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Full text of "A list of books printed in the fifteenth century in the John Carter Brown library and the general library of Brown university, Providence, Rhode Island"

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The following list is intended to place on record, with such data as 
may serve to identify the individual copies, the books preserved in the 
John Carter Brown Library and in the General Library of Brown Uni- 
versity, printed during the fifteenth century. The fact that these books 
of the same class as those collected by General Hawkins are housed 
within a few hundred feet of the Annmary Brown Memorial building 
sufficiently accounts for their inclusion in the present volume. A further 
reason might be found in the interesting circumstance that several of them 
once belonged to Nicholas Brown, the father of Annmary Brown Hawkins, 
and the brother of John Carter Brown. 


A a 



\The Netherlands^ 
BIBLIA PAUPERUM. [About 1460?] 

Schreiber, ' Manuel de I'amateur sur bois et sur m^tal au xv' si^cle,' 190a, iv. 3. Pre- 
mier groupe, I. 

286 X 197 mm. 32 original leaves, marked f-v, a-c, f-t. The eight needed 
to perfect the copy, i.e. the first five, 24, 25, and last, are in facsimile, by 
Harris, from a British Museum copy. The previous owner of the copy stated 
that he secured it, about 1884, from a convent near Bruges. [i 


Mainz, yohann Gutenberg 1 
BALBUS, Joannes. Catholicon. 1460. 

Hain *a354. Proctor 146. Morgan 15. 

409 X 274 mm. Rubricated, initials red and blue. Traces of early pencilled 
signature numbers. Bound in two volumes, in full red morocco. Book-plates of 
Mark Masterman Sykes, Syston Park, and J. H. T[horold], This copy belongs 
to Dr. Zedler's group of copies without printed ' Incipit ' ; with three-line space 
preceding colophon ; and on tower or crown paper. Worked with two pin- 
holes. See Gottfried Zedler : ' Das Mainzer Catholicon ', Veroffentlichungen 
der Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, iv. 1905. [ii 

Mainz. Fust and Schoeffer. 
BIBLIA LATINA. 14 August, 1462. 

Hain *3o5o. Proctor 79. 

In this copy vol. i has a colophon and vol. ii has the last line of text in 
red and a seven-line colophon with spellings ' Artificiosa ', ' Moguntfi ', &c. 

398 X 292 mm. On vellum. Rubricated, the large initials red and blue. 
Bound in two volumes in dark blue morocco, with the arms of Prince Eugene of 
Savoy on the sides. Book-plates of Syston Park and J. H. T[horold]. Press- 
marks, IV. B. 4 on reverse of first fly-leaf, and I. c. 13 on the facing page. 
In the second volume some leaves show the original signature numbers. [iii 



Mainz. Peter Schoeffer, 

GREGORIUS IX. Decretales. 23 November, 1473. 

Haiti *7999. Proctor 103. 

423 X 304 mm. Rubricated, capitals in red and blue. Ecclesiastical book- 
plate^ with initials B A Z W. [iv 

Strassburg. jfohann Mentelin. 
PAULUS DE SANCTA MARIA. Scrutinium Scripturarum. [1470.] 

Hain 10763. Proctor 209. 

276 X 197 mm. Rubricated. 

On I* is written: Fratrum Carmelitarum Heillbrunnse ad vrticas. Many 
of ,the original signature numbers, 1-22, in red ink in the middle of the foot 
of the first page of each quire, are preserved. Bound in stamped pigskin, with 
metal bosses at corners and centre of sides, and catches for the clasps, which are 
gone. Lettered, around the border of the upper cover, scrutiniu • • scriptural^. • 
pro fre • sy • sella • j)f • 1 adelberg. The lower cover has the important inscrip- 
tion : • illigatus • in gyslingen • i •4-7'0' per i me • rich • en • bach. This gives an 
external limit for the date a year earlier than that known to Hain and Proctor, [v 

Strassburg. The R-printer {Adolf Rusch). 

PLUTARCHUS. Vitae illustrium virorum. [i475? 

Hain *i3ia4. Proctor 242. 

385 X 273 mm. In old oak boards with stamped pigskin back, lined with 
vellum manuscript and sheets of an early German quarto. Inscription on 2*, 
S. Georgij Augustae, and on 3*, Bibliotheca S. Georgij Augustae Vindelicorum. 

Donation of the class of 182 1 to Brown University, in 1846. [vi 

Strassburg. yohann {Reinhard) Gruninger. 
BRANT, Sebastian. Stultifera nauis. i June, 1497. 

Hain *3749. Proctor 480. 
200 X 148 mm. [vii] 

Strassburg. Bartholomaeus Kistler. 

COLUMBUS, Christopher. Epistula de insulis nouiter repertis. 
{German.) 30 September, 1497. 

Hain *5493. Proctor 755. Harrisse, 'Bib. Amer. Vetustissima,' 19. Church, ' Cata- 
logue of Books relating to the Discovery and Early History of America forming a part 
of the Library of E. Dwight Church, compiled by G. W. Cole' (New York, 1907), no. 14. 

1 88 X 1 36 mm. [viii 


Cologne. Arnold ther Hoernen, 
BURLEY, Walter. De vita et moribus philosophorum. 1472. 

Hain4i22. Proctor 931. Morgan 81. 
203 X 1 36 mm. Rubricated. With the book-plate of the Duke of Sussex, [ix 

Cologne. Printer of the Historia S. Albani. 

SENECA, Lucius Annaeus. De quattuor virtutibus. [With other 
tracts.] [1472?] 

Proctor 1003. Bradshaw a. VouUi^me 1072. 
196 X 136 mm. Bound in blue gros grain morocco extra, by Roger Payne. 

An Althorp duplicate, with cancelled press-mark 11 791, in the hand of Ocheda. 

Rubricated. [x 

Cologne, yohann Koelhoff^ the Younger. 

CHRONICA. Chronica van Coellen. 23 August, 1499. 

Hain *4989. Proctor 1464. Voullidme 324. Hawkins 82. 
309 X 220 mm. Inscription on i*: Liber gymnasij laurentiani. [xi 

Another copy. 

305 X 2 1 2 mm. Lacks the first title and has the register and 2 1 other 
leaves supplied from two slightly smaller copies, one of which was rubricated. 

These two copies show a considerable number of variations in the text, 
while the Hawkins copy on several pages differs from both. [xi* 

Augsburg, yohann Schoensperger* 

SCHEDEL, Hartmann. Buch der Croniken. 1500. 

Hain *i45i2. 

400x215 mm. Lacks the last leaf, blank. In old boards covered with 
stamped pigskin. Press-mark on lower panel of back : H. p. G. || vi || 15. In- 
scription on i*: Collegij Societatis Jesu Mindelhemij 1 518. [xii 

Nuremberg. Anton Koberger. 

SCHEDEL, Hartmann. Liber Chronicarum, 12 July, 1493. 

Hain * 1 4508. Proctor 2084. Hawkins no. Harrisse, ' B. A, V.,' 13. Church 7. 

453 X 308 mm. Seven leaves supplied from a smaller coloured copy. On 
the fly-leaf is written : L. jos. Ferrij ciui Bruxellensi anno d. m.d. iii. vii. [xiii 


8 -. ULM 

Ulm, Leonhard Holle. 

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. Cosmographia. 16 July, 1482. 

Hain * 13539. Proctor 2556, Hawkins 130. Eames (Sabin, 'Dictionary of Books 
relating to America') 6647a. 

406 X 285 mm. Capitals in several colours, as in most copies of this edition. 
At the foot of I*, a scroll with motto, ' Probasti Domine,' enclosing a f>ot 
surrounded by flames. In old vellum. [xiv 

Another copy. 

450 X 294 mm. Rubricated, with initials coloured as usual. In old boards 
covered with a soft stamped leather, reinforced with vellum manuscript. The 
eagle in a lozenge is the only stamp decipherable. The original sewing, and 
probably binding. This copy contains a world map printed from a different 
block from that which occurs in other copies examined. It is described, with 
a brief statement of reasons for thinking it earlier than the usual map, by Henry 
N, Stevens, in ' Ptolemy's Geography a brief account of all the printed editions 
down to 1730' (London, 1908), pp. 25-31. [xiv* 

*^* The maps in this edition have explanatory text printed on the first 
page of the double sheet, on the inside of which the map is printed. These 
notes are surrounded by borders, for which two sets of blocks were used. Two, 
and in a few cases three, distinct type settings were used in printing these, and 
as the different forms seem to have been gathered up for binding quite 
indiscriminately, no two copies so far examined show any tendency towards 

The 32 maps offer at least 63 typographical varieties of notes. Of these, 
50 are represented in the two copies described above, while 3 more occur 
in the copy in the Hawkins collection. 

In addition to the seven editions of Ptolemy's Geography included in the 
present list the John Carter Brown Library contains thirty-nine editions printed 
after 1500. 

Ulm, yohann Reger, 
PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. Cosmographia. 21 July, i486. 

Hain *i3540. Proctor 2580. Eames (Sabin) 66473. 

406 X 287 mm. The wood-cut capitals coloured red, blue, yellow, green, &c., 
as in 1482 edition. [xv 


Rome. Georg Lauer. 
FESTUS, Sextus Pompeius. Collectanea. [1471.] 

Hain 7037. Proctor 3408. 

276 X 190 mm. Bound in green morocco extra, Sussex book-plate. Memo- 
randa on back of first fly-leaf: Cat. v. 2 p. 573 M M S Stedman. On i* : 
Hieronymi Mocoardini. [xvi 

Rome. Apud S. Mar cum {Vitus Puecher). 
FLORUS, Lucius Annaeus. Romanae historiae libri quattuor. [1475.] 

Hain *7i98. Proctor 3543. 
278 X 205 mm. Wants the first (blank) leaf. 

On I* is written : Ad usum fratris Pr^dicatorum — Henrici de Pimonte 
Lectoris Ordinis filij Conuentus S*® Crucis Stabiensis. [xvii 

Rome. Arnold Buckmck. 
PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. Cosmographia. 10 October, 1478, 

Hain *I3537. Proctor 3613. Eames (Sabin) 66470. 

389 X 265 mm. Initials in red and blue. Wants the blank leaf at end of 
text. [xviii 

*:^* Another set of the maps of this edition is bound with the text of 
that printed at Bologna in 1482. 

Rome. Stephan Plannck. 

COLUMBUS, Christopher. Epistula de insulis nouiter repertis. [1493.] 

Hain *5489. Proctor 3711. Harrisse, 'B. A. V./ i (see also his ' Colomb et les Aca- 
ddmiciens espagnols', 1894). E. D. Church, ' Catalogue/ 3 A. 

183 x129 mm. Mosaic binding by Cuzin. [xix 

COLUMBUS, Christopher. Epistula de insulis nouiter repertis. [1493.] 

Proctor 3712. Harrisse, ' B. A. V.,' 4. Church 5. 
208 x133 mm. From the Library of Henri Ternaux-Compans. [xx 

Rome. Eucharius Silber. 

COLUMBUS, Christopher. Epistula de insulis nouiter repertis. [1493.] 
Hain *5493. Proctor 3870, Harrisse, ' B. A. V.,' 3. Church 4. 
181 X 131 mm. Bound by J. Mackenzie. [xxi 



Rome, Petrus de Turre. 
PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. Cosmographia. 4 November, 1490, 

Hain *i354i. Proctor 3966. Eames (Sabin) 66474. Hawkins 238. 
425 X 295 mm. Wants second and third blank leaves. In old boards with 
pigskin back. [xxii 

Another copy. 

422 X 273 mm. Wants all the blank leaves except the fourth. Book-plate : 
E Libris Sheffieldi Grace Armig. Sup. Ord. Com. Aul. B. Mariae Oxon. 
M D ccc XIII. [xxii* 

VeniQe. Wendelin of Speier. 

STRABO. Geographia. 1472. 

Hain *i5c87. Proctor 4042. 

400 X 280 mm. Initials in red, green, and gold. Bound in olive morocco 
extra, signed by J. Mackenzie, Bookbinder to the King. 

Signature on 4'': ptr Pauli Criffei, and on !«■: A. A. Smets, Savannah 
[Georgia], June 8, 1885. The Murphy copy, sale no. 2424. [xxiii 

Venice. Nicolas yenson, 

JUSTINIANUS. Digestum nouum. [i477-] 

Hain *958i. Proctor 4104. 
412 x278 mm. Rubricated. Wants a j. « [xxiv 

Venice. Erhard Ratdolt. 

MELA, PoMPONius. Cosmographia. 18 July, 1482. 

Hain *iioi9. Proctor 4385. Redgrave's ' Erhard Ratdolt ', 28. Church i. 
209 X 1 56 mm. [xxv 

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. Quadripartitum. 15 January, 1484. 

Hain *i3543. Proctor 4394. Redgrave 40. 
230 x166 mm. [xxvi 

SACROBOSCO, Johannes de. Sphaera Mundi. 1485- 

Hain *i4iii. Proctor 4402. Redgrave 57. 

196 X 139 mm. Inscription on i* : Ex libris Imperialis Monasterij S. Maxi- 
minij. [xxvii 


Venice, jfoh. and Greg, de Gregoriis. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Rhetorica. 17 July, 1483. 

Hain *5o78. Proctor 4501. 

309 x204 mm. Wants blanks. Inscription on 151*: Liber Societatis Jesu 
Confluentie. In mottled calf by C. Kalthoeber. Sussex book-plate. [xxviii 

HORATIUS FLACCUS, Quintus. Opera cum commento Landini. 


Hain *8883. Proctor 4502. 

285 X 202 mm. In early vellum. With annotations ascribed to Torquato 
and Bernardo Tasso, and to Pomponius Leto. Brown University Library, [xxix 

Venice. Baptista de Tortis. 
SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS, Caius. Opera. 23 December, 1481. 

Hain *i4ai i. Proctor 4609. 
275 X 195 mm. In early Italian vellum, with press-mark A || gn. [xxx 

Venice. Andreas Torresanus. 
ANTONIUS [Coccius] SABELLICUS. Res Venetae. 23 May, 1487. 

Hain *i4o53. Proctor 4713. Hawkins 273. 

397 X 269 mm. In old vellum, Sussex book-plate. [xxxi 

Venice. Bernardinus Rizus. 
PORTOLANO. 6 November, 1490. 

Hain 13302. Proctor 4957. 

215 X 160 mm. Bound, together with 'Libretto de tutta la navigatione de 
re de Spagna de le isole et terreni nouamente trouati : Venice, 1 504 ', in 
fragments of three vellum manuscripts. [xxxii 

Venice. Gulielmus de Piancerreto. 
SACROBOSCO, Johannes DE. Sphaera Mundi. 14 January, 1491. 

Hain *i4ii4. Proctor 51 13. 

199 X 155 mm. [xxxiii 



Venice. Simon Bevilaqua. 
BIBLIA LATIN A. 22 November, 1494. 

Hain *3ii7. Proctor 5388. 

200x151 mm. Rubricated. Wants the first 18 leaves. Inscription on 
last leaf: Este liber est fris petri mais madius decomo or^^ pre. emi. 1546. die, 
17. decembris. [xxxiv 

Venice, Bemardimis and Matthaeus de Vitalibus. 

ANTONIUS [Coccius] SABELLICUS. Enneades. 31 March, 1498. 
Hain *i 4055. Proctor 5524. Harrisse, ' B. A. V.,' a i . 
431 X 284 mm. [xxxv 

Venice. Aldus Manutius. 

ARISTOTELES. Opera. i November, 1495— June, 1498. 

Hain *i657. Proctor 5547. ^^Si, ^SSS^ 555^, ^b^S- 
3 1 8 X 209 mm. The five volumes. [xxxvi 

GAZA, Theodoros. Introductio grammaticae. 25 December, 1495. 

Hain *75oo. Proctor 5548. 
297 X 205 mm. There are two lines of text at the foot of leaf 87^ [xxxvii 

Another copy, 

278x192 mm. 106 leaves only. Inscription on i*: Bibliothecae . . . 
Conventus S. Rochi ad Tolosam. [xxxvii^ 

THESAURUS. ©ijo-au/ads, Kepas 'AjaoX^eias Kai ktjttoi 'ASwj/iSos. 

August, 1496. 

Hain *i5493. Proctor 5551, 
312 x208 mm. [xxxviii 

URBANUS BELLUNENSIS. Institutiones grammaticae. January, 1497. 

Hain *i6o98. Proctor 5554. 
213 X 155 mm. [xxxix 

LEONICENUS, Nicolaus. De morbo gallico. June, 1497. 

Hain *iooi9. Proctor 5557. 
205 X 140 mm. Sussex and ' Fari quae sentiat ' book-plates. [xxxix bis 

CRASTONUS. Dictionarium Graecum. December, 1497. 

Hain *6i5i. Proctor 5561. 
295 X 229 mm. Sussex book-plate. L^* 


ARISTOPHANES. K<oiico^Cai. 15 July, 1498. 

Hain 1656. Proctor 5566. 

315x210 mm. Wants the first leaf. With William Blackstone's book- 
plate, [xli 

POLITIANUS, Angelus. Opera. July, 1498. 

Hain *i32i8. Proctor 5567. 

300 X 204 mm. Stamp on i* : Bibliothecae S. P. ... ad Vincula. [xlii 

EPISTULAE. 'ETTtcTToXat Bi.a<j)6po}v. March and April, 1499. 

Hain *66^g. Proctor 5569. 

202x143 mm. Old red panelled morocco. Inscription on i*: Caroli 
Bernard nudo si, ma contento. [xliii 

Another copy. 

201 X 145 mm. [xliii* 

LUCRETIUS CARUS, Titus. De rerum natura. December, 1500. 

Hain *ioa85. Proctor 5576. 

200 X 147 mm. In full red gros grain morocco. Sussex book-plate. 
Memorandum : ' This copy cost Dr. Butler, Bishop of Lichfield, ;^8 8^. It is 
exceedingly rare and is one of the last Aldines he succeeded in procuring.' [xliv 

*^* Besides these incunabula the John Carter Brown Library contains some 
three hundred specimens from the Aldine presses, collected during the early 
decades of the nineteenth century, largely from the Sussex and other sales of that 

Florence. Nicolaus Laure7itiL 
BERLINGHIERI, Francesco. Geographia secondo Ptolomeo. [1480.] 

Hain 2825. Eames (Sabin) 66501. 

412 X 285 mm. The H. C. Murphy copy, sale-catalogue no. 2045. [xlv 

Florence. Francesco Btioitaccorsi. 
VESPUCCI, Giorgio Antonio. Martyrologium. 6 November, i486. 

Hawkins 309. 
209 x145 mm. Rubricated. [xlvi 

LI LI US, Zach arias. De laudibus scientiarum. 7 April, 1496. 

Hain 10103. Proctor 6316. Harrisse, 'B. A. V.,' 17. Church, 'Catalogue,' 11. 
197 X 132 mm. [xlvii 



Treviso. Gerard de Lisa. 
HERMES TRISMEGISTUS. De potestate dei. i8 December, 1471. 

Hain 8456. Proctor 6458. Morgan 443. Hawkins 310. 
183 X 124 mm. R. Farmer's copy. [xlviii 

Treviso. yohannes Ruheus. 

LIVIUS, Titus. Decades. 1482. 

Hain *ioi35. Proctor 6496. 

321 X 210 mm. Inscriptions on i^ : Ex libris Laurentij de Braccijs Volatf ; 
5**': Fris Joannis Vignantsij Politian; 22^ : Di Lorenzo Bracci Volterrano, and 
liber est mon Sa Andree de VVlterris ordis monsoliueti. [xlix 

PL ATI N A, Baptista. Vitae Pontificum. 10 February, 1485. 

Hain 13048. Proctor 6498. 

294 X 195 mm. In old English panelled calf. Viscount Granville's book- 
plate. [1 

Bologna. Dominicits de Lapis. 

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. Cosmographia. 23 June, I4[8]2. 

Hain *I3538. Proctor 6538. B. M. Eames (Sabin) 66471. 
423 X 284 mm. The maps coloured. [li 

Another copy. 

410 X 275 mm. Lacks the first leaf, the two blanks, and the maps. In blue 
morocco by R. W. Smith, with a note signed by Henry C. Murphy (see Murphy 
sale catalogue, no. 2043) stating that the first leaf was with the book when it 
went to the binder. The maps of the Rome 1478 edition are bound with the 
Bologna text. [li* 

Vicenza. Llermann Liechtenstein. 

PTOLEMAEUS, Claudius. Cosmographia. 13 September, 1475. 

Hain *13536. Proctor 7139. Eames (Sabin) 66469. 
288 X 200 mm. [Hi 

Basel. Michael Wenssler. 

CLEMENS V. Constitutiones. 2 May, 1476. 

Hain *54i8. Proctor 7478. 

383 X 282 mm. Rubricated, initial on i* in green and gold. Signature on 
7o» : .p. Ledlaw. Given to the Brown University Library in 1899 by the 
Rev. Thatcher Thayer. [liii 


Basel, jfohann Bergmann de Olpe. 

COLUMBUS, Christopher. Epistula de insulis nouiter repertis. 

Harrisse, • B. A. V.,' a, and his ' Colomb et les Acad^miciens ', p. 87. 

183 X 130 mm. Lacks first and last leaves. Mosaic binding by Mercier. [liv 

VERARDUS, Carolus. Bethicae et Granatae obsidio, victoria et 

triumphus. I494- 

Hain*i5942. Proctor 7770. Harrisse, 'B. A. V.,' 15. Church 8. 

206 X 149 mm. [Iv 

BRANT, Sebastian. Stultifera nauis. 80. i March, 1497. 

Hain *3747. Proctor 7775. 

144 X loi mm. In old vellum. Inscription on i* : Couet^ Parisians Car- 

melit. Discalceat. [Ivi 

Paris, Lotds Symonel, R. Blandin^ and y. Simon, 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. De finibus. De officiis. August, 1477. 

Hain 5253. Proctor 7909. 

282x203 mm. and 274 x 192 mm. Rubricated, with extensive interlinea- 
tions and marginal notes. Lacks two leaves, one blank, at end. [Ivii 

Paris. Gui Marchand. 

COLUMBUS, Christopher. Epistula de insulis nouiter repertis. [i493-] 

[Not Proctor 7988.] Harrisse, 'B. A. V.,' 5, and his 'Colomb et les Acad^miciens ', 
p. 83. 

188 X 121 mm. [Iviii 

Paris. P. Pigouchet, for S. Vostre. 

HORAE. Horae ad usum romanum. 22 August, 1498. 

Hain 8855 (the date wrong). Proctor 8196. Morgan 577. 

194 X 132 mm. On vellum. Rubricated in blue, red, and gold. The large 
blocks coloured, and the first three pages entirely painted over, so that the 
printing cannot be made out. The centre of i* has the initials D I on a shield 
surrounded by a wreath. Bound in black morocco, with interlaced design. In 
the centre of the upper cover is the inscription pera || m sra and of the lower 
donna II rvLi II ana. [lix 

Paris. Georg Wolf, for G. de Marnef 
BRANT, Sebastian. Stultifera nauis. 8 March, 1498-99. 

Hain 3753. Proctor 8381. 
183 X 130 mm. [Ix 


Lyon. Matthias Huss. 

BARTHOLOMAEUS ANGLICUS. Le Propri6taire des choses. 

12 October, 1485. 
Hain 2518. Proctor 8561. 

303 X 223 mm. Rubricated. Wants the blank last leaf. Sussex book- 
plate. [Ixi 

Louvain. Johann von Paderborn. 
PETRUS DE ALIACO. De imagine mundi. . , [About 1485?] 

Hain 836. Proctor 9258. Hawkins 49a. 
260 x198 mm. Rubricated. [Ixii 

Brttges. Colard Mansion. 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. De la mine des nobles hommes et femmes. 


Campbell 295. Proctor 9316. 

378 X 254 mm. In black morocco by Cuzin. Signature numbers in black 
ink. The Sunderland copy. Techener sale, 1886, no. 839. [Ixiii 

Seville. Pegnitzer, Herbst, and Glockner. 
ORTIZ, Alfonso. Tratados. 1493- 

Hain 12109, Proctor 9523. Haebler 503. E. D. Church, ' Catalogue,' 6, 
282 x189 mm. In red morocco by Lortic. From Dr. Court's sale. [Ixiv 

Westminster. William Caxton. 

ROYAL BOOK. The Royal Book. (Somme le roi.) [1488.] 

Blades 74. Proctor 9671. Ricci, * Census of Caxtons/ 89. Morgan 698. 
258 X 175 mm. Lacks leaves i, 4-6, 98-102, 152-162, which are supplied 

in lithographed facsimile, excepting i and 162, blanks. In old English red 

morocco. The Ratcliffe copy. 

On es* is written : Thomas achlee [?] is the tru onner of this boke so sayeth 

william achlee. On 57a: E Libris Jacobi Planner Coll. Sanct. Mariae Magd. 

apud Cant. Alumni, 1778. [Ixv 

Westminster. Wynkyn de Worde. 
JACOBUS DE VORAGINE. Golden Legend. 20 May, 1493. 

Proctor 9691, Morgan 723. 

270x192 mm. Lacks the last leaf, supplied in facsimile. In brown 
morocco by Bedford. [Ixvi 


{All references are to the numbered entries.) 


Augsburg, xii. 
Basel, liii-lvi. 
Bologna, H. 
Bruges, Ixiii. 
Cologne, ix-xi. 
Florence, xlv-xlvii. 
Louvain, Ixii. 
Lyon, IxL 
Mainz, ii-iv. 
Nuremberg, xiii. 

Paris, Ivii-lx. 
Rome, xvi-xxii. 
Seville, Ixiv. 
Strassburg, v-viii. 
Treviso, xlviii-1. 
Ulm, xiv sq. 
Venice, xxiii-xliv. 
Vicenza, Hi. 
Westminster, Ixv sq. 


Apud S. Marcum (Romae), xvii. 

Bergmann de Olpe, Johann, liv-lvi. 

Bevilaqua, Simon, xxxiv. 

Blandin, R. See Symonel. 

Buckinck, Arnold, xviii. 

Buonaccorsi, Francesco, xlvi sq. 

Caxton, William, Ixv. 

Fust, Johann, and Peter Schoeffer, iii. 

Glockner. See Pegnitzer, 

Gregoriis, Job. and Greg, de, xxviii sq. 

Griininger, Johann (Reinhard), vii. 

Gutenberg, Johann, ii. 

Herbst. See Pegnitzer. 

Holle, Leonhard, xiv. 

Huss, Matthias, Ixi. 

Jenson, Nicolas, xxiv. 

Kistler, Bartholomaeus, viii. 

Koberger, Anton, xiii. 

Koelhoff, Johann, the younger, xi. 

Lapis, Dominicus de, li. 

Lauer, Georg, xvi. 

Liechtenstein, Hermann, Hi. 

Lisa, Gerard us, xlviii. 

Mansion, Colard, Ixiii. 

Manutius, Aldus, xxxvi-xliv. 

Marchand, Gui, Iviii. 

Mamef, G. de, Ix. 

Mentelin, Johann, v. 

Nicolaus Laurentii, xiv. 

Olpe, Joh. Bergmann de. See Bergmann. 

Paderborn, Johann von, Ixii. 

Pegnitzer, Herbst, and Glockner, Ixiv. 

Piancerreto, Gulielmus de, xxxiii. 

Pigouchet, Philippe, lix. 

Plannck, Stephan, xix sq. 

Printer of the Historia S. Albani, x. 

Puecher, Vitus, xvii. 

Ratdolt, Erhard, xxv-xxvii. 

Reger, Johann, xv. 

Reinhard, Johann. See Griininger. 

Rizus, Bernardinus, xxxii. 

Rubeus, Johannes, xlix sq. 

Rusch, Adolf, vi. 

Schoeffer, Peter, iv. See also Fust. 

Schoensperger, Johann, xii. 

Silber, Eucharius, xxi. 

Simon, Jean. See Symonel. 

Speier, Wendelin of, xxiii. 

Symonel, Blandin, and Simon, Ivii. 

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{Arranged according to the numbers in Haiti s Repertorium Bibliographicum, here quoted 

immediately after the dates.) 

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2518. Ixi 
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See Ptolemaeus. 

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Another edition. xx 

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*iooi9. xxxixbia 

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*i45o8. xiii 

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♦16098. xxxix 


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