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Full text of "The O'Connor family; families of Daniel and Mathias O'Connor of Corsallagh house, Achonry County, Sligo, Ireland, A.D. 1750, with notes on the Hagadorn, Furman, Williams and Eaton families, of New York"

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_®'®01M5t MHllrilt 



iamrl anii fSathias ©'(Enminr 

Of Corsallagh House, Achonry County, Sligo, Ireland 
A. D. 1750 

With Notes on the 


Families, of New York. 


^19 14^-^ 



®1t? W(tmnvjt iFamilg 

The name O'Connor is derived from Conchobhar, (in 
Irish the "ch " and " bh " are silent) King- of Con- 
naught who died A. D. 1^71 and was iirst jidooted by Teige 
of the White Steed, grandson of Conchobhar. Teige 
-died A. D. 1030. 

It is written in Irish, says the historian O'Doiiovan, 
Ua Conchobhair and it has been variously at diUerent 
times anglicised O'Conquovar, O'Conogher, O'Knogher, 
O'Konnor, O'Conner, O'Ccnor and O'Connor, according to 
the ever varying wliims of usage. The Irish form of 
the second part contains a guttural sound which was 
usually represented by ^a in Old English. Conchobliar 
means hero or champion. 

The family was part of the great Sil Murray race of 

Ireland, and its descent may be traced in " O'Hart's Irish 

Pedigrees " to the most remote ages. 

\_,^ Turlough Mor, from which this genealogy is traced, 

^ was the father of many children, among whom were 

'" .Roderick the last King of Ireland and Cathal Cravagh, 

ancestor of the present " O'Conor Don," ''O'Connor of 

Mount Prospect " and O'Connor Eccles Families, all of 

- which is fully set forth in Burkes Landed Gentry. The 
best history of the early days of our branch ot the family 
is found in " O'Rorke's History of Sligo," and " The 

: O'Connor's of Connaught " published in Dublin. 

The descendants of Mathias O'Connor who settled in 
New York City about 1780, trace their ancestry through 

- him back to the O'Connor Sligo family. 

By a parchmxcnt manuscript in the possession of Mr. 

P. A. Taaffe O'Connor of Sangre Grande. Trinidad. B. W. 

- I., which is attested by Charles O'Hara, M. P. Phillips, of 

Clonmore House, and which was brought to Trinidad in 

1H71 by Dr. James Lynch O'Connor, the ancestry rnay be 

■ . tJ'aced back to the early 17th Century. 

A copy of the plate dedicated to Sir Lawrence Trank 
in the possession of tiie same ]\Ir. O'Coirnor gives the 
laniily line from Conn of the Hundred Battles A. 1). 175. 

Ulli? fcarly S^miiily, liOMG41 

A. Turloug-h Mor, Kinsr of Ireland, his son. 

B. Brian Linghnech, died 1181 at Battle of Crich 
Carbary, his sen. 

C. Andrias, his son. 

D. Brian, his son. 

E. Teige, 1308 m Sabia, da, of Hugh O'Neil, their son. 

F. Dcnnell his son. 

G. Murtough, Lord of Carbiiry and Sligo, died 1329, 
his son. 

H. Donnell, Lord of Sliq-o, m O'Roiirke, greatly in- 
creased family power and prestige, died 1395, their son. 

L Owen, Lord of Sligo, died 1444. 

K. Teige, Lord of Sligo, his second son. 

L. Cathal Oge, leading military leader of the family, 
his children held the chieftainship of Sligo for fifty years, 
his 3rd son. 

M. Teige, Lord of Sligo succeeded to title in 1636, 
his younger son. 

N. Charles, known as Captain Charles O'Connor in 
the Confederate Army of Ireland 1641, at the capture of 
Shgo. The parchment record begins here. 

Of the above all were Lords of Sligo except Cathal 
Oge (L) and Charles (X) Cathal Oge was barred by his 
older brother Donnell who however, died childless in L588, 
the title falling to Donough, oldest son of Cathal Oge (L). 

After the Battle of Crich Carbury in 1181 in which 
Brian (B) was killed, the family lived quietly at Benbul- 
ben in the vicinity of Castletown for many vears. 

About 1300 A. D. Murtough (G) took the title " The 
O'Connor Sligo" having secured control of the present 
county of Sligo. 

Donnell, the next chief had 3 sons who succeeded him 
in turn as chief. Murtough, who died in 1403, Bryan who 
died 1440 and Owen (I) who died in 1444. 

During this century there was constant warfare be- 
tween the various chieftains of Connaught and Ulster, 
and with the English. 

Donnell, eldest son of Teige (K) was friendly to the 
English, in 15G5 he acknowledged Queen Elizabeth, was 
Knighted April 4, 15G7, acquired great wealth and power, 
he died 1588. 

iH}t Early iFamily 

Eugene, a yoiin<?er brother of Dcnnell, become a 
Cleric, and was made Bishop of Killala by the F^ng-hsh 
Church, but it is recorded he never interfered with the 
Roman Cathohc priests in their form of service in the 

Cathal Oge (L), it is stated by the historian O'Rorke, 
was probably never " The O'Connor Slig-o " but durin;? 
most of Donnell's lordship, he acted as general in com- 
mand of his brother's forces. 

Donough, nephew of Donnell, succeeded him in 1588. 
He also was friendly to the Enoiish, was knighted in 1G04, 
and married Lady Eleanor Butler, Countess of Desmond. 
While marching to the rehef of this O'Connor Sligo, 
General Conyers with an Enghsh force of -2000 men was 
ambushed and killed by the O'Donnell's. Ddnoivgh died 
in August 1G09. 

He was succeeded by Dcnnell his brother, aged 34 
years, in 1609, who married a daughter of the coun- 
tess of Desmond bv her first marriage, he died 
June 20, 1611. 

Charles his son, aged 10 years succeeded to a domain 
of 9000 acres, 10 gardens, and l;> castles after some dis- 
pute with the English and his mother's family, the Des- 
monds. He was made a Baronet May 11, 162^2, being the 
first O'Connor in Ireland to be so honored, he died 1625. 

Donough a brother, succeeded, married Sarah 
McDonnell, and died aged 29 years in 1636 without issue. 

The uncle of these two young men, Teige (M) third 
son of Cathal Oge (L) then became lord. His son and 
succeeder Teige, allied himself with the confederates of 
Ireland and lost much for his adherance to the Irish 

During his lordship, Sligo City was retaken by the 
Confederates from the i^nglish in 16 11. The Irish held 
the City for eight years. 


Teige, son of Teige (M) lost his lands and his life at 
Boyle in 1652 fighting for his principles. 

®Itf Early JamtUj. 1131-1641 

Owing to the fact that since 1565 "The O'Connor 
Sligo " had held his tiile and his lands from the crown of 
England, it was necessary to legally confiscate the lands, 
so a lawsuit was brought against Ixlartin O'Connor Sligo. 
son of Teige in 1662. in the name of certain Englishmen 
basing their claims on a deed said to have been ma.le by 
the guardian cf Charles in 162u thereabout. Martin made 
no appearance in court, knowing in advance the decision 
would be unfavorable, sc on October 6, 1652 this large 
estate was taken from its rightful owner. 

Charles O'Connor and Hugh O'Connor, brothers of 
Teige O'Connor Sligo. took part in the capture of Sligo 
in 1641 and were said to have acted cruelly tovv-ard the 
townspeople, but Hugh Vv-as acquitted of the charge by 
the English some years later, at a trial held after the 
death of Charles. Charles is said, in O'Rorke's history, 
to have taken holy orders in early life. 

In 1659 at the time of the first English census of 
Sligo, there were out 21 heads of families in the country 
with the family name O'Connor. 

Slt^ Amrrtrau family 

Fifth Generation from Charles O'Connor. (X) 

7. MATHIAS O'COXNOIi, born about 17oH at Cor- 
sallagh, parish Achonry, Barony Leyney, Slig-o, Ireland, 
the son of Denis O'Connor, Esq., and 2kLarn-aret Phillips.' 
He emigrated to Bedford village, now 7th and 23rd 
v\-ards of Brooklyn during the Revolutionary War. In 
1783 he was appointed administrator of the estate of one 
Tonry,. and is described as being ." of Bedford, yeoman." 
In the directory of 1788 his name appears as the earliest 
O'Connor in New York', hi is residence was at 57 Fair 
(now Fulton) Street, nearly opposite Dutch Street. He 
was a member of Masonic Ladiie Xc. 210. afterwards 
known as Temple xXo. 4. He married Elizabeth Harris, 
daughter of John Harris, innkeeper and Joyce Harris of 
Bedford, was a schoolmaster, and died suddenly in the 
summer cf 1791 of yellow fever. 

Children, 18 Charles W. 19. IVIiithias 


18. CHARLES W. O'COXXOR, born 1788, a choco- 
late manufacturer at 116 Bowery, later a banker at 
Ithaca, Xew York, m.arried Mary>oillon of Xew York 
City, died 1825 and buried in Ithaca, Xew York. Sioned 
his will " Connor " Children. 

35 Thomas Dixon 39 Charles Wilkes 

06 Margaret Eliza 40 Frances Jane 

07 Mary Ann 41 Samuel Thomas Williams 
38 John Poillon 42-Susan IMatilda 

19. MATHIAS O'COXXOR. born 17Q1 in Bedford 
school district Brooklyn, upon the Jamaica road near the 
present Atlantic and Classon Avenues, served in War of 
1812, Captain in 7th Regiment Militia, merchant, lived in 
New York, married Ann I\Iaria Hagadorn, dau^-htor of 
Hancis Hagadorn of Rliinebeck, Xew York and Mary E. 
Shatzel, died at Clifton, S. I. December 21, 1867.' 

Children 43 Mary Eliza 44 Francis Burdett 

Qllir Amrrtrciit iFamthi 


35. THOMAS DIXON CONNOR, born 1810, bachelor, 
miller and real estate operator of Galena. III. Colonel of 
45th Ilhnois Infantrv in Civil War. Killed at Battle of 
Shiloh 1862. 

36. MARGARET ELIZA O'CONNOR, born 1812, 
married Edwin Adriance, lived in New York many years, 
died in Pcughkeepsie. Children 56 Anna Eliza Adriance 

57. Charles Edwin Adriance. 

37. MARY ANN O'CONNOR, born 181-1, married 
Donald ■Mackenzie, moved to Iowa, died at Dunlop, 
Iowa, 1886. 

Children 58. Charles ^.lackenzie. 
59. Alexander ^.lackenzie. 

38. JOHN POILLON CONNOR, born 1816. died 1869, 
married Mary Green, lived in New York City. 

Children GO. Winthron Green. 

39. CHARLES VvILKES CONNOR, born 1818, died 
1832 of cholera. 

40. FRANCES JANE O'CONNOR, born 1820, 
teacher in Philadelphia, died 1906. 

1822, married 2vliss Maxson, lived in Riceville, N. J. 
near Neversink. Children 

61. Lucy Adele Connor 62. Frances J. Connor 

63. Walter Noves Connor 64. William Maxson Cormor 

42. SUSAN MATILDA O'CONNOR, born 1825, mar- 
ried Edwin Wiley, lived in Brooklyn, died 1887. 

Children 65. Lauriston Wiley 
66. Marie Edith Wiley 67. Wm. O'Driscoll Wilev 

43. MARY ELIZA O'CONNOR, born March 28, 1816, 
at 42 Oak Street, New York, baptised at St. Stephens 
P. E. Church, June 26, 1816. Died April 13, 1824. 

1820, at 20 Oliver Street. New York City, baptised at St. 
Stephen's P. E. Church, m.arried Emeline Furman, daug'h- 
ter of Garret Furman of Newtown, and Mary Eaton : mer- 
chant, lived in New York, Chftcn S. I., and Brooklyn. 
Died September 16, 1895 near Scotch Plains, N. J. 
Children 68. Mary Eliza 69. Charles ilcnry 

70. Eugene 71. Francis Burdett 

72. Emeline 73. Martha Rosalie 

74. Marie Louise 

uSltr iAmrrirau iFamily 


-56. -ANNA ELIZA ADRIANCE, married Willard H. 
White of New Haven. She died 1911. 

Children 75 Ro^-er Sherman Wiiite 2nd. 

"58. CHARLES MACKENZIE, born LSU, newspaper 
editor, died at Des Moines, Icwa, Mjux-h 1 i, 1908. 

-59..-ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, born 1814, .Major 
General United States Army, lives at Wasliingtan, D. C, 
rfliarried. Lucia Wall (3jiden. 

LGhildren'76. Donald Alexander IvIacKenzie 

777. Lucia Mackenzie '78. Alien Rov Mackenzie 

60. WINTHROP GREEN O'CONNOR, lx)rn 1858, 
Jives in: Brooklyn. 

reo.LAUPJSTON WILEY, lives in Brooklyn. 

''68:MARY ELIZA O'CONNOR, born .June 11, 1842. 
married Charles W. Ban^s, died June 17, 1874. 
rGhiIdren-79. Lulu 80. Arthur Weslev 81. Charles Rov 

•69. CHAB.LES HENRY O'CONNOR, born Sept 3, 
11^44,: married Evelyn E. Oscanyan, fought in Civil War, 
lives, at. Mcntclair, N. J. 

Children 82. Burdett 83. Charles Percy 

-70.EUGENE O'CONNOR, born July- 29, 1846, mar- 
.riedMary E. Watson. Children 84. Watson Burdette 
85. Edward Hiscox 86. Eugene 87. Leicester Wrav 

-71. FRANCIS BURDETT O'CONNOR, born October 
5,:1848. died at Plainfield. N. J. March 27, 1911. bachelor. 

"72..EMELINE FURMAN O'CONNOR, born August 
ai,:1850, died September 3. 1851. 

-73. MARTHA ROSALIE O'CONNOR, born ]\Iarch 10, 
11855, married Henry Nicolay, now lives at Plainfield, 
New. Jersey. Child 88. Adele Nicolay. 

^4.. MARIE LOUISE O'CONNOR, born June 9, 1857 
died of scarlet lever, February 17, 1863. 

-75. ROGER SHERMAN \VHITE, 2nd married Laura 
Stoughton, lives in New Haven Connecticut. 
Children 89. Olivia Ripley Wliite 

90. Roger Sherman White, 3rd. 

January ^0, 1872, died March 27. 1877. 

T7. :LUCIA MACKEXZIE, born 1873, married Eu- 
-gene R. Hendloy. 

IS. .ALLEX ROY MACKEXZIE. born January 11, 
:1880,. died September 13, 1880. 

®Ij^ Amrrirau iFamily 


79. LULU BANGS, born 1868, died in infancy. 

80. ARTHUR WESLEY BANGS, born 1870, died 
in infancy. 

81. CHARLES ROY BANGS, born 1874, lives in 

82. BURDETT O'CONNOR, M. D., born 1869, mar- 
ried Marion E. Hitchcock; physician, graduate Long 
Island College of Medicine. 

Children 91. Burdett 92. Dorothv 

83 CHARLES PERCY O'CONNOR, born 1871, chem- 
ist, living in Montclair, New Jer.sev. 

20, 1879, married Helen Amelia Ccmins, daughter of 
Charles W. Comins and Harriet L. Hill, lives in Brooklyn. 

Children 93. Edith Harriet 

94. Watson Burdette 95. Roderic Comins 

96. Charles Eugene 

85. EDWARD HI5C0X O'CONNOR, born January 
23, 1881. Died June 11, 1913. 

86. EUGENE O'CONNOR. (Jr.). born November 9, 
1886, lives in Brooklvn. 

ber 2, 1887, married I\Iildred Billings, of East Eddington, 
Maine, lives in East Orange, Nevv^ Jerse3^ 

97. Mildred Wrav O'Connor. 

88. ADELE NICOLAY, lives in Plainfield, N. J. 
New Jersey. 


91. BURDETT O'CONNOR (Jr.), born 1896, hves in 
Montclair, New Jersey. 

92. DOROTHY O'CONNOR, born 1898, died 1903 at 
Butte, Montana. 

93. EDITH HARRIET O'CONNOR, born Nov 9. 1904. 

July 12, 1906. 

95. RODERIC COMINS O'CONNOR, born December 
28, 1907. 

17, 1909. 

97 MILDRED RAY O'CONNOR, born Oct. 22, 1913. 

TUUL()f(ilI M()r{, Monarch of Ir.-hiuil 


BRIAN 1151 






TKHiK U'.or, 




MTRTorcill 13-23 










16U9 I 1611 I 

I ^1 ' 

CHARLES Do\or(;ii charles 

1625 ItiSt; I 






! Ill 


TlieTiiiiliiud Till- IrKli Tlit- New York 

Family Family Family 




1. CHARLES O'CONNOR married Mary O'Rourke. 


2. DANIEL O'CONNOR married Mary Bourke, da, 
of Theobakl Courke, ^Marquis of Mayo, of Ballina Castle. 
Mayo, who was of the de Burgh family. 


3. CHARLES O'CONNOR married Agatha O'Hara, 
daughter of Hibernius O'Hara, of Corsalia cf the illustri- 
ous family of Nymph slieki, and Elizabeth Taatfe of Bally- 
mote, the aunt of Viscount Taalie, 


4. DENIS O'CONNOR of Corsalia, married Margaret 
Phillips, da. of Patrick Phillips of Clonmore House, and 
Mabel Jordan of Island. ]\Iayo. He served as an ctlicer 
in the Irish Brigade in the army of Charles Edward the 
Pretender 1745. Died about 1806 and is buried in Court 
Abbey. Children 5 Daniel 

6, Mary 7. Mathias 


5. DANIEL O'CONNOR of Corsalia, born 1750, died 
1840, married Catharine Lynch, da. of ]Martin Lynch of 
Cullen, Sligo, a wealthy gentleman and Briget Taalfe of 
Woodfield, Sligo. 

Children, 8. Denis, 9. James Lynch, 10. Charles, 
11. Mary Anne, 12. Daniel, 13. Taaffe, 14. Margaret, 
15. Catharine. 

6. MARY O'CONNOR, married Roger O'Hara, brother of 
General Ramiguis O'Hara of the Spanish service. 
Children 16. Bryan 

17. Ramiguis 

7. MATHIAS O'CONNOR, (see American family). 

18. Charles W. 19. Mathias 



8. DENIS O'CONNOR, cf Corsalla, a lieutenant, 
died 1854. 

Children 20. daughter 

21. John 22. Eliza 

9. JAMES LYNCH O'CONNOR, born 1791, died 1845, 
surgeon Royal Artillery, fought in Battle of Waterloo, 
settled in Trinidad in 1817, where he married Sophie 
Lefer of France. 

Children 23. Daniel Louis 

24. Philip Charles 25. Eneas Felix 

26. James Lynch 27. Leon Uenis 

28. Arthur Tardy 29. Josephine Catharine 

10. CHARLES O'CONNOR of Corsalla and Roads- 
town House, died about 1S64. 

Children 30. Daniel 

31. Dominick 32. Annie 

33. Margaret 34. Charles 

11. MARY ANNE O'CONNOR, died 1846 at Castie- 

12. DANIEL O'CONNOR, drowned at sea 1819. 

13. TAAFFE O'CONNOR, died 1843. 

14. MARGARET O'CONNOR, died 1843. 

15. CATHARINE O'CONNOR married William 
Coghlan, died 1844, no issue. 

16. BRYAN O'HARA went to America and never 
heard from. 

17. RAMIGUIS O'HARA, last heard cf in British 
Consulate, Bahia. 

18. CHARLES W. O'CONNOR (see American fami- 
ly). Children :i5 to 42. 

Children 43—44. 



21. JOHN O'CONNOR, emitrrated to Australia, 
drowned in New South Wales, 1S52. 

22. ELIZA O'CONNOR, married A. W. Rolston in 
New South Walies, died in Dublin 1902. 

23. DAMEL LOUTS O'CONNOR, born October 27, 
1823 in Trinidad, merchant, niiUTied Emma Uernard, died 
December 2, 18C2, no issue. 

24. PHILIP CHARLES O'CONNOR, bom July 16, 
1825 in Trinidad, merchant, married JMathide Gautenanne 
de Montant, died NoTembei^ 2S, 1872. 

Children 45. James Lyrich 
46. Kate 47.. Mathide 

48. Daniel 49. Denis 

50. Phihp Arthur Taafte 51. Eliza 

25. ENEAS FELLX O'CONNOR, born February 21, 

1828, died December 8, 1911. unmarried. 

26. JA:MES lynch O'CONNOR, born November 28, 

1829, mag-istrate, mentioned in Canon Kingsley's "At 
Last " as the Warden of Avoca, married Julia Devenish, 
died July 7, 1889. 

Children, 51a Sylvester 

51b Daniel Louis 51c James Lynch 

51d Charles 51e, 51f 2 daughters 

27. LEON DENIS O'CONNOR, born 1831, crown 
solicitor of Trinidad, married Egle Lefer, died Oct. 4, 

52- Sophie 53. Charles 

54 Arthur 55. Edward 

28. ARTHUR TANDY O'CONNOR, born 1883, died 
August 5, 1901. 

1839, hving 1912 at Port of Spain. 

31. DOMINICK J. O'CONNOR, living at Roadstown 
House, Bunninadden, Countv Slieo. 

32. ANNIE O'CONNOR, of Roadstcwn House Bun- 
ninadden. County Sligo, died October 29, 1912, buried 
at Court Al>bev. 

34. CHARLES O'CONNOR emigrated to New York 
in 1873, lived there until 1898, since when nothing has 
been heard from him. Thought to have moved to New 
Orleans, Louisiana or Oakland, California. 

35. — 44. See American family. 



45. JAMES LYNCH O'CONNOR, born 1861 in Trini- 
dad, planter, married Honora Zepero, lives at St. 
Augustine. . . 

Children, Margaret and six others. 

46. KATE O'CONNOR, married H. de la Bastide, 
merchant. Children, thirteen. 

47. MATHILDE O'CONNOR, married V. L. Wehe- 
kind, solicitor. Children four. 

48. DANIEL O'CONNOR, died in infancy 1869. 

49. DENIS O'CONNOR, died 1884, aged 17 years. 

1870, planter, married Mena de Cannes de la Chancelerie. 

Children 74a Doreen 74b Emmett 

74c Connor 74d Joseph Gerald 

74e Dermot 74f Molly 

74g Dominic Desmond 74h Kathleen 

51 ELIZA O'CONNOR married H. P. Ganteanne de 
Montant, barister. Children seven. 

52. SOPHIE O'CONNOR, married R. Kernohan, act- 
ing Surveyor General. Children seven. 

53. CHARLES O'CONNOR, Surveyor, married J. Sel- 
lier. Children, four. 

54. ARTHUR O'CONNOR, Crown Solicitor, married 
M. Sellier. Children, eight. 

55. EDWARD O'CONNOR, S. J., Shadyhurst College, 
Lan-^ashire, England. 

The American family of 8th Generation recorded 


Mary Burke wife of Daniel O'Connor (2) was the 
daughter of Theobald Bourke of Beelech Castle, now 
called Ballina Castle, Marquis of Mayo, he commanded an 
army with O'Donnell at Ballinrobe 1596. He was the 
son of Walter Ciolhach Pcairke, son of 

Oliver Bourk, son of 

John Bcurk, son of 

Sir Richard na Cuairsgrath, son of 

Edmund De Burc, died 1458, son of 

Edmund De Burc, son of 

Edmond Albanach De Burc, son of 

Sir William De Burc, Lord Warden of Ireland 1296, 
who married a daughter of the King of Scotland, 
died 1324. 


Agatha O'Hara, wife of Charles O'Connor (o) was 
the daughter of Hibernius O'Hara, of a family who to-day 
hold over 23,000 acres in County Sligo, 

Elizabeth Taatfe her mclher, was a l)rother of Vis- 
count Taafl'e, from whom the Taaife's of Ellisham Castle, 
Bohemia are descended. Count Rudoli)hes Taalfe of this 
family was one of three Reman Catholic Peers of Ireland 
who were debarred from sitting- in the Irish House of 
Lords in 17S7. His grandson Edmond Francis Joseph 
Taaffe w^as Prime IMinister of Austria for many years. 
The TaalTe's were restored to their Irish titles by King 
William IV of England. 

Ccrsalla, Cursalla or Corsallagh House the home of 
the O'Connor family for several generations was located 
in Achonry parish, barony of Leyney, not far from 
Tubercurrey and Bunninadden. It became the residence 
of the O'Connor family at the marriage of Daniel O'Con- 
nor and Agatha O'Hara, probably about 1720. As late 
as 1837 Lewis in his " Royal Gazateer cf Ireland " men- 
tions it as one of the principal seats in the parish of 
Achonry, being then the home of "Daniel O'Connor, Esq." 

The Corsalla property was sold by Charles O'Connor 
(10) about 1861 and passed into the hands of Mr. John 
Brett. It is new occupied by Mr. Patrick Donohue. At 
the time of the sale in 186G it consisted of over 750 acres 
but by a description in the will of Daniel O'Coniior in 
1810 it was much larger at an earlier time. 

Denis O'Connor (4) had a tenanty of several 

Mr. Dominick J. O'Connor, the present head of the 
family in Ireland lives at Roadstown House, Banninadden, 
which pro)-)erty has been in the family since about 1770. 
Mr. O'Connor is the only member of the family living in 
Ireland today and with his deatii the entire family will be 
in America, excepting Edward O'Connor (5,")) who is in 
the priesthood in England, although born in Trinidad. 

tJlaaaiiunt iFautihi 

1. Hans Statins von Hagadorn, " Danish Ambassa- 
dor " married ^Marie Schumacher and died 1722. 

2. Christopher Hag-adorn, came to America 17o9 and 
settled in Germantown, Cokiml)ia County, X. Y. He 
signed a remonstrance to the crown of England in 1724 
and alsG' dre wiip a list of inhabitants of Rhinebeck and 
Qiieensbury of Lutheran faith in 1730 which is still pre- 

3. Peter Hagadorn. 

4. Jacob Hagadorn, married Maria De Hart. His will 
is probated in New York County Surrogate's otiice, Oct. 5, 
1784. He left personal property of $1,600 besides his 

5. Francis Hagadorn, who inherited one third of his 
father's lands, married IMary E. Shatzel, Ijorn ■March 31, 
1763, died December 19, 1841, who was the daughter cf 
John Michael Shatzel and Annita Tremper, and grand- 
daughter of Jacob Tremper, ail of Dutchess County. 

6. Ann P.Iaria Hagadorn, born January 11, 1790, died 
November 12, 1866, married Tuathias O'Connor (19) on 
April 21, 1814, at St. Stephens P. E. Church, Broome and 
Chrystie Streets, New York City, the ceremony being per- 
formed by Pcev. Richard R. jMocre, afterwards Bishop of 

The Hagadorn, Shatzel and Tremper families were 
all decandod from the Palatines, who settled under Gov- 
ernor Hunter on the Living-ton Manor in 1709 and whose 
passage was paid by the Queen of England. Owing to 
the impossibilities of their securing title to their farms, 
they moved down into Dutchess County and bought farms 
from the Estate. The name Rhinebeck origin- 
ally spelled Rhinsbeek was chosen by them for their 
settlement. *' Rhine " after the river near where they 
had lived in Germany and " beek " in honor of the former 
owner of the kind. 

Coming to New York City at the close of War cf 
Independence, they all continued in attendance at the 
Lutheran Church until 1805. when pastor and people in 
a body turned to the Episcopacy and founded St. Stephens 
P. E. Church. 

Upon the roll of this church may be found in 1814. 
the Williams, Harris, Hagadorns, Shatzels, Trempers anil 


iiffiirmau iFamily 

1. John Furman, born 1610, Wales, came to Massa- 
chusetts in 1631. 

2. Joseph Furman, born 1635, died 1705. 

3. John Furman. 

4. Gabriel Furman, boi-n 1690, died 1768, married 
Abigail Howard. 

5. Howard Furman, born 1719, died 1813. 

6. William Furman, born 1753, died 1826. 

7. Garret Furman, born 1782, died 1848, married 
Mary Eaton, born 1785, died 1867. 

8. Emeline Furman, married F. B. O'Connor. 

This family settled in Newtown, Lcng Island in the 
17th Century and became wealthy and prominent. 

Many incidents are related of the Furman family, some 
follow quoting from Riker, the local historian. 

John Furman in 1656 paid two shillings toward a 
purchase of common land from the Indians. 

In 1686 Gcvernor Dongan granted a charter to the 
freeholders of Newtown, among whom were John and 
Josiah Furman. 

On December 10, 1774, William Furman was ap- 
pointed on " Whig " Committee of Correspondence. 

Howard Furman and William Furman both voted 
April 10, 1775 to send a deputy to the Continental Con- 
gress. Newtown was the only town in Queens County 
to send a representative. 

In 1780 — One night a brace of Tory refugees entered 
the house of William Furman at the Head of the Fly (late 
Abianthar Rhodes residence) who being an executor of 
Robert Cogs estate was supposed to be in possession of 
a large sum of money. He was robbed of $1600 and bad- 
ly beaten as he lay in bed (where he was ordered to re- 
main) to force him to make further disclosures. The 

iHitrmau iFamtlg 

villains then absconded, while Mr. F. covered with blood, 
ran to a neig'hbors to spread the alarm, Init the robbers 
escaped. Tliey were detected at Brooklyn Ferry from 
the peculiarity of the coin. Mr. F. appeared before the 
British authorities at New York and identified some of 
the pieces, yet none of the money was ever restored. 
After the peace he was sued by the heirs of Coe and ac- 
quited in the court of errors. 

In 1782 — Tory robbers numerous. Howard Furman 
had a heifer stolen and found her fifty yards off with her 
hindquarters cut ofi:". Aaron, his son lost some ducks, 
but upon complaining- and pointing: out the thief, he was 
punished himself. 

William Furman had his cows penned up before his 
house, bars wedged and front door open and a person sit- 
ting up all night to watch and yet they were stolen. 

Once an altercation took place between Howard Fur- 
man and a Hessian ofiicer. The later called Furman a 

d d rebel and he retorted when the Hessian drew his 

sword. Furman who had seen service in the French war 
was not to be frightened and picking up a stick of wood, 
at it they went. But the afi'ray was happily checked, yet 
not until Furman had lost a forefinger by a stroke of the 

The Furman family had several slaves and it is re- 
corded that they freed them July 4, 1827. 

1815 the Way Estate was sold to Garret Furman 
by Mrs. Jane Way Mott, wife of Dr. Henry Mott, and 
mother of the celebrated Dr. Valentine Mott of New York, 
(see illustration) 

In 1825 Garret Furman and Grover Furman pur- 
chased a large tract of land in Williamsburgh, in the 
neighborhood of the present Bridge Plaza and found 
ready sale for it in city lots a few years later. 

iSarris iFamtlg 

John Harris was an elector at New York in 1762, 

In 1776 we find him as an innkeeper at Bedford vil- 
lage, Kings County, X. Y. He signed the test oath in 
November 1776, and died sometime previous to 1790. In 
the census that yccir, his widow Joyce is rei^orted as liv- 
ing at Bedford v/ith two sons. Mrs. Joyce ilarris moved 
to New York about 1799 and lived with her son George at 
122 Cherry Street, for some years, dying about 1821 at 
an advanced age. 

Her other son William Harris was a mariner and 
lived at 121 Henry Sti'eet. 

Mrs. Harris was a member of St. Stephens P. E. 
Church at the time of her death. 

lEalnu iramtlg 

1. William Eaton, died 1583 (m) Jane. 

2 Nicholas Eaton, bora 1573, died 1636 (m) Kather- 
ine Master, :\Iayor of Dover, England, so reported in Her- 
ald's Visitation 1619. 

3. John Eaton dl658 cam.e to Massachusetts on 
" EHzabeth and Ann " in April 1635, settled at Water- 
town Massachusetts, (m) Mrs. Abigail Damon. 

4. John Eaton bora 1636, died 1694, lived in Dedham. 

5. Thomas Eaton, born 1675, died 1748, lived in Wood- 
stock, Connecticut, mariied Lydia Gay, daughter of 
Nathaniel and Lydia Gay. 

6. Thomas Eaton, born 1698, died 1773, lived in Tol- 
land, Connecticut, married Elizabeth Parker. 

7. Jacob Eaton, born 1728, died 1798, lived at Mount 
Sinai, Long Island, married Jane Robinson, they had nine 
cinldren, Jacob, Isaac, James, Thomas, Benjamin, Joseph, 
Patty, Mary and Calvin. 

8. Mary Eaten, born 1787, died 1867. eighth child. 
married Garret Furman. Many of the Eatons emigrated 
to Canada at close of Revolutionary War. 


liiUiauts family 

Elizabeth Harris O'Connor married John WiHiams 
about 1796. They hved at aO Cheapside now Hamilton 
Street, New York City for many years and later at 74 
Lombardy Street, corner Mechanics Alley (Monroe 

Mathias and Charles O'Connor were brought up in 
this home. 

John Williams died in 1817 and his wife about 1820. 

Children, 1 Elizabeth Joyce 2. John Harris 

3. Samuel Thomas 4. IMargaret 


1. Elizabeth Joyce Williams, born 1798, died 1857, 
Married Geo. W. (3antz Children 5. Ehzabeth W. 

6. John William 7. Elizabeth W. 

8. Marion Bogardus 9. Anna R. R. 

10. Martha S. 

11. Margaret 12. Charles P. C. 

13. William N. B. 14. Victorine Antomett 

2. John Harris Williams, of Ravenswood, L. I., mar- 
ried Mary Hawes in 1822. 

Children 15. George 16. Elizabeth 

17. Margaret 18. John Harris 

19. Charlotte Hawes 20. Emily 

21. Charles Eugene 22. Ella Eugenia 

20. Emily Williams, married Captain Wilson. 
21 Charles Eugene William, bachelor. 

22. Ella Eugenia Williams, married Geer. 

23. Charles Williams, married, lived in Baraboo, Wis. 
Child 73. Samuel Thomas Williams. 

24. Caroline Williams, died 1011, married Daniel T. 
Walden. Children 74. Russell 

75.* Arabella P. 76. Agnes 

77. Caroline (Lena) 78. Howard A. 

79. Edith 80. Daniel T. 

81. Ernest B. 82. Maud B. 

83. Percy 84. Pceginald 

28. Reginald Helper Williams, married Eliza Freeman. 
Children 85. Elizabeth \^'illiams 
g6. 87. Reginald Willijims 

29*. Emily Williams, married Robert W. Jenkins, lives 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children 88. Bertha Jenkins 

89. Alice Jenkins 90. Walter Jenkins 


JStUtams Jamily 

3. Samuel Thomas Williams, born 1805, died 1874, 
married Eliza C. Ciiildren 2:3. Charles 

24. Caroline 25. Arabella 

26. Elizabeth 27. Edward 

28. Reginald Heber 29. Emily 

30. Victoria 31. Thomas 

4. Margaret Williams, born 1809. died 1883, married 
Thomas H. Buckmaster. Children 32. Georgina 

33. Charles W. 34. Clara 

35. Thomas 36. ilargaret 

37. John W. 38. Elizabeth Louise 

39. George 40. James 


5. Ehzabeth W. Gantz, died in infancy. 

6. John Wihiams Gantz, married Virginia H. 
Crocker. Children 41. Virginia 31. S. Gantz 

42. Frank Gantz 43. Mary Evelyn Gantz 

44. Elizabeth W. Gantz 45. Charles Gantz 

7. Elizabeth Williams Gantz, married Horace J. 
Moody. Children 46. Phronia Moody 

47. Ehzabeth Williams Moody 48. Horace :Moody 
49. Agnes Moody 50. Louise 

8. Marion Bogardus Gantz, married Benjamin S. 
Olmstead. Children 52. :Marion 

53. George Scott 54. William Shepherd 

9. Anna Rebecca Ringgold Gantz, married Henry B. 
Cleveland. Child 55. Bertha Cleveland. 

13. William N. B. Gantz, married Harriet L. IMcrgan. 
Children 56. George W. 57. Ehzabeth 

58. Wilham 

14. Victorine Antoinette Gantz married Benjamin 
H. Loder. 

59. Marion 60. Mabel Church 
61. Herbert W. 62. Agnes 

63. Arthur Cleveland 64. Howard Wihiams 

15. George Williams, bachelor. Alderman of Long 
Island City, 1873, and designed the city coat of arms. 

16. Elizabeth Williams, married V. Mumford Mcore. 
Children 65. Elizabeth :\Ioore. 37. Alice v.Ioore 
66. Mumford :Moore. 68. Margurite Moore 

17. Margaret Williams, married first Elbert .Moore; 
second, Charles Debost. 

Children 69 Elverta Mo 70. Daisy Moore. 

71. Helen Moore 72. Charles De Bost 


IHiUiama Jaunlu 

19. Charlotte Hawes Williams, married James H. 

30. Victorine Williams, born I80O. died 1910. 

32 Georp:ina Buekm.aster, married :\Ianuel T. Bolmer. 

92. Louise 93. :\[anuel 

94. Clarence 95. Esielle 

36. ;Maroaret Buckmaster, married H. H, Cole. 
Children 96 Sidney 

18. John Harris Williams, bachelor. 

37. John W. Buckmaster, 

46. Phronia :*.loody, married John Lancaster. 

48. Horace J.loody. married jviartha Walker. 
Child 108. Hon^ce Walker IMoody. 

49. Agnes j.ioody, married William Bowers Bourn. 
Child 109. I-.Iaude Bourn. 

53. Georg-e Scott Olmstead, married !\Iatilda Plume. 

54. William Shepherd Olmstead, married r\Iaud B. 
Walden (82) 06. George W. Gantz, married. 

Child 110. Harry Gantz 

59. Marion Loder, lives in Towoco, New Jersey and 
Adelphi Street Brooklyn. 

60. Mabel Churcn Loder, married Edwm F. Stearns. 

64. Howard Williams Loder, married ^.lildred A. 

Child 111. :Mildred Bryant Loder. 

65. Elizabeth :\Ioore, married Walter Kobbe. 
68. ;Margurite :,Ioore,_miarried John Cross. 

73. Samuel Thomas Wilhams, lives in Earabco, Wis. 

74. Paissell Walden, lawyer, married, 1st Katherine, 
2nd Miss Waldenberg. 

75. Arabella P. Walden, married James Morgan. 
Children 112. Townsend Morgan 

113. Arabella Morgan 

76. Agnes Walden, m.arried Charles :\Iann. 

114. Anne 115. Martha P. 116. Daniel 

78. Howard A. Wj.iden, married Annie Eddy. 

79. Edith Walden, married Charles L. Andrews. 
Children 119. Snowden Andrews. 

120. Carolyn Andrews 121. Charles Andrews 

83. Percey' Walden, married iliss Whittlesey. 

84. Reginald Walden, married Matilda Eddy. 

91. Bolmer, married Arnold. 

92. Bolmer, married Constable. 



New York, June 16, 1832. 
^In.great haste I embrace the present opportunity of 
-writing- a few hnes and inclosing- you an Acct. Current etc. 
, as: there has been no vessel for Trinidad since my last 
:May 1st, I again write via Barbadoes. I hope you 
have come to the determination of settling with your 
:fa.mily in this country as I think my last letter was satis- 
ifaqtcry as to the success you would meet with here. I 
, i^iave -since been informed by a Gentleman from Canada 
ttljatthe British Government have granted lands in Cana- 
cjia-to the oilicers of the Army amounting according to 
irank and time of service, say to a captain of 2i) years 1200 
;*'\ercs and for less time in proportion do-vvn to SOO acres. 
'.Would it net be well under such circumstances for you 
iafterai riving here to proceed with your family and settle 
•^titere long enough to obtain your lands which cannot but 
i_be of^reat advantage to your children as these lands are 
i^apidly increasing in value. You will perceive by the 
■papers I forward that England is no doubt in a state of 
-eivil war ere this in consequence of rejecting the reform 
bill which I fear will be attended with serious conse- 
quences to the Colonies. 

The state of the Market has been much the same 
since my last and on inquiry am told ^Molasses would pay 
better than other produce here. I have been in poor 
health for a few days past but am getting better thank 

,1 am anxiously waiting an answer to my last which 
I hope came to hand. As there is another vessel for 
B'does in a few days will write you again. 

The Cholera has reached the Canadas by emigrants 
:from Europe and we have every fear it will extend its 
dreadful scourge among the states, but pray God to arrest 
-SO great a calamity. 

Present my ali'ectionate regards in which I am joined 
my better half to Ivlrs. O'Connor and son Francis. 

I, remain Your dutiful cousin, 

M. O'Connor 
I have not heard from Ireland since my last but have 
writte nto your sister Mary and hope soon to hear from 

"Jas. Lynch O'Connor, M. D. 
Port S})ain Tiinidad 
Care cf Messrs. Haleys, Barbadoes." 


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