 61 ol 
direidovvres 'lovSaToi, 
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dyopaiiov rtvas avdpas 
novnP^S. «f.«J ^X><oiroifi. 
aavres, **edopv(ivv rrjv 
ir6Xtu' ^^iirtardvrei re 
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**Ufirvv avrpvs dya- 
ycXv eis -rdvSiinov. 

6 yifi t-^eipovTes Sl 

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'laaova Kai rtvas dSc\- 
i^is M Tovi «ToXtrap; 
Xas, *0oCivres ' 'Ori oi 
r^i*» oiKovpivnv **dva- 
araTtiaavreSt^ ovrot 
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7^ Ovj »« iitoSiScKTai 
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pdrtov Kaicapos Trpdr- 
rovat, 0aatXia Xiyov- 
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^Xov cal rovs iroXt- 
rapxas dKO^ovras rav- 

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iKavdv irapb. rov 'Vdao- 
vos Kai Toiv XoiirCiv, 
3* £lircXvo-ay ai»rov(. 

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IlavXov Kai rdv £iXay 
lis Bepoiav ' oirivcs 
'0 napayev6iiCvoi, cis 
riiv avvaywyiiv rd» 
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vovrai. 24 ch. 13.27. 

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Re. 13. 16 

2(2Pe. 1.3,4. 
n 2 Mu. 14. 

93 ch. 3. 17. 

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4 o-vW;t«. 
ch. 7. 5, 7. 

conj. u- 

5 ch. 2. 40. 
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7 Ro. 18. 2. 

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A. D. 67. 

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6 I*. 13. 2-4. 

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10 rh. 28. 13. 

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15 Rfar. 5. 7. 
" ^/t pas-n. 

16 ch. 17. 2. 

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19 dTudto, 
ch. 17. 5. 

20 ch. 10. 28. 
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fiVi 22 1 Sa. 10. 6. 


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9 Ht. M. 10. 

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SCo. 7. 11. 

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10 Buioftai. 

11 yivvaiw. 

cb. 7. 22. 

13 irat^c^w. 

14 dvlrrniu. 
I5cb.24. 14. 

28. 17. 

16 eh. 21. 20. 

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22 Tdvtrat, 
ch. 13. 18. 

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1 Ti. 4. 14. 

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dcA^A; cl^n. 

S ch. 10. 2. 

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32 i^^o-rnpii. 

33 ch. 28. 11. 


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tarin, 3$ • awevcoKH» 

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a ch. d. 1. 

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7 «W«. 

t KoSlJKeiHl. 

9 cb. 3. 14. 
n dat. 
13 >bt.l2.19. 
13 dpdfti. 
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13 dKO<}(d. 

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18 Mw. 3. 10. 

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ao ver.Sra. 
21 ch. la 10. 
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29 airtiditt. 

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vav-o. alii 


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28 Mif; 1. 7. 

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28 ro-rtiitt. 

29 ch. 16. 37. 

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*deouax(t)nev.\ 4 2.Mac.7.19. 

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ufi t diaairaavp b Hav- [ i Sa. 18. 29. 
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-"*" « fieo^ov avTwi', 11 Mat.S. 7. 

La.23. 11.' 

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ot» tiiro^retvwo-t roi' 21 cb. 19. 40. 

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^ ch. i5l ■J^. 

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^' Digitizedby GoOgle 


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Kpariare ♦ifXif, |ier£|27 Ro". 13. 14, 
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nPAHBl£, XXV. 


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A.D. ee. 

1 etiittiu. 

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al. wX«f«s A- 

3 Karafialvia 
8 d/uAiw. 

4 s. ^/iip^. 

5 iuAi<^ 

6 Sym. 

7 Aaa/3(iv(a. 

8 Ecclus.49.1. 


10 xro(>aY<vo* 


t a«TOv, •. 

alfraf. i. 


14 Ho). [ra-a. 
1 alTuSuA- 

15 iiripalvm. 

16 inoiti- 
KV^, C2.22. 

17 ch. 23. 34. 

18 ch. 24. 13. 
21 ipL^vt^v. 
U o( dpx«- 

p-'-l [V«. 

25 'i,i" .e-g. 
28 4L'V,-,. , 

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28 irpaTrai. 

29 •. ovr(S. 
90 Lu. 14. 18. 

31 dirodvi}. 

32 tlfi.c. [cKw 
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Tovrtav KpiveoBai iw' 

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oiv ovrot KarriYopoi' 
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2Th. L». 

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A.D.e2. ^'Mj^yrinat luavrdv pia- 

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rovs a^v ipoi vopevo- 

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1 wtiim. 

• Tf rAiM. 
t iv-m. 

3 KUTaKXdm, 

4 jirra/Mt. 

5 XanBavm. 

6 eh. K. 14. 

7 Karo^ipM. 

8 ch. 7. 1034. 

Ex. 4. 21 
1 «y«S «•« i. 
13 dvWyM. 

13 «M»C«». 

14 Lu. 22. 53. 
Col. 1. 13. 

15 a. k6)uv. 
1« cb.5.3. 

Mat. 4. 10. 

17 s. olnrlls. 

18 ch. 1. 17. 

19 ch. 14. 17. 

21 ■. 0^9. 

23 1i.eo. a 

34 Lo. 1. 17. 

Ro. 1.30. 


Tit 1. 16. 

2Co. 12. 1. 

37 dKoiut. 
§ Vide App. 
28 diroyyA- 


89 ver. 18. 
ch. 3. 19. 

90 wXXaii' 

81 nufdu. 

38 cb. 6. 30 
33 dvl<rT7)fu< 


v6ias jrov eis ro«r» 
ydp * wpOriv votf • irpo> 
XttpicaoOai oe ixtn^ 
riiv Kol udprvpa lav 
re ei6es, uv re * 6<^^ 
oopai 001, 

17 'E|a(potpficye'( • ot 
Ik rov Xaoi Kai rdv 
itfvuy, eis o&( | v^v oe 

18 'Ai^or^at t« d^0aX- 
iiod; avrcSi', ro$ iri- 
orpir^ai dxd OK6rovs 
tis ^ois, va2 rfls ^*l^ov- 
oias roi i* TLaravS iri 
rdv Qedv, rav ^Xafitiv 
avrovs ii^totv dpaprt- 
(3y, «rai ** K\npov iv 
rois ^'*fiytoopivots,xi- 
orti rgl »»«ic ifii. 

19 'Otfii', 0aoi\ti 'A- 
ypiirira, oiK *^iytv6piiv 
^* dxttOfis ry oipaviut 
M 6vraoia ' 

20 'AXXoi roif ivAa- 
naoK^ xptarev Kai 'U- 
poooA6itots, tis xaodv 
rt rhv xi^fi'^* f^i 
'\ov6aias, Kai roXs 
idvtoiv, «■ dKiiyyt\' 
\ov ptravottv, Koi 
^lxtorpi^ttv ixi rdv 
Qt6v, i^ia rifs J^ira- 
voias ipyo xpdooov' 

21 Efcjra roirav ut 
ol 'lov6aToi^vv\\a06- 
Htvot iv rSi ttp&, ix- 
ttpbivro*^ itaxtipioa- 

22 'Eiriirovpfaf ovv rv- 
Ywv rrfs "xapd rot» 
Qtov, dxPt ^iii ^M^P^C 
raiirijj aly/jira, paprv- 
povptvos ptKpto rt Kai 


nPAHJBn:, kxyii. 

A. D. 68. 

uty&\<a, oviiv iKtds 
Aiy<ov Zv re oi irpo- 
A^rai *■ IX&Xriaav /ueA- 
Mvrtov Yive<r$at, Kal 

S3 Ei vaOrirds ^ Xpi- 
ffrds, ei irpoiTOsi^ dva- 
eraaeitis veKpi^v 0(D; 
ItiXXei ^ KarayyeXXeiv 
T<c Xa<p Kal Tots iBve- 

24 To«ro 6i «^rotJ , . ~ o o ,- 
diroXoyovjiivov^ h *»J- J th^j^i ' 
<rros peyaX^ rj 0&)v9 " ~' " 
»l0ij- •Maivrj, Ua^ 
Xe ' ra voXXdae ypayL- 
para eis itaviav irepi- 

23 'O 6i' Oi ftaivonat, 
(^i/ffi, Kpdriare ^fiare, 
dXX' dXri&eias Kai '«rw- 
<^poavvris ^fjnara drro- 

26 'EirioTorot • yap 
vepl rovr<iiv b 0aat- 
Xeis, irpds Sv i, »» iro/j- 
oriaiaCdpevos XaXQ * 
Aavdavetv yap avrdv 
Ti t6t<j)v t oi) ireiOonai 
oiSiv ' oi ydp >* iartv 
Iv »» yo)vi<i »' nerrpay- 
uivov roijTo. 

27 HtarevetSi^aatXep 

Ch. 23. 1. 
£ze. 13. 9. 

9 iviaTaittu. 

10 diroA^w. 

11 c. 9 27,29. 
13 divafiKU' 
t VideApp. 
H KpfvnT. 
I5cb.4. 11. 

Mat. & 6. 
16cb. ia4. 

17 irpdvccii. 

18 irapaff^tfi»- 
19(f^«». [m. 
30 ver. 42. 

Ge. 38. 20. 

21 ch.25. 21. 

22 Inifialvat. 
^ fii\Xovn-h. 

(ch. 11.26. 
1 dvdyt». 
' ylvom 

•Aypririro, Toff »pa0,}-lg «Jjjy- 
rais; ^•olia Srt ni- ^lfSuo, 
arevets. Ter. 17. 

88 'O 6i 'Kyptvrras iCo.7.2L 
jrpdf rdv UavXov c*i. 2 Co. 3. 12. 
^ij- 1 'Ev 6Xiy<o ne we(-,^ t.*^:?'*,^?' 
Oeis^Xptartavdv ye.\ g;l^-f- 
viaOai.** \ 2c:o.i3.7. 

S9 'O 6t IloiJXof C£7-'y fuydXttt-i. 
ncv'\ ^Eifaiuriv &v t^> 30 ufU. 
0e&>, Kai Iv oXiytfi Kal 81 •. ^ftip^- 
iv ivoXX^ oi lidvov ffijl • " **—•* " "• " ■* 

dXXi Kttl vavras rois 
dKiovrds itov c^/upov, 
«• yeviaOat rotovTovs 
orroios ^Kdy<ij eiut, ira« 
peKrds* r<ov oeapav 


30*Ko2 rovTo eir6v' 
ros airoH, *dviarii b 
fiaatXevs k b hyetiotv^ 
fi re BepviKri, :i. ol avy- 
KaOfipevtt airots. 

31 Kot dvaxoip^aavres 
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Xovs, Xiy<ivres' "Ort 
oi6ev Oavdrov &ltov l^ 
6eap&v "rrpdaaet b iv- 
Opcjiros otros. 

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XvaOat ^^iovvaro b iv- 
Opoivos ovTos, el fii^ 
" eire«r£icXi} ro Kaio^a- 

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0,2 6i i*iKpiOri ro9 
»> diroirXery vpas eis 
rfiv 'IraXiav, ^^raptSi- 
6ovv t6v re IIa€iXoy 
Kai rivas IripHS ••dc- 
aptiras lKaTovrdpX9^ 
dvdpart 'IovX£oi, ffrci- 
pris «»2c^or^j.' 
2 'EmBdvres^ Sl 
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^*dvfixOripev, ••dvro^ 
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MaKe66vos BeaaaXovt- 


8 Ty re Irepo »» jror^ 
X^W^v «•eif 'S.t6C>va. 
«'♦iXov0pt5ffa:s re b *\m- 
Xtos r<p llovXb) ^•xPq- 


nPAiEis, xxvn. 

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^aif ^jorii^uirJioififtff. ^ la cb, S», m. 

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M<Jia5 ti/Ofifi^owH < '^*": tt^AJiaffmi. 



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^riXXdF & Turt iti TOP 

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wMi rafitiYiiffatTifiv, 
ol trXciii li/efiTQ ^OB- 

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iri<a TrLif*ii\ft>iflTa*i Xt" 

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NoroTis M^^d^tfifrif ri(v 

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to^ri^Qt) avTa^Bii},^tXv 

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nPABEi£, xxvn. 

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T6xeipes rijv ' <f«t»»)i' 
Toi vXotov i^iiipixpa- 

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iiri ir^etovj. as, 

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oirjpeiTO «3 riEfru) f ,\iris 
rot» (rciCetrdui j'i(u4f. 

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piiv, c5 &vSpcs, «• iret 
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ifiSs eidvneiv ' ^dvo- 
0o\}i yhp xlAJXffS •• oi- 
Senia ^» i^ai l^ vnoiv, 
irMv Tov vXoiov. 

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Tv, vvktX Toirij^&yye- 
Xof Toi Qeov ov elitt, 
M Kal Xorpevct), 
'24 A.iy(ov yifi 6o0or), 
IIat;X£' Kaiaapi ae Sei 
wvapttoTijvat' roi t^J, 
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0edj vavTas to^s vXi- 
ovras peTa (roi. 

8S Atd eidviietre, av- 
Spes ' vKrre^ta yhp T(p 


• ri. Is^a, I. 
» d UttIov^ 

2 AaAiui. 

3 Eccl. 13 13. 

4 iKniitTta, 

2 Pe. 3. 17. 
Re 2.5. 

5 8. *^<p^. 

6 ytvouat. 

7 Jno. 1.5. 

8 s. irtXdy«. 

9 ^/irrat. 

10 Itirovoita. 

11 Mat. 16. 3. 

12 tiplaKo». 

13 irtptatpio), 
2 Co. 3. 16. 

14 dijCTIJ^I 

1 /ti}irov-A. 
§ Kard-A. 

15 Lu. 3. 5, 
la. 40. 4. 

n iKKiaif 

16 He. 6. 19. 

17 fo-Tij/*i. 

18 sbvoii-at., 
ch.m 29. 

1» 6a. 

20 c. 6. 29,32. 
TiL 3. 1. 

21 dvdyw. 

22 0c<iycii. 

23 Ro. 11. 16. 

24 ver. 27. 
Be. 18. 17. 

* iStiuHs-n 

25 tliil. 

26 Jno. 15 22. 

27 <rcS^w. 

28 Mva/ta(< 
30 diroKiiirrtt» 


33 KoUia. 

34 itivut. 


0coi„ Sri ofirwj «»^s"«t 
jcori' Sv rpdirov * XeXd- 
Xnrat poi " 

26 Eis viiaov Se riva 
SeX huas *iKire<reiv. 

27 Us SeTe(ra(ipesKai' 
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S Lfi. 7. 7. 
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I» Lu. 2, n. 

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m ch. 21 .^. 

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Mat. 13. Ifl, 

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*PaMA10Y£, U. 

l Ti. 1. 13. 

4 2Ti.3.2. 

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o-tti, ver.26. 

6 Je.3. 7, la 

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8 2Ti.a.3. 

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11 w. 

. D. 68. 30 ft6vpts-as, Kara}^ 
XovSi *6eos-vyeTs, «i- 
1 ch. 6. 19. Ppts-as, VKepTi<pdvovSt 
*dXa^6vas, e<t>evperiif 
/caKwv, yovevatv diret- 

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7 Ch. &, il, 4. 
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102 C^ IQ. 5. 

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15 th. 6. 3. 

19 ch. ],B7. 
Fhj. 2, 13 

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21 Ch. I. 23. 

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A.D. 5S. 

• VideApp. 

2 •. Tots 'I«t- 

3 ch. 4. 15. 

4 in<XTt6ta. 
5ch. 1.24. 

6 Ac. 7. 3& 

7 Ypd^oi. 

8 oirurriai. 
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9 T. & c. e. 2. 

10 cfa. 4. 14. 
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12 ch. 1. 17. 

13 1. Sg. 

14 V%. 61. 4. 

15 ch. 3.90. 

16 KplVi». 

17 Y<voMai. 

18 ch. 1. 17. 

19 ch. 1. 32. 

20 cb. 6. 8. 

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II jTnrr^ws-n. 
28 ch. 1. 18. 
Tt fri :-n. 
26 lCo.4.5. 

Mat. 27. 39. 

28 ch. 7. 6. 
Jno. 3.6. 

tT conj. f Tt. 

29 cb. 13. 3. 


de App. 


Jno. 10. la 

83 Jude 16. 

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ts i^oAcovoav ' >» ^d; 16 ch. 8. 23. 
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19 Pfc 10. 7. 

20 Pkl4.3. 

21 He.9.6. 

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23 2C0.8.24. 

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28 Mar.ll.2Z. 

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34 ch. 7. 23. 

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87 Jdo. 15. 5. 

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•paMAIOYi:, V. 

A.D.68. 6 Bivatos *6til\Bevy 

I ClStafii. 
* EHyt-n. 

3 dftl. 
i dftapTdvot. 
t Vide App. 

cb. 4. IS. 

7 ch. 4. 5. 

8 Pbilem. 18. 

9 inoOv^aKoi 

10 /3a<n At^ci», 
§ AdiKov^n. 

II ^.AvdpAn» 
12ch. 3.5. 

11 al. tnuQBp. 


13ch.6. 17. 

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16 ch. 1. II. 

17 ch. 1. 18. 

18 s. /t(XAoi6- 

19 s. T<3 et^. 

20 V. 1». [«rw. 

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fttOa o^Tus, 
T. 8. TO*ro. 

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/taro; t. 

24 Ja. 1. 17. 
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26 ch. 1. 32. 
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27 2Co. 3. 19. 

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S Col.llJ. ~ ~ 

Col.2. 12. 

4 35«. 11. 3» 

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7 ^ Co. iOl e, 

» ch. 1. i. 
IQ £|ii,<1.21 

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13 Ytvouat. 
Hch.l. 11. 

PflMAlOrS, VII. 

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PfiMAIOTS, Yin. 


1 Mu. 

2 Phi. 2. M. 
S t. tA Ka\iv. 

4 cb. 16. 17. 

5 ver. 81. 

* oihh 0« 

al. ol»YCV<&' 

ffco». 0<t. 

t alii tranp. 

al. eooj.^fv. 

6 ch. 1.3.4. 

vdpxa vcpc 
ranim rel. 

7 1 Co. 16.45. 

I. 4acv9<. 

8 htvetadt». 

10 d4r6iv<H. 
H vtf»ov,-n. 

11 ch. 8. 8. 

tt conr. Td 


13 B. jvra. 

14 He. la 6 

15 8C0.4.1& 

17 ch. 1. 38. 

18 wXflpdm. 

19 Ln. 81. 84. 
« Iv-f. ira. 
21 il/U. 

92 ch. 123,16. 
33 Re. 3. 17. 

25 ch. 11.86. 
96 ver. 7. 
27 cb. 6. 6. 

etf>-A. alii 




r^ Jl 0-apffi, 


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npoi: pflMAiors, Yin. 


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^l eh. I. L4. 
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Si I Ci^]5.42, 

28 Cfi. 7, J. 
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pflMAiors, vra. 

A.D. 6& 1 l6tKai<an, TOVTOVS i 


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1 2Ga.ia5. 

2 Oe. 81. 12. 
8 MvmfMi. 

4 KaXt u. 

5 t.9Jhn|s. 

7 Ge. I& 10. 

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9 cL 2. 1&. 
11 tlfU. 
13 ch. 13. la 

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23 Qe. 2S. K 

16 Mal. 1^,3. 
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80 a. f «-Tt. 
§§ Vide App. 


«irlpfic *A0paiMf Toir- 
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npos 'paMAiors, ix. 

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; al. Xgurrt. 
17 iKoi^ 
rcu.Ac. 16.16. 

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23 2Mac 2.14. 
S3 Mat.12.43. 
2S be.32. 21. 
87 Gp. 6. 4. 
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30 Is.65. 1,2. 

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32 2&i.lS.4. 

33 Ac! 10. 4a 

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II VideApp. 

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11.65. 2. 

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vo», He.o.l&. 
8 ver. 5. 

ch. 9. 15. 

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23 353 

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/SS ch.S. IB. 

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23 ch. 10. i9- 

S7 lCo.a.7. 


39 ch. 13. iO. 

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l^ Jl ffflfo^, ciJ\A^AtjJ].r.h. 1. 11?- 

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}lti¥ iiat^oaa, eItA'^ tia. 2. 13. 

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Tl- m Dc. 3S. 35. 

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\l Mat.25.42. 
3 2Ti.3.6. 
14 cb. 15. 16. 
5 cb. 12. 12. 
'6 iiroClduni. 

7 a. fr0i/Acr£. 

8 s. dirddoTt. 

9 Mat. 18. 32. 

10 Mat. 17.25. 
• VideApp. 
llMat 28.18. 

12 Mat. 18.28. 

13 Fbi. 2. 3. 

14 jrAijflrf». 

15 Lu. 2. 51. 

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18 Ac 18. 6. 
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19 Ac 7. 53. 
ao £p. 1. 10. 

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27 Mar.11.13. 

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81 1Tb. 4. 8. 

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A.D. 68. 

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17 ch. U. II. 
IS i*i. 32. 41 

19 tii^pUifVid. 

Lu [^ 19. 

21 I\ U1. I, 


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1 1. liMjyyi- 

2 djrip vo/iot. 

4 fs. 52. 16. 
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14 cb. 10. 21. 

15 Ac. 15. 3. 
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§ i\eiiv n. 4). 
iT.d. 9(0«, 

11 al. irvvava' 
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ft&s. al. Kal 
jitd' iu&v. 

18 1 Co. 1. 9. 

19 notiio. 
ao cb. S. 6. 
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rai yap do-tv 

21 Mat. 11.261 

23 ch. 1. 14. 

24 tlfU. 

25 cb. 1. 11. 

26 nposSixo- 



28 ch. 7. 14. 

29 ch. 13. 2. 

30 Ep. 4. 1. 
83 K0tvdo>. 
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5 4ntoTlOuiu, 

6 tlM<. 

7 ch. 11. 1& 
Ja. 1. 18. 

t 'Aalai*. 

8 Kovidm, 
Mat. 11.28. 
Jno. 4.6^. 

iv «ftlv.-A. 

tO T. 3. 5-15, 

Mat. 10. 12. 

La. 10. 4. 

II Mat.27.I& 

§ TOlS K(td 

luo9 Iv-n. 
12 Lu. 7. 45. 


2 Co. 13.12. 
II Kia-at-m. 


19 Lu. 11.36. 


14 I Co. 3. 3. 
Ga. 6.20. 

15 itav9dvt». 
tt X/yovTttj 

16 ch.' 14. 18. 

17 ch. & 12. 

18 1. oVUtmv. 

VT&^a. alii 


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aJii transp. 
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I ch. T. 40. 

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S Cn- 6. 10. 
f CnDi. Kpf- 

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Ra.3, 2[. 

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iTPOi: KOPiNeioYs, A. n. 

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iipos KOPiNeioYz, A. n. 

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in Jb.j. 139. 

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t*,9 ch. I 2th 

la P».&1. II 

le L^. n. 36. 

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I& R* l, 21. 

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Ac. 19. 29. 
2 s. Ixdfttea. 
3Lu. iai7. 

4 0v<rt(5(o,v.6. 

5 ch. 12. 23. 
Mat. 13. 67. 

6 Sgx^iKu, 

7 B. T($T(. 

8 yivdavKw. 

9 Abt. 26. 67. 

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11 ch. 10. 3. 

12 Mar. 6. 9. 

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13 fr. 21.18. 

14 2 Co. 10.1. 

15 Ylvouiat, 

16 ch. & 7. 

17 Mat 21.37. 

18 8. £( vat. 
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19 Ac. 20. 31. 

21 Ga. 3. 24. 

22 Ep. 5. 3. 
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27 ch.Il. 1. 


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A. D. S7. 

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A.a 57. 

11 Jo!*6. 10. 

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17 Mat.12.4^ 

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npos KOPiNeioYs, a. m 

« Iftipnrev ^ h • eeds, \ A.D.57 . 

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ch. I. 
Ro. 18. a 

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:h. 3. 82. 

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«I ^ > tKXfiOri, iv rov- 13 Ecclas.38. 
T9 ^»nevtT(i}. .0* X «« 

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(87.) 23. 
, Wiad.6.18. 

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Ac. 5. 6. 

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dvBpt3lT(0V. 22 MaL 20.90. 

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rA^0.j, di«A0oi, ev rov-ji^jJ^iY- 
TM »»/iCi;ira) iropa ^"rt^H dy ogdio). 
0fW. 25 MaL 28.14. 

85 Jlepi il T(5v «' TTOp. 26 MaL 6. 25. 
eiv(ov, iKirayhv Kvpin ^ i^^Vl^- 
OVK ix<o; M yv(OHf,v 61 28 dp ««.* 
otobim (os ^^ riXtfintvos 29 ch. 1. 10. 
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vat. (8l8.rpdyf»a. 

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npos KopiNeiors, a. vm. 



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8 «fd«. 

9 ch. 6. 12. 

10 ch. 13. 2.8. 
■" ch. 12. 24. 
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13 cb. 13. & 

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15 s. idv. 

16 y^vo/iat. 

18 s. i^o-Tiv. 

19 cb. 16. 58. 
§ al. traosp. 

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II Mit.22.30. 
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Ac. 10. 36. 
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Jno. 11. 11. 
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27 ch. la 45 
Ae. 23. 1. 


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3 Jno. 18. 39. 

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Jl Mat. 24.4». xoj leorat roi; oai/ia- 

Ac2. 13. |Tos /cai §atiiaro; roS 

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24 ch.3. 13. .avOpuvos tavrdv, Kai 
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8 ■. gKaBt. 

9 Mat & 28. 

10 cb. 1. 10. 
BfatO. 16. 

11 1. Kard. 

12 Ac5. 17. 
Ga. 5. 20. 

13 Ro. 14. 18. 

14 ytvo/tai. 

15 •. roi>70. 

16 cb. 2. 1. 

17 Re. 1. 10. 

18 8. tSxP^ 

19 Mar. 14.8. 

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u D. 67. air^s » b IvTt \ Qeds, h 
ivepyoiv ri irdvra iv 

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ftaros vpds rd • <rvit<l>i- 

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Hvevnaros * 6i6orat 
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X6yos yvijaetiis, xara 
rd aird IIvrB/xa * 

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6i i«£ppi|vcia yXtMX' 

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atouaros ^roi ivosl 
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acHita ' ovra Kal o Xpt- 

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Hvevitart fipets vdv- 
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ririaOriitev' etre *lo»- 
^aroi, eire *EXXifve(, 
etre 6ovXoi, eirt iXev- 
Ospot • Kal vdvrei 


1 Mat. 14. 14. 

3 iioKgtvw. 

4 eiSmiu. 

plu, niud.-a. 

5 Ac. 7. 22. 
2 Co. & 9. 

6 2Co. 4. 2. 

7 Mar. 16. 16. 

8 ch. 6. 12. 

9 s. ds Td 

10 fp;^o/ia(. 

Tiov V. xt- 


19 Ro. 7. 14. 

13 Je. 33. & 


14 Ro. 14. 1. 

15 (rd(u. 

16 ch. 14. 26. 
Ecc. 47. 17. 

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Ovii ATt,-k. 
nT«, conj. 
grt 3t« W- 
vj J?tc,J}t«. 

il auopd(i,-n. 

17 ch. 14. 10. 

18 Syiu. 
19Mat .27.2,31 
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90 1. luptii. 

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«ro»r •• 'Ii^ 

31 cb. 16. 22. 

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pioj 'Iij- 

22 ver. 5. 6. 

33 ch. 1& 15. 
Ln. 10. 40. 

34 ver. 10. 


npos K0PIN610YS, A. m 

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rof ov irapa rovro 
o^K « ioTiv Ik ro0 <rw- 
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ovi ' 'Ori oiK eini 
d09aX|id(, oiK eiitl hc 
Tov adHiiaTOS ' ov vapa 
rovro oix *iariv Ik rS 

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ei 5\ov aKofi, rrov fi 
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iKaarov avrtov ev rC, 
aditart, KaOCii »«^0e- 

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ra 2v itiXos, vov rd 

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niv neXr;, iv Sl aw- 

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A. O. 57. 

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7 o-vyKCftfv- 
2 M»:. 15.39. 
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9 I. Tiftlls. 

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Lu. 15.6. 
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12 Ju. 16. 9. 


13 TlHjtfu. 

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15 Ft. 20. 19. 


16 Pr. 1. 5. 

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18 8. KOTd. 

19 s. 

Je. 46. 11. 
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ptriOepjev * xai to. d- 
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poaivriv veptaaoTipa» 

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irdvra rh itiXri' etrt 
dafd^erai tv itiXoSy 
"ll<T»yxaip«t irdvro ro 

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Xovs, iireiTa Svvditets, 
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npos: KOPiNeiaTE, a. xiv. 

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tlToz KopiNeiors:, a. xiv. 

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npor KOPiNeioTs, a. xvi. 

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L. D. 67. 


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13 Philem. 6. 

14 Avairaiut 
Mat. 11.28. 

15 Lu. 21. IS. 

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17 La. 1. 74. 

18 Yivo/tat. 

19 ch. l. 28. 

20 ch. 11. 33. 
Jdo. 6. 3. 
Ac 17. 16. 
He. la 13. 

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npox KOPiNeioTr, b. k. 

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npos KOPiNeioYi, b. n. 


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3S ch. 2. 15. iJweS. 





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3; Ito. IS^ 20. 
&Kch 12. t. 

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npos KOPiNeioTs, b. vi. 

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A.O. 58. 

1 1 CalS. la 

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3 19.49. 8. 

4 ch. 9. 11. 

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12 ch. 4. 8 

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7xa ^ 

8 ver 17. 

9«. ^ffji Jt. 

10 ivaira^, 

11 Kavxdo. 

16 ylvo itai. 

17 ch. 6. 12. 
Lu. 1.78. 

18 irpoivdp. 

npos KOPiNeioTs, b. vin, 

ry iKCivft iCTtoxsiq. rcXv' A. D. 53. 


10 Kal iyvoifiijy ev tS- 
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fia, oir(os ^^yivrjTai ia6^ 

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iftav ravYpuat Moxe- 
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iopivtos Kai Beoiaei' 
Kai h aireipaiv er evXo- 
yiats, iv' eiXoyiats 
Kol Bepiaet. 

l De.7.6,7. 
3 B. tfi^tf r». 

3 ch. 10. & 

4 Job33.a6. 

5 il/tf. 

7 ■• irAc^». 

8 ttda, 

/uvos, V* 

10 1 TL 6. 6. 
Ils. AaXav. 

13 ]rapa<rju«> 

14 Pk. 112.9. 

15 ipifli^w. 

16 o^Kopirf Ju. 

17 Kifnra. 

18 ;{^»/»i. 

19 ir<v»$. 
SO Is. 5». 10. 
31 X^yoi. 

33 Ga. 3. 6. 
t inr6oov-n. 
23 f p voitat. 

34 irXi}Mvw. 

35 cirplo-iea». 
26 Mar. 4 26L 
37 a<ri((ivfti. 

29 ch. 11. 17. 

30 ch. & la 
} i/idiv-n. 
tl ^Y^oiiai. 
12 ch. 3. 7-9. 

33 irpoifxo- 

7 *£«raro( ira9cb( *r/M»- 
oipct roi* rjl /rapjfo* iij^ 
iK A<>iriif,« ]) 4 «»'«y- 
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rijv dyaiF^ 6 e«dj. 

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irdfoav xopiy irepioocv- 
oai «if y/iof • Tva iy 
iravTi irai^ror* vaaav 
iOa^rdpKetav ixovres^ 
irepiaaevrjTe eis vav 
ipyov dyaBSv' 

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6tKatoovvri airo9pivei 
eis Tdv aiava. 

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povri, Kai iprov eis 
0p<oaiv xopriy^ffat, koI 
^*irXri&vvat rdv 0x6- 
pov^ ipiov, Kai «' av- 
f/joai rft ^yevv^pa- 
ra ^ riis itKatoavvris 

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ri^Hevot eis iraaav 
iirArfriyra, flrij Kar- 
epya^erat dt* § ^- 
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rrfs Xstrvpyias rav- 
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X(ov evxoptoTtiov rc3 

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rfis itaKovias ravrris 
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iwi rjf 3« ^fforayjf rJfs 


^ayyiXiov rorJ Xpi^3, 
KOi ^&irMrrjTi rils KOi- 
vwvtai* eii avrovs Kai 
sii itavras,^ 

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iirlp vpL&v, iirnro9ovv- 
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irep0dXXov<rav x^P^v 
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^o9, Si KarH. irprff WTTov 
ftiv " rairetvdi iv i- 
Hiv,i» i*dira}V Si **dafi- 
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^•irapuiv Ba^^flcat rfi 
ireroidijaet Ji Xo- 
ytCoiiat »• ToXpifiaat 
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yt^oiiivovi fiitSs o>i 
v>KarSi vdpKa ireptira- 

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irarSvres, ov Karh adp- 
Ka ^^TParev6peBa ' 

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^arparetai fiitSv o^ 
aapKtKh, dXXh Svvarh 
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atpeatv «' dxvpufid- 

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rey, Kat vSv *• ^ii/topa 
*»liratp6itevov Karh rifi 
yvuveas ro9 Oeoilf, Koi 
**aixpi<i^ur(liovres vav 

npos Kopmeiors, b. x. 

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171' rov Xptarov ' 

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exovrei tKStKifaat na- 
aav ^irapaKofiv, Srav 
irXfiptoO^ ilt&v h vtra- 


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0Xiirere^\ eirti ^"firi- 
votOev eavTb) Xptaroi) 
*e7vatj rSro XoytCtaBoi 
irdXtv d6' lavrov, Sri 
KaB(i)i avrdi * Xpts-ov, 
ovTb) Koi fjpeTi^^ bXpi- 

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ireptaa6rep6v rt Kavxij' 
aopai ircpi^ riis e^ov- 
aiai iii*(!Jv, rn *^iStoKev 
h Kvptoi fipTv eis oiKO- 
Soitfiv, Kai o-6k eis Ka(h 
aipeatv iittHv, oiK ai- 
trxvvOfiaoiiat ' 

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iaxvpai ' ii Si irapaata 
roi a(A)uaros dtraeviis, 
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roiovros, Srt otoi »« i- 
aitev rio X^yto St' iirt- 
aroX&v ^*dir^vres, rot- 
o^roi Kol **irap6vres 
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lavrovs Ttat tQv lav- 
rij avvtTav^vro^v ' dX- 
Xh aitroi iv iavroTs 
iavr^S iterpSvrei, Kai 
avYKpivovres lavro^s 


npox KOPiNeioTs, a xl 

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A-a sa 

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Jl Ch, 3. It, 

13 ii^iffuJ^ii' 

IG ^n^^dtw. 

IS I. it^rifv- 
19 Lii. I.4€. 
'^ ^h. 12. II, 

!ia * rt£. 

5i a/j. a. 

PVM^ Ar>p. 

I Jco. 3L 4- 



3J rJj, 13.7. 
33 Awjti»^ 

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ifiavrdv tlrffpi^aat xal 

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iretS ^n&s 't & Qsds ^ oi- 

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irei4o-(i>, Xva *iKK6\i/<a 
rifv *i d^opiiifv rHv 
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9r6v' airds >^P & Sa- 
rai^as »*/i«raffxiM«- 
rf^rrai <«( l>>cAoy 

npos KOPiNeioYs, b. xi. 


8 il^t. 

4 ch. 12. 9, 15. 
Mar. 6. 20. 

5 «r^oy^r», 
cb. 1.22. 

6 dv/vw. 

8 Ga.2.4. 

G«. 47.21. 

10 M&t 23.13. 

11 cta.6.12. 

12 ch. 12. 16L 

13 Mvx*^ 

15 tiplvKm. 

17 dUrAcvtfw. 

18 Ro. 12. 2. 
§ OOB. irvcp^ 


,So'dL'l. 12. 
15. 14. 

M Oi ti^ia O^ "SJfiSJ! 

ro* ^ ncraffXW»''^?*»^ 
rai «iK ita^ovt itKat- 

23 c. 12.«, 11. 
L«. 11. 4a 

.lrr« ^ri r* i,„*^ff;^ 


1« #«A*ij-. 

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18 Eirei roAAot Kav- 
Xdvrai Kara riiv aap- 


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Xeo-Oc reov d4>p6v<0Vf 
^p6vtitoi *ovrcs. 

20 'Avfxc''^^ • y^Pj «« 
rif ifia( • «aradirAor, 
€? rif »• «forcfftf f«, «f 
Tij 19 Aa/i/9dyei, ei rij 
^afperai, et ric ifias 
sis wp6s<jjnrov iipsi. 

21 Kara i^drtutav X£- 
yw, ws 5ri ^/leij "*- 
ffOey^aafievM iv &> d' 
2y ri( roX/if^ ( ^v dt^po- 
avvy Xe^w) roX/ju ira- 


22'E/9paroiSei<ri, «d- 
^iai ' •» 'IffpaqXirac 
>ei<ri, «ixd/ci) * vwip^a 
'Afipadfi seiffi, <iKd- 

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>ciffi, (irapa9povo>y Xa- 
X&i) kvrlp «•eyw* &» 
cdm$ •^pioaorcpai^ 
iv xXiiyats ^iwcppaX- 
Xdvrcaf, iv pvXoKati 
nptaaoriotis. iv Oavi- 
roij OToXXairif. 

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a^oar« MAi|««4)<StiOB.7.a40L 
|ic. Ira |ii«4i<r r« *'««- *J^^h 

•«««rjk K«#«a«t, «XX' •»$: l Mm.C^41. ' » '0^«i«i^pt««sM mX- 
ir a# p t rt «fc «r rcvry — ~^ . X««a$. ««vMrMf ■•r«- 

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ndv. KtvSvvotfXgcrtiiv, 
KtvdvvoiiiK^yivHf, Ktv 
Hvoii il idvbiv, KtvSv- 
voti iviroXei, kivSvvois 
iv ipTjfita, KtvSvvoii iv 
BaKaaari, KtvSvvots iv 

27 d'Ei'1 *K6>ro} ){ n6- 
xtfw, iv » dYpvirvtais 
iruXXcurtf, iv Xtnip Kai 
Sixbei, iv vnaTeiats 
iroXXaKts, iv <//vX(( Kai 
yviiv6rrirt ' 

28 X<opis riov firapt- 
Krds,* n ^HiriTvaraaiq 
ftov 4 Ka6' ijfiipav, h 
**> niptiAva vaaoiv rwv 

29 Ti$ daBtvetj Koi iK 
daOevto ; Ti; "aKavSa- 
Xi^erat, Kai ovk iyo) 
>» rrvpoviidt ; 

30 Ei Kavyaadat SeT, 
Ttt »»rjff dadeveias itov 

31 'O Qeds Kai varfip 
Tov Kvpiov fiii^v 'Iri- 
aov Xptaroi) ^"tolSev, h 
»•«5» eiXoyr/rdi eis rns 
aitovas, 5rt ov xJ/evSo- 

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Ovdpxris 'A.pird rS fia- 
ctXitos ^ iippovoei riiv 
AanaaKTiviov iroXtVf rrt- 
daat pe d OiX(ov'\ 

33 Kai Sth OvpiSos Iv 
a» ffapydvri «■» ij^aXd- 
crOriv Sta tov reixovs 
Kai ^i^i^pvyov tols x*? 
pas airo^. 

npox KOPiNeioTs, b. xii. 


2 Lu.1.22. 

4 I Tb. 2. 9. 

5 ch. tk 5. 

6 1 Th. 4. 17. 

7 ■. ytvoiii- 

* inlvraals 

IkOV 1. OM-TI. 


9 Ac 24 12. 

10 Mat.I3.22. 

11 Mat.5.29. 
la lCo.7.9. 

13 s. Kard 

t x«pis-n- 

14 Lu.23.43. 

15 Uoiw. 

16 Kavxdo- 
Vltidtn. [fuai. 

1 8. &vdpii- 

19 tliU. 

20 «"poi. 

2! IMa. 14.47. 

22 dtpovpiut. 

23 rS. 7. 13. 
a4 2Th.2.4. 

2 Mae. 5. 23. 
!B cf.Ac.9.25. 

26 (Idwfu. 

27 voXd<«. 

28 Nu. ».56. 

29 iKibs^yt». 

30 Mat. 25.41. 
Re. 12. 7.[n 
Zarav tva- 



Hiv iAiO- 
o-oaat Si-n 

31 lCo.6. 12. 

32 Mat.26.67. 

33 ipxoit-ai. 

34 8. alT^ov. 

35 irapaxa- 

Kttf^. tP'. 

lVAYXA2eAIt«i Sh 3S ipT^ii' 

av \\*i aviiiftipei ^oi •i'~~***~** 


»■ IXevaonat vao eis 
^dirraaias Kai dvoKa- 
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3 Lll SL 4, 

I Ac. 20. S&. 

€ »>t. 17. II 
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13 Col. i. la 

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m Rn. 8L 39. 

h ch. i. IS. 

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^ eh. 1.23. 
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1 Ga. 5. 3. 

2 ch. 2. 3. 

3 I Pe. 2 25. 

4 Ro. 1. 21. 

5 vkotUw. 
6C.I.I8; i3. 

7 dn-aAAorpt- 
dw. ch. 2.12. 

8 Mar. 3. 6. 

9 KaTavrdtu. 
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10 dtraAvto. 

11 ICo. 14.20. 


13 Mat. 6. 27. 

14 Mar, 7.22. 
t o-diuaroc-n 

15 ch. 1.23. 

18 1CO.M. 

19 Is. 57. 20. 

20 He. la 9. 

21 Lu. 2a 23. 
a fiavOdvu. 
'23 ch. 6. II. 

24 dKotfiii. 

25 Mat.27.64. 
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I Mno-oO. 'A 

27 Ga. 4 16. 
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L Mat. 13. ^. 

3 Mi.r. I!5 15 

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Ro. 12. 3. 
2 .Mar. 13. 33. 
- Lu. 2J.36. 
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