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Full text of "Yidish-English-Hebreyisher ṿerṭerbukh"

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Alexander Harkavy 






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C^'^Sf "^Bt- '3 


Copyright 1928, 
by Hebrew Publishing Co. 

Printed in U. S. A. 

|j;3"'n n>H pK iyn« , Yiddish Englisli Dictionary pn^ ^nK t2>n5n.ip tu--^ -innj;iDi;^'!i ip 

ps pH 'T)t3xi^*t3''^ i^^^n^K np ps /n^*3'inj;tDi>ni ^^^n''^ );ip^c^iKS ps p^Sppi n^Jn i'^« pS^ii 
j;tj>n^» ^'^K ps ip^n ,^1 in p;t3SKnt53H* i^^hi')) o^^tDij^n n .pS^fs ps Sn?3 pinj;:^^?^ ap 

>'Sn py,iyji i\^ snn Di^ii pj;* ps .i^'^K^^nn^'H pK ti*^S,i35.^ ]\^ |P"'n p\iii^»5;rip''K n 

••o .jp^Bj^M t2jj;p^M 'iH^ SKH i^K ^^sSpi jiK tD^^ps*^ ]V'\'\y^ 1^^ "i*?3 lyj""? ^3^^ni ,|piis3'nb'a 

ij;^n 1KB iS'ss^^'^i obn i^^Sts^i^iiDp^HS p.H D;s;?b"iB ^^sa^Kp^s pp^ipi pyii i5.*an^*ii S^b '^^^^n 

5;dSpi 1^ ,jDt^*7p-t3i^ii n nin-^n-^^Ki '^v^^^h^^^ iin p^'n^M^^ ppi 'i^^tiipi y^n^^ n tn 
,"p'Si^^r3) i^fD Dp pj;;!3H i^^t^npi^ij^rsHj "^'^ t^iwn&^M s^n ins* «p^t5^0Ni."! i>n ^^^ pj.*nj;."i ^m 
d:i; ':'^^n ,i^S,i:p?:aiK 0^1 fK jy^ijrp [k ?y ,|ppimnK ^n s^'n 7.^ ij^'^k ,(7^2^ p^Sn^m 
ni^n I'H ]iJ< ,^n'^ pH *ipnp'i^p^^3 ps p?:^ itJ'^tDKD^i^ ap nb?B d^^S:: ^S5D^*b ]'^'>p Kt::^: i^^rn 

,K iiw ap 1^3 t2*ij;npB''ij^ iy:s''nyn dkt 

^•"IK Ji^'b'nyn^^ ny^n d^d i^d^j ys^^n^^ pa ^•'jy^'^^^'iKS/^ k t^Dip i^.nnj.^ts'n^^'ii ps t^io cu* 

1^'^n t^« :5'''«Snp^K ip pH f'^'^^h^^'; i?]nK i^'d^^j j^np^n pi^^Si^n^*m^ i:5h?S ps^ ki p^^ |^mi^* j?n2D 

.1925 rv^-'^^v^ ,p-x' vi 

IP^n Dy p« p>*^j.*fipm j.*t:pi^n::x:i S>b p^n^,i lo^nnj^B |^*3^n pik^bmh np^s ip p« 

pK "ij^toipi >'DS?2KTpr'''^3 t^^mji n^^i'-K (.=110 ci^* "'nBDin,, Sjs^d ap i^^t:)iiK) pNii^-'^ pp^-'^^^ 

]'^'^1) DHII p:i,*tI3'iri1 >^^^Sj;3^ ^1 pKlipi jp^lip^^'t'lK ip-^n 1^'tDipi X*^'?f2b*TJ.'^"^^3 "'T i^'^Ti? ♦DpyiB 

.^*pnyDh* ]^^ ^•n^'' pK iD^i3Ni 
p« ynSj; ]t$'^h 'n ,3^2 ^' s^li^ .-11 fO'^^iV^^p J^ts-n^^pi p^'>D piKi |D^n.i k ^n^it^ p::: T« 

.pnSenj^ nytot^i;^ ip pH i^iDipi pe ito^'^tDb':^ p5;t^*S>viDn« s^mn |?^ni3^ 

.1928 ,^bv ,pnN^ ra 

*nn''n-^ti^Ki ]is ti^^jjti^^iiiKB 








/. . 

fig- . 
ft. . 








m. . 





. abbreviation 

. absolute n'^P'*^ 

. adjective 

. adverb 

. Americanism 

. archi'ecture 

. arithmetic 

. chemistry 

. commerce 

. comparative 

. conjunction 

. contemptuously 

. definite article 

. feminine 

. figuratively 

. flash 

. geography 

. grammar 

. idiom 

. indefinite article 

. interjection 

. ironically 

. jocularly 

. masculine 

. mechanics 

. medicine 

. music 

. neuter 

I nomen pro-prium- 
' \ proper name 

^1^3) 1*15^ i^iy 



ord. ' 

num. . . 

pilar m. . . . 


. . . . 

pi , 

i^- i^- 

. . . . 


. . . . 





dfrf. . 


dem. . 






2)ers. . 


poss. . 


reji. . 


rel. . . 

s. . 


suf. . . . . . 

sup. . - - 

V. a. . 

. . . • 

V. a. 

n. . . , 

V. aux. . . . 

V. imp. . . . 

V. n. 

V. p. 

, . . . 

V. r. 

V. I'd 


nban isjxi;! riscin 


ordinal numeral 



past participle 





pronoun definite 'i^PI'.u ^^^^ 

pronoun demonst-ative tpll ^'.!0 

pronoun indefinite Dine ''lis 

pronoun interrogative n^i<^'n ^^33 

inn ^133 

nb>2,n ^ici nsmrr 
verb active & neuter 'i^ii'i t^iii^ ^rb 

bpsi p.333 ^pa 
inn ^rs 

cj ,^3i?2n 

pronoun personal 

pronoun possessive 

pronoun reflective 

pronoun relative 





verb active 

verb auxiliary 
verb impersonal 
verb neuter 
verb passive 
verb r inflective 
verb reciprocal 


tD'L^^- ,D];:)Kd- ;[.^/tD:,ni6 j^iftt^ ;p^^i wntn^'r.ys.'H «]-,5s^-t skit i^ikv. h p5 ^Vto a^*^^^ "^.so (s* 

; ins gIq'At adj. 'IS^^p jbrc^ ;p.? ir^t^K^^Ki: |>' kiki^ k pc i^\-:Tt":tK3 y^jyi^iy-uSE p^^'-^im^cK (; 

."in?^- clearly aclv, \\ 

.(^2J^^"i ,pJ!?n ,2^^!^ ,2:^\s :e:^ - f^pj^n ,fp:si^n ,pii;n .:ij^^ j:)^ i^t's^ ;]; -^nn t-ii^riSKa ^i^n p: 

;n— ,p^lD:5^"l ,p^tD:;^^ tav^ - i^i^Sn ,^^^5^S ^v^n^^ ;pv ^^j ,:th tik -?:^ J^n^j? 5.'^'?2in n - .fl^p^"!^^ 
:i:;^: — ^^ ,D^ ,i7 — nsch ,ns ,ls tsK^r^.^ t^j^ip ^u'?i>^p |ti>ai^- aj,*-! pB -ij^tiiyii p.^ ™ ♦|D''.'''11^ ([^^^^'ili 

.^t2:];i2 ,'nyto5^o);& piiK3 ,tn^Kn j^^.^j - t':^t^ .'^r^c^i^D ,t:K5 ,tSN,^ t^^-^^ ;^^: ,f*^ ,n^ ,t^^ 

.f^^ljrrsr nj;?:;it^ [X^^ii"1];^:::a^£ : sun:^ T^^.^ T;^y.i^ p-,r ,"^i;"1Jr:'£ -ytsjiK s"^:3 p'rj? skit .-^j.^l^-.^-i 

.Dnipa ps i^^aKii^^^n^n 

.'n^^^n^rto'ii^ii w^ri)'^ v^))t:^v^'7^ 

Sieben-Sprachen - W o r t e r b u c li. 
Herausgegeben im Auftrage dcs Oberbe- 
i'ehlsliabers Ost. Leipzig, Verlag Otto 
Spamer. (Vorwort 1918.) 

S a 1 o m o B i r n b a u m. Praktische 
Gramniatik der Jiddischen Sprache. Mit 
Lesestiickeii xind eineni A¥orterbuch/Wi en- 
Leipzig. A. Hai'tleben's Verlag. 1916. 

,(1910) y'-^n 
,(1876) n^)2bxn 

-'^K^i-ih'^? D-^an ISD .pMI'^il.l tf'N MSI "Til 

,(1893) y'j«i^ Ht£?TK11 *^"12J? 

I). Dr. H e r m a n n L. S t r a c k. Jii- 
disches "Worterbuch. Leipzig. J. C. Heiri- 
riehs'sche Biichhandluiig. 191(), 

.(1910) VTJ? 

.1911 ."rsn.v" 

Ha n d 1 ex ti c on der j li di sch-deu t- 
scheii Sprache. Zwote Auflage. Prag, 
Gedruckt bel Johann Ferdinand Edlen von 
Schonfeld. 1782. 

Joseph Jacobs. Glossary of Jewish 
Terms. Jewish Year Book. 6658. London 189T. 

ps' |pp.-!C" s r.v'CiV'^ v^ii^V'^vr^) "[is-ys'^.yn ds-'^i^^t'k 

";K"i£tJ>-D^n:i: f"iS ::k^d ps '^i?::^t'n];t:"ii^""ii 

Dr. Erich Bischoff. Worterbuch 
der wichtigsten Geheim- iind Berufs-Spra- 
chen. Jlidisch -Dentsch, Rotwelschj etc. 
Leipzig. Th. Grieben's Verlag (L. Fernau). 

Ed. ISFascher. Das Buch des Jlidischen 
Jargons. Kebst einem Anhang: Die Ganner- 
oder die „Kochemersprache". Wi en-Leipzig, 
Josef Deubler's Verlag. (Vorwort 1910.) 

,(1919) t2"v-n 
M. H. B r e s 1 a u. n^b^ y.v English and 

Hebrew Dictionary. London 1856. 

Moses Schulbaum. Nenes voU- 

standiges Deutsch-Hebraisches Worterbuch. 

L em berg 1904. 

0. H. inTeHH6eprt. IXojihbih pyccKO-eB- 

peMCKo-ii'][jMeii,KiH cjiOBapt. 7-oe hsji;. LioLHa 1894. 

-"jK;-,srr ts'b^n -be .pnmn ^^x 'i^n nn 

.(1893) ;''nn KU'nxn . 
,(1913) ;"j?*.]n |n:ib .'".T^-'yr.v p.t'w .xpca *h .k 


por — ^pc^^t-^i mm'' 

J1901) s-D-r, ntm . . 
iE^ ♦^n2j?n p^jsn .p^-i nm 

.1911 nti'",! .n;rtirK'^-25; 
■i p D 3 T ? 1 J m 1 n ^ 

,(1919) a"ynn 

♦|5?tspx p]:.''D px ynyaijfp ♦5?'?vp"''5?D ♦iv^rtsj? »^ 

J875 v\l'-isn 

J909 y:b:)i .jc^K 

J882 yj^;n .ny^vi:ir p 

;r,'7ep^'ntt'« "V'^r^p *;^':'i:x i^:"t *p:"? '^'^^ p:f":« 

-i?i i .(1870) ?;-ss pD t:r2i2^'n twit's s:^ i ,(1870 y: 
I .(1871) ^rw^rr^ nrt^cr; xn i .(1871) ^^:^iv py ' 
I .(1871) -j?-.n>^^ r^^i -.VT : .(1871) -^jy.v ^yn j^'pc 
c'^X D;^n p^« ! .(1877) |«pvn ! .(1874) j^p-^ -.y-^^; 
t:rx: x^t I .(1880) p;;xVcs*c r;\^-.i:s -,^-1 1 .(1878) 

♦nnpD -is^-T 1 ♦a^pl» pn;!f I /^v^^'a^'i^'^' « f>' I .ni:tt '^^ 1 .(1886) yp;_«K! jjr;r xn ! .(1880) ic^'j^'^yn 

1912 5?t-K'i .2it: -b 
.v'^nr y;"?^'! .sr;^ r.-.i-. r 

(1887) 3- yuNJ ! (1864 ,:z'Mi r^ 
"i,'n\s Vii^;iT i J 1887) L^^cnK 'iv 

'"i^ 18S7) |.;^s '^yp' 
.(1BS7) -; 



ipt^n felloe, rim (of a wheel) {pi. f-) w 1H5K 

♦(n^mn 5t') S2lc hoop ? (|bik 9u;? 21 
.nnis ragamuffin (j?^. B^S£-3«») m f^PH.^.^'I.pK 

train of wagons, baggage {pt f-) m tK^K 

»nl3ipD nl5j^p^ nnju; train 
n^-- II l-^p. Qhi;! to subscribe 1^. n. p^.Xp^ 

4 n 1). ?% 
♦-^i; nj^''nr| subscription (pL ]--) n W^^))^1^)^ 
r^y. (Qinn) anin subscriber (j^L f-) m ^i^X^S^ 
turnover, amount of bu- (pi. f---) m ^K^^SK 
• "nncpsi nl3in£D ts^^? AW' ^''i^ siness transacted 

♦llns n^^rp sale 
,|j^ n?:ri^?p defence / J^iK^.pK 

a-* president of the tribunal m p'l"n'^3"2K 

,-ioss (i?^. nnnK) / nnn.^ 

,-Ioss of money m [l/^D-'liaK 

,n£L;:;p .^'^'p burden / i^tl^K 

head, butt-end (of an axe) (pL i\ -^ fD^ - ) m ^H.^ 

to strike with a^?p ppniK ^liK |5^ ^i?:^ py:s -- 
-JJD tt?K^n 9p niDn the butt- end on the head 
♦d^n i^nnn to dumfound (y^gr.J ib^ipn 
.'-fathers, ancestors, patriarchs pL T\)^^ 
.D-'Si^'i^n tiS^ii forefathers pi D''n1nH"Din^ 
»D^3i?2np a^D-^D of old, long ago a'^niriK-m^K ps ^— 
^W,::.^ /-our forefathers i?L IJ'^rim-ninK 

principal pollutions, pollu- ^?, nKD1to,'1"ni^K 

nJinDHD nii^iotsn ,-tions of the first degree 

i5np, community .Ml^^n society/ I^II^S^t^MK 

; UK? ^as yet ; ?^k ,p^ nif but, but that conj\ pK 

*<\^t^!f ^^j^ no matter 
^nM''\y ''D no matter who^ anybody 'npn i:iK — 
ii5 not an ordinary person "npii n^ bi3 — 

the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet m ^ 

'«/« inriK one wMm.||Pi?S^'7^^|i"'n.1'^? n3ly;K'i.'7 niKri 

*^5^ one thousand 

,1h^ a, an indef art. ^^ 

»(i3nD a-iK) "inK a^« a man r:i;n k ■- 

nnn 95 every one '^pip^ ^ -"■ 

,QK if co^°. (txss.-) 2^ 

jH9 ait if not, or else, otherwise ^^3 k — 

l^nn will he go then? ?p^3 "ip t>m ^^3 k -»- 

43 m then 

? yiis p QK why then ? *? ^4«d^^ — 

? nnn well then ! ? ^3k — 

?p 1^^ a^n is it not so? "^k^k -• 

.iiK5 well inny now i5^ln ah! Oh! 01 int. ^% 

p •'in you scoundrel! ^ u?bK53i'' r\ ik — 

nnp now I understand i^bU^'^sjS i^^ iK — 

well, it serves him right! ^aiK ^""IK d2pi sK — 

he will certainly J np topii pp^^pn E!i3 »^? — 

t n«t mKi9 n*"!!^ k9 iTin not live to see it ! 

! nn§ 0! alas! -itij^. *^ 

.^^!s ip^'^ia exactly, just int. ^? 

*u?aD ^a exactly so "^itK idk .k — 

that's just ]m to^^iip:i "j^k s^?n a^"! idk iK ^ 

^%yr^ rr^n ^^dd ni what I was going to say 


*nt P312 ,nnp nt just now ^ ^si^.ji — 
and so on^ -ipBiMI '•ITK ]'\^ ^^ ahhr. 4IKK ^^ 

/iai iHK^.^ p] and so forth, etc. 
;^^h chief, head ;- father {pL nm) m OH 

»''U?K'i principal ac?/. || 
the Jewish month Ab (July- August) m ^^^ 

.n''^""^^^ ^ahh3\ y^ 



-~ 2 — 


.nn^nnn obligation / Vn^'^":^^ 

♦nit«!2'i .HDiD fraud {pi JJ^-) wi |KDnJ^ 

defrauder, rogue {pi 0^ ^) m ,WtDt^:3K?^n.S 

one of the prin- {pi m::X^D-) / nD.S^9||-:iK 
cipal classes of work forbidden on Sab- 

;nsu?ni nniD^n nl^pxin ni^x^tsnn nm /-batb 
manners inherited from one's father {joe.) 
♦nn^? nyup <t'2n*q |5 ty^^ n-m 
.-touchstone m fHS-piS 
.£a''?nK Tn stone wall (/?.) /''I'^in-pSi 
-ilm girdle for the dead {pi D'tOJnK) m tOiriK 

precious stone, (pi ninitS-a^'^n^) m nitO-p« 

.--stumbling stone m ^^.J"P^ 

.D''Bi2-^'^^?i observatory / ;^n.stD><in^DnH 

,J1'?DD "7^' nlj^nn. breeching pi D^p^'i'iI^n.S 

.ii»^ef 11)312 obelisk {pi [ - ) m pD^Sj^nift 

nrn.^Hn a-b-c, alphabet {2^1 IV-) n V'^-V^'H 

again i^ii .d^ik i^sk but, however conj. '^V^^ 

.n^Bip ,131?:^ superstition {pi D-) m p''l'?n;;ni? 

,n^aD n2ir:ix-5s;3 superstitious adj. K^p^^Sn^nyi 

♦^yr^^i^y heel fo/ « shoe) {pi f-) m DK^tiX 

.niit .a^Di^^o tongs / i^^^l^lli^ns 

♦n?? '"^l strange, foreign adj. ^^S^Di^ 

♦Pll <- member, limb (pZ. Qnn.S) i?t nn« 

♦ID-^ ,5;iri halter {pi f -- ) m tDiS-inifl 

♦Kl3Cp fodder, provender m pi^'^n^ 
.-our patriarch Abraham m 1J3''!lN"DM*lpb* 

a limb plucked off from a w *'nn"IJ?"'liH 
. - living animal {forUlden for food) 

At'iw D-'iiJtt naia j3« pa) q^^dk agate m tOK2K 

♦o^ppsj ?^ of agate, agate adj. ftDK2K 

jnitt ^ppri •niD"'p| ;i3'»?ii| tsnioj agony / ^''^iSi^K 

.n''u;3« Jni^\i? line, file (jp^. ^V^-) m pV^\\p^ 

.im XT]'^ '^M by the way, in passing adv. S3 8 

ethical part of the ; - legend {pi nnjKj/Ml^j^ 
.n^a^SO 5^ noiBD PlDCi Talmud 

no matter what, anything at all d^ii i:sk — 

♦n''n''U? nt^« no matter which nycsni i:i« — 
no matter how, any way at all in i:2« — 

of the ordi- ;n\n^u? nPK any at all idn* ?dk — 
♦5^nn pDHT^i nary kind 
.-the father of m "*^i^ 
the highest degree of pol- m n.SDl^n-m:}«-^n» 
arch- (fig.) ;n;iwK"iO n^ii^DQ ""^J^^'f*? ,"- lution 
.ciQlarr ^k1 heretic 
xni^^sD ^«"^ arch-heretic m pV''^^i21ton"m'nj^"^nH 
to make known, advertise, v. a. n. IJ^IlN^'IiiJ 

^DD"!© iy_''iin declare 
contemptible poor man {pi D^-) m pi?''^^ 

.nna p^^x 

,2?p^n to offend v. a. \T^'::^if 

the father of a child to be cir- m ^^>!l"^;^« 

^^iDin i.^.;n nx cumcised 

,51 .u;i, .''?^ poor man {pi 2-^1''^^) ?7i P''-iJ 

.n»3^^ ni^K poor woman f ytDJi"'uS 

.-very poor man s. C^^1^Dis3^"(T'2>s 

-the father of orphans {God) m D''Din;'-"'iH 

.(D\i'?«) -our Father-King (G^oc^) m n':?^-^^"';!^? 
«Our Father, our King" (ape- m I^^^O 1J^n« 

♦(naiwn -tt" n^y^ n^cn) — [nitential prayer) 
search, domiciliary visit {pi f-) m pD''n« 
.wa n^ss) nf^^is .-dJ'iEn 
.pD^nx = ^pD'n« 
*i6?iu? horse-gendarm {pi D^-) m p*'.iytD"l)^'')S» 

"iBSt^ i;3 paper-hangings, wall-paper / V^"^^^^ 
b^ nimb ^-it^b) ains "i^s stained paper ■»a''5n2 

.nt?K iS? n^p^ hard-hearted man m S7""i''2X 
,n=isit?« iribr] n^^u>p. hard-heartedness /sb-ri'^^s^ 
^-iD patrol »nD|3D round (j?Z. (-) m "i.^32X 

,np 5y 5sxn^ . « mourner (p?. ^"^ v'^ib*) ?» ^^^f 

.m^B^nn raid / ^nxSnH 

r^m i - female mourner {pi ^^^^^) f ^^^^ 

"mourning and with a phr. ^^'^ ^'^^^\ ^^^ 
.O'i'^'n:;] covered head," crestfallen 

♦9;^^ . - mourning / 111 vSH 


^ Q ^ 


.n^^Tp .]p adjutant {pi ?--)*. ^<3H^V^K 
^Q'hp farewell! adieu! good-bye! int. P^^ 

;« mighty, powerful, great {pi. a'''1''nK) a ^'^^'^ 
hill l^u?j; very rich man s. || 
*n6^:^K nobility s. hl^ 
*a^f D ^T#D thaw 5, ^^^.vTK 

^^""^^ nbijp^ K^5 to ennoblej beknight v. a. JPv'lK 
,nf3 eagle (|jL &-) s. "°^]^7l^ 
^rp^ h^ eagle's, aquiline adj. ^'^V^'^^ 
, - Adam npr. \\ W'^ . - man s. 0'^^ 
.-great man s. ^Iiroil^ 
.-earbh a. HD^^ 
to be in miserable cir^ nr^nK "jy"^ |1k p6 -=- 
.I7"i :isj»s HNT cumstances 
*tnhx!5 *^?n to go to hell hdik ^pi r-s^ p^^ -- 
,0 disregard, to ignore nsiK npi pK pnn — 

DO ruin (a business) naiK ipi p.H p^^br^"!^ — 

^^the first man, Adam a, p^.^"in""a^^ 

,SX5» administrator {pi 0^)8. '•^n^r^or.)!^'^^ 
administration, management s. ^-'^l^K'^i^B^J^QTl^ 

*D«9 K2i£ nu admiral (p^. f--) s. ^Hl^D^^ 

*^'^J?.n 5|1 ^^K low or mean man s. r)in£ C1^ 

one is nearest to him- phr. ^C^^^ S^jp DIK 

. - self 
our lord, teach- =1351] ^jnlD ^33hK = abbr. *1"1D*1K 
.-er and master {title of a Chasidic i^abU) 

♦rtDnlK T'];n Odessa npr. DJ^'IK 
rr^n to live in clover opnx p.« ia«3 ''11 py9 — 

♦pniy ,T| vein (j?L f-) s, ''^I^TX 
-'iP'^'K |i« jp-:;rsy ^-ip^k in isj p^b ,-1^1^ jn px? — 
to bleed, phlebotomise nynK lyn i^ pKbiy 

.dT ?^pn 

,cmniD piles, hemorrhoids "lP^Jj{ y^nbi:! — 

not to leave alone^ fcrouble ppnK n |p3!;'iD — 

*lK or conj. n^^K 
♦♦•Is .♦♦1i« either,., or.., *..iy ^ ,.np"i^ — 

.Dn^i H?D veiny a^/. 5ni]^lK 
earnest^ earnest-money {pi f-) s. ^j'^l'l]^'!^ 

a Jew afflicted with piles {ph \^) s. "^r^^'^V'i^ 

association^ federation, {pi im^:iK) g. m^^ 

..T^sn , - union 
.|ris ,- thumb s. ^"TlXH 
.n=i:ia'e wholesale a, ^IXS 
*nD3 mm in a lump, by wholesale S^:^^ p.^ — 
;\b?3 ,b^l3 Joint ;^3lD-D wholesale a^;'. J^J^i:!*^ 
*nQ| n^DS by wholesale ac^u, || 
*nDi nnps nnic ,pD^D wholesaler a. p^jbl2H 
"I shall rejoice and be glad/^ at^^^. nJ:"^sn"^'':i^ 
.n^^ ,p9n smoothly, properly (joe.) 

*1?1E agent (pi f - ) a. ts:)^^ 
*ni33iD agency a, l^"n^^^3|^ 

.CB-^igg &?^ BID) njs stallion {pi B-) a. ^l^X^ 

oran- ipy^^ \i kitchen^garden {pl\^) a. '^^'^^ 

^^'jno II gery, green-house 

AU gardener (pi B]^-) a. p^J1*S!'^5.^ 

h^w-2^ gooseberry (j?L f-) a. BP*13^ 

there^ right ;nn ,ns here^ right here adv. *^^^ 

.a^ there 
r^ nSi\T\ thanks to, owing to adv. p^K^I^ 
4r.3^ 11^ f3^) \b npb ,ib |^^^? to adopt v. a. p^ODK^^ 
and the pi?^3 ccyi^^) o^i |i^ — abbr. *2 ^'l *^ 

.HDi-npi like 
mj5|D advocate, defender {pi \^) a. ^KpKIH^ 
^p-^ •!|"i"y ,|pjE) lawyer^ counselor, attorney 
profession of a lawyer, attor» #. i^'ll^KpKinil 

.Q^3^^n nsnyn pD^ neyship 
, -» Edom {a people descerided from Esau) npr. QH^ 
,- master, lord, gentleman {pi D^'JlIK) s, p1^ 
^^Lord, when thou musterest," a. I'lpc^'-fn.N 

.(KHi^D nps^ commander 
eminent gen- {pi C''^n^n"D''jn^) ^, ^"n^.Tjn^ 
.i^ps officer ;nfpn on u^k tleman 

^ "my lord,'^ God s. ''Jn^ 

^--my lord, sir a. ^JlIK 

"Lord of the universe," title of a. sbl^"fln*^ 

.VMl ]ii^pri Du? ,-a hymn 
,— strictly religious man {pi D'^pHK) s. pI'lK 
,^j^3p fanatic liTjn ^pn ^3 lalu^ 
.Tin-- T^n^ 

|ps ^yii pp?is B5?^ S3-t3 ^y^-ijJn ""^^ 2^ref "51^^ 

."Din I3'S ^jnj^SIKD pK f^3''657j 


. — Aaron npr. p^^H^? 

.-Aaron the priest npr, p^n [Tnni^ 

SB!t^|? iU?i:n5 dress, attire (pt ]") m "ii?''S^^5 

,nr:nn '^r gear (o/ horses) 

r]S)i.^ tit's; to please, satisfy v. a. [^nkS:\s* 

.K'-^'p cucumber /^P"iy3ii^ 

|5l5u? Niu'p pickled cucumber pp-ipm piy^n — 

»-aDoul, concerning j??'e;:». Tin'li^ 

.-lovei ;;?/. D^n^) m 2"i« 

one greedy of un- (jy^ p^'D-^nniK) m j;:fs-nn^s 

.-just gain 
. - phi!o-8emite (p/. ^N^t^^ •'3.>S) w S.^n^^.-ail^ 
,-taitHfui t'nenci (J?^.D^;c■^<ra''D^1^«)mf^:K>Sn1N 
f;.ja structure over a grave ;~tent m vHlK 

.a-^nr:^ n^i mortuary lursi i-^2pn "Jy 
dear me ! {exclamation of surprise) int. ^"llijt 

."51-1X1 iJp, .n^^s n^T^ns ova) adij. Pi'^KltS^ 

!n^n van-guard / y"T^^3:Nl^^ 

.niisij-Dnn advancement / 331TDD^^1K 

.0'!Ji5nn to advance, progress y. n. f^^'Dij^'iijji 

^j'ttvn rnn.^) iDC^j^tJ Augast {month) m ^Di:"!!?;} 

."Kill a certainly adv. ''^?"^ViJ* 
to heed, regard rns? to respect v. a. p^T^^.^sii^ 

.3? nrpVt'n regard J"ii:i3 respect / ^''^J^t^UVinnS 
.ntsra) nrrne overture (jyi. D-) / J^'^vtDl^^ll.s 
^^j« nnpin autobiography / i^^£«"iiX''nj^tS'n|< 

j^^j5 n^ ana d^x? autograph (p/. (~) m ?]K"iASltDilX 

.D^zns nj^nyis n3i:3p autographic press 
n^yto.l n^^jp^ automobile [pi. I-)w '^^^SJDXtDlll!^ 

jclss^lant? automaton (^^ f-) »w ^HDiJtOVu^ 

^as^Ji© yyj3nn automatical ac?/. t^^tO«Di^tD"il^ 

.ittici? ?^2)?u? autonomy / ^^!D*SJ.S!t011>? 

♦lojfj; |1i3^u? "^u; autonomous a<^j. tJ^^SJJJXtOTiX 

.lijr n^np author (^^. D - ) m iKtOl iX 

?niri2D .119c authority {pL [-) / ^^t5ns*t0^l« 

"pm nj^nln advice (0/ a bank) {pL l-) m tili^ 

♦y.nin to advise, inform y, a. p't^^1^? 

the Jewish month Adar {February- m 1*TH 

.-Ti^ tim [March] 
first and second Adar {6~th and pi. '^'IHl '^'^^ 
JIt'KI TlK [7-^^ months of a Jewish leap-year) 

.■^isn^ on the contrary adv. TMy^^ 
.2^^ inr all the better adv. nsilXl nailH 
to be very good nD"TiN*i ^•2,'^ii^ ])lv'o\^ i^'.d iin — 
,jy,^5 *T!KD :3iD riNi to a person 

.nahs address {pi. [-) m D^'^'IK 

.anpfpn ^app addressee (p/, (- ) m tOKcynix 

.niDhsn iDD directory (^/. "^S^S^S - ) n ^i2j)-Di?-n|fi 

niTp? address-office {pL ]--) m '^J^tDD :?:D^"in>< 

the first Adar (^-M m,onth of m fltJ^N'^. 1-tH 

•liCK", -nnK [a Jewish leap-year) 
the second Adar (7-^;^ mo??^ of m ^W "ilH 
♦"IIP "^7^^ (a Jewish leap-year) 
M? aha 1 so ! tw^ l<''^^ 
' ^ oho ! tn^ i^nx 
.n'pr^ j-love/ nnnH 
. - great love / -'^S'l nnn« 
. « intimate friendship / S^B|"rt2n» 
s-^amK nM to be fast friends ^srnsntc p^t — 

,^'33 at home Jnn:5in home adv. D!?HH 
.n^^ there, thither adv. \^Tt 
y} -Ipd^sn-Q'^ to put, place v. a. fJSJ'O:^^ 
.D|50'':i 't2?3^n to hide oneself, retire v, r. 

.n^ninK .ninK5 backwards a<iv. 'n^tOi'TiX 

.cnn5 .D-.^' thither ac^t-, l^'i:^:\'lK ,Um^ 

JDip^^^Kis to come to a place v, ?i. f^O'ip:''ni< 

.a?y^n to hide oneself 

what has become of ? jPDipyjsins ip nx ii<n — 

?i5 HM ns ?D5j;3 HD^K him? 

"I will praise," a prayer said / n^^HH 

.Tiifn \yii-in ^l^SI'tl nbsn on Rosh-hashanah 

to change like for t^^'^T])^ *^^i« na^osx ^ai^n — 

.(H 15 nana lai i^i^nn like 

.r^in iQl^jn here, hither adr. *l^nil 

,Drn -ly ; ai^n iy hitherto "lyriK tn — 

♦nsni nsn to and fro "ipn^ |ik pn^ — 

.G'bn hither adi). 15Sl^15?n» .liCni^n.^ 

isaya pBijjT j.ns'ssM is^ssts^a^ a^^nit si!?\-tp 5?::x!-. 


^„ 5 _ 


.r^^^^ti N'r: to carry away v, a. fXHl'dp^i'M 
.n^3 ^:i| to drive avay t?. a. p!}"itDp];v.K 
.Djrr i^':ii to driye or chase away v. a. pK^p^ I'K 
feo i^bn ,^i| to snatch away v. a. [SK^p^^^'K 
y. r. ^^t^ll ; niYHD:? KID read off quickly 
,n'"i3 rD*3 to rush away 
fco dis- Jnsnn .sti; to leave off v. a. ftx^p];nK 
.i2i?i i;b3 i15^15n i;. r.^^-H J'les miss, discharge 
to start on a journey jpn pK i^t pK^pyiiK — 

.nha ,213 to run away^ escape v. n. [B'^np^ViK 
;n^3n iQ''"'o fo put away or down .v n. p]^7pV'^^^^ 
- II ;n-^3 .^sn to defeat iz^tri to lay down 
.fbl fSb^ to lie down v. n^^t 

.p^Ksppii^ = i^j^pi^'^'K 

to learn or study a longtime v.n. \V^'^V^pT>^^ 

.an |Di nb^ 

T^-^ll '^pTi^ 'P^^j^ to remove t?, a. p^'^p]^'^'!^ 

♦ibpj pbn «33|nr:i to slink away v. n 
,ni5 i]tpn to belittle S5«n ipi sio pKDpyii^ — 
.i9 "t'p^ to march away v, n. p^^^'l^Sp^^l^ 
3^V '^'^1 'Pi^? t<^ take away t?. a. [^^P^p^^K 

,lbs b^^ to eat away t;. a, pVp^m 

.-» ?e| to fall away v. n. \hmp^M 

.«^h^i pm to pack off 13. r. TJ [pKBpi^li^ 

rp np;p2 departure m "iK&pi^llK 

."^iD ybs to leave, depart t^. n. l^^^tp^))^ 

^p^.-n .sp*^ to rot away v. n. ITiep^HK 

♦bnj, psn .5a?j7nn to idle away «. n. p^^^l&pl^'i^K 

fco remove, put out of the v. a, [I^Sp^llK 

,pmp nm nsn way 
to carry Uhs .i]?.1n to lead away -u. a. [TfipPIIK 

*KU5 ,92in away 

ny^i •rji'?.! to burn away -u. n. \"^V\>^^^\>V*^^^ 

«-» (DT|) f]bu? to flow away v. n. fD^7&pi?11K 

.^isipnn ,p]iy to fly away v. n, \Tb^pV^'^^ 

'y^'-\\'ri2 ^v] to carry away. v. n f^^p^&pj?'^''^ 

♦i^ i]i5n to get off v. i\ 
to i'"P ijTO to draw away v. a, n. \T!^'pV*'^^ 
|-»(i:d3> ^i5n to march away li]'iKn extend 
to continue, last JKsii^snri to extend -y. 7\ ^^t — 1| 

rip n!ji3 to buy v. a, ffe^lppl^ll^ 
.-5? rs^y. nx "icn to look away from -y. w. fplpp^^HK 
(n5D> ph'^ to rap continually t?. n. \t^hpp^m 
^ISi to dispose of quickly a. a.-p^yi^"?^ 

*i2pj D§e to climb away tj» «. p^tS^^^pi'^s^nK 

.2*11;. evening [pL f--) w ^JT)J^ 
.s^ii^n 233 evening star {pU B-) m p^tDI^"'IDJ11&l 
get away! ir^^, || ;nx^n away, off ac^t), p|^11M 

.p5;ppiiK = ;i?jb3 ^-n^^l^p^ y;| begone! 

.''^ "ria^n I have gone away pyiiK |n iii« — 

.■"^ n9K i will! go away pvm 5pn ii« — 

.■"p ?snn to hurry away -«, «. fS^^^p^^ll^ 

.n^-^n ihp^ to work away v, a. f^]^n"lKp^r.K 

.pEpnn to move, stir^ work ^. r, ^^t I3;n2^?sp];i^^ 

.ni^D to lend ; ni? to borrow v. n. fn^sppr^K 

."5^^^ ^2n to blow oway v, a. jtK'?np];i\^ 

iB^^n D-'p;'? iKfn to stay away v. m p'^^h^p^m 

,niyn to be absent 

.u^K n?2K?i9 nSn np3 to burn down v. n. l^^P'^^p^m 

Ak>^ nhs to crumble away v. a, \phpp'^2p^)^^ 

.nTa^ in^'^n departure m i^K^pi^llM 

to I rmr] i19 5i?K .fji^n to go away v^ n. ITJpPTi^ 

xb^ be spent 
to digress from the subject DpMs pa p^"Dpiik^ — 

.pDpn |D nb3 
^^?-||rs$ 331 to steal away v. a, fPI^S^Sp^n^ 

.2|i.4ni7 t;. r» to slink away 
,3"^ fst^m.^ to serve continually v> m f^i^'lp^IlM 
in'^^0 asB issn to turn away 1?. a. fPin'ipj;^^ 

^a^y^rt .i]ibn to go away v, r.^}---]] 
to ;nhj^b ^'^ «5f7 to keep off v. a. f^^^np^^llH 

♦s'l^ i^t sb^ keep a long time 
to dispute or altercate v. n y) pVQmnpp'\^^ 

.^^ l^t nsinn a long time 
-^nQ to trade a long time tj, «. f^^l-SKHp^lIM 

.■B^^^D nip^te buy from v. a»||?3"i |^? 
s=s ; i^ ma to ©ut off' or away t)« a. (pK.'ipi^ng 


idh,7 to destroy nhf^ to kill t?. a. [P];^inp^1ll? 

.ib|?i gb| to wander away v. «. fl^'lJJKI^pj;^^ 
to I ii| 10« ^??D to throw away -y. n, [DIK'np];!'!^ 

*nti? leave, quit 

,^h^ ^mn to wash away v. a, pK11pK'8 

.nhp to wipe off «. a. [^"'VipJ^IlK 

.n? a''^ ^?3 "ibH to say heedlessly v. n. m'^pVM 

.*iip;n to be gone^ be absent Jl'^tp^ll^ 

^''b^ ^M to sing continually v, a, n, p'^.^'^JpV^'^^ 

.T] |S| s'u?; to sit a long time v. n. fl'itp^nK 

nb|7i pb| to sail away or off ^. n. f^^3>*tpi;n^ 

I D^^ to put I st^ln to seat v. a. \^^V^pPW 

*a'^; to sit down -y. r, "jn-H 
to do in%^V O^m to put aside 1^0 a. i*s^p^ng 

*"^Dl^ awaj 


6 — 


♦n^^n j"^; to sleep away v. n. (^.sbl^p^v.K 

.nK^ri ihip ^?^n to lling away v. a. ]'^V^'^lh^pV*n^ 

-lira and) ij'^d to drag away v. a. [SD^Wp^ViK 

♦1^ r_D3 to wander away v. r. ^7 

♦Dbn to melt away v. n. \:ih))t2V:^pV^^^ 

ri2 nhs to cut away v, a, I'ln^'^pV^^^ 

jhj to give away, present v, a. \Vp^V^pV*^*^'^ 

.S^ ijl^ri .1^ ipi: to walk away v. n. f^^K&t^p^HK 
♦Oit^ i]1^n to walk away v. n. I'^^'^^^^pV^^^ 

'^'^^ ]a3. to play continually v. a n. p^WpV^^^^ 
pH\y to play continually v. r. IV^H'TO 

,nb:;i |^sp,to jump away v. n, IV^^l'^t^pV^^ 
I f3W») 2hs to write fa letter) v. a. n. p^J'^^pl^'^'^^ 

♦Fjnn '.^^ 5n^ to write continually 
♦*11P '?? PV^ to cry continually a;, n, ^''^'^t^pV^ '8 

.Dp"!?? ni'^ pattern, flower (jp^ f-) m *^^'''*^ 

grooves or chines of a cask pi, D^'^^OIK 

'PIG '"^'^'i^ to aifirm, confirm -u. a. f^*tti^i*l^TltD1i< 

y^n ward, district [jpl D^ptO--) m. p^tO|p^^tD1« 
.-i^l?n n,^i^ ^n'ps n^s police-ofice I'^i'^^n 

' .nD^:p flight m. p.^ll^tSI^? 
.n-13 .D13 to run away p^-ctsiK px?: — 
apprenticeship ;nxnin instruction /. ^^'i^t^tDIi^ 
,N2:^n ^"^^-in drilling ;n3«^!p Tifs^ 
.^ii« ok! ''in/. ^^« 
Idii"idk*t ."nniji gracions me! int. ^I^S"''!.^ 
-yj) ;'an'i3xn nnc gracions me I *«^. ''^^?"'^J^"'''li5 
1 should (M« fv-iy^ fj'ix pm fH^J^ys;: k a^a px fnx 
,paD "^D p^{ .'N'^llfi say, what a question ! 
I should say he is willing 'ny 5m MK""'i«-''ifc« — 

.DK if, whether conj. ^''IK 
medallion Jilna gsi^p medal (_pL Ji?-) m hl^"^^ 


.5^j?^ -n^s;^^ above adv. [S^^i^ 
on the ; diidd .n^yj:^'??^ from above p^ix pa — 
.n^i^p inrntsiTD superficially i nD^n ^y surface 
.DWB .-ina clearly, plainly -y^'* P'^^ 1 -^ " 
,131^2 .nn2 clear, plain adj. '^^^'"^^^y^"^ 
seat of honor m || ; uJKnp at the head adv. [i^^^^^'H 

.zwn cip9 
above-mentioned, above- a<^*. tOJl^t3*i^"t:2^l» 

to dispose of quickly (fij.) v. a. fp^^pp^llH 

.nn-^nrs:: «ip^ to rattle off i])mn^ "^m 
to sweep ;iDri to turn away v. a. pVppV^'^^ 

♦Kipxb away 
to quarrel a long time v. rec. ' y) f *\'^pp^11^ 

♦s"! 1^^ tDDipnn 
.-i^sn to get off V. r. ' f) f:i''.1pp^TlK 
,15 "^15,7 ,15 5m to creep away t;. n. p^.^lppj^^ljt 
n5fi to be ill continually v. n. \Vp^V'^ppV^'^^ 

ri^ '^n to rob from v, a. f^^ll^n^ip^nK 
•'lys to clear away, remove v, a. IPt^^'^pP'i'^^ 

*lDlp>3p pnVD 
.|yD^hppr.i< ^ fl^s^'i'^p];!^^ 
♦'^ H-^.p, to call away v, a, \Vti)^p^^^^ 
Jp^J?'? to move away, remove v> a. fp^^^pl^^'^lf 
to (5^,) 'nspj to sneak away «. r.nit«|| 

.niD die 
.8117 '?? "^51 to talk continually v. n. n\1'ip^1"!« 
to start on a journey, depart v, m p^lp^^^l? 

."»? yfij 
to snatch i'p v'T^P, to tear off v> a» l^'^V^pP'^'ilS 

rip (fibf!) 5t| away 
to do away Spn^? to remove ?j. a, [B^t5^pl^^lJ$ 

.5133 with 
rp fi'^i to rake away t?. a. f'lJ<t5^pi^'n|? 
j5sa i"P 'inp to swim away «. «. f^U^'^.n^piS^TlX 

to soar, float in the air v. n. pi^llt^^p^IlK 

♦n^-^ #nnn to wash away v. a. f^p^^llt^p^^llg 

♦j;1| in-ir: to die away v. n. p")i$tOt^p^TlK 

♦p^nn .nn\ to push away v, a. p'^)]^^pp^^^ 

♦ Iciis^ppnK ==: pilStS^p^nK 

|DT iw^ to stand a long time v. n. f^'^tOS^pj^HK 

notto shut closely I'p pnj^n to stand off ;3n 

wp\i i>2n t<5 
nayn .Ji'^n to put away, place v» a. f^V'^^pV^'^^ 
to become Ic^p to stand up t;. r. ~^T~|| ro^p 
.(i^'?i»n nss ^y) n-^'pnr erect or stiE (of the penis) 
.-p(siiiDU?)DiT to flow away v. n. \VO^'^'0^p^^^^ 
,nK5n nmy "bw to pour away v, a. \^\^p^"i'i^ 
.HT to shoot off V, a. [D^^p^ni§ 
; n»?K2 n5^ to send by ship v. a, [E^SJ^p^^TIH 

.n',;t<s :i5Dn to sail off v, r. "jV'-lJ 
.ic£ to dismiss :n5p to send away v. a.fp''^p^i^« 
.^-lh7 ,5^hn to beat off, repulse v. a. mh^pVI'i^ 
,nsn:5 beating off, repulsing n. ^'pm^^pp'^'^^ 



upper garment {pi ^P^) n n^^^pl^n'^V^ 

.nDtp ,%3^B trick w ^£jipn])n''1^ 
3T^ti SI ,^H?«n ^!i chief rabbi m '^V^'^l^'^^V^'^^ 
overcoat, great coat {pi pV^^) m p^'^\\^'^'p2*^)^ 

supreme judge, chief justice m '^V'^T'^'^^y\^ 

topmost ; ll^^j; upper^ uppermost adj,^^^^^^^^ 

»<« ^HD 1^917 pestle ^ciriou pi ptst'ipn'^iK dkt — 
♦insitsn 1:^113 ^dh the ^lite^ the best (fig.) 

*ni'7V.^ garret w ^SitDS^n^r-.K 

5J3 ^j^ 11"^!; the Most High m l];tD^l^S^lK 

mark of abbreviation {pi l--) m yr^^'^^T)^ 

♦sj;En jg:p mark of accent nvi^i'^n f^c!' ijd 
(''3ii£''np) il-'pi^n anxn coating m pK^K^ni^SMlt 

chief sexton {pi n^W^p^) m ^'m:\\'"^P2m 

,Qn??.^D ^Kl head-clerk m ^];n^^'n^ni;2''1H 
9^ nets drop of fat ; ly, eye {2^1 f - ) ?? i''l*N* 
.(B^c^pn ("sntfna) nnips point (a^ cards) Upr:>^) ]rpw 
*tiv^n i^y an evil eye 2^ik im s — 
»rp^ fip3 :s"'«3D im an eyesore ^'•ik pK pKi k — 
,nsu?n *ty «^^ full to the brim :i^ik jk ^n 9iS "- 
♦fi*'3ss D''2D ,pj;^ py face to face riK p]''1k riK -- 
a''3s nj2i?n to confront j''ix ^"ni i-"!^ ppbu? — 

to have a vi^atchful pv^^ii ^''Ik tin |k pKn -- 

♦t2;''« 5y pp D^^ i^'n iD^ eye on a person 

.pr a^^ to observe n« |k pp5 — - 

to have influence |i^i;^"i« i^n 2^ik |k p^n •— 

*u;''« 5p pawn vy^ith a person 

to keep as the apple of mp p^ Ji"'it< |k m p^n -- 

♦py p^^-is'S "iD-^' the eye 

to cast an eye at a fi^yxsiK ^"ik ^ik |k p'^Kii ~~ 

.t^fo t^p |ri3 person 

not to lose |iip»^K pi ^-iik p^p |p?3P3aK^i? !si3 — 

.\y^«» pp isn K9 sight of a person 

^u;^ to sleep js^ik |k d^d |xisi3£ — 

.AID to die (fig.) i]^" to sleep 3*'i« |k ts^D prai3i — 

^nsa in the face p-ib^ n p.^ "- 

<?i^y v^w an pB I5t3ip B|jn ,'bv -t fie ^jisj^tisra"*!! 
*|3Mii p6 pn •*5^in pn 

.nils ifp. ^ns fruit, frnits n DS^'IM 

♦ns l^y fruit-tree f>L ^J?Dl^n^) m D^lSilM^IH 

.nils n?1n fruit-seller m ^^Sl^^n"D:a''1K 

.|r?p. upper, higher adj. ' 1]^S''1H 

pR^as) ,n3!?!2 queen {at cards) {pi D ^ ) / ^ 1|;:i''1H 

superior func^ (j?L 1^^^) m '^P^Ip^Hn-^VS^IH 

4^\^P '^^'^s tionary, head-clerk 
first parson {pl'V^^) m 1j;5||:'b^Drr^|;2''^H 

supreme court {j?L f--) n ^T^^y'^V^'^^^ 

head phy-» {pi SI^MtDp.^l^) m '|r'1j;S''1H 
.D\sann ^k", sician 
.nsl^^^ n3^m upper hand / tOJ^M^i^a^lH 
to be uppermost, prevail issKnip^^iK n p^r\ — 

supreme lord, sovereign {pi f-) m *^Kn'^^S''1M 

?(Dpn nns3 ^r)|i^^]^ r\\^ upper house, n t''impi"'1H 

.(.n^^jj^s) annibn n^a House of Lords 

.^m^n niy epidermis / ^''l11|^n''1H 

.np'n^D trick (_p/. niK^D^ ^ ) / ."IKlif )3n||-^|;S^1^ 

knack, trick {pi n^Sbn^) / n'l29ni|~'1^:i''lH 

,ml^^p^ nsha dress-shirt {pi '^^'-) n nD^.lV^n''1K 


overlordship, sovereignty, / ^liKt^'^J^n'^^^'^IK 

«n3rp^ ''^^^^^^ supremacy 

.tif^pf\hoYe\dv. ^^'^P)W^')i^ 

,QnDt) ; n^pr^j^s from above cb'-ipinpn-'iK p6 — 

head-»teacher, head-master ^. '^r^h'^V^'^t^ 

postmaster- {pi &--) m '=l];tD&''lD^S^^«lD^^n'^1H 

.n^n '7^ |r?^. T'ps general 
,n| ,n0 nsn ^32 surface (i?Z. \-) f '^^'^ii'^'V^''^^ 
su- «(ii). II PHto'^ superficial a*^/ ^;'^51^SS'n^:n"'1H 

*n'i^pn^ perficially 
commander-in-chief {pi f ^1 m *i?^i^MD.Sp^];n''1lt 

5u? nn'^pB chief command / ^I^KXS^pl^:^''!^ 

capptain^gen- (_pL B]^- .f^--)??* [^^.''kspJ^n^lSI 

,|lspl? T-ps eral 
treble, soprano {pi m^lp^) m ^ip|pPS''1li 

Ml ^nsit 9lp 
^^^^'^ authority / ^l^pnj^S^'?; 



*r.^^ n'Ki eye-sight on ]1)^^^^''>'i^ 
i25m anditorium, i^ture hall / ^"^^.StO^.'T'lX 

!''5pK linx woe! alas! int. "I^^l-M^ 
AUB oven, stove (jp^. D-) m 'P"l''|^5 

♦Q5 ii^K also, too con/. T^l^^ 

♦fK ♦*»Q2 iK9 ♦♦♦t3J neither... nor 1213 "["ik ~ 

neither have I seen jyfyj ta^i i^)^ cj; sxn i^k — 

.nK! ^n^«i «^ ""Sb^ Q5 it 

nor have I any tsiJ is^pj pip l^ix nxn ni« ~ 

♦pi^ s]D3 ^5 d:! money 

a pretty specimen of ' ^^v^ « 1ik) n^ii^ ('iro.) ~ 

'Kip'' s^K nT5 DJi a man 

;'iip t«'^ no more adv. \\ ;]?? out, out of prep. D'^IK 
.n^3 I'pnn iDdk iI^^ .o^\fJ2 isri at an end, all over 
he has no power any more ly::^?^ d^ik* iik ^v ~ 

.irnnj nosK 
♦lap ^Jr\n the holiday is over 21!d ai^ d^ih — 

.-D out, out of prep. "^''^^ 
»5jnnr7 V. r. ^^t - II ; ^pQ to exercise v. a. p\^D''1^ 
Si:in to breathe out, exhale v. a. [^D^tD^D^I^? 

.tHj; to ennoble, refine v. a. fJ?'?^'l^^D''1« 
^^iHD ^nn to cease suppurating v. n. [l^tO^N^D"' uS 

♦I^^Tra nwp to oil, anoint v, a. p))^0''^i^ 
;^2 •■v''^ri to plough out, plough up v. a. jl^pi^S'' "K 

.t'srto t'an t'sn to search through (fig.) 
to elab-;rtt'3^ lir to work out v. a. t^Pn"'iKD''\S* 

.rito\n i2j; orate 
tj.r. l^T - II ;ib3 KHri to bathe out v,a, pK^D^lK 

•K'OT'? to bathe oneself 
iK^rjn.ifi&n to hide, conceal v a, ItD'7>«,lK2D''1« 

.xsn.'nri nnncn to hide onself v, r. T'T- || 
bo give a person a good drubbing v. a. fl^^KwD'^IJ^ 

.n^t3 ns^ nsD 

♦lid nb| .tDSKjB to blab out v. a. f^!l^KlD''1i^ 

'^Xp-^ ^^ JiB« to bake sufficiently^, a. IpK:iD''1i^ 

♦n^DX^ iD5 to finish baking 

..nsp^itjia |h3 »!5Kii^ri to lend out v. a. I)^^1K!iD'''!iS 

D^vjn libj ii3a to finish building v. a. [I^'^lliiB^li^ 

.,132 to build ;n3s 
Q-'ip to bottle, draw off J. a. IJ^Vi^StDinD^Ibi 


wtti'sn) ^S5 to annul (eutZ dreams) v, a. f^7^SD^1i^ 

13^2 face to face, privately p-is "iifi iptD3iK — 

.'Krn3 .i3^n9 

.ViQ2 k9 in a person's absence pm n ipd31k — 

."npT ''S5 in my estimation p-'lK P31^d p« — 

in the sight of all p^iK n p.« jptsp^K n«D — 

.K''DniQ2 iHiPI DP 95 "SDD — 

to long for a per-^|5iPQi« p]^ik p^)i^ it jpipciK — 

.c^3^p 1^932 ^y-'K^ nsn son 

to stare with both eyes p^^a "ikd k ]9pid^d''1k ~ 

to have a brazen face |j^ik p3P3^^*D•^:?1s$s pxn — 

.D^3s-tp ti'n ,nu?in3 nif^ u?^k5 .Trr 

♦T^n to be greedy p')ii vo'^M p^tn — 

;r3^p na nnc to open one's eyes p^ix n |P3pDp — 

to feel ;mpia;j xii'' to be undeceived (fig.) 

.u?^h5 nn relieved 

to undeceive a person p'^iH i^ |iipjsii^ Ipspap — 

♦nipioD u?^« KSiirr 
to throw a Dpsp edid p^i« ii ]^vr^)^ ppro^ — 
.r3S3 inn u;*k5 13,1 thing in a person's teetb 
HKin to strike the eyes p')ii ^i pn y.t |eiKii — 


''3^P3 D2n to face a person p^i« ii pi« |pip — 

♦3,iK to love ;w''it 

to beset or molest a person p^Mi il p.^ pup — 

,?ni iDpin 

to throw dust in a per- p^iK il p« i»^t pi\j? — 

♦u?^K *'3''P ip3 son's eyes 

to be an eyesore p^i« n pK s^n3 pptsiK p-^t — 

.^^K ^s-'ps D''3"'33i9 nTi to a person 

out of a person's sight p-^iK n pa ppllK — 

*t'^i^ i3^P 133D 

to go away from p^ix &3i:pDiK ps pi3ppliK — 

.'^''K ''saQ ^i^ii a person's presence 

to wander aimlessly pxiD p''iK ii p.niKli pi3 — 


,P31 moment, instant (pL f-) m p;'^!SJ2M^« 

momentary, instantaneous ac^J. '^''7p^7Di3''1i< 

Ksll oculist (pi. Dr''''^p?'^'-) w "l.HtOp.^1|p>1X 

3^3 pain in the eye {pL f-) m a'JtD^.^'ni3'»*l» 

♦ppji lln eye-socket (jp^. 1^5^/^^) w ^.S!^|pr^» 

.niiau? ii^i^Dg eye-lid n ^b^'1i?7^5''1X 

.nsnin-i^ eye-tooth (jpZ. '^V^''^^'-) m \^)ip^1^ 

mucus of the eye»lid, gum of the m tD'^ip^^'''!^ 

}SW0to expand ; ta"^s to spread v. a. pl^'l^D^'IK 
lo expand Sto'^inn to be spread 'u. r=^^.t--|| 

A^^m 3^t to brew out v. a. ' fl^l'^liD'^V^ 
.npi^ I'lKin insin to prove v. a, « I^''„^1^D''1K 
to clean with, boiling water tJ= a. p^l^D^IK 
bvy 'iH to hatcbj brood ;b^nri1i q^d^^ ni?! i^j^an 

Ki£ln to knock out by kicking v. a. f^p'l^SD^IK 

to vomit out ;ib-f to break out v, a, f5];iSD^1iH 
icain •'s? (w^n'.Ds nrmx) x^v^ to page ^x^j^n 
,f h& to break out v. n. || 

to prove ; I3su?» K^ln to conclude v. a, f^'J];i2D''1K 
.tM,^-t£ to spendj squander ;np_i^ hkih .hsln 

.|]it5 -mis spendthrift m 1p^i^'12D'^1K 
.n^i^nia in^sim squandering / ^^1]^5J^nnD'' iK 
to cease ;an np. s^hb to burn out v. n. fJ^^i^'^iD^'IK 
to cauterise {a wound) ;^'"ipD b^n bi-rning 
nu;p^to brand ?-» ^m to eat away ;n3?2 p]ht' 
^npn isnl? ^.nn^ ii^ 
.-D iha to crumble out t^. a. f^^p^lSD'^l^ 
*(DncD '?^> n^^in edition /l^iKSD'^lX 
^n^l:^ excrement ;KinDexit(jpL2^^3 --.)m 3JK2|jD*'1K 
.ija^ estuary ;"?^ ns'eu^ pouring out m DK5D''1K 

♦(fnjn f^K?]isii?) iL-ij to gargle out v. a. f^T^'li^^D'^IH 
.|pnpDlK:i = r^11]^B'1KiD"'1K 
ij15n to walk much m^^^ to go out v, n. j^l^D'^IK 
Ik ip^ to burn out ;cbK to be spent \r\'^;ir\ 
to be madly in \vS\ .ma to die ;nj) 153 5i3K 
tov. r. ^^.t - II ;5in to befall Mi;tp n^qK ish^ love 
.h'^^ri .Tjintt «\^ extricate oneself 
li^n to go to every place q^^pd^k pi^D^ix — 

*aipbi eipD 5^9 
sbe is madly in love aiK 'i^^ o^iu toiij it -- 
»nib IP iniK nnniK m with Mm 
may all mis- ?aKp |in ia p^id^ii^ pK? niiir p?^ -- 
!v^i<i 5p i9in^ a-'p^an 53 fortunes befall Mm! 
tMs will be atoned ts5p^ \i pi:iD^i^ sspii mi ~ 
*cm^ bK') nK! n^ittn r!\^^ ^b^n for by money 
.nm ns^ to gild t?, «. f^^\1D''1K 
«i!£i^ outpourings effusion / iJ1D^^iD''1K 
.p2£j iijs^ to pour out 13, a. p)^^'^)^ 

eCB^rj?) iz^b^ to open wide(o7je'5 eyes)v.a. l^^h^^^^H 

.ir^ ,p?n.i to slip t^. a. p^^^^D''^^ 

.agreemei^^M settlement (pL l'^) m '^^yi^'^M 

to heap mp D3i:pDiH isjmDi^n p!i^::^p5K|p5DbD^\s •- 
.w^ t?«i 5p ni59p l&iDH curses upon a person 

TD| to presSj iron v, a. [I^^JpS^lH 

.ntsD ;^b3 to bend 1?. €*. p^^nD*'!.^ 

jlsb substitute li^\bn exchange / ^^ItO^^iD^lK 

to drain im^p) ns3 to sift, boltt?, a. wh^'^'^O'^'i^ 
l^'^m^^pri 53 m)r\ a person of all his money 
to spend to the last penny v r. ll'^-jl 

to sub- nnn i^prin to exchange v. a, tt:'^!:2D''\H 

,u?^K Dlp^ abip .u;''K n^itsn nSn stitute 

.tip'^pn K^in fo bite out u a. fCpD^'uS 

.ni]?ibp!U?n cultivation, culture / iJn'^pB'iK 

v,r,y)^\\l^^^V »^9| to cultivate v. a. ph]20'^'\^ 

,D-5nu?n to accomplish oneself 

to put up ifim I'^^L^ to unbind v, a. pJpS'^'.H 

.ni5^;:ri nu;^ in bundles 

.hSD to blow out V. a. [u^'?nD''\^ 

.bT ste ^nn to cease bleeding v. n, pOl^^nD'^s 

^^K^'n to stay out v, n. p^'^^SD'^'.*^ 

to exhaust a person's fortune v. a. [i^^7iD''"'iK 

x'^K m'2^ p^in 
nm i^bbD to make pale v. a. |21^72D''l^ 
ASr\ to grow pale «, i\ Il'-H U^?? to bleach 
to cease ;m^3 nrns to grow out v. n. (^.''^2D^"^ 

.inia bnn blooming 
to turn all the leaves i). a. fl^^^O^bnC'.K 

.1^ 5i;5y .lasn "bi; 53 ^^^ (of a hook) 
5^ y^O to obtain by begging v. a, fJ^Vo^SD'^'lH 

5y 5^n to obtain by prayer v. a. ft^^^D'^'K 
.l^np 5k^ to ask a price ;nbsn n;* 
.n^tan PJO to make the bed v. a. - t^]^^D''l^ 
emen- ;n2K>i5 ippri improvement / ^i^lj^D^^D'^'iK 

♦ppn dation 
to emend Hpfi to improve v, a, pV^V^^^^^ 
to improve oneself i5. r, ^^ - \\ ;r^^^ ifpn 

Amv_ r\^ ]pp\ 
to clean with, a brush u. ^. ItSt^l^nD^IK 

.ibb .15^ to roast out v. a. p^J^'inD^^H 
outbreak, eruption (pi \^) m ^K12D''1^ 

.5£Q to reject i;, a. f^^pKI^D^'K 
^bn iii5i^ to make browu t?. «, f^J^l^SD^iH 

*^-^'3 to pave out <y. a. ['n'^p''^iD^i^ 
expansion JWtD^en.n spreading / ^ilt:!^'^,^^"^? 




♦"Ji«5? ^iv .n^?3 exhausted adj, tDj;i.S^:^:iD''1« 

\-^pV). rooted out adj, ^"^Vp'^V^^'"^^ 

»i!2?!3 /ii|"ri!9 trained adj. ^^^mo^^O^M^ 

♦^^pn ]^ i<:^i'' excepted a^/. I^^DI^^^D'iliS 

•5??. "ip,J^3 removed by farting adj, t02i1iSD;i;)D"'liS 

D-'itt? missing teeth ]m pDit'^Ksy^c'^ix (ioc.) - 

.QEBp well-fed «4?\ to:;t^KD^2D^1.S 

,n>iD3 .tai^V bulged out adj. tDti>^'.D^2D^\S 

,n?P refined adj. ^:^'3V^0^'^^ 

to discover ;«2£9 to find out v. a. t^^l'S^^D^I.S 

.Ki:j:n to invent ;nbj 

.^bp to suffer i>. n. I^^l^ t:p:>^£p2D^\^? 

.QV^nD is'^D spotted adj. ^pV^t^V'^O^^^ 

stretched out I'^wu drawn out adj. f^^i2£>^5D''1« 

.^hp to suffer V. p. [^^^^ !ri5£j;5tD''\S 
excellent ;t«!iD distinguished ac^. tDJS^^^C^^D'^IK 

experienced (/a!^.) J^'f^^^ cooked adj. tD::xp^)D"^1^5 

,p"^p3 "PUS i^i^^ 

to be rolled, be thrown i;.r,pj^^1 ?D'7,T"lp^^D''1« 

♦nbN to be destroyed J^^^ri riniinn about 
who is past child-bearing adj. to'^IJ'Ip^SD^IX 

.nnbp nipp "':^^? 
.^'^ri turned a4?. O-^I^pS^SD^I^ 
.Dp^I79 curved adj. tDDnp;;2D"'^^? 
soiled by wallowing in mire adj. t0^^1'i^3D"'l>5 

.an to run out, flow out v. p. \^n fi^Jni;2S''1« 

.^S3 n\n to be miscarried ;nino o^a las) xir; 
ex- ;5i5p trodden, beaten (_p<2^/i) adj. fn^iI^3D"'1J< 
.'pn <jrB3 'f'j;5 perienced 
,|^J7D smoked oat adj. tO*1^3!5*1p)D^"lX 
n*itDptt smoked out pipe pp^i"'^ paiyD^npjD^ix — 
♦Dnp cunning blade {fig.) ".nn a"^:\:;yD rn nss^ 
• "n? P-lp;? to be torn out v, p. pl^^l fD'l'^y^D''^ 

.bwD to suffer 
.KbD9 stuffed arfj. tD^.S^W^D^^X 
coached, trained ;nbjp exposed ttd/.^'^J^^S^P^D^iX 

.TiDp'»D D"inn to be rumed iD^jptot^pjo'iN p^'^3 - 
starry, studded with stars adj. tDn^tDt^^^^D^lS 

^ril^ n^;;3^ improved by playi ng adj, toS'lS W'D"'1K 
played oat, (^^.) '.(■^■•tt'^^a'ry noHi>nr;3 n; ^v. n^a 

.01.13 done for 

to settle iini)^ .iw: to straighten i^. a. fSl''^3D''1il 
to come to an agree- v. r, Tl'-H in^SDn:^ ^^r\ 
to stand up straight ;n?i3pn n.''? s^^^'S ment 
♦Di:^!?^'!! to stretch oneself ; riaipj naip^ 'ibj; 
; Dh ^a nh^ to glow to the end v. a. \V^h''ALi''^^ 
♦w^K^ (is^ to temper 
.p^O ■'^^'^ 'P?0'J to smooth 'D. a. It2p^:iD^lS* 
.ib2 n3| to steal all v. a. [P^n^^D^lX 
,2D\n ,pi'n^ thoroughly a^i). p^lS^SD'^'i^* 
blown, made empty by blow- adj. [t»S^S^iD''"liS 

♦n(TS35 p'^p ing 
; npn nsi^in a blown egg "iix itK^rip^c^ix |K — 
.p^"i nm something worthless (%.) 
♦nlpnjD] "^^i^D n^'^''"^, decollete adj. t^n^Sn^^^D"'^^ 
.nin pale a^J. tD2i:^n^:iD^1« 
to betray ;(P|D3) i^s?in to spend v. a, p^^D^li^ 
"Jit -. II ; x^i^n to marry, give in marriage ; ibD 
to seem, inr j^^n ^3 n?^^ to pretend to be v, r, 
to suffice, be jnip to happen ;nK-in appear 
.p-aDD nST PinSn enough 
to spend to the last v. n. p^ll tD5l<in;;^D''l» 
♦n3r.nKn niDnsn ip. apn penny 
4K^t^3 married adj. i^VjVmO'^)^ 

♦nn i^ms lean, emaciated adj. tO^i^l^^jD^li^ 

worn out Jn^lrsyp n^snnp retired adj. ^^P^2D^15< 

»iiDnpp;!DM« = ^'inn^iC^lH 

♦D-'KHD consistent ac?/, pO^Kn^:D''1« 

.nmnn consistency / tOl^pJ^SK.^^:iD"'1S 

Dp*i pinched with hunger adj. tS'"ipJinpD''1« 

i^ina emaciated pn^ soaked adj. tOp^.^.Ti^iD''1« 

.n52 worn out adj. pKn^i;:iD"'1H 
."ns invented adj. tD^K'ntDPD^IX 

licentious, wanton, rakish adj. pK7^iD'>1H 

hcentionsuess, wantonness, / tD::pJSH^;;2D''1>l 

,niii''"i£ rakishness 

.p^-^Q .laiw dislocated adj. fJ?p:^'?);:D''1« 

'Hij^? 'T.J^ weary, tired a^ij. tO*i^^KD];:!D^"iX 

.n^K? .n^D^^ weariness / ^l^pton^tOKD^2D''1« 

ito^HD positive, certain, sure ad;. tD2J$0i;jDi1i< 

.^m-) .Dnj; sly, cunning ;pn; .-in^ 

.tt^in^ emaciated adj. tD^^'ips'^KD^^D^I^ 




Tft^W ;nii3) ,iba to wear out v, a. \vh^]'^im^ 

*,i5^ to be worn out v. v. 
Jn1a)^rl\f^t^ extrication in^^ri turn m I^I'ID^IK 
in^^D oito3) Tjan to turn out v. a. \^))"^1^^'\» 
SDtep ,p'iB iifpi to dislocate, put out of joint 
v« r. T")-!! Wann) jdHd to wring ;<ipi£« nsK) 
to extricate Ji'^en if5nn to free oneself 
llnp n''n to turn out to be Jis?5^^'^ oneself 

.nK!2 nbi wringing-wet fpime^iK 0^:!^ — 
to make a person |i7^.m^:ic^i« ]^^p?i^^ pK?^ - 
to give a {Jig.) Ji^s tL'^^ -^"i wringing-wet 
.nj^?3 iy \y'^ ^nn person & good scolding 
.npin to prove v. a. [^^^'I'l^D^IK 
♦''r^^ expression (pi f-) w p^'^'lD'^'^K 
^41, I l^*!*ns express, explicit ac|;\ ^^Sp^.1'^D''\S' 
.^ns^ expressly 
press out, squeeize out v, a. [p^^lD^'IM 
II ivj^^ .np3 to express imo sfim 1I1? 
*'ib^^ (inpi n^n to express oneself t;. r. 

\sp3'to bore out -i;, a, IVW^^"^"^^'"^^ 
♦«9| n^ u;n to thresh out v. a. [^I^I^ID'^'m 
,lb| ^b| to finish v. a. p^nm» 
to go throLigh the whole ^"^ ps^J p^^ns^i^ ^-~ 
.iiD^nn 9a ida Talmud 
to get rid of a per- \^m ]i^ j^ysiK p^ns^iK — 
*u?^HD ntssn son entirely 
.|fe« to bring up^ rear v, a. f]^n]^'lK,*iD"^1K 

to hold ;^b9 to bear, endure v,a.n. ft07K,*1D''1^ 
; 53p5 iD3'is to support ;"'3s:n 1»p^ «^^I^p piqn out 
.a''Knn to be consistent 
to pass an examination |pD|<fpp ft? jd5Ki'id''1k - 

to fail m an exa- jptSKTpp Dpi |a^j?nD''i« an — 
,|n2D^ 1QP K5 mination 
consis- ii'm;? f2\^ tenable adj\ ^]1))^'^hHnDm 

.Q^^r}r^ tent 
Mns-^n nnD to do much trade v. n, \^hl^^:iO*>)^ 

,*ihp? b'lh to give up trade v, r. "T*.' - 1| 
to hew out, >'D nh3 to cut out v. a. [pKHD'^IK 
to knock ; '?bs to hew, carve ; "^ nkh cut out 

.^sn ,np^ out 

to make the finest inu? pD:p^ bpi IpKrrD'VH — 

.ni^ts ns^jsnt Kii?i match 

."IP, nan »jri??n to wait until v, a. pHno^)i^ 
♦nn n^n to breathe out, exhale v^ a, \Tin^'^)^ 

;3y„>"3 to starve out, famish v. a. H.^i^inD^'l^ 

running, easy {handwriting) adj, f 12^*1 fi^p^D'^liS 

♦(ns^w) 5p„ «l%nD 
^nj^^ll? exclf.mation m l?1t^^:!D''1iS 
»!>'' 1P0 |ri£note of exclamation n pl^^'lllt^^^D*"!^ 
excavation ;np''ap digging out/ 2Jini$'n^D''1^ 

♦■^^pjl'^ '^i<'^^T\ disinterment ;£^3iD'^D 9^^ HTsri 
r^ '^pX Ik Tni to scratch out v, a. J^^^K'n5D''1^ 
to scratch out a person's p^iK n jp5nKi;iD^iK — 
*u?^K ''3^p ip3 eyes 
to excavate >""» ie/i to dig out v. a. pKl^D''')^ 
to dis- ;nTsn "t 9^ a^:lD"^» K^in .a^jia^^ ian 
.nDp^nt? ien inter, exhume 
,t^p\^ ,ppn to engrave v. a, p.''11|^*)3D''1^ 
,^£nD '©an vm to search out -y. a. IVh'^^^lW^ 
r^ ^"p^ *DE^3 to gnaw out t^, a, f|^T^^*l^D*'1K 
t^. n ^l^ - II ;ph; i|an to grow green ^, n [l^^l'^SD'^l^ 

*npji§^ n\n to acclimatise {Am.) 
.T\&^n iH^io to seem, appear v. r. T'J [tS5K*1fi*>1^ 
,ap| s^Pi to hollow^ excavate v. a. t^sb^'1B''1H 
.u^s: to parchj dry up v, n. ("I^ID^IK 
he has not ^^i?iyAD''iK di3 i^3 aiK m s^p ipi — 
«inpia m'^ k9 lip yet lost his wits 

4P39ktdm^^ f^S^'IID^IM 
jWSJss perseverance, endurance / 'lJ^^nB''1H 

.i}^f|ri I'^hK to last to the end v, n. pl^''nD''1K 

.nan^p k^^ to extricate oneself 15. n, y) [ShD'^IK 

rp 1p.l to peck out v. a. r^S1t"ID'*1H 

to obtain '^rii>\n'2, H^in to extort v, a. f^p^^*1D*>1K 

.nl'i^an n] ^p .V^n by entreaties 
to outbid nid to haggle out v. a, \P^^)10"i)^ 
; i3pD to hire out ; ^VW ^H nacin ''T 9p„ ninrin 
,rt)n^ to stipulate -f;. r. T'^-jj 
K^D (3isip |Dl n'w to serve out I', n. \^^)10'^)H 
to become v. n T^'^ll '"^-^ "^^^ serve ;iKn^ 
.ninp^ nip ^ij«^ nSn k^ unfit for service 
to worship all sorts nnt nnnp p5k fp^nc^iK — 
*nitn mi2pn ^3^» 93 ^bp of idols 
to choke ^ab^ K53 to crush all v. a. p^nci^ 

,D^? p5h all 
to ?99ri nu?p .nhsto scoop out ^. a. \V^)h'iC''M^ 

.in'5pr\} np: pick 

iV^ im to tell to the end v. ^. p))^'^pnDm 

rip ^hu nh| to scratch out v. a. fl^S^IID^'IK 
.Di"in to print v* a, pmc*°r 


— 12 


to I'nniiiihs to clioose, select v. a. t^'^.^^*'^''"^^ 

♦(Dn'pB)"ih2 elect 
ado, II P3ii£^n outer, extreme adj. 2"^^"';"nD''1iS 
.ne-^i; by heart ly'inip outwardly, outside 
outward, external, outside adj. tOD:!^r.^nD^1^ 

♦ns-^rfj oral ;'mv 
"^^ #n to obtain by crying v. a. \'P^))*^^'^y£^ 
.n ,i2S to cry enough v. r. T-'^-Jl Jniy?f"! n] 
to cry one's eyes out, cry |;i'ik n lyr.^nc^i.^ — 
.nrnsn c^ryn i\:?h iy hdz oneself blind 
to whitewash ;|^^n to whiten v. a, [)^S^_^ViDMK 
♦^n?? t^^3) Hu? to tin, blanch ;td 
♦^3S3 ,n^] to winnow t^ a. (1^^^"5'S^^X 
.nn\y i-ti'in to wet, soak v. a. ipv.ViO^'^^ 
.p'^v 'VP] to dislocate, sprain v, a. [^^^''^'IC^^K 

to extricate oneself, elude v, r. "i?t [r^^^'sO''^^ 

,v'?)nm no.? to unswaddle t?. a. fP^n^^'llD^'IH 
to un- ;n3n2D '^OD to unwind ij. a. |i^S|TTlC''1K 
"I'Dnw to extricate ;s'?innr! -inn swaddle 
to extricate oneself v, r. "J*!^ '- || l"^^.ssp 
'U^EH'T to develop i^^sed n^inn^'n 
5(n;i;.\L'S) a:ii2 J^rE^y to wax v. a. fBplllS^'X 

♦(0^*?^?:) '^nvn in^n'^ to polish (shoes) 
to obtain somthing for a per- v. a. \p'^)"i^O'^"i^ 
.^"i? nny^ inn ;i"wn son 
•HJi? .nhD to wipe out v. a, |S^''.'!"lS''li^ 
^y n« to have done weaving v. a. p>^"l1S^"ii^ 

,] a y n D n &? = ; iton 

means, Jk^iq way-out (pi. ]'-) m ^I^'ID^IK 

♦n^^irnn .'S?^'?fK expedient 

,|y23mDMK = [P2];i1D''\S 

^vm .nb^ n'l'i to roll v. a. fl^^'^^HD^lH 

.(nn) J1S to evaporate v, -w, [S^^llD^l}^ 

to retire from ser- '^'i^ to end t?. n. ['^^IID'^liS 

♦nnD'f DD i^an.'n vice 
to ;kd3 to utter, pronounce v. a. pi^TD^lX 

♦nba disclose 

,.-n= n^: to disclose a secret mo k j;iN*tD^i« — 

,'-]r}<n icnj nns to unsaddle v. a. f^'^tDi^TD'^US 

.",as ^pn' HTf n to buck v. a. 1^^^"^^^.^ 

.n*^9 to salt c, a. ]^hHWm 

,]^rip inj?!!; leprosy, scab qji f^KTD'^lK 

to suckle l^ifa iri^iD to suck out v. a. p''1ID*^liS 

.1^2 (nhf ) k2l3 to drink out v, a. (£^1TD^^^? 
to pick out, ;\:.-sn .'C'^-^5 to search v. a. P'li^^lX 
.nhs choose, select 

.si;^ rl%n to get hungry v, r. '^^T ^ || 
; "5^?,^ ,12*? a =1 T\r\2 to cough up ^^ a. PODImS"^'^ 
to clear one's throat by coughing v. r ^^^ - 1| 

to get from ;"d cin fo lift out v. a. p))fiO'<)^ 

v.r. l^t^lj ;«nn to heal, cure v. a. 't^^^lS^^.^ 

,Ksinn to be healed 
<2p\ to hollow out, excavate v, a, '^p))n^^"i^ 

.p^n to heat v, a. [I'^^^D^^i? 
(ity^to help, aid, accommodate v a jS/^nD*"!^ 

.PUD .9|7in 
to set up ;n9n to hang out v, a. ijJ^^^nC^^^ 

.W5) t"^i^ (a flag) 
.cpn to embroider v. a. ftO£);i;.1D''1JI 
.|txn ipsu? to listen, hearken v. a, p^HD'^'lSI 

.«Tf^5 ".v, yp'f to listen to the end '>:^''^pn 
to give a ;"ixK/nn to tdll off i;. a. wm^no'^^H 

,r]3^, drubbing 
excerescence inrf^^^' growth (_pL f - ) /u DpiMi^D"'''iH 


.nn? ,^2\ outcast {pi f -- ) m ^r^^V.D'^^ 

M')^r^ HK^^^ iny^iri emigration /^rnpi^Ki^D"^"^! 

.ii^nx?5 k:^''^ n^n to emigrate y. «. pJ^I^KViS''^^ 

i<2ii'» t^jnc emigrant (_pL [ •=- ) m i^'iyn^K'"iD''iH 

,91.1''^?" ^o scent, to smell out v. a, (];3:)^1'D^%^ 

.ri;;^ to grow out v. n. [SpKiiD'''iX 

r*jyj|npn) nsn to wait until r. a. p'^KilS^^^^ 

(Dpn) cnn to warm thoroughly pD]^"!KriD''Vsi 
to warm oneself thor- v, r. y^--\\ J'"^5'"iD 
.nsnn Dpnnn oaghly 
XK nvi^n .^yai dirt, scum m ^ir^SlK^ldH 
to reproach n^y^'n .^pD to cast «« a» [D"1K1'1DMK 

.r3D^ niin with, cast in the teeth 

to tell the fertune by |i2-^Kp jsnKnD''i« — 

.c'Q^pn "s ?y nn%ny i^n cards 

to make an account p2"^n « isn^ncix — 

.^i^p 'ip.j; to root out v. a. p7^15^1'D*'1X 

♦iten i^{fn"i) D25 to wasb out v. a. p\^nC''lH 

.n^^^j expulsion / 3J'iP''ViD"'i^* 

to Jivs? nsin to show all v, a, n. [r_^"iiS"^'i^ 

to seem, l'^i\ .n^5 to expel, exile inpin prove 

.HK^n appear 
to let ;"P Heo: rp i^c to avoid v, a. n. [21''11D^1II 
.■inr? 'v:7-K^ no a person pass 


13 -^^^ 


to open wide (om'^ eyes) v. a, fPOT^Knr^D^I.H 

.(mts^irrns) rrp zrnn 
to make even^ equalise (scales) v.a. fl^V,i^*iKtDD''iK 

'?^ ^^ p>7 to empty by dippiDg r. a. j7p^ I'^^'^'i^^* 

.\^ns ,i^K;a mterpretation/^J1^^!^'^C'''K' 

*^1fi nKS to interpret i% a. f^'Ol^'^B^ 'K 

.np^i^q distribution /^JI^^r^JD^lK* 

.p^D to distribute v. a. f^^r^D'^IK 

^fiti^f^ nm^ to wipe out i-.a, f.1^b"l'^D'^''iK 

.r^m .|bb to roughcast v, a. fl^1WpJ^;^D''1K* 

to translate ; ik^ to interpret v. a. \V^mt2)h^mn 

^O'P.W- P.^5 to portion out v, a. pV^^^^'')^ 
to justify ;d?W to argue v. r. y) t"^^^^^'*"^* 

.pr^^rt oiieseJf 

*(nB^p-j!n pw HB'i^ oyster (pi B-) w ^^^D^l*^ 
h^^ ^npa uncommon a^y. ^^^'^^'^B''1K 
to wear to the i^'^i to carry v. a. |i|^1^B''1K 
to inn) n^ja to wear out ;kts?i ^y k^j end 
UnrH ^^) liayn |g| ib| complete pregnancy 
^(pstt'ns) li^P to amount 
to be fastidious imr^n to invent v. a, |^5K1^D^1K 

n'i?i5-^ w^j| ,nqs fastidious person m "i^^2M1^D^1K 

.-^ T?^'.!] "li^l to shake out v. a. f];fe!n©D^1K 
,ibp nhu? to drink out v, a, I^pJn^D'^I.S* 

.-^ (^b3) ^DDD to trickle out v. n, f&n^D'^IK 

to get J^s: to make dry v. a. n. fJ^J]^pn^D"'1K 

♦D^ljn to disappear (^Z.) ;m^^ dry 

ho has not s:pniop:iD*'iK Dn 1K3 dik ti^ m?^ "lyn ~ 

♦inynn ^i"* ^9 i)v yet lost his wits 

to remove the veins (from v. a, p^^S^n'^B^IK 

.ciTO?3) ^^nn •'Tl ipn [me^O, porge 
to ; C12") ,iih^ to tread out v. a. 7u \W^^^^'^^ ' 
to wear out ;qn) una i^9d break up {a road) 
to project, jut out Uns^^ns) a''p^| in^n (s/^oc^) | 

nsriD '^^D to unsew -y. «. pj]^1'0D*'1K | 

tiosob@s illll? s^^n to wake up v. a. [I^^I^'^D'^IK ' 

.gHTapyBaxii nbj3 pe (n 

to single l^^nn to separate t;, a. p^'l^liD^'ll^ 

*sshB out 
to sip all Jibs nh'^ to drink all v. a, I&iiD^*£< 

^lin ,fq^i to scold V. a. ;i?^'TltD"'\^ 

.^tI3fni DiTi to boil over •{;. n. p^tD'^'H 

'y. «. II nKf,ti to stay n-^Nn to be v. n. [\^iD^liH 

ra yb3 to travel over 

he did not- '\m p.ip |piiyj£''iK ^i3 i^iki nx np — 

,pny; ?]« cu,' ^i.t^s k"? stay there for a week 

to travel over the "^^pii p^3vSM n |imd^ik — 

.D^ipn ^ns ^::pi pc3 whole world 

AP to strain, filter i;. a. f^^^^tS'il.^ 

to ;r,>ih^fcS3 ,nn^^ nhD to soap v. a, |6l^tD''1^ 

.n'^ib Ki^in use up soap 

.HK-^a view;n^!jfi prospect (j)^. [-) / ^5^iD*'1H 

n1|^j3a 1^1 to utter by singing v. a. f^3J^T&''1K 

*?]1E0 iy "n^u; to sing to the end 

«ph| sHSJ to sift oiit V, a, fB^tD^III 

to hatch out I'^i^p^ |fit s\y; to sit out v. a. f^'^iD'^IH 

,■^9 c^£3) it| to saw out v. a. f^J^iB*'!^ 
to ;la1o ^y nki to see to the end v, a. []^iD''1^ 
to lookj seem^ i%!^ to spy out 'nnz choose 
iHK'na lookj appearance n \\ i nssn .n^nn appear 


^-in «9|^p spy m "l^|^tD''lK 
9| n^in to place o?^ put asunder v. a. J^^tC'l^ 
to to find faults ;n2n to knock out 'nm 
2w to be seated in a row v. r. y}^ ||;nl3nm 

,|ppK9^t :=== fl^pK^^tD^IH 

.nf^P lb9 to learn by heart v. a, flinD'^l^ 

,-^^s fee to suffer for v. a, f];^^nD^\^ 

n^ 5g .If n to obtain by flattery v. a. I^&Jn&''1^ 

*ont£>') rt^s? to dawn ?;, «. f^t^^O'ilK 
.ip3 ,aD'i3 to gnaw v. a. \V^m'^^''^^ 

V. r. T!t- ||;w&n i^m to undress ^. ^j. f^^D''!^ 

.i''7^^ ns^ ^^an to undress oneself 
to shake off all bur- |p3^t P^k pa 'T't |KbD''W --- 
*nDVHa aiKiD 5nn .]nDi K'^y^ ^s stp dens 
KQ^iibpy -il).l to shuffle (m?-^^.?) ^, a= r^11^DKtDD''1.^ 
.nlim'S n^3D<G'''^ to put in rows ; C't' to lay, set 
to exam- ;i-;3 "^fp to feol all over v. a. fSK^D^IM 

♦phs ine 
to work ;Dnn to turn {on a lathe) v. a. IpSi^^D'^ISI 
«|^^ '1' n^p^D nup; out nioelj 




\3n'k;n to gain by lying in a place ;2'i ]r^\ 
= ;nn\'n::ri i-^;'' orthography, spelling m ^^^7£^'"iJ< 

J ^i ^ D ^ 1 14 

♦n^^n^n iii'^ orthography, spelling w f*5K2^1^D''1K 
to advance, n-icsi 'rjhj; to lay out v, a. pl-^D''VS* 
to interpret (a <^rea?7i) ;n^np^-^!;?';i |h3 disburse 
to iin^ni'^niK ^^5 d-'b^p Dhs to spell ;(siVn) mns 
♦^DiD -nn^2) d:id geld, castrate 
inter- ; n^-'tp^-'D-i ininn disburser m '^V^))^^^'^^ 
♦(nitti'^n) -ir.'s preter {of dreams) 
»np,^^I emptying, evacuation n 2J)^2n!^SDMN* 
.pnn to empty, evacuate v. a, \^)1))ho^)^ 
.St73 ,?3D to suffer, endure t;. a. n. p^jbS''uS 
♦n^^x^ .pns redemption /5Jlt^^^D^1« 
fco ransom ;?k| .mi^ to redeem y, a. [t^^^D'^lK 

♦"1^'S 'IBS th3^ 

|Cil3 ransomer ;n*i1s i^^ij; redeemer m ^^^t^^'^D^iK 

to clear ;^*iir ,i,:ite to purify v, «. p^^!:?'?B'>1H 
to be ;-i\i5 nST to clear up v. r. ^^t-|| ;n)t*.3 

♦"^D^C purified 
-ll^D to lend out v. a. [^t?^S^u^ 
♦to nj7 K^p, to read to the end v. a, f:?i:P?^'?&''1K 
,t3b\i? rpns ,yp; to sprain, dislocate v. a. f^pii^^PB^^H 
.nn|Dn extradition /i^l^^S^^D^'l.^ 
.(nrna!? nrnan^ -uon to exradite v. o. f'^^^')^S''lK 
-iJPA "f^ HNT to live to the end v. n. [^^Sd^Is^ 
to live to a good old age ipiK^ n ]::p5D'*ikS — 

,nnii3 n:3\:; ip n^n 
.|p3pi:5DMK = fi^SciK 
to make holes in. . . , porf orate a, a, p^^^^D^'l.^ 

•^10^ K:« ^'^ foreign, outlandish adj. ^n^S^Ss'^lK 
/7p^5 ,n33 if-^p^ pn '7V 
ns .'''133 foreigner m '^V'^^V^O^'^}^ 
Ab2 pp.? to lick out V. a, fp];^D''1« 

to go through a course of v. a. IV^'^Phc'^*^^^ 
to be through one's ap- ;niDbn-pn "inj study 
r. r. ^^t- II inrt-f^jsn i^b^ |^i io| prenticeship 
»npn'? "iD^ to acquire the knowledge of 
to ;n2? to put outj extinguish o, a. l^^^^C^^^ 
to go out, V. r. "|^t-||;(ri) >bD .nnp blot out 
»nbD be exmguished 
,tn:^ri ,bi)i to emaciate v. a. p^3KDD''1i^ 
iix^n ,pjj^n ,pj.l to tire oat «. a. p^^KOD^lH 
,3^1,0 to wet through v. a. ti^Ji^tD^aD''li$ 

to sober up i^pn to awake v. r, H^'f-HJass 



."» akm nbn to hew out v, a. |i^^>?i^tOD''1^ 

♦1^ \y23 to weed out ^;. a. pO^''D'>1« 

. I p n p n K n D " 1 « = p i iLpD^lX 

^IP^^non^? -= f^'>^«2D''l« 

to buy ;-p *^bn to snatch away ?;. a. [SK5D'''!^^ 

.nn^nm nbp off quickly 
rush ;■"» na*^ri snatching away / t^?^];£N3D''1» 

.nn'riD^ njip of business 
advance of money, disbur- (_pL f-) m 3Jft7D"'*M 

.HD^IP "ip-n sement 
to remove from the warehouse v. a. pP^^^D^IH 

to gain a ;^u?^ p'^^ to unload ^)« a, p^'?D"'1K 

.pis nbt lawsuit 
.n^sjK ptis unloader, lighterman m '^^'1.^^D''1H 
-J? ^ibrt to catch out, draw out v. a, [I^^IkSd^'IH 

m^p «n\-,ri^ ii^^^ t^\^ rj'p. end, conclusion m i^vD'^IH 
to con- ; iD!2U?n to leave out, omit v,a, ftH'?D'»1i< 
to give the rein {to a horst) ; c^a ,ite| elude 
to end, ter- v. r. *]^t^||;{Dio bv) ]d'} n;^? ioD-fO 
♦s^ia? Kit; to turn out, result '^''M^.in minate 
is'i? to wreak one's anger '■r\i:ir\ 93 pK^s^iH — 

it turns out cjK?p:i dkh i^k ^.ii a^ix i^t idik5 dp ~ 
.Kin t3 ujx-it: ^mjn "i^^xs to be as 1 said 
.D-K^K? ip.ri to patch up v, a. fl^lDKbDIH 
;-3 9nn ,-5 (ph:^) :sp^ to laugh at v, a. f^K^PD^liS 

*pn^ to laugh v, r, y} jj 

to laugh at or deride a fiJpD^K pa in pK"5D^iK — 

.\y\\o ?nn person 

♦nn33 i^'nK foreign country « 1^KSD''^i< 

.pK3 i^inn abroad i;k9d*ik r.a — 

.-» ij'^i to bite off. nip off [i^l^tDDxSD^lif 

.-» a in rp j^hp 
r^ 3'-^^ to lurk y. a. pl^D^u^ 
.^bn to praise much, bepraise o, a. f^^iSciH 

♦s-p?? np3 to clean from lice v, a. fn'?D''il^ 
;Dlp!p '^5'p i^n to run everywhere c.n, [S''l^D''li< 
•ni'ipil ^s ib^ '"^s^'fn to run over, boil over 
»Ti«5 f^i^.l '0-n to air, ventilate u. a. p^'^Sl^D^IH 
^■^§ ^r^^'7pp, K^in to unhusk o. a. []^S^^^1^D'''1S 

331^ to lie a considerable time v. w. a, p5^D'»1M 


^ 16 


♦TiD to measure out v^ a, [^D])DD''1i^ 
to erase, blot ou.t, wipe off' v, a> |p5^?-3D''1K 

♦|r^n?p outside, without adv. \^^^^ 
*pnD "^mr^ to stay out pi^^:: p^ix •— 
♦(K |?2nr! i|5,5 to aim at 't% -m. pJ"' p'''^^* 
f-f .encljr ;t|in?2 GDIS to gnaw out t\ a. I'l^^S^IK 

,f isi^ trim out 
♦■J.^sn IP n??^i£;« exception {pi fP-) m QK^D'^li^ 
6x» ;^^3n IP K^l^ exceptional adj. ^IDKiCIK 

.n^i;5 traordinary 
Ri'in to obtain by cunning v. a. f^KJD*'lK 
to fatbiom a fool's thoughts urrKSinsi) nn-ip^ 

^^''M nir^n^^ ipn 
.Kf2i to cheatj defraud nii^:: n pK32''iK — 

you cannot p^Jb^iK toi3 |i;D |pp "ib*3 b* (i^ro;*.) ■— 
P3^ ii^s« \^ get at all the thoughts of a fool 

to rummage everywhere t?» «. [pil;JiD'^lK 

»&ipD 92i mn lUsh 
if^nc) 'iK-f'i to remain without v. n. I^^„^^^JD^1K 
A'7.'3j}^ to swoon, faint Jc^pn to disappear 

feo ?1^ ^'^5^0 »1^3 ^?i1n to use up v. a. f^l^D^'IK 
rp njrfD take advantage of 

,nb') |»K to nurse (a child) v, a, f^^^JK^JD'^IK 

»o nh .unpn to exhaust v. a. f];'^K''iD''1K 

1^3 &{xin to use up in sewing v. a. f^!^iD*'1« 

♦DpT to embroider ; captain ^t^ts^) nTsm 
.ninssnn imsu^a) |:iD n^sq sobering /i^il^tDS^iD^'l^ 
insa to sober, make sober v. a. fl^^5^JD''1i^ 
l^pn to sober up, become sober v, r, ^^t^|| 

*n3snn /Ip.'ip 
♦ibp t^S£l,^ to use up V. «. t^^^O'^IK 
."i2« npi; to root out, destroy ^, a, pl^p^JD^IK 
♦o n^p ^5j;n to punish severely 

^-p ;ni3pnrin ^np^'p^ exhaustion, end m DPDMK 
,j/p *^s without end ap5S''iK |k jk — 
j*!p? nst to wi n the stake (a^card!^) v>a.n.\V^V^^'^^^ 
to t-a ke off money for some pur- Ua^e^prt pn^M) 
p,pnD G13D nPK npb pose from the stakes (tt^^carc^^) 
to take out, remove ; (a^isbpn pnti>?23) ^"^i T\mi 

iK^in to make or get out r;, «. n. j^K^D^'uS 
;(D^jtyn) np.3. to pick {one's teeth) inpito clean 
to ;(nmy) naj; to tan, scurry^ dress {sldns) 
to matter ;n''n to be Jn^rtsB) rtb^ amount 

.3^1^11 nST »j7ai5 nSn 
to untwist thp ^ringes nia^:^ n px^^s^iK — 
.ni^sf^sc.T '^t^n {of the t^^tii^'V^'^m 
to rob a person np^iK c^t cp^^^K px»3''i« (§L) — 
,r\}:^^V'^ ^^^ btn by tricks 
m HD what matters it? ?D^15^ op MKa s^n "™ 
it does not concern d^ix d^3 'i^.?^ ds^^ edp rb pjis 

^''b na2K ^S me 

,|u?PTicnK=: f];^''1^Kt2D''1H 

.^la ,!7h^ to paint i-. a. f);i1i;''^KDD^\S 

to picturCj describe ;' to paint t;. aJi'^NDD'^l^ 

.iD^jp^ T^ to imagine v, r. ^^i- [|;^Hn 

.fe ih^ to grind all up v. a. ^ f'^KJSB^I.S 

to screw out, obtain by v. a. ;^^2^JKDD''1K 
to obtain by begging niD-i^a tm cunning 

iDP'is i^tr^ to starve, famish v. a. f^l.^^b^'IH 
^s^'i^ 3;1| to starve ^-^ r, ^^t ^ || 
,11& to manage v. n. p^plKDD'^IK 
to man- '^m^ Ip^Ki k to's pp'5 121 p^piK^D^iK -■" 
iiD age tu live on one dallar a week 

*(a^53^3) nJs to build (toii^A bricks) v. a, fiP''10D"'''i^ 

to wear out by pinching v. a, f|?"'7lDD''iK 

*n^^n^ ^l^ ^a pill 
,n?in to reprove v. a. f'^DlDD'*'.^ 
n^? ,t[3n to drill, train v, a, pll^^lDS'^'N' 
pbn to allotj apportion v. a. fl^lWp'lN'''^- • 

*p3£pn in^Ksn •'s^'^ 
to manage to get along v^ n ^^^ fJ^7tD1DD^'iK 

to let ;-p liM rp "110 to avoid v, a. pl^ttD^'iM 

.ihj;_^ ^^i^^ nn a person pass 
to vomit out, throw v', a. imp-- .f^p|pJD£^lH 

*^*pn up 
,33ny s^^a to mix v. a, I^^DD^i.S 
,^)^y^ 1^13^3 mixture « ^^:)^t^^DD''\S 
^9? Q<u? to furnish, fit up v. a. \l)hipm^)H 

.«Tp| ig 39n to milk out v. a. \ph^t2m^ 
r^^K? nt'P to make a man of v. a. \^^^^^W^)^ 
to V. r. l^'^-ll >^?.u to train up, educate 
^Wii'7 nSi become a man 


— 16 


how did you take it into ?d^ik n tstz^Ks ^n — 
? 1^5 "PI? n^p l\s yuor head ? 
•=:p'D PB? to heat thoroughly v, a. [^■SK£D"^'iS* 

.n^^nnn ip Kiiln to unpack ^•. a. [pKSC^\s» 
departure J^^''^ n^*p3 excursion m "S^D**^i 

.t?2Si to paint, color v. a. tj'"iK£D'\S 
to •,y'-\p^ ,ir to shape v. a. f;;r.^Q^.s£S^\^ 

.^?n train 
.r^p_ nT^^j to steam v. a. p*^?i:D^\^ 
to ride out, take a ride o?- drive u. ri. f^KDD^'K 
to break up v» a. || i(r,'?iv^ "^a cid ^y) kji^ 
.(•j-n) rhs ,b^D (a roac?) 
^V iipn to remove by farting v. a. |2fc*i^&D''"lK 

^3 eh -^i; nrzrp clearance sale m ?)^ip'^KDD*'u^ 

.r.y.nt:n ^2 ns* -ii:?p to sell out v. a. fS^lp-iK^D^'IK 

,w"p'»pp it'in to rummage, search v, a. f^p'^KSD^'li^ 

•li-^n to mend, repair v. a. fr^::n'iK&D^\S* 

Qxy.O" ;nunT 'nTpq investigation/ ii'ili^lKeD^I.^ 

n^'ri ration 

to ex- ;u.n^ i-ipn to investigate v. a. Iti^'iKBCIK 

.11D plore 
to fatten ;chx .^D^ri ,n)!-\ to feed ^. a. f^t^K£D''1.S 

.c-^^nn to be fattened v, r. y.'^ -W >ci^q 
.^b; .niJ2 to die out, fall {of beasts) v. n. (I^ED^IH 
r^i; T[^E cr i-pi; p2K nhi to powder v. a, (^i>^'i*ED''"i« 
.o^s'? rnro) notfs D'*c to line v. a. \V^^))'^'^'tO^'^^ 
.binp ri^nn to rot inwardly v. n. fS^'SD^'K 
."ikSD pi'H to annoy greatly 5kj n p'lsc^'K — 
to di- Jibs p]Din to drum out v. a. (p''l£C^1K 
.(•no) ccia .nbj vulge (a secret) 
.ns; <!2*^ s to bulge out v, a. f^^lSD^IK 
.^^Jr) IV, (:::kf ) .15^ to pump out v. a. f^SDlSD^'liS* 

.5i;2? xiiln to accomplish u. a. f^I^ISD^'uS* 
.lar^p dress ??i f^lSC^^S 
to adorn, embellish ;tofp. to dress v. a. fS^iS^D'^IK 
to polish (sAoe*) ;np3 nr\'c to clean I'^ij^j: ""^£1 »iin 
to dress oneself v. r. I^'-H ''<Q'hv:> p'nn .ah^ 

to injure l.nhn to poke (/^?'e) v. a. f^p'^'CD^'iS* 
to take out by >r\2m n.: ^y 5p?p by poking 
.ni^nPi 'X '^^. ^^i" poking 
to play to the end (apiece on v. a. |i^^1^£S''"'i« 
Ai^izn bv pj: nvn) ir^n -\v_ m [the violin) 
,D^D rcbx ,nyn to feed, fatten v. a. ["i^^^£D"^",K 

to meet with appro- ;n2nn to stipulate 'rtp xii'n 
to be V. *-. T'^ - II Jin KL"p .rr:2wn ^zp bation 
to look; ,i5r xek .^ix spent fail, be exhausted 

.nK"]n appear 
to take out the scroll """-'r -£c a irr:r;c"K ~ 
n-T.n.i -^lic N^in of the law from the holy ark 
.tra-ph) z"^pr^ \'^Ht2 
taking out of the scroll of the 'ni C^OPui;:S''K 
|iifjp nnirn -^sp mrr law from the holy ark 

Ar^H-'ph) Z'-pn 
,n^n'2 .2^*)? to wet thoroughly .;. a. fXy:r^'lH 

.ni'in ,u?n3 to waste, pine away o. ??. f^^^rs^d^? 

-^IP to arrange c. a. p'^DS"'*^? 

to school, educate, train v. a. jj;*^t:'^V,DD^uS 

Jtafp to dress mis to build r, a. |P^''^tDDDnH 

.^•^pnn to dress oneself o. 

r, f 

',2^2^ :n":;D ^yo .ijhri to singe o. a fP^^KDCD^uS* 

.pen to heat (a 5^ore) 

•K^p f-nsiD to suck out y. a. [l^pi^!2DD''1J5 

.IppKL^ccMx = lyl^^p.SDDD*'^^ 

to throw out snot, to blow [J^p^XDDD^IH 

•^'THP "^iv.l the nose 
.ni^!^-DC3 c?sp .^S/nn to poison all v. a. f^DDD^'li^ 
.G^x nnDH to threaten »;. a. \Vm^^^^^^^ 
rj2 1:^1 to scrape oat o. a. f)^25^*ipDD^\S 

."Tjirip 5i« to eat awa^^, corrode v, a. \V^V^^*^ 
except, beside out of py^ep. "i^D^IH 

rtp Y'^fi n'zbrp 
,Tp^ ^'nr^ out of town 'Oi'cv "lyn ips'ix — 
.mp-iD x^^ to be beside oneself i^? -ip-'iK ]i^t — 
unusual, extraordinary adj. '"1)7^.)^:^^^^^*^)'^^ 

.'mip 'T]^2 i^'n X^ 

,nj nz^p besides, moreover adv. S^'T^^D'^*^ 

l^in 5'i^ foreign ;'3^^"n outward adj. ']^.^'^V^^'i^ 

Minister of Foreign m '^'^^C::^D"j*i^D''"!« 
Affairs, Foreign Secretary {in England) 

to give a person a slap in v. a. ft^^tCKED"'"!^ 
/nbn 5j; -c^^j^ '^s^c the face 
.?]3to .Ti.^D? to dirty, soil v. a. [^pt^t^K^^D'^IH 
r^ n^-'ep falling out m ^KDD^I.S 
.^^s? x^in .^?b!P to fulfil V. a, p^K^D^V^ 
;^B3 to fall ;-p bs: to fall out v. n. [^KDD^IH 
to take into J^^'c^ ^^i:; to turn out. rosult 
.(niry^) 2'tn nr:K one's bond 


_ 17 


.5npp to raffle v, ^. '\tOVh^Dm 
to twist lr\'iv'^,p^ inn to untwist v, a. f^5];^&D''1K 

,nsts "ib3 to pitcli, coat with tar v. a, f5]^5D^1K 
to be short nbn to be wanting v.n. [^i^&D^1« 

I am short of money is^i;^ d''1k i^?i to^ps dp — 
.p^scxs i3rb« ■'SDS i^M ^1 "i^ p« iJ^M ^^ icn 
n"^Q to brush on the inside v. a. I^^tJ^BD''1« 

^1T~|| ;n^5''3qn |p K^in to unpack v. a. \vhp))Wm 
Sn'^Ant^ m xiein to unpack one's goods v. r. 
*n^5r\ty il^nriCT to show off {/ig.) ;n^^^;ihn ]p 
to ;D'5y7 to send^ despatch v. a, f^ViKIBD^lK 
♦l^^nciK == ipt^t^n equip 
.nes to trjj test v. a. fiixn&D^lK 
nriB to clean from lice v. a. f^^tinDD'^l^ 

.D\33D ri^'S 

;23#. to dress, bedeck, adorn v. a, f];iJnBS"'1K 

«a^il^D to dress oneself v, r. ^^t».|| 

,2p\T vjri to sweat out v. a. w. f^^BD^IK 

♦lbs ^sp^ to freeze thoroughly v. n. p)^W^)^ 

.m to fry V. a. l^h^^'^^m 

«s?1'^ to question, examine u« a. f^j^lBD^IK 

.^kt' npn 
n^t iJshd to press, squeeze out v. a. fDj^lSD'^l.^ 
.fm to iron Kfr^'^saa) nf^m np"? to extort 

?a'')2^5u^n .a^b^ ijlpia paying out / 3J1'7K^D''1« 

.^p^n ai^ipn instalment 
*Wi? tsPD Qb^ .yhs to pay out v. a. f^K^D^I.H 
to sell on installments pK5£a''iK* ^i^ik i&^ip'iKS — 
,wi^ apD a^^^ mipnt' ''K^m mino nsD 
5in ,?n^ to tap out. draw off v. a, \mtm^ 

.r\'mpi iHKisirt extxract m 51^'D^'lK 

.p'^pm P''^s to comb V, a, pK11^D^1« 

.*^pj rDha to pull out, pluck out V. a. fSI^B'^IK 

a^*,p.2 ns! to flourish {letters) v. a. fpl^D^'IK 

distinction I Dim marking / 3JiJ^5^?S^D^1K 

to distinguish ;Q^h to mark v. a. l^^P'Dmom 
iphip to cancel, strike out in^^n .^^nn 
to extract, isn?^ u^i'^ to write for, order 
to distinguish v, n '^'?^--|| ;<isds) pnp,i copy 

.|?b^n oneself 
♦iab .,i2p to count, number v. a. lh))W^)^ 
*f ^i^p ns^ to coat with tin v. a« f)?J^^D''lH 

.-i]inD f^si^n ^-^r^^ to file out v. a, f^l^SD''!^ 
to indent o?^ tooth by filing m ^ p^^aD''i^ — 

;ny to refine ;nc to beautify t;, a. fPl^SD'^l^ 

.^Ksnn to boast v. r. ^lt^|| 
^n-'ll ;Dspn ^yc'^T) to improve -y. a. f"i^J^„^&D'''IK 

.dbnun to perfect oneself v> r. 
"*9 phu? to utter by whistling v> a. [Sl^SD'^lH 

*(pn3 iiiK^) 
,KbD to fill V. a. f^^DD''"!^ 
,1^3 t?33 to weed out «, a. \^'hptimH 
V, n ^lt-|| ;*"D "ip2 to peck out v. a. [p^SDD'^IK 
n:k^^35 i|1nQ Ki'j to break the shell {of birds) 
.mnm n^in to arise (fig.) wanex) nTp3 n? ^V. 

,n:pDrp conclusion m ^^SC'IH 
in detail ado. || ^^isd detailed adj. "])h'^)bO^^^ 

ib'i^b K^ln to carry out, accomplish, v> a, n. pltC'^'''^ 
to abolish Jn^fn to succeed in-d^ to triumph 
93^ ij^in to lead everywhere ;(jn:a) 9s3 
to lay V. r. y^ - i| ; in to hatch {birds) \ aipD 
^5a^ Smti^ i]hi; one's case before a person 

,rm3ii? n^n to get through life pK^ n pvSc^iN — 
5y KJiin 1« ijp^^'n to eject in pissing v. a. f^^£D''l^ 
45"fD to piss, urinate v. r. ^^T^|| Jn^nyn "i^ 

.(0^51) "i-l\£ .JT^ to fish out V. a. p^SD'^l^* 
,19; iHhQ .5^1 to breed, v. a. f^^^^BD^I.^ 

K:^in to disentangle, extricate ["ij^^^J.^'^SS^I.^ 
to extricate oneself v. n ^^t -- 1| ; i|i3Eg iiq-^ Ik 

o^l-^l r^k^ to pave V. a. \")^^^^O^htO^)^ 

explosion ini^ienn bursting out /^Ji^K^DD^IK 

to explode if^Qm to burst out v, n, f2^K^£D''1K 

to flicker out, burn out v. n, flj^pK^SD^'IH 

.^'rni 3ri?nn 
*mB) DD1B jnbi to blab out v. a. f'1^'T'l^SD''1K 

.'ins KiSiri estuary m bl^BD^'lH 

to sound, worm out v. a, \V)'\'^")"l^^htQm 

.(^1D) ^ini "^pn {a secret) 

.s? flowing out / 5ilD^^&D^1}^ 

r'^ji ^BBf'^ '"» 9b sa^i? to flow out v, n. p)htm^ 

*siiy to fly V. n. wMom 

*1p.|? iD"^D to pluck out V. a, \p)ht^^"iH 

*YDI to iron v. a. »p^bDB''1^ 


— 18 


,nt ^^n pDncn to do witliout cyi ]^ |i;D-ipt:^i« — 

It makes ]^iv^ x ^"'ix "ik^kt k b''i« tDD^p cy — 

,v^i<^ Tn« ^i^n n^iy nt one dollar for a man 

it turns out isji^ti;^ .n^^n ^^x m d''i« toDip dp ■- 

.«in ]D ■'n^GK "iu?u:d as I have said 

they cannot y.i ]^')))^ ipDipD-'iK ^ii ]v^Vp iti — 

♦D3DrT ^T? «:2? £!^!5iD^ crK agree 

I have to be p^^x im )U t2^)i< '^^d a^ip Dp — 

/i^n'' fi3t'5 ^5K n"i3i» alone 

it seems to me that m •d'^is' DDip *i^.d — 

n^353 livelihood, subsistence n ^^-5^D^pD''1^5 

,p^n share JnDpa 
bo receive ^^3pttipD''iK y3^v T-^t pxn (iro.) — 
♦Ur'U'.'i to he punished ;i5idj ^np his desert 

♦nii7n prospect \n':Q .hkid look m p"5pD^1iS 

nin i^n to spy Jnx'in to look -u. «. [p^pD"'1K 

♦nsii .nan to expect 

,D^nn ,^"?:d b?sn to cure out v. a, finipD''1J^ 

♦nsinn p^: to kiss much ij. a. \^^>pO'^)i^ 

,5|ns),np.?n inan to beat, lick v. a. f'?l!pD''lX 

to give a sound drubbing idi?7 n pi^pd^iK — 

♦nnna nn^:: np?n 
(nnp) |SiC to cool thoroughly v. a. p)p^^^^ 
*l':)p^nrt .]m^r\ to cool oneseii v. r. ^^t-||;?i^3 
n'^p^ to execute artistically v, a. f^^^it^^pD'^l^ 
'Dlj^n n\yi7 to make artistically PO^^^k idIks 

•^^t^ll ;nn-s£D nb3 .naen to turn «. a. [^llJ^'itpD'^l^ 
to manage (/^.) \n'i%ri niD) nbs to turn v. r. 
u;^« T2 ri^p^ to get along with little money 
.i^Ds toPDS rpDj?^ ^n5^ 
to strike Jishn to beat out v. a. f£)^'7pD''1iS 

♦PSDD off, coin 
.pv^pD-l^ = p''17pD''1« 
»*ih5 to choose, select, pick v. a. [--'^p^'^l^^ 
^|i3n bCi j>repare oneself v. r. l^^-H 5"^'"^^ 

>nr:in^nn riD« n\n to be slow yA pi^^pa-'iK c^ip — 

.nptosKntDD^K = ni^^vt'^pD^l.v? 
to l^^i^n to clothe, dress ?;. a. p'!^^pD''1b^ 
to y, a. y^ - II ;(Dn:i) "uD'^Dn '^'^^^ undress 
to undress iirjiitj; m rs^n clothe oneself 
.rnj2 m is^sn oneself 
^^T~|| ; pnn^ n"^D to glue, paste r. a. fI^!?^pD''liS 

♦(pans) napnn to thicken {like glue) v, r. 
J^iit^iss vj;^'i^^ to ring out v. a. n. \V^^)hp^'')^ 
%Q divulge, spread abroad (a secret) J5ii^iJ 

.-D Kiiln to draw out, pull out v. a. f^^ifD"»1» 
to extract, )nm to stretch, extend i"tt T[\ya 
'^^t-'ll ;n>isns ti'to to drawl ;nDDfi» pn^n copy 
to be pinched ;nnDn to stretch oneself v,r. 

to be pinched for |u?^jn^ k ikS i^i jpiirt^iK — 
.r^^^-^t^ !q« n^ri n\n i^b a penny 
.!o^p. .ns: to adorn, embellish v. a. [I^^^SD^IX 
to measure with compasses v. a. f^^p'n^iiD^IH 
♦npj nsi^^Tf nup to work out nicely ;n;,inps n^n 
,n£5n^' ,pn ,'a'n2 consumption / ^:3^1^!k'D''1J^ 
♦bsK .nnnn to waste, consume t-. a. f"l^2^D''"li^ 
,|P\yDKpa^i^? = I^l.^^^.V!pD^1K 
to roll t). r. l^t^ll ;b5^i to roll ^. a. f^^tOKpO-'IK 

.iDp'fn to slip out ;biib|nn oneself 
;13']2 n b^s to boil sufficiently v. a. fD^^pS^l^ 

♦nme ^^8 i»s) bim ^T bp KSiin to boil out 
il»p to kalsomine, whitewash v> a. f5S|<pD''1H 

.p-iizpn phc to comb out fj^DKpD^I^ 
(p]b3) fiioD'^ to drop or trickle out v, n. f^BKpD^IH 

Am ^V_ 
ttitin to eject in going to stool v. a. tpKpD^IS 
to go to stool v> r. ^^t-||;r:3n^ n^t?^ n.; bi; 

.van^ n't's; 
to clear ;t:?Ti^ to uproot t;. a. [^nj^^tO'nXpD^'IH 

♦(Q^:iytt i« D'^nti^tt) np;_ (o/ roo^5 or /^ree^) 
,a'#£) ,£hx iSs^tn to feed, fatten v. a. fl^DnxpD'^IJ^ 
(/^.) l^^wr^ 'ii'^p to root out v. a. \V)^P'^^pom 

."i«7f ng '^'^^7 to scold vehemently 
to Ipbn to deal out, allot v, a, [^Tl^^1KnpD^l« 

.niipn .n?p assign 
ijbsb to dirty by handling v. a. f^^tt^1ipD^l« 

♦shn lUJn; to dry up v. n. l^^^^pO^^i^ 
^^? - II ; PhD ,mt to squeeze out v, a. Jt^tD^iipD^i^ 
to do something laboriously {fig,) u. r. 

■i''ipDn«=;ppn2 n-op bujdng out m ^''ipD^IH 

. D S P 3 

♦tins .nsb ransom n ^h^^ti^^po^^i^ 
to ransom >]'i'on2 ,i)p to buy out v. a. p'^'ipD'''^^ 
♦"T^nn^'n to free onself v. r. ^^^ - 1| ; Sk^ n'-^a 
,n2K to destroy i^s^i to roll v. a. ivhp^'^po')^^ 
to roll eggs over a "ipi^.i< loi^ |pbp'ipD^i{< - 
♦cnbiiD) nb^ "id np ni^-n nnpn child's face 
to ip^m,^ to do, g«t along v, n. IV^'^p^^'^^ 
to agree, in^rj .Dip to turn out ;.ibp amount 
;D2pn n^b 5<s iDbrn come to an agreement 
♦n«nn to seem ;-^ n^^Dip nSn to have to .. 



19 -- 


^1p proclamation JriK^R exclamation m ^IIDMK 

.n«ni^D ^^P interjection {gr. ) ?? ^'1K11B11D''1K 

to proclaim, publishj ;Khp^ to call ^-^ «. f&'^'^D^^IK 
.''2?^is^ pnin ȣbnj ,!i?n advertise 

.t^l^D .?11| public crier (j?2. B-) m 'ipBl'lC^'^K 
alp^^ ^5j;5 to move, shift {troops) v. a. fpI'lD^IK 

*&n w.ii) c1p?fb 
n,'33. to clean witli a spade v. a. \vh^)^m^ 

to clean by ;phD to rub out v. a. pl^lD^ilK 
nbi to wear out ;!^^iz;sv? HI ^V npA rubbing 
(/^,) Mib|i to be worn out u. r, '^^^-~ || ;nJ3) 
,|1''Ep bs75^ nS"! to becom.e experienced 
reproof ;Kbn?2« subterfuge, pretext m l^^'^D^'l^ 
♦i^ns mxa exegetical explanation ;r!r!Diin 

irris^D KSSin ,r[)i:i to say, utter v, a n, p^^'^S^IK 
to pour out ( one's ; ns^n to reprove, reproach 
;^«3n ™n to stipulate ;(n^ nm t|b|; [Aear^) 
t^VD| ^g "4^ to talk to the end t\ i\ ^It- 1| 
^b r^D ^pti to make a slip of the tongue 

may 1 be forgiven for |i?7 b^t toir'^y^sb^iK d^j -" 
.fiKt nr^Kn nxbnb ^b irn^ «b saying this 
•niKS exegetical explanation /'w ^1J^1^1'^D''1K 

to t5« w. II l-t? Db-i to ride out v. n, |^'L^^&''1K 

.(DID) n2^pi2 aipb^ ^)n break in (a horse) 
to fu- ;i^ j^^p to smoke out v. a. p^S^^'lD'^IK 
,|^j;n •^T's: to smoke Ja^iK^ ^'^D migate 
.:s'o%'7(in^> npA to clean, clear v. a. pW^^^"\^ 
to tear ;""^ir,?p i)ip to tear out r= a^ '?2, fDl?^D''1K 
^m to extract (a )foo//i) iipy out, pull out 
Its ,a'a 'T ^5?) -"nDH to be swept away U\v^ 
y^ -' ||;^L^^K !^")n to give it to a person Knins 
to tear oneself \'^p^T\ to be torn out v. r, 

n'lnriwT] loose 

.npsuiri i\y^K "p-i^^ bs n^rn equipment / 3JltODinD''1H 

;pB9r! to equip ;?pn to prepare v. n [tO^^ID^lK 

'.iD^y n« ipn to prepare oneself -y, r. '^^t-Jl 

.l^^ij ^2 ici'pb pn to equip oneself 

to equip oneself for a :.pii pK y.i lasr.ciK — 

,"l"iiS z^r.nn bs pn journey 

to equip one's daughter nytosKa k |!s3nd''iK — 

,nn3innb nsiis n inn u;^bn 

fco prepare one's own nbsD k "^i? im^D'^ik •— 

.los^pb nbea pn discomfiture 

to glue ;ijp nsk' to paper v. a. f&^7pD''1K 
to cover with mortar ip^^O or patse on 

to ;9''95 ns] to clear ap v. a, p^hpom 

.K;^'Dn invent 
to explode ;pp.:s to crack v. a. n. Ip^^p^'^)^ 
imip to stretch out {one's bones) ;i?p.5^Ct 

to smooth ;bbf3 to wrinkle t?. «, [^IDl^^pD'^'lH 

; lb? u?^9 to knead sufficiently v, a, JtO^^pD^I^ 
^cnano) (Tiia "ii^i to mould 
4PDKpd''i&^ - I^D^pD''1K 
#D to obtain by fighting v, a. p^^pS'^IK 

,9|tt ,nsu?K sweepings ?? p|§"i]^pD''1K 
jpn^'^bn to turn inside out v. a. pPpO^)^ 
to pour out by s^sn ."^bn to tumble, upset 
to P?| n5^s3 nj ^^ ijbu; tumbling a vessel 
to tumble v, r, "^^s-jl ;^h| ,i*"^K^ sweep 
to be poured out by the ;^.ii?jrir! .'^snnii 
^''^a n?^s3 n^ ?^ ^sri-^ST tumbling of a vessel 

to scratch out, scrape out v. a. J5lK1pD''1^ 
to get with difficulty ip'm to erase ;"p ni| 
to scratch oneself ^\ a. ^^t^jj p^pa j\yr! 
»9^93 n"i|ori sufficiently 
f pti^ipciK' D15 dpi 1^ "ip y.i |pp IP {joG.) — 
it^m ''^ he cannot get along without it ! 

! n? ^52 psnDH^ 15 
he is very b^i^ ii? bSiKip np dkii nnp (Joe.) — 
.inpisra iKD Kin priD slow 
to fall off or out (of hair) v. n. p^pD^lK 

.5p.p. ,Qpp, to bend, curve v. a. \pt2)1pm^ 
to scratch ip'pn to engrave v. a. plIpDMK 

,(ar2?3) p'm out^ erase 
to expose, display (oweV t% ^. fj^Sj^l^lpCIK 

.r n (;, ?% ^^t^ll ;(,'^T!ri5> nsn^s^ j^n [^oo*^^) 
nw.n u;''Kp nv k^ not to enjoy v. a. f]^pi)^1pD''iK 

.-5p ^y^^ri to suffer for.«. ^"i^^?? 
,i?;u?n to root out, exterminate v, a, p^^'IS^'lK 
.pin to empty ;r,m nps to clear -u. a. f^^K'°iD''1K 
hbf .Bbn (!?3 to plunder, ransack v. a. p''11D''1K 
.IPDKisn^ == pD^nD^lK 
.nbn to dig out v. a. f^''11D''1.S* 
;(in3K^>nm3D m to rest (oTie's ?^m6s) :;. a. pl*1S^1K 
.ny to rest oneself, take a rest o. n "jit »- |j 



to take upon one- (joe.) in'^'^'^vr] ^3ds nap 
.nmn^ ii^^v ^y ^^P sell the responsibility 
inns dowry, portion {pi f-) / n:;;^_^WD"'1S* 

♦nb? it>^3^p bride's outfit 
to equip ;n'i.3 ]hi to endow ?;. a. Jl^l^tD^D^'IK 

.nb5 ""yn^^ t^3 or fit out a bride 

.(D-'i?tsVa» b^) ?19'^1 "1^1© inventory n p"!tDt5^D^il>^ 

.Dp-i to embroider o. a, ' fp^O^D"'i^ 

.s^5 psD to suffocate or choke all ^fp^^'^S^iK 

to put ;Dnin rp: to prick out v, a. [S^tO^D^^H 

,ppn ,nhn to engrave J (S^ry) np3 out (e^e*) 
,^^nn to exchange, barter ?;. a. \VW^V'^^^''^^ 
.(X (nmnon) ^D'^n n'vv 
.-inp iinp arrangement w f*3KS];tDt^S'*lkS 
.nsniTT) exposition, exhibition / 3in^pt2ti^D"'l»^ 

;nK*i^^ Ji:n to expose, exhibit v. a. p^'OV^O^)^ 
to Una'i') iihu .nnr to draw {a bill of exchange) 
;-T^5 iTiin to teach, train, coach n'lD arrange 
♦(?]D3) t^tn to squander John to ruin, undo 
drawer ;n2r,i;n r-v?p exhibitor m '^V^V'^^^^"^^ 

.^^•p xbp^n "(ZJ^X (o/ a 6tZZ o/ exchange) 
to be covered with stars v, r 1?? f^^^l^^tTD^^.H 
to clear ui^ {of the weather) '>t:^':22i2 n; ^^ '^^^^ '"^'^ 

♦Dh ^K -i^K ni'DH radiation / 3^1^&?"itS^D^lK 

,Dh ^u -^^ti K?'? to radiate t\ a. f'^K'ltOS^S^IX 

.-D ^nb^) ^n to flow out V n \V^^^^V^mi^ 

.np^n to reprove, reproach v. a. [^K'^tOC^D'^J^ 

to strike out, cancel, cross v- a. p'!:i'itD^D^liH 

.Dhto ,;ihD to knit v. a. fp^ltOti^D'^lS 
to send forth, stretch out v. a. fp^'ntO^D''\S 

hriDnn V. r. T^^ll "^'^'1^ ''^*'^P ;n*5'f 
t5nn to show {one's teeth) v, a. f^"l^t^tOt^D''1« 
.(S'ry) ::n"in to open wide {one''s eys) Ka^J^) 

.ais to notch v. a, f];n^j;i^^tO^S^'iK 

■n'^,'! to shed, pour out, empty u. a. P:12^S''"5^ 
to ;"!2^*n -"t^tn to be shed y. r. "^'?-|| :ib-^ nis 
(ny^S) H'nffi break out 

!"'?pD secretion '. .-iine separation / 3J".*'"!;t^w^\S 

to secrete s^'^b to separate <;. a. f^ltt^S'^s 

.r^^^pi^ IP K3iin .?Jis to shell v> a. fS^:^2*\^ 
«. r. T^^-ll ;■"§: to beautify v. «. f>3^.!5^0''^« 

.lbs si: ,bb to run out, trickle out v. n. \V^T\^^^^ 

♦ IpanyaDMH »t ,pj;n ipsnp^a^ix - 
to cool by frequently opening v. a. f]^SD^1£"'uS 

^'^ID nn^ns ■'T ^P (^'s^ •t'i«!i ^^> '^IP, the door 

to enumerate ;n"^^rito calculate u. a. IV^V^V^^^^'^^ 

♦1DD -nip 
.-p I'll to scrape out y. a. p^^S^li^ 
to wainscot, cover with v. a. IV^^T^W-^'^^k 
♦a C'^'ip? (T'p) HD? boards 
•■^^^D] "^I^;. to shake out v. a. f^bpKS^D^l.S 
to be superior bs-iK ps |l'i;o'k |ybpN*\L'D^ij^ (y^^. ) — 
.('nsi nosna imiM) u;^« Sp nbp to a person 

r» .inn to rake out t"^'"^'^^"!*^ 

.i^n .th'fn to sharpen v. a. |&l^ti*S'\s 

^npin .!^^3 to give a good rating v. a. p.]^'^'^^''i^ 

♦1"!.^' to seek in marriage v. a. fl-^J^I.^^ClN 

hv m to obtain by fraud ^. a. t^SlJ^l^^D^iX 

to ;p,tnb nb? to cease sweating v,n. f^'lViE^^o^ii^ 

«inpn Kitin sweat out 

*n^^ .rtnn to rinse i;. a, f^pJ^ilS^D^iX 

' ,b^3D to shoe V, a. f^l^D^lX 

ahn ,Dh^ to slaughter, kill off «, a, [torrD^iH 

.K^bp stuffing / 2::ieKtoi^s'is 

»Kbp to stuff f, a. |£.StO?^D^1i< 
♦nnj^m^) n^5 n'^sbn bride's outfit / ::)n^£^t:rD'^i« 
,m>r\ IV n^D to become extinct v. n. pl^tOl^'CiiS 
to finish a course of studies v. a. ("in '^IS^D^iH 

^'iiis^-pn "'.c^ 
,p;ih*p np3 to dust v. a. |2?l^^D''iX 
,:2to^i ^r\^ to pound thoroughly d. a. [D^^tli>D^\S 
to make anything of shreds v. a. f]^Vi^p*t5'^£'^J< 

»nis?ap^ ts^H^tsp 'inn ntp and patches 
^mv ^''m:^ l>v_ -ni>:n to outbid v. a, n, (^rt2K^D'l^5 

."D Tn; lb? fcJii; to get out or off 'iniJ 
ti? -i?:y to stand to the end v. n. a. p.VC^C^"^^ 
to ;{?(£:' P,'5n to stand out, be owing -n-cn 
yT-|| .^is .Ku: stand, bear, endure, suffer 
to lose strength, get vapid {of imne) v. r 

to have outstanding ?"!^!£*z;o'ik e^yj j^xn - 

.c"H SiiK ni::in i9 n\-i debts 

to stand the accusation t.z^'z cv^ ji^du'd^.h - 

.^t38,-!-«\i^'n Stich .n r^o (i» 

.'?Ky^3 g oiajieBwa ,-, pe <s .BHpHnaxn .i^,-; (» 



■1\| to cut out with scissors v. a. py^D'^K 

to irihf^ to sbretch, extend v. a, ]V^^^^^"^^ 

»c^c nnnn nrp unharness 
to paper, hang with paper v. a. ["^'^i^BB^C"^^ 

*3n>rt to distend y» a. p^tt^'D')^ 

,SD%'i ben i^n to spy out ?>. «. p''JK^£E^D"'i« 

Jp^ D bs ip'-^; to spit out y, a f^'^^^^C''^ 

in'£? ^V pnp to play to the end v. n. a. p'S^O''"'^ 
ti^^'^^PXhv^'^^^'^rA^ritv^ to improve by playing 
h^p to raffle spnupa n!?^n to win ;(i'r '^sj 
to spin out, draw irHia to spin v. a. IP1£^D''1K 

^"^■D^n '1'^» out 
to pointy sharpen to a point v, a. J^^B^D'^IH 
"[^t-||;Q?p lir^ito end, conclude nm nu?^ iilO 
.*^in -iv^ ^^ ^ibn to narrow into a point d. r. 
liO spy^ i^^^i] ipn to trace v. a. fl^BK^D^'K 
^^nni "ipQ t'^a reconnoiter 
.9.11?? spy, scout m '^V'^)mDm 
>^t>'2^ .n"!^^ pronunciation / *^K'1&^D''1K 
.fim to sprout, bud, v. «. f^K^B^D'^IK 
firma- intD-f?^ ,^-iQip spreading / 2JroinB^&^1K 

*^^pl ment 
'>r\h^ ,mQ to spread out, v. a, [^1!!'^B^D^1K 

to ifpQm to burst, crack v. n. ^^2i1"la^D^1^? 

.nis) Kr to come out Jfisnn break out 
Jn^|5 to spirt, squirt out v. a. n. f^n&'^D^IK 
.ants i^i^^ to spout out I wg to sprinkle 
' \m^ to pronounce v. cl pynm^H 
j'^b ^pn to unscrew, serew out v. a. [B^I'T^D^IK 
; DnpnDS zh^ to write in detail v. a. fS!_^^.^D^1K 
to write for, order by ;("iddd) pripn to copy 
to strike out ;nxnn ^i] ^p_ ]pin i|t)t mail 
to become v. r. °]^t-~|| ; cnsa^^'is) ph?^ (o/« te) 
;n:2\n|n 5.^ ns'in ^iinn experienced in writing 
li^nnn to exhaust one's literary talent 

;?1P9 K'li^ to cry out^ exclaim v, m r])'L^"i^D''1K 
.cpng >n^n to proclaim, publish 
.(n^sns) !ln?^ district (w Russia) m "IT^'^'K 
4ln?^ ^t? of a district adj, V^'^^^T^^ 
eye (0/ a needle) \]p ear (i^L f-) n ^T*^^ 
^''^l 11 in^-'S^-n^^ handle ;£3D^*"n1p 
3'''^^ °]i^n to slander pp'^iK n p« pKiDa^ — 
to listen attentiveiy pp^iK n pyts-^'SK — 

*3i&p ^"1 ^z'pn 

*np5i p]tD^' to scour x. a. p^^'^^^^IH 
.ni¥n?33 ni^^p "p^p to scold, curse i;. a, "^^'^''^^D'^iX 
to burst, ^HT to shoot, fire v. n. fS^t^D^'H 

.f^isfin explode 
p''"s to discharge, unload to v. a. fS^^^D'''^ 
nT> ^i\^ to disembark v, a. ^l?-!! »n;2K!p K'^n 

,c"2i r.iD^pp? n''5 u; to send out v. a, (p^^O'^-iH 
.pnp .nnpp eruption m S^^^C'^ 
.nsn to beat out, knock out v. a, p^b^D^'l< 
to strike out {the n?'|; to break out \Y^i 
.•(ry-^x) 'f'^^mt^ to break out '^invvny n^n [hour) 
a^Kt^f^ ,t^^) J^nn to churn 
to make the expenses n1K^^^rT n px^i^^onK - 

to slaughter all, massacre v. a. p5K'?^B''X\* 

.in f^; to sleep enough -y, «. "]!t t£Ni^t>D''\^ 
to nn-fD 'ilD CO wnet, grind v. a, ^I&^5'?1^B''1K 

,ah!2 t'&d^ polish 
to make a bow or looped 1;. «. ■ (£)!1^S^D''l^ 

n'^p i'-^P knot 
.9^?n IP n^^in exclusion / 2^1D^':?^D**i^ 
.^5|3p IP K^in ^"195 to exclude v, a, ID^^^D'^u^ 
to li, r. l^t- ||;nhD ii]t'9 to drag t?. a. f£)^b^&^\H 
,f5lDip?fn br)2 ;^b3 n=i3 ipjs wander about 

to have a talk, discuss w. «. ^^t [Di^lD^D"'lK 

^cty-'SM nsno) t^'ih to forge ?;, a. f^^J^^D 1*^ 

,npb5 ."^TO^ n2)i3 to whip, flog v. a, p!.^^l^&^1^ 

*nTO ihha to smear w, a. fn^tst^D^IK 

npi to purify by melting ^. a, n. p^J^t3S^D''1^^ 

.Dton lamn iiioin to melt out ;^^nn n^ ^|? 
to smell ;lDn 'ly hin to smell v. a. fp^D^D'^l^ 
♦b|i nph out, nose out 

.lt| .np^nn cut, clipping m ^^^^0"^%^ 
to carve S"^ ib^ ,^nn to cut out v. a. plO^D^'lN 
.°-D i|nhn to be cut v. n T^l - || ; nr)s .rhn 
,d^D to geld, castrate "^pr.^ n pi^^ro-'is^ — 
.ca^n^fij) npa to blow {the nose) v. a. fS^l^it^D'^'H 
.nns .ri'in to carve v, a. fX^^^D"'°4* 
»Q^b^qn nm t-^nn to unlace •?;, a. f'^^J^D'^i.N 
to form a line, draw up in v. a. pl''P5.P^D^1K 
*(K c^sT'tyj^) nnr^v^ t^d .n^ir^ ijh^ a line ( soldiers) 

*P1'^ t'^^ afe^ to drain off, empty t?. a. pl^^D"'ih 

Jii^yi^^ I'^yi, I'^ya^s^'^H s^zykowac ,i c« 

.;;'• sD3n;?J&''i» 

— 22 


lo make t22«ii n* £a')» ^^^^ii h i^jar^i^^ti^ (id) — 
.jun H*? ;nmnti* an awkward match 
to {fig.) ;sD?n!:i to flare up v. n. fP^*^nD''1« 
♦?13Krii:i iU;''H nan lyn fly into a passion 

.rjDni? ''pT ffiD^^^p ^TD*] earnest m Si^2£''1K» 
task ;r]^^ ."rip^ lesson ;nb«^ problem /^nK^&''1iS 

.cnonri hm rni'^'n;, ;nbj?!5 .n»'?i7 rising m ii^KS^ilK 

."by n^J^a'i' pouring upon m DKISD^'lb? 

.(nttH) nht ;«te2nn ,nbv to rise f^^^D'^IK 

rbv ^a^ to pour upon v. a. fD^i&''1i^ 

puffed up, (fig.) ;mQ3 swelled ac^J. ftxSn^2D''1i< 

*^r\)m .HK^^na .ns5ri?i haughty 
haughtiness ims>^ swelling / t5^!pJt«'?2ps''1« 

JIZ?in to propose ;n^:7 to give up t;. a pj^:i£)''l« 
to feed ;(nj» .b'v:in} u?jd i^^O "^o serve (ac^^sA) 
•Dia'fin n3toD bv. I^^D Q^^ {a printing press) 
feeder {on a printing ;pj2iti proposer m '^^^^3D"'1^ 

angry, enraged, incensed adj. ^5K*nn^)^^1^^ 

.iz^Lsi'? •'^ifPi^P '-1«^'0P 

.t2V_i .n^:f5. anger, rage / tD!?p^::K^n^:i£)''1« 

.K^3iD*i towering, rising, high adj. tO/D^lltO^^S^^K 

to be on friendly terms v. p. [l-^T pK1tDi;:i&^1i^ 

to be ;nh2 ,nbn to swell c. p. p^ll pifillD];^^*'!^ 

,1.^'inn .^y? agitated 
enlight- (/i^.) J CDl'^^ fermented adj. pH'');^S"'\S 

.b^ari^ ened 
tumult, riot JDj^-bni^ concourse m ^l^'?;;^^''!^ 

.YX^r^ snrunken ;nm swollen adj. \t^h^^t)'>)^ 
to shrink im^^ to swell v. p. ]"^V"^^ fSN!b^3£''1.S 

(vell-dis- {Jig,) ibspp folded a^/. tD^5:7];5&''V^ 
nrjj^^ ,3b-nlD posed, good-humored, cheerful 
.nnr^u .3^-2113 good disposition / tO'L^ptDi^^S^:i&*'1^^ 
,to3K13yjDMX = ^r.SpPD''\S 
upstart, parvenu {pi. V^-) m "^V^ \\ V^^pV^ii^^^ 
♦nbnjb lx "lu^pb nbv-q nbp: 
,b^3-^a enlightened ac?/. tD1^'^'p^2&^1K 
well- (/^.) ;^'nDD set in order adj. tO):*Ni1^:iD''1« 
•n^-siiD disposed, good-humored, cheerful 

good dis- {fig,) nnd order / tDviptSSDK^^r^S^lK 
♦nri^\y ,2^-2152 position 

•^^^D^^ 21^:; to be restored v. p. p^ll tD::n:^:J&^\^ 
.«toD to be raised 

to be ovei head pp-'ib? n ip^^K ss^^^iks pJi — 

.ntp n^riK nn^ and ears in Jove 

to be in debt np''i« n ipsik main px p-n — 

.nmn~ yipu n\i over head and ears 

.isn !5^n>? wood-cock m f.SM-1^'''".>? 

-*ppp cp DDiJiD cap with ear-laps n ^^^^"'1^''''.^ 

.|tkh HKiit ear-wax ?? DpKir"i^^\v| 
eye {of a needle) I ''^^"X .na^;s£-n*'2haundle nh'^^^'iH 

.ns5^D2 |tkn-np??; ear-lap of a cap n htph^^iT"'^ 
'it^T^lu^^? ear-picker n ^'^^B^^-n^^-.H 
open pred. \\ ;-| in ;"S at ;5?7 on prep. ^'•"'H 
.n?^in?f5 in a turmoil in^insi 
.]n3^ti 5p on the table ^id opn t^^ii^ — 
in Yiddish, in English 'C':5:i2p ?"pi« ,u;nr ^^i« -- 

.n5'?2 at night mk5 ip^ -pin — 

to be np HNi to be up, be awake p-n fl^^^? — 

.r,i:i',nr:^2 n^r^ in a turmoil 

syllable prefixed to verbs for va- 2^ref. "£^*^ 

nlKiln^ a^;?pb^ nss-: nirq rious significations 

^iif to recover one's breath v. n. fPI2^tOKS''1lt 

»|5n in"^p to make, prepore v. a. ftD^^nlKS^'l^ 
♦nj22 building, construction m ''1i&"'1H 

.r^'^ to build, construct v. a. f^''i:n£''uS* 
npn to incite to insurrection v. a. fP11>*t^^1iB"' i^ 

^^^^^ illp inh^? 
.1^: to unbend, straighten v. a. f^^^^S^'IH 
.n2^\p?2 nh^ to bite open v, a. p^_^iS'^\^ 
to ;nris t^m to untie, loosen v. a. pJ^^D^'i< 

.-? "i\L'iD fasten 
to swell, \mi to fill with wind v. a. \^h'lti^\'i^ 
to be inflated v. r. ^^i - || ; cph ,nEi2 inflate 
.CDhnn nK2nn to pride oneself {fig.) la^l^n 
(/^^.) ;nhs? ^nnn to blossom ^•. n f:i?^b2S''i.^ 
.n^an to flourish, prosper 
.n^hti^ 2iu> to revive jp^^ns'iK ip-i-in ~ 
,|/3i53 .pinn to flash v. n. \'^)h:^t^^H 
to turn over the leaves of v. a. pV^V^^^^^ii 
.bpbp ,•!&& ^5p^ "Tibn a book 
.nri^ ,nnin to boil ?;. a. Ii^^in£''lSi 
;ans^ ^b*|^ to break open v. a. n. p^^^f)^\t^ 
to be bro- "[^t »» || ; ntt^j? nr to step forward 
♦hnsfii n^fn ken open 
-P|^2 K^r; to bring together v. a. \V^^V'^'2^^)» 
♦*l^pn lapa.n to make angry ',ii\^^^ 


^ 23 


to tind ;u?2n .t?p„? to look for v. a. i3iT6''lK 
.i^mr to be found v. r, ^^t-»|| i^m 
■Ctn';; •nn'^r, 0^)1 tc boil ap v. a. n. p^tS^IK 

np^s." t,o superintend, supervise v. m fPlS'^^H 

.m?:;?^'.n^^ .nr^nnn sensation || Jm^n 
.np.£!; superintendent^ supervisor ??i "i^yi6''1K 

:<'*'?r;2> S'U to put (tw a eurriage) w. a. f^pi&'"1H 
r>zr to compose imvnK) "ito to set {tyxje) 
to gpi into h, carriage v, a. '^^t^H i'^hp 
;d-d "^y iby to get on horseback irh^v^ 2U?; 
to retract one's Hn^jaa) "yv) '^'^) to sit up 
♦(5 X'^mt} itn word 
lo ;&nln iprr to unseal i). a. fPPlsrin&^lK 

♦nhB open 
to gnaw, eat away, corrode v, a. p^'O^^^&'^IK 

x^-in |;:?y nbp ,Sj;s i^u^n to achieve v. a. fK^S'^IK 
;nN*m!t invention ;nb^p£! achievement m 1'0&''1K 
^npni; nbianci trick 

to sew together in a bung- v, a, fi?3iptO&'^1K 
.nlDj nii''sn3 nni ibn ling manner 
,|nD=i K*^D relations m XH^i^B'^lK 
to bring from many places t). a, f^^'^^S'^lK 

iniu^^l to drive dogether i). a. p!?'l^&'^1K 

'tn? •^J^'.T to shake up t>. a I^^Sd^.^'^B^'IS* 

.np^aln appearance m tD^*n*^&''1^ 

to appear, make one's ap- v, n, f^^^'^tCS'^'l^ 

,m] .^''sin pearanoe 
to rip *ODfin ^ns to unsew ^?, a, f^^]^1tOi)^1K 

.nhsi pi[? open 
ID! ^"^I to drive together 'u. a. [^«'£)''1^ 

.Dbn to ferment v. n. ["ip^&^IK 

to i^\bri to catch up, snatch ?^. .a [£K2D''1K 

to accept eagerly °,]ftif or take u-p (words) 

-f^i?n to rise, awake v. r. 1^^-|| ;ni^^^m bsis 

'PlP^tin to start mjpnri 

to accept very ea- D:pn pi^^i J3i» |ax3S^i« -"- 

.ns'i npwns bsp gerly 

.<S'nBD ^ti?) nm"n?5 .riH^^n edition /^^K^B^^H 

.fS'lf'B"'^ ^'2 3J^S5^'T{^3 •'yi p^ Ca 

.nhsi ibh to dig up v. a, pH'^SS^'IH 
V. r. yj -- II ; 1^ Dpns to gnaw all v. a. f^^'^^B^'^K 

nk^ ni^'^^n to be aggravated (fig.) 
mn to expose ;n^j to uncover t% a. [pl^'lS'^IS^ 

night-time.?. II ;nf^b at night ac^f. tDr^:ij?nB^^.S 

'^T:^ np 

.-^p DS-iD to print on v, a. fpl'^'ID^Ii^ 

.^D! P"^i5 to twist together v. a, |^5ni&''1« 

*^D1 pni to press together ^?. a. fpniS^'IK 

.^11 to raise^ rear^ bring up v, a. fJ^nK'lH!ns''1J^ 

.nn-'^a) ns''U?'! stay ',nD^pr\ support m ^h^tlb"^)^ 

;^3P. to detain ;i]'Dn to support v. «. [t)^K,'1&''1.^ 

."in iiy i^u;^^ to stay, live v. r. y^ - 1| 
' in^?^ one .yp^ to open with an axe 'c. a. fpKH&'^IK 

»(n2tt> nh^ to open (a wound) 
y^ - II ; K"^5 .ain to raise, lift up v. a. [n^^n&'^IH 

.a^nnn ,aip to rise v. n 
to ; rt^n to hang up, suspend i). a. [j^^^^.lS^'l!^ 
.(mt3 ast's iV nu'K tt^^H) !i'5r hang {a crinmial) 
.pp£D cessation, discontinuation m *lI^n&*'1K 
.»^iD ''^D endlessly ipns^iK |k jk — 
i^hn to cease, discontinue, end v, n. p^.l£''1K 


,(n5W) ^ilpnn i|r^pn to awake v. n. pKllS^'IH 

to nba sHDiP ahp to heap up v. «, f]^''^K1ia'')K 

."5p D?:pn nh^ heap on 

X'"K^ nS^i 5h| to grow up v. n. (DpKl1i)''1i^ 

,r\hip attendance ; n^mfi waiting / 3^1tOlK11&''lK 

to wait on, at- i\mD to wait v, n. f!DlKV,£''1K 

,ni^ tend 
to throw together, heap up v» a. f£'nK11&''1t* 
to ;^in to taunt ;npln to add ;ih^ '!^?fli? shp 
.(n^Ktt') lllp raise (o quesUnn) 
,m»V> "illp .ndn to instigate ^. a, \^h:Tnt'^m 
.nqin in^in to show, prove v. a. \W)t^)^ 
to roll ; -Hi *ih2 to wrap up v. a. \phplW^)^ 
to un- ;nDs n^;)2) nrs^ SS| to unroll ;^b| up 
.651) v^Q) bbi furl 
<fp,^ nj?n to rouse, awaken v^ a. fp^llS'^IK 


man composition (pZ. f^t ^ .f^Ht ^ ) ^^ f*Kt||a^"lK 
.(K (a''^5 ^w "^KB head-dress 


^. 24 — 


.Dr.2 to open r. a, iVn'tV^'^''^'^ 

.cntsn^oS •rrnji.-rV) nt^np challenge / 3:n];'^^'SS:''1K 

xr^mh^h .-n:;in^) sh,"5 to challenge v. a,. pD^i<tb^'^.i< 

/t7\s Tys x^'sn to strike v. r> i'^^.ZV^^ 

,nn\'ii care ; n*'?"^?^^''?;? attention / '0*rK£&''>^ 

bo take ;2b a^t^ to pay attention >.-. n. IC^tt^M^ 

♦"iMin care 
to ;tnS^an) n« r^Lcn to pack np u. a- |pi^£&"s>^ 

.(-^^snn |rj5» xiiin ."^nn unpack 
.-.-To: aipjp^ -"i^^^*'!''^ to come together v. n, p'istV^'i^ 
•inn ijn HHK to couple u. a. I^"-u^£&^^s* .p^CD^ii^ 
.nnnn,'! .ji-n/H ?;. r, I'^-ll 
.1J?3 <ar^p dress «i pBD^^uS* 
.n^'s .ns: to adorn ". to^p. to dress i;. a |l'-£'D^l^? 
•nwn;nn .:in^D conduct, behavior / ^^I'^^S^'I^ 

.phcD performance, play '.^'tvip 
,pny to perform, play, represent v. a. p'^tt^^^ 
to condact one- v.i\ ^lt-|| ;(|vir rm 'py) n^in 
r^riinn self, behave 
*^ip^:? ibs ispb to peck or pick up v, a. (p^£&^1^^ 
^bK inh^i "ip3 to open by pecking ;(iii::£ ^m) 

.(DTK ^J?) ib3 

to fly :nnbnn to blaze up v. n, \)^m^tt^^^)^ 

.%s' nhn '=n?^p.nrT .^s^nn into a passion 
to untangle .5. a. ' X^^V^^ht^m)^ .fr^J.^SsD^lK 

.•^l^icri nns nrin 

to renew ;v;s3 ::^'ri to refresh o. a. |^ri£S''iiS* 
.Tiij; to encourage J^ID 
,^n\ phi to press together u. a. pP'n£)D''"lK 
.n^i npvrnii '?d^{ to devour u. a. tS^'"i£S*'"lH 
T^-I|;^r)"nn .i;:y] to startle v. a. [^^^^^S^'i^ 
•J?.'I?.in to be startled v. r. 
r^1';) "^ks .mj^en show, pomp m T^^'^^^ 
to be ibnsn innpn to terrify v. a. n. pV'^'^^^^^^ 
hri'2T] nnsin terrified 
,nir^'^ note / :y<:iV^))tb'^^ 
.2hD .Dt7i to note or write down i-.a. IP^V^"^.^^^'^ 
to pay down 'nit? nbD to count o, a. [v^^^S^^^? 

to ;ini "^'^^ to draw together v. a. n. [^^!J^S''\^ 
to ;in)pn uian to wait " ^i^n .bi| bring up 
.(-iji'r?i,i rx) n^i^s c"ip salute 
.ibj3 b^H to consume -u. a. fl^^S'^lK 
to boil ap (.%.) :iin .b-^'^ to boil v. a. p^pt^"^^ 
D, r. l^T ~ || jTp.n ."n^Q rbpn a person's blood 
to be enraged {/ig.) :^'^':?nn to be boiled 

ipt5 nsn to bring together v. a. P^^KDO^^pD"'!.^ 

,"^i? cpyn .iV^ to load o. «. piSS&^lH 

to swell, rise, -v^pn to flock v. n. (&"?^£'V^ 
.I'^sni CO shrink ■■''i'^'ir<n intumesce 

:^i^ fi'i::-! c*^ to put together »;. &. (2"'?£''^H 
to load ; cr'^n Sv> -^wirt to raise -'c^p, to fold 
to be folded »;, r. I'l -II ;-'5y D?ip,.i pis on 
i(n3"ij3 ■riHiji.-'a> !^,nn'^\n to club together '^^pn 
.r!;-,D "-^nn ?h: to contribute 
to go round or out of one's ^yn p^i^s^iK — 
.HDnxiii 1i5n .imn app way 
.n*nn? ::iu7 1x ::ur, to revive v. a, n. pvhb^^i^ 
to collect (<io^o^*om') ;nns to open y. a. [2K!2S^1H 

.(nuij) |/bp^ =iDj^ 

.1"^ to paint y. «. I^i^?2S^^H 

n;2J collection (of a debt) v, a. i^'^O.HDD^I^ 

.nb| to collect (a debt) v, a. \P^^^t')^ 

.n'^l .nMijixjnr} encouragement / SJI'^iPtCO'iDD^lK 

,2b f?i^ nyv to encourage d» a. j1tDr.D&^\S 

nrrn resuscitation, revival / :i:n|;t::i%:2&''1>S 

,r]\m itiinnb 
2tr\ to resuscitate, revive v, a. p>^*02'!!2£''1H 

.nnnpn .nV^? mixing / .ir.^^DS''''.^ 
tofindby turn- ;::iy^ ibb^ to mix v, a. pi^S'^l^ 
;biy^p. ■'T by ^^1^9 ing the leaves of a book 
♦cnn'^) 1310 to remind {soraefhing said) 
.13^ D^-^J2 ,n-^'p^D .pie- attentive adj, K«tp1^D&^1H 
,nb n75^'^ /Hi^^s 'Hrf'pn attention / tO!^pDKtp1>;?^£"^lK 
sleeping shelf on the top of a m [iT'l^^'ja^lK 
i^^n^ bi;?a^. r\'^bp) D^-^ip-nex:-;, Russian stove 
,(,"i'Dn3 onrNv-i ^W3) n'-by |1^^b 
bbK to eat eagarly {as dainties) v. a, ft^^^jS^IJI 

.(D'pn?::o IDS) nsi ■Tik^n? 
nznnn to agree, concert o, rec. ^\)1 [^21''J&''1K 
.(Kir.ES nib-tSnri b^^n 
.--.fcn to sew V. a, \^'Vii'\^ 
.D':s nb^p_, reception / ^JID^^&MK 
;-\3s b^p to receive, entertain v. a, fl^SI^3&'>iH 
.ih"i i-"iuK to gather up 
.njs to build v. a. f^^ritOSD"'"lH 
.*D^r;c) nn to string {pta7d,s) t\ a. [I^7^3B'^"1^^ 

to u. r, 'l^t-|j;l^2 b-N to eat up i;. a. fD^a^'.^ 

.lytpi^n grieve 

to -lysnysyb k i^j fcyS'iK fj/iv^n q^^ iif idps^ik — 
nKD ^v^iin be greatly distressed 

,CHK)xaTbCa .1 in 




'rrJ^'IP, ^T, ^li nn^na tearing open / 3J1D!5'i6'^1K 
explo- ;(nss ^r) nn^ri? opening {of an abscess) 

.n)^)&nr} sion 
%o open snhsi S7."i)? to tear open v.a.n. fD!^1S*'1K 
to explode Knss) ypsn innsn {of an abscess) 
»Drsni ^'ii's'-r to be torn open v. r. ^^t ^ || ; ypBm 
.\)iBti2 lQip?f!p Qip to start up 
,^n^ irritafcion inncn provocation / 3J:i^1^'i&''iK 
*.in| to irritate ;npn to provoke v. a, \^1)^t^^^ 
.|!3K3 iQ'^n sincere, true «c^'. ^r^^^lS^'IK 
Mm .cri sincerity /^^.^pifO^nD^IK 
Joni to comfort ;&i?n to raise v. a. pOSllS^lK 

.b^p to rise v. r. 1^t--|| 
nm happiness iniim comfort / ^2^^)"^^^ 

.rr^p] salvetion 

,np'>1p tearing open m B^'^SMK 

.n^'inu commotion 'jnnilpnri stir m 'I^IS'^IK 

to set in com- n'llp to stir up v. «. f1^l£^1« 

.VM x^in ,it)p motion 

,m rfiiu-'p^rin excitement / iJI^PlS^IK 

.mil to excite v. a. pP'iB'^lK* 

»in: nw to reckon or count up v, a. IP^))^^'^^'^)^ 

.in: ^'^^ '^^1 to scrape together v. a. pK^B'^iK 

.nnm ribv^ ,^,ia to swim up v. n. f>^D^Vit^&^l,^ 

'DP^nn .nh^ to swell up v. n. p^ll^B*^'^ 

to be imji ,ni;".n to shock v, a. n. pJ^T^I^D^lK 

♦^^s:a I'y] shocked 
n'lD uprising, rebellion {pi [ - ) m l^^^t'^S'ilK 
.pi^an npn to unhung u a. t&K^e'6''lK 
to fall 0. r/in^||;pni to belch v. a. pl^^S^IK 

*2'''i ,nif|n out : 

resurrection ;.TOp^ .hd^P rising / 5JiiS15tO^B*'lK | 

.nj>;? rise / 3i1^!r^^£)^u\* i 
to ascend : c^imi ..l'?p to rise v. n. pi^^^&^'lK I 

tc ; ssfrnrt iDpJDD aip to stand up 'U. n. p^^K^&^IK ; 
tc rise, revolt ; in^'Nf'D a^p rise, get up 

*li?5 ^dplpnrr 
to rise from the dead QNnsn n^nn pi£su?s^iK — 
*Q-nDns Dip ,n^nn^ nn^; 
to ;nn: -ibri ,nm to stitch up v, a. p^^^ft^^iK 

.^h^\ np5 pierce open 
iarrr ipj?.-! to put up, set up v. a, (^^^^D^V^ 

,,133 ,Qp.r! to erect 
^© pri^k up one's ears pp''iK n ibirtsy^s^iK -™ 

,nt7p 21 nti?pn 
4 is I? is ty 6 n K -= fpJ^^K^&nil 

to associate with v. r. y^-^W It'^i^^ u^'k* nii*? 

to spring inhn ,ni^ to swell t?. n, f^^np£''l^ 

.rb3 upj bubble up 
to buy up, engross, forestall v, a, fi^'^ipD'^L^ 

»bbn rfjpi cnpn 
D'"^p?>T engrosser, forestaller m li^B'^ipS^liM 

,bbn nl:pb 
to come ;nbn.ib Ik i^yS hb^ to rise v. r. f^D^ipD''"!^ 
nSn into use^ get into vogue or fashion 
(l^n^Kb nm to recover {from an illness) l^n^pb 

'X ^^ '^^^ ^^ Join by knocking v. a. f£KSpS''1.S 
.mm n^n to knock open m^^ti 

.pi^bpiMK -= p^l^pS^'lK 
to collect ifap i^b^ to gather v. «. pl^SpS"'!*^ 

,(e]D5) ^uh to save {money) ly'^U 
,nib''ep3 ^^D to plaitj ruffle pb^*5 pi^bps^iK — 
to J-bj; p^'ij pann to paste on v. a. [i^^^^pB^M 
.pnnn i^n paste together 

.|P1lbp5MK = pJ^^pS^m 

.nb^u^D enlightenment /iJll^^pB^IK 

.bsf'D to enlighten v. a. fl^^^pD^^H 

.gps to crack (a m^ v. a. p^^pmH 

.am %,^ to fold {p^pe?^) v. a. f^^^^JpD^l.^ 

,rp^p ^pn to untie ntb to tie up i% a. p^JpS'^IN* 

;a'''i1ns|n ons to unbutton v. a. fi^^SppB''\S 

* ^t3^^?s5 nn? to unbutton oneself -y, r. '^)^ - 1| 

*im mm to sweep together v« «. f'^j^pE'^l^ 
tohu to open by scratching ^^ a, JXK'ip6''1.S 

.(?|D3) to^b skS ^bK to scrape together imm 
fpin i^pn to clear off, remove v. a. fl^23Kl6^lM 
*(n''3) nil nip to set in order {a house) ;np2 
to stir up, set in commotion v. a, pJ^II^S^lX 

*TiP.i '"^"i^.iD -I no 
mb^ n©p^^ ,^lip"bip appeal ;nis*nf3 call m ?]n£^i.^ 
^K'lp^ to invite, \t^p^ to call up i;. a, fSllS^liS 

*^npi^ ,pp to call together 
calling up to the reading of n DJB''i'l&''1K 
n^Sth r\\bvb nij^lp the Law {in the synagogue) 

to draw up;fi''la nan to unbolt v. a. fpllB^lH 

*nni^ bK ins^ n:ip 
.nna ipn to unbolt v. a. p^'^'i^S"'!^ 
.1^3 bbK to eat up {si) v> a. pinS^'lK 
to communicate with each v. rec, y^ pIl^'^B"'!^ 
to understand ;^nKl ^v. ^'k Q''W^ kms other 
to agree, oon» iin^T '':3^n^ ^'« pn each other 
.^n^S nib^an© ^an cert 


- 2G — 


not to care about a ]^v^:'.ii d^k i^itou? ts^: — 
.v^ab ab c^^ x'? person 
.<H ni^n QT'S on a Sabbath-day nnu; ci« ~ 
.n^j^y again ;n'?D about, round p*e/! '^'^ 
r^{< <Kb not, an-, in~, im- pre/. '^'^'^ 

{<b unpleasant, disagreeable adj. C^jJ^'JSOiK 

to alter imp to change v. a. IlJ'"lI;'^:)KD^^5 

iDifp ni^-js ipij? independent ac?;. 2^3ii^riDS^!21i^ 

.^u?sri ,Q^*inx ny_i2 '6ri irxu' 
n^u;-js nrrpj; independence / tD!.^p2'::iJj;M£.SD'iK* 

.ri'iin x'Qh Ai2-JiV 
;n\3'47 v'ln to plough again u. a. p^pKDlJ^ 
.n-'DDD uj'in to plough around 

confusion ;Dn^p-t^b disorder / ^Jiil^^^nKDlN* 

.p^i^^n embracing / 2:^0^*liSDlX 

.psn to embrace v. a. \V^V^'^'^^^ 

l"]^] ^ri5:a dishonest, unfair adj. '^^^tDi'i^DlK 

.-lUJi-K^ dishonesty / tDl^p^H 
;nflD initt i6 inconceivable adj. ^^^Dl^l^K^DI^ 
.pi» ^«■buj no ni^Dri inconceivableness / tO!_^p - 1| 
/ ^L^p -11 ibsa^ iijiba unlimited a^f tSii^::?-l2KnD1« 

.ba^K! irKU? na nj^i^n unlimitedness 
thoughtless, inconsiderate adj. ^^KIK^DIK 
thoughtless- / tDl^p-|| ;nj;in nr^?" ^ba ,n\7r"'N 

.nn^n? ^x ness 
.•^■i.j;.ri bp. insignificant ac^J. ^^"iJtDvinKnDliS 
abso- adv.\\*^bri^ *nim absolute adj. to;lJ^K2D"'l^5 

.n^*ri|i ,iD,?nns .^Kjn di^' *ba lutely 
in; *nbs clumsy, unhandy adj. \i)h^'n^:i^^i^ 

..-mnr^K clumsiness / tDl.^p --|| ; n>^^ «S 
;aa-]s^-«S yilr^i^ unknown adij OD'^^'^'^KiDiK 
/ t'L^p -' II '-tnrt "^5 ni;i -bn unconscious 
unconsciousness ;did"ib-\^ being unknown 

/^-p-ll ']W'^^ unarmed acij l3J£8^i«riDi8 
.nijnin-'x being unarmed 
.nrK"is h3io xb unproved ac^ ff^*i1K!^D^^4 
/ lD^:p-ij;pi:; iihp immovable aci) 7'7:!;^^iK20us* 

.mpy^inn-K .np^^r-^ti immobility 
unconcerned, ^ree from care adj tSSiJ^tKlOiH 

to pour upon nhi' to heap up v, a. ftO'l^D^'IH 

■Oil ,nhv to rise, shine v. n. f^0"!_^*^B''1X 
to break ; 2n?f u:?;s n;pn to nail up v. a. f 'Kbt^£'"K 
to look for a passage in a ; nhp^, "iht? open 
to raise ;rbp, .-"ick to collect nscs fsn book 
,(i^ntt) rhvj^ {a price) 
to open a business tDay-i-yj !^' ps'bra^ix — 

'?i^?^^ 'li^D to untie a loop v. a, jS^.^Sl^'fe*'^ 

.j;b2 to swallow v. a. ps^^'^t^^fe^.^ 

.rinsjDS hJns to unlock, open ii. a. |S^'7^*£''t^ 

•TO^ ^On to begin to smile v. n. I^'^::"!!f:t^'£-''X 

to Jcbnns "i\L'j^ to lace, tie u a. t^Vi;5;'^'ijL*'D'^« 

*d''brn,ti n^* "ir-n unlace, unstring 

.r\^im .im split, cut m tD^Jt^^fe'V^ 

,hhai i]hrt ,in to cut open v. a. p^lWt^*^ 

♦nhsi ^t| to split open v, a. ftoSK&^&^'iS* 

.nni th'5 to harness together v. a. \VW-^^^'^'^ 

to open ;hnsri n« K*^ln to unbar v. a. f'^>?srD''i« 

*nnnb nhs wide 
.pps.ri idn to unhung v. a. f^'ll^O^ntL^^S^'J^ 
,^1^ ^^3 hvL nr;i3 striking up of music m ^^St^S'^^S 
to un- ;nlSDn "^ipn to unpin ^?. a. t]^'^?£^S^%^ 

.a''"i.inf!?n nrs button 
♦n^t!' ^^3 ^j?) ||3^ bnnn to strike up v, a. n. f^^^rs^lH 
to play mischief n'Mr\r\ k |b^srs^i^ {si.) - 

♦nf:ir?c n-i'p 
;^ip to spread v. a. ftD^n£*^£}^lN 
to spring up, jump up, start up f]^^:)^*i:i^S ''U' 

•I^i?.?ri,'i to burst liD'pr^p f^R 
to ;a'ib 'X W '^W to screw on v. a. jD'^^^^^D^iH 
.mn K^iin unscrew 
*:2'r\^ 10 write down t;. a. \2^^"^t't^"^i< 
-ittXD b*^) dp title inshs inscription / tD^'^*^&*\s 

bnsn ^inri to frighten, startle v. a. fp^'^'^S*''^ 

.Pbr, to hang (/?.) w. a. lV^V'^r\t')H 

smell, 'V)^^ '^']^ 'C^bp^ climate Jnn air >n "'^•H 

*])n']t; ,nn stench 

♦(pw ^ttJ) '^'^aj? earring t* ^;-5''"^'\M 

.Dl'fD to stmk 0. -n, f"""^ 

^fM$ ohi ahl im 1"?^ 

I .f!^3n di; ^"la ulan m *^^^^^ H 

I .*^|'^s^^ ■ -^ perchance arfi.. '^^^ 

I , - perchance He will have pity pkr, tSHV ^^ .?« 

! .'ri'-K":^ 1QC12 odd number n» l| ;''3^rKS odd artj/ '^'^ 

I -n? co»y'. U i "I* on -nnit* ;s^2p about prep. ^P'^tt 


^ 27 -»= 


,'*! ^"^2 ■Tjni ,*^r|3 to tie round y. a, pJ^^S^l^ 

»n''5^ i'e;f3 to rebind 
nnirip""^ t'lin'''^ indecent adj. 2^ - ."ni^SSSDi^ 
nms i?^i:! -:i'bi;^p offensive, abusive 

to turn over the leaves v, a. p^^l^^-tD'K 

^^V.^^- {of a book) 
adv. II ini?« merciless adj. anri1J«pn'i201^ 

,nis")t?KS mercilessly 
.^D^r? ,'^s« ^hn to kill, destroy v. a. f^^^^'ino'i^ 

N^» Dn^ intercourse t^i^D walk m 2iK2tt"!^ 

^n-ll ;nan .x« to gird on v, a. f^^^tDIK^m^ 
^nj^O'!^ "^l^ to gird oneself v. r. 
♦nlK3 ^njs amiss a<^i. ^I^SIK 
not to take amiss, to t5i^?:is ihs |p?;ip3 is^a — 
»in2D nyas? *i« ?ip"ib 2rn \h take no offence 

.5^^ts walking about / aJlKl^^DlK 
to behave i^."^ to walk about v. n. (I^^^IK 
to have intercourse, associate with, SjnsoD 
."Dp sn.'r n'^ri keep company with 
.ppHH'p fT^|5 -i^Np ^nb:? incredible adj, yh^'^'h^t^)^ 
^riit^ unbelieving, incredulous adj. i1^))h^^'0"i^ 
anbeliver, mfidel m "^J^ -- || ; \'\m ipn r?2p 

.n^3f' ^"1^21 unequal a(|; ^l^^^t^lkS 
,|1DK .T'K misfortune (jp2, f-) ti p^^^lDIK 

.n^j ,paB 
♦D^ |i:3Ki9 unfortunately pi5;!2iiN* di2^ — 
unfortunate, unhappy, un- adj. ^l^p^T'iaiK 
misfor- /^^-^p-jl ^^,^??^ PJss ^^ -"^^b* '^f lucky 

.b;T?2 iph tune 
unfortunate man (^Z. J?5^) m ^l?5|p^p^^5D1H 

•n^ni?^^ .rt3n^3^ changed adj. *0^'1J?"lJKi?3DlK 

,n;i'?p np^ surroundings, environs j' ^DISJ^jDIK 

.n-)nn n^'zp environment {Jig.) f'V'ip 

.-^p? ^'S-sL'D-^b uneducated a* tO^nSin^^^DI^ 

.=lj"?,n >2bc to surround r a. p^^J^lK 

uninvited H^f^ k*?^ unasked ac^. ftsyn^^ittlj^ 

.•^iSi? ^?;i without having eaten adc. fD1^5^3aiK 
'>,p without having prayed ac^j;. K)^V,K"!];^D1K 

-^^ cs.^ 7p .n^"^ n^p impatience / *^^np3D1^ 

ifin?? Q^ig "njfp ,fin i^j3 impatient ao^*. a^'l^nj^JDIlt 

freedom from / t3'!^p-~||;|2^u? ,ibu; j«n 13''ku 
♦n]bu^ ,n;!K'i"*^ care, security 
/ Wl^p ^11 ;sp.^ ^b:s tasteless ail tJI^^m^S'^.S 

.nvjQ ^^h tastelessness 
,r\vxn ^r^: "^^ inconsiderate adj, ^!3K"l^KnDlH 
.1^^' .topu? ,-,p_^ ^Ss untroubled acZj, tsn^'nmilDIH 
being/^!!p-^||;:s'^n« iih disliked adj. tDSI^KSDlil 

.S'lMK IVKwi HD n5^3ri disliked 
;anspn •'pa k9 unlettered, unread adj. I?^^K:n)31H 
nyn7\^ ignorance of litarature / tDl^p --jj 

.m-)i 13 w ,nKi^ r^a unnoticed adj, ^pl^DK^DIH 

.y;!3n^^p ih unused adj. ^^'JK^DIH 
unpolluted, spotless, im- adj. tSp^'^&KnaiH 
Ji'^p;. spofciessness/ tSl^p -|| mnto ,^p2 maculate 

.-a penpp-t^-b unsatisfied ac^J, to:in^'l&KSDlH 

.pnlr^-^ unknown a^/. tO^KpxnDlM 

.n33 It stranger (plV^--) m "l^tDJpKpKnmH 

niN'i ^?3 unknown ado, ^^^"I"l^^^KpKnm^ 

ig- ;nns^n-^^ unacquaintance /1S&K£5^to:)KpK*n)21H 

.np^''i^"''i(^ norance 
uncom- inl3 -n^? inconvenient adj. D^llpK^DlH 
inconvenience /^l^p'-|| ;nnp ''fi^a fortable 
^Hnnn'-K uncomfortableness ;n^ni3 ^^ 
.Di^papnpj^nai^ =- t2!?p:35SlD^l^pKnD1H 
,l?u; JKin 12\K^' unconcerned ac^/. ^I^D^pK^iDlH 
,T])bp ,^^1 Kb unconcernedness / ^!?p - 1| ; |3k^ 
mv^Kl 3=1'^' '^t inconsiderate a^J. tO-D5^lK2D"K 

.nn'f inn-'K inconsiderateness / tOl^p - 1| 
/ ^!:'p'-'|| PlD^ merciless ac^i. i^ls^^vinDj^^Kn^lJI 

.mnDH m.ercilessness 
iQ^.m I'^^m H-^ indefinite' adj. m)^m^O)^ 

.n>i^nD indefiniteness / ^"L^p-jj 
"■^pi^tt infinitive mood d"ik pDDiaujxnKsiK (gr.) ■- 

indefinite article ^p^isnH ipDDits^KisaiK (gr.) ™ 

♦np^"iN"i""K n^D 
ipspsp undecided, irresolute a^/. fD^St^Kna^H 
,p!Sip^s indecision, irresolution /tOt'p-H 
\|^n3 K9 not bestowed «4;. ^'l];t>>K:iD".M 
,2n?s iKf)^ pK\L' indescribable ac?/. '^l^ni^lS^KiO'N* 
Heaven forfend! may no int. pni^^KnDlK 
i3^?p^ Kbn «9 5 9^-r] liDU?^ ofn evil befall us! 
.ab' ^5?) ^'^P^'^ r,P_ is D'b^n ^b ^'^p;? 
,^^^n change m ^10D^,.s 
to com- i^iprt ,^^D to change v. a. I^^L^nD^/H 
.(in pBB) n3^ mute 




♦Dj;^ ,akb nation (pi maiM) / nD1K 

*PW to embrace v. a. p7|$r!t31K 

05 .-the Jewish nation / r)"»bKn^\T ^DIK 

. - "nation and tongue," nation / p^h\ ntSlK 
;d'-iii ,'^bri ,bQ^ to overthrow v. a. p^^^KllDIi^ 
to be home- ; psi\ .Tli to lie about v. r. T-^'^ll 
.nn^SD GipKi ^bn nS;? less 
«. r. in^i|;bb| to roll over tj. a. I^^HV.DI^ 

i;b3 ,toDl^ to wander about tj. w. p^^JK'IDIi^ 

to overturn, upset, overthrow vi. a. [&'l8'51t21i^ 

."^ibn ,bsn 
.*^i;|i ,iK)b-«b ignorant adj. S^'l-SDVilDI^ 
»nni:ii ,rini;|i ignorance / t^^'n^DrilJ^iH 

,i\3 to wander, roam about i;. ti. ^^i [^^'IDIK 

to Jn-'^ia ij'^a to wind round v. a. f)^^p^11221iS 

.^"inD n^"") bnn swathe again 
abo" Pix'i-b^b ,pjr!-Kb unworthy adj, sn^s^ll/^IH 
unworthiness ,/ tD!!!p -- 1| ; inphD ,dik?^ minable 
♦(« ii:npln abomination ;np;-s<'b 
^,u,^^ ^^^ roundabout way {pL t-) m 2^V.):31K 
"the nations of the world," pi. cSl^.^ niD\S 

.-the gentiles 

to seek or search everywhere w. a. I^'it^'i^ 

♦bIpD b^s \y£D '^1^^ 
/t31!p~'||;mtDn «b unsafe, insecure adj. l^^^^tOIK 

♦nn^n-'^K insecurity 
/DSh gratis, free, free of charge adii. tDDiiDlK 
gratuitous, a^/. || ; Kif b ^p^^b in vain ; ||?^ ,D|ri|i 
,pn vain icsns |!iJn|n free 
.p^'^b r\Ti^ labor in vain iDi;::iiM ptsD^TDi^ — 
♦ntriy i3^Ki bsik^ a parasite "ipcp lytoait^iK |^ — 
in vain, to no purpose advi. tOt^^J^JD-iK'^^D^TDlH 

♦w «b bi7 for no reason ; d|nb 
linjin gratuitous, free of charge adj. ^^tDD^tDIi^ 

fco sai\ roundj circumnavigate t;, a. f^v^i/tDiJ^ 

.:2^2p n-'Dp nj3Kp nht? 
to look about, look back a r. "T^t [PtDu^ 

{■^D^ "IIP? X"^, to put dilierently v. a. fl^^^^DlK 
to put into another seat \r^vg to change 

.\y^\ ^?^ "nnsf immemorial a«i/. ^^^p:3^n;?:iD1}« 
with adv. II ;r'^l"^'b unwashed adj. \^^r^V^^^ik 
*finj ^^''^3 -b^ out having washed tbe hands 
;p£!£p ,''in-«'b uncertain, doubtful adj. D^llj^^DIX 
♦n^pad uncertainty, doubtfulness /'tD!_^p-|| 
-Kb unusual adj. 'l^^i)^^T1^;!)SlK ."[I^^J^^ilpD'^H 

♦?pn^riCi •'bia without delay adv. tSX:KT;;5D'« 

l^n^n s^"b unwholesome adj. tDJiT^JD*^? 

fiap. -^^ without taking leave adj. k::^^!'-:)^^ 

without ;nlK'^ •'bia without seeing adv. [J^tj;2D'.J$ 

♦n1^'^^ ^bs bing seen 
-^J5 'pf^? '^b illegal, unlawful a^J. ^^^2^:;t^20^« 
'pn n^pri illegality, unlawfulness tD!?p - 1| ; phn 

'P^^ nbd 
;:i'^^n ^b:^ without thinking adv. 05K"itSi;2IDi» 

♦ij^r„rin ''b:a unprepared 
faithless, unfaithful, not loyal adj. !51tD^:il2ii«J 
.n^n faithlessness/ t^&Kt^ ^ ,tDl^p « || ; n;|is ,3il5 
-^N'l?^ s<b ;aM ,D| clumsy adj. tD"l^SD1^);2D1« 

.^y^ ^rib^ not felt ac^/. ^^^&];:iD1X 

.nlip^ ,i|' about, nearly adv>. *l^Bi^:!DlK 

.H3£H ,i|ar!b on the contrary adv, tSl^pySDli^ 

i«"bu^ ,u;''K ,n^p Kb TCK unexpected adj, ^3n)^:iDlK 

unexpectedly, ac^v. jj P^kns ,njnri bj;„D7.1p nbi; 

.dKfis .twyirrrsi^'^rv^ unawares 

unexpectedly, unawares adv. ^l^'T^|^tD5^'1^:D^« 

uninten- ;|',3i1 ''^s unwillingly ac^a fn^^^DlX 

jJiuJS tionally 
unrighteous, unjust, wrong adj. tS3^1J^2D1K 

*b^^!Z 'P'^^'K'b 

,biy ,^^^°Kb injustice / t01^p2^tD!5^"i:;2D^i< 

♦np;?^ ^Si undisturbed adj. tS^^tDW^Di^J 

.^JirK'b uneven, odd adj. '15^'^'0\S 

,n^lsD-^iD2 ungrateful acZi.'^Knp:^"!/::^^ 

merciless adj. a^D^IKn^^jyiDlh* ,:i^'itD^'iKn-i^-iC\v? 

II :t^^« mp )h -lUJK unexpected ad/ 0'*i:^iT^^"!OiH 

.OKfis unawares ady. 

.^xh^ Kb^ inexplicable adj. "l^^'^^Spn^no'X 

.2^sp .npcn turning m :!"1"!!2\M 

re- igeogr.) '*T^'i'^r\ turning about / J!D\S'!:"nD ■>< 

Apiam I's'in solution 
to turn V. r T!t-.||;2ss -as to turn [P^!"*D^}» 
(p^n) 2bQ to revolve {geogr.) 'ois about 

►b3B ?^b'"!i^' iJnyprn iummerig ,t pc ircx f» 


_ 2e 


.'^m^ brute, barbarian {pi. f-) m l^^|?)D!Q1K 

.ntp^ ^'^^ 
inhuman, brutal, barbarous adj. ^^^t^^^^DDIH 
inbumanity, barbarity / S^Jp -- 1| ; nf p^ ,^%^^ 

artisan, mechanic, crafts- (pi O'^JDI^) m pIM 

. — man 

♦iN'iD !»=!« clever craftsman m T P"^^ 

/I5!?p-"||PV?P '^^^ unnatural ac|?, ^iS^^^K^am 

♦m''i7:2j?'"'^ unnaturalnes 

.--trade, craft / ni:3mit 

bii for nothing, for no reason ado. ^I^^JDIK 

.^^V^ ill humor, sadness, gloom ni ^^J^OIK 

,EDlp)a ^^s everywhere ado. DltD^^DIK 

.312P ill-humored, sad, gloomy adj. 3^^^D1K 

t)!5p-||;tDyQ iis^y rather sad adj. "]]b^\\;mw 

,n)^^V, ill humor, sadness, gloominess / 

»,1|U? to change v. a. f'l^'lJJ^DIK 

i»rfi -Di'^0 2-^^ hnmor, disposition m I^SIK 

to be in a bad hu- ^paix |Mpb^ ^ pK |in -- 

.2is£p n\i mor, to be in one's mumps 

to be in a good humor npai^ |di^ t? pK |in — 

S^IB lb pKU? endless, infinite adj. ^^^nJ^t^1K 

♦-"llD-rs^ endlessness, infinity /t01^p-|| 
dis- /mp-'^i-i^i ''ri^a dishonest a^^/. ^HI^ttlK 

,1^''""'^ honesty 
bb| to fall, tumble v. n. fS.H&DlK 
nb'p IrK^ ;nbin indisposed, unwell adj. D.^BD1K 

im- Jpjsn-Hb ,nK3-«b unbecoming ac&'. 5^BKiDD1K 
impropriety, / ^!?p - 1| ; |1:d2 ^b proper, unfit 
»nK3 ^'b ij'i.^ unfitness 
p^-inK-^^ irresponsible ae^?, ^^^l^'^i^Tl^JK'1K£))3^K 

,n^^^m"'^ irresponsibility /^!5p-|| 
W ^217:. K^-i? indigestible ac^/ ^I^I^IIK&DIK 
9'!2i;-'s« indigestibility / t015p - 1| ; 93p„y itp&^ 
.(nbns) 9i3j;"^^ indigestion ;63ns ^r> 
*''^3B ,KW^3 m umarried adj. tDM155ni^S»1K 
/ tOl^p-ll nntr«'9 careless a^ 3^S3n'^K&D\H 

♦nns'ir^'K carelessness 
,D''3a «^13 U-'K^ impartial adj. ^\^^^tSlKBJ21^ 
-B**?© n^^tr-'K impartiality / tt!!p - 1| ; n'l^-''^ 

an avoidable, inevitable ac0. ^1^*1!5D1KBD1^ 

to take onother v, r. I^t - 1| ; -\m alpm nu?in 
nriK DlpD^ a^; seat 
nDn-"!^ ^fls^i-'K disfavor, displeasure m fnoin 

t© withdraw lie^Di^ -"i^ik |nDiK |^ fsi^n — 
,u?^«9 insn^^ nin one's favor from a person 

to change one^s garments a n ^^t fK^din 

*,i3i nb m 'Tpl to dance about v. n. f^^K'^DIK 

,ps^?n ,ns^?n ^itiid^ change m ^^I^DII^ 

.^?hn .-M^n to change v. t^. ^''I^DIK 

,S3^, ,Dn3 blot, stain, spot n h'^V^m^''^^ 

not to ***p|^i^ pi^S ^lyi^^ssDis^ ]v.p pK9 toi3 — 
allow to cast the slightest blemish upon.., 

to carry from one place to v. a. f^K1^?31^ 
to go 1). r. ^^t-|| ;Qlp9^ Dipbp Kt'3 another 
«Kt?3i "^i^n carrying about 
;rf5,:^] rrirr ^11 to drive about v. a. pr^'i^tt'H 
*i3i ys nS7 ,a^1«; to rove about v. r. y^ - 1| 

'■y^'-'\\ ;-f C3lpD n'^p^ to place v. a. f^^^^];^D1K 

.aipD n i? «2£D to find a place v. r, 
,n3ps intentionally, purposely a<iu, ^^^^Qlll 

,ita^'"'K disrespect, irreverence m *1U2D1^ 

circu" ;n^''l ,n^np running about m ^''I^DIIt ' 

,(ana ^w nsipri ,nisp lation {of the blood) 
to ;n|iil n|rf F^^ to run about v, u. f&'^l^DIi^ 
,(Bn) P|p5 ,5bD circulate (5Zooc^) 
.a^i;rK9 disagreeable adj. n^^DIH 
nn^ insa i|h^ to put differently v. a. pi5^aill 
to put a person J^-'nep win to lay about 
.m-^^ t^^ 9£i,5 off his feet 
.n=isbpnn swoon / ^^KDDIH 
*^bpnn to swoon, faint £s5K»aiK pj« \bm ™ 
,u?inD rt^v^ to make over, alter v, a. fSKDDIH 

'^IDI r\i^ 1^^ to march about v. n. pW^^t^t^^^ 

''^ adv. II Plt's^ ■'^ impossible adj. ^^^5|;aDl« 
.nnu^s^-'K impossibility / ^!5p-||n0BK* 

juntaetelin tt'^^^s'in^^SM^ pS pn i;i smk iJi^r m 


~ 30 - 


.|'52t§ perisliing n ^!^;t?tDipD1« 
^31 fl3 ban to look about v. r. "]T^ fp'p^^J^ 

,nn'''^ return m l^pDIit 
»i'5? '^SL'^erf to upset ;iBn to turn v. a. f'^^pD*^? 
•liiiu? to return v. r. ^^^- ||;;:i'^n to return 
rb iiann to turn into 

.cip?ib aip?2p bhi to creep about -u. a. f^^^pJ^^^^ 
dis- ;r[ni3D noh disquietude, unrest / '"^'^'OM^ 
Ti?K '^'^^ restless person {fy.) ',nmnfp turbance 

.nir iib 
im ,^p^', t<b ^^^ unquiet, restless adj. ^"i^^^^^^i^ 

.nrji2??"'« restlessens /tOl^p- ||;0i3; i^b 
"he saith and doeth," no ado. n^'^V} "^^^^ 
^^B sooner said tban done, immediately 

►0lp») Dlpto^ pnrj ,i;jn to move about v. a. fpl'^^ '^^ 
.csiu; ni?iippb vb: to travel around i^. n. pl^^^nD iS 
-|| ninD-i<b ,KD^ unclean, impure adj. fl^'lJS^S 
.niiiD-^K .n^T^^ uncleanness, impurity / tSl^p 

*n^]y. 'H.^ v^^rong, injustice n tSS^II^lkS 
♦p^2: «b ,nju? ,nvr\ to be v^rong DiDpiaix pKn — 
nhu to sv^im or float about v. «. fl^tD^11^Di« 

,tiir:t) narj ^n^ to hover about v. n. fS^i^^^lX 

♦Dn ,n=iD^^ri innocence / I'^lt^DliS 

in- /tDl^ ,c;^cn innocent adj. 3nVit^0\S* 

*Qh ,niD''Dn nocence 
■^^p ,i^V.f? circumstance (pi. f-) «i I^KtDt^DuS 

adverb (^%) (pi. l^tDl^ll--) « tD\S11|p:5«tSSrD1« 

■'T ^:^ n^an knocking down / :i:!1D*''S^^D1K 
b^) bi^^i reversal ;(pin ^«?) b^iiss repeal ;nii^J3 

.qn pDB 
inri^as •'1'! bv. ban to knock dov^n v. a. [D^'ltSt^t^lK 
.q-"-! pDB) b^s to reverse ;(piR) b^s to repeal 
n« jjiiyrnxn pB pniD^x) int. ^^'^V^ DD^.^^^^^Di^? 

(K^nnK alas! 03irKmj?iisjnH 
what is liDJiKtpa ai^itDiL^^ix .u?3i?^ ipn T^« D^«n — 

iQ-ixn Kin HD ,nnx man, alas! 
^ liat he knov^s ^Dr.n np dkti -is-us'iyji br.r^'i?Dit4 — 

♦niayQ "]« inpn'' is not much 

♦tsJKty^ Di'^ij'^^'^j .a;. SMS?: Dj^^a\t'^>i t^'is (« 

having no fortune, poor adj. "^t^^l^^li^SDIH 
/ tSllip -^11 ;|3Dp ,t3i; .^^^-i 15 p^"^ .i^fjN ^ri'psi 
-nis^i?, ,yyon nch want of fortune, poverty 

Vjo^ to ride about, travel v. n. p^^^^H 

.n£Dj p^*-^ unpardonable acZ/. "|^^r!"2i'nK^D1H 
uninteliigible, incom- adj. ^tbnipt5^^-,K&D1« 
/ ^l?p -11 ; j^"^ri^ 1x p^n^ n^'s^ ^x^ prehensible 
niisn unintelligibility, incomprehensibility 

lr«^ impudent, shameless af^j. tDD^l^nKSOlJ^ 
impudence, shameless- / ^l-^'^ - 1| ; nm i?nr 
4n£S£n ,n\L'SL"''x ness 
non unable, unfit, incapable adj. ^\S1!£?01H 
unability, unfitness, in- nt01}p-|| ;p-n^a 
qh^3-nDn capacity 
,ppD"^K unpunctual, inexact a^/. ^l':'tDp:3"!S:D1H 
"•'K ,pin-^« unpunctuality / ^^Jp-H ;||"^n"'^ 

•ri^in to lead or carry about «?. a. f1:&!21K 

,t:)p0 clp?i^ 
to ;n^?D?? pb3 to plant round ??. a. \'^^^htt2'^^ 

.^nnp s;b3 replant 
adj. 2^-- 11 ;d''|3 vermin ;nDr^ filth f mhti^ii^ 
full of vermin ;pi>!p scurvy S'll^p filthy 

.Q\23 K^D 

♦f^sip ,pi^p to fly about v. n. \}))ht^^H 

♦::^?Gp ^^|5 to twist round ?;. a. \^^V^t)t:i"ii^ 

«5 ,n*.pl Ik niTT npn unkind «c^i. '^^^tS^l'L^nSDlH 

,nipT'^ '^nnr''^ unkindness / tO!?p -- II jy'i? 

,:i^p ,nn| hedge, fence, enclosure / ^^1!:2K2fl21M 

to hedge round, fence, enclose v. a. f^D^itDlH 

rb ;!;d nW ,^pn .ni| 
distrust, mistrust, lack of con- n (^''1*lvS'.5it31« 
.])iim nch ,j^?:iX"''K fidence 
;nam^<11^pr"'K uncleanliness, filth / tD512fDli^ 
n« iniK ^^''Ku; d^k unclan or filthy person (Jig,) 

ii^K^ discontented, dissatisfied adj. p**^^'!lfJ31H 
dis- / tDl^p- .^tjn- II ;psnn)p 13''k-^ ,pii'n. yr;? 
.n^psnpn"^K ,pi^n np^s^-'^K contentedness 
13TP .'^^s 'i:^'?^ unripe, immature adj ^'tO'L'i^Dii^ 
unripenes, /tS!.^p--|l;inp-Kbs premature ;ipb 
,(nc ^u') bi^n-^K immaturity 
II ; -^l^sb?? /ppx unclean, filthy adj. :ir^:3^i^01H 
♦naD^ 'P'p.r'J!^ / ^-p - 
,naEn ,"ihx to perish v. n. |5^12inaiH 




lo sing repeatedly the v. n. \Ppm^'^V^^'^^ 

to »'DK> nn^i^n hp_ i)ti] '^'^ syllable "bam'^ 
.jppnxsis^ === i]'^"] ,tnb mutter, murmur 
to assent, say yes to v. n. fi^n^DKnn];^riK 
lux Sd^ jn ibN* -Dscn everything one says 

.nnnD in to build under v. a. |^''n*iJ^'OJ\^ 

.napbp Sa2 to bend ander v. a. j2'!^S'n]?t!J1K 

to tie under, bind under- v. a. 'p^)2"^^^2^^ 

.mr)'^ i^|D neath 
,nmp rizn to blow under v. a. p^h^'^lWi"^ 
.nis£i5 bt v^t2 featherbed n ^^n^F^JiK 
;v_^rj to put bedding under v, a. J'O^^sn^^^JiK 
«'^^5 to pad I -Pl^T to spread under 
.^nnsn^ Din foot-stool ?2 i;^|;p^>'ni|;^J1K 
to trip a i;Spp3rnnya:ix jn' eprw |^PDy;iyts3iK — 
.^2'^z G^K b^t'DH «ty^s ^b^*? iy^n person up 
to murmur, sing in an v. n. t^Ol12'l]^^31K 
.|bn ,unb2 (|n> i^j undertone 
.pDEjn interruption / 3:i:^i;inir^:iK 
^D'i^i ppsn to interrupt u. a. t^l^'^^'^^'^^^^'^ 
to bring near, ofier, pre- v. a. \^^m^'^^^m 

,'ig'm ,^©3 to abolish ;nnpp u?^n ,2ipn sent 
kntsn*?^) ny^p^ setting (o/ ^^Ae 5z*?z) m ^^K^i^triK 

.asKJip::^^^ == 'Mib|?? -.ii^i: decline, fail 
V. r. ^t-ll :n,in niK to gird ^. a. I^b^'nKn^^m 
to make a (jf?^.) srsna i3n to gird oneself 
*il«a f^JSKrin strenuous elfort 
.si(3 to come near, approach v. n. [1^3i)?^i1K 
to perish \{r.m) ^p'^? to set {of the sun) ityj 
to go out of ; '?e3 .ii^^ to decline, fall siss^'D 
♦b^^n JisJsn ip kX^ fashion 
rmn Sk pr to pour under v. n. fDl31j;t:i\H 
."^K 2^inri to steal into ^. r. 1^ fP];s^_2^^t:JlK 
B-t; to put under ;in3 to give v. a. pV^'^V^y^ 
nrin^ HD'^nn Q^t; to add a piece under ;nnntt 
VJJ^^ 'i isann to surrender v, r. ^1? - ||;(."n'Bin2) 

jnj to encourage, spur on pvn pysiyiosii^ — 

.ft«n ,iiip ,fD^ 
.^sy^p ,P3?3 subject adj I&i.^Tl^2'n^^21« 
"jye -^iS^ri) bj?3r! "'ss vamps {of shoes) n ll^i^^iptDDlK 

m^^V-- IpQinn undersigned ac^i, tD^Dnn|;n|;^J1K 

.anin signer 
to :mrip "ifin to undermine v. a. ;5Ki:i1j;tOJllt 
"innn nnnhDS Ki2^ ihn v, r. ^^^-j! »P!n injure 
meanwhile, in the mean time ado, (D];'inp'0^iH 
.c^^r^ ,n3i lis j^s 
.|imci5 .i^3«"^&?D lower dec^ n ppi'^'iy^JiK 

PO^I ,fil^«bK 1^ immortal adj. yh^^V^'^'^^'^. 
.n^'^m) .tm-% immortality / ^l^p-^H 

*G''3l^* nlDlpT^b nbt to send about v. n. Ip^^Di^ 
GipD?p K^y; ,y=is to ramble about n^t J^^'^K'^'^'^DIH 

Dip^p i]"^p nhb to drag about v, a. ItiVh'^tm 
mvi .^13 to ramble about v. r, ^^t^H.-aippb 

/ ^l?p-||;pip I3m^ harmless udj. "^h^W^^H 
,p^-tD irK^ np t\i'\i^r\ harmlessness 

.•^pi to jump V. n. \V^^^^t^^^^ 
.fiK XVr'''^ ^^d manners, rudeness /n'Si^DI^ 
*D| ,''D^t23 ''ri^2 impolite, rude a^f. || ; n^E| 

^''i and coTi/. p^ 

,'iJ53n Hungarian (2:?^ [-) m 'IK^JIH 

."i^j^i -ripis^in b^ Hungarian adj. ^I'lKS^IIt 

.np;_rin Hungary ripr. fiK^-^l^ 

.15^'^y ourselTes ^3^ -IsriiK us j9ron. per$. t51H 

,^ _ ,^1^; _ ^j;,9, H ; !i:W {pW -") pron. poss. "^p ' JIH 

♦^:b"^' ours {pL >-) D- 

ipti\i rnpT^iK ;i3n^:n our house t'ln nrniK ~™ 

,irnr. our houses 

tiK y> ;Kin isb he is ours ivipniK t\^ ip — 

cip(2iK fix &KT ;K%i ijb she is ours piptsix 

.rii^i '3i this is ours 

.i2nK?i ihK one of us iP5^^^ ipiptiiK — 

,i5?^n ,iu?bt^* three of us piptilK ^-^ii " 

nn.^-ys for our sake -- p^ f"'^^- i^^'l^'^i^'^l^^ 

*ii3ia£?p for our part 
(^-^ DKT ,F^ n nP^ '^P^) pron, poss. ani?tJ1M 

♦•i3v5^ ours 
*ntepb below ac^y. p^JI^ 
?nnn under, beneath, below prep. '"^^tO^.I^ 

,sip.^ -p^i between, among 
n2«n ,inj;n knave, jack {at cards^ m ^l)^^:!^ 

^niVp 'IV under- mm under pref. ""li^^ri^'i 
dipD place behind a stove m pl''1l>l"'i|^0JlM 
company sitting behind the n^sjnn^© 
nln^5 0^2^1*0 a'':p'3 ^|i?P stove in a synagogue 

to hurry or urge a person v. a. p'Hi^'^^^^^^H 
to hurry, be in v, r, n^^-|| ^^rtn ,^^h3 r^n 

♦t^nii a hurry 
noR--oommissioned office m '^^^''6K"ipttXiK 
^TOP^iu? corporal ;B^r^s?-' • ^^ph 


~~ 32 


nispu? ,ni;3Dn subjection / 2Ji£nK^Ti^tD:i« 
bn ^y^D to throw under tj. a. J&"»^1^'^ytDJ1« 
to leave ;..*b ii^.^n to throw to... rnnn 
h^ inD5 n^3n sceretly at a person's door 
to return sceretly (a s/^o^et* j^Ai'??^) ;^'^ '"^Dl 
;nsi7^ ,yp.?D to subject ;(mij -121) iriE:i ^'i'n 
to submit, subject onesef ij. r. ^^ - || 
to communicate itself (0/ a J n::^n\yn j;33n 
.(n'?nf3) p5"^n [c^i9ease) 

;n^Pv5p nil? to wipe under v. a. jt^!Vi'^];tDJ"i.^ 
.n}pr\r\ to wipe oneself v. r, ^it - 1| 
.ij'i^^^ on the way ad^, B-. pj^^l'^PtD:)!^ 
to prompt, whisper to, breathe v>. a. f^Ht^l^tD^IS 
to ;nu;^nb3 '■^^^ ."^ ^nb into a person's ear 

♦l?''1in inform 
examination, investigation, in- / SriS'.t'n^tOJ'lS* 

.HTpn ,rw^y\^ .t\'i^^ quiry 
to examine, investigate, in- X). a. I^^tli^^^''^^ 

♦Ipn ,^1^ .1J3? quire 
»nnnp n*iDt? n^i? to seam under u, a. [^Dl^tlJ^^SlS 
n'^n to be or stay some time 'c. n. [^-5^'^^^^''^ 

Dj?D n^i A'V to sing a little v. -n. [^^^^tl^tS^li^ 

.^^D i^Dn to sin a little p^^^n^tDJ^S 

.2;yp 2\z?; to sit some time v. n. fi£''t1^tOi"^^? 

,mm 'ibi to saw under v. a. p^n^tO^IX 

,nr\m \2'^v to put under v. a. |5i)^t1^tOi\S 

.''3^ |tn assistant cantor m jtn"'n^tDJ1iS 

Tit- II '.rjarin to flatter v. a, \^:iV^^r\1V^m 

.t .1 V. r. 

mm chin to sign, subscribe v. a, ;j?J)^Drin"ii;to:iS* 

,rni subject ipl ]^^) m fKtDirOJ1« 

.Di;a npn to dance a little v. n. t^X^tDn:t?t5:31« 

tD^DS bbsD to duck, immerse v. a. [^p^itD"^;;tS3\S 

.bb:^ bi^^n to dive v. r. T-'^-\\ 

.Ilnrtnn pbnn lower part m T^'O^V^^M^ 
,PJD3 submissive, humble adj. 2^JPt}"iyt0^lN* 
submissiveness, humility / tD!!p - 1| t -i;i;":;t3 

;tDy_D KU73 to carry some time v. a. p5^"'tO"i];tD;iS* 
to stir up, excite, agitate imn xnn to bring 
'T^nn -^"^PP -^^^^^ *o enrage, exasperate i^niy 
,-ba^ ^KiK to urge, spur on v. a. pililtC^^^'ori^ 

Stii^n^ .""af^n to urge, hurry v. a. n, [2Knyti5^'i^5 
."■5 ^n to run up to 
niaS7^ ""fl^^^D subjugation / 3J^3«''"ii?tD^1« 

.nnn^ csn? to print under v. a. Ip1*^'T^yt2r.H 
V. r. Tt- l|;|pimiyD3ni^ = v. r. [^^^n^iptODIi^ 
.nnpMT .«i^r^n to appear unexpectedly 
.m^'-n ,r\p'?} ,yrib oppression /:i^lp1'^"l"iyto:i« 
to l^l") .m: .yh^ to oppress v. a. [pri'T^i^tOJIi^ 
.1^^ iijj; suppess 
,f^iS^ ,t'2l3 -ynsh oppressor m 'n^pmi^tDJIH 
.12!;d DhT to slumber a little v, n. \V^t:^V^'i'^V^m 
.lyaD support, maintenance m tDvKH'^pvOJlJ? 
.cvi^';?^ entertainment Jnsna 'n^?r5 .na^^n 

to assist \^f^ri to support v, a. (tD^HH^iI^tOJI^ 
i:n^ <n''^ to entertain Hmt^ts) ntl? {w singing) 
to entertain each other v. r. I^t - || ; -av. 

accompanier Jij^in supporter w ^^tD7^n"!j;^M^I 

,|ritt'! Kf !? negotiation / 2Jl'7l:Kn*i];tOJlX 

.th3i Kt?3 to negotiate ?;. a. P^"l-3.^n'^:t;tDJiH 

mediator, broker, agent m l^b^lOK.^I^tSJI^ 

to curtail, cut off the lower «. a. [p.^.l^iptOJlH 

.nfispbp i!| end of 
to instigate, incite, spur on v. a. [i^"t^'l^i^tOJ"i« 

lower house (0/ a 'pay^Uament) n TMn'^i^vODiH 
House of Commons Iccyn nn:^ ^u'* pniir, n^s 

♦a-'jlnnn drawers pi f firr^^OJiH 

.D^?2 Kf 3 cin to raise, lift v. a. p^.^'T^5^t2\s 
to make fire ip^n to heat v. a. n. \)^))r^'^^^2'i^ 

,m3r\3) UH ^yn 
(^^.) ;DDn to warm up v. a. (^:n"i;;t:J'« 
.Tiiy to spur on 
.•q^n ity^ to help, assist v. a. (DSyr^ytorx 
chorister i^nln nny assistant w 'n^£i':?^M'^i;tOJ\v 

.({Tn*? nnp) "Ti'^I'D 
.n^pbD n':5n to hang under v. a. f^^^ynnyvC:*!}* 
n-vv ni3 to instigate, incite t;. a. \'^V^^V'^^^i< 
.iijyp n"i3p instigator, inciter m '^^:^^T]'^V*c:^^ 
nnc2 y.Du .n^if to overhear u, a. pl^.'^'^y'^J'^ 

.» .-^ u. r. y^-w 

bn^i libn to grow up «. n. fDpJ$'''*"^]^I2J\^ 

,|n?2n to wait a little «. n. [^"^K^ni.'t::iN 

to grumble a little v. n. [J^^tS-^X^i^i'tOJiN 
.toiiP |3„ibnn issn (3-r; 
.BP.Q Don to warm up v. a. WDV'^H^'i'^vi^m 

1!T [D^_n"'.i?tD:'!5? 



btt?> nirnu^-l^ bridesmansMp n Wn^S"l^^^\^ 

.inbsn bm n^s^nu^i^t? bridesmaidship ',qmn 
hmriif^.^ best man (pl^-) m ^J^l^&^r^m 
♦(rf^2n ^w nr^^^^y bridesmaid /^p«-|| iqmn 
snrin 5^ in^n to piss under v, n, f^^B^^^JI.^ 
♦^''^nri |^\2;r! to piss under oneself v. r. ^^t - 1| 
t© fly l-^K ^,iy to fly up to v. n. p^^&n^^ilK 

**11P? "^^^D low 

to set on fire, set fire to v. a. p^^^'i^^il.^ 

to pull together, tighten v. a. p^'X'^V^^'^^ 

♦^'psK'n) ess to make up the total ipt-rri i|1u?p 
5PipS^ to shoe {ahorse) a. v. [^''^p^r^^lK* 

fco stir, mix {with flour) v. a, IVt'p^p^^^T^^ 

,(-m ejas) 5ap to tuck up i). a. \'^V^^p^V'OT^'^ 

V, r. y.^ ^ II ;nnp to bribe v. a. i6^"^p^J?tDJ\^ 

♦ns3n ''•p ^^)t\ ri'o^n to ingratiate oneself 

,r\\)'p nn™ 9'.p undertone m ^'p'"'^^^wlK* 

,rtaic to watch, observe v, a, "T^ fpip'^^'OXK 

h^c^my ^5| to roll under v, a. \V^'p'}p'^V^^'\^ 
.nnn b^ bjb|nn to roll under v. r. ^^^-'|| innn 
♦nnn?3 ^^p_ to shorten, curtail t^. a. f^l^pl^^JIS* 
Jnitp n?n to. knock a little ^. a, f&K^p"l];^-3"1K 

.^ns «np^n to give a drubbing 
n.^^^ skirt, petticoat (j??, ^V -) n ll^^pir^JIK 

.nnriD (psn.;:) p5"![ to paste under v. a. f^^^Spl^^^^ilK 
,nnnD -pap. to crumple under i;. a, f^tO^^Jpn^^JI^ 
♦nnns 5n] to crawl under -d. n. [S^'iplF^JIK 
*np3 to clean i?. «« f^DKII^^^IK 
to shove or thrust under v. a. fpTl1J?^J1K 
1?. r. nit - II ; nnn 5k p^rin to slip in ; nm 5^ ^hn 
r^ D5jnn to steal into 
♦ts^9 ^\;,'?)\i? to rub a little t^. a» fSl?1'^|;^inK 
,(« nn-'^y conversation, interview / 11111|^iS^1K 
.^[5 ij-^ to slander mildly t?. ^, pil'T1J?tOil« 
to slander a person fiJPD^K f]''iK p^nnpbaiK — 
,^'^ •'^HK mp p^i mildly 
;i5gK) 11^^ to smoke a little v« a. fi;^5in"^^J1K 

,nnm T^p. to fumigate underneath 
e*i| to rupture oneself v« n H^ ;d^^'T1|^^J1K 

.n^b^Bt^jfcns ei^tji?"'^ pi^ (m 

a-'U ,^5i;^ ,g32D to subjugate a a. pK''1];'^J\H 

to sing with^ accompany by a a. fS'^^^i^^'^^''^ 

to approach 13. n l^.t--|| ;rTn?pn m^ singing 

,Dkfis Kia unexpectedly 

to interrupt a per- i5n n' \^v^^^ |S)K21pb21k — 

,nsn nsn ^inb s^^sn son speaking 

^n^ anything tkrust under m iK^l^tDil.^ 

.n\m lining ; w nnn Q^5nl3^ 

to send up secretly {a cat, v, a, n. \1^h^^t)M 
to emit a stench ;q^5 ib^nm insa n'b^' [« do^) 
.wv^^n mi) PI h^. Ki^in 
,ijsn ,n^p ph^ to snicker, giggle v, n, f^^K^'n^riK 
.nJOD to wheedle v. n. J^^ iW'^^^h^^^^T,)^ 
nv„m to run up to, trip up v. n, It^^h'^T^T^^ 

Am abdomen m ^'^ih^T^^^'^ 
n")^ ^Q"'^ tf0 put or lay under a a. pl^^li^O^V^ 

to carry a light before a a a, f^Sl^^lJ^Qil^ 
,t^;^Kb "nKii person 
.nMnnn? ns'w underlip /B''^1^tOJ1^ 
te refresh n^n to support u a. f^^^^^'n^^KJlK 

.1^5?:^ to refresh oneself v, n ni^-jl^'^ys 

^^3DD to flatter \^ph to hck t?. a. [p^lir^Ji^* 

,|1u;) p9rin ,?]3nn to flatter, wheedle t;. n ^^t-lj 

*nh|?P (Q'^3^3) ns^to build under v. a. pJ^'lD'^^^tDJl^ 

.snp^ ,^b^ to intermix v. a. [^^DI^^JIK 

*|U?bn to inform against u a» pBp'n^'OJI^ 

»mi^p '^hp\ to sew under v. a, f^l5^11^^J1*^ 

.nisbinp undertaking, enterprise /^JI^^JI^^JI*^ 

mS'ovh \m^ bv^ bap to undertake v. a. \V^V^W^^"^^ 

.t n V, r, T^t ^ II ; nv^pb bnn 
,|bap enterpriser, speculator m l^^l^J'i^'OJI^ 

.nnnp nhi to singe under «. a. fl^''^KDD1^^0ilK 

.mp^ bbK to eat a little v, n. \^V^V'OT\^ 

»|innn lower adj. ^^""i^'orix 

underground^ subterranean acZ?. ^^'Tn^'i^'OJI.H 

;-b n^n^ iflbri to ride up to 1}. ti/pKS^r^U^ 
,mp r^i^ gbj to ride partly 

Q-'-f to line (^ garment) «/a. f^11^^^1D^];Si1.^ 

^n-jl ;n^p np-i to rot a little v.n, \h'^^t^V^y^'^ 

,Wj^ ^pjnn to be somewhat lazy v. r. 
to act as >m5 to accompany v. a. f^^S'^P^Jl^ 
to act as brides- Kfpnn bm psu?^u;5 ■'iS'i best man 


34 — 


nniz ,nTO to smear, grease v. a. f'T!!2ti>1^tO:31« 

nn-d to bribe (Jig.) ', ibns 
^rjnn cr^n to melt under v, a. \)^hvt2^^V*^m 
assistant sexton {in a synagogue) m ^t:^1^vOi"l^ 

-ivp^ to tie wifcb a string v. a. f^H^ni^^n^^r.H 

.lap. to curtail v. a. n!.^:!trn^tOi1H 
fhtp^ to cut off with scissors v. a. p^t^ipto:)\S 

^^?-'|| ;'?ibn to support, prop v. a. f'^KB^'ir^^lN* 

♦|y;f ri to lean v. r. 
/i\£7hD) ^-ifn to spread under u a. ftD^^^lSt^^^tOri.^ 

.-^x rsp to jump up to V. n. f^iinBt>^"l>*t5J\S 

nh2 to write underneath v. a. f^!!!'nt^'^^torii^ 
a. r. 1^^-|| 5Q^"f to subscribe, sign ;nnnp 
♦i»'^ m Dhn to sign one's name 
.HD^n signature / tOD^S^'l^tOJIK 
Uniat, member of the Greek m tO^C^'-Sli^ 
.Q^]'i'>n b\y nnnxtsn iTDSsn^ n?n united church 
t^^^D n^S university (jj^. f - ) / tOJ^tD-lDn^'iTiJIS* 

.Tn-^y ^"i;!:! uniform / ^Dn.s&fjVS 

.— compulsion m D^IX 

46piy?2> 'Tp:=ix aounce (pZ. [-) / f^^^^ 

statutes *pr\ statute [pi]") m "^"iKtODliS 

.cnn? .^M. stupefied adj. tD^''S:xt:D\v5 
♦IZnn -top'fn to calm, quiet v. a. f]^\^p8BD1K 
♦qar) ps^n to have time v. ti. f^^SDS^lS* .[^^^DDliS 
mD'^pnri progresss ;nn^i:n success / ^^^SDIS* 

^u? riK^li^ exclamation of fatigue -i^i^ ^ ?]l^ 

.-ant* ta^tt iinrs-^sD 
ii;j5 -nbs to bring about t?. a. f^^'li^SDlK 
rii'i.'ii ,|2i^< manner, way (pi D^J£1^^) 771 fB^^ 

.(|jit< case i\sjri condition 
."!5y tb° to rely, trust, confide v> n. fi^feU^ 

.-a nbn 
. - horizon m pSli^ 
bnip manager m ^tS^tO^'P^^SllK^iSlN* 
fco Jan^nage, administer v. w. [^^''^^SilKlSlj^ 

.nrini? i:.| to scarpe under t\ a. |wS^'ni;tDi1« 

A'^W'Q n';nas ij'is^^d to underrate v. cu i^'K^^^tOOIK 

/d'^x Ik "^.^1 ";■:.!;. r^pri 

♦nnn ^K >^"i| to rake under v. a. piKwJ^l^tS^I^ 

♦nnnD h^T to wash under ^^ a. j^p-3i;v,trij?t0i1« 

,p,rrtn lower, lowest at^. *^t^"l)?tOJ1b5 

inD^n^s ^?i7 to help pushing v. a. i^'i'^t^l^tSili^ 

,111; /i|bri to back, help • 

.l.ny i]ip1n backer, helper m *l5)^'''^^'l>^tDi1.S 

to add a piece under v. a. fi^H^^p^^tr^^tD^I.S 

.(nn^DPS) n^ntt ns'^nn *^Din ('i'n sewing) 
to support with piles r. «. f^ri^n::r^5>^ir^:i« 

♦s*p;i^9S i]bn 
to ;i2J2?p nbi; to stand a little v. n. p.r^S^li^tDJIK 

.'pn dare 

♦y:] n^n KSiin to emit a stench u. n. f];p:r^t^'^^tDJ31« 

toplay;pu;ynu?n ipnt to frolic v.n, It^X^^'^V'^^^^ 

.V^T] ."^^innn pranks 

.ns^r^n ,n^;i;. aid ;ij;y'D suport / 5r,l^^tD^^n^tOil« 

♦i]bn i^'ti^ to aid ; ij^n to support v. a. (i^^tDen^tOi1« 

innn^ '^nl^^ to put under -y. a. f'^'I^tO^'li^tSJIX 

.tj7ri to dare -y. a. ^^^ -- 1| 5 ■nrriD b^^ 
to hold out the foot 5d^& k ppD\L.nrb5iK — 
\:?^K 5t'3n to trip a person up (fig.) J^n bmn 

;nhntt nhri to stick under v. a. fpi^tO£^n^tOin.v5 

*nnn?p a-t? to put under 
to underline, underscore v. a. p!?1tDt;^^1j;;tD01>? 

.ujnn to emphasise Un^f^ nnm r\fip\^. ip. b'^^'n 
>ts to spill or scatter under v. a. po^t^1^tDJ"l« 

.nnn ^^ 
discrimination ;p'i^rT difference m ll^^'^i^tOJ^i"* 

to ;binn .|hnn to distinguish v. a, f^l^^t^'l^tOilX 

/^isn ibinn discriminate 
cavil, chicane, intrigue n ^7^D^^"i^tOi\S 

.p nn« nbu? to send after v. 0. (p^^^ii^tOin^ 
a^t'to line^ n'lsn to beat 1?, «. i:!.S^t^1i;tDi1i^ 
;('-r2i rtfjp dv) to mix (2/j«;;7j ^o?/r, etc.) n;i;2^ nrto^i 
to inter- ;(a'es22> 5pd to defalcate, embezzle 
.(a^snra) d.^l^n ,20^ cept 
to give a person a black |riK n px^t^^rtDJiK •— 
♦D^ryb nnna ri^iisn ntrp eysi 
to ruin a person by ncsis n p^b^nvtMr •- 
^i^-iK' nans? tt' compotlti^L 
«n3tsa lining m pK^E^^r^:i5C 
to Hatter iijhi to smile 0. n. (P^^^^Dti^nr^^-.j^ 


^ m 


0|h nrn^ leave, furlough. {2?L\ -') m ^^Iv'll^ 

'?ilSK forefathers, ancestors pi py^7l?'°'ilK 

forefathur, ancestor (pi D«) m "1^^^B""^'5K 

♦s^Bsn nm nnrp door-post (^^. D|^ - ) m pKC^lK 
"the guests," invitation to the pi pt^S^W^ 
manes of the patriarchs to be present in 
thft booth on tlie feast of tabernacles 

♦nsenb Kl:i^ rin^rj nl?s"<3^ n^Diri 

,- letter, character (pi H^^^IK) / ' niK 

, ^ sign (^^. riint^) m ^ rsl« 

.y^^p .pH.?? ,- literally adv. nl^S-^niK 

,». "that man," Jesus Christ m ^'^rnnm 

•^that place," female sexual m Bipp^'JllK 

.nf J? n:"^.*; n^ppa i-bitiin ^,sh organ 
'^signs and wonders," strong pi CTi&iDrriinlK 

.niii'irf: ninsin .c-sri'n D^npx proofs 
.- Hebrew square letters j?^. n']^2'lD"°ni^nlK 
ado. II ;s« if, when 1"^ .^a that conj. ' t|t 

.nip how 
.♦*''3 y'lr K^n he knows that... ...ik ,d^^ii iv — 

if not to day it will ]r\m t"**? Dr.N'^ -oii ?k -=- 

.nnD n%n'i3i^n Kb CvS* be tomorrow 

how happy is he! ?Q^^ ^s^ t^K b^'.KH tK -~ 

!''is«i ^1K alas ! h^n t^ ik ^k* t.sf — 

a kind of,.. ;(n5<T|!) ma such a pron. dem, KTK 

something such, (onus =)DKTK abs, -|| ;...pD 

♦n]3 1^'n something like this 

,n!3 n^s such a house nn ^m "~ 

this is a kind of animal n^n ^?b* tiK okt -^ 

.Kin .T'n pG 

*!13 ^^ m^'ip exclamation of contempt int. *SK?*^ 

»^pnn n'S-'n^s^'n Russian alphabet f Vp'^^m 
.?1top:PK ,a''?^ns-inK ,|nKn 'n'^^a asbestos m tDD|;st^ 
. -» warning (jf?l. nTnniK ) .^n.^lK 
.Tja .j2 so, thus adv, ''"'til 
HDittisdK somehow or other 'im ii;"t^ 'i?k -™ 
.nN^^u^ T'K nNi' at ail events 
Dpa "^^2 for no particular reason T-t '''^tK - 

.niPipD so-called a4;. f&n^r-'ntK 
such (j??. P-) 23ro?i. <^em. DJ ^ .j;j^ ,n^J'm?K 

.nK7s ,n?3 

management, administration / ]^''^l^''7liK'^D1M 

. ^^^j^ nn'i?^ administration of a city / ^ViK'lSIII 
tribunal lor artisans '.D'^i^pe ^f iv) board 

*r!52fi^ \^3 harness, atrappings / t^tK^&IH 
.nnn^ flight m pK-'XIM 
.nin to take flight, run away pK^i^iK pK» •~™ 
hoard ;-- treasure (pi HI^^I.^) 7?z l^^'lH 

"the treasures of Korah," pi nip-ni^^ill 
^»^^ ^t^'p great wealth 
.fl'T.ti! ^n^^pB ukase^ decree (pi ]-) m 'tKp'\^ 
slant adj. P-U ?|iD25^*a aslant adv, D^^p^K 

.91-i|5 a: ocean (2^1 t--) m DlJ''p^H 

.E''ni;ii^ Qyp boiling water m ^^'^^p'^ 

, ^ light m liK 

i^5l»-|p„ j|1^K*] nlp^?? original, primitive pre/, ""'^''^ 


village - policeman, constable pli'lllllM 

.1KD I'D^p very ancient pre/. ""1*!S*""11K 
aboriginal, primitive in- m ^Pi''"'ii^1l3^j'K'"*T5K 

.pt^np: iK nipsp nu.'ii^ habitant 
^p.^l -'T^iD m Ik |a great-grandchild c ^p^^^^N^'^'ilK 
,^3iD7p (p'^y very ancient adj. tO^K^'^li^ 
4ro^ ■'SSI 38 ^R.^) 'Om Uranus (astr.) npr. D'OK^II^ 
"the hidden light," light reserved m njjn ^1>t 
|3^D 11« for the pious m the future world 

n*'^3^ /9pa pri'n clamp, cra,mp-iron m ^^KlTlll^ 

.p^i-^in^ 9na 
,Bgfi reason ;nsp cause (^j^. f-)/^KT^lH 
ira^K .''K|i33K guest, visitor (pi DTl'ilK) H'liK 

*nt stranger 
respectable guest (pi D^Jl^n-D-TIITK) pi'^l-nni.^ 
^233 n°i.iK or visitor 

jT'KiDpK female guest or visitor / J^tDH^lK 
judgment ;n"^pes sentence (pi f'-jm 7l^^TiK 

,3U?n ,122^ to judge v. a. ti. [vl'j^llH 
"light and truth," the oracle on m D^DinrD''^*..^ 
acp]2n the breastplate of the high priest 

,c:_^p *p ,n3Prn urine /|1'^^^ 
,rtmtii'p ^?3 urinal, chanaber-'pot(p3, i - )m^K5l*^'5^ 


~- BH 


.n]3p risk ; - responsibility s. nv'nnK 
on my responsibility mnri« ysvD rj^ije — 

/n^nnx St? 
m3 ?'« no risk, no danger ^^'i mnnx |vp - 

8. pretty good pcy ]« p& ta^J nr"ini< r^P " 

.J7T i«S piv affair 
^*aner all has ended," a<i». S:5n-nlS5^''^"in|< 

.onn^n S^ inx after all 
.-the end of the matter »■ "I31-n^"inji? 

Ahasuepiig (Pe7-sian kiiu] men- npr. ^I'^lt^HH 

. - { Honed til ike book of Esther) 
^*one and one," several times nwn. 3nn^]Tn|C 

to give several lasbes nnsi^nrfx iSv^grn^ ~ 

.r^-in^a B'r::;B r^p^r^ 
^'oiie added to one," taken adv, rn^S"nn» 

.inr together 
many littles make ph-, ps^n xxo: nnx^-nnji! 

.-a mickle 

Ihki '"isn s<^et inf,.\\'^r^^ here a<iy. ^X 
.ne man hero he is ny ?"!x isk ~ 
here it is — take itl 'ayi - cy rt< Dt« - 

AT\np - i^3D^ inn 

.HT.-T DipQD right here nh ids? - 

^ there you have it! 'nn iccnh dk - 

InNTD zzn 

how do yon do ~ so-so, -tox — "^z^v ©^^3 "ii - 

op-i kSi =110 xS ^:ir3 - '^yi^hv no middling 

very soon I'^i'^aS \T\ir\ here it is ac^u. tOJ^'tDi;? 

.nii-s D^is^t atom (p^ \V -) 8. Di?tDK 

chief commander of the {pi ^V -) s. fKQXtO.^ 

>D^p!ipn ^iii Cossacks 

,nh^V n'l^v shaft-brace *. J^Dis*tDS 

rbv 52*^3 '^v hB2nn Sy '^b: to attack v. a. p!pJ<tD« 

.-5i; n-^ajrin ."'^y nb's3 attack s, Vp^'^i< 

^pn-in to remove, estrange v> a. f^*''?^^"tDX 

.■^s^ nni; .tp sn-jn to dare v, r. ^^T f^^J^^t^'ltDs* 

tip given at one's departure a. ^nT];''tOi^ 
^■^Ifjp-nii^ shank of a tobacco pipe 6\ |^p6-^^ 

Asiatic, unciviiised marj {pi. [ - ) $, tOK^'tiJ 

,d;!« lake s. V^^Pf^ 
nn'\£? ''then he sang,*" Moses' song «. '^T;'"'H 

.-ears s. ;??. C'-^uvi 

,- walls have ears phr. hT\%h D''^*^ 

.•nysSytje -- njJSItO^T^ 

i3''^3'^ such things as these px? ysysbyti^t - 

such (;?rP3-) jjromdem D3 ^ .j;3 « .iP5||b^Tii 

.n«b ,nt2 
conjf . II I 'fy till, until I'll? as far as prep. ^^H 

X'f^o actually adv,\\'»^s ly even, so that 
it is actually nauseating ^m k^j mi^ aiyii oy — 

.u?sD Kir? u?S3 Syj 
.nMi^ n\n bramble, blackberry a, J^V?Jl>r?.s 
•an -lies — a66r. n"» 

,-»one num. ^HH 

.-unity .?. nnn^ 

.-the unity of God phr, Nnl^in-nnnx 
. - one of & thousand pAr. ^^^^ "'Hi^ 
.-ts j^^n i;;y5?p except, beside pt^ep. f*inK 
.niy hind quarter, arse (vulg.) s. "ilHi^ 

.-hold, grasp s. ^iVn^ 

.-deception, delusion *. Q''J"';;"jnt''n^ 

''thou art our brother." you phr. !nm I^'TIJ^ 

^-are one of our own! 
"our brethren the sons §. pi, S.s»'n^''-^J2-irn|< 
e-of Israel," members of our race 
.ail ,n3: .-a stranger ;- another adj, "^H^ 
.-after the act adv. n)^^t2r)"^m 
s\|r.nm«9 later, last (pi. 0^:3l"inK) adj. p'^T^H 
IP -inx one of the later rabbinical legists 
the last of the seven men Js^s^nn^^n o^pDisn 
called to the reading of the law (in the 
.nnin^ c^xnffn nys^D ]'i''^Q^^ \ synagogue) 
the best comes last, phr, n^2n finnx^ pnnx 

.— last but not least 
.-the last day of Passover s. nDD-b^-p-illH 

,1 j; ^ y i* 5 $? J 1*iH i:t?3'»n D^ma^^ ^ft^^m:^ v^h^min 


^ m 


,vm' nps in a weekly'' » 'ipiiK ,;iKtsSK lyn^K' -- 

,^^ above ;""5 l^yp over, trans- pre/. ""^V^)^ 
.fT'S^ ,"iip again^ re- ;""b bra 
.n^^;i nri^b next year «cl'^. 1X''K"1J?S%H 
to hurry too much, "be in v. n. 1^^ f 7!!K1J^^^K 
,bnh?p nS7 ,bris ,!anri too great a hurry 
,KS5 yn^^ next week a<ii;. X^^5K'"1PS1K 
,rt|^ ,^n^nD to change, alter v. a. imp'l^^'^V^)^ 
♦^nriD again, anew adv. D^^JK^i^^'!^ 
^JT'SU^ ^in to plough again t?. a. pPpK*!.^^-^^ 
,n''3^ nu?^ to do over again Ve a. [tS^SIKl^SI^ 
to change ;nBB) |j?.e ,U7"ihD n^in to revise '^'s^'in^ 
^1^ ikil to overwork oneself v, 7\ 1^* -^ || s H4I' 

^uj-insa n3^ to rebuild v. a. fP'^IS'^iJ^S^H 

to overcharge^ ask too much v. n, P^IS^PSIK 

♦01^ '%r\v vnm -iss) bn| "T'na ^i^s (/or good^) 

♦nb^D^ ^b3 to bend over -y. a» t^-^'^i^^''^ 

h^n to cease being angry i). n n^t p^^ill^ll^SIK 

to relieve nsan .i^^qD to change v. a. [^ysij^ni^ 

Kp;^ node, bony excrescence n 7nJ^^n'i^n''K 

xr[ f\m to bite apart -w. a. t?, fD^jS1|^l\H 
to have ; ipjs nnnK 9b^ to breakfast ; Q?i^a 
^j-jLjp^ n^?"'?^ 5bK a snack 
to bind ;"^P. i'^|5 to bind over v. a. pJ^^'^^^^^K 

♦OBD) n^3u? i|h3 ;n'3i^ li^j? again^ rebind 
♦n^l^^ isqnip remnant, rem.ainder /^^^^1!!7^'^P^^H 
to be UDipns) ^^'fn to remain i?. ti. p^j7i1J)S^K 

♦nn^in iiKf ri left 
^-iK^tisn IIP ,nnKu; remainder f ^^J^ni^blj;21K 
survey, general view {pL f-) m p17^1|^S^K 

,nnpa r'pu nynq ,nsp^t^n 
to survey, make a survey of ?;« a. tp^7^'iJ^S\^ 

*^[5a ipha r^j;. ipp 
to turn the leaves of a v, a. [li^);^ni^n\H 
to pass over a pas- ;i|!p ^bi;, ijbn ibi;.^^ book 
"ibi; sage in turning the leaves of a book 

,ft1S£i3 5^ p^p featherbed ?? ^i^^l^S^^ 
to ask a person's pardon v. a. ^f^^i'^^i^K 
V, r. l-'-ll ;|toi:jiynii^ ^ ;d?g ,t^^KD nn^^d t?pa 
TD^ ai?^ nbp^to be reconciled, make friends 
with due respect Hna ^pi^^ ipniK ^pn ^ik* ~ 
^ITOS n9sim to you 
garj to make the bed again ^, a. '-\^V^'^V^^M 
.i|-i»^ n^)v Kbp to upholster again ; n^;^ rt'^p 

,T\im '^*^D^? ^^0 to revive v, a. fl^^HS^^ 
atlas, collection of maps (pL f'-) m BK^^I^ 

.(p^n ^^K) ^iK> D^aK* satin m B])^^l^ 
.D?'fK 51^ of satin adj. pvhm 
^'^'']^ 'il^n 55n atmosphere / ])1^&DKam 
.(mts'tta) itesnif retired adj. I^JUK^S^K 
,nn'£Bnr! retirem.ent / l^pUK'OD^K 
to resign, tender ppUKtoDtoK p^^ ^it ppJi3K ™ 
sr\'^vmy ibsnn one's resignation 
.fc\i5K^ ial3 atheist m ^D^H^^tSK 
*nD^u^3 ,hn breath m CP^I^ 
»m.^ n»^«;3S in one breath ap^K piK* p^ •- 
.a"^3 to breathe v. m \V^))^^ 
.ni^Pfi certificate {pL f-) m ^g^B]^^^ 

;H9u? .ttb^ to sendj despatch v. a. [I^IIKIB^K 
r? ^I^n to go away, repair v. r. ^^t-f; 
.ni^sn farming, lease (pi f-) m Blp^*^ 
farmer, lease-holder (j?L Dj;^) m p^t^^^Blp^^ 

nn| ,ni5?n5 detaohament {pt \^) m "IK'^'I^^ 
nn^p ,pSD bran j?^. S^nD];i^K 
.p 3 p u a K 3 = P^^^K 
.m^u; line nifi turn fV^P^V^^^ 
A^m m ilDU to stand in line v. a. f^1^1|^^^K 
.mp reed m ^^1|?^^.^ 
.Dj even ;a| ,-i and, also conj, ^K 
..*D3 *..m both,,» and... *^*ik 4^*^k "-- 
.n'^rt D3 ^in dj both he and she n ?k rp m — 
.n^ Dj Am and then, even then dki ik — 

?|5 k5 SKn is it not so? ado. K"'K 

*9''|'^ri exercise / ^JIS^H 
nausea n. \\ in^^n^ nnipa nauseating adj. h^)H 

^j^j,^^ l-^lp to nauseate ?;. ??. f^^n^^ 

*yisrbpi ,rfb''oa nausea /^"L^p^S^^ 

-bu l^n ,5iinn to exercise, practise v. n, p!^ 

over, above ;"^ i:ni7p over, across prep, ^^^^K 

over ^'"D ini" above, beyond I'b bvi2 rp nbpbb 

,niik""ba about ;i]t??5a 

*'^T7b ispD across the way 3pn pv'^i^ ™" 

.©^l? bpD over the head mp wi ips^.K — 

nbmh above one's strength nini^ n 'ipam — 

^i^ij^^j^ '^u?M over night to^KS ^ps^.^i — 

"[IT ti?pi:'^'!"i:?n^« 


I^T ft5'i'nsn:5;n?it 

to dig ;^^?^ "ibn to dig again r. a. f!2if!l2'l>;n\^ 
♦1^ '^bn to dig all Pr#n n2S7n ^n *^£n across 
♦nria to persuade, induce v. a. p^'Z))'l^'"\2)^ 
♦DSi3 i-^?7 -lainri to overcome v. a. f'l^n^'i'^^iVS 
."^b^'ri to tMnk over v. n, f^p:!V'Tl^n^S 
to spread over, cover v. a, [p^l'li^lS'^ 

.riEs r^j; v%t\ 
to tell again, retell, re- v, a. I^l^:^'l^ni^:n^S 

.n3^ ii:,'7 in^5j^' nen peat 
♦(U^nnD) n^xP c^snn to reprint ij. a. fpl^'m^lS^^ 
.TjET ,'?|bn to turn over i-. a. f^^^lI'l^S^S* 
»t:ei?;d^p tedious, wearisome a^y. 2!D^'1'1'1];S\S 
t^^h T\^r] to have had manj^ v. a, p^Ti^V^^M 
t^^^ to have had several times ID^SI ci^l 
to have gone through ;ni^nK a^r^rs \:?\s^ w 
.("iDD ^5?) ni^nK Dn:i;a -iby several times 
♦■^^D rviiv^ ,^bD to dam up u. a. IJ;tDj«n*iyn^« 
;-;? i!£y^ ,n3i; to detain, hold v, a. Ith^r^^V^t^ 

♦i^-tnt: ini'' iiiy to hold over 
to ibU'^? lb to cut in twain v. a, fp«n'^^n%S 

.(nn^u?) y^isn ,pppn interrupt 
to overwork oneself -y. r. H^' f^n;;*lSf:ni:^niX 

;5^5a in general, generally ac^tj. tDB^l^'^PD'^K 

.iin'^i especially 
n«?n to overstrain oneself v, r. y'^ fni^nij^n^i^ 

i^i-n 5i7. rjbs to skip over, omit v. a. fS5\Ti^n%S 

n^? pb3 to transmigrate u. «. f"i^"l-3Kll*n^2^^? 

to out- ;-5y nbic to overgrow v.. n, JDpK*i'nS^!:\^ 

•iK^ ^y '?'i| grow 
D'ptso ri^n to throw over v. a. [£)*^K^1'^J;s^^« 
to ;'"in« 53 ^'^n to throw every one ;oipD^ 
to throw one- v. r. 1^^ - 1| ; -^sn overthrow 
to be converted (fig.) \'^\^r:^r\ri self over 
to .'nno 5in to cease quarreling :"'?2npn 
♦nhp 5hn cease raging 
to wmk at each ipi'ps n oiq yA laiKinpniK — 
.ini7i !5« ^^K ^pu? -inp"i 5b« ^^K ^^yv^ to-i other 
to wash again ;cS3 to wash i;. a. t^^*^*^^2!« 

.^'?^ D35 

.man? 5hn to cease crying c. r, 'y^ [i^^^^lT^^^s^^ 
to winter, pass the winter, v. n. fl^tDDVil^iJ^n'JX 

♦^I^D ''^: !^^5 ''=l''^0 hibernate 
to wink at each other" v. rec. T' [^'p^'^l'^J^n^S 

to cease being angry v, r. I^t pyi'^S'^.pD\^ 

.eysrs 5^^ .tnp "-rn 
d.^3\p'p nb"i? to break apart v. a. f-^l^^i^-'H 

rx\y2 .x^n to bring, bear u. a \V^'^V'^'2'^V:^)^ 

.(sw hm *ia^D bearer m '^^^3S?'i:i"1i;2*'N 
nai^i^s pbn to burn apart v. a. f^J^"^S*i5;n-« 

♦nh^ p)ht? to burn too mucb ;:2'y^b 
transition, change i^^V.p passage m 2^K2"i^S^X 
♦nsbnnD ns|^ epidemic ''"^rp ,=^ibn 
^y "ibr to overflow ; ^bi; to pass v. n. ll^.^'^V^^-^ 
♦-9P M^i,: to surpass ;rn^-^| b^ rt'^y ,^?2n ^e 
.ni\i; .'Tin to repeat "^Kt: h '^ks p^ji'nps-t? — 
his mouth is wa- ysi^c n 'lyiniK six ts^^;; cp — 
♦nan'? npi^n 2nc) T'do nil'' n'^'T tering 
to spill i^j; pr to pour over v. a. \W^})T.ti 
to pour out of one vessel ;,"i5£inn "^bp] pr 
to cast again ;\53 9k \52rp p'r into another 
♦(nrrs) n"':u? pr {metal) 
to lose one's desire v, r. ^^T f^DlSn^SIH 

♦13^9 ppint^nj? 5nn 
.(Vr-.s) n^:u |3.9 to temper again v. a. f^^^^'^I^S^i? 
,"iu nni' i^? to overheat 
♦iKKs n^'K^ overhappy a<i?. ^^7p^^:i*!j^2!X 
.ny?:^ delivery / :iriS>*n^S'.K 
to commit ;-)d;: to deliver y. a. pi;n^:s%S 
to give too much, give in excess ;'"-cd 
to V. r. T^-ll >^1V.r\ ifTily npi i^-id nnv nri 
to devote oneself ;"ts -^^gm surrender 
-issnn to addict oneself ;-5 1d:^j; hk t^-npn 

.-^ i^'B:i iBi:3 pns nicp devoted ac?j. [ni;:>;n^n%^ 

unwillingly, involuntarily adv. 1^Kni;nj?S>* 

.in")|i 9j;3 ,jiiii2 ^^ 

.9p^pn 5i; P|i*,y overweight k tD^^n^n^^n^H 

insis^ disturbance, rumpus m ^1)hp:*\^2)H 

more than enough, over and adv. 5^J^''i^S%^ 

.^rtp '^nr above 

.nnp timid person m ^J^^s^^^K&^nj^rj'!^ 

.nipn rotten a^i. tD^'^IS^n^;::^^ 

.D^nVi?^ ^'^^P. knotted, tied adj. ^^)^pV^'^^^\i 

.^^sn reverse adj. tD'i^pJ^n^nt'M 

spoiled by standing too adj. JPKtD^Vt^nysi^ 

.nT?:i; 3hi2 ^^p?^ long 
too sharpy very cunning adj. ^t)t^P^"^V^)H 
."t'm D>'ii? ,^'^,^ 'ini'' s^nrr 


89 »-» 


'{>o make feeble by fasting v. a. ;j?^K7ni]^S%^ 

to cease fainting with hun- v. n. f^^rcn^n^^ 

.::!;'iD ^n^prinp b'lti ger 
he does yi^n ski Du>5npnpni« si^ lkh w — 
,iiy DPI ii?^3-iD 133\^ not feel hungry any more 
V. r. "[1? - II ; n-tsu nu?!; to do again v. a. f Jf^tD'^^SIK 
♦T'"]:s J^bnn to change one's germents 
.Q'pbnb pb to divide v. a. |^l!tO^^S\^ 
a^pisp nwr? carrying over / 3J13^n^n];n\^ 

aipap ^?j7n ,Kt?3 to carry over v. a. [31^'^^'^^^^*^ 
to gossip, tattle J^be ,K\y3 to endure ;Dlp?i^ 

feo fear, \^tr\ to think over v. m ft05K"l^"i^n!K 

jj?*^ ,ihB apprehend 
; aipDb Qlp^D u^ni driving over / SiSmin^'iyn^S 

.KDJi .nn^n ,ti:i'^Tiri exaggeration 
;Qp^b alpssp v^-^i to drive over ?;, a, p'LniD'ij;n:s* 
S(i3iB) n^nj^n nK^D to run down, tire (a horse) 
.^n Jisri j!?sn to exaggerate 
'in^ 'l??.^3 to shake up v. a. fj^^D^n^'^l^n^K 

*1b3 117 to shake out all ;^'3"^'5 
stepping over^ crossing / ^l^ltOl^^^'^I^SLH 

,nn:ni;^ rbv r\'r^v transgression \r\'^^v 
to \-bii XH '"^^H *o step over t^, a. f^]^'^^'n^n\^ 
»ph "iby transgress 

^-bv. r^'^v, to surpass, outdo t?. a. fS^1tO")^n\S* 

.Hitn^^i a-npn to outrun v, a. f3.^n|;n^K 

remaining, ;-"itP "^ip:?? superfluous adj. 2'!'^I?n\H 

•■^n nn; rest of 
in^ the rest of the people 'c'^^b pjinyn^n ^i ™ 

be- ;nKt ""lybsj? ,abi!s* as for the rest (^c?^. W^^l:^i^K 

.n? i;.b^ n-m f^n sides 
^y inl<' ,nsin much, too much adc. sr^yn''^ 

>ie is not particularly n^p cjiips'k E3-3 t''k ly -^ 
-iDDns rci'D ^33"H wise 
inl^ ^bn to grasp too much o. a. fSK^'^pn^'^ 

.cen np5 io take, grasp ^ntt 
riS''3K bs« to take a snack cyei? iskd-iptk — 

^u?3 to draw breath apis^ sp-r |eKr)'ip:3'!i« — 

^ni^n bp "ini'' t\w to overdo b^^ 11 juksipsik — j 

,rn^,f '?p nsrt 

,?P38'5h«ip2lK - ri^^K^^-^^S^K 

?n''rfe? "^Ihi to wrap up again t). a. |^^p!in];niH 
^fT'SU? "^inn to swathe again 
.rs^W (h3p.) nhp to wipe again v, a. ftS^m^S^S* 
to overbalance ;9p'r' to weigh v. a. f^l?111]^^^K 
to outweigh- {fig) ;""b^ 5p^^m .ibj? .p„l?D 

to cease to be desirous v» imp. "l^t \hv^T\Vy^ 

be has lost the iD^b?np3'ipniK d^k y.) dkh dp — 
,(fn56i^) ni?in9 5in desire 
to exchange words, v. rec. 1^ [^^tDn^H^^n^^ 

.sn quarrel 
■nbK to say again, repeat a a. pK^I^S^H 

«ntn .n^3i^ 
p.^t' oversatiated, surfeited adj. ©Kt^'.J/S^H 

nnl^ ri^p to salt too much tj. a. [^^^Kfil?:!!^, 

; *^l?p nnl'' nhT innn to overboil l% a, n, pl^'^PT.^' 
n^-fn .,3r;?n?;nn to stay, remain v. n. [^J!t*^J^SlK 
n1a1pD;i nST to be in sereval places ;Qlpm 

43p to filter, strain 1;. a. f^^^l^i^n^H 
^nr n^QD to make too sour v, a. pT'T^'^V^^ 
.niKU?) ''i?p inl" f xpqn to leaven too much ;^ip 
n''3^ ns3 to resift, sift anew v. a. fSltn;p:ji^ 

to sit out PIP -inl'' su?; to outsit v. n, [^Itl^n^lv* 

n1©p3 nb to saw through v. a. f2^t*1i?n\^ 
nn ,pat?rf to oversatiate «» ^. [2'!t01^T'l^S!H 

to see again '.p'ls to examine r. a, fj^t'^^ni^ 
to peruse ;nss> ^jsn t.^uti to revise ;n^3^ .iKi 

*n\3p reviser ;pi1s examiner m ^^VV^^V^"-^ 
^d'li^n .nprii;n translation m f^]^T'i];n^H 

.rpnpni^ = :m];?'^;;a'!H' 

to transfer^ put in another v. a. \tV^"\Vy^M 
to ;QipD^ Dips?; ^5pn ,'irf^it alpiss s^u place 
to change i?« r. ^^t-^||;Qnn -pnpn translate 
,^m cip95 Du?; one's seat 
THDS ^3tt to overcharge npD cpn ii^ptipni^ — 

.nia -im^ bnj 
inter- ia|^n» .p^ni^p translator w 'l^^pt'i|;n!JI 

»f^^p 'Iv^n^P preter 
nbm? renewal inntn repetition / 5^vitn"i^n^Jl 

^nrip to renew ;n3^ ,"im to repeat lua. pTH^'j^S^M 




to revamp (fig.) ;qs>'' m ppr\2} fin^ ^kj^sb 

r? .p^ to pass the night v. a. p)^:^V^^V^'-^ 

taking possession, taking over / Si'i^^^-S'il^n^K 

to take over, Lake possession v. a, \V'^V^'^V^'^-^ 
'nb^ ,mpi to overtake ;-p r\->m ^sj^ i-d ^Sj^ of 
«?. r. ^^T-'|| J ■'IP "^0"^^ "^V^r^ "1-9 to overcharge 
to pass, J-ixsnn .nK;r,n to boast, puff up 

3'in ,nhj? end 
.^ receiver m ipD^n^S'!^ 
♦\z?™ nis to rebuild u. a. |j;^nt:s'^^D*!H 
hn to thread over again v. a. f^S^C^X^::*^ 

njL to deliver v, a. rVti^V ~> ,pVt'^ r/i.;^PT.H 

»CD13 to corrode, gnaw apart v. a. [Dy'^yn'N 
to overeat, eat to excess u. r, l-^-jj 

.nip nnr ^:« 
'npi» Ik -T'st-p subletter m '^V^^'.'^'^^^'^V^"^ 

ihlP to pass over, cross v. n. a. ["^iSDI^'D'^ 
.n^^u;^ CQ-i to run over ;(Dip':^ Dipc>:) 
.n^pkns ni'^D^nn sudden attack m ^K£1>?S"'K 
to attack suddenly, surprise u. a. f^KS'^l^S'J^ 

to over- ;n':^ ^'::n to repack v. a. jpKS^'^^^^^' 
to overeat v» r, l^t »- || ;np nnr fy^ load 

♦''"^p "inl^ ^bK 
.1^3 to rot entirely w. w. fS''1£'l^n^S* 
ni3| to clean o?- scour again v. a, I!^"iB"iy^1^^ 

,n^?'(^ is'^i2 to trim again :n^:u 
r'^v ihi; to exceed u. a. ^n^l^'&ni^n^H 

;ni:nj?,D carrying, transport / Olil&n^S^i^ 

♦nnnt'n r^ip^p spoiling 
to J*^?!^,? to carry, transport v. a. I'^^.t^V'^'^-^ 
to 1). r. 1^^-11 J'i^« to lose ;nn*fn -"^p.^p. spoil 
to be ;inx olpp^ ibi; move to another place 
.nnf'n -bpbpnrr spoiled 
.na/stpsi ^^':^V.p ferryman m "^V^^-ti^V^^-^ 
to trans- J^^n^ l^b3 to replant v. a. f^^K^£l^n\^ 
♦inK DipDS i;b3i '^5i;n plant 
.*i2p;^ pjb^ iQht to overflow v. w. [D^7&'l]^n\S 
."^ilTj in:;.^, )^ip Ik nhe to fly over i;. n. IV^ht^vy-"^ 
to freeze over, become en- v, n. [I^ID'^^'^^K 
to be spoiled by ;-5p. Kbp, crusted v^ith ice 
.f KBp n: ^p ^p.^p.nn freezing 
in^^- ||13 1« .i5^to fry again t;. a. [^^:5^'^.£^)n\S 
."•HI? "nliil^ R13 Ik .i^si to fry too much 

rt^P, to outdo in snoring v. a. [^DH-^D'i^a^ii 

.nrnj? t'*K "5^' 
^y) ■'"3P ^ni^ ip^ to overload i5. a. |*l^^i;;D^i< 
to transfer from one con- un^jK is r.biv 
nbr; "P'ii liyEii nnKri5.iPDph£veyance to another 
/■^p ini'' Dayn to overburden Jn-inK 
nOin -iK'fD to leave v. a. n. p^h"^^T.^ 
in^nrps ^^k 5y_ n5p^ to outrun v. a, [B''i^1^n^S 

»-nl^i 9s? 'ibj; .-^^^ri •'b n^ ^ihv^ to overflov^ 

^n^ '^'^ to air, ventilate w. a. pPtoSl'^n^n^H 

♦n^3ti? nn to air again ;nn:n 

♦jDj n^K abu? to lie some time v, n. p:':'*i5^S'» 

.fir^rir,r; translation ;;,3i:,^^^ir::*!K == s. ^^^Sn^^n^S* 

consideration, deliber- ipl.\V^)s, 3Ji:!t^'?1^n^K 

.nr^n -r^^^ ,n^:)^:^m ation 
n^in to put to another place v. a. p^^'l^lI^S^S 
to trans- ; "bp G^c to lay over Jihx bipQS 
to consider, deliberates, r. ^^t~.|| ;pnp,:i late 
^^TJrir] ,yp,\r)n ,|5iinrj 
*'^2 ^H ''pDp pin to pour over v. a. Y^)'l))h'^VT.H 
b^o ,Kt;: to endure to the end v. a. f'11^7"l>*:i'K 

.•lien np 
ppt to rectify, distill again v. a. p^tOl"* 7 "■!);:: « 

,f<"^p, to read through, peruse v a (p2^t?v'"^^2\S 


experience icn? n^^un survival / 3rcy''"!J/D\s 

nn^ n'^n to survive, outlive v. n. p^'^n;;^^^? 
to live in ;d^4^i nip-ilKD tin^. Q^hb "ibp ;t)^K nia 
to experience Jc^^in niDlpM "iiJi many places 

♦|1^G3 ^T bp_ \i'nn 
,|P3pi'!5npn^K = [t^^'^;?2::^ 
to learn or study again v, a. IV^'^V^'^V'^^-'^ 
to learn too much v. ?•. ^^?'-i| ;n^3"^ n^^ 

♦^"np ^r\\^ ittb 
to ;nr^ .*ibrin to change, alter ly. a. pN^'li^S^S* 
\y'Kb ibp transfer, make over (pr^operty) 

.rfpn; n^p excess n. DKDlj;2"!« 
the day after tomorrow ado. I3'^^^a'^;;s^^« 

,^-inp nb^ to rebuild ?;. n. f^^^lDnj^n^S 
P5^P fi^j?p^ superhuman adj. 11^^:!i?Dnj;n^« 

to measure n'lia to measure v. a. jtDD];^*!;?^!:!! 

♦n^;^ n^D again 

r;-#np n^psbir supernatural ac^. ^^.^'^'JtOKin^rH 

.n''3u? ibn to sew again t;. a. \V^)^'^V'^'^-^ 

1^ ijbh to turn (a coat) v. a, W^'^n'-^'^V^^'-tA 




bo outwit^ outdo in cunning v. a. pvp"^^^)^ 

fco be n'-na to pick, sort' v" a. n. p!5Sp1^n%^ 
to remove, v. n ^1t-- ll^p^i^il ipn particular 
My^ pPivri change one's residence 
*r\^m^ f ^p -11 'P.a^ chooser m ^];Sl^J?p'l5^niK 
to change one's garments u, n '^)'^ p1)ip'^^^)^ 

.jalsnn '3i2^n to think, consider v. n, p^^p"l^Sl« 
.n^ju a^n^R? ^'^P. to knotj tie again v. a. I&^ip"ii?n^« 
u;^^ to mix or knead again v, a. f^J^Jp'ni^SIX 

.n''3^ S'^n DbT to button again v. a, [^^B^^^pn^nVH 
.m^^nnn turning over /2Jn;?p"ij;n^« 
to upset J^ibn to turn over v. a. p})p"\^2)^ 
V, r. ^!t^ ||''n^3ii? KSKD to sweep again ;^sn 
feo convert oneself [fig,] ; 5a3 .tiS.w to Dumble 

to put everything in nn dkt ppp°ipD!K — 
in^D:2 a^'TiD-''H nu?y the house topsyturvy 

to play wild pranks E)9i;n ^n ppp'nyniK* — 

.naariji overturnj overthrow w l^njpn];pnps%^ 

■ ^^^^ change ^ncnn 

.ib^tsr\hy njsn to imitate, mimic v. a, [J^onp^^^a^M 

^nyrisn .nj;^na surprise / 5Ji^Kinj;n\^ 

mm to surprise t;. a. i^K^1|?n\^ 

fco call to each other u. rec. ^^l fSm^nm 

olp!2« ppii;D to remove, shift i?. a. [pmj^S^K 

'K phy; to rub or grind well v. a. p'Lm|;3'!H 

.n'^\'i fhto 
to mention ;nf)© to persuade v. a. p11*^^3^3'?lt 

.nniu? to discuss ;-i5?D 
.n^3^* lt?^ "'^il5J to clean again v. a. p^J?n^^2\^ 
»npp^n interruption m D1?'T1j;3:k 
;a^K^n? y^ij^ to tear in two v. a, IDl!"i'i];n^« 
to be rent v. r. *|.«-1| sppsn to interrupt 
•Q:3U?5 yji^n in two 
to reckon over^ count u. a. IV^P^V^^V^^ 
to »l^.1s:nn .2U?n to consider ^n"*:!;? ^-m over 
■''1!? "^nr -i^np2 nbD overcharge 
lo overrate, overestimate v, a. f^K^I^S''^ 
.n^nr^Ci 5i; tian .^^p ini^ '?|")i;n 

9k^ to ask or inquire again v> a. f^^*^^1^S!^ 

.iiiknp inr obt^ to overpay v. a. \h^t^'^'^m 

.n-^HD f\^ jiii to partition ?;. a, \V*-^'^'^V'^^^ 

n^3U? r^nnD Kain to tap again v. a. jS|tX'^i?i\\* 

,nMS3 .''1D3 covering, case {pL f-} m Jl^n^n^H 

nm to sugar over^ candy v. a. pVp^'^'^V^^'^ 

r^v. (na3) isc 
tidy ;nsD^» cover, case {pi. fj^-) m ^S^'^^S^^ 

ti-Ti^z n3i»« in-sD^^ msn conviction / 2^13!5X'^i;aiH 


.'nns nsin sdI^kis nali to convince y. a. [il^Xlj;^!^* 

.n^3;^ D\^n to draw again v. a. {^^V^'-'^-^'^P^''^^ 

.HTSD counting over / ^^^hv.U^py.^ 

to count ^"iDo to count over v. a. \hyit'^P2'H 

.^nm *iBG again 
to pass ;ri2? .nan to cover v. a. n, f^''^"^y^\H 
to iDlpD^ Dip^p pnpn ,ibi; to another placts 
to V. r. "])t -^W Pitt "1^1' Pn be too exacting 
pFiVri to remove Ju?3?nn .nDsnn be covered 

^ll-'P^^ 132 overcoat ti "^^^^nys^.s 
to cross onoself, make the o. i% ^^? f/^S:^'ii?3!^ 
,cnsi3) hn.'tn 9p a^^n (Dp ntjy sign of the cross 
;ri^3U? 9u?5 to boil over again o. a. l^^p'^V^)^ 
to digest ins inl'' 9fa to boil too much 
ITM^^ to be digested v, r. ^!?- || Upre> ^d^ 
opl^pnnp ^"tn to cease raging 
.n^3U? php to comb again v. a W^^P'^VT:^ 
to dirty by handling too v. a. p^tDKiip-^J,'S\H 
.D^'a u;!!D'^D 3h» ?i52? much 
.in^ to buy over y. a. ffe'^lp^yslH 
;9§n .i|fen to turn, tumble t;. a. lP'h)p^VTM 
to tumble, turn bead over heals v^r, 1^t~|| 
-ipn to convert oneself {fig,} •'^p.nrin .^5^3nn 

»l?Tr,3^?5 Ql9uJ3 f«ie; to get over y. a. l^^t^ip'^pT.^ 

r^y nb| ,n^3 to tide over 
^pD ;"9p nby to look over u, «. fplp'**]^5lll 
to exchage d. r. l'?--!! m-iu? to revise ;n'3^ 
Ar\z^^ 9k u^-'k "^pD glances 
irfii n?yn to chew over again v. a. l^'Up'^P^)^ 

.3^\n D^^ to chew well '»QI2P "^^^ sp? 
,121 9^ 1-^s "^hn .^|9| to roll over w. a. f^7pt?p*iI?S^K 
.|a'S9pi!;?2iK = p''1^p'i^SW 

42 - 


'^'« SJ7 n^ip ,nniu to discuss i;. a, ]0^^t2^*^'^2)H 
;s^hs n"^D to grease over v. a. fl^DS^^yil^^ 
to wliite- ;n^3u; niD iH-^d to grease again 
,TD^ n^2^ |3^.n wash again 
to cut, sever, cut in two -y. a. \1^1^'^'^P'^^.^ 

,&:rf'? yi'5a to split in two ■?;. «. |to':'.s£t5>^;;n%s 

•nhD to gainsay, contradict v. a. p^?£lJ^'1^^^^? 

cn^3^ natpa "isi/i to pin again v. a. f;^''7^DK^"!^S%S 

.n^r^y -inp? to button again 
»4T'5ife? pnt? to play over again v. n. pl^^'^^^li^ 

rn timnn to outwit v. a. f2£^BlJ^"i^n^i< 
.-^y p?ha ,v'^s> bo apread over u. a. (tDing^^l^S^S 
,-f -^yp 3^1 to jump over u. a. f^^^^'lSt^'ljI^n^X 

^!?-||;pnI^^ .n^3^ nns to copy y. a. p'!:!"iti>'n:t^nix 

♦Q^2r2D nis^'pn? k3 to correspond v. rec. 
^{)S^ py^ to cry louder than v a. f^^J'15^*^^SSS 
,pV^^ ^"jn to cease crying v. r. Tit - j| ; I-ishd 
,-5i; n^r^z title, heading (pL [-) tOSnt^'^J^SS^ 
»n-tnan scare m pj^ltJ^'l^^n^X 
;9ri2n nnan to scare, frighten v. a. I'pV^^^^V'y'.^ 
.^nsn »^nsn to be scared v. r. T^-|| 

.-J nb •t^K'? n^yri to ignore /;. a. \^V^^:^'^\^ 

Jewish Social Committee [inSoiiet Russia) 

.(n^tsjsiDT -!'Di"i3i a'V""',^ '^"JtQ "^^^ 

.•?^p2 ,^'Dt3 idiot {pi. \ - ) ^OS'^-l^S 

.mi^^ / tD'i.^p - II : -Ni^E^ idiotic ac^;. trr^xn%S* 

.l^^yn idea ^in:^< 

,<g;,T,, = ^^pi^n^'^ ^!.%p^^i^K ,-i^':'i^>n^^ ,t^n^« 

ppu;^iv .Di''pu?m"' i"T''5-^^"!^^ 

,pK''Sir = pK^Sl^« 

.n;?!;? ii^n •■^■s: K^p ideal (^^. f-) 7KJ£;"i:K 

.D^?i:5 3'"!^^? ns)'«y; idealism m DTl'^Kyi^S 

.n^l?i i^V"^? P?1 idealist m tDD^^iNi^^^l^J^ 

i1»K"7BBD the book of Job ;2l^K Job npr. ^^I^S 

♦«SD coming, next adj. ^*111\^ 

.«2n ynu? next week ixii y^n^^ -- 

.n«3n nw next year "ik'' cyniiiK — 

.nnn*?) 'n«^n away 1 (iJo a pig) int. ^tD'PK 

«. «.(p:T po a^:s yj;t5it^,« ^^srjR pi^ntie ytsni) T^X 

♦ajn .^nsfi he is 

;n''?"^ nnn to rinse again u. a. f]^p^^*'Si^1i^n^J« 
,iD:?^n ^h?^ to make watery 

xbp to overfill, overload v. a. {£.StCt^*1^n^« 
to overload one's stom- v. a, l^t^-H »'1P inl'' 
♦^i?i -^nv 1:^2 Kbp ach 

.11^? -!2i; - fp'^xtcrn^n^s 

to pull throngh, tide over v, a. p1i:t^i;^n\S 

03T ^iDS iDj; 
to tide over the jtoi^iE yiosy^t:? n isiay^iyn^.i^ — 
.nyin nyn ^3s:n -i?:y hard times 
,-bi; n^jj; to surpass v. a, pi^ai^n^n^^ 
jdlp^s "iKfrt to stay over v. n. a. firot^^^i^n^X 

,Kt?3 /'^iD to overcome, endure 
to stay over night dskj n p/.a^nyn^K — 
^-,^,^-5 5d Dipt::: ^^'^n 
(,-n^n33) ^1p 1^3 to vote again v. a/.^fPl^^tDt^'n^Il^H 

.nly^ 2h |h3 to outvote ;n^3\y i;;d^ nDj;^n ^n-^sii? 
to put in another place v. a. f 7^tDi^1>*2^« 
to JTiD ^ibn to transpose i^nx aipr^s ^tsyn 
to be trans- d. r. ^a - 1| ; n"]isr ns^ transform 
♦In'i'isf .13^ fHsritn formed 
.n"'2U? "lan to quilt over again v. a. [&^tDt^'n;^!l^« 

^biy to spill or strew again v. a. [^•^'I^^i^i^ 
to pour ;~5y_ l:ts to strew upon Jn^py nis) 
^^SQ njs) "Tis'f from one vessel into another 
to be spilled, be strewn v. r. H^^-H 5^?3 ^^, 

"icn to husk o?- shell again v. a. pyi^'l^^^i^ 

♦n^3ir r^Q'^p^ 
.n^-p to send, transmit, remit v, a, \p^^^V2)^ 
to ship over, transport over v. a. fS^t^*1^2^^t 
to sailv. r. y-^-'W '^^'M^ ^^^.p '^^ d^^ {in ships) 

♦n^3KS ihy over 
inter- ;*il3:y.^ »ny;3D hindrance m ^K'^'t^'ii^^^H 
,npccn inynsn ruption 
.px^^L^-iynMx = iK^t^'n^n^K 
to <P5f" to interrupt v. a. piS'^^I^^D^H 
nns) HE? to cover {bedding) ;('?2«n) "^^s mix 
^u^) ntD^iS n^yj; to inventory {a store) jcmnosi 
.(niinD> Db»n isinn to confiscate, seize Kni^n 
to Pl^ nni'' ]\y; to oversleep v. n. fSi^W'n^Il'JX 
to t?. r. I^t-ll Je];d f\y^^ sleep for some time 
♦i3^»» ifpT] iDssnn ni; fu?^^ sleep oneself sober 

,p«9'^-iy2-,«- pK^t^i;?n^H 
to dray to another place f. a. [SJ^W^I^l^.J^ 

to smuggle y, a. t^^:2V-^&^ J,f^^^l»ti^)p^n^Jf 


.^ 4S 


gracious! how ^ip^snps "ns? taxn ^J'i^-i^^-'ffK ■— 
"MiSi Mt2 tsmsKi nn^ wonderfully he sang 

s^Bi Kb not extraordinary i^K-t'«-t'x ■'itj? dis — 

;s!^1r^ c-'p, l^:1il'; eternal, everlasting ac?;. ^)^))^ 
eternity /^•'J!p^j| .-n^^i^ ,a^iyp for ever adv.\\ 

.n?^7i; trick »? '^V^V^))^ 

mesh (tw ImifHng) inr^j? |^y little eye n ^^IlK 
n''5i3] glass (o/s^ec^ac^es) UnriKS) nn''?^ .nsW 

same nnra .xitp il^s^ ibu? i^n^y 'f>v own ac?;'. [2 I^H 

in one's own way nj7a?iK)U? ap3j;:i^^« p-t ^""Ih -- 

3np a relative or friend u?3pX3 iy:j;:ii^K |^ — 

the same thiflg V'3rJ^^^? CKn »ikt pu'^i^.k ii "- 
this is the same ^^?? ysp^iiK n iii^ dkt J'^snr 'nit? 

.^n la-'n thing 
to die an un- is'^iB £i?3|7:^^K |'^^d d^s p'li^taw - 
.nr-v:^ nn^D ik n^v^^"''^ .ifi^D ma natural death 
the 'lyjy;:??^ pp S5i3 !1k n2n'5 ^.yi ]is p.^u7 "ip"i — 
naa^n "^iK light of the moon is not her own 

D^ya n^ns in one's own hand adj, ^^'13^mJ2^%H 
,r^K 12 s^p5 ::iin3 autographic i^T 
.m^i .])}p^ property ?i Dits:^!!K 
♦^ya ,pi^ owner^ proprietor m *^J^&^tOJ3'!?^ 
*n!2KS -fi^p properly ado. y^.ht'^iv.^ 
self- tDl^p-"||;^)2^y n^nx 5u7 selfish a^;. S^^i^jj^^^h 
.r\'mv ^zrj^ ishness 
r>fv fortune ;^t3T >]]p property n ^^i'^.IH 
♦nbjD iWllsn quality, property (p^* \^)s, ^&K^J51!!H 
,T7, .ni-^p^ relation, friend (pL P-) »i "l)^^i!y2:!K 
.ny"3 .nTT^ -nslii? / P »- 1| J yn 
♦jnn son-in-law (^^. 0-) m Dni%^ 
;nn-n,v .ti-is noble, noble-minded ac/jf. h^y^^ 
•r'^y dehcnte ^''c^s^s .|^:,k •qn'n 5P5 polite, civil 
polite- ;n^2n3 nobleness / ^T?p-|i;p3K j^3|7 
♦mrsK i^n^ delicateness ;c'D3 ness 
Ibaa P^i^f iD*n^ .a-i^p ere, before ado. "^^I^^S* 

♦1519 »|1s?r? albumen « ©l^ir^3H 

V. 3\ T)t^|| i^hsi ,n?n to isolate v, a. p^^.^n^ 
.nnl^^nr: ,'>i^n to he isolated 
.5p.pp„ to spoil V, a. \^T.Hyr.n 
nnii tax-gatherer (pL O^--) m pll^^^l.^nr.l^ 

rs 5nn to laugh at, scofF v. m H^ f^ll^p];nnK 

cab-man, coachman (pL SI?«-) tn p^^^^^^^ltlH 

ra n?.ri ,-2 at'^r to he placed i;.n H^ ]V^^m'^^^'.i^ 
rc^ I'^nnn to agree, concert v. rec, "|^t fi;riO?:H 

,niD pr.DH 
,?5|S to waste n a. P^^^^^r-'H 
.aiQD 'isnn to destroy tj. a. f^V.^:inf*^ 

->W^ Italy wpr. V^^r^'^ 

.'P::V^ Italian a^^. l^l^r^KC'^ 

.-pf^"'^ Italian m "l^^y^Sr^^^ 

every^ every ^jroti, wrfe/. S «- »l^3- ,'i|^5jj;7t"'H 

.rinn; ^s nn^t 93 one 
stone, testicle ;nr;i egg (pl.'^V-) n M!^ 

.r3f5 -anp before, ere adv. '' !^^ 
havei a care !, take care 1 /beware ! int. * ^.1H 

.•^ina gracious me! ^nf^ ^'t^ 0! oh I int. ''1^ 
*BKi and if ;^?k but Jp s»< then Gonj,\\ JQninKi 
1^2-71 pT ,»iK it is bad ! !'^3i?^-i' n« op \^i? -" 
he gave it to him! ^1VW^ c'k -^.j? D*^n ^k •- 

t-'ys-^s ^3 np^ Kin 
ho sang wonderfully! J|p;,3itp: ^v sskh ?x — 

the question then is K''ii?p n "^^i ?^K ^k — 

why does he not ?e^3 11? b^i:! ckii ^kS i^k — 
?l^n i3.-\s' ri^ p QK go then ? 
?no ^2K but what? ^Dj^^i fK -" 

and if you will say pp -^i^ w^ t.^ - 

and if he s^^k mi dsj^rs — p-ij ^\i 5^11 -p '-'« — 
'^y ^3 GK1 will not go it does not matter 

"K-io ©f course he wants! Hp "^ii^ «s4 - 

tc^nsH^ .'nn)2 gracious me! ^?l/ ''J;k°'\^|| 
gracious! how many ^|u?3Pd 9siii t?H"i?i« -- 
IcTSKH "^ectt z^ nt) ȣn*^-v^'^ nno peope 
^DH'^^K'n .-^^np gracious! iai^e !!^*''j.^"'!!ll 


M -^ 


.(snnp„ blunt, set on edge adj. ^2^vfK 
ni\np. bluntness, setting on edge / t01^p2^TJiH 

a-j^s^s "i;s£ painter in oil {pi --) m ^^V^^^^n^ 

Q''S;2sta Ti»ic n^x^a painting in oil / 1^'^^' vi^^v::!^ 

to press, urge nna to hasten, hurry v. «. p*!^^ 
to make haste, hasten, v. r, y^-\\'7'^^ 
.^nbrp n**^ j^nn hurry 
♦l^^ia n'ij^ to oil u, a. f'^IS^ 
hastily 3dy.||JT5n| innps //^ hasty acj/. '2"^*l5Sl^H 

♦jiT^n nn\-?e haste, hurry n t^'Jl^S'L^^ 
.m "^V "'2C oil-cask n SsyD"S^:i^ 

♦lan n*a oil-press {pL f-) ^m "J/'0'?^'P'°^::H 
♦!»??'!' ^nsi: oil-cruet (pL 2^'^p-j m T^'^ppVM 

none but, nnx same Jnnx .-inx one num. [l^X 
D-< .i?- .^l^-- absJiHpl V-) *b3 .pn only 
inm .t'Vi mIth^ nNT '.nn^ -tnii one (jo?. 5?-) 

one brother, one lytacpiiv; ]vn .nrins riK - 

,rn« mn« -ihk n« sister 

,rf^i-i: !^n'«3 all in a fear py^-'i? r/j< j^x — 

npyi£S continually crying 'iV^-i'v p^a j^x — 

.n^n: ni:i:3 all in troubles nnsi y2i:x j^h - 

barely in a shirt, with loun p^K ^k — 

nn^ nsrc:: ibothiug on but a shirt 

nn« nyn at the same time ;iyn jv.a p« — 

only one in the whole tD^yii nyn p.« lyj-JiK — 

.D^iyn 53n i^n^ world 

/Trf all alone p-^^x lyrjK — 

r-TSJi m ^"K each other pynax cut imi'.a ~ 

I^Hj ."'lov^ big fool ! 'nysiiK n^w (emph,) ~- 
l^y'^D-j^ you scoundrel I lny3:\s* p^^^t;5 

.D:r.« ,T .D3T!fs pK — 

.2-^,02 .tiins in ado. [t!?^ 
njiic -ri- '■'t: year by year 3^i« ■">«' .p-^K "ik"' — 

♦nnp^n^?! ice n t!:?.^ 
J=^,^i .^-,p^ -,n ice-berg (^?. ^"i^/lsl) m ^'^^^i'ltV^H 

.n:p^ ns^c in ice«covered mountain 
polar bear, white bear (pL]-) »i "^J/^'i -1< 

,\zbr\ 2^1 .n;i:n tin 

."^ y fi " t ^ f? = 


,IS9«i naijan •i'^-njMns'jjj pc 

p\^ (IB ^^ta (K 
-,y3"X *"i (5S"T agacer 

*^1t:n ass (p?. IV--) m "^-.N^ 

*fT^p^»^^n£) icicle n S?b];tor.'7-il'H 

rase') ilrr^ip. glacier '^ti'^p,^ £;• Polar sea n "lyj^^rj!!^ 

.5n5 '^3 iron tool J^J"^? iron n |i!^^? 
fTisn,-^ necessity has no law p^K ^sy^s '^'is --• 

.5n5.n nb5o railroad, railway (j?L \P^) (K3:t!!« 

*5nrnp sheet«iron n 'I^^S^ 

.9ns2 'lO'S iron-^monger m 1^Sn:|;n^ti^H 

.^.n?"'?? ironware, hardware n 2'^l^11iT''J!H 

3t75 b\L' n-^-^n iroh-works {pl\--)f p'^^^t'pi^ 

c'>nc 9^' n^bj iron filings w f 3^^!.^S-It>J!H 

3n?; nup;' pin as strong as iron adj. tDC>*£OPL\S 

5ii? nr.n hardware-store {pi. \V -) f D^"ip'|tV^J? 

♦^ y 5 -in' n 3 1 1? K- = "i^D^"ip:Ti\s 
.Dcys3T'!?K = p1f<lD£^JT^:H 
.^n; 911? iron, of iron adj, pV^^l^ 
.nz-i rt-iis; Herculean strength n-inj ynyiws ~ 

.n^i"i: m;^2c great patience i^nyj ynytrx — 
2^3) -l^i n-}D HTy' ice-field {pi, ^V -) n I^^D'tl^X 


nips -)p ice-cold a^;. tcbxpt\\^ 

•""115 9^ 'nniP ice-eeliar, ice-house m ^^^^^p'^'L'X 

.pi nothing but, only adv. '?'^'L\S' 

.nn? matter, pus m *^^*t^!^s* 

♦p^y ,'5n2 udder « "^I^^^ivs* 

.nn^ ^^pi:: purulent adj, ^^.^^V^^^^ 

♦^jjD /prJTs to suppurate t;. n. ll^tS**.^^ 

4&2^ /Dn^ you ^ron. i^oss *^1''H 

,(D^B^p3) 2^&£n club {at cards) f h^^.'ii, 

A^^ oil n ^hv.i< 

♦n?2^ ell, cubit / {pi f-) 2^!?i< 

♦19^ ^Ti? D^y^iJS ni^^i oil-painting n lTO~7^^H 

.n:i olive / tDl^n^t^H 

n:i olive-tree (i?L "^l^tt^^n-.) m m'2\\m^2b^.» 

AW K« 
.nn olive n h')p:3h))^^ 
pnsj .Tsm f5^ quick, hasty, speedy ac^'. UlTJl^' 


_ 45 

I'll to crumb or crumble into v, a. [pK'ISJ^JK 

.^5^ .i2^b to dirty, soil v> a, pni^ni!_\H 
fc© l^W ^bv to break at last v. a, pV'^'^^Tt^ 
f[bv to break [of day) \nh^% "i^z-^ break open 
tio i?» r. 1^^'-||;'^2n to break in [Am.) \nr^rr\} 
to be bro- ; n^rinrps kis ; ^'?|1m pB break into 

nnun ken 

♦■nnnni^D Ksn ^p burglar m 1|^3])'^ni^^K 

.anib bnsa •'Vu;!; iri brand ;nsi3 burn m f]^^SDl^i^ 

.|l3'f n saving, economy / p^^i^'iS^^^K 

to bring in ir:.":^ to benefit v. a, fl^^^P^SJl^K 

Amy Dpn 
^:: 0^1"^!^ f'ri^ln saver, economiser m ^^25^1^51^^ 

t@ brand, mark by burning in v. a. fPi?'^S^!5K 

x:iS 9n53 in ning 
*nD3?n income iKto entrance m 3J^aJ!!K 
to have the v\Ts p^ srr.iK i^= rfs*;:tx ix p^n ^-' 
ji?^K n-as B5231 K^i"* n%i run of a house 
to have the run of a house ?>. n. f1^^5!!K 
t© agree, consent ;^^k' nm c:33i k^I"" nSn 
ju'K^ nxfi T\^T\ to be enjoyable ;s2cn r\ dIkh 
i^a.i^i; to succeed ;^ti t|i5n ,ibni "tji^n to fail 

.n:n2 -sr^ I do not enjoy |i\s' ts^: td Esr.j di; — 
he is failing every m^ yi msi ps |i\h ^iij "ip — • 
.dr9 DTiD Tin "]9in ^in day 
he will not succeed p^j31?k toi3 gik apn dkt •— 
.n"'S nbp^ K^ nt in this 
one having the run of a house m "l^in^^J^JK 
*nB233i m^v / ];pn]; -. ,f"i|? -, || ;u^k n^js cjd;] Ki:r 

."ilin ^K pk; to pour in n a. JD^2J1\H 

^- ':inDS C't? .-a ipKH to confide u,r. ^^t p^l^i^i^K 

pipn impressed (/^.) p=isx baked adj, fpK2];^J'L\^ 

.rrhp, ^?2^ innate^ inborn arf/. ['^J^^^^Ji^K 
r\Tr\\ administering {of medicine) f ^JISJ^iJl^K 

imaginary ;in]t?jn%':!^^ conceited a<i/.ti?1^'S];^J1^K 

b^^^ .n^jxb n\pj7j^ naturalised adj. '^'^V^'^)2^^^'^2^ 

KS'i^-Qi; jh: to administer {medicine) v. a. pJ^^J^^K 
■D, r H-' - 1! • '^LD to present (a petition) m^nt^ 
jn^l nbp to prove successful 
to present a scroll of mm las ^ |pnpa3«K* — 
r^^S^ rt^iinn nap mi the Law to a synagogue 

not to know how d^ik ikii ,]'i>^ ikii fcni ai3 — 
jmnnb n*"^ P'l'^ «^ to behave 
"^ .^"ij^s ,t[1na in pref. "J^!i^t 
one-and-thirty^ thirty-one n 5^D!5'TT"pK'"fl^K 
. ;:-..v^ .■-> im^ C'fbu {game) 
.Co;3 .Dn ^>su to inhale ti. c&» f^Si;tK:!.\^ 
•TOnnh't^^'^H each .,ther a(l'i;.1i;ij^i^^^ll 
to ;°"i]in9 Q'-w? to work in n. a. jtD];niKJl?^ 
to get v. n "^^t^ll ;s^3D ,"^^3^ dirty, soil 
to dirty snilii.;? brj'^n used to some work 
^^^s^A^i or soil oneself 
^t^V, .110 to arrange t). a> [l.^iJ^'IIKJl^K 
,^rt3 M15) toSn to embalm v. a. [1^S^t^^nJl\H 
V. r. "^li -|| in^-'ii nsK to bake well «» a, fpMSJ^JH 
to be Sl3^| n ^I^D to be baked thoroughly 
«(t^^h^ 2^3) m'p .p'l'TiT] impressed {fig) 
r .12 n^a to build in v. a. fl^^'l^i^^K 
*u:it55s^ l>3 to pierce by boring v. a, \^P^)^^m 
.ns^^is binding {pi]--) m im^m 
,n|^ to incline l^b^ to bend t^, a. \i))^P2^ 
V. n ^^t -- II 5 ""3 t|U?3 to bite into t?» «. |D!53^!!^* 

ra i^iu? m cb to drive one's teeth into 
not to leave ]^v^ik p^ y.i p's^^m {fig) — 
,\y^Ks nsnn kS a person alone 
.I'vm imagination / iill^^SJ^^^ 
im ^m'n to imagine^ fancy v, r. ^^? fl7^iJ!?K 

to bind {a book) I'^'^p, -n^ to tie t?, m f^JI^Jt?*^ 

.DnsQ"i|ll3 book-binder m "^^^^^123*1^ ^ 
;DnQp npn,^ risx^sp book-binding / !?'^|^^312il^^: 
,Qn.aD n5"''i39 nznn n^^ bindery 
.n-ijK n«? nrn3 naturalisation / SJi^i^^n^nJ^N^: 
; -b nnjK n^Dt fhj to naturalise v. a, f^i^^^^SJl^K 
^nnns*^ nSi to become naturalised i;. ?% '^'!T-«|j 
q?9?> ^!??| to cover with blood v. a. [2roi^nJl\S 

.-•T|in ^t? nypp insight m p^SsJ'L^^ 

.— pn.K -PC IK ^p.i^D to look into ij. ?i« fp^^n^^.V^ 

to w. r. lH-»||;\£7p3 to entreat v. a. j^|^5^!jK 

.niDjsg ^^y nb| gain by entreaties 

ail entreaties ftaynn's m: d^k i^s y.i |yp pa — 

.nvii^pnn ^sS a^ s'^^ k5 are lost on him 

J3-i^ "T n^^ to roast well v. a. f*^.S1^Dl.\^ 

;n'imD i^rt np_inn ns^^s breaking in,m '^K'nii^^K 

break of day ;i^2k .n;^3 .|2-]ri rain, perdition 

.Q^n f^BW gulf, bay Ql pa iKn^^iw {geogr) - 
ni^O to soak in boiling water v. a. \P)^^iW 
is^j ''I m-j to boil sufficientlv l^-nnnr. 



."1 c]pir] to print in v. a. fp'S*T^^1!'i< 
■it^ to twist in ;^ns to twist v. a. \VV.'^'^i- -^ 

to entftr by ;i'in to penetate «. n. |^2:!^*^"i:3^-\S 

rb^ Y"2Bnr, force 
im- ;-^ np?'^ impression (j??. f-) m p^llJ^Ji? 

♦D^h ,n^ipe pression 
to impress ;|^h^ to crush, press v. a. \p)^^^^}'i^ 

..i>i ,L^: to fall asleep v.n. \vhr2V^^ki^ 
.2^3V, ,"il3«?tt check, stop m tO^Ku^'L^X 
.232 ,j;!iJ9 ,i2£ij to checl', restrain v. a. (^SKHi^Jli^ 
to re- 13. r. ^^T-JI kd^^'^^hj ii'ij to constipate 
♦pstjnn ,iD:^j; riK D"b a strain oneself 
;n3!i 'i2£:; to check, restrain v. a. [i^li^Ji^Kni^jK 
to lull ( JiZ^D '^"2^^ to quiet, calm 

..13!^ to buy. purchase v, a. fi^'^liKM:)!^^ 
r^ 32£n .-^ ^hn to cut in «. a. \pi<n^^^^ 

f^n^ unicorn {animal) {pi, 0-) m f^^^M^^.^J^ 

to breathe ;nn fp'^ to inhale v. a. f2"'in^!!!i5 

rz nb: into 
to warn, caution ;i?:^ to guard t-. a. |vD:nJ15X 

.nn-n; oneness irii'^riii unity / ^!?^J^.^S 

.pDH to heat (a stove) v. a, [2^^^*1J1^^^ 

to V. r. l^^ll ;.-ib| to bend i^. a. p^pi^^jvi.s 

.ittitj; n« p]b3 bend oneself 

.nB|!i7tt .^''isn wrapper (j^Z. f-) m '^^nJlljX 

». r. 1^^-11 J'^isiJ to wrap, envelop v. a. [S^'l^l^X 

.?]tsj;nn -^^coyn to wrap oneself 
TO! ''fsn to a stitch in (sheets) v, a. ItO£^rii!5K 

. vp^ to listen v. n. ^^i f'l^HO!:!^ 
to get used to residence oj. r. "j^t [^J'lVSll-Sl^S 
to get used to live to- v. rec, 1| JHTn^ ^nnn 
nD! '^^b ^n^in gether 
;|5^ ,n^r .r^in inhab'tant (2>^. -) s. *l^:3''iS^n::'L\^ 
,(jn^3 ^u') |5'f ,n^r dweller, tenant 
hsi\ .t.-\nT\ to collapse v, r. H^t p^S^KIlJl^N 
to collapse v, r. "I^t -H ;| ST^ll3i?K==i:t^''^81^Ji:!« 

,*inK alpD^ nupinrj immigration /2il*n^"iiKl1 J !!!« 
,inK a'TpJ^ia is'^irin to immigrate v. n. f^^'^i|<t^^Jl?>^ 

AS^:i?t? '"i^DD immigrant (_2??. - ) m '^V'^V^^^^^^'^l'^ 
.-?i r\^)i to <>row in i?. v. ?!::;!)X"i:v<^ 

he has succeeded pp3i;j3i?K oi« ^it ts^n ci? — 

,n^^s;n -IT'S n^p 

.na; n^j7u^ successful a(i> p^^^^Ji^s 

.n- : confident adj. ton^^^2:p2:i\',-^ 

.(2^rr) n'^'sji^ condensed {Twilk) adj. tOpn^^SJl^t^ 

.'^'iDS bent, bowed ad/. tD'^pp^^'^^::'L^b< 

XV2 ^? •^^"^9 immigrant m 1i;tD1^"i:Kn^2il\S 

V, r. T^~I| ;'5r,n to accustom y. a. IP1^11>?'i^::« 

•^r.^n to get used or accustomed 

r^zinn to be dried up v. p. p^H tDJpnt0^2Jin? 

.r;,r.-o .r^p-f sunken ac?/ f:t?p:it|;2J^_^« 

.b^ -gbD to sink down «. ^p. f^^ll f^p:"lt^2:31\S 

,'yi'lt)'n^ -yi'P?-'?^ settled ac?;. fD^t^2;)l_\S 

.•:-:: ,1'ifi; sad,' gloomy ac^/. ^:D^in:s;:i:)!.\s 

♦wr dried up ^6^/, tD:)^pntDj;5J!.\^ 

.tpnr^ to be dried up v. p. rm tDIipntDj;3:i\S 

♦|1»n iHscK concourse, crowd m ?1^^S^5J!:!X 

KnnD 103) ^'122 i||isc preserved adj. tO^SKDJ^^JlliK 

♦^1^9 '"^^7^?? soiled, dirty 

,]^m ne preserves n f^^^O^^^IH^ 

.'^Bpi2 crumpled ;rfB2?: covered adj. tD^'Tl^^i^l.^S* 

;d\.3 nj:n2 pleasant, agreeable adj. I^tsp^Sii:!*^ 

♦n',D^;^3 agreeableness /1ffil!!p-|| 

.y^p'f sunken ac^J. f^KB^SilVS 

5y UDD nB;» established adj. ^^^^^IT^tV^^n^^ 

♦(Diptss) xmn to be found, stay v. r. ^^t fPt&^3J!.\^ 

.D^tsu^ flattened adj. tOtt?tOK'?£i?2Jl\S 

.x^np^ frozen adj. f^iS'l&^i^lVS* 

/a^-1^3 rooted in adj. tD^^:j;i«p^5Jv,,S 

.^>^rn to be rooted in l-.^. p^ll ^T-^V'^^pV^^'':!^ 

hb-^}, included ;-s '^1;!C inclosed adj. fSK^tJ>];:!JV|S* 

; c'-,iD«n K12) xibs imprisoned r/<i;. ^'^K^ti^^^Jl.n^ 

stub-/^l!)p-||;^'i>'"n^*p stubborn, obstinate 

,ir|'n^-'<^'i'5 bornness, obstinacy 

♦nsD shrunken adj. [&?2nE^5^2JviX 

.(1CD3) ai^y-^ registered atZ;. I^t'^t^^iJ!?^ 

,\m] •nbn to inter t?, a. fn«*):iJ*LVS 

♦-S nhh ,ppri .nns to engrave v. a. p^llKI^Jl^S* 

♦^13^ -f,^.; to bemire, dirty, soil v. a. fi^it^'n:!^^;^^^ 

, i p '^ 12 s K 15 : 1^ ^{ -= [:t;t5>tD&iS!"iivij< 

♦u?h|i ,n]']n to dry up v, n. f^Kl^l^S^ 

♦nbi; .pjb!^ .rres to cover, wrap up v, a, fp^^i!!!*S 

\^n?.^ ■i2^'2 to dirty, soil r. a, WW^^^""^^^!^ 

p-m to fasten with wire «. a. f^^ll^^tSXin^lVM 

to beat into a person's mind v. a, tl^7D1'^*1il5i^ 
.nnp to persuade Jlj)^ 


47 ^ 


dis- n, II »|ii2nn to take into consideration 

xs'iu; ns nj;;jn cretion 
■mjabnn consideration n ^"^^y^^tiviK 
imprison- J-^in^ nrrt- setting in / 2J1^pt^!:)K 

.K^32 n?i^o ment 
to imprison ;"Tnn c^o to set m c.. a. [^P^^l^^^ 

'fi^btt. ^^D to arrange (words) 'K^s^ q^u 
T'^-i! ;n3a .?i?3? to dirt>. soil u. a. iTtrnv-K 

■'^mn ']^p'pnn to dirty oneself v. r. 
to repeat, commit to memory v. a. f^tn^l^H 

epheme- • ^nx qI^ ^u? of one day adj. 3''2Ht5J'!?i^ 

.nbin ^n,s Qr k^k c^'|"5 IrK"^' rai 
1^ '22V to Check, restrain o. a. [^ll];ai^tDil\^ 
.-s c-'D to put m V, a. fJ^t^^lV^ 
to tread or stamp m u. a. fr^t5DKtOJl\H 

•.<n'?-> iii-^^ri to calm, appease v. a. [^^^^i^.?^ 
>^,hv, tibvi '^^^ ^o wrap, cover '^p'^^n to clasp 

.n'^j7nn to cover oneself v> r. l^^-H 
to duck ;"S9b^ to dip in ». a. WP^^^^''^^ 

.bs'^n to duck V. r. y^-\\ J^ima bhD 
: n.ijs) Sbo to immerse, duck t?. a. fpltD^I^N* 

.Span to duck v. 

i\ I 


:ns3 to extinguish, smother v a. f^^^^tDJ^W* 

.n^2n to be smothered v. r. T'^^H 
.nK3 a^P to interpret, explain y. a. ft^tDl^^^v^.^ 
•^^^p classification ^r^\ybn division /^i^Swil''^ 

^'Tip arrangement .D^3''pn '•sb 

115 to classify ;pbn to divide ?;. a, (S^:'^^.^K 

."Tn,5 to arrange ;a'rDn ^a*p 

*|^D to argae o, a. fHJytS^W^ 

,.to;rn incomej proceeds [pi [-) m ^K*i^3\\^ 

.nn b«;s,'7 to bring profit v. a. f^N^*o:i\^ 

,-s jttKn to contide in o. r, I^t [^''n^^J'>\^ 

admission ;rfa^33 Ki::^ entrance m ^?1toJ!!K 

T^^lt ''^l'?? to accustom {Am.) v. a- [];\nK)J1\*^ 
.b^inn to get used or accustomed v. r. 

r^Snb ^irtDsa instilling / ^r6n^i\\^ 

r^\rh ^ipec to instii u a. |DnOJ\^^ 

*^2: to dry ap a f^^^p^'^tDJ'L^^ 

.nr\ D\3?)2u; protitable, lucrative ac^^". I'S^y'^G^^in^ 

r^33 -ji^ to tread or stamp in y a. fDj;"i^J''^K 

to dirty ic",--!* ^yss Sbo to break xxp {a road) 

^>9> DDl2 by treading 

p^^i to compress by shaking ». a. f|?Dj;"itDJl^K 

t'O stupely bF the fumes of y, a. f|;"!^^'^Jl%S 

.^m ,cnn te make warm v. a. f^D^IKV.jvij^ 

to tear l^sn to overthrow v^ a, [SlKTliL^K 
.%3 ,ainn to collapse i^. r. y^ -W ;chn down 
^. r« ^n^ii ;ui-fJi to root in v, a. (^bliCnp^l?;^ 

^?: 1^: to lull a child to sleep t;, a. [2^11^1^^ 

to delude |yj3i3ps^n yu?^i^s ^id piiii^x (/^f.) — 
.Kiu? mipns "^y.n .nynn with hopes 
M\T\ HKin to show, prove o, ai. fir^'iJl^^l 
(j%) »''^T^D .'^■'^^ to soak, steep v. a. fp^?l"Jl\^ 
."^ap to involve, implicate 
,]Si\ .nDSDH GSDH consent / ^J i3^^'!rj'L^5l 
r^ asDH r? niKn to consent y. n, |2"!^''roiHJt 
.n^J^ to wrap t). £«. fj^^pnUlVS 
.I'lPs^D influence /3r.p"n!i1Jl\^ 
to exert one^s influence on v. n. fp'^'^il^^^^ 

ra n^ to weave in v. a, |^^il^l\^ 

,i^P7i; objection /^in^J^n:!!.^ 

-3^ =^ ;-9i;^ |1?^ ,1l;^'^s; to object v, a. flJ^ll^l^S* 

.n^D to salt ij. a. p^Kt^lV^ 

^,^,^, ,-!!iDp3 Ti^ solitary, lonely ddj. DKiJ^%^ 

.13K .»ib^ to gather in -u, a, [J/'^DKTJl^.^ 

♦nn^n^ ,nnn^ solitude, loneliness /^^Jp'-^^i^l%^ 

.s5p, JSD to imbibe v. a. jti^TJI^H 

insertion (o/a dress) (pi. ^V"^ - 4^Kt ^ ) m f'^^ '|pl^H 

.jso fkD pr to suck in, imbibe i^. a. f^^!TJ!!N* 
n^i3 partial .-nnx -t^d one-sided g^^;. ^^t^'l^ni^^ 
one-sidedness, partiaHty /tSl^p-.|| ;-inK ^^^^ 
.iHK 1^^ n'^is; .nmnsi 
inn*?) HBif nt?^ to seam, hem t)„ a. f^O^.^ti^jK 

.nu?^, -Hmn ,n%n to be, stay, remain ^. n. \'3^^1)^ 

.-3 u.iT to sow m u. a. f>'':!'^!.^^ 

to pickle 'FPnn to make sour v, a. \^V^3^^1'^~ 

CS'N^^pj u?23 (eucttmbers) 

.nnaa s^^'q^ to soap, lather u. a. \t))U''2i\ 

9|73 one-syllabled, monosyllabic ad/. ^zh^.W^H 

,ntm "'i.rn 
ji^^sE^a V2p to sink u. ?^ fl^prij^j^ 
.n9i^D3 np;2D sinking « K^O^pj^t^^^H 
9y. '^HW "iH 31^: to remain sitting c, n. [l^^Jl''^ 

,(,i«jt3s> «s "IB: to saw in v. a. p|,nr_sH 
ijan to understand snk-i fco see i?. r*. ii?Oi!*i 


46 --- 


to learn thoroughly, learn by v. a. \V^'^'^^^^~^ 
>i]sn .it^h to coach ;ns bv ib^ .^q^n ibb heart 

,n55 to put out, extinguish v. a. i^V^^'^yi^ 
to preserve ;"i a^c to fix into v. a. pK<-^l?^^* 
to f^b to mix {dough) Hnr.c) \L'h3 {frvAts) 
to dirty or ^j. r. ^^.t -- 1| ; j^,?© ."qb^b dirty, soil 
.ij^sbrin soil oneself 
to knot or tie fringes to a M^ii^Si p^Dii^^ — 
.n'^bth nv^^"! ^z'p prayer-shawl 
pt^Dit'K ; p'lz m^ to mix dough b^nn ps'?:);i^5^ — 
to mix dough for Sabbath loaves rt^n 
.r\2X)b m^nb piz mb 
onee \nm oys once, one time adv. 7lf^D3^,%S 
.bwD ,bK?^N .r ;Qi^n \"!".t .nnx D!;d upon a time 
.nm aj;a::i nnx nn^ at once bi^r::?ix p]^ih — 
,pnD D^na on a sudden, suddenly b^Di^iK to'!?:^ ~ 
it is some bar- ^i.s^ied k ^kq^^ik piTi? (-iro.) — 
W^r\ n^^bss n^^iiK) gain! 
done or happening but once adj. '^^h'^'0^'^1'^ 
.nm Di's n^i^^ i^x 
.nh| to collect ^.s a. f^XS'J:2^^J« 
.p)n nti^n ^u;p^ to fasten «. a. f:t^l1^iiKDJv.H 
^-i^inn rpn ,a^u to immure v. a. f*ll^''1!2il\s* 
.~3n ,112^ to teach, train v, a. p^t0^1DJl^« 
&'^ '^1)1 to tire, fatigue v. a. p-*^^-^^ 
♦nii^b -niQ^p fatigue n pl^'T'D:)^_\S* 
»-?i^ns nhi; hb'i to mix in, put in v, a. |t^^^J^J!iS* 
to denonnce, inform against v, a. flSD^I?.^ 

.n'^i;D5 njln to cheat in measuring v. a. t^S^'^^^J!^^* 

QipD i<-]£^ to find a place i?. r, ^^ f^S^lD^^^D:v|K 

♦nipjps n\y; to take a place or seat 'rmvj^ 

»|pipj:3K = rpn^DJ!.\s 
t?, r. ^^t-^ll ;"?|M nns to invite v. a. pt^HK^Jvi^ 

.aipn^ pihn to get a footing in a place 
0. r y^-W ;a?:r!i ns? to cuddle up ^^ a. [^^niJ^l^JK 

.(io«3 n*?^ i>:3) -3 p^i'^ni riGsnn to cuddle 
to gear ; -^'m isn to stitch v. a. (i^^.!^^!!!i^ 

.nyen 'T ^i; hsk^d^ iu?3n (a 5ei;tw^ machine) 
.ui:n3 conquest ; ■"'ojpn taking in / 5-31D^JJt!i^ 
to take '•> DiDH xnn to take in v. a. IV^V^^^^'^ 
to con- :(nsiD-i bv dd) p_^3 ik .in^ (medicine) 
.^pvr} to calm, appease • ibb ,U7n3 quer 
to die a violent death n:i^D nn''?^ sj |p»pi3i^K ■— 

medicine ;nj;^92 swallowing ?2 l5^''^^a];^:!?K 

•JTiui!: ,Dis-in to wet. moisten v. cu ?i£i^Ji!?H 

V. r. ^^t - II ; D-^n^ ^3K 'T "^i; nr^-inn ^sn charcoal 
to be stupepfied by the fumes of charcoal 

♦"^ ^i;i't! 'P?!'"^ ^'^'"^ to overtake t?. a. pi^''^^Ji< 
13 of one year, one year old adj. '^TM^'^^Ti^ 

.CSDD in accord, in harmony adj, y^'^T.)^ 
.D2un to agree r.2i^« i"??! ■— 
.nDSDn agreement / ^^I^^^^^H 
to agree, v. r. T^-lp^D^ to unite v. a. pt^^\S 

♦asDn n"? «'^^ ''^D^^n come to terms 
,r\Sim ,Qnnx some, several, few pron, V^^-^^^.^ 

.nDS&n accord ;n^"^ri^ unity / tD!:?p2^^^^« 
grandchild, grandson, granddaugh- n 7p^^^!X 

.iTO3 ,np3 ter 
»|^^, -a^-jD to fall asleep u. tj. (P5^^;^1.\^ 

nn^ something inclosed, inclosure /^^K^^^l^iS 

♦n:ptD -rtN'ni'^ invitation / :i:niS^:vi,S 

♦Ipm ,Khp to invite u a. [li^^^^JiK 

to arrange, make an ar- v. a. f^ll^^lK'^^lDJ^ 

.na; jak^ nt5 ,n1tD I'lpi i]hi; rangement 
.-D 5hn .^\v to leave off, give up t\ a. f)iSb^!?5^ 
to run a certain distance -y. a. n. (£M7<3!!!K 
; pn; ipin yn; prriD ^n within a certain time 
.ptatoitn ,c:?i9'^i:n to shrink 
{si) V, r. ^^T-||;1|bsS to smirch u a« f]^£K''^Jl\S 

.isn^nn to become enamored 
to become enamored, fall v. n. ^^t p^Jl!!^? 

.:nnt?nn in love 
.?;ii ^b^ ::by; to lie still v. n. fJ^'?J"L\^ 
mnJ3 Tb") |#i to lull to sleep v. a, [^^^''^^IV^ 

;fr^ to inlay ;-t|ins q^'c? to lay in «. a. p^^^^l^X 
to tear down {a house) 11^0 '^^| to coach 

.(ro) Dhrr 

to move heaven and earth, is^pn n p^6ii^« — 

.iHD "532 fDKnn make strenuous efforts 

HD-^i^n ,nn^n2 .Kin» introduction / 351lD^J!^i!5» 

.OBD IS ittKtt) D'^if^ri .nha to introduce v. a. ftO^^/J^JH 
.6'-!3n) p2i3 -120 to solder in v. a. [tO^^S^!!!» 
to live in harmony with, v, ree. I^t pJ??Jl\S 
to get used JnDKnris n^n live well together 
.^iinri or accustom ef^ 




*n:sD2^ inn {pi nJ?Tl^■^^)7^nn-|p.s£:!^^ 
P^^ to make one's |ourney v> a, I'^^BJl^K 
»%kO *'i^b to break in {a horse) nnpps 

,{BiB) bnn 
,D^3DD agreed ^cZJ. fPK"0^n^-6Jl%s^ 
.e2ipn to agree v. n. [l^T [^JKtDtrnK6Jl^« 
p\t to powder thoroughly v, a. fl^l'BJl^K 

.nB2 -p3K to cover with dust u a. fI^^TiD^l\S* 

to ;iE2nb; to establish v. a. l^^^V^r^^^m 

,pm fasten 
custom ;nn^ns .«1nD introduction m TDJl^K 
,f*TKD nilno ncs^n import Linpp 
jnpp custom / 5Jn^&J!?K 
.^•^n jr!3n to introduce (a custom) v. a. plB^lV^ 
rf i;sr^^2 £^1^' to indent by filing v, a. f^l^S^IVH 
n;* by. 2ap to wet by pissing v. a. [^^B^^^K 

•nbii? to flatten v, a. I^tOK^B:i^« 

.•?tD3D ,i}3D to entangle v. a, ['^PtOX^^D^W^ 

hht ,y.b3 to plant ?;. a. [^X^SdD^''^ 

.ni,;s"^n influence m D'^SO^^K 

.^illnb eibi^ .bb to How in v. a. p^^fe^^H 

rf[Sr\2. i)bi3 to twist in v. a. (CDi;SsJ^^^* 

.•^*?^ o^bsbs .i-iT to pepper v. a. pV^VB^^:^ 

.mn .nx to bundle up ?;. a. '[];^p];D:3l\H 

fpm ,\y22) pickle (meaO v. a. ^pSp];DJ!?il 

."^ D^b to put in, set in v. a. f];'lK"is:T?N* 

»2to%T bm to stew well «. a. |P!'°iBJl!K 

.i^ap^ to freeze in a. n. p)^t^'}^^ 

to ;S'oNn H^ to fry well v. a. fJ^S^^'nM^^W* 

.(nnfi) ii;^ preserve (fruits) 

♦"•ijln b^ j^h^ .p'm to press in v. a. [D];'n£.:i\s 

-Tij-p -le^p singular number (gr.) f h^'^i))^ 

^jlp-is payment / ^J1^K2IJ1\S* 

.sN 'Ji'^f to pay in t^, a. f^K^Jl^K 

to hedge in, fence in, enclose v. a, f^^-K^J^j^^ 

,Dj2?5 to make angry, anger v. a. J^^P'^^l^Tlt^ 

.Tni single^ sole, only adj. 5^^J^!K I 

Jim im singly, one by one, ado. ^^n'^^^)'^:)t^ \ 

nin^ inK bs separately ; 

.n^TH] singleness / ^t!p^'^J^?K ! 

8®E« inftK |D7Sii^ simultaneous at^*. ^!01^^'^!!f ^ 

#1 '^li?^?^ the figure 1 s, i inK one num. ahs. ^^T.l^ 

.(D'c^p> -^.n^n ace (a-^ carets) ;(j9L (-) 

.prt'H vd5 r,nx npu one o'clock ny^in k djiik — 

one thing has i"iy"i:N' jd^d jk ai3 "p? ipp b2'!iK ■-" 

.ni5 i7^i: n? pK nothing to do with the other 

to come to an agreement ...di?^ d^iik pyn — 

**»Dy nDDcn n^9 Kn ,QKm with,*« 

.in ir^i ,Kin nn all the same E3^ik j?9^ — 

.nnK nr^ at the same time d:i'3x "ikS — 

.ir\-z together Di7:^\s pK — 

,119 to establish, set in order v. a. p'h^'^^^W 

fi^ to establish oneself v. r. ^^t- || ; pi,; 

.(Q^s^pa) nn^n ace (at cards) n h'QD^'i)^ 
to set ;is: .laj to establish v. a, [j;'*1*i^DJi^K 
to establish v. r. "^^t-H l%^v in order 
,r3;ji; tjij; oneself 
^.112 '^nfD to thread {a needle) v. a. [^/S^OJ^VS 
r%)m Dpan to put in asna ^g? ?|ip3> s^n 

ra pbi to stick to y. r. ^n [DP>.\^ 
to look |2ip?Dij« p&? p-'iK n ^^Q in icyr-'^K ™- 
.np^^^n3 ttJ-'K Si« tenn eagerly at a person 
•'Sip 1^:31 to be stubborn u. r. I'T fprppj^M 
.ni^n^ unit ( p/. D ~ ) wi ' ")S;^^!K 
nn.s ly-'K -inK one, a msm pron. indef. m'^^P2\\V.^ 
.nnK ?T.yK nn?; one, a woman / j^J-lj 
.-tHK ('SO one and the same udj vh'^V^'^.'}^ 
Ipn ,nnj to demand [payjutnt) u. a. pV^i<t2^2^ 
;cns ,pi.i rni^-^ tivv to tiatten o. a. fC^'OKDJ"':*^ 

;dv^b plain, simple, ordinary adj. 1K&J^!St 
nr^UB simpleness, simplicity / ^'jp-|| 

waste J.^ann .r^^m collapse, ruin m ^K&JI^H 

•HK^'Di ,p*i;-i idea ;nsn m&s 
to cma- 'Girtn b£3 to collapse v. n. [^KSJl^K 
S^ nbi; to occur to one ini-^i ,^r3 ciate 

.^^^ np^"^ 
I was fright- fj^ign pK |bK£i;:i:i?K iid ?\x dp -™ 

."Tibnaa ened 

.ni|D?3 ,n^^©D setting, framing / SjIDkSpj^ 

.ni|CD3 n-^v (f^uj to set, frame v, a. pK&Ji\*^ 

rf\Sr\^ Cii; to ht in v. a. fDKDJ\^^ 

,i|b3b ,?ir^ to befoul v. a, [^mpDKD^in^ 

.^nn i?iK to pack up v, a, fpK^J'l^K 

j^ifT-iKDr-^K ~ ;KinD entry m ^K£J!^k 

^"jn^ |y ^pj of one color adj. 2DlKfc:3^^^ 

to do over with paint or v, a. fS'lKBJl^^ 

.Pl2x dy© 


- 50 


^^n to fasten with a chain t?. a. f^7tDl^p:!:!« 

♦pinia ^^iD to chain (a door) J^?^^ ptd i^ 
3ni '^^53 ibK to chain {a prisoner) v. a. ftD^^pi!!!^? 
r-^Srh 2Dn to turn in v, a. f^1i:^"l"!p:5^_VS 
1D^5 to include in brackets v. a. t1^DK7p-3i:!kS 

*Vp^\ nsD to beat in, knock in v. a. f^^^^^P^-^ 
♦-'T]inb pn to paste in v. a. f^^^'^pJ'!!!^^ 

.iPT^bpii^x = fSD^^p:)i^« 

.bx^ ,11^3^ to blot, daub u a. \^Vh^^^l^ 

.mp_ ,bb3 to crumple «. a. |l^tD^!^p:^_\H 

^nbp to purchace t^J^^Jp_J!.\^ 

rs I'^i^ to tie in v. a. I&^Jp^lVS 

to mix .(psn) u?6 to mix {dough) v. a. JtO^ipJS^Jk^ 

.p^sa D^y in 
♦|3^ to inculcate v. a. p^ipi!?^^ 
.(ib»S "i^'S putting up at an inn m '^Vp^^~^ 
fco turn in ;"Sk s^s to come in v. n. I'^Vp^-^ 
Kp^tt^) 11D to put up (at an inn) *"r\)r)b 212,7 
.-i|inb KisKK) to sweep in 
♦-n t^.'^n .p'pri to engrave v. a. t^?*ipJ!!!i^ 
.n^r-t ^^p,to tie fast 0. a. f^Vi^SO^^npj^.^^ 
-3VK= ;n^JD^si t:y to frame in v. a. ]V^^'^^^^^ 

♦ IPiD^n 
♦^■'K ^iiHZ wnb to whisper d. a. (i?0''l"iJi>>? 
.ispi^ to rest V. n. [Pl*lJ'!^X 
to indent ;-Sk eih-i to shove in v. a. fpi'^^^.^^ 

embro- i-riinb '=]w^^^ rubbing into / 2^ «2'l^"iJ'l\^ 

.(nsiDn^ nnty»2 ^^) nn^iD ,nD'D cation 
.%''.D to embrocate I'n^s^ to rub v. a. f!i"L^"iJ1!!i^ 

.^ina nf pn persuasion / JJ^:nJl^^i 
;s^ by. '^^i nns -npr; to persuade v. a. pT.^j"'}^ 

-*iann |r?N*n to believe v. r. 1^^--!| 
to build castles cyns rx nxbyji^/a r.i n^n3"DK - 
.iM«2 mis bnjD nsn in the air 
.nn \jvp"T fancy, imagination n f 2i?"l^^'^i3'L^^^ 
;nn 'sroi fancy, imagination / ^'!^i^'5'!^"iJ''J^ 

.|K)bn nncn obsession 
I?, r, 1M - 1} ; vr^p to tear, lacerate v. a. |D'L^"i:i\S 

lit } D i-* ^ n y IS : 1 X " ; p_-ip^n to be born 
to do everythmg possible, Jsbyn n ]Din3i^K — 
.n\:7£5Ki n:2 "t^s -Tuy leave no stone unturned 
to provoke a person iuyQ"!x laic iD^'''i;vK — 

.cy.- Dyisn 
•^■ig 'n'znv arrangement / 3:^t::5ni^^« 
to dirty, i"i9 '"^^v, to arrange 0. a. ft05!">J!^K 

.^b^,^ soil 

simultane- ado. || nnx |D|^ •'HU^ temporary 

.in^ |!^?£ ously 
.^'^I.^'^ ,^9^^•^ note, annotation n ^):^^^))'i^^^^t^ 
;a'^'i to note, write down v. a. [^J^SI^iiJ^J!.^ 

.ni'ii;n2i |^d to annotate 
-^l^yjs to draw together, tighten v. a. f^^if^!!!^ 
1). r. l^.^'-ll ;."ibD to imbibe ;pm ,"isn ,ir\i 
♦|/53nri to shrink 
^H'O: individual ;i^b3 n?^ single «<^J, ^ifJ^\S 

♦Q^-im^S by retail ac^t-. || ; ^t?iB 
♦is'iB particular Jnnn; singleness / tSl\*l^Xi^!« 
,;^5n ,ibD bb^j to consume v. a. pV^^^^l"^ 
. 1 1; ty to K p : 1? K = i;^^-,^^tOKp:31.\S 
,-il1nb ^!5| ,9^^bi to roll in v. a. [I)^t5Kp:)!.\S 
;i2-ii: ''1 b^iJia to boil sufficiently u a. [3iSpJl^^5 
;br^^? n; ^y n?;?? to thicken by boiling 
bfsnn to be sufficiently boiled v. r. n-^-H 
* T"! T I p 3 1^ p 3 1? i^ = ; te-i:^ ^"1 
♦2nxrin to be enamored of 'd. r. ^^t [^^i^p^vi^^ 
.(p]D3) nb^ to collect (money) v. a. [I^DKpJV!^ 
sT^^Yi^ '^bi^h to cover with dunng li. a. fpHp^l^J!^ 
IN a^snn n\y5?) -s »/hn to notch v. a. fSlKp^l^iS 

*tcn to save 'y. a. plKp:31\^ 
y. r. n??-||;dpi7. ;?]b3 to bend v. a. fr^tD>*pJl\S 

.Dp.ynn to be bent 
to in- ;-s ui^n to root in v, a, IT'^V'^^p^^l'^ 
to take root v. r. ^^t ^ || ; -b 1.5^; culcate 

to dirty, soil, besemirch v. a. \mm^^p:^>l^ 

5n?nn to quarter, lodge v. a. [*i^tD'iJ?:np^'L^^^ 

»|D3Knri .n'm to take lodgings v.r. 1^^-|| 
.nrin ,\yh2 to become emaciated t?. n. flKlipi^^^? 
,ph^ to squeeze in, press in v. a, f^^^lip-^^l^S* 

,n;;|'p purchase m Vl'i'ipjivi,^ 
npvan TftD admission fee n tD^^r?l''lpJ!L\S* 

u. r. ^^^ -^ II ; nbj^ to buy, purchase v. a. fS'ip^^^^ 

,(rniis'?) i^in^in to join {an association) 
to join, become a mem- ni:2hK pt^ i-M^^ip^^-i^ ~~ 
T\%^VT\ -ni'i:iKb i^^nnn ber of an association 

.^bp;; ,Dbs^ refuge, asylum n ^?^]^D1p^1?« 

,rTp32n income, revenue / t5D^"lp:3^_^H 

.-^ '-OS- to look at V. r "[^ fplp^!.^^ 

to fasten with putty or cement v. a. I^"n5^^^p^l\^ 


_ Bl ~- 


£0 fix one's eyes |2Ipqik ]ik lit ji;ar»^E5\573i5« - 
»i^2''i7n ^■'K mn upon a person 
15b na^PD pillow-case, pillow-slip m ^^^il?l^ 

r-^^nh i!?a to strew in v. a. f^^^Jl^^ 
to pufe in feathers in a a3Kni;:itaps |tsiu?3i\^ — 
.nincsi ana b^ nisDp?:^ iinn m^u a^u? pillow-case 
to get mouldy or musty v. n. fi^70^S^J1^^ 

Dhn to batter in by fire-arms v. a. p^'^^^l'^ 
to exercise in shoot- 1?. r, "[^t -- 1| ; nn; n;^ "^y 

♦nn^b bnnn ing 
.(n'jt^2) nrya embarkafcion / ^rD^I^PJi^ 
j(n'3H3i cr^jyn .ipd to embark v. a. ?6^^^1-^S' 

,n^?j«2 Ki3 to embark y. r. T'-|| 
to make drunk, intoxicate \j a, fl3^'J*L\^ 
♦nn^-i^J ihu? to get drunk v. r. l^t --|| ;^p;^^^ 

.-■riin'p ny;p.n driving into m 3^7^^!^^ 
;-Tjinb ifpF\ to beat in, knock in v. a. t3.s';^i!}« 
to turn in the edge, ; a'b n to strike 
,(ii5 m^srs) nst^n bsp„ tuck up 
*|\y; ,Q"i^T to fall asleep v. n. f&.^H^3^_\S 

V. rec. y^'~'\\ \t>^ to swallow v. a. W^^'^Smm 

.inpi ^^^ ^^"5 tib^ to swallow each other 
.nbbsri inclusion ; nvaa locking up / ^ilD^'^t^J!.^^ 
to include n^p to lock up -». a. [C-'^^^l^K 

.b^3 ,b?n 
lo cause to sleep, lull to sleep v. n. p5^&]^^^i!5K 

*(im) 'i^p„ to stew V. a. flKDt^it!^^ 

^^t^|| ;^3!s ,iibsb to dirty, soil ^). a, t^^llS^^l^^ 

♦•^b^bnn to dirty oneself r. r. 
;bm ''bssa ibi^ to put in irons 0. a. f'i^»^Jl\S' 

'"1D2 bps ^nn to hammer together 
to creep into a person's t;. ?2. Ht f^b:3:^D^^!.\S 
^_^g.^^ ,^. .^j^ ^^,j^. ^L, ^3^ favor 

♦|:£iQU3i^K = '."-Si; nhi^ to besmear v. a. p'lt^^-Sl^^ 
SD*-?? "I'typ^ to lace m tightly u. a. (^'^];'n'^^J'L\^ 

.pnn notch J'^inn cut, incision m tO''5t^jl\H 

;~s fihn to cut, make an incision t-. a. f'TL^w^^l\S* 

.-^ p-iH to indent 

. I y n y '^ 1 3 tj; 3 1' K = p 'i^^jl^K 

♦cnprQ) p:^; to pour in {drinks) v. a. [J^p^l^^il^X 

tjnn .ih^ to cut in (u''i7/i scissors) v. a. p^^J^^H 

go split, make a split in v. a. p^KS^Ol^H 

D'''9 to put in parentheses c. a. ||^723!'n.^in4 

.y^p. rent m D^l^l^H 
bg iis'in to wet by rain v. a. fP^2^*n<3'L^H 

to include {in an account,) 1?, a. fP2^31^1J!?H 

.t:^'-] ;3^n to procure v. a. f^Kt^^^JH 

rijlft S.^ ?)h| to scrape in d. a. f^Kfei^J^JH 

rb |3;r to inculcate v. a. jfe'^K^J'LVS 

to cover with perspiration v. a, f^i^lV^J^JK 

to cause to swear, swear v^ a. ["^^ll^il^Jt 

»Pl^'fD in 
x^i> to whisper v. a, I^p£^1^i!?« 
,p^i;£ n>2S to study v. a. pnit5^:)!.\^ 
pn^2 HES to cover with dust i). a. p''1^£^J!?H 
to be covered with v. r. H^^-H ;p^« ^b?^ 
.psKn nesiprf dust 
.|£3Knn to lodge ;iDP^ to stand u «. fW^J^^^ 
he cannot '^ik* |« '^''IK pito\i;3i^K di3 |j7p ny — 
iiDpb bi3^ 133\^ stand still in his place 

.isipD bp nm3D^ 

*top^D '^IID to calm, appease v. a. ?S^tD^Ji:!K 

,n^3pD agreement / ^linD^tS^Jl^^ 

/^^^p-|| ;nnK r^v^-)^ unanimous adj. 5^^!tO^J^\^ 

*nnK T\v;^_ unanimity 

rw, Cisco '"b niKri to agree u «. f]^)2?*0^i!.\S* 

Twv ^ip'j to prick, puncture 1?. a. fS^^^^^^H 

,n33d venture, risk m ^^tO^^^iliK 
.npc^n stopping / 5:iS^t2^Ji\^ 
to stop ;D'S5 'S'9 to put V. a> n. f^^^^Jl^^ 
to ;n33p^ ipyri ,|2p to risk, jeopardise Jppsn 
to quarter (soldiers) Jisb shu venture, risk 
to risk one's life v. r. '^^t^||;{^^'^ ^mm n^^m 
to ;ife'2 b^npri to intercede for ;l\:^a: f^'in 
to become a-isi p^ «2'») a'p^ settle {of water) 
.obn i»2> nspr.n thick (o/' s^i'iZy^) 
m- ;r^ti"n venture, daringness ?i ^)^V^P'^^2^^i^ 

.nibnri'^'ri tercession 
p]^n ,^|3 rg risker, jeoparder m I^T^tO^Jv^.^ 

rs t:2'9D to stamp in v. a. ]Vh^t2^\^^:ini^ 
to stick in ; -s D^t? to put in v. a, \pV^^^Ti^ 
. I p p D t' 3 ^ = ; -^ ^hp\ 


«. n 7 ^ -lira rhb to pinch v. a, \P^)t^^^i\^r 
."^bn to be pincherl 


— 52 


♦nn^ ; *s5£i?a '•an 1 myself pibx n^x — 
my ego i^b^ ni'Dity my own self l^« T-d — 

title of tlie Book o! {pi m2\S) / n:D\S 
.nrQ lamentation in^^ii rib^Ks Lamentations 

^ - quality / n^:D\S* 

.-be that as it may ado. nM^^"^\S 

♦D^^inrt m^D .aw nK\pa illussion / ^""tlb^i^ 

,nmp "nix ,an^i« illumination / ^^''l^KJ^DI^^^ 

the tip-top r'^'?<J^.ttib:K nn ]is pnp n (^d) — 

. - barren woman / JT'-SITK 
,Da Sip a rough voice n^iib^K {x ps bip k — 
him, to oy pa ir.uj^n pH ir»«rip«) _2:?ro?i. ^er^. Q^^ 

Ah AnSi< him 
1*9 M^h imx himself, to himself p.^bx D^« — 

nns ,np^x fear, fright (i?2. m^^S*) / nD\S 

,K'nl3 terrible, fearful, frightful adj. ^nno^S 

.nbnj nD\s great terror / insrnD''^? 

.*inx DlpD3 nu'cinn immigration / J^^1^K1j'!D%S 

who celebrates her birth-day f V'^):)2P0)i^ 

.nnibn dI'' n:.5ln 
who celebrates his birth-day m p)^)^V^^.^ 

,inibn or j^ln 
'.mbn 2^^ name's day, birthday pi. D^^^^^O^^ 
.mgn D1'» Jin birthday celebration 
.nbm ,nnnK estate / ;;*'^;^J2^S 

,^n« somebody, some one jo?^o«. indef. "i^2i^D%S 

♦i^^n always afiv. "s^J^^H 
■'D former wife, divorced wife n SllllT^^J^^^^ 

,n^^^!i riTi'm nn]r\'p 
former husband, divorced hus- m [KD'i^D^b? 

,mii <"by5 iIIk}^. '» band 
nr^]ri^ '>?? former mother-in-law / "i^^^Tltt^'i^O^X 

momentum ;nn^^Q hurry, haste m tOJ^SOVS 

♦ID^P. emperor m 1^tOKi;;£O^K 
B'3B^) nn? ysaa imperial (coin) m ^K^*1^BD\S 

♦ninpp. '*i9''p.. ^.^^^^ ?1^ empire / ^*'*i;^BO\S 
/'ID^p ,ia''i5 rib^^DQ {^"iK bt? imperial adj. l^^l^DD^S 

Kzri -r'lx^ (mino) c;r)ri to import v. a. p^'O'^^ZiD)^ 

- ::^ danger ;n^i-f: nD\^ great fright /D^^"^^^^ 

♦Dh-i to harness, hitch v, a. fJ?:KD5^JL\S 
to imprison 'r^ lie to shut in v, a, pK&SJ^^^Ji^ 
to shut oneself v.r. "[^t-||;inb n^23 d^^ ,«5a 
to be obstinate, be stub- ;n;*2 'ijd ,i^En in 
♦I'^.y ^^P,lI '^iP.l^i^'!' born 
♦tit^n to save, economise v. a. [^^J^St^J^Ji^ 
.|^3"^ri saving, economy n f*^i^lKrii^J!!« 
,ni3U,«|5y obstinacy, stubbornness wt^^^]^'".KsD^:i_\^ 

♦ilt?in saver, cconomiser m '^J?"iJ%S^J3t'kS 

♦j'lsnn to shrink i;. n, |>?3:nD*^:'L\^ 

.ipbp2yna\y3i^t« = I^^Sp^nstrJl.^^ 

♦-^1n bx n;,m injection /:)r.xns5r-3l_\S 

♦"ijln b^ n;trt to inject v. a. f^^"iDt^Jl\S 

.n-'so niD to besprinkle v. a. [P^p^^^'^Sti^J'L^^ 

r^ m D3;!n Jhs to screw in v. a. [B^ilS^^l^H 

,|^5.5nn .pm .fia to shrink ?;. a. fSDll^JJv;,^ 

bx) nD\3D"^p'^ entrance-fee n ^"^^^mtJlliJ^^l^S* 

;-^ nh3 to write or note down v. a. p^J!*i^Jl!!^^ 
to enter one's v. r, '^)^ - 1| J cuJn to register 
ri]1np n:^n rs nnsn name, enroll oneself 
to frighten, intimidate v. a. p^'ltt^J!5H 

.L»K ,bn2n 
nnpl niD to express oneself v. r. y^ pV^^l'^ 

♦sq"^p (DPf to be indignant 
;c:3b'i? .^b'^ your {pL V ") pron. posa. ^Tl^ 
,i^t yours {pi. V-) O-" ^V" ^^V" ahs. || 

D''it^^-t|yj egg cracknel {pi. -) w b2^.^S"'npi5i^ 

,D3'^iDpa for your sake -f"^ «f^''« t^^"^'^^^-^"^ 
.apiiED for your part ;22b^2ps 

iV" D.p ,^- n ','1];--^ "n^n) 23ron. i?o.95. an:^i.\^ 

»D2b"^ ,'?lbf yours 
of the day befere yesterday adj. ^r^r];:i^^i:i^ 

.Di'cb^ bw* 
the day befere yesterday adv. t^^^^"^!^-^ 


.pbs.3 -= V^VtT.^ 

.nsHK nx3p jealousy / D:3in^£:?.^ 

.«3ptt jealous acy. ^':^2^n];£^\^ 

♦nDH-THD passionate ;k3|5 zealous ac?/f. 2t*i]<'t^%S 

.nsKH to groan v. n. \V\>^y^ 

.Fjia ,n5|5 sweet fern, sweet rush m "^V^ 

.,xp ty^ root of sweet rush / b^'^i^vr";:*^ 

ego ini'ipity self *. |lP3ii^ .^;« X V^^on. pei^s. "J^^ 




.^K island {pi f^-)/ ^'^^« 
.a".H nai^ip arcMpelago {geogr.) f ^^^l^^^bti^^ I 
3bs^ -c^3n^ engineer (jpL [-) m '^I^'^^J^^i^l^ i 
no wisdom nor phr, ...'^^ ^iinri pKM rs^^Tl pK 
«- understanding avails against .b. 

nothing avails against losing cards 
D^abp n^3 n,\:is*» b^yr «b [against had luck) 

.(pn b?D ii5) a''Sii Dan-^u? ! 

,nK-2 familiar pd-^s ,^ss^ intimate a^/. 0^'^^^^ , 

*ni«;:ap intimacy / ©^.^p --H ;P13 | 

.5^sir: intelligent ac?/. ^W^T^'^^-"^ i 

-ibp-vssiH = ;nb3t'n intelligence / f^V'^^hT^T.'^ 

.D^s a^b^3w'r^n intellectuals / l^^^^^i'J^PtOJ'!^ | 

.r.5D interest (pZ. f ^-^ } m D'l^l^^JW* 
matter, affair, business (pi.]--) m'^V^'V^^^''^ 

,|:.3i:d ,|;31? k!p9 interesting «^i. ^JKDJ?'nj;^^^« 

♦wis !;.ii3 party interested adj. l^r^JK&];"ir^J^K 

,|:iP to interest v. a. p^D^'^r^i^S* 

is?''K intriguer, plotter (pi f-) m '^JK^n'^^^K 

,11Mb ,b''?'^ i]ibri to intrigue, plot v. n, [I^^^^^^^'JK 

.^l^csu; intrigue^ ploT5 /^in'^J^« 

^^.^^^.^ ,in: together a^a D];^^!^%\» 

hm -wb frp |ni3 initiator m ^1?*0K X'^JIK 

'nr^D initiative /PlirOK^^^i^K 

*F1^''7 '^''^'^ inland w 1iK7J\^ 

there is no end to the mat- phr. tjiD "in*1^ f\^ 

, - 1 have not phr. v f\H 
^■"bpi^'ipta to plead insolvency '^b pK*- inspia •"™ 

*n^'7 ^"^^ ^% domestic^ native adj. ^^'li^SjIK 

4":,N'rf n^b; native m 'i];nJ);':'i\^ 

» — incalculable, immense adj. ^VP/'\^'^ 

,p:|DK3 --Ti'ina in the midst ac?^. i^'.^JIX 

. 3kns of a sudden, at once adv.. \V'^^^'lTs^^W.'^ 

.mttpn ^r,:3 njn^D instance, resort /i?''^XS^D<5!K 

tnstituifion, institute (jpL f--) m ^1^^^Di!K student of an insfcitute m p^^tDltorODJ^K 

female student of an institute / j;pr7£^^DJ\^ 

nD'iD institution /rs^^^^'-*^OJ?K 

dangerous itm .k'^13 frightful ac?;. 3nriD"riD\s 

,- Stage-fright / K1=l2:^^-K|1D''^? 
ofj about I -i}im ra in, into, within prep, f^^ 

,|h* .t ,..*|1K y.i |P3K*jani;n ™ 

"none compelling^" there is no phr. DJ1K p^ 

. — compulsion 

.--^ there is no choice or alternative ni''ia p^ 

h)^ ,nD3b wholly, at all adv. j^^l^JJlK 

.bbi ,^^D;ib wholly^ at all ]iim |ik -ikj -- 

.k9 bbs ,Kb nD3b not at all bi3 |3.'3k^ pK -^m — 

to take the whole \v^m V-^ "ikji ]VW^)^ — 

.9^3331 ginger m '1];n:i^^H 

.^^333T b^ p^i2i$ ginger candy n hTJ2:m 

.:i'\ipj2 iH-inD^ soon adv. p)^^.^ 

.bnv = b:^m 

o- there is not even one ph7\ *inK D3 p^ 
intestines, entrails, bowels pi ^1^11^2J^^ 

.^is^D ,b| wave, billow (p2. ["-)/' ^^""-^ 

"Tu^pn-'^-^in industry (^pL D--) / ^^'^^DHJ^^ 

,n^^'i)n b'p industrial adj. S^n^ODn;!^^ 

*nh nbjnn turkey-hen / ];p^tD^"i:\^ 

Aih bjpn turkey-cock [pi D^-) m pn-3\S 

.(p'^'^n yss) a^'^ip^ indigo m '^^"^^^^ 

^D^nrs meantime £«d!y. Q];nj\s 

.nyi while ni ans^K — 

;ii:^n5 ,v^^^^ in the middle ac^y. ^T.^i^'iy.^ 

«Ha ,12 in it 
.ii?>a in the morning ac^y. ^'iDip'lJ^s' 
.pn^ outside ado. fD''n"!:\^ 
purport, meaning ;|3h contents m ^h^n::^ 

«-she is not wedded phr.T\\^^^pr2 nr^j 
I don't care if not nt^mpD n3''K t^H (Joe.) — 

Kn^ «^''K veteran soldier {p. ]'■-) m '^^^^'^'^^^ 
*{|pTt3 m nbnoa) in'^nb lEs^n 
jnr.np5''K =3OT1i%^ 
m|| ;- he does not know phr. J?11''"'1-3>' 

*iia ignoramus 
one who does not know m ^1^-)^^"^^''"^^^ 
that he i^ ignorant^ a very ignorant 
*1PJ ttl"^ I-- person 


— 54 


;''nDl3a |»TS! innj? now, at present adv. tC^^S 
♦''riDlsD I^D ^^ present acl/- '''' " 'I 

n^lij^ niiDn ,|^p*K icon, holy image / P^i^p^J^ 

^n'kpbpx zigzag m Dpn"TSp:0-sp>« 
.dm: stuttering, stammering ac?/. J?vOiiV.j;p\^ 
to make a noise tprii to hiccup v. n. l^p^.i^ 

on lPP^i<«T 


;£:n5 mTdh 

♦|1«p n^i^n i.T?pn noise / l!!'i^p\^ 

D-jy^x-'S caviare iQ^n-'ii^a roe, spawn f V^p'^ 

♦p1\^0 n-^^p calf {of a leg) ;nln=iSD 

.|riK ,criN you pron. ^er^. j>Z. ' "i^t* 

her, to pron. pers. a po n ;5£:n ps ir.usrip.s) ^ "'^X 

.nS ,nnii{ her 
ahs. II ;nv5-^* her (^?. V --) pron. poss. ' '^'X 
.pi^x .7 ;nb-i? hers, her own D- ,]^ - ,i;^ - 
the Jewish month lyar (April May) m '^^'^ 

h^p^Ti irony / rJi?"^'*^ 
/r:^ ,&^^inn '5'iJ? ,^b^nn ironical adj. t^^J.S'^'H 

«(DiD) ^hi: to neigh v. n. f^K^i'^'^ 
;n>^?f3 .-t::I7? for her sake -PD ac^t;.. p:;^'t5"i\^ 

♦nii'r: for her part 
(;; - D.ST ,^ - :"t r^V-^V^'^y pron. poss. 2^"^*« 

.nbu hers 
.nip leather, skin / ^5"i^X 
pgnis fatuus, marsh-light, will- n tDlD''S"'^'X 

«nj;.riQ lix o'the-wisp 
to err, be mis- ;rtrn to go astray v. n. \^^^ 

.nj-r rtpD taken 
.DHD of them pron. poss. V^^'^ 
three of them, three pesons pTx f^n — 

rn;b lai to address with "you" y. a. [2i'i*« 
.(•nsrn ':d?3) d^2-i pU7b2 
♦Dix ,- man [pi. D''t5^JN) w tr^X 
.-truthful man; honest man m nDS"l^\st 

respectable (pZ. D^2ilJ?n"C^tJ^:K) m mK^n-K^\s» 

.-man, eminent man 
■'one from the mouth of adi^. ^'^''Bi2'\i^'^ 
.T\'X^::^t^T\ 'B Si; .-the other," by tradition 

^r\T^ f'lK ah! int IK 
in;1x ^'nn)^ ah! oh! in/. 'IN 
l^b ""^bK woe is me! 'n^o lit ^^r. px i^ - 

/yr^ ^^n instinct (p2. f-) m tOpJttOD:)^^ 

♦"Ij-nD ti?'h|i instinctive adj. "11^tDpJ"!t:D:!\S 

;n;D«5fp-^i?s instrument (pZ. f-) m tD^^^Dl'itDD:):^ 

.Tpsn ,n^^pa instruction /r^^p"nt:w%S 

,n^ insect (i?Z. [«) m tDp^Di^S 

♦npBb -D"^^^ inspector m 'n^tDpl^BDJ^^? 

.--^-n!! .a^5ss in, inside, within adiy, '^"i^TX^V^^.'^ 

inward, inside, internal adj. tDDi'^J^^ll^^^J^ 

.''D^iQ ,"i1n:n n^'s* 
,QipD nr«3 somewhere acZo. f*^)l'i^J^b« 
♦aipD c^u;3 nowhere tsis ^ynj7 ji« — 
intrinsic P^V? inward, internal adj. ^^^'^^i^i^ 

/riJ2^ .^ypv .'PiciZ 

.cmn b^ri infantry / y"'^j;tDiK£0'!« 

.ny;T information / ^^^^52nJ^&:^^? 

.y.ijn to inform v. a. pOOl^sSJ^H 

.n^bnnp nnip p^ influenza / ^i^^'!':'£J\S 

,D\n3^s meantime a<io. t^^11^J\^ 

.n-np^ incident {pi]-) m tD^n^^J'!^* 

.i*!Dn;ip2« m "'j;:!;:: z;Q'it* inquisitor m 1^^!T^'lipJ"'« 

.n-^-rip2x ,mn jsD-f'p inquisition / r^^n^'P^\^ 

''there is neither a voice phr. T\:SV \'^\ '^^P f^ 

nor one answering," there is no response 

there is no moment ph. V^-^ ^^^ V^^, ,'\S 

. - without trouble 
there is no mercy in phr. ('"^2 Gin"i pi^ 

, - judgment 

}^'i«-n¥P isthmus igeogr) (pi. (-) ^> C'D'OCJ* 

.idm-^ nr.n Lslam m CK^C'M 

.ore 'jy) T!ln confession / "tyv.v^PD'N 

.n^inn to confess o. r. y^ f^ir-i^^sw* 

-|''T-.|] ini^^n ihsn to frighten f>. a. f^^»'^£D^H 
.-rnsn to be frightened, take fright o r, 
.-p^ flowing out, outflow (i>Z. ['-) m pDlCD^M 

to liultil, perform, execute i;. a. {V^'^V^O'iH 

.(.-!'oi^3) ilnp 1^ bailiff' m p'ri'''^*'SC:\S 
ppp correct, exact, punctual adj ^JVi|<'^CC*X 
.pi^"!? punctually, correctly adc j| -j^dj 

complaint, action, claim {pl.\") ni pO'j« 

.5^11 to to annul, abolish u, a. fj;1■!J;cxpD^^t 



,- eater, glutton. gormaD(l(pL S''^75i^) m p^^ 
*bbj^ to eat V. a. \V^^^ 

t\n, bostelry, hotel {pi Tl^'^O'D^) f m^-D^ 

'i?tDD« ,ni?tD» ord, \\ ;i3^3iD^ eighty num.^'^Sm 

,ox^Si^i'^ eightieth 
.m^ S'slDii? |S eighty years old adj. 2n^''31^5i^ 
3'3l?:5^s^ pbm eightieth part m. p'^rftor^^K 

»D''5i53fn eightieth ord. num. yt^tt- ,1j;^D|p^2S3K 
alco- ;rf3U7 a^jiQii^ |3 li;?! octogenerian m "^P^)^^^ 

.nlb^D Q\3iQ^ bf brib'p^ hoi of 80 proof 
.D^5-p D-'jIau; b^ of eighty kinds adj. V.h'^V^yi^^ 
the'^I^tD- ord II nt?y^ nslDif eighteen num. i^'3K 

^lyp n;lD"fri eighteenth 
what about that ^jr-m px isi:3b* ni2?s ?^n' dkti — 
^s^inn p3yn nni bp n^ matter? 
."itoi; njlD^S'^ pbnn eighteenth part n ^tDJl?^2K 
.n:Kn to groan, sigh v. n. f^»^ 
nisan nxT ,1122 reverenr.e / tO^^p'nl^SOX 
ns2 to revere v, a. pV^^^ 

^nsjn .nyi^'p guard / PK'iSK 
day-nursery, foster-home / PpJ^- ,j;^||Kl5X 

-ll'-iis -in^rr to grow hoarse v. n. [J^^S^IS^ 
,vb^ "piK .t ;''b3 all adj. h^ 
in addition to this Qp^x Qpn is£ -Dpn dpSk 121 — 

♦ysi'^^5? awl / ^^ 

,a^'7^K , - God m ^^1 

.b;iK ,-but, hut if conj. H^K 

An:2b f '^ |2K ptt) 12^5 alabaster s. ^T^t:^l^h^ 
;tsrisp *Vcp^ made of alabaster adj. p^t^CKSK^K 

.isn?^ n^l'i like alabaster 
13 nrh ics) Di2ib« album (|)L f^ - /O-) s. DKn^lf 

♦bbb ^'T generally known a«?^'. tDJKpKi"7|f 

,M-i?..^^K bu? algebraic «<i/. ^^"li^i^K 

n-* ^5; n^K'nn rf::n) riS|^K algebra s. 1^1Si?^7|f 

/bb3 general arij. p^tD^^^K 
,b^33 in genera), generally p.'icr^ib.S' pss' ™^ 

rb3 all pron. def, (d« .pb^ =-) £? - JI^K 
b^b to all the demons! Sninn pi^h i^ — 
♦(n^^p) ^•n)^in mnnrr 

!''sb bsa with all my heart! i'ti^. H^ 
with all my heart, why ?di3 &kii "i^S ,ik* — ■ 
?kS pna ,^sb ^32 not? 
let him come, indeed! ^]vr2p ^p bi^i .-^^ — 

mvdvb nin^s) siinp volunteer m p?^?3H3s^ 

415^1 'p^D desire^ will / T^^'^n 
fl rascal, scoundrel (pi D^-) m ^^*^J)^3tl 

.(«93i5 ,''KD'3 swinder, cheat jSi;:^? 

.<o^3j3 bi^) bb^^ .np plunder (fl) n Dr^KS'iDSK 

,- cruel man (pi n^^^pK) m ^'O^ 

.n;'^?3^$ nfvi cruel woman / T^'^^'^^ 

.ninp?^ cruelty / rii'^np^ 

♦m?'^ cruel af^. 2n'n.n?DH 

*nn\:i| care, attention / ''^3^ 

to take into consideration qs^ r.a fps^p: — 

,s9 ^« a^\j? .pnnn 
.liitn to be careful tsD^' pK i^? iPDp: — 
p^ ,*1^^ ord II mmf eight ?iwot. * 'OD^ 

,n\rDf ,^rpu? eighth 

ftc?;, 2^- II ;pjn'^ sennight, week m 2KD2^ 

.pj2'f Su ,^pn'f weekly 

.''P12U? pp^ eight-day clock m ^^^Stsr^ 

,>*.-ji rv^^^ seven and a half nam pbi%ni2D^ 

.nn'ni care : 1=523 esteem, respecty 3:r^3,H 

^r^^wr^ to take care jay^ ^sid^k — 
.nipjx nslDp ?p.5 octahedral a(i;. rt2!„^T^J3^ 
*n''3TO eighth part m pbn^^DK 
,a''5t^ n|W |S eight years old adj\ T.'^^^'O'D^ 
eighth ;ri\r?yi? eighth, eighth part n '?tDSH, 
.(Piii'^a^ 250 M nnw pits ^^ n^rDu part of a tun 
octavo ;(a''sbp2) nsl^'f'n eight {at cards) n \\ 

.]vb} Su n'pf^u 
member of a com- m{plV^^) "i|;2||!tO-jSD3M 
mittee of eight of an artisans^ organisation 
(Hso'^3 Q^5cb) c^pB ^u? ."Ti^nii Hsi^u; Si^ ^\i^b '^zr^ 

.^s? to respect, esteem v. a. p^Z^ 
.r\'r]:^z^ m the eighth place adv. CJtcrn 

j^E.iKpD3« - rsj^p^- j^^:py«» .rpr,t:rx 

.s^r^ -;>--r '-'w' of eight kinds adj tS'^^C^^ 
7V_z octagonal, Dctangular adj. ^^ID^HpCrK 

.nl'iT nsi^u 
«- eating; eatable, food {ph Ti^bp^) s. rhpn 
.--eating and drinking s. T'\^T\'^TT\^p^^ 

♦:2lp1*>'?23X pX ^H*:???;' .? (« 




ftnti- inip^i .\t^) old age i]f' oldness /tDi:!ptD7K 

♦nip-ns; quity 

«*7^3X alliance, confederacy (pi f - ) / C^>^*''^^^ 

♦nibnx aloes m C^'^h^ 
.-the prophet Elijah m i^'2:n ^rA^ 
the cup of wine reserved m DO DiS^2^n '\T\]1^ 
at the Passover ceremony for the pro- 
anncn ni^^bn ri't:;;^!:? i:^ 5'^ d^d phet Elijah 
.K^33n iinj'pi^ iHD^ ncea 
»n:i ]'9^ olive oil /^pii^^X 
pron. II i*'??? only ;1'n5? "tj? alone adv. p.^^^ 

♦i?2!£i; oneself 

.*tnr insn he is all alone pi'^^ iv^'Mi v.i^ np ~ 

n^Ss n«t t<5 not only this p.i^K dn't d^s — 

1 myself, .n .k ♦« p^5^? 'ip ,pi^« n ,i^:bx "]^i< — 

.""DSipn ""JK you yourself, he himself, etc. 

he is the incarnation p.ibx n?DK ipn t^K ni; — 

«nDK iKimn^ ^'^s Kin of truth 
.1^5 oil-presser (^pZ. D^-) m p"3^^^Si^ 
nm«' 'intj' ps) ns^nD 1,17^' avenue, walk /^1^7K 

»^n''"i9r|^?9C sulphuric acid m D^^^i^ 
.pp:iDpbK = p^n.t:^^^K 
every a<^t?. || ; ^05? yearly, annual ac?/. ^^^1^^"7K 
♦nsm nj\^ ■'TO year, annually 
♦ibp diameter; diagonaL 7Ji pSlDiM 
,^iDp-^iin radius jimSk "ipsSkii k ~ 
,|1D3bK hypotenuse ti;5i^Q k jia pcs^x {geom.) — 
.nnu;"' n^it bpn u?biu?D:n ^n«n isin 
Alexander of Macedonia, npr, pHpID IIJDS^K 
.-Alexander the Great 
»j1tsbK ,^si^ nnb alder-tree {pi & - ) / ^s'^'i? 
' /tt^sbi? alchemist (^Z. f-) wi tODlD];^^.^ 

.tsD^apabK = n];p^D^:Db^ 

*f]'^p]r\ Dis* powerful person m Q7K 

?j;^^» 15 CK why then ado. ^^^h^ 

\b'2) ^bri almighty, omnipotent adj. ^^OIDKIIdSk 

»^3 n^b; omnipotence / t01^p-|| 
"merciful God," [pi D-) m D^J^ni .S^D ^^? 
,d™^ j113| nbsn -nnsix prayer for the dead 

.-widower [pi ^^:>^% ^^'-) m p^K 

.-widow {pi ni^D^K) /nJo^K 

..Tn nsja^K a grass-widow nj^bK pripnyb x — 
reader's desk (*« a synaguyue) {pi D — ) '^^t^'^Qi^ 


every evil, every wicked VA^ cpi'^K — 

.ri ^r thing 
.^rj b- all good co-, cpn^K — 

.-God m DNn'^S 
unto one's vest and phr. Tlhn^^ h^] ?in^^D,'1 b« 

. -possession 
"these are the generations," phr. nnbinT^M 

.""r[tiT K=in Tjs such is the manner or way 

such is the way of a ^dkj2v t\)ib)n nba — 

.bi3 U7^K bu; 12m Kin p scoundrel 

the Jewish month Elul {Aug.-Sept) m h)hi^ 

Mb^ ^ihn 
u;ihn bu? of the month of Elul adj. im^l'r'N 

.rncn 'n^iK autumn weather aSi? p:inbibiS* — 

♦(n'^D pa) QibKi"pliE alum m ph^ 
;|3 by therefore, consequently co?i/. J^'/K 

♦I? ei< then 
.|^^^ old \\p.i old, aged (co/;/^j. ";;t:^^j adj. 'toSi$ 

^P^IP. 'p'^p old, ancient 
nm ^\ b)p alt, alto, counter-tenor m^t^.K 

♦(pj^n ni'^ipa 

.T^] gallery, balcony (^9?. Dj;--) m [Kto'^K 

♦Q"'^!': nsc arbor, bower _/' ^pJKtD^K 

.(an'?) -^r ,|y;^^ stale adj. fpKSp-^^^ 

;d\3Bv5P ?23U?^ n.K bu;* Old German adj. ^^'^^^'"^h^ 

.np^'nvri ?;2^k nsu; Old German tz. || 
n^ii2^%* Old High German w t^t:)!n3''int5^X 

.np;ni; n2rbi<. 
"1^22 second fiddle, tenor violin / l^pllKltO^K 

old clothes IQ';^] Cifsn old things / :i"nK11tDbM 

.D^:p| 2^^;k old people {fig.) ;a^b2 d^^,^ 

.on blpf iliu?p counter-tenor singer m tSD^tob^lt 

.(n^B pt2) n^ti2 althaea, marsh-m.allow m l^tob|<l 

.n?.';D2 unu? root of althaea / ^SilKll-l^tobK 

.m^Y-? o'Di? syrup of althaea m SKl^D'^^tO^K 

,na'$2 niy pastille of althaea « h^ph^'IT^Cih^ 

.tiPD pf; ,DyD IP) elderly^ oldish adj. '^^':'to'??< 

^P'r.iy ,pfi3 p^; old-fashioned ad/. ^^I.SD'tobx 

common, P^i^ every-day, daily a<i?. y.h^^'^h^ 

,m^^ ordinary 

^p-lj ;ipt old man {pi J^p-) m l^pllt^^O^^Sl^ 

>n3p4 nm old women / 

nv^bv==>]pX old man (jpZ. T^-) f?i "n^tC^X 

.nn^ti^n ■'d-s -n:p:tn *d^2 in old age adv. ^))nip''\^^^A 

♦2''3lD-|?n ninn jnip^-^j; antiquity n DTtD'ni;*o'7i< 

== jnlnysq ■'fs^tau? patriarchal ac?/. t^;*i]^tOJ^B""ob.^ 





lie thinks only of ]b^&v pS ^9^ ts2s$'ito ^p — 

.rmtatD b^ phty»n play 

ka is sUU in bed ^yn p.^ |^9i? ^p mi^ iv ™" 

.natti 2^w imp 

♦i^*? 'lip not yet isi3 |?^^ "]^3 -^ 

^bsn 1D2 in all tP^^yS^ |1k -- 

.^iB 'i^s 55rr nib::3 nnK after all ir^y^^ ikj "- 

to go to bed in one's |PDpb« p.K fnb i^t — 

,rbp 1^.1:21 rrD^n nrsu? clothes 

.rtbirr nsip n%i to be unwell |pDp5^ bn:^ is^j T-'^ " 

;?^niK .inij^ the same ac^. D-'.P- s"l)^i||l%^T^K 

.'12'n ^3 >bb everything, all pron. 2i*'^^7^ 

.(i^-.s? I" p?3> ^nb .^rss^^ alcohol m 7^.*^Kp7K 

.niifio n-nn) ^^jiip Koran, Alkoran m fK^n^^p*?^ 

<pbrf Tts nn f^s) a^ts^ woolen satin / |?!!**^^P^^ 

.D?to^ b'p o! woolen satin at?/, pl^t^p^i 

.©?©{? ^f 'in eoat of woolen satin m D^II^'.pvK 

.nsj^ nnn closet^ alcove (p?. D-) ?r6 "i^p^K 

l,,p,. r^^ ^?^'^ all»Russian adj. ^^Dn"^K 

upstart, parvenn (i?7iO (p?. 51^»") w p^i^Cl'""'?^ 

give no occasion to pkr \wh .IS nrc^ ^K 

«— Satan 
«npr!3 nurse, wet-nurse (pi \^ - ) / ^K 
?P31p why then? «cl?;- '^KDK 
■'*if 1 am not fer my- phr. 'h ^0 ^^ ^JK p^* S« 
self — who is?,'' God is with those who 
«-" help themselves 
jnn« sp^ oncej once upon a time adv. 7KD^ 
^B^np^ (Cpp^b sometimes 
.iSf^ne all at once, suddenly 9k^k* K)1D — 

.£^32^ n^fi "iu,^K former acl;. J^^KDK 

.n^5=i:D| ^Bi enamel / l^'^^KDN 

♦n-'pisn na^ to enamel t;» a, fl^^KDK 

,(n^» f^a) n^i'^u^.s ammoniac m p^'^^^t^^ 

storehouse, granary (pL f--) m ^KDDK 

.ninsn 'ihi? ^iln ambitious ^4/. ^^^^^^^ 
,ils|)rr tt^p^ ni::20 'iC« n^'^l] ambition / ]^''^^aSK 

.iDSjp. n^r}^ 
.pD anvil «i D^nDK 
.nasp. ."sssn ]^^ .n.Tj5 ^'B? amber /^12DM .K'nSDK 
,ri,^3'')$ ms^D pay of a wet-nurse fi ^tP'^DK 

,^ eii, cubit (/v^. niD^^) / nm 

»\^s rts^s^r^rt psm^ the middle finger / HDK 
.-mothers, matriarchs, ancestresses p^.rilHDK 
liaitli, in% religion, faith (jjl r>^r>D^) /nJISK 
oflii!|in -fwjij confidenee 

bi^^ n^n ,|1i^ closet^ case {pL S--) m *^^^7]i 

r| .1M as lit^K3 when oo«/. D7K 

each, ;-5 93 r93 all (f^DP^K .s^^^s) aclj. P^K 

»F9« ,9v^ i^ii? .t ;-93 every, all 

.Q^iL-3Kn 93 all the people |^'2^d p9s^ — 

every moment, "iK^ p9s? -^k'^ p9\* ,p9yn p^.n^ -- 

.nr>^ b32 av 933 ,pn ^33 every day, every year 

"'.m^ more than anybody |Pttp9§ "ikq ^pd — 

.y^^ nparK .t ,|pDp9x d^d d:3 ]«? ™ 
.TDH ,np b32 always adu. 7^Dy^H 
alembec (c^^ew.) (p^. &P - 4-) m pI^SD];!*^ 

.Q^r^D ^35? oi all kinds adj. ^^^^l^^K 
.^ nlMH fiu^ name of the letter k (jp2. f-) m ?]7H 
Vi^iii from Alpha to Omega in t^a ^i^^ pS — 

to start from the beginning ^9» pa p''in2^ — 

to be entirely illiterate ^^^ pp |P3pp tai^ — 

0921 4 .«^bs? |S§ -1>?S db3l pp pKO |P3pp £D13 — 

.--a thousand {pL D^'B^K) ?2?zm. ^^H 
a thousand (pi B^B^K'^^S^K) m D^B^K"?]^.^ 

,- thousands^ a million 
^^,^=,g^^^ alphabet, Abece {pL f-) m H^S"?!?^ 

.fT'a-^?^* bt? mb alphabet-table 1 fc?r)^3"i^s^.H 
-^b^n 116 ''B 9p alphabetically n-'a-e^?^ pK3 — 

the sixth millennium {of the m '^pn ^h^ 

. *" [Jewish era ) 
to deviate far from ''^tL\i i^^k p-^ pr,p^KD - 
.pspn p r^^'^n mi the point 
X'^T a'^n) ^5^ a thousand (roubles, etc.) m ^pti^ 
.-a thousand times p/in D^tD^s ^^^J 
all, everything, (ptS^'^K ,§;"5) pron. pS^ 
only n^iri always adv, \\ » w 93 ,93 anything 
/lip stilL yet cow;. Hsp": 
to know everything, \2^n |/9k ipni f 5k - 
,b3 u?^^9 n\i .93.1 PT' to have everything 
*b3D in^' most of all f9K Iks ^pd — 
he does not appreciate t^i^i^y fb^ m c^k ^?3 - 
.r3^p3 3U?n3 pK3 131 bs anything 
it is all the sanae to m.e wi^ f9^ tix iid — 


- 58 »- 

mn] f^'^^y^^^ 

*i^1^ truthful ;''ri!px true adj. P- .'"i;;j|nL\s* 

^^t^ip pri^ij! real, geuine in^x 
a, an (^t^p^jn k ngo K t:j«t£ty;>? ^»'p) wc?e/. ar^. f^? 

nnx nisn an apple ^sp ]« — 

,3-^3 u?''« a noble man ^iV^ ip^pn^^^ |i$ ~~ 

,n1llK ^J7 about ;5j; on, a', against i^re^j). ' [i^ 

.HK^ri fortii ac((;. Ij ;in^ ^i; 

.♦♦^r IPtrn to lean on ...ik -jn p«D^':i? — 

to hit against the wall toSKii |k |.ixbrsb« ~ 

♦miNT aside tsiM k it? — 

♦♦.nx na^ to forget about... ".*|k icyni^a — 

to remember, think of... ]^ 11? |i7iK?iiy-T — 

.nn];D henceforth jx tir^n fia it^ tDiiix pa - 

*^?^ without jp?'ep. 2 j,S 
♦]iQri '•ba without money Jobi?:! j^j -" 
♦niD j/in besides api (^t — 

.&^ there adv. ^ \^ 
«*]5in Kin d\i7 there he goes ly ts^-ij |s» — 
.Di^ there, yonder |dikt |^ — 

."b:; on, at pre/. "^^ 

♦n^nsn njabip anatomy / ^''D.S^O^OMi 

.nri3 to anatomise, dissect o. a. p^^s^'OiSOK 

.mn) bf anatomical adj. ^'D.^tDj<^^ 

♦nin? ^ninan analysis (i?^. f-) m V.iiOi^ 

A^^pM 131) nw iiicn to analyse y. a. pV^^K^^? 

.(^-iD Dty) tDU?p pine-apple {pL\) m DKJt^J5< 

each obher, one another ado. '^V - i"<JK-3i^ 

*p3I7n b3 the whole thii-yg -'yi^tS'ix ss^o f'^vs* ~ 

»13«3X2K3 == "[3K:K* -jKS - 

,\:lD^x ,''K^s iD"i? ""^a anonymous adj. S^wiSJ^^ 

;n3'in |''3n to prepare enough v. a. [^^u'lhOK 

to work V. r. l^^^H •i'?;'^ ncr toshit ((mZ^.) 

.nsnn bps ,^bv enough 

.|1tD^u;^ nn53nn anarchism m Dt'i^'-^KJ^? 

,\\zb't^b i33n?p anarchist {pi. ]-) m ^OD^D'iKOH 

IS'^ anarchistic, anarchical adj. ^^tDD^^'^KX^ 

.iiisV:.^ nn33r.n 
lawlesness \X\^bvb r\^ii)jr\T} anarchy / p'^S'^u^Jt^* 

.dnnc-^K confusion Ic^jsh -r^yn 
lawless Mi5obTi?b n^iri?^^^ anarchical a^/- ^•^^■b'Ji^ 

.^^ne np«D ,nyiJD offer, bid (p^. |~) m tOj^iJi^ 

»QK23fr? = ::•.::■ .^d:x 

T^-Dn-'O^ y^O to bid ;i?^n to offer v. a. \^^2^ 

superstition ;n'tn fanaticism n3*.?iH ytL'^iKS — 

.n''tii ,^wi n3iJ2i? 

«*- beliefs and opinions pi. ni^l? i'^'^*^^ 

.b?2-^n ^^i'3K rip_sbn ammunition /^^lSiT3U3K 

.«the faith of the sages / DVD5n-n^'SI| 

one of the Talmudic (pi S'^KY/^n:) m K^I'^K 

.'- doctors 
^niT'ps ,nY^^a office (p^. ( --' ) n tODK 

.P3\L'lD'15< = fr^D:Dljl 

if it please God, God wil- plir. a^u nl-n"; m 

, >- ling 

if it be so, if that is the case; conj. [2 l^^ 

.»«amen, verily, truly ado. p'4 

]DK "itiK to say amen {at prayer) \r:.)^ xm — 
rin to give one's approval un^enn nv^3) 

amen, and so may be the phr. f il^'^, ^'^'^ f^?! f^^^ 

. -will of God 

. - true, may it come true ado, h/O j D^ 

♦DU'plib nb;.p omnibus, bus [pi. f-) m DiJi^JC*^ 

."i^h i^p hamster m '1>^*0S0*^ 

;i1iD *^,n1'' .IW^'^.P "i*!?^' rather, better adc. '^V'^'^ 

A% DK then conj. \ 
you had better tell it to d^.s op -^m nptDvS' — 
,1? HN't s^irh lb iiD ^m^ him 
why does he not ?'^13 ip D^n s^n iks ipr^x^ ~ 
?"lb^ Kb piiD ]3 £2K go then? 
why, we our- iK'~o:':s op p.^n p^K td ip^k - 
.ns^T li^^'P i3rj2P2 i:n:« ssbn selves have done it 

.^?iT-n?2K American ac?;. l^!JiS*p^'^];D,N! 
♦^^iTI^b* ^''^ American m *"i]^5Kp^*°iPL\^ 

, u? n "^ p s ?^ K n == t:>^:^'^V^^t 

.-strength, might /m^-r^^'r^^ 

"say it unto God," (i^c) j^r. ^'^h^h not? 

.nbpin t<bb G^-i^-n words thrown away 

H'^; true pr6(i. II \^^'rl\ fact ;- truth wi T^'^1% 

.npniiK "iMH .v'fi-j^n |2 it is true ado. \ 

.i«\i m^^p that is a fact nts^ |x i^k skt — 

r:)3 ni that is true naK tik d>«t — 

.nD\*3 in reality nDK |ii£ ^y^ ,|nQ« ps — 

"what is true is true," nD« x^.^ nan skii — 

.\i?n3n'5 ■^U7DK \s it cannot be denied 

it is true he does -..ip:s?^ ,isi3 dim ip nan — 

...!J2« .piv i33^j^ Kin p not know^ but... 

.^^t^Do "fipK real, true ac^y. ^^'ffD^ 
.-true and firm ^o. r^^;. l-\m 


59 ^^ 


»^in .nw to gird v. a. \V^'0'\_''^^ 
S^n ,1k to gird v. a. p^ '^^^ 
m ^w to gird t'he loins pspb n |£)niJ3K — 

IK^2 to arrive^ come, appear % 9i» a. f"!^^^^ 
to proceed ;1'^sk hSt to do^ be possible 
nsr^n^ i-fsj^ nS^i to be salable ;ri1t'|?S ~ic:^n 
to walk v« r. ^^t^|| ;~^ yiij to concern 
.n^nf ^)^ .na'irii]ibn much 
fco appear unexpectedly jy^nT^^ri pvS' p:rx ~~ 

to proceed witb tbe DyDi« 'lyi ©"id |:i,i:« "- 

.n^Kb^n niw5 ^Din work 

m ttis will not do lpi;2^* a:2 tp i cki — 

tMs does not concern Ips* d^.3 l-» '«^--^ cki — 

^9 p;n3 ijpk me! 
*Kv5p to fill jytD ,p^\ to pour u. a. 'p^.^^ 
;Dn 1^^^ ^:5ip;K fish-hook {pL \V --) m ^^M 
muscle of mastication Urb-^ bm "i^i^ hinge 

anxiety, fear^ uneasiness {2jL f-) m ©C^JK 
.b^t,d: anguish Min^^rp-^K ,inp -Hjkt 
.Kn^ to be afraid titim p^n -- 
I am seized with fear y.'o p^^ms ]i^tm — 

.n;-^'^ ,nns fear, anxiety .9. ti^:-3]^:K^ti'KitD^JM 
puffed up, proud ;n^£? inflated adj. [tK'71|^3JK 
in- / tSl^p^ll ;&pl3 ,;q|;i! sulky, pouting \r\^i 
sulkiness ; n;«5 pride Jn^na^nri ,n\^\ flation 

2?^n --^h^ to present ;|h3 to give ??« a. p];^JK 
to f. r. ^^t^||;n1p^s n\yp to carry on ;(nrp3) 
to riin^ 1^2^y, r,K ji^n rb t-sHnn pass off for 
.^'^^rin volunteer 
.n'pia nu?p to play mischief D''©ptt pp:i2K — 
DO enlist for military |r k *iKa fn pp.i:K — 
3^r{ linn Qu?nn ser^nce 
.nnis swollen adj.W^^p^<'^^V'^^ 
,Dj?i3 n??^" sulky, angry adj. ^T5lin^::JK 

.jpi?3 ready, prepared adj ^l!ni];:j,H 
to be v,p n^^i^j|;n;::^ swollen «4;°. f^K^'nj^iJK 

.ns^nn ,n5an swollen 
i?j.i3 m to have a relation to •,■. n. pV^\V^^ 
to concern ;*^ nh)^ n'-n to be related to ;"b 
.? n V. r. ^^t^ ;-'^ p^; 
.3^N2D painful arl/. ^2!^!!T'j;:i;-^ 

to ofier one's services, volunteer v. n 

.^^ Plij to concern v. a. jB]/'l^K25J§ 
rb v^^w n^ as to '^op^ikj^ssk* chii — 

»nsnn nbK to bake a great deal u a. fpKS^^ 

..'is'in ,iib to borrow much a a. f31*^i-3K 

.Q^ai £"112 n^a to build many houses v. a. (P'''^ii« 

.nppii^2« = p^p''isi^ 

.hann bba to suffer much v. r. ^^ I^^H^^IlS^Jj: 
^^ r. ^n-^||;-bK n^n .ns3 to bend to v. a. \'^T.^^ 

,^^\^nr fco stoop 'rb^ litDS to bend to 
r^ '^Vl to rebuke, reprove u ti. T^t p^tl^DJH 

to breakfast ; i^i;^ ijt^J to bite at ^. a. n. J SI^S^^ 
^'njDb nnnK breakfast ?i. || ; if^.^ nnnK bi^ 
-^i?.^a '"^^D to beatj lick v. a. f^J^p^^SJ.^ 
to give a person -ip^^^.s n ppr^^K ppp^iis^ - 
»n23 U7''K nsn a drubbing 
."^p i\yp^, .-ibK to bindj tie, fasten on v. a. p-S^S^H 
;Kbp^ r[b3 to puff up, inflate vi. a. \^h1^ 
.npjnn to swell, be puffed up v. r. ^!i-|| 
to get ;D>n^n .^"0) to pout {fig.) ;nn K^rprt 

.nK|nn proud 

,m^ ;tss» -nSjTfn look, view {pi f -) m p^biJ^ 

,-5p tssr? ,^p;fn to look at, view v. a. \'pt)1^^'i^ 

to invite ; b^'^ .^1?.? to request v, a, ' f^^*SJH 

.a-'S'i a^^';^? (Hni^) ip.tri many 

r^g V3^ to lay on, put on v. a> ^ l"^'- ^^^ 

,Gi^ri npsin break (o/ da^) m ^K"in:.S 

i »hriB ,iilB to crumb, crumble v. a. ipK^'i-SJ^ 
I to swell, be swollen a. v. ' V \T^pn^^^^ 

i to pout, frown, be angry v, r. ^^i fT^I'^S-DiS 

♦£S7.inn i^ipj 
to raise, cause (a quirrel) w a, [^'II^^K 

,Q''-,) inip 
;p5n to prerare, make ready v. a> ftOir^S-?!^ 
liDifp. UK p3n to prepares, oneself u. r. "^^T^H 

"isu? ,"ib^ to break {in quantity) v. a. \^V^^^^ 
,V}^\n ,iiK H'O to breakj dawn ;(nvn^ m»3) 

,n2n to give a drubbing np25i:3 ■'*i ppi33^ — 

;(b^TOn) n!ii?n to burn {a dish) 'c^ a, \V^V'^'^^ 
to heat {iro7i) Un-.rD) p^^iri to light {a cigar) 
^an^nn to be heated v. r. T^t-^H ;6?'i3} ^s^ 

4PKT2 3^-= riS^i?'^^^' 


- 60 


'b^ 5b3 to attack J'^bn to grasp v, a. t&l^l^Jifl 

.la-'iH ^y) n6s:nn attack, assault {pL f -- ) m ^^"^i^X 
,(n«is «sin) 1^5*1^ n'^y^ to siM (si.) v, n. \o^^^ 

♦HDi ,ni3ln to fool, deceive v, a. \V^"^T{^ 
n«?D to weary with much talk «. a. pT\^ 

insinuation ntt"] hint, indication / 3J"ltD^j*i:)i$ 

»tb*i to insinuate Jtb-i to hint «. a. \^^1'^^ 
.1b^ to hire v. a. fJ^^^nJif! 
♦|il3T /nnstD remembrance m p^V^^^ 
ahs, II J'^D^ other (^Z. ^-') _2?row. indef. "^i^l^K 
iwji^ ."nn^j another (pJ, V ^) S- '^-^ '^J^- 
♦''SiiJ second wwm. || 
♦ntb nt ,nj n^ nt each other ppiix ci7i iy5^\^ -- 
-n^« in« nbi« one another yip'iSK n p3^^j< — 

quite a different matter "jm ipnix pKJi bj — 

to be incoherent pyiiK aia D3i^« pDip toi3 — 

.?lnn ^1^''^ on week-days adc. l^^^i^V^^ 

,'^)ir\] ^m one and a half num, [27^ntD'i^1^iS; 

>n^r!X ni7:n some other time ado. h^^tti^V^^^ 

".isDb r^rp to tell much v. a. \hn^^V^^ 

;n3l^ .inx other, different pron. indef. '^'^V^^^ 

]ai^:a otherwise, in a different manner ac^t,'. || 

,nnb« *inn something different li^ipiii? CJPsP — 
♦inK jsiKn «b not otherwise u?^yn5K toi5 — 
♦niriu;n to be changed u?*ipi5^ ppii — 
.nn^ a^P^l elsewhere «2(^y. iKIIt^^i^'l^K 

♦nri? to change, alter v. a. ft^l^'lJK 
hermaphrodite, andro- [pi. [-) m D1J*'^1'ni:3K 

.-gyne, androgynos 
;nnip in^i to incite, instigate ?j. a. fi^^^nnJ^si 

.Di^nn i^nitrpn /CiP^D to make angry 
♦nnnri Ds-rn to print a great quantity v. a. fpll'l^i^ 
to swindle ;2bD ,bb| to wind v. a. \VT^'^^ 

,T\'\^ ,i7.ip to incite ; nai ,ni3in 
ns pi3 to wind the clock lyjr.i cpn |pim3i<{ — 

1^X3 to pull by the ear np^ix p^s iP^ms^ — 

n^iJti; vexed question yisnS i;£s:i^J3nnya3^ — 

sad, dull [fig.) ;d^5d salted ac{?. fir^«Ti;2Jij 

/ tD^Jp- II ;nvc^i7 ,iap5 respectable adl \V''^V'^^ 

.r\^':^'^^n resioectability 
Di; ,U7D5 Ini^^^ dressed ado. WT\^V^V^^V^^ 

''bn »sni? ini%'i3 undressed toiinnpip3K*£3pj3K' isi3 ~ 

,rbs? I^IJn 
»''i3£'i welcome J nr^ri appreciated adj. ^J'!!^^2^S 
p(52 ,nsnrj j^np^ii? well-read adj, tS^J?l!^^2J?« 
^d^sa? rTi;''i^ knowledge of books /tSl?p-|| 

.n|DD .]v;p. leaning p. p. t):^V^TM 
•iiab learned, experienced p. p. ^^^^h^:^^ 

like a painted I'l^^r^ painted adj. ^h^t^)}:^^ 

♦a^^n nn ""^is ^ni^itD n^iDns picture, lifeless 
iu?^ to sit motionless *^pDb^Di;:l3^{ |i4 *ni |3£n — 

,rmiir\ •'bs 
MT^teri ^sb i|np^ made to measure adj. ftDDi^D^^^H 

♦Dbin becoming 
respectable SQSco ^bsp^ip accepted adj. \VD^^^}^ 

»''>!2^"i welcome ;ni^ri 
;n'ip^ id^pj pleasant, agreeable ad;j. D^^^:iiX 
♦bsp^jp acceptable 

,QP3P35« = f^Dp^:i:K 

full, crowded, chock-full ac?;. tS^li:^p^S^5Xss 

DtoT accused (pi T^-) 9?* "i^tD|pKbpp:x 

♦(r,i3itta ^3^3) yso> defendant ;(mtyc3 ^3^2) 
firm, steadfast ;|D^» prepared acZJ. tO^D^I^ 

♦i?jnp ,p?n 
.D1S3 swoellen adj. \h^))^)}m 
.di;l3 ,?ij;1? sulky, angry adj. \0^)\^\^^:^^ 
tired, ;n^ntt strained adj. t023^ltDt^;;:iXs 

♦|73; weary 
♦ll^iSt ,xba overfilled, crowded «cZ/. pt^^t^»^3JS 
rb^ iin ^^ ^.''.^ with a breath a^;*. tDp];r:S^^i:t; 
infected with here- niDiip'^sK tsi?^ topyDirp33« — 
.m3''» ^\y nn 1:1 ^''v sy 
♦n|5''t3 •n'lj^i rebuke, reproof m 1^'i:r;;:iJ,s 
4PiipsKi3« == fr'^i^nKi^j^ 

mo3> ibn to dig (t'ti quantity) v. a. f^IlXl^JN 

An^2H hvy |P^ to load, lade v. a. f^t.'i:i3i^ 

,bi5p^ ,nDi3 liable Jp^iD prepared a^/, 5rvO^!l3J« 

;p3n to prepare, make ready v. a. ftSl^lJih' 

.lDitp_ n« ppn to prepare oneself v. r. Itt « jj 




II r^ nijan adherent, follower m 1|^2J^.1J^ 

ra i'#|i .'1SD ipsiiD to attach v. a. I'^^V^^ 

!n:2n now then! int 1^^ 

mat ^p nn''^^ growth (pi f-) m Dpl^^ilJ^ 

,ns3 .nnsp tumor 

nba to pile up, heap up v» a, pP^hH"i^^ 

,131 p3 n\7 to roam about v. r. H^^ - 1| 

S'z^ to heap up, pile up v. a. j3^^'?Kl'l3K 

.\ll to arm tj. a, \V^Vm^'^^ 

to increase ;ijbi£ to grow «. -fi. ppKIIJ^ 

i;. n l^^-^ll 'S^rt .aD'7 to warm ?^, a, fJ^aplKnJ.^ 

,D!2nnri to get warm 
heap up t"^y ^'7V^ to throw on v. a. (S'^Kll^^ 
y^ - i| J "^y mv.T\ to burden on i 'nh^i i|?'f n 
*"^y^ n5t;s?_c^ nSi to be a burden on v, r, 

.n«o^? draft / :^^^mm 

to issue a nb-i .nl*^^n to indicate ^. «. 1?'!?'!"'^^ 

.U7''K^ ntJhor? t^i3 draft 

^m indicator m 'nj^n^^i^X 

.^ts-^n .nb^ to weep mach i). r T^ [^^1'^^^^ 

to ; Tbn to hint, give a hint v, n. f^pj^'^j^ 

f*^j? wink 
to express one*s good wishes v. n, ft^3'!^^J^ 
.X)'2. to congratulate ;u)-k9 :^'ts ^^i^a to 

.-9p. ^^s to wind on v. a. W^p^''^^ 

r's. u?^n^.7 to use, employ v. a. p^l^^l^^ 

to exert oneself to the mma pS^ psp^:^* — 

♦ina ''5i?:K?2 52:^ p3^ .in^ ^sn t^ts^nn utmost 

.n^SK .iTi^K losing, loss / Si'^^^''-^^ 

-\il «^D to fill to the brim y. a. W'^^'^'^V^'^^ 

.•iSH to lose y. a. ["^l^i^J.^ 
.nlii5D .'^^p^ lot ^3sb some time ago adi\ S^^O'JK 
one who is forced to do {pi. C^O^iK) m £^:^ 

,(n-iBS3 o'sij^"t>3» » marano ; -something 
dislionored woman, raped [pL l^'Di:»^) /r3iJ« 

. — woman 

♦rriV^ya announcement^ message m 3Kt3.^ 
reward for bringing good news n ^hv^''^'^^ 

to ;n2>'n 'ieo ik ibK to tell much v. a. \W^^ 
to charge, nnin to warn I'i^t announce 

*m:i order 
,"ito9 messenger m li^XHtX^ 
ifig.) imtan t« D18) \2^b.7 to saddle v, a. \V^^W^^ 
r^V. esyn t^ burden 

»rigj'3 to cheat, deceive, dupe v. a, \V^T\'^^ 

*fh9 to press tj. a, \pT^'^^ 

to bear or give birth to many v. a. p^^HJlf 

.|in to feed 1^11 to raise a a, [^"nS^n^^n^H 
.nh^ to accumulate J heap up v. a> [l^tSK^Jv^ 

support^ point of supprt »nrnt| hold m ^vK.iJ^ 

to >p]m ihK to take hold of v. a. n. \^h^^^ 
to hold y, r. ^??-||:^p^o ^i9^n continue^ last. 
rz pinn j>r stick to 
this will not last |t3'^t<n3K '^?3 j3kS Dpn dki - 
■ns^D^) 131K'' H*? rc^ long 
HDD ,|y^?3 .HD^^n support^ prop ?i ^^^J^O^KH^ki 

.ncn^ aSpD refuge 
to buy or purchase much v. a. f^vlJKHJ^ 

o^^Db a'bi to jump enough a n 1^? |)^p2INn^lfl 

^^2-^n ip"i 
to ;abnS) fkqS bnrin to chop at v. a. ^fpKHX^ 
to talk much (a^.) ;i3°i^ ^^ abn cut enough 

,(H psi to stick, cleave tj. n, ^Ip^T^^^ 
to reach, ^blp3K hi) hbp, to hook on v. a. \p^^^ 

-') SID get or come to 

to reach to the end of isbpii pv T-k IpKMs^ — 

»b:in n^p "ly Kin the world 

n] hv i"^n to acquire by toil a a, fpv.y^i.^nJS^ 

n^bri to toil hard v» a n^t--|! ;M2'i MT^yj boy 

r^y a'^3 to breathe upon v. a. p^^^^^ 
.ns-nn *?^%"inn to revel enough v. r, T?^ f^''*?!.'!^^^ 
.r!?n«nn Legiuningj commencement m SilPJ^ 

i'^nnti ^m to begin, commence u. a. [S^^I^Jst 

,^nnD to begin v. a. X-^ -W 

to begin a quarrel |S£yDi.\' did in pr.n3K — 

,^^« dy snb 5nnn with a person 

nothmg of the 1 1^ ais 1^*3 ^it aniin cy — 

!k9 ^025 kind! 
♦njnnn beginning n D^DI^h^S^ 
.n^lD pBD to heat much v. a. 1^^))^^^ 
to burden ^"•^F -"^^^ to hang on v. a. f|?3^>*nJ^ 
iWt^b ^3™ ^rK) sm to impute i-^i; Dpi;n on 
ra p2i to stick to t?e r, l^t»^|| ;-bj;, Vbtt) 

r^K p2iinn 

p^'B gyi|?j a'l^ }y"(^ii cy,. : "yp3'8 yj^K'.i ep^-r pK (« 




hto^^B ,::in mm bankruptcy, failure m fV^^ 

jia^n-i !3'iy2t< 2^in to seafc m.aTiy v, a. ]'^P'^^ 
br\n '^t^ .in^n tv^w fo fail, become bankrupt 
,phi to attach oneself to v. r. 1^'-|| ig^-^i:^ 
Dot to leave alone uists .d-'xs) "i i^'sn .-nx 
♦iiP.?n to settle ;-d ns-in 5^'^ 
.'^rn •^•c^D bankrupt m 'ip'i^OiS 
.fite*^: 'x vysT «Sp to till with dirt ?;. ?l ['".'"tnJX 

.s^'^ to sign, seal v. a. f^^^^orPJS 

,2^3 [;■« haft, handle / ^::iro:K 

to don, put on ;D"^j^,iTw;y^ to do v. a. [^tSJH 

Ijo dress oneself v. r. I^^-H 5^:=^ {clothes) 

.mz^ dress, attire n \\ ;u^^^ 

nc2n ,pin aiJ to do damage ii^i^ ixa:^' — 

.")pi£ -n:;; to inflict pain d^'iid*' |t;ji2;^ — 

nsj^ to commit suicide rtt'pa ^ "jit |^*ts:K — 

;i2!£ to heap up, pile up 'o. a, fi^llI^DK^Ji^ 

*^h\$ to fill, cram 

,u?-^D to feel V. a. fBKtOJS 

«^r? to fill, fill up V. a. \W^s^t^'^^ 

rip T.Q to avoid, elude, escape v, a, f^^^tDJN 

.mbinn ,'<ibj discovry / llJIp^^'ltDJX 
.nbi^nb^ to discover v. a. |p^"^t2J.^ 

,0™ to fall asleep ^■. a, J^^-t:nntOJK 
u.nTt^ll ;b?b5 .b?n to contain v. a. phm^^^^ 

r-i ^^^5 nS'i ,^?3n to be contained 
;a^ri!p pni;n to wean from v, a. f^j^Vi'tO^K 

*|P5^mpjDK = 
xinnenn development/ Sri^p^VitDJK 
tj. r. T'-^ll ''^<^^ *o develop v. a. fi^^p'lltO^K 

.nnann to devolop, be developed 
|/"pn to stamp with the feet v, n. ^^t f^^D^.tDiK 
.niHjDf "^I^ V^^ ^o do much walking ; c^.^^i.:^ 

.Qpn. 'd?^{< ^3S n5'f n ,pxQ refusal / i-SIX^ttiJiK 
,£:pn tr\^ •'Ss n^n .i^^ to refuse v. a. pKTtO^K 
,|jicjp excellent, magnificent ac^J. ^^^ID^tD-DH 
excellence, magnificence / tDl!:p — 1| ; Tnrs 

.Tin ,r\m^^ri 
.anin^? i.^3ip^'^ anti- Jewish trc^J. ^n^''":'vOXs* 
♦nisnu ,pbn part, share m ^ir^^^S 
rn !^nr,tt?n to participate ^^.rtsix ipr^pi — 

r? pbn to deal out w. a. lS^ro:JJ;? 
nnjf U2n to give much trouble mnji j^r.js:^ — 

jh: 1^'j; to cause worry or grief ?;, n, ]Vb^'^^ 

.;*?''« ib? n^i^'^ 
he is out of |^i&jn |a''i^j ai;5Kip:s3K d^k ^k dp — 
.ni^ m^p mil sorts 
;i:D-i: ^•^. nbf^n to salt suffciently «, a. f^iSKn.S 
to harm a person, play a person a (fig,) 
.y;\s:n nrpp bbv^ ,^'^^ p-m trick 
to accumulate ;"b« to gather -y. a. fJ^^DKtJifl 
.-^;^'- fco be accumulated v. n ^^t^||;ibi: 
.? .T V. r. 1?' -11 ore to imbibe v. a. fS3Kn.S 
-^nb nn^ to dnnk oneself full v, r. 1^ [&''1tJX 

""'t - 11 ; p^rn to suckle, give suck «. a, \-iW^ 
.i3T^ '1 i::\ to have enough of sucking v, r. 
■,'^0^ tiP^ to s.ip or sip enough v. r. ^^? ;£)"!tJH 

.n^nn rri-^ to drink much 
.njj to inveigh ;-2 ip^ to scold v. a. IV^T^^H 
-y-^^.l 'i.?i^ni nh-i to form by boiling v. n. fl^tJK 
to make a ;|?i? ,n'^ib^ nhrp to soap t*. a. f^l^tJX 
"l^'-llin-i I9J irionb ilt^k rri^: person wait long 
•■i^^y ^"^'^^ \T9 to soap oneself r. r, 
to give it to a person pin^??:) k ja^^tiK (sL) — 

.-n !^t3 ,-2 'ipj 
opinion n-TniJi ,n-i72^ jhk'id view {pi. f-)/t05^tXS 

.n"i^D ,nP7. ,np'!i 
132 ,n«"i^3 visible, conspicuous adj, ^l^tO^DliJJf. 
visibleness, conspicuousness /^^Jp-|| ;:iv^j^. 

.nsin inrr to sift enough v. >.. \^'^^^ 
,V'y^ ,np^;it; satiation '' j^l^^tO^iXS 
i). r, "i^t.^||;nil ,p:a'pn to satiate o. a. p^tO^tikS; 
♦gl^^w? tiu be satiated 
,t:sn to look at ;nb{" co see v. a. w. |i^iJ*X 
to v. r. "I^^-IP"^ ^'-0 "t*^ consider ;-:n brripn 
to be significaTxb, be ;n,?i":in nk-i see much 
n II ; cp^^DD ?-Vi -rire^rr nS;- of consequence 
'.rqri ,n^r^'^i ,n^^^ sight, look, appearance 

.rm^\i"n respect 
I ''^nnot bear the |pt2K !si3 d^K |pp "i-ik ~ 
«-iU3 "^siK Kb -Visn bsnsnb ''^k s«i?: sight of him 

to consider a person cipipri^'o k -.Ka |pt^K — 

4pr,\L'?2b ^'\s' nt^n crazy 

nK HK'^ to see the world tsbpn n |pi:k — 

,aip^$ n^r settled, domiciled adj^ i^D^TJX 

ns? ^r'>^!1.;. conspicuous, visible, ac^J. ^HIlJ^^t^N 
.•n^h hd; good-looking '.^wn considerable 




to trust rT3 Ip:,^t3 to entrust r. a. f^'i'^^^X 

♦h'^ns .D^3 ,D?ari to escape u, p. pV"^^ [3;r.i'^:K 
JCD^Die) i^^n (ps'n to drive {hoi^ses) v. a. p'L^'^tDJ.^ 
»|/|^n ,i"i.ii; to urge, spur on 
,])b>v .z:^^ driver m "^'P^l^'^tO^.^ 
to drop by ',vm to shake c, a. p^D^.^^J^ 
•l^lUp- ""l' ^P ^?l1 shaking 
.lniC3^ ij| ^*h^ to try on (Am.) v. a, IP'^^^^^^t^ 
♦nn^^ 'f^^^2i2 escape /^^'^^'^JK 
.hh^ .ais to escape (p._p.|^^i'^'^iK) r. ??. [^^jr^'^J^* 
to make '>np,}L'ri to give to drink [>^pJ'!'^tD2.^ 
to drink one's fill v. r. "|^'^-|| nsu; drunk 

♦"ifln'p n^^^ -"^^ ^^9^ to drip on v> a. \t)^^^^ 
rbv_ ebT to tread on v, a. ItO];i^J« 
to treat a person rough- layitoSK ^k^j ]^vr^)^ — 
,D5 |Bi«n u?^i^ DP :in:nn iy 

;u7Jia ,^^^ to find, meet, hit, strike v, a. f&^'ltS^^ 

^ii;:!!!^ to meet v. n "^^^ - 1| 
,pnri^n >D^xri to become silent u ;,?. pJ^'ll p^l'^^^^.H 
,Q?i'n to diappear ij. ??. f^^^n^tD^K 
apology Jri^'n?^ .nn^bo excuse / 5J1^n^"^^*0JK 

V. r, Itt^ll ;b'm ,h^p to excuse i?. a. \P^)lhwm^ 

Minrj fp'!i^2iri to apologise 
;n^!ir!nri coming into existence / 2^1^11^^^^K 

.i^pi^ origin, rise 
to come into {p. p. f^^KtS^^JK) v. n. fW^tDJK 
to originate, take rise \T\'u^T\r^ existence 
to curdle (of milk in the ;"» r^m --D o;* 
.(a^nti^n 3^n) \^Bpr} ,t^pT\ {hreasts) 
♦n pea ;rT^^^nn ,ip| decision / ^ri^r"!^^^:,^ 
,pba ;ts?riD -I^J^ls i^| to decide v. a. fl^^r^^^ 
/ ^l^p-ll ;sb rm resolute adj. [DK^^^^H 
,2^ i^t'A resolution 
.Q-i-in .fir: to fall asleep o. n. I'^^^l f&K^^^^K 
.ip^ resolution, decision / JTiD^^^^^JK 
to decide, resolve, make ap (,;. i\ ^V fD'i^^^^JK 

.Iriy^s "1?^! one's mind 
;Db'i ,-2 .ibn to hang on, hook v, a. ]V^W^^ 
to pick a ; "^ p^'^n to stick y, n "|1T-|| 

.nrnn quarrel 
to amuse or divert oneself v, r. y' l^^T^W^ 

'^l?^p p-^'^n^n sufi'iciently 
to espouse I^IK to betroth y, a, jtlD^^-DK 

^^t«|| ;p^^ri »y\i?ni p|^n to overtake t-. a. pK^J^ 
.21 j^t F^^ to run a long time «. n 

anti-Semite, Jew-baiter (pL ]--) m ^^'O^^^^^n 

nxpt' ,Qu? \33 miv anti-Semitism m DtrO^D^D^tOiK 

,2-^ ^32 «K3iu b-^ anti-Semitic adj, ^^tD^D^D^O^K 

"^p:- °i3^, rarity ;p''n^ w relic {pi f-) m pf^XS 

something rare, something exqui- n /p^^^*^ 

.\)^^ i^"^ ,n',K^^^? ip."! li*^^ site 
viiD antiquary (j^l onnlD^) m "ims|l"p^^:K 

*r.l? ^'?C^ wine barrel [pi. \V --) m ^"^-^^ 
,rTha ,D15 to run away, escape v. n. i&'''^*OX^ 

to ;"ttn\5 to borrow, lend from u. a. fPl^^^^K 

,ni^n lend 
I'i]^1l-||;a?pn .Kiprfn to escape v. n, pKB^DK 

-t *T ?y. a. 

I was greatly terrified &^w^ axT pKii 

to begin ;9sp to take, receive c. a, \V^^^^W^ 

*n^^i^.if} discovery '.n^ib^nn revelation / ^JipJ^^&^X^ 

inbi to discover iribi, to reveaU^ a. fpI^^^tOXN? 

.T\bir^r\ to reveal oneself v. r. T!t^|| 

.npbi inflammation / 2-3n^^ro:.^ 

V. n T^ --11 ;n"ni'5 ^p?in to inflame v. a. pIj^^^OX^ 

/toribnn to be inflamed 
.n6j;Brir! -b"*! nn^u rapture, ecstasy / ^^'p^l^^X^ 
*nm3^ K?D enraptured, delighted (2<i;, ^p^^^Jt^ 
*r;n?;p K-pp to enrapture 'y. a. [p:^^X^ 
over-against, in ;^j.j against /jrep. f^i^p^i^S 
in regard to ^n^^ip^ toward ;m53 front of 
■]MK J f"'?-^^'iPS in comparison with ;""5 pjl3^ 

to go out to meet a ]:.vp'^^^ i^pdik pi;is^n^ — 

.\y^K n^'^ph ^^^ person 

I to oppose a person |SJp^^K pvp^^^^ l^t pv^^ — 

I .(ti?\s* nan) "ins inasnn to contradict ppptDSK pi.'i'^ — 
I i£?B33 |n3 to give readily ppp-a:K pb?lD (j^^^.) -- 

I Tw'K opposite, lying opposite adj. r^^^^^ptCOK 
njjn^ opposing ;n33 ym .':5-i?^ 
*&?5in i^t^j to carry, bring v. a. p^'^^W^ 


64 — 


♦9^09 na^D to praise much v. a. p'^h:^ 
,r\:^)'i^ ,fr,p run, rush m ?|^nJi^ 
f-f?K i^n? ^np to run in, rush in v. n. [^'^'iSox 
jn^n^n xisi to come running Ud'O) ""^k f^ta'^^ 
to make an irruption :-s \y^3nn to run into 
'^^b^nri ,na3nn to swell ;(S'''«)"5p ^B3nn .-^y rt^y 
;n^7n pi to do much running v. r. T^-H 
.niinrsa yzpn to run together, flock 
to tire one's feet by run- diq n ti js^i'^jn - 
♦n:s£nDn i^9n nx nx^n ning 
to pour i'hv_ p^l to pour on v» a. \V^^^h^t< 

♦nnnn pT much 
to ; -Sp. Q^\y to put on, lay on v. o, P'!!7JJ< 
to lean a, r. "I-^-H i^Sit heap up, store 
to become a burden on »-5i7 }i;^n upon 

to go about, go out of one's 3j;n p^-ibss — 
.m3''iK2 isn nti?p ,iS)n ncn way 
to slave one's imo to die sKp |ts^X3 p^^b3« — • 
.nvL?p mizy:: ".siii; nx p5in life out 
.nsnn ShD to suffer much a, r, '])^ p^2hii^ 
.(^^33 p3n) Tjrii ,dnb to solder to v. a. \Wh^i?. 
to bor- JnaiD nibn to lend much v. a. \V^^^^^ 
.rfz-^p nS'p row much 
•nain xni^ to read much y. r. "'^ f^J^i^SJi^ 
T^-ll J-'?!? P51D to stick upon u. a. \P^V'h^ 

»-n pn-nn to stick to v. r. 
"[^t-ll jrjtin ,ijttD to lean, support v. a. fy3pSj« 

.|i;*OT to lean v. r. 
;irpb ,nhin to teach, instruct «. a. fi^J'^J^'^JSl 
"j1T-|| ;^^Kb nsin to give a person a lesson 
•Tn lyjiySDK = ;nsin -laS to learn much v. /*. 
to torment oneself, suffer v, r. T-^ pI^lSXOXSi 
♦^^^b ^hD .n^rn much 

to ;t*?n ,ntj? to make, prepare v. a. pKDi^ 
,^bD? to soil, dirty ;2Dn,D-i5 occasion, cause 

.rr^isf K?iin .ranit nt?j; to shit (vulg.) ;'n|!D 
to contract many debts msin p«D3« — 

nx «^3i3 to dirty the house t^m ^k pi$D3^ - 

to shit in one's breeches (fin n n« pKa3K — 

>rD337in rs-iii nu?p 
.na-iD tHK) to grind much u. a. 'fv'HDJX 
,-532 "^^^^ to paint on y. a. ^['^(SDJiS 
to tire, weary oneself m. r. i:T f^n^'ili^DXNI 

^ ask % p<^rsoE to do something u. a. ftOIDJ^ 

to strike terror into a person kud ^ pK''3^ — 

,n^pb down ac^u. 'lI^t^^M 

.n^a^ down pre/. ""n^^n^^St 

n^srr ,r^^b^rt throwing down / 2:^&"iKiTii;n^iK 

bsrt,iib^r! to throw down v, a, fB*^K'i"s*^^"l^^« 
to throw oneself down v. a. T)^-^|| in-^p^ 

;^*^ au?ln to seat a person v. a. f5£ptii;'i^j^ 

,au;^^ to sit down v. r. l^^-H 
to lay ;n^^^ D'-t' to put down «. a. p1^7"ij;i^iH 

.h'^iri down 
to inmb bQi to fall down v. n. \hHb'^^V'^m 
.nar'^ni bm prostrate oneself 
.n-'sn ,D^to to put, place v. a. ihv^^'^V^^.^i^ 
1 have made phr. D'^nK nK ''ri'i^^^n ''^^^ 

.-Abram rich 
to boast of having aia« n^4 Tinr jfn -liH ];i«t— 
n^f ncn ni^'s^a li^isnn done a person a favor 

♦ ii^^M 
\'iy'7S /K'7 &« if not, or else, otherwise adv. D^JH 

"I believe," belief, creed (pi D-)s. ]''^S*?;?"'ji< 

*^^ '•n^J^ not at all ac!v. i;"^:3b* 

.«— I am King Solomon phr- Tlb^^^ ""^^ 

example, instance «"bi? n^Ss3nn attack m SK-^i> 

'ptbn .^jbn co seize, lay hold of v- a. I^X-J^; 
to give Jnsnrr ni^ to contract many debts 
to be V, r. I^t -. II ; N'p^n ]h3 an instance 
to fly in '^pl!'^r\ to ignite ; "t«9 pp.inf n eager 
♦tnrin ''natp.nn a passion 
to touch a person to the |2i*ixn di^s idsd3« — 
.VQ^rt np pj: quick 
borrower who does ^n^in grabber m "^V^^*^^ 

.dH'P ^3>*u? nV^ not pay his debts 
to be in a great bustle v. r. T^ W^'C^t^h-^^^ 

.nnin pr 
;!-[S>!i pn;i n^s to hawk and spit v. n. [^pxiDJif 
,ph2 np3 to cover with spittle 
.•12^ to pile, heap up v, a, [^ll^''nj<bJX 
to charge ic^^D ,i^p to load v. a. 'OW^^ 
.(nan nap) |'P^ (a .^wn) 

to emit a i"3 Q''^ ,|h3 to let in «. a. [TXv:s 

.tamn«ns) p*:! nn ^pT\ stench 
to laugh u. r, 11t«||;ph2 to' laugh d. w. \^^h^ 

♦n^iD ph^ much 


_ 66 


xirt he carries on C|h ^ti 'ny> ^p^ isia ^v — 

.rtsnp .ssita^pa rag / V^^V^ 
bo eat one's «. n "in-l|;5bK to eat v. a. (D^K 

;in 9bK fill 

♦^^Kj t*B3 ^1/3 sh| to disgust «, a. f^^p]^^^ 
^^i'ln njns) 'i^iS .1^0 to annex v. a. ["lIDppJK 

acknowledgment, recognition / 3JiJi;p*ip^ 

,nniD nnsn nKijn 
to acknowledge, recognise v. a. IP^Vp'^V^ 

^j^-iK nbs to slap a person's face v, a. [^tDK^i^ 

v,a.n4l^,^ ,ii?2? to dirty, soil v, n. \Vp'^m^^ 

»PJ"i| |^"i^<fi 3^3 to scribble 

♦n|5^n to give to drink, water v. a. f])\^B^^ 

'^itj JcriH ^j?) ni^asnri attack, assault m /v?B^K 

.(n^nt2 ^t?) nrrt^ paroxysm 

♦"92 5s3nn ,533 to fall upon t?. ??. f^KB^^ 

,n^'i£?K'i ,n|nnD beginning m WKBJK 

,5nnD .bhr;i to begin, commence v. a. f^.*iiK£J^ 

3'nn)$ beginner m I^^JKCi^ 

to Unsi^ isn) 115 to fit v. a, pm^ ^\tm^^ 

.crn) nB3 try on (chothes) 
;d|S to fatten Jnl^l .^ssjD to feed v, a. f^DKBJK 

•''1^^ 5bK to eat one's fill v^ n ^^t - 1| 
to l^m '1??^ to soil, dirty v, n. f^'^llpDKBX^ 

.n^isi KiEin -vs'iit n\yp shit 
i'Kb^ to cram, fill l^bn to pack v> a. \p^^^ 
to gorge V. r. '^^t^llJ'ibiJ to heap up, pile up 
♦K"!!^ "II? pbU? oneself with food 
to incite 'nipb '1ID to train v« a. f)^i1^S1K&X^ 

^^1911 to come up (in a carriage) v» n. p^£^^ 

rav ^rjiiiri to use, treat us^ns) ::ihp^i 
jrtjnn to use one roughly p^si^ sx^j |S2p^ii« -- 

to fill with ;9^pa QDO to steam ^, a. fl^'^KS^K 

*6sn) 'IK Kbp steam 

♦ |i;dKs3^ = f];^KBiK 

rb^ p^K rrhi to powder i;, a, fli^llS.1^ 

bo begin to rot, to rot a little t?, n. fTlfeJK 

.£5^D I3pi ,^pnb ^nn 
.J. n in --11; DBS to swell, puff up V, a.'p'^^^^ 

♦nsjrin to swell, be puffed up 
pSN to fill or coyer with dust t?. a. f]^''7lSJ^ 
.(Q^a) ,19'^ to pump u, a, f^B^ISJK 
'I Biu>3) ^u?su^^ 'PO^O to begin to file v. a, pi^&JK 

tj. n in- II ."ig^ ,nay to torment «. a. (^r^^lDJHl 
^mynn to torment oneself 
,0kB ,|^nb to pinch, hurt v. a. fl?''^'^^^ 
.^rm to fatigue or tire oneself v. r. l^t fn^DJH 
'^T< ^'^^ '^1^.0 to vomit full V. n. l^^P -- ^\V :p11»^H 
.nap kWj to fill with rubbish i^ a, f^r^D'!^:).^ 
,b9s to mix 15. a. ft^^^^^^ 
.raia ntoy^ to shit (mlg.) v> n, \n^¥^ho^ 
,hl?7lr7 announcement, notice / 2^n7|?DJ^ 
;gn'in ,iw3 to announce, notify v. a. p7^DJ^ 
."^3s9 srrin to present oneself v. r. 11t-j| 
.131^ ^i'bri to milk full v. a. fp^l^OX^ 
to try iri'i^T} "'sb '^h^ to measure o. a, [^OD^D^^H 
inssi to deceive, cheat ; n53) hej on {cothes) 
,tyn ,tl' nn^D to dare >&. r T^^ll 
*fin|5 .nnrn remark, note /351pn^D5^ 
to anno- m;n to remark, observe -y. a. [p*^^^^^ 

♦5 •'•in tate 
to grasp, take hold of, seize v> a. IV^V^^^ 
;b:^p.ri9 nph to adopt i^^^p. to accept ;t'bf) ?h.^ 
to assume^ think ;(n3itts> b^p„ to embrace 
; iKii^p b^ 9ap. to undertake v. n ^^^ -- 1| y s'^n ^ly^ 
nb^ r5y fJi*! to defendj take a person's part 
to j^iri'fS'i to take root {of a plant) ;'"}^p''^ 
phm rf^n be infected with, catch {a oUseaRe) 
bS^ bb3 to fall to a person's share Jnpia^^Q 

he was seized pv^"^ 4 ]Vr:^W^^ d^k ^^n dp - 

.innrn.^ rnp^ with fright 

p^nn to infect a person |2£PDik i^ in jp^psst; - 

*!T-|| intg^n to wet or moisten v. a. I'^V^^ 

.nanri to be moistened v r. 
nrtQO to threaten, intimidate v. a. f^t^K'^tODJK 

.-5P Q.^K 

,a^3B air ^?i ^n^DJ.^ 
,15«:3 Q-'SB ittpn to put on airs ''nKD3^J dpi ps«D "~ 
to tune (a musical instrument) v> a. f^'^l'^^B^^ 

.nsn ,"ilip to incite (Jig.) Uni-'ss ^bs) |Jis 
"I will make iibation," a prayer said / •'l5''Di^ 
,rf3wn u^^'ia n'iaH|D nbari on Bosh-hashanah 

to fill with snivel v, a. f^^p'^HDWK .f^p^KDDi.H 

to wax, cover with wax v. m. [^')1)^''7^£JDJ^ 

J3113 n'^a JH 
»IZPJ 'Sp^ to chip, split V. a. f^7KpDiH 
*n^| to scrape v. a, i^nH"ipDi8 
»a"i|?11l3^''S 8 1^5> lit "= ^^^^ 


66 — 


njtt ta count a great number ^•. a. f'^l^^'Jij* 

.nn^ -12D 

to ;ri>'n to kindle, set on fire v. a. [T.j'!^*^S 

to infiame ;("ij) p^in light {a candle) 

ipb^n to ignite v. r. H^'-il 5(^'« hti> ^V^D 

.I'j'inn , .^i^nn to fly in a passion (/^^.) 

to wind JrihD to stretcli, strain v. a [P^i^Ji^ 

«i:in to draw {of tea) Hpvt^) \:)2 {a dock) 

to take in, imbibe unnn 'bv bf) ri^i-^nn 

to Jcrt'i -n^) ta*b p^ :ibD (humidity, an odor) 

to come in ;(nDTi») nha ripen (abscess) 

to stretcli a. r. T^^ll Jn^^n; Mi;.'? Kl2 time 

,to*bp JSD to imbibe '^nn^^r^ 

to come in time for ip;p^DS«3 s^fK \v'^'^^ — 

.n^^^n nD^',': ny^ si2 nigbt's lod2:mg 

to amuse or divert oneself v. ?\ y.'^ \T^V^'^^ 

.nnnri 57iT>3vn much 

J^n^ ^IC >^V^,'^ ^^^ to forge on v, a. f>^V..spi« 

♦(Dio> buprt to shoe {a h rse) 

♦nanri ^^5 to cook much v. a, p^^p^^^ 

♦(i-sn) i2ip^ to mow v, a, [^Si^pJi^ 

to pour by drops, to drop on v. a, n. \V^%y^'^ 

r^"^ nNiiSi ^{i£^rf to shit on (vulg.) v, n. ]p^p^ 
.t2^p:')n nt7i; .pin to notch t;. a. p"^KpXS 
»t?n .'53«n to feed, nurse v. a. \V^''^^p^^ 
.yn| i|iKS nh3 to scribble v. a. iV^^C^y^p^ 
fh^ to press, squeeze, pinch ?•. a. I^tD^llp^i^ 
.r\Tn^ -1] "^v V)i^ to injure by pinching '■>ph'^^ 
to be de- (fig^) -nDn to swell v. n. l^V^p^^^ 
,nin?:^ rnu? lighted, beam with joy 
.r\:i^n "520 to suffer much v. r, T!t ppVipJH 
,r^'y^T^ nip to buy, purchase much r. a. [S^p^^^ 
to arrive Js'np) ■^i'^n to approach x). n. IV^^p^"^ 
to •(mny'?) D32n to enter (i^i/o service) ;«1si 
'.■5Q3 to fall to one's lot J-n .i^ri depend on 
^T\'inrj to use, treat v. a. || J ^\^? vjn ''^'*i? ^1^^^ 


he will get a p^n iy3i6p ^ |i7^ip3^ lopii d^k - 

♦jtop p9n crti'^) ^^p"" Kin small share 

fco treat a person roughly 2K"i;i |iiS7D\s' po'.p:x — 

♦DJ ]siNn iy\s dp ;ininn 

it is hard to make 'ipnu? |k djdip no^ns in — 

.u;^K^ noanart n^rp a livelihood 

to inspect '-Sk is^rt to look at u. a. Ip'^p^ 

to iook V. rec. ^^t -||;i\2;!-t to consider ;n£5 ,npn 

to look suf- ;ini;n 9k ^^k npD at each other 

»"5k ■'1?;)'? ^^5 ficiently at 

to consider a Dpiyjii^is k iKa |:iyriiK ipipix — 

.j7Jl\yab \»''K :iii?n person insane 

.::n^n to inflame r. a. f'nj^l^&JX 

'yn'i'):^ (phu.') 'j^n to whistle much r. a. [£!-^£vJ!« 

.ni:rn nr^n to cheat, deceive (fig-) 

♦Kbrp to Stui'f iKbD to fill ^•. a. p^&^S^ 

.-s ".DiDnns 1-; to peck at v. a. [p^&iH 

.Kb?? to fill, crowd v, a. \VWp^.^^ 

.n^nin n^n:,"! leadership, direction / 2i"l'^^&^i|.- 

to lead, '^r^-^-^T} K^n to bring much v. a. p'l&Jji. 

nsn to deceive, disappoint ^^n; .^r^} direct 

.in-i^n to piss V, a. ft^^lDJK 

to be Jnb; ,K2iin to bring forth i-. a. f^nsSDJ.S 

■nnsn 3n^ n"5;! prolific 

3-1^:^ .-riss to tangle y. a. \'^V^^hti^ 

.ppn^bsSK^- fJ?^S,V^Diif5 

to chatter, talk nonsense v. n. f1^^''l7DJH 

.::^^2n n:an ,'ics'^£! 
.snp^i f]iy to approach flying v. n. P^S&iR' 
.-bK i^ni j)^p to twist on v, a, t'^lDjj^SDJij! 
.]pp"5Di25K = ip:;;Sbjk» 

tasn to look at a person v. a. \V^)^^2^ 

.a^;il a-^nn m^ to clothe heavily v. a, ]th^^^^ 
42n^ D^bsbs n\? to pepper mvich v. a. pV^V^^i^ 
to put by a large quantity v. a. [^tDK'^DJl!^ 
.::n n2£prp|i |b2£ |bD n:}D\:'?pb D''t? 
.KbD to fill, cram, stuff v. a. piS'^DJi^ 
,n|inn nb"^ to rejoice much v. r. ^^T p^5*l£JiS 

tD\i)p to dress, bedeck, adorn t;. a. f^l^^'lSJj^ 

l^t-ll ;idj;d K£p to freeze a little,-, a. fl^lSJl^ 
.'ip?? 5^b2 K'2p to freeze through r. ?•, 
.n'f'^nni nTpn inquiry m 3^1£Ji«! 
^'JT-II ;^nninpn to inquire v. a. fJ^lBXS 

♦T *i V. r, 

to bring a misfortune \::^m'^p ^i T;? pyis5K — 

►iDi^p by n'^si Ksn upon oneself 

to gorge V. r. ^^""11 '^^^' ^o eat t-. a. fDJ^lDJiJ 

♦Kn?b ny i;br oneself with food, glut oneself 

.(.ipij'o) hs to tap, draw t-. a. pKitJi^ 
to divert oneself much v. r, ^^t f;j^pitHiiXS 

.a^n^si ns'^n suit of clothes (pJ, f-) m ^lifJi^ 

.m-1 to hint --p^^ «. 72. pJ-»niiiJ.S 

♦n^^yp t^n insinuation n^n hint n t^^^^'I^HI^^Ni 

/^ 1 3 y n y m !£ 3 K -= DiJn^ms^ 

♦loiD'^u? drawing sno^'^n mark / 3J1Ji^5^52i^iS 

to draw ;a\y^ to mark u. a. [^^Ji^DI^SfJN 


67 -^ 


jnbj? to answer SK^^i^rt to be called or npx,med 
Arbnm nin to recur >""ibK* to say 
,prij^n to move or bring near to i\ a. [p'^l^K 
to draw near, v, r, ^^t-p 'r^ ^^if^r! r^. mn 
r'^n ?s*is ,iyh -sni^nn approach, come upon 
to pull one's hat over one's ^iD^n ckt ]pn3K — 

to ."ih| to grate ^^^S"^ ^ifSD to rub i?. a, pl^'^J*^ 

»(rtn^^N) n-^n ^p^'in strike fa niatdij 
to give a severe scolding pni^n k p'!?")^^ — 
.-^t; nn 5u prip 1SU? 
nn^^^pnn collusion J.T^iip arrangement m ll^'^-^K 

to talk ;nanrr i^n. to talk much i?. ?!. pll'^^K 
to incite, in- r. a. ||;-s '^a'l |h3 ,-3 i§^ ill of 
to talk v.r. ^^^ - || ;(n2'^ nwvb^ npn ,iiip stigate 
»n;ji2p nbr to agree^ concert p^js^ i^i-^ enough 

♦iijyr^ inciter^ instigator m 1]^11^'^iK 
;ipP2^?^.^ to fill with smoke v. a. p^^mX^ 

^cniJ-B) pSnn to light {a cijar) 
to ;i;hp^ ^ftn to begin to tear •«. a. n. \0'^l'^^ 
to ;(D\ine) 5DJ5^ ,?ibp pluck, gather {floioers) 
.(ns^io) n'^^ to ripen (abscess) ir\ht swell 
to '^'-et on ;ripn to incite, instigate u. a. l^))'^^ 
to r}ease much v, r« ^^^'-|| ; (3^3) rr^i (a (io^) 

to be Jfisn to be prepared v. n ^1< [^snx^ 
,pj3p n'^n firm or steadfast 
«"5K ?n to run in, flow in v, n. fP^'lJK 
,"■^,1^ ^a-^'i to sketch t). a, f^^WDnJK 
*i;j3 to touch u a, [l^'iJK 
.■ntsj^n to rain ri. n. \V^V^V^^ 
to count, ;::i'^n to reckon i;. a. J^^p^^'^i^ 
to cheat in ;isc .nbrp number, enumerate 
.pSfHD nt^^ reckoning 
♦'n^il fco peel ;nh| to scrape i^. c&. pK'^Jl^ 
♦nsnn totoi'^ to ramble much a, n ^1? fJ^!^^K*^J« 
to get, ;paDn.|''pn to provide v> a. \tWM 

..i"#D procure 
.n^in ih^ to amass, accumulate a. v, pKt^^^ 
»?n^rT /iiu to sharpen, whet a, v. jS'°lK^J^ 
; -!5 .7^^ swimming to, floating to / 'i^DII ^iK 

♦^^'ID ''^'' ^^ r^P^H"^ '""P influx 
aht i^b^ to flow in, float in v. n, \V^T^WM 
»in "iSDp? K'isi to come in great numbers ;-^k 
fco swindle, cheat much v. a. [^^""^'fi'i^X^ 

^^t-^ll ;j?tri to sweatj perspire t% a. f^^Vi^iK 
to work hard, be fatigued with work i\ r. 

I cannot bear the -Ipipi^f ts^s bik fpp 'ij^k ■— 
.risi !D^n,^5 cKib ""isn sight of him! 
to fasten with putty or cement ^. a. Ji?11^^1p5K 

♦n^^^ nib 
.np'iin M-Tiltya announcement, notice / ^^I^^J^pX^ 
,gnln ,1fa to announce, notify v. a. p^'ii'!pJK 

r^V ^bp /fiu^KD to accuse, charge w. a, fXS^p^*^ 
*h39|p^ >ni^t^Ti accusation, charge fT'^^hp^ 

to lick tj, a. ||;pb*n to knock, rap ^y, ^^^ ft)K'7pJK 

to give a person a licking ip^im n [S^^piK — 

to accumulate l^n^? tio gather tJ^ <2. [l^lJ^piK 

*(s]D3) ?]bK (money) 

.tli^n to clothe u, a. pl^bpJK 

^(pa'is) lari r^^ pana to paste^ stick v. a. \T^h\'>^ 

.p?i^i^ b^f^ to ring the bell i?« ?2» P^J^^pJ^ 

;(p3-i3) lan <pTp to paste, stick t;. a, \^V'^0^ 

.ps^^n to stick t), rs "j^t ^ II 

r^v, ^tr>^ to tie on v. a, \Wp^ 

r^ Dbi ,i^s3 to button «, a. \V^t^V^Y>^ 

.S0:!3K=-^»P^K ,Bp^K 

.tt;np3^b«;^sDSi3^ = ^1JP.HS^KS'ODpiK 

.pppK)5K = p^p:)K 

ntt?ni3) nl^K^ 9"^ n?D'''^'i questionnaire fV^VpM 

.n-'sn keg, barrel ; \>p anchor {pt 8 - ) m 1];p^^ 

.aD! <rinnp relation m '^^p^ 

.]pT\ l^ST] ,||J2 to anchor -o. a. pVJ>^'$ 

to concern ;^p| -K'^i^fts to sweep v, n, pVp^^ 

to D, n ^^t^ll j-b nr,p nS^ to be related ;p33 

^-^^ nlip nSn .-^ yr have a relation to 

3m to starch ^^ a. f^^D2K^pJK ,\Th^t2^^y^ 

♦t2ht' .tohD to scratch -y. a. f^KlpJH 
iJfO to get, catch, get a hold of i;, a p^'IpJK 

ra t'bn nh^ ,^hti 
3^^ -ntsis ,9:np^ his susceptible adj. ^)W.'^pi1$ 

Hhe cry of those who phr, y^h^t2 npX^ 
extol Thee," your cry is in vain! (taunting 
answer of defaulting debtors to their cr editor &) 

^can^tt^ij^ ^2"i mmt^ hv t^^n^b rtaiFfi) ^nprs ^^if? 
ahj >^bN' to amass by robbery v. «. p1i^2KlJ^ 

»|P11p2KT3^ = P''i'^JJ$ 

y. nl1t-||;a^^hp.Khp to call, name ^), c^e [B'"!^^ 





to be infected, catoli {a Ms- v, r. "I^t ^ || 

.nj^atinj? nbiii$ nbn [ease) 

*py^r\^ contagions adj. 5n-3p^^t^JSJ 

♦nsin ,1|?: to reprove v. a. |&5?'ltDtt^:« 

^nist^xnrj .n^'iKi? strain, effort / ^in^IJpntot^Ji^ 

to V. r.'ni?-|f ;r??« to strain v. a. fi^^J^TvD^iX 

»f^xnrt strain or exert oneself 
to pinch, nip ',^bp^ .w'^^^to ipluck v. a.\V^''.^"^^^^ 

,(p3D) QJB to notch IJ^nnj^t^t:^:^ 
^the members of ...,•- the men of... pi. '^^^^ 

.-w'ln the denizens of... ) ^:i?D 
'^^hl^ to fill nv.n^l to strew uponi;. a. p'p^ 
to peel ;!=ibj3^ ^nii to begin to peel u. a. }*?WJi^ 

♦i^l "^viiS enough 
the men of the Great pL nh'il^ri JiDiS ^^^^ 
Synagogue (assemhly of Jewish schlars during 
. — [the second temple) 

.t3^,5 ^nii to begin to mould v. w f^S!'^"^^3« 
to send up se- J-:^ nb^ to send v. a. [p^t^^si 

.iriDa n^^ cretly 
nuisance »]1dk ,ni^ pjd misfortune ti K^^Jpp'!t^i^ 

"our friends," fellow belivers pL i:)l?l^S^ ^^OK 

.nnx ns;i ^^y^s 
"j^T-.||;i5U?in ,^5^ to make drunk v. a. p'\^^^^ 
,•^'3mt^ to get drunk v. r. 
♦np/sir ,nK30 striking, stroke m :^i$h)t^)^ 
P15 to fasten on '^nin to strike v. v. fXs'^^ 
u. r. I^.t - 11 J P.^D to offer i«^Q to fill UD-iooas) 
to offer one's ;"a ^p.t}^ to strike against 
.w nrx^ :nx3nrT services 
.nianCf fu?; to sleep much v. n. l^T [DK^I^JJ^ 
to heap up by throwing v. a. f"i)^'*l!!!'7tJ*Ji< 

.tn-^ri to whet u. a. ' f&^.^'?^:)K 

.-5j; "^^-rj^ to tie on v. a. ' l^'^.'ih^^i^ 

to V. r. T!?-||n2r[ ,rrsD to join v. a. \^^h\t^^i^ 

nannn ,ph'^ iDSBrr join, attach oneself 

♦:ih^ KSii to bring much v, a. (B^^S^iX 

psi! to join by forging, weld v. a. ["l^^tt^XS 

♦D^tsi^a 'ib: to whip y. a. fDl^DtJ^iifl 
to scrawl Jn'^a ,nhp to smear v, a. ['^^fitJ^JK 

♦D'l^'in "iQiDS :nh3 to scribble Jyi'ni rjns nhs 
to V. r. n^t --II ;nnn to smell ». a. IpVW^^ 

*^pv^^Vii^ >i Jns^n rt-'in smell much 
to fasten to, lace or String v, a. fj^ll^llJt^^kS 

.-'51? I'^pi on 

.nbn ,r!hi£ to swell v. ti. t^pil^ix 

.^ysn to shoe v. a. \^"^^^ 

.nl3ta ;7|:u? to run into debts v. r. ^lt pn'?!?^:!^^ 

♦-\its«s u?"nb to whisper v> a- f^pt^'^XS! 

,nm ,-a^,p??s instead of prep, t:^sl:*w^♦:« 
.^Dl^ institution (^L [ ^) / toS^tr:^^* 
inDD^Ki:^ 6?-3» nB2 to steel v-. a \^riV%*>^^^ 
.t^^i^r> to harden (fig.) 

Tt-jl ;Kbtt U7D3 tO Stuff, fill 0- a. |Si<t:S^JN 

»1;:|32 K^p ,.-5^T ^b« to eat much o. r, 
to bedust, cover with dust u. a. p'''t2^:^ 

.p2«a nS2 ,p2ii 

y.l^W I'b^ ^n-n to push against o- a. [D^lti^i^i^ 
;"•*?« '-n-nn -^i^sn to be pushed against u. r. 
nTnr) "ins .hkd to guess (fig,) 

nan ,i<bt to patch, piece t>. a. {V^^'iVp'^^^^^ 

to stand up ',"2 "liEsr; to insist on u. a. f.^tOt^^^ 
to be compatible with i"5j; Dp against 
^,^. '^^T-lj ;iii2|! *b5 .i%i .nK| .Ik; one's dignity 
,r\^^r\ IDS? to stand long 
he considers it beneath ]^ la^.i di« •^I'id^ by ™- 
.insn miT'ns^ n^^t i^ 3\j;in «in his dignity 
,niDn to emit a stench y. n. [;;p:^tD^:H 
33ln,^iJn .b>nnn to frolic much v. r. l^T fD-itOirJi* 

to thrust cr stick ; -ip"i to prick u. a. |3^?015?J^ 
,<'in o^mD) cftp;^ pn"5 ^-'px "ibn to stitch to ; ihn m 
gesture ;d''3£ mien, air, attitude m ^^tOK^J^ 

.n»-]i^ trick :ni?i3n 
to strike an attitude, as- ^yta^i^ |x pkd - 
.ibj42 Q^3s itjyn sume an air 
appointment ;nD/t' placing, putting/ 20iSj;to::^:j^ 

i n:^')r\ ip^rt to place or put many o. a. \h^^^^^ 
\j?D^ to fix (one's eyes) ;ns» npQT) to appoint 
to Jcnan) |3l3 to point, level (a gun) i^j'^y 
to affect or assume u. r. ^^t ^ || ; -I'liy incit® 
,^b«3 D'3s np^rt an air 
.b p D\y 3 ^'=«;K? buffoon, harlequin m "i^7i^Ot^2M 
.Ghn to stamp v, a. \Vht>t2V^V:^^ 
de- ; pin zwn nsDs respectable adj, S'^nJ^tO^^iJ 
;nD''u;n respectability / ^"L^p-^IJ pd^»3 cent 

.n^'s^r^j decency 
infection, con- ir^Tm sticking / SJipl^tOtJ^k} 

.npsinp n^np •n'^rip np.^^D tagion 
to put on (slippers) l^hpi to stick v. a. IpV^'^^ 
l-pln5fip p^n? to infect iivbi'\ bv bm;b) cu^ 


69 ^ 


God tnt. \\ ;'-probibifcedj ferbidden p?^ed. ^'SBK 

^n^-bn forbid! 
God forbid! 'p-n "i^a bp iidk Jiid iidx Jiicnmk — 

t^b.nb^br^ inb'^bn 

. -prohibilion (jp/. D^'^^DN') m ^"BJ^ 
"forbidden as pork/' God for- tn^. "I'^tn TiO^ 

tnS^Sn bid! 
.--prisoners »?. a'5'^^D^ 
,-it is ferbidden do talkjj/zr, "^.?1? ^^CK 
- it is forbidden to have pity ! phr, Bni^ *11DK 
^lor healfchj" God bless you I int. K*niDg 
♦(\£^yr!3 &^K^> ?nK^B^^ (aa'ici i{e ow meezing) 
.ny^f$ east w^C^^ 
n,;^;^ .^^':!T careful, cautious adj. P^^^'^^^Q^ 
^nn-'ni carefulnes, caution /^!5p-|| 

»a'''i'!DK n*a prison {pi. | - ) 2K1^S|t 

»^^D^ prisoner (j?l. D]; ^ ) m p^52.^1^D.^ 

.pin astronomer (i?^. f^- ) m SKJ^^'I^B^ 

.n:i3n astronomy /);^D.^JK1^D.^ 

*n^v'9 ^Dw' bank-note /r^|?J5^DK 

.nsD ,2i?i:?n to assign, allot a a. [l^iS^DK 

the Essenes {ancient Jewish sect) ph B''1DK 

.(^Kir'2 D'iD^) C'SBii^n n^.!?s?^ 
Ji6^i2nnn np^r2 p-rn^ assimilatorm l^tDK^^D^DK 
.f\^Y-^^ assimilation /^^''^kSiD^DK 
.n32^ S^ aspen a^^J. ^llXi^BK 
^^:2^ aspen-tree D^n npiiK3^:2K — 
npii ,rtnb asp, aspen-tree /]^J?D^ 
»b^ni£i? = D"!DK 
.«l-ih ,>"!'?« autumn, fall m J^'^DK 
assembly gathering. {pL ms^iBK) / <*ia*'DK 
*nsDx J*- meeting 
*niD to die t?. _p. p^lT 13&K 

*"^DD ,- support (j?>^. niriSpDK) / .sn^DDK 

■T.D-^ foundation / TJ^^'^KJDK 

sherili su^k'-^ 3'w*l^ assessor (jt?^. 0^) m '^pO^Q^ 

.<rK.i ttt> nrnnx insurance / ^''^J^^'^lpl^DK 
setting one's teeth on edge / ^fi^pO^ 

'*bind the festal offering,'^ the m 5n"nDK 
jnn ■^in.^b'2; Dl*n , - Urst day after a holiday 

»ic^ to prohibit v. a HDIt 

.'lien •'11 »yiyny3BMK ^^yii 

to .^"^hn? 9nn to begin to cut v a. ^!!:■^0^ 
to cut enough J^^nna jisp mark by cutting 

.js^^r to snow V. n. \n^^^'^ 
itsr\tmy ^bp to fill with snivel v. a. f^^^JKO^ 

.ni^^jD nlD-nn? ifhn to chop r. a. P'l^ptD^r:^ 
to slaughter^ kill {in a quantify) v, a, |^S]^^3^ 

to draw in sdK*^ to draw {wafer) a a. [Bl^^J^ 

,(~;n) !^^'^' {air) 
M to shear a a. p^^3*^ 
to ;^i!>S9 bnri to begin to split o. a. Itih^tm^ 
to begin v. r. ^!t^||;JsyD ypj split a little 
,^pihb 5nn to split 

to feackj iijbri ,i|feB to support v, a. m, p^W^ 
4VW *o ^©an on V, r. T^--||;yiD come to 

to get to the remotest S3^yii py p.H p|jiiti?2^ — 
.pi«n nisspb ysn parts of the world 
^inn ni^p he is impatient |^ d^k b-^Ks^ ap — 
refuge ',]V,'f% support, prop n ^):iV'^Ktt^^ 

.ts5p?2 ,ngnrp 
.5''?P ^i; ilh3 to spool t), a. fP'^y.^^J^ 
mtj to look in the mirror a r "T^t j];^:^D^^^ 

.ph^, to spit V. n. f^l^S^J.^ 
fo spit in a person's d^3a pK fi^Ttt^K ipi^s^'^N* — 
to despise a person {fig.) s^'k "san pn' face 

.i|^p5 "^SD to pin t;. a. \^"h)^'^^t$ 
bntl to begin to play {a game) v. 7i. f^^B^J^ 
to have enough of play v. r. ^^| - 1| ; pnt?^ 
^''in^ pnv or sport 
pu?K"iri fi\*i to lead a card ^'^)^p k |b^2\^;;K ~~ 

.Q^sbpn pin^a 

to iniipb '^nr^ to begin to spin ?% «. fP^&ti^i^ 

.^ID^ rti^ to spin enough l^bv .i^a spin on 


,mn to sprinkle y. cs. f^^p^nsS^XN! 

Jijn to splash i^-^^n to sprinkle u, a. n. [^'^'^ei^JK 

jp^ nJD to screw on <:» a. [S^n^JK 

.2h3 to write v. a. fni^^K^iK 

to ?;. r. Tt^||;-s -^-p^ to scold ■<;. n, f^!.ni^JH 

•nann pp2 cry or bawl enough 

.D1K in^u to frighten w. a, fpi^*1^JK 

5y^ hp^ndsome persoa ;t^\H person / i?SJ^8^ 


^ 70 --" 

nS^DH— !DD» 

.nriS '^T\r\ to unbind untie v. a. J*!^'^^'^ 
.n©n .nan to blow off v. a. ['H'^rDr^ 
fco revere a tDn^? dpi cyi^^n jik^::?.^ (/^.) — 
.iKD •i?''bs* -2:; person 
to ;(D-i3i?) ^05 to blue {lineM) v, a. [^ '^IS^ 
♦n^Dn yz-i^ pbi* dye dark- blue 
xyin to fade a. n. ['i^pK^SnD.s 

♦nhatt ^hn to cease blooming v. n. [^viSS^ 
.phsrp 3'^n to cease lightening v. n. I'i^lh^t)^ 
to beg to V. r, ^.f-^W .-^,25 to ask u. «. '[tD];nSJ^ 
to ask permission J'r^sn'? *^'P.? be relieved 

.D-'^'M^ ^pa to ask to return p'l'iii: |tai?2DK - 
to ask to be relieved :l^«L x f)'^'"^ T* ]^V2q^ — 
,Tii.^ Di^^ t'2h ^p2 for a day 
ribs to finish makmg the bed v. a. ^|IS^D&5< 
to arrange, con- [fig.) v. w. ||;nmi m 'iid'? 

..Tp'iip nui;^ cert 
"ifW 'ib5 to finjsb saying grace v. n. \\t^*C^'^^^^ 

to finish roasting ;ii5^ to roast 0. a. ftiifS'^nSH 

to ward off ;9y i^n to defend v. a. f^^H-ins.S 

♦-» "12U breaking off m ^Ji^lSSH! 
n?.D to bespatter (tm7/i mud) v, a. [^pS^'n^iSi^ 

to boil Knr^) p'5^ to scald v. a. f^^^'^-SX 
;--nji'n .p'^-^ to be scalded y. n ^^'-|| Jnn-i 
^y'-K^ n^ri to have a bad experience [fig.) 

to interrupt ;-?? ibt' to break off v. a. fl^^'n^S.S 
-K'pn to vomit out Jpcan .'?hn 
.2pn to bring back, return t). a. p^i^l^'inD^ 
to ;--]lfri ,tih'9 to burn down t-. a. w. |p]^'^^e^ 
!7k i^^si ii3»>' lose one's property by fire 

0. r. n^T-ll nhB to crumble off v. a. f^^p^ir^SX 

.-iliEnn to be crumbled off 
adj. t^^tO«2 -II ;^^?« idol {pi ^V^V^ - } m C.s: D,^ 

/?^pK idolatrous 
to shave d. r. T^-H-'ob to shave v. a. fS^^iDK 

•Dk^n oneself 
♦rf75!2 sale ;nK^:r^ 'HS'^n going off >u ^wk:i£s^ 
slops, dish- '^r\p^T .ns'a^ pouring off m C'^l^^ 

.D'3sv^ wash 
♦limn nn© to ungird v. a. f^^t2'*^2Sv^ 
4!iw«) ob'^ '^11 fco divorce v. a. \*^iP^ 

.-.Queen Esther / r.^ht-r^'^nt^ 

♦^fiDN mv!^ the fast of Esther m ri'^^^r-np'^X 

.although 'S 3p :]K = abb)'. ^"V^ 

.yet, still 15 's Sp f^^ = a66r. ""©!;« 

.pDS ,'7nn .nil? n^n ^b to be off t^ ]''n— "^ 
.^sss ^li^n the match is off s^ Pi^ ^n^^^ IJ^l— 

♦JD .-8 .HK^^ oii, awa^?-, from pref. '^^ 

■^'p ape Ipf. f-) ??i 5?]ij 
.(X np nbs-; -!%'i co afford {Am.} v. n pi^TKD.H 
px i cannot afford pyiK^.x 'oi: \vp T-^ — 

to recover one's breath v> n. \^t2^^^^$ 

M'^p .|?itn to send for v. a. [vO^i^O.S 

,(n-,p^ p«> Lt"^ opal (^j^. [-) m SkS^s; 

.{qM^p "bs) bii; ^^yp round cloak / 1^^T^.vi£h 

.r?w^ apoplexy /P^:^^pl^b& 
.'i^'nq? nbs to finish ploughing v. a. p^p^^^^ 
.(2' ^ttbnb) r-rn:::; ur^n copy-slip (^9^. f-) m "^J^SX 
♦nsl^stt apparatus {j^i-]-) «^ tDi^"nKSi< 
to :if2ii,nt'j? to do, pel form v. a. [tO^^S'^.sDH 
to clear ;in2xb?: nbs finish one's work 
;in3Kb?i?i (Sin) ubu; (a debt) by working 
separately ado.\\ ''^"^p. >'^'\,l separte adj. *^"^^.^^ 

.n"-^n ;^/^np ,pn apart ;T.r.b 
^n-ll ;-an5ynn to take up v. a. fjPtspii^SI^ 

♦l^^p ^y '^2p to undertake v. r. 
to finish bathing ;fnn to bathe r. a. ("IH^C*^ 
f^^.l 'TO ^o abuse, revile {fig.) ;i^hn? "i?:;! 
.1^t?s ni< fm to bathe oneself v, r» H^^-l! 
.nls^b nbsii?^! to finish baking v, a. [pKl^SDi^ 
.n-b:?^ 117 "^^gn^'n to wear out v. a. IV^'i^-^^ 
.nu.n;;??^ np;. to brush off v. a, (t:t^''^K3SX 
to rebuild, build ;nj^ to build v. a. tr^-^^^ 
;ni33^ nb? to finish building ;-c;*;n?p "132 anew 
.nha .c'l; to make one's escape ifig.) 
to finish ironing J^n^ to iron 0. a. f^v^Dt^.S 

to in^^ri nign to bend aside v. a. f^l^SD^ 

."itpNT straighten 
npb to relieve in^O'*? to change ?;» a-. ftOllinS^ 

.I'|i9| n'li .i;'u;3 to bite off u. a. [Dl^nSDiJ 

,afiord t^'^piij? jic i« 

|l? ^si$-i;iBi^ 



.*9 ptit%^ nbi to win from v. a. J^i.Vi^se^ 
s^fe?^ done in a trickisli way adj. |J?^Ktp:DK 

neatly exe- {fig.) ttD^^h turned adj, ^pKlcp'Dt^ 

,npi ""it'll cuted 
.a^S^^^ ^^j2^ idolatry / l^"iP©PB« 
.cn^3) n5s worn out adj. p^'^E^^SK 

neglect- : ^'vynriD ^n^'irisa negligent t^^/. fiK7|^5DK 

.n-i^zn negligence/ ^'L^P'-|| ;3=itp ed 

/ ®L^':>-i|;n:i^p u;bn decrepit adj. '^^V^^^^^ 

.rT3(^'D |i^sn decrepitude 

,'ills,plnn retired adj, \:^V^P^^^ 

*D3pD nMi n2D3 agreed ac^j. tO^KDp^BK 

^'.n^n'worn off adj. m^mm 

,rt^^ faded, worn out adj. p^Si^^^X 

.^r.V^ .pip^ refmed, delicate ari;. ^J*L^£p2B^^ 

revoked ;^De-^p F^^iH?.'^'' decided adj. ^2pD£P2&^ 

.-^nsiD refuted adj, mV'^m^^ 

♦mi -ty^n2 ernaciatedj wasted adj. ^l^^ip^DK 

♦np3 scalded ;5m» l)oiled «4/. tD:^.Hp^2£)K 

.i]D ."tli" empoverished ar|/. [l^Dlpl^^fcK 


.(n^HL^m ^^ri weak, feeble a^J, ^pJ^lp^^BK 

.na; ."^y to prove successful v. n. f^t^^^i^^BK 

withdrawn from circulation adj. \t''^^^^^ 

tj|;n;vL' depreciated Uimp^m r]^)p!^r^ ^pf:^ 

torn P-ib^^ i^np ragged, tattered adj. \0'.^p:^m 
who has broken ;"^^b p'lp^s away from 

•Flf^n\y loose 
^=isf ragamuffin (j>2. P-) m ^i;i||l?D^^]).1£)« 

.U?Jh weak adj. ^^KIIW^BK 

♦PiVW ,iDU?s^ stripped off adj. pi'^^P^ti$ 

backward ;ts.?ls projecting adj. fpK^^i^^BK 

*B51rn iP ^ps ,na dead adj. fniKio^l^iDX 
,sisri beaten oif ac^/ fX^^^^iS,^ 

♦^sn ,ai;b isn tasteless adj, ^pKD^^^fc,^ 
jssnn beaten off I'^pf whipped adj. p)t2fjp^m 

.rib's, worn out 
.t\^-^^ eut off adj. \^)^^V^m 

♦•^bni iBh to dig off v. a^ pX12S)K 
n^ g)hb to scratch off »3. ^. lpbs*H-n:BK 

to pass off ; ib i|i?n to walk off, go off r. n. p^^BJj: 
to end, expire (lerm) ivbi to leave ;"ibp .^'br. 
>yi^ to melt, thaw ;n^3fO to succeed iiff^r) iD|n 
n^L.,*! to sell ;i]b'f .teptj to abate ;;^^u^) ^m 
''ibn to be wanting, be missing, ail 
inrin his anger is abating ^>^ nit< toi^^i dp^ "lyn — 

QT 'i::k to lose much blood toiba to^D pi^ssK — 

he is not wanting ax to^^'jnKa £•!« fev.a Dp — 
.im 1^ icn^ «5 anything 
to enrich (Jig.) ;nntD to gild v. a. = |^^^:s&.^ 

^^li^K? to prove successful t\ fi. ^ [tS^^^S^ 
to pour on ;'^bt? to pour off v, a. |D^3?)^ 
;o^1^) bbi ,fhl to wash (oW^ hands) ^''bv.'^b'p 
,(r5n») i]i:),ti ,pr to cast (metal) 
to wash the nails of one's 'ipDKn^jip^ piisK — 
.Q''iNi ''nasi yn^ hands 
ph?2 ,iih^ to polish (shoes) d. a. [^^K'^^D^ 

.n'lii^ ^s^p, linn to reflect ua^H'^) 
to heat thoroughly, make red- v. a, f^n^Sk<5 
9''7n to cease glowing v. w. ||;(^n5) |sb hot 

*rt9^ to prove successful v, n, \p)hi^^ 
.pha ,ahD to polish r. a. f^^^^B^S! 
«« n nn^ll :S3| to steal ^. a. fl^^^^ .f^lpJie^ 
,1hy] pbn ,-p ^H^C^ to steal or slink away 
.nj^ faded, worn out ac^j/. ^;^^K::];5li.s 
.tDPi^npjDK =- ^);r,^pK^^npD.^ 
uawm 'nbD to deliver ;|ri3 to give v. a. p^-BK 
t\ r. T!t-'|j;^i^n ,"i|.hn to give back, return 
to resound i^b "iss^nn to devote oneself 
'Dl W^ K^\ to have a smell of ; irr g^'^n 
,1^3 to pay honor "ii-S pv^m — 
to enlist into military p^ k ikq ppj;sK' — 
.KSS£5 "-.bD service 
to devote oneself to \v'r\V"> ts^?^ l^t pp;iBK -- 
^Q^m^b? 'nsann ^tudy 
r» IDif* a4/. [5SlS|;2£!.St 
; ^i:^^ to be burned down «?, j?. fl^li ^J^nn^ligjS^ 

»u?^ ''T 911 'lii^^ to lose by fire 
one who has lost (.pL '^^^)m 'n^tDP^'nn);^?).^ 

,^KS iu?D^ m is^f *p his property by fire 
iDnn thrashed, beaten off adj. J^^KIII^SU.^ 

^rrbsi trite, trivial (j^.) 
a^'im thrashed-otit subject ^ki pspt^^nnrjaK — 

^uj-'i^is bill? lD{j to wean from «;, a. [^^1511J^^5J€ 

72 -" 


.ons) nr^^ b^n to cease hailing c, n. j^S^j^nDS 
'l?;iy,5^ ^^^ to cease swinging v. a. \Vp^^^^^^ 

hindrance, »"p np^pD keeping from m '^hnriBi^ 

♦")i]ii;?5 .ny;:?s obstacle 
to detain ;-n yb^ to keep from v. a. ltD78nB5^ 
to ab- V. r, n^''-|| >v_'\^r^ .«3n to hinder »'2^v_ 
.psKnn to restrain oneself ^^l^ stain 
to unlock, unskid (a w^/iee^) v. a. |J^"l1^DbK.*ias 

essay, i-d n^^Ji? buying from / 2^'l'7"i;!K.'lDJ^ 

.(n^y-ra) riyp,ti dissertation, treatise 
to get '*n':p^ to buy, purchase v, a. \vhl2^nti^ 

.n:p) ntin n'vv^ somethiDg by bargaining 
t ) interrupt ; nnD to cut off v. a. fp^"BJ? 

,n^pn to harden v. a. f;t^l^^tOlKnD5^ 
P-^pn to plane off v, a. [Pb-- ,IJ^^i:p'?||ni^£)« 

.3P^nD ]ylj to starve v. r. ^^ \'^V^yri^)^ 
some- '>^'^f\ bvy ni;puj observance n f*^^^^nB?< 
'^;:^ thing to guard against, evil thing 

care ; nvD^ observance, keeping / lUI^IHSi^ 

to take ;nbii? to keep, observe v. a. itD^'^SD^^ 
to take good v. r. "j^' -H ''"^y nrrn care of 
to guard ;ini«nn n« -ib^ care of oneself 
.-jp in-tri ,^^"^n against 
tak- ;D^a^|3 np'in cutting {of cards) f 2JU^!."iDX 

♦ p^iHEs^ t, ;n7']in ing off, removal 
to skim JQ^a^p onn to cut (cards) o. a, p^5"SiS 
*;r': -ii/in to takeoff, remove aabno nns?) ncn 

to remove a dead body jts'iD k p^insK — 
nr: mn from the death-bed to the floor 

.23nr: m2T ncn to skim milk y:i;Dy?2c p^"!r!DK — 

."tn i:r?\fn to resound, echo v. a, p^ HD^ 
fco atay in a place a long time v. n. (J^^i^'^Di< 

.an ipi clp^2 nxirn 
n.-'x? ^I'pri -C'lnb? ny.-^n "i'5n dependent ac(;' i?^-3];."i£5S 
.D'inx ny.ip n',5n dependence / tDi:p «jj ;-i2t 
.Qnn« nv,'Vf n^ri to depend on v. n. [j^'^^HBS 
disap- ;Dn;-ns"i discouraged adj. ^'^tsis^^nss 
.n:^:; in« pointed 
♦D^p-nj?.!! nris to unhook %>. a. |l^^p];ns« 

,Dinn abyss, deep [pi.]--) tn tDOIISDl! 

to ground, lay the ground v, a. j^^'IptDJ^'^^Sil 

♦nrx2) nsv^'K^n nn^'^n D''^9 (in 'painting) 

♦-D apna to gnaw off v. a. f^t^'iSS^ 

\'^\zi Sitn .'?5;.n to demarcate v, a, [i^^^^lSSK 

.nm 9'ttnfi to fence off 
nb2 .ID^ to finish praying v. a, IV^^^^^^^ 

.nnin to thank, return thanks v, a. \Vp^^'^^'^ 
i.Titt'ott) "i^ann to resign, abdicate '..iiiia isn 
to take leave of the world, ansi^an sosa 
♦nia .s^iyn tr? "ii2snn die 
.pri'V'Q'i «qD2n 53 ns] to win from y. a. J^^K^BS^ 
*U7nj to dry ap v. n, \'^^'^^t>)^ 
♦Mbl to deceive v. a. [J^^"ns« 
.n.K'in iHDin to seem v. imp. T't ftD^l^tSSJ 
.n«"i3 "^^ meseems, metbinks sx yA tasn 'nio — 

to finish pronouncing the u. ^« (J^^^nD^ 

*C':n3 risni ijnz^ io^ priestly benediction 
•c:v."]~^ 'jin to ceas'^ thundering v. n. p^^HB^ 
to take \r\n 'qk'^ to draw breath u. ri. |P2'5"ai!^ 

,(s ^Dsn ih^.3 a rest 
;(i'ne) inin to beat down {a price) v. cu [J^^i^iSi? 

«ibt' to rent 
witi] 53 nn-f to serve one's time u. n. JS^^^ISi^ 

.'^''c^l .cb^ to repay 
to unveil '.nb .n5| to uncover u. a. IpJ^"'B5i! 

n£5 «P,l^n to report, repeat v. a. \h^>X'^V'^^'$ 

.-o ^"51 to scratch off v, a. I^BK-nSS! 

.ynj js\s3 3h3 to scrawl, scribble v. n. \Vp^'^'^^^ 

.ncfin impression m p^'TlBH 

xs-in to print v, a. fpl'^"fSi^ 

fragments, shavings, leavings pi. ^J^7^!'^*^&i^ 

.o\yt ,Dn;^' .n-ipj 
.p'5Q to turn off (the neck) v. a, [^^innDjjit 
to U)t;'H nst) iha .^i-^B to refute «. a, [^^J'j'mDS^ 

.npins fc?2£Si extort 
;n;i^n5 ''T 5y "spn to squeeze off v. a. [p?"i"iB^ 

^np]n2 vS'^in to extort 
i^^-^Q 'pnn to finish thrashing u. a. \^V*^^^^ 

.!23n u?n to thrash, beat off 
to finish lecturing v. a. f^^^y- .fJ^.^-^lSi? 

to have ; i^in to have given birth v. a. [Hsn©^ 

.sin i|2 <iBD ^y) Isij gone through 

•feftsiowad .B ps fjx'^^e'b "s i» 

^oddychad .b (h 


^ 73 


,Qp;i C3-5S) Dz^n ,|iKD refusal m ^Kt^K 
to refuse ',imb "irr tj finisli saying v, «. pKtDK 
to discharge, dismiss v, a. \\ Jap;'3 s^i? .1^39 
to give up ;nm2 m^ to bequeathe n^i 
I'^'Q ^^^nri to withdraw from v. i\ ^^t -- 1| ; -d tp^ 
to resign ;"d laann to excuse oneself from 

*nn^n"| boiling away m ^^^tBX 

.niniDti i&n to unsaddle v, a. [^^^^tS.H 

para- ',p^^:^ pause (jp^. f*^t-^ ,fSi\^?--) m f^^'^F^^ 

.T]^'p, -Uj^up sediment J-l'Vp graph 
to suck \pYb 5'in to cease sucking v, a. p^'SiBS^ 
hpT] to relieve by sucking off ;^3 pr off 

.^3 nh^ ,Kbc to drink off v. a. I^^'iTB^ 
to pick ;k*^d ,vm to look for, find v^ a. [^itS^ 

.KiJ?2-i to be found v. r. ^^t^|| ;i3,^^ off 
./nib^snri isolation ;ina separation / :!J11];"!J1TBK 

to set apart ;Tif5 to separate tj. a, pl^^JltBK 
,^3nn ,^isn to isolate nsp i^n 
,""?p y„b| ,mb to sip off v. a. j&^.TD^ 
.Dinnn hne to unseal v. a. \V^^T^^^ 
*TO -nX^ to scold V. a. fJ^^*iniD^ 
to poach {(gg^) ;nril '^#5 to boil v. a. [l^tBK 
to te turned or 0. r. ^^t^|| Ha^S'-s) id:;?; bfj 
,(3^n) KS|^n curdled ('«iiZA;) 
.psB .p^p\ strainings filtering / ^i1.S!,n£)K 
to vp^^n to suckle, give suck v. a p^^T&.^ 
.prri'^ nbs leave off suckling 
.nj3^) nst? ibn to seam, hem v. a. !^/^^!i£'K 
to serve out 't^h^^ ^nSn to be, stay v. w. pJtB,^ 
.Ib^:^:^ KvJD one's time 
♦I5p to strain, filter v. a. j^l^it^K 
fn"] to soapj wash with soap v, a. ife^^tax 
♦n"^^ 'Ti^ to give a scolding {fig) ?|50 ,nnh:a 
to cease sing" ;j.n '"^^1 to sing «« a« n. fl^^i^tBK 

."njanp b'ln ing 
to MiQjn ''T 5P ^isD to sift off V, a. pn&K 
*ns3^ 9hn finish sifting 

♦t?5^*D to sigh V. a, i^'&^'BX 
nnn^^;" |r^| to sit out one's time v. n. f^^tSK 
to cler by v. a. I];-^ ^hli to desist from 
«,^,^^ n.! ^v_ (Dip IS 3in) abii^ sitting in prison 
nsK) nu;|pn to stiffen (a ^'imS) by sitting ; K^sn 

♦f^^3K2 njjsn sailing off / ^JlV^pt&K 

*n^^3i?3 j?s,n to sail off V. n. f^^^^tBK 

.«^ ibj to saw off V, a. pT^^4 

,Vj2^h b^ to be through hearing v. a. pPHS^ 

.^ ephod {offiiGial garment of priests) m ^ISK 
^vi to live a certain time u. ri fP'^'^KIIBJ^ 

.nipiB nup to carry on v. a, t^^lJ^'^li^'ilSH 
to wonder sufficiently v. r. y^ p^nJIKHS^ 

,''1?i5 Kbgnn 
|D| %n to lie some time a r, ^^t f1^iSKV,Dl$ 
.pjT ]D| iii] yj3 to ramble some time ;pn; 

.-?2 pd: to wander off v. n. fl^'l^KilS.S 
^jT^yfe; n?:^ to grow again d. n. [CpKi'D^ 
rb r\}p^^^r\ waiting for / Jri^lKlis.^ 
rb |n?pn to wait for u a. fO'^KUSH 
.uOn to warm t;, «*. fl^D^'iKr.s.s 
to l^p p\! ,'qb^,'i to throw off v. a, [S^IKllB^ 
to cast round ; inss ^ot return secretly 
MiiT^ to reject Iz^nsa -rjbun 
y. r. n^t^ll ;d25 to wash off v, a. pr-^ie^ 
to wash oneself isssm to be washed off 

,r.m to deceive u a. f^^*l1^l^£«'^^ .apn s^n to refuse^ reject v. a. ftlMlDX 
rp mp3 deviation / 5^15^jr.DH 
rp ^^D ,rfD3 to deviate i?. «, [^I^IIDH 
to P3sp 9hrt to cease weeping v. n, f^^^^nBK 
to bewail, ivji; ]^\ .i2S weep some time 
r'?v_ ifcD rb il3^ mourn over 
*'^!15 'jSb to whiten, whitewash i?. a. [Dl^llBN 
,2f.!i to blow off V. a. IV'.)'^^^ 
to ?SQ>!i .rtn'vL? to soak, wet a c&. fp^^llDb^ 
^It^^ll inn;^ ni ^S i^^'i loosen by soaking 
to loosen by ;sbn to become wet v. r. 
^na-'-ton -iT ^P„ •is'\ wetting 
.nansn nnen unwinding /' 5^l7p^11Bl^ 
r^'i^ n^^'^'^^^n ipn to unwind v. a. [^^"p^'nD.S 
.9I1P to line, rule v, a. t^^'^'^lSK 
*mp ninp to wipe off v. a, \^T^">^^ 
.bp'p to weigh v. a. pi^llSH 
rp ,lf^3 turning off / ^iinjpr.SK 
to disad- l "p iCfi .iitD3 to turn off 1;. a. \^iV"i*i^^ 
'■7^; '^^i|'^ '"^^^ to refute infc^ ^^b:?^ |^p^ vise 

.nTfiD refutation' 71. ^I^I^'l -5^ V,DMI 

*n^nn to change «. a. f^^Dp^ViDK 

to black pol" ir\y^:^V^ d'^p to wax v. a, [Cp^ViDl^ 

.'iin^a (D^^yj) n'^^p ish (shoes) 
U^ to ward off ; -5y lan to defend v. a. p^' f£^^ 
.1%i 9£ lan to defend oneself v. r.yj --'Wl'^Yi 

^n^^n much, a great deal ad;\ I^TCi 
*^D| n^iK treasure, money / ''p^riis^ 


^ U -- 


druggist, apothecary, pharmacist m ipp^^^£^ 
♦n^3D ni;n ^ua ,pn^ ^ya grocer inj^n 

.n\np^ pharmacy / l^'^^p'^tOSDK 
of gro- ;nj3n 9^ of apothecary adj. ti^^^p^r^ODK 

,pns 'p'i? eery 
.miD to plaster, rough-cast v. a. \V'^^V\>^ '^-^? 
fco ;ni3i^5 nvv .HLs^ to befool u. «. f^^lst^toss 

.n^-i delude 
n^sn ;nix'in ^^n nnin ;n^Kn n^ln optics /^p'tD£b5 

.at?R^p3 ^^ic JT'iii^ nnins -ip'n optician m 'li^p^^^DS 
nn^DX^a nc-ii?3 seton, fontanel (p^f-) r)i "^^tOCS^ 

.(« (nn*? j4^iJinb> 
often, oftentimes, frequently ado. h'^ts^t'^ 

.D^pus?':^ sometimes ;niDlnp D%"iyb 

,D'DD nnfiJip '^^ pharmaceutical a^y*. ^^it^tDi^tSB^ 

-isnb n^5.|pti':> nb? to finish arguing v.n. [.I^J^lpas* 

•riipn to square, hew off v. a. [J^SJ^tCDS 

.y3U?isptDDK = ^pDnKpr^SK 

oftener, more frequently adv. cvmp "^l^tOB^ 

.nD3 n3K^9 nuj; to botch, bungle v. a, J^^'^ytDSDX 

to ;2^n to return ;Kt?3 to carry v. a. f^sliCDi^ 
(;. r. n-^-ll ;(a^"fJn) n^^^n"? ii; k^j wear out 
.i3=^^n ,iay ,?iSn to get off , make off, escape 
.niD to die {si) ;ri-is 
.lie nbj to divulge a secret lis « pk-idsk* — 

♦(nbnnn) Ki'Tpn to devise v. a. ItO^KItOSDH 
•^sxnn?: Sin to cease mourning v. n. l^V^'i^'W^^^ 

.n'n iDt bsxnn to mourn a long time 
rrbiann abortive ;^nii driving off / ^JUI^ItDS.S 

to produce, ;n^'ri ,u?*i^ to drive off v. a. pmtOSS 
vo refine, distill ;6d3) ^^ari'p D-12 abortion 

f. r. T'^-||;-9 nyj to shake off v. a. f^^SD^ntSSX 
to wash ;-p nysnn to shake oneself from 
nn-np in; nx lyj one's hands of an affair 
,-f2 rint' to drink or sip off v. a. f^pJ-"itDBX 

.nin^b nbs to finish drinking 
rip Fib3 to drop or trickle down v. n. fS^'^tO&iji 
.iDi^ n.v52 to finish singing v. a. IVp'^^^V^V'^^i^ 
U V. r. y^'^'\\ \^T. to dry d. a. \V^Vp'^^^^ 

♦u^d; dry up 
n«-iri^ water-closet (j??. J--) m tO>;'itD&l^ 

,KD2n n^^ 
Jio cede ;DhT to tread upon «. a. [tD^ISDSkS; 

.apertura r'r'tD{«^-\i>'^'iB <s 

n;* ^1; nb^ to learn by looking at t). a. |>'^"->f 

.?j?7SK = ;pDDn stop, pause m f*J<'tDs 
to finish com- ;=ii2 ,n2n to strike v. a. |2£yi£)X 
to ;'i3fp to sell ;nisniK nic^ -^.ri^ posing type 
D. r. T^T -|| ; ('r\'^-^T\'::i Q''?y3> ^nnn wear out {shoes) 
.(D^b?ij) '^^^ vpf to settle {0/ hquids) 
.n ru?3 is^'in DU?; to breathe v. n fJ^S'v^'BS? 
,np\nn n^ ^y (neu') •^i£?x to endorse u. a. [^^'^''t^tSS 
.Q^yi T.v «S no friends any more pred. llin'SX 
*^ yy^ to mock at, make fun of v. a ]\>^^^t^'^ 

,•"2 '^nr) 
.^bD to suffer v. n. f^ti^irSX 
.n^nnbr^s^ to revive v. a. [HTISX 
,ia| to finish reckoning v. a [P'^itl^'n&X 

.i?22 to finish signing v. a \V^V - '\V ^nnSiX 

oft, often, fre- {comp ''^V'Ot^V r'^^tDSX) ac^,. tD&« 
.Tnn .!^|i3n frequent atij- H inniip c^ny^? quently 

^ .-tt CD15 to gnaw off v. a. [^^tO.StOSX 
; xbs .ruy to do, perform ; ir^i to finish c. a. [Htoax 
to commit, ;i*n to remove, turn away 
■>b'im 2-rri to return IPI nuro nw'y perpetrate 
^•r ntytp nw'y to pla}^ a trick on a person 
to depart, be turned v. r. ^^"11 '"^ ni::nn 

.iDin ,.i-iD away 
to ex- JD'*in to turn (ow a lathe) v. a. [pJ^^S^ 
.na; |BiK2 ncy ecute neatly 
.(D>3) ^^1^1 to assess, appraise t;, a. ['T'Spx^^'SS 
to duckV r -|n-||;'^2ip to duck u. a. f^Snr^BH 

.q") nhirto take a drink -r^rs n ly^^iitoa^^ {/ig ) - 

.1^:2 .Sni:j to baptise v. a. \t^^'0^^ 
»^2i2nto duck "l^T-||;S-ip to duck 0. a. f;;pJV^DH 
to take a drink "ou;i ^t lypiiasx {fig ) ~ 

to duck V- r. n^T««l|;S2a to duck v. a fP'tODX 

to destroy, (Jig-) inDn ,nn to kill v a, ftOl^tOSS 
.^p-^p. ann deaden 
.cnn to translate v, a p^tO^;'05X 
;np^-;p division '.ninsn separation J 2J^S^?tOOJ< 

.pbn section, part 
so Sep- ;pv5n to divide, partition v. a [^^tOBN 

,i"iBn arate 
pharmacy, apothecary's shop,(i>L [ - ) / pi^OSJ^ 
ni3n grocery ;nlKia'i tr^% .^npy^i:^ n^n drug store 

.pns n^ap 
jinp"itt n'»s pharmacy pvios^ yosi — 




fee ap» l-n s^r to come forth a m fl^^lp'l^&K 

♦n^^in pear 

.-p £SS0 to look out from v, n. \p)p^^M 

rtflfip K^Kto to sweep out from v. a, pA^p'l^&K 

>"i|1n?p t^hp^ to call out from v, a, fDni'.&it 

K^ln rji t]fn to shove out fi'om v, a. \p)^Xm 

ra tihfi 1b< (qh| to rake out from v, a. \"\f^''^^m 
to pull or drag out from w. a. |&|^'?^^'!£k 

TD She: Ik ~i^^ 
to jump or leap out from v, a. p5J!'ie'^1^£K 

.|1^;tn n^sp .i^nl^ bill, play-bill (pL ]--) m ^^M 

^jl-'jn n^2i^ ni^i-D T]V^S)^ small play-bill / i^p^!&K 

to do in, a hurry, perform quickly -y. a. f£K2&K 
to read through quickly ;r\wv^ '^ntt /<'n"]np nt^i; 
3"vi>n to recover u. n ^^?-|| ;ne^D.:i nK^ii^ .sni'^ 

"the contrary is true^'^ on ado, K12l!lDD"'K5SK 

a -the contrary 

.f\m to cheat v. a, fl^S^'r&.H 

.•1^^ to store V. a. \^mh^^ 

♦CBuen niH^) ^s kHd to appla;.d i^. a. p^lH^BK 

*K'TO isn ,phs to unload i?. a. ^["i^^^B^H 

to finish being at law v. r. y,1^/p^hti^ 

rai; |n^ nb? 
sb'iri to leave off snii; to let off r. a. w. [u^^D^ 
cb^ to thaw nibii ^1'pn .'-ibni^ ijibrt to abate 
to cast off (Qiieshes of a stocking) limp) 
ap.n to let out (water) Upsns b)^ r^^^b^b) nnn 
to b© v> n l-^-ll '"iba to sell ir.m^ s-^m 
♦,isiri,'i <?^nrin negligent 
riD s5| to steal from v. a. IV^V^'^k^hm 
."^ 5l?9 to mock at, laugh at v, n. f^K^DK 

rbii hh 

T^-ll '"^ -i:]?? to detach from v, a. fl^^tO^K^aK 

.*Tiari to detach oneself (;, r. 

.ns^^ nu;?p to lacker, varnish v. a. p'^.p^^Si^ 

♦5bii^ n^'^o to praise much v, a. p'^^hm 

expiration I'p njsnD running off m ^^1^B« 

*FP. '>ia'?0 
;>nb'f to flow off iy\-\ to run off v, n, [B^'I^BK 
to run down ;(p:5?) abn ,!ib3 to elapse, expire 
.(p^^w inp fn (0/ a cZoc/»:) 
.i^p^ ,bm to peel strip off r. a. ]mhm 
.^'^p^ .phs to shell, husk u. a, \n'^^'^'^^^^ 
n^^D ^m to edge, border v. u, \^^^^0$'hm 

,nm n^n^n r\^ tQ bptcb v, a, f^&K''%« 

•im to deviate ;"p ^sssnn to quit ;"9 sty 

jb5 to retreatj recede ;"?? ntai 

^n'K-inD nj'35b night-man m "I^DK'I'tOl^^l^lDK 

.iDn nri.ri to unstitch v. a. \V^V'^'^^^ 

.-guardian {pi. D^DSI^^^K) m ^"^t^pm 

. - gua,.rdianship / HIDS'lti^K 

to lie in wait for, waylay -u. a. f|^11|^tSK^tSB5^ 

:t'n ,ii;n to awake, revive v. a. f^3i£^^S« 
to recover, come to one's t-.r. y^ --\\ ;nw^ 
♦iTnnb n^it? ,1:n^s*b ^W senses 
.ngs to clean -o- a. f^^tOt^^^^S^ 
1). r. I^t^ll ni^n to detach v. a. f^sD^t^^B^ 
to get rid of iTisn to detach oneself 

leave me alone! H^» pa sk "fit papt^^ta -"■- 

to appear unexpectedly v, r. "I^t |];)1^''&^ 

♦p^SK ,t^hn opium m QIK^^^ 
«B3 ax ,- even co?i;. ^^*'S^ 
.SK as even though^ although ib''SK ^d^js -" 
to finish r^'ja to weed oif v. a. f^l^**©^ 
.'z;5ij *i?:| weeding 
»niDp^E}Si$ guardianship / VpV^^^ 
.^ti-fn official adj, hv^t^^ 
,^^^ Tps officer (pi |-») m "^^^tD^ 
the azyme eaten at the (pi. 0^) m fDlp^'B^ 
n;ap , - conclusion of the passover feast 

,Q''iDl3n \yK'n arch-heretic m D1'^1p''SK"11p^S^ 

,ial3 ,- heretic (jpZ. a*'D11p''&K) ,?i DTn1p''SX 

.niBis female heretic / )^^D'i11p''&|| 

.ny^^ . - heresy / ms'ilp^^^ 

*ni;e3 b^ heretical adj. ^?D11p"'£K 

.i|1np forthj out adv. '^'^)t^ 
ri|1nb forthj out pre/. "I^SK 
rtt K^ln to bring forth v, a. \V^^P"'\:^'l)m 
rp ^)t\ to go forth, go out i). n. \1)^'^)tn 
rf? '^b'P^ to throw out v. a. [S'lKin^SK 
r?5 yhj5 to rip out of v. a. f^^^^tsn^B^ 
.■^D '/n to run forth t;. n. m'^'^)S}H 
^^t-||;"P e|bn to snatch from v. a. [BKSIIS^ 
rp i^n to run forth v, r. 
r^ fn to run forth , . n. |6''*^"1?£>i$ 
K^in .•'fi npb to take out from v. a. ]V>^V^"^'^^^ 
to undertake, make up one's v. r. ^^t^jp-p 
.11! ip&pnii — ;lns?i^ "^i^l 'ip^^. ^p ?5i?- mind 




;y;inD nrj? to make anew ;^ts|i abolish 
to contract Jicrrn m xbD to make up (Am.) 
to make a Jni^D to stipulate imin nu;s7 
to arrange, settle ;nn:3 Ik n;r:K rt"'^ treaty 
»*i^s to arbitrate Jpbp iD^?.;'3y thp 
;->a (p5x) n?n to fan off {dust) v. a. 'p^^tt^ 
."D ")Dn to remove 
."^m^ adjuster, arbiter m Ij^rKuEH 
n'c;^ to do over with paint v, a. []^11P''^KDS:« 

to depict, de- ;^2^ to paint v. a. 'p^f^t^ 

.•^^n scribe 
,nb| ,ib| to finish grinding v. a. ^ [^j^^i5,s 

,19 i|i5n ,^hj7 to march off «. «. [l^tr^^DDH 

.mii to defraud, cheat v. a. ]VW^V'^^^^^ 

to «). r. T-^-^ll '^P.^- to torment t). a. fP^tDiD^.^ 

♦5hD ,ni!j;riri torment oneself, suffer 
;nl33f nbs bo finish building d. a. pP'^t^^^ 

,^"inD ni2 to build anew 
pin to wear off by pinching v. a. p'^h'i^ti^ 

.nTn^ ''T bv. 
^tT) to resuscitate, revive v, a. p^tDi^DS^ 

.ph2 to cut off ;5-lD to circumcise v. a. pDB^ 

Kitli to draw off by milking v. a. Ip^^D&iJ 

SD^^ to photograph (joe.) v. a. p^^^V^^^ 
*£ibto2i!i to be photographed v, r, l^^'-H 

,T\ip to measure v. a, ftDD^):2&i< 

•nhD to wipe off, blot out «. a, fpj^^-BK 

.itt?i; to tithe v. a. p'^))^ti^ 

♦iKfi to illustrate, describe ^, a. f^^t^DD« 

to sen- \mti^ yh^ to adjudge, v. a. ftDSl^pSlJ 

.nsn ,1^-^-jn tence, condemn 
ad!y. ||r:n^-d^»n frank, candid \nMr\u open ac^/. f£ij 
♦K^Dn-jss ""s^^Ds openly, publicly 

nnn-na a bright intellect hd 'ipipbk ]^ — 

♦ K^Si 

.-a DD")? to gnaw off ij. a. p^^-3S^I 

♦n^":) to deceive v, a, pKO&JJ 

»nit^)2:] deception n f^S^'lJ^^BX 

/lD^Jp»|);:s5-o''S^ frank, sincere adj. ^^i^^l^^^^SlSI 

,:2b"Dn frankness, sincerity 

♦n^b n^^: turning away /^-^l^^^JSK 
,m>^r\ n^o to turn away 'g, a. p^5^^H 

to ;a'7 |DT sbii? to lie a long time y. n. p^^BK 
••T, 5lZ <^3K) n-^ipri stiffen (a Z^m5) by lying 

♦n^nn ,n^i to deceive, delude «. a. [I^^^^^BiJ 

delay, post' Ji^^ ns"'':? laying aside/ ^Jl^^.^'^B^ 

*n2'nx .^^m ponement 
111'*? D'U^ 1H o^3n to lay or put aside v. a. pl^^sDH 
to nyjfijn XW -'"'^l to delay, postpone 
to put by, save Jwjsip pt) nh^ suspend 
jnr.niH) i-t§ to distribute {type) JC^os) t^'rt 
r^^ ^^i^n to devote oneself v. n *t^t^]| UoiD'rn 

.m^ delaying n ^'^m'':ht^ 

.nni'^i iipKtt delayer m '^^^^ivBiJ 

to eva- ;n5S to vacate, clear v, a. p.'l))ht^ 

^iv^) pin cuate 
y^Q to suffer tj. n. pVlhti^ 

♦(^^nas p2in> an^fisn isn to unsolder v. a, \wht^ 
V. r. in -II mpj nnJ to clear v. a. p:ytSl!^&^ 

»OM«n) i^ns .1''^ to clear up 
to be throiigh reading v, a, t^^^l^.l'BiJ 

.nb'^b^ iH^HDn abnegation, denial / 2^1-3^p'3^^B!?5 

;ia2 .u?n5n to abnegate, deny v. a. p^Vp^^-^^^ 
♦'T'^nb |«!p i^n^n to deny, disavow i;, r. ^^-^W 

to live some time in a place t^, n. p^vBl^ 
; n*nn^ 2r^ to come to life ; aip^s v^t ]12\ nu?; 
.niD to die I'^b^O to become decrepit 
,lP3p^^b£K = n^':'B« 
*-a pp3 to lick off V. a. [p^^SiJ 
nb^ .i^b to finish studying v. a. I)^J1^7B« 
to follow the exampte of v. r, yj - 1| ; lob^ 

to slake (Ume) Jns3 to extinguish v. a. f^^^DH 

.i£p;^n n-ni? to cool (^^f.) JT'p bp_ c^p pr 
•infi to make lean, emaciate v, a. pP^^BH 

.nnri to get lean ?;. r. T^-P 
Ks'in to go through measles v. n. p^^^tiQH 

»'l^41'?^^^D to weary, tire out v. a. fi^tOKDi:*^ 

♦S,^!^D to tire oneself out v, r. in-|| 
PK3ri iHtlh agreement, stipulation m "^KOBiJ 
arrangement, settlement inn.Si ,n:Dj^ treaty 
.riTi's arbitration ;pib5 ^crsj; -inp 
to undo* ;"i^n to undo, loose r, <3(. '?». 'p^^B>^ 




feo grieve a person fi^ribKiitpn^KiDyaK* -- 

.DlB-itas^ guardian {pL ^^^) m ppPfc^ 
♦niDS'i|3BH guardianship / f^lf^DiipP^^H 

^^t-.|| ;u?s5bgrilip to disgust v. a, \phppm 
.tQ), b^l u?.pn to be disgusted v. n 

^0 settle nb| to end, make an end v. a. \pP^^ 

*>peratorj surgeon ih^jQ operator m '^I^'OKIPSX 

4f!^inn ^133) O-ifi; .n^^ips operation / 1^'^%H^PDK 

,mD) .Yc^ «n^j i^ps to operate v. a, \P^rV^^ 

onlr,^5n r\im opera / ^"iJ^SK 

.nD-iBK operetta / T^^^V^ 

*1bb" to slap V. a. f^^^K&fi« 

to humble a per- ipba^bfi n i^pdi^ i^l-^kss^ -- 

."^^K 9su?n son 
rp m^ to fan off v. a, p^bm 
offal, refus© i^^n^^^ falling of! m h^tm 

,mi^}?m waste 

.th^ ,toh^ to polish V. a. f'^l'^.^BBH 
i|1^!^ to abate rip bbi to fall off r. n. \h^tm 
♦litn ,\yn3 to waste away, lose flesh ;-.crn 
.aii£ nbs to be through fasting v> n, [tDu^SlDK 
to watchj i^"i^ to measure v. ja. [DKDDK 
.-5 s^,K lie in wait for 
«nb^2n 'inn to unpack ?;. a. fpK^S.S 
^ain to be through with pox ?% n, fpKfcS^ 

.n-.yi^SKn nbnrap 
rp ni?^p3 departure m ^.^BB« 

.Vh't to dye, color ?;. a. plKSBK 
??^|^ to botch, buDgle v. a. I^1iP^'^KtOlKB£).H 

;n!?U7 to despatch^ dismiss v. a. p^^'^K6&K 
W get through t;^ ?% ^^t-^|| I'i^ to finish 
^In^K^p nb| one's work 
VP\ to set out, depart, leave v. n. pKB£)« 

,-i|,^ to steam %p3'^ to scald ■}?, a, IV'^m^^ 

."r-!Drr to uncouple, separate v. a. \V^^^^^ 
to be through one's v. n 1^ II^IKfeSK 

,1n?Kb!? ib| work 
T^-'ll ;m "IP'i to feedj fatten v. a. \mm^^ 
.ri"^3 ,|b'^ to get fat « ?% 
.-19 bs^^i si^n to rot off' v. m \h''>tm 

to polish, black ;nil3 to clean v. a» f^1£'BX 
*n^'D to dupej deceive (Jia,) u^'bvs} ngs 

to ;iBnb nbz to finish sewing t\ n. \^))^^^ 
*u?^bn provide with clothes 

to wear ; t'^tptt^^ nbs to use up v. a, \T.^^^ 
''X ^^ 0§¥D to improve hy use I nbi out 
*.lba to wear out ^^t-|| ;\^''D"fn 

,bm*b"^ diarrhea m i!^7i&^ 
to take rp Opb to take away v. a. fi?'^I^JB^ 
to be paralysed v« n, -IpnitHsripb back 

he has he- p^b iP'i jp^ispm* an^K ^^n dp - 
^ab^^s come speechless 
to dedicate la^lQ to make wet v. a. j^^iSH 

.nsny^ i|in hy drink 
to rattle off (a j?ra|/er) i. L [l^l^tll^DP^^DDK 

,|p3nB9 -'== f^^^^SISIJ 

.a^r^a ^b'^ 11B0 to sort^ assort v. a p.^tS'^.SDBK 

.n^p^ to buy ?;. a, pHSB.^ 

.D^^ ,insri to scare v, a, [j^tJ^K'n^D&K 

to take off ttie 'top or ^. a. \W^V^V'^^'^m 

^r'-fcn u.^iD pjiipn hk idh excess of a measure 

inn.j?i ncn to unstring v. a. [^^7l&S^ 

,pn to singe v, a. IV""^^^^^^ 

TD l^^Q ,nii?^ to suck off 13. a, f]^p^;ODBM 

■nbab to soil with snivel v. a. [J^p^KDDD^ 

J3n:^ n'^fp to wax v. a. f]?Tl^SlDDUH 

,dn§ one to unbuckle v. a. f^ll^pt^nijnDDS.H 

ra Tn| to scrape off y, «. fPSK"ipDBIJ 

desire Uh^^sk^) |l2Kri appetite (j^L f - ) mtO^^|;SH 

exciting appetite, relishable adj. ^'2^)Wm 
palatable lti)m 'iiipn tempting l\)^m iiirsp 

^ijn^ d^P3 
.|PDP£3^a^ = f^'t^W^^ 
.qi'^y fn n^3b) mbsip^ .nKi''bi32K appeal / r^^^^^« 
bf bm ini^O pnn^D aphelion (astr.) n D1K''7l?&H 

*(|i^^^ pT n-'sb) bb|3 to appeal t;. ?i. p17^^M 

.snrnise orange (^^L fi^-) / p^9p&» 

.nba *1b| to end, finish v, a, \Tf^^^t^ 

n.^pn ^i;^ na&ln apr^^ndix (jpl. f--) m Dp^i^^^K 

.s^n,rt3|) to aj.swer^ reply v. a. pVi^t^^V^^ 

.H^cg-iaa i^aip^sa openly acl<)« ©1^11]^J|^B^ 

to ep.t 5^3^^ »^^? to finish eating ^. a^ pl^^^ 
.1^ bb^ to eat up r^ s^p off 


^ 78 


he takes it for granted !ddp"isp;;2K t.k a^s' f n ~ 
.a^DiD iDiS n«' 2V)n Kin 
ji3ibx^2X==;Q'''i5q D^ due ;dd:9 ,£p tax m ^Kik^S^ 
d6^n insfcalment ;d6'^n payment / 2il7i^iJS^5 

.'^^^^to repay ;ib3 Dv)U? to pay off v. a, pi^'^i^^ 
.ni;s b-nnn ,i)^D to fence off i;. a. P'^K2£2S 

,(^bro p') Kifin in|i to tap, draw v, a. f^K^SS* 
in^rD^ n^:: impression ip^s; deduction m Ti^^lD.S 
self-examination of a woman Udidt n^s ^^) 
.(X ^'*?2rnn \3sb nu7x nj^n? before coition 
to cease bessoming, fade, witlier v. n. |>^tO^Vi^&^ 

K2in to extort ;^nj? to pluck of! v, a. (S^'^^K 

to sitgar, cover with sugar v. a. pVp''^t))f 

♦-!? ri3^"4'^ drawing off m '.1^^^ 
.niKri drawing i]m marking off / 2r0^ri^2£&.^ 
t,o draw, Jji^p .|.'.^ to mark off v, a, i^y^y^l^^^ 
.£3\yi ns'n delineate 
,^aD mIj^ to count, number v. «. l'?':!^£SlJ 
.i3Di.!2 E=iD nris to unbridle t% a. l^^))"^^^ 
'« nnj» a^tt) M^in to draw off, drain v. a. f^^^Slj? 
to deduct ;"!2 ^im to pull off ;(n'2n» r^pvii 
'Hii^n to delay, protract ;;i3«i?n3) -^ ns3 ,^'"i| 
Jn^^C^ P'h 2snn to make an impression ^^v^kJ 
;mj» tsu^ari to flay, strip ;D?^n to melt off 
;-p ybs ,ib "^ibn fco go off, move away v. n. || 
self-examination of women before co- n. \\ 
to be'u. r. T^t-||;(« ^^1:^^^^ ^iab r'f^i nii^n^i'tion 
J-p pjb: to drip, drop ;(|tt?) ^^'Jsn protracted 
to examine oneself before coition {of wo- 

AH 'd^lppPiil \3Db .19^1; HK pns [?7ie?2 ) 

rh nhx to watch, waylay, spy v, a, f^^S'lifBb? 
to measure with compasses v, a. \php'l)':^Q^ 
.p^s'ia n^^i; to execute carefully JHAinos iha 

♦lln ,ni^vi3 emaciation /S^n^l^SS* 
;\yiin| n'tjj; to waste, emaciate v. a. pP^^^ 
/^n|) to waste away, fall off v. r. ^^t--jj 

to ;^mp 'ibi to finish cooking ?;. a. fSKpSSJ 
1?t-.|| ;p5-^ to scald inn-i to boil J"?-^? cook 
,^yS?3nn to be cooked v. r. 
•-^ -ip.: to pick off 0. a. f^Sl^Kpa^ 

.Cftni ri5^n) e-s; q-h "n (^ 

.1^ 1b| to get through, finish ^■. a. ptOSDK 
to finish playing on a fiddle v. a. \V^^^^.tli)^ 
to cut off clumsily (fig.) niiirri bj; i^b -!b| 

♦-p |;qi^^ ^tm to file off ^. a. f'^'L^&DX 

' .nnb; filings n p^':'l^£B.S 

.^?pn n*-!! to live in misery v. n. ["i^tDDi^DDiJ 

rip ifD3 to peck off v. a. (p^&51^ 

purgative, ; ~bK n^'ui carrying off / ^il'TlBSS 

^'D^vip as physic 
\-b ^bin .bdin to carry, convey v. a, pt&SJJ 
'"t^i^n to delay ;n^.? to accompany, escort 
to delude by promises, disappoint J'lD^ 
ATsH^T's) ^"^ju? to purge Jn^tan ,nprirr 
nj ^P StolD to wet by pissing v. a. p^'!5^2MI 

.bhp to suffer ^. r. y^ t^k'^SBH 
;'!jD^ri nna nm to disentangle t). a. ['".^^tSi^lSBB^ 
,'^Da ^''b Ksn to bring to an end 

♦"big (Q*?2) ijs'f to pour upon y. a. |J?51"'7£B^ 

rp ^b^ .a\t to flow off r. 71, fSfl^'^SSiJ 

♦sn Di inK to bleed i2i5n d^d jsir^as^ — 

rp £3ht to flow off f. w. |D^^£E)« 

.-p ^^y to fly off f. n. \V^htt^ 

.1^2 iDHD to pluck off V. a. |p^7BDtS 

^rnj to iron v. a. p^D^^Sasj 

^^vrh'^^r^ m^ to untwist tj. a, ftD2i?7&D« 

,pD£ ,fin to decide v. a. \V^V - ffl^ipDSSX 

to take off the locks {of a v. a. IV^^^V^ti'^ 

,(D^D ^bsn bv) 5ddn nnp [Ao?-5e) 

,|i?t dnprs= p|;&SS* 
;Kbp to perform nb| to finish v. a. fJ^'nKlSDBH 

♦n^,D to plaster 

,np^ .T\'6^ to fool, dupe «. a, [J^n^S^nsDij 

.1:1?^ to freeze o. a. p^^eSDi^ 

to renew luJ^s 3u?n to refresh ?;. a. f52^"^lS&^ 

to finish frying *]m to fry tj. a. f]^^3;;i&BSi 

.^I.B .^hD to contradict, refute v. a> pP'^^£S« 
"Tlt-ll ;-!! nui; nai to estrange 7j. «. pD];"".^DH 

nD^nn to be estranged 
to ifoi to iron ;7hb ,^m to press |0;;i£D;j 
»p^n n-w'i^ smooth 


-^ 79 ~~^ 


abbreviation n!!!£|3 abridgement / 251^'^1pB« 

to abbreviate n-^i^ to abridge y. a. [^l^pB^^ 

to strike off ifqfis ,n3n to strike v, a. j&K'^pB^ 
to cease striking m>'|D '''i,^ b^ ^^ti beat off 
'^^tjiS) n'l^'iDS 'nbK to rattle off {fig.) ;nl3na bnn 

to pick off, choose, v. a, pl^^p-^ .pl^pllBK 

.nhs select 
•p?';j'1 '^PO ^<^ unglue V. a. f^inpBK 
to J'^ii^-^^ "^nn to cease ringing -y. a. fJ^^^^^pS^ 

,in ^^■9f n echo, resound 
to remove something pasted ij, a, [SsP^pSK 
to V. r. T^-|| niBD to separate ;p|1^n ion 
ntiSi'i to be separated npin be removed 

*(r-T) 3bC) .r\rv>:^ to blot -y. a. jppbp&S' 
^lai^nri to consider, deliberate v. ?i. !"i])^p&K 

^nn™? wiip^ ,pt£!o:a "-i^a to rattle off v. a. [p.^^p^^ 

.a''!2?2,>^ r\m ,^5,7 to unfold y, a. f^^^^^pBX 

♦n^-n^s ipn to pinch or nip off ij. a. JBI^pa^ 

.(I'^'p) 'nnn ,nns to untie \% 


.u?6b nb? to finish kneading r. a. J^l^JpBK 

,B^'ii'"^?5'f f^OP to unbutton v>. a. |^7D^5pDK 

to (joe) :(a'^;y) n^j to calve v. ?\ y* l^^Vp^^ 

.(nrs' bvy "ibi give birth 

.s^^inn ^bi to kitten .;/r. I^t I^^];pDX 

,|pnp^ipD^5 = ir'"l^^J^p£? 

to swe^ ;nb3 ,ibn to turn away a, n, I'^i^p^^ 

,K'^XD off 

.nri''i<f mm sweepings n f^^J^'lJ^pBK 
.•D ina to scratch off, scrape off v. a. [^K'lpBK 

rj2 b^p, to get from v. a, p^'^p^^ 
to quarrel some time v. n. I^t p^'IpBK 
to cease q\xarrelling ;yn; |m sbipnn ,nn. 

«a''itt bin 
^y) a-^.pi^ bin to cease crowing v. «. f^^^lpB^' 

to wear ;"d 5h| to creep away v> n, f^^ipSK 

.iysii 12X ,bD3 ,.1^3 off, fade, lose color 

,T^\n Mtssn if_^ to straighten v, a. fl^DnpB^ 


.npKHfs bin to cease groaning v. n. fSI^^^'^pS^ 

.^n; lot nbn to be ill some time v. n, f^^p^pipD^S 

.rt'D stucco, plaster, rough-cast / I^IIKIB^ 

"••n^a^ l^yj to disadvise, dissuade v, a. pO.^^iS^ 
^o re« J9^n to save, rescue v. a. fJ^n^tJKn&M 
.tt;a3 :3^n .n^nn vive 

*i?s to calcimine, Vv^ hit e wash t\ a, f27Kp&^ 

,|Plii;MunDK - tl?1iP'l2KDHpDK 

.-,p ph5 to comb off v. a. \Vmp^^ 

.nb? .-\m to finish, end 1?, a. ^^^^.^p&l^ 

.''^p (r©^) nbs to pass in misery ?•««, ;i^^^i''X^pD.^ 

.(THM) .-i^y to cost ftDDl^pS^ 

to finish \i^'^m nkp to mow off t-. a» [l^D^pB^ 

.ik|"2^ nbs mowing 
to turn up, tuck up (one's sleeves) pV^^p^^ 

.pn];,j to copy V. a, pl^BS*pa« 

TD -iiiisto ,s]b3 to drip, trickle v. n, [l^BXp^^^ 

Oil |y^:i7p^^i^ - yj f];"'i:Kp£K 

,p5p to pinch V. a, ['"IKpSK 

4 p ^ ^ a a vs = p^'lH pS^I 

.pp|7 Ki|1n t?o uncork v. a. 'iT^'Vp'^Hpm 

r^'tsv to botcb ;nh9 to amear v. a. ]V^WY>p'm 

.nB3 nsK^r^ 
,rh^ ,ph"n to squeeze v. a. p'^V^'pm 
to live in misery ;^b5to suffer t^, r, ^^t f^^TipSK 

'py? n^n 
to finish slaughter- y. a. IV^Vh^^'p -- ,f^'^1p;|&»MI 
.nn-^n nb? to ruin (fig.) 'r^rrd^ "-im ing 

.nj:q act of buying m ^^^pSlJ 

,-0 nifD to buy, purchase from v. a. ffe'lpDH 

.njip buyer, purchaser m I^S'^lp^K 

hh3 nbs ^-iba to finish rolling v. a. \V'^p^^pm 

;bhd to s ffer Ji^^n to get off v. n. f])^lpBS^ 

.icn nSn to miss P3pn to grow poor 
atonement ;a^l^D^ ,ip^ suffering w ^^^li^DlpSlJl 

by„ "ibb to learn by looking at v. a. \p'ypt'^ 

♦^b\i? to watch ;n!ib3npn n.^ 
n^ 'ipn to remove the putty v. a. J^11>'^'!pSH 

K^ln ,rin^'"i^n m hm to unchain v, a. fl^b^^^pBH 

*(nVT br) i|n m 
3tv .%v rwv to make round v, a. p^^I^^l^pSH 
to finish FD'yj ,bb3 to chew off v. a, f>^!.^pBJ^ 
4Dybb nbs ,'^b| chewing 
rD 5'^| to roll off or away r. a. i^^p'L^pS)^ 
n\^n to refresh nii? ,1?.^ to cool v. a, \h\p^^ 
S'^^lpnn ,|5^:^n to cool oneself v. n 1-^-l|*»^S3 
.1u7a3 i^n to refresh oneself 
;mb?3 iby to cease bearing v. n. \V^'^'^"ipti^ 
,dW^ .i"^] to give birth to a ®hiid v, r. ^!^-(| 
nui; to execute artistically v^ a. \V^t^^.p^\^ 

ngn to turn away or aside v. a, IV^^V^^.p^^' 
*n^ain .ijos to turn awe ^ ^^. ^- '^ • ' -^ ^i ' ^^-^^ 


^ m -- 


fco back- ;&':,l ,ti^v to perform v. a. n. [tD^^ii:^ 
.u?^K ''in^ lap bite, speak ill of a person 

.nib| .t ,mbj i^DsnaK — 
to set in order, set aright v. a. f^Tl^^tDD^ISk^ 

.(njiDtt) 'Tips Kpn 
.(Qnsi3^ 'y'5-in lynnn) b^lSK April (month) m v^'^SK 
,Vt5 ,!niD3 to drip, trickle down v. n. \V^)'^^^ 

.y*!!!^. something torn off m D^'^D.^ 
n'^JC ,'i«n to delineate, sketch u. a, fJ^'^I^D^'^SiS 

♦anp before adv. "i^t^^is^^ 
.(in' '"IB r»> P?*^:?^ apricot (^Z. I--) / T^Sp^lS^ 
nSn to be troublesome t;. n, ^-t fl^lpna.^ 
li^nri to be adverse or contrarious iT^,pp 

.D^l mi.p Snn to cease raining v. n, l^^V^V"^^^ 

;n'^na ^^n to finish reckoning v. a. \^^V^V'^^^ 
to settle v.r. ^^l'-||;n^3 to deduct, discount 
to get even with (fig.) rar |i:a^nn pb? with 

♦>int?i;?i3 v^'^^b bm 

,^'1^^ to shave off, scarpe off v. a. f^iWD.^ 

.r[ib: shavings, scarpings n f^^V^^^Q^ 

.bb .iip to buy cheaply v. a. f"l^5K'^BK 

to partition off with boards v. a. \T*V^h^^^^^ 

.Q'^^pi^ 6i^3) ns^ ,|aD to wainscot i ^''^■;>\^'2, Tis.n 

abolition unnnya) iitsa dismissal / ir.£K^S}H 

. I p b a 1 ti> a K =- [>;b£]s*'^»Bi^ 
;(nm35?m ^i^a to dismiss, discharge v. a. f&Kt^S.S 

.bi?^ to abolish 
appre- Jnsi^n valuation, appraisal / ^^li£K^£.N; 

♦n'l.p^ ;'r|ii; n3i,7 ciation 
J ^1??lI to estimate, value, appraise v, a. fli^K^SK 

♦1p5 ,i]ij; i^n to appreciate 
1;. r. l"!!-!! n^5 to shake off v, a. fi^^p.St^SNt 
.-tt n=innK ipri .-a Ij^sri t© wash one's hands of 

."im p]h| ,nhn rake away ij. a. flKt^S.S 
,mt?n ,nin to sharpen v. a. [SlKt^D.S 

♦nei ,^^nD to weaken u. a. f::K1i^£K 

10 black nn^rr to blacken v. a. [^iKri^aK 

>(Q'bviy ah^ (shoes) 

,ph^ to be silent t;. «. [^H^Ii^l^H 

rn nh^ to swim off v. n. \V^))^^^^ 

^ Itwindle out of, defraud v. a. [^^"^^IV^ID.S 

to clear off, mm to clear v. a. f^DJ^^SS 
."iDn ,'",p^ remove 
..■^nisD rest, repose 77i 'i'"iSiJ 
.(.1^3X5) -D -^lU? to row off V, n. ' fl^^ '"iSiS 
.^pnnD Hi to cease pothering r. «. ■^p^^^'neM 
♦r .1 u r."^( - II ; n^3 to rest, take a rest v. n. [i^nsx 
.iT\\^^-\p ^y) n:v:^ response m Pjl'iBijI 
to repeal, ninn ,2u;n to call off v. a. fSilSMi 
to withdraw (a coin) from Kpn) ^s^ revoke 
V. r. l''f-||'»|™ ^'^f??? (ysBtt) K^ln circulation 
'lins 5l's to react ',t\w to respond, anewer 
.Q^D ^i^yio n^-i to have an after-taste M^^v^r^ 
.(n^nts) '^tn to recur, relapse pni2i ^^7 i&iia^ — 
to move off or away, shove off v. a, fp^'^^H 
.n^^sri n^ K^iri to unbolt ;"q priyn ,-?p 173.7 
.nhs -n^'iaD ri« i^^in to unbolt v. a. fP^^s^lBiJ 

rip pn ."isbD beside, except prep. t^tD^lfciji 

.-a nti| to scratch off v. a. fi?t^^n£)« 

V, r. ^1t--'|| ;phQ -^n'.'^ to rub off v. a. pl.^'lS)^ 

,nn^n to be rubbed off 
♦^K3fi ,n|ln arrangement, stipulation m T^^ISiJ 
to nsia ^hn to cease speaking v, n. p))^D^ 
to arrange, ;KTa^ ip 'is'n talk to the end 
to ;K'3r^,D 'SSbrs xlii ,n?1n n-c^; agree, stipulate 
Qiptt ip?) ^:h|3 .Tpj make an appointment 
♦-''nbsj fVl to dissuade ?;, a, || ;(|rs"i*? 
to disburden one's heart isiii^n pa "Tit pinas* — 

^tni to take away customers a^iip pmax — 

♦cinn« 5^ Q^3ip 
^b::a disregarding, let alone pa'ii;i lDnI;^I;3a^f — 

there is no question tsiyii;;iaH v.a cm pa ~ 
♦nts paD bs pK about that 
stipulation, arrangement, agree- n ^^J^1^!'"iBS 
iiPl 'MJ^'^p appointment ;a39n ,n|n ,^K*3n ment 
*(p^hn^ aiptti |ar "^vi^^ 
♦ n^aa&j = iT!?"l&K 
♦-a 2b^ to ride off v, n. [tOl^lBH 
.iK!p.9 n^3 to finish smoking v. n. p^^S^nSH 
to evacuate n^^ 'Hps to clean v. a. t^^J^.^'^S^ 

♦o^V) pin 
to separate ;""d yhp to tear off v, a, pl?'lS^ 
J'^tlp^^n to loose oneself v. r. ^1t^||;"a nian 
^inari to be separated 
b^ r?3f n n6 sheet-calendar m ^P"li]^'?^«p"DV|n&» 


— 81 


»(n"nN "Sip) -i^n to reflect v. n. fb^n^^e^DK 

,^iv to dj-e (.^7^?) v« tt. f^m'^K^SN 

*t3biJ,^-ib|'5 to p ncli off v, a, i^D^.t^'^^^B^^ 

r^ (pht.) ,i|b^ to pour off v. a. (^^^B.S' 
iilmi respectj reverence ;n^"i: fear m 1^'^SK' 

to scold, give a scolding v, a. ;^']):si!^DK 

.""^ s"j?3 ,-3 -I'PI 

departure, part- Jnnisn separating m "^^^^BX 

,nT"s ing, leaving 
to take leave of a person T!1 m ir^pj «^ 

^^t-^ll .-^'iDn n-^sn to separate v. a. p^r^DK 

.u?-isn ."I'^.pn to be separated v. r. 

,b^s ,rr^p^ to parcj peel v. a, f^ir^eK 

,,'is^i^ parings n pi^Sl1'^>D,^ 

brightness I nnlK "p.'ip. mtnn reflection m pJ^SK 

to ;n"iiK "rj'a 'i?nn to reflect t^. fi. \V^\^'^Zi^ 

.IHiO shine 
to cleansej *^\^'^V '^T-^ to scour v, a, pPl^'^'D^ 

*np?,3 clean 
,1^^^ n^m description / ^Jn^lb^rcK 
."^.^Ji ,iNfi to describe^ depict t>« a. pV"\hwt^ 
to slander a person |i^p^\s' pa py-ibrvL's.H --"- 

,'V^'Ci pn "IDT 
,19^ to wear off by mould v, n. \Vh^:^^^'t^^ 

,!£^SD to skin, flay t?. a, pJ^^D.^ 

.nn-'S i^i^p^ to shoot off 1). a, pV^BK 

r^ r]))^-i :s%37 to sail off v, r. y^ p^^D^ 

tn^Sr! away! (tTi dricing off a cat) int p^t^SK 

;-?^ t:hn to strike off, beat off t?. a, [5,S^^ex 
to strike against ;-a np^ to take away 
to dis- ;(p:i\yna> n?3 to deduct s-^t' .-^ nsn 
to estrange, ;"'n^2^ fy; suade, disadvise 
J'l.i] nDi.i .-ihD to refute ^^25 -1? nbyabalienate 
to become ;(niK »np> 'im to reflect i;, ?e. || 
to v. r. l^t^il anip> i]2nnn mild {of frost) 
."a ^pnn hit a,gainst 
>ti^)A '"j^ ns*^ to discourage ^i?i ayT i^n'^^'d^' — 

ri:^l '"^C?^'"^ '"^I'OQ refutation ?i ^JJ/^^^^^^DN* 
ending, conolnsion, closer end m D^^T^^^ 

.s^lD n-;2 iD^i^p 

3-1 !»/ 1^; to sleep a long time «« fi, f&.sb^©.^ 

to wash off, clean by rinsing v. a. pp^^^'^SS 

y^-\\ '^v-2tt} to take an oath v, n, pl?t'^*£?^ 

1K p^^pn ipn to scum, skim off «?. eg, ptD"^?^'::^ 

,nG| nsKbp ntp to botch, bungle t?. a. [1];^C'1^£: ^^ 

nii,75^ ^Gn to shovel off v, a. pSc^rra 

4ts5pu?B^ ™ pn*^r s 

.rivv^ to make ?>. <», f^KtD^^^I ;^ 

.in^ii y;^^ ipn to pay a visit lima ^ |E2^id\i?sk - 

,6?n3)nii'pn to steel v, «, \Vr^V^^^^^^ 
u?iv; derivation ;y]| descent / ^^'lOKtoreK 

to be nb\n >»r to descend v, n. P'^K^^^E^* 

.(nVa ^^ v^vm k2£^^ derived 
.nai5?prf K^ln to unstop, unhung v. a. [EK'^I^S^? 
.n^D to die a. n, p^m^€^ 
;ibbb 1b| to finish studying v. a. f"1}"I"ltD^£^ 

,|"^^^ nb^^ to study carefully 
to remove the dust from v. a, p''1^K'B^ 
to dust oneself t), n 1'^--|| rt? ps^ ^y3 

;-D ^ir^ ,rtn'^ to push off v. a. p'^itoi £tS' 

*^hrj to repel 
.p]h^ ^i.Tf to push off or away v. a. fS '^^£^1 
*^h-^ to push off 1). a. [^211.2: t\x 

»| ms \y a K T K ■■ 


',ii^vh T)^y2 to stand a long time v. ti. p?^K^S»v 
to peel, com^e J'^'^n to project, protrude 
hi^t) to separate oneself, retire ;b-^2nn off 

decision ;9ito m;nf voting, vote / ^J 'Or^'^'B^i 
,b"iij^ nii?„^ by vote 
h^S:^^ lh^ to vote v. a. [I^'J^^^t^'S^ 
''i; ^S? y'^is to hurt by pricking v. a, p^^^SK 
4in^s a^a) K?^in to dram (a river) i nTp"] 

.pcsn stop, pause m h^^l^^^ 
to appoint i^rr ,nkp to stop v.a.n. pV^^^^ 
^?D? .^12 to arrange with ;(|t2?) s;hp ,ip^^ 
.S2ynn to stop, halt 'o, r. H^t-^U ;"ci? .iDspri 
to settle, precipitate (o/ liquids) ^pcaj 

♦ca^^nj) ^p^i^ 
/tea ,Qhn to stamp -y, e. IphWT^t^Bi". 
.nsri to stitch, quilt v. a, p.^-^V*^*^"^; 
;n^y^n "^iph to unstop, unbung v. a, pl?'^&"-^^- 
to slip into a person^ bend ;nhp to op€^ 
^tn to return secretly ;t^^i? ii^ nripja a^'^ 


»- 82 


♦"9 ilP.^ -P.P^ to split off V, ft. P-' -- £^'£^* 
♦npn'in ^b3 nna to unhitcli t;. a. I>'wKi:^T^? 
(»l^,'7)inh^ to push "back, repel v. a. piK^t^^^^S* 
Utt'^s nsi) "ihD to contradict, gainsay JninN'p 
to altercate v. i\ l^^'-H J%J.5 d?1n to refute 
*::'i ]^; (051^D> '^^1 a long tin e 
to save, economise, lay by v. a. p.^£tt'£>s 

.nsi;^D ^^ «''^1n to unhung v, a. \V*^V^^^^^*^'t'A 

,11K ^T\p_ mn reflection/ Silb^is::^^^ 

jnK^Dn Ids nx'nr! to mirror v. a. n. IpSi'S^XlJ 

to be V, r. 1^^'~|| JI^k ^^Ip. "^l^^} to reflect 

♦ms '3-ip) triirr ntn reflected 

♦-by ph"; bespit-, bespew i;. a. ;^^^J!£^'£ls* 

to »Dnns2n rins to unbutton v. a. \V^^)V^^t\^ 

.n2£n ^^m unpin 
to finish play- \\i\ <pm to play a, n. p%'^t'^ 
to be V, r. Tl^-|| '^Ui? ^^^^ iprjt'b ,pn'4^ ib| ing 
♦rtnp^ .nt'pn to take place incrri performed 
',r\vcb ~b| to fmish spinning v. a. \V^^.^^^^^^ 

.tii)h 'X bv_ ^ht to pay by spinning 
(fg.) n^jri to sharpen to a point v. a. f!i^°S^£^? 

.'^1^ to end 
rb 3pS to make fun of v. a. p^>*£^'£^ 
(n^''aj"^).5^bT leaping or jumping off m 2ri*£*^DN 

..■"^.jMp nifsp rebounding ; '?2 
3-^^ to- leap off, jump off a. n. iV^^^t-^t^ 
to be effaced ;Vtn^ fsi^ to rebound '>'myz^p^) 

to conjure oi* charm away v. a. l'2V^^'^'^^ 

<ny^ j-V) *"5i; unb (ari ecil eye) 
female fl-W :u?n?9 charmer m '^]^2^'^££^-£J5 

ri\pM^?p charmer 
.-perchance, perhaps, maybe adv. ^K'*£kS 
nhvi'-n to unscrew (;. «. |£"n^'£K 
to ;:h2^ ^^53 to finish writing v. a. p!!"'^^£2^J 
to make •^{^01^K ^.k -n^vyn ri'^^^y inventory 
to answer ••"';^ reps "h2 over {property) 
V. r. T!^-|| ;(3r:-o 'T' by) n5];o nn (6;y /e.'/er) 
ncy to make an agreement or contract 

nt:ip maker of an inventory m ^VZ^^'^'^'^'ZH 

t'pTsfr? bhrr to cease crying v. n. l^^:i*^^t^ 
to effect a repeal of a decree by u. a. ij 
fco restore JD'^iinri ^n^ bn n^iu Si2S entreaty 
'Hi^i;^ n] S^^ i^no^ 2u?ri to life by crying 
i0j>ti to frighten, intimidate v. «. fpP^'^'Sijt 

."5¥ q:4< 

T bp ncn ,-cbb to grind off u. «. ^ i£^^^t>»£).si 
.p°-72 ,"iDh?f to polish ;n"r^t2^ 
-'i^^^. Ijrs to untie v. a. '- '^^>h'^t)$ 
to ;b^ri^n nhs to unlock, open v. a. \^^ht''t^ 
icpsii'n) *ib| to close (aw account) J"^3 lock up 
♦(pcj?) ibi! to conclude 
..lisbn (nh^) .^^^ to drag away t^. a. Itvht't^)^ 
.n?^'^- to convert u, a. p^^^^'-^ 

;KT?i| IP. i:^"!! to talk to the end v, n. [&);iS2S^ 

.^m to arrange^ agree 
;(bna) t^hn? nh to finish forging c. a. p^s:t>^i:.^ 
/vLJ'iri n'^'^b't:^ ^n^ 5^' "cn to remove by forging 
to beat off inj^iinn npbn to whip v. a, fDl^D^BNI 

to scribble ;'^?2? to dirty or soil v. a. p'lt2^^^ 

^n--|| ;«?|nn ,np?:o to melt off v, a, pVj^^^s^ 

.cbn ,Xr\n to melt off ?;. r, 
to serve as beadle {of a syn- v. a. \W\^QH 

Xi^'D "i1n2i ihi? [agogue^ 
to untie, unlace, unstring t), a. pliP^'-'^'ci^ 

.s^b^nn inn 
defeat ;"itJ.nD^0C| cutting off, cut m ^:i^'DiJ 

,ZKV punishment ;nbsp 

to reap ',f'Jip .nh2 to cut off v. a. [ll^^t^^SiJ 

to pare {nails) in^am "iiij'3 to mow {grass) i'^ibii'^ 

.^•^Enn to get off v. n. \\ Kc^ Y'^\^ 

to give up a business tospu^y^ s pa pi?r^'s.^? — 

,pcp?:5 'itssnn 
to come off with a whole skin ]T-^:^'2« laij — 

.p2PD ^-bv2 «i£"» 
Kii^ to come off badly jm^^^'s^ lorDpb'iy — 

.pn:i papia 
j.'p-cr?^ ynri to cease snowing v. n. \^))^^^^^ 
;(n'?"rD. Si^d to snuff (a candle) v. a. t^t!J'^*£iJ 

.(vi%'^j) np3 to blow (owe' J? nf?5e) 
particular in-b: shaving, paring w viJ^-Dtt^SiJ 
wit- ;"T~n .^lE^s ,pin nicety, subtlety ^lais 

.HiJbn ticism 
.-?? -^t; nnr to cut off, snip uff u, a. [^"'it^S^H 
.n^DS .cn.;^ chips, parings ?? f*r^^'^J^DlJ 
to remove by a jerk or fillip o. a. fv^Jt^'D^s 

.nip;^^^'^ na^n-i n' Sp. -^cn 
to -^(ni^yr^-^ to cut off* v. a. \V'^Vp^V^^ii 
.<2n2> nT^b ."lb? finish chopping [cabb.^ge) 

xhu to slaughter y. a. [tOIDX^K'DiS 
to scum, ;"b ::k"f' to ladle out v. o. [£>^^^i^ 
.(•jTsr.- '^yr: icnn) 'c'^p skim off 
i^l tp shear iK^i^ to cut v. a. pV^^if 


_ 83 


?n«^n away ! (w driving off chickens) int. ^'".pK 

.|pKi- ipi-^ 
(a^ifr.) ; Kp,^ 'HD axle, axle-tree (jt^Z« f-) ,/ OpK 

.i'^p axis 
»n5:ipn by waggon apK ira — 
♦is,nl\^ ox, bull (^>Z. [-)??* Dps* 
shoulder ;K|'^"^ ,n^5 axle-tree (pZ. fl^b-) m vDpK 

shoulder-bone^ shoulder-blade n p.^^'^SopK 

.(fciKn rs prn!?)bip/^ ^^ 10.^ linch-pin??i Spi^Sfe-^DpK 

OX" ^,1^ ^t ,*i1w? bt^ of an ox, bulls adj^ Pp^ 

.^u;£ts blockish, stupid ; "1*^ ir^s like 

♦D^p^^iDin pin'v (^?2 game at cards / * Vp^ 

tt^^u? hp ^p^v^?? weight of three pounds / ^ Vp^ 

*51%^D 01 xirf^iN* ocean {pL IP - ) m fK^pH 
»^;;i^lK ^cis^p'K ^r oceanic adj. ^)^^))p^ 
oceanic islands ]vhvA^ pu?n^*pp« (geogr.) — 

nriHS oceanic rivers pi'^ V'^^v.^vpi^ {geogr.) -™ 

»c'rpiK "linn 
;i|Bnb on the contrary J'^'^y.t about prep. ]^Vp^ 

♦ |.iypio:K »t ;"b i;,i':n in regard to 
on the other hand ;g^ik however pty? pvp^ -^ 

."[an 5 
*JTf"DP pT^O'^^gh share {pi. ^^) m ^3)pK 
.farmer, itirp^is i.jv agriculturist m '^^/'''lil^^pK 

♦'iSK peasant 
*nt'-ri?^n nb,ij;. plough-truck ??i i^iS'r'i^pK 
.'ny-'i-^rpK = JKD^,pp:i 
to {fig.) ;n*5B '^■'^n to plough, till v. a, pPp^i 

.u,'h"]i iph ,-^'§C! search 
nDina nt2?3; to make a racket a^u?pD ]'ipp^ — 

.w^nni ntsnK arable land /'I'lP'^'iJ^pt:^ 

,DU?1XPK = ,t0^1]^p^ 

shareholder, stockholder {pi f-) m '^l^JK^^pK 

D5?9 tax on liquoirs Pa\3p orp excise / t^^'p^^ 

exciseman, excise-col- (pi B^-) w pl^T'^^'pK 

♦^^\:£ri csr^n bi: r^r^'D .bs^n n^i^' lector 
sy'^lb^p ^rrrii^p occurrence ;n'f^',ti act / ^^^pK 

.n3D Tqw? „t|?p share 
nu?i; to perpetrate an act V^'^p^ |^ |k"^sk — 

ps^Kn the index ;'^ finger {pi m"?^^) f V^^^ 

the finger of God, the work / D%^'^ .^V^i.^S 

. — of God 

one who hastens to become m '^'^^'l^u^p^ 

. - rich 
r.-'S ,D^^2n ns^^'^ ,^^b2nn academy / ^^!:]^'^i^^pK 

»^2b^n academician m '^^p)t2l'"^\^p^ 

."±2110 b-c academical adj. ^^^^^KpK 

.(-np») Ksp^n to freeze ;niD to die ?;■. n, \VT.^^p^ 

.n:2^;o environs, vicinity / ^^^^^Kpl^ 

.(Sjsiss)"^] band (o/ a cap) f Vp^^h^p^ 

nib to accompany {in music) v> a. [^^^KBDXpK 

*n*i;£n ,p>'i trench (pL B.V-) m B^^pK 

.(fS? pw nts'^ acacia / ^^^^^p^ 

''^mJ,nDXfin accord {in music) {pi f-) m TlKpK 

,(p:52 IX T'fS) ni^lpri 
al- ',mv. n\ ,nri^ now, just now adv, ^^'^^^p^ 

.top^3 most 
"at the beginning," title of a pi Ulr^'IpiS 
^-hymn recited on Pentecost 
3r,b alcohol, spirits m S!1"pK 
Dni accusative or objective case m 'I'^^Ktlpi^ 

.OT ptt) n^^bpD ,asn :h^ shark OWi) / J^'^^.p^^ 


*onpK!)£2^pK* perch (p^. D^-) m ppi^ 

.p^ni exactly acZt^. ^K'^i'pK 

.pnp exact »;p^^l accurate adj. J^^tiKTipK 

;nb!i? accoucheur, midwife {pi f - ) m "^iWip*^ 

,nn v>:?f accoucheuse, midwife / Vp - 1| 
act mTci;;: act, deed^ action {pi f — ) m ^pl^ 
deed, document ;(p''tn3) n^npn (o/ a play) 
protocol M-in^na -n^.^n joke, fun nia-^ ,3n3 

.cn^n pist 
nu,'p to perpetrate an act tsp^ |h i^tsD^ -~ 

there is something strange ^a^H ts^tt t^P^? IK — 
I nn?n i?:^ in u;-' about him ! 
.(ansisb n^r-^n lynnn) iniDpib? October ?7i "^^i^^pX 
,(iPo ^^3? ^«? rjsn) p\b|.:i n^pD'^ octavo ?n HKtcp.^ 
.(nr^«) n''p?iu? octave /^n|<t5p.^ 
at the bop of one's piiKDpK np'^DSyn in '=1"'^ ~ 

,i^iK bipn voice 
»|iitD«%nn pnuD actor {pi f--) m '^u^'trpK 
,ninrn ni3i monopoly w ^'l^^ps 
.p^^K^ns ^^TOs actress /]^D^*iw:<^-»^ 


^ 84 


r^, pbhp_ -D ^1 to slip V, r. n^.t t^tD^^SDK'nK 
->2 ^h to Steal down ?;. a. f^^^^^J'^i.nJ^&KlK 

»"5k ]h5 to give or hand down «. a. p^^SiJ'IK 

•113; to deduct, allow a discount 
>n^py tarin to hand down i;. a. [^::3.sbl^n£.S"l« 
l/t-'ll ;-?2 iDhD to scratch off v. a. IVt^^''^^^'^^ 

rbvr^ Ds^ to climb down v. r. 
to twist off, break off by v. a. t^l^'^'lSiJ'^8 
p"^a to wring ;-byp 'ih'^i acn turning 

;-D(j^nb),ph'n to press down v, a. [p^^'lS^^^*^ 
.(i^n»n ftt) j;'n| to squeeze down (a price) 

.-p «i;3 to lift from v. a. pT.T^^^^)^ 
to hang down, hang from v. n, [^^^^m^^'^K 

to throw a person u. a. t^^J^- .[j; n,"i£^lK 

♦"byp T]p^\^>^ y;^« ^?t'n down by force 
;-t) Ti^^n to throw down v. a. \V^h^r>miH 

rt) bbi to fall dowm v. r. T'-^ll 
nbij: to grow downward v, a. fDp>?"'i*£i^'^K 

I't^ ij^^li to throw or cast off v. a. [S'lKVi^.S'lK 
rbv,^ ^?^D to throw down 
rip (nns) inn to wind off v. a. [^^p^lifcK'iiS 
n^in to show downward v, a, fi!-^''£i^1i^ 

rbp.a nfn to blow off v. a. f^^ri*£SJiK 
.(Ktt^as) nm'l nb3 to weigh down v. a. f)ii^'1£K1K 

r\'pSr] beating down {of a pirce) f H^lii^iDS^lK 
l^iisB deposition {from an office) UT-nan |») 

to ;n^D^ :3''u;ln to seat down v. a. [^J^t^KIK 
to beat down ;'i&ni nsn knock off, beat off 
"i^B to depose {from an office) Un^hKis) I'nin 
to seat oneself down v. r, H-^'^ll ;(mttti'tts) 
to ;(n»n)i;p^ to set {of the sun) in^^b it^j 
♦(a^brij) i;py settle (q/ liquids) 
to ;n^!p^ i<'^3 to carry down v. a. p^^'^^S^XlK 
,(anr3) J^^hd sweep down 
rbtip ^"i| to chase down v. a. pl"'1t;D&K'lK 
to shake off or down u. a. I);^D^.n^S.Sl>« 

to drip or trickle down a. n, [^^"itDijlK 

to ^ep down, walk down v. n. \^'p'^'Ct^^i< 

M. «• il »"^j;20 ^11 to chase down v. a. p.^^&vS1i$ 
*Qh3 itDi: to rur awaj 

?^ ni5i1 stock-company / tO^Kt^^j[?tp-D:^^52p|$ 

^(pnpns) E:|?b ,n^^J5 accent (^?. f-) m tOi^::ipi$ 

,(nati> ^uo n3:np acceptance {com.) m ^t^'^pH 

acceptor^ accep- com. {pi f-) m. -^JK'^Si^ilp.S 

♦(-itDtf) 55P9 ter 

♦O^ty) ^Sp to accept {com.) v. a. p^tOD^iip.^< 

.£KnpiK = £^i^^pN! 

*b^b| circuit, district (j»2. f-) m ^"I'lpX 

.b^b| 'p^ of a circuit, of a district adj. V^^V.y^ 

graunlar sugar {of confectioners) pi. DPpt^*^*lp^ 

corner crust Q^L DJ^SS^ .l^V-) m r^|p-?^p« 
4(Dn^ ^W 123n nK2 (o/ 6reac2) 

,Vl71?ipK = p^itl^'Ip.S 

list {of cloth), salvage {of linen) f Vp^l^p^ 

,s^-ipiK === D^'ipNi 

.nrEO ,r\\if. boat, vessel, ship (_pZ f-')m tDJ^ipiS 

.^'il? Arabia /r::iK'l^ 

♦■'nip. ,'';sl^|; Arabic adj. t^^^I^KlK 

.pb^ ,£Kii orator {pi ^'-) m *i;^tDK^« 

♦h-'i ,cm aroma (^pL f «) m tOKDXlK 

Aramean n || Pplt^ Aramean adj, K^^S^i::^^^^ 

,n*p';K language, Aramaic 
'1i7:0 Ql« orang-outang (pL f^ - ) m 2iJ:«t013JKl5!|l 

♦(e]lp j^D) 

*'^''^^ ,1*15 to arrange t^. «. ["itt^TJKl^ 
orangery, greenhouse, hot-house/^l^'i^t^'Ji^'^i< 

;nK)Tib ,(-3T) b^p »nKbn off, down adv. Si^^iJ* 

r'7V^ ■'m"i^ I have gone down SKii? pn "i^k — 
♦-bpD "iib< I will go down m^^^ 5yn iix — 
,ir;piD xic^ to become insane \v^^) pS asnx — 
*nt"!n ,u?n3 to emaciate :2i^b p5 sx"^« — 
♦n^^b ,(131) ^i/ip off, down, from pre/. 'CH"18 
.iVA jn^2^) Kip to invite v. a. [tO^KSJ^*^^ 
♦n^pb !=ib2 to bend down u a, [:i^^:nSi^"i« 
♦'^!;l^J ui!!S to untie and take off v. a. I^^^2£iS"iX 
"" .rbpD) -p nu;.; to blow off ?;. a. tusbis.six 
♦rbpip) -Q ibwj to break off u. a. I^J^'i^CiSnx 
; rb^p) -p K?n to bring down v. a. [^^^^'"iliSJ^'lX 

,«^rib2^ fp; to disadvise {fig.) ;"5i$«:;n 
; ("bp.p) "p IT to go down, descend v. n, p.^^C^S'l^l 

>V,^T ,ibn to be deducted 
to go mad, become insane lP3n pa ]iijdxi« — 

to pour ; "9gp "^ibu? to pour off v. «. IC^iBKni 

,n^pb Tifcu? down 




mri to knock off, beat off v. a. f^^cSpDK^K 

.^bm ca.: to climb down v. n. pV'^vhpm'^^ 

r^ -I'll to scratch, off v, a, l^^^p^^'^^ 

r^VJP bm to crawl down v. n. p)'^p^^^^ 

.ti-i;)^ a'lp^ to call down v. a. fS'lBKIK 

*"5i;t5 pr\r\ to shove down u a, [p^'^SiK'^K 

,"bpp p_hQ to tear off v. a, fD^^lfc^'^^ 

to run down, trickle down v. n. [P^'^D^'^K 

.133 to deduct, discount v. a, [P^S^'^tH'^^^ 

*|ls^nn IP 

^'ipni in^ to scrape off v. a. p^^BKlK 

^'^pni y:i;3 to shake off v, a, IV^p^^m^^^ 

.-by.p n-^l to scrape off v. cu pK^B^IK 

»»bi7p(nnn>,|rhnto wash off v. a, [^p^^WaK^K 

."^ ^hT to push off or down «. a. p^^^B^S^K 

,^T to descend, go down v. n. pl^'^K^&^'^K 
iaj7n to put or place down -y. a. pP'O^mi^ 

to shed down, throw down v, a. [^I^BK'IK 

.nw ^'^^ to flay, strip off k a. f'lJ'^t^BK'nK 
to shoot ncni nh; to shoot off v, a. JD^^BKlK 

*r!toD^ nh; down 
.n-^pb n-^^ to send down v. a. \p)^m^^ 
to free oneself by cunning v. r. ^^t fl^^!J"^BiSlK 

nsn to strike off, beat off v. a. pK^K?£.^lK 

.t?''K :3!5 5an to discourage jdi^ pS |.iiH5-^'SKiK — 

.t^^ to swallow V, a, fP^^S^&K'IK 
shd to drag or pull down t?, «, |B1?^S5^&.^1» 

*-5i;tt (nh3) ^h to cut off v. a. pIl^^JtS^&K'lK 
■iBri to remove by a filJip v, a. f^P^B^lK 

,tb to cut off, shear v, a. I'^V^t^'^^ 

•"^y.^ <F^42> :ih to jump down t^. n, p^)'^?^^m^K 

.ni^rpb trin sprinkle down o. a, \Tr^^miH 

.n«D t^^w p: arrac m pK'^K 

,^ locust {one of the plagues of Egypt) m HS'IK 

,n^^2K water-melon {pi f-) m tiS'nK 

*(323 bm ^^GD orbit (^eo^r.) /r^'^^'^^>' 

^^n^ sleeve (pZ. - ) m b^'^^ 

to laugh in one's sleeve 9in^ pK pK7 — 

to r5i;D n^n to snatch off v. a, f£i^2SK1K 
to V. n l^i-ll ;p:sna "isn take off quickly 
.ll^ans ih; get down in a hurry 
to reduce ii^jn to let down v. a. pK^E^lK 
to descend 'u. r, ^^?--|| ;n^n»m I'^ln (a ^^r'^ce) 
bfi^n to lower oneself j condescend ;*iv 

.D^a&sn ^pa to embezzle v^V'^Vp p.^ p^bsK'n^ — 

r^VJS y^^ to run down v. n. \&'')hm'^^ 
V. n yj'-W ih^Db b^-^ lay down v. a. pl^^S^pK 
to lower oneself I2b^b b^fn to lie down 

rbv^p "im to remove ?)» a, [S.^^^eK^iK 

to bring ;1T to go down i^. a. n, p^T^:£X"^K 

nnin down 
to ;-ip npJ' to take down v, a, fl^lS^lDNn^ 
ner? to take offj subtract ?"» ipri remove 
b^sbi^D IP p^D ^^^ to cut (mrc?^) ; nnan 
;d^^ to photograph icnsnprj p r\^i^b Wi^by 
y.^^W ;abr\n ]m n^i-t^ m ^tn to skim {milk) 
.tibp^ri to be photographed v. n 

^mp Iph to unstring (heads) v. a. \^h)t^^^'^^ 

rp nb-'ai falling down m hi^tt^^^ 
rp %3 to fall down v. n> I^kS&KIK 
.1^9 ^B3 to lose courage y.i i^n ^kSsk'-iK ■- 
to ifim^ vM to ride down a. n. p\m^'^^ 
»1Y come down 
rbv:P ipn to remove u a. pi^S&Nn,^ 
r^HP bnj to lead down ii. a, fl^S^K^K 
,"l'Tin |D '"icn to lead astray m's ps p^ssKi^ — 


rbpp 9b to flow down v, n, p'htt^^^ 

rbvjp ?]p1p to fly down v. n, p^^SSKIy 

,nDpb downward adv. I^Si^'i.!? 

to pull ;-bpp ijTO to draw off v. a. f^^^£^lK 

h23 to deduct u'isi iiy) W| off^ strip off 

*(p2t?nn |!2) 
rp bl>i to roll down t;. a. f^t^tOKp&KlK 
.-bpp b^l to roll down v. a. p^^Kp£K"uH' 
1b3 to drip or trickle dowE v. m fJ^SKpcx^K 

^btr.n to tumble down a r. n^t f^^^lpSX^i.^ 

to come^ li^i to come down v. n, f^DlpE.^'^N 

,Hls arrive 
.napp K)Sn to look down v, n. fplp&K^r 
.»9|?,^ ^^1 to roll down v. a, W^p^lpm'^ ' : 


— 86 


♦53rn-3Jii? organ (pi fJ^ - ) / ^31S 

o^iyn |559 organist m *1J^7^B^"7^'^X 

np.spn allowance of provisions / ^'''^K^n^^i^ 

♦mns ,t:iv;?s ,\3ir3 .S'^i^ ordinary ar/j. '^^^*!"i'^S^ 

.-inp arrangement 'nn?: order / i^l^PI'^i^ 

^EDD ordinal number (^r.) (p/. f - j/^Sif-s:!^:^!"^^ 

<"TnD to set in order, arrange v, a. tP^J^"T^^ 

order, decoration, badge (pi. '^'-) m p'^^ 

♦ni.i« .nnin order ;ii23"nix 

,(r^'inh^ bv) nn^ps order (pi D-) / "^V^T^^^ 

get out! int. \\ ;ni£=inn ^in?p .|d out ac^u. D'^'in.s* 

/nxr I have gone out o^nK pn i^x — 
.xirx 1 shall go out o^nx ^I'v, ^^^ — 
\s^^« ni5 to see a person off v, a. fO^^S^KnD^inK 

to get or elicit from v. a. [J^Dip.MinD^nN* 

.-rp : liin 

r^inrp 'r\^ to bite out v. a. [Dl^nD'^n^J 

,-^inp 2t=; to blow out v, a. ['-S^n&^inK 

to find one's way after v, n, im^^^^m^^H 

,r\0ir\ inrn "^.n^ i3i*i n^t xsr!^ going astray 

.-^in?p nhe to shoot out v. a. [^'720'' ilK 

to reject ;iha to choose i;. a. pil^pK^mD^IlK 

♦-ilinj? 'ihv to break out v. a. tD^'^^nD^lIK 
.x^icin to bring out a. v. f^^:)^'i::D^"l'lK 
to try a Pixn in fia .^^nya |is tyjiyniD'^nx — 
person's patience, put a person in a 
♦u-'K (^3ipn) Dpsn passion 
,!TjnnD edition i.iT'?P gi^i^^g "^P / ^^i^^^^l*^^ 

♦(D^iBo bm ri^pn 

going out (pi ^m- >\vm^-) m mx^^"^^^ 

,r\r\^ ,K^ii2 exit \r^^^\ 
iP.''e5ln to appear ;k2£; to go out v, n. [^ISD'^I'IK 

♦(nsD ipny) 'liK^ «i£; 
,fppr\n to lose patience a'l^D ^n pa p^^D^r.K — 
to go out of fashion p-ibJD pa p-iJo^riK -• 

•an3Dn?3 ^42'' 
the windows Dx: px D^n« IP^"?:; "iptocspD 1'^ ~ 
♦iimn ba hidid mjiSnn are facing the street 

.-Q "^la"^ to pour out v. a.. JD'^D^inK 

»D?yn torpm to slip out v. r. ^n [^tO^^rs^^K 

J-Dis/to steal from v. a. \V^V - .[^IDJ^D^'.*5K 

,-p 2.ynn to slink out y. r. T?^-!! 
to extradite ; K-'irin to give out v. a. py^l3''"!'lK 
*'V' "Pi? -lUD to betray ;(pnnx .ijnts*? ytyio -ibtt 

nw to do a thing off-hand 9sn« ]'§ ]bri? -- 

.t7T to inherit f. n. f^'iK 
,-four -nioji. n^S'^K ,^S"IH 
"the four sons,'' the four pi C'^S ^^^VV^ 
types of men spoken of in the Haggadah 
.'-'(the wise, the wicked, the niive, the ignorant) 

^nipv.^ ,r^:^\hi2 work, labor ipll-) i toyniX 
.nV'i;'s female worker, workwoman / f*iS*tD;^n"^J< 

.D^^I/^B "ipib employer m *1]^SI^5"t:^H^ 
journey- ;'5i;1d worker (p)l ]V '-) m ^^'^'''tD^SI^^ 

.np5%' br'pvi? man 
worker, active person (pi f-) m t^3^tS"tO^!:il8 

.^3pDy ,tn.? cix 
nhy .nrx^p nt^i; .^ys to work, labor o. n. |tD;^i"i^ 

.(mspttr-D) a-.D to kuit (stock%ngs) a, y. || 

to play pranks, do mischief o''C'p?i p^oynix ~ 

.SSinnn nmnu^n .D^SiSpn nw 

to work with might c^Ss y^« ^i^ix p^oymx — 

.in2 5::^ n;y and main 

worker, workman, workingman, m I^^^J^H'^^ 

.'^pjqv worker n^iy ,n5K'p?:-bi;5 .^i;>3 laborer 

.- forty ram. C'^I^f'^^ 
the four cups for the Pass- pi HlDlS-^snx 

.- over ceremony 
ritual four-cornered {pi f-') m D^e^^-^^IK 

,— garment 
.pa^ pea (j?^ f-t'-) wi S^n"i>« 
to be absurd issk^t Q^i^ cyniH iii |ay^p - 

♦d^a^ax b'vp of peas adj. pV^^^ 
woman selling boiled pease / V'^^'-^^V'^'^^ 

ntoi7 pea-pods, pea-shells p>l |tD''ltr-D5^nn« 

.C2^3iat<t b'i^ a^'p'Din ix 
the four cornerss of the pi a^l]^^ 2T1J£ j;nn» 

. - world 
"the four sections," sec- pi m^^iD ymx 
tions of the Law read on four Sabbaths 
.- preceding the Passover 

*p'i bad ac?;' ^"^H 

K^pp-^^s .i^u?5p i^?2 organ (^p?. J^ -- ) n [K3'n« 

.5.nx = ;(pP5? T»3> nj.^ap "^u; 

.nn'^ncn organisation / P^l\^i^J«"'^i< 

."ibl "TnD to organise v. a- f^T^K^^^i^ 

organist, organ-pk,yer (pL f-) m tOD^'J^^"^^ 


^ 87 


fco retire, ;•"?? "I'V^ to step out t% n. (t]?'l^D^°'^K 
»1nj;n niti to express oneself ; -p «^; withdraw 
t;, r. 1^^-11 5"?^ "^'11 to chase out v. a. I'K'D^i'^^^ 
."D fn to run out 
.-tjifiD bbK to eat out of u a. [P^.^'^D^n^ 
^^.t-|I;-i]inp*ibn to snatch out of v. a. tSK^D^'^K 
;■"» pi ibnb^ fc«\^ to get out quickly v. r. 
.nbD Dben to slip a word 
to blab, blurt out ttsib^ii ^ is^.d "jit iBXDDnK -^ 
♦n^ii^i ^nb:s n^^ ^b^n a word 
to utter in a rattling voice -y, a, t^^5"iK2D^'1"iK 

,nn3 K132 

to Bet free ;nK2i^ fhi to let out «, <i, [S^'^D^I^IK 
to pub" ; "^yrrrr to leave out ; "",bs ,'^Bnb n'^^t 
*m^ to go out V. r. ^^t^ll n%\b K^in lish 

*'-?; pi to run out v. n. \^'''ho^)'^K 

^ti^^m a*t^ to expose v. a. p^^^^^'I'iK 

to hold a light to a person v. n. I^Sl^SD'^l'nx 

,ini^2£^ ^^'^b '^^0 g*^i^g ^^^ 
fco extricate JK^In to take out v. a. (SKt:^*''*^^ 
to ex- ;"p ppnn to get off v. r. T^t^|| \xbr^ 
'"P pbc^D to shirk from ;fbnn tricate oneself 

."?; TOBfl 

r» t[^n."Di^^ to march out v. n, p^t^'nKDD''''^.K 

to obtain by cunning or de» t?. a. [IN^D'^I^K 

.n^K^t!!n .m^n ception 

,-» K^SI to take out 'v, a. f^'^pD^IlK* 

,D"5^ to project, prominent v. n. t^t^tD^nK^DDVlK 

to draw out a thread from v. a> f^7 ■DD^'IlK 

.iDnrin K)in a^in. a needle 

to dislodge, i-'^^m ^b^ to eat out v. a. pV^""^^ 

,oaipt3t2 i£?'H) n-in drive away 

.n^nb??^ nf 'ipj challenge / :iyi"l^*lK£D''^:lK 

♦n^nbspb ^bri In* k^j? to challenge t-. a. p^'l.^BD''"l\^ 

.«D bs3 to fall out 'V. n. f^KSD'^ilK 

ri^ np;p2 driving out m iKfeD'^'i'lK 

start, beginning 'i^DD"'n^ "ip^^yip (Jig.) — 

,i|i5ri to go l"^ Vbi to drive out «. n. flKSD^'ilK 
to send away n^^ to dismiss u a. ptD|D''1'1M 

rp i^£n to get rid of v. ?% 11t*-|| ;rib"c 
to J"^ "^bin ,"» bn3 to lead out ?;, a, fl^SD'^llK 

^-^ b^^n ,-p i^^3 carry out, convey out 
to make a ^ii ^ *i^ik |ii:ii2^.K p^sa'-nK' {fig.) ™ 
•«7''K Knn ,^^« cirnn person listen to reason 

j"?I1SBp 'T^TO to extricate u a. I11^^JKb£D''1lK 
►•fliSBD innn'fn to extricate oneself v. r. ^^T«.|| 
^''ifto ^'|3Snn to burst out ^, n. [^\^^£D^n^ 

to V. r, l^t^ll niK? ^';^%i to publish m^t^s 
xsnnn pretend to be. pass oneself for 

^'ni^b N'^2i?^ publisher m 'I^S^^D'^IIH 
iii pK"^ useless, vain, lost adj, faiKn^:!D''11^ 

r?p ibri to dig out 'y. a. pKI'D I'lK 

ra ip3 to pick out -u. a, f^Dl^nD^nK 

to ;"?^ ijTO to pull out ?^. a, pKtS^i?nD^l"lK 

.^hni iph sound 
to wrench out, wrest out «. a, f^^^'^'ID'^nK 
to free oneself, extri- v. n ^^t-^jJMnpmn K^ir? 
.i]^SEp n:^£m cate oneself 
to infer from, conclude i\ a, [jt^^Jn^D''i1|t 

.-» 0?1n from 
to ;-» es^m nbri to hew out v, a. [pKHD'^nyi 

.«i"'ni r^^^ knock out 
.-D K:^1r! to draw out, fetch out v. a. p'^^Ti'O^Ti^ 
,K^ln to extricate nu; to help c. a. fS^^^uDT'i^ 

.pin?:s n^n to hang out -u. a, f^:!^^nt:''nK 

ri^i Vb\ r^ Kr to emigrate v. m pi? 1-3K'nD''nK 

rt^ Db^ to grow out v. n. fCpKl'BT.K 

r^ Ti^tpn to throw out, eject v. a, (£'1K1 ^^)^^ 

;"D u?"!! to expel >nii''.n to show v. a. pJilS'^HK 

to show one- v. r, ^\T\ -^W; r\-\jrp^^ ipn to oust 

.r^-j:. to appear \vr..'i:i r.H riKin self 

devel- ;t|-id:D *^inriy' extrication / ^iJl^pri'D^inK 

.n^nr.snn opment 
to JTjiSBp iin^^ to extricate v. cu [^Spr.lD^nK 
to extricate one- v. r. "|^t »- 1| ; nne develop 
.nr^Brin to develop oneself ;"cpp Tin.^^n self 
-psri to speak oat. uibor, declare v. a. |^KTD"^11K 
to express one- v. ?% "j^l - 1| ; (u^stj' na) niin 
AW.^„ n?n self, commit oneself 
ri^ f^p .-r^ pb; to suck out v. a. f^^^D'^TIK 
rp n'^-i to see from v. a. f]^*D"'n*^ 
;-a bs? ri^ n^ri to knock out v, a. fS^I^TD^nK 
^b\i' to gush out V, «. IP"?? i|5^D to eject 
,ir\'2.r\b i|tt»y) n"^^ to rise {as smoke^ flames) ;-p 

n^ Shp to drag out v. a. I^pDi<tSD''l"l|t 
9^n to thrust out (^Ae tongue) v. a. f]^£^b^tDD''nK 

.-^ Kiiih ,^?p KUJ to carry out v. a. pJf?^tDD''1*1^ 

,11D nbjp divulger of a secret m '1^2H'^tOD''TlK 

.-p pbir rp \t'j| to drive out v. «. p!?*l*OD''nH 

^"•'^inp ^b3 to drop out v. n. fD^ltOD'^nK 

offen» Jni;i niD ^n^nin utterance / ^iiltOl^ltDD^nif 

HH^^j ^'"in^^ Mb^Pf excess ;ni52;nri .ri-^m sive 



."0 f^'"*)! to scrape out, rake out v. a, pKt^C^lli^ 

A^^\ nh'f to swim out 'o. n. \V^TC^'^t)'^"\^^ 

rin'7 ^o wash or sweep out v. a. fPp-S^Vit^D^llK 

:??:») K'r to descend frora v. n, tPt2^tOt^D^1'li< 
.(-i2-j)i) Kii; to arise Knneiytt 

^■^m'^ J^hn ,-n f^h^ to push out v. a, t!3"''^-^S'''5lK 
,-?3 u?'i| to expel 
.-D (^h'7 to push out V. a. |£)-itt^D^*,lK 
,(n^iya) xk;: to get out v. n. l^^l^^ti^^^^ 
to ex- ;ni£',nD a-^D to put out v, a. f^^^t^D^'l'i^ 
to come out, v. r. H-^-H m'^s^I^^ >^D pose 
to defend, take a per- JKJi; come forward 
.inpi pD^b Yj2P^ ,-bi?. L^ri son*s part 
». w. II ;Ki?lrT to put out a,\'. [p^tDt^D'^nK 
^ti'^'z to stick out, jut out 
*K2iin to put out V, a. '0"^^^^^'^^^ 
.n'^^nri (^b^) i;ti to pour out v. a, [t^.ti^D^i'iK 
«. «. II ;-D n'T to shoot out v. a. [D'tS^D^nx 
.i;[^sriri <K^^£^^' to hurst out, explode 
.-n njjx:^ a^sn to sail out v. r. "!^' jB^t^D"'1*iK 
banishment, \rvht sending out /^JIp^it^^DTiK 

♦n^l ,u?n| exile 
to banish, ;n*5\2; to send out v. a. fp^^D'^^'lK 

♦-a u?'!! ,/iv!\i? exile 
Kitin to heat out, knock out v. a. p«'?te^D^nK 

.(nyt) K'ii; to come out v. n. || Jrii^sn ^T '^^^ 

to forget ahout sKp ps dpsy 15? px^rD^i^K' — 

,i::n n^ti? a thing 

to lose one's mn^ it ps 15? p«b^'D''n^ — 

.ins "i:ix strength 

Ik :inD to drag out, pull out v. a, \t))h'^X:i^T\^ 

♦nainii i]5U7D to throw out v. a. f^^2:t^D^r.^ 

.ii'\>ti ,to'^a to spit out D. a. fI^l,^£t^B^n^ 

to shoot up, sprout out v, n. |iSH;'1B^D''11M 

to spring out, jump out v„ n, \^^^)'^t^O'^^'^H 

rf.m (fspj ib^r 
; -a (phj) mn to throw out v. a. \t)^WO'^)"^H 
,p>tn to spout put 
jnlnD ID.7 to screw out v, a. it^"i"^^^^)^^ 
;^'nai ::h3 to write explicitly v. a. [i'L^I^D^'IIK 
.(iDDta p35?) prii;n to extract (/rom a hook) 

.n^lptt^ rn^p up, upwards adv. ^''1'^^ 
♦^j; on, upon, up pre/, "^'''i'^^ 
to hring to a pros- (J-m, ) v, a. ftD^^'njc £MnK 
1'^ "'II ''Tr^^i'? "T^tl^b (pDy) x^n perous condition 
♦'"ifej^^D to work one's way up v. r. 

."D nsipn flying out m '5^£D'>'n|? 

.-D m'^.B) s^^ip to fly out V. n. j>?^S£D^^1]H 

; -D J^h^ to thrust out, push out v. a. \V^^V^^^^'^'^ 

r» ib'fH to cast out 
to press out, squeeze out v. a. \'0))'^Ei^^T\^ 

rip ^h\v rrp n'm 
to ;-D (i]\y9> M'^'P to draw out v. a. j>^^^DMnj< 

rrp t^inn extract 
TD h^i to roll out ij. a. in^^mp^'^^^ 
to get out, extricate v. a. ^j IV'^mp^''^^^ 
rrp ^nqnt'n oneself 
♦"D nis; to drop out V. n. |>^£)Kpu2'^11^ 
;-^ 5m to crawl out 'v. .r ^j |l?p:iK\SpD^n^ 
♦i]i^Ea "iiriJD'^'n to extricate oneself 
on ipp::KiKpo'''nK - 11^ ;];pt:riNpD''nK 

.-^ pkQ ,niitt to squee2:e out v. a. |^t^'^i;npD'''1|< 
to get ;"S xr to come oiit v. n. [PDipD'^l'n^ 
;mB) CDnfinn ,PTin ahroad, become known 
to descend \hvjh xr to result ;^?k; to ensue 
»-p J77P nSn to he due from '.(nncu^a j^Tja) «k; 
prospect insp^D .las^ outlook, view m pIpD^ll'^ 

to wait ;-» !=ip_t*n to look out v. t?. [plpD'^TliH 
rh nsn ,-^ nsi: for 
r)p 5^1 to roll out v. a. jI^S'^l-^pD^llH 
KiJin to heat out, knock out i^. a. [SK^pD'l*!^ 

v.r. Tt-^||;-D nhs to pick out v. a. p^-^^pD'-m 
.tiyi pp^Vo to remove from lodgings 
TD i<'^KD to sweep out V. a. [l^pD^'^'^l^ 
to extort ;j|>D to get out v. a. [^ripD'^IlK 

»n^^j3s apb 

,i^S£p^ bh] to creep out v. n. p^'IpD^'T^K 
,-D j'bn rip b-^n to save, rescue v. a. [pilots iS'nD'^'l^l? 

;-D5m to crawl out ^. ??. f^1l^p^tDK'nD''m 
.^iSBip "i*inriv'n to extricate oneself v. r, T-^ — IJ 
nxnp, challenge ;n^nR calling / :i-31^11D''11^ 

iihp to challenge JKhp to call v. a. p^*lD''l'1K 

,narif!pb vh^ 1« 
to move •»'?? pns^D to shove out v. a. [pI'^B^'l^l^ 
to get out of one's li. r. l-'-jj J"^ ^^iin out 
.c:bj;n to sneak out {st) ;ibip^p pOl^D place 

♦V£?p Kiiin ,K*^5 to utter i). a. p^.^'n&''1'1X 
to \'p )tP, '"'^ "i^'^i^v to tear out v. a. (D!^1D''11>S 
to free one- v. r. "p ---W J"» ^^bn snatch out 

.p££:n to equip 1;. a. ftOS^ID^I'li 
.*?» ~^t3 to run out,, trickle out v. n. IV^)'^^^'^^^ 



fbv, d^V to put on, lay upon v. a. pl^^&''11K 

,^'mti to be laid on v. r. y^-^W 
to lay a fault ibi^ k |^p^\s* ^I'-iK piiba''i"!X — 
.''p: "^^K 5p i3ii; D'u at another person's door 
to be a burden on i^pdik ^''IK ^n p^i5s^nK "~ 

*iy''K bp KtyD? n\'^ 
rbg ibn to sew on v. a. \^))^^^^^B 
Kjn ,nji;r5b bb3 to take up v, a. I^^D^^^B'^nK 

(B^rs ) a^'9 to string on (beads) v, a, p7^D6'^1lK 

,-b|? bb3 to fall on or upon a ti. t^KfeS'^nK 

to ;(n33-f35) iibi; to drive up v. n. pK&B^IlK 

*(n3-!S) "bv, Vj^ run against [drimng) 
to carry ;nb^?iib bns to lead up «. a. fl^&S'^I'lK 

,n^^'^b x^ri up 
rtij; J^^l? to fly up a. n, f^'^b&D^IIK 
<n^^?;)b upwards acly. IXS^llK 
to ;n5j?D^ ij'^ri to draw up v. a. I^^^^&^ilK 
to raise {a price) 1"^^ "^^i^ draw up 

to ^T\b^)^b b^ to roll up v. a. fJ^^tDKpB^nK 

r'pp b^i roll upon 
.-bj2 «nb3 to drop on v. a. n. ;|^SKpg^1lK 

rbv n^:?s'^ 

*,ibpi CBS to climb up i^, r. "^t fl^pnKnKpB'^nK 

..i":'i; to come up v. n. fl^/^1p6'''11.^ 

.r^bmb Esn to look up v. n. \p"rb'^)'iK 

to ;n5ppb ^5| to roll up ^v a. fi^^pi^pS^lK 

»-bp ^5| roll upon 
to fasten on by beating v, a, f&K^pc^IlK 

*"bK triKi nin 

rbj? (,-;2i3) pa75 to paste on v. a, f^l^^pD'^ilK 

„ibpj ssto to climb up v. n. pV^'/'^pmi^ 

.IPi^bpsm^ = JB];bp&''1lK 

to sweep ;~bp ^s^s to turn up t?, a. p]/p&^1lK 

*-5i; K'^«^ upon 

rbv_ nbv] bm to creep up v, n. pnpB'^IIK 

♦11? |Pp-K'iKpa''nK -= ^^t f^V,);p*^tOKlB^1lK 

,rTbi;?^b K'1,'3 to call up •?;. a. f&ll&^l'iK 

3jhT to shove up, move up v, a. [pilD'^IlK 

..52in to lift up {fig) V. a, fCl^lB'^nK 

rbv_ H'-J to trickle on v, n, f^J^1i^1\H 

.-^V -i^Dn to rain on t?« a. fl^J^'i^^S^nK 

BO add, to an account v. a. W^V^V^ti''^'^^ 

to put to a person^s account ;|lau?n> ^^pin 

.irtn !3p„ .inrt n^p^a uphill at^t^. 51KnB''1lK 

.h9||Db r\m to bend upwards i?, a. Ii1^n£''1"iK 

."^y iy;p^ to tie on ^. «» fnJ^S£''l"iK 

r^v (lan) ::u;j to blow up «. a« ft^^n&'^ll^ 

s^hi*? to invite to come up v, a. ftD];n&''nK 

to sug» l-ba K^n to bring up -y. a. \Ty^T^^^^''"^'% 

r^V„ ^b"! gest 
r'^V, rhv to go up, ascend v. n. f^^^fe^IlK 
rbv pii,,! ,"5i; i|b'i? to pour on v. a, p'^^m'^^ 
to send up ; -9^^ c^t' to put on t^. «. pj?^£"^n^ 

.p\m ^x ^^I '"^^25 fco belch v. a, f^S^i:i&''inK 
.n^^Db -\^n mj3 to send up v. a, ^pmh^V^m"^^ 
to clamber or climb up u. n ^^t fJ^fiKllgs^nK 

rbj2 :^^5 to wind on v. a. \TT^^\^'^^'^^ 

. 1 1^ & y 1 i a M 1 K =- I]^"lK,"lS''11K 

*-9l1 n^n to hang on v. a. f^^i^-IS^llK 

.r\bv:t^b 3-^1 to roll upwards a;, a, p^^^KllB'^IlK 

to grow ; "bg 0'^^ to grow on v, n. f &pK1lB^1lK 

^nfr?i^ nb:^ upwards 
to rbp, ijb'^n to throw on a a. [B'^KIlB'^nK 

^^^^^5^^ '^^ujn throw upwards 
to lay a fault nbi'2; i? |irp?:)\H ^""i^ |S'iKnS''m — 
/p3 tL'\^ bp i3li; a'^y; at another person's door 
u;''^!? riKin to show the way up v, a. \W'''^'^y^^ 

*-ba ^'11 rbp„ 9-5J to wind on v. a. fJ^^p^^S^nK 
&^9 to put upon, place upon w. a. [l^i^'&^ll^ 
to sit down on v, t\ T^^-H s"^P„ S'^irr rbu 

rbv^ :d\^^^ 

r9p„ a^\^ to put on V, a, f.^^S^II^H 

rbv^ K?n to carry up % a, pKltOS'^llK 

*"bp. ^11 to drive upon t;. a. pl.^^^&^llK 

*"bp -"ibi to drip on v. n, |S^1^&''1*1K 

rbv ^[11 to tread upon v. n. I^];n^&''nK 

,-bp„ I'^p^ rby„ tm to fasten on v. a. f^BJ^^^S^II^ 

to bring ;'"bii \^.h,| to chase upon v. a, p^'^S^I'^K 

to run up V. n. j| ; ""^p cna'K) K^n on {tei-ror) 

rbv i^i'i 
to put ;ri^3;?5b K?n to take up i?. a, fSK3S''11i? 
; fitsna c-as) ^h^ on in a hurry [a garment) 
.n'^pj iri?^ to go up hastily v. r. ^^t^jj 
to attack a person |^pd^^ ^^i^* ^n |s^:DS^nii — 
,^p;! sS]iri to scold, revile ;tL»^K bp bs^nn 
to send mhvb ]h) to let go up v» a. Jt.^^S^n.^ 

^"1^'^^^ ^'^^' up 
*n^pib rn to ran up a a !£*'i^&''n^ 




ib'^ to "break on all sides v, a. p^"^2t2')^^ 

HwT; to edge, border, liem v. a. IJ^!^]^'^n!2'11K 

to singe or burn on all v. a, \V^V'^^^'^^^ 
.^•'^^p (?]hp) '^hn sides 
.■niin ,-,1.^ to gird v. a, [:s;StD1K:Dl'^K 
ill^ri to go round ;iii"^li to walk v, n. p.t^^T^>!t 

to go up and down ivm r« t^n^ i^janx — 

»n^n£p (^bi) pr to pour about v. a, p^'DIIJ^ 
to make even on all sides v. a. p^^72*^nK 

;nn« bs^ pbn to distribute round t;. a. flsj^^DIIK 
to fence round *^^^t^r2 ^bri to sew round 

to ;n''SBr^ "ibri to dig round -y. a. l^^'^-^^'i*^^ 

.n^:;B^ n^p^ri nu^p ditch 

,n^na ih| to fence round v. a. Jt^'I'nSDnK 

♦S'':?Gp dd'is to gnaw round v. a. f^tn^DIlK 

>2''nD?;i 'r^^jn to limit round v. a. [li^^^'n^DinK 

to stop up hermetically v. v. f^H^tDlDniDIlK 

to wind ;:sSD to turn round v, a. [J^^.^I'IDII^ 
;:sbD to turn v, r, l^^-H ;n'?sp ^h3 round 
*n;^i n2K Tji'^ri to walk about 
.pbn ,pzr to embrace ^j. a. [tSK.'lDilx 
zbti to hew or cut round v. a, [pK^DTlK 

,rnD?p v^pn to plane round v. a. [^(l^^^n^nDnK 

,"?''2Dr? (?]bi;) nby to veil round v. a. p^nt^)"^^ 

.:i^na?p n'^n to hang about v. a I^^^J^."iSDnK 

tio ramble or wander v. n. f^':?3^?11D1'lK 

.131 p: nSn ,-i""i; a-bout 
.cnns rambling, wandering -m t^^^S^t^^^J^ViOII^ 

|''h'i to wash on all sides v, a, ['^Ki^DIIK 

4:2'^'i2V b:Dip 
;"bl?.ni^ to tend, wait on v. a. f^*'b^nt:inK 

.(nirs) nnx "i^n to court 
ij^'^n ,1^3 to wander about v. r. l^* p:l1/tsnK 

»3''3D» ij"'i3 to wrap, envelop v, a. \vhpTnt2)^H 

,21c, to wind about 
>2^^m OB to wipe on all sides v. a. f)/**^^ViDnK 
«?ao to search everywhere v> a. pl'f^nK 

.DipD br^ 

to Mi:^i?Db nh'i^ to swim up v, a. \^t2^'\Wt)^')^^ 
.(a^an) ^3s bj; nx'nri ,?lbi^ come on the surface 
rbv^ ?]is^ to wash upon v. a. fj/p-ip* iw^^&'''1|? 
»-5j; n^*? to push up V. a. (D^i^'^*£''i1K 

..i^i; to rise, go up, ascend, v. n. i:iljtD^£^"1K 

rh*^ Ci<v ,bv_ i?:i;n to put upon a. v> f^^^tt^D^nK 

rbv, ann to stamp on u a. ti^bDt:i;tDt^£''r.K 

rT3 to thrust from above v. a. [p^tS^S^n^ 

lin? to throw on, pour on a. a. t^^t^&^'ilK 

to ;.%-^pb .IT to shoot up V. a. fD^^D^I^liM 
♦-bj? n\' shoot upon 
.-5« Mbp to se3id up V. a. fp^^'D^n.S 
nsh to fasten on by beating u. a. p^S^k^l)^n|« 
-y. r. n^^-|| ?Mbj;ni pn^ to belch up ',"b^} inx] 

.n"^!; to get up 
qu7D) shD to drag or pull up v. a. j£'l^yk^'6^''lv? 
r^J? i|U^^ ,""^11 ihQ to drag upon ;Mbj;ni 
.nbi;??^ TP^ to stride up a, n, t^:s«&'^&''1^.^ 
to ;"5an''^'5 to P'^sh on V. a. n. p^^t'')'-^^ 

♦ii5^ com.e up 
r'?v. (y^PJ -iH to jump upon v. n. f^^^^1S^&"'11t? 
r^^ ph! to sprinke on u. a. \Vhp^)'^^^^^^'^i^ 
to ;-^a inn to sputter on v. a, n. f:i£n^'^£)''"!'1^ 

.nbvipb in|n squirt up 
; n^pnbrp 3h^ to screw on v. a. f sD^1'ik^S''TlJ< 
.(n^na) nbpn to raise, screw up {a price) {Jig.) 
to put 'f"bVL2h2 to write on v. a. p^^i'^^^'ti^^"^^ 

♦u?''« li^'^Or^ ^^'^ ^^ ^ person's account 
about, nearly J^^na round, about adv. SIIK 

.^s; ^nniK about ^rejp. || >^\y_:^ >i''^p, 
all ;s''3D :^''na round about e:iik pK ann — 

*b2n id:^ in all 

♦m piKia in this way qi^ik ^iik — 

♦'T'^ ,121^ nt'^i^n in what way, how Gn^ ^ii — 

.2'^2D about, round jjrep. "D1*IK 
to elabor- n|J^ to cultivate ^. a. ftDpniKDi'li^ 
to get through v. n 1 -^ - 1| 5 '?„^^^ .Q?"f n ate 
.ir,2b<?D a.^pn with one's work 
to ;:2''2a ,13^ to build round v. a, (^^'^HDII^ 
*ih^ enclose, fence in 
.z"2p nb2 to bend round v. a. [-^^5tD1*1K 
.n^?C?? i]'^3 to bite on all sides v> a, \0'^)'2,i2)^^ 
.:2^nc?i i'^'i^ to bind round v. a. \1^)'^t2)'^^i< 
to go astray, wander v, n. f^i"i:3X^ni21^,K 

i'^'^)vj ,Mpn about 
isn to border with lace v. a. pi^KSsDnii 


91 ^ 


,2r^B^ nau nbi; to edge round o. a. r];"i1^D»^SDnK 

.a^?p 2bt7 ,b^^mr] to lie about u« n. p)hf2m 

'"12D '"^f?^ to solder all over v. a. ptiho)'^H 

n|n j?n to run about, ramble v. n. \T^V^fi^^^ 

.:3^SD?2 pi^b to lick on all sides v. a. [pj^^D^K 
♦:3*sc n,-?.! to clean on all sides v. a. [^KDlDl'^K 
.nsni ,"T|n ny^ to march, about v. n. f*1^^'^KDDnK 
.2^D& I'ln to measure round «. a. (tSD^^DDIIK 
.s^^BTD ^bri to sew round v, a, fP'!^JD1'1K 
to fence ;p?.D ,pbn to embrace v. a. ^D^^DIlK 
,s''2D i]'i3 to wrap, envelop ;3"»dd "i^^ round 

,s^2C^ S'^"]n to wet on all sides v, a. f^*pDllK 
ti'in to singe on all sides v, a. JP^^^K^DDI^K 

3ba to surround {in an attach) v. n. f'^KfiSHK 

n|n i;b3 to ride or drive about v. ?i. f^^B^I^K 

.brrp np_^D5 pib3 to tour ;,i|m 
to occupy oneself with v, r. ^^t f^^lKBD'ilK 

n^ Ss?? npi to rot on all sides v, n. f^'^lS^i'lK 
p^i';^ np3 to dust on all sides u« a. (^^''^IBDIIH 

*n^;i!s ta'^p to clean on all sides t?. a. fi'lCDllK 
|;ar^s f]V^ to file on all sides v, a. f^l^&DIIK 

to ;^'';a TiS'.n to lead round v. a. p^&^riK 

.D^s^ ni?iipD^ "i5i;n carr> all over 
to entangle on all sides v, a. [^^tDJK^SDnK 

.a-'^D I7b; to plant round v, a, (!i<3K^&D11K 
to ;n'is -*qsii? ^s^jip to fly soar -y^ n, fi^-'^SDnK 

.in^nG (-^Dlu) ^ip fly round 
bh^ to pluck on all sides 'q. a. [p'^^B^IIK 

♦2"'^c Kb|^ to freeze on all sides t?. n. f^'^'^BDIlK 
p-^p to plait or twist round v. a, f^Sp^feDnK 

bb^'f to inquire everywhere y» ij. p^'IDDllK 

♦dipip ^33 CiyhT, ipn) 
fee .^. r. n^?'-||;eb'r to pay off y." «. f^K^Dm 
,rni:i1n bp pbc pay off one^s debts 
,'-^^^'^1^ ihl to fence round u a. fi^DK^DI^K 

n^ba nhQ to soap on all sides %. a. f£l^tDn|l 

; s^ncp ^^^:^?a iib^ to sail round x>. n. f^^:!j;tDni^ 

,'n)T[\ r\^rj. ,\^3Ka yb^ to sail about 
to tend, ;|hs ,ph|i to inspect a a, f^TDI^I^ 
to look v. n ^^^"-|| »""^^ ""''^^'f^ take care of 
.X^'n ,Kkp to find ; r\\r\\ nsn ?]p\^D about 
to %T^m} d"9 to put round t?. «, fXJ^TD''°lK 
to plant round ;^^?&^ nuin seat round 
to sit down round a t^. n ^!t»»|| ;2""5BD j;b3 
.|hb'^b n^;BD su;^^ table 
\% ^I'nnn to stroll a, V. ' 1^ f^S^^ni;^|^^ODnK 

;d^'3sp (I'pn) Hs to dance about v. a. fS^^K^Dr.^ 

♦n|D] nin aal^i;? to bustle 
"I^?-|| ;2^5B?3 a-'^p to put about v. «. fK^Dilll 
to get through with one^s work ^5, r, 

,Qn2i? bsD u?u?D to feel all over ?). a. [DK^t;!'^)^ 
.inx bsb p^n to distribute round t^. a. [Sir^D^,'^.^ 
to rough-oast or plaster v. a. f^Vi^pi^'ODTn.^ 

.C'lny bsn h''tonib on all sides 
.inaj?^ psiinn to do business x>. n. [^^"iJ^^DnK 

^1T<-|| ;a^iB KU?3 to carrj^ about v. a, m^'CD*'^^ 
.)W, ss*t?3 to carry about one v. r. 

;n3m risri ^i| to drive about v. a. pl^l^^DlIK 

V. r, ^1T-~|| JQ'^I ni?^ipip5 hb'O? to send about 
,131 p3 nSn ,tD"^V^ to ramble, wander 

tramp, vagabond ; ^mvr^ rambler m 'i^n^„^"i*ODl'°iK 

,121 |?3 UJ\^ ipn 

tjh*^ to tread on all sides v. a. \W^^^^^^ 

r'7^ 12^20 Dbi ,^''DQ 
"\mri nm to rip on all sides v. a. f^^l^'^tODl'lK 

to clean on all sides v, a. \V^^^)^m'i'^^ 

.^'b:D n|33 

,3^?Baiu^K surrounding, neighbouring adj. i^D1\^ 

to surround ;p3n to embrace v, a. f^K5D"11|| 
to embrace each other Vo r, ^'t-|| ;^\^n ,2ht^ 

.rnK n.^ \y\s; p^n 
nirt |?n to run about, ramble v. n. \t^t)^^'^^ 

»n3ni rffr? r^^\'^i^ running about n ^^J^£)''^^^1"i|f 
,ts^iti^f3 rambler m '^^&^17D11K 
bsfi ,p|bp_ to peel on all sides r. a. f^Si^DI'^K 
^D3 m\T^ .n^*] to skin, fleece {Jig.) ;s'2Da 


92 — 


•^^y^O to place round about v. a. [^ptSl^DnH! 
to stand round about v. r. l-^-H s^'^o (2^n) 

.S'^iBD K^3 to stick round u. a. Ip];t£t>>.^n^ 
to pluck or pull out on all v, a. ps^^tCti^Dr,^ 

*i^ b2J2 Dhi^ sides 
♦n-'Sp nis) nht to strew about «. «. [to^iS^anK 
to peel or pare on all sides v, a. \h))t^^)"^H 

^luJ to scour on all sides v. a, I'l^^l'^DI'IK 

.D^sii nijslp^b hb^ to send about v. a. fp^S^DnK 
;:^^iQ cn.^DDS PJD to nail round v,a. p^h^D)^^ 

♦anbn to fight V. r. ^It^ll 
njrj ^'M .b^ to stroll v. n. f^ii^"n:«i^^DnK 

p^^'in 1i« to be sleighing ^0. 7-. *[^? [^^t:!^ti^JD11K 

»iu,'p^ 'I'^f^ to tie a knot or bow v, a, jS)"?^St^)D^1|? 
nsn chD) Ti'^D to drag about i5. a. [Sl^^^DII^ 
oipaa s;i3 to rove, tramp v, r. n^T^jj •,mr:}) 

,:s''5D bn5^ y^h to forge round u. a. |*T:Dt^DTiK 
.S'-DQ (rtt:?^) d'l^ to smear round i;. a. fTl^t^DIlK 
♦p^iDP^ n\T to bustle, be busy v, a. ))^1^2:t^DnK 
♦n^ ^|D Din to sniff about v, n. [p^^^DII^ 
♦is-'inB^ Yu?p to lace about v, a» fPl^^^lij^DIIK 
,n^:;Di: (];iip) nh3 to cut round a a. pl^^^D^K 
to ;:3^?& bba to carve round v. a. f^'i^JSTiK 
.:i''Da (in) ,::k|'3 whittle round 
. I y n p 11 3 \^ D n J? = ['i^^tii'Dn^ 
.S'':;bd -^ihrt to chop round v, a. fi^ll^ptO^i^SDlIK 
to shear or cut round {the hair) v, a. f^J^^lSIlK 
to cut one's v, r. ^^T ^ || ; ii-^isD (fms^tt'n) -nsi Ah 
♦isntn .rjpnpt? iqg hair 
ni^it to walk about, stroll v, n. p^^^'^^V^^ 

»,i|ni n|,i 
♦la^^BD .n^ to spin round v. a, \V^^.t'^^'\^^ 
*pm 'pr(V to play v, r. n^ f'^^D^l^n.^ 

a^ to leap or jump about i;. n. [^2:n£^D1'lH 

♦'■^IDJ '"^f"! <F^P,> 

.nnpn (iKri) i^it to describe v. a. pl^'l'^DlIK 

holy ark {in a synagogue) {pi. Hl^nK) m fl'^i;? 

♦riD b^ p.iK coffin ;(S"n^33) t'lpri jIik 

♦nt|Db ,mr\ bs; down odu. 'l^tr.'^H 

rb^p off ;rf^D5 ,nn^ bx down pre/. ""i^^-^ilK 

; n-'ip r{vip to draw round about «. a. f^^5^01"l|jl 

,n|rti n^i r&s to wander about -u. n. ,1 
bn?2 y^n to bind with iron v. a. \V'^^^pO)^i^ 

.-^y_ bn? '^T? ^''^ ^o P^t in irons ;D^Dp 
*nj,T2 i^: to take a drive d. r. "l^t f^l^tOKp^n^ 
(^•^s-o) ?]b3 to drip about i;. a. m p^HpDTlMI 

^). r. ^'t-llifhs .pi2 to inspect v. a. fp'lpD^"lHI 
.|3lm7 ,nki ivrAz'zc! a^n to look about 

to cement with putty on v, a, f^n^^^pOi'^^ 
.2^2D n^^p niD ,'Ti ^5?s p^n^ pin all sides 

to round, make round «.""«. (P^^J^^l^pDn^ 

.2^2D (bA^p bb| to roll about u. a. [iJ^'^p^^poni? 

*2^2Q bin to beat round v, a. fSK^^pQlIM 

s^b^ to gather on all sides v. a, p^:!Sp01*i>ii 

.*TSi Ssrp 
pnin to paste on all sides v, a. (P?3psi^« 

4pv>p?DnK=- i£ySp.Dr!K 

,::*ns ^'teK"^ to sweep about v, a, pVp^)"^^ 

♦D-^D 113 to scrape about v. a, I^'i<1p'21'lK 

.!Du3ip.nn to quarrel v. r. "j^t p^lplDIlK 

♦3^ia ?nt to creep about ?j. -n. j^^'ipI21'^i< 

to clean or clear on all sides v. a, j,vDKlD1*1i$ 

,£l|3Q^ b^pb?? isj;;n to shift u a. fpl'^'3'ilK 

♦S'psp p]\yBU? to rub round r. a. )S^j'"i^*i'^J< 
to discuss f"*?!; n^u to talk about v. a. p1^'^D*'li< 

."•b^? '|h3] Ktoa 

.j;c3 to travel ?). n, f i^J?'n)21'1H 

.13£ 52D np5to clean on all sides v. a> [i'^l^'^^l'^^ 

;i^ bst? vhp^ to tear on all sides v. a. fOl^nDili^ 

.tDpipnn to quarrel {fig-) v, n I'^'-l! 

.^pn <:::bD to surround v, a. |^v2y.''^DT1K 

to shave or scrape round v. «. pHti^221*lK 

-'20 111 

to loiter about, tramp, «. n lit [^"^DK^i^tJ^Di'n^ 

,D>ib^i75 *^ii^u ramble 
,|SD to wainscot round -y. a. f^'^lJ^'vK^DI*]^ 

nhy^ to swim or float about v. n, [yD"!V.t^Dn^ 

«n3n] nsn c^iii) 
to wash or rinse on all «, a. f^p'|^'!'l^f21"ii« 

.s-'as (i^SiU;) nnn sides 
cha to stop up on all sides v, a. [^KtS^J^nx 

,1^ b^o (iba) 
,|P^bi£^ns = p^^tDtJ?J2'."^.Hl 
.S^?B ibi; to stand about ^•. ?i, H^tDS^an^ 




yhi rbvTp pi to run dowB v. r. H^t ^ || ; |i?an3 

to let;*Tijr! to let down v. a. ftX^ir^J^K 
to reduce '>r\'^i_^^ -^^kS |r,3 a person go down 
I 'ih^^togo downy, n '^V ^\\ n^nw nn^n {a price) 
U7^«b "^fm ^^ n^n not to be able to stand 

fn rb]^p {/-n to run down v^ n. fS^lb'i^^'OJi'nK 

.nm b« D^t' to put under v, a. \^rS'^V"^^T\^ 
to I'nnn b^ d^u to put down v. a, j2KD^])'^J'lK 
to underrate, belittle S'^^i'P ncri remove 

.T^^b 'il?^ to march down v. n. p^^^KD'I^^Ori'lK 
niln'to'take off or down v, a. f^^^p^r^Jl^K 

r'p^s "ibrt to remove ;n|pb iiln ,"byb 
to fall ;bb2 to fall down v. n. [^.^S^I^^JIIK 

*^nc^ ^K bb3 under 
to remove by slapping 'V. a. [^tDKB'll^'OJIlK 

nh; to ride or drive down v. n. [IK&'lJ^'^Ji'lK 

ijblr? rb|7p i]bin to take down v. a. p^£*i]^'OirK 

Dhj ,-by^ £h] to flow down v. n, [B^b&'^l^^^i'^K 

?l^p rbyp p^iiy to fly down -y. Wo f]^^7D'^^tOi1^H 
.rinn ?k fn ."byD fn to run down ;nnri b^ 

to ;n!2^^ ^'v;7D to pull down v. a. i];^^'"l^*^JT1K 
♦""byp Y^p pull off 

,nDPi b^ Kis to come down t). n, [l^.^ipll^^r.l^ 
,^3^"j to become empoverisbed {fig) in'\^ 

.■^^pb nS;i 
{fig) ;n^p? to^iri to look down li, m fp1p1]^^i1^K 

«t^na u?\H bp f^^n 
b^l ,"bgp b^4 to roll down i?, a, fi;Sp^„^p1^^03inK 

.nnri b^ 
^•3^ b|? 15? to knock off v. a. pK^pl^^OJnK 

.nm b^ bsp. to fold under v. a. l^m^p'^mm 

;n©^b bm to creep down v. n. pl^p'^V^^)'^^ 

.nm ^K bh| to creep under 

,n'i:ib ^-'^h i(-ip^ to call down v. a, f&1"l"lJ?'0i1"lK 

„ltopb ^ifT^ to shove down v. a. fpllll^^JIlK 

to (fig) ;e3^T to tear down v. a. pl^ll^^^JIlK 

r^ bpn ib|bi run down 
M3 to run or flow down v. n. f^^lll^^Jng 

.nrii!! bK bb .-^br^ 

"ilin to bring down (Am.) v. a. [^PS'^^l^^^nK 

{?]b2) nb3 to bend down v. a. pi^n^^^^inis 

rbm? ^h^^ to break down v. a, pV^'^^V^m^ 
b^ Knn to bring down v. a, IV^^P'^^'^V^^^ 

to re- in\^r^b nh; to go down v. n, [l^^'i^tOJIlK 

*5J33 nSn to be included in^^^ semble 
,mFi bK pT to pour down v. a. fD^31j;^J11|| 

r5y„D pr 
pbnD to slip down % n H^t [l^^^b^lJ^tDJII^ 

to steal, take down v. a, \V^P -^ ,\^p:i^'^^hm^ 
to steal an» v. r, ^^t « |j ; -^bw -^| stealthily 
.nnn bn :::iinn der 
.CT'nsna) nri^r2 it>vm to deduct -f;. a. p^^lJ^^illK 
.fibp^a ,b'.tbta degradingly ado. ^^^t^nil^^illK 
to ;nfpb 2Gn to turn down v,a. f^in'l'i^^JnK 
.:iiap ^T 9p_ 'ipn remove by turning 
»nt2?^b ph^ to press down t;. a. fpl'^'1'11?^i1lK 
rbvj^ (Kns) fkp to cut down v^ a. \p^tT\))'t^T\^ 
to heave down^ hand down v. a. p^^ll^^JT^K 

r5i?p 'ii'in 

rbpjp n-^^n to hang down v„ a. n. f^^JJ^ni^^^HIK 

»in.^^ '^bt^D to throw down i\ a. plK'n'll^^jnit 

*11P l^^pn to underrate, belittle 

,^bm ^W^ to wash down «, a, f^Hlllj^tOJIlK 

;-bpp s'^3 to blow down v= a. «. f^^^lll^^JIlK 

♦"byp s^n 
DIP. ^"^SKj nhD to wipe off v. a. f^^l^l^^inK 

r^pp 'iss to saw off V. a. p]^ti:ytD^1lK 
to ;nrin b^ q^^ to put down v, a, p^t'^^tDillll 
to depose {from an ;'5i3ni n^li knock dowB 
to humiliate, degrade Ums^^o) niln [office] 
.n-m .'^''K nina 5a^n 
,nnfi 9k Q''U to put under v. a, fHtSI^^Jing 
. I p p 3 Its 1 p ^ 3 n H =- J^^?1^^^^J1'1K 
,^h^ to duck, submerge v. a. I^p^V^IJ^^JIlK 
.5'^| ,bb^ to duck, dive v. r. n^i --11 JP.^tsn 
♦nsspb K'^3 to carry down v. a. pK*^^1^tDJ1lK 
r^Pp u?i5 to chase down v« a. pl!l^1|^^i1'l^ 

to drop down, trickle down Vo n. fS^l^l^^ill^ 

^-bpp ^bs 
.np7 "1^:^ to step down -y. w. ftS^n^1J?^5nH 

IPC! to take off quickly a a. \m^'^V^m^ 




m^'pp situation ; s-^p position ;^^lQseat '^mt 
part {of the body) \ (idds) tIpD passage [of a hook) 

.(n;n j?^) phn 
graveyard, cemetery i2ix nyir.-i ,tD":« nrto"^ — 

.nnnpn n":^ 
D'pD:: ,cipD imx2 on the spot tsiK |2'ix — 

♦nyto to make a mistake ts*-K cyi ]si;ntD ia^.3 ~ 
not to find rest any- d'ik p^p "^^T ir^^spji d^: — 
.m:D ^S£?2 i<^ where, be in mortal anguish 

-nr^n^r iu?^ orthography, spelling /i^^E)K"i^«tl5$^ 

♦ns^nan ts'fDS orthographical adj. ^"I&Kl^stC^ii^ 

♦nin ,pnfrt orthodox (pi. ]-) m^t^n^ 

♦IDS ,T^m like, resembling 5?/73r. 2':tD'nK" 

/^1p9 local a<:y. ^'^-iJjt 

.ybp artillery-man, cannonier m '0'0T^)^iTC^t 

^nn'in ^b? ;Q^i;v>pn «2i: artillery / V^^^hr^!^'^^ 

^^ ;D^ybj^n Ki:^ bii^ of artillery ac/^. ^pD^^^.t^^K 

.nK^n \^^ 
,|^N ,^"]n artist m ^CT^'^K 
;(pr^;?3) -,9^^^?5 ;n^^^ article (pi. \V -) m hp'-^'^iK 

A'^n rh^ (gr.) 
rh^ definite article ^pia-iK -^rtar^^iDiLJ^n (^r.) ~ 
indefinite article bp^to'isj np-cr^^tj^K^riix ;n;?n"n 

workmen's association (pi. [-) m ^]^*0"1« 

whiffhetree, swingletree (pi. 0)) ^) m p!K^tO"iX 

♦nbji;n nizj? -oId (o/ a carriage) 
^^ ^0^' '^^i?^ ''i'^ '5i^- over, across «c^(.-. "l^::^^'^.^ 

*pn^i7:2nK = ;'TO ^ni' too much J'lsrp 
over and above, in excess TJsnK pK ii;n^-,K — 

♦''n-ini; 1 have passed lj7::nK pn "|^k — 
."n-p« I shall pass ii;:nnx bi?n I^.k — 
'3^b "inj? isra ;^r over, across jore/. "*i^nnK 

'-^v' ns? ,-bi; nan to bend over v. a. \^1)2^PT.X^ 
rbv ^bn rbv nb: to bend over v. r. l^^-H 
nni7,n to bring over v. a. \V^^V'^'^'^V^)'^^ 
!oot-;iny^ passage (pi, ^W-) m 5J.^3|p^nn^ 

.rhi^} H-TiinyQ bridge 
to cross ;"^y ^by to pass over v. n. f^^31^nnt< 

,cmtt,-i ^y) iby to exceed P3t^n "^^y^ '?["9rf 
to pour from one vessel into v. a. fD^21);^^*l^: 
to pour too much i'Ss b^ 'bzp pir; another 

.^toD -7^ to rain down v. n. \V^V'^V'^'^V^y^^^ 
n35 to discount, deduct v. a. I^:p2J?1^^tor,18 

.i'^ilJp ninssi Tinyn to imderrate t). a. I^^K^^n^tDri'li^ 

to \bv.^ fj'ii to rake down v. a. flKS^1^ts:nK 

.nnn bb? F]h| rake under 
;ni2^^ -u to float down v. n, [^^DlVitJ^'^r^illK 

.nrn b^ nhii? to swim under 
r^i:^ ^^ to wash down v. a. IV^T^^^'^^T^^^^^ 
.n-^ii} -"iin to push down v. a. p'''i^^n^tO:n« 

H D M ID ^ 1 p '0 3 n K -= i& 'tot^^:^ti:JTiK 
.TT to go down, descend v. n. pi^tD^^i^torn^ 
,t:.3 n^^-ii^ ban to vote down v, a. IV^'^XI^'^V^T^^^ 
z^r\ to put or place down v. a. jSp^^'i^tDJn.y 

♦nnr,!? D't; to put under ;n'^J2^ (^un) 

to ; nep^ ph) to throw down v. a. p^r^'i^tDi'^ilil 

.nnnp -i;ta strew under 

.-D (^ib^) b-;^£ to peel of f u a. p^^^V^T^^^ 

.-^M n-.j to shine down v. n. t|;:)^J!t^nr^r,nK 

.my) c-^sn to flay, strip off v.n. fni-lC^ir^r.^K 

.-byp nh; to shoot down ^^ a. ID^^I^tor."!!? 

n'^-f ;"byTp n'^-i; to send down v, a. tp;ti^'l)^toyi"iK 

,nnn b« 
;n5.n] n2n to beat off v. a. p.S^^i];D:n« 

♦ p K b 'i^ D b^ -1 K = 

;-bi;Q nnc to drag down v. a, \t^h^'^V^:i)^» 

.-^j;:? (n-i) Fi£p to cut down v. a. pl^^^l^^vOrilK 
to send 'dow^n by a fillip v. a. J^P^I^tDJlIM 

«n'ip3iD "'T by ncn 
to chop or cut down v. a. fJ^'llJ^ptD^^^l^^tOi'inHI 

."brp Tjhn 
lb ,-i£p to cut off (the hair) v. a. |"i^^»1>^tDy,'niHt 

."bv.'Q i^^^'^v^r^y 
to leap or jump down {;. n. t^2:n&ty"n:Pt::nN 

,nnri bK ipn ;"bi?^? (f?,!-* np") 
holy ark, ark of the Law ij)l [ - ) m t^^lp'jlll^ 
»(rc33 r"33> w* p"iK (i'ti a synagogue) 

,^ coffin m TiO h^ [nj^ 

.-cursed adj. "IIIK 

vexatious woman, shrew (pi. fl'l^'lM) /."I1=nK 

.ryn m^K ,n^nn;p 
,(?i3sn py) nf.:i.^^ nut-tree (pi. f-) m *]I^tJ^T1« 
.ti;x b'f of nut ac|;. imsr^mN 
, — ramblers, vagabonds, trampsmjp^, ^niD'Tl'IK 

.D"pn.i a^miQ -arpi. G73 
kind, IfP^^ manner, wise, way (pi f«)/tDlK 

♦pT; sort 
space ;2^p9 place, spot (^)^. '"t]^t5*i^) m ^"^i* 




^iipyps 1B0S |;3p. te "ihj?^ tlie leaves of a book 

."TO ini" 
♦-a a^^sn niyy^ to stitch up v. a. \V))^'^V^''-^^ 
1?t~.||' n^y^ri to' take over ^^ a, IVOV^'^mr^^ 

rbtf %3 to fall over «. m \hm'^V^''^^ 
to pass over (in a caiinage) v, n. pKfe^J^S^'IK 
-'^p^i^ = ;bK i;p3 to travel to ; (n^5j?3) inp 

j3n!S^pnn^ = n^S'i^anK 

♦fTisi^n transportation / aJII^&'ipni'lK 

to trans- ; -b^ ti] to lead over i?. e», [l^&l^n^^K 

♦cnsi nV^pa) iSPi^i port 

^ijsntijn ii:3|,;i b?: to overflow v. n> p)b^'^^^)^^ 

.^^V^2^ isp^ to fly over v. m \^)h^'^^T.'^^ 

to smuggle ; "i^ to transport v. a. f ^^p^©'^J^S1*^l? 

to move ; "b^ fu?^ to pull over v. a. t^^^'^]^^^'^^ 

/nyi prtyri to another place 
l-b^D^bi to roll over" ^, a, immp^V^'^"^^ 

.-b^ bb| 
.ijBp'fm ?-#s to boil over ^;. n. p^p'^V^)^^ 
•^^vb Kisi i]15n to come over v. n. [I^D^p^i^ni'^K 

.''3^ri inp Sx asn to look across ^. n, [plp'iP^l'^K 
;-9^:)3 'bb| \o roll over v. a, fl^^p^^^p^l^ni^K 

rb^ bbi 
to climb or clamber over v, n. pJ^'O^^p^l^S^^M 

laj; 9k npb to take across v. a, p^lpl^^'^^K 
isj; 5j«! ihj; to get across v. n ^^^ -- 1| ^ ^?f D 
xbjijn to escape P3#n 
9m to creep or crawl over v. m plIp'^^SlIK 

Hh^ Kh^ to call to the other side v. a. f&ll^l^snK 

.^mn 15P b^^ 
to shove to the other side v. a, [pI'T^^S^lK 

,'wr] inp 9« pfipri 
9b to flow or run over v. m f^^^Wl^nnK 

to rake to the other side v, a, f'lKK^Ii^n^'lK 

.■'j^n i^p^ (nhm ^h| 
"ibpl nhv to swim across ■*;, n. \V^))^^'^V^)'^^ 

,-9pp (-^nn) s^i-T^ to push over 0. a. [SI^^'li^^^lK 
rr^p to pass over by scaling v. a, f3!!tD^1];n^^K 

r9i2 ii9p to surpass (fig.) ^ibl/i 
I2|?a nD^n to put across t;. a. I^^^^ipnnM 
■isj^n to smuggle n5i^,D to transport ;^3#n 
oaisri 1^ TOD ,rt^3j^ 

bp„ .19^ to overflow v. n l^i^"'||Pl^ inl'' pa^ 

/3t|?n ispb pbnn to slip over v. n T^t p^tD'!'?31^2n^ 
to take across by v. a. \V^^ - ,\^pm^:im 
'in-^llMin?^^ 'TOn stealth, transport secietly 
"n^i; 9k SLifin to get across by stealth v. r. 

|h3 to give or hand across, v. a. p^^'^V^)^^ 

^,^j^ ^^^, ^^^ ^^ gl^g ^^^ much Pp^n '12P9 
il19ni DSb to crawl across v, r«"I^tf^£)K^"-il^nnK 

.i}bri to turn v. a. fl^in^I^I^Sl^K 
Din to lift and carry across v. a. p))n^'^^^^^ 

»''r#D 1^1; b^ Kt?3i 
r9 bgD n9^ to hang over v. a. n. \V'^^VT'\'^V^^^% 
. „L,p^ _^^p^^^ p^^ ^Q grow over t^, n. fBpKIIIJ^n^l^ 
to over- ;D^nmp .im to overgrow v. a. ji 
rp nj^^ ,''t!p *in1^ 9h| grow, outgrow 
1S^9 ii9|^n to throw over «, a. [S^Kl11|?SnM 
r^ c^'iDn TOP to stitch up ;^3fn 
rSp f^s to wrap about 'y^ a, \Vhp)))'^^^)^H 
hbv to overweigh, outv/eigh v. a. pi^111])inK 

♦P.l^n .9pt'p2 
rbp.D Tsnipni nhi to boil over v. n, I'D'^^^T.'^K 
"^^^^ n^j.-2 t'b3 to sail over d. n. f^^^^n^^nnK 

to nOK dip?^a 2i^ln to transfer v, a. fS^^n^S^K 

.inK DlpD| J2"^; transplant 
to carry over^ transport d. a, p^^l^l^S^IK 
to bear^ stand^ endure pr|rt "n^i?. 9k inpn 

r9 pbs to step over u a. f^^ltSl^snK 
.nsinD^ d! to outrun v. a. pK'^'ii^anK 
^bn to seize and take across v, a. f^KSIi^^^l^ 
; (nnan bv^ ibp to exceed ; ''^n i^i;^ np9T 
.|1t&0^ Ihp to go over hastily ^^ r. ^^ -^-^W 
,|aK3ipsiK J ,DKD n |aK3^P^^iK — 
nn to let go over 5 let pass v. a, ftK^I^SI'lK 

to run ;-? pn to run over v. n. fS^'lb'^l^nrK 
.nnp bp„ihi; to overflow ;r!an?p3 nhp^ across 
to cross rbp„s5 Q''^ to put over v. a. \^))h'iP2)'^^ 
to put to another ;snj;i ^nt'a D^y; (hands) 
.na^ to overlay nriK Dip^sa mn place 
i"nn^^ fi^^rtS '^rfD to survive -?)» a, [H^^'l^i^lK 
.bha to bear^ endure ;"?p in? ri'^n to outlive 

«lhp^i 'ip^ to march over v. n. \'^)^'^Ht^^P^)'^^ 
irA^ '^b| to mix too much v. a, ^^^''Dl^nnK 
to pass over a passage in turning I'jo 




to worm QptD tiK iiiyts-Ji^ -es yA |y3y22;!3in« — 
♦u'K sb 255 oneself into a person^s favor 
to suggest ;-2 a^"^ to put into v. a. tn^*^'!?*^*^ 

♦u^-'K :i.^s |h3 to a pei^son 
.r.p"f given to ;57ip^ absorbed adj. t^*v£^:::3i_^nK 
to in- ;-'?iin? n^b to turn in v, a. [^^^"^"I^l-^nK 
to come in unex- v. r. ^^t-Hni^p tricate 
fco intricate one- lo'^na uS]:'^b c^sn pectedly 

.Tj^npn self 
r^n^ ihri to penetrate tj. n. f^.^^n^^J^J'^^ 
♦-illn ^K (|^hb) ph'-^^ to press into u a, [pn'^^l.^'iK 
^J5ri to beat into, drive into v. a, fpMnJ"l?1K 
'^B! "*^3!i -ni^bri to give a whipping "."f 

rtjlnb ^?^D to throw in v, a. \V^hr^^^:^T^^ 

,-ii'inj Ob2 to grow in v. n. |DpK'1J3^_^1K 

l-ij1n? (5sri) i]?t^fi to throw in v. a. tS)"^iSri3^J!^K 

.Q)_::r\ to put in 
aipnn to put in a word tii^)) s* iS'^KiisinK — 

ra has to blow in v. a. \V))'i^^'^^^ 
♦•Tllip to implicate v. a. IVhp)^^'^^ 
,nri''bs ^^vn^ to put in a word v. tz. f^i^'^l^'iK 
^^«5 "i^li to rub it into a person ;i:;3j;s Qpan 

♦-b^ (i^to ti'm to suck in v. a. f^ll^vin^ 

.-bK*nj?K^ Kis to sail in v, n. [i^S^^tJvinK 

«lpip3inK = f^t^!?"iK 

.-S a^to to put in, place into v. a. f^pti^jn^ 

to put into a person^s v. a. f^1i;>p^lH!^^!5lK 

.tJ^« 2j|i a^u; rb iw head 
xyan to spite I'p Q'v to put in v, a. fiff'^JiliilK 
to apply oneself diligently v. r. ^^^-H 5U"i<:! 
r^ la'ii i^«"i ypt! to 
♦-a bb^ to dip into v. a. |^p:)1t0^v,^K 
.-?x (s^hn) J^h^ to thrust in v. a, f^S^r^JvtlK 
(«nn) i<\y5 to carry in, bring in v. a. [XS'ltJ^lli'lK 

♦laps ::h3 to enter (into a hooJc) ;"i]irib 
to bring ;"bK u^^| to drive in v. a, f^!!!ltO-3l}1^ 

rn^? K?ri up to 
to ;"i|inb ^i?5 to shake in v. a. tV^^D^ntD:31^nK 

♦-i|in ?x nh? strew in 
(KbD) r]h^ to drink much t?. a. f^p^^ltD^vilK 

to en- ;-i]^n bx nlpit to step in v. n, ftDP'itoi:>"iyt 

,&3ali t T 

Sk jylJ,'? to hit, hit the mark v. n. [E^"!^:5Vi1>5 

nits ten 

to pour out of one receptacle v, a, j^'It^l^l^'IK 
i;t2 to bestrew P?2 bvs' ^?|d ^ibu into another 
V, r. *l^t ^ II ; ^MD ini^ ni2 to strew too much ; -5i? 
*'^p^'r\ to be poured over or spilled 
12^ bK MT to shoot across v. a. p'.t^'n^!l;'lji 

i;:i?l1 to ship over, ferry over v. a. f£^^'l^n^*iy 

to sail over, be v. r. ^^T^Hnnr^ "inyt? n^^iKS 

."i^r^ iii;?^ ^T^.^:^ ""'^^ shipped over 

r5« (i^-i? to send over v. a. [p^t^^i^^nnK 

♦(D^D^pS) n^i to trump (a card) v. a. f^K'^t^l^Il^lK 

."i^yni 2nD to drag over ?;. a. \Zj))'7^'^V^)'1}A 

i'v:i to walk or step over i;. ?i. JpiK&^'n)^:^^"!*^ 

»(a^i3"T3) Di£; to overcome v, a. flKSt^'l^n^lK 
jb"3 to skip or jump over v. n, \^^^Titi'^'^^^)'^^ 

to shout from the other v. n, f^l^^t^n^nn^ 
pj;^ to outshout IK «. ||;'r#D '^^v:P pi^^ side 

.-p 91i| nni'' ^ips 

D^p ,«^i^ ;|1u?Kll1p?i original {pi. ]-) n h^:^)^)''\^ 

,n=iJiri \y^K ,-it (/^_9r,) ;(srsn) 

.nti^ J-'lipn original adj. h^:i)^)'l^ 

♦n^K bjp Leo (astr.) ; - lion m ^"^^^ 

♦ p.U3mK== ;-i]inSi ,-s in, into adv, [1!?'^^ 

♦^nD3S3 I come in ]v^*nK ]^;'2 y.a — 

♦a3!:K I shall come in p-ntj 5pn i^k — 

in?: step lively! ^nn^sn Kb come in ^p-^nH — 

inD-'SD ^s" 

.-"^Sm r^ in, into jpre/ "Ii^J^lX 

to work ; -S t2W to work in t;. a. i^P^'^^^l}"^^ 

.'n'^ii'^r^:^ n:^-^p pbii much 

♦iIu;d ,nris to entice, allure 'b. a. fl^llKn^^jl.s 

rsi nb) to blow in v. a. tti^b^^v^^,^ 

rbi^ l^tn ,"5k Khp to invitb into i?. a. |t0^n:i^j!'ii< 

t6 crumly o*- crumble into v. a. fpH12i^J'"iiSt 

,{pBV3 «^D3) pp.^D to invest (fig.) i'"^W ins 
psi ,033^1 nbu? to break into v, r. ^^t [5J^"n^i!^"1K 

(D32D) «?n to bring in o?* into v. a. f^^^^^llS^l^'IK 

r'-]W -1^,^ to crumble into v. a. J^^p^^inJ^J^^lK 
ente- iKinp entrance {pi ^^^^ -- ) m 5:.si2||:v!'nj« 

.na''^^ ring 
."5« &32n ,"5^* His to go in, enter i), n, [^!^Jl^*li< 
rs pr to pour in v. a. fD^^Jl^'IK 
;-T|1n 9« p?nn to slip into u. r. T3t I^lD^S2:i.^\si 

.tbs c:2n (/%.) 
Hsn to smuggle in v. a. \V^V - ^\Vp^P^l^'^ 
♦-i]in^ z:t;}T} to steal into u. r. I^^-^IJI'^K nsip 


\fi — 


to be caught ;'"5^ 5b2 to fall in v. n. [^K&Jl^'^iK 

*T\v^ to be deceived ;i5^n 
to come in suddenly r\T\ k j'k f.'Kc.Y-iK -- 

.n''i!: anns tri into a house 
to interrupt a person n^n n pK j^Kl);t'K -- 

♦nn^t'is (yis.T) pcsn speaking 
^a; to get into trouble ?Tisi h pn ibKasi^^iK -- 

to become the ip^i^s ru>ii^i^b pK* j^KS^m^ — 
*Dp nni? n^^ talk of people 
.m^^ to fit in V. a. pM^Jl^K 
c^'i? to get in ;n^ to pack in v. a. jpKD^^^'nK 

JCE^B bv IK r^b^v^f n^^'Si driving in m 'IKBJ^^'IK 

.^V^ 'Kl^a gateway 
^5? ^K n^jps) "5k Kls to drive in v. n. p.^SJl^K 

to slap a person^s pKi pK pKQ^i^nK (^L) — 

/h9n bp UJ-'K itec face 

to knock a person^s pis£ n p.K pK'ssi^'iK (§?.) -■" 

,a^^TO n^n teeth 
,"5K i]bu?ri to throw into [sL) v. a. f^'l^il^lK 
bringing in ;-iiinb ns^in leading in m l^&Jl^lK 
'Tl^^ pnp .liiMC mnn importation ; ""iiinb n^nq 
♦(i£s ^. t^) nn-'na .k1:2D introduction 
to bring ;-i|inp f^Sn to lead in t?» a. p^&Jl5'^K 
;piK^ finp rfT,nD D^sn to import ;-=i|1n^ Kpn in 
r'^ ap55 to introduce 
to entangle, implicate, in- v. a. p^^XH^Ml^lK 

rif ijbSD ,1125 volve 
rb^ ai! rbK 5b to flow m v, n. [D^S&iinK 

to plait J-Tjlnsi y-^p^ to twist in v. a. p02J?^£i!?"iK 
*"s Tj^p to implicate^ involve ^(rnyra) y'^p in 
m;ina w:?^ to smuggle m t). a. f^^p^BJl^lK 
to get into a v. ?% '^^T — 1| ; esjsn nmsrsa) -^xia 
.15;^ Tjin^ D32rf vehicle with one's bundles 

-i-nib^nn DP 
im to thrust in, push in v. a. [J^'^^e^mK 

♦-^in 5K crh5) pm to press in ij. a, fB^^^^^mK 
5bK to eat much, gormandise v. a. fD^^lSJl^lK 

,-ilin5 hs to tap in v. a. f£KXJl„^"!« 
£U?n to enter (<i?i « book) v. a. (^J^^^^^^l^K 

5\yrr to include in an account v. a. f^l^^Jl^lK 
.np5n to give a whipping ;-i|in£ 

to V. n. II ; ijinb i|^u?^ to draw m ^5. a. f^1^J!?lK 1 

•."bK c^ri to chase or drive into «. a. p^'^il^'^^ 
to run v> r. ^^T-H ;"'i]1n5 nns) n\^ to shoot m 

r'ri^pi 5k pn into 
to put into (si) V. a. \V^V -- '.\Pp^'^'^^^^ 

.i£K?ii (Q^t?) 2u;ln a prison, lock up 
,npm2i r!p5 to take m by force v. a. f&K3Jl^"ll^ 
to take in hastily ;5l| ,^brt to seize »'i35 
to do a thing while there is ;|l7Sii2 opn 
to run in v.r. ^^T-|| ;|t5! u^^. nlp^ ^inn nt^y time 
;p?Bn^ &j|rt to come m hastily ;*"i]in 5k |?n 
.irib^ spsfi to come m secretly 
;"i|in5 Kta^ ^>^b |h3 to let in n a, JU^^Jl^"!^ 
to indulge, i^i^ti to enter mto u r. yi^\\ 
."5 "^.s^nn give oneself up to 
r^W n^nrp running ro m ?]''lSJl^1K 
ri|1ri5 p.i to run m u ?«. iB''1^i!?"lM 
;"a (D^^) h|5 to lay in, put m 'o. a. p^h^'^}'!^ 
;"*^ 1?ip nK mn to put oneself in 0. r. y^'^^\\ 
to give oneself up \'^^\nb \t^^ to be put m 

.-'5 nsDn.n to 
to seek to bring &i5u? k pK ^n p?i5ii^lK — 
nit'P^ \i^ps about a peace between persons 

*inpi5 ^^K p^ Qlbii? 

t;. n l^t^.jp'ia nST to live till v, n, pl^Sjl^lK 

r|i 5nnn to get used to 
to 1?. r. ^It.-'il;"^ D^\|? to put in u «. pK?:Jl^^K 
r^K Djsr! get into 
,D33ni Tp^ to march in -y, «. pl^^lKDJ^^lK 
interference, ;n^n^pi mixing in / 3Jlt^^DJmK 

r% nnipnri intervention 
to irapli- ;"a (to ^anp to mix in ^. a [^^r^^l^*!!? 
to meddle, u r, ^^?'-||;^s& cate, involve 

."z-^^m interfere 
'?l'^D to lure or entice into xi. a> pK^J^^'^lf 
to worm oneself in^ v, n ^^t - 1| ; -"bK noips 
.-"f ns'ipa Oi^sn intrude oneself 
.'^im 'ibn to sew m v. a. f^^^JJ'!?'^K 
to m» ;&a?D ^"^^ np5 to take in v, a, [l^DPiv^'li 

*5'52 elude 
to put in (thread into a needle) v. a. fJ^^'Di!5lg 

to thread 91^3 k pk cnKS k |p5^D3mK-™- 
.DhDn ^in D^iy a needle 
r^K (fka) n^D to suck m v. a. fJ^pKDDJl.^^ 

.(10",K11^ ^S K ^KJ) P_n^ == ^^Jl^lK 

«na>5 5bK to eat much v. a. pP!5li 
igeogr.) ;-5k n5^D3 falling into m hm^T\^ 
.<B^i ^K> ina r\^pp\ mouth {of a river) 


-^ 98 


;-"?Iin b^ (-"ihn) ^irr^ to push in v. a. [S^'^^^^t!"!*^ 

.np^min o:zr\ to push oneself in v. r. 1^^-^|| 
^Vncn to enter violently v, n. ^D^'^V^t^^J^J'^K 

n'^jy) -|ln^ iv^ to step into i;. n. pl^t:^^l^lK 

■<n^"3f:iD i-^sM) -i^ntpn ^v ^'g\T\ to bid up U'nsi 
fl;3 ,nnn» -ipi to stick in v. a. [^^'tOt^Jv^'n,^ 

.-!3 D%' to put in, place into v. a. f^V^^^^""!^^ 
^u quarter {soldiers) J"^ l^ii to insert \'"^ '^;V.p 

.-n Dhn to stamp in t). a. IV^t^T^^^^'^^^^ 

r% -isn to quilt m, sew in v, a, p>'tOt^Ji:!lK 

.-n iVpri ,Dnn) \v} to stick in t;. a. fp^tCtT^^J^'lK 

to shme or radiate into v. n, [^KltCS^iti'nK 

•3 ^ep to pour in, shed m v. a. pO^^:)1.^'^K 

'"lir\b ita to strew in irb^) 

.-i]inS iriin to shine into v. n. f^^i^^u^O'L^nt? 

.-Tl'inS nh; to shoot into v. a. |C""t>0'L^*i.S 

.^^« n^lKn KlD to sail m u r. y^ [&"''^il^^iK 

"bx n"?^ to send in v. a. ip'!'^'^^'*'^^^ 

^io give in marriage by de- v. a. [*i>*^?^^Ol^''iK 
.mxtsi:: ntK^ nn ception 
.-^inS (DhO) ^^rp to drag in v, a. (£>^'7t^01^^K 
ID? npbn to give a whipping i;.. a. j£^_^'^^'^'L^'lK 

.-Sk "inn to melt in v. a. \^hv^'^^'^^'^^ 

. I & \^ J3 \2; 3 Y T « --= P^ 1_^ JS^^I.^'IK 

,(-bK> -s jb'i? in; to snow m v. n. [^^?J'^OD*"iK 
nh"n to send m by a fillip v. a. I^^^S^Ol'''nK 

."bK y53:&?D 
inhn) i^hb to force m, push in v. a. plK^t^^^j^K 
bo force or push oneself in v. r. T'^'"||;''b^ 

rbx (pn'in) j^-^bn 
.-Stj phj to spit in V, a. (^l^&^J^_nK 
."•^Inb niD to spin into u. a. f^^^£^Oi^*^,K 
ab'5 to leap m, jump m v. n. f^'^'ISS^^l^'lK 

.-•^inb (|/ap> 

.-bx ip-^p nio to sprinkle in v. a. [^^p^nS^Jl^^il 

."bK (phi) tnn to spatter m v, a. \'^^'°itt^:^^}^i^ 

.-n 3p uD3Dn to screw m v. a. fS'^l'^tJ^-Sl^'^K 

tT-) Si'ip to enter (in a list) v. a. pl^'lt^Dl^'^K 

^1.s . -- length of days, long life / D^or^^^''^^ 

,1:7'^^3 nn^ ploughed field / V^"^^^ 
^nrp ,'r-ip^ aristocrat {pi [-) «i t2«"ipiS*^Dn» 

to move V, r, ^^^ - 1| ; (mnb) nby move into 

.(n-pnb) "ibp into 
ri]1n^ 5^s to boil in i;. a. p^p^T\^ 
^\2\ to drop or trickle in v, n. fi^&Kp^lJl^ 

b« (}^h5> ph-^ to squeeze in v. «. f^tD];iip:5^1>< 

,-!11n ^K ^'in to come in v, n. \})0^p^^:i1^ 

-riW ^p->Dn to look into v. n. [pip-31^"1K 

.-•^inb (b^'^h ^•■^.1 to roll in v, a. f,J^^p*L^pJ!.^^K 

ittDs) ppn to beat in, drive m v. a. f^K^p^!:!"!^ 

D;sn ,m to move into i;, r. "^t [ni?^p:3^_^'ni$ 

.-ijin^ p:si to paste in, glue in v. a. IjJV.hp^^il'lH 

.]yv^P3inx = fD;;^pji^iK 

to {si) ;-!|inb 12D to knock in r, a. ipKJp^r!"^^ 

,(F]^nn -p'^c) r'^pa gulp down 

.-i|1np (?Bp.) 5bs to fold m ?;. «. (^■^tO^?JpJ!.niit 

.*:n u;i9 to knead in, mix in v* a. [^^^p^^J*li$ 

(^Z.) ;"bK' (.'lifH) ::pn to turn in v. a. pj^p^l^^K 

♦(Pj^nn nptyD) i;.*^;i .i^a ^x i]sn to gulp down 
-c&n .s^ibn to catch i-V^n to got v> a. p^'lp-3^^'^|< 
• Djfm. Sni to creep or crawl in v. n. \^)'^p^V^'^^ 
n?:;^] 1V1 pK (to^^nsf eyi p^ip3i?"ij« tDi3 |pp |i;t5 — 
•!?:! ^\H :ib the human heart is a mystery 

? li'ipii^ 

.D53ni ^m to crawl m v. r. I'^t f^"'i^^p^tD.^'i:!_nK 

.-■^inb Kip to cal! in «. a. |£)i"i-3^J'lK 

.-n i;pn to shove in v. a. fpl^^^^^l^ 

(6'/,) ."3 in'-^'O) '\w to rub into v. a. pl^'^^l^lK 

.^bK to eat 
.127^ n"is;nn to put m a word v. w. I'^15'^-31^'^^ 

.|^:p|i 0.390 
-5k nan to ride m y. «. poi.nJinK 
V. r I^T ^ II ; -?iin^ ^tod to pull in v, a. pi:"i^!!'1J< 

'bii i^l^nn to get m by force, invade 
<i|sn\L?n) ?t3 to flow in, run m v, n. ]V^)'^^)!l'^t^ 

-■ ]inb c^3 n^^^ to rain in u. n. [I^J^^^'^^I^IX 
to include m an account v. a. \V^V^V'^^)1'^$ 

-ibKj to sell fraudulently u. a, pi^3Kt^:*i:-"i« 

.-il1n9 IP.5 to shake in v, a, \Vhp^^2n^H 

[-^Mrib n"^/ to rake in v. a. f^Wii:!"1H 

,-^ifib nhf to swim in tj. n. [J^t^^Vi^J'L^ly 


to carry m by washing v, a, [l^p^P'^l^^^Jl'^i 




fco "be in bad circumstances nin&i jrb - 

V^ 2i£f23 I'D 

"the land of Israel," Judea, n-pr. ^^?'^^'^T'^^^ 

= - Palestine 
"threads of the land pi. O^'-^V^-h^'^^^'f^^ 
of Israelj" mellow autumn, {Am.} Jndian 

.Y^pri -|ic summer 

,9lni .iiDi^ -nni^? ?^^'«1 arch-, arrant adj 'V^'^^ 

arch-rogue, arrant {pi OV --) 7n ^mnvv^"^^ 

.aoia-^ bv'h2-\-^ knave 
brazen- {pL '^^''^B^} m D"'J&||"P|^inD^j;X'^K 
.bn.' =ii%jn faced fellow 
M^_ r\'\^n^ n£3 arcade / ^"IKp^iK 
aens u mt>rh ^an) Wp lasso (p^. \V -) m fKp^K 

*ns-i& hurricane {pi \V '-) m fKp^K 

.fir:5S spelt m ^Ip^g 

.''3lS^ arctic (geogr.) adj, ^^^p^i 

*^3is2in B'' Arctic Ocean i^rp^ ir'^y^^pn^ - 

.m^;^ is^ orchestra (j^L f-») n l^tD^p*^.^ 

JT'&n n^^ arshin {pi \V --) m f^^^K 

•r^'^ ashes / ^^K 

to scold a person t\^ -^p^^k ps pK?i {/^.) — 

.t^H s^i^ii >^nn severely 

o-wife ;- woman {pi DW) / HK^K 

.-wicked woman / npn n^K 

'^r-.??"I3 scoundrel, rogue (pA f-) m ^Di^X 

*n?3ip nlbiar;!^ .Q-'^ss roguery / J^li'eOilJ'X 

"'"'.^l^^l F^ ' -- Germany npr f^3K^K 
13 "iin;' German Jew (^^Z, a^'OSI^K) m ^U2^K 
adherent of the German- Jewish ."n^^Di,] i^^k 
.c'SDTjn a'iin;n jn:^2 p^thd rite 
n^fR? "blazing fire," in a rage ado. nSn^-K^K 

:bni ■■ 

- Asmodeus (^^97,^ of the demons) npr. \^1D^K 

"we have trespassed," confession m ^2DpH 

.'^■^^ of sins 
bv ni)nn to confess one^s sins i.t/ck (.ik? - 

-|5?'i .-rubbish, trash {pi fllE^K) / ns^K 

"blessed," a psalm beginnmg with m '^W^ 
,^i nb!p3 ^^nn^D nl?3?p this word 

f•^^?n ag onp aristocracy / ^''^K'^pl^'^O-'^^ 

.D^&hrteD b'p aristocratic adj. ^r^'i^lpK^^D^i 

.newD aristocratic lady / Pp^H^^p^^'ODng 

.\nb aria^ air, tune / T^^ 

4lsu;nn nDpp arithmetic /J^pfO^DBn^ 

.|i2^nn nrsan ^-^ arithmetical acj?» t^l'^i^DE^'lK 

, - slow to anger, patient adj. D''SK'""]'^K 

,an33 n''S ,t3| archives (^^. f-) m ll^S'lK 

' .^K|S architect (jpL \ -"- ) ^p)^*^^^'^^ 

. Si p r D ^ 3 ^ « --- nr^pr^^D^K 

*n;n5 riMH „T3S architecture / ^J'^P'Op^'0^51^ 

.nnin-'bs cannon, gun {pi f-) m ^KDIK 

,Knsi ,b:n army {pi [ ^ ) / l^tin.H 

rb vS^ to concern ^. a, p^ 

it does not concern me isis ii)s ^i^ dp — 

W5 what is it to me? ?iia cy toi^ dkii -™ 

not to r'jtj^ -i'^-'.^-'a-uHb -isjn 'iD a^^ii 11 ni p« — 
,"r:is^': ;"%-,3 K"" concern in the least 
.bb^nn to pray v. «. f^^^ 

.f^^n decent S'lu;; honest, fair adj. y.h'^)"^^ 

.If ^ honesty, fairness / ^l^pS^^^^r.^ 

^p^p.p^j»j -=pN'p""px 

.pfjn n^^ arsenal (pL f-) m ^M^l^C"^.^ 

.(^10 BD p8) D^K arsenic m p'J>'DnK 

*Pjn!. arm {pi 0^) m '^^'^^ 

.l^n^ pay poor ac?/. 2Gi;"iX 

,b^ ,^3^ poor man (j?L ^!!^PSP"1«) m fKD^^K 

.i^M bracelet {pi l];nJl?S^) ^ nJMn||D^'li^ 
poor student {pi D^T,n2 »=> ) m nriS|paj;n.^ 
student of a Talmadical aca- ;''3^ T'?^b|i 
*n3^^"n n^5 T'jpbn demy 
farmer, lessee of {pL D^-- ,f-^) m nKn:|;nK 

.D^K ,-12^.1 a farm 
.'isnn ;ni;3n2 npb nbn 'to farm 'y. a. f^HJ^^^ 

.HTsn farm, lease / V^^V^H 
..-nar to take on a lease v^^v^-^ n^ ir^p: — 
.nann to let on a lease P"?3pn^ pK ]zv} -- 

.nc'ar arrest {pi l^) m '^Di^^M 

,u;un .TCH prisoner {pi f-) m ^^i^tODP^K 

.Tm bv of prisoner ac^j. i^pD^JK^DP^i^ 

.m^, ^^s to arrest v. a. f^^^D^n^ 

. «- to the ground Otdv^ ^^^'^^ 




n''n to be active {of a woman) v. n. fTH"]!^^ 

♦rrihld nSn to be a trades woinan ;n^r.n 
"Thou hast chosen us," a m 1^rl1^n^"II^K 
niDfillD ny.n'; nban prayer said on festivals 

♦l^y Dm-'S n«|np chauvinist m p^^l^I^i'^^nn'-'^n^ 
♦ p 121 3 rn n :2 - n n ^ = pi^riins'nnK 
"unto th^e it was shewd," one m Ti^i^^rrfim 
of the Biblical verses recited on the feast 
D-'ipiCBrip -iHK of the rejoicing of the Law 
,n^'\p\ nhDu|i E2'«^9K3n 
is?i b!;3 i^a i3t nn''K"in-nn« mn bkii (Joe.) — 
mn isirt ptt this matter is irrelvant ?p'i3pi^ 

,i3r3yb 1^^ 
.-I recall my sins phr. 1^3tD ''^K ''H^H n^S 
.-a harlot's hire, a harlot's gift m .1^1t"priiJ 
lime, citron {used hy {pi D'^^l'inK) m 31111*^ 
"i-n VV. '1^ — [/ez<J5 o« the feast of Tabernacles) 

to be very conversant nt'K "ill li^bp ipsyp — 
to know by nnn by im pn^ with a thing 

♦rta bp jn^ heart 
♦O'sn^ab) i^inb ^MN to come late ^im i^' IP^^P — 
"happy are they that phr, ^rl''p ^nt^l'' ^1K?« 
dwell in Thy house," happy are those 
Dn\2Si d^n^l^n nb« Q^i.f Kp that stay at home 

"who hath formed," hymn said m '^^]'"^^H 

,Q''p^^i£n nst'p ^hK a"'iplKU^ |l3f^n after stool 
waste- ;di3R? "^^^ toilet-paper n '^^£)^&"i:sr''"1l^« 

,fan ia pKt' n^^3 paper 
another man's wife, married wo- / ti^\^"jnt^J^ 

*bp.s nb ^iiT' n'^K man 
married woman living with / ^^^Jt^^S"i1^i^ 

,^h^ t^^H Dj; n23l#n n^*^t^3 n#K another man 
one who lives with another m p^i^''«"HS^H 

.10^ ^0 s^ i?^^ man's wife 
clever and active {pi. D- if-) / V'H'Jn^K 
*^''5|3&ll *n^?iq n#^ woman 


household remedy, domestic hkisi ppD2K2 — 

♦n^n-i? riNnsi i^ naiin medicine 
old wo- ; D^?n ik nKrt gk grandmother §. ^SiJS 

.nnb:^ midwife Jnsp.i nfK man 

tell that to the ma- |y:s^n ipi d^i bi^iJ^n — 

♦nnn^ 'isDn k3 b« rines 

that does not concern me ^-nm^ oysx:: ]''^i^ — 

♦"tb ^313 inin pK 
.D^Dn| ,1B%B butterfly «. ^p^tD];SKn 

?!fK woman selling boiled beans s. ^!JS^iD^!:iiSn 

13 5?ipnb ^-13 ii!? f*y bn) |p^n pile-driver 5. ^^^SKS 

,r\^p\ nm old woman s, V'^V^^'^ 
n3i:n ,^23 beaver, castor Q9?. S-) *. '^^^i'^lS 

.in'n ptt) 
,lp| 51/3 bearded adj. tobll^nKn 
.'isin ")1i7p of beaver, beaver's adj. pV^^^ 
a 'r.r^^P ^\P.l ^^^ little old woman s. ^pSt<2 
buck- ;ns*m-n^j7 cake baked with butter 
,nps3 njp wheat cake 
TV?^ ^^^i^ dung of sheep or goats s. Vp^^^ 

.D'fP. \S 

.o^ii? --^b^ dung of goats sppn^is vm'-^ -^ 
Id-i^m an^i nonsense! 'cy^^p -- 

the second letter of the Hebrew alpha- s. 3 
if2\i^ two wwm. II Pl^y.;! iTia^^J^ii n^r^n nixri bet 
*c''a^^.^ '»ri? two thousand '3 ,H 
.iS^^^^^i yt£>'Hyi3^n ^^3 |?i^r''H K^a ^feip) - in pre/. "? 

two thousand years {of the a^fijlf ';2 = abbr, N"!! 

*(ania\n m^i3Db) d'^b^k \3^ [Jeio^^A e?'a) 

.1?::= 'K2 

*il» ,5SK yet, but yet int. ^KS 

about, round i-p .nSik ,?j; be, de- pref "K2. 

.p3^, -^^ris boa constrictor {pi B - ) 5. Kifiri 
;tnn ,'T:,rin to alarm, trouble v. a. p^KIIDI^K!:' 
n'"^" to be alarmed, be troubled v. r. l^t-jj 

.Tps officer {pi P^-) s. "ii^tD||)2KKS 
n^ny. cultivation {of the soil) s. 2i1tD|^n*1Ki$S 
bt?) 112^ Knaxbts) 9i93^ elaboration ;(n»"rsn) 

isj; to cultivate {the soil) v. a. [tD^2lK^S 
P3j?) 'i.?ip KnsKbs) 9?3U7 to elaborate ;(naisn) 

.^i-ij biB broad bean (pi ^V -^ if-- s-) #. S«2 

,nn ghost {pi op^) *. i^nK:i 

^ .ni3p.| Q'^m 9^ old-womanish a^?. ^pD:^K2 




,nkD occurrence >r!i^''^s meeting *, ^^J])3|^3^S 

oo hap- V. n. \\ ; vj^ .^^ to meet v. a, fPJ^^^^HS 

♦U^J&O to meet <y. rec» T!T - 1| nlhj^ pen 

.penen to be satisfied v. n ^^t p^i^^5.^n 

,r^^^f request ip'0 desire {pi f-) #. IJ^^KS 

t, tD^jip- II ;n5xn^ desirous^ eager adj. ^)'^^^^^ 

.r^.p^r^n eagerness 
,\£^|9^ to request imxno to desire v. a, pV^^ 

.^m scolding (fig,) s. SK^^K^ 
to give it to a person ^^T.m k is^pd^ik pp^ — 

.bp„^p. to spoil (fig,) nb^ to bury v. a. p«^5Xn 

.inia conceivable adj, ^)hm'^^^^ 

*3iW '150 to conceive v. a, [Bl^'li^S 

♦ni\Nt^a nsin to prove ^e a. pJ^'^^h'n 

*aibw7 n5^:a greeting ^. 3^1D^*13KS 

♦a'l^u?^ 11^^ to greet, salute v. a. p^^SKi 

j^is ,ny^D conception^ idea (_pL f-) ^. S^n^Kn 

^n-iDD burial (pL f-) 8. ^^V^V'^'^^^ 

*rr?a;D limitation «. mtV^P"^^^^ 

A^m '^m to limit V, a. \tm^^^^ 

watering-place J|^Ola bath (pi ^I^I^S) ^, ^Ki 

,&'')sn nu^^D thermal baths ipipn ycpi^ii -^ 
*rni^ n^2 bath-house (^L "il?n^S) #. "l«n 
^o dupe or humbug inn p.H |^p^ij^ p^s (fig,) — 
,tt?^o nK5i^ ,u?^K nai a person 
con- adiy. II ; ]\m ,sf "d considerate adj, ^^^^^KS 
*np'3n sfs^^a siderately 
.s^inn .|3isriri to consider v, r« ^lt ftD5«"l^n 
bathing-dresSj bathing-- {pi f-) ^. aiXiK"n.SS 

.n^H"]? anja suit 
r) ni\e\ i^V.^ to thank «! a. fi^pJK'lKS 
.nii'i^^in .xp need ^, Pj^K'iKn 
^o need, want, to have to ^. a. n. (B'lKIKa 

■''iK'13 properly |i^t isi ^is^ii^s dp iii -- 
lea! of a bath- (pL ^|?tOi?bs^) s. ^K^n|p^.p 

*|/nitt-n^§ ^^^K)D 5^ nhv broom 
3p XDKDS bath-broom {pi ^'^ -) a. mP^"^^^ 

aon- Jewish bath-»at- {pi C!'''^13-) ^.'Maf'lKS 

,f p-iD-n';;!! mp^n ""y tendant 
^n-^s n-'TO moaey for bathing g, ^^?^>^*1KS 

,bblr .^M if?1n loafer (pi IP--) s, ajV-^KS 
to regret »'"5p s^n to deplore ^^, a, n, pl^^'H^S 
«i^^ regret sA\ ;"5^^n 

»MBD ns^^ ay edgedy trimmed adj. tDD]^1SK2 

*n^3^> nff edge, trimming #. f*5^D])'lSK3 

,S''Sd ipc^ to edge, border^ trim v. a. fPI^P'^SKS 

to search, rummage, fumble v. n ^^^ [^"IS^S 
to work slowly i^^i^nn to stir '^Wr/i'i^ xbo 

talented iphtp gifted, endowed adj> ^SKX^« 

inst b'2W WHW K'^a baggage, luggage s, ^tKS^S 

ns T#„b ny^^^ baggage strap #, p^J^t^sSKi 

.aipa i^'^ ,|K>{3 ^^'i trifle s« ^^^K^gn 

' '' inip glit ac^i« ^^13.^n 

TD 5t| to rob i?.^l fP^^ ,\V\\hm2 

f ^Ti 'topu^D to becalm, soothe v. a, pl^l^KS 

Amv m Ep.u;n to calm oneself ?% n ^1^-'|| 
!?« n l!t-"||;(j?n nryo) nri; to commit v» a. fl^5K3 
4n2nn to behave JpstiO^ to do 
jmnn to treat a person p^*^''K to'']^ 'T'f p^^'^5 — 

Mn^^n^nn ,ri^9j;BnD inspiration #, 2i11^^u)^j2Kn 

.a.7?3 inspired adj. mpm^m^ 
r3ii pjifD ;2D5n to inspire v. a. f"l^^B!?iK5 
ra ni^T to favor d, a, pl^DJl^H2 
*^n# n ni^p at dawn adi^. fl^ilX^S 
to Hfa) npt'O to waterj irrigate v. a. [5^2iS*3 
to spill on «. n l^t^lp-^p lieu? spill on 
.in.ia ^p (nsi B^!3) ifsu? one's garments 
nsn to melt in tears ppi» jqid ^si pm^s -- 

.|DK3 trustworthy adj, ^S^n^KS 
accompani- (mw^.) mTI^^'^ss escort s. 3J1^^.1^5i^3 

.(|i3J3 m ^'^v^y n;if ment 
n^^s) ni? iqns) .15^ to accompany v> a. f^1^73K2 

(mm.) 5n;i?^|S ,m?n companion #, *il^tS1!^:^a 
*(pa33 i« I'^tya) ri|b?2 accompanier 
,n^m ,i^5s*^ happy, fortunate adj. 'Opt}^^ 
to n^^a ntop, to make happy v. a. pi^^"^ 

'D?^D prosper 

,rhv^ ,nn^bs pardon, amnesty §. aJian^^Jl^S 

.bh?i ,h"9p to pardon, forgive i?, «« pi'lKJX^a 

rD 331 to steal from v. a. IV ^P -^ .tPpm^ 


*n'^^:!fi meeting #. 22^51^2^5 


102 ^ 


assertion., statement {pi, \V ■-) *. 251tO&''^n.sin 

u.a.|];j7nir> nbK to assert, state v. n. [t^D^^'iH^S 

,K^Dn to aftord 
nb^ to guard v. a. pOH^^H 
Inb^^h God forbid! 'c^ni^^ ckj - 
•laK fuel ;n)'3BD heathing, warming s. 5i1i^^^"^>$i 

♦p??u to heat, warm v, a. (2»y."l^2 
nili; helpful adj. :)^D^y"iKn 
*"nil7 to help, assist pT j^S^^ik^ — 
hide-) ^^m hiding-place iv^-) s.t''^:iV'^^V^^^ 

to v.r. l^.^'-lln^i; to help, assist o, a, iS':>^n^n 

♦-a uJbn^M make use of 
to CO' fis^^a rr-^n to hang round u. a. |j;^)^^n><^ 

,riiy^T2 ns3 ver v?ith hangings 
to join V, r. ^^T^||;-l2n to join v. a. [tDS^H^n 

.mm to copulate nanrifi ^ph'j 
.-bj^ '^wp to master, dominate t^. a, [^""'^n^S 

to occupy, reside in, inhabit v. a, \V^^'^''^^^ 

♦-3 pp ,-|i nn ,"?i 2u;; 
;:j^in ,3U^i'' resident, inhabitant s. l^^'ilKli^n 

.|p'|? tenant 
won- in2r]i$ -n^-ii;? admiration *. :i^1i;;-i^"!.S"i|$n 

*n)^ri derment 
to wonder ;nJ^p to admire v» a. p^^iriKil^n 

rb^ iib^nri at 
conscious JQpIs^ -yn; known ac^'. tSD1iS1'i^:i 

»nrn: ^? ^^^^ conscious ac0, i^i^ttODlxn^n 

,n];n^ 5^ ^i:p consciousness «. tOllip ^ || 
'^^'^p ivr^ •'^st? unconscious adj. TiSi^^Dii^ii^s 

.-itt^J? watch, guard *. ^M:j?l1^n 

nbj ,-ib^ to watch, guard v. a, flSi^n^n 

ni^j3^D watering, irrigation *. 3J11]^D81"1H1 

♦(fi) ni?;i?ri to water, irrigate v, a. f"ii^D.^n>?n 

♦n '^3 'p"^.^ armament s, 2J1J^£,^lli^D 

.^bn ,|.n to arm v. a. \V^Vtmi^^ 

safety, security, gua- {pi f«) «. t^^Jl^lKIIJ^::! 

♦ns-^y .ninij; ,j1nt2S rantee 
• Htonn to secure, render safe v. a, |P^*^K1ii$n 
l^-n nbu? to keep from inhp to guarantee 
."*m*n to preserve oneself v. r. T'-H 
fed whip-stitch ;b^ "^^'fJi to pelt v, a. fS^^sniiia 

.12^*1^^ rallior adr. jj ;6 oh that i7it. !.^lKn 

signification, meaning {pi \P'«) s, a^ltOl^^^*^ 

.^ni; ,riu"rn significance sntj'iin 

♦nrn to signify, mean v. a. l^)!"^^^ 

,nv^n significant, important adj. 3l'litiD^J!'1^2 

condition, stipulation (jpl. f|f-) g, ar.lKn 

,2^tt ,^K3i^ condition {pi f5?-) j^. aJ12:^*1^3 

♦r.i a;, n l^t-llJnjnn to stipulate v. n. fP^^^l^^n 

.u;iX3U? ,nn"^ service, attendance s. ^^IJ^'IKS 

servant, attendant {pi S^^-) #, ^^tD|ptlN*2 

^:»-|l;-J rriu? to attend, wait on v» a. f^^HKS 

r^ ir^n-f n to make use of v, r, 

,&in hB3 to cover with blood v, a. f^/2'li^n 

3%-] ,|Dj b^s to loaf V. n. \^))^1^2 

to bathe «, r. ^lt^||;|^h'] to bathe v. a. f^l^i 

i;. r. I^t -. II ; -^ pjsnn to consider ??. a. f|^pJ;^'1K2 

.::\yn ,U):^nr} to consider 

.■ic? ,nsi^ Covering {pi f^ ^ ) «. 3r.pj;iM2 

,nu5s to cover ?j. g. p^^l^^ 

♦^^-ly^s nbs 'ID? veiling of a bride s. 0^p^1ij|{:3 

.V^r^ needy at^J. .ir^Dl^^Kn 

.-lionD .^yi need, want (j^L 1 - ) «. ^13]/S1^"IN*2 

,r\p-^} .ynh oppression Q:*?. J^-) *♦ .^J^p^lIK^ 

/^h ,|^n^ to oppress v. a. fp^'^'l*^2 

.ujils .jrnis oppressor (^^L - ) s. '^^p)'^"^1 

♦inns n£3 to cover with hail v. a. f]^72KniS*:3 

/p.^ versed ad/. ^^n^?n^S 

,n3r:s5D hiding, concealment 5. .251^Sk,'1KS 

to nripn ,|fr^n to hide, conceal v. a. [tD/iSHMS 

to hide oneself v, r. "j5^ - 1| ; (nm ibj? bury 

; -Qj; m^irijnn treatment {pi IP*-) #. 3J1^1iiS,1|ia 

.«si ;-si; jn;nn to treat v. a. f^^^l^^nlfS 
;3^-pDK bold, courageous ac|;. ^SSXHMilS 

.2p"fJ2k courage «. tO!:?p«|| 
with great ; " with great love^Ar, n31"n:!l.;ii^|^ 
♦|1^^ni Aily^ pleasure 

♦tJDVB qis^^"K3 ^NT SimKnHS p.« ,|t5^^n tSDj^S bebabei. 

lyn^ -j^D 8 ps ttin^^n^s ;"f p«? ^'11 ?^e fs^ii lU'S^'n p«) 

.(f^st ssin ♦|5?s a3||! i^iK^sr-'v >:' 


-«- lOo 


*1r.'is 'PV'z ,-by compulsion arh. Cil^S 

,\^3n5 on condition 

to, I 


. '- at that moment ado. 1^3^. 1^!^^*^ 

*b6nn 1^1? elder-tree QjI, [-) g. uSn 

.idk|? softly, slowly ac^t', tDr^iKS 

,ri^D to salt tj. a, f^'^i^tlfS 

|^\3 elder-blossom^ elder-flower §. ^^11^ ];il^ 

.i^z nst^b Sii^i^ trimming (^2, t'^) ^- T^"^^^ 

v^^u; bazaar (i)L ]--) s. "^*^ t^^n 

♦^D2tt '^^1^ anxious adj, ^i'lKt^i 

nt'i? to do, perform, attend to -u. a. p'l.^t.^S 

♦|5n ,pEDn to provide ibvpti b^ iipn 

.tjbpb to soil ^5. a. [J^^^ltlfS 
.I'lpa visit, call (pf. f - ) 5. T*'*^^ 
^'ip^ to pay a visit ^iTxa k pb*t3 — 
to search., J'lps to visit, call on v. a. pliM^ 
.u?^-0 to feel i't!m examine 
♦n^lK ,^p.5?f visitor (pi -) ^. ^P^hMS 
nn^^jD special nis: ,5'5;i2 separate adj. ^pl^T^^^ 
ninb separately adu. || 
.^%n\^ especially, particulary ado. DipiJlt^S 
*mi to conquer 'u. a, \^T\^^ 
.m:f^ conqueror {pL --) ^. ^^3^1^^ 
.^m to remove v. a. f2^^1.n^S 
'H^u^) "i«s to celebrate in song u. a. [J^SJ^l^S 

,"by "!isi v'^1 to sow over t;. a. pi^'^^ 

♦np.tO ;(^:p possession s, p B^ 

i^ossessive (^n) (jpl l^^'i^H - ) s. m^Wflim 

♦(pnpns) ij^pn n^D pronoun 

ri nS^ to possess v. a. \^)'^^ 

3ir^ ,|hK possessor {x^L --) #. "^^^^t^S 

DIT possessive case (^r.) (^L f'^) «. 7K&^^t^5 

to ©gamine ;-|j ^sn&rt to look at v» a, \T^^^ 

•niD^p -nn-^^ garrisson {mit) (pi. \V ^) s. 5i1^])iM^ 
nD©:iin occupation {of a house) ; ib'n ^r.'K ^w 

^u'is ^w '^atJp SS£5 to garrison {mil.) % a, [^l^t^S 
to occupy {a id'c^^s^k:^ ^bp to people U^^n 
t!^3) ^p"in to seat (t? Srt'c^e) ;(n^a) k^d [/^c)^^^e) 
to V. ?%^^t-l|;n55 ftcw) to^^pto trim Uncnn "-jb^ 
,(aipM) s^inri settle 
nbs mf In the seating of a bride s, D:^i?t^s 

*D''p3 ,|h K^9 graceful, pleasant «c^j?. ^^JnKS 

^3^ £5S ^K i^h'^ to wash all over t?. a. t^lf11||3 
,|,-n-,nr! to wash, oneself 13. n ^^t -- 1| •, Dlpa 

n^s to melt in tears pP'^a b^D -|i? tt2?Kiixa — 

,r]'m blia /Vt'3 married {man) adj. tOSl^ll^S 
to marry, wive, take a wife v. n y^^ [^'L^V'^S 

evidence ; nalD ,n^Kn proof {pL ]'-' i^) a, t!;?11^3 

^nn^ln ,n-np 
;H^sn to afford mm ,n2in to prove t). a, pllllllf^ 

.b^^b? K^in to manage 

he had no time to pu 121 ftin.^s ^^^ mn 'nv — 

*n3'p9 np^n ib np^acn Kb go 

»5b::^ insia weeping, whining a^?. t5^1^V)^*2 

weeper, whiner. whimperer tx^^'^i pD3^iii^n j? 

*b92» /2^ bp2 
,"^ nba to bewail, lament ti. a. fj^^^r^l^S 

rbp i£D 
con- ;p^fl -n^iiJ^ri grant (_p^. f^-) %. 3:i31^ll1|f3 

*r!b|)pn sent 

,nn2 -n^-nlD kind, gracious a^y, ^3^^^"11^S 

\p^-\ |h3 .nu?nn to grant, allow 'o. a. pi^^lllfa 

»D3^n to consent 

.a^riu?a-toin garn nej '^m cotton a. ^I'^I^S 

,pj-)| p^tt rrniriD inferior goods §, bll^sn 

iD^ r« cotton»tree (jo^. iP»»-«) ^, D^'l^ir^V-KS 

*|E| ^m. bt of cotton ac^;. ^J^H^S 

.|S| *i^^ b^ ^1K cotton-stuff 5. ^l^^-bl'lM^ 
buyer of "inferior {pL n'^^p^) ^, n^lpir^llp 
.vj^l pDD n-i^na n|1p goods 
.^yn i^p in'n trifle (i?Z. ip'^)'s. ^h^))lp 
it is no small matter^ in- !p?y5iKn k ('in) ™ 
^n^K:: Kin |£jp "121 nb deed! 
movement in^isn motion {pL f^ — ) ^. 2i1^|;i1|f3 
,(n^ns in-'n-ian) ni;^3ri 
^p^l^rip mobile, movable adj, -"^^^^J^TIMS 
to move v. n 1-^-"||'y.?n to move v^ a. pV^'^^^ 

trimmings border (0/ a lady^s shirt) s. "IPIINS 

V. r. ^^t -- 1 ; ry^i;u? to amuse, entertain v, a. fP^'^i^S 
.P„^^€5^'D to amuse oneself 
.t\mt)b proved true adj, tD'npil;^^ 
what ^nyiiKS tiK cm toipi^l?a li« fi^n (jprov.) """ 
iii?^'^ n» is destined to be will come true 

^Hni Kin ^air^ 
.nhfi ,Kls to come true v. n, n^"^UC 




.r^^'iti to deceive {p. p. pKltSK^) v. a. pntO^S 

/«tol ,^513 deceiver s. '^J^'^'^tDH^ 
deceptive ;nD-|D abp deceitful adj. t^n^^ntC^S 

to of- ;"^y iih'^ to tread upon t;. a. [^^"^^^^ 

,2^pri fend 
♦"i^na picn to offer a price fipi^ k |topic5^2 — 
value, laap .-^p amount (^^. f-) .9. ^l^'ltSl^S 

.f\yi wortli 
to V, a^Wl'^p^ ^bv> to amount v. n. [S^^'^tD^S 

r^ vji concern 
,P3nito^:2 = ^^r-ll^tSXS 
embroidering frame (pi. D.-) a, ^pl^t^'tO^sn 

.pp3it3Kn= p^v^'tOi?:: 

♦'•i;?^ r?j'5 spiral spring (j^Z. D^) 5. :i?p'n^Kn 

. - with, fear and awe phr, .'IK^l^D^ ."iD^sa 

^-in no wise, in no case adv. tB1^"J^^S 

.-there being no choice adv. n'^''*]S"pK|i 

.-in no wise whatever adv. fB''lK]~p^!^"|\SS 

.-illicitly, unlawfully adv. "^IS^SS 

^ntmo 122} -n-iBK .Qin boycott {pi [-) s. lD.^p\^n 

.(B'^'p D^jinK -f:!3 
.'nb^ ,Dinn to boycott ?;. a. p)mp^H:^ 
.5n3 brook (^Z. "iV^) s. ^^^ 
nsa to melt in tears pri^s ip:i ic^r.^js — 

♦1n5-D;s 'nn'5 nii^i^n thump!, bang! tw^. ^'^KS 

.-plenipotenliary {pi. n^""\S2l) ^. n^"KS 

.5nj -,yj big fellow (jpZ, D^-^) *. 'I^.^S^S 

feo enchant, bewitch v. a. |^&t^2^^S ,IS1t5^''S«S 

«^ ,D| d']^. clumsy fellow {pi. D^^ - ) «. tD*^?^r^D 

♦n^sn blow, cuff {pi B-) '#. J^rs.^n 

.(t)T^iK3) riD to strike, cuff v. a. P^J>*^ 

♦l^-^a ball {^Z, [ - ) *. ' ^xn 

♦nnt^a .^|J3 ball {pi l^^i^n) *. 2^S*n 

fritter boiled in water (pl^--) s. ^p^^S^^^n 

.(n^3 bm net? trimming, edge #. XS^k:: 
rT|o showbooth ;bnk tent {pi D^«) «. [ib^^S^'^MS 

♦nto siege *. 3:")1^;^^^:2 
♦-9^ 1^2 to besiege tj. a. [ip^^j^S 

♦nriu^)? V^ ,)=iu?| 5^ of ball ac^. J^HISI^^S 

»n^na ^«>) npito bid, offer if. tD«2 


.fi-'Pj? KS elderly ac|/. ^S.StOKS 

♦fces:^ 'i^^l battalion (j^^Z. f^-) ^, t*S''^i$t082 

.htoh^?? battle, fight {pi D«.) ^. r^>^^>?2 

accentuation, emphasis (^j^. [)^-) #. 2rO«t082 

.D^htt-^n nilri botany #. |?p^:3>ft!D«S 
nt^lns d;)^ botanist (pL -) t. '^^p^^i^tO.SS 

♦is^n^-itD ntilM? ^u?K botanical adj. t^^iiftDifiS 

♦sp.^ct to accentuate, emphasise v. a. \V^^'^^^ 

.tt^ to feel V. a. IBb^tDi^n 

♦P^EO ^bs; leaves of beets s. P^VitO^n 

to Jc^nnBD f^jy) £^:3 n^.5 to entitle t;. a. \VhtX^2 

' ■ r^ 11^1 fc^' nri confer a title upon 

x^n|? ''p concerned, interested adj. '^^)b))'Oi^^ 

.^nnn |;jl3 
to take a part, participate «, r. '^^^ (^^^^^tc^a 

lady's boot, half -boot {pi O-") s. Vp^)m2 

,nm bvA 

♦(pi ^m n'^M cambric s. 'EDD^tOI^S 

,n''^'is 9f of cambric adj. [tOD'tOifn 

.Pp3^!3K2 = p^tDiSS 

y^D to bid, offer (p. p. \V^^^^^) ' v. a. [^.^3 

.d^j3',D ,nis| D^.?^: boots ^l 4?. D);tOJ^S 
tD^.^p-||;biliD -its DrD ib t^ tasty a^f. tDDPt^SIi 

*bsn ,zm di;d tastiness *. 
to give a taste, give a relish v. a. [^D^^xa 

.o-no) yjssp bidder (pi -) *. l^tOKi 
,np: 'bs nanpp battery (_pZ. S-) *. P'»"»^j;tD|i3 

,ni33lsn!i consideration (^Z. f^-) ». ^^IID^^ItDl^a 
;-b su;n ;-5k |3l2nn to consider v. a. [tD^MItDMS 

.ib^y riK suih to con' ider oneself v^7\ n^^ — 1| 
fT^ipyp deception, deceit {pi (-) 9. ln*^tD|f2 

(nbc) 9b^ to lament, mourn v, a. p^)^''11tDM2 

sad ;*52y2 troubled, grieved ac^. tDS^'llDIJS 

♦*ij^5£ .ibj; to trouble, grieve «. a. p^'llO|§3 

p)YC)S^t:V ^^^ 



ii-^ ,-^i; to offend, insult v. a. [:sni1^.^S 
-s^iS? offender, insulter (pi -) #, ^];:sn!1^K3 

.iTi^n lighting, illumination b, a31^5l!^|fn 

.iKp to light, illuminate v. a. ft05!?7i^n 

-rpn^ wash-tub (pi D«.) t. |?^b^S .^l^^»n 

,nriy;a n\yp to feast v. n, l^W^hH"^ 

,(|ni3«^M) !3''.3nao ni91nD ballet (p?. f - ) ^. ^l^^'^KS 

♦niip beam, girder {2jI OP^) s. p^^hm 

xai pts) npn white sturgeon (pi D^-) s. p^'r^S 

. — diagonally, obliquely adv. pD37K3 

KmiftD bm n?^5n bale (of goods) (pi D-) ^. f7K3 
,(Dn^?3^n^) n^^ ,|^«^ mark (at school) 
,a^?ln-n''a hospital (pi D^) ^, I^^^J^KS 
hour- ;ni|i 90 of household adj. ^^t3.^n^^»S 
P^lr^i iSE^D Q^JT^ 9f geois, middle-class 
«n?n ''3;!5|3 ?nia household s, ^l^p-'H 
^n3 to manage a house v> m \VWW^Vh^'D. 
*9to to rule ir\'^ 

owner of a house, (i?2. n)m^vhm) s. m:i^hm 

head of a >n]^ i? u?!^ ^''^ in^a 5^.3 landlord 
ma- ;n^ ri\s u^H'n house, master of a house 
m]^ 9n3?3 manager of a house ;|ln^ ster 
member of a P2l2\^ s-2^d ''571^ bourgeois 
public prosecu- (/^.) ifTip^^ i^t^ community 
.(mt^m r^^53) ^^ba i;5ln .-ilr^^ tor 
female owner of a house, land- a. ^^m^V^m 
lady, mistress in^s tn^ ^l^ ^i^ -^IS ^?y& lady 
*n^s ni^i ,n^a nbp^^ 
to re- l"^ &''!0 Dl'i D^3 to animate a a. (S^^KS 

»a''5^s ij!) nw« 9j;|i young husband s. ^D^np^^n 

.|yni;^b^3==';c7^n pip to fondle v. a, f^H^^K^ 

*a!rP. eyes (^^.) pi QV^ph^^ 
'die talker, babbler (pi ^P--) #. ^lDj;^.^S 

'm to talk idly, babble v. n. \V^ti)t2^hm 

xm^ 'Q''?'^^ ^'^'^21 

\\o trifle away one^s is^^ n |yt!?tsiDp^^3 — 

♦nb^nb pi n9n time 

Idle talk, nonsense (plO^) ^, ^TO^lD^^gS 

,i3^fflDB ,Q^bDa Qn^^ 

itiyripb r\pm 1« ^m ballot (jpl. D-^) t. ^.sS^a 
number of vo«- Km^nw) nl^'ilJ nb^ri balloting 

.n19'niiiii -,^01; tes 
balloting, ballot (j>l &-) ^. PpllK-^ttDi^^lfa 

Anvni^y nl^n/J 9^)? to ballot v. a. pTs^^his^ 
a kind of peasant's (pi 0^^) s. \^mhli2 
wide garment iDnas^ bt 9^p» pD overcoat 

on'] mzh 
balalaika (a three-strin- (pi D--) #. l^pl^^^^Sb'S 
*(anfi'a nt^bu; b^^ ^sj) Dhnp [ged guitar) 
*^1»| O'l.lQ I'.'na ballon (jpl f^-) ^. \^hm 
to con- ; "-b i|s^\^ nST to belong u. n. \V^^^b^'^ 

rf Lih oern 
r^ nb^ to depend on v, n, flK f^3^^^^^S 
.m« meadow (pi D^) ^, ^^JK^Kn 
balance (com,) (pi f^) ^, f^^K^^n ,D:.^'':'gn 

*(nB33nni nx5£inn pawn ^w n^wn 
to debit ;9i; k^d 9so to burden «. a I^Si^^»^2 
♦nin ilns fiu;'5 (cow.) 
.teBtoB to babble^ chatter ii, n, \^p^h^'2 


quick nn^^b ,3l1i5S ,^^d ^^s-'n soon adv. ^^XS 

,p''5a aSj since n9^n ^11 — 
,n\n9 speedy ; D'rj^^ia early a<ij. T.'lbKl 
blockhead i9dB statue (^l S^-) #. fKll^KS 

*^aV reward (jpl f^«-) #, aJlJ^l^*^2 

»^3'^ ab^ to reward v. a, \V^^"hm 

,^^^ ,|1^Bba balsam, balm a, Qt^l^KS 

.Dirt to embalm u. a, p!DKt^|f5 

.]mm babbler^ chatterer {pi D^^) s. p'oh^^ 

.pm sloughj scab (pi 0^) 5, ^p^te^^'^KS 
.ay 5 ^x"! popular i^in^ liked o-cl/. ^5^^g3 
2)^'2 as you please tosi9^a '^m iik ay 111 ™ 

cor« «, ^l^p-j|n^a 9pa corpulent ae^/. ^Sl^b^S 

.n'^a tiWX^ pulence 
to ;!a^i2 to trim ine^ to overlay y. a, pl^7Ma 
put a bride and groom to the nuptial 
to pay in, de» ;qs3^d iin5 tibp) ]m 9a1n bed 
*(|i?5p) "ipao ,aH' posit 
putting a bride and groom to §, DJ^'iniS 

.a;:3t'P iin^ njjpj ]m n?^1n the nuptial bed 
,|1a9y offence, insult (jpl fl?--) #. 3J1^ni?^«a 


106 — 


remark, observation {pi f^-) s. ^T^p'^V^^^ 

to re- ;n«'i ,w\nn notice, observe v. a. Ip'^V'^l^^ 

.ipn mark, observe 
to repeat tbe syllable v. n. I^p^«n ,]Vp^^'^ 
'a^*n' Ik "ck-' n'-.^nn bi; i^n dj^- or op in singing 

;d3tp.^ .-in truth, truly, indeed ado. T\D^^ 
♦nb bps ,n'!i''ii'i:s earnestly^ sincerely 
♦bns nbt:^ railroad, railway (^?. l!^-') s. U:>^ 
».1iitnr:n money-order, cheque {pi ^V -) s. \^^ 

♦dDh-b-iJi big-nosed adj. ^iH^iK^sn 

♦ ad^3?5n==tDrK:K:i 

♦nm n.Jxri ,tlD banana (jdZ. D - ) ^. ^i^O^n 
to comit a folly or an er- i?. r. ^^t [t^^liS^^sn 

♦mu; .nt'i; bsor ror 
ni^l nn^ ,bs2 to slander, blacken v. a, i^^^^S*^ 

♦ I n b 1 1; ; K 2 = ; -s 
♦"ir-fp jKl-q anxious adj. 5:^?^ 

;i28:^ ^iD i3iD DP nps23:r! to be sorry j^d m^ ~" 
*^b 12 I am sorry 
»lu1^ bond, fetter {pi ]--) s. ^^^^^ 
;Da .la-iD band, ribbon (jpZ. "l^^^^^) s. ^^^8^ 

P^n) ij^i volume {pi ^i^^^^n nj:s^n) 5. 3n:>i;n 

♦n^ns binding ;nDDa 
♦nmnn bandage {pi f-) ^. £^t>«nj>?n 
,U7hn to bandage v. a. fl^t^tK^UKl 
{fig.) ;( lij ^^2) pro^ bandore {pi D--) s. :;;in^Kn 
,D-f."i?p -in'^ something big and clumsy 

♦1TO bandit (j9?. f-) 5. ^H^JK^ 

nii'^ nSn to be a bandit v, n, f];r,^tonJJ?n 

filnijiri nuij; truss-maker (p2. «-) 5. *l);2KD:"lJKn 

.D''j;iD inn band, gang {pi D-) «. J^'l^^t^ 
♦ni»:2n n^U' cooper Q9Z. S-) *. IJ/llJ.s:! 
banderole, label-band {pi f-) 5. ^K1^"JJ.^n 
postal ;(D3r:n aibir nxb) iTilnipD n^da ij'idb "ij3 as 
n; bi; nb-fpn -12"^ 3^50 i|h3b 1^,3 ds wrapper 

titiprs n"^'« cooper's wife (jpZ. B-) «. ^p'l^'lXSi 

.psncn to be satisfied v. r, y.^ \V^:^^ - .p||1^i<3 
:D^:n r,p-f3 ^bs deprived of breath adj. f^S^'JKS 

.dbb«3 dumb 
♦u^iteuJ use, employment *. 5J1Si1Ji.O 
to ^se, make use of, employ v. a, fStlJ^Ji 

reading-desk (w a syna- {pi B-) t, l^t*/ v^2 

♦n>!2^'^^ ,nn;i:pD molestation #. S^V^lS&D^'^^lS 
,-bj; nibb nSn to molest, trouble u '^ p^^V^^^ 

u. ?'. ^^1 - II ; n-'i^Ep ppb to lick roui/ o, ®. fp^^^S 
to feel a (^^.) Wm"^ nK ppb to fi^^k oneself 

♦ixp 127^ ^'^" strong desire h/c something 

.n^^^Sn ,-\^)^b instruction {p^\ J-) a, 2-511^Sj$5 

♦ni)n --ri2b to insh'/.ot t;« a. ["i^^S^n 

♦a^sn^ ,"itr^9 instrucVr/^^ adj, iini1^^>$3 

»xTopt5 ,np,rp balcony {pi DP-« ,f|^-) «. [i^p^K^ 

*py^bb'n = ^p^82 

♦|isp ,rTipri ceiling (p?. &-) «. [p'^i^S 

n;iba!2n iniln ,QiM;^bis Bolshevism s. Dt^'il^t^S.S^ 

*D^pp3 f^ir)y^2 T\i^mm n^tpnn 
n:iinb T^K Bolshevist" adj. ^^^m^y^W^^^ 

n:,batenb 1211 Bolshevik {pi t^V -) s. p^.ll^S^S.SS 

♦Q''M3 ?]in^'n nrpK^rt n^pnn 
a syllable repeated in singing int. S*^^ «Q»^S 

.m if, in case co«i. DbJS 

.toinn .bpD dolt, blockhead {pi ]-) s. t.sDx:! 

.i?i;£]; n|« !^;p to befoul oneself u. r. ^^^ |5^s!:2i!5S 

♦"b|? 1?2 to paint over v. a. p^^^l 
pnK ■'ina nn; tc bombard v, a. [in'lv^^'2>?3 

rbv. nai'^ 
♦(njp pa) p'l^r^s .\^]^ bamboo {pi f-) *. D1iD>$3 
»^r?;i3nni n"^n to dangle tj. r. ^^t f^biD^n 
to have a vague 2Kp p.^ ^it ]vbim'2 {fig.) — 
♦imn nins ^nbn nyn*' tz^^^b ^^'^ idea 
burden ; ns':)^? pnx ^^5 bomb (j??. S-) 5. ^^^^^^^ 

pendant, drop {pi 1^^) *. ^n;;; ,^b:pSD>:.5 

♦ns^D3 ,^'iV'^hFi 
.-^faithfully adv. n21^i?<J 
upon my faith, upon me phr. ^W nJID^Sp 

.«' word 
.-with perfect faith phr. r\t^h^ ."IJIDSJ 
to cover with vomit v. a. \V^P '^ i\V.pVl^^^ 

*K''pn ne? 
,nr!li2 -nib trouble {pi f^-) #, 2ilK^DK:n 
to D. r. ^^t-'|| 'Olt^n to trouble v. a. iV^.'O^^ 

♦binfn to endeavor in'i'^ trouble oneself 
possessed of means, well-to-do adj. tO^tOIDi^* 

.»b DK if not CQ^. 1K^ Db?a 


107 -^ 


stay-at-liome, se- (jpl ->) s. '-^V'^W^YP^^'^ 
one who devo- {fig) Jbrik r^l^ der^tary man 
\p\vi ^3 ^ni?l^D '^''•^ tes all Ms time to Study 

B^lB .th^^ bb; Is-'X'^i? bankrupt ac?;. tDi^'^p^^S 

.bj-iri^t'S bankruptcy (jpZ. f-) 5. [p^nv'^'i' 
to become bankrupt, fail v^ n. p)'^^'^p^^^ 

n^^^s bankruptcy (^9?. 0^) s, ^'^'iw^^'^.pk'^ 

, in 
1r«i nrb bankrupt {pi B^-) #. p^t^t^^^^n 

bass- ;(n-uit3) linririD bipn base (fi. [-) §= Cl>^ 

*|1nnrin bipi: "ii^'q singer 
.\\'^t$ ,bv'? bosSj master {Am,) (pl^ W - ) 6'. ^^^ 
^^^ conniver, indulger (pL D^-) 5, p^BKS 

;f]Ci;u?^^ bare-footed man {pi. Bi^-) ^. pKDKi 
.bv,^^ |S ^p-*^ vagabond 

I ^-2 enough! w^. ^^D.^i 

»^1s^, ^B-cs basis (^L \-^) §, B^»»S 
•T^'ia "^^sb to cover with snivel v. a. [^p'llf^B^S 
to cover oneself with sni- Vo n ^1' -- 1| '> ^^^ 
.^^ri '^ns i2^br)n vel 
to ho» (joc.) nbj? to buryj inter tj. a, \^)1'^'p^^ 
oCj'npND => "IS3 nor 
ns? to honor ^. a» p^KS 
,n6s:nn attack (j^L f-) ^. h^m^ 
rb"i bs-inn to attack v. a. \b^^^2 
.|5 \2B? .^-p before ado. ^^£^i 
.:s^:;9 ntn to besprinkle i?„ a. fl.^pB'li^lDMS 
n^ to empower^ authorise v. a. pT^'D^tiTi^^^ 

,np^n rb n^fip) nb 
to trim '>n^l to adorn, embellish v. a. \^^^^^ 

♦SDin to moisten t?. a, ftC^Jl^glfS 
to V. r. ^^t ~ II ; "bit fr.^Sn to piss on v. a. ['^IBMi 
♦n3n^n|i i?D2ij; n^ rib'in wet oneself in pissing 
.a^i/fsn ''^S2 covering with plants #. 5J1S^:|5^S^^^ 
ns3 to cover with plants v. a. \'^^tjbt^^ 

♦^istp soiling, pollution ^, 2^1p],*b&^n 
u.n n^^-Il^ni^ ,^L^^ to soil, pollute v> a. fp^^fe^n 

*bis*|rir! to pollute oneself 
», r, nn-»||;niEl3 ns^ to "feather v a. pl^^^D^S 

,nit1^ nbp to be feathered 
.niiE^ .n'xip© order* command (^1. f-) #« ^J)6|?n 

.npia^ oross-beamj spar (^L S--) s. J?tOi.^S 

.pnp^1p=== ;o^^ pt£?sa nnip) n^^tPD 
.iTiint) bully ;pjif a-iK rowdy (pi \^) s. WU'^ 

.-b iiitof'7 to be in need of t% n I'Jt f^l^^^X^S 
to begin to use ',w\n to renew v, a, [^^l^^KS 
to be renewed v. r. yj '-'\\'>"^ ^n^Pj^rjb bnti 

to don a new garment *w:3 ^ ^1^ y.i |pi^:K2 ■- 

*ii;in m ^zb 
to clothe i2''2p '^bfi to sew round i;, a. \W.^lO 

.r^^a ,np^^ gourd {pi Q^) s. P^^^ 

railroad station (p?. D-) ^. l?''2?JK^B'"|^a 

*^^ ^it? ntos| to wrong u a, f.^i^ii^iN^a 
'Wiimri-l behavior, conduct (j?^, f^-)*. ^r.DP^S 
carrying jn^fD ,n2sri comprehension ;n'nD 
,(Mn«? *T bz no^sn away by a demon {ofacUld) 
to take ;%I3 ,|sn to comprehend 1?. a. fJ^»J^^^3 
behavior 1. 1| ; hd^u^sd b^^^ a way the breath 
to behave^ conduct one- -u^ n ^^t-|| inuqsri'i 

»iri2nf7 self 
^9 ,r\^p^ cataplasm, wash {med) 9, f^mV^H^ 

Ar\^bby mip 

*s^>5 to wet, moisten v. a, \tV^^^ 

sweatings l^ssp bench (pi p^P^) *. ipi^S 

f-msa) n^'';tn n3^:^K bench {in a Russian hath) 

»n^»5hb\y bank ;oDn 

to have one\s p^-»:3 ppwiK |1k p5.^i ]i>m pi — 

*ll^i nbi? ,natt^i .iby^^ hs^t ups and downs 

bank-note, bank-bill (pL f-) *, t^rh)^ym^ 

,n^ihbp b^ i^u? 
turn-up bedstead, bed (pi ^l?-) 5. ^^l^n-pJ^S 
,n^^b fgpi'p^^ b^m of boards 
.''Ih^^ banker {pi f-) ^, l^pJ^n 


»(Q^ ptt^) nnp. cupping-glass (pi D-) 5. ^Pp^H^ 
^b to be of no avail &pp2^:3 i^^ito ^ ni |sbpn — 

.'im ball (i?L &-) ^, 2^pJKS 
nli^ii^ bank-money (com.) (j?2. D-) s. ^^p^^2 

.nn^D banquet (_2?L f-) 5, ^J^pJi^S 

M vs^n ,i'n .Q^^Rni H'lir.n dg'^yT'a *t (« 


108 — 


fco import {goods) ;ntD5 to cover v. a, p^iiiS^ 
to re- Jon:nci to relate v. r. ^^t«||;(minD) Knri 

♦tb^^ fer 
betimes, in time, in adv. D^tS!52f-- .tt0!.^5i||8n 

♦Inp^i ,|D| lipa good time 
.]m designation" (jpL \V ^) *. :i:)i^^:3^^:itl$::i 

A^P 'V.^ to designate v, a. f^^^^l^lii^n 
-rnhward ;^bB ,5^5^ district (j^L f-) «. p'^'^^^ 

♦•-nb cheek {pi. ]--) s, p^^ 
♦n^ buttock p^n-'iptDiin pa p^n n — 
,'pck. saw- ;u^':n ,*T!nj; he-goat {pi. pV^) s, ^p^^ 
~^i; idol ;('i5i ^5? 8^ir ^i£') 'ilari yer's-block 

*n^ ,!;?^ side {pi. op^) ^pijn 

with the arms Dyp^:n 11 p.K Kiiyn n bi?^ — 

♦r 5/1)2 5y i-'T' D-UJS a-kimbo 

♦neK?:-iiJi!i bake-oven {pi. &«) 5. ['i1'''l.S"p|$n 

♦52k ^ro 51^ of groceries ac^/ ^i^^^l$p^!l 

grocery wa- ii^sjjp n^s dried fruit #. ^l^^^p^S 

.^3^ ''5'')3 .D^^\ys res 
i?^') bak ^ra bt& nisn grocery ai^.^p psiibgp^n - 

-nng) 'iDiC) ,Q^|i grocer (jpl. D)?-) *. p^^^^^^piiS 

♦bs'K ^r'?^ ^D^Q 

♦I7'il3 acquainted jpnis known a<ij, ^J^pMS 

,dam£5D well-known iDi^p^s !si3 — 

to make known, publish, ad- pi^D bJKpKS — 

♦tisn ,&Dia ,j;mn vertise 

to acquaint a per- \)iv^iii 1^)^ pifD iss^p^n — 

.inpn5 ti?^i{ pn nnsn nw son with another 

-y'lin to become known pj?ii B5ijp^3 — 

to get acquainted |2£r^iN ejid ppii iss^p^s — 
rov rrnnn ,-5s< ,pmnn with a person 
-nu'iln advertisement (ph fi?-) *. :ii15^DtD:>$p>$n 

.\3p ,^^2?? acquaintance (j)^. i?tD-«) ^.'^J^top^p^n 

♦HTSD female acquaintance *. l?tD -. || ; pnia 
,nn|i.5 acquaintance (j)L f - ) «. tD&Mt^tD:3|$p|$n 

♦■5J? n^? to drop on v. a, W^^pm 
tin^lita t^3D ,-b^ i^^'iit nvv^ to beshit v. «. \p^pm 
.•q^sbm ,p]j^n to befoul oneself v. r. yj -W 

.V^v.ii = V^n))npm 
;ftp» comfortable in'ii convenient adj. D^'Ip^S 
♦nni'in comfort ; nihli convenience s^ ^!?p - 1| 

*K)Up- ,aj7np«n-=tS15p-« .^^'^DJ^Vip^n 
to obtain th^p_ to get, receive v. a. f^S'plJS 
.(iii«n33) -p fiKHD to agree with v» ti.l|;#o 

ij-i^ imperative mood (^r.) *. ^1*^D:iJ^S^£«S 

.(pnpn3) ""^l-iiD 
to order, command {p, p. ]h*'^t^::^) v. a. \hpM'^ 

.n?.^ .ipf 
nam nb'^ to send regards Diia ^ pp5«^ — 

.mi?D commander {pi -) t. IjE^^i^&i^n 
IQDD population {^?. f^-) a, 2J11^p^:;£>$3 

:i^ln to people, populate «?. «. ("i^p^^S^S 

;pv:o strengthening (pL pJ -) #. Jilll^tSD^^&^l 

,(nm^a) pm fortification 
to fortify ;piD to strengthen 1?. a, p^tOD^&^S 

♦(nmss) pm 

♦1^,21; ,ni;^*ip -n^l^sD fructification s. j51"t^&51^&i$S 

.lay .j^?!!? ^T^an to fructify v. a« f1)^S5311B^*S 

♦■"isfB ^-il^^i KiW; satisfaction s, SJl^^^.'nSlJS 

to re- ;n^a r])^'-^ ^hp to satisfy 1?. a. pn^'^Ss^^ 

ofi^u? ward 
n^itir! deliverance, liberation ». S^IHl^'l&^S 

to make a person acquainted v, a. \'l^)l'^ii$^ 
to t>, rec, ^^?-||,•u^^JJ? u?^K 3b s'lp^ with another 
.^yhnri become friends 
to deliver, liberate, set free v, a. rPJ^&>?S 

♦^tlO^^ deliverer, liberator (^L -) «. 1^^Jl£l^S 
p^11-ll;nro?pp ^b^ pimpled adj. W^^^'-^^^^ 
npftf to be covered with pimples v, p, 

♦••O? ri3tt 51p slap! int. f^^ 
♦(|^^s=) ^Bip ,55s ,^i;n dolt, stupid fellow s. f**SS 
reward imb^ payment {pi. \V --) s, ^^^h^'^m 

to »5b| to reward it^bp to pay «. a. \hi^'^^^ 

,bbi repay, return 
to return evil niaiis 45 "i^s npi b* t^^D ib^iri?:: — 
»riiD mn pi bD;i for good 
CO- {pL (-") It201 reference, relation s. i')^^^ 
♦ns^^a ^nai?^ vering, case 
.u?b3 to subdue v. a. IV^m'^^:^ 
♦^11^3 ,£bpD enchantment #. 3i1"i^n''"lif^3 
♦DCpn to enchant, charm v. ». p)^l:i"''2^^3 
,ri^5B^ tohp to pluck round v. a. JBI^^S 
respecty im: relation {pi, [^-) §. 2^1K^:^K3 

♦&D^ regard 
»n7^Dh stork {ph B^-) *. fif'S^^a 
*v^SD stupid ac|?. J?tS^11i;'':ilS!2 
*fi§5D covering {pi f-) #. p^^^lfS 




a species of musliroom {pi, ^V --) s, p)^^^^^ 

.nni5?a hazara &% "tti^llfS 
at in^pi:^:! at hap-liazard ■ct^'^m Dia^fji ^''IK — 
*mponb ^dTibiH non? the mercy of God 
i?,rec.||;:3W ,|3lsnri to deliberate v. r, ^.^ \W^^^ 

♦Fr^on to take counsel together 
♦o^3) -i^j^n iniD barometer (^1. f-) §. 1|;^^axi^n 
.b^^ram (^L ^P--) s, \^^m 
.psn mnts -rnj?) iha baron {ph IV--) s^ ^plfS 

♦D^3D b^K goring ram s, f*1S"j^1M^ 
♦b^x3 nji5 to gore like a ram fn'-|K'iJ^:n p^» --^ 

.|top, b:i$ little ram (pi OP^) §, p^t^t)^Mll^n 
to carry a cMid on the piu^a^^i^s p^ih -- 
♦n^M Drst'H bp 15'' ^^3 shoulders like a lamb 

-18? WK) n^5hs baroness (^pL &-) s. ^Di;jN*1«n 

♦^^|3 -)1j? b^ of sheep-skin adj. J/IIKpJ^lKn 
♦u?^| 111; sheep-skin s. pi. D^pi*^1^n 

^ai^-x-is barbarian (ph [-) #. IKS'lMS 

^n^^ns barbarism s. Dt^l^al^S 

*K^s barbarous adj, ^^M^l^n 

to toss about, struggle v. r. "X'^ \$1T\^'1 

npD ,2b| barber [Am.) {pi. S-) *. l^^niMl 
heap, n.i mountain (jpL l^^l^n ,an);n) s. 51^^ 

♦iDh ,nit^3|3 ,nD'ip mass 
to make ample promises 3ipn yspibiJ ]^)U — - 

.ip^ bv r\)a'^r\ 
.n^iDK ,ns|?n credit, trust #, i'lJ^S 
♦n^iDKi ^nepns on creditj on trust r\^^ ei^iK — 
'^^T\T\ hvp nnn ilto downhill rxc^y, BK"1i^2"lKS 
.^nn 111D slope, declivity §. || 
."?-i^i iibi'i to go downhill a^?i^-ji|^n ]V.^ — 
#. II ;*inn bi? ,-inp ribp»:s uphill a4u, ^''11«"5lMn 

^^^^ nbi?p uphill 
.nbi7i ii5n to go uphill ^''IIk-^i^s pij — 
to take on credit ;n)b to borrow w, a, piK^ 
to give on credit nii^n to lend ^.nap^na npb 

.(Dnn) C3n ridge (geogr.) {pi D-^) ^. fpll-'S'lKn I 
.|^t beard {pi TiP^) s, ni^n ■ 
this W ft verj '^'^p k pw to^n nu?i;D n (ioc.) — 

,ju;i5 m' nw?i?D nt old story I 

m.ay it well agree ipDipKs ^''is^ii D";^ DP ^^t ™ 
lb pn»'' i5 with him^ may he well enjoy it 
*ntD HKsn ^^ip'' lb ,ni 
to con- jyi^D ''il^Lt to trouble v. a. \'^pt^)p^^ 

Jk^ to care v. r, 1^^-"||J"? H3 cern 
to 1?. n in-||;9« ibD to lament v, a. l^hpH^ 

*|5lKnri complain 
^n^abn clothing «, 5im!!^pKi 
to {fig.) luf^bn to clothe, dress v. a. \1))hpH:^ 

*^^0 '*15J scold 
cpaiH) pai fco paste on or over t). ci, f^/l^SpKi 


to consider^ deliberate upon v, a, pphp^^ 

ra bsnpn to contemplate ;-5j? s'^h ,'^bK pjsnn 

; nsK to bake {p. p. fp*^S^2 ,^p.^n3;i) y, «, f.DKS 

^ca^men) n'^^ to roast 

^&:!nbn-^yu? side whiskers ^. j?L fll^S^pKS 

.Dn^w 5jn he-goat's fat ^. ^i^n^fp^p 

carob»bean^ carob-pod, {pL f-) #. I^^Dp^a 

.nnn John's bread 
ra carob-tree (ph '^P^V,^--) #. a^ia||J1|;Dp.SS 

.^p^a^;t|i*D ^5 groin §, Vp^^ 
.^\0^ l^\Pi 9^ goatish adj. Pm^Wp^^ 
n^np ,n^a sideways^ sidewise adc, ^Pp^^ 
to turn out the wrong way appKi |5|?S&^ik ■— 

he will not en- wp^^ pi^a'^iiM aiK bpii d^i -^ 
he will smart for {fig.) initt hjit' k9 joy it 

»nT bp u?3P'' tt^2p it 
«. rcc« lit ^11 ;3'2 nnln to confess v. a. \P^Pp^2 
*p^1^nri ,^r!i;i b^ u?\^ p^inri to get acquainted 

.nsD^^b niu?p bake-pan (pL IP-) s, fKSpKS 
grinding tooth, mo- (ph ^^35^^) ^« fK^||pM3 

*n5hb lar 
^23n ,D\i!? K^ban to get lousy v. p. ["^^ll [^i^lp^i 

.9p niD to besprinkle v. a. f^lS.SlpKS 

.Cim pear (jjL f-) . '^K^ 

,(f]D3) |!s?tt ready {money) adj. ^l^fS 

,|Di?Dp]D3 ready money, cash tobp:! i^a — 

,n^r^£ips chatter-box (pL ^^) s. P'D)b^^^'l^^ 

.npix n^sn potato (jjL D-) a« )^''^Kn.^"l«S 

,^h drum (^L D^-) 6« [K^K^Kn 

to drum, beat the drum v. n. f^^^H^K-i^S 

nrp -ne^np drummer {pL ^P-) s. p^^tOKS»^^a 



110 — 


bragging woman (jjl. B - ) «. Vp'^V - .p5^;.^^."i^3 

♦^1i^!D ni< wild pine (pi B-) *. ^^^"^^^S 

•^''^I'^D "^10 to barricade w. «. p^Hp^'ni^ia 

♦D^pl^n npiDD barricade {pi O-) s, V^^^P^-^^^ 

»n!^''a3 contact a. 2-3''^^.'^^^ 

*i3tD to mention Wj} to toucli v. a. p'3*^*^^ 

♦a^C'i'? ,p^| gain, profit {pi (-) 5. ^."^^^ 
to drink at the conclusion mxs ppsnD — 

,pt2V n^^J^a ny^n nn^ of a bargain 
.np?^ young lady {2^1 - ) « 5?^r^rii$n 
.ns^Dpj ^^ of velvet a<:7^*. \^'~^^^ 

^tiQ'^pp^ velvet s. tc^snxn 

wuite loaves for tlie Sabbath s. pi D^^'^^S 

,0'DJK }^^ pear-tree (pi '^^015^-) *. D''n'::ii$S 

^^ /^s^ stewed pears (j?!!, f«) «. &^D^:^':in^S 

♦D^pa« p» perry «. D^1^p^*^>$S 
bo rain over, wet by rain v. a. [y^^S^'^^S 

♦lit |yn^3-in pii^Lsn 

♦PI nD!^ j^n^ barege (stuff) $. ^^V^^^ 

Pi ^-o antitle it^i^D to justify v. a. p^tDD^*^8^ 

consideration ; \\^^n calculation s, 2^1Jj;5^1|$2 

;n^D 'l^^^p n^l? to calculate v. a. pi^:3J^'^>$i 
bo consider v. r, ^^t-|| ;|3isnrf to consider 

*?. tOV!p^||;]mt! ,Qint! merciful adj\ S^ii^^nD^nun 

♦mittni mercifulness, mercy 
P^fr?? to wrestle, struggle u. r. ^^t fj[^1X!l 

♦nmii^ nya r?? barge (^?, D-) «. ^^p'lK!! 

♦Diu? shoulder (j^?L D^) «. 2^p"ii^:s 

M'l^^ip brush Q^L tD^I^^) s. tOU^^^^n 

♦(mtJ'p r\T»5?tt>3) lap bristly ac^J. i^to^l^n 

.n\iJi:3»^ n,i52 to brush t^. a, ftOi^lKS ,ftO£>^lK:i 

soup with beet-root and meat s, ^t05^1^2 

/ipp Dp f 'an b-'y^p 'I'Vr^ P?? P19 
n^3i p^p p^n D13 ITD 'qi^i u;E)U7-ip 12£ (prov.) — 

brothel, disorderly house {pi. [«-) #. 7^'l*lis:3 

'H'^t^^j^n calming, appeasing s. 5J12\S^*iiSS 

.gno ,tDpu?n to calm, appease v, a» P'!N'"'1KS 

5^ niii7t? nap, hair, grain of cloth s. ^"lll^S 

♦id:^ Jinx 
♦^n^^ barefooted, barefoot adj, D^llli^S 
*ibu? ,t::jT^ tranquil adj. tO'S^I^S 
not to have a ksijid -ipDnx:: ii^p p^n d13 — 
♦yj'i pl« nni3D ^'i<^ n%n «b moment^s rest 
deprivation rpfv ,n^jji robbing ^« J-3n'''"^K3 

.-D 9"^^ to deprive '>-i? '^^ to rob v, a, p'''5'lKS 

.lin^u^ intaxication #. 2^1k^''TlK5 

♦"i|i^ to intaxicate t). a. [^"'"ilKS 

*-5i; ly^rf \m to rest d. «. [^IIKS 

,p5^?:i to wrestle, struggle v. rec. ^It [p11«S 

*a«ji f)s\y ,p]lh shore 5. ftDl4<3 
mi?ipts fpim ilisns barytone (j?Z. f-) 5, ti^^^lK3 

to talk ill of a '.nriB to persuade y. a, \^Ti^'$'^ 

,i^\;D V^ 15^ person, backbite 
ns'^» talkative, loquacious adj, 2ni1^1^n^3 
.n'.3"i2!i talkativeness s. ^l^p-|| ;p,2il ."n^i^ 

.na-q evil talk, slander #. l^'nj^^^^lilS 
17D2 iu?H who has traveled much adj. ^Tli"l^2 

,2|T horseman (i^Z. -) s. l^tDl^KS 

^I'i'rn to enrich tj. a. jSyltSS 

.(*S) -^a ni2|5 to fumigate i;. a» p]^^'!^'^^^ 

♦3^ iNna niaj;n "'T Vp_ p^t to fleece 1;. a. (C!^1i!!2 

^la^D ni ^J? P^^^ fleecer (_^L -) §. "l^DinKS 

♦n-i Tm n"i9i7n n^^, ^y.p^'y fleecing §. I^I'^^S^JI^I^S 

,-»at length, extensively adc. D^i^'l*^? 

PI /F^3^'^1^ report, account (pi f-*) «. tS^^'lKS 

to report, give an account i), a. Jtor^'iKa 

,T\ihp^ n^':^n barrel, keg (pi D-) «. [5^7^'iK!i 
celebrated, renowned, famous adj, tOD^*l^3 
,D^ ,DiD-)s ronown, fame «. lD!5p || ; ao^Bp ,^^2 

.''>^fr\r\ to boast, brag «. n ^It fPD^^K:s 
boaster, braggart (pi, ^^ «-«) «. *1^D^1]^3 

ji^-^s'Enn boasting, bragging t. 5'^J?i051|IS 


111 ^ 


.mv to punish v, a. ffeKntDt^^n 
to cover (with ibD, nil to bestrew v. a. f*^^^^M3 

.nepa) ,155 [ear'h) 
in- ;n3^p answer^ decision (j^i. |-) ,9. Tlf^^^S 

ntB .'hns terpretation 
nhp n«2i to explain, interpret -y. a, ' [*T)^t^K3 
mo- a, ^l!!p-||;^m ,i:j; modest adj\ 'p'.T^^^ 

,nsp^?^ ,r!i;i7 desty 
BFidently, clearly, plainly adv. ^.^n^DDl^^KS 

rby IKH to shine upon v. a. I^J!!!^Kn 
.im ,nB: to beautify, embellish v. a. \P^n^^2 

.MDftD ,rtj|ri protection #. ^il^^.t^KS 

bo V. r. ^tt*-|||-bJ? |;!n to protect v. a. f^^^.^'^ 

,Wsi b'ii |.^n protect oneself 

.faa protector (pi ^ ) s. '^V'^W^^ 

^r^\y:\ protection s. '^^^^V^Tm^ 

*"5t UO to protect ?;. a, \V^V^}"^^^ 

.hW^ ,^2^ garnitiATe 5. A^^ii'^n 

to coyer, r^ anaaD d^t to nail y. a. (:h':'^k3 

♦13^15 to garnish ;rs:^ ,nD: line 
to cover with perspi- s^'jiiu; k to^?i j.-k'p-ck; — 

*rTPp nsr ration 

decision^ resolu- (^L f--) «« Dl^K^HS ,c^^^SrK2 
*K5|^sp nm conclusion intj^nn n?;^^ tion 
'^^05 '"^'^1 to decide, resolve v, n, fD.'^'^Kn 
bashlyk, Caucasian {pL DP- .[-) ^. p^hk^'tiZ 
,np3 -c^i.S ,f^i"n^s cowl 
*9nnn n^^u;n binding with iron #. ^i^S^^n 
*1I^ '^?5? to dirty, soil r, «. |^'iD^.^3 
HTO ,nh)s to coat, grease^ anoint /•. §t p!tD^i^'i 
'Hi^ -'^b^b to besmearj besmirch ;(|am>3 .fGus) 
.«?« obp) ijnn to melt on t). a. I!i£^i^DI>?^n 
AO ^?» graceful ac|/. ^p^DK^^n 
,innp cutting rounds trimming ^, ^^Hl^J^l^n 

♦nbvp circumcision ;^^5bd 
;2'?BD nhs to cut round^ trim v. a. I1!?J^^S 
*b^tt to circumcise 
*ns^ia ,^^aa tower (j?^. B -) §, P'^J^^S 

]h3 to present a person with v. a. [PpJ^^m 

^bm? to endow i^'^^b nmi^ 
jccupationj bust- {pi fi^^) a. ^i^^T^tT^^m 

♦n'^ta^ »n^j;^!3 ,pDP ness, employment 
)ccupiedj engaged, busy adi ^^^^B^^^n 

';0 en- r? n^ls:^ na to employ 0. a. i^)^tp^n2 

one can easily understand a thing which 

/^lU'D 121 p2ti^ ^p: is plain 

.-by 5^ phs to overshadow v. a. \V^V^^^H^ 

.riK-'n^ creation s. ^^^^^ 

.njbi; ,n7^_: creation, making s, a^l£K^K3 

.n'u;y ^-nkj ,Kha to create^ make v. a. I&Kt^^^a 

•n:^^ 'DIO to wash V. a. f];p^P11^*K2 

binding by an oath (pi f^^) §. ^m^))m^ 

,db[D ,np:st^rt conjuration ;ni;:|fn 

to cause to swear, bind by an v. a. J^ipilt^Ka 

.G^pp ,vj^^n to conjure J^S'fn oath 

.Qolp ,ra"fp conjurer (pjL -) ^, I^^^I^II^KS 

,Wi^) ^psn to shoe t). a, p1^K3 

accusation, charge (^1. ]V --) s, a^lS^b^^KS 

,D^N'n to accuse, charge v. a, p)lhw^'^ 
to squander ip^tDti to provide v^ a. ftOKtS^KS 

field of cucumbers or (pL 0^--) s. \mm^ 

M^^ melons 
.Di^p existence »* idpd footing s. 'IJK^^KS 
; bis to endure fi'w to stand r). ?2. fl^^^KS 
to ; nSn ,-» nsiD nS^i to consist ; &^p to exist 
MnyT) -3y ibv to insist ;(n:j3) 9p\y be equal 
rf n^KH to agree 
n%i to be equal to two v.)U \i^jp pv^m:^ — 

rby DP m^-^ taxation s. ^^Wri^m^ 

rb^ dp d^\y to tax 1?. a. ]'^^n'om'^ 

de- mTi?j appointment (pi \^^) s. ^y^t2)t)m2 

,i)Vl stination 
.yn; ,c^^Dn definite ;wbi'nD positive adj. ^13^^^KS 
n^fi definite article bpi'Qi^ 'ipfeDito^^i?^ (^r,) — 

to destine ;pbp^ ,il?^^ to appoint v. a, pt3^^^KS 

,nis^ confirmation (^L f^-) ^, 3^i:iW^^'»^2 

*a!i2 '"^m to confirm «?, a. p^tOP^S^K2 
Hn^mQ bm rtjmn order (pL f]^-) §. ^i1^)?^^Ka 

,(ynp |»Tb) nspiD appointment 
Kmins) iptn ,|pl to order (goods) v. a fSp^^>HS 
to engage u^np ]wb ^'m iptn to appoint 

.©i^p"- ,5i"i5PDt'=-^^^^p^ Ml.'lJi;tDt^KS 
to provide oneself with v. n y^ \phpp\^m^ 

*9p.5 iD^yb 1?0 a cane 
to bestick, stick over with v. a. \p^'0^^2 

.-a fp^ 
.u?'3|? punishment (^L f|^-) #, 5J1£K^^l^^l^2 


ir2 — 


♦inpa .-by sbealtli, secretly adv. ^^^^^^ 

♦nr^s n5^:i -KE3 i^DKBu^ ,pn:!3 ^Spa 

♦rTiKana -nb-in in glory adv. i?'^^^?'^*3 

»n^^l»n^ , - materially adv. ril tDti^^S 

with J'l^cn^s in want, in poverty adv. pHlia 

»^\ppa , - difficulty 
thoroiiglily tried {of a re- adj. .IDIODI pn|i 

. -" [mec??/) 
. — in his generation, in his time adv. '5'^')'^^ 
with awe and love, with adv. I^^'TI'I^ 1^'^n'lS 

,i1n2n nxYs ,- reverence 
joculator, jester {at a (pi S^in"IS) s. fms 

♦cniinnn nnnu^n) 7^1'?np -H'nnD , - [toec^dl'iTi^) 
bu?,-m3aK profession of a jester *. fil-Sn'l^ 
rhymes of a ijlsi^ .nlbn.titt .-jest lin-is 
♦in-is 5f d-'inn jester 
n^p n^y to play the jester v» n, [l^ini^ 

1 have experienced it phr. .S'lmi; «in 'I'^l^ 

»nt3 nt:;D n'^p^ ■'i^^yS ^b . - myself 
.-exactly, accurately, precisely adv. p'^'^'l^ 
!5^"T3 tin for debasing coins (/.) §. ^'''IS 

in great po- adv. ^T^^'^? ,bnn-'?''^2l '.^.-^^'la 

^rh\"\\ ni^pys verty 
to be reduced to utter b'in-bi2 ppn — 
♦^XD ^3pn poverty 
♦n^l^^n ^ntjib ,- after the act ac2u. I^I^^'^IS 
examination, inspec- (pL nip''^:^) s. Hp'''!^ 

. — tion {of sl.iughtered animals) 
searching for leavened bread s, f*t3n"np^'i:si 
{ceremony on the night before the eve of 

. — iPasscoer) 
ni*5j?^ ,-in poverty adv. riH'lS 
to worry (i>.) p^i; ns'i to be poor m^nn p''t — 

."2^5 .TH ,''3pn to become poor mbnn ppii — 
^z't .^5S7n to empoverish ni^nn |bi;tsu? — 

D^p,:i where there is nothing adv, K2''7'1S 

where there is phr. ^2^^© «^ ^sSj; 1^i:d .^S^^ns 
, - nothing there is no division of opinion 

where nothing is no- taw 'nps^^D toi^D ^isis 

to occupy «. n ^^t - 1| ; i^sg gage (o«e'« mt'nc?) 

*pbj; oneself 

.^12£; .nm creature (i^Lf-) a. ^^i^£>5?ti^82 

♦1^1^ ^Ktjiin creator (pi. -) 5. I^B^t^^^S 

.^xiQ ^ly; destined ac^J. tD1^tJ^^2 

future husband (pi V^ -) ^, l^tDin^t^^n 

qnn) ii7r?2n 
nni^rtpn future wife (^L -) t. ^tD-l^i^^^S 

to cut round with scissors v. a. '[l^tJ^^D 

to bestow \v\^^^ 1^; to destine v. a» ^pj;^^^^;^ 

to soil by 'rbv p^l to spit on v. a. f^!}£)t^|$n 
♦phs ^^3^ spitting on 
.-9|? ma to besprinkle 1^, a« [^^pJ^a^^^ 
by ^ib^b to bespatter, besplash v. a, t!5in£)^^a 
."5s^ n-io to besprinkle MTtn n.; 

♦^ibxa as if nr5» ''';a?3 because co^y, 1t^K2 

♦(3in53) iiK*ji description (pL J^ -) s. 3^m!!'iS^^2 

.(sn33) i«n to describe t?. a. p^ll'lti^^a 

,nbs^D limitation, restriction / 5^1pi^"lt^^D 

'V^s^ip limited, restricted adj. t^pV'^^^'^ 

tol^DD h^13 to limits restrict v. a. t^^pJ^lt^^n 

ruJ ]i;3Ki as, whereas conj. pS""'nt5>»a 

story of Buovo {ph DI^'^i^D -) ^, n^^pirHn| 

♦(K''m lisp idle story Msis bf "tibd 

♦llns -|3i)S3 , - in the sense of adv. H^TIina 

♦bii^n = ;bn3 |/^K Babylon npr. ^^^ 

,nnin b- bn ^3 = n'i'inp-'?n^ 


.i^iaba lU^nb I -« garment (p2. i^^'IJ?) s. 153 
^d-'pja nji|i royal garments s. pi. flls'^D'nsa 

. - silk garments «« j)?. ''ti>D'"''12a 

«« Sabbath garments s. pi. DS^'H^S 

,-'by robbery adv. nbua 

. — at the command of adv. ^'^]}^ 

with exultation and phr, nJ'^'lS'.'nT^sa 

,-« rejoicing 

. — with uncovered headatli;. ti^^'l"^1'7M3 
m^ in a jolly mood P|?p tipsy a<iv.]^£1'PM:i 

by the computation of the nu- adv. K'^'I^D^-^S 
«— merical value of words 

»S5?Ts;j-^5>3*'K (is^-'iy^Ka^H) Buovo d'Antona nti^yts n (m 

niRS 'Jn''bK life «rT' i^n 



nnna iT'^ns 

commotion, disturbance, tumult ^rrni/i 

one who is eager or {pL ^"^^iT]^) §. pTl^ 
^ii^i .^^-fp ppjp)pp anxious for something 

*<.^ inn^ 

to be eager for every- pns ^ yb^ ^^i^ It^t — 

.^ii 9D^ ppintyn thing 

an eager customer niinD n s^'^m (bnn h — 

»minDn mopb ppinu?X3 for the goods 

to be curious to know |aiii isf f^ns K* |i^i - 

.ninb ppinurf 
♦rr^at :imx a lover of music pitia ^''Ik pns ^ — 

*r^D 'Hi^iy^f) eagerness ^s mi7na 
& woman who is eager for so- a. ^tSi'^HS 

.i^i^ ni^.p;nu?)D nm mething 
(Jig.) ;n^n beast ;n'ia cow (jpL moria) s> nO^^ 
examining (Jl.) ;n^iU/' X'Sts simpleton, fool 
*(i2Biyttn r*a ^v u?nm npin) in&p^ magistrate 
♦mpn mDnn small cattle mssna y^i^bp — 
♦moj niann black cattle msans pcnj — 
A beast in the shape phr. dK rril^n HDHS 
,nDl^ ,'\!;st3 of man, fool 
^-a head of black cattle .^ HD^ nDHa 
.-a head of small cattle s, ^Ipl HOns 
upon my word of adv. ^^^ (0? ''^^ P^^ I'l? 

, — honor 
>&i^ri? .-unexpectedly a(iv, n^n.T^Dna 
lilbSSi^TS j—by common consent adv^ DSDH^ 
.nr^vsnna , -- in accordance 
♦Q2D1D rrri to be agreed csdhd pi^^j: — 
In passing, by the way adv, ^^h^_^ n^^V^.^ 

, — on trust, on credit ado> nB^HS 

.»»nt}r! |a the son of Rabbi.., s, ^"ina 

*nripn:s ,- comfortably adi\ rinnins 

.--licitly aci.-. 'l^ga 

exclamation to a child to frighten it inf.. IS 

,zm h^o??? "^^^.p HKni? with a bear 

.-traitor (pL Dn:l3) s. ^^^la 
pubescent maid, marria- {pi f -) ^„ niii^ 

^.-^p^-B r-i^n^ tiyj , - geable maiden 
,^^1i^ police-soldier, policeman ^. p^iti^^^in 

"^a ,tl339 ,-surelyj undoubtedly adv. ^^'"1| 


^in^ bri^s ybi-^^^ *5n^^ .^^i^Kj^i pn s^na «^ii^ jtt^^ii 

u?'Kb pit ai55 pKU? sipM thing can be had 

where there is no alter- adv. ni^'IS n''7']| 
.ny^^ p^f QlpD^ native 
.n^u^tjr^a ,n5pa , - of intention adv. ?1^1| 
,^«;n ^pDn.'i to intend npis pKn — 
« -- wittingly, knowing advo T)^"^! 
repairing of a house of wor- s. JT'SH'p'IS 
.hbaii n^§ ■'pna ppri , - ship 

.ipVy^ \ipiipxs-r]^^i^p'i2 

to search, examine, in» v. a. \V^V - if^llpIS 
inK mens) pha spect {slaughtered animals) 

♦llm '|BlK'^ in the manner of, as adv. 'X^'^^ 
,-by the way^ in passing adv. i5M"^'^'^3 

.-in the right path phr, "1^;.? H^^l 
in jest, as a jest, |ocu- adv. T]tlT]^'X^'^-!^ 

a — larly 
metaphorically^ figurati- adv^ TV^y^l^'^'Y^'l'Z 
,9ku^d pma sfm^yna vely 
.9^3^ in general, generally ac^«. i^^'^y^'l'z 

figuratively ;-'allegorically adv. ^^D^'T^l? 

.'^y^'^ particularly adv. ^IB^T^^a 

.Df ri -^na ^ ahhr. ^.Ta 

Monday -Thursday- ''3U?"''^''DD""'W ^ a56n S'h2 
Monday, fasts on the first and second 
Mondays and the first Thursday of the 
''5'|^ ai''3 n1^5p months lyar and Heshvan 

to fast on Mondays and s'na p^dkS -- 
.^u^^ani ''^u? ai-'n nsynn Thursdays 
with the breath of his v[iOut\ phr. 1'^ ^^0? 
with the inanity of his words ;rs nna 

*rw n-ip^i^ 
•-rtp^ by degrees^ gradually adv. T\T\X^t 

.l^-'Sp whereas, as conj. n1^'^^ 

.--of necessity, necessarily adv» fllSna 
'ina ,- terror, fright {pi, ^I^.^J) #» Tht)'^ 

ts^^n pnp B^ii ,ps!i^n a?2ip tt?a^^^ ip^DKBis? npn (^ 





;d'13 .t^3 belly, abdomen (pi. *1^^^J!D) «. "^ilS 

.n»n bu^ 1^2^ maw, paunch 
belly-band (of a horse) (pi. IV-) s, hm^:^:^^):! 

i«3 belly-ache, gripes, colic s. ^!^J?D11i5''iD 

.jbr^D :3«3 belly-ache (^L [-) *. S^tO^il^^n 
unfounded opinion (jp2^. ni*l^D-) §. nilDlT'^M^ 

•l^sn |» -n^ilKJ ventriloqu'st (_pZ. - ) 5. '^^'^^^"^S^IIS 
♦Fj; tree (jo?. i:P!2^^2) s. D'^O 

♦f^^ .n:] j^'i? olive-oil, oil s, vtS^'U 
abattoir, slaughter-house (^L — ) «. '^^'''S 

.512 bean (pL D^) ^. ^^J'-D 
.9p5 rascal ;\mp bastard (pL C^^-) * pn*OD^n 
•nj^ to build, construct v. a. (^''O 
>ft"i;3 .D13 to pack off pmii ip^n (si.) — 

Ml builder {pi. «) 9. *^V^"'^ 
>0^p, 'D'ni^^a np3 to bore v. a. p'^'^^^'^ 

.n.NJ^f- nrw5 ^^2 butter-churn (pi. ^^) s. '^p''0 

». iD^.-'P-|j;nb r^^ bold, daring adj. '^^^^p^lS 

♦2p F^N boldness 


nij^^-pj T3 quire 1125 book (^2^?. ^i^^D'^n) ^. i"jU 

♦'^,^? 5'^ 
.(r\h'&5 b^p) 5=isj bang! s^^ '^^1^ 
npp 5n:» book-keeper (_^?. C-) *. *^)r0^ib'n«^-3 

♦nl2i2f n ^tisp n.^rtin book-keeping *. i^"'*i^t0^f§nm 

*dnsc iD'iVi bookseller (pi. -) «. "l^^Sl^l^n^in 

bay, bight, creek (geogr.) {pi. 0^) s. ^tDi:n 

,.nb;;7 wagon (^jL D^) «. ^i^^SU 
Du?*! to book, enter into a book v. a. [^'^ 

.r\3^ ,y,^^ beech-tree {pi. *i];d^D-) s. C'^'n :T.n 
.'^n^« nsp fisticuff (^L C--) ^, V''^:)VTi2 

,nli? letter {pi. \-) s. l^r^t^^^n 
bgp club, stick, cudgel {pi. D-.) ^. ^^^"7)2 

.nbk 1.121; 
.•^jn^Dhs dui;, light bay {horse) adj. P^l^h)^ 

,{D"D) ph-w 

Chuck! {noise in drinking from a int. 7'2''^li 

!p:^-p:2 [hotie) 
^n^nx D"er potato (^L D~> ^. '^'^^';::i 

dog-kennel, dog- ;n2^b^ ,n2D booth t. J?*T13 

♦:ib| n3-i59 house 
to search, examine, inspect ?;. a. pJ!^ pllS 

-n5D sentry-box ;n3'.?tt »n3D booth «. Pp'TlS 

*ilu; bull [pi. t^--) s. ^1^^1n 

♦f?>i5nn-Fj; elder, elder-tree ^. ^j^t'S 

♦b;in|5iiK cone, strobile {pi. ^V -) s, p'l'l^ 

ny^ ,mri breast ip'O bosom {pL C-) 5. S^'lS 

D^3 breast-pocket (jpL D-) #. ^:).y'^>^p""L:;^T':i 

.p)^p^^ bottle (:2S'L D^)'.5. ];p':'tDi:^ 

a kind of tax imposed by the Ka- «.. Q^'OU 
^ni^rj b^ D2!2 pD hal formerly in Poland 

♦ib^s as if, as though conj, V^^^ 


= ;n.'7f3 ,r.p;2'A button-hole (pL 0^) s. ^p^r^"2 


,sn ^^« turbulent person (^^. 0^ ^) «. [^''IS 

.c^^a-is; insolent person '^J'^^^'p. 

,n^ina Qprf to be turbulent v. n. \T^i^^^'^ 

^K'lB i|t<Vc? turbulent, wild ad/. ^^3K^"3 

^'^^ b^ of a turbulent person adj. Vp^^^^^t^ 

♦1792s bv ,2'1 
sheet (0/ paper) Jn^f^ bow (jpL 5-) «. pMS 

izrrr to be too exacting pnn apt fy^isiys^K — 

/ID 'nni^ psn ik 

.\\hiT^ .i"!^^ octavo la^is 
(a5,'r.) ;n^p bowman, archer s. ^l?3^w^J2^'52 

.nrp^ b^D Sagittarius, Bowman 
;n^^:ii^ n?D booth of a vehicle (j>^. f-) s. "Vyi 
.,T^n ni; r.p^ctf n^^^y a half covered vehicle 

1-1;'?]^, garret (^Z. 1P-- ,D-.) ^. D^'T'in 
to result in nothing Dpn^n {§ in iixbc^ii? ~ 

incongruous matters s?^^"'^^© ^^^ di^-rsi^ (ed!.)-— 

.n^'i -Tin attic QjL "I^^-^) #. ^^'■^^"D^n^i^ 

,9"5n '^V^ to shake up -u, a. (^^^tS^U .(^vO^'S 

-Bjn^ ut::'nj!> bodem \^'S5^n5nn'?i5'B pi itt'BK (s 




fft 0l5 to butt eaoli other v. rec. 11? fl^p^lS 
m nK m oj3 .n5:nri to altercate (fig.) ;m n^ 

n^ ^v^ im i]s5nrf to toss ;(n3^.i3) 
.ninnpri to bow i^, r. y-^ fpi^ 
.^h2UJ^ box-tree (?i. ^V^^))^-) a. Q^S ^DpH 
'll'ii^ bouquet, noS(\^ay {pL [ - ) s. 's^ppU 

♦la^rt "iis^ nave of a wheel {pi. D-) s. WpIS 

ili-bred ;f1^0"^32 ignoramus (^pL Q'^'TS) s, "l^S 

«D| u?^^ man, boor 

.^Creator, God s. ^'^la 

the Creator, blessed be He, s. Kin ^IIS .H'niS 

^He who createth the light s. mr\ '^niKD «^^a 
of the lire,'' benediction on the light 
.nb'^^m "\s nsns of the nb'i:^ri (which see) 
to set a house on t^Kn ^iikd ^m pK» (^L) -- 
,^Kn n^n n''2£n fire 
«He who createth diffe- s. Tim^ 'm Knl3 
rent kinds of foody" benediction on lighfc 
,a^iw d^bj^ a^'??^^^ ^v. na"!^ foods 
"He who createth souls," s, Kl^BJ K1i3 
grace after light meals in which no bread 
^on? "i?^ nb|5 nnnx bv. |i??2n n^n^ is used 
brothel" W (pi n^l-) ^/^tvi^p-niTO>^^1S 

,^ Creator of the world s. nhS^ ^^1^ 
"He who createth the fruit s, |BX^ '-\B ^1)2 
n^'i^ of the vine," benediction on wine 

4" ^^ 
"He who createth the ». ^D^^n ^n? K113 
fruit of the earth, '^ benediction on vege- 
Mpy^ b'^ nsns tables 
"He who createth the s, TI^h ^1B Kni3 
fruit of the treCj" benediction on fruits 
*nl3^^i^ nils !5j; nans of trees 


n:^9 ,nTS castle (^^^-f--) s- ^^'^^ 

burgomaster, mayor (ji. 0^) §, nr^D^jDi'nn 

.(n'SfiniS) T'yn u?«h (in Germany) 
an ignoramous even according s. ^rT'TiK'! "I^S 
to the Mosaic law, a very ignorant 
n=!?i| 7Tsn di; ^ - man 
*'i^:dp npTO muddy beverage s, ^"T^l^ 
.'^fugitive (/iL D''n'i'l3) .9. n^ia 
to M^>tl 'QJ^^ '('^"^ to grumble t-, n. fj^'^'O'in 

,ibn ferment 
♦1^1 grumbling s. l^^^'^tD^in 
nistry high grass in the steppes a. ;K^'^U 

air- f(B'8 ^D rv 2V2ti bubble (pi, D-) 5. '-i?S7'a 
,{n Vr) n^ma^w' bladder (of a fish) 

.m^i puffed adj, V^mV'^^A'^ 
\VJ.^t to bubble^ rise in bubbles v. k. \V^h)^ 

4 n r. r. "^?-|| 
*n9^ T 9p„p club (pL D^) t, l^pW51K^^13 

projecting, salient, prominent, in adj. ^713 
(H 'ina distinct ; - relief 
n^3 PIP bouillon^ broth §, f^''^1S 

*fi|5h i«|^Oib| white loaf (_|?L &-) §. Vp^'j'^^ 
4ys9u = t^p^lS 
nh^ bundle nfp^ bond (ph \^) s, **li'^ 
confederacy^ Jnsn? binding ;(pL *1^'3S) 
^n^ia covenant ;n'^5« league 
the Bund (a Jewish socialist organic npr. '^IJIS 
n^iin' n^^tH'SiD fniiK) i:^^n [sation in Poland) 

niin the teachings of the Bund s. SP'IJIS 

Bundist^ member of the (pL f-) ^. ^D^nJIS 

n3-iSinp i;in Bund 
apper - 1 ^^pn mq ^?" of Bundists adj ^•'LD^^IS 
T^^'l^' taining to the teachings of the Bund 

nmn W of the Bund'affy. t^^^'jin 

a kind of dress for women (pL D-) s. yiil^ 

, (n'»Dl1^) "?^ ^^?F r^ (in Russia) 

niD rebellion, revolt (pL t-) 5. ^^^^'^ 

rebel, revolter (/i. Ol^--) s. p'^'C^'^tr^^ 

"I'llp to stir up to a rebellion v. a. p'^i^tcon 

.™ to rebel, revolt y, r« llt^H ;ti9^ 
a kind of jug with a narrow (pi. ^-^)s. i^p^iS 
n^ lii\'$ ^^ "13 pD neck 
. -- pulmonary vesicle (pL T)))))^) s. n>? 2 
,517^ to cohabit t). a. fl^t ^^''S 
♦nj33) nrns3 puff (pL \^) s. ^^^ 
(/^.) ; K^.| -li^ wild ox (pL f - ) «. DpK^D n 
.D| w'''}^ rude fellow 
*lKn buffalo (;pLf-) «. DpK^^en 
13 Q-'u^^ |n«) |l3tD sideboard (^^of-^) «. ^^BH 

.i|ny |n5'^ ,.1511?^ buffet ;63ii ^rsi d^^ 
i]^1y ,rm buffet keeper (pL ^V -) §. p)^^^^ 
*IO^®D ^^^ ^''^ ^yp^ butler unipb) |n?'fn 

^b^s3 as if cow> ^)Ti'2 



- 116 — 


by tlie ana- at'ij iis'i'] d^hs = ahhr. 2nnr!:i 
thema of our master Ger shorn {abbrevia- 
tion written on a sealed letter as a warming 
that no person other than the addressee should 

^bv mm awo sii bv a^ans^ msr tki) -"[open it) 
♦fi^ij 13 sin a in .T ;(nn« innrc^ 
"in the innermost cham- ado. C'l'lPl^^'innS 
filpipa bers,*' in a secret place, secretly 

,'T'PiJ young man, boy {jjl. D'''lin3) §. *T!n|l 
student Jpji .-bachelor \^''^ fellow ;Qbj; 
♦nn-'^sn T'^b? of a Talmudical academy 
while ;'T'i;i£ ini'^nri while young adu, tv;'n^'in!J 

/liD inrhs unmarried 
,Th^r\% maid, woman (^Z.) {pi, D-.) #, ^tD*TinS 

to lead the life of a bachelor v. n. [^iins 

lins big young fellow {pi, ^V -) s. f^P'Tins 

of a n^r^ biL^ of a young man adj. K^'^'^ns 
♦^i3a 5^ ,pxi 5^ bachelor 
.'I'iis plainly, clearly adv, ^'^HS 
by inheritance ;'-'by possession adv. ^IpJD? 

in the ;n-^!?:n in the condition adv, ^PJO? 

ru? nniri^ presumption that 

in the presumtion of being phr. m'l^S ^ptHS 

. — fit {ritually) 
in the presumtion of phr» Jl^l? ^plO? 

. ^ danger 
.-back, in return ado. MIJHS 
ntnn to return ni?ns \p^^ — 
sense ;t1''a5 ,*- probation {pi. niJJTlS) *. .l^iTlS 
♦J^& category J'^isj 
.Q3n gratuitously, gratis, free adv. D-^TIS 
♦nitsrii ^r\'2^r\ , — paragon s. 'I'TlS 
♦|l5£>7t xj^h free will ; - choice s. ill'TlS 
,Q3''na = DJins 
.-"in haste a<^t^. IltEns 
birs "half free," very cheaply adv. QJn"''2£na 

. — by excommunication ado. S'^HS 
to. force one by threat of ex- din:: ppia -- 
^r d''^ communication to toll something 
n:3i I'^^nS c-nz u?-k 
I don't know any- 5 cms ^id .-yis (t<i.) — 
♦nsaiHD ntrs pir ^3rx thing about it 
to his (my. our) ad}). ajn-;*'n-') 1rill|1D|t 

. — shame 

ill-bred man, rude fellow {pi. D«) #. ^^^'113 

.Oi rude adj, V\>^^^'^"^'^ 
.b| vi'^ rude fellow, boor {pi. D^-) «. pKSm2 
nbriD ,ns^ip3 pendant (pL 1]^-) s. SpxSniS 

^rrn fur galosh (jpL S^-) »» ^tOH-'Snis 

.ni3nis bu? ,^^'inn burlesque ac^j. pD^Sl'S 

♦(^S"i5> nis p») Dills burnouse {pi. ]-) s. DJ^Iims 

♦n^pc storm, tempest {^jl. D-) «. '^^'llin 

4dh*^ dark-brown, chestnut {horse) adj. ^J^'nii 

to in- V. a. \\ I'i^n ,r^b^ to rumble v. n. [^"il^ 

.n'or^ .nil cite, stir up 
.rM^\T\)^ agitation, uproar {ph &«•) s. V^-^V^^'^ 

.pjp beet-root (^L D^-') *. pI^^^^S 

,p^d'b^ of beet-root at^J. ^"nsp^lU 

•"iJ^*^ ^"^"^^ fur-coat (pL B - ) *. J^p'^12 

arbitra- nnis ,« elector {pi. ^"^"^^j^^ s. 'n'^'iS 

*i^aD , - tor 

♦dniis bi^ TT^^S iniu^B ,- arbitration s. m^'i'iS 

.•^m to arbitrate w, w. p'^.'lS 

♦1S3P ,1S3 |SH amber s. f^tS^lli 

♦1S3p'bf of amber adj. |^i"!tDtJ^'T^:3 

bash- snein V- shame 0>L ^it^^S) *. ."l^^^'ia 

♦ni3U7;s fulness 

.^'p^is = pwa 

.t?ii ,u?^l to storm, rage v. n f^l^J^^lia 

' .n^d? stork (pL D];bl^i:^) s. ^^^H 

.(naps) nTpn female stork {pi. 0-) ^. ^5^^J?5^1!3 

♦n''3^"'S A^'^'z bashful person *. D''^E"nt^12 

in these (in the following) adv. pt^/*^ '"^II 

, - words 
in presumption and in phr. •'1^5?^^1 p*^!? 
error, intentionally and unintention- 
. — ally {of sinning) 
in this and in the other jj/ir, HH^I .112 

»Ksn dblpsi mn d^ips , »• world 
.-contemptible 'fellow, (jt>L 0''*''^^?) «. '"^J? 

.nHti n!S3 very contemptible «4i- •^^'^^^'i '''^^2 

.-« cheaply a<iu. 7ITS 

.5ii| Sits very cheaply ac?v. 7ltn'7Tr2 

Mn^ ll^js great shame s. pi. m^1^tS"^T2 

.nsnn ,- shame {pi. ni^l**?^) ^. fi^'S 

.^nn"9i!S --- bi?^''^"'T2i .blr'rni 

; - because of the merits of... adv. i^l-^r 

♦Sb» because of 

*n| ?5|S because of this ac^y. Ht Ti^^Dt^ 


_ 117 


Bible, Holy Scriptures (jpl \V --) s. hy^^ 

.yi^ .^^pip .^"PD ''?^l 
*n^iac ,a''ies n^s libr-^ry {pi, f-) s. p^^'^K^^i^S 
n"^ T,^® librarian (i?l. D^) a^ ^Pp^'CK^^S^n 

'^ll^D ''sn? ^i? biblical acZJ, ^1^^^ 

♦•nns n^'^t castoreum (pharm.) s. ^Kn^^n^n 

.phi^ bigoted, fanatical adj. ^)mm 

.b^^a bash s. Dli^n 

pressing-iron, goose (pL B--) ^« p^K'"?^^^ 

r^"-n>!5 ironing-board (^^L '^^-) s. ^V'^'^^hm 

q§> ^iJ^n ironing jack (jo?. p];n^) pKn||^3^S 

♦|^D| to iron, press Vs a, fPXl^S 

*fnJD ironer, pressor (pL --) ^. ^^73^S 

with a strong band^ by adv> HptH I^S 

e- force 
^-witb tbe hands adv. D*'!^? 
wretched, miserable psi; poor adj. Pi'i^S 

*|1DK misfortune P3p^ misery (pi Q--) s, V^'^-^ 
to ;5^»K n\T to be miserable v. n, [P'l^l^S 

»^hD suffer 
nic« two-wheeled cart (^?. D^) s^ ^p"i)'2 

, - high-handedly ac^u. HD"! n_^S 
with every- mIJ^^si wittingly adv. D^^l^ll^S 

♦"^js body's knowledge^ openly 
♦d^^ialD n3\L'b bureau^ office (pi D - ) ^. ^'^^''5 
.n^n^tt desk, writing-table (^L C-) ^. Pp^l^'S 
.li-'-ta ,^ shame (p21. DWS) s. ^^'^ 
.u;''5 ^Esbsr? to put to shame m'"^ pK ]bv^^ — 

.lp_ as far as niz till, until, to prep. f^S 

tio this ;aibn ^p to this place ^ynK tn — 

*wss; IP ,nKtn npn np time, hitherto 

till (to) that ;DU?b to that place pm tin — 

.K\in ni^n IP time 

*nnp np till (until) now ^aiK tia — 

*mn Qvn np to this day jkd p'!to:i\^ ?in — 

to go as far as Warsaw p^t'i^ii tin pi^ — 

.tiv'^l 'IP pb5 

from WUno to War- pri^n tin p^biii p© -- 

*rt^^ib nsb-'in saw 

♦Ips^iitia J ,|p:.Hn 112 "-" 

haying taken place hitherto adj. Srj^nKT^i 

.n'naa I'-in esioem a<£y. nn^^*n| 

,n:i^ri? ,-by nature ac^t). ps^S 

snroj cortein^ confident trust- pred. niioa 

trustworthy (^?L D^'flV^S) #. ||;|nK3 ,- worthy 

.inx; u?''K --person 

a thief in concealment (/.) #. "^Vj'^-nn^wS 

*n^ang security^ guarantee s. T.^nv^i 

.^r^-'S = hvcz 

re- imm ,- confidence (pi T\^^'\r\\^^) s, (in^s 

.r\]pFi hope ;-liaBoe 
his hope has come to p^ipp^ !i^* |inD^ |«? — 
,D2Kb nn^T inipn naught 
.fin-^s reliance s. m^ln^a 
« - nuil| void pred, 7^3 
«m%ia bin inb^ to cease ppii 9to — 
*9te5 to annul, make void pb's ^^^ "" 
, ^ lost as one part in sixty phr. ^"^W^ 7^2 
, - null and void pred. bm^t^rhm 
»1mp_ b^!b| self-disparagement s, niv^S 
un^ l^toa Vh^ '-"idler (pi D^i^^2) a. [^toa 
iD^^lpn t\)Tbr} aii' 13« u?^^ ,- worldly man 
one »n^^^^o abipa 1:\w ^i^ unpractical man 
maintained by the community that he 
may devote himself to study and reli- 
niins pb'^b 53^^ i^Db ^^i^i |D Dr.sna u;^!^ gion 

Jhnn^iP'i idle thoughts ;- idleness a, nii'p^S 
idh unworldliness ^Q''^^^ Q^^^'i idle talk 
''D n3i3fi unpracticality iQblpn nls^bnn npn^ 
,rfpp^^n abipD irKu 
unworldly ;|bDab|? of an idler adj, ^".^TC^ 
abipD l3''Kf unpractical ;D^ipn nls^b.ti^ -"^^ni "iQCJ 

(i3st) K^ln to idle away (o^e'* time) v. a. J>^^'^5 

|5.*rB^3 ps ttpii p^n DV1 ^'^ ^^t3-,^ii ""^li p^V' ""-^ 

nn91fi biography, life (jpL D--) a, ^^^SiH'i^K^S 

,n9"'pa , - coition §. mK^2 
prns ,n^K3 commentary (_pl C^I^^'S) #, "^-K'S 
Mendelsohn's (and his associates') oom- 
|iG9-^:D bt hi«a mentary on the Bible 
*^l|5n ""sns bp cr-nnn) 
*Q''?DD ^1^*"^ '^3i^DD 03 nnin biology 5. P^'SSt.vS 
.-the coming of the Messiah s, Tl'^t^t^ri TuVl 
.:s1b T3 blotting-paper s. '^^tiHt''))TZ)2 
^a^agjab "i^^i cigarette-paper s. Pp"?'^^3 


-» 118 


feo consider oneself great a^na y.) tn pt — 

.*|D3 u^-iK^ n^n to have money tabpa "sn ]i?t — 
b;Su? 'I'lyin about three hours np^ im "sri — 

,n)V'^ ^b^3 ,mi;^ 
♦-S --n« ,^^s* at, near, by, with, to pre/, ^J^ 
B']« stout and slow man Qj>?. S^-) s, p^^^l^^i 

«p"3\'? baby (Am.) {pi D-) 5. '!^:^:n 
♦(« bi::|5 f ^np Dlp^ outiyirg place 9, p^^^^r^^.^^ 
to get into an out- p:7ip2ii3 p« pnp'ii:j5 — 
to digress {fig,) \'>\i'}> pnD ^ix-^ lying place 
♦pu'n 1)2 n:5i from the subject 
♦Dip?; ,n|i^£3 bend, curve Q>Z. \-) s. ^^^S 
♦^7^ Fl^ by-street (pL f-) 5. D^:i l^in 
Jnipp il!K money-belt (j^Z. (J^ - ) «. ^'^■'ik:!!!^ 
de- {gr,) ;ns^D3 bending (pL 1^-) *. :S-312^!n 
4(pnp-T3) ,T'^i clension 
♦1II73 round cracknel (pi. — ) «. 7^^!;2 
to bend, bow (jp. i^. P"''^^!^^ .tO^inP) ^ a. f^lD 
to inflect, decline (gr.) Jdpi; to curve ;=n,b3 
;<B^^5?Bi matt') nb3 (nouns) conjugate (verbs) 
to curve ^^b.n to be bent ^. r. l^^-H 

manageable ;ii;''J?| ,^b;33 flexible ac?/. ^l^'ldD^^i^^n 

.ni*a3 9spa declinable (^r.) ipb-fb nl3 
;|top^ tip_3 small cracknel (jpZ. "^ph ^) s. V^WV'^T.'^ 
small sheet (of paper) \t\y^y^ i^V.%^ ringlet 
♦biJiys bina dance in a ring ;|^p jrbi 
i^5 DDJ oblique case (gr.) (pi [-)«. ^K&:i^D 

.^^3 Dh: .'It'; 
.nsD booth (pi ^^--) #. bl!?n 
♦-^3^ .n^T'D both, two J07-0W. P*11^i 
.13^3U? both of us PT.n niD — 
either, one of the two yn^.n n pa d3i\^ ~- 

,D^3'^na iriK 
♦nt Kb"! nt xb neither yiin n ps D5i^p — 
of both kinds, of the two adl ^^b^^'1^^5 

.Q'risn \rfr: kinds 
long hair at the back of the head *. "i.^Hi:?! 

."vyxhn n;in^?rw i^^s'^.^ ril'nj;'^ 
.^mT to be present, attend «. n. \V^ 1*^ '"11511 

.(Diptt3) nSn 
DU? adjective (^r.) (jpL '^^tDI^'n--) s. tD1J^n||v:n 

♦(pnp-r3) *ixnn 
♦••n-isj i]'i'3 by-way, by-road (ji. f « ) «. 5^11^^^ 
severe ;pi^l wicked ;i?n bad, evil adj, tlD 

the news received hi- niy**?'' panpriKiiD n — 

.nnp ^y i^npns^L' niy^TTf therto 

the retiring Go- ij;tD^3iu3i3 "lyanpni^tis "ipn — 

♦nnp iDsnan "i^sn 11^ vernor 

4i73Kn?i3-= tDP><tiit^n 

.'^T\m iv. till when?, how long? adv.. I^^NVin:: 

an ==) co?]/.|PD'pa nt'lji 'ilZ how far ^^ n^ 

.iVj'b? ig till, until 

pri- ^72,- in solitude, alone adv. niTTI^a 


^''ih .is3?pHi tub, vat (^2. f-) «. tS^n 

.« nullification *. '^llD^a 

«- denial of all that exists s. ^iri'h^ti^li 

.toSDK bath-tub (pi IV--) 8. ^tD^n 

n^? nT^tt bath- woman (pi D-) «. p^:DKlD-':t:^3 

to bid, wish 'rh i^^ifs ,|aio to invite v, a. ftO^r. 

to congratulate (perso- 2lb"ai'' tsia |1313 -- 

jnn nna\:?D Tin nally) upon a holiday 

to go visiting on a ho- |d13 ^la-ai'' bi3 p.ij ~ 

.T^T\ crs t^K n''3 1p3 liday 

congratu- JpK5|© inviter (^2. D«) #. '^^tD^r 

♦an nnott>3) i]^na lator 
bitterness •• IS15p-|| na bitter «4/. 2^y*0~: 

.(nsiD-ib) cna D^D bitter water 9. '^J^DKin^^^^r 

.''^Jix n?D Epsom salt a. f*^.Ht-n^*05D 

♦.Tpnri fseduction, temptation 5. ^0:r 

to seduce or u>Dn ^ --]''i« |!£yD?K* p-isa^nK — 

.\y''h' nrnn tempt a person 

to toil hard for a live- d. r. y^ IV^^V^^^ : 

.n3"i nya^n D3isnn lihood 

,b^)A with ;Tb ^^n' 3v. at, near, by ^rep. I:: 

.-3 ,i]*ns;3 about ;-b rr\^ 

,]rh^T\ bv at the table t'^to cpi «n — 

.a^pan ^'ijx near the place tsi^ bp^ ¥3 — 

at (near, by) the fountain 5i?iip cp^ -sjs — 

♦I'pQn biiK ippn bp 

.1'^"^^ n^b by the roadside 3pn Dpn i?3 — 

at the father's, with the ]m^^ Dpi ^n -~ 

♦nxn 93^N' ,3K,^ n^nn father 

.'nv^::^ in one's senses lP3n qi^d — 

j3b2 na^ to think to oneself 1^ i^3 |ts3ijia — 

♦'^SHbu'B'^i pK tt^utt' 8 ,Biberach pc i\yc« (« 

T^s pB pp;r!jyrr;>2xnx |^rn 5?bppn3 *|pP3 .bpr^s 




small drawer witMn a [pi. \^) s. 'Ik'?!?^ 

*ir\^Sl\ i|lm rr^5)7 T^^^\\ larger one 
,»lDin inaa to join, add v. a, pl^^l^S 
♦^ipn Q2U? shoulder of a fowl a, 'pV^Tt^ 

.a^y bone {pi '^V -) s. \T.^ 
.5:i'-iB inp^n to give a licking ipsin n pp'in — 
fco come off with a np3m mm ^"^^ cj^^k — 
.s?^e •'9^ b2£3n whole skin 
it is none but Mm- ^p3in n ^id ip tiK D^n --- 
*ihi« k5i k^i nt self 
he his just "ipam n is-'d y.:Kto ^pi n^ 'ly — 
D^y in3n -ri^K^ u^dd insn like his father 

,v^^ man 
sisyra tnin'' a typical Jew ip^i^is n s^^ i^^ ^ ™ 

he does not pis |ii is£ |ii:y: ps is^ ai3 a^m -ip — 
♦(^ pKD p^i^ irK know whence 
.nb^fe at night ado, ^^K^l^n 
/6^b 'H^?;? 5|« of night, nocturnal ac??, 3^^5.^il^n 
*i^ni nn:^ together a<iy. "iJ^il?^ 
;n|Di5 £22?; small bone [pL "|^-) ^. ^"iJlin 
stone, kernel ;n|^ip .n;sip small cube, die 
♦lUn^ '1^10 {of fruits) 
♦rfnn to benefit ^i3iin i$ ipP^EJt? {fig. ) — 
.d^pD nu?i5 ;n1b^p^ isi iu^k bony ati?. ^H'lpin 
of bone, made of bone adj. p^^l^i .[Pl^S 
*£2itpD "Sv^ mv bf 

•ijisn itching, prurigo «, f^i^DI'^n 

«|^3P0i^3 -= 3i1D!„^a 

,*il^p bastard {pi ^^^) s. pl^^D!5S 

to V, n4','pi to bite {p, p, p^n^^) i;.a. fO!.^n 

,nh^ ("^an itch 
biting, mordant l^^Si biting a^/. i^liC^ji 

.|/p.ip i-^nn 
.il*,2n itching, prurigo ; n3^^3 biting «. ^^JJ^Dl^S 
.piD ,nn strife, quarrel ^^3PDin pK ^'i3p&!?s — 
incisive tooth, inci- {pL '^V^))^--) §. \^^^n^ 

♦nj^npD ,nsn1n sor 
cutting nippers, pincers {p'L \P '-')s\ JJKI'^Dl^i 

5;^^DH pn ^sax SD^n^s to^ia k pii :^rn pB py^ op-r 
^p,g an pi tg p-*^ )'^"? pg p^ 

,ci;l3 angry^ indignant ;ki/3 fierce ;rr"|?i5 

*9ip -nj^n evil, wrong ^.||;*i^ip 

.np^ ]'V an evil eye riii niz g ~* 

^np-i nv^ an ill-fated hour np^' pir^ k "~" 

»pi aibrr an evil dream aibh "npiiin |i — 
*npn n^y;na an evil thought nnu^nn pt^.ii » — 
niirs ill news, evil tidings niwn pnin ^ — 

;pu?l ,pi u?^K a wicked man ^3pD ipt^iin k — 
*^pit u?''^ ,iiw cn^ stern person 
*npi /T'h a fierce beast n^n pti^n ^ — 
.?^2^p ,cp3 to be angry nin p~M — 
Mp^ nwp to do wrong ?m |xd — 
.''U?pi with severity pm kjid — 
.PT5^ J ,tiin DNT bn — 
by-matter, secondary mat- {pi f-) #. °l^t!52 
rare nnKb i|;^n in-^ accessory ^baia ^^-^ ter 
.bl^^ K^s prodigy 
*ss|?a £3^13 rather angry adj. '"I'lhiyi^ 
.ns'^ij iH^i^i reproof, rebuke ^. 11^11^3 
to re- i^kp ib^i to be angry v. n ^^t p})]))^ 

."ip^ prove 
♦^^^ .DP3 angriness a, tDl„^pi1!3 
»t]^bri exchange s. ^^J3 
.«]^hn to exchange bi^n k p^Q — 

.W^ bed iph l--) a. ^2 

.D?i1'' ,01*5 by day, in the day-time adv. XN|'01.^i 

.di»n np bw of day-time ac|/, SHJ^^XtOl^n 

••^ ins tributary {geogr.) {pi, f-) a, "jl^'O'l^a 

.(P|D3^> D^3 bag, purse (jsL fi^-) s. h^^^2 

^ca n?p njD marsupial (jpL f-) a. '^T^'"^^''^^ 

.nB3] |hD to bolt V. a. \V'^m^ 

bolter la^Dp nylr purse^maker s, 'i]^'7*^l^S 

.a-'bp™ 3311 pickpocket ^. l^^'^^y^hm^ 

."^^n .B]?qD to change {p. p. pOD^2) t^. «. f^l^S 

.91na ,t3l\y whip (^9^. ]-) s. ^^1^3 

1^3 b^i ,|a3 9i;3 bellied, big-bellied a^/, 5'!31^a 

.mpp^ \m little belly {pi "^P-) a. h^)12 
to make pregnant 93V3 ^ q^j^isitns) p^?^ — 

,]V^r^ ])nli ,l3g 
to congratulate oneself bssi px in ]'DmQ — 

,fihu? to drink v. ti. f^^^l^i 

^n'^^an bruise, contusion (jpZ. f-) s, ^1^2 

.d^Din threads ^. ^^^3 

.n©Dln supplement (pL &-) ^. Pi«Sj2 


120 ^ 


picture-writing, hierogly- s. ^t)'^V^TJ'lb)^ 

•i«a rr^j very beautiful adj.^'l/^S 

♦0"iB ptttt map B^D3?) liKBp jelly s. ^*^^v^i 

♦Kisi (q^K nK9 billion {pi. t^-) «, i^it''^^^ 

♦an^'^^Dpn'^^ billiards s. n^^^^^n .'iK^^^n 

Mlliard-stick, eke {pi. S-) «. fp^tOt^-^'lK^b^n 

i*.iieapness #. tOV!p-||;5i7:a cheap adj. 5^7^ 

1|?^ bank-note inpna ticket (_^?. f-) «. ^V^h)'2 

.]S^m licence Jnlnp 
S-is^na ,|hn:b ^^K'l preferable ao?/. com^. ^ips'p^i 
us^ip ;nm ,|hnj preference *. tD!.^p-||;-^ ^ip 

.hb? to bark {p, p. fbn^2 .tO^^D^i) ^. «. /^^IS 
to bark at the nsn^ *ipi p^^ik I'^in (%.) ■- 
.03 yi::^ n^i3' ^ba u'^k ^5? Qv^m ni\i 5ib /iS5 moon 
♦ '!:s^ = ;D^,b3 i}5Si i^K no matter conj, V^^-^ 
,n\'T'\y riD anything, whatever dkii pbn ^ — 
.f^^'^^u? ^ts whoever, anybody 'ipil pbi:s i§ — 
slanderer (/^^.) ;jnri5 barker (^L -) s. '^V^)'!! 

Ji6^?i slander {/iff.) JnO'^^ barking §. !5'i^':'D 

»(r3n*33) riD^ «-bema, pulpit (/i. 11'^!2''3) *. nD^3 

.nil::'^ bee (pi. \V ^) s. 'p^l 

«?. «. (f^n pi ts^^s SJj^as'K ^j?35r^H pitfixD y^u?i5?) 2[^:i 

♦""p^n am 
between a man and Ms phr, I'^i^nb S'lK [^i^ 

. — neighbor 
.'-between man and God phr, DIpD^ dK [•'S 
between "cursed j^^Ar. ^^""i;^}^ T'^r^ 1^" "^ '^"^* I''? 
be Haman" snd "blessed be Mordecai" 
{that iS; -^/'^t^ difference between the meanings 
' ^ [of these tico phrases) 
to be ^2-Tn?i ^riib |?:n '-iIin' pn [Cni -ic^; ('/(^.) — 
so drunk as not to be able to distinguish 
Dtp:; T\^T] between one thing and another 
^'i::-!^ 121 p:: pi::n'i n* N*b i"^\s* iy 
conjuotion {gr.) {pi. '^P^^r^-) s. ^^i^)Xn^)^ 
♦Cf5"ip bm nnjss? » 111^13 binding #. SJ^JJD 

ni?^ n^p, to bind {p, p, ("5^^^^^) ^« «• I^^-^ 

neck-tie JniiJariri bandage {pi. 8-) «. P'l^^i 

*nv^iii strap {pi. D^) ^. l^D^'i^:^! 

nan^n ip. hyphen (pL t-) 5. ^lltDt^lIiD 

1^ pa between school terms adv. B''JDt»'j"p3 

♦|?p«S -= ^^J!3 
^n i*is?D''3i''a ps a3i5£i^pa« = \^))^ 

side-chamber, adjoining (_p]5. f-) #, ^IJ^^^^^JID 

♦"•ii^ "Sin room 

falsetto, head-voice {pL niblp-») #. Vip||-^j::: 

.pl ^V 

♦10 91p shrill voice (_p2. n^-) s. h^h'.\:>''^:i^ 

rbv. ib| .ns£5 to overcome v, a. [^^'pl^- 

Jd^i^*^? ni|^ nursery-tale (pL &-) s. Pp^J^ 

*i|5U? lie ;nnm story, fib 

'' .b5biir^A = ^5^^p"^-^:i 

,ti3D to lick V, a. I'^Vpri:^ 
.np'Pti to give a licking ip:i^n n pppr.n — 
n!2^ .,ipta door-post (pL H^-) #. ^^1t5tri5S 

rpD\b itoij to stand by, help t?. «. p.^tDtJ^lO 

*-s ibi; to resist ;-b lij^ 
to resist the temptation p''W fipi p.ibu;i^:i — 


may his merits p^is^^JS t3iK 5^*t ni3t pt — 
^is-'^p |r imnt protect us 
helper -.hji by-stander (i>l. -) «. ^^l^^^^S 

.p-^dDD ip. comma {pi, f-) «. l^'ltOtS^!?^ 

.-» bashful person {pL D^^^^^S) 5. [^^''1 

.^bashfu'ness ^. ni-2^^^S 

,nMl example, instance {pi. ]-) 9. b)^^^):i2 

♦fiDiri example \bvp 

.-"in ability adv. T]hb^^ ,T\h^T2 

.11'' ^^b HM to be able nbis^:^ p-^T — 

I,-;???? bibliographer (^jL -) «. '^.p^p~'^^2!lJ 

.nriEDS IPT man of letters ;a''iso 
•.Q^-DD n-p^ bibliography s. n''^V^Vi>''^V^'.^ 

.nns?:n r\V'T knowledge of literature 
'^^ piK book-case {pi. &--)#« pfeK^-'i^rj^Ii 

,nm23 barking *. ''^^S 

n^biin^y ^iH ph nsii?,p bill {pi. &-) *. ^^^2 


♦aba ,niDi picture, portrait (_pL ^^-) «. *^^-3 
.n"i2ir. ,n^3\f'n culture '^'^'^m education s, 3:n^^3 
to edu- iti'^v ,ikj to form, make v. a. n^-2 
]:i) n^jj .bsu^s to cultivate 'f'^m ''^^^ cate 


•^s^r |n*'jn''2 


*mKn b3KD a dainty bit pn ipbi^ » — 

,n''513| ''S^'^s glass-beads, glass-pearls a. '^P^)^ 

♦ tin-^^i^pD^n ,fpDD .'^'pD^n 

*n*},te fugitive adj, ph^P'''^ 
removal of leaven (on the ece of s. f^r^^'^^^T^ 

,(nDB an^s) - [Passover) 
B^5? wMte salmon (ph D^) «, V^V^T^V^T'^ 

♦ntt's nw) n^^^ beefsteak {pi. f - ) ^. pl^^SIS 

.^m .^testicle '.--Qgg {pL n''^'^) s, nra 

nickname of an {Am,) {pL -) s. IJ^D''^^^ 
.(H^-^ipTKp ''153 Irisbman 
.-liu^ bull, ox'(^L ^V-) s. p^S 
kospi» ;- visiting of the sick s. Q'^Vin'^llp^a 

♦b^bln JT*^ tal 

*n^h riflej gun {pi. \--) s. Dp^S 


*£iint ,^^^ beer ^. I^S 

^^in^b ^p3 n^.nc drink-money a. ^h^^"^ 

.ri'ijK citizen (j?L -) s. "^P^^ 

♦n*its*s citizenlike J^nnm civil adj. ^^^1^31 

.C'CTimp nm^jp civil war {pL f-) ^, ^npl^^^' 

^ft'im r,i3| civil rights (jjL l--) s, '^rj^'il^^l 

^ni'ih^ji^ citizenship 

.n^'O-itK citizenship s. '^m^^V^"^)^ 

-'by heredity ;-by inheritance ado. h^II'^S 
*(B^J3^. nux?3 nnsi^r? nr«^e^i nrjeiJ wjisn^s) 
.n^n''^ l^ip hereditary a<i;; anns^n'-a 
D^nlGD rtJl^^ exchange (_pL S^) t, l^^tlD 

beer»house, beer-salon {pi. \V-) a. p^V^'^)^ 

♦(ti-isufl) ^3,:5i3i3 u^i^h bishop {pL \^) s. ^J.St^D 

.-house (jpL a^M) ^, n''^ 
a^ name of the latter n (j^L pJT'^) ^, n''^ 

court of justice, {pL pJ^"!-'']^2 ,D«) ^, pl'^ri''^ 
,KiD-f52n n^s .-tribunal^ judicial council 

righteous courts righteous §, p'lS^ f^'^ri'^S 

chamber of jus- {pL '^P-) s. h:^)\^t' pi-n^^ 
♦a^r^l5 'TiD i3ice, chamber of tbe judges 

interval between school terms, ^o||;'iiK3bD 

^'imbn \2pt f a|? iTfu^ann .ni;n vacation 
I -in the dusk, at twilight adv. Ti^^t^pnyi 

«Q''ri!'qm I — dusk, twilight s, || ; a:§lpn pa 
,to^ f-by himself, alone ado. "^ti^^V p^h IJ^a 

Aw IHK ""^1 
.-mediocre ;-- middling^ medium adj. ^J1J''2 
.n\^jf ,n1iit bundle (pL ^J^ ^ ) ^. %-D^3 
"among them,'' among the gen- ado. ^n*>p^ 

.alio ra tiles 
>mir\ pa among the gentiles Qn^j''^ in i^s •-» 

^a^ripa m.eantime, meanwhile ado, ''J''3^'"^i''S 
"between new-moon and adv. 'll'^^^ KDS p^ 
the tenth," between New-Year*s day 
Dl^i n^fri ^^'^ r& and the day of Atonement 

between the afternoon adv. S'^^PD^ nn^D p^ 
in ;- prayers and the evening services 
^a'^ya the evening 

.qnaK-fl ^^) n^^a ,r!^a stage {pt B-) #. J?<^^a 

.D'^'^is^ n^ans apiculture ^. ^''JKII^n.^n-f^i^S 

"between festivals," half -ho- s. ^^1^ ^^T pS 

lidays {mdddle days of Passover and of Ta- 

.Toy&t3 bin {hernades) 

.n^|a bee-hive (jpL f-) #. pK^S^Jia 

.n3^i2?5 bite (^L f-) ^. 'S^a 

*(pxni Bssn mx^> Sfiys ily bis! -^w^. ^B^3 

v,n. cpn pfi tt^^s p^^!ig^^ ^^2£^''^« pW"ii«B ya^ms) ^M 

.ij|,':f ,^\'Q thou art, you are 
sharp, ll^na nn?53 swift, rapid adj, ^"^^D^a 
swiftness #, ^^^p-HiK^s wild nnln nn keen 
wildness mx^h sharpness^ keenness ;nn™ 

;wtDp^ was small quantity (j^L ^V -) s. h^)^ 
some imp^ ,wd a little^ somewhat adt-. | 

mp a little of everything fb^ |ia bbin ^ — 

a little water, some water "iPDi^n bc^i ^ — 

irK what a nerve! ^ns^in ^ ben h {id.) — 

did you ever see such a ?bbn ^ |ptp;i (lU) -"- 

V^^D^a m!3 n-'i^nn thing ? 
,ci;d iDy„D by little and little adv. t!5Tl2]^^D13 
j;_ ,^j;»» II jna-i^na .mb gradually a^vi^p, >^vj?p, 
.'m ."nrinn gradual^ slow a^j^ 
ein^ ,n|rfif^ nj-'fio bit, morsel (i^L B -« ) #, pa 


122 '- 

nbpp b^ I'^i^T)^^ 

by his cup, by his phr, W^^ lO'^SS "iDirs 

.-purse, by Ms anger 
1DP32 iD^DS iDian i^iya t? tsippnin pd (^rot;.) " 
the character of a man is recognised by 
D-TX his cup, by his purse, by his anger 
.icy^m i3i?2Qn in^ntun ^s-'S 
.-first-born son {pi. a^^^i^^Si) «. nirs 
BB^» birthright ;- primogeniture *. M'^I^S 

na first-born daughter (j?L D-) a. ^tOli::^ 

"chief demon,*' rebellious person s. It:^~'ni33 

.-weeping (jpL ni'':?^) s. Ti^^^ 
'^a weeping for generations," s. n^i^in? .'T'DS 
•^y^ nili 'in'n perpetual cause of sorrow 

jiapa , - purposely, intentionally adv. p'^''^? 

.nnb^n^ auspiciously adv. ^i^ *'^r 

.-whither I turn phr, n^SDK "^m h^D^ 

inclu- ;-in general, generally adv. v722 

. - sively 
with might and main adv. nlD ''2£D.SD b^S 

.ri3 ^ssi ,!ip\ ijbs 
of everything, of all sorts phr. hb 72D bsin 

.s-'p^Jsn bsp ,*in"n ^sp 
in all pl£.ces of Jev/- phr. hn'^)^) nWti:^ hl^^ 

.— ish dispersion 
.^p^Q^ ,]3 ^s; therefore 'tir^i then cor?y [5? <f?? 
. - in writing adv. ^^^^ 

.■•ba without prep.W'^i^h not a«^v. ^7? 
» — without exaggeration adv. ^^"^^^ ^^^ 

^^d;;) purple stuH s, '^Xll^J?! 

.n55^ 175^ blue color s. B'^)f?'7i 

vesica- niriap^^ blister 531^3 blow s. ^^vi 

♦nytDDK9&3t^*b3=) nai?2^ nim tory 

♦3ti?3 to blow t^iibs i§ l^!lt^ ,tKbn 1$ ppA — 

.hiisp bellows (j?Z. t--) s. p^Htt.S^n 

scoun- J^b ,b^lnntt buffoon {pi. B-) s. f^^^^n 

.bn3 drel, varlet 

;Db3 -n'^'J to blow {p. p. (t.sbn^:i) tj. a. n. ^hll 

;«ton .iiBSn.- to swell v. r. "^t--||;nDiiy) v'p^ 

.^iV] to pout (Z^.) 

U> be proud, put on airs y.i pe nx52 — 

celestial council of jus- #. M^^?> ^?^" P"I"^\? 

. — tice 
beadle, mes- {pi D^l^W-) ». TO^,i-|^^-]T'? 
♦p'7"^''^ ^^ uj5s"^ senger of a court 

»KD3n-n''3 = ii::i|.!i"ri''^ 

.-synagogue (jpl. ni'-B^^S'^nS) ^. DDp.'l-n^S 

.-privy, water-closet {pi. D-) 5. kSD2ri"n^3 

n^3 sanctuary, temple {ph l-) s. ^^Ipi^H'^^a 

graveyard, ce» {ph Ti)^^p'"^Ti'^) s. Iinspn-n''|i 

. — metery 
■'houss of shame," a heathen s. nS'^.^nn'rT'J 
huf nVs^ n^2 house of worship or temple 

.-brothel {pi. Tim'^m) s. niJlt-n^3 

.-hospital {pi. D^^in-''^?) 5. D^^in-n^s 

"the house of the liv- {pi. ^^) s. D^'-nTl^a 

»nm|?n n''3 ing," graveyard, cemetery 
house of {pi, D'^t^-ilQ-'na ,f-) 8. ^inO-n^2l 
.13 D'^^bsnpi a''7plbu? n-'S .-study and prayer 
"house "of {pl.'^--) a. I't^hV't)'^ .D^ir^^S 
n'3 ,- eternity," graveyard, cemetery 

♦nnp stomach (j'oc) :- receptacle s. ^^Sp"n''S 
-the first temple (Solomon's) s. \^^^^. ri''3 

the second temple {hzdU hy thos€ &. ^^P ri''^ 
'b'iV ^53^ ti'n^3) — [icAo returned from Babylon) 

;fil3^y^h3 ,- honorably, respectably adv. "T^^frf 
honorable, respectable, dig- adj. V -- ."^^-H 
♦^Di^3 ,3^^« well-bred ;n333 .]^jrr .-^wn nified 
well-bred man, a gentle- -iOfJ^ nyni333 k — 
»3nH Q"TX ,CDi:?i \y^i< man 
with pie- ; - with great honor ado. vHJ "in^S 

.XiT^z^ jyp3 asure 
well-bred ;3',\i7h ("!333 respectable adj. ^^^'SSS 

;nn^u^r! respectability *. ^i::pnn3a .tDl^p^H'SSa 

.m»m^3 ,nn-i^^ good breeding 
Kin in one's own person adv. I^^^^^i niHlSS 

♦''13 = 'IP- 
.- enough time to do it adv. riW]"^ '"i"::^ 
♦It b«^ able ; 'I^bk ,- potential precZ. n'',;3 

♦pr^js = »i^*I73 , — with devotion adv. '"5^\?- 




br_ .'-f^t^in carte blanche {ph \^) s. tiVyM^^ 

^nlson rp-iin to be bright, sMne v. n. l^pinSn 

*^E?b!2rT ,11^ to wander, ramble v. n. \Vy^^^ 

n.^n pale ac^.'. £^^^^ 

*nn3 nbsr^ pj^s pale-blue afij. """h^Z'^^h^ 

.iiri^ ^ih:^ pale-yellow a^?, ^^5°°:kS^ 

.nns p-if^T pale-green adj. p^irDK^i 

^D-'Ss n'^in paleness, pallor s. tOl^pDK^S 

.nris DhK pale-red adj, ^'''^"CK^^n 

♦nnKsnn jn^N^-^ bluff (^m.) [pL B-) s. ^^^^^ 

.iK2nn inm to bluff (J.ot.) Vo n. fS^^^ 

^ns-is ,1N'1D Kb clumsy adj. V^mV^^^^^ 

nKsnJs PKtsi bluffer {Am,) {pi D-) s» "i^a^^Sn 

liJSD aienp ,i1i£a blockade (^9^. D-) s, j;"l4lp«^S 

.^^,h Ik 
.p|1n 1« 1^SJ2 "njs to blockade t?= ®. p^pN'^S 
*nlH'] "ib^ without seeing adv. <'^^^'^ N'^S 
nb''bj^^ false accusation {pi, D^SlS^^) s. ^isbs 

,n3Kn cavil ;ki^ 
blood-accusation, accusation of s. ^t'^^^^^ 
♦a*^ nj^bp ritual murder 
,nl3Kifi u^^5?p caviller (^^.^ D>^-) 5. p)^h\^h^ 
with heart and souij since- adc. ^B^} ^^3 

nsli? ,ni;1n stray, lost ac^j. pll'js 
♦isfj"? b^i?9 blouse (pZ. '0^) s. T^"h^ 
>m blood s. "^'h^ 
::^::ks youthful, very young "pM^ pK aibn — 

that runs in his blood t2i9n |in pK isj6 c^n -"- 

«irnM Kin '■^s 

to be hot-headed, be pas- DT^:n bi^n pKr? --" 

.nitDn "i\ia n%i sionate 

blood is ^PDKH pip E)13 T^H isi^is {prov.) ■"- 

♦*7^t2n D^nipnss i\y2 '"^KU? thicker than water 

vt^rf ^D*^ 'ipri bloodless, anemic a^?*. D^IK'^'Olbs 

♦s'l n,D massacre (;?L '^P'lP^^) s. l^^iMh:^ 
.cnb K?:i£ bloodthirsty adj. ^^tO^lKl'OlSn 
ja-^ {^i£lD blood-sucker {pi &-) ^, 1];i^1i^l^n 
,1'i5q» qVsB) d-q-i K^iEiD extortioner (/^;^.) 

.ans bK^D bloody «4f. .I^^'i^n 
Ik \2^''^t youthful person (j?^, ]--) s. ^JiP^tO^.bn 

.a^t^iiby :n'':;K5 n©K 
.m 2M to bleed t?, n. ftDlbn 
drop of blood {in an {pi, '0^) s. f£.Sl^D*^'^n 

»a? pa hemorrhage (j»L f-) s. fir^^^lbn 

11m vesicatory (^^. B-) s, "^i^^DK^^S 

pouting {fig.) '>ti:2%i blowing s. t^^^PTK^^ 

ici£D bti^) ^-a ;nb^ leaf (jpZ. i^tD];^^) s. mb2 

sheet spny paper, gazette iti:z^p layer 


a sheet of dough for nood- i^'pKb m^^ 8 "^ 

.mniDKb pitn ^'^ yi,;^ les 

b:iri IK lie to concert EJb*^- (Jdi^u?) p^5^ — 

poor^ of small ni::p ^^'s-id muddy acZj, SltO^lS 

'11^.^ bp ,9^ value 
.^ipn bp pop a poor business pop ny:3i:K^:i k — 
dirtj ;u;si ,n-^s mud, mire {pi B-) s. i^^^^73 
/CSK w something worthless ;k^D| filth 
to bring vt^p:^ k px jSEPdik piS:ini$ {fig,) — 
*i^;^K 9p iTna Kan trouble upon a person 
to leave a per- vmb^ k p.K j2£i;s21k pKb {fig.) — • 
«nsi2D3 u^-'K ^ip son in the lurch 
ni that's nothing! Jy^s.^b^ tiK qkt {fig.) — 


,ny^::ii;5K blister {pi]--) s, "^P^i^h^ 

^wiip dead-lock {pi. "V^o^h^^) s. mh'^iimh:^ 

,nb^O "^^^s yj2p 
without ;n^i ^9S unwittingly a<it;, D^^"li^ i^'?? 
n^'T ^ba anybody's knowledge, secretly 

*inD3 ,^'K 
an,^ film^ scum {of milk) {ph D)?<-.) s» QK^S 
*11p .nina fur, skin usbn '3d bj?) 

*I?nD^bs = SDH^D 

.niaDKbs-= p^:ns.sb3 

to disgrace, l^t^ri to blame v, a. I'^V-I^^'^ 

to dis- tj. n ^^t-~|| i-^g MBin Dfin discredit 

j?5^:? bj; nsin ja^ri grace oneself 

,5h^ blond, fair, light-colored adj. 1^*^'72 

.""U^^^ bu? n^sba silk-lace s. ^"121^^2 
to go astray, ramble about v, n. I^t"1JkS72 

-aD^d^ light-haired man (^L f^-) s. [51JK^3 

.nis5nri^ nlni;u bps 
light-haired woman (jpL ^--) s. J^p^H^^S^ 

4Pn3Kb:i- f^l^.sb 
Kbob ^nsw p^r,' 'n;^ blank {pi \V--) s. p^Kbs 
blank adj, || ;(mn br) pn:| brightness ;(D'^-ib» 

,2W ^np:a .p^n 
M^^^ ypl bf skjj-blue, aisure adj Pi^lp^^H^ 




AlC pale adj. Il^'^- 

♦DS5 ,|S^n ,"15.^ to bleach v. a, pl^^^ 

.d^:b niin paleness, pallor s. tOl^p^^^i^l 

♦nnaip ?^ of lead, leaden adj. f^l^7^ 

17:^^a a ten-pfennig piece {pi. B^) «. '^^lUvD 

»npsij;-toy lead-pencil ;(n^jtt-ij3) D^vr? '"^l^^ H' 

.iTnaiy ay lead-pencil (jpL D«) ^. i;E^sl5^n 

.n^^riD ■'^^ ,- without resolve adv. ^^^pD^ ''^S 
blind man, s. V - .'^^^-lln.^P blind ac^J. 'li^Ss 

♦r!i|i; ni^K ,^;ii; \j;''k blind woman 
a3jnn\y uj-'k a stowaway ^^u?tKDxa ip^ii'pn ^ — 
.thv^ PS13 ^^-i^H iin^ 
♦Di£3Kn ''PD blind gut, caecum pp\yip v^^^hn — 
.]St^py\m blind-mans-buff s. tDvip^t^jj^bs 
' .]S-^\V^ blindly ac^ -. tDl^^l^-l^l^^n 
♦|hjp blindness 5. tSl.^p"i:)^bn 
.-without Yowing ado. "^^IJ vl^ 
without vowing and adv. ^^"pp^ v^*! '^^^. ''?? 
. — without resolve 


.-doubtless a<^u. pSD ''^S 

to blink, twinkle v. n. \^^)h:i ,\Vhh)h:i 

.nn-:?^ pancake, flatcake {pi. »-) s. ^l^i^.^n 

♦|!^? ,n:^5 blossom (^pL f--) *. }*^V)h:i 
,y:ri ,mi n^pn to bloom, blossom v. n. \^)h:i 

.n'5!fn to flourish ;DhB 
.•nlJi pis flash Ip^^ lightning {pl.\--) s. ^)h2 
lightning-con- {pi. D^) s. "i^^^SD«-p^^n 

•QvlT v3 duct or 
,pnnn to flash ;phs to lighten v. n. f^^^Ii 
fJash of lightning {pi. [-) s. ^H-itD^i£:b:D 

♦nn/pD ,t2Sp look, glance {pi. t-) s. p^bis 

npfi ,tcan to look, glance v. n. Jplbn 

^p-^^ ,im shine, glitter s. ^ut^t'bn 

to be bright, shine, glitter v. n. \V^'^^)h::i 

•Pl^n '"n?n 
,p^!^^ ,1^t!l)S) bright, shining adj. ^)'l^W^^)h:i 
♦KipD^ ^b:2^ = abbr. ^"'^^ 

*DB5 ^12 = ahbr. ^''^Pi 

.nt^D las^ spun yarn a, ^pti>tO*^3 

ni^!2 n^a bi^ of spun yarn adj. 'ppSJ^tOl'73 

.ib nbsn i^r^ ,bbri blue ac?/. ^'I^S 

nnb?? besides ;i]k ,p'i only, merely ado, ^''173 

s. ||;nDja ^j^ib^ .d'ii; bare adj. V -- t'^P -[{''ni 

♦(3M3) p'^n d)pf^ blank 

♦ap^D bh3 bluish adj "1^^*'1^2 

,njpri P5^ blueness, blue color s. tO'L^p^'i^:: 

azure-stone^ lapis la- {pi, "1^-) s. p.^tO^"'17- 

,n'5:Dnn p^ zuli 
.ps£ ,n:]& flower (i>z. [^ - ) 5. on:: 
.r'':^^? flower-pot {pi &^^-) 5. &K^ J]^0^^- 
n^lp flower-maker {pi -) «» 'i^lDKDi^Dlb:: 

.n^^ins cauliflower 5, tS'^npJ^Dl^n 

♦|pp\y^i9n .pp\yt5i9^ = ppi^l^2 .^piti^n 

.-in a whisper ado. t^n7S 

^B ^S?) C!p„ .^m to confirm v. a. fj;Tl^tO^'''?3 

."irrttt panneled screen {pi i:^^-) §. fK'"it:K*'7S 

axle-tree clip, chip plate {pi B-) s. ]^2K'''52 

•^T,#D pi'^i^ 
brightness, lustre (i^L D^»-) s» pCK''7i 

."iri\ ,p'i|i 

♦"^DJD 'Ptlr't? to be bright, shino v. n. t^pDK''7n 

.IpnppK^b^- ITpK^'?^ 

.ntili to lose its color, fade v. n. f^l^^pi^^72 

;sqa3 1^ ::rti mp3 spangle (pi B--) a. ^p^»^''7n 
,!^D2 is^ ::nt b^ne gold-thread or silver-thread 

,np^b2 scar {pi B-) s. ^^tlSs 
.n'isip lead s. l^vH 
to remain, be left {p. p. p)^:^^^) v. n. p'^l^'^ 
to ;iDlptt 5p ^it:^ 1i^ ^u?;' to stay nnjri ,*iK'^'ri 
♦"iM to be decided ;(n5?-i2) ifep abide 
to abide by one's word d"i.>'1i bi^n pi^bn — 

,nm2 -i»p 
to swoon, a3pn n npa^ii^ pi?^2 ,mu?^n pt? pi^'pn — 

.s^'r'pnn faint 
it has been de- na-'cx ipn i?3 ]iih::^)::i \\\^ cp — 
♦nDDK2 id:!31 n:a5 cided at the meeting 
♦n^Qip'^p lead-water {pliarm.) s. "^^CKlT^Ii^I 
.nifVT'v white paint s. C^J)Vil^7S 
unguentum plumbi {phivm.) s. S7KT"D!^*1!.^7:: 

♦nns dim acZj. ti^S:: 
.« mns a'^yp dim eyes ]a^'i« piv.-p- - 

♦IS'tt'B^'? ^^3 (3 I'rrz'b -^3 Ci^ 


12§ «-. 


m ready money, in adv. S'-^l^ltD? .\mm 

« ^ casli 

«- intentionally adi\ ^''t^S 

.«'wit]i forgiveness ac^u. H'^^nDa 

.-"With full forgiveness adv. ITTiap n^TlDS 

f — witli his forgiveness, ac^v. niu3 riTflD^ 

«-with due respect to him 

8-»in thoughtj in mind adv. Hi'^^n^S 

in the full sense of the r\hm plD .Sl^DS 

. - word 

, « substantially adn, m^Dpa 

♦"^5ssi in the presence of ado. "It^VP^ 

"with his commandments," adv. 1''nii:^Da 

*aB3D intaxicateds tipsy 

^-in a place ado. Dlp^? 

'^'ll^^DI? I -in place ofj instead of prep. DIpD^ 

^--al^a alp» .sb^?^ substitute 
in a place where there phr. ^^^ P^^ DIpipS 

.-is no man 

in the land of the blind the one-eyed 

^'^ Dj n:iS3 t>^i< pKU? aipm people are kings 

.2^w i^^ib nbpi 
.«"in the course of ado» "^^5? 
»-"as a gift, as a present, gratis adv, ("IJ^Q^ 

, - son (jpL S J33) s, f2 

? 1Y P a fine fellow 1 I p ipipi?"^ k (ir.) ~~ 

,-son of man, mortal {pi, ni^-m) s, Ql^il 

.-in faith, honestly adv^ niJDK^a 

♦rnlti^ 15 wanton son (j;Z. D^ - ) s. pKJ^ 

e-'a man forty years old s. D''^|lK"j^ 

e--by prophesy ado. H^ISJ^ 

frequent ;»- housemate {pt. I1''|"''^2) s, n''S-[S 

,n:5n 5k Ni:ib ^^^in in] visitor of a house 

**son of the cove- {pk Dna-'':S) §, nn^™[3 

^n^iH] y — nantj" a Jew 
descendant of (_pL D''bl"l>''i3) s. Q''^in>ia 
^"D^n ''5h^p u^K ^ - eminent people, aristocrat 
one born of coition {pi. D^) s. ni^n-jS 

.--during his mother's uncleanness 
,-the iion of a rabbi {pi. Slj'l-^^3) s. i^n-fS 
.nn'K J — concerning _29rep. VT<^^ 
destined fm^D im one of a pair h. ^1t~f3 

*,i^x^ 9p„s nro? jisnr^ ''tt , -~ husband 
a son born in the father's old s. D'^JIpt-fS 
,--age, the youngest, son 

;n^^133 iltL^bs in a foreign language ado. T"|^b2 

.(i«n^n?3 n^D a foreign word (j?l. f-) ^. || 
;(D^8 ^w ni;^iSp?K bubble {pi. 1^-) «, ^t^^a 

♦(nsmts) nyisysK blister 
^5, r. Tt^||;^p„ D-u?3 to bfow softly \! n. fP^t^bn 

a:^p to bubble 

ticket ;|^|3 njp^ leaflet (jpL ^P-) s. ^^^^^ 

^B? iin^s) ir^n permit, license iKpna ^D'^a^a 

.nD'^nnb p^Si wafer (/or seJing) aans^s 

epiglottis^ throat-clap iiibi^ p.K 5Dpbs d^t — 

»n3pn ''1C3 
;|K5|^ nb^ leaflet (ji, ^^^'«) s. VhW'^W^^ 
nai mstt>^ iH %-it prnb) n^^- nsiiD n£B washer 

WDns leaf»shaped c/c?;'. ^T^T^V"^^ aTi'^V^V^^ 

.nto^p 23^a lamellated, schistous ;a^5t^ 
to turn the leaves of a book v. a. pj^^^^i 

,9p^iL .ISD \^|; i]bn 
sheet, sheet-metal, tin-plate (^1. ]") s. "|J^^2 
na ''bs baking tin ;?ns ne sheet-iron ;ni 

^n^axb 5na 
.na ^bs) tinware a. i^K1irj,*^3 
a small piece of tin-plate {pi. 1^-) s. '^S^^S 

*nB 9^ made of tin-plate adj. p^7a 
u;in tinman, tinsmith {pi. D ^ ^ - ) s. l^r^Sa 

i|^nnb Dn_|9D tin-shears {pi. f-) s. "iV^^^^S 

insolent {pi, ^^) s,||;- Balaam npr. Q^^3 

*m^ w_ man 
*npno to delude «. a. fJ^tlJ^^^S 
n^n to dazzle ^Kipp ,^15^ to blind v. a. p^V^'2 

*ni;nn to delude nni ''•i^ by an.i;Dn 
delusion no^ ni by |n|P. dazzling s, ^^J^n^^^n 

.u^r^v r\i^m deception \T\^v^m 
one of the ; - Balak {king of Moah) npr. p7S 

*pba i^p weekly sections of the Law 
to give a person his pbn ]iv^'\^ a^D ipnpb -- 

*w^K ^d:i lesson 

.--euphemistically ado. H^'p^ [i^^S 

.-by antiphrasis "im; ''^p p^^S 

,pDa ^ba =- pSD ''n^s 

. -- speedily in our days, soon adoo li**?;^ HIHipa 

,n^p!?^D pitsp^B pB '^[Kne^ "ij?"T pK) on? qm^p p^^s 

« l-fn jt^^ napn fig m an.^n s^t ?k ifin « -m 

*pu>? n^^"^* 


— 126 ~- 


.-witli a kiss adv. .Ip^'^iS 
ispu>2 niD to die calmly np'mzi p'^^'^^ — 

.--learned man, scholar s, miU'IJ 

.-well-bred man s. DlS'^^'t^ 

with a cheerful counten- adv. T\)ti] t^^^B 'i^D^ 

,-anoe, cheerfully 

♦ 53,rt-^ps abhr. M"Dn 

nng ^in*]? as a secret ;°inDa secretly ac^?;. "TiO^i 

very secretly adv. nnlD-llDlS .rmiD-niDS 

.-in all, all told adv. ^'^T'']^^ 

.]mT] bip bleat of sheep int. 'V^ 

♦:!U5 f^^^l^^ exclamation of taunt int. '^V^ 

f5?5^B^3 }Vtt ^5?n f^yns DVT ts'fi iyi3nj>n *;^^ pref. 'V^ 

♦l^iD ^1s small bean {pi. "^V-) s. h:^V^ 
,t::n'i|3 entrails, bowels, guts s. pi. D^!D3;S^n 
,n^p n;u73^ bedding iD'^iD^tainc) rags ;a?:;^ 

.Dj^i to jabber, babble v. n. IV^V^ 

<n1"ip^^ ,-soon adv. ^^^V^ 
speedily and at a near adv. ^"""^p^ f^^tiai i^hj^^ 
.nxrp nh|^ |D|:a time, very soon 

lor all the wealth phr. i^^hv.l, - 'fl^ "^^ ^^.^ 
. — of the world 

.•[b^ ,|rn^n n^a bp_^ bath-keeper (p^, D--) 5. "^^^^S 
n^« bath-keeper's wife (^Z. D--) 5. ^pl^n^n 
♦n^:-55 female bath-keeper '»|^5n 

because of our many adv. ^''^1''^ ^^^'^'^-^il^^S 

. - sins 

shameless woman {pi. D--) 5. S^Si^Dt^l^t^l 

J?."ij*' N"^ shameless man (^?. D^ -« ) %. p^^^IlT^^!:! 

.n^i^y childless woman {pi. ^ -) s. ^ii^^O^'^nt^^n 
.-li^jy^ childless man {pi. D^«) 5. p^ro^^'^T^^n 
JDn"n](,n ,^^1; idler {pi. ^V --) s. p):}ht^^T^V^ 
♦pn ,iniQ rascal, rogue 

»t3 r n n 1 T y. :n = a6i^?*. .^T'T^l 

.y ^ 5 J ty ■) n ? p 2 = ^2i^rvDsint:;:i 

♦pnu?in7ys = p^JtDs-in?;;n 

♦^^a-K disorder (^L f-) s. "^i^^t^i 

.^liariD hermit (^L B^^-) s. p^nK^T^l 

.b|^^a-nap steelyard (_pZ. S«) 5. fl?<^T^^ 

.*T^ ano noseless adj. ^DK^Jt^ia 

.-free man (jp?. p1in-''iS) s. f^iH-fS 
. — one born of a good family s. l3''l'ltD-f5 
"the sons of men," recital over s. D^^-''^^ 
n'jDs anaii^u^ a''p-iaa the sacrifiQial fowl 

to look at some- a"rK-^3a pK ]\$n ^ iv. tpip — 
thing written without understanding it 
.pn ''ba a^na ^la^a ^an 
.rrrisii^D ,- household s, pi. 1T'5"''P| 
.n^rnipa mildly, softly adc. Knin^-33 
.-an only son (i^L Q-'^'^m-a^:)^) s. '^^'H^-fa 
;T^n; |a b^ of an only son adj. t^nTI^-;! 

/3li;r^ capricious ;:^3v^ .'^1 ten<ier 
♦•-aitej. polite a^;'.!!;- politely ac^v. ^^"T- .DID^^ia 
"corrupters," mischie- s. pL D^rT^H^'D D''^'|. 
.a^yn a^3a vous children 
.-intestines s. pi. ^'^V^'^'^^^ 
"the sons of Moses," Jews s. pi. ^^^-''}'^ 
supposed to inhabit the region beyond 
ai^iniio the legendary river Sambatyon 

.-building, structure {jjl, S^'^^J^) s. P^2 

persons of high standing, s. pi. .1 v^-\^a 

. — eminent persons 

."1^3 |a p - darling son s, 'T'pl [3 

.--Israelite, Jew {pi. ^«"1t^;"\JS) s. ^^^Wrf? 

"one condemned to death," one s, ^''^'f? 
.|aaD n^in fatally ill 
.-prince {pi. D''5Vp-^;3|i) s. ^^T\^ 
obtainable ;mx'':^Da in existence ado, KiitS^a 

"son of Noah," avaricious man, s. ni"[2 

.]p2p_ miser 
. — with a miracle adv. C^3 
,-a rebellious son s. .'Ilii^'i *111D [3 
one worthy of the world to s. i^^H th'^V (| 

. — come 
suavely, pleasantly, gra- adv. 2^ - ,n"D^^i2 

.ayba »-cefully 
. - fellow-townsman {pi. '^'^V''^!) s. '^''l^"f| 
fruit found in the womb {pi. D--) s. ri;?*)pE"f| 

. -- of a slaughtered animal 
by taking hold of an object adv. f^H ntO'^ppS 

. — {to swear hy it) 
by taking hold of a book adc. ^^^ ntO*|pJ3 

. — {to swear hy it) 
a man seventy years old, sep- s. D''^i^"j5 

. - tuagenarian 
. — in one breath, at a breath adv. TiT^'i n^^'l^^^ 


_ 127 »-» 


a good intercessor for us {of a deceased 

♦ciisBi ^5?) mps rr'n'' nr^o p^D [person) 
bed- ;ninM=! d^^s -^^ssib js'i.i^ bedtick s. ^1^^^]^^ 
nipitp .a'"n51?5 clotbes, sheets and blankets 

♦nnea «rin»3 musbroom (jp2. D^) ^ ^p^ps 
to jabber ;(|kis5) ni;| to bleat v. m \V"^'W^ 

I haye seen it witb my phr. ''^''^'1 '^^^^..^ 

. - eyes 
.-« mainly, substantially adv. Ip*^^^ 
"naked and in want phr, h'^ 'nS^nn^ D11''j;s 
of everything," in a destitute condition 

♦(HHsn i« n^"B5 ^ip) ^b^.^ thump! int ^^^ 


*Di2 cup (^z. &-) §. i|;sj?n 

,^a3 ,S5Di^. fold, double (p^. f*-) 5. v]^^ 
one who has lost so- {pi D^) ^. ,'Tl'';;K-7|^3 

^-mething, a loser 
one having a (p2, milDIH-^^^^) ... m^lK-bpi 
.-profession or trade 

one who is {pi r\'\^'ir\^'''h^^) s. rw'^m-h'p^ 

M'^ri^ responsible 
inn- {pi n')''^p5K-''b^3 ,D^) #. n^'^^D^K-^I^S 

«-- keeper 

.-« married man {pi D^t^>^^^5) 5. nt^K"^^5 
reliable or (^^L D''nit5a-D^^l?^) s. Him-^^S 

♦|?|)K3 U7''« ,ni^^ ^^« trustworthy person 
one who relies {pi l^nm-^h^^) s. pnm-^^S 
.DNi^^^s I3lnto^ a"^n u?"?^ on God 

one who is incli» {pi '^''hv^} a. ^33-^^3 
ni: '<v'^ ^-ned te weep, weeper, whiner 

father of a child to be {pi l--) s. Ti^'^^-hv^ 

. '- circumcised 
one w '10 brings {pi m'^m-^^);^) ^, nr^m-hv^^ 

,n'nit;a ^"^^ tidings 
fat or corpulent {pL '^^^'^'h^^) s, "^m-h^^ 

A^'n t^n^ ^'^ man 


proua man, {pi nm"'hv^ ,&--) s. n^^rh^ 

»n«| haughty person 

proud or {pi ^-') 8. n'.^- smr\m"h^2 

♦.*!K| haughty woman 

HMD ,K^!5{tp» besom, broom {pi "nj;^) « D^^t^^S 

Ktt^arn K3313 ^w S5| tail (o/ a comet) 
to rub with a broom (i'ti a 6aiA) v^ a. f^J^^t^S 

^^a without a passport adj. ^Jon,S!&D>?Dt^S 

Jijala safe ;jKln yr«^ careless adj. p'^'tS^et];:: 
*r!rtto5 safety ^"i.ikti^'^ car'essness s. ^l^p-H 
by the help of the Cre- ado. KTOH miV.,.^ 

. - ator 
.-by the help of God ado. ^f^ ^'^'J^? 
bed {of a {geogr.) ;.T^^ bed {pi ]--) s. ^V^ 

«(mns3i ans) n^rp ""T^^P bedding j. tOX^'l^ro^S 

^n^^tju? ,nM?i blanket QjL B-) ^. pp^1"rj;^ 

,n^tsp a''nb bed-linen «. ^^vtey^ 

■^"i^. ^ni^j? n|^ small bed {pi. 1^--) #e ^^'^^^S 

Anpbaps ~ icrifisn bp m^ku? beggary f. 2 7tC|?S 
bread of mendicity or charity a. tD''.1S"7tO]^^ 

.S'^nriBD by ^)n xmsns) u^pj to beg i?. a. ??. fl^'7^^3 
xwm) ^j55P beggar (jp?. D-- i^) s, 1)?7?D^S 

.b^ ,^3i; poor man ; D'nnsn ^p nnn 
poverty ; fi'^nnsn 9p. rrnm beggary s> l^'^PvtS^S 

^nittle beggar,^^ beg- {pi. H^--) s. ^l^^tDp 

^D^nnBii ?p Q'-'iiln bt 1^3; gar's tune 
to beg, request, {p. p. \^^2^^) v, a, '\W^ 
Hnnmby imn 'X^l to invite '^b'^'f ,u;|?s pray 
to be requi- lunnr^ to beg, pray v. r, l-^'^ll 
.^nn nSn red, be needed 
to invite to a wedding nsifin ^ ^''i« |isps — 

.nsinnb ^ip 
till me, pray (or please)^^''K t^^^ yi^ ,i^^ t^jj^t?— 

.p^ps to be reluctant ]t55?:i ||i«b yt {id.)-- 
a patch is needed here ycK^ k i^i -Pi >>i — 

the pas- |P3tyn aiK b^t pD ii? ^ps pics npi — 
'^na Kip»n sage requires an interpretation 

to uphol- I (niDan) P-^n to make (^?ie bed) ' ftOp3 

.(n'3 ^bs) ngi ,nb'i ster 
inter- su^j^s^ solicitor {pi S~ 1-) ^. "^V^^^ 
messenger in- iwa ivz) b\F\vi? ,|^^?p cessor 
Klip C?^ viting to a wedding or banquet 

may he be um *n^s |®t 19 9^i ^papn nptsu 1? - 


«- 128 


'^n ^n^ living being {pi, U'^'^n-'^hn) a. ^V^-^n 

D^^!^ ^^K guilty person {pi, D-) a. ^'^^Ti-lV'^ 

;^ dreamer (^9?. mDl^H-^^^a) g. misl^n-^^^ 

reckoner, arith- {pi. p31^n-^^|i) s. \r.m'hv^ 
*\S^^nri ru^.^^% "rrjn metician 

fafciier of tiie {pi. ^ hm^-^Hv^) s. nr-nn-^^^s 

■"nij 1« r!v>5D ''t^ bride or of the bridegroom 
tax-farmer (i>Z. ^Dp^tD-"'b^a ,D - ) s. ^Dp^tO'S^S 

n^ij; benefactor {pi. mSltO-^'^J^S) s. "nnitD-^PS 

.'isri 5r:iii: iSita 
.nan nb^li benefactress {pi. D « ) s. ^i^'^^inr.l^-bi^a 

the doctors of the Talmud s. pi. "ll^hm-^bv^ 

.rpj^ adviser (^p?. D^iti;i''-a'''?J?S) s. rV)''^V^ 
man of justice {pi. '^^^'"'h}):^) s. "^Whv^ 

a man of con- {pi n'^iS^''^^^) V. n^^'i^-^^^S 

.1^12^ ^^ii siderable means 
nsnpnn ""^s urinary organs s. pL D''p-'»7^S 

♦nnbinn ''^s genitals K^ns) 
one who is {pi D^SlDJ-^^^3) «. B^^ID^-^^S 
♦niDlKr© U7'K , - suffering pain 
,n^lp"beam {pi D^-) s. p"'b^n 
man of strength, {pi n^i^'^h^) s. nlJs'hn 

♦^la: iiTiin^ \L''H strong man 
capitalist, wealthy {pi. D^3-''^^S) s. D^3-^^3 
.Tm uJ^« ,|ln bpj , - man 

against one's will, adv. ^^n|-b;;3 ,^15-^^.^ 


p.ii^ linguist (jpZ. niiit5^^-''^^|) s. I'i^h-hv^ 

Hebra- (jpL t^^^p-I^-^Z/^-^^^S) 5. tJ^iip-p^b-^^a 
♦n-'iifiyr! jl^bn gnl" ist, Flebrew scholar 
♦dnp ,b^3 i]"!.'!^ ,^in general ac??;. KQ?^" 
.ppx^ believer (pL D'^-S^DN*D-''^^5) s. f^»Ka-^^2 
% superstitious liever pttKy:;-bps ^ut'^KS ^ — 
,r]'in ^rn a fanatic, a bigot iQ^brin:^ p^K^ 
corrector, (pL D^"I^^!'>''^^5 .0--) s. .T^^-b^la 

♦(D1D1 n-'as) n^ip proof-reader 
grammarian (pi D^'p^p^jp-^^J^I) s. p'lp1'>'?;5^?i 

brainy man (^L r\)^''hn) s. n'l^'hv^ 

proud or haughty {pi B^-) s. p^:)n^u^>^)?2 

♦ni«j"'brs==;nN'| man 
exaggerator {pi t^my'^hv'^) s. m^:i-hv^ 

corpulent man {pi ^'ti)r'^hn) s. ^^^^^^ 
tavern- JnlpfDif^ b^t land-owner JKnsi a'lii 
♦f:jn^ n'^n b^i5 keeper 
the person in {pi Q^'nn^-^':*^^) s. "nn^-^^S 
opponent, plain- ;is an^l'p^ ^'^^n question 
.]^'fn Satan Kp-? n^as) j^^in tiff 
one who hB.s\pl D^'^'ifl-''^^^) s. I'^ai-':'^3 
11 -fan ib ^s;i? ii^'x the gift of the gab, talker 

to kill inj^'pn ,n^n to beat (/.) v. a. pn^l-'j^S 

party to a law- (^?. n^^'^l-'h:^)^.) s. p-'^P^ 

♦i;?1r) «a'"i2"!j bv„^ > - plaintiff ; - suit 
influential per- {pi T\m''bn) s. H^^-^^l 
-^i? man of firm opinion ;'^''pri o'ik ,-son 

grammarian {pi pHp-J-'''^^^) s. p^'lp^-^V^ 

man of {pi f*n^-Tin-«'^^a) a. f^^K-^l^-^^S 
.D!23D u^-sx manners, civil person 

♦pi!ipt^n-Ws = ];t«n-^y3 
impudent woman (j?l S«-) g. ni^V^^^^'^n 

.n^2£n impudent man {^L 5^-) «. p^i;:^t«n-^V5 

.v^Q^:^vb^:2-= vm'^^r]-hv^ 

one who is {pi nimn-'^hv^) s, HKitin-b^^S 
r^b^hsb) n^iD s''2£lteu? u?^^ at a great expense 

money-lender (jjL m.S^J^n-^b^S) §« nK1^n-^^| 

jester, jo- {pi ni«yi?.!l-">^5^2) s. MKl^Dn-^^*!! 

.f? ker 

the Tosaphists, the au- s. joL ri1SDinn-^'?|?3 

, , .—thorsofniSDin 
one having a re- {pi fn^p''^^^) 8. p1?rb^5 
n)2U?D 1 1131 ib u^su; ''D tentive memory 

,"-- debtor {pi nnin-^bps) .? sin-^5?| 



129 -^ 

aiD- /^i 

one wlio offers (pi. .^i;D"*^b^*2) a. ^^^l^^hv^ 

♦K^jiu) r'-i^p r>* an opinion 
one who keeps a (pL nnlD'^'r^S) ^, 1\D"hpi 
*ii& nbp irs"^ ,i1d ^Diu^ secret 

sinner (jp?. n'^^^'ni^-^V^^a ,D^) a. nn^nr^i?? 

coacliman, dri- {pi f)^b^Vr'h):^) a, rhj-h^ 

.])b'^v, ver 

wrong-doer, (pi r\&^ 'bv^) b. rhp:hv^ 

.9ip ntip wronger 
ann*^ ^SHD belletrist (pi ]--) s. ^Dn^^S];s 

belles-lettres, polite litera~'\. J?|T.^D^'l^];^^n 
iC^si rii5rm (BmsD) hd^h nretpn ture 
,r\z^ir\ nnsBH ?u^ belletristic adj. tt^^^DntO];^];^ 
b^bsn cataract (w the eye) {j'l- D-) §. 0^7^^^ 

,a|aj to iabber v. n. l^^tiV^V^V"^ 

.-Lv:pSK = -'n);r:^^^n 

man of business {pi. ^'y>tV.-'hn) a. ^^n^hn 

.pzv ib t^;^ ^-"K 
.^yj'' adviser (j»L n^.S^I^-^^r?) s. ri^V^ hv"^ 
♦ns ^J7 by beart ;ns br ,^ orally a^r. HS ^ys 
efficient teacber (jpL D''^i;i£'^^r?) s, SyiE-^^a 

timid person, co- {pi ^m-'^hv^) s. "^riB-h^^ 

•nne ward. 

one wbo is (pi n^^'^B-^hv^) s. nopB-hv^ 

'P^V^ 0^7^P ^■'^ prosperous in business 
cbaritable man, (pi r^pn^-'hv^) s. ."ipn^-^^S 

*sn.3 , - philantropist 
cbaritable woman {pi D^) a, V^rip'l^-h^^ 

cabbalist, mystic {pi nblpj'^bp^) s. hblp:bn. 

' .pibv:2 = Vpbp2 
one wbo has pol- {pi n|>''^^5) §^ '^'^p-b^^ 

. - lutions 
reader of tbe Law in (pi D-) §. nK^1|>^];5 

.nwsn n-'^a n^.lns K^lp tbe Synagogue 
merciful or com- (j?L U'^m^-^bv^) s. D^DHI-^^S 
*i^0!3 , — passionate man 

cantor officia- (pi IT'^iTO-''^^^) s, Jn'^'^W-^^S 
S^gniaD ||0 ting at tbe morning service 

.--cripple {pi D''D*D-'^^^2) s. 21)2-^^3 
cantor officiating (pi ?]D"lD-''^^2) s. ^t^t2~bV'^ 
at tbe additional service on Sabbatbs 
.Klp^D nban ^bsri^n |'tn and holidays 
miracle-worker, (pL D''nBl»-^b^3) s. n£iD-^|?| 
♦a\nslD n'^lp tbaumaturgist 
nana author (jpL S^^snp-^^l^a) s, 12nip-^i^2 
inciter of {pi r\p)br\0'^bv^) g. npi^nD-^^| 
,D^nD iTpD quarrels, intriguer 

bes thinker (pi m^mo-'^bpi) s. nn^np-^];2 

workman (j?L ns.S^D-^Sl?? .S^) a. n2^^9"Si?3 

.|piK artisan, mechanic ;^i;iQ 
of ;b^1s 5^ of a workman adj\ ^n^^b^-bp^ 
,|m ifn^s workmanlike ;q''3^^h 5f mechanics 

f^^ warrior (pi nmbp'"-^b}^2) a. nonbt^'b^i 

.K2^ u;^H ^b^n soldier ;n^nbtt 
one who has mu- {pi mm-^bp^) a, p|?''^j^S 
'■^^i^ nl' 'IJib pnl^ sical abilities 
.^Kjns ,n3?p b^ on condition ado. WD 7j;?3 
;n^r^ delicate woman {pi ^^) s. })'^)^)tit2-bp^ 

,n%"p^n fastidious woman 
delicate man (pi n'^pmt^-'^bm) s. p^^^^^b^ 

4^:3 fastidious man ;;ii:p ,D''3S3£k .pif^ 
observer of re-= (pi T)mt2''^bm) a. tlM^ti'bm 
binef-Actor ;n]att °^s1^ ligious commands 

»npn nuip 
n^^ benefactress {pi 0^) a. n'.mnm-^bp^ 

non nu?1p 


nViP benefactor (j^^. C^^) #« p^J^ni^?"^];^ 

. n 1 ^ D -= b p 5 = ; icn 
one who &1- (^2. D''n^^::fp-"'^];2) a. n'b^^"bp^ 

,rm D''b^9 ^^^ ways succeeds 

cabbalist, (j?l. t^'^bl^pU-^bp^) a. b^^ptrb^ 

*5^P9 mystic 
envier, grudger (pi D\^Jp.D-"'S^3) ^. .SJpD-S^a 

family man (^L mns^D-'^^S) ^, nnE^D-^^2 

' .|b,ns=t^'i^2 
trustworthy (pi nmi^pb^"^) a, niJ^Kf^i^a 

,|^«5 ^""K man 
»p^3bn5 = |^^i^|;| 
.-miracle-worker (pi t'^r^bm) #. Br^l^a 




booklet containing (pi '^V '-) s. h'^V^^^V^ 
]igp^ £2']?i?i? the form of grace after meals 

be- ;n5i;.1n benefit {Am.) {pi. D--) s. tO^&^:;;n 
nnx t^'^Sth fntix^ns pnu?Q nefit performance 

pptop benefit performance {pi. f-^j s. D!£p^D 

,\?^» bastard (ph D^-) k tlKp;:;;! 

.ins .^3,^^^ anxiety s. [.S^-pJ^i 

;|t)i5 bpap small bench (jpL ^5^-) s. 7pi^S 

♦^^sDiu .c'iri stool 

♦j;:Vj to long v. w. \V\>^V'^ 

,d^5i^y| longing's. tOS.^i^9:::;S .^^^iPp^I^n 

tbie besj s.||;nbj79 r?? nhtsn best adj, sup. tOD^n 

inrn IB1X3 in the best manner tbbpn Dii£ — 


♦nyp^ nm ,np beast, brute (^^'L D-) s. :s^''tDD^n 
♦D"*"!^: n3D lower, arbor {^jI. S-) s. ^p'^^''^^^ 
graveyard, cemetery {pi. [-) ^t.yts:)^£2D];n 

better a<^v.||;">? nils better adj. camp. I^D^^ 
nni^ rather ;rioiD 
*n:n^n improvement (^^■. \^ -) a, ^^i'^V^V^ 
*]^?-||;nis'n to better, improve v. a. pJ^D^^ 

,n:^^i to improve, be improved v. r. 
in substance, substantially, pro- ad\j. Di£^3 

,n)2K3 ,ii5S;2 perly 
nba^ basin (geogr,) ;|5^ basin (_pL D-) *. jpj^^ 

.on: '?^> 
n^l to bleat ;("n\ys) n^| to baa v. n. \VpV^ 
?y i)n to repeat the syllable ps ;(|ssr) 
,Ma to jabber >v^ ^':)r'^i^ 
♦naiK baker (^i. D-) s. ""^p^^ 
.n;ap bakery {pi. \V --) s. n'^VpV':^ 
.nslK ^^ baker's adj. ^"^VpV^ 
a large coat lined with {pi. 0-) s. ^t^^p;^^ 
♦n^n^ ^:?to-r!^'^« fur 
,ip^ps = ip)?? 
clumsy person {Jlg.)'^^ bear (^L J-) s. ^^^ 

white bear, polar bear ^yn npDi^n ^Pi — 

ice-figures on window- p''Vi7 «^^ii< pi^n — 
♦libnn mu;i:«? ^p nip nmii panes 
♦nsn"? birch, birch-tree {pl^-) s. ^USI^n 

♦(D^iJJ'n^s) cmentarz u^^^^b 

"master of the {pi. T\)W'^hV'^) s. n^'hn 

.cnaiD ntip , - name^" miracle-worker 
host of an en- {pL n'nW-"'^^2) s. nnct^-^^2 

.niipD brs tertainment 
hostess of an enter- {pi. D~) s, ^tD,'nnW-7l^3 

.nnipQ nbp tainment 
"Master of the Good Name," s. S'ltDD^-^^a 
epithet of the founder of the Hasidic sect 

5^ of a miracle-worker adj. '^p^t^f-hv^ 

one who is pros- {pi. ^S^-^S^S) s. ^£^-^^3 

.Ipcj^s n^b^^ ^'K perous in business 
2D1« .- sensualist '(j??. nVuSin-^^yS) §. ni«ri-^J?3 
1-iit«;^ U7^ij .-passionate man ;d^i'^^ ^Jiii;ri 

sensual woman (^L D«) s. VT.^r\)^?\''7P^ 
passionate wo- ;a^'i\y2 ^^m,Pi n^nlK iHIkjs ^bv;2 
♦n-'bi; "nsinp rrn:^^^ nf k man 
.niKn-5pa-'(^L D^^)'s/pOT1«ri-^J^S 
blower of the trumpet (pi. D-) s. ^p)T\-b}}^ 
1q1n£;5 Pi^in or Shofar on ISTew Yt3ar's day 

.nt^ri u;«"i2 
one who is {pi D'Tl^^Sri-^b^^) s. il^^^ri"^^? 
solicitous about the outcome of a thing 
I one who is solicitous nn-i ^^ ialDj m^ 
I ♦T'Oi^^ ^^^"^ about the future 

.biblical scholar, {pi. ll^r]-''^^^) s. X^.^'hn 
I 4^*!P:: ''?{i?s °i!2pp Biblicist 

person who {ph r\)'7'^pri''hv^) "s. nh'pTi'hv^ 
,n2r)D "'PS? "ip^p leads in prayer or worship 

,ppin-bp2-(pz. D^) s. nrp?-'^;!?^ 

repenter, re- (^i. nni^ri-''^^^) s. nnitJ^^n-^i^^ 

, — pentant 

.n3i^^i?-bps(jDZ. ov-) s. pOTn^^ri-^^a 

♦IDPD ,- standing adv. M'l^Di^a 
string ;B';a lace, ribbon {pi. ^^'-) s. v'^J^3 

.(?|uj f'») ]^'ji^ benzine s. \V^^^ 

.HDia blessing '{pi \V - ) 5J^l>^to:^n 

Sabbath candle (Z^^ on {pi. -) s. tSlD^St^tOJ^n 

.na^^ n3 [the eve of Sabbath) 

to say grace v. n. || ; ^12 to bless «. a. [^tD:i^3 

grace after s. ||;|iiK)n npni i]i2 after meals 

.pt?2ii n5^2 meals 

to light candles on the eve tosi? (\i7SD3pn — 

,n2u; nipn inns pbin of Sabbath 

to light candles on the io2i5-n3l3n jU^ioaps - 

♦nsiin bv rm3 pbin feast of the Maccabees 


^ 131 


,^W^ ---simply adi\ T\)WB^ 

.-by will or testament ado. nm^ >mmi 

♦HKi^o iKt'D to bequeath HKiiii:: ;js*-dn* — 
,n^tzip , -' in the form or image of adv. ITIIXS 
mj:72 .-in the shape of man ado. Q'^*^ ni1^^ 

.-in a gathering, in public ado. "^"^^^^^ 
.*n2^i£n b'^Sinn to pray in public 'nis''2£:s ]vmH^ — 
precisely ;n^2XD|-Dn ,- scantily ado. D'^^^f 

.-chastely, modestly adv. TlW^^ 

.V) :nar;^ rolten (sL) ado. H^P'^P? 

.-by tradi.ion^ tradition xily adc> H^S^^ 

.niK^"]^^ . - in good health ad , HIK'^'^an IpS 

very loud, vociferously ado. T)^h^p-'^h)p^ 

*n:^i:si:5^ ,nn^n^ in company ado. T^^^^'p^ 

one versed in some- t.||; -versed ac^, 'pS 

^is-if "fpa 14^'^ thing 

,«- conversance s. TiWp% 

.-in short ;- briefly ado. "^iWp^ 

in shortj to make the long ado, *iS%tI ll^^^'pa 

,|;:i;^ iiikh ^bs story short 

*ahi^a soon ;- approximately ado, S11''p2l 

,-soon a^D. ^11 pa 
petition Jn^iitu? .-request (^;L n'^p§) 5. •'l^pS 
^nion J -prayer ,- 

.nb^: wart (yj. &-) 5. ^pV.^nKin 
to J 1^5 ,bl^ to wander, ramble v. m J^t'l^'in 

,(inj) b.]^.2 ihp wade 
vagabond, vagrant, {pi 0^) s. |^:! 

♦HT^D ^?|i nils ,131 pi tramp 
9^^s malt-grains, mash of brewers s. J^.'lK'^i 

♦1^^ honest ;3? ^'''P^ bravCj gallant adj. 11^^*12 

^"TTD bravo! int. K^IKin 

brewer, workman in {pi D^-~.) §. pl^lKIIK^S 

.15"^ 5f 5^ a brewery 

.13?; br^*2^ W51 brewery (_pL f-) s. "ij^ll.^in 

,zb m^) honesty 12b yr:ii bravery s. ^Ol^pnKH 

[3 man of learning, learned man s. f^lj^-li 

.n^b iniifi 
.n^sn ,r:p;s"^ knock, bang {pi Dj; -. ) §, 5tKia 
*n§D 'p^"? to knock, bang t^, w, fj/it|^"l3 

.132? b^ of birch a^. VW^'^V^ 

,an,l K?D ,|b| hilly, mountainous adj. ^I^^P^ 

.lyni hillock {pi ^i?-) 5. ^ni^n 


mountain-chain, ridge (pL f-) ^e ^l^p"^'^]^^ 

*B2i ,Bnn niv^ 
•lut '^JZ^ bearded adj. ilT^'^S 
*,121! l3^«u? -i9,-3 a losing card (j?2, D - ) #. ^ni^S 
pnrs3> lean to lose {at cards) Pilpa ^ pK.l — 

;r^i^ li^l little beard {ph ^y^-) ^. J/^ii^iVS 
xnnet^n \m ]^d ,nsisi^ key-bit 
.fTjip beam {ph D-') s. ^:3^in^n 

.^n ,n^'^5 hillock (pL D^) ^. l^W'i^n 

,31 9«? bear's, of bear adj, ^^"i^n 
,- about, nearly adv, T^]J^ 

d?!.--) *»||;r?1^ ^V of Berlin ac?;. I^^Jl^l^S 
moderner ?r?1§ ^^'^'' inhabitant of Berlin 

.u?inii iii.iD t^-'s^ 
a piece of 77^ copecks {pi S-) s, ^p^)h'^^^ 
n1p§^ 7*/ 2 9f y^^D ('in ifAe Baltic provinces) 
,?tT9 fti a kind of boat u^to^sn dm ninn^ss) 

.pnpt^ipn = ^Wi^ij;n 
little bear, young {pi ^J^^-) ^. *|^Sli^"i^n 

.1^^^ 21 ,|!Di5 ni bear, bear's cub 
c^tm^rpt ^^p nm teasel {pi ^|?^-) 2^^ll^1|?3 
hatchel, wool-card t^m b^ an^ p'np? la 
,im ^f i'^'^^b picD 

^n^hnD brush (^L 1^-) s« ^^^^^n 
,n^l^p2 .1)33. to brush v. a. [tO^'ll^n 

,(n^rrtt) ,i|uiu? erysipelas s. 5?5^5^^S 

e — at the timCj when^ while ado. ri^S 

at the ti-ae of the act, at adv. nS^];D-ri?2 

.-the time 

.HDb' H^i3 nm ns unanimously «dt;. "^HK ."1E3 

.^frankly adi). K^D HES 

.ims ,- expressly ^d^. ^'"^ £2 

.bp„b3 actually «dy. ^0^ ^Ple? 

.bnp^^,- publicly, openly ado. tll^] BJ^„ ^ ''^^a 

.''Stt^ss ,- openly, publicly ««iy. ^''&m"'i£3 
93^ ,-with all particulars ado. tD1T^11D3 
.^15^ IHK^ irt^ -each one separately ?b'ts-;.£n 

sl^n^s ,-- particularly^ especially ado. ^l^S 


— 152 


feo cut J'l'iB to break into crumbs v, a» fp^*^^ 
to talk (fig.) JQ'3^|T onij^ "^inn into sbreds 

.n^".^ 12^ much 
♦ntn-nsD brooch {pi. ]") s. '^)p^ 
♦mr? pn ,n] i^ba besides adv. '^'^^'^'^ 
♦iin^m and especially -j^d ir^is — 

.--at the head adc. t^N'^? 
KJDn-is^ , ■'Seisin openly, publicly adc, ""^^^ t^^X'l? 

brochure, pamphlet (^Z. D-) s. V'^^^^'^'^ 

•!|h3 to bind in a paper-cover tj. a. f^^.tJ^^lli 

^Bp Genesis (/trs^f 600^ 0/ Moses) s, D^'t^i^lS 

'^a pupil of one day," a s, ^«»'l'' ^n") SV"»a-^a 
♦anitsb^ ^'H^S beginner 
♦!?n|'5;i publicly ac^y. B^sns 

hail (owe <?/ ^^e ten plagues of Egypt) 8. "T^,? 

♦(a'-,j«s3) lis nstt 

^ya ,- intelligent person {ph f-) s, ^^l-'^? 

"clear as the sun," very pred. HDns H'lS 

♦i«D ins clear 

.-« creatures s, pi, D"»^1'^3 
.i^Plt ,Dyi3 angry, sullen, morose p?'ec2. Tii'lS 
to be on bad terms jstPD^x i^^js ijnn |i?7 — 
.u^N dp PI DM^n n\i with a person 
pr? a kind of wedding-dance s. pJ<tO-T311^ 

tiv^ to be angry, be sullen -y. r. 1-^ [T5112 

npj dried sweat '^n^}n .r^^T\) dirt, filth s. Ti'iln 

«. IS!?p-||;iibr3bD ,C3nm dirty, filthy ac^J. :!nnn 
»n^^h ,nDnt dirtiness, filthiness 

♦n^ brother (^Z. 1^*1^2) s. 'i^llin 

.n^ nit"! fraricide {pi. f - ) s. "IlKtS-'^^min 

.DaK^'ip^nn = ^£Kt^'i^'Wn 

.'-spiritually adv. tTi^^xm'Z 

HBtopn Dl? gross, brutto {com.) adv. J^tDl^l!! 

Dp iT^lnsD h^t-o gross weight s, || uniino) 


.nii?i^ '■'11?^ brutal acZ/. vKtDinn 
brew-bouse, brewery {pi. "ij/t!:!'^^ 4 - ) s. T'lnn 

to fer- J^J"] '"ij7p .nDi*;! to roar, rage v. n. ^ftMli 

.Db^ ment 

,n§t brother, good fellow {pi £.^-) s. tDN*13 

contemptible brother {pi. t>)) --) s. yV^^^'Z 

♦^bi£ roast 5, ||;rtb^ to roast v. a. [tO.S'na 
to make much fis^in « Dpsp pi pN'n (/^.) -- 
nm T\T^ IIP b^;sn ado about something 

."b^ PIP gravy (i^Z. f--) 5. S10^.sn2 

♦••62 "nt?^ ,''^i: roast, roasted meat s. 0itD.S12 

.nnnp frying-pan {pi \V -) s. I^i:B^«n3 

♦ psn^pg^a — ;bsB3 ,b'iDE rejected acZ/. ^^^^^^"^S 

crack, ;is^ fracture, breaking (jpZ. \'^)s. 1^*13 

misfortune (/i^.) ;pj breach sp'^i'? ,p"ifc rent 

h^ s^^K woe me! his tiit ^^^s ^ — 
naf p ,at2;i^ delivery^chair #, ^itSl^SiSIS 
2^^ to be in labor biDWs^is opt ^""ik |2£1? — 
,mb 'h^n bnD ."i2\y»n !?p 
field-gate, bar« »iiiU^ gate (i?Z, f^-) s. Q»^"^3 

♦c-j"n^) abn» -abs rier 
active (j%.) Jnei'D .irijas burning s. "l^Xl^ 
,n^nn ,|?nn person 
.npbn gangrene "i:ki3 V'^h^? ^i " 
»nblp burnt»offering {pi. D-) s. n^^B.sniij^S 
.n;i3 burn {pi [-') s. njJl.^in^K^S 

,^1^4 to revile v. n. f^ll^n^K^n 

.|n^n3 b^t bronze, brass s. t^5^"l2 

*\p}'tn\ b''inG of bronze, brazen adj. ft^i^*n3 

.^^Dit ,n7PS£K bracelet {pi ]-) s. ^V'^hvm^'^ 

.nphm line {of commerce) {pi S-) s. ^S^n«^nS 

.iD2g bj? |3n to defend oneself v. r. ^^^ [^''^i;^'^.'^ 

,ni^iu?p harrow {pi B - ) s. I^^i^'^^ 

.rriiiUJDS nTO to harrow v. a. f^1ipi^"l2 

♦^11'^ n: brandy, liquor s. [&X^'^w 

.nlKp^^D^lla distiller QJ. --) s. ^^:)^n 2:^38*12 

>ni:^D distillery {pi- \V -) s. ri'^V^V^^^m^:^ 

,Dp^5pn^ss = tD^''^DKin 

damaged ;£3?s defect J^^p^p damage s. p8'^2 
«n^ppi3Q ."Tiln^ goods 
nns bit, shred (j}L [ - ) s. pi^'13 
to pick and ibm ,bbs to reject 1;. a. fllpK^^ 
»ns-in nhs choose 
n*D'is chooser (jpL -) s. 1^1^p>?n3 
a woman who picks (pi. 0-^)8. J^p1^'l^pl$'^2 
ja-^ils aud choosap 


.^ 133 ^ 


freed me from the responsibility {said hy 

©wi. ||-'[a father at his sorCs confirmation) 
^fii^snn ■'S np'fK I am glad, I am rid of it! 

I mD 

.nri^ roar, roaring (pi. f^-) §. Ql'^i 

to murmur, sing in a low u. n. t^^^^^*''^^ 

X'D?^ 1)21 ,^hb tone 

*\^!n to grumble ;&h3 to roar v. w. ()^D'1S 

?Dhu? ,D^n brunetj darkj brown adj. ^pi^S 

«ah\^ ^''K dark-complexioned man s.|| 

brunette, dark- {pi B-) ^. ^ptopilS ,^^^Jins 

,n^nu? haired girl or woman 

n^s welV'(i?L ^i^DP^^n ,D^) ^, D^J113 

.nyS'np nnip squared beam {pi BP-) #, BI'iS 

breast, n^ breast (j?L Mm .[-) #. TOllS 

.n^h chest 
breast-bone, sternum (pi "^P^) p)>W)^^ 

rn n^jsfi) •iDi^i'-is bust (^l 1]?-) a. l7^>ttD11S 

\«|n stays, bodice (j?!. 1p^t«.) a. ^l^l!^D11i 

«nmn n^is"]^ nn pectoral tea s. !^^-^Dlin 

red bilberry, cranberry (j9^, D^) §, ^^is^^JDns 

^IT'DID'^ I'D 

♦nsian .ns^np payement (pi^. f - ) s, plin 


jsn^n ne^ turnip {pL D^) g, ^npns 

*?l^:3 ,^1^1 to pave V. a. I'llp)"^^ 

.pin^ paver {pi. -) s. 1^1?pl"lS 

.in5V5} ubn to coo v. n. f^pllS 

,ns^^D |n^t paving-stone {pi ^^ ^) s. f^r^^'plli 

»|tosnnl'i1y belly-pieces of fur s. pL Di^p^,in 

.nnnnna at ease, comfortably adv> ^nn^n'is 

Hot Rachel thy youn- adv, ni^pn ^^m ^nia 

.U7ns^ ger daughter^" expressly 
to stipulate expli- ns^pn in:s ^nia p^nt'^iK -™ 
.i?Ti^fin n^nn citly 
*np;b|; scalding ^. !1S 
clever and ;- creature (pL m^ns) g. MK^ia 

,mnn niyn\p3 nb^a nt^K active woman 
y- health of the body^ health s. PjiX^i-ntKn^ 

nns crumb (jpl D-) g« ^ft'^na 
loaf of bread i^^h bread (i?L [-) s. ^''1"!5 
.pDP occupation^ business (/'i^.) i^tib iss 

fih^O F« bread-tree (pi 1^D1!2--) g. a''nil^''1ia 

.(mb '-^.Q r\mv ^'^ pw 

.BS^SD bread-winner (pL - ) s. l^nj^^tD'^nia 

."^ i|h| to need ; "S u^^isnujn to use v. a. p^'IIS 

brown- g. ^15p-||;shu^ .,a^n brown a^^; t^l'^2 

.Qiin P5| ness 
.a'jip'iK brownish adj\ "jl^JM^l^i 
.am ntoi? to make brown v. a, f^J'^l'^S 
ifig^) n|p9T5^) 'is^ b#3 to brew t?. «, fPI'^^ 
(/«^,) nf p^ 'I'u?!^ ,n^-ann "jsn to contrive, plot 
il^lp *n^| to incite, stir, instigate 

.--blessed adj. ^1*1S 

rupture, (p^. f^) ?fi\55"^isu? scraps s. ^^a 

.D.''i;p i^if) ,131^ hernia 

.iDu; ^i^s scrap iron n. [tl^S-sna 

truss (pL l^n^^n^ ipiMS^) a, n^B^pllS 

.^«V -nj broken gold s. I^.^SSI'ia 

n3K32n3-=(pL ji;^) s. %"is:s5n3 

praised be the true phr. nDK.^l p''^ '^na 

Judge ! {woi'ds sadd upon being informed of a. 

« "' [pe?'Son^s death) 

^^blessed be he who cometh/^ int. KSH "^ns 

. --welcome I 
r\b^U welcome, reception (pi D - ) s. KSn-^IIS 

appraised be he pAn Kin ^'"^1 
fcipDn God^ praised be He Kin ^nn 13^^ — 

.Kin ins 
^^blessed (pL CSS^INtl D^5n2) ^^z^;. nt^1\^ ^11? 
be he who sitteth," good appetite to you! 

God be praised^ thank God int. S^^ T'^? 

♦5^?^ n^in 
*ni^n B^K man of account §. D^H'^'jl'ia 
he is a man of dt^n-^in^ ^v^:^:^ k iik 'ip — 
nK'fi Kin :zwh dnx good account 
blessed be your living," int. ^^T\m ^1*1| 

l^t,2^ i]b Qi;^: good appetite to j^ou! 
blessed be He who int. nin|e^J T3tD ^na 
bringeth to rembranoe things forgotten 
. ^ {said at recalling a thing forgotten) 

feles§?ed'be He who hath phr. ^in^Bf Ij^l 




britzka, half covered {^l. D-~) s. V\>^'^^^^ 
*T\hp, n^^^ vehicle 

I'^ii liberal {Jig.) 'f-zm broad, wide adj. 'W^^^ 
8. II ^izfTini; at ease, comfortably adv.\\'*^^ 
snh latitude (geogr.) ;2nh breadih, width 

jinann to live in fine style ts^^^n pvb — 

,|3ia ,]1::3 ready, prepared jprec^. ^ W."^^ 

.D:Dn3n nn'i broad-shouldered t.c^. S^'ipl^-ti^^l^ 

:^7i rather broad, rather wide adj, ^^7tSl^*^i 

.n2n-]ri:s at ease, comfortably adcW't'^^vj^ 

.|^5i;i to prepare, make ready v. a. It'D'^Z 

{fig.) ;nD'n broadness, wideness s. tO^^ptO^.^ir; 

.ri^itj; insolence 
.(KHS^m wedding s. to£:P^!.^^:: ,?|.s'7^-^^- 
brave and energetic wo- s. pi«t^?p-J^7^1^'!^*in 
.hi*^ri n-tyi nj'^ii ^^>' ^^^ 

to talk (/i^.) ;ni^\i^© ^^^ to brew u a. n. t^l^"^^ 

to make a long ?p"s*ia a:^^ T-'« 1«« H*^ ^^'^ "" 
♦*ims i^xn ''bn story short 
.rtp^j^ !?^5)3 brewer (pZ. B-) s. '^V'!!'^^ 
,n1«p;^!3 ^^\^3 n*'5 brewery {pi IP") 8. 15'^^^J'^^ 
extraneous teaching {pi. n'lri^''']^) s. Hn''''ia 
{Ta'^ itic teaching not included in the Mishnah) 

spectacles »*li^^» eye-glass {pi. f-) s. ^^.*^^ 

jewel ;u7^^» D"^qj brilliant (p?. f-) s. tDi^^^nn 

♦pi -IS a'lK TJ? a kind of cambric s. f^tO^H*'*7^"in 

*P1 ^% ^^^ b%' of cambric adj. \V^^'^y6''h)'lZ 

,ttBbr2 cut into facets adj. tD1'!tDJ^''S^i;s 

G"'p^: of brilliants, of jewels adj. \^wh)"^2 

♦ij^; precious m^'-ip] D"3rK bv 

D^3s« l?^a jeweller {pi. D^«) s. p^tJ^tOXNt''^^'nn 

♦•^Crfri ,prinn to shine, glitter v. n. f^''l''bl'iri 
♦(5?3i3 ^^> HhifD vizor (pi. d;[? - ) s. p'^^^ll 

♦(nnK2) I2h3 to roar t;. n. ^f^^'^i 
,-;r?5 pjp a kind of whey cheese s. ^tl^^li 

,- creation of the world $. DV,^n-nK^*n2 

to loathe^ have a disgust v. r. T^t fj^t'i^ia 

.111^ uJ^ijf ^si bh^ for 
;hx ^u? brotherly, fraternal adj. ^^7l^'^^*n2 
brotherliness, fraternity «, ^^Jip- ||;nK i»3 

.nihx brotherhood, fraternity ». tO£8^1^^^^5 
lliy^ loathsome, ugly, nasty adj. jS^p'^^*^^ 

clever mIk'^^s .--creature (pZ. Jn*l"'']5) 8. ri*''l2 
♦nnRS!!?2 ,|tti5 expert ;n^^'-in i|^nn ,t''^t ^^k person 
clever and active (pL^-) s. h^^''^^ .^tDn"'^3 

.nss^ti iT^rx 'fnt^^n nlr,i^2 nbs;s nf « woman 
strange ere- {pim)m m^'l?) s. n^lt^ip .T*;| 

.w,^r^ njf "}!n , - ature 
to show one's clever- v, r. y.'^ I^^-- ifli^1*''^S 
.iisj;p n^^^n'n to brave ;ini5i'"iq rt^'iD ness 

very clever {pi niH^D3 nins) g, MH^S^ h^:^ 
♦Y«D p-h ^^"'K ,i^bs: nl3i^u^S"bi2!i person 
♦t^^l? ,p*in clever adj. t^M'''^S 
♦Wi^ll .nisj^n cleverness s. tS^^t^^n^ia 

^n'lii^ ,sr!5?? letter, epistle {pi. -) s. 'il^'^S 
sand for sprinkling on a letter s. '1DXt'!1"''^i; 

♦a^pnpKi bv. ^i^b bin 
nTB^)bln5 ^?3 sand-box {pL 1^-^) s. ^"fiSKmtlli 

.n'\-\ii^ ^^S: letter-carrier {pi ^) s. ^^^^ItOll^S 
,11i^« letter- writer {pL D^) s. n:p^];^^J31"in:s 

small letter, note {pi -^ph^) §. '^^ll^^nns 
»(a^tsn» !?t£>) nb^nn packet {of needles) i rimp n^^^ 

.^m mail, post s. tW^Bmil 

.t2'2F\:^p n?jn letter-box {pL D - ) s. ftSDKp^ "^3 

^in5 n|K "ilB^ legendary huge bird s. ''^51''-12 

licentious person, libertine {pi 0--) s. N^il^'ia 

nnu?D unguentum plumbi {pharm.) s. ^Ti^t^.'IS 


,(pn?-^^3) Ip^h syringe (pL S-*) s. J^p^KSI^'nS 

{fig.) ^n^r2'::LV, ^b^ bull-dog (pL D^ - ) s. [.^tcns 

♦a.^riat; ptns ,ns ly^a insolent talker 

,m^1?^ ,"^1?^ razor (pL D-) s. ^lltDnS 

.(sd^^nf^? 'iGB^ plank-nail {pi \-) s. S^wlD^-iS 

.Brutlouf, Brutlouft tj>tt^nsnn'?tt'fi pB t^'is^-ig.^^, (s 

.Brettnagel u'ts'n ?ig JfS'rc''? "2 (« 




a boy about to be con- {pi. B-») g. ni^^-l2 
al^ ni\in coRfirmation of a boy ;-»- firmed 

♦Q^K .Q^N II man, hiiman being s. ^J-'l^ 
one wb.0 can be relied (pL D^) §. K^ISO-'IS 

, — on, authority 
h^) nau bank ;na"f ,^h shore (p^. f-) s. ^i^*^^ 
brim, (pL C^-) ;5i2| ,f j^. ,--]iD end {fig.) ;nn5 
.jjsis '^w nay border (o/ a ^a^ of a garment) 

^g ii^st riparian rights (pL f--) s. 'O^i^l-^l^l^ 

*^ri5 nap iK Gp ?iln Pi2ii5 
nonsense iniil^r-in it'r^f-? delirium s* "i^^l^ 

to talk ;|ip|u; ^irnrp n^'n to rave i). n, \pipi^ 

,a^bnn nai nonsense 

«TOn^ ^n^bj'D brawl^ riot {pi. D^) s, ^''ip^.l^^in 

*^ni':5. board, plank {pi ^^^) s. ^^in 

.d^ujip b-^ of boards adj. pT^V"^^ 

♦n^nD nnp scrap metal s, ^^'^^ 

erow- ? tfri.Tfa ^n^ pig-iron (pL D-) s. fTl%^5^1S 

*?^tp3 bar 
T\)vni DB) nl£:|3a^ emetic (pL ^V-) s« ^*^^D51)in 

to vomit V, n.p'i^p nhu? to break v. a, fS^in 
to break v. r. y.^^^-Wimn to sin i^'^r^ 
,5riem to twist oneself {in gymnastics) n^fn 

t^'iB to wring one's hands ^;yn n ppin — 

to rack one^s (ma dj?i) sk*P dpi py^i "[i? — 

*KWi9 yr .^•2n^ p^^m brains 

I feel a pain in my ipj^^i n iid ppii dp — 

.TiiDSip^ :2K5 i^^ji'iyi ^33n bones 

they who sin against Ki^,i |k ppni ckii ^i — 

/n5 a^K^inn God 
rheu- ;nK,^ii vomiting {pi. f-) s. ^IJjl^^^in 

*D'''iiKn 2is'2 matic pain 
^^?h principal worker {pi. B- ,-) s. 1^5];in 

♦a^bnj^n v^^ head manager ;G^•pJ';•p_rI 
P5K emetic powder (pL D^) s. "il^nSlBS^in 

*P''3pspin == Qi^lS 
♦1:p„!7 nsj brow, eye-brow {pi. \V -) s, ' D];in 
.b^i .K'^ri load (pL D -- ) s. ^''J^D^in 
Kl^D a load of wood ybt$n tww^^ ^ -- 

fervor, (j^^.) ;a'^ heat mI'IS ,nn"ii^ burn s. fPIS 
very active person (figJ) M'nunbnn ardor 

^(5^ft) ni^in to boil ip"^^ to scald ^. «. [^^12 
to ?;. n T«^ -- II ; QI?.1D 'ti^^ to irritate (/^^,) 
,\mv m p"^'^ scald oneself 

*b T D K n in n -= ^"ixSKt&nn 

opbpbt*3iin3 = l^^^tot^>^&m 

*to u? E£ ^ a 1 in s = tst^to.s££ni 

*l b D K p 11 n i == ftDDKpsns 

,"1^1 bridge (pL ]-) s, 'p)"^^ 

*n^'PS kick (pL D^^) §. 2p^-j^ 

stair- n^il ^Vl little bridge (pL H^-) s, ^p^lS 

»^53 case 
*nb^^l? waggon (pL S^) g. ^pnn 
to kick V. r. ^^t-.||;top^ to kick v. a. f^pm 
{fig.) Me-ip n\p*pn to be obstinate {fig.) ;bps 
♦|3lKnn ^nnij inn nS'i ^b to be dissatisfied 
s -- alternative, choice {pi, ni'T'^lS) s» ri*T'1S 

.*i^|3 1^^ jacket (pL S^-) s. p^^^nn 

circumcision ;«- covenant {pi. f-») s. IT'IS 

*n^^D n'^'is , -- ceremony 

»Kn^n5 = Knnj 

.-the New Testament s. nsi^'in-n^'lS 

circumcision ceremo- {pi. D-) s, •1^''^ fl'ill 

;-» benediction ;- blessing (pL ni51^) s, ni"^2 
l,^3n n^aii children's morning prayer 

nann to have something nsis p}$ti (^U) — 

.nDN'bri J ,ni3in :i^3ini |1K ni5K^» ^^b k (pro^;.) — 
grace after refreshments or s. ilil'^riK HS^^S 

,D'^p D bax^ inK n^'ia light meals 
benediction pronounced in s. tlh^^i i'l5'12 
a (/^5'.) '^pn) ^T^] lost labor (/^^.) ;--vain 
,nbpin i:^ |w l^>* good-for-nothing 
. --grace after meals s. t1^'?'t'"'^^1S 
.-priestly benediction s. D'^J.'lS-nS'ns 
favorite of fortune^ lucky (pL ^-') s> 7TD-'n5 

«-- person 
.--by a hint adv. MftS'l^^ 
dead nisBi ,m dead person (pL S-) s. P''P"'^3 

^m ni\i body, corpse 
one having the right (pL D'-) s, H*12^''D"1S 
^\H of a neighbor or the right of priority 
^npni^D nisi in n^35f D n^3| lb -cs;^ 


«— IBG -- 


bad news, evil (^l. m^ 31^"^^.^^^?) ^^^ ^^"'^^ 

in common ;-in partnership adv. ri1£^1SJ^3 
'?r common, joint adj. V --' ''^V -f^'^f}! 

,fiisn^ bu? common, joint adj. i^^D'Si^'^S 
♦nn: in common ado.\y^^"^'^ 

♦nnisp^ ,-in peace, at rest adv. .*T^W^ 
j-in safety, safely f-in peace ac^u. aiW3 

.nn toils 
^bn /lbs ,- completely, perfectly adv. n^^'^'^tt^S 

nito ,Kn^2n granted, it is right if.,, adv. KDWS 

,ni!2''btfs = rilD^t^>|i 

.-in tlie name of adv. S^^ 

in the name of him that adv. i'^^^'S* D^^ 

.-said it 
to report a thing in the n»i« cm ii<7 k pxi - 
♦ri?:u^ Qu?n im "iQ« name of him that said it 
in the name of the God of ^^y^\ 'Th^ Dt>>3 

. - Israel 
with pie- ;-'with great joy adv. .1^1 MnD^2l 

jyya asure 

♦n^ba ""^^D ;- spices, groceries s. pi. D^-^^ 

.DW^ nin spice-box {pi. ^V -) s. hop)^-^^^^:^ 

»''Dips spicy, fragrant, aromatic adj. SHD'^D^S 

niin ;£2^ttt?s ni^n grocery {pi. \V -) ^^'^p'^^OV'z 

;dw|i l?iD grocer (pL f-) s. "l^D;;ip-D^D^2 

"with a {smitten) tooth or eye," ac^t). PV] [^2 

♦pnzi with a loss 
to come off with a loss ryi j^n pi;!D^TiK — 

♦ns7.Si I — when, while, during ado. TiVp'^ 
nj^n ,-'in a time of need adv. pnnri DS^^S 

. - in his time adv. "^PVP^ 
. — in their time adv. Cr^^S 

♦n t8 iD''i« tflj?r Dy ♦schinbaerlich t^ts^n^Mn^ta^ti jiB (k 

"Vi K'tj tt^i ^^?or■'p tsn^n d^i uaip tyss^n px jji»^n«3 

.be- ya^niKB 

smelted gold procured by bur- s. l7iS2:^1D 

*nb2 nD|:^i b*^ irri ngsD ning old galloon 
hurning-glass " (?>L -l^t:^^^-) s. ns^^H^lJ^IS 

to bring (p.p. ^^J^in^: .tD2M'i:n];:i) ^. «. t^:^^12 

♦('131 nns) m\r\ to yield '.i^nn 
to reduce to poverty toi^papiK 15£ ]vy^V)^ ~ 

to lead into temptation p''D2 ^ i^ |r:!2pin ~ 

.p^D3 ''i^b i^::n 
smelted silver procured by s. 1^!STii^12 
♦nbn n^p'i bu? p^ics nsED burning old galloon 
ni;>n»h combustible (pL f-) s. ^K'''l];tO^!Di^12 

(/^.) ;Dn hot ;ii?.i2 burning a(%*. sn^^J^*^!^ 

»::nbri?3 fervent, ardent 
{fig.) ;tohb ,"ip; ,l'psi to burn -y. «. n. f^^^^lS 
to be (/^.) ;\2:^K f]x hi,^ ,'qkp to be in a rage 
nS'i to be dear {fig.) ;^ntt ,pi^ in a hurr;^ 

dis- i-^i;^ "iTfp incendiary (pL -) s. '^V^V*^^ 
coi1(3o-roaster {pi. B-) ;n1«p^D b\^5^ tiller 

-iDn p'^-n^ n^^ro) n^i'^ fuse (p?. f-) s. tD"'lip:)^'ia 

some- Jills crumb, bit {pi. ^l^-") s. vp^lS 
.p^p 1^1 thing small 
,pirn an infant T^p bppin ^ — 
♦ii^ennb ni: crumbling a<ij. ^H 7^^*12 
fco V. r. ^^l||;"^1s to crumble v. a. IV^pV*^^ 
to be dissatisfied, {fig.) ni^enri crumble 
.nk"j Kb ,'iiii'i P5t""''« n\"i be unwilling 
.-by permission adv. Tl^l^^T 
b^t? b^5 sensible person {pi. B-) s. 75l^-*^ii 

. — by error, unconsciously adv, ^^^i> 

♦n:j3 ^bs , - unintentionally adv. ^^Iti^^ 

.-in no wise, in no manner adv. t^")^5 D^lt^S 

in no way, under no adv. fS^I^I f^^ D*iti^5 

*ti:tiw |a'i« dv^^ circumstances 
news, ti- ; - message (pL flHit^^) s. »'T^*^3 

♦•^^'1^ . — dings 
reward for bringing a good s. ^7^2-m"lt^2l 

.nnito niVw^ia 15^ message 
♦I'fnD messenger (pi^. D-- ,-) s. li^^^T-nnti^S 

good news, (pL nuito niiit^^^) s. nnito niit^^5 

.-good or glad tidings 



ni^>\^ r\T4^2 

,-as eonj. mim ,Tim 

^-as a free loan phr. IDH n^^W mim 

.-as a loan pA?% MkAh D'll^l 

"as a priveieged person/' a s. \S5i-'n'llM 

kind of tax imposed by the Kahal for- 

•f^iBs D^2a^ brip^^i b^t^ti'^ g^ ppmerly in Poland 

.--as advice phr. M2^|? T\'i)P\:^ 
• -"En only daughter (pL 0-) s. ri^Tl^-Tll 

.f^-'Dn "^riii oases for phylacteries s, pL S^'flS 

daughter of an {pi. h^'W^-Tim) s. ^Kl^^^^-na 

.ti\^^n] ,-- Israelite, Jewess 

9^ the daughter ol a priest s. p^-n^ 

*93U? .? ,|n3"n3 K |is b:D^ ^ — 

, «- with utmost perfection adv. Hl^'' WH ^''^Sin^ 

, -- continuallyj permanently ado, T))1'^'0T\^ 

wonder- s. Hj-^with wonderment adv» «T'^^a 

*niKbsnn ,ri^pn ment 
with an expression of won- n'^mnti k mn — 
*nix5ann d-p'^sD d-'^bs derment 
s'=-naivelyj innocently adv. fllD^/^ns 
adulpQi? .CM naive, innocent a^/, 3nniD''Df]S 

,niD''Dn|i naively 
.ij^D n§ .^princess (pi B«) nS^D-m 
] rovided that, on condition that ado, ''^^^3 

oracular l^lpo n^ ,-echo (pL B-) s. ^Ip-li^ 

.D^^3S with good manners adv, UlSiriS 
^ woman seventy years old, s. Q'^P^^^DS 

, - septuagenarian 
ki re- ;-in answer, in reply adv. HSIt^na 


at the time of the occur- adv. n^pt; npp^ 
*t^ .KNnn nys rence, at the time 

,-fleshj meat s, "it^S 

"meat with milk," animal food s. S^n^ 1^3 

.-' mixed with milk-food 

.-meat and fish s. pL Q'^m ^^3 

"flesh and blood," a man, (pL B^) s, D^r"^| 

^nn^iafi II ,an^ ,\£^^5^ a mortal 
aiH a plain mortal airiu?3 lyjoD^^a ^ — 

kosher meat {meat prepared accor- 8. "^^^ ^^'^ 
9 »=' [<^'i'W^ to the Jewish dietary laws) 
.-with both hands adv. ^'X 'W^ 
Ho repel with both ti'^T ^nu?3 jin nnn — 
^-ilD^ib nm hands/^ to refuse entirely 
,ty'^^! ,-on the quiet, secretly adv. Hp^'l^^? 

bashful iny^ia , - bashfulness s. ^''^e-n^^. 

*|u?^s person 
bashfully ac^i;. || uy^.S bashful a^J, an?2''^B-n^S. 

.-daughter (pL rim) s. m 
.---ostrich (pL B-^) s. ."I^r^-m 
bip a strange voice n3y\i^ns i? ps bip g — 

. -- among them adv, S5in3 
Virgin, {astr.) ;-" maiden (pL ni/inS) s. i17lD^ 
nsbpn queen (a^ carets) ;n^?na ^i^ Virgo 

«- virginity s, pi, D^'vlDS 
with drums and dan- adv. ri)h)nO^^ a^Sin3 

to give nibinmi Drains pvp^m |ap»iK piaa^ii^ -- 
■'as b^p a person an enthusiastic reception 


*i»(p35^ bt^ aw a1:!a-J!li Gogmagog t?pn 2K2Ha«25S!5 
b)^^ .^piV gigantic, huge ii^5^D-:!^:j iii s-'llJ ~~ 

•nptt'o) fi^:^^^ 5|D egg-flip (pL D-) a. Sx^)3-bxs:i 

8'tt |tn n p5 ^'•rp g ps ynjy^S?^ ^ ST ?^K D^ IKII *^J,s^ 

-5?3 5?iy^iBHB n |s?j^n Magog pH Gog ,pax3 pn^i an 

Guildhall ay-j pj^ p^j.g j^o^^^^ ^^^^^^i^,^^ ,,^,^ p^ ^^^ 

.Hoppel-Poppel u'Ki^n ]^i« a .^m^nb p6 cni.iis^i) 

the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet #. 3 
;nu?"5u? three ?2wm. || ; ''i:ni;?i fi^^-'^i^K^i n''u?''^^n niKn 
,D^ebK* nu?"?^ three thousand 'j ,T 
three thousand years D'sbn 'j = abbr. H"^ 
*(amnM m^cB^) a^'sj^ nu;^^ (o/ ^/*ze Jew^s^ emj 
.ti^m gift (pL f^-) s. SK^ 
.a^i9K n3nt3 the gift of God s^;i sts^j — 
to give a person a good ^p n j^pdiK pyj — 
♦©''Kn ^w scolding 
.top3i:s«p = ^^J^nifl 
M%n hpa p5?M> ig-^^ to gobble «. n. f5^^^Ka*S?3 


^ 138 -^ 


.Dn'i to have mercy jiJ^t^n px ^^i p«n (tU) — 

to be a poor, p-^T ^)ibw r^^m n to^a (tU) — 

♦D^Din u>^« .TT! innocent soul 

BJ^TK ♦? ,i?ipifcj"!S pK ssk;i in .CI71U px D^^3 :n ppb — 

.-] 1? -1 p : « 1 s 
case (for mathematical (pL D.-) s. ^'':)^i^T!XtDJ^: 
♦cr!D-i:n ^hsh) P'ri'13 ,p''i? [instruments) 

♦E)17pt0 83 = Dr'^^8:! 

divinity ;bK -nin^K godhead, deity s. toi^ntox:! 

example, ;ptt kind, sort {pi. t^-) s. 2J^tOt<a 

♦«Dm instance 
here is an instance ^siiskj « ii^x nia yM — 

♦pt) sort, kind (p?. D^^p:)--) s. pPintDJ$3 
♦^?^?: goddess {pi. D-) s. ^5^tDX2 


♦ni^nnp n^D-n caricature {pL f-) s. Di2^t;;5-Ct:s:2 

♦D%ibx nib;? divine service s. tDDJn-Dt:i<* 

aod's attorney {iro.){pL^ - ) s. ^rtCCKltD-Dt:^:! 

♦t3^5lfthri drawers s. p?. B^ptDx:i 
something {Jig.) in^^-iD mTic! gall, bile s. h^:i 
w"nr97^-ri spite (Jig.) ;ikD itt 'in^ very bitter 
to labor very hard ht^i "lyi tola ]t:i;nn« — 

♦i«t2 n2"^n bay 
to vomit violent-ly h^: yjna Jaia t^yin — 

♦pthn K^pn 
D1X a tender-hearted man b^: ^ |^ u?3pa u —• 

to be tender-hearted, be b^js r-ip p^n K)13 — 
♦nb nts n\n .ib- -]i nsn soft-hearted 

ytn z'^ab n^n to have boldness b^: ^ p^n — 
♦n^ L'^N^ n\i to have strength jsb 

one must have civS lit b«j k pxr? p]^i$T pa — 

na V"aif tt^m strength to deal with him 

♦IQ^ pcpnrr? 

to spite a person ]«i^ b^j *ii7T ji« fSipDiK jKa — 

it is one and the same b^a p.ix t?N D^it'^ — 

♦(Kxin inx 
.Tjyii \^Kh mayor (pL Dj;-. ,f^~) §. gn.sSisi3 
•^•^rtna e:ay pc^a: gallant, polite a^/. tSJK^IJll 

♦c^^p ^^3 fancy-goods s. l^^tDJi^Si^J 

'Dbi5? b:?"! pB t;cs tonV'1 3?s ysbyn .j??^id in pj< (k 
prnv'^D 'T p« *3"!>«ii DP"' *3'tt ^'•3 m5^^\y yp ^kj asn 

M'l^v'^ barley s. pL n^':?^2«3 

. — pride, haughtiness s. Ml^^? 

pro- adu. ||;nx| proud, haughty ac^/. isnM1«2 

Xim"^ udly 
*nKJ! t:7\v haughty man {pi. D-) s, pl^HIKJ 
b,ti u?^K worthless person (p?. D^-^) s. plOill^a 
♦nbit.-i^b ^^K a good-for-nothing ;il!^,n 

♦t3EE)S to chat, prattle v> n. \V'^'1^V"'W 
;hm^B chit-chat, idle talk {pi D--) s. :j;"r:i^l1K: 

♦*m lisp idle story 
to dally with a |J£pgik isid &p"i3priK.i ]2b?a — 
♦^*« ay p^TU? person 
♦'n-'l slaver, saliva s. "^i^lli^^ 
slavering-cloth, bib {pi ^V^) s. ^^L^::"'t0^i^i1|<a 

.nb:. b'^ ni3p 
*pbp5itD^pn^a = ^55;"^^^D^:;i^Ka 
.m. Kain to slaver v, w. pi^V^3 
.IPS stupid person, dolt {pi D]^-) s. j^^^l^^^ 

. — redemption, deliverance {pi niTiHi) s. n7^i^3 
.--perfect redemption s. MD^W n?1bi3 
Gaon (/^''Ze o/ ^/te pi^esidents {pi Q'^^lK^) s. p^^? 
eminent rah- J — [o/' ^^/^e Bahylonim academies 
;- genius Miiifis Qd^dq bn| nn binical scholar 
♦D>'bp3 nIaiTf? bp3 
great scholar- :-" office of a Gaon s m-DlK3 

♦niann ,-ingeniiity ;-ship 

inge- ;D''3l«iip b^ of the Gaonim adj. ^"^^%\ 

♦b^f n nn .^^y^ nious 

*T| ,^K gas {pi, I - ) s. tK3 

♦Til? nj3Q n''^ gas-plant (p?. S-) s. ^'':)1'iSitK3 

•1|D llKD gas-light s. 2^ tO^^j'^^^^HS 

»t| b-^^ of gas adj. 'p^^ 

^n^f^ bii^ of gauze adj. ^^^2 

♦Ktop3 ,Dp3 kerosene 8. '^T^3 

♦cpu^i nrjjts j-.K) nin gauze s. ^^tH3 

♦Tig 'im gas-pipe (p^. t-) s. "i^^-tj^S 

.f\r\V. gazette, newspaper {pi, J-) s. tO^U^i 

Qi£f) bx God {pi ^V^V^) .•£3^ibx -bx God s. tON: 


!'n is^i" God bless you! ^ibpn mi — 

.bi«bmin thank God to^j pDKi k ,|pp:t?'t ii£ to^?3 — 

.♦♦1 ^n"* ^a ,'n in" God grant pp^ bxt ts^a — 

MDi^^ 'n God forbid 5]i.n b^iiai naw b^i ts^j ~ 


♦'n niipn God helping ^bin c^xj tsia — 

Ti!^^ to attain one's end ti^i isi ]pDip f-id) — 

jniQ to die ipmp a^3 i:^ -jia (-id.) ~ 


139 ~> 


way, man- n^i? .n^^ method ;riin^b^ errand 

n:^^:s|5 set ;riu?s^n dress >it^;i:^ -'Wsn -tj'i"^ ner 

nw to liave a quick pace 5:1^:1 pij k p^jtn ~~ 

nb^ to send on an errand m^ ^ ]p'-^ ^ 

.mn^^ujs i^n to go on an errand jskj k pij — 
this is quite a Li3k:i k ^^.d ^b^s tiK Bp (id) -■ 
this is quite a |oh! ^^'^ pmD nt distance! 

feo be dressed like ip^taps |§ ^11 .i:i§:5 ^ T-'-^ "-^ 
,a''nnan =5p 'innn 'U"^ b^yip ^*ob n^^ a beggar 
Q^s'Ti bad waySj bad manners rm PSii^Vi -- 

btj? nt^hv n2£inp a set of books 1P315 5^^^ ^ — 

♦nnK nps at the same time m^ piK l^S -- 
child's go-cart (pL ^Vh^) s. phpmm^ 

.11^ goose (pL ?J^^-) s. tJl^a 

.^it; balcony (pL ^P^) s. pl^J^^a 

*13J nx gander (pL D--) s. ip^si 

*B15^ bip ,an\K n^n.i? gobbling s. ^J'l^i^^a 

»t^^^3 Kh)'5 to gobble t?. «. J^Pi^a 

t«e?i>.||»Ci?^ whole, entire, complete adj, fiM 

,51^1 wholly, entirely, completely 

.n?ij? burnt-offering (pL D^) g. 11?&SK:s^j|f2 

*^b''2p bu? x^ wing of a top (pL B-) s. ^pJ|f3 

large big- 11^1 m gander {ph B-) s, 1]^^JK^ 

3iT| pisps? bellied bottle 

4m ,n1ni street (pL f-) s, 0K2 

*n5''S'^^ ,'^s^ pouring {pk f-) s. DK2 

b^ of state, of empire adj, PJP"l1tDD^K"l1DK5 

ft'inbwn imperial bank p'Kis psyntoonxiicKJi — 

*,i:Dib?^n bt£? 
?i2ipi»riO Imperial Duma p^n p^P'Tocik^idk; -~ 
,(n^Dns iT'non nsBn^n ^jd^) n^ibr^n 
n)5??2 visitor »ni\H guest {pL WDP) s, ^0^S3 

,^^K ^sib? rr^^nn to be on a visit tod^:i ia ]i^i ™ 
,|15^ ^a^'h^lj^ rr'a inn pL ^l^ti^^l--) s» nn||too^2 

.nj3D?K bys inn-keeper (pL f-) », ^1^ir^D»3 
pre- ili^D i|11 highway (pL ^P^)s. r^^TWp 
■il1s« fi|n"^ sent, gift 

.niqi ,"i^3^3 gallop (pl.f-) s, tl^l^^ 

.*-h*^ ^^S"^? to gallop V. n. p^^.S^K^ 

^t,^^^ galoche, overshoe (pL|-«) s. ^^^^K3 

^bj;^ba ,bsj rogue, scoundrel (pL D^»-) g. [is^^K^ 

*iiin b'urn bf of turkey-cock f^c^J. ^pSJ^K^^K^ 

*nin bunn turkey-cock |.s},i -nypaSKJib^a — 
^lp^\ li'j something dear {fg.) i^nt gold s, "^hp 
^ ^s^sn my darling ? "ibiiti pJt: — 
gold-weight, troy^ (pL f-) s. ^S^n^n^HJ 

.iin6 D^3|s^^ weight 
.nm mp-1 gold-embroidered adj. '^pltS^P'^^^2 
,im ^^^ golden ware, gold articles s. ^'^Kin^^^ 
♦ip.\ dear (/^^.) ?snjbu? gold, golden adj\ php 
goid-finder, night^ (pi B-- >--) s. ^^I^S^^K^ 
.nii^"in)3 ni?3^ workman 

*3m st:i12I goldsmith (pLf-) s. l5t2^n^K3 
sm Q-'S^D &:%r^ gilt-edge (p^. f-) §. ^^^^*^^*^3 

spinner of gold» (pL B- ,-) 8. ^I^^^^^'l^.^: 
one who is quickly isi^? ^^in nlia threads 
^nnN'i!?^ nWSina getting rich 
,^]bi btt|?o ^^'^n to galvanise v. a> f^^t^J^Vi^if^ 
ibf "lu^H bstt^nn ns) n^^M^I galvanism a. Qt^i^Tl^g3 
Ar\mv main© ^ntj? iiyuns 
.ll?l.:f 9pu?Df3 ^f galvanic ac?;, I^^IiK'^I^.^S 
gallery \of a theatre) {pi §-) s. Vp^^'hm 

.ID bitter (/^.) nTissb n^'Ti gaily ac^;. :^7.SJ 

.D^^'w^a n^iK galley (pi f-) s. 1^"'^K5 

.ipn razjor {pi »--) s, I^D^tD^KJ 

to shave v. 7\ n^?-||jnbj to shave v. a. (^K3 

♦Dbiiin oneself 

nina pure a<ii. ]^^K3 

*2b| ,nba9 shaver, barber (_p?, B-- ,-) s. ^^l^^i^i 

,Kns|ii| .ir^^^ gallery (pL D--) s. ^''1^^sS:i 

•rsy gallnut s. ^V^^^ 

ballot ;|K5Q nH'^^s small ball (pL B-) s. Pph^^ 

♦b'^l^n 1^3 
nsn^n to get drunk pp^K:i ^ pKts (joe.) — 

.^•]1J ?SD to ballot V. n, f^^lV p^K2 

triangular lump of cheese {pi. 5-) s. V\^^^p 

(Kni^p u;"5u; n„5p ny^ 

j^sa sponge (pL D-) s. ^pDK^ 

,^|| 9U? of a thief, thievish adj. ^psr.KJ*^':! 

gait, pace i^l^np course (pL 3i]^2 ,])) -') s. ^^K3 

;(p5?ty btt') rwr.s^ ticking {of a dock) Jna^bri 

,yBoibp g .p'K^ II KOMy 3 i^^en n© (^ 


140 — 


,n-j>: ,|n| throat (pL D^^) a. ^.snK2 
gullet :n"i^"]4 ,|n| throat (pL f^-) s. ^^'^^^ 

♦Hip^ windpipe 't^'h 
fl« «]a^) ^i^ni /lyn^ iv^ji to gargle -u. w. t^*7^*^iJ5 
,fnn K'^i? to brawl, be noisy i). r, "j^tH ;(pnjn 
♦(HT'ira nj?"!-! h^p yurn) "i:.^:^ to trill, quaver ;nhsi 
rTj3''B Adam's apple (pL S^^jp - ) s. £)«Jp||-^:i^S3 

gullet ;t^^| throat {pL D^- ^*^) s. ^.snn^|$2 

.ifDD curtain (pL fP-) s. t-"^"*^^ 
fjDipj? Jnniji^tt wardrobe (pL ©-) s. ^SXl^^l^^: 

-.n'-jh^n --nn^ ,is:-^ girdle, belt {pi. W-^) s. ^^1^2 

♦n^? 1'1J|« zone (geogr.) 
*iim temperate zone ^tsnga lyaiDpss (geogr.) — 

^np "iim frigid zone ^Dntjj "!j;^b$jp (geogr.) — 
*on "11IK torrid zone ^is-.^;! 'ipo^jn {geogr.) — 
."ijn ,1?^ to gird v. a. f^^tO"^^^ 
.11 garden (2?^. '^V^^^V^ .0-) «. [52ni^: 
gardenware, garden-truck, ve- «. ^^i^ll^tOl^i 
♦^^PT. 'U't? P^^ getables, greens 

mustard- I'p'nnn mustard (iJ. D-) s. ^iC^t^tD'l.Si 

.b^nn b^ n^snci plaster, sinapism 
fTp^^BKS s]ip> n^n'ii! gorilla {pL D«) s. ^b^'l^il 

na"ihtsii n;i pigeon-hawk {pi. ^V-) s. t^m^^^ 

.n*ini .t'ni throat (^p?. D-.) §. ^^1.si2 
to long, ;^D2n -Pi^m^n to be eager v, n. f^Ki 
Ion. ;n=!p,:D™n eagerness s. || J S?.i:^^nri yearn 

.D^3;i,3;i ging 
.(snttip story, floor {ph B- --) s. ('^iJ^i 
.niDip br.5 storied ac^. ^^*1^1)^2 
-t-n ;moip ^n^ bpn two-storied ai^i'n^ ■— 
.niDip Tiy5^ bp:s three-storied m^'ip 
,2^72 ,i7^^rpn b^n garrison {pi f^-) s. [b<lt1ilKa 
pron. ind. || J !<5 n.Q^^ not at all adiv. tO^JI^) 
.(D^:nKJ=) inn xb ,n!3^Kip ^b nothing 

n^^^n suit of clothes {pi. ti^) s. l^tDIJI^^ 

.Dn^^nn i« D'^^a if'ij; set Jfi'^iaa 

.(^:: "r) d^^ ;p garniture, trimming s, f*5^'^^5'^i<2 

gari.ishej., trimmer {pi. D«) s. ^pl^i'l^^ 

,rrst35J I5?tt«>n5?3'''i« S'^f^ B'^^^iB pg (M 

;&^01l« B''??P hospitable adj. "j^.^n^l^niDtODi^S 

.a^n-ii^ npJDn hospitality s, t5^_^p-^|| 
sitting-room, parlor {pi. f-) s. 1^t31i£tDD^3 

.]mp llDpj? "ilnii POP to star v. n. ("l^^iSntDDK3 
•1175 street-boy, gamin {pi f^^) g. ^:j1"':d.^3 

nK)|)i^r3 njlt strumpet {pL "[J^-) s, ^l^iDJJD^^ 

nh-'V talk of the street {pi (-) s, D^1D^jDK5 

lady of the house, {pi. D-) s. P^m^t^p 

,ni§£r n^p ,n:§n n*i.^| housewife, hostess 

♦'i:j5?l< '1^^!? inn, hotel {pi. ©-) g, |^*1«DD.S5 

.5>t£5 fork (pL I^-) s. bs*^3 

.m^^^ 'Hf i|?s to gape tj. ti, fBI$3 

'i"'# *i^1® gaper J yawner {pi. B-) a. ^i^SD^S 

^''^e fool Jpng!^ 

♦aiH? crow {pL D--) s. 2i?W 

J^sD ,bb all ;b^?|) wholly, entirely adv. ''^p 

♦93 whole a<i> P"- «1^--|| n«a very 

.p]D3n bs all the money ts^yjs d^i "i^a — 

nnK s^« pK none at all is^3 nps^.^p i§ta — 

.5''53 ,ibD entirely |i£iK3iix n^a — 

to the utmost Jinn np to the end iKa ?^.n — 

of the whole world D^pii ipi^a "ipT ps — 

*a5ipn bsa 
|b^5d ,|b|bj top, tee-totum (pL f-) s. 2'1«3 

♦51 in "I = ; ensigns n^ib' pnty»V) 
.i^i^ri i!3l^ policeman (pi. D^-) 5. \S'nKnK1*Si3 
n^j;n iy town-bailiff (p2. D^) §. ];£^>tD^:!"IKlNi3 
;nmp. burning fever (i^^. ^-) s. )^p^m^i$^ 
hurry {fig.) ',)p <cpj ,|nh fit of anger (j%.) 


.7v; ns'D^ n^n distillery {pi. 0^) s. V'^^hm^^ 

,aicij7 ,nai:^ guarantee {pi, S-) s. ^''tD3^1lf3 

♦"lyn n^i; to guarantee t). a. p^tDi^1i<3 

]nipb^^ sheaf (pL D^^) s. ^ti'nisa 

.ni^'iisq hump, humpback (pL B^-) ». 0'1|$a 


n^s tan-house, tannery {pi. B-) s. ]^''31K2l|f3 

♦''p'j^a in'nip inj?D tanner (pL B^-^) s, p^:i|$nn^3 
♦n'nip isy to tan, curry v. a. \T\^l 

.pmi?niK*3 = n^::i^3 

r'^sja B^rtsnifiss' p) 31K sumac s» f*v^n''*ip2'l^?3 
.nnv '^m!^ \b| tan «. 11>^p-l|;51^3 

p_n nnl2 

_ 141 ^ 


,^^)^ ,n^Wp^ riches, wealth s. ^£KW^^^a 

the taking of testimony ^ hea- s, Ti)1^_ 11 ''S3 

.-ring of witnesses 

♦nb 5y5 strong man (pL f -- ) s. "^^3 

man of vio- ;D3 ^^5 strong man s. SvK "l^f^ 

*f]1i|K ^^a lence 

.DJt^ pi: a kind of pear (pL f--) s. T113 
great man s. || ;- great (pL D'^^na) adj, ^^3 
.(HCys^m -a groschen ;5iia Q'lbt 

s'^a great man in Israel s, iK'I^IS in 

one of the great (pL 1^1.>''^1ia) s, W.vyna 
»-nian of the age 
^^^«5, ,nt<.^ proudj haughty^ vain adj, S^'i^llS 
honor, glory ;- grandeur {pl.T\)h)1^) g. m)^^ 

you may boast^ ^|s?s.^a pi ^m nbnj « (lU) — 
t^^na iKBnn^ bsm indeed! 

«an^ Q^K cunning hlade (pL) s. ^Kl -71*15 

/"5^a 5-!g> Capricorn (astr.) ;-kid s, *^'^i 

,n^3nixj ,nm pride, haughtiness s. ^n^i 

,\nm ,nK| proud, haughty adj. 21^ril7*l3 

proud or haughty person (pL D^y^^y s. f^^J 

»nwni^a haughtiness s. UliS^i 
fence to the law ;-- fence (p^. D^'I^J) s. 113 
.(jrjns) nbM • - def enition ; .Tiin.b j;d 
*pnb n^p to make it a rule ^1:1 x p^n — 
.n^.^K governess {pi D».) s. ];p^JKJnj;nKi:i 
;- redeemer, deliverer (pL Q'^^Kt) s. ^Xia 

*siii5 relative 
the righteous redeemer {the s. pl'^-h^)^ 

.(n^u^tt.i) ^[3Iessiah) 
.''^?| -^V '^^s ^^ governor (pi:. D) s. 1];tOKJ1|;m2 
,i]b| 'It? b'd guhernatorial adj. Vp^'^P^K^^P^Tj 
government, province {in (pL & — ) s. ,y^J1]^i1^ 

of government^ of province adj. ^pWl];^1i 
°i3a to conquer^ overcome t?, t*. pji 1313 

yssjs "1P1 pg f^SH5 QV^ ,gros, grosse pg J5is:.'nj?5-ii 

I JbSK ,&63 ,n^^Kb™^b nothing prom ind. ^^1^1.^2 
I ^T]'^.^ ^P- ^^^ ^ nohody s. || 

,DBKb ^w to set at naught a^m«5 1^ pm — 

to make little of Dpsp |1S a^i3iKJ "]it p^D -- 

^l^'in bib? something 

to com.e to nothing ^u^^nK^ b^D "^n p^ba^m — 

ii;„ m iihn to out a dress low «. a» f>^1 i|)B1K3 
^feh to bear the neck and shoulders JHign 

^P^IC^ '^10 groove^ rabbet {ph 0-) s. J^1K3 

«i»| m^D worsted^ yarn s. D|?lK3 

4itt| r\)m h^ of worsted ac?/. [D^l^^ 

fss fB) ^^13 carbuncle {pi fl? - ) s. ^pJ^BI.^^ 

3sk n*!^ eating-house (pL f - ) «. ^^p1K#' 

n^'w # - wardenship, trusteeship s. mKaa 

warden or trustee of a (pL D^^S^) s. ^*N*^2 
treasurer Jncssn n^s bi; nj^Brf ,- synagogue 
collector of Miny.ri laj^ of a congregation 
.T\p^^h nbn3 |;sj5D alms, almoner^ deacon 

general al-^ (pL D^^^isn-D^^^^) ^s! b^lSH-W^a^, 
♦Hf-in-^n ^p„ bbb hs^dd moner, general deacon 
T\p^t^ almoner, deaconess {pi. D-) s. ]^^''K^2 

.n%'5l nu;K wife of a "KSi.i (2«f.) Mp.l^D ">V_ 
limit, ;- boundary, border (pL D^7i:i3) s. 7IS5 
.a^nri limitSj domain ; ni'p. , - end 

n'p .hb ,- might, strength (pL nmsp) s. HTO? 
,- exploit, heroic act ;nnn| nn ,- heroism 

,^'p'^)i^ ^v hs devilish power nin^ pis^it^i^u? « — 
mighty deeds of God^ s, pL ^H^'^T! IT^H^J 

,n1«bi)3 ' - wonders 
wealthy man^ rich raan (pL D''1''a^ ,[-) s, 1''^? 

a very rich {pk D^'inK on^SJ) s» 1^1^* I^^J 

.^KD n^^'P u;^K man 
wealthy lady, rich woman (pMIII'^^J) s. ni'^SJ 

o! the rich, belonging to the adj. VT^"^^] 
*Dn.^^i/b ^m^ .ti'^y^v, ^'■^ rich 


— 142 

2i:i!2i :i: 

♦Bi^-tau .? ,ai^ ii7ui:! iD^^j iDia — 

.pun ni7^ a propitious hour ny^ ptai:! ^ — 

^ai'^ ^iQii good morning! ipn«?: jdu — 

'Knta «^i?r:ii good evening! ^-^iv.i^ jtiiJ ~" 

^•a-^'c; n*n good day! (.'-jaii s tpip) 5 2s*is ]!di2 ^ — 

onBcjrs) Qi5u; iTH good niglit! Idsxs ptoi:; « -™ 

to vouch, stand iiiyKsiK "iks ]^) toiJi ,|iM tDi3 - 

.u?''«5 inni; HM security for a person 

to be on good terms istp^^K a^o isia p-n — 

♦U7''K ay D^5u7n n'Ti with a person 

of one's own .aySa amicably iioia aiD — 

.a',!an liiJi'ns accord 
♦mtfib favorably |i3';J Qiu ^ 
,mn^5 estate (jpL "iPtD^^) 5. ^^i: 
^yil eye criK ??^2 isb -nnj ^;!D pu'^) 5. S^iii^-tDIi 

,v^2^ well off, well-to-do {Am.) Tpred. IDifJ-tOli 

♦n■n3i^>n n^s graveyard, cemetery s, tO'lN!"t5'i2 

o^pn -mm good-fellowship s, ^Di<S>^1j;"inroi:i 

♦nnx? to vouch v. n. p^'-tD13 

.nij; voucher, surety {pi. 0- ,«) s. 1^JKt-tDi:i 

♦siiD nn good spirit, kind genius 
the good spirit ^Q^s* d^^ii ^k^-dij "lyi — 
knows what is the matter with him 1 

hDi7 nr2 ynr miin nnn 

a blessing upon your h-^ Tl^ "ik'^-di:! k — 

I-I^«"i ^P n3i:i binn head! 

man alive, 'n^K lo^pi o^n i*ii^« -^-ix -i^?^-oij k — 

is^,^, ,lDnn n^ na what are you talking! 

"iipa visiting on a holiday «. )5D!:s-iitO-Dr-^",i 

holiday vi- (^jL B- ,-) s. 1^tD^>:siJD-D1"'-tD12 

on Dr^ '^^x n^ns Ii-^^d sit or 
buckwheat pudding {pi. D^--) s. fHJDtDi: 

8. I5!!!p'« ||;D^"^ia good-natured adj. :ri2'.a*012 
♦ai"2ri5 good-naturedness 

- Gog and Magog {two peoples) npr. ^I^^i 5^3 

♦(B^ttS? ^;\:^) 
the war of Gog and mm n pa nanbD n — 
Magog, the struggle to precede the Mes- 

m^'^9 nrnvn tirjnbv:^^ judi m n^n^^i sianic time 

cry ;cDn violence ;D2 force {pi. f-) s. "Ia^ID 
help! 'in^j. !i Jn"jjpb Hi^^i^ call for help Jnp^i;^ 
gracious!, good heavens! ; ! •i^'^s^n Jip^rin 

♦ini3 t^yn ;npin3 ,n32 by force ibm^ is*:D — 

to Jn"ia jppsi to raise a cry ib^jii^ t« pKa — 

.nn:y'^ t^np call for help 

!Dni::n«-i nna good heavens! l(pnu;i;:i 1^^J^^; — 

.1"'S5 ,bn; great, mighty adj. pi'l^l^Kn? 
alarm bell {ph ^VpVh:^^) s. p^hm-'lh^))t 

matter of compulsion {ph f--) s« ^^t-'lS^nj 

great, mighty Jk-iIj iBI^h terrible ac?/, ^^I'^^na 

gracious!, good hoavens! i^ii. Dj?pJ^n'?|$113 

.D»n ii'^j?a act of violence {pi. f-) *. tD^tS-^SK113 

.pi7j ,pi7^ to cry, scream v. n. fJl^ll^l^Nlia 

.Hv'-.p rent {pi [«) 5. Dn'iSK'nS 

soldier of the guard {pi. £^S£-) 5. f*j;|^n5 

.■^Jcn n.p^y; b-'n the guards s. 5^"'1"iK'n2 
nnii guard regiment (pi. f--) s. pv^iD-^'''l"\i$"n2 

.ninn ^iinp worm of a screw (^^. f^) *. tDJ^na 
d-'V^iyu; ni|5D screw-tap (^y^ d;^ — ) ^. p^JllXtDJ^llS 

♦^'ib^ iln n 
.nsn-njp pa rifle (^X 0-) «. iipilHtDJrns 
swel- n'na? button, knob {pi. D^- ,[-) 5. t13 

.nyi^O ling, wen 
,- exaggeration (^L fllKD! 3 .rnDTi:) s. NDna 

,21 iBuD great number fnj^sn 
enormous Jna? ,at^a exaggerated a<%', SHi^DtlJ 

.ni^ nt^ to decree, order v. n. fl^t "it'lJ 
;p'n ^^^ to decree judgment v. n. [15T pT 'iTi,' 

.t^):$ Sn to order 
.n-'i^n iu to decree a fast v. n. f!!!t n^'^J^J? 'ntt 
well ado. II ;s!?"S^ss kind ;*iD good ac?j. 't2i: 


^ 143 


"he who vouchsafeth." thanksgiving s. vDl3 
n^^D ^U. 'i^b n-r'in for escaping peril of life 

to thank God for escaping 5?ii:i y^D'.v^ "~ 
,n:3DD n^sjn bv 'nb nmn peril of life 
a bestower of (^^L D'^lDn-'^bipi:!) s. *^£^■^^13 

, '- loving-kindness 
to bestow loving-kindess v. n> p^i "iDn-^DiJ 

.ppitDDK5i7ai3 = ;)=^'nb ,m^p gum, rubber s. V^^^^ 
rubber, gum elastic, caout- s. ^p^tDDi^7])D13 
,u?^?p| s^iu ^t^^e,"^ m^p chouc 
.^m palate (_??L 5^-=') ^. ^f^^l^ 
51^1^ 9^ '«»1p ^^ of gum, of rubber adj, ^V^T^ 
of rubber, of gum elastic^ of caoutchouc 

•'?1P^ nt^ ''^ s^^lp gum arable s. Vp^'^^^V^^^ 
♦''?'^^ TO ^^ P?1 mucilage 
nb| to finish, conclude ■u, a. f!^' "^012 
fine buroke («ti writing) {pi f-) s. 'T!'^^^^T(3 

,np;i£^, casting i^hf pouring s. D15 
.Qi;to taste {pi \^) s, ^wa 
one lying in agony, dying {pL CDDI^) s. DDl3 
Dnx iDiDH ^:Db d^3nriKri q^*i^d^^ bn'io l'''k person 
dying adj, P -' i1^ - || ; ^ip dying prec^, || ; vjj 

,j;i; dying ac0. ^^1DDi2 
^hD to lie in agony, be dying v. n. pOi^ 

,f^i^)v^ D^l pouring rain (jdL D»-) s, f'l^'^^DIS 
barrel of a quill ; n'i| - - body {pi S^D"5) §, S]13 

Dsiii iHs^ii -Isi^ oneself, themselves prow. KB15 

»(Dttsys .naxya .la^iys) 
I — corporalityj materiality {pi -) ni'^JBll 
.''DU^I 'is^ corporal thing ;n^sipri ,n^''DU?j 
."■^iti .1)^ to gird tv a. \^^^^ 
Ate i'-lot (j)Z, mh^^ s. h'^ii 
♦nibiij ban to cast lots b^):^ ]bim'i ~ 
an b^u a sad lot 9"ii;! ip^iir^n^ k* — 
to cause, bring about, occasion v. a. pJt DlfS 

,Dh| to read tj, a. f!}? D'^^3 
Goshen (« dUstinct in Egyft where wpr. \^^^ 
.(snspn as i3r^i£? D^iXM tinB)-'[^Ae Hebrew dwelt) 
«o deviate far from the ]U?1J pK pnpiKS — 
•l-'^pn |D n::"!n nto2 subject 
e- robbery W. r^"''\*'^) g. nhm 

*u^toi property, goods sninib ,a'ib good s, StDI^ 

*'iDn nrp .Dito nt>p to do good gs15 |kd --- 

how are you, my ?Dtoi^ '^^K ^3KJ3 £3»siii (ic?,) -^ 

?^TT ,1Dibu? n^ friend? 

what will you ?pK? i^K ^j?T! b^ij &^n (tU) — 

?nr^Kb n^iiii nw nt2 please to say? 


thaumaturgio rabbi (p?. f*11''™^^12) s. T^'^^mi 

at peace, on friendly terms pred, to^l^lB-tOIS 

to be reconciled, make prii ^3ins-'^i3 — 
,Dy d^bu^r? peace with 
;n^'"2iD ,ns^D goodness, kindness s. ^!}p01S 

nni nb^p good quality 
"K"^ .^23 ,- gentile, non-Jew {'pl ^^^)^) s. ''I^ 
;n'^n bg isipn nii^ irreligious Jew ;n^n^ 
a Jew ignorant in mattt-rs of his religion 
,|l^2 .bim, thumb {fig.) Jim '';3^3y2 in nn] 
an absolutely irre- {pl ti'^'^m Q^''15) s. ^1D2'"»l3 

a -- ligious Jew 
\ double l&7^ iHj^^ »iK'^ goiter {pl S--) s. IJ^'T'12 
; Mz^ ibsa chin 

: gentile woman, non-Je- {pl, ri1^l5) §. ,T'i3 
irreligious Jewess ;nn^,T^K^ ,nn^3 ,-wess 
a Jewess ignorant in imjn b|? n'lsipri JT'nn] 
J n3''K^ n■'^i^J n-f h matters of her religion 

,^"133 b|^ ^-^la bf gentile, non- Jewish adj. ^)'^)i 
non-Jewish or foreign langu- s.p'inn^^'-^b 
»n;i33 |wb ,r\^i}n] n|''Ku^ rtet? age 

,nrii gentilism, non-Jewishness t. ^l^p^^MS 

,li;5 'Ti'^^l ignorant Jew {pl t^P-) s. fP'')^^ 

*ni3p^ "^m nS^'nh b^ b^m 5^^^p] goulash s. I^K^i:! 

AV^^^y ^^r\i florin {pl B-) s. p^lS 

..Ti^sp ,wb^ tumor {pl D-) s. ^"^^IS 

.to6a tumorous ac?/. ^tS|$n^''^i: 

a stone for covering a (p^ ti'^lh')^) s. v^')^ 

^:np^ nD-'nab |SK i-tomb made in a rock 

,pbas -i3in 
olay-figure of (pl "1^- ,D^ .D^D^l5) §, D^l5 
(A^.) ' '*^-l2Kb?^ J^!)-! dummy ; - a human being 
clumsy (fig.) in^w ,^^^p fool, idiot, dummj^ 
*!n! ''ri^^ a-iK fellow 
.ni ^nbs Qi^ clumsy fellow nbii ii;jpa^.ib (^^.) — 
the mass of Dbi.i ^ t^K D^ir ipi {prov,) — 
.npi» -IPD5 ap.'i |im the people is stupid 


— 1*4: 


.n^\p fn?ii t'-'K tall man (^L D^-) ». p^^^l"!^^ 
, - Gehenna, hell, inferno {pi 5 - ) s. DJJ.'T'J 

♦*l1l? -D^inp. guitar (pi 3 - ) ;?. ^"iKtD'!^ 
♦Cpss .niim estates s. pi ^V"^)^ 

i-D '?''j3ten 1^:;^ geyser (geogr.) {pi 0--) s. "^T^Vl^ 

to walk .i|-^n to go (p. p. f:;;:!^*^^^^) v. n. p.^3 
to J (nan niK'v^) n'^'n to be going \b^^ '"^b^^^ 
to be lucky ;:ivj nSi to do Ji^Jpn go off, sell 
♦(p)!?p) xi^^n to play (a card) v. a.\\'*fp^ 
nninsn the goods sell well is"!:i rs:^:! nDfiti n —■ 

he is in the way of good luck d^k diij dv — 
he has no luck di5 six ts^^:i dp ;n''biiD inin 

it is not to my y'^i^n |a^iK jdi: '^id ts^.ij dp — 
,''3''i?:i iib x9 ,Kirt ""riribn xb liking 
.pn^ Kb n? this will not do p^3 bi: topn cxn — 
an^ip IK fnmynn by) 'inin mis done! 'd^i^ sp — 
^iniTD 'T'K how do you fare? ?dp is-i^J 'Jn — 
ri7 ;:3iD i:32£a he fares well t^n bin £d?^;i cp — 
.pn njia he fares ill •i::Dpb^ ci^ to^i^ 
HN'i to be a question of... Dpap pi« p)^ — 

M.DK nbN"^*"5 

to be a question fjjr.'T! pij lapi p« p.i:s — 

...£DK nb.^ty^ riNi whether... 

it is to him a question ppb p« d^x to^^:) dp — 

.lb Kin a^^nn nbxu? of life 

ib is of no conse- |P3ni ts^3 ")^d to^.i;! dp — 

.''b iittiK^b n\L"hi i3r« quence to me 

D33n to enlist in the army p; k ii<s pij — 

.Kistn n'lnp^ 

n^n to wear a garment u^nb^ k px p^j — 

♦ijs u>nb 
to labor with child, be in laboi* ns^p iJf ]^.i;i -- 

.mb ■'b^n baa 
♦*ihK to be lost pxb'iKS pw — 
what will you ?qb^cu>) pi^ ^ik topii c^?^1 ~ 
?i<^2£in nbp n?\^ play 
♦mi spirit (pZ. "1^-) 5 ^Bl^:s 
/snn spiritual a«^y. 2^^D1^: 
♦n3in3 5^ ,c\3ri3 b^ clerical a(i/. "[^^OD^j) 
.|D""^' clergyman (^L i^^--) 5. "l^^S |pS^Dl^5 
Hewing, running ;"?{5in going a^J. 2n^P^?i 
"r-Dbs wbilft walking adv. 1| 5 -l^iu; {of water) 

cala- ;rit'p^ p'^^iy evil decree (;?L ^'^'^*'t?) s. M'^^tJ 

.nr/j-ia mity, misfortune 
to make a (ap'ni?n t\v^^ nn'-n pK^ (/.) — 

.]i.s"^ apn noise 
^p.n analogy {fl. nii^-n'1''n) «. ni^"n^"'ti 

.(nan nb» n*" bs?) 
decree of for- {ft. ^W-t]^^'^])) §. '^W-TT^'^n 

. — cible conversion 
massacre of Jews by the s. T["TrT\'\y^^l 
ni bp„ I2^^''^^!' ^IC ' -- Cossacks in 408 (1648) 

.nb\|a = n^;n 

robber, highwayman, bri» {fl. S''^b?)) §. |bt5 

♦p^il murderer ; n j^'^ > -^ gand 
to take courage, |b!^ i^ ]1d pKn « -^it pKD —• 
♦fp imnn .p?nnn take heart, nerve oneself 
extortion ;»- robbery, brigandage b. m<37t3 

♦n^sbp female brigand {pi D^) ^. ^t:i:^2 
;|bu b^ of robber, of brigand ad^. ti^^i^tJ 
mur- Jniibti "5u^ of robbery, of brigandage 

.^in^l derous 

.TT.Z; ,bb to rob v. a. fP^- .fl^||^t2 

♦SDh ,bj| robbery, extortion «. l^ilwD&''%^11^'7n 

.nnarf? Dhi,- stock, descent {pi B-) ^. J^t2 

punishment : P'!J"ij| decree (;i. [ - ) *. "!t3 

.n^2j;']s ,pjs .]iDvS misfortune ;t':^ 
a fool is a misfor- "ii:! k hk -is*3 k {prov.) — 
.p^s Kin b^M tune 
.puS ,- decree, sentence (^Z. D-) §. pT""!!) 

.n"r!-n'°i\t^, "^ n"ii-nit: 
.nan-mb^D^ = a56r. H": 
.nDK"bf""iun"mb''D^ = a65r. N"t^>n3 
,-'bill of divorcement {pi p'tS''? .p^J) s. ^ 
♦pu;n,i divorce ;n!inn3 'ibd 
. - strong man, hero {pjl G''"n1S') 5. 'T1S"'3 
tax for the maintenance of sol- s. ^^*TlS;2 
diers {imposed hy the Kahal formerly in 
D^jDb bnpn b'^nm b\n •'^'sk rip.sbn^ t,^ [Poland) 


.pmn''i = |^:^j^:n^:i 

male organ, j- tendon, sinen {pi. P'T'^) s. "l^^ 
,*i;!'trT "15K ,- penis 
.-the long sinen, nervus s. T\^^T\ *1"'2 
stature, ;bnj -size ;- bringing up s. 7^"': 

.n!9*,p height 
. — the bringing: up of children «. Q^-^ ^1*T»5 


^ 145 


method of interpretation by the H???^? 
numerical value of letters (h^ luhich 
ivords of equal value are given the same 

(50=^5 ,10='' /lO— ^) 5^5?J?sn i^'^IKD''^ ]^K f'K 11^— 
.DV^'^ K'''is^a'';i5 1***! numerically p^ is seventy 
(70=:) niD K^E^D^^ pK !\s* (70 ==:) i''^ — • 
by numerical interpretation 11D is theequi- 
.1^0 ^n^D^^^ p^ valent for p^ 

fi^ name of the letter a (^L f^--) .?. ^^^'5 
1ISD n^s) D^nai gymnasium (j>L D-) §„ l^n^^D^^ 
student of a gymnasium {pL f-) a. ^D^tKJD^i 

♦n-'br^pn nD% gymnot (^Lf-) 5, tOXiD^i 

.n^u^^liinn .onnxri ijun gymnastics s, Ppl^DlfJaii 

.ana ,ia fine gold s, ^^KI^^I 

.ana buJ jb b^ of fine gold a^;'. php^^.^ 

faithful, sin- ;m^ hearty, sincere o^/' ^-^^-^ 

♦ni^n^nb sincerity ^. ^!?p--|| ;jiok5 cere 
libation, drink-offering (pLO--) ^. "l^BSN^-D^: 

T\p;^] n''§ <nsnn n^ia foundry {ph^--) s, J^''J1KD^5 

*ni3a^ croup (med) «. "i^^'ODI^ 
to melt Jpk^^ to pour {p. p. ppV^) t). a. |C^3 
*(wna) ^fiD ,p2i; to cast, found loan .pi^^^ 

.fl'm founder (pi -) s, "^^O^S 

.D-iK venom ibtll .c^h poison (p/. f-~) s. ^^')^ 

.w-n '^^3 ^«^> bi;tJ 
venomous ;9in bf ,^bik poisonous adj. ^T^^)) 
poisonous- s. ^l'!p- Ijua^n ^bps ^1?) bo t^bD 
*^5?3 bm n^*?7^ venomousness ;n?^i3'iK ness 

.b^in to poison v. a. f'^&^2 

♦ITi^K ,ea| gypsum, plaster 8. BB^3 

,nci3 .-reading, variant {pi n"&^''2) §, Kt^^a 

what has been learned in s. sHnipJn-KD1\5 

.in^'i^!^ t^^K ir$W np childhood 

♦n^D ^^^1^ "^^^5 globe (jpl D^ ,f-) s. DI^K^/ 

^^u^^i chief, principal adj. ^^mb^ 

chief com- (jil D^) s. l^^tD^l^n^K^^p^J'nH^i 

^fc?^^ ^"tlf t?Kh mander 

i^S'i'i hawker, peddler (pL 0- ,--.) ^. l^^t^a 
|Bl« going" wheel ;r9m bp„ «^^K ,'^^ln walker 

Aw^^nn ^^M nybim f'^s tapeworm {pi. l-) s, f^T^ 
*a^^'ip «bp full of tapeworms adj. *51^^:!2 

*, ^l^p- ||;D^bn» spirited ;ppWtt eager «5^^!^3 
.n^snbnn spiritedness ;np^u;^ eagerness 

quick, quickly adv> || n^'ia quick ad,). ^13 
.nn^-ifp quickness s. ^^Jp- Iprm-^npa 

.5i5bj - ^15^^2 

.nb^ - ^^^''? 

pbi3 tenjiii B.^n ^wpi? rats' i^i emit m^n ''i?^) p^^7^5 

a coin of 16 copecks {pL B-- «»-)§. '[^7^3 

,n1p£!p 15 bu? ^s^D 
,pb^a = I am bf gold, golben adj. ^pb^^ 

iD^'iin^ piieSj hemorrhoids "lyi^ yspibii — 

^QnniD n^^sD guild {pi. ^^) §. pihy^ 
,pb^a ™ Jant bu^ gold^ golden adj. p^^hv 

"golden week,^^ the first i^ii ynyibia — 
.nsinnn in^ ji^Kin pi:2tyn week after marriage 
"golden soup,^' the soup ser- yv pjipn^is -- 
pinn ved to the bride and bridegroom 

.nenr inn n5sni fj^hnb a^inis^ 
paper-case (0/ a cigarette, of {pi. D - ) s. )^n^3 

xnpn br ,ns-nrD ^r) nsD^D [a rocket) 
current I -1^3 .ala valid, lawful a«i/. ^^^7^3 

^"^wvi validity s. ^!.^p- |];inlDb nsl|? 
*^inisb msip p^^» a current coin p^idd p;iisbi5 k™ 
n^O to be valid (p, p. ph^W) v. n. 'I'^hli 
to passj be nnlts? nhp^ to be current ;ito 
,n^| to prove successful ;^9 awn reputed 

ys^DH this coin is current ab^j pa^tt n "-" 

^"ihiDb nns-^p n^in 

he is reputed to be pn? |D''n5 n ikS kj^ij ip — 

»9nj pKsbb n'^ns ^in a great scholar 

he was sue- pep pt pK |d5^:iP5 qik iskh dp — 

.ipDp2 n^9s^.i mn cessful in his business 

,3DJ0 to gild {p, p. ^h)m »^h)m) V. a. ''T^h)l 

.rrs^^in snatching, taking away s. ^^J^7!I1 
n^ista) nn-iDp guillotine {pi D-) 6-, P^tDK-^b^^ 

computation of the (pL niKn^D^i) 5, Kn^S"'^ 
nl^nlKn ^p\Xi ^-^ numerical value of words 



-~ 146 - 


n^"^ n^hiSQ ]n^b d^^'i:^i^^ Q'O^D ^^^^^ recfcion 

self-mortification by rolling in $. ^h^-^^im 

♦Jib\t?^ biiibji ^T br. V^a; -^31? snow 
-wheel ns^5 i- sphere (j?Z. Q^^?'??) s. h^% 

turning ; — revolving sphere s, '^tinri-vi72 
wheel of fortune (fig.) I'^gnriD |ai« wheel 

♦nbjQ ^^K shaven man (pZ. DTl'i^) s. n"l73 
(joZ. D-) ». ||J1'?^? to believe v. a. n. [3^1^2 

♦nj^?:« belief, faith, religion 

♦ow 1^0) I|i9i n^a Glauber salt s. f*'7KTn^n"'1'72 

. — opinion s. n^*l-''l7^ 

♦d''SlK5 adultery ;- incest s. m'''i^-''l'?5 

.-barehededness s, ^^''^'^™^ 

. — revelation of the divine glory s. nJ''2ti^-''l7)| 

.ni^n ,pfn ,nixp! lust, desire (_p?. JV-) s. 3JitODl^:i 
^^t- II ;p"^n ,"ibri to covet, desire v, a. ftODI'^S 

♦njxnfi to have a desire v. r. 
.m^nn ""ssn I have a desire n^n lit tsaibi Dp — 

♦Q5'],:t to stun, deafen v. a. [^t^ivll 
l^i^p the diaspora ;- exile {pi. f-) s, T\)i^^ 
■,a^'^\r[\n ^ij-ts niit'iK ;d'';uti rii^lN*^ Dn.iT^n D'^ninsD 
♦D^'iiD'; ^nla"*!^ persecutions, sufferings 
to lead a life of wandering m^j |to2nax — 
Diyt') nrif ^''fn rrini i3i p3 nsi and deprivations 

to be oppressed by m^a px |3ipaiK i?;: |in — 
.tr^« ■'T' nnn nsp a person 
. - the exile of the divine glory s. MJ*'5tpn ni72 
to lament the exile nr:D^n nib:i ^•'IK px^jp — 
.n2*'3U?n m^j bv lyicstn of the divine glory 
one of the lands {pi '^V'^:^^^^) s. 'l:iHh\\'^T\^h:l 

♦Dn^i^'n ^l^-fs ni:i'i«D |/^« of the diaspora 
servitude of the Hebrews in s. ^'''^i^^rp-n'l'^i 

expulsion of the Jews from s. 11£p-ni75 

. - Spain 
ins .-clergyman, priest {pi ^^T\bT) s. T\h^_ 

to steal from a clergyman pijn n'?i {fi.) — 

|i'53 h^'s, parsonage {fl.) {pi f-) #. n''3-n^3 

Ik ft^l n'nt'tt office of a clergyman s. D'nbi 

a'»;i:jbD rijbarp bu? of clergy, clerical adj. ^^1^3 
.n^r^n Latin 5.|| ;D^-i:^1iD 

glass, drin- {ph "^TO^^) ;n^3iD| glass s. usSn 
♦(n^aist ^u') Dis .yjpi king-glass 
♦n^pizi *iai£ glaze s. "111:^^3 
♦n^'p^stb riDl^ glassy adj. 3^ti^^3 
♦p^lptt *i!2hn nsi£ to glaze i;. a. p^i^'?^ 
plain> \hp_ ,pbn fluent ;pbn smooth adj. tO^?3 
smoothly acZy, Ipb'nn pt3»? ,iDr^;s ordinary 
for no reason Jn^b|2a fluently \phn |aii<2i 

;tsnu? ,pbn nb not smooth, rough mh^ tDi2 — 
suspicious P1K13 Kb ipns ^nb:j wrong {fig.) 

pj:5D anb^ ordinary children *ipi2ip ptaxb:! — 

♦^''laViL'a Dnb^ .b-^nrt 

•np^n p'^"5 an oiled tongue b.i3i5i toK^Ji k — 

,wDb:"2 at random pi^ abpn *ipT px Dxba — 

for no particular re- yA ^m iD^bj /itNi is^bj — 

nni^Q bP"^ ^b:n ason 

he is a fool anyhow nm-^ k toK^a tiK *^v — 

♦taiK b^n Kin r\t>w 
.imbi => p^O smooth adj. 3^tOK^5 
suspicious ; p33 Kb wrong ^iiiatjb^ ^13 (/%.) ~" 

.i^rh bi^p 
plainness mp.^n ipbrr smoothness s. ^l^ptOx'?^ 

stupid fellow, dummy {pi D^-) s. £D«73 

♦abi ,y;stfi 
♦^5^ *P'^^ lustre sni^in^ gloss (_p?. f-) s. pNtS3 
»pnn?^ ,f2i3 glossy adj. ^^if3.H^a 
to ;r'i^3 to glitter, be bright v. «. fiJ^^'^J 
.(D^byj) npA ,n^h^ polish {shoes] 

^I'bvA Md"glove {pi D«-) g. ^p5^tOJ)>'n-1^D^$b2 

♦n| "lip by; 
wsyita nioa) -iqni alderman (^Z. S -» ) s, |?3D^72 

bald part of the head, {pi B-) s. >*^iH^2 

♦^Khs nn"ip bald-pate 
♦(vry) nri'in to open wide (one's e?/e5) ^. a. [X^/S 
,|iDi?2 bell (^Z. '^^p^Si) 5. p.S^2 
ni'ilii na^bn metamorphosis (pZ. ^71372) s. 7i273 
transmigration of the soul, metempsy- 
trans- nnK ^p'^^ nnx i^j^i-sp n^-fsn b^^b^ --chosis 
evil spirit nnK r^y^ n^|b|r3^ r\m:\ ,- migrant 
,pp|^ nn whim Jn^-i nn 
transmigration of the soul, s. S^£J.j-7li75 

♦"iHK ^\Vh npu?3ii ^liib^ ,- metempsychosis 
"the rolling through caves," s. tTn^n^-h^^hl 
underground migration of the dead to 
, the Holy Land at the time of the resur- 


ui — 


B"i*0 ^11^ equinox {astr.) {pi. f-) s. ^5^351^73 

""nu? vernal equinox ^s^^iis |iS lo^w^i^^a -- 

^n\i? autumnal equinox tj^n^nn |iS te2b*5S^-?95 — 

;|1w ^''i^^ comparison (^L f-) s, ^)^V^nh} 

htr^ ,|1''rp'^ simile, parable 
; ni*piDppj"''ij straightness, evenness s. ^!?p5^J^^ 
K'^.n-^' nD reasonableness s^iiu? -|vip equality 

homonymous, paro- (gr,) adj, S^'l^pil^pS!??^ 

,(n^») rrnnln^ ^b 9rK K^prpa .'^!31'^ nymoug 
the rolling up of the scroll of the s, nT75 

. '- Law {in the synagogue) 
to honor one with the rolling n9^^3 pya -=- 
n^^bjiD \:;\s isp up of the scroll of the Law 

.yk\ ,p:i::D to glisten, glitter v, n. Jl^l^J^^^ 
♦£5h^ to glow, be red-hot v, n. \Th^ 
.|S^p .^T\\^ glowing, red-hot adj. ^A^^^T^^ 
J bra good fortune, good luck (ijl. \^) s. p^^^l 
.nn^^ri success it^'h happiness 
.''^'^^fh fortunately, happily pib;. nu -- 
♦'iiss btm ^"in to congrat.late p6j ]^':T^ — 
to fix the wheel pp pj^a p-ibji s^i ]mz {id.) ~- 
."imn 5;i9^ ns^i'iD n^i£? of fortune 
felicitation, congratu- {pi. f-) €, ^^ilKIlp!^^ 

,DlS3 "pf^ ^51^ 'f^^l^ lation 
T^K?p happy, fortunate, lucky ac^J, y.hp)h^ 

♦nbfrr to prove successful v. n. p^b^ 

n^p^:^] b-p D13 little glass (pi "^P --) s, ^tp^2 

^c^lPp^^jp b^ n^pDj spectacle-glass ;n|"^p 
nr>i'pp ^plp glazier {pi D- ,-) ^, 1>n^^i 

*(m2ibrt3) n^u,^r;uj php^ to ^laze d. n, ^'^V'^ph^ 
.ri^p^:2] bv of glass adj. ^\^T^vh^ 
.ns^to^ stroke {pi. \^) s. t^ph^ 
to flatter {fig.) l^^f to stroke "or^j ^ ppj — 

nvrip^i$ smoothing-plane {jjI. IV--) s. b^)r]'"Opb^ 

to stroke, caress ''pbm to smooth v. a. |^^^3 
.pbnn ,id'-,!^ ,fn| to polish i^^^b \ 
13K polishing-stone {pL ^P--) §. p.^^^^^pb^ ' 

>npbm I 
M3u^) rn~ij^ glacier {geogr.) {jjL ^-) s. ^W^^Vb^ | 

*nn ^p mp j 

iscDH ^iDd Koman figures pi;§^2i pt?*n9:i — 
*p^B I'l^K limb, member (^?. ^V --) s. '^^b% 

.-liipipbDp-nti^-Ti^j - ij^pi];^D];w^>TS2 

second cousin (j>Z. '^J^-') #. nj^p1I?tOD^W-^^^5 

'^T^^ .«» margin {of a hooJc) {pi rii^Sl^'b?) g. p''j?? 

.(?]ia a^M ^nVsn pbnn) |1^bri 
slip ;np^bf3bn skating-ground {pi f-) §. ^^^^^2 

.pbhn to slip lit i^to v^^i'^i k — 

»pbpbh ,p^h slippery adj. ^)^^)b^ 

^r^p 5g p?nrr to skate ?;. n y^ ]^'^)b^ 

Ivnm believer (jpl, V^^) s. ^np))b: 

,pM^a = pi:^^ 

,|^1p p^ hawthorn s. ^1^72 

.nsn^tt litharge, protoxide of lead s. W.b^ 
; nBDS) ""j^t ; "if?^^ even ; i^^ straight ac?^'. 1*!^^^ 
equal, like nu?; direct ;ps5 ,1^^^ right, good 
jbsfD ''B 5p iu?^^ rational, reasonr hie ;rii.f iHT^'.'n 
nD3 ,!ibK3 as if ;nrf |&to ^niu? alike adJt-. || 
»'pvba J ;p.ii2 n!a ,sq5n directly, soon 
it is all the same to me ii^95 y^^ m "iia — 

npM at a reasonable price to9p:! p^-?ba p.^ — 

,1M ,15K3 as if 11) y^^^ — 
by halves \T\w^ nw equally "i-^^ ^"^i^ ii^b^i ~ 

equivalent, synonymous adj. S^'litDl^lKSStJv^ 

^l^p- ||;min ^p ,^n« indifferent a(^i. Sr^^^^^l^^S 
,nn rsip .h\t^'^^ indifference s. 
.bpt'DD ^\w equilibrium s. ^5^11^.'.51^^3 
Kftrsf) '^m equality {of rights) 8. ^!l!.15'L'b' 

*ai^pDi^bj == 
,9tD^pn5i?b5 - ^'^^))y:b: 
»"it'; straight ac^v, D2^1i:Dl^^a 
bon-mot, witticism' '(jpL 1^^^) s, StD'^^-'lSl^Ss 

-^n to say witticisms v. n l^t fj^^teip')iri^^2 

Kin^ ^a equal ;i]'i^ ,p^Di comparison s, 'p!^'^^ 

to (^m.) I'rritr^n ,n?^"^ to compare t?. «. 2pvj^« 
to compare ?}. n ^!t- ||;2hx like, be fond of 
to reconcile oneself, make ;r\ip^ri oneself 
ra^ a^5'^n peace with 


_ us 


a guilty bD^n ckt 25:^12 nij $ ^^ik (p-ov.) — 
♦mi?u; pT Kb P^13 25 mind is never at ease 
sometliing ; - theft, larceny {pi T])^^:\) s. ^^^^, 
»n^,3^ yz^^ • « stolen 
♦Utt'ip^ cunning, trickiness s. ri*i?^^ 
sly or ;n23i female thief 0^?. D--) s. ^tori^i 

♦nDnj^, tricky women 
nnap pick-look (jpL }^-') «» bD^^tJ^-D^nj^ 

♦n^'ij; b'^ trickish ;ci^;i|i 9^ tMevish adj. t^^^.^2 

*s;pdnK5^j = ^pD^p^ 

.S5| to steal u. a. jp]^- ,f^lini^. 

cunning blade, sharper {pi. D^-) s. p)^^p^ 

♦(DID) yt^ chestnut, roan {of horse) adj. ^1i?''-35 

mean I(b*'J3 ns^a) JiajK nit (i?L D") a. V^)^^ 

,ba^ anx person 

.t^^:2\n hpj^ club (^L f^/^'.^^-^) s. h^'.^^ 

tD!5p -||;Dini ,jl5n gracious, merciful adj, SH^^^ 

.iDri /n5\3ri graciousness §. 
pa- ;«the garden of Eden {pi. D-) #. pJ!"i2 

,33^ Dipt) place of pleasure ; « radise 
delightful xny Jl b^ paradisical a^J. ^n^"!??-;^ 

yoc.) j'-the nether paradise s. \)Tim^ I'^P,."}^. 

.n^inym^ steam-bath 
point of death, breathing one*s last s. MD^DJ 

♦niD ^bsn ,«■ agony ;^a|D ^iiJ^i^'', -•'^l?''!! 
9nd to be in agony na-sii "ipi Dia pKD — 

♦p^^n 3ni3 geographer {pL [-«)«. i^^'^^i^J^^ 

♦fi^n ns^na geography s. V^^^'^^V^ 

.fl^n rin^na? ^m geographical cdj. ^^tH"^^^'^ 

♦|1tan h\irry, haste s. h""}^)}^ 

.pKn nliisri ip^D geology *. ^*'5iS^i^I^:s 

♦fl,^? nl3i2^ 'il^nb ^^K geological adj. ^)^h^V^ 

♦iiT'^a 'HD'^in geometry s. )))'^10V^^^^ 

♦np'^in bt? geometrical adj. t^^1tS^]2*S^5 

nrx something made or done *. DlD^^niK];;! 

♦j^lir^^^ arm-in-arm ac(/. ^^V^^^J^ 
order, commandment {p)l. [-* »'-) *. tOlO^^ 

♦n-T^pa ,ni5iD 
the ten commandments, the tsK2p;i \v^ n — 
.nnnnn ni*cp decalogue 
♦naxa something baked t. &jpK:2^2 
tellJiTj^?? ILOb innate ;nbi3 born adj. \'^^^V^ 

n-^ birth 


splendid, ;p'''i2p ,|f^l3 bright adj. 3nJ2£i^S; 
♦•^Kb^ .'i^^ni ,ns^^ magnificent 
,]hp^ |lLu:s little belf {pi y^--) 8. ^pV^i 
.d-'tsirpis with ornaments "whpvb^ ^)i^ (/%.) — 

.— a heap of bones «, l11D^^_-^^>-^2 
to annihilate niz:i^i;-bi^*-5j ^ ]^v^)ii |1S p^jD -- 
,u,»''K T'DtNT a person 
"ye likewise," the same to you !, int. ^^^ 32 
. - 1 wish you the same 1 
.l^t' ,- recompense, reward s. "?'^^ 
complete, perfect, ab- {pi D''"n02) adj, "TiC? 

.i^bf ,- solute 
.-this, too, is for the best phr. .i::i1^^ It D3 
,|:2ia optimist (pi. ^^ --) a, p^Jn:s1^^"lt-D: 

benevolence {pi. Q''1Dn""nib*'DJ) «. ^Dn-nib^'D: 

.n'':;i1 '?n n^i^n loan without interest ; ^ 
iD^D free loan institution s. D'''l&n"nib''a5 

♦n*3i 'b^ ^pi nnbnb 
"true benevolence," 0. ^^.H-W-IBn-rilVia: 
burial so- la^ni^O -h"]^^*? burial of the dead 
♦a^n^D ni^^i^b ni^n ciety 

it shall be neither phr. rf'Tl) ^h i^ S3 ''h Q^ 
.--mine nor thine 
♦n^bnn decision i^'iQ ,'-* conclusion a. "^^^ 
part of the Talmud com- {pi rinis:)) s. i^'l?^ 
n=iDbriD p'^O <-menting on the Mishnah 
im volume of the Talmud in^^m i^^ ^«t^Li 

*ii?3bnn ''plan 
contillation of Talmud students a, pP^^'^?^ 

,bapp-«^!3a = £Kp-iS'np2 
;b^,sba ^I'S <|bsbs casuist {pi. H^-)'*. ^£J?p-«^m 
♦55|?n in ,Dn^ subtile person 
^nb^nn ,- decision {pi D-) #. p'^-'^^^ 
"conclusion of a good j^/ir. riS'ltD no'^nn "ns:! 
sealing," I wish you a final good sealing 
for a happy year I {greeting on Hoshana 

, '- [JRahha) 
*|D grace ;"f£^ favor (pi f-) #. *^i^5' 
4tisi ,n*.3| , - shame a. ^'^l\ 
with due respect p-n iai5 ''K35 p^p 12 di« b^?t — 
♦mna nb^nt^s to him 
.^st dung, manure s. ''^^52 
sly or tricky man ;-- thief {pi Cs^'ny.) #. IX 
something stuffed inserted in a {fig.) ?^'i'^Jj 
♦KTufg i|ir,^ D"^5?^^ KbDD 15^ pudding 


149 ~ 

PV^) p^2p 

»rfpp5£ b)p KS^in to utter a scream inu?!75 1? pp3 ~ 
i^D to bang the door me |isid fpt « pyj -^ 

to stamp one^s foot Dia ]S3^.d sits ^ pya — 

,^n2 ppi 
to strike a person's D^p p.K Dpsr s^d pp:i - 
♦iJ^K ^fc?i bp nis'in, n^n head with something 
.n^t^ia ,nbsn prayer (|?^. f-- »--)§. ^]^3^5 

a-'si^lD an^ ^']33 '^ilpf;5 batch {pL I^V -) s, hp^^V^ 

what is bakedj baker's {ph\^) s, opv^^^ 
.sn^) S'iSK Q-'in'^ <nsp wares (hread^ cakes) 

r,^o?3 chain of mountains ipl>\^) s, ^"^P^V^ 

(/^.) ;an ,i:0'i'°i bot p^:^ roasted adj. ]^^'^^V^ 

.Clip sly^ cunningj crrJfcy 
a crafty fellow, a cun- 231'' -^v^v^V^V^ 8 - 
*b3i3 ,Dnp ning blade 
,fi^iyp a''''13p great tortures ^11^ ^^^'^^'•]::.v^ ™ 
,''6^ I'^s ,''9iE roast {pi. f - ) Se D:WJ^'^n^2 
.ijlk ,u?iJ3t^ use (^L f - ) s. T^T13^5 
.inf 5p_5 ,"!i^f ruptured «(/i- ^S^'^SP^ 
sn-i^yb^ n^^^iJ deformity (j^L I-) s. ^):^V^V^^V^ 

,P3B misfortune ni;bD ^^j^ ugly person 
hi« i]inn decollete, cut low adj. ^l^n^DlK^^) 
bare-necked, in a low- Knrn ^js) nmn ip nr,s 
•n?00 '^^~ ^^^^t "^^-^t^ ^^^^ nKwn s]^'^yq cut dress 

.nn|^ gilt adj. ^h^^P 
love- ;n^rt.nnri|« love (pL ^{P--) s. ht^-^VW^, 

M'^'^m affair 
.nlu^a^ W. ,n^3DT ^f nin6 bp. glazed arfj. ^^^^'73^5 
glass-doors, Venetian doors p^a i-£DT!5bjyj — 

,n^n ,bii^a3 ,bi^a comparable, like adj. p)h^V^ 

.pPpa3^ .f^Vp^ ,ppp-=--pP5 

;<^n^?^ ,^Tiri mutual, reciprocal adj. 2^^!5tJ2^3 
*^i*!nu? ,nis*i'iri reciprocity s, tt!!p--|| 
.n^pp -b'^p^ .fy^ b^h region {pi f-) ^. tD^:5];2 
♦n:iiK ,i|3riD opponent (j9l B- .-) «. "^^X^P 
♦niV subject ;w object (p^. f--) ^. ^X^t^X'P 
with flou- ;(nnytt') bcbrrp curled adj. ^ht'j^'^ip^i 
.(3r2) o-bic^D Dt: rishes 
.'ipp mentioned ar^J. ^^If"!];^ 
may this never hap- J^r^ip^ y^a ikS a^s == 
!nt3 |1&K 15 nip" N^ pen to you! 
n God presei've us! ^wrxip; ^:vr\ ai: — 

,i^?n to be born «. p, p];^^ p.^^J?5 

^^ibn Q1^ day of birth t« ^.StS-jl.^ni^S 


{phi/s,) UiCE) ^1l2D msH ni^j5 bound at//. p^OP 

*D^Ds latent 
niK^p3) C1D3 ah latent heat pn P3n3UP3 — 


.a 11 spa ,? mi? birth {pi f-) «» ^"inp 
;b^r: .b^bl domain, territory {pi ]-) s. ^12^ 
province, domain, sphere, depart- {fig.) 
AQ'yi'6 bt^y vji^p^ ment 
to order, command {p. p. ]m2V") «. «, [^np 

*ips ,n.i^ 
.1:P structure (^j^. fP--) 8. l^^P 
,rs-j: reproving «. l^l^t^^^P 
softj Jcnsp) ns3D bolted, sifted adj. ^hm^P^ 
Q'nwpm ''3iQQ .If'] spongy {of pickled cucumbers) 

.nto^^ bones §. p^S^3 
to accurse a person \\'\:iv^ D:s^pt3i« pb'.u?i«3 -- 

.t^'K bbp liS* 11^ 

not ptsippjsinK r.^ p.^rp3 c:it^ih i^n iS^ii £3':3 — 
to know what has become of a person 
.u?'K Dbp: n^« pi^ ^b 
.cni womb s. ^J^^ii^-'^^.DP 
to beget, (jp.j?. pHS^^ .['^"'IW) t.% a. P»P 

n'^; bear, give birth 
.i!2bb .'^im educated, cultured adj. tS^"E^^2J?2 
,n^::>i ^p.5 ibp'fii 
.nnp3 barking s. 15^^^'^^^ 
.nnannn n^j? connection {pi ]--) s. 1J^3^^ 
; nna-fD family mIHbujd on: descent s. pi. ^^^^]^3 
.nnpin generations 
.f1|? T'^j native a^?. il^"i^^P 
\m temperament sa^ blood s. pi. f^^^S^ 
♦i^ 1^1 ''"^1^? passions 
,Q^nisa ^'\^p» IK l^ifr: flowered adj. tODnSP 
,nn^u? b%' stratified, in layers adj. ^'^V^V^'^T" 
to deal im :{h) to give {p. p. f^]^']^3) t;. a. f^^^ 
;nii5n to happen «. «. || ; 'a'B'?p) pbo {cards) 
.t\YiVm2 nS^ to be there, exist 
I will give it to him! ^pP3 d^k bpii i^k — 

tn^ m 1? n^i^ 

.nip'f i^sK it may happen pv:i |Pp dj/ -■' 

he is ]::^v^ PP ckii n^ri' ipi2Dpi3 ipi i^x "^t? --' 

*iniD3 rats pK* the greatest fool there is 

to strike a blow ek^P II \^V^ -FT? « PPJ "~" 

fin tDJnis:r,]/j 

— 150 

fn];i1 tS3«"1>^3 

♦^pi^ -n-'^i^a obedient ac^J. Di^t1Knj?:i 

*r\i^l proud ;nb5?5 ,n\^3 exalted adj. p^'-M^^J 

♦nnn niDanrin higli spirits siir^ito'si; ysyn^irt!;:! — 

♦inn careful, guarded adj. '0)^V^ 

♦n:^ ,|1i7^ dwelling, abode {pi. t^-) s. ))^^V^ 

,nB:in ,nii:p impudence, nerve s. ^^^1^5 

♦iriDS secret, private adj. D^^"nj?2 

♦"ino::: secretly c^.:ni;:i px — 

my- ;^fid 'inn secret (jo?. f-) «. ^)^V^)T\V^ 

niD stery 

.biD-in echo (pi. [-) 5. I'^^-'^i^^ 

.^illp assistant, associate (pi. [-) s. J^^^'l^i 

.,T3nb c-5£:; timber, lumber (jjL f-) *. f^'^^^^^ 

timber-mer- {pi. D- ,^) s. '^Vhn:iV^^1^h)r]V^ 

.njnb Q'liys "inlD chant 

.nb brain (^^L D-) 5. f1^"i^:i 

.tt^-ijp premises of a farm {pL f--) s. tS^n^)) 

.n^vpTp bearing ». ^'^^.'I^^ 
.pl?ni7a pc ws p'tss^s ^s'xr^s pvr^^D v^:nn ,2'^J^ri^2 
properly, ad .||;nlK3 proper, due adj. ^)^V^V^ 
♦nixi «in^' n^ propriety s. t01!!p-||p!iK'i2 duly 
to concern '»'b "^'^ nS'i to belong, v. n. ]^V^V^ 

^'^ P? 
the book belongs to ii» isr toipnpj ii:: d^^ — 

^t^ ^^it? *iBCDn me 
tbis has no ^^t ip"! iir is-i (tsn^nj?;) ipnpj 1D^?'^ — 
^i^tiy ntn i:3in px ralation to tbe matter 

this does not concern 'l^D lit ^ii tDipnyj ck^t ~ 

J ^5 pjns nn "imn px me! 

♦lasu^tts /ixiiD properly p-^t n ^vnv^ cp QPII -- 

yi^ one has to read |p3pii^ lit ^pny: pa — 

it is probably late tsps^* p^t pi^ ^pripa cp — 

.ni3p horned, having horns adj. tD'lJ^Jipnj^i 

♦n6''ii ,b|^i:i habit {pi. ]-) s. tD!?^::^*.^^^^:! 
,iDi?nriKnpj == tD£i^ti^3^1.^n^: 
♦I'ipn '^^?^1P'' -- ["^^^^ n^^sni^;:! 

ntt^ J'lJ cloth (pi }-) s. tOJi^np 
to take into mi- loiKnpa p« |pp'«2ti?2mK (id.) — 
♦K2::£^ npb litary service 
.b™ grown «4/- [Op><'i^i^3 
.pb\i; to learn, be informed v. n. t^^l'5 'nsilj^i 

to be warned, be cautioned v. p. t-^ tDJ'li<11i^2 
♦"imn to be cautious J^Djn 

to be remembered, be v. p. f'^^'il tD:38i;;: 

.ipeii ,"ipjri mentioned 

may there be no re- ' ]ipn 1P ^sn ^d^iv:^ a^: — 

h^\j; IPS'* Kb membrance of him I 

don't set ^ppil to^DKip:: i3!3 i^d fs bx! cis p-^T — 

bp ^bn ipjtn «5 your foot in my house! 

*|1''I71 idea Jn^^^h^ thought (pi. \V-) s. pw8"T^."l 

to come in^o jppiK'ipj ^ s^^ix jiipQ^K |p»ip — 

.ti?^K npi bp n^ip one's mind, occur to one 

.inisiy2pp3b-ipj = >sitst^J^p:)8^i?2 

.p^CD?; ip dash (2:)l f^) *, ^nt5r:::;pJ38'ni^a 

."^jmti ,ijhK to last, continue v. n, pV^^^'^V^ 

,fi^3b^s patience «. lh)1^^ 

»|j:no ,e:e^ ij"!.^ patient adj. 5^1^n^:i 

- b D ^ n ==) fTTip ''b^£ stewed meat s. p^t^i'l^S 

,nbitD to thrive, prosper v. n. ITl'^V'^ 
»n:3i7 thick, dense adj. ^tDlS^'lJ^J 
the main part, the pss^npj PD^pi n (^d) — 
:^p^VT\ substance 

*Tu? poem (^?. ]))-) s. ^ts::n^) 

-ss; thickness *. ^^i^^3^^J^3 


.iyi3P3pnp3 = te>^:!:t?tD2:i^'^i^i 

re- Jlhstri nb memory (_p?. f-) s. ^'i^V^V'^V^ 
♦13.1 membrance 
♦*ib| to remember «. a. w. IVp^V^V^ 
bowels, entrails, intestines «. pi. D^IJ^'l^i 

^a^n'n;^ ,dip.d 
ni^p^ fastened with wire cdj. W^'\V'^^'^'^V'^ 

,bn? ^t?in:^ 
,nnit ,hlB3 swollen adj. [b^'nni^J 
.hBSnn to swell, be swollen v. p. p^^"5 |biS^"i:t?5 

.KSj^DQ ,nn3ir! inference (pi. ]V '-) s. ii^'TiJ?^ 
nST to be inferred, follow v. p. f^J^ f^.lill'i^i 

.ns^iD maze (jp/:. t^-) i. 'D'^'^V^ 

.nnsin drawing of inferences s. t^^JJ^^J^'^n^i 

.u?i3p^3n-ip3 = 'L^^^^:5^"^"ip 
^12^01 'iW crowd, crush (29?. f^^) s. ^^V^^V^ 

.nlb^f^ salary {pi. l-) s. ^h^^lV^ 
.nbri one hanged (pi, V^-) s. "^Vm^^^^riV^ 
.p^p^ ,i]^,nn cut, chopped adj. tDp^MJ^2 
; n!3inh ninn a cut wound ^3'!kt! ptspxnpa ~ 
.D^'5n3 Q^^ilb^ great pains p3'!Kil ptD!3«npa (fig.) 


151 ™-- 


.''jpn shop-keeper {pi. B- .-) s. n^n^J^lip 

.5TO to rule V. m p^tO^J?r,p 

.b^1?:i ruler (_pL ^) s, 1^^^tO^];r,i?2 

,'-;i rr^n to depend v, ^. pjt ^O^J^lip 

to depend on some- Dpsp (px) |!^ |i^t ts^^pnpj ™~ 

»inin ^i^n n\n thing 

,iD2 ^nii '^^ of cloth adj, ftD^r' 'J^^ 

eloth-trade, drapery' (^Z. I^) ^. I^^.W^O^V^m 

eloth-merchant, (pi »- .^j"^. l^^^it^^D^r-'i^i 
."^m \:3^1tJ5 '^D^s woolen-draper 

,yto3 ,h»^ plant (jpZ. [-')«, Dp^ll^^ 
zone of ve- (^eo^r.)' {ph \V -) s. hm^>^)VW^ 

^ch^i^D *i1tK getation 
Oiu?^ waxedj rubbed with wax adj. t:Dp^n^3 
.p^rt mmi^ polished ;.i3i^^ 
*ni '?5 weapon, ari2i {pL -) ^. ''^T^W 

.(n3i5»n n3«) \\np mechanism {pi. \-] I'^^HI^^ 
exchange of wordSj quarrel «. I^'^^'^tfll^lli^i 

♦ij^^i;:! »i|hK to last, continue t?. ti« pV^^V^ 

.r\Wi^ anointed adj. ^i^Kt|;:i 

saltnesss #. tO!?p || ;n^5D salted ac^J. J^^Ktp 

singing n*-^ song (pi '^^V^T-^ i\V --) a. S^Ktp 

.^^^ ambassador (:P^. l?tD>«) s. 1]^^tD|pWP 
*||D?2 filtered a(£;. (|piM p£) p^W^ 
sound, healthy, (com??, ^l^^^^n^i) adj. ^i'^tp 
«n^p wholesome ;p]n strong ;Hna well 
8. II ; '"iH'13 iS^\T soundly, well ado, jj ; (pts) 

♦n^K*''']a health 

^1^*^ b'2W common sense 'liKbtri^s nya:itpj — 

,nwp nibibnt^ heavy blows svbp pasitr'^ — 

.T^p to work energetically a^iry^ |tspsiK* — 

♦wa5?na^) I xmtDK God bless yo-u ! ^ to3i?p5 i^ ™ 
n3i3) ! ciibtr? farewell ! ^ ^3iiw ^in I !d3i?P3 m "- 

liin God blese you! l|i?t iik lab^i la^iipa — 

man alive, H*^:^ sip'i bt?ii ,pt liK b5K*t ts^i-p^ -= 
i^^'iT' -'^iin nt HD what are you talking! 
while be- ;nis<nn^ in health adc, ^Wl^tO^ltp 
.,10^^ nixnan In^nin ing in good health 

in^?:^'' God speed you! itji^'TiptDiiipj mm — 

ip^-j bp -n 

.(D'^n) |f^^:a ^'2^9 ,]'4'v_^ smoked adj. ^\^h'\^^^y^'p^ 
.nyD storm^ tempest (pL f-) j. '^V^)T^V^ 
.K)yn3''iKiipa = 2^"lJ1Vi'^2 
.9n?2 accustomed, used adj. ^^))T>p^ 
b'n Jn3 customary, usual adj. '*]^'?rO)J1^'np 
adi;. II ;dv^b ordinary^ common sn'2i^ ,'Uiz 
♦iniM of course ?b\nri 'b bv usually 
J-^K |2D5 ,-a bl-in to accustom ^% a. \V^'\)'^'V^ 
I -a bn^<7 to accustom oneself v. r. "j^'- |j 
rbp^ >^tn 'Hity ^t^^b^nn ntjj? to exercise, practise 
scales, ba- ibp^fp weight (pi. f-) «. ^2.1^*3 

♦Ci^3t«Q lance 
^53 ponderous, heavy ad,j. ^ItD^'llp 
*m*i p^s gain, profit (pL f^-) s. ITn}^^ 
some- ;7nl3;siT5i winning (pi, f-) s. C3^''']^3 
,t}lB thing won, prize 

.D3inpj == tcDjrn];:^ 

to ;hnn to gain (p. p. f^^^uSV.^^) tj. a. f^Jr.lJ^S 
,13^ to beget, bear ;yitorTbT win 
.b'rin nail winner (pL B ^ , - ) s. "t^Jriip 
.n^91'' woman lying-in (pi, 0-^)8, fip^l'^^ 
certain nn^ ,p3 ^pitsa certain, sure adj. D^11^2 
certainly^ surely^ positively adv. \\ ?^^\^ 
certainly a, ^)^tl^ Unnss .•'Htiia ,|i33 bn ,np^f 

,n''D^3B nisn conscience (pi. D-) s. [Dinp 

.^12U^ flood, inundation (pi f-) s. "i);D^n^3 

swaddled i^^iDp^ ^ij^s wrapped ac^J. tD^p^.np 

t .J s 

4Gnp u?''K a sly blade ^3ip jobpmpa ^ (j/oc) — 
stature im^m ,bm growth (pi f-) s, Dp^1l|?^ 


.n^lp nsa i9^3D full-grown, tall a^y*. S^Dp^Tip 

.b|1dp ruled, made with lines adj, tO];i^11^5 

.am spice (_p?. f-) s. f*111ip 

jn^ ,3'!^ web, tissue (pi f-) *. ^^11^3 

t). atix, had al» cp-n fie tt^'S 3;3yjJ8^i»B) ^W^^^ 

*.»i;i3 ready 
he had taken already |pai3p3 istpiipi ^^n iv — 

*rip5 ins 
he had come already iP?^ipP3 tstpiip5 t^K "np -» 

..Tri^ former ac^J. [t^llj;! 
HNiti:; ^a a former servant iTiu^D "ip;pipiip3 ^ — 

,nD'ii;nn bet, wager (^L f-) s. ^^*iip 
*anrnn to bet, wager t)pi"p3 ]\s p^3 — 
storej shop ;n£3 vault (_p2, ]--) b. S^^11]?3 



— 152 


iegiti- »phn ■'D^^ lawful, legal adj. yhli^lV^ 
;pnn '^b lawfully, legally ado, || nrri mate 
Kinu? nn nijDn lawfulness, legality *. ^-p-H 
♦c^jjnn Yi?' ,pnn ^ab 
.^s^tt subtile acy. tOHD^n;;: 
Its^j ghetto, Jews' quarter {j)l. S-) s. HtD^2 

n' ^a 'Vujj; turned on the lathe adj. tDpif!tD^3 
♦bba^^ elaborate {fig.) ; ain n3i::D 

♦rt^I75 'S|V? ■''''1^^ divine adj. y.h^)^^ 
drink, beverage '(pL p:iV'^^V^) s. pJ>?1t0^2 

».r. T^'-ll;-^ m^ '■? tibs to trust v. a. f^^'^top 

.^sb nhy to dare, venture 
8. tOSNl^-ll ;]mi true, 'faithful «(/?. l^tO^^S 
.n;i72K <|1DK faithfulness 
\p3KlDPa = p^nto:?3 
.tipvJi$ drink (p?. n^-) 8. ^p^^^'^tO^^ 
np^a Viennese liquor 5puns3i7a 'iri^.n — 

.n'i'p Kin 
wailing, lamentation {j)l. (") *• '^^^^''^^ 

♦nan-) chase ='^*a k-antmg (pi. f — ) s. ^^''i^^ 
written in ±£ebrew square adj. ^Tl^^T\2V^ 

♦S7S"iD 2n53 n^n3 letters 
who has lived (Am.) ;:^hif yellow adj. v)?3 
;np;T!2K:2 'inan n^^^i a long time in America 
unrespeet- (Am.) J^^ns^ sensational (J.m.) 

.|i:r[ ^nbn able 
CI? pni? a sensational paper .i5iioi^!i ybyj ^ — 

.mb^^SD mr^^ 
,nri;^ lading s. i^):iV'^i}hv^ 
s, ^-p-ll Jttr. "1)5 ,|in» calm, cool adj. fCK^^i 
♦n^rriD calmness, coolness 

♦tDi?n nhii: yellowish acZf ']^':'!lS^:i 

.n^na running (;?^, I-) s. ?]^i7^i 

excellent ; na; n'^v^ successful adj. W^*^ ^V^ 

.(nbna) pp'i;: jaundice s. t021i7P 
♦tto ,riU"?? '^^^ money (phi") ». ^^^^ 
jfars u\s!> HM to be in funds D^y;i i?n p? — 
nsi iS'b to be short of money isbrj i?2 |i^t es^5 

♦pn» «4>^^, 
money begets tabra 13£ ai^a ts^ra (proy.) — 
.|1DD "T'^iD p^tt money 
,^D3-^i!.i« money-belt (pL P-) s. h^'^Hy^^h^i 

15 God be with you! ! Dr.nii;iD3ltpa tsiia — 

♦p]nn scolding *, l^'l^^'l't^* 
pickled ; yiim soured, made sour adj. *\^'^V'!l*V^ 

.|^i»n leavened ;\l'12|3 
£3^Ki\yp pickled cucumbers cppniJ^iK ytsipiMpJ! -■ 

♦fttns pitn leavened dough ai^D "ip'^iyiMp:! — 
.D"-;! face, countenance {pi. 1>' - ) s. ^3^t^2 
nxna 1H yn^ complexion {2??. f-) «. ^1|§&"tD:2^TJ^:s 

IK maj?^ n"i3Dfi) sb^s cornice (pi. f-) 5. DD''tJ^-3 

grooving-plane, rab- (pi f^-) «. v^^-TDD^T^3 
♦!3''Si:nfi nst'lfe^^ np5ip?? bet-plane 
♦nn ,.1191 singing «■. ^l^^n^HJ^Ti^^ 
family Ih]^ ^3S household (j^L I-) a. I^^tp 

o'l^'l fil^ mob, rabble (pi. '^V -') s. ^"l^^t^^ 

farewell dance (jp2. p>^^«) «. f*^^^^!!^'^^'^^ 
^ina pt3) n7''1BD 51n^ (a Aiiwd 0/ wedding dance) 

to bid farewell, take leave, v. r. I^t f^^V3:;T;j;2 

."a Tian -HTnan npis hp^ part with 
to give up i^xia "iKa n d^d ^it |y:j;ar*A?:i (/^^.) ~ 
♦i^mpDt^ u?«^nn one^s money as lost 
jour- nnri associate, chum (pi f-) «. v^t^* 

♦(mtt^ itsju' jttix^ "i^a^n) n^ri? n;^-!-^' ney man 
sociabi- «. tOt!p-'||;p_Pjinj? sociable adj. ^ih^^^i 

.niPI lity 

aiJ7l^^D to associate v. r. ^^t p^tj^^ 

.Da^?u?by'i?3 = ^£8'^ob^T^: 

.n'^m society, company {pl.\-) s. t£DKt^7^T^2 

x^vi companionship ;^1r? 

.^nn^D social adj. '•]&Cttwhr^T' 

noisy, noise ipan crowd {pi f^-) 5. ^r^^t^i 

.•^ni en.sip b^p of many voices 
hind parts, pos- ;:2^1d seat (pi. [-') «. D^T;;2 

.np ,a:iins ,'iih« teriors 
parsing (gr.) ;isBU?a ,ph law (pZ. f- ,-) s. f*^*^2 

.(pnp-T2> tss'^'arj ^pbn Din 3 
nap book of laws (jyl "^^^^n--) ^. l-r^ll^S^^i^i 

law-giving, legis- (pL I^-) «. ''r.n^2^£:i;?^2 

.c^pn nrn3 lation 
law-giver, .cgis- (p^. D-- ,«)\. ^^np5^W2 

.pi)Sn^ .P'pn |ni2 lator 
seda- s. tSt!p-|| ;nf;j: .p^'i sedate g,dj. ^'^^VW 
,:iW' ,n^m^^ tenes® 


153 -»- 


insD 2p)^^ u^^« a long time in America 

I. tsvip^ll ns^bp learned, erudite «4/. tDJ'nj^^P 
.n?9^n -n^^-^D? learning, erudition 
*^h^ P5^ yellowness s. tl^p^^S 
' .p^nn forced ai/J. tOI^^^KD^^^ 
a forced interpretation «;iDi^a lyaiysDK^pji k ~ 

roomj chamber J |;5:a building {pi. j - ) s. ^ ^KD^a 

softly, gently inp^^^ at ease adv. ^^KDJ^2 

.iims ,topf ? 
' ^b mti leave me alone 1 ^ ijjdpj "[1d t^b -- 

! ^3?^?i bin 
affectea,noti real ;''n^:DKb?f artificial adj.^^^^P^ 

*n''p3t3"^K nnan affected mien pais p^^^^^p^ k ~ 
.-)l^i2 painted adj. ^h^t^^^ 
,pipri to be possible v, p. pJ' "^h^t^^i 
how is it possible ? ? im ab^^p^ &p |pp ni -^ 

♦bD5 boundary, limit (pL f-) s. p^H'^^a 
*(K OM) n. current adj. ^^D^KDl^a 
current handwriting nrniK p^pt^iijkdpjj ™ 

.ns mouth (cotz^J.) (pL B--) s. J^^^^S 
shut your mouth! ?pSDpj n ia ^Kts — 

,na£2 marsk (pL f--) s. pP^D^ 
humor ;::^ .pn spirit, heart (pi! ^nP-) s. ^)t^V^ 

.nps£ jSii£p ::jb heavy heart ta^^p^ ipiw ^ -- 
common ;bau? .'^m mean, base, low adj. p.^tt]^^ 
.''31; poor ;pj'i| f'^m's 
♦rrjjt? .nb.tfi^ community (p^. &-) s. V*^^))t2V^ 
15*7 ;wbaiz^ meanness, baseness s, ^!5mJ^^»^3 

,f3P^!ttpa -= \t^W^ 
mash Jn^njjn mixture (pL f-) s. pSI^^^Di^i 


not genine, pnis^b^ artificial adj, ^H5K%|^a 

hot- ifyii^ counterfeifced ir^mr^ '''^^^"^^ sham 

,(n3Kbtt) Oi .^!iH-i2 nt'i;3 iibv ched, bungled 

ifnn -Tn^ clever ;n,ts smart o4/°. ^'^i^'^DP 

»a^i£nn ii2 ^wi; skilfully made 

/'niK,, »isii B5?n "v^^^is^ Handlexicon -i^^k^b pii en 

.^D| Dlbtp^ remittance {pi, f^-) s. a^ll^IJ^r^^^a 
want of money {pL [P-) s, hmi2"^hp: 

money match {pL D^511''K><™) s. ^n''^|r^0^1^2 

.pDD Q'pb Q'Krr^ 
beloved^ sweetheart (^L \^) s. V^^^hp^ 

.t^|bs mistress ; n;i^n« 
,si.%^ beloved, lover {pLV^^) s. ^V^\^1^P^ 

.bSBf who has suffered adj, \WV^ 
ibnD^ nbK war sufferers psptsibpj nshbD — 

^^J n^iSK ^^ss;^ -^D paralysed ^J. tC'Dll^j;^ 

*6^i .in 
galloon, gold4ace (pL Hl^^) 8. ^^^l^^P 

.ant nD^i 
,(pty^3) 5p ,i\:ip fluent, easy ac(^'. a^£l^^]^^ 
to succeed {p. p. fl^^r.^pj) ^, «. f^J^^^^ 
♦ns^^ rT9i; to prove successful ; u;\m iin n'^p .o"^^ 
.n^9^^ I will succeed |pa5ibp5 ^pii -^id — 

.^T'n nbp'^ 
.^^K' left-handed adj. ^p^lhp^ 
*^^19 lent adj. fP^^P 
to stand perplexed ip^pi^p^ « ^ii p^£)^ ('ifi^.) •— 

♦^n3 i^p 

»|tobo yolk (pL "^V-) s, h^h^^ 

.53bp3 =- (pL B-^) s. p^P 

.ifsm ,niK5 opportune adj. pV^V^ 

r? p^3 to concern v. p. pJ^ \^vhv^ 

it does not concern me pp5P3 ai3 iid ^k dp — 

,^b P313 i;rK 
to be brought to bed v. p. pl^^l p^^V^ 
{loith a cMld)^ be confined, be delivered 
.(ro m p) Dppn n^i {of a child) 
opportunity, chance {pi, f-^) §, l^r^r^^^V^V^ 

;rf^» .^3'fp couch, bed (pL B»< ,[-) s. "ii^^J^'7]^3 
the lying in bed Mr\^nb} f^^iD .rriit^D lair 
»(nbin bt£>) 22U?p {of a sick x^erson) 
D'^d; imsp bj2b,ln3f long-lain, old adj. '^'^V^V^V'^ 

.nb^ ,Q''a'i 
,pln-^ ,p1hi^ laughter (pL C-» .^) §. 1];^5^^;P 
to become the "ipDspbps pt'^^i^b pKtt — 
.dp p'',ntyb iTH laughing-stock of the people 

.'npv.p balustrade {pi. D^) ^. l^n^pSp 
colorature, grace- (m«s.) (pL f*-) s, p^P'?^^ 

«n3^33ri 0^3 note 
u^'^ yellow-haired mam {pi. J^7«) s. "IJ^^IJl^S 
one who has lived {Am.) ;nl^n2 nn:;u? bi/is 


— 154 


.D13X forced, compelled adj. ^W^V^ 
.ym\ .^^l: necessary adj. y)W.^V^ 

to need, want, be in need of v. r. ^'t p^tDl'?i^2 
♦^it pi torn = ','b 'r\y^^^r\ r^ "T^ic 
.lisn "in'^ something sewn s. ^W^V^ 
;-D nsnn to enjoy {p. jp. p^V^) v, a, \WV^ 
^5saa) n:rir! to partake {of food or drink) 

♦ni::t a ,m3! E532£r^i« |0'iP5 -- 
'O'iB nx) pn? "viiian turned {coat) adj. ^V'^'^V^^-^T^ 

♦u^'ih ias n^i?3i l^n?? vamped ;ct:3 ^tr 
'^i^'^ssD nape of the neck {pi. [-) s. p^^J^^ 

to break p^m pK tb^jn pyin ,pi5p;i ^kt ppnn — 
♦inpiDD ^:i\y one's neck 
•ss^p recovery, cure s. 2^it^JJ^^ 
♦xsni recovered, cured adj. Y^V^V^ 
to recover, be recovered v. ^p. f^^'"! ft^^^^S 

♦KS-in ^niK^r^ ^s'!^ to health 
to come near, approach v. n. f^Xy)^^^)! 

♦pi^§ yawn (j^Z. f-} s. f*^^J^2 
to idle (/^^.) ;pD2 to yawn u w. fSi^:)^;^ 

.N2St-^b general (pZ. ^V^V'^Vm .[-) s. '^^^'ip^:! 
.''V?^'] -\5^^3 general {|j;iji!ivts^i;i!i ps) -Ti^l^);^)! 
general agent {pi [-) s. ^^^K -^b^l^J^^i 

adjutant-general (i)Z. f-) s. to:^^T'^J$-^i$ip^: 

governor- (^L D-) g, '^^tDi^i1^ni>^>$^^':^i 

♦nria ,?''b|n ^v general 
general-govern-^ {pi, &-) s. V'''^'^Vy^>h^^V^V'^ 

♦nrta m_yp nnn ^plj?,'i ^^5| ment (^^ Russia) 
lieutenant-gene- {pi ]- } s. t^mVWh'h^'^V^V^ 

♦'U^KT £33'^^? ral 
major-general {pi f-) g. \S"'i$D-'?K^*>J];:! 

♦K^|-iu 5f of general adj. Vp^^'^V^V'^ 
fieldmarshal {pi.]--) s. h^^^iit^lh^^t^hi^'^]:^ 

♦Ci'So^ ^t? ^'^^ general 
.^pa") T-it ^^v^K-] b^Q^Jp {pi. f;J; - ) s. ^DJifip-^i^^^J^i 
m^ general stafi {pi-]-) «. ^KtOl^-^^ipj;:! 

nipK general's lady {pi. S-) s. ^t>5^^'^3^J^:i 
^I^p^nln^ lane {pi. "\V -) s. ^2^:3 

;i1*it picture, portrait {23L f — ) ,9. ^V^V^^ 

^b'l'^ example 

I will give you an bp?:p:i k ^i^x n^:i ^ij* — 

.bwD ^b jnK example 

it is impossible 12:: bpt^p^ p.^p nK:i r.x'c — 

quantity of milk which a cow s. ph^'Q^^ 
.r\m cpBs ninii nns\g sbn m^ gives at a time 

•piKDs;^ = p1^i2^3 
small island in a river QjL B-) s. l^li'^|?3 

♦^rijs i^p^ ^^ 
♦nsiSD ,a^:3 H'^ps named adj. '^^JhO^S 
\^^b;,b fooling s. "^^^V^ 
to make a fool of |:ipai« |iS "iK*3p:! d^5i pK*n — 
.^^K:n rtbtiJn ,r''K bp ^^iii^nn a person 
;nr^!ptt ,n^rii$ deceptive, delusive adj. tOlKJ)?J 
not l^Jpp S'2 pK^ unsubstantial intia false 

,^riD5^"^5:5 genuine 
to be deceived, be mistaken v. p. [1!!? ^IK^P 

,n"pto .n3'^ 

,njai ,f)^K!3'i deception s. I^I^'IK-S^S 
♦nOD to be killed v. p. J^^^IT to:iin^^5 
adv. II ;p^B!pD sufficient, adequate adj. ^"^^^^ 
suffi- *. tD^Jip^ll p-^ sufficiently, enough 

.pisa ciency 
.pacn to suffice "in :n5pj ~ 
exactly, ac^y. || Jp^^^a exact, precise «(^/. ^1-3^3 

•p^^l^i precisely 
♦nKJt? enjoyment (^L f-) s. &1J1^2 
♦\i?^b«b niKn n^T to be itching v. imp. y.^ \^h'^^} 
.niKn niiSna insn he is itching aiK "]i) ^bnvti Dp — 

4|K ^f of goose adj. fi'I^^ 
,n« ^u? |Diu? goose fat f'^KD^ pipnpii — 
*m 5u niii3 goose-quill p3ps p;pT;p3 ■— 
♦d^p Adam's ale {joe.) s. fl^ri-3t:^3 
,t\^ "iv^z fleshy parts of a goose s. DJt-D]/^ 

."!P3Kj == "^^'lyj: 
.piBb sufficiency #. p'J^^S 
»^^ sufficiently ?:!^3P3 ^ij — 

,p-t3 hurt adj. tSpfp];: 

♦(» ^''3'i /ps experienced adj. tD^^^^ 

.n^x''p3 experience a. ^l^p^^^^j 

♦tsi^p?al3P3 = t£'Kt>>^0^J^2 

.nTsn sewing 5. 1^^]/-2 

♦ntol3 inclined, disposed adj. tO^^^^I^S 

♦n^ari sewn adj. ' tD^^:J;: 

.83'S5?3 genietet, geniet •^ta^ns^inki^G nB 


_ 155 - 


naiD n^rK I don't like her £5i3 "iid to^pspj it — 
nm2 *9 n^i3 she seems to me unwell Prpn 

*-^s^S?i sVo nSn to be pleasing v, n. p.:?t f^'^m 

^^s-'ps ^ijs n! I like it pmv^ "i^» ?ik cki — 
l|K)p^ 4?S) little fork {pi ^)^^^) «. V^P^V'i^ 
one of the forked twigs put into the 
hands of a dead body at its burial 
b i!^ nl^bi^rip n'n^ {according to Jewish eutsom) 
snja ''155) .11^:1)10 rijg^a nisD ''T^ ^Vl^V ^^^?^ 

,an^DK n^a prison^ jail (pl]^) s. '^I^Vp^^^V^ 

.1]^ venison^ game nnb 

.'^b^ vessel, utensil {pi ^) s. ^V^V-^ 

♦tDS^D m^^^.^in m^^p contraband adj. ^hp^^^: 

.OTssb nm pearHike, pearly adj\ '^h^P^^^ 

nsdD dangerouSj perilous adj, "jlbl^^fel^^ 

♦nssp dangerousness s. ^!5p'-|| 

.HiBjp ,lp)p HSj^^ frozen ac|/, pKlS^^i 

♦5ki^ n.riK having asked adv. mr]'^T^^V'^BP^ 
without having asked tsiiniyi3:!Pi6pa toi3 — 

.b'^^ ^b^ 
♦nlt'^is ni'is preserves t, B^^^IBp 
A^^ ,Q-i5^^ pay, reward (^j^. f - ) 5. ^^KSS^2 

i3UJi:55^ ornamentedj embellished a^J. ^^p^M^^2 

*p|DD fondled 0%.) ;r!s\b 
Ift'i^D ,WJK forced, compelled ac?;\ f^^^^'^KVi'ip 
.n^j^ni^n constraint s, tO!^p-^|| 
♦^■^^D brought up ; i]lt^p drawn adj\ p'^UP^ 
A^^tib iK 1^^^' 130 ci'oinf sugared tic^J, W^pU^i 
^n^KbD ^bs toolj instrument (pL -) s. PJil^^a 
drawn, ;j^b^ isiu^*^ marked «4;^ ID55l^^^3 

*^toluJD designed 
p^^p ."iisD numbered, counted adj\ '^hv.^^^ 
*°op^D small in number, few 
.nsT) d^r^? byj dented adj. thl^l)^^^ 
.bnk tent {pi f^) ^, tD^^^^^i 

,m^p^ wrinkled ;*^iis^ bent adj. ^^l^tolKp^i 

.S'^nnes ij^D flowered adj, ^hWDp^^ 

.pm forced at^J. ^I5>^i;i1p].'3 

*^l?;ib"^^ ,^n-i3Kbp artificial a^/. ^^^i^p^i 

.t)p^p, rattling s. ^^'^)}mhpP^ 

.^s^b^D subtilised adj. ^T^)hpV^ 

.T)| .^^^^F} cooked, dish (7?Lf-) s. f^Pp^^ 

*^''1 quarreling ^. S^p^i 

Sols; n"!Ji; to succeed {p. p, -) ^^. «. '|tO.S1|;2 

,^1^ nm to grow well, thrive 

♦^^s-sj yoke (^L S-) s. J^pD^^ 

.u^k^ -llfTip stench {pi ti^) s. nVl'lpV^ 

4Bp 'Ipa to grow old V. p. pP)) m^^h^^^ 

*9iiKaKp -= *^Sll^a^i 

;nT'^D clapping {pL f]^-) 5. l^"i^^^.H&^^ 

,&''S| HK'^np clapping 

*b^^ folded adj.' '0^'^^^1hmr^ 

to fall, occur {of a {p> p. -) 1?, *?, f^l^SP 

»(3ii3 BD bin [holiday) 
when J^£s3n ab^^spa naa ^^^ 'nptstyip 'ip'r |pii — 
the first day of Passover occurs on 
.'« DTin 9h nsB 511^ pu?Ki dr &k Sunday 
.^^s'A^ captive, prisoner {pt P - ) s. ip||^:-3K£^3 
.n3sp danger^ peril (i^Lf-) s. ^K&]^3 
embellished, ;u^^n^ dressed adj. ^^IDp 
polished (s^ces) ^a^pb „1|;d decorated 

.oh3 stained adj. t)^))^^^'^^^:^ 

*K13"^ hated, disliked ^dj. ^i^^^&l^^ 

*i^Jl feeling tt^n sense (i)^, f---) s. ^^.&P 

,|W noise, uproar (j^l, D^) g. "I^I^^SP 

*k|>?2}2 filled, stuffed adj. ih)^V^ 
*a^Kbib^ mi stuffed fish vjib v'^b::^^ - 
*wb?^ stuffing {pl\--) s, p^b^&^:i 
*l^3 dotted nha ^-ip^ speckled adj. ^hlD^iB^^ 
to ;hh^?^ to find {p. p, \V^W^) v.a.\mW^ 
.m^ri to be found v. r, ^^t-|| ;nbj discover 
to show oneself i^^i&pn p.w ]ip y.i {id.) — 
.in"^ nai3 nb« nui'in generous 
,E)1S|5S chit-chat, babble s, ll^'I^I^B^^ 
purposely ;n*i^nO& diligently adv. ^Dl^bfcP 

.ia^ss nK-'O'? clapping s, ll^Vp^V'^hs^P^ 

amai^edj startled, dumfounded, adj. tD11^b^l?5 

*(3 bn:n3 ,w^^^ ,dt?1fi\^a stupefied 

\tonpb&pj-= t&l^bs^:! 

♦"i^2D spotted a^y. ^p^bSp 

*r!^l!3 ,im favor (pZ. f^) #, ^l^p:i^^i;&];3 

sits n^n to be pleasing {p, p, ^) v. n. \hVi^V^ 


.sjipa ma I like it 11D bbpspj oy ~ 

«''3''ps .H^n nnia 1 like her ni?^ ^bpspi n — 

do as you please bbpspj y^^ m Dib — 

^ca-^rpn nii35 it^p (as ^om ^'i/^e) 

^)ia r^n Kb not to be pleasing ppspj d^j — 

,ism i?^"ia 13^K3 HKir? to seem unwell ;'"'3^pn 

ij^nK blufien tt^a^n^gbe pi (s .Oepolter rti'^n (k 

.verbluffen ti'S^nrMn 


-- 156 


.1^ ym^ ,]S^^^ willingly, gladly adv. p)E^^ 
plenty, abundance Qj?. f--) s. ^)^V^V'^V^ 
bright (cleyer) child; (mti'n ^n^3)PDU7 (of a crop) 

right- ; ''K3I ."^t) .^'''^2 right, just adj. tOi^l^^l 
right 5.||;n^5Ds^5 m inb "its' handed, dexterous 

toiDP'^ya nK aa^D pt pK SDSy'iyj Ti« bj?j (prov.) — 
God is right and his judgment is right 

to acknowledge aayiyj D^n i^pdVk pp:!S^ — 
»in^ piiin "^is ^^^^ iriin that a person is right 

.luj^ .p-iit justice s. tO^J!pi^tD:D];i^i 

xv,"! .|ii«^ noise (^i. f-) s. ^V^V^ 

stye (med) JD^.ip'^z? ..Tiiy-f (pi, f-) «. t:^1^2 

.d^l^r^ bii^ of barley adj. [tDS^I^^ 

♦ampy; \i?^a barley-groats p-'^^ pspia^ipa — 

♦Q^nli;'^ nD|? barley-meal s. 7P?2itDt^1p 

.d'^^lru nab barley-sugar s. 'l^pl^f^^^l^:! 

♦wna present, gift {pi. f^-) s. p'^WV^ 

*hia2 inflated ;nnii: swollen adj. p^T'^^^ 

to become ;nbi£ to swell v. p. pV^^ \h^^)^^^ 

.hsinr! inflated 
.y|i\f3 sworn adj. p^SII^^^ 
K31W a sworn enemy a^w ipipiKn^y^ k — 

iDSluJ juror, juryman (^L V^-^) s. ^P||P"i5f:"nti^^^ 

♦a^y::ii?3 d^josi^ iid jury ysp'ixnizjpa pS bsnpa — 
.m^ ,na5 swelling (jp^. f-) s, \*^V^T^)^V^ 

8. '^iip'-W ;bi2 ,i%'7D quick, swift gc//. ts:)^r.t^^: 

.nn\n^ swiftness 
♦nD'iia abscess, ulcer {pi. f -' ) a. '^lll^^l 
♦p]^S£aa twittering, chirping s. 151^t^tDSJ^'!n^^:i 
,nhi£ to swell {p, p. ]h^^)^V^) v. n, ihv^S^V^ 

n3!p^i;isDynu? = nJipi;;^D^ii^^:i 

»(|n3r) t£?5r? weak (o/ ^^e memory) adj. '^"^V'^W^l 
r^ jh3 ,T^^'^T\ ,mri to allow t?, a. fiK^ [to^tt^j^^ 
.n^pifi form, shape, figure {pi ]-) s. "^hm^Vl 

♦time ,n;r. ste h {pi. \V -) s. p:im^V^ 

.nhnp^p.u? nnn^ ab^ pock-marked adj. tO^&',^t^^: 
aipi ,b^'i1n K^D perforated (o/ ca/^es) lip) 

to stand (j?. |?. [I^^^tt^i^^) „. w. \))^^V^ 

his work has been lt:K'np2 d^k t^i< tsy^iii? n — 

♦ns^ nri^p in^K^Ks a success 

the crop is plentiful |to^*'^rJ nK nKi^n n — 

plentiful ;ns;nji7^ successful adj. 2[t0if!i;^3 
;5'2'^a .'iiiiD .ns; bright, clever iV0 bf 
r^ iiKiha nm r^^m i]bln resembling 
rs-i? nw a year of plenty n^{■' ip3Pdk^p;i k — 

bright (clever) children 'lyns^p i?3p'^^iyj — 
.i^'^b'^^DVUi a^3:i ,a''ni5D d^ss 
he resembles his jss^d jb? p.^ |!2^?"^i?:l nK "ir — 
*i^:2« ^ini< ibin ^in father 
plenty, abun- Jnii^ifD success s. tS15p^tOif;lp 
brightness, icm^n ^n^s) v^'^ dance {of a crop) 
pw resemblance ;T^::nipnn: /p'' cleverness 

*Wiib Q^3S IKinS) 

J^D2D '^O? ^^'11 heraldry {pi. D-.) «, ^n^.S'l^i 

♦nbi;^ri ah eminence, distinction 
s. tJt!p -|| ;nh'i2 ,npD roomy, spacious adj. D^l^i 

,2n^D .nn spaciousness 
dispute ;nipsi$nn struggle {pi. t^-) *. '7iJ^'^i^3 

»!|i|3 e19 little gullet {pi. H^^-) *« Vh\p^P^ 

noise, tumult, commotion (jdLD-) §. 'l^nilj?^ 

,nOT^ .nb'it^i} .p«'^ 
.pK^ noise (jpL f - ) ^. t5>''T^)^:J 
♦D'''D smell, odor {pi. f-) «. T^^l^^ 

♦KBpri ,u?ii5D to curdle v. ^p. p^'ii f^:m^:i 

' >bl^^ wrinkled adj. tD^^Jnp 

♦IP gardener (j;L D- ,»^) s, iptO'ip 

♦np^i?2U? rumor ;n<7^ talk (i^Lf-) s. '^V.'^V^ 

.Q'^tpiK reddish ad;, ^hm^V^ 

♦na^^h seizing inj;n.|':3 tearing s. '^2*^)^^)1'^V^ 

;p^Jn^|i court, tribunal {pl.\-) #. ^S^*^]^2 

,5''';;?^ri dish Jtca^J? judgment 
^^51 jurisdiction (jl^. I^tsi;^ J)' «. ^1.Sl|tD2ni^2 

D\5u^ process-server (pi -) s. 1^3n"tDDn)^2 

n^s court-house (j??. ^liJ^tviH-) ». nn|p5^"l^3 

,^£^^5 n'-s bu5 judicial a<^/. ^^^^tO^n^^ 
clerk of the {pi &« ,^) s. 1i?n!51^-lDD^.^^2 
^p^ n''^ laic court 

♦2125^, nj5i: channeled, hollow adj, tDDS:"l>*i 


^ 157 


5pl^ ''53.1 I defy you! I blanks in ^dwtj — 

(K 1 lb 

♦fit nimble ; if!! flexible adj\ 5n^_^^W3 

JT-P^ir)? \r3e beads l]m^ fat ^. f'^^D^i;: 

^a^b-i^Sf! finery^ jewellery §. p)t2^^^ 

♦(|tttt»3 ,3^n5) nr^^ greased, oiled ac^J. ^"IID^P 

'9n ii9n to go on smootbly diidu?P5 ^ii |iia ™ 

,Qn^ .Hi'js cute? sly adj. ^^i^^WV^ 
cursing i^m^ ,iqnn scolding #. !5'^^^^^W^ 

to happen, come to (p, p, -) u ?i. \0yW^^ 

,ninri .n'lj? pass 
what is the matter ^sy^j;^ -^ did tiK dkii — 
?'^b n» with yoa? 
what is done cannot ]V'^v^ fi^ |pwa s^n ™ 
♦S''u;r!5 pfc? nu^pr^ hd be undone 
happening, occurrence^ {pi f--) ^. ^^^l^^^J^^ 
.j'nu^a ,ni(^?3 event 
♦iriD?? ,pDy business (jpL f-) ^. tSB];^p 
60 command, giye orders v. i% ^^t p^^l)^^]^^ 

commercial paper (^L f-) ^, llSMS^^Si^t^P 

brrjp manager (jo?. B-- .-) «. 1];i^£D^0§|?K?^^ 

commercial {pi ^H^) 5. n)?ni!J?inD^E)i;^];5 

.''inDD i;al3 traveller 
divided ;|?i&t? cloven, split adj. f^^.SB^P 

1K5^ team in^ni harness (^L f^-) #. [K^ti^j;^ 
♦W •'5^^ b§ outfit (/^^,) ;(a^DiD) 
♦(nis'p) '?in'i bent ; n^inp stretched adj\ '^^^Q^P^ 
in strained relations tP^^iKi:^*?:: pis^kd^i;^ p^ — 

to be anxious, be impa- v, p. p-^^ ^^.^Bt^P^ 

."^^ih \^n^ ^3^1; n"53 tient 
stout ;KbD» filled, stuffed a^/. t^VW^'^^^^V^ 

»K^ia ^pjn 
trifle (/*^.) \\S^h mockery {pi ]--)§. tD^D^P^ 

'-j;bs ,BWD ugly adj. V^'^V^^^V^ 
a pretty good ipsp npr^pa^p^ p^p ss^.3 {ir.) — 

to withstand^ resist, bear pppif piisu?P3 -■ 
."■■'iBn iw up against 
,n^iK) p'3n?i suffocating arfj. ' ^p1^t^]?2 
mp^ embroidered adj, ^tsp^^trp 
a^;s scaffold ;n^!pp stand (j^Lf--) s. 7^^^P 
base, pedestal ;(rby 8n»ip Qt^san^ p3S) 

.m^p^ established adj, ^hvw^^ 

ht^ri to stumble v. p. f^]^^^ ^^''11^^^ 

.npB smartj clever adj, ^!^^^3 

.D^mn ''wb 1-^K historical adj, ^^^^5^^^3 

history nisD tale^ story {pi D-) 5. l^tSS^S^p 

writer of (p^. D^ ,^) s, ^V^n'^^-V^^)^^ 
*&^?^^5 n^^^ nalD historian ;D""ijsp "isia stories 
s. mp--^ ;Tn» ,rnn clever, skilful adj. '^p)^V^ 

*n^i^nn cleverness, skilfulness 
to be inm n'^n to become^ befit v, n l^t fp^^p 

,n^Kb :jnp^ nSn probable 
TK how can that be? ?Dp ^n top^u^p:! '•n — 

pim it is improbable S3i3 in Dpiu?pa Dp — 

appurte- inDm harness (_pL f-) «. '^V^^^^^^ 

*{naT ^^is:) K'nnK nances 
string of amber {pi f-) b, f^I^'l^'I^^^P 
rings put on a child's neck as an amulet 

nymp 1^^ ikj^ 9y a^ijlmu^ la?^ n1p2^ b^ ^p^^ 

poll- lu^^Ksb sharpened^ whetted a<^/. fi)nW3 

*pbn shed, smooth 
voluble or glib tongue bjii^i |Sib^pa ^ •- 

^nT.iD p^b 
.HKsn scuffle, fight {pi f-) ^, 3^^^J?3 
pD gender {g?\) ; pa sex (_pL f-) s, ^^vh^P^ 

.]''m W sexual adj, '^)b^^ph^)f^ 
.bpbp^ winding ^/. ^b:i^ph^P^ 

tasteful adj,\\;wjg taste {pL f-) *. pM^I^^S 
.n^r^na eagerly adv. \\ i ^1a QP12 is ti^if 
.1m 'T'»ru? converted adj, 'OIW^^ 
bbi! glutton, gormand ibm ^i^^r^^^v^i {id.) — 

,nln5pb in spite of, in defiance of adv, !}^^^3 

»j»^e^ i|i32^i8B smahen t£'?s''n3''inb^''e pc ■',u?bk <^ 


- 158 — 


class ;nb^D ^nnna degree {jjL f-) s, ^^^'^'^ 

>6pr!3) to*^p carat [weight) I n|b2?? 
♦1\^'; ,t5m'Q plain ; Tf ; straight, even adj, '^"IK"1* 
just acZt". II I (lecQ) ^rit even {numher) pred, '^^'^^ 

? ^:;iT \^ m ■'ii! even or odd ? ? D'!N 12 i«^^ — 

just at the moment, at p:ii ^pn t^x "ikij — 
,ii?tt?i yn im^:: the very moment 

just when he is here ^1 t^K ^,v |i/'n 'i^'iJ — 
.|.S2 Kiniy np'i?:! Kpn 

•l^nb i<p)^ quite the contrary tiippiKS ikIji -- 

governor of a [pi. &)^-) *. p^^^^^^tOKXS^Hn:! 
♦(.TDTis) I'pn ""it' town (w Russia) 

D^sj«D troy-weight (jp?. f-) 5. ^iD^np^K^:! 

7|t^9 checkered, with squares adj. 2!!'^^1H'13 

■ Am 

♦n^iJ! = ;pinii i^st; exactly adj, ^'IK'13 
set of shelves for vessels (pL^-) s. ^p"1^1^ 

♦pplMD ,m^r:^ engraver (pi. \ -) s, '^i^'^'l^'^^ 

,mr3 engraving (p^, D--) s. ^^'''ViK'^i 

i:2^v herb i^w^. ,2'wU grass (j;Z. f-) s. '•uS^^ 

.zt^p nbp a blade of grass 
gross {12 dozen) (com.) (jpL -) s. ^t^i: 

,^Dnn ,"i"f p"£2"3^^ 
grassy, covered l^ti:^ nm grassy adj. S^tK'i:! 
♦^up2 ncpp with grass 
.•;|':,s to congratulate v. a. ['"i^^'t^.^'n: 
.nst^mp ,ri^-:;^ bar Jn^rc lattice {jJ. S-) 5. ^tssn:! 
prison ibnz ^nnz iron bars dp'on'^i;! pnpii.\s* — 

♦nn ^^i? small gain (^i. 5--) ,9. '^p^^'^J 

.PP1K-1J =- 2^p^Kn3 

.|nn-3 hot-headed man {pjl S]^-) # '^tO^i:! 
,B'B^ps) pTOJ2 gambler (pi ^V-) s. ^t^tDKIi 

,('n21 K'31p3 

♦n\iDp-U7p. pease-straw (i??. S~) 5. ^^^•u^^K'n:! 
.p^T^K^pa - m^.si:i 
.inn rhyme (pi \V") s, 'E^13 
without reason or rhyme s;:^°ij |k ,DPt£ j^ — 

iSy^ ^tt> ^p^tt) D^i gramme (p^. -) s. ^C^"^: = adj. ^CKn2 
>p^"^p"i isa ipnpn grammar (j^^/. f-) .?. p^tS^^K^'O 

DKH — i^in iJ3n3 |'3p business ~— isn't it? 

? p .sb 
.nn't^ conversation (pi. l-) a. ^^*£b^*^i 
**ipi^ ,™ speckled adj. thpV'^t':'T^ 
Mp cry, scream, shriek {pL \V '-) 8. ^nt;^;;^ 

something written, (j^L I-) s. f^l^Z^r^-.^in 

.inp .::'!n2 "^r^ writing 
do- Jns'^ns handwriting (pi f-) s. Dt^£'.'^t^*y2 
mhs legend (of a coin) l n'j'iVP^ 'Sna cument 

♦a-'prs u?"5f three times D'^oys '3 = a56?- ^"2 
; np| ,it stranger, foreigner (^jL Q'-nS - ) ,9. ""ij 
bspu; ^33 ,- proselyte, convert to Judaism 

,b^yo^ m vbp 

rough, ; pn| pa^ ,D| coarse ; n^p thick adj. ^^"^l 

♦DDsp-^* ,a^ rude, impolite 
a thickhead, a block- BKp ^p^Kia ^ (/^.) - 

,ntsi^ ,^Db head 

an igno- ; dj s^k rude fellow ^sr ip:nKij k — 

»p^n"ap ;nu ramus 

im- ;di diK rude person {pi. D^-j s. [^^'^^"5"^^ 

»D^3S"Tp pertinent persoa 
r^m to use a person rudely v. a. j^^^H^;^^?"^^ 

.-lizps pis .^bpj'i to abuse I n^cj^ u>' ap 
,niD| rudeness, impertinence s- Pi1tDD:3.^''2if;13 


♦D5 rough, rude adj. ^pCJ^?^:^S"i5 

♦hB^ nm rude wuman (^^Z. 5-) s, ]^p^K"'w^«'^5 

.n^ns scratch (pL JP^) s. i2H'^^ 

»-1;?p rai^e (^j?. D^) s. ^^Dr^.^ 

♦Si'?9p 2b]i to rake v> a. \V^^T^^^'°^'^ 

;ir"^'D to feel ;ishu? ts'iD to scratch v. a, f^'^S^*^^ 

cpp to clamber ; py;2nn to stir u r. T^-ll 

»nh3 ,ibn to dig {p. jj. ?n^n^];2) «. «. 'p^*^^ 
.nbpn ditch (j^jL D--) s. ^^^"^2 

ro- ; (2pi;i =) ^3P thickness (pL J -^ ) *. *^'Jp"^'^'^ 

.mc| ughness, rudeness 
graving-tool, burin {pi. ^V--) s. Sp^tDC^SSTI 

n^hs engraved writing {pi. I«-'^ s. "^fe^^t^-wS"^ 

.nujp'^p rattle (23?. 5-) s. "^^^^'^.1 
to bawl (/^.) I ^'iT^'p to rattle 15. n. pV'^^'^' 


159 — 


to toucli a r^"iK n^2li p^ j5i:i?DiK pnp^mK "" 
»\ys:!n ly pjis person to the quick 
grave ;:di ,iis pit, hole {pL ^l^^lli) a\ i'l^ 

to seek a per- sn^ b* |2£pt:\^ ^''i.^' pK'iJ — (fig.) 
,Wi^ bp nyi ^"in son's ruin 

»K-i^ = ]^p:b^^3'5i-*! »^pB:3K^nn^ ,^ntDWK''miJ .[K^nr,^ 
.pp:K^2K"iJ ippdiK^i^^iJi ,piito&'>K''i^"ia i|^''n 
"the dry fig of Rabbi s. pH^-^S'^^Vn'nyrq 
^5; in Zadok/' something dry and lean 

lump of earth, clod, heap (pi. D-) s. pl)'^^ 

.npip., nDP^ 25'] 
*|p> ,^'f?^ loadj cargo (^L -') s. 'tl'lJ 
.^i^n gravel s. ^t113 
^Y^ ribl^ shipper (2^1. ^V-) s. p^^^UKtn^ 

*^ihu^ ,"i1DK gray «<%', ^^3 

»"t!^,l ,*ins -njj^l? horror, terror^ shudder s. h'^'i'^^ 

^'I^BK grayish adj. ^^^'^tlJ 

.1r^ to shudder v. imp. [^^1^2 

♦ni^^ proud ;bli| great, large^ big ac/J. D^'l'ia 

f. tDl^p - II ; n'^nD .n^BSp magnificent a^'. 5^^"^D''in5 

.'i^n ,i^s magnificence 
»n^n3 ^£!3 bv^ magnanimous adj, ^^^'IKuD^n^ 
.bm tb; grand'-duke (^2:. [-"-)§. ^1£^V^^^''n^ 
grandduehy {pL ^^t^)^^) g. n^\^^'i^r\m'^} 

to «. r. ^!t^|| ;aDi'i.biJ to extol v. a. fD^115 
n^snri boast, brag 

•fij^l pride^ boast ib'ii! greatness #, tD^^^pD^^ni 

(iij-) »nsn '^'i.r'^Jli a grain of groats s. S^n^ 
^nisn ,Dni ."^■^.^ gritS; groafcs 
n^D5<t P5^ grayness s. ^l^p^'lli 
*1|3^? plumb-line (jj. D^) s. ^W^l^'^^:^ 
foundation ivp^'ip_ ground (pi. f-») s ^il'li 
;(B' ifei nnj ^^) yp^np^ ,n^rinn bottom ;^^a^ 
gTO-(fy.) ;^'y^f grounds, residue^ sediment 
♦9U| limit (/^.) ;u:p„-^ und, reason 
,9d^ ^ba without a limit or end tsiilj k |k — 

something substantial a^nj j? di^ opsp ™ 

»^U??iD 'IS"! 

properly speaking |PD^3p5 D3n.i pK ,&3na ]m — 

thorough ;n1a: fundamental adj. PTi^^m^ 
^piHi^ ,l^1i:a ^^ .^imr? np„ thoroughly adv. \\ ;|133 | 

^p'7.1^1^ gram.marian (pi -) «, 'lI^pr^KD.^I^ 

gra- .p\l^ib rm grammatical adj. t'TCl<t2^*^: 

.p'i^p'i '& by |iD3 mmatically correct 

^nn rhymester (pL B-) ^. n^:.\'TDKl^ 

*l^e (/^') ''^^:^, beap, pile (i:?Z. D-.) 5. ^^^DK^: 

,ans5 ,123 ^;s villagers 
:n) D'lD nr^byn 'nriDfi an candlemas s. V^)^^^^^ 

op3^tDKnj -- 'ni?DK»:D^r:Ki^ rpi-^t^I^'^K"!: 
a\Tnq silly or bad rhymes s, BK1^^^"CK13 

it is nothing pi3tDp^5 k 11^ Ikd CKib'^^-QK'ia — 
^ba Dnnn k9k Qib^ ms pK but silly rhyme® 

npiP'^ b,2^D ps;i| grain (weight) (pi -) ^. fKni 

pome- mifi] i^k p^ garnet (pi f-) ^. ^lfXS^2 
*pbf3n^.'^§ ^pbp- 1 te'^ grenade, shell ;|ir^^ granate 
.(■"Kts n^p f3s f^a) Qn'4« granite (^J. f-) s. ^'^K'1.'' 
1^^ 113 lime-pit^ mortar-pit (pi & - ) 5. ];dk^5 


a kind ;|1a?^p, .^9? count, earl (pi f --') g. ?]U*l^ 

hp,^ TD ( p of iron pot 

.ri'iaip-l-x griphite, black-lead s. ^)tin^ 

M)\-Dp n'lrvs coantess (pi 0--) s. l^''J^£Nn2 

.pp3^2Kl«p =" VP"^"M^:^ 

'UOO "^Sf sweet bread (pL D-») s. Pl'^'^ini 

=^ nr^p yT£m ni1:i« groschen (j?!, & - ) s. frKi: 

not worth a farthing |u?^"i:i ]))p ^nrii *^^3 — 

.iTusns nw i3''K 
^bs ,-^Hf^ to be penniless \m^i pip pN'n '^13 — 

;piM ^''^b n^^ to have money &3'c\^i3 n pb'n ~ 

,|?iltD s^Bi U7^j^'5 fT'n to have cash 

a pretty penny, a nice p^xna ip3^r^' k — 

.]'\:in &i:3d round sum of money 

of the price of adj. V^^^ - t'^P^P^ ^- r^.p^ 

*nim Tn?f ^'^^ a groschen 
of the price of a groschen adj. ^H^^nn: 
/£^D li^nD"^ low-priced ;n^i^K ii-ii?:-:? 
4n| .-throat s. TiT^j^d 

('%1« — ^^gramina^ stramina, fac mihi lectum'' t^.bss 
*"ir;5 BMn n^s IKS rrffi® 


~» 160 — 


♦«bi;i to sin Jrtpri ,riv^ to err v. n. r?^J*^5 
♦5uin'j = {pi c-) s. p^t^tv!^:! 
♦l^tD ,|:did .|b3 ready ac?/. W.'^^ 
|153 ''33n I am ready tain:! pn ^^i^ — 
♦laita p]fc3 ready money, casli ta^pji tain^ — 
fTpn to make ready, prepare v, a, [tS^^'li 
,'mv m ]'''2ti to prepare oneself v, n l^^^-U 
to set or cover the table i^^.ts ais£ tta^.na — 

♦inbvi^n lip 
.-^ 1^33 nrn readiness, preparedness s. tOl^ptDin:! 
♦"? yiO '"i' #D to reacla v, n, pl^"!i 
very adv. || iljstsj .k^s? remarkable a^f. itl^l^'li 

,"!i«?^ muoli 
♦^THp very mncli adv. yhn"^^ 
♦n^p ,^1; size s. ^).)'^^ 

to grasp, take hold (p, p. l^)"^^) v. a. li^Ti'^^ 

♦!hx of 
,Q^p?i!5ei yhtir^ corkscrew {pi, D«) s. n^Siin:! 
nn^DiH pj^p kreuzer {pi. D^ ,-) §, ^'^^i^^ji;! 

♦cnp-j nana bv) DpDri tripe (^?, l^'-j s. 'PS^l^li 

♦(3jn pts) iiitiii cricket {pLl-^) s. h)^^ 

.\i2p^ l^it-iit little cricket {2)1. l^^-) <- Hi.^^ht'^^ 

ni£i¥ to chirp v. n. [^'^n^ 

to din into a person's pp^K ^n p.x ]2:bna — 

♦\y^ti ^3t«:i i:;p^p ears 

pnvKi bm tDi^'^s make-up {of an actor-) », 12^ 

*inQ2r\ bv 
;|^5 ''^lK3i;5 ah| to cause gripes v. n. t^an: 

♦(P]S) nhn to be kindled {anger) 
X have the gripes i'«n p.K lib baii3 dp ■-- 

his wrath will be tpan^ bpn pK:^ p.n — 
♦1SK n-^n"^ kindled 
♦Q^p.^ 5K3 ,1^5 ''5l«?!? gripes, colic s. S^5J^Dn:i 
♦«^i^-pn burning wrath s. f^lKi^Dnj 
{Am.) »^^5 ''fi^^ unripe ;pV green adj, f51i 
^^;reen, inexpe- {A7n.) ;npp^>p ks^ new-come 
'iln'^n 1^ spade s. || ; fi''D5 idhd .ujnri rienced 

OlUp-llu^ptt'Jsa) ?j: light Jn'ii ,^p easy adj, :iin: 
,6p'4'a3) nibp lightness ; ni-;,! easiness s. 

♦npisf ^ri-)! scab, mange «. "I^^li 

♦nis^ foundation, establishment *. iJI'li^'i:} 

♦n3na = ^n^n3 

♦n&_^ to found, establish v. a. f'lJ^'i:! 
ne^a founder {ph B- i-) «. "l^l^ns 
new-comer, new {Am.) {pi. D«) §. f'l.s.ljns 
♦nl'i^^ «att^ ^^K immigrant 

|12p .n^i K^T ^&2^ real estate a, D^tD^^^^^-'tDyl'^ll 

to impaste^ lay the ground v. a. fl^ll^tO^lli 
to plunge ; l^*:^? iId; n^ Ph^ (o/ a pointing) 
to sound, (/%.) ; d'lnnn ii; ppf n to the bottom 
^u?^^;, ipr fathom 
to lay the foundation of, «. a. p^tOD^StOJni 

♦|:i2 ,is: establish 
cardinal number {gr.) {p>l J-) «. ^ifii^-tDJTni 

♦nj^ri? .n:^^2p group (pL D«.) a. ^£1"13 

,n^2i!iip? ^15 to group v. a. p^sn: 

.-divorced man {pi. D^'STl'iy «. ^na 

divorced woman, (^L ]Tl£i>11i) s. tW\'^\ 

« -« divorcee 
♦n^i^l female proselite (^?. D-) ^. ^tD15 
♦Ij^n ,t?Bn to search, inquire tj. «. ' f^'?:i^'l3 
*(N {rh'f to swarm v. n. ^ \Vh2n 
to be swarming |p^^nj pK p^ninti? •— 

little pit, little hole {pi ^^^-) ^. ^^^il^nni 

/nbs am dimple mr^p^ am 

^pD-'if scrap {pi D ~ ) ^. ^:^nn3 

*P3P2n3= {2^1. f-) 5. 11^3 

n^p-'Bp^ ^^i; ten copecks {pi D-) #. i^'ij'nna 

xn^n nsi5i bv^ '■^v^y n^^i mane (pL D ~ ) «. ^ri^i: 
♦'-iiiii: chagrin, vexation {pi. S~) 5. ^^^t^'iS 
(/i:^.) ;dp'i2 ,d'i| to gnaw, corrode ^. a. fi^t^*l3 
;jPDn3 == ;nip n^,^ to worry, torment 
to vex V. rec. l^'^.'^^ti to worry v^ r. lit — 11 
*?np„l UK ^^K tpD each other 

-wpb ,n^^3f error, mistake (_p^. f-) «. tl^'ia 

♦D-ia'^n n^p^ misprint »*u^-ia^ 

.••n:iti?i5 = iNj12t^_n3 

•npto-|:5^ ,^^ gray, hoary a<%\ ^n^tvili 

.nlK''3U? «?D full of errors adj. ^^1^*12 

.bn^n curl (^?. ^^^) «. ^tvs'^: 

,bc;ba?? curly adj. 5n^t^_^*13 

?;. r. nit-»|| ;bDbD,9^'?n to curl v. a. f)^^tl^15 

.e^bnbnb n'^n to be curled 

^blD^p curling s. ^^D^btl^'lS 

♦IS^i^ kribbeln rtt^-^ (ti 


101 -^ 


las^) pib^ card, hatchel {pL D-) ^, ^''^BD^'12 
B^nti^B nas) p^'ip to car, comb v. a. f^'n^^'^b&op^^ 


^^M) "^.11 pbp. grenadir (pi r^) #. 'inK^j;^^ 

''^^^l grandeur, pomp (pL B-) #. ^I^^'l^ 

anann to live in grand style p^3P'^3 h pit — 

,Tn to lead, be a leader pispia n pis — 

^tt» 5D| boundary, border {pi \'-) s, fV^V'^'^ 

♦|rp^ ,bn| limitj bound ;(aipa 

♦s^lED p^b ,bnj ''5^ boundless f p3pna k |^* — 

tbere is a limit to eve- |/|;3pi5 « ^^n f 9k ~ 

n^T 925 nsipi bn^ u?^ rything 

^^t -« II ; biS39 |j;^!7 to border upon v. n, p]^iP13 

«t »n 'y. ?\ 

♦p^nj belch, eructation {pi.}--) s^ f^^^^ 
.prii to belcb, eructate v, n. I^S)^'^^ 

.•f^i^ Greek (pt f-) ^. pi^*^^ 
,|i^^ h^ ."^^v Greek, Grecian adj. ^^^V^^ 
righteous proselyte, {pi. p^"^-^^^}) s, pt^-'lj 
rb^ b^p;^ n23,-true convert to Judaism 

.s9™an^ b^Y?' ^^'• 
"rain," prayer for rain offered on s. ^^J 
nm nbsri the eighth day of Tabernacles 

♦rt*im , - materialism s, Ti^^Wl 
♦''^^n /D'^i material ac^, 5')ini''t5^2 

pg grenda ij?ns granda ijsq r^^jyn-'K t\s' p^ipi.-! 
Slownik Dj?t>i5''"nKbnHp fK Granda -ipa^ist jjs^d p^^^ne 
na grende, pnis^K in ^3i«"i3V^ ^^PiT Gwar Polskich 
|Sm« — lis du y rozmiar itsny^pnyi pK na grande 

*n1pi^^ greenSj vegetables #. 2*^^11^5*13 

,S§ti7,5ip = bK^tJn3 

-nb^!; a peasant's sledge {pi D^) #, ^b^^D^'^l 

tho- a^L-. |l;pnp ,|b3 thorough a^^J. "^ntOillS 
tho- s. ^l^p-||;n!is^t'2 ^pis'is ,v'iia 9i; roughly 
♦n^iab^ .p^s^ roughness 
^p^\n] greenish adj. yh^T\)> 
PTv '^?1 verdure^ herbage (j)L ]--) s. 5^1*^3 

,n1pT greens, vegetables J3'^J? 
to put ;pT ^hn to grow green i^. n. IV^Ts"^ 

»nia K^^ln forth leaves 
new-comer^ new {Am) {pi, I^J-) s. "^Plll^l^ 
greenhorn^ (J.w.) \ snjsD ksi*^ u^\\ immigrant 
♦]1^B3 iBfiD y^^K inexperienced person 
r\m female new-comer {Am) {pi. ^) s. ^^^"^^ 
nm inexperienced woman {Am) ;sll|3D nn^^ 

.p''S3 rnrnr^ 
while yet green^ while yet adv. Wtl^V^)"^^ 
while yet {Am) ; 1M inlpa ,ph^^ ^n.1P^ unripe 
*n3'^i!sa u^if! nip Inls^s new in the country 
*nKn3n3 = :31-^^i^^2 
,ph; pn^ ,n^pni greenness s. ^"^^p^)"^^ 
,n^n^ mj^Q verdigris s. fK&^:)113 
greeting, compliments, re- {pi. f--) s. '^T^^ 
♦albf n^^y] ,Qib'^^ ns'iis gards, respects 

to give oompli- ; slbu?^ "^is to greet t;, a. \^)^^ 
ralbu?^ ^-^^ ments or regards 

,no^p_ ]''J^ grippe ^, &^*13 

.(|3KW ttg ,i^b slate-pencil {ph f^-) #. 7£l'i5 

.b^l '^^1 gritSj groats ^, fT^^ 

j^DE3 buckwheat ^. l^p^l^ 

.nsD ,Dii^ cause .9, 015 

*^D1''3 = K£15. 

♦|D^5^ fatness ? '^v^ thickness §. ^1^15 

somewhat ; n^jp na^ rather thick adj. ^^72];i5 

^n^i"^ Qj rude 
.aiD-13^ dam, dike (jpL D-) ^. ^^^^"^2 
.fsiBp-ij 4^apia-pSi^'l5 ,M];i: 
.l|ln digger {pi 0^ » - ) #. 1|?n|^n^ 


.«3 3:pS^1BT-&S3yS 

four thousand years a''s9K 'n =^ aJ6?\ H'"l 
.(am.i\"! ^i^BD^) a-isbi^ npaiK {of the Jewish era) 

the fourth letter of the Hebrew alpha- s. *1 
four num. \\ P'l^^'p iT'S'-in^^^^ n^P^n'in n1«n bet 
.a^B^K nps-iK four thousand 'n n ; n^'S'iK 
b^^n ttmp BKn .^sytiHB u?^i«ysim« \m 9f of pre/, "'T 




this, '- D«^ '5? - n oy - -.5?n) _29ron. <ie77^. ^It^'l ' 

♦«inn ,ni^n that 
xnNiDii) dose Qi. D - ) «. V^'^ 

♦rbKp en: dative case (^?-.) 5. 1^'tDK^i 

♦1?^! D'^T to date 1). a. p't^'K"^ 

♦(njrm ty-rna av) ]r^t date (^?. £3 — ) §. ^tDK^l 

.crn ip ,nnp ii; till now yi^^^ i^-- "~ 

lif^^p.-n"^ country-house (j?L D-) «. ^'^vDKT 

.nn^^n? ^DD milk-pail {jil. D--) 5. ^in:\sn 

.np2D jj roof (j^L 'i]^^]^") s. "i^n 

linx^ bDis ,aDiit yet, still, however con}, 1^'^'^ 

to mention ;::'^'n to think xi. a. n. pO^i^^l 
to -0. ?•. l^-'-ll '''^^ID to seem \% im-p. || '»i?in 

♦"p ns!?"iri seem 
it seems to me, in toSK'i i^d ,-^^r^ 'iiq ~ 
»''b ni^'13 meseems 
.^ujen iKn imagine |ta3«i in ii? ^Kt - 
do not men- |to3b'T t^'^s aP3^-^p IKS cp iod^ki — 
/cj^kS rm rh^T\ b^ tion it to anyhody 
Crod preserve you from I DS^^ip:! l^^i^ lK*a is^.3 -- 
in«n n'liin 'n iid^'' such evil! 
.TDip. ,^t7"i tile (^?. --) s. bi^illDI^^ 
,bn tD"^-apTMs-'^:s^W5>$n 
*|pnpTKbp'^i = fr^t^^^^^ 

n^ the palm of the hand (^L D^) s. ^^JK^.^I 

♦cnp^-.^oK '?p^) ibn dollar (p^. f--) s. "^^ Ap 
♦"^p; ,np3 to chisel, hollow x>. a. [P^ aS*1 

^.(D-ns) pb;:^ h-y.i lot 0^. s^) ^. V'hr^ 

l^nij) ,r^b^ interpreter (^L D--) ... 'l^^^^tO^D^ST 
.nfssrji chisel (p?. D--) *. :^tDi;^.S^ 

,'D'gacBn pnyp draughts, checkers {game) s. S^"! 
♦b^csa^n^ nriK man 
♦ns2 dome (^pZ. f]^-) s. ^"^^ 

bouse-demon, hobgohiin ipl. t^V --) s. p)^^i^^1 

♦■lU^D bu? ns''^ ;i''li^ r?? damask-silk *. f^pDKDKT 
npp dam, dike (i?^. B-) P^^K^ 

♦K;)n ,|«5 'Hs here ;d'^ there ac^c. ^^ 
to ;niK^iJb:2 nNi to be there, exist k"i p''! — 
.(aip?3s) ^*s^ttn ,n::i3 n^n be present 
there are ki |!;5''''t sp ;u?^ there is ^n n^ tv — 

,ar^?^ ,«?'' 

*<KapBi *.*Qps now... now .*»ki .»ki -* 

now cold, now warm dp'ikii ^i ,tobKp ^iii — 

,&n £DPD1 IP DPS 

at one time he iv ts3^^ii ki ,iv iDsnb .sn — 
::v^^ pmi£ Mn DPS laghs, at another he cries 

now he is here, |tsiKn ip n.s* ki ,Kn ip nss* «"• — 

.d\y snn DP21 ns «in Dps now he is there 

now he is pre- k'dis ip n^ «i ,ki ip tk kt — 

.i3rK DPai ir^^ dps sent, now he is absent 

.^pin to add t^. a. ]V^^^'2^1 
.nsDl.i addition (^L D^) «. ^p^l^?::^"! 
.^'^0 to get, obtain v. a. f^Vinj^'l 
to annoy, worry, iv^v'^ n ipnisssn {fig.) ~ 
.u?^K ?;iin ,Dpin nag 
♦93p rammer (pZ. D-») s, V^^^^"^ 
"good morning," music played s. f^^'^iT^'ini^l 
in honor of the bride on the morning of 
nbsD li^?? ")^l ^b^^ n^j the wedding-day 

,n1tD ^p good fortune s. btp-^^nnxi 
rn^^u^ i<^D to please, satisfy v. a. fPt'li^S^*! 

,-(1i£^ riu?p^ 
.™"] care, worry, anxiety {pi. Ti^^^'l) s. '"l^^^l 
.M^ to care, worry, be anxious v. n. p^^l 
»(m3) ipp ,niD^^ dogma (pL S-) 5. l^!2:iJ^'1 

.-worry about a livelihood s. nt^^'^^'Ti^^'l 

.nsDin addition (pL S]^ptO-».) s. pVU^^^^m 

right here adc. (kt -.xt ^ksikb y;n:j?:Ki:K2) tD1])1.Sl 

,ti!iri aip^^ 
»nai?2 ,nnp. proof {pi. (-) *. 'li^^lijil 
power of attorney {pi \^) s. tDD.SO];^];^n.S!-| 

«. II ; ^v'anri to pray, worship v. n a. f^K^iVlSlT 

♦nbsri prayer 
to say the morning-prayers n'-^inu? ipdiij^'i — 

.n^^ih^^^ nbsn bbann 
warden of a synagogue {pL f--) *. 'li^ti^'^ 

.nD32i3 n^5 b'^ \s'5i 
overseer, inspector (pL &-) *. ^Sfli^tiHI'1 

pj^ TO... TO... ytf'^o)'^ DH"? ^vm r» ...s*i .*.«"? (« 


HUSK "^ 

how do you call that ? ? m^ i^d I2S1^ 111 — 

? nth "lanb K"!pn y^ 

A'ln K^n tliat is *^D^^n dki — 

nssits? lie is a big fool OKn 'nps'^na ^ iik "ip — 

lie is somewliat of an dk^ ^prto^' k t^K "ip -"" 

.^I'^N'i niu'p in^M impudent fellow 

. . . ays now , . * now . , « * , « ckt , , » t^"} --" 

now coldj now warm ayi^ii D^"i ,abK*p ck^ — 

*dn cpsi ^p bpa 
rur tliat con]\ ^DK*! 
I know tliat Kis^s ^1 |p3i?! in oki ,ciiii ^ik ~ 
,na arK*t^ ^53^ pii"* they are not here 

.t^m ,&''S?3tt vexing adj. piKDK^ 
*V|h .6273 vexation, grief {pi, B-) §. PIKD^^I 

»|133 ^b n^^i"^ somewhat wrong adj. ''DK^ 

*i^sn^ nrp to shit V. n. p^^ 


examination^ hearing (pL [«-) s, DKl&H^ 

n^i to beat at play, win from i\ a. f^'K^I 

to get, obtain ;K2ittn to afford i?. a, fJ^^'tKpK^ 

.bpsb s^s^^T to bring about J^bn 
troublesome, annoying ac^J, l^ll^^^Klp.^^ 

♦nKj55 ,iiDn -tin? to trouble, annoy i;, a, iW^^'p^"^ 

^"V^Vt^ .1^^ .^na document Qi. f-) #« QJ^D'pXT 

*n:nn annoyance s, Vp^^p^"^ 

n^DH medicine, medical science s, l^^'lK^pKI 

doctor, physician {pi. 2^^"^^^.^^) s. ^V^p^^l 

,nmbth i^is n;-) t^n doctor ;KDn 
female doctor, doctress (^i. D ~ ) 5. ' p])'^pK1 

,Ksn nr>: doctor's wife ;nKsn 
.^bi to doctor, cure, treat v. a. ^["Ij^t^pKI 
to be treated by physicians v. r, '°]'i-'|| ;ksi 

,Ka"n 5uj of a doctor adj?. ^I^^^pxi 
report, presentment {pL 1-) .9, 'IK^pKT 

.T]^')^} .\\ttr.] r'7 |hl to repo'^t v. a. f^^l'J^^IK^p.H") 

JK^KD =-= "I^Sp.^n 
.mn^ lean, meager It^^; dry adj. 1K"1 
,yp^^p-"pi^*1 4 ,S?pu?ip pn^T- 

;nit:K ps'ii^ four ells or cubits s. pi. T\'''1^^ "^ 
in^'^m ;tof3 Gipp a man's own little place 

to have niDK '^ Dii^pr^^s* pK p^is^ t2l3 {id..) — 
P.1D n-\T Kb no contact with a person 

.WA Dp k«;di 
four cubits by four s. pL m^K '^ ^^^ niDK '^ 
;nlpi-.t: n'm pg^iK cubits, f.ur square ciibits 
.11^ a^pp narrow space 
.(^^3^p pe) i3''^1^ domino (game) s. K^'''^^'1 
,&^-f2 b-v ladies' adj. Vp^mr^ 
.D^L'sb to''^n ladies' tailor npitrc' "ippcm*"' ^* ""^ 

.nxt^; nfK lady (y.L 0--} ^. I^^K^ 
n6 draught-^board (2?^ ^i^--) s. ^^'inJ^DKn 

^nito^p ,-fK steam ^. SDK^ 
.^l^-tp tim steamer {'j.l. B-) 5, '^^BDi^'l 

denouncement, information {pL !«-)§. DK^K^ 

,YP^n to denounce, inform v, a. f^ll^DKJ^^I 

denouncer, informer (pi OP^) s. p)^^m^^ 

»'^piD ,pt?bD 

.HBi-^ ,u^r^ fool (2^1 ^V--) s, p''nx^^ 

from here, from there, thence ^ pa adv, \P^^'^ 

jy^tm) 'V^rpon Di^D Thursday ^. 3^^^1PK1 

.^^^pnD fii^T bf of Thursday adj. ^)'1^)^^^P^^1 

gratitude i ]n--\n ,niin thanks {pi f^ - ) s. p^^l 

.n'liD ,ri^1^ nnsn 

I thank you very ^' ^vk p2KT ip3ii\£? ^ — 

I p^«»^ J ,^^ j^^^ ^^^^ much !, many thanks ! 

^ntb nmn thanks to that ari p3^'7 k ™ 
; nniD 1^3p thankful, grateful adj, "IKrip^A^I 
*nniD nl2n thakfulness, gratitude 5. ^^^p-'H 


nin to thank, give thanks v. a. n. |>^pJh*^ 

pt:,^ -.r-'r, tibm -n the QjL ^^) ^e/ a?^^ ' DK"? 
;n.\t ,nj ; ki-h" .ni.j this, that jron. dem. || icsro 
"C'n something understood or hinted at 

.'S^D IK pDD 

tbe child, the children '^v^^T.p in .iT.p dki — 

^c't^Ni ,nb''nf 

.nKtn ap2i this time hm d^i — 

,r\m pni'' ''3.^ I know this pki d^^ii -pw — 


164 — 


"speak to the ^^^r. D"'^?^*n b^^^'O'tV.'r^ h"^ ^21 
trees and stones," to preach to the winds 
.nvi^-in c^.J-N- ^>: 111 
a thing of value to phr. Si^S^ h'zb M'ti^.j "i^"] 

.-" everybody 

. — something new s. ^"^n "Hi*! 

. — something wise s. nDpn"1^^. 

.-something well-known s. V^^] '^?'l 

. — secular words s. pi. Tin-"'*!!!'! 

,- there is something in it acZv. 1^^ D''12'1 

.n»,s i^ nil n.;\s* nis '^.^ 

. - idle words s. pi. D'^^tD^ D''in"l^ 

things as they really s. pi. ^T\]y}2 D'^l^'l 

. — are 
matters of the heart, 8. pi, ^72^* fi'^^i^*! 

good deed, act of kind- {pi, D-) 5. .Yi2fp-'"iD'i 
.siD nr^p ,-ness 
.■ns"? to speak, talk (sZ.) v, n. p5*l 
j|to^|5S ,- talkative man {pi. S^^*]?"!) ^. ["^S^ 

.as'l3 ,-' orator 

i- something wonderful 5. ^^^£-"^2*T 

.-something lasting s. i^^]p'h^'"^^'l 

•OT, ^i^ Fishes, Pisces {astr.) ; - fish s, pi. S**:! 

(/.) IDS ,-lanner, flag {pL S'^H) ^- ^^i 

.ii?iSi9D garment 
.b:1^ ,- breasts, teats s. p)l. D'^'Tl 
,- namely t^'P^^ ,-for instance ac^y. 'J''N!1T 

.ririK thou, you pron. pers, H 

.B^^;'',h-^i5j3 .T-'^pK: club (^L B ^) ;?. ^pj^rn 

.51S3 double ac^i. ^lIKtO^^n 
nit^Tf^DS iDK jeweller (jpL D- ,-.) s. '^^Il^^^inn 

-riDn bag-pipe ib-'^n pipe {pi. D«) §. ;;nn 

.'pro ,K^^ burden (/^.) ;n;3lE?^^D -^'^''^n 
to bear the burden yin in id^d ^^t jD^Kn — 

Mh pipe (_p?. t^) s. ^p"in 
the bow ;nu?|^ bow, arch {pi D«) $. ^nn 

.DiDb ^i;."! nu?|^. over a horse-collar 

♦5''i£K nobleman O^Z. t^^-) s. pH^'^^^Ti^ 

♦d^b'^if^jfi n^bs^ nobility s. i?lit:D:K''ls iH 

.D^b^mi b-i^ of nobility adj. ^pCJK^^Nin 

.n^*it}< noblewoman {pi C^) s. j^pJ.M''n.^in 

janitor, house-porter {pi B^-) s. pU1»snn 

.-^i;.!^ ,i^n.^; 1^,1^ 

.(2 n r 1 =) nsn'^ ph'hisis, consumption s, '^^^ 
,dnb "icn nSi to be in want, starve v. n. p^iKT 
.nshn n^^n to live in privation v, r. ^^t - 1| ; r;'y^ 

,mrtti D^pKsD ^^ of that place adj. ^T^"^^^ 
.Qnn .d^ there adJo. ItSI.S'1 

female parasite {^j?. &-) 5. S^I^^^I^^^Dni^T 

parasite, spunger (^L £^-) s. p^^^^^^^nK^ 

,^b3 to wither ;^:::; ,nhh to dry up '&, n. f^H*! 
.nnr? it^ns to become lean ;\i'D3 
JK1 to worry SKp lyn |i£pfi^K p«i (^^.) — 
.nln thorn {pi. ^PIJ^^) 5. [I.sin 
.nsD cause s. C^'^i^l 
thre is no sp^ki ^ exn Dp-iKn npny^ (^rot\) -- 
.(^ n:sD ^bs sstD rt^ effect without a cause 
♦llt"^ leanness 5. ^!i^'n4$*1 
^p-aj^s sausage (j^L D^) 5. ^pt^^p-i?1»si'^ 
.IM village (jpL "ll^S^I^I) s, ^^«n 
."IBS nsa ^^ of village, rustic adj, ^'5^'^JJI 
villager, countryman {pi. ^)lh^) s, [KS.S^^I 

to have *^1^^^ 'V^ to need, want v. n. [£'^^'1 
r^a 9^1)2 n\7 .-^p. nsin US';;! to 
♦Kin pins it is necessary ^p^i po — 
.''iKis .ni^s |ai«s properly p-^r i^^ ?]iKn Dp m — 
♦lifj leanness ;u^2'' .^^-^h dryness *. tD!!!p1^"1 
.|i.s)2it thirst #. tDS^^.S-l 
.Ks:2 thirsty adj, 31^tJ^ 
to have {fig.) J«J?^ nSi to thirst v. n. ttDl^^iSin 
r^ inku? rb ahp an ardent desire for 
.KJ25S ''33n I am thirsty n^.» tsu?i^n dp — 
.p^bi-)^-^ {ph t^--) 8, pvm''* 
.pn*'i.= pm 

excessive ; «- religious ecstasy #. ^"!p"'?1 

*n'in\ nn^prt devoutness 
^u? ::i*5i nS:i to be in ecstasy v. r. ^^^ f^P'^^T 
to display excessive devoutness tn'pz'^ 

.nit 1PP-7 ,mp^?i =- T^" f^p^^i .ri-p;^^ 

.rt^ti ,-word ;- thing {pL Cn^n) ^. ir^T 

"another thing," Q^L Dnn.s-Dn:?"!) s. nnx-nr*] 
abominable person (j^'.) ;inri a pig, a hog 
.Di«D u?\^ ,nph?i ci>< 

.jedes Darum hat sein Warum u*S)"n = i^ 


-»- 165 


.rrK^n to annoy ;???s to disturb v. a. fvll 

to din into a per- ppm n pi^ |s^pdik |bn - 

*u?\\' "^SiK^ "^p-^^p son's ears 

to annoy a person by ni?i wi |it?^^.k pn — 

.anmn U)"*^ HK^^n talking 

.^isfs confusion ;tyipii?p. ,n^>f din ^, ^^J^'^H 

nasj^lo council ('172 Russia) (pi S-) ,?. P^H 

.Tj^n m>iD n^5 town-ball Hn^ons) 

X'Dj; mouldy adj. S^&an 

.DP-i thunder {p>l^ l-^) ^^. '^P''^ 

thunderous lain b"^ of thunder ac?f, ^mpn 

91p thunderbolte (jpL &^.p^) t, BK^^pl^ 

.(D-'Jii^ mm) mm duet (m?^.) Qi. f-) *. ^Pn 
,a^3''3 n^ripp ,b^5'vy nnnbo duel (j^L f-) #. 71^n 

.-pulse §. pB'n 
to feel a per- p^)'^ W^ <m ^^^ »^ 1^-"^-^ ^ 
to sound ifig.) ;a•^« 9^ ^ps'i w?3 son's pulse 
.a'lb* br inrc-nn ny^^ "^.pn a person's mind 
W3 "^11 to address with "thou" v, a. f^^'l^ 

/rn^ n5^3 |1t''?2 

B^^! ducat (^o^ cow) (pi \"-) s. ^KpH 


inmpn ,-age ;- generation (pl^ T\)"^i1) s. ^^T 

.(a^s2ns im fms ikx^i^ a%TnBx) nils brood 
"fools," sort of game at cards s. pi. t^^p^'^'i^ 

♦a''2i'] n'ii'']i many generations s. ph niin-^^l'^ 
nnn^ for many generations nnn-in ^^ik* ~ 

the generation that perished in s. 713p.^-11^ 

.-the deluge 
the generation that wandered s. "la^Dn-l'n 

. — in the desert 
the generation that was scat- #. .^^ . fei^-'^ll 
tered after the building of the tower of 

♦H: W '^1 ^y ^y * '1^-.? through prep, ^*^n 
through and through, right iin ph' '^iii ~ 
^'ihpi ?]3n ,iya through 
♦:3!3%n thoroughly ? *ij?s through pi^ef. -^^Ill 
one after another, consecuti- adv, 1JKJK5111 
^ep .;! ^hz continually i ^1C2 ,ni ip^ nja vely 

major domo, steward (pi &-) s. |^pSI|?1H11*^ 

*n'ip;i^ ,-' necessarily ^plj-'Only adv. Itpl^ 
only so and not ti?'ipi2^ di3 |1K 'm ^pin "~ 
.nnt^ i3iK2 k9i 13 otherwise 
not exactly in this manner n'K Kpm tsi3 — 

iK'b not necessarily today Kr-?n Kpin d13 — 

,arn ^pm 

in spite of yon I shall not do ^ssn Kpm — 

i^ii^i mittb nK? n^pK Kb it! 

1 want so in spite of I'itk Kpm i^k bin -- 

h^iin n)ir:^b nn ''^k |^sn you! 

tr-i'm to refuse snh^ to repel v. a. t^-5t .in*)*! 

J:^m to annul nln^ a^u>n 

"to repel with both an'' ^n-^s i^? nnn — 

.nr-ib nm hands^" to refuse utterly 

the saying of life nz^ nrtii !":« u?b2 nip^e — 

n« 6^28) nnn ^S3 nips annuls the Sabbath 

,^sh wantj scarcity i\W --pinch s. pH^I 

,pK^ ,ph^ to presSj urge v. a» Jl^> pHll 
to press* the time u n, X^l\ T\WT\ m pnn 

.qn ftK'^5^) ^l?| to pout 1). 7\ ^lt IP^^T 
,'^^^ti i(|s-) n'lk duration s. "^^^H 

heat (0/ a« ?nD'''^5 breath ini'^ spirit ^. y^"^ bw Qh [oven) 
to let one- (/^.) iDh |n5 to give heat in jspi — 
/,nn by n5ipn bra -^21 self loose 
nabsD ^-^ clerical P3nn spiritual ac?/, ^JIIKSII 

clergyman^ minister (p?. ^J-) #, ^piDlKSn 

,m5 •'jrtb njbsB clergy ^. pi1tDD:ii;i\^2n 

to perform the priestly bene- v. n. fP^^n 

.isnb n^^ ,D^3n3 ns^a i^.s diction 

\r^} ,^duke (?.l" a^D^n) s. Bsn 

.n^^aa ,-» duchess (^^L niDSH) ^. HDSn 

.pfOT ,pjito mad ;'?nb^D confused a^^ ^l'^ 

.^nbn to confuse bn pKti — 

,?bo to tolerate ;bhD to suii'er v. a. p^H 

insane»asylum, lu- {pi. "^V"^^-^-) b. t^hn""^'^ 
.a^^l^Q n^a name asylum 


-™- 166 


;::K)\'i Dp-:: to warm through v. a. f^tD>* "1^1*^111 
^^nnrj to be warmed through v, r. n^'-H 

;-^y^ ijT'UJri to throw through v. a. [SlKlO'lll 
to mention (fig.) '> ""^inizi 5h^ to interweave 
;Dnn'^ "ix'i? i]in|i iptn among other things 
ftK^n to appear here and there v. r. T-^'~ll 

;2t?\ti D^3 to wash thoroughly v. a. [^i^VO^n 
9y nv>^ to wash through, wear by washing 

to blow Jn'T^ .15^ to winnow «. a. n. \V'^X^^y^'^ 
r']'3Ji 2'^3 through 
♦lb:: iTit^n to soak thoroughly v. a, fp^.V'^^'^n 
♦-■^in^ ^in^ to interweave v. a. [^^"11211*1 

dl? v5^« l^*!*! to quarrel v. rec. ^^t [|;7^'^;;^1'13'1'1*1 

absolutely, positi- ;i^ entirely adv. D''15in 
♦laii^ bsa -iD^nns vely, by all means 
.|B1« di\2?s by no means I3i3 d^idw — 

.Ibsr entire adj, 2tD^i:Din 

a ooat entirely lined npis^s ipjUd-'D^n ^j — 

♦ipu; 'Tiy^i HDitt ibd^ 'in with fur 

♦sto^'^ D"^^ to salt thoroughly u. a. p7KT5'nn 

,T\ptr\ ,nn to soak v. a, fSiJtSlil 

;^isn serching (^?. f^-) s, 3:i5lT5in 

;^S0 to search tj. a. fS'TSin 

T\^ \&\ nu;; to stay a certain time i^. n. f!!!tS'l11 
.ib| to have finished ; aipD^ 
,|3D to filter, strain v. a. fi^insm 
}^mD to leaven ; f ^nn to sour v. a. f*i^!5t5"Tn 

«. tDvjp-llJill ,»=l1p^ transparent ac^;. ^^OS^Dnn 

.r,^a'pu? transparency 
♦p'la to search {fig.) \ nes to sift v. a [S^tSin 
♦ib3 1B5 to saw through t?, a. [^^tSin 
to look ; "^vji n'^*] to see through v. a. fl^tS'in 
to re- ; (ibd hv^ ibi; through, read through 

♦Oiin vise 
n^n to beat or break through v. a. Jii^/tS'Tl^ 
: ^ra^ Kiiin to carry out, accomplish ; ih"^i 
a^?2 itt3) -D !^jbi ix btj to ooze through v. n, \\ 

to become entirely rusty v. n, p]^11Kti^t^'11*l 

r^VJ^ !s*U3 to carry through v. a. pi^'^tO^D'in 
to think over, deliberate v. a. [tO^JKltOS'Ti'i 

;-b3 ^■^n to plough through v. a. pV\>^^'^^'^^ 

.dipD bD3 t'bn to search all over {fig.) 
nb D^^n to work through v. a. |tDi)SlK2"in 

♦(ittH .pi^2) .:,^^5 to knrad {dough, day) 
:sp3 to bore or pierce through x^. a. ["i^^i^l^in 


♦-bs ^^) to bite through t). a. ;5^_^^:3"in 

*::i?^ri np^n to lick soundly v, a. \^Vy^^>:zyxr\ 

to look or glance through i;. a. \^h"2,TS\'^ 

,to^pp -nn to see through ; 'ii;;^ f^p/^n 
to turn over the leaves v. a. \^T'^)h^yyT\ 
•Jjbr! of a book, to glance through {a hook) 

M-r; ^^r^ '^^^ '-^^P ^'y 
to break thro- ;ib'i^ to break u. a. f5^i::5'nn 
to be broken i^.r. "]^t ~|| ;ci3-;3) ihn ,fhs ugh 
.l^-Sj^ri to break through ; rp^n ,i;:"^n'7 
n.! ^P. ::pi to burn through v. a. [^^^^'iniDnn 
brL -P.| to be burnt through v, r. T3t-||;^« 

^-i^pp passage (i??. i^^:!-) s. 2^.s*2::3in 
to go through, pass through v. a. p.^iS'in 
;(ar5 ^5?) 'ibi; to look over {fig.) \^n ,iby 
V. r, ']^t-||;ii?2 «hi^ to read through {fig.) 
>^VQ 'I^D^O to take a walk 
^■^^D -'islp passer-by (_p^. ^) #. 1^1^55"i1^ 
bvjz, ,ans; crafty, cunning adj. p)'^'^V^Tyn 

pierced with holes, perfo- adj. te1^5pb^:i5m 

c^p5 rated 
boiled mvjrp ^h^ sweated out adj. ^^II^I^jS^H 
♦lbs bppp enough 
♦ibri to dig through v, a. ps'^':^'^^)'^ 
*ni^ 'Ht •'T 5i: by this ac^^-. D])"l5'm 
♦«5sa3) "nhn to penetrate v. a. f^5J^*115'in 
♦(i23?2) inln penetrating a(ij. ^H^^^^^'TlS'in 
to twist or wind through t;. a. f]^^^115'in 
bii^sno to wind through v> r. ^^t ^ || ; "ii;:^ 5ria 
♦ir^'T t4la to come and go ; "^v,^ 
many people I'vi'SpD pbio I'ln ^it |pim Dp — 
♦a^^^l a\s*n d-^ni d^u;3b« come and go 

to go through, read through v. a, pKn^lH 

♦^r^f '^T^.^ ~^'^ ^^ G"*^* through v. a. fpKfllD" i1 

♦siD'^n pDH to heat thoroughly v. a„ \^T.T's'2^T\ 

to pass or travel through v. a. \'^V^^y.fn'2^\^'^^ 

♦-psp rib2^ to grow through v. n, pp^yc^'\'l 


X67 »-» 


.tp^'n ibp to slap soundly v. a. p*0K&5'in 
»^ij;^ n'T^ falling tlirougli(pL f'-)s, 7K&511'1 
brw'b'^ diarrhea (med.) inrih^r\-^^fsbiluTe{fig.) 
(fig.) ;-'ij;a bbJ to fall through v. n. t^Kfc^m 

,ri^) rt^v^ iib ,n^^D k? to fail 
thorough- n^l'D passage (pll--) s. 1*S*&5'T!'l 

.^:np?3 s'rn'] fare 
;-i]ni"ihs? to pass through v. n. t'1^&5*in 
0. r. ^^t^ll ;n^^i^'a ihy^ to drive through 
3)'^t£)b li'D.i to take a ride or drive 
lbs Dteh to stearo. thoroughly v. a. f)>'1KB3'in 
«. r. y.'^ - II ; ::'^\'n ^WS to ste^ well > -pn.^^ 
Iannis np''0 s^nnrt to be thoroughly steamed 
,y^'ri bft^ti to be well stewed 
passing traveler (jjL D-. 8«^) ^. 1^'n.S&5in 

.npni investigation (jpLf^--) «. ^ilt^'l.sSSin 

,ii»n exploration ;ni;pn 
,^1"] to investigate, examine v. r. ft^lKfeS'in 
,(pK) ^!in to explore ; ^'pii 
.lb ^p.*!? to rot entirely t\ n. f^''1&5'111 
@, 'rt, I ;::^in to wet through v. a. f^5!?B5^n 

,bj5. |alKS yin to perspire lightly 
]]^i^'2. *=i^s^ to file through v. a. pTl^yV."^ 

.'i1i'5!2a ^pl to peck through v. a. fp:!S5'in 
'phys,) Iti^^^Vp leading through s. ^Jl'I^S^'in 
(/%•) ^^^»^n ^i£? iQh ^tsf) ninyn conduction 
3VJ^^ n^f n execution 
? w^n) "i^^Vp] ii?^n to lead through t). a. p'!&5in 
J}o accompany ; cnsn) l^^p to carry through 
[fig.) ; 6?2^n ,Dn) 15:;,? to conduct {phys,) \ m? 
.b^s? K^ln to execute 
one who leads {pi, B-- .^) #. ipilSSW 
one who carries J'T'iP.^i i]''?ia through 
one who accompanies ;r,3"T) i^nyo through 
{fig) \ (^»'^n .an) i^:;tiD conductor {phys.) l n^ba 
,b-;b5 K'l^iD executor 
,«.^^-, ^bt? to flow through v, n. (&^7B5111 

.is^b n^i/S bb to run through 
%o nhp^ ^^y to fly through a w. t^^7&511*1 

.nn^n^s ^iv^ rush through 
to interweave, intertwine «. a. f^3]^'?&3'in 

.-pa p^i"? 
*'n|3?^ ib,^ N^bD to freeze through t?, n, pT\t'D'^T\ 
X-^^ to draw or pull through t), <x. f^'!^5"^n 
"^ D^DH ^^I'l.'^ K^n to put through ?n?^n5 
io go through -d. n. || ; (sns ^\y leips ^in) bntn 


.nbu^ ,^^l ^Q drive through 1?. «. f^l^l'ltSSIII 

^^^y^ ?lp&^ t4 drip through 'v. n. jS^ltDSII'l 

.lbs t's/to dry thoroughly t;. a. t^^JJ^pn^STi^ 

t^1| to chase or drive through t^. a, [^K^'^in 

nhp^i p'n to run through v, «. || ; "p 
to let through, allow to pass v, a. fiK^S'in 

.(-irsn nyu^ ^i^anrn) :i?p to miss ; ibi^^? |h5 
to buckj steep thoroughly in v. a> [^''^S'ln 

*isK ^DS stos'i r\^'tr\ lye 
to search (fig) ni?^ to louse v. a. ft''l75'in 

.^^^'^ t^sh thoroughly 
to t-p^ fi1 to run through -y. ^z. j&^^.'5^n 
to peruse t?« a. || ;""iizs ^b iiow through 
.ii,l''i'^m Kh|? hastily 
nntt) 111^ to air J ventilate 'o. a. il^tD&l^^'in 

*(rtnn ^ie^ 

.i|3! ,^hs^ to purify v. a. t'l^tOv^^Sin 

;""(P4 H'Bln to shine through n. n. f®51^b':111 

*^^p^ n'-n to be transparent 

.lb? Khp to read through v. a. f^J^^^^^W 

;ra;hb^ to spend one^s life v. n, I^pbaill 

,|P3pii53in== ft^^SW 
; iin ipi to pierce through t^. a> pl^5];^511'1 

.ip3 to bore, perforate 
.^b ^bb to learn thoroughly v. a, J^^^'lJ^^^'^n 
to experience l^m to finish t?. a. pKDS'in 

,^b|;i ni?^ to march through v. n. [1^^1KD5"1in 
to mix thorough- ;5'^2l to mix ■?;. a. [t^^D^'^in 
to turn {the leaves of a book) ;^to\^ ^■^s ly 
to appear here t;. r. ^^t-|| l^pbg xisd nbj?) "^bri 
,b'^i na HK'iD and there 
*lb ihD to measure through v. a. f^D^J^S'in 
one who measures {pL C-) s. "I^'^DI^DSIII 
'lep diameter {geom.) ;ib3 iiId through 

to quilt, nbri to sew through «, a« ^1^ J 5*111 
. .i^gb l^.pp ibn stitch on both sides 

I '"^'i^ '^^1^,5 to put through v. a, f>*D^J5'in 
I b)v iBips \5my brjfri r'2. as^n to put through 
I to ; a''lin *^'^.'^. 5n5 tsin inpn wire-draw ; (wq 
1 3b^ drench, wet through and through 
I to comprehend^ understand {fig) 5lb| 

{fig,) ;ihn to penetrate {fig) ;nto^'^ |^^ 
AV'n ^ny) r^^vp to size up 

to wet through and through v. a. f^^JSIH 

50U^D ,-3 a33D to put through v. a. t^^^S5111 


- iG8 


15^59 nhu^ to swim through v. n. pD^IV^DniT 

^^hv\ nhu? to swim past ; i2^b 
vv to sweat for some time v. n. f5i^1"lS^5in 
to be *t"ip_a f^asD to ooze through JriD-'iDt 
^^T--||;nri:D ::lfi1 soaked in sweat {of clothes) 
♦np-|p| PIT to sweat for some time v. r. 
to wash ;niri to rinse out v, a. f^pJ^ViS^lsllI 

♦(D^ ."inj) ^b^ 
-ibb to study thoroughly v. a. l^nitD^^W 
W2 |3lsnn to examine thoroughly ;:sd%t 

;-ll?s fi^in to push through v. a. fD''ltD^:Dm 
PH'^ri to push oneself through v. r. H-^'-H 

;sj33 Ik n|5^ to pierce through v, a, [S^tS^^'in 

♦'irir^ "inya ibn to quilt v. a. f2^'£D^3in 
to put ;"ij;si j7pri to stick «. a. [p^tsii^s'nn 
i^^O to push through ;'"iy_|i 'n^yri through 
♦-i|1na iD"^^ to stick out v. n. \\ i lyj 
to send rays through v. n. f^KltS^S'nn 

riv_^ h\)rp. Fan 

p'la to scour thoroughly u. a. p^l^^lD'Tl'l 

to get mouldy all over v. n. ^V^t^)^^"!)"! 

; -ij^s n'T to shoot through «. «. [D^t^sm 

i?i;n to transport in a boat v. a. fS ■t^^ll'l 
.nj3K3 nbi; to sail through v. r. y^ --W ;n^:^ 

♦n-^^ to send «. a. [p^^^m 
iT'^s to break through «. a. PiS^^sm 
to make ;-5x p_^^ to break into v. r. ^n-|| 
♦bninnb ii'i.'i ^iip a shift to live 
15. r. ^n«D j|\:^; to sleep v. n. \t^h^:Drn 

♦n^ t»T ]\Di to sleep some time 
;n335Q filter, strainer (^pZ. [--)«. pK':'^5in 

♦bn5|i &'';i^3 nv^j^b 2p^D puncher 
to have a sleigh-ride v. r, "[It fi^^'O^^w^^::"!!"! 

♦"iP-3 "q^^er to fling through v, a. p^"f!5^^5in 

r^p_a 1JTO to drag trhough ^j. a. fS^':'^^:)^ 

np.i^n to smuggle through 1;. a. f;P'?^1DS^5"in 

♦lit pms'in -= "i^ p^iDS5>5m 
ave- ;2n:2 ij^nn cross-cut (j>Z. f-) *. tD^^t^^D-m 

♦P2^Dt2 Diaa rage 

♦SbST 5^5 to boil thoroughly u. a, f^iftplD'nn 


ph^ to squeeze through v. a. [^tDJ^r.p^m 

to (/t^.) ; ibi7 to get through v. n, f^D1p:2*in 

."i^'enn come to an understanding 
understanding, agree- (^jL f-) «. i^^J^J2lp5nn 

..Ti^^a ment 
to nys J^p„\2^n to look through v. n. \p^p'D1)l 
;(iDD ^5?) ihi? look through, read through 

♦D4D to revise 
.npbn 1.150 to give a drubbing v. a. f^l.^pS'^n 
to give a good drubbing i^m n ib^^p^'nn — 

^ini nr^a n^n 
;K^in| nsD to knock through v. a. fSK^^p^m 

♦npb? ,n5n to lick, give a licking 
♦*ihp^1 ca^ to climb through v, w. fiptD^^p::in 
to read through carefully v. a, f^tO^JJprj'in 

♦ri^-'ri \i?^b to knead thoroughly v. a, ftO^JplDW 
w^»} ^h; to know thoroughly v. a. fP^p^D^nn 

"|5!-'||;f<^m i^y.D to get through v. a. p^psnn 
♦Ibp^i i^k; to get through v. r. 

.tDtolprin ,sn to quarrel v, rec. ""p p^'lpi'in 
to ; S'zv^ bm to creep through v. n. p)^p:2'-\)*l 

♦nn^^s ibi get through with difficulty 

.i;ivp] ^h'l to pu^h through v. a. fpll^in 
to rub through, make holes v, a, \^'}^"^::"^^1 
n.*; ba tan^n n\^y by rubbing or friction 
to be rubbed through v. v. ^^t -» || ; t^^^p^ 
to develop one- {fig.) '■> ^'tm^ ■'i"; by iMr\ nbyrr 

♦D^eriri self 
i^'n?:! to talk over, discuss 'g, r. ^^t [1^^15111 

rbv HKn^n ,""by 

♦•^np^ traveling through s. ^tl^inw 

*(!3ip?22) ihv to travel through i;. n, fttjllDnn 

♦nn^2i3 'ibi; to ride through v. n, |tom:Dnn 

Ab2 10^ to clean thoroughly v, a. p^^J^n^in 

Vip^ to tear up, tear asunder t?. a. fD:!5*l51"l^ 
to push oneself v. r. n^^-|| Jd^Kith^ fnfj ,1^3 
to break through ; --pa ibpi prj'^^.':! through 

rbK x;p3 
I2^p I2ya b^3 to run through v, -n. fPn^lH 
Q-'P^j ^a Ibi; to rain through v. n. fP^3^i::in 
♦l^D n\^ to rain v. r. 1^t-|| k-t^s ,pj33) 

♦3^0 to reckon, calculate i^. a. f^^^^S^^I^W 




nlDHD want s. Ti'ipri^^ 
Jcnnpj pob nyn\n rhm "fi the {pi. ^) def. art H 

,n^\^ this fron. dem. \\ 
tMs mother »Q«n the mother pDb*a n — 

these mot» .niDKn the mothers dpdkd n — 

.bm mD^n hers 
♦nSna ni2D diagnosis (med.) {pl\--) s. t^J2K'''1 

under-tutor, in» {rml.) {pi 0^) e. Pp^^'"^ 

.«n^n ■'p^sri? rrilD structor of recruits 
'^nvi^ \wb |si») KMD dialect (ph]-") s. tipph^'^l 

♦na^f5|S upright, on end adv, Q^S^'I 
to stand on end {ofhcdr) Dpn in I^P^^ — 
to rear, prance {of a hor-se) Hrin5?w laa 

an evil spirit by which (pi. a'^pisn) ^, p13'''l 
,^^xa n32i^D ^V^^ Ql'i a person is possessed 
;n^» ,^ word' V speech (jpL a''*i1S^^) a. ^^^n 
pronunci- J'TiS'^rj ?s1^ manner of speaking 
.m^'p conyersation ihisdd ation 
sufficient to 'the day phr. nn^^^ T^'Uh H'^l 

^'"is the evil thereof 
more than enough, enough adv. "^ThTl] ''I 

*''1'P 'ifi''!'' ' ^ and to spare 
,D^lD-n^i2 sofa nsiD carpet (pi, D^^) ^. fKIIH 
n|ba .il^ab division (m^L) (j9^. B--) #. ^''t^.lin 

*(K32£n b^ns) 

this (^L l^t-.) pron. dem, &Pt^ ,];t^ .^PHHn 

*(DK*i ,n ,npi^> n^'to /mn 
s. II ;nbpQ^ --iiaKi) ditto, as aforesaid adv. '^'^Tl 
if'jo ditto, the aforesaid, the same thing 

nilJi« a silver groschen (pL D-) to ]^p^^1 

of the price of a silver groschen adj. \Vp^T\ 

*^c| ni1:i^ ^^TO 9f 
1^ cake of the price of a p^p iv^vp^^''^ k* — 
♦^a3 n'ni;!^ niN^^u? nw silver groschen 
.nij^^ kneading trough {ph D-) #. ^^Ill'l 

a dish of leavened dough s, ^tS^I^Si-^^nn 

,f ^h3 p^^ Tt3 

^<^t'. II Jins plain, clear, distinct adj. yh'^^Tl 
nn^s iins plainly^ clearly^ distinctly 

»dydek i^i^^ib ,Dittchen tya^n ™ ^psn 

Pjii^s ,p^D» average, medium ad^j. ^^StD^Jt^5111 

*p^aD D^^cs on the average adt^. || 

.n!^n .'r\hn to cut trough t;. a. r"il^J^5"^n 

rpa 'ihp^ to pass through v. n, p^^^£-^5nn 

Mp to take a walk v. n 1^^-'|| 

.'^^a^ ph'^ to push through v, a. p^S^S^^in 

*1bp;^ np^ to stalk through «, ^. ft^jniDt^S'in 

to leap or jump through v. n. [^^Jl'^i^^S'in 

Qin Kk^^ to squirt through v. n. J^nSS^Sin 
to sprinkle ; ||?hn njn to syringe v. a. \\ i "^PJ^ 
*^"1»^ ntn thoroughly 
,Q''5!!n5^ Kla to correspond t5« rec, T-t p^JI^SIH 

to shout to each other v. rec. 1^ fl?15'^1^5'in 

.^h^ to tear Id^'n to trample v. a. |!?t d^*1 

.^m itiM fool r^L D^^JW) ^. ^fj;^n 

,^s^a ^-TisD to bother v. a. ^f^^ll 
to bother a (ma ayn) B^p api i^p^ik |p'^n -- 
.^■"K ii^n person's head 

,;5^au?i^i ,D\2?n^i == [^^"in iSi^^^in .ist^in 

*TO''U^30 ")5£|3 asthmatic a^i. ^''^^7^11 

;p\3r!gi ah ^bp suffocating, sultry ae^J. ^^^H 

.p''3.qD Qh suffocating heat s. ^l^p --- || 

*PIO 'pin to suffocate ?;, a» \W^'^ 

handle ?n|aj5 n^j? small bow (jpLS-) 5. Pp^H 

aisp clavicle ;a^n n^) i^5 guard lo^s |ti?) n^^ 

ba ^Klu? |i5! old beggar {ph B|?-) «« ^^''^ 

.'ilp^s "1^3 to peck t), «. f^'2inn 
.o-^B) ■'il?: wild «£&'. I^pt^^ltl 
«D^''iP'' Q''msn wild apples IP^pap ppu^a^n — 

distributer of charity {ph ^V --) s. p^.^hpn 

♦hp^'-FSf pv'na 
worn-out broom (j^i^. ^V ^) s, ^'OKpl^T 

.n^HiS) wildness t. 'a!5p- ||;^^«is wild adj. p^H 

*i3¥p^ ,pin = mp- >pmi 

cart-grease^ wheel- n^bp tar #. f*5^2P^n 

.nibap nn^is grease 
.•n^j^.^ipbD ward of a city {pk cL) ^, ^2^?J3b^lJ^?1 

^ ' ,u;^KP'ipni=- r^pi^i^n 

.pnn == pni 
*jrin^2 ,''^p difficulty «, pHI 




to resign, tender one's y^DiJsn p« in pvm — 

.(n"it>aa) Ttsann resignation 
pre- ; i'?2^"|5« ,a'^n: diamond {pi. t -" ) *• ^^-^^^^"^ 
kind-hear- (/^^,) ; n'lp; 1^^ cious stone, gem 
diamond, tlie (tT/p.) i^T^vs^ ^'^ ted person 
bvy ",i^Q nl-iDi^ nl'snlx smallest printing-type 

•15^.» jeweller (p?. D« ,-) *. 'n^'?nJ:pn-t:o^Dn 

♦nb-niD kind-hearted adj. y.'O:^^)^ 
of gems ; d^!?"^.T ^f of diamonds a^/. ftOJ^DH 

^nb-nlts kind-hearted (/^.) ; nnp;^ d\2;:k bu? 
diamond wedding, six- ns^nn ysptDiy^n — 
n3\y r^rin tieth anniversary of the wedding 

,ph , -- law {pi. a^'^'l) ^. [n 

♦y^ms -p*!! slender ;p"n thin adj. fH 

♦(^siemtt ntsh p») h^tpTl, dynamite s. ^)'0^^)1 

.fio^^D n^s dynasty (joL D ^ ) 5. l^'^^B^^^'l 

nn^ thing «. ^J^"! 

^1t-||;^bt? to hire {p. p. f^2^^Vp) v. a. f^a^^.^I 

^TiDan w 5^ D31^D to bargain, haggle v, n 

♦n^inn to argue {fig,) 

*^51 ^11 D^3i bargaining, haggling s, ^)^^^^)1 

»13? ^1 . - it is sufficient for us adv. "^^n 
.^accounts, p^l^n-'n 

laws concerning pecuniary «. pi. Ti^^)^^ ''^''1 
. - matters, civil laws 

laws concerning capital cri- s, pi. ri't^^S^ ^^n 
. - mes, criminal laws 

.nhif n'^ns; melon (jpL D--) #. ^*'J?'i 

'female ser- ; nrci; service {pi. f-) s, tDu^^l 

,nm ,nris"^ vant, maid-servant 

.(yi3*i>3) ^ii?''^f n ai^D Tuesday s. ^'^DJ?*' 

^•^p'bfn Di^"! bu? of Tuesday adj. p)1"^T^0^r' 

maid-servant {cont.) {pi ]-) s. 'T'1£J"t:D:n 

maid-servant, ser- {pi. "I^-) «. '^^^^^"tDBJn 

,nm ,nr]^^ vant-girl 
^o serve as, serve ;nti^ to serve v, n. fP^.1 
♦-y u?!2U? ,-^ n\T for 
.2^pn ,p»^ to listen ip^n |!^^ i^t — 
,1:2V .niu^D servant QJ. D- 1-) *, *1^J)^T 
»nnp"'i' .nn-iur?: female servant (joL 0-) 5. fiPH 
servants, domestics {pi [-) *. '^£K^ipn 

.nv>£;^fi3 sienderness Jn^ij thinnes «. ^''^'^^n 

plainness, clearness, distinctness s. ^15p - || 

the Ger- a. || J^l^^i /'tiffK German adj. t^tOl^ 
,1^2^;^^ fi^^ man language 

tm*« |1t'bs ansa German books s. ^^Kill^tSl^T 

n'ln] German Jew {cont) {pi C]^-) s. pt^tSl?"! 
♦u^nnn iI'IlIP ^'« moderner ;^?33^'s^ 

Germanism (of Yiddish) {cont.) s. nrnVW^'i"^ 

x^nt^ quasi-German {cont.) adj. ^."n^Dt^^tO^^n 
u;"'T! Germanised Yiddish ^. l|;n3'f'K jV^b 13^3 

m^x bunch of pick-locks (/.) s. Q^^^£-tJ^tO!!>T 

associate of Jtoalu:^ ,- judge {pi. Si^'^^H) ^- P^"^ 

.--a rabbi 
♦i{vsf thy, your {pi P-) ^ron. j9055. fH^-^*' 
.-office of an associate of a rabbi s. iniJ^n 
.^1D|;3 for your sake --pS ac^o. p^lltOJ^jn 

*'?i7-^p for your part i^p^rfin 
D.nn ,1;-. n .'li;!^ "^^"l) 2^ron. poss. abs. ^'iJ^i^ 

.•Tjb-i? thine, yours (^'- 
thine, (D5— ,J^5-«) pron. poss. aha. "IJ^^H^J^I 

.Tib"!? yours 
bmi^(ph IV^") s. h^p'l'l 
i^nlK thee, you pi^on. pers. en pB ii^as?ips) '15"1 

.'■^X thigh (_2J?. I-) «• H-'^ 


,ay;3 to breathe v. n. W^^."^ 

.nm"! floor {2^1 ]'') 8. ^n 

.D'';a|l b^ mm pick-lock {fl) s. f&7"*"7''1 

.pbp^i = ];Sn 

♦cy-nn^lP stage-coach (^^jL f--) «. £^K^T^7n 

aDiK 'dilettante, amateur (p?. J--) 5. ^^r^^^^"? 

n2ri1i« lady amateur (j>L D-) *. PplDi^tD^bn 

.(mttiyfio) I'^s ,rib^ to dismiss v. a. p^tD^D^I 
retirement, resig- ; Q'^l'iiss dismissal «. ^^''B^ail 

.nn^gn^i nation 

.02 il04 45^1?) nj/'s^": .w prc "nsiij^j nnp„ "ibd as?! p» epj^ 


- 171 


to pick {one's teetJi) ;nh| to scoop ?;. a. f^X7l 

tedious ;n;:;iD r7::K?fi tedious work s. ^J^J^^Iv"! 
,nK^D |;5i; matter 

.n^^j^ J -poverty s. fl^T 

♦'•'5'^^ bip Aquarius 'c-^^r.) ; - bucket s. ^v^ 

inx one of the sons of flaman j)r?2. pi£^l 

.pi^^ ,bi poor, devil ij;?. D'^^^^1) ^. [*B^1 
5S?i|in^3y^ beggar {/.) ^i. B^) ^. ^^S^l 

*i nlKp D"^ name of the letter i #» fh^^ 
tinei^^ 11 pick-lock {/O (^;L nif}^l) ^. nn'71 

♦nna^b iin key-bole (/.) (_pL D<-^) ^, ^fjrnn^n 
.d^D'i .! ;- blood s. Ql 
iraagi- ; -- comparison (^pL HIJI'^D*!) §. fl^D^ 
^b'fD ; — example ; — nation 
,nlps ,«- money ;&*] ^-^ blood s. j?L Q'^D'l 
to torment a person a^^n n |S^pdi^ |s^3£ °- 
/^y^^b p'^.i .^''^ t'S3 nsy 
to be frightened a''^n 11 i^yniK fb^S^i^it =- 

«-- earnest, advance #. nD''^|P"°^D1^ 
deadly enemy (j^L D\H51^^) ^. KJl^irQ^ 

«tears by measure/' s. fh ^''^^'""ni^Dn^ 

. — many tears 
to shed many tears ^■h^'O mp»T a^a |p;iiii ™ 

,tsbu; ,jn to judge v>, a, \^3 f1 
^■^^rinri .vprp^ bottom {pi, |)^ - ) ^« KJ1 
^al-^ nnisfa day's rest (ji. D-) ^, ^pr..^^J"l 
Qiu^nn "^Bri) it^dh -^sn ,iin debit (pLf-) s. ^^^^1 
*(sin -TIM mjisr'n ncsa 
*nin 5j;s debtor (^LD^) s, ij^^.^i^n 
iufiuence Jmsa ,- opinion (pL nij^l) s, n>n 
*(ni^n33) --vote \^^h .n^ 
,n?.ii ,ip^ to dictate ni;i k |.ik! ~ 
npT ^y^b rfn to bave a say nyi k \':^r\ — 
t?''«b iTTi to have an mfiuence nmn 

/•by nrs'^^T 
#^sp& to waver, hesitate npT ipi d^d "i^t j.iKb-^ ■— 

,Tm^ dictator (^J. D-» ,^) .s', V'«'""i^1 

.^m motto (j?L I «- ) # . H^W^ 

*^S"fP ,- lawsuit fjpL D-) #, ,^'11l^'"P'1 

.(B^p^a) i^'ik distiller (^L D ^ ) #, IJ^tDK^^^Sn 

..a^pu^t^) rj-i^^p distillation a. ^^''l^K^^tODn 

.<a^p^^a) f^h^ to distill v. a. f^ll^^^BH 

,T^pp ;npri^'? discipline ^, l?i^^&'!^Dn 

;finp tp mv to discipline a a, p^.^^h^^'^^T^ 

rb^ p3iiirf to discuss v. a. n. [l^toipD^n 

.ni3i discussion {pL D-) ^. |^''D1pDn 

.(B-'^m^ mn^3) nb^pK ni^bn diet 5. ^P^^ 

Xf^n lawsuit {pi. 0^) s, ph^^"^ 

'.nis^K diphtheria s. i^^l^^toSn 

.nn» 550 diplomat (^^L I--) ^, ^^^ll 

^m/ltso n?5^n diplomacy s. P'mD^h^)'^ 

.niipri diploma (^^L D-) §, ^DK^BIl 

.li^a by.s iK^ia fat, corpulent ; nnp^ thick adj. pH 

.«piil= Kpn 

.-^pni?i ,p)ipi-- ^,p^^^,^ ,pnpn 

.n^^^pO dictation {pi 'D^) s. ^plI.^tDpn 

.Tn; |1tobp dictatorship 9. J^'nltSKtp^l 

.^n^m ^^b^ dictator {pi Q-) s. n^^K^pn 

to dictate^ laMO .k1j?o to dictate v. a. ["^l^pH 

.n^.^ ,^pa prescribe 

.2Fi^n i^^pp to dictate v. a. [l^-l^^pn 

fatness, cor- I'^g ,n^v,p thickness s. ^^^pp'l^ 

n'^s n^^^ia pulence 
thee^ jprotL j?er^. o^ fiB irs^n p« ir^mip«) IH 
A^b) ^b ;qrim) ^ri1« you; to thee, to you 
dwelling, lodging, apart- {pi, ti)'^^l) ^, mT'*1 

, — naents 
.n^'''^ -isf rent s, ^^^^rni^ 
. — pleasant dwelling s, HKi uT^^ 
i\pr^by 0^1 3D3 to direct, conduct v. a. [I^^^IH 

/bnm director, conductor {ph f-) ^. ^J];5iin 

.(Q^jii^s IK an^' npn^) D^J?p 
direct, straight adv^ || J 1^; direct adj. ^p^ W 

board of directors {pi B^) #, Dl^'^^^ppH 

,bD3?p director, manager (jpL B-) ^. "l^^tOp^in 
.n^mn ^n^nsn management {pL D - ) «. P'^^p^lH 
DID shaft^, draught-bar {pi. C^--) «« ^^H 

♦n?iO10 ^"i^ ^F of ^ draught-bar adj. ^Ti^^T^)"! 
to suffo" 1% a. II lom to breathe ?;. ??. \T^)1 

.pin ,p3n cate 


^- 172 - 


B-'Stn a«n do we really want jyn "ii» ibin "- 

♦nQK3 liniK 
n\7inn bottom 'iTait cover {pi. ^V ") s. p^^^'l 
yns ^«n crown of a cap or liat u^Vs Vw 

♦naT ,:3i:;n to think v. ti. i^pJ*^?*^ 

ni^in .nipi n?;n thinker (^Z. - ) s. ^^pJ^T 

likewise, in like manner adv. f5^jbKtS)DP'l 

.|5 ••© 51? >!« nevertheless - ['& a^y. p^11tOD;;i 

?il23 acre (?a?ic2 mea^^^re) (j?LD«) s. Wm^^V"^ 
♦O'3"io I'l? 2400 1^3 r-Dn naiK ma) Hdhk 
.li?1u? constable (^Z. D^;-) *. p^i^K^D^^n 
the tenth Friday after Easter s. P3^tOi<''D^n 

pattern, design (^j^. B-) *. t^B^^ t^^^ 

♦np, despot (pZ. f«) «. tD*S£D^n 

♦nian,]^? despotism *. Dt^tOkSBD^I 

♦l^nj; despotic o<%*. K^^tSS^SD;;^ 

ij^Jin ^^K wilful person (jpL | - ) *. "1^"1BSDyn 

•i^iK n-'a depot, warehouse [pi. &-) »» ^S);*1 

^n-ia^p^ nj-'fii deposition (jpL D-) *. ^''iSi^tlJS^I 

nj^an .nia'^a'p jha to deposit u. a. \V.^ti))^ 
T\^bm department (i^L [-) s. t>:V^V^^^^V^ 

.nu^'i'iD deputy [pi f-) §. tO^tD^.D^^n 
nnn .n-iDKbD deputation {pU £-) «. ^^i^KtOID^n 

.py-i^ .incn deficit {p>l, f-) s. t0^2i^£):;n 
.nf2'i;^ri despatch, telegram (^^Lf-) s. ^^B^T 
■•T ^j; ni^''T n^it' to telegraph v. n, \^T^V^V^ 

♦ca^^.5iii'?'iit'j?-a^it'n'nn)i^?pi^ 7. December s,'°ir-<->';ii>*1 

'"^P.IP. bottom JTTpit cover (^j>L ]-) s. PV^ 

..-!';.« |1SD deck {of a ship) ^^^r ht*) n\";^nci 

,ipnDyiJi7n = *i:nKpi^n 

HTiiSfsn iiai\s?|D decoration (joL S-) *. ^^^'K"ii>p^'l 

.(pntDS^r bv nin^s) 
,ixs ,t2Wil to decorate -y. a. f'^^'^i^pi^'lf 
guarant;ee, security I'^B? covering 5. ^J'p^'l 

.Qi^^a payment ino'iy 
-lb? T?^ bride's veil (j»L -i^^ltO-) 5. T'^IIP^^ 
,0''r$p„§^ at times adv^ V^^pV"^ 

bp.'iDipn upon duty, waiting adj, P'Tlti^ii^T 

♦■"i^n .^ij'^a disinfection s. T^^V^^^'^V^ 
♦1DSJ ini23 i^n to disinfect -y. a. f1^5£p^DJ^Tj;i 

*Dlls deserter {ph]-) s. Tton;pt^n 
nTsa retail sa'is detail (j^iJ. [-) s. 'jtlto;;! 

*(s ,135 to deduct {com) «. a. p^p^l'^tO^I 
a large cloak with long {pi. ^^) s. V^^V^ 
♦a^siK a^^sn^ si? nri'i 5^i;?s sleeves 

♦■^II 'iisp, »riJ^ delicate adj. ^JtDiSp^'?^"! 

♦D^^P„i?D delicacies s. pi. fCJ^tOKp^^^T 
dealer in (^m.) {pi. ^V -) b. p^^D^tOKp^S^n 

.d^^^D^a nnis delicacies 
"four by four (ells)," narrow pred, 'T vj^ H 

♦(Blp») 1SE 

.ixa lajs inn a very small room '1 5p 't "inn 1^ — 

.D\b^ ,TiE delegate (jpLf-) s. tDx:!^Si;n 
,11^3^^^ delagation (pL ^V -) s. V^^^^Vh^"^ 


; "0 the <^e/. arL ov^ pe ii's^npK pi? iregn) DJ^I 

»n? this j??'ow. dem. || 

♦DlJO n^'njs demagogue {29^. t-") «• 3*s:iKD^T 

,^ 9 P D p\ ' -= ^nD^^D^n .Db^Dpn .IDb.SD^T 

n^^a p\mi9 democrat (p^. [«-) «. tDKip.SDJ?n 
mbe^D n^^3 p^triD Democrat Jspri nbfDa 

De- ; W^r^ ^^^^^ democracy s. ]^^^HipKDJ?'1 

,n!5''i''^K3 n''E>'i|?1a'''^D ^i2^W mocracy 
jDijp n^^Kiab 1^^ democratic adj. ^)^^^pt$>2V'l 

♦nj5'''i''!SK3 D'^tsiipiD^'nD nabe^b i^k Democratic 
demonstration' {pL 0^) s. ^^^K^tDDi^D^T 

♦3^d"ia3 nn:^)^ 

,|lb^ .nbtj oak {pi. O^L) s.^^t2^1 

.nbii ^U7 oak, oaken adj. |-t2^1 

.K^m pf-ts ,tx then «fZ^. tO'7£2>;n 

♦KlfiD Tr!? '^^ of that time adj. ^^'^h^j^l 

.nnnj^n n"^^ to stew v. a. |£23;;n 

.KisK then cow/. |^T 

what then does he want? ?|PT IP ^111 d^h - 

? 13121 K1SK ia 

?p Hb SKH is it not so ? ?ipi fixii -- 

?Kis« na what then? ?ipi p^r^t D^n — 

,-u; ''3S)a BHH is it because ^iMi tpi ^se — 

.i:?!?5?^r|E'"3 snp50 pK i» 




,"5 'I's^a to implore^ entreat v, «, I'^V^^P^ 

to please, satisfy, gratify v. ci. |^tn.S21|^1 

,nlbijb nb3 to finish roasting v. a. t^K^isn^l 
ri:i "^i^n to come up to, come at v. n. t-^*^^*^ 
to suffice, be sufficient ;-is vm rng Kla 
to die UjnnB) 9u?^ri to become ripe PI nST 
u^b'i ,Jt2?rT to acquire (knowledge) v^ a. \\ '»riHD 
to be- V. r. "11t-||;Hto to find out ;(npn^) 
♦n^lD '^tC^ come known 
to be sbort of so- p.i^'ipi m% uvw |5£l?^i^ -^ 
.nn inT ti^-'Kb 'nan metMng 
to make an end (tiK" ^i) pi? en DP3ii^ |iij"ipi -- 
s-Tib IP IT' of a person, torment a person 

*^^^ p^n .^^''K 
♦K^«5S pk^ to pour full ©p ^. t^'J^'^^^ 
' .^b^.-i to add t^. a, [^^^"^^"^ 
*flihB ins to give less pv^^v"^ to^3 — 
to get it^hnpfjft to sound v. a, [l^ll^^tSJn^l^n 
n^&^5 '^Z ^"p^ to the bottom 
♦rta^ffi -n^in attainment #. 25131112 1]^*1 
4^5 'JllO tn reach, attain d, a. f^ll'l^ni^l 

♦pann 'P^C t^ strangle v, a. f^^H'^^'^ 
3^5 to obtain by service «. n ^lt f|;in*l|^1 

to rise to ru?i3 |pbip2fis^ |^ is iit ipjit^pt — 
Tpis nbpab imisps nst the rank of officer 

,B''B^j5a prr^'o t^» a game at cards s. I^'T^]^*1 
support ; (tJ'Ba) Di'p preservation s. SiltST^rflJ^I 

.n^sp receipt ; na^pri 
to sup- ; iVRiy dsp to preserve v. a. ftD^KfTi^l 

*^5i3 to receive ; "pn port 
B.^p.a preserver (jpL D-« ,^) s, ^I^^bKn^.pi 
♦^sjDtt receiver '» i|Dlfi supporter ; (k^bj) 

np. n'^n to live till 'o, a, p^TTiV^ 
♦ni^'nS nbt to live to see |pt i:^ p^nnpi — 
be raised, be elevated t?o p. pV^^ p^'l^'n^l 

.pi^nnp-^ J3i3iin'ip^-=p''in'i];n j^i2^m];n 

♦dDS-in-ipi^^.K^) i^n^s especially ac??;, tSB^'^'n^^ 
»nbp.j:^ HDnri raising, elevation s. 3-3'ni^'^I^T 

.nn^zj inr nnp'p ni2i;n proinotion 
effb^^r^b £-,n Kt"| to raise, elevate u. <2» pllH'll^l 
*nrin| ^n1^ nn"?Db 'inpn to promote 
♦r^Ji'iri elevation, exaltation s. SJI^l^'ll^T 
*fiDh ,«t3 to elevate^, exalt v^ a. [31^*11PT 

.^H^a^;) TD^ cover, lid (pL^i;-)^. ">[^V^ 

Anp^^n^^ijp recitation (pL D-) 5. T'i^Kri^s^^pi;*! 

".^nj'P^^^ mp^ to recite ^. n. plD^'^pj/l 

to give a security ;nB5 to cover ^. ce. ^pV"^ 

,abi^ to pay i \e^^k ivj^ s'"^p for a person 
♦hs^^^ blanket ins^D cover {pt ^^) s. VpV^ 
*n^pa M^-^ii decree {pk ]--) s> to^lp^T 
j'cnst p»^ ,n^n\n ft^ts) -p the {pi, T\) def. art. ^Ij^'l 

♦^3lbs ; rip this _^ro^, dem. | 
*ntn sst,i this father i ^^n the father vm^ IP^ -^ 
these fathers ;nisHn the fathers dp£s^^ n — 

*'^3ibB u?^K Mr. so and so "ipn |1h ipt — 
^n^'i™) nsn-^ phthisis^ consumption §. ^"^I?*? 
syllable prefixed to verbs for pref, ^"^V^ 
B''bpbb c\mS% ni^n various significations 

,(Krii3l\j^ niKilnb 
syllable prefixed to verbs to pref. ^""^^^ 
neais ni^p signify completion of action 
*onb^|n m^"^^ nK'iln? &^^pb^ 

*fiK^ bg thereon adv> f^'^l^'^ 
not to be with i^ipn ^ia |:^p?ii^ ssid p) ^m — 
u?''ii ap n'^n ^b a person on good terms 

it does not concern |^ipi di3 'ilia ts^is Dp — 
,^9 na^K 1^5 ."b pjn3 m r^ me 
t1^3«^p 'itoi to finish working v. a, f^^^S^KlJ^T 
t?, n 11^-- jh^jinno -s^l^^n to play mischief 
np„ insKbcs %p^ to work till 
*nls^9 "nbi to finish baking i;, a, ^fpKSI^I 
*131^ ^3 ^^s^? baked sufficiently adj\ ^^pK^'^J^*! 
"isii 1^9 not sufficiently baked ipi^sipi tti3 "- 
not sufficiently developed (fig.) na^si bs 
^(ts'^^) isi2£ b^ rrnann k^u; 
-=^. ^l^p-lplOT merciful adj. SHJ^n^ni^^n 

.sn'i to have pity on v. r. H^t f^^D^^KSI^'l 
.n^^Dhl iQ''^n'i mercy, pity b. tO!:!pD^lKS1^1 
r^ ^B to get at, come at v. r. n^t [^IID'l^l 
m^ij^ near ;m ^^^ thereat, at it adv. ^^^y^V"^ 
*nt ns^D ,"b ^al5 in addition to it, besides 
*n3i3 HNT to be present »'ipt |in — 
,^m "lU^K ,snj7 near, neighboring adj, Sl^l^HJ^^I 
♦Wi'i^is presence s, [^Jlt^j^lJ^T 
,D^3ri to make angry v. a. pV^tiy^V"^ 
.fs)^ nba to finish biting v. a, p!5S'^P1 

40" ^■''^'•lii jtt®» 




'•y-^j ^5. Ipm 512 thereon, on it ado. 5l'i'°!^1 

,|?J ,^3 5y therefore adv. Dl'^J^T 
.C2lni among ;i\';inri therennder adv. 'n,V^ri1^'l 
ob^5 u?^x 1-' -i2tp to be insolvent ii;iD;np"i |i?t — 

.K^/^i ivi *ibK to say to the end v. a. p)$^^V^ 

.(qlcn ^v, m'^; to sit to the end v. n, f^^^'^^T 

to see, perceive, espy, discover v. a. IV^'^V'^ 

rti<') t<5 see each other v. r. ^^^ - 1| ; r^hi .nk*! 

xrw^ n« ^^■^ 

.0^--^) T ,nn: handle (j;?. D~) ^. :pS^t>^npn 
to T'DSD ,f^bri to cat-h, surprise v. a. [£Kt:'l^1 

,N5£D find 
iv. K'^3 to carry to a place v. a. f^H^tOI^'l 

.5bD ,K\y3 to hear, suffer ; ::*p)p 
; (rt^nnr) «2£)pi 2i2;n to invent t?, «. fwSi^'ntOI^I 
^y 2U?n to think until one finds v. r. ^T\ - 1| 

,i?bD to he drowned v. ^. p^n I^p-3l1^'n^-| 

.-nj;? ^■'Ti to chase to v. a. I^1?'^tD1^'*1 

to V. r. T^--||;rst? to drown v, a f^p^niD'ipn 

.rbp .v'^'c drown, be drowned 
deluge, inundation (pi. ]-) s. tr^J^^pon^'i^n 

h'^th ■n^fiX^ bearable a^J. yh^V^'^^V"^ 

bn:?D to dizzy, stupefy «. a. IV^hv^^'^'^V^ 

.psnn j''^? to overtake v> a. p.^"^1^n 

»|p> ,|3 b^ therefore adJu. I^nn^l 

,n^|i therein ac^u. fl.^'l^n 

.n^s therein ac^u. f^^ni^l 
.ntn in this panyi p.K — 
♦BKna all at once jpanp"! ied^s px — 
j^3P^ ,^ t'^V^^jV^^V'^ 

1^7 u?bn to catch wp, take up v, a, fS^SI^t^'l 


^-^rD ..T^"i,D .in? to allow, permit v. a. fuS^n^n 
feo re- ;|h3 ,\iJ''|n to give, hand v. a. f^^-^K^I^'l 

.3^n ach 
.ir,n wiu?'!? to allow, permit v. a. f^'il^l^l 
r?W"| permission, leave (^Z. ]") s. t^^-D|;n"'1^1^'1 
♦nx^-in nn? permit ;j^'"^i 
ng K^*! to run up to v. n. f£'''!'?1^T 

.m hot a4?. m^'i'n^n 
to I an: -cpn to heat, warm up v. a. [^ 'H ^^ 

.n'*,| irritate 
to hear to the end ; vp^ tu hear v. a. pV^^V^ 

Jhn to kill V. a. fPI^-^ '[^2^tl^V^ 

,1^^"^^ r\%X^h ViT\ to grow up i>. n. ' jOpKin^T 

.Q''U73N- i<^ grown up, adult adj. 'iSpKir,^"! 

.pinn to be choked v. jj- rT>"' \'-i"^'^^W^ 
-fi:si£ expectation (jjL ]^-) s. :3r,*^'nKir,X>n 

bn! ,-^ nssf to await, expect v. a. ['OnKlin^l 

."j? nsn to wait for v. r.y^^\\;'^) n'^n r? 
♦Kiu?b nan to wait in vain y.> jiD-Kinpn b^3 — 
.Dsn to warm, make warm v. a, I^D^n.^V,'^^-i 
ix C55^ nb? to finish washing v. a. [t^lii'^i^l 
.1^ y'n-] Sa 222 to wash thoroughly ; j/in^b 

♦■^c.^ against adc. I^nrnn^^l 
.""5 njjnn to oppose ^i;n5inpn p.^? — 
to afford ;n^K ,ri5in to prove v. a, \")1V^^))1 

.npn'in removal s. ^SjI'n^^tOl^rn];'', 
V. n T^-||;pD>? to remove v. a. p^mr^T^'^ 
.pninn to withdraw, retire 

*nrri^ choosing, election s. ^il^ir.r^i 

♦''3PI temporary, provisional acZj. ^I^l^vri^l 

«in^ to choose, elect v. a. \h))))'^))1 

nb p^ meantime, meanwhile ado, ph'Ulnl^^ 

♦nni; nvb for the present ; 0:^13^3 .nb) 

.nyu? ^s5 temporarily ybi^inpi J^'ii? — 

^a who knows v. a. C^B^.rn ^j;v. ==) ^B^^ll*^^^ 

4nt5 pn^'' ID who knows what dkii Doi^inpn — 
people think c^n tsc^iinpn ?^n iv S33i^d pd — 
♦Kbs 13-15 iniK D'3i:?in c-c^ix he is a prodigy 
.'\i$b ni\^n to soak sufficiently v, a. IpV.V^^V^ 
to hear, to learn, be infor- v. r. '])^ \CTi)*^^^ 
^^^ p_-ijr? ,i:b\i? med 
.«JiK5 to find ^. a. p^in^^l 
abi^ to make ap the weight v. a. fj^i11^"1 


.^3b nhp^ ,tp.ri .pn to dare v. r. 1^ f^^^'in^l 

♦^I'lP ni^ri to awake, rouse v. a. fpj^m^l 

*P30D 'p3r? to choke 0. a. f^^^^^^n^T 

.r^p? of it, from it adv, D''i1^n 

to pay no attention -^iji^jj ct.pi "jit puD — 


~~- 1T5 


,^2^5 to mainiuain ip to nourish v, a. ]^^^'*\p'^ 

M2^ nfes to finish building v, a, \r^'^W'-iV'^ 

^l^n^a n|?j?s principally, especially adv. "^p^V^V"^ 
.np^y.-npn - tOtJ^^pT'^1^^ 
to eat ;bb«b nb? to finish eating v. a. ' fDJ^^J?'! 
,p^_ri to trouble, annoy li'i bb^ sufficiently 

^Tl.iDp troublesome adj, ^pp'nj^'l 
sin a troublesome debt sin "^p^rDpnyi » -~- 
,i3M nm3?^ T'bpn? r^"^® 
♦nh^l p'TO biD roan horse (^Z. DJ?-) «, ^P'nj^l 
'^bq? 1b| to finish packing v. a, [pKE'^P^I 
on account of it, because of it add, "^MB"!^^ 
therefor, for it ;|3b ,|5 hv. therefore \r\\ 9?^a 

we shall not iKSnpi pnp a^3 nit |bpii "nin - 
bb;!:D nn3 ^b quarrel on account of that 

Ejr-^s C1K |pD tsKH nKQipn /i?:i??2 "lyaspbu; k tiK np — 

he ip a bad man, therfore he is hated 

.6 Q''K3iu p ^y ,Kin pi aiK 

D^^n pbK Diit pKri DU tiK IP bi?ii iKsnpn --■ 

because he is good he is loved by every- 

.iniK nniK DHK ^2 nitD Kin "d ]T body 

she is not ■•Abr> it tii^ ikqipi ,iii^' ^13 i^i^ it -^ 

pretty, but, to make amends, she is wise 

,K\^ nr:2n nt *^^n b^K .ns'' nirK 

how much will ^iKS'ipi p^^b*:^ ^P K)pn bsm - 

?nt IPS Q5^^ nas he pay for it? 

.^in^? HviS to finish dyeing v. a. p'^KBl^^^ 

.ntp thereof of it adv. fi&'^l^l 

to be quick ;n35^ ins to be off paipi pK?2 — 

*n^^nn perception by feeling &. ^^^r}^.t^V^ 

.di^R fulfilment s, ^^^^h^mV^ 

.^r\^ to perceive by feeling v. a. ^|7^&^^^ 

.^bi2 'Qp. to fulfil tj. a. 'p'^mV'^ 

^hp^ <""DE^riri to be frozen v. p. pP'l'^ pKl6"i^T 

.ppii pKisipi=- pi^l^ pTiB'ipT 
to V. ?% n^t^l|;n^iP to rejoice v. a. \V^T^^^V^ 

,nb'"f' rejoice 
♦"5PP i^bp^ ,i:ip to freeze v, n. pT^t' V"^ 
*u?a; ns^q refreshment (p?. [1^ ^ ) s. ^^'t^^^^S'il^'l 
u. r. •^^t-||;%3 nu?,-! to refresh v. a. f^nfeip'l 

.Vi^s3 n^rt to refresh oneself 
I8i£p to find out by enquiring v. a. p^'lDl^^ 
.* ."^ »i, r. ^^t^l|;nibK^* ''^J h^ 

.(pD3,'3) iDsn to lose \^^Sr\ to add -y. a^ pl^v'i^'n 
redemptioUj deliverance (pi. \V --) s, l^y^fh'^V^ 

.nhe ,^K| to redeem^ deliver t). a. ftl^^'^i^'i 
redeem^er, deliverer (^L B-- ,--) a. 'iPi^^^'i^l 

to finish reading, read to 15. a> ^p^VtP^V"^ 

.?]iBn IP K^i'^ M'^ph nba the end 
to live D. ««||;ip n^'n to live till v. n, pV^^V^^ 

*nlHi? nbt to see 
what I have come i^sp^^pi s^n ^i^ t.m — 
what I have lived to ;^ mna it^^b to! 

s^n^stu? hiab see! 
,•^1^2 to prolong 15. a. pV^^V^'^V^ 
to learn, acquire by learning v. a, [^i'l^^ipi 

n^ n23 to extinguish entirely a a. f^]^7ll^n 

D^u^rt ,nb3 to finish, complete t?« a. pKD'iJ?1 

;nT5| remembrance {pi, p '-') #» 3i1ii^D1]^'°1 

*l5j mention 
; Cin^ s^ bv n^';?i) 'istiri to remind v. a. \V^'^^V^ 
to a r. '^^t^lj Knori ^3; n'^pn) 'isto to mention 
,iptn ,'^3? remember^ recollect 
*n3^in ,nn''^q murder , killing ipl. \V '-)s. '^Tn'^^^'^V^ 
.jhn m"! to murder^ kill -u, a. 1'^'^^^"^^^'^ 
,nnnip encouragement s, 3312^^V.,'"i^l 
,a3npb3iDa^"i^ - pV^m'-iV'^ .^mV^m-^V^ 

.pP to3 1D&''1K 
,nts therewith adv, ^*tS1]^1 
43npte31»SMK - P^^J^DI^^ ,2J11^MDnp-| 

.p P "^ 3 1 ^ a M K 

;n'ia'? nbs to finish measuring v. a. [tOBS^^'il^'l 

,n"i^n ^^D to make up the measure 
.p ''^riK thereafter^ afterwards adv, ^NO'il/n 

.n^s'fn humiliation (ph \V -) s. ^^T^V'^'^.^^'V'^ 
^n^||;^E^n to lover, humble «. ct. p1'n];-t^ri^1 

^m'i m bs^o to humble oneself r, r, 
nmK a5n) nstt ^^rf, sod, sward s. 3^21''J"^.p"1 

»b^^? near adv. pV-^'^V'^ 

.n;,ip approachment s. a:311^tO^^^^^^ 

"ilt^[|;s:i^n to bring near v, a. p^tOUpiJ^I 

,y;33 ,2-^^ to come near^ approach v. i\ 

.Q'-itip bt; of thorns, thorny adj, ^T\^V^^V^ 

maintenance ^itD nourishment s. ^^T\V^'^V^ 


— 17t> 


to gain or earn by labor v. a. [^""Sli^ll^n 

♦DX;.:3D 'tnn to make angry v. a. [ j;^^tn"sj;i 
Ji;niJ n^3 to finish speaking v. n. pl^'l'^^n 

.--117 -15:1 to tpeak till v. r. H^'-H 
.J^'DD "IP. n|53 to clean to tlie end v. a. p^^l^'^'^^*! 
to be in a perspiration v. p. p^ll tD2£^W'i;;i^ll ;-b pn^i to push up to v. a, \t>W^'-\V^ 

♦"5« pn^n to push at 
^^Sn .-lan to piece, add' v. a. \V^)Vp^t}^'^V^ 

np/3n suffocation ;p3n choking *. 2-Slp^lDt^'i^l 

to suffocate ;p.|n .pin to choke v. a. \p)^^^V^ 
to sup- ;k3^ to crash (^^.) ;(Dn« •'v bv^ p30 
*(nvi»^) pri^ press 
crush, crowd ; np^rn suffocation s. ^)^Vp)'^^^V'^ 

n,b.i to stab V. a/p^'^ti^"^^n 
;n"j; nht to add by strewing v. a. f^^^^^i^*! 
k|>o^ nhT to strew as much as is wanted 

;nj;Q'in appearance {pi, f^-) s. iJI^'L^^li^'l 

.(D1D13) i^Kb nK'sr*; ;n«iD phenomenon 
I'lnb K'r '.yjain ,nK>:i to appear v. «. JP^Jt^'^^^l 

to shoot to death, kill by v. a. p^ti>n^n 

♦n;i^s fD^n shooting 
HK O'^u^ to send the remainder v, a. [p^t^l^^ 

to depress, >ni2n ,n2D to kill v. a. ^p^htt^"!^^ 
nnpn to make dull iv^a mi) 5B^n ♦K51 deject 
♦atyn to attain to v. r, ^^"11 '<^"!^^"'> 
woe is me I 1 p^t^u^ipn "|^^ ts^n iP5ii k — 

depressed, dejected, low- adj\ ^p^b^'^V*^ 
9. tO!?p-|| aw ,^^1? dull ;nn bau? .ns'iJ spirited 
.HD^S? ,nn^i; dejectedness, depression, dulness 
jvy; to sleep a little longer 1;. n. fBi^W*!^*! 

♦13PP nip 

.P.^s to swallow V. a. p:i:3^^^^^"f 
ijitJip to draw or drag up to v. a. f&^WI^l 
to drag oneself v. r. "^t-|| ;-np. nholK 
rij; niin::^ Ti'^n mi; nnsn 1« "^^jarr up to 
\2^ins ifD to smell, scent u. a, fpJ^Dt^"!^*! 
♦nbi .to to find out, detect (fig.) JD^'in 

frightened, alarmed, started adj. \p^'^V:^'^V'^ 
♦noe fright *. tOl?p--|J ;np,^3 ,5i;;n| 

♦Qi^f'rin nn«^ rest of the payment s. i^n'^KUSI^'l 
Q^^ to pay up, pay the rest v, a. ih^"^*"]^^ 

»ppn Dipis^^'np'T -= p^ll tD^SDMiil^^ 

♦£2P3,n to vex, make angry v. a. \V^V"i^'^"^V"^ 

»^13n ,^1-^3 breeding, education s. S^li^')^*!^;*! 

in addition to, ;n|^ thereto, to it adv. 1if'^)^*l 

,m -inbo ,m bj; j^dIs besides 
what do you think ?i2£npT niK tsa^t exn — 
?m bp ^nnu^na m^ of it? 
,ni7i to tremble, start v, p. I^^n tD^^tD^iCli^n 

narrative, story, tale {pi l'^-) s. i^l^^^^^i;;;'? 

♦ijn ,*1B5 to narrate, relate, tell a a. \h))':i^^^ 
to draw up to, stretch up to v. a. fj?'!i^'l!^1 
to bring iqar) "^im ,i}^Dn to prolong riy "?iu?d 
to last till -y. n, II ; ifiD to educate ; 5^i up 
np n''n to live till nj; Tj-^n 
,|??1K .Tf^nD educator (_pL - ) s. iP^Sil^n 
.ipap-i^jsiipn- l^^V^VI^'^V'^ 
.lP?Kp^?^ -= f^mpii^n 
♦bf5^ nb| to boil enough v. a. f^Xp'lV*^ 
♦^bJi ,nb? ,G5-^D to finish v. a. f^t^tOJ.Sp'n^n 
;^a3 nnu^n refreshment (^?. f^-) s. 3J)lp^^n 

Ji:j;,ri ,33:p delight ;^v»y!;u? recreation 

to recre- Ju^s^a rni^^ri to refresh v, a. fp^^lp^i^'^ 

J3^ to delight JPii^I?,^ ate 

03^p1np'^P'^ - ^^i^pr-lpl^^n 

.^ip'TP.j^h^ to crush to death v. a. ftJ^tO^llpl^n 

♦IP^Dip^T = f^t^tOlpl^n 

♦nip n^)'5 to buy in addition v. a. fS'^lplJ^'l 

'^TRO^- '\^^^ inquiry ^. 5:i:in-3ip1^*7 

rbn npri] ^i<u? to inquire v. r. ^^t p^Jipl^T 

♦-ij; n^p^i D|b to climb up to v, n. p^to^^^plj^n 

♦oV) fh^ to pinch v. a, fJ^lSDpbpnj?^ 

,11^11 explanation (_23L f^-) s. SJn^'^plj;^ 

.^P_l ^^b| ,r!P^'iin declaration ; i^.na 
to declare ;"iha .n«a to explain v. a. pP7p"i^'1 

on the con- Jn^t 133 against it adv, P^p 12^*1 
♦abi« ,b2^t however H^O? trary 
♦n'jlso recognition a. ^^li^p^^l^l 
to dis- ;s7h; ,^135 to recognise 1). a. IV^V^^V"^ 

♦1D?D tinguish 
IP. ih| to scratch to the end «. a. flst^^ipl^l 

♦xiip to find {fig.) *^\^n 
5m to crawl or creep up to «. «. f^l'^pl)?*! 
to attain one's end by cringing (fig.) ;-ig 
*ni^3?o m ^1^ 'li^l^'s jWD 




cabman, cab-driver {pi. S]/-) s. l^nKp^ 

rnzis droshky, cab {pt D^) s/^p^uSin 

,^m ain wire (jp^. f-) Se ^^"^"^"^ 
[fig.) ^hy-\^ ^mr. nyjj^rp wirework s. ^^nnK"^Knn 

.ns; npK^p fine work 
shoemaker's thread {pi D-) s. J^lltO^'ni 
,(D':5?^i ^^) riia: mr\ 
3n5 ■'ss^n bf of wire adj. \t^^T\ 
pjn to fasten with wire v. a. J^ll^tSKII 

njiij^n n^3W drachm (pL D-) §, |;D5|?11 

♦IHtt fn to run quick v. n. l^h^"^^ 

*WP 'l^'ti^ ^V "\'Q^ ^'? dramatic ac?;. ^ItDKt^tni 

♦I^IO -nm^ drama (j?L D--) s. ^i^KII 

na ,b1tt pole, staff (i?L 'll^^iJ^ni .B^-"-) s. 3iK^*1 
(/^•) '("^'P ■^P'^P^ ^»^s ^^«3> "^^315 crowbar (/») 
♦ni •'n^:;^ n^lp-^-i.^ in^-'Ji^ tall awkward booby 
side-horse, off-horse (pi, W--) s. pV^m'^'l 

♦(33 ptpby 21 shingle (j???, D-) §. J^^^JKll 

♦nD'f'iD scratch (^^L B]^--) t. ^ S^l"! 

.1D^ r>* cloth 8. 2 &K11 

worn-out broom (pi ^V -) s. ^Wm'^"^ 

."im ^n.^ b|? of cloth adj. fSKin 
». rec, ^5t-||Jbh& .lh| to scratch a. v. fPBK'Tl 
nni;'^ nt^ ^"^^ £ihd to scratch each other 
♦ca^ to climb, clamber v. r. 1^t^|| 
,n|ip nlKsn fight, brawl, row {pL &-) #« ^p^ll 

.p-^ nni) 3h3 to scribble, scrawl v. n, f^pltl^ 

*rrni» .-degree (j?^. DI^I^J) ^. mi^l 
teacher of small (pL D^ID^D-)^. nD^p.-'-pni^ 
an^'b fi^ni^n nils childrenj abecedarian 

the ex- «. ||;pi"ia outside, without adv, p''11'1 

^y^n terior 

♦fina outside, out of doors jo^m p^ -- 

from the outside, externally fD^m pa — 

*r^n ht outside adj\ sn^D^lin 

,Sfi35 nb3 to finish writing v. &» f^^l^ll^l^l 
*''lli^ '"11??' to describe enough ; 1?3n ly. ::h3 
.nr^-'K nDi fright (pi. f-) a/p^l^n^T 
;bnzn -ng^n nmr^ to frighten u a. fp^^^^'^l^T 
to be frightenedj be started v. n T^t^|| 

reason^ understanding, ;'- knowledge s, riPI 
S-- opinion ;- intelligence 
« — public opinion s. 7Hp.!l"']l|^l 
man of intelligence (ph a'^i-p^?"!) s. fn^l 
u?"!!! I -- man of firm opinion ; Wji 15 » «- 

*ni?t 9p„ m;ist? firmness of opinion s. ^'^Jp^'l 
rrbj^ i-^-leaf (6>/ a hook) (pL D^Sl ,f -^) s/ ^1 

♦(Kntt3 bm - folio Jnes bw 
wax impression of (/.) (^i. rUD'^D'!) s. HC'S'I 
jjns ninne^ nvjz^ keys 

.pa'n -= pST .pa""! 
.n^si^ ,n''^T b^ of interest s. ^J]^!^'K"1D'1 
n^ni compound interest toips^^ian jou'is^ia — 

a parti- ;-- grammar (j?l. CpllplJ #. pHp*! 

♦D1^ cular 
.-" pedantry of scholars a. joL fi*'1BlB""'pnp'1 
I- pedantry, pedantism §. ^L D1''Jj^""''pnpT 

^n-l^isp trifling matter ^^-i^P^H 
b^i ,b^)^ rogue, scoundrel {pi D^^-) #, SK11 
ragamuffin I d| d'l^ rude fellow I bys^a |s 

,a^l7'ip ^n^5 
♦n'jiiu^n fraction (^jL f-) s. ::K1"f 
,5^3 ,b5l3 rogue, scoundrel (j^L D];^) §, p.vt''nK'n1 

rack-waggouj open-sided (pi. &-) s« P?iK1*1 

.n^^i^^ nnina n?:?^ waggon 
b^ D^3isj:5 a-'l^Ki fi:5'i,^ giblets 5. joL D^pD^S.SlI 

,d^r^j^ D^1^*u? small remnants '^^iv 
small »« II IT^?f 1^1^ ,p^ minute ac^/, I^^S^'ll 

.niaap n'^.pD money, change 
cart-rack, waggon-ladder (pL D-^) s. J^^i^ll 

^DPpDisKii «= ];nK"in 

,n^na n^^ loose woman (_pL &-) §. ^pDK'lT 

*(K3^3) bp„ ^iB dragoon (pL -) s. ^1^1X^1*7 

a kind of fine cloth for ladies^ s. Di^l^lKll 

.m a-'U^j ^ip? pq 5^1^? p?D garments 

.ipD np_i n^n^D '^P.1 shiver, chill s '^tki"i 

*b'in ,np^ to shiver v. n. IV^I^Tl 

y^ torBp tti|iii 8^1 .drap de dames ^n'^^isnS (it 



178 — 


(/%.) ; nzt^n ,'r\Qrj turn, turning {pi. fj^ - ) s. l^'TJ 

.MJi-ij; nh::nn trick 
n^rn a'nsun nJitti*) t-ib^ trinity s. tS^J!p:i^i^.\S"l!)in 

turn-bencli, turning (pi. pi^!! — ) s. pii<!i "1^'n 

♦ti^^n lO^u? lathe 
fin^a) pn-'na top, tee-totum (^^. H^ - ) s. '^''lir.l 

♦npny nSi:inri trick (%.) ;(nr;:n^ 
tlie three weeks preceding s. pi. \^^^'^ lll'^T 
s^n np;^i?ri ••^Dbu n^riiu^ ny^^o the ninth of Ah 

ft three, a playing card (p?. ^^'-) s. 7t!D!^"11 

,ninip2 \2;^"^ dp ^bp^ with three spots 
♦U'brrfD ';]';,]; rule of three {arithm.) s. hh^'^l"^'! 
n^ir^ np^^p nn>< trilling {pi. D«) s. 5-3^^^j*Tl 
three children horn at the same \nm n^^ 
♦noK nn:: K^hSi^ D^^', H'c??^ birth 

♦D^'^^u? thirty num. 2*!D1.^'1^ 


«blDDJ^Cim = '?t05^Sl.m 

.Ci^tL<5^,;7 thirtieth ord, wwm. tDD^^S^^IT 
pbn a thirtieth part {ph "^V --) s. h'^o:^)^^'^'! 

a person thirty years (pi. — ) s. 'l^^^Dl^'^*! 

♦!i3u? a''\i?^u7 m ,n3^ q^u?^^ ]^ old 
D^^5^" br o! thirty kinds adj, ))h^:})^)0ri'^1 

,!5riB to twist t'^bti ,n3b to turn v, a. \V^^y^ 
to V. n. II ;n)3i .n;in to cheat {fig) ; o^ain) it^ 
to turn, revolve, ?;. r. ^^t-||n^b he stormy 
to wriggle (as a ni^^OH '^^^^£?D '^iac move 
Ijl^ri to come and go ; (nyViw) bnanri \wovm) 

to bother a persons head Db«p k p^m — 

♦x2d'? p:!'' to rack one's brains sxp x iP^m i^t — 

to contra- itostoe to chatter ^m id^d |p^ni — 

.i^inn nx inD diet oneself 

♦babenn to subtilise ipJ5is pK-ui itaia |pim — 

it is snowing and to^m dp pi< ^^^;tr dp — 

♦nipD nn du;i3i h^^ ^^v stormy 

he lives in dishar- ni^n p-^t to^D i^t is^m ip — 

♦in^.s pm i3''D Dibt? pK mony with his wife 

/i?bu?Q triangle {geom) {yl. ]-) s. \>V^1'^'^ 

X^^)l ^bv bp_5 iu;bi^D triangular a^;. 5^p5^!!!'^'l 

voin of three groschen {pi. S-) «. 'IJ^l.^'Tl 

.n:3 ,- south .9. Dl'i"] 

♦''Dl'Tn southern, meridional a(i?. SnOIIT 

.ri^Dli'n nn south wind {pi. ]--) s. tSJ^11"D1'1'l 

.Dli^^ ni' south side s. tOl^t'Dl'^*! 

of the south side, southern adj. T^Xi'^lTt^TTl 

MT\^ ,Dl"i'n 1^ b\^ 
♦•^'p'fi^ to thrum -u. *i. f^'^DIIT 
to have a vague sK*p p^ s^pDix DPDp p^Dm — 
^nb:i npn^ I2;\s5 n%i notion about a thing 

,(^pjn"r=^) Diss pole, staff {pi. D^.-) 5. ^plll 
printing-establishment, {fl. f-) «. ^p']-^^ 
printing ; D^a'i n^2 .Dls'n printing-house 

♦Da^^ri to print a a. fp11*1 

.D''sn» printer (■pL D- 1-) #. '^^pl'^^l 

printing-establishment (jj^. f^-) #. l^'l^pin 


♦D^STO ^-^ printer's a^/. ^"l^pllT 

misprint, erratum (pL D- <['-')«• "i|^^>^&"pi1"I 

nslDQ printing-press {pi. f-) #. C^l^'pin^l 

type, printing-type (joL f-) ®. tiD&^'i^"p''m 

homiletical discourse (p^. D'^t^l'i'l) 5. ^m 

.-homilefcics ir.^y^ ,- 
wn to deliver a discourse wnn g \th^r\ — 

Ar^v^^ in) \:?Tn 
to wear out by rubbing, make v. a. \V^'2,\^'^ 
♦("TJ3) ^r^0 n.; by n-?|i threadbare ^ 

.pi2^^-n = pnnn 

.Dia pole, staff {pi. 0^) *. ']^:im 

nD^r^ twitching ',m^m kick (^Z. 5--) «. ^^^^'^T 

to twitch ;!opn to kick, wince p^nn k ppj — 

.DKna -]ti?^ 
to twitch ;(BiD) iD^ps to kick, wince 'D.n. IV^^.^^ 

♦D^na "Ti'^D 
tu- H^n b5?3 p)iin) ip,u? gland {pi. ^^'-) #. '^tr.'l 

*n^^t:D mor 
♦■lani d:3u? two and a half Tjwm. (S7K,^t0^n 

.i5i2n^=-(pL D^'p^n-) s. p^nrt^ni 

third part, one third {pi. 1^-) t. ^^'^m 


thirdly, in the third place adv. Droni 
*n^5u? three «?^7>4. l^"^"^ 


— 179 


I^IT Hi^in tc show the way ^11 oyn p^ii — 

*"iin^aD vi^ (u?n3) nbu7 to turn out of doors 

*ib nin to pack off "iii ayn |pdp3 -- 

t© go too far into Q^^m Pfei^n p.K pnp^^^i ™ 

.-'la nm'' r:3y i''^^ ^^^^ a subject 

"the way of the world," good man- s. f ^K'"^1"1 

.rcD respect ;ns; cirss ,-ners, politeness 
. 11^:3 sna very respectfully pK-'-i'n p^n^ aiD -- 
res- ?^q'.d; mannerly, polite adj. ^)^S^^''^'^"1 

,iiDD2 DiX'Hp pectful 
Hhe way of nature," law of nature s.^i^.'n"111 

^ysDH ph 
naturally, as a matter of P2ion"'"]'^'i k did — 
,pid3 ,^^JT IK 'pD'o fais«3 course 
,nu;ii3 T^^ , - highway s. ^^^Dn-pT 
»- middle course s. |^^-iDpn-pn 
the custom or manner of s. D''1^l^,T"^'*n 
.Q^'iniBn '^'^■n -merchants 
,-the ways of peace s. pL D1^K^""'2nT 
for the sake of peace |.ipn aib^'"''3n*i ps — 

ll^jD ^nr^^n small wire {pL ^^-) s. ^W^"t 
♦D-'niK tD£ip knitting-needle 
.n:?i^D drill, trepan {pi f -- ) 5. S^n 
.api cnrt) n'lp^ to drill, bore v, a. pW^V^"! 
|eily of the feet of calves or s. pi ^V^b^^^l 
.nt^rj^ \b.ii?i u?'i|"5a pi» oxen 
.n??^3r) slumber {pi (^ --) s. ^DJ^Il 
.Dp^ a5D5 to take a nap ^Qpm k |£K3 — 
.Q3D3 to slumber, doze v» n. \Vhf2}}'^1 
sn^^na i^m^ yv„ pD dog-wood, cornel s, [^"n 

{fig.) i|^p^ tolD little pole {pi "^-) ^. ^5Jj;n 

»p.n.i DID sorry horse 
{fig,)'nm excrements ;,lK5rt dirt, filth s„ p^^l^ 
(Jig,) inina w something worthless 
,ny'3D t^?i7 weakling (pL DP-) 
,^mi2 dirty, fi'thy a^/. 3!p];n 1 
(fig.) I fi^i5£ 5U? of excrements adj. ^)pV^1 \ 
thn weak {fig,) ; i|-i,t;r! Si mia worthless | 

.lip 4 ,(iip *im=) ni^n 
.nV: threshing-sledge (j??. f-) §. f^^^^n^^ll 

threshing-machine (pL fl?-) ^. pt^KD'-^^^l"! 

.£hn x^n to thresh (p. _2?. f^.S^I'iP) -y. a. jrj^in 

.biln X'l thresher {pi ^ ,^) s. I^^K^^IT 

..-scholastic interpretation (p^I-) s. *^"n 

^D| im three-rouble bill in---:.:} ly^f bv p;ti:?^ 

.(.Tcn3> bnn H'^bp bp 
(fig,) ;i]snD ,s§uD turner /jjL O-^-) ^. ^P^^'ll 
fe ,93l3 ,^x?2i swindler, chc^at, trickster 
AQ'ib' ^ywyt^"?) in:?^ rattle int^y^ 
.nf^p ^B ,^'^fp triple, threefold adj, ^nj/ini 
,D'2^D n-f^u; 9-^ of three kinds «4y; iM^rj^'^ 
,n^^m tripod {pU \-^) §. DiB!?11 
bp3 three-footed^ three-legged ad/. 5^d:d15'T1 

49pDia three-legged chair biDU? ipr.c^ami -- 
*n"i^'P vbt nw nu?b^ thirteen rmm. j^l?'l1 

what is ? ^2iim p^ p3K nisD r.K c^?!! {id.) — 
?mpD n2T bp HQi about money? 
,^t?^ r?"^5^n thirteenth ord. num. ^^^Ij*"^*! 

a thirteenth ' part (lA 1)^-) #, ^^JP^!!^T 

bga ,niD?p ^i;2 schemer (p?. &Pp-) 5. SN^p 11^5*^1 
1^513 /KDi swindler^ cheat, trickster ;mb^snn 

*a!i3 ,|u?; to sleepj slumber {cont.) v. n. IV^T."^^ 
.ns^ 13 ticking §. ^^7^^ 

.fpnp^^p-n == i^^'^^ 
pp drone, crembalum {pi D*-) s. P'^'?^l2'!'n 

^iT^il '^^l^ to Jingle, scrape a «. fP"'7^»^n 

n D^353sw b^3 pa rebeck (j)L D-) ^, Pp^^O^'m 

;-a FKn to urge (p, p. \P'^miV^) v. a. fi^^JW 
r^ nsin to infer 
.nnsin drawing inferences 5, ^)^^^^)^1 

j-t^^^ ht'p to shit r. w. \Vp^)^1 
"a treading of the foot," s. 7:slM"nD'''^i'^^ 
,t'^ n^^b &33nb i^ly^'^ access to a house 

.m^p^tt n^^ slut (jpL B^) 5. ppen^ 
stress, accent ;nrn9 pressure {pi f-) s. 'prn 

*nr^3 ,nvjQ ,n"f 3"!n 
,(^pjm=^) ^lD pole, staff {pi D^-) #, '^pr* 
ifh3 to oppre.^s ;pn^ r^hb to press v, a. fp^'^T 
rb^ )bp QPDrr .ti^nn to accent, accentuale l^b 

.\i;3i3 .^nib oppressor s. '^^pl'^'l 

' way, 

.d, path {pi a^snn) t. 11T 




; ^h^ to lecture, preach v. n. fW- 'f^il^ll 
.^K^ .^'^"i to interpret 

he well deser- !iDyu?inpa b^i^n a^n ^v {iro.) — 
I is'iijb ^in ^1^1 ves a reward! 
♦nsiTiKri niln , - religion s. Tr\ 
niln ,-the Christian religion s. ri'Tl^tl^Dn ni 

ser- ; - disconrse, lecture (ft. mt^*^^*!) s. Mtt^'^'\ 
.Q1K3 , — speech, oration ;-'mon 

.ni^nn? T\\m wedding-present 
n^r\ little sermon {pL D^ ) «. ];p5:niJ^nT 

; D^nis ^yi^-^ , « lecturer (pi. D^'J^'^l) s. |^"|"[ 

♦f^-'isD preacher 


11^ n\n^u? fbn to desire to have pKH \hvy\ ~ 
.ihD to assert, maintain 
what do you want ?*^1D pa pxn liDD^in Dxn — 
^''snD t'pnn n» of me? 
.(sy^nj ^\K^ to aspire after gain v. n. [^"I^^^H 
,^riu; nba^ oats s. '^^^^H 
he is pro- iv^^ri iri d^k (i^DiV'n) lo^yisiy dj? — 
.tDpz'^i p^y^i vender -pricked 
♦bp^li:; nbisu^ ^"i^ oat-grits s. f*n3"^^:i«n 

♦bp^i^ n^av^ b^ of oats adj. p^Si^H 
.bpi^ n^n^y b^ u?"ia oat-grits p'la yr/pn«n ~ 

.'iypij£3tDt>^rj = i^pi:2ii^.::Nn 

here is the man (joe.) phr. 3^p^X2r KHT «^n3 .sn 
tt?''tin ?j^iab nn and here is the proof 

.Tis hail {pllV-) s. h:^^ 
♦I'la ih; .i^^ to hail ^j. -n. ]Vh^fl 
to be loathsome tj. n. [^''t'lKn 
loathe, feel nausea v. r. H-^^H 

rb u?&s bvi u?m 
♦|1:k5 ,nb355 nourishm.ent s. ^^II^^J^.I 
♦^1! enough ^cZy. T"^^T\ 
♦brt^ breeding, rearing s. ^^"'JKVi^Ti^n 
.|| ;^3i to breed, rear v. a. t^"liP^i?n 
♦b'^l to be reared 
his children ^v^^p V-'-p ts^3 lit ipup^xrt c^t? 1^2 ~ 
.onxn Dnya d''fi» i"'3n die when young 

•^y^fs .fisito'n^d rag, tatter (pi. B-) s. 'i;i?"IJ<M 
.(p]D3 ^u') nnD"^^ paper-money (/^.) 
.onjfib ^[5 to tatter i^. a. [l^'li^M 
^i)J "^TP? disgusting, nauseous adj. ^p*1Kn 
.b^?ilD .^j;bj3 ugly, dirty J^aa 



the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet s, H 
five num. || ; "'irrn ir'a-'-i^^ii ht n'u^'^jpnn nl^n 
♦Q^abx n^pn five thousand '.1 ,f\ Jn^ary 
"to show n in "nT'D p^ n ^ p^^iinn (Joe.) — 
the prayer-book," to give a horse no hay 

.^p^ts-is ivtso'iott'ss is^u^ns'ynayrt) --the pre/. "»T 

♦«d!?P1 ]'\t\ bn all the money \hbmT\ ba — 
♦d^:n3pnn 9d all the pleasures D3:ii3i;n^Sn ba — 
Sir?, Madam? ;?na ha I, ehl, what I int. ^T\ 

well, what did ?tDj^?y3 ■]1"'k -[^x d^n ckii ,^J^ — 
? "jb •'n-ittK riD .nnj; I tell you ? 
Di^ name of the letter n (pi. \V --) s. ^n 

.pn belongings s. SiftH 
♦tt^-s'ii pn bs all belongings dbi;! pH skh — 
♦yii^b na-'Ky^ aspiration after gain s. ^ntSDJinKn 

to be- ;"5 n'-n to have (p.p. tO^n^S) v. a. p^r\ 

♦"i"^; ar, give birth to 

; 15^ w^ab n^n to have a child ir.p ^ pKn — 

.ib\ n^^ to bear £. child 

.pi2rn UJ-'K^ n^n to be right ^2p"i p^rr — 

"li« :ii<tn &XI1 — 

?,"itD "^9 li:;'' nbpm ifK me? 

to have some- |iij;r::\H (pyp) ia Dpay p«n — 

bi? HDiynn v'n^ n^n thing against a person 

this has nothing to do t.d 12 tD!3 iD«n otji — 

.^b i?3i3 mn nmn px with me 

there it is!, there is a nice I "in isskh t£^ — 

it^in p"i k5 i''3y job! 

take it!, there's for you I h^D^n ^t ,k3 — 

what good is it to ?]iaipi 


181 »^ 


to fall or die under sp''^:s^^^rf in pK i^ks «= 
to collapse, ;iKti?a nnn bss one's burden 

♦in:3 9u;3 ,i''finn 9a3 break down 
^fiBft.i to break loose dp^-b::^^^.^ n pa D^ni§ — 

♦D-S^^p. u?D? ragamuffin (ph S^) g. ^P.*nnK^^n 

.^!B|5b« rabble s. l^tS.^^Kn 

♦nasn^ ,|W noisej uproar s. DK7^n 
where there Di$5i«n i^k ^^^i imbn ikii (j3roi5«) — 
fir3i7n *i«?K3 is poverty there is uproar 

.s*! ^Ips loudly, aloud adj\ P^mh^n 
,91ps ^b: to lament loudly v^ n. \V^^h^n 
poor devil, raga-» {pi. ^V -•) s. pmmh^n 
.Q'V,^p^ t^n^ >'^^ muffin 
.•^^n half adj\ n^KH 
.nb^3r{ •'Sin midnight 102^3 pn^^n — 
^Kn half past twelve {o'clock) d3ii^ nb^n — 
^n half past two «ni :^bKn ;n3iu;Kin npu?n 

.n^ty-'b'^n npu?n 
♦•'^-'^ri peninsula {pL IV-) s, ^D^^'^n^Hn 
'^m I^KU? .X3 half-roasted adj, [^.Sisprs^^n 

^--u^^ l^n^ half-silk adj, pin-^S^Kn 
bread of coarse rye b^na p^p^i^t-s^KM (/«^.) -=- 
B3 pi riDp bty snb mixed with bolted flour 

.t^nhp ^2£n middle of the month s, ^'lin-S^K.I 
.u^ihn ^i^nb semimonthly adj. ^)1^1'in-^hHn 

half-moon, ere- {pL r\mb<^) s, n^^^h\rP^bm 
» ere- ;n3p^ ■'S^q parenthesis Jnsibti ''^n scent 
♦•13^^^ 'i^C f^'??^^ ^S'l^ scent-shaped cap 
hemisphere {geogr,) {ph IV-) s. ^^ip"^'?l$n 

half-round, semi-circalar adj. ^)1'2^'^l^.p^i^^ 

Mw ^^^ 
♦ciinfT biS3'\m W) "ipnp^ gobbling a, '^V^h^tl 
^(K'lp.'lp to gobble V. n, J'^^^h^n 
♦s^j3^ ,pan to fondle, caress v^ a. fl^^l^KH 
cabbage leaves stuffed with s. ph ^V^^^^h^Tt 
|Qi^ fi'*^§"J'? S'J'^^ ''I'll millet or chopped meat 
,a''K''5p ,fii^p lu^^n 1« 

,liaudefn ^^i-.^ = inpn^Hrr m 

multitude, crowd, mob {pi D-) s. I^'^I^IIKH 

grimace, gesture, gesfci- {pL &-) s, ^^Jn|tH 

,np^^3r culation 
.c^"|l5i'^ nu^p^ to please t?. a. p511|$n 
he is hard to please nmi?n toi5 ai^ |pp pa -" 

♦I'lSgn ip^D^n? n^p 
to be busy^ be hustling, hustle -y, n. fl^HKn 

*ii5a p*i£p^ nST ,nnin pj; 

.(pB5?s) nai np;r bustling, hustling s. ^^J|?11^n 

.ntt^^l bark, barking (^L B-) s. ^pUKH 

.nh5 to bark v, n, t^pHHn 

♦fih-ss barking s. n'^Vp'^^^ 

''he who holdeth in his hand,'^ s. T^ tnlKH 

.(3 i^^p nrn^ grasping 
^^holding rtb^Qh v^w:^ n tik 1^3 imxn (j??*ot).) — 
in the hand is the best of prayers^" posses- 
ISI ^*'W ''tt sion is nine points of the law 

*i^9p nisin lb n^a 
.n^n^ hare (j?L \^) s. tK.I 
.ms'i^ bu? of hare adj. ^^t^n 
*ti9 hazelnut Di3 '^ptL'^xn ^ 
,qap fi3«> n3 hazelnut {pL W - ) DI^H^T^n 
.nsn,^ ^f of hare adj, ^t^ 
.tib hazelnut Vdi3 pKn — 

AsnBm,mz impudence, insolence s. J^tKH 

.tiW_ 5f impudent, insolent adj> ^^^i^TKH 

^na^i^^H impudent woman {pL S»-) ^, |^SS^JJ?i^,'7 

»e]'5^n impudent man {ph ^P^) a. pW^n 

.njsa^K ,|15d hotel (pL f-^) ^. h^^^n 

to dam up (with brushwood), v. a, fJ^^K.^I 

•»» Dha make a road on swampy ground 

Y^^ 1|11 b^'p ,(!3n2£J3) m^ 

fascine- way, fagot-way {pL D-) &. J^p^Kfl 

.Dip, ,11 little hook {pi, D^-»)§,p^^^^Kn 
.|pp2iKn - f^pr^.^n 
;n^3P^r!Pnt thill, shaft (^L S^) s. ^''^K^.^n 
(D'cpre ^1^) pjni bow (of spectacles) 

^,^g^„,^p a-)^ii ^i^n a .n^^'n-tj^KT wm ^»s bkii 

*nn^ yaii^e J'^^k n ^Knp "^n kB ^nn d5? fyii ^pa^^s 
pg "- pKne^ yr-'jKfs^i n pg i«.'bk smp isikti s^t 


— 182 -~ 


^p nj^ip -innDin a^pb u;^Ka ^ym at Ms word 

iTiV i^ip to "be still reading ipap^ib px itob^n — 
♦n^np^ picp rT'n to be engaged in reading 
at what passag-e are you? ?l^x to^xn ixn -^ 
?K^ii:5 nnt« nBD3) Dip?2 ht^«:n 
n^iisib r'^n to be far advanced tsi^n jabKn — 

?i:3i£i2 ^''K how is he? ?aii« taia Dp is^kh m — 

what is the rate of ex» ?C3iip in i:b«n ^ii — 

?!^DDn "ipu? ns change? 

to be continually re- ipjy^.i^ p^K pi< ita'r^Kn — 

♦pDsn ''^n xnp ading 

to be of the opinion &?inD npn pH |tab^?n — 

♦inp-i n\n ,:n^*ri ,inD 

to be engaged in some- Dpap ^^is psbijn — 

.13^2 pit3p n^i thing 

to be on the point or pi^.:u> Qi^:^ jjo^kh — 

♦m^b snp n%'i verge of death 

to think ;-:i |i:t<n to believe in ps jDb^n — 

,w]i& p^b^n ^^3 n^pin ,1:35 ,::u?rT highly of... 
to think i-n laxn k5 not to believe in... 
to give over i^^v I^p5 ^u?n little of... 

to side with a per- jiiPD^x (IkS) did id^kh — 

.^''« TSf 5p iDp son 

;-5 3t"n to consider, think ♦..ip jis^i^n — 

to consider a person pibp i< *ikd liip^iK ptsbiji 

♦5215 ^^i< n^n wise 

this will not last jtobKn ^^3 m'^ y.i Jspn dkt — 

.a^D*" Tij«5 cpn'' «b n? long 

fche clothes wear well y.) iic^Kn t2^^n n — 

his children lpi3^p p.ip ai5 ^it ita'rKn a^K i^s — 

.annb^n DTpn a^nD T-ia die when young 

to be able to stand d^a n pj-iik •]':? |tsbxn — 

♦r^n bp l^pb 53^ 

]tibm ;"a pmn to stick tOc, ♦♦.i^n i^t ito^Kn — 
*nt3 ptnn to stick to it i^^npi -jii 
to keep to the point "^ki ipi i^n y.t ]'£>bHn — 
*-CiVn p^ (ntsj xb) iid xb 
to consult about a ♦♦.d^.d niip |g ^n ptDb^n — 
.yvp thing with..., to take counsel with,.. 

.♦*ai; no pns:in 
to bear the burden v^)i ipi ^'.o i^i ]i2fx,n — 

/« 53D,i Kt:?3 
♦tDi;n 1! penholder (pL D-) s. 'l^tD^.Min 

♦pi| throat lim neck (p?. *^Pt^^n) », ih^n 

*iDibtypa ,! ,?b^'n iptoi^'^^PA — 
^in to sacrifice oneself tbm Qpi ippiistj? — 

pau; to surfeit, gorge t^^n p& |i£PDii{ pnp — 

.rij^isD ,?ii-p nape of the neck s. fpK^'flK-t^^n 
to turn a person ipKrpK-ibjjn dp^^^K pp: ~ 

♦W^DD U?''K triJ! out 

♦p5); neck-Iace (^^1^)^^^) s. "I^Kn||-t^«n 
dK3 pain in the neck (pL[-) s. a^^^^llt^K.I 

.]^'^^'^ n^3 pain in the throat ;in^^^s 
neck-cloth, neck-tie {pL ^V^)^-) s. ^1tO||tbKr 

.1i53tb^n = 73^tDt^^n 
to t). rec» "[^T- ||;p§D to embrace v. a. \lhHf^' 
*^ns;i ni^ ^^^ p^o embrace each other 

Ilbp, halt!, stop! int. tD^KH 
.dh« to love, like, be fond of v. a. pi^n ^h^n 
',t-bn ,m to hold {p. p. I'^h^^^i) v. a. ftS^KH 
to hold, contain Jptnn to keep, maintain 
to con- ;(pn) ibu? to keep, observe ;o^3) "5pn 
;(.wni iDiKS) u^hi ,Dk3 to deliver ;3\yri sider 
to be at a place ',ibv to halt, stop v. w. I 
,lbd to maintain, be of opinion ;ciip?:3 n''rr 
to hold f. r. ^^t - II ; d^pn.i to last ;inpi .T^n 
; t:i^p_t^ri to last ; p;;."^^^ to stick ; "3 pim to 
to deport JiDSfj? n« nii^ri to consider oneself 
jrsrirj oneself, behave 
to have a person i::pn n p.i^ ppDit^ pb«n — 
.u''K3 b'vL??:) ,init?in u'^s' prnn in one's power 
m)i:i iisu? to keep one's word dikh pu)bKn — 

.innts^n D''p A\ri 

♦Id? to remember mp pob«i — 

1 to keep or observe the Sabbath n3.u? pb^n — 

to keep a thing secret iidd dpsp pb^n — 

♦12T d^pn iiidd idT pmn 

to go in for an examination |P?::Kipp p'Pijn — 

.iHSK^n bp ir:« 
d^ti; to keep one^s mouth shut 5^1?^ pi:Dbj{n •* 

.^inr\ ,ra bp it 

.n^dd du?'' ,p"\y to lodge p^i^:x'^D p':5«n — 

to stop at some place ndu? fpjip ]'j^^i<n — 

.ndt^n li^i^ IP dip?id ix'cn for the Sabbath 

♦dnbn ,dhb to war, make war nf:iti'^ri ]i2'^i$n — 

.idd to honor y^^^in i^bip — 

to take a person ^^t$)) \^i ^d js^pa^.K jtabijn — 


183 -^ 


♦nsi^ fire |^n 'nyb'^n » (^^.) — 
to result in nothing |«n » ^n |!Kba^\H (ic^.) — 

,%'£? koiiorarium, honorary^ fee 8, ^M'^^^^H 

,n^s doll, pnppet {pi D^) s, ^^''tn^Kri 
♦nSblD ,^vb?? commerce, trade s, 71^^^! 
eommercial house, bu- {pi IV---) s. IsJnlJM.^ 
deed, action nhM n^^ sinnes establishment 

.inpps pbp to trade, do business v. n, \^h^^^^ 
v> r. "y^-^l'^^Tiim ,9'ys to act, behave nhD 
,nbK'^*b nSn to be a question or matter 
it 13 a question or ^bj ppii lit tobn^^n dp — 
^KS'i pjDS n^KU? matter of money 
1U? minister of commerce s. '^PtSD^J^D-^'t^Kn 

^ . - *ini?5?n 

ministry of commerce s. DI^'I^^D^^^D-b^lJ^n 

*inlD merchant (pL ^^J^-) s. fKDP^nJ^n 
.-iHu^p ,pc:^ business .§. ^SK^^^l^K^ 
hand JPjit .T hand,' arm {pi ^'^m^) s. SJKH 
C2^"?^\r'D^p in^ aa^e^p pnu^a ^w 11i^ {at cai^ds) 
}>V\^ hand, workman {Am.) l (D^e^ps) 
at handj ready at one's hand m^n ip"i ^'^ — 

.t^''K* ''5sb pItt 

^ibn to go hand in hand ^s^rr pK is3Kn pij ™ 

«nnK n^^pn hm {fig,) ; an'' ^sib'^ 

♦Jnm 1^ nvv to concert '^3Kn ]v.^ qn) pKQ ~~ 

feo disparage^ be- to2^rt ipn ipisaiK pj^bppiiK — 

.-s 9pn ,nip ]^pr] little 

,nnp inpb at present ^3^n "ip^i nns — 

«5£D to meet a ready sale ^3^^n "ip"? pi pii — 

.(mi HDD) s^si d''5ip 

to shake hands with mm ii X^vt^^-^ IP^'Ti — 

♦inpl ^3 vpt-s a person 

to be unable to ti'^m ^V^ V-^ T-^ P^^ ^^^ "^ 

.imin Vm^h ^3^ Kb control oneself 

to lose one's pa- piKH ps essk.^s in |p?iP3pP^i« — 

,(« u?^^nn to despair i I5n& n^ bti^s tience 

to overcome pi^n pa b^^n n |pdp5dxik* ™ 

,in9 ''''^^?p bp "imjnn one's hard-heartedness 

^O 1PDK11 tD^Kp p.K t33Hn pip qKt021?lK) ]m t3l3 -~ 

.I3?3t biDn idle away one's time 

to live from hr.nd to ^''ID y.^ teSKn i's pp=^ - 

.aiS£DS^s (BJienn) n^n mout'h 

one good p^iiiii^ n isw^n u;3xn ]r!^ {prov.) - 

.^i^^ poor devilj ragamuffin {pi f--) s, K^^7Kn 

*a''P'ip t^^S 
pellet, small ball of {pi D-) s» Tp^)h^r\ 

.p^a b'$? I'l'^s dough 
11SJ7W nsspten w brake, skid {pi 0-) s. i^D^KH 

.(nbiv ''3B1K) *in;s ssj; to skid v. a. \VW^^^^ 
tumult, turmoil, tur^ {pi D».) s. ^^IllSl^^lf,^ 

.T'j^^nf^ bulence 
.^"nsbln Dutch adj\ ^)1^V'^^n 
.''^sbl.l u^'-K Dutchman (j9L -) s. I^IJP^K."! 
n^^ Dutch woman {pi D--) g, J^pl^n^i^^.H^ 

.n-'^sbin n'na Dutch cow ;n'''73?i,'i 
block {pi '^mhvri) ;(npor^h) a^:^p. wood s, fh^n 

.fl? 9^a of wood 

risin in great plenty, galore {fig.) yb^r\ iii — 

whp ;nh9 s^Dn money galore r^.^n m ti^pa ;iKa 

.nn'n niDi^riD many blows y^^n iii 

Slain wood-cutter {pi D^ ,-) s, 1|^pP.1"f*^J$r 

.nibs saw-dust s. f*3^5^t7*^l^."? 

.^mP sawyer (^L &-=' ,^) s. "i^^^^t-f ^^t1 

*(^5^ wisfio IS t^^tt?) ^^^ woody cxc??- ^^^^^^'"^ 

wood-^apple, crab-- {pi '^^h^) s. vh\\Vi^V"T%r: 

*^1^! D^an apple 

.p^a bf "iq'^l ball of dough {pi B-"-) -s. Pp^^^H 
k bm nfhh n\^ forge (pL D-) s. ^''JJ'ii^D.^n 

.n9h r^ hamster {pi H^^) s. ^I^^BL^I^.'^ 
nw} n^sBlK ^^ln homeopathy s» Tm^^V^^"^ 

*S5g ,'i^p^ to cheeky restrain v. a, fl^ll^DKH 

«(«153 heavy ;Qf|?p ,bj clumsy adj. pT^V^^^ 

,Qp]p .n^v^p ,u^teB hammer {pi [«-)§. I^^KH 

nan to strike with a hammer v. n. \^V^^^ 

*n3D .^'^^^ 
.p^^m to wrangle, altercate v. r. ^^t p>*£DKn 

,n^^ ,n^31 wrangling, altercation s. ^^^l^^i^KH 
"bl^nc^ cock, rooster {pi ^V^V^. i\V --) 8. f^H 

nt?B5^ i^T^* lOiV i^'?£iiry'; nyon-ii k .haman pg) o'nj 

ts'^^^-'^tspJD^^K f^^p D^iT ,-]^biyBn^*p ,^5?^ipt;j^a .hamotny 
-.j?3Kni ^ ;t^^^^yt•^ p^ hamak) ?5'*'^tttJ^i:o ism; sp^.^^n 

,pn naii pn eys^ p6 p^sn^bps pyii ,s*emparer ^^^ 

fSiS'itD r^^J8tt&xn 



Striking o£ hands (jjL f-) #. p.nbt^^tD^Kn 

r\'p:b^ dish-clout {pi, D-) #. ^p'^^t^tDJ^n 

^aandwriting, hand (j??. f-) *. tO&n^-OJKn 

♦Tt*^'^ honey s. ^^^i^M 
dressed ele- a^a^n tiK |1k jj^oi; pk id2£isp3d^ix — 
♦lujinbsi inn gantly 
♦phD ,U7nn3 phD honeyed, sweet a<^J. sn^^^^jtil 
little'ball'of dough {'pL ^V--) s, h:))^'^):i^n 

.u?s7:a ||t2D p^ia b^ jiap^ ",1'^3 fried in honey 

honey-cake, ginger- (pi f-) s. ^^^p^^'^^^^^H 

♦i^^n*! it'nn-jiip bread 

*nj;pyb-ai3^n -= (jyl! D-) s. pip"3m"l 

♦u^nns "it|i meat dressed in honey s. V))hti'^):i^T] 

"nji; small honey-cake (pi, H^^ - ) «. ^2^p"5^-3N;M 

Snb3 xvp^ sense of honor Jilna honor s, "^^^^ 

♦nban n^.tji? ambition 
tio offend a person iv^^ri oy'i |3ii;D^« ]nn — 

sensitive, nss? honorable adj. ^11iSlj;:)»sn 

.Yn3 nmx ambitious P?'fp touchy 

am- PJU^p sensitive, touchy adj, ^tO^n^ 

.n'ini sniN* bitious 

♦nK3U hatred «. DiViM 

I'lTBh .nn-HD haste *, tDDK.*1 

♦inD3 hasty ac?/. 2^tDDKn 

to be on a visit for a long v, r. "?"f [^''tDDiSiM 

♦^■1 1^1 D^^^D time 

n^-^n i|^i^^ ,yp spiky thorn (pi:. B « ) *. V^'^^^^^ 

jngip^ .n'lxb i^D watch-word {pi. D-) «. l^^DKn 

♦"i^p. conspiracy 

.xy\i? to hate v. a. [BKn 

♦I'l^K master (^?, D^--) ^. 'iH^ 

hospital (pi, "^V^V^-- ilh^^--) s. ^^ 

a tablet inscribed (pi '^V^-) s, ^^||^«.!J 
CV d^^ with the letter n (amulet for infants) 

♦(n^pirn^ V^op) n niK 

Illpl hop! int. ^^^ 

♦pth strength ;^tej substance s. ^t)t^T] 

.n»p^ embroidery s. ^tsLsf,*! 

♦niy^a^ IS ^.'.\y substantial adj. ^^tD^KH 

ah^ nSp ,2hi^ to become security «. n. |^£Kn 

In^-'to?? atcha!, tish-hol int. ''t^tDDxri 

turn deserves another, people should help 

mtp'' rriK nx ^\s one another 

a ready hand, a luc- D2xn (yiD^i^^) pjisn;! k — 

.HDxb^'? n^p 1^ ky hand 

♦ii^^nj T3 liberally tD^^n ir'^ia ^ idio — 

,|5tDp n^i to be stingy biijn nis^'x^^iKS b* p-^'n — 

♦sV "zns nsi to be liberal s^kni pspSK |» p^n — 
to be a person's ^3Kn ptssp'i css^pd^k pi — 
^iK5 •'tyxi nnp HNT right hand or factotum 

,VpDp ^32 

tna to wring one's hands isarn n pp"in -- 

to command, give or- B;pn n ^it p^.ss7s: — 

*E5*?u? ,m2i ,ipQ ders 
to change hands isiyn p'npi:i$ px i^.^nps^.x — 

*|ab^n .T >wvn ii ]^k ppbiK pb«n — 
to fondle a person tD3yn n s^-^'iK pi^Di^^ p^^^its — 
1^^^ to make much of a person iU?^k p3s 

to cure as with a i^^^v*^ n Dia ^ii pDpssK — 

♦(nVna^ nDnma) &n^3 nyjjs ittS «iDl touch 

not to know a d^.a px tD3pn p5i?j pS p^ii is^.3 -- 

nb hawk from a handsaw, be very stupid 

♦1P3 n^i ,ib«Ki^b ira'' ps pii 

^93 without sense siS t^ P^ ^^pn |^ (-id) — 

♦(n:K^») p'iD3 ■'bs without skill M^w Cipis 

to be skilful at work, tsipn piipnbia p^J^ — 

♦HD^btib 'lU^siD n^n be handy 

■'K n%i to be unhandy D3yn pspa^^.b p^n — 

to be light-fingered, be t>y:T\ vmb ]'2^r] ~ 
♦23..b nisi: .n^n given to stealing 

manual work (pi. f-) s. tS^ni^-^Ji^n 

?]D2 .>wif3 •'D^ earnest-money s. ^7^^tOJi<n 

,D^.T ns;>i;ri waving of hands s. i:!l^5KDto:)«r! 
• ■' .dn^^ *^i2a3 

♦i; 5u? D:ni handmill (pL f«)s. h\m:^^T\ 

manual work (^L nilSi^^^^^) s. n^K^aytOJi^n 

,ni3Jilt« ,npKbD trade, handicraft ; i; n^K^D 

.n^itt ,n-^;b^? towel (j^L "i^--) t. n^tOJ^n 

laver (o/ « synagogue) (pi. [-) *. DKBtOJ5<n 

♦m^ Tin side-room (pL 1^^-) s. h^)^^'C:^r\ 

.ppip\yis38n = ^p^^wtD:)^n 


1S5 — 


to talk at random |i^lj* abpii ^pn jih |pKn — 

♦•npu;? nsin to tell many lies DSj^b |pKn — 
,nsib ni'-^i to talk away isn-p p^ ni ipnn -~ 

,n^2|? ,i1iJi?p hitch s. J^pNn 

to deceive oneself ppKS-ypKn y.i ]^^^im — 

»m 1?^2IP UK HDD 

.piK lord, master (^?. f-) ^. ^^K-'l 
«&%i5k ''nt^ the Lord God ikh ipt a^*3 "™ 
main-spring irri^^ -"^i^u; hair (jpZ. -) s. ""'Hh 

.ioi;?^ a little (Jig.) ;(pv^3> T^il (0/ <^^ watch) 
to tear one's hair^ be y.t ^'1k " n |Din — 
.\yij^^ "linD "ifii^nn in despair 
one's hair stands TisKp y.i ]bt^t^v iKn n -- 
.nn?2cn rnnpu; on end 
not a ppn D^nppa tois n^n p.^.p t-^ spii sy ™- 
^b'' Kb hair of your head shall be hurt 

.ixa ^p very easy 'ibiD pi n^*n ^ 111 ;i5n5 ~ 
to a hair, to a hair's breadth, ^^n 1$ ^''Ik —- 

>pviz exactly 
not a whit, not in the least "ikh k ^1. — 
.mp'sL'n Dina e]k 1$^ 
nearly jdpd iir a little more n^n ^ '-]p •— 
ke was p^^^nrj ispnnip"i n^n » 1^3 in^ 'ip ;apM 
near being killed; he had a narrow escape 
,ni,^n pni irn .tm p^d 
to hang by & thre-<id i^n k ^^1.^ ]vrv^ ~~ 

♦rt1p^'2 ^ibn .TT! 
♦&^2=iDX n;p pease-cake (_p^. ^V -) s. p^i^ l^i^'IKn 
.3\ii^5 ,-^y^ whip {pi ^V--) s. p)^miKri 
,n^p hard, difficult ;^nn sharp adj. ^^KH 

^P*! bad nxn 
nhav a diiiicult question K^'^p v:2'^^r\ « — 

♦p3rj ^nnolton hump, hunch {pi D^^) §. n^^KH 
sp bi:K> n|p tea-cake (jp?. D^--) s, p^Jmni.^n 

♦nnn np^b 
.jsj; -nvoian bps hum-backed a«:^y» ^tSKniK.'l 
hump-back, hunch- {pL ^V-) s. ^^OK^lK,"! 

*|a| back 

.^p3 ,f]h harborj port {pi, S-) s. f&KD 

,nr^"3 hop, hops ^» fSKH 

.,12^ ,bn: .nsn ,np„ to hope v. n, fSKH 

establishment of the port {geogr.) s, ^l^^-fSKH 

.'^h 9rp c;n --^fou v:t ""i-? I!?!'^ ^^^'0 
.n?ni^ -mpn hope 0>L f^ - ) s. 2J1Ji;&Kn 
hasty, ;nKi proud, haughty adj. ^Ti'^V^^i^^ 
pride, s. ^!!p - ||;c!;pb ns r^rM i%ip pa.ssionate 
,m]xj ,r,^K| haughtiness 
,tettp- jnipoKH -= ^l^p-- .:m^£.^n 

.b^ns dance (pL D^) s. ^pBxn 

hipn hop! w^ f^^ 

J^D jumper, hopper (p?, B-) s, |?pbl?l\^n 

.(KIT cu,^ Hotzeplotis prn. f^htV'^^T\ 
to digress from p|?bsp^Kn p.K pnp*nKs (/<t.(/.) — 
«p3pn |D na3 the subject 
shaking ;nipi jump^ hop (pi, D-«.) s. ^pl\^n 

to shake -y, a. || np'i to jump, hop ?;. w. f^p^S^H 
^ipn to jump t), n ^l?- ||;pi^.a nnj 
*Q'"=71p ,|n| axe {pL p^H) ^. ^ pm 
with bag and bag- pKs pK p^n kid (t'c^.) — 
.(s ib^f^'im ibpD^ ,ib ntL^K ^31 Kir^ gage 
*^ino out ;nK3D knock^ blow s. "i" 
r{^'^r\ a knock on the jaw ptikd pK pKH k — 

.pi5n br 
*nsn fish-hook lo-^p^ ,11 hook (pi f-^) ^- P^'"^ 
.(5 D".3''P nprtK jugglery s. D'pKS-C'pKn 
to juggle^ V^^J tricks cipKs-DpKn p^t^ — 

»nDi ,£2''2T inu 
meat-chopper, chop- {pL D-) *. '^^^DI^^pKH 

.palp ping-knife 
to HQ-sj?) ibn nb to cut, chop v, a. n. jp^»1 

.Ds^s na-g to talk {fig^) insn knock 

to knock violently at the n^to pK ipKH — 

,n^nn bv npins nan door 

to knock a person on fche piikd ^ jpK"^ - 

,plbn bp u?'K nan jaw 

K''»'in n'w n pK ^jKanjjn inyii ^yn^^r pK ^Ktsr k (k 
429 i3>>n ,K?5^^i pb'.c K*Dr,3 amn%n iimpb ipo p^2i fsi 
/^•^SD « «n f\s' Djj (2 ♦niit Sack und Pack \L'a«'n ~ (a 

,(pny' p,6 ^j.'Di;i;p -ipi ?\s' d^I) hoc est corpus p^pe-.^sg 

ybv^'^it^ '^ pnn ys^p-n r,j?2s,*SDiS5ip pK ipi^snsi .iD^na 


1156 — 


bp di;;ri to hamonise, accord v. n. fV.^t^'^.H^ 
to "harmonise, aggree (fig,) 'rb^ 5ip:f ^^i^n nn: 
rh cis:riri ,-cp t^Dn 
clutter, bustle, hurly-burly s. *^);"I^^"K."! 

,&nn \^h ermine (jpL H^'?-) s. V^im'^^ri 

ratber 5 ^'10 ^^'|5 rather sharp adj. T'v'l'liH!^ 
*'':i pretty, fairly adv^W'^S-^P^ n^D difficult 
,(K cj^vS n fairly pleasant rf'r:?:^ '^ixn — 
.-i^^Zt: nv -r^2 autumn, fall s. tti^n'lKn 

;-^,b3 to bend v. a, \V^^^^ 

rb nsn to wait v. 


feeler, antenna ;n.[?. horn (j^L "l^^J"^^."!) s. '{"^^^^ 

*(D''!i-ir ^W U?1^£7^n I'li:^ {of insects) 
he is not out of ipnpn to";?:! la^.i ti« ip (ic^.) — 
♦b^nitt xai^ urx the ordinary 
^-fp'^p b^ of hair ac?/. ^['".^n 
.nja^?? hair-pin (_pL f^-) s. 7".s*:i.^,'°l 
♦1|:jni |«ii horned cattle s. ft. n'D,^^"|1.^,1 
.^3"][3 horny, horned adj. 2^^J1.Sn 
.P!']^^! mistress, lady {pi. S-) s. ^^tDJ^iK^ 
,x;^l2i^ys topsyturvy adr. \^'i^\>''p'^T\ 

'"ipKp-pKn = Dj;jnif!p"D^:3'iKn 
,T\tp^ rribs?^ ,n:ai rr^ln^, labor, toil a. Ti^^'^'-^V^^^ 
to labor hard, toil, drudge v. n, f^Vi^'n.^n 

»nfett m^i5 n^D3 very small quantity 8. ^7^1^.1 

♦in VI corn brandy «. ^p^^'^i^H 

»^ri3 harp (^jL I-) 5. ^'^^•"' 

a^^ toiler, drudge (V^. Di^-) s. p):im^^J^^^ 

>n^^n ^?^p 
n^lai? in^p .ns'iD b»p, toiling a^J. J?r^*K^)^"i^s*n 

.yv.^7 pith ;:nb heart {pi. ^V^'^Vr^) s. n^ 
.m^n^ with feeling pxn ^^» — 
b^i:^ with all one's heart \)i^im ]^^m p'-^ — 

*ViJD3 b'^i Alb 

♦innbs to one's liking jSiiKfi DJSfp^^K* "q^s — 

not to be in good |iin«n C3 is^2 |5ipD^K r-^? - 

.fin !2liip n^"l humor 

tt?^Kb n^n to have anxiety ii£ii«n aii£ iPDpi ^ii — 

to be depressed, |!^'i»n iS^ik ipiiw |5fpj2^K im - 

♦nn ^23 r^^'^ be dejected 

to take heart, take courage p4$ri yA pm — 

♦f^Knn ,tip im 
to pluck up ]bn ^ ps y^m ^ l^.t pb'Q O'oc) - 
♦|^as*nn ,np iti? courage 
to lack cou- i^D lii Bpsy ^Kn p^p pK.i t^-js — 
nisT nitypb innb dk k3£d k^ rage to do a thing 
t«» iiscourage psn mi ppisiK pxD ^pn^ -- 
^WKB nn f !a« !i?w a person 

to bend, v. r. 

*1^l ^b3 ,0'^n stoop 
dwelling, n'lCDP shelter {pi. f-) «. 5^'^)^^"lb*n 
wTpDi^ ,|"ib?p travellers' inn ;|1p?^ ipfp abode 
♦^"^'P difficulty ; niacin sharpness s. tS!;!p2lKn 
i^b-nw'i^ hard-hearted intrp hard adj. 'tD^KH 

♦1k?^ il^'i^DQ close adv.\ 
rr^i^3) nt'p nsi^:: a hard-boiled egg ^^k is'iKn k — 

|:Kn ;r!pij:p n3^ sound sleep f^^b'^i? "'iptD'-ixn « - 

.T\pv:iV riyg i^^to sleep soundly f^jKbu? id^kh ^ 

♦nn^sip constipation ::i^b "ipis"ib?n k ~ 

»-9 1KD iiQD close to i^n to^^n -~ 

^fi3 nu'p) m^n hardening, temper s. ^tOlKM 

|3;y^n DinD ii^^^j constipated a^/- ^^^^Jl^tOlxn 

.^3^?^p_ Stingy (/i^r.) 
♦^"ip n'^p stift-necked, stubborn adj. i'!p^roiKn 
n^;r!) nbn co harden^ temper u. a. f^l'^tO'it^n 

hard-hear- irwfp, ,''U?p hardness «. t:i.^p*0*1Kn 

,sb"^u?p tedness 
mustard- (^LD^--) Mv mustard s. ^^^ti>t0^.sn 
♦btfin bu^ nt?hhn plaster, sinapism 

♦^^pt? hairy ac?/. ^^li^H 
am) ps'^ horizon {geogr.) {pi. f-) &\ tSJi^t^'nX.I 

call of attention by int. inKn-l^K.^-inKn 
mip^ in'isn ^^''Ip the jester at a wedding 

hear! py^wvrr^w'r^ .I'H ti^^r\r\ ^^i^r^-^^im''^^'^^'^ ~ 

ye, relatives of the bridegroom, come 

«5 ipr:5'^ out with your wedding-presents 

! T\^^t\nT\ nins^ DS'TiiinD n« w^^n ,|nnn ■'iinp 

.n^p-ti^n = DP^Kp-D^'iKr'/ 
♦|l«n to listen ;j?b\y to hear v. a. p'^i^H 
a narrow-necked {pi. "0^ ^) §. p)^mh'-^^n 
,sbn^ ^ii'i^n 1]^.^ •'^a milk-pot 

,m^3tpl3 ;'T''#D nSbp nMsri harmony s. ^''^.SD'IKn 
»(-iat ^^3) n^n^aa harmonica {pi. ^V '-')s. p')^^^^T\ 


-■- 187 


the lifting of the scroll of the Law s. Hna^^ 

. '" (/b?- rolling it up) 

book containing the home (pL T^n^) s. T]11^ 

services for the first two nights of Pas- 

.ni.i« ^=" ;'-sover 

to be ip^"iii3p 11 ih*3 ,rmn n ipsiiD tsi2 (id.) — 

only after the material benefit of a thing 

nm b^ r\^ir^nr, nbpinn n^ pi typs 

correction, (tji/2^,) ; -- revision (pL TiW^) s. t^H^H 

*«^^^0 ' '^ annotation ; — proof-reading 

,ai m ,''5 ^iK although conj. D^H 

M)^& D^^K --layman (^jL D^^I^'^H) s, ^in^ 

.nD5.!i = ;'- myrtle {pL Q''D'j,^) g. D^H 

.stJs mri spice- box {pi f-) s. D'H 

♦firJ0uJ n^P myrtle branch (^J, niD^n) s. "DIH 

,i]=!lO ,- training, education s. mSIIH 
discourse held by a student (^^L D-) ^. p'ln 
upon having completed the study of a 
imbn ^ll'^^ n^'i^ treatise of the Talmud 

stately ;- stately appearance s, Q^JB"ni%^ 

."iKh t^''« person 

. - that is K^rr K'bn == a55?% ' •T'l'l 

,D'3nK;n Messrs. (Messieurs) pyn = a65?% ^H'S"! 

supposition, hypothesis {pL D-) s. K*J^DK"Kl'l 

,nnusK probability I'nirv'n imH?" 

ri^'^^D plane (j-j^L f]^^) 5\ ^^'H 

^H^pn to plane ^v «. f^bnin 
^iS5 shaving (j?L ^V^V^"^--) s, fKs^r^mn 

%ive thanks," name of a certain s. nit'i 
.lp>ri nibsipD nnK a^ morning prayer 

.-India wj;?^ n*lin 
"from India to Ethiopea/' \yi3 iin mn pS — 
.m pn'iD a very long distance 
"what has India to ?^'id n ni,'i tir^ip -n — 
lo with Ethiopia?," what connection is 
there between these two remote matters? 
'^nbtin d^pin'in Qn^nn ^:t?; f^a i^?^ on^ nv^ 
,b2h^ to sound, tinkle, hum v. n. fP'^^in 

announcement, adverti- {pi ri1];'lin) s. T^^'l)^ \ 
e «- declaration ini'i^ri >nvf'^^ --sement 

to have a grudge yi^n it i^p^iH ^m pi$n — 

to be nnpi 9p iti^^ ty^xb HN^i against a person 

.t^^^ bp api angry with a person 

I have a presentiment 1id £3.iKt pb*n Qb'T — 

.niT'fip i^n ''^sn ,nmip nu7:iin ^b ^'» 

.oni to have mercy |^i^n p^ tsK^i pKn — 

^(f,^^,p,^l,^,p, j^y lovel, my dear! ?p^?n|i^D ™ 

'S? nn\j^ heart-break (pL f-) s. ^^i^5!;in^1Hn 

»nb nK3 
pit of the stomach, anticar- §> ^S^irflK.'l 

»2^D bbn dium 
A^ DK2 heart-ache {pk f-) §. ^^^l^ll^'nKrt 
Hoffmann's drops, ether s. |>L [SSH'l^^INn 

,(nKiDn) |DSin 5u^ nla^ drops 
;^b ptm$ i'^^} hearty, cordial adj. ^^^IM.I 
8. ^^-^p-ll ;nito kind ;|9g3 ,^nDK ,''23^ sincere 
,Ji^^r]?^if .n^mb sincerity ini^^n^ heartiness 
*a^jp- ^n^^^n-^mp-- .^")^:^^^^ 
.alto kind a^;'. mn^^^^ 
-ra fil sincere friend (^L -) s. tD^mfeXIKn 

.^t^PQ^bp^^^n == f^K^pS^l^n 
palpitation of the heart s, ^^J^B^^p^lK^ 

.1PJ grief 8. ^^Iii^Dj^bp^'nk'^ 

.2b op heart-rending a^?. :i*1-3D^Ji:^'i:_^i 

.n^nw ,nn33 nKswigCpLf^-- ,'^];>^)s.^t01^^'^.sn 

ceremony of ushering {pi, T\)b'l^^) s, Hv'lS.'l 
out the Sabbath {benediction of the cup at 
the conclusion of the Sabbath to separate it 
light used in the ]'-[from the week-days) 
ceremony of ushering out the Sabbath 
.n)v.p ^f mbp^ 13 twisted wax-light Jnb^pD \^ 
. - promise, assurance {ph Ti^m^tl) §, r\T\1^^^ 
.naan to promise r\n^£n ^ p^jj— ' 

,— Abel {son of Adam) npr. -^^H 
J - nothingness ;-- vanity {fl. 'O'^h^f^) §^ '^h^^ 
nJiDK superstition ;n-iujsto ,-- nonsense sn^aaK 

. — vanity of vanities s, D''72.'l h^^ 
pK^ nf ^ useless woman (joL 9-) s. PT.:ih2n 

la |W ^^^ useless man (pL D]?-) a, pl^hz:^ 

to occupy oneself with trifling v, n. fJ^Ssn 
^T^'S^ 'te d^^ni pbv^ matters 

^ "which nfit^b ^^''bp (n^SH) i^a^ =- abbj 
AV'^^n^ fl^'i^'^ I may come to us for good," the coming 


^ 168 -^ 


n^erii braces, suspenders 8. j;L l>^2^*i*^^t^»n 

r^jj material or stuff for pants s. "'L^^-^i'^in 

.n":a tt family friend (pi -) s. tOJr'°,Dt''*in 

.n;? ^bs household furniture s. tCK^t'^in 

aVrt •'je ^y) ov)p^ skim i^ni; skin (p^. I-) s. ^^*^^ 

to (/^f/.) ;iiy Dr^n to skin D-'in n prx* ~ 

,"D ^t: skin, fleece 

nna to be afiaia ts^in n t^yr^iK s^-'IK ]1V'^)^ ~~ 

to get out of one's tern- ta^in ps |y.'2r,2iz; — 

f^Knn to make streneous efforts i'!:.'inn per 

tL'^ns n\T to be rawboned nys^^s px to^in |¥t — 

skinner, fleecer, {pL D». ,^) s. ^l^^^^^tD^'in 

3i\^ extortioner 
elevated, exalted ;.iih| high, tall adj. '^"'^^ 
lo- ;ni<9 highly ac^o. || u^ip) en luud ;Nt^3 ,d*i 
♦Dn blp2 udly. aloud 
.ni723 height ssik np2^in « — 
.n^^u; breath (^jL [-) s. n'^IH 
nKtt 123? bighly esteemed adj. tDi£p^^;:j*'in 

♦i«D 2r^n 
no'^ High German s. ^^l.^to:D^in ,t^tO!.n:3^l1 

highland (^eo^rj ij)l ^V^^Vh^) s. l^^i^hlO'^in 

.c-m to breathe v. n. p^^'r\ 
»1!^'7 = .'nitt^h highness ;.'^2i height s. ^l^p^*"'/! 
pure, unmixed ;chi; naked, bare t.c^J. 'Tin 
♦(xpn barely a<io. ||;ih'^ 
.(Spn hollow adj. s. 2^''in 
"hollow gold, iP25n ptoDiD iibK; pb-'in {id.) -~ 
empty silver," it is neither gold nor sil- 
.o !^|C2 Kbi 2.1! Kb "isrK ver 
♦"iP^ »*i1P9 nakedness, bareness s, tD"L^p^''in 
♦(-! p"! to crouch, couch v. r fl^^ '^ 
yard, iqbo bir) b2Nn .-^m court (p^. f--) s. ^^'^ 
♦(n'3 b^) i?in courtyard 
.ni'?p. .•'ii/'x'i head, chief, principal a<i/. -tODvn 

.(«3sn b"n3> 221 '^12 hussar {yl. \^) s, "li^tin 

.ip^Tin = f^t^nn 

♦n-^^'K 9^' P2i2 bonnet ;p2''",2 hat {pi, ^^'^) s. tOIH 

»n"-!i2T -inn n^2 glass-works (^jZ. D-) s. ^tSin 

.fT-^a ,p2'i2 cap, cowl {jpl^ t-) s. ^""in 

^P„2i2 nic-^^ilD milliner (i>Z. &-) s. p^liJlSOnm 

.ppnpnnn -= ^p^n'^lM 

♦nnns see-saw ;n!3^i swing (^Z. D-) s. ^'T'ln 

♦I.n3rit3 swinging a^;. ^^lI'l^'lMn 

.nins see-saw {pi, B-) s, ^p)i;^*T'in 

to balance ; in: to see-saw, swing v. a. fi^'^'H 

n;'];nn to see-saw oneself v. r. ^)'^ -^W'^V'iJi 

,p_:;l3nn to balance 

the name Jehova (hi/ transposition) s. ^'T'ljl 

.p im X n = {ph ni^iji)' .9. 2 n^'in 

the debates of the Tal- pi, .Si'll ''"'IKn ni^lH 

^-mudic doctors Abaye and Haba 
vestibule, cor- ;n^2 house {pi. '^]^T1^^) s. '•''n 

,2b',x ,|rnDn ridor 

n'2n the White House tnn poi^n dki {Am.) — 

♦(n,rTt:K3 nnsn m^-H k^i£-*j audits nu) p5n 

to go a-begging, beg *p?i\i n np2^K pu — 

♦D^nnan bp nm from house to house 

,2t? n''2 household, family {pi, f-) s. 'lJ^t^^t"'in 

.ni? "^a household furniture s, pi. [iDi^t-'^'in 
'^isn domiciliary visit {j)l. \V --) s, SroiT'i'^'in 

.(nbu*»(2n mipB 's by) n^22 
.^bT to peddle, go about peddling v, n. ["i^HH 

.D'Siu? nn^na ^r?p2 D^hnan bp_ nm 
.bsin peddler {pi D--) s. 1^'l^tn'l 
.n:s b^ /n';2 domestic (^<^/. ^^'^rin 
nT!?:> private teacher (pL S-- ,^) s. ^]^''i^bt''in 

domesticated man, stay- {pi. J-) •"?. t^^^I^t^'in 

.n;22 i^pn 2'cl'' at~home 
domestic servant {pi C'^nn^D^) s. ni^*Drini 

♦11122 ni^'D 
.-tj; Dib^'2 nSn to live pcac:^fully i;. n. p"'''* 
.21252?^ breeches, trousers, pants s. pi, '^ (t*'in 
to wear the breeches p-'in n pbj'ia (/^.) - 
.(rtu'K by "if2Kj) u?''^? bp 5tT 
.B'n bii^ p2'j fish-glue s, 'pl. |T^7nJP"i,'1 

♦tS"!J E"'b ""2 "in arcyi n^^iiin ii*^He'i-M -vy-. 


189 ^ 


to be hungry l^V^^ to starve v. n. pP^i^tl 

*:iVi ""i^ 1 am hungry y.^ ^iyj2in cv — 

.nm hundred num^ ti'^^IJin 

one hundredth part {pt n^-) s, V^ip^iin 

♦nmn hundredth orti. mm. (tDS)^"l);"1iin 

.r\m a hundred (pZ. -- ) s. "l^^n^^Jin 

UK?) Vf^ of a hundred kinds a^i. rh'^V'^'^V^^^n 

A^l dog (p^. ^i^'^) ^, iDiin 

there's the rub p^j'iii^n JD^in ipn dji-i^ ^r\ {id) — 

p) ,Q^:ii &''»•» a long time p^'' statin (-td.) — 

sb3 a dog in the manger iin ^^''li^ is^in ^ — 
♦(onnKs nyn ir^u^ ^••i?) also 
4bli| ^\'2^^ ,- great wealth s. DW l^n 
*&ldb no5D horse-cloth (p?. S - ) s. ^pJin 

,?ip^ cough g. ^oin 

*b]t?u^ to cough V. n. f^Sl'l 

i^li; cough-lozenge (i^^/l^-) a. ^^^^£)"^Dl'1 

raise {of ;- addition (pL lilSpin) s, ^BDln 
131^) --supplement K'^s^' ^m n^bpn [w?a^es) 

n a^tyontt^ar) ii^ia ;iieD agaric, spunk s. ^pBIH 

removal o! ;- expense (pL H1^?^in) s. ."IK^in 
^i$pr the scroll of the Law from the ark 

,- travelling expenses s, pL ^linTllN^l'l 
^niall expenses, minor s. pL Hl-^^p fllK^in 

= — expenses 

*ni3Kip niK^ln = abhr. p"in 

x^ipf,'? i|1^i^ noise, din (pL D^--) s, pin 

feo knock ;n1it to whoop, shout t^, w, f^^pl.'l 


^DipKs-Bip^n DJ^pl^-D^p^.n 

,n3l! whore, prostitute (^L f-) s. 1"" 

?nTD hurra(h) w^^. KIIH 

*nat)i? i^J heap (j9?. B-) s, ^n'm 

jnn -= nin 

xnB3 mas ni^sts) ni3lts''b wholesale s, ^'^'H | 

,<"i^is^N DBjin «) a dog's age \i^^^%}\^ y^ T""^ '"'^^ ^*^ 

n^njn^) ^tvn^ lap ledger (^9^ "l^^SD-) s, '^^^iitOB'^in 

,isr^n 9^n main guard (pL f - ) ^. ^KH^B^m 
nomij sub- {gr.) {pi '^T^^P^)^) s, ^1^)Wmn 

.ip^npi^) i^^vti du^ ,D'^ stantive 
main things principal (pL f-) a. ^HttDB'^in 

ni^i; thing 
,i^K-^ chief, chieftain (j?L ?S!?^^) ^, tKq|tDS''in 

.»13"^?"9n .f^'p ,|an handful (pL D»^) §. [S'^in 

.|Ppn^?n = fi^p"'in 

;i^3ni .n'ltolr.n hump, hunch (pL D-») ^. n];p^in 

,|S| u?^K hunchback 
bent, croo» Ipi hunchbacked adj. j^'Tll?p''in 

*p]^s|) ked 
;Dn|>^ ''^^syo »iih debaucher (pL D^-«) s, I^^^IH 

.9513 ,5f3 knave, rogue 
;n^!in? debauchery (pZ. D^) #. ^^II^DvjtO^in 

*b33 ,nb«3 knavery, roguery 
inwiQ 9f debauched, dissolute adj. ^pOi^'oh):^ 
s, ^!!p -» II ; 5Di3 ^^ ,9^3 9%' knavish, roguish 
,^23 ,nbs3 knavishness ;ni3£"nB debauchery 

.n^na debauched woman (^^. D-) §. ))pT^b*in 

nS^j ,a^i.u;3 ^a=i3^Q ^'ri to debauch v. n. f^ll^^^m 


.n6^ln ,nnTO revelry {pL » -^ ) ^, I^p^^'^^m 

merry fellow^ reveller {pL Dl^-) s» pph)f^ 

.pjia Q'l^ rowdy (pL 0^^) s. iK::i^in 
to revel I Ob^ to be merry t^. n. fj^'^^'n 

.-idler s. St2-']Si.'^ 

♦ijl^n to go, walk V. <^. i^^Im 

.-tale-bearer, slanderer 5, ^'^r^'-^S'in 

-cyij? ^Db ragamuffin (^^L C^-«) s. prxr^n 

drinking-bout, carouse (pL D^-) g. j^pS'n 

nPDi.^ -= ;binn ,n^^n humor, wit s. I.^D r, 

,niebn bps humorist {pi \^) s. ^Dn.HDin 

.n2£bn b'p humorous adj\ rrOD^.^DlH 

*n.^ijnp hen, chicken {2d. 1^J^"i) s, pn 

.u?^3l,ipp wealth s. p'n 

.(pK3) SP'i famine ;|ii^i ,2pi hunger s, 1]^^Jin 

hungri" s, ^l^p -- jj S SP^ hungry adj. 5n];:iJin 

4lnp^1 nesSs hunger 


— 190 — 


.-that will never be! phr. T\^^\T\ K7 n%'l 
fj^ji^ excrement (pi. ^V-) s. p^JI^'in .p^^^m"! 
^ij-iS? iDh 'in'^ something worthless (/^^.) ". X- :■ 
"this day," first word of each verse s. 2Vn 
of a prayer closing the Hosh-hashana 
u?«hn nilinxn nbariD ^p3o?^ ^'"i^'ti ^^P service 

to come too late Dm\n pbi§ 1^5 |PDip (-id) — 

after all that has been Davn S?Vk "ip (id.) - 
.snsnn bs ^"inm said or done 
it follows from what we phr. 1J''':?7P ^^iil'''!' 

,]y:sp ,i^K np^ whereas con/, rilN'l 
♦blp^i? damage ;pn --loss (j?L ^IppH) s. pt\^ 

♦plain = tO^^l 
^33 loaf (of sugar) ;pn^3 cap (pi. \V --) s. ^tO^n 

♦nsD bm 

to keep, ; ib^ to watch, guard, keep ^■. a. f ^^T 

to look out, V. r. Tlt-llKmso) ibir observe 

♦nnjn be careful 

OK ittu? to observe the Sabbath nny; p^n — 

♦"1^1^ guard, keeper (pi 5- -'-) s. "l^tD^^ 

♦T'S^n hay s. ^I^'^ 

'^r^)?^ hey! int. ^1^*^ 

♦n^^bj; rise '^TM^y:^, lift (pL f-) s. ^1^1 

,Din to lilt, raise mm i$ ppj — 

.r\'7v ;Dip to rise m^n k y.i pp;i — 

capj hood (of a woman) (pi. "^V --') s. v^^jM 

to be born with a bniNn k p« ppii pi^np5 — 
♦^i» 13 riNi caul, be a favorite of fortune 

.(Ktya 13 ann!? sJim j^'isd lever (pi. B-^) s. ^p7:l^^'^ 
; Dtiri to lift, raise (p. p. p^^TiV^) v. a. ' [i^^T 
-.T^j; to rise v. r. ^^t-||;l3Dh to exalt [fig.) 


♦n^b^D midwife (_p2. D-) s. 2[^"!^'^ 

tube, wine- ;a^"ia raiser (^Z. D-) s. '^^^l^'^ 

^(nptt'a n niVs^nb n^p) ^ar-^ -^n^'f^ taster, siphon 

»l^isn> jib?D .nb^ pitchfork (pi. \V --) s. hz^rv.ri 

,d^b^5K i^Sv heathen (pi.]--) s. '^))^ 

!np''1P^ Jijb march!, onward! w^. ^^"^^^ 

♦••IlilK •'bn ^;n haiduck (pi. D^-) s. p'ni_\'-! 

♦TO "^1'^^ highwajiman (pi. 2^-) s. p^^^^'^^J'" 

I'B) D^"3)2^ yeast ;pp^^p -Q^i.^'f dregs s. _p^. f^'-H 

,|i^iD n:3 little house (juL ^V-) s. h^l^ 
♦D\5^|35 D^d33D children's pants 8. j)L ^)^7li:n 

wholesale-dealer, who- (pi. S^*-) a. p^^ViS**0"i°ri 

.(ne;i nnas nsn:) fiio^p lesaler 

.niiito^D b'^ wholesale adj\ I?J1\^t:i'r, 

♦nuiiD^cs by wholesale adv. CHtomr) 

,(« a-^nb^b n^iD nursery-tale (p?. m''1in) s. H^Vin 

♦Q^ni'^l a^l^l in crowds adv. 0^)21 M 

,^^3 to fornicate ?j. a. n. p^^ 

brothel, disorderly (j?^ 'i^t^,^-..) «. fl^ip^iin 

,nl5it n-^ii house 
»Dnp^ >pp^^ 'XS''p sediment (pi B - ) s. l^t^tDtt^ iH 
Fl? ^13i; , - osier-branch (pi. Ti^^VP^^) s. K^^^IM 

to beat off the leaves from ni3pmn p^b^ - 
the osier-branches (ow the Great Hosanah) 

♦(K3T KJ5?^in2) n'2''\v ""a^p tD3n 

a beaten off osier- HU'^in psp^s^'b^pjQK ]« — 

something worth- (fig.) \T^^^'::^n nnip brar^^^h 

♦'-[IP "nan i3i less 

the Great Hosanah (the se- s. ^^"] Ki^r'n 

."'[venth day of the feast of Tabernacles) 
Special hymns for the feast s. pi. m^i^^^^i" 
.-of Tabernacles 
,i«31 K3p^"in == ahhr. 1"^*"'^ 
. — be very careful phr. *^ntri] ^m*1T" 
♦rtx'inn -nintx .-warning (pi ^"^^0!'"^) *• '"^^^V!'"^ 
memorial prayer for (pi. rii'^Sp) «• •^'^r!'"' 
.D^n^b |1l|)t nbsn , - the dead 
,ni3|n'= niZ2^p-jn-^2Tn 
.-summons (;?L m^Dtri) s. n:r:Tn 
.pt^^ = pn 
.-decision (p?. mtO^m) s. r\^)m 
favorable interpretation of an s„ Q"l'7n"n2t:n 

.-evil dream 
,njn Qiprn ,rts here, in this place ado. ^1^ 
.r\^rr^ he! (a sound made in laughing) int. ^^'^ 
fUS iu;i« of this place adj. >'J -« ^i]^^ - .'ii^^l 
♦ri'tn <::i)p^n bv ;rTt3 "t^?k 
,n«-'rD y^.^K^ b^ of this country adj. t^^'l^J^^^^I 
a native or inhabitant (pi. -) s. 'l^n^^'^:^'! 
♦HMD Fp^C ~^^' ^^ "^'^^ ^^ ^^^^ country 

'*VpT5pb;sin = (pi. P-) s. i^^lpn 

.-hurra(h)I int. ^^^^'H 

,■1133 respect s. 'in3.'1"'^'i*^''''^ 

with the grea- iinsn-in-n yo^vii apn taia - 

♦bns inrn 11332 test respect 

♦lpm^ = f^^^^ 

,i]im tehee! *?2^ ')n"'!n 

*1DJ to giggle tj* «. tl^p^T'^n 

♦js^u's:^^ ^^3 y? ttrcyj n^mn (k 

lyi ^-^ 


.HDt? cheerful 1^7 '^bs careless a^y. ^I^D^^I 
cheer- ;m^^-'^$ carelessness s, ^"^^p ^\\;^h^2)^ 
.^b^^z^^ ,ntii^''P fulness 
♦BW ,il2£p cheerless, gloomy y3nv.n ^w -^ 

♦"iDib? ,Mn K"?.:;! ,-that is ado, '^^^^!^ 
,K*n nnH ,--it is the same thing ado. I'l '^^^^'3 
moreoverj ; rinp now som today a^;% ^Jl-^'^ 
this day, s. \\ > Mi^ ^=1? '^ '^1 '^5v>» besides, withal 
/HDi^n imn ,mn Di^-: the present 
from, today till tomor- p^KD m d^int ps — 
nnD ^p a^Tfts row 
^ns^^m crnn henceforth |^ a^i^n pS — 
she is wise and pi^ '.) ti^ to^'sn ,^)^p n^ 11 — 
•i^^n na*' ntb f^Disi K^n nts^n pretty withal 
moreover you ought p^ii iik asib*"f ^3i^i — 
.nyib lb nt nsba to know 
but who knows his 1 ^3^^?^ ny chii &i^.ii ^3i^n -™ 
♦ifi3i5 iiK ni'' ''D1 object? 
of modern times, modern adj. ^ItO^piitOil^*"! 

^^.^^^q^^ nprj 9'^ 

^i"^DD ^^Ji^ moderner (p^. V^^) s. "iPlp^^^ll^il^n 

of the pre- ;mn a1^^ b^ of today adj. il^^l'!.'! 

»n^-tn npn 5^ sent time 
4i«tn npn the present time si^^ i;j'!£3r.^i ~ 

.ntn Dvn -rp to this day .ikis pr^3iNi m — 

(geogr,) lijal^ ,")Pis fiery ;nrin ,Dn hot adj, Bl^l 

,::nb3 ardent {fig.) \m torrid 

.bb'iH;! *? ,bl3lK:5 Ipdl^.n {geogr.) — 

.nsnn nisip molten lead i^9s pb^in ~ 

p!2p» ^sn an ardent wish ^51^11 ipD^in ^ — 

nss to weep bitterly pv^i^ poi^.n |d^3iKS — 

a devoted fat- ysjK^ paiin ^ ,ptQKi3 "ipDim « — 

,n3^x3 Gj« .|^X3 2S{ her, a devoted mother 

an ardent adherent of Chasi- T'sn 'ipDi^r? ^ — 

an ardent partisan ijig.) ;snb: Tbn dism 

*n:ibst2 if'j^ ^^ ^nb3 "isn 

»iu>s3 bs:! s:^H to love ardently ei^.n pi9 -- 

to bid, order, (p. p. fDI^'l^^) v. a. n. [D^^^I 

to ;2;^ Khi5 to call, name ^n?.^ npa commard 

.niin to signif\% mean iK^i^rr be callvjd 

?ifp to do as ordered ^Bi^.n pn 111 |b?is — 

"«3Tifi ,Kin Kbn that is issiin dp ,K)Di'in d^t — 

one who is beg- {pL B^- .--) 8„ ^ip^^r'-i^t^jn 
.Q'-nen ^^ lin ging from house to house 
hoar- s. '^l^p -|| nn| ,im hoarse adj. v.^'^ptl^H 
*|11|D ^1C^ seness 

syllable suffixed to an adjective suj^. ^^5»T 
*3^D nK'iinb ^Kh a^b nspl3 nisn to signify state 
.m^ bip iniN"^n when young DiirTnpJi^r — 
.nbin ini MD while being sick ai^,'Tipp3b*ip — 
to the right! {to & horse or ox) int. K^^5.1 

,p^ I'iP pellicle, membrane {pi. "\P--) s. hlD'^^n 

,(^13^ abn ^3D bj?) Qnp ^^i^i^. skim JDr.p 
pwbi) b^*b walk (*?2 infants^ language) s, i?^!5n 

*9^to9 ^i%n to go for a walk pdini pii — 

*'i p a 1^ ^ = » ^T^T^^ 

s. ©^^p^lli^r^m .Ott"^ cheerful a^;. n^^l^n 

.nb^n*!^ innss'o cheerfulness 

.(«nK-^n n3m this year ac^D. 1{^''"l%^ 

.mlD nsfn ^^ of this year adj. ^^I*^"*""!!.^ 

«nDlp ,fnna height §. ^\Tl^^ 

.ri'^V^f^ cave {pi f-) a. ^^^"1 

.i^siD healing, cure s. ^^)'^))^ 

.u^li^ holy^ sacred ac^. i)hn^ 

.PM^pn ti'^^ graveyard an^ 'ipr.b^in — 
to consecrate I'^^p^ to sanctify -y, a. pil^.lH 

/i'np, saint (.pL ^^-) ^^2|| '|)l^n 

.n^^i^ holiness^ sacredness {pL f-) s. ^l^p^^SriH 

.toi^p5t'bi^K-= ^l^p5^bl%^ 

xabss) bbi to whine v. n. ^\h^2^ 

V, r. ^l^-lpKBl ^Kbl to heal, cure v. a. p))^ 
to heal up SKSID to be healed^ be cured 

»(nn"isn) Ks^on 
.u;i3p^i^H = ^^iP^l^n 
home, asylum ;n^ home (j?L JJ^--) 5. ^1)^ 

♦n''ss at home ciiin npn p« -™ 
domesticated man^ {pi. D^ ,^) §. "i^^i^nai^.'l 
.bnk 2^r ,n:s i^'i'' stay-at-home 
.n:| auJi'' who stays at home adj. W))T] 
native lyi^ri '^m bv ;^n^s domestic adj. ^^t^S" 
s. tt!]p-(j ;n^,^ 1^3 familiar im^Sn yi^ 9^ 
.n^s 123 t'^^ nb''?n familiarity 

*w p'»r%n ihiuru g^s-'istineb^ -*== ^^''-"'^i tM 




,t2%^ ,V_'p^^ heaven, sky (pi. \V '-) s, '^tD'H 
a clear sky, a serene day ^dtt iv^^bp « — 

to ex- p"iK bi2)^ p« pri^ ,'7^in pK pr.n (/^^.) — 
^V L'-'K nbrn to I a person to the skies 

to be in the seventh b::^n ;i:i7nn p« p-n — 

nxr: -i^KrD n'H heaven, be very happy 

a tumult rending ^-yi ]tv boin <i? ap^ix'b *? — 

nb ny nbij? pt?^ ,D"p^p-i ppis jiku? the skies 

tester-bed, canopy-bed (pi. [-) s. tOJ^-7a^'^ 

.nEn DP nD?p 

JQ^D^n n^^pn sky-color^ 'sky blue s. illKS'^D^I 

♦nbrn y?^ azure 
.iL3?bs^p3iri ='to^^BSiD%n 

.^^;|j^ .C3:p^D bi^ heavenly, celestial adj, ^ht2)n 
,c^'b thither adv. f^^ 
♦nirii n3n to and fro pma p^ pn — 
♦nb;^ ,n*:?^ hind (pi. [-) s. ^^^'^ 

.p^T3i« = pn^^i 

♦•lisij^ .^5^ -j^lBri to hinder v. a. pJ^IJ^I 
hindrance, obstacle {pi. (-) ». ti>^^"ii^nJ^^ 

mean, (/^.) Plabs '^b^ b^ doggish adj. ^!tDJ?n 

♦n;i:Q »bau? nasty 
fi''3B ,n53 13a an ugly face n-iia yt'iisain jj — 

.nsiJD pop a nasty business nD3"^a I7\yii53^n i$ — 
mean tricks, knavish tricks pib^ p\i^iia2^T — 

,n^iv nibmnn 

hind mn« back s. || Pin^D behind ac2i;» I^^IH 

♦nu? .GH"''^^ part, arse 

.'iinxa at the back jisi^n pi — 

♦nai to deceive cnx |i23in p.iJi (/^.) — 

,ii3?!2 beyond ; ''lin^p behind prep> l^tD-D^H 

back-street, back-alley (pi. f-) s. DK:i-ii;tD:)%^ 

.DKnyte3^n = '^D^nrtoi^^ 
backwards adv. ^^Vh - ,D5^^ - .^^^HvjII'l^tDJin 
cunningly, (jig) nln^D from behind Jn^njnK 

.n?Diys craftily 
♦n^ -on^fti? hind part, buttecks s. pb^""^i;t:J^'^ 
nrs »i^m^ ^5*5 back-door (j;J f-) %. l^tD'i^tC^^n 

n^ what does this mean ? ? c^i tsDiin ds','! — 
JiDii HAH you call it wise! ijibp icbir, }'bK — 
but what kind of mar. <t3:'d k iro^^.n fbi? — 

,Cl^b t31K HDH 15''« 

this is what I call a ^rrrr. ^ -iDD^in d^i jok — 

hb nx3 aiK cr i^x xin ni man 

that's a sound sleep I t|sKbt:?P: toc^^n csn — 

m that I call talking! ^tsnyiyj sscim D«n — 

Il^-^Di 1121 Sin 
?ni«T nD how now ? ?!a&^in cxn — 

what do yru ? ]^''^ K''^ Ks^rii 15; t£D^^n dh^I — 
*|n3i3 n?2 mean bj^ saying he will not got 

♦ ♦.p:ii so... ...fcp toD'in — 

so you are satis- pnsiii ,Dy 1:2^^1 ,t.!^ id:^? — 
.pii-i ;;::ii' "]3n pni fied 
{fig:) ;ah hotness, heat, warmth s. ^l^pD^^n 

•minbnn ardor 
*r ♦'^ tj. r. l^^-^llnnsf to delay v. w, f^^JH 

x^H^ head (jp^. n^?--) s. StDDl^n 
♦ana-pi^ u?ki a cabbage-head D^np 5^ai^i « — 
♦D^tsi\i? lyxi a head of garlic bz^^p ^tsar.n ^ — 

.Tin^ delay (_29Z. &-) s. ^p''^'^ 
.p^r\ nya to heat -y. a. [5t^.:n 
fire-maker, furnace- {jp2. B- .'-) s. '^^^l^H 
; iii3"i3 ni5jy p-'DD fireman ; "^^m ^« p'?^ man 
.-ilto-'p ny« b^ p^B» stoker 
.nsiK \:iir\ locust (??I f-) *. pn^t^^!^n 
"the child 'is not there," he phr. 1^^^^? n'^NT 
.D?i;3 .vra Kin has escaped 
.n^sbn dress V. S'^^'^''^ M-) s. T'^''1 
"wedding and dance," mer- s. S*j^nriSb^b\T 
,n6bin ,n2''^n ^nnat? riment, reverly 

.j;3bi3K = D''b\1 

.in .9ip sound, echo (pi. f-) s. "17^1 

♦in i;^DW» 9ip y-^r^^ resounding ac^y. 3^^^^1 

•"f? IJ'P^'n 'bip ^i^yn to resound, echo u. n. p^^H 

.?^by ,nc5 to cover, wrap v. a. p'^.T^ 

salvation ;%tj; help, aid, assistance s. ^^^T 

♦nity, ,it,P„ 19 PK^ helpless a<ij. T^b^'^^n 
.pxs^in = pi5e^^"! 
.f^r bf wooden ac^J. f^iS^iS'^in 
m^-ip faulty reading nsj? p3iy2i=^in (.%.) - 

^::n Ssn 



.nnriDH ^^ hysterical adj, ^n^*^D^n 
D?3 hippopotamus {pi D^--) s. DKtDKBKB^n 

contrary, (jp^. C''2?^'^ ,a''51l2\:i) s. ^D\:i ,^1B^:1 
,- contrast ;- reverse 
.(ni5B3 f^3y) gittun jb^ to skip, omit -?;. a. ]^)^ 

.t;pein = ^pB^n 

*nr^n considerable adj. ^^)tl 

i^^BTi'P delirium ;fih heat (^i. t"") «• T^-^ 

*p3T2p3 *? ,f^i yspisiipa "- 
Ifiiavyin uid^'s "iidd nsi to rave y^.ri ps |T.n — 
.imn nai nn to talk nonsense (fig.) 
hot- ; HKn ^^'5 passionate ; so hot a<^> ^^^^?^ 
passion s. ^l!!p -HmOO"^ '"^^^ '"'^'^^ headed 
^n^inni hot-headedness ;nip 
to t>c r. "jlt-ll ;d^h ,£3hri to make hot v> a. {^^^ 

♦tH'OD '"^?^I^i'7 get hotj get excited 
;a-nb3 jsnln dog-killer (pL DP'''^^%'1 ,0^)s. hn)r\ 

^bvfy^ ]^ ,5n| rascal, scoundrel (fig.) 
hothead, hot-headed (pL B^p^) s, BKp|^S^^n 
.Ipn'n ,n?;n Trin man 
.nmi'^ burning fever s. mnprnp-p.^ 
.t^^ij nsD heat-strokej sunstroke s. pi^'^y^' 

jnm^ ,r7jDi?^ shout (pL D^-) s. p^»'i 


♦01^ .pl^^ to shout V. «. f^pin 

4n^ millet s, ^'^^.ri 
'^t:^ granular no'^s like millet a^/'. 21^n^'1 

.lO-n ^ti^ of millet adj\ fl^t^^n 

z:;:^ deer, stag, hart (pi. f--) s. ^^)^ 

p^i? hart's horn, stag's horn s. [IK^J^'I^'I 

♦(riKien) ''n:^ 1"^;^. hartshorn (fharm.) Pn^n 

?Kin "it'pt^ a^rt .-is it possible? adv. f^^l? 

,- permission (pi^. D'''l|^^'^ .D-) s, iri\^ 

j»2£p9 ^rv", to allow oneself insi k y.i pKXs -- 

burdensomeness, in- (xjl. nns^H) s. n*125.^ 

*?iKbri jHib commodity 
all things together, eve^ adv, ^3^-"i^Kl"S5n 

^bbri ,irj2S bin rything 
^lb ^i^s^ b^^ Kin bag and baggage a<^6\ ^SS'^^SH 
t-^-ali is vanity pAn ^'^T] 7Sn 


place behind an {pi, D^) g. pi1''1*S"(1^Ci^-n 

nism ""llnKD alpD oven 
which is behind an adj, anJIT'lK-f^n^^iir, 

,1^31311 ^ilnKtiu? oven 
opinions of idlers nn:nD pjn2iriK*-ppto5in — 
D^btoi h^ nnsD discussing behind the oven 

.HD-ip^ ,n^7p trick Q;L ^J^--) s. ht)%'^V^})n 

^nq^ ,nln^ hind^ hindmost adj. tO^nj^'SDi^n 

,T'^b l^inw suburban adj. K^^^HtD^n];^^^"} 

"i-n back-room (ph "^V --) ». ^^^^^'^^*^J^n 

^^^^^ 'Tin ,n^Si'i p.inN:^t? 
outstan- n^BD behindhand a^^j, 51^^*0^*i^''0Jin 

.sjn nKU?3 ,p'is3 ""i^ba ding, owing 
1KU?n to be in arrears Jiby^^ipssin pi^9a — 

.r\mp cavil (jpL H^^-) s. J?^||];&?t^n];tSi^^ 
Dipas nhu? to stay long in a place v. n, \P^)^ 

.(K :3'i |D| 

Jin ,in -= an^^J^n ,fP\'l 

.(B'V:i'in W35) nbs^ corn (pL [--)§« i^'IK^Ip^n 

*(3 n^ntp nia .hd'i-ji!! ^bn lethargy s. 1^))h^'^))^)T\ 

one who feeds (jpLD- s^) s. '^i^D^I&'ipin 

*ni9'jni? ^t^3 bsit^ on chicken-flesh 
an experienced ipDpneipsin np^b^ i^ (fig-) ~" 

*|i^D3 bp5 person 
nKi:a »n^\9ub dung of chickens s. ^''Ip'^^^J^I 

^nbijnn ^'f of hen, of chicken adj> !^1]^i^n 
rijp\i?D weak support Die v^ivi'i'n (fig») — 

,vbn insT a weak memory aKp ipu7nu:iin — 


♦nes ,1^ lame, halt at^j. iH^pJ^.I 

.g?lx InlNna being lame «c^^. tDl^"P];^n];pJ!n 

to limp, (p. p. ippmv:^ >^pw:i) v. n. \ppm 

.vy^ halt 
.inpp3in = ;i;bH hobbling adj. ^)1^Vp^^.^ 

innbin ,Q^p5n •'^^^ history (j)L 0^) s. P'^^^^On 

.r]'vv,p .'n^ss story 
psi lalD historian (;>l. ^)' s. "l^prKtSD^n 

,D'^jn nf-^ 5w historical ac^/. l^!!l.StDD^1 
nrn^pnn) npnan hystoria. hysterics s. ^''l^^tOD^H 
.C33bi pin«'^ a-'iwrr 

^D^ttnKo I'n itiinbriiten ra^n ps ("K?2ii2rn" ,"Htt'"'i©'irn» 
,(174 ti' ? «i i"D^^nni niir.n" )|Kapn^jj *r? 




a law applying to Messi- s. iJ^n^u^^?^ ^^"^^^ 
'i^'n a matter of tlie future ;--'aiiic times 

Psalms of praise recited on new s. 7^'1 
. — moons and holidays 

,-joke, jest, witticism {pi, ri'^i^.'l) s. ^'^^l\ 

.p^BpQ '^^ n«^l|5 hum!, ahem! int. On 
"He who separateth," a prayer s. Tl^pH 
said by Jewish women at the close of 
♦^^'jn^ii n^Dfi Sabbath 
;i3^D^^an D'^^i^ri ,-the common people s. p'^Jl 
, '- crowd, multitude ; op^n nbi rable, mob 

,a^^l D^v^iK rt^iinj? 
.B^^r^sn ta-'^iK}^ , - the common people s CV']^^^ 
benedif tion pronounced on bread s. ^?''2i'lD,'l 

♦Dnb na^nq a slice of bread n^^pt^iTi ns'^s 
to pronounce the benediction a^^it^n pxa — 
♦^--iiiDn na^^i ^i:n on bread 
Jew-baiter (j^L ^^) s. || ; — Haman 7?29r. ftD,*! 

.v^^ wicked man ;dn^nfn 'ti> 
;|Dn nbsD Haman's downfall m^dd t^ii^n — 
,n^n:! n^^ts a great defeat {jig^ 
triangular cake stuffed {pi, f-) s. ^KtD-pri 

r^SKfcs) ^5? t^^»?3 niinp^ ^"^^^ ^p:a iD**^ with poppy 

♦^spbp-|Dn = "i^SK^p-fD,'! 
rattle used by chil- {pi. ^i?-) s. 'pS^^Sp-fOn 
D^b'! nsi Q-'UJtenu;^^ n^^p.u;p. dren on Purim 

joke ;^nri ,-new idea {pi, Ts^^'^m) s. ^^"^t:^ 

♦n^^iii^^n trick Min^ii 
;- continuation (jo?. C^^^pn .C^tJ^D^) §. "[t^D.'i 

n^sn ,*nVs^p , '^ connection 
mitigation of the severity *. D''i'''7,'i"npr,!p,'-[ 

. — of the laws 
♦Ql and conj, \\ ; — yes, aye s. \^ 

IT 1.1 IP p ;»o£3jj »,.q;i both.,, and |.i .♦.|n — 

.H\n Da «in aa both he and she 
pleasure Jnbrin ,- benefit {pL m^J^) «. .IKJ^ 

♦a3"P - 

.-lo!, see! int. ^^^ 
conduct ; — management {pi. fnJ!.'1|,'l) s. ^-^^^.^ 

- *Hamans ears" Ti>Ki5-|ttn k fK fgn \t^ )}U^'biiV "'"f (k 

in short, JKn "i|^s?n the main thing is ac^y. ^^ISH 
,£3^"};i'i^ "^l.^D '^f^ in a word 

I am tp[:2 3t?p) n3^i;p niB5 ^^nn^aSSr. ^"^M 
the atonement for his (her) death {abh7'e- 
i:i:ition used in letters in reference to a payment 
B-isnia '*^) '- [loithin a year of his or her death) 

.--preparation {ph ITO^'"^) ^- '^^?? 
n« i^sn to make preparations msrin ps«a — 
♦"^^^n to delay n^iip 
puttmg in ;- income (p?, m^l^H) «. .ID^lpri 
of the scroll of the Law into the ark 

.-hospitality s, D''ni1.S-npJ3ri 

. - pux'tioning of a poor bride §. Hv^'HD^^,;! 

humi- ;- subjection {pi. T\^V^,^T\) s. ^V^^^ 

.-proclamation {pi. TiTi'^^ri) s. Hi'J^n 
.-necessity (pL D^n^on) *. n^^T} 
overweight, addition {pL ni^lSH) s. n^^^n 
KD-'ms '»;iu>i3 in^b) nf^)) inclination ; — to weight 
.n^'^nn , — decision 
rabbinical license, {ph D^^^S^) s. "^^^^ 

. — permit 
clothes, gar- ; — clothing, dressing s. Tl^'^h^ 

♦ann ments 

.-loan {pi. t)m)hr]) s. nxv.Sn 

A^OI H?.' '^ '^^^ <^^ that! may -i^^. ^^^I'^H 

con- ; — going, walking (jp2. fn5^7?1) s n^vH 

♦M^rtiD ' — duct 
the legislative part of {pi. TO^H) s. n^^jH 

.pi ,-law ;-the Talmud 
.nniDH nb>s^ a hard problem nrs^n v^v^w k — 
law for practical appli- s. nt^^^/ ."15711 

. - cation 
a law given to Moses s. ''^SD ntT'D^ .ID^n 

.-on Mount Sinai 
matters of... ;-the laws of... s. pil. Tl^'Dii^ 

he is n?25 ipb^na K ^p tn^ pv i^125Ji p.« O'oc.) -- 
Kin nnjiia an expert in matters of drs^t 

,ti^n to go, walk v. n. fP)^- .fJ^HS^.*^ 
one who goes (/,) {pi &- i-) s. "ipi^lS^M 
.isia^ i|^in i2^^i« to steal 




at the highest, at the most, adv. W^S^^H 
.'^rli''D ^^^ at hesb 
♦-D 5h| ,3h| -inr higher adj. coinp. "^^^V^ 
to raise {a ;pricep wages^ etc.) v» a, I'^V^V^ 

.Qsn"! .biKu; hell s. 'hv^l 
light (eo^or) in%':i|i clear^ bright ac^J. ^v^H 

s-addenly, unexpectedly to'-in ly^pn |i& -^ 

♦(K akna 
nsn^ n^j? ,toj;D n^'i^ rather light adj. ^nS7]^n 
.bg^ phU? .cim^ light brown adj. p1'^^°"'7^»^ 
♦l''Si^ ,il2| hero (|)L [--) s. "I^J^H 

inipl sb» ,lis| bu? heroic, heroical adj. ^)l7pTl 
^rriiai n'i'-) inini heroism ^, ^^^p-jl 
*r7i1s| heroine (i?L D^) s, p7|?n 
skin »|top^iK5^ little neck {ft 1^-) s. 7t7pn 

♦s^ly 9"i? ii^|„n nli; of the neck of a fowl 
♦Din^l b^ ,yiKU? b'^ of hell, infernal adj. ^Iv^H 

.asn-'Jin u;k infernal fire ^pi?a 'np^i^pn ^ -- 
heller {small German {pi B^ i-) s, ^^7^^ 

aot worth ip^pn Qpsps^^inr^ |iip tsipii ^^3 — 

.nana niu; 13^^ a forthing 

.3^pn .! .^''in'^^^P.'i 

3^a elephant (i>L f--) s« ^^KS^^n 

^d'^iria^ ,b''aD |W ivory s. [-^^I^KS^^n 

,n^^riD^'^ri half (^L J-- «-') ^» ^^^^''^ 

to help, aid/ as-' {p. f. fB^^^^P) t?. a. \^^Vr\ 

3^St\ ."iw sist 

♦nn'-n^ clearness, brightness ^* ^^-5p7J^n 

.nshs) shirt (i?L 1|^-) ^o "lOl^n 
not to have r^b fs^iH nspn pip p\^n di3 (/%.) — 
a shirt to one's back, be utterly destitute 
♦1103 ^^v n^i ,inpb nans u?''Kb n^'i ^b 
to be reduced to nnpn p.m pi^ pi^bs (/i<7.) ~ 
♦mim nrsp n^b ki:3 iIkd bnbir: utter poverty 
to reduce nopn piK pK |apDi^ |kdd''1k {fig.) — 
nvap n"*? ^^K ort a person to \itter poverty 

"''K nKn.f^ exclamation of displeasure inu p^ 


^w P7 fit 03^bsibe »aus heilet Haut w^n -= (H 

reduction ;-« concession (joL ^IHiH) #. nnSH 
^CTTia ^w Tir\mi2 {of a 'price) 
.-mentioned above n^v^p)^ i3t5D ahhr. T^H 
.-word of honor s. p^l^^fH 
leaning couch {seat eqmp" {pi. ]--) s, ^^^""^DH 
ped with pilloiDs to lean on during the PaS' 
prnb ana as? kds) r^^n^n kb3 [sover banquet) 
*(nDB ^^bs lion nps on^b^ 
in» n^o,^ explanation (j^^riTODn) s. rr\^^'j 

♦nn"^^ ^.Sianfi trick ;nKa?iD vention 
, -' convention ; - agreement {pt & *- ) s. QSDm 

,b|p?p n^^ 
, '- sanction ; - approval {pi. niD3B.^) s, nDSp*^ 

^ciDDb) mvp) . - testimonial ? ir^>' 
nb^bn make no mention of it! int. 1''3(n% D5 

tnK^ n''3?rib 
.-funeral oration (j?!, D^^fiDn) s, IBDn 
providing for, main- {pi, mpmn) s. .IpSDn 
.--tenance, pension 
-• ?nL3 eh? inf, Vtl 

.mi^pm rriDp , - removal^ deposition s. HI^^H 
the 'Hebrew «,||P1sy Hebrew ac^J, ^W^^^^^ 
.n^^ipii ]Wb'n language 
in oh\ alas! int. V^^Vn 

.pinion -n^]pn ,^''^m 
.p!3P!^si ,i?2^i5piKn = pjn?j;n ,^a^jwn 

the game of hares {a children's s. pi. yj^T^V^ 
game in which one flayer^ the dog^ chases 
the other Sp the hares^ until he catches one of 
nlnn^n pn-f D [them^ who then takes his place) 
nftkH vp^^ 'absr? 'fi^ph^^ants nriK ints anb'' b^ pn^a) 
^obsb rtM^ tt^Dwni -ana ift« wm tj? 'msj^^Kfi 'insn 

nkD pirti ,p1hl far, far-off acly. 'W^ 
"yiSv 9pfe would, should v. aux. (pKn pB) ^^I^H 

I should have sent ^pit^pj |piipj ^pn iii^ ™ 

.(K *,.6 ""nnbu? 
empty md pip pP5 ^pbps pK 1ik iDpn (j)rov.) — 
,nDiKD ibu'i^ Kb d'"p''i a''i3i words fill no sack 
commander^ in -chief [pL D^-) s» [I^J^^l^n 
KpbiB^ D''3B^) K^-^O U?Kn {fo7^merly in Poland) 
,Q^p2SD ^^1 chief of the Cossacks 
{fig.) K^"? pa) D^^n iKt pike {pL [-) 8, ©S^H 

*si^n Q'lK important person 
ady, II \ |1^9^ «5bi! inl^n highest adj. sup. ^S5^n 

nkp very 

0*yb^piy8« pB pm^pi ?'»« m^ ^^i « 




.ip"] to jump, dance v. n. l^^V"^ 

♦(D^3^3) ne^ »'75'iy .'n's^ to incite v, a. f^^«'^ 

shaking ^1)31 iump, hop (j?L D--) ^. V\>'^VT\ 

to deceive, cheat vp^vr\ n ^^ik ip»P3 (/^.) — 

♦ViyiD shaking a«^j. ai*1^p5t^n 
to deceive, {fig.) ;nn3 to shake v, a. fJ^piiJ^H 

."^pn to jump, hop 1;. r. ^^t -. [| ; niai cheat 
»i3''1?.^C' "^^"^ intermittent fever s. nrTljT^pSiJ^n 
retired nn| oip^ enclosure (pL [-) s. \>V^ 

.^ri^ cSt^i^ place 
*TO tni hatchet {pi 1^-) *, 'h^V^ 
crochet-' ;D"ip, ,ii hook {pi 1^-) 5, ^^p^.'l 
♦n^nnl »n^ needle 
.nit ,i55»s 3^^ to crochet v, a, IV^pV^ 
\y^t\\T\ cutter, chopper {pi &« i-) 5, ''^^pi^H 
ii^vn knave (a^ cards) la^^^ :si?ln wood-cutter 

.(a'B!?p3) "iiKn 
.(KDnnxi> n"i;?tt retail s. '^'^VpV'!^ 
♦O'lnt^b ibD to retail v. a, ["^^p^ri 
Mr. (Mister) jpi^ gentleman (jp?. f-) #c "i^H 

M33) jll^ Sir '.(U^'N Dtt* '3cb "5132.1 '133) |i"Ibit ^D 

•a^3nK ^3U? two gentlemen ppn :ni3: — 

.3 n» Mr. K. .3 irn __ 

1 1233 piK dear Sir! 'lyn iPD-^yn — 

,«p^3£f3 arms, coat of arms {fl. ]-) s. ^"'^^•'1 

.anin stamp Jnri^ nix 

.HD^Dn Dnlns ino? stamped a^^j. ^Ili^Iil^n 

Dmnn Dn^^3 stamped papers piaxa yn.piyn — 

.«p3S\Z;i3 ?^ Dn^'3 -HDI^DH 

.b:dd bi:? nanin duty stamp ypi^D yr.^^ipn -- 
.Kp^32Uj. Dj; |;i2 blazon (pL [-) *. I'^^t^'^l^.'l 
' Ip n n « e: 11 n ,D n n = p^0^lxto'i;;n .ton^^n 
V\y) lip flock {of geese) {fL ^3^-) s. Stolen 

.(3 (D'riK 

,3:iKn = 2n^n 
naij^n estimate of taxes {fl. m^l^H) s. HD^i^H 

glory s. ^^-^p '-11 J "51.13 ,1N*£:!9 glorious adj. "^.71)^.1 

♦iin ,1X2 
•"^ID 'i??2 to glorify u. a. I^^^^^H 
to feel {a smell) ;5Jb^ to hear u. a. n. f^^H 
hearing s, ll;-blp3 i;c'^ to obey ;in^-> rnn 
..i^'r:if' hearsay ;ni;-j:w' 

p6 D-1N ttvt (3 OV^iij-'nr'bp iHOker rK"-t pc (k 

did you ever see such a I^d^s jj jpn — 
nts 121 n-'Kin thing!, what do you think of it ! 

♦xi^pTi gallery (^L ^V -) s, pPKriJ^.'^ 
bil? hanging cradle {pi. 1^-) «. ^i^"ir3:)j;n 

bbt'x cluster (o/ ^^mj^es) {pi "]V ") s. 72:^n 

hanging lamp, swing- {pi [-"]«. £ttl^7"*-3^i1 

.n^=i%i (|8ii' bu') 11^:9 lamp 
.1113?^ chandelier (pL b1 ,-«-)§, nK3^-^^"3:^n 

;i^p, bb^^ little cluster {ph n^^-)'s. J^^P^^^.^ 


.n^n to hang {p. p. \Vmrm) v. o. m \Pm^ 
nsi to be in suspense ik§i5 p.H ipupn (/i^.) -^ 

♦ittiyi ')bir\ 
-isb nnsqe ns'sjo '^9i^ hanger {pi D-) s. "P^^^* 

.(,13 ii^i^ri? 
.,T»2U7 cape (i?^. B-) s. *^P^.sp-i:^n 
^6^ b?vj^ padlock (i??. "^v^vh^--) s. D.s^t^|p5;;n 

.(n^i.i {t2 nc3 ^lyiQ) 
.iniD merchant QjL B - . - ) ^. *l^bl^^n 
,121 nn%ia4 at full speed ado. D^IJ^^Si-C^l^^il 

handle ;n3an *^- li^^l© hand {pi 1^-) s. ^tOD^?,-^ 

2-^3 ,T handle, hilt U'lsi n^3n 'pu^ .psc bw t 

♦(pi3 bm T helve ;(3in bv) 

.i;-n''2 glove {pi. D-) ^. :;pt^tD:3^n 

.D''23|n p-db thieves' jargon s. i^^'h'Vp^^^V^ 

nuly glover {pL D- .'-) s. n^5KD-J?pWJ^n 

hangman, executioner {pi. D-) «. l^pJ^n 

ugliness *. ^^Jp--|| ;iijbD ,nn; ugly adj. "j^^D^H 


;ni1:o nsj? lamp-bracket (pL &-) ^. l^D^n 

.(3i^i'5.i^ iii2nD ,iil3» sconce 
imKi3 n3n^ dis i»k'' ^s) ^a^^nb halves! int. ^V^ 

.inu? npD extortion «. || ; (lai nt'K ss^r^iy 
writing-book, copy-book {pi. f--) *. to&^jl 
.(.i^D b^'y rii2in part (0/ a hook) M'i2''ri2b ni2na 

*'P. 'PIO violent adj, 3'3tD&;?n 
.C|27 to embroider v. a. ftO&^H 
polite- s. tDl!p - II ; DDitt ^''p-iD) polite aoj/. "])htpri 
.pj ijil ,siD3 ness 

,eso u^'b^iB pD i^'DK (3 .t53^iir5?3 ,p.dem r^^iiEj == (k 
pD pyi *"? b^m iS riK 0371 pc yaisS -lyi ps \v'ii ]'A 

♦l?eiKB Km -J-«b!a3-'«llV3 t3H.l lj>633''b ^3^3??^ 

^n^ n^];r'^nn 

— 197 


,r^^nB licentiousness s. r.'.'^f:^.'^ 
anything without waif {pi f-) #, ^Kt-lpDr 

*a^b^2 ib pKU? 12^ an owner 

licentious person^ liber- (j?L f - ) «, S^^i^D-'^psn 

.22iu^ u?-K tine 
n ^'? it is lawlessness! int ^p^^'^^I^B'^^p&n 

the point which they phr. \r\lp mm n^H 
e'^have in common 
,-- necessity Q^L f-) s. n1^T^^^^n 

tpBt --^prosperity (pL mnhtt^) s, mh^n 

. -> success 
»ftei50 ^ a66r. 'p.1 

the Holy One, blessed be s! Ml'^ni^S'^^l^pn 

,Q^?^§ , - Hej God 
preamble ;^ preface (pi ri1l3"1pn) ^, HDnpft 

♦Kl2!3 ,«- introduction ?n^^^f 
^--anything consecrated (pL D^^lpH) s. ^^p»^ 
n&n^ n^a , -- almshouse, poorhouse ; t'^pti 15*5! 
a'lpD filthy place ;b''bin n-'S hospital i&\n^^ 

female inmate of a (jp^. D^) t. I^SS^Jt^^pH 
low »n7;^^2 ncrip nm n^-^'i^ r^m poorhouse 
.r\b0 nwi^ woman 
male inmate of a poor- (pL D^ - ) s. p^Jt^lp.'l 
low fellow ;c\s3^^ nana n-'ss s^r ^^^ house 

"the minor," the insignificant adj, f^pH 
(epithet of modesty used hy rahJns hefore their 
r\\\V^ D-33"in a'5ni3 p) i|^^ri |!2^ , '--[signature) 

♦nn^i'^s , ^ in short, in a word adv. "ll^^pH 
circuitous procession {fl. msp.^) s, nspn 
with the scroll of the Law in the syna 

nnsu^s) ns32D frips rrilno ^bd ai; ^^isd , - gogue 
.--credit (com.) icmin 

capital punishment ;nnii ,- slaughter s. i'l.^ 
^'i'^ n) ^^- r^. ^'^ ^O'^tt by decapitation 

»^ habit s. ^:iin 
use is a second na- prov> V^'^ T]^V^^ ^^1.^ 

« — ture 

p'p ?3sn 85? ,KS"n OKT ^''^ptt^naj^e ^ ^15711 ?%s'd" is^n^^ 

to pay no attention fKp n ill |ap^ii? ppn — 
.U7''^t nsi9 n^ a*'u; i^b to a person 
; -TD? to teach ; i?^!3y;n to let hear pvTi |t^9 — 
what does it teach ^pvf^ t3i&i dp at^5 &kii 
? |b pD^tsp ''Ktt us ? 
*a:nP» ^^.^ horned «4;o 3^1^:31];^ 
*tz^1i^ hearer {pi. -) s, ^l^li^.'l 
.^m duke (pL f--) g. 3.^2l^^n 
*nfip^^ duchess {fh ©-) s. P^3K^1^n 

domination, rule, reign (pL |^) s. ^^iM^'^l^n 

.(n^^s^host (fh \^)B.^''^tm'^V^ 
,b^o t@ dominate^ rule^ reign v. w« ffe^^l^n 

«- translation (^L nip^i;?) s. Hp^^? 

extract from the {ph f\T\%m) s, nni^BH 
prophets read after the weekly section 

.-of the Law 
a fictitious n^)mti npi |is fps^s ^ (id.) — 

^''Hs au; name 

changeling, unsteady (pL S'^SS^sn) §, ^aS&n 

*riiiin bp„ ,-- person 
«^B3 wonderfully, remarkably adv, ^^^\ ^^SH 


,n^l33 apparently, evidently adv. S''JSJ1 

he apparently knows yb^ c^iii "ly d^san — 

.b^n p"n^ Kin nit^ss everything 

QKH does he really know? ? 2^111 IP S''3an — 

;r?pDB3 .-pause, stop (j^L S'^pDs.'l) a. pDSn 

. - interruption 
interval ipDSH ,-' pause (jjL HlpD^,^) s. npDDH 

to fast on every Monday nipcsn ]^mt — 
niv^n and Thursday or other fixed days 

; D-'^^s i9 p^^ masterless, ownerless pred. "^pBg 

.f^B .s^iu; unbridled, licentious 

to leave to the mercy of '^p^r^ ^'•w X\^b — 

*nipan 11 9y u?d3 God 

mnbridled world, licentious s. ^^J^ir^psn 

^^^''•iB 'iH n\ip^ri 9^ a9ip world 

-^«tn» filter «?^^n pB <i^ 




ni'^^^ by nny^^n tual preparation of food 

to be under a nmujn csi^yr-iK ^p£:21k [in — 
♦^^x nm^n nnn r^n person's care 
.-special providence s, T\'^^^'^^^ nnj^.'l 
.'1']:^nyCifrj = abhr. '^'"^^ 
ho retreat, escape (/.) v, n. ]V:^V^hri-r^^^pr\ 

culture, educa- ;-- enlightenment s. ri^^W 

•nis'in ,- civilisation j^-tion 
J-' culture, education {jjI. Ti)12hm) s, r\ti^Pn 
.lI'T^s accomplishment 
♦D^'7■^^: ,- "the name," God ?. DW 
omission (of a word (pi. m^WH) s. H^WH 

. -" [o?* 'passage) 
"may God prosper thy jo^r. ^S^n n'^hT D^n 
God ;'-way," a pleasant journey to you! 
♦^"■^^D nK tr-b^l E3^'D speed you! 
Upraised be the name," God s. "^I^ri^-D^n 

be Ooc.) ;-'take heed lest pJir. "fS '^h "it^m 

AH ^to^si "iDjn careful with your pen 
conjecture, supposi- (pi Ti)'^V,f^) s. ."T^^^ri 

.-tion, hypothesis 
.-inspiration, influence (pi. m^£^\n) s. nVBm 
the divine inspiration tiV'^^ri v^'b^V!^ 11 — 

*n\^b.xn nps"i?nn 
to have an influ- ]^v^)ii «^^i« nvi^'aT] ^ p^n — 
»^^x '^V y^E)U?n ence on a person 
. — mediation ;niiitemti , — endeavour s.^l'^^^^n 
>D''S7m^5 ,- desire, longing s. nippjrtpn 
♦c.'^n ''5 .-urine s. .^ir^n 
.-outpouring of the heart s, ^S^n-mSBr^n 
. — seclusion, isolation s. HMTl^rin 
♦^1^1 I --revelation s. mv^Tin 
revelation of the divine s. T^^^^y^^'n'^^m 
♦n3''5^ ^ib| I - glory 

♦m:2''^nnn = nn^inri,"! 

beginning, commence- (pi. TinuTiT]) s. Tlbm^ 

elementary know- ;- initiation ;-~ment 

.d^'i^dS n^v\^i ,- ledge 

. - enthusiasm ; - ardor s. T\)unhT]^^ 

enthusiastic >^^bi. ardent adj. ^)^T])^^i^Ti^ 

appli- ; — perseverance, assiduity s, nit2m 
»ni2£nn <- cation, diligence 

*|j?c~;| tb"cu?*^n^n H (^ 

to lick, ;a'"iri to kill, murder v. a. \)^^V^y^ 

bi?}^p. to spoil (Jig.) ;ri3n heat 
I am a ruined man ^:v^ ^vcv^'^rv^ ^ V-^ T-^ — 

to mutilate the words in n:::p 1^ |p:y:i'in -- 
.nb«''ip:3 niban n^' bpbp reading 
.-"feeling (pi. m^2>^) s nti^:^r! 
.-the mount of the Temple s. Ti'^ln'"^^ 

^n^'vt^rjD , - thought (p?. D^"ii"i%:i) s. 'i^nin 

.-Mount of Olives s. a''ri^).n"'1.t! 

♦■n^sri oven, stove (pi 5 -- ) s. ^^^"1.1 

slain person^ murdered (pi. D^'^l'^ri) «. 31*1H 

. — man 

gain, ;n^mD --comfort (^L IT^miin) 5. Mr!l}i;i 

«?^_n. ' -- profit 

.-comfort, ease (pi. riinni.'l) s. Mrin^'l 
extension of time, prolon- s. [Dir^'fl^nirt 

.ns'^K , — gation 
"behold, thou art con- phr. ri^'^^p9 ns* nn 
secrated," (words from the formula said hy 
the bridegroom while placing the ring on the 
. '- [finger of the bride) 
,- slaughter, massacre (pi, Hi^^'l?!) s. ^'^''IlI 

.nm^'^"^ npsib'*>7 -nK'^n fight, scuffle ;rn 
it is accounted praise- fhr. HSt^D nt '•IH 

*nl!2 'inl^ -lip all the better ; - worthy 
"the mountains of darkness," s. pi. ^t^in"''^.'! 

.1KP pln^ aipD far-off region 
far away, n^''^"''^''^ '"^ ^V'^^''.T\ .'y^^r\'^''\T\ p« -- 
nnri pifTi cipDi at the world's end 
"mountains and heights," .% pi n^^;i^rD"'in 

.nibnj nln'^sri great promises 
to make great promises mp:i^rG''in p)$)^)i — 
♦mbn:! mntssn ntonn 
,-a twinkle of the eye, instant t. p)E^"^'^<7 

. - the erudite master *'S^ nin = aSSr. *T'*^J1 
.-power of attorney (p?. ni.^^^t!) s. n.S^'in 
,- immortality of the soul s. ^S^n-nn.Stpn 

.-conjuration (^iJ. m^S^H) s. r^V^^^ 
.-return of something lost s. •'TT'iS*"n2t^ri 
po- ;^'^^ conception, idea (pi, ni^'^.j) s. ?12^n 

•nnnn |r.^s ,-wer of conception 
Providence ;- supervision, care s. riH^^ij 

supervision over the ri- Anu?3 ^^%'^ T\nwT\ — 


.. 199 ^. 


abstraction of corijora- s, m^^^^^j^ n)mmr\r) 
lity, detachment from one's maioritil 

. -being 
"tiie hopGj" name of tbe Zionist s, I'Tj^f^.i!! 
,a^3l'^^n 3^ 'mbri n^u?n ^Z' national hymn 

, — permission s, '^F'n 
"permission of trans- (j)!'. B — ) y, KpCj/^'^lfin 
action," rabbinical permission to take 
Interest (otherwise forbiddcni) by o. 
. — certain arrangement 
J ^annulment of vows s. Q'^'I'lJ^Dirin 

.ti'fL'p ,nT,pa ofhce ; -appointment s, H'Jpri.l 

° ^ opposition s, T\)*l^^T\n 

^np'^mri ,'-' apology g. ^I^^^^ri.*! 

.n6i?&n,7F inspiration ; - awaliening s. fl'i'^'l^ipri.'l 

awakening from, above s. ^h'^V.^^[ Kn^l^Jfin 

awakening from below s. Kl^ri^^l Kni^^^m 

, — enthusiasm s. ril7]^prirt 


wagon cart (pL 'IP^^^H .pj^H .D^) s. p.^Vi 

]ir3 ^iu» tDij^t pD pKii K ixs Q.^m »]^iK (;.) "" 
when you are at .Rome you must jps: ^.i^'Ji 
^hn i^nip'^ n^biK do as the Romans do 

.fii^.ipb Tj^'n cart-way (pL f-) ^. ^^^'l^^^'^' 
balance, pair of scales {pi. ]-) s. 7K'^:.sri 

^^t^ts ^bK but what? ? 1^1^11 K^K — 
*''m ^n"9 ni Russian brandy s. Vp^^^^'" 
„1b''K 1^^ r^K where adv. ^t>'i 
.|Kp ,n:H whither, where ado. i'n'^'1 

.nbb: roar, howl (7)^ D^-) 8. ''i^^'' 

Ma^ ,:3V^ well ach\ || ;ns;,nr^ good ac^/- ^^^'^^'^^ 

,np^i^ri .itK welfare s. || >^irn 

.si"o Q1K a good man 'cspa "ipb^iKn k^ ■— 

J-r^ a'-K a good fellow ;3,"' ipb'tNm k — 

*i«srinb zniK ,iK2nD a boaster, a braggart 

happy is the **.dkii ."c^pri :^ri tiK b'iKni — 

^♦^'ivyK ii^'i^n ntj;.^ man who,.. 

how happy is he ! ^ cik W tiK b'^'.nv. ?« ~ 

I ^in it'-KD TO 
he knows well that.«. *4*m ^^''Ikii c^m ^P -- 

to enjoy oneselfj have piJ ^'-iJ^n pK'? ^n — 
JU'nii a good time 

to tDl\"Tt2^;ptt 1p1 |1S ^^1^11 C^*n IKS ]!2P21« — 

H\yp work for the welfare of mankind 
benevolence, charity (pi. l-) s. ^Kts'^^IKll 

the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet s, ^ 

nTf u; six ?i'iiw<„ II ; ^i:;pn ^'^a-^^^.Ks n'''!i?'^ST ni^n 

, — and pre/. "1 
m^l 11^ ,1 pr^ -17.^ additional Adar s, "11 K1 
nn: friend (jpL B^-) s. t^^n^] 
.11 - 1.S1 
.-and he is not there _pAr» "'-3^''^} 
^ he went away and h^r^i ppiiK nK ip ■— 
j .&Sp;i lb 1^f^ disappeared 

I "and if ye shall say, pAr. ^^KJ ^D 1DK*n DS^I 
I What shall we eat?," and what about 
: ? nbsbsirf n"n^ n?^i means of life ? 

and the redeemer ^^^ir. fJ^K 'IDK:) ^Kl:! p^i^^ .^2^ 
shall come unto Zion and we shall say, 
aro) '-Amen {usiml conclusion of a sermon) 

*-etc.5 and so forth. 1151^1 =^ abbr, '1^1 
^ '-' certainty s. ''^'^] 

^-the proof is phr. n\^1 KmI 
"and he is merciful," a prayer s. Dinv^'u"!] 
nbsri said on Mondays and Thursdays 

.'"'p'tpm •'i'^ Si^^ ^IP^'.^D 

. — and secondl}^ ado. IT'i^.jl 

.1 nixri bu? name of the letter 1 {pi. pi}) s. 11 

,c^-^;j wom.en {co7U.) s. pL t)P^^P^H^) 

rcb^ balance ;9p"fD weight {pL f-) ,s ^K11 

^^n'lQ vagabond {pL \^) s, "l^'^K^I^Il 
weight-money, weighage s, t/i^y^'\1 

.1131 PJ3 ,Y'73 to wander v. n. fl^^^l^^H 

^^T^l^n wandering (pi. f-) s. ^"lUpS^KII 

*!yn ;is^ nhp to ^are -y, w. ji*^1^ 

-j^t pp^^ll 



wadded s-^jid b^ of wadding adj. ^llXtO^I"! 

.npDKD3tD«n = ^];::.sdSwi 

wadding-maker {pi D- ,-) §. n^::HiD:5t2K1T 

the dence take » "ipsxa^toi^ii ^n aix tsa^D ('ic2.) — 

! |i3^n innp^ Mm ! 

♦if^a wadding, cotton s. ^tOKII 

.ij^D i<bp to wad V. a. fJ^n^tD^^T 

♦^D3D t:>?i^ bailiff (j??. DJ^^) s. tD\S11 

♦l^ni^ slow P^BH free adj. ^^Ti^ll 

»b:n army s. pD\ST! 

,| s ^ b \y = ; Dhbn to war, fight v. n. tJ^1i^\sii 

1^« martial iK^itDJ iu?« military ac^. P^^^ll 

♦1S3U?^D ^^D watch, guard {pi, f-) «• '1^'''' 
n^ awake adj. ^^^"I'i 
»pjn^ week {pi. f - ) s. li^'^l 
KnpiiiU? good week! happy week! 'i^ii isia ~ 
(n^^ ''n:£io y'?3 Di^^ M-is) Krii 
♦la^^s nsp sentry-box {pi. B - ) «. ^pTl^'^81"! 
•1^ quarter-master (pZ. D-) s. l^tDDl^D^l^n 
sergeant-major ;n;:nbD:i K^^n nn^;a 5p. nimn 
.ns'iri b'n2 nxtan "lu? of cavalry 
to be awake, ;"5y nbu; to watch v. n. [^i^ll 

nj? nSn be up 
watch-night (wa^c/i kept {pi. l") s. ^:SK:3^n 
ot;er a male child on the night before circum- 
,i?6''tin amptt' nb^bi n^\T pw^m an.^^ ^"'b [cision) 

.'^S?. awake ac^J. 2^:3^11 

Jnp2^{n == 2n^5«n 

j^i^ii^ Dlbii?s weekly payment s. 107^2^35^11 

.iT'Sil usury 
.3Sm n'v week-day {pi. 2^tD-) s. 2.s:D|p2«11 
weekly publication, {pi. (-) s. tO&nSi^2::if;n 

♦''i;^:2t^ fini; weekly 
every- ib'iriti ''^; 9u^ of week-day adj. 2^1^3^11 
♦bbna profane imwB day, ordinary 

.11^2^3 ,n^:si usury ^. 'li^Sifn"! 
uT'S'i;! mbp usurer (^L D^-) p^^s'^^^is^n 

M^Jj^lB .p:'7 rampart, bulwark {pl]-^) s. ^^^11 

♦(ririi3 IK i^j? ^u') b-'bi cylinder 

,r\yn^ election {pi.]-) '^>^11 

^^m wool s. ^i^T) 

4(.TDn3) tins bailiwick (_29Z. j-) s. tSD^s'^iSin 

wooden {pL "^V^h^r^^) s. r^^^'^IP^^^^^'^ 

♦(pssb) b^^l roller (/or dough) 
to lie about, ;Sii^5.nn to roll v. r. H^t f1j;2^i<11 
n''i;i to lie in neglect ',pti n^^i be scattered 

ease, comfort, luxury {pi. f«) a. 2^tD^''1K11 

^Q^JlJ^n ^iSi sybarite {pi. -) s. 'l^3'.tDb''1K'n 
'ion b'^ benevolent, charitable adj. :i)^T^h^'^^Y 
benevolence, charity s. tO^Jip - 1| ; -lori nu?ip 

nniK boasting, boastful adj. ^^2^1^-S''l«'n 

good student {pi D-. ,«) s. '^P1^b-^"'1K1"I 

.nnia nson ,2115 goodness s. tDi_^pb'*'iK11 

«i^^9 educated, learned a^/. 3ni'lj^-3];pb''1.S1'i 

-nT-^ dwelling, residence (;)L J^-) s. 2-3l2''l«11 

1^^ to dwell, reside, live v. w. [J^i^'liSTI 

.pD^^?n = pD''1>?11 

*Dh3 ,bb: to howl, roar v. n. |5^^1«11 

,U7« 'in volcano (pLC^^- .f^-) s. (Kp'^liSn 

.nsi^ in 
.p2iB ,n'^is:D wound, sore {pi. f-) 5. "1^1*^11 

miracle 5x^2 wonder (;7L -) s. '^^'IJIi^ll 

♦nSiD ,£33 

miraculous Jk^d? wonderful a<i;*. lifi'^^^^IKII 

n^T to astonish, surprise v. a. f'^P'lJIi^n 
to be ;xv>Bnn te wonder v. r. H-^-'H J~b «bab 
♦epw^n astonished, be surprised 
i«5s5 I am surprised y.12 dipi31kii dp — 

."'s^pn &jin 

♦tD-n hint tp.p_""i';n wink {pi j^-) s. p:i.S11 
-ni^K'fjp .ntp;^ ,t^3£n ,}/En wish (^Z. f-) s. t^^lKII 

♦n^-ns ;n5 
*riirt)t DipD nr^Si anywhere ac^y. t^H"D^"1i<11 
stature »r\nv^ ,bn| growth (pL f-) *. DpIKII 

♦(ti^^K bm ^ir^^p 
carriage-shed, carriage- {jjI.^^) s. ^""^IliSTXTl 
♦nns^a'p 1^*^ house 
.pti^ll = p^^HtSlI 
indoor ;r^^ flower-pot {pi. D-^) s. Pi<^S11 

.n^n P^3 plant 
to have much to do with v. r, "^^t ?j;jt,s;11 

♦"^ bsa 
»b^1i^ ,bs5 vase (j?Z. B-) s. ^^^11 
,-]'ip^n-s'3 ,n§23 iSitn important acZJ. J^i^TKIi 
' .lis? 21^ to dare v. n. \V^my 


goi — 


smoke comes up |ranp |iS T^n k tiV'bm^ w — 
py in fchick clouds from the cMmney 

to roll or lie on i^V '^m ^^)ii lit ]P^9«11 — 

.nss^-in bp 9jb;inn the ground 

to lie in bed sluggishly Din pj? ^i! i^^b^n — 

.cTi9s£y3 nam ns^ 

.<K \)^bp ,nb power ^a 'l^^vKll 
Jcnn .n^Q253 fishing-net (jpL D^-) s, p^^l^ll 

.b^^l roller innns^ drag-net 
^323 felt-boot, felt-shoe (^L°S|?^) s, p^^^^^l 

.id:^ bu? woolen adj, [^^11 
Wal- ;nj2h npim ^-k Wallachian ^. ^|^'7^11 
Wallachian tune P^v?! binn lachian dance 

^5^1 n^P Wallachian tune a, ^^vh^'^ 

,mm pa> xnp valerian ^, J^^K^"i)^7K11 

.3K| wolf (pL ^^^""'Ij ^. Pj^.Hl^ 

.pari whale (^^L f--) s, ^)thm 

.;iKj r^ wolf's tooth {pi ^^:i^^-^) s. fi^^ll&b.^ll 

a piece of hone {pi 15^--) s, ^n:^!^B^p 

shaped like a wolf's tooth {given to children 

:jk; ]p n^Dn? d^s; ng^nn [during their teething) 

,pKbypb^?n - pK^^p&^XII 

.?*?: roller (j;L f «» ) ^. 7*^.^11 

.6inm 2^1 waltz (^L f -) s. -'f^S^n 

l^K woolen cloth, worsted stuff s, ^Ti^h^^^ 

.b^p.3 ,5-^1 to roll a a. 'f^'^Kll 

.b^l ^'.nrp? &?'.•; to waltz v. n. ^]th^'\^ 

electoral contest, electo- {p>L\'-) s. ^DKp°7Nl1 

.r.Tniin nm"?^ ral campaign 

.-|7 .^v cloud {pL D-) §. fp^KII 

lara bj?i cloudburst (j9^. f--) s. >sniJp^K11 

nnjc heavy shower 

*|2y ^-^ .]|vT cloudy a^^". iH^p^KH 

.tKn« = )^p^.^11 

.n»2£) y?^-^ ,^^22 to full V. a, ]VWphm 

wolf-man, werewolf {pL D^-) s, pK^^p^KVi 

.|2i;n nb3 to become cloudy v. n. \V^^ph^)) 

»(nai3 ^r) z:rp tripe (;?L f-) 5, &DK11 

.D-^ f^lrs ^,b^L; vampire {pi f-) s. I^StSKH 

pivaleur ^t^xj^J'^.e pB> walor r*^nc ifs^ti's^^ "3 (h 

to wander about^ be ho- 13^ u^''k B''V' ''?a n|D 
.nnyip alps ^b^ nS^ ,n^^i p3 nS^ melesi 
to live away from nspis ^pi pn ii» iipji^^iil — 
n? Qim-3 i^** home 
np** n%i to be scarce yA pv>^m ^^3 («U) — 
Pi» 1W ^^'^ «b not to be overmuch inirs^^n 
he has not B^pa ]v.p idi3 y.i tsipiib^n d^k ^^3 
ys^ytlt PiD inr ^M lb p^ overmuch money 
there are not di3 lit pyjbxii |t^3j;a o's^-ni) 
'laaa n*^ i^b many (great) persons like these 

.u^lH ,ig! wood, forest {pL 1)^n^^11) s. n^KII 

.wp^ ,^15 wild ass (jpl. r^--) s. ^t^^^^n^^ii 

*ny,l£3^K wild pear {pL 0^) §. ];jn];n"n^KTi 

,Q^toDb highwayman (pL S^J^p.^) s. f^nipn^KII, lumbermer- s. ^|^7^^^.T^7^11 
♦pn ^^^ imc chant 
.n'ns^^5 i^i woody ad.]. ^^^ vHll 
orang- ^an^ H'la wild man (|)L f--) a. ^:3|^t3l7|tn 

,(g]ip pm ni^.l^! ^7^ outang 
.T^,Tpb wood-demon (??L ninn ^ ) s. nripbifii 
.n^!oJi3 crab^-apple (p^. H^^--) P^||^£1^~^^K11 
wool-merchant {pi B- i--) s. ^I^'P'IJ^.T^.SII 

isps ,b| cheap {comp, 1|?^^n^^"i1) ac(;. ^ '^^^^^ 

.bit cheapness s. ©^p -||;bii2 
-inp b^fe would, should u, awa:. <]bpii pe) tD7^11 

.•H2nn innb 
.,Ab "n^bn I would go p.^a JsbKii i^k - 
come on! tnn^'^?p2 1^ sweep along! int. \^"'7K11 

to give a drub- ;9.|bj to roll v. a, [^''K'^S^Tl 
to roll, lie, v.r. T^-HJ-^b nmbna |h2 bing to 
^(U'B-is) ^i^^nn wallow 
.n^^ ,1?3^ 1»2 woolly ac?y. 2^^*^^^ 
amount (0/ a M?' 0/ ea:- {pi D^) s. T^l^^^n 
rate of ex- usin ntsts' ^a^) Q-'3p ,i]np [cAa^i^e) 
.(p]D3 nni:t£^ ^r) ny„^ .i-^nD chan, e 
*TO? ^"7^ '^"^1*^ ^DCpl? valise (j?L ;-) s. ti7.^l^ 
nsQ chest of a carriage (j?L B--) s. 3^ti7^11 

goitre in^'niD crop, craw (j?L S-) ^' ^^-^''^ 

,(a"t« "!s'i^3) psj 

to come nh^ to heap ;5^bl to roll ij, a, iT'^^'^'^ 
Dpnnni i]S«nn up in thick clouds {smoke) 
|y''8*'b^il => ^Ipino to roll 1^. r. ^1t«||;(|ry> 





the book which. 
na ba all that I 

who, "pron, re?. Ipfi?; what ^7^on. in'eiT. ^ £i^"\ 

r^ i1^« which, that 
Kin no what does he say? ?ii; 5o:i^i ck-i ■- 

something, anything m hi: c^n jik &p d^ii — 

♦inu?Q ,«in^ 'inn nt-'i^ 

♦nfx what kind of k ixs £2^11 — 

the man who was |J?npJ ^^^ n^ c«n ,ib*a np'i — 

♦na r^n n^i« H^^sn here 

I ivi'ib y.ii b^n nm CXI — 

,Kiip ^;k 1^« isdn read 

know anil i^K D^ii ,r?K " 

n^K3 as ;"'1l? that conj. ^^ij"!*! 
rty n Kb not enough that t^n :n;y;! tai3 -- 
♦nnp nt just now t^n ik3 ~- 
m^nan as soon as possible "ip^is d^jii — 

the... the ♦fbs ♦♦♦e^n '♦♦♦^'^T ^♦♦c^n - 

the more we learn the more we |s;?:s ai^n 

♦nynb nnn3 p niobb nnna iii^i^^D know 

♦dpD ^3 every time ?kd k d^^^i — 

♦vK n^^y^n ba hamper (jpL f^--) s. :i^'!Dl^Vi 

water, lustre ;c:^tt water (^jZ. f-) s. '^^Si^ll 

♦(nuiis D*'33S ^^) p*!^ ,nn^ (0/ diamonds) 

,1120 nnu?Q cement npcxn I'lornp:! — 

to go through ipDKil ]ik "ipi^s Tin piJi — 

♦nnin biD ,D*am u;Kn «n thick and thin 

to be like as two ")pos?^i D^ssna i^ni' ^ii p-^t — 

♦D-'tt maia ^n\i?3 DniDin d^jdh mni peas 

im to speak fluently lyc^n >j ^.n pin — 

♦nrbi what, which pron* interr. '^^^C^Vi 
water-pourer (pi »- »-) s. "i^^D^n^DKl^ 

flat, flabby (/i^.) J''^''^ watery adj. ^^'in^DKll 

,c:p_K5 icn ,bDn 
.B:!annia water level (jp?. l-) s, mr^^V^m 
water-carrier [pl^-- i]-) s. I^^r'^-^^^DKI^ 

♦Q^ton njha water-mill (j:)!. f-) «. ^^^'n^Dj^li 
(vaterf all, ' cataract (pi. t") *• ^>^6'°'^2.^'^'i 

water-carrier (joL D- •-) s. *l^"il&1^D^"n 

♦S^P SKlU? ,d'.^ b'i'D 

^^IT^Ci dropsy, hydropsy s. tOlliMp^^lp^l^DRII 

^b J«^ get out!, begone!, awaj^! int, flfjll 

.ni;^q)3 wandering {pi. 1^-)^-% i^'i'^V^m'i 

^ to wander v. n. p^'I^Kll 

nomadic Jgols wandering a<%*. ^^.^JI^'^^KH 

*9nk n^l''! ^513 
Pdis toiu; nomadic tribe ton^ ipjinnyiSi^ll — 

4ijjn ,^bii wanderer {pi, -) §. I^^l^l^l^ll 
one who is fond {pi ^V -) s. p'.^m^'l^m^ 
♦gbi^ 2niK Qnt? of traveling 

,5pb ^'i^p wall {pi tOJi^ll) 5. tO^^II 
yr\^ to drive to the wall ts:Kii di^ |pnmj£ — 
.r!3i2D^ ^i^n to nonplus (/^^.) ii'^pn b« 
to preach to the winds '^m'^ lpi li£ pin — 

*KV^b u^-t^b i:n 

to attempt the tssi^n pin sKp |!21d p^ji — 

♦nr^pb ii^SK ''t^y; im niu;p^ nas impossible 

to bring to- ^mi k dig a:Kn k (p:!3pi::^D^l3iii — 

.ih^ s^:;an ^3^ "nr^n gether two opposites 

to be downhearted, be •^m^^ ppt23i5^ in |in — 

♦nn ::ii£P n\i dispirited 

nhv csD to climb the walls -^^spv. n ^^1« ]'DMp — 

to be raving, be running (fig^) '>t^)l'^pT^ bp 

.]wy^' n3?f H'n mad 

walls have ears p.p^iK i^Kn ^3pii (j^y-oi;.) -'- 

*5m2b Q^sm 
12-^ ,Kba3 n^ij^!? adventure (j>Z. D-) s. i^'^ltO^Kll 

^^ba ,"1) 
.i^pn ^P„^ lip^r clock (^L »^) ^. "i^il'irto^^'il 
n6 sheet-almanac QjL mmb-.) s. n^b||-tSJK11 

.HD^pp? riDoy, wash-tub (p?. D-) s. ^p^j^^'-D^H 
^r\^l^ to smell, scent v. a. f^^^KII 

.p3i3Kr ,pKii =- v^m^ ,om^ 

.'^5DK bathing-tub, bath {pi, D-) *. 1^^811 

,iP3KMi = *^vm^ 

*(sti>i nsii pa) nb\r, vanilla s. ^''bpKII 

.pKp whence - ['S ad«. [P^'^l 

,<t^ ilSHpri to curl (0/ s?7io/^e) v. r. "[^t [^X^ll 

♦U7bu;b bug, bed-bug {pit. f-) s, p8"l1 

.Dau mustache Q^Z. f-) *. f*^^T^ 

.tz^'^QtB ts'b^ full of bugs ad;.'\ 

.t^^tB^Qb ^ang pnK bug-powder a. l^llb'^'fl^JXIl 

*3"iitp-p^n K ,was^g ttf'^MB ; |S^K^D^b -a (le 




to give or pledge one^s word, b'l^ii ^ ppa "^- 

.nss^n to promise 

1b^ to keep one's word toiKii |to?«n --■ 

a word must be kept 5 feiK*ii ^ r.« to^iKii « -- 
^rnst? Kiii?i "Dm^b DTK .^''n 
to take a person hi^)'\ di^n i^^p^ik ]V^Vi "^ 
*riis'^y KS^iD ibt*b ti;\s'D phn at Ms word 
♦a^b^n to remain silent npD^pii ]i)p pK.i di3 "-- 
at these words, so saying nu'^ipn n i^s — 

M'b)h m^^^ sick^murse {pi D - ) s» [^1^1^11 

♦nb-KS spokesman (pi 0^ ,^) s. ^^m'Q'^^)) 
«"?2nfiD l-ih waiting-room (^L J-) s. ^llt-^^nrn 

.li2frp guard, watch {^L D--') s. P^'^m 
guard, keeper, watch- (pL &P^) .9. p!^1ir^^«11 

.IDiw^ man 
marionette, puppet {pL ^P --) s. ^BPQlKll 

B^b^D l^bf etymology (gr.) s, ^"^phmm) 

.l^pn ,n?n to wait -y. 72, (^"^Kil 
one who keeps his (pi mb^) s. ]mptO'im 
;n^sia "iDipn b"!^ word 

etymological research^ et}^- s. riJIyJ^lKS^lNH 

.c^b?^n "onf,' ij^n mology 
watchword, pass-word (pL D^) s. p^^^^'^'lKII 

.ns'iD ,n'",K proof ;nuHb n^p^ ,^^5 
m lie with p^^s^ts^^iii k -^'.d ]r.b ^ {proi\) — 
.(3 niK dr ipti; a proof 
,]pT\ to grumble «. n. {t^'^'^^T^ 
.pllbfp madman, fool {fl. ]--) s. ©^^''^Ifii 
.DDibp madwoman {r>L D^) .s-. PptK^'iKn 

.n^^9 n3^l3 niy fritter (joL C^) #. i^p^^^pi.^11 

,ni1na ware, goods Qi. D.«) s, 'J/lKll 
«,''«^aips ,nnD di^d room, wa^^ {pi, D-)s. ^^|^"Kn 
^■^m nis to m.ake way T^m k pm ™ 
^-Tlba spindle Q^LB-) s, ^^^V^m"): 

>sppb8''^ pS ^PI3K5?K N ,BepTon t'^Drj"''?p [is (K 

,(422 ,^^BK!5KSuyns (D^un; .r) :^^^« 

,d:!sD 'il3:g water-pipe (jp^. f-) ^, "^^1-ipD|§11 
D^D nro?? divide C^eo^r.) {pi ]-) b. "I^^t^-I^D^II 

4D^rK"i ^itt'^ ",p^n^ n^^j? a^^sun o^aiy:ne^ nns:: naim 
t^a^p wax-works (joZ. D-) s. ^'':J\^n.SpDlS!ll 

j n^^ipai waffle, wafer {pi. D ^ ) §. ))'^htm 

^ .(ni&n p'pn) 

,|m ,|n '^bs weapon, arm [pi. -) ,v. [£^"'1 

.TO ,^"| lime s. ^:3eKl1 

hod-carrier (j??, D^ j^) g. 1j;;^*1tO"^JBKl1 

,u^^n ,fn to arm v. a. fl^ 
poeO armistice {pi f-) s. "!JX*0^^!^^-f&^11 

MSi m ,^^isi vacant ac^j. IDJ^pKII 
.■Tiu^b ,^l3a DipD vacancy (jsL f-) g. DJ|fp.^n 

<muj;tt) y,^sh vacation {ph C-) s. i^''^Kp^11 

railway station^ terminus^ (p^. f-) «, ^K?pK11 

.n^nri »nn^n5 n''a depot 
'0, n l^-lj n.J'ii ,vj^ to shake a «. \Vhpm 
nil^m ,Pi?1irin to shake oneself 
'^)V.'p ~^in wax s. DpK11 
,*?^| to grow (j?. p. I'Op^^W) V. n, 'pp^ll 

^nh"] ,nb^ 

4PbpHii = f]^n^p*^ii 

^p^byp^KII -= pK^^pKII 
.^F^m true, truthful ac^y. 1 1K11 
*nbK ^si a word of tru'h D"i^ni n^ii ^ — 

,nw^p reality s. ^^p 
.pprD awake ;naK:s in reality ")kii jS^ik — 
bag for straining {pi. ^V '-) s. p^^^Kip 

,|5pb pv 
{fig.) 5 Slip raven, crow {pi. D^) ^, I^X^IKII 

,n^1^ simpleton 
.r\^Sr\n wares §. ilKll 

ady. II Pinm true, truthful adj, 2^.^&K."!"^K11 
trtith" 8. ^l^p-ll ;C3DK -n^«2 truly, indeed 

♦n^sfi?^^? fulness 
.t^m truth Qi. ]--) s, ^fH'i.^ll 
;n:3ri ,nb?5 .in'^ word {pi "^V^W^r^ s. ^'^.^H 

.nn^nn promise 
word for word, verbatim isiKn p.K toiKii — 

rib?:ii in a word, iii short ai^ni ]^Mi tsia -= 


204 — 


.(n:r3) DhJ to coo v» n. i^p^'i^"'^ 
workshop, work-room {])l. f-) s. tOXtD^'^^'^l 

,nD{<b!2n \r\ht work-bencli ?^5«,5pn nnn 
wash-basin, wash-bowl (i^L D-) «. |pi?^"t^^8^1 

.rtitriD^ \nbt wash-stand {pi I-) s. t^^tO"^811 
j;nn •'^nt' ,di :5n rough-wax s, pi DJ^^^t^tS^i^ll 
;d55 .rhVto wash {p. p. p^^'ll?^) v. a. I^^^^ 
to wash «. r. T^' ^|| J'H^J '^'"^n to scold (sL) 
^ii\ to wash one's hands J^nw oneself 

"^0 and wash your hands," it? 15^x11 i?^i^ -- 

.cnb unx ^i3i« have dinner with US 

^%e whom |t'^v,r:i ei3 isjyn n a^n i^k d^ii nyi -^ 

X must not mention without washing my 

.Bsn^s hands," God 

'■^^^^ •'i^l '"I as JiD? ,-|3 like ;Tb' liow ac2u. '3^^ 

.*!? than co^y. II 

.my;i;b i'k how to do i^ia lit ^ii — 

.m»3 ,imtt3 like him, like her 11 ^ii .ny ni - 

"i^K3 T\^v to do as he does Dits ly m i^ts — 

.nu?iy Kin 
to do better than he does ny m nyoyz |Nts — 

.i:dd niiD n\:'y 

.b-iDb 1DD as for instance hv^h ni — 

♦innb Dy nuK3 ,*]irsn3 as you like tasb^.ii n in — 

?-I''K how? ^^iTN m — 

how much?, at what price? ?"iyi?tD in — 

as, whereas i^i^xa ,n^t3 as soon i^Kn ni — 

A'lnTi? |Dix HT'Ki somehow t:« oy m — 

in the best way possible jDcyn diii in — 

.niD '^nvn (12: by) |sik:i 

rinNnr22 as quick as possible jdcs^^ qis: m — 

I should think so!, I should say h^*3 ni — 

l^xip so! 

.n5^5 t>\th T\^'^p__ hoy!, whup! t«?!. ^''11 

.-iw|5 bond, tie (^L ]-) s, T5$"'n 

♦■ii^p binding, tying bandage s. i^'^^KTi?"''!! 

.nssnrp caviller {fl. ^V -) s, p*^tsSi''n 

to cavil, pick a quarrel v. r. ^^t f^S^TK"'!! 

.5T»D3m = pi;it05$"'n 

.9?3 faded, withered adj, V'^^'^'^'^ 

.^53 to fade, wither -■, n. f^^K^n 

.^|D b'^ of wiolet «4;. r'"l^pbj<"'11 

,bap u?-i\y iris, iris-root ^siixn ynypb^ni ^ 

.^su?D funnel (_pi^. D^^) 5. p^t^^^^'^XII 
.Ch warmth 5. IJIGn warm adj. Di^'lKT! 
.Dhn in warmness cy"'-xn "lyn px — 
.r\&i^ worm QjL D^^^ll) 5. 'S^n^l^ 
with great difficulty dyiyn y3i"ia to^i (id) — 

to laugh with anguish ayiyii isis p«? (*U) — 

♦lai ''? because adv, ^ tiV^^'^^ 
♦ay'iK'n ♦? ,Br'^Hi k to^trr oyiKii ^nyny^ ~- 
thermal springs (pi '^V'^V'^'-) s. nKS||©y^.^1' 

,§530 to warm t). a. IP^V^^"^^ 

♦e!>^^'D QC'^ dinner #« S^^r^"''^' 

hot-water (jjL W::^^!-) 5. mhtW^y ,' 

,(!»!»»3§ B'^i'^n m 13 e»R^> g'ten^'p^Si^s bottle 

.ni?ripn .eh warmth, warmness s, ^l^pS^*i^11 

hot stone for war« {ph "^P^) s, \))Wf^V'^^^ 

,^^ Q^nb nm ]^^ ming 

.n^'lt^f] ,mr^]^ warning {pi [1^-) s. 35W*ii^n 

,(\'M '•,£) nan preserves (j;^. D^) #. ^''^^'^|<11 

n^^;n curd-dumpling (|)2. B|^-) ^. p^^^lljn 

.nr33 nKb»D 
.n^nn nnjn to warn t;. a. IV^V^^"^^ 
.HD^uJn throw, throwing {pi f - ) *. J^'^JjJII 
'\ncq^ ,>bp,. sling {pi. 0--) s. PpSDl^n 
to throw, cast {p. p, \t'°^^^^^^) v, a. n. [D'lKl^ 
.J?3^3nc! to shake, tremble ',v.)>p_ ■rib'} ,nh; .tj^^d 
v. r. 'I^T-'ll ;n3t ,u'to3 ,2^17 to quit, leave li)}"^ 
to sprawl, JIZJ!i:on -"^En^n to toss about 
to throw oneself upon ne-is -csnp struggle 

rbvL 5s3rii7 
^nDX^DH nx 2Ty to quit work toyniK 11 |si«il •- 
to sprawl, D1S n did ]ih i23yn n tsiD |D'',KTt — 
,rbjii rn-'n is'ia struggle 
,nyn sin he is trembling qix did DS"nKii cy ~ 
to be unstable "-^vr^i^ |i« pnj? in |5nKn — 

.nsni^n .lennn 
n^jn to strike the eye friK n pa y.i |sii$n — 

.ypbsnKn = ^V^^m 
n'^iDD window-frame {pi D-) s. pn^iCI^'n 

,D^sDn nii2K ,nb^n n^icD door-case ;|li?nn 
the upper beam of ysKSiiKn yis\i;^y::nx n — 

.^liprD a door 
the threshold, the y^Hi^ijjn yDu;"ir!s3iN n — 

♦tnsD sill 
.HK^D /K"^ mirror (^^-L S«) s. ^^nx2£ixn 
^t-w root 0;^. f^--) s. ^:i*isr 
.ujnn^n .unu? nsn t.Q root v, n, f^72£'^,j^ll 

y.i fj;^m 



*nbm repurchase, redemption §. ?l''1p'^i/1^11 

Mp-m -in echo (pL niSip) s. Vip|pp^in 

resistance, opposition (pL l--) s. n^r^^l^nill 

nijnn to resist, oppose v. n. \))^^'lV1))) 

*Wni5^ reflection QjL \V -) 8, pW^V^)Ti 

^rriDD ,niiD rebellious adf i^J^S^Ii^nn'^ 

to rebel/ be rebellious v. n. p^i^B^ip^^ll 

.h'lD iih;: 
,^9 .^1.9 rebelliousness ^. tSl^pi^iP^^ipi^H 

.ftTfiD contradiction {pi \^) s. '^^'^m^V'l))'^ 
',w^^\^2i} ihB to contradict v. a, [S^^WIP^^II 
h^ "-shp to contradict oneself v. r, Hit ^.. || 

.0^.? ^y^^ otter (pi »-) s, PT11 
something unmentionable t. Bi^'T'|PD"t5Dl!i1"111 

«1DU^$ u^ieb rfK3 libf i^'n 

he his a big E^i-^ji^D^toBi^i^ni ^ps^nis 8 t^K ii; -- 

*iiin bn.i nei^ fool 

with bared c^-j-ipj^^taDiin^ni fisyp^s ^ did ~- 

,n^ -"]1^n but'ocks 

*p)ysi^ .on eyelid (jr,L ^'-) s. P^^ll I 

to dry by smoking, smoke v. a. f^bnJK'^11 

.D|i:| .lostDS to jabber «;, n. |Pp5^*'11 
n-'^^aif? s|/ni« n-^rs verst (^j^, f- <-) s. ^DiK^ll 

hollow, pitj hole (on a road) {pL D«^) ^, |;\HD^11 

.nibil^ nbDH .nyni election {pi ^V -) §. "iKn^ll 

.nnT^ nb^^m shift (|)L B^ -^ ) ^<, ^^''S^H 

.n^ni swing I'mp^ cradle (pi [--)#» ^^11 

m^pFi .nKin .nn advantage (j??. B-) s. P1K:!^11 

*n2n^5 innnn comfort 
.b^vi advantageouSj profitable adj. Pl^^i^"^* 
.c^^l .nnD comfortable ^mi k^sd 
,nQ^n rebuke^ reproof (_pL f-») §. \^11K:^11 
1?. n l!^-||;iw7J .vjn to swing, rook t^. a. f^lll 
nj^sn,"^ to rook oneself 
.U?^v; cradle (jjL 11?^-) 8. pb\\pm 
document in^'^^ appearance (pi f--) s. ^^^^ 

profit, thrivingness, (pL D^p'O-) #. p^t||Kn^11 

,(mty bu^) n^nri ,m^ yielding 

I'^n] long live!, hurrah! int, mm). .]w^p ,t|>p fork, pitchfork (pL D^) s. I^^^^l^ 

sign, sign aboard (pi IS--) s. rpOi^''^W : 

.nnBtt nn ^w) D^^ ,\\^ (of a shop) ; 

-^mn ns'^v' groundling (/I's^) (j?^ 0^^) s. f?^!^ ,; 


n^pa visit (pL ]->) s, m))^ 
B"'K)i|) visiting-card (pi B-) s, J^^lKp-^imi 

«(Bi'tttn»n nir-TM fyv) T'P] vizier (pi f-) s. ^^t^H 

.(5?D» inmj?n) liu to vis6 (a passport) v> a. \"^)V.)) 

*{*? Dxn bison, ure-ox (j»L [-) *l^©"^tm 

.13 i::t'P^ ni^j^n lawn (pi D - ) §, ^ i^T^n 

|1«?Kiri pOt'teD first hand (a^ curds) $, ^Pt^ll 

♦(5?Da m"i5?n ^r) iri'x visa (^pL D-) 5\ ^^tlH 

.i^h weasel (pi ^I?^^) ^. i^^^l^ll 

.ppu?itoni -= ^p^^^^^n 

.PJ^¥ '^3.0 hypocritical adj. ^^W^ 

.(8'»in r^5? mVj?n^) ^^^c reel (j^L D--) s, |;p^:!t0^11 

bo greet each other^ salute v. rec. ^^t (PtO^n 

,D'ibm inj;i nK w^^ x^:i each other 

.ni?"npn dedication (pi \V -) s. 'JJiailll 

*|?no swarming s, ^^JIDI^II 

,u'3i'5p to dedicate v, a. \V^'^Ti^ 

.(K p^ to swarm i?, ??. fPJ^D^f^n 

.b\^ ram (^^. f--) s. ^'^i^^n^n 

;^'"7TO ,Dgs 111; ,s^y^ again, anew adv. ^n^^^n 

.dbih' ,^n&f but C072J. 11 
.DPD ^rm zvc again and again 'lus^ p^ "imii — 
but what is that ?-|ia Dp m« D^li ,"ipnm "™ 
?''b nasK n^ bsK* to me? 
as for him, he \m saw cp 9^ii ,lpT.ii .ip ~ 
l^an liJ"^ Kin Q9%^ is unwilling to do it 

.n^i niwpb 

"1^3 w^ against each other adv, ^^*^JK1|?1?11 
contrast ;nTnp ,n^ji3 contradiction s. || nnj?i 

.(sn-'Su aftermath *, ::31DpKin^n^11 

.V) era bad taste s. D^^tO'l^n^ll 

*nn|3nfp n^s opponents (/>Z. il^ -) g, l^tD^^A^S'^^^^^ll 

,Wlsent «,*^^n (m 




■om hand {of a clock) (pi. B-) s. "^^^'1511 

f ar-reaoh- ; pini far, distant, remote adj. tSl^ll 

♦plnn far adv. || Jpinn^b i^'« ing 
,ii<n p^.ni far and wide isinn px tsi^i — 

from afar, from a DSbi^n ipT ps .|iotn ps — 

♦piirna distance 
*n«3 pain, ache (j)L f-) s. ^^tD^.^II 
for- ;ibnp further ;n^^n farther ado. "1^^*^1M' 
♦'T^nr^ in the future nip again 'nxS"! ward 
♦dpan lip again ^kd k lytsi^n — 
other, remai- \'^r\)' «^ri further a<i/. 2^*TiI^tS^jl1 
♦'i^p ,"n in; ,ini$ ning 
♦pn^D distance «. tS^jptOlMI 
11 soft, tender adj. ^l^Tl 
.^|>n ifn tender-hearted ac^J. :i^2£1.^n^l^n 
*n?^Dn mollusk {pi, f-) s. ^5tD:31^11 
.aiiD ID ,11 ni^i^ rather soft adj, yhi:^T^"\ 
lo keep away, (p. p^pW-^ X^'^^iriV^) v. n. p'^iri 
."Q pn^nri keep aloof 
♦n^isi .ijl softness, tenderness s. tSl^pSl^ll 
.|y: /3 benause conj. '7*!!!11 
♦iipa ,|D? b|! while, as long as adv. ^^^^'il 
.:23j;nn ,5Diann to wait, stay •v. n. f'7!!?n 
Ar^'if^b) ihn to elect ;ins to choose v. a. f'^l^ll 
.P31 while (^L D--) ^^1^1 
elector ;ini^ chooser (79L B- r-) s. 1i^7l^11 

♦^lPE5 3ini === ^i:s;B12!5"n 

»i:! wine (jpL \V -) s. I^MI 

vineyard (jo2. iptSl^^i -^ .D:tDl5J2 ^ ) s. ttO'l.sii piMI 

,p:b Di3 wine-glass {pi. "^V^V^^--) s. Usb:i|pl511 
♦£3ii3 wine-dresser {pi. S- ,-) §. Ipt01^:!^15l1 
n^a wine-business (i>L f)^ - ) 5. ^^l^n^^M^vm 

.P2 n^s wine-shop Ji:: inoD 
niBii^Dn^^ distillery (p?. n^tv;n.-) s. tn^lpjil 
♦p:: n^^ wine-shop ;p^ 
♦D^QU? wine-lees, yeast s. fTO1^i:!l1 
wine-merchant (jp?. D-^ .-) s. 1^'?i:j;.'l-D1^11 

♦p: "i?b 

.p!:| j-i^tt np;^2;p wine-punch s, ?l''1T,3!5n 

^•2^11 grape (_pZ. r-) *. ^''Il^^l^l"! 

♦1^ n: cy.^ iu?K winy, vinous adj, i^ill^n 

♦tsi;^ little adv.l'>^Vjp few a<ii. ^^^1511 

.mnan 5d^ at least |£iD:!i3r.n \iyj. — 

♦••r: Di?^ winy taste 5. tDl^p:!^^v)11 

♦iD»S?p fewness, littleness s. t01^p:i^-3^^n 

4\Sr\^r\ b35 at least adv. DJtOD25^1^11 

.chjp.sp. vitriol s. ^.sntO^V 
AKS pain (j9L f^--) s. '151- 
labor- pains, throes! ps jpr.11 m — 

*ni.l ,nKi3 painful, aching adj. ^ ^51'^ 
to give pain ;:::«3 to be aching ]^h rn — 
♦Pin ,st*3r! ipi^a to hurt ;nKDr! 
1 have a head-ache i^n "iiQ did sxp 'ip't — 

!^55k l^bif J^iK il^in woe I, alasl, oh! int. ^^^11 
^s-ib •'IK woe is me I h^D 1^ im Ji^tD nts* rii — 

..Tj;i ,n^K wife (j?L '^^'-) s. ^1511 
young married woman {^ol. ^^'-) s. ^^151^ 

»rin,^p5 ^^^s nu7^{ ,n^bp 
(^n) ; nbps ^"1? ; D^u?3 bu? female adj. ^^'j^l^ll 
♦r!2p.3 pp b^ feminine 
»nm woman (ji. \V '-) a. (*'15^"1KSDD::v)11 
nfK little woman {pi. "jl^^-) s. ^^pn^jTl 
;(nrn ^w n^p2 female (0/ animals) \r^^;v.'^ 
.(B-^p^) n^b^ eye {for a hook) 
hook and eye pbpni^n ^ p^ pbpipD ^ — 

♦a''Dip JIT 
♦D^ii^3 women s, pi. ^^JJ^Dn^ill 
.nfK wife {cant.) {pi. D-) s. .Sl^nvjll 
women's German {a Jcind of s. ^tD!^^-1^n^_^n 
n^p^f '-liSWK 2n3 [Judaeo-Gey-man p)rinting-type) 
'n-nm*' pw^2 a^ii'iV anes jns a^o^cnfi^ nrmx pB) 

,u;ip:ii^ii = K^^l^ni^ll 
wo- 112^^3 bt women's, female adj. ^1^^1511 

*Q''^33 ,n^K3 manish, womanly 

mellow autumn, summer "!pt:ii ir'\i>ipni^n — 

.Ti^n np of St. Martin, Indian summer 

.i3j tail (j2>Z. IV") s. Sl^?r. 
;n3ni nan nsiD S^O ^^ wag the tail v, n. J^^^^SIV 

*^?.0D to fawn 
,n\'i\ ,r\}^'V.\ bp tune, melody {pL f-) s, tl5l1 
»'^Tl'^ /|a1«s in the manner of suf. tl^ir 

.nlpf while 

♦dw Q^3u; by pairs tl^^n^Ja — 

•Dv:psb at times ti^iijtoi?2t ~ 

♦n''i3a nsiipn while yet unmarried ti^iibm^a -- 

appea- s. ||;nKin to appear v. r. ^1t f^^^t^jll 

XH d''5B nKi^ ranee 
"lit --II ;n.^iD to show {p. p. \mr-{ v. a. pJ!l1 
.n^lD '?i;<l{^n to appear v. r. 

/'Vnj^^rBK'^ni,, pi« |i£>s5'n^fi»i3>4 ''3 4;m 


_ 207 ^ 


*ni^i^ \?90 labor, throes b. ^li^l^^^ 

\n^5b",V?» fan (^L D---) s. ^I^l^l 

.,ns,^ wheat s. fl^n 

*nDD3 spelt r--'^ pbpp3iD — 

.nm 5U? of wheat, wheaten adj. j^^^^^ 

,niu;n to soak <y. a. [p^^'l^ 

J^'lK i«h)5 to cry oh!, to groan v. n. \^p))'^'^ 

*?3 vessel for soaking meat s. ^m^p''^^^ 

M^3 incense s. ^^I^^^ll 
*T2n pupil (pl'^V--) s, pmm^)'i^ 


.-|i? ini3M -=1it fn^s^ii 

Impor- «« tS^Jp -- II I ^i)t;ri important adj. 2^^5111 

.no''\rn tance 

,^^ top 3 111 ^ 1^^))) 

wisp of straw, (pi ^P - .f-) ^. W^^^^ll 
IH ^p, 5u? lii:^ scouring-clout, dish-clout 

*n>^D -hs'ic whirlwind (pL B - ) s. '^I^Slll 

,n^ni» .nn''b'] moisture, dampness s. ©K27^11 

,np ,3bT moist, damp adj |^J^^27:11 

extraordinary, ;k:.b wild^ savage adj. ^^)^'i 

Mil M^'irifi K^l"- great 

j^'^)!^ ni^'^12 a great bargain n«''S^D pn^ni k — 

*bnj una a great hero iin^^ lpi9iii ^ ~~ 

♦TDpia-T^ill .t .1W"^& ^19111 -- 

.HIS savage (p^. J^^^) #. l^n.^^.Tl 

^P T?,a proud flesh, fungus #. tt^rtbblh))) 

,''::ip;.b \t entirely strange adj. 1DPl6"^^in 

,n^K-.? wildness s. ^^!^p^|7111 

#. ©I^p- II ;t>i^ , ran willing, ready a^;. ':^)h))) 

♦I^DH willingness, readiness 

♦nnj att?) rfj?'i Wili|a ri^r. i^^^^ll 

there is no hurry a^3 aspin pibni n (H) "~" 

4 PI I? a = ;n3a ii]ann to turn v, n. \T^V^^ 
,|/an ,|',2£'i will s. \hT^ 
.n^r.n ,n^li willing adj. ^H^bT^^ 
willy-nilly, nolens vo» an^bm '^^3 "- ^n35iii ™ 
.131^"^^ Kb 1^ laisi'in lens 

♦3?is^^ pji !?^iyii « CM 

*nbn to weep, cry v. «. [^^^^11 
^1^"T1^^||P3^3 weeping, whining adj. JHJI^J^lll 
«^5na ,nD;n5n weepinglyj whiningly ado. 

4?! |/ah wine-vinegar s, 2^D^J^^11 
wine-merchant, keeper {ph D-- i--) s. '^^^l^l'l 

«n:! "iDlD of a wine-shop 
*n3yiptt female weeper or lamenter s, fiP55"l''» 
p^-pn wine-bottle {pi. '^mv^^'-) s. ^^b&|p^J1'' 

AM ^V 

.bmm n3p„ currant {pi ^i^--) §. ^1];E)5i^11 

.m wine-press {pi \-^) s. ^V^h^p^ri'i^ 

A)l^Vmi^ wine-cellar {pi f-) s, nj^^^pJ^^II 

.ia| wine (^^, f-) s, p«^^JLM1 

.]:i m tartar s« fl^^K^^Jll 

.(Kn^sn-^n^ cherry {pi f^^-) s. ^^Jl^ll 

K^ cherry-tree (^L 1^Dl^:s^) s. D''in|lbK?JlM1 

leaf of a cherry- (p^. 1^t)^^S-^)s. ^H':'n|f^^jl^n 

♦infi'^ nbi;^ tree 
wine-shop, wine-house {pi fj^-) s. pJ>^^J^J11 

*V.l ^''^ 
keeper of a wine- {pi D- ,-) s. ippi|?^JlM1 
^l„ n^n bp_n house 
.|n^ white ^4/. Dv?11 

.n^^b wags ;bp^9n '•sn scamps n^:^ti pbi^ii ~~ 
white bread, wheaten bread s. ^"^II^Dl^ll 

albumen, white {of {pi ]P -- <^)}^) s, ^Dvjn 
white {of the eye) kns^s bm fin'po [a« e^^) 

♦(p^3) in-9 
a shrewd ;n:a a thief rix |12 bsi^ii k (/t^.) — 

.bnp a"i^ fellow 
,(nx^3 ^t£?) pnbn white {of an egg) s. f^^^Dl^ll 
to whitewash, nn^n to whiten v. a. p'l!!l1 

*n^pn i^Sri kalsomine 
nip inb Q^K white man QjL ^B--) ^J^Djjl^ll 

,0U^15 bt? 131 BH) 

knower, connoisseur (p?, D ^ , ^ ) s. ^V^))Ti 

rogue, scamp {pi B^^) s« p^^n^Sg-I^DvjII 

,fb wag stebs in 

.a^iny linen .§, ^l^^D^^II 

.fn^^ whiteness s. ^!_^pDvill 

to snasan %n to fan ;nu?3 to blow v, n. ^1^11 

»(pi) nil winnow 

"ipi|S Weichsel ^is'>n'»''3 jweihsel B?ain3nr!ba"'a i^ 



— H0« --» 


hedge-lawyer, (pi. J--) *. tOKpi^in.s-^pJ^n 

.\sf2i 1^"^. ^iiip shyster 
-n'i'ir bf cornered, angular adj, 2^~^pJ^Tl 

..-5p ^;^i?^ goniometer (;)L [-) «. DSD7piV'1 
.n32 i^K corner-stone (^9^. ^^^^ - ) «. i^^^S^^p^^"! ' 
.n3t:p n^it little corner (^.?. 1^^-) s, V^pP^'^"^ 
to have one's own pbi;p;rii pr.i? jtj ]D^n — 
,n'i r\'i)ru^ ^'xb n^n home 
to wink, beckon {p. p. f^pJLSII];:) v. n. f^p^^^l 

to wash, desire 0^. ^j. t^il.^11^3) t;. «. [^'^-"^"i 

,^n|i to wish ;]^bn ,ni'"j 
.n9-,s congratulation (;p?. S-) *. r^|<Ti;;^^^11 
1^L|| ;^-i2 to congratulate v, a. \Vr^V^m 
to exchange wishes, congratulate v. rec. 
•^'"^^11 ^-^ ^'^ 11.^ each other magic ring (^/. n^-) s, 'p'n^^J!^^::!! 

;c^u? waste, desolate, solitary adj, ^"OOT^^ 
.Oh-) nii£^ gloomy 
.im^i in^n waste and void irb pN isDin — 

.i-Db|"52 pnt?Q pp whist s. ^tODt'11 
exposition (^L D-) 5, ' J^pV.>|tOD!11 ,>m.^tDD^r. 

.(a»D!?p2i -Qi; pn'-g to play with r- n, p)^0)Y\ 
.latt'a) n^^K-inn n„nK at sight (com,) ado. ^tOD^Vi 

,"n2nD desert {^i. f^~) 3. ^^^D^O'i'i^ 
gloominess Ir^m^ desolation s. tSl'^p^DVil 

♦iTi^n ,n3p3 wittingly a<io. ^^^^^B^n 
.■lip; yn^ rash (^jL D-.) 5. )^ps^;D^"l^ 
t. d ;PT to know (p. p, t:DlK11^:) ^. a. p^^l 
.ni;'i; knowledge 
.pnin to inform |cm i:: ppj ,i^ia pm ii- — 
J^D P1V "'D God know^s what ck^i t^c^^n ^.pn — 

.p^/i) science {pLl-) s. "^tW^^TC^ 

/p.-^jp scientific adj. yh^tr2;:tir^ 

.''K island (^pZ. &--) 5. ^£0^11 

.nK-ip\i?^'n = p^- .S.S'ipDrn 

.nsuL^p?;; witch (pi S~) 5. :^!:2n^^r. 

.ppntoi^m - pKito^^'ll 

.^n jpniDiiK == "^^T f^^ll 

.isb^ ,p''^ sign (jsZ. D-) 5. ^ID^^^II 

♦*^K! "inn wild hog, boar (pL D--) 5. ^nj^S:^'''!! 

^n-^-j; willow (pi. D«) 5. :^:n"!];'*r. 

♦nsi^ edge, edging (pi. D-) 5. ^pSiD^n 

.nrf2 how much, how many adv. ^S^Vi 

.f»^5tts) nr!?« what, which adj. V - >'^V - <'^h'tV^ 

jb|?2 fork, garbage-fork (pi, '0^) s. V^T>'- 

^5bf n^-'s unripe egg (pi. D-) s. )^p''^'?!1"l 

a native of Vilna (pi. m --) s. pr^tD::;^:^^ 

.(K nlpn^ ^u;sn free-thinker ; n:^i '^^^^k 
♦nuM nn-ip^ iin'5) ^.^m fork (pi, D^) 5. J^pT^I^ 
,pa9K 5p aldern ac^J. ^^^1^^:11 
bnis spirits of a frozen liquor s. p^tX'ni^ID^^'l 

♦KDpD rfp;i?p ^7 
.Dn eyelash (jpL f--) ^.""l^BO^Tl 
hbm unhappy adj. ^^^11 
how unhappy I ami t"iiD t^.« niiii pn 1^.11 — 

swaddling-band, swad- (pL ^P-) 5. '?*?Jin 
.binn dling-cloth 
.n^^) bnn to swaddle, sw^athe u. a. [^bli^l^ 
,nfi3r) ^ipi pulley, windlass (pi. ^-) s. jt^lJ^I^ 

.nn wind (jo^. f-) s. tDW 
to speak to no pur- ^2111 iS'^ik pm (id.) — 
.."TiisQ ''b^ iD"T pose, to talk idly 
to get wind, to learn is2^Ti pi-^p (id.) — 

.pbu? .piin 
\ut nr^.ijp ninn -i^-^ :nn ht windy adj. 5X0^11 

.n\'^ r\)rm windmill (pi, f-) s. '^^Z^tDJ^n 

.iPDNbr^;pii = *i^^x^:;to:!n 

.inp ,eTin winter (j^:>L f-) s. '^^^tOJ!!! 

,^')p hv wintry adj. ^n^^^tOJ^II 

,^^r to winter, pass the winter v. n. f^i^tO^^I^ 

b-b winternight (pL ^2p^) s. ^^.H^Ip'^^tO^^n 

wind-flower, rose-cam- (^Z. I^-) «. ^ii<&tDJin 

.imti p!3) inpK pion 
n'piSvPK chicken-pox, hives *. /)Z. fpifiDtDJ^IT 

.(3];_--lliu brandy-distiller (pi D^«) s. p^J^V. 
s. •ffl^_^p»-|| ni<^ iD^vp very little adj. mm 
.riiigp niiss small quantity 

.p5i«n = pm 
(geom.)'>n')l \-;;p^ .nm corner (pi |^~) s. hp^)V 

*n^ii angle 

pK tJ^V^ia t^K pnm (3 ♦"ppro vr'V" ps jp'i '^3 ck 
pD Dp3B Dj?"i ps ;i::icnK sv^ VH yt ?orDVj ;u>^cnr^^p 
•83 tc'ir ,"r,iiu>j rt"ipi< di^^s^^ j^s siipbtt? 




.mp_ to wipe v. a. [^"^^^ 

♦e-'3n'^n'^_ W of cherry adj. l^ll^'^J^^^H 

.a''3^^n'n pj cherry-brandy s. p^J^e^lll rpK^J^t'11 

m 1^31 goosewing {pi |--) s. "l^n^fe^^ll 

.19^ rein (pi 0^) s, Vp^'^'i 
n;^ ,i'n| scrapings, rest of dough s, SK'ip^^in 

.B^3S b^p_ .m^ to meet «. a, [^^''^i^^^DII 

.a''ip|n '^1^ ,- menses, menstruation s, I^D\1 

na linen s. h^^)) 

,1^ b^ of linen adj. \V^^T^) 

..%n« ^31^^ loom \pL \v-) 8. i^te^KD-npn 

.5hK to weave v. a. f^^'T 

JIlK weaver (^jL D ^ , ^ ) s, 'IP-]^ '1 
,W1K weaving, weaver^s trade s. !5'^]^S]^'n 

^rr^n^rr nsbD loom {pi f^) s, ^I^Wl^ 
nJ^sis' shuttle {pi ^^ -) s. ht^mV^P)) 
♦n'^ns path ;niiK ,i]n^ way, read {pi \-) s. 2>*n 
to swerve from the m'i ps pi.isK-.K {fig.) — 
nu;Ni TiTC 110 right path 
.nnKD .nnx npD at the same time ;ii?ti p.iN' Iks — 
.mSbin im to talk nonsense .ipii (is p^n -- 
nis^^ln travelling-expenses s> pi T\"i^^i^'"^p)) 

travelling sheepskin {pi, C^-) ^. &1^1^":ipi1 
.c^pdi3p a't'^3 Tp bu^ nn coat 
.b'pt to weigh' ( jp. p, \^'m)V^) J.' «. ' p^n 
on account of ;nniK* ,'i5'n by about |?re2J. 2pj;ii 

,bb33 for the sake of ibb^^s, 
in the name of PDsa because of ppii ]is — 

'^^0 'S7P13 traveller {pL mh^) a, f^tt||b^^11 

,au;i i^iv 



r^sb according to j?rep, 2J^bl|; 

«-K3D squirrel (pi B-) ^. J^p^lJ^I^ 
.ppiynyn =- pmip 
JT5£^ ,}i^^ia being, creature {pi Q--) s, ftp 
«|1xtp fuss, noise 
to make much ado WQV p5 pril » pK*^i •-" 
^in-i nr'K "Tip b^.1^ about something 

.(K np'Qfi ,xf2 arrest 5, P'^TJ^II 
♦ni:i"^pnn bet, wager {pi \^) s. ^]^11 

.^sy^g «S?»'T!»3 8 ,Be>Ka r^en^^^^p pe rs''^^''b ^'^a (^ 

what date is to-day? ?D31\i i^k ip^bsm *iyT — 

,nrrf witticism ;n-"i3Tf wit {pL ]'-) s. f*?11 

,n^^ri .rn^i^ jest ;nnn 

.T^hD no 'p^^ witty a^?. ^^^^^11 

>]rn^ ,Dnnn bi;a wit, joker {pL [-) s. 2<5^^^^11 

to try to be witty, to crack v. r, y^ fl^'^^^ll 

.n^3\3u 131 .an^in nni is^ jokes 

J3ib3£ni = ip^sr^ii 

.n^ii; b^ ^31; withe {pi, S-^-) §, I^S^n 

r)> mffp vice- ^rg/. "J^^^ll 

vice-governor (pL B--) ^. ^|?tDK^1>'nin;X'ni 

,i]bs it'b nr^'?^ 
.i|b?i^ n.5^D viceroy {pL \^) s, rJtp-^^^r. 
.P2^ni =- l^p^^ll 
swaddling-cloth, swathing- (^j^, f]^-) s. hp))) 

.n'D'^-^z ,r\Q"Q^ wrapper \b'.m band 
lab') bm to swaddle, swathe v> a. \PhpTi\ 
*^h3 .rpii ,nby to wrap 
.9?nh swaddling-band (p/. f--) ^. "llJ^^^p^r. 

^IDpyn = pp^ll 
'monster, deformed {pi ^Pp"!^) s. pV'^W^^^V. 
j .bs3 abortion ;a'D-bo being 

{ .^ns2 expressly a<^t). ^^J^tK'l^ll 

j ,ip3ni = "CJ^I^nnni 

I ,n*!y;n ,p3~ worthy adj, 2^^1?11 

: ,npnD confusion, chaos {pL f-) «. ^.^in^ll 

; outcast, reprobate {plO^) §^ ^ptO'l^nril 

.i^s^x ,n:5 bi75 host (j^^L f -- ) 5. ^'^')11 
.ftfs^'K ,n^5 n?i?r. hostess (pL 0^) s. r^^)^"i 
: house- ^rib^b? economy {pi f-) §, tSHK^'^'^ni 
j household furniture ;n^a ribn^n keeping 

jnbnpnb^ in^sfa bt economic adj\ "[^^^BN^^n^ll 

I ,tart3iu? ruled line ;bjlD ruler (jpL B-) ^, l^'^MI 

M'^^ ,bf\Q to rule, make lines v. a, [^'^511 

.p'ppri seasoning §. 2^1^1'311 

.b^Pi to season i). a, pllll 

.nb^ps effect ;nbpp action {pi IV--) s. .I^ipi^ll 

really, indeed adi\\\f'mH real ac^'. "[^^pl^ll 

♦ni'npx reality s, tDl^p ^ || ; hdk^ 
to have an effect mt^i) .Vps to act v. n. \p'^)T> 

rbv^ Vpa 
^m^p wiping s, ^^11 
i .nsi? to wipe ^tii « pP3 •— 

I .nypb s^^^DD clout (1?^, 1^51^-) 8, ^ro|pni 


-- 210 — . 


to scream at d'i^ej^ ta^pn n Dp i^^^ts ]pi^n\:; - 

•in:D ^3:1 py2 the top of one's voice 

nw» n^p to play mischief ftibpii p^a^^a ~ 

world-renowned, far-famed a^y*. tOD^lKn"tD^^11 

■'I?: '''1^'n universal history .9. ^tSD^t^^^^rts'^^J^II 

p^^r) part of the world {pi f«) #. 'j^.r^'tob^ll 


se- ;m.ri a^lpn \3;3pb iidd worldly adj. "I^bto'^^n 

worldliness «. tDl?p-.|| ;\i?h|^ «b ,^3i^n cular 

.bin \2;3p secularity ;mri cblpn \3;:p 

nan^on) D^^ipri r.^n^p world-war 5. ^t^nh^'^^h^)) 

,(1918-1914 ^^i^f pa rin\i^ n^nirr 

.b^)| vellum 5. (I'^i^T! 
.9^11 PP3 n*^3 vellum-paper 5. 1>DiSD-[^S;)n 
.'p%'^ Italian ac^J. t^^':']^^^ 
♦ni*!p_ , ?ijx walnut cii -p^^bpn -- 
Hebrew characters of Ita- nrm« p\i?^^pT) — 
.n^5to^«D 1K2iiDU? ^n^p nnD lian origin 
which?, pron. interr. D^^S - ,^5^ ^iV^f^V^^^ 
which, who, that pron. rel. \\ '?n]\K what? 

♦ptt nrb?» of what kind adj. l^S'"!^::^^^! 
to he willing [p. p. toSjE^II^ .to'^KTl);:!) ^. «. fS^II 
to in- ; {^bn to wish ; nh« to desire ; nk';, 
.np3 to attempt ;|;i5 tend, be about 
one who has a will or {pi. 3-) *. I^S^ll 

♦pujn will, desire Jpu?1rn^ ''p desire 
to have a great desire ~:pbpn icnj k pxn — 

.r!::in pt?n 
♦bh3 to wither, fade, decay v. n. [p7^i1 
pron. poss. ("i5?n pc ivusfipK px irtssi) [^12^11 

."'D nss: ,"'D^ whom 
proTi. interr, nx?Ti pc irtD^:jjj) D^D^n .D^J^D^H 
r^ "1U7X whose jprow. 7'el ||?^p ''•c' whose? 

.(Sl1?i ppil = abbr. '^V^V^'^ 

♦Dx if rnp\s' ,^inT2 when ac^c. f]^T! 

manner ',^)ip i^'^ti turn (J^L f^-j s. i^i^lJ^n 

.^itsin Tj'i'n of expression 
to t;. r. 1^t-||;nB,ti .-Tibri to turn v. a. f'^^ll 

♦•"i^ri nS'i to depend ;n'yc' ,ni)£ turn 
ni^ips tropic {geogr.) {ft. f-) *. tDpJ1S-"lJ^11 

fishing-line, fishing-rod (j;?. 3~) s. I^p'ljJ^II 

."Vhvp'^V^" '^^ (i« 

♦t .1 v.r. 1^ I '- II ; ::i'ij;m to bet, wager v. n. ftOVV. 

.^''jKp n^^ weather (pL \-) s. l^tO^Vi 

ns^? weather bureau {pi. ^'-) s. Kl^^n-^^tO^II 

.ip'^prj^x^K- =- t.sbn^^pr. 

weather prophet {pi. fi\S"'::^^) 5. K^'n^Jpl^WI 

^KhD iwn weather forecast s. DI^^'lsrii^tDi^n 

,1'i.Kn n^D n|;"'T meteorology s. tD&N*r:J^p"'1^tD;;^11 

rrn^rp evening party (^L D«.) 5. ^pli^'n^^^tOJ^n 

♦2'?.?^0 ^1''^? supper {2?l. D-) «. ^"l^-'^tO^II 
keeper, watchman, {pi. D- i--) s. l^tDS^n 

.'laiu; guard 

.ni;f?n ,pn£ dislocation .9. l/'J:;^"il 

.p^^n n^aj; musk-rat (jo^. B - ) «. ^''^^:D.Vr'j;i1 

,Q:|2ib^ bicycle (joF- [-) «. I^^B^S.sbj^n 

,rP b^b| roller {pi "^nhv^--) s. r^^rp^^^h)))) 

♦(p2f3 i--ib) "^npp 

,(pi£S) ^iiUB^is^) |/n| to roll v. a, p^^^h^'i'i 

.y^ih forest (^L H^--) «. ^'l^^n 

;b5ri universe ;£D^ip world {pi. (-) 5. tS7pn 

;^''t^ \23 the world, the people of the world 

♦:nn istpr? great number, multitude 
|U7^'^D5^p^ the Old World tobpn ptsbx n — 

n^inn p«n the New World to^pn p^^3 n — 


♦nn cbipn this world D^pii I'l — 

the other world, the future tobpn P3p^ ~ 

.«2n dbipn world 

a multitude of people |u?3pD ts^?^ lo^pn k — 

to introduce oneself Kjbpn ipi p.x pijsa^n^ — 

.abip^ piinn to notice 

»ixD dDH very wise Kj^pn n ni Jibp — 

iD^pii i-i is::^p DP j!obpn pa^x:! b* c^.^ i3^.» tiK Dp — 

xin there is great fuss about him d\s' ti^^n 

.Dbipn nK u>^pn)3 

this da}^ will Dbpll n isi^.ia^ :i^id prt:3i\n -^ix - 

.pin HK "ji.nn^ niti arn decide 

to talk at random p"ix i2?pn ip-i pK pin — 

.xr^bps DnDT nm 
with might and taii^u? tsbpii n Dxn fT'ix — 

.nD 9D2 main 

to work with ania^ tabpii n Dt^n ^''^a jtipsiK ~ 

.in3 bs5 ^hp might and main 




♦W3n7a saying of witticisms a, in^LSf-^tDipn 
adv^ II ;^t3^ ;nws niK literal adj. yh'^'^iV^^ 

.niKS niK literally, verbatim 
mi '^§'3 to crack jokes r. r. "j^t f^^^n];i1 
n'^'Ti'i IS'H to make caustic remarks ;Qnnn 

;M^a attendant (jpl. B<^ *^) «. ^>*^^]^n 

dictionary, lexicon {pi ^V^)^--) a. ^n|p^tS'l])11 

*d"*Vin .™iw nurse ^. pP^^>^'^1 

nb^ bond, security (jp?, \^) a. ^^BKBtD^];i1 
;ii7^l upper part^ top {pL ^V-) a, T^^n 
;^JZID ''^s upper leather, upper (of a shoe) 

.t^) ,f|"]jp excess 

to give a heaped ^^m) ^ a^ts tzn:. k pp:i — 

,nrn:i mD |n^ measure 

i^'is ,35ln horseman (2?L 0^-) ,?, pK''J5'n];il 

.np1\9i;7 d^nvi^K upper millstone, runner 

.n^yb wormwood s. ^iD^i^^ll 
to become, get,, (j?. p. p^W^) v. n. 'f^i^H 
.tjann rnS'i grow, turn 
♦nujpnn to become or get rich n-'^ PP^i "^ 
^Ipntn ,|pt to grow oJd ^^k pyii — 
♦aiKnn ,dik to turn red b^n py^i — 
♦cbprr .i^a to disappear ppn ioi3 — 
,n^n9 K'^ ,ibK to forbidj disallow v. a. ^p^^^j 
to defend iptm^ to struggle v. r. H^T ppil 
/;u;ai ''p, ii*! oneself 
.•nlpii pnt? rash {pL [-) s, l^^n^^H 
SS?, Jili* sack-cloth, coarse cloth s. i^'Ojni^ll 

,::p 1^ 
^pspbP'ntm = pr^^l^ll 
.nis^ &?!?!p full of worms adj. ^r^DV^)))) 
^••11 to be full of worms v. n, [J^D^^'ipil 

worm-cake, worm- (pl.ts^) s. ];p^pp1^-Q];i^n 
rnp'D W1J?) D^i^bin riip lozenge, worm-tableb 

c^j;bln"riD^ anthelmintic herb s. ^''1ipDi;i^V, 
♦(a^vtt2tj' D''3; ir.n i^i is a^'TDrr^^ -» rt-i ps> 
^ttop^'^-it^ little root (j9L ^^S^) .s, ))b|!^X^^11 
i^ork, book ;5j;sb ,b^s work (^L -) s, p^p)) 
works, movement {of a dock) nas ,'mn 
,]'i^?5 ,,1313^ mechanism. ;(pyt' bs:') n:i3?p 
^^f instrument, tool (^^L f^) s. ^^^^plj^ll 

.r?D| n?ra ^f venereal, syphilitic ac?/. ^Il^^^ll 
,ni^) nbnD venereal disease t)i^npisnp pt)^ipspii — 
4n miK ventilator {pL 5-=^) ^. ^.^^OK^M^II 

.nips west s. '^S^ll 

.mh vestj waist-coat (^pL f^) §. ^tjD^I'J 

.''3'ii;d western, westerly a^?. '^I^^D])^ 

,2|i2spn = ^©d;^11 

,iBiTO oar {pi D-) §. i^^C^II 

.s^SK spring s. P^W^'^ 

n^hrhy^bp clothes-peg (/i. D--) a. l^p^J^C^H 

.ni;i¥ wasp {pi D-) ^, i^BD^II 

4spii&nK = pl^ll 

.Tv.ia flpp alarm-clock (pi, D^) s. '^l^SlTp^H 

.Ti.lp ,ip,n to wake, awake, rouse v. a. fpi^ll 

bill of i^^bn exchange [pi \P --) s. hopP'\) 

.sin ib^ exchange^ promissory note 
exchange-business {pi ]--) a. tB^^prhoppil 

.^bnri to exchange v, a, ' \V^^pP^"i 


,|abn money-exchanger {pL —) ^. ^]^7Dp^11 

to polish, ;aym hTO to wax v. a. ' [Bp^H 

*(Q»bpj) inu?n ,n^n¥ black {ahoes) 

^m'n ^t waxen adj\ ^ [Dp^ll 

,|n"^^Bi«u7- p,!tDK^Dp;;i1 

=- niipp waker (p?. D^ .^) §. 11^^^^^ 

he who, p7^on. rel \\ ^'p who? pron. interr, ^P"^*^ 
onej some- jrron. indef. || '>''t ^p she who 
,K^nf ^p body, anybody 
.n^n^^ ''D whoever v.^ cp ipii — 
3pj camel (^L D^ ^ [ ^ ) s. ni'^Snn^^ll 
.na'i^ willow (i??. D^) a.V^^Vr^ 
Xm to enroll^ enlist, recruit v. a. \VW^'^'V'^^* 

.wp by) of willow adj. V^Vy^V^^ 

.pm ,pm to choke ' {p, p. fnKii^:i) v. a. f^^pn 

lil'ip^ ,i^riD worth, value {pi &--) s. ^^'Tipil 

^tj^p dignity 
.ifll?. ,1Tip worth (pL f^) i^^l^^l 
.nip worth ad;, ^'^'IJ^n 
nK*bpa rf|^_ cheese-fritter (pZ. f-) ^, WOipil 


overb \n^br\ witticism {pi n^-) a. h^'^Vr^ 

.mm saying ;bu?p 

wit, wit-^cracker {pi D-. .^) ^, npKt-^©11?l^ 



- 212 

Pp^ "ip*? 

"and fixed," rendezvous of thieves (/.) s. ^''i^!!} 

.cnsi napK Dip?: 
,ni3p^2 "and they cried," cry, howl a, "^^V.^)] 

•nppif py2i to raise a howl ippi^^t J? pKJi - 

vQnn pyif 
it can be explained by ^^/ir. pnh^ ns^^;i^ ^]) 

. -a strain 
"and he shall give unto thee," s. H^ \^^) 
verses recited at the close of Sabbath 

.-and the like ad: miSllSI 
.-etc., and so forth x9i3l = abh\ '*1131 

thus he was j^Ar. ^ilD n\'l ^51 ♦..'nD1\S r^^r^ ^21 
♦(« -saying... thus he was counting 

there is a long while between p^i^ii v^S^ k 
saying and counting (promising and pay- 

nnEDrn pn) rr^^D^.b nn^c« pn n:ni mnr v:)' [ing) 

and all his (Satan's) corn- j^^r. ^""k^^, T? '^^l 

. - pany 
♦"i2in 15« male organ (si.) s. nT^2T 
fruit fcund in the womb of (pi. [-) s. ^^h) 

.-a slaughtered animal 
and he doeth wondrous- j^'h'- ^"^^^b ^"^^P^^ 

• -ly 

all sorts of mrp^ k^^£7:i iir-iir (joe) — 
»d^3^an 5DD ^^v ■'^p a''i-i worthless things 
"and it is said," a scrip- {pi. D-) * 'ID.S^I 
tural verse of those occurring in the 
^"ipD '^ris^ piDs prayers for Rosh-hashanah 

fco sing one of the scrip- blDX2l k (P;:n — 
tural verses occurring in the prayers for 

Q^i<itD3n Q^Lin2n?2 in^ 'iJii Rosh - hashanah 

^^and we will declare the might," s. ^p^Ti'^^m 
name of a prayer said on Rosh-hashanah 
n^;?3X5n nbajTi and the day of Atonement 

*i=i£s dV::i nr^ri r^hn 
Ti:!:)^) (ciic jiipD^^ pK"^) pKS (iiyDiK pi^hp (id.) — 

vershok (1^-^^/^ ^x;r^ o/ an arshine) s, Vp^'^P*^'^ 
^^K cn^s wash ;a'':^^ linen, clothes a. t?^1^ 
wash-money, charge for washing s. tD7^3"^i?n 

.npMg^ laundry (^j?. f]^-) *, l^^i^^W^^I 
.nonis washerwoman (2:^?. 0-) #. p^^^l' 

.-gullet, esophagus s, tOt^\") 
generous or liberal (pL S^-3"iri11) 5. f^^l] 
♦*ini!pD ^^K one who is yielding Jn-iia person 
;nisp3 generosity, liberality », m^irill 

.- yieldingness 
"and David declared," a certain 5. in-ID^'il 
psalm said while covering one's eyes 
vj")] D^^fi Dnali^'r pjn; nlDjp with an arm 

skating while covering s. t^tSli'j'^np'lD^^^] 
t2'V^^ n':ipj2 ^11 i^p^tjD one's eyes with an arm 

.D^yp^ri bv. P_1i| 
"and Haman came," the fellow _pAr. \^^ ^^^l 
is here! (^o^'c^ about an undesirable person 
B'"itti« 13) i^S U?*«n nan [co??2i'^2^ into a house) 
♦cr^a'? s:;n nsn ^nb3 onx "rv 
♦nD^!i?2 ,T\n^'')^ escape s. Hl^^l 
to escape, run away, abscond rt"nsn pm ~ 

.n^in runaway, absconder 9. ^^2i^^"n'l^'»1 

.-confession (^L D^'^n^l) 5. ''"ITI 
to confess one's sins before ^n^i ]m — 
.ims ':sb VK'tn bp n^inn death 
"and it came to pass," evil (pi. D^) 5. \*1^T 

.rriit ,p-i n^p^ occurrence, trouble 
"and there was a day," and it yhr. Q'^*^'^ ^'^,''^ 

.lp.^1 happened 
— Vayezatha (one of the sons of Haman) ^^l)) 
male or- {vulg.) i^rif fool s. \\ ;(pn oaa -rns) 
.nptn 15K gan, penis 
,- dispute, debate (pi Q^ni2^1) 5. n^S'-T 
♦nsinn to dispute, debate ?;. r. ^^^ fn^3''l 
"and w^ere finished," extract from s. nO^T 
Gen "^ sis recited at the benediction of the 
n u?Np2 ISDD D^p^iDs cup on Friday night 
,'^^rj cv b'^2 r^-^p:^ ap^Ki^n 
.(« "inn ttt'i a clear indication i^id'^i px s«bp k (si.) — 


.52 &^n ,'p'iiibc.y.S' p&i ip'i "3 (»t 


SIS — 


and m i^^p 10^1 and above all adv. ^^^3 ^JE^l 

,nt^ p]Dl2i addition 
"and thy righteousness," sancti- s. ^T\^^t} 
»<K s?m /"isnfip monious person, hypocrite 
"and gather us together," ])hr. IH^ 'J^SJ^I 
,2^3^212 =1:^3 {joe.) we are all beggars 

^ia'Ki^n ,Dn'pnn , - the pious s, pi. f^p''^} 
to rise at day-break for rp'rii pita^'S^iK — 
,r]^t^r)^ n^nn pn cp dip prayer 

»33 p^fi S^\nJ|i5 p« 

not to be able to do anything aga- ^ipin 
,ty''x ^^3 HDiKs nit'p? bb'' k9 inst a person 

.council ;- committee (^^» D'^'IP}) s. ^^V). 
the Council of fche Four s. ni:^n^ ^S'lK n^l 
Lands {conference of rahhis and Kuhal lea- 
,'-'\ders of four provinces formerly in Poland) 
general com^ {pt C'hh^^r. Z^-TI) s, ^^12>!1 ^^I 
«-mittoe, central committee 

committee supervising the s. n^^iS^in "T];i 
proper preparation of food according to 

. - Jewish law 
central committee of all s, D'^^Vlsn ^3 ^1?1 

«- communities 


»nnjx legend (pL B-) ^» 5^5^t 
reading ;nTt?K saying (^L f-) ^. I^^J)?3Kt 

.H'rlD ,*i"j:^ preacher (pi, B-) s. ^P^Kt 
woman prompting pra~ {pi. B--) s. l^p'^yj^t 
nibsn n«i1p nu?^ yers to female worshippers 

.|ri^?^ F^n bu foreign ac^J. P^tO^JK"l3KI 
.nu7 -Dnii^K hind quarter {pi '^V^TO s, ^"^K! 
.(K nn'^ri'i boiling s. ^TXt 
!53K to eat something hot ixt on |is py — 

.nn)-^ myn b^-^an 
,tDH'3D3xn == (pL D^ptO^) ^, p];^KnMt 
Ijask inb^'d problem {pi C^) ^. l^l^^t^^^K? 

.b'iinn exercise n^pw 
fco choke, suffocate, stifle v. a. [^'^HK! 

.n)^i$n iii« zodiac {asfr.) s, p^^n^S? 

.(n'?c ps) n*iD soda ^. ^'IKt 

.nrc-'a soda-water ^. ll^DKir^nKt 

SI back {of \i seat) {pi. D^p^^) s, pV^^W^ 

hind quarter {of {pi ^Vp'^-) s. p^^||Kt 

.cinin^n nt'S buttock (o/ 5ee/) 5» l^l^^S"p^n.St 

n-'S works, factory, mill (pL l-) s, "iKIIKt 

»o'p^D nji^ip stud ;nii'hn n^s ,npKbD 

the seventh letter of the Hebrew #« 1 

?2Mm. II ; npi;,^ n''S--"]bx2 n^y-a^n nlK*n alphabet 

.ntjsc; seven 
^53 stutterer, stammerer (^jL B--) s. ^p!K|?t 

»aj??l to stutter, stammer v. r. y^ f^p^KKt 
non» ;n1\tn superstitions s. ^^L B^XS2K3HT 

.nm'sa ifi'bsn Q-'i^'^ sense 
amusement, diversion, {pl> B-) s, ^HKi^tt 

.gx'i;;^' pastime, sport 
*]^t-»|| )vjD))t to amuse, divert t\ a. i^^^'SKaKt 
.i;rj7nU7n to amuse or divert oneself 13. r. 
.p 11 K 3 g ! ~ ; ^^2ip plaything (pL B »- ) 5. ^p11|^2K? 
.-3| to steal 1;, a. f]^"^*^^ 
.(K pU7% ,ioit5 informer, denouncer s. '^i^tOJ^t 
.nn mast {pL fP--) #« ^^^' 
to lihp^ to read nbx to say, tell v, a. n. p^t 

,y;i'n preach 

what do you think of ?ii£ipi n^« iDJKt ckii ™ 

?n! bp inpi nts this? 

this does not mat- pK? ix tou?i3iK3 mr^ d^i — 

.nDifr?a9 nu?n; k5 nt ter 

?n^«a you don't say! !d3Kt -iik Dxn "- 

to have a great deal ]m i^ ii^ |PJ3n isf pKn — 

.*i2ii nn-in pDpnnb r^Kb nsi to do 

I have a presentiment t:^ DJi^t pKH cki ™~ 

.rn-ID U?^J1D ^33n 
I say (joe.) ;iDi&? Kin says be np d^^7 — 

.l^l^ ^311 


^ 2U -^ 


♦(s n3Di7 preparation s. I^^^t 

/^fiD I'^Jp neuter (^r.) ac^/. 1^7SKT 

♦D^nja clothes ;ci'':^£rT effects s. pi. \^^* 

.(3 nbin n'^r] to be ill -u. n. (55^^ 

n3I7 ,W thing, matter {pi. (-) s, ^I^P^l^t 

parlor, drawing- nno -obiK hall C^?. f--) s. ^*^^ 
.a^n^ilK iin room 
>2!i| to steal {sl)\. a. p^^^h^l 
security ifnisB deposit (pi. f--) s, 2.S7Kt 
,]U")i; pledge, pawn, mortgage ;iiin'i^ 

'Ci^M nbn?? scrofula s. ^2'tD.S'7l^t 
zolotnik (P^-(5^ jpar^ {pi E?^-) s. p^ro.S^.^t 
ntt'n D-'V^iin phnn) p^3^15it [0/ a Bussiun pound) 

ointment int^^^ salve (joZ. [«-) a. ^^^^^ 

,|Dt?n nh''^D anointing s. *-31-7Ki 

♦|D';£'^ hu??;) to anoint v. a. I^vKT 

.^n: together pre/. ""^^7Kt 

.tnn^^p by three adc, ^)'')'iP'^h$'s 

♦W Drt\:^ both together adv. nJKi^n^^t 

.cni;5';ix by four adv, tDI^S^i^Kt 

flri\":if^ by two, two together adv, tS^.^11^^n^»^t 

ix^'an "^D balance, remainder {com,) s. Pu^l 

am iDu; balance-bill (^L J^^^) ^. ^Dpr-r^^^Mt 

♦^jna ^nio ironmonger (jpZ. ^V -) s. p^itK'^'^Kt 
to owe, be 0^. p. ^hp'^: ,^h^m) v. n. \hH^ 

Anwvb) nSi under obligation, shall 

D": i^Qbp n nSn you shall go ]ii;i tocbxt n — 

♦"^bri ab you shall not go ]i)^ 

p!3 10^3 5^{! iy ;k3 ^b^ let him go \vj ip b^t — 

♦lb' K5 he shall not go 

what shall I do?, what ?I^?•^ ^:n' 5ki cs'H — 

?mu;pb ^5 HD am I to do? 

if i |d:ii IP11I73 b^\ yM ipii ,|aiii bp yM lyn - 

♦''fij;T' 6 knew 
r'?p nhu; to buck, steep in lye v. a. p'^i^t 

♦d^a*: nn'n "-ii? nn.: salvo (^?. D-») «, ^sb^T 
.n?D salt (i^Lf-) ^. f*^Kt 
to enjoy a per- ybm |1k to^nin tD:i:pi:;\^ ]bp — 
♦nnn ]nbiu; 5p bs« son^s hospitality 

►pjKip pn isochen ti^a^ns^nb^'i^ q ♦f^'i^'D^^ '''3 (n 

backstreet, lane {pi ^Pph>^) 9. pP^lpKTlKt 

♦^i*]i£ fin 
nSD obstruction, bar (pL D».) s, ^SkII.^I 
,nj;^??p hindrance ;d^1^ bolt 
.£D''7P.f n rii^.b^ mumps s. pi. D^p'^Kll^^f 
the glands of the throat s. pi. B^p^llli^t 

nilngb 2hf^ to take eagerly to v, n ^li J^^^^.Tl^? 

XTh^ b^n T^ hinge (pL B-.) s, ^D^^IIM? 
nb^ria seton, rowel {-pi D^) .f. ^pK^^^llKt 

1^ br) n^inn nn; linchpin (^L B«*) 5, )^pDyi1^t 

Mju? neid snow-storm {pi. S--) ^. ^SI^^^IlKt 
.nr^'H?: disturbance (/'t^) 
♦(Fji^ f^s) Klip '^t^p cuckoo (jpL D-) 5. ^^^"itKt 
>^-n^p stubborn adj. T^^T^^m 
adv. II yVjyp full, filled to satiety adj. tOKt 
/^ sufficiently^ enough 
.V~v^b to satiety d^i 12J: — 
,i;."3wb bsK to eat one's fill toKi liii pv — 
to get sick or tired of cyay ps isk? |i?! — 
,"inn:3 y)p something 
♦Tn cooked dish ;nri^n'i boiling s. tOKt 
/^p^ calm adj. P^^tD^t 
,np„'!!'ip ,15 -^SK saddle (^i. fl^--) 5. 7tDKT 
saddle worker (^k D^ ,^) ^. 'I^SKD-^^.St 

♦'TIS .D^DSN* nt'iy 
»^nn ,^i2K to saddle v. a. [PvtOKt 

^3iy.t) rr-ri'fn to steep (mc/?^5) v. a. \P^PW^ 

surfeit ;p5'u; fulness, satiety «, ©l^p^Kt 

TD n-];rin to provoke v, a. f>?£)^t^t0^t 
.ppap^^Kt -= Ppsp^tom 
.n^r.K hare (p?. Wi^^) 5. rW^^ 
pn^?:;n pnu? to play tag w^'^i p.K fbia'^:^ — 

nn'f thing Q^L B^- bmm^ .f-) «. ^^t 

♦]5K! ♦! ;pD^ business ;p^3i; matter ;k|D 
to speak to the point IKI ipi 1^ ptn — 

this ix your business liii 'iP^-^K ?ik dxn — 

.in^5 nb p:ii3 nin -isin 

cidiB ,n^ip convulsion 1^1 ptz^ipisip 11 — 

♦nnsjn .^b*b softly, quietly adv. ^3^1 




.]mi^ ,D15 ,i]i soft, mild adj. tBiKt 
ambuscade^ ambusli {pL D^) #, l^pl^Dit 

♦D!5?D fco force, compel, oblige v. a. \V^W^^^^ 

*'^^?|Q rib^. sl-uice Q^L &-) ^« ^plIK^DKt 
i'^-ip. spade (^9^, D]^--) 5, t^mm 
*<l?p1iKK5bKt ^=) ^ri|D ^5^ sluice s, J^pliP'ODt^t 
.in^ ^3^ with all might &ypiipDB|?! p^K f^^iK — 

*(5^5^) nK^n i|b away I {to a dog) int. ]^''DKt 
bin, rack (in a granary) {pi, B)^-*) «. p'^DKI 

"n^^ oyen-door, oven4id (j)L D--) ^. PpinDMI 

m 'ii;.?^ ^b$ tinder--box {p^L Q-')s. Pp^^^^KCKl 

,p^pspn\y = S?p^K£Mt 

'ito? stud, shirt button (i:>L B^) ^. ^p^K&Kt 

provision, store^ supply {ph f-) «, D.H^£Mt 

,piKi in reserve mm) pii — 
m]f2 emergency exit {pi. ['-) s. '^^t)'"DK£'K? 

.'^^kri npi'b (nnB) 
i«:^?psn in store^ ready, spare adj\ pDK&Mi 
.(^ n) b'K^bp 9p of reserve l]^^Q ,ipii2 
to provide, store, supply, t?, «» pii)^BMB^? 
«"i^ripb |3n ,ikK reserve 
*h5 ;p?i sap, juice {pL f-) .9. ^£Kt 
Juiciness 5. ^l^p- ||;d^ ^^^ iuicy adj. mtm 

heel-piece {of a shoe) {pi. B-) «, ^IlKlfcM? 

.Q3t!3 saffron s. |P'^&.^' 
.■'npp^ n?.^ ,lfa-b? to prohibit «. a. fi^\H^^O^];iBK? 
'p'\'^'^i'2^ "^^pp ,1DK?^ sentence (jpL f--) s. f*Mt 
composition ;(DnsD bm %k ,y^p set Ufrana 
*bi2| limit ioiD^s wniK ^k?) '^^'^d 
.rf|«h cavil, chicane Q;l &-) «, i;p£|^^i^^t 

^''t^:sn paste boiled into a soup ^, ^p^'PWI 

jij^tsp n'l^ps period {pi \^) s, ^pTiD^f^K! 

,pb ,ta^py_^ bag, sack Qi. p^t) s. pKt 

*p^ns sock, stocking {pL f-) ^, p.^t 

.n^mn order (j^L f--) ,?. TKpK! 

.^•n'p ,|M ordered adj, J^JtKplf? 

.I^l^n ni by Q^m registered aclj. |;\SOi||p||! 

®fi§^^ slack-baked part of bread s. ^^^IHpm 

.ai^D ,ph law (ph^P--) s. \^pm 

iQ^mbj^ ^]p salted water, brine .«. 1J^DKl15^7^t 

.m 'p sea- water 

.''h^io p^h hydrochloric acid a, P^T^'^"^^^'^ 

.mhfp briny ',r\bi2 b^ salty adj, 5^^7^t 

salt-cellar, salt-box {pt IJ^--) s, b^D^^^^H! 

.n-^p to salt (^. ■p. f^^Kt^S ,^^^Kt^a) «. a. f^^K? 

,hbn na^sn swing (^L f - ) #. 1*H!2^t 

91^1 fly-^wheerCi^L'^Pni^l^) », n.S11|"^«DKt 

^yj.l'^h '^O^D to exhaustj waste v. a. f^^l^^lft 

.bin sand s. "I^H? 
to throw dust |ris^ n pK nsK? r^-^ ifis-) "" 
.u?^^ ''5''P "ip^ in a person's eyes 
sand^bank (geogr,) {ph p^l^n^) ^. pi^S||"1»m 

^in may r\)m {geogr.) (pi, 51^n^) §. :i^^n||"'lDm 

.\s^in ;91n b^ sandy «<:?;. ^HtSKt 
sand carrier (ph D^ ,^) g, '1])*T:£"1^Kt 

,bin ^''^^ti 
brown sugar, coarse sugar s. '^^p1^"*1''-^^ 

.9ln 15^ sandstone {jjL ^V -) s. fWtJ^^bm 

,|pi^aitDiKS = t^^^^»Ht 

cross-beam, uniting two posts of a s. tO^Di^? 

.(^ l^p b^, anitep ^3t' ftTf ^tpn rrilp wall 
to lift one's hand against v. r. ^^ f^'^i^^DKt 
cb! ,|j,3nn to intend, design r^p. n; ^b13 

*f5p '^5"^ collection (^L j^-) s. j^^vDKt 
collective "{gr.) {ph f^D^^) s. \VmH^^^^^ 

,ip^"\p'^'^^ f^ispn Qt? noun 

l]fhp^ ,»]b^ to collect^ gather v, a, fJ^7DKt 

,]Cp^r! to assemble v. r. l^'-l! 

♦^BK*?5 .^tp\^ collector [pt S- ,^) s, ^|?7DKt 

^ld^ '9^C!^50'1 to tarry, be late v, r. ^^| fJ^^Kt 

*|pGni — ;pit seed {pL B-) s. fP^Kt 

.u?t3pt = ^sm 

Mib'i ,nh| to breed, multiply v, n. f^^lM^K! 

."'^ 's.f'm a^'^ <|iia to nestle u. r. "^^^-"il 

.mbs^ ear {of com) {pi. f^ -« ) t. ^^^^ 

.IP^'inKS^ fpni^^t 

.nsulD^^ parasol {pi B^--) s. p^^^KI 

.nbij pji whitlow, agnail Q^L B-) s. V^V^)^^1 

,|Bi ir^^ ptsK calico s. ^^^t 

4B| itt^ \hm bf of calico a^/, \P^^ 

Ai^^ l^i^n^'Dn BUT p^ ppS5?p^ "3 m 




one seeking {fl.) {pL D--) 9. 'i:;;2I?^rS2T 
^y_ ^pii ty^z^ a treasure by rhabdomancy 

flowing with milk and p^7\ t^*^Tl 27n DISJ 
. — honey (0/ a rich country) 
♦y.isr?^ in advance adc, i^'^l^t 
nice, neat ;rij dexterous, handy «</;. piSHliT 

,nnp comfortable acj/- ^'S^?^'^^^ 

♦lujsp able, capable ao(/. i^^^i^'^t 

to greet or salute each v, rec. I^t [plltDD^'nt 

.Dl^un inpi nx ^""K i]iii other 

. — pure gold phr, "liritp SHt 

.-a gold coin, a gulden {pi. CninT) ^. SIHt 

.« careful, cautious arf/. '^N'^J 

♦mini ir\in = *^\ntl T^t 

♦^ji! iBpp even number ;'-pair(jpL n^2^t) s. 2^t 

my wife, (your wife, s. O^J^T .^n:^T) ''Hilt 

♦c1ny;« .''iri^K) ^riu?K , - [his wife) 

.(2T^t =) nn^ril boiling s. "Tit 

.nnn boiling, hot adj. S^Tit 

the Zohar (cabbalistic paraphrase of the s, "^M"^^ 

. — [books of Moses) 

♦IS] mention ',0^ name s. ^''^^^It 

tlL-j;B ^l^j? steeple, belfrey {pL D-) «. J^^^^i^ilt 

menagerie, zoolo- (jo^. Dl^iti-) 9, r^Jll^l^nt 

*iii''DD 1^ '"^^'^ gical garden 
dean- *. tD!?p-||;naj ,^p.3 clean, neatac^j. *i)^S''1t 
.^a'' ,ni'i53 ness, neatness 
.p5l^ ■'p mammal (pi. flTTt-) «. M''n||"^''li 
;p:: to suck (^j. ^9. P'^^W .tont^i) t^. «. [rit 

♦pm = nkp 
sucking child, infant, {pL '^^-) «. 15^p"5^1t 

.plrri ,p3l^ baby 
.n^b^ sole (pi [-) ^. '^nt 
hem, seam, edge, border (pi. \V^Vl'^) s. D^'lt 

.(n:3^) nst? 
.d^n^s ynt linseed s. ^?. Ii^l^''1t 

.\yin3 pickled ;F??n sour ac^. ^V^lt 
.\yin3 KWj? pickled cucumber ppnp;ix yip-'it — 

»|r»ri n^Q tartaric acid 5. f^SiHT"'lj;''1t 
.m^riD .i^bit leaven «. 2^^t01i^"'lt 

.fiKin nbn curdled or sour milk s. ^^^Z^l^'^lt 


%^'^ beef steeped in vinegar s, ^))hti''\^^)'( 

one versed m law {pi. C:|?-») §. p!Ji<p>§1 

nriD fT^s ,ph5 lawful adj. V^p^^ 
;;in n^''j3 exaction {pi D-) §, ^"ilif'pKi 

x'Jis exactor 
.p^:mi7^== p!-:nK^pj$t 
dedication of a house s. P^^tO£^K'7pift 

ton^ packing-needle (_2>^. fi?-) s, ^"l«rp^t 


.nlK}3!pr,a5 iji-i^ garter (;?L *];;-) g, ^"I-5::?nJplSIT 

.bbu? spoil, booty s. ^M^px? 

incandescent mantle (j?/. D-) s, J^plli^'^^t 

p^S"]^ i ctio contagious a^y*. ^'n^^t>§1^T 

contagion, contagious (^2. B — ) s. J^tKlKt 

♦nB5^ pestilence ;npn'^ri^ nbn^ disease 
V. r. ^n»-]| ;cn^nt3) pn7n to infect v. a. ?^TJ$1KT 
nbnp n^n to be infected, catch (a disease) 

.fii^^'i care (|)Z. f- .-) s. ^*l«t 
intelligence office {pL p^P:i^) 3. piK!:||nS!t 

to worry, have an- nk^^ to care ?;. n. f^"^S$t 

♦t n V. r. ^^t - II ng^kN"! jkn xiety 
yj|j.^ to stick {in mire) v. p. I^^^^l ^^JT^NIt 


,Tp^ t^s'ri immediately, at once adv. O^^^t 

bugle call at day-break and s. pi. D^IKI 
fr^ in-^n nl^p isi\y npjnn evening twilight 


i^»ip cold fit, chill s. pi. nv^t^m^ .tiV'^^tm^ 

.in ilpa 
I am nipped by oy'iBt'Kr jpjjh^iks "i^^ m op — 
.iipti *'nu?3 '^^D frost 
last day of the feast of Macca- *. MSUn n^t 
,0 nsjh b*^ I'nqK q1^ bess 
.nsDK b^ of meeting adj. ^J^I.SSt 
n^p^^ .nip']^ trick, prank {_^L S-) a. J^ptO^il 

. — dung 5. b^l 

n ps re-m nj?D-NT£^ tt ,3amnopH ti^arr^^p (« 
DV1 ps ^^111 »}BTij?;is "irx 13-iyn (3 ♦p.necK pD tDi5?n 


--" 21T 


.T^ns soup-ladle {pL \V -] «. h&ph-m 
1^^^ to swallow ;^^4 ,tDi?b to sip v. a. j^"!f 
KhjD 1« n^K to say or read quickly (/^^,) 

^mp ^ca boiled beef, soup-meat s. ^!^^£JBit 

♦nDj n?ih5 -n'^s beef ipiuz 
female {pi. \V-') s.\\>ii'r} sbe pron. pers. T^ 

*m3b snnisun k%i she herself r.ibx ^t - 

»M^^2'i^ seven rzwwi. fS^t 

with all appurte- pKt pii pbb* ^^^ (*f^.) -^ 

rb n'^^'^'^Z'n annin bs qp nances 

♦n^i^l] yn^ 5i;s heptagonal adj, ^^^^Kp^n^t 

.n'i;-D\J? ."^n^ seventh ord. mim. V- ."IP '» .'^P^^t 

♦''^ni n^^ six and a half num. fS^K.I^^i^n^t 

seventh part {pL ^''phn^) s. phn\\-1DVT.\ 

seventh, seventh part (-pL H^^) #. ^^^nn 
in« n^la 'r^;: seven months' child ;ri^p^sf 

.n^^^^^n in the seventh place adv. B^tOl^S^t 
nv2^n seven (a^ mr^*) (^pL ^J?^^) s. J^bpnn 
^Ox nbl3 ib^^ seven months' child ;{D^B^p3) 

,i3''|''!p nrst;? 5^ of seven kinds adj, 1)")")^^^^ 
M'VrV seventy num. ^)t^'2 

seventieth part (jd. D''p^n<^) ^, p^n||'-^3.Xi;D 

*a''i;r£'2i\y phnn 
seventieth ord, num, 1^- .^^-^ ,*^D^^l^^nn 

|S mi septuagenarian (pi, --) a. '^W^V^''^ 

.D^3''a D-'iJ^u? b^of seventy kinds ac?/. ^iSl^^y.^P^lt 

.^•ci; np^ru; seventeen riwm. [^i^m 

the seventeenth ord mm. V - ^'^V - r^^i^X^i^t 

»it?p np^2'f n 
seventeenth part {ph "^V--) s. hmv^'p^'^} 
,^bp np^nu?if p^r^n 
,]\m\ victory (pi. f-) s. 2 
.eKin seal (j)Z. fi?^) ^. hi' 

*Dhn to seal v. a. \Vhv 

■ jnp,5p signet-ring (pi. \V -) ■% 3in'"b3' 

ko win, be victorious, gain the vie- v. n. p 

>0:^2 tory 
,n^5D victor, conqueror (pi. -) s. "^V^ 

.SI IT = T 

^n3 pickled or sour cabbage #, ^"^'"ipnp^lt 

,|V^n oxygen s. ^i^tO^'l];''!! 

.^b'p .r^h^ to drink v. a> n. ffe^lt 

hard drinker, drunkard (jjI. & «- ,'-»)#. 'IJ^B^'lt 

.nsj to be worthy, be favored v. n. pJ? nS^I 
to win a prize (in ipbpid k 1^ pi nait — 
.5°T!jn nD! [lottery/) 
.(^ii nbi to win a law-suit v. n. pJ'' Pl^ n3lt 
;t;£n .y;,'?^ to seek, look for, search v. a. f5'5t 
u^ita to pick a quarrel with ^. r. ^^t^|| 

rb nib'bp. 

,n^n"^ X'^sn seeking^ looking for s. ^IJJ^SIt 

.Vpf plenty ;- cheapness s. 7lt 

.-- glutton/ gormand (^i. S'^^^lt) ^. ^^1t 

glutton and (pi D\^^iD} D'^b^^lt) s. ^SiDI b^ll 

. - drunkard 

.ri5 summer s. '^^^H 

summer of St Martin, "iprii! np-vLJ^p^i^ii — 

."i^2inn np Indian summer 

.isns butterfly (^^L 1^^--) s. vhpP't^^V^M 

.bp5nsu,'-npriit == p^"nD'^^"^^i;Dlt 

jbp„n^i^3 freckle Q9L n^^) s. ^pJ^ns^^"l];D1? 

I SAvamp, marsh, bog, mire (pi. f-) s. fiwit 

to bring trouble ss^it k pH p^ar-nn (y^^.) -^ 

»r°K bp npi Ksn upon a person 

."la n'ms 'If K ,n^2 b^ swampy a^J. TBDIt 

,3^Dri .1! strange a(ii. 'llfS'lJ^'lJIt 

.|2 son (yjL (^?) s. 'pt 

.nDn ^Du^ sun (j:;L [J^ - ) s. ^ p| 

,(pna ^-13) |a son (con/*») ^. ^h^^n^'il 

,pPTnTEK == 'pj^n^it 

.a^ ^? but cori/. -^p^lJIt 

whore^ prostitute, disor- (pi. niJlt) §. ."iJlt 

, - derly woman 

.Jiipp-|9K sun-dial Qjl, D^) s. li^^l^tJI? 

.(j?i3^3) I'TOKT Di^ Sunday ^. ,l^^J1t 

.pt\H^ cr 9w of Sunday adj. m^T^^M 

,mi n|?b^ ,lhK |QiKS else, otherwise ac^y, ^DJII 

.n.Nt nb-ii 
,u,niun I'lK K^Jp sunny ao?/. ^H^i^^lt 
y;?2fn nft^^y) solsjtice (a^^r.) (7^, j--) t, n^KtO^^Ji! 

^np-'j^ sipj draught ; p'lD soup (pi, \ •^) s. B11 


gl8 — 


pimpJe at tlie angles of the [pi. D-) 5. V^^"^ 

.(« nsri filsan n^Dp mouth 
old man Mi^r^'^ grandfather {pi. D--) #. ^H^^t 

•ISP party, part ;nnj;ni£ side {pi. [-) s. *^^-!!t 

♦cicD !?^) rji n^ page 

,r\i'iT\ aside, apart isi^? « |^ — 

*^j?T ps Jinx *7iiK5 on one hand ts'-^: p^.i? |is — 

^^m liia on the other hand dv? "lyipna^ 

♦nitsi for my part d?t |1?» |ii — 

to take a person's part, isi^r D32ii;?2^K |i'i:y3 - - 

♦\i?^K DP Ti2f to side with a person 

,\\ib ""bn without joking tsi^? k |^ *ii7!D5y^i;a k — 

tiii) iptD:5,j75^ nn ]13 ipta^pn D:i;:rD^.i^ |y?ip35^? — 

to take a person's words in a had sense 

♦*i;/n']i£ strange P^n:^ ,iit b^ of side a^/. i^tO^^T 

.••init "Til side-way, by-way :ni -ipji^tai^? — 

♦It \i?^x a stranger mm 'ipjiDin 1? — 

♦mi£ im by-matter ^iji pj^ia^^t — 

♦ni'i'nsi niQ3Dn perquisites moisn v^it^'^i -- 

.bin m^b secular sciences nittDM pjiisist — 

half of (nOD ^tt^) ?ii nii page [pi "^ - ) ^f, ^tO!!}t 

ni^oa n^p, ijih an animal cut lengthwise 

♦nn^is leave s. (T'l to"!?? pc) 1-^*^-^ 
I wish yon a happy ^i -ctoinitii^ ^ ^i'- "b*."^ (Joe.) — 
1 1311 fT'^ii:*' dtt?n journey! 
♦^iteP pillar (joL f-) «. '^l!?^ 
♦nDu?3 x'D3 soul f2^L f-) 8. 7l5t 
♦cQ''lt=) nc^ seam, edge {pi. f^-) 5. C^^T 
.•^b nau; nt'y to seain v. a, \V^T.* 
X"^'i'\ taaV) ns"9 nuip hemmer (_pZ. D — ) «. "^^^^l^t 
to ;nsn to 'be {p. p. \'^Tm ^\V^m) v. n. ^\'l^ 
fco have sexual uy^ap ftsrs) r.'',^ take place 
♦PT rop nb'f intercourse with 
'^V " a5«. ||;ib"^ his (jr»Z. J?-) ]:ron. poas. ^f^Jlt 
»i5 "1^^ JbtiJ his (jjL J^-) S— ,^« 
♦-D na'-in ,n''3n to let alone p-n px9 — 
to persist, listen to no d3^? ^t-i^ p^toti?«n — 
.inpi by nttp argument 

nb^st^a -1'Tinp for his sake -pS adv, pj^TitDJin 
.i'^iij? for his part 

his (j;-D«T /p'-^'l i'll^-'iy'Di^'^o^- i^oss- ^-^-^ 

♦ ibuj 

*''^i» \m p?bprn 

abusive word, (jpl. ^i^tSl^n^) «. ^'iS'nir^n^ 
.nit^3 ,p]nD invective 

♦'T^i 'TO to scold, revile v, a. f^vl^t 
scolding, abusive words, invec- s. ^Jl'l^^l^^ 

♦?]nn '''in'^ tives 
♦"'D'ln'^n n^v south-pole {geogr.) s. biJS""*!^! 
to seethe, boil (p. p, \mm >p^W) v. n. [n^t 

♦nirnas nni to simmer toDi^^ pit — 
♦piprj? nu^'in r\'^i refinery ». l!!^^^^t 
♦(D^) !nj;1? Jhni'i seething acZj. iH^llt 
the splendor of the divine s. n^'^p^H 1''t 

. - glory 
conjugal union, marriage (pi. ^^^^^) ». ai1'»t 
"in§ one of a married couple JCi^i^s 

»ai!n IP 
• -forgery (pL S^S^^) s. ^^ 

^]t] ,an they _pro92. j9er«. V.t 
♦dis^ ;Qtt2j?s an they themselves pi5K ^.it — 

♦p^S^ri to suckle, give suck i\ a, Pl^t 
;ni3^r» suckling, giving suck ad]. 2n^3^t 

♦p3> sucking 
;np'3"'D n^i? sucking woman "ns pr.ip^iiii — 
♦cntjy p3i^ suckling child "isip jnpa^t? 
,nn^:is leave sm^Is n^l^ farewell .9. tDi1tvr!5t 
.ppf clock (p^. D-) «. '^^i^^? 
.D^s pp^ watch (jpZ. n^-) s. ^'^^^ai^t 
,\t^^ watch-maker {pi, D-.) s. 'nl?5Kt:--!^21^t 

♦b^s'ipu? ipriD 

nursing woman, wet-nurse {jjl. 5 - ) «. pJ^2^5? 

,np.r«3 'np;r^ '"Tf^ 
kind-hearted person {fig:) P^a silk s. "I15t 

npjifn silkworm (pL D^ni^ll--) 1?. an«T^-^ 

♦ ■■^'^ 
(/i^.) p^D bf silk, of silk, silken ad]. X^t^ 
kind-hearted (/t^r.) ;pis; gentle, delicate 

D^y gentle young man |i$Diyji3i'' "iPipi^* t — 

♦n*i abr ,pnp 
w^K kind-hearted person u?3p^ "ipip-ii?! — 


♦■^^ ni^? /i^9 aigi silks «, 51^StJ*T2S 


2ii «--- 


,-i2^vf2 of itself |r.b^ i^? |is — 
,(,-Hn!2n T« -nsr ^tj?) .TK^n sight (com,) *, ^^^^ 
safe, secure ; •x'^i .n-is^ sure, certain adj. ^PS^t 

,"^^4^ certainly, surely adv.\\ item's. 
srn to take for granted ipsii p]''lt? |pt2i;5 — 

«« SiY'^.s covenant P^"^! certainty 5. tt^^,*1^J^5^t 

^^K-^is certainly, surely adv, ^^^'^^Slt 

,nRK3SS ,nas safely, in safety adv, plh'^'P^)^ 

.n^:^ti to secure, insure v, a. pV^"^-^ 

*nn!ps safety, securily s, tt!?p1^51t 

.\^'^^\ - fnsn 

»n^nn syllable (pi f-) ^» nblt 
»^D3 silver s. I^i^^t 
i^?3 silver-plated ware irn^it ipilj7tyi^ii -- 
.!qD3 d^Bm (npm n3r,)3») 
»'^ni» litharge of silver s. Wh^'^V^h)1 

merchant of sil» {pL -) a. '^Vh'l^V^-^'^V^h)1 

♦^23 ^bs 'ihia verware 

*siS3 ^bs silverware s, SlKHI^S^^? 

.=^,P2 bu; of silver adj\ \'^V^h)1 

hoar-frost, (pi, "^vh^) s. V^\\V^^V^^'"^V^h)^ 

niaa rime 

>^^nr! nj?b kIsd^ winter fodder s. ^^''^n^D^ 

.^-^n to winter t>« n. fl^llj^^^t 

,s]pnn pnt winter-corn s. ^JJ/D^? 

.t fii«n c^ name of the letter t {ph 0-) s. p] 

.rriD? ,i'>p singing s. P^^^J^? 
to sing, chant {p, p, IV^^^^V^) v. a. n. fl^^l^lt 

pDj;nnb u;^Kb hni to have a great deal te do 

,in'rcp singer, chanter (jj»L D-) ^. 1^3J!I 
llESt singing bird [i^l, f^»» ,"|^-^) *. ^^^l&^^Jn 

,|i^ ,XK5n sin, transgression (^L -) s. "1^^ 

.nKsn sin-offering f'2>^, -) s. "i^S^K-nJlt 

*b]XT^b iTr^' scape-goat s, pi^n'iJ!? 

>i.:|7lf5 ,i?OT sinful, iniquitous adj. .^ni!t 

♦rv;T .Kpn sinfulness s. ^l?p~-|| 
■i;'^^ ,mi^ .^m to sin, transgress v„ «, f3:!^Jn ' 

,al9a ,"p ,""1^ since ad\). "O-^lt 
.npi .nr.rnp mind ;np_l ,^5^ sense s. JJ^J^t 
.^^K rsr^ ^17 .iby to occur x^^^'^ |p3i? p^ |pj2ip — 

to filter, strain ^j. p. ^m'^^ ,^l?t];^) t,. a» fP!5l 

,n3|D9 filter, strainer {pi, D-) ^. 'l^L^t 

.I^ht to sow X). a. X^^>^ 

*ik?p very, much, greatly^ highly ado. ^^T^y 

;p^v5|? ,dnbf their (_pL ^-) ^row. ^os*, ^^^j^^st 

.Dnby; theirs {pi, P --) S^ .1^- ,11?-- a5^, || 

*snb if^ 
,Dna nt^b^ three of them i;iyi:t ^^1^ - 
(^- BKT 'P- n ''^V- 'iV'^y pron, poss. 5!^)?1^t 
*|rfb^ ,&r!bf theirs 
4'm sourish adj. ^^^'^y^J!t 
;(ps3) i^^qn to leaven in^QD to sour v. a. pl^!?t 
to get «« n ^^t*-||;('n3i a\^iti>p) t^hs to pickle 
,(p5g3) ft:nn to ferment ;nj?n.rf sour 
.nppri sourness, acidity s, ^!?p'l))!?t 
.pns ,nna soap (pL I-) «. ^^^t 
nweb^ soap-bubble (j?^. ^^-) s. ^t|;^3Bl^? 

*paa 9#3D soap-boiler (j»L -) «. IJ^^^tfe^^t 

to soap^ wash with soap^ lather «, a. p^^^ 

to give a good scolding pniKD ^ fS^it (sL) ~~ 

*btybssnt =-*j;n^15JS^^t 

^iT'ia i^K soap-stone (^Z. 1^?-) ^, p^^S^^lIt 
myself J your- iSmv^ self, oneself j?ro?i. re/. ^51 
selfy himself, herself^ itself, ourselves, 
,.'?i?2^2 ''^^n '^isi^P /^^J? yourselves, themselves 
each otherj one pron. rec. \\ ; a^^l? ,^'2mv_ ^3'22|R 
.(K ^wi nK u;^K anothei 
bp 9^3 to take upon oneself y.i -^^1K jy^ys -^ 

»r5r bip ,iDi£p 

.las^l? m nD*! to deceive oneself y.i pK3 — 

m r''^ T^a to greet each other y.i p^.im^ — 

itr to be beside oneself y.) irc^i^ pi — 

»iKa ni nnp'Tb 

to come to oneself, come to y.t n |i7aip — 

.(nbR?3?3) isn^^b ^w fV^^ti ,inpi ^v'^nn 

"333 ^sn a thing by itself y.i iks Ik? k — 

.3 »S ;pW,^B S?l3'^Tt^ pK 5?t2^»"^y ^'t -SKB yiS ^TKH^^-'S 


220 -™ 


fco find something jicrDiK ^'^^ ^^-' ^ ]V^'-^V^ — 

♦'c;\s* "5^7 niD? K!i^ in a person's favor 

to benefit by another mr: Dii^u?^^^ |d^2i;3 — 

,'^h« b^ im::T?2 nsnn person's merits 

.-ancestral merifc s. Tl)^^"!)^^] 

.nn 3K1 |i::^^ ♦? 
.'-may his merit defend us phr. "^Jv^ [2''^ ID^ST 
.im honor ; - privilege {pi. Dl'^^t ^ ) s, ri''2T 
1£?''kV n%n to have the honor ir-st n p^n — 

.--male, male person (^L D*''^?t) ^. 15J 

.|)2p trace ;t^n --hint ; — remembrance 5. "^2! 

,m3li3i .r ;- memory (^L S^) s. p'"!?! 

"may his (her) me- phr. nsnn^ (.^J^ipt) l^linit 

, — mory be blessed," of blessed memory 

.-memoirs s. pi. mJ115t 
as remembrance of the phr. \^*^}T\1 "IDt 

.-destruction of the Temple 
as remembrance of the clay phr. t)'^tl 13t 
.'-(of the bricks the Hebrews made in Egypt) 
blessed be the memory phr. niD'i^i p***1!^* 15T 
, - of the righteous man 
.nrnnb unsi ^ abbr. h"\ 
. — cheapening, lov/ering {pl.ti^i'^\)\) s. vmvI 
.nen^ ,ni£«3 abuse 
.-lowering of the price s. Tlp^^bTOl 
fcroublesome, molesting, anno- adj, J^'^^'^^vt 

.DDi;^* ,TJi*in ying 
S^ DBCHD n^i^ rough end of a loaf s. P>'S")7t 

.anb "IS? 
. - Sabbath hymns s. pi. HT^^'pt 
,-schoolterm ;— time {pL ^^^^\) s. \^\ 

the season of our freedom s. '■^ril'in |Dt 

, — (Passot-e?^) 
the season of the givinng s. 13jn*]1ri \T\f2 \J2\ 

. — of our Law (Pentecost) 
fcerm of payment, guarter- s. PV"^^ \^\ 

. - day 
the season of our gladness s, WTi^'^p fDT 
.--{Feast of Tabernacles) 
♦p-s tune ;i'u song s. ^DJ 
,i^tti considerable adj. ^^S^tDK^t 
bo be ',n'))n to signify, mean v. n fJ^S^tDXit 
fco ;::U7nn of consequence or importance 
,p^SD^ nSn suffice 
4^5ij?i; ,?i%bD sorcerer (pi. S-) s. "^^SJ^^t 
♦fiDtjJsp sorceress (2)1. 0-) s. J^tO*l^3K:T 

to lose one's senses, become ip:^' lia axn^ ~ 

.inp"i?: Ki" insane 

nnyn- n\-! to be in one's senses ]'^'^^ Qi^2 p-M ~ 

to be out of one's mind \ta^ ct'^n p-n tou 

.-iDT to have in mind 1^;^ pn pxn ~ 

^nsu; to escape one's memory |s;5^t p§ d^tik ~ 

.b-^i£ ,PD^ to sink (p. p. f^p^^TyS) ,-. n. \V\>'^'^ 

,D''?;3 ,pinD sweet adj. D^l 

.D^n^Q ^nbs D'D ,in3 ^r; fresh-water s. l^DKVi-C^T 

♦IP N^^^K ,iriK |E1s*s else, otherwise adv. pD:i 

swee- s. t01!«p-|| ;pin?: ni?p sweetish adj. "j^'^D^T 

.mp^nr; tishnes 

»niD^s;3 ^nip™ sweetness s. tO'L^pD^t 

*13''?P p; iri^st = a^^^r. T^'^ 

.nB3 l^'^s2 sieve (pi. l--) s. ^^^ 

.n'i^p2 =^i3n .ih2 to sifb v. a. i^^' 
^' "-forger (pi. £^^9^1) s. fS^^l 

^y mp he is still breathing "1^3 'opi:^.i "nP — 

.is«n ntt\J73 

♦nm^Si Drl3 breathing heavily adj. 'i^'^^^V^T^ 

.rm^ sigh, groan (pjl, f-) s. P^^t 

•P.5?n ,n3K'n to sigh, groan v. n. \^t)^ 

.nnjK sighing s. ^^.^mt^^ 

.Dipp ,rf i?2 seat (j^L I -' ) s. P^* 

nn^u?: session in^^u?^^ sitting (p)l. ]))'-) s. 3^"^^^^ 

»n^n bv ne^DS) 
to live *.2'^; to sit (p, p. fC^s^^) v. n. '\^^^ 

.-ic^??5S ::'^^ to be imprisoned kp^ss) -""i^; 
to occupy the rabbinical niinn ?i^ik pit — 
,ni3:i'^n i^c^ bv ns^ chair 
♦n^i:D -)K"i?n to remain unmarried \Ti\ pi^b^ — 
to have an i^n k ly^Kn Dip-i3in ^i^ix pit - 
n^n income of hundred dollars a week 

while sitting adv.^'^^fr sitting adj. 2n:)2i^t 

.nn^^^^-'S in a sitting posture adv. tOl^^llJ^ri'J'I^^C^T 

.pr^"2 n^pn huckstress QjL B - ) s. pJ^Sf^t 


.n3pi = n:p"^t 

.-olive (pL a^'IT't) s. n^I 

♦"•ps , - innocent adj. ''^21 

"he has won in the lottery," s. 7^1)2"n:5T 

hy.t^z n^i-in npn? a winning ticket 
.-privilege, right ;- merit (pi. l-) s. T\S'2] 
may his merits prtDvi?i^r T!a b^' n^st p_^i — 
.^by p^ iniDt stand me by 


^ 221 


.i^^pin -*?jrf^j;^ .^?;^y^ yourselyeSj themselves 
4dD^i;a <B5a:^|7a ,^3D:^i;2i ,nMi;3 
cp. nn^v soliloquy {pl/l^Ys. ^^^i&^^r^Dn^t 
^^,^, n^v^i monologue i)2^b 
.^ro] ntob^ autocracy ^, ^feK^^^S^HtDDn^];? 
'^r^'l b-i^iD autocrat s. IV^^Vr^W^hv^ 
j^r.> i?^^>l W suicide (jp?, f^) s, n\SD^^M^^! 

.^bb? .^9 if ve a'Wfl5. q^^t pfc) ^^^t 
HNT 15^ were it otherwise |i^i tynpiSK &p abpt — 

a<i(;. II ; ^^siD «b -fiix'^m:! IfD^^ ,'~\p^l rare ac?f. t^7j?t 

.nipini ^mvb rarely, seldom. 

.nis'^m^ 1^^^ 1^^ rarity ^^^I^^J^^t 

,vS^Tb^s=) K^^ \L?'K ,bjn soldier (pL --) s. "^V^^V^ 

.^2^ri nT.zp^ military service s. 15^]^J7j^^ 

soldierly/ ;b'n b^ of soldier arfj. ^"n^J^^t 

,bp^ soldierlike 
,(2sno-^» pa) '^^^s""'p seltzer, selters s. '^^^^pt 
.^^n li-ij a grain *of sand (j?/:, IJ^--) s. ^^»^^ -^2) nnjp sand-box (pL^--) 8. iP'iDpt 

earthen hut, mud^hut {pL B-) s. ^piK^^^D^t 

,^sp n-s 

.ni^p6| roll, small white loaf {pi. -) s. vDJ^t 

,np fine flour s. hv^^ht^V^ 

provincial government {pi. &-) s. ^11*0uDi;i 

.iTi'^n '''ip^ nn^'?s {in Bussi'i) 

,nY^n n^ bu; provincial adj. PpDtspt 

*(i?^:3n we are i^q iP^i*'! = a65r. ^V^V"^ 

^Q,^p, lip chamois, shammj^ s, ^»^t 

,^sK -lip b|? oi shammy adj. [^^Pt 

fayD shammy dresser {pt 0- ,--) s. 'nPK^O);t 

^2>,^y. lip 

,^p: chamois {pL]-) s. ^1^"^D];t 
np^isn trVip\ zenith (geogr) s. '^W^^ 


mustard-plaster^ ib^^n mustard s. ^^V^V^ 

,b"^in n^ann sinapism 

.KM chair {ph ^V--) s. ^DPt 

.a: sea {pi. f-) s. W 

.cfn 2^2 seal (pL ^J^n^) s. ^^Jin||"|;|;t 

.D^tj 2^3 5f of seal adj. \mTrVV^ 

gightedj capable of seeing adj. ^HCVOj^pi 

abilit}^ to see b, ^i:!p-'||;niK'i? bb^^ .mT\ 

'*f^'\r\ ,r^-) to see {p, p. \OmV^) v. a. n. '\iVm 

**^^ypn^Bji p^ m 

,or\m IT'S ^^) D^u :niK sign (p^, D^^) pK^I 
fool ns-jo inK penis ;-tail {ph Q''^^,|) s. 5i| 

,-» adultery s. T\\^\ 
inm 51^ nnap pornography s. ll^^'^^tO^^^n^it 

*G^p^;: nnss 
;nKiD ,|iin vision'] seeing (pL f^ -) ^, 2iiKj^! 

,|'i'i^^ meeting 

nfe ,n'i;.?2 saw (2?L I--) s. 2^^ 

X'^^a?^ sail (pL fl^'-)s, ' ^3^t 

.|i2j5 imni little saw (p,l ^^ -« ) s. ^ hw 

.rt mast (pL ^1^D»^) s. D^n||S2^t 

.a''\y'isD ^p n^ sail-cloth s. ^l^Ss];? 

3?h captain {pL D--) s. ^r^DOl^-DS^S^t 

.C'S ^hp to sail v. n. |]^^2^t 

.Q^nn n„^5K sailing-vessel (^yL [ - ) s. ^l^h'^V'^ 

nb3 to saw {p, p, pPm .*^:i^t^a) «. a. \^V^ 

.^1t |P3p3Pt!;3 = ^^t [^iP2|?t 

>i^3p3P^?T = fj?a^? 

wood- ;iB3D ,'^013 sawyer {p)L D- ,-) s. 'ij^a^l 

.nr^^s D^'^p.. "inii sawyer 
back-piece of trousers {pi. ^^-') s, 7*f^t 

.(Di^^^H? ==) ppt? fulness^ satiety s. '0^1 

.(pTs) p."^pp satisfying, nourishing adj. ^T^V^ 

.r^TTQ satiation s. ^JI^^tDj?? 

.ps'^n to satiate, satisfy v, a. p)W^ 

.rnb fulness '>r\iin nutritiveness s, 'O'^^p^'T^^t 

to be nourishing iV^Z'^n to satisfy v. a. n. p^J^t 

*piD m 

,a^u?^ sixty nt^m. a^^^^t 

.b^coraapt - p^n"^2^^5^t 

.a^^#n sixtieth ord. num. ^(D)2^^^5|;t 

pfn sixtieth part {pt "^V -) 8. h'^mn)t^P^ 

a man sixty years old, sexage- s. ^V^)^'Dpt 

.a^"^-^ 1^ narian 

.a-pp Q'wv bf of sixty kinds adj, ))h'^P^)1^^1 

.'it;p^ n\fu? sixteen wwm, f^5J^? 

,^up n'^i^n sixteenth ord siwwi. tD^^^^t 

pjnn sixteenth part {pL T^--) s. b^i^W 

(yi''3^y? BHT .5?3^3'?p! n iipnbpr ^in> adj. 2^^7^! 
,1n2i: ."■- 'niK same 
.imn iniK the same thing "\m p:jnbp? n — 
at the same time di^^ ip:i^nbpt npi p.K — 

myself^ jiDiEp^ ,1^sn iniK oneself jjron. *OSS^|^ 
yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves. 

TT \^\)V^m^ 

— 222 


♦B''5*'D nfu; ^'i? of six kinds adj. ^.^^1]^£p^T 

.p^-il <^ni grain (2^1 D-) s. P'l^t 

ferule ',T]m r\h^_ cane-head (pL D-) s. l^pTl^pt 
.(pnnnn inupn) n^^rj '^pip^ 
.-old man, aged man (/i. Q^^pT) s. fpt 
old woman, aged wo- {pi. ■?Tl^p|) s. '"^^p! 

. - old age s. ^^p\ 
bf b^'p2F\ force-meat ball {pi. B-) s. PtKiT 

.na^in ,nbbt! ruin {pi. D^-) s. ^I^^t 
,n^^ growth {^jI. f-) s. tDD^'nt 
a bone with ;- shank-bone {pi. £3-) s. ^i^t 
some flesh on it {used at the Passover 

. ^[ceremony) 
.-one who is prompt (p?, J^n^^lt) .§. n? 
,P1T . -- seed (pL mri?) s. .'1^^'lJ 
♦J^ll \r??'7^ seed-grain s. HS*^Sii)"n^''1t 
,(n5pj IN n^r '?u^) - semen ; - seed s. V^] 
. — royal blood, royal lineage s. M^^vDn"^*^] 
,1^np ,rij handy adj. ^Jt^tSi^^? 
.na'^^'ui throwing s. Vp^}_ 
t« throw out, chase away v, a. J^^^p*]] 
to throw away so- (/.) ;^'h| .T\^mt2 i]?^^n 
♦2^3ii i;i'^ "^i^^Sn mething stolen 
♦nsiinn "i^u?n to throw out c^r,K rpni k pyj — 

.-the little finger ;-span s. ri"^T 

.n^s^ frog {pi. D--) 5. ^::iH^t 

".D^"^^ gills s, pi D^'^nKt^t 

he is dis- cp'inx^t n ^i;k31k y.^.'72 tin. ^v {id.) — 

.nn 2'^'iv irt:n pirited 

♦(rfKinns nni^n) 'i^^'i? mildew ;n7i^q rust *. "^^11>§tt^t 

T\hvti to rust, become rusty v. n. ^p]^118^t 

>C]\z?3 to breathe v. n. ^Jl^^n^^m 
be is hardly breathing b-,ynKU?i iy dkii D^ip -- 

♦in inDU?3 nip 5d 

;fi3bnp .niibip complaint (^^Z. D^-) ?. ^r^K^Ht^T 
.^Mb'^z^t == ;bs« mourning 

»bnx 5t? of mourning <2«%*. P^K^Kt^t 

♦?1^r7lJ« '^'H acorn (^L D-) s. ^"IK^Kti^t 

./Tib't?^ salary (^Z. D--) *. r^.^HN^^Kti^T 

*f$p. i]t^!7 to spare ;Dir[ to pity v. a. [J^'^i^'^'Ktt^t 

.-bj? bhp\j3iKm to complain i). r. ^n f^ll^Sl^^T 

15. rec, y^^^ II ;riNnn to be seen v. r. n^^-|j 

.HK'iliri to see each other, meet 

please do me a favor nniiD k *iid i:a ,pi ~- 

.n.^K'l sight, vision s. 2((^)i^t 

.SDvnpss^'ip-G: = tOl^*~ip^K'np-^1:;1 

♦«''?2 ,nK''ii seer, prophet {2jI. B- .-) s. "^^VV^ 

*n^:2T] stroke, blow, knock {2^1. [- »-) s. f*^1 

-pann to burst ;n=n to strike yv' k I^to ~ 

a knock against the ground iipm j^ f yt i$ — 
Tipin 1^ fpi K taipii nt^'D (j^^.) ;pKn bp na^n 
.t:ibD nw Kb it is worth nothing 
a row of like objects {pi. ^P-) s. ^2fj;?^ 
a''bii;n Q-^Dn ann"] n'lv^ increasing in size 

type-setting {typ.) {ph \V -) s, f^ti^"^a-f*;?t 

.ni'n'ix n-ju^ nsbji machine, linotype 
to set, put, place ;r:];;in to seat v. a. [ST^t 
to ar- {gr.) J^lbj to set, plant ;(aipan) c^u? 
Ttfp to set, compose {typ.) Mr^^b^) -r^a range 
;(D^tt) t"ibif? to rush ;n'^j; to rise v. 7i. || UnrriK) 
mI^D to knock, strike ij'i^iBnn to burst 
to sit, sit down, seat oneself, u. r. 1^'-|| 
to settle {of liquids) '*2^) be seated, take a sit 
.(nttn> p.p^ to set {of th,e sun) '.(.d^^ji;) pp'^ 
type-setter, compositor {pi. S- •-) s. '^MV' 
one who puts bread into the ;(nrmK) n^cD 
.ir\mm n^ann b^ onb |ni3 oven 
nsKbr^ typesetting, composition s. 1!!*1^Sf^1 


♦nnen nnn letter-case {2^1. S - ) §. ftODKp"f^^t 

♦|!2p pr small sack (_pL "^-) s. ^hpV'^ 

.jtsp^ pDjiD little stocking {pi. "[^-) s. ^^pj^f 

♦iTfr six num. Dp^t 

sixty-six (yame at cards) s. 2'!i£2P)'pS"Dp;?t 

<a^B^p pnux) Htt^'^n c'lij^ 

^"^yini n*f Ksn five and a half rzwm. p7K.1tDDp^T 

.'''4^0 sixth o?'c^. ?2MWi. tODp^t 

.btocppt == p^n-t)Dp;;T 

six (care?) f^Tpri pbnr\ sixth-part s. 7t:Dp^t 

.r\mp:^ tt cp ^bp 

.nim ^^' nbpi nM?2n hexagon (2^^ f - ) s. p^"Dp^t 

.nisi] tv bp2 hexagonal adj. 5:p^~Dpi^t 

jipp"Dppi = ^)^VpV'^pV^ 

coin of six groschen {pi. 5-) s. 'n?. Dp^*t 

.pp-Dpp"? == tDJKp"Dp^! 

.?S^«?B^^ ^'3 (« 


_ 223 ~™" 


W he is still breathing ^p ^ps^tn iy — 
he is hardly breathing ^pai^T ^p ckii 5n*p — 

JiD-'OCf^ "ifi^^ endorser (^L f-) s. ^i^"i^^t 

^S>»r "^^^ giraffe (pL ^^ -- .]-) 8. ^Kl^rt 

oi^^nri iit?^ endorsement (2)1 B-"-) s. i^l^^t 
,r^7 to fatten, become fat v, r. H^t fl^ll];^^^! 

.HJp^rins "i^b' to endorse i). a. f^^'^^^' 

♦B| e-iK boor ;i|K peasant (^i. D]^-) s. ^K'^^n 

.D-SK mangerj crib (^?. C^^) s. n\^^^t 

to gulp, quafi; swill v, cu IV^^^'hm >\Vp^h^^ 

.tops .yb.T 
•'D^ ^^3 bucking-tub (^LD^^-) s. T^p^^Vt 

^r) rrj^K bundle {of hemp) (pi D]; - ) s, ^1D^! 
♦r^'ii'p tangle ;(Diaip 
,]vvfw p'lh^ blind-man's-buff s, pL S^p^llDT^ 

.]i£?Pi': miser niggard (pi D^-^) §, pK^'^lJ^D^T 
nns K"^)^ to rub with soap v. a^ fl^pN^^t 

,1ldp .f]?-«'^fp handful (pL B^) s, ^^''Jl^Dt^n 
,K",SK ,K3 then^ now conj, Wl 
^ K3 lb go now 1 ! y^n 11^ — 
what do you want ?n ^db^.ii y^? qkii - 
? n^^^T ^ '^^ ^^ then ? 
'?!? mendicant, beggar {pi. B)^-) s. pK^^i^^t 

.pb2 rib ipl D-~) s. '];"12>;^? 
.i^j« gill {fi. D-.) ■^>^"r];rT 
►B'^nnsn bv itn to beg «. n. IV^'zW'i ,j];~i];n2|;n 
in ipp.lntf^D ;cTh greedy, eager ad\ >*^ipi^? 
i. »"ishs want of 

to be in want of ^^^1:1 bp^D^ k r^-^p-in ii^i —■ 
.Dhb ncra t'\H7 rr'n Kb a piece of bread 
♦•"ibi; .]\^ m'ln ^^k genius (jt?^. \V - ) 6\ 'J^^t 
lio feel embarrassed or incon- ?•. r. ^'t fl'J^t^! 
.■c^t^iann venienced 
.]'h^p draw-beam {pi. C^ ^) s. hm'^pm 
,h^sb colt, foal {2jl S^ - ) s. p)^1^^V^V^^ 
^^^^ G1D stallion (pL D^-) s. fV:iV'^T^^i 

.t^"'"5l| huckleberry {pk D-) s. yj^^r^n^^n 

4^1^ 'i^lu^ gendarm {pL f-) s. 1K"i:k^1 

♦|«m 1D1^ bu; of gendarme a^/, 5^pD"i|nj.^n 

.bDsn manager (pL C-) §. V^^:^^ri 

.1^1^ ' jacket (29^ f-) s. ^];p.^t:n 

»^^ 'pnj burning coal s. 1^"^? 
hand- IQW i^K millstone (^^L D^) s, pl^'^t 

m ^f ciV'j'i mill 

*3h^ to scorch v. n ^It [^pn.Htin 

.Pit ,1%'ir^ lively, brisk adj, pUKI'^t 

.fiN^ gravel s. "^^11^1 

fire, light (w talldng to an infant) s. I^^tl^? 

,£mi ,nbri to hum, buzz t% n. \V^1Wt 
,mm humming, buzzing s. ^^.i^t'T\'&) 

.^^pn Ilpr2 source of riches s. ^''^^t 
;fin\'i^3 Ifgnn to get rich quickly v. n. p'^IK^^ 
,n^in isc'^n to earn much 

.5313 rascal, roguej thief {pi. B^--) s. p^^lt^l 

.|ptsi^! == iiv)'^ 91p |h5 to Jar v. n. f^/S^iOI^I 
.•:]hK fi^bp ^.^s gaberdine (pL D - ) 6\ ^^ :£1tt^t 
.b^pn ,n^^^sn beetie (^L D^-) s. p1^< 
Jack, Tom and Harry piKU?t |ik pwi {id.) — 

,n^?;^DT whortleberry {pi, D-) s, P^^ViK^I^I 

^x^Dl^s ,1^1; crane {pi. &-) s. ^'^^iiK'n'^l 

,''np°'inpD pr;1^ "iDp journal {pi f-) s. ^Kj*ni^1 

.(a^'Dnn ''sa ''K'5^ or) nn^ Jew (;?L D^-) ,s'. ^-^^ 

.CKJi p"T3) D^i^nj b^ Jewish adj. ^pD'*KT.^'« 

.n^'ip^ n^f\s' Jewess {pi. 0-) s. Ppiis^^^l 

.{p,k '^y re?) i£i galipot s J'*^*'!''!^^^? 

po) rsi^D i^bpn bog-asphodel s. ^D^p^'u^n 

.^.ra \ip refining cinders s, j^L D]^X^7l^^'t'^^^ 

^^n waistcoat {pi.]--) s. '^Thr^^ 

,n^i tendon, sinew {pL ^^) s. V^T^^ 

stalks or ribs of tobacco leaves s. Vp^)^^ 

,p^^ri '^p__ '3p 

to breathe ;(k'?i^'^ to flicker v, n. \V^)m 
.nb •'fa Du?3 faintly 

"iy«-ij,m Bp-f pK a^nn''3 ,6Kng •'■'^ 5;r«:''nK3 ".y"? pH (^ 
pb r'^-""& K'?K ?^K ^'» ^p-SKiSKn:! -ly^z'^^-^ pn ix -^n 




.nnrn comradeship s. t^D^t^'^i-n 
,-Ti on- Jewish holiday {pi. niK;n ,D-) s. ^?^n 
no smoke with- K;n k tix t2:ir.'5p yr:; tn (;/ro ■.) - 
.npiriw' b'DZ n^a ni^p -c out some fire 
the feast of ingathering {fe sf. s. ^^Di^H'^n 

. — [of Tabernacles) 
the feast of the first fruits s. n^'^'^^irr^T^ 

. — {Peiif.ecosf) 
the feast of unleavened bread s. n'^J^M'^r! 

. — {Pass over) 
.-the greatest man of the age s. ^N'"i7^"'^n 
"one kid," a ballad re- {pi S-) s, .^nmn 
'^^p cited ab the Passover home service 
{si.) ;^ns 11SD idle story ;nc2 b^bs c-'Tf'i^ ''n;n 
.aniDi^n n-^^ prison 
♦itbs to lock up K^rnn px li^ptr.^'iK ~ 

♦nnD'^ . - joy s. ^^^^[} 

school j — room, chamber {pi. C'^'inn) s. "^"H 
;d^b^~nD'p i^g n*s elementary school nap n^^ 
to t}ell tales out of school "iin |1d pxtc^i^ — 

the council room of the Ka- s. 7MpM"'^i'in 

. - hal 
n^5 b^ 'lys school-boy (pL 1^^-) s. b2J^"'-*inn 

.n^-n nxnpi , — new crop s. Hi-new adj. t^^^in 

. - news s. pi. n't^'in 
of months adj. (jb«5£ w^ks a-ij^jy^D^ii^) ^H^^^TH 

of ten months, decimestrial JinD^u?ih-jpis — 

♦Q^tyin nit'p bw 

.nn^n , - duty ; - debt {pi. nniH) s. nin 

.snii< , - lover (p3. D^nniH) §. nnin 

.-lover of Zion {pi. [I^r'^?"!") 5. p'^^-^nin 

.-month {pi. Q^^nn) ^. tl^nln 

.''^y'lri monthly adj. Il^^^l'in 

.^13^ radish {p>l. ^V -) s. S^^tD^^r-^nln 

.'If ion ^in = a66r. 0"mn 

♦ni3iD lylssn-bin = ahhr. ^''^^.^TH 

the eighth letter of the Hebrew s. H 
num. II ; "i~pr n^^-'-j^Ks. n^3'^?rvfn nl^n alphabet 

.n3irr^' eight 
.,-:;inn wedding (co^?^.) {jil.^-) s. J?'^!^ .3Sn 

mame s. mvi .ny^ ,nr:::Dti pB m3\n '^xn) *"2n 

.nn-:2n nn3 D\y of a Chasidic sect 
house of worship of Q:>Z. S-) ,?. ^^i^^lT'in 

•^'"I'^nn nri^n b'v nbsn n'S the I'sn sect 
adherent of the TS.n sect (/)L D^ -- ) s. p^^T'sr 

.-n ^ ' n = "^'.lin 

.-company (jj)?. riTi^nri) §, H'ni^n 

.-pains of childbirth, throes s. pi. ^"'^7'^^'^^ 

the sufferings before the s. pi. iT^i^^'^TSn 

. — advent of Messiah 
companion, associate, {pi. ^^'^rX}) s. "^^H 

. — comrade 
association, ;- society {pi. rill^H) s. H'll^n 
; - congregation ; - club ; rr^^v^ - - fraternity 
band, ir^zn^ •- fellowship, company 

,-\2rj -gang 
.-female comrade {pi. Ti'il'zri) s. ^"i^n 

"sour soup club," crowd of s. tD^nij^n'rrnnn 

.c'b'n c^'i'5^? psp poor folks 
member of a society (joLtD^J?-) .9. [KDirni^n 
;'«?il ^213 knave, tricky fellow ; M'l^inb iDn 
,n0^ a']X tough guy 

.bns rascal {id. £j^-) s. p^:nnrn 

"holy association,'' burial s. K^'^'lj^'niisn 


.n'inri bf of society ac^J. t^n'^^H 

inizn ,- company {pi mn^^inn) s, Hnnnn 

gang ;nian'f ^nnin , -fellowship, company 

^^ ,xnnnr! b^ of fellowship adj. S^iSni'^^n 

,)^riu?^ m.utual ;nisriu? 
.nn^n female companion (^L S-) .^. pHtOlin 

,rTisri company, gang (j9^. ni^'l^n) s. i^^'^ZTl 

^c^inrj dd: fellowship, comradeship s. £5§7"1in 

.i;_13 ~i5h2 as a comrade adv. ^^7'^!3^ 
r5 nsnnn to associate with v. r. y.'i p^H 


225 ^ 


--marriage-ceremony s. pK |''^^*n'^p1. mS^H 
"^^2 wedding-dress [pi, "^V -) s\ ^l^Sp-.'iE^n 

beside, besides prep. \\ ;- outside adv. f^^ 
something exceptional, s. || jn^^p ,- 
.-li"; 12^^ '^1"}^^ ^T^^ "^2"^ something rare 
outside of the land ' of adv. f^^h"Pn 
, -" abroad ; -- Israel 
« - supernaturally adv, P^^^ p"]^ pn 
.ni n^bn ,- besides this ac^^. Ht^ pn 
.nsain -lins ; ^ extra adv, [IS^n^ p,n 
**outside of the camp/^ se^ adt;. H^HD^ fin 

*ri"ji;.ii i]1np b^z^ questered 
.-arrogance, insolence {pL rUB^IH) s. nBT.Tl 
arrogant woman {jjL B-) #. J?S^ine^^*,n 

,pp2£n D-jK* arrogant man (^^ DP-) ^. pJ^J^B^^n 
.p n .? ; -- law, rule {pi D'^p^H) ,9. pin 
n law which shall not ph7\ Ti^T. ^h\ plH 
.--pasSy unalterable law 

"a law unto Israel,'^ title of s. ^Kn^K^^^-pIn 
a hook of extracts from the Bible, the 
,'" Talmud, and the Zohar for daily study 
to examine thoroughly v. a, f!?? e^"inrnp1n 

.u?T7i I'pn 
.K^3 "hole," prison, jail s. ^^^ 
to imprison, to incarcerate "iin p^ |pnr.nK — 

.."i2-in ruin (jjL nui;in) s. nnv^n 

♦|1CK disaster ; »- destruction (^jL ni:^^^^?!) 8. jS^n^n 
.niD^ nvv to play havoc pim ^ pKD3K — 
l-^^ ^1K woe me 1 Mid ^k i^iin k -- 

.^ sense (;?L D'^^^H) s. ^^n 

,i^n to suspect -y. a, p„^t "iK>1n 

mispecter of innocent per- s. D^"i^3S"1^n'n 

, -sons 

-sense of tastej taste s. D^^n"^^^ 

.-sense of touch, touch s. ^W^t^rrmn 

.-sense of sight? sight s. n\Hnn"^m 

.-sense of smell, smell s. m^^-^^n 

.--sense of hearing, hearing s. .1^''^^,j°°K^^n 

z.^'ibn t^^ imbecile, silly person, fool s, C^^^n 

nitl^^ibn imbecile, silly, foolish adj. a^D ^^ff 

gloom, de- (fig.) f^%^ ,- darkness s. "^^in 
*bs^ dark j^red, ;n^-^^ pression 

ipSn'^ jg5 mockery, ridiculOj fun s. p'ln 
.{iinEiu? ,^Qta simpletoHj fool 
jyj? mocker (j^L S-) ^. ^^5H!S="pTln 
r^ i'gb to mock, make fun v. n. tP^^H 
.-» repeater {p)l. Q^'ltln) g, ntin 
»'"»repenter (j;L ns^^ria"Dntln) s. nni?^?iS-'ntln 
,n^^u?m -)!n to repent ?;, n. pJt n^'i^ris-'ltln 
.^sinner (jpl, D\^?1n) 5. .S*tDln 
to sin by worshiping the v. n. f^Jt ^:iJ[;[S"iS^1f1 
,Kbrf to sin ; 5.]^3 Kbn golden calf 
.Kbn to sin t^. «. f^^^lH 
. - spinal cord, spinal column s. niW,^"^in 
.pin^ , - mockery andridicule,[fu,n^.K7nKrKD^n 
.-farmer^ lessee (pL B'^'lSin) §. "i3ln 
;'--siok person, patient {pi, D'^K^In) §, n^ln 
, - sickj ill p7'ed. \\ 
,^one fatally ill a. p'^^DD^^^lH 
intermediary week-days of a ^. ^S^lDH^^In 
. — holiday {of Passover or Tabernacles) 

.^epileptic s. ^Dirn^ln 
mental disease^ psychopathy 5, ^DJn"''7in 

disease of the bowels? bowel- s. D''^^""''7ln 

.D^^^n "5n complaint 

.nb-'ssn ^?n epilepsy s. D''7BlJ"''bln 

name of one of the Hebrew (j??. B-) g. D7ln 

,(«) nn9^>7 I'm'b^ nn^pfn t\n^ ^v vowel-points (•) 

.bn'u? cDh scratched nose (^L "l^tp - ) s. iKJirD7lin 

.-sickly woman {pL f-) s» IT'jSln 

epidemic, ;'«weakness» faintness s. nK^7^n 

.nsiip plague 

very nauseous, very pred, Ti'i^yTJTi^'hsn 

abominable, ;n^na nb'ns tiIpd repulsive 

great nauseouseness, great s. || ; i^rh^ nasty 

hm ^srbyj ,nbnj nb-nz repulsiveness 

*p]^i bodj^ ; - matter s. "I^IH 
to fill one^s stomach, to "lain di?t |skdu3k — 
.5SK ,13^3 k9^ eat 
rigor I'VP --- difficulty {pi m^t2\r\) a, Kimn 

,(p"n m "i'J)-'3) ni'^'^ri ,'-{in matters of law) 
one of the five hooks {pi Q^'^Dm) §, e^Dm 

, -' the pentateuch ; - of Moses 
flatterer, cringer, {jjl, B''&^n .D'^Dfin) ^. ?]^1n 

,?|3_n sycophant 
marriage-cere- ; - canopy (^2- •^"'^^n) s. HBin 
.n'lb^s .nsinn wedding ; D^u?np "nnp , - mony 

.ifiMB'*^' ihosche i?w»'n3")n^^^is i^^h hose pu^S'nTin 



— 226 -- 


E)^3 5?2i^i"^w pip ira jpp pj7 |ii?'^^?n J? pa (poy.) — 
you cannot make a silk purse out pi^o 
♦b^iir^ ip* N'^iiinb i^'s« ''X of a sow^s ear 
.Q''T)n naT pigsty (pL f-) ^. '^K'0'^*"inn 
.rm h^ p^V^ hog-fat, lard s. f*bKDti^""inn 
our sages, nann^ 0:1-191 irD"-D = a65?% ^"IH 
.-blessed be their memory 
. — reader, cantor (j^L ^^^}U) s, ftn 
gy- :-. office of a reader or cantor s. rpjjn 
♦nbann n^2 ni?:t nagogal music 
♦|-mn r\-m cantor's wife {pi D - ) s. ^tD^iO 
♦no ^^ of a cantor, cantor's adj, tS^^Jjn 
n-a nnm synagogal music pitiD punm — 

.'-be of good courage! int. piD 
right *»nm« .-possesion (ijl. ^I'ipJH) s. '""ipjn 
p-' claim, right y^^nii -cBzm --of possession 
.^i2D ,nn3n --presumption ;n*,2| 
to have a claim or npm « Drsy -^ik pbs*n — 
.im 5i; nptn u;^k^ n\i right to something 
.n^3n to presume npm iy~T ^i^i^* ]bv'^v! — 
money for the cession of the s. t07^i"npjn 

.npm ^DT right of possession 
feathers to which slaugh- s. pi. f^l^'i^S'npTn 
^mr*:?^^ ^„'^ nl2il3 terers of fowls are entitled 
•('^ \D'::v. ^''^i '"^^aip 
,(3 -right of settlement s, ^I'^.'np'n 
coach, private tu- {2jI onins - ) s. 1in2||"nTn 
.0 ni:?^ Tf^^o!^ '^tin tor 
.'-return :- repetition (50L n*ltn) s. .'I'lTn 
.i^y^ by "lin to repeat -y. a. P'n 
repetition of the Eighteen s. f*"C>n'H1iri 
. — Benedictions by the cantor 
.-sin, offense, crime (^i. S\S*9n) s. N'ton 
.-sin-offerings. 'jTlN^tCn 
5carap, ;«"^in sinner {^jZ. a^nKtri) s. aJIKtcn 
.(T bbin wanton fellow 
.-I have sinned! ^72/^. ^liSton 
hv rnin to confess one's sin 'ri.stsn j^x? — 
.toinnn to regret ;inxtDn 

.-sins or faults of youth s. pi. i2n_=!;;rniHt:n 

in^ . - precious thing {pi. nC^'tcn) 5. H::*i*On 

pD |sy?yj n -ID Oi^'H (3 .9 .csp "'yr'«:s'?::u n px (k 
.ti>n^^ fmr;^?i'i:^n px o .j^^tb px ':jnp p't^'^ii^s'S q^t 

;t5tt?a^^a-iKD i:nvi"i Dj? iSi"! ,HandIexicon -,y;s-:D px 
,schlechter, luderlicher Mensch 

something terrible is ' "irin 1^^ J^"?"^ ^r "~ 
?Du; iiL?p^ D^K113 LD'^'^i;?: going on! 
I'm baK very dark 'pred. Ti'^gDS^r'jt^^ln 
Egyptian darkness, thick dark- s. ui''*^'P""£^1n 

.nblij n^st? ness 

3hD to suffer t?. n. t^t^n'n 

*t|^n darkness s. t^l^^l^hn 

. — breast-plate (of the high prieM) s. [t^lH 

breast -plate and vestment s. *T!&l5i!rp1n 

.'-'{of the high priest) 
"the breast-plate of judgment," s. tCEtTD-J^ln 
. - title of one of the parts of the ']nj7-|nbri> 
♦nj;"! opinion s. n^'i/mn 
.piT^n = pitn 
rpn^ri == jn-iH'pT n 
pork l-pig, hog, sow {pi. sn\in) s. '^^iH 
; D«?:3 a*]^ a filthy person {fig.) ; "i^iH i'^s 
^icrpp avaricious person 
none of ! toi;'rKeL':! cn^n £:y:^':3^.K 'in t:ni (-id) ~ 
your familiarity, please!, speak to your 
n^KS ansT "isn equals like that, please! 

pig's ear {a certain moching gri- 8. '^^''IK^T'tn 
.(b'\T\T\^ nyit' nyi3n) I'thn pK [mace) 
.l^jn ^-i? ip'^ bristle ^, '^J^n'1''in 
.JT'i^'^p avaricious woman {pjl. D-) ^. 5^tD1'')n 
milk found in the breasts of s, T'7^D"1''in 
Qv;j;pb K3i?p3n ri^n some new-born children 

iHD^iT filth n\7n rim^ swinishness s. !^^''tn 

.ns ^123 obscenity ;-"s=i3p 
.n^^D^Q .^'iK filthy woman (pZ. ^ ) ^. ^JJ^inn 
pork-eater, Jewess who {pi. &-) s. ^^^J'T'tn 
.'^^\n'r\ iv;2 nb^1« eats food forbidden by law 
.nia"}.|5 ri.^5ii<n nnin^ 
pork-eater, a Jew who {pi. D^-) s. p'^^'^'tH 
,"Tinn ^it'|. bpix eats food forbidden by law 
.cn-jn ''.nic dealer in pigs ;n1aTip b^iK ^"^^r^] 

♦'^'in? piggish, pig-like acZj. ^^>$11^1^Tn 
•-rv:^ "^n "bi,-,'s foot {pi. ^V -) s, h^^b-^'^'in 
to display one's 1^3 b&^a-inn p«D i^.t (^d) — 
good parts, to assume an air of piety 
n:nD D^ca i*in nnnn) 'Tonr]n ,jmnVtDn mn^ nx fii^in 

' ♦^\tqn ^%^^ pork t^^l^^B-'nnn 

.*T'iqn 'nip pigskin s. b^&"'^''tn 
piggish, n^n ^U7 pig's, hog's, sow's adj. t^'T'tn 
♦DKDj »^,53^?p hoggish. 


227 ^^ 


ins^i? n«D little animal {pL "^Vh ^) a. V^p'^n 

,n|S) louse 
,ns''3"i mollusk ^br\^n ysim — 
.--wild beast {ph wvm^n) s. nj^v.^'^n 
beastly >:i^n bp of animal^ of beast adj. ^H^n 

♦rr^ln , - duty, obligation {pL ^''^m) s, ^'^V 
*fiB3'ia 'H^sba liying, livelihood s. n^^^'^H 
to support oneself by.., n^rn \p'.^ ™" 

the living and ever-existing One phr. S"'p\ ''n 
(i^ord!^ 0/ ct certain prayer* said with a very 

^'^[loud voice) 
hp iv^'^v to protest in vain a^p^ ^n ]T3^^ - 

.^^K on^ |S man, fellow (pL D-) g. Q^pl'-^n 

a plain or unconven- Q'^pr^n ^ytsD^"^© k — 

X't^B Di^ tional fellow 

.to n32D danger of life ;q^?P life &\ D^'^n 

he does not know rii'^n |in |iS ^13 D^^n ip — 

*15 HD I71T' i:rK what is the matter with him 

,31E3 n tolerably, pretty well '^^3 nrn pip -- 

^-^XD iH» exceedingly ;nD^ '^i 

a pretty good busi- psy |» ps ki3 nrn pip ™ 

,m k9 pcy ness 
she is fascinated qik "nKS ais r\vn ]v.p r.« n -- 
nsD 1KD iniK nnnit« «^n with him 
live- P3^^n 02 vital strength la^^n life g. W'^n 

j^3i?,ri .53'l? pleasure ;nbp?a lihood 
to take pleasure in, be deligh- v> r. 1^' [nT'n 
,"2 .i:ynn ted with 
, »« strengthening ; - strength s. p^i'TI 
,*- strengthening of the faith s. Din'^'piT'n 

"the life of man," title of a well- 8. Dnw-^^'^n 
known compendium of Jewish religious 

,an^ 133 loaf of bread (joe.) j - laws 

. '-guilty pred. T'^H 
liable to the penalty of pred. ."nr'^-^'^r 

. - death 
a person liable to (pi. op^) s. p'-^^Ti'^-n^^'n 
.m^^ n«n ^^n^ qik capital punishment 

«- tailor {cant,) {pL Q''Q\''n) s, ^'V 

.-life s, pL Q'^^n 
«-long life s. pi. a^S^'n^-Q'^^n 

^!ife o! a while," momentary s. pi. nj^|^"^^n 
.nvv r>^ « - pleasure 
,-armyj military force {pi. niTH) s« ^"^0 

a sheva ( ' > connected with (pL [Bton) s. ?|'^r; 
a -a vowel {as 's '0 
<, '- living being §.11;-' living adj. "H 
n'w?p n3lDU; eighteen num, '"'n 

"percussion of the grave,*' s, *l^pn'^^B'n 
punishment inflicted on the defunct at 
^a^^.c^ suffering ; «- the grave 
he pKn toi3 ispn-^m^n p.ip pfi? kj^ii iy (I'd) — 
/'1D9 9^D Kirt has suffered enough 
composition, work^ {pL DnB'TI) §. 113T. 
;(p3^n3> -addition {arith.) J nap ,-book 
interpretation (iw studying the Pentateuch) 

to compose a work^ to write m^n ^ pKD — 
.o^isBD Ian to add up nso lan a book 

to learn the Penta- in'^n aiD u^ain ps^pb — 
aj? tt?Di/in ii±> teuoh with interpretation 

*t?P ^Di^t? merry ac^u. '^^V^V^'^^T^ 
let us live away! ^^'D^vbvr'n p»n ^«t ay ™ 

hspnsi «3 nDt^3 
,^ riddle (^L ni'T'n) ^. m'^fl 
-novelty ;nu?^n news {pi, '^^m'l^n) s. m^^n 
rarity invin n^^?2n new invention imn ^.xt 
M^vi'i'n .1 ;Kbs wonder ;n!iK'':^?^s ip^ ini 

.K9S3 wonderful adj. PH^n^n 
^^'■nn novellae {of the legists) s. pi. D'^^n'Tl 

.'laiil delightful la^Q^ wonderful adj. T'^^n^n 
to wonder, be surprised v. r. y.t f^n^n 

.^n ,-'animalj beast^ brute (|>L ri''n) s. ''T'n 

two-footed animal, biped n^n raia^sima — 

,Qi{< man {cant.) iQ'bn ^n^ nbys nm 

,&'hn pn*!^ ri*?ys n-n quadruped n'^n p^^DiSi':^ -- 

^P2^, "H mammal n''n i?inp3''it ■»- 

*\i^D^ reptile n^n i^^nysnp ~~ 

newcomer, new immig- n-n p^n; [Am. cant-) — 

.K2 snpD Win rant 

"Q'^m vb^ tt^!3 11 3 ^R '^^» t'ttin any^j?: -^^k 3k,t ^k- k2k 
pta K33pa.s3 irs^nns iyi p^ iis'^n .^"^'■, ps ft^':y^'n 
apn pK "^pTii npra anssu ,r .siy^tjin^K"" [ts-n p^ p'^ 

^I^.T ^!3^ KBtr "l"nn?2 H?^'?i'1''11 p"(5"T a"'3n3tti' ;^XD'iS^ 

,232—230 j«n /'B^'nm minn« DSKttyrij pK *3''^n---r'3fi 

3?i3^ ^3 ,na^w an|?3^ Kin ^na -sih sis*'©'^' cy ihh 

^"^"wm 113' on ^v'T ay ^119?, 





ann'ia p.u^yn^ri to trifle ;K2iibnn crack jokes 

.-secular sciences s, pi. m''Jii£"'n"niDpn 
"the sages of the stove- s, pL ^pJNt^t^b"''^:pr! 
couch," idlers discussing politics in the 
O'ibp^ synagogue beihnd the stove 
♦•Ti3nD ^iln«D U7"inton n^ns nirn^n \T)v '^v. o^n^inf^n 
the sages or philosophers of s, ph f '^^''^wn 

e— Greece 
^ ^ one who is wise only to do evil s, l^'^uS'^a^n 
.bn| 53^ a very wise man s. S5^np"asn 
wise wanaan (pi. Hl^^psn ,f«=.) §. n'^^^rn 

eminently wise {pi a^p^riJ'-lS'^CSn) §'. pW.^BSn 

»(K bii| Dsn man 
♦n^pn fim wise woman (pi:, i - ) s. fl»?n 
5 fimj^n n^i^ri theology s. fl^pi^^ - ,J1l*ll'?Krf105n 
*(s rs^n "^n^u? ng) nf^z^ metaphysics 

.-physics s. ^S^fl"nD5n 

manual skill (joe.) ;- palmistry s. "iS^i-nJSSn 

,(a'33^ !?E^) T nmMi {of t.hieces) 

.-geometry s. MinJpn"JnD3n 

. "^ psychology s. SJ^B^H'IID^n 

. — anatomy s. T\'^T\^T\'T\t^'2T\ 

.-physiognomy s. ^lISf^jE.j'-nDrn 

. - medicine s. nh*'ia"in"nDpn 

. — astronomy s. T'0'^^'2TiT\^'^\^'2T^ 

;- philosophy of the Greeks s. p^fDDlDn 

.ninp: ninrn foreign sciences 
wisdom of King Solomon, s. nb^^"nDrn 

.nbh; r\i2zn great wisdom 
'5in to fall, occur (of a holiday) v. n. pJ? ^^n 
rbi; ^in to be obligatory ;-by_^!!r! to apply 

."by nrin "\t 
.nbnp illnoss, sickness, disease (pi. f~) s. HK^n 
to understand nothing n^i^^^n ^ pr^riKS (id.) ~ 
to give nothing r^^bn k p:?:! ; n^its*D jnn k? 

.-talJOAv s. S^n 
;nbn2 n-irD tallowed isbnp tallowy ac^'. :innbn 

.-milk and honey s. t^^nmSn 
-^0 H' of tallow ac^y-. [S^H 
.nbn 5\y 13 a tallow-candle es:::5 y3:ibn k ~ 
SO" ;— galbanum (a ki7id of resin) s. "JsSn 
.j;n^ 1^1 mething inferior 

. — profanation, deseciation s. TiTH 

.-insult, humiliation s. *^)'22^rh'h^T\ 

;- profanation of God's name s. Wrrhih^ri 

.nsnn disgrace 
it is a dis- Q'-'^u n n^s aiyn-bi^Ni « i-jx cp — 
nainb grace in the eyes of the gentiles 

.-violation of the Sabbath s. mt^'S'i^^n 

.-exchange ;- barter s, ?]lS''n 

♦'l^O'^ to barter, trade, exchange r. a. fS'^^n 

(pL f -- ) ; ?^;n ^ difference (pi D^plb^n) §, p^h^n 

intricate rabbinical dis- ; - division (arith.) 

. -- course 
,- differences of opinion a, ph ^'PT^P^^''^ 
3^0 soldier (j?^ wh^) s. \m\\oh'^r^ 

, -^ dedication ;- education s. l^^'^n 

dedication of a fence or gate a. 'i^i^H'^^J^'n 

. - of a cemetery 

..'^free, gratis ado. SJ^n 

.-subtraction (arith.) s, 'T5D''n 

, - externalityj outwardness s. Dl^'^l^^n 

l^i^^ C-3D paltry sum (si) s, D*Sia^'l)^D-p"p-v'n 

name of the Hebrew vowel- (pi f-) s. pi"*)! 

.T npijrin c^ point T 
name of the Hebrew letter n (p?, [-) s. rT"?! 

.-cutting of the prepuce s, ^li1''n 
articulation, distinct pronun- s. llS'^'iri '^II^Tl 
.inn K|5^.p elation 

.-lease, farm (^^L ini^SH) s. nTSn 
savant j-wise man, sage (xjI D^l^^n) 5. D::n 

;- rabbi of Portuguese Jews (p)l S--) 5. D^H 

. — rabbi of Karaites 
"a sage at night," a man of s. ^h]b:^''t2^n 

.•^l? bs &Dn irxt^ Q^K doubtful wisdom 
one who is wise in his own s. 'l^J''3;!)a"DSn 
. — eyes, self-conceited person 
.-wise woman (p)l niD^H) s. .^D^H 
science, art ;- wisdom (pi mD^H) §. ,1Dpn 
.n^^ri joke, jest, witticism ;rii:nK ,np*T ,— 
.HD'np trick ; nn'-nsi 
.iDV^'s |siK2 plainly niMn |« — 
.^nn? witty ;D2n wise a4/. ^m^Dlpn 
to iGsnnrt to affect wisdom v. r. y.t [ni^On 



part in.t: .-part^ portion (pL D'^p/n) s. p7H 

."T[n2 ,„(of a hook), volume 
to give a person a pbn .^ ]^V'r.-:< ]iv:^ {id.) -^ 
.^'SD ip; piece of one's mind 
a share in the world to s. K^n-D^I^^'-p^n 

^ -- come 
smoothness of the tongue, $, p^^yH^np^n 

. -glib 
-- weak cr sickly man (?5^ Q^'^^n) s, ^^n 
,-- faint, swoon inb^m ,- nausea s. TiWh^ 

*e^5pnn to faint, to swoon jnirbn pK |bK*S — 

.nb'n2 ^nlpe nauseous a^;, 2^*1fliK^^n 
spirit of saKammoniac, .s% p/. (&)J£.^'1^"ni^^bn 

rSri'^ h^b bf rs'&'c spirit of hartshorn 
to have a i^^'^r\t^ to faint, swoon v. m fK^^p 

.1^ p0P)^t^ strong desire 

m ha Ye a strong desire epey 1^^ |i?bft -- 

n^i^ iK» pp^nwn for something 

to be infatuated with i^y^^.K ^^*3 \wbn — 

*ii«»^ ::i;"i n^i to be very hungry ]W |^bn — 

.-wrathj anger s. m^H 

dunce, ;-ass, donkey (pL D'^I^DPI) g^ "lIDn 
examining (7?.) ;u?aQ ,1^5 stupid fellow 
.nno^ magistrate 
the ts^r^Du? ii^n lyi i^n "]^.t ■^i;p'n dp (I'd.) — 
meaning of an ambiguous word is known 
Q"3S n?ir)'p nyQr:n nb^ nKiin by the context 
.(^ pjyn ^ujdmD ri,'n^ 
ins^n n-^p /^-sd asinine^ stupid a^?. ^*i1Dn 

»Di rude 
heat, hot weather (pL niO''pn) Se ^D^DH 

.pm dh ,niDW 
fifth man at the ; - fifth ord. num. ^^^On 
reading of the Law {in the synagogue) 
.n^ifib n^Svr, '^fann 
;- leavened bread '.ni^^qD ,iiK^ .-leavens. f^DH 
andesirabe person or thing (/.) 

.su-,:; cns^ stolen goods r^if*i ''i^ib^ ns'i Ik dik 
to remove stolen goods (/.) r» ??. f^^'^^a-f^DH 
*A'3D ]^ D'?^-| G'1y7 "^S from the house 

V"T»«s ©•I'^g m^i n^ip «ipn -ysN .c^g^ .-i^sai^) t^T;',:r -' 

I'-loai sabbath loaf {jjL f)^^^) 8. fT)^ 
;D^©n cn^ white bread, wheaten bre^d 
,"' offering of dough, bread -offering 
to separate the bread-offering n'pn |i-?2p; — 
(hp throwing a piece of the dough into the fire) 

fancy, imagi- ;- dream {yl. I^'i^nn) §. Dl7r 

.pvp-^ nation 

.pn Dibn an evil dream ci^h np?^i2 h* — 

aibn a meaningless dream ci'rn -^p-^cis g -^ 

.D155 1^ pKW 
n^nn to appear in a dream Gibn 1^ ips'p -- 

\T^m to fancy »B*9n to dream y» ??. fl^On^ 
.nK*iD to geem ;e3Pi to dream y. r/5ip, ^^t^|| 
I have dreamt ?^?iibpip3 11s ^n I9^n ep •«'-- 

.."^ pioneer ;^ vanguard (pi ^'^'^'h^) ... 'P^^ 
man releasing his bro- {pi. Q^^^^H) .§, ^p^H 
therms widow from the levirate mar- 

, - riage 
woman released from {pi. H'X^^n) s. T^tH^ 
. - the levirate marriage 
.pi^^n =- piSn 

.-division^ distribution (jpL nlp^vn) s. T'\pV^Vi 

to lie in ir^'^n to be sick {contJ) v. n. f|^1^7n 

„-'^!25 23^ bed 
.--God forbid!, by no means! int, ^^^^^^ 

.n^n to be ill, be sick (co^^,) r, n. jP'^'in 

.pntMD^3D === p^j^vi^^n 

release from the levirate mar- g„ .".^^"'Sn 

, - riage 
to release one's brother's wi- n'Ji^bn pp.i — 
nn ,Ybn dow from the levirate marriage 

to be released from the le- n^bn ]V72Vi — 
,C2^D nx^^n b2p virate marriage 

."i^n ,- cavity ;- vacuum (^L S — )s«7vn 

.-slaughterer's knife (pi. C^B^n) s. ^hh 

5 -money-changer, banker {pL U'^^p^n) s. [£7^ 

money-exchange business, ban» s. ^^'^|'pn 

.a^n^ 'ipf 5 , -^ blank {of drawn lots) adj. p7f 


230 -™ 


p^^n^ ,^31- flatterer [pi DJ?-) s. p'lit^iS^in 

on^ affected person, (j^??. -) s, "^V^^^'\U 

♦in «?!^ graceful ac^/. ^m'Pri 
.\W p^m .^'.m to flatter «. a. \V^V - 'I^Ii£>^n 
strangling (owe 0/ the four modes s. p^H 
of capital punishment among the ancient 

. — [Hebrews) 

.-benevolence ;- favor {pL ^^^^T^) s. "^CH 
*)^&« it is endurable "ion ts^.a v.a qv {id.) — 

.-God forbid! *wi;. n'?''^nrDn 

♦Qin to have pity v. n. \)l'i OH 
adherent ;- pious man {pi, C'l^Drt) s. *T'Dn 
adherent, follower ; - of the Chassidic sect 

^^ njjsn n^a Chassidic oratory s. i^^'^'^^'T'pn 

. -* Chassidism s. nn'^pn 
the pious among the s, ph D^i^n'mDI^-n^'Dn 

. — gentiles 
♦p-'siK'T'pr! = ^n^tDt^-c'i'T'Dn 
Chassidic, appertaining to the adj. tt^H'^Dn 

♦an'-ann 5^ Chassidic sect 
Chassidic ; i^pn Chassid {pi. 1^-) s. h'l^m 

♦D^T/pnii ^u? bin?2 ix i^iia tune or dance 
foolish adherent ;- foolish saint s. MtOlt^'T'Dn 

. - of the Chassidic sect 
the wife of a Chassid {pi. D-) s. ^p^I^DH 

;- something defective {pi, D'^'^pH) s. '^BH 
defective month {a Jewish month having only 

,^[29 days) 
to be lost n^s to lose tj. a. w. pi^lT IDn 

♦Q^^ isj'-x^ /la icnti? defective adj. i^llDn 

♦p|U?^ ,np3. ibq insane, crazy p'ec?. H^'I'IDn 

insane man, crazy {pL S^-) s, p^JH^T'^^O 

♦ni^n "ipf^ c-TK person 

.-defect, fault {pi. niJlnpH) s. fl'^pH 

. — loss of money, pecuniary loss s, D''p"p)'lpil 

.-article ;w -thing {pi. 53''ifpn) s. f*£n 
tl'ip T^ *^^"' a costly thing fen nyipi^D ^ ~ 
5.1443 Bnji s^ fi-n^ fellow {/-ig'. tro.) 

containing leaven, having the adj. ^nitDH 

.{''ign isi ujsu? properties of leaven 

♦sqjsiJ fornicator s. ^t^^S'lDP, 
the five rolls {the five U- s. pi. T\^h^)^^^tT 
hlical hooks: Canticles, Uuth, Lamentations, 
, '- [Ecclesiastes, Esther) 

, — five num. nt^^pn 
the five books of the s. pi. n^ln ^W^n r^'^'^m 

. - Law, the Pentateuch 
the fifteenth day of tho s. ton^lin'^^-n^pn 
month of Shebat which is New- Year's 
. - day for trees {a semd-holiday) 

.-fifty num, ^^^^t] 
.-attraction ;- grace, favor {pi. [^-) a. [H 
to find grace in a i^pd^.h 1^2 ]n ipi'^syj ~ 
,^^ii "rys ]n KS£a person's eyes 
to be very beautiful, to |n jiopn^i api p\$r\ — 
.inn: n'n ,mr:i ns'' t^^n be charming 
beauty wart {pi D-) s. ^p11^n.S-!.^^n"in 

beauty dimple (^L 1^^-) s. ^b^n^^rin 

coquettish look or mien {pi. H^-) s. h^^T] 

.nn'^smri bu; n:[;^3ri 1« bio 

dough-offering, npS^rri ,m3 ,nbrt = abhr. n"in 

conduct during the menses, kindling of 

the Sabbath lights {the three obUgations of 

. — [Jewish women) 

.-Hanukah, feast of the Maccabees s. M31^n 
Hanukah money, pecuniary s. tn))'^~^'2^^^T\ 
presents or tips given on the feast of 
.nsrqn iIsd^ ^ds n^r? the Maccabees 
Hanukah ^ '"top, ' {ph ^V -) s. h'Dt'^l'n^m 

.nssrib |1n^Dp Hanukah teetotum 
,1^13^ Hanukah lamp {pi. f-) s. SDX^-.^^SIJJH 

Hanukah candle (^Z, n:^^-) s. ^tOlSl^-Hsiin 

♦£it2«b"r!3i3D lis SS^lKinpSpbp'lKS ,htt2V^'^^^i^T\ 

dedi- ;— dedication of a house s. n^^H"ri:s*.:sn 

,- cation of a synagogue 

.G^K^qi . — mercy s. ^^''-PD 

.nasri flattery (_pZ. n'-S^'Jl"!) s. ."iSD^iH 

p^bnD i^isin flatterer (i^^. ^V-) 8. p!:)HS''^n 

female flatterer (pL 5--) g. ;s^2f^:)l^lD^:n 


_ 231 - 


«"* sagacity J keenness s. niB*''^'n 
excellent s^i^'in sagacious, keen a«i;- ^^^^^'B^'^in 

sagacity^ keenness ;-- diligence s. n'l^^'in 

anathema, ban, ex- (2^1. C^^'^H .D--) g. Bin 

«n1b*in ,) ;-- communication 
to anathematise, to ex- ein p.u pii^^i^nK' — 
♦binrj communicate 
anathema of Rabbi Gershom s, Ql^'l^ U^l^ D^in 
(an ifjiema agAnst polygamy^ dicorcing aworaan 
without lier consent^ and the ojyening of corres- 
pondence by a person other than the add- 

, '-' [res^ee 
.r\^hbp^ curses s. ph ni^*in 
man {Jig,) j-- broken potsb.erd s. IS^^.^'^D'in 

,nu^^s ,-- disgrace, shame {pi. T\'^^'^^) s. .'IB'in 
,nbnj n^'in great disgrace s, ^L D''!2^5i'?^si-|=l'',£'-in 

^in'^ bribe \ti'^''r\'p ^m hush-money s. ^"^H 
a deaf person, an idiot, s. j^^. pp]°",*11^1^"l^^'in 
Jind a minor {persons who are not respon- 
> — [sible for their acts) 
^-account ; — reckoning {pi, m<3l^^n) s, flS^H 

,-»bill ' 
at the expense of,., «»,|iS |nu;n api ^^i« — 

**account of the soul," intro- s. ^S^^-flS^n 

,ni)?9 ,s#D to reckon, count v. a. fP'iS^n 
.-just account, true account s. p^^^^pa^H 
,--' suspicion {ph B^'I^H) s, 'l^n 
; - esteemed, respected {pi, ^"^1lWT\) adj. S1^*n 
esteem- s. tSl^p -» || ; important ; -- prominent 
.nn^^n ableness 
, — suspected adj. "IWn 
the Jewish month Heshvan s, l^'^f'n ,]Wn 

. — {Octoher-Novemhe?') 
impor- ;-- prominence ;-- esteem §. ni^'^^n 

, - tance 

,nb£K ,iiph darkness ,?. ni5^n 

t=he Hasmoneans {the ori- npr. pi, C^^plD^H 
, -~ [ginal faifmly naTne of the Maccaheans) 

9 ^diligence ;-- desire s, p^H 

whims mS'n^ manners #« j)L H^'^^'s^n ,ril2^^n 

arrogant man, insolent (^L CiS^S^n) s. ^^2£n 

,n^ns wanton woman {pi. Ti'it^'^t} s. m^^^H 
.n|fns wanton woman (^L D-.) §. ^5iS'!£;^^n 
.fns wanton adj. t^^£^^n 
*ni^n p,"f) midnight service, nocturn s. T)UT^ 
to perform the midnight n)^n jiDS^^sK — 
.nim \)pr\ titfv service 

wantonness 'Hs^n .-impudence s. ^'^''^n 

.P53 pD a kind of cap {pi. ^]^ - ) s^ ^ns^-^S^n 

; -- inquiry, investigation {p)l. Tl^l'^pn) s. Jn'^^pH 
.n^^slDib^s philosophy 
.-thorough investigation s. Hfe^'^'l'irn'l^pn 
to philosophise npn to inquire v. n, f.'11''pn 

philosophic book {pi Dn&D^) s. ISpf ni^'pff 

/plain's nap 
philo- ni-^in ,- inquirer {pi. ^''^'ipri) 5. ppH 
*^i&ib^a ,-sopher 
jfT'S^i^n female inquirer (p^, &-) s. ^^J'lpn 
^i^D^snrr to philosophise v. r, y.t \V^'^p^ 
*ayp^' ,- waste Jdnri destroyed a(iy. i^in 
; ^im'i ig onn utterly destroyed adj. Sin^Dr^in 
."fkD Qnu^ utterly waste 

a mixture of fruits, nuts, spices, s. nBl'in 
and wine used at the Passover ceremony 
as a symbol of the mortar the Hebrews 
. - made in Egypt 

d^^ f nh ^'^ diligent man {ph Q''!2£^in) s» p'^fl 
»!^''in \L'^t:? keen person ; p")] 

.QhS ,-- regret (^L m^'^^n) §, M^IH 
to ^fiftsm ,tDinm to regret n^'^h p^n — 

,inpi riK n3^ change one's mind 
it is not beco- ^mis rrtypD ©^5 nn nb^n {id.) — 
r^m k5 ming a man to change his mind 

*M|)'5h ''m smart-money s. ^^^^"n^O'in 
Egyptian sages, sacred scri- s. ph a^D^^'iH 

ap3 hieroglyphic writing s, nri2""D''Dro'in 

bju? 9ga sagacious person (|)L D't^'^^n) s. ^'^'^H 
*^^10 11'?^ sagacious -scliolar ;p|na 


232 — 


.-piece {pi. mr'^rn) 8. n5\^n 

.«-seal ;- signature {pi. rilD^riri) §, nC'^Iin 
"good sealing," sealing of a s. TinlvDTiD^rin 

.-favorable decree for the new year 
seal-engraver {pi. D- ,~) s, ^V^V^'^^'^^^^m 

completion of the redaction s. "1it27rn"nD''rin 
. - of the Talmud 
,-full beard s, fprnt:^nn 
0. r. l^t- ||;Dhn to sign v. a. \V^V - *]Vl^^T\ 

♦W nx tnn to sign one's name 
fianc6, in- ;- bridegroom {pi Q^'irin) s. \T\T\ 

,cnK I -tended 
marriageable young {pi. a^'IIH^ >- ) s. "mn^ll'inri 

.D^«=it?3|? "ii>n "linz man 
bridegroom and bride, engaged s. ^^. n72"[nn 

.nEn.N*i D'i'-]iii inb^i inn couple 
entertainment of the bridegroom s. ':?J^?^"fnn 

. - a])p]*phoiision, suspicion s, t^*^'^l 
a suspicion of leaven, a trace of s. f*Dn"^^n 

. - leaven 

sub- ;-one undersigned {pL D^":3^nn) s. DiJin 

, - scriber 
one undersigned (^^L ^tDp■"D^^=!n^) s. ntDD'Dinn 

5 -below 
wedding, ;- marriage {^jl. flirinn) s. HJ^nn 
,n3i2D confusion, turmoil (/^^r.) ;- nuptials 

nn ,K*'OT to give in marriage pm n^inn — 

to de- {si.) ;n'c'« j^-cri to marry, wive ;'<i>'^«^ 

♦im Din stroy something 

to marry, to get married p^n niinn — 

to play two r.mnn iinsi s^^ik |i£3KD {id,) — 
.nnt? nyn o^'pcn ^rr ^'*xb n^n parts at a time 
njs wedding-dress (j)?. '^^«') a. ni5^p-n:=inn 



.QV day {pi 2rvO) 5. :i«tD 

to have free board by days in jp'o pv ~ 

.c^n-iip d^D-n D^nn.^ in':?!-^' Si? ^zx several houses 

♦DV3 by day, in the day-time ^xa i^n — 

,cr cr day by day .in^ -i^a J^ts — 

every other day ]^yi3x pyn k :si;5a p-iK — 

the day breaks, it dawns a«tD toiyn sy — 

In broad day - light a«D |bi?n |^i» r.« — 

♦arn t^^v:^ 

Inro:: n^n JdiSu? good day! hxto |iai:i k — 

.c^nn aipnn to enjoy life :it?to jtsiJi k* |-pS ~- 

ini as clear as noonday isxta iyi ^n iK^p ~ 

.u;ar!D inn ,Qr3 
to praise exceedingly ji^-^K jxd pK p-'ib {id.) — 

.Sbn5 n:iin 

not at alii, nothing 'jkid lyrcDys x (/ic^.) -- 

iDbiyi::^ Dn::n vf] ab of the kind! 

.Di^ nr\z^ day-labor s. tC^^riK-^.^tD 
a^-T-pp day-laborer {jyl -) «, "n^to^is'nu-^.sts 

the ninth letter of the Hebrew alpha- s. S 

nmn. \\','^']2vr^ n^^'-ihiin b^ n*j;"'-i?rin nixn bet 

.ni,;u?n nine 
Innr eh I. well! int. ^^ 
.KisN ,!?2i then conj. S*^ 
pni then let it be so nTtjt P-' ^^^ ^'^ ~~ 

•ID n\n^ 
why does he not go ?di3 iy isvj ^rxir^S xts — 
?-|bin i:rK m pnr:5 then? 
;p:D"^ isiD tobacconist {jA. C^ - ) s. p^^^^tC.stn^ttD 
♦CIO^ P5P -ipir: dealer in snuff 
.pyzKto ♦t ;p^.p tobacco s. pKS'tD 
.D^ciiD iny drove of horses {j^h C^-) s. fUl^tO 
inv bf of a drove {of horses) adj. ^pD^l^lKtD 

,nSn-^ ,ni5 table (p^. D-) g. ^^^Sn^t3 

♦in holida}^ gala-day s. 7^SKt3 

^^W ,£:ivvn symmetry, proportion s. "^^toS^nKtO 

*jn 5u^ of holiday ac^;.* J^i'^i^n^tS 

.n6 table {pL D-^)'s. :j?^^nKlD 

.nnnb p5^ snuff s. pi^nxtS 

p:n^ ncDp^ snuff box i:pl S--) *. ^p1^p;;n8tD 

»|S^rB'^ •"'3 (it 


-»»- 2B3 


whetstone, grindstone {pi, D-») g, ^h^Wm^ 

^(^2 to gnaw V. a. \V^m'^ 

n; n23j;. wheelbarrow (^jL D «» ) s. i;p^^K^ 

fiypB) n^Sl-^ skein, hank {pi. '0^) a, J?p^^r^ 

^5 daughter (^L l^tO^^tD) s» ^V^^'^'^ 

^^ daughter {conL) s. K^*l>'^2^tD 

.pny valley (pL J-) ^. h^^ 

^ll-^fs talent (pL J^) s. ^^^hr^^ 

.jWs bp_5 talented a^^/, ^iB^^pS^^^^ 
waist ; ^^m ri^in figure, shape {pL D - ) s. ph^^ 

.(B'B^p bm "ins£ pack (o/ mr<is) ; jriD 
• r?? -r^n^ interpreter {pL 0^--) s. t^m^^h^^ 
.Dnn to interpret v. a, f^^rtO^D^K^ 
a kind of long cloak (for {pi C -- ) 5. V^h^^ 

to dangle ;b'D to stroll i;» r, ^n fJ?1J];5i?^KtO 

'rJZa big-bellied person {pi. OV-) s. DlBP^KS 

.Di?pi to jabber «. n, fyt^tDSrb^tO 

.n::^t'n throwing s. i'vhm 

,nii^hr\ i^u?n to throw out c^ns ]^v:- fy^KtD « - 

dullar (Am.) I^s^'ii bj^u thaler (^^. D --) s. ^P^^^ 

.(■^ P 5 K 1 =^-) •3p„n*'?^^ " R.:r' 

*|,^2D tolerant a^J. ^^^'^j^bstD 

.^3^20 tolerance s. f^H^vhm 

.11Q order (^jL w|;».) ,.. p^^tO 
>mt£?K*i inn pn to make out pb^'^ k pir,yi - 
not to be able to p^^Es pip p^a-ipi |p3pp s 5 — 
.pnb b^"" iih make head or tail of a thing 
to speak clearly or plainly p^m ^ t>)D ]T^.i — 

n^t! to talk ni^a to explain u. w. f^^lii^p^^t^ 
.Dsisn n^a custom-house (p?. D-) 5. ^^^"M^^ 
nu?h3 ,patt1i3 tombaCj pinchbeck s. pH^t^^^ 

.p^plb ?^ of tombac adj. \pH^t2^^ 
;x»^ -^SK ,iu^Ss^ maybe^ perchance adu, I^DK'O 

•CK if, in case cot?/. || || 

maybe it is the con» biypi^S npDKto — 

.nt» isnn Kin ^^ik trary 

if he comes, biK c^ mp - 1^ ^mp ipdkd — 

.n^t 15 n^an ms"* sk tell it to him 

I a-m afraid wbh n ^pi1 "ipj^kid xniis ^kh '^^k -" 

--^^yn/i |s ''33K 1^1^ she will f^^^int 

I'^v ISC journal {ph '^^T.^^) s, ™'l2^:^;K 

*|^1'' diary 

.191^ daily paper {pL ^V^V^^^) s. mh^nm 

.imn n'^Vr to dawn 0. n. m^ 

M^ daily adj. mvnm 

.nnina goods, merchandise s. "^^'I'^tt 

.a^rv- journeymen s, ^^I^D^nK'11^^ 

of goods, of merchandise adj. ^i'^KIl^^ 

.niino b|? 
bu? n23n freight - train iiv^^Q nps'^xn^ts — 

freight - station, goods- p^2£3KtoD p;'iKiib?ts — 
,."ninD b^ nsnn station 
I(H cnsi pH hv;) n^b tablet (_29L IP--) s. hv^^'O 

.nt^ob 'IBS) n6 board, cover 
to read a book biiKD t^z ^iikk pa 112 k |P3piib — 
*^1D IP ti-'NiD lac H"ip from beginning to end 

.psnc T3 ni5 pasteboard So "i:£)KS~Sl1.^^ 
•nu^Q deed (_pZ. ) ~ ) *. tO^^ 
.DnriAi 03? b'^ /^nri Tartar adj, ^pD'l^^.^^ 
.c^?:!pp ,^^a reed, rush s, Th'^ PpDnKtDK^ 
.ip; nK dear father (j)^. D ^ ) s. PpJr^KtD 
.an-i2K"] n-tjip gracious! w^. D|^p:^^^^ 
.-K3 fatherlike I2ii be of a father a^/;. I^^^^SS 
.2Kn ^?K father^s father s. Vm^-OWm 
to curse a per- p^n?? iDKD^ciDKta pK pkd (sZ,) -- 
.ly'K ^2K bbp son's father 
.KSK papa ;nN father {pi. &-) s= l^tDl^K 
to sign one's name |iskd bpT ]5iibppnx {id.) — 

toP^lK P^^HH pjp K13 ]VD ISPJill pKlO K (^00.) "^ 

one must nob show a fool anything un- 

n?:j3 Kbu "12T n^i^? a''K"^.D pK finished 
ypK O heaven!, O God! {joe.) int. n^^'-^mti 

father and mother, parents s. pL pf^M^P'^^^ 

.d'^'iln .t2ii) 2K 
r.'ZH heaven!, God! inL ^pmt'Vm^ 

conjurer > inn Tartar (pL 3 - .f - ) 8. *1j^^Kt§ 


Tartar Ian- s. l|Pnnn Tartaric adj. ^"lj;^tON*t3 
*a'''iririn ptb guage 

,1? .H *l| 


— 234 


it was quite li- *j^tflP3 ^01:1 8 1^^ ^^^ cy — 
'a^ n^n bn:! j'lxu? vely! 
counter, shop-counter {pi. p:3^2~) s. pi>0 JHtO 

♦TO n^'^ '^'^}^^ leader (pi D- i-)^. "^^-^^"(i^tD 
second-hand goods^ old clothes s, ^^ ^^'^ 
♦nninai he? nsx^?^ bungling work JQ^?^^ c^'ijs 
woman dealing in oldi {pl.^D--) s. ^i^^Jt^^lii^tO 

,D^5U^; S'^n^^s n^.5i?i n*f k clothes 
dealer in old clothes {pi ^V ^) s. p)^^V ^^^ 
botching or Jobbing tailor JCi"'?^,'' a^X^fi '^s^'^ 

♦Da h^n 
$(ff^ijsf JY! second-hand, old adj, J?^tS^i;3«tD 

*(n5K^tt) Dj botched 
,nw .n::K5D bungling work byn^K pitoy-uxto - 
botching tailor {pl.t)- ,--) s '•W'^n:^^'^^'^:^^^ 

i«?DbaK rP satin-cloth? s. tos'^p^^i^to 

.nw^ fir-tree (^jL '1^01^:^'-) s. Q^U^^KtD 

.^in^ dance (^L f*^^^) *• T^'^^ 

dancing - master (pL D«) «. n:;tDD!^D5:JJ<lD 

ni^i ;blnDSi "pm to dance v. n, fik^iStO 
fco pay great atten- jJipD^.K Dni$ |5i:xK) {id.) — 
.u?^x^ rtt'i? ,';r^K nn« i^n tion to a person 
.(B^D^p) "l!^5 to shuMe {cards) V. a. f^^lJ^D.^tO .[DKtO 

,iDpbu? = f^poro 

,i:?l#p touch, feeling (p?. f--) *. ^^^ 
.u?^^ to fee] sKa .v ppJi ~ 
ai^ peck :n^ii5 ,ir,Q pot (^?. S^t3) a. Bi<tD 
.(-Its'-'? 4V2 =) n|5"^27p^ ITHD gallon ;(ntt>2'' ma) 

.nVtsa topaz (^^?. t-) «. tH£b?tD 
poplar tree(;?^. ^iPDl^S- .fJ^D^.^::-)*. D^nir^HS.StO 

♦Jb*B«to = DH^ifttO 
,p2iU^n£)KtO = ^pDnSsDStO 

.n^-T,^ ^b^ pot-roast s. D-DtOsn-^rSsj^tO 
plank-bed, bed of boards {pi t^V -) s. ?K^tDBKtD 

ghelf for plates and {'pl, ^V --) s. \Wt>t^^ 
,a''b5b n^ipiiK dishes 
,Db^ to tread «. a. P^^BStO 
«l5sa double ac2i;. |1 Jbiaa double adj, '^E.StO 

.caTHH6flOK'fe issytyjn5?3^K .is'U'd^'? "3 (« 

ibip sound, tone, note (^^Z. ^V^V"^) s. '\^t. 
-iTip tone, manners, fashion '*^Vjd accent 

^'nD\'i bip ]n3 to give the note i^Jts ayi ppj — 

;u,'in ;!nij:)n nsDiDb n^i to set the fashion ;i-\y5 

♦I^T nT.n to lead 

;nu?j; to do, act {p, p. fi^t0^2) ^. «. 71. '^[^tJ 

to happen, \rvvr\ to be done v. r. l^^-H 

.H'^j^rj ,nhp be going on 

*n2Kbtt tiw to do woriv toy^iH jk jXd — 

nr!D^:3 pDi; to do business '^^v^'V^i ]^^ — 

to take a drink of |S;M"in pin^ k t^SD — 

.j^*iu? p^ CIS nn-iL' whiskey 

n:2n to strike a blow sK^p k |X5s ,|/yt x |xt3 — 

♦HDn ,nn« dpb 

npi ,nnK dpD ipn to take a leap :!5nau; k t^^ "" 

to ;pyii to utter a scream mu?p:i t? |^^ta — 

♦-2 lyj r^v 5ip2 |n5 hollow at 

"ia£3 to bang the door l^ta |d^d |^pi k ]xto — 

,npm:i nbin 
to stamp one's foot di§ |12''?2 aiia k |xti — 

,bn:a i7p^ 
ru;n to get some work |Kb lii: cpop pnp — 

♦pmn to inform jn^ |&^il i2i ,|D^ii ijj I«i2 — 
to do a person an injury, |K!o bpap (!ipDiK — 
/^^xb npn niyp to hurt a person 
to have dealings with ]ii'^ I2i jiirDiK ^1^ p^n — 
to have a j-qp u?\sb inrsi ^t^^ n'^n a person 
anmi pi nNi difference with a person 

♦-ap QnK!5 

it has nothing |Kto lit tsia i^^t^ taiD toxn dkt — 

.^5 p^i: Tim imn pb« to do with you 

leave him alone! ^l^ta n ts^.3 d^k taiD ann — 

to vex a person to b'^ito Diit ]2£ptt^« |kio — 
death, to worry the life out of a person 

.^m ^'ah p^'zn 
to enter iiTt' ^ |iipDiK d^d |b?ia ,|iip?2^K toi^ |xt2 — 
into an alliance of marriage with a per- 
.iD^a sp irinnn ik ^nnu^n son 
it is easier said y.i Ksnpi dp ni so^3 y.i did dp — 
."im nrc?pD i::i5 5p3 than done 
what is happening ?«n ^^T 'lsIis DNtil — 
HD or going on here?, what is up here? 

what is the matter ?Di« ej^d y.' Dib D^n — 

'h*? ntt with him? 

there is a great hubbub! »d^^'pd li? i:id dp « 




s, II ;l^a5S w 91p thump! Iw^. ^K'1»1Ktt 

.|W noise 
.|^«u? noise, tumult {pL ^V--) s/sKlKlK^ 
to make a noise v.-m IVm"^^"^^^ ^^n^DK^piKt) 

noise maker (2?^. D^-) #„ p^^^D^^K-lMtJ 

to open wide {one's eyes) v, a. f^^tS^KlK^ 

h^p^.r) bag {pi &P-)' ^, V^^^^ 
J-iTO ^u? ^''D'ln a sliken bag p^i^^ P3i;i«t ™- 
,a''nib p ''3P aristocratic beggar {Jig.) 
ftnnn.ri bidding, auction (pL ap-) a, ^^^^ 
♦n^a»s rtT5tt <annlD 
•*^4l!i '"^n^ to bargain, trade v. n. \^*iW^^^ 
.sv^'v^ it^l^^n^ tart {pL {<-)#, ©^^^ 
.nm'^f^ sawmill (pL ^V - ) s. prc^M 
' .'^Hiv |s1« rack s, j?L D^^1©1.S^ 
to extend to the apnai^ta ^m |p^^ (fig.) - 
*iu;sK^ HDs ^y nis^n m iu?Dn utmost 
i« Bn«nfi I^t2^\yi) «^np tariff {ph \'^) ^^ ^jH^tS 

•■^liP '^3? to shake, stir ^. a. f^^^SD^ii^^ 

♦ij^D nST to be allowed ?;, ?i, p^^ 

^'^IDK MNi to be forbidden p^i2 ^13 ~~ 

♦Kin 'iiDi^ it is forbidden tsi5 l^a yD -- 

♦bipbi: tornado {pL 0'-) s. ^I^i^m 

d'-b^nno ?p.^?? tare {com.) {pi 0-) s. i^lK^ 

♦(n-nnos) Q'^b^nnn bp_u?p n?3 to tare ^j. a» fpi1]^1K^ 
to ha- injioi n|n 1|'u?d to pull about v« a. [I^'IK^ 
to urge, spur on ip^ti rass, annoy, vex 

he is D''il^ i3j?pi!:?^p n aiK |^S top^^D dp {id.) - 
Kin ,|^!2finD Kin embittered, he is pained 

»(npBn^ i»h) bns turfj peat s. ^1K^ 

,nbKn i^lip turpentine s. f^^i]^^1^^ 

fi3 "?^j^ mi58) nȣiD& grater (jpL B--) s. ^p'^K^ 

*('i3i n>3iH imen imtn 

^ns'^n'^ push (jpL B-) s. pp^^^'O 

.^m to push |K^ ppiKia ^ — 

•«^h'5 to push ;pS3 to touch -y, a. f^plK^ 

^ts'io tape (^L D-) s» ^rj*^^K^ 


»Ptt^|^t2 fie a"^^ir5J3SJ^p-K6 .^pt3]^^^*0 
I -'dipping, immersion (^L m^'^S^) s, ^h'^^'Q 
♦cflnjw ^^) -"bantism I'-ia.blutioH 

,n^515| 06 pane of glass {pi D-) s. T^tm 

,(pvrh) Y'^ mb panel jMw^^u? 
to multiply l^s| to double v. a. f^^SJ$^ 

*m^3) ^m to grope ;u?'^p to feel v. a, p^^ 
l<B^tt\ii) na^ ,|bD to upholster % a. fl^^^^K^ 

*i;3p na^ to hang with paper 
tapestry-needle (pL \V --) s. hl^r'l)1i^£)^^ 

ia'^m'i ns^p upholsterer (^, -) s. "^^^^Pm^ 

.T32 ns^D paper-hanger, paperer 
paper- iB^to^^'i ^^a^ upholstery s, l^'l^l^^l^BKtt 

^•ilp "-is^ hanging 
T handle of an axe {pi &^) «. |;^^nB.^ia 

.^\^!9 ir^sH taffeta §. ^SkI3 

*^u^D l^teK bu^ of taffeta adj. f^SK^ 

.ea tray {pi f-) ^. f'K^ 

I *a:G^¥S cymbals s, pi f^K^ 

.ap^to ™ pK^ 

•i^^^teD ID^f turner's lathe {pi f - ) t. ' pK^ 

•toin n'^p^^ turner's work Ib^ft b|^ 

.K2|i doll (i?L f-) t. 2pK^ 

nf *irj IT'S turner's shop (jp^. D-) .^. ^^51MpK^ 

.^inn iDfw; turning-lathe is^^nrj 

.mn b^ of a turner ^4;°. i^pDlKpK^ 

<pi"I?5 '^w n6 pasteboard a. "^'^p^^ 

.pa-iD i;5 n6 9'^' of pasteboard adj. flllSpKID 

#. II unnjjins -.^s?) V-^o H' ^^ Tokaj adj. "l^l^pKID 

.■•pia r: Tokay 
to elaborate {Jig.) iDh^ to turn v, a. fpK^ 

.Tj-iprf to tax, rate v, a. f^^DpK^ 

.nsnPD taxation, rating s. ^JIIlDp^^tS 

fixed price IMd tax (pL &-) «. ^Dp*^^ 

»3i3£p^ nj^^ 
,m^^ i|a ,D3ti^ indeedj really adc. J^pKtS 

.pp^ts == iJ^r^pK^ 

.tyi turner {pi Q^) s. "ij^p^tS 

/^*|p b|? turner's £2^;. t^'^^p.^n 

.Vp^^ = WpUte 

.^h drum *. [Kn^^'IK^ 

»^e1n to drum v« n. [i^^^^^Kl^tS 

,|PU;'^t^^!t^i^iD = pr^K'ni^^ 

n?^l| tarantass, traveling coach s. tKtOJKI^^ 

to wrestle, struggle v. n T^ fj^^tO^^.^^^^ 

.pj|?5 cockroach (^L D^ - ) #. [^p^"l|fa 




rather deaf, hard of hearing adj. ^l/S'^ltO 

dove-house, pigeon-hon- (_pZ. f - ) s. ;><W^^'''tD 
.i\M ,D^:i^ nsiK se 
,nY^^rt deafness s. t!.^pn''ltD 
deaf and dumb, deaf-mute adj. C"lti}k^"^''"lvD 

barn, thrashing-floor, corn- (^Z. D^ - ) s. ^"'ItO 

..1";1J9 ,p,ij floor 
-T^'29 /!i«^ fit, useful, serviceable adj. y.h^^)^ 
fitness, usefulness s. 'O^J!p-||;-^ nbr -^t^jk 

,^^ 5-^^ -^ lu?^ to be fit, be of use v. n. P'''tO 

^')^ a good-for-nothing (^L [-) 5. Bte5!:^:''ltD 

one who is fit, capable {ph S-) .?. ''l^2'»*'JD 
.Ili-j^ ^t:? person 

.(c'B^pS) in^.n ace {at cards) {pi tl?tiD) s. t"<^tfl 
(p^. "11^- if-) s. Ipn^b* thousand num. ^J'^'VO 

pjnn thousandth part (;;?, "J^-j s. ^tO^mtO 

.''l^xn thousandth ord. num. (^E^)^vr'tD 

.^l^K a thousand {pL -) s. '^l^tO^T'^ltD 

p^ibx "5^ of a thousand kinds adj. V.h'')^z::^ysD 

•ni^ death {pi. [-) s. 'tO^ltO 
not to leave alone, to '^'v^ k ji^p?:^^^ pK?^ — 
»nK^n ^^-XD nain k^ trouble 

.nip dead a^;. ^tO^'ltO 
.nn ,n»n to kill ppz' to^its — 
in a great mortal ^npryb d^2 to-iis a?3 (t(i.) — 

.bn;i nnsr fright 
with vehement curses nibbp v'^'^v^ ^V2 — 
with solemn niyin^ pd^i^ d^d ;min?23 mbbpi 

.(Kmpxr oaths 
.nipn D3U??? death-bed s. ^P2"0^'\^ 

-n^'fi n ,eite pt J:ir^nj-ND k nfCN t^x 0^ .ybi^v^Vi^t 

,(oath f«^2jv pK n^N vav'iv^ ''"i> "^'^p p5 2Jit2'^";K3 
n fin 3?85''» px p^^"i:-«D mvpvi ^'''b K"t "pt Kxn eite 

"impression of the eye," keen s- f*'S^"'m)^^jt2 

. - sight 
.ns'ibn ,- property ; — nature s. ^^^ 
. - naturalism s. fl'^'^^tp 
. - marriage-ring s. pl^ll^'p'n^S^ 
the Jewish month Tel)eth {December- s. ^^'^ 
.n^D u;'jhn [January) 
.j^K^i 1 p 'vi' ID i^ to = a567% 3''^ 
.-pure ;- clean (^i^. S^'^lMtJ) adj. "11^*0 
ablution ;«- purification ; --cleanness s, n*^n^ 
^10,^ of a dead body before the burial 

ablution board {for {pi. "^V --) s. ^V'^T^^ri^ 

.^[washing dead bodies before burial) 
chamber of ablut'^ (?>Z. ^^-) a. h^ZW^^T^m 
« ^ ion {for washing dead bodies before burial) 

.^19 -Its 

.^'^v^n^^r^ fifteen num. "^"^ 
the 15«th day of Kislev {a fa-.t s. I^Sd^-V'^ 

• *" Ifo'" ^^' ^ souls of the departed) 
]nhv dressing-table *tv^p, toilet s. tDJ^^Kl^ 
.nvz^n toilett, dress ',t:i"i'iri tsv^pb 

. - good {pL D-'rsitO) adj. Si^ 

.*?i3?? 2it*n the very best adj. -V^V^itD 

benefit ;- favor, service {pL IT^SltD) s. ri^lta 

elder of the com- {jA. ^npn-^iltD) ^. bnpn":i1t3 

»rnvn rrr:^ munity 
.~,'rn 'rn?p elders of the city s. pi. 'T'^n"''ISltO 
.^bui to dip, immerse v. a. fl^t 7DltD 
nnu' to take a drink ni^im n p-V 5sid (joe.) — 

,Pjn\y p' D13 
V. r. yi'i --W'.h':^'^ to dip, immerse v. a. f^^^IlD 
3b^ to immerse oneself 
.-the good of the public s. ^^3n"n:i1tO 
.rhvh-^ wiKSn benefit s. HiSJn'n^lt: 
♦tyan ,ps mud (jp^. D]^-) s. fNTtS 
OP'^Kn2 = ^^>mt5 
♦"^2|?U2 in the footsteps ado. t^'ltS 
,r2pp5 in his footsteps QIk 1^; y^tiio — 

swarm, host i*|3i; cloud {pi. B-) s. )^^*tOiD 


.^^ dew s. "'^tJ 

,n2i^ dove, pigeon (pL [-) s. '^''^^ 

^''itt pK tribs £:^s' pKi p'^D r^pt^Ki^pi bin ^j? ~ 

he expects that fortune will come t-^?^ 

bsy ^^a 1!^ ^sifin inDsneu? isiiEi awoing to him 

»*^^<^ deaf adj. ^S^il^ 



^''lln net, tulle {pi. i--) s. ^ItS 

.''lln 3^ of tuile adj, fl^^^ltD.fbrO 

Viyig ^a|i sbee-skin coat (jpL B^-) #, Bl^l^ 

♦Sib lb pD a"ij«in5?j5?'?p'«,K§ i^l^i^ 
to claSD I'c^t^ to calm, soothe v, a. \V^h)1D 
to cling to V, i\ 1^1 -11 i^h^ ym 'PW 

.-uncleanness, impurity (;^L niHD^^) §, ^m^'Q 
a heathen chapel (;i. ^1^^^) §, ^^Ih.'lKDI'D 

fogy mist, haze {pi. DJ,'-. ,f|;«. ) s. f^»lD 

♦n^bj?. ,hb@^ darkness ; bs^y^^ ,1?:? 
nsi^f dissolving view {pL '^^^) ^h)T\^t2\'Q 

»^?^lP-'^n^ foggy, misty, ha^y a^, PX^»1^ 

.b^K dark 
.-unoleanness of a dead body s. m^mp'^'^ 
.'-sexless animal or person {pL D-) ^^ Dl^ttr^ 
..i^^ni^ ^I'jK^ tumultj noise {pL W--) s. h^W 
.\2lKi^ noisy a4j. t^)'^ht2"0 
to -nbrf 4ks to make a noise v. a. \vhf2W 
'^m ^10 m'i^ to bustle f. n. || li^iaD disturb 

♦nnp. blunt, dull adj\ 2^£ai^ 

♦fT'sn tun, barrel {pL ?|^^) 5. ' p^ 

.(in«iB^ 2240 ns mo |1D ton {Am.) {pL ^) s. ^ f1^ 

*|Kb - {p. p. p^^J) ^. a, ^|1^ 

.0^53) nita Dipp tundra (pL D-) ^. !;i"l^1to 
•^^tp |r^5? 153) nabn pp tunic {p>L ^V --) s, p^il^ 

*n3i73 tunnel {pL \^) s, h^:^W 
broth, sauce ;fi^''?D dipping (^L fy--) ^. pJI^ 


dark (cowip. "i^^^J p^^^ ,1^^1?pJ'tS) 
obscure (/^.) ;(a^rj?) nns dim Jij^^'n ;(^>2^) nns 
;^w'n ;<y2i5) n=in? darkness s. ^^_^p-|| ;iris3 
,fs'ry) n^ins dimness 
*iiun ,nh2 to grow dark v. n. \php^m 
v,9\ T^-W ibh^ to duck ;^hto to dip v. a, f^piltt 

»bb;; to duck 
n^js) n^nlsi nj;^^ submarine (jpL f--) ^. ^r^"pJ1te 

.'a\i \'c:^ nnr.» r. ^mn nen^s 
ni?^ to err, be mistaken v. r. ^!t pn n];l*^ 

.??tTji ,n«t?i; doing {j^L f-) 5. p^i?!^ 

.cpa to taste V. a. pTi S^^l'^ 

♦DPD to taste V. n. f!!T D^^-CJ^I© 

pleader^ fp^sl^ plaintiff (pL a^^^ltD) s. f];i^ 

*F*'^Q . -- lawyer 


starving, very hungry adj. 
tibw funeral carriage {pi. 

deatb - blow 


dead man, the deceased {pL ^^^ ^ ) s. "ir^,^1^ 
.f^p dead body ir^m ,np or defunet 
,niD htij^D case of death {pi. f^) s. ^K&'O^I^ 
m1i|<j paleness ;nj;^ deadness s. ^'L^p^'^ID 

(jdL t^hp^) s. mhpimm 

i .|S5^ ,-f^p n^in fatally ill adj. pm^p'^'O^m 

.^ ^'0 dew-drop (^i, D-) s. p^^^'^'^l^ 

death-penalty, capital (pL f-) s, ^^^^■^^''1® 

,niD 'tp punishment 
dead-^drunk, as drunk as a adj. n3''^-^Mte 
«lkD 113^ fiddter 

{pi pph^^ ^^php^) s, p^^^ir^^i^ i^hm''m'& 

,hiQ ni^ deadly blow 
.n^^s Jim killer {pL B - s - ) #, 1|;:iJ^^^KM^ 
,eni3 very sleepy adj. ^I'^Ptph^-^m 
;nhi to bubble, boil fast v. r, yj l^^^'^i^ 
'V. ree. || ipKU? ap.ri to make a noise, be noisy 
.in^-] nK ty-'H nsD to fight 
deadly terror {pL f- .<^) «, pP'i^-^^'IQ 

n^„u? gate (j9L t--) s. '^P'^i^ 
gate-keeper (pi. D^ ,~) s. ^^^S^iri^l^ 

ar^) nb^s-^D ^tt baptismal water 6\ I^DKir?]''"!^ 

,(nn2£jn ar^) rTj?'?|D baptism s, ^'^t^W 
^'P.W godmother {^A. D~) s. "I^'^^S""^"^!^ 

^\ n ^n~|| ;-i^3 ,52p to baptise v, a, [£''16 
to be baptised, be converted to Christia- 

■i^^nn nity 
*(cn:^i^^) p-^ss godfather {27I, D-) s» ^^i^^KS"^^!^ 
hoar-frosty rime Q9?. ^D^lg^) g, ^DKI&ir^l^ 

certificate of baptism {pi \^ >») s b'^^^'^'^m 

.5ispi^-t^na -- {pi \^^) s. p^^-^m 
.^-^i^bn exchange, barter {pi f-) s. ^T^ 
.--jbriD to exchange, barter ^y, a, [^^1^ 
Q.^. •li^S^tO) J-ttj^^iK cloth (pL t^} s. T'^ 
,nna!fp shawl unea^'tt^) a^^u?s .m np'jnn cloth 
cloth-rnerchant, {pi D^ »-) s. ^];S"i:^n""|1^ 
."im ^a^iK^ in'D draper 
p-ll l^^Bpa tainted, putrefied a4/\ Vh^m 
t^^si; taintj putrefactiou 

^!?p . 


238 -^ 


♦113 crucible, melting-pot (^j?. fj?-) *. ^^^tS 

.1)^5 ,Dnjb tiger (jpL 5-) s. "^^^^tD 

an inferior sort of to- ;pi^ tobacco s. i*^'^)^ 

,s;n| pteD psb bacco 

.V^^, wicked person s, || ;- Titus wj^r. D1tO''tO 

title, iQu^ -^ina ;nl33 ^m title (pL [J^-) s- '^tD^^ 

."i?9«^ Ix 1DD D-^' heading 
^v:^: title-page {pi "i^'tD^'?^-) s. mhm'h^)^ 

Kead-word (^w a {pL "n^to-n^n^.) ^. tD^.s^l^j-^tD^tO 
TtB ^B •?5'' nans^n mannti rnK) ^^i:; [dictionary) 

pole, stake (to support (pl^-) s, ^J^p^tD^tS 

a»^iS? a-'yaj -jiisii^) isiD ,15 [climbing plants) 

,|1a.i ,p2i|5 swarm, host (|)L B-) s. ^^pt^tD^tD 

.nn tea s. l^tD 
rs tea-tree (pL "^V^))^- .f^^l^n-) s. D''in|r^^tS 

..121'' ^^ of dove, of pigeon adj, t^72!!!vO 
n$i^ little 'dove, do vie (pl.'^Vh^) s, Vh\\V:^'2^ 

,n2'>n^^ darling ;D'?i^ nha^ ,nTP.^ 
••nai" my dove I, my darling! Jy^pn"!?^ p-^i — 

.noy. ,pi£? dough, paste s. 2^^tD 

.131^ ^3 ^IDK 5^"5 lp?i~3 I]"] doughy ac^i- ^^2^1tD 

^^ nm ^k P^l^®* ^^ dough ipl. '^P-') s. h^))^ 


♦KTip^B "l^rO pudding (^L f-) s. f*5^21^tD 
devil, \pl nOiJ^ni?tO ,D'''?.sni^lD ,|J?-) s. ^ii^Jito 

,|ist? ,112; dence 

the deuce take Jiycyj d^^ bt$i Sni^io lyi — 

linnp^ jifl^n him! 

Jbixiy^ "lb go to the dence! i^m^ta aiii 1^.2 ~ 

In^bn lyj 
finger-stone, thunder-stone s. 1i^'i'!&"D7l1^^tD 

l^^fi?? n«ij devil's dung, asafetida s. tO'»ipD7l1^J!.i:: 

♦cnjns n^yo net pa) 

.\p^ '^f ,ip '^f devilish adj, ^h'\))l'C) 

.nil hint, intimation (^i. l") s. tDl^tO 

niwnn!? |ttp ^pta) r fescue (p/. f^-) s. ^^^JtD 

.n™ date (2^1 1^-) *. ^*v:!5^ 

n'^lp doer, active person (pi. D-. ,<-)*, 1^1t2 

,|pDj; worker ;byiB 
;nb^1a nm active woman {pi &-) ^. ^pl^l^ 
.n^3pp^ female worker 

.P B 1 tD = Bit 

(/^.) ;n.ip„ ini blunt axe (^L 3-) s. ^2£iD1t5 
,.15217 n^ji 51^ stupid person, blockhead 

.wan bviy pip slipper (7:*?. D-) s. ^'•^Sl^ 
♦n^^pl stamping (0/ the foot) a, ^£»1® 
Ppi to stamp one's foot bis ]^\ii i^d pbid k — 


.bna i;)3i to stamp one's foot v. n. [I^B^tD 

.|PBia = ;t[1i to tread v. a. fl^^S^tD 

nu's? a^j^ ^tf pi3p) IB^IP! dozen (pi. «) 5. f*^^ 

♦•^lia ,^^]^^ pounder, pestle {pi. f-) s. f*Kp"it) 

u. r. ^^t--||;bha to duck, immerse v. a. fp^tD 

.b"^^ ,bhto to dive, plunge ;5hK) to duck 

.n?i .1^,13 5^ 3^1 fat of beef s. f^m^ yi1]^p1t9 

woman administering the (pil. C-) s. f'^^plt 

n5^3p bu nnps^D 1^'^^ ablutions to women 

.pPpit£ = :^p1]Jp1^ 

D^mirrr nDj^tt) b^3E) turban (pi. ^P '-) s, I^^'^'^t 

.(Qtpn ps3 \yNib 

.lln turtle-dove (^?. f-) s. S^ltO-^ton© 

.(K 1^351 inconstant man {pi. ti^-^) s, fKDIItS 

.xj3 ,3*iic«,i n^3 prison, jail {pi. D-) s. ^Dllt 

.^i:d tower {^^L D--) s. Q^'^ltS 

to urge, spur on ;ii;.y to wake v. a. fi^'^ltO 

.nibmp fooleries s. ^L D^n© 

to make fun of a syiits cysi^x ]is pis — 

^-s 9ni rb .ip9 person 

♦(mp^ |3K) i»piri turquoise s. t^piitS 

.|Pp^K-^ = IJ^p1'.t5 

.n^nin ,|i^s Indian ink s. ^'tO 

to wash with Indian ink v. a. [I^t^'.t^ 

.^11 'i*s 

.fii^pD douche, shower-bath (^L S--) s. ;j;t^1tS 

.,133 to smother v. a. fPt^ltS 

.itoj? .lf^ sixteen num. ^"^ 

.np;si throb {pi. ^V -) s. Vp'^rt 

.ob) psi to beat, to throb ppSK^ta ^ |^io — 

,(3b) pb"^ to beat, throb v. n, \Vp'^^''^ 

r3'rs'!? ''>3 CM 




tea-canister, tea-caddy {pi, D--) #. ^'p^ &"W 

.|1^n ,d^p?if3 tea-pot {pL IV--) s. fNp-11^ 
©e r. T^-ll JincjD to hide^ conceal o. a. 'iJ^!^^ 
(j?"inrDn -insn to hide or conceal oneself 

,(3 omn ,Dbr! to melt v, n. '^ \T^'^ 
;^np ^iT, valuable, costly I'-p^i dear ac?;. "^^l-^W 
rare ;p^^p excellent ;nby3 elegant, sublime 
dearnesss.tD^^p^ll .-p^^^ dearly ado. || ib'^i ^b 
•"^IP. *'"i'li?! valuabieness ^nnj^: dearth lii^'' 
.s"i i'»n^ C]b\i> t.) pay dearly lyi?^^ |bb?2£Kn — 
he cannot afford hi7i^ts d^k ddkp s (tro.) — 
Intii nm'pb in^S'^n ^k to do it! 
.G.^rj? K?3D ,n?3: to deceive, delude a. a. i^^^ 
,Tf3r^ ,])rf^ bps fit, able, capable adj. 3 ^5^^ 
-in^a fitness, ability &. ttl^p-|| ;fnn 3|d» 

; i^^jrt nnatsD handkerchief (pi. '^P-) s, h^T^ 

*is na^nn piece of cloth 
.« m^ii prostitutes lybsr^s pryi^?:3^p; (/.) — 

.nhf2 to blot out v. a. pl^^^ 
heel, backside (o/a shoe) {jjL ^Pph)^) s. p))h)^ 

.np-i only ao^r. ^ph)^ 
Scabj scurf (o/ children) {pi D - ) s. ^^^^J^D^^ 

Sn^l2£ excrements ;,^Kbn , -filth, dirt s. s]'J^p 

.na^x?^b n?:^i t^b u?"k good-for-nothing (/^r/.) 
npnj fTiliip worthless goods s, nD1i)^tp"?]"ij^^ 

n-^lna worthless goods in^^n dirt s, UBI:?'''^ 
,npb5bp ,ms' slut {/tg,) ;nv^-i^ 

•in ink s. ti'^)^ 
i^i'^l^p^ ink-horn (pi D-) g. pK^^OJ^© ,f"1K^ir^ 

"tiV^^ inkstand (/jL &-) s» l^tD^^tD 

nw^ little inkstand (jpL ^P-) s, b"ij;sJ5^ 

.n-^3 mud-hole ;rr^p 

.1^'i-£n2 ink-blot Q^?, f--) s, pj?^£'0:^^ 

ancient Polish coin {pi. B-) s. Vti^)'0 

,(n (a^^n^ 36 =) n'3^is HiTni; ps'od {^^ 36 groschen) 

♦a^?^ ,n^p plaster, rough-cast s, pJ^^ 
;p'ia plasteriQg, rough-casting s. ^''^KII^pJI^ 

»p3^D = 

♦DID to piaster, rough-cast v. a. iVWp^"^^ 

.Tympf u^ss^^-, ,tynfa u^^^-tb (n ^ppxyi''^ 

date-palm (jj^. ^^D1^S«. i^ain--) ^, b''0|p^^^5ls 

.nir: b^ deadly adj. T:^tDl^ : 
rfKnn to point with a fescue i?. a. [1^7^^^^ 

.HK-in to point v. a. I^l^tS 
to point at a "np^ir.s n idid i^^pdik pj^ij* ^md — 
.uni^Ki ^''« 5P HHin person with the finger 
.nn ,nDn to kill v, a. [^^^^ 

translation, interpretation (^^L f-) s. ^t^'^l^'^ 
*n.p^ n signification, meaning, sense ;-^:!";;n 

Pentateuch in {pi. D^'^O^H--) s. ^D^-^^l^tD 
np^^PO^ t'D^n Yiddish translation for women 

.WD^T =) "-nsu^x German a^/. ^^^tOl^B 

.^o ibnn to translate, interpret v, a. f^'Oi^^ 

nni river, stream {pi, l-) s. ^T^^ 

little river, small stream^ {pi. ^]^ -- ) g. ^51^^ 

'bnj ,|D|3 ins brook 

.-fk?i |i3p "irij rivulet (^L "^V -) s. V^W 5!!tS 

portion, share ip'^n part (_pL [--) s. ^^.5tS 

,n3D ,p5n 

to take a part in, to dp£P pK b^^s ^ |pDp3 — 

r^ ^nrwn. participate in 

.t^phn p^bn division {pi, \V ^) s. 5^1^ W 
,|K)|^ p3n small part, particle {pL "\V - ) s. ^3^W 
.a^arab sometimes a^i/;, ^.^D^!!!^ 
to be V. r. y^ -^W ;pbn to divide r, a. p'tl'O 
to divide among ?% rec. || sp.j'ini'i divided 
»Qn\r3 pbh themselves 
-^nnu^b participant (jjL D^ ,^) s. "iJ^^^jS^!t3 

,n^pDa partly a^t;. C^^^^ 
divi- B. ^l^p-jl ;pbnnp divisible ac^J. ^nil ^^5^ 

.n^p^nm sibility 
(arf^A.) \pbm divider {pi D^ ,-.) s. I^^W 

.■•■pnDn 1SCD divisor 
-r^j^ ^§ tea-spoon {pi, T ^--) s. V^V^V'^""':^^ 

,''D'iB private, privy J-^no? secret a4/» ; Jl^^ 

.niD fpr privy councilor pi5^p^iv^s p3i^!s — 
pocket-book, wallet {fl. D^) a. i;;tODl^tfl 

sTEHCTpa ty'ftnn&^'<ii pn tt'''Dini''''^s « 




iyranni- ado, \\ 5'lpK tyrannical adj, t^)^^'^)'^ 
,n\3iit2:n ,nint3K2 caily 
♦n«^3liE3 nir'ij; -m^'^iD^ tyranny s, ^lltD^K"!^^ 
zoological garden {pi. D-) 9, [^"liSri^tO 

.-occupation s> Ti^iyo 
^^'\^ door-keeper (ph S- ,-) s, "iJ^tD^^-'n^tO 

•^tlb .-trouble, pains {pi, ri'iHTp) 5. HHTtp 

.10 ju? table {pi f-) ^. ^^^ 
.|nbu?n T-ip to set the table u?its di2£ iis^'.ij — 
9K n^-* to go in to dinner ^1^ t2)2 p)i — 

he is ^ViD Di^ p.^: lit jrt^PTi ta^D ^t ?^k Dy (id!.) — 
.«in is<h u;^x a personality 
to work pips )^''ix px |t?^tD ^^^t? itcysiK (tc^.) ~ 
.iniD ban ihv witb might and main 
manager at a Cbasi- {pi D\s*2J-) s. \^22||-ti>ro 
♦b^'i^OS ^1? lC?^'tJ ''t«5l die Rabbi's table 
>b3«r: riP2 n^n^'b |.^: table-wine s. f^J!l"i"5i^^tO 
,]npr\^p5>f:^ tablo-cJoth {pL "^P'D)^") «. yq^)^ 

table-cloth embroidery ? s. V^I^'^V^"^^^^)^ 

.|nff ^ Q\i5? table-linen «. 2V)2£-t^^tD 
n^n table-drawer (p?. "^«) s, btDD^ptJ^^tO 

^n-iiyan nn<u? table-talk {pi t-) «. DJ^^»t^^"^^tD 
af name of the letter d (pL f-) s. fl^'tO 

,|^''^-«^ri polecat, fitchcat {pi f-) s. T'l^tD 
♦nria coward {fy.) ii'^^\r;t 
.x^3n 5^ of polecat adj, f'T^'istD 
"dew," a prayer said on the first day s. 7^ 

,r.cB b'd 'k dvs Dn.^li^'i^ b'^ ribsn of Passover 
•nb^ b;^ Lamb, Aries {astr.) ;-lamb s. H^p 

*|p^t2Kr25KJo = fjE^^tDi^DlbtO 
'^dew and rain," words added to s. "itoipr^^ 
the Eighteen Benedictions during the 

.s^nhn ^^"'S .T^iUi; njb^i;? nbsnb nlDpi^n nlb^ winter 
lap very small '^tD^r5a ^ 111 p.i5p (id!.) — 

.(3 ixa 

-i3?"T (3 .KHnopHajj sauiTonKa ijsijt5?5*iya^« |!:'«tyD^'? '^3 (k 

i;. r-. l^T-ll ;v:0^P to divert t;. a. \V^V^ti 
♦P.^i;ri\i?n to divert oneself 
.D^sa type (_p^. f-) s ^-^ 
deptb s. II ;pbi; profound ;pbi; deep ac?/. !=1-^ 

ri^5 printing - bouse (j)L D-) s. r^J<'^3if!£>-*^ 

5^ ,b B^ 5^ typographical a^/. t^lDiX'n^J^D^tS 

.biybg typboon (^L f-) s. \^^)"^ 
-putrefying drop {semen) s, nnilD'MS^C 

.-a drop of the sea s. D\'1"|)p"nB''tp 

♦Wto^ nonsense s. f^B'T\*i^B^\j 

♦(nbntt) cis"^ typhus s. ClD^tS 

s. tD15p-|| ;p|^'^ri ,ptv profound adj. ^)^"i^t)^ 

♦nia'^in .prp profoundness 

.ptv depth 0^^- ]-) s. ^)m'X 

ipf^V profoundness ip^D depth s. ^)lpi>)t 

*n^',u^ --"fool {pL n'^B"^^) s, t^s^'t? 
n^K foolish woman (|?Z. rpt^Etp) s. i^^B't 

♦Wisu? ,- foolishness s. ms^S''^ 

to obtrude, press on a person ?;. a. \V'^)i'i^ 
t'^^ yb^ r'pv. bb3 something not asked for 

♦s^h"! to thrust u. a. f5C:*3 
to thrust the thumb ^vrMi p^-i:! cyn irta — 
msntrsne) IT jh» t^a ^pi {in a lively argument) 

,(s (msia 
Dn3^ Q'p'n iJ»a Q'U'iyit') :i'ik pp ticking s. p^^ 

tick-tack, ticking {of a dock) s. pKtD'pltS 

.(pyi^^n rj?i3ri bip) pn-pri 
♦lyssia = ;shn .^h'^ to thrust, stick v. a. f^p^^ 
.nns ,n^'^ door {pi. I-) s. **^^tD 
to show a person the nits n iJip^ii^ pi^n — 
.in^SD \j;^K u^'ia door, to turn a person out 
.n^n animal {p)l f-) s. '"^^tS 
.piy ,inK tyrant (;>L f^-) s. ' fKl^tD 
one wearing out his {jjI B)?-) *. ^[K^^^tS 
rnja nbnspL? qik clothes in a short time 

♦o i2ip iDta 
,-aj; n^'ipija an^risn to tyrannise v. a. ['^^t5i|<1^tS 


Ml -™ 


aW| J1M33|) teclinologist (pi, [-«) s. ^hp^V'^ 

♦a^u^ih n^arr ..tjI^Ijdd technology *. ^"^^hi^^V^^^ 
.n^''3l9l35E2n 9^ technological ac|/. ^T-^ ^^^'Ji: 
tech" ;n«pKri ^i^n ,nu?hq technics ^^ (^>p^J5, tD 
tech- (m?^s.) ;n2i<^» nical skill, workmanship 
.(no? '^3 bv nr553) nfw?i;n iai,^ nique 
♦ni:teK b^ .^O^s^^P ''??!' technical adj. ^^)^^T^ 
« iB-iltab 1^1 to cut to pieces v. a. pP'^P^ 

.| P 3 1 P to 

.n!^^^, cart, waggon {pi D-) #. r2^7]^tO 
'.n^^y, calf, heifer {pi D»») s. ^'^.S];^^ 

.n^ti^^D telegram (j?2, B--) a. PrK 2J?V^ 

.^l^bto telegraph QjL f-^) 5, ^^^ hv^ 

telegraphist, tele- {pi 0^^) s, p':^^m'-iivhv^ 

.nss'iJ!^"|n nsKb'i nt?1p grapher 
ni^en^n to telegraph i^/ a, fTBK"^,5^^],^ 

.nss'^^b'^ telegraphy ^o P^t^H'^^V^T^ 

.^Q-jjb^ telegraphic ««^i. ^^&Kl3];^i;^ 

.t^mbivp blow, knock (jpL &--)#. m'OV^V'JV^ 

.nsi3^?2 telescope (^:.L f--) s. &HpDi?^^^ 
i3f^ nsism |V2.^'^ telephone (j?l. l^-) s. \^tphT^ 

telephone girl, {pL D^) ^. Pp^D^JK£j;^i;^ 

♦lla^'in nsb^^ nbj)> telephone operator 
ni ^g ^-'lin to telephone v. a. p^.^^^^hpiD 

.nn?ps i]"9n to trudge v, m \V V^T^ 
*K5ra ,nn;^p. ,nnh' plate (j??. D- ,»-) §, ^i;^];^ 
to show very ^v^v^ |s''ik j/5k |ti^r.DnN [id.) — 
,1XD "iT-iD nxin clearly 
,n_ipr} ^nb^ little pJate {pi "^V -^) s. ^^.S];i5 
M"^:25rT the n^oon 5»^i |is bipbpK5 axn («rf.) — 
.<K ''nt'SK"\^ izn something impossible 
to spread a ru- ^r^^y^ra fj^i.^ pxiDr^^ {id.) — 
,a''3i2 nri!2^ J^srr mor widely 
to state in de- npbip^ra s^-fK pi!5!;i' (I'd) ~ 
.r'o^s'5 n2i ^N^i tail 
sponger, hanger- {pi D- .-),?, "5^p>^'7n];^^*0 i 

.K^r2 -^-^-r: on 
sense, ; - ground ; -^ taste {pi, D'^D^tD) y, s^p 
,n3^sn ,b3t? ,•-'rea^on 

."^?2*n pD ^i5?^yis BXt |3^n ^11 °ij?« qys a:N*? .jprs'pKi 

something very small {pi '^^-') §. ^"^tipr'^t 

.Ik?; |to|'5 'i^'^ 
,:l'ri^i" traveling-bag {pL B^pS-.) ^, p^^qpbt 
.n^^nn bundle ^nnri^^ 

AHC^o-^:no trot {pL }-) s. 0)h^ 

^?2 -y^ to burn without flame v> n. f^^?^ 

.?h^ to smoulder it)^nbp 

.-- prayer-shawl {j.L ^'Ti'h^) s. Ti'^h^ 

bag for the prayer- {pL pV^--) s. p.^tjflT'S^ 

.n'vsab pt> shawl 
manufacturer of prayer- {pi S^-) s, p^JfT^}'^ 
xl'bs nt'lr shawls 

s, II ;--uncleanj impure {pL S"'Kp^) ^c^J. KIDS 
. - unclean man 
,- unclean woman (^i. HIKD^) k, :^.H'2^ 
,nKDip uncleanness, impurity s, tSl\'Db?t:p 

isn hush 1 t??^ DtS 
plate as ornament for the (^;L f-) s. D^ 

.-scroll of the Law 
feminine termination of nouns sit;'/: V'O'^ 

,0 nrip3 yp n^y>nb f\)r^^b nsp"3 rr^rn 
n-3 ,|1^^K*|!i theatre (/j^. D-- ,f^) 5^ n^^K];*^ 

.P^^^uu fun ',pn\pr^. 
n1^in?i ballet (pL f'^r^ -- ) g. f^^'f^V'^^^^ 

.pTOp play, drama {pL '^V--) s. p)^^'"^V"mV^ 

.n^n'^^n r,p2n|i pair theologian (.p^. f-)«, ^K^K^tD 

.n^rr^^n n^?n theology s. J^'iX^Sk^^ 

.|^*p inpbn .nnin theory {pi D^) s. l^n.s^tS 

.";^'t; theoretical adj. ^)^V'^^T^ 

.al'' s1^ every day ad-. |l;^pi^ daily a<%'. ^^^:ii^^ 

one having free (pi D- 1^) §, 1]^D,, "^J^tt 

bp^ bplK board by days in several houses 

.a''3^2^p Q^p;s Dn.;K jn?^ 

.•lycy-H'to -- (co?2;f.) {pi »-- ^ -- ) 5, 'i^'DJ^'iB-il^tS 

.n^;ni^ , 13^^ sorrow, sadness 5, i^.l^tt 

.-» mistake, error {pi \--) s. H'^'^ 

."-decided error s, T^^^^'riU^ 

typographical error, mas- «, Bl li'lTll^^ 

s. ^^J!p--|| n-t-PD '^ii ip'iu? .rnn active ac^J. Il^^^a 

r^Kr'2K'°*5^ = (2 'k us r"b"B im 


242 ^ 


♦"!J5 '5p carpenter's adj. ^prnK''b£:^tD 

n|3 carpenter (p2. D-) ^. '^I^'^^D^tD 

♦nn23 carpentry s. ^J1^^':'C^tD 

•175^i?n to hew, square v, a, \V^V'^ 

♦nsnD ,^"'::| tapestry (pL f-) s. ^^£^tD 

♦^'i,'? ,b^n n?i^' potter {pi D-) s. *^S^tO 

;'\:?'^h -nitl^ ^?^^'f potter's trade «. l.^"i>'S^J^tD 

.tnn i^'i^ n-'s pottery 
lltoj? £D^ small tray {pi. ^^'?-) s. V^^V^V"^ 

.n;nnri saucer 
portfolio, ;iD^p^: ,p''n satchel (2?^ D«) s. ^p;i;^ 

.nlTib p^ri paper-case 
phbip pD a game at cards s. h^^^V^'hti^V"^ 

♦ D'sbpS 

^nn ,nn>"^T^ territory (pZ. D-) s. ^^''IjSttOll^tD 

,D| |siNi ni:?i7 to bungle, botch «. a. [^^l^tD 

»Dh^D thermometer (j^Z. D--) s. "i^tOi^DXDIl^tO 

.n:^!? n^rfj termit {pi l-) s, tOr-^l^tS 

.nbp term ;yjzip, I?:r term {pi. \V '-) s. pl2'nj;tD 

ns^in '^"np tioor-deal {pl.'O^) s. V'^)^^V'0 

pp sloe, sloe -thorn {pL D-) s. pl^tD 

»|i^^p by? ,i;ip bp of sloe adj. fJ?0"iptD 

♦irpi^by-iD ■- wpnhv'^p^ 

.Q'^birirT jyb mockery, raillery s, DJ^l^tD 
to make fun of a |ii>::ix |'S DynrD ]2«d ~ 

X'^s*"^ 3pb person 
♦Hiini niiri "jjuJd ,d-i?: to pull v. a. i^QV'^V^ 
*1V^ to shake, tremble c. n, \^^^^V^V^P^ 
.]^:^g patient adj. ^"l^'^'^'^'iJ^tD 
.p.t:3psiKi2 == i^.tO^SSI^tO 
;5hD to suffer, bear, endure v, a, ^ fi^SI^IO 
rh nr.bzQ^ on:nri ,bbD to tolerate 
,(n2S) n^i^nn to grow stiff v. n. ''IV^'^V'^ 
9. tOl^p-JI ;pm ,n^ sharp, sour adj. l^pSl^tD 
♦pan Dya ,nnn9 sharpness, sourness 
."•^m /p^in Turk {j^l f - ) s. p^i^tD 
^t^pmts = npi^*tD 
♦iTpTr; Turkey wj^r. l^p'^iJ^tO 
n^K Turkish woman (pL D-) s. V':i)p'^V^ 

.n^pn n 

.^Pl^n Turkish adj. ^^p'^V^ 

Turkish bath, steam-bath 1^2 v^^-P^V^ ~ 

•nytn fma ^''pmn |^n"ia 

,nnn n-i^n maiz^ lindian corn pni i;\:?tp"ix;a — 

without rhyme or fiK^ k |k |1x Q"to « |*5 — 
.cp"^ bs "^n reason 
.Kbs ,^nb n^;a pri.^on, jail (jjL D«) ^. )?if;Jt:j?t 
.^DK* dark ^c^/. Vy^V^ 
.p3j?,'7 Kt?1o ,K"u?l2 subject {'pl. S-) s. ^l^l-^^ 
,ni;^ri nt^p dull '-.r^np, blunt ac?/. ei'J^^'O 
.DiiDi^ m?: a dull head niD ii:aT:j;tfl k — 
.n^\i>3) nyn m?; tempo, time (7?ms.) s. KlOJ?^ 
.5D%n temple (jp?. f^-) s. "^i^V^ 
.tnn nrt^ temperature O^L l-) s- IVOKI;?: D^^tO 
,j;iP temperament {pL f-) «. tD^^D^n . I ?2:t^tD 

.(Vip) lir^ tenor (pL f-«) ^. "^^sr^^tO 
to deal in second-ha.d i oods, v. n, fV'T'lJJ^tO 
V. r, n^^-ll 5Q'"f: C"i^n2 ihD sell fripperj^ 
♦"ui; izwy.nw*" to play, trifle with 
dealer in second- {pi. B- .--) ^, 'Ij^^'IJ^tS 

.c*3-c'; c'-nns nnis ^^^5 hand goods 
woman dealing in (-/^Z. D-) s. Vp^V^^^)^'^ 

.Q^ri'"'^ Q'in72 r";;n'D r.-f x second-hand goods 
stole^/ sacerdotal {jyl D - ) s. V'^:^^J^V'^rV'' ^V^ 

(X fprb) nif n nj|i vestment 
.n;^Q 'rQ\^^ ,~ja5 tendency {pl.C ^) s.T'^^V^^V'^ 
.rsjp; ib ^"f* having a tendency ad'. !]^''2^J^1-3^tO 
claim, pretension ;-plea {pi. rn-3^*0) s. MJ)^*^ 
.r nsin , - argument ; np/nri 

;np;?jp ,- claim (pL mj^^rmro) s. n:j?prn::pp 

nisi controversy, contention, argument 

to claimj pretend ;|p^ to plead v. n. p^^tO 

,DnDii ,i|b3b so smear, blot v, n. fP7tD^^tD 

to scrawl, to scribble ]vs> ipt to^D ipbtsspiD — 

>pna ]Qm^ nn^ 
.DMn5P3i?iD = D'''«:3^*ji?tO 
.ip-] to dance ?;. w. f^^^^^^^O 
;'?inip ^•lK5b dancer (^L D- .-«) #« ^^2^:^t: 

,nb^in?^ female dancer {pi. D«) ;?. ^p"i^2^^J^tD 

ms crucible, melting-pot {p>l. \^) s. tDD^tD 
.nlpiip!?^ uiia*^ puncheon 
.nna testament 5. ^^Vm^O)^^ 
the New Testament £s3p?:;Ktscp"o *ipi^: npn — 


_ 24S 


.nnn bv ^^vti .nujrr to tliink ssSKia k |^^ -- 

,n)2'5 ,iu?n to think u, ??. ftD5t$"1tD 
\iibf ^P5 of three stories adj\ ^^^imV^^'^^ 

,W£i ^1p |h3 to crack, crash v, n, \Pp^^'^^ 
.onr^ tassel {pi. f--) s. n)S.Hn^ 

*?^!3pD ,s;i2j7^? shaking^ iolting s. SKDKI'O 
♦^bb^ ,j;3n to shake, jolt v. a. f^^PKD.^'n^ 

^ ^m n^p^ tramway (pLO^) s, nmm^ 

♦D^J^D -l^i^D trump {pL f-) s. ^JDK"!^ 

.m'^ i^u? ,p;^p, train-oilj blubber s. f^'^^ 

.ni^p^D «B2 throne (pi ]V-) s. f*^'^^ 

niz^Rls ^5 ladle (j^?. f^--) s. ^B^^^ir^nJK'^^ 

»K)!iti^DG .tiizm rag (^^L &-) s, ^^XH'i^ 
mpj??? -nini^n transport (j??. f--) s, tOllf^BDJKltD 

"i?l^D ''^?^D to transport v. a. \'^)t)1^^^^m'0 

transporter {pi. »«- .^) s. l^^ltOIXBBJKl^ 

*n^,lnD i^ip._D ,*i^:;i;;o 
transportation {pi f^) s, IHt^XSp-^nK^D^KltD 

.rriina n':ni;n pcy office 
.b^p^js corruption, bad smell {o/'ioine) s, pK'TO 
madness, stupefaction :(a^pr^ ^st*) tyks ,nnnOT 

blind, window-blind {pL f--) s» m'^.^B^JK'ntS 

^rX ^p crack, crash (jfj2. Di?^^) s. pCK^^i^ 

^n^sri knock 
to live in high po^ia |^?!a p^D '^n (t'd) -~ 

,mis*sm ,in:nn style 

.|yp3KiQ = (j;pBK*iW I 

,nhb2,:i hit, chance {pL f-) s, '?]K1'^ [ 

♦ni.^n syllable (p|!. f--) s. '^^fiKl^l 

^nrnix^ aip to spell jvip'-'^^ "^nr^ :n5K"i — i 

*ni'i:sn5 x'lp to syllabise ypspiib ^^r^ f3t?; -- | 


.p-j^ , tranche!- '^-— ij^ns 

to play a per- t^^piy^ '^^ik ]1wi^ i^ssbk (*U) — 
,ty\^^ t\)r'')n b'^ nwD n^'P son a trick 
.(ffir) iin turtle-dove {pi \^) 8, ^^^^"hp^V^ 

width of the palm of the (pi a'^HB^) ^, HBp 
. -- hand (measure) 
.--secondary matter s. ^£^9 
?^;p^n old part of a town s. DlpD"^B^ 

.rp^ bf 
nb^^ DiD^ nKpi? ho !j whoa 1 int '""il&'O > '""^S^ 

weaver's workshop (pL S-) s. PJ^^^^Kpt 

.Q""^']ifc< b'p weaver^s a* 
hand - made linen - cloth ^^mb i?pi£t?pQ — 

XDn5£on ^u') ^^bu^ trinity s, ^l^'^^^K'^t 
.nK"t?3 carrying (^^. f-^) ^. .1.^1^ 
to get into a fit of run- :ikid k |SipDi« |K*a — 
.yiib n-'DiKJns mu?ainn y.^\sb ^^'^ niiig 
mvb n^D litter, stretcher {pi f-) s. t^ni«1^ 

.apm ,'Jia 
.n^-^iiM pn\5b tragedian (jo^. --) .% 'l^p^XH^tS 
.n-ijyn tragical a(i;, ^^2K1^ 
;n*U3 to carry, bear (jj. j,?.^^5) v. a, 'm"^^ 
to produce ;(i;3) "s ty?;ri"^n ,u*^^; to wear 
Hmy DOit? to bring in, yield ivim k-^j 
to be preg- ^p'B^r} to be sufficient, suffice 
to be V. 7\ y.t^W ;n'iri nant, be with child 
to pack ;nn) Kusn to wear >ii%'in carried 
,iDbb,t? wTiS off, decamp 
.(.mp^^s^D ^) nnn pregnant adj. ' fX^I^ 
words are pfr^ib di3 |pd isipn pm ps (^prov.) — 
.onsii nwm pi< of no effect 

s, ^l^p^ll l^i^pi^ .n^r\ pregnant adj. P.^P^'l^ 
*'nisi; .]vyi pregnancy 
-ni-^pJ? tragedy {pi 0^) s. P^^^^i'^^ 
.n^sp. .nniSQ tradition (pi D-) g, l?^^^nKltD 
,~P5 step n™ treading (pL -) §. ^Kl'^ 
.naipp side- walk (pZ. f-) s. iKl^.p^ 
.nb^nipn draft, draught (jpL 13-) s, ^*0Klt3 
a team of three horses (pi b-) s. ^p'^K'l^ 
compan^^ of nD! S'^iin-] D^cia n^bt* abreast 
.n^'^"^ ?f nyzti three 
*iyi21 ^'P crack 1, crash int, ^K'^1^ 
.rrz'^^nr^ thinking s. ^2|f1W 



— 2M 


nrj? funeral march {pi, ]'-) s, l^'^m'^^V^'^'^'^ 

.bsKnn ,r^i2n,7 to grieve, mourn %\ n. fl^^^TltD 
,£5 1^ p J ni; ^ n D = tO!L^p*ir"^"i'E3 

."lalu? ,rTi;ii:J:n trumpet {pi, J - ) s. tO^^DI'ntO 

£1:5^1 to sound the trumpet u «. f"!j^tDl^'D1*ntO 

.Pints ^^'^J^i'nto 

(noV) |1iK coffin {pi. D - ) s. J^^J^^tD 

.riK^jpi in;n^ drink, draught (joL -') s. p^l'^tO 
xtd: It? nr\^ to take a draught psnto t? ^Kts — 

na nntj? to take a drink |§3b"i- pii'iK) « |«to ~ 

.l-iiiB coward {pL D^^- «?-) s. DintD 

♦nmx nn^ strawberry (jpL D-) s. i^n.^pD's'^tO 

.na n^^ corpse (p?. ^^ - .f - ) .9. ^^'^tO 

pp truffle {a mushroom) {pi D-) s. V^ht^'i^^^ 

^r> np^n? troop, company {pi. D-) s. ^S^'^tD 

s. tOl^p^ll j-'-^is ^ri'5:n barren ;^n; dry ac?/. fpl'lto 

.r\W:2] -^n"* dryness 
to come off with a Ipnta pi?3U;i:K {id.) — 
.p-i j"'2yj2 di?^2 m^ whole skin 
,•^^17 ^^ HiJD y?h slum (pL D-) s. ^^iSll^tC'^intO 

.^'D^ri .n-nipn to trouble, molest v. a. fJ^J^nnp 

troublesome person, mo- {pi. 0-) s. l^i^H^lp 
♦^^ne^ /'T'1i?73 'O^I^DD lester 
.pniJi triumph (pL f-) s. ^^^^^^'itO 
♦|',nii2|i nb^ .r^ij to triumph v. n. ['^"J&D^Kt^tD 
♦1PDi<l7tD = 'i;^tDKntD 
♦^i:di; muddy ac?;. '^^'^tD 
(pyra) D"3DlKn pjod jaix pinion {^jI. ]-) s. ''^)^^ 
..1D^ tribune {pi D-) s. ^JI^ntD 
foot- ;ni;^;?£ .iv^ step, pace (j:*^ -) s. ^^"^tO 
.mpy .bjnn d'i^h print 
.tDD«\i?— ,mtap3 = tD^jH- ,'!!'1tD 
one who removes the {pi. tD^-) s. t^tOKi^^'ltD 
forbidden fat and vein^ from kosher 
.^ps;'^ meat, a porger 
.o^jsn 'is bv D'sitn nip^ ^^^^ drift ice s. 1T!^~'2'!^'^^ 

♦DtL^ accent ;nr33 cantillation (^9^. -) s. ^£ijt"itD 
.bsD simpleton s, 'CISIIID 
,ti^w .WQt fool s>nts ii7U?nK3 — 
pcipn iim ^lann ^liiy. tropic {pi. [-") s. p^e^1t3 

.'^mr\n ^wb i^K tropical ac^J. tJ^^s^ji'itD 
manDH tropical countries ipi^rb y^^axia — 

.nsr? drop {pi D- .-) s. [BXntD 
"the bitter drop/' is^jid ■ip'^piD^s npn — 

.s]iu? p^ brandy 

^^^tsn^D .n^riD rag (^9^ S-) s. ^pBKItS 

.nnb? saw-dust s. pL D^^ifJSiltD 

,tSiS ,K2in to spend v. a. [l^^iK'ltO 

TO '<"'^^'?9 TC highway (pL f--) s. tOpK"lti 

.nna .njnx treaty {jjl ]--) s. tS^tOpKltO 

.^3« n^s restaurant (^7^ f-) s. "i^tOpl^ntO 

to negotiate ;-n 153 to treat v. a. f^^tDpKltO 

restaurant-keeper (^jL D^-) s. p^^^St^"!'.lDp^1tD 

.5^K n'2 bin 
♦nsjD n:i;;^'p cane ;n3p reed s. V:^^^^^^ 

. U? ID ^' K ^ IS = P^li'tD^iSntD 
♦n^jD bt^ of reed ac?;. 'J^^^t^XltD 

.^^2hJ^ trumpeter {pi. D^ - ) s, tJ^tO^SIItO 

.n"n:f1i£q trumpet {2jI. B-) s. ^ll^tD 

.nialsins "litifn to blow the trumpet v, n. \V^^'^^ 

1132 i« s^2K small pipe (jpL D-) g. ^pnntD 

a busy s. ||;p^ay occupied, busy adj. Il'l^ 
.p^^V^ Q-rti person 
♦bpp^ .nnir^ labor, toil s. ll'^tO 
member of the labor {pi D^-) s. pril.SllltD 
.D^blT^vsn ni^D^b isn party {formerly in Russia) 
weari- ;nu;p ,122 hard, difficult adj. i^J^lltD 

.n^^D some 

.bls^x bunch of grapes {pi. f-) s. ^'•l^^tO 

.Qibn = (p?. f^"-) s. D'^T^tD 

♦nr^ns consolation (^L J-) s. tDD''ntD 

to ven- V, r. y^^ - II ; I'q^ri to trust v. a. [^''lltO 

♦12^ t"sv^ ture 
mour- ;n^j7. ,p3; sorrow, grief (pZ. [-) s. '^^''^'^tO 

.b^K ning 
s. ^!5p-||;nj,i3 -nsijj sad, mournful adj. 2ni?''l'nt2 
.p3^ ,n^j; sadness, grief 


— 245 


rtb^3i?^ ^li«"i irKU? '^t'rs food, according to law 

an illegitimate business nnsts lyens k "-- 

,pinn "iJi: Kinty ^nori 

nx::inu minD contraband goods niind ps^'iD -- 

r sweet" ih^)) a glutton ib^n ipsn^ k — 
.|ppb,D^pnDQ sm^ toothed person 

»Dp^iisn^ -= ^j^"^'^ 
,^^3 myrrh s. p^"n^r?]^'-tD 
food forbidden by the {pL m&n.^) s. HSn.^ 
something ;p"nn ^b bg I^gk b^xp dietary laws 
*l^£K nn'^ forbidden 
'^si? to eat forbidden food msn^ ]Dy — 

vicious ni&K forbidden a^/. ^J-- ,np|pB''n9 

vessels improper for use Q''^^ psnsna ~~ 

nnu?Q «;''H vicious person pia ipsnsn^ — 


one who eats forbidden ibm 'ipsna^'iio — 

a sweet- ;Vbit a glutton ;riiB*nt2 92ik food 

♦d^pnDQ iniK toothed person 

nnbiin damned good luck ^112 "V'^^''^^ -' 

♦enln iDh sealing-wax s. DpK"^B'!'^Q 
|1p''p^p-|;ii« p^ tripoli, rottenstone s. 7^^^ 

p^^ ^u? =l^tD3 drop of dough {pi "|^-) s. Sfe^"!'^ 

,{p1»2 DIU'^) 

,(s?nnp"-|^' icicle? (jpL C^) s. ppSfen^ 

.s]issQ ,!qb3 to drip, drop v. n, [Bl^^ 

one who eats food for- {pi 0^^) s. p.^^iBn? 

.nlsnD bp'K bidden by law 
to pull out, pluck out (threads) v, a. J^S^n^ 
to become v. n l^^-^H Jo^^in) tshD npp. 
.nn) iT^s threadbare 
♦-}b^ niT gonorrhea (mec?.) (jpL B--) s. ipB"!ltS 
1SD forbidden book {pi D--) «. SlDS-?]n.^ 

♦cnas 2"»nK pa) ip^i'f tricot a. ^p^'^^ 
dry ;^s^ .:ilh dryness {pi \-^) s, ^^^l^p*)^^ 

,n^:n.^ land 
», r. l^t».l| ;u^|L^ ;\^5; to dry v, a. m [P:])pn^ 
.t^iriti to dry, become dry 

paper-case, paper-tube (fl, "J^--) s. ^2!^'nt 

.(nsnre^) 1^3 b^^ sis^t (0/ a cigarette) 
to ;^%^ to drive 0^ ;?. f-^rtop) tj. «. f^l^*^^ 
to still, i"i pbp ,nr;^ to carry on ;^sn urge 

*ppl distil 
p^V to carry on business i3DPt'P;i pi^itD -— 

to make fun Bpii^^Kp p'^i^ ,m&^ pinia — 

.pj-i^ p^ pp? to still brandy |s3K"is pmte "- 
to drive a person npjii\yD -a laepa^K pin^ — 
.]'^m n^9 u;^^ H^n mad 
.(K\ya r^iKt£?i3 m»n3) jinsD driver s. "ij.'isi^'l^ 
to remove the forbidden fat d, a. pl^^l^'^^ 
and veins from kosher meat, to porge 
.(unsri to beat, drub {si.) I'^pj 
Y'Qp^ moving-spring {jjl. I-) s. ^3^"I^&""2^J5*1^ 

conso- ;D=in3 comforting {pi f^-) s- 3^^^0D1^1t3 

.nr^ns lation 
.ens to comfort, console v. a. ftOD^^^tS 
,aD2D comforter {pi. D - . -^ ) s. ^^^tODl^^tS 

t?. r. "]lt^||;^293 .t:?.y^: to shake y. a. [I^^B^^'^S 
,np*3 to shiver ;p.?j,3nn .vr. to shake 

.n3^D^ faithfulness, fidelity s. mm;^^"^^ 
,n'DBK n"- DP 1) p^bl9 trillion (|;L |]^--) s. [K'^^^^^ID 

-D^l^' IS] to sing "trim trim'^ v. n, i^p?^^'^^ 

.nn?3£r! tripod (jpLS-») s. ^pS^mJ^'i^ 

.E5^pa-p3na -= 7.spintD 
.Dl3 goblet O^l. -^r^Vh^-) s. ^h\-p'j)'^^ 
♦p]D2 nirp drink-money, tip s. ^7^5"pJ^*ntt 
irh^ to'"' drink {p. p. t^p^™^3) ^.. a. I^pJ-^IO 
.P5^n to drown v. r> y.^--\\ 
.mw drinker {pL D^ ,-) s. 'n^pJ^'l^ 
»|p3apitD = |^:3D^1W 
♦nD"TK *'n|*ij strawberry (j;L D--) s. PpliKpC^^tD 
improper according to adj. V -- ^^^V - '^"''^.^ 
; p%3 •'B bp, nb-'anb ^ihi "w^u; the dietary laws 
,phn iJij ^Hn|^ illegitimate 
meat which is improper for ^^i^s ps^D — 

.30 ^-.n .jjsKJ 

«?'DTi ;iip» fr-nK^s K p6 s"''n5?3 t'^ pj^a^'nt; 'h 
ijrj^n ,Tepe6HTH r^cnr^^p ;|ci^ i|yx TepediiTL 
»i^i«T! K (|pKnB'iK) fprnus trzebic r'b°ig 


246 - 


one of his eyes is a-'iK |k dik ta1p'^Is w — 
.ny^n i^i^p^ nnx watering 
.r^a3 crack {pl.^^--) s. ^>t:W1tO 
♦bip2i j.' ;^^lBn.:i to crack v. n, [I^i^'tOi^^'itD 

♦m/f =^^ ^'^.^ 

.naiti ,-food forbidden by law s. rilSI^ 
large and heavy shoe {jj, D-) *. ^^^"2^^^ 

'^'701 "^^'^'P charcoal fume (pi, f -- ) s. iKt^tD 

♦d^^m 1113'','? X5D fumous, fumy adj. J^-3n.S^tD 

MTfMs ,inrt company, band (pL B-) s. ^tDi<ti^tO 

.I'll?, flock 
♦-b nhK to lurk for v. a. f^n^^.StriD 
.an.'ic; a^l.^j; in flocks adv. m)0^m^^ 

.t\Qhip consumption s. Vp^^^^^^ 
,nM nf)ti consumptive s. p^Jt^tO«t)K5KtJ^tO 
.a1u?:3 n^ri ,npbri to whip, lash v. a. \V^^^^^^ 
♦u?n3 .f]W to pine oway v. n. f^^wb*t^tO 
Sabbath dishes cooked {pi. f«) §. tD^^Kti^tO 
during Friday night in a closed stove 
♦Q^teri ,p?i!Ci and served warm 
board for clo- (pi. "|^-) s. ^t0^in"tD^^.Sti>tD 
sing the stove into which the dishes 
^=i£Dpb fy-n^b for the Sabbath are placed 

♦i^lpi u?baD nn draught (jpZ. D^-) s. ^^^V:^"^ 
,-i!pu?}2n ^y -TDlp sentinel (^L D^^) s. ^^^1KDKt^^tD 
police-office, round-house (pi. ]--) s. ^SKt^lD 

♦'^1^ private r.e^*. i^JtDBKti^tS 

.d^!pj?sb sometimes a(i/;. DI^CKt^tD 

►nvr> •'^^.Ji'^ tuft of hair (pi. D^^) s. ' S.StitD 

*nbh^ n^^-*^ tank (^jI. ^V - 't-) s. •^£).WtD 

030 fcunnage, tax laid on a tun s. ^Ili^DSt^tD 

♦(npit'a bit') n^2(^ b^: 

.nrtu; Hi'^D bribe, extortion s. p^SN^t^tD 

to stand before a person ^;. tz. \V""">!p^WO 

'22^ nby cap in hand, to humble oneself 

nns ,"i'in splendor s. p^S^tO 
with ail one's splendor i3KU?to jsisx;! jtsnij -- 

.a:];;.^ ,d^-ip tripe, guts (pi. D^.») s. nn^^a 
; bk^ ,u?i^ to demand, require v, a, i^'ljt^n^^na 

.yhn M^.p^ to summon 
«t?l3 carrier, porter (pi. D-. ,^) ^. IJ^i^'ltD 

♦b|id .b^D 
alarm, disturbance (21I. S-) *. ^^S'll^ltO 

.n?^!inQ ^nb^D '^-iin 
>qn2 «^ain to beat the alarm pK^ni^^D |si?^p — 

.-rit step MiD^p'n treading s. tiV^^ 
*ii?2£ to step ;cbi to tread top'its ^ |xtD — 
,iD^D^D b^ d^ri'j treadmill (fl. f-) §. b'latDI^ItO 
;d'!S ,dto'i ,ijh'^ to tread, trample v. a. n. {^V^"^ 

<i'V^ to tread, step 
,(n^»?3) b>id?d trill, quaver QjZ. f-) 5. hV"\^ 
big-bellied person (pi. I^^!.^:!^) .v. 7n||b^1t3 

.n^i-i^ |"ioti b:;s 
to sing ;(mar5) bdbp to trill v. n. f^p^J!^^1^ 

♦(mats) bd^d to trill, quaver v. n. [Sj^ltD 
♦ndb^n hurl, throw (pi. t^V -) s. "fV'^V^^ 

to rip tj. r. "jit -. II ;i?hp to rip v, a. \V^V^^ 

^^T'-|| ;npu?D to give to drink v. a. IVp^V^^ 

.pdSi"! to drown v. r. 
^PRI -riDpn lace, galloon (pi. f-) s. tDD^I^ 

*^d2 ix dHT 
*PPjnn if^isnn to burst v. n. fPD^ltD 
♦yj2i;^2 shaking, shake s. V^V"^"^ 
.^ivi to shake pdyi^ x pj?j — 
•W.}.'^ -V.m^J^ shaking, jolting adj. :m^D^ntD 

♦fi^p^n ^bn intermittent fever s. i?sr^n^D^"itfl 
^nn-iQ ,to step, stair (^L -) .9. S^^'itD 
,(D-e^p3) db-iin club s. '^V"^^ 
4top^ ^^dd little step (pi. ^\V -) s. ^h^V^'^ 
.nr^p nat? little drop (.pl.^^V --) s. '^S^ltD 
to guess ;rtT|^rT b.s* p'^p to hit v. a. \tV'^'^ 
''"^tlp? 'iT'np to happen, chance ;(nT''n> KiiD 
to come to u. r. I'l-jj nlbi^ii to succeed 
♦u?.;!sri to meet 1;. rec. || intipri pas'S 
occurrence, happening {pi. f — ) ^. ^^J^£^1tD 

;nTn b^siia guesser (^p?. 0- .-) s. "i^S^^ISS 
prize ;u^«1^ l-'iD diviner, fortune-teller 

.ns;jf'^ bear (pL f--) s. "^^tS 
♦l^b'^ to water v. n. ["^^^K 


_ 247 ^ 


a kind of peasarit'scoat (pl^-^) s. ^p'^'pt^W^ 
waggoner, carter, carrier (^L D^ - ) s. p^D'^^ 

^r pn\£?tt) r^lb lottOj keno (game) s, J^J^pl^'^ 

tube of a to- {pi C^-) g. pl^n^^tD .pn ^^ 
»fli^f?p 9^ n^ab'^ bacco-pipe 
!pp3ini\yto - i^pm^^a 
pm ^a'lh siskin, serin (pL ^P^) «. p^b^t^^^ 

knockle-bones, jackstones, dibs a. pi pT.^'O 

.p^n ,a=ip;2|'5 tea-pot (p^. OP J) s. p^^l^^^ 
na'i to talk at random pi3i^\yD k \pm {id.) -- 

»ncO nm^b nia tea-house (pi D-») s. I^Jl^l^^ 
.(an''pi3nni^a3) nai'iD rank {pi. 0^ -^ ,\V --) s. f'^^ 
>nim ,^^|5a functionary (j^?. D^-»») s. p)^)'^p)^'sD I 

♦(fns^pnp bu') r\hi^:DV w rent ( j?^. f - ) ^, ^J^^^ j 
,N'?3 clean nin^ pure adj. ^^D^^^ 

nxm na^ u>''K a fine fellow J3r 'npbsri's^ k — 
tt?^K an actual lunatic iv^v^wti ipB&Vi^to ^ — 

.niblannb n^np call to chickens int. B^£S?tD^S^K>^ 
stamme- ;npn^s -i^^js lisping ac^, P)whvt})\^^ 

.\wb jbi; ring 
.|^h^ ,iah^ to pinch u a, fJ^B^K^i© 
.pysyiyD = pPB^^^O 

.«^B3 remarkable ntiD curious adj, P^^'^^p)^^ 

*\3'^i55 unj;^'^) n^xn^ curious adj\ PIIKp^^S 

.^aiz^ynkp^^b = D]^ilKp^^^ 

remark- ;fi]2iS niKn curiosity s. ^'OW'^Kp^^^ 

.Kbpp w able thing 
p'l for curiosity's sake ^^^pn^jp^^to -"i^ik — 

.|top^3^3 little boil, foruncle {pl.W-)s.p)^^.^^ 

.^^p^ to chirp V, n. f^p^^t^'^ 

?T|35 to clean (h-ush, polish) o. a. fl^^^K^'^l^lD 

.V?13 ,^t«te1 knave, rogue (pL DP ^ ) s. ^ lO*^^ 

.s^bpj ^mxat! knavery, deceit s. ^.^"ly^'.Dt^tD 

.nsp blow {pi W-) s, hpD^'O 

,sn7D ,briDn to stupefy l-, a, \ph^O^^ 

♦a^^^ to run about, roam y. r. ^^ f];^„\^i;^^ 

ohetvertak, quarter {pL B^--) s. pKtDI^HtDl^^tD 

*b^in pp-i of a. ruble 

.ibv ,nm merry, lively adj. '^*1ipM^*t3 
to be merry, be lively v. r, ^1t f^pK^^ 

,^pn ,T\z^ to clash v, -«. [I^pl^t^^ 
to touch glasses npbTpbj n idi» |ppwte — 
,(n^n^n -sb^) di:d9 ci3 pw 
.fw .1^ devil (pi D];-) s. ^1K^^ 
a kind of earthen vessel {pi D^) §. pS^K^^ 

,pbnK'^is pe ^ij<-in5?5y^pi5^s .Pp^tO^;?-^}^^^ 
nhDi3 ,n3ly;Ki nn£!3 rough - draught s, P^'iKI^^ 

.nn^pn stork (pL f-) «. nni,^n«^^ 
wooden tankard ;ai3 cup {pi D--) s. yp^K^^ 

,«;^i n«^¥ tuft, forelock {pL D^ ^ ,f »» ) s. m^W 

.n^i^^ 19 u?r|^ tufted adj. PtOK^^^tS 
cast- ; ^i?.^^ bns cast iron (i^L t^V-) s, pwt 

.'^Fim bm bt 1^0 iron pot 
small cast4ron pot '{pL^V-^) s. pt^tSJir.^r 
.^innQ bn§ 9'^^ ]ap n^p 
,i|rinD ^m b'^ of cast iron adj. fPJ121t^tD 
strange- s. ^l^p -- 1|; inQ '^1 strange adj. yj'l't^l^ 

•nni ness 

*pitt?D3uiwa -= p^^^:in'K?t5 

,bn5 nb;D railroad {pi C »» ) §. ypjim^'^ 

>r\ynip nm^tp^ at full speed adc. S^Sk-'K^'^ 

.-iKsrin to boast, brag »;. r, 1^ f^^^K'.i^^ 

.ppiilDK = pKi'^'O 

n^M nail (pL Q^ ■- } s, pv^'-^^ 

^Mb nailer of shoes {pi 0^) §, '^T)ppV"'^^ 

light {of sleep) P3U?n sensitive adj. Vp^">^^ 

,|tsp nb: kid (pi op »= ) s. p'W^'^^Z 
scarecrow, bugbear {pi B-) &. Vhp^^W^ 

.sbpbs l^p 2^3 puppy ipl 0^) s, Pp^Si^tD 
10 pp a kind of overcoat {pL 0-) s, Pp'^i^^ 

to wake v. r, H^t «. || ; nnip to wake y. a. fP^'^t 
.ininn to scratch oneself nnipriri ap 




grafted twig •n;j5>'^ grafting s. ^Vp^V^^ 

clean- 5. tOl^p-ll ;^p3 clean, neat adj, ^^pC^^tO 
.ni*;:?: ness, neatness 
.n^nrfn cheque, check {pt. l-) s. p^ti^tO 
pale of Jewish settlement (/o?-- s. HtD'^J^^tO 
.(n^Dna Q'Jb'?) Dn1n^'^ Din/n [«ie?'^^ ir>. Russia) 

m'^p to draw t>, a iPtD'^^^tO 

.p,n,^>ts = pni;^t5 

whortleberry, huckle- {pL C-) ,5. y2:^:'^];t^tO 

."lin^n \n^ berry, blackberry 

.("nnu? p»5 v^T> n^f^ fennel-flower s. Pp^"*J"']^v^'0 

.-179 nin turn y^i. S-) a. V^^V^*^ 

n^i; herd, flock, drove {jjL 2 - ) s. :.'-;;"^ri:^tO 

.niD^^n by turns adv. "'^y^V^V^'^ 

.(«n3p reed {pi. f-) 6. t:v^>irtS 

,n3i^ '^T^ of reed ac^j. \^.'^-V*^^ 

.I'pip^ skull (^^ cy-) s ZVT^"^ 

ss| turtle, tortoise {pi. C~) s. PDKS^-iyc^^ 

.1? 5 « a l^ "1 1; u; tD [id srTSinyjySpnKD .jyp*^KS;y*i;5^tO 

.ny,'^ J5 n:?? tile (>L S-) y^^'sp'^y^t: 

,.T;i3^a^ cherry (2?'". S - ) s. y^iJti^yy^tO 

ll?Di;-6 )VV^hzv^J:> = '[y^yt^to 
„. r. fV-!);(-('?M^ to caress 0. a. '\V^V^*^ 

J3i;nri to be delighted 

60 enjoy oneself with i^iyc't^ ^^n^ -j?^ ip\L'p'i>s - 

.\y^N si; nvr\r< a person 

«'tti»K"^» .oczeret czeret g»"?-ic «» 

chetverik, grain- (^?. sy-) §. pnyVllDyi^^^^ 
♦(Q^3p njJiij') HK'inri r^fp measure 
.w'ls Czech, Bohemian {pi. f-) s. "yt^tO 
♦p n \j; S5 ^j to K D b* 'v2:> ts — p^^ti^toytCtSlDy'^tO 

.yptox^B^^^ = yptDK::yt^^^ 

♦nsbVtt .p^i^i case, cover [pll-) s. h^^V^^ 
shield fish {a kind of carp) {pL Dy«) 5. [iS^yt^tS 

,Kto^2i'u; pp 
.n^^?:nis bw Czechian, Bohemian adj. ^)^V^^ 
.Htona scratching s. V'^^V'D^^*'^ 
.11; -to"iD to scratch }«•£■ yiir^yt^tD k — 
•Ti^nn to scratch oneself v. r. "j^t [yViy^y^t: 

.•^i3r\yto =-- lyjy^Dy^w^to 

.3ltoni "in^in paragon s. ^Syt^'tO 
«\':5=i^ journeyman {pL oy-) «. p'^^n^^'^by^tS 

.^.nn -,3smelting-furnace(pL0- )«.^^*^^^':'3^^^ 
valise, leather-case {pi ^V - ) b. [K^KDyt^tD 

qnn hellebore, sneeze-wort s. V'^^-'^V^V*^^^ 

("ifi nKis po) 
yifi^n to hew o?- square v. a. [V^^'V^^^V^^ 
carpen- {pL C^-^^h ^ -Diyb-.) s. "^y^S.Dyt^-O 

.-j: ter 

.nn|5 carpentry s. l^^iySryvrti 

.y^i^ rent s e))^^^ 

.D^^toS Dnn^ nb^^N nonsense s J<3'sy^'^- 

the second stomach (y.^ 0-) a. y^^J^'COsyt^t: 

-nlDn^ Su7 r[*wr\ ^z^n of ruminant animals 
to pick 0. r. -[n-||;y_i2 to touch 0. a. 'jyey^''^ 

-S n15'?i;_ Q*w -^ HDxnr a quarrel, cavil 
.p':^']n 23"in to graft, inoculate v a, '\V^T^'^ 
ip2 niyi^p^H p^in to vaccinate tpX£ ii'syu;© - 

r\v2if^ bonnet i^s^'^c cap {pi oy - ) s. pV^V*^^ 

n1*?'Sr B-to n^3H*p 4^p2 to chicane y. n. }yi'iy"^y::iH'' 

.TJi hunting s. "'^K"* 
.T^i berry {pi. D-) ... y^:iK^ 
.1% nfs hound (;?L ^J^T-) s. ^C^irwr^i^'' 
.('jp'n'ttK ^aj pi3) "i^^ir jaguar {pi. f-) s. '^K'^IK*' 
tc press J^lJ »''!}"« 'n'^'; to chase v, a. pj^*" 
,^r. to run v. r. "j^" - 1| ; rn to run v. n. \\ i Y^Q 
tio pursue a person jicyD^K 1^: "in p^*" — 

the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet s.* 

.nn^'j; ten num. \\ i n::i;n n*2-?i^K|i nn.^'^i^n nixn 

•ID 'I? yps ac^-u. «^ 
.DT? n5^2b omelet {jyl. Q-) s. V"^'^^'^'-^^' 

.nijKpn uJ55tt chicaner {pi. B^-) 8. p^^iy^K^ 

,u:'?iio u^isn chicane^ cavil (pL D'-) s. yny^,^* 


^ 24S -^ 


V6«e®,tory piaster, {pt S'--) s. IJ^^DK^'^irfDs^'^ 

.(K nhv)!! ri5^'^ n^B-j diacliylon 
*^tliey shall consume it," lost pi-ed, ^n^h^^"^ 

,(3 "15^ {of a debt) 
the money is lost imbsHi ti« thv^ dkt — 

np^li; juniper f*J^l1X^8^ 
ns^xf .-Tia barren cow {pi D -- ) s, ^plix^*^"' 

D1K clumsy big fellow {pi. D^-) s» Bi^^K'^ 
.r(|3i^ ,r!32q r^^p^ a-iK blockhead, foollYHD k'pibni 

son of a wealthy man (pi, S^- if--) s. T^^^ 
;|^^3| ,1u;ubs ^inriD ^■'k dude, fop 'n^^v ^ 
♦nbi^ .Tts^ simpleton, fool 
fashionable woman {pi. D-) s. ]^pl1X*i^K^ 
,n^n'^55 „'n^n^:a ^"linnp n^K 
m'i'I^i b^ foppish a4/. ^n z^*' 
.•^s n^li^D to make a fool of v. a. \VW^%^ 

♦.ib'i to play a trick on ;"b .Vrb 
of the leather of a calf adj. V^V^^T^^V'^^^ 

tesi'^Ja "^b^ barren, dry adj. V^^V^W^ 

misery %nhh\ ^T\\ lamentation \pl. f-) s. ^J?tt^^ 

mise- ; ^S7i£ b^ m ^^ lamentable «4;. ^:'7"1];d^'^ 
♦b?^^ liable, wretched 
.b^: to lament t;.?2, ^^V^^^ 
corner in the front part (pL C-^) <?. j;pD*S^ 
♦^MQ bu? "Si^-'nn pbns nis of an oven 
.a a-"?-'? ,1?,^ ,|1ri^j« bamboo (pL \^) s, "^m^ 
.]irr,K 5w' of bamboo adj. t^N^K'' ,pi>?t^DK^ ^ 

,]smn'c^^ {pi, p})^^^) pN^e*,r^«^K^ 

pu^Ki.n U'nnn) 15?: January {month) s, I^IIjK'^ 

,^£i'^ tool (j:>L D];^) s. px'' 

♦n^^K ,|^5 hawk {pi. B- r-) .9 n^ltOCK'5 
D':5\5i7 gum {of the teeth) s. pi. ^^hm"^ ,D])'^hOH'^ 

*(n-ie) |n^fi„^ jasmine s, fVI^S^'' 

*p«nE\j^ j?ii''KyDKn'\s ^'bs I'K t2^^^JK3 ta'ij?ii ckii , diachylon 

to run after a person (fig,) iu?^k •'ifiK ?]Ti 

haste inmi^ running {pi f-) ^, ^^^^^K*! 

*(n^!333) n^^ iodine (pharm.) s. '^K^ 

*a-rii#K b^ of fire «c?/. r^lH^I^^ 

.mm fir-tree {pi D^) s. i^b^K* 

.v^mb-ir -V^ph^^' 

.mb^ p^ti to vex V. a, r^"l»^ 

*rJ?1l 'inP kernel (^L f--) s. "^^^^^ 

H?tt full of kernels, kernelly adj, ani^'IK'' 

*iHns ,p|n stout, lusty {fig.) i^^^rvj^ 
s. ^!?p-|| MiDwn -n^t? asthmatic ac^/. J^'I^^^J^'IK'' 
.nip'>Pin i^p asthma 

.n:= PT 

to produce, exhibit {a passport) v. a. {V^W 
to show oneself v. r. y^-\\ »(pes r.-^iyr,) nu'^n 
m min to appear, present oneself ;nbsf^ 

showing, producing {pi B-) s ^pl'il^'^ 
appearance ic^'oq miyw nlK"]? (of a p)assport) 

r^:Db HK^a 
.-despair a. ^"i^' 
^ntl'Di trip, journey (^L D-) g. ^1?^'' 
*i1sp hedge-.hog (i>?. f-) s. ^'-^^ 

.'^m boy (co?z/.) (pL 0^^) s. ^H'' 
bastard n>: child {cont.) {pi 1^--) ^, ^^r 

«(K 2i^n D-1K important person s. t^^'l'T^VO"^" 
he is quite an cxi-ysyD^'K'' lysisKJ h tk 'nr — 
nK"' Kin 2wn £iK important person 
,iu?^ b|? n«n meat-market (pL C^ - ) s» ^ptSK' 

butcher's block {pi '^nP^p^) s. fH^p|r^p^r' 
kick with the knee in {si) lzi^p_ bt p,9 

*ffi\H ^'i.lnp ^^^^ riD^pa a person's buttocks 
V. 1% l-^-ll '?^P to generate pus v. a. \V^'^W 
.bim'n to suppurate 

.rK=^ >^'' 

Mh duty (/^.) iby yoke (pi f-) s. >^^ 
*b^^^ n.^SK yacht ^ ^^^"^ 

b5?n ^ni ,a TtOt'hl pK*"ig ^^jjty^sn 'n^t fi8 m 

p^} ri 


-»- 250 


annual set (joL ^^^^3 - <f^:JXD««) s. m:^'^^'^ 
©f a serial publication, yearly numbers 

,])ri^^ b'i? ^^n:\;? ns^inp ,nri7 of a periodical 
n;?:^^ ,n:\i? 'D^ij annual allowance s. tD7^r'^K'' 

^ns-f'riK^ century (jyl '^V-) s. ^^-V^m^^' 

♦ni'ip^p, ,nipT vegetables, pulse s. ^^^ti^t'^iiS"' 

.T^w ^i^^ millennium (pL '^J? ~ ) s. ^Jt^l^ns^ 

/nsu; annual «<%'. ^^"I^^"* 

nj?n? label, ticket (pL D^- .f-) *. p^^"^^' 

♦HK^ =) ^"p yoke s. ^Dl^*" 
under-cap, skull-cap (i:??. S-) s. Vp^V^^i^^ 

♦ns3 cupola, dome ixrifis ,r£? 
» servant engaged by {/d. f-) s. *^'-^!^""l^'' 

.n:-f b i^3p nipjp tbe year 
'^^T-'ll ;nns nJu? ::'^^^ to stay a year v. n. \'^^'' 
d1^ nSi to be a person^s birth-day ^*. r. 

his birth-day is in May i^D pK ill l^k^ ni; - 
.ID Winn «in imbn ar 
.n^p-^,^ 5^ of vegetables, of pulse adj. ^pDlK** 

♦r, 1^3 up b'p 
ntt\f; nj; hired witness {pi -) «. rinj;"'^^^^ 

.-rn'^" npib ly, 
.^in J2n virgin wax s, DpKir^lK'^ 
T?j5D U1 '^'-i^n Id"! spring-corn s. i^^^l^'*' 
continual bother (pi. D''pC^--) s. pD^JI""^^ 

.cpKii-yiN^ -= Dp>?irfji?18^ 
anniversary of a person's {pi. f-) «. ^l^^'^^S'' 
anniversary service, obit ;nDb jn2? 2? death 

to light a candle at the an- isi-iJiK'' ]bv^]D — 
13 r\W2 era p^in niversary of a deceased 

to give some- dysy 1^3 tsi^st^iK^ pi;tDU,' (iU) -- 
♦"iniD ^'\^^nr^ thing up as lost 
eandle lit at the an- {pi. -) s. ^w^^^-^v^Hf-^^sH 

/ri|U7 nDU?3-i3 niversary of a deceased 

.nnri box (^Z. D^ ^ ) *. p^^^t^N*'' 

•Hp^jp^D ,nKD^ lizard {pi. C--) s. l^^^'i.r'^^w^^K'' 
♦npn n^!;? vicious woman (fig.) 

to laugh with an- syp-iP^ts^yx- isiD pxb - 
^h a«3s pnii guisk 

.rfBi's^ ash-tree 3. \V^P 

.nei's^ bJ ashen adj. V'^'\pV^^^ 

A^\> "1^ jacket {fl. f-) fl. *p^'' 

;iD2 like ;i|'K how atir, ^pH" 

be it as it may ...ip *i^?3 ,1^?^ pK'' T12 — 

/iDi' n\n^\y "i^k hnt' about me, but he . . . 

♦(s * * , Kin IX 
♦Kih^ |siK npKS somehow ac^-?;. Di^pH'^ 
.]p anchor {pi ]--) s. '^^^p.S'' 
M^ as if, quasi 6/c^t). V^'p^' '^^p^^' 

♦n|3 louse (/.);"^£'^ simpleton 5. ^p^'^ 
to knock in {a nnndow or door) {fi.) v. a. ['^^p^"' 

*(n^"i IK \'hm ib^'i n?n 
intruder into a house (/.) s. '^^iJ^D>*pi<'' 

♦(3353) n';2^^ D;i3 

*K^4 '5n3 ravine {fl. ]") s. "^K** 
.n:^ year {^jl. f- .-) s. "^^^ 

all p^^ P5i$ ; n3U? 93n every year i«^ pbbj — 

.r^n ^D^ b3 his life 

.n3wn bs the whole year '^t^'' ^m « " 

an everyday man, '^^^ I'iv^a j^ pa 11'' k ('iU) — 

,pi2£D "'Hbn D"!s« an ordinary man 

good year I {reply to the greetings ' IX"' DI2 — 

!«3io fc^nu; [J|3"iKD ii)i;, ?nn-^ '^213, etc.") 

J T'^« f]'''IK "1^^ 1PJ013 ^ I ll^t? ^''IH 1K^ IS13 g — 

npfin K ;m2 n^u? a calamity 'i«^ 'ipir.n )^ — 
may a calamity come upon ! dik -"]^ik "iK"' 

hns'inn ni^ him 

^-i ^M - |r -1 jjt 11 ^ ♦! ,"11^'' pi^ny; ^ ~ 

,mi£ ,13^ calamity "i^^ npiiiNmu; — 

go to the devil !, \ ik^ ps^i^nty pb^ n ni — 

y^^ ^ 1 5?s^?pb lb the dence take you ! 

for long life {said after men- 'W P^^biib lit — 
■^3 a^-,»is) D"'?::'' ^Il^b [lioning a deceased person) 

♦ni3B3 Dtt' an'2?tte'3 

your deceased brother, may you live 
,3''D^ 'X'^^n ,nDn i^n^ long, used to say 

k:3 ^'^ an elderly person pK'' p.K u;3PD k — 

a maiden who has passed pH^ p« ^ti^d k - 

.rfp-iS ;'^3n ir^s^y nbinn the age of marriage 
.••nsu^ IBS year-book (_pZ. I^^^H-) #. '^lljflK'' 

."^y53r 5?«;n^Dn DKn» puJ pp3|?J'^ *•» Oi 




.b^\^r^ m jubilee {pi 0^) s. O^^'jb)^)^ 
long period ;- jubilee {ph D'^bnl"' ,D-) ,?. ^.^1^ 

^H'lK |D| of time 
once in a long time b^v k pK* bm piK -- 

.an |Dt:2 nn« dps 

♦(nifs ^r) ns^fihn nb^ip petticoat {pL D-) ^. ^pSI'' 
-d-ifiib^ youth, youthful age (pL f-) #. ^551^ 
young ini''^:^ n?i^y .^'i^^ ^bv youth i^vj .a"'^W3 
n^i;^N1 li'^D generation 
♦•i nls^n DU? name of the letter ' {pi. |-) 5. ^-i*^ 
.n^n: Jew (co72^.) (i^l. DJ^--) s. pK^I^ 

.-^one who knows s. I^l.l^ 
one who knows everything, one s, 7^n''P'lP 

. - who is omniscient 
♦^n; to know ?^, «. [Pll^ 
one who is cunning {pi pr'P'l'^') s. f^r^nl^ 

.-in singing or playing 
one who is versed {pi 'IDD-^];^!'') s. '^m-^^j'' 

. - in books 
17.5^ a ten-groschen piece {pi 3--) ,9. '^pl^'^ 

^d^biij nyc^ '7VJ 

.inns pj;^ to grunt v, n. fl^^^l'' 
.iu?: ,vj^i Jesus «pr. ^1^1'^ 

.p-lD soup {pi f - ) ^. 7I'' 

«(p«)8 "',t£^3 ^'») 2^'i sauce 1''^ y5pDKispi — 
.p p 1 b ^ .ui ^'T'r pnp^bii — 
.nc-'Dn fermentation s. Sil'I'^l'' 
4bn ; dbri to ferment {p, p, pH''))^) v. n, p^l^ 

♦(a''?j':^) nis "lip cow-hide s. ^51*^ 
^n-na nip b"^^ of cow-hide adj. i?11.S^51^ 
.n^n Q^ blood of a beast «. ^^V 
\t"'K nm bad temper psr pssr'KplJ^S (Z^^-) "~ 

,| tD p^ - n 1 a ■» a -^ d 1 '' = abbr. p"Ti^ 

,- woman in childbed (2^^. nn^l'') s, Ti^lht' 

.(on^ij^ ^^'-sm ^nnro ''^r July {month) s. ^^'^'^ 

psalm of the day ;'-'day {pi ^^ti)) s. 01'' 

^\w^^ sr Sunday 'k dr -- 

.■•su; br Monday '^ ai'' — 

.^u;^^\f or Tuesday 'j ai^ -•- 

Any \m pa) ns^^^ jasper {pi. S--) s, |?S1^K'« 

.(K —his day or time will come ph7\ ^tsl'' ^I^J 

» ■=- may he (God) bless you pJir, 1?'^.?^ 

,- continent ;-dry land {pi t\WZ]) s. h^^^ 

'|SJ P2 " abh7\ y^ 
"sorrow and sighing," much s. nnj^rp-? 

,b\^\ ^Vji aggravation 
effort, endea- ; bDP ,^ labor {pi H^^^^) s. T^TT, 

.n^b'^n^n vor 
,^the labor of his hand's. IBST^^ 
^^I have labored and found, ^^ phr, ^mt^^ "^TiTil 
by looking for a thing one will find it 
»inlK %^pp, ns*^ s^^jj^D^? 
fescue for {pL f-j ;-hand {pi, D"^1";) s. T 
^nnlnn nxnj-D^ t the reading of the Law 
,nna ,n^jK alliance, league s. nn^^"*!^ 
*nna n^p .'^Mnn to league nnK-n^ pxD — 

. -- known a(iy. V^"^] 

.^friend {pi D^n''^^) '^. I'^'l^ 

.--my friend s. '^I''*]^ 

a letter of {pi, "^^h ^) s. ^^j:];nnn'"n'''i; 

*nnni ^^?'^ friendship 
infor-^ ;-»- knowledge {pi m'l]) s. ni/^^ 

.--news ;'-mation, advice, intelligence 

omniscience, predestination np'T^ Qm:^ — 

*(3^^iD IIP'' ,b^n npi 

opening in a door large enough (/,) s. Spi"T 

nj-ia 2(^.3 to pass the hand through it 

one who has much know- (pL ^"^^^^yj s. [J^l^ 

. -"ledge 

o — Judaism s. T))1^] 

.--Jew ipl t^'1)r\]) s. '"^ir]] 

nickname given to {Am.) {pi CIIT) §, "^1^^^ 

•'sg^)^. ^i^n-'b ''^^3 a German Jew 

*o a%n"9K , -Jehovah, God s, ^^\^] 

.^be it as it may phr. n^W ^K m) 

.--no matter what ^Ar. n\T^ np ^T 

whoever it is, no matter phr. n\T^ ^^ n\^'', 

,^who, anybody 
"may it be the will/' (^pL D-) «. iUnJ^\T 
a praj^er beginning with these words 

a person whose jubilee (^pL f-) §. '^K^^'^i'l^ 
*9pisn"^^pa is being celebrated 

'j^rn-fEJ »3fi^ 

^ 962 — 


ser- ;^''K fellow nj;) boy {]fl. \V '-) s, '^^i'' 

♦ni^a vant 
♦"^1 ,|top^ .'i^psr young (co^np. '^V^^)'^) adj. ^^UT* 
1=1.15 rude young man (^L Dj^*-) «. ti^^i^^JT' 

♦^3;sbs |a rascal ; m 
»o''3i Dnb; -Qn;y? d^^jk young folks 5. 21*^"112:3T' 
nkn i|i very young adj. Vp - I'^Vpi'^'^^T-^^*^^ 
.rv.^ mips when young adv. tD^.^"^1J;2:T' 

.Tj7it young man {pi tDl_^^;?3J1-) «. I^D^:^?^:!'' 

young (2yl. D^p::^tDJKD];2Jl'') s. p^tJ^tDJ.S^D'ir^:)"!'' 

♦i-'IJUi Q"i^ man 
.r.rp^i; ,n^in2 virgin, damsel (j9L \V -) a. ''I'l&SJT' 
sol- ; Knx u>'X b^ ,b'n ^^ of soldier adj. ^)^V^^ 
.n^:?n liassian language I b^ns xin^ dierly 
♦na ^i::3 obscene language nnfi p\yi5i'' — 

^^on Russian langnage s. fl'^J]^ 

younker, young nobleman {pi. D-) «. 'l^^pJI'' 
jack, ;KSi£ n;pa Tj^in cadet un^isnjaj i^r^t ^'2i« 
♦(n^c'?p3) n^u knave 
♦tDS\f'» justice s. ptDDI*" 
Minister of Justice (^Z. D-) ^. l^tDD^J^D-p^^DT' 

.lD&'f)2.1 1'iP 

Ministry of Justice s, D1^1^tDD:i^^"ptDT' 

well-to-do Pt;?dq substantial adj ^tS- .1^^|p1^ 

« well-to-do man, man n''nn"5i7S ipDDr jj — 
.|in bj;2 ,"i^DK D-i« of substance 
.-adviser (jpL n^^V."^') s. T^"^' 
♦Ito^sr nsb ::i?3 Jupiter (a^^r.) ?22:>r. I^^'ST* 
short overcoat for men {pi. B — ) s. ^^21'' 
x^ jacket for women ; 0^?^^^ "^^p, V'^K ^'^9 

.l^;i3 done ac?/. *Si£l'» 
for the sake of appearance pi?n K2iv ]1d — 

♦pi? HKirjib ,Q''3sb 
*in2iri ""T Kk^^ to do one's duty v. n. [^^t H2i1'' 
to acquit oneself towards (2ip?2^s iks pJt KS£l'» — 
♦■ttT^f^b inriih ■'1^ «!i'' a person 
excep on to the rui.^ excep- s. 773n-Ip-.^i:l"» 

♦''p-'ni or "Wednesday 'I Di" — 
,^U7^m Qr Thursday 'H Dr — 
♦"^yu? fii^ Friday '1 Qi*" ~ 
. - day of leisure, holiday {^jI. ^^)s. ^'"^Dn'KDl'' 
the longest day of the year, s. '^I'IKm'DI^ 
.-the summer solstice 
.-the day of judgment s. pi.!l"Dl' 
the day of remembrance {Jewish s. pl^tH'Dl^ 

.[ — New Yea]'\s day) 
the shortest day of the year, s. 1i£pn"Dl'' 
.-the winter solstice 
.-Sabbath-day, Saturday s. Dln^n-Ql"' 
.-day and night adv. T\h^hr'ti^^ 
holiday, festival, {pi. D''SltO-D^D^^) s. SltD-Dl^ 
impor- Jn2i2D ^p^ trump-card ;:!D ' -feast 

.ni:n^u;ri tance 

to make a holiday, to cease nito-ci^ k pKD — 

.miDpD nru,' from work 

"good holiday!," a greeting lnito-ar a'',: — 

.;n DV2 G'lb'^ nsiD on a holiday 

this 1 did not expect hn ^3 ^nits-ai'' isij — 

unexpectedly he is ^Ki ti« IP ,:2ita-i2r toi3 — 
.ns insn D«ns here 

wherein is his ?c^k ^^d ms:-Di^ ipi r.« t^n — 
.(K ? inn"'^'n non importance? 
of holiday, of festival, festal, adj. :in-riD-Dl^ 
solemn \mv ,nn?iV ^^ joyful isn 9^ festive 
.n^p2 excellent p^^^n 
.-Day of Atonement s. 1^E'':s"2l^ 
of the Day of Atonement adj. snilB^^-Dl^ 

.(D)3sxito-m^5n .t ,t232K-itD pjnna''2"Qi^ — 
candle for the Day {fl. -) s. tD5^^"11B''5-a1'' 

.i^iss Qi^5 15 of Atonement 
minor Day of Atonement s. I^p"11£''2"Dl'' 
{last day of every Jewish month on which 
. - \_pious Jews are fasting till noon) 

ATr F1^' ' "^ Grreece npr. ' 71^ 
Russian soldier, soldier {pi. S'lri^) s. ^pj 

,«32 ^y-'K ,^m ,^Dn b»n 
to break in n2id pK \v ^ 1)) pb*^2inH ('it^.) — 
upon a conversation with an irrelevant 
•D^y3i3 D3''K\y Dn^is nn''^ iinb d32n remark 




to flow abundantly {of blood) v, n. fP^I'' 

,(ai) nsiD n'^as bb 
.py^ soup (jpl. S-l)'s, 'I^p^l^ 
T]^^^ flue-plate, damper {pi, D-) s. ^^p^^^ 

.« sense of justice j*- justice, equity s. "^^I** 
.lu^r ^B ^p by right ^u;i'' to^b -- 

. - more adv. '^^I*' 
**may (God) remember," memorial s> "^"^sn 

,a%:i)s^ jl'ns) nban prayer for the dead 
? c^Kitnb , - halves ! ; nni , - together ado. 1"in„^ 

»c,Sn nf« KSttf imx^s nsn^ d-is nmi? *|3) 
staying of innriK , - unity (0/ 6?oc^) «, ^"^TV^ 

. — a man with a woman priyately 
genealogy ;- descent {pL CBin]' f\^) s. Din^ 
importance :- noble descent ;nns^D mi 

♦Dn:n inns genealogical document s, ll^'iS'Din^ 

to be proud of one's descent v. r. ^^t \on 

.-" personal worth s. 1D^j^""Din^ 
alliance with {pi a''3n''^-) s. ^n^^|^D1m 
u;>' aS7 D'^V^s nns a person of good birth 

•nanrD nnsv;?^^ n^K ik 

sole person ;- individual (p^. D''*T'n^) s, TTIJ 

sole trader, monopolist niins a^D t'H" k — 

.n-nno IT'S* h^ n*'iT' "iniD 

the only one in his generation, s. 1'n1"lS°"n"'nj 

.-the greatest man of the age 

the few chosen ones, the s. pi, n^^^p"n^n'* 

.'D-is ,i^n; h^ private adj. t^Tl^rV^ 

may he live ! (a loord put after the int. •'^''^^ 
. - [nainie of a person in a letter) 
' - long live the King ! int> '^ht^n^T^'^^ 
man of noble descent {pL C^OH^) s. fcn.^ 
proud or JDmn 'bm^p ^^h aristocrat ?Dn:p 
privileged person in^?^ ann haughty man 

;an:n u^-'ki) like an aristocrat adj. S'^-^DH^ | 

^l-'iT ,nK^ proud, haughty 
pride, haughti- iain^ noble descent .9, mJCn^ 

.m:n]«j ness 

lady of noble descent {pi. D-) s. p^^on"^ 

"^Wl^ '^'i'-ipp ti-m aristocratic lady Jnan^p 

privileged wo- Jn^jnix: n-fx proud woman 

*ninii^ n^at p\^ u;«u r\'m man 

liturgic poetry recited on cer- s. pL TD'^p'^ 

B'1sa|«|D ^'^i*B tain Sabbaths and festivals 

.a-'p.n'; a''alD a^??"^] ninit?a 

to confound one nnsi? n ]m^aiK5 (-it^.) — 

aaiy ,inna ist ^bnn thing with another 

.Q"'ban filial nonsense miitv v^^^V^bvp — 
'•who createth s. jp^. ITl'^^O 'l^KI D'Tl'i^D isel*^ 
minisitering angels, ministers who , . .^^ 
.<« D^n'iu;^ par? a host of servants 
,n\ji ,ah^ ,i]3n to itch v. n. fpi*" 
niina ,nau^K trash, worthless goods s, Dpi"' 

,t2?i3rK == ^pl** 

,ni3TK Europe (^m.) npr. BK1T' 

ai'' 9^ of the day' of St, George ac^\ PJ^^^I^ 

.(y^Ti^ j> ai'^n^?''! 
payment to be made on the V'^^"^ pspni^ — 
,(3 arj'-!K''5 Di^ b^ (ip^s day of St. George 
«i''K impoverished man (jp^. D''T*i1'') s. "Tll^ 

,raa3p nn^;^ 
11'' to become impoverished -nr 1^ pim — 

.yppTni'- = l^pn'^l'^ 
"teacher of knowledge," title of s. H^Y-'T^'^'' 

. -" one of the parts of the "inp""|n^i© 
judicial district of a (pi. 0^) §, j;p^nni'^ 
S'ri 'Cir? °^^y. ^^?? town {formerly in Poland) 

.D^toafton npan s^^ juridical adj. ^'!'^'^r 

^a'^tsBu^'Jsn npana aan jurist (_;9^. | - ) s ^OC'Tl'* 

^a^^spDH npDn ]urispradence s. P^2f3j;i'"iDD!"n"' 

day of St. George {term for payment s P^'^l'* 

ai^A'^K^j ai'' [oj rent formerly in Poland) 

.D3 D^H.-^pi boor {pi 3--) s. yp'il'' 
not to utter a tosin arpiv iv pv)^'\^ (id.) - 
*a9Ka n^n .nt^r^ ^i( rat: K^inr k^ sound 

.-heir {pL D'^^nl^) s ^'^r 

.nmS" heiress {pi 0-») g. TO^^i' 

successor to the throne, crown- s. "i^J/'^ll"* 

.^"11^ successor ;- prince 
a stay-at-home, domesticated s, ^HlX'S^I'' 
one who devotes ;n^5s T'rsri a-^'i^ u^'-k man 
Inp ^3 \^npD u;-K his whole time to study 

JI3:H^K3 i-SIKS^ K1 Miyil nt£fK1 ^"IKll DKI (It 


— 254 


loo- >'n^'^b'_ /nr;3;5 boyish, puerile adj. ^b^^V^ 
boyishness, puerility s. tOt!p-|lPtt?sb lish 

fco make oneself look young v. r. "j^t [^7^^^'' 

ra 'T':;i£ younger adj, comio. '^^^^1"' 
♦l.'I wine ;- grape- wine s. |^5"P- 
wine reserved for the righte- s. '^t3^t^pn"[''^ 
ous fco the time of the coming of 

. - Messiah 
"wine of libation," wine touched s. ^'^^"t''- 
. — by an idolater {forbidden to Jews) 
. - wine for Passover s. nDS"''7^"f''^ 
.-brandy s. ?]1^"|'- 

.nnln thanks s. nlS-'it^l^ 

.*?3; to be able u. w. t^^^l^i' 
h« is unable, he cannot e>13 is^13^ np — 

.-possibility ;- ability, strength .s. -HtIO^^ 

JizJ^K fellow (joe.) ;- child (jp?. tD'"!^'') s. ^b) 

.USDQ a piece of money, coin (/.) 
"he who is born of a woman," s. Mt^^'^in'; 
.nrii?:iri |3 ,Dnx |S man, mortal 
. — wailing, lamentation {xjI. ril^'p^) §. n'p'7^ 
ifig^) ;- ocean ;'-sea {'pl. D'^DSi^-) s. D;j 
.:j-^ iSDp .tiarr great multitude, great number 
a great multitude ot people |u;opD tola D^ x -- 

,3"^ |iDD much money '-"-pj isi» a^ k — 
.nii^ nnji a sea of troubles nna ta^D D"' k* — 
.0; n^P bay igeogr.) (pi. [-") s- &12u)''V^"£3^ 
.D!i:;i^vK ocean s. Dirpl.S'Q;; 

.ciiQ'in'a: ^ ipi c-) «. apti^'D;^ 

.q; ■r'll^^ pirate, corsaire (2?^ ^^^/!? -) s. i^i^||"Qi; 

"the Great Sea," the Mediter- n^^r. '?n^n-a_'* 

♦|l3*rii'n d;* ranean 

.a^n aba seal {jyL tD:^'^^) §. to:i^||-D: 

.- the Salt Sea, the Dead Sea njjr, ny:..'1"D;; 

the Frozen Ocean, the Arctic np7\ nij^n"D^ 

.- Ocean 
BJD ^^ sea- water, salt-water *. "^^DkITd;; 

*QM n^a sea-salt s. f*^8i"D! 

♦£''3i3hl b^ aristocratic adj. ^)^^t^l 
♦-|i ^Ksnn to be proud of v, r. I^t pODH;; 
to be proud of a per- jiepd^k isid *]n iPSDh"' — 

.u>^K*2 'i^ann son 
"he shall halve," breaking of the s. f*n^ 
middle cake into halves {at the Passover 

. — [cey^emony) 

.| a a I '': = ahhr. i'"'*' 
^y(n) JeWj Hebrew, Israelite (^L f-) s. '^^'' 
n^t little finger \^^^ man ;b^ip: |S ,^121? 

'•'SHK Mister! Hr "i — 
he is already a t^ ipa-^nj i$ ]^w t^K np — 
.^^K*? ^n"*! biij 'nna grown man 
Yiddish r^t^^n-'^Me wish, Hebrew adj, m'^ 
Yiddish, ths Yiddish language s. ||;^^n^ 
♦n^pn^n ]StbT\ x^^y\ 
; ''■ns'l^K-nin^ Judaeo-German oc?/. I^^l^'t^^ll*' 

.i\w^> m32^x-n'!'i^n; Judaeo-German s. [| 
ij^ns) after the Jewish manner adv, yh'^TW 

; b^D to circumcise I \*| to Judaise v. a. ft^H^^ 
,^^"i^^h cnn to translate into Yiddish 
.nnq: Jewish faith, Judaism s. tD*L^ptJ*;1^'' 
.1^*1^'"^: Jewess (pi. C-) 5. >?p"^"'!l^'' 
n'i^] Jew (cor/.?^.) {2jI ''\V --) s. hl)"^ 
^^St, Jew from the l-id n f.s b-r k (yl»^.) — 
.cnp u;"?t^ South," a shrewd fellow 
,ijij?n bfD ^n^n^ worthless Jew QjL 22^; ^ ) .§. pK"'^!^' 

.1^15 n^n; little Jew Q>?. n^'?'~)s.V'7||j;^'iy* 
"the red Jews," Jews "ivh'^^v pto'^n n — 
supposed to inhabit the region beyond 
D^nin\'°! the legendary river Sambatyon 

r\'m ,njiin; Jewish woman (j^L D-) s. ^:i^"t?'' 
n\^K elderly woman ;nf« w^oman inning 
old-fashioned Jewish woman ; a^p*5 hks 

.n*\^i^ wife U'f'n D^stsip nn^n; 

/n^N' my wife pjpnv pD ~ 
♦(«b-i;'i to circumcise v. a. fS^"!*' 

. - wine s. i"*! 
J'^JZ^ boy, youth, youngster QjL l^-) s. 7i-3f 
.^31 lb;: male child 
."ij^i ^3"iip2 when a boy adv. tl^injj^ 




at all events, at any rate adv. DvK£51|?'' 

each, every, pron. indef. ^V^T ^V'^V' ''^V'^^T 
P«jp^p., ,'iy^pip'' abs. II ;5| either {of two) 
.r\m ^3 ."int^ ^s every one, every body 

every oncj every lyir'' ^ np3iiK '^p^I7^ — 

,a^H 93 ,ir!K % body 

^2 either of the two ^'^.m n |is ip'ipnp^ — 

/p.r^: Jesuit (pZ. f-) ^. ^^Xllj;'' 

,&''S7^\sJ^0 ht Jesuitical adj. ^^ti'^^TsT 

mlpD u^''^' pitiable person \wi Jesus s ^'^"^V^ 

."i.silsn w: Jesus Christ s. DI^D^'lp-DIt];'' 
»^| every pron, indef, ^^T^^'^V'' ^'^V'^'.^T 
,^2i to weed v. a. 'fiP'^ 
,nw^ YV„ b^ of fir adj\ V^^^^ip 
.nwa fir-tree ann iv)'\pV' ^^ 
«may it come up," first {pL f^'^hrj s. nhp^ 
word of a Jom Kippur prayer said \a 
Dl^b rv»sn ^f n3l\i:Ki nrn a very loud voice 
tumult, ; ni^PiE howl ; a-i bipa r.^DK|n nis3 
.h!pin?p ,pK^ turmoil 
to raise a howl m^P^ pm -t^br b* P^^ "^ 

.ni^ ,pp^ 
'"may it rise and come," name s. N1D''r,^7j^^ 
of a prayer said on new moon and on 
.a\^nn^ ^^h v^i^ ^^^^lU nban holidays 
ISW^ 5^; a^s5p branches of red fir s, p)^^^'' 

«3iip'^ ,p?52 putrefied, rotten adj, ^p^P 
.m then ac^t). ^hmp 
"let stand up," a word by which inL ^^^^^ 
a Jew is called to the reading of the 
n^b^b n^np n^p Law in the synagogue 

woman ;nfK Q^ name of a woman ^jr«. P^-^i^'' 
,]i^l aistsp n^K old-fashioned woman mfis 
a woman like all bpsosp^ pSx "in piasp^ k — 
,Ci^'<D:n 'n«U7 1D3 n\L'x other women 
i3"ip^^5u?PJ ^^p'1% "1X2 v^:V' p:'!::bu7 n ('id) -- 
the same thing only in a different form 

•P.^>*D ''j3^>*D to groan v> n. fJ^K^^^^^"* 

m):iP'^ D^-t ,^2^jj;'' n .n^:i^^i;'' ni;^) |;ro«. d^e^i. ^^^1^^ 

*"^ ^D he who 

i^iq sea-hog, porpoise (pi C'^^'in) s. 1^tn||-D^ 

*(n p»> a|D 
.Qjn nm marine animal {pL m^n^) ^. n''n|pQ^ 
may his name be (pi SOf nt2]} phr. 1»f m] 

, '- blotted out ! (curse) 
may his name and re- phr. ^^^]] l^tt^ HD^ 

.--membrance be blotted out! (curse) 
.n^i nm wicked woman(^L D - } s. ^'i)^)t2^''m) 
wicked man, scoun- (pi. D^-) s. p^iiJ^^'Hp^ 
h'i^,^ 1^ <yi Q^K drel 

days and years, a very long s.pjl, D J^'rQ^^^^ 

,1'm S'l |Di time 
the fearful days(.AV?/; Yearns 9. vl. D\^^'°i'J""l!*'D^ 
.Day^ Day of Atonement, and days between 

. -- [tJiem) 
3^ of the fearful days adj, 3nD\^n;*rD^D^ 

.d^n b^^i^, merman (j?/-. \^) s.'^^V^r^l 

.s'teii^lp sea~farer (joLB-. ,^)5. l^^lKfe-Q;^ 
sea-fish, salt-water fish (ph \^ i-) s. ^^£"^5! 

^Djn D=id) sea-horse, walrus (pi. ^) a. *T1^£"Q! 

D^ri ^^^C sea-cat (fsh) (pi fVp-) s. ^^Pf^! 
.i5-tn i|^K p]1p long-tailed monkey ;ot pm 
,D^^ nbn?^ sea-sickness s. ^^^NpJK'lp"D^ 
.K) 1^ n p 3 K 1 p - a 1 = p^>^1p""D_^ 

straits, narrows (geogr) (pi |— ) s. D^ltS^^'^D^ 

^^l ^l^lt sea-boat (j)^ ]-) s. f]^^^ni 

O ^ ^ i 1 ^ " B 1 ^ ™ nniiS J^ 
^njyin .rTK|n ,™™.benefit (i?iri1p\i:)5. Hp^P 

to derive a benefit from d^sj? |ig ?ip**3s ^ |^^:^~- 
.1^1^ n':'i;in «nnn something 
^—foundation, basis; element (j9?,nniDJ)§.SlD*; 

the four elements (fire, tvater, nmo^ T'S '^i— 
,(1111 ps]; p'^Q ,^Kj nniD'' n:?51^?^ [mr^/^-, air) 

.-sufferings, pains s. pL B'^'^^D^ 

.|n ,Q2?p^s* 'I? yes adv. P^ 

ntt n^n^. come what may p7w% ."ip ''^^ '^^2^_} 

,|nh ''^''^.n^ millet-seeds s, pi. OV^-'^ 
n»^ hunter^ huntsman (pL B— i--) s. ^^^^^ 


— fiOD — 


m«n abnormal passion p^n-12^ ^ps^iyaip k ~ 

. - good inclination s. SlO"^5£.") 
"may salvation be {pi. D-) s. |p*^^B"D^p^ 
vouchsafed," title of two Sabbath pia^^ers 
.naub nl^an "ri'f ^'^ d^ 
benediction |D7 'Hbisn ,15 ,\i?iTf^ ,p: a&?r. '^"'"7^1?- 
on wine, Kiddush, benediction on light, 
Habdalah, thanksgiving for the return 
of the season {order of ceremonies to he 
observed when the night of Passover coincides 
. - [with the close of Sabbath) 
wine and candles for Sabbaths s. ^^"Ofi?- 

.D-nliD cd;! nlnn^b nn3.i |:: and holidays 
Ijo sell wine and candles rn^p^^ tsiD ]ubn3«n — 
»D^jmnin2U?^flil3ibQ for Sabbaths and holidays 

.-a splendid man s. ^p^ 

.^rarity s, m«"'2iDn-^p': 

exor- nlcri^ scarcity ;nj7'i .^if dearth s. -Tll^p^ 

,^nj^ n^riD bitant price 
one who charges exor- {pi. '^^^']\^l) s. ["^p!! 

.'ip.'in iiTiInd npiJsn t:?^k bitant prices 
the charging of exorbitant prices s. ^"i^^p! 

woman who charges exor- {pi. S - ) 5. J^^^'^p!' 
.^p}2 ."inn^ntp nna-tsn n^x bitant prices 

to demand exorbitant prices v. r. ^^t \V^'^\>1 
♦iR^^'n lnT,nD ibo ,5'nj i^"id ^h^^ 
. - God-fearing man (pi. D"'«'D;) s. ^'^J 

ntj^i^ awe ; d\:T5K nxn^ , - f ear of God s. HX'l^ 

- & God-fearing and sincere man s, D Wrj^T 

♦a^ibK Kt!^ ^\^ . - God-fearing man s. D'^P^'i^^^) 

♦D^ibx i*!'; ,d:p^ «t God-fearing adj. '^T^^'^W"^'^) 

.-awe, reverence s. IllSSij-ri^S'l^ 

.d^rtbxm^^.^-'fear of God s. DWTl^T 

sanctimonious '(i??. 1^-) s. bD^JB-D^W-n.S'n^ 

.TBiina ^^« \3a face 
"they tremble," wrath, fury, rage t. [ItJT 

.--Jordan {river) 7ijpr..p*J^ 
may his glory be enhanced ^jAr. I^IM'D^^^*" 
{added after the name of a ruler in the prayer 
. — \_for his welfare 
.-inheritance, heritage {pi. riltt^H^^) s. Ht^ni 
.-Jerusalem npr. 01 WIT 
iitt^n Hierosolymitan Talmud s. ''^WHIJ 
Hierosolymitan, inhabitant (/?LD-) ;^p^t'n^ 
• -of Jerusalem 

.i^^r^n nn-^n that thing j9ro?i. dem. ^'^T 
other ;«inD that pron. dem. 'f^T ,V^V^ '"^V^T 

.D^iL'px .w^^ one ; 'X' 

that man, that woman ■'na p3i7^ ,|k?:: ly;!;'' ~ 

,x^nn n-i^KH ,x'inn w\^n 

on the other side of the Q^ isi^t "ip3y^ ?i^ii« ~ 

.Dirpii«n bw ^3^n inj; Sy ocean 

,K:2n a^iyn the other world ts^yn psi;' — 

nox^ "T'K how does one say P ?iy3p^ d3k*? ^11 — 

.ppD?«1I73y3 = ^pDbKipr 

8. II J «*inn isnn that thing proru dem, pi^'' 

♦=^1^?; fornication {oulg.) 

»^iii to fornicate t;. a. 92. fStiJ^"' 

,^K39 fornicator (pZ. D- •-.)*. *1^^J}^"' 

.(np^n^ttK T^^') V?- Yankee {Am.) {p>l. 0^)*. ^p^^^ 

.(|i;^D« =) ^"p ,?i^p« autumn, fall s. fi^'^DJ^^ 

''IT br ,'-)•'£:« bvp autumnal ac^. ^nJ^^^D^*" 

(S3S3) nnt'i; -lu corporal {pi. B-) *. IJ^tDl^'i&V'' 

.-our ancestor Jacob s. ir^n^S'^lp^^ 

.pi?'' pB anxinsJi^^p^xD OpJ?* 

.nam' fool ^'^pr 

n3£l3 IDS priest (Russian) (pi QV-']V-) s. V.^T 

.(ps'iiK =) 1)V leather, skin s. V^'^V'^ 
,^SV b^ of leather, of skin adj. ]V^'^T 
every adv. \\ J'^CH^ yearly, annual adj. '^^^'^^^ 
,n:p ^3|i year, annually 

.]!i3ri ija respectable sum (/.) 5. HDJ 
n^« beautiful woman (pL ll^l?."!^^) 8. »^*'?.'1|>^ 

^--rsriB^, == {pi. r\)tp)) s. r-itip) 

beautiful woman, beauty {pi. I - ) «. "iKlrril^^ 

the parting of the soul, last «. t^^B^^-nx''^^ 

. — breath 
the going forth from Egypt, s. a''litt:-n»''!?^ 

. - the exodus 

.u?s3D-riK''ic^ =- no^rn^''^^ 

-creation of the world s. HI^'^^J 
passion ; — evil inclination {pi. D — ) s. ^'iri"'llJfl' 

to be seized with yin-iif tj |iir?^\s' |rt3p33x ~ 
^^iHn ni«nn a nassion 




Jesus of Nazarethy Jesus npr. ^l^tJn'1^.'! 

.-salvation {ph TiW't']) s. r.P^^] 
salvations and conso- s. pi. T\*>^r\p^'"T\'^V^^^ 

. - lations 
Talmudical academy, {pi Ti'^'^'^') s. HS^^; 

.-Rabbinical coUe^'o 
student of a {pi. DninS») s. '^T.^W'n^''^] 
.ir]:^'t]ri Tip^ri Talmudical academy 

the mundane court of s, nm^hf-ril^^] 

. - justico 
.-Celestial court of justice s.nhpt2-ht^'n:^^p] 
something created out of no- s. p^^'^^l 

, - thing 
^-last year's grain ;--old adj. \^^ 
let him kiss me {used in a vulgar i lir. ^-^p^l 

. -" [.sen.^Y ) 

one who is neither a ;- Israel npr, ^l?*]^^ 

. — Cohen nor a Levite 

,- right way and reverse plir. ^1£n} I^J 

.«- upright man {pi. D^J'i^.^) s. f^?^! 

. - uprightness, fairness s. T^y^^\ 

.-orphan (;i. C'lSln^) ,s'« Cin; 

^-^ female orphan {yl, T'DlD^) s. T(t^ST\\ 

.D"?p1n; 9*^' of orphans adj ^^»1n; 

.a-n; iisy^ orphanhood g. tOl^p^^^Dln^ 

remnant of a customer's clo h a] pro- >>. "^^IH! 

.-priated by a tailor 
the rest that has escaped, the s, H^T^Eh '^T\\ 
<rm:iT\ i:r!pD ,-- little that has rema ned 
«-Jethro {father-in-law of Moses) npr. 1"iri"J 
»e''3i m?:t? many names \vw^ cnn'' — 
„« advantage {pi. m-3i'°iri']) s. [1*111^ 
^^^^, ?T^!? excess s. n^W^W 

tumult, {fig.) ;^fair (^L onn^ ,f^) a, ^1^ 

^ny^inn ,]1k^ uproar 
*b^,^^'7 ,«« impoverishment ;-- downfall s. n^*""!^. 

^O^r one who visits fairs {pi. C^-) s, p^i'T^'^^ 

one of the ;- curtain {ph 'nWT,-) s. n;?n^ 
sheets of parchment of which the scroll 
.»-of tbe Lnw is made up 
.--greens, vegetables s. pit. fllpT 
to inherit, get by inheri- v,a. [V-^V -- i\V ^.}^*^l 

/viJT tance 
something inivS^i'D ,- existence, being s. ^J 

.^u^?: W substantial 
to consider oneself r* ]t.'^i k 'i.s*d |t2^Kn '^n — 
aiK9 iD^y m iu;n an important person 


"there are those who say^" an t, £)''1DlJ^''*^J 

*ni;'3 opinion 
there is an opinion q^'idik-'u^*' i^ ki nx cp -^ 

,2U?1.^ to seat V, a. \V^V -- ^IVp'^'t 
;- settlement, colony {pi. D''i*S^^) s. 1W) 
, -deliberation ;- colonisation ns^ village 
.-colonisation of Palestine s. ^^^"^^T'^r^"^^! 
.--consideration, deliberation s. Jn^in"'S1^'] 
, -- preservation of the world s. Qvl^i'l^il^'' 

; ^p^pO to consider, deliberate v. r. ^^t p1^^ 

,pSjps to hesitate mI^.OH to take counsel 
.-Bp nr.-^^^ countrywoman {pL C-) t, ^^^Iiim^l 
couniryman, villager (jJ, D];^) t. p^^S-.^l 


nn\j? bribe s "^^'^'$'2 
.nn\^ npiS bribe-taker {jl. £^-) ^. pli'l^S^KS 

mterceder, mediator {jjI. tV ^) s. llltOKlKS 

r^i^^-inf intercession, mediation s. ^11^&1^^K"i^:d 

io intercede, mediate v. n. fl^TS^ntDDl^ioK'l^tS 

ihe eleventh le.ter of the Hebrew s. 5 

?2«^m. II ; n2|;n n'^^^-^^N':; r-n y r,>;^ ftiKH alphabet ■ 

.a^-^j; twenty 
.^IK = ahbr. '3 
,o^^7&"*'^ chaos, confusion (pL f-") s, DiflKS 

dangler after women (^1. &J^-) #. p^^l$:n^a 


^ 258 -- 


Q"j^i2n ::tn3n a^litps niDPpi nn khamsin s. pD^HS 
♦(ps«n :r.^3-V2 la^' "try, cr 
♦aj ,1j;^ ht boorish, rude ad'. J?pDDK5 
horse's collar (xd. t-) «. tD^^^:^^ .tD^ i^2 

fi*^ /^93 prison (/.) s. H ins .-here adc. \^^ 

♦nnin^ niD hypochondria s. *^'^"^^»^5 
iD"^^^ D^in^ idle talk (jpL D-) s, r^!$"l"t^^^ 
(s •'nii lisp idle story, tale of a tub 
♦o niit wbore, strumpet {pi. &-) «. PtDOsO 

con- ; n-i/riD rtD^an snap ; rtD^^ri snatch s, ^K5 

♦|v^"i ception 

.«qbn to snatch. £K2 k pya ~ 

fftp to jump up, start e^ji i$ I'.t pP^ ('icL) — 

this is an ingenious |i«: k |ls £:k3 k t^.K cnh — 
♦''Si^:! ivy'i Kin nt conception 
.f]%>)r: snatcher (pL D^-) s. p2«3 
;n,^B3ri5? nb'n 1 rap-door f;?^. 1^-) s. '^'i^^S^^^ 

.n'lbb^ trap 
,-)5n company, band, gang {fl. D-) s. ^tODXlD 

rfl)i^^p^ in companies, in bands adv. PJIlD^tOEi^^ 

to seize, '.'nbn to snatch, snap ?;. a. |S3|$3 

.(D'^Ji) i^ii nb9 ,cbn to catch ; obn capture 

rr^^ ,nS7 to be, make «. -^i. || ;ri\^ to borrow 

^. i.. "]"!t-|| nn^ to be in a hurry ;(di:d) 

/ isi^ .nb| to discover 

♦mbe mb to obtain a loan nn^bri ^ pxs — 

it makes one ]t^v^ k ^"it? 'iP^^^i « t^sxD dp — 

♦tD^xb in« "n^n n'?!!? dollar for a man 

it is rather short y'^p ^ci- k i^dkd di; — 

♦topJ2 Kin 'isip 
he discovered tspsii? i2i tss^rpi ^n t^n "nj? — 
An^pv ne) nbjb "inx Kin too late 
jnn'n^ haste, hurry nis^tsq snatching s. ^"J^^SKS 
♦tt;^3^paKD == i'l'i^r^'p pSn^ blindman's-buif 
.m»D trap (^i5. H^^) s. ^tOD^ptO^^:) 
catcher, ;«ni?in snatcher {^L i^-) »» "^P^^^ 

♦151b /^aln captor 
hurry, haste ino'^ipr! snatching s. 1I!'^^^I$5 

♦ il'Sh 
♦iqbrib C2X5 forestalling s, ^^-5"i^BK3 

.bt0DPpD«2 = ^il^^t^£^^2 

,ni;i2fi^ in motion adv. DiS^xnj^3 
♦npijm rr-n to be in motion c^ikiko p.iJ — 
.b*^^ to raise, breed, rear v. a. ]V'^^^ 
household fur- ;n:5 \3^2j; economy s. ^l^tOD^ji>55 

.n;3 •'bs niture 
to keep house, manage yii'^DinK:^ n pis ~ 
*n"'2 ^nsn the house 
"as one of the worthless," phr. C^p^lO inX3 

♦bail? DnK3 ,-"as a mean or low person 
to scold as a low per- ti^p^ir] im:^ ]v'^i^.t — 
.■ps'i) D1K3 *i^n son does 
.r^p:tif2 secretly, privately adv. Vp^'^^^'V'^^'^ 

;«ti?"B b'l i^iK /2 5^|K though, although co7y. *^'^^5 
notAvithstanding that iCK cj even though 
.:v.nzn ^•::p at least ad . || ; c^n 
ru? ^D b^ ^K /? 5qK although conj, '^^^tiH't^^^H ^ 

.u?ifiK3 =- ];'^tDjf!5 .p^^tD.^D ,i?ntrtoxD' 

»(pins) lKn"«ri ha-ha I {laughter) int. KD" 3 
;nnu;^ nri: tuft of hair (^^L S^^-) s. '^K^SS 
njpn pb "^33 nickname of a Little-Russ'an 

cold dish of kvass and hash s. fV^'H^h^'^i 

•^'p .1 ^ ;"• b*?2 Dy. pr^n np.\ya 5^ ip ^"^pri 
;Dh'53 i]nx ij loose cloak (p^. f--) s. '^8^X3 
."psn u?i:2p morning- gown 
.itb^ patcher (^L D^--) s. p-^tDKSj$3 
b^ l^P, n:3 pea^sant^s hut (^j^Z. &-) s. ^^I'^KS 

♦pai9K3 |is ts'i^^n-pDybplKs .>^p£l7^j3 
,abxn i?3n = ahbr. tO^iO 

,n;Di33 company, gang Q^L D«) g. i?1^DK''^>§3 

.6^53) D:pj\j;-n^3 boot-leg (^^L D«) s. ^i"i:P''^i^3 
phi ns a big mouth nip^bp k in 5^ir:) k — 
Pj;d ;i;r^bn ?u? choleric ac^J. ];^ti^t2>^^:;^?«3 

,5p PT'^Pa cholerine s. P^^^^SxS 
sickly WT'^pn cholera {pi. C-) s. T^'T^)^^ 
^b^ -CK good-for-no'ihing ;?^in Q"tk person 

^nr^iK^b n?::; 
♦n-^bn cholera s. i^'^^ '^i^S 
D-jK ,10 nj?^ boor, churl {fl ^V --) s, SK3 

WS^-'S' 8 ntt'Bi* 5?»:n3 bkh (s .androny ^'b'lB = (k 

-yn p'T tsb^ti tv *ii 'On fsmt^y:: tsch? snj?-!! ess (« 




*in3 "'^h hemispliere i)i^ ly^bxrt — 
,-the terrestrial globe s, p^S^H^ins 
♦tP,^^ '''1?^ in order to, in order that conj. Hr 
,jT)X"^ib ^35 in order to see |p; i^ na — 
ia order that lie may see |rt bm np ns — 

« — according to the law adi% p^.'^ 
aecording to all the require- adi\ ni.srfns 

,-'ments of the law 
as usually ;- naturally ado. V^^l^'^iIj^ 

. — according to the law adv, 3^13 
jnarpa . - according to custom adi\ IT^S 
according to the law phr, ^^"^ft']] n^'t2 n^_3 
^-of Moses and Israel 

Kinu? 1^2 as it 1S| as it happened ado, ^''iin? 

««" priesthood s. mJIIS 

♦n;jy_ ,al50 to day, now adv. Sl\'i2 

a descen- ;- priest (pL D''Jn3 .S^'JnS) s. pS 

.-dant of the priestly race 

,-high priest (pi D^^liro^jni) s. h)nrp'^ 

**such and such things^" ph?\ HJm^I nJH^ 

^-many more things 

.-instantly ado, p^^^^^ 

.-hat, cap Se i^nlS 

.KJ53 prison (5?,) (|jL S«.) s, '^^n'D"'n^mS 

bold man ; pin clever man {pi, C^-) ^, tDKIID 

Ab pDK bold ; pin clever adj. |?pD'0Kil5 

,*12^D 3^ wave, billow (j)L B-) 5. ^^^.^11^ 

.a^h nsD billowy at^y. mv^h^m 

*a''dD.:i brushwood s, ^DK'^»X113 

xlm rt«3n whipping «. ^'^^.$'15 
«b1^? nsD to whip u. a, \T^^^'^^^^^ 

intentioHj purpose, 0b» (^pL ni^\'3) §. nJ\i3 
.-fervor^ devotion ^ns'^iln meaning ;'-'ject 
nans a profound meaning mils ps^e^ k* ~~ 

to pray with fervor nans ed^js jpjukt -- 

*n:n32 ^bsnn 

,Jmggef-mugger }g;-^^j5? apises ms-^rg '.rsK Kj«n m 

choir ?nnbin -nbriiDp chorus (p^, f-) ^, *1K5 

,nc33 n'^a bf nbnpD 
illness, sickness, disease {pi. ^-^J s. V^^^^^ 

,p p Q 3 K a *t ,y2^iK5 ppbSKs — 
„ibn to be ill, be sick v. n. [J^^.H'IKS 
character, {pi. pT^ -- B^|;^^) s. ^V^ p^^^'^ 

/Bk .P5to ,n5'5ii nature 

r5|; ynD ]^^ to characterise tj« a. p^!n^tOpK"nK3 

.-^ym characteristic adj, ^T^^W^p^'^lO 

.(KDio to geld, castrate t^ «. fPlll^^^^mnKS 

;d'^t-^Ds^3 greyhound (jjLD^^) s. ^.^5,^^X3 

/^ins D-ii;^ slender person (X9'0 
victuals, provisions, eatables a. ^^^K3 

.brk n^s eating-house (pi, D^) ». ^^irj^^^lKS 
choristj chorus singer {pi. \^) 9. t^)^^^ 

>n^ripm ^T:Vi;i 
female chorus singer {'pl. B-) s, Vp^^)"^^^ 

.n^tijia c^ to rattle v. n. ivh:i^^:5 

.n^n3a au?l5 rattling adj. m:^vh^'^^^ 

,n>i3 rattling s. in];S51S*3 

fi^a Choral synagogue {pl [-) ^. ^V^'^KS 

,nSnp?^ cj; nc33 
"and if I perish, phr. ^^m^ ''ninK ^^K3 

a — I perish," I am lost anyway 
^^one who is slow of speech," s. nS"T5? 
,D|?pj?j stammerer, stutterer 
««- respect ;-honor5 glory s. ^U3 
to respect a person |xpr::h* ^^'i^ mnr ]r.ib ~ 

I beg your pardon 1122 ipi^K 1P3\H bps ^ii^ — 

the honor of {a word used in a letter s. "11S3 
, '- [6e/br6 ^Ae name of the person addressed) 

as if it were possible {expression ado. 7T5^^S3 
used in the Talmud when attributing to God 
things possible only in the case of human 
.DNibK God s, II ; - [beings) 
o-worthj worth while adj. ''^IS 
«-- properly ado. "^Vrl^ 
htf^b 1?i3 as for instance ; i?i2 like ado, .1^1*13 
as for instance^ as for ado. b^'^^^HDl'lS 
.bfi^b IDS example 
.-globe, sphere {pl. D'^ins) s, "11*1| 

9XaJiau;aTH r«enj«^Vp pB '|S-^6^V **3 (« 



— 260 — 


n 71?. community a.ljpbbs .-general adj, v7l3 

♦bbari in general, generally Vbi3 p.x — 
to unite, com- ; ^^O to contain v. a. pJ^ ^ vl5 

♦^bs bine 
03 .-priest, clergyman {jjl. C'^^IS) s. "^^IS 

.-cup (jp?. ri'DiS) s. ^^12) 
.B13 nn\2; to take a drink di3 k pKD — 

.D 1 3 - nois 

.(p^) nh^ to drink v. a, [."iDlS 1 
abnegator, unbeliever, (pi. C^&lIS) s. "£13 

. - heretic 
one who (pi. ip'^ya-cnslS) s. 'np"'J?:?"'nsl2 
.-denies the existence of God, atheist 
.-one who denies everything 8> '^^n'l^is 
. - genuflection *. pi, D''^''|l3 
♦Ph3 to genuflect, to kneel epulis ]b^s> — 

.-wail 8. ^^13 

the western wall of the Temple s.''3'n^D"bnl2 

. — (which still remuins) 

.-falsehood, lie (fl. D''3t3) s. 3T3 

l?red II ;- falsehood and deceit s. 'iptf^'StS 

♦nm^ li^u utterly untrue 

.Hi^^'-liar (pL D''J3T3) s. PJ3 

♦n^j^i^^ 'n\33?3 female liar (pL D-«) §. ;??D-53T3 

.n i r == n^ 
.-as a hair's breadth adv, T\^V'm-'0^m 
to be very parti- niyu;n-Diri3 p-n pnpnD ^it ~ 

♦^KD pip^ cular 
as the sands of the sea, very adv, D^l'vins 

. - numerous 
as clay in the hand of phr, "I2i1\n -i:i3 IDlnS 

. — the potter 
.T:-3n3 = ahhr. "'"S 
.c»*i|535 "i^K3 at day -break ac^y, ^'^^^^ 
; — honor ;- honoring (pl» D''^'i2"'3) s. "list's 
♦ri3h|5n ,- regale, cheer 
.-honoring one's father s. 3K"^13''3 
.—honoring one's mother 8. D^"T^3''3 
,(3lbh to miss, be wanting v. n. f^J313 
»Kv>K Mb CK unless, except conj, ^3^3 
"according to the state of the ado. "JiDrT'l^S 
. — king," royally, richly 
.-as it is known ado. ^^IT'S 

power, ;- strength, might (pi. ninl3) s. nl2 

.-power of attorney 
with all one's strength ms ]^m |ioid — 

.inb ^33 
^33 with might and main nims p^x lai^ — 

♦nb ^iitoKta 

to go at it tooth and i^inis p5k p^^bpynx — 

*n3 ''^iQi^D b33 121; nail 

to exhaust oneself, be mni3 11 pynj^jt — 

.T:?"^n ,inb -!3js» worn out 

to shout at the top of mm3 ybx ioid i^inu — 

^'in'^ b33 pp^ one's voice 

to overwork oneself ninD n ip3^k popn^K ~ 

.ins ■'ss?:) "inr "r^p 
.-vigor of manhood, virility s. J^'iirnla 
n-'H t?5 to be impotent Hisrms \)'.p jikh to^i — 

.Kiaj nb vj'a'^ 
power of speech, gift of the *. *l13'''in"nl3 

. - gab ^ 
power of imagination, imagi- s. [1^D^n"ril2 

, - nation 
.(sn^npn-nls (conL) s, DlJ^HTliS 
"n'iS =) power of imagination s. (l^l^HTllS 

.(p "^ tt n D 

, — power of attraction, attraction s. '^t^1^n"nl3 

.-authorisation (pi, D-^) s, .*ns*tfnn"nl3 

.-powers of the soul s. jyl. t^DOn'jninlS 

.ri3lE5 n»'»oni nb^ns = ahh\ tO'TllS 

ni'^1 n\3 farm, farm-house (pi. D-) *. ^tj^tSIS 

inid dealer in old clothes (2jI. 0--) s. ^3M3 
.^x^t} cheat J fj^S'c'^ 3'1,^33 
.nbi ,n3in to cheat i;. n. f^S'iiS 
allurement, ; n3^u;3 .na'^3 breath, blow s. "T^S 

.]rns decoy 
there is neither in p.ip ssis li3 p.ip to^3 — 
blow nor breath (sadd of a stove in which 
ntt'''i?3 iS) n3^VL?3 xb a^ px [/^Ae /re Aas gone out) 

.nna to allure, decoy 113 ppnpia:m — 

.333 515 Mercury (a^i^r.) s. ^3l3 

.3b'3 ,D'^3 to breathe, blow v. n. (^3'5 

.n'llnn ^3 the whole of the Law s. ri*i1fl"Mb^2 

/"ip;^ ,^3 all, wholly adv, ''^12 

"all this," for conj, |1 ; - so much ado. ''^n'°'?'l2 

.ns^i ^^n all that 
. — all profit adj. n'V'i^lS 

"ypr'Dti pK ijyK^nsft^iatJ ^^s '«■ 


_ 261 •-=- 


ja^DCjD ntv to practice magic i% n. [S^^^'^S 

.n^ "Tj'^;- ,£b|^ to charm, attract 
class [of a ;|j)3 -sect (p?. JnirT^5) .s. HM 
n:^^^!^ , - group ; - [^c/iooO 
•ris^np niiiu,^ niinnQS ui groups ado> tl5nriin''3 

SO it was, so It turned phr, (^^Viri) ^iri ^S 

.n\T 131 out to be 
as it IS written in the Scrip» ph\ SIDSS 

. «- tures 
-all, every pron. "73 
''every nation and tongue," phr. [^^^} HD^K bs 

-(fvery nation on earth 
by the way, ;- carelessly adv. '^T^'^^^,'^ 
m a nonchalant Js;^; XTi -'^in passing 

. - way 
.p.T." irx 'b'Ks as if not knowing adv. V"^)'^^% 
"^"ovr^. to affect ignorance y'f-b^bs i^kd t.) — 
.nj<n irKs a\"s nr^pn to connive fpni^ i^-ks d''3b 
rubbish, trashy old clothes or fur- s, SK^S 

.ti^w-^ ni5 ''bsj Ik c^^a sn^? he^k nifcure 
worn out garment, rag {pi, D<».) s, ^1^DK^3 

boor, churl : ^2K peasant (^L D^ -- ) g„ Bl^^S 

.Sn^ "Tina big lad ;dj an^ ,ips 
trouble^ bother, bustle (p^. D-^) §, ^tSK&^Ss 

^m^'n care .'n'^i^ .nnb 
to have much trouble or v. n. [l^^tS.^&^Ss 

^n^nn W, bother, fco bustle 

nea rustic, boorishj churlish adj. ];pDDK^3 

.tn? 'n^3 awkward ;dji 

.Q"]iBni^3 chloroform s. n^^m^^h^ 

.an'.snibsz i^: to chloroform v. a. p^a"^.^©.^"i^S3 

wicked man^ ;"-dog (ji. D^i^?3) $, ^Ss 

.5^:53 |2 ,yn QnK scoundrel 
"everything in him," do-all, factotum s. 13"^^ 
ntnr QiH jack at all trades i-ini 5| nw'iy ^>- 
; iy'X3) p-^ n;^ bs everything bad ;npxb?^ 5d 
book containing all the prayers for the 
npf n h-^b C't^rsni nibaiin b^ ^-^ -^nc entire year 
HK^ip Nin he is a factotum '2-52 k t^k ip — 

everything bad is m bim li"'?^ tiK ck pn ~ 

wicked woman (/jl. D^) §. J^S^'^Jls^Ss 

.?p;^; n;:. ■ 
wicked man^ rascal {pi. CV - ) a p''^l2"S2 
TWSV ^1^ jack at ail trades {joe.) '^v.l% f2 

"that it is this/' as much as adv. ."irK-lil-'^S 

DHb nite? this 

not to have even nT""Kin"^5 i^-bk pKn E5?3 -- 

as much as this, to have absolutely 

,nD''3 K15Q3 =^ii^ u?\s^b ^^'^ Kb nothing 

.n3j5 ,- intention s. p"^ 
*h5i32 intentionally pi^2 k q"!^ — 
water-basin, laver {in a syna- {pL B-) s, ^1''S 

cunning, artifice, craft {ph [-) s, CDN^tt^S 

cunning man^ crafty (j?L D^-) §. p^ltD^S 

.Dnp person 

^l^p - II ; anj? cunning, crafty, sly adj. P'^^)^ 

.n^D^a'}P cunningness, craftiness g. 

•pln^ i|m^ giggle s. 1^« 

.i|=inii Sip tee hee! w^ ^3°"?3 

•ph^ .iini to giggle V. n. [P3'5 

.u)?nr to grow weak v, n. fP'^^3 

.npp-'Dps -= p^s";3 

.3/13 il-'P'i chimera (pL 0-^)8, l/^.^pJ^J^/^IS 

- louse {pi Q'':^3) s. nrs 

.r.3'3 quinine (wed) s. ^^^3 .n.3''3 

.S':\3s nb^nn guinea-hen s. P^ l^pC^^3 

.a*u?^3t3!i B''3 - scrotum , - purse, bag s. ©''S 

iD-'p^snp 33li pickpocket {pl.^--) s '^I^Sd'js 

.'K^-i deceiver 
cut made with a knife m the throat s. p)^ 

to make a cut m the throat p^s pi«Q — 

^«i2£3 linn nm 
.im^n n^O to cut the throat v, a \Vp^^ 
nn:?; ?^s*5"^ surgeon {pi.]-) & J^i^''3 
O'.r^r} npK^t: surgery s. y^3"'in^S 
.nin: bu; surgical ad;. «^''^"in^3 
p^-h^VS = pK^Si^S 
,~ sorcery, witchcraft {pi. ( - ) ®, ^i^'^S 
-Dap charm, spell ".Q'cpp -=• magic 
Gspn tc enchant -iiu'S k jkdek - 
enchanting :£'s*f3 hv magical adj 3n&°^'^S 

.W5D sorcerer [pi. D - -» ) «. i^^S^D's^'r'S 
sorce- (pLO^) s. Pp^^yS^e ^ .pj;3^.':^{j-5^ity^| 

.npfjt ress 




tii3 not in reality hb«2 as if adv. ^^"^i^l^? 

•Ijj; ir\'i<^i^b for appearance's sake ; nm^ 

to pretend not to know |Dm tii-jJ toflJiibD — 

.PIT" ir«5 d^:s i?:pn 

«^ npnan a sham excuse p"in k !:t!;^r:i^3 — 

sham, un- adj. || ;tsiyiDlb2 = ac^y. p^tJ^^l^^lS^ 

/n^K K'5 real 
.TDt-\^3 = abbr. '"^2 
.-as long as ado. jDr72 
to long as the phr. ^snp? .ID^^n^ fdt Ss 
.-soul is within me 

**as the ox licketh up," {joe.) ado. "il^.j-'^ln^^ 
nft-^n nibi;? at day-break 
.-all his (my) wrath s. Cr^DTO 1Jn»n"b 
.-all good, all manner of good s. i^tD"73 
of everything m abundance siD'-bs ps -- 

instru- ;- utensil, vessel (;pL C^/5) «. '"'^^ 

. - ment, organ 
^^ 0^53 porcelain vessels c'bs yiyi^^yiiiKB — 

the cantor has a ^^s pnyi-^ « tsxn |tn "^pn — 

.piiED nr^ir^bD ib \y^ itnn splendid organ 

to lose all patience d'''?d ^"^ life e^n^ (^(i.) — 

.5^3nD ^'K nn ni^p 

so make of one ^^3 k n?<Q i^pl^^k p^^ (t'd) " 

.^^uiD G"K^ w^ ny^v a useful man 

lie IS a fine fellow 'bs ysi^s k n.^ "^y {id.) — 

.Kin ns'' Q1K 

.n"'?n barrel, cask (2:^^. S-) s. ^""^S 

.<«nnu?i '^i^'pi^D spoiled, vitiated adj. ^''^2 

.ayb to gulp D. a. IV^^^^"^ 

.njj^nn ^Pto!fn to languish, pine ?;. n. [^''-^K''^^ 

hex on the ;.i«3n thwack (;j^. D>'-) s. pDK''^^ 

n«3n whipping, lashing '.^n^n "^v ni^sn ear 

• 'ibD to slap '*T\'zr: to thwack v. a. [^pD^''7!3 
.aim •72r! to whip, lash 

'ej5'"'^ji(!3 Hidtsches Wftrterbuch p-? p^ pK"^a^ .e^f'D 
pxr. kaleczy<J (yjn pt* sifins^s rTn«n) r'^j^ic ^h^ 05? 

"a bitchj" wicked woman {pi. S*-) «. i?^S73 

«a dog of dogs," very #. S''n^^;f- nSs 

*i'«?f pi a^K wicked man 
whoever is strong pre- phr, ^5^^ D''':'K1^ 73 

. - vails 
"every forbidden thing," all s. ^1bJf:-1ST^3 

. — that is bad 
"the whole root of the «. ^Il^-nn^-'?? 
matter," all details, all particulars 

,-all the pref. '^ ^^ 
,-all the pleasures b3:i^;pn^Dn 53 — 
.i^b^y-i pn ^3 all the money ptsSpin bs — 
.-"bride (^^L rP^3) s. nb 
the match is off n^ia ^ "ipiai^ii n^3 o^ii< - 

to disap" li'^bs to be destroyed v. p. P'^'"' '"^^^ 

.b5??D pear 
''le? veiling 0! a bride s. pi, D^p^'iKS'n^S 

all the wealth of the #, HD^^T-I^'"^"^? 

marriageable maiden {pjl. p1^S3-) s, "PIDirr'l?! 
,i<t?|n^ n;^K>7 n^^ns 
.-all kinds, all sorts s. pi. Q^^''P.T^3 
bridal gift or pre- (jpL n-^ll^a-) s. n:ri^,rnb 

.nb?!? nsn^ sent 
to dress in order to attract v. n, y^^ \Ty>'^ 

.a'"^^n3 2S i|iu;?i^ nD^p. TiK tii'^^p young men 
all the harassments, all s. pi. n'l^'';i^.'1"7|) 
, - the vexations 
.-all the boys together s. pi. C'^'l^i.'l"?! 
to call ail boys in a Q*iPDn"^3 |sna^i« -- 
«ip group to the reading of the Law 
.in-^-it^ nn?;t^'3) r.)irzy>^ Cinpsn 53 nninb 
bride's prayerbook {pL D^W'^D ^ ) s, "^H^Dirnb 

.n^35 ii'^p 

all the blemishes, all the vices s. t'\WC^T\'b'& 

.ti^^^rin 53 .D'p^bn 53 

.-all the troubles s. pi. mi^n-Ss) 

. - he who comes first wins phr. T"0\ Dllp.j 73 

.-the entire Law s. ."ib^S'nnlJ^n-Ss 

all beginnings are difti- phr. JHll^p m'^nrin S| 

.-expiration of the soul s. ^S:)^ri"nl73 
♦13"^ 533 ipDi? factotum s. 7br73 

.bbi-53- n|?r^s 
.-"as if to sayj" that is etdlu. ""^I?? 




included in the ;bte in general S^a ]m — 

*'isDm bbs5 number 

rA'^'p::^ in short rK ^bs npi .Sba k (^d) — 

to be infat- b^s ii '^K^ i^r^ns' ^ks |in (-id) - 

,iKD ty^K snK uated with a person 

.n# --at all adi:, 'hh'^ 
hhia i^h not at allj by no means ii''2 bSa - 

.pp^^n? /nsa? absolutely ac?/;, S^SrSSs 

'^rt|"5 i:3j; public matter {pk f---) s. "|Kt"^^3 

psiy social worker {pi B- .-•) #, ^i^l^-^b 

,1^3^^ ''5'n^a pbip ,^n,|n \r3p^ 

.-the whole Jewish nation s. ^K"]'^^"^^! 

"all believe that he (God) ^T^f Q^'J^DKD S*3 
is," first words of a prayer said on 
. — Rosh-hashanah 
of all kinds, of xintr? Q''3''?3KD ba pa (Joe.) ™ 
.QTnn 3s?5 all sorts 
.-every vice s. PT^^t2''b^ 
. - all kinds, all sorts s. pL "^J^D"^^ 
fell the kings of the phr. S^]^»^ niTp ^-S^D ^3 

. - East and West 
"All vows," declaration on the s. pi. ^^^r'73 
eve of the Day of Atonement concerning 

. - vows 
.-all manner of hard labor s, pB'^n"!lS|;-S^ 
by my life!, upon my word! inL p;':^'3 

.n?iK3 ,c3?pH indeed adv.\\^'r\'Am bn J^^nz 
of all kinds, of every kind adj\ ^^h^T^^ 

nm b^ .-the more so, certainly ado. p^"^3 

.n'^ isb)s n^-in many ac^y, .IDS 
*nisi B''3^ -Ci^y n^5 many j^ears pK*^ nsD — 
,n|i3n ,nj^^D thrashing (^i. Dj;^^) 5. ^^D5 
*n^ri .np.^n to thrash V, a. \ph^t2^ 
.iivp cloudy adj. pnm^ 
•Hl^. '(31^ cloud (jjl. D^) 5. >nKD5 
,13^^ nbs to become cloudy v. r. 1^ fPlKt35 
.-many reasons s, ^L D''D^P'"mD2 
. - many j^ears 9. pi. 0''J^"".'1D| 
not genuine^ pred. \\ ; - like, as if adv. 'l^S 
something like, 5. || Mii^n?^ ■'nn.^ k^ imitated 
.**1D|) "ns*^ something in the nature of 

. — of course adv, p^tt3 
gloomy ; 11^53 cloudy, overcast adj. ^JIID^ 

, <- quantity s. ri1tt3 

, - house furniture t. j^L JH*?'"'^^ 

. -equipment for exile s. pL n7lr''7S 

h^i n^^p sty, cow-house {pL f-) ,v. "iiw3 

,plb^ to pour i), r. l^p^'^^h'S 

.-gold vessels s, pL sn?"''?^ 

. "- weapon, arms {pi. "^b) s. pr"'^3 .[''T''^? 

(/,) ; '- musical instruments s. j?L Ifir^S 

.pi ^^3 weapons 

/ID? ^b?3 1^39 musician {pL D'^'^Dr^'^S) s. ''^r^^S 

. - omn^'potent, almighty adj. Sl2''""Sl3 

.ns^i'? r!\pn small c?>sk {pi ^J?S-) §. p^|p^3 

"all my (his) days,^^ all my 0^^)--) ''D^jpS 

.-(his) life 
person having won- s. Tl^hpT'^h'^ ,K^£)J"^^| 
wonderful ;xbs3 fn^s bp„s derful abilities 
,nr3|b ^')s3 |ii^3 musical talent 

.Kisi to sip V. a. iV'^^tiT^'^ 
whipping, lashing (pi ^V -) s. K^tD^r^S 

.tsV^n nsD to w^hip, lash v. a. fJ^^^^l^'^^S 

.T]^z] sobbing s, B?^5 

»as^ to sob, whimper ;;. n. [l^B^^S 

.n^^^ sobbing s. l^'^l/S^^^ 

one holding an eccles- (pi. "^73) s, ^llp^^'v? 

HTf'D ,W3 t'i^ iastical office, an ecclesiastic 

.(*?? *. ^t0^^^3 
something complete or perfect s. T\^b'p'"^h^ 

.|nf3 ^p„a a gifted person (Jig.) ;c?u? -i^'^ 
all Israel, the whole Jewish s h'^'W^^h'^ 

- nation 
.-all Jews are brethren phr. OTIH 7,<n'^''-^2 
.-all Jews are comrades phr. D^'^sn S^t'l'^'^^Ss 
public, community ; - rule (^L Q^'^^S) s. '7^3 

nscc) number ',hr\p^ 
br b53 a rale of grammar pnpn pa bbD &? ~- 


to work for the good of bbs piKs jdi;3"i^ — 

.bbDH n^icb ihy the public 

CjiOBapb D^pn'^tsjnj pK ^iS^^sn^D ?\^ ssm .xjihdu; a^g 
n K3yi3j?; ^^si5,n siyii ep ikii .ynpaHHCKoro asbiKa 
-rii B^^n r^? xjirom dkii .mokphM hk xjifoim yrsis 

"■py^ pi 


-». 264 -- 


at day-break, adv, ■^n^n-nlS];^ .•^pl2n-nl'?^3 

- at dawn 

.^s;5n ,D^rr n^j? St' of Khelm ac^/. "i;;^^^!^:? 
Q'^t^nan the fools of Kheim d^2s"ik3 "iy?:i;byD - 
Q «na Abderites, stupid persons lO'^D^nr 

.nsp'2 chemistry s. T'^V'^ 

.n*ti^3n DDH chemist {pi. - ) 5. "i:?p^»^3 

♦njD'sn b^ chemical adj. S^^D^^ 

as a poor man at the door, phr. nnE2 ^^^3 

. - as a beggar 
.-anger, wrath, passion (pi. ]") s. 3^3 
passionate man, man in- (pi. D^'Jp^S) s. fS^S 

c'yD? ni3 -iJ^K ,«clined to anger 
passionate woman, wo- (pi. B-) s. ]^^^S]^3 
.dj;d? nrn3 nfK man inclined to anger 

.D^s to be angry v. r. T?^ [Di^3 

.^M |Dr_3-nn |^:di;3 

as the dust o! the earth phr. «^^8"1 .S'lS?!?? 

.{/n^n nDi;3 , - 
to scold a person kpixi kisud |ijp?2^t« pxD — 
.y;^K i^^ai Pi^in severely 
,''?bln sickly person (pi. D^-) «. p«''^1^3 
Kaph name of the hard 3 (3) (pi, f - ) s. ^3 
.(3) .Tiijmn 3 ni«n du? 
.3 niKiT the letter 3 ?]3 t;!::np — 
Khaph, name of the aspirated 3 ('pi. f - ) s. ^1? 

^r^^^r\ 3 nlxii du? 
long Khaph, final Khaph (1) ^13 i?^3k^ — 

.(1) naipt ^3 
•O) nDia3 ^13 the bent Khaph (3) ^^^ PJ^^T — 
the sling (one of the tortures of hell) s. - pH"?!? 

.(sybi^n =^3 
.tn3x!5 'iSn to go to hell bpn-^3 px p.^;i — 
ungrateful per- (pi n3ltD-''"'^B3) s. n3ltD"''lD3 

. -son 
twisted eightfold (of threads adj. n^lDtp-^lDS 
- — [for the fringes of a ritual vestment) 

heavy, (fig.) ; njto -biss = a^/. :i'!nn:3iD^"^i£)3 

.pin ,nu;p powerful 
a smart box on the u?t2XB ni;jnn3iDu;-5iD3 k — 

♦n\2?p .iT'iDD ear 
as, according <2<ii;. || ; - according to prep. "^^3 

as stipulated, as arran- adv. "i3nDn"''D3 

denial of the existence of God, s. ni''^3 

. — atheism 

•y??.'!! P6 3:^^""PB^ ?K t'K t»p,n (H 

as a king among his adv* 'T!*1j3"'j'?D3 

.'- troops 
.-almost adv,. ^>^'?3 
.K!5\t? DyfD3 .'\yp3 hardly J scarcely ^^3 t:y?:3 — 

.HKisri 'E3 apparently adw Ti^V^pt'Si 
in comparison with ;i.Ji -against p-e;:*. "^S^S 

."I.I50P an opponent s. || ixi 
to be an opponent, to oppose ijjs k |im — 

.rt3^3 = nj3 

."-as customary, as usual adv. 3in^3 
.ni3n ,« company (jj?. nrD03) 5. n^£^:)3 
so shall they perish (said upon phr. nn^S'' fS 
hearing of the death or misfortune of a hated 

. -' [pierson 
,}r»k 13 px^ dnK mollycoddle (pi. D^-) s. pi^''^3 

♦(s n^«3 3^ Til v;\s 
so may they increase, may there phr, "13T |3 
be many like them (said when desirable 
' "' [persona are mentioned) 
. '- as mentioned above nbpQ5 I2t33 = abbr. ^"-33 
the Great Synagogue, the s. MVni'l'nD^S 

.-Great Assembly 
the Jewish community, the s, 7K'1C^';T1DJ3 

. — Jewish nation 
one of the four corners (pi iT'^fS) s. n&J2 
.n^if^sin "1^3 niass^ n-K of the ritual garment 
.-the throne of glory (of God) s. 1133n".S*D3 
.-rabbinical chair s. jniJ3in"J^D3 
.--the throne s. ns^D-.SDS 
chair of the prophet s. JK'^D^nnn^^b.S^-^^-NDS 
Elijah (chair of the godfather at the circumct- 
. — [sion ceremony) 
in ;- seriatim, in regular order adv. *^'^i?3 

♦i^DiTi all along ;- succession 
"as a blind man hits upon adv. .13^'1KS'KD=ID3 

.nnpn? a window", accidentally 

to hit upon a thing ac- n3nK3"XDi33 fai^^ti — 

.nipD3 "liT i^JiD cidentally 

the 20th day of SVan (fast-day in s. fl^G '3 

[commemoration of the UkrAnian massacre of 

the Jewish month Kislev s. ''''^33 ,"1^33 

.iSds y;"ihn (November-December) 
as the banquets of |;Ar. ll^^^S nbb^* n"l1J^D3 
King Solomon in his glorious time (said 
, -" [0/ sumptuous repasts) 
♦|1D^ , - money ; - silver -s. ?J93 

?a»r3 ytJi'^ngs g .XHHKa pisin ti^ '^^»» ^ 


265 — 


to open or pick pockets {/.) v, a. pir^^? 

.-a true priest pi^ inb = a65?', 'f"5 
"refined silver,'^ money ^n^ ^D2 = a65r. ^^f'^ 

as sheep without a shep- phr. Hj^ll ^h^ fK^S 

.-herd, without a leader 
as a cake made with phr. ^5^^ IT'IT'S^S 
.^n'2 I'iiip D-y; honeyy very delicious 
^--as formerly, as of yore ado. C^J^S 
as the skin of garlic^ phr. D^^H HB'^^^S 

.i|iy ^b^ worthless 

as hard as the parting phr. ^IS^Q^ Ti^^'^p'^ 

♦ikip n^p^ of the Red Se% very hard 

»|l7ptyaKns == j|;pDH^5 

.D^no cartilage Jdis'ns crunching ^. ])p^.r 1^*15 

,D^nD pi;3 cartilaginous adj. 3n>;p^D^n5 

♦cp'ia to crunch v> a. (^p^»K"i5 

>a\5p?D "i;!? chronology (j?L B-) #, ^^''XS^.^JKIS 

.D^ipjn 1-a ^"^i? chronological adj. ^^^K^.SJ.SI^ 

lean person, bare-hone (pL S--) s. ^''^i^lS 

.c^xsjri ^in^ chronicle, annals (^L B - ) ^. )^p^XH'i5 

♦(n^ns) "^^ipo -D^n^, if^Kp chronic adj. ^)y,^'D 

*npq3 snore {pL f-») s. SS*13 

4si8> ih3 to snort nh3 to snore w. «. fP£)*S13 ; 

,riis to hawk, expectorate v. n. f^p^^lS 

»- cherub {angel) {pi. Q^^^'^5) *. S-.'^S 

. — proclamation {pi, D''t1'i5) ^. t^'^D 

♦nnn bv) ni^«3 grunt (^L D-) #. ]^pl*5 

,^^in3 pk3 to grunt v. n. [Pp"^3 

as far as East from phr. S^i^pD mfi pln-ns 

.'i«p n|1u; West, very different 

nnp .n'nm horse-radish s. p^'^S 

.pi3^n3 -= |;pil.S''^^n5 

vessel for horse-radish {ph ^1^-) #, p^J!2'l3 

winding of the phy- {pi. niS'^nS) §, fi^^lS 
.-'iactery strap around the hand 

»(fn^2) "ina to rattle v. n. f^Sns 

♦1h3D rattling adij. m^V^)'^^ 

*|^i|D nnri3 hoarseness s. ^p^)^2 

1"^ large city l^^v .--Citj {pi D'^anS) «, p^3 

.-volume (j?Z. £''5^3) s. 1^2 

.n^l-^l i^p. large city s. bnr^'^s 

.-rectum (j??. 0^) s. Kn^S-iS 

«puiina ^p!J^15 

multiplication {arith.) i-'the double s. -£? 
.D^3^ 'B ,- twice adu. ||;■-' 
^-'many times more s. 2>^. G^7D2"^£3 
»%3 to multiply {arith.) v. a. l^ht^ 
forgiveness ;- atonement {pi. ni"ns3) §. n*tS3 
sacrificial fowl ifS'ip ,- sacrifice inn-bc ,- 
(coc^ or hen slaughtered on the eve of the Day 
^1p [of Atonement as a sacrifice for one^s sins) 

to hav® no forgiveness nis3 lip pKn di3 •-- 

to suffer for i3it D33£ps^j« ikS nies k p? — 
.u?-K ni;np nps b^D somebody's sins 
to perform the sacrificial oe- nnaa \mb^ — 
remony {to turn the sacrificial fowl ai'ound 
[ones head while saying the prescribed formula) 

to abandon a nneiD |iipDii^ eiD p^Vu? (to?.) •— 
nbu? to dismiss a person l^^ii ity person 

*1''3UD t'^H 

to be good for nothing nnss ?]^ii« p''itD («d) — 

.b^yiD ''nbs ,i\T to be useless ;rfaii<a^ nb)i ^b 

I have no nne^ ^^''i^ p^n dk"! ^^^i y.^ {id.) — 

,n?^ nbpm aw ^9 px use for this 

niD to diej drop dead ppii niB3 in {id.) — 

,msi bs3 

to become in- |5£Pdik -iks ppii niss n (t'c^.) — 

.nty nsnK ^•'k !^nK fatuated with a person 

,(i«ican ,ihu to be ruined pi3 nns5 («U) -- 

it serves him in^ss p3in ,p3iiu> k (-tU) — 

i lb ''liiirT W3P nil bap ^in right ! 

money for charity on the eve s. ^7^3"°niS3 

of the Day of Atonement in lieu of the 

Qv 2iy3 np^b niyt3) ni^Si ''D'^ sacrificial fowl 

sacrificial cock (pL ip^n»^) s« I^n||"nig)$ 
n|pa a"]^ innocent victim (/%.) s^ispb bl3pn 

sacrificial hen (pL "ip^n^) ^. (in||-nis? 

.n^&pb nbi^no 
innocent victim {Jig.) (pl.^V--) s. ^n^^n-nifiS 

♦lass mn ih 9g ?i3i;?i cik 
sacrificial ceremony on the s. p^^^^nnss 
rriss n!'^^^ eve of the Day of Atonement 

chicken {thieves' language) {pi. D-') g. I^^^^H'Ifi^ 
.(a'33jn pr^3) n9i3r,a 

,Kapofe -ij?i53,H p3?^^i ^'•s i» 




to make a stove fit ncs '-pA jinx k pu?D — 
for Passover use {by heating %t intensively) 

viands prepared according to the s. S^ili^" 

nin^s) Dn.u?3 ri^ibpxp Jewish dietary laws 

litness for use according to the s. tO"'J'p"i^'3 
lawfulness ;nnu?5 Jewish dietary laws 

A heated stone used (jpL '^^-) s. p.^tD^n^S 
in cleaning utensils and tables for Pas- 

♦nosS c^^s n^u^nb n^nib |2k sover 
.-company ; -sect {pi mnS) ^. ^5 
handwriting ;- writing (pi. S^nri2) s. ^^2 
.min , - contract ; - document ; r-^ns 

»nf; nD'ns Dnis ,-good penman s. ^S'l"iS*2113 
.Tn^ "SID clever writer 

,-mianuscript (2?^. np^^? ,[-) s. 11"^^? 

.-writer {pi D^:!?r^s) 5. fr:r? 

.rha to write v. a. ]V^V '- /^jj^riS 

,:\^ linings = t^^^nnirs 
f- marriage-contract (j9?. -Ti^^in^p) s. mS^HS 
sum fixed in a marriage-con- ;D'j^iiysn ::n2 
.n^'nDS V3^^p. 'iD^n ci:d bract 
marriage-contract according s. kSn^"i_1^'l"n2in2 
"•B '^j; D-'xV^sn ::n3 , - to the Law of Moses 

.n\yD niin 
written and confirmed by adj. D^nni'liijn^ 

. - signature 
. — the Hagiographa #. jd^. E'^^'iriS 
"written," a Masoretic term (29?. |-) «• ^''^? 
indicating how a certain word in the 
.-scriptural text should be written 
HD^^'i .-registration ;- writing s. n2^ri2 

a good writing and s. M^'tD'nD^rinrnnTlI) 
sealing in the book of life {a greeting on 
. — [Rosh-Hashana) 
written in Hebrew square let- adj> tD^2''ri3 

.niys*iD nl^niKa s^nr ters 
mocker ;i^ demon {pL D^JSt^^-n?) .9. \':^'h'r\^ 


crown (^oi<i or silver orna- [pi C'^'^jHS) s. "^T^ 
. — [meni of the scroll of the Law) 

arfo.||;nP;.i sullen, sulky adj. 5n^n^n^7.^^J^*13 

.•iv^ ^h whis: not on friendly terms 
parsely or other vegetables used s, Se*J3 

. - at the Passover ceremony 
nn'^ premature death ; - exterpation s. jHIS 

i^'b|i nn^D premature death s. pi. \^)^^''T{^2 

K^2 mc to die prematurely p^j'-rTn^D jn^n — 
.nn^n b^Q to suffer much (tc^.) nny 

J^ IS It' "-3 = ^^"1Si^3 

,-in the right order, properly adc, m'^i^'^S 

. — as conj. uti^S 
as his name is, so is phr. ^IH [2 'D^3 

proper for use, properly prepared adj. "155^3 
according to the Jewish ritual laws, 
.-legitimate ; iriD ,- lawful ;- kosher 
meat prepared according to ^^.i^a iu?3 — 
nun the Jewish ritual laws, kosher meat 

i^iuD a legitimate business "jnor:' 'ir"ii:>2 k ~ 

,it^3 i'?' a legitimate child i3^p *i^i « — 
■''iin'' ,iii?3 mn^ a pious Jew ir irn'^Lo x - 

.'1U?'' u?^« an honest man "i^U"^ np'^^u.'is » — 
.Gn t-^K a naive person rbnr^snn tcid k ~ 
right and proper, just and adj, '^'^^T'W2 

. — f air 
,-the Jewish dietary laws s. ni^^S 
bin^ bride^s dance {pi p^^-) s. pKt:||""-i^3 

to make fit for use according to 0. a. pw?*3 
to ;mn ^s'?n *s^ ^^^?:^'n^ '^y^:^'^ the ritual laws 
n^3 n^n '3 D?nn ,T^sn declare to be lawful 

.phn -"B^ 
to make meat fit for use {by t*"!^bfi nu>3 — 
nntt? 'T ^v) iu;2 "iu;!Drl [soaking and mlling it) 

to make vessels fit for nos ^"a^ q^^s ["i\:?:3 - 

Passover use (by dipping them into boiling 

,(n'?j?5n '11 bv> nsB*? D'^bn nu?sn f^water) 




nsu^ri 12^ suspicious thing §. "iS'l^N^S 

"ueitlier bears' ' nor pAn "^P' ^h] Q'^an' K^ 

*^ipj^ nDK-Kb woods," wholly untrue 

♦KfD .]vb lading, cargo {pi, \V -) s. 3Jn,^7 

,{Kn^bj5i? nrs^ lady (pLB™) s. HK^ 

ru; n K'5 not enouffh tliat.^^ adv, '"["^^ 

"•fl! earthen milk-pot^ |ar {pi &P-) s. ^'^.^7 

.rosh shop, store {pi D-) s. P'^^ 

.c-iri .|lbn nb-^ shutter (_?3L 0^.) s. ^p^^ 

to ;''5g KWi a% ,rp^ to load, lade v. a. 'f^H^ 

.(nan njp) t^^D charge {a gun) 
to cite before ;gbn to sue at law v. a. ^p^h 
to be at v^ r, y^^\\imtcb h'i^ the court 
,WW. ll-^ri ray s^l law with 
D'-i^' fA^Kj to load, lade v, a. \VW^^h .IV^Wn^h 
,(2p^b => "by^ KfQ 
.sn '63£'i^?^ law-suit (j,L f-) So ^'^:iPl^h 

.^Tb boat (j?^ D--) s. Pp^K^ 

.-neither this nor that phr. H^ K^] «n ib 

.-to my dear friend phr„ '^S^HH? 

letter of friendship {pt ^) s, 1ins-^''ni^K^ 

'^there never was," absolutely phr. JT^n ^7 
^.^j^^L, ,"i^^^"^-^ untrue 

"it never existed nor phr. K'l^J Ikh] n\^ K^ 
ever was created," it is pure invention 

those things never ^^jAr. D^I^J? S^^S^I W .^^ 
nD^-^b --happened, it is absolutely untrue 

negative precept, prohibitive {pi. f'lM?) §, m^ 
♦^'9 . - not adv. \\ ; - command 
lisiiji b.^ no talking' jjAr. D''im %S„^ 
*--fiot exactly-, not necessarily adc. l^p'friK^^ 

sW fiJSD avalanche (geogr,) {pL &-) 5. ^J^ri|f7 
.(nr?D npw ibe^ rptr) 

»-,yti "^^5 inp ''i.yr^a"^ ^ ,gladysz t'^b^is .rjiaAwiirb 
^V '11 'j'"f^ fS'^L^^^ ^^5 ;^3'^j?^ 81^ f&n .laden t'ts^^^ ^ 

the twelfth letter of the Hebrew alpha- », h 

num. II ; '^isi^n n^^-t^j^NS ntit'i?. o^fif n nlKrt bet 

.Q'^^'^p thirty 
Kb 5il3 false, untrue (/.) ; - not 2dv. ^h 

'^mb absolutely not ^b^ |^ ssid h^ (td) — 

.(H «^ 

Q^'nttnb) man n^a 

laboratory a. 

nn^ ;u^s3n5^q refreshment (p?, j^--) $. ^m^^ 

.mv^Pi ,ishp pleasure ubsm ^in^s) ™ 2^-i?^,n 
a good-for-nothing boy (jjL D^-») s. D^S^^ 

M-^i^m iV^p frame-saw (j?l. II? - ) s, ^^J^tS^^ 

n^?:n aconite, sorrel s. ^^)^^h 

dwh) ^32 loaf {2jL B-~) «. pK^ 

T5t- II tmi s^5 to refresh, revive v> a. p^h 

Am^ s^.n to refresh oneself v. r. 

*^aD '^^S'^5 swan {pL D]^-) 5, I'l^^iK^ 

.ag^s to jabberj gabble i;« n, fl^iK^ 

;n9''ai3 fold misa) -^dj? crease (^^L f-) 5. ^^^^ 

*hDpu? layer, lamina 

^^-i soft, mild adj\ P^^^pnh 

«|i''inn j^psh logic s. pp):t$h ,p)^.^b 

4S^rin ^s^ /3l^in logical a^y'. I^^XS^ 

♦1^5 skin-bottle (^i. I^-) a. ^^H^ 

*if?.^ to lie ij. n. p^h 

situation; position, condition (jsLB-) s. J^-l?7 

warehouse^ store ?n^qp camp (^^. f«') #. "^V-'^^ 

,n^n to camp v. n, pT^^h 
.p3^ giant {pi B^-) s. f^^U^^ 
understanding, ag- nnp order {pH. [-*)§. 1^^ 
.nrissh .nii;'?|0 nj^q reement 

4^r lyn'?^' 


, obiig ^iQbm 


-^ 268 — 


.n-Dli Latin s. pjt08^ 

.n^Dh jit^ Latin ac^/. tt^^:!?^8b 

jluJ^a n^5D Latin scholar (pi -) #. n^Jl^tSx'? 

♦(xnbi to steal {si.) v. a. (W- .fJ^p^^^ 

,s|j thief (5L) (2?L D-) «. '^V^mh 

.>Hb^ patch (pL D-.) *. 'V^^h 

.^'^p\nt lath (_pL D-) 5. 'V^^^ 

m '«^S? to patch, repair v. a. \V^^ -' >\Vp^^ 

.^KDl .S5I3 rogue (pL D-) *. "^J^tos'? 
.njj^jn lottery (pL f^-) 5. ^^"^^tOxS 

»n;:''2b pancake (j^Z. D-) s. 'J?ptDJ<7 

♦0|ap, ''xH small patch (pL D-) «. ^j^pto^'? 

. - not later a<^tj. nn^^S^S*'? 

,-to waste, to nought adv. *1i3^^7 

t^vt a good-for-nothing (pi. B-) s. n7:^^^"i<7 

ni>;£^ «bu> good for nothing adj. 2n - .H /S£=I^"X7 

it shall not be remem- phr, "ips? K^l *^2J^ ^^'^ 
,-bered nor mentioned 

fi"jm5» ■Tm«') np/o? 'tt^ hush-money s. f^'^HJ Hv 
♦o la-r nbr K^if u^^n^ 

«a dog shall not phr. ^^^^h nb? f nm K^ 
sharpen his tongue," no one will open 
.HB n^lB ly^K iTH' i*"^ his mouth 
"it cannot escape," it is un- adv. tD79r^^ 

,-•0 vj^nh lu^BK •'K avoidable 
**may it never go up phr, ^^) ^h] Jlhp) i^h 
.n|s*'; K*? nor come," may it never happen 

♦p^ni£ laugh «. ^8^ 
llr-^i deficit (^^.) J-iin hole (pL '^V'^vh) s. ^^h 

,D'»![;'nj3 u^Db ttf^^ ragamuffin (jt?LD-) «. ^'^IISX^ 

wide gar- J"i33 garment (pi Di^-) a. [^^5^^ 

♦an-j i^a ment 
♦D^te'ito^DD ,nlarit^ rags «. ^?. DJ^iKDS^'? 
.ph^ ,phi: to laugh v. -«, fSX^ 
«-?» 'D'359 comical ;pO^:^ laughing ac??. sn^Sb''? 

]•« "liijyb 3b? prt^ sS> p§ (^ .eJia^Ka a^^Dno'^i^ {5 

4? ifc?"* niliU' 

ni^iyits msa) "inns alderman (^L D^-) s. p!^i"!^7 

;(!3'nB!« i« s3'\yiN b«f) ni.Tiy row (pL B-) s. 'S/'*>?^ 

I ♦?151T-? sidevvalk 

^va -^no a'caiu'n e^smo Q*ian> n^b lava s, ^^ViK? 

,n^rno 'n^-^ni skill (^^L ,^'«) s. ^St^pll.^^ 

ij^nn ,t'":.t skilful, dexterous adj. j^pllK^? 

not every man is wor- p7i7\ HSlt D^K 75 1^7 

.«thy or favored by fortune 
for length of days, for long phr. ^''^] ^nlK? 

.-life ' 

.n^^'^1^ running s. ^^^7 

.p"i9 bnnn to begin to run i^b }^ py: y.i — 

h-^St lot {pi. l-) 8. 2tHS 

n^s lazaretto, hospital (pi. I-) «, ^^l^tlj'? 

.n'^xb .TifpK watchword (pi. f^-) 5. j-31tN;7 
n^sri j;s2 blue, bluing ». ]^p11u^^ .pV^^^^h 

to let, leave (p. p. \^^h^^ ,^^'^V^) v. a. p^^ 
to V. n. Ipnin ,2ti; to leave ;(m\yj?^) D^n /Ihj 
to set off, start v. r. l^T-.||;i^Bn ,Dian thaw 
,mn to let u-j-nV) x^;! 
y;s^5 n3n to let a person go p.!.i jSipDij? p^5 — 

to order ;rii^s;b pna to let make jskd pxb — 

.13T mt'p5 ,11^ something made 

let pu lit p^^ J«3 ^b' let him go p.^a iP tx'? — 

♦(KiDb^ them go 
to set out on a journey ayii ]m y.t p^b -■ 

♦n^bb bnnn to start p/j p^*b in — 
.pi5 5nnn to begin to run la-'i^ 1^ p^b - 
.^3p^ twig (^Z. D-) s. >^fX7 
,nr> D'ip» ,nnn lodging (pi. \V --) s. ^^t^^ 
f,»bn n^na agio, price of exchange s. ^^i^7 

n?^5 box (in a theatre) (pi B-) «. ^t^^sb 


♦HTiP] HTS^s by retail ado. cnnK^ 

.■•pIP ,Ty» -is^D retailer (^L tj;-.) s. p)j^^^T\{<i 

.-after the occurrence adv. n^V'pL^''^'^^^ 

«after a hundred years," phr. O'^Ts^ n>5D nn«) 

.--after a person's death 
.-after his (her) death phr. (HrTlD) iniD ^T]^h 

.y^r.pi^to == iNjt'^'? 
piecer, patcher, re- (]}l. D^-) a. p?^v01tDi^7 
»(B"^j?3) «^5'ir: cobbler uo^-jn) K^bp^ pairer 

♦fb^f »^^ij'5S 3;iifi»ni;a nyn p« (« 


•^ 269 -— 


9. r» l^t- II ;&^I?^(^ to weary v, a. f^^J'll)^^? 

.a?:i;ripn to feel wear}^ 
slow- ^tlp^- II ;]in9 -nDnr^rixi slow adj. DK'^^kS 
,nirn^ n>in?fq?inn ness 
,11:1k length^mh 
mB^rp long shawlj plaid {pL J-) ^. ^^^""^3^7 

JfT^^l iPi^'ip. ,n^n^ land O^L ^^'^i]^^) 'f. '^^^'^ 

rt:''"T?i 7-1^' country 
country-house, villa (pL "^^V^'iri J) b. P^lp3^^ 

rural economy, agriculture 9, eSK^*^^"''i'^^^7 

■nt^\r{ Sy HH^a landing ,?. ^J^'^i^^ 
snnDsn nspx diet of a province .f« 3^^"^^^^ 

w. a. II '^V^l^ ^ 'rf^^) «^s to land v. n. H^^^ 

.nu?3*n ^K nb^n fco land 
.n« ?2 countryman (pl.^'^h^) s, l^qp'^iK^ 

,ne?2 map (geogr.) {pi. f-) t. IS^li^p^:^^ 
r"i« nn33 n^*jf landscape {pi. (-) t. ^DKK^-^^K^ 

language of a country {pi. f - ) «. "l^'^B^Ti*^^ 

pu? large sack {pL ^V ") b. I^W^hS .^TOKb 

connecting-part {in a {ph ^V -) s p^W*^^h 
,njisc3) 15n?2n phT\ [machine, in qamients) 

.(s^^Di-^ bv) ^rpr^ lancet (^^L f-) §. ^V^n^ 

,|S| "iD-^p j'lK calico 8. tOKpJKS 

,|S| n^^ 3"iH 5^ of calico ac^;. (^^pJK^ 

♦"^3 lawn, meadowl {jyl. &-) ^ 'pp^H 

.(TR) n-iisn ^^K elk {pi. B^- .f-) s DK^ 

sweet-tooth, dainty per- (pi, 0^-«) s, p^^^ 

■ li^ip? .iD-'pn??^ sn"^^ son 
burden ;sto load, burden (pL t^) « ^BkS 

."ii-n^ .n\3=i3D swallow {pi. D-^) 5, l^plS^tD.^^DK^ 

,c^os ^tt? p^n r"ix p8) ar^pS lasting s. S'tODKb 

jr-^sb ht of lasting ae?/, p^tDD^S 

♦s^a DID pack-horse (j^j?:. -) s. T^iJ^B'^OCkS 
.M^i^.n b^K b^ of elk adj. p^h 
♦iDri kindness, favor {pi. S-) s. 'l^pBK^ 
to ask a person's ypD^5 DspiEpn^H isj tP^ips^ ""~ 

.Iph^ jaugher {pi, B-) ^, "^^SK . 
"not according to the cryj'^ ph\ nnp^^'2 h**? 

»iI5 'rs yi ^"^ not so bad as that 
in thousands and myr- ph\ ty^lTsh] Z^th'^H 
« -» iads, in very great numbers 
.nba lamb {pL "^V^V^) ?. SkS 
.b^i n33 lame ad/. '5^^? 
•Spbppl u?pp crooked and lame ck5 jik onp - 

.•itosp. crow-bar {pi D|;-^) ^, ^D.sS 

.ni9a n^a pawn-shop (pL f-) ^. "T^KSDH^ 

mTO pawn-ticket {pi. ?-») ^. ^^"np-i^i^nCK^ 

.ni?» n-5 S^' of pawn»shop adj, Vm^^mmh 
^1^ nmun pawn-tickets r^''iip yn«'Tii«3t3K*b - 

in?^ ombre table? {pi. ^V --) s. h^'^^'^V^m^ 

"f neither want phr. i:^p^];o ^Sl -^n^'^D ^h 
thy honey nor thy sting," I neither wani 
■^na^TO «4S your favors nor your disfavors 

.n'^^V., Dip lantern (/jL D-) s. I^J'^^ISDkS 
.nan let me lia t^S = a55r. 1^»hS 
.K3 nr^.^ let me go ?^^^ i^dk^ - 
n^n let iis ^t3iK tst k-^) i-'q hkS =- a66r ^''DkS 
.K3 .^2^s let as go^ rn ^^ckS - 

•\jnb nui? to make lame v. a. iP^i^^ 

.nni3p lamp {pL ?-) s. tf:^h 

i^pn -IS W of a sacred lamp adj. P^"^HtO^^ 

I'Dn ^3 sacred lamp (pL S-) s. J^^^DDK^ 

stripe (on one -fide of pan- (pL f-) s. S^£0K7 

,(B-B33an "^^3 nns ys^ia .-sy^Ji"!) Oi ,ip [taloonti) 

d^ip'^^ policeman (pi. D^-) s. ^^pSif2t^h 

."iD« to say (sL) v. n, p»^^^ 

.onn^ field (pL W-) b. mh 

.^^ |Dt .i^^ 1?2; long ac^-u. II ; ^'1K long a(i;*. ^^^^^ 

.&^3TK ii>H long-eared ac^'. 3n'ii;'''iH"SJ|?S 

.iS3?2 ^^^^* of long ago ac^;. 2''"l^J.^2J|<^ 

.=imn ^ciK long-necked adj. 3^t^Kn3J^*f 

iQ^0p tedious, wearisome adj. 3^7l}n2JKi 

■&^iy fcediousness s. ^1!p-|j 

p6 nrSK ."^y;3V p^"^'SP SI?-., fK ppSSJi"'^ *^3 (K 


270 — 


-na'ip ,^'^'ij; .ny; shovel (pi S-) s. T^V^^h 
bv n^Dip n']'iD spatula {pL D-) s. i^p^PDS^ 
.^r.T.r. D^i; shoulder-blade ;c:'npn 
.nnnp .yi;^, rag (joL D-) s. P^];£i^^ 
^n'i^^nr^:^, ,|iT£n:n in a hurry adv. £K2i"2^7 
.(fi5? "^ly byj) «ri:n bast shoe [pi. D-) §. P^^i^nh 
Id change y^i'sxb i« «]'"'« 1^^ ^ i^-^ (*^-) ~ 
Ab njsna '^sn s^^nn like for like 
*»«^* -'SDp Sn r]2 little paw {pi. 0-) s. 3^P'^8^ 
•in^ bribe inr^i^ i^ little hand »(n'n 

.isb pD shellac *. P^^'kS 

.?!9^ varnish ionifi ">en sealing-wax s*. P^^ 

.n^-? nstii'p lock (jt)^. f-) s PJ^*^ 

13\y .2)i?^p tenant [pi. f-) *. ^^i^itSHp^S 

olp^ (j3(^ [«.) a. p pjD^pD local ad;. S^pn^ 

^3?? -^^[5 locomotive (/>^ ?-) s. 'i'i?tiHDspi;?S 

''O^pnp^ 5b^ to eat dainties v. »• 1**^ IP'^i^p^^ 
jyny"?i^«!;-a jjs^nn to be delighted with 

,"!''' lackey (p^ oy ^ .fi^ » W '^p^^ 

nsV lacker, varnisb s "i^p^S 

.-13^3 nsi: to lacker, varnish v- a f^^pK*? 

there arose not one like hiro phr x'^iDX Dp ^i 

Ait — {of a phenomenal vian) 

-s^pb .n^n^K salmon (p^ [ - ) .^ Dp^S 
fee have the flux or diarrhea v n. f^^op^^ 

laxative, purgative [pL W--) s, *?tO"'!D"i^Dp&«'7 

Sw^t flux, diarrhea s. f*3y"i'Dp8'7 

.prirpp dainty, titbit (^j/. 5-) s PptOppK^ 

»(3 3h^{ bo lie m wait y. n, pi^p*^^ 

.i£?ii^ licorice «. f*^"ipKS 

marsh- mallow (^:>L IJ^-) s. Ssf^SD'fnp^S 

in^ vw paste, white licorice 

*« nnisN noodle (p?. f - ) s. t^p^h 

boodles, vermicelli, macaroni s. pi f^pK^? 

♦r)ir-*)2^1 ^f' *551in.S a whip of straps \r^s^-)^^ 
noodle-board {hoard {pi ^^V -) s. ^V^^Z'l^pHh 

.ni*''5y;«ri h6 [on which noodles art made} 
^■^115 stew-pot ipl tV^--) 8 ^m'\t^p^h 


to depend on a person's ;u?ss'a iDh u?pn favor 

.•a;^K 'lonz ^ibtt ti'Ti favor 

bo lose a person's |s£Pdik ^^d ppD^b n p-yn:K — 

,u?''k:3 U7K:2n favor 
MiESU^D gusset (o/ a si^^rO (i?^. ^") s. ^^p^^-^^ 

'*be it Qot so with you,'^ God phr. 02''^;j; ^h 

'ot T^io) ^7t:u?,'' Q'^n -preserve you! 
I am ill, God pre- D2^bp k9 ,pji<^p p.3 ^-^ — 
'^iDt?^ Du?rT ,^2K nSiM serve you! 
.n^^n mp indisposed, unwell adj, 3nD5''^J^_"^S 
"be It not so with us," God phr, 's^''^^ «^ 

hj-iD-f^ Dfn .-preserve us 
itt^n covetous, greedy, eager adj, '^V^^ 
covetousness, gree- $. ^l^p- \\ i t^a^m^ .ppjF>^i^ 
AH wb npwn diness 
*na^!2n snatching s. *Si*^ 
\y"j facingj iapel {of a coat) {pi, t-) s. *£^^ 

.Hi^nD running a*. l^Kv 
.-^D^ bribe (59I. S-) *. ^pVn^c^^ 

on the contrary ;9s^ but adu ""p^SK^? .''p^BI?^ 

.-not less adu. nins'J^S 

.V'^&^b = ^£5^^£K^ 

iK^b to pinch ly'pv to itch v, w. iJ^^tOOi^^ 

.<.3 <Dy^> ^^^n .I'^n to be spicy, be pungent 
1 feel heavy at heart y^^n d^.?2 lopu^^SKb ov — 

"so I have not fiddled," I phr. ^ri^T? ^^^ 
>«S don't care if 1 have not succeeded 

.a ^rinb2fn kS 2i« 6 nspx 
|3>' lapis causticus^ lunar caustic a. D"!D^*? 

.«]bn to snatch v. a, fB^*? 
,pp^n to burst u. ?i. f^'^^SDsS 
fur-cap with lappets {pi. 1^-') s. Sst^DJSiK*? 
Tibs u^K awkeward fellow {fig.) i"5^^t> ^55 

tattered garment (^^ D|^«.) s. pl<Tnj?DS»^ 
ragamuffin, tatterdemalion (fig.) 5|7np^ ^ub 

.c^yip u'ub u;^K 
hand {cont) -'^tD '^T, ^15 paw {pi. B-) s. ^&l$^ 

?jianiua u'^oin po ^U'd« q ^ppM"? 

yrD*SEi£^ 14 o .fr^yiip ,JionTaTB ty^onr^bp pe xsnco (3 


_ 271 


eond day of Passmer to Pentecost i it is a 

. --' [half-holiday 
of our exile {of the era counted phr, '^^'^T\m] 
from the Jewish captivitp aftei the destruction 
, - /«?/ the second Temple 
-absolutely ; - whollyj totally ado, ''^937 

%b *- according to tfKj Tiew ad-y. '>^^'^1i 

*Tri^^ ' *" in tlie future adv. ^sn? 
in the future adv.\\lTr)V future adj, J^KS.^? 

to make a distinction {expression adv. T'IS.'I? 
used when sacred and profane things are men- 
u;''K lioly man s. j| ; - [tioned simultaneously) 

to make a thousand adv. n^h^^ri-^h^-h-'l^rh 
distinctions {mtensiflcation of the meaning of 

.^^iQln ,«» covetous, greedy^ eager adf ^'^'^z 

.0 13^S33 np^^i mi suppose adv. ^^''^!I^ 

«'»' contrary to adv. ^B%T'? 

,n1^i2^ ,-in spite of adv. D^'P^n^ 

rri^K spiteful woman {ph B-) s. ^S^^JD^'^^n^ 

,a^j;pp ^^K spiteful man {pi. D)? - ) s. p^iD^];3n^ 

Ho kill and destroy/^ in- pred. 'l^.^^r^l^n^ 

<rf^h K^b censed, enraged 

♦na''^ ,|^^ fiab,':^ bast s. i1^ 
,±\^ to lurk ; Din to look v. w, f^l^ 

«- borrower, debtor {pi. D''11^) g. mi^ 

llt'ii^'^ £3^1 r^^ Elojhehe tJ^.sm ski ?\h ym'^ 

soft noodle^pudding {pt \^) b. r^^^l^^'f^pnS 
solid noodle-pudding (pi fl?--) s. ^sip-fVpK^ 

laurel»tree, bay- (^pL ^^DllS^) s. D''i:s|r'^l?a'i^^ 

.njs'o fcree 
nb^ bay4eaf {pi. ^V^V^^^) b, m^^nP^^^b 

laurel, laurel {pi fmp^) t. r^^^Pir"^-^^"^*^^ 
,n3B^ Si^ 'I! crown 
.^^^ ,|1iK lord (29^ f»-) s. ^"^^h 
n^an) Q''^^^^.:! 4T|i House of Lords s. tMn"f*i"i*S^ 

lorgnette, opera-glass {pi f--) t. ID^J*^^? 

pm^s npp n^2h market-stall {pi B-) s. J^'^K^ 

i;^ ^^ '^Hi _|| '^n^-'y c^p^ to eai'os.s ?\ a. (>^*^*S*^-Kv 

^^ini;*] nth? u;\s' ^^f^b to caress each other 

,mp colt, foal 0:)L OV-) s. pVmb 

*n? |/Dk nerve ; - heart ( j^l TO^^) s. 2^ 

.--except p?'e2>- "'^'? 

to be was- n?Kn -ib^j to be lost v. n. V"*^ "f?^ 

.(Kpn^^ ibH ted 
kind-hearted person ; - kind heart s. Sl^'^l? 

s? site u?^^ 
kind-heartedj good-natured (/I.) a<^i. Sl^ltS"^? 

,m: --moon (^L nijn^) a. '"^JS) 
nsibn ^^n half-moon, crescent *nnb wb^n -- 
.f?5 ^ ^ ■ p s b ,^n = ; h^\n ^^n 
to bark at the moon fin? ipn ^n''''^ P-^ "~ 

Laban the Aramean {father- npr, '^'^K.'l ph 
deceiver, ; — fin4aw of the patriarch Jacob) 

.b3l3 .^Kfei cheat 
.nnbn m^ lunar year {pL f - ) s. '^K''"nJ^^ 
,|^"^ .-whiteness <s. rT'i^^nl^ 
of the creation of the phr, oh'i^r) flK^^^ 

- world 
a --for a blessing adv, ^51^7 
in comparison with ihi^ --at /jrep. ^S3.^ 

the 33rd day of the Omer s, ^^"in'rh 
{the 38rd of the 49 days counted from the m- 

na\Hb pD ijinnjn^s i B'm wyt ;|S^«?b"'^ '■'s (« 


^ 272 — 


palm-brancb {used unth {pi D*'^^1^) s. ^^^^ 
. — (the ai^nis* on the feast of Tabernacles) 

. - learning, erudition s. Jni*lSl7 

e- learned men, scholars s, pi. OHDIt 

.-learned, erudite adj. ^"H^^^ 

learners of the Law, rabbi- s. pi. ni1l^""'*l!2l7 

.-nical scholars 

♦(s£!|h nSK to waste v. a. [^t:i7 

to mock, scoff, make game of v. r. ^^t [^Sl7 

.0 -s bnn 
.9513 ^23 rogue, scoundrel {pi, t-) s. S'^''^ 
.D^iplto'lDa ,n1snD rags s. _p^. f^^'l"? 
worth- ;b"i .j;nj^ rae^ged, beggarly adj. 51SD17 

.ij-ij; ^^2 less 
.npin nlbisnci -d""??: roguery s. l?l^SDai7 

^HKi lungs *. pi. fJ^2:iS 

.riN-in npb-i pneumonia s. :2)imiD2^'-\'^}^'\h 

i^in lungs and liver together s. ^V^P^'IV^^*^^ 

nnK3 tpani 

an mdifferent '^yinpb'-jpjsib nya^jjp k (-ic^.) — 

.i:?''-iK Dix nn ip u?^k person 

pulmonary disease, {pi, [-) s. l^'^^S'f^^^^'? 

,fiBny .r\^'in nbriip consumption 

^p^-^^ .n^v^p dislocation s. p^"l7 

.r^pwi^i F^D desire s. tDDl7 

comical, ".n^'^ 6y merry, cheerful adj. 5^^017 

tnerriment, cheerfulness s. *^^^p - jj ^n^lin droll 

.2h Dili J^npt? nii^by 

tpne> big piece, big slice [pi. D « ) s. ^tSD'^ 

♦(J nbi"i; 

'■»u? nj;^s; pleasure-trip {pi. tD-) s. pttlltODI? 

.S?p^l^ = ^pDlb 

.nnny ^.pt thick lip (pL D^-) s. S**'^ 
♦nn ,'i\i^ air (pi. J-) s. tSS^'? 
.n^a.'^ to fart Jasib « p^b — 
.•^^i^r in the air |to^i5 |ik - 
1^3 balloon, air-ship {pi W -) s. \^h^:i'^^'h 

.}3-)^T-.{«b rjiyMHUb (£?'Di^o''i^ .rjiyMHTH \j^'Bnr"''?p {« 
lupa ef^ntfi'^ (-r .lustas f-nss^^ ,;iycTa ts>iDinD''''Ti ps 

nit?7!s ,n.^i puddle, pool {pLQ--) s. jt^ti^'i^ 

calendar, ;- table, tablet (^L 11in^.7) s. n=l7 

. — almanac 
one of the tables given to {pi. niHI^) s. nrti':' 
isnau; r.ln^ibnp t\m Moses on Mount Sinai 

♦•"j^D "in bjp np!^5 
, — Lot {the son of Abraham^ s heather) npr, tDl'? 
dead-drunk, as drunk as a idi^ m "iiD^y; — 
,ni«D 'iiDU? fiddler 
/"in^ Lutheran (p?. -) s. '^^JKlJJtOl'^ 
pan for fire-sticks {for [ph ^V -) s, ^V^^^^^ 
.(-nna^) nin^bs;:^ '^f^'Q [illumination) 
♦nbn^i 'I'u? ode in?^ ^nbnn praise s. ^"'H 
♦02^ .^vin to praise v. a. \y^y> 
.n^'ii ,1B« •'p lye, buck s. ^''Iv 
jbii?K alkaline salt s. f*'?^^ rib 
♦'^SK "^ps a^u; to steep in lye v. a. [^^"i/ 
nn^iri -funeral procession (jpi^, ^"^^l/) s. n"']7 

..^1^ louse {p>l. tl^b) s. M^lb 
iij"! soft '^p'nrvtp 'p\b-2. ,isnD i3^K^ loose adj. ^^'''iv 

.''U^s; free 
.n|3 n^^s nit (jpL 1^-) s. in^"nib 
to search (^^.j ;.ibs to clean of lice v. a. p^^ 
to clean oneself of lice v. r. ^^t — ||;ph| .t;sn 

.n'psi^t ^l^^ half an ounce (jpL -) 8. ^tO'^l'? 
.*S3 ,^s^ according to p)rep). "^"^^u 
neat, J-^inD .111 ."iNia clear, pure adj, ^^V^^^^ 
.nsrn^ clearness s. ^l^p -H ;na^^ ,^.5 tidy 

.nn^3"^ wages ;*irb reward (pL IV^'th) s. \^*h 
A .-t V. r. "I^T-^j|;\s5n3 nS-i to pay v, n. IV^'^*-^ 

it pays, it is worth y.) tort^ dp -torib Di; — 

♦Kin *Kn2 while 

ib does not pay, sdi3 lit tsi'^ib Dy ,1012 isin^ cp — 
.m^- 13'K .'^413 i3^« it is not worth while 

.3n^ to lurk, lie in wait v. n, \'^V^'i''} 

.zya lurker {pi -) s. l^^'l^^'lS 

.n^^-^j;) run, running s. ?l^l'°/' 

.Dh? .s]b'^ to flow IK^"^ (j3- !?• [S^i^b^i) t;v n. \^^^h 

.r^p^i^ running s. tt^)^Vt)^^h 

.fn runner {pi D-) a. '^V^'' ^ 

.-leviathan, sea-monster s. l^]'!/ 

♦nys"'^ iDKtsu'i^ ^V^^^h i^wt^b '•'3 <» 




. ' for health and blessing! phr. HS'lDpl D'''n7 
ioY a happy life and phr. O^S^^^ S'^i'l^ D-'^n^ 

.--for peace! 
.-positively, absolutely adv., X'^'^^Th 
. - bread s. ^mh ,on^ 
bread fco eat and rai-P^^- ^^^^^ nisa^ ^i^kb on^ 

. - ment to put on 
bread o! poverty, unleavened s. "^JlJ^^cn^ 

. -cakes 

. - bread for the poor s, C^J^'^DhS 

^ by halves ad'o. I\H^^nb .D'^N^^nb 

. -for shame and derision phr.TsT'WH^ HD^^n^ 

whispered prayer, {pi, ^^^^rf> ,\^) $, K^n-? 

formula of an incan- ;«' incantation 

.- tation 
.--for good, for happiness adv. nnvob 
for the good or ;-iii favor of ado. "HSl*^^ 

. -benefit of 
for the public good^ for adc^ ^^sn^DSl^'? 
. — the good of mankind 

«ftli'5 ice 9. ^i^'^h 

'f^^U ^!^1^ ice-house {pi. D-») s. p^^mi^'^b 

rtv^ no matter what, whatever ado, V^^h 

m-K no matter who, anybody "ipii yiK"^ — 

.(*?2X8) nrbi ices s. pL DP^K^'? 

.n^l^j n-ii;!? big dish (j?^, D - ) ^, V^^^i^'h 
.ns3 puppet (j9L B-) s, F^K^^ 
.sb«3 Kifi\y Q'TK dummy p^b^^b p^i^y; k — 
.nas doll, puppet {pi D^) s. Pph^'h 

'rsu ^sn to edge, border, trim v. a, l^W^i^^^ 

edge, border {pi 0^) s, ^pm'^ .Vp'^pm^h 

.:^sDtt net 
.-IS linen ;d^sj,^ hemp a. 'fX'^ 
.(m^ro ,in; pin, naiJ s. ''l^^^ 
en-^a) nan]; llano {geogr.) {pi. B«.) ,^. p'^'^h 

.ciisiip px' hemp-seed (pL --) s. fPtt.srf^^^ 
nj linseed, flax-seed {pi. -) s. \V^^'^''Pm''h 

.^•^ll lot (y. f--) s. CK''^ 
.HT^b slap ;nD^to";> wetness s. ^H^h 

.{S^inia ^^3 <» 

nsM airy phantom (joL ^1?-) s. I^D-^SI^ 

^ItK air zone {geogr.) {pi, f^-) $. ^'OIKr^bl^ 

"iit^ zone of the calms ^^KrjsSib lySiis© — 
A^t? nuK'jB i^Tp?n ninn pKU?) sp^n i-'Wfi 
•■^C^ ni^s air- valve {pL IP -=» ) s, ^"i -tS-tDDl^ 
nimble, {fig.) n"*lp cool ^n'^is?? airy adj. 3^^£17 
•nnnp coolness s^Wl^p- II st'''^! ,nj;^3nn b^ lively 

lb pKt' cnb* nondescript (j^;?. f-) 5. t^•:)>'/^"'^£)^ 

.(be? idler ircp pep 
caper, somersault (^j^. \V -') s. i^i^iC'^^^jCCI? 

a business without (2;^. ^''pD^J^ — ) s. pSI^ "*^'Sl7 
rnZ] 'b ]'^'c ppp a foundation 

*0?^? fi>^^ airing f, 33^*l|?ts£^^ 
.nn -0^^^ in^ to air 5 ventilate v. a. pj^^&l^ 

aerolith, meteoric {pi "^V-) s. r.)^^^t)h 

AV'p-^n \Q r^^sv^) t^ jrK ,'^^^^^ |SK stone 

n^^K n^PK air-balloon {pi f-) s. ^l^tSl^ 

.Pto^rb - p^r^^£l^ 

^np air-castle (j?L ^PD^S^^) s. DH^I^|r^S1^ 

to build castles in the npDp9u?"s2Si^ ip^n — 
.T^ix:! D^miB a''b'i5D nn air 
mirage (^ao^r.) (_pL IV--} s. SJlSs^St^-tOl!*,^ 

,ns^p husk, shell {pi D-) s. ]^J'!&1^ 

.nnin nsp barrel of a gun {pi D - ) s. I^fi^v 

'"i^p. bas to peel off, strip off u. a fi^Ci*^ 

.^^snn to peel off v. r. l^'-j| 

.nnnii: luxury (pi f - ) s. S'Dpi^ 

.^bp to husk, shell u. a IV^'C^'^h 

.np;n nK^n heavy blow {pi. D - ) s y^^'"* 

,Qfiin to stun, deafen u, n W^^'^ 

.nebp husk, shell (jo^ ^-») 5 yp-CS^'.^ 

scale ;nB)bp husk, shell {pi s^) §. i;p^">b 

,nt'pt?p (0,/ yi.^/i) 
, -for everlasting remembrance jo/ir £^1|^ ^Sn 

on the side of strictness (in the adv. ^'^^^T^i 
. - [interpretation of a law) 
nann to be strict KiDih9 p.^ — 
.nin-'b — riinS 
for long life!, for health! {at drin- int. n''''fl^ 
,nTO drinking s. || ; - fking) 
4'" D13 ni^tt' to take a drink s^^n^ « p^» — 


274 — 


,r\m .n^ti^ love, affection {pi. D-) s. V^l^ 
rbv D:iy rm nhj* to be in love ys^^ x \h1t^' - 

.ni!D inr rather, sooner adc. "^P^^^ 

.nb nn.^ p^^n liberal a(ij, Sh*"i]/'S:^ 

«niD''n3 jn^t'sn nr,T liberalism s. Di^Sj?'^y^^S 

i;3 im quire {of paper) {pi C - ) §. ^"^2^^ 

;nihr^ nDi privilege {pi. D«) «. J^tOifS2^'7 

.^L?2h exemption 

nf^u? .ni2 lie, falsehood {pi. D~) §. »fa^^ 

."ipu? njn to tell a lie p'3 ^ p^t ~ 

■"ipu? to lie 1^5 p^i -- 

^aaa ip^ a white lie pyn n^^-Qibii? j^a p^^ {j - 

to be m!ii3 ;nb^ to lie (_p. jp. \^V^V^) v. n. ^ P^^ 
to pay a fine {at cards) ;(D^ptt3) xl'dh situated 

bo be a burden on tb^n ta^-K |iiy^is* {2^5 — 

♦^"H 5i; h'lbb rrn a person 

to plod at one's books "irs^:: n ^^-ik ]i)b — 

.ppbpj J ,ppn ]ii;5yj — 

.^ais inf^^^ liar {pi D~) *. "i^iS^S 

♦a-t5 -ii"?^ to tell lies, to lie v. n, l^^^r^'h 

.nsa ;::?vvL? lying ac?/ a^lJr^ 

medley, confusion {pi. D-) s ^^''W^^h 

.TiDpn nilp beam, sleeper {pi C-) 8. "1>*j^^ 

.-^'p song (i;/. "ij^ - ) # l^'? 
Lcuis-d'or {French gold (pi. (-) .* nsn^'? 

.(K(n"^j-e5 a'^r y^ae* -nn^x^S [coin] 
.|^}5 -!^u? little song, ditty {pi. l^V - ) s ^^"'^ 

b^ i£c song-book {pi, "ii?s'--) 8 "i*n.-'n:;nt'? 

"for the Jews,^' gladness, joy adv. on^n^b 

there is great joy snirr''? iis'^K'n y.- ^v^ cv — 
.au? nbn; nnj:t' there 
lover, sweetheaiti (pi. S-) s. P^Tiij^ni^b 

rzr-ii^ mistress 
.2n«?: lover (j9. 2^-) s. p::i\s*2i''S 
u. r. T^~|| ip^O '15?? to caress v. a. \P^)'h 
»\x psn iK FjD? tc caress each other 

.in:;'', nx 

♦iy^yi5rja^-,i di^ij^^'? ps {» 

to slap ;(a«>3) ^b^ to pour much u. n. \V^H'^h 

.D| |siKS D'^9 to smear inhr^ nbo 

,(Kn^"pnn ?iD23 chloride of silver s. ^Vt^^'h 

♦cnin 'i^h sealing-wax ^. 'pi<v 

narrow-mouthed earthen (j^jL B^-) s. ^p^oS 

.pK^5 = US n:^ ^^K'.^ cy d'lh ^!3S vessel 
n'?o -B) Tat ,DnK5 herring-pickle, brine s. p^'^h 

QiK slovenly person {pL 0^) s. ^lTiK''b 

♦Ct ^b?-T5p 

,J1K^ noise, tumult {pi. D-) s. C^*l|<"'^ 

.pKD,nbn to be noisy, brawl v. n. IPt^V"^^'^^ 

pleasant, agreeable ;:iin^ dear adj. ^)h 

♦ich3 ^^a a pleasant man ^spa lysi^ it — 
a pleasant wa.rmness ts'tfpopl^n psib « — ' 

.ci^y: oh 
,nbn;i nxsn profound pleasure m^in j7aib it — 

"his gracious name," God |P'j:«3 ii/'n-sb p-n - 

.isn^' to love, to like j2«n zib ~ 
(ms) 'pnj) to put up with si5 i^& ipdpjjk - 

welcome to your ! ^s^:i ny^-'-K ^i^K ni? is^d -- 
.(n hi'ii.^n 1112 guest! 
if it IS agreeable m^^i "ii?: ?^k 2^b t^b^ iiVs tK — 
to you it IS agreeable to me as well 
/b Q^ Kin ^*vi "^b Q^y3 imn dn* 
amateur ;3^i^f lover {j^l. D- ,-) s. *^^lisnn:b 
.(niias iH nttin n\v ^if) nn;^ ,::niK 
.nK'D c^p: ,nK'D iiik amiable adj. 2"!^'lKnn'<b 
.s^nx lovely, amiable, agreeable adj. s. ']^h2)h 
loveliness, agreeable- «. tO'jp-|| i d^p: n^n: 

.n^?2^s;2 ness 

,Wq: 3i"iK favorite (jpL D- ,[-) §. ^Jt^^St*? 

to love V, r. n^^-'ll J-H^ to love v. a. \^)7 

,^nj;"i. m ^'k mts each other 

.nnus loving «c^j?. ^^'^J^^b 

; bbip n|:j;n .^2^ nin^n dearest ac^y. sup, tiOlilh 

.bs? 2isn best 

.Lake t*^--<f o .rn^wb u^^Dn^^Mi iz ♦|2£""imn ^^a (n 
PK j?rsnc ^j?t p» .•"y'?>'p-i^'Si» pK (H .larwa a^^V^ie cv 




»||1K ,p?3 kind, manner su£^. ^.^^" 
of one kindj of the same kind ^ib-ipaii^^ -^ 

*B^i^s ^3U?)3 of two kinds ii^'npiin:^ — 
.D^5''ss nnu'p ^t^ of ten kinds i^biysp^ -- 
♦d'^r'sn ^3?^ of all kinds r.b^p^K - 
ifi counter {at games) {pL ^V -) s. f«»t^^^^ 

>^^i .-\^^ body (pL ^^'-) 8. Sl^^ 
.1^1131 nnb bss body and soul hilt ]m ^'^^h id^d — 
^D3 witb migbt and main py5 pK ii^b ai^ — 

.ins "^riKD 
not to pp5 |1K s?5 |in i^s |tt\s{ia pip p^n toi3 -- 
^''«5 MNi Kb have a penny to one's name 

.nnK nans ^^k 
bn HN^i to become emaciated ^i^9 pS bk'ik "- 

.n^K lion {pi f^) s. ni^^ 
u?''?u? ,|ja aide-de-camp (jp?, f--) s. ^^iK^HK^S^^^b 

body-guard of a (^L D\^a^^) §. '^KS^H'^S'L^^ 

.^n'PO''^ 2*^ ^^''^^ 'TSi^ Chasidic rabbi 
''^s^i^ b^n life-guard 'pL^^) g, i^''^"i.,.^irni^S 

body-phy- (_p^. pn^ltDp.^1 «. ) s. I^^^DpK^ ||"^l^^ 
♦■^bbitj Ksn sicianj court-physician 

a kind of jacket {pi ^J^^) s, hm^VpV^^'^-^h 

.(Q'Wih) i^p^ Ti;! pp 

,!n=ia b"^ ,^"m 5^ of the body adj. 3'^!^^ 

.HK^sb lioness (^l D-^) s, P^^S!^^ 

.nm .ti^jn waist, jacket (j.}^ ^^-) s, ^^1^^ 

ni'ij^ full, german l^v. b^ bodily adj. "I^^S!!^ 

.{nnBt£>s naip> 
.nibii riK a full brother ly^iii ip^ibai:^ t$ ■- 
relation by blood snp ipdi^^i?? k «-• 

.irhsUJriD 2'^p 
irib waisb of a dress {pi fj?-) s, fK^^-^S^^^^b 

*«?^^^ ,p^& adjutant (^j?. f^) s. ^^l/D^SI^^ 

♦^t?a lip P5^ flesh-color s. "I'Sf^p-^i^^ 
corporal punishment (pL f-) s ^l^^itK^^^l^b 

.|D^ SK| belly-ache (^1. f--) .?. r^^J^'^^'r^l^S 
to lay ;d^u? ,D'|D to lay, put, place v. <i, p'th 
fco lie V. r. ^^t^||;n|pb rr-s.^ down, lower 
.(D^sn) b^rr ^e^bp to lay {eggs) .^hn .22^ down 
lan to tell fortunes by cards y:.'^^p pub — 
.a-ebp n" bp niTnp 

J^n^HK my darling !, my love! int. I^'i^il'''^ 

s ''fisiinK 
it?^ left-handed person [pi. ^V -) s. pKllH 

nsirip winding-machine (pi. S-) s. ' "^^^'ll? 
nib^nb rtjp) ^a^''^ wine -taster .(b?«?ttb) Mswri 

.(npt>t3 13 
.pTsib == -O^Vi^S 
horse- ;|^sp contractor (pi5. f-) s. tS<3K"°i)^'1v 

UK Q^ciD ^niD dealer 
air-hole {in an oven) {pi 5--) s. I^S51^^ 

.l^pp ns'iK 
,nb^b> !Qi>r! Is5^ lullaby! ^72^. ^''Vi^^ .v9l^b 
.'i^-^s 19; ji|)_^ to lullaby v. a. \Th^'^h 
,r)':t2^rp pipe, tobacco»pipe {pi B-) s. J^p7T^7 
cunning fellow pp^rb PD"ip3mp:ib^lK {fig.) - 

,Qnp OIK 

.num gloss s. ''^J^^ci'^b' 

,papn - ^^r^CT^ 

revision of revenues {pi D^) t, r^K'^eDi''b 

.(n?Tr!K bts') niC3pn,t? p^'^'H npns 

.|/^i3 "im i-^^ lustrine, lustring §. f^^'CD"^''^ 

«n^3 ,- expectoration *- nn''^ 

.D'p^i^'S D^snp lithographer (j;L f-) s. ?].^'"ii^*tD^^ 
,^DS7n lithography {pi D^) s, P''S«^n:^H^^b 
rds^n n^3 lithographic printing-office ;a\22K3 


n^rip ,np:]^ mill-course (jjL D-) 5, J?p^O^^ 

Lithuanian Jewess {pi 5«") s. ^p^^xr,^!^ 

.fT'KEs'b nj^^j^!^ 
nin^ Lithuanian Jew (^i. cy - ) s. p]\Ti^)h 

^n^D an herring {joe.) i'KD^b 
to dress a herring pk'Idi^^ k ]b'ip (ioc») — 

,n^l3 n^^to^-p Lithuanian (^j^. Dl^ -- ) s. p.'^'^^^h 
Lithuanian woman {pi B-) .?. Pp^^^ntSlS 

."'Kto^b Lithuanian acf/. ^^IV^^S 

,^pii?toHb - "ll?2!!^,b 

pDip ^'^ man of letters (pL f-) s. ^K"i];tO^S 

.(13,10 nBie> nn£D2i 

,nr.pc: literature (^L f - ) s. litOKl^ ©^b 

.^nps literary adj, 2'^^H'^V^'^h 

,pi^n n^sp calf {of the leg) (joL S-j s, Pp^^S 

.fX^^B^b ^"3 33is'*igs ny^^'»n» ^pi pM (« 



»-- 276 

leading article, {pL W--) s. ^p^tO'^^'tl^'? 

.(ppys) '^m^ ^ipiiip leader 
guidance, direction, ma- (pi f^-) s. ^'-^^^^^^ 

♦rr^nin .nbn;n nagement 
ninx -^!2n3 pleasant, amiable adj. 2^7>'i(tD)!l!!7 
amiabi- s. tOi:!p-|| ;nlnsb riinx popular ;n^?n 
»ID grace, favor ;n=i3''2n lity 
to favor, show favor to v. a. p^'7]^UtD)!57 

containing half an ounce of gold adj. ^''.W.7 
tint ^u? ^Ji:331^« ^itq 5^Dp or silver {of an alloy) 

decent, -^lii^i^n 5ti? iD^^'Jx 5t? people's adj. ^)^"^^h 
respectability s. ^-P-|| ip^O respectable 

to become the ipb^^rs yu^Viai^b |ik pxs3i^iK — 
,£y nmb ^^'-t talk of the people 
to become the laugh- ipisrybyji p^^.^i^b px?:) — 
.cp pin^'b n\-i ing-stock of the people ^ns to lead, guide, direct v. a. ft^l^^ 
.^n-t to solder v. a. ftDt^S 
.ft^3t?^^ lieutenant {pL [-) s. tOJ^J^u^^b 
.Dbp ladder ijjl. C-) *. "iPtOl^'7 
"I^t-[| ;rjh^ ,pj^j to purify, refine v. a. f^^tD!!^ 
.(iii^n) ini|n ,iiK.T to clear up u. r. 

.nij .^15 easy ac?;, ^^"^ih 

^p light-minded, frivolous adj. ^^^^ttO^Ji:!^ 
light-mindedness, frivolity s. '^-p-|| ;rij;in 

"11x^11515^ light-house {pL S-) s. D^'n^"^^!?^ 

♦ph3 .'iKn to give light, shine v. n. [tCS'L^'? 

.TK^ giving light; shining a(iy. ^n^tOSl^? 

B^tiB candlestick (j*^. S» ,-) 5. 1 to:^!*''? 

.<s plhsr to laugh v. n. [5 1^7 

•n? sheet, bed-sheet (^^Z. '^^--) ^. ^^':'l^S 

.D'ifi -i^n clay, mud s. OT.h 

.ts*D K'?!p clayey, muddy ac^y. ^'l^^^S 

.st?i3 hod-carrier (pZ. C- ■ - ) s. '^V^V'^^'n))h 

♦(pn*?) "Dp 
b^ t£i?:s clay candlestick (pL ^J^'-') s. 7^'^7 

.ir^n ^^ of clay adj. p))h 
.u^n TD an earthen pot as'ts 'ipip?;^'!^ k — 

♦IS'm'n "3 <N 

to be incomprehen- niD |6"'1k "^it p^i^ tois — 
j^n? iti^BK "K n^i sible 
«i^.^ ,li^; sorrow (^Z. f- .-) s. "1))^ 
in times of joy and in p))b p« pms pi« — 
«^i'ii Jnp*i Mhaiy np2 times of sorrow 
♦D^y.'p D^^ip great tortures ^iib ytssp'iiy^ (^U) — 
isita t2V ;\2?^^5 ""la nsi to be sorry |xia iiib — 
♦''b 1:^ 1 am sorry nr.^ ^?a 
villainous or nasty (pi. S-) s. ']^pXi$*l^^^ 
.^y.^b^ n^ woman 
.V) .923 villainous, nasty ac?/. ^^pifK'l!?'? 
villain, nasty man, (jj?. D^^-) s. pl^'^l!!'? 

.^p.1^3 |3 ,923 scoundrel 

.1? -^ D t? i? "1 r ^ b = ; (H b^n^-^ys lazily adv. ^^tt^^^^!.^^ 

idle UDipo) ^irs vacant ;pn, empty ac?/. !l^*^^.^7 

♦ci3"T n^i5? 13%SK'> bba 

,npn D^n^D empty-handed pni^b b^D — 

•l^tp^ idler (j^L D« .--) s. -i^^^^^n^^S 

.n-pn emptiness s. tOl^pj^i::^ 

.Kt;3 .S2D to bear, suffer (p. p, \^)h)^^)^ s. pl.^^ 

••i;C '^W> passion {j^l ?-) s. ^S^'^^'^l?'? 

'^"i^ ^^^^^ ^"^V"^ passionate ac2;. ^^7l^£J<t5>J11?^ 

/3i2«l9 »^"iP^b unfortunately i?2^, l^'^l^'? 

' '.'^2 linen (pi^. f-) ^. tOill!?'? 

♦"IS bp of linen adj. fL'Jn^J^ 

♦o "inn^ liberation s. 't^^'? 

/3 i^ijs vintage s. ^^))h 

.n-uJ^^n ,bp soft, gentle adj. ^'t))h 

♦fvns ,'-.DiD ransom s. tD7^2T1^7 

proceeds, amount realised by a «. 3i1t^7 

.*i3^!2n f^Ds ,pnB sale 

♦S"*!? VJ^ lousy ac?/. ^'Tl^S 

.s^DD nhQ to realise by a sale v. a. f^l^v 

.(n (mKiQ*?) 9^3 yipn tin-plate s. *^h^T':-\^S^ 
people, men, persons, (^loi^S .sj^'3> s. pi. 'tO*,^? 

.mns .D^'rrN; folks 
what will people say? ?h^i d^^ ibp^i cj^n ~ 

.c":p? old folks E)i^b rc'^K — 

,DiK 9sD like everybody i!oi?9 '^^d ^i^b; ~ 

re- ;9n| u;''K grown-up man [pi. -) s. 'tDi^T 

♦"^.'^'P Q^K rich man Jnspp r\s' spectable man 

pc^in: ibns dijj a great man isi^^ "ipD'n; x - 

.D^Sn;! D^u;3K great men is'l'*^ 

.^nnp soldering iron {pL S-^) «. fil\s*-t:':!S 

r^h , Ibsen \i?i;^'i p& 'pi-'syc'^ "s (2 .jS'^'e^^ ^^3 {« 


^ 211 -^ 


;- subjects of study, sciences §. pi. riVim^b 
.D^'^.W^r, nriDn mathematics 
^la-'b b'd r\p:i% lemonade s. V'^^^V^^h 

.|to^? lemon {jx 0-j s. py^Q'.h 

•nb .bp. mild, soft adj. "1^1^ 

linden, iimetree i pi -'V^T,2^) ^. D^iSi;i"tJ^^ 

winged dragon, (p^. srj?^^"-) *• =l?-^Hil:.i^5''^ 

.(N s^Tw tiying serpent 
alleviation., soothing {pL (P - ) «. :ir''^P*ii*!- 

.n,"3n^n n^^-Dn mitigation 'nKiWn n^^^n 
•sS^'t? ^i5'7 to alleviate, soothe v. a. pP"t^:^ 
(p^) pnon 9|7n to mitigate 
.nu?n^ lentil (j^l. f-») s. U^^ 
.(3 nib -= P^^^S .I^^J'^ 

rule, ruler ^ei^i^^ .ii3 line (p^ B -- ) s. ^'^^^ 

nbD?? line (o/ a mtlroac^) ; ^nc 
i'Rnyi£?> -^t??? to moult frin-^^ to fade t?. ?^. IV^^-^ 

.^n.p sp'^^¥^ to rule y. a. p^r7 
.(i;^3i*5 ™> '^n^B rule, ruler (pL D^-) s. S?3"^^ 
.(P"!3!9=)9r.p to rule i>. a. f^-^^^ 
.pnb - 'P'h 
.'tlspn^^ wrong :^b«?2y; bi^'D^y left adj. ^p^;7 
.(nP3 'rsys) ^3i2i^p radical ;n'^5 P^lpis irreligious 
.n^b«DU>n -1%^ the left hand Ej^gn yp3i9 n - 
the :^Sj4t3^n -rsjn the left side di?i pprS n -^ 
.p33 ^nb^n °^ijn wrong side 
a radical socialist i3D"b??'j£^'G ippr';' k ™ 

"Hsa counterfeit money f^itt; vpy.h [fi) - 

to get out 15^^? "^i^psib ny-t in"'^ ??^ss^'S'ik (trf.) - 
of bed the wrong leg foremost, to be in 
.p|pn -IS n\i an ill humor 
.^Kt^D 3^^'^d to the left ad!y opP^ 
a^ n^'U?"] list (j9^ (-)<«. 't2'7 
•o n-tipp, certificate (jj^ (-) «. ''ZO\h 

,finng baldness, baid place [pi ©«") s. P^tB^S 

siy-rjimK' ?i2-l& pc -i^-ars I* p6< n-iyr* i^ js^sany'^p 

Kb an° clumsy hands issyn p:pd^i9 {fig,) — 

♦a^nps flax s. P-?^ 

.DWB p'lT linseed s. pi. p^^ri^'^lh ,[^DKn^_^^ 

ns linen t. 'fPl^^ 

.ns 9^ of linen adj. ^[Pl^S 

edge, border ne^ .dp list (^L f-) a. I3S!^7 

i'5H\y .nib to borrow (p. p. \T^T^) v. a, iV'^h 
■r\\b to borrow ^, r. llt-jj ;ni%n to lend 


n^-'^p reading s. \\ iK^;^ to read y. a. f^^>?11^ 
difficult problem w'^V'-'^-'^ -ivin^u? ^ (td) - 
.T\vp p2p ,nu'p n^Kt' 
.pKTTPDSKb p^l'^J/DBl^S 
.y^nib - (jjL r-j *. f^1!S 
.jDT rein {pi. 0-) ^. j^X^^*? 
.^s-fc funnel [pi. 0-) 5. pp:5^ 
•u-'nsn to deny c. n. iP^ppv.h 
to deny the existence of mp pn \vwpv3 - 

."ipp3 133 God 
.^3 candle m^- light [pi. -) *. »3^^ 
"blessing of the lights," ^. \t^^:ipZ''^D)h 
np^'in lighting of the Sabbath oaodleg 

at the time of lighting |u;t33p2-63Dib is — 
,n2u;b nnjn np^^n ny*? the Sabbath candles 
light, lightsome, bright, clear adj. ^1^'^lb 
light- * ttrp »-|| ;i]T ,i\7f lucid nlK3 .vrjz. 
,nnM3 ,n*,K someness, clearness 
=-;p4P 13 little candle (/^/. 1^^-) ^. pbji^toDl^ 

.n1i3 TOly chandler (joL S- .--).,• '^V'.'^^^lh 
■^i^ n-1^^ corona {geogr.) {pi. f^-j s. cnp-'^^'^ 

3'3S) 11^ Dj^nD halo {geogr.) {pi \V'-')s. ^Jn"^3^b 

.n^"} evil {pi C-- ) 8. i?3lb 
■^in-t^ night-watchman i^.; & ,l"»^C^'n^^b 

.p4>iu? r.9-^5n lily (;p. 5 -> j s, XJ'S:*'; 
8, 11 ;-Li!itb {queen oj tht demo7is) npr. T\^^^7 

.rii;n .t^k wicked woman 
"night of observance," the s, an^O^-^b*^^; 

. - first night of .Passover 
subject of ;-- study {pL n^l^t^'^h) *. 1)ti'h 

. - study 
.-justification #. W^ri'S''^ 

£)"n3 > 

— 278 


the mockers of the age, the s. pi. ^*\^\Tr^l'Th 

.a^iibn ,- mockers 
trace, trail ;nnnn T\ry2\T[ evidence s. ^'*^-^ 

;iil7n© liquidation, settlement s. :P"'^HilV,p:^ 

.|;5y inD |;:!;^ rp. rrr\L' 
Kp. D^^ JJ7-1S to liquidate, settle v. a. ["^n'lip':':? 

.ns^f nnnp eclipse (jjL D'''Hp*'7) §. ^"p'^ 

.-eclipse of the sun {pi. B-) s. nDn"^p^7 

.-eclipse of the moon {pi. i^-) s. n^w7""'*ip''7 

,^'^^J^ -lirri back-street {pi. IJ^-) s. '^p*^ 

.PP^^5- '^p-S 

bast- i:j^9 -nj'in no^^^ bast, lime- bast a. 'J^p'7 

.(rts^ni*? :icD pj?3) D^s'^ n^ij^? wisp 

.(pr»Q npr») ip;b (p?. f - ) s. ^Vp^h 

;(rc;n rsijcrrn nTu* mn'^b lyric poetry s. pT^r^ 

/T'? "il^^J? lyric, lyric poec {pi, -) s. "i^p!'^'^ 

,'"}*'? lyric, lyrical ac^/. ^'"^^S 

.(-n:5 f'») nr^ lyre (|;L S~) s. ^'^^'^ 

lor Thy salvation I hope phr, 'fi'lp "jfi^^l^''^ 

. — {said after sneezing) 

.priia ,n\:2pn herpes, tetter (^L C]; - ) §. l^t^'^ 

.\Tit-^K "12CI2 odd number {pi. B-) s. ^p5^:7 
there is no choice, there is ph\ 'n'^^'^'^ Trh 

.nin^i TK no alternative 
there is neither law nor phr. [''1 T\^h_) i"^"; D^b 

.-judge, it is lawlessness 
for greater security, to be phr. I'^'T^t/'Z "D^h 

. - on the sai'e side 
^or greater strength, to make phr. p't'*n ^n^h 

. -it stronger 
.-^13D^ in honor of adv. '^■'2zh 
in his honor, in her "^^k Ti2Db ck "'^-r'5 - 
.nmn^b .nnD':) honor 
to the honor of {word of addre^:s phr. '^■^'Z'Dh 
.'iSz^b,, nb^pr^ the word 'ii2r)b« s. || ; - [in letters) 
to flourish the word ""\2Dhu ti fpi^'D'iK — 
.Q^ial^pn "nuDbw nbvan riK ^nrs ["ni2S^» 
.-in honor of the Sabbath pAr. -Tlll^ ^i^s'/ 
"'•.ome, my beloved," name oi a s. ^"ll^-ns':' 
hymn sung on Friday eve to greet the 

. - Sabbath 

♦jx^rD^b* '^2 (3 .Jmi;e i£>^Di-r^S3 (^ 

•051 -ntip bald adj. V^'^^ 

.^^2is swan (;;/. ^V-) s. ly^r'? 
ground-sill , ground-beam {pi. D~) s. *1j;j!^'^7 

idler, lazy fellow d^L 0^) *. ^^tO^Kir^ 

lie-a-bed, lazy person ^.pL 3.V~) s. py*^C^'^^ 

'>Y'^ ~:;J summer garment (j:}L S-) s. p'J'«>^v 
'TP. Dl^^'^ summer- visitor 

,a K n 'c ^ 

nn) b,"^ light adj. V^i^V^ 

mbm ribbon (pL S-) s. yt:^r^ 

.ny: np^t' ;|"i^;: forester {pL 3]/-) .?. p'2«I^'^ 

to mo- Jpa"!J to stick together o. a, IV^V^"" 

to stick V. r. 1^^-11 ;i'?in) ^r del (c'a^j 

j?:m pi-^p sticky ac^y ];^p£i^''V 

,ppi!S = pi;^S 

(n rs> n^^izs bream (p^ S>* - ) s. ^'vC^^''? 

.ns'i? lip (^^ i-) s. B ''^ 

.npp S^ of a linden-tree ad-j. V^'^'^t)^ 

-ir^ri ^u? "-IB lime -blossom s. ^•K''''.^p"y''K£^S 

nn^i; pomatum, pomade s. i?^^'!^S£""[&^7 

npr imden-tree.. lime-tree (jj?. 3-) s. I^D^^ 

honey gathered in the month of .^ rV^)h 

.^bv ^ih5 o'£-u'"i^«'f 'v;* July 
=> i^cp. contractor [pL f~) ^- C:«^'^i;&!^ 

e ; K *^ U n ^ S 

to deli- ;psun ,Kif?fD to furnish u a fl^^^S 

"^b^ ver 
y,^- yS - Pp£)^S 
bidder {at an auction) [pi i»l s. Oi^'^C'^^b 

auction, public sale (;J. 2-) s P'^^'KtS^if^S 

,T^y goblin ;rb sccfFer (^^. Z'^'''7) s. \^'h 
mockery jn^^n^s a^b^nn .i\^b .-joking s. UliiJ''^ 
•01^?^ jocular, humorous adj. 5n~l| 551^5 


279 - 

n^n'iro J 

*j1iil ng:^ in a propitious hour adv. ^iD? 
intruder into a cellar (/,) s. 1^ai^"n©p^ 

.--Lamecli 7?pr. ^^^-7 
man of a weak character (pL D--) s, ^'^&7 
'^b t^^ a good-for-nothing Linsn tnbn d'ik 

.^beyond reason phr, b^nD T^hv^h 
beyond nature, super- plir, V^^o \^ rh^^) 

. -" natural 
. - that all may know j;Ar, nj'*! f]^^^ 
.-^for the sake of truth j)hr. riD^n f^D^ 
"lor the sake of God/' po- adc. m^r:r\p2h 

»a!^On^ sitively, without fail 
be sare to see jyt DU?n"(p^b d^k d^ki niK "•- 
,iniK HKin riKi him 
.-as far as appearances go phr. pV n\sna'? 
,-for example, for insi.ance adv. 'J'^oh 
for mockery and deri- pkr. m'^j'^h) h^'t^h 

. - sion 
, - at the endj finall}?- adi-. P]lD^ 
**at the end of his days," at phr. i^d; ?]1d^ 
:)n^p) Wb ,--his oJd age 
.--alternately ad-, f^l^^D^ 
.n6bin .cpby 'in jovial living, revelry s. 'T^h 
to indulge in revelry sp^ k ;Kto ,^vb ^ ppa -~ 

l^s^?^ Jn^,'?: my dear! my darlingi int. ~Tjh 
l^^^p, ,^^ j^y ^gg^j, father! ^zvb pD^a -- 
l,>^.p, -rn my dear David! 'ayS -I'l — 
.-to the service of God phr, .^"^fen r<^)^ph 
man of pleasure, man (j^jL fP - ) s. 3^l''"n^ ^ 

,Q^^t'i;n ^nh tJ^K of the world 
np. «^i an «5 ,ito iukewarm ac//, l^Snj^S 
t<'b Kin-y^ n?^ n3i2ri lukewarmness s t£^„^p^ji 

.an K^i -^1^ 
■n'^n to live 0. n. J^vh 
r^n to live eighty years ir rasK pp"? ~- 

,Q^D" i^iKM to live long n^h ]2vb ™- 

^^'Hi upon my life!, 'pp*^ ^hk t.» ^k? - 

to live upon bread ^pc^r, p^? e-'na bid ppb ™ 

.0*^1 anbs wjs: bsbr, and water 

to live from hand S^i?2 p^ sskh lis ppS ~ 

•Dii^Dits n^n to mouth 

..^b%v ^b u Jemiecha ^^^^^b ;^j;Bpi^-,g 

^^0 come, let us exult," psalm s. flJi1>^57 

. -^ recited on the eve of the Sabbath 
to reach n53^n35 p.K bopm |di?^ p^?sn^-!K — 
a place at the mom put of the reception 
,nnu?n h'^^p pns Q)p^b ki2 of the Sabbath 
; — according to all opinions adv. m^'jLT'vDp 
.|q1k b22 at any rate 
«-at least a<it\ Ti'iTtB^'^hlb 
.-therefore adv. py 
"in the scale of merit," in a adv> msr^jX^ 

,-person^s favor, favorably 
to judge a person m5?-^25 f^pD^K pi"? p — 
.mat Pjsb ^^K pi favorably 
"in the scale of demerit," adv, ^in"?]57 

, - unfavorably 
to jndge a person ^in ^Db |2£Pdik p-n p — 
,2in sis'? ^^^ pT unfavorably 
if he is willing, if he so phr. n2f1^^37 

. - wishes 
j-at the beginning, at first adv. nTHJ^S^ 

. - for mockery and derision phr. 01^7^ J|^77 

?3;nr} .-why?, to what purpose? adv. '^^^f 

'2Z' name of the letter ^ (jo^. 1-) s. ^^/ 

.(Kf^*? not, no adv. ^h^^'^t^h 
''thirty-six," the thirty^six secret h IKI'^^t'^ 
saints •'Supposed to be there in e\:ery gene- 

^^b a^^sQ^ri) Dpric?n a^ppa n^u;i D"^i?b^n \ratton) 

nfK saintly woman (pL D-) s. Pl^^ii^'-'l^S 

one of the thirty-six {pi. 'OV-) s, p!^lS*r*1Db 
: ^''^.miri a^'sp^ nt^y^i d-^*"^";^™ ^C^ secret saints 
.g^:^] ■'"pr ©\j saintly man 

learned man, {pi Q^^tDlS .C\^'1D^) ^. po^ 
arrant rogue, ex- {Ji.) ;<- erudite, ^scholar 
'"ir^^c 'Kd: .."':iti?Ki,^ -^p^sar^ •«»: pert swindler 
one who gets wiser after having (/.) 
-.,p.^* 'r'\< spn^ p'&snf r^K been robbed 

'^as a grief of mind,^ mord- adv. nn^lTilD^ 
.T^pD .a''i7Ds fying 

■ Handfexlcon ^j^ji^'ie pm ch 


280 — 


to camp i2b^ to lie down v. r, ^^ I'^V'^V^ 

goods spoiled through lying s, ni1nD"1^2^^ 

*T^^ "i^fi sirloin 5. V^T^'^'^V^ 
•n^Di; lid (0/ J5^« eye) (pL ^Vh^) s. V%V^V^ 

♦lii; rii^intn strap ; "ilp .nb| leather «. '^i?"i^'? 
leather-goods, leather-goods s. 3'nKn'^^"i5^7 

♦^1p bu? of leather adj. I'^V'^vh 
K^i ^1 fenced meadow {pi. D-) s. ^'1811^': 

/y^tt ;nK rp levantine {silk-doth) s. J^^^tOJ^lii;'? 

.--for ever and ever adv. '^V]"Ob)'ph 

"at all times shalt thou phr. npr. c'^I^S 

.-take," never refuse to take anything 

r.nv^:ii n"Tip3 point {at cards) {pL ? - ) 8. ^i^'? 

0111b =) T^s vintage ; (Q'e'?pn 

.-"to Azazel," to the devil adv, bmiV,'^ 

,n5u?ti ^pn . -excellent, tiptop ado. S*b''^^rHb"'j;^ 

.(?piyi?b*=) i«h|: to read (^.p. f^^'?^^) v. a. \^V^ 

.aiip reader s. "^^T^^ 

.K'li^p^ "inh reading matter s. ^JJ^tOt^^t^b 

.i^in r.3p: stove-couch {pi B - ) s. ^pJ>§^i^b 

(«nr!3n nb-^ nl^np 13;^ flood-gate s. pi. D^piStO^b 

.p^nD?9== p.^VitDi^^ 

hospital, sanatorium {pi. D-) «. ^2I^J^tD>>7 

l2''^i3c Q'bi;,: shoes, slippers «. jt'^. l^'^;^S^tO];S 

eye U^i^ Th little hole (pi IP-) s h'^V^ 

.<i5ntt '•>v> --"lip (of a tieedte) 

■iiap -iir little hole >,pi 1P^ - ) *. 'Vhp'2Vh 

.5p .:5init ii=im smile {pi 1l?'?~) s. ';»S||jt;5:;'? 

pofoas ionln kSc full of holes adj ^'':^^V'2V^ 

tc make holes in, perforate «, a. r^V'^V^ 

pp;fiT?;'n to yearn m languish for v> n >'^'^V^ 

.-^ np -^ 

."nfi nto^u? fool (p^ Op--) 4 p't^'-Di?'? 

.m ploughshare (^/ [-) s. t^^D^S 

(/«^') 'T^i^ 'ft lambkin (jp/ l^'*^ - ) .s-. l^S.'i^D);^ 

en U'"ti; innocent thing 

.nt? S^' of lam.b ad,) r^V^V^ 

It:: c'^^nnsn -ik leopard (|)i. f-) s tS'ni^BD;;^ 

aaive person, fool (p^ C-) ,. '>ptr>?D^S 

aX^IT^in ^'•3 (H 

to live in grand style itiiK J^to pK 111 py5 — 
to live with one's wife :ii?ii p? ai^ ppb — 

to agree like dog !s3in u d^?^ j^xp k in ]2vb — 
Ativ"^ t2v \y\^ t2)b^:i n\*-i k3 and cat 

living, livelihood ^a^^n life (jt^/-, D-) j?. '-'pl^'j 

.-f?:nD .u?ai (nn^inm 2^nK darling, dear '^Dng ,n;nip 
.D-'TiD n\i to be alive ?2pb di^::j ^^7 — 
.D^snjs* Q^^n a long life ^^yb :ii^h s ~- 

intimacy loib^ nDKnrt harmony ppb tsu k - 

to work with might inpb ])i< Di^b d^d pprnx - 

,ins '2£K5Ka ba:: i2p and main 

to be a matter of life p-n« py^ pK p^:s ~ 

.u?S3 "ly J7J3 and deatb 

come to me, my dear! |np5 p-^D ,11^ m cip — 

.''Tp'» ^n« my dear brother! ippb lyin:::^ — 

.^^x ,::^)^p^ near, at jjre^:*. 'p^'? 

D^j;aDK means of life {pL 'V-) s. ^tO^Don^'? 

vital question, ques- (j)L B-) s. P^^'I&S^D^'? 

■^'IDl^ ^?^'f tion of life and death 

,*h lively pd living, alive, live adj. ^)'lp^)}h 

;np^ .t^v'J^ jolly ;nN":D itnj nimble, quick ;pi; 

.nn^m^ quickly ;c''n s^p full of life adv.\\ 

Mii ])ii^ a great bustle tD^ni pjnysyb x ~ 

;*n D-iK living person (j^^L ^:i-) s. n^^|jn^:s^^ 

♦DN-i^K -D^'pi •'nn the Living One, God 
to be grieved "'.yjinynp'? 5? y.i jcpa^iK (id.) - 
.DID ip ^v'^'-^^i ."T«!2 "irio2£n to death 
he piD^ifc P£ pK pJ^-iP3p3 p& tDDin "ip (tcZ.) ~ 
takes from all, all's fish that comes to 
.c"7K SiDc bm Kin his net 
.pii^ Q^r>bi< God knows! 5"ipjnp::pb npi cnn -• 

.D^^ns ^DT'Pf while alivo adv ^V.mpr.ip::^^ 
;r^^n being ali^e iivmgness s. tDl^p:in];si^^ 
,ri^;~p nm liveliness 
.-15s liver (/><^. 0^) s. '^V'zph 
to touch a person ivzv^ ci;- |l^pd:k ip^ps — 
y'i( \ysi -IP pj; to the quick 
."tDsn p^top cod- liver oil s. (K"*!tC"1^:3^^ 
disease of the liver, *. ^n^lp^^^p-'^P^ph 
,i?3n n^nis heptical disease 
.(n2na> >!;; to alloy {metals) v. a. \'^)^ph 
.n*]5D -nn^t^ legend {pi C^) s. V'^:iP:iVh 
*i|^wn s^DS savings s. ^b^^ri^:^^ 


^ 2«1 - 


r\^ ,|u?n'^ gingerbread, ginger-cake s, ^^pj?7 
*(N ''2iD3?K p^^n rhomb, lozenge ; fel 
.^ri^np feast 'oi. D^) s, [fe^K^n^p^^n^p"^^ 
nj;? little ginger-cake (^L 1^-) s. ^5|^p|^'7 

♦in tjityyp^ p^^» bait (/^9'.) ^ ns^f? •^^'^ 
d^jjs-ifp aj? with rhombs adj. ^?0|.O1];DPpl?^ 

,(n^B^p) Q^i;t^n b^ of diamonds ; D\3lD5b^ 
neat's tongue ip^;?^ licker {pL D-») #, ^Pp^*^ 

.'"l?jn flatterer {fig.) » "^^^ i''*^'^ 
;nsi2ri flattery (y?^.) s.^i^pb licking ?. r^I^pi^b 

,prip^ dainty, sweatmeat 
lecture ;^u'^ ,fi|2b lesson {pi 0^) $. T^pvh 

.npabn i^c? apprenticeship s. ' "^^^ 
.p^n empty adj. ^"^V^ 
•inhi iMh waste and void -^^v^ m kjdi^i •■■• 

.-about, nearly ado, l"iP^ 

apprentice's Jills'? ns^f tuition fee s. ^^yi^O'^P^ 

.n^Kb?:^ n^tsb 13V fee 

♦MK^in instruction ;^^Ki^ learning ». n^^^^^h 

.n^ii^r^ i^\h apprentice (pL W--) s. aJivipS 


feo teach v. a. i] nss^ to learn v. ??. [Pi^ii^^ 

learner, student {j»^, S- .-) s. i];n^^ 

.n-ilp teacher (jdL D«. ,^) s. npnp^ 
teacher, tutoress, in- (j9^. ■» ) s. J^pny^P^ 

nniD structress 
,mpn. -Pn emptiness s« ^!!p1|^^ 

.^Dup^9 = c^ti:^];^ 

.21 shingle (joL 0^) s, Pp'C'^^^t'ph 

;n22 to extinguish (p. p. imh)^:) v. a, \^Vh 

AVI) jbp to blot 
blotter ;ns59 extinguisher {pi D-») ^. -^wph 

.{rt JBB'? 5B1B T3 "^nSJJ JS'ID 

JD^D 1-0 blotting-paper s. ^'CKEW^ 

.--in the future adv. ^"^1?^ 

m the future {when Messiah adv. K''^h'"^^r\})h 

. - [will come) 

.-for the present adv. r^t^VT'-V^ 

.Sn^ £is> = abbr V'dS 

.-at least adv r^neS 

;«»in proportion, comparatively adv. ^^^T't^h 

-'niv^ about 
-temporarily ado n]^'^°^£b 
.- therefore adv. ^T^h 

.Lebkuchf;n g^a-^n pe 3jn?""i^n^D k ?'k ^pppb <« 

.nsj^^ ,^1 |ln£ pap, mush^ gruel s. ^^p^^t^vh 
fl'ik longibude {geogr.) l'^'l^ length s. ^^Vh 

oblong is^?5 ijh^ rather long a«^', '^)bw^ 

.tj-^KP oblong a^i ^W^^V^ 
some «dy. jj ; -•^ni"' -^hH longer adj. comp. ^V^^^V^ 
.^z^ ^b time ago 
■^X ^0^ F^O loin, hip (pL I-) s» ^J^*? 
to gird one's loins, ]i3p9 n itsni^SK (Z^.) -^ 
,i^3ns m i?in to prepare oneself for a task 

.Il7.^'n tc lean v. r, T^ iV'Vh 
.(K n^^p^'^pp zigzags s l^p^^p^^^ 
.^ini blasphemy, reviling s. iinpisey^ 
■^ili to blaspheme, revile v. a. I'^T^^V^ 
.n^y-^nj?? ^ abh-. rvh 
x-K .-^p; lad, fellow {pi. 0]? -- i .i pjKtV^ 
mb^z idle womaD (j?^ 0^) j,-, PS^'^'*?0£I-S 
.on'rcsDE gossip 
,nBy_ slow, sluggish ac(?. ^'■£^y'5 
hand-shovel, "^is spoon {pi \P -- -) ^ h^Vh 
(B^npn ^ts?) nrop^ -a^^iKp scoop 
.^m tip of the ear {pL 11^-) .?. '^Wh 
W3 b?a ^3 i^y'i?3 by spoonfuls adv, 2^'^^6l^7 
insp}3 ^3 little spoon {pL H^^-) s. vhw^tvh 
.njnn ^is pit ©f the stomach 
.IB lb -f&yS 
■ppsp'^b- Vp^Vh 
.''Bio final, ultimate u^'^'^ last adj. CZt^h 
a very small J^iTpb licking (jo^, f- •- ) s. pV^ 
."iK?i niiop r^tz?! quantity 
.pp"^ to lick pyS K ?KK' pu^T K i2Vj — 
.D*D t5t;r: a little water -^vc^'- pv"^ ti — 
|o know a little of eve- y^^i ?■;& pp*^ « r--^^ - 
.psu Sr?2 zv^ v'^- ry thing 
.(3ntow ,'^^'2 simpleton, fool (pi Dp - ) § ^"pph 
.wm sheepish. loohsh ad/. V^»'^'V^'pv'^ 
to flatter {fig.) -im p.p'-^ to lick o a ipV^ 

to be delight sysp vt "^psrs ^-^ ippb (fc^,) -=- 
.-^ziz s^pnr with something 
•^SD lexicon, dictionary (^/, [^ -- ) ^ I'K.'^'Dp^S 

.p5?i«ibB .JianTHTH ty^enr-^^p pe o .jS'rc^'? ^'3 it^ 
K^n'^ pH K"T t^« QV f'^Vi H .lokys t^m©'^ nc ^g>B.< (i 

riBTi^) .iiln^ 

,^ 282 ~-^ 


.-singLiInr number (/yr.) s. "'n'"i*I^^7 ! 

• ^play upon words, pun s. f"ti^7"'75/"'T£i^''pt^|? 

,~ foreign language s. '''^^^"("It^''^ 

"the language of the learned," s. u^l^i^jl'l^b 

♦|i\L'b 's*: .Hi!''brp . - eloquent speech 

. — feminine gender (gr.) s. m^P.^"|1^/ 

. — euphemism s. ^i^p,y\*^*y 

.-antiphrasis "I'nJ'^iD'il^r? 

the Judeo- Spanish language, s. '''T";£u"j '^''7 


, — the Hebrew language s, '''^^^"1'^? 

.-arrogmt speech s. Xl*iT]^"fit^7 

♦is^ to speak (fl.) v. n. \V^"^^ 

.-the French language s. ns^l^"!'^^ 

"the sacred lauguage," Hebrew s. t^*l1p"| iti^7 

,n^ins;n \)^br\ language 

♦(pr^) "''1217 Hebrew adj. ^s^ir'lip"! -t^7 

.-plural number (^r.) s. D'^;s"^"(*^? 

. — slanderous language, slander s. n"'i'7^5'l""flt^7 

. - according to his theory adv. intD^'t^'? 

. — for the sake of adv. "0^7 

for its own sake, for the love adv. MW7 

.-of it 
to devote oneself to the ni^^b mm ipi-^rb — 
*Ti?:b study of the Law for its own sake 

for the purpose of the adv. .IW'priD^? 
m'v:n la*? bv i^^J) ^^b in'^rr t2tb thing alone 

for the sake of the good phr