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a 1846 o 

THIS BOOK Di )[..'. sOT 


«o • ^^« «N«»v^«:t^v^ -^^^ *«*•-• j^V 

•i- M t^ •■ •"* 


Cambridge, Mass. 

[Reprinted from tlio New-England Historical and Genealogical Register for Jan., 1899.] 

I/. • 

1 . 


1 8 9 J) . 

• u 


>44 7 



Ukv. Wii.i.iam* Notes, born ir>G8, died in CiioMortoii, Co. Wilts, 
Eii<^1uih1, ImiIoio 30 April, 1G22. I lis hrotluT, UidianI* Noycs, of Clioldor- 
toii, ycoiiiaii, made his will 25 August, lOJD, in wliidi lie lueutions widow 
Stirii, inventory nmde 26 Octolier, 1G39. Another brotht^r, Robert^ Noyes, 
yeoman, born 1570, died 20 January, 1G5U, and was buried at Cholderton 
(parish re«:ister). 

The will of Richard Nojes of Mauningford Bruce, in the diocese of 
Sarum, 2 February, 1590, mentions **• the sons of Robert Noyes of Cholder- 
ton/' This Robert maj have have been the father of Wi)liuin\ Richard* 
and Robert* Noyet. Richard Noyes, of Mannintrford Bmce, was bon of 
AViiliam Noyes of TJrchfont, yeoman (will 1557), who purchased the 
Prebend of Urchfont, in 1540, from the Karl of Hertford, afterwards 
Protector Somerset. The Noyes family of Urchfont were of the same stock 
as that of CholdcrtOD. 

Cholderton is about eleven miles from Salisbury, and near by is Wilton 
House, the seat of the Earl of Pembroke. James Frazer in 1817 was Rec- 
tor of Chohlerton, and in 1870 Bisli<»}) of Manchester. William Stubbs in 
1875 was Rector of Cholderton, 18cSi Hihho(> of Chester, and 1888 Bishop 
of Oxford. Hie :id?0W80n of the rectory of Chohlerton now belongs to the 
Provost and Fellows of Oriel College, Oxford, having come into their 
possi'ssion in 1G98. 

1. William^ Noyes was born 1568, in England, and matricuhUed at Uni- 
versity College, Oxford, 15 November, 158tS, being admitted to the B.A. 
degree, 31 May, 1592 (Registrum Universitutis Oxon. ii. p. IGG, and iii. 
p. 171). He was instituted Rector of Cholderton in 1G02 (Bihliop's regis- 
ter at Salisbury), and married Anne about 15D5. He died at Clndderton 
(parish register). Theiuventory of his estate was made, 'iO April, 1 G22, and 
his widow Anne appointed administratrix, 28 May, 1G22 (Court of Arch- 
deacon of Sarum). His wife was born 1575, and bnrittd at Cholderton, 7 
March, 1G57 (parish register). Her will, made hS March, 1G55, proved 
27 April, IG58, mentions sons James' and Nicholas'' now in New England, 
and .son-in-law Thomas Kent, of Upper Wallop, England (will at Somerset 
House, London; Wootton: 130). 

Children, born in England: 

i. KiMiitAiM*, b. 159G, was styled '*Mr.'* and lived at Orchcston, St. 
Mary. He unirried a Parni'll, »nd was buried at rhoUiorton 28 
Oct., 1659, having made his will 5 Oct., Uiyj, which was proved 
24 July, IGOO. 

II. Natuan, b. 1697, was matriculatetl at Lincoln (^olloj^e, Oxford, 19 
May, 1616, aud admitted H.A., 2i> Oct., lOIG. During' the Civil 
W^ar he lived at Sarum. la l<!2i> h<* .Miccci^ded iiis father as 
Hector of ChoUlertdii, and dliil t; Sept., H»51, at Cholderton 
(parish register), and was bnriiil at. Salishnry (l*arish Church 
of St. Edmunds). His will, made 2.S An*;., 1051, was proved 18 
Nov., 1661, by his widow Mary. 

iii. Jamim, b. 1608, m. ](»:>;>, in Kn;;land. Sarah llrown, dau<;hter of 
Joseph Brown, of Soutlianipton, Co. Hants, Kn^land. Hu was 
matriculated at Urasenosc College, 0.\ford, 22 Aug., 1027, but 



was not gnuluatod. In Mnrcit, 1633, Jjimes Noycs, hid wife 
Ssirah, brother Xicliolas X«jyi-». and con Thomas rarkt-r, witli 
others, took Uiu oalU.*> of supiciiKU v if\i\\ all(-u:iaiicc to pass for 
New Kii.uilund hi Ihc " i\iury and John." oT Loiiilon, Uohert 
Sayri's, ma.stcT. lii KI.'J:;-!, ho prcaduil iu My^^lic, now Med- 
furd, Mass., wa.s math! rricinan .*) Sopt., .lii:U, and with his 
brother NiciiohiH Noycs and cousin Thomas Tarker was aiuon*; 
the sotilcrs of Newbury,, in May, l(;34-5. He waa 
made teaclier, and Kev. Thomas Turker pastor, of tlio First 
Parish. Alu>nt i(i4G ho l)uilt a house on wliat is now Parker 
Street, in witich his deseenihint, Miss Mary Collin Noyos, ditMl, 
2G Jan., 18:)5. Anion^i: ids printed works are '" A Catechism for 
Children, Hill," »-Tiie Tenipif Measured, l«i7," •♦ Afostis and 
Aaron," IGOl; the last two are at the Massachusetts Historical 
Society. Kuv. James Noyes d. 22 Oct., lG.iU, at Newbury, Mass. 
Ills will, daU>d 17 Oct , li;5G, was probated 20 Nov., l(i5G, and 
mentions wife, brother Nicholas, and cousin Thomas I'arker. 
His widow Sarah d. 13 Sept., IGUl, at Newbury, Imvin.*; nnulo 
her will 11 Nov., IGSl, widch was proved 2t> Sept., IGOl. Tlie 
estate was VHlucd at i'llos. 
2. It. Nicholas, b. 1GI.'>-G, m. Mary Cuttlnjr. 

V. A daughter, ni. Tliomas Kent of Upper Wallop, ^^a;'^ 
vi. John, wa^s marrietl and lived in Newton. Co. Wilts. lie is men- 
tioned in the will of his l>rother Kphraim. 

2. Nicholas* Noybs ( WHliam^), son of William* and Anne, was Iwrn 
16l5->6. He was made ii freeman 17 May, 1G37, and about 1G40 
married Mary Cutting, duughtor of Captain Jolin Cuttin*^, a sldp 
master formerly of I^ondon, an<l Mary bis wife. Jolin Cuttiiiir in 
his will naentions Mary, wife of Nicliolas Noyes. Nicholas Noyes 
was a deputy to the General Court at Boston, from Newbury, 19 
Dec, 1660, 28 :May, 1671), 19 May, 1680, and 4 Jan., 1680-1. He 
was chosen deacon of the First l^urish 20 March, 1(')8:]-4. and died 
23 Nov., 1701, at Newbury. His wilt was made 4 July, 1700, and 
pro?«d 29 Dee., 1701 \ in it he mentions sons John, late of Newbury, 
deosased; Niehohis of Salem; Cutting;; Timothy; Thomas deceased, 
and daughters Mary, wife of John French of Sadifilniry; Hannah, 
wifo of John Atkinson, Sr., of Newbury; Sarah, wife of Matthew 
Pettin^^ell of Newbury ; Haelnd, wile of James Jackman of Newbury, 
and Abigail uinnarrie<1 ; also Mary the widow of his son John. His sou 
James WiM made exe<*ut(n'. The personal estate was £15«31, and 
the real estate was .11160. (:m7: 2^3 and 307: 236 at Salem). 
In deed 15: 41 nt Salem, he conveys property to his grandson 
Nicholas, son of his son John, 19 April, 1698, and deed 27: 8 at 
Salem, 1 April, 1 (i73, is an agreement between Nicholas Noyes, his 
wife Mary, and their son (\ittins;. 

The homestead of Nicholas Noyes was in 1885 owned by Na- 
thaniel Little. 

Children, born in Newbury : 

i. Mary', b. 15 Oct., 1C41; m. 2.3 Mar., 1659, John French, son of 
Bilward French aH4l Aim Goodale. Ho was of Salisbury, Mass., 
and Oied 4 May. 170<i. 
11. Hannah, b. 30 Ort., 1G13, m. 1st, U May, 1G(»3, Peter Cheney, son 
of John Cheney and Martha. Uc was a miller, born 1030, and 
died Jan. IGOl. She m. 2d, 3 June, 1700, John Atkinson, sou of 
Theodore Atkinson, as his seeoud wife, lie was a hatter, born 
In Boston ]<;3(j. 
8. 111. John, b. 20 Jan., lU4o~ti; m. MaryToore. 


iv. Nicholas, b. 22 Dec, 1617; A.B. Harvard, 1CC7; freeman, 13 
May, 1669; chaplain of (:()iini.'ctu:iit KcifiiiK'nt at Great Swamp 
Fiiflit, 19 Dec., li»7.i. I'rtaelunl liytursat lluililaiu, Cdiiii., uikI 
wa^ ordained H Nov., 1(kS3, ovcrilie First Cliurcii atSaloiii, Ma^s. 
Ill 1G98 he preached the election siernion, and about i7u2 wrote 
tlie memoir of Ids uncle licv. James Noyes, iu Matlier's Magnaiia. 
lie d. in Salein, unmarried 1'6 Dec, 1717. 

v. CirrriNG, b. 23 Sept., UiVJ; m. *J5 Dec, LU74, EU:&abeth Kniglit, 
daugliter of John Knight and Jlallislma Lngersoil. . 81ie was horu 
18 Oct., 1655, and d. *Ji) Jan., 174G-7. He was made freeman U 
Jan., 1673-4, was a cordwaiuer and captain-lieutenant in the 
militia, and deacon of tiie First Farish. He d. 25 Oct., 1734, iiav- 
ing made hU will IG July, 1730, which was proved 18 Nov., 1731. 

vi. Sakaii, b. 18 Sept., 1U51 ; d. 20 Feb., IG.Vi. 

vii. 8AUAii, b. 22 Aug., 1053; m. 13 April, 1G74, Matthew I'ettlngell, 
son of Uicbaixi Fettiugell and Joanna Ingersoii. He wait a felU 
vlil. T1.MOTUY, b..23 June, 1055; in. 13 Jan., 1G81, Mary Knight, daugli- 
ter of John Knight and Hathslina Ingei'soil. She was b. 8 Sept., 
1G57. He was made freeman 13 Fei>., 1G84, and d. 21 Aug., 1718 
(gravestone). His will was made ID Aug., 1718, and proved 2 
Oct., 1718. 

ix. Ja.mk3, b. 11 May, 1G57~8; m. 31 Mar., 1G84, Hannah Knight, 
daughter of John Knigtit and Uathshua Ingersoii. 8he was b. 
30 Aug., 16G4. He was a major and lieutenant colonel In the 
militia, and d. 1723, having uiaile his will 22 April, 1723, which 
was proved 8 May, 1725. 

X. AuuuiL,b. 11 April, IG.IU ; in. 8 May, 1707, Simeon (Syniou) French 
of Salisbury, Mass. 

xi. Uacjikl, b. 20 March, lGCO-1; m. 1G82, James Jackmau, son of 
James and Joanna Jackinan. He was b. 22 June, 1G55, and d. 16 
Sept., 1723. Slie d. 24 May, 1720. 

xli. Thomas, b. 20 June, 1GG3; in. Sarah, and lived In Haverhill, Mass. 
He d. before 30 Dec, 1G!>5, when an administrator was appointed 
on hU estate, 
ziii. Kkiiecga, b. 18 May, 16C5; d. 1 Dec, 1GS3. 

;i}. John" Noyes (Nicholas^ WlUkun^), son of Nicholas (2) and Mary, 
was born 20 Jan., lGi5-G, ut JNewbury, Mas.s., (town record), lie 
was married 23 Nov., IGO^, at Newbury, to Mary Poore, daughter 
ol' Dunml Poore and Mary Farnum, of Audover, Mass. (town 
record). She was born iu summer of 1G51, and died after 1716, 
as she is mentioned in her fatlter's will. lie was made freeman U 
Jan., 1G74, was a house carpenter, and lived in what was alterwards 
known as the ** farms district/* in a house built in 1G77, and owned 
in 1S7D by Lutber Noyes. He died in Newbury, intestate, lGUl-2, 
and his wiiiow Mary and son Nicholas were appointed administra- 
tors and made tlieir account '16 Sept., 1GD3~4; the personal estate 
was £309, and the real estate i:21G (3U3: 158, at Salem). In the 
account 3 April, 1G!)G, oC widow Mary, mention is made oi' an a>^rce- 
ment 30 July, 16U5, between her and her sons Nicholas and Dan- 
iel, concerning them and tbeir seven brothers and sisters who are 
xnentioned by name. 

Cbildreu, born iu Newbury : 

i. XiciiuLAsS b. 18 May, 1071 ; inar. Intention 17 July, 1C!)5, to Sarah 
Lout, (laughter or Daniel Limt and llahnali Cokcr. She wa.i (torn 

18 June, H>74. They icmovtd to Ai)ington, Mass., in 1712. Deed 

19 April, 1GU8, to his hroihur Daniel, mentions ins father and 
mother, aud graudiather Deacon Nicholas Noyes (17 : 2 at 




!1. Danikl, b. 2\\ Oct., 1(173; m. 2*.) Doc, 1702, Judith Knipjht, dan.«litor 
of Jusrph Kiil*rbt :uu1 Drltoiali Conin. Slir Mas b. 2^ Oct., linS^ 
uiul cl. 21) Jan., 1747-S ^trruvr.sttHK'). l\o. y\i\s u plauU'r, nml iL 
15 Mairh, 17l.">-4i (m'avoioiuO, huvhijj luado hi> \\\\\ \\\ March, 
171(>, winch >vas prowd h) April, 1710. Uiri \\id(Av Judith uud 
brother John >voro iwtuW cxmitors. Slti: in. 2il, TliuniaH IMke, 
sun of Joseph l*ikc and Siisaiiiiuli Klni^^hury. Daniel boii<^ht of 
his broilu rs and s^isicrs, thi-lr riir'hts in ihcir fatiit-r'^ i-stati', Mary 
(;)7: Ls2); Jtdui (3s : 117); Kli'/.alH'th ('AS: Ihi); Nathaniel (31): 
25); Moses (37 : 17H) ; Sanuul (U : l»l). Oo-ds at Saloni. 

lii. Mauy, b. 10 Dt'c, l(i75; ni. hilention C .\pril, 1700, to John Noycs. 
4. iv. Joii.N. b. HI Feb., l(J77-8; in. MaryThurlo. 
T. Maktiia, b. 2t Dec, lli7S); d. s(Kin. 

Ti. Maktiia, b. 15 Dec, 1(;80; ni. I'l) Dec, 1702, Joseph I.nnt, son of 
Daniel Lunt and >vhio\v Mary (('uttinir) Moody, lie was born 
4 Miirch, 1C81, and d. 14 Oct., 1701. Slie d. 20 June, 1700. 
tU. Nathanikl, b. 2iS Oct., 1081; bapt. 15 Jan., 1(hS1 2; ni. S June, 
1704, rriticilla Merrill, dan«r)iter of Abel Merrill and Triscilla 
Cliase. 81ie Mas born 13 July, 1080. He uu.s in Falmouth (now 
Tortland, Me.) in 1733, and d. 2 July, 1770. 
Till. EuzAiiKTii, h. 17 Nov., ]ii84 ; m. 22 Jan., 1707-8, John Adams. She 
died beft»re 27 JSej)t., 1720. 

lx« M08K8, b. 22 May, 10S8. Was a cord\Yainer, and d. August, 1714. 
lli.s will made and probated in .Vuunst, 1714, does not mention a 
>Yife or a child, but does mention motlier, brutliers, etc., so ho 
probably dieii unmarried. 

X. SAMUfe:L, b. 5 Feb., l(;i)l<-2 ; m.30 Sept., 1714, Hannah Toorc, dau<i:h- 
tcr of Henry Poore and Abii^ail Hale. She was born 10 July, 
1C93. They removed to .\binirlon, Mass., in 1712. He died hi 
Ablugtou, Nov., 1721), and his widow m. 2d, Jacob Heed. 

4. JOHM^ N0YE8 (John\ Nicholas^y William^ )^ sou of John (3) and Mary, 
WM born 19 Feb., 1677-S, at Newbury (town record). Ho mar- 
ried 5 Jan., 1703-4, at Newbury, Mary Thurlo (Tliorla), duugliter 
of Thomas Thurlo and Judith March (town record). Siio was 
born 1 May, 1G^(2. He bou«rht 15 March, 1704-^), of John Thurlo, 
land with house and orcliard on it (Decils 20: 00 and 00: 120 at 
Sftlem). In 1708, liberty to build u saw mill was granted to Kd- 
mnnd Gooilridge and John Noyes, for 21 years, on **cart creek*'. 
He was a blacksmitli, and died intestate, 15 June, 1710, at Newbury ; 
liis widow was appointed admini.«>tiatri.\ 2 Nov., 1710. Tlie personal 
estate was £100, and the real estate £543 (313: 148 and 313: 03G 
at Salem). On 24 May, 1718, he received the power of attorney 
from his brothers Nichohis and SamueK of Abin^ton, to act fur them 
in regard to what ihey received from their undo Nicholas Noyes, 
late of Salem (34: 1*89 at Salem). In the account 22 Dec, 1719, 
of his widow Mary, mention is made of her sister Judith Noyes, 
brother Nathaniel Noyes, uncle Nicholas Noyes late of Salem deceas- 
ed, aud sister Thorla. On 28 March, 1728, she nnikes an adiUlional 
account, and signs, Mary Noyes, alias Fitts. ills widow married 
2d, 5 June, 1723, Lsaac Fitts (Fit/.), sou of Abraham Fitt^ and 
widow Iioi)ecca (lUrdiey) Tyler, lie was of Ipswich, Mass., and 
died 6 April, 1747. 

Children, born in Newlnfryt 

i. JAKK,*b. 21 Sept., 1704; m. 31 Oct., 1722, David IVrson (rearson) 

of Rowley, Mass. lie was born 19 Jan., 1702, at Uowley, and d. 

1 Au^'., 1778. 

.11. John, b. 13 Feb., 1700. He was a blacksndth, and removed to 

Ablugtou, Alttss., 1728. Ou TJ April, 1728, he sold land in New- 

t • 



bury to David Pearson, blackHniitti (ns: 202 nt .SaU'm)- On :* 
Sept., 1766, 1k' Ikiu^UL lliu lhiiil> in* ri^litsof dower *)f hU ijioUjit, 
Mary (Noyes) Fitts, ami uave boml^* lo pay his l»rol i > mnl 
bisters, Jane wLfc of Da V ill I'earMHi, Kli/aiRtli >vilV cif William 
Adams, Mary wife of Boujaniiu .hu|iies, Judith wife of Sauinel 
Visk, Moses, who hud died, his lieirs to be paid, mid Simon. 
(Also Deed U : 218 at Salem.) 

ill. Ei.i/AiiKTn, b. 16 Jan., I70d; m. 22 April, 1728, by Kev. Moses Halo, 
to WUllam Adams of Kowley. 

iv. Mahv, b. 24 Nov., 17 J(); Impt. 2(;ili by Kev. Moses Hale of liylhld 
('hurch; m. u Dee., 1727, by Uev. Mosis Hale, to Henjamin 
Jaipies, son of Knsl^ii Steplten Jaqiies and Dorothy IMiimer. Uc 
wan born 23 Sept., 17U2. 
V. Ji'i>iTii, b. 8 April, 171u; bapl. rjtlil)> I{*'V. MoM-sHule; m. 1 Feb., 
17iJ7-i, by Uev. Mo>e> Hale, lo Samuel Ki.vk, son of Samiivl and 
and Sarah Fisk. He was born lo April, 17l(>, at lloxford, Mas:j. 
She was adniitleil lo First (Miureli at Uoxford, 11 April, 1712. 
6. vi. Mo^his, Jr., b. 8 March, 17i.'>>(i; m. Stisannuh Jatpies. 

vii. Simon (Simoud), b. a Nov., 1717; bapt. 17lh by Kcv. Mo-*es Hale; 
m. 10 Dec, 1751, by Uev. John TuckiT, to Klizabelh Katon. 

5. MosKS* NovE8, Jr. (Mm\ Mm\ Ntvliolas\ WlUiam^)^ son of John (4) 
and Mary, was born 8 March, 171.0-6, at Newbury (town record), 
baptized 13, by Rev. Moses Ilalc. On 2.3 Marcli, 1738, wa:> publish- 
ed his marriage intention, and o\\ 21 May, 17<i8, he was nnirried at 
Newbury by Rev. Christopher To[»pan, of the First (/hurt:h, to 
iSusannuh Jaqaes, dau|rhter of Deaeon Stephen Jaqnes and Thank- 
ful 'Jayior. She was born 20 Mareh, 17 lU, at Newbury, and buried 
in Jan., 1804, at Newbury [)ort (book of burials). Stephen 
Jaques in bis will, nuuie 18 June, 1771, prove*! 3 Nov., 1778, luiru- 
tions his daughter Susannah Noyes (ree«)rded at Salem). Moses 
Noyes Jr. was a joiner, and on 20 Feb., 1738-11, bought of ICnocb 
Noyes, 22 rods of land, with dwellini^ house thereon, now known 
UA the llsley house (95: 1U2 and U8:82 at Salem). On 2'J Sept. 
17t'>2, he sold this house ami land to D.-miel Clark. 

Jle died intestate before 23 July, I7ii3, when his widow Susannah 
was appointed administratrix, and <i;uardian of tlie ehildren who were 
under 14 years of age, and all are mentioned except Mary. 'I'hc 
real estate was valued at X278 (31: 211); 331: 530; 'SS\): 270; 
303: 37 at Salem). 

Children, born in Newbury: 

i. iMauy,* b. 25 Feb., 17:;i); ni. 1 Nov., 17rii), Jolni Willet, who d. at 
Ipswich,, 21 .Jan., 1801. She dievl at Ipswieh '2(i July, 
il. Hknuy, b. 1 Auj;., 1710; ]»ai»t. iid by Uev. CMnistopherToppan; m. 
5 Nov., 17(il--2, by Kev. Joiialhan Tarsons, to Mille (Amelia) 
Hale, who was born 1 Sei)t., 17H;, and vl. i\) Mareh, lbo7, at 
Newbury port, 
ill. Hannah, b. 15 April, 1712; bapl. 25th by Uev. Christopher Tt»pi):mr 
ni. 27 Oct., 17(>7, .iohn 1/itlh', son of 'rrisham 1/iliU- and Sarah 
Dole. He wa.s Ixnu 1 1 .July. J7;{."i ; \\a.> a farnu-r, and d. 2."i Au.:^., 
1*400. She died 30 May, 1S*20. 
C. iv. MosKS, b. 12 May, 1711 ; m. Isl. Lydia Carter, and 2d, Phcbe Kich- 
V. Stkpiikn, b. 21 Mareh, 171(». 
vi. Susannah, b. 18 .June, 1717; m. (J l'\l)., 17<;'.), .lames Wldllen o-f 

Newburyp«)rt. She was burieil II .June, \^^)^. 
vii. rAi:L. b. IG Jan., \1\\)-:m. 

viil. Sii.\s, b. 12 Jan., 1751 2; mar. intention 2(i .August, I7i>2. t<» Dureris 
NoyeSi daughter of Moses Noyes. He was a merchant uf New- 


bnryport, a ship captnin, and reahled in the AVt*st liulics many 
yvtus. Ill' lUod o July, isoo, aiul ia his will maiU- i».s Oct., 17'J;;, 
and provi'd 7 Au:^., isou, hu mentions iiU wife Dtirca^., iiud 
niotlu!!* Susannah. His n-al estatr was vahn-d nt jjii'iksu (<»7 : 133 
aiSaloni). Ills widow dknl intestate 17 .Jinu*. ih«K), and Iniriod 
thf 18th, at Ncwhupyport, and ou 18 .Inly, isuD. an adndnistrator 
was appointed. I'anl Knl;;ht and Mrs. .inditli Davis of Bradford, 
N. II. I were nieutloned ua the heirs o! Sila:^ (GiS : oi, at Saleui). 

C, IIO8B8* N0YI88 {Afoses Ji\,* John*, Johii^, Xicholm', ]Viliiam^), son of 
Moms Jr. (5) and Susaiiuah, was born 12 May. 17M, at Newbury, 
Maas. (Towa record and also plioto«*rapli of record made by his 
BOii SUae in hia account book.) lie was married, IkI, 10 Oct. 1705, 
at Wilmiugton, Mass., by Rev. Isaac Morrill of tbe Kir<»t Church, to 
Lydia Carter, daughter of Kleazer and Lydia Carl^n- of Wilming- 
ton (ohorch record). She was bom U March, 1748, at Wdniin<r. 
ton (town record). lu the will of Kleazer Carter made 24 April, 
1784, and proved 3 June, 1781), he mentions wife Lydia and dau<rh- 
ter Lydia who had died, leaving husband Mo&es Nnyes ami two 
children, Moses and Lydia Noyes, whom the testator called his 
granddiildreii. (Uecorded at Kast Cambridge.) Mo.S4*s Noyes was 
married, 2d, 30 May. 1775, at Wilmington, by Rev. Isaac Morrill, 
to *Phel>e Riciiardsou, daughter of Samuel Richardson and Hannah 
Walker of Billerica, Mass. Sho wtis born 5 Feb. 1757, at Billerica 
(towii record), and died in Windham, N. II. Moses Noyes was a 
farmer, and on ID April, 1775, was a sergeant in Captain Tiniothy 
Walker^s company of Wilmington in Colonel Green's regiment of 
Mass. militia (iMass. Archives, Vol. 13: 158). He died 12 March, 
1824, at Windham, N. 11. (photograph of record), llis father's 
cousin Lydia Jaques manied Kendal Pearson of Witminirton, Mass., 
and this may have been the reason why he first went to Wilmington. 
On 12 Sept. 17G5, Joimthan BoutoU, Jr., of Wilmington, sold 20 
acrwof land with one dwelling-house ami barn thereon in Wilming- 
ton to Moses Noyes of Wilmington (05: 541) at Kast Cambridge). 
On '29 March, 1787, Moses Noyes of Wilmington hold lands and 
building iu Wilmington to Jonathan Carter of W^ilmingion, deed 
signed by Moses Noyes and Phebe Noyes (97: 300 at East Cam- 
bridge). In 1787 the name of Moses Noyes appears iu the tax 
books of Wilton, N. II. (selectmen's records). On 19 Nov. 1789, 
Moses Noyes of Wilton, N. H., yeoman, sold 100 acres of land with 
buildings thereon iu Wilton, N. II., to Pierce Gage of Pelham, 
N. H., husbandman, deed signed by Moses Noyes and Phebe Noyes 
(27: 224 at Nashua, N. H.). On 23 Nov. 1789, William Simpson 
of Windham, N. II., hasbanduian, sold 200 acres of land with build- 
ings thereon iu Windham and Pelham, N. II., to Moses Noyes of 
Wilton, N. 11., yeoman (130: 404 at Kxeter, N. II.). On 30 Jan. 
1795, Moses Noyes of Windham, N. II., sold 42 acres of land to 
George Simpson of Windham, N. II., yeoman, deed signed by 
Moses Noyes and Phebe Noyos (\S^: 299 at Kxeter, N. II.). On 
6 April, 1795, Moses Noyes of Windham, N. II., husbandman, sold 
14 acres of land in Pelham, N. il., to Daniel Atwood of Pelham, 
N. H., yeoman, deed signed by !Moses Noyes and Phebe Noyes and 
acknowledged by Moses Noyes 12 Sept. 1803 (104: 527 at Kxeter, 
N. H.), The photograph of the record maile by Silas Noyes in his 
Aooouut book gives the correct date oi* birth anil names of the pa- 


rents of his fftther, Moses, which are incorrectly ^yei\ in Morrison's 
History of Wiudham, N. H., page 703. Mr. Morrison writes me 
that his informant only knew that Moses died iu Windham, N. II., 
12 March, 1824, aged 80 years, and thut ho was born in Newbury, 
Mass., but not knowing his parents' names unfortunately selected 
the wrong Moses, not thinking tliat two of the same name would be 
recorded among the Newbury births within a year of each other. 
Children by 1st wife, Lydia Carter, uU born iu Wilmington, Mass. : 

1. Mosi:s', b. 27 April, 1707; bapt. 2Dtli; m. intention p<il)lishcd iu 
IVlIiam, N. II., 18 July, 17*JUt<) Sarah UalUwlu, ilaii^htor of 
Joshua Balchviu anil Sally Ci rimes of TowkHbury, Mass. They 
lived in Felham and removed to Andier^t, N. H., In lb 12. She 
was born 25 Sept. 1771, and died 20 July, 1850, at Andierst. He 
died 16 April, 1859, at Amherst. 

ii. Lydia, bapt. 7 April, 1771; m. 1st, 17 Nov. 1789, at Wilton, N. II., 
by Hcv. Abel Fisk of the First Congregational Church, to Jona- 
than Martin, son of Jonathan Martin and Thebu Farnham of Wil- 
ton. He was born 3 Scut. 1770, and died 18 Jan. 1813, at IMtts- 
town, N. Y. They were living In Manchester, Vt., in 17*.»0. Slie 
ni. 2d, 182G, at rinckney, N. Y.\ Klislia SU-cle of Evans Mills, N. V. 
She filed 11 March, 1849, at Antwerp, N. Y., aud was buried at 
Tlioresa, N. Y. 

iii. Paul, bapt 27 June, 1773 ; died soon. 

Children by 2d wife, Pbebe Richardson : 

iv. BiLAS^, b. 10 May, 1777; m. 12 March, 1801, at Pelliam, N. H., Sa- 
rah Lang, daughter of Thomas Lang and his 2d wife Mary Jones. 
She was born 26 April, 1770, at Greenland, N. 11., and died IS 
Aug. 1829 (gravestone at Amherst, N. II.). Tliey lived in Merri- 
mack, N. H., and Amherst, N. II. lie died 18 Oct. 1848 (grave- 
stone at Amherst). 
V. Lronaio), removed to Boston, Mass.,^ In 1807, 
7. vi. Samuxl, b. 16 Oct. 1782 ; m. Betsey Adams. 

vli. LOAMMI, removed to Boston, Mass., iu 1809. 

viil. I'liRBE, b. IS Sept. 1784; ni. Kbenezer Woods, son of Ebcnczer 
Woods ind Mary Hunt of Merrimack, N. H. He was born 12 
Jnly, 1785, lived in Callavalo, Vt., and diet) I Au^. 18G7, at Ix>w- 
eli, Vt 8Ue 4ied 6 Sept. 1860, at Lowell, Vt. When a ^irl she 
lived with her auut Jaqnith, a married sister of her mother. 

ix. Jamks, b. 178G; ro. 14 March, ldl4>, Abi&rall Read Lovejoy, daugh- 
ter of Jonatlian Lovejoy and Olive Howard. She was bora 13 
March) 1798, at Amherst, K. II., and died 2 Feb. 1874, at Wind- 
bam. He died 2G Dec. 1870, at Wiudliam. 
X. Hannah, b. 1 Jan. 1790; m. 10 Sept. 18 IG, Jonathan Kimball 
Brown, son of James Brown and Alice AVadleigh of Hampsted. 
He was bom 10 March, 1700, and died 24 Oct. 1827, at Hamp- 
sted. She died 9 Nov. 1803, at Lowell, Mass. 

zi. Mary, b. 18 April, 1791 ; m. James Wason Smith, son of Lieuten- 
ant Joseph Smith ami Isabella Wason of Windham. lie was 
born 10 May, 1788, and died 13 Nov. KSGO. Site die<l 22 Oct. 1871. 

xll. Lucy, b. 5 Nov. 1792, at Windliam, N. H.; ni. Nov. 181G, Joseph 
Hill, son of Sbcuczer Hill and Hannah Wilson of Merrimack, 
N. H. He was born 25 Sept. 1787, near South Merrimack, and 
died 21 Nov. 1877, near South Merrimack. Siie died G Feb. 1824 
(photograph of record). He m. 2d, Clarissa Melendy, daughter 
of Richard Melendy and Mary Tay of Brooklluc, Mass. 
xiii. WiLUAM, b. 16 April, 170:>, at Windham, N. H. ; m. 1 Dec. 1829, 
Lydia Emerson, daughter of Peter ICmorson and Esther HarvcU. 
She was born 22 Aug. 1805, at Manchester, N. H., and died G Jau. 
1858, at Windham. He died 2G Aug. 18G0, at Windham. 

SamukiJ Notes (J/ows*, Mosvs Jr,,^ Johu\ John\ Nicholas^ Wtl- 
Aa/^^*")^ son of Moses (G) and his 2d wife Phebe, was born 15 Oct, 





1782 (record in bible made by himself). He was married S Oct. 
181 1| at Boston, Mass., by Rev. Charles Lowell of the West 
Church to Retsey Adams, dmighter of Lieutenant Roger Adaius 
and Hepseybeth Rusbell of Newton, Mass. Shu was born 13 Nov. 
1788, bapt. 23d, at Newton, and died 31 Jan. 1881, at Brooklyn, 
N. Y., buried in Walnut Street Cemetery, Newton, Mass. lie was 
a merchant of Boston in West India jj^oods. In September, 1809, 
he was made a nieml)€r of the West Boston Singing Society con- 
nected with the West Church from 1806 to 1824. His cousin Rev. 
Joseph Richardson, son of Joseph Richardson, a brother of his 
mother, was A.B., Dartmouth, 1802; M.C. 1827 to 1831, and for 
65 years was the minister of the First Parish at llingham, Mass. 
Samuel Noyes die<l 31 March, 1833, at Boston; buried at Newton. 
They bad a sou born at Boston, Mass. 


8. Jambs Sullivan' Notes, born 10 Sept. 1816; m. 8 Dec. 1851, at 
Harvard Church, Charlestown, Mass., by Rev. Geor<(e K. Kllis to 
Mary Ball lilies, daughter of Robert Ball Kdes and Sarah Barker 
of Charlestown. She was born 17 Oct. 1818, at Charlestown; 
bapt. 11 April, 1819, by Rev. Jedediah Morse at the First Church, 
and died 20 Feb. 1880, at Brooklyn, N. Y. ; buried in Greenwood 
Cemetery, Brooklyn. In 1823 he entered the Maybe w School in 
Boston, remained there four years, received a Franklin me<ial, en- 
tered the Boston Latin School with the rlass of 1827, and was 
graduated with them in 1832, winning another Franklin medal and 
delivering the Latin oration. He matriculated at Harvard College 
with the class of 1836, but owing to the death of his father near 
the end of his freshman year was obliged to leave college. In 1850 
he entered the Hrm of Gardner Brewer & Co. in Boston, and the 
next year established the branch in New York City ; the style of 
the firm was afterwards changed to John L. Bremer &. Co. ; they 
were the selling agents of the Amoskeag, Stark, Amory and Naum- 
keag Cotton Mills. He was head of the New York house for forty- 
two years till his death. He was a member of the New England 
Society an<i Merchants Club in New York and of the New Kngland 
Society, Hamilton Club, Long Ibhind Historical Society and Second 
Unitarian Church in Brooklyn. He was a resident of Brooklyn for 
41 years, having previously lived in Boston 35 years. He died 24 
June, 1893, at Brooklyn, and was buried in Gieenwood Cemetery. 

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In the preparatioii of this pedigree I wish to ackuowledge the assistance 
of Miss Mary T. Little of Newburyport, Mass., Mr. Alfred Poore of Sa- 
lem, Mass., Mrs. Sarah J. N. S. Woods of Bedford, N. H., George W. 
Marshall, LL.D., Heralds College, London, and Mrs. Frances A. Dame of 
Newbaryport, Mi 

» l!