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Louisburg College 





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ver A one But 

n Our Own 

In his differences, his complexities and 
his uniqueness each individual of Louis- 
burg College is like a snow flake. None 
being the same and each having his 
own distinctive characteristics. 

Although free and independent the 
students here come together to form 
one large unit. 

Being themselves, students by nature 
merge; yet they retain their personal 
attributes. They become as one; still 
they keep their freedom to be an indi- 

Reaching out to touch someone. Dawn 
Rodden patiently owoits on answer at the 

other end. 

WMe en)ovrig a Ittte fresh <*. Beth Sneed ond M Sebtston sit and wotch the doilv activities 
of Loustxxg Colege Me 

"On Our Own," but not without others, 
the students at Louisburg College find 
o small school has its advantages. 
They find a friendly faculty and staff to 
make their stay enjoyable. "The Sense 
of Direction" is the college's theme 
and for the students that means the 
rood to excellence. The college be- 
lieves in giving the students the ave- 
nue of free expression, and because 
of this, the students combine distintive 
characteristics that give an otherwise 
relatively small student body the free- 
dom to be themselves. 

The hob of Toft is the place to be. as 
Kenny irv»>o. Cathy Ooiser and Doug 
Witson wait for ttieir next ckass to tjegin 

Spending time at The Fountain. Jane Thompson and Jeff HoSdoy enjo 


Leadership Conference 

Getting on the bus to Camp Rocktishi is 
Larry Brooks 

On August 15, a group of 45 brave and 
daring Louisburg College students and 
Student Affairs staff traveled to Cannp 
Rocktishi in Cumberland County near Fay- 
etteville. In ttie background thie sound of 
artillery blasting away at Fort Bragg and 
thie hieat of thie day v^/ould not deter the 
spirit of all v\/tio made thie trip. It vi/ould be 
the third time for some of us to Camp 
Rockfish to interact with each other, to 
get involved with each other, and learn 
how to work with each. The Leadership 
Training Conference is o time for all who 
are in residence work to train and learn 
how to work out specific problems and 
how to communicate effectively. We left 
with great expectations and returned 
back to campus with a sense of readi- 
ness and reality to face the tasks ahead. 
It was an experience to remember. It was 
a good experience. 

Excited about being back. Judy Cooke 
tells Daphne Burden and Delthine Watson 
about her summertime experiences. 

Setting up to return the volley to J.P, Perry 
is Merritt Darm's own Barbi McKay. 

8/Leadership Conference 

ietting ready (or her turn to go through the 
ire on the traning course is Beth Bates 

Enjoying their free time canoeing around the 
take at Camp Rockfish are Beth Botes and Bl 

Hang«Tg on. with a Ittle tielp from Ron Dalton. 
is Jeannie Wolff preporing to go ttvough the 

9/Leodership Conference 

Dorm Life 

Chad Gant and Mike 
Millena are checking the 
beams of their loft to 
make sure they are 
sturdy. Writing a paper is 
a task, but Joy 
Gurganus finds the most 
comfortable position Bill 
Melvin finds the best 
way to study at night. 

10/Dorm Life 

'f^e 1st Annual mudslide during summer school was not eiXHjgh for some of tf>ese college 
■ jdents. they hod to have orxsther to break in the fall semester The swing set is a 
popular place during the warm days of surrvner. pictured here as a typical surrvner day 
at the SWMG 






Jeff Jefferies and Billy Holliday enjoy an afternoon 
sitting outside strumming a few ctiords on thie guitor. 
Scott takes a quick rest In an empty room just before 
moving his thiings in, A new freslimon moves tier ttiings 
into Wrlgtit Dorm on Opening Day 


12/Dorm Life 


Tim Horn brings his favofite choir to make his room more 
comfortable Getting the new look. Mary Sherson gives Chris Vang 
the bleached look (or the summer days ahead Enjoying a relaxing 
evening m their room ore Joy Gurgonus and Kim Steinbeck 

13/Dofm Life 

Showing their excitement to be at Camp Rock- 
fish are Trocey Burchette, Mark Hargrove, Judy 
Cooke, and Lewis Hooks. 

Patten Staff: Stuart Higgins. Bill Sabiston, Mark 
Hargrove, Doug Buttram, Mike Tyler, Lowell Da- 
vis, Barry Crabtree, and Larry Brooks. 

Wright Staff: Susie McGee, Tommy Mitchell, Boo 
Coble. Signd Kesler, Monica Raynor, Delthine 
Watson, Amy Joseph, and Devetta Andrews, 

14/Residence Staff 

Having a great tine Duikang feamwcxk at Camp Rockfisn ore Restdenf Ufe StotfefS from Franklin. Merrrtf, and Patten dofms. 

15/Res)dence Staff 

Merritt Staff: Missy Cheney, Candi Spain, Beth Botes, Jeonnie Wolff. 
Kenan Staff: Tracey Burchette, Daphne Burden, Rob Dunnington, Jackie Dawn Rodden, Kothy VonDeusen, Cheryl Russell, Barbi McKay, 
Conner, Tracey Walker, Beth Joyner, and Judy Cooke. Nadine Kennedy, and Joy Gurganus. 

Hillman Staff: J.P. Perry. Ralph Wall, Sid Bridgeforth. Russell Miles, and 
Lewis Hooks, 

Franklin Staff. Ron Dalton, Tom McPhoil, and Bill Holcomb. 

16/Residence Staff 


CouUbura N. 




Lsfenng ottentivetv to the Camp Directof's instructons ore Dawn Podcien and Jeonnie Wolft. 

l7/t?esid©nce Staff 

The Slave Auction 

Prepared to work, Kelly Way and 
Stephanie Anderson are dressed for ttie 

Party witti the party chicks. Joy Gurganus 
and Meri Shearson. 

Once again the annual Slave Auction 
combined success with a lot of fun. In the 
auction students with a good sense of 
humor are sold to the highest bidder. The 
next day "the slaves" must do anything 
their owner wishes. This year's auction 
raised money for the Christmas Formal. 
Ray Mize was the auctioneer. Joe Smith 
received the highest bid of thirty dollars 
while Ron Dolton and Mark Hargrove 
raised the most for two people bringing in 
sixty dollars. 

"Sold to the man in the back," Ray Mize auctions Highest paid slaves were Mark Hargrove and Ron Dalton. 
oft the slaves. 

18/Slave Auction 

:>yTY*>g a heavy lood. Kely Stornes tnes seing two fcx the pnce of one 

In rare (orm lex the auction. tMdeii see why this 
sk3ve's name Is "Adjustobte Joe Srmth " 

Dressed with LTusuot style. NAchele NAchoei and Cathy Crosier "t>am it up" for tr>e 

Lookng down home as usual. Rtvsnda Weaver 
and Suzarv>e Colwei smie for tt>e txMers 

19/Slave Auction 

Parent's Day 

President Morris enjoys talking to some 
of the parents. 

Parents Day is our day to show 
the parents how we're doing "On 
our Own." The day began with 
refreshments on the library terrace 
and a presentation in the 
auditorium where the Glee Club 
and Ensemble got the chance to 
show off their talents. The parents 
enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria 
which was followed by Parent- 
Teacher meetings. The day 
proved to be enjoyable and 
provided the parents with a way 
to become familiar with the 
students new way of life "On their 


A possible graduate ot the Class of 2000 

Chad Gontt shows his Grandfather around 

20/Parents Day 

Barbi McKay welcomes parents to the 
Duke Cafeteria, 

The welccxDe sign is always out fof 
Lcxistxjfg Colege Students' moms and 
dods on Pcfents Day 

Discussng a students progress with a 
parent e Clara Frazier 

Reflecting about the day's events are Dean Keie 
McLeod. Cortey Hiard and Barry Crabtree 

2^/PaienH Day 

Homecoming 1985 

Homecoming at Louisburg College has 
a way of filling the air with excitement. 
The Hurricanes started the night off 
with a powerful win over North Green- 
ville College. Following the game there 
was a Homecoming dance where the 
new Queen, Stephanie Anderson, was 
crowned. First runner-up was Cathy 
Crosier, Second runner-up was Jane 
Thompson; the rest of the court con- 
sisted of Jennifer Mann, Kelly Cozart, 
Dena Boyette, Martha Infante, Kelly 
Starnes, and Gwn Struzik. 

It proved to be a great night for ever- 
one as the tradition of Louisburg Col- 
lege continued for another year. 

Homecoming Queen. 1985. Stephanie 

Sharing o smile with her escort. Cathy Crosier 
accepts 1st runner-up. 

2nd runner-up Jane Thompson accepts her 
flowers from the reigning queen. 

Reigning Queen Martha Butler with her 
escort, Bobby Oakley 

Gong up lof two. Bl Hoteomb shoots ovef fw Fighting tof tt>e bd. Tony McRoe gives his 
opponents ol (of the Hurricanes 

Action on it\0 court odds to the excitement of 

The Homecoming court for 1985 enpyng a dance to the souxte ot Bl Sobiston 

23/Homecoming 1985 

24/Student Life 

One of the sights seen in a New 
York museum is on electrically 
charged plasma display that was 
touched by Melissa Harrison and 
Heather Collins A sight not often 
seen is a bust of the Roman 
Emperor, Augustus, from the 
Metropolitan Museum A beautiful 
view of New York City from 
Central Park. Art Director William 
Hinton studies a florentine painting 
in a small art gallery 

Adrmrng the mtefestmg architecture n the Btg Apple cue 
Cece*a Zeler and Lowel Barefoot In tMew York a live loshton 
nrxxlel seen from ttie streets of Soho 

25/Student Life 

In downtown Manhattan one can visit St Paul s Cathedral and the twin 
towers. A self portrait of Rembrant and Chinatown's roasted duck dre 
common sites in New Yorl<, 
26/Student Life 

A beautiful view of New VofV's sky scropef Across from our hotel was ttie 
Metropoiton Opera Lincoln Center. Time Square is always a happerw>g place anytime 
of the year. 

Relaxing o "Little Italy. " Lowel Barefoot wears his new hat 

27/Stuclent Lite 

The Making Of . . . 

The Snowflake Ball committee Front row. Missy Cheney, Michelle Michael (chair), Joy 
Gurganus, Julie Hobart, Robin Barnette, Suzanne Colwell. and Dawn Rodden. 

No one said the second time around 
would be any easier than the first. That 
is the second annual Snowflake Ball. 
Money was raised through the sales of 
candy, pumpkingrams, doughnuts. The 
Slave Auction, and ticket soles. The 
planning for the ball began when lost 
years boll ended. Through the hard 
work of Michelle Michael, Judy Cooke, 
Delthine Watson, Dean McLeod, and a 
small committee of ten they were de- 
termined to make the night of De- 
cember 11th one to remember. 

V\/orking diligently. Suzanne Colwell, Missy 
Cheney, and Cathy Crosier make snowflakes 
for the ball. 

Using his ortisitic ability, Ron Dalton gives the 
Christmas Formal committee a hand. 

28/Christmas Formal 

jhowrig enthustosm. NAchele NAchoel. Mssy Cheney, and Julie Hobort get to wofk on the decofottons 

'utting on the fimshng toucties. NAchele 
^^hoel works on last minute pfeporotpons 
'Of the dance. 

Risking his ife. Mark Hargrove show he'l do 
onyttung for a good cause 

Frxaly the friished product 

29/Chrisfmas Fornnal 

Michelle Michael, Suzanne Colwell and Kelly 
Boley in "RARE" form 

Candi Spain, looking radiant, tells the 
photographer to "get a grip," 

30/Snowflake Ball 

Ron Dalton and Nancy Lee, dancing the night 

The Snowflake Ball 

DbvKDosiy hav»ig a wonderful time dancing 
ire Buddy Hyde and Mtssy Cheney 

The last snowflake had been hung 
and the last light on the tree had 
been lit. The guests began to 
arrive, girls adorned in formal 
dresses and their escorts in ties or 
in tails The second annual 
Snowflake Ball was well underway. 
The guests danced all night to the 
sounds of Bill Sabiston As the 
evening festivities continued and 
the last song was played, ail 
involved felt the warmth of the 
Christmas spirit and cheer It was 
indeed a time to remember. 

Relaxing from all trie festivities ore Kely 
Way and Brian White 

Enjoying the time together and sharing a 
close moment are Paulo Neal ond Howie 

Shomg ffie dorice floor with ottier focvJty 
and staff are Jeff and Beth Adams 

3^/Sr)Owf\cke Bol 

CLC Christmas Party 

Jeff Jeffries entertains ttie children witti his 
musical talent 

The Christian Life Council has a way of 

making everything special. Every year 

they have a Christmas party for the 

needy children throughout Franklin 

county. Christmas Carols are sung, 

games are played, and of course 

Santa arrives with a gift for every child. 

The Christian Life Council has brought 

Christmas Spirit to the hearts of many 

children over the years Spirit they might 

not have had without the CLC. 

A little hot air is all it takes. 
32/CLC Kid's Party 

A child shows off his gift from Santa 

'Thanks Santa ' 

Steve Bufkeheod chases his son during the 

festivities Finaly. tt>e candy hits ttie floor 


to Chnstmos is complete wnttxxjt o grft 
rom Santa 

33/CLC KWs Party 

standing before a large number of participants are Jacque Chalmers, Mistress of Ceremonies 
and Speaker H.M, "Mickey" Mictiaux. 

Black History 

On February 20, 1986, North Carolina 

House Representative H.M. "Mickey" 

Michaux visited Louisburg College to 

take part in Black History Observance 

Montti. Mr. Mictiaux expressed in a 

speech, given in the Multi-purpose 

Room of the Jordan Student Center, 

"that the black race should learn from 

the past and forge on." He described 

Black American as "the most patriotic 

in our society." Michaux cited the 

Vietnam conflict as an example. 

"Blacks died in greater proportions in 

Vietnam than any other group." Prior 

to his address, there v^^as a reception 

held in the Blue Room of the Benjamin 

Duke Cafeteria. 

Speaking about the evening activities are Delthine 
Watson end H.M. Michaux. 

Chatting vi/ith alumni is Conley Milliard. 

34/Black History 

Reciting poetry trom Authior Langston Hughes Is Rus- 
Spec*^ to Mr Michaux. otter t» address, is Assistant Dean ot Student Affairs. Keie McLeod sell Miles 

, J ttie "Bottle HyrTYi of the Republc" ore the Loosburg Coiege Sogers. Jocque' Chalmers. Mr Mtchoux speaks with Louisburg resident, Mrs Fe«- 
eofo Morgan. Kim Wiiams and Trocey Tucker CO Hardy and daughter. 

35/Block History 

King and Queen of Hearts, Ron Dalton and Barbi Mckoy 


Valentine's Day has a way of putting love 
in the hearts of Louisburg College stu- 
dents. What better way to bring them all 
together than a dance? 

The SGA put on its annual Valentine's 
Dance. The King and Queen of the 
dance were Ron Dalton and Barbi 
McKay. They raised the most money for 
the heart fund. 

The dance supported a good cause and 
helped the students relax and enjoy 

Not camera shy in the least ore James Wescott. Christy Hodges, Bryan 
White, and Kelly Way 

Trying to talk Bryan Gore into a dance is Stephanie Anderson 

36/Valentine's Donee 

The crowd enjoys ckancng to the soonds ot Rick Dement 

Arriving fashionablv lote ore Bill Melvin. Jennifer Rob- 
inson, and Kelly Boley. 

Giving everyone a worm welcome. Dean McLeod and Bart> McKay take time out to smile 
for a ptctufe 

Enjoying trie evening are Uoyd Jacobs and Lynn 
Woody. 37/Valentlnes Donee 

Singing her way to 1he top, Stephianie 
Anderson captures 2nd place. 

Winning 3rd place. Melanie Dean displays 
tier singing talent. 


Louisburg students had the chance to 
see our rising stars as the SGA presented 
"Lovin' Every Minute Of It." 

Members of the student body competed 
for cosh prizes and enjoyed performing 
before their friends. 

Jeff Jeffries and Wade Potter took first 
prize for a song they wrote and per- 

Second prize went to Stephanie Ander- 
son who sang "There are Worse Things I 
Could Do," from the movie "Grease." 

Third prize went to Melanie Dean for her 
version of "Second Hand Heart." 

Faculty members served as judges and it 
wasn't an easy job. All of the contestants 
performed to perfection and the audi- 
ence enjoyed a night of fun. 

Managing to keep all ttiree balls in the air, Seth 
Washburn shows off for the audience. 

38/Talent Show 

"Lovin' Every Minute Of It," the audience enjoys the show. 

>effofrrnng their version of the Loutsburg Blues Jetf Jeffries and Wocle Potter have no prolalem winning the talent show 

Singrg bacl<up for ttie Doo Drops. Lloyd Jacobs and Tony DfoppterrKjn ham it up 
foe ttie audience 

"You don't send me flowers." sings Condi Spxan to Bill Sobiston 

39/Talent Show 


On April 24, 1986 the Clifton L. Benson 

Chapel and Religious Life Center was 

dedicated and officially opened its 

doors. Trustee Ben Jordan, who began 

the ceremony, called the occasion "a 

momentous moment in the life of 

Louisburg College." 

Dr. Norris praised Mr. Benson for his 

generosity for making the Chapel a 

reality for the campus and community 

of Louisburg and Thanked God for Mr. 


Dr. Thomas S. Yow, former assistant to 
President Norris and now President of 
Martin College, said he was proud of 

what he saw. 

Taking the podium with a standing 

ovation, Mr. Benson was very pleased 

about the completion of the Chapel 

and thanked all those who helped 

secure needed funds to build the 

Religious Life Center. 

The Chaplain of Louisburg College, Rev. Sid- 
ney Stafford, gave the invocation to start 
the dedication ^e'f^monies. 

Standing in front of the Chapel and Religious Life 
Center he helped make possible is Clifton L. 

Dr. Yow and Mrs. Norris, center, lead Mr. Benson and college well-wishers to the Chapel dedication. A proud President Norris stands before a packed 

Chapel audience. 

40/Chapel Dedication 

The Cittcxi L Benson Chapel and Religious Life Cente* 


Ref\jTiing to Loosburg Or Yow speaks at tt>e 

Attef the ceremony the crowd enjoys the reception on the chapel pato 

4 I/Chapel Dedfcatkxi 


The Intramural Department con- 
sists of a wide variety of sports at 
Louisburg College. The excite- 
ment of intramural sports is not 
only for the student body but it 
gives the faculty and staff a 
chance to participate. The Intra- 
mural Department gives students 
the opportunity to learn the rules 
and regulations of sports they 
have never played before. It also 
teaches good sportsmanship and 
how to be a team member and 
not just an individual. The main 
goals of the Intramural Depart- 
ment are to fill the recreational 
needs of the students leisure 
time. Intramurals will help the stu- 
dents gain cooperation, sports- 
manship and new friendships. 

Patten dorm third floor plans a point of 

Preparing for two, Tim Jotinson passes 
to Ray Milliard. 


Getting his aim right. Ronald Foster stxxjts 
A mrrxn p<aye< seorchies tof a teammate lor two 

Driving tor a t>asl<et. Tim Johnson pons a 

fancy move 



1*1 • 



V r 

Big Ed McNor tnes for two. 


Intramural Action '86 

Action behind home plate during a softball game 

Warming up for the next game is Bill Holcomb. 


Makng evefy pitch count is Jamie Carr. 

Ttte regolar season intramural champions in soHball (or 1986 was second floor Patten 

Winning the intramufal points stoncing cttomptonship was third fkxx Hillman. 



^V^. ^^'^■■■^■■ri 












1985-86 Sophomore Class Officers ore Lewis Hooks, 
Treasurer, Missy Cheney, Vice-President, Denise Coble, 
Secretary, Dovid Torain, President 

Billy Adcock 

Andrea Alter 

Michael Anderson 

Stephanie Anderson 

Charles Ashby 

Helen Baggett 

John Baker 

Elizabeth Banner 

Wendy Barber 

Alan Batson 

Tony Bozen 

Richard Beck 

Julie Bialkowski 

Jane Blockshear 

Dene Boyette 


David Brodsher 
Ernest Brkjgers 
Sidney Bndgefofth 
Kevins Brooks 
Larrv Brooki 

David Bryan 
Rhonda Burchetfe 
Daphne Burden 
Scott Bush 
Jett Caldwell 

Maury Carlton 
Ann Casey 
Anna Chamblee 
Jennifer Chandler 
t\/lelissa Cheney 

Mary Clark 
Denise Coble 
Vance Collom 
Suzanne Colwell 
Jacaueline Conner 

Donald Cook 
Kelii Cozart 
Barry Crabtree 
Alan Davis 
Jimmy Day 

Andrea Deese 
Edword Denbo 
Denise Dingee 
Tony Doby 
Kim Duke 

Jeff Forrell 
Tim Feitoo 
Jean Frvch 
Poul FkJherty 
John FortDes 


Robert Forrest 

Roy Forrester 

Chris Fougerat 

Lisa Gay 

Myshelle Gibson 

Sonja Gill 

Angela Givens 

Jennifer Goodwin 

Calvin Griffin 

Richiard Griffin 

Bart Grimes 
Tim Gupton 

Joy Gurganus 
Mike Haley 

Chris Hancock 

Mark Hargrove 

Niles Harrell 

Dee Harris 

Sylvester Harris 

Gordon Harris 

Hovi/ord Harrison 

Melissa Harrison 

Deborah Henery 

Beth Herring 

Joye Hodges 

Williom Holcomb 

Angela Holland 

Jeff Holliday 

David Holmes 

Gattis Honeycutt 

Lewis Hooks !,;. 

Tim Home f 

Angela Hudson I 
Richard Hutson 

Mark Isley [ 


Mark Ivey 
Shelly Jackson 
David Jefferson 
Rebecca Jones 
Amy Joseph 

Befh Joyner 
Paul Keating 
Connie Kendrick 
Nadine Kennedy 
Signd Kesler 

John Kindt 
Flynn King 
Susan Kohler 
Kris Lankford 
Susan Little 

Andrea Loftin 
Bill Logan 
Jennifer Mann 
Sonja McGee 
Susie McGee 

Bill McNoir 
Tom McPhoil 
Ceciia Mediin 
Valerie Merntf 
Michelle Michaels 

r?u$$eii Miles 
Aiisa MiUs 
Tommy Mitchell 
Richard t^rgon 
Matt Mullms 

Lisa l^tatole 
George Neottiefy 
Neil Nicrvois 
Kenneth Pormerfer 
John Pofrish 

51 /Sophomores 

Charlene Phillips 

Carlo Pleasants 

Jeff Potts 

Joanna Powell 

Lisa Proctor 

Monica Raynor 

Brad Rickard 

Dee Riley 

Ptiilip Robertson 

Jennifer Robinson 

Kenya Rogers 

Ctiristine Russell 

Bill Sabiston 

William Sale 

Stiaron Sanders 

Boyd Scott 

Mary Scott 

John Shaw 

Stephen Shepard 

Lynn Sherson 

Morgo Sledge 

Joseph Smith 

Micheal Snee 

Condi Spain 

Donna Spencer 

Andre Staten 

Luther Stroud 

Eric Summers 

Lynn Sumner 

Greg Tennant 

Wendy Tharrington 

Jane Thompson 

Sue Thompson 

Martin Thome 

David Torain 


Micheai Tylef 
Suzanne Uzzel 
Kathy Von Deusen 
Karen Vifek 
Trocey Walker 

Ralph Wall 
Susan Walk ins 
Teresa Wotkins 
PatricK3 Webb 
Bill Webb 

Brian White 
Thomas Whitehead 
Brenda WHkms 
Susan Wilkinson 
Wayne Willtams 

Karen Wilson 
Angela Woodliet 
Jean Wolfl 
Alice Yergan 
Kim Zuehike 










To help the new incoming students to feel at home in the first days of college life, the CLC sponsors the 
annuo! watermelon party held in front of Main Building 

Alicia Alaimo 
David Alberts 
William Allen 
Valerie Alley 
Brian Cannon 

Lisa Arnold 
Akiko Asami 
Scott Ashcraft 
Towanda Atkinson 
Lisa Averette 

Teddy Baker 
Jeff Baker 
Lynn Baker 
James Barbe 
Leigh Barnes 


Robin Bornette 
Cherty Boss 
Jercxne Bass 
Beth Bates 
Steptien Boxter 

Hudson Beamon 
Anthony Beasley 
Teresa Best 
Marvin Biles 
Kelly Boley 

Julie Boyce 
Lisa Boyd 
Melissa Boyd 
James Boyette HI 
James Boyette 

Anna Bray 
Dallas Bfitt 
Del>Drah Brown 
Kevin Brown 
Stephanie Brown 

Kristin Bucco 
Mark Bunn 
Davis Burton ■ 
Lee Byrd 
Demse Coppelo 

Lynn Carries 
James Carr 
LuArvTe Cash 
Richard Chierry N 
Gale Clark 

Gory Ctett 
Betsy CkDpton 
Max Cootes 
Joseph Cohn 
Heather Coins 


Tracey Collins 

Lisa Cordell 

Joey Cozort 

Elaine Crenshaw 

Lynn Crews 

Kyle Cribb 

Heather Dadson 

Micheol Daley 

Kim Daniel 

Craig Daniel 

Penni Davenport 

Michele Deal 

Leiand Decker 

Kirk Dickerson 

Paul Diego 

Jennifer Doban 

Jeff Domin 

Derk Doolittle 

John Downum 

William Droppleman 

Robert Dwyer 
John Eckard 

Alvin Edwards 
Angela Edwards 
Charles Edwards 


Michael Elliott 

Alwood Ervin III 

Alison Evans 

Donna Evans 

Katherine Faircloth 

Michele Ferro 

Ellen Floyd 

Ha very Forbes Jr 

April Ford 

Melinda Franklin 


A favorite activity of most Lomsburg 
College students is to relox oroond 
the dorms talking and enjoyrvg eocti 
othiers company Enpying and 
relaxing here ore Sar>dy MocForlane. 
Max Coates. Laura Moyrxx ar>d Lee 

Melissa Frazier 
Richard FuJgfXjm 
Chris Gantf 
Chad Gontf 
Edward Garden 

Kely Gardner 
Alen Gilchrist 
Carolyn Demse 
Dakjs Glover 
Catrterine Gortesky 

Melvn Green 
Paul Gregg 
JOtri Grrffin 
Tern Gnssom 
David Gopton Jr 


Playing stickball is a favorite 
pastime for thie baseball 


Delbra Hackney 

Alton Hardison 

Gayle Hardy 

Beverly Hargrove 

Paula Harrell 

David Horris 

Ronnie Harris Jr, 

Nicollette Harris 

Renee Harris 

Angela Harrison 

Diono Hoynes 

Jeff Hertiolz 

Rex Herman 

Hickey Stephanie 

Cherie Hill 


Elizabeth Hi 
PameiQ H*ev 
Ray H*afd 
Beaman Hnes 
Cofoine H«TGs 

BfKjn htntoo 
Julie Hoboft 
Bfyan HoMnnon 
Rcjtoert Holden 
Edgor Holidav Jr 

Cytho Hopkins 
Elizabeth Hunter 
Shariene Hunter 
Aubrey Hyde Jr 

Marta Infante 

Enpyng tt^ warmth of on 
auturrvi day are ttiese stu- 
dents leovng ciosses from 
the Fine Arts buidrig 


Walker Ingle Jr 

Baron Isenhour 

Louis Jacobs 

Johny Jeffreys 

Tim Jenkins 

Tim Johnson 

Paul Jones 

Kim Jorgenson 

Debra Joyner 

James Joyner 

Willie Judd 

Jennifer Julian 

Audrey Kenan 

Brad Kennon 

Kenny Kidd 

Laura Kidd 

Michael King 

Stephanie King 

Michelle Klotz 

Kristine Laird 

Carolyn Lam 

John Langston 

Sheri Lanier 

Michelle Lankford 

Michael Lashley 

Michael Lowing Jr. 

Gregory Lee 

Nancy Lee 

Robert Lee 

Carey Leggett 

Natalee Lilly 

Karen Lloyd 

Elizabeth Logan 

Jeonine Logan 

Lee Logon 


fvxKXiS and excited Freshmen waf fcx that 
r>e gov ex g»i to ask tr>em to dance at 
\e Welcome Dance 

Michoel Lovelace 
Kerlin Lynch 
Sandra MacFarlane 
Bryant Mason 
Douglas Massey 

Lee Mathews 
Laura Maynot 
TtvDmas McCoy 
Neai McCraw 
Bfent McDorrTKn 

Melissa McKay 
Pamela McKrught 
lonvny McKmght 
Tony McRae 
Lo« Meodows 


William Melvin 

Bahram Milamma 

Steve Miller 

Jennifer Moffat 

Howard Molloy 

Stephanie Montague 

Bruce Moore 

Debra Morgan 

Tim Mustian 

Sonia Neal 

Amy Neilsen 

Dinah Newkirk 

Jay Newton 

Stephanie Newton 

Michael Nicholas 

Listening to Karen Ray share 
an interesting story are Whit- 
ney Vaughan, Monica 
Raynor, Tom McPhail and 
Resident Director. Ron Del- 



sir ^1^1^ , vl 

Robert Nortleet 

Kendal Norris 

David O'Neal Jr 

Dee Ognovich 

Jennifer Outlaw 

Duane Owens 

Karen Parker 

Kim Parrlsh 

Mictielle Parrish 

Marilyn Patterson 

Rodney Patterson 

Joy Peaden 

Raymond Penny 

Robert Ptillbeck 

Evan Pierce 

Drew Pinckney 

Janus Plummer 

Lori Poole 

Dale Porter 

Wade Potter Jr. 

Deirdre Powers 

Steptien Rairden 

Jean Rotica 

Denise Ray 

Karen Ray 

Wendy Regal 

Angela Richards 

Andrea Richiardson 

Mark RizzokD 

Denise Roberson 

Jody Robertson 

Ctiris Rogers 

Dawn Rudd 

Michael Russell 

Scott Sadler 


Lisa Sammons 

Jan Satterwhite 

Marl Schwoyer 

Kim Scott 

Angela Seate 

Stephen Stiearon 

Jack Shivers 

James Shoaf Jr. 

James Shuler 

Andrew Shreiner 

Robert Sikorski 

Rhonda Slaughter 

Cindy Smith 

Keith Smith 

Nina Snider 

Julie Spainhour 

Rebecca Stevenson 

Georgia Stokes 

Tim Strickland 

John Tankard 

Kim Taylor 

Trent Taylor 

Vickie Teasley 

Shane Teator 

Steven Terrell 

Fronces Terry 

Lorey Tobert 

Brad Truelove 

Greg Truesdale 

Tracey Tucker 

Whitney Vaughan 

Rod Vinson 

Theresa Volney 

James Walker 

John Walker 



Steve Watkins 
Tern Watkins 
Wendy Watson 
Keith Watts 
Rtionda Weaver 

Samuel Wells 
France Wertis 
David Wtiite 
Jett White 
Jocelyn White 

William White 
Barbara Wilkinson 
Amy Williams 
Scott Williams 
Scott Wilson 

Doug Wilson 
Rodney Wood 
Lynn Woody 
Marcia Wooten 
Jennifer Wrenn 

James Wright Jr 
DeAnn Yager 
Robert Yates 
Ceceiiia Zeiier 
Joanne Ziegler 



Office Of 

Dr. J. Allen Morris, Jr 

Betty Smitti is Executive Secretary to ttie 

The President 

Nancy White is Switchboard Supervisor and Secretary to the 
President's Office 

Genny Purdue is Secretary to the President's Office 

68/President's Office 

Office Of 

The Academic Dean 

And Executive Vice-President 

Dr. C. Edward Brown 

Walter McDonald is Asststont fo the Executive 
Vice-President and Academic Dean 

^A^ry Hughes is Secretary to the Executive Vice-President and 
Academic Dean 

Sondra Beasley is Secretary to ttie Assistant to the Vice-President 

69/Academic Dean's Office 

Dean of Students. J Craig Eller. keeps ttie 
office of Student Affairs operating smoothily 

Assistant Dean Kelli McLeod, stays busy hielping 
witti ttie f?esidence Life progromming and 
assisting students witti college life 

Office Of Student Affairs 


The office of Student Affairs exists to tielp 
make student life the best it can be at 
Louisburg College, The field of Student 
Affairs covers many areas of student life. 
It's not just a place to go when some of 
us bend the rules. It's a place where one 
can find an open ear to air your sugges- 
tions and to solve problems, no matter 
how large or small. Dean Eller, Assistant 
Dean McLeod, Counselor Jeff Adams 
and Housing Director Mrs. King are able 
and willing to be of service. 

Keeping ttie dorm life positive and safe are ttie Resident Directors. Ttiey are L to R. Barbi 
iVlcKay. Ttiess Graham, Judy Cooke, back row Ron Dalton, Delthine Watson, and J,P, Perry. 

70/Student Affairs 

Director of Hoosjng, Myrtle King, keeps busy 
Director of Co«jf«etr»g. Jett Ackxns. always txK rooming students m the coiieges eight resident 
an open door to d students needs hols 

Secretary to ttie office of Student Aftoirs, 
Virginia Dement, helps m keeping trie office m 
great stiope 

CX* support staff are Virginia Dement. Secretary. Myrtle Kmg. Housrig, 
Lola Moon, and Helen MarVs. infirmary. Eva Aycock. Post Office. Sidney 
Stafford, Chaplain. Donrxa Alen. Book Store 

Security Officers are L to R. Paul Bumgarner. Colvin Ayscue. and Chief 
Security Officer. Earl Ttiarrington 

71 /Student Affairs 

Steve Brooks is the Dean of Academic Services, 
which include financial aid, class scheduling, 
registration, and academic advising. 

Carolyn Strickland is Assistant to the Dean of 
Academic Services. 

ffice Of A 


Missy Rose is the Director of Financial Aid 

Frances Stone is the Assistant Director of 
Financial Aid Services. 

Jean Harper is Secretary of Financial Aid 

72/ Academic Services 

' wectof o( AdmissKDns. Phama Mullen, works 
ong hours to keep the enrollment growing 
year after year 

Assistant Director of Admissions, Jock Morctiont. togs rrxxiy miles up 
and down ttie east coost to tok to prospective students. 

Admissions Counseksr. Rtyxxla Gentry, spends many tKXjrs in high 
sclxxjis across North Carolina. 


Conley A Hilliard is the Director of 
Development and Alumni Affairs, 

Steve Burkhead is the Assistant Director of 
Development end Alumni Affairs, and Assistant 
to the President of the college. 

Development- Alumni Affairs 

Virginia Mitchiner is Secretary to the Alumni and 
Development Office. 

74/Alumni Office 

Dianne Nobles is Assistant to the Director of 

Kelly Stuart is Secretary to the Development 
and Alumni Office. 

Working long hours and keeping the Office of Cultural and Public Affairs in fine condition is 
t\& Orecto*. S Alen de Hart 

The Cultural and Public Affairs Office ex- 
ists to plan and promote the many Cultur- 
al Affairs events that occur on the col- 
lege campus and community. The office 
is also the agency for releasing official 
college news The Office is under the 
able leadership of S Allen de Hart The 
Office of Cultural and Public Affairs wel- 
comed a new face to its work. Richard 
Byrd is the Assistant to the Director of 
Cultural and Public Affairs Mr Byrd is a 
graduate from James Madison University. 
He also is the Instructor of Photography. 

Cultural And Public Affairs 

n his first year. (?ichard Byrd is ttie Assistant 
Jirector of the Office of Cultural and Public 

Keeping the Office of Cultural and Public 
Affairs running well is Marie Riggan. 
Secretary to the Director of Public Affairs 

75/Public Affairs 

Billy Parrish is Comptroller, in the Business Office 
Toni Joyner is Secretary to the Comptroller, 

Business Office 



Donna Wood is the Payroll and Accounts 
Sharon Moore is Assistant to the Comptroller, Receivable Clerk, Rosemary Clark is secretary in the Business Office, 

76/Business Office 

The Registrar's Office is one of the 
most important places on campus in 
the mind of the students. It is here 
that all the students' academic re- 
cords ore kept Carolyn White has 
been keeping those records straight 
for the past 5 years. We regretfully 
soy good-bye to her as she leaves 
Louisburg College for other endeav- 
ors Mrs White will be sincerely 
missed. The Office also welcomed 
Helen Uquhart to the position of As- 
sistant Registrar Mrs. Uquhart start- 
ed the academic year in the English 
Department as an instructor Mrs. 
Beasley is the Secretary to the Reg- 

Making sure the students are in the right 
class section is Carolyn White, the Registrar. 

istrar's Office 

Vofkng OS the Assistant to the Registrar is He<en UqvjtKrt 

Always on the job is Sandra Beosley. wtxs is the Secretary to 
the Registrar 

77/Registrar's Office 

Harold Foster is the Director of ttie Ptiysicol 
Plant and Maintenance 

Don Davis is ttie Director of Housekeeping. 


Custodial Staff 

Custodial Staff Madgie Perry. Ethel Sills, 
Pauline tviann, Roger Lee Macon, Beatrice 
Williams. Rosa Williams, Pearl Steed, McKinnie 
Steed, and Herman Wilkins, 


Maintenance Harold Foster, J C Wiggins, Steve Phelps, Bill Long, Robert Kearney, William 
Fogg, Russell Burrell. Candler Strickland, and Don Pow/ell. 

Chfistme Bufnefte is the Secretary to the Bob Gibbons is thie Assistant Director ot Food 

icott Myers is the Food Sefvice Oectof Dvector o( Food Service Service 


Cafeteria Staff 

ifont WiUie Alston. Doogios Alston. Ed Meredith. Renee Neol. Gracie Egerton. Marguriic 
;urrin. Christine Burnetfe Back Paulme Morton. Claude Dunston. Tracey Hicks. Rosa Crews, 
eon Brodie. Dorthy Fogg. Mary Long. Wdke Johnson 



Fine Arts 

Sarah Foster, who is currently chair of the Fine 

Arts Department, enjoys teoching Music 

Appreciation as well as Glee Club and Ensemble. 

William Hinton always has new suggestions 
and ideas for all of his Art classes. 

Rick Byrd. our new Photography teacher, 
shows the basic skills of Photography, 

Ray Mize is still the Humanities coordinator 
of cultural experiences and Arts. 

Charley-John Smith is the Drama Director 

and is always looking for a new talent 

among our students. 

82/Fine Arts 

The Fine Arts Department is still going 
strong with pertorming Arts and Hu- 

Surrounded by her students. Sarah Foster 
rehearses with her Glee Club students tor their 

Spring concert. 

Department chair Sarah Foster is en- 
joying her last year here at Louisburg, 
after forty-one years. She has really 
brought out Louisburg at its best with 
Ensemble and Glee club. We will really 
miss her. 

Rich Bryd is a new addition to the Fine 
Arts Department He keeps things to- 
gether in the photo lab. where stu- 
dents learn to take and develop pic- 

William Hinton still brings out culture 
and excitement in all of his art classes, 
including Art History 

Roy Mize is still growing strong with Hu- 
manities class and has just taken his 
secong trip to Europe with students 
from Louisburg. 

83/Fine Arts 

On Our Own With The Help Of 

Business Department 

Business Department Chair Betsy Pernell, 
teaches her students with great enthusiasm. 

Annette Holt enjoys teaching Business Math 

and Finances 

Edna Jones, in her first yeor at Louisburg 
College, is an assistant professor in Business. 

Whit Shearin teaches his students with wisdom Matt Brown pulls double duty in the Business 

and l<nowledge. Department as well as the Math Department. 


Business Department chairman Betsy 
Pernell. is very excited about three 
new word processors here at Louisburg 
College She also claims that they are 
"the best thing to happen in her 
classes since she's been here at Louis- 
burg College." 

Ruth Jones is a new addition to the 
staff, teaching office machine classes, 
shorthand, word processing, and busi- 
ness English She is from Rocky Mount 
and formerly a teacher at Northern 
Nash Senior High School. 

Mrs Pernell also said that she and other 
members of the Business Department 
attended the annual Business Educa- 
tion Conference held in Charlotte. 

Diane Denton listens intensely as Mrs Pernell 
explains a program 


On Our Own With The Help Of Others 

English Department 

Michael Palmer is Chair of the English Rebecca Allen is enjoying her second year at 

department and publishes numerous papers Louisburg She adds much enthusiasm to the 

despite his busy schedule, English department. 

Ray Mize enjoys helping students with writing 
skills, prose and their creative abilities. 

Al Williams teaches several sections in English 

Composition and enjoys helping students 

during his spare time. 

Al Wright always seems to have great Wade Vickrey assumed full-time faculty status 

encouragement for his students and fellow this year after teaching part-time last year in 

faculty members, "hang in there!" the English Department, 


Dr Michael Palmer is head of the Eng- 
lish department along with teaching 
English 101 and 102. He feels that ac- 
quiring good writing skills and being 
able to deal with the fundamentals of 
literature and speech are very impor- 

Dr. Palmer says he enjoys helping stu- 
dents here at Louisburg. Mr. Palmer 
also enjoys creative writing in his spare 

Dean of Students Croig EBer also teaches 
Jennie Bfooks not only teaches Englsh composition, she also teaches a course in Short Story English composition 


Foreign Language 8c 

Allen Dehart, Director of Public Affairs, teaches 


Kellie McLeod, Assistant Dean of Students, 
teaches psychology. 

Beth Burkheod is a first year faculty member 
at Louisburg. She teaches psychology. 

Harriet Sturges teaches French here at 
Louisburg. She also sponsors the French Club. 

Hope Williamson teaches Spanish, She enjoys 
going to Mexico on occasion. 


The Foreign Language and Psychology 
Department welconned new mem- 
bers, Kellie McLeod and Beth Burke- 

Mrs McLeod is also Assistant Dean of 
Students She holds the Master of Stu- 
dent Personnel from the University of 
North Carolina at Greensboro 

Listening to Mrs Sturges lecture is Angela Woodiiel and Dean Boyette 

89/Fofeign Language 


Grady Snyder, Chair of the Math De- 
partment, says that they are hoping to 
expand the nnath department. This is 
the first year of the pre-engineering 
program and the department is plan- 
ning to have a new faculty position 
filled next year, 

Snyder says that here at Louisburg Col- 
lege, students get a lot of special indi- 
vidual attention. An example of this is 
the math labs v\/hich allows students to 
get extra help. The goal of the Math 
Department is to help each individual 
student to become mathematically lit- 

Math Department Chioir Grady Snyder, 
teaches probability and statistics and calculus 
with analytic geometry. 

Martha Bragg takes great interest in teaching 
her students the basics in math, whether it be 
in college algebra, contemporary math, or 

Steve Howard teaches computer courses in 
addition to his math department 

Matt Brown teaches his students how to 
master the language of algebra. 

Martha Hobgood makes sure her students 
understand thoroughly the concepts of 
algebra and contemporary math. 


iirpefson Grady Snyder he 
Louistxjrg College since 1965 He is o graduate 
from Looistxjrg, orxj received his Bochetor 
degree and Masters degree from UNC at 
Chapel Hi. 


Dr. Mac Ricketts is currently head ot the 
Religion department. 

Mr Sidney Stafford, teaches religion class as 

well as ethics. 


The Religion Department is Chaired by 
Dr. Mac Ricketts and staffed by Mr. 
Charles Farmer, Mr, Sidney Stafford, 
and Mr. Walter McDonald. The primary 
purpose of the department is to lead 
students into an intellectual confronta- 
tion with beliefs and questions about 
matters of ultimate concern. Another 
purpose of the department is to en- 
lighten the students, by teaching reli- 
gion, instead of indoctrinating the stu- 
dents to develop particular religious 

Mr. Charles Farmer teaches Old and New 
Testament along with Logic. 


students isten careMy as Or Ricketts gives a lecture. 


Physical Education 

Ruth Cooke, chair of the Physical Education 
Department, mixes humor with exercise. 

Enid Drake coaches the men's basketball 
team. He also teaches basketball and weight 


Sheilah Gotten Is the coach of the women's 
softbal and basketball teams. 

Sam White is our Intramurals Director. 

Sheliah Gotten is the coach of the women's 
Softball and basketball teams. 

Elliott Avent is our Sports Information Director 
and also serves as assistant baseball coach. 

94/Physicol Education 

The Physical Education Department of- 
fers students a wide variety of courses 
in which they can develop skills and 
competences The members of the 
department are firm believers in the 
development of a helathy mind and 

Coach Fraaef has had his 600th win this season in basebol Congratulations coach and 

95/Physical Education 


Patricia Palmer is the head of the Science 
Department this year. She teaches Biology 

and Botany 

Seth Washburn is currently teaching Biology Janet Motley teaches Environmental and 

part-time He enjoys helping students outside Principles of Biology, She is concerned with 

of class as well as in class. environmental issues that continue to face us. 

Gene Spears is a new faculty member of the Clara Frozier is our Chemistry lab teacher, she Ken Goehle is teaching Zoology and Human 

Science Department, He has enjoyed his new spends as much time with her students as she Anatomy in addition to Biology for his second 

experiences at Louisburg College. con, year. 


Ron Hicks is new here at Louisburg College, 
teoching Chemistry He Is doing a fine pb we 

might add 

The Science Department has made 
severol changes and has added two 
new faculty members for academic 
year 1985-86. Dr. Patricia Palmer as- 
sumed the Chair of the Science De- 
partment replacing retiring Professor of 
Biology Seth Washburn. Dr. Gene 
Spears and Dr. Ronald Hicks are new 
additions to the Science Department 
offering it more diversity and chal- 
lenge. Dr. Spears is an assistant profes- 
sor of Biology and is a native of Ashe- 
ville, N.C.. He recieved his Bachelor of 
Arts from the University of North Caroli- 
na at Asheville and his Masters and 
PhD, from the University of Florida. Dr. 
Hicks, assistant professor of Chemistry 
and physics received his Bachelor of 
Science degree from the University of 
North Carolina Chapel Hill and his Ph.D., 
from North Carolina State University. 
Dr Hicks replaced C Ray Pruette, who 
retired last year. 


Social Science 

Dr. George- Anne Wlllard. Chair of the Social 
Science department is busy planning activities 
for Louisburg's 200 year anniversary next year. 

Wayne Benton teaches Western Civilization 
and is also interested in political and military 


Robert Butler teaches courses in Sociology 

and in Marriage and Family 

^^^^^^^^^Bv ^*'^^^^^^l 


Dr Milton Gilbert teaches Western Civilization Annette Holt teaches Economics for the Social Walter McDonald teaches Introduction to 

for the Social Science department Science deportment end sponsors the Young Education tor the Social Science department. 


98/Social Science 

Dr George-Anne Wiliard helps her students to have 
o better understanding of our western fieritoge 

Dr. George-Anne Willard, chair of the 
Sociol Science Department, says the 
department is constantly looking for 
new ways to help students with study 
jkiils. Mr Butler helps his students to un- 
derstand the concepts of Marriage 
and Family The Social Science depart- 
Tient, as a whole, helps students with 
not only understanding our history, but 
fhe society we live in. 

99/Sociai Science 

The Library 

Judy Parrish, our Head Librarian, makes sure 
the library runs efficiently and smoothly. 

Patricio Rogers. Assistant Librarian, is always Lois Crawford is our new Assistant Librarian this 
willing to help find what they need, year 

Keith Roberts is Director of the Audio-Visuals 

and has also tal<en on the responsibility of 

being the advisor for the yearbook staff. 

Eleanor Averette serves as Secretary of the 
library and helps keep everything in order. 

100/Library— -"•'"' 




The Cecil W. Robbins Library provides 
more than a quiet place to study, al- 
though it is a nice place to hit the 
books in peace and quiet 

Paula Crenslxiw is enjoying the peace and 

quiet and ttie working space ttie library 

tables allow. 

The Audio- Visual department, located 
in the basement of the library, has a 
wide variety of media kits, films, and 
video equipment which can be used 
by both faculty and students. 


The Photography award was presented to 
Suzanne Colwell by Richard Byrd- 

Given by Ray Mize. the Creative Writing 
award for 1985-86 goes to Jo Hodges, 

The annual Awards Day program was 
held on April 29. It was a day to remem- 
ber for those presented awards for aca- 
demic achievements and service to 
Louisburg College. The tradition of 
Awards Day was paced by the singing of 
the college's Alma Mater, led by the 
Dean of Students J. Craig Eller. There 
were special remarks from President Nor- 
ris and Dean Brown. The program was 
filled with applause and smiles. Truly it 
was a day of happiness and memories to 
treasure for a lifetime. 

Awards Day 1986 

This year's Most Valuable Player. Clyde 
Boyette accepts his trophy from Coach 

102/Awards Day 

rhe Coftiand V Smith Award was Dfesented to Tracey Walker for her outstonding service to the college and community 

A Special Day 

Jhe Art Award was given by William Hinton to 
Tony Droppelmon and Lee Jacobs. 

103/Awards Day 

Awards Day 

Receiving the Best Actor award from Charley-John Smith for his role in 
"A Christmas Carol" is Gordon Harrison, 

The Best Actress award is given to Sonja Gill for her role in "Breakfast In 

104/Awards Day 

C J Grittri receives a trophy from Intramurcjl Director Sam Wt^ite tor tils dorm's porticipotlon in intramural ploy. 

105/ Awards Day 

Together tor ttie last hurrah are Suzanne Colwell, 
Jeff Caldwell, Joy Gurganus and Scott Bush. 

Graduation '86 

The graduate processional is led by Faculty Marshall, Whit Shearin, down the steps of Main 

Marching to the A.C, Building ore three 
prospective graduates. 


"Do not settle for stiollow substitutes for 
anything in life Integrity does not leave 
room for compromising moral standards," 
Professor Emeritus Sarah Foster told 132 
graduates Miss Foster gave an inspiring 
message to the nevj graduates embark- 
ing on new avenues of life. Some of us 
would be entering senior colleges and 
others of us to the work field We started 
two years ago "On Our Own" but we 
were never alone. We had guidance 
from a college and its concerned faculty 
and administration. Yes, we were never 

Woitrg fcx the grocJuatlon processkxx]! to begin is Mark Hargrove. 

Making certain that Dean Eler's acaderrtc hood 
is on property is Betty Smith. 


Professor Emeritus Sarah Foster addresses the 132 
graduates of Louisburg College. 

Waiting patiently, these graduates line up to hear their names called for their degrees. 

Dean Brown and President Norris honor Sarah Foster for her 41 years of service to the college. 

Dean Craig Eller carefully hangs the 
President's Medallion around Miss Foster's 


Watchmg the graduates nxxch in tot the services ore Sidney Stoltord, Sarah Foster, and President Norns 
1 — rm 

Shoring her happiness about graduation with o 
special trierid o Jean Morie Woltt 

Celebroting ttieir graduation are Joe Snruth and 
David Toroin 


Miss Sarah Foster 

Honoring Miss Foster and wishing her 
well in her retirement is William 

Getting a big laugh of her "roasting. " Miss Foster remembers 
moments over the years. 

1 10/Miss Foster 

Thanks For The Memories 

ge Ensemble. Condi 
presents a gift of ap- 
preciation to Miss Sarah Fos- 

Mss Foster admires tt» grft given to her by tt>e fc 

1 1 1/Miss Foster 


ft 1^'\, 


There were many great acts presented at the 

Annual Folk Festival, including an outstanding 

performance from f^/like Cross, 

Playing the harmonica, Joseph Overton Is 

showing his spirit in this year's festival 


Irvin Hunt was one of the many contestants in 
this year folk festival. 

While some musicians make music with 

instruments, Nancy Owens is making music 

with glasses and a little water. 

1 14/Community 

Live At The Folk Festival 

Mike Cross. Dixie Darlin Cloggers and 
the Nashville Traditional Bluegrass Band 
were among the many excellent per- 
forming acts at the 15th Annual Frank- 
lin County Louisburg College Music and 
Dance Festival held in November, The 
Annual Folk Festival was a celebration 
in traditional folk music and dancing, it 
attracted many folk music enthusiasts 

from all over the state and country. 
Many people braved the rainy night 
for the excellent talent they would 
see. The festivities ended with partici- 
pants, fans, and people who never 
square danced in their lives, on the 
stage of the AC Building All in all, no 
one left unhappy. 

Showing her artistic ability with her hands, 
Marilyn Palsha, demonstrates the making of 

The county's number 1 defending champion. 
Clifton Preddy. shows everyone how well he 
can handle a fiddle 

Teenager. Dana Allen, is accompanied by 
Dean Eller in the 1P85 Folk Festival 


Breakfast In Bed 

Patiently waiting a turn is David Bethea and 
Nina Snyder while Nancy Lee creates wrinkles 
for Ben Whitoker 

The first production this year, put on by 
our own drama departnnent, went 
rather well. The actors and actresses 
seemed to enjoy playing to a packed 
house. It would be safe to say that 
Breakfast In Bed was a total success. 
Charley-John Smith, the drama de- 
partment director, is in his seventh year 
here at Louisburg College. 

Obviously caught by surprise, it's Wendy 

Tharrington and Matt r?airden as Allison 

projects a cool stare. 

While balancing on the ladder. Buddy Hyde 
assembles the lighting with expertise. 

The members of the family gather closer 
for tea end a decision about where their 
rich cousin is to stay while in town. 


Trapped in a moment of romonce. Kim 
Duke ond DoOos Britt sneok on embrace 


About The Town 

The local citizens participate in the parade 
festivities regularly, as these young twins are 

Even college students get excited about Santa Claus coming to town! 


During the annual Christmas Parade 
and the play, "A Christmas Carol," 
there was a lot going on this year 
around the holidays Santa Clous flew 
in for the parade, and a lot of locals, as 
well as college students, got out to 
see some of the festivities 

"A Christmas Carol" brought a touch 
of love and giving to the hearts of the 
people who found the time to see the 
performance The story is about an el- 
derly Scrooge who changes his whole 
way of thinking because of his exper- 
iences with the ghost of post, present 
and future. It is a touching story which 
has been passed from generation to 
generation. It was well performed by 
the Louisburg College Players as well 
as a cast of local residents 

Santa Claus and his rGindeer even had a 
chonce to fly in for the parade and spread 
some Christmas spirit 

Doring the play, "A Christmas Caiot." Flynn 
King and r?alph Wol show their ChnstrrKis 

The ghost of present, David Stallmgs. pocrs a glass of Chnstrrxas sprits for EtDenezer Scrooge, 
played by C J Smith 



On With The Show 

Portraying the humorous character ot king 
Pellinore of the play "Camelot" is John Paul 


Sf Lione). pkayed by Jack Marchant. ie$ dyng before King Autfxjr. played by Charley -Jofvi Srrtlh. and the "Royai Court." 


Cultural Arts 

Performing in a silhouette is tine dance troupe 
of "Austin On Taps." 

Sarati Weddington. former Presidential Aide to 
Jimmy Carter, speaks on "Women In The 

Enlightening students and local residents on 
"Federal Financial Waste" is Joe Boshart. 

122/Public Affairs 

Plotting tfieif strategy m tt>e course of the ploy ore tt^ese actors in trie Shakespearean 
productioo of "Twelfth Night • 

There wos o lot of action and excitement during the production of "Twelflh Night ' 



[jmjPK^i 1 

9i tB *^^ 







r.' >- 



Louisburg And Its Landmarks 

Above is a serene shot of Perry's Mill 
Pond, one of Franklin County's most 
beautiful points of interest. To the right 
is a familiar place to Louisburg College 
students and local residents. The Louis- 
burg Theater shows many favorite 
movies that all people like to see. 



"Silent Sam" keeps watch over the cross- 
wolks CXI North Main Street 



i^^i >, 

*»«!k '^.•-' 



Laurel Mill is a favorite place for many Louisburg College students and Franklin County residents. 

126/The Mill 

Louisburg College students find the "Mill's" 
dam fun to swin and play around 

The "Mill" Is always a place for students to 
talk and relax 

These college students find the run-off from the dam just as challenging to ploy on as to 
swm around 

Finding the company and sunbattung pleasing is 
Max Coates 

127/The Mt 

The National Convention 

'86 Whistlers Convention 

The Grand National Champion of the 13th Annu- 
al National Whistler's Convention is Joel Brandon. 


Showing off his special instrument is Dr. Ugo 
Conti, one of the many contestants in the com- 

Last years Grand National Champion, Peter F. 
Hassell, chooses not to compete in this years 

128/Community Life 

Dancing in the streets of Louisburg at the Notionol Whistlers' Conven- 
tion IS Roy Mize and compony 

129/Cominunity Life 


Alumni Day 1986 

The day for remembering and renewing 
old friendships was held on April 19th. 
Louisburg College celebrated Alumni Day 
with many former students returning to 
be a port of the festivities. There was a 
full day of activities planned for the Alum- 
ni. There was entertainment and a lun- 
cheon served in front of Jordan Student 
Center. Many of the faculty and present 
students spoke with the Alumni about the 
times past. All in all it was a day of telling 
'war stories' and laughter. It was truly a 
day of remembering. 

Conley Milliard with his little girl welcomes everyone to their Alumni Day. 

130/ Alumni Day 

Alumni, faculty and students enjoy lunch on the 
patio In front of the Jordan Student Center. 

Many of the Alumni purchased memorabilia on 

Alumni Day 

There were rrKmy "war stofies shored durng trie days events 

AS^/Atumni Day 


Lady 'Canes '86 

Though the Lady Hurricanes basketball 
team did not have an overall success- 
ful w/in-loss record, the mark of a real 
team is hovj well they play together. 
These young ladies pulled together to 
become quite a family both on and off 
the basketball court. 

The highlight of the season v^/as their 
74-70 defeat of Peace College to win 
the Region X Division championship. 
April Ford was named to the Region X 
all-tournament team, while Valerie 
Cooper, Mia Pinnix, and Cynthia Jones 
were named to the all-Eastern Division 

Leading the Lady 'Canes in scoring for 

the season was Valerie Cooper with a 
13 ppg overage. Valerie also led the 
team in rebounding by grabbing 11 
boards per game. Louisburg placed 
two team members in the top ten of 
the Region X field goal percentages. 
Denise Dingee led the team by hitting 
61.1% of her shots while Suzanne Uzzell 
popped in 48.4% of her shots. Michelle 
Deal led the team in foul shooting with 
a 73.1% average. Leading the steal 
department was Mia Pinnix, who col- 
lected 39 steals during the season. 

By pulling together when the going got 
tough they made for themselves a 
very memorable season. 

Slipping by her opponent. Lisa Bruton takes ttie 
ball down court. 

Lady 'Canes include: Mictielle Deal, Debra Joyner, Stephane Newton, Suzanne Uzzell, April Ford, 
(second row) Andrea Deese (score keeper), Mia Pinnix, Lisa Bruton, Denise Dingee, Joy Peadon, 
Daptine Burden (manager), (thiird row) Coach Sheiloh Cotton, Cynthia Jones. Delbra Hackney, 
Valerie Cooper, Beverly Hargrove and assistant coach Barbi McKay. 






Lees McRoe 






Wcjiter State 






N Greenville 






Volunteer State 










































N GreenvrUe 



Lees McRae 



X Eastern CtKimpions 

Cones 74 Peace 70 

Looking for the open person. Cynttna Jones gets ready to set up the p(ay. 

135/Womens Bosketbal 

Keeping an eye on the ball, April Ford 
positions herself to recieve a pass. 

Taking time out, the Lady Canes plan their 


136/Women's Basketball 

Breokrtg by the opposition. Beverly Hargrove 
goes up tor two points 

Taking a breother. Suzanne Uzzell retains tier 
concentration of tt>e game 

Acting as the driving force behind the Lady 
Cones. Coach Sheikah Cotton and Assistant 
Coach Borbi McKay puled together to get the 
team in shape 

137/Womens Basketbd 



Men's Basketball Results 



Anderson College 



Walter State 



Anderson College 









N. Greenville 



Newport News 












Montreat- Anderson 






Richard Bland 



Lees McRae 









Richard Bland 









Anderson College 






Newport News 















N. Greenville 



Lees McRae 



Eastern Division Tournament 










Region X Tournament 

N. Greenville 



Concentrating on the rim, Theodore "Blue" Edwards odds another point 

138/Men's Basketball 

On The Move 

[(Siting, left to nght) Lndsay Fostef , Theodore Edwords, Gfeg Tennonf. Bi Holcomb. Dee Qiey. 
Ernest Bodges. Bruce Moore. Terry Bottle, (stonding left to nght) Monoger Beth Joyner, 
Assistont Coach J P Perry. Steve Wotkns. Moury Cortton. Tooy McRoe. Kertn Lynch, Morxager 
iRussel Mies, Trainer Troy Glover. Cooch J Emd Drake 


Hurricanes '85 

Running up the court to hit two is Dee Riley 


Flying through the cw. Theockxe "Blue" 
Edwards skams if through trie basket 

Driving m for o lay-up, Bruce Moore 
makes it look easy 

Up. over and in. Bill Hoicomb gets two 
points tor the Hurricanes. 



Campbell d. Louisburg 4-3 

Campbell d. Louisburg 7-2 

Louisburg d. Meredith 15-6 

Louisburg d. Meredith 10-1 

N. Greenville d. Louisburg 10-0 

N. Greenville d. Louisburg 10-3 

Wesleyan d. Louisburg 10-8 

Wesleyan d. Louisburg 10-0 
Louisburg d. St. Thomas Aquinas 9-8 
Louisburg d. St. Thomas Aquinas 9-2 

Campbell d. Louisburg 5-3 

Campbell d. Louisburg 9-4 

MacAlester d. Louisburg 20-11 

MacAlester d. Louisburg 7-4 

Louisburg d, Chowan 14-5 

Louisburg d. Chov^/an 14-11 

Wesleyan d, Louisburg 15-6 

Wesleyan d, Louisburg 13-12 

Anderson d. Louisburg 6-5 

Louisburg d. Anderson 8-5 

Louisburg d, Meredith 12-2 

Louisburg d, Meredith 19-7 

Louisburg d. Spartanburg 12-8 

Spartanburg d. Louisburg 18-4 

Louisburg d. N. Greenville 12-5 

N. Greenville d. Louisburg 10-9 

Louisburg d. Greensboro 6-1 

Louisburg d. Greensboro 10-5 

Louisburg d. Chowan 21-9 

Louisburg d. Chowan 26-19 

Anderson d, Louisburg 4-1 

Anderson d. Louisburg 10-0 

Spartanburg d. Louisburg 11-5 

Louisburg d. Spartanburg 8-6 

Louisburg d. UNC-W 6-4 

UNC-W d. Louisburg 7-6 


Anderson d. Louisburg 3-2 

Louisburg d. Spartanburg 7-6 

Chowan d. Louisburg 14-12 

Multiple talents are an added advantage in 

Softball. Above. Jessica Copeland illustrates 

tier quickness. Below, she steps up to ttie 

plate to show off her batting skills. 


142/Women's Softball 

Concentrating hard. Mictielle Deal scoops up 
a ground ball 

143/Women's Softbc* 

Softball '86 

Women's Fast Pitch 

Making the tag at home plate 
on a passed ball, is Denise 

-.• ^ 

Defensively ready to make the necessary play Placing the mitt in the strike area is Suzanne 
is Lisa Natale, Uzzell. 


Tokng a M swing Jessica Copelond 
connects (or o txg Nt 

Concentrating on her next pitcti Is Oenlse 

Looking for her pitch Is lady cane. Wendy 







-.— ..^.- 


Intensely watchmg a close play at 
third tx3se is Coach Sheiioh Cotten of 
ttie lady cones Softball team 


Canes Action 

Throwing a "major league" strike is pitcher 
Tony Beosley, 

Baseball Results 

Montreat Anderson 

















North Greenville 























Western MD. 


Western MD. 



Morris NJ 



So. Maine 



So Maine 



Atlantic Christian 



Newport News 


Newport News 






























High Point 



Newport News 


Newport News 















St. Augustine 



St. Augustine 












Eastern District Championship 

Eastern Miss. 



Roane State 



Eastern Miss. 






Waiting tor the picl< oft is tirst baseman Kelly Boley. 


Hurricanes '86 

A Touch Of Class 

Making contact witti a powerful swing is Brad 


\ to R) Jeff Snvfli. Scott Bernstein. Morcus Tromnriel. Dorrei Tingle. tXiorte iVnine ;ony tseasiy. 
jfod Reaves. Greg Lee. Kenny Brooks. (2nd) Assatont Coach Elliott Avent. Sylvester Harris, 
Jobby Simnxxis. Keith Frink. Kermy Ervng. Roridy Norris. John Trxxnos. Morgan O'Neal. Jesus 
-opez. Head Coach Russell Frazier. (3rd) George Alvarez. Chris Pierson. Steve Sfiepard. Bill 
>tetvin, Andy Shrener. Kety Boley. Bfon Goe, Clyde Bcyette 


Canes Baseball '86 

Defense And Offense 

As the shortstop mokes a routine ploy, the score 
indicates another Hurricane victory. 

Marcus shows the second-baseman that he should not stand in the way as he dives sliding ir 
on an obviously safe call. 

148/Men's Baseball 

Exhibiting great form. Sly Harris blows one past 
his opponent. 

Racmg to first base is Not Norris after loying down tt>e perfect bunt 

149/lvten's Bosebol 

Ready to make the tag Is third baseman Daryl 

Baseball: L.C. Stvie 

Making solid contact is the Canes first baseman Clyde Boyette. 


Skctng safely Into third base is Jeff Smitti. 

-oncentrating on the ttvow from the secorxl boserrxjn is Clyde 

Getting bacl< to first base in tirr>e is Doryl Tingle. 


Generating spirit in hierself, IVIeri Shearson 
relays that spirit to the crowd. 

Leading the group, Co-captoms Kim Zuehike 
and Page Passavant try to keep everyone in 


The enjoyment of cheerleading is reflected 
here by Nicki Harris and Marilyn Patterson. 


With a spfng m their step, the sprmg cheerleaders include Audra Loftin. Nickl Harris, Marilyn 
>Qfterson. arxj Pemi Davenport 

Hurricane Fan Cheerleodefs ifxriude 
(bottom row) Men Shearson. Nicki Harris. 
Penni Davenport. Marilyn Patterson, (top 
row) Kim Zuehke. Page Passavont. Lyrm 
Woody, and Audra Lottn 

1 53/Cheerleaders 

Athletic Banquet 

Receiving honors for their Basket play ore 
Greg Tennant. Dee Riley, Bill Holcomb, Terry 
Battle, and "Blue" Edwards. 

Displaying their honors proudly for their achievements in Basketball ore Cynthia Jones. Mia 
Pinnix, Suzanne Uzzei. Michele Deal, and Valerie Cooper. 

154/ Athletic Banquet 

Basketball awards for the 1985-86 season go to 
Earnest Bridges, Kerwin Lyncti, Bruce Moore, and 
"Blue" Edwards, 

iecetving tfie MVP award from coocti Steve Howard is BiBy Griffin, 

155/ Athletic Banquet 

Honored for their enthusiasm and dedication are Canes Cheerleaders Laura Loftin and Penni Davenport. 

156/Athletic Banquet 

Bosebot awards fof the 1986 season go to Tony Beasley. Daune Rhyne. Steve Shepord, and Doryl Tingle 

157/Attiietic Banquet 


Coming Together In 

▼ SGA Officers for 1985-86 are Mark Hargrove 

President, Tracey Walker, Treasurer, Mark lsle> 

Vice-President; and Sigrld Kesler, Secretar' 

The 1985-86 Student Government As- 
sociation kept itself very busy the en- 
tire year with matters concerning the 
students of Louisburg College, "Of the 
students, for the students, by the stu- 
dents," as the saying goes. The offi- 
cers and members of the SGA Senate 
were busy debating topics ranging 

from vandalism and security threats on 
campus, to reviewing the open house- 
policy used in the dorms. This years 
SGA was one of the most active in 
recent years. With strong leadership 
from the officers and guidance sup- 
port from new advisor Kelli Mcleod, it 
was very successful. 


*SGA Officers Slgrid Kesler, Mark Isley. and Mark 

Hargrove (standing), discuss the results of an 

SGA Senate meeting, 

(I, to r ) 

^ Advisor Kelli Mcleod goes over import 
material witti President Mark Hargroj 
immediately prior to an SGA Senate meetii 


< SGA Senators and Board Include (front) Kelll 
Mcleod, Chris Vang, Amy Joseph. Missy 
Cheney, Kelley Starnes, Signd Kesler. Trocey 
Burchette. Karen Ray. Angela Harrison. Tracey 
Walker (back) Joe Cohn. Stuart Higgins. Mark 
Isley. Lee Forrest. David Toroin. Bill Sobiston, 
Niles Harrell. Mark Hargrove, Barry Crabtree. 
Dallas Britt, Lewis Hooks. Chad Gant, Bruce 
Moore, Al Edwards, Jett Buliard 

161/Student Gov't 

[T^GA Committees 

Disciplinary Committee members are: Bill 
Sabiston, JOdy Robertson. Stuart Higgins, 
Jennifer Mann, Kelli Mcleod, Candi Spain, and 
not pictured is Mary Catherine Clark, 

Whether it was entertainment or disci- 
plinary, the committees were all busy 
taking care of their individual respon- 
sibilities. The Disciplinary Committee 
was kept busy with matters of student 
discipline on campus. The Elections 
Committee was responsible for class 
elections in the fall. Homecoming elec- 
tions in the winter, and SGA officer 
elections in the spring. The Entertain- 
ment Committee showed eight films 
during the year. The committee also 
sponsered five dances during the year 
including the Homecoming dance in 
November and the Spring Weekend 
dance in April, Also the Band Kruze per- 
formed at the Halloween dance in Oc- 
tober, Ken Alcorn, a mime, performed 
in September and Edward Jackman a 
comedian and juggler performed in 
February, One of the major highlights 
of the year was the SGA Talent Show 
in November, The Publicity Committee 
helped the other committees with their 
publicity and advertising. The Student 
Center and Food Services Committee 
put up new signs in the Jordan Student 

Elections Committee members are L to R 
Stewart Forbes. Barry Crabtree, Scott Sadler, 
and not pictured are Melisso Mckay. Audrey 
Kenan, and Mike Tyler, 

162/SGA Committees 

Entertainment Committee members are (front) 
Marl< Hargrove, Nancy Lee, Heatlier Fisher. 
(middle) Julie Hobart, Kelly Gardner. Joe Cotin. 
James Walker, Christine Bucco. and (bock) 

Walker Ingle. 

Publicity Committee members are Andrea 
Deese, Jennifer Morris, Michelle Klotz, Lewis Hooks. 
Amy Joseph, Denise Coble, and Fran Terry 

Student Center and Food Services Committee 
members ore Trocey Burchette. Rhonda 
Slaughter. Lewis Hooks, Gwen Struzik, Robynne 
French, and Daphne Burden 

163/SGA Comrrtttees 

Conning Together In 

This was the Association's first full year 
as an organization. It was started last 
spring to act as a means of communi- 
cation between former alumni, stu- 
dents, and the college. This year, SAA 
assisted the Alumni and Development 
Office with its annual fund drive kick- 
off dinner for the patrons of Louisburg 

College. The Association also helped 
out with the telefunds. During its first 
year, Tracey Burchette served as the 
Associate's President. With support 
and advise from advisors Conley Hil- 
Hard and Steve Burkhead, it was a 
highly successful year. 

▼ SAA Officers for 1985-86 are Bill Sabiston, 

Treasurer. Kelley Starns. Secretary, Mark Isley. 

Vice-President, and Tracey Burctiette, 


* Mark Hargrove and Julie Spainhour tell some 

"tall tales" to fellow members wtiile preparing 

tor a patrons' banquet in front of thie AC 



student Alumni Association members for 1985- 

86 are (front) Steve Burkhead (advisor). Mark 

Isley. Bill Sobiston. Tracey Burcfiette. Kelley 

Starnes, (middle) Todd Shearon. Audrey 

Kenan, Laura Kidd. Julie Spaintiour, Amy 

Joseph. Robin Bornette. (back) Leanne 

Murray, Lee Decker, Jamie Hosseil, Lewis 

Hooks. Barry Crobtree, Mark Hargrove, Tracey 

Walker. Betti Joyner. and Conley Hilllofd 


▼Bridgette Barnes Is "swept off tier feet and 

carried away" by fellow member and friend 

Mark Hargrove prior to the patrons' banquet 

^SAA members Laura Kidd arxJ levAs Hooks are 

shown working hard in preparation for an 

alumni barbecue dinner, while other members 

take a break and goof off 


Coming Together In 

The Franklin RLC members are David White. 
Jeff Bullard. Mike Cash, Shown King, Tim 
Jenkins, Scott Schiotzhour, Ron Daiton, Wade 
Potter, and (not pictured: Jimmy Boyette. 

The RLC, an organization made up of 
Resident Assistants, Head Student Resi- 
dents, Resident Director and ottier 
dorm members, plans all social and 
educational activities thiat take place 
in the residence halls. This council also 
serves as a court which can hear cases 
on the violation of rules that apply to 
residene life. Each dorm has its own 
RLC which participated in many suc- 
cessful activities throughout 1985-86, 
Some of these activities included 
Franklin and Merritt's "Big Chill" party, 
Hillman's movie weekend, Franklin and 
Wright's haunted house and Patten's 
donated Christmas tree for the Christ- 
mas formal and the CLC Christmas 
party for children. 

Hillmon RLC members are R to L. David Sipfle. 
Martin Thome, JP Perry, Brian Williams, Baron 

Members of the Kenan RLC are I, to rt, 
(front)Tracey Burchette. Judy Cooke, Gwen 
Struzik, Robynne French, (middle) Georgia 
Stokes, (back) Rob Dunnington, Jackie 
Conner, Debbie Brown, Heather Forbis, Joe 
Cohn, Patti Terry, and Daphne Burden. 


Merritt PLC members ore ((ront) Borbe McKay. 

Kelly Gardner. Down Rodden. Jennifer 

Robertson. Michelle Micheal. Joy Gurganus 

(Back) Laira Anne Kidd, Nadine Kennedy. 

Denise Coble. Condi Spam. Jeane Wol(. and 

Mary Cornes 

Potton RLC. the 19th hole club, members are: 

(front) Thess Graham. Brian Andrews. Ritchie 

Brown. Barry Crabfree. William Allen. Stewart 

Forbes. Scott Sadler, (back) Kenny Kidd. Stuart 

Higglns. Mark Hargrove. Nlles Harrell. and 

Jannes Walker 

Membefs of Wright RtC are Mtehele Klotz. Tommy Mitchet. Amy Joseph. Andrea Deese. (not 

pictured Resident Director Delthine Watson) 

Shown here is typicol dorm life at Louisburg 
College PSYCH! i lied, i e . not reolly 


Conning Together In 

Ensemble And 
Glee Club 

Ensemble members are I to rt Tracey Collins, 
Denise Gilliam, John Walker, Soma Neal, Tim 
Johnson, Anna Chamblee, Kenny Kidd, Condi 
Spain, William Allen, Carolyn Lam. Gorden 
Harrison, Stephanie Anderson, Jim Barbe, Lisa 
Buftaloe, Melonie Dean, Tracey Walker (not 
pictured Forest Goff) 

The Ensemble and the Glee Club are 
two groups of students with vocal tal- 
ent and the desire to sing. The Glee 
Club does two major Concerts per 
yeor, one at Christmas and one in 
spring. The Ensemble is made up of se- 
lected members of the Glee Club, and 
they perform at many events through- 
out the year, which include church 
events and chapel. These two groups 
ore led by Miss Sarah Foster, who has 
been with them for forty years. 

/ ^^ 


Two Ensemble members seem puzzled by a 
new arrangement 


Miss Foster is shown here leading the Ensemble in a chorus during rehearsal. 

Here the Glee Club studies new music tor th>e 
spring concert. 

The members of the Glee Club ore (1 to rt ) 1st row Denise Giiom. Corofyn Lorn, Anrva Chomblee. Stephanie Anderson. Carry Leggett. Jody 
Robertson. Valerie Aley, Whitney Vougtxjn, Tracey Walker. 2nd row Soma Neol. Lynn Comes. Tim Johnson. Gordon Harrison, Melissa McKay. 
Debro Morgan. Lisa Buftaloe. Ar>gela Hamson. 3rd row John Walker, David Reese. Forrest Goff. Nirva Snider. Rer>ee Harris. Mekanie Dean. 4th row 
Ben Whitaker. Lkjyd Jacobs. Tony Droppleman (not pictured are Condi Spam. William ABen. Kenny Kidd) 

169/Glee Club 

Coming Together In 

Dallas Britt and Kim Duke play a young couple 
that is overshadowed by an overbearing father 
played by Gordon Harrisson in "Breakfast in 
Bed ■• 

The Louisburg Players include students 
involved in the production of the the- 
ater under the direction of Charley- 
John Smith. 

The Drama Fraternity, Delta Psi Ome- 
ga, is made up of a few selected 
members from the Louisburg Players. 
These members must hove at least a 
"C" average, have participated in 
tvi/o plays, and played tvv/o minor roles 
or one major role in a production. 

Nino Snider and r?icky Allis portray characters 
from the post of Scrooge in the ploy "A 
Christmas Carol." 

Members of the Louisburg Players are I to rt, 1st Lisa Buffalo, Tracey Walker, Paige Possavont, 
Kim Duke, Nino Snider, 2nd Buddy Hyde, Dallas Britt, Gordon Harrison, 3rd: John Walker, Charley- 
John Smith, Ben Whitoker, David Bethea. Scott Schlotzhaur, Rick Allis, James Walker, David 

170/Louisburg Players 

Delta Psi Omega 

MemDers ot tne ueiia hsi Omega are n 'o rt 
1st Ben Whitoker. David Bethea, Rick Allis, 
2nd Gordon Hornson. Charley-John Smith. 
Scott Schlotzhauf and David Reese 

seneezer Scrooge (portrayed by Chclrtey-Jo^ln Smith) works hard to eom his keep in his 
:co<jntants ottce 

171/Delta Psi Omega 

Coming Together In 

Gamma Epsilon is the Louisburg Chap- 
ter of Phi Theta Kappa, a national ju- 
nior College honor fraternity, orga- 
nized at Louisburg College in 1939. The 
members are chosen on a basis of 
having a 3,5 or above grade point 
average. These students are leaders in 
every facet of student life, academ- 
ics, and extracurricular activities. They 
are sponsored by Professor Grady Sny- 

Presiding officers for Phi Theta Kappa prepare 
to induct new members into the highly 
prestigious honor Fraternity in the spring. The 
ceremony is being held in the Jordan Student 

L to rt. Officers for 1985-86 are: Martin Thorne. 
Vice President, Diane Denton, Secretary, and 
Jeff Caldwell, President. 

t72/Phi Theta Kappa 

PTK members are 1st row I to rt Emma Green, Angela Hudson, Lisa Cordell, Lisa Averette, 
Suzanne Uzzell, Barbara Wilkinson. Lee Matthews, Lisa Arnold. 2nd; John Pill<ington. Paul Martini. 
Rob Dunnington. Jeff Caldwell, Clyde Boyette. Greg Tennant. Todd Shaeron, Glenn Harris, 3rd; 
Scott Bush. Michelle McAllister, Terri Grissom, Stephanie Anderson, fJussell Miles. Martin Thorne, 
Sonya Gill, Diane Denton, Tracey Walker, David Bradsher, Lisa Proctor, Lisa Pritchett 


Alpha Beta Gamma 

•86 Alptx3 Beta Gomma chematry hofxx fraternity members are L to R (seated) Trocey Waker. Lisa Arrxskj. (standing) Advisor Mrs Frazier. 
avard Dovis. and Todd Shearon 

173/HorKDr Fraternity 

Come Together In 

Reading poetry before the Creative Writing 
class IS Joanne Ziegler 

The Wolfpen Branch, a literary maga- 
zine, contains work done by students 
of the creative writing class. Each year 
there are about 40 submissions which 
include photography and art work. Jo 
Hodges and Scott Bush were the edi- 
tors of the 1985-86 edition of the Wolf- 
pen Branch. The magazine is spon- 
sored by Professors Ray Mize and Re- 
becca Allen. 

The editor of ttie Wolfpen Branch for 1985-86 
were Jo Hodges and not pictured. Scott Bush 


Contributors to the Wolfpen Branch for 1985-86 are L to R Michelle McAllister, Matt Mullins, 
Suzanne Colwell, Steve Truesdole, Back Row/, Dena Boyette. Tom McPhail, Scott Bush and 
David Bradsher. 

174/ Wolf pen Branch 

Coming Together In 

Robin Barnette is the center of attention as 
the members of the French Club cite new 
literature from their books 

Club members ore intensely studying their 
lessons that they are so dedicated to 

1985-86 are (front) L to R MtcheMe Ferro. Angie Beckham. Dena Boyette. Luanne Cash. Jan 
Satterwhite, and Robm Barnette (bock) Chris Fougerot. Boyd Scott. Todd Edwards. Russell 
Mies Brenda Wikms. and Advisof l^s Stugis 

175/French Club 

Conning Together In 

1985-86 Columns staff members are: (front) 

Jeft Bullard, James Walker, Ctiuck Waters, 

(middle) Greg Street, Dwayne Owens. Bryan 

Hoffman, Bill White, (back) Scott Sctilotzhaur, 

Keith Roberts, and Paul Martini. 

The 1985-86 Columns staff was the lar- 
gest that it has been In many years. 
The staff had 23 members which In- 
cluded class students as well as volun- 
teers. Rob Dunnington, the editor, had 
IV2 years experience as editor and 
showed a fine representation of strong 

He spent hard long hours producing 
layouts for the Columns, and under his 
leadership some very phenomenal pa- 
pers were published. Jeff Bullard, a vol- 
unteer, was another strong contributor 
to the Columns. His strong point of in- 
terest was the political side of the 

Trying diligently to make his deadline. Rob 

Dunnington. Editor-in-Chief of the Columns, is 

shown working hard to finish a layout. 

Seen here going over some of the basics of journalism. Instructor and Advisor Keith Roberts 
describes the "inverted pyramid" to Scott Schlotzhaur and Greg Dorden, members of the 

Columns staff. 


rnjoying the latest issue of the CoKxnris. staff member Poul tvtartmi is shown here relaxing on the Confederate War Memorial statue 
on Man Street m front of the college 


Coming Together In 

Members of the 1986 Oak Staff ore I, to rt, 

■Ist row Suzanne Colwell. Down Rodden. 

Mictielle Mictieal, Cecillia Zellar, Drew 

Pinckney. Heather Collins, 2nd. James 

Walker, Whitney Voughan, Missy Cheney, 

Denise Coble, Connie Kendrick, Lynda Stell. 

Barry Crabtree, 3rd. Buddy Hyde, Joy 

Gurgonus, Brad Richards, Jennifer Outlaw 

On our own, but working as a team 
proved to be the successful link in pro- 
ducing ttie '85-'86 Oak. We were for 
the most part first-time yearbook staff- 
ers. But with determination and work- 
ing long hours, we all were pleased in 
producing the 63rd volume of the Oak. 
In our efforts we represent the 199th 
year of Louisburg College's tradition of 
excellence, and its continual desire to 
be all it can be to those whom the 
college serves through educational 
means; the students and the commu- 
nity. On "Our Own, but not without 

Co-editors, Connie Kendrick and Missy Cheney 
are seen looking through an old yearbook to 

get some ideas 

Section editors for the Oak ore. 1st I. to rt. 

Barry Crabtree, organizations; Ceceilia Zellar, 

student life. Brad Richards, athletics, 2nd: Joy 

Gurgonus, opening, Denise Coble, Index/Ads: 

Heather Collins, community, (not pictured 

Missy Cheney, academics) 

178/The Oak 

others" is the theme throughout the 
Oak. It exemplifies our interaction with 
fellow students, faculty, and adminis- 

We. the Oak staff, ore proud to be a 
part of this pictorial history of Louisburg 

The advisor for the 1985-86 Oak was 
Keith Roberts. This was his first involve- 
ment working with the production of 
on aniiual. Mr. Roberts assumed the 
position with enthusiasm and excite- 
ment and with the desire to make this 
a student publication that the mem- 
bers of the Oak Staff could be proud 

Suzanne Colwell, and Buddy Hyde ore seen 
here looking at their proof sheets 

Looding his camera. Lowell Barefoot gets 
ready to toke more pictures for the Oak 

179/The Oak 

Conning Together In 

I Appalachian Trail _ 
8c White Water Club 

Mark Ivey experiences for the first time a 
climb of Barney's Wall in Virginia with members 
of the hiking and backpacking classes. 

The Appalachian Trail and White Wa- 
ter Club is one ot the most exciting 
groups at Louisburg College. It gives 
students a chance to experience the 

real outdoors and to travel in areas of 
the country where most only see pho- 
tos of. The advisor is Allen de Hart. 

Officers for 1985-86 are Jimmy Boyette, 
President, Richard Davis, Vice-President; Jeff 
Jeffries. Secretary /Treasurer. 

Allen de Hart leads a group down the French 
Broad fJlver in North Carolina. 

180/App. Trail & W.W, Club 

Coming Together In 

The Louisburg College radio station, 
WQLZ 640 AM returned to ttie air in 
January, 1986. This comeback was 
after a lengthy absence from the radio 
dials of Louisburg College students. 
The comeback was staged and man- 
aged by Ben Whitaker, a sophomore 
from Franklinton. The format of music 
was as varied as its list of DJ's that 
"brought the cool sounds of QLC" to 
all of those listeners within reception 

Always with a good tale to tell is Scott Bush 

QLC=iS L to I? B* White. Chris FougefOt. John Langstons. Ben Whitaker. Dallas Britt. David Bethea. (second row) Greg Darden. Mike Snee. 
lonne Ziegler. David Younts. Nancy Lee. (txsttom row) Scott Bush, Jo Hodges, orid Melissa Harrison 


Coming Together In 

An anonymous CLC member scurries througf- 
the traffic at the Hardee's intersection to colled 
money for the CLC Rock'a'thon for Easter Seals 

The Christian Life Council is a service 
oriented group of students who, 
through christian fellowship, partici- 
pate in various service projects 
throughout the year. They sponsored 
the Christmas party and gave out gifts 
to the needy children. In addition to 
this they held a blood drive in October. 
They also held a rock-a-thon in the 
spring to raise money for Easter Seals. 
The CLC is sponsored by the college 
chaplain, Mr. Sidney Stafford. 

CLC coordinator Sidney Stafford is shown 
"decked out" in his "money collecting gear" 
downtown on Main Street in Louisburg 

Members of the CLC are I. to rt. 1st Tammy 
Mitchell, Andrea Deese, David Torain, James 
Walker, 2nd Sidney Stafford, William Allen. Kenny 
Kidd, Ddllas Britt, Wayne Wilkes and Steve 


Andre Deese stops a generous driver and re- 
ceives a donation for the CLC Easter Seols drive^ 

Here a young ctiHd brings a smile to the face of 
CLC President Tammy Mitchell 



Discount For Louisburg Students 
Take Out Orders 
Banquet Facilities 

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Louisburg, North Carolina 


Compliments of 


104 S. Bickett Blvd. 

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Franklin Cablevision 
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Heating Supplies/ 

Heating Stoves : 


Sponmg Goods) 

Compliments Of 


Meet And Eat 


348 South Bickett 

Phone 496-3611 

Louisburg. NC 

Compliments Of 


Downtown Louisburg 


Compliments Of 

Mr. And Mrs. Douglas H. 

Newport News, Virginia 

Compliments Of 

Mrs. Been Vaughan 

Newport News, Virginia 



Compliments Of 

Mr. And Mrs. Ray Talbert 

Newport News, Virginia 

One Hour Cleaners 

608 Bickett Boulevard -:- Louisburg, North Carolina 
Ph- 496-5529 



Compliments Of 


Newport News, Virginia 


We Loon Cash On Anything Of Value 

Open Mon.-Sat. 
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM 

339 Franklin Plaza 
Louisburg, N.C, 

Compliments Of 

Hope Bowden 


David Colas 

Newport News. Virginia 


Compliments Of 

The Town Of Louisburg 


101 S. Main St, 
Louisburg, NC 

Friendly Professional 
Rx Service 

Come In And Enjoy 

Fresh Squeezed Lemon 

And Orange Ade 


Quality Clothing For 
Men And Boys 

Main Street 
Downtown Louisburg 


Compliments Of 

Compliments Of 




Louisburg, NC 

"Service Is What We Sell" 





Louisburg, NC 



Compliments Of 




Downtown Louisburg 

Louisburg, NC 
496-2519 or 496-4113 

1* ' 

Compliments Of 


Court Street 
Downtown Louisburg 

Louisburg, NC 




Adcock, Jr., Billy Ray 
Route 1, Box 263D 
Oxford, NC 27565 

Aloimo, Alicia 
7321 Beaverwood 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Alberts, David Marshall 
1512 Burlwood Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

Allen, Charles Wellford 
4104 Whthe Avenue 
Richmond, VA 23221 

Allen, IV, William Henry 
4004 Arckelton Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Alley, Valerie Brook 
1711 Lynn Road 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Allis, Richard John 
2905 GlenBurnie Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Allred, Gary Edmund 
1833 Lynne Ave. 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Alter, Andrea Marie 
523 Randolph Ave. 
Cape Chalres, VA 23310 

Anderson, Michael 


P.O. Box 183 

Amelia Ct. House, VA 


Anderson, Stephanie 


1809 Grand Oaks Rd. 

Durham, NC 27712 

Andrev^/s, Brian Cannon 
1057 Andrev^s Rd. 
Fayetteville, NC 28301 

Andrews, Stephen 


P.O. Box 582 

Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Arnold, Lisa Dianne 
Route 1, Box 236D 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Asomi, Akiko 
SISA4-16-14Nak Meg 
Tokyo 154 J A 

Ashby, Charles 


2400 Fairviev^ Rood 

Raleigh, NC 27608 

Ashcraft, Scott Hall 

103 Martin Dr. 

Fort Bragg, NC 28307 

Atkinson, Bobbi Michelle 
604 Porhan Road 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Atkinson, Towanda 


Route 4, Box 444 

Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Averette, Lisa Gayle 
P.O. Box 63 
Rolesville, NC 27571 

Averette, Timothy James 
Route 5, Box 423 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Axberg, William 
1008 Pebblebrook 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Bacik, John Andrew 
2000 Parliament PL 
Apex, NC 27502 

Baggett, Helen Dana 
Route 6, Box 640 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Baker, Jeffrey Todd 
1011 Valmet Dr. 
Durham, NC 27703 

Baker, John Daniel 
P.O. Box 145 
Battleboro, NC 27809 

Baker, Jr., George 


112 Bagwell Farm Rd. 

Spartanburg, SC 29302 

Baker, Lucy Lynn 
5704 Baird Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Baker, Pamela Ruth 
Rt. 3, Box 425 
Kinston, NC 28501 

Banner, Elizabeth 


2018 Pembroke Road 

Greensboro, NC 27408 

Barbe, James Robert 
1501 E. Canal St. 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Barber, Wendy Gail 
1 1 1 Hilly Circle 
Plymouth, NC 27962 

Barefoot, Frederick 


826 Colonial Drive 

Wilmington, NC 28403 

Barnes, Bridget Leigh 
Route 4, Box 369 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Barnes, Christopher Leo 
941 Ivy Lane 
Cory, NC 27511 

Barnes, Patrick Alan 
700 Palmer Street 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Barnette, Robin Michelle 
Route 2, Box 146 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Bass, Cheryl Elaine 
Route 2, Box 316-A 
Nashville, NC 27856 

Boss, Jerome Christopher 
Route 2, Box 389 
Franklinton, NC 27525 

Bates, Beth Ann 
7701 Lake Shore Drive 

Richmond, VA 23235 

Botson, Alan Kelly 
303 Fern Valley Lane 
Apex, NC 27502 

Battle, Terry Len 
Route 2, Box 130-C 
Nashville, NC 27856 

Baxter, Stephen Travis 
Route 3, Box 118-9 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Bazen, Tony Arthur 
Route 6, Box 395 PK 
Durhan, NC 27703 

Beoman, Kimberly 


4904 Vallery Place 

Raleigh, NC 27604 

Beaman, Michael Hudson 
2412 Lake Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Beasley, Anthony Wayne 
Route 1, Box 70K 
Bowling Green, VA 

Beck, Richard Anthony 
P.O. Box 518 
Zebulon, NC 27597 

Beckham, Angela Carol 
Route 4, Box 151 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Bennett, Alexis Rhea 
3810 Pineneedle Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Benton, John Kevin 
2361 Davie Drive 
Wilmington, NC 28401 

Bernstein, Scott Nathan 
4 Meodowbrood Drive 
Selinsgrove, PA 17870 

Best, Tereas Marie 
509 Colchester Drive 
Knightdale, NC 27545 


►thea, William David 
12 Pineridge Court 
ake Forest. NC 27587 

(verly. Thomas Eugene 
116 Elaine Avenue 
Jieigh, NC 27604 

alkowski, Julia Bridges 
>ute 1. Box 19B 
trk Union, VA 23055 

9s. Marvin Amos 
;01 Vondora Springs 
Drner, NC 27529 

3Ck, Jr , James Thomas 
09 Belevue Road 
ileigh, NC 27609 

jckshear, Jane Ashley 
i7 West End Avenue 
ilson. NC 27893 

bbitt, Tonya LaRay 
9 East Green Street 
anklinton. NC 27525 

<ey. Kelly Lynn 
D Box 83 
ixopahaw, NC 27340 

lyce, Julie Ann 
7 Lyme Courts 
3rner, NC 27529 

yd. Lisa Darnelle 
19 Fairfax Road 
irham, NC 27701 

yd, Melissa Rose 

D. Box 5 

fily. NC 27542 

iyette, Dena Romni 

cite 3, Box 150 

ake Forest, NC 27587 

iyette. 111, James 


GO Temple Drive 

lieigh, NC 27609 

iyette, James Clyde 
•ute 1, Box 247 
»nly, NC 27542 

adiey, Christopher Asa 
•20 Beech Grove Drive 

Durhan, NC 27705 

Bradsher, David Nelson 
4212 Huntington Court 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Browley, Scott Garrett 
121 Lattimore Lane 
Durham. NC 27713 

Brawn. Jeffrey Dale 
Route 1, Box 331 
Mebane, NC 27302 

Bray, Anna Leigh 
1920 Clarksville Drive 
Scotland Neck, NC 

Bridger, Jr., Frank Tyson 
2610 Lokeview Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Bridges, Earnest Evans 
113 Maple Street 
Bennettsville, SC 29512 

Bridges, Jr., Roberts 


Route 1. Box 10-A 

Wolke Forest, NC 27587 

Bridgforth, III, Sidney 


Route 2, Box 311 

Kenbridge, VA 23944 

Brinson, Timothy Tucker 
P.O. Box 39 
Simpson, NC 27879 

Britt, Cecil Andrew 
5406 Highland Drive 
Durham, NC 27712 

Britt, Dallas Lynn 
3743 Masters Drive 
Hope Mills. NC 28348 

Brooks. Kenneth Earl 
211 Stoney Creed CI. 
Durham. NC 27703 

Brooks, Kevin Scott 
1369 Brookhollow Drive 
Sanford. NC 27330 

Brooks, Larry O'Neal 
507 Roanoke Avenue 

Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Plymouth. NC 27962 

Brown. Deborah Kaye 
2412 Ridge Road 
Raleigh. NC 27612 

Brown. Kevin M. 
618 Mt View 
Bluefield, WV 24701 

Brown, Lynn Steven 
4201 Converse Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

Brown, Stephanie 


2417 Foxtrot Road 

Raleith. NC 27610 

Brown. Steven Richard 
P.O. Box 2250 
Highlands. NC 28714 

Bruton, Verlisa Michelle 
18 McLanely Street 
Fort Bragg. NC 28307 

Bryan. David Allen 
1012 F Village Gr. Way 
Gary. NC 27511 

Bucco. Kristin Irene 
10852 Weisiger Lane 
Oakton. VA 22124 

Buftaloe, Lisa Antoinette 
210 East Franklin Street 
Youngsville, NC 27596 

Bullord, Jeffrey Eugene 
3209 Glasgow Drive 
Foyetteville. NC 28303 

Bunn. Mark David 
14 Oakland Drive 
Newport News, VA 

Bunn, Timothy Davis 
Route 3, Box 182 
Zebulon, NC 27597 

Burchette, Rhonda 


4606 Yanceyv'le Road 

Brown Summit, NC 27214 

Burden, Dophine Andura 
1 1 1 Spencer Street 

Burton, III, Hugh Davis 
505 Bloomfield Drive 
Foyetteville. NC 28301 

Bush. Scott Anthony 
5919 Form Pond Lone 
Charlotte. NC 28212 

Buttran, Douglas Marshall 
703' 2 North Main Street 
Louisburg. NC 27549 

Byrd. Jarvis Lee 
Route 8. Box 413 
Burlington. NC 27215 

Caldwell. Jeffrey Wayne 
Route 108b. Box 461-32 
Charlotte. NC 28213 

Callaway. Raymond 


131 Dole wood Drive, 

Apt. #6 

Winston-Salem. NC 


Coppello. Denise 


6030 Bellow Street 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Carlton, Maury Wesley 
215 East Lenoir Street 
Raleigh, NC 27601 

Carnes, John William 
610 Hugeuenot Trail 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Carnes, Mary Lynn 
P.O. Box 243 
Waxhow. NC 28173 

Carnes. Vivian Elizabeth 


4640 Grindingstone 

Raleigh. NC 27604 

Corr. James Edward 
309 Fox Lake Drive 
Clinton. NC 28328 

Casey. Ann Paige 
707 Trail One 
Burlington. NC 27215 


Cash, Dennis Bradley 
126 Edgewood Drive 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Cash. LuAnne 

217 Clarendon Cres 

Raleigh, NC 27610 

Cash, Michael Keith 
1223 West Murray 
Durham, NC 27704 

Chalmers, Jacquelyn 


709 Belmont Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27610 

Chamblee, Joanna Aline 
P.O. Box 27 
Wendell, NC 27591 

Chandler, Jeffrey Scott 
5504 Hallmark Road 
Durham, NC 27712 

Chandler, Jennifer Leigh 
1390 Burlington Road 
Roxboro, NC 27573 

Cheek, Earnestine W. 
Route 2, Box 187-D 
Warrenton, NC 27589 

Cheney, Melissa Jane 
223 Rivenoak Drive 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Cherry, III, Richard Foley 
303 Eden Drive 
Washington, NC 27889 

Clark, Betty Gale 
Route 3, Box 198 
Vashville, NC 27856 

Clark, Mary Kathryn 
205 Oxford Road 
Greenville, NC 27834 

Clark, Pamela S. 
Route 2, Box 691 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Clewis, Natalie Michelle 
4914 Warfield Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Cliett, Gary Thomas 

933 Mashie Lane 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Clopton, Betsy Lynn 
1285 David Avenue 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Cootes, Jr., Cecil Max 
309 Valley Road 
Fayetteville, NC 28305 

Coble, Denise Michelle 
P.O. Box 771 
Kenbridge, VA 23944 

Cohn, Joseph Edv^/ard 
818 Prologue Road 
Durham, NC 27712 

Cole, Bradley Edward 
307 Rustic Ridge Road 
Cory, NC 27511 

Collins, Heather Michele 
1403 West Nash Street 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Collins, Tracey Lynn 
Route 2, Box 586 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Collom, III, Vance Ralph 
21 Dahlia Drive 
Fairport, NY 14450 

Colvi/ell, Cindy Suzanne 
Route 1, Box 61 
Wallace, NC 28466 

Conner, Jacqueline 


209 Dryden Lone 

Richmond, VA 23229 

Cook, Jr., Donald Duane 
4417 Bracada Drive 
Durham, NC 27705 

Cooper, Valerie Ruth 
2044 McGraw Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10462 

Copeland, Jessica 
P.O. Box 21 
Williston, NC 28589 

Cordell, Lisa Joyce 
516 Birch Circle 

Henderson, NC 27536 

Cozart, Joey Sterling 
810 Frank Street 
Roxboro, NC 27573 

Cozart, Kelli Lynne 
5329 Laurent Drive 
Durham, NC 27712 

Crabtree, Barry Nick 

403 North Greensboro 


Coarobor, NC 27510 

Crav\/ford, John Luther 
701 Lindley Drive 
Durham, NC 27703 

Creech, Michael David 
Route 5, Box 7D 
Oxford, NC 27565 

Crenshaw, Paulo Elaine 
4013 Vesta Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27603 

Crews, Kathryn Lynn 
3207 Eubanks Road 
Durham, NC 27707 

Cribb, Kyle Dwonyne 
1403 Patton Street 
Lumberton, NC 28358 

Crosier, Catherine Moron 
3128 Clearview Drive 
Roanoke, VA 24018 

Crowder, Gary Phillips 
900 Arendell Avenue 
Zebulon, NC 27597 

Culbertson, John Julian 
638 Museum Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28207 

Dadson, Heather Anne 
103 Carribbean Avenue 
Virginia Beach, VA 

Daley, Michael Baker 
5313 Sendero Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Daniel, Kimberly Dawn 
3110 Southall Road 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Daniel, Lynwood Craig 
Route 3, Box 355 
Fuquay-Vorino, NC 

Dorden, Gregory 


389 Boyd Street 

Chase City, VA 23924 

Darrow, John Edward 
8512 Sawyer Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Davenport, Jr., Wade 


8504 Southfield Place 

Raleigh, NC 27614 

Davenport, Penni 


200 7 Oaks Road 26G 

Durham, NC 27704 

Davis, Alan Lowell 
102 Rosewood Drive 
Lumberton, NC 28358 

Davis, Ceclia Ann 
P.O. Box 374 
Lucomo, NC 27851 

Davis, Harold Ray 
666 Adams Street 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Davis, Jr., Charles Donal 
106 Sunset Avenue 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Davis, Richard Eaton 

P.O. Box 815 

Woke Forest, NC 27587 

Day, III, James Francis 
205 Dowell Drive 
Cory, NC 27511 

Day, Steven Kelly 
724 Braniff Drive 
Cary, NC 27511 

Daye, Keith Alexander 
226 Providence Road 
Roxboro, NC 27573 

Deal, Morga Michele 
Route 2, Box 224 
Advance, NC 27006 


)ean, Melanie Kathryn 
?oute 4, Box 227 
A/ake Forest. NC 27587 

)ecker. Lelond Wade 
123 Red Bud Court 
:ory, NC 27511 

)eese, Andrea Christine 
toute 2, Box 728 
Mbemarle. NC 28001 

)ehner, Timothy Paul 
)752 Leisure Lane 
ayetteville, NC 28304 

)enbo. IIL Edward 


toute 2, Box 300AA 

)urham. NC 27712 

)enmark, Terry AnnMarie 
'309 Parker Drive 
loleigh. NC 27604 

)enton, Mottie Diane 
toute 6. Box 324 
ouisburg. NC 27549 

)ickerson, Gordon Kirk 
1508 Lyndhurst Rood 
Vaynesboro. VA 22980 

)iego, Paul David 
!76 Rice Creek Blv. 
ridley, MN 55432 

)ingee, Denise Marie 
1300 Edgehill Court 
laleigh, NC 27612 

)isney, Julia Irwin 
'06 Lakestone Drive 
!aleigh. NC 27609 

)oban, Jennifer Ann 
1016 Redding Lane 
)urham, NC 27712 

)oby, Anthony Gray 
125 Stoney Creek 
)eKalb. IL 60115 

)omin. Jeffrey James 
toute 1, Box 105 
ifland, NC 27243 

)oolittle, Derek Edward 
1208 Millwood Court 

Raleigh. NC 27609 

Downum. John Andrew 
9 Queen Anne Drive 
Edenton. NC 27932 

Drake. Merlene Hudson 
701 Woodland Trail 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Driver, Charlotte Faye 
P.O. Box 905 
Zebulon. NC 27597 

Droppleman. William 


8208 Cobbler Court 

Richmond. VA 23228 

Dubber. Elizabeth Jane 
213 Killington 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

Duke. Kimberly Ann 
4803 Burningtree 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Dunnington, Jr.. Robert 


P.O. Box 3963 

Richmond. VA 23235 

Durham, Brian Keith 
2006 Fairview Road 
Raleigh. NC 27608 

Dwyer, III, Robert Paul 
7009 Robbie Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27607 

Dyson, Dorothy Lee 
5717 Crutchfield 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Eckard, John West 
411 Wayberry Drive 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Edgington, Andrew 


10013 Whitestone Road 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Edmondson, Mary Beth 
527 Forest Hill Drive 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Edwards, Alvin Creoth 
Route 2, Box 1 75 

Nashville, NC 27856 

Edwards, Angela Darryl 
4900 Dan David Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Edwards, Billie Duke 
107 Green Street 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Edwards, Charles 
4812 Smith Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Edwards, Darrell Wayne 
P.O. Box 206 
Winterville, NC 28590 

Edwards, Jr., Tolmadge 


303 Fox Park 

Louisburg, NC 27549 

Edwards, Theodore 
Route 1, Box 27 
Walstonburg, NC 27888 

Edwards, Todd Arthur 
3208 Winston Road 
Durham, NC 27704 

Ellington, Joseph Stuart 
104 South Allen Road 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Elliott, John Michael 
1107 Ashford Lane 
Cory, NC 27511 

Elliott, Jr., Jeffrey Thomas 
Box 119-B 
Dagsboro, DE 19939 

Ervin, III, Alwood Byron 
Route 3, Box 25 
Richlands, NC 28574 

Ervin, Melissa Kelli 
6103 Russell Road 
Durham, NC 27712 

Evans, Alison Elizabeth 
648 Pine Ridge Road 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Evans, Donna Faye 
920 Avolon Road 
Durham, NC 27704 

Faircloth, Katherine 


1228 Poplar Avenue 

Garner, NC 27529 

Farrell, Jeffrey Todd 
Route 6, Box 499 
Fayetteville, NC 28301 

Felton, Timothy Wilson 
1417 Scales Street 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Ferro, Michele Ellen 
7214 Baltusrol Lone 
Charlotte, NC 28210 

Finch, Adam Gregory 
4613 Holder Road 
Durham, NC 27703 

Finch, Jean Elizabeth 
Route 3, Box 233 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Flaherty, Paul Edward 
P.O. Box 3 
Sanford, NC 27330 

Flehan, Randa Lynn 
Route 4, Forest Lane 
Mebane, NC 27302 

Floyd, Ellen Wade 
174 Thorpe Street 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Forbes, John Scott 
17 Green Oaks Road 
Newport News, VA 

Forbes, Jr., Harvey 


925 Valley Road 

Sanford, NC 27330 

Forbis, Kathleen Heather 
Route 5, Box 2 10- A 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Ford, Alicia Misty 
3526 Spring Forest 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Ford, April LaVon 
Route 2, Box 287 
Fairmount, NC 28340 


Forrest, Jr., Robert Lee 
640 Sunnybrook Road 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Forrester, III, Roy Lane 
P.O. Box 3141 
Durham, NC 27712 

Foster, Lindsay Schirrod 
1912C Evans Street 
Greensboro, NC 27401 

Foster, Ronald Wayne 
116 Santa Maria 
Emerald Isle, NC 28577 

Fougerat, Christopher 


921 Winbleton Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Fout, Geoftrey Alfred 
5018 Ashforth Court 
Virginia Beach, VA 

Franklin, Melinda Ann 
Route 5, Box 170 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Frazier, Melissa Dav^n 
1855 Benvenue Road 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Frick, Claude Ellyson 
P.O. Box 506 
Bassett, VA 24055 

Frink, Keith O'Brian 
Route 2, Box 60-f 
Clankton, NC 28433 

Fulgham, III, Richard 


1402 Chesnee Drive 

Wilson, NC 27893 

Gantt, Christopher 


3004 Rothgeb Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Gantt, Jr., Charles Arthur 
3004 Rothgeb Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Ganna, Frank Lopez 
624 Millbrook Road 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Gardner, Edv^ard Shawn 
Route 2, Box 86 
Halifax, NC 27839 

Gardner, Kelly Ann 
6017 Patterson Avenue 
Richmond, VA 23226 

Gay, Lisa Dawn 
Route 4, Box 117 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Gibbs, William Russell 
4700 Doyle Terrace 
Lynchburg, NC 24503 

Gibson, Myshelle Jean 
1915 Tucker Street EXT. 
Burlington, NC 27215 

Gilchrist, Stacey Allen 
506 West 34th Street 
Lumberton, NC 28358 

Gill, Sonja Joyce 
305 Linden Apt. D 
Raleigh, NC 27601 

Gilliam, Carolyn Denise 
Route 1, Box 302-A 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Givens, Angela Doris 
600 College Street 
Oxford, NC 27565 

Glosson, Troy Andrew 
416 Terrace Avenue 
Virginia Beach, VA 

Glover, Dallas Troy 
3718 Brinkley Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Goff, Forrest Allen 
2008 South Miami Blvd. 
Durham, NC 27703 

Goodson, James Hinton 
Route 1, Box 142C 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Goodwin, Jennifer Susan 
605 Sardis Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27603 

Gore, Brian Brady 
2515 Lockwood Road 

Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Gorlesky, Catherine Joy 
7521 Leesville Road 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Green, Emma Jean 
215 South Main Street 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Green, Melvin Henry 
Route 1, Box 260 
Roanoke Rapids, NC 

Gregg, Paul Lucas 
201 Caribbean Avenue 
Virginia Beach, VA 

Griffin, Calvin Joel 
Route 1, Box 199C 
Roanoke Rapids, NC 

Griffin, John William 
4035 Trotter Ridge Rood 
Durham, NC 27707 

Griffin, Richard Earl 

Route 8, Box 76 

Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Griffin, William Floyd 
Route 3, Box 1 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Griffith, David Kyle 
P.O. Box 532 
Clarksville, VA 23927 

Grimes, Borden Lee 
1915 Windingridge 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Grissom, Teresa Gwen 
P.O. Box 295 
Kittrell, NC 27544 

Gupton, Jr., David 


2654 Wessex Road 

Winston-Salem, NC 


Gupton, Timothy Earl 
Route 7, Box 241 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Gurgonus, Betsy Joyce 
Route 3, Box 131 
Wallace, NC 28466 

Gurley, Margaret Carol 
3803-B Bonneville 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Hackney, Delbra 


1301 Branch Street 

Raleigh, NC 27601 

Hagwood, Joan Carol 
Route 1, Box 364c 
Franklinton, NC 27525 

Haley, Michael Everette 
4072 Reidsville Road 
Winston-Salem, NC 

Ham, Sondee Jon 
3428 Cheyenne Road 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Hancock, John 


1846 Walkerton Road 

Richmond, VA 23236 

Hand, Sarah Eliza 
5312 Old Forge Circle 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Hardison, Alton Daniel 
1320 Spring Lawn Court 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Hardy, Gayle Leatrice 
P.O. Box 819 
Greenville, NC 27834 

Hargrove, Beverly 


5 Wren Drive 

Lexington, NC 27292 

Hargrove, Mark Edward 
3111 Riveredge Drive 
Portsmount, VA 23703 

Harper, Betty Jean 
Route 2, Box 53 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Harper, Christopher 


Route 1, Box 123 


'ink Hill, NC 28572 

Harper, Jean Flynn 
305 Greene Street 
5now Hill, NC 28580 

Harper, Samuel Lee 
?oute 3, Box 180 
Sarner, NC 27529 

Harrell, Jr., Billy Niles 
?oute 1, Box 64 
Harrells, NC 28444 

Harrell, Paula Jean 
4243 Cokey Road 
?ocky Mount, NC 27801 

Harris. David Sean 
5513 Glendower Road 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Harris, Glenn Ranson 
?oute 3, Box 60 
Worrenton. NC 27589 

Harris, III, Myron Gray 
3616 Almon Drive 
Durham, NC 27705 

Harris, IV, Dela Fletcher 
742 Highland Drive 
Sanford, NC 27330 

Harris. Jr.. Ronnie Love 
1607A Old Durhon Rood 
Roxboro. NC 27573 

Harris. Nichollette 


210 East 6th Street 

Nashville. NC 27856 

Harris, Renee Carol 
P.O. Box 127 
Mocksville. NC 27018 

Harris. Sylvester 
Route 4, Box 378 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Harris, Warren Adomis 
2917 Snow Hill Road 
Bahama, NC 27503 

Harrison, Angela Reid 
Route 1, Box 94- A 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Harrison, Gordon Scott 
Route 1, Box 130 
Woke Forest, NC 27587 

Harrison, Howard Sco-tie 
Route 1, Box 296-X 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Harrison, Melissa Gale 
411 Ookridge Road 
Cory, NC 27511 

Haskins, Elizabeth Anne 
603 East ""C" Street 
Butner, NC 27509 

Hossell, Jamie Michelle 

130 Loftin Drive 

Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Hatch, William Hamilton 
216 Hillcrest Road 
Raleigh, NC 27605 

Hayes, Diana Lynn 
3904 Daytona Road 
Foyetteville. NC 28301 

Henderson, Virginal 


P.O. Box 606 

Manteo. NC 27954 

Henery, Deborah Carol 
P.O. Box 966 
Atlantic Beach, NC 

Herholz, Jeftrey Allen 
4308 Coolidge Street 
Foyetteville, NC 28301 

Herman. Rex Carson 
7012 Robbie Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27607 

Herring, Beth Ann 
Route 1, Box 247 
Franklinton. NC 27525 

Hewitt. Jr., Walter 


403 West 34 Street 

Lumberton, NC 28358 

Hewitt, Linda Goyle 
Route 2. Box 139A 
Moyock. NC 27958 

Hickey, Stephanie Rea 
132 Steeplechase 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Hicks, Judy 
Route 5. Box 26 
Louisburg. NC 27549 

Higgins, Stuart Specce 
166 Fairfax Circle 
Madison Heights. VA 

Hill, Cherie Lee 
804 Brookfield Road 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Hill, Elizabeth Mixon 
102 King Circle 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Hilley, Pamela Dawn 
529 Hardee Street 
Durham, NC 27703 

Hilliard, Ray Thomas 
1435 Deer Crossing 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Hines, Beomon Lee 

Box 3N 

Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 

Hines, Caroline Walker 
1700 Arlington Street 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Hinton, Brian Lee 
3133 Riveredge Drive 
Portsmouth, VA 23703 

Hobort, Julie Annette 
5114 Troon Lane 
Durham, NC 27712 

Hodges. Cristy Lynn 

P.O. Box 5891 

High Point. NC 27262 

Hodges. Joye Michelle 
1402 Seabrook Avenue 
Cory. NC 27511 

Hodges. Kenneth 


724 Dennis Avenue 

Raleigh. NC 27604 

Hoffman, Bryan Reeves 

P.O. Box 14 
Maxton, NC 28364 

Holcomb, William Joseph 
916 Lamplight Lane 
Virginia Beach, VA 

Holden, Robert Erwin 
4300 Lormar Rood 
Greensboro, NC 27460 

Holland. Angela Dawn 
1222 Collington Drive 
Gary. NC 27511 

Holland. Steven Edward 
705 Woodland Trail 
Louisburg. NC 27549 

Holliday. Jeffrey Ellwood 
1125 Bonneview Road 
York. PA 17402 

Holliday. Jr., Edgar 


Route 6, Box 255 

Williomston, NC 27892 

Holloway, William Earl 
1208 East Holly Street 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Holmes, Jr., David 

Route 1, Box 86A 
Efland, NC 27243 

Honeycutt. Ill, Gattis C. 
14 Batts Hill Rood 
New Bern. NC 28560 

Hooks. Herman Lewis 
P.O. Box 361 
Fremont. NC 27830 

Hooton. Christian 


3046 Lewis Farm Road 

Raleigh. NC 27609 

Hopkins. Cynthia Leigh 
220 Sandlewood 
Durham. NC 27712 

Home. Timothy Neil 
3810 North Duke Street 
Durham, NC 27704 


Howe, Wendy Lee 
P.O. Box 569 
Oriental, NO 28571 

Huchel, Charles Ralph 
Route 1, Box 425 
Lenoir, NO 28645 

Hudson, Angela Ray 
Route 3, Box 18 
Louisburg, NO 27549 

Hughes, John Ernest 
Route 4, Box 160 
Louisburg, NO 27549 

Hughes, Mary Wheless 
Route 4 Box 160 
Louisburg, NO 27549 

Hunter, Constance 


Route 2, Box 335-A 

Enfield, NO 27823 

Hunter, Elizabeth Ann 
P.O. Box 282 
Moncure, NC 27559 

Hunter, Sharlene Denise 
Route 4, Box 172 C-1 
Nashville, NC 27856 

Hutcheson, Burke 


413 Brandy wine Road 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Hutson, Richard Martin 
4517 Cheshire Court 
Durham, NC 27705 

Hyde, Jr., Aubrey Wayne 
Route 1, Box 51 
Alberta, VA 23821 

Infante, Marta Cecilia 
6397 Newmark Way 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Ingle, II, Larry Walker 
3024 Audrey Drive 
Gostonia, NC 28054 

Irving, Kenneth Lewis 
1106 Ridgecrest Drive 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Isenhour, Baron Wayne 
Route 1, Box 91 

Blowing Rock, NC 28605 Smithfield, NC 27577 

Isley, Mark Anthony 
1 1933 Appolooso Run 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Ivey, Richard Mark 
418 North Main Street 
Raeford, NC 28376 

Jackson, Shelly Diane 

2920 Chapel Hill Rood 


Durham, NC 27707 

Jocohs, Louis Lloyd 
908 Williamson Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Jacobson, Jill Ann 

4101 Trotter Ridge Rood 

Durham, NC 27707 

Jamerson, Julie Ann 
6800 Valley Lake Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Jefferson, David Anthony 
600 College Street 
Oxford, NC 27565 

Jeffreys, Jr., Johnny 


4110 Suitt Street 

Durham, NC 27703 

Jenkins, Timothy Wade 
P.O. Box 486 
LaCrosse, VA 23950 

Jenks, James Hubert 
Route 3, Box 2990 1 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Johnson, III, James 
1313 Parkside Drive 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Johnson, Jerry D. 
717 Ashboro Street 
Fayetteville, NC 28301 

Johnson, Jr., Vernon 


Route 4, Box 108W 

Zebulon, NC 27597 

Johnson, Timothy James 
Route 3, Box 405 

Jones, Cynthia Ann 
P.O. Box 232 
Hookerton, NC 28538 

Jones, Diane Taylor 
Route 2, Box 250A-1 
Zebulon, NC 27597 

Jones, II, Paul Scott 
9804 Woodfern Court 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Jones, Karen Elizabeth 
2103 North Lumina 
Wrightsville, NC 28480 

Jones, Morton Spencer 
Route 2, Box 240 
Norlina, NC 27563 

Jones, Rebecca Lynn 
Route 2, Box 420 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Jorgenson, Kimberly 


2711 Oberlin Drive 

Durham, NC 27705 

Joseph, Amy Lynn 
2005 Downing Street 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

Joyner, Debra Ann 
Route 1, Box 219 
Fountain, NC 27829 

Joyner, James Monray 
Route 2, Box 562 
Roanoke Rapids, NC 

Joyner, Mary Elizabeth 
5922 Farm Gate Road 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Judd, III, Willie Poitier 
912 Greenwich Street 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Julian, Jennifer Anne 
8 Weybridge Place 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Jusino, Edgar Ivan 
28 Sandra Drive 
Newport News, VA 

Keorns, John Stephen 
309 Trail Two 
Burlington, NC 27215 

Keathing, Paul Joseph 
2103 Sporre Drive 
Kinston, NC 28501 

Kelly, Steven Mark 
1224 Bramble Drive 
Durham, NC 27712 

Kenan, Audrey Allen 
P.O. Box 443 
Snow Hill, NC 28580 

Kendrick, Constance 


Route 5, Box 5006 Rdgw 

Danville, VA 24540 

Kendrick, Kristy Lee 
18 Garrett Drive 
Hampton, VA 23669 

Kennedy, Lillian Nadine 
1113 Laurel Lane 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Kennon, Bradley Lynn 
4916 Elizabeth Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Kesler, Sigrid Ann 
424 McRae Drive 
Fayetteville, NC 28305 

Key, Jock Curnis 

524 Colony WDS Drive 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Kidd, Kenny Jack 
Route 3, Box 389 
Siler City, NC 27344 

Kidd, Laura Ann 

336 Barnette Avenue 

Roxboro, NC 27573 

Kindt, John H. 

505 Sampson Street 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

King, Koyrn Flynn 
Route 1, Box 110-K 
Warrenton, NC 27589 

King, Michael Shawn 
P.O. Box 85 
Butner, NC 27509 


<ing, Stephanie Crystal 
52<? Olive Branchi Road 
Durham, NC 27703 

<lotz, Michelle Lynn 
3 Sullivan Drive 
VIechanicsville, VA 

<oenck, Diane Marie 
?oute 1. Box 245- A 
.ouisburg, NC 27549 

<ohler. Susan Anderson 
418 Harborough Court 
Florence, SC 29501 

.achman, Theodore Ben 
5405 Memory Drive 
Durham. NC 27712 

.aird, Kristine Smithia 
?oute 2, Box 410 
<nightdale, NC 27545 

.ake, Laura Ann 

4109D Cross Creek 


Raleigh. NC 27607 

Lam, Carolyn Jean 
Route 3, Box 135-D 
Oxford. NC 27565 

Lamm, Christie Ann 
912 Pomelo Lane 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Longston, John Motley 
2305 Pine Needles 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Lanier, Sheri Lynnette 
1117 Brucemount Drive 
Garner, NC 27529 

Lankford, Beverly Kris 
P.O Box 127 
Mebone, NC 27302 

Lankford, Margaret 


Route 2, Box 626 

Mebone, NC 27302 

Lashley, Michael Cole 
Route 2, Box 316 
Mebane, NC 27302 

Lossiter, Brenda Wilder 

Route 2, Box 388 
Franklinton, NC 27525 

Laughter, Robert Bryan 
8714 Wishart Road 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Lavigne. Peter Cov^/les 
9816 Longstreet Drive 
Manassas, VA 221110 

Lavoie, Kitty Ann 
3504 Fairhill Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Lavv/ing, Jr., Michael 


1609 Stacy Drive 

Durham, NC 27712 

Lay, Linda H. 

7409 Capehart Court 

Raleigh, NC 27604 

Lay, Randall S. 

7409 Capehard Court 

Raleigh, NC 27604 

Lee, Gregory Kevin 
Route 2, Box 242 
Ellerbe, NC 28338 

Lee, Nancy Elizabeth 
221 Westview Park 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Lee, Robert David 
1320 Chauncey Drive 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Leggett, Carey Elizabeth 
Route 4, Box 193-G 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Liles, Timothy Alvin 
37 Eastern Shores 
Littleton, NC 27850 

Lilly, Notalee Shea 
2101 Rangecrest 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Little, Susan Denise 
217 King George Rood 
Greenville, NC 27834 

Livingston, David Mothios 
5813 Nottoway Mothios 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Lloyd, Karen Kenise 
105 Oak Street 
Carrboro, NC 27510 

Loftin, Audro Rose 
Route 3, Box 21 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Loftin, Linda Spencer 
Route 3, Box 21 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Logan, Elizabeth 


624 South Roselawn 

West Memphis, AR 


Logon, Jeanine Fern 
1011 Surry Court 
Cory, NC 27511 

Logan, William Rex 
217 Trails End Court 
Raleigh, NC 27614 

Long, Lee B. 
Route 3, Box 151 
Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Louden, Ronald Edward 

1100 Country Ridge 


Raleigh, NC 27609 

Lovelace, Michael 


3411 Pine Valley Rood 

High Point, NC 27260 

Lynch, Kerlin Mitchell 

1444 Durham Road Lot 


Roxboro, NC 27573 

MocForlane, Sandra 


2021 Romsgate Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27603 

Mangos, Gino Mario 
5021 East Sedgewick 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Mann, Jennifer Leigh 
14 Old Salem Rood 
Roxboro, NC 27573 

Merchant, Leslie Allison 
4520 Pamlico Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Martin, II, Benjamin 


The Ordinary 

New Kent, VA 23124 

Martini, Paul William 
4501 Ryegote Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Mason, Bryant 
Route 1, Box 43 
Semoro, NC 27343 

Mossey, Douglas Rebben 
Route 1, Box 5 
Knightdale, NC 27545 

Mathews, Lee Taylor 

203 Forest Road 
Oxford, NC 27565 

Mathis, Ado Ruth 
737 Longleof Avenue 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Matthews, Steven Wilbur 
Route 1, Box 346 
Raleigh, NC 27614 

Moy, Frances Marie 
Route 1, Box 95 
Costalia, NC 27816 

Maynor, Laura Elaine 
Route 3, Box 140 
Durham, NC 27713 

Mayo, Stephen 


1500 West Canal Street 

Tarboro, NC 27886 

McAllister, Michele Lynn 

204 Twin Oaks Drive 
Durham, NC 27712 

McBride, Russell Eric 
Route 2, Box 202 
Mocksville, NC 27028 

McCoy, Thomas 
1312 Hendren Circle 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

McCrow. Marcus Neal 
815 Kemp Rood 
Greensboro, NC 27410 


McCreery, Michael 


29 Depot Road 

Eliot, ME 03903 

McDonald, Christopher 


Route 4, Box 148-D 

Rockingham, NC 28379 

McDorman, Sterling Brent 
P.O. Box 261 
Georgetown, DE 19947 

McGee, Sonya Elizabeth 
Route 3, Box B-225 
Enfield, NC 27823 

McGee, Susie Marie 
Route 3, Box 224-A 
Enfield, NC 27832 

McHose, James Robert' 
Route 33, Horsecrk 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

McKay, Melissa Elizabeth 
119 Lourston Court 
Durham, NC 27712 

McKnight, Pamela Louise 
1832 Liberty Place 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

McKnight, Tommy 


Route 1, Box 213 

Glade Valley, NC 28627 

McNair, William Edgar 
Route 7, Box 239 
Edenton, NC 27932 

McNeill, Terry Earl 
709 Spring Lone 
Sanford, NC 27330 

McPhail, Jr., Thomas 
P.O. Box 336 
Garland, NC 28441 

McRae, Tony Melson 
612 Ray Street 
Raeford, NC 28376 

Meadows, Lois Ann 
1102 Laurel Lane 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Medlin, Cecelia Anne 
924 North Main Street 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Medlin, Jacqueline 


701 Washington Avenue 

Weldon, NC 27890 

Melvin, William Lyman 
2844 Wycliff Road 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Merritt, Valerie Doreen 
802 Hancock Avenue 
Portsmouth, VA 23701 

Michael, Michelle Ann 
2343 Rolling Hill 
Fayetteville, NC 28304 

Miloninia, Bahrom 
154 Albury Drive 
Pinner, EG 

Miles, Jr., Russell 
Route 5, Box 22 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Miller, Stephen Joseph 
1216 Cheshier Lane 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Mills, Alisa Ann 
Route 2, Box 34 
Spring Hope, NC 27882 

Mitchell, Alan Clarke 
419 Fourtoin Place 
Burlington, NC 27215 

Mitchell, Tammy Ann 
Route 1, Box 156 
Knightdale, NC 27545 

Moffat, Jennifer Moris 
801 Arcane Circle 
New Bern, NC 28560 

Molloy, Howard Joseph 
Flint Ridge Apt. 54 
Hillsboro, NC 27278 

Montague, Stephanie 


Route 5, Box 335 

Zebulon, NC 27597 

Moody, William Borden 

P.O. Box 665 

Silver City, NC 27344 

Moore, Annie Marie 
Route 6, Box J-13-A 
Whiteville, NC 28472 

Moore, Bruce Wayne 
P.O. Box 782 
Reoford, NC 28376 

Moore, David Lewis 
2021 Wolden Way 
Clayton, NC 27580 

Moore, Geoffrey 
7909 Vauxhill Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Moore, III, Mock Allen 
1718 Brooks Avenue 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Moore, Kothryn Christine 
346 Deoton Drive 
Hampton, VA 23669 

Moore, Myrtle Sharon 
Route 4, Box 2 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Morgan, Debro Lovonne 
3008 Idlewood Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Morgan, III, Richard 


1 19 North Main Street 

Franklinton, NC 27525 

Morris, Gregory Scott 
4208 Thistle Drive 
Portsmouth, VA 23703 

Morris, Jennifer Lee 
Route 6, Box 370 
Washington, NC 27889 

Mosley, Johnny Floyd 
Route 3, Box 525 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Mowbray, Jr., Nathaniel 


820 South Wingote 


Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Mowbray, Kimberly Anne 

820 South Wingote 


Woke Forest, NC 27587 

Mulligan, Heather 


Route 2, Box 242 B1 

Zebulon, NC 27597 

Mullins, Matthew 


1304 Dunbar Drive 

Lourinburg, NC 28352 

Munson, Carl John 
8916 O'Neal Road 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Murray, Leonne 

1002 Manchester Drive 

Cory, NC 27511 

Mustang, Timothy Clifton 
105 Waddell Street 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Natole, Lisa Down 
124 Powell Drive 
Fuquoy-Varino, NC 

Neol, Paulo Michelle 
505 Glendole Drive 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Neal, Sonia A. 
Route 2, Box 324 
Franklinton, NC 27585 

Neatherly, George Dale 
P.O. Box Drawer 1555 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Neilsen, Amy Rebecca 
1041 Ivy Lone 
Cory, NC 27511 

Neustadt, Karen Jean 

5116 Ft. Sumter Apt. 15 


Raleigh, NC 27606 

Newkirk, Dion Trosine 
P.O. Box 273 
Rose Hill, NC 28458 

Newkirk, Evelyn Yvette 
1800-G Generation 


'aleigh. NC 27612 

Jewton. Jay Gary 
'.O. Box 53401 
ayetteville. NC 28305 

Jewton, Stephanie Ann 
i02 West Moore Street 
armville, NC 27828 

vlicholas, Michiael 


?02 Buxton Circle 

A/ilson. NC 27893 

vlichols, II, Lary O'Neil 
>.0. Box 907 
^enderson, NC 27536 

^Jorfleet. Robert 


1313 Knights Way 

?aleigh. NC 27609 

viorris, Kendal Virginia 
i>904 Rainwater Road 
?aleigh. NC 27609 

viorris. Randy Jerome 
}10 West Perry Street 
^armville. NC 27828 

viorton, Debbie Lynne 
?oute 3, Box 204 
::ameron, NC 28326 

D'Neal, Jr.. David 


?oute 1. Box 209 

jwon Quarter. NC 27885 

Dgnovich. Dee Davidson 
3714 Lakeside Drive 
\/latthews, NC 28105 

Dmar. Omar Abe 
204 Tiftony Circle 
Sorner, NC 27529 

Dutlaw, Jennifer Susan 
1007 Burton Street 
?ocky Mount. NC 27801 

Ownes. Duone Robert 
725 Christine Avenue 
Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Owens. Jeffrey Darren 
5 Dupont Plazo 

Fort Bragg, NC 28307 

Poit, Russell Lant 
260 Valhalla Drive 
Southern Pines, NC 

Parham, Donna Blackley 
Route 1, Box 96A 
Franklinton, NC 27525 

Parker, Karen Elaine 
905 South Third Street 
Smithfield, NC 27577 

Parmerter, Kenneth John 
703 East Montgomery 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Parrish, Edward Glenn 
Route 1, Box 196-B 
Costalia. NC 27816 

Parrish, Edward Scott 
11505 Coochmans Way 
Raleigh, NC 27614 

Parrish, John David 
Route 2, Box 159 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Parrish, Kimberly Ann 
4102 Arckelton Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Parrish, Michelle Dawn 

7908 Mourn'g Dove 


Raleigh, NC 27609 

Passavant, Paige 
Route 1, Box 87B 
Efland, NC 27243 

Patterson, Marilyn 


3225 Snowberry Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27610 

Patterson, Rodney 


820 Atkinson Street 

Lourinburg, NC 28352 

Peace, Marion Morgan 
1747 Parker Lone 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Peaden, Betty Joy 
Route 1, Box 186 
Fountain, NC 27829 

Pearce, Gory Randolph 
1617 Brookrun Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27614 

Pearce, Tina I. 
Route 4, Box 1 14 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Penny, Raymond Lee 
Route 6, Box 124-A 
Durham, NC 27703 

Perry, Maxine 
Route 5, Box 1 19 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Philbeck, Robert Glenn 
12116 Strickland 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Phillips, Charlene Ann 
P.O. Box 557282 
Miami, PL 33255 

Phillips, John Mitchell 
308 Homestead Drive 
Cory, NC 27511 

Pierce, Edna E. 
107 John Street 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Pierce, Evan Wingfield 
32212 Granada Road 
Portsmouth, VA 23703 

Pilkington, Johnny 


216 Coleman Street 

Oxford. NC 27565 

Pinckney. Martha Drew 
810 Rolling Hills Cove 
Wilmington. NC 28403 

Pinnix, Mia Valente 
606A Tucker Street Apt. 
Burlington. NC 27215 

Pittman. Francis Stewart 
102 Granville Drive 
Greenville, NC 27834 

Pleasant, Mitchell Derrick 
Route 2, Spence Road 

Angier, NC 27501 

Pleasants, Carlo Jean 
Route 2, Box 118 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Pleasants. Shelby Denton 
Route 2. Box 316 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Plettner, Patrick Sean 
716-208 Bishops Park 
Raleigh, NC 27605 

Plummer, Janus Anglene 
P.O. Box 72 
Teachey, NC 28464 

Poe, Brooks Hedrick 

P.O. Box 515 

Siler City, NC 27344 

Poole, Lori Ruth 

11817 Edgeworter Court 

Raleigh, NC 27614 

Porter, Dole Wayne 
715 Garrison Street 
High Point, NC 27260 

Potter, Jr., Theodore 


20 Blocksmythe Lane 

Newport News, VA 


Potts, Jeffrey 
9-G Taylor Homes 
Wilmington, NC 28401 

Powell, Joanna Harris 
402 East Chapel 
Rowland. NC 28383 

Powell. Mazie Elaine 
3904 Ooklevel Road 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Powers. Deirdre Michelle 
3127 Dixon Road 
Durham, NC 27707 

Pritchett, Lisa Ann 
P.O. Box 305 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Proctor, Lisa Sotterwhite 
Route 5, Box 87D 
Oxford, NC 27565 


Puckett, Jr., James 


701 Binford Street 

South Hill, VA 23970 

Quirice, Dana Gregory 
Route 3, Box 358 
Leiand, NC 28451 

Rafferty, Richard James 
914 Carnoustie Circle 
Cory, NC 27511 

Rairden, Stephen 


3232 Huntleigh Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27604 

Ransom, Brian Keith 
Route 2, Box 63-A 
Clarkton, NC 28433 

Ratica, Jean Marie 
5112 Woodvalley Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Ray, Georgette Denise 
Route 5, Box 678-C 
Durham, NC 27704 

Ray, Jr., Lewis Braxton 
Route 5, Box 678-F 
Durham, NC 27704 

Ray, Karen L. 
P.O. Box 8912 
Durham, NC 27707 

Reaves, Bradford Kevin 
Route 4, Box 114F 
Mt. Olive, NC 28365 

Reavis, Lillie 
Route 6, Box 677W 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Regal, Wendy Elizabeth 
720 Richmond Street 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Rhine, Duane Robert 
903 Shelburne Road 
Bel Air, MD 21014 

Richard, Angela Christine 
P.O. Box 677 
Creedmoor, NC 27522 

Richards, Bradley Nelson 

608 Holden Street 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Richardson, Andrea Noel 
Route 3, Box 41 
Warrenton, NC 27589 

Rickard, James Bradley 
6959 Mendelssohn 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Riley, Carlton Arnez 
Route 1, Box 140 
Efland, NC 27243 

Riley, Jr., Dwight Miller 
2226 Sparger Road 
Durham, NC 27705 

Rizzolo, Mark Anthony 
401 Thorncliff Drive 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Roberson, Eva Denise 
3133 East Geer Street 
Durham, NC 27704 

Robertson, Jody Fay 
3126 S. Battlebridge 
Richmond, VA 23224 

Robertson, Philip Knight 
7509 Gala Court 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Robinson, Jennifer Marie 
1506 St. John's Lane 
Rockingham, NC 28379 

Rodden, Dawn Elizabeth 
8120 North Creek Run 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Rogers, Christopher 


Route 1, Box 91-A-2 

Bahama, NC 27503 

Rogers, Kena Rosemaron 
431 North Mercer Street 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Rogers, Vickie Mann 
Route 2, Box 240 
Zebulon, NC 27597 

Rollins, Nan Rene 
107 S Eoston Court 
Garner, NC 27529 

Rudd, Dawn Addro 
P.O. Box 4 
Bahama, NC 27503 

Russell, Cheryl Christine 
2104 Bayleof Drive 
Durham, NC 27712 

Russell, Michael Edward 
1028 Clare Court 
Cory, NC 27511 

Sobiston, IV, William 


2809 Old Orchard Road 

Raleigh, NC 27607 

Sadler, Scott Webster 
201 Gulf Street 
Sanford, NC 27330 

Saieed, Matthew 


105 Cheshire Drive 

Greenville, NC 27834 

Sale, III, William Powell 
1 Berkeley Place 
Fredericksburg, VA 

Soiling, William David 
1426 Hwy. 54 East 
Durham, NC 27713 

Sommons, Lisa Jill 
7 Timberline Rood 
Canton, NC 28716 

Sanders, Bryan Scott 
1706 Sobro Drive 
Kinston, NC 28501 

Sanders, Sharon Ann 

P.O. Box 11 

Wilson Mills, NC 27593 

Sanford, Anthony Lee 
2346 Colgate Drive 
Fayetteville, NC 28344 

Sonkovich, Thomas A. 
204 Walnut Street 
Vanderbilt, PA 15486 

Satterwhite, Jan Denise 
6604 Groymont Place 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Savage, Rodrick Brooks 
7909 Netherlands Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Schiewe, Michael Daniel 
1636 Maple Creek Drive 
Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Schwoyer, Marl Helen 
122 Dunconsby Court 
Cory, NC 27511 

Scott, Billy Lee 

302 Glascock Street 

Raleigh, NC 27604 

Scott, Boyd Alston 
P.O. Box 343 
Warrenton, NC 27589 

Scott, Kimberly 
121-B Spruce Hill 
Asheville, NC 28805 

Scott, Mary Kotherine 
707 Chesapeake Lone 
Cory, NC 27511 

Seogroves, III, Edward 


617 Lakeview Drive 

Apex, NC 27502 

Seate, Angela Carole 
P.O. Box 842 
Clorksville, VA 23927 

Serge, Eric Joseph 
2439 Springview Tr. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Seward, Michael Wayne 
402 Forest Hill Drive 
Littleton, NC 27850 

Show, John Jarman 
Route 2, Box 85 
Beaulaville, NC 28518 

Shearin, Julia Carol 
Route 3, Box 320 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Shearon, Stephen Todd 
P.O. Drawer E 
Wilson Mills, NC 27593 

Sheffield, Allen Charles 
3617 Brentwood Rood 


Raleigh. NC 27604 

Shelton, John Southall 
6102 Pinetree Lane 
New Bern, NC 28560 

Shepard. Stephen Rudy 
137 Navaho Trail 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

Sherson, Meri Lynn 
7725 Harps Mill Road 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

(hivers, Jr., James Therrel 
10041 Sycamore Road 
)urham, NC 27703 

Ihreiner, Andrew Charles 
155 E Catherine Street 
Dhambersburg, PA 

ihuler, James Bradley 
1000 Regis Avenue 
)urham, NC 27705 

likorski, Robert Gerald 
>333 Fielding Drive 
/Vilmington, NC 28405 

Simmons, Bobby Isreol 
1 1 1 Phillips Street 
.aGrange, NC 28551 

>impson, Stephen Tuggle 
>714 W Front Street A3 
Jurlington, NC 27214 

)ipfle, William David 
>001 Hardee Road 
(inston, NC 28501 

Slaughter, Rhonda Lisa 
'23 Frank Street 
Joxboro, NC 27573 

>ledge, Margo Denise 
117 Griff ord Drive 
.ouisburg, NC 27549 

>mall, Connie Yvette 
?oute 3, Box 306 
^Jashville, NC 27856 

Jmith, Cynthia Carol 
^0. Box 715 
-uguay-Varina, NC 

Smith. Jeffrey LaMont 
P.O. Box 207 
Micro, NC 27555 

Smith, Joseph Paul 
705 Barksdale Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Smith, Keith Darryl 
5006 Goodnow Rood 
Baltimore, MD 21206 

Smith, Margaret Michelle 

P.O. Box 67 

Kitty Hawk, 27949 

Smith, Pamela Jean 
106 Fox Park 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Snee, Michael James 
Route 3, Box 1A 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Sneed, Elizabeth Russell 
10 Breton Place 
Durham, NC 27707 

Snider, Nina Gayle 
2735 Rosegate Lane 
Matthews, NC 28105 

Southerland, Mark 


4909 Derrwood Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27612 

Spain, Condace Hope 
Route 2, Box 176 
South, Hill, VA 23970 

Spainhour, Julie Annette 
3321 Turnbrigge Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27609 

Speed, James Narshburn 
Route 6. Box 542 
Louisburg. NC 27549 

Spence. Mark William 
1206 Sturdivant Drive 
Cary, NC 27511 

Spencer. Donna Grey 
Route 1. Box 200 
Henderson. NC 27536 

St. Clair. David William 
484 Carolina Circle 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Starnes. Kelley Suzanne 
1100 DeBoy Street 
Raleigh. NC 27606 

Staten. Andre Cornelius 
Route 1. Box 85 
Wenkell, NC 27591 

Steinbach. Kinberly Ann 
P.O. Box 1 
Midlothian, VA 23113 

Stell. Lynda Jeanne 
2617 E Woodlyn Way 
Greensboro. NC 27407 

Stevenson. Rebecca 


122 Argall Town Lane 

Williamsburg. VA 23185 

Stokes. Georgia Ann 
mis Long Drive 
Rockingham, NC 28379 

Strawbridge, Anita Lynne 
305 W Noble Street 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Street, Gregory Andrew 
P.O. Box 597 
Wendell, NC 27591 

Strickland, Timothy Scott 
113 Robertson Street 
Knightdale, NC 27544 

Stroud, III, Luther Phillip 
7300 Grist Mill Rood 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Struzik, Gwen Michele 
7563 Tonglewood Court 
Clemmons, NC 27012 

Sulflohn, Mark LeRoy 
Route 1, Box 192-F 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Summers, Erick Brent 
138 Andover Road 
Fayetteville, NC 28301 

Sumner, Lyn Thomas 

Box 747 

Kitty Hawk, NC 27494 

Tackney, Jr., Neal Evans 
402 Sandlewood Drive 
Durham, NC 27712 

Tankard, John Alderson 
P.O. Box 1164 
Washington, NC 27889 

Taylor. Kimberly Jo 
305 Ridge Rood 
Wilson. NC 27893 

Taylor, Trent Lynwood 
1214 Berkshire Road 
Fayetteville. NC 28304 

Teasley, Vickie Lynn 
Route 2. Box 294 
Creedmoor. NC 27522 

Teator, Shane Edward 
3715 Sid Johnes Lane 
Woke Forest. NC 27587 

Tedder, Mark Aaron 
Route 1. Box 304 
Germonton, NC 27019 

Telfair, III, Richard Badger 
3406 Cherry Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Tennant. Gregory 


4916 Larchmont Drive 

Raleigh. NC 27612 

Terrell, Steven Whitlock 
1304 Camille Court 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Terry, Frances Patricia 
Route 2, Box 315 
Bahama, NC 27503 

Tharrington, III, Sandy 


Route 1, Box 77C 

Zebulon, NC 27597 

Tharrington, Pasy L. 
Route 3, Box 372A 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Tharrington, Rod Reginol 
1861 Foxstone Drive 
Vienna, VA 22180 

Tharrington, Wendy 



2529 Chapel Hill 

Durham, NC 27707 

Thomas, John Clarence 
501 North Street 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Thomas, Wayne Leo 
8133 Brook wood Court 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Thompson, Jane Louise 
128 Creekwood D. 
Advance, NC 27006 

Thompson, Robert Lee 
Route 1, Box 132 
Ash, NC 28420 

Thompson, Susan Paige 
4805 Pennington Court 
Wilmington, DE 19808 

Thorne, Martin Wayne 
2828 Providence Road 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Thrasher, Jon Marc 
10025 Sycramore Road 
Durham, NC 27703 

Tice, Joseph Daniel 
1410 Brentwood Place 
Sonford, NC 27330 

Tobert, Lorey Lee 
3529 Eden Croft Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Torain, Jr., David 
P.O. Box 331 
Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Towers, Patsy Dion 
Route 2, Box 281 -A 
Kittrell, NC 27544 

Trammell, Marcus Lee 
213 Seven Drive 
Seaford, DE 19973 

Tross, Denise Anne 
5733 Furmon Lane 
Bahama, NC 27503 

Truelove, Brad Wesley 
Route 3, Box 333 

Fuquay-Varino, NC 

Truesdale, Stephen 


5110 Trent Woods Drive 

New Bern, NC 28660 

Tucker, Tracey Lynne 

8817 O'Creedmoor 


Raleigh, NC 27612 

Turlington, Matthew Lee 
420 South Walker Street 
Burgaw, NC 28425 

Tyler, Michael William 
206 Pickett Avenue 
Sandston, VA 23150 

Tyndall, Lynwood Craig 
Route 1, box 162 
Pink Hill, NC 28572 

Tyson, Julie Hart 
1543 Iredell Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Uzzell, Suzanne 


220 South College Street 

Wallace, NC 28466 

Van Pelt, Thomas 


Route 1, Box 1570 

Dinwiddle, VA 23841 

VanDeusen, Kathleen 


1002 West Durham Rood 

Cory, NC 27511 

Vang, Christine Marie 
5750 Three Oaks Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Vangritis, Kevin Glenn 
1613 Alicory Court 
Cory, NC 27511 

Vaughan, Whitney Winn 
22 West Governor Drive 
Newport News, VA 

Vinson, Rod Harvey 
Route 2, Box 484 

Seven Springs, NC 28578 

Vitek, Karen Marie 
5004 North Hills Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Volney, Theresa Anno 
4400 Country Club 
New Bern, NC 28560 

Vuncannon, Jennifer 


P.O. Box 99 

Kipling, NC 27543 

Wagner, Kirk Burnham 
7 Berkshire Drive 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Walker, Brian Keith 
1008 Voletta Road 
Bahama, NC 27503 

Walker, James Farrell 
Route 4, Box 486 
Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Walker, John Douglous 
Route 4, Box 486 
Hillsborough, NC 27278 

Walker, Robert Kevin 
4724 Locksview Road 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Walker, Tracey Lynn 
501 Walking Lane 
Foyetteville, NC 28301 

Wall, Ralph Ellis 
501 Walking Lone 
Foyetteville, NC 28301 

Wallace, Jr., James 


808 Kings Mill Road 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Word, Evangeline 


Route 2, Box 241 

Macon, NC 27551 

Word, Gregory Allen 
Route 1, Box 277 
Louisburg, NC 27459 

Warren, Elizabeth Brown 
2705 Arendell Street 

Moreheod City, NC 

Warren, Troy Lynn 
1810 Greenbrior Rood 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Waters, Jr., Marvin 


3024 Red Fox Road 

New Bern, NC 28560 

Wotkins, Kothyrn Powell 
816 East Montgomery 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Wotkins, Sheila Renee 
Route 2, Box 396 
Zebulon, NC 27597 

Wotkins, Teresa Ann 
Route 5, Box 205 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Wotkins, Terri Lynette 
Route 2, Box 328 
Wendell, NC 27591 

Watson, II, Franklin 


Route 2, Box 224-A 

Chose City, VA 23924 

Watson, Melvin Andrew 
3613 Dade Street 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Watson, Wendy Joy 
5307 Memory Lane 
Durham, NC 27712 

Watts, Keith Aaron 
Route 5, Box 324-A 
Roxboro, NC 27573 

Way, Kelly Glenn 
5209 Russell Road 
Durham, NC 27712 

Weaver, Rhonda Ann 
406 Wintergreen Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Webb, IV, William Miller 
1802 Latta Road 
Durham, NC 27712 

Webb, Patricio Carol 
601 Briggs Street Ap. 7 


Vilson. NC 27893 

Veldon, Marshall Thomas 
03 Cherry Street 
lenderson, NC 27536 

Veils, Jr., Samuel Lewis 
»03 Forest Lane 
louth Hill, VA 23970 

Vertis, Frances Regina 
>333 Thayer Drive 
taleigh, NC 27612 

/Vheeler. II. Kirby LeRoy 
J21 West Drewry Lane 
Jaleigh, NC 27609 

/Vhitaker, Benjamin Hicks 
>10 Winston Street 
^ranklinton, NC 27525 

A/hite, Brian Eugene 
208 Tracey Trail 
Durham, NC 27712 

i/Vhite, David Lee 
10217 Windblutf Drive 
Richmond, VA 23233 

lA/hite, Jeftrey Martin 
10209 Farmleigh Drive 
Richmond, VA 23235 

White, Jocelyn Aileen 
6 Fairlane Avenue 
Franklinton, NC 27525 

White, William Elgin 
30 Shadov^ Wd Way 
Ballston Lake, NY 12019 

Whitehead, Jr., Frank 


1701 King Circle 

Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Whitehead, Thomas 


1906 East 5th Street 

Greenville. NC 27834 

Whitley, Annie Lee 
Route 5, Box 438 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Whitley, Mary Frances 
6000 Spring Valley 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Wichtrick, Mark Allen 

206 Homestrad Drive 
Cary. NC 27511 

Wilder. Barry Dv^ayne 
Route 2. Box 176 
Franklinton, NC 27525 

Wilkins. Brenda Dean 
Route 3. Box 376-X 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Wilkinson, Barbara Faye 
Route 1, Box 23 
Skipwith, VA 23968 

Wilkinson, Susan Ann 

207 North Gurney Street 
Burlington, NC 27215 

Williams, Amy Susan 
Route 1, Box 173 
Costalia, NC 27816 

Williams, Joseph Scott 

709 York Street 

Rocky Mount, NC 27801 

Williams, Jr., Gerald Boin 
1606 Buttaloe Road 
Garner, NC 27529 

Williams, Kimberly Renee 
307 Fox Park Road 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Williams, Robert Wayne 
4900 Vallery Place 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Wilson, Karen Felice 
Route 3, Box 384 
Warrenton, NC 27589 

Wilson, Scott William 
8717 Langtree 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Wilson, Steven Douglas 
Route 3, Box 140 
Knightdale, NC 27545 

Winfree, Scott Gaston 
Route 4, Box 103A 
Wake Forest. NC 27587 

Winslov^. John McMaster 
2515 Buxton Court 
Chapel Hill. NC 27514 

Wolff. Jean Marie 

Box 724 

Louisburg. NC 27549 

Wood. Rodney Brian 
910 Danbury Drive 
Durham, NC 27703 

Woodlieg. Angela 


Route 6. Box 62 

Louisburg. NC 27549 

Woody. Georye Lynn 
413 Highview Drive 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Wooten. Marcia Denise 
1911 Howard Avenue 
Tarboro. NC 27886 

Wrenn. Jennifer Lee 
Route 3. Box 100 
Louisburg. NC 27549 

Wright. Jr.. James 


3416 Landor Road 

Raleigh. NC 27609 

Wright. Terry Ball 
Route 2. Box 173 
Franklinton. NC 27525 

Wynne. Judy Kathleen 
Route 3. Box 199 
Louisburg. NC 27549 

Yager, DeAnn 
Route 1, Box 22-A 
Clarksville, VA 23927 

Yates, Robert Bruce 
3115 Pine Needles Road 
High Point, NC 27260 

Yergan, Alice Jo 
910 Bent Creek Drive 
Bahama, NC 27503 

Yost, Dennis Anthony 
1503 Cole Mill Road 
Durham. NC 27705 

Young. Guy Dale 
9440 Springdale Drive 
Raleigh. NC 27612 

Youngblood, III, William 


405 North Wilson Avenue 

Dunn. NC 28334 

Younts, David Worth 
3908 Inwood Drive 
Durham. NC 27705 

Zeller, Ceceilia Theresa 
2812 May view Road 
Raleigh. NC 27607 

Ziegler. Joanne Eileen 
Route 1. Box 145C 
Vesuvius. VA 24483 



Abemethy, Charles 


32 Whitley Drive 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Alban, Michael Anthony 
Route 1 Box 395 
Bahama, NC 27503 

Alvarez, George Henry 
4111 Conway Avenue 
apt. 1 
Charlotte, NC 28209 

Armstrong, John Butler 
2424 Tram Rood 
Nev^ Bern, NC 28560 

Botts, Lav^/rence Scott 
603 Ashe Avenue 
Cary, NC 27511 

Beasley, Howard Scott 
105 Madrid Court 
Garner, NC 27529 

Bonner, Jr., William 


2220 Cedarcrest Road 

Richmond, VA 23235 

Bradley, Joseph Scott 
102 West Merlin Drive 
Knightdale, NC 27545 

Braswell, Michael Todd 
3506 Gates Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Briggs, Vertie Lindello 
Route 5 Box 448 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Brooks, Jean Zealand 
403 Noble Street 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Brown, Robert Norman 
4908 Elizabeth Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Bulluck, Jane Tippett 
P.G. Box 825 
Zebulon, NC 27597 

Carr, James Ellis 
1421 General Lee 
Foyetteville, NC 28305 

Carter, Jr., William James 
1230 Kimbolton Drive 
Gary, NC 25711 

Clayton, Hannah G. 
2420 Oxford Road 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Cotton, Michael Carl 
5916 Boling Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27603 

Critcher, Al Royster 
5525 Buffaloe Road 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Culler, Mischa Tiny 
Route 6 Box 572 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Dillon, Brian Kelley 
Route 6 Box 1936 
Charlotte, NC 28214 

Eubank, Raymond 


311 Lennox Place 

Wilmington, NC 28403 

Evans, Christopher Davis 

P.O. Box 254 

Mt. Gilead, NC 27306 

Fisher, Heather Mae 
117 Oakland Trace 
Madison, Ala. 35758 

French, Robynne Ney 
P.O. Box 807 
Advance, NC 27006 

Garulski, James Scott 
12525 Birch Falls 
Raleigh, NC 27614 

Graham, Thessalonia 
P.O. Box 756 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Harris, Jennifer Ann 
6804 Electro Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Hickman, Kimberly Ann 

223 Bidney Drive 
Burlington, NC 27215 

Holt, Larry Grayson 
6315 Deerview Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Jefferson, Bonnie Lee 
23 Deerfield Trail 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Jackson, Johnny 
Route 2 Box 5A 
Zebulon, NC 27597 

Jones, Edna Ruth 

P.O. Box 7602 

Rocky Mount, NC 27804 

Knight, Charles Russell 
2351 Lancashire Drive 
Richmond, VA 23235 

Lowing, Arnold Scott 
251 1-B Patriot Way 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Liles, Susan Frances 
P.O. Box 163 
Wendell, NC 27591 

Lineweover, James 


1903 LaFoyette Avenue 

Greensboro, NC 27408 

Lopez, Jesus Ismael 
C-12 Urb Los Angeles 
Carolina, Puerto Rico 

Mans, Stephen Lewis 
805 Silverleod Place 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

McGee, Karen Renee 
Route 3 Box B-225 
Enfield, NC 27823 

Munn, Jeffery Scott 
Route 4 Box 98M 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Neel, Gregory Daniel 
8016 Lewingsville Road 

Nobles, J. Tucker 
Route 3 Box 63B 

Louisburg, NC 27549 

Perry, John Paul 
P.O. Box 924 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Pierson, Christopher 


2400 Newton Street 

Vienna, VA 22180 

Pulley, Melba Dickerson 
Route 4 Box 139-Y 
Henderson, NC 27536 

Roczkowksi, Jay Richard 
1110 W. Durham 
Gary, NC 27511 

Reese, David Patrick 
203 Danby Drive 
Winston-Salem, NC 

Riggon, Marie 
P.O. Box 758 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Rouse, Joel Elbert 
2602 Lisa Lone 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Schlotzhauer, Scott 


8212 Donset Drive 

Springfield, VA 22152 

Smith, Angela Goyle 
Route 6 Box 587 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

Smith, Jacqueline 


402 Brandywine Road 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Smith, Jeffrey Bryan 
Box 185 Hillside Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Smith, Karen Alphin 
1308 Pitkin Court 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Stewart, Alan Dale 
P.O. Box 1002 
Shallotte, NC 28459 


jtrickland. Mary Ann 
J 105 Graham Newton 
\pex. NC 27502 

Jwayne. Jr., David 


?05 Park Avenue 

Sarner. NC 27529 

Faylor, Weldon Lament 
4906 Warwick Road 
Richmond, VA 23224 

[homos, Stephen Carroll 
205 Arlington Circle 
Sanford. NC 27330 

Tingle, Darrell Eugene 
Route 1 Box 253D 
Bridgeville. DE 19933 

Turner, Frederick Doug 
127 S. Hairpin Drive 
Quinton, V A 23141 

Uesugi, Minoru 
2-7-14, Shimoe-cho 
Toyonaka-Shi, Osaka, 

Walston, Denver Carroll 
5000 N. Glen Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Waters, Charles Anthony 
5034 Greenoak Drive 
Durham, NC 27712 

Wotkins, Harold Scott 
P.O. Box 10832 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Weekley, Shoryn R. 
102 Oak Trail 
Belmont, NC 28012 

Wemyss, Macon Todd 
P.O. Box 315 
Warrenton, NC 27589 

Wilson, Amy Lorraine 
5604 Mopleridge Rood 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Wilson, Catherine 


223 Woodridge Drive 

Belmont, NC 28012 

Wood, Jr., John Darby 
Route 9 Box 241-H 
Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Both Marcus Tromnneli and Keith Frink thmk Louisborg College is something to smie about 
Ttvat IS wtKit you ore smibng atx)ut. isn't it guys? 



Abernathy, Charles 204 
Adcock, Billy 48, 188 
Alaimo, Alicia 54, 188 
Alban, Micheal 204 
Alberts, David Marshall 54, 188 
Allen, Charles Wellford 188 
Allen, William 54, 167, 168, 188 
Alley, Valerie 54, 169, 188 
AUis, Richard 188 
Allred, Gary 188 
Alter, Andrea 48, 188 
Alvarez, George 48, 188, 204 
Anderson, Micheal 48, 188 
Anderson, Stephanie 22, 48, 168, 
169, 188 

Andrews, Brian 54, 167, 188 
Andrews, Stephen 188 
Armstrong, John 204 
Arnold, Lisa 54, 188 
Asami, Akiko 54, 188 
Ashby, Charles 48, 176, 188 
Ashcraft, Scott 54, 188 
Atkinson, Bobbi 188 
Atkinson, Towanda 54, 188 
Averette, Lisa 54, 188 
Averette, Timothy 188 
Axberg, William 188 


Bacil, John 188 
Baggett, Helen 48, 188 
Baker, Jeffrey 54, 188 
Baker, John 48, 188 
Baker, George 188 
Baker, Lucy 54, 188 
Baker, Pamela 188 
Baker, Teddy 54, 176 
Banner, Betsy 48, 188 
Barbe, James 54, 168, 188 
Barber, Wendy 48, 145, 188 
Barefoot, Lowell 24, 25, 27, 179, 

Barnes, Bridget 54, 165, 188 
Barnes, Christopher 188 
Barnes, Patrick 188 
Barnette, Robin 28, 55, 117, 165, 

Bass, Cheryl 55, 188 
Bass, Jerome 55, 188 
Bates, Beth 13, 55, 176, 188 
Batson, Alan 48, 188 
'Battle, Terry 188 

Boyd, Melissa 55, 189 

Boyette, Dena 22, 48, 189 

Boyetle, James 55, 189 

Boyette, James Clyde 55, 189 

Bradley, Christopher 189 

Bradley, Joseph 49, 189, 204 

Bradsher, David 49, 189, 204 

Braswell, Micheal 189, 204 

Brawley, Scott 189 

Brawn, Jeff 189 

Bray, Anna 55, 189 

Bridger, Frank 189 

Bridges, Earnest 49, 189 

Bridges, Robert 189 

Bridgforth, Sidney 49, 189 

Briggs, Vertie 189, 204 

Brinson, Timothy 189 

Britt, Cecil 189 

Britt, Dallas 55, 76, 117, 161, 189 

Brooks, Jean 204 

Brooks, Kenneth 189 

Brooks, Kevin 49, 189 

Brooks, Larry 8, 49, 189 

Brown, Deborah 55, 166, 189 

Brown, Kevin 55, 189 

Brown, Lynn Steven 189 

Brown, Robert 204 

Brown, Stephanie 55, 189 

Brown, Steven 167, 189 

Bruton, Verlisa 134, 189 

Bryan, David 49, 189 

Bucco, Kristin 55, 163, 189 

Buffaloe, Lisa 168, 169, 189 

BuUard, Jeffrey 161, 166, 176, 189 

BuUuck, Jane 204 

Bunn, Mark 55, 189 

Bunn, Timothy 189 

Burchette, Tracey 49, 161, 163, 

164, 165, 166, 189 

Burden, Daphne 8, 49, 134, 163, 

166, 189 

Burton, Hugh 55, 189 

Bush, Scott 189, 49 

Buttram, Doug 189 

Byrd, Jarvis 55, 189 

Batts, Lawrence 204 

Baxter, Stephen 55, 188 

Bazen, Tony 48, 188 

Seaman, Kim 188 

Beaman, Michael 55, 188 

Beasley, Anthony 55 

Beasley, Howard 204 

Beck, Richard 48, 188 

Beckham, Angela 188 

Bennett, Alexis 188 

Benton, John 188 
Bernstein, Scott 188 
Best, Teresa 55, 189 
Bethea, William 189 
Beverly, Thomas 189 
Bialkowski, Julia 48, 176, 189 
Biles, Marvin 55, 189 
Black, James 189 
Blackshear, Ashley 48, 189 
Bobbitt, Tonya 189 
Boley, Kelly 30, 55, 189 
Bonner, William 204 
Boyce, Julie 55, 189 
Boyd, Lisa 55, 189 

Caldwell, Jeff 49, 189 

Callaway, Raymond 189 

Cappello, Denise 55, 189 

Carlton, Maury 49, 189 

Carnes, John 189 

Games, Mary 55, 167, 169, 189 

Carnes, Vivian 189 

Carr, James 55, 189, 204 

Carter, William 204 

Casey, Paige 49, 192 

Cash, Dennis 192 

Cash, LuAnne 55, 192 

Cash, Michael 166, 192 

Chalmers, Jacquie 192 

Chamblee, Joanna 49, 168, 169, 


Chandler, Jennifer 49, 192 

Chandler, Jeffrey 192 

Cheek, Earnestine 192 

Cheney, Missy 28, 29, 31, 48, 49, 

161, 178, 192 

Cherry, Richard 55, 192 

Clark, Betty 55, 192 

Clark, Mary Kathryn 49, 176, 192 

Clark, Pamela 192 

Clayton, Hannah 204 

Clewis, Natalie 192 

Cliett, Gary 55, 192 

Clopton, Betsy 55, 192 

Coates, Cecil 55, 192 

Coble, Denise 48, 49, 163, 167, 

178, 192 

Cohn, Joseph 55, 161, 163, 166, 


Cole, Bradley 192 

Collins, Heather 24, 25, 55, 178, 


Collins, Tracey 56, 168, 192 


Collom, Vance 49, 192 

Colwell, Cindy 19, 28, 30, 49, 178, 


Conner, Jacquie 49, 166, 192 

Cook, Donald 40, 192 

Cooper, Valerie 34, 192 

Copeland, Jessica 145, 192 

Cordell, Lisa 56, 192 

Cotton, Micheal 5t>, 192, 204 

Cozart, Joey 5o, l'J2 

Cozart, Kelli 22, 49, 192 

Crabtree, Barry 21, 49, 161, 162, 

165, lo7, 178, 102 

Crawford, John 192 

Creech, Micheal 192 

Crenshaw, Paula 5t>, 101, 192 

Crews, Kathryn 5e, 102 

Cribb, Kyle 56, 102 

Critcher, Royster 204 

Crosier, Cathy 5, 119. 192 

Crowder, Gary 192 

Culbertson, John 192 

Culler, Mischa 204 

Dadson, Heather 56, 192 

Daley, Micheal 56, 192 

Daniel, Kimberly 56, 192 

Daniel, Lynwood 56, 192 

Darden, Gregory 176, 192 

Darrow, John 192 

Davenport, Wade 192 

Davenport, Penni 56, 192 

Davis, Alan 49, 192 

Davis, Celia 192 

Davis, Harold 192 

Davis, Charles 192 

Davis, Richard 192 

Day, James 49, 192 

Day, Kelly 192 

Daye, Keith 193 

Deal, Michele 56, 134, 103 

Dean, Melanie 168, 169, 193 

Decker, Leland 56, 165, 193 

Deese, Andrea 49, 134, 163, 167, 


Dehner, Timothy 193 

Denbo, Edward 40, 193 

Denmark, Terry 193 

Denton, Mattie 85, 193 

Dickerson, Gordon 56, 193 

Diego, Paul 56, 193 

Dillon, Brian 204 

Dingee, Denise 49, 134, 144, 145, 


Disney. Julia 193 

Doban, Jennifer 56. 193 
Doby, Anthony 49, 193 
Domin, Jeffrey 5o, 193 
Doolittle, Derek 56. 193 
Downum, John 56, 193 
Drake, Merlcne 193 
Driver, Charlotte 103 
Droppleman, Tony 56, lo9, 193 
Dubber. Elizabeth 193 
Duke. Kim 49. 117. 193 
Dunninton, Robert 160, 176, 193 
Durham. Brian 193 
Dwyer. Robert 56, 193 
Dyson, Dorothy 193 

Eckard, John 56, 193 
Edgington, Andrew 193 
Edmondson. Mary Beth 193 
Edwards, Alvin 56, 161, 163 
Edwards. Angela 56. 193 
Edwards. Billie 193 
Edwards. Charles 56. 193 
Edwards, Darrell 193 
Edwards. Talmadge 193 
Edwards. Theodore 142, 193 
Edwards. Todd 193 
Ellington. Joseph 193 
Elliott. John 56. 193 
Elliott, Jeffrey 193 
Ervin, Alwood. 56, 193 
Ervin, Melissa 193 
Eubank. Raymond 204 
Evans. Christopher 204 
Evans, Donna 56, 193 

Waiting Jof his pfch m a cruCKal gome is 
Not Nofris. 

Faircloth. Katherine 56, 193 

Farrell. Jeffrey 49, 193 

Felton. Timothy 49. 193 

Ferro. Michele 56. 193 

Finch, Adam 193 

Finch, Jean 49. 193 

Fisher, Heather 163, 204 

Flaherty, Paul 49. 193 

Flehan. Randa 193 

Floyd. Ellen 56, 193 

Forbes. John 49, 193 

Forbes, Harvey 56, 162. 167. 193 

Forbis, Heather 166, 194 

Ford. Alicia 194 

Ford, April 56. 134, 136, 194 

Forrest, Robert 50, 161, 194 

Forrester. Roy 50. 194 

Foster. Lindsay 194 

Foster, Ronald 43. 194 

Fougerat, Chris 50, 194 

Fout, Geoffrey 194 

Franklin. Melinda 56, 194 

Frazier, Melissa 194 

French, Robynne 163, 166, 194, 


Frick, Claude 194 

Frink, Keith 194. 205 

Fulghum. Richard 194 

Gantt. Chris 194 

Gantt. Charles 20, 161, 194 

Ganna, Frank 194 

Gardner. Edward 194 

Gardner, Kelly 163, 167, 194 

Garulski, James 204 

Gay. Lisa 50. 194 

Gibbs. William 194 

Gibson, Myshelle 50, 194 

Gilchrist. Stacey 194 

Gill. Sonia 50. 104 

Gilliam. Carolyn 168, 169, 194 

Givens. Angela 50, 194 

Glosson, Troy 194 

Glover, Dallas 194 

Goff. Forrest 169. 194 

Goodman. Randall 194 

Goodson, James 194 

Goodwin, Jennifer 50, 194 

Gore, Brian 194 

Gorlesky, Catherine 194 

Green. Emma 194 

Green, Melvin 194 


Gregg, Paul 194 
Griffin, Calvin 50, 194 
Griffin, John 194 
Griffin, Richard 50, 194 
Griffin, William 194 
Griffith, David 194 
Grimes, Barden 50, 194 
Grissom, Teresa 194 
Gupton, David 194 
Gupton, Timothy 50, 194 
Gurganus, Betsy 10, 13, 50, 194, 
18, 28, 167, 178 
Gurley, Margaret 194 


Hackney, Delbra 58, 194, 134 

Hagwood, Joan 194 

Haley, Mike 50, 194 

Ham, Sandee 194 

Hancock, John 50, 194 

Hand, Sarah 194 

Hardison, Alton 58, 194 

Hardy, Gayle 58, 194 

Hargrave, Beverly 58, 194, 134, 


Hargrove, Mark 18, 50, 160, 161, 

163, 164, 165, 195, 29, 167 

Harper, Betty 195 

Harper, Christopher 195 

Harper, Jean 195 

Harper, Samuel 195 

Harrell, Billy 50, 161, 195, 167 

Harrell, Paula 58, 195 

Harris, David 58, 195 

Harris, Glenn 195 

Harris, Jennifer 204, 195 

Harris, Myron 195 

Harris, Dela 50, 195 

Harris, Renee 169 

Harris, Ronnie 58, 195 

Harris, Nicollette 58, 195 

Harris, Renee 58, 195 

Harris, Sylvester 50, 195 

Harris, Warren 176, 195 

Harrison, Angela 161, 58, 195, 169 

Harrison, Gordon 50, 117, 195, 

168, 169 

Harrison, Howard 50, 195 

Harrison, Melissa 50, 195, 24, 25 

Haskins, Elizabeth 195 

Hassell, Jamie 165, 195 

Hatch, William 195 

Hayes, Diana 58, 195 

Henderson, Virginia 176, 195 

Henry, Deborah 50, 195 

Herholz, Jeffrey 58, 195 
Herman, Rex 58, 195 
Herring, Beth 50, 195 
Hewitt, Walter 195 
Hewitt, Linda 195 
Hickey, Stephanie 58, 195 
Hickman, Kimberly 195 
Hicks, Judy 195 

Higgins, Stuart 161, 195, 167, 162 
Hill, Cherie 58, 195 
Hill, Elizabeth 59, 195 
Hilley, Pamela 59, 195 
Hilliard, Ray 59, 195, 42 
Hines, Beaman 59, 195 
Hines, Caroline 59, 195 
Hinton, Brian 59, 195, 24 
Hobart, Julie 59, 195, 28, 29, 163 
Hodges, Cristy 195 
Hodges, Joye 50, 195 
Hodges, Kenneth 195 
Hoffman, Bryan 59, 176, 195 
Holcomb, William 50, 195, 9, 141 
Holden, Robert 59, 195 
Holland, Angela 50, 195 
Holland, Steven 195 
Holliday, Jeffrey 50, 195, 5 
HoUiday, Edgar 59, 195 
Holloway, William 12, 195 
Holmes, David 50, 195 
Holt, Larry 204 
Honeycutt, Gattis 50, 195 
Hooks, Herman 50, 161, 48, 165, 
195, 163 

Hooton, Christian 196 
Hopkins, Cynthia 59, 196 
Home, Timothy 13, 50, 196 
Howe, Wendy 196 

Hoisting the "Stars and Stripes" on Par- 
ent's Day is Dean of Student Affairs. J, 
Craig Eller. 

Huchel, Charles 196 
Hudson, Angela 50, 196 
Hughes, John 196 
Hughes, Mary 196 
Hunter, Constance 196 
Hunter, Elizabeth 59, 196 
Hunter, Sharlene 59, 196 
Hutcheson, Burke 196 
Hutson, Richard 50, 196 
Hyde, Aubrey 31, 59, 196, 178, 


Infante, Martha 59, 196, 22 

Ingle, Walker 60, 163, 196 

Irving, Kenny 5, 196 

Isenhour, Baron 60, 166, 196 

Isley, Mark 50, 160, 161, 164, 165, 


Ivey, Mark 51, 196 

Jackson, Johnny 204 

Jackson, Shelly 51, 196 

Jacobs, Louis 60, 169, 197 

Jacobson, Jill 196 

Jamerson, Julie 196 

Jefferson, Bonnie 204 

Jefferson, David 51, 196 

Jeffreys, Johnny 12, 32, 60, 196 

Jenkins, Tim 60, 66, 196 

Jenks, James 196 

Johnson, James 196 

Johnson, Jerry 196 

Johnson, Vernon 196 

Johnson, Tim 42, 43, 60, 168, 169, 


Jones, Cythia 134, 135, 196 

Jones, Diane 196 

Jones, Edna 204 

Jones, Paul 60, 196 

Jones, Karen 196 

Jones, Morton 196 

Jones, Lynn 51, 196 

Jorgenson, Kim 60, 196 

Joseph, Amy 51, 161, 163, 165, 

167, 196 

Joyner, Debra 60, 134, 196 

Joyner, James 60, 196 

Joyner, Mary 51, 165, 196 

Judd, Willie 60, 196 

Julian, Jennifer 60, 196 

Jusino, Edgar 196 


Kearns, John l^o 
Keating, Paul 51, l^Jo 
Kelly, Steven IPo 
Kenan, Audrey oO, lo5, 196 
Kendrick, Connie 51, 178, 19o 
Kendrick, Kristy 196 
Kennedy, Nadine 51, 167, 196 
Kennon, Bradley oO, 19o 
Kesler, Sigrid 51, 160, 161, 196 
Key, Jack 19o 

Kidd, Kenny oO, 167, lo8, 197 
Kidd, Laura oO, 165, 197 
Kindt, John 51, 167 
King, Kayrn 51, 119, 197 
King, Michael 60, l66, 197 
King, Stephanie oO, lo3, 197 
Klotz, Lynne 60, 167, 197 
Koenck, Diane 197 
Knight, Charles 204 
Kohler, Susan 51, 197 

Lachman, Theodore 197 

Laird, Kristine 60, 197 

Lake, Laura 197 

Lam, Carolyn 60, 168, 169, 197 

Langston, John 60, 197 

Lanier, Sheri 60, 197 

Lankford, Kris 51, 197 

Lankford, Michelle 60, 197 

Lashley, Michael 60, 197 

Lassiter, Brenda 197 

Laughter, Robert 197 

Lavigne, Peter 197 

Lavoie, Kitty 197 

Lawing, Arnold 204 

Lawing, Michael Michael 60, 197 

Lay, Linda 197 

Lay, Randall 197 

Lee, Gregory 60, 197 

Lee, Nancy 30, 60, 116, 163, 197 

Lee, Robert 60, 197 

Leggett, Carey 60, 169, 197 

Liles, Susan 204 

Liles, Timothy 197 

Lilly, Natalee 60, 197 

Lineweaver, James 204 

Little, Susan 51, 197 

Livingston, David 197 

Lloyd, Karen 60, 197 

Loftin, Audra 51, 197 

Loftin, Linda 197 

Logan, Elizabeth 60, 197 

Logan, Jeanine 60, 197 
Logan, Lee 60 
Logan, William 51, 197 
Long, Lee 197 
Lopez, Jesus 204 
Louden, Ronald 197 
Lovelace, Michael 61, 197 
Lynch, Kerlin 6l, 197 


MacFarlane, Sandy 61, 197 
Mangas, Gina 197 
Mann, Jeffiner 51, 162, 197 
Mans, Stephen 204 
Marchant, Leslie 197 
Martin, Ben 197 
Martini, Paul 176, 197 
Mason, Byrant 61, 197 
Massey, Douglas 61, 197 
Mathews, Lee 61, 197 
Mathis, Ada 197 
Matthews, Steven 197 
May, Marie 197 
Maynor, Laura 61, 198 
Mayo, Stephen 198 
McAllister, Michele 198 
McBride, Eric 198 
McCoy, Thomas 61, 198 
McCraw, Marcus 61, 198 
McCreery, Michael 198 
McDonald, Chris 198 
McDorman, Brent 61, 198 
McGee, Karen 204 
McGee, Sonya 51, 198 
McGee, Susie 51, 198 
McHose, James 198 
McKay, Meliwsa 61, 198 
McKnight, Pamela 61, 198 
McKnight, Tommy 198 
McNair, William 43, 51, 198 
McNeil, Terry 198 
McPhail, Tom 51, 62 
McRae, Rony 61, 198 
Meadows, Lois 61, 198 
Medlin, Ceclia 24, 51, 198 
Medlin, Jacqueline 198 
Melvin, William 10, 62, 198 
Merritt, Valerie 51, 198 
Michael, Michelle 19, 28, 29, 30, 
51, 198 

Milaninia, Bahram 10, 62, 198 
Miles, Russell 51, 198 
Miller, Stephen 62, 198 
Mills, Alisa 51, 198 
Mitchell, Alan 198 
Mitchell, Tammy 51, 167, 198 

Moffat, Jennifer 62, 198 
Molloy, Howard 31, 62, 198 
Montague, Stephanie 62, 198 
Moody, William 198 
Moore, Annie 198 
Moore, Bruce 62, 141, 161, 198 
Moore, David 198 
Moore, Geoffrey 198 
Moore, Mack 198 
Moore, Christine 198 
Moore, Myrtle 198 
Moore, Tony 198 
Morgan, Debra 62, 169, 198 
Morgan, Richard 51, 198 
Morris, Scott 198 
Morris, Lee 163, 198 
Mosley, Johnny 198 
Mowbray, Nathaniel 198 
Mowbray, Kim 198 
Mulligan, Heather 198 
Mullins, Matt 51, 198 
Munn, Jeff 204 
Munson, Carl 198 
Murray, Leanne 165, 198 
Mustian, Tim 62, 198 


Natale, Lisa 51, 144, 198 
Neal, Paula 31, 198 
Neal, Sonia 62, 168, 169, 199 
Neathery, George 51, 199 
Neel, Gregory 204 
Neilsen, Amy 62, 199 
Neustadt, Karen 199 
Newkirk, Dinah 62, 199 
Newkirk, Evelyn 199 
Newton, Jay 62, 199 
Newton, Stephanie 62, 199 
Nicholas, Michael 62, 199 
Nichols, Larry 51, 199 
Norfleet, Robert 63, 199 
Norris, Kendal 63, 199 
Norris, Randy 199 
Norton, Debbie 199 

O'Neal, David 63, 199 
Ognovich, Dee 63, 199 
Omar, Omar 199 
Outlaw, Jennifer 63, 178, 199 
Owens, Duane 63, 176, 199 


Pait, Russell 199 
Parham, Donna 199 
Parker, Karen 63, 199 
Parmeter, Kenneth 51, 199 
Parrish, Edward 199 
Parrish, Edward Scott 199 
Parrish, John 51, 199 
Parrish, Kimberly 63, 199 
Parrish, Michele 63, 199 
Passavant, Paige 199 
Patterson, Marilyn 63, 199 
Patterson, Rodney 63, 199 
Peace, Marion 176, 199 
Peaden, Betty 63, 134, 199 
Pearce, Gary 199 
Pearce, Tina 199 
Penny, Raymond 63, 199 
Perry, John 204 
Perry, Maxine 199 
Phibeck, Robert 63, 199 
Phillips, Charlene 52, 199 
Phillips, John 199 
Pierce, Edna 199 
Pierce, Evan 63, 199 
Pierson, Christopher 204 
Pilkington, Johnny 199 
Pinckney, Martha 63, 178, 199 
Pinnix, Mia 134, 199 
Pittman, Francis 199 
Pleasant, Mitchell 199 
Pleasants, Carla 52, 199 
Pleasants, Shelby 199 
Plettner, Patrick 199 
Plummer, Janus 63, 199 
Poe, Brooks 199 
Poole, Lori 63, 199 
Porter, Dale 63, 199 
Potter, Theodore 63, 166, 199 
Potts, Jeffrey 52, 200 
Powell, Joanna 52, 200 
Powell, Mazie 200 
Powers, Deidre 63, 200 
Pritchett, Lisa 200 
Proctor, Lisa 52, 200 
Puckett, James 200 
Pulley, Melba 204 

Quince, Dana 200 


Rafferty, Richard 200 
Rairden, Stephen 63, 116, 200 
Ransom, Brain 200 

Ratica, Jean 63, 200 
Ray, Georgette 63, 200 
Ray, Lewis 200 
Ray, Karen 63, 161, 162, 200 
Raynor, Monica 52, 62, 200 
Reaves, Bradford 200 
Reavis, Lillie 200 
Reese, David 169, 204 
Regal, Wendy 63, 200 
Rhine, Duane 200 
Richard, Angela 63, 200 
Richards, Brad 178, 200 
Richardson, Andrea 63, 200 
Rickard, James 52, 200 
Riley, Carlton 140, 200 
Riley, Dwight 52, 200 
Rizzolo, Mark 63, 200 
Roberson, Eva 63, 200 
Robertson, Jody 63, 169, 200 
Robertson, Philip 52, 162, 200 
Robinson, Jennifer 52, 167, 200 
Rodden, Dawn 4, 28, 167, 178, 

Rogers, Christopher 63, 200 
Rogers, Kena 52, 200 
Rogers, Vickie 200 
Rollins, Nan 200 
Rouse, Joel 204 
Rudd, Dawn 63, 200 
Russell, Cheryl 52, 200 
Russell, Michael 63, 200 

Sabiston, Bill 5, 31, 52, 161, 162, 
164, 165, 200 

Sadler, Scott 63, 162, 167, 200 
Saieed, Matthew 200 
Sale, William 52, 2-0 
Sailing, William 200 
Sammons, Lisa 64, 200 
Sanders, Bryan 200 
Sanders, Sharon 52, 200 
Sanford, Anthony 200 
Sankovich, Thomas 200 
Satterwhite, Jan 64, 200 
Savage, Roderick 200 
Schiewe, Michael 200 
Schlotzhaur, Scott 64, 166, 176, 
200, 204 

Schwoyer, Mari 64, 200 
Scott, Billy 200 
Scott, Boyd 52, 200 
Scott, Kimberly 64, 200 
Scott, Mary Katherine 52, 200 
Seagroves, Edward 201 

Seate, Angela 64, 201 

Serge, Eric 201 

Seward, Micheal 201 

Shaw, John 52, 201 

Shearin, Julia 201 

Shearin, Stephen 64, 165, 201 

Sheffield, Allen 201 

Shelton, John 201 

Shepard, Stephen 52, 201 

Sherson, Meri 13, 18, 52, 201 

Shivers, Jack 64, 201 

Shoaf, James 64 

Shreiner, Andrew 64, 201 

Shuler, James 64, 201 

Sikorski, Robert 64, 201 

Simmons, Bobby 201 

Simpson, Stephen 201 

Sipfle, William 166, 201 

Slaughter, Rhonda 64, 163, 201 

Sledge, Margo 52, 201 

Small, Connie 201 

Smith, Angela 204 

Smith, Cynthia 64, 201 

Smith, Jacquelyn 204 

Smith, Jeffrey 201 

Smith, Jeffrey Bryan 204 

Smith, Joseph 18, 19, 52, 201 

Smith, Karen 204 

Smith, Keith 64, 201 

Smith, Margaret 201 

Smith, Pamela 201 

Snee, Michael 52, 201 

Sneed, Elizabeth 5, 201 

Snider, Nina 64, 116, 169, 201 

Southerland, Mark 201 

Spain, Candace 30, 52, 162, 167, 

168, 201 

Spainhour, Julie 64, 164, 165, 201 

Speed, James 201 

Spence, Mark 201 

Spencer, Donna 52, 201 

St. Clair, David 201 

Stallings, David 119 

Starnes, Kelley 19, 22, 161, 164, 

165, 201 

Staten, Andre 52, 201 

Steinbach, Kimberly 13, 201 

Stell, Lynda 178, 201 

Stevenson, Rebecca 64, 201 

Stewart, Alan 205 

Stokes, Georgia Ann 64, 166, 201 

Strawbridge, Anita 201 

Street, Greg 176, 201 

Strickland, Mary Ann 205 

Strickland, Timothy 64, 201 

Stroud, Luther 52, 201 

Struzik, Gwen 22, 163, 166, 201 


Suelflohn, Mark 201 
Summers, Eric 52, 201 
Sumner, Lynn 52, 201 
Swayne, David 205 

Tackney, Neal 201 
Tankard, John 04, 201 
Taylor, Kimberly o4, 201 
Taylor, Trent 64, 201 
Taylor, Weldon 205 
Teasley, Vivkie e>4, 201 
Teator, Shane 64, 202 
Tedder, Mark 202 
Telfair, Richard 202 
Tennant, Greg 52, 202 
Terrell, Steven 64, 202 
Terry, Patti 64, 163, 166, 202 
Tharrington, Sandy 202 
Tharrington, Patsy 202 
Tharrington, Rod 202 
Tharrington, Wendy 52, 116, 202 
Thomas, John 202 
Thomas, Stephen 205 
Thomas, Wayne 202 
Thompson, Jane 5, 22, 52, 202 
Thompson, Robert 202 
Thompson, Susan 52, 202 
Thome, Martin 52, 166, 202 
Thrasher, Jon 202 
Tice, Joseph 202 
Tingle, Darrell 205 
Tobert, Lorey 64, 202 
Torain, David 52, 161, 202 
Towers, Patsy 202 
Trammell, Marcus 202, 205 
Tross, Denise 202 
Truelove, Brad 64, 202 
Truesdale, Stephen 64, 202 
Tucker, Tracey 64, 202 
Turlington, Matthew 202 
Turner, Fredrick 205 
Tyler, Michael 53, 202 
Tyndall, Lynwood 202 
Tyson, Julie 202 


Uzzell, Suzanne 53, 134, 144, 202 

Van Pelt, Thomas 202 
VanDeusen, Kathleen 53, 202 

Vang, Christine 13, l6l, 202 
Vangritis, Kevin 202 
Vaughan, Whitney 62, 64, 169, 
178, 202 

Vinson, Rod 64, 202 
Vitek, Karen 53, 202 
Volney, Theresa 64, 202 
Vuncannon, Jennifer 202 


Wagner, Kirk 202 

Walker, Brian 202 

Walker, James 64, 163, 167, 176, 

178, 202 

Walker, John 64, 168, 169, 202 

Walker, Robert 202 

Walker, Tracey 53, 160, 161, 165, 

168, 169, 202 

Wall, RAlph 53, 119, 202 

Wallace, James 202 

Walston, Denver 205 

Ward, Evangeline 202 

Ward, Greg 202 

Warren, Elizabeth 202 

Warren, Troy 202 

Waters, Chuck 176 

Waters, Marvin 202 

Watkins, Harold 205 

Watkins, Kathryn 202 

Watkins, Sheila 202 

Watkins, Steve 65 

Watkins, Susan 53 

Watkins, Teresa 53, 202 

Watkins, Terri 65, 203 

Watson, Franklin 203 

Watson, Melvin 203 

Watson, Wendy 65, 203 

Watts, Keith 65, 203 

Way, Kelly 18, 31, 203 

Weaver, Rhonda 19, 65, 203 

Webb, William 53, 203 

Webb, Patricia 53, 203 

Weekly, Sharyn 205 

Weldon, Marshall 203 

Wells, Samuel 65, 203 

Wemyss, Macon 205 

Weris, Frances 65, 203 

Wheeler, Kirby 203 

Whitaker, Ben 116, 169, 203 

White, Brian 31, 53, 203 

White, David 65, 166, 203 

White, Jeffrey 65, 176, 203 

White, Jocelyn 65, 203 

White, William 65, 176, 203 

Whitehead, Frank 203 

Whitehead, Thomas 53, 203 
Whitley, Annie 203 
Whitley, Mary 203 
Wichtrich, Mark 203 
Wilder, Barry 203 
Wilkins, Brenda 53, 203 
Wilkinson, Barbara 65, 203 
Wilkinson, Susan 53, 203 
Williams, Amy 65, 203 
Williams, Brian 166 
Williams, Joseph 65, 203 
Williams, Gerald 203 
Williams, Kim 203 
Williams, Robert 53, 203 
Wilson, Amy 205 
Wilson, Catherine 205 
Wilson, Karen 53, 203 
Wilson, Scott 65, 203 
Wilson, Steven 65, 203 
Winfree, Scott 203 
Winslow, John 203 
Wolff, Jeannie 53, 167, 203 
Wood, John 205 
Wood, Rodney 65, 203 
Woodlief, Angela 53, 203 
Woody, Georgye Lynn 64, 203 
Woolen, Marcia 65, 203 
Wrenn, Jennifer 65, 203 
Wright, James 65, 203 
Wright, Terry 203 
Wynne, Judy 203 

Yager, DeAnn 65, 203 
Yates, Robert 65, 203 
Yergan, Alice 53, 203 
Yost, Dennis 203 
Young, Guy 203 
Youngblood, William 203 
Younts, David 203 

Zeller, Cecilia 65, 178, 203 
Ziegler, Joanne 65, 203 
Zuehlke, Kim 53 


'86 Oak Staff 


Denise Coble 
Barry Crabtree 
Michelle Lankford 
Drew Pinckney 
Dawn Redden 
James Walker 
Joy Gurgonus 
Jennifer Outlaw 


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l^issy Cheney 
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