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Student Life 












Awards Day 








A Ticket To The 90's 

Louisburg College 

Volume 67 

The college experience is one 
which, when pursued, should be 
held precious. College allows one 
to earn an education, establish 
new relationships, participate in 
extra-curricular activities, and ex- 
perience a feeling of responsibility 
which all play a significant role in 
one's future. Having enrolled in 
Louisburg College, one purchased 
not only an education, but a valu- 
able "ticket" which allows for ad- 
mission to a promising future. 
With this ticket, one can be as 
successful in life as possible. This 
is not only a ticket to the future, 
but a ticket to a new decade, the 

Learning the rules of dormitory life are the 
residents of Kenan Hall. 

v >V*Mi 

/4 1c 

Playing a game of flag football during a fun day 
just before classes resumed after summer break. 

Giving a bit of advice on survival at Louisburg to 
students and their parents is Dean C. Edward 


Student Life/6 

Student Life/7 

T.J. Johnson, and friend Jill Briley enjoy each 
other's company while listening to Al Wright's 
ballads and savoring the sweet taste of summer 

Melon on the lawn has been a part of 
Louisburg College's orientation for many 
years. It is held in the front of Main Build- 
ing on the steps. The students and faculty 
are welcome to all the watermelon they 
can eat. Melon on the lawn is sponsored 
by the chaplain's office. Mr. Stafford is 
now famous for his excellent watermelon 
cutting. Al Wright plays the guitar and 
tries to get the students to sing along as 
they enjoy their melon. 

Melon On The Lawn 

Tony Butler finds a quiet corner to enjoy his 
slices of melon. 

Melon On The Lawn 8 

Mr. Stafford along with the students 
having a little fun with the seeds. Mr. 
Wright has become a ritual with his 
music at the famous "melon on the 
lawn" gathering. 

Not only do students get to eat 
watermelon, but they also have a 
chance to make new friends. Many 
students, like these two, found the 
watermelon to be very satisfying on 
this warm evening. 

Melon On The Lawn/9 

Leadership '89 

What is this, the Three Beastie Boys? Are these three guys 

Jeff Greene. Eric Siechrest, and Ivan Stratton trying to act 

cool in front of the camera or are they just trying to rap 

to the beat of the flash? Left: Working together as a team. 

Tony Mills. Jimmy Paulakuhn, Mary Fordham. David Tilley. 

and Ervin Williams try to very carefully and very quickly 

stand on a 1-foot square wooden table with nothing to 

brace themselves upon besides the fellow staff members. 

Can they do it? 

Leadership Conference/10 

This year's Leardership Staff for '89'90 is Mary 
Katherine Turner. Heather Tomerlin. Charles 
Johnson. Nichole Williams. Cheryl Chambers. 
Chris Suggs, Jimmy Paulakuhn. Dean Partin. Mary 

Fordham. Leslie Council, Heidi Wagner. Jeff 
Greene. Ivan Stratton, David Tilley. Daniel 
DeSouza. Eric Sechrest, Milton King. Ervin 
Williams, and Jeff Adams. 


The Leadership Training Conference 
went very well this year. We had a posi- 
tive staff of excited people who were 
eager to learn about the positions that 
they would have to hold. The staff start- 
ed off the three-day training conference 
with great attitudes. Everyone came 
thinking positive about the conference 
and about the upcoming year. It was said 
to have been one of the most positive 
staffs that Louisburg has had. The confer- 
ence started out with various talks given 
by some of the faculty members of Louis- 
burg. The talks dealt with the duties and 
responsibilities of their jobs. Throughout 
these talks the staff had an opportunity 
to ask questions about things in which 
they were not clear upon. The main pur- 
pose of the conference was to teach the 
various staff members the meaning of the 
word teamwork. They were divided up 
into groups and had to remain in these 
groups throughout the conference. The 
purpose of this was so that the individual 
members of the group could find out 
more about the other members and be- 
come good friends. The conference 
helped the staff learn their fellow staff 
members so that they could work better 
together for the upcoming year and the 
years to come. 

"The Big Squeeze" With the help of Ervin 
Williams. Cheryl Chambers. David Tilley. and 
Dean Part in. Chris Suggs is carefully squeezed 
between the ropes. Below: Teamwork is 
accomplished here when Jimmy Paulakaun, Chris 
Suggs. Dean Partin, Mary Fordham, and Tony 
Mills walk without falling off. 

Leadership Conference /ll 

New Surroundings 

Students often bring mementos from home to 
remind them of family and friends, and also 
to make their dorm rooms much more like 

Student life at Louisburg College is never 
dull with all the activities going on like "Fun 
Day" and "Comedy Sportz." Fun Day was a 
time for all new students to get together and 
do some outside activities and also give ev- 
eryone a chance to meet new friends. There 
was a good turn out for this activity. Also, 
Comedy Sportz was a fun activity, because 
it was a workshop that taught team improvi- 
sation comedy. The workshop was conduct- 
ed by Bob Johnson, who is involved with the 
Comedy Sportz team in Raleigh. Bob also 
teaches photography here at Louisburg Col- 
lege. There were two teams that acted out 
the skits. The responses were based on the 
suggestions of the audience that applied to 
the games they played, such as 185, Hitch- 
hiker, Mr. Know-lt-AII, and Story. These 
games kept the students laughing the whole 
time. Comedy Sportz performs on Friday 
and Saturday nights in Raleigh at the New 
Yorker Restaurant. 

Waiting for class cards in drop/add may take 

"Hey. aren't the guys supposed to be carrying 

this?" These two students find moving into 

Wright a little more work than they had thought. 

New Surroundings/12 

"Bang, Bangl You're deadl" Mo Beetham and 
Kevin Harris are acting out a game called 
"Freeze" to help understand what improvisational 
comedy involves. 

"Okay, so what's the deal with all the toilet 
paper?" Students got involved in some fun 
activities on their first days here. These gave 
them a chance to meet new people. 

"Say cheese!" These students are getting their 
pictures made twice for The Oak. 

New Surroundings/13 

A Special Day For The Parents 

Parents' Day is a special day at Louisburg 
College. The parents were gathered in 
the new auditorium and given a welcome 
speech by Student Government President 
Chad Dansby. Dean Brooks also had a 
speech for the parents. There was a slide 
show of the history of Louisburg College. 
This slide show was shown so the parents 
could see how far Louisburg College has 
come over the past two-hundred and two 
years. The parents were also invited to 
enjoy lunch with their sons and daugh- 
ters. Parents' Day is set around mid-term-, 
at this point professors have a pretty 
good idea of how well the students are 
doing. If the students aren't doing well, 
their parents get to find this out too. 
Whatever the case may be, the profes- 
sors and administration are here to wel- 
come them. 

Elaine and Christy are having fun here at school, 
even though it is on a Saturday. 

Parents Day/14 

Parents, faculty, and students had a nice time 
dining in the Blue Room. 

Dr. Willard is having tun telling these 
parents about their sons' and daughters' 

Parents' Day is fun for the students also. 

Parents enjoy lunch as well as touring 

Parents Day/15 

Fall Intramurals '89 began in October 

with a booml Many students gathered 

together to form teams for soccer and 

flag football. Students competed 

according to dormitories and their 

individual floors. 

1989 was the first year that soccer was 

added to the intramural agenda. As this 

was the first year for soccer, it was 

also the premiere for female 

participation on the field. Many ladies 

took to the soccer field and joined the 

men for a little competition and fun. 

Flag football was another activity 
included in Fall Intramurals. 

It has been played in past intramurals, 

and was just as exciting and 

competitive this season. 

The season came to a close in 

December with championship matches 

in each sport. The Hillman Trips of the 

third floor grasped the soccer title, 

while Franklin Dormitory, third 

floor.claimed the flag football 


Receiving a pass Chip O'ftear makes his move 
with Steve Vanhoy in persuit. 

murals 1989 

Women's Liberation is seen on the soccer 
field as Jill Bradshaw and Terry Gallagher 
show their stuff. 

Taking control of the ball is David Manskaph with 
John Driskill planning his attack. 


Making Fall Intramurals possible are Irvin 
Williams and referees Tim Bullock and Greg 

Competition and Fun 

Outrunning the competition is 
Brian Eure. 










Trick or Treat, from Lou-UU! 

The Halloween '89 Dance was a lot of fun 
for everyone and everything here at 
Louisburg College. Students had a great 
time seeing who could scare whom the 
most. They also had a costume contest. 
The winners of the contest were first 
place — "Cat Woman," Michelle Mon- 
ette. Second place winner — "Handsome 
Dude," Paul Stokes. Third place winner — 
"Cave Woman," herself, Christy Fleming. 

Adam Weeks and Amanda Sturmer. just a few of 
our excellent dancers here at Lou-U. 

Halloween/ 20 

First place winner was "Cat Woman. " Michelle 

Monet te. Second place winner was "Handsome 

Dude." Paul Stokes. Third place winner "Cave 

Woman." Christy Fleming. 

Erica Baker wants you to go with her. NOW HI 

■ v-.'.V 

■ t'i' ; J->, 

Upper left, the M$M's gang had a lot of fun. 

Halloween 21 

Dorm Life At Lou-U 

Going over the rules and regulations of the 

College for resdent living are Leslie Council 

Resident Director of Wright Dorm and Cheryl 

Chambers. Head Student Resident. 

Dorm life is not just doing homework and 
studying, it's also fun! There are many 
activities that go on in the dorms and 
many of the resident students get in- 
volved with them. The dorms sponsor 
many activities that not only involve the 
students of the college, but the communi- 
ty as well. During Halloween Wright 
Dorm's residents invited children to go 
"trick or treating." Wright Dorm also 
sponsored the ever popular "Dating 
Game." They invited the guys from Pat- 
ten Dorm to join in the fun! Many stu- 
dents find the living conditions in the 
dorms relaxing and comfortable. Some 
students make many renovations to their 
rooms by moving furniture around and 
many students choose to build creative 
lofts to give them more space. All the 
dorms get involved with the intramural 
program at the College. The sporting ac- 
tivities invole Softball, basketball, football 
and coed soccer. Each dorm gets in- 
volved in many of the College's activities, 
especially at Homecoming. The most im- 
portant thing about dorm life is you make 
many good friends for life! 

Playing around as usual are Brett Mclnis and 
Rebecca Jones. 

"I don't think it will all fit Christy.'' as Chip 
Settles helps Christy Knight pack for the 
Dorm Life/22 

"Alright boys. No girls after 11.00 p.m. There 
will be no loud music after 11:00 p.m. and do 
not bother me after IfOO p.m.." says Tony 
Mills. Resident Director of Hillman Dorm. 

Some of the girls of Wright Dorm are Amanda "Smile Denny! You're on candid camera! as 

Martin, Rebecca Jones. Sharon Newton. Ann Denny Shortt and friends relax on weekend. 

Jarratt. Leighann Miller and Sharon Salmon and 
fellows, these ladies are known as the "Wright 
girls. " 

Dorm Life/ 23 

Student Life 

Mandy Hemphill shows her morning enthusiam as 

she is getting ready to eat her morning breakfast 

which consists of Fruity Pebbles. 

Caught in the actl Freshmen Patrise Bullock and 

Linda Black well are caught while eating in the 


pf*** m^\ ^^tej- 

Student Life/24 

On the first day as Freshmen begin to arrive. 

Sophomores Trish Cook. Lea Curlee. and Knot 

McPhail take a quick break from the information 

booth to quench their thirst. 

Sara Vincent and Beth Garner are eating outside 
at this year's first outdoor picnic. 

Sophomores Billy Hale and Jayna Woody are 
posing lor the camera while looking very 

At Club Fair which was held in September 
WA VES members were trying to recruit new 

Student life at Louisburg Col- 
lege is a very important part 
of an individual's life at col- 
lege. Student life is anything 
that goes on during students' 
day, whether it is in the morn- 
ing when they get up, or dur- 
ing their classes, or activities 

during their extra time. 
Planned activities is what the 
Head of Student Affairs 
Charles Johnson is in charge 
of. He makes sure that there 
are planned activities for all 
the people who live on campus 
to participate in. 

Student Life/25 

^r^W 3 

"Head for the Mountains!" Many Louisburg 
'ents do just that for the ski trip to Boone, 


s4 WedCey oj SvettU 

Singing in memorium of Dr. Martin Luther King, 

Jr. are Louisburg college and high school 


Performing a portion of "Oklahoma" in the 

showchoir musical revue are Jennifer Parker and 

alumnus Rob Daniels. 

The student poetry reading is a great place for 
students like Kaki Stratford to recite their poetic 

At the student art exhibit Julie Cheatham and 
Tammy Gilpin admire the artwork of their 

Homecoming 90 

What has beautiful women, exciting games, 
and lots of talent? It's Homecoming 1990. 
Homecoming is traditonally held in the fall, 
but this year it was held in the spring semes- 
ter due to changes in scheduling. This made 
it more delightful. Homecoming 1990 was 
filled with nights of elegance and excite- 
ment. On February 8, our celebration began 
with a talent show. Ten talented students 
graced the stage of the College's auditorium 
with the comic Leroy Staton. Many of the 
contestants' friends were in the audience to 
give support and encouragement. The first 
place prize went to Miho Furukoh. Second 
and third places, to Patrise Bullock and Mi- 
chelle Brodie. This got us prepared for the 
Homecoming Court, Game, Dance, and Lou- 
U Spirit competitions. The students got the 
opportunity to dress up in as much blue and 
white as they could paint on and put on. The 
"Blue and White" competition was won by 
Rob Garner. Rob took home $50 for his en- 
thusiasm. Enid Drake was also honored for 
25 years of coaching at Louisburg College. 
Students were dazzled with a weekend of 
Homecoming that was action packed. 

Homecoming '90/28 

The passing of the crown brings tears of joy as 

Anne Marie Windley recieves a big hug from former 

queen Michael Suits. First Runner-up was Sharon 

Knox, and Beth Young was Second Runner-up. 

Left: Congratulations to Anne Marie Windley. 
our 1990 Homecoming Queen, shown here with 
her father. 

Below: The Homecoming Court was honored 
at a dinner, sponsored by the Student Affairs 

"roudly representing their dorms and 
-Ommuters are the ladies of Homecoming 

Making the shot heard all over Louisburg is 
Ronnell Peterson. Ronnell's basket was the 
game winner with 5 seconds left against 

Homecoming '90/29 

Right: Thanks. Coach Drake. Representing J5 

years of hard work. Enid Drake stands with 

former basketball players. 

Below: Accepting the award for 25 years of 
coaching from Rod Gray is Coach Enid Drake I 

Homecoming Spirit '90 

Homecoming '90/30 


Standing with host comedian Leroy Staton are 
the Talent Show winning Team. 1st place — Miho 
Turukoh. Jnd place — Michelle Brodie, and 3rd 
place — Patrise Bullock. 

That's rightl Contestants for Blue and White 

Showing us how it's done are the cheerleaders in 
the talent show. 

Homecoming '90/31 


Academics; S3 



Rebecca L. Allen. Chair Modern 

Language: Wayne D. Benton, 

History, Joyce W. Bettini, French: 

Martha F. Bragg, Math; and C. 

Edward Brown, Jr., Math. 

Matthew A. Brown, Business; Beth 

C. Burkhead, Psychology; Robert A. 

Butler, Sociology, Sheilah R. Gotten, 

Physical Education, and S. Allen 

deHart, History. 

J. Enid Drake, Physical Education; J. 

Craig Eller. Modern Language; J. 

Charles Farmer. Religion; Russell W. 

Frazier. Physical Education-, and 

Milton L. Gilbert. History. 

Cayle Green. Religion, Katherine M. 
Grimes. Modern Language, Ronald 
Hicks, Science-, William J. Hinton, 

Jr., Chair Fine Arts, and Martha C. 
Hobgood, Math. 

Michael L. Holloman. Physical 

Education; Annette C. Holt, Social 

Sciences; Stephen J. Howard, Math; 

Charles Johnson. Fine Arts-, and 

Robert W. Johnson. Photography. 

Ruth Jones. Business, Al Maginnes. 

Modern Language, Walter N. 

McDonald. Religion, Mary McCauley, 

Modern Language, Raymond W. 

Mize. Jr.. Modern Language. 


Parents listen to Mrs. Martha Hobgood 
explain the progress of their sibling during 
the Annual Parents Day held after mid- 

After recieving an exam from Mrs. Ruth 
Jones, these students go over it to make 
corrections and to discuss test items that 
they need extra assistance with. 

J. Allen Norris. Jr.. Social Sciences, 
Michael H. Palmer. Modern 
Language: Patricia C. Palmer. 
Science-. Judith B. Parrish. Head 
Librian, Annette Part in. Religion, 

Janice Pascke. Modern Language, 
Paula Pendergrass. Science, Betsy L. 
Pernell. Chair Business, Jeffrey 
Pierce, and Math, Robert E. Rector, 

Cornelia Reeves. Science, Mac L. 
Ricketts. Chair Religion, Keith A. 
Roberts. Journalism, Robin G. Roper. 
Psychology, and Nancy Shaffer. 
L ibrian. 


The Student's Art Show in December always 
brings out many of the faculty, students and the 
community to view the many artistical talents of 
Mr. Hmton's art students. 

Students have the opportunity to learn in other 
areas other than the classroom. Many students 
take advantage of the religious and cultral 
activities sponsored on the College campus. 

The Cecil W. Robbms Library is where many 
students find the necessary research and 
audiovisual aids to assist them in their studies. 

r, •, ». m hh m 

Whitman D. Shearin, Business-, 

Charles B. Sloan. Math: Charley-John 

Smith, Fine ArlSi Warren W. Smith, 

Math; and Grady K. Snyder. Chair 


Eugene E. Spears.Jr., Science; Sidney 

E. Stafford. Religion; Daniel Steinert. 

Fine Arts; Harriette H. Sturges. 

French; and Lynn Taylor. Librian. 

Robert Taylor. Modern Language: 

John Wayde Vickrey, Modern 

Language-, Peter Vig. Science; James 

M. White. Psychology; and Janet H. 

White, Science. 

Samuel F. White. Chair Physical 

Education-, Lana A. Whited, Modern 

Language. George-Anne Willard, 

Chair Social Sciences-, Ervin L. 

Williams, Physical Education: and 

James A. Williams. 

Hope M. Williamson, Modern 

Language; and Arnold L. Wright, 

Modern Language. 

A Ticket To The 90'$ Through A College Education! 


Making the most of the warm sunny day and the 
opportunity for study is this Franklin Dorm 

Eleanor Averette, Librian Secretary; Austin 
Ayscue. Sports Information, Betty Sue Collins. 
Physical Ed. Secretary; Judy Collie. 
Postmistress, Robert C. Jarvis. House Manager 
and Technical Director Auditorium/Theatre, 
and Kathy Pierce. Switchboard Supervisor. 

Support Staff/37 

Students at work! 

Working both the Kenan Dorm visitation desk 
During "mud-slinging" Ida. Bill Parrish gives his and their classwork are Amanda Sturmer and 
truck a workout on a Franklin County back road. Amy Tackett. 

Opening her mind and mouth wide is easy for 
Melame Ann Mills, especially in Photography 


Taking a break from studying are Geoff Suter. 
David Porter, and Keith Brooks of Hillman 114. 

Students At Work/38 

Agitating the developing chemicals and 
wondering if it will develop properly are Derek 
Smith and Anne-Carol Bess. 

"Eureka! This vacuum cleaner Mom sent really 
works! I must do this more often. " says Rhonda 

"Are you sure about that reference?" Bill 
Parrish asks Walt Parker. "I called her 
telephone number, you know that 1-800 

"Look I know that 1+3=4 but I am not sure 
about that equation that you have written." 
Timmy Jones debates with Oren Dameron. 

"I can too study and listen to Guns 'n' Roses!" 
says Phil Todd. 

Students At Work/39 

Students At Play 

Playing around with a special friend at 
Myrtle Beach is David Zurnbro. 

Mo "Don't ask me where Larry and Curly 

are" Beetham and Tom "The Godfather" 

Caruso hunt lions, tigers and bears in 

Comedy Sportz game. "Chain Death 


The Women's Softball team ucks it up 

during the Comedy Sportz match in the 

Jordan Student Center's Multipurpose 


Students At Play/40 

Latching some rays during the mid-January heat 
wave on Hillman beach is Chris Addison. 

"Look my dear, no cavities!" Dracuia and the 
Wicked Witch of the West get it on. 

Caught in the act opening the end door while the 
alarm is on is Janet Garriss. 

"Wow, I'm glad that I had my V-8." says Keith 
Brooks after jumping over a line of cars. 

Socializing are Debbie Ashby. Rhonda Benedict, 
Jayme Clarke, and Ashley Best on a warm day. 

During a late night tennis match Skip Sizemore 
returns a difficult serve back to his opponent. 

Getting congratulations from Jena Trent is 
Tammy Gilpin on her insult on the "Geek from 

Students At Play/41 




Class Of '90 


The Sophomore Class Officers are William Bealy. 
President i Lisa Minton. Vice-President, J an me 
Dodds. Secretary, and Jennifer Dodds, Treasurer. 

Melissa Aderhold 

Warren Alexander 

J. P. Ayers 

Molissa Beetham 

Wendy Betts 

Larry Bly 

Randall Bowman 

Kristy Boykin 

Scott Bradsher 

Chandra Branch 

Lewis Bridgeforth 

Jill Briley 

Anita Brisson 
Keith Brooks 
Steve Byers 
Ronnie Byrd 
Julia Catlett 
Lee Caviness 

Cheryl Chambers 

Julie Cheatham 

Wayne Cleveland 

Jamie Coates 

Dennis Cobb 

Laura Cobb 


There are many ways for students to 
get involved on the campus of 
Louisburg College — through dorm 
activities, publications, and theatre. 

Patricia Cook 
Stephen Creech 
Tracey Cunningham 
Lea Curlee 
Daniel Cutts 
Chad Dansby 

Hoyt Davenport 
John Davis 
Sharon Deering 
Tami Dement 
Jeffrey Dier 
Angela Dozier 

Dewarner Duke 
Mimi Duncan 
Lisa Earp 
Melissa Ellington 
Matt English 
Tonya Eteo 

Dennis Flood 
Kelly Foarde 
Catrina Foushee 
Joelle Freeman 
Lynette French 
Tracy Fuller 



John Houser 
Jeanne Howell 
Donna Huff 
Ashleigh Humphrey 
Steve Ingram 
Mayumi Ito 

Carie Jackson 
Leslie Johnson 
Michael Johnson 
Bette Jones 
Amy Kearney 
Mary Kelly 

Kim Kendall 
Lisa Kiley 
Christy Knight 
Karin Krauza 
Joseph Lanford 
Lies a Lang 

Paige Lanier 
Sharon Leonard 
Craig Lloyd 
Leo Lockhart 
Connie Loyd 
Shelitha Lucas 


Left, Singing for the Showchoir presentation are 
Michelle Brodie and Patrick Riley. Above, William 
Beaty shows how easy water skiing can bel 


Right. "Coach. I did throw the pass to Leo-, he just was not there at the time!" 
Below, "It can't get any better than this." says Steve Ingram. 

Curt Narron 

Mark Newell 

Kevin Newsome 

Marsha Northington 

Barry Oldham 

tori O'Briant 

Debbie O'Neal 

Karen O'Neill 

Chip O'Rear 

Mary Page 

Diane Parham 

Michelle Parker 



"Now about those end doors. Your boy friends 

are not to close them at mid-night from the 


Neil Snow 

Stephanie Sorrell 

Leigh Anne Spence 

Craig Spivey 

Wendy Steele 

Brian Stephens 
Chris Suggs 

Amanda Sturmer 
Chip Suttles 

Chris Thompson 

Wendy Thompson 
Dodie Thrailkill 

Timothy Thrower 

David Tilley 

Amy Tompkins 

Mike Turner 

Julie Utberg 

Peyton Walker 

Catherine Ward 

Thomas Wardrick 

"Seel I told you if we got back here on this rock 
that photographer from the College would take 
our picture!" 

Kim Waters 
Landon Watts 
Adam Weeks 
Chaun Westrich 
Leslie Whitaker 

Shayna White 
Lenora Williams 
Nichole Williams 
Valerie Williams 
Wendi Woodlief 

David Wright 
Stephen Wright 
Monica Wynne 
Elizabeth Young 
David Zumbro 



The Freshmen Class Officers are Michelle 
Monette, Treasurer-, Ahmed Selim, President, Jill 
Bradshaw. Secretary: and Shannon Home, Vice- 

"Ah, those days of Autumn, when the leaves are 

aglow with festive colors. I will always remember 

those first months of college. " 

Greg Addison 

Wade Alexander 

Russell Allen 

Stacey Alton 

Sterling Anders 

James Appich 

Paul A yscue 

Scott Babson 

Kristen Baker 

Stacey Baker 

Denyse Bampton 

Pamela Barber 

Mark Bass 

Seburn Bass 

Tasha Bass 

Pamela Battle 

Chris Beach 

Sherry Beck 

Lanicia Bell 

Rhonda Benedict 

Christine Bergen 

Anne-Carole Bess 

Linda Black well 

William Blandford 

Amanda Booker 

Debbie Bowers 

Debra Boyer 

Jon Brann 

Roy Brannon 

Neil Brantley 

David Brinkley 

Kevin Brown 

Rebecca Britt 

Michelle Brodie 

Michael Browder 


The '90 Freshmen Class 

The Laundress and Mrs Faircloth sing 
"Worker's Revenge" during the 
Louisburg College Players' production of 
"A Christmas Carol. " 

The ladies at Kenan Porm find out the rules and 
regulations of the college by attending the regular 
scheduled meetings by the Resident Director. 

Working on layout and design for the student 
newspaper is a challenging task for many 
students. Lana Whited. Advisor, gives directions 
to Sonia Newman. 

Tara Brown 
Joel Bryant 
Tiffany Bryant 
Patrise Bullock 
Tony Butler 
Tracy Cannon 
Brent Cardwell 

Vince Carver 
Suzanne Cash 
Catherine Casner 
James Chadwick 
Michael Chappell 
Alexis Chase 
Lynette Choplin 

Joseph Christie 
Matthew Clark 
Jayme Clarke 
Cam Clayton 
Michelle Collins 
John Conner 
Nancy Cooper 

Stephanie Cooper 
Stephen Cox 
Howard Critcher 
David Crump 
Anna Culver 
Anthony Cummings 
Carrie Cunningham 

Mary Currin 
Ken Daniels 
Scott Dail 
Scott Davis 
Kristin Davis 
Tammy Davis 
Paula Dean 

Freshmen 53 

Kim Deck 

Billy Deese 

Daniel Delong 

William Dickerson 

Susan Dixon 

Cheryl Drown 

Shannon Edwards 

Michelle Eller 

Keesha Estes 

Verna Evans 

Mark Eerri 

Christy Fleming 

Linda Fletcher 

Tracy Foster 

Jennifer Frederick 

Barclay Friesen 

Ted Full 'or d 

David Fuller 

Terri Gallagher 

Donna Gower 

Larry Gower 

Brain Graves 

Aaron Griffin 

James Hales 

Helen Hammond 

Heather Hangis 

Eric Hardee 

Scott Henderson 

Todd Hendley 

Lin Henshaw 

Stefanie Hensley 

Jeff Hester 

Amy Hicks 

Susan Hill 

Matthew Hobgood 





"Now men. these 365 rules and regulations are 

just a few I wanted to share with you this 

evening. " 

"Wowl Wait til mom sees how well I packed 
my clothes this time. She will be so proud. 


Jennifer Hocking 
Todd Hogan 
Mike Hood 
Jennifer House 
Gerald Hughes 
Jonathan Hutchinson 
Melissa Hyde 

Jennifer Isaac 
Charles Isley 
Ann Jarratt 
Bert Jenkins 
Jennifer Johnson 
Laura Johnson 
Tammy Johnson 

Ernie Jones 
Rebecca Jones 
Andy kauffman 
Allison King 
Brooke Kirkman 
Sharon Knox 
Kathleen Koch 

Lori Lamm 
Becky Lawson 
Shane Lay 
Todd Lewis 
Becky Long 
Benito Lores 
Scott Love 

Danny Lumsden 
Winston Lyerly 
Wynenda Lynch 
Lisa Malpasso 
Leigh Marley 
Jennifer Martin 
Roger Martin 

"This is simply amazing. Who would have thought of 
freezing milk, sugar and stuff to make . hey. what did 
you call this?" 

"Now. let's see. Yes. I think we can get the Dean to 
approve this schedule of 30 semester hours to graduate. 

Felicia Mason 

John Mason 

David Mauskapf 

Lee Anne May 

Chris May nor 

Brian McCants 

Gene McCarter 

Brian McCutcheon 

Josh McLamb 

Martha Medlin 

Todd Mewborn 

Patrick Miller 

Jeff Minor 

Michelle Monette 

Andrew Moore 

Jay Moore 

John Morgan 

Paul Mosca 

Lisa Murphy 

Derek Murray 

Nikki Myers 

Jeff Neelley 

Sharon Newton 

Mark Newell 

Melinda O'Briant 

Angela Cakes 

Jay Parham 

Jennifer Parker 

Dennis Parrish 

Mark Par zy gnat 

David Paschal 

Jenny Pender 

Brian Perry 

Ronnell Peterson 

Amy Phelps 

\* v*i 


Crossing North Main Street is essential for 

getting to the Taft Building and the Library. 

But some like skiing over to class and 


"But Mrs Cratchil. Mr Scrooge is really a nice 
old man who /usl has his priorities out of 
order.'' Bob Cratchit Is played by Jonathan 

Singing during the Martin Luther King 
celebration is Michelle Brodie. 

"Now Students, this material will be very 
important for you to know, along with the first 
47 chapters of our text." 

J. ••! f 


Ryan Phelps 
Bronwyn Phillips 
Marcie Pierce 
Jason Poe 
Cynthia Polenz 
Shane Pongpairoj 
Terry Poole 

Deborah Porter 
Joe Powers 
Pam Price 
Kelly Pridgen 
Gene Quaranta 
Patrice Reardon 
Melissa Reese 

Bethany Reid 
Angela Richardson 
Scott Riggs 
Michelle Riley 
Rob Roberson 
Jill Roberts 
Chuck Rogers 

Pete Rogers 
Tara Rolison 
Mike Rose 
Ross Vann 
Sharon Salmon 
Sean Samples 
Michelle Scearce 

Clinton Schulstad 
Ahmed Selim 
Angle Shaver 
David Shepardson 
Denny Shortt 
Christa Slaughter 
Melanie Sledge 

The Class of '91 

The Students' Art Show at Christmas is always 
attended well by both faculty and the student 

Finding the right educational career is very 
important to all Louisburg College students. 

Driving down the lane for a lay-up during a game 
with Montreat-Anderson College is Fred Sumpter. 

Derek Smith 

Puska Smith 

Wendy Spears 

Martha Spencer 

Scott Stalls 

Dail Stancill 

Cassie Staton 

Laura Steen 

Larry Stevens 

Laura Stinnett 

Scott Stone 

Tanya Stone 

Dalton Stroman 

Chuck Stuart 

Jill Sturgis 

Fred Sumpter 

Geoffrey Suter 

Dana Swekosky 

Jill Tarleton 

Robin Teal 

Christine Tebo 

Amber Thomas 

Wyatt Thompson 

Kathy Timberlake 

Matt Tobin 

Kimberly Tola 

Jennifer Tootle 

Riley Trapp 

Valerie Tucker 

Elizabeth Turner 

Nelle Turner 

Susan Turner 

Robert Vanore 

Michael Vassallo 



T . ' ^ 

"Yes. this is he. I won what? I just won the 
Publishers Clearing House sweepsl" 

Helping at games in the concession stand are 
these Louisburg College baseball players. 


Tommy Vassallo 
Wendy Venable 
Carol Venema 
John Vermillion 
Cecil Viverette 
Steve Vogt 
Kimberly Wade 

Jennifer Walker 
Kayla Walker 
Jimmy Wall 
Jerry Walser 
Robin Waters 
Brian Watkins 
Virginia Weaver 

Michael White 
Michelle Whitman 
Robin Wiley 
Michelle Wilkins 
Jennifer Wilks 
Cathy Williams 
Jessica Williams 

Rosa Williams 
Robin Williamson 
Ash Wilson 
Rebecca Wirth 
Dan Wood 
Keith Young 
Tyson Yorkey 

Greeting guests at the door are Dr. and Mrs. J. Allen 
Norris. Jr. during the President's Open House at 
Christmas. Many faculty and staff fellowship with 
the President and Mrs. Norris. Dr. Norris greets Mr. 
and Mrs. Seth Washburn. Below. Mrs. Norris and Dr. 
and Mrs. Milton Gilbert exchange season's greetings. 

he Office Of The Pr 

Above. Dr. Norris chats with Coach Mike 

Holloman after a Lady Hurricanes victory. Right. 

Dr. and Mrs. Norris pose with Adelaide and 

Elizabeth Johnson. 

The Office Of The President 60 


The President of Louisburg College is Dr. J. 
Allen Norris, Jr. The Executive Secretary to 
the President is Mrs. Betty Smith. 

Singing songs of Christmas with Mrs. Sarah 
Foster and Gayle Green, Dr. and Mrs. Norris 
lead us into the season of peace and love. 

Mr. Steve Burkhead is the Assistant to the 
President for Institutional Advancement. Mrs. 
Nancy White is the Secretary to Mr. 

The Office Of The President/61 

he Executive Vice-President 

Enjoying the Annual Oak Christmas Dinner 

are Dr. and Mrs. Norris. Dean Bier. Mr. 

Sidney Stafford, and Dr. and Mrs. Brown. 

Executive Vice-President/62 

Mrs. Robin G. Roper is the Assistant Dean. 
Below: Mrs. Mary Hughes is the Secretary to 
the Executive Vice-President and Academic 

Office Support Staff 

The Faculty Secretary is Mrs. Judy Cash. 

Academic Dean/63 


Getting one's class schedule can be a new 

experience for the first year student. The Office 

of Academic Services assist students in getting 

their schedules quickly. 

The Office of Academic Services 

Dr. Steven E. Brooks was Dean of 
Academic Services. Dean Brooks 
left Louisburg to accept a position 
in financial aid at Wake Forest Uni- 
versity last December. Dean 
Brooks' fondest memory of Louis- 
burg is watching the College grow. 
He saw the building of Benson Cha- 
pel, Taft Classroom Building, and 
the new Auditorium. He also re- 
members the good people that he 
has worked with over the past 13 
years. He especially enjoyed the 
students crossing the stage at grad- 
uation. "It is rewardind to see stu- 
dents that you helped get started in 
college, leave with self-confidence 
and prepared for success. Leaving 
with Dr. Brooks was his wife Jennie, 
who taught in the Modern Language 

The Office of Academic Services/64 

Gayle Greene checks the computer printouts for each 
student registering for fall classes. Dean Brooks handles 
special problems that students may be having with their 

Elizabeth McDuffie. Director of Admissions and Financial Aid; 
Rick Lowe. Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid; 
Samantha Cox. Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial 
Aid; Martha Murray, Assistant Director of Admissions and 
Coordinator of Job Location and Development; Carolyn Strickland. 
Assistant to Dean of Academic Services. Betty Jean Harper. 
Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Coordinator of Weekend 
College-, Sara Newton. Secretary-. Gayle Greene. Registrar; Sandra 
Beasley. Secretary; and Martha Hedgepeth. Secretary. 

The Office of Academic Services/65 

Right. Giving last minutes details to Mary 

Fordham and Leslie Council, before embarking off 

to Camp Chestnut Ridge, is Anette Partin. Below-. 

Typing away on some greetings to certian 

students or other departments is the Secretary 

to the Student Affairs Office. Mrs. Virginia 

"Snookie" Dement. 

The Office of Student Affairs 

Above: Always greeting parents and students to 

Louisburg College Student Affairs is Mr. Jeff 

Adams. Left: Leading the "songs of the season" 

around the campus Christmas Tree, with students 

and community friends is the Director of Student 

Activities. Charles Johnson. 

Student Affairs Office/66 

Often call on to mediate between differences 
in student and administrative policy, as he 
dose before these students from Patten and 
franklin Dorms, is Mr. J. Craig Eller. 

Top: The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs is 
Annette Partin. Middle: The Director of Student 
Activities is Mr. Charles Johnson. Bottom: The 
Secretary to the Office of Student Affairs is Mrs. 
Virginia L. Dement. 

Student Affairs Office/67 

Making the transition for first year students a 

more pleasurable time is the Resident Director 

of Merritt Dorm, Mary Fordham. "Well. What 

do we have here?" Security Guard Harvey 

Driver offers a friendly reminder to a 

"wayward soul. " 

Student Affairs Residence Staff 

RLC Leadership Workshop 68 

Above and clockwise. Presiding in the first Dorm 

meeting of the semester is Milton King. Resident 

Director of Franklin Dorm. "No Ervin. please don't 

jumpl" Ervin Williams is the Resident Director of the 

Perry House. "Over here we will find the Yellow 

Belly Slap Sucker. " Leslie Council leads members of 

the RLC Workshop from the challenge course at 

Camp Chestnut Ridge. 

(Jetting close on the challenge course is the 
second team involved in the RLC Leadership 
Workshop, sponsored by the Student Affairs 
Office. The team members are Tony Mills. James 
Paulakuhn. and Mary Fordham. 

Enjoying the President's Open House during 
Christmas are Mary Fordham. Leslie Council, and 
Heidi Wagner. 



The Student Affairs Staff 

£a/a Moon. Infirmary Family Nurse 
Practitioner: Earl Tharrington, Chief 
Security Officer: J.P. Perry. 
Bookstore Manager and Coordinator 
of Jordan Student Center: Paul 
Bumgarner. Security Officer-, and 
Harvey Driver. Security Officer. 

Lois Strickland. Infirmary Resident 
Assistant: Charles Johnson. Resident 
Director Filer House. Tony Mills. 
Resident Director Hillman Dorm: 
Elbert Cooke, Security Officer: and 
Milton King. Resident Director 
Franklin Dorm. 

Mary Fordham. Resident Director 
Merritt Dorm: Leslie Council. 
Resident Director Wright Dorm: Jeff 
Green. Resident Director Patten: 
Chris Suggs. Resident Director 
Davis, and Ervin Williams, Resident 
Director Perry House. Not pictured; 
Heidi Wagner. Resident Director 
Kenan Dorm. 

The Student Affairs Staff/69 

Cultural and Public Affairs 

Allen deHart is the Director of Cultural and 

Public Affairs. Bob Johnson is the Assistant to 

Mr. deHart. Marie Riggan is the Secretary to the 

Office of Cultural and Public Affairs. 

The Office of Cultural and Public Affairs 

assists in sponsoring the Franklin County Folk 

Festival and Hertige Weekend, which brought 

us the Serendipity Singers. 

Office of Cultural and Public Affairs/70 

Susan Cuerrant is the Coordinator of Alumni Affairs. 
Bert Armstrong is Assistant in Development and 
Public Relations and Coordinator of Summer Events. 
Dianne Nobles is the Assistant Director of 
Development and Alumni Affairs. Sherry Pernell is 

Development and Alumni Affairs 


Speaking to Paul Hendrick and Larry Smith. Class 
of '85. is Susan Guerrant. 

Assisting Tara Brown in how to make a call to 
a prospective contributor during the Annual 
Telefund is Bert Armstrong. 

Development and Alumni Affairs/71 

Sharon Moore is the Office Manager of the 

Business Office. Gale Hoyle is the Accounts Receivable Clerk. 

The Business Office 

The Business Office/71 

Joyce Jourmgan is the Payroll Clerk. 

Judy Collie is the Postmistress and Director of Ka < n ? Plerce is the ^" rdina " : ' r of the 

Duplication. Switchboard. 

Business Office Support Staff 

Terry Williams is the Secretary to the 
Assistant Business Manager. 

Steven Howard is Assistant Business Manager. 
Left: Billy G. Parrish is the Comptroller of the 

The Business Office Support Staff/73 

The Marriott Food Services Staff of Louisburg College. 

Rusty Hamilton, Director of Food Services, Rick 

Craft, Manager of Food Services, Harold Foster, 

Director of Physical Plant, William Rhodes, Director 

of Housekeeping, Marjorie Duke, Snack Bar, Bob 

Adams, Snack Bar. 

Cafeteria, Custodial, 

Making sure those steaks are cooked well. 

medium, or rare is Rusty Hamilton. 

The Servicemaster Housekeeping Staff of Louisburg 

Food and Housekeeping Staff/74 

The Ground Maintenance Staff, Chris Gooch. Paul Ayscue. Benard Arrington. Maintenance Staff: Wayne Currin. (.alvin Ayscue. Ed Eanes, Jerry Gupton. 
George Harris. James Williams. Harold Ricks, and William Fogg. Robert Kearney. Bill Long. Harold Foster, and Jerry Wilson. 

W0- L~ FtM 

Eri-foA JET 00-~ »*» 

Maintenance and Ground Staffs 

Keeping the College's grounds mowed is Harold Ricks. 
"Keep that tractor rolling!" 

Maintenance and Grounds Staffs/75 



Sports, -'77 

Hurricanes Have Strong Season 

Blowing past a USC-Salkehatchie opponent for 
a much needed basket is Chris Suggs. 

The 1989-90 Hurricanes are Rob Maloney. 
Manager: Jerry Hughes. Jason Norns. Johnny 
Glover. Leo Lockhart. Ronnell Peterson. Chris 

Suggs. Weldon Parham. Jeremy Faulkner. 
Statistician, John Conyers. Assistant Coach: 

Dalton Stroman. Chad Dansby. Anthony 

Cummings. Brett McOinnis. Jason Hall. Scott 

Adams. Mike Mtskavech. Fred Sumpter. and Enid 

Drake. Head Coach. The Canes were 22 and 10 

this season. 

1989-90 Fighting Canes 

The Louisburg College Hurricanes played 
their second season in the Carolina's Jun- 
ior College Conference, which includes 
teams from both North and South Caroli- 
na. The Canes closed out their season 
with a 22-10 record. The Canes have won 
20 or more games in four of the last five 
seasons. The Canes were a balanced team 
consisting of seven freshmen and seven 
sophomores. The returning team mem- 
bers from the 1988-89 squad were Scott 
Adams, Chad Dansby, Jason Hall, Leo 
Lockhart, Mike Miskavech, Weldon Par- 
ham, and Chris Suggs. Weldon Parham 
continued his success on the court by 
breaking his first year's assists record of 
279 to a second year total of 303 assists 
giving him a two year record of 582. Wel- 
don was named to the first team All Con- 
ference and to the first team All Region X. 
Ronnell Peterson lead all scorers by post- 
ing a 14.6 average per game. Scott Adams 
pulled down 6.5 rebounds per game to 
lead the Hurricanes. Coach Enid Drake 
was honored by former team members, 
students, and friends at the close of the 
Homecomming game between the Canes 
and the Spartanburg Methodist team, for 
his 25 years of coaching. 

Montreat-Anderson's number 40 and 32 pose little 

or no problem for Leo Lockhart in his scoring two 

important points during a hotly contested game 

in Holton Gymnasium. 

Making a tough two-point basket look like 
"child's play." against the Lenoir Community 
College opponents, is second year player 
Jason Hall. 

Men's Basket ball/ 78 

Left: Just another day at the office for 
Anthony Cummings putting two in against 
Lees McRae. Below, The form is good, as 
Ronnell Peterson has an excellent night 

The Spartanburg Methodist player 
finds Weldon Parham's first step to 
the basket hard to defense. 







Pitt Community College 






Spartunburg Methodist 


Richard Bland 




Allegany Comm. College 


Richard Bland 


Lenoir Comm. College 


Craven Comm. College 






Lees McRae 






North Greenville 


Lenoir Comm. College 




Spartanburg Methodist 

sa 79 

Craven Comm. College 




North Greenville 




Lees McRae 




Mens Basketball/79 


"What a SLAM DUNK!" by sophomore Scott 

An easy tip-ofthe finger shot made by Fred Stretching it all out. Leo Lockhart shoots for th, 

Sumpter. 8 oa < 

Ready for action as the Canes warm up. 

Men's Basketball/80 

Number 54 Ronnell Peterson jumps for 
the left-hand Slaml 

Taking a breather, sophomore Jason 
Hall listens to Coach Drake's 
instructions for the next series of 

Men's Basketball/81 


The Louisburg College Lady Hurricanes 
Basketball Team finished the year with a 
record of 29-2. The Lady Canes did ex- 
ceedingly great in the Region X Tourna- 
ment by winning all their games. They 
defeated Anderson by a wide margin of 
104-52, a 128-81 win over Brevard and a 115- 
84 win over Peace. After winning the Re- 
gion X Tournament, the Lady Canes once 
again traveled to Texas for the NJCAA 
National Tournament. The Lady Canes 
opened the first round losing to the na- 
tionally top-ranked team Kilgore 99-83. 
The Lady Canes came back hard in the 
second round defeating Orange County 
95-49. The Canes then went on to beat 
Southern Idaho 86-75 and Moberly 93-82. 
After winning against Moberly the Lady 

Canes were awarded the Consolation 
Tournament of the National Junior Col- 
lege Athletic Association Women's 
Championship. Carolyn Brown was 
named to the Kodak Junior College All- 
America Team, an honor received by only 
ten players in the nation. She was also 
named Region X Player of the Year and to 
the Region X All-Region team. Liesa Lang 
was also named to the Region X All- Re- 
gion team, Region X All-Tournament team 
and the Region X Tournament MVP. 
Rhonda Smith, Valerie Williams and Angel 
Henderson were named also to the Region 
X All-Tournament team. Head Coach 
Mike Holloman was named CJCC Coach 
of the Year. 

Proudly showing off the Lonsolation Tournament 
trophy is Coach Mike Holloman. 

Carefully driving the ball down court, Sheila 
Harrell watches for her teamates. 

The 1989-90 Lady Canes are Carolyn 

Brown, Kim Samuels, Liesa Lang. Valerie 

Williams, Rhonda Smith. Tara Brown, Head 

Coach Mike Holloman, Laura Eckler, Kim 

Reeves. Angel Henderson, Shayna White, 

Assistant Jeff Mosher, Patty Shoaf, Sheila 

Glover, and Sheila Harrell. 

"I think it's time we had the balll" as Liesa 

Lang and Rhonda Smith steal the ball from 

their opponent. 

Over reaching the hands of her opponents. Liesa 
Lang goes up for a shot in the NJCAA. 

Shooting for a few extra points in the National 
Tournament is Sophomore Angel Henderson. 

"Basketball is a tough game" as shown 
on the face of Kim Reaves. 

Liesa Lang goes over an opponent for 2 

■H' : ^^Vt Ml 


^ptKf ^*^tr 

i **t % 

1 i r-t * 

. .L_. : \ m 



1 1 

Shooting high above the head of her opponent of 
Orange County. Patty Shoaf shoots for three. 

Women's Basketball 83 

As the opponent looks on, Lissa Lang flys high for 
an uncontested layup. 


Putting on the brakes is Patty Shoaf as she keeps 

the ball away from her opponents of Anderson 


■» \+>* 

Jto \ k 


\ / \ 



\ V J 

«^^u^ . 


r 4^ «« 



Ready for action is Valerie Williams as she 
dribbles the ball over the 3 point line setting to 


Inches away from the basket. Rhonda Smith 
jumps high knowing she has a shot. 


With a right loot forward left foot back. 
Sophomore Shelia Harrel sneaks a pass by her 

"What a hard shotl" No problem lor Carolyn Brown 
as she sways to the side in perfect form for a two 

With three seconds left before game time. Coach 
Mike Holloman goes over the final plays with the 
lady Canes. 

Hurricanes are Conner. Johnson. Hodges. 

Adams. Dombek. Blowe. Lay, Noakes. J. Hill, 

Wright. Cardwell. Mewborn. Stutts. Branch. K. 

Hill, knick. Austin Ayscue. Sport Information 

Director; Sam White. Assistant Coach: 

Meadows. Williams. Rybak. Hemminger, 

Graves. Brown, Lambert, and Russell Frazier. 

Head Coach. 

A pick-off attempt against Allegany is handled well 
by the first baseman. Turner Williams. 


Field of Dreams 


concentrating on the next pitch is Adams. R.C. 

Branch comes off the field after an unsuccessful 

run to first base. 

Hurricanes Baseball 86 


Trying to help his teatn with a base hit is Hodges. 

Coach Frazier calms his pitcher down in an 
important conference game. 

Hurricanes Baseball/87 




1 I 

. t 

s 1 







Running to first base on a close play is Keesha 


Pitching for the Lady 'Canes is Christy 

Coach Cotten confers with the Head 

Coach of Atlantic Christian College before 

the start of another inning. 

Lady Canes Softball/90 

The Lady 'Canes listen to Coach Cot ten's 
instruction for the next inning. Sharing a light 
moment on the field of play are Diane Parham. 
Christy Fleming, and Tammy Newman. 

Nationally Ranked Lady 'Canesl 

Keeping her attention on the next pitch is 
Keesha Estes. 

Lady Canes Softball/91 


letting loose of the ball in perfect form 

for a fast pitch strike is Diane Parham as 

second baseman Dana Byerly eagerly waits 

for the play. 

An attempted steal is a complete turn around for 
Keesha Estes as she safely makes it back to first. 

As Diane Parham comes in from batting. Tammy 

Newman quickly exchanges helments as she 

readies to bat. 

Determined to get on base, Wendy Childress lowers the 
bat, ready to swing as the ball quickly approaches. 


Members of the 1989-90 Softball team are from L. 
to R. : Wendy Childress, Donna McLamb. Keesha 
Bstes. Chrissy Faight, Laura Cranford; Anita 
Southerland. Sarah Quinn. Becky Long, Dana 

Teri Sebastian, Becky Lawson, Coach Sheilah 
Cotten, Tammy Newman. Diane Parham, Tammy 
Reavis. Christy Fleming and assistant Melissa 
















"Let's stretch those legs, Mike!" Beth 
Young stretches with Mike Miskavech 
before a game. The 1989-90 Louisburg Col- 
lege Cheerleaders pepped up the crowd 
before the games. This year's head 
cheerleaders were Beth Young and David 
Mauskapf, and the sponsor's were Leslie 
Council and Mary Fordham. This year 
gthere were more male cheerleaders than 
ever before at Louisburg College. The 
cheerleaders worked on various stunts 
and new chants. Keep up the good work, 
guys and galsl 

The 1989-90 Louisburg College Cheerleaders, L-R 

back row, David Mauskapf. Lee Miller. Rob 

Robertson. Craig Lloyd. Rob Garner. Wes 

Shepherd. L-R front row, Beth Young. Denyse 

"V for victoryl Let's win tonight, 'canesl" Phaith 
Skinner and Wes Shepherd pep before a game. 


"We are the big blue varsity, we're gonna boogie 
on down to a victory, HIT ITI" The cheerleaders 
gel the crowd into the game. 

This year's sponsor's were Leslie Council and 
Mary Fordham along with captains Beth Young 
and David Mauskapf. 

Cheerleaders/9 7 

Sports Banquet 1990 

MVP's (left to right): Weldon Parham, 

basketballs Liesa Lang, basketball, Caroline 

Brown, basketball: Tammy Newman, softbalh 

and T.J. Johnson, baseball, below: receiving a 

plaque for his service to women's basketball is 

Jeff Mosher. 

Sports Banquet '90/98 

Left: Receiving the Frank Memorial Trophy is R.C. 
Branch. Below A speech of enlightenment is 
given by Coach Frazier. 

Above: Recognition is given to the women's 
Softball team. Left: A plaque "to remember when' 
is given to Sheila Harrell by Coach Holloman. 

Sports Banquet '90/99 

Community /I00 

'ff//^lL /{(AflKUSl i^iWf.U/ 



The Louisburg College Players 


TO^^ Streetcar 

'"feiltiif Named 

> -i Desire 

Diu-iuil liv. 

Charley John Smith 

A Streetcar Named Desire was presented by 
the Louisburg College Players. It was held Oc- 
tober 23 and ended on the 28. The three main 
characters Stella, Blanche and Stanley, were 
played by Patrice Reardon, Nelle Turner and 
Jeff Fleming. The casts hard work and rehears- 
als proved to a great performance. Charley- 
John Smith was in charge of Streetcar. Other 
characters included: Cheryl Drown as Eunice; 
Rebecca Wirth as Mexican Woman; Charles 
Cash as Harold-, Ron Hasson as Steve; Puska 
Smith as collector-, Hunter Williamson as Pablo; 
Paul Mosca as Doctor-, Jonathan Hutchinson as 
Sailor and Charles Isley as the mugger. 

Tennessee Willums 


A t the poker party, Blanche tries to join in the 
game, being forced out of the way by the angry 

Blanche arrives in the Quarter by the 
streetcar named Desire, being greeted by 
Unice and the mexican woman. 


Unice and Stella peek in on the poker party while 
trying to pick up after their mess. 

*' " ■'■ " ' —- 

• I - -iSf ■ 



Stella greets Stanley home after a long day at "let me see you in the light".says Mitch to the 

work. She tries to prepare him for her sister's older -than -thought Blanche who is caught in a 
arrival. bitter lie. 

Mitch offers Blanche a hand, after he threw her 
light fixture on the floor during an argument. 



These four combine the banjo, bass fiddle, and 
guitar to create interesting music. 

The 19th Annual Louisburg College and 
Franklin County Arts Council Folk Festival 
was held at the Louisburg College Audito- 
rium on November 4, 1989. Again the Fes- 
tival included loads of fun and talent. The 
Festival consisted of square dancers, var- 
ious guitar and banjo players, the popular 
Serendipity Singers, Country Spice dog- 
gers, and The Original Briarhoppers. 
Awards were also presented. The empha- 
sis on this year's festival was photogra- 
phy as an art form. The Folk Festival also 
included a photography exhibition, the 
tenth annual for Franklin County. 

Shannon Grayson and Fiddlin' "Hank" Warren 

continue the long tradition of The Original 


Paul Taylor enlightens and entertains the 
audience with his humor and light-hearted songs 

of life. 

The 19th Annual Folk Festival/104 

Congratulations to all the Contestants who 
perfoemd during the 19th Annual Franklin 
County Folk Festival. 

The Serendipity Singers bring the house down with 
their talent and charm. 

The audience get their chance to dance with the 
pros at the end of the Folk Festival's festivities. 

Singing ballads and humorous folk songs is 
Louisburg College's own Al Wright. 

The 19th Annual Folk Festival/105 

Expressionism: That's the Ticket! 

Expressionisml What is it? It has been defined 
in many different ways, but it always relates 
to the reflection of one's inner self, shown in a 
way that tells one about the artist. At Louis- 
burg College, expressionism is well practiced 
through some of our students' clothes. The art 
of dressing how one feels is on the rise. Even 
the preps practice this form of expression 
once in a while. Why not? What better way to 
make people take notice when they obviously 
don't want to hear anything said? Clothes that 
are torn, dyed, bleached, and frayed are 
enough to keep heads turning and minds bog- 
gled. Mr. Stafford is a religion teacher at 
Louisburg College. He said, "expression of 
one's self through their clothing is fine, as long 
as it is not offensive to others." Melissa Ader- 
hold is a sophomore at Louisburg College. She 
stated that what people wear can be changed 
day to day to give a feeling of demureness 
and sexiness. "You can be outgoing with your 

clothes. Wear vibrant colors on happy days or 
on days when you want to be seen. When you 
want to blend in, wear pale colors and beiges." 
She believes that the idea of wearing clothes 
is to present your view, such as not wearing 
leather and furs in support of the animals from 
which they were made. Melissa also ex- 
pressed that some people judge others for 
what they wear instead of looking at a per- 
son's inner self. Julie Virgina Utberg, a sopho- 
more at Louisburg College, is a prep. But on 
certain days she can be caught wearing jeans 
with holes where the knees are. Julie believes 
that expressing yourself through your cloth- 
ing is acceptable just as long as you don't 
express too much of your body. So, what does 
one do when there is nothing to wear? Throw 
on anything that reflects what is on the in- 
side, and tell others that expressionism is in 

You must satisfy yourself first according to Carol 

It s not hard to take it easy when you are as relaxed 
as Jim Chadwick. 

A smile is worth a thousand words as seen here by 
Rob Hockersmith and Thomas Vassallo. 


Left. Complementing each other are Rebecca Wirth and 
a friend. 

Showing her ethnicity. Cheryl Chambers shows pride in 
Above.- Expressing school spirit Rob Garner cele- her Afr ' can heritage, 
brates blue and white night. Style can be artistically 
done. Just ask Nelle Turner. 

Dancing is another form of expression as shown here 
by Sharon Peering and Valerie Williams. 


Black History Month 

February is the time that we celebrate Black 
History Month. Louisburg College celebrat- 
ed this month by devoting a week to broth- 
erhood and unity. Charles Johnson was the 
coordinator of these events which made up 
our celebration. The Martin Luther King 
Commemoration, People of Color, Racism 
Id. The Black Church, and Gospelfest, de- 
lighted and enlightend audiences to the 
awareness of themselves and others. The 
goal of each program was for each person 
who attended to leave much more aware of 
the contributions of Black America and the 
unity and pride that all races can find true 
equality in. The topics discussed during this 
week were not just focused on Black Histo- 
ry, but also on how all races can become 
more unified in everyday living. There was a 
very high attendance for all the programs 
that were sponsored by the Office of Stu- 
dent Affairs by way of the Student Activi- 
ties Coordinator, Charles Johnson. 

Above/Right: Racism Id is taught by Carta Jones. 

who is from East Carolina University. Above: Sharing 

poetry for a People of Color are Wayde Vickery, 

/Catherine Grimes. Jennifer Tootle, and Rita Smith. 

Honoring the memory of Dr.Martin Luther 
King are guest speaker Alma Adams, 
Charles Johnson. Robert Taylor and Kelise 

Black History Month/108 

Through storytelling, song and the rhythmic 
pounding on drums, Paula Larke helps us all to 
become more aware of Black History Month. 

Richard Wright's "I Have Seen Black Hands" is read 
by Jennifer Tootle. 

Left: Dancing with much emotion and power are the 
E-Gwynn Dancers from North Carolina AST 

Black History Month/109 

" Forever Young 

i f 

Members of the Board of Directors are Louise 

Ktrkman Nance, Class of 'JO. and Katherine 

Blalock Hughes. Class of '31. 


MM \\ 

^A. V-J^W 

fc 4 Mi ■ L 

\r^ ^ 

■ ^H 

V '4 

r .^1 





■ K^ 

Alumni Day '90 

Many found the time to remember their college ^ 
days. Signing the register with his wife is John 
Allen. Class of '85. 

Alumni Day/110 

Remember their days of "work and toil" are 
Ralph Fritsch and Roger Mott. Class of '85. 

The traditional Alumni Day Picture was taken in 
front of Main Building. Below — Dean C. Edward 
Brown. Jr. shares some humorous moments with 
Larry Smith. Class of '85. 


\ ■ , 

f % j\ r \f 

- y 

■^m! 1 j 


T "^ 

* ±*tff ,,' 1 


•■ 4 v 

Class of '85 member Paul Hendrick signs the 
class register. 

Getting reacquainted on Alumni Day were these 
Class of '45 members. 

Alumni Day/Ill 

The National Folk Ballet of Yugoslavia graced our 

stage under the artistic direction of Branko 


Concert Series '90 

The Loncert Series '112 

The famous Philadelphia Mummers enchanted the 
audience during a stirring performance. 

The Concert Series/113 


The "Den of Thieves" line up and sing for their 





Right: Listening to the Senate proceedings are Lisa 
Mmton, Jimmie Shell, and Adam Weeks. 

SGA Members: Amy Tackett. Janine Dodds. 

Jennifer Dodds, Robin Wiley, Amanda Sturmer, 

Annette Partin, Advisor, Mimi Duncan, Ann 

McPhail. Shannon Martin, Beth Young, Chris 

Suggs. Brett McGinnis. Chad Dansby. and 

Jason Hall. 

Student Government Association 

SGA Officers are Chad Dansby, President, Amy 

Tackett, Vice-President, Mimi Duncan, Secretary, 

and Amanda Sturmer, Treasurer. At right. Mimi 

Duncan keeps all the records of the SGA 


Student Government Association/IIS 

Administering the oaths of office to Chad Dansby 
and Amy Taekett is Dr. J. Allen Norris. Jr.. President 
of Louisburg College. 

Presiding over the I9S9 SGA inductions is 
Assistant Dean of Students Annette Partin. 

Student Government Association/119 

The W.A.V.E.S. is a newly formed organi- 
zation under the direction of Mrs. Sue 
Guerrant. The new group evolved from 
the old Student Alumni Association. 
W.A.V.E.S. stand for Workers Actively 
Volunteering Energetic Services. The 
W.A.V.E.S. were involved with many 
worthwhile events on campus. Some of 
those events were assisting in the Open 
House sponsored by the Alumni Office 
twice a year. During the final exam week, 
the group put together "survival kits" for 
the students. These kits were bought by 
their parents, through the efforts of the 
members of W.A.V.E.S. The members 
were also an intregral part of the Annual 
Telefund sponsored by the Office of De- 
velopment and the Alumni Association. 

Assisting David Mauskapf and the other 

W.A.V.E.S. members in making phone calls to 

alumni and friends of the College is Bert 



Looking through the list for potential contributors 
is Sophomore Willie Bridgeforth. 

Working for the cause takes time and enthusiasm 
as Mark Douglas and friends demostrate. 

The W.A. V.E.S./QO 

Recieving a food certificate from the Golden 
Corral Resturant tor his participation in the 
Annual Telefund is David Mauskapf. Giving the 
certificate is Bert Armstrong. 

"Hi. I am Tara Brown, a student at Louisburg 
College. I am calling for the Alumni Association 
for a contribution to the greater good of the 
College. " 


The members of the W.A. V.E.S. are nearing the goal 
set for the night. 

W.A. V.E.S. Members are Michelle Monette. 
Bethany Reid. Sharon Newton. Kristen Baker. 
Kelly Pridgen. Sue Guerrant. Advisor-. Melissa 
Aderhold. Sharon Salmon. Laura Sinnett. Ann 
Jarratt. Jill Briley. Paul Mosca. Shane 
Pongpairoj, Ahmed Selim. Russell Allen. Leslie 

Council. Assistant Advisor; Julie Cheatham. 
Laura Steen. Ann Johnson. Katie Casner. 
Tammy Gilpin. Angie Shaver. Todd Georgel. 
Cassie Staton, David Mauskapf. Cam Clayton. 
Josh McLamb. Trey Daniels. Marsha 
Northington. Julie Wall, and Heather Tomerlm. 

The W.A.V.E.S./QI 

Politics and Peace 

The abortion issue is debated by speakers Betty 
Rogers. Margaret Odom, Stewart Rogers, Paul 
Byron, and Anne Bachmann 

The Young Republicans add many inter- 
esting ideas to the political scene at Lou- 
U. The advisor to the Young Republicans 
is Robert Rector, Professor of History. 
Inviting elected officials to speak, voting 
drives, and helping in local elections are 
just a few of the activities that the Young 
Republicans are involved in. 

The advisor to the Young Democrats is 
Annette Holt, Professor of Economics and 
Business. The Young Democrats assisted 

local election officials with the opening of 
the Democratic Headquarters during the 
last presidential election. 

The Peace Group's main purpose is to 
educate students concerning human 
rights, brutality in the world and other 
conflicts that concern us. The advisor to 
the Peace Group is Wayde Vickrey, In- 
structor of English. The Peace Group 
sponsored the Abortion Forum held No- 
vember 14th in the Benson Chapel. 

Young Republicans: Marc Bouchard. Mark Douglas. 
Harrison Moncure. Eric Sechriest. Lee Cavmess. 
David Tilley. Robert Rector. Shannon Martin. Amy 
Tackett. Amanda Sturmer. Marty Smith. Lin 
Henshaw. J.P. Ayers 

Young Democrats. Peter ureen. Jetta Berry. 
Mitchel Carter. Annette Holt 

Margaret Odom listens as Stewart Rogers 
expresses his views concerning abortion. 

Young Republicans and Young Democrats/122 

Kaki Statford. Melissa Aderhold. Rebecca Wirth. 
Hunter Williamson. William Beaty. Lana Whited. 
Katherine Grimes. Katie Casner. Nelle Turner. 
Virginia Weaver. Carol Venema. Corey Futch. 
Dan Hays. Landon Waffs 

Stewart Rogers and Anne Bachmann look on as 
Paul Byron explains his position during the 
abortion forum. 

Peace Group/OS 

The Christian Life Council, also known as 
the CLC, is made up of a group of stu- 
dents who devote their time in assisting 
others. The Advisor of the CLC is Sidney 
Stafford, he is also the Chaplain of the 
college. The CLC's main event each year 
is an annual Children's Christmas party in 
which they give toys to the needy chil- 
dren. The CLC spends alot of time and 
effort on this project.but they feel it is 
worth the cause. They also sponsor the 
annual Red Cross Blood Mobile. The CLC 
took a trip to High Point, N.C. for the 
Methodist Covention in which they ex- 
changed ideas and had a great time with 
other groups. The Christian Life Council 
meets every Wednesday evening in the 
cafeteria's Blue Room. Members of the 
CLC are: Angie Dozier, Verna Evans, Les- 
lie Mayton, Leigh Mitchell, Cheryl Cham- 
bers, Suzanne Stafford, Deshelle Hodge, 
Patrice Bullock, Kelly Pridgen, Shannon 
Edward, Lynette French, Wanda Hobson, 
J. P. Ayres, Willie Bridgeforth, Mark Hon- 
hart, and Sponsor Sidney Stafford. 

Vice President of CLC is Leslie Mayton. 
President Mark Honhart, Treasurer Willie 
Bridgeforth and Secretary Wanda Hobson. 

Working hard to get Christmas Party invitations 
sent off are Wanda Hobson and J.P. Ayres. 

Christian Life Council/124 

Receiving a hug and a gift of love, this child will Signs of joy and hope are in the air as the 
always believe in Santa. children hear that Santa Claus is on his wayl 


Giving the "gift of life" brings a smile to Shey 
Wafel as she recovers. The 1989 Blood Mobil was 
sponsered by the CLC. 

Christian Life Council/US 

Poet in Residence: Fred Chappell 


A Literary Magazine 

The Wolfpen Branch is an organization 

consisting of students who are 

responsible for producing a literary 

magazine. The magazine is a collection 

of poems, artwork, and photographs. 

Under the guidance of Wayde Vickrey. 

Wolfpen Branch members review 

material submitted by fellow students 

throughout the school year. From these 

submissions are chosen suitable entries 

for the magazine. 

The Wolfpen Branch magazine is a 

great display of talent of those writers 

who submitted their work. 

Advertising deadlines for poetry submissions 

(or the magazine are members of Wolfpen 


BIT? — - 


i J^^U ■Rfl 






s % 


Delivering excerpts of poetry on a sunny 
afternoon is Nell Turner. 

Reading poetry for friends and faculty is Wayne 

Listening to various poetry selections are 
Jennifer Sanders and Jill Roberts. 

Right. Louisburg College students read various 

poetry from different authors. Below: Listening 

carefully, Rebecca Allen. Ray Mize, and Lana 

Whited enjoy Fred Chappell's lecture in the 

writing center. 

"Shakespeare is my favorite. " Katie Casner 

voices her opinion on poetry as Kristine Baker 

takes notes. 

"To whom may I address this?" Fred Chappell 
autographs a book for Hope Williamson. 

Left: "To be or not to be. that is the question. " 
Kaki Straford reads a piece from Shakesphere's 
Hamlet. Below: The English department gave a 
luncheon for Fred Chappell. 



■■ v* *\ !! 


1 1> 

"All right, let's have class outside on the balcony 
today." Ray Mize has class outside while various 
students read poetry. 

Stephanie Sorrell and Debie Boyer cropping and 
The Oak staff discusses layout design. finalizing layout sheets. 

Dodie Thrailkill and Melanie Sledge compare 

layout designs. Todd Lewjs Cheryl Chambers, Melanie Sledge, 

Debi Boyer. Stephanie Sorrell. and Mitchel Carter. 

The Oak C olumns 130 

Making Ends Meet 

The 1989-90 Oak has many dedicated 

students on staff. One of the main 

goals of the Oak staff is to present to 

the college community an enjoyable. 

but quality product that is a 

representation of the entire student 

body. Meeting Tuesday nights at 6:00, 

the staff discusses upcoming 

assignments relating to initial layouts, 

final layouts, and interviews. It is 

essential that assignments are 

completed as scheduled in order for 

the Oak to be received. With many 

devoted students, The Columns staff 

works hard to keep the college 

community informed of news, current 

events, and other social concerns. 

Melissa Aderhold is Editor-in-chief and 

works hard to help keep students 

aware of their political surroundings. 

The Columns staff is always open for 

suggestions, comments, and criticism. 

Matt T. Clark. Lana Whited. and Melissa 
Aderhold add the finishing touches to the 

Lana Whited. Leslie Johnson. Melissa Aderhold. 
Lisa Turner. Lisa Malpasso. Ron Hasson. Craig 
Lloyd, Mike Hood. Matt T. Clark, and Greg Davis. 

Lana Whited and Melissa Aderhold discuss rough 

Ensemble and Glee Club 1990 


Ensemble 9V/IS2 

Ensemble Members(left to right): Martha Medlin, Tracy 

Fuller. Traci Kirkman, Kelly McLaurin. Patrice Reardon, 

Mr. Daniel Steinert (director). Jetta Berry. Jennifer 

Parker, Stephanie Cooper, Patrise Bullock, Miho Furuko. 

Marcian Bouchard Jr.. Mark Douglas. J.P. Ayers. 

Christopher Sutter. Ron Hasson. 

left: "Let's do it from the topi" says Mr. 
Steinert. below: Striving for perfection. 
Heather Tomerlin sings. 

above: Bringing lovely music to one's ears is what 
the Glee Club does best. left. Practice makes 
perfect as shown here by Patrise Bullock and 
Linda Smith. 

Ensemble 90'/ 133 

Taking her place along with the newly inducted 
members of Phi Theta Kappa is Patty Lynn Shoaf 
of Lexington. N.C. 

Adam Lloyd Weeks is another Phi Theta Kappa 
inductee. He is from Raleigh. N.C. He will join 
many this May for the College's commencement 

Representing for the first time several 
Weekend College students is Sharon Smith of 
Louisburg. N.C. She works in Raleigh with the 
Department of Human Resources. 

Members of Phi Theta Kappa are Frank ie King. 
Wendy Shearon. Kelly Pridgen. Todd Campbell. 
Robert Burchette. Adam Weeks. Lisa Minton. 
Sharon Smith. Leslie Whitaker. Angela Richardson. 
Miho Furukoh, Tammy Gilpin. James Paulakuhn. 
Donna McLamb. Patty Shoaf. Eric Hilkman. 

Phi Theta Kappa lnduclions/134 

kathrvn Hicks. Tammy Mitchell. Edith Marren. 
Amy Tackett. Chris Suggs. Chad Dansby. Steve 
Byers. Tony Butler. Billy Deese. Benito Lores. 
Connie Tharrington. Nancy Griner. Randall 
Bowman, and Mayumi Ito. 

Taking the Phi Theta Kappa oath are Chad 
Dansby from Plymouth. N.C and Todd 
Campbell from Raleigh. N.C. 

Speaking at the Honors Banquet is Dr. J. Allen 
Sorris. Jr. 

>.. j WQLC Staff members are Michelle Burr, Scott 
Bradsher, and Randall Bowman. 

Spinning some records are Michelle Burr and 

Randall Bowman. Right — Delta Psi Omega 

Inductees are Molissa Beetham. Cheryl Drown. 

Paul Mosca. and Jonathan Hutchinson. 

Appalachain Trail 

Right — Clowning on the trail are Ray Knowles. 

Beth Garner. Greg Murphy. Kelly Horton. and 

Charles Isley. Below — Club members on the 

Shavers Fork River in West Virginia. 

White Water Clu 

Club Members are John Mathews, Dan Hays. Beth 
Garner. Ken Micks. Jim Paulakhun. Keith Brooks. 
David Porter. John Dean. Clint Snow. Lee 
Caviness. Matt English. Greg Hippert. Kelly 
Horton. Ellen Haney. Lisa Kiley. Tommy Pike. 

Appalachian Trail 136 

Jeffrey Wood. Reggie Simpson. Rob Hight. Ray 
Knowles. Greg Murphy. Paul Stokes. Chip Suttles. 
Wayne Gibbs. Danny Cutts. David Hutson. and 
Allen deHart. Advisor. 

Working on the Cape Hatteras Beach Trail are 
Todd Ceorgel, Dan Hays, Rob Might. Greg 
Hippert, and Vinee Carver. Above — The Club 
walking on an old abandoned railroad on the East 
Fork Trail in V/est Virginia. 

Appalachian Trail/137 

Residence Life 


The Residence Life Council, 
also known as the R.L.C., is 
made up of a group of devoted 
students representing each 
dorm. Fund-raisers, gather- 
ings, and cookouts are just a 
few of the projects that the 
R.L.C. members partake to in- 
crease the involvement of the 
students living in the dorms. 
R.L.C. members also act as ad- 
visors to students whenever 
the Resident Director or Head 
Student Resident is not avail- 
able. Anyone living in the 
dorms may become a member 
of the Resident Life Council. 
The R.L.C. has its first meet- 
ings during the fall semester. 


Debi Boyer, Tracy Foster. Nikki Myers. 

Mary Fordham. Nichole Williams, Kim 

Deck, Carie Jackson. Wendy Thompson, 

Knot McPhail. Kathi Ennis. 


Franklin Kenan 

Resident Life Council/138 

Sterling Anders, Ted Fulford. Daniel Desouza, Will Heather Tomerlin. Melissia Coggins. Christy 
Baggett. Shane Pongpairoj Knight. Julie Wall. Mary Page. Kristy Boykin, 
Catherine Ward, Catherine Turner 


Kim Wade and Katie Casner pause from a busy 
day to get their picture taken. 

Patrise Bullock, Cheryl Chambers. Kim Wade, 
Katie Casner, Traci Latta, Sara Waldman, Tansy 
Busbice, Tara Brown 

Resident Life Council/139 

Club Events 1990 

Always rising to the challenge are the Louisburg 
College Cheerleaders. 

What's the news? Shown here is Editor-in-Chief. 
Melissa Aderhold of The Columns. 

Club Events '90/140 

left: Performing members of the Louisburg 
College Players. Cheryl Drown and Paul Mosca 
act with perfection. The watermelon is lip- 
smacking good at the CLC's annual watermelon 

1 1 

1 1 m _ ' 

middle: Singing praises to the Lord are the Ensemble, 
bottom- Abortion issues are discussed in a panel 
which is sponsored by the Peace Croup. 

We are on the airl Shown here is Randall Bowman, 
head of Louisburg College's radio station. 

Club Events Xf/141 

Showchoir 1990 

Showchoir has been known for its way of recapturing musical theatre history. This 
year Showchoir has recaptured the past, but has added a little twist by capturing 
the present. America's Musical Stage, "A Salute to Musical Theatre." was presented 
in the fall. "Oklahoma," "Les Miserables," "West Side Story," and "Ain't Mis 
Behavin" were where many of the scenes from the show taken from. In the spring 
Showchoir raised the consciousness of audiences with the premiere performance 
of "In Full View of the Moon," which was written by Carolyn Cole and Charles 
Johnson. This musical drama focused on the problems of substance abuse in the 
home and school. Both shows were entertaining and enlightening to many. 

above: There is nothing like down home. Michelle 

Brodie and Patrick Riley sing about it. Right: "I 

Can't Say No" is a scene from "Oklahoma" 

performed here by Kay Porter. 


Let's swing, while we find out what they (men) 

like. A scene from "Ain't Misbehavin' ". Playing 

the role of Mr. Schmidt. J.P. Perry shows the 

students the reality of alchohol abuse. 

Left: In full view of the moon a candle of hope is 
lit by everyone. Below, The scene One Night 
Only is performed by Michelle Brodie. Angela 
Lassiter. and Linda Blackwell. 

Above: Shown here is a dramatic scene from "In 
Full View of the Moon. " performed by Melissa 
Aderhold and Linda Blackwell. Left: Pleasing 
audiences with her dramatic presentation is 
Linda Eanes. 





Lisa Minton was awarded a Math 

Award. Mimi Duncan was awarded the 

Cortland V. Smith Award, and David 

Tilley was awarded the Head Student 

Resident Award. 

Elizabeth Orsi was awarded the 

Yearbook Journalism Award: Melissa 

Aderhold was awarded a Newswriting 

awards Leslie Mayton was awarded one 

of the Chaplain's Awards. 

Awards Day 1990 

Awards Day/144 

Above. Patty Shoaf received the Outstanding 

Student Athlete Award and the Isaac D. Moon 

Award. Right. Willie Bridge forth receives one of the 

Chaplain's Awards from Mr. Sid Stafford. 

Left: Chad Dansby receives the Peter A. Carlton 
Award in Biology from Dr. Pat Palmer. 

eanne Howell received the Brantley 

Randall Bowman received the 
Malone Medal and the Speech 
Communications, the Spanish, and 
the Brantley Awards. 

Chris Suggs received the 
Outstanding Athlete and the Isaac 
D. Moon Awards. 

Awards Day/145 

Right, Enjoying the meal at the Graduates Breakfast 
is Shannon Gilleland. Below. Smiling big for the 
camera are Monica Wynne and Peyton Walker. 



Graduates' Banquet 1990 

Mimi Duncan is telling us she likes 
"seafood . . see-the-foodl" 


Graduates' Banquet/146 

Graduates' Breakfast/147 

Right, Many students wait for their names to 

be called out. so they will know their place in 

line. Below, Leslie Whitaker gets a hug from a 


Commencement 1990 

Above, Jay Strotmeyer entertains Jimmie Shell 

with pre-Commencement antics. Right, Ready to 

go are Corey Futch, Melissa Aderhold, and 

William Beaty. 


Left. Getting into the spirit by building a pyramid 
are Mike Cvafinger, Chris Pusey. Wesley Snow, Chad 
Dansby. Tammy Mitchell, and Lisa Minton. Below, 
Jeff Diggs and Elizabeth Buchanan celebrate after 

Left. Anita Brisson. Joelle Freeman and Julia Catlett 
look over the commencement program before the 
services. Above. Kim Kendall and her father embrace 
in joy after commencement. 

Commencement /I49 

Right. Receiving congratulations from Coach Drake is 

Jason Hall. Below. Dr. J. Allen Norris, Jr. presents Dr. 

Thomas S. Vow. Ill a plaque for his participation in 

the commencement services. 

iff. **-- 

Receiving the Naomi Dickens Shaw Award for 
Teaching Excellence is Mrs. Martha Hobgood. 


Receiving the President's Medallion, for service 
to Louisburg College, is Dr. Milton H. Gilbert. 

Showing off above are Kim Kendall. Theresa 
Terwilliger. Karin Krauza, and Kay Porter. 
Helping a fellow grad is Lisa Minton. 


Commencement \52 

A Ticket For Memories 




> *:* 

^L ^ 

m 2 1 


1 V^ 


« I 


I ^ 



^ C 

Ks ™ 


Women's Basketball 









Louisburg, NC 
104 S. Bickett Blvd. 

54 Years Of Sales And 

Services To Franklin Co. 

Ph. 496-4169 

Congratulations To 

All Hurricane Teams 


Highway 401 

Louisburg. NC 

Phone Number 

D % J 








116 South 
Bickett Blvd 



In The Nation 


Makin' It Great! 






Louisburg College 


Congratulations To 

The Class Of 1990 
On Your Ticket To The 90's 

By The 


In Partnership With 
The Service Master Company 

Southeast Management Services 

100 Cresent Center Parkway 

Atlanta GA 30084 

Professional Home Renderings 


Ehinger Enterprises Inc. 
1904 Red Oak Ln. 
Clayton, N.C. 27520 

(919) 553-5496 

Compliments Of 


Bickett Blvd. 

Louisburg, North Carolina 


Congratulations To The Softball Team 


116 S. Bickett Blvd. 
Louisburg, NC 



N. Bickett Blvd. 
Louisburg, NC 

R.T. Hayes 

Mark Hayes 

Olfce: (919) "J96-3202. J9S-2917 
Nignt SS3-2903 

Nathan & Mary Gray Patterson 



620 NORTH sckett BLVD. • lC'j:S3Ua3. N.C. 275*9 

Compliments Of 



Bickett Blvd. 

Franklin County 


The Best Burgers And Sandwiches 
In Louisburg 

Business. 919-496-3573 
HOME: 919-4-96-4144 

Rowe's Men's Shop 

Michael E. Rowe. Jr. 103-105 s. main street 

Sales Representative louisburg. north Carolina 27540 

Graphic Labs 


218 E. Nash Street 
Louisburg. NC 27549 

.Telephone (919) 496-4113 
Telefac (919) 496-6952 

Greg Thompson 


403 E. Nash St. 
Louisburg, NC 27549 




Compliments Of 


Pnone *S«3-Ji23 
Beoroom. Living Room 
ani Dining Room 
& Vinyl Floor 
Coverings. Wall 

Paoer. Gift Wares 

.0. 3ox 25. louisaurg, NC 2TS49 
niericr & Exterior Paint 
iectneai Suoolies 
Heating Suoolies 
Heating Stoves 
Soonmg Gooes 

Downtown Louisburg 
Ph. 496-3423 

Make JmrEBt portrait &ijnppe 

Quality Portraiture 

Phil Edwards, Professional Photographer 

Kathy Edwards, Studio Manager 

112 E Roosevelt Ave. 

Wake Forest, NC 27587 







(919) 496-2521 
EXT. 281 


P.O. BOX 3106 


LOUISBURG, N.C. 27549 

Congratulations To The Class Of 



Rockingham County Square Shopping 

Madison, riorth Carolina 


Wade Ave 

Louisburg, NC 


/4t&Cct'& Vntve-Va 

Compliments Of 


Bickett Blvd. 

Louisburg, north Carolina 


(919) 496-2612 


Lucille Hayes 

127 S. Bickett Blvd. 
Louisburg, NC 27549 

(919) 496-4800 


Film Processing. Cameras. Supplies 

301 Franklin Plaza 

LouiSPurg. NC 27549 


Disco and Night Club Disco and Night Club 

US 31 Nortr M ^ H*v 39 Sou:n-orf Bickett Blva 

FranKiini ft ~BL -O'-rSOurg. NC 



Available lor 
all functions 

Compliments Of 



Downtown Louisburg 

next To Post Office 

Watches — Diamonds 

Watch — Jewelry Repair 





For — Auto 

Home — Business 

And Life 


John B. Hodges 

Ray B. Hodges 

Compliments Of 


Home Of Good And Friendly Service 


Wayne Rigsbee 


i 7ftemo>Ue& i*t 

Taking a quick breather during a basketball game 
are the Lady Canes. 

Acting out a skit for Comedy Sportz are student 

Mo Beetham and comedians from Comedy 


Taking a quick breather during a basketball game 
are Lady 'Canes Kim Reeves and Sheilah Harrell. 

Contemplating eating the whole pineapple is 

Elizabeth Buchanan with Jeff Diggs and Tammy 


t6e 70fa6t*t$ . . . 

Establishing lifetime friendships are Jennifer 
Walker, Brooke Kirkman, and Kelly Pridgen. 


Screaming for .-uv sandwiches at the 
Homecoming basketball game. 

Modeling favorite springtime wear are Lee 
Edmondson and David Zumbro. 

76e *tye&i 

During some free time Keith Brooks 
works on his pool game. 


J __ 





' J£ £i* 

Moving out can be physically as well Enjoying a beautiful day in between 

as emotionally straining. classes. 

Celebrating an intramural victory for Hillman is 
Walt Parker. 

U 'Review. ?9X9-'90 . . . 

"Who done it?" None of these guys will confess. 

A Farewell Address 


As many of us prepare t 
lege and continue ou 
tions, thoughts of 
ness enter our I 

ersities. This will be a 
for many of us as stude 
be larger, and many new friends 
The thoughts of majors and minors 
heads and we feel the excitement 
ture plans begin to develop. Others 1 
already decided what we want and 
large step into the working world, 
life" as it is often called. 

As our thoughts of the future seem a pi 
we can't help but remember those facto? 
made these plans possible. For some, 
burg helped us in getting back on track 
our education, and we become sad if 
those friends and professors that 
side us fade into memories. 

So fare you well good friends, professorsTfac- 
ulty, and^staff of Louisburg College-, the class 


^Mlj » 

Thanks To Those Who Made 
The 1990 Oak Possible! 

The Student Body 

Phil Edwards 

Lana Whited 

Katherine Grimes 

Bob Johnson 

Allen deHart 

Mike Holloman 

David Zumbro 

Sheilah Cotten 

Russell Frazier 

J. Craig Eller 

William Hinton 

Liz Or si 

Cheryl Chambers 

Ann Jarratt 

William Beaty 

Stephanie Sorrell 

Leighanne Miller 

Debi Boyer 

Tommy Vassallo 

Mitchel Carter 

Keith Roberts