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1 Hi' H 11 1 


Official catalogue 

United States Centennial Commission 


ized by Google 

L J 


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S. B. dB ^^. FXjEZS££EZ^ 


At a strong and conclusive evidence of the superior quality of the ** STAR " 
ALPACA BRAIDS, is the preference that is given them over all competitive 

Having been subjected to rigid tests for the past ten years, and wherever 
introduced, they at once became the desired article. 

They are made of the very best materials, with the greatest care and efficient 
workmanship, and upon the most improved machinery. 

With these appliances, and a determination to go ahead, the manufacturers have 
made the " STAR ** Alpaca Braids the most popular Braid of the country. 

First PrijBO, Silver Medal, FrankUn Institute, Phila4la., 1874. 
First Prize, Silver Medal, Maryland Institute, Baltimore, 1874. 
First Prize, Silver Medal, Industrial Bzi>osition, Oinn., 1876. 

for SewiBg IhcUnM and Band Sewing 








Tb Best and Host Popular Thread of the age, 


•out l«Kim IH ASBUCA, 
XTos. 337 msuSi 3Se GmaxmX Str*«t, 2r«Tir -Z-erlc 



South of East End of Machlnory Hall. 

AiTvnmsBMBNTS taken at this office for the Official Catalogue and all newspapen of the 
XTnited States and Canadas. The principal papen of the country kept on file for inspectioaaad 
iwe of exhibiiors and visitors generally. 

Centennial Catalogue Co. 

8. W. Oor. Fdortli and XOrary 8ti.i PUliddpUi, 



or TUB 


This Company owns the exclusive right to publish, sell, and 
distribute the ** Official Catalogue cfthe IntertuUionai E^ghidition qf 
1876,^* the work being printed under the direction of, and com- 
piled from nanuscript furnished by, the ''U. S. Centennial Com- 

Advertisements *taken on application to S. M. Pettkngill 
& Co. Advertising Agents. 



7>'Mwiwv9. Stcrttmry, 


SOkiUr. FmUitkititrmmdAdperHHmfHmMmi^r. 

it4 1tfkilM., PMMtlfMB. 


No. 701 Ch««tnut Straet, Philadelphia, 
Ho. 87 Park Row, Haw York, 
Ho. 10 Stata Street, Boston, 
Exhibition Orounde— South of East end 
of Maohinerx Hall, Building Ho. 41. 

J. M JOHNSON k SONS, Limited, 

S0U £mrt^€mn Agtmia, 

Ho. 8 Caetle St., Holbom, London. 

'Dzztacrroaus : 

Jown S. Morton, . Wm. H. Pbnnell, 

If. RomiBACH, Stephen F. Whitman, 

Gboms T. Jones, John R. Naglb, 

Joseph Heilbrun. 

OOot of it* Osmyiaj on IzUUtloB Qmndi, BdUHaf Va il, Sadb 
tflift tad of lhdiiB«7 SiQ. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ized by Google 

(QnitrD «&tatCiGf- Centennial Conmitj^jSton. 


Official Catalogue. 








Published /or the Centennial Catalogue Company 


(riKttk at t^c Sibcntbc flitn, Canbiibje, Sim. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1876, by the 


in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Wa^ngton, D. C 


Centennial CatiUofue Company Aatignees of CopyHght. 


ized by Google 


List of Buildings and Special Exhibits 6 

Subject Index, National Exhibits 8 

Machinery Hall 9 

Kef to the Notation 10 

Ground Plan of Machinery Hall iz 

Synopsis of the Classification la 

Classification of Department V., Machinery 13 

Catalogue of the Department of Machinery 17 

United States Government Buildings 71 

Catalogue of the United States Government Exhibition 73 

Women's Pavilion • . 84 

Catalogue of the Women's Exhibition 87 

Shoe and Leather Exhibition Building 104 

Catalogue of the Shoe and Leather Exhibition 105 

Special Buildings and Exhibits, Descriptions and Catalogues .117 


ized by Google ' 






>— 4 "^ 

Q > 



ized by Google 

: • : 


: i : :8 : : : ! 



: 1 : S 




5 SS:S8ii i 

n : CI M c« : n M 


: « C4 C4 

: 3 i > 




CI ro : m : c« : : : 

: ! : : i :J: 


3 : : • 


1 •: 


5 R: :SSi-: ? 

c* (* M : M n « : 



a Hi : i^i. % 

n : : : h « « fo 

: : : : 

= : Sr 




S SHis^'S'S 

? i : i i = H 


•:« = 


!i*»«n i f»><nfOfo:e»^i«nissi!«»*n::w«J»! »n J 

Mfni^ i*» ^ iIi<nfniSro«n ro n : s s :«ic»fompi«« ! J '• « 



TflP m?n*: : 'mioin: 
t mm C4 ct : : c« ct c« • 

'M ill^ 


m nctctnictn c« 

: « « c* •! « N : i* 



2 ri255S*;ri2> v. ^, . 

: J : :?i : i : 

:?:f ££ 


« nnc«c«:c«c« n «:: 




2 rssa :!rsJ, ft%9: : 



•:H C S S 

?n>j 1 BsSSsi? 

K<0 00 8» 

« M n M 












M mi^ M m tn 



fSS ^ 


M n n n n « n 

en « 





iO Q >4 >*> m o« 


= &=€ 


M M M a 

8 S n 

O M mm 
« « w « .. 
« « n n « 

8* ^'%^:%'^t :^ :5 :^ : 
« c* •ie«:«e»«:oi :»:«♦: 

&i -8 JT P» 

ooae Ok g 

o" 2 1? 

8M mu)o» 
N n « N 
e* n CI « M 

To m : : ♦ •♦ in i/» in\o <o « 
«« : SeteineiMeiMt* 

M « « n 



:S.: ^ : 8: 

imSi-a i'SJS 

: (« lom • 

:S : &a 

N nNrtnnn c* 






ized by Google 


ized by Google 

The International Exhibition of 1876. 

The Congress of the United States, by an act approved March 3d, 1871, provided 
that the centennial anniversary of the promulgation of the Declaration of American 
Independence in Philadelphia should be celebrated in that city " by holding an In- 
ternationa] Exhibition of Arts, Manufieurtures, and Products of the Soil and Mine." 
The preparadon of the Exhibition was, by the act, confided to the United States 
Centennial Commission, composed of a commissioner and alternate commissioner 
nominated by the governor of each State and Territory, and confirmed by the Presi- 
dent of the United States. A subsequent act, approved June ist, 1873, created the 
Centennial Board of Finance, charged with the financial conduct of the Exhibition. 

A proclamation by the President of the United States, dated July 3d, 1873, an- 
nounced the International Exhibition, and commended it to all nations. An act of 
Congress, approved June 5th, 1874, requested the President, in the name of the 
United States, to invite the governments of foreign nations to participate in the Ex- 
hibition. The invitation thus extended was accepted by the governments of 

Argentine Republic, 

Seychelles ArchipeL 

ago, Norway, 


New Zealand, 


Orange Free Sute, 


New South Wales, 






Philippine Islands, 


South Australia, 

Bermuda, and 


ChiK, . 





Cape of Good Hope, 




Bahamas, « 




British Guiana, 



France, with Algeria, 





Straiu Settlemeau, 



Great Britain, with col- Gold Coast, 



onics, V12. 



The Centennial Commission provided for the classification of the objects to be 
exhibited in seven departments, which were referred to five exhibition buildings in 
this manner: 



I. Mining and Metallurgy, ' 

II. ManufiBMTtures, 

Miun Buildmg, 


III. Education and Science, . 

IV. Art, 

Art Gallery 


V. Machinery, 

Machinery Building, 


VI. Agriculture, 

Agricultural Building, 


VII. Horticulture, 

Horticultural Building, 



. 48.4: 

The applications for exhibiting space, however, both at home and from abrocul, so 
exceeded the calculations that had been made as to necessitate the erection of an- 
nexes supplementing the capacity of each of these buildings. Enumerations of these 
additional structures will be found on subsequent pages. The classes of objects 
grouped in the several departments are indicated in the following synopsis of the 
classification of the Exhibition. 


ized by Google 


Department IV.-Art. 


Class 400. — Figures and groups in stone, metal, clay, or plaster. 

Class 401. — Bas-relieiis. in stone or metal ; electrotype copies. 

Class 409. — Medals, pressed and engraved ; electrotypes o( medals. 

Class 403. — Hammered and wrought work — refouui and r^iumssi work, embotsad 

and engraved relief work. 
Class 404. — Cameos, intaglios, engraved stones, dies, seals, etc. 
Class 4Q5v*<!arvings in wood, ivory, and metaL 

Class 4Xa — ^Paihfings in oil on canvas, panels, etc. 
Class 411. — ^Water color pictures ; aquarelles, miniatures, etc. 
Class 41a. — Frescoes, cartoons for frescoes, etc. 

Class 413. — Painting with vitrifiable colors. Pictured on porcelain, enamel, and 


Class 420. — Drawings with pen, pencil, or crayons. 
Class 431. — Line engravings from steel, copper, ot stone. 
Class 433. — ^Wood engravings. 
Class 433. — Lithographs, dncographs, eto. 
Class 424^— Chromo-Uthogzaphs. . , - i ^ . 


Class 430. — Photographs on paper, metal, glass, wood, fabrics^ or enamel snr&ces. 

Class 431, — Prints from photo-relief plates, carbon prints, etc 

Class 432. — Photo-lithographs, etc. 

Class 433^ — Photographic apparatus and supplies. 

Class 440. — Industrial designs. 

Class 441. — Architectural designs; studies and fragments, representations and pro- 
jects of edifices ; restorations from ruins and fromdoetmients. 
Class 443. — Dccorition of interiors of buildings. 

Class 443. — Artistic hardware and trimmings, artistic casHngs, forged metal work 
for decoration, etc. 


Class 45a — ^Mosaic and inlaid work in stone. 

Class 451. — Mosaic and inlaid work in tiles, tessarse, glass, etc. 

Class 453. — Inlaid work in wood and metal, parquetry, tables, etc 

Class 453.— Stained glass. 

Class 454.-— Miscellaneous objects of art. 

^ Digitized by Google 


Department V— Machinery. 


Class 500. — Rock drilling. 

Class 501.— Well and shaft boring. 

Class 503. — Machines, apparatus, and implements for coal cutting. 

Class 503. — Hoisting machinery and accessories. 

Class 504. — Pumping, draining, and ventilating. 

Class 505. — Crushing, grinding, sorting, and dressing. Breakers, stamps, mills, 
pans, screens, sieves, jigs, concentrators. 

Class 506. — Furnaces, smelting apparatus, and accessories. 

Class 507. — Machinery used in Bessemer process. 

Class 508.— Chemical manufacturing machinery. Electroplating. Paint and pow- 
der mills. Blacking and soap-making machinery. 

Class 509. — Gas machinery and apparatus. 


Class sip. — Planing, aawing, veneering, grooving, mortising, tonguing, cutting, 

moulding, stamping, carving, and cask-making machines, etc., .coi^k- 

cutting machines. 
Class 5x1. — Direct acting steam sawing machines, with gang saws. B^k miUs. 
Class sxa, — Rolling mills, bloom squeezers, blowing fiEins. . Rivet, nail. bQlt, apd 

tack making machinery. 
CI4ASS.5X3. — Furnaces and apparatus for casting metals, with specimens of work. 
Class 5x4. — Steam, trip, and other hammers, with specimens of work, anvils, fo^es, 

Class 5i5.-p-Planing, drilling, slotting, turning, shaping, punching, stamping, cutting, 

and coining machines. Wheel cutting and dividing machines, emery 

wheels, drills, taps, gauges, dies, etc. Grindstones. 
Class 5i6.-'-Stone-sawing and planing machines, dressings shaping, and polishing, 

sand blasts, Tillman's machines, glass-grinding machines, etc. 
Class 517.— Brick, pottery, and tile machines. Machines foe making artificial stone. 
Class 5x8. — Furnaces, moulds, blowpipes, etc., for making glass and glassware. 
Class 519. — ^Tools. implements, etc., for working metal, wood, and stone. 


Class 520. — Machines for the manufacture of silk goods. 
Class 521. — Machines for the manufacture of cotton goods. 

Class 522. — Machines for the manufacture of woolen goods, carpets, and tapestry. 
Class 533. — Machines for the manufsicture of linen goods. 

igitized «>3G00gle 




President : 

Vtce^Presidents : 

Thomas H. Coldwell, 
MiDDi^ETON Goldsmith, 
W. W. McCoy, 

f. w. m. holliday, 
Robert Mallory, 
John A. Martin. 

Director- General : 

Secretary : 


Counsellor and Solicitors 


Executive Committee: 

Daniel J. Morrell, Chairman. 
Alfred T. Goshorn, John Lynch, 

George H. Corliss, Charles P. Kimball, 

Alexander R. Boteler, J. H. B. Latrobe, 

Richard C. McCormick, David Atwood, 

N. M. Beckwith, Samuel F. Philufs. 

George B. Loring, J. T. Bernard. 

J. R. Hawley, President, ex-ojicio. 

Myer Asch, Secretary. 

Assistant Secretaries : 
Myer Asch. Dorsey Gardner. 

Chiefs of Bureaus of Administration : 

/b/vi;^— Director-General and w<^^jr//»fv— Burnet Landreth. 

Myer Asch. Horticulture— Charles H, Miller. 

Installation— Henky PeTTIT. Fine Arts— JOHS Sartain. 

7>-a«j^tfr/te/w«— Dolphus Torrey. Medical— V/lLLlAiA PEPPER. M.D. 

Machinery— John S. Albkrt. Awards— Fkahch A. Walker, 



John Welsh, . . 
William Sellers, 
John S. Barbour, 
Samuel M. Felton, 
Daniel M. Fox, . 
Thomas Cochran, 

. . Philadelphia. JOHN O. James, . . . Philadelphia. 

. . Philadelphia. Amos R. LlTfLE, . . Philadelphia. 

. . Virginia. Wm. L. STRONG, . . . New York, 

. . Philadelphia. Thos. H. DUDLEY, . . New Jersey. 

. . Philadelphia. A. S. Hewitt New York. 

. . PhUadelphia. JOHN CUMMlNQS, . . Massachusetts. 


ized by Google 


Clement M. Biddlb, . Philadelphia. John Gorham Rhode Island. 

N. Parker SUORTRIDGE. Philadelphia. Charles W. Coopkr, . Pennsylvania. 

James M. Robb, .... Philadelphia. William Bigler, . . Pennsylvania. 

Edward T. Steel, . . Philadelphia. Robert M. Patton, . Alabama. 

John Wanamaker, . . Philadelphia. J. B. Drake, Illinois. 

John Price Wetherill. Philadelphia. George Bain, .... Missouri, 
Henry Winsor, .... Philadelphia. 

Officers of the Board of Finance. 

President : 
John Welsh, Philadelphia. 

Vice-Fresidents : 
WiixiAM Sellers. Philadelphia. John S. Barbour, Viiginia. 

Secretary and Treasurer : 
Frederick Fraley, Philadelphia. 

Henry S. Lansing. 

[Appointed by the Governors for the management of State and Territorial exhibits.] 


J. F. Milncr. President , Montgomery. I J. M. Kennedy, Esq., Tuscaloosiu 

Peter Hamilton, Mobile. R. O. Pickett, Florence. 

A. Cunningham, Talladega. I 


y. N. Hopkins, Secretary, \ T. S. Vosburg. 

Wm. J. Osborne. 1 John Wasson. 


H. L. Fletcher, President. Little Rock. | W. E. Woodruff, jr.. Little Rock. 

A. L. Breysacher, Little Rock. W. C. Stout, Lewisburg. 

L. H. Roots, littU Rock. 1 A. V. Linthicum, Helena. 


Jacob Deeth. 
K. B. Redding. 
A. N. Towne. 
T. J. L. Smiley. 
Ihiny Malone. 
lacob R. Snyder. 
John C. Down^. 

Tames L. Ord. 
Wm. Murray, Eeq. 
Jacob R. Ncff. 
B. M. Sergeant. 
J. L. Hebron. 

. K. Porter. 


Geo. Q. Richmond, Puebk>. 

Stephen Decatur, Georgetown, Colorado. 


Charles R. Ingcrsoll, New Haven. 
Nathaniel Wheeler, Bridgeport. 
Frederick J. Kingsbury, Watcrbury. 
Ebenecer I>eamed, Norwich. 
Thomas L. Marlor, Brooklyn. 

Lyman W. Coc, Torington. 
Burdell Loomis, Hartford. 
John E. Earle, New Haven. 
Thomas R. Pickering, Portland. 


ized by Google 




F. J. Dewitt, Yankton. 
E. W. MUler. Union. 
A. F. Shaw, Minnehaha. 

W. J. L. Tndl. Gnnd Forks. 
W. A. Burleigh, Bon Homme. 


Joseph P. Comesys, Presidtni, Dover. 
Leander F. Riddle, Secretary, Wil- 
Allen V. Lesley, New CasUe. 
Charles Beasten, New Castle. 

John H. Bewley, Smyrna. 
Henry B. Fidderoan, Milford. 
John W. Causey, Milford. 
Charles H. Richards, Georgetown. 
Paynter Frame, Harbeson. 


A. V. Conover, St. Augustine. 

E. C. Howe. Key West. 

George E. Wentworth, Pensaoola. 

Austin Savage, Boise City. 
J. C. Isaacs, Boise City. 
Cyrus Jacob*, Boise Oty. 
A. Rossi, Boise Oty. 
John Hailey, Boise City. 
Lafayette Cutre, Boise City. 

D. S. Wttkens, Tallahassee. 
W. S. Boyd, JacksonviUe. 


Thomas Ranney, Boise City. 
Y. E Logan, ik>tse Qty. 
M.J. Hin, Silver City. 
B. Wilson. Idaho City. 

iohn McNally. Rockv Bar. 
.. P. Brown, Mount Idaho. 


John P. Reynolds, Pretideni, Chicago. 
J. C. Smith, Secretary t Galena. 
Carlile Mason, Chicago. 

Francis Colton, Galeshun;. 
Amos C. Spafford, Rockford. 


A. L. Roache, Chairman, Indianapolis. 
Thomas E. Garvin, Evans ville. 
John Sutherland, La Porte. 


Hon. S. KIrkwood, Des Moines. 
Alex. Shaw, Des Moines. 
Wm. Christy. 

E. T. Cox. Secretary, Indianapolis. 
John S. WUliams, La Fayette. 

B. R. Sherman. 
I. T. Young. 


Geoige T. Anthony, PretieUnt, Leaven- 
W.S. VvtWxaiaii.V.-PresideHtjOtxamz^ 
Alfred Gray. Secretary, Topeka. 
George W. Glick, Treasurer, Atchison. 

T. C Henry, Abilene. 
Charles F. Koester, MarysvlIIe. 
E. P. Bancroft, Emporia. 
W. E. Barnes, Vineland. 
R. W. Wright, 0>wego. 


W. B. Machen. Eddyville, Lyon Co. 
Clinton Griffith. Owenstown. Daviess Co. 
James H. Bowden, Russelville, Logan Co. 
£. H. Hobson, Greensburg, Green Co. 
E. D. Standiford, Louisville, Jefferson Co. 

J. C. Hughes. Florence, Boone Co. 
William Warfield, Lexington, FayetteCa 
Jennings Price, Lancaster. 

John Dishman. Barbourville, Knox Co. 
r . L. Cleveland, Augusu, Beachen Go. 


H. Bonzano, Pretideni^ New Orleans. 
E. C. Hancock, New Orleans. 

Effingham Lawrence, New Orleans. 


Charies W. Roberts, Bangor. 
F. E. Shaw, Paris. 
Edwin Sprague, Rockland. 

John G. Morris, Baltimore. 
J. Thomas Scharf, Baltimore. 
George A. Hanson, Baltimore. 

W. H. Simpson, Belfast. 
F. N. Dow, Portland. 
E. Knight, Portland. 


Dou^ass H. Thomas, Baltimore. 
William H. Comer, Baltimore. 


J. T. Chadwick, Boston. 
Curtis Guild, Boston. 
Hiram Hosford, Lowell. 
C. E. Whitier, WhiticrsviUe. 
George T. Plunkett, Hinsdale. 
Henry M. Phillips. Springfield. 
E. T. Miles, Fitchburg. 
J. H. Claremont, Boston. 
Lewis N. Gilbert, Ware. 

John Savery, Wareham. 

Wm. F. Whiting, Ashbumham. 

ChcNlcr Snow, Harwick. 

C. E. Yeomaw^, Westfieki. 

S. B. Phinnev, Barnstable. 

Daniel Neednam, Groton. 

H. G. Kni^t, EasthampcoB. 

Harrison 1 weed, Taunton. 

£. W. Kinsley, tk»stonj<^ t 




John J. Bagler, Detroit. 
Uenrv FraHck, Grand Rapids. 
Joaatnan J. Woodman, Paw Paw. 

Merrill J. Mills, Detroit, 
'aj A. Hubbell, Houghton. 
' W. Noble, AcrvteO". Dtlcoit. 



Paris Gibson, Minneapolis. 
Peanock Pnscy, St. Paul. 

I Philip S. Harris, St. Paid. 


A. M. West, Prtndmt, HoUy Springs. 
H. W. -Wmmn.Vice-Prttident, Jackson. 
H. M. Street, Treasurer, BooneviUe. 
A. £. Lewis, Scranton. 
James A. Hoskins, Brodchayen. 

Frank Burkitt, Houston. 
J. L. Power, Secretariat Jackson. 
J. B. Yellowley. Madison Station. 
W. G. Paxton, Vicksburg. 


A uviHM niKH, President^ St. Louis. 

i. F. Cook, LL.D.. Lagrange. 
. W. Harris, Rocheport. 

W. SxxotiZyVke-Preeidemi, St. Joseplk 

I J. W. Strong, >%r-. 

P. Murphy, Goplin, 
J. L. Tracy, St. Lo 


T. C. Power, Fort Benton, Chateau. 
Wm. Peck, Bannack, Beaverhead. 
Armstrong, Glendale, Beaverhead. 
Mrs. S. B. Bowen, Bozeman, Gallatin. 


W. A. Dark, Deer Lodge. Deer Lodge. 
'. Welch, Missoula. Missoula. 
. Harding, Radersburg, Jefferson. 

D. I. Welch, Missoula, Missoula. 
f. A. Harding, Radersburg, Jeffen 
T. £. Collins, Diamond, Meagher. 


Daniel H. Wheeler, Plattsmoutb. 
J. S. Morton, Nebraska City. 
W. D. Scott, Rulo. 

Gay C. Barton, North Platte. 
Charies F. Manderson, Omaha. 


C. C. Sterenson, Pretideni, Gold HIH. 

Thomas G. Taylor, Gold HiU. 

R. Robinson, White Pine. 

J. D. Sullivan, Eureka. 

H. H. Day, Lincoln. 

F. R. Hall, Nye. 

A. A. Curtis, Lander. 

John C. Fall, Humboldt. 

H. M. Yerhtgton, Ormsby. 
H. T. Rice, Ormsby. 
B. F. Leete. Washoe. 
J. R. Johnson, Douglass. 
Levi Wilsey, Elk. 
Jeremiah Miller, Esmeralda. 
B. P. Uazeltine. 


James A.Weston, Chairman, Manchester. 
Lewis W. Clark, Manchester. 
Mason W. Tippaa, Bradford. 


Edward D. Baker, Garemont. 

James F. Brigss, Secretary ^ Manchester. 

George W. Riddle, Manchester. 

Sanyel C. Brown, Pretideni, Trenton. 
Edrad Bettle, Camden. 
Henry L. laneway. New Brunswick. 
John T. Bird, Flemii^ton. 

Thomas H. Dale, Paterson. 
Sanford B. Hunt. Newark. 
Nathan W. Conditt, Jersey Citv. 
Patrick T. Quinn, Secretary, Newark. 


Stephen B. Elktns, Washington, D. C. 
W. F. M. Amy, Secretary, Fort Defi- 
Richard Hudson, Silver City. 

W. G. Ritch, Presidents Santa F*. 
Thomas S. Tucker, Treasurer, SanU F*. 
Josi D. Sena, Sanu F6. 


Akmzo B. Cornell. Ithaca. Tompkins Co. 
John Murdock, Elmira, Ctiemung Co. 
Jackson S. Schults, No. 63 Cliff St., New 

York City. 
Frank Leslie, No. 537 Pcari St., New 

York City. 


R. P. Ranny, President, Cleveland. 
Rutherford B. Hayes, Fremont. 
E. F. Noyes, Cincinnati. 
G. W. McCook, Steuben ville. 

Felix Campbell, No. 1315 Pacific St., 

H. Havermyer, New York. 
Frederick A. Conkling. 

Barnabas Bums, Mansfield. 
F. F. Green, Secretary and Superintend- 
ent, Cleveland. 


M. WUkins, Willamette Forks. 
C. P. Burkhardt. Albany. 
E. R. Geary, Albany. 
W. J. Halsey. PorUand. 

M. P. Deady, Portland. 
Thomas Condon, Forest Grove. 
S. G. Reed, Portland. 

digitized by VjOOQIC 



Morton McMichael, Philadelphia. I George Scott, Catawiasa. 

Andrew G. Curtin, Bellefonte. Foster W. Mitchell, Franklin. 

John H. Shoenburger, Pittsburg. | 


iohn Gorham, Proridence. ■ William Goddard, Providence. 

Ion. Henry Lippitt, Providence. Rowland Hazard, Providence. 

James Y. Smith, Providence. | John R. Bartlett, Providoice. 


J. M. Safford, Davidson Co. I Joseph Barbiere. Shdby. 

C. C. Giers, Davidson Co. George E. Purvis, Nashville. 

J. T. Wilder, Hamilton Co. • S. B. Lowe, Chattanooga. 


J. E. Preston, Marlin. I S. J. Adam?, Dallas. 

£. L. Gregg, Rush. | 


Wm. Jennings, President, Salt Lake City. I John T. Caine. Salt Lake City. 

Henry C. Goodspeed, Secretary , Salt Joseph R. Walker, Salt Lake City. 

Lake City. | George S. Prescott, Salt Lake Q^. 


Joseph S. Patterson. 
P. P. Pitkin. 


John D. Imboden. /*r«A/«i/, Richmond. 1 G. J. Wharton, Pulaski Co. 

larshall Parks. Norfolk. Edward M. Pace, Danvilte. 

Samuel J. Moffitt, Harrisonburg. | 


James S. Lawson, Olympia. ) Henri M. Chase, Walla WaDa. 

ChaHes E. P. Wood, Port Discovery. Phillip Ritz, Walla Walla. 

Edward S. Kearney, Walla WaUa. | 


O. C. Dewey, Wheeling. 1 Thomas Mastin, Moorsfield. 

G. W. Franxheim, Wheeling. I. P. Hale, Charleston. 

C. N. Beall, Bethany. 


J. B. Parkinson, President, Madison. ( T. C. Pound, Chippewa Palls. 

Eli Stilson, Oshkosh. F. Kuehn, Treasurer, Manitowoc 

Adolph Meinecke, Milwaukee. W. W. Field, Secretary, Madison. 

J. 1. Case, Racine. | 


J. R. Whitehead, Cheyenne. j John Fosher, South Pass City. 

Stephen W. Downev, Laramie City. I J. H. Pyachou, Laramie City. 

James France, Rawlins. I J. A. Van Carter, Fort Brid^. 


The Centennial Commission have substituted for the international juries em- 
ployed at previous International Exhibitions, a system of awards which provided : 

That awards shall be based upon written reports attested by the signatures of their 

That the judges should be selected for their known qualifications and character, 
and should be experts in the departments to which they are respectively assigned; the 
foreign members of this body being appointed by the Commission of each country 
and in conformity with the distribution and allotment to each; the judges from the 
United States by the Centennial Commission. 

That judges should be reimbursed for their personal expenses. 

digitized by VjOOQIC 



That reports and awards should be based upon inherent and comparative merit ; 
the elements of merit being held to include considerations relating to originality, in- 
vention, discovery, utility, quality, skill, workmanship, fitness for the purposes 
intended, adaptation to public wants, economy, and cost. 

That each report should be delivered to the Centennial Commission as soon as 
completed, for final award and publication. 

That awards should be finally decreed by the United States Centennial Commis- 
sion, in compliance with the Act of Congress, and should consist of a diploma with a 
uniform Bronze Medal, and a special report of the judges on the subject of the 

That each exhibitor shall have the right to produce and publish the report awarded 
to him, but the United States Centennial Commission reserves the right to publish 
and dis[)ose of all reports in the manner it thinks best for public information, and 
also to embody and distribute the reports as records of the Exhibition. 



llinerala, Mlaittg, and Metallurgy, including the Machinery.— (Clauet loo to io8 of 
die daMificatioo. See page a;.) 

Metals, Metallurgical Products and Procetaea.— (Claises no to i is.) 

Machines, Toola, and Apparatna of Mining and Metallurgy.— (Classes 500 to 507, 
and 51s.) 

Mine Bnginecring— Models, Maps, and Sections.— (Classes lao, lai.) 


Mr. Isaac Lowthian Bell, M.P.. F.R.S., 

Great Britain. 
Mr. Ernst F. Althans, Breslau, (Germany. 
Mr Louts Simonin, Paris, France. 
Mr. F. Valton, France. 
Mr. R. Akerman, Stockholm, Sweden. 
Mr. Achille Jottrand, Belgium. 
M. L. Nicholsky, Russia. 
Mr. Nicholas Jossa, Russia. 
Dr. Th. Kjeruir Christtania, Norway. 
Don Daaiel de Cortaiar, Spain. 

Pottery, Qlasa, Artificial Stone, etc— {Classes ao6 to ai6, and S19, 103, 517. 518.) 


Gen. Q. A. Gillmore, U. S. A., care D. 

Van Nostrand, New York. 
Arthur Beckwtth, 134 Fifth Avenue, New 

Prof. E. T. Cox, Indianapolis. Indiana. 
Gen. Hector Tyndale, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Henry Wuru, Hoboken, N. J. 


R. H. Soden Smith, M.A., Great Bri- 

Dr. G. Seelhont, Nuremberg, Germany. 
M. Ch. de Bussy, Paris, France. 
Adolf E. Nordenskiold, Sweden. 
Mr. K. Notomi, Japan. 


Chemistry and Pharmacy, including the Apparatus.^Classes aoo to 303, and 974, 508, 

909, and 659.) 


Prof. C. A. Joy, Columbia College, New 

Prof. F. A. Gemh, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia, P^. 

Prof. J. Lawrence Smith. Louisville, Ky. 

Prof. C. F. Chandler, Columbia College, 
New York. 

Prof. J. W. Mallet. University of Vir- 
ginia, CharkHtesville, Virginia. 

Dr. WiUiam Odling, F.R.S., Great BrU 

Dr. Rudolf von Wagner, Wilnburg, 

M. J. F. Kuhlmann LiOe. France. 
Mr. Prosper De Wikie, Belgium. 
Mr Emanuel Patemo, Italy. 


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Animal and Vegetable Products, and the Machinery for their Preparation.— <Clasfies 


Mr. Edouard MautdU France. 

Don Edward Loring, Malaga, Spain. 

Dr. Nicolau J. Moretra, Brazil. 

M. Jayme Batalha Reis, Portugal. 

Mr. Elceda Kenzo, Japan. 

E. Oldendorff, Aigrncinc Confederation. 

Dr. E. H. Von Baumhaucr. Netherlands. ' 

H. G. Toly. M.P., Canada. 

Julius Wqreler, Coblentz, Germany. 

G. F. Secchi de Casali. Italy. 

Prof. Thomas R. Scselche, Denmark. 

Rustem Effeodi, Turicey. 

Prof. W. C. Kerr, Raleigh. N. C. 

L. B. Arnold, Rochester, N. Y. 

Col. J. F. Tobias, 1705 Locust Street, 

Philadelphia. Pa. 
Col. John Bradford, Tallahassee, Fla. 
Guido Marx. Toledo, Ohio. 
Ryl&,nd T. Brown, Indianapolis. Ind. 
W. S. Green, Milford, Wis. 


Pish and Pish Products— Apparatus of Fishing, etc.— (Classes 640 to 648.) 


Prof. S. F. Baird, Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, Washington. 
T. B. Ferguson, Baltimore, Md. 


Joachim Anderssen, Norway. 


Timber, Worked Lumber, Parts of Buildings, Forestiy .—(Classes 600 to 607.) 



Prof. Wm. H. Brewer, New Haven, Cotm. 
J. M. Bennett, Weston, Lewis Co., W.Va. 
Prof. J. S. Newberry, Qeveland, Ohio, or 
Columbia CoUege, N. V. 

John R. West, Chili. 

N. Rodrigues de Vasconcellos, Portugal. 

Hon. W.Skead. Canada. 

Dr. Jos^ de Saldanha, Brazil. 

OBOtTP vn. 

Furniture, Upholstery, Wooden Ware, Baskots, etc— (Classes at 7, aao, sax, aas, 9a6, 
•86, 289, 390.) 


Addison Borden, Boston, Mass. 
Chauncey Wiltse, Omaha, Neb. 
Robert Mitchell, Cincinnati, O. 


Le Marquis de Rochambeau, Franooi 
Mr. Theo. Snyers, Belgium. 
Francis Thonet, Austria. 


Cotton, Linen, and ether FabrlcSt including the liaterials and the Machlaety.- 

(Classes 338, 299 to 234, 521, 533, 534, 665, 666.) 


Edward Atkinson, Boston, Mass. 
Hugh Waddell, jr.. Savannah, Ga. 
Col. Ed. Richardson, Jackson, Miss. 
A. D. Lockwood, Providence, R. I. 
Chas. H. Wolff, Ondnnati, Ohio. 
Samuel Webber, C. E. , Manchester, N. H. 
George O. Baker, Sekna, Ala. 

Mr. Isaac Watu, Great Britain. 

Mr. W. W. Hulse C.E., Great Briuln. 

Consul Gustav Geohard, Germany. 

Albert Daninos. Turkev. 

Don Alvaro de la Gandara, Spain. 

M^or A. (xoldv. Switzerland. 

Prof. Gitstave nerrmann, Germany. 

Prof. Giuseppe Dassi, Italy. 


Wool and Silk Fabrics, including the liateriaSs and the Machinery. Woven and 
Pelted Goods of Wool, and Mixtures of Wool.— (Classes 235 to 241, 52a, and 667.) 

Silk and Silk Fabrics, and Mtxturea la whioh 8Uk is the Predominating Material. 
—^Classes 243 to 349 and 530.) 

John L. Hayes, Cambridge, Mass. 
Hon. Elliot C. Cowdin, New York. 
Chas. Le BoutiHier, PhiUdelphia, Pa. 
C^ias. J. Ellis, 714 Market St., Phikulel- 

phia. Pa. 
J. JD. Lang, Vassalboro', Me. 

Mr. Henry Mitchell, Great Britain. 
Dr. Max Weigert, (jermaay. 
Mr. Chatel, France. 
Carl Amberp;, Sweden. 
Mr. Hayamt Kenso, Japan. 
Mr. John G. Neeser, Switaerhuid. 
August Behmer, Egypt. 
Theodore Bochner, Austria. 


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aothing. Purs, India Rubber Goods, Orniunents, and Fancy ArticlM. (Exduaive 
of Leather Boots and Shoes.)— (Classes 350 to 257 and a88.) 
Caoutchouc and Outta Percha Industry.— (Class 385.) 

Prof. W. H. Chandler, Ph.D., F.C.S.. 

Leh^ University, Bethlehem, Pa. 
Wm. O. Linihicum, New York City. 
Beoj. F. Britton, New York Cit]^. 
Dr. Oeorse Hewston, San Francisco, Cal. 
Prof. £. N. Horaforcl, Cambridge, Mass. 

Mr. Dietz-Monnin, France. 
Mr. Modest Kittary, Russia. 
Mr. Edward Kaniu, Austria. 
Mr. M. P. Empey, Canada. 


Jewelry, Watches, SHverware, Broaxes, etc.— (Class 353.) 


G. H. He.ip, Tunb. 

M. RouUeaux du (jSfe, Fraace. 

Martin P. Kennard, Boston, Mas 
Peter Gottcsleben, Denver, 0>1. 

GBOVP xn. 

Leather and lianolactures of Leather, indudiag 
(Classes 53a and 533.) 


Gov. F. H. Pierpont, Fainnount, Marion C:o., 
W. Va. 

John Cumminn, Boston, Mass. 
Thomas Miles, Philadelphia, Pa. 
J. P. Postles, Wilmington, Del. 

\, Shoes, Tronks, etc- 

oBovp zm. 

Paper Industry, Stationery, Printing, and Book Making.— (Classes 958 to 964.) 
Machines and Apparatus for Type Setting, Printing, Stamping, Bmboasin 
for BMking Books and Paper Working.— (Classes 535 and 540 to 547.) 


James M. Wilkox. Ph.D., Glen Mills, Pa., 

i7» Spnice St., Phlla. 
C. O. Chapin, Springfield, Mass. 
Wm. Faxon, Hartford, Conn. 
Edward Conly, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
H. T. Brian, Government Printing Oflke, 



Sir Sidney H. Watertow, Bart., M.P., Great 

G. W. Seiu, Germany. 


Apparatus of Heating, Lighting, Ventilation, Water Supply, and Drainage^— 
(Closes 333 to «a4.) 


C. C. Cbx, M.D., LL.D.. Washington, D. ( 
Aid Ames, jr., M.D., Wakefidd, Mass. 

Bttildcra' Hardware, Edge Toola, Cutlery, eU.— (Classes tSo to 984.) 


Charles Staples, Portland, Me. 
Daniel Steinmetz, Philadelphia. 
Geor^ L. Reed, Clearfield, Pa. 
Gen John D. Imbodea, Richmond, Va. 

Hon. J. Bain, Lord Provost of Glasgow, Great 

Mr. D. McHardy, Great Briuin. 
Mr. Didenbach, Genaany. 


Military and Sporting Arma, Weapons, Apparatna of Hunting, Explosives, etc.^ 
(Classes 304, 905, and 265 to 370.) 


Major Wm. H. Noble. R.A., Great Britain. 
Capt. Comm'tof Artillerie Lesne, Belgium. 
Capt. L. F. Saldanha da Gama, BcacU. 

Cd. S. C. Lyibrd. U.S.A. (C3iairman Govern. 

ment Board etc). 
Gen. H. L. Abbott, U.S.A., WUlctts' Point, 

George A. Hamilton, St. Paul, Minn. 


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GBomp xvn. 

Carriages, Vehicles, and Acce8sories.--<Class«s 393 to 396.) 


ThoR. Goddard, Boston. Masx., 134 State St. 
B. F. Morse, Augusta, Me. 

Mr. Cuiet, France. 
Mr. DuiTus, Canada. 

GBOiTP xvni. 

Railway Plant, Rolling Stoclc, and Apparatus, Road Engines.— (Classes 570 to 577.) 


Robert E. Rickcr, Elizabeth, N. J. 
Gen. T. A. Morris, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Feiician Slauper, Pituburg, Pa. 

Cajpi. Douglas Galton, R.E., C.B., F.R.S., 

Great Britain. 
Mr. Ernest Pontzen, Austria. 
Mr. £. E. A. Schaar, Belgium. 


Vessels and Articles of Transportation— (not included in other groups).— (Classes 
•87 to 544, and 590 to 597.) 


Isaac Newton, New York. 

J. W. Griffith, Portsmouth, N. H. 

H. C. Goodspeed, Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Col. F. H. Rich, R.E., Great Britain. 

Motors, Hydraulic and Pncuniatic Apparatus, etc.— (CI: 

550 to 555> and 560 to 568. ) 


Mr. W. H, Barlow, C.E., Great Britain. 
Prof. Rculeaux, Germany. 
Nicholas Petroff, Russia. 
Emil Brugsch, Egypt. 


C. T. Porter, Newark, N. J. 

Joseph Belknap, New York, 
ames Moore, Philadelphia, 
loratio Allen, South Orange — " Homewood/* 
Chas. E. Emery, 7 Warren Street, New York. 


Machine Tools— Wood, Metal, and Stone.— (Classes 510, 51Z, and 514 to 516.) 


Irving M. Scott, Union Iron Works, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

George H. Blelock. Springfield, Mass. 

W. F. Durfee, Wisconsin (at 56 Broadway, 
New York). 

Prof. John A. Anderson, President Kansas 
Sute Agricultural College. Manhatun, Kan. 


Mr. John Anderson, LL.D., C.E., Great 

M. Le Commandant F. Perier, France. 
Mr. C. A. Ansstrom, Sweden. 
Mr. Au^ste Gobcrt (fils), Belgium. 
Mr. Felix Rcifer, Austria. 


Mr. Fred. A. Paget. C.E., Great Britain. 

GBOITP xxn. 

Machines, Apparatus, and Implements used in Sewing and Making Qothing, 
Lace, Ornamental Objects, Pins, etc.— (Classes 530, 531, and 534 to 537.) 


George W. Gregory, Boston, Mass. 
Edward H. Knight, Patent Office, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
L. D. F. Poore, Springfield, Dakota. 


Agricultural Machines, Implements of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Gardening. 

— ((jTasicH 670 to 675, and 680 to 683.) 
Tillage and General Management.— ^Classes 690 to 692, and 715, 716.) 
Garden Tools, Accessories of Gardening.— (Cla-sses 730 to 722.) 
Garden Designing, Construction, and Management.— (Classes 710, and 731 to 733.) 


Hon. John P. Reynolds, Chicago, 111. 
James S. Grinnell, Washington. D. C. 
Geo. E. Waring, jr., Newoort, R. I. 


James Bruce, Corvallas, Oregon. 


Mr. John Coleman. Great Britaiiu 
Dr. Jose de Saldanha, Brazil. 
Don Fermin Rosillo, Spain. 


Instruments and Apparatus of Hygiene, Medicine, Surgery, Prothesis, etc.— 
((Masses 272, 373, and 275 to 278.) 


C. B. White, M.D.i New Orieans, I.a. 

J. H. Thompson, A.M., M.D., Washington, 


Dr. William Roth, Germany. 
Dr. Em&t Fleischel, Ausuia. 


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nrcEiKATiONXL EXHtBiriow or tw. 



laatmmeiits of Precisloii, Reseftrch, Bxperimeot, and IU««tration, indoding Tcl- 
^gniphy and linsic.— (Classes' 330 to 397.) 

StrWiUiamThooison, LL.D., D.C.L.,F.R.S.« 

Great Britain. 
Jul. Schiedmayer, Germany. 
E. Levasseur, France. 

LF. Kupka. Atutria. 
w. Favre Ferret, Swilxerland. 

Plot Jcte|>h Henry, LL.D., Secretary of 

Smiinsonian loMitution, Washington, D. C 
Prof. F. A. P. Barnard, S.tTD., LL.D., 

adniabta College, N. Y. 
Pnf. I. £. Hilgaid, WaaMogton, D. C. 
Prof. }. C. Watson, Am Ar&r, Mich. 
General Henry K. Oliver, Salem, Mass. 
Geo. F. Bristow, New York. 


Architecture and Engfneering. (For Agriealtural Bngineering, aea Claaa 6800 
(For Mine Bogiaeering, aee Qroup I.) Architecture.— (Gusms 341, 343.) 
Bnglnecriiig--^ClasaM jn* to 933, and 335.) 

Sir John Hawlcshaw, C.E., F.R.S., Great 

James B. Eads,C.E., South Pass Jetty Works, 
xaa Common Street, New Orleans, La. 

GcnersI Wm. B. Franklin, Hartford, Conn. 

Rkhard M. Hunt, 49 West Thirty4l6h Street, 

Sir John ] 

Mr. Lavoinne, France. 
J. M. da Silva Continho, BraaiL 
1. G. W. Fvnie, Netherlands. 
Louren^o Mahdro, M.E., Portugal. 

GsouF zzvn. 

Plastic and Gn^blc Art Sculptpre.— (Classes 400 tq 405.) 
Paincliig.— (Oaeac* 410 to 4S5.) 
Bngravlnc.gad Litbogmphy^^tClMMs 4»> ^ 4^-) 
Photography.— (Classes 430 to 433.) 

ladvatriaA and Architectural Dei^gna, Modela, and Decorations.— {(Masses 440 to 443^ 
(Classes 450 to 454.) 
Decoration with Ceramic and Vitreous llateriala; liosaife and Inlaid Work. 

Mr. Charles West Cope,^ R.A., Great Bri- 

Mr. Peter Graham, Great BritaiB. 

Carl Schlesinger, Gcraiany. 

Dr. H. Vogel, (Germany. 

Mr.^Emile T. Sainuin, France. 

Frht L. Dardel, Sweden. 

P. N. Arbo, Norway. 

Ount of Donadts, Spain. 

Mr. Tantardini, miy. 

GugUelmo de Sanctis, Italy. 

Mr. Ceil Coaunoble. Aastria* 

Prof. V. Dahlerup, Denmark. 

J. E. van Ueemskerck van Becst, Nether- 

Fiaak HiU SnUcK Bomob, Mass. 
James L. Qaghom, Philadelphia, Pa. 
FroC S. FrWeir. New Haven, Oxon. 
Dooeld G. MitdieU, New Havco. Cooa. 
Geo. Ward NIcbeb, CiacUaaU. (5hio. 
ProC Henry Dra|»er, Medical College, 

Bdutatlonal Syatens, Methods, and Libraries.— (Classes 300 to 306.) 
Initiations and Organizations.— (Classes 3x0 to 313.) 


Hon. Andrew D. White, LL.D., Presi- 
dent of Omell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 

D. C. Gihnan, LL.D., Presidefit of St. 
foha's Hopkins Uaivcvsity, Baltimore, 

Hon. J. M. Gregory, LL.D., Pres. IHl- 

Bois indoatrial union, ChaaiMign, III. 

Mm. J. W. Hoyt» M.f>.,.LL.DTMadi. 


Sir Charles Reed, Great Britain. 
Mr. R^ne Fouret, France, 
Col. John Marin. Spain. 
Prof. Dr. Quo Mortia ToecU, 


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[Note. — The buildings bear the numbers prefixed to them in this table, being the numbers 
s^pted by the Centennial Guide Book Co. (Limited).] 

Buildings North of the Avenno of the 
Republic, and West of Belmont Av. 

No. Part Pig« 

51. United States Government 

Building, III. 73 

51^. Bartholdi Electric Light, IIL las 
5a. United Slates Hospital, IIL 73 

S^yi' Howe Monument, III. zaa 

53. United Sutes Hospital Tent, IIL 73 

$3%. Jerusalem Bazaar, III. zaz 

S4- United Sutes Laboratory, III. 73 

54>i. Office Philadelphia *' Times," III. 123 

55. Pennsylvania Sute Building, IIL 123 
SSH- Hungarian Wine Pavilion, HI. 133 

56. Ohio State Building, IIL 123 
$6%. Police Station, IIL 134 

57. Indiana State Btfilding, IIL 124 
57^. Sponge Fishers of Turkey, III. 124 
$8. Illinois Sute Building, III. 124 
SZ%. Bethlehem Bazaar, IIL Z24 

59. Wisconsin Suie Building, IIL 124 
59^- Fog Horn and Bell, IIL 104 

60. Michigan Sute Building, IIL 224 
6x. New HampshireStatp Build- 
ing, IIL S2S 

62. Connecticut State BuiUing, IIL n$ 

63. Massachusetts Sute Build- 
ing, ill. 1*5 

64. Delaware Sute Building, IIL 125 

65. Maryland Sute Boildiag, lU. 125 

66. Arkansas Sute Building, IIL 125 

67. Japanese DweUlog^ IIL X25 

68. West Viifinia State Building, IIL 125 

69. CaAsdtan Log House, IV. 1)4 

70. Missouri Sute Building, III. 130 
• 71. BritishGovemment Building, IIL iy> 

72. British Government Building, III. 130 

73. Britbh Government Bunding, IIL 130 

74. New York State Building, III. X30 

75. LitoanTs Relief Plans, Paris, 
Jerusalem, Italy, etc», IIL i|o 

76. Pop-corn Stand, HI. 131 

77. Cigw Stand, HI. 13X 

78. Soda Water Sund, III. 13X 

79. Tunisian Cafi and Bazaar, IIL x3X 

80. Columbus Monument, IIL X3z 

81. Drinking Founuins, HI. X3X 

82. Resuurant "Trois Frires 
Proven^aiix," HI. X3X 

83. Office New York "Tribune," HI. 131 

84. Worid's Ticket Office, Cook, 
Son, & Jenkins, HI. X3X 

85. Loiseau's Pressed Fuel Com- 
pany, HI. 132 

86. Spanish Government Build- 
ings, HI. 13a 

87. United Sutes Signal Office, HI. 141 

88. Tennessee State Building, HI. X4X 

89. Mississippi Sute Building, HI. 148 

90. George's Hill Resuurant, IIL X42 

BuUdingo South of the Avenue of the 


No. Part Page 

X. Main Exhibition Building, I. 23 

2. Machinery Hall, IIL 9 

3. Machine Shop, IIL 1x7 

4. American Boiler House, IIL 117 

5. Coriiss Boiler House, HI. X17 

6. British Boiler House, IIL XX7 

7. Shoe and Leather Exhibitioa 

Building, HI. X05 

8. Office Centennial Board of Fi- 

nance, IIL X17 

9. Office U. S. Centennial Com- 

mission, IIL XX7 

xo. Centennial National Bank, HI. X17 

XX. Weimer Machine Works, HI. xf8 

13. Bartholdi Fountain III. X46 
13. Catholic Total Abstinence Union ' 

Founuin, IIL 146 
X4. Fuller,Warren,& Co., Keating 

Apparatus, IIL xx8 

15. Gillender & Sons, Glassware 

Manufactory, HI. 118 

16. Camp of West Point Cadeu, IIL xi8 

17. Iron Pipe, IIL xx8 
x8. Liberty Stove Works, III. 118 
X9. Annex, Saw Mill,. HI. 1x9 
90. Boiler House, HI. 119 
9x. Railway Engine House, IIL 09 
22. St. Cecilia Organs, IIL X19 
as. Automatic Railway,. • IIL ■X19 

34. Monument — American Soldier, IIL 119 

35. Gunpowder Pile-Driver. IIL 119 
26. Je^se Sur & Son, Iron Works, IIL XX9 
37. West End Railway Offices, HI. X19 
s8. Pneumatic Tubes, HI. X19 
39. New England OraniteCo.'s Ex- 
hibit, IIL xao 

30. Railroad Crossings, IIL 120 

3x. Sute of Nevada Quaru Mill, IIL xao 

32. Store House, IIL 120 

33. Friction Drum, HI. xao 

34. Stokes & Parrish, U.S. Hoist- 

ing Machine, IIL xso 

35. Chilean Anudgamating Ma- 

chinery, HI. X20 

36. Campbell Printing Press, IIL xso 

37. Old Locomotive smd Car, IIL 121 

38. Car House, IIL xax 

39. Police Station, HI. X2x 

40. Averill Paint Co., IIL xax 
4X. Centennial Catalogue Co., IIL xax 

42. Stokes & Parrish, Boiler House, IIL xax 

43. Ehret's Waterproof Roofing, IIL xax 

44. Tombstones, HI. X22 

45. Terra CotU Pipe, IIL X32 

46. Mineral Annex, x and 2, IIL X22 

47. Fireproof Ventilated Buildings, IIL 122 

48. Swings, IIL X23 
^. Onumental Stone Work, IIL X22 

9X. Bishop Allen Monument, Hi. 142 



be found at the indicated part and page of the 

[NoTB. — Descriptions of the Buildinra will 


Buildings North of the Avenus of the 
Republic, and West of Belmont Av. 

No. Part Page 

93. Office of 


the Boston 
vertiser " and Boston 

aid," III. 142 

93. Rowell's Newspaper Exhibi- 

tion Building, III. 143 

94. California State Building, III. Z43 

95. Centennial Fire Patrol, No. x. III. 143 

96. Turkish Cafe, III. 143 

97. Office Frank Leslie's Publi- 

cations, III. 143 

98. Iowa State Building, III. 143 

99. Rhode Island State Building, III. 143 
xoo. Vermont State Building, III. 243 

Buildings East of Belmont Avenue, and 
South of Fountain Avenue. 

xox. Art Gallery, II. g 
xoa. Art Gallery Annex, 11. 10 
X03. B'nai B'rith Monument of Re- 
ligious Liberty, III. 143 
X04. Photographic Art Building, II. X37 
X05. Vienna Bakery and Coffee 

House, III. X43 
xod. Principal Annex to Main Ex- 
hibition Building, I. 374 
X07. Swedish Government Building, III. 144 
X08. Japanese Bazaar, III. 144 
109. The Judges' Hall, III. X44 
xxo. Centennial Photographic Co., III. 144 
zxz. Sheet-metal Pavilion, III. 144 
XZ3. German Government Building, III. 144 
2x3. Railroad Ticket Office, III. X44 
XX4. Office United States Centen- 
nial Commission, III. 245 
XZ5. Brazilian Government Build'g, III. 145 
zz6. The Dairy, III. 145 
1x7. Restaurant '* La Fayette," III. 145 
z 18. House of Public Comfort, III. X45 
1x9. Empire Transportation Co., III. 145 
X30. French Government Building, III. 145 
Z3X. Centennial Fire Patrol, No. 2, III. 145 
X3a. Penn'a Educational Building, III 146 
xa3. Telegraph Office, III. 147 
X34. American Fusee Company, III. 147 
Z35. Klautscheck, Thomas, & Stew- 
art's Glass Magazine, III. 147 
Z36. Moorish Villa, III. 147 
Z37. American Bible Society, III. 247 
xaS. Hunter's Camp, III. 247 
za9. Office Water Department, III. 248 
290. Soda Water Stands, III. 148 


235. Bankers' Building, 

236. French Glass Exhibit, 

237. -Kindergarten, 

238. Centennial Police Station, 
139. Philadelphia City Building, 
Z40. Music Pavilion, 

242. Burial Caskets, 
Z43. Perforated Metal Building, 

243. Rubber Roofing, 

244. Cuban Acclimation Office, 
Z45. Naval Group, 
Z46. The Dying Lioness, 

Part Pag» 

Cigar Stands, III. 248 

Singer's Sewing Machines, III. Z48 

Centennial Medical Departm't, III. Z48 

Portugal Govenunent Building, III. Z48 

III. Z48 

III. Z49 

in. 149 

III. Z49 

HI. 149 

III. Z49 

III. Z49 

III. Z49 

III. 149 

III. 249 

III. 249 

III. 249 

Buildings Bast of Belmont Avenue, and 
North of Fountain Avenue. 

252. Horticultural Hall, 
25a. Agricultural Hall, 

253. The Women's Pavilion, 

254. The Women's School House, 

255. New Jersey State Buildii^, 

256. Restaurant of the South, 

257. Kansas and Colorado State 

X58. New England Farmer's Home 
200 years ago, and Modem 

259. Great American Restaurant, 

260. German Restaurazit, 
X62. Tea and Coffee Press, 

263. Butter and Cheese Factory, 
X63. Soda Water Stand, 
X64. Cigar Stand, 

265. Farm Wagon Building, 

266. Pomological Building, 

267. Brewers' Building, 

268. Model House Apiary, 

269. Guano Company, 

X70. Special Flower Exhibit Build- 

X72. Wind Mills, 
273. Office " Ohio Farmer," 
273. Hay Press, 
Z74. Police Station, 
Z75. Elevated Railroad, 
276. Boiler House, 
177. Virginia State Building, 
X78. Protective Fire Apparatus, 
X79. Pop-corn Stands, 
x8o. J. L. Mott Co. Foutttam, 



IIL xso 
























15 « 
























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. vn. 








6 B 





































arden Tools, A 
arden Designin 
tion and Mana£< 


















United States . . . 
Great Britain . . . . 






















tNew Zealand . . . . 

. . 

, , 


, , 


, . 

. . 



;New South Wales. 

. , 


. . 




. . 

, , 

. . 



S. Australia 

. , 

, . 

. . 


, , 



Caoe ot' Good 

^ floDC 













, , 

, . 

. . 



British Guiana . . . 

, . 

, , 




. , 

. . 

, , 

. . ! . . 


Straight? Scttle- 


, , 

. . 

, , 

, , 


. . 

: Gold Coast 

. , 

, , 

, , 

. , 

, , 

. . 


: Mauritius 


. . 

, , 


. . 


: QueensUod 

. , 

. . 

, , 

, , 

. . 



Seycheiicb Archi- 


. , 

. , 

, , 

, . 

. , 

. . 

, , 


. . 

: Tasmania 

. . 

, . 

, , 

, , 

, , 



; Trinidad 

, , 

, , 

. . 

. . 

. , 

, . 


: India 

. . 

. . 

. . 

. . 






























. . 





















, . 















. . 





































, . 



to range Free State 






, , 


. . 








• • 




. . 12a 

. . 


















Argentine Repub- 

^ public 

















'. ! 


• M 








. .1. .1 

sal 88 





88c 88m : SSjk 88^1 &Uii 88// .88// 88// 1 


P'hhippinc Is- 

1 1 1 1^1 







132 133 1 . . 

. . 


. . 






120 . . 1X22! 

_ 1 




. .j. .| . . . . 


286 2S5 





• • 


124 1 126 1 127 127 


389 294 

^Metallurgical exhibit of France, page 48. 
+ Metallurgical exhibit of Liberia, page 88. 

X Countries marked thus, have Agricultural exhibits which are installed in the Main BuildiPft 
and catalogued in Part I. 
I A portion of the Chemical exhibit of Brazil, page 75. 


ized by Google 


Sizd, parallelogram, 8bo by 540 feet. 

Architect, JAM^ H. Windrim, Philadelphia. 

Contractor, PHILIP QUIGLEY, Wihnington, Pel. 
Wrought in n fumisked by ALLISON & SONS, Philadelphia. 
Erectors, Bell Brothers. 

The Ag^cxiltiiral Exhibition Building stands north of Horticultural Hall, 
on the eastern side of BdmoDt avenue. A novel combination of materials is illus- 
trated in its construction. It consists of a long nave crossed by three transepts, all 
composed of Howe truss arches of Gothic form. The four courts inclosed between 
the natis and transepts, a» also the four spaces at the comers of the building, having 
the nave and transepts for their sides, are roofed in and form spaces for exhibits. 
The building oovers an area of above ten acres. Stock yards for the exhibition of 
horses, cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, etci^, are in the vicinity of the exhibition 

The contract was made July d6th, 1875, and the building was begun in September 
Z875, And finished in ApriU 1876. It cost $Q6o,ooa 


The location of objects in the Agricultural Building is shown by a letter and 
figure, indicating the nearest column of the building. The letters — A, B, C, to T — 
designate the successive ranges of columns, proceeding eastward from the western 
wall across the width of the building; the figures, the number of the column in each 
range, coimting northwardly from the southern wall, the entire length of the building, 
firom I to 28. Thus C S is the column in the third range fix)m the west, and the 
fifth fi-om the southern end of the building. Tlie northcastemmost column is T 38. 

The cliiss of the classification (see pages 12-14) ^o which each exhibit belongs is 
indicated by the small figures at the end of the Une. 


itized by Google 



Scale, 22s/i' io t in. 



'Y] rir 
i! I| i! 




it . II • • j I II 



, i.--jmL ^ 

A OM^al 5»atM. 

K /^yvDUV. 

U JTUMto. 

B QuuMla. 

L .Stotfdm. 

V /toijf. 

C Liberia. 

M Dcnmor*. 

W Mexico, 

D England, 

N Norway. 

X Dep^qrAf&ZitfCdinA^t. 

E Germany. 


Y Wiattfr-cfawcf*. 

F ^wtrio. 

P Belgium, 

Z OJfce«. 

Q Japan. 

Q Portugal. 

1. mi^ofi Bvild/n^. 

H Venezuela, 

R Spain and Phil, lOandi. 

2. Brewert* Building, 

J Netherlands, 

S Argentine RepiMie. 

3. Pmological Buildiiig. 

Total length, £40 ft. Width, 


Btight, reft. 


ized by Google 






I. Mining and Mb- 


loo — 109 
1x0 — 119 

X20— Z39 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Products. 
Metallurgical Products. 
Mining £ngin«erh«. 

Main Building. 

11. Manufacturbs. 



335— «4X 



285 — 391 

Chemical Manufactures. 

Ceramics, Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, etc. 

Furniture, etc. 

Yams and Woven Goods of Vegeuble or 

Mineral MateriaU. 
Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 
Silk and Silk Fabrics. 
Clothing, Jewelry, etc. 
Paper, Blank Books, Sutionery. 
Weapons, etc. 

Medicine, Surgery, Prothesis. 
Hardware, Edge Toob, Cutlery, and 

Metallic Products. 
Fabrics of Vegeuble, Animal, or Mineral 

Carriages, Vel^icles, and Accessories. 





Educational Systems, Methods, and Li- 

Institutions and Organizations. 

Scientific and Philosophical Instruments 
and Methods. 

Engineering, Architecture, Maps. etc. 

Physical, Social, and Moral Condition of 

Akt Gallbry. 

IV. Art. 






Engravmg and Lithography. 


Industrial and Architectural Designs, etc 

Ceramic Decorations, Mosaics, etc. 


V. Mackinbby. 






istry, etc. 

Machines and Tools for working Meul, 
Wood, and Stone. 

Machines and Implements of Spintdng, 
Weaving, etc. 

Machines, etc., used in Sewing, Making 
Clothing, etc. 

Machines for Printing, Making Books, 
Paper Working, etc. 

Motors, Power Oenerators, etc. 

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Apparatus. 

Railway Plant, Rolling Stock, etc. 

Machinery used In Preparing Agricul- 
tural Products. 

Aerial, Pnetimatic, and Water Trans- 

Machinery, and Apparatus, especially 




610 — 619 





Arboriculture and Forest Products. 


Agricultural Products. 

Land Animals. 

Marine Animals, Fish Culture, and 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal origin. 

Machines, ImplemenU, and Processes of 

Agricultural Engineering and Adminis- 

Tillage and General Management. 


VII. Horticulturb. 


Ornamental Trees, Shrtibs, and Flowers. 
Hot Houses. Conservatories, Graperies. 
Garden Tools, Accessories of Gardening. 
Garden Designing, Construction, and 


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Department VL-Agriculture 

Class 600.— Timber «iid trtfoks of ^i^oef,- ei^tife or in^^^!lpfiyex)5e. oif tnmcated sec- 
tions, with specimens of barks, leaves* flowers, seed vessels, 9nd seed. 
Masts, spars, knees, longitudinal sections of trees, railway ties, ship 
timber, lumber roughly sawQ ; as plaxiks, shingles, lath, and staves. 
Timber and lupaber prepared in various ways to resist decay and 
, ., . Qombustioa; as by injection 0/ salts of copper and 4nc. 
C^i,A^ <$oi, — Ornamental woods used in decorating and for ftimiture; m ir^eeris of 

,\. mahogany, rosewood, ebony, walnut^ inaple, %nd ipi^roxia. 
CtASS 6oa.— Dyewoods, barks, and galls for coloring and tanning. 

^LASS 603. — Gun^s, resins, caoutchouc, gutta peicha, vegetable wax. . , _ ^ 

Cx-\ss 604.— Lichens, mosses, fungi, i>u^u, fenis. . 

CiASS 605^— Seeds, nuts, etc., for food and ornamental purposes. 
Class 606. — Forestry. — Illustrations of the art of plantiQg,.maiugs^gi i^d protecting 
. . forests, Siutjstjcs.. . ' . .. ^-.r » 

Class 607. — Fruit trees and sbirubs. 


Class 6x0.— Fruits of ten^perate and scm,i-tropJcal regions; «s apples, pean, qubices, 
peaches, nectsirines, apricots, p\ums, grapes, cherries, strawberries, and 

Class 6zz.— Tropical fruits and nuts, oranges, bananas, plantahis, lemons, pine* 
apples, pomegranates, figs, cocoanuts. 

Class 6ao. — Cereals, grasses, and forage plants. 
Class 691. — Leguminous plants and esculent vegetables. 
Class 62a, — Roots and tubers. 

Class 623.— Tobacco, hops, tea, coffee, spices, condiments, heibt. 
Class 624.— Seeds and seed vessels. 


Class 630. — Horses, asses, mnles. 

Class 631.— Homed cattle. 

Class 632.— Sheep. 

Class 633.— -Goats, alpaca, llama, cameL 

Class 634.— Swfaie. 

Class 635.— Poultry and birds. 

Class 636. — Dogs and cats. 

Class 637.~Wild animals. 

Glass 638.-^In80ol8, naefid and h^uriooa. Honey boas. oodiineaU silk-worau. 

4« .'igitized by Google 



CUiSS 640. — Marine mammak. — Seals, cetaceans, etc., specimens living in aqoaria, 
or stuffed, salted, preserved in alcohol, or otherwise. 

Class 641. — Fishes, living or preserved. 

Class 642. — Pickled fish, and parts of fish nsed for food. 

Class 643. — Crustaceans, echinoderms, beche de mer. 

Class 644. — Mollusks, oysters, clams, etc, used for food. 

Class 645. — Shells, corals, and pearls. 

Class 646. — WTialebone, shagreen, fish-glue, isinglass, sounds, fish-oil. 

Class 647. — Instruments and apparatus of fishing. — Nets, baskets, hooks, and other 
apparatus used in catching fish. 

Class 648. — Fish culture. — Aquaria, hatching pools, vessels for transporting roe and 
spawn, and othtr apparatus used in fish breeding, culture, or preser- 

(Used as food or as materials.) 
Class 650. — Sponges, seaweed, and other growths used for food or in the arts. 
Class 651. — The dairy. — Milk, cream, butter, cheese. 

Class 652. — Hides, fiirs, and leather, tallow, oil, and lard, ivory, bone, horn, glue. 
Class 653. — Eggs, feathers, down. 
Class 654. — Honey and wax. 

Class 655. — ^Animal perfumes ; as inusk, civet, ambergris. 
Class 656. — Preser\'cd meats, vegetables, and fruits. Dried, or in cans or jars. 

Meat and vegetable extracts. 
Class 657. — Flour ; crushed and ground cereals, decorticated grains. 
Class 658. — Starch and similar products. 
Class 659. — Sugar and syrups. 
Class 660. — ^Wines, alcohol, and malt liquors. 

Class 661. — Bread, biscuits, crackers, cakes, confectionery, cocoa, chocolate, etc. 
Class 66a.— Vegetable oils, oil cake. 

Class 66$. — Cotton on the stem, in the boll, ginned, and baled. 
Class 666. — Hemp, flax, jute, ramie, etc., in primitive forms and in all stages of 

preparation for spinning. 
Class 667. — ^Wool in the fleece, carded, and in bales. 
Class 668. — Silk in the cocoon and reeled. 
Class 669. — Hair, bristles. 


Class 670. — ^Tillage. — Manual implements, spades, hoes, rakes. Animal power 
machinery, plows, cultivators, horse-hoes, clod-crushers, rollers, har- 
rows. Steam power machinery, plows, breakers, harrows, cultivators. 

Class 671. — Planting. — Manual implements, corn-planters and hand-drills. Animal 
power machinery, grain and manure drills, com and cotton planters. 
Steam power machinery, grain and manure drills. 

Class 672. — Harvesting. — Manual implements ; grain-cradles, sickles, reaping-hooks. 
Animal power machinery, reapers and headers. Mowers, tedders, rakes, 
hay elevators^ and hay loaders. 
Potato diggers. 

Class 673. — Preparatory to marketing. — ^Thrashers, clover-hullers, com-shellers, 
winnowers, hay, cotton, flax, jute, ramie, wine, oil, and sugar making 
Apparatus. Qeaners and smutters. Horse powers. 

digitized by VjOOQIC 


Class 674. — ^Applicable to Sum economy. — Portable aad stationary engines, chafTerSk 
hay and feed cutters, slicers, pulpers, com mills, Sasm boilers and 
steamers, incubators, edged tools, mills, meat choppers. 

Class 675. — Dairy fittings and appliances. — Chums for hand and power, butter- 
workers, cans and pails, cheese-presses, vats, and apparatus, ice-cream 
freezers, cedar-ware. 


Class 68a — Laying out and improving fiinns. — Qearing (stump extracfbrs), con- 
struction of roads, draining, irrigating, models of fences, gates, drains, 
out-falls, dams, embankments, irrigating machinery, stack building and 

Class 681. — Commercial fertilizers, phosphatic, ammoniacal, calcareous, etc. 

Class 682. — ^Ttansportation. — ^Wagons, carts, sleds, harness, yokes, traction engines, 
and apparatus for road making and excavating. 

Class 683. — Farm buildings. — Models and drawing? of farm houses and tenements, 
bams, stables, hop-houses, fruit-driers, ice-houses, windmills, granaries, 
barracks, apiaries, cocooneries, aviaries, abattoirs, and dairies. 


Class 690^ — Systems of planting and oultivatiott. 
Class 691. — Systems of draining and application of manures. 
Class 69s. — Systems of breeding and stock feeding, training. 
Class 693.— Veterinary suzfeiy and appUanoei. 


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Asbestos Materials Facing third page of cover. 

Baugh & Sons. Third page of cover. 

BUss, B. K , & Sons 3a 

Blatchlcy, Charles G / • 22 

Centennial Restaurant 161 

Corry & Co 161 

Drccr, Henry A Facing second page of cover. 

Drown, W. A., & Co 15 

French Restaurant 161 

Gloucester Iron Works 23 

Graham, Emlen & Passmore 23 

Hasdltine Galleries 15 

Higgin, Thomas, & Co 161 

Hooper, Cleevc, Jr. 161 

Landreth, David, & Sons 15 

Pennsylvania Rail Road 1 54 

The Sun Newspaper 155 

The American Newspaper Union 160 

West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company Second page of cover. 

Wanamaker's Ready Made Clothnig Fourth page of cover* 


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Andenon,D., & Son M7 

American Newspaper Union '. <Jo 

• Aroma" Ggar t. 47 

Barlow & Jones M4 

Burte, Edward & John »45 

BartkUj W.^ & Sons M5 

Biis»' CnippiDg Norton Tweeds »46 

B.ood, Wo:fe & Co i47 

Brook, Jonas, & Brother «48 

Bailey & Co 54 

Baeder, Adamson & Co »oi 

Dark's •*0. N. T." Spool Cotton Facing second page of cover. 

Cantrell & Cochrane m6 

Oark, John, Jr., & Co »5» 

Cooover, David F., & Co ; "4 

Dewhurst, John, & Sons • i53 

D rown, W. A., & Co iia 

DcMmr Etectnc Sosp.**** .•..•.....•••.•••...♦«•••.»••••• .....................*aj' 

Ewart, Wimam,& Son >5« 

Krench, liL D & W. A ija 

Frenck Resuiuaot i '» 

Fumald & Champion » »i 

r,re««er, W. W ....■44 

Great Combination Store Third page of cover. 

Cloucesier Iron Works 'oo 

Grubh, los. C, & Co »oi 

Goodali s Household Specialities. » »47 

Henry, Alex '44 

HambKJos: M5 

Hooper, CTeeve, Jr. '45 

Huddelfft Seitxinger '25 

Herrings' Safes »4a 

Horstman Brothers & Co. ^ *»4 

Haadiioe Galleries 47 

Johnson, J., & Co '54 

Kktle,S.>. 'J' 

Lewis, John T., & Bros • •«> 

McAlUster. W. T^ & Ci\ • 47 

Minions' Ttle* "5 

Moron & Headley '^5 

McCaHum, Crease. & Sloan "3 

McGee, lohn G, & Co. '45 

Pim Btmhers & Co '^<>. 

I'resbyterian Banner ' ^4 

I^tt i C Bro. & Co »43 

Pmrident Life and Troct Co ' *4 

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co 47 

Pennsylvania Rai'road • 55 

Pittsburgh Daily Evening Chronicle ' •* 

Pittsburgh Commercial '?5 

Radwa/s, Dr , Medicines • • ' *.' J bi 

"Star" Alpaca Braids Faang second i>age of cover. 

Sun N*Mnr*Daper. 3*» 

Scott, W.Cft Son '44 

Smith, David, & Co ' '44 

Tomkinsoo. A. S •' 3^0 

Thornton, John, & Co '33 

United Presbyterian '33 

Wattson, Tl »o«. , & Sons ;.• * " ' ; .••••« 3 3 

West Philadelphia Passenger Railway Company Second page of cover. 

Yorit Street Flax Spinning Co »49 


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(At six fSor 25 oents) 


The "aroma," 

the united states cigar manufactory. 

0£a.oe, S. "^^r. oox. Flfbee3a.t3a. aiid. "V^jx* Sta^ 



18SET8, JAN. Ifty 1876. 

Unfted States bonds, Ph!l»^ 

delphia and oUi«r Mocks 

and loans, - . - - $i.770^77 So 

Mortgasres and iptmnd rents 

rpon property appraised at 
$5,314,900. air first hens. 
Real estate owned bv Co. . • 
iremium notes and loans se- 
cured by collateral. 
Cash on hand and in trust 

companies. ... 
Scrip diridends held by Co.. • 
Balance in hand of agents. • 
AU other securities, • 

s,97i,3oe 84 

853.610 13 

191.916 69 

SI3.O)0 GO 

oasSI 14 

SAMUEL C. HUEY, President. 

H. S. STEPHENS. Second VIce-Preddeiit. 
HENRY AUSTIE. Secretary. 



Losses reported, but not 

yet due. .... $90,900 00 
Reserve at 4 per cent Inter* 

est. reauired 10 insure 

oucstanaing risks. . 4.SS3«**8 00 
Scrip yet outstanding, i(3>o3o 00 

Surplus to policy holders, 

4 per cent, basis. 
Surplus to policy holders, 

4% per cent, basis, 
Total number of policies 

issued In 1875. ... 
Policies in force Jan. s, 1876, 
Amount at risk. 



1,0813,091 ai 


SAMUEL E. STOKES, Vioe-Prvsident. 

1186 and 1127 GhMtnut SU ] 

by Google 



Dept. I— Mining and Metallurgy. 


Minerals, Ores. 

Mntrsls, Ores, Btoaa, KLninf 

S Wharton, Joseph, Camden, N. I.~ 
Nickdoi«s. T63. too 

S Shanwood, Wm., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— T 70. 100 

« Magnetic Iroa ore finom the Monttic Fur* 

ftace mines, Dxnirary, N. C. ; ores and 

Binerak from North Carolina. 100 

i Coal iinoa North Carolina. loi 

e Msu-ble firom North Carolina. loa 

^Steatite, agalmatolite, etc. 6nom North 

Carolina. 104 

4 Hatch, Job.:. San Francisco. Cal.~ 
Minerals of the Pacific sutes and territo- 
ries, Mexico, Ceatrsl and South America, 
China, J^poo, etc. T 67. 100 

5 Barton, Chas., Philadelphia, Pa.~ 
Ores from " BtaJdng Star " silver mine, 
Colotado. T 71. xoo 

6 Adams, J. Hows, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Ore from " Blue Jacket " silver mine, 
Montana district, Colorado. T 71. 100 

7 Benton, Caroline C, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Iron ores from St. Lawrence ami 
Lewis ceuaties, N. Y. T 67. 100 

8 Poote, A. B., M.D., 8789 Lancastar 

avenue. Philadelphia, Pa.— <;oilection of 
mineratt : elementary collection of miner- 
als for students Illustrating principal spe- 
cies : all grand divbions in Dana ; every 
chemical demem ; every system of crys- 
tallization ; trimorphism. 100 specimens, 
averaging four square incnes, mostly crys- 
taltixed, primed label of species, compo- 
sition, locality attached— <to.oo ; crys- 
tallised amazoo stone, feldspar, quartz, 
Broolute, nitile rosettes, perofskite, ho- 
drocetanite (new mineral. Roentg), schor- 
lomite, samarskite, tellurides, copper^ hex- 

a;onal graphite, embolite, aegente, oz^r- 
te, chlorasCraUte, wavelllte, peganlte, 
etc T 71. 100 

• Clevalan4 RolHnc MiU Co., Qeva- 
land,Ohio.-Ores. T 60. 100 

11 Wyominr Historical ft Ocolofflcal 
Society, Wilkesbarre, Pa.—Fosstb from 
the aatnrscite coal measuies of Wyooung 
Valley, Pa. T 70. soo 

18 Cook. Isaac, St. Louis, Mo.— Lead 
ores from Washington county. Mo. T 
68. MO 

18 Port Henry Iron Ore Co., J. B. 

Brtnsmade, Treasurer, 56 Broadway, 
New York, N. Y.— MagneUc iroa ores, 
" Twenty-one," puddling, and furnace 
ore; "Fbher Bessemer ore. T 7s. loo 

14 Witherbees, Sherman, ft Co.. Port 
Heniy, Essex County, N. Y.-Old bed 
puddling and furnace ore, and new bed 
Bessemer ore. T 71. zoo 

16 Black Band Iron Co., Marietta, O. 
— Black band, red hematite, and other iron 
ores. V 63. zoo 

16 Brown ft Co., Wayne Iron ft Steel 
Works, Pittsburg, Pa.-Ores. T 6a. soo 

17 Lucy Furnace Co., Pittsburg, Pa.— 
Iron ores. T 66. zoo 

18 Providence Franklin Society, Provi- 
dence, R. I. — Minerals and geological 
specimens from Rhode Island. T 70. zoo 

19 Lombard, Thos. C. New York, N. 
Y. — Galena from Tudor mine, Hastings 
county, Ont. T 7Z. zoo 

80 Hussev ft Howe Mining Co., Platts- 
burg, N. Y. — Blue maener' 
Onartite); black magnette i 

;tic iron oro 
iroa ora. T 


81 Alexander, John 8., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Collection of minerals. P 68. too 

$8 Passaic Zinc Co., Pasaaic, N. J.— 
Zinc ores. T 63. too 

$8 Magnetite Iron Co.,Phllade1phia, Pa. 
— Bessemer ores; minerab from Carter 
county, Tenn. T 69. zoo 

84 Crab Orchard Iron Co., Philadel- 

Rhia, Pa. — Magnetic Bessemer Iron ores 
x>m Crab Orchard, Tenn. T 69. too 

86 Herr, Jos. C, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Hematite iron ores, manganese, and baryta 
from French Broad River, Cocke county, 
Tenn. T 69. soo 

86 Davis, O. W.. Jr., Bangor, Maine.— 
Kauhdin ores (limonite). T 69. too 

86« Fleming, F. N. ft J. S., Goochland 
C. H. Va.— T68. 
« Minerals, especially gold ores. soo 

6 Mineral waters. Z07 

87 Thomas Iron Co., Hokendauqua, Pa. 
— Iron ore. T 64. loo 

88 Lehigh Zinc Co., Bethlehem, Pa.— 
Zinc ores and minerab from zinc mines. 

of exhibits. I n dicat e d by aumbeis at end of entries, see Classification,^pp. s7-4<. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


Minerals, Ores. 

29 Virs^Iaia Mineral Bureau, Alexan- 
dria, Va.^CoIleciion of. miuerab-of Vir- 
ginia ^nd West Virginia. X 62. loo 

80 Stockbridge Iron Co.. New Bedford, 
M.iiiS. — Iron ere from West Stockbriilgc 
and Richmond, Mass. T 70. lou 

81 Dexter & Co., New York, N. Y.- 
Mica from North Carolina. T 72. 100 

82 Minong Mining Co., Detroit, Mich. 
— Native copper, etc. V 67. 100 

88 Shalter, R. M., Carrick Furnace, 
Frantclin county. Pa. — Iron ore. T 63. 100 

84 Shelbv Iron Co.. Shelby Iron Works, 
Ala.^fron ores. V 71. 100 

85 Rockhill Iron & Coal Co., Philadel-^ 

?hia, Pa. — T 7a atui Y 56. 
ron orcR. 100 

^ Semi-anthracite coal : coke. loi 

86 Tecumaeh Iron Co., Tecumseh, Ala. 
Willard Warner, President and Manager; 
A. E. Buck, Treasurer, AiUnta, ()a. 
^Pig iron^ iron ore, charcoal, limestone. 
T 70. 100 

86a Smith, J. C, Chicago, 111.— Miner- 
als of Jo Davie&s county. V 72. 100 

87 New River Railroad, Mining, & 
Manufacturing Co. of Virginia, Philadel* 
phia, Pa. — Iron ores and other minerals. 
T 50. 100 

87«» Coagriff, A,. Tilly Foster Iron 
Mines, N. Y. — Magnetic iron ore. Y 62. 


87^ South & North Alabama Railroad, 

MontKomcry, Ala. — Y 60 afu/ T, 57. 

a Iron ore and minerals. 100 

6 Coal and coke. loi 

88 Lackawanna Iron & Coal Co., Scran- 
ton, Pa. — Iron ores. T63. 100 

89 Carpenter, Charles, Kelley*s Island, 
Ohio. — CJeological rocks. V 63. luo 

40 LAke Superior Iron Co., Marquette 
county, Mich,— Iron ore. 1 70. 100 

41 Kentucky Geological Survey.— Col- 
lection illustrating the geology and mineral 
resources of Kentucky. X 65. 100 

42 Allen, Oliver, Mumford, N. Y.— Pet- 
rified wood, leaves, ferns, etc., found on 
his premises. T 7a. . loo 

48 Vesuvius Furnace, Etna Iron 
Works, 1 ronton, Ohio. — Iron ore. T 
68. 100 

||4 Etna Furnace, Etna Iron Co., Hang- 
ing Rock, Ohio. — Iron ore. T 68. 100 

46 Blanche Furnace, Etna Iron Works, 
Irunton, Ohio.— Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

46 Hecla Iron & Mining Co^ John 
Campbell, President, Ironton, O.— Iron 
ores. T 68. 100 

47 Monitor Furnace Co., Ironton, O. 
— Iron ores. T 68. 100 

48 Grant Furnace, W. D. Kelley & 
Sons, Ironton, O. — Iron ores. T68. 100 

49 Center Furnace, W. D. Kelley & 
Sons, Ironton, O.— Iron ores. T 68. 100 

49^ Pennsylvania Geological Survey 
(by John B. Pease). — Scientific collection 
of rocks, mtnerab, models, and maps illus- 
trating the geolc^^ of Pennsylvania. V 
70. 100 

50 Howard Furnace, Charcoal Iron Co., 
Ironton, O.— Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

-50a Benton, Lewis F., Antwerp, N.Y. 
— Lead ore. T 70. 100 

51 Buckhora Furnace, Charcoal Iron 
Co., Ironton, O. — l/on ores. T 63- 100 

52 Olive Furnace, Campbfell, MaGugin, 
& Co., Ironton, O. — Iron ores. T08. 100 

53 Lawrence Furnace Co., Ironton, 
O. — Iron ores. T 66. 100 

53a Ward, L. B., Niks, O^— V 61 U 63. 
a Iron ore. too 

6 Coal. loi 

54 Pine Grove Furnace, Means, Kyle, & 
Co., Hanging Rock, O. — Iron ores. T 
68. 100 

55 Ohio Furnace, Means, Kyl^ & Co., 
Hanging Rock,- O. — Iron ores. T68. xoo 

56 Washington Furnace, Union Iron 
Co. , Portsmouth, O.— Iron ores. T68. 100 

56^ Chafiin, Staples, & Co., Richmond, 
Va- — Ores. T 56. xoo 

57 Scioto Furnace, L. C. Robinson & 
Co., Portsmouth, O.— Iron ores. T 68. 


58 Bloom Furnace, John Paul & Co., 
Portsmouth, O. — Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

59 Clinton Furnace, W. I. Bell, Wheel-' 
ersburg, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

59<s Selma & Alabama Railroad, Mont- 

fomer>', Ala. — Y 60. 
ron ore. xoo 

6 Section of coaUbeds. loi 

60 Buckeye Furnace Co., Jackson, 
O. — Iron ores. T 68. too 

61 Cambria Furnace, D. Lewis & Co., 
Samsonvillc, O. — Iron ores. T 68. too 

62 lackson Furnace, L. P. N. Smith's 
licirs, Scii>toville, O. — Iron oics. T 
68. 100 

62a Wallis, Jno. G., Fulton, Ark.— SuU 

t)h.iie of antimony and argeniifcrotis ga- 
ena. N 55. 10* 

63 Jefferson Furnace Co., Oak Hill, 
O. — Ironorcsv T 68. 100 

64 Orange Furnace, Oiange Iron Co., 
Jackson, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

65 Star Furnace Co., Jackson, O. — 
Iron ores. T 68. kw 

66 Huron Furnace, Huron Iron Co., 
Jackson, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

67 Tropic Furnace Co., Jackson, O4 — 
Iron ores. T 68. 100 

68 Globe Furnace, Globe Iron Co., Jack- 
sou, O.— Iron ores. T 68. «oo 

69 Fulton Furnace, Globe Iron Co. 
Jackson, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

69<» Liking Iron Co., Newatk, O.— V ^. 
a Iron ore. loo 

A Coal. xos 

e Flux and slag. 103 

70 Wellston Twin Furnaces, Wellston 
Coal & Iron Co., Wellston, O. — Iron ores. 
T 68. 100 

70a Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad, 
Hannibal, Mo.— Minerals, etc. from the 
line of the road. V 65. xoo 

70^ St. Louis & Iron Mountain Rail- 
road, St. lx)ui$. Mo. — Minerals, etc from 
the line of the road. T 60. xoo 

71 Lincoln Furnace, I. M. McGhee*s 
Estate, Rud's Milb, O.— Iron ores. T 
68. 100 


72 Richland Furnace ' Co., 
P. O., O.— Iron ores. T 68. 

For location of objecu, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to NoutSon,p. 35 ; gcpiihd plaou p* a6. 

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Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

78 Eagle Furnace, L. C. Damarin & Co., 

RuJ's Milb, U.— Iron ores. T 68. xoo 
74 Hope Furnace, L. C. DamaHn&Co., 

Ponsmouth, O.— Iron ore*. T 68. foo 

76 Hamden Furnace, U C Damarin & 

Co., Portsmouth, O.— Iron ores. '1'68. too 
76* Marietta. Pittsburg, ft Cleveland 

Railway, Marietta, U.— Minerals and 

ray, M 

76 Vinton Furnace, Bancroft, Rader, & 
Co., Vinton Sution, O.— Iron ores. too 

77 Keystone Furnace Co., Portamouth, 
O.— Iron ores. T 68. 100 

78 Monroe Furnace, Union Iron Co., 
Portsmouth, O.— Iron ores. T 68. 100 

79 Latrobe Furnace, Bundy ft Cobb^ 
Bcriin Cross Roads, O.— Iron ores. 1 
68. too 

7S« Bamca. Lewis, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Manganirerous iron ore, from Warren- 
county, N. J. T50. too 

80 Logan Furnace Co., Logan county, 
U.— Iron or«. T 68. 100 

.81 Union Furnace, Brooks ft Hueston, 
Haydcnsville,0.— Iron ores. T68. 100 

82 Mount Savage Furnace, Lexington 
& Carter county Mining & Manufacuir- 
ingCo., Lexington, Ky.— Iron ores. T68. 


83 Buffalo Furnace, Culbertson, Ear- 
hart, & Co., Grccnupsburg, Ky.— -Iron 
ores. T 68. 100 

84 Hunnewell Furnace, Eastern Ken- 
tucky Railway Co., Rlverion, Ky. — Iron 
ores. T 68. xoo 

86 Pennsylvania Furnace,Eastem Ken- 
tucky Railway Co., Riverton, Ky.— Iron 
ores. T68. xoo 

86 Charlotte Furnace Co., Riverton, 
Ry.— Irun ores. T 68. xoo 

87 Laurel Furnace, Robt. Scott ft Co., 
Rivetton, Ky. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

88 Gallia Furnace, Norton, Campbell, ft 
Co. , Portsmouth, O. — Iron ores. T 68. 100 

8B« Iowa, State of.— Minerals, ores, etc. 
of low*. V 59. xoo 

89 Raccoon Furnace, Raccoon Mining 
& Manufacturing Co., Riverton, Ky.— 
Irun ores. T 68. xoo 

90 Tygert's Valley Mining Co., River- 
t«in, Ky. — Section of iron ore. T 68. 100 

*90a Chester Iron Co., Chester, N. J.— 
Iron ore. T 64. 100 

91 Bellefonte Furnace, Means, RusselL 
& Means, Ashland, Ky. — Iron ores. T 
68. 100 

92 Buena Vista Furnace, Means & Co., 
Ashland, Ky.— Iron ores. T 68. 100 

.93 Trigg Furnace, D. Hillman ft Sons^ 

Empire Iron Works, Ky.— Iron ores. 1 

68. xoo 

93a Lowe, S. B., Chattanooga, Tenn.— 

Ores. X 63. xoo 

94 Center Furnace. D. Hillman ft Sons^ 
Empire Iron Works, Ky.— Iron ores. 1 
68. xoo 

96 HaxuEing Rock Iron Region, Iron- 
ton, O.— Iron ores. T 68. xoo 

97 Traber ft Aubery, Cincinnati, O.— 
Iron ores from twenty-five sutes and ter- 

' ritories. T 68. 100 

For dassct of exbibits, indicated by numbers 

98 Borden. William W.- New Provi- 
dence, Ind.— Fossils of Clark county, 
Ind., and stone. X 60. 100 

99 Cooper, Hewitt, & Co., New York, 
N. Y. T66. 

« Iron ores. xoo 

5 Fuels. xox 

100 Ohio Coal Co., Marietta, O.— V 63. 

a Coal. xoo 

6 Coke. xox 

101 Rhodes ft Co., Cleveland, O.— V 61 

to 63. 
a Lake Superior iron ores. 100 

6 Massillon, Ohio, coals. xoi 

108 Poplar Creek Mineral Railroad Co^ 

Philadelphia, Pa.— T 69. 

a Iron ores, etc., from Anderson county, 

Tenn. xoo 

^ Coal from Anderson county, Tenn. loi 

108 Durhaoa Iron Co., RiegelsviUe, Pa. 


a Ores. xoo 

6 Fuel. xoi 

104 Glendon Iron Co., Baston, Pa.— T 

a Iron ores. xoo 

6 Fuel. 101 

106 Mahoning Valley Centennial Asso- 
ciation, Youngstown, O.— V 63. 
a Ores, xoo 

* Coal. XOI 

e Limestone. 103 

106 Bye, B. Mortimer, Wilmington, 

a Iron ore. (Titanifcrous magnetic.) Chrome 
ore. (Rock and sand.) too 

i Maryland "verde antique" marble (.ter- 
pentine), various shades of g>;«cn, hand- 
somely blended; takes a brilliant oolish. 
does not fade or weather, and is adapted 
for all kinds of ornamental work. T 70. 


107 Northampton Furnace, worked by 
the Bethlehem Iron Co., Bethlehem, Pa. 

a Iron ores. xoo 

b Fuel. »ox 

108 Lehigh Iron Co., Allentown, Pa. 

a Iron ore. xoo 

b Coal. xox 

109 Bmaoa Iron Cd., Allentown, P«. 

a Iron ore. xoe 

b Fuel. XOI 

111 Allentown Rolling Mill Co., Allen- 
town, Pa. — T 64. 

a Ores. xoo 

b Fuel. XOI 

112 Carbon Iron Co., Parry ville. Pa. 
-i 64. 

a Iron ore. , xoo 

b Fuel. "XOX 

113 Philadelphia and Readinfr Coal and 
Iron Co., Philadelphb, Pa.— T 72 ««'' V 

a Iron ores. xoo 

b Coals for smelting and steam purposes, loi 

114 Omnd Tower Mining, Manufac- 
turing, and Transportation Co., Graiul 
Tower, 111.— T 68. 

a Ores. >«> 

b Fuel. Jox 

at end of entries, see Clasiifioation, pp. a7-45- ' 

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Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

116 Ironton Furnace Iron ft Steel Co., 
Ironton, O.— T 68. 
a Iron ores. loo 

d Bituminous ooel. loi 

116 Belfont Furnace. Belfont Iron 
Works, Ironton, O.—T 68. 

a Iron ores. soo 

d Bituminous coals. toi 

117 Ophir Furnace Co., Jackson, O.—T 

a Iron ores. loo 

6 Jackson county stone coal. loi 

118 Norton Iron Works, Ashland, Ky. 
— T68. 

a Iron ores. xoo 

fi Coals aud coke. loi 

119 Ashland Furnace, Lexington A 
Bis Sandy Railroad Co., Ashland, Ky. 
— T68. 

n Iron ores. xoo 

6 Coals. loz 

120 Powel, Robert Hare, ft Co., 424 
Walnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. — X 54. 

a Iron ores. 100 

6 Scmi-bitum'nous and gas coals, from the 

Powelton ci-tate, Pennsylvania. loi 

121 Union Iron Co. of Buffalo, Buffalo, 
N. Y.— T 64 ami U 60 ffUtsitU, 

m Iron ores. 100 

b Limestone. 103 

122 Woodstock Iron Co., Anniston, 
Ala.— T 63. 

a Iron and manganese ores. ' xoo 

b Limestone. 103 

123 Saucon Iron Co., Hellertown, Pa. 
~T 64. 

a Hemaiiie and magnetic ore. 100 

b Limestone, 103 

123o Selma, Rome, ft Dalton Rail- 
road (by S. W. Baird), Ciocimiali, O.— X 
Copper and iron ores. 100 

b Coal. 10 1 

c Slate, marble, and limestone. 102 

tl Fire clay. 104 

124 Andrews, Hitchcock, ft Co., Cleve- 
land, O.— V 61 to 64. 

a Lake Superior iron ores. 100 

b Brier Hill coal. soi 

c Limestone. 103 

125 Duncan, John W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— T 7a. 

a Iron ores. too 

/' Clays. 104 

126 Peru Steel ft Iron Co., Clinton- 
ville, N. Y.— T 63. 

a Iron ore. 100 

b Graphite ore. 105 

127 Thomas, W. H. B., Mount Holly, 
N. J.-T 6^. 

« Minerals. 100 

b Marls for fcrtlhring purposes; mineral 

waters from New Jersey. 107 

127o Brooke, B. ft G., Birdshoro', Pa. 

« Magnetic and hematite iron ores. icx> 

b Antnracite coal. 101 

128 Myers. A. J., Shenandoah Alum 
Springs, Va.— T 67. 

« >lincrals, ores. 100 

b Mineral spring waters, chalybeate. Iron, 

and sulphur waters. 107 

128tf Andover Iron Co., Phillipsburg, 

N. J.-T 64. 

« Iron ores. 100 

b Coal. foi 

e Limestone and slags. 103 

129 Crane Iron Co., Catasauqua, Pa. 

— T 64. 

« Hematite and magnetic iron ores. xoo 

b Fuel. lox 

t Limestone. 103 

130^ Chattanoojga Mineral District, 

Chattanooga, Tenn. — X 63, 

« Iron and copper ores; gold quarts. xoo 

b Coal. lox 

( Marble. xoa 

131 Lehigh Valley Iron Co., Copley, Pa. 

— *r 64. 

a Hematite and magnetic ore. xoo 

b F'nel. lox 

c Limestone. 103 

132 OhIton Coal Co., Youngstown, O. 

-V 63. 
a Black band ore mixed with coal. 100 

b Mineral ridge coal. loi 

132a Glasgow ft Port Washington Iron 

it Coal Co., Port Washington, O.— V 6x 


a Ores. xoo 

b Coal. lox 

133 Alice Furnace, Etna Iron Works, 
Hanging Rock, Ohio.— T 68. 

a Iron ores. xoo 

b Bituminous coal and coke. xox 

e Limestone. 103 

133^ Coleraine Iron Co., Northampton 
county, Pa.— T 64. 
a Iron ore. xoo 

b Coal. tox 

134 Hanging Rock Iron Region Fur- 
naces, Charles Campbell, Coir.intssioner, 
Ironton, O. — T 69. 

a Iron ores. xoo 

b Cinders, bituminous coals. xox 

c Limestone. X03 

d Fire clay. X04 

135 Tuscarawas Coal A Iron Co., Cleve- 
land. O.—T 71. 

a Iron ores. xoo 

b Coal. xox 

€ Limestone. X03 

d Sand, fire clay. X04 

136 Mount Vernon Furnace, Hiram 
Campbell ft Sons, Ironton, O.—T 68. 

a Iron ores. xoo 

b Bituminous coals. lox 

c Limestone. X03 

d Fire clay. X04 

1 87 Milton Furnace ft Coal Co., Wells- 
ton, O.—T 68. 
a Iron ores. too 

b Coals. xct 

c Limestone. X03 

d Fire clay. X04 

138 Huntingdon ft Broad Top Rail- 
road Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— V 56. 

it Iron ores. xoo 

b Coal. xox 

c Limestones. X03 

d Fire clays. 104 

139 State of Wisconsin.— V 60. 

a Minerals, .^oils, etc. -too 

b Building stone. xoa 

e Sands, graved 104 

140 State of Ohio (by F. W. Green).— V 
61 to 63. 

a Minerals, ores. 100 

b Stone. xot 

c Clay, etc. X04 

For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, bee Key to Notation, p. 05 ; ground plan, p. s6. 

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Minerals, Ores, Coal. 

141 State of New Jersey (by Geo. H. 
Cook, Sute Geologist, New Brunswick, 
m Iron, fine, and copper ores ; minerals, geo- 
logical suite. loo 
S Building stones. los 
c Qajrs and sands. 104 
^PertilUers. 107 

14S State of ladiana (by B. T. Cox, 
Suie Geok>gist).— V 58. 
« Hydnueil brown oxide iron ores. 100 

5 Bituminous and cannel coal from various 
mines. 101 

c Marble of variom cotors, oSlitic btiikKng 
stone, limestone, sandstone, limestone 
flags, hydraulic stone. loe 

^ Hydraulic cement, caustic lime. 103 

# Fire, white porcelain, and potters' clay : 
sand. 104 

145 State of Michigan (Jay A. Habbell, 
Houghton, Mich., Superintendent of Min- 
eral I>ttpartment>. — V 67. 

41 Minerals, ores, geological collections, 
etc 100 

6 Bituminous and cannel coal. 101 
€ Hewn, sawed, and polished building stone, 

marbles, and slates. tea , 

d Lime and cement. 103 

# Clays and silex for glass mamifiicturers ; 
sandstone, etc. 104 

y iHnonA waters, natural brines, gypnna, 
maris, etc. Z07 

144 State of Delaware (by J. P. 
Comegys, I>over, Del.).— V 55. 

« Iron ore. too 

t Building stone. loa 

c days. S04 

d Natural woods. 600 

^ Fmiis. 610 

y Cereals. 620 

£■ Peas, beans, potatoes, tnmipa. 6ii 

146 State of Missouri (collective ex- 
hibit. by Thos. Allen, President State 
Board Ceittennial Manageis, St. Louis, 
Mo.).— V65aitt^T6o. 

m iron, lead, rinc, copper, and nickel ores, 

barytes, feldspar, and soib. too 

S Coal. loi 

c Stone. I09 

d Clays, sand, ochres, and kaolin. 104 

e Tripoli. 106 

y Peanuts. 605 

f Wheat, rye, oats, barley, and conu 620 

White beans and black-eyed peas. 6a 1 

f Millet. 624 

y Cotton. 665 

Jk Flax and hemp. 666 

/ Wool. 667 

m Silk. 668 

144 Cochran, lohn M., ft Co., Bradford, 
Pau — Connduville bituminous coal ana 
cek€. T 56. loi 

147 Foster Coal Co., Yonngstown, O.— 
Coal. V 63. loi 

148 Kittaninc Coal Co., ISA South 
Fourth street, Philadelphia, Pa.— Clear- 
field bituminous coal, for steam and manu- 
facturing jnuposes. YsSafufTfz. loi 

1 49 Wastmorelsnd Coal Co., S80 South 
Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.— Bitumi- 
nous coal from the Pittsburg seam, (or 
mafm&cture of gas and iron, and for loco- 
motive fuel. Y 58. lot 

149« Warwick, lohn Q., MassiUon, O. 
— Coal Irom Warmington mines. V 63. 

For diii<ti of exhibCte, indicated by numbers 

80 Pena Qaa Coal Co., Westmoreland 
county. Pa.— Section of bituminous coal- 
rein. T 77 and Y 56. xot 

80« Sparks, Wcstwater, ft Co., Co- 
luraDus, O. — Coal from Muskingum 
cotmty. V 63. lox 

81 Van Wickle, Stout, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Anthracite coal from Eber« 
rale. Pa. W 53. lox 

88 Kyle Coal Co., Youngstown, O.— 
Coal. V63. loi 

88 Lindertnan, G. B., Bethlehem, Pa. 

— Anthracite coal. T 64. lot 

84 Newton^ Jotham, New York, N.Y. 

— Composiuon fuel nude of coal-dust. T 

57. tot 

a Union Mining Co., of Alleghany 

county, Md. — Coal. X 58. xos 

88/* Stoner, Hitchman, ft Co., Mt. 

Plea.^ant, Pa. — Coal and coke. X 57. too 

86 Anthracite Fuel Co., Rondout, N. 
Y. — Pressed anthracite coal. Y 54, lot 

84« Hutchinson, A. A., ft Bro^ Pitts- 
Durg, Pa. — Coke. X 56. xox 

87 Hickory Coal Co.. Pottsville, Pa.— 
Samples of coaL W 55. xox 

88 Harleigh Coal Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Samples of coal. W 55. xox 

88« Lawton, Burnett, ft Co., Bast Pal- 
estine, Ohio. — Bituminous coal, from Co- 
lumbia county, O. V 6x to 63. xox 

88^ Draper, John W., Pottsvillc, Pa.— 
Anthracite coal. W 56. xox 

88 Excelsior Coal Mining Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Samples of coal. W55. xox 

60 Garretson, Theodore, Philadelphia. 
Pa.— CooL from the Girard colliery. W 
55. lot 

61 Wadsworth Coal Co., Akron, O.^ 
Coal from Medina county, O. V 63. xox 

62 Blauvelt, Jas. C, Marietta, O.— 
Bituminous coal from Marietu Run, 
Ohio. V 61 to 64. xox 

680 Hurd Coal ft Iron Co., Columbus, 
O. — Bituminous coal from Perry 
county, O. V 63. xot 

68 Lexinaton ft Carter county Mining 
& Manufacturing Co., Lexington, Ky. — 
Section of bituminous coal. T 6S. xox 

68<« Church Hill Coal Co., Yonngs- 
town, O.— Coal from Briar Hill. V 63. xox 

68^ Burton, I. P., Massillon, O.— 
Coal. V63. xox 

68^ Andrews ft Hitchcock, Younas- 
town, O.— Briar HiU block coal. V 61 
to 63. lOl 

^Zd Huddell ft Seitxinger, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Anthracite coal from Draper's 
colliery. W 58. xox 

64 Keys, John, Brockwavvilla, Pa.— 
Lump of bituminous coal. Y 56. loi 

64^ Suydam, M. A. ft Co., Colnmbna, 
O.— Coal from Straiurilie Mining Com- 
pauiy. V 63. xox 

68 Eastern Kentucky Railway. River- 
ton, Ky — Sections of cannel ana bitumi- 
nous coals. T 68. xpx 
66tf Havden, P., Columbus, C— Coal 
from Hocking county. V 63. xox 
68^ Steubenville Coal Company, Steu- 
benville, O. — Bituminous coal. V 63. xox 
at end of entries, see Classificatipn? pp- 22:=4B^, 
Digitized by VjOO^ IC 


Coal, Stone. 

165^ Pomeroy Coal Company, Pome- 
Toy, O. — Cool. V 63. 101 

1 6 6<^ Brooks, W. By & Son, Hockins 
county, O.-— Coal. V 63. loi 

166' Newark Coal Company, Newark, 
O. — Canpel coal. V 63. ica 

166 Dysart ft Co., Philadelphia^ Pa.— 
Bituminous white ash coal from Cai/bria 
county. Pa. Y 57. loj 

166^ Franklin Coal Company, Akron. 

O. — Coal from Summit county. V 

^. 101 

166^ Pitch, E. A., Columbua, O.— 

Coal from Athens county. V 63. lox 
166^ HowelU, Anthony, Massillon, 

O. — Coal from Pigo'>n Run. V 63. 101 

167 Kimea.J. B., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Slate mantels, house decorations, 
building material. T 50. loa 

168 Williams Marble ft Slate Mantel 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa. — Marble and mar- 
bleizcd slate mantels, etc. T 48. 103 

169 Wilson ft Miller, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Marbleized slate mantels, etc; plain 
slate work. T 51. 10a 

171 Hayes, Coulter, ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Slate mantels with grau». 
T 59. 102 

172 Douffherty. £. D., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Blocks of Dougherty marble of Ten- 
nessee, rouch and polished; pedestals, 
slabs, etc. The Dougherty marble is used 
in the U. S. Capitol, Treasury, South 
Carolina State House, and over one 
hundred and fifty other buildings, public 
and private, in all parts of the country. 
Operated since 1853. Quarry in Doiigb- 
eriyviUe, Hawkins county, Tcnn. T 
49. xoa 

172^ Peninsula Stone Co., Peninsula, 
O. — Building stone. V 63. 10a 

173 Columbian Marble Co.. Rutland, 
Vt. — Marble Wainscoting, pedestal, tiling, 
etc. T 54. 102 

174 Van Gunden, Young, ft Drumm, 
Phil.-idclph!a, Pa. — Vermont marble tab- 
lets and rustic monument; Italian marble. 
T47. 103' 

175 Innis, Q. S., Warden of Ohio Peni. 
tcntiary, Columbus, O. — Limestone from 
State quarries at Columbus, O. V 61 /o 
64. iba 

17 6a Field, F. K., Philadelphia. Pa.— 
North River, Pennsylvania, and Virginia 
blue stone. T 53. loj 

176 Gurney, H. D., St. Paul, Minn.— 
Minnesota granite — red, white, and blue. 
T 50. loa 

177 Forest City Stone Co., Cleveland, 
O. — Sawed stone flagging. T 54. 10a 

178 Chascj M. K., Bluehill, Maine.— 

Cut granite pedestal. (A'avf.) 103 

179 Martin, H. P.. Allentown, Pa.— 
Slate mantels and blackboards, school 
slates, etc. T 51. 102 

180 Chandler, C.H., Brownville, Maine. 
— Roofing slate. T 51. 10a 

181 Allen, James T., ft Co., Philadel- 

J)hia, Pa. — Scagliola and Marezzo marble 
or interior decoration. T 54. 102 

182 Fauchere, A. L., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Marble mantels, etc. T 50. loa 

For location of objects. Indicated by lettci- and figure^ 

183 'Williams, Chas., St.'Loais, Mo.— 
Tennessee, Italian, and Misitouri marble 
work ; jewel box. T 53. icf2 

183a Barker, H., ft Bro., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Pedestal of Massachusetts granite. 

. {Navt.) loa 

184 Denton, Drake W., Office, 17 
North front street,. Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Excelsior fire and water-proof slate roo^ 
ing, and flax waste-composition Iwtting. 
All orders promptly attended to. T 
56. xoa 

185 Tillson, Davis, Rockland, Maine.— 
Plain, polished, and omamcnial granite 
work. T 51. loa 

18 6a Finnigan, M., Cincinnati, O.— 
Buena Vista stone. V 61 to 63. loa 

1853 Fish. W., ft Co., Columbus, O.— 
Stone from Portsmouth and Black Lick, 
Ohio. W63. 102 

186<^ Finch, Pruyn, ft Co., Glens Falls, 
N.Y.— block of marble. Tsi. loa 

186 Maine Slate Co., Sknw began, 
Maine. — Roofing slate, dark, rich, lust- 
rous, unfading color, unequaled elastichy. 
toughness, and strength, wonderful nfl 
and smoothness of surface. T. H. Dins- 
more, Business Manager. T 53. toa 

187 Chaoman Slate Co., Bethlehem, 

Pa. — Roofing slate, flagging, stairways, 
blackboards, posts, door and window sifis, 
mantels. T 64. loa 

188 Lehigh Slate Co., Slatln^on, Pa.— 
. Roofing and school slate, mantels, black- 
boards, bath tubs; bureau, table, and 
washstand tops. T 64. .103 

188a Hinsdale, Doyle, ft Co., New York, 
Granite monuments. T 7a. loa 

188<5 Fisher ft Bird, New York, N. Y.— 
Marble mantels. T 50. loa 

188r Howell, C. M., Lancaster, Pa.— 
Marble monuments. Y 60. »oa 

189 Allentown Slate Mantel Co., Allen- 
town, Pa.— Slate mantels. T 51. loa 

189<i Hinton, uavid, Xenia, O.— 
Building limestone. V 61 to 64. loa 

1893 Caguires, Frank, Chicago, 111.— 
Antique vase of limestone. T53. loa 

190 Carpenter ft Raymond, Cambridge 
City, Ind. — Monumental work. T 71. xo3 

191 McDonald. Alexander, Cambridge, 
Mass. — The Centennial Cascade, a riistic 
T.>cicwork surmounted by a cross (granite 
from Glen quarries, Mason, N. H., car\'ed 
at Cambridee,, exhibiting fine 
oiutlity of th^ granire and its capabflkics 
tor carved and polished work. N 56 and 
T 67. loa 

191o Bosl er, Marcus, Dayton, 0.r- 

Limestone. V 61 to 63. loa 

191^ Ballard A Galloway, Pinlcy, O.— 

yet to 62. 

a Building limestone. loa 

6 Lime, and water lime rock. 103 

192 Bodwell Granite Co., Rockland, 
Maine. — Granite samples. T 72. loa 

198 Brinton, Josei>h H., Thornbury P. 

O., Pa.— Serpentine stone from quarries 
in Chester county. Pa. T 55. 10a 

194 Scorgie, Wight, ft Co., Cambridge, 

Mass. — Polished granite fountain. U 
48- xoa 

I Key to Notation, p. a^ ground plan, p.a6. 
Digitized Dy vl. 




196 Struthera, W.. ft Sons. Pbiladel. 
phia. Pa. — Mantels, font, group of bird* 
in Caen stone : alto-relief in statuary, mar- 
ble, sandstone, font, specimens of fbreicn 
Barbies and native plaster; models for 
public buildings: specimens of native 
yranites, niarblcs, and saadstosM. T aj. 


196 Pennsylvania Marble Co., Phila- 
delphia. Fa.— Black ourble mantel, book, 
and tiles. T 51. loa 

197 Brown, E. P., Commandant Sol- 
diers' Home, DaytOQ, O. — Stone from 
quarries on grounds of National Soldiers' 
Home. V u /« 63. loa 

]97« Barker, Henry, ft Sons, Quincy, 
Mass. — Quincy granite pedestal. 
{Nmve.) loa 

198 Rutland Marble Co., West Rut- 
land, Vt.;— Wrought and unwrought mar- 
ble. T 59. I03 

199 Maine Red Granite Co., Red Beach, 
Maiite (G. G. McGlashan, superintend- 
ent). — Specimen hUxk of red granite from 
top sheet of quarry. T 55. loa 

199o Graves Brothers, Birmingham, O. 
— V63. 
« Building stone. X02 

i Grindstones. xo6 

200 Columbia Slate Co., Slatin^on, Pa. 
— Manufactured Washington vew roofing 
slate. T 54. loa 

201 Martin. P. O.. St. George, Maine. 
— Block Of dressed granite. T 64. loa 

202 Wells, Chas. B., Marietta. O.— 
Sandstcme for building purposes. T 64. xos 

208 St. Johnsbury Granite Co., St. 
Johttsbury. Vt. — Granite monument and 
tablet. — T 56. loa 

204 MerriUe, Adams H., Williams- 
burgh, Maine. — Roofing slate. T 50. loa 

207 Clemons, C. H., Sandusky, O.— 
Limestone. V 6t t^ 63. 10a 

208 Concord Granite Co., Quincy, Mass. 
— Granite pedestal. N 48. xoa 

209 Sheldons ft Slason, West Rutland, 
Vt. — Pedestal of statuary and blue mottled 
marble. V 54. 10a 

210 Davis, I.J., Newark. O.— White and 
red sandstone. V 61 /« 03. xoa 

211 McNally. William G., Cleveland, 
O. — Coat-of^nns of Ohio, carved from 
Berea stone. ( Oki^ State Buitdhtg.') loa 

%\\a Portland Brown Stone Quarrlei, 
Portland. Conn. — Stoops and doorways of 
Connecticut brown stone. {OutsuU.) loa 

211^ Kins, T. H., Trumansburg, N. Y. 
—Flagstones. {Otttsid*.) loa 

211^ Stotler, D. C. Pioua, O.— Build- 
ing limestone. V ot to 64. xos 

211^ Strom ft De Planque, New York, 
N. Y.— Marble table lop and mantelpiece. 
T5X xoa 

21 1# Pase, Lewis, Covington, 0.~V 61 
/tf 64. 
Building limestone. xoa 

i Lime. 103 

211/ North Pittsford Marble Company, 
Pittsford, Vt. — Marble monuments, ped- 
estal, and design case. T 56. toa 

2irf Paul, John, ft Co., Masstllon, 
O. — Stone for building and glass manufac- 
- curing. V 61 to 63. loa 

Pqr dasses of exhibits, indicated by immbers 

211 >( Myers. Uhl. A Co., Cleveland, 
O. — Marble mantel sxkI grate. (OAio 
Stait Building.) xoa 

212 Thompson, Wm. S., Springfield, 
Ohio.— V^. 

a Stone. xoa 

t Lime. xp3 

212^ Traber, facob, Cincinnati, O.— 


r, Jacob 


2123 Mueller, John M.. Cincinnati, 
O.— Buena Visu stone. V tt to 63. loa 

212^: Richey, Morris 8., Waverly,0.— 
Building stone. V 61 tot^. io» 

%\2d Singer ft Talcott Stone Company. 
Chicago, III.— Illinois limestone dressed 
by machinery. {At t/ringS. E. ^ Hcrti' 
cultural Hall.) xoa 

212^ St. Johnsbury Granite Company, 
St. Johnsbury, Vt.— Granite monument 
and ubiec T 57. xoa 

212/ Richmond Marble Company, of 
Vermont, Philadelphia, Pa.— White mar- 
ble pedestal. T 57. xoa 

218 Amherst Stone Co., Cleveland, 
O.-V 63. 
a Blocks of sandstone. xoa 

h Grindstones. xo6 

214 Warthorst ft Co., Massillon, O.— V 
63 and T 61. 

a Blocks of sandstone. loa 

3 Grindstones. xo6 

214a Berea Stone Company, Berea, 
O.— V 63. 
a Building stone and flagging. xoa 

h Grindstones, and scythe stones. xo6 

215 Philadelphia ft Reading Railroad 
Co. , Philadelphia, Pa.— T 73 atuiM 56. 

a Building stone. xoo 

h Limestone. X03 

216 Worthington A Sons, North Am- 
herst, Ohio— T 56 and V 63. 

a Amherst building stone. xoa 

h Grindstones, etc., from quarries at Am- 

• herst and Lake Huron, Mich. xo6 

21 6^ Burlington Manufacturing Co., 

Buritngton, Vt.— Marble tiling.— T 56. 


217 Williams, R. L., Middle Granville, 
N. Y.-T51. 

m Vermont and New York roofing slate, xoa 
h Car coupler. 576 



BuiunNO. xqa 

218 Hoffman, A. O., Thompson, Wm., 
and others, Springfield, O. 

219 Berea Stone Co., Berea, O. 

220 Hurst, I. R., Cleveland, O. 

221 Pord, O. D., Cleveland, O. 

222 Halderman, L., ft Son, Cleveland, 

223 Wagner, John, Cleveland, O. 

224 Amherst Stone Co., Cleveland, O. 

225 Black River Stone Co., Cleveland, 

226 Paul, John, ft Co., Masslllon, O. 

227 Wilson ft Hughes Stone Co., 
Geveland, O. 

228 Clough Stone Co., Amherst, O. 

229 Worthington ft Sons, Amherst, O. 
at end of entries, see Classification, p^. ^4^ ' 


Minerals, Ston«. 

280 Ohio Stone Co., Cleveland, O. 

281 McDermott, Jm & Co., Cleveland, O. 

282 Coshocton Stone Co., Coshocton, 

288 Stltt,Price,A Co., Columbus, O. 
284 Finnegan, M., Cincinnati, O. 
286 Finnegan, J. H., Cincinnati, O. 

286 Montgomery, R. M., Yoongatown. 

287 Caldwell ft Tod, Youngatown, O. 

288 Byera ft McUhainy, Youngatown, 

289 Mauaer ft Haid, Youngatown, O. 

240 Hamilton, Homer, Youngatown, O. 

241 Warthorat ft Co., Maasillon, O. 

242 Stocking, Z. S., Mansfield, O. 
248 Boaler, Marcua, Dayton, O. 
244 Huflfman, William, Dayton, O. 

246 Tremain, Chaa., Manlius, N. Y.— 
Cement and land plaster. V 7a. 103 

246 Brvin, D. S., Cedarville, Ohicr.— 

Limeytone. V 6t to 64. 103 

246^ Howea Cave Association, Howea 
Cave, N. Y. — Hydraulic cement and Iiqie, 
ground plsKCer, and rock strata. Y 55. 


247 Fireproof Bulldfnff Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Tcil concrete hollow blocks, hol- 
k>w brides, and beton blocks. T 55. 103 

247« Michael, F. M., and othera, Eaton, 
Ohio. — Limestone and lime. \ 61 to 63. 


247A Sintz, George, Springfield, O.— 
U'mestone and lime. V 61 to 64. 103 

248 Mitchell, Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Portsilica artificial stone building blocks, 
partitions, floors, colored paving tiles, 
etc. T 53. X03 

248« Richardson, Geo., Milwaukee, 
Wis. — Artificial stone, with moulds ana 
apparatus for hardening. X 57. 103 

260 Wampum Cement ft Lime Co., 
limited. New Castle, Pa.— Portland 
cement, and samples in artificial stone of 
various designs. T 57. 103 

261 Coplay Cement Co., Allentown, Pa. 
—Cements, building blocks, pipe, orna- 
ments, etc. T 56. 103 

262 Allen Cement Co., Siegfried's 
Bridge, Pa. — Crude and manufactured 
cement. T 57. 103 

268 Cedar Hollow Lime Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Lime, lime rock, model of fur- 
nace, and model of recepude for storing 
and preserving lime. T 58. 103 

266 Abbott Pavement Co.. Brooklyn, 
N. Y.— Pavement. The AbboU Pave- 
ment is a bituminous concrete that has 
been used for six years past on many 
miles of roadways in Brooklyn, and for 
four or five years in Washington. It costs 
less than the asphalt pavement of Paris ; 
in this country only about one-half It 
costs less th'ui one-half for repairs, ami 
it is not nearly so slipper)', while in all the 
other qualities, of smoothness, quietness, 
cleanliness, comfort to those driving on it, 
economy of horseflesh and vehicles, it is 
admirable. Under patents held by the 
Abbott Pavement Company, old stone. 

macadam, and wood pavements can be 
For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. 95 ; npund plan, p. s& 

utilited as a foundation, and millions cf 
dollats' worth of wood pavements, now 

Soing rapidlv to decay, can be saved, as 
emonstratea on many miles that have 
been covered in the dty of Brooklyn 
T70. 103 

266 Union Stone Co., Boston, Maaa. 

« Artides in artificial stone, soapstone rois- 
ter borders, miilsione cement, etc. 103 
h Emery wheels. to6 

266« Shielda, King ft Co., Newark Star 
Glass Works. Newark, Ohio.— Sands, etc., 
for making glass. V 61 to 63. 104 

267 Hampton, Cutter, ft Sons, Wood- 
bridge, N. J.— Clays, kaolin, sand. T 
55. »o4 

268 Such. George, South Amboy, N.J. 
—Samples of day. T 58. 104 

269 Sarchet, J. W. ft J. T«, Glen Loch 
Post Office, Pa.— T 57. 

a Moulding sand and kaolin. 104 

h Flint. 106 

260 Kier Brothera, Pittaburg, Pa.— 
Fire day. Y 56. 104 

261 Bradford, H., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Maryland quarts. T 54. 104 

261« Tucker, George, New York, N. Y. 

— Tripoli and polihbing rouge. N 68. zo6 

262 Schreiber, W. A. H., Phcanixville, 

Pa. — Clay, kaolin, flint, spar, and sand: 
potters' and decorators' materiak. T 
69. , 104 

268 Toll, Charles, Monroe, Mich.— 

Washed and crude silcx. V 67. 104 

264 Zihlmann, Joaeph, BeUaire, O.— 

Wooden mould for shaping blown glass. 

T 64. 104 

266 Dover Pire Brick Co., Canal Dover, 

Ohio.— Fire day. T 63. 104 

266 Kreischer, B., A Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Urc clay, etc. X 56. 104 

267 American Kaolin Co.; Works, New 
Garden, Chester couniv. Pa. : office, 233 
South Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Kaolin, china, fire clay, ana fire sand. 
X 58. 104 

268 Dixon Crucible Co., Jersey City, N. 
J.— Crude and refined graphite. Pt^. 105 

269 Strow, Wile, ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Black lead crudbles, retoru, covers, 
etc.; plumbago, cnide and prepared ; lum- 
her pendls, stove polish. T 59. 105 

270 Taylor, Robert, ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Black lead crucibles. T 58. 105 

271 Morse Bros., Canton, Mass.— Stove 
polish, lumber i>encils, plumbago. The 
*' Rising Sun Stove FcAish." trated for 
beauty of polish, saving of labor, dura- 
bility, frceness from dust and odor, when 
heated. I'his preparation is an excellent 
article. The Risiiig Sun Lumber Pendls, 
and samples of plumbago, from which 
they are manufactured. T 56. 105 

278 Jersey City Crucible Manufacturing 
Co., Jersey City, N. J. — Crucibles and 
stove polbn. T 58. 105 

274 Phoenix Manufacturing Co., Tann- 
ton, Mass. — Crucibles and stove polish. 
T58. X05 

276 Webb. Robert, Boaton, Maaa.^ 

Stove polish ; crude and prepared plum- 
bago. T 60. zos 

digitized by LjOOgle 



Jewelers^ Silversmiths, 


Chestnut and Twelfth Sts., 


^.igitized by Google 

Summer Excursions. 



Have arranged for the Centennial Year a system of 


More comprehensive and complete than was ever before presented 
to the American people. These Routes reach every place of 


States, and the Dominion of Canada, including 




VIRGINIA SPRINGS, and many others. 


Will find the lines of this Company available for reaching, within 
a few hours* time and at very small outlay, such famous resorts as 




And hundreds of beautiful villages and towns in the mountains of 
Pennsylvania, where the accommodations are excellent and the 
scenic attractions all that can bfe desired. 


Devote special attention to this Summer Travel. The construction 
and equipment of their lines render travel over them thoroughly 
enjoysble, and the tickets issued afford every facility for recreation, 
recuperation, and pleasure. 

PAMPHLETS^ OF ROUTES can be had gratuitously at the 
offices of the Company in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Balti- 
more, Washington, Harrisburg, Altoona, and Pittsburg, and also a 
handsomely illustrated book describing all prominent resorts. 


General Mam^tr, AttU G€m Pmt*, Agtmi^ Gen, Passenger AgtnU 


ized by Google 



Minerals, Mineral Water, Metallurgical Products. 

276 Nlbbinser, Edward. Philadelphia, 

Pa. — (^uartr pasie for sharpening razors 
and knives. 1' sa. io6 

877 Hand, James C, & Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Corundum manufactured by 
the PennsylTania Corundum Co. T 57. 106 

278 Washington Mills Emery Manu- 
factoring Co., Ashland, Mass.— Emery. 
T 57 'o« 

279 Boyd ft Chase, New York, N. Y.— 
Arkansas and Washita oilstone. N 68. 


284 U. S. Soapstone Manufacturing 
Co., Cincinnati, O. — Steatite. P 77. loO 

285 Patten. P. H., Bath, Maine.— Peld- 
kpar and quartz, for potteries and sand 
paper factories. T 70. 106 

286 LebiKh Whetstone Co., Allentown. 
Pa.— Whetstones from Lenigfa mountain, 
near Allentown, Pa. T 57. io6 

288 Coffin, Redington, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Electro sdecan, a polishing 
powder for all fine metats, and infusorial 
silica from Nevada, from which the above 
is made. 

Analysis : 
Silica, 83.5 

Alumina, 8.7 

Water, 13.5 

Loss, .3 


T 72. X06 

289 I^uis,JuUtis, ft Bro., Jefferson ville, 
Ind. — Hot Springs, Arkamas, and other 
oilsioacs. N 68. 106 

290 Sibley, Freeman K., Waltham; 

Mass. — The prize medal emery and crocus 
doth. (Only medals ever awarded in the 
worid.) T53- 106 

291 SchulU. Carl H., NewYork, N.Y.— 
Carbonic acid and miJieral spring waters, 
siphons, glass fountains, etc. T 58. 107 

291a Jarves ft Hooper, Detroit, Mich. 

A Fertiuzers and animal charcoal. 107 

b Glue and neat's-fooi oil. 65a 

292 Knipht ft Widden, Portland Plas- 
ter Mills, Portland, Maine. — Calcined and 
ground land plaster. T 59. 107 

293 Champion Spouting Spring, Sara- 
toga Sprmgs, N. Y. — Saratoga water. T 
58. X07 

294 Marsh ft Co., Sandusky, O.—Qyp- 
sura. V 61 to 63. X07 

295 Oettysbure Katalysine Co., Gettys- 
burg, Pa. — Katalysine spring water. T 
57. "07 

296 Navassa Phosphate Co., Baltimore, 
Md. — Cruiie and eround phosphates, from 
Nevassa Island, West Indies ; and other 
fertilizing materials. T $7. 107 

297 Charleston, S. C, Mining ft Manu- 
facturing Co., Philadelohia, Pa. — Good- 
rich phosphatic nodiues, mined from 
Agassiz's Ashley fish basin. Lamb's land- 
ing, S. C. T 58. 107 

298 Bolen ft Byrne, New York, N. Y.— 
Artificial mineral waters, gninular effer- 
vescing salts, siphons, etc. T 60. 107 

299 Lippincott, Chas., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Ki.— Apparatus for dispensing aer- 
ated waters. B 38. {,Nave and Fran- 
sf^ts.) X07 

Tor classes oT exhibits, indicated by numbers 

800 Lawrence, A. R., & Co., Excelsior 

Park, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. — Excelsior 
and Union Spring Saratoga waters, and 
apparatus for having .them on draught in 
their natural condition. T 70. 107 

800^ Tufts, Jas. W., Boston, Mass.— 
Soda water fountains. {Nov* and Tran- 
s*pti.) X£>7 

Metallurgioal Prodaots. 

801 Hastings ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Gold leaf, foil, and bronze; silver leaf, 
bronze powder, etc. P 47. ixo 

802 Wallis, Jno. G., Fulton, Ark.— 
Base bullion. N 55. xxo 

808 Cambria Iron ft Stael Co., Johns- 

town. Pa. — Iron — pig. bloom, and muck 
bar, rail piles and rails; steel — Bessemef 
pig, and spiegeleisen, ingots, blooms, and 
rails. T 65. XXX 

808« Huntinirdon ft Broad Top Rail-* 
road Co., Philadelphia, Pa. — Pig iron. 
Y 56. xxz 

804 Wood, W. D., ft Co., McKeesport 
Iron Works. Pittsbuiv, Pa.— Patent plan- 
ished sheet uron. Toi. xxz 

808 Park Bro. ft Co., Black Diamond 
Steelworks, Pittsburg, Pa.— Cast steel; 
samples of homogeneous crucible cast steel, 
boiler plate, and Hangings. T 62. ziz 

805<* Mahoning Valley Centennial As-> 
sociation, Youngsiown, Ohio. — Pig and 
manufactured iron. V 63. ixx 

806 Rowland. J[ames, ft Co., Kensin^^- 
ton Iron and bted Works, Philadelphia^ 
Pa. — Anvil brand, refined bar, band, skelp. 
hoop, and nut iron; plow, cultivator, ami 
shovel steel. T 64. xzx 

807 Wood. Alan, ft Co., 519 Arch 
street, Philadclpnia. Pa. — Manufacturers 
of patent planished, galvanized, and com- 
mon, and charcoal bloom, sheet, and plats 
iron. T 6x. ixi 

307<s Andover Iron Co., Philltpsburg, 
N. J. — Pig and spiegeleisen iron. T 64. 


808 Strans, J. B., ft Co., PhilmdelphU, 
Pa. — Hoop iron. P 7X. xxx 

809 Miller. Metcalf, ft Parkins, Crescent 
Steel Works, Pittsburg, Pa.— Crucible 
tted and artides maxnifactured therefrom. 

T60. XX3 

809'' Glasgow ft Port Washington Iron 
and Sted Co., Port Washington, O.— Pig 
iron. W 63. ixx 

810 Hussey, Wells, ft Co., Pittsburg, 
Pa.— Crucible cast steel bars, sheets, ho- 
mogeneous boiler plates, railway a;tles, 
forgings, edge tools, rake teeth. T 68. 11 1 

811 Phillips, Nijnick, ft Co.. Sligo Iron 
Mills, PitLsburg, Pa.— Iron. The only 
manufacturers of ".sligo" firebox, boiler 

•plate, sheet and bar iron, and "Tyrone** 
plate, tank, sheet, and bar iron. Slates 
rolled one hundred .inches wide. T 67. 


812 Union Iron Co. of Buffalo, Buffalo, 
N. Y. — Solid wrought iron rolled beams. 
T 64 and U 60. I IX 

821a State of Indiana (by E. T. Coxj 

State Geologist).— Pig, bar, and railroad 
iron : cut nails. V 57. iii 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-4^. " 


Metallurgical Products. 

829 Brown 

818 Otis Iron ft Steel Co., Cleveland, 
O. — Ingots, bars, plates, and forgtngs of 
Siemen s Martin steel. T 65. xii 

814 Cleveland Rolling Mill Co., Cleve- 
land, O.— Pig meuls, raib, bars, etc., of 
iron and Bessemer or Siemen's Martin 
steel. T 60. xiz 

815 South ft North Alabama RailroadL 
Montgomery, Ala. — Iron. Y 60 and T 
57- "« 

816 State of New Jersey (by Geo. H. 
Cook, State Geologist, New Brunswick, 

« Iron, steel, spie^elcisen. xii 

6 Spelter, sheet zinc, zinc white. 1x3 

817 Peru Steel ft Iron Co., Clinton- 

ville, N. Y. — Loops, blooms, billets, bars, 
and steel. T63. 111 

817« Silicon Steel Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Silicon steel, raiu, etc.; steeufied 
iron. T 63 III 

81 8 Washbnm ft Moen Manufacturing 
Co., Worcester, Mass. — Iron wire rods: 
iron and ste«l wire. T63. ixi 

818^ Valentinea ft Co., Bellefbnte Iron 
Works, New York, N. Y.-<:old blast 
charcoal iron. T6x. xii 

818^ Youngatown Rolling Mill Co., 
Youngstown, Ohio. — Horse shoe, bar, 
hoop, and band iron, steel mixed with 
iron. V 6z to^. xix 

818^ Wick, Ridgway, ft Co., Youngs- 
town, Ohio. — Railroad iron, of all sizes. 

V 61 /^ 64. Ill 

818<^ Brown, Bonnett, ft Co., Youngs- 
town, Ohio. — Pig, bar, and sheet iron. 

V 61/064. II' 

81 S' Bybon ft Lloyd, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Roughii^ rolb, hand rounds, and 
squares. T 65. xxi 

819 American Sheet ft Boiler-plate 
Co., Cleveland, Ohio. — Plate, sheet, cor- 
rugated, galvanised, metallic tile, univer- 
safptate and .agricultural iron, Bessemer 
or Siemen's Martin steel. T 59. tix 

88Q Cooper, Hewitt, ft Co., New York, 

N. Y. — Iron fluxes, blooms, pigs, rods, 
bars, raiU, beams; chain, wire, horseshoe, 
and Martin steel. T66. xxt 

821 Hanging Rock Iron Region Fur- 
naces (Chas. Campbell, Commissioner), 
I ronton, Ohio.— Pic iron, with artides 
manufactured therctrom. T 69. xxz 

822 Beale, Horace A., Parkesburg, 
Pa.— Charcoal and puddled Iron for boiler 
tubes and plates, muck bar of superior 

aiiality, and hoUow bottom plates for pud- 
ling furnace. T 66. XII 

828 Clark, Wm., ft Co.. PittsbuT|r, Pa. 
— Hoop, band, and scroll iron. T 66. xzi 

824 Reese, Graff, ft Woods, Pittsburg, 
Pa.— Wrought iron of all descriptions; 
cast and special steel ; tool steel, sprins 
steel, plow steel, machinery and agricul- 
tural steel, fire steel, steel hoop, steel 
cotton ties, horse and mule shoes, steel 
toe calks, steel boiler-plate. T 66. xii 

828 Andrews Brothers, Youngstown, 

O. — Bessemer, foundry, and mill pig 

iron. V 61 to 64. xzi 

For location of objecu. indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. 35 Lg^ound plan, p. aft 

digitized by Google 

826 McCullongh Iron Co.,Philadelpbia« 

Pa. — Bloom and refined deaued sheet 
iron ; charcoal blooms. Matuifacturers of 
** Gailvanited," •• Best Bloom," " Best 
Refined," "Harvey's cleaned Sheet 
Iron," cleaned iron for stamping pur- 
poses, leaded roofing plates, corrugated 
iron, olack and galvanized. P 70. xi 1 

827 Moorhead ft Co., Soho Iron Mills, 
Pittsburg, Pa.~Galvaniced and black 
sheet iron ; roofing and ceiling irons. T 
66. XI x 

828 Henderson, James, Hamburg. Pa. 
Wrought iron made by the Henderson 

T 59. xn 

ft Co.. Wayne Iroa ft 
Steel Works, Pittsburg, Pa.— Cold-blast 
charcoal metal, bloomsyiboiler plau, bars ; 
agricultural irons. T62. iii 

881 Edgar Thomson Steel Co. (limited), 
Pitt.sburg, Pa. — Bessemer steel rails, bil- 
lets, blooms, and ingots. T 66. xxi 

888 Lucy Furnace Co., Pittoburg, Pa. 
—Pig metal, etc. T 66. xxi 

884 Carnegie Bros, ft Co., Pittsburg, 
Pa.— Wrought iron beams, chann^, 
bridge iron, etc. T 66. xxi 

886 Wilson, Walker, ft Co., Pittsburg, 
Pa. — Railroad car for;gings. T 66. iix 

886 Keystone Bridge Co.j Pittsburg, 
Pa. — Raritan Bav pivot bridge, weldteas 
chord bars, wrougtii iron, tubular sectional 
cdumns. T66. ixx 

887 United States Corrugated Elbow 
Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. — ^Stovepipe elbow 
machine ; stovepipe elbows. T61. xxx 

888 Gregory ft Co., Jersey City, N. J.— 
American cast steel. T 59. iix 

889 Duncan, John W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Pig metal. T 7a. xxx 

840 Tuscarawas Coal ft Iron Co., 
Cleveland, Ohio.— Pig iron. T 71 amd V 

63. xxx 

841 Rhodes ft Co., Cleveland, Ohio.— 
Bessemer car-wheel and malleable char- 
coal irons. T7taiK^V63. iti 

842 Woodstock Iron Co., Annlston, 
Ala.— Hot-blast, cold-blast, and spiegd- 
eisen iron, charcoal. T 63. iii 

848 Middleton, C. W. ft H. W., Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— Collective exhibit of Fort 
Pitt Iron & Steel Works Soho Iron Mills, 
Solar Hoop Iron Mills, Philadelphia Iron 
& Steel Co., Parkesbuig Iron Works, Co- 
rydon Winch, Van Alen & Co., Cumber- 
land Tube Works, Danville Iron Co. 
and Star Chain and Nail Works — iron 
and steel. T 65 /o 66. 11 x 

844 Crane Iron Co., Catasauqua. Pa.— 
Foundry and forge pig iron; cinder. T 

64. Ill 

845 Alexander, John S., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Bayonet spade. P 68. 11 1 

846 Singer, Nimick, ft Co., Pittsburg, 
Pa.— Saw, tool, plow, machiner>', safe, 
and boiler steel ; steel railway axles and 
springs. T 69. Ill 

846<> Selma & Alabama Railroad, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. — Iron. Y 60. it? 

847 Masnetite Iron Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Bessemer ore products. T 69. xit 

848 Crab Orchard Iron Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Samples of iron and sted. T 
69. Ill 



Metallurgical Products. 

S4S« Chester Iron Co., Cheater, N. J.— 
Iroaore. T 64. 111 

949 Danville Iron Co., Danville, Pa.— 
Railroad iron. T 66. iii 

860 Winch, Corydon, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Wrought iron spikes. T 66. iii 

951 Philadelphia Iron ft Steel Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Special shapes ana 
manufactures of iron. T 66. 11 1 

351'* Ward, Lr. B., Nilea, O.— Common 
boiled iron. V 6t ia 63. iii 

962 Cumherland Nail ft Iron Co^ 
Uridgetoo, N. J.— Wrought iron pipe. T 
66. Ill 

953 Davis, O. W., jr., Bangor, Me.— 
Charcoal pig iron, fluxes, cindera ; articles 
■tade in part from Katahdin iron. T 
69. Ill 

354 Durham Iron Co., Rlegelsville, Pa. 
— Flux, pig iron, and cinders. T 64. i z 1 

365 Glendon Iron Co., Baston, Pa.— 
Flux. sUg, and pig iron. T 64. 11 1 

856 Selma, Rome, ft Dalton Railroad, 
by S. W. Baird, Oncinnati, O.— Char- 
coal nig iron, slag and charcoal, spiegel, 
car wheek. X 64. iii 

969 Northampton Furnace, worked by 
the Bethlehem Iron Co^. Betnlehem, Pa.— 
Pig iron, flux, slags. T 64. iii 

360 I^high Iron Co., AUentown, Pa.— 
FlujK , slag, and pig iron. T 64. iii 

861 Bethlehem Iron Co., Bethlehem, 
Pa.— Charges and products of iron, Besse- 
mer, and spiegeleisen furnaces ; products 
from Besftemer steel mill. T 64. iii 

362 Bmaus Iron Co., AUentown, Pa.— 
Flux, slag, and iron. T 64. iii 

363 Coleraine Iron Co., Northampton 
county. Pa.— Pig iron. T64. iii 

364 Thomas Iron Co^ Hokendauqua, 
Pa. — Iron and flux. T64. iti 

865 AUentown Rolling Mill Co.. Allen- 
town. Pa.— Flux, iron, and sla^nst-plate 
bolts, nuts, spikes, rivets, etc. T 64. iii 

866 AUentown Iron Co., AUentown, 
Pa.— Pig iron. T 64. in 

867 Lehigh Valley Iron Co., Copley, 
Pa. — Pig iron, cinders. T 64. in 

368 Carbon Iron Co., Parr^ille, Pa.— 
Flux, slag, and pig iron. 1 64. in 

969 Sancon Iron Co., Hellertown, Pa. 
— Pig iron. T 64. in 

870 Catasauaua Iron Co., Cataaauqua, 
Pa. — Rollea iron and steel, iron and steel 
bars beat hot and cold and (raciured. T 
64- III 

871 Lehigh Zinc Co., Bethlehem, Pa.— 
Metallic and sheet zinc, zinc oxide. T 
64. in 

372 Stewart ft Co., South Easton, Pa. 

— Round, square, and triangular iron wh^. 

T64. in 

878 Ooagh, Edward, AUentown, Pa.— 

Tnraed rolls. T 65. in 

874 Bay State Iron Co., Boston, Mass. 

— Homogeneous iron boiler plates and 

iroo. T64. in 

876 Co-operative Iron ft Steel Works, 

Danville^ Pa. — T and street passenger 

railroad iron. T 63. in 

876 Sbalter, R. M., Carrick Pnmaeet 

Ffankila county, Pa. — Cold-bbst pig iron. 

T63 in 

Par dassw ef eadubils, indicntcd by Munben 

377 Philadelphia ft Reading Railroad 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— R;\ils. T 72. in 

878 Mintzer. S.J. W., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Silicon steel. T 63. 111 

379 Shelby Iron Co.. Shelby Iron 
Works, Ala. — Charcoal pi^ iron, chilled 
castings, wire rods, cotton ties. T 71. in 

880 Chrome Steel Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
— Chrome steel, with samples snowing 
tortional, tensile, and compressive strength; 
welded chrome steel and iron; ingredients 
of manufacture. T 64. in 


881 Cartw right, McCurdy, A Co., 
Youngstown, O. — Hoop, hand, and horsc« 
shoe iron and steel. V 63 ama T 64. in 

882 Burton, 1. P., Massillon, O.— Iron 
from Massillon Furnace. V 63. in 

883 Rockhill Iron ft a>al Co., 
delphia. Pa. — Pig iron. T 7a. 

884 Tecumseh Iron Co.^ Tecumseh, 
Ala. — Charcoal pig iron, limestone, char- 
coal. T 70. ni 

886 Albany ft Rensselaer Iron ft Steel 
Co., Troy, N. Y.— Bessemer steel and 
iron rails, plates, merchant bars, axles, 
horseshoes, etc. T 63. in 

886 Nes,CharlesM.. York, Pa.— Silicon 
steel ; steel and steel capped rails. T 63. 


888 Grand Tower Mining, Manufac* 
turing, ft Transportation Co., Grand 
Tower, lU. — Iron ore products ; cokes. T 
68. nz 

889 Globe Rolling Mill Co., Cincinnati, 
O. — Specialties, Globe Norway iron ana 
Globe refined iron. Iron, T 63. in 

890 Lackawanna Iron ft Coal Co.. 
Scraaton, Pa. — Sted and iron railroad 
bars. T 63. iii 

891 Passaic Rolling Mill Co., Paterton. 
N. J.— Rolled iron, rivets, nutt. T 
64. Ill 

892 Cox. Justice, Jr., ft Co., PhiladeU 
phia. Pa. — Pig, bar, sheet, tank, pipe, and 
angle iron; spikM, railway car axles. 
T 70. in 

894 Rogers,!, ft J., Iron Co., Ausable 
Forks, N. Y.— Round and square iron and 
charcoal billets for steel, from Palmer 
ore. T 6a. in 

895 Vesuvius Furnace, Etna Iron 
Work.s, I ronton, Ohio.— Pig iron, cold 
blast charcoal car-whc«l iron. T 68. in 

396 Etna Furnace, Etna Iron Co., 
Hanging Rock, O.— Pig iron, cold-blast 
charcoal car>whed iron. T 68. lit 

897 Alice Furnace, Etna Iron Works, 
Hanging Rock, O.— Pig iron, "Whit- 
wdi ovens," and Ferry process. T 68. ni 

897^ Briar Hill Iron ft Coal Company, 
Youngstown, O. — Pig Iron of various 
grades. V 61 /# 64. in 

898 Blanche Furnace, Etna Iron 
Works, Ironton, Ohio.— Pig Irons, Whit- 
well hoc blast and Ferry process. T 
68. in 

899 Heda Iron ft Mining Co. (John 
Campbell, President), Ironton, O.— Pig 
hon, cold Uast charooal car- wheel irons. 
T 68. Ill 

89!^<i Stmthera Iron Co., Yeangatowii, 
O.*— Bewemer, Ibundry, and gray foige 
pig iron. V 61 /# 63. iii 

at end of sntriss, 



Metallurgical Products. 

400 Monitor Furnace Co., Ironton, 
O. — Pig iron, cold blast charcoal car- 
wheel iron. T68. lit 

401 Mount Vernon Furnace, Hiram 
CAmpbell & Sons, 1 ronton, U. — Pig iron, 
hot blast charcoal foundry iron. T68. iii 

401« Brooke, E. ft G., Birdsboro', Pa.— 
Keystone pig iron. T 67. in 

402 Grant Furnace, W. D. Kellv & 
Sons, Ironion, O. — Pig Iron, hot blast 
charcoal i runs. T 68. in 

403 Center Furnace, W. D. Kelly & 
Sons, Ironion, O. — Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal irons. T 68. in 

404 Howard Furnace Charcoal Iron 
Co., I ronton, O. — Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal irons. T 68. in 

409 Buckhora Furnace, Charcoal Iron 
Co., Ironton, O.— Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal irons. T 68. in 

406 Olive Furnace, Campbell, McQu- 
gin, & Co , Ironton, O. — Pig iron, hot 
bl.i.«t charcoal iron. T 68. in 

407 Lawrence Furnace Co., IrontoiK 
O.— Pig iron, hot blast charcoal iron. T 
68. in 

408 Pine Grove Furnace, Means, Kyle, 
& Co., H.Tnging Rock, O.— Pig iron, hoi 
blast charcoal irons. T 68. in 

409 Ohio Furnace, Means, Kyle, ft Co., 

Hanging Rock, ().— Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron, T 68. in 

410 Ironton Furnace Iron and Steel 
Co., Ironion, 0.~Pig iron, Player hot 
blast. T68. in 

411 Belfont Iron Works, Ironton, 
0.— Pig iron, Player hot blasu T 63. 


418 Washington Furnace, Union Iron 
Co., Portsmouth^ ().— Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron. 1 68. in 

413 Scioto Furnace, L. C. Robinson ft 
Co., Portsmouth. O.—Pig iron, hot blast 
charcoal iron. T 68. in 

414 Bloom Furnace, John Paul ft Co., 
Portsmouth, O.—Pig iron, hot blast char- 
coal iron. T 68. in 

416 Clinton Furnace,W. I. Bell,Whcel- 

crsburg, O. — Pig iron, hot blast charcoal 
iron, r 68. ni 

416 Buckeye Furnace Co., Jackson. 
(). — Pig iron, hot blast charcoal iron. T 
68. in 

417 Cambria Furnace^ D. Lewis ft Co., 

Samsonvillc, O. — Pig iron, hot blast char- 
coal iron. T 68. in 

418 Jackson Furnace, L. P. N. Smith's 
heirs. Sciotoville, O.—Pig iron, hot bUut 
charcoal iron. T 68. in 

419 Jefferson Furnace Co., Oak Hill, 
O. — Pig iron ; cold blast charcoal car* 
wheel and machinery iron. T 68. in 

420 Orange Iron Co., Jackson, O.—Pig 
iron, hot blast Jackson county stone coal 
iron. T 68. in 

421 Star Fumare Co., Jackson, O.—Pig 
iron, hot blast Jackson county stone coal 
iron. T68. in 

422 Huron Iron Co., Jackson, O.— Pig 
iron, hoc blast Jackson county stone coal 
iron. T68. in 

428 Tropic Furnace Co., Jackson, O.— 
Pig iron, hot blast Jacksun county stor.e 
coal iron. T 68. 1 1 1 

424 Globe Iron Co., Jackson, O.- Pig 
iron, hot blast Jackson county stone coal 
iron. T68. in 

425 Fulton Furnace, Globe Iron Co., 
Jackson, O.—Pig iron, hot blast JacLvoii 
county stone coal iron. T 68. 1 1 1 

426 Ophir Furnace Co., Jackson, O.-- 
Hoi blast pig iron. T 68. 111 

427 Milton Furnace ft Coal Co., 
Wellston, O. — Pig iron, Jackson couiuy 
softener iron. T 68. 111 

428 Wellston Coal ft Iron Co., Wells- 
ton, O. — Pig iron, Jackson county sionc 
coal iron. T 68. in 

429 Lincoln Furnace, I. M. McGhee't 

estate, Rud's Mills, O. — Pig iron, cold 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. in 

480 Eagle Furnace, L. C. Damarin ft 

Co., Rud's Mills, c3.— Pig iron, hot blasi 
charcoal iron. 1 68. in 

481 Richland Furnace Co., Richland 
P. O., O.—Pig iron, hot blast charcoal 
iron. T68. in 

432 Hope Furnace, L. C. Damarin A 
Co., Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. in 

433 Hamden Furnace, L. C. Damarin 
& Co., Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. ni 

434 Vinton Furnace, Bancroft, Rader, 
& Co., Vinton Station. O.— Pig iron, 
hot blast bituminous coal and coke irons. 
T68. in 

435 Kevstone Furnace Co., Porta- 
mouth, O. — Pig iron, hot blast cliarcoal 
iron. T 68. in 

436 Monroe Furnace, Union Iron Co., 
Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot blast char- 
coal iron. T 68. in 

437 Latrobe Furnace, Bundy ft Cobb, 

IJerlin Cros.<-roads, O. — Pig iron, hot 
blast charcoal iron. T 68. in 

438 Logan Furnace Co., Logan county, 
O. — rig iron, hoc blast cluurcual iron. 
T68. in 

489 Union Furnace, Brooks & Hucston, 
Haydcnsville, O. — Pig iron, hoi blast 
charcoal iron. T 68. in 

440 Pascal Iron Works, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Cast iron work for Main Exhioi * 



441 Lewis, Oliver, ft Phillips, Pitts* 
burg. Pa.— Iron in merchant Mrs and odd 
shapes. T 64. in 

442 Roberts, Henry, Newark, N. J.— 
Iron, Bessemer steel, and cast steel y^ifc 
N69. nt 

443 Andrews. Hitchcock, ft Co., Cleve- 
land, O. — Merchant bar and sheet iron 
V 61 (064. lit 

444 Mount Savage Furnace. Lexington 
& Carter county Mining & Manufacturing 
Co., Lexington, Ky.— Pig iron, hoi blast 
charcoal iron. T 08. txi 

444a Himrod Furnace Co.. Younc»«> 
town, O. — Bessemer, Ibunaiy, and iorgv 
pig iron. V 61 /^ 64. xis 

Foe locaticB of oh^acis,indica ta d by letter and ignw, sea Key toNot>lfao,p«si5a^oii iid i ^ ^ 

^^ ^gi^edbyCiOOgTe 



Metallurgical Products. 

445 Baffiilo Poraacet CalberUon, B&r- 

han,&Co.,Grcenupsburg, Ky.— Pig iron, 
hoc and cold blast charcoal iron. T 
68. Ill 

445^ Andrews ft Hitchcock, Youngs- 
town, O. — Scotch, foundry, Ibrge, and mill 
iron, V 61/^64. tii 

446 Hunnewell Furnace, Eastern Ken- 
uicky Railway Co., Riverton, Ky.— Pig 
iron, hot blast charcoal foundry iron. T 
63. Ill 

446^ Liking Iron Co., Newark, O,— Pig 
iron. W bi U64. in 

447 Pennsylvania Furnace, Eastern 
Kentucky Railway Co., Riverton, Ky. — 
Pig iron, hot blast charcoal foundry iron. 
T68. Ill 

448 Charlotte Furnace Co., Riverton, 
Ky. — Pig iron, hot blast charcoal foundry 
iron. T68. iii 

449 Laurel Furnace, Robert Scott A 
Co., Riverton, Ky.— Pig iron, cold, blast 
charcoal car- wheel iron. T 68. izi 

460 Oallia Furnace, Norton, Campbell, 
& Co.. Portsmouth, O. — Pig iron, hot 
blast cnarcoal iron. T 68. zii 

451 Raccoon Miniojg and Manufactur- 
ing Co., Riverton, Ky. — Pig iron, hot and 
cold blast charcoal iron. T 68. iii 

462 Ashland Furnace, Lexington ft 
Big Sandy Railroad Co., Ashland, Ky.— 
Pig iron, bituminous coal, and Player hot 
blast. T68. iii 

468 Bellefonte Furnace, MeanSj Rus- 
sell, & Means, Ashland, Ky.— Pig iron; 
hoc blast charcoal foundry iron. ToS. iii 

464 Norton Iron Works, Ashland. 
Ky. — Pig iron, nail plate, nails. T 
68. XII 

466 Bnena Vista Furnace, Means ft Co., 
Ashland, Ky. — Pig iron, hot blast char- 
coal iron. T 68. iii 

466 Trigg Furnace, D. Hillman ft Sons, 
Empire Iron Works, Ky. — Pig iron, cin- 
ders, etc.; hot blast charcoal iron. T 
68. Ill 

467 Center Furnace. D. Hillman ft 
Sons, Empire Iron Works, Ky. — Pig iron, 
hot Mast charcoal iron. T 68. iii 

468 Empire Iron Works, Trigg county. 
Ky. — Samples of boiler plate and refined 
cbarcoal iron. T 68. iii 

469 Cleveland Malleable Iron Co., 
Qevcland, O.— Malleable iron castings 
and tackle blocks ; fifth wheels. T 55. iii 

460 Traber ft Aubery, Cincinnati. 
O. — Broken car- wheels, chill tests, and 
castings from Hanging Rock pig Iron ; pig 
iron. T 68. iii 

461 Hanging Rock Iron Region, Iron- 
ton, O.— Pig iron. T68. Ill 

462 Sellers, William, ft Co., Edjremoor 
Iron Co,^ Wilmington, Del. — Wrought 
and cast iron work for Main Exhibiuon 

468 Roberts, A. ft P., Pencoyd Rolling 
Mills, Philadelphia. Pa.— Wrought iron 
work for Main Exhioition Building. 11 1 

464 Morris,Tasker, ft Co.. Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Cast iron work for Main Exhibition 
Building. iiz 

For flsfifi of eahibits. Indicated by ntunbers 

466 Watson Manufacturing Co.. Pater- 
son, N.^. — Iron framework of the Mair 
Exhibition Building. ui 

466 Pusey, Jones, ft Co., Wilmington, 
Del. — Iron work for Machinery Hall, iii 

467 State of Michigan Qay A. Hubbell, 
Houghton, Mich., Superintendent of Min- 
eral Uepartment). — V 67. 

« Pig, ingot, and manufactured iron and 
stMl. 1) I 

^ Ingot, bar, and rolled copper in its various 
stages. iia 

e Maps, models, stamp-miH modd, etc. lao 

468 Manhattan Brass Co., New York. 
N. Y. — Sheet brass; bra^s, copper, ana 
zinc tubing: brass goods, niclcel-plated 
oilers, etc. T 65. iia 

460 Pope, Cole, ft Co., Baltimore Copper 
Co., Baltimore, Md — Specimens of cop- 
per mattes and slags, and refined copper ; 
metallurgical products. T 64. iia 

470 Revere Copper Co., Boston, Mass. 
— Copper and yellow metal sheets and 
bars; tinned metal for stove reservoirs; 
bronze cannon cast by a patented process. 
T 64. iia 

471 Pennsylvania Lead Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. — Refined pi^ lead from ores of 
Colorado and Utah. 1 63. 1 13 

478 Benedict A Burnham Manufactur- 
ing Co., Waterbury, Conn. — Sheet bnus, 
German silver, brass tubing, rods, and 
wire, lamp burners, etc. T 61. 113 

478 Passaic Zinc Co., Passaic^ N. T.— 
Zinc ingots, foil, castings, and oxide; sheet 
zinc. 1* 63. 113 

478'> Crocker Bros, ft Co., Taunton, 
Mass.— T 61. 

« Copper and yellow metal. its 

6 Zinc. 113 

474 Holmes, Booth, ft Haydens, Water- 
bury, Conn. — Brass and German silver 
wire, tubing, rivets, lamp trinunings, burn- 
ers. T 61. 113 

476 Matthiessen ft Hegeler Zinc Co., 
La Salle, III.— Refined spelter; sheet tin 
to show the thickness of tne common num- 
bers. Various sizes of casks for shipment. 
Rolled zinc plates for galvanic batteries, 
lithographing, etc. T 70. 113 

477 Wharton, Joseph, Camden, N. J.— 
Nickel goods. T 63. 1 14 

478 Taylor, N. ft G., Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Tin plate patterns. T 6a. 114 

480 Scovill Manufacturing Co., Water- 
bury, Conn.— Sheet brass ; German silver, 
gola and silver plated metal ; lamps and 
trimmings: hinges, buttons, thimbles, 
castors, metal tubes, etc. P 67. 114 

481 Ansonia Brass ft Copper Co., An- 
sonia, Conn. — Brass and copper good*;. 
sheet metal and wire, planished brass and 
copper. T 54. 114 

488 Waterbury Brass Co., Waterbury, 
Conn., and 5a Beekman street, New York, 
N. Y.— Brass and German silver in sheets, 
rolls, wire, and tubes; brass kettles, cop- 
per and brass rivets and bolts ; percussion 
caps, all qualities; powder flasks, shot 
belts and pouches; game baugs, metallic 
eyelets, and tape measures. T 63. 114 

488 Lancroft.C. E. ft H.B., Pair Haven, 
Conn. — Sulphates of nickel, ammonia, 
cobalt, and aluminum. P 68. 114 

at end of entries, see ClassificaUon, pp. 27-45. 


Mining Bngineering. 

Mining Engineering. 

484 Holley. Alexander L., New York. 
N. Y. — Exhibit relating to metaUurgical 
engineering. ( IVlut gaJUry. ) 1 20 

485 State of New Jersev (by Geo. H. 

Cook, State Geologist, New Brunswick, 
N. T.).— Geological maps, mine maps, mine 
andf rein models. T 70. 


t90<s I^we, S. B., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

— Map of Chattanooga iron dUtrict. X 

63. • xao 

For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. as ; ground plan, p. 96 

4^6 Prince, Franklin. A Bollock. B. L., 
Audcnried, Pa.— Model of the Wharton 
anthracite coal vein at Beaver Brook 
collieries, Audenried, Pa. T 60. xat 

487 Hanford, Theodore, Jersev City 
N.J. — Specimen of the strata of the Grav* 
elpit Gold Mines of Ballarat, Viaoria 
Australia. T 64. xst 

488 Charleston, S. C. Mining ft Manu- 
facturing Co., Philadelphia, Fa. — Model 
of their works. Y 60. xai 



American Newspaper Union. 

A. J. AIBLBNS, Preeident. 
New York N«w«paper Union, 1 3,5 newspapers, W.00 per line, per week. 

148 and 150 Worth St., New York, j r r j 

Chicago Newspaper Uaion, \ 31^ « 13 5q « u 

X14 Monroe St., Chicago. J 

Milwaukee Newapaper Union, \ ion 

365 East Water St., MUwaukce. j '*" 

Ailcens Newspaper Union, 1 200 

143 Race St., Cincinnati. J 

Sovtiiern Newspaper Union, 1 ^ak 

337 Second St., Memphis, Tenn. / 

St Paul Newspaper Union, 

27 Wabashaw St., St. Paul, Minn 



$ .75 


Co-operative newspaper printing, as now practised, originated in Wisconsin twelve years ago. 
It is termed co-operative for the reason that one side of each of the newspapers is printed at a 
central office, and the paper sent in its half-printed state to the home office, where it is completed 
with editorials, local news, and other matter prepared by the editor or publisher. In December, 
1846, the idea of co-operation, •with advertisements, occurred to Mr. Aikens, while yet serving 
his time as an apprentice, in printing the message of President Polk on one side of a country 
newspaper of New England at Boston, and the other half being printed at the local office. 

Mr. A. J. Aikens, a practical printer and business man, conceived the idea of reducing the 
cost of ready-printed paper, as it is now termed, to country publishers, by making an agreement 
with them to use a certain space in each of their papers for advertisements that he might procure. 
This plan of co-operation he put into practice twelve years ago, at the office of Cramer, Aikens 
& Cramer, Milwaukee. It at once became successful, leading to the establishment of co-operadre 
newspaper printing-offices in Chicago, New York, St. Loub, Cincinnati, Memphis, St. Paul, and 
other places. There are now over two thousand newspapers printed upon the co-operative plan 
in the United States and Canadas, and the number is constantly increasing, it having more than 
doubled in the last five years. The enterprise is no longer an experiment, but an established suc^ 
cess, and the system is one yielding manifold advantages to advertisers as wdl as to local pub- 
lishers. ^ 

Tb American ITewspaper tTuon 

Is essentially national. The papers represented in it are located in all the States of the Union 
and in nearly five hundred county seats. They circulate over the whole area of the cotmtry 
from Maine to Colorado, distributing at least one hundred copies every year to each square miU 
qf the settled portions of the United States, 

Although, as a whole, the Union List is national, covering all sections, it is so made up of 
different members as to be susceptible of easy division into sections — ^East, Middle, West, South. 
The distribution of the papers is as follows : t 

New England 78 

New York loi 

New Jersey 27 

Pennsylvania 65 

Virginia 24 

No. and So. Carolina . . 24 

Ohio .222 

Indiana . 81 

Illinois X17 

Michigan 86 

Wisconsin 98 

Tennessee 29 

Kentucky 29 

Minnesota 79 

Iowa 85 

Nebraska 25 

Missouri 17 

Georgia 10 

Alabama 33 

Louisiana xz 

Mississippi 29 

Other States 4< 


The circulation of these papers b large and constantly increasing. It is larger than the cir- 
culation of any other lists or combinations of country papers in the United States — the last 
aggregate weekly circulation being seven hundred thousand seven hundred and thirty copies 



ized by Google 


8trofi0, Pare, ftnd Rich Blood, Hicpmoo of Flodi tod Wol#it, Clov Skim ind Boautibil Com- 
plexioa teoured to aU through 


Every drop of the Sarsaparillian Resolvent communicates through the Blood, Sweat, tJrIne, 
and other fluid^ and juices of the system the vigor of life, for it repairs the wastes of the body 
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Mouth, Tumors, Nodes in the Glands and other parts of the s>'siera, Sofe Eyes, Strumous Dis- 
charges from the Ears, and the woret forms of Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Fever Sorw. Scald 
Head. Ring Worm, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Acne, Black Spots, Worms in the Flesh, Tumors, 
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Sarsaparillian will and does secure, a cure is certain ; for, when once this remedy commeoccs its 
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every day the patient will feel, himself growing better and stronger, the food digesting bettej^ 
appetite improving, and flesh and weight incr^sing. Not only does the Sarsaparillian Rb- 
st>LVENT excel all known remedial agents in the cure of Chronic, Scrofulous, Constitutional, and 
Skin Diseases, but it is the only positive cure for Kidney, Bladder, and Urinary Diseases, Gravel, 
Diabetes, Dropsy, Stoppage of Water, Incontinence of Urine, Bri^ht's Disease, AJbuminaria, 
and in all cases where there are brickdust deposits, or the water is thick, cloudy, mixed with 
substance like the white of an egg, or threads like white silk, or there is a morbid, daric, biliouR 
appearance, and white bonedust deposits, and when there k a pricking, buxning sensatioo whcA 
passing water, and pain in the Small of the Back along the Loins. 

Tumor of 12 years' 0rowth carod by Rtdway's ReoolveiiL 

Beverly, Mass., July x8th, 1869. 
Dr. Radway : I have had Ovarian Tumor in the ovaries and bowels. Au the doctors said 
" there tuos no help for it." I tried everything that was recommended, but nothinz helped me. 
I saw your Resolvent, and thought I would try ic, hnthadnejkitk in it, because Ihad suffered 
for TWELVE YEARS. I took sLc bottles of the Resolvent, one box of Radway's Pills, and 
used two bottles of your READY RELIEF, and there is not a sign of a tumor to be seen or/eit^ 
and I feel BETTER, SMARTER, and happier than I have for twelve years. The worst tumor 
was in the left side of the bowels, over the groin. I write this to you for the benefit of others. 
You can publish if you choose. • • • • HANNAH P. KNAPP. 

badway^sIeuiaby tcfxtef 

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ment need any one suffer with pain. Radway's Ready Relief is a cure for every pain. It was 
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allays Inflammations, and cures Congestions, whether of the Lungs, Stomach, Bowels, Or odier 
glands or organs, by one application^ infrffm one to twenty minutes. No matter how violent or 
excruciating the pain the Rheumatic^ Bedridden, Infirm, Crippled, Nervous, Netualgic, or pros- 
trated with disease may suffer, 

Wm afford Instant ease. Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of the Bladder, Inflamimt- 
tion of the Bowels, Congestion of the Lungs, Sore Throat, piificali Breathing, Palpiution of the 
Heart, Hysterics, Croup, Diphtheria, Catarrh, Influenza. Headache, Toothache. Neuralgia, 
Rheumatism, Cold Chills, Ague Chills. The application <A the READY RELIEF to the part 
or parts where the pain or difficulty exists will afford ease and comfort. Twenty dnops in a naif 
tumbler of water will, in a few moments, cure Cramps, Spasmsi Sour Stomach, Heartburn, Sick 
Headache, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Colic, Wind in the Bowels, and all Internal Pains. Travelers 
Should always carry a bottle of RAP WAY'S RELIEF with them. A few drop* in water will 
prevent sickness or pains from change of water. It is better than French Brandy or Bitters as a 

FEVER AND AGUE cured for fifty cents. There is not a remedial af;ent In this woi^d 
thai will cure Fever and Ague and air other Malarious, Bilious, Scarlet, Typhoid, Yellow, and 
other Fevers faided by RADWAY'S PILLS) as quick as RADWAY'S R^DY RELIEF. 
^ Fiily cents per bottle. 


Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated, for the cwre of all Disorders of Hie Stomach, Liver, Bowels, 
. Kidneys, Bladder, Nervous Diseases, Headache, Constipation, Costiveness, Indigestion,. Dys- 
pepsia, Biliousness, Bilious Fever, Inflammation of the Bowels, Piles, and all Derangements of 
the Internal Viscera. Warranted to effect a Positive Cure. RADWAY'S PILLS wiU free the 
system from all the above-named disorders. Price> 95 feats per box. 

Read FALSE AND TRUE. Send one letter stamp to Radway & Co., No. 3a Wanen 
Street, New York, information worth thousands wiU bo sent you. 

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{North ofNave^ Columns 23 tojSJ) 

Itinerals, Ores, Stone, Mining and Metallurgical Producta. 

Xlnands, Orei, Stono, Minixig 

1 "West CmnberUnd Troa ft Steel Co. 

(limited), Workingtoo, Cumbeiiand. 

M Iroa ores. xoo 

1 Coal And coin. xor 

tf LiflMStoae. 103 

\a ^Vhitwell, Thomas, 8tockton-on- 
T^.— CumbcriaiKl ores. 100 

% Wicaa Coal ft Iron Co. (limited). Wl- 
g&n, Lancashire, £nsiand. — Cannd and 
gas coal. XQX 

5 Penrose A Richards, Swansea, 
Sowh Walas.—Coke fiiel. xoi 

4 Dixon, Frederick, London.— Patent 
fucL xox 

§ Dudgeon, Arthur, Westminster, 
London. — Peat fitei, manufactured by the 
Irish Peat Fuel Co. xoi 

6 Llodlev. Robert Charles, Mansfield, 
No(tiiixhaa»»hire.— Stones from the Mans- 
fidd quarries. loa 

7 Cwmorthin Slate Co. (limited), 
Portmadoc, . North Wales. — Roofing 

8 Hunter, James, Aberdeen, Scotland. 
— Red polished granite monument. xoa 

9 Macdonald, Field, ft Co., Aberdeen 
Granite Works, Aberdeen, Scotland.— 
Polished red granite monument. loa 

1 Pen-yr-orsedd Slate Quarry Co. (lim- 
ited), (Carnarvon, North Wales. — Roofing 
slater, slate slabs, cisterns, ridges for roofs, 
billtaid slabs, slate partly manufac> 
tared. , xoa 

11 Shearer. Smith, ft Co., Dalbeattie 
Granite (^uapies, Scotland.— Scotch pol- 
ished granite, and street paving 
blodcs. loa 

12 Bcssbrook Granite Works, Bess- 
brook, Ireland. — Bltia and gray Irish 

anites in h eadstones, monumenu, and 

18 Great North of Scotland Granite Co. 
(Umiicd), Peterhead, Scotland. — Monu- 
d vase in p<dished red 

lS« Campbell, Hugh, & Son, Newry.— 
Polished granite. loa 

a4 Hollick ft Co., Greenwich, London. 
—Portland cement. X03 

li Patent Selenitic Cement Cs. (limi- 

ted), London. — Method of preparing lime 

fur mortar, for plastering imd brickwork, 

and also for concrete. , xoj 

For Hiisrt of otiimw;», fadJcatsd by niunbers 

1 6 Wouldham Cement Co., Wouldham- 
on-the-Medway. Kent. England.— Porl- 
laft cement ana its incredients in differ- 
ent stages of manufacture. Concrete 
blocks and, ochei objects made there- 
from. 103 

1 7 Lavers. Alfred Hamilton. London.— 
Portlano cement, test blodcs, 'eemcnts, 
plaster of Paris, wliiting. 103 

17« Busse, G., ft Co., London.— Ce- 
ment. 10 J 

18 Francis ft Co., CHfTe Creek, Roches- 
ter.— Ceraeau, cement concr^, parian 
scagliola, and decorated parian. 103 

19 Grajrs Chalk Quarries Co. (limited) 
Grays, Essex. 

m Cbalk, whiting, kihidtied chalk, gilden' 

whiting, X03 

b Flint. X06 

80 Eastwood ft Co. (limited), Lon- 
don. — Portland cement. X03 

21 Pike, William Joseph, Wareham, 
Dorsetshire.— Clays. 104 

23 Harrison. George King. Lye ft Bret- 

teU Lane Fire Clay Mines & Brick Works, 
Stourbridge, England.— Stourbridge fire 
clays. 104 

23 Dunn, Robert, ft Co., St. Austell, 
Cornwall. — China clay, in its raw mate- 
rial ; samples for pottuig, bleaching, paper 
manufacturing, etc 104 

24 Oakey, John, ft Sons, Wellington 
Mills, London.— Crude emery sione; 
grain emery ; flour emery. 106 

24« Star Plate ft Universal Polishing 
Powder Co., London. — Plate and polish- 
ing powder. xo6 

MetallTirgical Prodnota. 

25 Johnson, Matthey, ft Co., London. 
—Articles in platinum; rare and pre- 
cious metals. xzo 

26 Wigan Coal ft Iron Co. (limited), 
Wiean, Lancashire. — Hematite, foundry, 
and forge pig iron. xxz 

27 Great Western Iron Co., Sondley 
Newnham. — Pig iron ixi 

28 West- Cumberland Iron ft Steel Co. 
(limited), Workington, Cumbcriand.— 
rig iron, spiegeleisen, granulated blast 
furnace slag, Bes-semer steel iu the ingot ; 
steel forcings, rails and rail sections, 
boiler and bridge plates, railway chairs, 
etc. : samples llhistraUng the testing of 
steel, and lU metallurgy. ui 

L end of entries, see Oassificatkm, pp. sy-^ LC 


Metallurgical Products. 

29 Smith, Frederick, ft Co., Caledonia 
Works, HalifauK, Yorkshire. — Rope, rig- 
ging, telegraph, card, reed, and bonnet 
wire ; iron in its various stages of maiitt> 
fiicture Into wire. ^ izi 

80 Houghton. William Dickson, War- 
rington. — wire for special and general 
purposes. xzz 

80a Tavler. D. P., ft Co., New Hall 
Works, Birmingham. — ^Iron, steel, brass, 
and copper wire. zii 

81 Edge ft Sons, Coalport Works, 
Shropshire. — Wire ropes and chfixa for 
mining and engineering purposes. xxz 

8X« Hawksworth. Ellison, ft Co., Car- 
lisle Works. ShelBeUi.— Steel, and articlea 
made therent>m. ^ ixx 

82 Ash ft Lacy, Globe Works, Sta£fbrd- 
shire. — Galvanised, tinned, plain, and 
corrugated iron sheets; paforated sine, 
metak, etc. xzi 

82a Ward ft Payaa, Shaffiald.— 
Steel. xxz 

82^ WhitweU, Thomas, Stocktoa-oa- 
Tee^ — Pig iron. xzi 

88 Cammell, Charles, ft Co. (limited), 
Cyclops Steel & Iron Works, Sheffield.— 
Rolled iron armor plates. xxi 

Z4t Siemens, Charles William, Londoa. 
—Specimens of iron and steel. xxz 

84a Jessop, William, ft Sons (limited), 

Sheffield.— Steel hi ban, sheets, and 

large and small plates. zxt 

For dasMt of exhibits, indicated by i 

34^ Hatton, Sons, ft Co., Bilston, Staf- 
m Charcoal sheet iron. zxz 

3 Charcoal tin plates. Z13 

85 Baldvtdn, B. P. ft W., Wildea 
Works, near Stourport. 

a Button and sheet iron Uack plates. zzi 

6 Tin and teme plates ; tinned sheets. 1x3 

35a Warrington Wire Rope Works, 

Liverpool. — Wire ropes, cord, etc. xi x 

86 Brown, John, ft Co. (limited), Atlaa 
Steel & Iron Works. Sheffield.— Armor 
plates; naval engineering. {In ^acki$t*ry 
Tidily) ixi 

87 Swansea Tin Plate Co., The Tia ft 
Teme Plate -Alanufacturers^wansea Tia 
Plate Works, Swansea.— Tin- and teme 
I^tes. U3 

88 Nash, Henry, ft Co., Liverpool.— 
Tin and teme plates, black platis, and 
patent continuous roofing teme plate, xzj 

80 Governor ft Company of Copper 
Miners In England, London.— Tia and 
teme plates. xs3 

40 More wood, S., ft Co., Llaaelly. 

m Tin and teme plates. 1x3 

i Machines for manufactining tin sad teme 

plate, and galvanised sheet iron. sxs 

41 Phosphor Broase Co. (limited), 
London.— Phosphor bronse todls, locks, 
keys, tubes, wixe, sheet, steam iningB, 
parts of machinery. zx4 

{N. B, Em^HsM ExhiiUs im this d^ 
fartment are aUo vutalkd in Agricultm' 
ral Hall, and catalogued in that volmme,) 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 


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[Ntrtk c/Mkvf, Caimmm to $$ if») 

Stone, Mlnii^ Products, M^taUlu'glcikl Pfodvcts* 

Miiiinls, Ores, St»o«, Miaiag 

1' Panyni Iroo ft Coal Co., N«1«ob. 

k Coal froai tiM Aoiwt riror. loi 

, « UMHMaa mad as a flax fcr hiaMiltw 

ora. 103 

t|ohaatoAa Broa., Nalaaa*— Hcaiatte 


S Nclaoo Commlttaa, Neiaoa. 
« Iroa, ploiabafo, pJeaa^ noc blen4e, 00^ 
, per, aadaeay, and argentiferous lead 


'. xoe 

§ Omk tnm CMlbnokdala, M( 

e Mariiiafta»RMtfaaafca,Gold< 
d Poradaia day* tnm Pakaaraa 

I, Golden JBaT. xoe 
% dayalToai Pakaaraa andRua- 
ttaattia fioia GoUife CtaUr. Col- 

4 Louiaaoo, T. B., Nalaoa^— IrOB ora, 
MilciarfhOB or«. ioo 

5 Waahbovra, W. B^ N0toMi.»Ar. 

idoce. xoo 

6 Taraaakl Commlttaa. 
tfTicaaic iroo laad, older tertiary mxtX. 
tnoijfta MoUa, tracaifta wUi cryatale of 

i Ligaita from Uraaol, loc 

€ Fatten' day from Ureaoi. 104 

▼ Coloalal Ma aattm, Waniagtoa.— 

lamea Hector, Director. 
tfCoOactioo of miaaralt, aaamlainf aMC" 

aetic iroa, hematite, chrome, copper, laad. 

J SpedaKot ilhtttntfaif dM damlftcation of 
New Zre land coals; petroleiuas from 
Susar LoafPbint.Waiapu,Waipawa. xos 
€ IfatUe from Conlafwood, Keboo. xos 
/Scaathefl«mParBpamVa&ey,Kelsoa. 104 
For damm of ashihits, iad i ca t ad by aombers 

% Kaooady Brothara, Nalaott* 
'a Codf from tlie Brunner Mine, and coke 
manu&ctured from h. loi 

i Raw and ground fire day. 104 

9 AIMoo Cool Co., MalaoB.— Coal from 

10 Raid.AlaKandar W., Caatarbory.— 
Coal frdm Kawai Pau. 101 

11 Oakdaa^. J.. Caatarbory.— Aathra- 
dm oaal nma Lake Coleridga. 101 

ISRowIay, yVUwi. ft Co., Otago.- 
Coal from Shag Pdnt, Fahaerstoa. xoi 

18 Roaa. A., Povartjr Baj, Ancklaad.— 
PetroleiUB. tot 

14 WUaoB, W., ChrlatchvMh.— Hawa 
white and yallow limmtnoa. iqs 


■itallufiMl Produeta. 


eplmad Coiamiaaloaara.— 
of afiuvial gold and gold-bear- 
ii^l qaarts from Auckland, Wesuand, and 
Ougo, collectad by the Baakof New Zea- 
land, xxo 

16 OoToramoatof Nov Jaalaad.— Spae- 
imensofalhivial cold from Neboo and 
Westlaad, and oTauriieroas aparta from 
the west coast; spsrlmsas of sJludal jpM 
fromOtago; bars of mdisd and isiiied 
gold ; bars of chloride of silver, and siU 
Tcr; sMMld rsprssenting gold aaported 
from New gealaml t t 6s ;5 . 1x0 

17 Nalaoa Committaa.— aoaelmaaa of 
aoriferoos <|aaru from Resmm. 110 

18 RaaftoB Committea. B p ac i raeaa of 
auriferous quarts from the laangahua and 
LyeU districts, Nelsoo. xio 

19 Tolhurst, George B.. Baak of Now 
Zealaad, WeUingtoa.— Modeb of gold in- 
gots. xxo 

c 00** of eatrim, sea ClsmiUcatipo, pp. S7-45. 


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(N9rtk e/NtPe, Cdhmtu r$io rs*) 
Minerals, ill«tftUui|^c«l Products, Mining Bng^Mering. 

HQnerali, Ores,' Stons, Xiiling Pro- 

1 McCallum, Arryle, Taat.~ Copper 
md kad oret fromWoolBnloe Mine; trtti 
ore from Bogolong. xoo 

S- Stuart. Seymour^ C-^Aoriferoah 
quaru irom Adeloog ; lode and stream tin 
ore. xooi 

3 King, P. O., Oooaoo.— Solphurat of 
antimony, horn Nundle. ' ipor 

4 Howard, John, Sofiala.— Antimony, 
from Crudine creek. x«c> 

4<> Dewhurst, Arthur, Tamworth. — 
CoHectieaofmincnkU. xoo. 

5 Coulter, Edward, Sjrdney.— Mag- 
netic iron ore containtng gold and copper, 
from Mount Lambie. loo 

ha Cle);horm,Wai.,UjRall«.-Coflection 

of minerals. xoo 

6 Department of MHMsiSydneT. 

* Mtneralogical and geological collection; 
specimens of sold from theSoudiefn, West- 
em, and Nortiiem dittrlcu ; modebofgold 
nuegeu found in New South Wales ; gold 
trc^y» sfaowiilg productioB of New South . 
Wales. xoo 

h Coal trophy. xor 

7 Towns ft Co., Sydney.— Kerosene 
shale from Murrumbidgee. 

8 Fountain, John, Qoaford, Brisbane 
Water. — Iron ore from Brisbane Wa- 
ter. - »<» 

9 King, P. O., Ooonoo Ooonoo.— Lropl- 
dodeadron fiossils from Gooooo Goo^ 

10 WilsoiK W., Monaltrie, Richmond 
rhrer,—- FoBsik. xoo 

11 Butchart, J. Htwkins, Sydney.— 
Lode and stream tin ore. xoo 

12C«4detl, Alfred, Sydneir.->riii ors 
and wash din from Vegetable Credc Tin 
Mines. xoo 

18 ^ew South Walaa Shale ft Oil Com- 
pany, Sydney. — Kerosene shale. loi 

14 T6Wn8,R., ft Co., Sydney.—Keroaeoe 
' shale fjpom Murruranoi. xoi 

1 5 Browne, Thomas. BfelfopSi Bridge. 
— Sandstone from West Maitland. xoa 

16 DougIass,'W., Sydney.— ^atc 
a quarry nearGoulbum. 

17 Young, John, Sydney. — Qranltefrom 
Alomya; marble. roe 

18 Mackintosh ft Oakes, Bathurat.— 
Kaolin. " 104 

19 Warden^ David, UUadoUa.— Kao- 
lin. X04 

Ketallurgioal ]?rodAOti. 

19« Lithgovr Valley Iroa ft Coal C6.^ 
Iron. . XXX 

20 New South Walea Cpipmissiooera. 
— Copper ingots. xxa 

21 Moore ft Co., Sydney.— Tin in 
gets. 1x3 

88 Voj^etable Creek Company, Sydney. 

— 1 in ingots. ' X13 

88 New South Wales Commissio&ara. 

* —Tin ingots, bars, and grain tin. X13 

Kidlag EngiiMeriiig. 

84 Caddell. Alfred, Sydney.— Model of 
shaft of Vegetable Creek Tin Mine, and 
report, plan, and photographs. ssi 

85 .O<>vemmont Printing Offlca, Syd^ 
ney^ New South Wales.— Jdioes and mia* 
eral statistics. xstx 

For classes of e^hibltt« Indicated by nombers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 



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lIMtk c/NiPt, CbfymMsfi io:t^.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone* Mining Prodncts. 

KneTsls* Ores, StoBs, XiniAg Pro- 

I Collection of Rotkt, IXinenas, Sitd 
FossHs, ilhistntive of the gooloey . miner- 
alogy, and muung resources of Victoria, 
exhibited for, awToo behalf of the Gvr- 
enunent, by R. Brouch Smyth, F.G.S.,' 
F.L.S., Amoc Imt. C.E., Secretary for 
Mines, and Chief Inspector of Mines for 
tbecolooy. too 

m QMtu ^neoos or plutonic rocks. 

k Newer igneous or volcanic rocks. 

€ Aqueous roclcs. 

d Upper Silurian. 


A Collectioo of mineral specimens. 

/ Economic collection : auriferous quarts. 

k Fac-similes of gold nuggets found in Vic- 

/ Economic minerab. . ' , 

iM Fossil fruit. , /. . 
% Acndin Catherine Gold Mining Com- 
pany, Sandhurst.— Oolden stone. xoo 

3 Blensdale, J. I., Melbonmo.— CoUoc- 
tion of gems and precious stones , consiftiing 
of diamonds, blue sapphires, oriental eme> 
rat<b. rubies, aqua-marines,' topazes, 
spinets, beryls, QpAki« 'garnets, tgmft^'.' 
lines, etc too 

4 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melboune/r- 

m Fac-simU^ of nuggets found In Vtctorfl, 

and mineralogicaland geological sped- 

meas. i«o 

i Coal. xoi 

g Sawn slate, Uock of granite, polished 

marble. ^ ^. ^ '<» 

d Limestones vom U!^ TbAta. 103 

g Black day^ day and sand; kaolin 

day. xoA 

/ Sharpening stones from Waagunyah. xo6 

6 Coatsrfield Gold ft Antimony Mlninf 
Co., Melbourne.— Antimony ore. xoo 

For rhmft of exhiL'ts, indicated by numbeis 

6 Hanckar, J. H. H., Melbourne.— 
Nickd Of from the Boa Kaiae Mine 
New C^edonif. xoo 

7 McGie, James, A Co.f Melbourne.— 
Nickel ofe. xoo 

^3 SheDiiiudoah Gold Mining Co., Sand- 
hurst-. — Geld-bearing quaru. 100 
9 Mining Department of Victoria, 
Melbounie.~^Coal. xbx 

10 Mansflelid Shire Council,. M^ns- 
field. — Polished marble, hewn sand- 
stone, xoe 

1 1 Artbt^x ft Dogherty, New Zealand.— 
Lithographic stone. xo6 

18 Lewis ft Wbltty, Fitsroy.— Knife 
polish. 106 

13 HattersIey,J.,Yackandandah.— Aer- 
ated waters. X07 

14 Lyon, George, Spring Creek, Beech- 
-worUi. i^emfnade,- soda water, and gin- 
ger ale« 107 

15 Rowlands *ft t;ewis, Ballarat.— 
Tonic potass, soda, lithia, and sdtzer 
waters, and ginger ale. xov 

MttallTirgioal Produoti. 

10 Bright Bros, ft Co., Melbourne.— 
Star antimony in ingots. > 13 

17 Costerfleld Gold ft Antimony Mia- 
ipg-Go.y Mdhoukte.— ^Antimony . 1 13 

18 Hodgson, Richard, Collin^wood.— 
Star ai.umo9y, pig. laaid,i)loal^ua. rx3 

19 Croaker, Scott, ft Co., Melbourne.— 
Star aatiflKW. 1x3 

Mining Engineering. 

90 Smjrtu. R. Brough. Department of 
Mines, Mdboume. — Geological maps, re> 
ports, etc. tax 

at end of entries, see Ctassificatloo, pp. 37-45. 


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{Smtk of AiSmr, CMmmu rs to ij.) 

Minerals, Ore9» Stone, Mining PcodncU. 

Kiaerals, Orei, Stone, JQaiBg Prodnoti 

1 Dapach, Joseph.— Batldlaf Btone. 
8- George* Jiio. 8.-*Bnndiiig stone. 


{North of Navt, Cohmms is to if.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Products. 

Mlneralf , Ores, Stone, WAiag Produett. 

1 Bermnds, QoreniBient of.— Top of a pillar of stalaffmlte, and a small stalaetlta 
from a tufanerttd cave. \ loo 

9 Ness, Ph.— Balldiag stoaes. aos 

For cImscs of exhibits, fawUcs t ed by mnhots et ead of satriss, sss Chnilficstina» pp. s^^s. 


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{North of North Avenrng, Colmmns ro to is.) 

Mineral and Metallurgical Products, Minini^ Engineering. 

Minerali, Orei, Stone, Kining Pro- 

1 Aplin. D.— Trophy of tio ores. 100 
S Brisbane Tin MItiing Co.— Tin ores, 

wash dirt, etc xoo 

8 Cloncurry Mine, Proprietors of.— 

Manganese. xoo 

4 Datntree, Richard.— Collection 01 
rodcs, soils, sad fossib ilhuuative of the 
ookmy. xoo 

5 Foote, Alfred.— Iron ores from West 
^loretoa. xoo 

6 Oregory, A. C— Antimony ores, xoo 

7 Henry, Captaia^— Nofget of native 
copper. xoo 

8 Hume, W. C— Collection of tin 
ores. 100 

9 Mount Marley Tin Mining Co.-Col- 
lection of tin ores.'^ xoo 

10 Perry, Matthew^— Copper pyrites. 


11 Staiger, C— Antimony ores. soo 
18 Tyrrell, J. de P.- Tin ores. xoo 

15 Wilkinson Mine, Proprietors of.— 
Cinnabar. xoo 

14 Government of Queensland. 
a Copper ores, fossils, etc., from Ipswich; 
quauts and p>ld bearing stone from Gym- 
pie, Rodchampton, RaTenswood, Cawar- 
rol. Palmer, Cloncurry, etc. xoo 

h CcMd from Ipswich. xox 

c Building stone. xoa 

d Plumbago. xes 

6 Aberdare Mine, Proprietors of.— 
CoaL xox 

16 Alexander, W. R.-Coal. xox 

17 Allora Mine, Proprietors of.— Coal. 


18 Bingera Mine, Proprietors of.— 
CoaL xox 

19 msckfellows' Creek Mine, Propri- 
etors of.— Coal. loi 

80 Blaad ft Wrifbt, Perseverance 
Mine.— Coal. xox 

81 Plarstone Creek, Proprietors of.— 
CoaL xox 

82 Qulland & Co., Ipswich.— Coal and 
coke. xox 

88 Rosewood Mine, Proprietors of.— 
Coal. tox 

24 Tivoli Mine, Proprietois of.— Coal 
and coke. 101 

25 Peak Downs Copper Mining Co.— 
Slab of polished malsbchite. xoa 

Matallurgiaal Produeti. 

86 Oovemment of Queensland. ^ 

« Gold, in nuggets, from Gympie. Rock- 
ham|Mon, Ravenswood, Cawarrol, Palmer, 
CkMKmrry, etc. xxo 

i Tin in ingots. X13 

87 Goyernment of Queensland.- Re- 
fined copper. xxs 

88 Mount Perry Copper Bfinlng Co.— 
Ingots of copper. xis 

89 Peak Downs Copper Mining Co.— 
Trophy of copper Ingou. ^ ixs 

50 Bulii^ba Tin Smelting Co.— Refined 
tin, in ingots. 

51 Mount Marley Tin Co.— Refined tfti, 
in ingots. X13 

68 Queensland Smelting ft Assajring 
Co. — Trophy of tin ingots. xx3 

Killing Enginaaring. 

SS Clifton Mine, Proprietors of.— Pos- 
sils, kaolin, etc, showing strata of mine. 

For cUsses of eidiibits, i ndicated by oumberi at end of entries, see Classificatioa, pp. S7-4S. 


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{ScutA of North Av£itue, Columns rj to is*) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining and Metallurgical Products. 

Hii^eralii Ores, Stone, Kinlng Pro- 

1 Britith & Tssmaiilan Charcoal Irott 
Co.— Iron ores. loo 

2 Hammood, VT., Hobart Town.~ 
Bumuth, froMDH Meant Ramsey. xoo 

8 H«rrap, A., Launceston,— Petrified 
wood. ICO 

4 Hull, Henry J., Hobart Town.— Tin 
ore, firom George's Bay. xoo 

5 Innes, J. H., Hobart Town.— Tin 
ore, from Rongarooma. zoo 

6 Just, T. C, Launceeton.— Iron ores 
and asbestos. « xoo 

6« Royal Society of Tasmania. — 
Topazes and beryls from Bassis Straits 
Island. xoo 

7 Smart, Dr., Hobart Town.— Gold, in 
quarts. xoo 

8 Smith, James, Launceston. — Bis- 
muth, from Mount Ramsey, xoo 

9 Stanhope Company.— Tin ore. too 
lO Harcourt, James, Hobart Town. 

a Iron ores. xoo 

b Coal from Seymour. lox 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by imabers 

1 1 Hematite Iron Works, West Tamar. 
a Iron ores. loo 
b Blue and white marble limestone. too 

12 Lyell ft Oowan, Melbonrno* 

% Tm ore from Mount Bischoff. Ma 

i Coal from river Don. rot 

e Slate from- Piper's river. xoa 

d Marble limestone from river Don. 103 

13 Groom, P., Harefield. — Coal. xoi 

14 Hartt, 1»Hobart Towa«— Coal from 
'l*^man^ Peninsular. loi 

1 5 Kermode, W. A., Mona Vale.— Gray 
and brown freestone. ids^ 

16 Raynor, E., Bridfewater. — Lime- 
stone, with fossils. aoa 

17 Coverdale, John, Port Arthur. »- 
Pipe clay. ^ X04 

KetallttTgiesl Prodnets. 

18 Harcourt, James, Hobart Town.— 
Pig iron and castings. xxs 

19 Hematite Iron Works, WestTamaf. 
—Pig iron and castings. xxi 

20 Mount Bischoff Tin Mining Co«, 

Mount PiiNchofT. — Tin, in ingots. xij 

at eml of entries, see Classificatioa, pp. a7~4S- 


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{North of Nave, Columns 22 to ij.) 

Minermls, Ores, Stone, Mining and Metallurgical Products. 

CoDcctiQos selected firom the India 
MimniM BY J. KoRBBs Watson* M^., 
M.D.^^L.D.« DiKBCTom of Tua Imoia 

HntnlSf OrM, Stmn, Mln^g Pro- 


« Iron oca and magaatic ifOD taad from the 
Madras Presideucy; iron era from the 
Bomhey Presidency ; jron ores and mas- 
s«tic iron sand firom the Bengal Prcsi- 
deacj ; chrome iron ores from Salem and 
Somn AreoC; manganese ores fifon the 
Madras Presidency: copper oroe ft%>m 
NeUoreySin^ihttro.andDeochiir; copper 
pyrites from the nills of Beloochistan ; 
malachite from Central India; lead ore 
from Deeghilr; galena from the Maladne 
sa»d Parbutti mines, and from Cntloor, 
Karpu^t Chola Nsppur, Duttiah, Uaxari* 
be^, and BdoOchistan ;(stibnite antimony 
ore) from Shigri, Busoh, liomeo, and 
Sarawak; tin stone from Junk Ceylon, 
Malacca, Kuhun, Mergui, Tenasserim, 
Lamt, and Jehore; gold sand from Putu- 
lia, Toradanally, Dandmit, Rangoon, and 
Katfeagherry; arsenical orcB fft>m Pegu» 
BurmaK. Tenasserim, Bengal, and Mad- 
ras; snItfKitr from lUngoon and Sbo- , 
nins. too 

i Cool from Nerbudda Coal and Iron Co., 
Cu ft a w Aiia , Oormoo, Chigo, and Ma- • 
bcca; lignite from DaijUing; petroleum 
aad eaphthb from Burmab. loi 

e Limestone from South Arcot, Nellore, 
Tnpnuur, MaaulnMtiam, and Beronda; 
caldte from Ranigunj; calc spar from 

ffW dasses of sxhibits. Indicated by immben 

Kabul: selenit<» from Ava; white mica 
from Salem; .»tack mica from Behar; 
agalmatoliie from Chou Nagpur ; zeolites 
from Deccan ; lime !h>m Bowaee; Salem* 
Dellary, and Sooopocah. 103 

relays, for pottery, from South Aroo^ 
Madura, North Arcot, Sadlgeri, Banga- 
lore, and Viziunagram; powdered mica 
fi^m Lahore: quant, yellow and red 
ochre, fine and china clays from Madras; 
ball aay from MaagBk>r0 and Raepore s 
raw, fine white, and orepared clay, pow- 
dered marble, red lead and red ochre from 
Patuin: litharge from Calcutta; white 
lead from Punjab- white eanh from 
Beronda: geroofrom Raepore; pink and 
Tellow earth from Paldeo; white earth 
from Punoah: yellow earth from Alipore ; 
pipe clay vom Singapore; red day from 
Duttiak; white earth from Kotee; tuUers' 
earth fitm Sind. 104 

e Graphite from Caviatten Coodid, Trevan- 
drum, Ahnorah, and Ceylon. .10$ 

y Corundum from Madras, Salem^and My- 
sore; agates and camellans from Cambay; 
¥:m sand from Ceylon ; ruby sand from 
ravencore; roygh garnets from Mysore 
and Viiianagram ; cakkrite h<om Nepal ; 
tourmaline froas Nellore; epidote granite 
from J^ladraa. 107 

£ Fibrous gypsun from Kamul; reh froim 
Buttiana. to; 

KetaUurgioal Prodnoti. 

A Crude iron from Assam ; Woou steel ; 
native iron; nat've iron with slag. 111 
at tad of entries, see OastlAoMdon, pp. ■7-4S 


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{North of Nave, Columns r6 io sj,) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Mining and Metallurgical Products. 

Minerali, Ores, Stone, Xiiiing 

1 OAtling Gold Mioing Co., Marmora, 
Ont. — Gold-bearing arsenical pyrites, loo 

2 Rutsell, W. W., Ottawa, Oat.— Gold 
in quartz. loo 

8 Lindsay. J. A., Toronto, Ont.-^^Id, 

silver, and magnetic ores. loo 

4 Jackfish Lake Gold Mlhing Co., To- 

ronto, Ont. — Gold and silver, in quartz. loo 
f McKellar Bros.. Prince Arthur's 

Landing, Ont.—Gold, in quartz. too 

6 McKellar, D.. Prince Arthur's Land- 
ing, Ont.— G<dd, in quartz. loo 

7 Toronto Gold Mining Co., Toronto, 
Ont.— Gold-bearing arsenical pyrites, too 

8 Lockwood, W. P., St. Francois, Q.— 
Model of gold nugget. loo 

9 Geological Survey, Canada, Q. 
m Quartz, magnetic sand, and Wkivia! gold, 

modds of gold nuggets, platinum, copper 

pyrites, native copper, magnetite, magnetic 

iron sand, hematite, iron ores, iron pyrites, 

native iron, antimony ore. galena, blende, 

barytes.mica, magneslte, Icermesite, celes- 

tine, albite, orthodase. asbestos, ame- 
thyst, agates, and Canadian rocks. too 
4 Coal from Saskatchewan river, bituminous 

shale, crudeand inspissated petroleum. loi 
c SandstOMs, marbles, marble colunm, 

dolomite, limestone, syenite, granite, 

gneiss, labimdorite, Usper conglomerate, 

ornamental and poluhed slate, out and 

Bilished stones. loa 

ydraulic cement, gypsum. " Z03 

t Clay, fire clay. Clay for moiddiiq^, river 
and moulding sand, soapstone. soi 

/ Graphite. 10^ 

£r Lithographic stones, grindstones, whet- 
stones, bunr BtoneSy granite for mill, 
stones. Z06 

k Brine, mineral water, phosphate of lime, 
shell mari. 107 

10 Oppenheimer Bros., Victoria, Br. 
Col.— Gold nugget. 100 

11 Robertson, Robt., Halifax. N. S.— 
Represenution of the gold iiel<b of Nova 
Scotia. ICO 

11« Morton, George, Prontenac Lead 

Mine. — Pig lead. 100 

18 Donaldson, T. B., Oldham, N. S.— 

Gold in quartz. 100 

18 Sibley, A. H., Silver islet, Ont.— 
Silver ores and native silver. 100 

IZm Moody ft Nelson, Victoria, B. R.— 
Native copper. too 

14 McKellar Bros., Fort William, Ont. 
—Silver ores, native silver, copper pyrites, 
and barytes. 100 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Qassificatioa, pp. nj-^S- 

IB Marks, T., ft McKellar Bros., Fort 
. William, Oot.-^Uver ons. 100 

16 Dawson, S. J., OtUwa, Got.— Silver 
ores. zoo 

16<» Simpson, John, Upham,' N. B.-> 
Manganese. zoo 

17 Cyreue, Ambrose, Fort William, 
Ont. — Silver ores. 100 

1 8 Van N^rnu^, J«df a, Pria6e Mthur'a 
Landing, Ont.— Nauve silver and silver 
ores. zoo 

19 PItamber. Mclntyre, ft Russ, Foit 
William, Ont.— Silver ores. 100 

19« Jones, T. R., ft Co., St. John, N. B. 
—Copper ore. xoo 

80 Eames, Prof., Pie Island, Oat.— 
Sliver yeinstooe. zoo 

81 Stepheik, George, Montreal, Q.— 
Suver ores. xoo 

83 Eureka Mining Co.. Victoria^ Br. Col. 
— Silver ores. xoo 

83 Mechanics* Institute, North West- 
minster, Br. Col. 

s Platinum. 100 

4 Anthracite. zoz 

84 West Canada Mining Co., Wellfng- 
100, Ont.— <>>pper pyrites, copper ore. too 

86 Hime, H. L., Toronto, Ont.— Copper 
pyrites. too 

86 Plumber, B., Brace Mhie, Ont.— 
Copper pyrites. zOo 

87 Oliver, Geo., Perth, Got.— Copper 
pyrites, t>og iron ore. zoo 

88 Onbu>io Advisory Board, Toronto, 

a Copper pyittes, magnetic hematite^ 
galena. " xoo 

i Serpentine, syenite. aoe 

r Otaphite. xo« 

d Emery. soo 

* Phosimate of lime, shdl mari. Z07 

89 Shaw, P., Harvey Hill, Q.-Coppei 
pyrites. xoo 

SP Stewart, W. W., Montreal Q.— 
Native co|^>er. zoo 

81 Dotiglaa, Dr. 9 Quebec, Q.— Copper 
ore. too 

88 Davidson, Wm., Alma, N. B.— Cop- 
per ^ance. too 

88 Russell, Grand Manan, N. B.— Cop- 
per glance. zoo 

84 Cole, Rnfus, Dorchester, N. B.— 
Cc^^>er glance. soo 

86 Sweet, R. J., Halifiuc, N. S.-Copper 
l^nce. zos 

86 Lloyd. H. C, Madoc, Ont.— Mag- 
netite, hematite. 100 



Mining and Metallurgy. 

S7 Ledyard, T. D., Toronto, Ont^—Msg- 


S8 Haycock, Will., Templeton, Q.— 
Magnetite. loo 

99 Cobourg & Petersboro* Iron Co., 
Behnont, Ont. — ^Magnetite. zoo 

40 Bishop, A„ Bell's Corners, Ont.— 
Magnetite. zoo 

41 Foley, James, Bathnrst, Ont.— Mag- 
netite with apatite. zoo 

42 Baldwin, A. U., Hull, Q.— Mag- 
netite, zoo 

43 Chipman, David, Berwick, N. 8.— 
Magnetite. zoo 

44 Lewis, Qoeen Charlotte's Island, 
Br. Col. — ^Magnetite. zoo 

45 Cowan, A., Brockville, Ont. 

a HenuAite, burnt iron pyrites. zoo 

^ Phosphate and superphosphate of Hme. Z07 

46 Crawford, J. D., & Co., Montreal, Q. 
— Hematite, spathic iron ore. ^00 

47 Gaothler, O., St. Urbain, Q^Titanic 
iron ore. zoo 

4S Matheson ft GiUce, Sydney, N. S.— 

52 Ottawa Iron ft Steel Co., Ottawa, 
Otat. — Iron ore. , zoo 

68 Stobie, James, Sanlt St. Marie, Ont. 
— -in>n ote. zoo 

64 Duval, H. H., Quebec, Q.— Titanic 
iron ore. zoo 

65 McDougall, John, Three Rivers, Q. 
—Bog izon ore. 100 

56 Steel Co. of Canada, Londonderry, 
N. S. — Iron ores. zoo 

57 MacKinnon, J. C, Whycocomagh, 
N. S. — Iron ores. zoo 

58 Duhamel, Dr., Quebec, Q.— Iron 
pyrites. too 

59 Ruasell, Willis, Lotbinlere, Q.— 
Andmony ore. zoo 

60 Hibbard, P., Prince WUliam, N. B.— 
Antimony ore. zoo 

61 Hime, L. H., Toronto, Ont. — Galena 
and copper pyrites, with silver and 
gold. zoo 

68 Sibley, Col., ft Mclntyre, J., Silver 
Wet, Ont. — Galena. zoo 

68 Johnson. C. J., Wallaceburg, Ont. — 
oalena, blende. zoo 

64 Devine, Thos., Toronto, Ont.— 
Galena. zoo 

65 >Vearne. Capt., Toronto, Ont.— 
Galena, olende. zoo 

66 Markham, A., Hammond, N. B.— 
Pyrolwsit«> zoo 

67 Brown, J., N. S.— Pyrolusite. zoo 

68 Qalway Lead Mining Co., Galway, 
. Ont. — ^arytes, calcspar. 100 

69 Dolphin Manufacturing Co., Five 

Islands, Ji. S. — Barytes. zoo 

70 Starr, John, Halifax, N. S.— 
liarytes. zoo 

71 Baker Mine, North Burgesa, Ont.— 
Mica in plates. zoo 

72 Ackcriy, James, Five Islands, N. 8. 
— Dogtooth spar. zoo 

78 Dopp, Geo., Berlin, Ont.— Ame- 
thyst, flootspar, and pyrkas. too 
ForrlfMSBi of exhibits, indioatcd l>y numbers 

74 Mc Vicar, Geo., Toronto, Ont.— 
Amethyst. zoo 

75 Blackwood, R., Toronto, Ont.— 
Amethyst, fluorspar, and pyrites. zoo 

76 Morrison, W. A., Toronto, Ont.— 
CoUectiao<rf Canadian precious stones, zoo 

77 Poole, H. S., Halieax, N. S.— Ores 
and associated rocks. • too 

78 Honeymaa, Dr^ Halifax, N. 8.— 
Coliectimi of Nora Scotia rocks. zoo 

' 80 Bailey, G., Grand Lake, N. B.- 
CoaL 101 

81 Hall, William, Springhill, N. S.- 
Qoal. zoT 

82 Mitchell, Henry L., Glace Bay 
Mines, N. S.— Coal. loz 

83 McQueen,Wm.,B]ockhoiise Mines, 
N. S — Coal. zoi 

84 Brown, R. H., Sydney Mines, N. S. 
—Coal. zoi 

85 McDonald, R. A., International 
Mines, N. S.— Cool. zoi 

86 McKeen, David, Caledonia Mines, 
N. S.-Coal. loz 

87 Archibald, T.D.,Gowrie Mines, N. 
S.— Coal. loz 

88 Sutherland, James, Big Glace Bay, 
N. S.-Coal. zoz 

89 Fraser, J. W., Victoria Mines, N.S. 
— Coal. zoz 

90 Routledffe, William, Gardiner 
Mujes,N. S.-Coal. xoj 

91 Campbell, C. J.,North Campbellton, 
N. S.— Coal. zoz 

99 Hoyt. Jesse, Acadia Mines, N. S.- 
Coal, zoz 

98 Hudson, James, Albion Minea, N. 
S.— Coal. zoz 

94 Simpson, Robert, Intercolonial 
Mines, N. S.— Coal. loz 

95 Greener, John,Vale Colliery, N. S.- 
Coal. zoz 

96 Bennett, Wm., Scotia Mines, N. S. 
— Coal. zoz 

97 Sterling, E., Cape Breton, Big Glace 
Bay. Sydney, and L. Mines, N. S.- 
Coal. zoz 

98 Union Mining Co., Union Minea, 
Comox, Br. Col.— Coal. zoi 

99 Bajmes Sound Mining Co., Baynes 
Sound Mines, Br. Col.— Coal. zoi 

100 Vancouver Mining Co., Vancouver 
Mines, Br. Col. — Coal. zoz 

101 Wellington Mining Co., Welling- 
ton Mines, Br. Col. — Coal. zoz 

102 Ketchum, E. K., Albert Mines, N. 
B. — Albertite and bituminous shale. zoz 

103 Byers. J., Albert Mines, N. B.- 
Albertite. zoz 

104 Smith. Wm., Toronto, Ont.— 
Peat. loi 

106 Griffln, R. A., Huntingdon, Q.— 
Peat. zoz 

107 BelHveau Albertite ft Oil Co., 
Westmorebuid, N. B.— Albertite mincrsl 
oil. zoz 

108 Waterman Bros., London, Ont.— 
Petroleum and products. zoi 

109 Gibson, Robert L., Grimsby, Ont. 
— Biiilding sandstones. zos 

t end of entries, see Classificadon, 1 



Mineral Water, Metallurgical Products. 

110 Farauhar ft Booth.Esauiesing, Ont. 

— foiiloing sandstones and flagging. 102 
lll'Skead, Glducetter, Ont.— Building 

sand&tones. zos 

112 Londley, Beckwith.Ont.—Building 

sandstones. xoa 

il3 Rankin, John, Pembroke, Ont.— 

Building sandHones. xoa 

114 Bishop, Henry, Nepean, Ont.— 
Building sandstones. xoa 

115 Decew, William, Oneida, Ont.— 
Building sandstones. loa 

116 McGregor, Lachute, Q.— Building 
sandstones and limestones. loa 

117 Qoodfellow, J9«eph, North Btk, N. 

a Building sandstones. 103 

b Grindstones. 106 

118 l3or. U. Free Stone Co., Budreau, 
Vil., N. B.— Building sandstones. loa 

119 Caledonia Free Stone Co., Rock- 
land, N. B. — Building sandstones. loa 

1 20 Roberts ft Co., Mary's Point, N. 
B. — Building sandstones. ' 103 

121 Bay view Quarry Co., Albert City, 
N. B. — Building sandstones. 102 

122 Hopewell Quarry Co., Shepody 
Mt., N. B. — Bunding sandstones. lua 

128 McQuarrie. John, George River, N. 

S. — Building sandstones. xoa 

124 Gilpin, Edwin, Springville, N. S. 

a Building sandstones. xoa 

b Umcstone. 103 

c Fire brick and iire day. 104 

126 Heustis, R. B., Wallace, N. S.— 

Building sandstones. loa 

126 McDonald, George J., Corowallis, 
N. S. — Building sandstones. loa 

127 Peters, Henry S., Halifax, N. S.— 
Building sandstones.' loa 

128 Vancouver Coal Co., Vancouver 
Island, Br. Col. — Building sandstones, 
marble, limestone. xoa 

129 Howley, James, Montreal, Q. 

a Building and flagging sandstones. xoa 

b Sandstone for glass-making. 104 

180 Pitton ft Co., Quebec, Q.— Sand- 
stone, flagging, curbstones. loa 
* 3 1 'Worthington ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
a Polished marble. loa 
b Limestone. 103 
1.82 Somerville, P. T., Amprior, Got.— 
Marble monument. 102 
133 Halon, Alphonse, Quebec, Q.— 
Marble. 102 
; 34 Benjamin, H., ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
a Marble. xoa 
b Lime. 103 

.36 Brunet, Joseph, Montreal, Q.— 
Marble monument, xoa 

1.36 Langevin, A. B., Quebec, Q.— Mar- 
ble, xoa 

\87 Silver, John, Halifax, N. 8.— Mar- 
ble, xoa 

'38 McQuarrie, John, George River, 
N. S.— Marble and syenite. xoa 

139 Ingram, Wm., St. George, N. B.— 
Red granite clock case. xoa 

140 Baxter, B , Cayuga, Ont. 

a Dolomite. xoa 

b Lime and limestone, hydraulic cement. X03 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

141 Barclay ft Morrisoo, Stony Mount 

a Dolomite. xoa 

b Clay. 104. 

142 Hay slip, John, Goderich, Ont.— ^ 
Limestone. xoa 

143 Young, Y. ft G., Gloucester, Ont.— 
Limestone. xoa 

1 44 Levall6e, N., Carleton PUce, Ont.— 
Limestone. xce 

145 Kirkpatrick Quarry, Parrsboro*, 
Q. — Limestone. loa 

146 Forsyth, Robert, Montreal, Q.— 
Red granite monument. loa 

147 Bay of Fundy Red Granite Co., 
St. George, N. B.— Red polished gran- 
ite, joa 

148 Danville School Slate Co.. Dan- 
ville, O. — Ornamental slate pand, slates 
in blocks. loa 

149 Danville Slate Co., Danville. Q.— 
School slates. xoa 

1 50 Rockland Slate Quarry, Melbourne, 
Q.-^lates. xoa 

151 DeCew, 'William, Cayuga, Ont. 

a Lime and limestone. 103 

^S.mdstone for glass-making axMl furnace 

lining. X04 

152 Whitson ft Slater, St. Marys, Ont. 
. — Lime and limebtune. X03 

153 Dunbar, George, Rockwood, Ont. — 
Lime and limestone. X03 

154 Lewis, Levi, Kincardine, Ont. — 
- Lime and limestone, 103 

155 Buxton. George, Goderich, Ont.— 
Lime and Limestone. 103 

156 Emsley, R., Guelph, Ont.— Lime ^ 
and limestone. 103 

1 57 Ballantyne, Mrs., Gait, Ont.— Lime 
and limestouc. 103 

158 Farquhar, E. ft C, Dundas, Ont.— 
Lime and limestone. 103 

159 Goudle, Thomas, Limehouse, Ont. 
— Lime and liraesione. 103 

160 Lavall^e, N., Carleton Place, Ont. 
— Lime and limestone. 103 

161 Baker, W., Arnprior, Ont.— Lime 
and limestone. 103 

162 Quebec Advisory Board, Quebec, 


a Lime and limestone. 103 

b Porcelain clay. 104 

c Phosphate of lime, chalk. xo; 

168 Garvies, C. A., Montreal, Q.— Lime 

and limestone. X03 

164 Robitaille, Dr., Quebec, Q. 

a Limestone. X03 

b Marl. 107 

165 Quesnal, SherifT, Artbabaska, Q.— 
Lime and hydraulic cement. X03 

166 Douglas, David, Pugwash, N. S. 
—Lime. 103 

167 Goudie, Thomas, Limehouse, On\. 
— Hydraulic cement. J03 

168 McKay, "Wm., Ottawa, "Ont. —Hy- 
draulic cement and artificial stone. 103 

169 Buchanan Mineral Co., Hamilton, 
Ont. — Cement and mastics. 103 

170 Gauvreau, P., ft Co., Quebec, Q.— 
Cements and plasters, artiUcial stone. 103 

171 Hill, Albert J., Sydney, N. S.— Se- 
lenite. xoa 

at end of entries^ see Classifieation, pp. s^^. 


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Minerals, Stone. 

172 Qregory, V. R., & Co., Toronto, 
Ont.— Antficial'st<}«e monument. xoi 

I7a Wandly. Henrv. Clover Hill, To- 
ronto, Ont. — Artificial stone. 103 

174 Milnerft Herd. Strathroy, Ont.— 

Artificial stone window cap. X03 ' 

175 Joslvn, J. H. L., Box 15S, TiUon- 
huTgf Ont. — Mariileade roofing, a seamless 
sheet of artificial stone, not excessively 
heavy, but wonderfully efficient; not rest- 
ing on the roof boards^ but accommodated 
to thcu by an interveniaK plastie water- 
proof composition. 103 

176 Rirs^BS; Oeorcre, KincardliM, Ont. 
-MJlay for bricks. 104 

177 Ruasoll, Samuel, London, Ont.-^ 
Clay for bricks. X04 

178 Munn ft Cochner, Dundaa, Ont.— 
cany Gar bricks. X04 

179 Let!ie. Robert, Qlenwilliam, Ont. 
-Clay Ibr bricks. 104 

180 Townahen^. Mrs. Mary, Rockvllle* 
Ont.— Uay for bricks. X04 

181 Anderson, Thos., Nepean. Ont.— 
Clay for brkks. X04 

182 Caahmore, Thos., Pembroke, Ont. 
—day for bricks. 104 

18S McGregor, Daniel, Pembroke, Ont. 
— Qay for bricks. X04 

184 Baker. William, Amprior, Ont.— 
day fur bricks. 104 

185 Poabick, Eneaa, Ramaay, Ont.— 
Qay for bocks. 104 

1S6 Moore, Gilbert, Ramsay, Ont.— 
day. 104 

187 Coulter, Jamea, Ramaay, Ont.— 
Clay. X04 ^ 

188 Metcalfe, James, Ramaay, Ont.— 
day. X04 

189 Poatar, W. A., Belleville, Ont.— 
Clay. t6i 

190 'Workman, Hngh, Brantford, Ont. 
—day. X04 

101 Peel. Thoa. W., Montreal, Q.- 
day. X04 

192 Mochan, Albert, St. Johns, Q.— 
day. X04 

1 93 Jackson, Charlea, Woodstock, N. 
B. — Clay. 104 

194 Wells, William, Beamaville, Ont. 
— Pottery clay. 104 

195 Ahrcn. J. H., Paris, Ont.— Pot- 
tery clay. X04 

196 Pratt, Charlea, London, Ont.— Pot- 
tery clay. X04 

197 Farrar, G. H. 4 L. E., St. Johns, 
Q. — Pottery clay. 104 

198 Bell, David, St. Johns, Q.— Qay 

drain tile. 104 

199 Copeland ft McLaren, Montreal, 
Q.— Fire clay, sandstone facing for fur- 
naces. 104 

200 McMann, G. N., Grand Lake, N. 
B.— Fire clay. 104 

201 Bannerman, Robert, Montreal, Q. 
—Pipe clay. 104 

202 St. Johns Stone Chinaware Co., St. 
Johns, Q. — Fire brick. X04 

203 Biabop, H., Nepean, Ont.— Sand- 
stone fen' ^ass-making. 104 

204 McDougall, John, ft Sons, Three 
Rivera, Q. — biuidstone for fomace 
lining. x>i4 

205 Oil Cloth Factory, -Yorkville, Ont. 

— Sand. 104 

206 Jackson, Charles, Woodstock, N. 

B.— Brick sand. 104 

207 Sweet, S. U., Wentworth, N. 8. ^ 

a Kaolin. 104 

i Gypsum. 107 

208 McDonald, George J., Cornwallls, 

N. S. — Refractory sione. X04 

209 Law, John, London, Ont.— Black 

lead crucible. 105 

210 Dominion of Canada Plumbago 
Co., office. OttawSr Ont.; mines and 
works, Buckingham, Prorince of Quebec. 
— Manufacturers of electrotyping. lubri- 
cating, pencil, crucible, stove polish, and 
other stock of every grade. Assa}'s and 
tests prove quality. Prices are ordinary 
current market rates. 105 

211 Millet, John Q., OrenvUlt, Q.- 
Graphite. X05 

212 Montreal Plumbago Mining 

Co. . Montreal, Q. — Stove polish. 105 

213 Martin, Charlea, Montreal, Q:-i-. 

Stove polish. X05 

21 4 Kelly, John, BeUevUl», Ont.-Lith. 

ographic stones. xo6 

215 Ontario Lithographic Stone Co.. 
Marmora, Ont. — Lithc^raphic stone. 106 

216 Read, Stevenson, ft Co.. Dorches- 
ter, N . B.— Grindstone polishing and cut- 
ten' StOIM. X06 

217 Seaman ft Co., Lower Cove, N. S. 
— Grindbtones. xo6 

218 Douglass, David, Port Philip, N.S. 
— Grindstones. 106 

219 Leroux, O,, Quebec, Q.— Mill- 
stones. 106 

920 Casgrain, Stoneham, Q. — Tri- 
poli. 106 

221 Piaher, W., Victoria, Br. Col.-Tri- 
poU. X06 

222 Coleman, William, Paris, Ont.— 
Raw and prepared gypsum. 107 

228 Ontario Plaater Co.^ Mt. Healy, 

Out.— Raw and prepared gypsum. 107 

224 Converse, John A., Montreal, Q.— 
Kaw and prepared gypsum. 107 

225 Brown, A., Petitcodiac, N. B.— 
Gypsum and selenite. 107 

226 Tobique Gypaum Co., Tobique, N. 

B. — Gypsum. 107 

227 Albert Manufacturing Co., Hills- 
boro, N. B. — Calcined and anhydrous 
gypsum ; alabaster. 107 

228 McDonald, R. N., International 

Museum, N. S. — Gypsum. 107 

229 Nova Scotia Adviaory Board, Hal- 
ifax, N. S. — Gypsum. 107 

230 Davidson, H. A., Black River, N. 
S. — Gypsum. X07 

231 Cove, Jaa. A., Claremont Hill, N. 
S.— Gypsum. X07 

232 Fulton, C. A., Wallace, N. S.- 
Gypsum. 107 

For classes c»f exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. st-^S. 

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Minerals, Metallurgical Products. 

282^ Melghen Bros., Perth, Ont.— 
Phosphate of lime. 107 

288 McLennan^Jos., Montague, N. 8. 
— Gypsum. 107 

284 Merchanto' Salt Co., 8caf6rth, Ont. 
— Brine. 107 

286 International 

Works, Ooderich, 

286 Rantford, H., Clinton, Ont.— 
Brine. 107 

287 Tecumseh Works, Goderich, Ont. 
— Brine. X07 

288 Gray. Young, & Spalding, Seaforth, 
Ont. — Brine. X07 

289 Jourvie, J. A.^ & Co., Caledonia 
' Springs, Oat.— Saline, gss, and sulphur 

waters. 107 

240 Winning, Hill, ft Ware, Montreal, 
Q. — Carratraca water. 107 

241 Oee, J. N., St. Francis Spring, Q.— 
Mineral water. X07 

242 Hickman, Jamca S., Ambarst, K. 

S. — Saline water. Z07 

248 Murray; Bdmond W.j" Bucking- 
ham, Q. — Phosphate of lime. X07 

244 Buckingham Mining Co,. 

ham, Q.— Crystal pLospmite of lime 


Ketalliirgioal Prodnoti. 

246 Silver Islet Co., Silver Islet, Ont.- 
. Ii^oc of silver. xxo 

646 Ottawa Iron ft Steel Manufactut 
ing Co., Otuwa, Ont.— Iron billets. xti 

247 Field ft Aydon Patent Smelting 
Co., Marmora, Ont. — Pig iron, smelted 
with pure petroleum. iix 

248 Oauthier, O., St. Urhain, Q.— Ti- 
tanic pig iron. xxi 

249 McDougall, John, ft Sons, Three 
Rivers, Q. — CIU(rcoaiiron; iron oars, bent 
and twisted cold; axes, tomahawk, 
slag. zxx 

260 Canadian Titanic Co., Bale St. 
Paul, Q.'^lags, titanic inm. xzx 

261 Chinic Eugene, Quebec, Q.— Viger 
steel. zsi 

262 Moltic Iron Works, Montreal, Q.— 
Iron, iron bloom. zzi 

258 McDougail, John, Montreal, Q.— 
Iron bloom, car-wheels. iss 

264 Steei Co. of Canada, Londonderry, 
N. S. — Iton and steel. xix 

266 West Canada Mining Co., Bruce 
Mines, Ont. — Ingot copper. ixs 

266 Lake George Antimony Co., Princa 
William, N. B.— Babbit oyetals, xcguUis, 


slags, oxidised ore. 


\ TTU flench Exhiiits in Mining' and Metaihtrgy art insta l led in iht AgricuUural 
. Bui/ding, and Catalogued in Part IK) 
Poi dssses of exbic»its, indicated by vaxahn* at end of entries, see Classification, pp. st^s* 


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( Samtk €/Nav€, Columns sS to j8,) 

Minerals, Ores, Mining and Metallurgical Products. 

■inaralay Orei, Stons, Khilng Fro- 

1 Kmpp» Pr^ BMen.— Ores and raw 

products. lOo 

2 Burbach Works, Burbach. , 
« lra«. i*> 
# Owl. loi 
€ Sume. loa 
S Heiorichsbatta, Aa-on-tbe-Sieg. — 

Spathic iron ore. loo 

4 Mine Owaars af tbt tiageriand.— 
Ore*, etc loo 




5 Royal Pmsaian Smelting Works of 
the Upper Uarz, Clausthal. — Lead, cop- 
per, aaa tine ores. too 

6 Royal Pmssian ft Ducal BmnawUk 
Smelting Works of the Lower Haur, 
Gaslar.— Argentiferous copper and lead 
ores. xoo 

6« Royal Prussian Smelting Works, 
Fricdrichsh&ne.— Ores and litharge, too 

7 Joint Stock Association for Mining, & 
Lead & Zinc Maanf^nres. SiOtberg, near 
Aix4a-Chapelle.«-Lssul ane zinc ores. loo 

S Rbenisb-Nassau Co., Stolberg, near 
Aix4aOiapelle. — Lead ores. zoo 

9 Solenbofen Joint Stock Co., Solen- 

a THes for mah-house Soon. zos 

A Lithographic stones. zo6 

10 Zimmermann, Otto, Greuseaa, To- 
phus. — ^Tiles. loa 

11 Stern Portland Cement Pactory, 
Stetiln —Portland cement. 103 

18 HiUer. Otto, Berlin.— MasUc rooC- 
ing ana model roof. Z03 

18 Hieusler, Carl Saml, Hirchberg, 
Siksia. — ^Wood cement and model roof. 103 

14 Scharlacb, Louis, jr., Hamburg.— 
Koofing. 103 

15 Vowohl Asphalt Works, Escber- 
schauscn. — ^Asphalt mastic blocks. 103 

16 Schindel, John Adam, Solenhofbn.— 
lithographic stones. zo6 

17 Apollinarft*s Co. ,Ahnweiler .--Mineral 
waters. X07 

17a Biareabom Mineral Spring Co., 
Bi sr e s bo ra . — Mineral waters. 107 

18 Jnagfer, A., Berlin.— Amber. X07 

19 Stantien $1 Becker, Berlin.— Raw 
amber. X07 

For ristiss ef exhibits. indJcatod by numbers 

50 Managers of Priedrlchshall Spriaga, 
C. Oppel ft Co., PrIedrichshaU, near HB- 
burghausen.— Friednchshall natural bitter 
water. to; 

( Ar mm ^md grhubitom**^ tee Machinery 

Xetallurgioal Prodnoti. 

51 Boraig, A., Berlin.— Iron, cast steel, 
boiler plates, plates for fire boxes, etc xii 

28 Burbach Works, Burbach.— Rolled 
doable T Iron. iti 

83 Krupp, Pr., Essen. — WheeU, pis- 
tons, flanges^ roUers, springs, etc. 111 

LANa.— SriacuatsaN and orbs. 

84 Heinri^hshUtte, Au-on-Sieg.— Spie- 
gel icon. \VL 

85 Cologne Mttsen Mining Co., Creca- 
thal. — Spinel iron. xix 

16 Joint Stock Co., Charlottenhlitte, 
Kiederschdden. — Spiegel iron. ziz 

87 Wissen Mining ft Smelting Co., 
Wissen. — Spiegel iron. zzi 

88 Lobmann ft Sdding, Witten.-Steal 
for toob and arms. in 

89 Westpbalian ^Tnlon Joint Stock Co. 
for ^fining ft for Iron ft Wirework, 
Hamm.— Wire. iiz 

(TV ahmfe exMbitt ef Mtimlturrkai Pre- 
etmeU Sre imsUUted in Mackinefy Hmli.) 

80 Royal Prussian Smelting Works of 
the Upper Bars, Claiuthal.— Lead, cop- 
per, silver, sine fiimes, slagi, drawing, 
etc. ziz 

81 Roval Prussian ft Ducal Bruns- 
wick Smelting Works of the Lower Harz, 
Gaslar.— <k>la, silver, lead, and copper 
composition. zzi 

88 Royal Prussian Smelting Works. 
Friedrichschiitie.— Lead bars. Slag, and 
drawings. in 

88 Hlrsch, Aron, ft Son, Brass Works 
at Nensudt-Ebenwalde.— 6eainlen brass 
tubes, etc. iis 

84 Joint Stock Aasociatton for Mining, 
& Lead ft Zinc Maaulaetures* Stolberg, 
near Aix*la<:bapcUe.— Lead and sine 
plates, etc zii 

85 Ruffer ft Co., Breslau.-^heet 
sine. Z13 

Zb^ Rheniah-Nassau Co.. Stolberg, aear 
Aix-la-Chapelle.— Lead. zzi 

Mining Engineering. 

86 Nttrr, Eugene, Berlin.— Drawinga 
and description of a sflf-srting safety 
lamp. sso 

87 Gddecks, Carl, Qelsenkirchea. — 
Plans of the Gebenkirchen funaoes. isf 

at end of entries, sec 

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{South of Nave, Columns 23 to 2S,) 

— ,- — n 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, MeUllurgical Products. 

IGnerals, Ores, Stout, Xixdng Pro- 

1 Imperial & Roral Mctallargy Di- 
rection, Idria. — Cinnaibar. 100 

8 Jug^ovix, A., Klaffenfurt.-^Ore and 
mining products of Kamth«n. xoo 

S Chitf Mountain & Mining Admin-^ 
tstratimi, Poxoritta, Bukowina.*~Pyrolu- 
kite for aniline pigmients for soda fiiccories, 
German sUvor ware, and """fw^tr pro> 
ducts. xoo% 

4 Metallurgv ft Mioinr Adrainiatra- 
tion, Joachimsthal. — Meteoric speci- 


5 Ooldschmidt, Louia A., Dubnik, 
Hungary .-^Unpolished opals. xoo 

6 Nedwied & Son, Schlan, ^ohennia.— 
Red chalk, red-lead pencib, X07 

7 Sajtlehner, Andreaa, Bndapeat.— 
Hunyadi J&nos mineral water. to; 

S Mineral Water Direction, Pullns, 
near Briix, Bohemia.— Mineral water. X07 

9 Loaer Bros., Budapest.— Genuios 
mineral water from the Ofen-Rakocsj 
spring. X07 

MstslhiTgieal Prodiwts. 

in Xntli 


10 Induatry Aaaociattom 

Laibach. — Iron and steel 

mining works. Feno-manganese and' 

Spiegel iron. ui 

11 Imperial ft Royal Metallnrnr DU 
recuoB, ldria.--^uicltsilTer. xxj 


(NMA o/Nav€, O/umtujJ to^^,) 

Minerals, Metallurgical Products. 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Xining Pro- 

1 Neuchatel Aaphalte Co. (limited). 
Travers, Ct. Neuchitd.— Natural and 
mastic asphalt. . loz 

( TXtf mimtrmit HAttiratitu^ the gflegieal 
ftrmatimu tr m>*r t 0d hytktSt, Gcihard tmn- 

tut art cUsti/M in this caialcgme, Umttksr 
wHk fJU aJUr exhibit ^fliTst. Cotkmtd 
Raiirpod G»., under Dept, 77/., C7«m J^^,) 

Metallnrgleal Prodnoti. 

8 Biiri:inBroa.,Schaffhauaen.— Phos- 
phate of bronze, different compoaitions, 
with strength and fractore tettt. 1x4 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 07-45. 


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{North of Nave, Cohtmtu $4 ^S9-) 

Minerals, MetaHurgical Products. 

Minsr^ls, Ores, Stont , Mining Pro- 

1 Bleybery es Moatico Joint Stock 
Co., Montzeo, Frovince of Liige. — Zinc 
and lead or^s. loo 

2 Vincent Son, Basicles (Hainaut). 
— Samples of Basides black marble pave- 


2« Sacqaelen, P., Basidea near Tour- 
nai (ilainaot).— Spectmeas of Bas&cles 
blue aad ^ray stone. xoa 

8 Ville de Spa (Communal Admlnistra- 
tioa;.— Trophy furniture, showing views 
of cbe city and environs, plans of mineral 
water'works, samples or these wateM, 
articles of export, etc The painting d 
this fiu-m^ure was executed by Messrs. 
Bolam), Chaii., Dronfort, H., Crakey, se- 
nior, G. I., Debrus. Alexandre, Debirus. 
Alexis, Krlns, £., Marceue, Henri, and 
Reigter, L. xoy 

Metallnrgioal Prodnots. 

4 Bonehin ^os., L'Bsperance High 
Furuace Forge Foundry, Marchicnnc-au- 
Pom, aear C bar leroi.— Architectural 
iron. XIX 

5 Constant, Emile, Monceau-gur- 
Sarobre, near Charleroi. — Paitems of 
building inm spring and web iron. xii 

6 IfabiUe. Valdre. Mariemont (Hain- 
»*2t). — Manufactured iron. Kind Chaudroa 
shaft-sinking apparatus. xti 

7 Paris. Isaac Joseph. March iennea, 
909 r Charieroi.— Iron zivesod , beaois for 
ship-building. ixx 

8 Cbarleroi Iron Manufacturing Joint 
Stock Co., Marchieune-au- Pont, near 
Charleroi. — Iron for building, etc. iii 

9 Providence Porge Joint Stock to., 
Marchienne-au-Pont, near Charleroi.— 
Iron for building, iron wheels without 
welding. xxi 

10 Forge and RolHnf Mill Toint Stock 
Co., K^gissa. near Huy. — Polished and 
unpolished sheet iron by wood and 
coke. XXX 

11 Angleur Steel Manufacturing Co., 
F. cfe Rossius, Pastor & Co., Kenory. near 
L I *gc.— Bessemer cast steel products, 
rails, tires, axles, forge pieces, and rolled 
bars. tix 

12 Jemmapes Porgs Foundry ft Roll- 
ing Milf Co., V. Demerbe ft Co., Jem- 
mapes (Hainaut). — i^roken bar •bended 
Iron, tramtray rails, system of tramway 
rails on cast iron sleepers. xxx 

18 Bivort,- Raymond. Henri, Arbra, 
Province of Namur. — Kettles and coppf!r 
wire. ica 

14 Blevberg es Montsen Joint Stock 
Co., Alontzea, near Vervier^.— Prepnred 
line and lead ore, potters' ore (pure ga- 
lena^ for glazing, pig lead for rolling mill, 
white leM and crystals, silver ore, block 
xinc for roUiyg, gijlvanizuig. etc U3^ 


{NortJk of Nave, Columns 6q to ^.) 


Unsnls, Ores, Stone, lOning Pro- 
1 Onderwater, H. P., Dordrecht.— 
Stones for pavement. xoa 

S Van Verachuur 3k Van def Voort, 
Amsterdam. — ^Unpolished stones. zos 

For classes of exhibits, Indi cs tsd by nnmben at end of entries, see Classification, 

digitized by 

8 Borst ft Roggankamp, DelCtyl.— 
Portland cement stones, " ' 
stones^ oilstones, whetstones. 

polishuig material, and sanac. ._ 

nets, taw topaaes, diamands, tripoU, and 
corundum. io6 



{North of Nave, Cohnmu 6 to it,) 

Ores, Stone, Metallargical Products. 

4 B«rg, Gottfried, Warby. Stockhol 
— ^Zint. galena, and nickel ores, pyrites. 

Xinertlf, Orei, Stone, mning Pro- 

1 Adeltvird, Baron Th., Atvidaberg. 
—Copper ore. loo 

8 Bofors Stock Co., Qullspang, Bofbra. 

^ItOQ ores. loo 

8 Berg, Axel, Warby, Stockholm.— 

Iron ores. loo 

, Stockholm. 


5 F age rata Iron ft Stael Worka, 

« Iron ores. xoo 

^ Limestone. S03 
^ Swedish Iron Maaters' Aiaociation, 


CoUection of minerals. xoo 

# Maps and drawings. 335 

6 A vesta Garpeoberg* Stock Co., 
Avesta.— Iron ores. 100 

't Bjdmeborge Iron A Steel Works, 
Bjdmeberg.— Iron ores. 100 

erfora Stock Co., Degerfors.— 



9 Ekman, Carl, Pinspoag.'-Iron 
ores. xoo 

10 Hermansson, C. P., Count von, 
Fema.— Iron ores. xuo 

11 Hofors & Hammarby Iron Works, 
Gefle.— Iron ores. xoo 

12 Larabo Norn Stock Co.; Kafalla.— 
Iron ores. xoo 

18 Laxa Iron Worka Co., Laza.— Iron 

14 LesiSfors Iron ft Steel Co., Lang- 

a Iron ores. xoo 

i Hautmannite and Ifanestone. X03 

15 Lindberg, Lara, Kohls va.>-Iron 
ores. xoo 

16 L8fvenskl81d, Salomon, Nlssafora, 
JSnkSping.— Iron ores. xoo 

17 RamnHa Iron Works Co., Ramni&s.— 
Iron ores. xoo 

18 Rettlg, C. A., Kilafors, Qelle.—Iron 
ores. xoo 

19 Schieshvtte-Molnebo Iron Worke, 
Moigonnuva. — Iron ores, krebelite, line 
ores, and galena. xoo 

20 Stockenetrdm, Axel von, Aker, 
Mariefred.— Iron oves. soo 

21 Store Kopparbergs Bergslag, Stock- 
holm. — Iron ores. xoo 

88 Snndstrdnft, J. O., Charlottenberg.— 
Iron ores. 100 

83 New GeUivara Company (limited), 
Lulea.— Iron ores. too 

84 Osterby ft StrSmbacka Iron Worke, 
Osterby.— Iron ores. 100 

86 Uddeholm Company, Rada.— Iron 
ores. xoo 

26 Larason, P. M., L6a, Ransa.— Iron 
ores. xoo 

87 San6vikene Stock Co., Gefle.~Iron 
ores. xoo 

28 Schongh', Robert, Lnlea.— Iron and 
copper ores. xoo 

89 OeologiGal Survey of Sweden, Stock- 
hoIm.--GeoIogicaI collections. xoo 

80 HBgaa&s Coal Mining Co., HOgaaXs. 
a Mineral coal. got 
A Fire clay, fife brick. X04 

81 Samuelson, 8. H., PSskefbra, Rada. 
—Peat. lox 

88 Westerlund, A. P., Nyhro, Kalmar. 
—Peat. xox 

88 Berg, Gottfried, ^AHIrby, Stockholm. 

—Porphyry, terpentine, and marble. xo2 
84 Klintberg, J. W., VWsby.— Marble 

table slabs, jewelry, etc. xoa 

86 Kull^rens* C.A.,WidowiUddevalU. 
I , — ^Articles of polished granite. xoa 

86 New Marble Works, Norrk^iping.- 
Manuiaciured marine. xoe 

87 Scanian Cement Co., Malmtf.— Pert- 
land cement, raw oiatenals and products. 


88 R6rstrand Stock Co., Stockholm.— 
Feldspar. X04 

89 Gottland Grindstone Co., Bnrgavik. 
— Grindstones. X04 

89<t Karlson, Gust ft Martin, Lngnas.— 
Grindstone. xo6 

40 Berg, Gottfried, Warby, Stockholm. 
Graphite. 105 
^ Grindstones. xo6 
< Vivianite. 107 

41 Berg, Chr. Lud., Brikaberg, Stock- 
holm.— Mineral watos. X07 

48 Mineral Water Stock Co., Stock- 
hcdm. — ^Mineral waters. X07 

Ketallnrgloal Produoti. 

48 Bofors Stock Co.. Qaltpsang,*Bof6ra« 
'Pig iron, blooms, oar iron, wire rods, and 
faoB plate. XXX 

48« Raniniis Stock Co., RamnXs.— Pig 
and bar iron: slag. xxx 

44 Pagersta Stock Co., Westanfors.— 
Pig iron, Bessemer sted iiigots. hm, 
plates, etc.; sted samples, showing the 

ttren^ of the steel, 
For classes of exhibiu. Indicated by numbent at end of entries, see Classificatinn, pp. st-^s. 



Metallurgical ProdacU. 

#5 8cblMhyttaa-lColo«bo If a d a fa c- 
OsiBf Co., MofgBfifm.— Spic g cl g li ML 


46 OStebarn Mtehaaical Works Stock 
Co., GSMwif.— CrowntfftfltM. xit 

47 I'aaa Iroa Works, Lauu-^it iroa, 
I, and bar boa. iix 


48 Ankarsntm Works, Aafcarsram^^ 

afaoa, bloom, boo ban, tnre rods, 
raBway CWMmp zix 

49 Ayosta Garpcnborg Stock Co., 
AvcsUL—Pic boo, blooas, aad^^bar 
boa. x«t 

§0 BUkacborrs Iroa ft Stool Works, 
B|oniebo«i.~Pi( boo, Bcnemer seed 
iocots* sad . » 

II Dofarfero Stock 

I Stock Co^ Doaorfors, 
.—Pig boa, UoMHS, wbt rods. 


iroa for 

fS BkmsnXsrI, Fiaspong.— Pig jro 
gnaa, oiaBfoWn blooau, and bar mm. iir 

f S Gystago Iroa Works, Gv8iago.-*-Iroa 
bi tba pig and bars, wkn specuaesa oT 
■lag. iti 

§4 HeroMasaofl, C< F.. Coaat Toa, 
Foraa, Betiiahasimar.— Fig iron, spiagat- 
oiioa, sad bar iron. iti 

f i Holbra ft Kammsrby, Haaiiaarby, 

Stornk, Oe6<.~Pig bon, 
bais, with apa cimcn a of slag. 

16 L>arsbo, Nonis, Stock Co., 

Pig, bar, ana angle bon : lilooBw. in 

57 Laa^Bfors Iroa ft Stssl Co^ Fllip- 
stad.-*>Pig Iran, Ingou of Btwemar and 
btaitin stad, ban, wives, and wire lopc of 
di« saoM materiaL xxi 

€S Lindborg L.ars, Kohlsra.— Pig Iroa, 
bar iron, and wire rods. iii 

Far dm ■ of osblbits, faMllcatod bjr nomberv 

59 LSAroaskind, Sslomoa, Nissafors, 
JSokBpfaig.— Ironintbepigandban. xii 

90 Rottig, C A^ Kilafbrs, SMorhamn. 
. '^PigaM bar boo. iii 

91 Stoskeiiatrlm. Axol Toa, Marie- 
fred. — ng iron Ibr ouUeable mm. tis 

98 Borgslsg Iroa Works, StockiiolBi.— 
P|C Iran. llcMemirr ingou, blooms, bar 
iron, ana samples of uron showing tho 
quaUty. izs 

9B SuadattfSm, J. O., Charlottoabsrg.— 
Pig and W iron ; spikes. xii 

94 New Oellivsra Corapsny (limitsd), 
Lslaa.--- Pig and bar iron; snila. iii 

95 Osterby A S t ri fa ab ac kn^ Daanemora. 
—Pig iron. Bessemer steel mgoisand bars, 

. Uistar stad, crudUa cast sted, and bSr 
iron. Ill 

99 Suraharamars Iroa Co., Suraham- 
mar.— Iron plats, puddled iron, and sted 
bars, railway wagon wbads and axles, ixi 

97 Ud do ho Ins Stock Co. (limited), 
Rada.->Pig Iron, ingots of Bessemer and 
Martin sted, sad iron In bars, springs, 
ate* 111 

99 Larssoa, P. Bf., LSa, RIllsa.—SsRi- 
plaa of pig irooi ifi 

99 BfoUla Mschsnical Co., Motsls.— 
Iron and sted, is bars, platos, and sfaoets, 
with prodncts of working. iii 

70 Sandvlksas Iron Works {limited), 
Sandviken.— Pig iron, Bcascmer sted 
ingou, Ibfgings for engines, steamen, 
au. Ill 

71 AdslswXrd, Baron, Tb., Atvidaberg. 
— Oipper in ingou, with spedmens Ulus- 
tnudag itt Tartous ^kagas of produc- 
tion. xxa 

7S Skaltoaa Stock -Co., Wssteras. 
« Copper, with prodncu of woridng. ixa 
i Bcaas in digJarent stages of production. 114 

I and of tacrles, tea Cbadfcstloa, pp. 07-^ 


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{North of Nttvt, Xlobumu 4 to 7.) 

Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Mineralsi Ores, Stone, Mining 

1 Qeoloi[lcal Survev of Southera Nor- 
way, Director Th. Kienilf.ChristUima. 

m Stones, eruptive rocks, leading strata, 
constituents of coarse granite dykes, xbo 

h Iklanoscript mapS| natural sections, gener- 
al! zed representations, printed maps. 335 

8 Paamer, I. H., ft Soo» Bergen.^Pdd- 

spar. xoo 

8 Hindermger Mining Co., Bergen.— 
Copp^ ore, pyrites. xoo 

4 Hoyem, Andr., Bergen.— Titanium 
iron ore. 100 

5 Kongsberg Silver Minee, Kongtberg. 
—Ores, crystals. 100 

5a Dahll, J., Kragerd.— Apatite ore. m 

6 Bamble Nickel Mines, Johan Dahll, 
Kra^eri.— Samples of nickel ores, with 
specimens illustrative of the melting pro- 
cess, loa 

7 Glorud Nickel Co^ P. H. Proliob ft 
Son, Chrisiiania.— Nickel ores. xoo 

7tf Oeologicait Survey of 8oatbeniNor« 
wav. A»*i»tant Geologists W. BrOgger 
and H. Ueusch» Christiania. 
a Kewly-discovered crystals. zoo 

h Contents of ^ant-kettles, spiral marked 
interior grinding-stones. zo6 

For dances of exhibits, Indicated by numben 

75 Ringerige^a Nickel Worka.-Nickel 
ores, wfth rocks and speciaoieas of. tiM 
smelting process. zoo 

7c Rom Nickel Works.— Nickel ores, 
with rocks aod spcciipcas of <h« smelting 
process. 100 

S Luttensee, Qcorg,. Ohristiania.— 
Quarry stone for street pavement and 
curbstoites. loe 

9 Moestue ft Co.,Thv^ Cbristiaaia.— 

Slates for ubles, roo£i, and floors, from 

Slidre quarries. ' xp^ 

1,0 Pettersen, Karl, Troma6.— Granite, 

labbro and other massives, raw smd pol- 

ished. zos. 

11 Prolich ft Son, P. H., Christlanla.— 

Collection of Norwegian apatite ores. Z03 

18 Birch, P., Setboe.— Millatoaea. ttA 

14 Ohristiania Millstones Manufactur- 
ing Co., Christiania.— Millstones. xo6 

15 USflseth. Pred., Chrtstianiii.— MilU 
stones from Sidbo, flint millstones. xo6 

Metalliirgioal Products. 

16 Kongsberg Silver Mines, Konnberg, 
r-Silvcr in bars and granubted silver, szo 

17 CathrifiOholma Iron Worka ft 
Foundry, Fredrikshald. 

a Stoves and other wrou^t iron. see 

b Anchors, chains. S84 

at end of entries^ see Classification, pp. S7-45. \ 


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{J^rtk of NaUft^ Columns i toj.) 

Minerals, Stone, Mcullorgical Products. 

HtBsrftlSr Orss, StoAe, Killing Prd- 

1 TmgtitkvltL, Francesco, ft Co., Messi- 
na. — CollectioQ of minersLls. loo 

5 Pontana Brothers, Luserna, Turin. 
— FlagftlDoet. xoa 

8 Tassi, Peter, Lecbom.— Y • U o w 
marble and alsbsster. loa 

4 Chamber of Commerce ft. Arts, 
Sienna. — Marble and alabaster stone, xoa 

$ Stock Company for Manufacturiair 
Brides, Feggio, Emilia, — Cement, lime- 
stone. io3 

6 Crispo, Moncada Carlo, CaUnia.— 
limestone. 103 

7 Bfaccafnani, Ullsae, Bologna.— 
Aromatic earth of Cattu. 104 

5 Bolari A Yellow Earth Co., Si. 
enna. — Bolari and felRyw earth, earth Rnt 
coloring. . 104 

9 Furse Brds., ft Co., Rome.— BolaH 
earth of Sienna. 104 

10 MolBiio, Laigf, Oeiioa.— L i t h o - 
graphic stone. lOtf 

11 Scammano, Cav. Micbele, Catania. 
— Cedrau. 107 

12 BirindeUi, -Carlo, Florcnce.-Colalli 
water. toj 

15 Spedalieri, Ba Felice, Catania.— 
Sulphur. ro7 

14 Ari^tide, Conat, Csstrocaro.— Mia* 
era! waters. 107 

16 Romano, Oaetano, Palermo.— Sul- 
phur. 107 

16 Scavo Vita Brothers, Catania.— 
Sulphur. 107 

17 Dily, Bdoardo, Catania. — Sul- 
phur. 107 

18 Ardizsone, Francesco, Catania.- 
" Sulphur. X07 

19 Pennini, Baron of Floristallo, Cata- 
hia.— Sulphur. 107 

SO Cesena Sulphur Co. (limited), Cese- 
na. — Raw and refined sulphur. 107 

81 Bartolial dott Cesare, Sienna.— Fos- 
sil flour. X07 

Metallnrgioal Products. 

82 Fomara, Qio., ft Co., Turin.— 
Wire. HI 

88 Ponacrd ft Digit, Floraace.— Iron, 



{Ncrtk o/NaPt, Colmmmsja to 6f.) 

Minerals, Stone« 

Minsralr, Oi%s, Stonst Kining Pro- 

1 Province of Parani. 
^ Iron ores. toe. 

i Clay, argil, and tdiist. 104 

< Aluline waters. X07 

8 Province of San Paulo.— Iron ores. 100 
8 Ypaneroa Ironworks.— Iron ores, xoo 
4 Caaha Battancoart, M. J. da.— Mla- 
enls. xoo 

i Oac«alx,H.r-SDckaaa4miaaraU«xoo 
For rlsssM of eshibits, indicated by number at 

6 Commission General iar the Na^ 
tional Exhibition. 

a Ores. aoo 

^ Coal. loi 

t Marbles. roe 

d Cby, aigil. and schist. 105 

g Minerals, snowing gold and diamond for- 
mations. 106 

7 National Museum. 
a Minerals. 
5 Coal : 
c Marbles. 
4f Gems. 

end of entries, see 



Oils, Blacking, Boots «nd Shoes. 


8 Goes, J. T. Pereirm de.— Miaerals. 


9 Lemo«, J. A. de.— Minerals. xoo 

10 Correia, J. Serero.— C alcaraoua 

rocks, galena, and pyrites. loo 

11 Athayde. M. E. de S.— Mica. loo 

12 Moraes, Rozeira, M. O. de.— Martial 
pyrites. loo 

13 Mendes.J. O. 

* Sulphur.. loo 

. h Calcareous stalactites. 100 

14 Costa Netto, J. da.— Poaafla. add 

15 Province of San Pedro do Bn!.— 
Coal. xo( 

16 Villa Pranca, Baron of.— Peat. xoi 

17 Andrade, A. R. L.— Bitnmiiiont 
coal. xox 

18 Barbacena, Viaeovnt Of.— Coal. io« 

1^ Province of SancU Catherina. 
a. Coal. tot 

B Marble. toe 

20 Lopez, P. J. A., ft Co.— Bituminona 
sclilst. xos 

Si Carvalho, A. P. S.— Bituminona 
schist. sot 

22 Muricy, J. C. da Silva. 

a Anthracite and bituminous coal. xoi 

k Qiiartx, agates, and grindstones. too 

28 Steraux, B.— Marbles. * loa 

24 Leao. A. D. 

« Calcareous siatet sod stabctiles. too 

h Rock crystal fcai. agates. zo6 

25 Coritiba Museum. 

a Slates. loa 

i Violaceous quarts. 106 

^6 Ostemack, Charles.— Virgin lime. 103 

27 Jnpanuia, Baron of^ ft Nogueira da 
Gama.— Calcareous specimens. 103 

28 Preitas, T. Teixelra de.— Lime. 103 

29 Cardoso, A. Nunes.— Lime from ojrs- 
ter-shells. 103 

80 Portngal.'Y. P. de Asvedo.— C^lcn- 
reous rocks. 103 

81 Commission of S.Joaod*El Rei.— 
Plaster of Paris in powder. Z03 

82 Nhorinho, J. 8. da Silva.— Lime. 103 
88 Bento, Dr.— Lime. ; xog^ 

84 Lendenberg, L. B.— Lime* '- - ^ 

85 Recende, C. Xavier.— Stalactites. 103 

86 Colony of Assungin.'^-Bapoaaceoua 
clay. 104 

87 Qonsaga, B.J.— Clays. 104 

88 Qonsalves, J.— Calcined kaolin. 104 

89 Correa, Q. Louren^o.— Clay. 104 

40 Wirmoad, E. B — Yellow argiL 104 

41 Mota. C. 8. da.-Tagua (rose-col- 
ored argil). ro4 

42 Gomes, T. G. C— Argil. 104 

43 Piguaredo, D. J.— Argil and plastics. 


44 Magalhaes, P. T. S.— Argil and col- 
oredclay. 104 

45 Andrade, J. P. de.— Colored clay. 104 

46 District of Pormiga.— Argil. Z04 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by number 

47 Travanca, A.— Argil. 104 

48 Schimmelpfing, A.— Kaolin. Z04 

49 Ribas, M. de Sa Alum. 106 

50 Perreira, Domingos P.— Rough aad 
cut diamonds. xo6 

II Silva, L. Macbado da.— Quarts 
prisms. 106 

52 Heyd, Theodoro.— Grindstones. 106 
58 Siquaira, P. Lust6sa de.— Agates. 


54 Colony of Mucury.— Precious 
stones. X06 

55 Cortes, P. da Siqueira.— Amethyata. 


56 Aaevado, D. J. Santda.— Diamooda. 


57 Maciel, D. Perreira. — Sulphurous 
water. 106 

' Mftallargioal Produets. 

58 Commission General for the Na- 
tional Exhibition. 

A Gold. no 

h Iron. m 

t Merottiy. 113 

59 Province of Parani.— Spedmaoa of 
gold veins. sio 

60 Tourinho, P. A. M.— Magnetic gold. 


61 Camara, J. Bwbank da.— Auriferoua 
stones. xxo 

62 Leone, P. M., ft Lamos, P., L.— Au- 
riferous minerals. * xxo 

68 Camara, P. T. yieysa da.— Gold- 
dust, xio 

64 Pftrtngol, P. P«deA«— Gold-dust* 00 

65 Province of Pemanfbuco.— Natlva 
iron. xKo 

66 National Museum. 

« Iron. tix 

b Copper. xxs 

67 Province of Sancta Catherina. 

a Iron. xxx 

i Nickel. 1x4 

68 Cms, B. A. da.— Magnetic iron, xxx 

69 Lellisji, Ernesto.— Magnetic iron. XX ( 

70 Ypanema Iron Worka.- Bar iron, xix 

71 M|va, M. A. Machado da.-Oligistic 
iron. >xi 

72 Ottvetrk, A. C. de.— Oligistic iron, xxx 
78 Barboda, Names.— Oligistic Iron, xxx 

74 Aranjo, J. A. Vieyra de.*01igiatte 
iron. XXX 

75 Ledo, Agostinbo B. de.— Oligistic 
' iron. '^ ixx 

, J. Pranciaco.— Pyritea and 

76 Supplicy, J. Pn 


77 Gaase, P.— Lead fiofls from Rio de 
Janeiro. 1x3 

niif XnginMriniT* Xodalit Xaps, a&d 

78 Geological Commission.— Geological 
pholDgniphs. iSD 

79 Qbrcaix, h:— Geologlad map of thi 
Chapadao. xao 

at ead of «nri«, see OsiiMtatSdn, ffp.' «7*45- 




(iVow to South Avomu, Columns 2 to j.) 
Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

Xinerali, Ores, Stone, llisiiig 

1 Raymoiid, Hipolito, Province of 
Mcndoa.—CoUeclion oT minerak. 100 

8 Provincija CommlMion, Province of 
JdcDdoxaL--Coll«ction of minenls. 100 

S Lcmoe, Abreham. Province of 
, ^lendoxa. — Minerals lor paints. zoo 

4 Trclottr, WilUem A., Province of 
Ia Ricga.— Collection of minerals. too 

5 Almonncid A Parchappe, Province of 
La Rk»ia.~CoUection oT minerBls. zoo 

6 Itlnnee. Mannel I.', Province of Le 
Riflja.— Aflnerals of Cerro de Vinchina. zoo 

7 BnacoAnnt Prencisco, Province of 
La Kioja.— Minerals. xoo 

ft PcoviiKinl Commiseion, Province of 


« Minerals. too 

i Lime and common gyxMom. io« 

c White chalk and specimens of colored 

^y used In the ounrnfacturc of pottery 

and paints ; colored chalk. 104 

9 Oeloa, Martin, Province of La RioJa» 
a MiaeraU of Olta. too 
^ Calcined litne ; gypsum. Z03 
€ ChaBc. X04 
d Whetstones of " LaTorrc/' fai their native 

state; iint. 106 

10 Vega, Daniel de la, Province of La 
Rioja.— A petrifaction. ^ 100 

11 8chr«eder, Theodore, Province of La 
Ri<9a.~Copper ore. zoo 

1 2 dflbrd, S»or, Province of La Rioja. 
—^verore. zoo 

12« Bevan, Bdnardo A., Province of 

La Rioja.— Ores. 100 

18 Acnilar» Francisco D., Province of 

San Juan. 

« Minerals. zoo 

h Mineral waters. 107 

14 Government of the Province of San 

Juan. — Collection of minerals. too 

14 Provincial Commission, Province of 

San Lois. 

« Collection of minerals. zoo 

^ Stone pestle used hy the Indtans to grind 

com and other grains ; slooe pea mado 

by Indians, etc. zos 

16 M etsler. A., Province of Catanarca. 
—Minerals. 100 

17 Ronas^, 0*briel» Province of Cata- 
marca. — Iron and antimony ores. zoo 

17« Xorilla, Benjamin, Provin<ie of 8al- 
ta.— ^Silver ore. 100 

19 Qiillflldes. Clhsico, Province of Cata- 
marca.— Silver and copper ore. lao 

80 Villafafle, Tristan, Province of CaU- 
marca.— Silver-bearing galena. zoo 

20» Bedoya, Segundo, Province of 8al- 
ta.— Silver ore. «oo 

81 Reaoagli, Luis, Province of Corrien* 
tes. — Quaru, flint, agate, etc. zoo 

Sf Mansilla, Manuel, Province of Cor- 
rientas.— Quart!, agate, copper ore, and 

It Provincial. 8ub-eommissioo of Tine- 
casta. Province of Catainarca.~Ores of 
uoa, kady copper, silver, etc. 

88 Galarraga,, Province of Cor- 
rientes.-^rystal rock. zoo 

83« Tula, Nabor, Province of Catamar- 
ca.— Copper ore from the Cerro Negro, zoo 

84 Sicard,Juana G. de, Province of Cor« 
rientes.— Horn-shaped stone. zoo 

85 PorU, Pelix, Province of Cprrieittea. 
— AsBfomeration of small stones. too 

86 AcoeU de Quiroio, losefis, Province 
of Corrientes.— Crystal rock. too 

87 Cnlto, Americo, Province of Corrien- 
tes.— Agate. 100 

87« Molina ft Carransa, Proviaee of Cat* 
amarca.— Ore from the Rosario mine, zoo 

8S Cabral y Melo^oe* Maria, Province 
of eorrientcs.— Crystal rock and flint, zoo 

88« Salcedo, Uladielae M.. Province of 
Catamarca.— Copper and stiver ore. zee 

89 P^Jol. Nicanor, Province of Corrien- 
tes.— Iron ore. 100 

80 COrdoba Univereity, Province of C6r- 
doba.— CoUectioo of min era ls. zoe 

S0« Muro, Proilan, Province of CaU- 
marca.— Iron and copper ore, copperas, 

and alum. loa 

81 Pragneiro. Jos* M.. Province of 
Cordoba.— L«ui containing silver. zoe 

38 Provincial Commieeion, Provinee 

of C6rdoba. 
d Lead icontaiaing silver, gyptuei, various 

minerals. 100 

b Marble. zoo 

e Wheutones. uA 

88 Vaeques, Lnerecio, Proviaee of C6r- 
doba. — Emeralds; round^hapod stone 
made by Indians. . leo 

84 MacDoweU, N., Province of C^rdo- 
ba.— Minerals. zoo 

Previnee of C6rdo- 


8i Olmos; Jos6 V. 
ba.— Minerals. 



36 Provincial 
of Saha. 
a Galefw. silver, and iion ores. 
h Wreugnt stone for tal>le top. 
e Sulphate of lime. 
4^ Kaolin. 
of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see OassiflcatittirM^^ 





Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

87 Echevarria. Cecillo, Province of 
SaiiU F^. — AlineraU ; quartz aiid agates 
of Alto Uruguay. loo 

Z% Rap, Eagenio, Proyiocc^of Tucu- 
man. — Cc4lection of aiinerals. loo 

89 Govemtnedt of the Province of Ju- 
jui. — Silver ore from 'I'ilcard. xoo 

40 Sub-commission of the Department 
nf Dianiaiiic, Province of Enire Rio$. — 

a Stones found on the shores of the Plata y 

Uniguay. loo 

^ Hydraulicccnient stones and cement, lime, 

artificial stone, petrified wood, etc. 103 

40<x Provincial Commission, Province 

of CwtJimarca. 

a (Juariz, garnets, manganese, etc. xoo 

6 Coal! rof 

e Soapvtone from Ancasti. xoa 

4i Walta-'Ume, g>-p»ura. 10 J 

^ / Colored clay, soapkione in powder, kaolin, 

etc. 104 

/'Mineral waters. 107 

40^ Elordi, Louis, Province of Buenaa 

Ay res. — Copper ore from Patagoncs. I'oO 

41 Arguello, David, Province of C6r- 

a Silver ore. xoo 

6 Anthracite coal. xox 

42 Galvan, Federico, Province ot La 
Kioja. — Coal from Tumbillos, loi 

43 Koman, Gabriel, Province of Cata« 
marca. — Coal. 101 

44 Valdes. Emiliano, & Cipriano, Prov- 
ince of Inicnos Ayres. 

« Colored and other stones from Tandil. 10a 

6 Llack and white vegetable clay Grotn Bal- 

earoe^ xo* 

c Sand and whetstones. xoo 

46 Olmoa, J086 V., Provbice of C6rdoba. 
— White marble. « xos 

46 Salas, Manuel M., Province of Cor* 
rientes. — Marble and crystallized 
stones. xoa 

47 Santoa, Francisco A., de loa, Prov- 
ince of Corrientcs. — Hollow unpolished 
stone. xoa 

48 Hurley, Tom&a, Province of Cata- 
> marca. — Granitet ; copinrar and black 

bronzes ; antique pieces of stone discov- 
ered in the abandoned mine of Ortiz, xoa 

49 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Santiago del Estero. 

a Dressed stones from the Sierra de Guaya- 
can. loa 

^ Cr^'stani<ed and common gypsum. X03 
c Colored clay and salt|ieire. 104 

«^ Mineral and sarsapariila waters. X07 

50 Provincial Commiaaion, Prorince 
of San Juan.— Building stone. xoa 

51 Avellaneda, Nicolaa, Province of 
C6rdoba. — Marble xos 

58 Segtira, Rufino, Provio^a of Cau- 
marca.--Soap6tone, flagstone. xoa 

58 Sub-commisftion of AndalgalA, Prov- 
ince of Catamarca.— Soapstone from He- 
len, xoa 

54 Riao, IsidorOyProvince of Catanutrca. 
o^ Soapuftone. xoa 
i Water lime. 103 

55 Herrera. Nicolas, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Slate. xoa 

56 Comejo, Melchora, T., Province of 

a Carbonate of lime. X03 

i Mineral waters. X07 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by munbers 

57 Saravia, Pablo, Province of Salta.— 
Sulphate of lime. X03 

58 Fornasari, R., & Facino, H., Prov- 
ince of Eoire Kios. — ^Uydnuilic cemeut, 
artificial stones. X03 

59 Commission of Parani, Province of 
Entre Kio&. 

a Paving-stones. limestones. lime, sulphate 
of lime, pctrined ovster-snells, etc. X03 

^ Clay, fine sand, cakareous clay, oontain- 
ing gold and silver. 104 

c Trijxili. 106 

60 Garlive, N., Province c^ Entre Rios. 
— Artiticial stone. X03 

61^ Peretti, Santiago, Province of Salta. 

— Pressed stone and carbonate of Ilmc. 103 
63 Solft, Ramon, Province of Entre 

Kios. — G>i»siun. 103 

6% Justice of the Peace of Ensenada, 

Itovinoe of Buenos Ayres. — Lime 

made from shells. X03 

65 Pedruncini. Juan, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Snell>lime. 103 

66 Valdes, Nicasio, Province of Buenoa 

4 lame from Balcarce. X03 
^ Red clay. X04 

67 Ifiiguez, Man'uel A., Province of 
Ducnos Ayres. — Limestone firom Tan- 
dil. X03 

68 Commission of Waterworks, Prov- 
ince of Uuenos Ayres. 

a Lime-shells, calcareous stones, raw and 
burnt cement, cement in shape of 
bricks. X03 

5 Clay. Z04 
' 69 Welah, Miguel, Province of Buenos 

Ayres. — Limestone, quicklime, slaked 
lime. 103 

70 Caetani, Vicente, Province of Buenoa 
Ayres. — Artificial marble. 103 

71 Sandrot. Jos^, Province of Buenos 
^Ayres. — ^Artificial stones. X03 

72 Justice of the Peace of Patagonea, 
Province of IlueiUMi Ayres.— Gypsum, 
etc. " X03 

78 IbaAez, P., Province of Catamarcn. 
— Sulagmitical lime. X03 

74 Provincial Comnlsaion, Province of 

a Black, yellow, and white limestone, 

common gypsum. S03 

f White clay. X04 

75 Paroni, Andres, Province of Santa 
F^. — Hydraulic cement. X03 

76 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Corrientes^ — Calcareous stones firom 

^ Itati. X03 

77 Aguilar, Francisco D., Province of 
San J ban. — Hydraulic lime. X03 

78 Oache, Manuel, Province of Buenoa 
AyrGS.---Gypsum from Rio Salado. X03 

78« Carenao, Nicholaa, Province of Sal- 
ta. — Kaolin, white clay, and chalk. X04 

79 Santa Cms, Simon de. Province of 
Entie Rios. — Sand from loicui. X04 

79« Tamayo, Sidney^ Province of Salta. 
—White days. X04 

80 Ariaa, Hilarion, Province of Salta.— 
Sulphate of lime. X04 

81 Lopes, Feliciano, Province of Cor^ 
rientes. — Clay for the manufacture of 
crockery, tiles, and bricks, yellow stooe 
for coloring and paint. sa« 

t end of entries, see Classificadon* pp. aT-^f- 



Minerals, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

85 8ub-commi8tion of Bella Vista, 
Pnmnce of Corrientes. — SuMie coatain- 
ing red and yellow coloring subsUnces ; 
days, 104 

84 Calderon, Pedro. Province of Bntre 
Rios.— Vegeuble clay. X04 

8ft Fontee, V. M., ft Negra, 8., Prov- 
ince of Cntre Rios.— Clay for whitewasb- 
ing. 104 

86 Basan, Abel, Province of La Rto)a.— 

Refractory bricks. X04 

87 Barros, Jos6^ Province of La Rioja.— 
Refractory bncks. 104 

89 lattice of the Peace of Zarate, 
Prorince of Buenos Ayres. — Black ana 
faruginous clays. 104 

80 Lobo. Tristan, Province of CaU- 
nurca.>-Chalk ciay, tiles, and bricks. X04 

91 Lafone Quevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. 
* White clay for bricks; refractory 
bricks. ioa 

h Hard Ibssil-ground quarts. too 

98 Caballero, Eugenio, Province of 
Salu.— Graphite. T05 

98 Medina, Luis R., Province of Cat- 
aaarca. — Wheutooes from Concep- 
eion. 106 

94 Peres, Luisa, Province of La Rioja. 
—Mineral water. 107 

96 Patron Bros., Province of Salu.-* 
Mineral iraters. loy 

97 Schmidt, Antonio, Province of San 
Luis. — Mineral waters. 107 

98 Escobar, Juan de D., Province of 
San Lais.— white-stone water. 107 

99 Sub-commission of the Colony of 
San Carlos, Province of Santa ¥6 —Veg- 
etable clay. X07 

100 Otamendi, Carlos, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Shells from the coast of Bal- 
caxce. 107 

MetaUurgieal Produoti. 

101 Gainza, Martin de, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Gold from Patagones. iio 

102 Nell, Pederlco, Province of Saa 
Luis.— -Gold and washed gold. xio 

105 Bertram ft Co., Province of San 
Luis. — Gold fit>m the Descubridora 
mine. xxo 

104 Provincial Commission. Province 
of San Luis. — Gold from La Carolina 
mine. txo 

106 Lafone Qnevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca.—Copper ingots. 111 


{North of Navt, Columns 3 to $,) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Kiaenlf , Ores, Stone, Xining Pro- 

1 Government of Chili.— Silver and 
copper ores, and other minerals. too 

8 Sere, Bdonard, SantUgo.—Mlae- 
rah. ,00 

8 Escobar, E^ Coptapo.—Qold, ailver, 

aad copper ores, and other valuable min- 

«ab. ,oe 

4 Urmenta ft Errasnries, Santiago. - 

»-«Pper ores from Tamagua. 100 

• Bacndero, R., Santiago.— Stone, xos 
Per daises of exhibiu, indicated by numbers 

6 Sanchez, Francisco, Talca.— Carved 
stone from Talca. xoa 

7 Cadiz, Jose, Qabriel, Santiago.— 
a Artificial marble balustrade, mantel, pil- 

asters, and columns. 
h Natural and powdered gypsum. 


Xetallnrgioal Produots. 

8 Government of Chili.— Copper Id ta« 
gets. xxs 

Kining Engineering. 

9 Brrazuriz, Maximlano, Santiago.— j 
Strau of C(Md mine in Lebn. <*^LC 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. «7-45. - 



{NoriJk of Navi, Cohnmns 64 to 67.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Vinerali, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Ochva, Qaapen, Sanches^ City of 
Mexico. — Sulphur from the Volcano Po- 
pocatepetl. 100 

8 Mexican Mining Society, City of 
Mexico. — Minerals and rocks. too 

8 School of Bnc^neera, City of Mex- 
ico. — Minerals. 100 

4 National Muaeum^ City of Mexico. 
— Minerals and rocks. zoo 

6 Barcena, Mariano, City of Mexico. 
^Livingstonite. 100 

6 Folaa, M. Joa6, Pregonea, State of 
Guerrero. — Quicksilver ores. 100 

7 Natural Hiatory Society, City of 
Mexico. — Minerals. 100 

8 Qovernment of the State of Duran- 
go, Durango City. — Iron ores. 100 

8a Muller, N., Chihuahua City.—Me- 
teoric iron. 100 

9 Soto, Mayor C, State of Micho- 
acan. — Minerals from the mineral district 
of Angangueo. too 

10 Rnll, Miguel, City of Mexico.-Min- 
erals. 100 

10» Corcuerm, Manuel, State of Jaliaco. 
— Iron ores. 100 

11 Real Del Monte Company.— Mine- 
rals. 100 

1 8 State Oovemment of Oaxaca.~Min- 
erals. 100 

18 San Rafkel Company. —Minerala 

from Zsu:atecas City. 100 

Per classes of exhibits, indica)pd by 

14 Quebradelln Company, Zacntecai 
City. — Minerals. xoo 

15 Mala Noche Company, 2acntecaa 
City. — Minerals. 100 

16 Ponce, Juan, Zacatecaa City.— Min- 
erals. 100 

17 Romires, 8. ft C. J., City of Mexico. 
— Rocks. 100 

18 Barcena, Manlmo, City of Mexico.^ 
Fossils, rocks, and geological maps, too 

19 Farmgia, Federico, State of Hidal- 
go. — Minerals and metallui]^cal pro- 
ducts. 100 

80 Zenteno, Batevan, Pempoal, Vera 
Cruz.— Coal. lox 

81 Outierrea, Julian, ft Co., City of 
Mexico.— Marble from the State of Pueb- 
la. zoe 

88 Bocmncgra, 8., State of San Lula 
Potosi.-^arbles. xo» 

88 Stata Qovernment of Hidalgo.— Ar- 
gils. X04 

Metallnrgioal Products. 

84 Bermegillo,Plo, State of Mlchonenn. 
—Cake of silver from Argangueo. xxo 

86 Bncamacion Company.— Wrought 
and cast iron. zzi 

86 Guadalupe Company.- Wrought 
and cast iron. six 

87 Baperon, Jot6, Oaxaca City.— 
Wrought and cast iron. iii 

at and of entries, tee Classificatk», pp. a7-45. 


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{Sfftttk of ATaw. Columns i6 to iS,) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

1 AniTillaga, Afuttiii, Pondon, Prov- 
iDOe of Almerfa.— Galena. loo 

8 Peraandes, Diego, Cnevas, Provinco 
of Almerta.— Axgentuerotts galena and ba- 


8 Campos. Prandaco, Pondon, Prov- 
ince d" Almeria.— Laminated galena, loo 

4 Mootoro, Pranciaco, Vera, Provinca 
o€ Almeria. — Laminated galena. loo 

5 Bachiller, Guillermo, Cnevas, Prov- 
ince of Almeria. — Aigentiferous galena 
widi iron pyrites* loo 

6 Ccrezuelo, Ooasalo, Beria, Province 
of .MnteHa. — Laminated galena. loo 

7 Oonsales« Gabriel, Laujar, Provinca 
of Almeria.— Laminated galena. loo 

8 Terrisa. Jos^, Berja. Province of Al- 
meria. — Laminated galena. loo 

9 Rapalo, Joa^ Almeria, Proviace of 
Almeria.— Galena. loo 

10 Olmo. Josi del, Ber)a, Province of 
Alxneria. — Galena, stamed with mini- 
um, xoo 

11 CavaniUas, Jnan, Cnevas, Province 
of Almeria.— Argentifenyas galena. loo 

18 Corrello. Rafael, Almozita, Province 

of Almerui.— Gtilena. xoo 

' 18 Abad, Jer6aimo. Nijar, Proviace of 

Almeria. — Pyrolusite. xoo 

14 i^rala, Antonio, Lucar, Proviace of 
Almeria. — Steatite. xoo 

18 Padilla, Prancisco, Mijar, Province 
of Almeria.— Calamine and carbonate of 
lead. xoo 

16 Blanco. Pmdendo, Alcolea, Prov- 
ince of Almeria.— Gny calamine. soo 

17 X>nran, Est^ban, Almeria.— Oxide of 
copper and calamine. xoo 

18 Ramirex, Lnis, Lucar, Province of 
Almeria.— Black oadde of cobalt. xoo 

19 Rio, Bnstaouio. Huercal - Overs, 
Province of Almeria. — ^Araeniate of co- 
balt, xoo 

80 Real, Joa^ Almeria.— Carbonate of 
lead. xoo 

81 Gomes, Crf saato de, NHar, Province 
of Almeria. — Carbonate oT lead. xoo 

88 Trell, Miguel del,Beija, Province of 
Almeria.— <Iarbonate of calamine. xoo 

88 Daza y Ruis, Prandaco, Purchena, 
Province of Almeria,— Iron ore. xoo 

88« Daza y Ruiz,Seron, Province of Al- 
meria— Iron ore. "»oo 

88^ Daxa y Ruis, Lucar, Province ol A • 
Cinnabar ore and cobalt. loo 

84 Vivas Asqueroa. Antonio, Pechina, 
Province of Almeria. — Iron ore. xoo 


of exhibiti Indicated by aumbc r t 

88 Linares. Clemente, Albancbes, Prov- 
ince of Almeria.— Iron ore. xoo 

86 ViUslobos Brothers, Beija, Province 
of Almeria. — Sulphate of lead. xoo 

87 Hernandes, Secundino, Peria, Prov- 
ince of Badajoz. — Iron ores. xoo 

88 Successful Society, Alcoachcl Che- 
lo«. Province of Badajoz. —Chakopi- 
riu. xoo 

89 LafBte ft Co., Castuera, Province 
of Bad^oz. — Galena and argentiferous 
lead. xoo 

80 Mateoa y Morato, Santiago, Asuaga, 
ProvinceofBadajoz.— Sulphate of lead, xoo 

81 Qrsppin, G. de, Llerena, Province 

of Bacbgoz. — Galena. xoo 

81« Grappin,G. de, Malpartlda, Province 
of C&ceres.- Phosphate of lime. xoo 

81^Grappin, G. de, Aldeacentenera, 
Province of C4ceres.— Copper. xoo 

Sl^Grappin, G. de, various towns of 
the province of Ciceres. — Collection of 
ores. xoo 

88 Martinez de Santa Maria, Juan, Bur- 
guillos. Province of Badajoz. — Mx^etic 
iron ore. xoo 

88 Uigk ft de Plaaell, Juan, Gaba y del 
Figar6, Province of Barcelona. — Iron ore 
with manganese. loo 

84 p'Daly, Olimpia Vallcareara, Prov- 
ince of Barcelona. — Magnetic iron. loo 

86 Anglada ft Co., Pontons, Province 
ot Barcelona. — Carbonate of zinc. too 

86 Provincial Commission, Atapuerca, 
Province of Burgos.— Stalactites. loc 

87 Richard ft Qranducontangne, Rio- 
cavado, Province of Burgos. — Hema- 
tites. 130 

87a Richard ft Granducontangne, Hu- 
erto-ab.ijo. Province of Bi^rgos. — Hema- 
tites, xoo 

87^ Richard ft Granducontangne, Mon- 
terrubio de la Sierra, Province of Biiirgos. 
— Hematites. xoo 

88 Gutierrez, Julian, Olmos de Atapu- 
erca, Province of Burgos. — Yellow and 
red ochre. xoo 

89 Oris, Eugenie, Pancorbo, Province 
of Burgos.— Oxide of iron. xoo 

40 Corporation of Pineda.— Micaceous 
iron. xoo 

41 Muftoz Bello, Prandaco, C4ceree.— 
Phosphate of lime. xoo 

48 Gonzalez, Diego Blbiano, Ciceres.— 
Calcareous phosphates. too 

43 Rocandio, Jorge, & Sbarbv, Manuel, 
Zarza y Oclavin, Province of C4c«res. — 
Calcareous phosphate. Vfr> 

St end of entries, see Classlilostion, pp. 9T^4^ ^^ 


Minerals, Ores. 

44 Sande Olivaret, Qer6nimo de, Qarro- 
billas de Alconetar, Province of Ciceres, 
— Copper ore. loo 

45 Miro Cerdi, various towns of the 
Province of Castellon. — Ores. too 

46 Provincial Board of Agrricnlture, 
Province of Castellon. — Galena and cala- 
mine, xoo 

47 Cftmiaero, Josi, Ciudad-Real.— 
Ores. xoo 

18 Piquet, Alfonzo Bmillo, Horcajo, 
Province of Ciudad-Real. — Ores. loo 

49 Mines of Almaden, Almaden, Ciu- 
dad-Real. — Cinnabar ores and rocks, xoo 

50 Ducloux, Francisco Javier, Province 
of Barcelona. — Ores. loo 

51 Oomea Ruis, widow & sons of 
Gabriel, San Julian del Uot, Province of 
Gerona. — Lead ore. xoo 

58 HIsern. Joaauin, CaratAunas, Prov- 
ince of Granada. — Hematite iron. xoo 

53 Vasquez, Die? o, Pitres, Province of 
Granada. — Quicksilver ore. xoo 

54 Corps of Mining Engineers, Hien- 
delacncina. Province of Guadalajara. — 
Brittle silver, blue copper, and nuda- 
chites. TOO 

55 Oracian, Andres, Huelva. — Sulptrur 
of argentiferous antimony. xoo 

56 Ibarra, Jos6 Maria de, Huelva.— Col- 
lection of cuprous-iron pyrites and pro- 
ducts, xoo 

57 Vaaquea y Lopea, M., Zalamea la 
Real, Province of Huelva. — Peroxide of 
manganese. loo 

58 Rieken y Gerdes,Geor|:e,Mina Bron- 
teriza, Huelva. — Sulphur. xoo 

59 8olo,Einilio de. Alosno, Province of 

Huelva. — Peroxide of manganese. xoo 

60 Dial y Gomes de Cadic, Eduardo, 
Valvcrde del Camino, Province of Huel- 
va. — Manganese ore. too 

61 Bull ft West, Diego. Valverde del 

Camino, province of Huelva. — Cuprous 
pyrites. xoo 

68 Tharsis Sulphur A C^per Co. 
Qimited), Alosno, Province of Huelva. — 
Ores aud slags. xoo 

63 Rio Tin CO Co. (limited), Province of 
Huelva.— Ores. xoo 

64 LaBuenaP6, Society, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen.— Laminated galena, etc. xoo 

65 La Pamilia Society, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen.— Laminated galeiu and ga- 
lena in dross. xoo 

66 La Inocencia Minine Society, Quar- 
roman. Province of Jaen. — laminated 
galeiui and galena in dross. xoo 

67 Stolberg ft Westfalia, Anonymous 
Society, Linares, Province of Jaen. — 
Laminated galena and galena in dross, xoo 

68 English, Heirs of Juan Carlos, Li- 
nares, Province of Jaen. — Laminated and 
ground galena and galena In dross. too 

69 Accino y Vaaquez de Araujo, En- 
rique, IJnares, Province of Jaen. — Lami- 
nated galena. xoo 

70 Sopwith, Tom&s, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Laminated galena. xoo 
For ciaisc i of exhibits. Indicated by nunU>ets ai cod of entries, see Classification, pp. a7-i|. 

71 Bonaplata, Eduardo, Bail6n, Prov* 
ince of Jaen. — Galena. xoo 

78 Fiffueroa. Ignaclo, Linares, Province 
of Jaen. — Galena. xoo 

78 Amado Salaxar, Enrique, Bailin, 
Province of Jaen. — Galena. xoo 

74 Lohnstein, Emilio, Linares, Prov* 
ince of Jaen. — Galena. xoo 

75 Arboledas, Martin, Liuarea, Prov- 
ince of Jaen. — Sulphate of lead. xoo 

76 Villanova, Jos6 Oenaro, Linares. 
Province of Jaen.— Earth from a lead 
mine, and potter's antimony. too 

77 Polo Leoncio, Villafelia, Province of 
Leon.— Iron ore. loo 

78 Alonso, Casimiro, Leon.— Oxidised 
iron ore. loo 

79 Bertrand, Casimiro, Alias, L6rida.~ 
Oaelieresa, native iron. too 

80 Reynante y Cancio, Manuel, Riva- 
deo, Lugo. — Ores. xoo 

81 Corpa of Mining Engineers, Madrid. 
— Ores. xoo 

88 Naranjo y Garza, Felipe, from vari* 
ous towns of the Province of Madrid.— 
Ores. xoo 

88 Mining Engineers, MMaga.— Mala- 
chite copper ore: too 

88a Minine Engineers, Marbella, Prov- 
ince of M41aga.->Magnetic iron. loo 

88^ Mining Engineers, Estepona, Prov- 
ince of M&Iaga. — Magnetic iron. too 

88c Mining Engineers, Mijaa, Provinca 
of M&laga. — Hydrated iron, galena, and 
magnetic iron. xoo 

88<^ Mining Engineers, Istaa, Province 
of M&laga. — Magnetic iron. too 

83^ Mining Engineers, Carratraca, 

Province of Milaga. — Hematites. xoo 

88/ Mining Bugineers, Antequera, 
Province oTM&la|^— Oligistic iron, xoo 

88/' Mining Engineers, Coin, Provinca 
of M Maga. — Hematites . xoo 

88A Mining Eiurineers, Benahanls, 
Province of Milaga.— -Sulpho-arsenic 
nickel and sulphurous nickel. xoo 

88^ Mining Engineers, Benalmadena, 
Province of Malaga. — Hydrated iron, xoo 

88 / Mining Engineers, Alora, Provinca 
of M41aga.— Nickel. leo 

88m' Mining Engineers, Almogia, Prov- 
ince of Miltga. — ^Malachkes and pyrites 
of copper. xoo 

88» Mining Engineers, Alhaurin el 
Grande, Province of Milaga.— Gakna and 
carbonate of lead. too 

88' Mining Engineers, Ccrfmenar, Prov- 
ince of MiU^. — Galeiui and pyrites of 

88^ Mining Eiigineers, Neija, Province 
of Milaga.— Gakna. xoo 

88/ Mining Engineers, Archidona, 
Province m Mila^. — Oliglstic iron, xoo 

84 Blandin y Carrese, Manuel, Vera, 
Piovince <w Navarra. — Iron ores. too 

85 Mada ft Co., Demitrio, Penonta, 
Province of Orense. — Tin ore. xoc 



Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

86 Vila, Praaciftco, Peatet, Provlaoe 

of Orense. — Tin ore. 100 

•7 MiDioff District of Oviedo, various 

towns ol the Prorince of Ovicdo. — Ores. 


S8 Acebal y Meaeades, Benito, Car- 

renoa. Province of Oviedo. — Iron ore. 


89 Uria Pinilla. Navia de Luarca, 
Province of Oviedo. — Iron ores. 100 

80 National Factory of Tnibia,Trubia, 
Province of Oviedo. — Iron ores. xoo 

9 1 Diestro y Lastra, Antonio del, Mier, 
Province of Oviedo. — Ores. 100 

92 Somoza Pi fieiro, Ramon, Merxa, 
Province of Pontevedra.— Magnetic iron. 


98 Mining Society, Salamanca.— Tin 

ore. 100 

94 Neeschourrcr Bellesfrod ft Co., 

from various towns and provinces. — Ores. 


96 Mining & Foundry Co. of Saatan- 

dcr. — Ores. xoo 

96 Buen Deseo Mining Society, Pefial- 
cizar. Province of Soria. — ^Argentiferous 
lead ore. 100 

97 Perez, Bernardo, Pefialc4«ar, Prov- 
ince of Soria. — ArgcntlferotM lead ore. 100 

98 Director of the Company of Mines 
ft the Manu&ctory del Pedroso. Cazalla 
de la Sierra, Province of Seville. — Iron 

99 Gomes, Jos6 Marfa,Vlmbodi, Prov- 
ince of Tarragona. — Pyrites and oarytes 
in powder. 100 

100 Monner. Francisco, Las Boijaa, 
Province of Tarragona.-— Oligistic iron. 


101 Bnt6 ft Sierra, CamaAas, Province 
of Teruel. — Crystallized manganese ore, 
pyrolusite. xoo 

102 Maorad, Benito, Camafias, Prov- 
ince of Tcrucl. — Manganese. xoo 

108 Valdemoro, Juan Francisco,Teruel. 
— Oxide of iron. xoo 

104 Belles, James, Alharracin, Prov- 
ince of Teruel . — Ox ide of i ron . 100 

105 Perez. Francisco, Linares, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Calamine. xoo 

106 Diego. Vicente de, Bilbao, Prov- 
ince of Viicaya. — Iron ores. 100 

107 BouraoiK Miguel, Somorrostro, 
Province of Yircaya. — Iron ore. 100 

108 Bilbao Iron Ore Company 
(limited), Galdamis, Province of Viz- 
caya.— Iron ore. xoo 

109 Zabalo, Andrto, Ulueca, Zaragoza. 
— Oligistic iron. 100 

109« Mouner, Franciaco, Reus, Prov- 
ince of Tarragona. — Ores. xoo 

110 Rueda, Manuel, Mesones, Province 
of ZaragOTa — Oligistic iron. xoo 

111 Boiven y Senty, Adolfo. Maestu, 
Province of Alava. — Natural rock as- 
piuitum, refined bitumen, pure and dry 
asphaltum. xox 

118 Asphaltum Company of Maestu, 
Vitona. — ^Asphaltum. fos 

118 Mining Union, Calaf, Province of 
Barcelona. — Lignite. xoi 

For daases of eahibils, indicated by mnaben 

1 1 4 La Perla Bergadana Mining Socie- 
ty, Pont de Raventi, Province of Barce- 
lona.— Mineral coal. xxc 

115 Qispert y Pujals, Manuel, Barce- 
lona. — Mineral coal. loi 

116 Oria, Eugenio, Brieva de Juarros, 
Province of Burgos. — Dry pit-coal. loi 

117 Juarrefla Society, San Adrian dc 
Juarros, Province of Biugos. — Dry pil- 
coal. 101 

118 Mir6 


6 y Cerd&, C, from various 
of the Province of Castell6n. — Coal. 

119 MeUllurj^ical Coal-pit Company of 
Belmcz, Penarroya, Province of C6r(;iol>a. 
•^Pit-coal, and coke. xoi 

120 Bl Veterano Mineral Society, Sur- 
roca. Province of Gerona. — Pitcoal and 
coke; rocks, illustrating the geological 
composition of the coal districts of Surroca 
and Ogassa. xoi 

121 Board of Agriculture. Industry, 
ft Commerce, Oviedo. — Coke and min- 
eral coal. 101 

121« Board of Agriculture, Industry, 
& Commerce, Mieres, Province of Ovieoo. 
—Coal block, weighing 30 cwt. iw 

122 Coal-pit Society of Mufion, Mufton, 
Pola deXena, Province of Oviedo. — Min- 
eral coal. XOI 

123 National Factorjr of Trubia, Tru- 
bia. Province of Oviedo. — Mineral coal 
and coke. xoi 

124 Garcia de los Rios, Eduardo, Mie- 
res. Province of Oviedo. — Pit-coal. 101 

125 Vigon, Braulio, Carr&odi, Province 
of Oviedo. — Anthracite coal. xoi 

126 Mines of Castilla, Barruelo, Prov- 
ince of Palencia. — Pit-coal and coke, xox 

127 Fernandez Casta&eda, Telesforo, 
Rcinosa, Province of Santander. — Ug- 
nite. loi 

128 Pereire, Isaac, Villanueva del Rio, 
Province of Seville. — Coal. xox 

129 Corps of Mining Engineers, Soria. 
— Impregnated asphaltum. xoi 

180 Peguero, Andres, Utrillas, Prov- 
ince of Teruel.— Coal. xox 

181 Sierra, Francisco, Utrillas, Prov- 
ince of Teruel.— Coal. xox 

182 Est6ban, Crist6bal, Libros, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Brimstone. xox 

188 Fernandez, Francisco, Havana, 
Island of Cuba. — Asphaltum. xox 

184 Blanqner Ronda, Mariano, Callosa 
de Ensarrii, ProvinoeofAUcanU.— Black 
marble. xoa 

185 Serrano, Cardona ft Co., Mon6var, 
Province of Alicante. — ^Tubil^{ and pillar, 
with endoture. xos 

186 Jov6r, Francisco, Almerfa, Prov- 
ince of Almeria.—CoiMtruction stones. xo> 

186aAbetl6 V Boada, Pablo, Sarreal, 
Pro«inceol^Tarragona. — Alabaster, xos 

187 Daza, Francisco, Macael, Province 
of Almeria. — Marble. xoa 

188 Tr«1, Miguel del. Betja, Province 
of Atmeria. — Marble for construction, xoa 

189 Chief Engineer of Highways, Val- 
deraolinos. Province of Avila.— Gran- 
ite, tot 

at end of entries, lee dasslilcatiott, pp. STHS- J Ic 


Minerals, Stone. 

140 Estevex, Manuel Benito, Badi^os. 

— Slates. lo 

143 Provincial Commission of Vlllagfa- 
liio. Province of B6rgos. — Alabaster, mar- 
ble, calcareous stone, slate, and wheat 
stones. X02 

144 Baldirex, Santiago, ViUorobe, 
Province of Burgos. — Slates. xoa 

140 Richard & Qranducontagne, Bar- 
badillo de Herrcros, Province of Bfirgos. 
— Gravel. xo» 

146 Corporation of ViUamartin, Prov- 
ince of C4diz. — ^Jasper. xoa 

147 Corporation of Chiclana, Province 
of C4aiz. — Jasper. xoa 

148 Cori>oration of Qrazalema, Prov- 
ince of Cidiz. — Colored marble. xoa 

149 Nufiez, Josi Maria, C&dix.— Collec- 
tion of marbles and jaspers. xoa 

150 Peo y Hermos, Miguel Alfonso, 
San Miguel de Abona, Canary Islands. — 
Flagstone. xoa 

151 Oamex, Angel, Santa Crus de Ten- 
eriffe, Canary Islands. — Rock, lava, and 
volcanic products. xoa 

152 Society of Friends, Las Palmaa, 
Canary Islands.— Jasper. xoa 

153 Provincial Board of Agriculture. 
Calig, Province of Castcllon. — Marble and 
calcareous stone. xoa 

154 Corporation of Cabra, Province of 
C6rdoDa. — Marbles. xos 

155 Lopez Seoane, Victor, Perrol, Prov- 
ince of La Coruna. — Stones and mar- 
bles, xoa 

1 56 Corporation of Portilla de la Sierra, 
Province of Cuenca.— Marbles. xoa 

157 Corporation of La Cierva, Province 
of Cuenca. — Marble. xoa 

158 Yafiir, Ambrosio, Las Majadas, 
Province of Cuenca. — Marbles. xoa 

1 59 Madero, Cirilo, Arcos de la Cantera, 
Province of Cuenca. — Calcareous stone. 


1 60 Rubio Perer, Juan, Quejar, Prov- 
ince of Granada.-^erpentine. xoa 

\61 Corporation of Puente Heridos, 
Province of Huelva. — Marble. xoa 

162 Corporation of Galaroza, Province 
of Huelva. — Marbles. xoa 

163 Gonzalez Molada, J us to, Alcau- 
dete,_ Province of Jaen. — Construction 
materials. xoa 

164 Corporation of Castillo de Locubin, 
Province of Jaen.— Jasper. xoa 

165 Provincial Institute, Leon. — 
Marbles and alabasters. zos 

166 Uleeschouuer, Bellefroid, & Co., 
Unzanilla, Province of Leon.— Marble 
formed by calcareous fbssib. xoa 

167 institute of Secondary Instruction 
of Mondonedo, Province of Lugo. — 
Marbles and slates. loa 

16S Corps of Mining Engineers, Prov- 
ince of Midaga. — Marbles. xoa 

169 Corporation of Mijaa, Province of 
Milaga. — Marbles. loa 

170 Corps of Mining Engineers, Prov- 
ince of Murcia. — Marble, grit, construc- 
tion stone, and alabaster. xoa 

171 Corporation of Pilofia, Province of 
Oviedo. — Marbles. loa 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbeis 

78 Corporation of Salaa, Province of 
Oviedo. — ^Marble. xoe 

78 Corporation of Colunga, Proviace 
of Oviedo. — Marble. xoa 

74 Odriozola, Joaquin de, Province of 
Segovia. — Constm^ion stones. xos 

75 Corporation of Linares, Province 
of Segovia. — Calcareous constructico 
stones. m 

76 Corporation of Balisa, Province of 
Segovia. — Granite and siliceous stone, xoa 

77 Corporation of Aragonesea, Prov- 
ince of Segovia. — Stone. bos 

78 Corporation of Moron, Province of 
Sevilla. — Jasper. loi 

79 Corporation of Cantalncia, Prov- 
ince of Soria. — Marbles. xoa 

80 Corporation of Bspija, Province oi 
Soria. — Marbles. mm 

81 Garcia, CayHano, Bapejen, Prov- 
ince of Soria. — Marbles. xoa 

82 Oomez, Jos6 Maria. Sareal, Prov- 
ince of Tarragona. — ^AlalMUter and mar- 
ble, in powder. xoa 

88 Board of Public Works, Campaa- 
pero, ProviiKe of Valladolld.--Calcareovs 
stone. xos 

84 Qenerte, Jos^, Sarreal, Proyince of 
Tarragona. — Alabaster. xoa 

85 Board of Public Works, ViUar- 
mentero. Province of Valladohd. — Crys- 
tallized gypsum. xos 

86 Corporation of Ricla, Province of 
Zaragoza. — ^Marbles. soa 

87 Corporation of Calatorao, Province 
of Zaragoza. — Black marble. xos 

88 Corporation of Fuentea de Bbro, 
Province of Zaragoza.— Alabaster. loa 

89 Boada, Jer6nimo, Matar6, Province 
of iiarcelona. — Artificial stone. zoj 

90 Navarro, Antonio, Las Palmaa, 
Canary Islands.— Calcareous stone and 
powdered lime. zo3 

91 Lled6 y Gomes, Cipriano, Cuenca. 
— White gypsum. foj 

92 Fernandez, Oervasio, Tornibia de» 
Campo, Province of Cuenca.-^Alabsi' 
trian gypsum. xo) 

93 Lopez, Simon, Torrubia del Caoipo, 
Province of Cuenca.— Powdered slaoM- 
trian gypstmi. zo) 

94 Corporation of Ayamonte, Province 
of Huelva.— Lime. 103 

95 District of Mining Engineers, Pro- 
vince of M&laga. — Gypsum. X03 

96 Corps of Mining Engineers, Prov- 
ince of Murcia. — ^Wnite and black cal- 
careous stone. X03 

97 Corporation of Moron, Province of 
Seville. — Gypsum and lime. X03 

98 Tom&s, Antonio. Reus, Province 
of Tarragona.— Sulpnate of barytes and 
lime. X03 

99 Cervera, Luis, Montblanch, Prov- 
ince of Tarragona.— Sulphate of hydrated 
lime. X03 

200 Barran, Leoncio, Alcali de Gua- 
daira, Province of Seville.— Slack, quick- 
lime, limestone, etc. S03 

201 Climent, Hernandez, Prandaco, 
Carcagente, Proviace of Valencia.— 
Artificial stone. m] 

end of entries, see Classiftcatioa, pp. a7-4S> 



BAixierali, Stone. 

gOSQiralt, Nicol4s, Re^la, Cubft^ 
lime. 103 

SOS BcMiridM, Mariano, La Roda, 
Province oC Albocete. — Magnesias 
eaith. 104 

804 Saavedra Ramlrex, Alejo, Somotin, 
Province of Almeria.— Siifeate of mag- 

SOS Daxa J Rnis, Francisco, Somotin, 
Province of Almeria,— Silicate of mag- 
nesia. 104 

106 Masoliver, Bartolomi, Barcelona. 
— Qulk and volcanic day. 104 

S07 Qrandncootangne, Richard. Barba- 
£0o de UerrerM/Province of B&rgos.— 
Argil. S04 

SOS Oria, Bugenio, Pancorbo, Provinca 
of Burgos. — Bridoi. 104 

509 Provincial Commissions of variona 
towns. Province of BAigos. — Aigil and 
day. 104 

510 Foundry a Delft Factory of 
Saigadelos, Cervo, Province of Logo. — 
Crude materials w the mannfiictnre of 
delft. 104 

511 Baoante, Joan, Chantada, Provinca 
of L44EO. — ^Argil. 104 

SIS District of Mining Bngineers, Mar- 
bella, ProvinceofM&Iaga.— Steatite. S04 

SIS Provincial Board of Anicolture, 
Industry, ft Commerce, CoUera, Prov- 
ince of Oviedo. — Spar. 104 

SI 4 UrU ft Pinilla, Navia de Uurca, 
Province of Oviedo. — Refractory stone. 104 

SI 6 Factory of Trubia, Trubia, Prov- 
ince of Oviedo.— Argil, silicate, and 
lime. 104 

SI 6 VUlar Cagide, Joaquin, Santa Ma- 
ria de Abades, Province of Pontevednu— 
Steatites. 104 

SI 7 Mathen, Antonio, Montblanch, 
Province m Tarragona.— Spanish white. 


SI 8 Corporation of Plnell, Province of 
Tarragona.— Refractory earth. 104 

819 Corps of Mining Bngineers, Zara- 
goza. — ^Argil. 104 

SSQ District Miniiig Bngineers, Igua- 
Icja, pTcrKnce d Malaga.— Graphite. 10$ 

881 VUlalongay Paras. Antonio, Capde- 
pen, Balearcs. — ^Tripoli. 105 

888 Corporation of Cabra del Santo 
Crislo,Provinceof Jaen. — Whetstones. 106 

SSS Acebal v Menendes, Benito, Ovie- 
do.— Grinctttones. 106 

884 Peguero, Andrte, Utrilla, Province 
of Terud.— Jet. 106 

880 Pedro, CArraen de. La Rambla. 
Province of TeroeL— Jet. xoo 

886 Sierra, Francisco, Utrilla, Provinca 
of Terod.— Jet. 106 

837 Villalba, Qregorio,Utrilla,Province 
of Terud.— Jet. 106 

888 Sans, Mariano, Patatrubio, Prov- 
ince of Terud.— Jet. to6 

889 Clarda, Pablo, Utrilla, Provinca of 
Terod.— Jet. xo6 

SSO Banquella ft Rascon, Frandsco, 
Novd<u, Province of Alicante. — Sulphur- 
ous minoal water from Salinetas. soy 
For daaacs of exhibits, indicated by numben 

SSI Trell, Miguel del, Beija, Provinca 
of Almeria.— Gypsum. 107 

SSS Mdlas Morano, Joa4, Pechina, 
Provfnce of Almeria.— Laaidlatcd gjrp- 
sum. xoy 

SSS Alonso Cortte, Manuel, Posas, 
Province of Biirgos.— Crude and refined 
salt. 107 

8S4 Puig, Felipe, Miranda, Provinca of 
BAigos.— Crude and re^ed salt. 107 

8S6 Caresanian Society, Cerero, Prov- 
ince of Biirgos.— Sulphate of soda. 107 

856 Constancia Society, Cereso, Prov- 
ince of B6rgos.— Sulphate of soda. 107 

857 Riscal deAlegre, Marquis of, AlU, 
Province of Ciceres.— Clay marl. 107 

SSS Corporation of Santa-Blla, Prov- 
ince of Cdrdoba.- Medicinal mineral 
waters. 107 

8S9 Corporation of Montoro, Province 
of Cdrdoba.— Sulphurous water. 107 

840 Lopes, JosA Maria, Lncena, Prov- 
ince of C^doba.— Mineral water. 107 

841 Marin Bfanuel, ViUaharta, Prov- 
ince of Cordoba. — Mineral water. 107 

848 Peraflta Qavigola, Franciaca, Ga- 
rona.— Carbonic water. 107 

845 Medinaceli, Duke of, Garona.— Fer- 
ruginous and sulphurous water. 107 

844 Garcia, Gabriel, Garona.— Ferru- 
ginous carbonic water. 107 

846 Vilaret, Jos6, Oerona.— Carbonic 
water. 107 

846 Damiua, Count of, Garona.— Far- 
raginous and sulphurous water. 107 

847 Corporation of Marmolelo, Prov- 
ince of Jaen.— ^Addulotts and carbonic 

waters with iron. 


848 Gutiarras Rodrignas, Cayetano, 
Mogrov«30, Province of Leon.— Mineral 
waters. 107 

849 Borregan del Blanco, Dominga. 
Mogrovqo, Province of Leon. — ^Mineral 
waters. 107 

860 Bathing Batabllshment, Ponferra- 
da. Province of Leon. — ^Mineral waters. 


861 Damian Garciajos^ San Adrian 
de Vegaquemada, Province of Leon. — 
Mineral and medicinal waters. 107 

868 Corporation of Navajun, Provinca 
of Logrofio. — Mineral waters. X07 

865 Dies Brothers. Gr&valos, Provinca 
of Logrofio.— Sulpnurous waters. 117 

864 Lopes Losada, Antonio, Indo, 
Provmce of Lugo. — Ferruginous wateis. 


866 Niera Gayoso, Doaitao, Lugo.— 
Sulphurous waters. 107 

866 Pardo Monter^^ Ramon, Traspar- 
ga. Province oH Logo. — Sulphurous 
waters. 107 

867 Benevolent Societies, of various 
IohfUS and provinces —Mineral waters. 107 

868 Corporation of MoUina, Province 
of MiJaga.— Mineral waters. 107 

869 Corporation of Carratraca, Prov- 
mce of M41aga. — Mineral waters. X07 

860 Corporation of Periana, Province 

ofMilaga.— Mineral waters. 107 

at end of entries, see Oassification, Pf*jprAf\p. 


Minerals, Metallurgical Products, Mining Engineering. 

861 CoiporatioD of Tolox, Province of 
Milaga.^ Waters from Fuente Aciuur- 
gosa. 107 

862 Provincial Commission, Murcla.— 
Waters from Archena. 107 

868 Corporation of Verin, Province of 
Orense. — Mineral waters. 107 

864 Corporation of Carballino, Prov- 
ince of Orense. — Thermal medicinal wa- 
ters. X07 

866 Gonzalez Aleere, Jos6 I^aa Caldas, 
Province of Oviedo.— Thermal waters. 107 

866 Casarie^, Cayetano, Prelo, Prov- 
ince of Oviedo. — Alkaline sulphurous wa- 
ters. 107 

266^ Casarie^o, Cayetano, Buyeres de 
Nava, Province of Oviedo.— Fem^nous 
water. 107 

867 Cortines, Augtistin de, Puente- 
nausa, Province of Santander. — Sulphur- 
ous waters. 107 

868 Calderon Revuelta, Francisco, 
Alceda, Province of Santander. — Mineral 
sulphurous water. 107 

869 Gutierrez de Ceballos, Josi, Ca!das 
de Besaya, Province of Santanda-. — Min- 
eral waters. X07 

870 Ana Mic6, Widow of Perrandis,Jli- 
tiva, Province of Valencia. — Sulphurous 
and ferruginous waters. X07 

871 Durege, Julio, San Diego de los 
Bafios, Island of Cuba. — ^View of sulphur- 
ous baths and springs. X07 

Metallnrgloal Produoti. 

878 Richard & Granducontagne, 3ar- 
badillo de Herreros, Province of Bur- 
gos. — Soft iron and pig iron. iii 

878 Corporation of Cobeta, Province of 
Guadalajara. — Iron and iron ore. ixi 

874 Arroyo, Juan, Cervantes, Province 
of Lugo. — I ron . x 1 1 

876 Ojea Porras^osi, Cervantes, Prov- 
ince of Lugo. — Iron. xxx 

876 Somoza, Juan Manuel, Caurel, 
Province of lAigo. — Iron. xxx 

877 Lopez, Josi Maria, Pnertomarin, 
Province o! Lugo. — Iron. xxx 

278 Foundry ft Delft Factory of Sar- 
l^delos, Servo, Province of LLgo.— Cast 
ingot. xxx 

879 Monriz, Gabriel, Lugo.— Horse 
bit. xxx 

880 Corral, Francisco, Triacastela, 
Province of Lugo . — Horse shoes . x x i 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

881 Heredia, Sons of M. A., MiOaga. 

—Iron, plates, boiler-plates, etc xxx 

888 District Mining Engineers, Ma- 
laga. — Iron slag. x x i 

888 National Factory of Trubia, Ovie- 
do. — Iron, steel, etc. iii 

884 Uria ft PiniUa, Navia of Laarea, 
Province of Oviedo. — Iron ingot. xix 

886 Director of the Mining ft Manu 
(acturin^ Company del Pedroso. CanlU 
de la Sierra, Province of Seville.— Iron 
castings and iron plates. xxx 

887 Belles, James, Albarracin, Prov- 
ince of Teruel. — Forged iron. xxx 

888 Valdemoro, Juan Francisco, Teruel. 
— Forged iron. zxx 

889 Ibarra ft Co., Baracaldo, Province 
ofVIscaya. — Iron. xxx 

890 Corps of Mining Engineers, Hu- 
elva .—-Copper cement and copper. iia 

891 Villalobos Bros., Berja, Province 
ofAImeria. — Lead. 1x3 

29^ Mines of Almadin, Province of 
Cludad-Real. — Quicksilver ore. xxj 

898 Figueroa, Ignacio, Guarroman, 
Province of Jaen. — Lead in pigs. x 13 

894 Velasco, Bros, Linares, Province 
of Jaen. — Lead bars. 1x3 

895 Macia ft Co., Demetrio, Penouta, 
Province of Orense. — Tin bar. 113 

896 Vila Yanez, Francisco, Pentem, 
Province of Orense. — Tin. 1x3 

897 El Porvenir Mining Society, Mi- 
eres. Province of Oviedo. — ^Tin. XX3 

898 Alen. Pedro ft Manuel, Santa Maria 
de Acioeiro, Province of Pontevedra.— 
Tin. 1x3 

899 Vazquez Gulias, Francisco, Bea- 
riz, Provinceof Orense.— Oxide of tin. 1x3 

800 Rui ft Tolon, Barcelona.— White 
metal. X14 

Mining Enginetring. 

801 Piquet, Alfonso Emilio, Horc^o 
de los Montes, Province de Ciudad-Reat. 
— Plan of the mines of Horc^o. xso 

808 Mines of Almadin, Province of 
Ciudad-Real. — Plans of subterranean 
works, machines, etc. xso 

808 Grappin, G., Salorino, Province of 
C&ceres.— Model of the mine Coostan- 
cia. xai 

804 Sabate Bninet, Salvador, Barca- 
lona.— Instrumentt for the ezplocation of 
hard rocks. >ae 

at end of entries, see Claasificadon, pp. ST-^S- 


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{SMi/k of Nave, Cohtmms r6 to r8.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallnrgical Products. 

Uiieralf , Ores, Stones, Xining 

1 Inmectlon of Mines, Province of 
Ceoti.— Fossil charcoal and auriferous 
galcfUL too 

S Con-ni^ Isaac, Province of Cebfl.— 
Sand «ntli fossUs, and fossil charcoal, xoo 

5 Manzano, Juan., Province of Albay. 
—Fossil charcoal. loo 

4 Peres, Norverto, R.P.Fr., Province 
of Pangasinan. — Rock argil and volcanic 
tophus. loo 

6 Provincial Commietion of Cama- 
rines Norte.— Oxydized magnetite, cliro- 
mate of lead, auriferous minerals. loo 

6 Llanos, R.P.Pr. Antonio, Province 
of l^panto. — Minerals and products <^ 
furnaces. xoo 

T Veloso, Pascal, Province of Ceb^.— 
Fossil charcoal and auriferous galena. lOO 

8 Anchnelo, Quiterio, Province of 
Bdacan.— Olfgistic iron. xoo 

9 Inspection of Mines, Province of 

Camarines Norte. — Cupreous sand widi 
native copper. xoo 

For iasses of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end 








Inspection of Mines, Province of 
Bulacan. — Oxydized magnetite. loo 

Commission of the District of Ben- 
guet. Province of Benguet. — Auriferous 
sand. lOo 

Inspection of Mines. Province of 
Camarines Sur. — Fossil cnarcoal. loo 

Inspection of Mines, Province of 
Albay. — Fossil charcoal, argil, quartzose 
vein, jet, and sulphur. loo 

Alonr6, Teodoro, Province of Ma- 
nila. — Amorphous phosphorus. loo 
Inspection of Mines, Province of 

Salphiur. loo 

Marble. xoa 

Municipal Athenaeum, Province of 
Manila. — Marble and jasper. loa 

Metallnrgleal Prodaots. 

Provincial Commission of Masbate. 
— Gold-dust and grains. xxo 

Commission of the District of Le- 
panto. Province of Lcpanto. — Gdd-dust 
and gold. xie 

of entries, see Classification, pp. vf-4$ 


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{S^MtA of South Avenmo, Columns /j to 17.) 
Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

lOnerali, Ores, Stones, Mining 

1 AatODio, Martins, Henriquet, 9l Co., 
Mont Alto. — Antimony ore from Mont 
Alto. xoo 

t Cortes Pereira Antimony Mine Ex- 
ploring Co.— Antimony ore. xoo 

S Antimony Mining Co. of Corte Pe- 
reira. — ^Antimony ore. too 

4 Blanck, Carlos Frederico. Lisbon .— 
Antimony ore iirom Herdade oa Prata. 100 

Barriga. Antonio P., Portalegre.— 
Quart2 or Valle de Peso. 100 

8 Caveira Mining Co., Orandola.— 
Copper ore from tne Caveira mine. xoo 

9 Deliguy, Ernest, Lisbon.— Copper 
ore. too 

10 Eliott, George, & Perreira Cas- 
tello, Joe6 H., Lisbon.— Iron ores from 
Ares Zamlxual and San Bartholomeu 
mines. xoo 

11 Eliott, George, Alvito.— Iron ores 
from San Bartholomeu' and Zambujal 
mines. xoo 

12 Peurheerd, P. Detlof, ft Cmlck- 
shank. Wiluam, Bracal.— Lead and dnc 
ores from Bra^ and Malhada mines; 
copper ore fit>m Chan^a. 100 

18 Qiron, D. Jos6, Lagoaa do Pa90.— 
Manganese ore. xoo 

14 Gomes, Alonso, Mertola.— Manga- 
nese ore from the Paraiso, Ferragudo, 
and Calvo mines. xoo 

10 Malhada Mining Co., Malhada.- 
Copper ore from Malhada mine. xoo 

16 Moages Iron Co. (limited), Lisbon. 
— Iron ore from Serra des Monges. xoo 

17 Moraes, Jos6 Gonfalves, Arron- 
ches. — Iron, manganese, and aigentiferous 
lead ore. xoo 

18 Mason ft Barry. Mertola.— Copper 
ores from San Domingo. 100 

19 Oliveira, Toao Correia, Senhora de 
Castello. — Tin ore. xoo 

80 Oliveira, Bento Rodrigues de, San 
Pedro du Cova. — Anthracite, sulphuret of 
antimony, and galena. xoo 

81 Portuguese Copper Mining Co., 
Evora. — Specimens of ores from Basalho 
mine. xoo 

28 Portuguese Mining Co., Covelloa. 
— Tin ore, xoo 

88 Perseveraafa Co.. Oporto.— Anti- 
mony ore from Valle a' Ache, and tin ore 
from Logar d'Aborin. xoo 

For dassss cA exhibits, indicated by aumhexs 

84 Sequeira, Thomas, ft Canwiro d'Aa- 
drade, Eduardo, Beja. — Copper ore froa 
Juliana mine. xoo 

86 Schreck, Maximiliano, ft Kemp, 
Maurido, Oporto.— Antimony ore frxMU 
Campo Redondo ; manganese from Pinhal 
da Cunha. xoo 

86 Serrinha Tia Co. (linited), Oporto.— 
Tin ore from Serrinho da Cases. xoo 

87 Telhadella Mining Co., Telhadella.— 
Copper ores. xoo 

28 Tras-os-Montea Mining Co., Bragaa- 
9a.— Tin ore. sco 

89 Transtagana Mining Co., Liabon.— 
Copper ores. xoo 

30 Velho, Agostino Francisco, ft oth- 
ers, VlUa Real. — Lead ore. xoo 

31 Preixo, Viscount de. Oporto.— Ar- 
gentiferous lead ore. xoo 

88 Zarsechi. Ladislau, Oporto.— Lead 
ore from tne Pego mine. xoo 

83 Department of Mines, Lisbon. 

a Manganese, tin, and antunooy ores ; Ixoa 

pvrites. xoc 

h Marbles. xoa 

84 Oliveira, Bento Rodrigues d', 8. Pa- 
drode Cova. 

« Lead and antimony ore. xoo 

h Mineral coal. xoi 

35 Industrial Union Co., Povoa de Pa- 

doride.— Coal. xox 

36« Cabral, Frederico A. de V. P., 

Oporto. — Coal from Mome das Cara- 

dinhos. xox 

86 Direction of the Public Works of 
Braga. — Building stones, etc. xoa 

3 7 Barreto, Antonio Tavares, Santas em. 
—Limestone from the Oraqja quarry, xos 

88 Carvalho, Venceslau M. da, Coa* 
deixa a Veiha.— Samples of marbles from 
Condeixa quarries. toe 

89 Brites, Augusto Perelrtt, Torrea No- 
vas.— Building stone. loa 

40 Direction of the Public Works of 
Viaima do Castello. — Building materials. 


41 Vallongo Slate ft Marble Ooarries 
Co., Oporto. — Slabs and loofing slate, xos 

48 Governor of the Civil District of 
Ponte Delgada. — Building materials, xos 

44 Rato. Aatonio Moreira, Lisboa.— 
Marbles. los 

46 Santos, Joaqoia Antnaes doa, L4a- 
bon.— Samples of marble. see 

46 Sallea, Joaquim Jo«4 da, Lisbaa«— 
MarUes. sea 

.Jigitized by 



Stone, Minerals, Metallurgical Products, Engineering. 

4T SaUes, Oermano Jos^ de, Lisbon.^ 
Marbles. xoa 

48 Bessoni, Viscouat de, Cintra.— Mar- 
Ues. loa 

49 Ponta Delgada, Comnilttea of.— 
Building materials. los 

60 Direction of the Public Works of 
Vixeu, Vireu. — Building materials. xoa 

61 Direction of the Public Works of 
Oporto, Oporto. — Building materials. los 

65 Direction of the Public Works of 
ATdro, Ave-ro. — Building materials, xos 

68 DirectiOB of the Public Works of 
the Mond«o river & Ftgueira bar, 
Coimbra. — Axilding materials. lOa 

64 Direction of the Public Works of 
Orfmbra, Coimlmu— Building materiab 
of the district. toe 

66 Direction of the Public Works of 
Leiria, Leiria. — Building materials of the 
district. xos 

66 Bztremos Marble Quarrying Co., 
Extronot. — ^Marbles. loa 

67 Raaca Cement Bxploring Company, 
Lisbon. — Hydraulic cement. 103 

SB Parochial Board of Sabacheira, 
Sabachdra. — Limestooe. 103 

69 Governor of the Civil District of 
fortalegre. — Phosphate ofUme from Mar- 
vao. X03 

80 Lisbon Dyeing ft Cotton Printing 
Company, LI&boa.^Lime. X03 

81 Ponta Delgada, Committee of. 

« Posxolana and pumioe. X03 

i Mineral waters of San Migud, and analy- 
sis. X07 

68 Nenvllle, Louis, LUbon.— Kac 
lis. X04 

68 Coelho, Francisco, Torres Novas.^ 
Clay. tQ4 

64 Maniiha, Francisco dos Santos 
Lopes, Vak>ngo. — ^Whetstones. xo6 

Per dasset of exhibits, hMlIcated by aumben 

66 Vidago Mineral Waters Company. 
Lisbon. — Mineral waters. xo. 

66 Pedras Salgadaa Mineral Waters 
Company, Oporto. — Mineral waters. Z07 

67 Janson, J. H., ft Co., Lisbon.— Soda 
water. X07 

69 Preitas, Albino, Jos6, Bga.— Mineral 
waters. X07 

70 Fialho ft Bro., Lisbon.— Mineral 
wateis. X07 

7 1 Committee of Administration. Sul- 
phur baths of Casteilo de Vide.— Sulphur- 
ous mineral waters. X07 

Metallnrgioal Produoti . 

75 Mason ft Barry, 8a6 Domingos.— 
Gold bar and silver bar. xxo 

74 Ferreira ft Souxa, Oporto.— Oold 
leaf. xxo 

76 Cardoso, Tos6 Pereira,Jr., Oporto. 

a Gold and sflver leaf. xxo 

6 Aluminium, platina, and tin leaf. x 13 

76 BeiroUas, Manuel Antonio, Qollega. 
•—Horseshoes. xxx 

77 Department of Mines, Lisbon.— 
Iron from Monconro. ixx 

78 Perseveran9a Company, Oporto.— 
Tin ingot. X13 

79 Tras-os-Montes Mining Company, 
Bragansa. — Tin ingot. . iij 

Miaing IngtiieeTing. 

80 Dsp art meat of Mines, Lisbon.— 
Plans of mines. tax 

81 Mason ft Barry, Mertola.— Plans of 
mines ; model of a Roman wheel. zai 

88 Sllva, B. A. P. da, ft F. A. Marqnet 
de Moura, Aveiro. — Plan of a sah pit, 
with description of same. xei 

at end of entries, see Classificstioo, pp. st-^s- 


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(SMttk ofNttve, Columns 14 to 77.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone. 

lOnerals, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 ^Vilkioson.RUzo.&Co.^Koumarlar, 

Uardanelles. — Sulphur ore, sulphurous 
copper. 100 

2 Tapa, Daniel, Cian, Dardanelles.— 
Lead ore. 100 

8 Sarral, Mouradlte, Trebisond.— Ar- 
gentiferous galena. 100 

4 Sarral, Lokhia, Trebizond.— Iron py- 
rites. 100 

Schirio A^ha, Tirepola, Trebizond.— 
Copper pyntes. 100 

6 Soleiman, Queugine, Trebisond.— 
Galena. 100 

7 Omer, Oelou Osman, Lokhia, Trebi- 
lond.— Galena. 100 

8 Omer, Effendi, Ordou, Trebisond.— 
Argentiferotis galena. xoo 

9 Nimetoulah, Trebelan, Treblzond.— 
Copper ore. 100 

10 Nimetoulah, KarelU, Trebixpnd.— 
Copper pyrites. 100 

11 Pappasaki, Nicola, Sfkkia, Cr«te.— 
Lignite. xoo 

18 Nimetoulah, Mouradlte, Trebicond. 

—Argentiferous galena. 100 

18 Mouatapha, Effendi, Cherkech, Gas- 

teUBouni. — Chalk. xoo 

14 Qonasan, Oovemment of, Adana.— 

Iron pyrites. xoo 

16 Multesim Oulah, Tireboli, Trebi- 

xond. — Ferruginous sediment. 100 

16 Multesim, Abdoulah, Tirebole, Tre- 
bizond. — ^Argentiferous galena, copper py- 
rites, xoo 

17 Mandeni.Diarbekir.— Silver ore. xoo 

18 Multesim, Tireboli, Trebisond.— Cu- 
preous pyrites. xoo 

10 Ligory, EfTendi, Stankeny, Darda- 
m Manganese, iron ore, and sulphur ore. xoo 
h Emery. xo6 

80 Kara-Hissar, Oovemment of, Slvas. 
—Argentiferous galena, aluminous earth. 


81 All, Hadji Diarbekir.— Brimstone of 
the desert. 100 

88 Moustapha, Hadji, Nich, Danube.— 
Iron stone. xoo 

88 Adrianople^ Oovemment of. 

a Powdered mica. xoo 

h Coal. xox 

e Sand fbr mouldings. X04 

14 Debr6, Oovemment of, Monastir.— 
Sulphate of chalk. xoo 

For dasses of exhibits, indicated by numbera at end of entries, tee OassificatioB, pp. S7-45, 

25 Aydin, Oovemment of.— Argentifefw 
ous galena, lignite, iron ore. xoo 

26 Adana, Oovemment of.— Sulphate of 
chalk and galena. xoo 

87 Oumuch Han6. Oovemment of, Tre- 
bizond. — Argentiferous and cupreous ga- 
lena. 100 

28 Ichkodra, Oovemment of, Monastir. 
— Sulphur ore. 100 

29 Ichkloura, Oovemment of, Monastir. 

—Brimstone, arsenical ore, and sulphate 
of copper. xoo 

30 Havret, Oovemment of, Salonica.— 

Argentiferous galena. xoo 

8 1 Topouz, Oglou, Imbros, Dardanelles. 
« Lead ore. 100 
h Coal. xox 

82 Koniah, Oovemment of.— Brim- 
stone, xoo 

88 Micheri, Oovemment of, Yanins.— 
Lignite. xoo 

84 Medina, Oovemment of, Hi4jas.— 
Rock crystals. xoo 

86 Maghlft, Oovemment of, Aydin.— 
Argentiferous galena, inm and chrome 
ores. xoo 

86 Milltinous, Oovemment of, Samoa. 
a laic xoo 
b Yellow earth, argil. B04 

87 Lapsaki, Oovemment of, Dardanel- 
les. — Brimstone. xoo 

88 Karssendi. Oovemment of, Adana. 

a Copper and silver ore, lignite and ga- 
lena, xoo 
h Grit sandstone. xo« 

89 Tdomane, Oovemment of, Yanins. 
—Galena. xoo 

40 Trebisond, Oovemment of.— Osleas. 


41 Uskup, Oovemment of, Monastir.— 
Aluminous earth. xoo 

48 Samos, Oovemment of. 
a Galena. 

h White and colored marble. 
c Argil. xQj 

d Emery. xoc 

48 Sulelmaneeyah, Oovemment of, 


a Melted brimstone, cat rock crystaL xoo 
h Argil. X04 

44 Smyrna, Oovemment of, Aydin.— 

a Lignite, argentiferous galena, iron ore, 

manganese. xoo 

h Emery, grindstones. xo6 

46 Syros, Oovemment of, SsIodIcs.— 




Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 


46 Sook^ Qovemment of, Ajdin. 
a Iron ore. 
6 Red saodstone. 
e TripoU. 
d Einery. 

47 Saroukbmn, QoTemment of, Aydin. 
a Chrome ore. loo 
t Mineral water. X07 

48 SammkoB Factory, Sophia, Danuba. 
— Iron ore. xoo 

49 Brgmia, DiarbaUr.— Copper ore. xoo 

50 Donel Aghop, BainA, Dardanallee.^— 

Manganese. xoo 

61 Dardalah, Mouradile, TrebUond.— 

Copper pyrites. xoo 

58 Pappaxaki. Dimitri, Sfakia, Cr^e.— 

ArgilKHts talc. xoo 

58 Abdi Bey, Myteline, Dardanelles.— 

Chrome. xoo 

54 AbdouUah Bey, Myteline, Dardanel- 

a Antimony. xoo 

A Emery. xo6 

55 Azit Anel6, Olevek, Trebisond.— 
Manganese. xoo 

66 Ulmusrati, Ahmed, Tripoli, Tripoli. 
— Crude brimstone. xoo 

57 Administration of the Minea, Con- 
stantinople. — CoQecUonof ores. xoo 

58 Mehemed Agha, Aleppo.-^Coal. xox 

68 Bridore, Government of, Bosnia. — 

lignite. xox 

80 Djerir6, Dlarbekir.— Coal. xox 

61 Kratova, Government of, Monastir. 

— Coal. lox 

68 Mosul, Government of, Bagdad. — 

Coal. xox 

68 Nich, Government of; Danube.— 

Coal. xox 

64 Panaloko, Government of, Bosnia.— 
Coal. lox 

65 Ychtip Government of, Monastir.— 
Coal. xoi 

66 Breili, Castamouni, Castamouni.— 
Lignite. xox 

67 Serkis, Aleppo.— Red marble. xoe 

68 Rasoula, Aleppo.— Yellow marble, 
calcareous stone. loa 

89 Koyondja, Government of, Bosnia.^ 
Martde. xos 

70 Nened6s, Government of, Samoa. — 
White marble. loa 

71 Nicolaki, Jovan Oglon, Dardanelles, 
Dardanelles. — Cement. X03 

78 SCakia, Government of, Crite.— 
Crude lime. X03 

T8 NaoumCaaaara, Aleppo.— Argil. X04 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbess 

74 Baktiar Bcs., Panaloko, Bosnia.— 
Pipe-day. 104 

75 Ali Eflendi, Angora.— Argil. X04 

76 M3rtaUne, Government of, Darda- 
neSes. — Graphite. 105 

77 Osman Bin Mohamad, Bridore. 
Bosnia. — Emery. xoe 

78 All, Ha4ji, Tek6, Koniah.— Emery. 


79 YUdis-Ki, Government of; Sivas. 

a Emery. 106 

i Mineral water. 107 

80 Bendissa, Government of, Aleppo. 
—Hot mineial water. X07 

81 Gesrichvous, Government of, Alep- 
po. — Hot mineral water. 107 

88 Braindian, Government of, Brze* 
roum. — Mineral water. 107 

88 Marach, Government of, Aleppo.— 
Mineral waters. X07 

84 Rikanii, Government of, Aleppo.— 
Mineral water. X07 

86 Zeitoun, Government of, Aleppo.— 
Hot mineral water. xof 

87 Volonia, Government of, Yanlna.- 
Mineral water. X07 

88 Central Drug Store, della Sudda*s, 
Inigueul, IchitU. — Mineral water. X07 

80 Bin Cachi Mehemed, Aleppo.— 
Mineral water. 107 

MetaUurgiosl Prodnets. 

00 Giovan, Slros, Salonica. — Gold- 
da^t. 110 

01 Mehemed a, Marach, Aleppo.— 
Horse shoes and nails. xix 

92 MousUpha, Ha^jl, Aleppo.— Iron. 


98 Ak-Hissar, Government of, Boania. 

— Iron. Ill 

04 Kerschove, Government of, Bosnia. 

— Iron. Ill 

95 Varach, Government of, Bosnia.— 
Iron. 1 1 1 

96 Karasendl, Government of, Adana. 
—Crude iron. m 

97 Kara-Hiasar, Government of, 

a Iron. 11 t 

i Lead slag. 113 

98 Samakon Factory, 'Sophia, Danube. 
^Iron. XII 

99 Abass Agha, Kuapuk, Monaatlr.— 
Horseshoes. xiz 

100 Ligory Bffendi, Stankeny, Darda- 
nelles.— Copper, xxs 

101 Samoa, Government of.— Zinc, xxj 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. S7-4S. 


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{South of Nave, Cohtwms rg to 2j.) 

Minerals, Ores, Stone, Metallurgical Products. 

Xinerali, Ores, Stones, Xining 

1 YoogofT Iron Works, Government 
of Perm. — Copper ores. xoo 

8 PootilofT Iron Works Company, St. 
Petersburg. — Iron ores. loo 

8 Administration of the Ooroblaffodati 
Mining District, Government of Perm. — 
Magnetic and other 'ron ores. loo 

4 Administration of the Mining Dis- 
tricts in Western Poland. 
a Iron ore, calamine, and Ic^d blende, xoo 
i Coal. xox 

c Refractory clay. 104 

Administration of the Clonets Mi- 
ning Di^tridt. — Lalce iron ore. xoo 

6 Rogosloosky Crown Copper Works, 
Government of Perm. — Copper ores, xoo 

7 Demidofff Paul, Prince of San Do- 
nato, Nigni Tagil, Ural Mountains, Gov* 
ernment of Pcrm.->Iron and copper ores. 


8 Oessrick & Woerfel. St. Petersburg. 
— Siberian minerals ana hard stones. 100 

9 Kniaze Michailoffi Crown Steel 
Works, Government of Orenburg. — Mag- 
netic (ron ore. xoo 

10 Mining School, St. Petersburg.—^ 
Minerals and paleontological collec- 
tion, xoo 

11 Bashkoff, Basil, Bogoyavlensk, & 
Verkhotoorgi, Government of CoCau— Cop- 

12 Russian Rail Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Government of Riazan, District of 
Tronsk. — Iron ore. xoo 

1 8 Saltkinsky Crown Iron Works, Qov- 
ernment of Orenburg. — Brown and sparry 
iron ores. xoo 

14 Sidorofr, Michael. St. Petersburg, 
a Iron ore. (Northern limits of Russia.) xoo 
^ Siberian graphite from the district of 

ToorookhansK. X05 

1 5 Yakovleff, John, Alexandria, Govern- 
ment of Kherson. 

a Iron ore. 100 

^ Graphite. X05 

.16 Russian Navigation ft Trade Com- 
pany, Odessa . — Specimens of anthra- 
cite coal. xox 

18 Mi^ervsky, T.^ ft Stochelsky. M., 
Government of Pietrkoff, district ol Bend- 
sin. — Coal. xox 

19 Sidoroff, Michael, St. Petersburg.— 
Bituminous coal, from underground fire 
burning since 1700. xox 

Cor classes of exhibits indicated by numbext it end of entries, see Classifica|ion, pp. 

80 Zievers, B. vresenberg, Oovarnment 
of E^t-land. — Portland cement. Z03 

21 Schmidt, C, Riga.— Cement. X03 

22 Sytenko,John,Mo8COw.— Limestone 
and plaster. 103 

28 Lanin, Nicolas. Moscow.— MiAoral 
water. 107 

Metallurgical Produota. 

27 Mining Department, St. Petersburg. 
—Native platinum, osmiridium (purified), 
and platinum. xxo 

28 Mlasky Government Gold Minos, 
Government of Orenburg.— Gold-bearing 
sands; illustration of gold washing ma- 
chines. 1x0 

29 Votkinsk Crown Iron Works, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. — Iron (in bars), and 
cast steel. ixx 

80 Pootiloff Iron Works Company, St. 
Petersburg. — Cast and Mrrought u-on, steel, 
twisted rail. ixt 

81 Gun Foundry, Perm.— Cast and 

wrought iron ; steel sections of cast steel 
guns. Ill 

82 Kama Armor Plate Works, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. — ^Armor plate xxi 

88 Administration of the Goroblagodati 
Mining District, Government of I^rm.— 
Cast iron projectile. xxx 

84 Administration of the Olonets Mi- 
ning Distrias. — Cast and wrou^t iron; 
section of cast iron guns. xxx 

86 Demidoff, Paul, Prince of San Do- 

nati, Nigni Tagil, Ural Mounuins, Gov- 
ernment of Perm. 

a Iron ; pig bars, ingots, rails, sheets, slags, 
and flakes. xxx 

^ Copper ingots, ban, sheets; illostrationa 
of style of working, xxa 

86 Russian Rail Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Government of Riazan, Distxict 
of Trensk.— Cast iron and iron wire, xii 

87 Satkinisky Crown Iron Works, Gov- 
ernment of Orenburg. — Cast iron. ixx 

88 Admiralty Tyora Works, near St. 
Petersburg. — Boiler plates. xii 

89 Yoogoo Copper Works, Government 
of Perm. — Copper (in bars and ingots), 
and products of working. iia 

40 Pashroff, Basil, Boffoiavlensk ft 
Vennihotooiji, Copper Works, Goveni- 

ment of Oofa. — Copper ingots, bars, n^i 
wire, and spangles ; illustratioiu <h medw 
ods o*" working. iia 

see Uassinca|ion, pp. 97-45. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Metallurgical Products, Mining Engineering. 

producdoos of copper. xxa 

4S Rastergaefl; Gregory, St. P«t«r«- 

barg.— Tuned iroa sheets. 114 

IGning Bngi&Mring. 

44 Admlaistrmtlonof if lues in Finland. 

'HcUngfon' edidom and reports on 

ioCTi mine ei^g ln oBr i ng and geology, lao 

Fot dsMM of eaUbiti, iadkaied by Moaban 

40 Sdentiflc Committea of the Mining 
Deportment, Sc Petersburg.— Special ed- 
itions and periodicals on mine engineer- 
ing. «*» 

46 Demidoft PanI, Princa of San Do- 
nati, Nigni TagU, DUtrict of Ural Moun- 
tains, GoTemment of Perm.— Maps, plans, 
and views of this mining district; illustra- 
tiottS of gold washing process. lao 

47 Babln. Victor, A Lapooahinaky, 
Moscow.— Illustrations of bonng process, 
artesian weQ, and apparatoa. >«> 

c cod of entries, see Uassificalkm, pp. a7-4S* 


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t>«.Jl f.^ fft Uf-L.M. 

Office, FMladelpMa, JVo. fi ^orth Stwmth St. 


John W. K^iqwis d^ Bbos«9 



Jtinseed Oil, J^aintera' Colors. 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 


PRICES quoted, descripdon given, and some SAMPLES shown, of the 
following Manufacturers' Goods, now on exhibition in the Main Building of 
the Centennial Exposition. 


MannllAetarers' Agents. 712 Market St, PHILABELPHIA. 

I. 8UPERTU8, Empire Revolvera. 

C. SHARPS, Pat. 4 Shot Re- 
p eaters. 
F. WESSON, Breech-Loading Rifles. 

" " Target Pistols. 

WINCHESTER, Reptg. Rifles and Cartridges. 
SHARPS, Target and Sporting Rifles. 
COLrS Patent Firearm Mfg. Co. '* 

SMITH ft WESON, Revolvers. 

WHITNEY, Rifles and " 

REMINGTON, " " and Breech. 

loading Double Guns. 
WM. G. RAWBONE, Patent Creasers. 
PARKER BROS., American Breecfaloading 


JAMES PURDEY, London, Breechload'g Guns. 

P. WEBLEY ft SON, Birmingham, Breech. 


loading Guns. 


W.W. GREENER, Birmingham, Breechloading 

J. LANG ft SONS. " 



ELEY BROS., London, ShelU, Wads, Caps, 



ALEX. HENRY, Edinburgh, " 


Harpoon and Bomb Lance Guns. 



SELLIER ft BELLOT, Percussion Caps. 

mingham, ** •* 







WOBURNr Mttt. 


Philadelphia, 730 Market Street ^ 
New York, 67 Beekman Street 
Boston. 143 MHk Street 
aUcaoo, 182 Lake Street. 



Dept. IL— Manufactures. 


Chemicals, Pharmaceatical Preparations. 

Chemical Mannfaetiires. 

1 Gantx, Geo. P., 9t Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Baking powder. T 47. aoo 

\m Peuchtwaiiger,L.,ft Co.,New York, 
N. Y. — Polytechnic chemicab. T 47. 


2 Royml Bakine Powder Co., New 
York, N. Y.— T47. 

« Baking ] 

^ Flaroring extracts, celery salt 903 

8« Ohio River Salt Co., Pomeroy, O. 
—Salt. V 63. eoo 

S Hance Broa. a White, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Solid and fluid extracts, sugar- 
coated pills. P 43. 900 

Za Procter, Win., jr.. ft Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— Saccharated pepsin. P 48. 


4 Pries, Alex., ft Bros., New York, 
N. Y.-P 48. 

« Chemicals, coloring, etc. aoo 

5 Artificial uruit and liquor essences, flavors 
for cigars. 303 

5 Gordon. W. J. M., Cincinnati. O.— 
Chemicals, glycerine^ sugar-coateo pills, 
podophyllin, hydrastme. P 47. aoo 

and the arts. P 41. 200 

7 V^srner, Wm. R., ft Co., Phils- 
delphia^ Fa. — Sugar-coated pills and phar* 
maceutical preparations. P 43. aoo 

7« Hirsh, Joseph M.. Chicsgo. 111.— 
Chemicab, albumen, dried blood, alixa- 
rine, carbolic acid, coal tar products, etc. 
P47. aoo 

8 CampbeU, Saai'l, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— P47. 

a Medicinal fluid extracts. aoo 

S Perfumery and toilet articles. 203 

8« ^Vllliamaon, D. D., New York, 
N. Y. — Bbulphite of lime, finings, beer 
coloring, cleansing powders, tannate of 
aoda, etc. P 49. aoo 

9 Kreitser, If. C, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Medicines, perfumery, etc., in a 
maible show case. The marole b from a 
new quany just opening in Lebanon Yal- 
ley. Pa. T 43. aoo 

9« Scheffer, E., Louisville, Ky.— Prep- 
arations of pep«in. P 48. aoo 
10 Keasbey ft Msttison, Philsdelphis, 
Pa.~Granular effervescent preparations, 
aelatine-coated pilb, pharmaceutical speo- 
lalties. P 43* *oo 
For daascs of exhibits, indicated by numbeis 

IO0 Hsnce, R. A.. Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Fluid extracts. T 43. aoo 

11 TwiDlna ft Schiedt, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Fluid and solid extracu, sugar- 
coated pilb, elixirs, concentratea prepa- 
rations, chemicals, syrups, tinctures, 
powdered drugs. T 41. aoo 

lla Shoemaker, Robert, & Co., PhiJa- 
de^^hta. Pa.— Fluid extracu; ground, 
crttthea, and powdered drugs and spices. 
P43. aoo 

18 Powers ft ^Velghtmsn, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Sulphate of quinia, salts of cin- 
chona barks, sulphate of morphia ; chemi- 
cab, medicinal, photographic, and for the 
arts. P 41. aoo 

18a Morriaon, Arthur B., Portland, Me. 
— G<Jd and silver solution for clectrotyping 
without a battery ; restorative for cleaning 
jewelry. T 57. aoo 

18 Harrison Brothers ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— P 4X. 
a Chemicals, alum^ sugars of lead, acetates 
of lime ; sulphuric, nitric, muriatic, acetic, 
and pyroligneous acids. aoo 

S White lead, dry and in oil; colon for 
painters, litnographers, and calico print- 
ing, aoa 

18« Central Ohio Salt Co., Columbus, 
O. — Salt from Athens county. V 63. aoo 

14 Doerr ft Sloan, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Lacto-phosphate of lime, iron, and cod- 
liver oil. T 40. aoo 

10 Mellor ft Rittenhouse, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Licorice and pharmaceutical 
extracts ; glycerine composition for print- 
ers' rollers. P 41. aoo 

16 Stearns, Frederick, Detroit, Mich.— 
Pharmaceutical products peculiar to 
United States, representing his catalogue, 
number 75, 133 pages, xoS classes, ana 
xo/wo items. P 41. aoo 

17 DuDton, Jacob, ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Pilb. Compressed lemicubr noo- 
excipient porous pilb, made fix>m dried 
powders, by pressure, without admixture; 
are as soduole after ten years as when first 
made, and much more readily dissolved 
than any freshly-made excipient pilL Pro- 
cess and roadunery patented. T 40. aoo 

18 Simea, Wm. P., ft Son, PhUadel- 
phia. Pa. — Camphor, sublimed and com- 
pressed into convenient blocks of 1 ounce 
and 4 ounces ; b very durable, strong in 
natural oU, and perfectly pure. Patented. 
P4X. aoo 

19 Tacony Chemical Works, Phila- 
delphia. Pa.— Adds, chemical salu, etc 
T43. aoe 

: end of entries, see ClaasiiicaSka, pp. a7-45. 

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Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Preparations. 

20 Dreyfua. J. Q.. & Co.. New York, 

> Dreyj 

N. Y.- 

,— Cream of tartar. 










21 MockHd^e, B.,& Co., PhiUdelphia, 
Pa. — Azumea. T 47. soo 

22 Bullock & Crenshaw, PhiladeU 

Shia, Pa.— Sugar-coated pills; United 
tates Pharmacopoeia and recipes of emi- 
nent physicians, accurately compounded, 
readily soluble, and stri<my reliable in 
every particiilar. P41. aoo 

28 Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa. — Kryolite, alum, 
lye, sodas, actds, chlo. calcium, and alum- 
ina. T 43. aoo 

24 Savage, Keyset, & Stovell, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Acids and salts. 1* 44. aoo 

26 Philadelphia Quarts Co., 9 North 
Front street, Philadelphia, Pa. — Silicate 
of soda, in its various forms, specially 
adapted to the diffi^rent uses. T 45. 300 

26 Coyne, Qeo. S.. Philadelphia, Pa.~ 
Manufacturer ana importer of dyewood 
liquor extracts, acids, dyestuf&, and 
diemicals generally. (Stores, 104 and 137 
Church street, Philadelphia, Pa.; Chester 
Chemical Works, Delaware county. Pa.) 
T 44. 
a Acids and chemicals. soo 

h Dyestufls. aoa 

28 Condit, Hauson, & Co., Newark, N. 
J. — Metallic salts, electro-plating materi- 
als; hatters', dyers', jewelers', and manu- 
facturers' chemicals. P 49. soo 

29 Baker, H. 1., & Bro., New York, N. 
Y. — Refined saltpetre, borax and cam- 
phor ; epsom salts, castor oil. T 49. soo 

SO Lewis, John T., & Bros., Philadel- 

phla. Pa.— T 43. 
« Acids. aoo 

i White and red lead; litharge, orange 

mineral ; paints, colors, and oiU. 3oo 

81 Silliman Chemical Works, Phlla- 
delphia. Pa. — Chemical products, from tar 
and fine chemicals, known as Fresenius's 
tests. P 43. aoo 

82 Wyeth, John, ft Bro., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Pharmaceutical preparations, drugs, 
and compressed pills. P 41. 300 

88 Waterloo Yeast Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Dry hop cakes. T 47. 300 

84 McKesson ft Robbins, 91 Fulton 
street. New York,N. Y. — Gelatine-coated 

Sills, aromatic elixirs, medicinal syrups ; 
uid and solid extracts, perfume extracts, 
essential oils, indigenous crude drugs. P 
43- «oo 

86 Benjamin, E. B., New York, N. Y.— 
Pure chemicals. N 57. aoo 

86 Kurlbaum ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Refined camphor and chemical prepara- 
tions. P 49. 300 

88 Libe, John C, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Bakmg yeast powder. T 47. 30o 

89 Mcllvaine Brothers, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Ground and powdered drugs, paints, 
etc. P 43. 300 

40 Smith. Hanway. ft Co., Baltimore, 
Md. — Baking powder. T 47. 300 

42 Chessman, W. H., Boston, Mass.— 
Pure lime from Missisquoi Lime Co., 
Highgate Springs, Vt. T 50. aoo 

48 Brown, Frederick, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Elsscnce of Jamaica ginger, andother 
pharmaceutical preparations. P 41. aoo 

For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, see 









Hagner Drug MiUing Co., Phila- 
delpnia. Pa. — Powdering, grindmg. flak- 
ing, crushing, and other mill work. T 
51. aoo 

Bower, Henry, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Glycerine, stearic and oleic acids; prus- 
siate of potajih, sulphate of ammonia. T 
43. "oo 

Browning ft Brothers, Philadel- 

Shia, Pa.— T 44. 
cetic acid, acetate ci lime, lead, alumina 
and iron, sulph. copper. aoo 

Naphtha. 901 

Dyewoods. aoo 

Leidy, Francis D., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Soap powder, washing crystals, l 
50. aoo 

Bean, Lewis U., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— P49. 

Pharmaceutical preparations, drugs, 

etc. IMM 

Paints— dry and in oil. aoa 

Pfiser, Chas., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Pharmaceutical and chemical J>ro- 
ducts ; cream tartar, tartaric acid, refined 
borax, and camphor. P 49. aoo 

Preston ft Merrill, Boston, Mass. 

Yeast powder. aoo 

Sugar of lemons, flavoring extracts, aoj 
Meyer, las., jr., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Girondin disinfectant. Inodorous 
and colorless ; does not injure any object 
or material it may be applied to ; destroys 
and neutralizes almost instandy the most 
offensive odors, vap>ors, or gases ; arrests 
putrefaction, prevents contagion, and is 
infallible as an agent for embalming. 
P 49. 80Q 

Billings, Clapp, ft Co., Boston. 
Mass. — Chemicals. Manufacturers of 
acids, alkalies, ethers, chloroforms, podo- 
phyllin, prepairations of gold, silver, tin, 
zinc, lead, iron, bismuth, mercury, and 
trade chemicals. Price lists and special 
quotations sent on application. T45. aoo 
Mackeown, Bower, Ellis, ft Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Drugs and chemicals. 
T43. aoo 

Phillips ft Jacobs, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Illustration of the recovery of gold and 
silver from wastes in the industrial arts. 
T 46. aoo 

Dooley ft Bro., New York, N. Y.— 
Baking powder. T 49. aoo 

White, Charles T.. & Co., No. 64 
Maiden Lane, New York. — Pharmaceu- 
tical chemicate, quinia. morphia, strychnia, 
and their salts ; iodides, bromides, acids 
C. P., etc. Medals of merit for appear- 
ance and purity, Am. Institute, 1867-1870; 
Cincinnati, 1870 ; Cordova (Aig. Repub.), 
1870; Vienna, 1873. P 43. aoo 

United States Salicylic Acid Works, 
New York, N. Y.— SalicyUc acid and its 
preparations. P 47. aoo 

Ora^, Daniel H., New Yotk. N. Y. 
— Bnmstone and flotnr of sulphur. T 
4a. aoo 

Follett, O. 8., New York, N. Y.— 
White sugar of lead, chloroform, acetic 
add, and vinegar. P 47. aoo 

King, Wm., Son, ft Co.. PhiladeU 

5hia, ra. — Crude and refined petroleums. 
' 41. »o» 

Key to Notation, p. ao^round plan, p. a6. 
Jigitized by VjOOQ IC 



Oils, Soap, Candles. 

64« Praser Lubricator Co., Jeracy City, ^ 

N. J.— Axle grrasc. T 50. aoi 

96 Fftasa, F. S., BnAlo, N. T. — Peaae'a 

" Premnim Oils." ImproTed Oils for 
Railroads, Steamers, and all claaes of 
Machinery and Burning. P. 41. aoz 

61 Baker. John C.,& Co., Philadelphte, 

Pa.— Medicinal cod-Uver oil, pure, and in 

combination with other agents. T 4y. «>t 

66s Leonard & BlUa, Now York, N. Y. 

—Cylinder oil. T 54- "oi 

67 Baveason, Jonea, & Sona, Plriladel- 
phta. Pa. — Laundry soaps. T 43. aoi 

68 Momo's, Enoch, Sona, New York, 
N. Yl—Sapolio. for cleaning and polish- 
ing ; hand sapooo, for toilet. T 48. aot 

69 Cragin. I. L., ft Co., PhUadelphia, 
P%.— Dobbins' electric soap and ma- 
terials used in its manufacture. P 47. aox 

TOWrigley, ^Vm., ft Co., PhiladeU 
phia. Pa.— Mineral scouring soap. T 
44. aoi 

71 McKeone, Van Haagen, ft Co^ Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — ^Soaps- oils, perfumery, 
soap stock, candles. T 39. 901 

1% Conwaj, V/m,, Philadelphia, Pa.~ 
Laundry soaps. T 49. aor 

75 Marx ft Rawolle, New York, N. Y. 

« Glycerine. 901 

t Lacqners and French varnishes, bleached 

and refined gum shellac, sealing wax. aoa 
74 Qeat ft Atkioaon, Cincinnati, 

0.— Lard, tallow, crease; lubricatine. 

burning, and paint ous ; car candles. T 

39- «» 

76 Loper ft Doughten, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Naval stores. T 43. aot 

76 Paller, Geo. J., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Sewing machine oils. T 44. aox 

7 Drejrdoppel, Wm., Philadelphia, 

Pa^— Borax soap. T 50. aoi 

78 Etkina. Wm. L., PhUadelphia, Pa. 
—Petroleum, lubricating oils, gasoline, 
and deodorized naphtha. T 49. aoi 

79 Page, Kidder, ft Fletcher, New 
York, N. Y.— Coal tar products and their 
uses. T 4a. aox 

80 Aladdin Oil Co., Pittaburg, Pa.— 
Ittnminatiiw and lubricating oib, paraf- 
fine, etc. T 43. aox 

81 Robinaon Broa. ft Co., Boatoii. 
Mass. — Toilet soaps, silver soap. P 
47. aoi 

82 WnUama, J. B., ft Co., Olaaton- 
bory, Cenn.-^Soaps. Manufiicturers of 
Gemdne Yankee. Bariwr's Bar, Clipper, 
Pamice, Bath, Pocket Shaving, Verbena 
Cream, and other popular shaving and 
toilet soaps. P 47. aoz 

81 Brown, Robt. B^ ft Co., St. Lottfa; 

Mo.— Castor oil. T 50. aoi 

86 Marvin Brothers ft Bartlett, Porta- 

BKwth, N. H.— Cod Uver oil. T 47. aoi 

86 Keltey, Bara, New Bedford, Maas.— 
Watdunakers', mechanics', and sewing 
aadiinc oib. T 45. aoi 

87 Hartmann, Laiat, ft Co., Cincinnati, 
O,— Glycerine. T 50. aox 

88 Crew, Moore, ft Levick, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— nhiminating and lubricating 
oOs. T46. aoi 

lot chMwaf aaUMls, faMttoMad by 

89 Pratt, Charlea ft Co., New Yofit, 
N. Y.— Petroleum ai d its products, and 
paakages for same. Model of reanery 
and astral oil works. T 43. aoi 

91 Smith, Chaa. K., ft Co., Philadel. 

f>hla. Pa. — Burnliwand lubricating petro- 
eum oils, miners and railroad oils. T 
40. aox 

92 Nye^ Wm. P., New Bedford, Maaa. 
— Sewuig machine, watch, and clock oils. 
These oils are obtained from the head of 
the sperm whale, the black fish, and por- 
poise, and most carefully refined for the 
purposes mentioned, only during the so* 
verest cold of winter. T 49. aoi 

98 Houghton, B. P., & Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Cosmoline, for medical pur- 
poses ; cylinder and machinery oils,hydRH 
carbonated booe black. T 40. , soi 

94 Boy6. M. H., ft Lewia, Geo. T., 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Cottonseed oil, manu- 
fiu:tured and refined. T 50. aoi 

90 Harkneaa. N. W., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Refineo petroleum, naphtha, rest- 
dntun : natural lubricating oQs, Harkness' 
weHs, W. Va.; filtering apparatus. T 
43. •oi 

96 Baatman ft Brooke, Philadelphia. 
Pa.-P 47. 

a Soaps. aoi 

i Washing blue, Russian dressing, and 

French blacking. aoa 

97 Devoe Manufacturlnjr Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Cans with Devoe's fiiucet 
Donle-top, and samples of oil. T 40. aoi 

98 Day ft Prick, Philadelphia, Pa.~ 
Laundry soap; polishes for cleaning paint, 
meul, etc. T 46. soi 

99 Dodd, A. W., ft Co., Qlouceater, 
Mass.— Cod-liver oil. P 47. aoi 

100 Warden ft Oxnard. PiUahurg, Pa. 
—Refined petroleum. T 49> x» 

101 Oleophine Oil Co., refinery ft 
works, Greenpoint, L. I. ; offices, 330 and 
MS Broadway, New York, N. Y., and 84 
Beaver street. New York, N. Y.— Refined 
petroleum illuminating oils. Refiners of 
petroleum ; proprietofs of the celebrated 
Oleophine uhuninatii^ oils, and manu- 
fiicturers of the Company's superior 
patented oaa. Oils ddivered, in barrels 
and cans, for export and domestic use. 

T 44. 90I 

102 Mnnger, John W., Portland, Me.— 
Detergent compound. P 49. aox 

1 08 bavenaon, J., ft Sona, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Soaps and candles. T 43. aoi 

104 Jewett^ John, ft Sona, New York, 
N. Y.— P 47. 

a Unseed oil. aoi 

i White lead. aoa 

105 Ruah ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Oils. T4«. «>« 

106 Weat, C, ft Sona, Baltimore, Md. 
—Refined petroleum oil. T 41. aos 

107 Miller, William P., ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Bodeker^s hibricants. T 
49. »o« 

108 Galena Oil Worka (limited). Prank* 
lln. Pa.— Lubricating oil. P 46. aoi 

109 Baaaett, George A., Waahlngton 
aty, D. C.— Liquid laundry gloss. T 
71. aoi 

110 Todd, A. M., Nottawa, Mich.— 

Natural oil of peppermhit. P 47. 
auttibttt at and of entrfca, tee O ass lfi^ t te n, pp. 




Oils, Paints, Pigments. 

Ill Cook, Caleb, Provincetowo, Mats. 

—Watch and clock oil. T 50. 90s 

118 Dixon Crucible Co., Jeraey dty, 

N. J.— Oraphitepaint. F 7a. aoa 

112« Williston. A. L., NorthMBptoa, 

Mass. — Indeliole ink and maridng pent. 

T46. 9oa 

118 Hover, 1. B., ft Co.. PhUadelphia, 

Pa.— Chemical writing fluid : black ink, 

carmine, violet, and copyii^ inks ; muci- 

lage. T 47. 9oe 

1 18« Prunier, Pierre. Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Indigo extract, inoiso carmine, tannins. 

gallo-tannic ado, archil, greens, etc I* 

47- «» 

114 Wetberill ft Bro., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — White and red lead, litharge, orange 
mineral. T 44. aoa 

115 Lucas, John, ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — White lead, white dnc, colors. 
Mints, vamuhes, Swiss and imperial 
French greens, etc. T 44. soe 

417 Biha ft Co., Bridesburg, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Lampblack. Established 184A. 
Manufacturers m all grades of lampblack 

Manufacturers <^ all grades of lampbl 
for painters, curriers, printing ink, oil- 
doth, rubber, and wall paper manufac- 
turers. (Put up in hsmdsome pasteboard 
boxes, neatly labded.) T 40. soe 

11 7a Reiainger Manufacturing Co., 
Hanisburg, Pa.— Chemical writing fluid. 
P68. soa 

119 Kokoaing Oil Co., Qambier, O^— 
Lampblack. V 63. aoa 

120 Felton, Rau, ft Sibley, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— Coach, furniture, and Japan 
varnishes. T 40. aoa 

120« Rue, Mrs. 8., PhiUdelphia, Pa.— 
Furniture polish. W 53. aoa 

181 Reynolds, C. T., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. (Established X770).— Paints, dry 
and in oil, fine colors, chemically pure ; 
superfine quick-dryinff colon for coach 
and car painting : ready mixed paints for 
house and villa painting ; laundry blueing, 
in bags^ ready for use ; artists' materials, 
embracing prepared canvas for oil paint- 
ing, Tjrrian water-color tablets, drawing 
papers and materials; crayons, gilders 
tools, brushes for art. painters' and deco- 
rators' brushes, grainers' spedal tools, 
painters' cutlery, wax-flower materials, 
etc. The whole line of goods exhibits 
were taken from their regular stock, made 
for practical use, and not display. P 49. 


181« Brandeis, L., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Bronze powders; gold, silver, and 
metal leaf. P 59. aoa 

128 Keystone Paint Co., Muncy. Pa.— 
Filler for coach, car, and safe painting: 
paint for school-house blackboards. T 
40. aoa 

128 Carter, Dinsmore, ft Co.. Boston, 
Blass. — Writing fluid, inks, and mucilage ; 
Lombard's inks and mucilage. T 47. aoa 

124 Promhers, Jos., Cincinnati, 0.~ 
Inks. T 47. aoa 

125 Heller ft Men, New York, N. Y.— 
Ultramarine. T 41. aoa 

126 Rosenberg. D., ft Sons, New York, 
N, Y.— Varnnhes and baking japans. 
Manufacturers of coach, railway, cabinet, 
agricultural implements, and miscdlaneous 
varnishes ; baldiw japans for all uses ; 
bronzing and cowred varnishes, of all 
cobrs, a specialty. T 44. 

127 Ware, M. J., Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Ostrich feathers, dyed and scoured. P 
47. soe 

128 Lockwood, Brooks, ft Co., Boston, 
Mass.— Writing Inks and mudlage. P 47. 

129 Pecora Paint Company, Phfladel- 
phia. Pa.— Paints, stains, fillers, ind 
dryers. T 41. aoa 

180 Davids. Thad.. ft Co.. New York, 
N. Y.— Writing inks and fluid, mucilage, 
sealing wax, notarial seals, wafers, etc 
T47. »oa 

182 Raynald, John, 214 George street, 
Philadelphb, Pa. — Black and colored 
writing inks, copying inks, mudlage, hair 
dye, indelible ink. Inventor of the "Jet 
Black Writing Ink," invented i860: Instan- 
taneously black, and remains so for sges. 
Raynala's instantaneous black Japan ink, 
for architecture. Raynald's instantaneous 
black copying ink, giving three or four 
copies distinct and perfect; Raynald's 
purple and greenish fluids at first, after- 
wards turning very black ; Raynald's in- 
delible ink for marking linen, silk, and 
cotton, with a clean pen or stencil, will 
not spread — no preparation; fifteen difTcr- 
ent albumen colors for cdoring maps and 
photographs, all first dass. T 47. aoa 

188 Iron Clad Paint Co., Cleveland, 
O. — Paints manufactured from iron ore, 
as used in iron smelting furnaces. T 41. 

184 Phillipsj C. C. ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Varnish ana japans. T41. aoa 

185 Brooklyn White Lead Co., New 

York, N v.— White lead, red lead, lith- 
arge. T 41. aoa 

186 Martin, L., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Lampblack. T 41. aoa 

187 Barker, Moore, ft Mein, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— White lead. T 40. aoa 

138 Parsons, John, New York, N. Y^ 
Glove powder^ Dixon's silver powder, 
carmine and violet inks, pocket mucilage. 
T47. aoa 

189 Waggoner, QifTord, ft Co., Chicago, 
111.— Mixed paints. T 50. aoa 

140 Thompson, Albert, Bridge water. 
Conn. — American sienna paint. T40. aoa 

141 Sharpless, John M., ft Co., Phila- 
ddphia. Pa.— ^lid and liquid extract 
logwood. T 46. aoa 

148 Polychroite Veneer Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa< — ^Wood fibre composition, for 
decorating wood and other surfaces. 
P57. «oa 

148 Mathers*, Geo., Sons, New York, 
N. Y.— Type and lithographic printing 
inks. T 47- eoa 

144 Meyers, Simon S., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Stove polish, liquid blueing, in eject- 
ing bottles. T 47. aoe 

145 Valentine ft Co., New York, N. Y. 
— Varnishes, etc., for fine coach and 
car work. T 43. aoa 

146 Milliken, Eugene. Boston, Mass.— 
Electrocon liquid polisn. T 56. aoa 

147 Masury, 1. W., ft Son, New York. 
N. v.— Grained doors, showing graining 
colors; superfine colors for coach, car- 
riage, and car painting. T 41. aoo 

For location of olgectB, hidicated by letter sad figure, see Key to Notation, p. ss : grooadflsa, p. lrt^ 



Pigments, BMences, Perfumery. 

14t Mom, Qm. A., New York. N. T^ 
Uqidd bloeiM, powder blue, slioo black- 
li^ hdics' shoe dretsiof, writiag Inkt, 
etc T 47. •" 

149Adaait White LMd Co., Balti- 
mon. If d.— White lead and prodactt, 
a nev proocM tecuii^ •zceQeace of body, 
color, mAimm, uniformity, and durabnity . 

110 Smith, Bdwerd, ft Co.. New Yofk, 
N.T.— Coach and carTamiahes, and japan 
diycn. T4Z. aoa 

IftS Moeer, Chaa., ft Co.. ancinnati, 
0.— Colon, dry and palp; painu in 
oD, coadi coMta, arttsts* colors. T 

liU jMhoe, J. W., New York, N. Y.- 

Ship's model and Iron slab coated with 
CBsmd paint composition. T $4. aoa 

ISS Wrifht, J. K., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— rrinten' and lithographers' inks 
and varnishes. T47. aoa 

104 Continental MnoufactarinK Co., 
Phihdelphia, Pa.— Intcs, writing fluids, 
■odlage, artists' colors. T 47. aoa 

W McCloakey. Bro., ft Co., Philadel- 
pkia. Pa.— rants and colors, ground in 
ofl, dry, and in pulp. T 40. aoa 

His Robinaon ft Pratt, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Printing and lithographic inks and 
varnishes. T 51. aoa 

lft6 Brwin. H..ft Co., Bethlehem, Pa. 
—Mineral paint from Ldiigh valley. T 
4a aoa 

167 Prtoce'e MetaHic Paint Co., Parry- 
vflle. Pa.— Metallic paint and foundry 
hdngB. T 50. aos 

168 Johnaon, Chaa. Bnen.ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Typoffraphic and litho- 
graphic black and colored printing inks, 
vanishes, etc. T 47. aoa 

169 State of Oregon (by A. J. Dnfnr). 
—Paints and oils. V 56. aoa 

160 Marnard ft Noyea, Boeton, Mate. 
—Writing ink. T 47. aoa 

161 Betes, B.B., ft Son, New York, 
N. v.— Sign painters' smalts. T45. 00a 

168 Rowland, Joseph 8. C, Philsdel- 


L, Pa. — Indelible, canceliiv, and copy- 
( ink, and writing fluid. T 47. aoa 

169 Anerlcaa Bronae Powder Manu- 
frctory, Brooklyn, N. Y.— Bronxe pow- 
ders. N 50. aoa 

164 Prancto ft Lroutrel, New York, N. 
T.— P 74. 

" ~ , April, 

Does not 
good for all 

a Copyaue printiiw Inks. (Patent, 

tSfs.) Use any '^copying press." 

I Composition for hiking rollers. D< 

I Composition for inking 1 
harden, shrink, or crack; 
tiaieand climate. 


166 Peering, Geo. W., Locust Valley, 
Lehigh county. Pa.— "Sancon sienna." 
Geologically, and otherwise, a peculiar for- 
Stttion, rich in alumina and peroxide of 
bon, exhibiting the durability of the best 
ochres. T 50. aoa 

166 Peirce, I. Newton, Philadelphia, 
Fs.— Stone smrface enamd colon, and 
•aaplcs. T70. aos 

167^8ai!th« MarshaU L., Klmbertos, 
Ft.— SOex nUneral pahit T 70. aoa 

rw dHMB «r exhibhs, fadlMiiad by Hnibtts 

168 Marble, Jerome, ft Co., Worcester, 
Mass.— Patent indigo blue dye. A pure 
indigo color produced in any shade, per- 
fectly fost. saring In time ami expense, 
stands all md^ teats ; process learaed in 
half a day. T70. aoa 

169 Zinsaer, Wm., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Bleached and refined shellac, 
French alcohol oopal varnishes, sealing 
wax. Shdiacs are In quality same as un- 
bleached ; refined, give clear, transparent 
solutions ; Tarnishes, ouick drjring, hard 
surface; lacquers of lasting colors. P 
47. aos 

170 Thomson, J. 8., New York, N. Y.— 
Non-erasable and other inlcs. T 47. aoa 

171 8haw, Thomas Ogg. Providence, 
R. I.— Fsint made from mineral from Wy- 
ondng Territory. T 50. aoa 

bhnaon, Henry M.. New York, N. 

Kalsomine and fresco paina. P 

47. aoa 

178 8timson ft Babcock, Boston, Mass. 

—P. 47. 

a Coach and car varnishes. aos 

i Gum copals. 003 

174 Tetlow, Henry, ft Bro., Philsdel- 
phia. Pa. — Perfumery, bouquet and toi- 
let soaps, fine toilet preparations, blanc 
illusion, etc P 48. ao3 

175 Hotchkiaa, H. O., Lyons, N. Y.- 
American officinal essential oils. P 47. 003 

176 Upham, 8am*l C., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Extract, cologne, Florida water. 
Perfume fragrant ana lasting. Two med- 
als awarded. P 47. 903 

177 Wenck ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Perfomes and toilet preparations. P 
47- «>3 

178 Wenck ft Briesen. New York, N. 
Y. — Automatic parior fountain. P 47. ao3 

179 Chawahaw Prench Toilet Powder 
Co. — ^ToOet powder and perfumed soap. 
T48. 903 

180 Sulaberger, Dsvid, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Floiaextracts, by cold process; code- 

; extracts, fruit and liquor flavors, fruit 
P48. ao3 

181 Baironniin. W. H., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Lily whites, rouges, toilet powders, 
etc. P47. • 903 

188 Malcom ft Stevenson, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Fruit flavoring extracts. P 
47. »03 

184 Woodworth, C. B., ft Son, Roch- 
ester, N. Y.— Perfumery, hair oib, po- 
mades, cosmetics, flavonng extracts. T 
47- "OS 

186 Yonng, Ladd,ft Coflin, New York, 
N. Y.— Perfiimes, oil of cologne, Cali- 
fornia water. T 48. 803 

186 Chesebrough Msnnfacturing Co., 
New Yoric, N. Y.— Vaseline, pomades, 
cerates, ointments, perfumes, cold cream, 
etc. P 43. 803 

187 L^rena Bros., Toledo, O.— Concen- 
trated perfumes. P 47. 003 


188 Ds Costa. D. R.. PhiUdelphIa, Pa. 
—Tooth wash. P 46. ao3 

189 Tsllmadge ft Co.. New York, N. Y. 
—Essential oils and fhiid extracts. P 
48. ao3 

190 Prltssch. Schfmmel, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Essential oils and artificial 
firnit essences. P 47* ^oy 

St end of eatriai, see CIsasMeatkm, pp. 07-^5. 



Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Explosive Compounds, Pottery. 

191 B«ll. R. W., ft Co., Buffklo, N. Y. 

—Staple and toilet soaps. T 48. 903 

191tf HotchkisB, L. B., Phelps, N. Y.— 

Peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, and 
ntiaJ oils. P 47. 

pansy essenti 


192 Taylor, C. R., ft Co,. Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Toilet soaps and perfumery. P 
47- ao3 

198 Blair's, H. C, Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Toilet articles. T 47. 203 

194 Colgate ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Fancy soaps and perfumery. P 47. 303 

195 Watson, Richard H., Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— Handkerchief extracts. De 

. vies s quadruple handkerchief extracts. 
These celebrated extracts are produced 
with great skill, from the finest articles 
known in perfumery, and for delicacy of 
perfumes, truthfulness to nature, and 
tenacity, they are particularly recom- 
mended: they are guaranteed to be of 
quadruple streneth, and warranted not to 
turn rancid. Although not old extracts, 
they have taken favor immediately, ana 
the best proof of their quality is their laige 
and constantly increasing sales. A trial 
will convince you. P 47. 903 

196 Hoyt, B. W., ft Co., Lowell, Mass. 
—Cologne. P 47. ao3 

197 Read, Wm. H., Baltimore, Md.— 
Cologne, tooth wash, perfumeries. P 
47- ao3 

198 Worsley, Thos., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Toilet and fancy soaps, and 
toilet powden. P 47. 303 

199 Wright, R. ft O. A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Extracts, cologne, cosmetics, po- 
mades, oils, dentifrices, toilet soaps, etc. 
P 47- ao3 

200 Wolf Brothers ft Keech, Centre- 
ville, Mich.— Essential oils. P 47. 903 

801 Aschenbach ft MUler, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— Flavoring extracts and per- 
fumery. P 47. ao3 

808 Fricke, Arthur, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Perfumery. P 47. 203 

803 Burnett, Jos., ft Co., Boston, Mass. 
— Flavoring extracts, cologne water, and 
other toilet articles. P 48. 003 

804 Colton, J. W., Westfield, Mass.— 
Colton's select flavoring extracts of 
choicest fruits and spices. They are 
strictly pure, rich flavors of the fruits, and 
are great saving in actual cost, to all. In 
a sale of thousands of gross, not one parti- 
cle of coloring or adulteration has ever 
been used. P 43. 203 

205 Hale ft Parshall, Lyona^ N. Y.— 
Essential oils. P 47. 903 

806 Atwood, Hermon W., New York, 
N. Y,— Cologne. The proprietor takes 
pride in comparing this product of home 
manufacture with the best imported 
colognes. Delicacy of fragrance is com- 
bined with lasting and invigorating qmli' 
ties. P47. ao3 

807 MitcheU, Geo. B., LoweU, Mass.-' 
Cologne. N53. ao3 

807« California Distilling Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Essential oUs and fruit 
extracts. P 48. 303 

808 Hambleton, J.,ft Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Bay rum, pomades, cosmetics, co- 
lognes, extracts, hair tonics, etc P43. 203 

809 Weaver. James B., Philadelphia, 
l*a.— Cologne, Florida water, bay turn. 
T49 903 

809a Oriental Powder Mills. Boston, 
Mass.— Imitation samples or military, 
sporting, and blasting powder. P 43. 304 

810 Barber Match Co., Akron, O.— 
Drawing-room and silphur matches. T 
44. ao4 

811 Toy, Bickford, ft Co., Simsbury, 
Conn.^^fety fuses. T 45. aoj 

811a Du Pont de Nemours, B. I., Wil- 
mington, Del. — Powder canisters and salt* 
petre. T 40. 904 

818 Laflin ft Rand Powder Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Gunpowder, empty pack- 
ages, patent cartridges for mining, rases» 
crude materials. N 6a. 304 

811^ Zenniff, R. H., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Wax matches and Upers. P 43. 


818 Hazard Powder Co., Hasardville, 
Conn. — Sporting and blasting gunpowder. 
"■7^' 904 

814 Willis, Aug. L., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Pyrotechnic fog signals. H 71. 305 

814a Harris, H. Q., New York, N. Y.— 
Balloon signals. H 68. 90$ 

Oeramioi — Pottery, Porcelain, Olui, 

81 5 Galloway ft Qrafr,Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Terra-cotta statuary, vases, taxzas, ped- 
estals, fountains, flower pots, garden edg- 
ing, etc. B 7a. ao6 

816^Neuknmet, PhlUp, PhUadelphia, 
Pa.— Fire bricks, clay retorts, gas-houae 
tiles, and ornamental building brick. X 
56. ao6 

816a Burnt, Russell ft Co., Baltimore, 
Md.— Pressed brick masonry. Y 60. a6o 

817 Moorhead Clay Works, Philadel- 
' ' phia, Pa.— Terra-cotta sewer and water 

pipes, drain and roofing tiles, garden vases, 
chimney tops, and flues. (Oulside.) 906 

818 Harvejr ft Adamson, Philadelphia, 
Pa-— Drain and sewer pipe, garden vases, 
statuary, chimney tops, flues, etc B 
72- ao6 

818a Davis ft Chaddock, Boston. Mass. 
—Firebricks. Y 61. ao6 

819 Remme>r, Richard C, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Chemical apparatus for manufactur- 
ing acids. B 6B. 90$ 

830 Gh>8sin,F.,PhUadelphIa,Pa.— Terra- 
cotta ware, statuary, vases, fountains, ped- 
estals, etc. B 69. ao6 

881 Bowman, O. O., ft Co., Trenton, N. 
J-— Terra-cotta drain and sevrer pipe, 
chimney torn, and flues ; garden vases auul 
statuary. B 71. 906 

881a Alexander, J. Park, Akron, O.— V 



Philadelphia, Pa.— 

a J?i*re brick. 
^ Stone ware. 
888 Frits, John. muaacipniH, t-a,— 
Terra-cotta woric, hanging baskets, rvsdt 
flower pots, vases, fem cases, etc. ; imita- 
tion gas logs. B 69. 906 
8f 8a Ogden, Isaac, Newark, N. J.— 
Drainpipe. Y 55. ' 

far location of objects, ladicaud by ktterand figure, see lUyto Netattett,^. »S ; grootid^^^ 



Potteiy, Porcelain. 

SSS Bdoto Fire Brick Co., Sdotoville, 
Ohio. — Fire bricks and fire days. V 61 to 

8S8« Dorer Pire Brick Co., Canal 
Dover, 0-— Fixe brick. T 63. ao6 

tiZi Boynton, C. W., ft Co., Wood- 
bridge, N. J.— Under-drainase tile, hol- 
low building brick, and garden borders. 
V54- ao6 

S34 Ambnister, John, Camden, N. J.— 
Pressed brick work. X 58. ao6 

885 Union ICininc Co., of Allegheny 
county, Md.— Fire brick. X 58. ao6 

886 Wood Brothers, Hartford, Conn.— 
Dnun tiles. W 53. 206 

til Hinvest, Robt., New York, N. Y. 
—Clamp and baxid for securing masonry, 
hollow brick for ventilation, chimney top. 
(Omltide.) 206 

S27« Scattergood, W. W., Rancocas, 
N.J.-Draindle. X 56. aoiS 

8S7^ Brick Enajnelinc Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— £iiamel«l bricks. U48. 2.^ 

887^ Richardson, Geo., Hdwankee, Wis. 
Anii Stone and Pipe. T 51 & X 57. 206 

888 Hews, A. H^ & Co., North Cam- 
bridge, Mass. — Flower pots, fancy earth- 
enware, garden vases, ferneries, battery 
jare, etc. B 69. 206 

889 Han, A., ft Son. Perth Amboy, N. J. 
—Brick used in cnimney of New Jersey 
State Building. 206 

880 Maurer, Henry, Perth Amboy. N. 
J., and 418 to 409 East Twenty-third 
street. New York, N. Y.— Roofine tiles 
iMd upon the New Jersey State BuUding. 
Cheap, light in weight, thoroughly Are- 
proof, perfectly water-tight. 906 

381 American Kaolin Co. Works, New 
Garden .Chester Co.. Pa.; office, 233 South 
Third street, Philadelphia, Pa.— Fire 
brick, tile, etc X 58. ao6 

888 Wassel Pire Clay Co., Columbus, 

* Terrarcotta work. ao6 
S Fire brick. 207 

ttS Krcucher, B., ft Son, PhiladeU 

fhia. Pa.— X 56. 
ire bricks, tSes, blocks, and slabs. 206 

* Clay gas retorts, furnaces, and mufiles. 207 

2ZU Newton ft Co., Albany, N. Y.— X 

a rlre brick. 206 

i Stove linings, heater fire-brick linings, 

portable clay furnaces. 207 

8SS^Friese, C, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Statuary, vases, stumps, flower pou, hang- 
ing baskets, etc T 76. 206 

tl4 Hall, A., ft Bona, Perth Amboy, N. 


a Diamantine front and fire bricks. 206 

^ Stre<n paving blocks. 908 

c Rodcingham antique and yellow ware. 210 

185 Hicks, Oeorge C, ft Co., Baltimore, 
a Terra-coua pipe, vase, clays, etc. 9o6 

* Fire bricks, gas retorts. 207 
€ TBes. 208 

Standard fire-clav gas retort, trmde from 
die reoowned MarylaiMl fire clays, smd 
reowkable for relraodbility, tenacity, and 
ftceovm &oa gathering carbon. Fire 
davs, an from within the city limits of 
For classes of exhibits, uidicated by numbers 

B36 Walker, N. U^ WelUville, O. 

a Sewer pipe, terra-cotta ware, chimney tope 

and statuary. 206 

t Fire tiles, stove Kninipi. 207 

c Roofing tile. 2c3 

987 Bute of New Jersey, by Geo. H, 

Cook, State Geologist, New Brunswick, N. 
J.-f 70. 
a Sewer and drain pipe ; fine and common 

?>ttery. x 906 

ire bricks. 207 

c Stoneware. aio 

d Window glass. 2 1 4 

4 Apothecaries' and bottle glass. 215 

28 7a. Hampton, Cutter, ft Son, Wood- 

bridge, N. J.— T 64. 
4S Fire Di ' 

brick. ao7 

6 While ware. 9x0 

238 Dixon Crucible Co., Jersey City,N. 

J.— Graphite crucibles, retorts, etc P 

72. »o7 

288a Haws, A. J., Johnstown, Pa.— 

Fire brick bottoms for blast furnaces. 

rolling mills, etc. Y 60. 207 

289 Mcllvaine Bros., Philadelphia, Pa. 

—Foundry facings. P 43. 007 

289a Kier Bros, Pittsburg, Pa.— Y 56. 

a Fire bricks. 907 

^ Tiles. ao& 

240 Goebel, J., ft Co., New York, N. Y. 
—Clay andclay pots. T 57. 907 

240a Burlington Manufactorinff Co^ 
Burlington, Vt.— Samples of tile floor. T 
56. 908 

240^ Peck, Kennedy, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Clay roofing tile. ( Outside.) aoS 

240^ Field, F. K., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Flagging and floor tiles. T 53. 908 

241 Young's, Wm.. Sons, Trenton, N. 
J. — Crockery and porcelain hardware 
trimmings. T 74. 909 

242 Empire China Works. James j;^. 
Jensen, Proprietor, Green Point, Brook- 
lyn, E. D., N. Y. — Porcelain hardware 
and cabinet trimmings ; also, patent lemon 
squeezers, wood frame, porcelain lined: 
porcdain blade knife sharpeners, etc. N 
70. 909 

248 Moore, Joseph H., Trenton, N. J.— 
Elanhenware. T 76. sio 

244 Carr, James, New York, N. Y.— 
White granite, majolica and parian ware. 

T 77. 9IO 

244a Laughlin Bros., Bast Liverpool, 
O.— Ironstone china ware. T 75. aio 

245 Davis, Isaac, Trenton, N. J.— 
White granite and decorated crockery 
ware. T 75. 210 

246 Jeffords, J. E., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Ydlow, Rockingham, white-lined, 
biiff-stone, majolica, and lava wares. T 
77. 910 

246a Coxon ft Co., Trenton, N. J.— 
B^inhenwarc. T 77. 910 

247 Astbury ft Maddock, Trenton, N. 
J. — Earthenware for sanitary purposes; 
china and earthenware for general use. T 
73 »»o 

248 Ott ft Brewer, Trenton, N. J.— 

White granite, porcel.iin.andpariau wauwz 
vases, figures, table and toilet goods. T 

at end of entries, see Classification, 

digitized by 



Pottery, Porcelain, Glassware. 

849 Thompson, C. C, ft Co., Bast 
Liverpool, O. — Pottery ware. T 76. 210 

250 Yates. Bennett, ft Allen, Trenton, 
N. J.— Dinner, dessert, tea, and toilet sets; 
crockery ware. T 7;. 210 

852 Brant. Bloor. Martin, ft Co., East 
Liverpool, O. — Amencan white granite 
dinner, dessert, tea, and toilet decorated 
ware. T 74. a«o 

8)2^ Speeler Pottery Co., Trenton, N.J. 
— T 75. 
« Yeiiow and Rockingham fire-proof ware. 

i Biscuit ware. aia 

253 Baggott, S. ft W., East Liverpool, 
O. — Kockingham and yellow ware. T 75. 


258« Glasgow Pottery Co., Trenton, 
N.J.-f 73. 
a Stone china and decorated ware. 3x0 

6 Majolica ware. 2xz 

254 American Crockery Co.. Trenton, 
N. J, — Chamber sets and tableware of 
bisque, white granite, and stone china. T 
73. a«3 

255 Greenwood Pottery Co., Trenton, 
N. J. — Ironstone china, decorated dinner 
and toilet seu. T 74. 213 

S^56 Mercer Pottery Co., Trenton, N. J. 
— Plain and decorative earthenware and 
china. T 75. 2x3 

256a Union Porcelain Works, Green- 
point, N. v. — Porcelain ware. T 75. 213 

257 Onondaga Pottery Co., Geddes, N. 
v.— White granite, and decorated table 
and toilet ware. T 77. 2x3 

255 Hambleton, J., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Decorated porcelain plates, 
pitchers, barber mugs, r 43. 2x3 

25 80 Bullock, Charles, Trenton, N. J. 

— China ware. T 77. 213 

259 Lucas, Tohn, ft Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Window glass. T 45. 2x4 

860 Sallandrouze, S. P., Cincinnati, 
O. — IMate glass. P 43. 2x4 

861 Cohansey Glass Manufacturing 
Co., Uridgeton, N. J. — N 49. 

a ( i ^nder window glass. 2x4 

S iSo.dcs, vials, and demijohns. 2x5 

292 Gilbert, F. A., New Haven, Conn.— 

Combination table. P 5X. 2x7 

2S2a Lambie ft Sargent, New York, 
N. Y.— Adjustable table. P 5X. 2x7 

268 Klautsheck. Thomas, ft Stewart, 
Philadelphia, Pa. {Pavikon in park.) 

a Window glass. 
b Glass shades. 


264 Diamond Glass Co., Ravenna, 
O. — Double-thick glass from ground white 
sandstone, in windows of Ohio State 
Building. 2x4 

865 Wenck ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Atomizers. P 47. 2x5 

865a WhitalL Tatum, ft Co., Philadel- 
I>hia,Pa. — Druggists', perfumers', confec- 
tioners', etc., glassware: fruit jars. N 
49. 215 

866 Holzer. Wm.. Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Druggists^ chemists', philosophical, and 
lancy glassware. N 52. 215 

867 Young, Ladd, ft Coffin, New York, 
N. Y.— Perfume atomizers. T 48. 215 

868 Pile, W. H., ft Sons, PhUadelphia, 
Pa. — Hydromctere, specific gravity bot- 
tles, graduated tubes, chemical thermom- 
eters, and analytical weights. N 50. ai5 

869 Caterson, Wm. M., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Bottles for poisons. T 53. 2x5 

870 Fox, H. C, ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Druggists' and perfumers' glass- 
ware made from glass not containing lead. 
N 53- «S 

871 Warner, Wm. R., ft Co., Phlladcl- 
phis. Pa.— Drug dispensing bottles. P 
43- "S 

878 Whitney Bros., Glassboro*, N. J.— 
Green and other colored glassware, for 
druggists, chemists, etc. M 54. 3x6 

872« Smith Bros., New Bedford, Mass. 
— Engravii^ and decorating of glass. N 
5x. 2x6 

873 Boston ft Sandwich Glass Co., Bos- 
ton, Mass. — Glassware. Manuf.icturers 
of cut crystal chandeliers; rich cut glass- 
ware of every description, including the 
"Daniel Webster Punch Bowl.''^ N 
51. sx6 

878a Smith, H. T., ft Co., PhUadelphia, 
Pa. — Stained glass window of the "Cruci- 
fixion," the main figure after A. Durer's 
celebrated picture. \Nortk GalUry.) 2x6 

274 New England Glass Co., East 
Cambridge, Mass. — Glassware. N 
so. 2X6 

274«< Smith Bros., New Bedford, Mass. 

— Decorated vases, shades, globes, etc. 
N 51. ai6. 

274^ Jones, Thomas, New York, N. Y. 
— Ornamental cut and ground glass. N 
49. 2x6 

274^ Hobbs, J. H., Brockunler, ft Co., 
—Wheeling, W. Va.— Soda-lime glass- 
ware. N 52. 2x6 

875 Dobelmann, T. B., Oreenpotnt, 
N. Y. — Cut and engraved glassware. 
N 53. 2x6 

876 Hartell ft Letchworth, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Gas globes, ornamental sheet 
glass, and Centennial devices. P 64. ax6 

277 Mount Washington Glass Works, 
New Bedford, Mass. 

a Cut crystal floral fountain. T 45. 2x6 

b Crystsu toilet table, prismatic candelabra, 

chandelier, vases, glassware. N 5X. 3x6 

278 La Belle Glass Co., Bridgeport, 
Ohio. — Table, bar, and lamp goods, cut 
and engraved ware. N 52. 216 

879 Keystone Flint Glass Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. — Pure lead glass, lamp chim- 
neys, silvered glassware. N 51. 9x6 

880 Bakswell.Pears, ft Co., Pittaburir, 
Pa. — Pressed and blown crystal and opal 
glassware. N 5X. sx6 

881 Ripley ft Co., Pittsburg, Pa.— Imi- 
tation cut glassware, lamps blown and 
cut ; bar grods cut and engraved. N 49 
to 5x. aiQ 

288 Richards ft Hartley Flint Glass 
Co., Pittsburg, Pa.— CrysUl glass table 
ware, lamps, etc. N 49 /<> 51. 9x6 

884 Adams ft Co., Pittsburg, P«.— 

Flint and opal glassware. N 49/051. ai6 

885 Atterbury ft Co., Pittsburg, Pm.- 
' ' d ken 

Lamps and glassware, gas and kerosene 
globes. N49/tf5x. 2x6 

Por location ofobtjects, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Noution, p. 95 ; ground pUa, p. s6 



Qlftssware, Furniture. 

S86 Bsctlilor Flint Glass Co., Pitts- 
btuK, Pa.— <HaM lamp chimneys, silvered 
ghss reflectors. N 49 to 51. ai6 

887 Rochester Tumbler Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pa.— Glass tumblers. N ,49 to 
51. ai6 

888 Crystal QIms Co., PiUsburg, Pa.— 
Moulded or pressed crystal ^ass table 
ware, etc N 49 /« 51. ai6 

889 Central Glass Co., Wheelisff, W< 
Va.— Pressed glassware. N 52. 9i6 

890 Albertson, J. li., Norristown. Pa. 
—Window glass, glass shades ; colored, 
obscured, and corrugated glass. N 51. aio 

Fumltiize and Olijeots of Ganeral U8« 
in CoBStmotioii and in Dwelling*. 

891 Collender. H. W., New York, N. Y. 
—Billiard tables, cue sund and marker, 
pod boards and ouffet. T 51. 217 

891« Doremua, P. C, New York, N. 
Y.— ^ofo bed and lounge. V 51. 3x7 

891^ Pottin Register Manufacturing 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Parlor billiard 
uWe. P 57. 2x7 

898 UitcbcU Ot Raramelsburg Ifurni* 
tnreCo., Cincinnati, O. — Rosewobd bed 
sod bureau, renaissance style; walnut 
(fining furniture and hall stand, mediaeval 
style. P 60. 217 

89&I CoUignon Bros., New York, 
N. Y. — Folding rocking chairs, settees, 
ckaixs. V 71. «X7 

893 Cole, Aleautnder, ICanumuskin, N. 

m Iron auid wood spring-bottom bedsteads. ax7 
h Sash fastener. 227 

894 O'Hara, Chas. M., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — " Hygienic" chairs. P 58. 2x7 

895a Miller. I^. H., Baltimore, Md.— 
Fire and burglar proof safes. H 68. 217 

896 Gardner A Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Chain, settees, car and depot seats, etc. 
T58. 217 

896« New Haven Folding Chair Co., 
New Haven, Coon. — Portable fiolding 
chairs. T 59. 217 

897 McKinley, John, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Patent barbos' chairs. T 58. 2x7 

897a Pabst, Charles, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Sola bed. F 5a. 8x7 

898 Allen ft Bro., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Furniture and interior decorations. P 
54. 2x7 

898a Reevea. 8. H., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Spring bottom bed. P 52. 217 

899 Adjustable Folding Chair Co., Pitts- 
buiig. Pa.— ^Adjustable folding chair. P 
58. 2x7 

899a Brady, E. W., Davenport, la.— 
Wooden slate window shades. T 
52. 217 

800 Henkels, Geo. J., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Chamber furniture of wood from Inde- 
peadence Square ; sofa beds. P 57. 217 

lOOa Meriden Curtain Fixture Co^ 
Meridcn, Conn. — Curtain fixtures, r 
53- ai7 

Ml Smith ft Campion, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Parlor, (Uniiw-roc»n, chamber, ami 
UVary fumiutre. T 55. 2x7 

Per iiMBi 6f exhibrtB, hidicatedby numbers 

801« SawyfT & Buckley, Meriden, 
Conn. — Chess and backgammon tables. 
P 53. 21, 

SOS Hart, Clarence A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Military equipments, gold fringes, 
etc. B 78. 217 

SOS'S Krause, Frederick IV., Chicago, 
lU.-Cothic chairs. W 52. 217 

SOS Campbell, Wm., New York, N. Y. 
— Sprixig rolleis for window cuitadns. T 

52. 2x7 
SOS« Harmon, J. C, PhttadelpbU, Pa. 

—Inlaid checker board. {East Col- 
Ury.) 2x7 

504 Delaware Chair Co., Delaware, 
O.— Double cane-scat diaiis. T s8. 2x7 

S04«> Stevens, C. A., ft Alrich. W, H^ 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Folding bedstead. P 
54. 217 

505 Phelps, Doremus, & Corbett, 264 
and a66 Canal street, near Broadway, New 
York, N. Y.— W. T. Doremus' patent 
chair base, patent rubber springs for os- 
cillating chairs, patent oscillating rubber- 
spring chairs. Being <x>mbinations, af- 
fording manufacturers a wide ranse in the 
production of chairs for office, lioFary, or 
parlor use. P 53. 3x7 

SOS'* Smith, Wm. B., New York, N. Y. 
— Improrement in counter show case. 
N 4X. 2x7 

506 Moore, York, ft Howell. PhiladeU 
pbia, Pa. — Parlor ftimituie, folding tables. 
T54. «7 

S06« Shreeder, F. ft H., Ciacinaatt. 
O.— Pulpit, with soundii^ board. P 

47. a«7 

SOT Loth, Henry, Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Foldlnguble. P5X. 2x7 

S07a Spoffbrd, Jennie H., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Mattress bracket holders, mosquito 
bar. P 50. 217 

SOS Ferrari, Ouiseppe, New York, N. 
Y.— Cabinet, richly canred, in luliaa 
style of fifteenth century. P 58. 217 

SOSa Brigg, M., ft Son, Rochester, N. 
Y.— Fire and burglar proof safes. H 
71. 817 

509 Bveritt, Elisha E., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Portable and stationary washstana 
and writing desk combined ; sofa bed. P 
56. ai7 

S09a Claes ft Co., St. Louis, Mo.- 
Silver-plated show case. T 60. 21/ 

510 Schubeuter, J., St. Louis, Mo.- 
Silver-plated snow case. T 60. 217 

511 Spiral Elliptic Spring Worka, Cin- 
cinnati, O.— Springs for upholstering. P 

53. 2x7 

SI la Brunswick Bros., Stephani, ft 
Hart Co.. St. Louis, Mo.— BllUard table 
and cue rack. T 54. 217 

51 2 Woven Wire Web Bed Co.. New 
Britain, Conn.— Woven wire bed bottom. 
P 53. "7 

SIS Knell, Geo., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Sofa bed, invalid chair and bed, rocking 
reclining chajr, chair and lounge, photo- 
graphic chairs. T 59. st? 
4113a Adams, Dan., Nashville, Tenn.— 
Hat-rack and chairs made of wood from 
" The Hermitage." the old home of Aa- 
drew Jackson. ¥72. 2x7 
at end of entrfes, see CIasSgi^cat^nj@0^[^ 



Furniture and Decoration. 

51 4 CaTHneton»DeZoQch«, ft Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Interior decoraUoos, trav- 
erse curtain fixture. P 56. 217. 

31 5 ShwMTd, Arriton, ft 8hepp«rd, 

Philadelphia, Pa.— Curuins, decorations, 

and upholstered furniture. P 53. 217 

SI 6 MarcQtte, L., ft Co.. New York, 

N. Y.— Library (Henry II.) and <Kning- 

room (Louis Xlll.) furniture. T $». aiy 

SI 7 Lever spring Bed Co., Springfield, 
O.— Spring bed. P 52. 217 

515 Lamb. J. ft R., New York, N. Y.— 

Church furniture, metal work, embroider- 
ies, and decorations. P 43. 217 

SI 9 Heiliraann ft Bro., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Smid wood cabinet carvings. P 
57. a«7 

820 Wakefield RatUa Co., Boaton. 
Mass. — Rattan furniture and ornamental 
ware. T 57. at/ 

S81 White, Otla C, Hopkinton, Mass. 
—Stationary and portable head-rests for 
chairs and car-seat backs. This is a new 
mechanical combination of simple con- 
struction, which afibrds a complete oppo- 
sition movement of great range, to all po- 
sitions, without removing the head from 
the upholstery, and fastened by a single 
ckuae. The portable kinds fold up to 
take out little space, make their own 
fastening to almost anv form where sup- 
port to the head is aesired; they are 
simple, elegant, and thoroughly practical. 
Correspondence and orders solicited. T 
59- «'7 

S88 Lambie ft Sargent, New York, N. 
Y.— Adjustable table. P 51. 217 

828 Herts ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Chambar suite, carved amaranth, ebonv, 
and maple woods : upholstery, Horsfidl's 
dre»sing-case wardrobe. P 54* *^7 

884 Cutter, Bphraim, Cambridge,Mas8. 
— Adjusuble chair for supine postures. 
N 5*. ti7 

S24a Russell, W. P., & Co., Charles- 
ton, S. C. — Show case in form of a ledger. 
P 74. SI/ 

825 Kaiser ft Herxog, 1005 Walnut 
street, Philadelphia, ra. — Decorative 
painting for ceilings and side walls, in the 
modem renaissance style, executed after 
original designs by the firm. P 56. 2x7 

826 Steele, John, Louisville, Ky.— 
Folding opera chairs ; church, lawn, and 
school seats. T 58. 2x7 

827 Kimbel ft Cabus, New York, N.Y.— 
Parlor furniture ana decorations. P 56. 


828 Vaill, B. W., Worcester, Mass.— 

Patent f<Ming chairs, in great variety. 
Business established x86x. I claim for 
nnr chairs durability, dioroui^neas of fia- 
ish, simplicity in folding, and compact- 
ness when folded. Veiy extensive assort- 
ment of styles, adapted for parlor, draw- 
ing-room, library .veranda, and shipboard ; 
also, a line suitaole for tropical climates. 
On account of limited space allotted, am 
compelled to make a comparatively meagre 
exhibit. T 57. 2x7 

829 Cutler, A., ft Son, BofiTalo, N. Y.— 

Business desks, reading tables, patent au- 
tomatic folding parlor tables. P 53. 2x7 

8S0 Turner, Henry A., ft Co., Boaton, 
Mass.— Sofas and chairs. B 68. 2x7 

For location of objects, indicated Vy' nterand 6gure,see Key ce Notation, p.^; ground plan, p. • 

Jigitized by KS~ 

881 Koechlina B. H., New York, N. Y,* 

—Opera fioloing chairs. P 51. 217 

School of Dbsign, University of 
CiKCiNNATi, Ohio. {Sauik G€UUry.) 2x7 

881«» WhiUemore, R. R.— Laocooa. 

881^ Woodward, W. W.-Fugitiv« 

88 1<- Hunaphreya, Blla.— lUumiaatiM 

and frescoed ceiUng. 

SSl^De Camp, Esaie.— Panel 
881'Rettig, John.— Centre for ceiling 

smd border tor wainscoting. 
881/ Merrill, Susie.- Panel ceatre. 

882 Sevmour, H. J., Chair Co., TroT, 
N. Y.— Bent chairs, patent braided chairs 
and rockers, walnut dining and llbtary 
chairs. T sSt . 2x7 

888 Cooper,Jas. W., ft Bro., PhUattel. 
phia. Pa. — Fancy cabinet ware, wood 
carvings, etc P 57. ety 

884 Stiles, Mra. E. W., PhiUdelpbia, 
Pa. — Combiaation desk. P 50. 2x7 

885 Karcher*8, Daniel M., Sona, PhUa- 
delphia, Pa.---Sideboard. P 60. 217 

886 yandell,Cha8.R^ftCo..NewY«rl(, 
N: Y.— Leather window laminequiiks» em- 
bossed wall leather hangings, leather 
chairs and tables. P 5a. 217 

887 Schrenkeisen, M.ftH.,NewYork, 
N. Y.— Upholstered rocking chair on ca»> 
tots. P S3. 2x7 

888 Kilian Brothers. New York, N. Y. 
— Easeb, parlw tables music stand, tahle, 
card receiver. P 51. 2x7 

889 Schastey, Qeo. A., New York, N. 
Y. — Furniture and interior decorations. P 
58. siy 

840 Brown ft Blisa, 169 Canal atraet. 
New Y<m4c, N. Y.— tlinii«-room fktmiture, 
extension tables, sideboards, etc Special 
manufacturers and exporters of dmiitg- 
room furniture *'n» ttttte" including ex- 
tension tables of every description, with 

Satent slides and patent screw-l^ comer 
lOdk. also sideboards and side laMes 
with leaves <^ extension table enclosed 
within. T 50. 2x7 

841 Palmer, Theo. J., New York, N. Y, 
—Rocking or reclining ch;dr on castors. 
P 53. eiy 

842 Kittle, S. P., No. 208 Canal stxeet. 
New York, N. V.— Spring mattresses for 
under-mattress,or widi mattress and bolster 
combined, and made to fold compacdy for 
transportation, when desired ; also, spring 
mattresses with Straight frame and elastic 
edges- others so constructed that both sides 
and all the edges are aUke dastScandmost 
oomfortable. A moderate outlay In these 
goods will insure a most exquisite bed. P 
5». •*? 

848 Sehenck, Jas. V., New York, N. Y. 
— Crescent spring mattress. P sx. axy 

844 PMon. Robt., ft Son, New York, 
N. Y.— Church and school furxiiture, Suo- 
day-school and lecture-room settets. P 
54. a»7 

845 PosUwka, L., ft Co., Cambridge- 
port, Mass.— The " X " piano taboret. P 
60. ai7 

$46 Roach. J. Chandler, Phlladelplii^ 
Pa.— Spnng bedstead. P ja. 2x7 




547 DMts,Bdwftrd,PhU«<telphi««PA.>- 
Adjtotable sleepily apMtment or retiring 
room. P 57. ax7 

548 Reeves ft Bastburn, Philad«lpbia, 
Pa.— FoIUine bedstead, sofa or parlor bed- 
stead, ch a mb er fiimitore, bedstead fosten- 
ing. P 56. 217" 

549 Abrena, Geo., Crate* IU.-*Bxten- 
sioo taMe. T 50. 2x7 

MO Briggs, Joahoa, Peterboffo«cb, N. 

U.— Piano stoob. P 51. a 17 

Sftl Taylor, W. O., ft 800, Bedford, 

0.— Double case-seat rocken and cbaira. 

T59. ai7 

%bU National Wire ICattreaa Co., New 
Briuin.Conn. — Wire mattresses. P 53. 2x7 

59S United States Spring Bed Co., 
Springfield, Mass. — ^Spring beds. P 5a. 217 

853 Chormann, E. O., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Parlor, sicetching, and studio easels. P 
5*. ai? 

154 Griendlinc. John, 813 N. Second 

street, Philadel^ia, Pa.— Barber's chair, 
foot-rest, and hair-dressing standard. This 
chair is easily reflated for shaving and 
hair-cutting combined. An examination 
villsatisfyany one of its merits. P51. 217 
854« Maires ft Reed, New York, N. Y. 
—AdjusuUe in>n chairs. P ^. as/ 

155 UaUack, Henry 8., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Paper hanging and fresco painting. 
P50. 217 

S55a Gate, D. A. T., Syracuse City, N. 
Y.<-MctalHc spring webbing mattress. 
P 50. ai7 

556 Berkey & Gav Furniture Co., 
Grand Kapids, Mich. — Chamber suite, 
lounges. P 59. ai7 

856« Excelsior School Furniture Maa- 
ulaaiiring Co., Ciucinnatj, O.— Church 
fiiraiiure. T 52. 317 

557 Phoenix Furniture Co., Grand Rap- 
ids, Miuh. — Bed-room suite:*, »ideboard, 
haU stand. P 57. a 17 

158 Wooton Desk Co., Indianapolis, 
lad.~C*biaet oAce sccietary, rotary office 
d«k. P 52. 217 

859 Nelson, Matter, ft Co., Grand 

I^pitU, Mich. — Chamber suites. P 58. 217 

859" Peck, Henry, New York, N. Y.— 
Fhow cases for various exhibitors. 217 

860Junge, Albert, Pittsburg, Pa.— 
Sorin^ mattress. P 53 2x7 

8€1 Pabet, Daniel, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Walnut sideboard. P 58. 217 

882 Richmond, Backus, ft Co., Detroit, 
Mich.— Combined coupon and local rail- 
road ticket case, with secretary and desk. 
P 5». 2X7 

383 Fyler, E. W., PhiUdelphia, Pa.- 
Bechtead. P 53. 217 

864Halm, Bellows, ft Butler, Colum- 
bus, O. — Furniture. P 50. 217 
885 Boachor, Chas., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Parlor furniture, decoraiioas, window 
blinds with cornice, curtains^, and outside 
shottets; showcases. P 56. 217 

866^VoUmer, O., PhiladelpbU, Pa.- 
Fomiture. T 54. 217 

867 Thole, B., St. touia. Mo.— Book 

case. Ps9. 2,7 

For damn of cxliibits, indicated by nuuib«ni at 

SS8 Swaaev. L N.. M.D., Yonkers, 

N. Y. — Billiard tables ; Trichonun ta- 
ble, a new principle in carpentry, securing 
a permanently level surface, and new built 
up work samples from the French Manu- 
&c«urii«Co. of Nev York City. Tsx. ai7 

869 HovM-, H. F., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Folding wardrobe and lounge. P 50. 717 

870 Mo8t,JohnH., Old Saybrook, Conn 
— Furniture made from wood of th' 
"Charter Osk," Hartfoixi, Conn. F 
6a. 3X7 

871 Snyder, C. Ridgway, Minneapolis. 

Minn.— Work table, combining lap board- 
and writing desk. P 50. 917 

872 Caulier, P., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Wardrobe bedstead. P 54. 3x7 

878 Pottler ft Stymus Manufacturing 
Co., New York, N. Y.— Bedstead, cabinet, 
bahut, table, door, door trimming, window 
cornice, curtains, sofa, chairs. P 55. 217 

874 Schafft, Fridolin, Detroit, Mich.— 
Sideboard. P 60. 8x7 

876 Ransom, D. L., ft Co., Buf&lo, 

N. Y.— Adjustable desks and business cabi- 
nets, can be adju-sted to any position, at 
any moment, without disarranging any 
books, papers, etc. Five different styles, 
for private and general offices. Send for. 
circitbr. T 50. 217 

876 Wa^an, R. M., Mount Lebanon, 
N, Y.— Hie Shakers* web-scatcd chafrs, 
also with web backs, or with plush oish- 
ions, and foot-bencnes to match. The 
only manufiiicturcr of the " Genuine Shak. 
CIS Chairs." P 5a. 3x7 

87 6<* Kill^ore, J. L., Wilmington, Del. 

— Tourists' and mincis' folding bedstead 
and spring bed. W 54. 217 

877 Hutchines, E. W., ft Son, New 
York, N. Y.— Sideboard and chair. P 
59. »«7 

878 Demareet, Joyce, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Opera chairs. V 51. 2x7 

879 Centennial RoUing Chair Co.,Phila- 
delpbia. Pa.— Rolling chairs. (Aam.) 2x7 

880 Cunningham, Peter B., Bethlehem. 
Pa.— Anthradte ooel table, from Council 
Ridge coal fields, Lucerne county. Pa. 
T 53. ai7 

880« Nichols, W., Boston, Mass.— 
Book rack. P 47. 9x7 

881 Fifield. J. B. M., PhiUdelphia, Pa. 
— Magic bed sofa. T 58. 317 

888 Beard ft Bro., St. Louis, Mo.— 
Burglar proof saCes. B 70. 2x7 

883« Haasanfbrdar, C, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Safes, H 71. B17 

884 Lord. I. E., ft Co., Quincy, 111.- 
Spring bed bottom. P 52. 217 

885 Goodwin. A. J., Brookline, Mass.— 
Sanitary bedstead. P 52. 317 

886 HiU, Edwin P., Haverhill, Mass.— 
Folding table. P 50. 2x7 

887 Ivins ft Bro., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Walnut bed. P 53. 2x7 

388 Seidler ft May, Hartford, Conn.— 
Sofa bed and adjustable extension chair 
P 52. 21; 

889 Hopper, C. C, Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Chanibcr furniture. P 57. 217 



Furniture, Safes. 

590 Andrews, A. H., ft Co., Chicago, 

III.— T 6r 
a Sdiool, church, oflfice, and bank furniture ; 

deski>, pews, pulpits, chairs. 917 

i Maniuetry flouring. 317 

591 Coburo Manufacturing Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Caaiipy wardrobe and ward- 
robe arm. P 51. ai7 

892 Rhoner, Frank, A Co.. New York, 
N. Y.— Reclining chairs. P 53. 217 

893 Qose, Thos. J., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Reversible settees. N 63. 217 

894 Allen. Jas. T., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Rockers. W 54. 217 

895 De Bock, Matthew, South Boston, 
Mass. — Cabinet, work table, and frame. 
P51. 217 

896 Paine*8 Furniture Manufactory, 
Boston, Mass. — Pulpit and church furni- 
ture, caSe of designs. T 60. 217 

897 Brunswick, J. M., ft Balke Co., 
Chicago, III. — Biiiiard tables and materials; 
ivory and ten-pin balls. T 51. 217 

898 Collins ft Sturgeon, New York, 
N. Y.— lUdiiiing chair. T 53. 217 

899 Ellin, Robt., ft Co., New York, 

N. Y.— Eagle lecttirn carved In oak, side- 
board, font, hall chairs, and litany desk. 
P 52. 217 

400 Morse, L., ft Son, Athol, Mass.— 
Folding settee. P 51. 217 

401 Hartshorn, Stewart, New York, 
N. Y. — Window-shade rollers. T 51. 217 

40S Glenn, Prank, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
American bufi'ei. D 41 /« 44. 217 

408 Walter Heywood Chair Co., Fitch- 
burg, Mass. — Chairs. Adapted for export 
to every foreign port and the home trade. 
T59. 217 

404 Whitney Manufacturing Co., South 
Ashbumam, Mass.— Chairs. W 50. 217 

405 Sawin, L. H., Gardner, Mass.— 
Cane-seat chairs. W 52. 2x7 

406 French, Julia B.. Boston, Mass.— 
Cabinet ana bedsteaa. N 60. 217 

407 Decker, L., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y. — Billiard tables and appurtenances. 
P 54. 217 

408 Heywood Brothers ft Co., Gardner, 
Mass. — Cane and wood seat and rattan 
chairs, rattan furniture, chair cane, reeds, 
etc. W 50. 217 

410 Derby, Philander, Gardner, Mass. 
—Cane-seat chairs. Slanufacturer of, and 
dealer In, all varieties of cane and wood- 
seat chairs for home and export trade. 
W 51. 917 

411 Rath, Paul. New York, N. Y.— 
Bay- window curtain, screen, and pedestal. 
P41. 217 

41 1'* Wilson, George, Chicago, 111. 

—'I' 59- 

a Folding bedstead and table combined, and 

rccumbcin. reading chair. 217 

S Mangle. 925 

412 Watson, J., ft Son, Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Safes, ladies* jewelry stand. H 
72. 217 

413 Hall's Safe and Lock Co.. Cincin- 
nati, O. — Fire, burglar, and (ire and luir- 
glar proof safes, deposit vaults. H 67. 217 

414 Herring ft Co.. New York, N. Y.— 
Bank vatUts and doon ; fire and burglar 
proof safes. H 69. 

For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, »ee Key to Noutiou, p. 

Digitized by 

415 Parrel ft Co., PhUadelphia, Pa.- 

Fire and burglar proof safes. H 67. 317 

416 Terwilliger ft Co., New York. 
N. Y.— Fire and borglar proof safes. H 
72. ««7 

417 Coriias Safe Co., Providence, R. I. 
—Burglar proof safes. H 67. 217 

418 Valentine ft Butter Safe ft Lock 
Co., New York, N. Y.— Burglar and fire 
proof safes. H 70. 2r| 

419 Marvin's Safe Company, New 
York, N. Y.— Safes. H 69. b«7 

420 Schermerhorn, Charles. New York, 
N. Y.-T 50. 

a Towel stand and rack. 2x7 

6 Mirror. 2x9 

421 T'^iery, Adolph, PhiUdelpfaia, 
Pa.—." it. 

a lables. 917 

6 Mirrors. 219 

422 Dubernet, L., New York, N. Y. 

a Bamboo and fancy fire-gilt fiimitttre. 917 
i Paper, velvet, metal, and gilt frames, aao 
422a Feust ft Rice, New York, N. Y. 
— P^t. 
a Cabinet ware. 917 

i Mirror frames and brackets. 890 

423 Speth, K. L., New York, N. Y. 

— P53. 
a Fancy cabinet ware. 217 

5 Car\nngs, easels, pedestals, brackeu, mo- 
saic veneer, etc. aao 

424 Earle, James S., ft Soaa, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — P 49. 

a Gilt ubies. 3x7 

6 Framed looking trasses, Venetian mir* 
ron. 919 

c Picture frames, brackets. 930 

425 Lowe, A. C, Philadelphia, Pa. 

a Gilt bouquet tables. 917 

i L.ooking glasses. 219 

c Picture frames. «ao 

426 Hale, Kilbum, ft Co., PhiUdelphia, 
Pa.— P 55. 

a Foldina bed and crib, flexible-seat chain, 

spring beds. 
^ inking glasses. 
c Picture frames. 220 

427 McClees, J. E., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — T 49. 

a Gilt chairs and tables. 9x7 

6 Mirrors. ^ 2x9 

c Fancy frames. ' 220 

428 Salter, Jno. G., PhiUdelphia, Pa. 

a Console tables. 917 

6 Mirrors. 2x9 

c Cornices, portrait frames. 220 

428i Smith, Eldridge J., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— H 60. 
a Adjustable desk, school desk and seat. 

3 Cooking utensil. 924 

c Stair rods. 927 

429 Reukauff, Geo. C, Philadelphia 
Pa— P 52. 

a Bouquet tables. 2x7 

^ Mirrors. 8 19 

c Cornices, picture frames. aao 

</ Mantelpiece. 927 

430 Tiffany ft Co., New York, N. Y,- 
Silver and plated ware, incrustatioiis o 
metals. N41. ail 






Umbrellas 246 Market street, 


rARASOLS. 4g8&5^roadway, 

NaMMoriw \m PhOMMphi.. TRjiOE^MARK, NEW YORK, 

Corner of Belmont and Fountain Avenues, 




The same "^hioh had suoh a srreat suooess in the Vienna 
Exhibition, in 1873. 


of the MAISON DOREE, of Paris, Proprtetor. 

Near the Lake, opposite the U. S. Government Building. 



Manufacturers and Importers of 





ESa?-A.BIiIS:^EID 18-41. 

The only Evening Paper in Pittsburgh receiving the 
Associated Press Dispatches. 

Grculadng chiefly imong families of Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, 
and Western Vii^giniay no better medium for reaching the purchasing c ommunity 
can be selected. 

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HsxnifitctTirony Iiupoi'toTSy Jolilwrsi ud Botifl0n of 




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Pumature, Table Pamiture, Decoration. 

and prescnurtioii ware. N 

430« MHchesoa. Mrs. M. J., Phflad«|. 

phta, PaL — Moustache spoon. N 41. a 18 

481 Bailey A Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Silver ware. N 43. 318 

4S9 CaldwaU. J. B., ft Co., PhiUdel- 
phia, Pa.^ilTer ware. N 41. 91B 

438 Meriden Britannia Co., West Me- 
riden. Conn. — Fine electro-plated table 
ware, articles of ornament and vertu. N 
43. 218 

484 Derby Silver Co., Derby, Cona.— 
Hard meial silver-plated table cutlery and 
morocco-cased i^ted goods. P 46. 318 

438 Krider, Peter L., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Sterling silver ware. P 43. ss8 

487 Reed and Barton, Taonton, Mass. 
— Electro-plated nickel, silver and white 
metal table 

488 I-^d>g, A., ft Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — lUver and nickel-plated ware in 
hard metal. P 43. ai8 

489 Middletown PUte Co., Middle- 
town, Conn. — Silver-plated ware. N 
43- 2«8 

440 Gorham Manufacturing Co., Provi- 
dence, R. I.— Sttvcr ware, fine plated 
ware, plate chests, silver and jewelry 
ca.«(es. N 41. 218 

441 Manning, Bowman, ft Co., West 
Meriden, Conn. — Nickel-plated ware. N 
69. 318 

442 Kaqn ft Sons Manufacturing Co., 
Baltimore, M J. — ^Atbata and britannia tea 
and tablespoons. P 43. ai8 

448 Robbins, Clark, ft Biddle. PhUadel- 
Vhl.i. Pa.— Silver ware. N 43. ai8 

444 Menden Silver Plate Co., West 
Meriden, Conn.— Silver-plated and fine 
cut glass ware. N 43. 218 

445 Holmes, Booth, ft Haydens, Water- 
bury. Conn.— Silver-plated - ware. T 
6x. 918 

447 Mix, G. I., ft Co.,Yalesville, Conn.— 
Tea and tablespoons ; planished and brit- 
annia lea and coffee pots, water coolers, 
etc. N 71. ai8 

448 Hall, Elton, ft Co.. Wallingford, 
Conn.^Electro-placed tableware, spoons, 
forks, ladles, knives, etc. P 43. az8 

449 Sigler, C. ft J., Paterson, N. I.— 
Embossed glass sigas and table tops, ^ass 
letters, carved wood signs. T 49. 219 

44&a Sallan^tepse, S. P.. Cincinnati, 
O.— VcDctiaa mirrors and hand glasses. 
P 43. a»9 

460 >Valker Glass Importing, Silver- 
inc. Mamifacttuing Co., New York, N. Y. 
— ^v cnetian or crj^tal cut, engraved, dis- 
torting, and toilet mirrors. N 54. 319 

4fr^tf Sharp, Henry B., Son, ft Colgnte, 
New Yofk, N.Y.—Statned glass windows. 
\Nortk Gallery:) 219 

461 Florence Manufacturing Co., Flo- 
rmce. Mars .—Hand mirrors. B 70. 219 

462 Newman. Geo. C, 806 Market 
sueet, Philadelphia, Pa.— P 51. 

m Looking glasscb .- 219 

b Lacquer^ mouldings (Imiudon of gold 

gilding) for picture frames and window 

oomices, ana ornaments for same. This 

imitation of gilding is cheap and durable. 


468« Schier, H., New York, N. Y. 

a Mirror. •19 

b Brackets and book radc. sao 

468 Faser, Christian, Philadelphia, Pa. 
« Looking glasses. 019 

h Picture frames. 3so 

454 Shaw, J. U., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— P 52. 

n Ixwking glasses. 3 if 

b Picture frames, mouldings. tm. 

455 Botand, Fred., Philadelphia, Pa. 

« Looking glasses. st9 

b Pier cornices, picture frames. 220 

e Mantels. 327 

456 Durand^ Dominique, New York, N. 
V. — Venetian looking glass. T 46. 219 

457 Clark, C. W., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Window shades, window shade doth, and 
shadi; fixtures. T 5a. aso 

458 Johnston, Ed. S., Philadelphia, 
Pa. -Window shade rodlers, window 
shades, lambraquitis, conuces. T 53. aao 

459 Gleason, W. B., ft Co., West Cam- 
den street, opposite Chickering sution, 
Boston, Mass.— Artificial wood om.'unenu 
for interior decoration, etc. Descriptive 
drculars wfll be found at the exhibit. O 
78. 2ao 

461 Reifschneider, Felix, New York, 
N. Y.— Velvet frames, morocco and vdvei 
miniature cases. P 52. 330 

462 Pape, Bros., ft KUgemann, Cin- 
cinnati, O. — Mouldings for picture frames, 
portrait and photograph frames. P 51. 


468 Carter, A. A., Philadelphia, Pa.-* 

Window screetis. T 50. 330 

464 Whittier, Reuben S., Hyde Park, 

Mass.— Window screen and mosquito bar. 

T 51. 330 

464i> Shorey, John, ft Co., Lowell, Mass. 
—Shade bxttircs. T 52* 220 

466 Kilgore, Damon Y.. Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Inside window blinds. These blinds, 
sdinsuble, artistic. k>wering from the tf«p, 
light, combining beauty with econou.v, 
overcome all defecu of Venetian blincu. 
Patented. T 53- »*» 

466 McKay, Ferd. C. D., Paterson, 
N. J.-^Self-rcgulating^hade roUers. T st. 


467 Nonnenbacher, John, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Gilt and imitation mould- 
ings tor picture frames and cornices. P 
68. aao 

468 Salem Shade Roller Manufactur- 
ing Co., Salem, Mass. — Control woo<» 
roUers, flying pawb, aatomatic stops fo» 
balance rollers. T 50. 220 

469 Colwell, F. E., ft Co., Chicago. Ilf 
— Mouldinn and picture frames, shade 
fixtures. P 51. 230 

470 Louderback, Edwin, Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Rustic window shades of wood. T 
49 »*» 

471 Dickinson, Alfred S., New York, 
N. Y.— Spring roller and drop window 
shades, safety brackets, and pulley blocks. 
T53- «• 

472 Lloyd Bros.. PhiUdeljphia, Pa.— 
Ventilating shade fixtures. T 50- 2aa 

For classes sf exhiUw, hMlicatW by numberr at end ef entri^BS, soe Oas^ififfsHon, pp. S7-45. 

digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Furniture, Heating and Lighting Apparatus. 

47«) American Shade Roller Co., Bos- 
ton, MasM. — Sha je rullers, window shades, 
and fixtures. T 51, aao 

41 \ Hewett, William, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Sdf-operatiiw swing carriage for parks 
and lawns. {OuisiiU.) 221 

474o Fisher, H., St. Louis, Mo.— Auto- 
matic swing. {Missouri BmiMing.) azz 

476 Beaudet, Homer J., Oreenpoint, 
Long Isiand, N. Y. — Swing-convertible 
cradle. F 50. 331 

476 BaUey, John, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Child's craole or crib. P 51. 221 

477 Rusk, Thos. J., Philadelphia, Pa.— 

Swing. (/« Park,) 2ai 

478 Providence Gas Burner Co., Prov- 
idence, R. I.— P 47. 

a "Novdiy" gas cooking btoves; ovens 
and heaters, ouming without smoke or 
smell. 333 

I Ci;ui burners, drop-light sockets, shade and 
globe holders, etc., manufactured from 
wrought brass. 323 

478a Eldridge, O. Mor^n, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Automatic siove<damper. (C^Jt 
ttovt pipt in Louisiana Stal* Bmld- 
ing.) 333 

479 Tbackara, Buck, & Co., Philadel- 

Ehia. Pa. — Gas tixtureit, chandeliers, 
rackets, hall lights, reading lighu, etc. 
N 60. 333 

479'< Miller & Eastmead, New York. 
N. Y. — Ship and rai'oad lanterns. P 
47. a23 

480 Cornelius ft Son». Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Gas fixtures, bronzes, etc. N47. 333 

480a New York Lamo Co., Now York, 
N. Y. — Railroad and steamship lanip^. 
P 47- 223 

481 Bartlctt, Jos. W., New York, N. Y. 

— Crystal and reflecting sireei lamps. N 
50rtMr/p49. 333 

481'> Pennsylvania Globe Gaslight Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — l^antcrns ana appara- 
tus for lighting streets, P 43. 223 

482 Archer & Pancoast Manufactur- 
ing Co., New York, N. Y. — Gasoliers. 
centre slide chandeliers, ornamental 
bronzes, ecclesiastical metal work. N 
47. »«3 

483<i Kelly, S. S., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Gas brackets, pendants, brass fittings, etc. 
T 45. "3 

483 American Reflector Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Gas and daylight reflectors, 
lanterns and shades. P 47. 323 

48Sa Rollins, Geo. D., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Automatic self-regulating gas burner. 
T50. 223 

484 Tucker, Hiram, & Co., Boston, 

M.xss. — Iron gas chandeliers, brackcu 
and !(tatuettcs. N 47. 323 

484<< Heywood, C. L., ft Bruce, I. M., 

Boston, Mass. — Elevating street lamp ; 
Bruce's vesper street lamp for towns, vil- 
lages, and private erounds ; patented by J . 
^^ Bruce, December 22, 1874. Office, 4 
Haymarket square. X 59. 223 

485 Willheim & Newmann, PhUadeU 
phia, Pa. — Cast iron postn and brackets, 
street lanterns, mica reflectors, and c:ir 
trimmings. N 48. 223 

fflor location ofol^ecu, indicatsd by letter and figare, 

486<« Henrichs. C. P. A.. New York, N. 

Y. — Lamp with non-combustible wick and 
regulated burner; ttudy lamps. N 47. 


486 Quarri, V., Co., General Litho- 
graphers, 833 and 834 Arch street, Phila 
delphia. Pa. — Gas and lamp shaaes, ano 
transparent window pictures. N 48. 333 

486« Beidler, Geo. A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Lamp burners for use without chim* 
neys, P 4B. 823 

487 Baker. Arnold, ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Gas fixtures. N 4^. S33 

488 Miner Jacob G., New York, N. Y. 
—Street lamps for gas or oil. P 47. ssj 

489 Wilhelm, August, PhiUdelpbia« 
Pa. — Ceiling reflectors. P 47. 333 

490 Bradley ft Hubbard Manufactur- 
ing Co., West Meriden, Conn. — Kerosene 
and gas chandeliers.bradceu and fixtures^ 
lamps. N 47. 333 

491 Kramer, J. H., New York, N. Y.— 
Ornamcntai lanterns. P 47. 333 

492 Walton Bros., New York, N. Y.— 
Railroad and steamship brass lanterns and 
supplies. P47. 933 

498 Dyott, M. B., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Street lamps, brackets, posts, pendants, 
and lamp goods. P 48. 333 

494 Miller, Edward, ft Co., Meriden, 
Conn.— N 48. 

n Bronze lamps and ornaments, lamp trim- 
mings. 233 

b Bronzes. 443 

496 Hitchcock Lamp Co., Watertown, 

N. Y.— Lamps for animal, fish, or vege- 
table oils exclusively ; no chimneys ; bum 
twelve hours; fifteen car-candle power; 
otiorless ; smokeless ; portable : for cars, 
shipping, factories, residences, etc. P 
47- a«3 

496 Dreer, Smith, ft Dreer, Philadel- 

fhta,Pa. — Berforo gas-sunlight apparatus. 
* 47. «23 

496« American Gas Screen Manufac- 
turing Co., Haverhill, Mass. — Gas 
screens. {IVest Gaii*ry.\ 333 

497 Atterbury ft Co., PiUsburf , Pa.— 
Lamps. N 49 /tf 51. 333 

498 Parkhurst, V. P., BMfe^empleton, 
Mass. — Candle stand with flame regula. 
tor. P 47. S23 

499 Williams, Page, ft Co.. Boston, 
Mass. — Railway and steamship lamps. 
P 47- a«3 

601 Mitchell, Vance, ft Co., New Yortc, 

N. Y.— Gas fixtures. N 49. 333 

602 Ives Patent Lamp Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Kerosene lamps, brackets, chan- 
deliers, and pendants, burners and attach- 
ments. P 47. aaj 

608 Stockwell Self-lighting Gas Burner 

Co., New Yoric, N.y.— Self-lighting gas 
burner. P 50. a33 

604 Wiler, Wm., Philadelphia, Pa.- 
Taper holden, gas torches and keys, etc 

N 71. 229 

see Key toNotatien, p. ss • Jp'oundjita^^ p. «6 

Jigitized by V 




Furniture, Construction of Buildings, Woven Goods. 

605 Cleveland Noii-explosiv« Lamp 
Co., Geveland, O., and 43 Barclay 
street, New York. — Perkins & House s 
patent mctaJIic kerosene or coal oil safety 
tuafis and filling cans. Thousands 01 
(aniiies now using this lamp testify to its 
Superiority; because, ist, it is perfectly 
sate firom explosion, owing feo Its scientific 
structure; ad, it will not break, being 
nude of metal ; 3d, it is rendered per- 
fecdy dean by its patent drip-cup ; 410, it 
iKC« a very small amount of oil . in proper* 
don to the light it ^[ives, without odor ; 
5th, It gives n brilliant light, in conse- 
Qiience of its peculiar construction. Our 
nlling can b perfectly safe from explosion, 
owing !o its scientific .structure— a flame 
cannot be communicated to the oil In it, 
either by accident or design. N 64. 933 

506 American Calcium Light Co., Phil- 
adelphia. Pa. — Calcium light apparatus. 
T 43- M3 

fi07 The Mains Manufacturing Co., 
NewYork,N. v.— Lamps. N 65. 223 

508 Doty, H. H., Washington. D. C— 
Concentric mineral oil burner. N 50. 223 

509 Lovell, P. H., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Kerosene burners, chimneys, 
wicks, lamps, etc. P 50. 333 

510 United States Soapstone Manu- 
iacturing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. — P 77. 

a Lava gas tips. 223 

> Soapsione griddles. 334 

512 Cohansesr Glass Manufacturing 
Co, Bridgeton, N. J.— Fruit jars. N 
49. 2t4 

513 Lowentrant, P., Newark, N.J.— 
House furnishing goods. N 70. 334 

514« Jones, J. Alonso, New York, N. Y. 

—Water cooler and refrigerator. N 43. 324 
515 Lowerre ft Tucker, Newark, N.J. 

— Fluting machines. N 71. 325 

517 Lloyd, Sui>plee, ft Walton, Phil- 
sdeiphia. Pa. — Huting machines. P 

70. 325 

5174 Blackie ft Charles, St. Louis, Mo. 
—Anti-frcczing hydrant. {^Missouri Statt 
BuiiHtng, ) 336 

517^ Wheeler, Wm. P., Boston, Mass. 
— Di^iniecting flevices. {.In use in Main 
BtUlding. ) 226 

518 Houghton, Jno. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa— Wood carpet, parquet floors, and 
wainscots; adjustable window screens, 
and bars. T 56. -^37 

519 National Wood Manufacturing 
Co., 950 Broadway, New York, N. Y — 
Wood carpeting, parquet and inlaid floors, 
ornamental hard-wood ceilings, fancy 
wainscoting, and stair coverings. Send 
3 cem sump for book of design. P 53. 227 

519« Canopy Prame Co., Willimantlc, 
Coan. — Purtaole folding canopy frames. 
P 56. 227 

620 Johns, H. W., New York, N. Y.- 
Asbestos roofing, sheathing, and lining 
felts. P 47. 227 

521 Ehret, M., jr.. Office, 404 Walnut 
street, Philadelphia, Pa.— -Pavilion situ- 
ated south of Main Building, to exhibit 
patent fire and waterproof granulated slag 
(composition) roofing. State and county 
rights for sale. {Outside.) 337 

521a Miller, J. Wesley, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Plumbmg of ei^t rooms in Main 
Building. 337 

For dasses of exhibits. Indicated by numbers 

622 Marion Blind Co., Brady, Pa.— 

Improved window blinds. T 53. 327 

522a Reisinger Manufacturing Co., 
Harrisburg, Pa.— Sash locks, line holders, 
clothes hooks, cellar hoists, broom ana 
wisp holders. P 68. 327 

628 Walker, M., ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Heavy wrought iron gates at north, 
south, east, and west entrances of Main 
Exhibition Building. 9»^ 

528<> Peck, Kennedy ft Co., New York, 

N. Y. ( Outside.) 

a Flat floor, arch, and fire proof building 

material. 227 

b Brick and tile machine. 517 

c Radiator. 555 

624 Fisher ft Bird, New York, N. Y.— 
Marble mantels, tablet, marble wains- 
coting. The white marble mantel is of 
pure American statuaiy ; the black one is 
of the finest quality of velvet black, brth 
designed and executed in the highest style 
of art, at our works, by American artisans. 
T 50. 337 

626 Geddes, J. W., Baltimore, Md.— 
Skylight over south aisle. 337 

626 Evans, C. B., Mantel ft Orate Co., 
Cincinnati, O. — Iron mantels. T 63. 337 

627 Garry Iron Roofing Co., Cleveland. 
O. — Sections of corrugated iron roof. 
( Ohio Slate Building.) 397 

628 American Sheet ft Boiler- Plate 
Cleveland, O. — Corrugated roofing iron 
and iron roofing tile. ( Ohio Slate ^ui/d- 
itt£.) 227 

629 House ft Davidson, Cleveland, 
O.— Pair front doom. {OMia State 
Buiiditig.) 237 

630 Dobbins, R. J., Philadeli)hia, Pa.— 
Construction of Main Exhibition Build- 
ing. 337 

631 Quigley, Philip, Wilmington, Del. 
—Construction of Machinery Hall. 337 

Yami and Woven Ooods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materiali. 

632 De Witt Wire Cloth Co., New 
York, N.Y.— Wire cord, rope, cloth, and 
work ; dandy roll, cotton and wire fabrics. 
B 76. 338 

638 Clinton Wire Cloth Co., Clinton, 
Mass. — Iron railing, wire cloth, netting, 
fencing, fire proof lath. T 68. 328 

686 Woven Wire Mattress Co., Hart- 
fc «i, Conn. — Woven wire cloth used for a 
spring bed. P 53. 328 

636 Wild, Jos., ft Co., New York, N.Y. 
—Matting and mats of fibre of cofoanut 
husks. N 77. 339 

687 ^Wakefield Rattan Co., Boston, 
Mass.— Mats and matting. T 57. 339 

688 Irving Bros., Blwood, N. Y.-a 
Japanese paper carpeting, waterproof 
building paper. N 75. 339 

639 Oarsed Bros., Frankford, Pa.— 
Awnings and tickings. N 73. 330 

540 Farnum, John, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Tickincs from Conesioga steam 
mills, Lancaster, Pa. N 75. 930 

640'> Slater, Wm. S., Providence, R. I. 
— nicached cotton goodi. N 73. 330 

641 Bailey, John T., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Bags. B 68. 330 
at end of entries, see Classification, 09. 87-%«ft. , 

Jigitized by VjOOQIC 



Woven Goods. 

541« WestportManufacturincCo.,Fftll 
River, Mass. — Carpet warp and cotton 
baits. D 78. 230 

643 Thornton, Samuel, & Sons, Phil< 
addphia, Pa. — Cotton fabrics. N 76. 230 

642^ Alabama & Georgia Manufactur- 
ing Co., West Point, Ga.— Sheeting. N 
78. 230 

648 Berkeley Co., Providence, R. I. 
— Nainsooks,Victoria lawns.and canxbrics. 
These fabrics are noted for their qiuUity 
and finish, and are manufacturedf from 
either Sea Island, Egyptian, or Peeler 
cotton. N 75. 230 

648^ Slater Cotton Co., Providence, 
R. I. — Brown and bleached cotton goods. 
D78. 230 

644 Clark Thread Co., Newark, N. J.— 
Spool cotton. N 76. 230 

644a Sykes, Henry, Chicago. 111.— 
Awnings and awning frames. Y 63. 230 

646 Johnson, Emory, Neptune Twine 
Mills, Moodits, Conn. — Cotton seine 
twines, welling cor>^b. carpet warp, and 
knitting cotton, manufactured firom super- 
ior stooc and always of a uniform quality. 
Esublishcd in 1832. li 68. 230 

646 Whitfield, P. E., Sen., Corinth, 
Miss. — Cotton yarns. N 75. 230 

647 Semple. Samuel, & Sons, Mt. 
Holly, N. J.— Sp<x>i cotton. Manufac- 
turers of Stuart's ** Bc!»t six cord" and 
" Soft Enameled" sp>ool cotton. Stuart & 
Bro.. sole acents, 13 Bank street, Phila- 
delphia. N 74, 230 

647<» Lawrcncc.Waterbury, &Co.,New 
York, N. Y.— Bagging. D ji. 230 

648 Walcott & Campbell, New York 
Mills, Oneida county, N. Y. — Sliirtings, 
wide sheetings, cottonades, and kniiling 
yarns. N 75. 230 

648^ Lewiston Mills, Lewiston, Me.— 
Tickings, cottonades, cheviot shirtings, 
duckings, seamless cotton bags. K 78. 


649 Westbrook Manufacturiiig Co., 
Portland, Me. — Ship's cotton cluck. B 
70. 230 

649-< Lawrence Manufacturing Co.. 
Lowell, Mass. — Bleached and unbleachea 
cotton goods. N 73. 230 

560 Powhatan Mills, Providence, R. 
1. — "Pocahontas" and "Wealth of the 
Country" bleached and brown muslins, 
well adapted for family and shirt maker's 
u^e. N 74. 230 

660^ Merrick Thread Co., Holyoke, 
Mass. — Ready-wound bobbins for sewing 
machine shuttles. H 74. 230 

661 Saratoga Victory Manufacturing 
Co., BoNton, Mass. — Silesias, cambrics, 
and fancy cottons. V 73 at$^ 74, 2^0 

66 lo Cutler Manufacturing Co., War- 
ren, R. I.— Hosiery, cops, yams, carpet 
warp, knitting cotton. U 78. 130 

662 Chicopee Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Chicopee Falls, Mass.— Cotton flan- 
nels, bleached and brown. F 73 ami 
74- 2JO 

652^ Foustdale Manufacturing Co., 
Providince, R. I. — Blciched cotton 
good*. N 73. 230 

668 Great Palls Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Rockingham, N. C. — Rockingham 
sheeting. N 75. 230 

Foi location of objects . indicated by letter and figure, 

664 Peckham Manufacttiriiiff Com- 
pany, Providence, R. I. — ICentucky 
jeans. B 76. 330 

666 Androscoggin Mills, Lewrtston, 
Me. — Sheeting, shirting, jeans, bags, etc. 
R 78. 233 

665 Hill Manufacturing Company. 
Lewiston, Me, — Bleached and unbleached 
sheetings and shirtings. R 78. 233 

667 Continental Mills, Lewiatoa. Me. 
— Sheetings and shirtings. R 78. 23a 

668 Barker Mills. Auburn, Me. — 
Bleached and unbleached sheetings. R 
78. 230 

669 Smith, ^ames Y., Manufacturing 
Co., Providence, R. I. — Bleached axM 
brown cotton goods. N 74. 230 

660 Evansville Cotton Manufacturing 
Co., Evansville, Md. — Brown sheetings 
and drills, assorted yams. N 74 230 

661 King Philip MtUs, FaU River, 
Mass.— Brown and bleached sheetings, 
cambric muslins, and rolled jaconets. 
Selling agents, Wnorton, Atkinson & Co., 
Philadelphia: Convene, Staunton it Co., 
Boston and New York ; TiunbuU, Sweet 
& Co., Baltimore N 76. 330 

668 Hope Companyi Providence, R.I. 
— Shirting. N 74, 230 

668 Lonsdale Company, Providence, 
R. I.— Sheetings, cambric muslin, silesias. 
jaconets, Victona lawns, sateens. N 
74. ajo 

664 Blackstone Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Providence, R. I. — Print cloths 
shirtings, umbrella doths. N 74. 930 

665 Gambrill, Sons ft Co.. Baltimore. 
Md— Cotton duck for sails, tents, and 
awnings. D 78. 330 

666 Wamsutta Mills, New Bedford, 
Mass. — Shirting and sheeting. N 74. 330 

667 Shaw, lames O., New Castle, 
Del. — Single-carded cotton warps. N 
74. 930 

668 Riddle, las., Son ft Co., Wilming- 
ton, Del.— -Brandywine Mills tickings. N 
74. 9y> 

669 Wauregan Mills, Wauregan, 
Coiu. — Cotton goods. N 74. 230 

670 Ponemah Mills, TaftvUle, Conn. 
— Plain and fancy cotton goods. N 
74- «3o 

671 Gabriel, Henry, ft Sons, Allen- 
town. Pa. — Counterpanes, bed coverlets, 
quilts, and bed spreads. F 68. 930 

672 Stafford ft Co., Providence, R. 1.— 
Cotton yams, hosiery cops, twilled goods. 
N 76. 233 

678 Minot, Hooper, ft Co., Boston, 
Mass. — Bleachedcotton goo(b. F 69. 930 

676 Farwell Mills, Lisbon, Me.— 
Bleached and brown cottons. R 78. S30 

676 Morse, Kaley, ft Co., Milford, N. H. 
— Knitting cotton. E 78. 930 

677 Putnam Manufacturing Co., 
Providence, R. 1. — Colored cotton goods. 
N 73. 930 

5na White, R. T., ft Son, Philadel- 
hia. Pa. — Rag carpet warps and cotton 
atts. D 78. 230 

678 Clinton Manufacturing Co., Prov- 
idence, R. I. —Bleached cotton goods. N 
73- S30 

, see Key to Noution, p. ssTgrsund phm. p. 96. 
digitized by t^OOgle- 



Woven Goods. 

079 Bridge icm Cotton MMiufkctar- 
tng Co.. Providence, K. I. — Bleached cot- 
too goods. N 73. ajo 

§80 ManviUe Co., Providence. R. I.— 
Cotton BO<x^t bleached and colored. N 
73- 'JO 

681 Ross, John L.. Providence, R. I.— 
Bleached, unbleached, and colored cotton 
goods. N 7}. «3o 

888 Socisl Msnufnctuiing Co., Provi. 
dence, R. I. — Brown, bleached, and col- 
ored cotton goods. N 73. ajo 

193 AVarren Manufacturing Co.,Wsr- 
rr^. R. I. — Bleached and coiorcd cotton 
goods. N 73. 330 

584 Peabody Mills. Providence, R. I. 
— Coiorcd cotton ^>mxU N 73. 230 

585 Dyerville Manufacturing Co.. 
PnjvHienccy R i. — Brown aiid bleached 
cotton gooik. N 73. 230 

686 Ballon, Oso. C, ft Son, Provl* 
dence, R. 1. — Brown, bieached, and col- 
ored cotton cloth. N 73. 330 

587 Silver Spring Bleaching ft Dyeing 
Co., Proviacnce, R. I.— Bleachinji, dye- 
ing, and fiiiishiuK the variuu-s graJes and 

styles of cotton cloth, N 73. 230 

588 Hooper. Wra. B., ft Sons. Balti- 
more, Md. — Awning •iiripc.N. cmion duck. 
D ji. 330 

589 Boston Manufacturing Co., Bos- 
ton, .Mas*. — Cotton go<xt». U 70. 230 

590 Cabot Manufacturing Co., Bos- 
ton, Mu<«s. — Cotton gbitds B 70. 330 

591 Oale ft Co., Boston, Mass.— Lawn 
an 1 otJicr tents, canopies, and clothes 
«lr>cr. • OuisiiU,) ajo 

592 Greene ft Daniels, Pawtucket, R. 
I —Ivory 6ni>h and Hix-c«>rd -tpool cotton; 
gni)'. bleached, and dyed cotton yarns. N 
7^ 330 

593 Fall River Bleachery, Pall River. 
Ma-HS.— Bleached cotton», shirting><. and 
<heeting.s. N 76. ajo 

594 Lrowell Bleachery, Lowell, Mass. 
— Bleached and colored cotion &ibiicf> N 
73. ^3^ 

595 Amoskesg Manufkcturing Co., 
ManuheKter, N. H.^ Tickings, denims, 
(Vkning stripes, cotton flanneU, ginghaoLs, 
Cancy shirtings, jeans, shirting, »heetin|^«, 
drillings. N 74. -30 

)96 Naumkeag Steans Cotton Co., Ss- 
lem, Mass.— i>atieens, Pequot wide ••heel- 
in)^, bleached and unbleached, 5-4, 6-4. 
7-4, &-4, 9-4, 1^4: Naumkeag twilled 
sheeting, S-4, 0-4, 10-1 : Pequot, 36 inch 
and 40 inch : Ej Dorado. 36 and 40 inch 
sheetings. The product of these mills 
hiM a reputation for softness and durability, 
an 1 fur general excellence .* the cotton 
tried is esuecially selected with a view to 
»ccunng these qualities, and the greatest 
care » used in their manufacture. N 
74 ^y^ 

597 MassschusetU Cotton Mills, Low- 
ell. Mass.— Sheeting, shirtings, drillings, 
etc. N 73. 230 

598 Tremont ft Suffolk Mills, Lowell, 
3las&. — Brown and bleached cotton flan- 
nels, twenty-six varieties, from the light- 
est to the heaviest grade, for summer, full, 
and winter wear, fnim twenty-seven to 
rhirty-ftix inches in width, Miperior in 
qiuility of matrrial. cmdc, and finish ; 

For classes of «Ahil it^. indicaied by nmwbrT» 

StftTolk drills, blued, brown and bleadied. 
Sheetings, shirtii^, and corset jeans. N 
73 'JO 

599 Appleton Co., Lowell, Mass.— Un- 
bieucneiUhtsetii^s and drillings. N 73. 930 

600 Boott Cotton Mills, Lowell^ Mass. 
— Brown and bleached cottons. N 73. ajo 

601 Shroder, P., ft Co., New York, N. 
V. — Brown cottons, drills, and nankeens. 
B 75. 230 

608 Nnsbun Manufacturing Co., 
Nashua, N. H. — Brown and bleached cot- 
tons, cotton flanncU. printings. N 77. 23^) 

608 Jackson Co.. Nashua, N. H.— 
Heavy brown cottons. N* 77. 230 

604 Ocean Mills, Nashua, N. H.~ 
Bruwn .lud bicaclied cottons. N 77. ap 

605 Shetucket Co., Norwich, Conn.— 
Fancy strii.HS, denims, duck>, cheviots. 
N 77. ijo 

606 Palls Co., Norwich, Conn.— Cotton 
duck, fancy colored duck tickings. N 
77- »JO 

607 The Utica Steam Cotton Mills, 
Utica. N. Y. — Very heavy and fine brown 
and bleached sheetini;s atjd shirtings, from 
one to three yards wi»la. N 74. 230 

608 Mount Vernon Co., Baltimore, 
Md— I'lick and sail twine M.Tuufac- 
turers of cotton sail duck, enumeling duck, 
hose and bcltinff duck, U. S. hammock, 
bag. aiul cot duck ; machine apron, and a 
supeiior article of duck for paper-makers* 
felting : from seven to fifteen ounce army 
tent and awni ng duck , plain and in stripes : 
cotton canvas, from nine to one hundred 
and thirty inches wide: sail twine, all 
number*, t) 78. 230 

609 Hadley Co., Boston, Mass.— Cotton 

yarns and warps, s)>ool cottons, threads ; 
narne.s]( and Ncinc twines. X 75. 430 

610 Union V^adding Co., Providence, 
K. I.— Cotton wadJing. b.itting, and ma- 
chinery w;i>ic. F 74. 230 

611 Smith, H. B., & Co., Providence, 
K I,— Cotton yarns for hosiery, shawl, 
and carpet nianulacture. N 74. 230 

618 Richardson, C. D., & Co., Phila- 
delphia, P^. — Tents. (Ou/s/de.) 230 

618 Hale, B. S., ft Co., Lawrence, 

Mass. — Fish lines. N 75. ajo 

614 Laconia Company, Biddsford. 
Me.^ — Sheetings, shirtings, drills, and 
jeans. R 78. 230 

615 Pepperill ManuCactoring Oo^ 
Bidd^ord, Me. — Sheetingi, shirtings, 
drills, and jeans. R 78. 330 

616 Otis Company, Palmer, Mass.— 
Denims. N 75. 330 

617 Palmer Mills, Palmer, Mass.— 
Dress goods. N 75. 330 

617'> Trainer, D., ft Sons, Lin wood 
Station, Pa.— Cotion yams and tickings. 
C 78. 330 

618 BrinckerhoflT, Turner, ft Co., New 
York, S. Y.— Duck, canvas, ravens, aw- 
ning strii>eH, bags, twines, bunting. D 
73. 330 

619 Washington Manufacturing Co., 
riloucc^icr, N. J.— Printing cloths, etc 
N 75. "30 

622 Monndnock Mills, Claremont, N. 
H — (^litts, counterpanes, and wide Meet- 
ings H 78 am/ S 74. ay 
ai tnwl 'tf entries. «e« Classificadon, pp •7^-4f' 



Woven Goods. 

623 American Linen Co., Fall River, 
Mass —Printing cloths. B 77. 930 

624 Anna wan Manufactorv, Fall 
River, Jkl ass.— Printing cluilbs. B 77. 230 

625 Barnard Manufacturing Co., Fall 
River. Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77. 930 

626 Border City Mills, Fall River, 
Ma&s.— Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

627 Clrace Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Printing doths. U 77. 330 

628 Flint Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Prim ing cloths. B 77. 230 

629 Granite Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

680 Mechanics Mills. FaU River, 
Mass. — I'rinting cloths. B 77. 230 

681 Merchants Manufacturing Co^ 
Fall River, Mass.— Printing doths. B 
77. 230 

682 Metacomet Mills. Fall River, 
Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

688 Narragansett Mills, Fall River, 
Ma.v. — Printing cloth5. B 77. 230 

634 Osborn Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Printing doths. B 77. 230 

686 Richard Borden Manufacturing 
Co., Fall River, Mass.— Printing doths. 
B 77. 230 

686 Sagamore Mills, Fall River, 
Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

687 Shove Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Printing doths. B 77. 230 

638 Slade Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 
Printing doths. B 77. 230 

689 Stafford Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 

Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

640 Tecomseh Mills, Fall River, 
Mans. — Printing cloths. B 77. 230 

641 Troy Cotton and Woolen Manu- 
factory, Fall River, Mass. — Priming 
cloths. B 77. 230 

642 Wampanoag Mills, Fall River, 
Mass. — Printing cloths. B 77. 330 

648 Weetamoe Mills, Fall River. 
Mass. — Printing doths. B 77. 330 

6i4 Dwiffht Manufacturing Co.. Chl- 
copee, Alass. — Hrown and bleachea sheet- 
ings and shirtings. F 69. 230 

645 Lyman Mills, Holyoke, Mass.— 
Brown and bleached sheetings and shirt- 
1 .gs, drills, lawns, cambrics, cotton flan- 
tkcU, etc. F 69. 230 

646 Qreat Falls Manufacturing Co., 
Great Falb, N. H.— Bleached and brown 
sheetings and shirtings. F 69. 330 

647 Schum, Philip, Lancaster. Pa.— 
Coverlets and counterpanes. Well known 
manufacturer of genuine Lancaster quilts, 
coveriets, counterpanes, carpets, cradle, 
bureau and tidy covers, stock iiig yams, 
woolen carpet chains, etc. All kinds or 
dyeing done. These gcxxU beitie all of 
my own manufacture, made of the very 
Ihsi of material, 1 guarantee them a.s rep- 
resented and to give entire satisfaction in 
every respect. G 78. 230 

647^ Wood. Wm., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Cottonadcs. B 77. 230 

648 Methuen Mill. New York, N. Y.— 
Juie Uigging. F 76. 230 

649 Webster Mills, New York, N. Y.— 

Jute bagging. F 76. 230 


650 Nevina MiU, New York, N. Y.— 

Jute bagging. F 76. 230 

661 Mississippi Mills, Wesson. 
Miss. — Yams, cotton, oottciudes. F 
76- 230 

662 Bullock, George ft James M., Con- 
shohocken, O.— Cotton warp. F75. 230 

663 Wortendyke Manufacturing Co., 
Wonendykc, N. J.— Lamp wic& and 
cotton yams N 75. 231 

664 Moss Manufacturin|f Co., Wcst> 
erly, R. I. — Shirtings. N 74. 33c 

666 Harris Manufiacturinfir Co., Provi- 
dence, R. 1. — Bleached sbtrtin«i. lite 
"Gem of the Spindle" exeropliiies the 
limit of fineness consistent with durability. 
N 74, 930 

666 Knight, B. B., ft R., Providence. 
R. 1.— Bleached cotton goods. N 75. 230 

667 Glasgow Conmanv, South Hadle^ 
Falls, Mass. — Gingnams, yams. N 
74. »y> 

668 Allendale Company, Providence, 
R. I. — Bleached shirtings and sheetings. 
N 74. 230 

669 Groton Manufacturing Co., Pbil- 
addphia, Pa. — Bleached goods. N 
74. 230 

660 Franklin Manufacturing Co., 
Providence, R. I.— Bleached cottons. N 
74. «30 

662 Tucker, Carter, ft Co., New York, 
N. v.— a-^gging. 11 69 2y> 

663 Renfrew Manufacturing Co., 
South Adams. Mass.— B 75. 

a Cotton warps, skirtings. 230 

^ Ginghams. 231 

c Cotton dress goods. 232 

664 Gloucester Gingham Mills, Glou- 
cester City, N. J— N 76. 

m Cottonades, shtrtingn. 230 

^ Ginghams, dress goods. 231 

666 Langdon Manufacturing Co.. 
Manchester, N. H.— Brown and bleached 
shirtings ; fine brown and bleached G. B. 
shirtings. N 74. ny> 

666 Whittenton Manufacturing Co., 
Taunton, Mass.— N 76. 

« Cottonades, shirting, tickings, deninu, 

and awnings. 230 

i Dress goocu and fancy checks. 231 

667 York Manufacturing Co., 8aco, 
Me.— Geo. C. Richardson & Co., seU- 
Ing agents, Boston and New York. N 74. 

a Cottonades light and heavy, ticktne 28 
inches by 52 inches wide, denims plain, 
striped, and plaid : shirtings and skirtings. 


3 Dress goods, in great variety; nankins, and 
seersuckers. 231 

668 Everett Mills, Lawrence, Maaa. 

— B73- 
a Fancy cottons, cottonades, ticking, den- 

ims, cheviot. 230 

3 Stripes, ginghams, dress goods. 231 

669 DavoU Mills, Fall River, Mass.— 

Selling agents, Wharton, Atkinson & Co., 

Philadelphia ; £. C. Whitman, New York. 


a Sheetings, pillow muslins, shirtings, si1e> 

sias. 930 

3 Fancy cotton fabrics. 23s 

Fur 1 -caUoa of objecu, indicated hy leuer and figure.sec Key to Notation, p. 25 j^ound plaa. p. 26 




Woven Goods, Peltinif, Yarn. 

970 H AID it ton IC«nufBotarinff Co.» 
Lowdl. Mass.— N 73. 

« licking, drillings, and canton flan- 
nels. 330 

^ Printed and dyed calicoes, shirting and 
awning stripes. 233 

$71 Holt. R.» Paterson, N. I.-N 74. 

A Cotton and Turkish towels, t&ry doth, 

dustcfs, «tc. ajo 

i Linen towels. 233 

672 Stark MilU, Manchester. N. H. 

« Seamless bags, sheetings, and drills, over- 
all and doulNe ducks. 230 
h Linen crash toweling. 933 

673 Millville Manuiacturing Co., 
R. D. Wood & Sons, Philadelphia and 
New York, sole agents.— F 75. 

* Bleached shirtings, cambrics, silesias. 230 

k Printed linings, umbrella cloths, vel- 

Itmts. 331 

€ Window bdlands, tilloitings, etc. 333 

674 Bates Manufacturing Co., Lew- 
iMon, Me.— K 78. 

« Shining, skirtings, quiUs, jeaiu, towels, 

knitting cotton, etc. 330 

i Ginghams, damask, silesias. 333 

c Lincii checks. 333 

675 Ripka ft Elton Mills, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Cotton manufactures. N 74. 331 

676 Lancaster Mills, Clinton, Mass. 
— Fancy ginghams. N 77. 331 

677 Belfast Mills Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Ginghams. N 76. 231 

676 Albion Print Works, Consho- 
hocken. Pa.— Solid colors siiitinuH, phtin 
blacks, gTa)-s, mourning print>, »nirtings, 
and printed articles for men. N 73. 333 

67 60 Pacific Mills, Lawrence, Mass.— 

« Calicoes. 339 

i Lawns, percales. 333 

679 Hartel, Andreas, ft Co.. Penny- 
pack Print Works, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
M ad«ter and fancy prinu and shirungs. N 
75. asa 

6S0 Brown, David S., ft Co., Phila. 
delphia. Pa.— Madder fancies, shinings 
and mournings from Gloucester Manufac- 
turing Co., GlouccHter, N. J.; aniline, 
atexarine, eil, and madder colornand shirt- 
iiig!> from Ancona Printing Co.. Glouces- 
ter, N. J. N 77. 339 

681 Simpson.Wm..ftSons. 126 Chest- 
nut street. Philadelphia, Pa.— Calico prints 
In mourning, fiincv, and shirting styles. 
Manu£icturers anJ calico printers or the 
popular alpaca finish, solid blacks, Berlin 
4onds of all colors, aniline blacks, mottm- 
fiig prinu, silver grays, Eddystone choco- 
lates, hair cloth cheviots, and &ncy prinu. 
lliese styles are all fast colors, and are 
primed exclusively on the best extra 64 
square doth. N 75. 23^ 

682 Pretty, Qrime, ft Co., PhiUdel- 
phia. Pa. — Calico prints. N 74. 233 

688 Green, 8. H., ft Sons, Clyde 
Bleachery and Print Works, River Point, 
R. \. — Printed calicoes. N 74. 233 

684 Richmond Manufscturing Co.. 
Providence. R. L— Printed calicoes. N 

685 Manchester Mills, Manchester, 
N. H.— Prints. N 73. 333 

For tlsisrn of eahibtli. iodlcaicd by Dumbent 

686 Amarioan Print Works, Pall 
River, Mass.- Printe«l calicoes, percales, 
cambrics, shirtings, indigo hhies, creens. 
rol>es, scenuckcrs. etc. Special styles and 

. colorings printed for export. N 75. 333 

687 Hamilton Woolen Co., South- 
bridge. Mas^. — Prinu, shinin( prints, 
printed cambrics. N 74. 333 

688 Merrimac Mills. Lowell, T4ass.— 
Printed and dyed calicoes. N 7j. 23a 

689 Stevens Linen Works. New York, 
N. Y.— Plain and twilled linen crashes 
and diapers. B 75. 233 

690 Barbour Flax Spinning Co., Pat- 
erson, N. J.— Flax threads. N 76. 233 

690a American Linen Thread Co., Me- 
chanicville, Saratoga county, N. Y. — 
Flax, gilling, and machine thntnds, warp, 
filling, and twines. Manufacuirers of pat- 
ent imen thread (on spools and in skeins) 
of all kinds, numbers, and colors; also, 
gilling thread, of all numbers; machine, 
shoe, carpet, fringe, whip, and McKay 
threads, in all varieties ; linen floss, selv- 
age, and hose warp: hose filling, broom 
and brush twiner ; pink and variegated 
twines : loom cord ; line and tow yams. 
AH manufactured from the best foreign 
stock. H 75. " 233 

691 McCrossan ft Parr, New York. 
N. Y. — Printed linen and cotton, and 
white cotton handl^erchiefs. N 76. 333 

692 American Linoleum Manufactur- 
ing Co., New York, N. Y. — Linoleum 
flo*)r cloth. N 77. 334 

694 Blabon. Geo. W., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Flour, CAfriage, upholstery, 
ami table oil cloths and window stiades. M 
77- a34 

696 Virolet ft Durlach, Elizabeth. N. 
J.— Flour oil doihs. F 73. 334 

698 Potter, Thos., Sons ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Oil cloths. N 77. 334 

700 Brasher, Wm. M., ft Co., Brook- 
lyn, N. v.— Floor oil cloths. !• 71. 334 

701 Reeve, R. H. ft B. C, Camden, 
N. J.— Oil cloths. F 71. 334 

702 Powers, k>., ft Sons, New York, 
N. Y.— Floor oil cloths. F 77 334 

WoTen and Felted Goods of Wool and 
Mixture of Wool. 

708 Shsffner ft Stringfellow, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Knitting cotton and Ger> 
mantown wool. B 75. 335 

703<« Knox Woolen Co., Camden, Me.— 
Paper makers' fellings and machinery 
cloths. R 78. 33s 

704 Bacon, Chas. N., Winchester, 
Mass.— Felts (or polishing, printing, eras- 
ing, etc.; cotton and wool wadding. N 
74. 835 

705 New England Co., Rockville, 
Conn.— Fine Jftncy cassimeres, finest wool, 
fine spinning, indigo colors. The first 
mill ill America to make (ancy cassimeres. 
H Tt. 235 

706'< Noske, Henry, PhUadelphia, Pa. 
—Woolen felts, F 72. 23$ 

706 Philadelphia Worsted Spinners* 
Association, Philadelphia. Pa,— Worsted 
yarns. F 75. S35 



Woven and Felted Goods. 

707 MidDight Yarn Co., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Woolen knuting and Gcrmantown 
yams, representing process of manu£ac- 
ture. B 77. 235 

708 Thornton, Samuel. & Sons. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Woolen fabrics. N 76. 235 

709 Philips, James, jr., Pitchburg, 
M'xs&. — Fine worstecl coatings and suitings. 
Hunt, Catlin, & Valentine, sole asents, 
107-113 Franklin street. New York, N. Y. 
B 77. a35 

709'* Kirkman, James, Chester, Pa. — 
Doeskins. H 78. 335 

710 Ledward, J., ft Son, Chester, 
Delaware county, Pa. — Cassimeres and 
doeskins. B 76. 235 

711 Horstmann, Wm. H., ft Sons, 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Woolen knitting yams. 
These goods are known generally as Ger- 
mantown, balmoral, cashmere, saxouia, 
and stocking yams. They are particu- 
larly noted for brilliancy ofcolors, variety 
of shades, evenness of thread, and the tow 
prices at which they arc sold. H 73. 235 

712 Globe Woolen Co., New York, 

N. Y.— Fancy cassimeres. F 74. 235 

718 Dryfoos, L., & Co.. New York. 

N. Y, — Felt skirts, embroidered and 
braided; Italian cloth skirts, trimmed and 
quilted. B 77. 235 

718« Kent Woolen Co., Centreville, R. 
I. — Cassimeres. B 74. 235 

713^ Stillwater Woolen Mills, Still- 
water, R. I.-~Cassimeres. B 74. 235 

714 Worumbo Manufacturing Co., 
Lisbon Falls, Me.— Moscow beaver and 
other overcoatings. R 78. 235 

715 Bel Air Manufacturing Co., Pitts- 
field, Mass. — Fancy all-wool cassimeres. 
F 73. 233 

716 Burlington Woolen Co., Wi- 
nooski Fall, Vt. — Woolens, castorincs, 
moscows, kenteys, broadcloths, doeskins, 
elastic doeskins, elysians. F jiamiji. 235 

717 Broad Brook Co., Broad Brook, 
Conn,— Fancy cassiuierei. F 75. 235 

718 ^yeybos»ct Mills, Providence, R. I. 
— Fancy cassimeres. Samples of regular 
production made for the eeneral market. 
Wendell Hutchinson & 0>., New York, 
selling agents. F 74. 233 

719 Howard. R., ft' Son, Apponan^, 
R. I.— Woolen stocking yams, fancy and 
plain colors. B 75. 335 

719'* State of Oregon (by A.J. Dufur). 
— Woolen fabrics. H 71. 235 

720 Wanskuck Co., Providence, R. I. 
— Worsted coatings, overcoatings, kerseys. 
B 75. 935 

721 Rodman, Robt., La Fayette, R.I. 
—Doeskins. N 75. 235 

722 Sawyer Woolen Mills, Dover, 
N. H.— Silk and wool cassimeres, fancy 
cassimeres, double and twist cassimeres. 
F 75. 235 

722^ Clinton Mills Co., Norwich, Conn. 
-B 74. 
« Tweeds and repellents. 235 

h Blankets. 


728 Hinsdale Bros., Hinsdale, Mass. 

— KeT«C3rs, beavers, worsted suitings, etc. 

B 74. 235 

Fer leeaUeo ef ebJeMs, indieatwl by Utter and figure, 

724 Rockville Mantaiaeturin|r Co» 

Rockville, Conn.— Fancy cassimeres and 
worsteds. B 74. 235 

725 Hockanum Co., Rockville, Coon. 
—Fancy cassimeres and worsteds. B 

74. S35 

727 Eddy's, Jesse, Sons, Pall River. 
Mass. — Woolens for men's wear. F 
74- «35 

728 U. S. Bunting Co. Lowell, Mass . 
— Bunting, flags, worsted damasks and 
moreens, skirtings, and dress buntines. H 
76. S35 

729 Middlesex Co., LoweU. Masa.- 

Woolen goods. B 77. 235 

729a Shuler ft Benninghofen, Hamil- 
ton, O.— Felts for paper • maikers. , B 

76. 235 

729^ Uxbridge Woolen Co., Uxbridge, 
Ma»s. — Cassimeres. B 74. 235 

780 Oermania Mills, Holvoke, Mass. 
— ivskimos, doeskins, ana fur bcavera, 
overcoatings. C 78. 835 

781 Norway Plains Co., Rochester, 
N. H.— Blankets. B 73. 935 

782 Norwich Woolen Co., Norwich. 
CouB.— Blankets and repellents. B73. 235 

788 Union Manufacturing Co., Wol- 
coitville. Conn.— Black docJcins. B73. 235 

784 Meriden Woolen Co., West Meri- 

den. Conn. — Fancy cotton warp cassi- 
meres and coatings. B 73. 23$ 
784a Baltic Woolen Mills, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Woolen goods. F 72. 235 

785 Niantic Woolen Mills, Norwich, 
Conn. — Suitings and repellents. B 73. 235 

786 Mason, C. F., ft Co., Providence, 

R. I. — Fancy cassimeres. B 76. 235 

787 Wood, Morrell. ft Co., Woodvale 
Woolen Mills, Johnstown, Pa. — Cassi- 
meres made from half-blood wopl. B 

77. 235 

788 Kirkman, James, Cheator, Pa.— 
Doeskins. B 78. 235 

740 Peirce, C. W. ft J„ Bristol, Pa. 

— G 78, 

a Polishing felu and crumb cloths. %^k 

b Skirts. 238 

741 Mississippi Mills, Wesson, Miss. 
— Wool fillings, jeans, cassimeres, tweeds, 
linseys. F 76. 235 

742 Bullock, Geo. ft Jas. M., Consho- 
hocken Woolen Mills, Cou>hohocken, Pa. 
— Doeskins, moscows, beavers, cloth. P 

75. 235 
748 Fox, Henry, ft Co., Urbana, O.— 

D 78. 

a Cassimeres, tweeds, satinets, and 

yams, 235 

b Flannels. 936 

744 Belfast Mills, Philadelphia, Pa. 

-~N 76. 

a Cheviots. ajs 

b Dress goods. 938 

746 Roy, las., ft Co., West Troy, 
N. Y.-r7^. 


a Suitings and yams. 
b Woolen shawis. 

746 Fay, C. J., Camden, N. J.— 


a Felt roofing and siding. 935 

b Ceiling and floor carpeting. 235 

!, see Key to Nbcatieo, p. as ; greund plan, p. a6 



Woven Goods. 

747 McKee, Jos. D^ Pemi KoStttotf 
urns, Phiimcklphia, Pa.— N 74. 

a Cloths, fknc^ woolen goods. 935 

i Wonted shawls. 037 

748 Bates Msnufsctoring Co., Lewis- 
too. Me.— R 78. 

a Bcavcn and repdlents. n^K 

6 Dress goodi. 938 

749 Lippitt Woolen Co., Providence, 
R. I.— B 73. 

m Eiy»isku bearer overobatiap, iancy cassi- 

mcrcs, and siiiringi. 935 

i Flarnab. 936 

760 Peace Dale Manufacturing Co., 

Peace Dale, R. I.— F 77. 

« Cas.<iiTneres, coatings, lastings, etc. 335 

t Woolen shawls. 837 

7§1 Schofield, Seville, PhUsdelphia, 

Pa.-B 74. 

« Piece goods and coatings. 935 

4 Blankets. 937 

752 Camden Woolen Mitts, PhiladeU 

phia. Pa. — B 76. 

m Woolen goods, cassf meres, suitings, doak- 

ings, repellents. 235 

i Plaid opera flannels. 236 

c Dress goods, etc 938 

768 Piqua Woolen Mills, P. Gray, 

(yFcrrall & Co., Pioua, O.—B 75. 

m Paper-maken' fourarinier and cylinder 

wet and press fetti and jackets, for all 

kinds of paper. All fdts warranted. 935 

t Flannels. 236 

c Bbnkets. 237 

784 'Washington Mills, Lawrence, 

Mass. — F 73 an^i 74. 
m Worsted coalings, doaktngs, and repel'*^ 

^ Flannels. 
e Wonted 


756 Lsmdenberger*s, Martin, 
Philadelphia, Pa.— F 67. 
a Worsted a>atings and yams. 
6 ShawU. 
c Dress goods. 

goods, shawls, and 


756 Dobson, Jno. ft las., Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— H 77. 

a i'loths. 235 

^ Blankets. 237 

c Carpets. 239 

787 Steffan. P., ft Co., Pbiladalphia, 

Pa — H 76. 
a Coatings. 935 

^ ShawU. 237 

c Worsted dress goods. 238 

761 Pontoosuc Woolen ManuCsctur- 

injf Co., Pittsfield, Mass.— F 76. 

a All-wool cloths and repellents. 935 

^ Sleeping car blankets and summer 

dusten. 937 

c Dre-t't goods. 238 

ti Carnage rugs. 939 

769 Belvidere Woolen Manufacturing 

Co. — Flannels, f 74. 236 

761 Ballard Vale Mills. New York. 
N. Y.— Fine white flannels. B 77. 236 

762 Waumbeek Co.. New York, N. 
Y. — Plain white flannels. B 77. 236 

768 Norw^ Plains Co.. New York, 

N. Y.— Plain white ilannds. B 77. 236 

764 Lucas, B., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Plain white domcts and Shaken. B 
77- aa^ 

^or dasaca of ^^xhibits indicate*! ^' nii-oh«r« at 

766 Onyveland Mills, New York, N. 

Y.— Scarlet, yelk>w, and blue plain flan- 
nds, scarlet and blue twilled flannels, scar- 
let Shaker opera flannels. B 77. 236 

766 Columt^a Spring Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Fancy flannels. B 77. 936 

767 Stott, C. H. ft F. H., New York, 
N. Y.— Mixed twilled flannel. B 77. 936 

768 Titus, E.. ft Sons, New York, N. Y. 
— White ana Shaker flanneb. B 77. 936 

770 Gilbert, Geo. H., Manufacturing 
Co., Ware, Mass.— F 79. 

m Flannels — white, opera, silk warp, ploid, 

moleskin, swansdown, gauze, medicated, 

etc. 236 

• i Bbnkets. 937 

771 Bachman, S., New York, N. Y.— 
Shawls. B 75. 237 

77lASandford Mills. Bandford, Me.- 
Carriage robes. R 78. 237 

778 Gibson ft Tvler, New York, N. Y. 
— Fine white blankets. B 77. 237 

772<> Blood^ood; Mrs. I. S., New York, 
N. Y. — Embroidered afghans. N 52. 237 

778 Waterloo Woolen Manufacturing 
Co., Waterkx). N. Y.— Woolen shawU. 
B 77. 237 

778a Bishop ft Nerthrup, Wyandotte, 
Mich. — ^Woolen robes, mats, and dusten. 
F 7'. '37 

774 Mission WooleD Mills. San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. — B 75. 
a Blankets. 937 

^ Woolen fabrics. 938 

776 AHington Mills, Lawrence, Mass. 
— Black .ilpacas, in ten qualities; black mo- 
hair brjllianiines, in five qualities; figured 
mohair briniantincs, in two qualities; and 
roiibaix popHns, in assorted colon. The 
black alpacas and mohair brilliantines are 
"warp dyed," and are made from the 
choicest materials, in the most thoroiij^h 
manner. Especial atterition is in\'ited to 
the softness of fmish, brilliancy of color 
and lustre, uniformity and perfection of 
manufaciiire. The roubaix poplin is a 
•* yarn dyed" fabric, — not dyed in the 
piece, — consequently, the strength of the 
fibre ift preserved, and the color made 
more permanent than if *' piece-dyed." 
The peculiarity of the finish is such that 
the goods will not cockle. F 77. 238 

776«» Pacific Mills. Lawrence, Mass.— 
Poplins, alpacas, serges, cashmeres, reps, 
jacquards, cretonnes, jaconea», and cripe. 
B 73. »38 

776 Peckham Manufacturins Co., 
Providence, R. 1.— Woolen and merino 
knitting yarns, tweeds, doeskins. B76. 238 

777 Manchester Mills, Manchester, 
N.H.— Worsted dress goods. N 73. 338 

778 Turner. John, Norwich, Conn.— 
Dyed ana printed worsted, woolen, and 
cotton yams, for weaving, knitting, etc. 
B 77. 238 

779 Tunxis Mills, Poquonnock, Conn. 
— White and colored worsted yams ; pro- 
cess of manufacture from raw wool. B 
76. 238 

780 Patrr Alpaca Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Alpacas, serges, cashmeres, fiincy 
linings. B 74. 938 

781 Hamilton Woolen Co., South- 
bridge, Mass.— Delaines, reps. N 74- 3|> 




Woven Qood8, Carpets, Silk. 

783 Wood. Wm., ft Co., PhUadctphU. 
Pa. — Wuol mixture »uiting». H jj. ajtt 

783a Chapman & Bros., Belfast, Ms.~ 

l>ty goo<R N 76. 338 

788 Walsbaw. Wm., Saxonville. 
Ma». — Colored wool and yams. F69. 338 

788<s Whits, PasrsoD ft Co., Boston, 

Mass.— Couon and worsted textile &brics. 
N 73. »38 

784 Lowell ICanufiscturioc Co., Bos- 
ton, Mass. — F 77. 

a Seiges and buttings. 338 

3 Wilton and Brusseb, two and three ply 
ingrain carpeting. 239 

788 Blake. C. H. ft F. D., New York, 

N. v.— Alpacas, mohairs, cashmeres, and 
worsted serges. B 75. 338 

786 Wood ft Haslam, Canaden, N. J. 

— B 77. 
a Turkey red yam. 338 

3 Quilts, tal>le dochs. 341 

787 Smith, Alex., ft Sons Carpet Co., 
Yonkers, N. Y. — Power loom, Axminster, 
tapestry Brussels, and upestry ingrain car- 
petings. F am^ H 73 tff 76. 339 

787« McCallum, Crease, ft Sloan, Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — Ingrain carpets. H75. 339 

788 Wentworth, C. B., ft Co., Boston, 
Mx^. — Star-quilted carpet lining. F75. 239 

788^ Hutchison, J. ft H., Brooklyn, N. 
Y.— Rugs and mats. O 78. 239 

789 Gibb ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Rag carpet. F 77. 239 

789a Sefiarlen ft Fritx, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Carpet warps. F 77. 239 

790 Dornam, Bros, ft Co., PhiladeU 

thia. Pa. — Ingrain carpets aiMl damaslc 
' 77. «39 

790a Mayall, Miles, Boston, Mass.— 
Carpet linings and stair pads. D 78. 339 

791 Bromley. Jno., ft Sons, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Ingrain and damask Venetian 
carpets. H 77. 339 

791a Bailey, Bdw. H., New York, N. Y. 
— Carpet lining and stair pads. E 78. 339 

792 Leedom, Shaw, ft Stewart, Phila- 
delphia. Pa. — Carpetings. F 77. 339 

793a Lewis, WUlard, Walpole, Mass. 
— Carpet lining. D 78. 339 

798 Chipman, Geo. W., ft Co., Bostoii, 
Mass. — Carpet lining and stair pads. P 

75. 339 

794 Taylor, Jas., ft Muller, S. N., 
Newark, Del.— Rag and rug carpet. F 
74. 339 

795 Hartford Carpet Co., Hartford, 
Conn. — Bnuisels and three and two ply in- 
grain carpedng. F a$uf H 73 U 76. 339 

796 Wagan, R. M., MouiU Lebanon, 
N. Y.— The Shakers' plush floor rugs. P 
5». 239 

797 Ivins, Dietz, ft Magee, PhiladeU 
phia. Pa. — ^Three and two ply ingrain car- 
pets. H 75. 339 

798 Bigelow Carpet Co.. Clinton, 
Mass.— Jacquard Brussels and Wilton car* 
peu, rugs and mats. F atui H 73 td 

76. 339 

799 Lowell Carpet Co., Boston, Mass. 
—Wilton and Bnissels, two and three ply 
ingram carpeting. F and H 73 ta 76. 339 

For locstioB of ofa|ccts. Indicated by Utter and ^are, see Key lo Notation, p. M^^groond 

Jigitized by VjjOO; 

800 Roxbury Carpet Co., Boston, 
M.-iss.— Tape»iry carpeting. F a*M/ H 73 
<<» 7*- . «» 

801 Read Carpet Co., Bridgeport. 
Cona.— Two ply ingrain carpeu. M 

808 Parrington ft Kinsey, Rahway. 
N. J.— Wool extracted mun rags. £ 
76. 340 

808 Pawtucket Hair Cloth Co., Paw- 
tucket, R. 1.— Automatically woven hair 
doihs for upholstery. B 74. 340 

Silk and Silk FaMci, and Mixtnrei 
in wkLoh Silk is tlie predominating 

804 Belding Bros, ft Co., RockvUle, 

Conn. — li 74. 
a Twisted silk in gum, raw silk, cocoons. 343 
i Machine twists; sewings, embroidery, and 

saddlers' silks ; buttonhole twist. 243 

806 Aub, Hackenburg,ft Co., PhiUdel- 

phia. Pa.— H 76. 

a Raw silk and cocoons. 24ft 

6 Machineand buttonhole twist, sewing ami 

spool silk. 343 

806 Franke, Louis, New York, N. Y. 

— H 74. 
« Thrown silk. 343 

6 Silk fringes, passementerie, braids, cords, 

tassels. 349 

806a Boissiere. E. V. de, Williamsburg, 

Kansas. — H 74. 

a Silk cocoons, raw silk, and silk-womi 
^Es. produced in Kansas. 94a 

3 velvet ribbons. 348 

807 Hamll ft Booth, Paterson, N. J. 
— H 76. 

m Raw and thrown silks. 343 

^ Dress goods, tie silks. 34s 

c Ties. «47 

ii Ribbons. 348 

808 SeaveT,Fo8ter,ftBowaian,Boston, 
Mass. — H 75. 

a Cocoons, raw silk. 943 

3 Twisted silk. 343 

808a Newmann, Joseph, San FYancisco, 
Cal.— H 75. 
a Cocoons, raw sUk, silk-worm ^gs. 343 
# Silk dags. 247 

809 Werner. Itschner, ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Silk ribbon iabrics. H 
74- «43 

810 Bralnerd, Armstrong, ft Co., offices, 
469 Broadway, New York ; 301 Market 
street, Philadelphia; 13 German street, 
Baltimore. — Spool and ikein silks, for 
fiunilies, mercnant tailors clothing manu- 
facturers, and shoe manufscturers. Hand- 
some cabinets funfished to retailers. 
Having no western or southern office, we 
will make Hberal arrangemenu with deal- 
ers, or responsible parties wishittg to act 
as agenu for those «eciion^. H 75. «43 

811 Hovey, F. 8., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Sewing silks and machine twists. H 
76. «43 

813 Morel, Cbas., ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Skein silks, dyed. H 76. 943 



Silk, Clothii^. 

%IZ Cheney Brotlien, iUrtford and 
South Maocbester, Conn.— H 75. 
« TwUi. . »43 

t Spun silks aod spun silk (abrics. 244 

e Dress goods, seiges, florentines, and fou- 
lards. 945 
d Orranzinc, tram, and bandkerchieft. S47 
# Ribbons. ^ 
114 Atwood ft Richmond, Brooklyn, 
Conn.— Ounce silk machine twisi, black 
and cokyrs. H 77- ^3 
SlffNonotuck Silk Co., Florence, 
Mass.— Black and colored machine twist, 
buttonhole twist, embroidery and sewing 
silk. H 74. 343 

816 Hayden, J. H., ft Son, Windsor 
Locks, Conn.— Black sewing silk. H 

76. 343 

817 Heminway. M., ft Sons Silk Co., 
New York, N. Y.— Spod, embroidery, 
and saddlers' silk; machine and button- 
bole twist, etc. H 73. 243 

818 Holland Manufacturinjg Co., Willi- 
maniic. Conn. — Silk machuae twist and 
sewing silk. H 74. 243 

819 Baare, Fred., Pateraon, N. J.- 
MiUinery, tie, and umbrella silks. H 

77. «44 

820 Strange, IVm., ft Co., Patereon, 
N. j.~H 73. 

M Millinery and dress silks. 


831 Dexter. L^anbert,ft Co., New York, 


a Silk piece goods. 345 

i Ribbons. 34^ 

e Dress trimmings. *49 

888 Wrif ht, Wm. P., PhUadelphia, Pa. 

—Oiked silks awl muslins. H 76. 343 

825 WeidraannftGreppo, Patereon, N. 

J— Dyed silk, blacks and colors. H 

76. 346 

886 American Silk Label Manfactur- 
ing Co., 389 Broome street, New York^ N. 
Y.— Names of signers of Declaratfon of 
Independence, labels, and other designs , 
woven in silk; for dotliiers, merchant 
tailors, and hatten. H 77. 04^ 

887 Meyenberc, S. M., Pateraon, N.T. 
Office, 40 Lispcnard street. New York. 
— N 74. 

M Upholstery satins. 340 

5 I-adies' silk scar&, sewing silk veils : milli- 
nery silks and gauxe Caibrics. 347 

888 Stearna, Jno. N.,ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.-H 77. 

« Brocade silli. 346 

6 Silk handkerchiefs. 247 
829 New York Woven Label Manufac 

turin? Co. New York, N. Y.— Woven 
labebi and hangers. H 74. 247 

881 Horstmann. W. H.. ft Sons. Phil- 
adelphia. Pa.— Dress, carriage, uphols- 
tery, and undertaken' trimmings ; narrow 
textile fabrics ; passementerie. H 73. 249 

888 Kohn, ToMas, Novelty Weaving 
and Bruding Works. Hartlord, Conn. — 
Star and embroidery braids. H 76. 249 

883 Dale Manufacturing Co., Patereon, 
N. I.— Silk, mohair, and fancy trimming 
braids; cords, bindings, hat bands, braided 
sewings, and watch guards. U 75. 249 

$$$ Flaiaher. 8. B. ft M.. Philadel- 
phla. Pa.— Alpaca braids, r 71. 349 


«f exhibits, indieated b>' numl)cr» 

S36 Sutro Broa.. New York, N» Y*— 

Embroidery braius, put up uu puteiii r.ards, 
staling correctly the mca.suren»cni of each 
skein. F 71. *49 

837 Nottingham Lace Works, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.— Guipure, thread, cashmere, 
aswl other laces and trimmings ; hair nets. 
Uanufacturers from original designs of 
guipure bees, thread, cashmere, Spnnish 
and millinery laces, silk purlings, lace 
fringes, hair nets, etc.; al»o, a specialtf 
of all desirable styles of silk lace ties and 
scarf^. Orders sent to A. G. Jennings. 
428 Broome street. New York. H 75. 249 

888 Turner, John, Norwich, Conn.— 
Picture and Uimiture cords. B 77. 249 

839 Ooff, D., ft Son, Pawtucket, R. L 
— Alpaca »kirt braid. F 71. 249 

840 Silver Lake Co., Boston, Mass.— 
Solid braided cords. F 68. 249 

841 Kelty, O. L., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Furniture coverings, gimps, fringes, 
cords, tassels, and other upholstery goods. 
C78. •^ 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Irayeling Equipnients. 

842 HUpke, A. B., Harrisbure Pa.— 
Knit goods and embroideries. F 69. 250 

842<> Lowcry ft Williams, Utica, N. Y. 
—Merino and cotton underwear. F 73. 250 

843 Moore, Leopold, Philadelphia, 
Pa.-B 69. 

a Wrappers, shirts. «50 

6 Silk hats. 351 

843a Munson Manufacturinjf Co.. Co- 
hoes, N. Y.— Merino and cotton under- 
wear. F 73. 350 

844 Sachse, F., ft Son, S. E. corner 
Eighth and Vine streets, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Finest American dress shirts; also, 
cricket, club, fire, base-ball, yachting, and 
society shins. F 69. 350 

844a Meyer, Jonasson. &^ Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Fell skirts. F 78. 350 

845 Botterick, E., ft Co.. New York, 
N. Y.— Paper patterns for ladies and 
children's garments. H 70. 350 

846 Maixe ft Schwartz, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Military uniforms. C 78. 250 

847 Chapman. Mrs. Dr. H. M., 219 
South Eighth, and 336 South Fifth street, 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Patent skirt support- 
ing, shoulder brace, puflf coiset. Requires 
no paddiM ; allows the form its natural 
shape without pressure. F 69. 250 

847* Wyoming Valley Knitting Co., 
Pittsion, Pa.— Hosiery and underu-car. 
F 73. »50 

848 Cooper, Henry Prouse, New York, 
N. Y.— Clothing. F 7a. 250 

849 Schuyler, Hartley, ft Graham. 
New York, N. Y.— Military and naval 
equipments, society and theatrical goods. 
F70. 350 

849« Moeller, C. H.. St. Loiria, Mc— 
Netted underwear. F 71. 350 

860 Olasier, J. J., Bro. ft Co.. Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— lTn>wn, bleached, and col- 
ored hose and half hose. F7a. 350 

860a Fall River Merino Co., FaH River, 

Mass Ladies' and men's underwear, r 

73. »50 

at otid of entries. «« Clas»ificaUoiy,.pp. "T^i 

^.igitized by Google 



Clothing, Ornaments. 

851 Judson Bros., New York. N. Y.— 
Shirts, underwear, drawers. F 70. 250 

851a Weldon, Dana, ft Co., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.— -Siockiftg supporters, ladies' 
belts, etc. F 71. 350 

869 Thalheimer ft Hirsch, Philadel- 
pfaia. Pa. — Gentlemen's white and fimcy 
shirts, underwear, collars, and cuA. P 
61. 950 

852^ Dudlev Hosiery Co., Newton 
Lower Falls, Mass. — Knit underwear, 
hosiery. F 73. 250 

888 MichaelU ft Kaskel, Q58 BroAd- 
way, New York, N. Y. — Shirts, under- 
wear, and pjamas ; anti-rheumatic flan- 
nels, and embroidericb. Manufacturers 
of the finest dress shirts and underwear, 
to order only; embroidererSf and im- 
porters of gentlemen's furni.Hhing goods ; 
depot for Dent's London-mad^ kid gloves, 
Cartwright and Warner's merino under- 
wear, and Martin's umbrellas ; sole agents 
in the United Slates for Lairiu's cele- 
brated anti-rheumatic flannels and me- 
dicinal preparations. Ofllice, during the 
exhibition, at the Transcontinental Hotel, 
opposite the Main Building. F 67. 250 

8684 Leighton, Chas., New Orleans, 
La.— Shirt, r 71. 250 

864 Harvey & Baird, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Shirts. F 72. 250 

864<> Bager, P. B., Tower, ft Co., Bos- 
ton, Mass. — C 78. 

t Oiled clothing. 
i Oiled hats. 


866 Griswold, Catherine A., New 
York, N. Y.— Corsets. F 69. 250 

866 Devlin ft Co., Clothiers, Broad- 
way, corner Grand street ; Broadway, 
comer Warren street. New York, N. Y. 
— Military uniforms, for army, navy, and 
national guard; gentlemen's dress and 
business suits; duck vests, robcs-de- 
chambre, breakfast jackets, and shirts : 
also, boys' and youths' clothing, r 
67. 250 

8660 Hemple, J. C, Baltimore, Md.— 

Rubber cloih diaper. F 7a. 250 

867 Priqdle, G. H., PhiladelphU, Pa. 
— Muds and boas, caps, cloaks, afghans, 
capes, hoods, designs for bed spreads. 
F 71. 250 

867" Thudium, C. A., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Woolen and worsted cardigan 
jackeu. B 79. 250 

868 Moore, George, New York, N. Y. 
— Bias and neck cutter. H 71. 250 

868a Biahop & Northrup, Wyandotte, 
Mich. — Wool dusters. F 71. 250 

869 Thomas, A. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Bustle, skirt elevator, bosom form. 
F 70. 250 

869^ Jacobs. Strouse, ft Co., New York^ 
N. Y. — CoDiel clasps and busks. 1 
6j. 250 

860 Roaenbach ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Shirts, pantaloons, overalls, drawers. 
F68. 250 

860a Schoenbof, J., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Skiru in embossed and trimmed 
effects. F 70. 250 

861 Conrad Bros., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Shirts, collars, cufis, etc. F 07. 250 

868 National Suspender Co., New 

York, N. Y.— Shoulder braces and sus- 

~ penden. F 68. 250 

868a Oliver. Thomas, New York, N. Y. 
— Transfer for measuring and cutting 
coau. P 6g. 950 

868 Cohn, M., ft Co., Novelty Corset 
Works, New YorK, N. Y.^Wovci» corsets. 
F69. 250 

864 Piqua Woolen Mills, Piqtut, 0.~ 
Jackets and woolen socks. B 75. 250 

866 Taylor, 8. T., New York. N. Y.— 
System of dressmaking, bias cutter, fashion 
journals. F 71. 250 

866 Hopkina, W. T., PhUadelphia, 
Pa.— Ladies' and children's undergar- 
ments, infants' dresses, hoop skiru, cor- 
sets, pannien, busUes. F 69. ajo 

867 Horstmann, Wm. H., ft Sons, 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Military and theatri- 
cal goods. Military, society, r^alia. 
church, and theatrical goods ; flags, Imu- 
ners, bunting, army, navy, national 
guard, and rand equipments, in great 
variety; regalia, jeweb, and properties 
for Masonic Blue lochzes, chapters, com- 
monderies, Scotdsh Kite, and other so- 
cieties; Knights Templar uniforms a 
specialty. A full lino of materials and 
trimuungs suited to pJl the above*1ines. H 
73- a5o 

868 Demorest, Mme., New York, 
N. Y. — Fashion patterns and bulletin, 
dress>cutting system, corsets, shoulder 
brace, skirt and stocking suspenders. 
F68. a^ 

869 N as ha wannuch Manufacturing 
Co., Easthampton, Mass.; factories, 
Easthampton, Matt. : salesrooms, 74 and 
76 Worth street. New York.—EUsiic 
rubber siupenders and webs. Manuiac- 
ttirers of elastic suspenders, frills, and 
webs, in silk, worsted, and cotton; new 
styles, plain and figured^ in great variety, 
constantly produced. T his company suc- 
cess fully introduced In this country 
" Goodycar's" patent vulcanized rubber, 
in woven elasuc goods, and contiaues its 
use very extensively. P 67. 250 

871 Thompson. B. O., merchant 
tailorinr,Qo& Walnut street, Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Clouiing. Excfnplificaaon of me' 
chanical and artistic tailoring is displayed 
in these garments, made to order we com- 
petition, desi^;ne<i, also, to Illustrate char- 
acterbtic national workmanship, in their 
embellishment, by trimmtnis made of the 
national colors and coins; also particular 
merit is claimed for the perfect fltting 
pantaloons, cut according to the process 
patented by the exhibitor. F 71. 250 

872 Sternberger, L. ft S.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — White shirts. Manufacturers 
of the "Eclipse" fine white shirts; shirt 
fronts, drawers, overalls, etc. P 68. 250 

878 Norfolk ft New Brunswick Ho- 
sicry Co., New Brunswick, N. J.— 
Ladies', gendemen's. and children's 
knitted tmderwear; shirts, vests, pants, 
and drawers; ladies' and misses' union 
dresses, Gentlemen's and boys' merino 
wool half hose ; ladies' and misses' 
merino and wool hose and three-quaner 
socks, in various colors. We manufac- 
ture only full fiuhioned or regular made 
goods or fine qualities. H. J. Labby & 
Co.. agents. No. S7 White street. New 
Yorlc. F 70. 250 

Fur location of obgecu, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. 25 ; Ki;p«iad plan, p. s^ 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




I3SrOQ:RFQI&A.a7-FlT) 3 J^O. 23, 1865. 

ASSETS, over - - - - - $3,000,000 

■ ■♦»■ 

strictly Mutual. Distinguished for careful selection 
of risks, prudent Investment of funds, great economy, 
and liberality to its policy-holders. 


BneoMKff to WM. 8. WABSHB * 00.« 


'T77*lxol«a«J.« Soetlera lax 

Watches and Jewelry, 

Southeast corner Cheatnut and Seventh Streets, first floor, 




Manufacturers and Importers of 

J^iUtary, Society Jiegalia, Church, 




1814. 1876. 


prrrsBUROH, pa. 



^ digitized by VjOOQIC, 


Cragin Co., Philadelphia. 

No one will fail to notice the mammoth 
cake of this worid-renowned soap, exhib- 
ited by its manufacturers, and weighing 
xooo pounds. Its purity and merits are 

well known. One trial will show the most 
skeptical its superiority. 

Don't leare town without getting some 
for trial. Make your grocer keep it. Look 
over our exhibit of genuine letteis in its 

Nathan E. Morgan. 

Chas. B. H badly. 



ts-KAUT fua smt, $to. auMons a saaAin. 

^jirtisan JiCall, 611 and 613 Bansora Si. 

j=^jH rr ■ A gpEaitj 



ij txUUM In till Bxitiih Section, Xato BdldSn& tj 

Messrs. MiyTOy, ^OLLIITB c& CO., 

(The Pounders of the Mnnufiacture in 1840) and as Istid by us in the CAPlTOI# 

A Large Stock of all kinds on hand> imported and 
for sale by 


THE "PITTSBUR&H commercial; 

i PoUUoaI, lltsmy, CommoioUl, and fsusnl Wswapapw, 

TUM FOB TEI "fiAXL7 COSOOBOUXi "-?oitagi Fm to DeMorfbrn. 
By Mail, pM* AmMna. ^0.00. By Mafl. for Six Mmidn, fs.w. By MaU, for Thiea Moatha, 

«a,50 By Mall, tor One Month, 85 cents Delivered by Carriers. 15 cents per week. 
" WEEKLY COMMERCIAL." [JPostage Prepaid.] One Copy, One Year, $1.75. 

Joseph II. Hupdblip. J. J- S. SBirziNCsa. 

Miners and Shippers of Coal 

""''St;-. PH rLA13^E6P^lA. 




874 ^^arner Bros.. New York, N. Y. 
— Conet and skirt suppoiter, conet waist. 
F70- »5o 

875 Bowers, Jas., ft Co., Newark, 
N. J. — Sewed conets and rivetless corset 
clasps. F 69. 350 

876 Alkinson, Henry, Philadelphia. 
Pa.— White shirts, buckskin shirts, and 
drawers. F 70. 250 

877 Ziuner, Henry, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Lace, silk, and meo caps, hand knit 
and crochet zephyr goods, for infimts. P 
73. aso 

879 Borm, L., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Dress suit. F 69. 250 

880 V^rUson, J. H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Military goods. F 70. 250 

881 Foy ft Harmon, New Haven, 
Conn. — Skirt-supporting corset, F 69. 250 

882 America Hosiery Co., New Brit- 
ain, Conn. — Wool, merino, and cotton un- 
derwear, hosiery. F 68. 250 

888 >Vorcester Corset Co., Worcea- 
icr, Mass.— Corsets, corset and skirt sup- 
porters. F 69. 350 

884 Boston Comfort Corset Co., Bos- 
toQ, Mass.— Conet without bones. F 
69. 350 

885 Palmer ft Williams, Boston. 
Mass. — Jacqueline coisets and misses 
waisu. F 6q. 350 

886 Dcnham. T. M., ft Brother. New 
Bedford. Mass.— White laundried shirts 
and shin bosoms. F 68. 350 

887 Rockhill ft Wilson, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Oothing. F 69. 250 

888 I»wsll Homery Co., Lowell, 
Mass. — Women's plain cotton hose. F 
69. , 250 

889 ^Vanamaker ft Brown, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Gentlemen's, jrouihs', and 
children's ready-made clothing : gentle- 
men's furnishing goods. B 67. 250 

890 "Wanamaker. John, ft Co., Phila- 
ddphta. Pa.— Ancient and modem cloth- 
ing worn by American gentlemen during 
the past century. F 67. 250 

892 Cammines, J. S., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa,— Scarfs, cravats, stocks, 
bond's, and neck wear. F 68. 250 

893 Hughes, Thos., ft Co., Bristol, 
l*a. — Cotton, merino, and wool hosiery. F 
7x 250 

894 Strahan, Hodgson, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Linen collars and cuflfs. F 
73. 250 

895 American Suspender Co., Water- 
bury, Conn.— Webbing frills and suspend- 
ers. F 68. 250 

896 Brewster Bros ft Co., Birming- 
ham. Conn. — CoHkCU, combined oor&et 
and skirt supporters, corset clasps. F 
69, aSP 

897 GabrieU Henrv, ft Sons, Allen- 
town . Pa. — Knitted woolen and cotton ho- 
siery. F 68. 2y> 

898 American Molded Collar Co., 
HcMton, Ma.<w. — Combined cloth and pa- 
per cx»llars. These collars are well known 
for their complete shape to the neck. The 
collars and aims have a pure starch finish, 
and are suitable for any gentleman to 
wear, alwi^ being of the latest fiashion. 
The " moldiDg" process, by which each 

For dasses of exhibits indicated by nnmbets 

collar is made to fit the neck perfo- tif uid 
easily, is controlled exclusively oy i. is 
company. These goods tia%e bsen 
awarded the first prize at several expo- 
sitions. F 70. 350 

899 Frost, Geo., ft Co., Boston, Mass. 
— Corsets, waists, hose supporter, emanci- 
pation suit, and under-flannel. F 70. 950 

900 Sweet, Orr, ft Co., factory, Wap- 
pinger's Falls, N. Y.; office, 345 Broad- 
way, New York City. — Orr's pantaloons, 
overalb, and engineer jackets. The pe- 
culiar cut of these overalls must be 

, noticed, by which such seat-room is ^ven 
that the wearer feels perfect ease, m all 
positions ; no binding or straining in any 
part; their strength is such that they 
are " warranted never to rip." F 76. 250 

901 Bickford, Dana, New York, N.Y. 
—Knitted articles made on Dana Bick- 
ford's knitting machines. F 68. 250 

902 Beatty Hosiery Mills, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Hosiery. F 73. as© 

908 Landenberger's, Martin, Sons, 
Philadelphia, Pa.— Hosiery and knit 
goods. F 67. 850 

904 United States Corset Co., New 

York, N. Y.— Corsets. B 71. 250 

905 Sharpless ft Sons, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Ladies' costumes. B 68. 250 


Rothschild Bros, ft Gutman, New 
ork, N. Y.— Shiru, drawers, and under- 
shirts. F 69. 250 

907 Cameron, Wm., ft Son, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Embroidering, braidii^ and 
stamping designs ; children's clolhuig, in- 
delible ink marking. F 70. 250 

908 Dress Reform Co., Boston, Mass. 

—Dress reform clothing. F 7*. 250 

909 Otis Co., Ware, Mass.- Hosiery 
and underwear. N 75. S50 

910 Hayden, James, Philadelphia, 
Pa— bhjrts, drawers, and necktie shields. 
F 72. 250 

911 Peck ft Greene, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

—Worsted and silk goods for tlieatrical» 
boaiing, and general underwear. B 75. 250 

912 Star Knitting Co., Cohoes, N. Y. 
— Cotton, woolen, and merino shirts, 
drawers, pantalets, and union suiu. F 
67. 250 

913 Parsons, J. H., ft Co., Cohoes, N. 
Y.— Woolen, merino, i^nd cotton shins- 
drawers, pantalets, and union suits. F 
67. 250 

914 Brookside Hosiery Mills, Troy, 
N . Y. — Cotton, woolen, and merino shirts ; 
drawers, pantsileu, and tmion i»uiu. F 
67. 950 

915 McDonnell, Kline, ft Co., Amster- 
dam, N. v.— Cotton, woolen, and merino 
shirts : drawers, pantalets, and union suits. 
F 67. 250 

916 Bennett, E., Brooklyn, N. Y.— 
Shirts. F 68. 250 

917 Coon ft Van Volkenburgh, Troy, 
N. Y.— Men's linen collan and cuflfc. F 
67. «5* 

918 Ellis Manufacturing Co., Walt- 
haia» Mass.— Stocking supporters. H 
71. 9y» 

St end of entries, see Oassi^o-tJoarPP- ar^ * 
Jigitized by VjOOQ IC 



Clothing, Omasnents, Jewelry. 





919 Homer. CoUaday ft Co., Philadel. 
phia. Pa.— F 71. 

m Ladies' dresses, trottsseaux, neck-tics, 
bcaris, and furnishing goods. 230 

k Embroidery, lingerie. 25a 

All articles contained in this exhibit are 
of H., C. & Co. '5 own manufacture, and 
at their extensive establishment, Nos. 
14.8 and 14x4 Chestnut street, above 
Broad street, Philadelphia, vrill be fonnd 
goods of a similar character, in great 

980 PeUiorell ft Sawyer, East Cam- 
bridge, Mass.~F 76. 

a Waterproof oil clothes. 
b Waterproof hats. 
920« Bradv, Bdvt^ard, 
Pa.— -U 63. 
a Collars for men's wear. 
b Buttons. 

981 Carney, Bernard L., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Silk, beaver, and felt hats. B 
70. 35X 

928 Jacoby.Theo., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Hats, bonnets with domestic trimmings. 
F 70. 251 

983 Hegle, Portun6, New York, N. Y. 
•^Material for kid glove manufacturing, 
and kid gloves. B (^. 231 

984 Stetson, Tohn B., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.—Softand stiff felt Hats in vari- 
ous stages of manufacture. B 68. 251 

986 Walton, Maison, New York, N. Y. 
— Bonnets and round hats. F 71. 251 

980 Littleton Saranac Buck Glove Co,, 
Boston, Mass. — Grain tanned gloves. 
B 69. 35s 

987 New York Catholic Protectory, 
New Yoric, N. Y.-Shoes. V 53. 3x7 

988 Browti, Emma, New York, N. Y. 
— Straw round hats and feathers. B 
70. 351 

989 Nonnenberger, Christian, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Hatters' blocics and tools. 
B 09. 351 

980 Feoton, J. H., ft Bro., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Gentlemen's dress, silk, soft 
and stiff felt, and other hats. B 70. 351 

981 Pierson ft Herman, Newark, N. J. 
— Hat blocics and flanges, hatters' tools. 
B70. 3SX 

938 Yates. Wharton, ft Co., Newark, 

N. J.— Fur feil hats. B 70. 251 

938 Field, J. C. ft J. F., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Gloves. B 69. 351 

984 Hays, Daniel, Oloversville, N. Y.— 
Buclcskin and peccary nkin gloves, gaunt- 
lets, and mittens. B 71. 351 

984a Blaylock ft Co., PhiUdelphia, Pa. 
— B 71. 
a Straw hats ; hats. 351 

h Furs, robes, fur cap^, turbans, gloves, etc. 

935 Jeannisson. Lewis, ft Son, Johns- 
town, N. V. — Gloves. B 7x. 251 

987 HaverhiU Hat Co.. Haverhill, 
Mass.— Wool hats. B 69. 351 

988 Solmans, Alden, South Norwalk, 

Conn. — Felt hats, fi 71. 351 

989 Morris, £., ft Co^ Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Silk, soft, and stiff hau. B67. 3S< 

940 Amidon's Son, T. H., New York, 
N. Y. — Hats and caps. B 70. 351 

941 Dunlap ft Co., Hatters, 174 Filth 
avenue and 589 Broadway, New iforic, 
N. Y. ; manufactory and wholesa c de- 

rtmcnt, 16 J Mercer street. New York. 
Y. — Gentlemen's silk, felt, straw ana 
opera hats ; ladies' riding hats. B 70. 


948 Kennedy. Thos., ft Bro.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Wax figure in bridal costume; 
trimmed bonnets and hats. F 72. 351 

948 Schiller, Jos., ft Co., St. Louis, Mo. 
— Hats for gentlemen's wear. B 69. 251 

945 Hutchinson, John C, Johnatown, 
K. v.— Men's imcd doeskin, cal&kin, 
and lambskin gloves and gauntlets. D 
71. 351 

946 Northrup. W. S. ft M. S., ft Co., 
Johnstown, N. Y. — Fine iamb, real calf, 
and buckslan castor unlined gloves. Most 
glove dealers know the reliability of gloves 
made by this firm. B 71. 351 

947 Colwell; F. £., ft Co., Chicago, 
111.— Husking gloves. P 51. 251 

948 Miller, Geo. P., Jacksonville, Pla. 
— B74. 

a Palmetto hats. 351 

h Florida curiosities. 354 

949 Bancroft, J. S., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Hats and caps, boys* and child- 
ren's hats. B 73. 351 

950 Kursheedt ft Co., 190 to 194 
South Fifth avenue. New York, N. Y.— 
Standard manufacturers — Embroideries, 
puffings, plaitings, and flutings, mnde on 
patented madiines; ladies' collars and 
cuffii, ties, collarettes, lock-stitch all-over 
tuckings, and tucked frockings. F 69. 353 

950<* Beatty ft Thome. New York, N. 
Y. — Hat, badge, and ornamental printing 
in gold, silver, etc. P 78. ass 

951 Bentley, Jeff. O., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Embroidered, braided, and stamped 
goods ; indelible marking, designs, stamps. 
F 72. 25a 

951a Roberts ft Hevell, Newark, N. J. 


a Dres«, hat, and shoe trimmings. ss* 

h Metal fancy goods, notions. 354 

c Tntnk and bag trimmings. S55 

958 Barrett, los. W. Philadelphia, 

Pa. — Embroioery and oraiding designs, 

hand worked and printed. F 73. 353 

953 Thomas, Joel, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Ruches. laoies' and infants caps, ruf- 
flings, and collarettes. F 71. 353 

954 Clickerman. L. M., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — F.mbroidcr\- on linen cambric. F 
68. »5* 

955 Palmer ft Kendall, Middletown, 
Conn. — Mosquito net caiKmies with attach- 
ments, machine-tentered wide fit^ics, mos- 
quito netdngs, cords, and witidow Uzies. W 
77. a^a 

956 Bedichimer, Isaac, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Masonic marks, society jewds, piiis, 
and emblems in gold and silver. N 43. 353 

956^ Barrows, H. P., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Plated jewelry. P 43. 353 

957 Muhr's, H., Sons, Philadelphia* 
Pa. — Gold finger rings. P43. 353 

9570 Celluloid Novelty Co., New York^ 
N. Y. — Celluloid jewelry. N 43. 353 

958 Bailey ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa.-- 

JewHr>-. N 43. 35? 

fist location «^ objectK . Indicated by letter and figitre, see Key lo Notation, p. /is : ground plan, p -^ 

digitized by v^. 



Jewelry, Toys, Fancy Articles. 

109 SimoiM, Opdyke, ft Co., Philadcd- 

pbia. Pa.--Oold chains, gold nead canes, 
thimbles, fotd and pearl jewcliy. P43. 353 

•60 CaldwelL J. B., ft Co., Philadel. 
phia, Pa.— Jewelry and artisdc manufac- 
tures in tlie precious metals, for use and 
decoration. N 4s. 053 

961 VoJcanite Jewelrir Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Vulcanite and iei, and coizbiaation 
vukaniteaadjetleweury, P 43. 053 

969 Ooffffin, Jas., New York, N. Y.— 
Suites of iewelrr, said jewd cases of shell, 
jet, and bog oak. P 50. 953 

%Z Neher, Chaa., Philadelphia, Pa.~ 
Hair jewelry. P 43. 253 

964 Starr ft Marcus, New York, N. Y. 
—Diamonds, pearls, precious stones, rich 
Jcwds, and stone camros. N 41. 953 

960 Momn ft Headly, Philadelphia, 
P^— Gold spectacles and chains, fine 
jewehy. N4a. 253 

966 Cottier, C, ft Son, N. Y.— Imita- 
tkm of precious stones and fancy cut 
««»««. ^44. tsa 

967 Tininf haat. Maaon ft Co.. Provi- 
deoce, K. I. — Imitation diamond jewelry. 
N 43. 853 

968 Richards, T. J. ft J. M.. New 
York, N. Y. — Sleere and collar buttons, 
studs, crosses, pins, and eardrops. P 
43- «53 

969 Haas, Jaa. A., ft Co., Philadelpbia, 
Pau— Jewelzy ; masonic and other embleois. 
N43. 953 

970 HamiltOB P. Hunt, ProfWdance, 
R. L— Plated chains and buckle hiacelets. 
P43. «53 

971 Kipliog'au R., Sona, New York, 
N. Y.— PrecilENis and imitatiosi stones for 
Jewehy. N 43. 953 

973 TiSany ft Co., New York, N. Y. 

a Jnr£y, p ic cSo us stones. 953 

i Gilt goods. 954 

978 SobUna, Clark ft Blddle, Phila. 

a Jewelxy, diamoods. 953 

i Bionses, fimcy goods. 954 

978« Saad, M., New York, N. Y.—Wax 

flowers. F 71. 954 

974 MiUer, Thoa., New York, N. Y.— 
Silk nmbrdlas. B 70. 954 

979 Pope Manufkctnring Co., Boston, 
Mass.— Rifle adr pistol for target shooting. 
Hj*. 954 

976« OakvUIa Company, Waterbury, 
Comi.— Shawl, banken', and mixed pins ; 
toOecpinroUs. H68. 954 

976f Galena Oil Worka (limited). 
Frsnldin, Pa.— SHrer card baskett and 
cards. P47. 954 

976 Wallace ft Keller, PhiUdelphia, 
P».--Walking cartes, bell earrings, and 
Bney articles. 878. 954 

976« Pratt, D. O., Cambridgeport. 
Mass.— Wood and irory turned goodis, N 
57. 954 

977 Bir^4 ft Berg, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Artiici al flowers ; picture of lum, made of 
wweis. F 79. 954 

978 Qlendcnning ft Tmitt, PhiUdel- 
phia, Pa.-Whrps. B7t. 954 

r«r classes or edilbits, ivdicatwl by numbers 

978« New York Button Co., New York, 
N. Y. — ^Silk, velvet, metal, and other but- 
tons. B 7Z. 954 

979 Lacmann, I., ft Sona, PtUladelphia, 
Pa.-DoU bodies. F 79. 954 

979a Weintroub, Paul, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Fancy arudes of olive wood from 
Jerusalem. T 54. 954 

980 Pilling. George P., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — GoTd, silver, and plated masonic, 
odd fellows, and society jewels, marks, 
emblems, and other small silver wares. 
N 59. 954 

981 Baeder, Adamaon.ft Co.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Cowhide whips. N 68. 954 

98 la Bene. Creighton, & Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Feathers. H 76. 254 

982 Wilaon. John, PhiUdelphia, Pa.— 
Carved walking canes. B 69. 954 

988 Hirah ft Brother, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Umbrellas, parasols, and materials. 
B79. 954 

98da Bacon, George W., PhiladelphU. 
Pa. — Artistic transfers in spermaceti. N 
55. a54. 

984 Galbraith, Alex., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Wax flowers and materials, r 

71. 9f 

984o Dudley, Dana, PhiUdelpbia, Pt 
— Toy gyroscopes. P 71. 954 

980 Wataon, Brock, Philadelphia, Pa. 
-^Fancy articles carved irom nuts and 
fruit stones ; wood relics. H 69. 954 

986 Potter, W. K., Providence, R. I.— 
Tortoise shell goods, combs, jewelry, etc. 
P 43. «54 

986a Bhoenhof. J., ft Co., New York, 
N.Y.— FeU^irts. F 71. 954 

987 Nickle, Robt., Rochester. N. Y.— 
Magical apparatus and toys. H 78. 954 

987a Goodwin, W. C, New Haven, 
Conn. — Hot-air tovs, gims, games, novel- 
ties, recording bank. rJ 71. 954 

988 Bloodgood, MiasA. De Etta. New 
York, N. Y.— Sheet wax, wax flowers, 
leaves, shells, fruit, etc. ; illuminated ana 
rustic crosses. P 49. 954 

988a Noyea, W. P., Newburyport, 
Mass.— Combs. F 71. 954 

989 X:bambera ft Co., PhiUdelphia, 
Fa. — Umbrellas, parasols, and sun um- 
brellas. B 79. 954 

989a Leighton, Charlea, New Orleana, 
La. — sleeve buttons mounted with Long 
Branch pebbles. F 71. 954 

990 Johnson, B. S., New York, N. 
Y. — ^Tooth picks and ear spoons. N 
43- 254 

990a Jackaon, Samuel C, New York. 
N. Y. — Silverware and jewelry trays ana 
cases, fancy wood boxes. N 43. 954 

998 Wahl, Emil, PhiUdelphia, Pa.— 
Fancy bone work, dominoes, chessmen, 
crochet needles, buttons, jewelry, etc. N 
43. a54 

993 India Rubber Comb Co., New 
York, N. Y.— Hardware rubber combs, 
syriiiges, drinking flasks ; surgical, tele- 
graphic, and photographic goods, etc. 
Manuiacturers of hard rubber combs, 
syringes, drinking flasks, whip sockets, 
inkstands, oilers, thimbles, doll-heads, 
martingale rings, tumblers, rulers, fun- 
nels, scoops, <uce cups, soap tnty^r 
i end of entries, see CJlassiflcatkm, pp. s7-4S^LC 



Ornaments, Toys, Fancy Articles. 

castor rolls. napVin rings, Mihip han- 
dles, salad spoons and forks, g^ 
&ucets, mustard spoons; photoeniphic, 
telegraphic. electriaU, and surgiod goods, 
and all kmas of special goods ; sheet, rod, 
and tubing. B 67. 334 

994 Leiner,Moritz, NewYork.N.Y.- 
Ear cleaners, fiUering ruckii, sponge bas- 
kets, bath and botde brushes, probangs. 
P 65. »54 

995 Aiken, Lambert, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.-— Toothpicks. N 43. 254 

996 Koch, Sons, ft Co., New York, N. 
y. — Albums and backgammon boards. P 
76. 254 

997 Birch, John S., New York, N. Y.— 
Watch key that will wind any watch. P 
43. a54 

998 Ellis, Knapp, ft Co., Nrw York. 
N. Y. — Umbrellas and parasols, li 
70. »54 

998<s Peust ft Rice, New York, N.Y.-~ 
Toys, jardiniers, and pailor ornaments. 
P 51. "54 

999 Drown, W. A., ft Co., PhiladeU 
phia. Pa.— -Umbrellas and parasols. B 
69. 254 

99 9^ Buffalo Decorating Co., Buffalo, 
N. Y. — Artificial ivy and autumn leaves. 
P 6a. 854 

1000 Hopkins ft Robinson Marnuilao- 
turing Co., Akron, O. — Smoking pipes. 
T44. »54 

1000a Smithers. Mrs. O. H.. New York, 
N. Y.— Wax flowers and bgurcs; sheet 
wax. F 70. ^54 

1001 Orange Judd Co., New York, 
N. Y. — CraniKdl's building Uoclcs. T 73. 


1003 Dickinson, Mrs. C. J.. Chicago, 
HI. — Wax flowers, leaves, fruit, ferns, 
etc P 43- »54 

1004 Tobin, Joseph P., No. 83 Duane 
street. New York, N. Y.— Whalebone 
goods. Manufacturer of dress, corset, 
whip, cane, probe, busks, brush, ribbon, 
round and half-round bone. F 73. 354 

1006 Mabie, Todd, ft Bard, New York, 
N. v.— Tooth-picks. N 43. 354 

1 007 Riley ft Lynch, Newark, N. J.— 
Bag and umbrella trimmings, military 
metal goods, m;isonic ornaments, etc. 
U 67. 354 

1008 Celluloid Manufacturing Co., 
Newark. N. T.— Toilet brushes, etc., made 
from celluloid. N 43- >54 

1009 American Mechanical Toy Co., 
N. Y.— Mechanical toys. F 70. 354 

1010 Leonhard, Theo., Paterson, N. 
J. — Pure white beeswax bleached by sun. 
wax tapers or gaslighters, sheet wax and 
gilded brass moulds for wax flowers. N 
56. «54 

1011 Bradley ft Hubbard Manufactur- 
ine Co., West Meridcn, Conn.— Bronzes, 
call bells. N 47. 254 

1013 Carlisle, Henry, ft Son. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — ^Tortoise shell and noni combs, 
jewelry sets, and fancy articles. N 
52. 254 

1014 Althof. Bergroann, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y. — ^Tin and mechanical toys. 
F76. 354 

1016 Bickel, August, ft Son, PbiUdd- 
phla. Pa. — Canes. B 71. 354 

1017 Heister ft Cans. New York, N. 
Y. — Automatic imibrellas and pantstls. 
B 69. 254 

1018 Kaldenberpr, Fred. Julius, New 
York, N. Y. — Genuine meen»chaum pipes 
and cigar holdeis, ataber goods. P 
66. 3H 

1019 Holland, Tohn, Cincinnati, O.— 

id, Tohi 

. N43. 

Toothpicks. M 43. 254 

1020 Adams, J. S., ft Co.. Providence, 
R. I. — Tortoise shell jewelry and combs. 
N 43. 354 

1021 Demuth, Wm.,ft Co^ New York. 

N. Y.— Pipes and smokers' articles. P 

69. 354 

1022 Wagmn, R. M., Mount Lebanon, 
K. Y.— Fancy articles made by the Sha- 
kv.^. P 52. »54 

1028 Stehr, Cari, New York, N. Y.- 
Meerschaum and amber goods. B 7a. 354 

1024 Harvey ft Ford, PhUadalphia, 

Pa. — Canes,. urobi«Ila and whip handles: 
pipes, billiard balls; pearl, horn, and ivory 
work. B 70. 354 

1025 Wattrbury Button Co., \Vater- 
Dury, Conn. — Army, navy, railroad, police, 
state, livery, and cloth biti(tons; ladies 
belt buckles, medals, and badges. B 
76. 254 

1027 Armstrong, P., Bridgeport. 
Conn.— Duplex ventilated garters and 
armlets. F 7a. 354 

108f Field, A., A Sofia, Taunton, 
Mass.^Buttons and eyelets. P 68. 354 
New York, N. Y.— Kid 

1080 Matthias, Mrs. C. B., Pbiladel- 
phia. Pa. — Umbrellas and parasols. F 

70. 354 

1031 Mitchell, Vance, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Bronzes. N 49. 354 

1081« QriAn, A. B., Ravenna, O.— 
Box and pyramid made of ike woods of 
the world, containing 9865 pieces. P 
49* 254 

1082 Independent Comb Co., Waopin- 
ser's Falls, N. Y. — Ladies' horn and rub- 
ber combs, dressing combs, pipe stems, and 
bits. B 73. 254 

1038 Bamhurst ft Robinson, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — ^Umbrella and parasol stretch- 
ers. B 70. 354 

1034 Qrottentbaler, V.,. PhiladelpbU, 
Pa. — Block for wood engravers, wooden 
smoking pipes. B 70. 354 

1035 Ives, Blakeslee,ftCo.,Bridgeport, 
Conn. — Mechanical toys and novelties. 
F73. 854 

1086 Mains Manufacturing Co., Uvw 
York, N.Y.— Dice box. N65. 354 

1037 Nax, Kuhn^ ft Silbemutn, Phil- 
adclphia. Pa.— lobaooo pipes; umbnUa, 
panisol handles, cigar tubes, etc R 
75. a$4 

1029 Lewv, P., N 

glove sa(e. E 78. 

1088 National Button Co,, Eastharop- 
ton, Mass.— Cloth-covered and vegetabie- 
ivory buttons, In great variety. Wulistoo. 
Knieht & Co., selling agents, Nos. 74 and 
76 Worth street. New York, wbo sell by 
the case or package oniy. B 76. 254 

For location of objecu, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. ss : grouad plaa^p.a6. 



Fancy Articles, Traveling Equipments, Stationery. 

1089 Spaalding, D. S., Manalletd, 
Mass.— Tortoise shdl jeweirjr, back oomfas, 
and (anqr goods. N 43. 2S4 

1040 Sevey, 1. A., Boaton, Maaa.— Ar- 
ticles of vhalcbone, for whips, canes, cor- 
sets, dresses, etc. F 71. 054 

1041 Eureka Manufacturing Co., Boa- 
ton, Mass.— Air pistols. H 71. S54 

1042 Joalin, Palmer, A William, New 
YsA, N. Y.— Horn and nibber »)od$. 
frncy back combs, and jewalry. N 
«• «54 

1048 HUdreth.Milo.ftCou.Northboro* 
Mass.— Horn and tortoise shell combs and 

Je*<Jnr. N43. 254 

1044 Mahn, L. H., Jamaica Plains, 

Mass.— Base balls. F 71. 354 

1047 Porter Brothera ft Co., New York, 
K. Y.— Buttons and presses for attaching 
the same. H 71. 254 

1047« Holland. J. C, New York, N. Y. 
—Needles. F 71. t54 

1048 Harria, 8.,ft Sona ManuCtcturing 
Co., Clinton, Mass.— Dressing and faaoy 
cmobs, imitation jet and shell chains. F 
7«. «54 

1049 Wild, Q. L., ft Brother, Waahinc. 
toa, D. C— Musical dancing toy aitacn- 
neat for pianoa. N 64. 254 

108O Movtoax, Emit W., New York, 
K. Y. — Hair pictures and devices for 
breastpins. P sa. 354 

1001 Grote, P., ft Co.. New York, N. 
Y.— Carved and ttumed ivory ; peaii and 
shell goods. B 71. 354 

108U Conmd, Wm. C, MidAetowa, 
P*.— Cane. T 6t. 354 

1089 Aaalcy, Fred. W., 8t. Angaatine, 
Fla.— Jewelry nuule iircMn native Florida 
amenal. H68. 354 

1088 Fowler Fly Fan Co., Philadel- 
gua. Pa.— Fly fan moved by ck>ckwork. 

1084 PUtt Broa. ft Co., Waterbury, 
Ctmn.- Buttons. H 71. 254 

1088 Cheahire Maoufacturinf Co., 
WestCheshire, Conn.— Buttons. 1171.954 

1086 Godfrey, C. J., ft Son, Naugatuck, 
Coon. — I'himbles. H 71. 254 

1087 Comatock Dickinson Ivory Co., 
Center Brook, Conn. — Ivory fine combs. 

1088 Blake ft Johnaon, Waterbtlry, 
Conn.— Satin finish hair pins. II 71. 254 

1089 Ivea, Blakeslee, ft Co., Bridge- 
port, Conn. — Silk covered ventilatad me- 
tallic garters. H 71. *54 

1089« L4idd, S. J., Providence, R. X.— 
Gt4d thimbles. N 43. 354 

1060 Peacock, U. H., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Fancy cases in morocco, velvet, ana 
aiarr|u«tene, for jewelry, etc; physiciaia' 
«»••. P63. 255 

1060a Turner, Andrewa ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Pocket and bill books, letter 
cases, and &ncy leather articles. F 
7». 255 

1061 Rumpp, Chaa., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Fancy hatner goods, dressing caj»e, work 
boxes, pocketbooks, satchels, etc. H 
^- 255 

1061a Laogfeld, 1., ft Sons, PhiUdel- 
paia. Pa.— Pocketbooks, satchels, and 
fancy leather articles. F 70. 255 

For daMes of exhlbhs, indi cat ed by numbers 

1062 Kolb, G. P., ft Son. Philadelphfa. 
Pa. — Cases for jewelry and silverware. B 
7'- ass 

1062« Arma Manufacturing Co., North* 
ampton, Mass.— Pocketbooks, photo- 
graph cj«es, chess boards, etc. B 78. 355 

1068 Rumpf C. P.. 116 ft 118 North 
Fourth St.. Philadelphia, Pa.— Fancy 
leather goods, pocketbooks, cigar and 
match cases, bankers' cases, dressing 
cases, writing desks, satchels, traveling 
bags, etc. Any article exhibited is kept 
in store, and any similar goods will be 
made to order at short notice. B 6$. 255 

1068a Spiuer. George W., 83 Maldeta 
Lane, New York, N. Y.— Fans, jewelry 
cases, and fitncy leather goods. Manufac- 
turer of leather fuicy goods. (3ur spe- 
cialties are jewelry cases and fans. These 
are the only fans of the kind made In this 
coimtry. B 71. 255 

1064 Parkhnrat ft Gridley, Newark, 
K. J. — Shawl and book strap. P 68. 255 

1068 Likly, MtDonald, ft Rockett, 
Cjeveiand, Ohio. — Fancy leather work, 
gun case, etc. B 70. 255 

1066 8tambach,lohaA.,ftCo., PhiU- 
delphia, Pa. — Ladies' and gentlemen's 
furs and robes. B 68. 256 

1067 Mawaon, Ed. S., ft Sons, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Seal sacques, miiHs, caps, 
gloves ; seal, sable, and mink skins, etc. 
B 68. 256 

1068 Pfshblatt. Lewis, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Ladies' fun and carriage robot. B 
70. 356 

1069 Mahler, M., New York, N. T.- 

Piirs. B67. 


1070 Reisky, N. C, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Ladies* furs, Eentlemen's driving goods, 
deigh robes, Indian painted bufl^o ftibes. 
B69aju^7i. 956 

1071 Booaa, P.. ft Bro., 449 Broadway, 

New York, N. Y.--Funi, sacques, coau, 
muffs, boos, caps, rtbes, gloves, fur trim- 
mings, and skins of all kinds. B 69. 256 
1078 Kachler, Otto, Philadelphia, Pk. 
— StuflTed animals, raw and dressed skins, 
fur robes, Oincy furs, etc. B 68. 256 

1076 Duryee ft HalleU, Rahway, N. J 
— Dressed and dyed fors. H 68. ait 

1077 Burnett, W. H. ft R., Newark 

N. j^. — Furs, (ur cloaks, and fur-lined man 
ties. B 68. 25(1 

Paper, Blank Books^ and Stationery. 

1078 Dixon Crucible Co., Jeraey City . 

N. J.— PencHs of graphite. P 7a. 256 

1078a Amberg, William A., New York, 

N. Y.— File and hinder. P 77. 258 

1079 McGill, Oeo. W., New York, N. 
V. — McGill's patent ^uiteners, for bitidin^ 
papers of all dcMiriptiuus ; sampling for 
woolen, dry, and fancy ^oods, and for nil 
descriptions of light binding; McGill's 
patent suspeiMlinc rings, and braces for 
banging card<i, calen^iars, etc. ; one hun- 
dred different patterns of fafttenen and 
rings; McGill's patent letter clips, 
punches, presses, copying press, water 
cups, etc. Factories at Waterbury, 
Conn. ; warehouses, at 40 Chambeirt 
street. New York, and x8 Federal •treet. 
Boston. P 73. **7lc 

: end of entries, see CIassificatk>n, pp. S7-45. 1 




1079a Smith, Eldridc« J., PhUadelphia, 
Pa. — BUI bolder, envelope, and bode 
clamp. H 69. 358 

1080 Hotkios, W. H.. PhiUdelphU, 
Pa.— Paper, envelopes, designing, engrav- 
ing, printing, and liuxograpning. P 76. 358 


9a Chmmberlta, Whitmore, & Co.. 
ew York, N. Y.— Stotionery. P 74. 258 

1081 Woodruff. B. W., WashiDgton, 
D. C— File holders, for filing butfaiess and 
official papere. compactly and cooto- 
niently lor reference. Adopted by tbe 
United Sutes Goverament. P 49. 358 

1082 Timiny ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Sutiooery. N 4s. 358 

1082« Pottin Rejgister Manufacturing 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Bank check. P 
S7- asS 

1088 Qoldsborough, John, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — Ribbon machine and hand 
stamps, perforating and canceling stamps. 
P 77. «58 

1084 American Lead Pencil Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Leadpendls, materials, and 
process of manufacture. P 74. 958 

1086 Fairchild, Lezoy W., ft Co., New 
- York, N. Y.— Gold pens, pencil and pen 
cases, toothpicks ana desk nolders of gold 
and silver, etc. Awarded highest pre- 
mium at Paris, 1867: Vienna, 1873; and 
gold and silver medals from other fidrs 
wherever in competition. N 43. 958 

1086 Faber, Eberhard, New York. N. 
Y. — Lead pencils, penholders, ruober 
goods, and stationers' artides. P 73. 858 

1087 Cooke. O. K., ft Co., New York. 
N. Y. — Revolving hand stamps, seal 
presses, rubber stereotypes, check pro- 
tectors, combined pad and rack. P 77. 9$% 

1088 Johnson, E. 8., New York. N. Y. 
— Gold pens, pencils, and cases. N 43. 958 

1089 Mailer**, Nicholas, Sons, New 
York, N. Y. — Bronxe stationery ware, 
inkstands. P 76. »58 

1090 Janenuky ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Artists' materials, oil colon, water 
colors, paint boxes, artists' canvas, ad- 
justable drawing table, artists' brush and 
color stand, sketching easeb, and other 
articles appertaining to the fine arts, all of 
our own manufacttu«. P 77. 958 

1 091 Berf:ner,Theo., Philadelphia, Pa. 
^-Drawing boards, parallel rulers, and 
section liners for oraui^htsmen's use. P 
76. 958 

1093 Hawkea, Qeo. P., New York, N. 
Y. — Gold pens, gold, silver, peari, and rub- 
ber pencils ; founuin pen. N 43. 958 

1098 Lipman, Hymen L., Philadel- 
phia, Fa. — Eyelet machines, combining 
punch and riveter. P 74. 958 

1094 Brower Bros., New York, N. Y. 

— Inkstands, paper weights, spoiige cups, 
letter files, etc. P 74. 958 

1096 Aiken, Lambert, & Co., 12 Maiden 
Lane. New York, N. Y.— Choice gold pens, 
penholders, cases. All goods sold guar^ 
anteed of same excellency as those on ex- 
hibition. N 43. 358 

1096 Buck. T. S., ft Co., Davenport, 
la. — Ruboer type forms, rubber dating 
stamp. P 77. 258 

1097 Stiles, Mrs. E. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.~Book paper-file, revolving inkstand. 
Pjo. 358 

1098 Youngs, Wm. J., ft Sons, Phila^ 
delphia, ^— Hand stamp. N S7> ss8 

1099 Stoddard, Richard T., Boston. 
Mass.— Book supporter. P 74. 958 

1100 Yonnr, W. A., JacksonviUe, Pla. 
— Pencil sharpeners. II 68. 958 

1101 Bender ft Phillips, Hohokus N. 
J.— Sheet wax. N 56. S5i 

1102 Mabie, Todd, ft Bard, New York, 
N. Y.— Gold pens, cases, pencils, holders. 
N43. «5« 

1108 Hall, P. W., Aastia, Texas.— 
Postage stamp and tidcet hdders. K 68. 


1104 Dreka, LonlSj Philadelphfai, Pa.— 
Portfolio and stauonery. Specimens <£ 
steel and copper plate engraving, die sink- 
fatf, printing, flluminatini and dcsigniss. 
An work exhibited executed in oar estab- 
lishment. P 74. 9s8 

1106 Parkhurst ft Qridlev, Newark, 
N. J.— Stationers' goods. P 68. 358 

1106 Foley, John, New York, N. Y.— 
Gold pens, pencils, and penholdeis. N 
43- «5« 

1107 Chase, John 8., Union Paste ft 
Sixing Co.. 300 Mulberry street. New 
York, N. Y.— Preserved floor paste, for 
bookbinders' and general use; Eureka per- 
fumed paste, for office, library, and hooae- 
. .. s. ^ 

1 paste, 
hold. P77. 

1108 Mason ft Co., Phila4alDhla, Pa. 
Engraving, fine stationery, Dhiminarln 
stamping, and copper pwe printing. 



1109 Somers, D. M., Oreenport, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.— Penholders. P 79. 958 

1110 Holland, John, Cincinnati. O. 
--Gold pens, pencil cases, penholden. N 
43. »5« 

1111 United States Soapstone Manu- 
facturing Co., Cincinnati. O.— Soap- 
stone slate pencils, cravons for bladcboard 
or metals, tailors' markers, hair crimpers 
and curlers, boot powder, shoemakers' 
blocks, foundrv fiuungs ; manu&cturers of 
soapstone ^oods of any description. P 77. 

1112 Hart, Bliven.ft Mead Manufisc 

turing Co.. New York, N. Y.— Stationery 
for the desk, paper files, dips, etc. P 70. 

1118 James, Samuel. Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Artists' rotary cmor and brush-stand. 



1114 Chamberlln, Whitmore, ft Co., 
New York, N. Y.-Sutiooery. P 74. «s8 

1117 Walker, Tucker, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Rubber hand stamps. P 
74. 958 

1118 Bsterbrook Steel Pen Co.. Cam- 
den, N. J.*-Peas and penholdeis. P 
73. 958 

1110 Eagle Pencil Co.. New York, N. 
Y. — Lead and mechanical pencils, a)py- 
ing crayons, penholden. stationery, wood 
and brass arudes. P 70. 958 

1121 Rowland, Joseph 8. C, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— CancdfaBg hik-pad. T 47. asi 
For location of objects, indicated by letter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. 95 ; ground plaa* p. s6. 




IISS £<Uall, D. A., New York, N. Y.— 
Rubber haad stamps, ste r eo ty pes, foUfins 
nckpads. P 77. 158 

112s Morton, James, New York, N. Y. 
— <krid pens, gold, celluloid, and pearl 
pencils and penoolaen. N 43. sjS 

US4 D0DOVW&, J. W., Detroit, Bfich^ 
Record file coren, classified directory. P 
58. e5« 

1125 Rocb, Sons, ft Co., New York, N. 

etc 958 

3 Blank books. s6i 

1126 Moss ft Co., PhUndelphia, Pn. 

tfSlatioiwffy. tsS 

^Blask books sad primed books. a6i 

UtJ Root, R. C, Anthony, ft Co., New 
y«k, N. Y.F— P 74. 
e Ofice MaUoiuif , asS 

i AeoosBt books, Hthographie work. a6i 

1121 Cohen, Chss. J., 26 Sovth Fifth 
street, PMk^hls, Pa.— P 74. 


« Everpioint leadk'fbr pencil cases. 

all siaes and qiialitii^. aS9 

• Everpotntle 


r Satiaette copying book. 

/Paper boxes. e6e 

UM Byron. IVsston, Dslton, Mass.— 
Ledger and reeord paper. Linen, strong, 
dooMe-sised paper lor books, where great 
strength and hJDg ose are required. P 
75. BSO 

1129« Strstford, Hoe, ft Co., Jersey 
a Titsiie paper. ^59 

# PreK boards. »6a 
IISO Owen Psper Co., Hoasstonic, 

Mass.— Fint«dus tinen ledger papers, 
bond and thin Unen papers ; tintM wed- 
ding royals and foUos, plain and patent fin- 
ished ; brlstol boards and staple writing 
papen of all kinds. P 73. »59 

llSOtf Brown, !#. !#.. Psper Co., South 
Adams, Blass. — Leoger and flat papers. 
P74. •» 

1181 Sonthworth Co., Mittineaqus, 
Mass. — ^Writing papers. P 75. 959 

11 22 Mount Holly Paper Co., Mount 
HoUy Springs, Pa.— Writing papers. P 
73. •59 

1128 Whitinc Psper Co., Holyoke, 
Mass.— Fine papers. P 77. 359 

1184 Crescent MUls, Springfield, Msss. 

— Writii^ papers. P 74. 959 

1186 Holyoke Psper Co., Holyoke, 

Mass.— Writing papers. P 74. 9S9 

1186 Carson ft Brown Co., Dslton, 
Mass.— Writing paper. P 74. as9 

1187 Psrsons Psper Co.« Holyekt. 
Mass.^Writing paper. BCamsfikCturen or 
white and tinted writing and eanrelope 
papen, of erery descripdon. P 74. 359 

1182 Crsno ft Co., Dslton, Msss.— 
Bond, bank-note, parrhmeat, letter, and 
note paper. P 74, 959 

1189 Psrkcr, Joseph, Son, ft Co., New 
Haven, Conn. — ^Treasury and coaimercial 
bktting paper. Treasury blotting paper is 
wdi knows for its durability and great ah- 
•Ofbcac quality, douUiness in its use: 
iraws work ana pliable by exposure, and 
sever hsfdcns on the desk. It will absorb 
nore ink than the sanne thickness of papers 
Per dasses of exhibiu, indicated by numbem 

of this class manufactured in the ordinary 
manner. J. G. Ditman & Co., Philadel- 
phia, agents for Centennial. P 74. 8S9 

1140 CsmpbeU, HsU, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Safety paper, ibr protection from 
ensures. P 74. 8S9 

1142 lileston ft HoUincsworth, Bos- 
ton, Mass.— Sted plate, ttromo, and wood- 
cut paper. P77. asf 

1143 Crsoe Brothers, Westfleld, Msss. 
— Bank ledger, record, and linen fitbric 
papers. P 74. sS9 

1144 Hurlbut Psper Co.. South Lee, 
Mass.- Writing and blank book papers. 
P 75. a» 

1146 Seymour Psper Co., M^dsor 

Locks, Conn.— P 75. 

« Writing, enrelope, blotdng, piste, chn^ 

mo, book, and printing papas. ej^ 

h Colored papers. 964 

1146 Megsrgee Bros., PhUsdelphis, 
Pa.— P 74. 

«Book, plate, envelope, and writing ps- 

1147 Prsncis ft L>outrsl, New York, 

N. Y.— P 74. 
« Manifold writers, hy wUch letteis and 

copies are written at the same time, aw 
i Bank ledger's spring book, patented Aprfl 

90. 1870, opens freely and extra strong. 

Diaries published annually ; safety checks. 

sure protection against raisisg, or fisud. 


1147a Crsne, L., Jr., Dsyton, O. 

— P77. 

« Paper. 9«o 

i Card board. a69 

1146 Hsldemsn Psper Co., Locklsnd, 

Ohte.— P 77. 

« Wrapping and carpet paper, etc 960 

k Buildutg and roofing paper. aOf 

1149Jessup ft Moore, PhUsdelphis, 
Pa.— Copperplate, lithograph, and book 
papers, news paper. P 74. 960 

1150 Ivanhoe Msnufscturing Co.. 
Pateraon, N. J.— Book papers, flat wn*- 

ins, Butler's "French folios," also in four 
colors; American silk copying paper, 
cheap colored laid writing. Specialtv— 

animal sixed wridng paper in rolls. Koll 

one-half mile long— one continuous sheet. 

P74. "^o 

1158 Howlett,Onderdonk,ftCo., Phil. 

adelphia. Pa.— Machine-made paper bags. 

P73. ^^ 

1156 TsngemsD, Geo. P., Hsaailton. 

Ohio.- P 77 

a Carpet paper, 
i Roofing felt. 



1156 McNeil, Irving, ft Rich, Blwood, 

56 McNeil 

a Carpet, manila, flour sack, and wrapping 

paper. a6o 

h Waterproof building paper. 963 

e Colored papers. a64 

1157 Mann. Wm., Philadelphis, Ps.- 

Blank books for banks, parchment copy 

ing books. P 75. 901 

1157^ Mets ft Willse, Dubuque, Is. 

—Specimens of bookbinding. P 77. 961 

1156 Altemus ft Co., PhUsdelphis, Ps 
—Photograph albums, scrap books, ete^ 
T 76. a^4e 

at end of entries see Qaskification. pp «7-4S- 




1159 Murphy VW. F., Sons, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Blank books, made to order 
for acuiat use. P 77. 261 

1159a Lippincott. J. B., & Co., Phila- 

• dc^)hia, Pa.— Dlairtc books of iheir own 

manufacture. T 72. 261 

1160 Thomas, Chss. P., Wilminrton, 
Del. — Index for public records, andmerw 
cantile accounts. P 76. 961 

1161 Kohler, Ignatius, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Sanmle^ of bookbinding; samples 
of hand'hnished oruainentaf, arti^tical, 
tool-worked bibles and large royal photo- 
graph album*, holding from 600 to looo 
pictures. (Hond-finisned by Ig. Kohler 
himself.) T 74. 261 

1161a Holman, A. J., ft Co., PhiladeU 
pnia. Pa.— liookbinding and photograph 
albums. T 74. 261 

1162 Burlock, Saml. D., ft Co., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Bookbindings. T 73. 261 

1163 Walker. Evans, ft Cogswell, 
Charlestoit, S. C — Blank books, law 
blank case.. P 74. a6i 

1163a Robinson, Savage ft Co., Cleve- 
land, O.— Kassia bound raster books. 
( OAw StaU Building,) a6i 

1164 Appleton, D.. ft Co.. Philadel- 
phia, Pa.^Bookbuidiag. iGaUtry.) T 
73. 261 

1164a Hinsdill, Henry M., Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich.— Office scratch-books. T77. 


1166 Sandford ft Co., Cleveland, O. 

—Full Russia bank books. P 77. 261 

1165a Beckett ft Cervi, Cambridge, 
Mass. — Specimens of bookbinding. T 
74- a6i 

1 166 Siddall Bros., Philadelphia, Pa.-^ 

Vellum printing, conveyancers' envelopes, 
and job and book prinung. P 74. 261 

1167 Lanre, Little, ft Co., New York, 

N. Y.'-rWood cut, raikoad, and job print- 

ing. 1^78. 


1168 American Tract Society, New 

York, N. Y.— Bookbinding. T 76. 261 

1169 Oldach ft Merirenthaler, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Bookbmders' work. T 7^. 


1170 Houghton, H.O., ft Co., Riverside 

Press, Cambridge, Mass., Hurd& Hough- 
ton, New York. — Specimens of their pub- 
lications, in fine library and law bindings, 
among them the " Massachusetts Re- 
port»j7* in law calf; the " Butterflies of 
North America." in cnished levant and 
vdlum ; " Smith's Unabridged Bible Dio- 
tionary,'^ and " ICnieht's American Me- 
chanical Dictionary, in grained levant; 
the special feature beinf( a copy of "Web- 
ster's Unabri<j|Ked Dictionary, manufac- 
tured at the Riverside Press, in illumi- 
nated vellum. T 76, en tk4 .pavilion qf 
iht Amtricmn Book Tradt Auociatiom. 


1171 Reed. A., ft Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Ornamental bookbinding. T 74. 261 

1171a New York Catholic Protectory, 

New Vork, N. Y.— Priming. V 53. 261 

1172 Lindsajr ft Blakiston, Philadel- 
pbia. Pa. — Specimens of binding. T 73. 


1173 Boorum ft Pease, New York, 
N. Y.—BUnk books. P 75. 261 

1174 Bradley ft Gilbert, LouUvUle, 

m Blank books, specimens of printing. 26t 
b Bonnet boards, file paper boxes. 96a 

1175 Kerr, N. M., ft Co.^ Phtladelpbia. 
Pa. — Paper boxes, jewelers* fimdiiigs. P 
75. "fia 

1175a Richardson,!. N.,Bostoa, Mass. 
— PUying cards. P 76. 96a 

1176 Dixon, Charles A., ft Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa— Engraveti wedding and 
visitn.g cards, invitatioas, heraldic de?«!gns. 
and Uluminaijons in monograms. P 
75. 262 

1177 American Paper Box Co., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.— Fancy paper boxe». P 
74 a6a 

1178 Porter ft Bainbridge, New York, 
N. Y. — Cardboard, statioaery, papeteries, 
etc. N 72. s6e 

1179 Dennison ft Co., Boston, Mass.— 
Jewelers' paper boxey, cards, ta|pi, labels, 
seals, tLnmie papers, sealing wax ; jew ek rr 
and surgical cotton. V 75. a69 

1180 Osborn, Bennet, Newark, N. J.— 
Paper boxes. P 73. 2dB 

1181 Dennison ft Brown, Portland, 
Me. — Wood pulp and producu, paper 
boxes, etc. P 77. 269 

1183 CorneHft Shelton, Birmingham, 
Conn. — Folding paper boxes. P 74. 96a 

1183,Crompton, John, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — ^Jewelers', druggists', ano per- 
nimers' boxes. P 74. 36s 

1184 Rhode Island Cardboard Co., 
Pawtuckei, R. 1.— Cardboard, cards for 
printers and photographers, maoilla tag 
stock. P 74. 96a 

1185 McClement Brothers, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— Embossed business cards, em- 
t>ossed labels, cut and giunined. and im- 

fressions from nourial and soaeiy seals. 
•74. 96a 

1186 Nashua Card ft Glased Papex 
Co., Nashua, N. H.— Fancy paiier boxes, 
colored paper and cardboard. P 74. 969 

II860 Zennig, R. H.,&Co., New York, 
K. Y. — Fancy paper boxes. P 43. 969 

1187 Dougherty, A.. New York, N. 
Y.— Playing cards. P 77, 969 

1188 Beck, Charles, Philadelphia, Pa. 

a Cards, cardboard. 969 

6 Fancy, colored, glazed, enameled, and 
emlxMsed papers. 964 ' 

1188'< Scott, T. Seymour, ft Bro., Phil- 
adelphia, Pa. — F 77. 
m lk>nnet and carpet boards. afSa 

6 P.iper carpet and building p.nper. 263 

1189Davey, W. O., & Son*. Jersey 
City. N. J.— P 77. 
m Binders' truiUc and box boards. 969 

h Oakum. 666 

1190 Stelwagon, Jos., ft Sons, Phil- 
adel))hia. Pa. — Raw roofing paper; pre- 
pared roofing and sheathing paper ; car- 
pet and sheathing papvr. P 76. 263 

1193 Orice.JS8.,ftSon8, Downlngtown, 
J*a.— Wr^pjjcrs for paper maimiactur- 
ers. P 77. 263 

1194 Gordon, A. Dunlop, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Building and manila concrete felts. 
P 74. a03 

1195 Case Brothers, South Manches- 
ter, Conn. — Paper boards. P 74. 963 

For location of objects, indicated by tetter and figure, see Key to Notation, p. 25 : ground plan, p. a 

Ltint PricNL 

S. K comer Third and Vine Streets, 
CAMDEN, N. J^., 




t^^t'Tbird and Vine, Camden, X« J. 


Spring Beds and Bedding, 

Bed and Table Linen, Spiral Sprincrs, Feathers, Hair, etc., etc. 

n. Spiral Springs, I 

Half Border aad DonUe Border 

Hotels, Steaoa boats, and the Trade Supplied. 

203 and 205 Oanal Street, New York. 

8m Goods in Mala Building P 59, No. asaS. 


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Receive on conaicrnment West India and South America Pro- 
duce. Buy and Ship all aorta of American Pro- 
duce and Manufactures. 









Has a larger circulation than any Religious News- 
paper in the 'West, and, as an advertising 
medium, is unsurpassed. 



Digitized by VjOO^ 



Paper Manufactures, Firearms, Ammunition. 

1196 Barrett, Arnold, ft XimbiO], Chi. 
cago. Jll.— P 76. 

#Ataniuioi» and oraamontal buUdinf pa- 

/ Wpcr oil doth. 164 

1197 Van SkeUine.Theo., Brooklsm, N. 
v.— Mouo papcfB and mouo 6oweia. P 

I 97«Ooth, Hertnaa I., Bethlehem, 
Pa.— Oil-rainted-washa Die wall paper. A. 
Goth ft Co/s patents improved. This 
paper is a mast valuable invention, and 
as to beauty smoothness, durability, and 
cheapness, 1. is superior to oil-painted 
vails. P39. S64 

1 198 Dejonge, Louis, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — ^incy colored, ^zed, plated, 
enameled, varnished, embossed, ana print* 
ed papers. P 74. 964 

1199 Beck, Pr., ft Co.. 306 ft 206 West 
Twenty-ninth »ireet, New York, N. Y. — 
Wall papers. The goods exhibited bv this 
firm are of two claues : one made by nand> 
printing alone, the other by machinery 
alone. In the former a great variety of 
colors can be used, matching furniture 
coverin|;s and drapories, if desired, and, 
indeed, the appearance of watered silks, 
or satins, or ncn embroidered stuflTs.can be 
so dosdy imitated that the printed paper 
can scarcely be distingubbed from the 
genuine &bnc. The goods made by ma^ 
chinery are commended for skill in work> 
■unship, for graceful drawing in pattern. 
lor a dose resemblance to nand-printea 
papers^ and for cheapness in pnce. P 
76. 964 

1900 HoweU ft Brothers, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Paper hangings, borders, fireDoani 
prints, and window papen. P 76. 264 

ISOOa Spurr, Chas. W., Boston, Mass. 
—Wood hangings and marquetries. P 
73. «64 

1201 Hoveell ft Bourke, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Paper hangings and fresco decora- 
tMns. P 59. 364 

1202 Westerberg,Jeffierson,ftCo..New 
York, N. Y. — Decorations and cmboKked 
gold papers. P 76. 964 

1203 Nagle, Cook, ft Ewing. Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Decorative paper hanging. T 
55. 264 

MUitary and Hava Annamexitt, Ord- 
naiioe, Firearmi, and Himting Ap* 

1204 Union 

Metallic Cartridge Co., 
Conn.— Metallic shells, bul- 

lets, wads, and percussion caps; cartridge 
machinery. H 70. aos 

1206 Sparks, Thos. W., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Drop-shot, mould, and ooaical balb. 


1206 Billiocs ft Spencer Co^ Hartford. 
Co a n. — Breechfoading firearms. U 
7*. «6S 

1207 Remington, B., ft Sons, Uion, N. 
Y. — ^Plrearms and ammunition. U67. 365 

1206 Smith ft Wesson, Springifteld, 
Mass. — Revolving firearms. H 09. 365 

1209 Colt's Patent Firearms Manniac- 
turing Co.. Hartford, Conn.— Breech- 
loadina military and sporting small-anas, 
and military and pocket revolvers for me- 
tallic ammunition. H 73. 965 
For classes of czhibiu, indicated by numbcis 

1210 Gardner, Wm., Hartford, Coan.— 

Breechloading cannon, machine guns, 
magasine shoulder arms. H 70. 263 

1211 Forehand ft Wadsworth, Worces- 
ter, Mass. — Revolving military and sport- 
ing firearm. U 71. 965 

1212 Rawbone,Thos^ Newark, N. J.— 
CartridgeH:reaser. UTa. a6s 

1218 Whitney Arms Co., Whitney ville. 
Conn. — Breechloading miliuryand sport- 
ing rifles, carbines, snoteuns, revolvers, 
etc., with ammunition. H 68. 065 

1214 Sharps Rifls Co., Bridgeport, 
Conn.— Rifles. H 73.. aos 

1216 Merchants* Shot Tower Co., Bal- 
timore, Md. — Drop and mould shoe Ca- 
pacity, one million bags per anouau Pat- 
ent improvedstylesoft bar lead. H 71. a6s 

1216 Burgess. Andrew, Owego,N.Y.— 
Magazine rifles for military and sporting 

purposes. H 68. 


1217 Ooldmark, Joseph, New York, N. 
Y. — Percussion caps, primers, burglar 
alarm exploders, blasting detonators, me- 
tallic and paper cartridges, metal and pa- 
per boxes. U 71. 365 

1216 Lrovell. John P.. ft Sons, Boston, 
Mass. — Revolvers. H 7a. 965 

1219 Dana, Edw. A., Boston, Mass.~ 
Expanding projectiles for rifled cannon. 
H 73. 365 

1220 Scfaoveriing ft Daly. New York, 
N. Y. — Huntina and target rifles, revol- 
vers, breechloading implements. H70. a6s 

1221 Winchester Repeatin|r Arms Co., 
New Haven, Conn. — Magazuie or repeat- 
ing military and sporting firearms, metallic 
cartridges for small arms. H 7a. 365 

1222 Wesson.Frank, Worceater.Mass. 
— Breechloading sporting and pocket tar* 
get rifles. H 70. 265 

1223 Ropertus, Jacob, PbUadelphIa, 
Pa. — Revolvers and repeating pistols. 
H 70. a65 

1224 United States Cartridge Co., 
Lowell, Mass. — Metallic cariridaes. 
Manufacturers of a perfect brass shell, 
central fire, solid head cartridge, capable 
of reloading many times; also, manufac- 
turen of central and rim fire ammunition. 
of all kinds. H 7a. a6< 

1 226 American Arms Co.,Boston,Mass. 
— Duttbie-barreled, breechloading shot- 
guns, and locks. H 7a. 96a 

1226 Merwin, Hulbert, ft Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Revolving firearms and 
magarine con, military and sporting ine> 
tallic cartridgesi. H 70. a6s 

1227 Evans* Rifle Manufacturing Co., 
Mechanic Falls, Me. — Magasine rifle, 
carbine, and musket. H 70. 965 

1227<* Clark ft Snelder, Baltimore. Bid. 
—Guns and parts of breechloading shot 
guns. H 71. 265 

1226 Willis, Au«.L., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— Time and percussion shell fiise. H 

68. a6s 

1229 Miller, Wm. Deeds, New York 

N. Y.— Firearms. H 70. a6J 

1280 Schneelock, Otto, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

—Self-indicating urget. H 70. a6s 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. s^-45. 



Weapons, Ammunition, Medicines. 

1281 Stevens, J. . & Co., Chicopee Palls. 

Ma«s. — lireechloadiiig shotguns, rifles, ana 
pistols. They now supply thoroughly well- 
maUe .ntronff and close-shooting breech- 
*oaJing douDle shotguns, lo or i3 gauge 
twist, ^.oo; laminated steel, $45.00; ex> 
Ira finish, $55.00. Their rifles and pocket 
rifles shoot with wonderful accuracy. Clr. 
culars and full particulars on application 
to their agent, Charles Folsom, 53 Cham- 
bers street, New York, or H 71 Main 
Building. H 71. 265 

1832 Stoddard, Charles J., Washing- 
ton, D. C. — Cartridge-loi Ting implement. 

1233 Qatling. Richard J., Hartford. 
Conn.— battery gun. This celebrated ma- 
chine gun fires from 800 to 1000 shots per 
minute, has great accuracy, and the larger 
calibres have an effective range of over 
two miles. Manufactured by the GatUag 
Gun Company, at Hartford, Conn. H 
•JO. 366 

1234 Witty, Calvin, New York. N. v.— 
Brecchloading field cannon. H69. a66 

1236 Nekervis.Wm., Philadelphia. Pa. 
— Model of Parrou gun, witn caisson 
complete. H 72. 266 

1236 South Boston Manufacturing Co.t 
Boston, Mass.— Bronze and sieeT rifle 
cannon, boat howitzer. H 71. 266 

1287 Boon, B., West Medford, Mass.— 
Miniature field artillery, limber, and field 
piece. H 7a. 266 

1289 Ridgway, John, Heirs of, Boston, 
Mass.— Revolving battery. H 69. 267 

1239<> Stevens Institute of Technol- 
ogy, Hoboken, N. J— Model of the Ste- 
vens battery. T 67. 267 

1239^,PauIdinff, Kemble, ft Co., Cold 
Spring, N. Y.— Model of gun carriage. 
H 7a. 267 

1240 Ames Manufacturing Co., Chico- 
pee, Mass.— United States regulation, 
masonic, asd society swords. H 72. a68 

1241 Collins ft Co., New York, N. Y.— 
Machetes, swords, bayonets, etc. N 
67. s68 

242 Oaylord Manufacturing Co., Chi- 
copee, Mass.— Presenution and society 
swords. N 70. 36S 

1243 Wurfflein. Wm., PhiUdelphia,Pa. 
— Parlor or gaillery rifles and mechanical 
targets. H 72. 269 

1244 KriderJohn.Philadelphia, Pa.— H 

a Guns, pistols. 3<Sq 

i Fishing tackle and sporting goods. 270 

1245 Providence Tool Co., Providence, 
R« I. — Breechloading rifles for military, 
target, and sporting purposes. Manufac- 
turers of " Peabody-Martini" rifles, for 
militory, target, and sporting purposes. 
The standard arm of Great Britain, noted 
for strength, accuracy, simplicity, and 
beauty- 1,500,000 shots have been fired 
at the factory from 300,000 of these rifles, 
without accident : also manufacturers of 
heavy hardware, ship-chandlers* and sail- 
makers' hardwiM-e, nuts, bolts, hinges, etc. 
"7a. 269 

1248.Tryon, B. K., jr., ft Co., Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— Muzzle loading rifles, shol- 
gins, revolvers, gunmakers' tools, etc. 
H70. a^ 

ro(toOBtiimol ohtJMtt, hulicatadby l^cterand 

1247 Harder, J., ft Son, Lock Haven. 

Pa. — binele, double, and three»barrel 
guns, ftfanufacturers of all kinds of mux- 
zle-loading guns. H 71. 269 

1248 Parker, Chas., Meriden, Conn.>< 
Double-barreled breechloading shot guns. 
H 70. 269 

1249 Harrington ft Richardson, Wor- 
cester, Mass.— Revolvii^ firearms witk 
shell Rector. H 71. 269 

1250. Burton, Bethel, Brooklyn, N. Y.— 
Military and sporting magazine rifles, 
bayonets, portable cartridge reloader. 
H7a. 369 

tfedioine, Surgery, Frothesis. 

1252 BoerickeftTafel, 68 5 Arch street, 

Philadelphia, Pa.— Ofliciai homeopathic 
medical prepkarations, books and periodi- 
cals. Manufacturing homeopathic phar- 
machts. Complete assortment of homeo- 
pathic medicines, in their diflerent degrees 
and forms, for physicians, families and 
druggists; sugar of milk, ptilcts, tises, 
corks, vials. Publishers of homeopathic 
literature. N 50. 373 

1252^ Planten/H., ft Son, New York, 
N. v.— Gelaune capsules. N 58. aya 

1258 Wallace Bros., Statesvllle, N. C. 
— Wholesale dealers in southern roots, 
herbs, barks, flowers, seeds, etc., of line 
quality. Orders solicited. N 58. aja 

1258« Dick, Dundas, 85 ft 87 Wooa- 
ter street. New York.— Tasteless nt ^li- 
cines. These sofk capsules are acknc *rl- 
edged by the most eminent ph>'siciaiM a 
true method to administer nauseous medi- 
cines, which often detract from, if they do 
not destroy, the benefici.1l eflects of some 
of the most valuable remedies prescribed. 
No patent or proprietary medicines are 
put up in soft capsules. Expfanatory 
circulars free at every drug store in the 
United States. These caiMules were ad- 
mitted to the last Paris Kxpo&ltioo. T 
50. 373 

1254 Seabury ft Johnson, New York, 
N. Y.— Phistera. T 44. vjl 

1255 Mitchell, Qeo. E., Lowell, Masa. 

—Surgical, medicinal, and pharmaceutical 
plasters and plaster compounds, lung pro- 
tectors. N 53. 373 

1256 Fehr, Julius, Hoboken, N. J.— 
Compound talcum— baby powder. The 
hygienic dermal powder, usefid for iaianu 
and adults, containing most valuable thera- 
peutic properties. N 53. 373 

1257 Randle.Wm.H.. Baltimore, Md.— 
Botanical medicioes. ■ N 53. 373 

1258 Tims, Wm., Paterson, N. J.— 

Homeopathic pellej^. N 52. 379 

1259 Wilson, B. O. ft Q. C. Boston, 
Mass.— Pressed medicinal herbs, leaves, 
flowers, seeds, roots, barks, etc. N 
5»- S7a 

1 260 Smith *s Homeopathic Pharmacy. 
New York. N. Y.— Homeopathic prepa- 
rations in tinctures, triturations.and glob- 
ules, cases for pn>fi»Bional and uunily use. 
NS4. 37a 

1261 Ayer, J. C, ft Co.. Lowell, Mass. 
—Cherry pectoral, cathartic pilb, sarsa- 
pariUa, ague cure, hair vigor. N 53. 379 

r,see Key to Netatfon, p. 9% ; ground plan. p. S&. 



Medicines, Surgical Appliances. 

1565 BUir's, H. C, Sons, Phihui«lphl«» 

m Wheat food. 373 

6 Founuin syringes. 974 

1268 Hance Bros, ft White, PhiladeU 
phia. Pa. — Conical plate drug mill and fil- 
taring apparatus. P 43. 374 

1S6S« RohrbeckftGoebeler. New York, 
N. Y.— Schod air pump. N 55. 974 

1S64 Bishop, Josquin, SuffArtown, 
Chester Co., Pa.--Platina crucibles, stills, 
bottles, blowpipe tnbes, kpnitkm tubes, 
etc Manufiftctorers of piathnini cruci- 
bles, Jcnickm tubes, stilb, bottles, wire, 
and articles used by analytical chem- 
ists ; refining and melting ot scrap or na- 
tive grain platinum. Old platinum bought 
and taken in exchange. P 49. 974 

1S6A Gilbert, Alfred A., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Medicine chest and saddlebags. 
N 51. 274 

1566 Hechelman, H. W., Allegheny 
City, Pa. — Anatomical preparations of 
huBan ear and eye. N 54. t7S 

1866« Seaman, Louis Livingston, New 
Yortt, N. Y. — Auscultatory percussor, for 
diagnosing. N 58. 975 

1266^ Loneaker, H. D., Allentown, Pa. 
--SnrfiGU and anatomical specimens of 
malignant tumors. T 47. 975 

1266c Bowen, Truman, Boston, Mass. 
—Casting in the lungs of a calf N 54. 975 

IW7 Mcllroy, T.. New York, N. 
Y.— Invalid, elevating, and fracture bed- 
steads, surgical operating and dissecting 
tables, octdists' and sui^gical operating 
chair. N 50. 976 

«267« Whittemore, Joshua, WakeftetdL 
Mass. — Elastic cnitcbes. H 7a. 276 

1268 Condell, J., ft Son, New York, N. 
Y.— Artificial limbs. N 58. 976 

1268« Vauffhan, W. R., Council Bluffs, 
la.— Belt trii&ses and supporters. N 58. 


1269 Everett, B. C, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Trusses, supporters, shoultfer braces, 
dasttc stockings, belu, and artificial limbs. 
N 56. 976 

1269» Shepard ft Dudley, New York, 
N. Y. — Surgical in.<tniments and ortho- 
p«iic apparatus. N 58. 376 

1270 Taylor, Charles P., New 
York. N. Y.^Onliopedic apparatus and 
machines Cm- local exercise. N 5a. 976 

127(K* Day, O. Hayden, Benaineton. 
Vi.— Fracture splints^ N 55. «70 

1271 Tiemann, Qee., ft Co., No. 67 
Chatham street. New York, N. Y.— 
Manufacturers of surgical instruments and 
orthopedic appliances. Established in 
1826: branch store, 107 Kast Twenty- 
Eighth street, New York; steam factory, 
ti, 83, and 8^ Boerum street, Brooklyn, 
E. D. Exhibit a moit complete and com- 
pact operating set, containing, in ten com- 
partments, over one hundred and eighty 
uKtruracuts, ample for ever^ modem ope- 
ration; specimens of operating cases u.sed 
in America ; Heine's osteotome for resec- 
tion ; Tiemann ft Co.'s new rotating-blade 
osteotome; Tiemann ft Co.'s new appa- 
ratus for fracticre of arm and leg; anatomi- 
cal syrinse; Dawson's cautery battery, 
smallest .bauery known; Tiemann & 
Co.'s patent ana other aspirators ; ^ent 
steam atomizer; p:ltent automatic and 
other hypodermic syringes; laryngo- 

For daises • f exhibits, indicated by numb^n 

soopci: ophthalmolog^ts'.aurists*, gyne- 
cologists', and other instruments; a va- 
riety of entirely new instruments of Amer- 
ican origin, etc., etc. All articles ex- 
hibited are Tiemann & Co.'s ofnx manu- 
facture. Their catabgue, bound In cloth, 
numbering four hundred and twenty-six 
pages, and containing over fifteen hundred 
ei^ravingB, can be obtained in New York 
for the cost of binding— seventy-five cents. 
N 51. a76 

1271a Newbauer. Wm.O., Long Island 
City, N. Y. — ^^ledical-pla«ter spreading 
machine. P 47. 971 

1272 Marks. A. A.. New York, N. Y.- 
Arilficial limbs, India rubber bands and 
feet. N58. 976 

1372a Lee, Benjamin, PhiUdelphia, 
Pa. — Apparatus Tor the treatment of spinal 
curvatures. N 56. 976 

1278 Woods. T. T.. Toledo,©.— Splint 
for leg and thigh. N 59. 976 

1273a Ahl, David, Newville, Pa.— 
Adapuble porous splints. P 71. 976 

1274 Pilling, Geo. P., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Gold, silver, and plated surgical iustru^ 
ments. N 59. 976 

1276 Mervine. 8. P., Jr., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Gynecological apparatus. N 53. 970 

1276 Oemriff, J. H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Surgical instnunents and appliances. 
N 57. a7« 

1 277 Pe^ry? ViiTcent. Qermantown^ Pa. 
— Elastic bandages for surgical purposes. 
N 57. 976 

1278 National Sunirical Institute. In- 
dianapolis, Ind. — Surgical and mecnant- 
cal appliances, splints, operating chairs. 
crutcne», supporters, and trusses. N 
56. -»7< 

1279 Pendeld, B. C, ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. — ^Trusses, etc. N S9. •7*5 

1280 Elastic Truss Co.. New York, N. 
Y.— Elastic trusses ana abdominal sup- 
porters. N 56. 976 

1281 Blanck, Wm., ft Son. Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Artificial limbs and appliances. 
N 58. «7« 

1283 Lciner, M., New York, N Y.— 
Surgical instruments, ear cleaners, filter- 
ing racks. P 66. 977 

1284 Rhodes, Isaac M.,Hancock,Mich 
— Easy chair, invalid bed, and fracture ap 
paratus combined. N 59. 97% 

1285 Clement, Richard, Philadelphia. 
Pa.— Artificial limbs, N 58. 976 

1286 Horn, W. H., ft Bro., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Trusses, abdominal supporters, 
etc. N 59. 976 

1287 Darrach. S. A., Newark, N. J-— 
AVheei cnitcn and attachments; vulcan- 
ized rawhide spine support. N 58. 976 

1288 Goodier, John, Philadelphia, Pa, 
—Lever and shield 


for ruptures. 

1M9 Crandall, Chaa. J., New York, N. 
Y.— Crutches. N 56. 976 

1290 Wickett ft Bradley, New York. 
N. Y.^Artificial limbs. N 57- «70 

1290a Beckel, Aosrust, ft Son, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— Crutches. 976 

1291 Hinkleft Mayon. San Francisco, 
Cal.— Surgical and mechanical appliances, 
splints, operating chairs, crutches, sup- 
porters, and trusses. N 56. 976 

at end Of entries, sas Clae«ificaU<^,(g^pjsjM [^ 



Medical and Surgical Appliances, Tools. 

1292 Handy ft BoUnd, Atlanta, Q*.— 
Suigical and mechanical appliaiices, 
•pUntB, operating chairs, cratoies, sup- 
porten, and trusses. N 56. 276 

1298 Kolbe, D. W., Philadelphia, Pa. 
^Surgical and orthopedical instrumentt; 
artificial limbs. N 53. 276 

1294 Triumph Truaa Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Truss and supporter. N 53* ^76 

1295 Kern, Horatio G., Philadelphia, 
Pa.^uigical and dental instruments. N 
56. 974 

1296 Potter, Jamea A., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Artificial limbs. l*hese limbs are 
mauufactured at Philadelohia, Pa. : Cin- 
cinnati, O. ; St. Louis, Mo. ; Chicago, 
111. ; and Detroit, Mich. Illustrated de- 
scriptive pamphlets free. N 53. 976 

1297 Pingree, Luther P., Portland, Me. 
—Artificial limbs. N 53. 976 

1298 Otto, P.O., ft Sona, New York, N. 
Y. — Surgical instruments and onl^pedi- 
cal appliances. N 53. 376 

1299 Bartlett, Butman, ft Packer, Boa- 
Um, Mass. — Trusses. N 5s. 276 

1800 Preea. C. A., New York. N. Y.— 
Artificial limbs and extensions. N 56. 376 

1301 Palmer, B. Prank, LL.D., Pbila- 
delphia. Pa. — New patent leg and arm, 
safety socket united to the smmp, secure 
lag positive comfort. Original patent, 
1846 ; new patent, perfected, 1873. New 
automatic system, for universal motion, 
power, and sound applied to writing, 
printing, music, etc. Original writing 
machine (tvpe-writer) made in 1851, per- 
fected in 1876. N 54. 276 

1802 Seeley, I. B.. Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Hard nibber trusses, abdommal support- 
en, pile instruments, elastic surgioJ ho- 

siery, bandages, etc. N 53. 276 

1803 McBlroy, P. J., Eaat Cambridge, 
Mass. — Glass and family syringes, feed- 
ing and drinking tubes, nipple shields, 
medicine droppers, etc N 51. 270 

1804 Miller, Jaa. S., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Trusses and braces. N 58. 376 

1805 Rowand, John R., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Gynaecological apparatus. N5X. 370 

1807 Allen ft Johnaon, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Surgical and mechanical appliances, 
splints, operating chairs, crutuies,, sup- 
porters, and trusses. N 56. ' 276 

1808 Bethell, John P., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Surgical and gynaecological appara- 
tus; artificial steel leg. N 57. 376 

1309 Philadelphia Truaa Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Trusses, supporters, shoulder 
braces, elastic stockings, belts; combina- 

tion truss and supporter. N 57. 


1814 Codman ft Shunleff, BostoSt 
Mass.— N 57. 

m Surgical instruments, apparatus and appli- 
ances. 376 

6 Dental itutruments, fumitiue, and mate- 
rials; laboratory tools, etc. 377 

1815 Justi, H. D., PhUadelphia, Pa.- 
ArttfidaU teeth, tools, and matenals fer 
their manufacture. N 54. 377 

1816 Johnaon ft Lund, Philadelphia, 
k. — ^Artificial teeth, corimdum wneds. 

id foil, tooth powders, amaJaams, dental 
ana materials. N 59. 377 

1322 Allen, J., ft Son, New York, N .^ 
— Artificiafdentures. N 57. 33 

1810 Gunningi Thomaa Brian, 84 Baat 
Twenty-first street. New York, N. Y.- 
Fractured jaw appliances. Including Sec- 
retary Seward's ; illustrating heads ; deft 
palate appliances; teeth plates; regulatins 
plates. N 51. 376 

1811 Spillman, Henry, New Oilea&s, 
La.— Trasses, supporters, and shoulder 
braces. N 58. 9j6 

1812 Davia, lamea T., New York, N. 
Y.— Artificial human eyes. N 54. 876 

1813 TeufeL J. J., office and fiactoiy, 
No. 103 South Eighth street, Philadel- 
phia. Pa.-N. 54. 

a Surgical instruments. 376 

^ Dental instruments. 377 

for locaUon of obiects,hidioatedby letter and ivure, see Key to Notation, p. 3S; ground plan,p a& 



1816« Neve, Bdward, Omaha, Neb.- 

Artifidal teeth. N 58. 377 

1817 Wardle, Thoa., Philadelphia, Pa. 

—Artificial teeth ana models. N 58. 377 
1317a Chapman. John Winalow, Hy- 

annis, Mass.— Artificial teeth. N 58. e77 

1318 Brown, E. Parmly, Pluahing, N. 
Y.— Gold fiUinga ia human teeth, dentists' 
cases, dental improvements. N 57. 377 

1319 White, Samuel S., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Artificial teeth, instruments, chairs 
dental engines, stools, lathes, brackets, 
spittoons, gold (oils, corundum wheels, etc 
N 55- «77 

1320 White. Chaa. A., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Celluloid appa r at u s and dental tlask^, 
process of forming sets of artificial tecih, 
artificial dentures. N 56. 377 

1821 Metcalf, David H., Battle Creek, 
Mich. — Tinman's pattern sheeta and 
squares. N 68. s8c 



1328 Abt>ey, Chaa., ft Sona. PhUa^el- 

pnia. Pa. — Dentists' fine gud foil, soft 

or non-adhesive and adhesive. Our 

specialty for fifty years. N 58. 377 

181^ BojDwill, W. Q. A., PhiUdelehia, 

Electro-magnetic mallet for filHng 
teeth, carving marble^ chasing metals, and 
as an autographic printing press ; dental 
chair and engine. N 59. 377 

1826 Taylor, J. Hare. Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Tooth paste, etc. N 57. 377 

1326 Wardle, 8., Cincinnati, O.— 

Specimens of dentistry. N 58. 377 

1827 Neall, Daniel W., Camden, N. J.— 
Porcelain teeth. N 57. 377 

1829 Crowther^ D. W., Hageratown, 
Md. — ^Mechanical and opetative dentistry. 
N58. an 

1330 Scott. Quincy A., Pittabnnr. Pa. 
— Atmospheric disk for holdiog artificial 
teeth in the mouth, dental ^>ecimens, 
deutrifice. N 56. 377 

1881 Ludwig, Schmidt, ft Mohl, Houa- 
ton, Texas. — Enamel; specimens of teeth. 
N 53. 377 

1332 Valleau. William, jr., New York, 
N. Y. — Gold and silver leaf, gold and pla- 
tina filling for dentists' use. N 63. 377 

1334 Cutter, Ephraim, Cambridge, 
Mass.- AdlJustaUe chair for invaWk. N 
58. •?« 

Hardware, Edct Toola, Cntlary, Xa- 

taluo Prodttota. 
1885 Collins ft Co.. New York.N.Y. 

— Cast steel tools ; sledges. N 67. aSo 
1836 BIgin National Watch Co., Elgin, 

•M.-Watchmakeis' tools. P 67. 



Hardware, Tools, Cutlery. 

1886* Shepardson, H. 8., ft Co., 

Shelbam Talb, Mass.— Diamond, pod« 
and screw drhrcr bits, amil sets, giniets, 
tool cases, etc H 68. a8o 

1S87 DoQfflas Axe ManufSictnriac Co., 
Bostoo, Mass. — Axes, hatchets, adzes, 
picks, etc N 67. a8o 

18S8 Ptiffh, Job T., Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Screw augers and auger bits, ^nowa 
as an old established mami&cturer of 
and bits; established 1774; a 
nt of the Inrentor of the screw 
_ These augers are known to all who 
lae tbcm, as the old haad-oiade eager, 
thereby gaining great durability. N 
7S. 380 

1888« Ernst ft Blterich, Jersey City, 
H. J.— Took. N68. 980 

1889 Cooard, A. ft I., Whitemarsh, Pa. 
—Cast steel wood>l>orii% implements. P 
71. a8o 

1889» Bagta Savare Manufacturing 
Co., South Shafisbury. Vt.— Boring ma- 
chines, squares, and rules. P 78. 280 

1840 Slmira Nobles* Manufacturing 
0>., Etmir«, N. Y.— Carpenters' and ship' 
Wrights' toou. N 71. 380 

1140* Buck. Charles, MUbury, Mass. 
—Edge tools. N 71. 380 

1S41 Quint, 8. H., ft Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— -Stencils, stamps, checks, tags, etc. ; 
meialHc pattern letters, ibr raised letterins 
cc castings, names, addresses, etc H 
71 380 

184 1« Genkinger, Adolph, Newark, 
N. J.— Tools, etc N68: a8o 

1848 Carter, Bdwd.. Troy, N. Y.— 
Nickel-plated goods; planes, mechanics' 
tools. P 69. 2S0 

1842« Howell. 8. J., Oranae. Mass.— 
Polishing lathes and wheek, tweeters, 
saw frames. N 68. 380 

1848 Stanley Rule ft Level Co., New 
Britain, Conn.— Rules, lereb, squares, and 
carpenters' tools. N 68. sSo 

1843a HolUnd, James C. New York, 
N. Y.— Self-threading sdrpcal and sewing 
BMcUne needles, sail and packing needles. 
F71. 380 

1 844 BnHnga ft Spencer Co.. Hartford. 
Coon.— Ihop foreings, macmnisis' smaH 
tools, sewing atachinei^uttles. H7S. 380 

1844a Bosaard, H., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Wstchmako^s slide rest. N 43. a8o 

184f Bddy, Geo. M., ft Co., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. — ^Fine steel bead saws and tempered 
■ • N$7. »8o 


1845a FrT*s Bookbinder's Stamp ft 
Tool Manofiictory, Philadelphia. Pa.— 
Stamps and toob fisr the embdnahment 
of books. T 75. a8o 

1846 Rose, Wm.. ft Bros., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Bikklayeis'. plasterers', 
mooldeis' and aaddkn^ tools. N7B. a8o 

i Dooglasa Manufacturing Co., 
w York, N. Y.— Mechanics' tools, cut- 
ting and boring implements. N 70. s8o 

1847 Colton, Alfred J., Philadelphia, 

Pa.-^Stsb- haad-iail planes and double- 
^na.te..,carp«»t«' moulding plan«. 

1848 Pratt, iaa. T., ft Co., New York, 
N. T.— Tool chests for amatnus or me- 
chanics. N 68. 380 

For Jasscs of exhibits, Indicatei Vy numbers 

1849 Malti>y.Curtiae,ftCo.,NawYork, 
K. Y.— Nail puUer. B 77. 380 

I860 Kohler, Martin, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Knee-rest for tailors. N 70. 280 

ISfil Carter, Henry, New York. N. Y. 
— Moulders' and plasterers' tools. N70. 380 

1888 Slnas. Philip, Baltimore, Md.— 
Glaziers' diamonds, machinery for circular 
and oval cuttlitg, eitgravers' poinu, carbon 
tools. N68. 380 

1888 King,Josiah,ft8on,NewYork,N. 
Y.— Planes and tools for wood workers. 
N71. 380 

1864 Booth, John, ft Son, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Carpenters' tools and sundries. N 
69. 380 

1866 Barton, D.R., Tool Co.,Rochester, 
N. Y.— Meclmnics' edge tools. N 70. 380 

1866 American Shovel Co., Birming« 
ham. Conn. — Shovels and scoops. P68. 380 

1867 Johnson,Wm^HedenbergWorks, 
Newark, N. I. — Carpenters' and other 
mechanics* tooB and hardware. N 69. a8o 

1868 Hampton. Chas. P. , Ardmore, Pa. 
— ^Augers and bits. N 71. 380 

1869 Ten Eyck Axe Manufacturing Co., 
Cohoes, N. Y.— Axes, carpenters edge 
toob, etc. N 68. 380 

1860 White. Wm., Newark, N. J.— 
Axes, hatchets, adzes, bush hooks, stone 
hammers, picks, etc.; carriage shaft-coup- 
lings. P 71. 380 

1861 Selaor, Geo., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Hammers, edge and xailroad tools, 
coffee mills, slaw cutters, tacks, aad nails. 
N68. 880 

1862 Star Tool Co.,Middletown,Cona.^ 
Machinists' and carpenters' tools ; squares, 
beveb, gauges, standard steel rules, etc. ; 
bKnd tnmmingi. These goods are of the 
finest finish; the squares are perfectly 
accurate and of different varieties, adapted 
to the wants of workers in wood or iron ; 
the rules are graduated on spring-tempered 
sted, and are made only by this company. 
P 67. s6e 

1868a Qardam, William, ft Son. New 
York, N. Y.— Index plates, dividing and 
drilling machines. N 68. 380 

1868 Snell Manufacturing Co., Pisk- 
daleJf ass.— Augers, auger bits, aiia boring 
amcnincs. P 71. 380 

1864 Buck Bros., Riverlin Works, Mil- 
bury. Mass. — Shank and sodcet firmer 
chiiiiMs and gouges, plane irons, screw dri- 
vers, nail sets, etc N 69. s8o 

1866 Maydole, D., ft Co., Norwich, N. 
Y.— Cast steel hammers. N 71. 380 

1866 Foerster ft Kraenter, Newark, 
N. J.— Tools. N68. 380 

1867 Davis Level ft Tool Co., Spring- 
fidd, Mass.— A4iusuble levels and plane* 
and iron planes. P 71. 280 

1868 DeWHt,Morrisoa,ftKel]ey.Phil. 
adclphia. Pa.— Carpenters', millwrights', 
gasmters', pomp, iad car builders ma- 
chine and auger bits. These are the cele- 
brated arrow brand for boring all kinds of 
wood. P 71. a8o 

1869 Shepherd ft Lloyd, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Sodes, glass cutters, lard presses, and 
hardware specialdes. N 71. 380 

1870 Rowland, B., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa. — ShovdSf spades, and aooops ; drain- 
ing and ditching tools. N 71. a8b 

Lt end of eatriss, see Clasiaficatioa, pp. 37-4^. 



Hardware, Tools, Cutlery, 

1871 Yerke» ft Plumb. Philadelphia, 

1 a. — fcUige touU, hammers : railroad, min- 
ing, and blacicsmiihs' sledges. N 70. a8o 

1372 Bailey, Leonard,& Co., Hartford, 
Conn. — lienuh planes, try square*, bevels. 
N 68. 280 

1373 Mayo, M. 
Plane. P 71. 

C.» Boston, Man.—' 


1374 Miller, Edward, ft Co. Meriden, 
Conn.— N 48. 
a Machine oilers. 
6 Tinnen' hardware. 



1375 Bemis ft Call Hardware ft Tool 
Co., Springfield, Mass.— l^lachinists'iools. 
Pr»- a8o 

1870 Newton C. C. Dunkirk. N. Y.— 
1 wisted drill ups, dies, and reamers. T 
60. a8o 

1377 Ives. W A., ft Co.. New Haven, 
Conn.— Wood-boring implement5, bit bra- 
ces. N 72. aBo 

1378 Milla, E.,ft Co., Philadelphia. Pa. 
—Braces, bits, bevels, screwdrivers, xpokc- 
shaves, squares, and saw pads. P 68. 380 

1379 Donaldaon, J. W., MaasUlon, 
Ohio.— Block stamps for stamping gar- 
ments for braiding and embroidery. P 
^' 'a8o 

1880 Bailey Wringing Machine Co., 
New York, N. Y.--AIeiallic bench planes 
spokeshaves, box scrapers, etc. N 69. a8o 

1 5 y ?*«in» Logan, ft Co., Binhing ham 
lool Manufactory, liirmingham. Pa.— 
Picks, mattocks, fire shovels, etc N 71 . a8o 

1882 Crotaman, A. W., ft Son, West 
Warren, Mass.— Carpenters' hand took 
N70. afo 

. New 



1383 Nixon, Q. W. C, 
N. Y.— Engravers' tools 

1384 Ohio Tool Co.. Columbus. O — 
Planes, screws edge tooU, plane iron*, 
handles, etc. N 71. aSo 

1385 Palmer. Wm. P., Berry atreet 

^'^.^?*?*^ & ^'^'^ stWfu.'lLn \^!n: 
Cisco, Cal.— Edge tools. All tools war- 

eir« • 


ranted of excellent cutting qualities 
^- 280 

Theodore, Philadelphia, 
_^^ — Is and toob, nickel-plated 
signs and numbere, steel stamps. T 
^- 280 

1386. Taylor, Thomas, cor. Eddy ft 
* nendship streets. Providence, R. I ~ 

1385« Rue, . 

Pa.— Stencils 

box 991.— Bloodsti>ne burnishers. j..wu- 
stonc biirnishers and reflectors made to 

, P.O. 

•rder. N 7,. ^ 

1387 Smyth ft Pennington.Paterson.N. 
J.— Files -ind rasps N 69. ,80 

1388 Whitney Manufacturtng Co.. 
bouih Ashburnam, Mass.— Tools used in 
manufacturing chairs. W 50. ago 

1389 Frai^Iin, Mrs. Esther P., Phila- 

1390 Sandutk; 
P7X. ,80 

Sandusky Tool Company. 8an- 
;kv. O.-flane, plane Irons Wh 
H hand screws, chisel and file handles 
^'- a8<i 

. Hopkins, C, Waltham, Mass.— 
Vatchmakers' tools. N 68. afo 

l»92^Tw«r. John J.. Ne«^ York. N. Y. 

m Carpcntcta' planes, wrenches, adjostable 
clamps. ^^ 

^ Handcufli and police implements, pad- 
locks. ' *^ 

1398 Harrison ft KeUogg. Troy, N. Y. 

a Screw wrenches. ^gg 

* ^'*«"' ^i""*^' japanned, and nickel-plated 

malleable iron castings to order, in all 

Varieties; extra refined air-fiimace irOm. 

(Low freighu open all the year.) 283 

1394 Wills, Edwin S.. Philadelphia. 
Pa.— N 69. "^ * 

a Tools. ,8^ 

6 Wood screws, etc. 284 

1395 Miller's Falls Co., Miller's Falls. 
iSia^. — P ^i. ' 

a Mechanics tools. 980 

S Hardware. gg^ 

1398 Lloyd Supplee ft Walton, Phil- 
addphia. Pa.— P 70. 
« Hollow auger, spokeshave. 
fi Locks 



1397 Vatterlcin, John, Plalnfield, N 
J— N69. 
» Carpenters gauges. 

6 Gate hardware. 
1398 Lowentrant, P., 

Sons. Bridgeport, 


- -_ , - ., Newark, N. J. 

— N 70. ^ 

a Mechanics' tools. a8o 

» H.irdware. ,34 

1399 Hart, Bliven. ft Mead Manufkc 
tunng Co., New York, N. Y.— P 70. 

« Carpenters' tools. ago 

* Carpenters', saddlers', and carriage hard- 
Waee ; goi« door bells. oft^ 

1400 Hotchklss's 
Conn.— N 7a. 

« Hand drills, saw sets, ^uitycombs. sSo 

* Pruning shears. aSt 
e Harness snaps, bull rings. .84 

^^^} J^V^J^J}* Cutlery Co.. Beaver 
Falls, Pa.-Table. pocket, and miscellan- 
eous cutlery. Special cxhibitt, lat^e 
carving knife and fork, nine and a hjdf 
feet bng. cos.i*i5oo ; revolving knife, with 
three hundred and sixty-five blades. N 

, 70. ,81 

1402 Barney. E. H., Spriagfiald, Mas*. 
— aicaies, perforating stamp, show case 
and counter combined. Barney ft Berry's 
celebrated "Club All-clamp and Rmk 
SkAtcs, patcnied 1859, i»66, 186S, 1871. 
1 show the advant.igc of a screw fastening 
lor operating damps on metaf-iopped 
skates; also, originality of the d«W. 
fine quality, workmanship, and finish. P 
^- aZx 

1403 Will ft Finck. San Francisco. 
Cal.— California carving seu and cuUerv 
bar tools. P 71. ^l 

1404 Union Hardware Co., Wolcott. 

>iJle, Conn.— Skates, skate straps, tool 
*• wood turning, dog coUars, etc. 

vuie. ( 


1406 Badfirer, BenJ _ ,, ^ 

Mass.— Razor strops.^ Leading styles) 

F., Charleatown, 

Genuine Kmcrsons," esublished 1810; 

hoiivenir. ' for presen'taUon ; "German 

«7»'j ^i'" n« "-extensible base; 

„ So f,»"Pcr^uallty ;" " Patent X ;" 



Hardware, Cutlery, Metallic Ornaments. 

1407 PI 


>7 Plorenc* Sewing Machine Co., 
~ tnce. MaM.— Skates. N 71. aSi 

1408 Herder, L.. ft Son, Philadelpbia, 
Pa.— Shears and scissors. N 69. 381 

1409 Russell, John, Cutlery Co., Oreen 
River Worlcs. New York N. Y.— Table 
ctitleiy^butcher^*. hunters , painters', and 
dru(gi5is' knives, etc. N 67. a8i 

1410 Shipley. Howard W., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Pocket cutlery. P 71. 281 

1411 Scyoiour, Heniy. ft Co., New 

York, N. Y.— TaiIors\ bankers', and 
sheep shean, trimmeis, and scmors. 
N 71. a8t 

1418 Evans, W. D., ft Co., Philadel- 
phIa, Pa. — Ra2or strops aod oilstone 
hone. N 72. 281 

1418 Meriden Cutlery Co., New York, 
N. Y.—TaWe cutlery. N 69- a8x 

1414 Holley Manufacturing Co., Lake- 
ville, Conn. — Pocket cutlery. P 71. a8i 

141 5 Lamson ft Ooodnow Manufisctur- 
ing Co., Shclburoe Falls, Mass.— Table 
aid butchers' cutlery. N 70. aSx 

1416 United States Steel Shear Co., 
West Meriden, Conn.~SoUd cast steel 
scissors and shears. N 71. 281 

1417 Miller Bro. Cutlery Co., West 
Jlerideo. Conn. — Pocket cutlery. N 

70. 981 

1418 Heinisch*s, R., Sons, Newark. 
N. J. — Tailors' shears, scissors, ana 
triauninp. N 69. eSi 

1419 Wiss, J., Newark, N.T.-Cutlery, 
shears, andscissors, hand and pole pruning 
shears. P 69. 381 

1420 Plimpton, J. L., New York, N. Y. 
—Parlor skates. P 71. 381 

1481 Friedman ft Lauterjing, New 
York, N. v.— Rators. P 70. 281 

1482 Funke, Leopold, St. Louis, Mo.— 
Knife with three hundred and sixty<six 
blades. T 60. 381 

1488 Robbins, Clark ft Biddle, Phila- 

delphia. Pa.— Cutlery. N 43. a8i 

1484 Gesswein ft Reichhelm, New 
Yoric, N. Y. — PoUshing iuiplements and 
materiab. N 70. 38r 

1425 Northfield Knife Co., Nortbfield, 
Com. — Pocket cutlery. N 71. 381 

1426 Breeden ft Nelke, New York. 
N. Y. — Spring scissois and shears. P 

71. 88x 

1487 Qoodell Company, Antrim, N. H. 
—Cutlery and shoe knives. N 71. 381 

1488 Marx Bros., New York, N. Y.— 
Foldfaig pocket scissors. N 69. aSi 

1429 Win slow, Samael, Worcester, 
Man.— Skates. H 71. »8i 

1430 Brady, Edward, PhUadelphia, Pa. 
— U63, 

« Metafbeoc fastening. s8t 

t Modd of iron fort. 383 

1481 WUUa, Aug. L., Philadelphia, 

Pa.— Ice creeper. H 71. 281 

1488 Peck ft Snyder, New York, N. Y. 

-Skates. H 71. a8s 

1488 New York Knife Co.. Walden, 

N. Y.— Table, pea, and pocket cutlery. 

N67 281 

148 8« Louis, Julius, ft Co., Jefferson* 

^'ne, Ittd.— UiUtonea. N 68. 283 

Fot dassas of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

14S4 Mitchell, J. B., Philadttl^Ma, Pa. 

— Carpenters', engravers', opticians*, and 
cullers' grindstones ; oiLitoi»es,raJ0r hones, 
etc P 67. s8|s 

1434a Boyd ft Chase. New York, N. Y. 
— ^Arkaxuws and Wasnita oilstone. N 60. 

1484^ Zucker ft Levett, New York, 
N. Y.— Hard and soft rouge and composi- 
tion for polishing metals. T 53. aSs 

1435 Baeder, Adamson, ft Co., PhlUo 
ddphia. Pa.— N 68. 
a Sand and emery paper, emery doth, 
emery, corundum, flint. 


c Curled hair. 
148 5<> Nittinrer, Edward, Philadel- 

{itiia. Pa. — Quarts paste fot sharpening 
;nives, etc. T 52. a8a 

1435^ Tucker, Geo., New York, N. Y.- 
Polishing compositions. N 68. 482 

1485c White, T. R., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Sandilene, for cleaning marble, metal, 
glass, etc. T 54. 383 

I486 Harrison, W. H., ft Bros., Phila- 
delphia. Pa. — Low and elevated firegrates, 
fenders, fireplaces, etc. T 5a. 383 

1436<* Garland, Beni., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — iron bridge and fence railings. V 
63. 383 

1437 Dixoir. Thos. S., ft Sons, Phila- 
delphia. Pa. — Grates, fendcis, fireplace 
fittings, and gas logs. T 49. 283 

1437' Manly, M. M., ft Son. Philadel- 
phia. Pa. — Wrought iron hand rails, 
mouldings, and bridge railings. T 60. 383 

1438 Jackson, Wro. H., ft Co.. New 
York, N. Y. — Grates, fenders, fireplaces, 
fire irons, and fancy coal boxes. N 67. 383 

1439 Lalance ft Grosjean Manufactur- 
ing Co., New York, N. Y.— Stamped iron 
aiTinary ware. T 68. .383 

1440 Reybum, Hunter, ft Co.. Philadel- 
phia. Pa.— weather vanes. N 6a. 383 

1441 Tin Plate Decorating Co., New 
YoHc, N. Y.— Decorated tin plates, boxes, 
cans, etc. N 70. 383 

1448 Miller ft Krips, 716 ft 71 8 Cherry 

street, Philadelpnia, Pa.— Plain and or- 
namental bronze; white bronxe, brass, 
German silver, and zinc castings. Also, 
sole manufacturers of bronze reliefs in a 
new style of mounting; bronze relieft 
made to order, irom life or photograph. 
P 72. "83 

1448 Demuth,Wm.,ftCo.,501Broad. 
way. New York. N. Y. — Show figures in 
metal and wooa, meerschaum and brier 
pipes ,with rubber and amber mouthpieces; 
smokers' articles in general. P 69. 38-) 

1444 Mott, 1. L., Iron Works, New 
York, N. Y. — Founuins, vases, statuary, 
settees, aquaria, aquarium fountains, 
drinking fotmtains, candelabra, lamp pil- 
lars, crestings. castings, railings, gates, 
summer houses, band stands, stable fix- 
tures, etc. N 54. 383 

1445 Paxon, Comfort ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— Zinc monumenu. T 64 mtui pit' 
tide. a83 

1446 Woods, Sherwood, ft Co., Lowell, 
Mass. — White lustral wire ware, compris- 
ing an extensive line of household, table, 
and fancy goods, such as fruit, cake and' 
jewd baskets, tea and coffee strainers, 
castors, toilet artides, etc. N 73. 383 

at end of entries, sec Claasification^rPP* >7-45t 

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Wrought and Cast Metal Work, Hardware. 

1447 Ansonia Brass ft Copper Co.. 

Ansonia, Conn.— Bran and mckel-pUted 
kettles. N57. 883 

1448 Rohrmaa, J. Hall, ft Son, Phila- 
ddphia. Pa.— Tea, coffee, and spioe cad* 
dies ; water coolers and decorated japanned 
tinware. P 70. 283 

1449 HusBoy, C. Q., ft Co., Pittsburg, 
Fa.-;-Copper sheet, circle, and bottoms ; 

planished and ingot copj 
ning rods, sheet di 

copper Ught- 

ketUes. N 

7a. 283 

1460 Champion Pence Co., Kenton, 
O. — Wrought and malleable iron fence 
and gate. The advantages claimed for 
the champion iron fence are: ist — The 
longitudinal rail is rolled in T shape, 
thus giving the greatest lateral strength, 
also horizontal strength, when put up in 
fence, without bolts, rivets, or forging 
whatever, leaving me iron as it comes 
from the rolls. 2d — As the arched or 
cylindrical form of the iron resists the 
greatest strain, the pickets are rolled con> 
cave, convex, with a flange on each side, 
forming the strongest picket that can be 
made from the same amount of iron. 3d — 
The ornaments used, together with the 
different connecting parts, are made of 
refined malleable iron, or stamped from 
wrought iron plates, and of any desired 
form, and at one-tenth the cost of making 
them at the forge. 4th — ^The pickets are 
driven into the ornaments and paissed to 
nearly the top of the picket, at tne rear of 
the ornaments. There are lugs and clips, 
which are clinched, combining ornament 
and picket together, forming a strong and 
duraMetop-head for the picket. 5th— The 
fence is put together witn clips; these are 
slipped on the T rail, and the sides of the 
<Mmaroents form circles, or segments of 
circles, thus rendering tnem adjustable to 
any and all grades or an^es. 6th — ^The 
panels are connected with a compound 
clamp, which holds them firmly together, 
at the same time allowing for the expan- 
sion and contraction of the iron. 7th— That 
we have in the combination of our rail and 
picket the strongest and most ornamental 
fence that can be made, from the same 
amount of material. 8th— That we can, 
by our adj'ustable posts, keep our fence in 
perfect line; also, that we can set the 
fence upon coping or stone walk of any 
grade, the same as upon our iron founda- 
tion. 9th— That we can pack the fence 
for shipment, in compact bundles, and put 
it upon the ground as conveniently as a 
wooden fence can be put up. xoth— That 
we manufacture the fence without the use 
of any costly and cumbersome machinery, 
being virtually made when the Iron comes 
from the foundry and the rolls, s tth— The 
base upon which the fence is set is of cast 
iron, eighteen inches wide at the bottom, 
and six inches at the top; twenty-eight 
Inches In length, which is set in the ground; 
upon this foundation is placed a wrought 
iron post, acHustaUe front and rear, and 
also sidjustable at the top, while at the 
bottom it would be stationary, or mc0 
90rsa. Upon this post we also adjust the 
height of the fence. One of the beauties 
of our invention is, that we make a fence 
that looks light, yet strong and durable. 
( OAuf State Building.^ 283 

1451 Berin Bros. Manufacturing Co. 
East Hampton. Conn.— N 7a. 
• Bell metal Icettles. 283 

b Bells. 284 

For location of objects , indicated by letter nnd figure, see Key to Notation, p. aj 

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1462 Armbmster, Jacob H..PhiUdel- 
phia. Pa. — Organ and sash wog^. ({7r- 
gan^ Eatt Galleiy.) S84 

1453 Yale Lock Manufacturing Co., 
Stamford, Conn. — Locks, ornamental 
bronze hardware, post-office boxes. P 
7a. a84 

1458<> Bray, Edw. L., Boston, Mas««— 
Balance spring curtain fixture. {East 
Gallery.) S84 

1454 Stewart ft Mattson, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Building hardware, locks, door 
knobs and trimmings. N 69. 384 

1454« Dexter Spring Co., Hulton, Pa« 
— Carriage springs. T 60. 084 

1455 Nock, Geo. W., PhiladelphU, Pa. 
— Lodes sjsd padlocks. N 70. 284 

1455« Cleveland Steel Horseshoe Co., 
Cleveland, O. — ^Steel horseshoes and bars, 
hand shoe formers. T 59. 084 

1456 Trenton Lock ft Hardware Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Patent lever and 
spring, with cominted bolt door locks, 
latches, knobs, and other hardware. N 
68. a84 

1456a Adams, Wm. R. M., New York. 
N. Y.— Door bolt and chain check. N 
7S. 364 

1457 Shannon, 1. B., PhiladelphU. Pa. 
— Hand-made locks and building hard- 
ware. N 7a. a84 

1457a Smith ft fegge. Brldgeport,Conn. 

— Padlocks, ha^ps, cnains, etc. N 70. 284 

1458 Welltft Hope Co.. Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Metallic show cards and advertising 
signs ; decorative ^ass priming, etc P 
7a. 084 

1458/» Stafford Manufacturing Co., 
New Yoric, N. Y.— Stendl combinations, 
machine cut alphabets and figures ; knr* 
rings, checks, and badges. N69. ^4 

1459 Corbin, P. ft P., New Britain, 
Conn. — House trimmings and misnrilane* 
ous hardware. N 7a. 064 

1459a Brooke, E.ft Q., Birdaboro*. Pa. 
— NaiU. T67. 984 

1460 American Stair-Rod Co., Neiv 
Yoric, N. Y.— Stair rods and suir carpet 
fasteners. N 71. 384 

1461 Stanley Works, New Britain, 
Conn. — ^Wrought iron butts, iapamied, 
bronzed, and plated; hinges, door bolu, 
etc. P 71. a84 

1461« Orbeton, W. W. 8., Boston, 
Mass.— Screw braces and screw-brace 
blind hinges. N 68. 984 

1468 Qlobe Nail Co., Boston, Man.— 
Machine-made horseshoe nails. N7X. 9A4 

1463 Tuchfarber. P., ft Co., Cindnnati, 
O. — Enameled iron show cards. P 78. 

1464 Wiler, Wm., Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Suir rods and plates. N 7X. 984 

1465 Walton, E. S.. ft Co., Philadei* 
phia, Pa.— Lock hardware and fine bronze 
work. N 7a. a84 

1467 Dunbar, Hobart, ft Wbidden. 
South Abington, Mass.— Tacks, brads and 
nails, steel shanks, hed plates, etc P 
72. 984 

1468 Hildebpand ft Wolf. Philade1phia« 
Pa.— Trunk locks, padlocks, dead4atches, 
door springs, etc. P 69. 984 




Hsudware, Locks, etc. 

1469 Carr, Crawley, ft Devlin, PhlU- 
delnhia. Pa. — Baflding, cabinet, carriage, 
aad tadfflevy hardvare; malleable irmv 
briM, and stael castings N 70. 984 

1470 H«U's Safe ft Lock Co., Cindn- 
aad, 0.~Baak and Ume locks. U 67. 


1471 Wbftaker ft Skinn, Trenton, N. 
J.— Iron chains, chuic naik. T 65. 384 

ll72 0oald*s, M., Sons. 88 ft 8ft 

Duane street. New York, N. Y., and 514 
Commerce street, Philadelphta. — Stair 
nxb, step plates, dog collars, tiphols- 
tery, and tnink hardware. Manti- 
frctnrers of italr rods, stair plates, doe 
coOais, stepbdden, tmnk rirets, and aU 
kinds of tniidt hardware; also, a general 
line of upholstery hardware. Factory, 
Newaik,N.J. N 71. 284 

1478 Morton. Thoo., New York. N. Y. 
—Sash chain and atuchments tor sus- 
pemfing windows, doors, etc T 49. 984 

1474 MaJlory^Whceler, Co., New Ha- 
res. Conn. — -Door locks and knobs, pad- 
kKks, etc N 69. 984 

1471 Oajrlord Mannfaetvrinff Co., 
Qiicopee, Mass.— Cabfatet locks. N70. 984 

1476 Union Mana&cturing Co., New 
Britain, Conn.^Plaln sutd ornamental butt 
lunges. N 69. 384 

1477 Mersereau, W. T. ft J., Newark, 
M. J.— Stairnxk and plates, dc^ collars 
and nnudcs, bridle boots, ana uphol- 
sterers' hardware. N 71. 984 

1478 Marrin's Safa Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Locks. H69. 984 

1479 Bohannan, Wilson, Brooklyn, N. 
Y .— BraMB spnng podlocks and car locks. 
P68. 984 

1480 Union Steel Screw Co.. Cleve- 
land, O. — Bessemer sted wood screws, 
widi samples showing stages ci manufiso- 
tnre. T 59. 984 

1481 Clark ft Co^ BuAdo, N. Y.— 
Nidcel-plated builden' hardware. N 
71. 984 

1488 Van Wagoner ft WUliams, 82 
Beekman street. New York, N. Y.— 
Spring hinges Mid door sprinn of the 
leading kinds, lor screen aiul other doois, 
gates, etc. All articles of superior msno- 
fiuWe. N70. a84 

1488 Qong Bell Manafiictnrinc Co^ 
£MtU4inpton,€Qan.~Belb. P 7a. 9A4 

1484 Roraer ft Co., Newark, N. J.— 
Lodes for railroad switches, cais, prisons, 
stoses,etc N 71. ' 984 

1486 Cowell, J. J.« ft Co., Newark, N.J. 
—Btnldefs' and trunk hardware. Manufac* 
tnren of trunk aad bailders' hardware, 
sash poUeys, trunk rollers, catches, han- 
dle cans, stay hinges, clamps, etc. Ako 
BaBeaUe and gray iron small castings. N 
71. 984 

1486 MIddletowfi Tool Co., Middle- 
town, Conn. — Plane irons, harness snaps, 
washer cuttets, hitching chains, plane- 
aaken* hardware, etc. r 71. 9B4 

148T Whipple, H.J. P., West Merideo, 
Connw—J[)oor-knoh attachment. P68. 984 

1488 McBacham, Daniel, Wilmington, 

Del.— CssK Iron Centennial chain, each 

liidc representing a State and giving the 

GoveriMM^s name. Q 78. 284 

Tor dasses of eahlbits, indicated by numbers 

1490 Ttebottt, W. ft ;., New York. N. 
Y.— Brass, gnhranizea, and ship chandlery 
hardwate. li 68. 984 

1491 Parker ft Whipple Co., West Meri- 
deo. Conn.— Door-knob attachment and 
adjustment. N 69. 984 

1498 Thorn, Stephen S., 89 Oliver 
street, Newark, N . J. — Brass, copper, and 
iron wire fenules, from H to 3)4 inches, for 
paint brushes — diese ferrules warranted 
not to burst or expand ; bonnet and insu- 
lating wire. N 69. 984 

1498 Worrell Bank Lock Manufactur- 
ing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Bank lock. 
H 70. 984 

1496 HarriDf ft Co., New York, N. Y. 

—Safe, bank, and time locks. U 69. 984 

1497 Nenman, R., ft Co., Newark, N. J. 
— Satchd and traveling hag firames, and 
hag trimmings. P (A. S84 

1498 VanAlenft Co., Northumberland, 
Pa.— Cut nails and ^ukes. T 66. 984 

1499 Blako Bros. Hardware Co., New 
HsTcn, Conn. — Hardware for builders', 
cabinet makeis', and carriage nmkers' use. 
P69. 984 

1500 Miller, D. K., Lock Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Locks. P 70. 984 

1 601 Eagle Lock Co., Terryville, Coon. 
^Trunk and cabinet locks. H 67. 984 

1602 Judd, Hubert L., New York, N. 
Y. — Upholstery and fancy hardware. N 
69. 984 

1608 Coleman Eagle Bolt Works. Phil- 
addphia. Pa. — Canriage bolu, nuts, and 
axle clips. P 71. 984 

1 604 Meeker, D. M., ft Son, Newark, N. 
'. — Iron, bronse, wkI German silver cast- 
ings. N 71. 984 

160f HaU, P. W.. Austin, Texas.-Com- 
binatiosi door, drawer, and trunk locks. 
P68. S84 

1606 Norwalk Lock Co., South Nor- 
walk. Conn. — Door locks, knobs, pad- 
lodes, and boildeis' hardware. N 70. 984 

1607 Terwilliger ft Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Safe k>cks. H 79. 384 

1608 Arms, Bell, ft Co., Youiigstowo, 
O.—Nuu, bolts, and washers. V63. 384 

1609 Wheeling Hinge Co., Wheeling, 
W. Va.— Hinges, butts, wrought goods, 
and washers. N 68. 984 

1611 Vandusen ft Tift, Cincinnati, 


-BeRs. T53. 


1612 American Screw Co., Providence, 
R. I.— Gimlet pointed screws of iron, 
brass, and sted; coach, hand rail, and ma^ 
chine screws; rivets; stove and tire bolts. 
P69. 984 

1618 Branford Lock Works, New 
York. N. Y.— Rim and mortise door locks 
and latches, brass and sted keys, door 
knobs, lock furniture. P 69. 984 

1614 Easton Lock Works, Baston, Pa. 
-—Rim and mortise locks and latches; 
safety locks and night latches. N 79. 984 

1616 Wilson. John, Chicaco, lU.— Pire 
nozzle. B 6;^ 984 

16 16« Keystone Hardware Manufac- 
turing Co., Reading, Pa.— Hardware. N 
69. 984 

1616 Quigloy, W. E., Watarbvry, Pa. 
—Hand-made horMshoes. T 7s. 984 
»* end of entries, see dassiioation, pp. 97^^45. 



Hardware, Rubber Goods, Cordage, etc. 

1517 Evans, P. H., Brooklyn. N. Y.— 
Expnnsion bolts and screw ustenings; 
photographs of other manuiacturas. P 
69. a84 

1519 Field. A. . ft Sons, Taunton, kuw*. 
—Tacks, brads, nails, etc. P 6S. 384 

1520 Valentine ft Butler Safe ft Lock 
Co., New York, N. Y.— Safe locks. H 

70. 884 

1521 Lewis. Oliver, ft Phillips, Pitts- 
burg. Pa. — Wagon and heavy haurdware, 
fence pickets, etc. T 64. 084 

1522 New BrHain Lock Co.. New BHt- 
ain. Conn.— Key reglsier; dial, bank, safe, 
and time locks. N 72. 384 

1 528 American Wire ft Screw Nail Co., 
cor. Madison and State streets, Coving- 
ton. K.y.-<^mmon, bright, smooth, ami; 
barbedwire nails with sharp points ; small, ' 
large, depressed heads and without heads. 
Moulding nails, wire cigar-box nails, iron 
and brass oval head escutcheon pins. Wire 
screw nails (patented). These nails have 
round, tapenng poinu, and screw thread 
till under the head. Are to be driven with 
a hammer as quick as conunon naib, but 
turn like screws while driving under the 
hammer. Wire nails of every description, 
also blued, tinned, and colored nails. P 

71. a84 

1524 Buckman, Ira, Brooklyn^ N. Y.~ 
Torsion spring hinge, automauc window 
lock, and door fixtures. N 68. 984 

1525 Riverside Iron Works, Whoeline, 
W. Va.— Nails and spikes. T 64. 3a4 

1526 Turner ft Seymour Manufactur- 
ing Co.. Walcottville, Conn. — Brass and 
iron upnolstery eoods and hardware, and 
notion goods. N 68. S84 

1527 Sargent ft Qreenleaf, Rochester, 
N. Y. — Chronometer, bank, safe, and flat 
key locks. H 73. 884 

L528 Wilcox, Wra., Manufacturing 
Co., Middletown, Conn. — Padlodu, plate 
locks, and ke>'S. N 71. 284 

1529 King, J. M., ft Co., Waterford, N. 
Y. — Stocks and dies, plug and taper taps, 
pliers, etc. N 71. 284 

1580 Keyless Padlock Co., New York, 
N. Y.~Keyiess padlocks. N 70. 384 
> Lyon, Sylvanus, New York, N. 
.—Locks. N 72. 284 

1582 Johns. H. W., New York, N. Y. 
—Tacks, etc. P 47. 284 

1588 Barton, W. E., East Hampton, 
Conn.— Hells. N 71. 284 

1534 Clarke Combination Lock Co., 
Baltimore, Aid. — Combination keyless 
locks. P63. 284 

1585 Orbeton, Wm. W., Boston, Mass. 
—-Screw braces and hinges. N 68. 084 

Fabrics of Vegretable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

1586 Olendale Blastfc Fabrics Co.. 
Easthampton, M^i&s. — Woven and braided 
elastic rubber fabrics. F 68. 283 

1587 Easthampton Rubber Thread Co.. 
Ea.«thanipton, Mass.— India nibber thrcaa 
and rubber in process of manufacture. F 
68. 285 

1588 Willis, Aug. L., Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Rubber rails tor tracks. H 71. 285 

For location of objects , indicated by letter and figure, 


1589 Sellers. Chas. P., PhiladefpUa. 
Pa. — Corn brooms and whisks. T 46. afio 

1540 Reynolds, C.T., ft Co., New York, 
N. Y.— an«hes. P 42^. 386 

1540« Isaacs, M. C, ft Co., Chicago, 
m.— Wire broonu, casting, and Hue 
brushes. N 71. a86 

1541 Leiner, M., New York. N. Y. 
— Brushes and ear cleaners. T 65. 285 

1541« Kerr. Hugh S., Philadelphia. 
Pa. — Sponge brushes. B 71. 286 

1542 Lovell, O. M. ft M. P., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Ear brush. T 50. 286 

1542« Pollock ft Son. Newark, N. J.— 
Brushes, bufis, etc. N 68. 386 

1548 Miles, Bros., ft Co., New York, N. 
Y.— Brushes. N 69. a86 

1544 Grand Rapids Brush Co., Orand 
Rapids, Mich.-^rushes. N 7a. s86 

1545 Clinton, E.. ft Co., Philadelphia. 
Pa.-Brushes. N 66. a86 

1546 Bowman, C. A., ft Bro., Madison, 
Ind. — Clothes brushes made of broom 
com. T 46. a86 

1547 Johns, H. W., New York,N. Y.— 
Brushes. P 47. s86 

1548 Florence Manufacturing Co.. 
Florence, Mass .—Hair brushes. B 70. a80 

1550 Bailey, John T„ ft Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Hope and twines. B 68. 387 

1551 Bauragardner, Woodward, ft Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Cordage and clothes 
lines, tarred yams, hemp packing. B 
70. sSy 

155b> Lawrence, Waterbury, ft Co., 
New York, N. Y.*-Cordage. T 78. aSy 

1552 Vyse. Robt. H., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
— Rawhide rope, sasn cord, and round 
behing. B 68. agy 

1558 Hooper, Wm. B^ ft Sons, Balti- 
more, ^fd.— Twine. D 78. aSy 

1554 Hart, A. H., ft Co.. 80 White 
' street. New York, N. Y.— Elm Flax 
^ Mills; flax twines for upholsterers, ssul, 

bag, broom makers, etc. ; flax yarns, shoe 
threads, etc. B 68. aSy 

1555 Wairs,William,Sons,NewYork, 
N. Y.— Ships' rigging; rope and cordage. 
£78. S87 

1556 Tucker, Carter, ft Co., New York, 
N. Y. — Wire and maniia ropes. B 69. aSy 

1557 Hart, Clarence A., Philadelphia, 
Pa,^Painted itilk banners. B 78. M 

1557« Reynolds, J. P., ft Co., New 
York, N. Y. — E&cutclieons of miiiiary 
and naval service. T 44. 388 

1558 Lilley, M. C, ft Co., Colurobua, 
O. — Masonic goods and society supplies. 
l^Ianufiactture society furniture, jewels, 
regalia, uniibrms, banners, band and mili- 
tary goods. Price lists upon application. 
P 65. 288 

1558 WiUod, J. R., Phttadfelphia, Pa. 
— Regalias, flags, and banners. F 70. 288 

1560 New England Bunting Co., Low- 
ell, Mass. — Bunting. B 75. 288 

15^1 Salisbury ft Co., KawYorte.N.Y. 
— Muslin flags ; engraving, designing, 
lithographing,^ and printing; original 
manuiacturers of American, election, and 
other decorations — all nations— in sets or 
single. H 77. 288 

see Key to Notation, p. 25 ; ground plan, p. ad. 

3BSTiLBIi:ESJr33I> 1841. 





HERRING'S Bankers' Safes. 

Security against the povyerful tools and ingenious devices 
of the scientific Burglar. 

Jlerring's Infallible fiank JiOck 

Aflbrds the saevrity of both a Conbination and Time Lock, 



251 & 252 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, 








See Show Case In Main Bunding^ Class 254, Siding 4. 




Fish liiNBSy 

Fish Hooks, 



Paper, Wooden, Metallic Fabrics, etc. 

1562 Piton, CaroiUe, Philadelphia, Pa. 
—Trophies representing America. Europe, 
Asn, and Africa. (Nop* mmd Cenire 
Tratue^.) 388 

1568 Tramaiii, Chaa., MaaUut, N. Y.— 
Paper barrels; cheese and fruit packages. 
T57. «89 

1564 Traael, Edward G.. New York. N. 
y.— Papier mach^ household ware, clkun- 
berseiSfpails, cuspadois, etc P64. 289 

1565 Wakefield Rattan Co., Boatoa, 
Msss.— Rattan baskeu. T 57. 389 

1566 Beaudett, Homer 1., Greenpoint, 
N. Y.— Fancy scroll work. P 50. 389 

1567 Watera, E., ft Bona. Troy. N. Y. 
—Boat barrels, camp stools, seats, pack- 
ages for Yolatile liquids, etc., made of pa- 
per. B 73. 089 

1568 Jentiinga Brotbera, 862 Pearl 
street. New York, N . Y.— J a panes e paper 
ware. Their manufiictura of pails, basins, 
pttchers, spittoons, cusjpadors, etc., are 
dioroiuhly waterproof, durable, and oma* 
Bcntaf; arc not aflected by the cKnute. 
Ttt. 389 

1569 Preaton ft Merrill, Boaton, Maaa. 
—Wooden boxes. P 48. 389 

1570 Dorman Manufacturing Co., New 
York, N. Y. — Baskets, urns, carriace 
bodies, etc P 59. 389 

1571 Pazon, Comfort, ft Co., Philadel. 
pbia. Pa. — Burial roba and (vesses ; cas- 
ket trimmings. B Ti and 0tii*id0. 390 

1572 Smith, Wm. M., West Meriden, 
Conn.— Casket trimmings, handles, name 
plates, and ornaments. N 43. 390 

1578 Rogera,C..& Broa., Weat Meri- 

den. Conn. — Gold and silver plated coffin 
and casket trimmings. F 73. 390 

2 Chaae, F. ft P. P., Penn Oalvanic 
voiks, Philadelphia, Pa.— Galranised 
iron goods, sheet uon, water l)ipe, boilers, 
hardware, shipsmithing, railings; bar, 
hoop, and ^ain iron. P 68. 391 

1574a Daabw. Geo., ft Co., Philadel. 
I^ua, Pa.— HiiialTanixcd sheet iron, mantels. 


cornices, railings, etc. Y 59. 
1575 8tratta,J. B. 


ia,T. B., ft Co., PhUadel. 
phia, Pa.-^C^lvanued, wrought, and cast 
Iron work. P 71. 391 

1577 Philadelphia Galvanising Co., 
Philadelphia, Pa. — Galvanised sheet iron 
pipe, railing, wirework, chain, boilers, 
sinks, coal hods, etc. P 69. 891 

1578 KIttredge Cornice ft Ornament 
Co., Salem, O.— Sheet metal coraices, 
doMs, shutters, and pavilion ; archiiecto- 
lal ornaments, B|^ wrou^^t iron woik. 
iOmUidf.) 39s 

For Hattcs of exhibits, indicated by aumben 

1679 Falatrom ft Tomaviat, Paaaaic 
City, N. J. — Galvanixed Iron coralce and 
ornamental sheet iron work for huildingn. 
P68. 891 

1580 Philadelphia Architectural Iron 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa.— Galvanised htm 
and sheet sine gate entrance. P 70. 891 

1581 McCullough Iron Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.— Galvanised sheet iron. P70. 391 

1582 Brown ft Owen, Philadelphia, 
Pa. — Cemetery inclosure, omamentiu iron 
work, and wrought iron pipe. {6W- 
tide.) 39X 

1588 Cornell, J. B. ft J. M.. 141 Centra 
street. New York, 9 Studio Buildinn, 
Boston, 437 Walnut street. Philadelphia. 
.-All kindb of hearv and light 
and cast iron work for buildii 


.-All luiK& of heary ana light 1 

r buildings and 
bridges ; cast iron fronts, stairs, columns, 
girders, lamp posts, etc; wrought Iron 
columns, girders, beams, railings, sheet 
lath, etc. ; steel and iron rolling shutters, 
fire-proof cohiams, bursar proc? sales ana 
vaultt. Works cover six acres of ground. 
P70. 391 

Marahall Brotbera ft Co..Phlla- 
Iphia, Pa. — Galvanized and leaded sheet 
iron work. P 71 and outside. 391 

1586 2inc Roofing ft Ornamenting 
Works. Chicago, III. — Ornaments ia 
pressea and cast tine, brass, and coi^erj 
zinc statues, emblematic signs, etc. P 
69. 39X 

1586 Buringer Brothers, Da^on, O. 
—Ohio coat-of-arms of galvanized iron. 
(Ai gadle ^ Ohw Sttftt Bm/dinf. ) 391 

1586« Smith, 8. A., New York, N. Y.— 
Rolling chsiirs. (Jn uu in me tmild- 
iM£t.) 393 

Carriage!, Tehiolei, and AooMioriei. 

1587 Blake Bros. Hardware Co., New 
Haven, Conn. — Trucks for moving open 
barrels and kegs. P 69. 394 

1588 Newicbawanlck Co., South Ber. 
wick. Me. — Horse blankets and goods for 
horse dothii^. R 78. r 396 

1588« Hopkins ft Robinson Manufac- 
turing Co., Alcron, O.— Animal pokes. 396 

156B Pettingell ft Sawyer, Eaat Cam- 
Iwidge, Biass. — Horse and wagon covers. 
F70r 396 

15B0 Eager. P. B., Tower, ft Co^ 
Boston, Mass. — Oiled horse covers. C 
78. 396 

1592 Faxon, E., ft Co., Philadelphia, 
Pa,— Wool extract. P 43. 667 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. st-^s* 


ized by Google 




{North of Nave ^ Columns 2j toj8.) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

Chemioal Haniifaotaref. 

1 Hutchinson, John, & Co., WIdnea, 

Lancashire. — Soda ash, soda crystals, 
caustic soda, bicarbanate of soda, salt cake, 
bleaching powder, and sulphur recovered 
from vat waste. 900 

2 Corbett, John, Stoke Prior Salt 
Works, Worcestershire.-^Refincd salt. 


8 Richards, Keame, & Oasquof ne, Mal- 
kins Bank Alkali Works, Sandbach, 
Cheshire. — Brine, sulphate of ammonia, 
soda aah* bicarbonate of soda. 900 

4 Oaskell, Deacon, ft Co., Widnea. 
Lancashire. — Carbonated soda ash, ana 
refined alkali, bleaching powder, soda 
cn'stals, bicarbonate of soda, and chloride 
of^calcium. 900 

5Brunner, Mond, ft Co.. North- 
' wich, Cheshire ~ Alkali or carbonate of 

6 The Desoto Alkali Co. (limited), 
Widnes, Lancashire.— Caustic soda, and 
black ash or ball soda. aoo 

8 Runcorn Soap ft Alkali Cq. (LirAi- 
ted), Liverpool. — Bleaching powder, soda 
ash, crystals of soda, causuc soda, and 
refined resin. too 

9 Muapratt Broa, ft Huntley, Liver- 
pool. — Soda ash, caustic soda, bleaching 
powder, soda crystals, and bicarbonate of 
soda. aoo 

10 Muspratt, James, ft Sona, Liver- 
pool. — Soda ash, cream caustic soda, 
oleachine powder, chlorate of potash, salt 
cake, and Drlmstone. aoo 

18 Spence, Peter, Mancheater.— Crys- 
tallized alum, in block and crysuls, and 
a new alumino-fernc compound for pre- 
cipitating sewage and for paper making. 


18 Hiffgin, Thomas, ft Co., Liverpool.— 

Salt. (A^riculiural HaU) aoo 

14 The Newcaatle Chemical Worka 
Co. (limited), Newcastle-on-Tyne.— Soda 
ash, alkali, bleaching powder, crystals and 
bicarbonate of soda, caustic soda, chloride 
of caldum. ^ aoo 

16 White, John ft Tamea, Shawfield 
Works, Glasgow. — ^Bichromate of pot- 
ash, aoo 

16 Liver Alkali Works Co. (limited), 
Liverpool.— Caustic soda. 200 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

17 Young, lamea, Kelly. Wennraa Bay. 

N. B.— niustratioiiS of manufacture of 
carbonate of soda, chlorate of potash, pro- 
ducts from petroleum, coal,jand ^ale, pre- 
servatlon of iron ships. aoo 

18 Qreenbank Alkali Co., St. Helen's, 

Lancashire. — Chemical products, pure 
caustic soda, chlorate of potash. aoo 

30 Jennings, T., Brookfield Chemical 
Works, Cork.— Carbonate of and calcined 
Butgnesia. aoo 

21 Calvert, F. C, ft Co., Bradford, 


a Carbolic and cresylic acids and deriva- 

tives. aoo 

i Carbolic add soaps. «>i 

88 Parkinaoa Broa., Burnley.— Bakini^. 
powder. aoo 

88 Moraon ft Son, London.— General 
chemicals and specialties, creasote, pep. 
sine, gelatine, etc. 900 

84 Allen & Hanburya, London.- Pat^ 

de jujube and analogous articles. aoo 

26 Oerrard, Alfred William, London.— 
Pharmaceutical preparations. aoo 

26 Chance Broa., Alkali \^orks, 
near Birmingham.— Cbemkal products. 


27 W?.ndham, F., ft Co., London. 

-"Esprit des CE«fs"(sphTt of eggs), a 
medicinal compound. aoo 

28 Price*a Patent Candle Co. (limited), 
Belmont Works, London.— Candles, 
ni^ht-Ughts, glycerine, fatty adds, ma- 
chinery oils; toilet, househdd, and mill 
•<>Ap% glycerine, paraffine, steariae, and 
Upers. aox 

29 Field, J. C. ft J., London.— Candles, 

toilet soaps, beeswax, and refined ydlcw 
wax, white wax, dyers' soaps, sealing 
wax, and fancy ornamental candles, aoi 

80 Pears, A. ft F., Lanadron Soap 
Works, Isleworth, near London.- Trans- 
parent soap. aoi 

81 Wright ft Holdaworth, London.— 
Dog soap, worm powders, Bauer's baby 
soap. aor 

82 Cohn^. Sigiamund, London.— Chem- 
ical and medical soaps. aot 

88 Craisr ft Rose, Caledonian Oil ft 
C:olor Works, Ediubuigh. 
a Oils. 9ot 

3 Paints and colors. aoa 

at end of entries, see dassificaticn, pp. 97^45. 





LONDOH. laea. 

PABI8, 1807. 






Amarlc^n Afront — Kr. D. A. lilKDSAT. Ko. 54. Howard Street. New York. 

Wp^ C^ OO^TT P^ O/^IVI ) WinnefB ef the International Gun 
• 06 W.OOW I I <S6 OUnl.i Trial. ]riWI0RK,lb78. for Polnta 
of Merit of Shooting daalitiei, System of Action, Workmanship, 4c. Ao. 

Canada and 
^^^ the United 

Chma, States. . 


Oipe, _ 


Patent Treble webse-Fast Breechloader, 

THB WINNING GI7N at the crreat London Oun Trials, in all the claMes, for 
improred boring. WUl kill game at OTer 100 jarda. 

London Address, 

BT. eAsnc ST., 


Ute stroDfBSt and mo9t 

inni^ breeoh aotfon erer 



On Sale at 
ICesnni. Orubb ft Co.*8 


la the Frew, " CHoaa-BoKK Ghms, Aim how to Load fob all anme or Oamx." By "W. W. 
Greener, Author of *• Modern Breechloaders." 

IaVID SMtTN « eO., Limited. Wool Extractors. HALIFAX, and the 


. mnths nor »wn>ln will lire fn doths. blanket* or «« made of these WooltjBor 

»i«Min« or iif^ainri made therewith. On ac«>ont of tihelr cJjemtfid. pr;'Ii«ilss 

they aie mAoipHia^M. «(«nds roanafactored with these Wo.»I* are not lubject to 

Xefther bays, lice, flaai. mnths 
^ Umt lo^se hi aar bed. heddini 

wl tlie manoer In wbkih tbej are mAoipHU^^ -. i.— v ,. , 

■iMew. Gmtracto majr be entereil fntif for recatar snnpll^ of tttem. Samples sappliei. 


6un nn& ^ifle f^aimfartttrtr, 

BrSpwial Apmliitment to thetr Rnral Hlxhiinta 
tli« ?iliice of Wain k t.)i« Dnkn of Bdinburgh. 

Imfater. tttNn WIT MIRER STBttT.EOMBURSI, I.B. Union Bianch. 118, PUL Mrii[^ 







To be obtained at the Bestaturants In 

the EzhibiUon Building, 

And sold by all ftrst-olaaa Liquor Dealers, Beetanratenrs, Hotels fto„ 
in the whole of the United States. 


Ffercy Blue Brick Worim, 

WEST BROMWICH, Staffordshire, 

LondOll. 1874. MANUFACTURER OF -^vii^ygn. 





l6, 7 & 8, NEW WESTON STREET. 


OooteBonghtorSallftir i^i^^/eOoDmliiiai A<el«ndan. Buikan, Landon Mnt Stock Buk. 

JOHN Gh. M.9Gh]BE dk CO.. 




Bee SHOW OAS*. GIam 850. B 87. 



Prize JHedais— Ijon.don, Paris, Serlin, Souloffne, dc Serssn* 


ized by Google 



Chemicals, Ceramics. 

S4 WHHams, Bfiles, BritaDoia Varnish 

Works, Wigan, Lanouhire. 

« Gcw cariMrener and drawings; improve* 

matt in manufacture of gas and liquid 

f>ieL toi 

t Vanisbes. varnish paints, onamels, lac- 

>, and specimens of work. aos 

tl HicUsMO, lira. M . A., London.— 
Hukltig ink, pens, linen stretcher, and 

^ Turner, Chaa., ft Son, London. 
—Varnishes, fine coknrs. gums. soa 

1$ L^rona, William^ Manchester. — 
yA^ridjig and copying fluids and inks, 
marking ink, ink powders, paper dye tab- 
lets, aoa 

19 Bowman, Charles, London.— Solid 
ink, stencil plates, steoctl tmishes, etc. 302 

40 Rawlina & Son, Brook Works, Pres- 
ooL— Ukraouzine and smalts, with raw 
Btateriak. soa 

41 Chambera, T. P., Hiall.— Black var- 
aiik. soa 

4S Johnson Broa., Hull.— Colora, var- 
nishes, machinery oils, and locomotive 
and anti-friction greases. soa 

44 Rowney, George, ft Co., London. — 
Pl^cna, colors, varnishes, artistt' ma- 
terials, soa 

46 Storer, David, ft Bona, Glasgow. 
—Colors, piffcaents, and wood stains; 
Venetian, Inaian, and other reds; drop 
black, greens, and other pigment col- 
on, soa 

46 Cooper ft Co., London. — Writ- 
ing, register, and japan inks, copying and 
flindiidc; r«d. scarlet, blue, and violet 
bks. 90s 

47 Silicate Paint Co., Liverpool. 
— SiHcate paints and colors; petrifying 
lk|u)d for damp walls; enameling and 
aoti-lbuling paints; cement for steam 
joints, anti-incrustation fltiid, nitre killer, 
etc. . aoa 

47« Tounff ft Strang, Glasgow.— Gums 

fcr caUco printing. aoa 

48 Blackwood, John, ft Co., London. 
—Writing, copying, and indelible mark- 
ing inks. soa 

49 Mackar, John, Edinburgh. 

« Spirit varnishes and polishes for coating 
Wood of sdl cok>rs, white, mahogany, oak, 
ordMny. aoa 

^ Fluid flavoring essences from spices, fruits, 
and vegetables. 903 

10 Stephens, Henry Charles, London 
— Wnthig fluids and copying inks, * ' 

powders, machine ruHng 
inks; stains for wood. 


fl Crown Pcrftiinery Co., London.— 
PeHkmes and toilet requisites. 303 

fS Brooks, Henry, ft Co., London.— 
Per^nnery. ao3 

fS Atkinson. J. ft B., London.— Per- 

&mery and toflet articles. ao3 

f4jaap, John, Glasgow.— Flavoring 
essences and other preparatioia. 303 

fS Low, Son, ft Haydon, London.— 
Perfume extracu, toilet soaps. 203 

For classes oC exhibits. indfca(ed by numbers 

56 Perks, Samuel, Hitchin Herts.— 

Essential oil of lavender, extract lavender 
flowers, etc ao3 

67 Thiellay, Eugene Henry, London. 
— Hair tincture, dyes, and bleaching 
liquid, tonics, and cultivators. ao3 

58 Rimm^, Eugene, London.— 
Perfumery and toilet articles; perfume 
vaporizers, etc. 803 

69 Evans, Sons, ft Co., Liverpool, and 
Evans, Lescher, & Evans, JLonoon. — 
Perfumery. ^03 

69<s Sturge'a Montserrat Co. (limited). 
Broad street, Birmingham. — Essences, aoj 

60 Bryant ft May, Fairfield Worka, 
London. — Safety matches, wax vestas 
and vesuviaiUk, decorated metal and other 
boxes. ao4 

62 Bickford, Smith, ft Co., Tuckingmill, 
Cornwall. — Safety fuses for blasting opera- 
tions. ao4 

68 Pigou. Wilks, ft Laurence aimited). 
London.— Military, sporting, African, and 
mining powders of every description. ao4 

64 Lacey, Richard George, Coast Guard 
Station, Leigh, Essex.— -Kocket apparatus 
for throwing lines from one ship to aiuHher. 


C«ramios— Pottery, Pore«lAixi| OUsi* 

66 Peake, Thomas, The Tileriea, Tan- 

stall, Staffordshire. 
« Paving and facing bricks. so6 

^ Ridge, roofing, and flooring tiles: orna- 
mental tiles for garden borders, skirtings, 
and mural decorations. ao8 

66 Hamblet. Joseph, Piercy Blue Brick 
Works, west Uromwich, Staflbrdshirs. 

a Vitrified blue bricks, copings, plinths, 
stable floor bricks, and quarries. soo 

6 Ridges, roofing tiles, and terra metallic 
pavings. soS 

67 Wood ft Ivery, Albion Brick Worka, 
West Bromwich, Staffordshire. — Blue 
terra metalUc building and fancy bricks ; 
mouldings, copings, footpath paving 
bricks, grooved .stable floor bricks, termi- 
nals ; terra metalUc vases, trusses, etc. so6 

68 Johnson ft Co., Ditchling Potteries, 
bassex. — Terra-cotta as applied to build- 
ing purposes ; terminals, va»es, ridge liles, 
and general terra-ootta woric. (Agricul- 
tural IfaU.) ao6 

69 Matthews, John, Royal Pottery, 
Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. — 
Terra-cotta vases, fountains, and baskets : 
garden pottcrj', etc. ao6 

70Watcombe Terra-Cotta Co. 
(limited), Waicombe, South Devon. — ^Ter- 
ra-cotta, painted vases and plaaues, stat- 
uettes, etc. ; frc&coes for mimtl aoomment, 
and architectural terra-ootta q)ect- 
mens. so6 

71 Brooke, Edward, ft Sons, Fieldhouae 

Fire CUy Works, Huddersficld, Yorkshire. 

« Sanitar>- tubes. »o6 

b Fire bncks and clay for furnaces; sewer 

ventilators; siUon fire bricks (or fiit^ 

at end of entries, see 





72 Stiff, James, ft Sons, London. 

« Terra-cotta jais, bottles, tiles, vases, me- 
dallions, water filteis, refrieerators, air 
bricks, stoves, and stove lining, tablets 
with figures in bas-rdief, figuresTor church 
and other decorations; sanitary ware, 
sewer traps, drain pipes, etc. aoo 

3 Terra-cotta stoves and stove ^nges. ao? 

c Files. 2o8 

«f Chemical stoneware, water filters, refrig- 
erators, etc. azo 

78 Jennings, George, London.— 
A]^pliances for ventilation, terra-cotta 
bncks, etc.; stoneware drain pipes, guUey 
traps. 9o6 

74 Holland, William Thomas, Yrisy- 

mudw. South Wales. 
« Architectural terra-cotta, bricks and tiles. 

sanitary pipes and ware. 206 

i Kire bricks and fireproof cements. 907 
c Ceramic goods, eartnenwarc, or faience, in 

table, tea and toilet services, etc. 2x3 

75 Lindsay & Anderson. Lilliehill Fire 
Clay & Terra-Cotu Works, Dunferm- 
line, Scotland. 

a Fountain in terra-cotta, bust and pedestal 
of Sir Walter Scott, statuette of Sir James 
Y. Simpson, nymphs at fountain, garden 
vases and pedestals, sewage pipes and 
sanitary appliances, collecuon of terra- 
cotta. ao6 

3 Gas stove in terra-cotta, fire-clay bricks, 
chimney cans. 007 

76 Doulton, Hy.. ft Co.. London. — 
Tentucotta gcxxk for arcnitectural pur- 
poses; saniury pottery in salt-glazed 
stoneware, queensware ; vitrified metallic 
bricks ana pavings. ao6 

76a Eastwood & Co., (limited). London. 

a Building^ paving, omamenul, and fire 

bricks : StaJSbrdsnire blue bricks, grooved 

Saviors. ao6 

Led paving and roofing tiles ; ridges and 
clinkers. »o8 

77 Brownhills Pottery Co., Tunstall. 
a Terra-cotta and black glazed ware. 906 
i Floor and roof tiles, ridge ornaments, 

etc. 208 

# Jugs. 2x0 

</ Earthenware dinner, dessert, and toilet 

ware. 213 

78 Dean, Henry, Rugby, Warwick- 
shire. — Stoneware drain traps and yard 
gullies of difiierent patterns. 906 

78a Maw ft Co., Benthall Works, 
Broseley, Shropshire, 
a Architectural miyolica, and terra-cotta. 

3 Geometrical mosaic, encaustic, and ma- 
jolica tUes. 208 

79 Tinworth, George, London.— 
Panels in terra-cotta, illustrative of Scrip- 
ture, and articles in colored stoneware. ao6 

79a Daniell, A. B., ft Son, London. 

a Porcelain and pottery, ornamental vases, 
candelabra, etc.; fountains, jardiniires, 
garden seats, vases, etc. 206 

S Dinner, dessert, tea, and coffee services ; 
toilet services. 213 

80 Harper ft Moores, Stourbridge.— 
Fire clays, prepared clays, fire bncks, 
crucibles, meltli^( pots, bricks for smelting 
furnaces, etc. 907 

81 Cliff, John, Runcorn, near Liverpool. 
—Fire brick. 207 

82 Patent Plumbago Crucible Co.» 
Battersea Works, London. — Potable 
furnaces; skittle nots for glass melting: 
crucibles for jewders, assayers, dentiscs, 
etc. ; founders' blacking. ao/ 

83 Price, J. ft C, ft Bros., Bristol.— 
Ale bottles, spirit jars, barrels, preserve 
jaiB, wtLter filteis, feet wannen, ttc; 
stoneware. aoy 

84 Bates, Walker, ft Co., Dale Hall 

Works, Burslem. 
a Ironmongers', artists', and gardenware; 

earthenware g09ds; signboard letters, aog 
^ Spirit barrels. aio 

e Dinner, dessert, toilet, and tea ware; 

porcelain slates, menu ublets, etc. 8x3 

85 Doulton ft Co., London. — Man- 
telpieces, stoves, hearth, and fenders of 
clay: crucibles, furnaces, muffles, in fire 
clay and plumbogo, 907 

86 King Bros., Stourbridge.— Fire 
brick, gas retorts, etc 007 

88 Davidson. T., ir*, ft Co., Caledoniaui 

Pipe Works, Glasgow.— Clay tobacco 
pipes : white cU^ pipes, fitted with fimcy 
mouthpieces and cases. 307 

88« Doulton ft Watta, Lambeth Pot- 
tery, London. 
a Stoneware for chemical works. moj 

i Tile decorations. so8 

e Stoneware for manufacturing purposes; 
pulpit and font in fine flirt pottery fiu- 
ence. 009 

d Stoneware for domestic purposes. a so 

89 The Campbell Brick ft Tile Co., 
Stoke-upon-Trent. — Encaustic, seometric. 
majolica, and all kinds of grazed tiles and 
mosaics, bricks, and roofings. " ao8 

90 Craven, Dunill, ft Co., Jackfield 
Works^ near Ironbridge, Shropshire. — 
Tiles K>r pavements and hearths; orna- 
mental splays for fireplaces; tiles for walls 
and furmture. 308 

91 Minton. Hollins, ft Co., Minton'a 
China Works, Stoke on Trent.— Tiles, 
tile-mosaic, tile fender, chimney piece, 
fire graie, flower vases, etc. ao8 

92 Stanley Bros.. Midland Tile Works, 
Nuneaton, Warwickshire. — Pecforated 
tiles for malt kiln floofs. ao8 

93 Brown-Westhead, T. C, Moore, ft 
Co., Caukkm Place, Staffordshire Pottcr« 

Tiles and sanitary ware. so6 

b China, earthenware, statuary, porodain, 
and majolica ware. 209 

e Druggists' and perfumers' goods, 2x0 
d Dinner, dessert, and toilet services. 213 

93<s Matthews, Edward, ft Son, Lon- 
don.^Decorative tiles. ao8 

98^ Minton China Works, Stoke upon 
Trent.— Enameled tiles, etc vA 

93^ Colthurst, Symons ft Co., Bridge- 
water. — ^Bricks sod tileSk (in Arricut^ 
turalHall.) 208 

94 Brownfield, Wm., ft Son, Cobridge, 
Staffordshire Potteries.— China, m:gohca, 
ironstone china, parian, earthenware, 
stoneware, etc. 210 

96 Edwards, J., ft Son, Burslem, Staf- 
fordshire. — Iron&toae whiteware. {In.Af^ 
riculiHral Hall.) aie 

fax Gfjjttfs of exhibits, indicated by nttmbezs at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 


"WWtt DUBLIH ?M>«»^ ^»w» BELFAST *«•«*<* 





WHEREAB— It having come to the knowledge of W. B. and Son that 

ceztain manufacturei's are trying to introduce a spurious imitation of the above 
TRAHP MARi^ goods, less in substance and strength, made from 

I tf AUti MAKIS.. ^^ inferior materials, W. B. and Son, wishing to 
maintain the reputation they have so many years 
enjoyed for making the stoutest, most durable and 

7. BLia3. ^ ^^ C. HORTOlf. approved Tweed for Riding Trousers, and at the 
same time wishing to protect their own interest as 
well as that of tneir friends, have determined to 

stamp each piece of their Tweed every two-and-ahalf yards, **Bliss, Chipping 


The above-mentioned goods supplied direct from W. B. and Son, only to 

Having started an additional new mill, full of the best machinery t they can 
now supply any quantity of perfect Tweeds, punctually delivered. 



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A single trial solicited from thoea who have not yet tried these splendid prepurstions. 



The cheapest because the best, and iudispensable to ererr household, and aa 
ina-itimable boon to hou^seinvcs. Makes delici<ius Pudoings without egsa. 
Pastry without butter, and beautiful lieht Bread without yeast. Sold by 
Grocers, Oilmen, Chemists, &o.. in Id. Packets : 6d , Is., and 2s. Tina. 



This cheap and excellent Sauce makes the plainest viands palatable, and tka 
daiiuicst dishes more deliduus. To Chops and Steaks, Fish, frc, it is incom- 
parable. Sold by Orooers. Oilmen, Chemists, &c., in Bottles, 6d., Is., and 2a. 

^^- Prepared by QOODALL. BACKHOUSE & CO., LEEDS, 

The best, cheapest, and most agreeable tonio yet introduced. The beak 
remedy known for Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, General Debility, fcc. Restores 
delicate invalids to health and vigour. Sold by Chemists, Grocers, &c., at \%^ 
Is. lid., 2s., and 2s. Sd. each Bottle. 



DR. AltTIirn Hir^L HASSAIiL, M.D , the ioventor. rrooraraends tliis ai tlie b««t and most noaiiahinc 
of all InfaiitA* and InvalMa' Kooda which have hitherto been brought before Uic public. It coxUainaevarr 
requlaite for th0 fnU and healthT support and derelopment of theood}-, and la. to a oonsiderabto eatsit, 
seir-digctstire. Boooinmended oy toe " Ijtncet," and Medical Faculty, Ac. Sold by l>nig;fists, Grooera, 
Oilmen. Ac, Ac. la Tins. 6 1., la.. 2a, &i. 6d., 6«.. 1 '«.. and 28d. each. A Trratiae by Arthur Hill BmmU. 
1C.L>.. London, on the "Alimentation of Infanta. C^hlldren, and Inyalids, with hints on the r 
management of cliildren." lent post free on application to the 

KaauOaoturera. OOODAliL. BAOKKOUBB * 00.. IABD8. 

The following PBIZE MEDALS have been awarded— 

Nismes, 1863 ; Cologne, 1865 ; Paria, 1872 ; 

Havre, 1868 ; Beauvais, 1869 ; Karseillea, 1874 ; 

Parla, 1876; 




D. ANDERSON & SON, Belfast, Ireland, 

Sole Makers and Patentees for the U.S, of America of 


Ready Coated and Bandad. eepeoially for HOT OUMATBS. 






Agents in all principal cities in the UnitedJE^tateAi 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Ceramics, Furniture. 

f 6« Gardner, Peter, Dnnmore Pottery, 
b]r Stirling, Scotland. — Rockingham tea- 
pots. 3IO 

97 Bdwardi, Joho, Penton, StafTord- 
shire.— Ironstone china and porcelain de 
terre tea, dinner, toilet, and jug services. 
(/» Agrtcnlturmi Hail. ) 313 

98 BaUey, W. & J. A., Alloa, ScoUand. 
—Rockingham earthenware teapots. 213 

98a Powell & Biabop, Hanley, Staf- 
ford^re. — Dinner, dessert, tea, and toilet 
services, white granite, etc. 213 

99 Hetley, J., ft Co., London.—Glaaa 
shades; dass used for photographic, build- 
ing, and horticultural purposes. 914 

100 Chance Bros., ft Co., Glaas Worka, 
near Binningham. — Glass for optical instru- 
ments. S14 

101 Xilner Bros., London.^Glass bot- 
des and glass, for useful and scientific 
applications. 315 

107 Aire ft Calder Glaaa Bottle Co., 
London. — Glass bottles, combination stop- 
pen, packing cases, corks, straw envd- 
opes. ais 

108 Green, James, ft Nepbew. Thamea 
Cut Clan Works, London. — Table glass, 
cut and engraved table decorations ana 
flower stands, glass chandeliers, and lustre 
candlesticks. 916 

109 Bfillar. Jobn« ft Co., Bdiaburgb.— 
Engraved and cut glass. ai6 

109« Jenkinson, Alexander, Edinburgb. 
—Venetian glass in antique shapes, a 16 

Vnmitort and Olgectf of General Use 
iiConstmotion and in Dwellings. 

110 Cox ft Sona, London.— Cbimney 
piece, embroidered mantel board, ebon- 
ued comer cupboard, carved oak furni- 
ture, bronze ornament, stained glass 
church window, wrought iron pulpit body, 
lecterns, church plate, wrougnt iron ana 
brass work, art tiles and ptaoues; the 
challenge priae of the National Musical 
Umon, etc axy 

llOis Tnmer, George, ft Co., London. 

a Hammock bedstead and sola, mosquito 

curtains. 317 

h Camp oven. aaa 

111 Wright ft Mansfield, London.— 
Cabinet fumittve of the i8tn century. 317 

118 Hema, Marry, Exeter.— Alabaster 
statue; carved oak chest made out of 
ancient beams (nearly 600 years old) from 
the clxnr of Salisbury cathedral. 317 

lis Peyton ft Peyton, Bordesley 
Works, Binningham.— Metallic bed- 
steads. ai7 

114 Morton, TV. Scott, ft Co., Art Fur- 
niture Works, Edinburgh.— Decorative 
furniture, ebonized and decorated cabinet, 
sideboard. 317 

119 Hart, Son, Peard, ft Co., London. 

a Artistic metal work (chiefly for ecclesias- 

tical purposes), stove grates, etc 317 

h Stove grates, etc 333 

c Gas fixtures. 323 

116 Sboolbred, Jamea, ft Co., London. 
— Fiiminire in the Jacobean and Qneen 
Anne styles; bedroom furniture in the 
Anglo-Iiidtan style; ctntains and car- 
pets. 317 
ior 6amm of exhibits, indicated by numbets 

116« Wbite. WillUm George, London. 
— Steel safe. aiy 

117 Barnard, Bradly, London.— Fur- 
niture and hammock. 317 

118 Cooper ft Holt. London.— Furni- 
ture, sideboard, portion of bedroom suite, 
decorative drawing-room furniture. 317 

119 Phipson, Miss Emma, Monk Sber- 
bome, Basingstoke, Hants.— Sideboard, 
ladies work table, dressing glass, and can- 
dlesticks. ai7 

119<s Chatwood, Samuel. London.— 
Fire and burglar proof safes. 817 

120 Ward ft Co., London. — Bear 
arranged as dtunb waiter to \uA^ tray an4 
lamp. 3x7 

188 Arthur, Frederick, London.— 

Cabinet work and fittings for Royal School 
of Art needlework exhibits. ai7 

183 Wethered, Sdwia Robert, Wool- 

wich, Kent. 
a Hammock. 317 

b Friction pulley block, exhibited as a fire- 
escape. 337 

124 Matthewa, Edward, ft Son, Lon» 
don. — Stained glass windows, mtiral 
brasses. 317 

185 Barnard. Bishop, ft Barnarda, Norw 
folk Iron Works, Norwich. 

a Stoves. aas 

i Mangles. 335 

c Ornamental wrought and cast iron gate»« 

palisade, pavilions, etc. 710 

d Lawn mowers, hose reels, garden rollers, 

and iron garden requisites. 790 

185^ Howard ft Sona, London.— 

Household furniture. 317 

186 Singer, J. W., ft Son, Frome, Som- 
erset. — Artistic metal work, altar crosses 
and candlesticks, alms dishes, and mural 
brass plates for cnurches. 3x7 

186<x Sage, Frederick, 
tight sno' 

, London.— Air- 

I, velvet show stand, etc. 


1 87 Knight, Miss Mary, London.— Bed- 
stead, axf 

188 TeflFreys, Charlea, London. 

a Snow cases, bronzed shop fittings, and 

show stands. 917 

h Cut glass mirrors. 3x9 

c Reflecting lamps. 333 

189 Royal School of Art Needlework, 
London. — Artistic needlework and cm- 
broidery in applique, crewels, and silk. 3x7 

130 Macintosh, James, London.— Dec- 
orative doors and panels: imitations of 
woods and marbles, decorative designs 
and paper-hanging. 3x7 

130^ Collmann, L. W., London.— Piano 
in carved satinwood case, etc. 217 

130^ Watson ft Son, Bombay, East 
India. — Indian furniture, etc. 217 

131 Collinson ft Lock. London.— Pur- 
nitiMV, wall papers, and textile fabrics in 
the old English style. 317 

181 A Neal, John, London. — Table ware. 


132 Goggin, Jeremiah. Dublin. 

« Table ornaments, drinking cups, tankards. 

h Mirrors, 

at end of entries, see Classification, 

.digitized by 





Table Furniture, Heatinf^ and Lighting Apparatus, Woven Goods. 

188 BfldUy, W. ft J. A., 

land. — Engraved table g\aa 

Alloa, 8cot- 
I. 218 

188<( Qilli James, London.— Otneral 

engraving on metals, etc. 8x8 

184 l^lkiniton & Co., Birmingham. 

« Solid silver and electro^ilver plate for 
domestic use; decorative table plate re- 
lieved with electro -gold and oxidized 
silver. ai8 

^ Cloisonne and champleT^ enamels on sil- 
ver and copper. 413 

c Works of art in gold, silver, and other 

metals ; bronzed statuary. ^3 

1/ Antique art treasures, in metal, from the 

South Kensington Museum. 454 

187 Kent, Qeorge Barton, ft Co., Lon- 

a Ivoride mirrors. 2x9 

c Photograph stands. sao 

188 Engert, A. C, ft Co., London.— Or- 
namental mouldines for picture frames 
and architectural decorations. aao 

189 Hieronimus, W., London.— Frame 
mouldings, window cornices, decorating 
mouldings, etc aao 

140 Heaps ft Wheatley, Brotherton, 

Yorkshire. — Oil cooking stove, gas stove, 
water boilers, etc. aaa 

148 Stael ft Garland, Wharndiffe 
Works, Sheffield.— Steel grates, with por- 
celain tiles ; fenders, encaustic tile hearths, 
stoves with china tiles, fire irons, etc. taa 

144 Smart, Walter, Buckhurst Hill, 
Essex. — Sub-fire ovexu aaa 

146 Peetham, Mark, ft Co., London.— 

Stoves and grates with appliances ; deco- 
rated chtna <or fireplaces. aas 

147 Perkins, A. M., ft Son, London.— 
Steam oven for inarine use. (In Machi^ 
ntry Hall.) aaa 

148 Thornton, Ebeneser, Bradford. 
Yorkshire. — Cooking stove tor gas or solid 
fuel. aaa 

148^ Clay, Randolph, London.— Flex- 
ible gas tubing. 333 

149 Gardner, John, ft Sons, London. — 
Lamps, Arctic expedition lamps, travding 
canteens. 33a 

160 Field, J. C. ft J., London.— Night 
lights and candle gusud. 333 

161 Partridge ft Co., Birmingham.— 
Brass gaseliers, brackets, etc. 333 

162 Skelton ft Co., London.— Street 
lamp, with reflectors. 333 

162« Kent, George, London.— Knife- 
deaning machine. 334 

168 Btsenberger, R. Z., London.— 
Patent coffee filter, etc. 334 

168a Cheavin. George, Boston, Lin- 
colnshire.— Water filters. (/» Agricul- 
tural HaU.) 336 

164 Jennings, George, London.— 
Lavatories, baths, closets, urinals, and la- 
trines; water meters and water waste 
preventors. 336 

166 Bullivant, Thomas, London.— Sash 
window. 337 

166 Edwards, G.. London.— Sliding 
window sashes and frame. 307 

Yams and Woren Goods of VsgetaUe 
or Mineral Materials. 

167 Brown, J. B., ft Co., London.— 
Galvanized wire netting for inclosiiig 
poultry, pheasants, dc^, etc. (/« A^j^ 
cultural Hall.) 338 

167<s Engert ft Rolfe. London.— Pelts 
for rooting, fibrous asphalt, etc. (In Agri- 
euUuralHall.) 335 

168 Greening, N.,ft Sons, Warrington. 
—Woven wire. (/• Agricultural Hall.) 


168« McTear ft Co., Belfast, Ireland.— 
Roofing, ship sheathing, and ixtodorous 
felt ; model of roof. aaS 

169 Cox Bros., Camperdown Linen 
Works, Dundee, Scotland .—Jute yams 
twines, etc 239 

160 Sandeman, Frank Stewart, Man- 
hattan Works, Dundee, Scodand. — Linea 
and jute yams, carpet yams, burlaps, bag- 
gings, canvas padcnngs, scrim dotn, horse 
covers, and lap robes. 330 

161 Laird, WiUiam, ft Co., Canmoro 

' Linen Works, Forfar, Scotland.- Textile 
fabrics, washed damasks, fancy tow^ 
ings, horsecloths, sheetings, osnaboiigs* 
stair covering, seamless bags, hessians, 
striped beddings, paddings, dudes, biido> 
ram, etc 330 

168 Johnson, Jabes, ft Pildes, Mancbott* 

a Quilts and bedcovers, toilet or burean 

covers, brocades, damasks, disrities, mtia- 

lins. 330 

h Printed cretons, towels, dress fid>rics, 

etc 33* 

168 Dewhurst, John, ft Sons, Bella 
Vue Mills, Skipton. Yorkshire.- Sewina 
cotton, finished and in various stages of 
manufacture. 330 

164 Brook, Jonas, ft Bros., Meltham 
MHls, Huddersfield.— Spool cotton, white 
and colored ; crochet and embroidery cot- 
ton. a3e 

164a Greenmount Spinning Co., 

Greenmount Factoiv, Dublin. 
m Cotton goods for domestic and clothing 

Durposes. 330 

b Linen goods. 333 

166 Neilson, Storer, ft Sons, Thoni 
Mills, Johnstone, near Paisley. — Yams; 
knitting, mending, and other cottons; 
yams for lace, curtain, and fancy dress 
manufacturers. 330 

166<< McBHde, Robert, ft Co., Ballast. 

a Cotton goods. 330 

h Mixed cotton and linen goods. 333 

166 Clark. John, jr., ft Co., Glasgow, 
Scotland.— Spool cotton. 330 

167 Swainson, Birley, ft Co., Pishwick 
Mills, Preston. — Bleached cotton fabrics. 


167« Turner, George, ft Co., London.— 
Tent. 330 

168 Barlow ft Jones (limited), Man* 
Chester.— Toilet quilts, covers, and mats ; 
dookings. cotton towels, blankeu, alham- 
bras, SAO counterpanes, plain and fiuicy 
muslins, etc. 330 

For dsassB of axhlbitB, indicated by numben at end of entries, see Clsssi£catlon, 




EstablUhed 1801. 


Meltham ¥i]1s, - KM near laddersfield, 


SEwme, Crochet, and EMBRoiDERme ConoN, 

49, Cannon Street London, E.G. I 10, Garthland Street, Glasgow. 
36. Fountain Street, Manchester. | 93, Boulevard do Sebastopol, Paris. 
WI. HI. SMITH & COm B2, Greene Street, New York, Sole kgents for the U.a 


The extraordinary strength, smoothness, and durability obtained by this invention have 
•ecured for it grreat popularity, and it is consequently much imitated in inferior qualities. 
This Cotton is alwa3rs labelled Brook's Patknt Glac£ Thread, and without their name 
tnd crest (a GOAT'S HEAD), the words •* Glarf," or " Patent Glac6," do not denote that it 
» of their manufacture. 

BROOK'S PATENT NINE AND SIX COBBS will be found of very superior 
^oality, and are strongly recommended wherever a SOFT COTTON is preferred. 

E3:i3:iBITI03Sr I>MZBS- 

Xondon, 1861. I OnlyPirst Claas S 

London, 1862. I Qoid Medal 


Only Medal Xondon, 1861. I OnlyPirst Claaa Medal, Paris, 1856. 

Priie Medal London, 1862. I Qoid Medal Paris, 1867. 

Digitized by 




Established 1830. 

York Street Flax Spinning Co., Ltd., 





Irish Linen Brocade, Viennese Dress Linen, 

Natural Dress Linen, Grenadines, 

Printed Lawns. 

Bro-wn Diagonal Drills, Plains 
Bro-wn Diagonal Drills, Fancy Stripe, 
Brown Diagonal Tweeds, 
Bleached Drills and Ducks, 
BroAvn Ducks and Duck Coatings, 
Canvas <& French Elastic Ducks, 
Pale Hollands, 
Blay Linens. 


Light Shirting Linen, 
Light Fronting Linen, 
Super Fronting Linen, 
Medium Fannily Linens, 
Heavy Family Linens, 
Drawer Linens. 


NEW YORK .. . 


LONDON ... . 

154, Chorch Street. 

Messrs. Anderson St Simpson. 

88, Rue des Jeuneurs. 

2, Russia Row, Kilk Street. 

12, Picoadilly. 


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Woven Goods. 

168« Brif^, J. P.. ft Co., Huddersfield, 
Yorkshire. — Drills and ducks. ajo 

169 Aahwortb, Bdmvnd, & Sons, Bger- 
lon Mills, Bolton, Lancashire. — Cotton in 
▼arious stages of manufacture; yams, sew- 
bg cottons; crochet, embroideiy, knitting, 
mending, and glove cottons, unen finish 
thread. 330 

170 PetLTSon. Thomas, ft Son, Victoria 

Mills, Little Bolton. — Quilts, quiltings, 
toilet covers, and mau. 930 

171 Hawkins, John, ft Sons, Manches- 
ter.— Plain and twilled calicoes and 



172 Perguson Bros., Holme Head 
Works, near Carlisle. — Sattecns. 331 

178 Scbwabe, Sails, ft Co., Manchester. 
—Cotton pnnts for garments, chintzes, 
and fnraiture. 333 

174 Simpson & King, Manchester.— 

Pdnted cotton furniture fabrics. 333 

175 Marshall ft Co.,Leeds.— Linen sew- 
ing threads. 333 

176 Norroand, James, ft Sons, Dysart, 
Fifcshire, Scotland. — Linens for nowse- 


keeping, shoe Knings, etc. 

177 Ewart, ^niliam^ ft Sons, Belfast, 
Ireland. — Linen fabncs. 333 

178 The York Street Flax Spinning 
Co. (limited). Belfast. — Linen piece 
goods, drilk, ducks, sheetings, shirtings, 
and frontings. 333 

179 Matter, Henry, ft Co., Belfast.— 
Bleached and printed linens; handker- 
chiefii, plain, hemstitcbed printed, and 
embroidered. 333 

180 Ainsworth, Thomas, Cleator Mills, 
Qeator, Cumberland. — Linen threads and 
towels. 333 

181 Ullathome ft Co., London.— Shoe 
and saddlers' threads. S33 

182 Penton, Connor, ft Co., Linen Hall, 

Bdfa5t. — White linens, cambric, table 
linens, linen ducks, drills, etc.; printed 
shirtings and lawn dress goods. 333 

188 Brown, John S., ft Sons, Belfast.— 

Table linen, diapers, sheeting, shirting 
linen, lawns, linen and cambnc handker- 
chiefe. . 333 

184 Richardson, J. N., Sons, ft Owden, 

Belfast. — Linen goods. 333 

186 Dicksons, Purgnson, ft Co., Belfast. 
—Linens Ueachedand unbleached. 333 

180 Dunbar, McMaster, ft Co., Gilford, 
Ireland. — Linen threads. 333 

191 Nairn, Michael, ft Co., Kirkaldy, 
Scotland. — Floor oil cloths. 334 

192 Corticine Patent Ploor Covering 
Ce., London. — Floor covering. 334 

193 Hall. Thomas, Edinburgh.— Hand 
painted cloths in imiution of tapestry, for 
wall decoradon. 334 

194 Wellock, J., ft Co., Bradford, York- 
•hire.— Waterproof aaatrrials for cart and 
wagon covers. 334 

PsrdasMS of exhibits indicated by aumben 

195 Boulinikon Ploor Cloth Manufac- 
tunng Co. (limited), Manchester.— Floor 
doth. 334 

Woven and Felted Ooodi of Wool, etc. 

196 Andrews, Henry, ft Co., Leeds.— 

Wonted coatings, wool and union cloths, 
and wool meltons. 335 

197 Brown, John 8., ft Sons, Belfast.— 

Yams. 23s 

198 Hooper, Charles, ft Co., Eastington 
Mills, Stonehouse. Gloucestershire.— 
Woolens, broadcloths, military cloths, 
doeskins, heaven, elysians^ kerseys, mel- 
tons, coatings, and trowsenngs. 335 

199 Salter, Samuel, ft Co^ Home Mills. 

Trowbridge, Wiltsnire. — ^Trowserings ana 
coatings. 235 

200 Dunbar. McMaster, ft Co., Oil- 
ford, Ireland. — Gray and bleached 
yams. 235 

201 Mahony, Martin, ft Bros., Blar- 
ney, Ireland. — Tweeds, boating serge, 
worsted coatings, railway traveling 
wraps. 235 

202 Anderson, David, ft Son, Lagan 
Felt Works, Belfast, Ireland.— Rooting, 
flooring, and ship sheathing felt, lining felt, 
hair felts for covering boUcn and steam 
pipes. (/<• Machinery Hall.) 235 

203 Bliss, William, ft Son, Chipping 
Norton, Oxon. 

• 1' weeds, woolen serges, and saddlen' 

woolens. 235 

b Shawls. 337 

e Mauds and rugs. 239 

204 BHgg, J. P., ft Co., Huddersfield, 

York.shire.— Bcavcre, coatings, cheviot, 
casHlmeres, carriage and livery cloths, 
doeskins, elysians, meltons, keneys, 
pilots, rup, vestings and auiltings, 
velvets, union cloths, witncys, and reveni- 
ble coatings. 235 

205 Carr, Isaac, ft Co., Twerton Mills, 
Bath. — Woolen cloths, meltons, twills, 
heaven. 235 

206 Bubb ft Co., Southfields Mills, near 

Stroud. — Woolen cloths; billiards, gov- 
emment, and piano cloths. 235 

207 Marling, ft Co., Ebley and Stanley 

Mills, Stroud, Gloucestcnhire. — Raw, 
scoured, and dyed wool ; woolen cloths, 
heaven, Venetians, doeskins, deenkins, 
cassimeres, etc. 335 

208 King, WilUam, Gilroyd and Albert 
Mills, Moriey, Leods.— Union and melton 
cloths. 335 

209 Birchall, J. D., ft Co., Burley Mills, 
Leeds. — Woolen and wonted goods. 335 

211 Hargreaves ft Nusseys, Pamley 

Low Mills, Leeds. — Coatings, overcoat- 
ings, kerseys, meltons, woolen cloths. 335 

218 Davies, Robert S., ft Sons, Stone- 
house Mills, Gloucestcnhire. — Cloths, 
doeskins, Venetians, meltons, coatings, 
beaven, etc. ^35 

214 Little, T. W.,ft Co., Leeds.— Man- 
tle cloths, waterproof tweeds, twills, mel- 
tons, blue and black deerskins, and di- 
agonals. 335 

at end of entries, see ClassificatioaC 

.Jigitized by^ 




Woven Goods, Silk, Clothing. 

810 Jones, Pryce, Newtown, North 


Welsh flannd, h(»nespuiis, tweeds, yarns. 

etc. 236 

t Shawls. 337 

216 Buckley. Joseph, & Co., Moorcroft 
Mills. Delpn, near Manchester. — Shawls, 
raisea fimcies, Rob Roys, and shcp- 



217 Parmer ft Rogers, London. — 
Cashmere shawls. (/» Indian StC' 
turn.) 237 

218 Buckley, J. B. ft Q. P., Linfltts 
Mill, Dclph, near Manchester. — Queens- 
land and beaver shawls. 337 

21 8a Hepworth, B., ft Sons, New Wake- 
field Mills, Pewsbury, Yorkshire. 
« Railway knee wrappen. 237 

i Rugs. 339 

21 8i McQee, John Q., ft Co^ Belfast, 
m Traveling wraps, shawls, etc 237 

i Rugs. 239 

219 Williams, B. Q., ft Co., Bradford, 
Vorkshire. — Textile fabrics &»: dress 
goods. 338 

220 Pirn Bros, ft Co., Dublin.— 
Irish poplins, silk terries, and broca- 
telles. 238 

221 Henderson ft Co., Durham.— Dur- 

81 He 

222 Lewis, John, Halifax, Yorkshire.— 
Brussels and Wilton carpets. (British 
OJices.) 239 

228 Gregory ft Co., London.— Indian 
and Persian carpets. 239 

224 Robinson, Vincent, ft Co., London. 
— Carpcu and rugs. 239 

225 Crossley, John, ft Sons (limited). 
Dean Clough Mills, Halifax, Vorkshire. 
—Carpets, rugs, sofa carpets, table covers, 
etc 239 

226 Tomkinson ft Adam, Kiddermin- 
ster. — ^Axminster carpeu. 239 

227 Lapworth Bros., London. — Carpets 
and rugs. 239 

228 Templeton J. ft J. S., Glasgow.- 

Brussels and Wilton carpeting; silk and 
wool window curtains. 339 

228« Welch, Margetson, ft Co., Lon- 
don. — Rugs. 239 

229 Templeton, James, ft Co., Glasgow. 
— Axminster carpets, breadth carpeting, 
hearth rugs. 339 

229<s Tapling, Thomas, ft Co., London. 
—Tapestry. 239 

280 Webb. Bdward, ft Sons, Worces- 
ter. — Hair cloth for furniture covering, 
hair cloth paddings, curied hair, crinoline, 
hair cloth. 240 

280<s McLintock, James, ft Sons, Barns- 
ley, Yorkshire. — Down quilts and pil- 
lows. 340 

281 WUd, John, Greenfield Mins,8haw, 
near Oldham. — Cotton plush velvet- 1 
een. 231 I 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at 

Bilk and Silk Fabriot. 

282 Sheldon ft Penton, London.— Sew- 
ing silks, taikMs' twist, machine silks, 
etc 243 

288 Richards, Charles Ayscough, Bell 
Busk Milk, near Leeds.— Sewing and ma- 
chine silks, twisu; embroidery, knitting, 
and crochet silks. 343 

284 Milner, Wm., ft Sons, Leek, Staf- 
fordshire. — Sewing silks. 343 

285 Ward, Anthony, ft Co., Albion SUk 
Mills, Leek, Staffordshire.— SiQc 
threads. 243 

286 Adams ft Co., London.— Knitting 
silks, filoselle. 343. 

287 Hilditch. G. ft J. B., London. 

m Silk and silk fiftbrics. 345 

i Velvets. 348 

288 Norris ft Co.. London.— Silk for 
furniture and upholstery purposes. 846 

jS88« Stewart, Moir, ft Mulr. Glas- 
gow. — Curtains for window ana decocm- 
tive purposes and for use in the British 
section. 346 

289 French ft Co., St. Mary's MUls, 
Norwich. — Black crape. 347 

289« Simon, May. ft Co., Nottingham. 
—Nets, Shetland scarfs, shawls, elastic 
webs, etc. 347 

289^ Welch, Margetson. ft Co., Lon- 
don. — Scarfs, ties, and silk handkerchiefs. 


240 Stevens, Thomas, Stevengraph 
Works, Coventry. — Jacquard loom at 
work; ribbons, neckties, sashes, badges, 
and emblematical regalia; navy hat rib- 
bons, gold and silver lace, silk-c en tred 
sachets. 948 

241 Heymann ft Alexander, Notting- 
ham. — Nets, quillings, trimmings, etc. 

248 Turner, Archibald, ft Co., Leioes- 
ter. — Elastic fabrics, cords, and braids. 949 

dotMng, Jewelry, and Ornamenta; 
Traveling Eqnipmenta. 

245 Morley, J. ft R., London. 
a Hosiery. %$» 

b Gloves. S51 

246 McLintock, James, ft Sons, BarB»- 
Icy, Yorkshire. 
« Down quilts, skirts, jackets, and dressing 
gowns ; dress improvers. aso 

3 Slip 



247 Welch. Margetson, ft Co., London. 

a Linen collars, shirtings, etc tso 

b Umbrellas. 954 

248 Sykes, Josephine, ft Co., London. 

— Corsets and ladies' belts. 350 

249 Hitchcock, Williams, ft Co., Lon- 
don. — Costumes of mixed fabrics. 350 

260 McGee, John G., ft Co., Belfast. Ire- 
land.— Ulster overcoats and Irish home- 
spun goods. 950 

260a Connor, Mrs., Dublin.— Patch- 
work quilt. 950 

end of entriss, see ClaasifiGatiMi,xK^Ti»-45. 


,, i^uOTHER.s: 
























digitized by 




0^ ^ 


^ UJ 


w Z 

w} CO 

cm rf 








►2 O 








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Clothing, Jewelry, Fancy Goods. 

til Smyth ft Co., Balbrii^gaa, Ireland. 
hotiay, lace hose, light 

iAl« Tamer, Oeom, ft Co., London, 
a Mflitaryaadtraveungequipnents; appli- 
ance for picketii^ bones. 099 

t Hammock-Yalisc and canteoi. 955 

ti8 Roe, WlUlam AUea, L«ic««ter.— 
Boou and shoes. 351 

tiS Lobb.John, London.— Gentlemen's 
sod ladies' boots. sSi 

t94 Daah, Osmond, Brif hton* 
a Hais and cape. sss 

i Umbrellas. S54 

960 Lincoln, Bennett, ft Co., London. 
—Hals. 35X 

191 Humbert, Hermann, London.— 
Hals and bonnets; liat and bonnet 
shapes. 351 

t68 Debenham ft Preebody, London.— 
GIoYes. 351 

S64 Treae ft Co., London.— Hate ; pftfa 
aad felt solar haUs and helmets. 351 

nu Jacoby, M., ft Co., Nottinrham.— 
Takadennes and silk guiparcs; nnitation 
SviM curtains, laoa curtains. 9$^ 

S6i Smith, George John. London.— 
Irish lace naaoa oj toe Industrial 
Poor. 353 

t65a Hesrmana ft Alexander, Nottlag- 
ksm.— SiOc, wool, and cotton lacea. 353 

t66 Dunraren, the Countess of, Adare, 
County Limerick, Ireland.— Embroiderx 
oa lawn : robes, podcet handkerchief, in» 
sertkm fiir diesisi, frfacushion corer, 
etc ass 

S66a Simon, May, ft Co., Kottingham. 
—Laos curtaina, vaknces. 95a 

267 Gosgin, Jeremiah, Dublin. 

a Tewdry. «5S 

i Reading -stands, walking - canes, pipes, 

etc S34 

S69 Prancati ft Santamaria, London.- 
let ornaments, brooches, earrings, braco* 
lets, necklaces, etc.; jet cameo mosaics^ 
canred by Roman cameo cutters. S53 

t71 Neal,1oha. London.— Gold and sil- 
ver jeweiry, precious stones. 353 

278 Aitcbison. James. Edinburgh.— 
Scottish jewelry, in gold and silver; High- 
land ornaments, and stones Ibund in ScoC- 




278 Gibson, William, Belfiist. 
a G«M, diamond, and Irish bqg oak jeweiry. 

i Walking-sticks and table ornaments. 954 

English. John, ft Co., Peckenham, 

^orcesteiahire. — Needles : fishhooks ; 

atcdpins; hahr^m; bodkins, 954 

27iJohnson, J., ft Co., Charterhouse 
Wwks, Sycamore street. London.— Shell 
boxes, toy furniture and ornaments, and 
fitncy paper boxes. 354 

276 Dairls ft WIIsob, Blrminaham.— 

Whip, walking-stick, and umbrella mount- 

ii^; African chidn' canes; whips imd 

Cenoal whip materials. 354 

foe dassee of exhibits, bdkatad by numbers 

277 MllHrard, Henry, ft Bona, Red« 
ditch. — Needles, sewtag machine needles, 
fishhooks. 354 

278 Turner, R., ft Co., Old Pactory, 
Redditch. — Needles, pins, fishhooks, 
etc.. displayed in a glass case, forming 
model oTihe exhibition of 1851. 954 

279 Swaine ft Adeney, London.— 
Whips, whip lashes, thongs, and sockets ; 
horns, canes, and walking-sticks; sport- 
ing apparatus. 354 

280 Smith, John Wright, Leicester.— 
Self-acting needles used in hosiery 
frames. 354 

281 Kent, George Barton, ft Co., 
Ixmdon. — Ivory paper knives and shoe 
lifts. 3$4 

282 Bvsns, David, Studley, Redditch. 
-^Needles for hand and machine sew- 
ing. 354 

288 Penton, James, Birmingham.— 
Pearl buttons. 354 

284 Kirby, Beard, ft Co., Birmingham. 
— Pins, needles, hairpins, fishhooks, 
eta 854 

284« Blrick, Charles Gray, Aberdeen, 
Scotland.— Dressing combs ; real and imi- 
ution shell, side braid, and high Spanish 
combs, etc 354 

280 Sangster ft Co., Londoa.— Um- 
brellas, pa ra s ob , sunshades, whips, canes. 


286 Smith, James, ft Son. Astwood 
Bank, near Redditch. — Neeales, showing 
stages of manuiacture ; bodldns. hairpins, 
and &ncy cases for holding needles. 254 

287 Hayea, Crossley, ft Co., London.— 
New shape sewing needles, machine nee- 
dles, pins, bodkins, and specimens in va- 
rious stages of preparation. 354 

288 Cooke Bros., Birmingham.— 
Safety pins, curtain hooks, and fancy 
nails. 954 

289 Woodfield, William, ft Sons, Esse- 

more Works, Redditch. — Needles, sew- 
ing machine needles, fishhooks, etc.; sail 
tools and fancy needle cases. 954 

290 Martin, William Henry. London.— 
Umbrellas, walking-sticks, whips. 954 

202 Taylor, D. P., ft Co., New Hall 

Works, Birmingham.— Solid-headed toilet 
pine, hairpins, books and eyes, pearl but- 
tons. 954 

205 Hoe, Richard, ft Sons, London.— 
Leather portmanteau, hat cases, and 
Ugs. 955 

20 5« Ward, Marcos, ft Co., London.— 
Fancy leather work. 355 

206 Harrington, J., ft Co., London.— 
Imitation leather hat lining, shoes and 
shoe linings, wall deootations, pocket- 
books, belts, dispatch boxes, dressing and 
jewel cases, s^veand handkerchief boxca, 
etc. 35s 

207 Bussey, Geo. G., ft Co., London.— 
Chili leather portmanteaus, trunks, trav- 
eHns bags, and leather and waterproof 
goods used for shooting and traveling 
purposes. •hi 

at end of ennrles, sec Oastlficatlon, PP^?r*l-T^ 



Statioaery, Weapons. 

29 7o Jeffreys, Charles, London.— Lesth- 
er trsiveiing ajid jewel cases; morocco and 
Tel vet cases. S55 

Paper, Blank Beeki, and Btatienery. 

299 Hinks, Wells, ft Co., Buckingham 
Steel Pen Works, Birmingham.~Steel 
pens, penholders. 258 

800 Stephens, Henry Charles. London. 
— Inkstands, gum mucilage, qtiiUs, scaling 
wax, parallel rulers. sso 

501 Ortner ft Houle, London.— Seal 
engraving, steel and copper plate heraldic 
engraving, and die sinking. ss8 

502 Ward, Marcus, & Co., London. 

m Writing paper and envelopes, diaries, cal- 
endars, etc. 858 
$ Photograph albums and scrs^i books, aoi 
c Cards and valentines. 96a 

S08 Blackwood, John, ft Co., London* 

—Sealing and bottle wax. 958 

S04 Lyons, William, Manchester.— 
Sealing wax, gum mucilage. 958 

806 Waterston, George, ft Son, Edin- 
burgh.— Sealiqg wax. 858 

806 Pord Works Co., Pord, Durham.— 
Paper stock, manufactured from esparto 
graiss; products from esparto, bamboo, 
megasse, phormium tenax, maize, uui 
other fibres. 259 

807 Dudgeon, Arthur, London.— Writ- 
ing-papers; paper pulp manniactured 
from peat. 259 

808 Pirie, Alexander, & Sons, London, 
f Writing.papcra. 959 
i Cardboard. s6» 
c Enameled papers. 964 

810 Pletcher, Robert, ft Son. Kersley 
Paper Works, Stoneclough.— White and 
colored papers, fine tissues, silver tissues, 
copying and cigarette papen. 959 

811 Birdsall ft Son, Northampton.— 
Binding of the Hexaglot Bible. s6t 

812 Ooodall, Charles, ft Son, Camden 
Works, London.— Playing aad Christmas 
cards. 269 

818 Rimmel, Eugene, London. 

a Valentines. 262 

i FWicy crackers. 601 

818« Stevens, Thomas, Stevengraph 

Works, Coventry.— Cards and valentines. 


814 Jeffrey ft Co., London.— Artistic 
wallpaper decorations. 964 

Military end ITaTal Armamente, 0rd> 
nance, nreermi, and Apparatne of 
Hunting and Fishing. 

810 Rellly, E. M., ft Co., London.— 
Breechloading guns and express rifles. 


810a Bussey, Geo. O., ft Co., London.— 
Breechloading guns and their accessories ; 
gyro pigeon. 965 

Vor classes of exhibits^ ladicated by numbess 

816 Ortener, WiUiam WeHtegton, Bir- 
mingham.— Sporting guas aad rifles; 
breechloading guns. 265 

817 Rifby, John, ft Co^ D«bUn.-Oua< 

aad nfles and their accessories. 265 

818 Henry, Alexander, Edinburgh 
breechloading express rifles, fow " 
Mccss, harpoon and borab-lsuice guns 

Breechloading express rifles, fowling- 
piecss, haerpoon and borab-lsuice guns ; mu- 
itary arms and target riiles. 


SI 8 Clay. Randolph, London.- 

verier tor breechloading firearms, 


820 Dougall, James Dalsielj Glasgow. 
— Long-range shotguns and ndes. 265 

822 K^aocaster, Charles, London. —Guns, 
nttes. cannon; drawings aad models of th« 
ova! bored. 265 

828 Scottt W. ft C-, ft Sons, Premier 
Gun Works, Birmingham. — Sporting fire- 
arms, revolvexs, gun materials. 265 

824 Needham, I. ft G. H., London.— 

breechloading double guns. S65 

820 Purdey, Jan., London.— Gune, fi- 
fits, etc. 96s 

826 Lancaster, Alfred, London.— 

Sporting guns and rifles. 96s 

827 Soper, 

WUUam, Reading. — 

828 I^nVi Jm ft 8one, London.— Guna 




828« Bfey Bros, (limited), Londoa. 
— Paper and metal csrtridgecases(eflipty), 
sporting and military percussion CMp^, 
gun waddings. 965 

829 Webley, P.. ft Son, Birmingham.— 
Sporting breechloading guns, rmes, and 




82IM Hewitt, WMlianr, Bristol.— 
Breechloading gun, goa carriage, (fn 
Machinery Hall), 966 

880 Needham, John, Sheffield. — Dag- 
gers. 208 

861 Brookes ft Crookes, Atlantic 
Works, Shoffieid.— Sportsmen's aad bowie 
knives. 968 

888 Buchanan, James, Glasgow, 


884 Ryder, 'Wlltlam Henry, Birming- 
ham.— Fishing tackle. 270 

880 Green, B. C, Cheltenham.— 
Sporting guns, with their appurtenances ; 
cleaning rods, with anachments; 
cartridge-loading implements, nipple keys, 
gun cases and begs. 969 

886 TeUey, J. ft W., Pioneer Works, 

Birmingham. — Sporting breechloading 
shot guns, implements, cartridge cases, 
lubricators, bulUts, andprimets tor reload- 
ing cartridges. 969 

887 Williams ft Powen, Uyerpool.- 
Breechloading guas. s6f 

Kedioinei Snrgery, end Protbeeig. 

888 Allen ft Hanb^rys, London^— Cod* 

liver oil : gelatioe impregnated with atro- 
pine and calabar bean, for appUcatioa to 
the eye. S7S 

at end of entries, sec Classification^ pp. 





Six- cord Spool Cotton 





58 Ghimmer St, Boeton, 635 Market St., San Franoisoo, 
81 Bcmk St., Philadelphia. 



JIo. 19 J\Jercer Street, Jlew Jork. 


li£03^ TJ^TiT A T I. 


zed by Google 


Vienna Universal 

Medal J or Merits 

Trade Mark, 





Remarkable for its strength, pliability, evenness, and freedom from 

knots. It meets all the requirements of the different kinds of 

Sewing Machines, and is equally suitable for hand use. 







digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Medical and Surgical Appliances, Hardware, Cutlery, Vehicles. 

S89 0«rrard, Alfred William, London. 
—Mustard plastexs. 37a 

840 Bvans, Sons, ft Co., Liverpool.— 
Vegetable, animal, and mineral dnigijr 
phannaoeutiGal products and accesso- 
ries. 373 

841 Usher, Rufiis. Bodicote, Oxon.— 
Medicinal rhubarb; extract cf henbane 
and dried heabaae leaves; pbotofrsphs 
of henbane plants. aya 

848 Mackay, John, Edinburgh.— Arti- 
cles of diet SoK invalid and table use* ays 

848 Mellia, Qustav, London. — Non- 
fii rin a c eous food for infoBts and invar 
Dds. 373 

844 Goodall, Backhouse, ft Co., Leeds. 
— ^Food for infimts and invalids. 373 

845 Lvnch ft Co., London.— Druggists* 
sundries and surgical instruments ; spinal 
araiaratus, chest proteoton, feeding boti- 
tles, spray producers, poison bottles, 
etc 370 

846 Qlasf ow Apothoouries Co., Glas- 
gow. — Surgical appliances and antiseptic 
dressings. 376 

847 Mayer ft Meltser, London.— Surgi- 
cal instruments. 376 

848 Lee, Robert James, London.— 
Steam draft inhaler and disinlector. 376 

848« Haywood, J. 8., Nottingham.— 
Surgical bandages, bdts, trusses, etc. 376 

849 Turner, Archibald, ft Co., Leices- 
ter. — Surgical braids and bandages. 376 

860 PulTermacher, Isaac Louis, Lon- 
don. — Electrical instruments for medical 
purposes. 376 

868 Liverpool 8pnn Oakum Co., Liver- 
pool.— Oakum, stypium; pure antiseptic 
dressing for hospital use. 376 

S68« Clay, Randolph, ft Co., London. — 
Portabw invalid bed tray. 378 

864 Turner, George, ft Co., London.— 
Ambulances. 378 

Etrdware, Edse Tooli, Cutlery, and 
Xetauic Prodvctf. 

866 Ward ft Payne^ Sheffield. 

a Tools for carpenters, joiners, coachmakers, 
shipwrights, millwrights, masons, brick- 
layers, unners, curriers, engravers, die- 
sinkers, plasteren ; wood, stone, and metal 
carven and tumen, etc 380 

i Sheep shears. 381 

866 Smith, John ft Samuel, Low 
Bridge Works. Keishley, Yorkshire. — 
Engineets' ana machinists' tools. (In 
Mackiiuty Hall.) 380 

867 Baker, William, London.- Awls, 
bodkins, needles for saddlers, packers, and 
upholstereis; screwdrivers. 380 

868 Addis, J. B.. ft Sons, ArcHc Works. 
Sheflleld. — Tools for carvins stone ana 
wood ; turning tools for iron, brass, ivory, 
hard wood, etc. ; carpenters tools. a8o 

869a Needham, John, Sheffield.— Cut- 
lenr, table and oessert knives and forks, 
fish eaters. 381 

' Tor daascs of exhiblti, indicated by ntunbers 

869^ Wostenholffl, George, ft Soa 

(limited), Sheffield. — Cutlery. 281 

859^ Brooks, Henry, ft Co., Lcmdon.— 
Metal stoppers and collapsible tubes for 
artists' colors. 281 

S69<^ Burnand, James, ft Co., Sheffield. 
—Table cudery, etc. aSi 

S69' Needham, John, Sheffield.— Cut- 
lery. 281 

860 N«al, Jobn,ftC9., London.— Table, 

dessert, and fish cutlery. 281 

86<K* Brookes ft Crookes, Atlantic 

Works, Sheffield. — Pen, pocket, and table 
knives, scissors, razors, and dressing case 
Instruments, cutlery. 381 

860^ Ryder, William Henry, Birming- 
ham.— Taps for drawing effervescing 
wines or aerated waters. 381 

86<k Mayer ft Meltser, London.— Cut- 
lery. 281 

861 The Patent Nut ft Bolt Co. 
(limited), London Works, near Birming- 
ham. — Iron bolts, ntits, screws, rivets, and 
washers; fish and sole plates; fish bolts, 
spikes, and fang bolts. 384 

862 Francis. Thomas, ft Co., Birming- 
nam. — Nails. 384 

868 Baker, Christopher, ft Sons, Bir- 
mingham. — Coffin furniture ; cabinet and 
general brass fiuings ; rails, stair rods, 
nails, and bolts. 284 

864 The Phosphor Bronse Co. 

(limited), London. — Phosphor bronze 
tools, locks, tubes, wire, sheet, steam fit- 
tings, parts of machinery, etc. 384 

865 Adams, Robert, London.— Hinges 
and shoes, secure fiistening bolts, weather- 
tight sill ban for French casements, 
etc. 384 

866« Turner, George, ft Co., London.— 
Screw anchor peg. 384 

867« Ullathome & Co., London.— Heel 
balk and shoe findings. 384 

8673 Turner. Archibald, ft Co., Leices- 
ter.— Elasuc fabrics. 385 

Fabriet of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Xineral Xateriali. 

868 Low, Son, ft Haydon, London.— 
Brushes. 386 

869 Kent, George Barton, ft Co., Lon- 
don. — Brushes. 286 

870 Culmer, W., ft Sons, London. — 
Brushes used in decorative art. 286 

871 Bevis, Henry, London.— Silk ban- 
ner with emblematic designs. 288 

872 Spill, Daniel, London.— Ivoride. 289 

872<s Barnard, Bradly, London.— Bas- 
sinettes, baskets, etc. 389 

Carriage!, Yehiolei, and Aooeiioriet. 

878 Windover, Charles Sandford, Lon- 
don. — Brougham, canoe, landau, Victoria, 
Parisian, and Stanhope phaeton. age 

; end of entries, see ClassificatioB;*pp. a7-4|. 
Jigitized by tjOOQle 




874 Mulliner, H^ A Co., Northftrnpton. 
—Carriages. 093 

875 McNaug^htft Smith, Worcester.— 
Barouche, landau, and broi^^anu. 99a 

876 Thorn, Charles, Norwich. 

a Carriages. 091 

i Shooung and baggage cart. 294 

877 Roberts, John, Manchester.— Pa- 
risian phaeton. 393 

878 Hooper ft Co., Xyondoa.— Clgurriaflres 

and drawings. 993 

880 Peters, Thomas, ft Sons, London* 

— Carriages. 393 

881 Thompson, Charles, London. — ^Per- 
ambulator. 393 

88 1« Roberta, Digby, Coventry.— Eng- 
lish bicycle. 993 

88S Hawkins Bros., Hathertoa 

Works, Walsall. — Bits, stirrups, spurs, 

diains, buckles, and general saddlery iron 

work. 396 

For daises of ezhibitt Indicated by numbers 

Z9Z Hudson, Bamnel, Dublin.— Trsoa 

and shaft tug safetv buckles ; safety stir- 
rup. (/« Swaitu a^ Adeney't cast.) 396 

884 Martin. Robert, Old Charlton, Kent. 
— Horse dippine machines ; circular cut- 
ters for cutting the teeth of the above 1 

chines. (/» Machinery Hall.) 


885 Pollock, Sydney, London.— Appa- 
ratus for checking nmaway and unman- 
ageable horses. 396 

887 Qoodall^ Chas., ft Son, London.^ 
Card priming. 434 

888 Cohnft, Sigfsmnnd, London. — Bear- 
ings requiring no lubricant. 573 

889 Parkinson Bros., Burtiley.— Spiced 
pickling vinegar. 660 

{N. B.—Ctrimm exkiMU m iJku Df^rt- 
meni^Jrom Gnu^ Britain, are intUUted in 
Agricultural Hall, and calalegmd in Pari 
St end of eatrlet, set dassttcation, ppw vj~^ 


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f6r GheioEioal Prodoets, Drius, Golouis, Dyes, and all £aw KateriaL 

Agent for Merchant ^^ Grmvers and Afanuf'tcturers at Industrial 
and Commercial Exhibitions, 

Shell box mankfactvrers, 





Ind all kinds of Ornamental Bozet. 


ized by Google 

Incorporated 1853, 


Fire Insurance Company, 


Corner Maiden Lane, NE"W YORK. 


Cash Capital . . . . . $200,010.00 
Surplus 224,817.95 

Total Assets $424,327.95 

R. CARMAN COMBES, President. 

ASHER TAYLOR, Vice-President. 

C. S. VAN NORDEN, Ass't Vice-Pres't. 

THOMAS B. PECK, Ass't Sec'y. 


Southwest corner Fourth and Library Sts., Philadelphia. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




{North of Nave, Columm lo to ly.) 
Manufactures, Education and Scienoo. 


1 Horler, John. Woolston, Canter- 
bury. — Soap ana mould candles. aoi 

ft Innes, AV. M., Port Chalmers, Ota- 
go.— Cod-liver oil. aoi 

S Loaiaaon, T. B., Nelaon.— Paint 
made from hematite ore. aos 

4 Johnstone Brothers, Nelson.— Um- 
oer and red pigments made from hema- 
tite ore. aoa 

% Grayline. W. S., Taranaki.— Extract 
of towai {Weinmannia racemosa); extract 
of hinau (Eldeocarpos d e ntat u s). aoa 

Ctrtmiof^Pottery, PoroelaiB, Olata, 

6 Kennedy Bros, 

Nelson.— Fire 


Timitiiie and Otjjeeti of General Vm 
in CoBfltmotioii and in BwelUngi. 

7 Greenfield ft Stewart, Wenington.--^ 
Panel door made of rimu (Dacrydium cu- 
pressinum). aa7 

Tami and WoTen Ooodi of Yogota- 
ble or Mineral Material!. 

8 Government of New Zealand.— 
Spedroens of fiUxicsnade &om Phoraii> 
um tenax. 333 

Woven and Felted Ooodi of Wool, eto. 

9 Webley Bros., Nelson.— Nelson 
tweeds made from New Zealand wool. 235 

10 Cook, James, Nelson.— Woolen rugs, 
woven and djred at Nelson. 339 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and Omamenti, 
TraTelhig s^nipments. 

Waagaaui.— Hat 

12 Liardet, H. E., Wellington, 
a Fancy articles made from feet and bones 
of sea birds, 254 

h Feathen, mu&, collarettes, wristlets, etc. 

IS Taylor, Mrs. Richard, Waoganoi.— 
Ornamental satchel and uble mat. 254 
15 Neiv Zealand Commissioners. — Gar- 
menu and ornaments of the Maoris. 357 

Pabrioa of Vegetable, Animal, or 
MinezS Materials. 

19 Movie, Edward, Taranaki.— Cord 

made from phormium tenax. 287 

iW daiMB of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

11 Taylor, B. 

made of kiekie (cordyline), 

17 Bevaa, Thomas, jr., Otaki, Walling- 
ton. — Rope made from M(|ori dressed 
phormium, fish line, horse halter, lead 
line, twine. 387 

IS Bevan ft Sons, OtakI, Wellington.— ' 

Cord and twines made from Maori 
dressed phormium. 387 

19 Kinross ft Co., Hawke Bay.— Cord- 
age and twines made fronr Maori dressed 
pnormium. 287 

20 Grant ft Co., Otago.— Cordage made 

from phormium. 287 

21 Auckland Patent Steam Rope Co.— 
Phormium rope. 287 

22 Canterbury Flax Association, Christ- 
church. — Tarred and untarred cordage 
made from phoroUom. 387 

2S Lennon, T., Christchurch.— Cord- 
age, ropes, and twines, made fivm phormi- 
um. 387 

24 Cook, Jamea, Nelaon.- Mata and 
matting made from phormium. 287 

25 Simons ft Malcolm, Nelaon.— Door 

mats made from phormium. 3S7 

Inatitntione and Organisationi. 

26 Colonial Museum, J. Hector, Direc- 
tor.— Garmenu and ornaments of the 
Maoris. 313 

27 National Museum at Washington, 

i. Henry, Secretary. — Garments of the 
faoris. 313 

27« New Zealand Commissioners.— 
Weapons of the Maoris. 3x3 

Xngineering, Architeotore, Maptt eto. 

28 Government of New Zealand.— Geo- 
logical maps of New Zealand, by James 
Hector. 335 

29 Geological Survey Department, 
James Hector, Director. — Geological plans 
and sections. 335 

80 Canterbury Museum, I. von Haast, 
Director. — Geological plans and sec- 
tions. 335 

31a Hector, J.— Relief Model of New 
Zealand, geologically colored. 33$ 

82^ Government of New Zealand.— 
Topographical map of the colony, en- 
graved by £. Ravenstein. 235 

Phytieal, Sooial, and Moral Condition 
of Man. 

88 National Muaeum, Washington, J. 

Henry, Secretary. — Canoe paddles of 

Maoris; skulls of Maoris and Moriori 

from the Chatham Islands. 340 

at end of entries, see Claasificationrpp. 37-45^ 

igitized by VljOOgle 



Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

S4 Woon, R. W., W«nganni.-<:anoe 

paddles of the Maoris. 340 

35 Government of New Zealand.— Sta- 
tistics and censiu of New Zealand for 
1874, prepared by W. R. E. Brown, Re- 
gistrar-General. 345 

85a Hector, J.— Transactions and Pro- 
ceedings of the 
Vols. Lto VII. 345 

ceedings of the New Zealand Insdtute, 

S53 Vogel, Sir Julius.— Hand-book of 
New Zealand. 345 


85^ Geological Survey Department, 
James Hector, Director.— Watfcr color 
sketches by W. M. Cooper. 4x1 

Engraving and Lithography. 

85</ New Zealand Commiaaionera.-* 
Pictures from W. L. Butler's "Birds of 
New Zealand," drawn by J. U. Keule- 


86 Burton Broa., Duaedin.— Views of 
scenery of South Island. 430 

86a Bothamley, A. T.— Photograpbs of 
Maoris. 430 

87 Government of New Zealand.^ 
Views of scenery, etc., by H. Deveril. 430 

88 Taranaki Committee.— Views of New 
Plymouth and surroundiag country. 430 

88a Hector, J.— Photographa exhibiting 

domestic life of the Maoris. 430 

89 Mundy, D. L.— Views of scenery, 
foliage, buildings, gold mining, etc. 430 

Bailway Plant, Boiling Stook, etc. 

40 Government of New Zealand.— Pho- 
tographs of engines and cogiueeriag works 
used in New Zealand. 570 

Arboricnltore and Forest Prodnets. 

41 Cruickshank, J. D., Upper Hutt Saw 
Mills, Wellington.— Section of trunk of 
rimu fDacrydium cupressinum), red pine 
of settlers. 600 

42 V^estland Committee.^ Specimens 
of woods with bark. 600 

48 Taranaki Committee. 

a Specimens of woods. 60s 

6 Barks of the Auwhero and the Piikatea ; 

earth used by the Maoris as a mordant 

for dyes. 602 

t Dried ferns ; fungus exported as food to 

China; esculent fern root; birds' nest 

fungus and curious parasite. 604 

44 Black/W. B., American Coach Fac- 
tory, Wellington.— Specimens of 
woods. 601 

45 New Zealand Commiaaioners.— 
Specimens of woods. 601 

46 Grayling, W. S., Taranaki.— Bark 
of hinau; blue earth, used by the Maoris, 
mixed with shark oil, as blue paint. 6oa 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

47 Colonial Museum, Wellington, 
' " — r.— Tanbartcs, n»- 

James Hector, Director.- 
tive to New Zealand. 


49 Vy^alker,RenwickaftCo., New York. 
— Kauri gum. 603 

50 Forbes, R. W., New York.— Kauri 
gum. 609 

Agricnltnral Prodnots. 

51 Banka, B. H., Christchurch.— Oata 
and other cereals. 6ao 

52 Wood, W. D., Christchurch.— 
Wheat. 690 

58 Cunningham. P., ft Co., Christ- 
church. — Wheat grown ia Cantor- 
bury. 6ao 

54 Ruddenklau, J. G., Addington, Caa- 
terbury.— Wheat. 6ao 

55 Hooper ft Dodeoat Nelaon.— 
Hops. 693 

56 Wilkin, Robert, Christchurch.— 
Perennial rye grass and cocksfxx seed. 6a4 

57 Armstrong, T. B., Christchurch.^ 
Phormium seeot. 6B4 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnati. 

58 Wilson, Thomas, Woolston, Can- 
terbury. — Saddlci harness, and shoemak- 
ers' leather ; fancy colored skins for shoe- 

makers and bookbinders. 


59 Armitage, Taiamtki.— Draasad kip 

and calf leather. 6^ 

60 Morria, Thomaa, Oamam, Otago.— > 
Gentleman's town saddle. 65s 

61 National Museum, Waaldngton, J. 
Henry, Secreury. 

Spedmeosof kiwi; skclcfoa and bones ot 
moa. 65a 

3 Egg of the kiwi, and modd of egg of 
moa. 653 

62 Gilmour,Johtt,Chriatch-irch.— Hama 
and bacon. 656 

68 New Zealand Proviaion ft Pro- 
duce Company, Christchurch.— Preserred 
meats. 656 

64 Nairn, David, Addington, Canter- 
bury. — Tomato sauce. 656 

65 Trent Brothera, Woolaton, Canter- 
bury .—Chiccory in different stages of prep- 
aration. 6s7 

66 Smith, Jamea, Nelaoa.— Fruit 
wines. 660 

67 Henderaon ft Farrah, Waagaaui.— 
Ale and poiter. 660 


68 Coatee, Laning, Chriatchurch.— Lira 
ferns. yof 

at end of entries, see Claasificatkm, pp. *j-4$. 


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{/forth of Nova, Columns to to //.) 

Manufactures, Education, Art. 

Chemieal Maimfaetowi. 

1 Read, R. B., Randwick.— Extract, 
JeaveSy and berries of SmilacU glycy- 
phylla, or Australian sanapariUa. 900 

2 Barrett ft Co.. Sydney.— Aerated 
waters and cordials. aoo 

3 GUroy & Hurst, Sydney.— Bakioc* 
custard, esx, and butter powders. aoo 

4 Htxat, A. M^ ft Co., Goulburn.— 
Baking powders. aoo 

6 Swain ft Co., ParramattA.— Washing 
flirid and soap. 901 

6 New South Wales Shale ft Oil 
Co., Sydney. — Kerosene oil, etc. soi 

7 New South Wales Commiaslonera, 
Sydney. — Stearine candles. aos 

8 Layton, Pred., Grafton, Clarencr 
river. — Soap and candles. aoi 

9 Underwood, Thomas, Paddington. 
— ISiints and paint pigment. aos 

10 Hoff, M. Camille, Nakutaklnna, New 
Caledonia. — Indigo. aoa 

Ceramioa— Pottery, Poroelaln, (Halt, 

1 1 New South Wales Commissioner*. 

—Chums, jars, etc sip 

Tnrnitnra, ete. 

IS Lyons, Cottier, ft Co., Sydney*— 

Stained glass staircase window — sabject, 
" Captain Cook." aip 

IS Hudson Brothera. Steam Joinery 
Mills, Sydney.— Window sashes, outsioiB 
hall door. Inside four-panel door, drapery 
panel door, French casements, cedar table 
tegi. say 

Yama and 'Wbvta Gooda of VogataUa 
or Mineral Xateriala. 

14 Rend, John Cecil, Darlinghuret, Syd- 
ney. — Mats and matting made of cocoa 
fibre yam. by aborigines of New South 
Wales and Fnuer's Island. 339 

15 R odder, B. W., Kempsey.— Lin- 
ens. 333 

Woren and Felted Ooodi of Wool, eto. 

17 Neisr Sonth Wales Commissionera. 
« Tweeds. 835 

i Shawls. S37 

Sydney^— Rug of 

19 How South Wales Commissionsra. 
Wallaby sUn rug. 939 

For Hmrt of exhibits^ indica t ed by numbeo 

lS^Jenidn«s, P. A., 
tanned platypus skin, 

Olothinc, Jewalry, and Omamanta. 
Trayeling jBqtiipmeiits. 

80 Jennings, P. A., Sy^dney.— Collaret 

and cuHs of platypus skin. 250 

81 Mfdgley, Mrs.. Cook's Rhrer.— Wool 
flowers, copied from Australian native 
flowers. 354 

88 Layton, Fred., Grafton. — Fnra and 
skins of opossum, kangaroo, wallaby, 
and platypua. 856 

Paper, Blank Booki, and Stationery. 

88 Govemmant Printing OAcs, Syd* 
ney. — Blank books and printing. 361 

Medicine, Surgery, Protheaia. 

84 Spencer, John, Sydney .—Mechanical 
dmtistry. 377 

FaMoft el Vegetable, Animal, or Mi»> 
oral Materialaw 

85 New South Wales Commiaaionera. 
Sydney. — Bniahware. 380 

86 New South Walea Commiaaionera, 
Sydney.— Manila, rope, Nawr Zealand flay 
rope, and lines. 38) 

87 Orten,R., Sydney.— Cradlas, flower 
stand, chair, perambulator; cane and 
willow work. 389 

Carriages, Yebiolea, and Aooetioriea. 

88 John Robertson, Sydney.— Buggy. 

89 New South Wales Commissioners. 
—Lady's sMa saddle. 396 

80 New South Wales Commissionera, 
Sydnay^-Saddltfy. a96 

Ednoational Sratoms, Methoda , and 

80a GoTernment Printing Oflkcs, Syd- 
ney. — Books. 306 

80^ Sutherland, Qedrge.—Christian 
psychology. 306 

80^ Anstralian Mussnm.-^CoUsction of 
birds, animals, etc. 313 

80<^ New South Walss Commissionsra. 
—Collection of birds. 31a 


S0« New South Walss Commissionera. 
— Photc^raphs. 430 

SCKHoltermnnn, B. O.— Photographa. 


8Qr Barnet, James.— Photographs. 430 

80A Richards, Thomas.— Photo-litho- 
graphs. 4y. 

t end of entries, sea ( 




Forest and Agricultural Products, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Arborionltnre and Foreit Products. 

81 Macarthur, Sir W.. assisted by Hill 
& Hanrahan & J. Hassdl.— Woods of 
southern districts. 600 

82 Moore.Charlea.— Woods indigenous 
to the northern districu. 600 

8 8 Shoobert, James.Sydney .— Iron bark 
and turpentine timber. 600 

84 Derepas, W.^ Yonngara Station.— 
Boree, and stxaightand curly yarran tim- 
ber. 600 

85 Hcdgscn, George, Redfern.— Timber 

from Bellinger river. 600 

86 Penscr, J., Bundamar, n^ar Dubbo. 
— Timber. 600 

87 Du Faur, B., Sydney .^Timber from 
Mount Victoria. 600 

87« New South Wales Commissioners. 
— Woods indigenous to New South 
Wales. 600 

88 Hudson Bros, Botany Road, Red- 
fern. — ^Timber. 600 

89 Derepas, R., Yonngara. 

a Yarran gum. 603 

6 Quondoog nuts. 605 

40 Harling, Mrs., & H. H. Field, Syd- 
ncy. — Pressed ferns. 604 

41 Moore, Charles, Botanic Gardens, 
Sydney.— Seeds, ginger-root, and bitter 
bark. 605 

42 Hemmings, P. W., Loma Loma, 
Fiji. — Dried cocoanut. 605 

<8 Ryder Bros, Mango Island, ^1.^ 
Dried cocoanut. 605 

Agricultural Products. 

44 Lovegrove, W., Terrara, Shoal- 
haven river. — Maize. 6ao 

45 Ryder Bros, Mango Island, F^l. 

a Maize. 690 

fi Beans. 6az 

c Turmeric and turmeric powder. 62a 

46 Peden, M. J., Bega.— Maize. 690 

47 Demestra, B., Shoalhaven.— 
Maize. 6ap 

48 Bggins, James, Grafton, Clarence 
river. — Maize. 6ao 

49 Blain, C. R., Grafton, -Clarence river. 
— Maize. 600 


51 Lewis Bros., Tamworth.-r- 
Wheat. 630 

52 Dalton Bros., Orange.— Wheat. 6ao 
58 Nelson Bros., Orange.-~Wheat. 690 

54 Jaeschke, Gustave, Clarence river. 

— Cigars and tobacco leaf. 623 

55 Schweigert, W., & Co.— Cigars. 623 

56 Muirhead, R., Grafton, Clarence 
river.— Cigars. 623 

57 Hoff. M. Camille, Nakutakina, New 
Caledonia.— Coffee. 693 

50 Macarthnr, Sir W.-Maise. 

59 Jennings, P. A., Sydney.— Stuffed 
platypus. 637 

FOr classes of exhibits, InAcated by numbers 

Water Animals, Fisli Culture and 

60 Hemmings, F. A W., Loma Loma, 
Fiji. — ^B^che de mer. 643 

Animal and Vegetable Produots. 

61 Secombe, R., Milton, Ulladulla.— 
Preserved milk. 651 

62 Wright, Davenport, A Co., Sydney. 
—Leather. 65s 

68 Forsyth, J., & Sons, Sydney.— 
Leather. 652 

64 Alderson ft Sons, Sydney.— Leatli- 
er. 65s 

65 Bell, H., Sydney.— Tallow and 
neat's-foot oil. 653 

66 Hewitt, T. G., Grafton, Clarence 
river. — Tallow and neat's-ibot oil. 652 

67 Berry, J. S., Botany, Sydney.— 
Neat^-foot oil and glue. 653 

68 Layton, Fred., Grafton, Clarence 
river. — Beeswax. 654 

69 Sydney Meat Preserving Co., Syd- 
ney. — Preserved meats. 656 

70 Squires, Elara^ Penrith.— Preserved 
fruits, jams, and jellies. 656 

71 HofT. Camille, Nakutakina, New 
Caleaonia. — Preserved pineapples. 656 

72 Bidden Bros, Sydney.— Preserved 
lemons and oranges. 656 

78 Moore, Charles, Botanic Gardena, 
Sydney. — Preserved lemons and or- 
anges. 6s( 

74 Wataon Broa., Young.— Flour. 657 

75 Lewis Bros., Tamworth.— Flour. 657 

76 Cohen St Levy, Tamworth. — 
Flour. 657 

77 Dalton Broa., Orange.— Flour. 657 

78 Nelson Bros, Orange.— Flour. 657 

79 Waters, James, Ravensdale, Bris- 
bane Water.— Arrowroot. 658 

80 Cole, W., ft Son, TooMgo, Hant^ 
river.— Arrowroot. 658 

81 Laurie, W. ft L., Gloucester, Port 
Stephens.— Arrowroot. . 6j8 

82 Ryder Bros., Mango Island, F^i.- 
Arrowroot. 658 

88 Payne, George, Grafton, Clarence 
river. — Arrowroot. 658 

64 Champion, George, Uhnarra, Clar- 
ence river. — Arrowroot. 658 

85 Munn, A. L., Merimbnla.— 
Maizena. 6s8 

86 Colonial Sugar Refining Co.— Re- 
fined sugars. 659 

87 Martiiu George, Grafton, Clarenoe 
river. — Sugar. 659 

88 Chowne, B. G., Ulmarra, Clarence 
river.— Sugars. ^59 

89 Bidden Bros., Sydney. — Confec- 
tionery. 659 

90 New South Walea Co., Clarence 
river. — Raw sugars. 659 

91 Fallon, Jaraea T.; Albnry.— 
Wines. 660 

92 Munro, A., Bebeah, Singleton.— 
Wines. 66e 

at end of entries, see dassificadon, pp. S7-45. 



Vegetable Products, Textile Substances. 

ft Carmicbael, O. L. ft J. B., Por- 
phyry, Willuunt river.— Wines. 660 

94 Brecht, Carl J. P., Roa«moiiiit, 
Denman.— Wines. 6(» 

96 PoweU, 



96 Parnett, llontarue, West Mait 
laad, Hunter river.--wines. 


97 Wyndham, Wadham, Bukkulla, 
InvcreU. — Wines. 660 

98 Wyndham. Q^orgp, Bratuitoii, 
Hunter river. — wines. 660 

98« Dc^le, J. P., Kaloodab, ^^oMa^ 

99 Monk, P. J,. Sydnw.-Malt a^ 
wine vinegitn. 600 

100 lianhall, J.f Paddington Brewenv 
—Ale sad porter. oon 

lOlHardie. John, Sydnay.— 3ia* 
cults. edt 

109 Laytoa, Frad., OmAoa* dmtnm 

riTcr.— Castor oU. 66a 

Itetili Subttaaoei of Vegetable or 
Airimal Origin. 

109 Hemming*, F. ft W., Loma Loma, 
r«L-TCotton. 6^ 

104 Ryder Broa., Mango lalaad, FUi.— 
Cotton. 665 

101 Hoff. Camillo. Nakntakloa, Mew 
Caledonia.— Cotton. 665 

106 Moore, Charles, Botanic Qardena, 
Svdney.— Vesetable fibres of varimu 

107 Rodder, B. W., Kamptey.— Pibra 
of gigantic nettle tree. 660 

107a Cox, B. K.-W00I. 667 

107^ Cox, Q. H.-^WooL 66f 

107c Cox, P. ft A.— Wool. 667 

107<^ Lambik Bebafte.— Wool. tff 

for cbsses of axbibits, faidicaled by numbers 

07# Tindal, B. ft A.— Wool. 667 

07/ CUve ft HamUton.— Wool. 667 
07r Bettin^oiK J. B.— Wool. 667 

07^ Lod^r, Andrew.— Wool. 667 

107 » King, P. O.— Wool. 667 

08 Ramsay, D., Sydney.— Wool. 667 
08« Shanaban ftJennin^s.—Wool. 667 
083 Henty ft Balfour.— Wool. 667 

Oi^ Laarmoatb, L.— Wool. 667 

^U Wblie. F* B.-Wbol. 667 

08/ Caughey, 8. M.— Wool. 667 

Oa/* Campbell, D. H.— Wool. 667 

oar Wilson, A.- Wool. 667 

08A Loder, A.— Wool. 667 

08 / Lethbridge, O. L.— Wool. 667 
09^ Lowe, A. H., Dynevor.— Wool. 667 
09o Hume, B. B.— Wool. 667 

093 Bowman, B. ft A.— Wool. 667 
Oge Brown, T, ft Co.— Weol. 667 

09</ 0«11, P. H.— Wool. 667 

00' Gilbert, A. N.— Wool. 667 

OQ/Macdonald.J. L.— Wool. 667 

Oftr Allen, J.— Wool. 667 

09^ Brodribb, W. A.— Wool. 667 

10 May,J.M..Randwick,near83rdaay. 
— SUk awteriab firoa (he gmia feO tbe 
manufacture, produced by the inmates 
of the Asylum for Destitute Cbikiren. 
Randwick. 668 

111 Thorna, Ooorge, Sydnar.— Cocoons 

and cards of eggs desiccatso and pierced, 
grown at Claremont, Rose Bay, Syd- 
ney. 668 

Agrieultaral EBgiseeriag and Ad- 

lis Bon, H., Sydney.— Boneduat. 681 
118 Berry , J. S., Botany.— Boned oat. 68c 
t end of entries, see Classification, pp. S7-4$. 


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(North ofNave^ Columns ii to ij.) 

Chemical Manufactures, Ceramies, Furniture* 

Chemioal Xanufaoturei. 

1 Botisto, loteph, Richmond, Mel- 
bourne.~-CncmicaI and pharmaceutical 
preparations obtained from the eucalyp- 
u» or gum trees of Austiulia, and other 
Indigenous vegetation. 300 

8 Hood ft Co., Melbourne.— Chemical 
and pharmaceuticid preparations. aoo 

4 Lewie ft WMtty. Fltsrov.—Waeh. 
ing and baking powders^ ball olue. aoo 

5 Stringer ft Co., Mdboorne.— Bak* 
ing powder. aoo 

6 Sullivan, Joseph. Melbourne.— Poor 
man's filter : disinfectants, fluke specific 
and lick, hydrated silicate of alumi- 

7 Woodward, Oeorre, Kew.— Quano, 
deodorants, block of deodorized night- 
soil, aoo 

8 Pitts, Charles, ft Son, Bmerald 
Hill.— Neat's-«x>t apd trotter oil. aot 

8^ Apollo Stearine Candle Co. (limited), 
Pootseray.— Stearhieand paraffin candles, 
and products. aox 

9 Kitchen ft Sons, Melbourne.— Stea- 
rine and large carriage candles. aot 

10 Borthwick. Alex., Melbourne.— Var- 
nishes, anti-foultns; composition for ships' 
bottoms, enameled cast iron pedestal pil- 
lars, anti-corrosive paint. 209 

1 1 Bowman, John S., Melbourne.— Co- 
loni&l cmyons. aoa 

12 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. — 
Crayons. aoa 

13 Lewis ft Whitty, Melbourne.— 
Blacking. aoa 

1 4 Hogg, S. P., ft Co.,MeIboume.— Cur- 
ry powder. 903 

1 5 Lewis ft Whitty, Pitxroy .-Hair oil, 
essences, curry powder. aoj 

16 Perry, Hunter, ft Co., Sandhurst. 
— Safety fuse. ao4 

Ceramici— Potterj, Poreelain, Glasi, 


17 Birmingham ft Lacv, Brunswick.— 

Red butldinK and white pressed and 
moulded bricks. 

ite pressed and 

18 Nolan, Luke, Brunswick. 
a Stoneware drain pipes ao6 
i Bronse vases, stone porous jugs, patent 

damp-proof for floor ventilation. aio 

1 9 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. 

a Fire-clajf crucibles. 307 

6 Encaustic tiles, trusses, varies, etc. ao8 
c Earthenware and pottery. a 10 

</CilaMware. ai6 

For cla9«es of exhibiu, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Oassificadoa, ^. f-^ 

20 Adams, R. T., Mdboume.— FH- 

ters. aio 

21 Bendiffo Pottery Co,. Sandhurst.— 
Earthenware worm forsull. juo 

28 Perguson ft Urie, Melboame.— 
Stained glass for windows. S14 

24 Gledhill, Melbourne^-Otasa hot- 
ties. S15 

28 Melbourne Ofaae Bottle W^ks Co., 

Emerald Hill.— Glass bottles. 315 

26 Mount ft Co., Emerald Hill.— Class- 
ware. mw$ 

Fomitiu*, eto. 

27 Alcock ft Co., Melbourne.— Black- 
wood biNSetd tablo witk appliances ; con* 
sole table. nj 

28 Carr ft Sons, Melbourne^^Wlndow 
blinds, window sash, with Veneium shut- 
ters, etc %tf 

29 Davis, J., Richmond.— Window 
sash. u^ 

80 Hod^on Bros., Sandhurst.— Self- 
acting Venetian blind, spring roller 
blind. atf 

8 1 McEwan, James, Melbourne.— 3ide« 
board. 3x7 

82 Muscbisfm, Lewis, Mslbourns.^ 
Pier glass, console table. spy 

88 Baker, John, Emerald Hill.— Safety 
steps. a«o 

84 Wiegmann, August, Melbourne.— 
Basket ware cradles, perambulators, 
chairs and flower stands, baskets. aai 

88 Walker, A. R., Melbourne.— Qms 
cooking stoves. aaa 

86 Shaw. Alfired, ft Co., Melbourne.— 
Millet brooms and whislu. as4 

87 Outhrie, O. D., Epsom, Sandhurst.— 
Collection of pottery ware for household 

* use, etc aa4 

88 Bogle, Andrew, ft Co., Melbourne.— 
Boot and shoe brushing and cutters' pol- 
ishing and sharpening machine. •«4 

89 Draper ft Sons, Melbourne.— Bvtb- 
dosett and fittings. aa6 

Tarns tad Woven Goods of Tegvtalils 
or Xinersl Materials. 

40 Commissioners for Victoria, for ths 
PhUadelphia Exhibition, Mdboune.— 
Flax, ropes, lines, twines, etc. ss^ 

41 Donaghy, Michael,Geelong.— Ropes 

and lines. am 



Woven Fabrics, Paper, Weapons, Vehicles, Art. 

41 Miner, Jama^ ft Co^ MelbMirae.— 

Ropes and lines. aa^ 

4S Mcpherson, Thomas, Melbouni«w 
Cora sacks, wod packs« and si^gar bag- 

WOT011 and Felted Goods of Wool, eto. 

44 Barwon Woolen Mill Co., Oeelonr . 
Tvccds. 935 

t Blankets. 33^ 

49 Grav Alexander, A Co.. Albion Wool. 
en Mills, Gcdong. — Plain and £uicy 
iweeds. 935 

• 48 Ballarat ^Voolen Co., BaUarat.— 
Shawb, tweeds, blankets. 937 

47 Director of Botanic Gardens. Mel- 
bMne.-^Dyed woohen doth and sflk. r^i 

48 Robertson.John, Melbourne.— Dyed 
Angora goat s fleece 9^ 

49 Zoological and Acclimatisation So- 
ciety, Alelbournc.— Angora goat's bair. 240 

Silk and Silk Fabrici. 

10 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
PfaftMlel^ia Kxhibidon, Merbourne.-> 
SOk oocoocffi from the AccHmatitation 
Sodttj, Victoria, and Mi». Bladen Nelll; 
caluvated silk, m coccons and hanks, 
aJso bleached, dyed, and worked upon 
IlasuL 94a 

11 Timbrsll, Ann, CoUingwaod* 

s Cocoons produced by silkwonna from 
Japaa, Prance, Italy, and Greece. 343 

# SOk (raw material in hank). . 943 
t Victorian siHe, worked on Bnusds net. 946 

58 Victoria ladles' Serlcultnre Co. 
(limited), Casdciaaine.'^SUk, desieeated 
and pierced cocoons. 349 

Q«thiiiff, Jewelry, and Omamenti, 
TrsT^iag Eqnipaieiits. 

18 Ford Brothers, Melbourne. 
? £?'** *""/ *° ^^\f *''^> merino, etc. S51 
9 Pith stmshades for hones. 354 

84 Inspector-General of Penal Depart- 
meni, Melbourne.— Boots and shoes. 251 

88 Roster, John, Melbourne.— Boots 
and shoes. a^l 

88 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphta Exhtbition, Merbounie. 
e Myall pipes; rouleau boxes of myall 
wood. ,54 

* Address-case of inlaid leather. 255 
8T pe Richelieo. Madam P., Windsor.— 

OmaoMntft made from fbh scales, etc. 354 

88Pusacker« Evana, ft Co., Mel- 

Dotime.— Registered edge, solid leather 

pot tw a me a u s. 255 

Faper, BUnk Booki, Stationer/. 

8f Betaale Gardens. Dfreetor of, Mel- 
'><*me. — Paper made from various barks, 
•terns, and steau and leaves. a6o 

SO Ramsd en, Samuel, Melbourne.^. 
•"*"■ Rtmdes or paper. Including car- 
mdge, prindng, and wrapping paper. 360 

Wetfent, eto. 

'^ S2KS^"'»^o«^^«*oria, fbr the 
. ?5^i«»*»* BshHjIilon, Metbtnime. 
» Aboriginal weapons, nauv»> axe. 'a68 | 
For rianis of txhiMCi, tadfesMd by tiiknben 

Medioine, Surgery, Protheiii. 

63 Stanway.W.. SouthVarra.-Models 
ofchairs lor invaTids. 279 

Hsvdwunr, Ste lools, OKtlery, and 

68 Danks, John, Melbourne.— Valves, 
cocks, lubricators, injectors; e' ^ 384 

64 Mcllwraith, John, MeJKourne.— Gas 
pipe and tin tube. '384 

Fabrios of VefttaUe, Asiaul oz 
Kinenl Materials. 

64« Commissioners for Victoria, for 
the l*hi!nddphia Exhibidon, Melbourne. 
—Victorian and English emigns. aJBS 

Carriages, VeMoles, and Aooessoriei. 

{For /mrm vthkin and raihomy earriagtt] 
see DepArtmetU* qf Agrkultmr* mndMm- 

66 Stevenson ft Elliott, Melbonme.— 
Landau. ^^ 

66 Bothwell, Wade, Melboaraa.--Har. 

ness, saddles, whips, etc 396 

67 Olenister, W. A., Geelonff.— Axles, 
ColIIng^s crank, etc , 396 

65 Stoneman, Alfred, Richmond.— Car- 
riage springs. 396 


69 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne.— 
Medals of the Victorian Intercolonial Ex- 
hilNtioQ| 1875; seaU of the Melbourne 
Public Library, University, and Exhibi 
tion of 1863. 404 


70 Campbell. O. R., Windsor.- Cioss- 
ii% the Platm. 4^0 

71 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibiiion, Melbourne. — 
Heraldic painting 011 panels. ^o 

72 Curtis. J. W., Melbourne.— Track ofl 
the Point Nepean road. 41c 

78 Guerard, B. Von, Melbouime.- Pul- 
pit rock, Phillip Inland, Ballamt, ir 
»873. 4« 

74 Johnston, H. J., Melboerne.— Sum 
mcr Sunset. 411 

78 Whitehead, Isaac, Melbourne.- 
Pandenoqg^te Forest, ^t 

Engraving and LitbogHsphing. 

76 Bowman, John S., Melbourne. 

a "The Knob in the Alps," crayon. Mis* 

k "In the Alps," crayon, Miss Adatns. 
c *' Fall from the Omeo Plain*,** crayon. 
d** Valley in North Gipp«land," crayon. 
* " A Pool in the Otway Kanges," craven. 

F.Shaw. J' •« » J » 

y ** Bushy Park," crayon. 430 

77 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exnlbition, Melboume.— ' 
Lithographs of fossils, roott, and seeds. 4nTp 

end of entries, see O.Usification, pp. 37-45. ^ 



Art, Machinery, Agriculture. 


'8 Ararat, Shire Council of, Ararat.— 
Photosrapliic views and ttaustics of tht 
shire. 4y> 

79 Batchalilcr A Co.. MetbovriM.— 
Photosroplis of pieisoils bom in the colony 
of Victoria. 430 

80 Bock. Henr^r, Qippstand. —Photo- 
graphs of \ ictorian native flowers. 4^ 

81 Chuck. T. P., If elboume,— Photo- 
sraphs of persons horn in the coiony of 
Victoria. 430 

88'CoUic; sura Cotmcil af, Colac— 
Photographic views of the dfetrict. 430 


8 8 Coromiaiionera for Victoria, for tho 
Phlladelph a Exhibition, Melbourne. 

m Photog»p>iic views of scenery, public and 
private buildings, cattle, etc. 430 

^ Biographic tl charts of the schools of Ven< 
ice and the Venetian suteschoob. 43a 

84 Creswlck, Borough Council of, 
Cre^wick. — Photographic views and statis- 
tict of tiie Loroiigh. 430 

80 Darebin Shire, Council of. East 
Bonrke.-^Phocographio views and statin- 
tics of the shire. 430 

89 E«ti«ea, Borough Councn of, Echu- 
ca. — Photofcraphic views and statistics. 430 

87 Emerald Hill. Borough Council of. 
Emerald Hill. — Photographic viovs. 430 

88 Hotham, Town Council of. Hot- 
ham.— Phoographic view* and st.ntistics 
of the town. 430 

89 Johnstone, O'Bhannessy A Co., 
Melbourne. — Phoiogmphs of persons LoMi 
in the colony of Victoria, photographs col- 
ored in oil. 430 

90 McDonald, D., St. Kilda.—Photo- 

graphic vie-jrs. 430 

92 Phcenix Foundry Co. aimited),Bal- 
larat. — Photograph of Incomotives, en- 
gine, and tender, mnnufacturcti for the 
Victorian govern mem. 4^ 

98 Prahran, Town Council of, Prah- 
ran. — Pboii>gmphic views and siaiii(t}cs 
<^the town. 430 

94 Robertson Brothers. Colac— Col- 
ored photograph* of catxJc.brcdby rxliiUt* 
or«. 430 

96 Saadhutst, City of, Sandhurst.^ 

Photographic views and (Statistics of the 
city. 430 

96 StewartACo., Melbourne.— Photo- 
cmphs of pcrvons bom in the colony of 
Victoria^ ^ 430 

97 Surveyor General of Vtctoris. Mel- 
bmiritc. — Photographic views of iiotanical 
aud other 6;urU«iiSk r - 430 

98 Wangaratta. Shire Council of, 
Wangaratl*^.— PhofbgRiphic tiews and 
statistics of the nhire. 430 

99Vy^inett« Q., Ballamt.-Colored 

photographs. 430 

100 Wilson. Sir Samuel, Erclldotin.— 
Photograph.^ : team of Herefont bullocks, 
bred by htms^if; pri<g $hcrp; his roi- 
dcnce, etc. 430 

101 Melbourne. City of.— Photograpjh Ic 
views of city. 4 to 

Por cli'i«i»-s kA e4h(bils, iudic;ite*l by uuiulirr> 

Udoiiml and ArehifeMMral BMifito, 

109 DowHng. William, Emerald Hlh!- 
Centre flowers, trusses. 449 

108 Heathcote,T.S.,Carlton.~Painted 

104 Murphy, Edward. Sandrldgtt-road. 
— Centre flowers, and ventilators, oma- 
mental chimney cap. 442 

lOff Patterson Brothers.Carlton.— Tab- 
lets of imitation wood and marble. 443 

106 Pepper, George, Windsor.— Plas- 
terers' models, ceiling an^ wail veniila*. 
tors. 442 

XaohinM, TooU, eto., of Xiniiig, 
Cheaiftry, eta. - . . 

107 Morrison, L. K., Melbourna^- 
Abyssinian tube-wells and pumps, #ifh 
bonng appsuatus. 501 

108^ White, David, SUwelL— Safety 
hook, to prevent accidents from over- 
winding in mining cbiras. ^3 

109 O'Malley, Edmund. Melboume.- 
Ventilaiing sa&iy cage, lor mines. 504 

1 10 Harkness, A., ft Co.tVlctoria Foun- 
dry, Sandhurst,— Pisk, fined oa 
Borewed stamper shank, and showing 
principle; cam or wiper. 303 

111 Perry, 1>avi8, ft Co., Sandhurst.- 
Siamper gratings. 505 

EaUwty FUnt, BoUJng Stock, etc. 

112 Comiah ft Co., Melbourne.— Seats 
&>r railway carriages. 371 

118 Stoneman, Edward, Richmond.— 
Railway truck spring. 573 

Aerial, Pnevmatio, aad Wkter Tram- 

114 Cornish ft Co., Melbourne.— Life- 
preserving huoys. mattresses, belts, rafts- 
etc; seats, couches, and mattresses ht 

ships. 590 

Arborloidtiire and Forest Prodxiett. 

116 Bass River Steam Saw-MUla, Bass 
river.—Blue gum timber. te> 

116 Director of Botanic Oardena, Mel- 

a Camolofincal oJleciion; barks, poUshH 
woods, fibre and tow prepared firoai barks, 
leaves, and stems. 6pQ 

h Resins, gums, deo fet, and caotitchooc $J 

117 Lands and Agriculture, Depfirt- 
ment of, Melbourne. — Native woods. 600 

U flLCommissioners for PbiladaJpfeia 

F-.thfbit!on, Melbourne. 
« goxes, paper knives, and tubs, amde 8C 

Vktoria woods. 601 

/ Mvall and grass-tree gum, nibbor and 

rubber stomp. , 6oj 

119 Clark, John, ft Sona, Melboaroe.- 

Wattle bark. Ax;^ 

Agrionltoral Pr^imota. 

12q TayUw, John, Allaaalord.- Adel- 
aide wheat, grown at hlemnga, sejf 
Warmambool, <^ 

Ht end of ei^rics^ see Class{Acaik>a« pp tf^«s.. 



Agricultural, Ammal, and Vegetable Products. 

iSOtf Patience, John, Ichuca.—Purple 
straw wheat. 690 

ISO^ Wright, Thomas Spencer, Ro- 
diesCer.^Pttrplc straw wheat. 6ao 

12<k Kelly, Mortimer^, Bridgewater.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

130<^ Patterson, J. Matthew, Loddon.— 
Wheat 6^ 

181 St. Amaud Pastoral ' di Agricul- 
ror»J Society, St. Amaud.—Short oats, 
wheat, barley. 620 

1S1« Ol^eilly, Thomas, Toolamba.— 
Wheat. 6jo 

ISl^ Adams, John, Wahring.— Wheat. 


191c Smith, George, Ballard.— White 
Tuscan waeat. * 6ao 

122 Scott, James, Indigo, Chiltem.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

123 Commissioners for Philadelphia 
E^thlbitton, Melbourne. 

m Collection of varieties of wheat and grass- 
tree plant. oso 
^CoOection of beans. 6az 

124 O'Keefe, Andrew, Adelaide Vala, 
CUre Inn. — Purple-straw wheat. 6»o 

126 Mjring, Joseph, Campbeirs Creek, 
CaUMnatae. — Barley. 6eo 

126 Adams, James, Wahring.— White 
TiMcaa wheat. 6so 

127 Laidlay I John, Bundeora, Plenty- 
roftd.— Wheat. too 

128 McMair, Angtis, BeUerlne Bast.-- 
New foddcr>pea. 690 

129 Stewart * Ferguson, Indigo, Chil- 
tern.— Wheat. 6ma 

180 Connor, James, Allansford.— Pox- 
tail oats, grown at Merunga, near Warr- 
nambooi. 630 

ISlSchmItt, Lewis, Morniogton.— 

182 Buckley, Edward, Newbridge, 
Loddon.— Red-straw wheat from counties 
of Gladttooe and Bendigo, oats. 6ao 

188 Jack, John, Oxley Plains, Ovens 
District. — Franipton white wheat, grown 
oa diocolate sou after Knglish grass. 6ao 

184 Northeastern Pastoral A Agri- 
caltural Society. Murchison.— Wheat 
grown by J. McNab, Tabilk. 6m 

184« Catlin, James, Runnymede.— Pur- 
ple<strBW, lidiite Tuscan and other wheaa. 


iti Moaertoir, Joba, Tabilk, Oovtbam 
river. — Purple-straw and white wheat. 6m 

186 Oilmour, Andrew, Colomsky, 
Bnaqgor. — Oou from parish of Ballyro- 
gsn. 6m 

186a Ararat Flour IflU Co. (limited).— 
Priaie miller's whou. 6m 

187 Roasl^Thomas, Dry Diggings, near 
Daylestord.— Purple-straw wheat. 690 

188 Poison. Angus, Chapman, Moys* 
ton,— English barley, Tartarian oats, pur- 
pU^tiaw and white wheat. 6m 

189 West Bourke Paatoral ft Agrl- 
cultural Society. Romscy.— White Tuscan 
wbeat, grown by Hon. T. F. Hamil- 
ton. 630 

UO Aboriginal Mission Station, Cor- 
indefTk.~Hopa. 6^3 

Psr^bssv «f exhibits, indloated by numbers 

141 McKenxie, James P., ft Co., Met- 
bourne. — Coflce, chiccory. cocoa, and 

chocolate made from 1 
tard, spices. 

Land Anistali. 

nuts: mus- 

14j^ Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. 
a Water fowl, stuflcd by Chas. French. 635 
> Maaaa, w<tB the insect producing it. 636 

148 St. John, F., Melbourne.— Ducks, 
plover, gi e m s> ^naU, black swan, 
etc. 635 

144 Qrfcnwood, Thomas, Pern Tree 
Gully. — Qiudl, snipe, landrail. 635 

145 QaskeII,Joseph, Melbourne.— Aus- 
tralian snipe. 635 

146 Robertaon, W. W., Richmond.— 
Aiutralian ludve birds. 635 

147 Qaskc1t,Joseph, Melbourne.— Wild 
animals. 637 

14S Godfrey, F. K., Melbourne.— Wild 
animals. 637 

149 McCoy, Prof., Melbourne Univer- 
sity.— wild animals, and black swan. 637 

160 French, C, Melbourne.— Austra- 
lian longicoms, buprestidal, lepidoptera. 
etc. 638 

151 Timbrel 1, Ann. Colllngvirood.— 
Japan silkworms, modeled in wax. 638 

Water Animali, Fiah Coltnxa and 

158 St.John,F.,Melbonme.— Fish. 641 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

154 Bird, Oecrge, Inkerman, Lynd- 
must.— Cheese. 691 

155 Pierce, O. G., Melbourne.— 
Cheese. 651 

156 Riddle, J., Lancefleld.— Cheese. 651 

157 Clark, John, ft Sons, Melbourne.— 
Leathers, skins, basils. 65a 

158 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne.— 
Rugs nuMie from skins of Victorian ani- 
mals. 65a 

159 Fink, M., Oeeioag.-BUna. 69* 

160 Quinn, H. S., Richmond.— Dved 
and while wool auis, kangarso glove 
leathers. 65s 

161 Brearley Brothers, Qeel«ag.^8ole 
leather. 6ss 

161 Dunckley ft MeBrtde, Melboama. 
— Sash lines, whip gut, gut lathe bands, 
sausage casings. ^ 

168 Pearse Brothers, Fremantle, West- 
em Austndia.— Hides, leather, skins. 6sa 

164 Fltta^ Charles, ft Sons, Bmerald 

165 Penal Department, Inspector-Gen- 
eral of, Melbetime.— Leather. 630 

166 Wallis ft Co., Richmond.- 
Leaibsr, foai skin mat. (^ 
Malt. 657 

179 Bennett, T. K., Melbeuffae.— Pre* 
served meats. 656 

178 Director of Botanic Oardess, Mel* 
bourne.— Jam. 696. 

I end of entries, see Oassiicalkm, pp. a7-4C. 2 IC 



Animal and Vegetable Products, Textile Substances. 

174Zora, Edward, Clayton 'abroad, 
ucar Oakleigh.— Tomato and Oakleigh 
sauces. 656 

175 Wright, Payne, ft Co., South Yar- 
ra. — Fruit jams. 656 

1 76 Watson ft Paterion^ Melbourne.— 
Hams, bacon, mess pork. 6^6 

177 Western Meat Preserving Co., 

Colac.— Preserved meats. 656 

178 Melbourne Meat Preserving Co., 
Melbourne,— Preserved meats. 656 

179 Lyon, George, Beecl^wortb.— To- 
mato sauce. 656 

180 Grant, Mrs., Richmond.— Tomato 
sauce. 636 

181 Comport, Henry, ChelUnham,— 
Tomato sauce. 656 

1 82 Stringer ft Co^, Melbourne.— Bfixed 
pickles, sauces, curry powder. 656 

182a Boddy, Edward, Nagambie.— 

Flour. 657 

182^ Hood, P. ft J., Melbourne.— Malt. 


183 McKenzie, Jas. P., ft Co., Mel- 
bourne.— Oatmeal, groats, brose meal. 657 

183r Martin, P. J., Melbourne.— Malt. 


184 Trouetteft Blaropied, Great West- 
em, Ararat District.- Wines. 660. 

184</ Myring, Joseph, Campbell's Creek, 
Castlemaine. — Malt. 637 

185 Beat, Joseph, Great Western, Ara- 
rat District.— Wine. 66a 

186^ Perrin, William, jr., Richmond.— 
Malt. 657 

186 Docker, P. O.ft J.B., Wangaratta, 
Becchwonh District.- Wine. 660 

187 Evans, Henry, Beechworth Dis- 
trict.— Wine. 660 

188 Mellon, Prancis, Dunolly, Castle- 
maine District. — Wincv 660 

1 8S Botten, William, Eddington, Cas- 
tlemaine District.— Wine. 660 

190 Jung, Otto, Castlemaine, Castle- 
maine District.— Wines. 66j 

191 Sc brooder, Castlemaine, CasUe- 
inaine District.— Winen. 660 

192 Crippa, Fabrizsio, Hepburn, Castle- 
maine District.— Wine. 66a 

198 Greer ft Co., Bcbuca, Bchuca Dis- 
trict.— Wines. 660 

194 Vett]er,John, Bchuca, Bchuca Dis- 
trici.— Wines. 660 

190 Weber, Jacob, Gedong, Geclong 
District.— Wine. 660 

196 Deppeler, Jacob, Qheriaghap, Gee- 
long District.— Wine. 660 

197 Ritchie, John. Mufgheboloc, Gee- 
ion^ District.— Wine. 66a 

198 Bear ft Ford, Tabilk Vineyard, near 
Seymour, Goolbam District.— Wine. 660 

199 Egli, P., Tabilk, Goulburn DlstHct. 
—Wine. 660 

200 Schmitt, Pranx, Berwick, Mel- 
bourne District.— Wine. 660 

201 Francis, Charles, Sunbury, M<;1. 
bourne District.- Wines. tj6o 

202- St. Hubert's Vineyard Co., Yering, 
Melbourne District.— Wines. 660 

203 Jobattoa, I. 8., Craiglie Vineyard, 
Sunbury,Melboume District.- Wines. 660 
For clashes of exhibits, indicated by mIm^en 

204 Maplestone, Charles, Ivanhoe 
Lod^, Heidelbeig, Melbourne District. 
—Wines. 660 

206 Brasche, Charles, Sunbury, Mel- 
bourne Disirici.— Wine. 660 

206 Snowden, E. G., Bo roondara, Mel- 
bourne District.- Wine. 660 

207 Smith, G. 3., Wahgunyah, Mel- 
bourne District.- Wine. 660 

208 Pohl, Carl, Strathfieldsaye, Sand, 
hurst District.— Wines. 660 

209^Bruhn, Albert, Strathfieldsaye, 
Sandhurst District.- Wines. 660 

210Pacbs, Adoiph. Stratl^eldsaye, 

Sandhurst District. — Wines. 660 

211 Fischer, August, Shamrock Vine- 
yard, Emu Creek. Strathfieldsaye, Saitd- 
hurst District.— Wines. £60 

212 Shaw, P. K.,Ooorhong, Sandhurst 
District.— Wine. 660 

21 3 Orosse, Frederick, Strathfieldsaye, 
Sandhurst Dixtrici.— Whics. 660 

214 Grosse, Fred., Toorongo Vineyard. 
Bendigo, Sandhurst District.— Wine. 660 

215 GreiflTenhagen, Wm., Strathfield- 
saye, Sandhurst District.— Wines. 660 

216 Brown, H. J., Australian Dtstll- 
lery, Melbourne.— Geneva spirite of 
wine. 660 

217 PuUer,Alfred,Kew.— Ate, stout. 660 

218 Henelly, James, Melbourne.— 
Ale. 660 

219 Latham, Edward, Carleton Brew- 
cry, Carleton.— Ale, porter. 660 

220 Martin, P. J., Melbourne.— Ala. 66» 

221 Reed, Henry, ft Co., South Yarra. 
—Vinegar. ^ 660 

222 Steward. James, Eaglebawk, 
Sandhurst. — Ale. 660 

223 Treacy,John,ftCo.,Geelong.— Ale, 
stout. 660 

224 Warrenheip Disttllerv Co., Balla- 
rat.— Whisky, Geneva spinu of wine. 660 

225 Quest, T. B., ft Co., Melbourne. 
—Fancy biscuits. 66t 

226 Smith ft Son, West Melbourne.— 
Biscuits. 661 

227 Swallow ft Ariell, Sandridgc.— 
Hiscuits. 661 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

228 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition, Meibou»e.— 
Cotton. 66$ 

229 Atkinson, Wm., Camperdowti.— 
Teazles. 666 

280 Longmire, Thomas, Koorooche- 
ang,Sm(:aton.— Flax stalks and seeds. 666 

281 McPherson, Thomas, ft Co., Mel<* 
bourne.— Jute. 666 

282 Armstrong, Alex. 




233 Arnold, George, ft Co., Melbourne. 
— As.sorted wools grown by James Gibson. 
Cleveland^ Tasmania; Wm. Gibson ft 
Son, Scone, Tasmania ; P. RusscH, Langi 
Willi and Camgham, Victoria; Wm. 
Cummmg, Mt. Fydns, Victoria ; A. M. 
Campbell, Melaluka, Victoria; John 
at end of entries, see Qacsificatioa, pp. S7-4f . 



Textile SubsUmces, Agricultural Machinery, Prtlits. 

Maorean, Mooloomoon. VlctorU : Thos. 
Rnssdl/lc Co., The Plaim, Victoria ; O. 
W. Thomson, Challicum, Victoria : Thot. 
Millear, Greco V«le, Victoria ; Executors 
of lBt« A. Russell, Mawftllok. Victor^; 
Wm. Lewb, StoneleMi. Victoria; J & 
S. Austin, Mount Pleasant, Victoria; 
and Wm. Murrmy, Brie Brie, Victoria. 667 
St4 Commis«ion«r« for Victoria, for the 
Philadelphia Exhibition. Melbourne.^ 
Wools; wool from S. Robertson, Gee- 
long. * 667 

284« Cummini^, Thomas P., Stoacy 

Point. 607 

t%6 Corrio, John Lane, Larra, Deri- 

nullum. — Wools. 667 

SI6 Degravea, C. ft J., Coliban Park, 

£lphmstObe.~Wodi. 6$ 

897 Elder, W. ft N. 0.» Bldor, Eook. 

wood.— wools. 667 

SIS Gilbert, Alfred N., Warwilla Sta- 

tion,Wanganilla, Deniliqoin.— Wools. 667 
tlSQoldabrovffh, R., ft Co., Mel- 

bourne. — ^Assorted wools, grown by James 
. ^ .. . . ^^^ J 

Alexander. Woodhouse sution. mk. %». j. 
Ramsey^ Narrow Plains station • Carter 
Bros., Glcnisla station; T. ft H. Orbome, 
Momalong Plains; A s H. McCulloch. 
nd others. 667 

S40 Greevos, Edward Q., Berriallock, 
Sldptoo.— Wool. 667 

t€l HaatiDsaJCQaainffhafli.ft Co.,ThA 
Australian Wool Stores, Melbourne. — 
Fleeces of wool from the following breed- 
en: H. Cattanach, Tellegara; C. W. 
Sinsoa, Miradaral; Godfrey ft Chamben, 
Percnsev; F. L. Parker, Quiamong; 
Everett & Watson, Tchdery and Nyang ; 
Hon Wm. Lang, M. U A, Wargam; 
Hon. Phfflip RusseU. M. L. A., Camg- 
ham and Langl Willi : John L. Currie, 
Lara; Thomas DowHng ft Sons. Jellala- 
bad; executors of late A. Russell, Maw- 
allock; Wm. Lewis, StoneWiah: E<*ran 
UcPhcrson, Bimluck: Godrrey McKin- 
•on, Goonambil] ; Himcn & Sh«w ^i 
Elwah- Rutherford Brothen, wIuh**** 
Hon. Robert Simsen, M. L. A., Lmgi 
RalKal: Nichol ft Telford, Tarrawonga; 
Knight & Lydiard, Kooroi^{ah; Mount 
Battery Co., Moant Battery: Alfred 
Chenery, Delatite; Alexander Wilson, 
Mount Emu; J. G. Reeves, Foots- 
cray. 6S7 

S4S Henty, Bdward, Portland.— 
Weeb. 667 

S47 Reeves, Isaac G^, PooUcray, Bfel- 

L-Wo • " 

, Thoma*,] 

Mount Hesse.— Wool. 667 

bourne— WooL "667 

848 Russell, Thoma<, Baraaab Plains, 

SiflRutledge, William, Farnham Park, 
Wanmambool. — Fleeces. 667 

860 Rutberlbrd, Andrew, Como, Ken- 
sington, Qeek>ng.— WooL ^7 

881 Synnot, Moackton, llelbonrne.— 
Woet <67 

868 Synaot, George, ft Co., Qaatoac.— 
Wool. €67 

868 Thomas, C. T., North 8aadridir«*~ 

I>tT9sed skin of pure Romaey ewe, brad by 

R. Muldoon, Boos. 6^ 

864 Timms Brothers, Mount Hesse, 

Beeac— Wools. 667 

866 Wauon, Alexander, Warrtbee.— 

Fleeces. 667 

Fo^ dasses of exhibits, h^dlcaced by numbers 

266 Wilson. Sir Samuel, Oakleigh 

Hall, East St. Kilda.— Wook ami 
flee ces . 667 

267 Wilson John.Lismore.-Wool. 667 

268 Howard,John,pearAlbury.— 8am> 
pie cocoons of mulberry iti1k-wurni>. 
with wcmnd *ilk in its natural colors : 
floss silk: Japanese and Italian grain: 
hanks at sufibcated and pierced co- 


llaohiaei, ImplamaAts, and Prooeitet 
of kaavfMtora. 

269 Lennon. Hash, North Melbourne. 
— DooM^mrTQ* plow. 670 

160 BodlBf toil, Robeit, Cartton.- 
Sheep support oa rollert. 674 

Oraamantal TreM, Shnibf, aad 


Conwrtsatoners for Victoria, for the 
_ 'hiladdphia Exhibitkm, Melbourne.— 
Tree ferns from Da nd e nong Stau Forest 
and Mount Macedon ; todea ferns from 
Mount Maoedun. 707 

262 Commissioners for Victoria, for the 
PkiladelphU fixhibiUoe, Melbourne.— 
Fac-»imile« of^pecimcns of fruii, the origi- 
nals of which were selected during the 
Mst season, modeled and arraogM by 
Thm. McMillan : 

a Apples and pears from Josiah Treve- 
sun, nallarat; Chas. l>raper, Hatet- 
ehen; H. U. Cole. Twyford; Robert 
whatmoa|(h, Greensborough ; HortJcul* 
tural Soaety of Victoria ; lohn Har- 
bison, Esfceadon; John Smith & Sons, 
Riddcirs Creek; T. C. Cole- King ft 
Sons, Fy^nsford: Geclong and Western 
District Aericultiiral and Horticultural 
Society: W. L. Hunt, Malvern; Chas. 
Allen, jr.. South Brighton; Thos. Chris- 
tian, Meanc Macedon; W. La wibrd. Don- 
caster; J 4 Canon ; I. Roberts ; H. Boyce; 
Mr Freike, Carisbrook ; C, May, Sun- 
bury; I.e. Cole, Richmond; J. U. Rob- 
erts, Hawthorne; Robt. Hepburn. 
thonie, \. Smart, Toorak ; Geo. Kilroy, 
Caulfield . I . Weber, Geeloog ; Jas. I^ng, 
Harcowi ; Sir Redmond Barry; J. Bjuiks, 
Flemington; Mr. Jamen, Ballarat; Jos. 
Bosi^to, Richmond; and Joseph Web- 
ster Wahaunyah. 

^ Quinces from Sir Rednumd Barry and 
f Webber, Geclong. 

c The medlar and the loquAt. 

4/ P^sache* frwa C. Diaper, R. Waas- 
mouffh, W Lawford, J. McDonald, G. & 
W. D. Agricultural and Horticultural So- 

# Nectarines from R. Whatmongh and 

/'Apricots, plums, cherries^ and olea eu- 

£• Grapes, malberries, flgs, poaiegraaates, 

and oraAMs. 
A Kail apples from Mr. Graham and the 

Melbotime Botanical Gardens. 
/ Gooseberries from Thos. Lang ft Co. 

and F. Moss, Buainyong. 
/ Black, red, ^md white currants from 

Thos. Lang & Co. 
A Raspberries from Henry Boyce. 
at end of entries, see Classiflcatloa, PPvff^Tp 



FruitB, Plowera. 

/.Almond, wabnit, and hMd nuts. 
m Strawbmies. 
n Tomatoes from Horticultund Societjr's 

Gardens : W. Chandler, Scoresby; and 

King & Son, Fyansford. 
# Egg appU flvn H. f . Dines. 

p Cape goos^wrriet and capsicums. 
q Book collection of plants, shniW, trees, 
and herbs. * 909 

868 Oaslcell, Mra^ Melbourne.— Fac- 
similes of Victorian bush flowers. pof 


{North of Nave t Coluwuu 10 U 77.) 


Minerals, Chemicals, Manufactures, Clothing. 

Miaerali, Orei, 8teiM, mning 

1 Clark, P., ft Bona, Adelalde.^Iron 
ones. 100 

8 Balhannah Mining Co., Adelaide- 
Copper ores and bismuth. xoo 

8 North Yelta Mine, near Adelaide.— 
Copper ores. 100 

4 Moonta. Wallaroo, and other mines, 
near Adelaide. — Copper ores. 100 

6 Crabb, R. S., Adelaide.— Azurite and 
malachite from the Burra Burra mine, 
near Adebide. 100 

fta South Australian Commiaaioners. 
— Specimens of gold quaru from the 
northern territory. 100 

5^ Coozoog Oil ft Coal Co.— ** Coozon- 
gik," a mineral caoutchouc. too 



TBRKrroRY oFSoirrH Ai;straua, sy tub 

OWlfBRS. 100 

6 Ayliffe, I. H., W. Union Mine. 

7 Becker, I., Yam Creek. 

8 Breae ft Btarke, Extended Union 

9 Caledonia New Amalgamated Co. 

10 Oolden Stream Claim. 

11 Griffiths, W. K., South Union Mine. 
18 Grove Hill Co. 

18 Gunn, J. H., Britannia Reef. 

14 Lewia, John, Pine Creek. 

1 5 Bernardo, M., Pine Creek. 

16 New Telegraph Co. 

17 Sandy Creek aaim. 

1 8 Shepperd, B., John Bull Reef. 

19 Sandy Creek Puddling Co. 

For dasMs of exhibia, indicated by numbers 

80 I'^t J* I^> I^dy Alice ft Unloa 

81 Union Proapectora Co. 

88 Whitelaw, B. U., Pine Creek. 
88 Westcott, J. S., ft Wiaendonger, I., 
North Union Mine. 

84 South Auatralian Commlaalonera, 
Adelaide. — Marble, sandstone, and slate 
hom quarries near Adelaide. voa 

Chemieal Mannltetarst. 

80 Barnard, George L., Adelaide- 
Olive oil. aoi 

8^ Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide.— 
Olive oil. aoi 

Tarni and WoTen Goodi of Tegetabla 
or Mineral Xaterialf . 

G., Adelaide. 

. fiom human hair. aa^ 

used by Lubras (women). 930 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and Omamentt, 
TraTOiing sqnipmants. 

88 Steloer, Henry. Adelaide. 
« Shell necklace, gold brooch and « 

shell brooch ana earrings set in gold. 
b Silver-mounted emu vases and omai 
silver oxidized metal'tigured piano c 
sticks. as4 

89 Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide.— 
luau eggs made up in inaiiation of je«w 
elry. 353 

80 Nitseke, W., Adelaide. -Coppw 
vase, cross, and pipe ; silver cups mads 
from a dollar and a five-franc piece ; tca> 
pot made from a shilling. 854 

81 Knight, J. G..Adelaide.-Aboriglnal 
ornaments from the northern territory of 
South Australia. 854 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 

87 Knight, I. 

tt String made 
i Native hag 1 






Manufactures, Education, Art, Agriculture. 

}8 8teiaer, H«Ky, A4elaidfe.—8irver< 

oMuiued enu ^g inksiandt. 254 

IS Wandt, J. M.^ Adelaide.— Sihrer- 

mouated emu egg inkstand. 254 

94 South AuBtraUan Commisaioners. 
Addatde.->-Skins of tbdigenous birds and 
animals of South Australia made into 
mutiEh collarettes, etc. ajS 

Blitury and Vaval Armamentf, Ord- 
naaoe, Fira Armi, and Hunting Ap> 

85 KDis:ht, I. O., Adelaide.— Aborifinal 
weapons trom the northern territory of 
Soum Australia. 969 

Htrdware, Edge Tooli, Cntlery, and 
MetaUia Produoto. 

86 South Australian Commiasionera, 
Adelaide. — Iron castings made from Ade- 
laide ore. 383 

Ifaeational Bjstexns, Methods, and 

It South Auatralian CouEimisaion, Ade- 
laide—Herbarium, comprising specimens 
of aO the known plants indigenous to 
Somk Australia, prepared by Dr. Schom- 
buifk, director of the Botanic Gardens at 
Addaide. 301 

18 Adelaide Museum, Adelaide, P. O. 
Waiarhouac, curator.--CoPection of birds, 
mammals, reptiles, skins of animals, ana 
eggs of South Australia. 301 

Engioeering, Aroliiteetare, Chartf, 
Xaps, and Orapliie Bepreeentationi. 

19 South Auatralian Commlsaionera, 
Addaide. — ^Statistical records and maps 
relating to South Australia, compiled by 
the Surveyor-General. 335 


40 Scott. Q. B., South Auatralla.— Pbo> 
tograph of northern territory of South 
Australia. 430 

41 South Aastrallan Commiaaion, Ade- 
laide, South Australia. — Photographs de- 
scriptive of town, pastoral, and farming 
life fai South Australia, the Adelaide 
Botanic Gardens, suburban views, and 
mining. 430 

49 Aagaa, O. H., Collingwood, near 
Adfiaidr. — Photographs olsttid stock. 430 

ArlMTienlture and Forest Prodnoti. 

48 Hardy, Arthur, lit. Lofty, near Ade- 
laide.— Cork from tree raised from an 
score imported from Spain in 1864. 600 
44 Davenport, Samoel, Adelaide.— 
Woods, nscful and ornamental. 600 

41 Sooth Auatralian Commlsaionera, 

a Woods, useful and ornamental, from the 
eorthem territcny of South Australia, foi- 
vaidsd by J. B. Scott, goven u neot resi- 
deat; woods from the nd^borhood of 
Adelaide, collected by Mr. Mais, engi. 

, oeer b chief, and others. 600 

^ Pang>» suppUed by W. B. Hiurhes, north- 
m territory of South Australia. 604 

e Red berries (seeds of the creeping licor- 
fcej and corkscrew pine seeds, from J. E. 
Kehey and W. B. Hughes, northern terri- 

46 Wllke. H., ft Co., ^oft Adelaide.- 
Barks tor tanning ; ground and chopped 
mimosa (black wittie), and ground aca- 
cia. 609 

47 Knight, J. CU Aielaide.~Bark from 
the northern territory of South Austra- 
lia. 6Qe 


48 South Auatralian Commissioners, 
Adelaide^ — Wax models of fruit takm 
front originals grown in South Austra- 
lia. £«o 

Agrionltnral Prodnote. 

49 Carting, Thomas, Adelaide.— 
Wheat. 6so 

60 Riffge, John, Adelaide.— Wheat. 6ao 
01 Young, C.B.,Adelaide.^Wbeat. 6eo 
52 South Australian Commissioners, 
« Wheat, iMariey, oats, and rye. 6ao 

& Peas. 6ai 

c Linseed ; hemp, rape, stmflower, prairie 
and rib grass seed. 694 

58 Kelsey. J. £., Mt. Gambler, Ade- 
laide.— Hops, grown In volcanic soil. 6S3 

Water Animals, Flih Cnltnxe and 

54 Cardwell, Robert. Port Bssingtoa, 
northern territory of South Australia.— 
Trepang, cured at the fishery. Port Ee- 
diMFton, northern tarriaMy of South Aus- 
traTia. 644 

Animal and Tegetable Prodnots. 

55 Kemp, W., AdelaMe.— SheeptUa 

mate. 65a 

56 An ga a, J. H., Collingwood, near 
Adelaide.-^heepskins ; skins of the spot- 
ted emn. 65B 

57 South Australian Commlsaionera, 

m Dreswed skins of the kangaroo, wallaby, 
and other indigenous animals ; also, skins 
made up in designs. 65a 

^ Emu eggs. 653 

e Raisins, plums, figs, and currants. 656 
i/ Wines. 660 

58 Davenport, Samuel, Adelaide. 

a Skins or native animals and birds. 65s 
^ Emu eggs. 653 

59 Bagot, B. II., Adelaide.— Bxtract of 
meat. 4si 

60 Hardy, Thomas, Adelaide. 

a Raisins and currants. 656 

S Wine. <6o 

61 if urray, Alexander, near Adelaide. 
— ^Jams, jellies, and marmalades. 656 

61e McBwen, George, Adelaide.— Ae- 
sorted jams. 696 

62 Dunn, Joha, ft Co., Adelaide.— 
Flour. 65f 

68 Magarey, Thomae, ft Co., Adelaide. 
— Flour. 657 

64 Cowan, Thomaa, ft Co., Weat Ade- 
laide.— Flour. 657 

65 Gilbert. Joaeph, 
laide.— Wine. 

tory of South Australia. ' 605' 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by'aumben at end of entries, tee 

Pewaejr Vale, Ade- 





Wines, Textiles. 

66 Clark ft Crompton, Adelaide.-^ 
Wines. 660 

67 Ricbinaii,J.W.,WatervaIe.— Winea. 


68 jOuick, H. C., Harden, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

69 Rosa, R. D., Hiffhercombe, Ade- 
laide.— Wines. 660 

70 Kaines, John H., Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

71 Auld, Patrick, Magill, Adelaide.- 
Wincs. 660 

72 Barnard, G. L., Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

78 Hornabrook, C. A., Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

74 White, George, Roaefteld, Adelaide. 
-Wines. 660 

76 Baker, laabella, Iforialta, Adelaide. 
-Wines. 660 

76 Gillard, Joseph, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

77 Ind. G. P., Paradise, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

78 Poote, Henry, Adelaide.— Wines. 660 

79 Holbrook, J. D., Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

80 Kelly, Dr., Tintara, Adelaide.- 
Wines. 660 

81 Salter, W., ft 800, Saltram, Ade- 
laide — Wines. 660 

88 Davenport, Samuel, Beaumont, Ade- 
laide.— Wines, k 660 

83 Martin, Jamea, Oawler, Adelaide.— 
Wines. 660 

880 Young, C. B., Adelaide.— Wine. 660 

84 Thornber, Unlay, Adalaide.— 



86 Wright, B. W., Home Park, Ada- 
laide.— Wines. C60 

86 Blekford, A. M., ft Sons, Adelaide. 
— Bitters, quioine wine, and lune-iuice cor> 
dial. 660 

87 Davis, P. C, Adelaide.— Bitters and 
cordials. 660 

88 Nitschke, W., Adelaide.— Cordials 
and liquors. 660 

Textile Subttancei of Vegetable er 
Animal Origin. 

89 Ansae, J. H., ColUngrove, Adelaide. 
—Wool. 667 

90 Keynes, Joaeph, Keynton, Adelaide. 
— Wool. 667 

91 Murray. John, Murrayvale, Ade- 
laide.— -Wool. 667 

92 Graham, Thomas, Adelaide.— 
Witol. 667 

98 Browne, W. J., Moorak, Adelaide. 
-Wool. • •" 667 

94 Hayward, Armstrong ft Co., Wo- 
noka. Adelaide —Wool. 667 

94a Crozier, W., Adelaide.— Wool. 667 
9d McParlane, AUan, Wellington 

Lodge, Adelaide.— Wool. 667 

95'* Price ft Browne, Adelaide.— 

Wool. 667 

96 Wurm, Prederick, Adelaide.->-Silk 

and silk cocoons. 66S 

Agrienltaral Engineering and Ad- 

97 Dalwood, W. P., Adelaide. — Gua- 
no from Browse Island, off west coast ol 
Australia. 681 

) of exhibits, indicated by nnraben at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 


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(Sou/A 0/ North AisUy CoUtwrns is to rj.) 


Minerals, Manufactures, Education and Science. 

MlBsralB, Orel, Stone, IQnlng 

1 Cftpe Copper Miolof Co. (limited), 
Cape Town. — Copper ores from Oolciep, 
Spectakelf Narrap, Karolusburg, and Ku- 
denaan mines, little Namaqiuuand. 100 

I Bright, H. C. R., Mowbray, near 
Ctpe Town.— Copper ores and collection 
ofminerab. 100 

)a Muskett, E. B.— Oalene from Bang- 
bock mine, Hope Town division. 100 

5 Dickson, W. W.. Cepe Town.— 
Black oxide of manganese, from Hercules 
umt. SCO 

4 Stonestreet, Samuel, Kemberly Dia- 
mond Fields.— Diamonds and associated 
rocks. 100 

f Vice, O., Stormbaryea. 

« Saltpetre from the Stormbergen. too 

i Coal from the Stormbeigeo. loi 

6 Wileon, A., Oaa Worka, Cape Town. 
—South African coals, cokes, and ashes. loi 

MetaUnrgioal Prodaets. 

7 Cape Copper Mining Co. (limited), 
Ope Town. — Copper. 11 1 

OkaMieal Kaanfketiires. 

I Smithers, J. ft Q^ Cape Town.— 
Soaps. Stti 

Tuidtiire and Objeoti of General Vse 
in Conitmetion and in Ihrellings. 

• Monltoa, R., Swellendam.— Work- 
box constmcted of South African 
woods. aiy 

10 Leear.-W., Cape Towa.— TaUe con- 
tracted of rarious ooloaial timbers. tij 

Tmi and Woven Goods of yegetoble 
or Mineral Xaterials. 

lOeCawood, Hon. 8., Grahametowa.— 
Cooon table doth. s^o 

Cltthioff, Jewelrr. and OmaaentS) 
Traveling Equipments. 

II ^rry, Mre., Cape Town.— Melon 
•eed necklaces, bracelets, etc. 953 

U Qtedwin, J. >., KaArland.-Halr of 

. r<mdomise, surmounted by ring of Euphor- 

Jh^ jep: iWT earrings of Pondondse 

Mboon akin; dress of witchdoctor. 053 

For dssMs of eshiUtt, indicMed br samben 

18 Local Committee, Cape of Good 

« Native articles of dress— necklaces, 

armlets, earrings etc. S53 

# Native aprons, head-dress, etc. 254 

14 Ayliff. Mre., Qrahamstown.— Skale- 
tonixed flowers. 954 

Weapeas, ete. 

15 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope.— Knobe kierie of rhinoceros 
horn. « S08 

16 Vigors, P.. Cape Town.— Native 
weapons, Kawasirg^is, Bushman a«e. a68 

IMIeiier Snifoty, Prethesis. 

17 Auret. W. H., Paarl.— Vegetable 
drugs and medicines. 97s 

18 Barkly, Sir H., Qoremor of Cape 
C>»k>n]r.— Bitter barks used by Kafir doc- 
tors in fever cases. 979 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or Min- 
eral Xaterials. 

19 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope.— Kafir beer and milk pots, Kafir 

and Basuto baskets. 


Edmoational Sjstems, Methods, and 

80 Bolomon, C, Cape Towa.— Map of 

South Africa. 300 

88 Solomon, SauL ft Co., Cape Town.— 
Specimens of bookbinding. 3o<S 

84 Local Comoiittee of Cape of Good 
Hope.— (Catalogue of South African Pub- 
lic and Sir G. Grey's libraries ; Univer- 
sity calendar; reports of South African 
Museum, Public Library, and Botanic 
(wardens; Dr. Bleek's Bushman Re- 
searches. 306 

85 Jf[^ J- C., ft Co., Cape Town,— - 

86 Mabille, A., Moriia, Baeatoland.- 
Books orfntea, bound, and publish^ at 
MorOa Mission Station, Basutoland. 306 

87 Stewart, O.. Lovedale, Kaflrland.— 
Books printed, bound^ and published at 
the Lovedale Kafir Mission Institution. 30S 

Engiaeering, Arehiteotare, Maps, eto. 

88 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
Hope.— Models of harvor irarics and dry 
docks at Cape Town. 330 

ei end of enttfas, ftee OassIficattoB, 

.Jigitized by 




Art, Agricultural, Animal, and Vegetable Products. 

29 Dunn, E. I., Cam Town.-Qeoloji- 
cal sketch map of Cape Colony. 335 

29a Coatea, H. C., Commiaaioner, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.— PhoLograph of diy of Cape 
Town, .. 3$; 

29^ Aytiir, Reuben- Orahamaiown.— 

• Phoiographi of tape Town, harbor 

worka, eic. 335 


80 Hermann, W., Cape Town.— Oil 
paintiugs. ^^ 

a View in Knysna Forest, Cape Colony. 
fi View of Three Anchor Bay, near Cane 
1 own. '^ 

81 Coppen, P., Cape Town.- Water 
cotor tkeichet. ^,, 

a Sketch of Hangklip, a spur of the Storm- . 

bergen, Queenstown dfvistion. 
^ Sketch of the Mac Mac Falls, Lydenburs 

gold fields, South African RepuHic. 

82 Hayi, MlBs Anna, Cape Town.— Wa- 
ter color sketch of the native population 
of Cape Town. 4„ 

88 Hermann, W., Cape Town.— Six 
water color sketches of colonial see- 
nery. ^„ 

84 Thwaits, Miss P. C, Cape Town.— 
Rist water color drawings of indigenous 
Cape flowers. ^ ^,, 

Engraving and Lithographj. 
85« Bruton. C. I., Cape Town.— Photo- 

graphs. .^ 

« V icH-s in Cape Town. 

i View of Kloof Lodge, nenr Cape Town. 

< \ iewH of scenery around Cape Towa. 
35^ Barnard, S. B.,Cape Town.— Photo- 
granhs of Cape Town, natives, etc., in a 
book. ^30 

85<" Pennesrsey, C. D., George.— Photo, 
graphs of colonial scenery 430 

Arborioolture and Foreit Prodnoti. 

86 Carson, E. J., Ooklep, Namaqualand. 
—Ebony. 60, 

87 Holland, B. H., Ateaandria, Cape 

Colony-.— Specimens of timber from the. 
Alexandria* crown forests, with articles 
made from various woods. 601 

88 MoBsop ft Garland, Cape Town.— 
Karks in the rough and ground. 602 

89 »iaithet>t,j.AG.,CapeTown.--Veg- 

• etable w^x. fcj 

49 Dale, Dr.» Cape Town.— Vegetable 
wax. fo3 

Agricultural Produetr. 

41 Barry, Arnold, ft Co., Cape Town.— 

V heat. ... 6ao .. 

49 Mybureh, If., Meerluet, Berate 

river.— Wheat. (20 

48 Barry ft Herdon, Moaael Bavw— 

. Aloes. '^3 

'44 Barry ft Nepbawa, Cape Towo.>- 

Aloes. 623 

'ift Jonah, S. J. de, Oapa T«wn.» 

bnufl. ^3 ^ 

46 Powrie, £.^ Mosael Bay.— Leaf to- 
bacco and snuflr. 693 
For pl^fs^ of ,eahil»ls» indicated by 

Land Animals. 

46<t Coatee H. C. Commissioner, PhUa- 
delphia. Pa.— King penguin. 635 

47 Giljbon, J. M., Cape Towa.-CochI* 

neal, gr^wp and dried in ifae Bpt;^ric Car- 
dens, Cape f'cwn, 638 

Water Animate, Pish Culture and 

48 Merriman, John, Cape Town.— Pre- 
•ervod crayfish from I'abie Bay. 643 

49 Moodie, D., Swell endam.— Pearl oya- 
ter shells from the south coast of the ooU 

o»y. 645 

Animal and VegetaUa Produota. 

60Dier A DieU, Port Elisabeth.— 
Skins. 5^ 

60a Bennlngfield ft Son, Natal.— Ele- 
phant tuitks. 6^ 

51 Mossop ft Garland, Cape Town.— 
Leather. £^ 

52 Local Committee, Cape of Good 
Hoi>e.— Robe of skins of the hbckbadccd 
jackal and avard wolf. 653 

58 Dickson, W. W., Cape Town.— Sidns 
of the lion and cheetah or hunting leop- 
ard. 6^ 

58a Coates, H. C, Commissioner, PliiU. 
deljihia. Fa. 
a Pair of horns and head. 65a 

S Ostrich eggs. ^^ 

54 Vigors, P., Cape Town.— Lion and 

leoj»ard skins, head of a leopard, antelope 
and riiinoceros horns. 65* 

54a CHpp, G. W,— Pair of horns. 65a 

55 Local Committee of Cape of Good 
I i ope .,— Osirkh feathcra and eggi. 653 

56 Douflass, A., Qrahamslown.— 0»- 
trich tncubator, witL stufied ostrichts and 
«8K» 653 

57 Powria, E., MoasH Bay.-^Beea- 
wax. 65^ 

58 Barry ft Nepfaewa, dape Town.— 
I3eeswax. ($5^ 

59 Toit. A; L. du» Rondebosch.— 

Grapes m brandy. $^ 

5da Volsteedt. P. J., Cape Town.— Pre- 

. served lemons, citrons, n^r^ics, Utter 

oranges, melons, and Cape gooseber- 

- nes. 656 

60 Merwa.-J. H. van der, Rabertaon.^ ' 

- Grapes in brandy. « ^56 

QOa Merriman, John, Cape T9^el— Pra^- 
served tomatoes and Ca'pt ^ooscbettfes. t$S 

61 Palck. J. A. H., Montagu.— Peaches 
iBrhrandyt. ~^ . ~ 69^' 

62 Clear, B., Cape Town.-- Whaat 
flour. 557.-, 

68 Letterstedt ^ Co., Ckpe Town.— 
Wheat iour. 657 

64 BMrry. Arnold ft Co., Cape Tawn/ 
— wheat floux « ^7 

6 9 Heydcniych, B, O. ¥., Capa Town 

—Starch irom wheat flour. 65S 

74 Ryn, L H. ran, Capa Town;-^Poa- 
«ac, red, and white wines, brandy. 46l 

imadbecft ateadof entriles 

t^aee OassMaaMon, pp. e^^*^ 

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WlttM» Teiiiles, Flower WoUc 

76 Reaen, 8i v*a, ft C«., High Coo- 
stantia.— Red jmd white wines. 660 

79« Cloete Btocbara, CoasUdtla.— Red 
and whiM win«B. 6617- 

76 Anderson ft Ifurison, Cape Town. 
— Pootac, palS) sad foldea aher^ 

76« Cloete, H., Bellevue, Constantia.— 
Red and white wines. 660 

77 Green, B. X., Cnpe Town.— -Red, 

white, and sherry wines. 660 

7f CoUison, H. C» Cape Town.— Sher- 

r>-, Madeira, Pcotac, and Constantla 

wines. 660 

78« Cloete, t. P., Oroot Conetantia.^- 

Rcd and white wines. 660 

79 Joubert, W. A.» SteUenbosch.— Dry 
white wine. 660 

SO Paarl Wine and Brandy Co., Paarl. 
— Red and wliite wines. 660 

81 Roocnherg, 8^ Cape Town.— Bran- 
dy. 660 

8S Bany ft Nephews, Cape Town.— 

tS Collison, H. C^ Cape Town.— Cog- 

84 Hauf, Dr., Robertson.— Brandy. 660 

80 Mamls, H. H., Robertson.— Cap 

sherry wine and Congo brandy. 

84 Villiers, A. J.J. de. Cape Town.- 
Sherry, port, andTred wines.' 660 


87 VilUers, A. B. de, FaaH^Rsd and 

white wines. 660 f 

TcxtUt Sabftanoei of TegttobU or 
Animal Orig:l]i. 

88 Cawood, Hon. 8., Orahamstown.— 
Cotton. 66s 

89 Orewar, John W., Uitenhage.— 
Wool. 667 

90 PHest, W., OraffReinet.— Wool. 667 

91 Rubidfe,C..QraffReinet.- Wool. 667 
98 Stewart, A. C, Port Elizabeth.- 

Wool. 667 

98 Court, P. W., Port Blisabeth.- 

Wool. 667 

94 Barry ft Nephews, Cspe Town.— 

Wool. 667 

96 Barry, Arnold, ft Co., Cape Town.— 
Wool. -. • f ^^ 

96 Dier ft DieU, Port Blixabetb.— 

Wool. 667 

97 Stewart, A. C, ft Co., Port ElUa- 

bcth. — Angora haur. 669 

Omamontal Treoi, Shmbi, and 

98 VilUers, Ifiss de, Pransche Hoek.- 
Artioles made of everlasting Aowcrs. 709 

99 SflAuts, Ifiss O., Cape Town.— Arti- 
cles Buuie of everlasting flowers. 909 


{Nrrth 0/ Nave, Columns 1$ to 17.) 

Chamloals, Woven Goods, Clothing. 

ChomiMl Hannfactarei. 

t Reynolds, Johq N.,— 8flt. sqo 

8 Pritb ft linrphy.-^alt. «oo 

8 Ormnt, Charles. 

ABIsulpbateofllBM. • sod 

h Owwick powder sod odontine. 903 

4 TboflBson. Robert, Superintendent 
of Bocankal Gardens. Kingston, for the 
jsy sinia ent.— Essenttol oils. 903 

8 Anvray, P. E.— Odontine. soj 

\ W^fttOsgi i of ▼•fatablif 
Mimral Materialt. 

Robert, Superintendent 

" , Kingston, for the 

pUntaSa feaf 


I ^ eaUM«i» tadisstsd by 1 


>tkiJUE, Jewitlry, ftad Onamantt, 
Traveling X^pflMiiti. 

7 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of B otsnical Gardens, Kingston, for the 
govern nient . 

« Palm leaf hsts. eji 

h Baskets and fans from leaves ; shell bas- 
kets; walkisg sdcks: bamboo whip; tor- 
toisesMUoerahs. necklaces; napkin rings 

. and egK cups; ooilies and fans made of 
lace Dark. ^ 

la Nash, Mrs. 

m Hats made of dagger plant, lace bark, and 
strainer fibre. eii 

h Dagger plant and lace bark ornaments, 
comprising fiuis, flowers, baskett. etc; 
earrings and brooch made of lobster 
shell. 954 

. 8 Brooks, Mrs. C-^Ooilies and &ns 
made from lace berk, etc 954 

at end of eqttiss, see datslflcatioftrpEi^ •^h-' 

.jigitizedby VjDOJ 




Manufactures, Agilcultitrdl, Aaimal, VegeUble Products. 

8a Reid, William.— C(#eoanut8htUOr- 
^ namenu ; walking sticks, etc 354 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery.' 

9 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 

of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 


a Kulers. 158 

b Paper stock. aoo 

Medioine, Surgery, Protheiii. 

10 Thomson. Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 
government. — Cinchona bark&, jalap, sen- 
na, aloes, etc. 37a 

Hardware, Sdffe Tooli, OiiUeryt and 
Metallio Prodnots 

11 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 
government. — Racor strops made from 
stems of plantt. 981 

Fabrics of Vegetable or KiAeral Ma- 

18 Thomson, Robert, Snperlntendent 

of Bounical Gardens, Kincston, for the 


« Dru5hes from the penitentiary. s86 

b Ropes from sisal hemp; coir; wildoottoo, 

cocoantit. etc. S87 

c Bamboo baskets. S89 

Carriages, Vebielei, and Aoeesaories. 

18 Brass, John, ft Son.— Carriage bar-' 
ness and riding saddle. 996 

Arborionltare and Forest Prodnots. 

14 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 

m Cedar and juniper shingles; bnoewood,- 
etc. for carriage building; cashaw, etc., 
for railway sleepers : pimento leaves, juni- 
per wood , etc. , for making perfumery. 600 

b Mahogany, cedar, ballet tree, braziletto, 
lignum vitae, ebony, satinwooa, rosewood, 
etc. 601 

t Loipirood, fustic, annatto, timnerte, etc. ; 
divi-diy;, nangrore, cwtechv, guansa, 
etc. 60s 

d Dried ferns. 604 

10 Pantrepant Estate.— Lace bark. 600 
Ifttf Fisher.— Concrete for tanning. 60s 

Agrienltoral Prodnots. 

18 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 
of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 

»s and beans. 6ti 

b Ginger, pimento hemes, nutmegs, ranllU, 
cayenne pepper, etc. ; tobacco, tea, cocoa, 
and chocolate : cofi^ from the following 
oartics John McLean, Francis Chalmer, 
John Davidson, Mrs. Madaverty, Mrs. 
Lascdles. Dr. Stfcnhens, fames Harrlsoa, 
Ernest Elliott, ano Geo. Henderson. 603 

18« Tboiapaoa ft Weitsmaan. 

18^ Bspeat. W. B.— Cigara. 

17 Soutar ft Co.— Tobacco 

17a Major, Dr.— Nutmegs. 

18 Richards, W. 8.— Coffee. 





Animal and Vegetable Prodnots. 

18« Pisher.— Leather. 693 

19 Grant, Cbarlee.— Beeswax. 654 

80 Brass, John, ft Son.— Honey and 
beeswax 654 

2(M Fegan. — Bleached wax. 654 

81 Auvray, P. B.— Bleached wax. 654 
28 Thomson, Robert, Superintendent 

of Botanical Gardens, Kingston, for the 
m Candied fVutts and preservet i pkkles, etc; 
fniits preserx'ed in alcohol; meal made 
from plantains, bananas, cassava, bread, 
and other fruits. 650 

b Com, rice, and flour. 659 

t Starch, arrowroot, etc. 6« 

d Sugars from the following parties : W. S. 
Richards, Albion estate and Constant 
Spring estate ; Louis Verley, Mooa estate; 
Ernest KUioct, Bog estate; James Har- 
vey, Hillside estate: Joseoh Reid, Cay- 
mannas e^te, and J. McJrhail. 6^ 
9 Rums from the following parties : Davia 
Galloway, Vale Ko>*al estate; Willian 
Vickers, rrome, and other esutes; M. C. 
Morgan, Appleton estate ; James Harrison, 
Hordley aiid other estates : Plato Elphick, 
Belvidere esute ; W. S. Richards, Hope- 
well estate : Kmest Elliott, Bog and other 
esutes ; Louis Verley, Mona estate : C. W. 
Steer, Blenheim estate ; F. Hall, Mexico 
estate; James Harvey, Hillside estate; 
loseph Keid, Camsnas estate; J. Wray 
« Nephew, George J. Peynado, Alberaa 
ftMiuheU, • -^ ' » ^ 
/ Cbcoanut, castor, groundnut, and other 
oils. 663 
%%m Espent, W. B.— Rum. 660 
28 Gadpaille, Charles.- Rum. 660 
88« Wray, J., ft Nephew.— Oranse and 
ginger wtne. pimento dram, lime-juice, 
etc. 660 
84 MelvilleJaBaia.— Rum and Falemiaa 
wine. « 660 

25 Deanoea, P., ftSon.— Rttal^ gincet 
cordial, orange wins, piaieoto dram, 
etc. 66c 

28<s Alberga ft Mitchell.— Orange and 
ginger wine, pimento dram, cnutney, 
ett. 66d 

28 Nunee, Robert.— Rum. 660 

27 King, Alexander, ft Co.— Rnm and 
Iha&^uioe. 6ft> 

Textile Snbstanoes of Vegetable o| 
Animal OrlgiiL. 

28 Tboasaon, Robait, 81 
of BotMdcal GaideaSk " 



iSlnlhenp, Chlaa pass, pin w ip ple , oolr , 
basraoo, maboe tiwapet tveOy baslvd| 

cedar, and other fbres, etc 
For cissses of exhibits. Indicated by numbeis at end of entries, set CIswIiaHiBa, p^i 

digitized by VjOOQ I' 




(Sntk of North Avemme, CoUmm tj io //.) 


Manufactures, Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

Chemieal Ifawnfattnres. 

X SargenS, D., Inagua.— Specimens of 
sail and table salt. 300 

H Meadows, John O., Ina^a. — Salt 
and uble saJt. aoo 

FBTBltiiTe and Ol^teti of General Vm 

ia Com traetion and in DweUinga. 

8 Robertson, Iff*. 8. B. — Bpergne. 318 

4 Dc»n«ttf, Tbomaa.~ Pripstooe for 

fiJteving water. 224 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Omamentt, 
TraTeling jBqnipmente. 

h Minns, Albert C. J.~Necklaces, 
locket, pin and earrinn, bracelets, soK- 
caires and studs, vest button, spoon, and 
paper Icnife. 353 

6 Dupuch, Joseph. — Card tray, bread 
platters, ackd walking canes. 254 

7 Grant, Misses Julia and Mary.— Mi- 
mosa bean omsmeotSs card tray, watch 
cases, mats, and cross. 254 

8 Arntbrister, James A.— Walking 
canes. 254 

9 Centennial Exhibition Committee, 
Kas^u. — Mimosa bean card banket, bags, 
and bracelets, raanti&ctttred by NIessrs. 
Jarrett. Nassau; tortoise back, cleaned 
and pofbhed by J. R. Saunders, Nassau ; 
palmetto fans and hats, manufactured by 
Mrs. John Taylor, Inagua. 254 

10 Evans, Ellen, O. B.— Shell cross, 
iMtsket, and brioal wreath. 354 

1 1 Atwell, Misses.— Memorial wreath, 
cornucopia, brooches, and earrings, made 
of shetls and fish scales. 254 

18 Symonett, Mrs. Matthew.— Palm 

tree, and watch stand. 254 

18 ^Vallace, Alexander a— Walking 
canes. SS4 

14 Bldon, Mrs. Jsmes.— Cass contain- 
ing orange tree. 254 

18 Garner, Mrs. Msria B.— Basket, 
fiadr basket, brUal sweath, aad sprays. 954 

fytbriei of Tegetable, Animal, er Min- 
eral Maleriftti. 

18 Carrol, Richard B., Long Islsnd.— 
Rope Bade of aloe fibre. aftf 

17 Centennial Exhibition Committee, 
Haw an.— Palmetto rope. 287 

18 Kttowles. JeeepCi A., Long Island.-* 
m Rope and net ouide oat of wild fig tree 

bark. S87 

k Palmetto baskeu and mat. 289 

Arborienltnre and Toreet Prodnots. 

19 Knowlee, Joeeph A., Long letud.— 
Wild fig tree bark. 600 

I of exhibits, indleated by nembers 

80 Sawyer, R. H. & Co. 

a Stopper wood; ship's knees of sabicu 
wood; bttik. 600 

b Mahogany, sabicu, satin, bull, cedar, and 
cocoanut woods. 601 

c Green ebony, Inaziletto wood, and log- 
wood. 602 

i Myrtlebeity wax. 603 

81 George, Joho 8. 

« Specimens of bark and palmetto leaves, 
vellow pine and cedar woods. 600 

b Mahogany, sabicu, satin, stopper, orange, 
and lignum vitse woods. 601 

c Ix>gwood.braziletto, and green ebony. 60a 

d Wax made from myrtlcbwry. 603 

88 Saunders, Samuel P.— VegeUble 

sponge. 604 

Agrlenltnral Produote. 

88 Boyd, Adam.— Tobaceo and coffee, 

cultivated in New Providence. 623 

Water Animals, Fish Cnltnre and 

84 Sawyer, R. H. A Co.— Conch 

shells. 645 

85 Treco. P. A.— Bahama shells, col- 
lected and arranged by J. R. Saun- 
ders. 645 

88 Saanders, Samuel P.— Sntall 

shells. 645 

87 George, John S.— Queen conch 
shells. «45 

Animal and Vegetable Prodacti. 

88 Sawyer, R. H. ft Co.— Sponges. 6s -> 

89 Gsorge, John S. 

Beeswax. 654 

b Arrowroot and cassava starch. 658 

80 Centennial Exhibition Committee, 
Nassau. — Assorted preserved fruits, as- 
sorted pickles ; pimento manufactured of 
native fiuits by Daphne Fife. 656 

Textile Snbitanoee of Yegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

81 Sawyer, R. H., ft Co.^-8peciinens 
of cotton produced principally at Long 
Island. 66s 

88 Saunders, S. P.— Cotton. 665 

88 Brics, D. A.— Cotton. 66s 

84 Centennial Bithlbition Committee, 
Nassau. — Fibres of the pita and pineapple 
plants, plantain, banana, and aloe trees, 
and esparto grass; wool made from 
leaves e« the Ibrest pine, pita plant, ba- 
nana tree, and plantain. 666 

Afrienltnral IBngitteering ' and Ad- 

88 Saunders, Samuel P.— Cave earth 
(fertilizer). 681 

at end of cstrlcs, see Classification, pp. af-4f. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 




{North of Main Aisle, H i6.) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

Fnmitiure and Objects of General TTie 
in Constmotion and in Dwellings. 

Government of. — InUid 

1 Bermuda, 


Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments, 
Traveling Eqnipments. 

5 Trimingham, J. 

A licrmuda straw plait, bonnets, etc, pal> 
nieito plait, and articles made from the 
palmetio leaf. 351 

h Wreath of shell work. 154 

3 MiddJeton, T. D.— Artidea In point 
lace, from Somerset Island. ssa 

4 Smith, Mrs. R. T.— Pine point lace. 


6 Nets, Mis8.--Point laoe sleevelets 
basque. asa 

6 Ness, Miss C— Point lace sofa pil- 
low. S5ft 

7 Lines, Mrs.^Pofnt lace. 152 

9 Bermuda, Qovemment •f.^AValking 
can^. 854 

Medicine, Surgery, Prothaiis. 

10 Hugh, J. B.->Medici«al hert>a and 

drugs. a/a 

Educational Systems, Methods, and 

11 Education, Board of.— School-map 
of the Benmidai. 300 

12 Thorpe, Mrs. W.— "Afternoon in 
Bermuda." 306 

13 Wilkinson, Major H. J--"The Sand 
Hills." • -V J- -g 

14 Anon.- Bermuda flowers from na- 
ture. 306 

Engineering, Arohiteotnre, Maps, etc. 

16 Bermuda, QoTernment of. — Larse 
general map of the Bermudas, details bv 
Royal Engineers and Major Crawford, 
R. A. ; diagram showing the monthly 
mean temperature of Bermuda com- 
pared with other places of winter resort, 
drawn by Lieut. Cokmcl Bland, R.E.; 
' fac-fiinile of the earliest published map 
of Bermuda, from Norwood's survey of 
1616. 335 

Physioal, Social, and Moral Condition 

IS Benmida, Government of,— Exam- 
ples of the ancient records of the colony 
of Bermuda, from 16x6; title deeds, or 
e^nal grants of land of the Bermuda 
Company, 1638-9. 


19 Somerset, Col. Pttzroy, R.E.— Pbo- 
tographs of Bermuda scenery, by the 
Royal Engineers. 490 

80 Hugh, J. B.— Photographs of Ber- 
muda scenery. 430 

Aerial, Pnenmatio, and Water Trana- 

21 Hinson, Dr.— Model of a Bermuda 
yacht, cutter-rigged. 594 

22 AdmiraU}r, Lords of the. — Model 
of her Majesty's floating dock at Ber- 
muda ; sectional drawing of same. 596 

Arboricultnre and Forest Products. 

24 Several Contributors.— Sections and 
specimens of woods. 600 

25 Astwood, Mrs.— Bird's-eye cedar, 
and other ornamental woods. 601 


26 Committee, The.— Bananas a ad 
other fruits. 61 1 

Marine Animals, Pish Cnltnre and 

27 Bermuda, Government of.— Conch 
sheik used by cameo cutters ; an extinct 
land shell of relatively laige site ; Sp. of 
hyalline; corals, nullipores, coraluues, 
sea fans, and sea rods. 645 

Animal and Vtgetable Products. 

2S Bermuda,Qovcrnment of.— Sponges. 


29 Hugh, J. B.— Dried and preserved 

fruits. C56 

80 Tucher, Tho. Powle.— Arrowroot. 


81 Bertram, J. T.— Arrowroot and Tous 
les Mois. 658 

Textile Substancei of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

82 Peniston, W.-— Fibre prepared from 
the leaves of fourcroye gigantea. 666 

Machines, Implements, and Prooessea 
of Manuiiaetute. 

88 Dei i uu d a , GovemaMot of.-^Toola 
tised in freeing the grouaa of the roots of 

sage and wild mimosa. 


Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and 

84 Bermuda, OovemmeatoC--Flow«n 

ferns, and ornamental plants. 700 

F^ dasMS of exhibits, indioatad by numbers at eod of enttiet, see Claasifipatioo, pp. sf^^f. 

Jigitized by VjOOQ IC 




i/fyrtM of Main AisU, P 16.) 


Manufactures, Agricultural aad VefeUble Prodttcta* 

dothiaa* Jvwtljj, and Oraamettti; 

1 Ore«t Diamond Plantation.— Rice 

Ibfioiaa, Surgery, Pretheili. 

t FnMon, William.— Dniga and other 
atdh 1 11 predn ct lo n e of die ooloey. tfj9 

Ixkrioaltare and Forest Products. 

t Maokej, T. H.— Oreeaheart wood. 
Marly 100 years old. 600 

Agziemltvral Frodaoti. 

4 Great Diamond Plantation.— Rice. 


Animal and Vegetable Prodnots. 

I Freaeoo, William.— Starches. 658 
I Bel Air Plantation.— Vacnam pan 

togw. 659 

7 ColaaiMa Plantation .—Common pro- 
cm mgar. 659 

t Greenfield Plantation.— Vacuum pan 
«us»r. 659 

9 La Bonne Intention Plantation.— 
VaoMB pan susar. 659 

10 Met-en-Meersorg Plantation.— 
Vacuum pan sugar. 659 

11 Ogle Plantation.— Vacuum pan 
sugar. 6a9 

18 Leonora Plantatioa. 

m Vacuum pan and other sugars. - 559 

i Rum. 660 

It Uitvlugt Plantation.— Vacuum pan 
sugar. 639 

14 Vreed-en-Hoop Plantation. — Com- 
mon process sngar. 659 
1 f Versaillea Plantation.— Vacuum pan 
sugar. 659 

16 Great Diamond Plantation. 
m Vaooum pan sugar. 65; 
^ Rum. 

17 Hope Planution. 
m Vacuum pan sugar, 
i Rum. 



18 Tuschen de Vrienden Plantation. 
m Vacuum pan sugar; molasses. 659 
6 Rum. 660 

19 LusiKnan Plantation.— Rum. 660 

Tlixtlle Snbstaqoes of Vegetable er 
Animi ^i Origin. 

80 Godfrey, B. J.— Plantain, ailk iri'^aa. 
mahoe, sweet brier, and monkey appir 
fibres. fee 

For dasses of exhibits, buUcaied |iy mMo^n at end of entrkt, tee Oaitifcation, pp. 17-45. 


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{North of North Avetuu, Columns is to ij.) 


Minerals, ManuCacturee, Education, Art, Agriculture. 

Minorali, Orel, Stone, Kining Pro- 

1 Armitaee Bros., Colombo.— Tin and 
plumbago. xoo 

Clothing, Jewalry and Omametfit, 
Traveling Equipment!. 

2 Armitage Bros., Colombo^ 

a Straw hats. 951 

6 Canes. 354, 

Fabrioi of Veffetable, Animal, or Xin- 

eral ICateriali. 
8 Armitare Bros., Colombo. 

a Tndia-ruober. 385 

^ Kopes. 187' 

Ednoational Svstems, Xethods, and 

Colombo.— Alm»- 


5 Armitage Bros., Colombo. — Ele- 
phant, carved in plumbago. 405 


6 Armitage Bros., Colombo.— Photo- 
griphs, 430 

4 Armitage Bros., 
nacs andother books. 

Arborioaltare and Forest Prodnoti. 
, Colombo. 

7 Aimitage Bros., 

« Woods. 

i Dyewoods. 

e Gutta-percha and gums. 



Agrienltnral Prodnets. 

8 Armitaga Bros., Colombo. 

« Coffee, spices, tobacco, and cigsa. 6e3 
^ Seeds. 6s4 

Water Animals, Fish Caltue and Ap- 

9 Armitage Bros., Colombo.— Motlier- 

of-pearl and other sbeQs. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnott. 

10 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 
« Coco de mer 
i Vegetable tallow. 
c Tapioca. 



SnbBtaiieei of Vegettble or 

Animal Origin. 
1 1 Armitage Bros., Colombo. 
a Cotton. fi6< 

6 Fibres. 066 


(North 0/ North Avenue, Columns ij to //.) 
Manufactures, Art, Agriculture. ^ 

Silk and Silk Fabrios. 

1 Meyer, Behn, ft Co., Singapore. 

a Silk floss from Rungpore. 343 
^ Dved silk from Rungpore. 343 
e Silk thread from Bengal, Gyah, and Rung- 
pore. 344 
d Silk lace from Jubbulpore. 947 


2 Meyer, Behn, & Co., Singapore.— 
Photographic views. 430 

Arborionltnre and Forest Prodnote. 

8 Meyer, Behn, ft Co., Singapore. 

a Woods from Singapore, Macuas, Bombay, 
and Nagpore. 600 

k Dye-woods, galls, bark, etc. 603 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 


4 Meyer Behn, ft Co., Slngi^ore.— 

Nuts. - 4ks 

Agrienltnral Prodnote. 

5 Meyer. Behn, ft Co., Singapore. 

« Grass. 6ao 

b Tea, coffee, spices, etc. Caj 

c Seeds. 6b4 

Textile Snbstanees of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

6 Meyer, Behn, ft Co., Singapore. 

« Cotton boll, seed, and flake. 66< 

k Hemp and fibres. ^ 66a 

r Woor 6|k 

d Cocoon silk. 


at end of entries, t^^^^^s^cation, pp. a^^o. 




{XoHA o/Afah AisU, B td.) 

Minerals, Manufactures, Machinexy, Agriculture. 

Kiserals, Ores, Stone, Xining Pro- 

1 Colonial Qovernment. 
« Granite. loa 

h White clay, — iised in medicine, and to 
"chalk" divorced wives. 104 

Chomioal Mansfactnrei. 

8 ColMiial QovMomcnt. ^^ Palm ao4 
odier oils. soi 

tMttton, U^.-^Palm, coeoaaut, 
groundnut, and other oik. 901 

Oenuniii— Pottery, Porcelain, Glass , 

4 Colonial Oo^ernment. 

a Gol<lsniith's furnace and crucibles. 307 

i Earthenware. tio 

fimitiire and Objects of General Use 
in Conitmction and In Dwellings. 

f Colonial Qovernmtnt.— Native 
stoob; desk, and envelope case. 317 

Tsnt end Woven Ctoods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Katerials. 

f Crowtber, BislM>p. 

« Niger mats. 339 

h Couon goods. 930 

7 Colonial Government. 

• Mats and baskets of crass. 139 
h Cotton fabrics ; Whydah and Agncy 

doth. 9jb 

W •fen and Felted Goods of Wool, ete. 
9 Colonial Government.— Woolen fab- 
rics. 938 

Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

• Cdoalal Governmeot.--8ilk fob- 

Clothinjr, Jewelrj, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

10 Colonial School, Cape Coast.— Wool 



11 Crowther, Bishop.— Slippers. 
IS Colonial Government. 

« Sandals, hats, etc. 

i Jewelry. 

< Tans, pipes, walkfnf-stlcks, etc. 

d Leather satchel and leather work. 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

18 Colonial Government.— Book for 
keeping gold accounts. 961 

For dasses of exhibiu. Indicated by numbers 




Weapons, ete. 

14 Crowther, Bishop.— Dagger. s6S 

15 Colonial Government.— Swords, daa- 
gers, bows and arrows. 968 

Fabrici of Vegetable, Animal, or Kin- 
oral Katerisli. 

16 Colonial Government. 

« Ropes. 987 

k Basket ware. 989 

Scientiflc and Philosophloal Instru- 
ments and Methods. 

17 Colonial Government.— Drums, 

guitars, flute, horn, etc; strings for mu- 
sical instruments. 997 

IS Colonial Government.— Carved 

wooden figures, ladles, etc. ; carved image 
exhiUted at aatlve funerals. 40s 

Machines and Implements of Spin* 
ning. Weaving, Paper Making, ete. 

19 Colonial Government.- Lrooras for 
manu&cturing cotton yams. 5*1 

Arborionltnre and Forest Products. 

20 Colooial Government. 

Odoomwood. 600 

b Ornamental woods. 601 

e Gtuns, resin^ etc 60s 


81 CeloDia] Government.— Nute. 6«t 

Agricultural Products. 

82 Colonial Government. 

a Beans. 69 1 

k Pepper. (Ssj 

c Seeds, gourds, etc. 694 

88 Davison, Mrs.— Coffee (produced in 

eight months, from the seed). 693 

Animal and Vegetable Products. 

84 Colonial Government. 

a Skins. 639 

i Beeswax. 654 

c Starch. 658 

86 Nugent, Mr., Cape Coast.— Arrow- 
root. 658 

86 Melton, W.— Colored starch. 658 

Textile Subf tanoes of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

87 Colonial Government.— Pibree of 
bamboo, pineapple, etc. 66f 

at end of entries, see Classification, PP? ilOij^T^ 
digitized by VjOvJQ IC 




{North of North Avefnte, Columns is to ij,) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Agriculture. 

Chemioal Manulkotnres. 

1 Lemiire, A.— Salt. aoo 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Omamenta; 
TraTeling Equipments. 

2 Poucaud, Mme. Vve.^ Slippers, 

c, made of PsilinUte 

dgar case, ba>kcU, etc., 


Medielae, Sargery, Prothetis. ' 
8 Boultoo, L. — Medicinal plants. sTa 

EdaeatieBal Srstems, Ketiiods, and 

4 Boulton, L.— Transactions of the 
Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of 
Mauritius, from 1870 to 1875. 305 
Book on medicinal plants of Mauritius. 


5 Kyshe, J.— Mauritlns Almanac. 
1874. 306 


6 MoGo, 8.— Photographs. 430 
FW daasss of exlubiis, indicated by ntunben at 

Arborioultate and Forest Prodnots. 

7 Home, J.— MauHtitteBotaBieal Oar- 
dens ; native woods. 600 

Agrioultnral Products. 

8 Flore Maoricienne.-^VanOla. €09 

9 Bouton, H. ft B.— Manritiua coffee. 

Animal and Yegetable Prodnots. 

10 Mauritlns, Plore Mauriciesoe.^ 

Preserved fruit. 656 

11 Marie, Pran^ois.— Arrowroot. 658 
IS Wiehe,J.-^ucmrs. 699 

Textile Snbstanoes of Tegetable of 
Animal Origin. 

18 Brugada, L. 
E. de.— Ramie. 

de, ft BonchenrUle 

14 Home. 1., Mauritius BoUnical Oar. 
den. — Fibres, etc 666 

end of eatries. see ClasftlfiicatkMt^ pp. 87-4^ 


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{Nbrffi of North Avemu, Columms to /<? tS-) 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

1 Berkley ft Taylor, Brisbane.— Da- 

2 CWng, John.— Pugong oil. ao« 
8 Daintree. Richftrd.— Bsseaces f^om 

Qocensland vegetables. 903 

Oenaiot—Fotterj, Foroelain, Olati, 

4 Mount Bdarley Co.— Fire brick. 307 

Bilk and Silk Fabrics. 

% Chnbb, C. P., lp«wich. 

a Reeled silk. >43 

h MaivAcmrcd »ilk: «45 

Xd^Uohie, Sugary, Ptatkesii. • 

6 Clarke, David.— Eucalyptus medici- 
Dal prcpaiadom. ' vp 

Htrdware, SdRe-tooU, Cutlery, and 
XetSkJHit Prodnett. 

7 Hipwood A Satton^•^B^U• aiada of 
Queensland metal. 283 

Ctrriagei, Vohiole^, and Aooeiiorlei. 

% OteMialMid^ Oovtfvnmefllt of.— Sad- 

(flery made )>y prison labor. 396 

Educational Systems, Methods, and 

^ Bailey, F. M.— "Fera* of Queen^s- 
land." 3P6 

10 Clarke. David.— Catalogue of plaott 
andfleeds. I06 

11 Groom, W. H.— "Accouat of Too- 
«roolbAa and Vicinliy." 306 

12 Hartn>ann,C. H^— "Fruits, Flowem. 
anil Timber* of Qiiecnsland.*" 300 

13 Hockinga. A. T«— Catalogue of seeds 
Ami |4artU. Y^ 

U Hocking«,A.J..Br«sbanc.— "Queens- 
bnd Garden Manual;" " HorticuUute in 
QMeemlaml.** yA 

IS Digglea, Silvester.— "Ornithology of 
Australia.'* 3C* 

i6 Government Printing Establlsh- 
nenu^Boimd bookp, |iMftyhkt»f ^ and 
printed matter. 306 

18 Mackaj 


17 Lukin ft Oresley. Brisbane.— Copies 
w the *• Qtocettslatider." 306 

ckay, Angus. —Works entitled 
he SttgaT'Caiie in Aiatnilia," "SeSlI* 
tropical AgrieuUurist and Colontst'f 
Guide." 3°^ 

19 Proprietors of volumes of Quceas- 
land journal*.— Juurrjils with summary^ 
prepared for the Centennial Exhibition. 


SO Robertson.-- Maryboroiigb altna* 
nac. 30^ 

21 Bloter, Geo., ft Co.— Sloter's alma- 
nac. 30^ 

88 Thorne ft Qi-eeirMvell, Brisbane- 
Queensland almanac and directory. 306 

28 Willmett, Towosville.— Almsnacs 
of Northern Queensland. ye 

fiigineering, Arohiteotnre, KapSt oto 

84 Brisbane Tin Company.— Model 
showing strau of lia oountry. 335 

86 Government Lithographic Bstab- 
li&hment.— Alape. plans, charts, etc. 33$ 


80 CommiMionera for Queenslaad.-- 
Vicws ^f Ip.swich. Rocknampton. Marl- 
borough, Townsvine, aitd Warwick. 430 

87 Daintree, Richard.-rColored photor 
graphs. 43^ 

88 Mackay. Angus.— Colonial views. 


89 Wright, J. P.— Photographic views 
of Brisbane. ^2P 

Xaohines, Tools, and Avparatns of 

Mining, MeUlhcrgy, Chemistry, 

and the Extractive Arts. 

30 Repetti. Joseph.— Model of qu^rtx- 
cru.Hhuig machine. 505 

Arborieidtvre and Eeivii Prodtfcts^ 

82 Dalntrec, Richard. . 

« Comectton of pMfvhed timbeis:. oae 

h Gums from Queensland vegetables. 603 

88 Hnt, Walter, Bo tan leal Cavetof^ 

Brisbane. - 

« CoHectfon of timbers in ^e rough. 6cn 

h Queensland nuU. 

c Bark for unolng. 

84 Mackay, 

Angus. — Common 



* * 60P 

86 Pettlgrew, \^lllkm:— Pick and ajEi 

handltt of Queensland woods. ooi 

88 CrShausey, P. A., Rockhami 

Timbers of northern Qyeensland. 

- Itai 

of cjchibiu, Uwlicaicd by aumbefs at end of entries, sec ClassliicftU»o, PIODJ^IC 



Agricultural, Animal, and Vegetable Products. 

87 Carey. J. W.— Work-boK of various 
finishcc woods. 6ox 

Agrionltoral Prodaott, 

40 Down8,Georg«,€U>wrie.— Barley. 690 

41 Bnderitch, H., Toowooniba.— 
Wheat. 620 

42 Free, A., Warwick.— Wheat. 690 

43 Free, Oeorge, Warwick.— Wheat. 630 

44 Mackay, Angus.— Queensland 
maize. 6*> 

45 Walker, R. F., Toowoomba.— 
Wheat, barley, and oats. 6ao 

46 Grimes, 8. ft G., Brisbane.— Arrow- 
root. 099 

47 Marks.— Arrowroot. 6n 

48 Tahey, P., Nerang. — Arrowroot. 693 

49 Alexander, W. R., Redbank. 

« CofTee and tea. 693 

k Castor oil seeds. 694 

50 Boreham, J. H.— Chutney and 
spices. 693 

51 C4iubb, F. B., Ipswich.— CoOoe 
beans. 623 

52 Hill, Walter, Botanical Gardens.-^ 
Leaf tobacco. 693 

58 Hocker, J. H., Brisbane.— Cigars, 
cigarettes, leaf and mamifacturea to- 

54 McParlane.— Chili peppers. 


55 Mahony, Albert River.— Leaf to- 

bacco. 693 

Land Animali. 

56 Richlaad, G., Cardwell.- Butterflies 
of northern Queensland. 638 

Water Animals, Fish Cnltnre and 

57 Ching, John, Wide Bay.— Dugong 
calf, preserved in spirits. 640 

Animal and Vegetable Prodncts. 

58 Stephens, T. B., Ekibin Tannery.— 
Leather and skins. 6sa 

59 Ching, John, Wide Bay.— Dugong 

skull, tusks, etc. 659 

60 Hayes, W. H., Candied pineapple, 
rockmelon, citron, ginger, lemon aua on 
ange peel. 656 

61 Nedca Bros., Toowoomba.*-Flour. 


68 Keates, F., AUora Mills.— Wheat, 

flour, and meal. 657 

68 Blabk, Messrskt Moyss.— Sugar. 639 

64 Brown, A. H., Antigua, Mary Dis- 
trict.— Suga». 659 

65 Couldrey, W. H., Ageston. 

Kura. CNSO 

66 Davey ft Gooding, Beenleigh,— 

Sugar. 656 

67 Davidson, J. £., Mackay. 

m Sugar. 659 

i Rum. 660 

For das»ss of ekhlblts. Indicated by lumbtrm 

68 Fryar and Strachan, Loganholme. 
a Sugar. 659 

69 Gibson ft Sons, Clydesdale.-^Su^ar. 


70 Seperfntendeat of Penal Planta- 
tions.^SagA. 6^ 

71 Grimes, 8. ft Q., Oxley.— Sugar. 659 
78 Johnston, James, Helensfield, 

Doughboy.— Sugar. 639 

78 Mackenzie, Gairloch. — Sugar. 659 
74 Muir, Robert, Nerang.— Sug^ar. 659 
7ft Tooth ft Cran, Zengarr6.— Sugar. 


76 Nearoe ft Co., Herbert rirer.'- 

Sugar. 659 

79 Irwin Bros., Warrilla. Ipswicb.— 
Wine. 660 

80 Kirehaer, Aamanliansea.— urines. 

81 Mauch, David, Warwick.— Wine. 


82 Raff, George, Morasrfield.— Rum. 


83 Ramsey Bros., lindah. — White 
spiriu of wine. £6s 

84 Brocklemann, Brisbane.- Arrow- 
root biscuit. 661 

85 Daintree, Richard.- Vegetable oils. 


Textile Substances of Vegetable os 
Animal Origin. 

86 Mackay, Angus.^ Queensland 
cotton. 665 

87 Hill,Walter.-Collection of fibrea. 

88 Mcpherson, Alexander, Fortitude 
Valley. — Collection of Queensland fibres. 


89 Clarke, George £., Talgai.— Fleece 
wool. 667 

90 Davenport, Q. H.— Merino wool. 


91Fenwlck ft Soott.— AastrjUian 
wool. 667 

98 Fiahtr, C. B,, Ueadingtoa Htfl^ 

Merino wool. 6^7 

98 Gore ft Co., Yandilla.— Ewe fleece 
wool. 61 7 

94 Green, C. H., Odomburra.— Fleece 
wool 667 

95 Gunn, Donald, Piketlale.— Wool. 


96 Marshall ft Slade, Qlengallen.- 
Fleece wool. 667 

97 North British Australian Co.— 
Fleece wool. 667 

98 Parr, B. Ic, Chiverton.— Australian 
merino fleece wool. 667 

99 Parr, B. C— Fleece wool. 667 

100 Shanahan ft Jennings, Westbrook, 
—Merino wooL 6bj 

101 Government Penal Establishment. 
—Silk worm cocoons. 668 

108 Hine, Mrs., Ipswich. -SUk co- 
coons. 668 

Ornamental Trees, Shmbs, and 
108 Bailey, P. M.— Flora of Australia, 
and botany of Queensland. 709 

nt end of entries^ see Classification, pp. •7-45. 





Manufactures, Agricultural, Animal, Vegeuble Products. 

Vmitnro and Objects of General TTse 
li OMMtmotUn and in Dwtftmsgs* 

1 Bonqoct, Mist.— Temcupt and tau- 
cos. atS 

CloOdag, Jewelry, and Ornaments ; 
^▼eling Equipments. 

8 Booqnet, MIm. 

« Scaw hats and alippen. 151 

i Straw baskets, watch^iockcts, and fiuw. 


1 Cayol, lira. Ton3r.^Bouc|meU of 

shdl flowers. 354 

4 Bary, J. Am— ■>— Walldot-caaaa. ss4 

drborleattore and Verett Prednets. 

9 S eyc he W aa. Chief CommiMiooer of. 
—Saoiples or woods aad planks. 600 

7 Briard, Mr., Pratlin Island. 
« Black basic dya and saiaples of dy«d 
saiflb. 609 

^ Xuta. ^5 

Per claaics af cidilblls, fadfcated by aooAers 

Agrionltnral Products. 

8 Houareau, Sylvaln.— Tobacco. 693 

9 Madine, Mr.— Clffara. tfaj 
10 Lcniarchand^ Mr.— Cacao, cloves, 

coffee, and Tamlla. 62; 

Water Animals, Fish Ooltmre and 

10« Beyrott, F.— Tortie tbell. \ 645 
Animal and Vefetable Prodnots. 

IX Bovquet. Miss.— Coca de mar 

straw. 690 

1 8 Caarin't Distillery.- White rum. 660 

14 NagcoD, Mr., La Ditfue lalaad.— 

Cocoanut oil. 669 

Textile Substances of Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

16 Brooks ft Dapuy.— Cotton from Den- 
nis Island. 665 

16 Briard, Mr.— Cotton. tA-^ 

at ead of entries, see Classification, pp. •7-45. 


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{S0u(M nf Sortk Av$tuie^ Columns ij io IJ^ 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

Chemioal Manofaetorei. 

1 Kermode. W. A., Mona Valt.— 
Salt. aoo 

2 Strachan, R., Cambridge.— Salt, ooo 
8 Colvln, Chmries, Hobart Town.— Oil 

from mutton birds, from islands in Bass's 
Straits. SOX 

4 Coverdale, John, Port Arthur.— Red 
ochre, earth for paints. aoa 

5 Lauffhton, James, Hobart Town.r- 
Earth for painu. aoa 


ng, Jewelry, and Omaxnenta; 
TraveHilg Equipmettta. 

6 Bideocope, J., Hobart Town.— Silk 
and felt hats and caps, vith material of 
manufacture. 251 

7 Taamanian Conm(8rionen.*0|^a- 

sum and cat skin nxjsi, as6 

' 8 Hun, H. M.. Hobart Town.— Por- 

traits of aborigines. 257 

Weapoai, ate. 

9 Moir, J., Queenborough, Hobart 
Town.— Shot. 965 

Educational S^temi, Xethodi, and 

10 Hull, H.M.. Hobart Town.-" HuU*a 
Hints to Emigrants," parliamentary jcmr- 
nals. J06 

11 Nowell, B. C— Books. 306 
IS Tasmanian Commissioners.— News- 
papers and statistics. 306 

18 Walch ft Sons, Hobart Town.— Al- 
manac and guide. 306 

Soientlflo and Fhilosophioal Methoda 
and Sygtemi. 

14 Roval Society of Tasmania.— Mete- 
orological tables. 330 

Engineering, Architecture, Kapi, etc. 

1 5 Randall. A., Hobart Town.— Chart of 
waterworks. 330 

16 Dibbs, T. P., Launceston.— Chart of 
Launceston. 335 

17 Cemetery Commissioners, Hobart 
Town. — Chart of cemetery. 335 

18 Moore, Hon. Wm., Hobart Town.— 
Geological map of Tasmania. 335 

For classe). uf exhibits. Indicated by numl>«r% 

19 Walch & Sons. Hobart Town.— 
Charts of Hobart Town and Launccs- 
•w*. 335 

19oHull, H. M., Hobart Town.-Map 
of Tasmania. 335 

Fhytieal, Social, and Moral Condition 
of " 

80 Walch ft Sons, Hobart 
manian postage stamps. 345 


81 Carlsen, P.O., Port Arthur.— Canrad 

ivory and wooden egg and cruet -stand; 
carved ivory and myitle Danish pipe. 405 


82 Bailey, H. H., Hobart Town.— Pbo- 
tographs. 430 

88 Hobart Town, Corf>oration of.'—Pbo- 

tographs of public buildings. 430 

94 Launceston. Corporation of.*-Pltoto- 

gTAphs of public buildingx. 430 

86 Tondeur ft I^empriere, Melbouma.— 

Photographs of the British and I'a^ma- 
nian Qiaroool Irtm Company's ^Uaiited) 
Works in Tassuuita. 430 

Maehinoi and Implemanta of Spin- 
ning, Weaving, and Paper Making. 

86 Coverdale, J., Port Arthur.— Spin- 
ning jenny ofiasmanian myrtle. 531 

Arboriculture and Foreit Producto. 

27 Creswell, C. P., Hobart Town.^ 
Forest tree seeds (340 varieties). 600 

28 Gulliver Brothers, Hobart Town.— 
Tree seeds. 600 

89 Hull, Hugh M., Hobart Town.— Pol- 
tshed Tasmanian woods. 600 

80 Edwards, Q. W., Hobart Town.— 
Grass-tree gum and resin, for varnish. C03 

81 Mitchell, Mrs., Swansea. — Oum, 
from Oyster Bay pine. 603 

82 Lipscombe, P., Sandy Bay.— Blue 
gum seeds. 60s 

Agricultural Products. 

88 Dalgety, Moore, ft Co., Launceaton. 
—Wheat and oats. 6«o 

34 Dean, W., New Norfblk.— Wheat. 6sa 
L i:im1 of «tiiries,s«e Classification, pp. t7->45. 



Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

t$ Gibson, W., Hobart Town.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

56 H«mip,A.,Laiinceaton.~Wheat. 690 

57 Hogarth, D., Launceatoo.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

58 Kemp, Q., Upptr Bagiiai.— 
Wheat. 6ao 

59 Archer, W. H. D.. Looffford. 

m Wheat uid English barley. 6ao 

# linseed. 624 

40 CresweU, C. P., Hobart Town. 

a Wheat, buley, oats, and rye. 6ao 

S Peas and beans. 631 

c Grass and odier seeds. 604 

41 Oravea, I. W., Hobert Town.— Na- 
live breao. 6a x 

42 Sharland, W. C, New Norfolk.— 
Hops. 633 

4S Shoobridge, B., New Norfolk.— 
Hops. 6s3 

Land Animals. 

44 Archer, W. H. D., Longford. 
Cream-oolored opossum, platypus. 


Water Animals 


Cnltore and 

4ft Salaioa Commitsioners of Tasma- 
nia. — Brown trout. 641 
46 Daviea. R. H., Torquay.— Tasina- 



Animal and Vegetable Prodnets. 

47 Coverdale, Tohn, Port Arthur.- 
weed, and jefly made therefrom. 650 

48 Archer, W. H. D., Longford.— Native 
fors and skins. 653 

49 A root, 8., Bothwell.— Leather of 
kangaroo skins. 653 

iO Oardnerft McKenxie, Lannceaton.— 

Skins of kangaroo, tanned and dressed ; 

nathre furs and skins. 659 

5 1 Taamanian Commissioners. 

a Natthre fius and skins. 65a 

S Bhie gum tree oO. 66a 

ftS Holroyd, Kenntdy, ft Co., Hobart 

Town. — ^Jams and tart fruits. 656 

08 Degraves, John, Hobart Town.— 

Male 657 

04 Dossetor Brothers, Hobart Town.— 
Flour. 6S7 

For Hasifs of exhibits, indicated by muaben 

56 Oracle, WUllam, Hobert Town - 
MalL 657 

Textile Snbitanoes of Animal or 
Vegetable Origin. 

86 Archer, W. H. D., Brickeadon, 
Longford. — Merino wool. 667 

67 Brock, J.— Merino wool. 667 

68 Cameron, Hon. Donald, Bumside.— 
Merino wool. 667 

69 Oibeon,James, Belle Vue, Cleveland. 
— Merino wool ; portrait c^stud sheep. 667 

60 Gibaon, W. H., Pairfield, Snake 
Banks. — Merino wool. 667 

61 Qlbeon, W., ft Son, Scone, Perth.— 
Merino wool : portraits of scud sheep. 667 

68 Headlam, Charlea, Egleston, Mac- 
quarie river. — ^Merino wooL 667 

63 Keech, Q.W., Chiswick, Ross.- Me- 
rino wooU 667 

64 Llndley, Q. W., Rnnnymede, Rich- 
mond. — Leicester wool. 667 

66 McLanechan, Hon. James, Balloch- 
myle. — ^Merino wool. 667 

66 Page, Samuel, Belle Vue, New 
Town.— Merino wool. 667 

67 Parramore, Thomas, Beanfiront, 
Ross.— Merino wool. 667 

68 Ralston, John, Logan, Bvandale.— 
Merino wool. 667 

69 Searle, C— Leicester wool. 667 

70 Sharlaad. W. 8., Woodbrtdge, New 
Norfolk.— Merino wool. 667 

71 Shaw, Pred., Redbanks, Swansea.— 
i^iccster wool. 667 

78 Simmons, W. C— Leicester wool. 667 

78 Taylor. David. St. Johoatone's, Mac- 
qua^rie river. — Merino wool. 667 

74 Tavlor, O. BCilford, Campbell Town. 

t Tayi 
— M< 

erino wool. 


76 Taylor, John, Wlnton, Campbell 
Town. — Merino wool. 667 

76 Wllaon, George, Oatlands.— Merino 
wool. 667 

Agrionltoral Engineering and Ad- 

77 Anglo-Australian Guano Company, 
Homut Town. — Guano from Bird's Is- 
land. 681 

at end of entries, see Classifies tton, pp. 87-45. 


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{Stmlh of North Avenue, Columns 1$ to //.) 


Minerals, Manufactures, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Minerals, Orei, Stone, Mining Fro- 

1 Andri, L. A. P.— Surfiice coals from 
the eastern coast. loi 

A. ~ Asphalt,. 


2 Pinlayson, Thomas 
boiled and crude. 

Furniture and Olijectt of General XTie 
in Construotion and in Dwelling i. 

8 Dcvcnish. 8vl., Surveyor General.— 
Gourd calaoash. 234 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

4 Trinidad, Qovernment of.~Mat8, 
fans, strainers, etc. 8S4 

6 McAdam, Miss Venus.— Baskets 
made of gourds. aS4 

. 6 Dcvcnish, Syl., Surveyor Grcneral. — 
Walking-sucks. 354 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metailio FroduoU. 

7 Devenish, Syl., Surveyor General. — 
Razor strops. aSx 

Fabrics of Veffetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

8 Trinidad, Government of.— Bas- 
kett. S89 

Arborioulture and Forest Froduots. 

9 Prestoe^ Hy., Government Botanist. 
— CoIIecuon of native woods. 600 

10 Devenish^ Syl., Surveyor General. — 
Samples ofwoods. 600 

11 Trinidad, Government of. — Gutta- 
percha, liquid and solid. 603 | 

For daucs <^ exhibits, indicated by numben at 


12 Gumming, A., ft Co., Port of Spain.-- 
Cocoanuts. 6zi 

Agrioultural Froduots. 

13 Prestoe, Hy., Government Botanist. 
—Nutmegs, cloves, mace, etc. 693 

14 Needham, Sir Joa., San Antonio.— 
Cocoa. 623 

1(^ Penco,Jos., La Merced. — Cocoa. 633 

16 Cleaver, C, Verdant Vale.— Co- 
coa. 633 

17 D'Abadie. St. L., St. Pedro.— 
Cocoa. 6s3 

18 Fiamant, Mrs. C— Snuff of native 
tobacco. 633 

Animal and Vegetable Froduots. 

19 Prestoe, Hy., Government Botanist. 
— Proerved fruits. 656 

20 Trinidad, Government of.— Casaa- 
rip. 656 

21 Flament, Mrs. Ch. 
a Farina and plantain flour. 657 
b Cassada starch. 658 

22 Jenny, Miss.— Farina. 657 

23 Colonial Company's Agency.— 
Sugar. 659 

24 Seigert, Dr., Port of Spain.— Angos- 
tura bitters. 660 


25 Somes ft Co.— Cocoanut oil. 

26 Devenish, Syl., Surveyor General. 
— Carap oil. 66s 

Textile Subitanoei of Animal or 
Mineral Origin. 

27 Somes ft Co., Nariva Cocal.— Cocoa- 
nut fibre. 666 

28 Devenish, Syl., Surveyor General. 
—Fibre from Agave vivipara. 666 

29 Prestoe, Hy., Government Botanist. 
-Fibres. 666 

end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 


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{North of Nave, Cohmmt mj to jj-) 


Chemicals, Ceramics, Woven Goods, Clothing. 

Ohtmieal ManvliMtiiret. 

Mosioif, BT J. FoRBis Watson, M.A., 


« Rock salt from Salt range : salt from 
Poorthemauk, Ndlore, Toomlook. Bala^ 
Mfc, Cutuck, and Jeypore; black salt 
fr« Calcutta: saltpetre from Cutch, 
Samo, Boisal, Ahmednugger, Lahore, 
Cealnl India, EUore, Nellore, Cawnpore, 
Salem, Madras, and Calcutta; alum from 
Madras, Lahore, and Bengal; carbonate 
of loda from Lino and Calcutta; sulphate 
of boa from Salt range; borax from 
Thibet; sal ammoniac fiom Kumal and 
Cakotta; sulphate of copper from Cal- 
cutta. 900 

i Gaoiboge from Bombay ; tndieo from 
South Azoot, Moorshcdafaady Madras, 
and ShOcarpore: cutch from Calcutta, 
,andB* -' ' - 

—«..». .uJ Burmah; gambler from Bom- 
bay and Malacca: lac dye from Jubbul- 
pore and Malwa. 9oa 

(knmia^^TotteTj, Foroelain, Olatt, 

c Oraameatal tiles from Hyderabad. so8 
d Water veaseb from Patna. Ghallawar, 
Madras, South Canara, and Allahabad ; 
vase from Sindh ; hookaui bowl and bot- 
tom from Patna; cup, dish, and cover 
from Hyderabad : milk pan from Madras ; 
goblet from Vizagapatam. aio 

l^irniture and ObjeoU of General Use 
ii Oeaetraetlon and in Bwellingi. 

* ( opper and brass lamps, boxes, plates, 
d sbes, basins, cups, etc., from Calcutta, 
Benares, Bei^, Bombay, Patna, Indore, 
Madna, Mirzapore, Travancore, Nepal, 
Cachar, and Poonah: betel phtes inlaid 
vith silver, from Hyderaoad; copper 
amulet case from Thibet ; brass spoon for 
oQ from Madras. 024 

Ttnt and Woren CNH>ds of Vegetable 
or Xineral Kateriale. 

at from Travanoore. 940 

1 and ooctoo fiom Dacca and Mad- 

A Striped and checked cotton from Mad- 

r4s. ,3, 


f Muubai 

WoTOB and Felted Goods of Wool, ote. 

/ Cashmere and woolen carpets fruin Mad- 
ras, Scind, and Perahan. 339 

/ Cashmere lone and square .shawls, net 
shawls, chuddjdis, scarfr, burnouse, cra- 
vats, gold embroidered cloaks and table 

SUk and Silk Fabrioi. 

k Raw silk from Surdah. Berhampore, 
Bogra, Seetapore, and Bengal; Tussch 
siUc thread fiom Bengal, Cyan, and Bha- 
gulpore: cocoons fiom B^sal and Cut- 
UCK ; Kria silk thread from Rui^pore and 
Assam. 242 

I Floss silk fiom Umriuur, Punjab, Vellore, 

Tatu. and Cashmere. 143 

m Striped and plain piece silk from Beer- 

choom, Hyoerabad, Ahmedabad, Bur- 

d Ben 

mah, and ] 


Olothinff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

n Women's garments from Madras, Pegu, 
and Dharwar : men's garments from Goo- 
daspore, Moultan, and Sindh ; pinna silk 
skirt firom Madras. 250 

9 Embroidered shoes and turbans from Hy- 
derabad, Gwalior, Sindh, Kotah, and Ma- 
dura. 351 

/ Nett, muslin, cloth, and silk embroidered 
in gold and o^ors from Sindh, Madras, 
Benares, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bhurtpore. 
and Bombay; gold, silver, white, and 
colored laces from Bombay, Nagpore, and 
Madras; handkerchief from Poona con- 
vent; doyleys from Madras. 353 

q Collection of jewelry from Bombay. 353 

r Dolls from Benares; fiuis from Madras, 
Delhi. Tipperah. South India, Poona, 
and Mongnyr; chooria q>Ut Ivory from 
Sylhet; cAo%rrie, split sandal wood from 
Madras. 3^4 

% Leather bos, embroidered with quill woik, 
fiom Simla. ass 

Weapons, ete. 

/ Spean, bows and arrows fiom Lahore, 
Delhi, and South India; velvet ouiveta 
and arm coven from Lahore; battle axes 
fiom Delhi and Nagpore; coat of mail 
from Punjab: dagsen, swords, breast- 
pbtes. etc., nom Lahore, Burmah, Dec- 
can, Coorg, and Bengal. 

of exhibiU, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see ClassiAcatioo, l#*^*AtSi(jTp 

^igi ize y g 



Masu&ctures, Bducatioii, Art, Agriculture. 

Medieiiie, Bnrgery, ProthMli. 

n B^rkt, Uqoorioe, optam, mu vomka, 
aconite, fHUcbouH, tamarinds, aniae, car* 
damom aJad crotoo seeds, cubebs, bUster- 
ing beetlea, juniper berries, aloes, and 
otfier medicmal products from Madras, 
TraTancore, Bombay, Penang, Bei»al, 
Myaoro, North India, Malacca, and Cal- 


Hardwure, Bdgt TooU, Cutlery, and 
XetaUie Produeto. 

r Copper bell from Bunnah. aSa 

w Lock and key from Indore. 084 

Pabrioi of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Xineral Kateriale 

X Baskets and cimr, case from Madras; 
cane stands from Singapore ; grass window 
shades from Travancore; papier-machi 
articles from Cashmere, Kumool, and 
Sindh; laoouered wood work from Bur- 
mah and Sindh; japanned cabinet from 
BareiUy. 389 

Carriages, Vehiolei, and Aceeteoriee. 

jt Model of state carriage from Poona. 999 
a Models of passenger and higgage carts, 

and palanouin from Bombay. 993 

aa Sikh saddle; relvet and gold trappings 

from Puiyab. 996 

Edueational Syitemi, Methoda, and 

mi Books, "The People of India" and "The 
Textile Manufactures of India," by J. 
Forbes Watson, LL.D.; "Tree and Ser^ 
pciii Worship,'* by J. Fereusson, F.R.S.; 
'* Ancient Buildings in Kashmir" and 
"Ancient Buildings near Muttra and Ag- 
ra," by Lieut. HT H. Cole j " PrimiUve 
Tribes of the Nilaairis "by J W. Breeks; 
Report on the Archaeology of West India, 
by J. W. Burgess. yol 

i»c Stringed and wind instruments from Mad- 
ras ; kettle drum from Bengal ; horn from 
Moorshedabad. 337 

Engineering, Arehiteetnre, Kaps, ete. 

4uf Maps illustrative of Indian stuveys ; relief 
map of India. 335 


mr Sculptured stone bidl from Nandi. 400 
4/* Sculptures from the Amravati lope, viz. : 
base of larae slab; panel fisure of^ temple 
with Buddha seated; portions of frieie; 
figure standing; slab, Buddha's feet. 401 
V Carved model of Burman chuttree, and 
sandal wood model of Hindoo temple from 
Booj ; carved vase, sandal wood mn, and 
^love box from Bombay; carved stone 
idol. "Vishnu ridinc on Garuda" from 
Madras ; carved wooden idols from Nepal; 
carved ivory box fix>m Bunnah ; canred 
elephant with howdah from Berhampore ; 
carved horn tana from Gokah; carved 
pith figures from Trichinopoly, and carved 
horn drinking cup from Rutnagherry. 405 
For classes of mdilbits, indicated by numbers 


mM Photographic views of India: |r«ww.- 
graphs of^races and tribes of Hiadooauui; 
photographs of Indian architectura. 430 
mi Photo-lithographs iUustrative of lh« tex- 
tile fiOirics of India. 4^ 

Ceramio Becorationi, Mosaies, ete. 

mj Inlaid marble boxes fivm Agra and My 
here. 450 

mM Inlaid wooden |^ve and work box from 
Bombay. 4^ 

a/ Card basket and box of porcupine auSD 
work from Vizagapaum ; casket and baa- 
ket of Kof^sari ware ; miniature paintii^s 
on ivory, in carved sandal wood frames 
from Delhi ; writing pads o€ onuunental 
painted leather from Kumool; paintings 
on mica from Tridiinopoly; samples of 
ornamental writing in colors. 454 

Aerial, Pneumatio, and Water Trana> 

mm Models of passenger, ferry, coaaUqg, and 
freight boats from Calcutta. 594 

Arboriculture and Foreit Produeto. 

mn Ornamental and other woods 6ot 

mo Dye woods, barks, roou, and galls from 
Madras, Sindh, Cuiiack, Nagpore, Bur- 
mah, and Singupore. 6aa 

m^ Gum^ resin, incense, guna-pcrcha. mvrrh. 
etc., from Kaepore, Gyah, Uurmah, Maa 
ras. P^u, Satem, Travancore, Malacca, 
Indore, and Ik>mbay. 603 

Agricultural Produeto. 

mf Wheat from Sindh, Punjab, Paridpiir,aBd 
Bengal ; barley from Belgaum, and othet 
places; oats from Patim and Monghyr; 
maixe from Northwestern India; millet: 
raggee; buckwheat from the Himalayaa^ 
illustrations of food plants of India. 630 
ar Peas, beans, lentils, and vetch. 6si 

as Tea from Assam, Bishnath, Cachar, 
Dehra-Doon, Punlcabaree, Kangra. Ku. 
moon, and other places; tea ba<b> (n*m 
Silcoorie* coffee from Aden, Bombay, 
Tinnevdly, Paradise estate, and Chitta- 

Sng; coffee ber^ie^ from South Imlia 
ysore, and Coorg; spices, pepper, gin- 
acr, mustard, curry powder, and turmeric 
from Bombay, Travancore, Indore, Lfvh- 
ra-Doon, Bengal, Nepal, Madras, .umI 
other places. 603 

m4 Coriander, dill, and fennel seed from 
Berar. Oudh, Faridmir, and Dbarwar; 
water lily stems from Sindh ; oil seeds from 
Faridpur, Nagpore, Ahmednugger, Ben- 
nl, and Indore ; poppy seed from Cemral 
Provinces and Bencal ; groundnuts from 
Berar, Indore, and Rhandeish. 6a4 

Land Animals. 

am Various kinds of silk worms of India from 
Cashmare, Beogal, and tfaa HiauJay- 

Water Anlmale, lieh Culture and 

av Peari oysters from Ktirrachee. 645 

mw Edible Urds' nests from Cerloo; mh 
maws and sharks' fins from Bonibay. 646 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 



Animal and Vegetable Products, Textiles, Machines. 

Animal and Vegttakle Predaota. 

«jr Ghie fron Qiwmore. 65* 

mf Becswmx from Timvaiiooflv, P«cn» Ran- 
SfatgafMre, and Ckota Nupore. 654 
"" " •- • riocfroni Pud- 

, qee flour from Madns 
jab, Sindh, and Benfal. 
Ac Anowrooc, tapioca, and sago, 


Taztila Sabetaaeif ef Vegetable or 
Animal Origin. 

bk Ooaxm from Tarioos parts of India, in it> 
difc rcnt stages of growth and manufar- 
lare. 665 

ic Flax from Punjab; rbeea stems and fibre 
from Assam ; brown hemp from Bombay ; 
lubbulpotc hemp; pineapple fibte from 
Madras and MangaJwe; luoe fibre from 
; Manila honp; mat grass from 

Benpd; Ulustiatioos of fib— - p tDdudng 
plants of India. 666 

U Sheep's wool from Bombay, Mysore, La- 
dakh, and Bokhara; ffootrs wool from 
Umritsur, Punjab, Turfan, and Yarkand; 
ramd's wool from Bokhara and Pun- 
jab. 66y 

Maehines, Im^ementi, and Proeeeiet 

of mannfMtare, 

ig Plow and yoke from Berar. 
^ Native cotton gin finom Beng^. 


Agrienltoral Xngiaeeriag and Ad- 

4r Models of water and cottoa cart from 
Bombay. 68a 


{North o/Nmrtt Columns t6 to 23,) 


Chemieal Mamiftietares. 

1 Cowaa, A., Brockrille, Ont.— Salt, 

mtre cake ; nitric, muriatic, and sulf^iuric 

acids ; sodium nitrate. aoo 

18 Geological Survey of Canada, Q. 

« Salt, salt cake, salt gypsum cake, residue 

lor crystallizing pans, nh scales. aoo 

h Ochres. aoa 

14 Sharp, Jo«. 8., Apohaqui, N. B.— 

Salt. SCO 

17 Cooper, Robert, Toronto, Oat.— 
Washing crystals. aoo 

18 Lane, T. G., Hamilton, Ont.—Waah- 
ing and bleaching crystals. aoo 

19 Saunders, Wm., London, Ont. 

m Pharmaceutical preparations. aoo 

b Pierfiamery. soa 

80 Lrman, Clare, ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
« Pharmaceutical preparations. One of die 
longest establbhed drug firms in the Do- 
minion. Specialty— pure drugs. Also, 
linseed oil crushen and paint grfnden. aoo 

i OIL 
e Paints. 



88 Lrynum Bros, ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
a Pharmaceutical and chenUcal prepara- 
tions, aoo 
h 08 fbrpaims. aoi 
c Paints in oil. aoa 
8S Wilson, John, St. John, N. B.>- 
Soaps. aoi 
84 Savage, Alfred, ft Son. Montreal, Q. 
-Oil. aoi 

85 Morse, Geo. D.,ft Co., Toronto, Oot. 
^Soap, candles, tallow, lard, and oils, aoi 

86 Walker, J., HamUton, Ont.--Soap8. 


88 Hood, A. W., ft Son, Montreal, Q.- 

Soaps. aoi 

89 Albert Toilet Soap Co., Montreal, Q. 
—Soaps. aoi 

80 Spinelli, R., Montreal, Q.—Paraf- 
fine soaps. aox 

81 Lvman, S. J., Montreal, Q. 

« Pnoephonis soap. aoi 

h PeHumery. S03 

88 Waterman Bros., Lrondon, Ont.— 
Hard and soft coke Crom petroleum, crude 
and refined petroleum, paraffine od, ben- 
zine, axle oil, tar from petroleum, paraf- 
fine scales. aoi 

86 Loads Paint Manufiicturing Co.. 
MaOorytown, Ont.— Ferruginous rock and 
paints. aos 

89 Buchanan Mineral Co., Waiting- 
ham, Ont. — Paints and oolors. soa 

40 McKav, WiUiam, Ottawa, Ont.- 

Liquid oner for paint, printers' ink. aoa 

48 Ramsay ,T..Montreal,Q.— Paints, aoa 

44 Ramsay, A., ft Son, Montreal* Q.— 

Paints. aoa 

4ft Montreal Plumbago Mining Co., 

' - " • • ;ible« 

Montreal, Q. — Stove pcush, crucibles, aoa 
46 Martin, Charles, Montreal, Q.— Stove 

polish, crucibles. aoa 

48 Hall, Q. B., Quebec, Q.— Ochres, aoa 
68 Copeland & McLaren, Montreal, Q. 

—Iron oxide. aos 

For dasaes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, PP l^yOSglc 




Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods. 

66 Thompson, O. P., ft Sons, St. John, 
N. B.— White lead. 90^ 

67 Bdgett, W., Pudsey's Point, 
N. S. — Iron ochire. aos 

68 Miller, Ho^h, ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
— Pomade. 903 

6S MsnoTUlinff. J. J., Hampton, N. B. 
—Matches. 004 

Ceramioi— Pottery, PoroeUin, Olasi, 

81 Pratt, Charles, London, Ont.— Pot- 
tery. 906 

88 Ahren, J. H., Paris, Ont.— Pot- 
tery. 906 

88 Ball, David, Little River, Q.— 
Drain tUes. ao6 

84 Mochan, Albert, St. John, Q.— 
Bricks. 906 

86 Geoloi^cal Survey, Montreal, Q.— 
Bricks. 906 

87 Advisory Board, Quebec, Q.— 
Bricks. 906 

91 Bell, W. ft D., Quebec, Q.— To- 
oacco pipes. ao6 

98 L«« Brothers, St. John, N. B.— 
Bricks, drain tiles. 906 

94 Smith ft Kave, Halifax, N. S. 

a Bricks, drain tiles. 906 

h Eartlienware. aio 

98 St. John Stone Chinaware Co., St. 
John, Q. — Stone chinaware. sio 

99 Cape Rouge Pottery Co., Quebec, 
Q. — Crockery ware. aio 

108 Booth, W., Toronto, Ont.— Sign 
painting on glass. 916 

104 McAuslancL J., Toronto, Ont.— 
Stained glass, figured work. 316 

Famitart and Ohjeoti of General XJie 
in Conitmotlon and in Bwellingi. 

106 Hay, R., ft Co., Toronto, Ont.— 
Sideboard. 9x7 

107 Riley ft May, Toronto, Ont.— Bil- 
liard tables, etc. 9x7 

110 Kremer, C, Preston, Ont.— Puml- 
ture. 917 

111 Mui phy, A. A., Montreal, Q.— Store 

stools. 9X7 

112 Roy ft Co., Montreal, Q.— Invalid 

mechanical chair. 317 

113 Reinhardt, C, Montreal, Q.— Com- 
bination spring-bottom bedstead. ^17 

114 Reid, R., Montreal, Q.- Marble 
mantelpiece. 317 

116 Stephen, A., ft Son, Halifax, N. S. 
— Secretary. siy 

117 Drum Cabinet Manufacturing Co., 
Quebec, Q.— Parior and bedroom sets, 
sideboard. 317 

118 Whiteside, H., ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
—Beds siMi mattresses. 317 

181 Chapleau. Oodfroi, Montreal, Q.— 
Fireproof sates, bur^ar-proof door. 217 

128 Bennett, Tas., St. John, N. B.— 
Newspaper files. 317 

188 Hutching ft Co., St. John, N. B.— 
Mattresses. 2x7 

127 Hnber, Allen, Berlin, Ont.— Mir. 
rors. 2x9 

For classes of exhtbltx, indicated by numbers 

129 Swing ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 

a Mirrors. 09 

b Mouldings. no 

1 80 Dixon, A. H., Toronto, Ont.— Show 
cards. 9x9 

181 Shants, J. Y., Berlin, Ont.— Mir. 
ror. 319 

138 Spence, John C, Montreal, Q.— 

Stained i^ass window. S19 

186 Wade, J. M., Montreal, Q.-Oms- 

ment on glass and wood. S19 

186 Cockburn, D., Ottawa, Oat.- 

Carved frame. tso 

140 Brown. T. T., St. John, N. B.- 

Frames, book-rack. sso 

141 Copp Bros., Hamilton, Oat. 

« Stoves. 3ss 

h Sad irons. 225 

148 Moore, D., ft Co., Hamilton, Ont.— 
Stoves, tubular lanterns. tst 

148 Billot, J. W., Toronto, Oat.- 

Stoves. tst 

144 White, H. A., HamUtoa, Ont.- 
Stovepipe damper. ttt 

146 Wejielbur|F ft Co., Toronto, Oat.— 
Sheet metal odows. ttt 

1 60 Harris. J., ft Co., St. John, N. B. 

a Ship csmboose and register graties. tss 
b Iron mantels. tty 

161 Tnidean, P., Ottawa, Oat.— Oat 
burner, globe, and gallery. ttj 

164 Williams, 1. M., ft Co., Hamttton, 
(hit.— Tin ana stamped ware. Mami&O' 
turets of plain, staiuied, ro4inned sad 
japaimed tinware, tubular lantenis, etc 
etc. Price lists sent 00 applicstian. ss4 

168 Penton, Thos., Samia, Ont.— Cooi- 
bined cooking and heating engine. sts 

1 61 Elliott. T. C, Ouelph, Ont.— Wash- 
ing madune. tss 

168 Lawlor ft Co., Montreal, Q.— 
Washing machines. t«s 

164 Hall, O. B., Quebec, Q. 
a Washing machines. tt5 

6 Blinds, etc. st7 

166 Cable, Bayard, ft Co.,Moatroal,Q.- 
Qothes rack. tt5 

168 Poster, S. R., ft Son, St. John, N. 

B. — Fireproof shutters. rv, 

171 Wood, T.M., ft Co., Toronto, Ont.- 

Venetian blind. tsj 

174 Evans, Oscar C, Hamilton, Ont.— 
Blinds. t»1 

176 Fontaine, J., Montreal, Q.— Hot- 
house windows. aa7 

177 Wells ft Co., Toronto, Ont.— Win- 
dow fastener. t37 

178 Pairbank, Hawes, ft Co., St. John, 
N. B.— Doors, blinds, tath, turned 
work. t»7 

179 WUson, GMlmour, ft Co.. St. John, 
N.B.—Marbleixedmanteb and grates. tt7 

Tami and Woyen Ooodi of Vegetshle 
or Mineral lEaterUlf. 

180 Dundas Cotton Mills Co., Hamil- 
ton, Out.— Cotton fabrics. sje 

181 Canada Cotton Manufacturing Co., 
Cornwall, Ont.— Domestics, tickings,bsgs, 
yam, etc. sa* 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-45. 



Woven Goods, Clothing, Paper Work. 

188 Smith & WUby, Toronto, Ont.— 
Samples of cotton batts. aja 

183 Woodwoffth, J. L., St. John, N. B. 
—Cotton jrarna. ajo 

184 Pftrks, W.,& Son, St. John, N. B.— 
White and colored cotton yarns. a^o 

185 Winger, H.. Blmira, Ont. 

m Canadian and Oxford gray doth. ajo 

i Linen sheetii^. 333 

Ad8 Stevens, A. J., 4 Co., Paris, Ont.— 

Floor oil doth. 934 

WoYen and Felted €k>od8 of Wool, etc. 
191 Toronto Tweed Co., Toronto, Ont. 

• Tweeds. 23$ 

i Flanncb. 336 

199 Rosamond Woolen Co., Almonte, 

Ont.— Caasimeres. 935 

196 MUls ft Hutchison, Montreal, Q.— 

Tweeds. 835 

196 Paton Manafiacturing Co., Sher- 
brooke, Q.— Clotha aad tweeds. 235 

197 Woodworth J. L., St. John, N. B.— 
Woolen yams. These 4-ply woolen yams. 
diidRy for knitting purposes, are made of 

Sure native wool, with special rq^rd to 
orability. 235 

198 Oxford ^Voolen MilU, Oxford, N. 
S.— Woolen goods. 335 

199 FUher, T. S., Toronto, Ont. 

« Tweeds, buckskins, doeskins. 335 

i Yams. a3S 

800 Advisory Board. Victoria, Br. Col. 
« Vara made from wool of Rocky mountain 
R«iat. 335 

6 Indian blankets fipOTii wool of Rocky moun- 
tain goat. 237 
fOl Lomaa, Adam, ft Son, Sherbrook. 
Q.^-iriaa««ls. 93^ 
202 Willctt, 8. T., Chambly, Q.— Flan- 
nds. 3?6 
80S St. John TVoolen If iUs, St. John. Q. 
—Flannels. 216 
803« Smith ft Wilby, Toronto, Ont.— 
Fancy flaoncls. 236 

804 Cantlle, Bwan, ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
— Plain and fiuicy flannels. 236 

805 Winger, H., Elmlra, Ont. 

« BUnkets. 237 

^ White stocking yarn. 238 

807 Wardlaw, J., Gait, Ont.— Woolen 

yams. 238 

GlotliiiLr, Jewelry, and OriLamenU; 
TraTeling Squipments. 

810 Tarlor, R. P., ft Son, Toronto, Ont. 

— Foil dress suit, dress overcoat. 350 

812 McCrae ft Co., Guelph, Ont.->Knit 

goods and hosiery. 250 

818 Ancaster Knitting Co., Hamilton, 

Oat. — Knitted and tkncf goods. 250 

814 Blacktock, W., ft Co., Hastings, 
Ont. — Wool shirts and drawers. 250 

815 Smith, H. H., Qoderich, Ont.— 
Snits of Canadian goods. 350 

816 SbereyftCo., Montreal, Q.— Ready 

made dotbing. 250 

817 Fisher, T. S., Toronto, Ont.— 
ShirtA, panc^ doad^, an<i i>car&. 250 

818 Skelton, Tooke, & Co., Montreal, 
Q. — Shirt".. coHars, and ciifls. 250 

For dasses of exhibit*;, indicated by numbers 

219 Brown ft Clagget, Montreal, Q.^ 
Dresses. 250 

220 Willis. E., ft CO;;, St. John, N. B.— 
Paper coHars andcufb. 250 

222 May, James S., St. John, N. B.— 
Ready-niade clothing. 350 

225 McKensie, Chariottetown, P. E. 
I.— Clothing. 2» 

228 Sussex Boot ft Shoe Co., Sussex 
N. B.— Boots and shoes. 251 

229 Sutherland, A., Kingston, Ont.— 
Boots and shoes. 2 5 ' 

221 King ft Brown, Toronto, Ont.— 
Boots and shoes. 251 

283 Moore, Th., Cooksville, Ont.— 
Wood models of boots and shoes. 251 

225 Corestine, J., ft Co., Montreal, Q.— 
Hats and caps. 251 

287 Gentesse, C^ Montreal, Q.— Im- 
proved head conformateiir. 251 

288 Slater ft Perry, Montreal, Q.— 
Boots and shoes. 251 

2S0 Cloutier, Qeorge, Pointe LeTis, Q. 
—Shooting boots. 251 

242 Ramsay, D., Cobourg, Ont.— BooU 
and shoes. 251 

244 Dominion Suspender Co., St. Ste- 
phens, N. B. — Gents' and youths' suspend- 
ers. 251 

260 Saunders, S., Guelph, Ont.— Carved 
walldng-canes. 254 

261 Shantz, T. Y., Berlin, Ont.— Vege- 
table ivory Duttons. 254 

268 Lavoie, M., Montreal, Q. — Hair 
work. 254 

264 Leblanc, J. H., Montreal, Q.— 
Fancy featheis. ^ 254 

265 Clarke, U. E., ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
— ^Trunks, valises, and ba^. 255 

266 Taylor, Robert, Halifiax, N. S.- 
Tmnks. 255 

267 Borbridge, S. ft H., Ottawa, Ont.— 
Tmnks. 255 

268 Chisholm, W., New Glasgow, N. 
S.— Ladies' tmnks. 253 

260 Renfrew, G. R., ft Co., Quebec, Q. 
— Furs, Indian work. 256 

270 Reynolds ft Volkel, Montreal. Q.— 
Complete set of fur* 2^6 

271 Hudson Bay Co., Montreal, Q.— 
Furs. 25« 

272 Keixer, C, ft Son, Halifax, N. S.— 
Furs. 256 

272 Thibault, Lanthier ft Co., Mon- 
treal, Q.— Furs. 256 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 
278 Kilgoren Bros., Toronto, Ont.— 

Paper biigs. 260 

288 Wilson, J. C, ft Co., Montreal, Q.— 

Paper bags. 260 

284 Canada Paper Co., Montreal. Q.— 
Wrapping and printing paper and enve- 
lopes. 260 

288 Warwick, Wm., Toronto, Ont.— 
School blank books, letter press. 261 

289 Hunter, Rose ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
— Books printed and bound. 261 

290 Brown Bros.. Toronto, Ont.— Ac- 
count and pocket book binduig. 261 

291 Perrault, L., ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
— Account books, printing. ao* 

at end of entries, see Classification, PR^'7rf4'T^ 



Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware, Brushes. 

298 Dawson Bros., Montreal, Q.— 
Blank books, binding. 961 

296 MacKinlay, A. & W., Halifax, N. 
S.-BlankboSlJs. «6i 

207 Stanton, M., ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
— Room paper hsngingn. 964 

Weapons, etc. 

300 Meyer, P. W. Albert, Montreal. 
Q.--Sman gun, light artillery. 960 

801 Rawbone, 1. L.. Toronto, Ont.— 
I mplements for oreecn and mtizde guns. 269 

802 Stephens. R. E., Owen Sound, 
Ont.— Breechloading rifle. This rifle is 
renuukable for having only the minimum 
of motions, cock, load, and fire ; the maxi- 
mum of ra^id fire is consequently attained. 
It hss the side-hinge block breech. 969 

808 Kilby, R. H., Montreal, Q.-Evans 
repeating rifle. 969 

805 Egan, John, Halifax, N. S.-Caae 
of guns and rifles. 969 

Medioine, Surgery, Prothesit. 

807 Miller, Hugh, ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 
— Tick destroyer for sheep. 979 

810 Stewart, Qeorge, jr., St. John, N. B. 
— Ship's medicine chest. 279 

811 Marter, F. B., Halifax, N. S.— 
Ship's medicine chest. 979 

814 Canada^rust Factory, Montreal. 
Q. — Surgical apparatus, artificial Hmhs. 970 

816 Pourtier, M., Quebec, Q.— Philo- 
donte fountain. 977 

Hardware, Edge Tooli, Cutlery, and 
XetaUio ProduoU. 

816 Moore, Th., Cooksville, Ont.— Axe 
and tool handles. s8o 

818 Smith, R. H., ft Co., St. Catherine, 
Ont.— Saws. s8o 

?.20 Dates Patent Steel Co., Toronto, 
Ont. — Edge tools. 980 

822 Ahem ft Walsh, Ottawa, Ont.— 
Lumbermen's tools. 980 

828 Robertson, Peter, Ottawa, Ont.— 
Lumbermen's and stonecutters' toob. s8o 

824 Warnock, Jos., ft Co., Oalt, Ont.— 
Edge tools for wood, iron, and stone. s8o 

826 Booth, O., Toronto, Ont.— Engine 
and pipe wrench. 980 

827 Chapleau, Godfroi, Montreal, Q.— 
Limestone cutters' tools. 980 

828 Gilmour, G., Cote St. Paul, Q.— Au- 
gers and bits. 280 

829 Boivin ft Co., New Liverpool, Q.— 
Axes and edge tools. 980 

882 Spiller Bros., St. John, N. B.— Edge 
took and cutlery. 280 

386 Broad, E., St. John, N. B.— Axes, 
edge tools, haimmers. 280 

889 Morley, Victoria, Br. Col.— Carpen- 
ters' malfets, yew and arbutus. 280 

840 Cable, Bayard, ft Co., Montreal, Q. 
— Adjustable elastic razor strop. 281 

841 Whelpley, J. Albert, Greenwich, 
N. B.-Skale$. 281 

842 Starr Manufacturing Co^ Halifax, 
N.S.— Skates. Acme, Club, Forbes* pat- 
ent, sold largely in Russia, Sweden, Norw 
way, Denmark, France, England, and 
United States. Being self-fastening, it 
possesses great merit for convenience. 
Quality superior. 981 

848 Penerty, E. L., ft Co., HaliCax, N. 
S.— Skates. 281 

844 Copp Brothers, Hamilton, Ont.— 

Elnameled ware. 983 

847 Laidlaw, A., ft Co., Hamilton, Ont. 

a Enameled hollow ware. 983 

i Enamded plumbers' ware. 984 

840 Dixon, Smith, ft Co., Toronto, Ont. 

— Sash mstener. 984 

862 Campbell, Geo., Toronto, 

Fireproof shutteis. 



868 Gibba, Geo., ft Co., Port Hope, Ont, 
— Nuts and bolts. 964 

864 Law, John. London, Ont. — Bmna 
work. Our mica slit lubricator will belr 
high pressure, is transparent, will not 
break. Our water-gauge glass guard and 
new mode of packing is very dmable. 
Law's patent tar and petroleum burner 
demonstrates gas tar and petroleum tar as 
a good and handv fuel. A quarter4nch 
stream of tar will give fifty norse-power 
sure. S84 

865 Griffith ft Co. ,Toronto, Ont.— Locks 
and latches. 9A4 

866 Brisley, W., Toronto, Ont.— Cite 

858 Stringer, Joa., Kingston, Ont.— 
Locks. 984 

869 Cavern ft Button, Gnnnnoqne, Ont. 
—Hinges and nails. 084 

860 Ritchie, John, & Son, Toronto, Got. 
— Brsss work. aS^ 

868 Pillow, Hersey, & Co., Montreal, 
Q.— Tacks, nails, spikes, horseshoes. 
American export agents and foreign 
visitors interested in this dass of gooids 
will do well to examine them. We en- 
deavor to please all in executing orders 
intrusted to us. They can be sold at 
prices that must induce buyers. 984 

866 Ives, H. R., Montreal, Q.— General 
hardware. 284 

870 Belanger, Vinet, ft Dupart, Mon- 
treal, Q.— Axles. S84 

878 Poster, S. R , ft Son, St. John, N.B. 
—Tacks, nails. S84 

874 McKensie, M., Prince Edward's 
Island.— Bur|^r>proof locks. S84 

876 Starr Manufacturing Co., Hslifkx, 
N. S.— Nails, spikes, bolts, cans, dies. S84 

Fabrios of Yeffetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

879 Gurd, J. R., London, Ont.— Com 

oroom and whisks. 
881 Simms, T. S., ft Co., St. John. 


31 Simms, T. S., ft Co., St. Jouu, 

N. B.— Bmshes. s86 

882 Whitehead ft Turner, QuebM, O. 

a Brushes, brooms, dusters. aw 

i Fancy woodenware. S89 

888 Nelson, H. A., ft Sons, Montreal, Q. 
— Brooms. 
For classes of exhibiu, indicated by numbers at and of entries, see ClassIA 

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Cordage, Leather, Wooden, Metal Ware. 

8 Si Copland, If cLaren.ft CoMMontreal, 
Q. — wire brushes for cleaning castings. a86 

S87 Copeland, Geo., Hamilton, Ont.— 
Conutge and twine. 287 

590 Conner, Tbos., ft Sons, St. John, 
N. B.-0>nk, des; lines. 387 

591 The Dartmouth Ropework Co., 
Helifaz, Nora Scotia— Manila cord- 
age and boh rope, and tarred ma- 
nlla lanyards, four-atrand tarred Russian 
hemp cordage 'and radlne. No. k navy, 
navy, and patent new stock oakum in 
5o>pound bimdles, and the same qualit'es 
spiui, ready for calkers to drive. The 
patent new stock oakum is made entirely 
from hemp and tow, tarred upon their own 
machinery, patented December 30, 1873. 
It can be caraed or s^un directly nom tar> 
ring machine, the finished oakum being 
completed wimin the hour. 087 

S98 Bridge, Andrew, West Brook, Ont. 

—Pails and tubs. 289 

S98 Clerks ft Co., St. John, N. B.— LaaU 

for boots and shocft. 289 

S94 Hall, Q. B., Quebec, Q.— Tubs, 

S96 Peacock, W., Montreal, Q.-Crick- 
etbats. 289 

S99 ^Vendberg ft Co., Toronto, Ont.— 
Galvanised ironworic. 291 

Carriages, Yehloles, and Aooeatories. 

419 Qnsrln, C, Ottavirs, Ont.— Child's 
carriage. 293 

426 ^rebb,John R., Quebec, Q.-Slid- 
higdeigh. 295 

4S1 Lunden ft Bamett, Toronto, Ont. 
— Laoles' hunting saddles. 296 

482 Skellington, S., 
Ont.— Whip lashes. 




488 Borbridge, S. ft H.,OtUwa, Ont.— 
Harness. 296 

484 Vahey, W., Forrest, Out.— Collars 

and machine. 296 

488 PercviJohn, Bowmanvills, Ont.— 
Honesnoes. 996 

489 Weichel,lf., Blmira, Ont.— Horse- 
shorn. 996 

440 BsU. C. R., Parkhill, Ontario.- 
Horsesnoes. 296 

441 Malcolm, R., Toronto, Ont.— Sad- 
dlery, harness, bags. 296 

442 Cable, Bayard, ft Co., Montreal, Q. 

—Halter clasps. 29(6 

446 Culbert, W. H., Sussex, N. B.- 
Hamess, collars. 296 

449 Campbell ft Fowler, St. John, N. B. 
— Sfuings and axles. 296 

460 Clarke, R., ft Co., St. John, N. B. 
—Lasts. 533 

461 Bradshaw, T. H., St. Martin's, 
N. B.— Ship models. 594 

462 Bradshavir, I. D., St. Martin's, 
N. B. — Ship models. 594 

468 Date, John, Montreal, Q.— Diving 
apparatus. 594 

464 Skinner, Q. M., Qananoque, Ont. 
— Fishing tackle. 647 

466 Scribner, D., St. John, N. B.— 
Salmon and trout rods. 647 

of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of aitries, see Classification, pp. 27-45. 


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{North of Nave, Columns j<f ^ojj.) 

Chemicml Manufactures. 

Chemioal Mannfaotures. 

1 Orillon, E., Paris.—Xndian dates. «oo 

2 Coignet, Father ft Son, ft Co., Paris, 
— Coemical and pasture products. 

8 Galzy, 



Lyons.— Insect pro- 

4 Pournier, Jesn, Roanne, Loire.— 

Cream of tartar. aoo 

6 Hygienic Products Manufiscturing 
Co., Paris. — Chemical preparations, aoo 

6 Limousin, Paris.— Pharmsceutical 
preparations ; medicated capsules. aoo 

7 Limousin ft Co., Paris.— Medicated 
capsules. aoo 

8 Michel, Pyrrhus, Vaison. Vauduse. 

— Digestive elixir and vermifuge. aoo 

9 Rigollot & Co., Paris.— Mustard 

poultice and instantaneous plaster. aoo 

10 Rouault, Ch., Paris.— Syrup of iron 
and tar. aoo 

11 Audibran, Paris.— Anti-scorbutic 
elixir. aoo 

12 Baudon, Paris.— Wine of anti- 
mony. 200 

1 8 Boude ft Son, Marseilles.— Refined 
sulphur. aoo 

1 4 Beslier, A., Paris.— Pharmaceutical 
preparations. aoo 

i 5 Brasseur, Romorantin, Loir ft Cher. 
— Pectoral tonic syrup. aoo 

16 Bravais, Rooul, ft Co., Paris.— Phar- 
maceutical preparations. aoo 

17 Chcvrler, Paris.— Pharmaceutical 
preparations. aoo 

18 C16ry, Hughes, Paris.— Pharmaceu- 
tical preparations. aoo 

19 Vicat, Joseph Henri, Paris. 

a Insect powder, and instruments for its 

use. aoo 

6 Liquid blacking. aoa 

20 Tancride Bros., Paris.— Qlue and 
gelatin, animal charcoal, bone tallow, aoo 

21 Daubin ft Co., Paris.— Fly-paper and 
mosquito powder. aoo 

22 Druelle, Reims, Marne.— Cham- 
pagne wines. aoo 

28 Dubois, Charles, Marseilles.— Spe- 
cial chemical preparations for the 
navy. aoo 

24 Gamier, P., Noyon, Oise.— Pharma- 
ceutical preparations aoo 

26 Ducro ft Co., Paris.— Meat ex- 
tract, aoo 

26 Jacquand, Father ft Son, Lyons.— 
Glues, gelatins, bone phosphates, etc. aoo 
For classes of cxhii«its, indicated by nnmhcrR at end of enirics, see Classification. pp| 87-45. 

27 Joseph, Victor, Petit Quivilly, near 
Rouen. — Oil for ourns. aoo 

28 Lcfebvre, Fortune, Illien, Sure ft 
Loire.— Green water. aoo 

29 Reynal, Ltonce, Paris. — Pharma- 
ceutical preparations. aoo 

80 Rigand ft Dusard, Paris.— Chemical 
andpharmaceutic preparations. aoo 

81 Rubaton, Oes., ft Co., Marseilles.- 
Carbonate of soda. aoo 

82 Solvay ft Co., Varangeville, Dom- 
basle, Mewithe and Moselle.— Chenical 
products. aoo 

88 Torchon, Cfc., Paris.— Pharmaceuti- 
cal preparations. aoo 

84 Hottot, A., ft Co., Paris.— Pepsin 

and other digestive preparations. aoo 

86 Thomas Brothers, ATlgnon* Vau- 


a Chemical products; artlfidal alixarlnsy 

sulphuric acid, etc aoo 

6 Madders. aoa 

86 Coux Roseauz, Asnierea, near Paris. 
— Oils and greases ; covering for steam 
pipes. aoK 

87 Poiret ft 9bn, Paris.— Soap in the 
form of letters and various ornaments. 901 

88 Bourgeois & Co., Paris. — Machine 
oils. aoi 

89 Jolivet, L., Paris.— Wax tapers, aoi 

40 Deutsch, A., Paris.— Machine oils ; 
refined petroleum. 901 

41 Chivot, Naud6, Amiens, Somme. — 
Machine oils. aoi 

42 Roux, Charles, jr., Marseilles.— 
Soaps and raw materials; olive oil for 
dyers. aoi 

48 Rigaud ft Co., Paris. 

a Toilet soaps. sot 

b Perfumery. 003 

44 Violet, Qodefroy, ft Co., Paris. 

a Soaps. aoi 

6 Fine perfumery and raw materials. 903 

46 Richter, F., Lille, Nord.— Ultrama- 
rine blue. aoa 

46 Berthoud ft Co., Paris.— Black- 
ing, aoa 

47 Antoine*8, L., Son, Paris.— Writing 

inks. aoa 

48 Chiraux, L.,Cambray.— Blacking, aoa 

49 Clauseau, Father ft Son. Palun ft 
Co., Avignon, Vaucluse. — Madder ex- 
tract, aoa 

60 Coes, E., & Co., St. Denis.— Paints 
and varnishes. ao? 

61 Julien, A., ft Co., Marseilles.— Chem- 
ical products, submarine paint. aov 

Ation. ppf « 




Chemicals, Ceramics, Furniture. 

52 BourgeoiSj senior, Paris. — Pine 
colors for padntmg and drawing. aoa 

$3 Caron, L., Paris.— dement and plas- 
ter dryer. 9oa 

54 Oainon*s Son & Co., Lyons.— Chem- 
ical products for dyeing and printing, aoa 

55 Oillet ft Son^ Lryons.— Chemical 
products for dyeing. aoa 

56 Gaimet, Lryons.~Ultramarine 
blue. 202 

57 Hardy. Ifilori, Ch. Q.. Paris.— 
Colors. aoa 

58 Jaequot ft Co., Paris.— Blacking, aoo 

59 Kauiek, Adolphe, Puteaux, Seine.— 
Coloring materuds. aoa 

60 Larenaudi^re, P., Paris.— Inks, aoa 

61 Lacroiz, A., Paris.— Vitrifiable col- 
ors for china, faience, church windows, 
opal, and enamel. aoa 

62 Lorilleux, Ch., Paris.— Black and 
colored typographic snd lithographic 
inks. aoa 

65 Plateav,B.,Paria.— Writing inks, aoa 
64 Poirrier, A., Paris.— Chemical pro- 

dacts, ooloring materials. aoa 

65Seurin, J., Paris.— Varnish, mastic, 

and oil colors. aoa 

66 Toiray, Maurin, Paris.— Writing 
bks. aoa 

67 Poubert, A., Paris. — Hair dyes, aoa 

68 Brochocki, C. D., ft Co., Boulogne, 
Seine. — ^Javelle water. 203 

69 Chiris, A., Grasse, Alpes Marittmes. 
—Perfumery and raw materials. 303 

70 Colas, B., ft Christoff, C, Paris.— 
Essence of roses. 303 

Tl Delettrex, Adolphe, Paris.— Perfu- 
mery. ao3 

71« Cbouet ft Co., Paris.— Dentifirice 
water. 203 

72 Hermann, Louis, Paria.— Raw mate- 
rials for perfumery. ao3 

78 Lautier Sons, Grasse, Alpes Mari- 
times. — Pomades, essential oils, essences, 
etc. 303 

74 Mottett, J., ft Co., Marseilles.- Raw 
materials u>r perfumery. 303 

76 Roure, Bertrand, Son, Grasse, Alpes 
Maritimes. — Raw materials for perfumery; 
extracts and essences. 203 

'^6 Seguin, Bordeaux.— Zenobia water 
and dyes. 203 

77 Sensfelder, Arcueil, Seine.— Eye 
water and pomades. 303 

78 Viard, F., Paris.— Perfumery. 90^ 

79 Viguier, Manager French Hygienic 
Society, Paris.— Figaro water. 303 

80 Sigtdn, Paris.— Althocinum. ao3 

Ctramiofl— Pottery, Porcelain, Olass, 

84 Qoyard, P., Paris. — Crucibles and 
furnaces for laboratories. 307 

85 Simons ft Co.. Catoau ^Nord).— Mo- 
»ic tiles of sanUstouc in vestibule of De- 
partment of Public Works Pavilion. 208 

86 MuUer, £., & Co., Ivry (Seine).— 
Enameled tiles in the vestibule and on 
the front of Department of Public Works 
PariKon. ao8 

87 OlUve, A., Paris.— Faience pave- 
ments. ao8 

88 Trichaud,A.,Mar8eilles.— Tiles. 908 

89 Boulenger, senior, Paris. — In- 
cnuted mosaic pavement. ao8 

00 Gien Pottery Mnfg. Co., Qien (Loi- 
rct). — Artistic faience. aio 

01 Caille, Miss Fanny, Paris.— Artistic 
faience. sio 

92 Montagnon, A., Nevers.— Artistic 
faience. ato 

03 Howry, J., Paris.— Artistic china 
and faience, fancy furniture. a 10 

04 Hasslauer ft de Champeaux, Givet 
(Ardennes). — Clay pipeb. aio 

06 Aubry, J., Bellevue (near Toul).— 
Artistic faience. azo 

06 Fiolet, L., St. Omer (Pas de Calais). 
— Clay pipes. aio 

07 Brianchon, J., senior, Paris. 

a Artistic faience. azo 

^ Pearl porcelain. 813 

98 Sergent, Th., Paris.— Artistic 
faience. azi 

00 Barbizet, Son, Paris.— Bernard Pa- 
iissy fiaience. an 

100 Sohn. L., ft Delabre, A., Paris.— 
Porcelain flowers, jewels, ornaments, 
crowns, and bouquets. aia 

101 Woodcock, P., Paris. — Porcelain 
flowers and bouquet. aia 

102 Blot, Paul, Paris. — China and 
glass. ai3 

108 Dfctemmerman, P., Paris. — Por- 
celain flowers. SZ3 

104 Vacquerel, P. B., Paris.— Decalco- 
mania on porcelain. azj 

106 Thierry, Paris.— Decorated 
china. ai3 

106 Field-Haviland, Ch., Paris.— 
Porcelain. 313 

107 Hache, Ad., ft Lehalleur Bros., 
Paris. — White and decorated porce- 
lain. ai3 

108 Haviland ft Co., Limoges.— 
China. 313 

1 00 FlorefTe Company, Jeumont (Nord ). 
— Mirrors and glassware. 314 

1 10 St. Gobain, Chaunv, ft Clrey, Paris. 
— Plain, plated, and silvered glass ; rough 
glass for skylights. 914 

111 Pelletier, M. A., ft Sons, St. Just on 
the Loire.— Stained window glass. at6 

112 Appert, Lengele, ft Co., Paris.— 
Glass cylinders. 3z€ 

113 Brocard, P. J., Paris.— Chandeliers 
and mirrors. azi 

114 Souchet ft Co., Paris.— Flowars in 
enamel. az6 

116 Hue ft Co.^ Paris.— Crystals for in- 
terior decorations. az6 

Fumiture and Objects of General Use 
in Constmotion and in Dwellings. 

116 Raffl ft Co., Paris.— Church statues 
and furniture. 317 

117 Poussiclgue, Rusand P., Pans.— 
Church decorations. 317 

118 Pcrrot, Henry, Paris.— Bionies for 
fiirniture. »'? 

fyr cl.T^ses of exhibit*, indirntrfl hy numbers at end of entries, see Classificalicm^po, 37-4S 

digitized by Google 



Furniture, Glassware, Heating and Lighting Apparatus. 

119 Patfonryft Lemaire, Paris.— Mar- 
ble chimney pieces. axj 

120 Touchard, Ernest, Paris.— Special 
ornaments for churches. axj 

121 Duplan, Hamot, & Co., Paris.— 
Furniture. - aij 

122 Brunet, Paul, Paris.— Bronxe and 
goldsmiths' wares for churches. azj 

128 Morel, A., Paris.— Bronxes for fur- 
niture. 9X7 

124 Michel, Louis, Toulouse.— Church 
decorations. 217 

125 Maxaros, Ribalier, Paris.-Artistic 
furniture. 917 

126 Marg^a, Eug^ene, Paris.— Marble 
chimney piece. 917 

127 Mayaud Bros., Paris.— Religious 
articles. 9x7 

128 Marchand, I., Paris. — Decorated 
furniture. 917 

120 Marchand, Louis-Lton, Paris.- 
Artistic bronzes for fomiture. 9x7 

180 Lichtenfelder, Paris.— Elastic steel 
seats. 917 

181 Haffner, B., senior, Paris.— Safes 
with combination locks. 917 

182 Kaffel Bros., Paris.— Bronjre furni- 
ture with china, faience, crystal, and 
marble decorations. 9x7 

188Jolivet, L., Paris. — Candles for 
churches. 917 

184 Houry, T., Paris. — Fancy furni- 
ture. 9x7 

186 Oallais, A., Paris.— Lacquered fur- 
niture. 9x7 

186 Froc, Robert, ft Son, Paris.— Altars 
and religious statues. 9x7 

186« AUard, Paris.— Furniture. 9x7 

187 Bliaers, A. E., Paris.— Folding 
seats. 9x7 

188 Cornu, E., ft Co., Paris.— 
Bronzes. 9x7 

189 Chovet, L., Paris.— Religious 
pictures. 9x7 

1 40 Bey sens ft Beckers, Paris.— Reli- 
gious articles. 9x7 

141 Susse Brothers, Paris.— 
Bronzes. 9x7 

142 Snssfeld, Lorsch, ft Co., Paris.— 
Marble clocks. 9x7 

148 Sauvage ft Ruck, Paris.— Bronxe 
xnantel ornaments. 917 

144 Prenais, Arxnand, Paris.— Unplated 
and plated knives, forks, and spoons. 9x8 

145 Bitterlin, Paul, Jr., Paris.— Glass- 
ware. 9lt 

147 Haviland ft Co., Limoges.-Table 
china. 9x8 

148 Pield-Haviland, Ch., Paris.-Table 
china. 918 

149 Hsche, Ad., ft Pepin, Lehalleur 
Bros., Paris.— Table china. 9x8 

150 Bitterlin, Son, Paris.— Glass- 
ware. »t8 

151 Blot, Paul, Paris.— Table glass and 
chiuaware. ai8 

152 Lorin, A., Chartres (Bure ft Loir). 
—Stained glass church windows. 219 

For classes of exhibits, indicated b^ numbers 

158 Brocard, P. T., Paris.— Bmdeane. 
glass. 919 

155 Chabin, H., Paris.— Stained 
^ass windows. •X9 

1 56 St. Gobain, Channy, ft Cirey, Paris. 

— Manors. 9x9 

157 Mansuy-Dotiii^ Jules, Paris. — Ar- 
tistic cnamds for raxidture. 9x9 

158 Pelletier, M. A., ft Sons, St. Just 
sur Loire.— Stained window glass. 919 

159 Pottier, Paris.-Artistic enamels, 
Limousin and liauy II. style. 819 

159<> Brot, Leonid, Paris.— Minora ia 
gilt frames ; mirrors in fomiture. 9x9 

160 Thiry, Jr.. Paris. 

a Galvanized iron bird cage. 3x9 

6 Forged iron pavilion. 997 

161 Luttringer, Ch., Paris.— Paste- 
board frames. aao 

162 Neuvialle, J. B., Paris.— Heating 
apparatus. aaa 

168 Laperche, Paris.— Marble chimney 

pieces. saa 

I680 Boubon ft Co., Paris. — Broasc fire 
guards. 299 

164 Aubry, T., Bellevue, near Toul.— 
Faience stoves. 9aa 

165 Entx, H., Wazcon, near Sedan. — 
Portable cooking range used in the 
army. asa 

166 Roux, L., Lyons.— Heaters and 

chimney pieces. 99a 

167 Robinot, Ch., Paris.— Gas ftz- 
tures. 993 

168 Corbon, Paris.— Lamps. 9*3 

169 Peltier, E., ft Paillard, A., Paris.— 
Metallic Labeu and boxes for prese rv es ; 
direct printing upon metals. 394 

170 Barau ft CoUs, Nantes (A la Ville en 

Bois). — Metallic jars for preserving. aa4 

171 Mestre, A. de, Bordeaux.— Appa- 
ratus for corking gaseous liquids. aa4 

172 Letang, Th. I. B., Paris.— Choco- 
late moulds. 994 

173 Gervais, A., ft Co., Paris.— Ket- 
tles. aa4 

174Pi8se, Thirion, ft Co., Reims.— 

Iron clasps; system of corking wines. aa4 

175 Denet, B., Paris.— Copper monlda 
for alimentary pastes. 934 

176 Dagand, Etienne, Paris. 

m Coffee pots used bv the army, navy, 
steamships, and public estaUuhments. 

i Hot water baths. »6 

177 Dienheim-Brochocki, T. O. de, 
Paris. — Automatic disinfoctor. aao 

I'iS Chappie, A.j Mans (Sarthe).— Iron 
water and gas pipes. aa7 

179 Richard, B., Longecourt, near 
Aisery (Cote d'or).^>^Massive floor with 
b^rHers. aa7 

180 Regnier, P a r i s. — Economical 

wooden ridge of a house. nj 

at end 9f entries, see Classification, pp. 97-4^ 




Woven Qoods, Silk. 

181 Boabomme, Uncle ft Nephew, 
Paris.— Wooden doon of the ▼esdhule, 
and wainscoting and frames of the draw- 
in|^ of the Department of FuhUc Works 
Pavilion. 397 

188 ICoisant, Am Paris.— Metallic firmme 
of Department of Public Worlcs Eithihi- 
tion PaTilion. ae7 

188 Secreten,B., Paris.— Copper aheete 
for construction. say 

Tarns and Woven Goods of Yegotahlo 
or Mineral Materinls. 

184 Pel In. Bug:., ft Co.. Ifah6 
(Seydkelle Island).— Cocoenut fibres. 339 

188 Dnmortier ft Cuigniet, Roubain 
(Nord).— Tickings. 930 

186Cartie r-Bresson, Paris. — Cotton 
threads. s^o 

187 Perreaux, L. Q., Paris.— Model of 
a military tent. ^30 

188 Walcker, W., Paris.— MiUtary and 
garden tents. a^o 

189 Chiffray, A., Maronne, near Ronen. 
—Prints and ooiooes. 932 

190 Roussel, BmUe, Ronbais (Nord).— 
Dyed and printed cotton fabrics. 333 

191Vraux ft Co., Paris. — Linen 

thread. 333 

192 Mennier ft Co., Paris.— Linen and 

linen table corers. 933 

198e Vraa & Co., Paris.— Linen and 

thread. 333 

198 Haasebrottcq Brothers, Comines 

(Nord). — Linen threads. 333 

194 Vran & Co., LiUe.— Hemp thread 
for sewing. 333 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, ete. 

195 Demar, L., Blbeuf (Seine InfM- 
eure). — Gentlemen's dress goods. 335 

196 Dumortier ft Cuignet, Ronbais 
(Nord).— Cloth. 335 

1 97 Pronvost, AmM6e, & Co., Roubais. 
—Carded wools. 335 

198 Chamber of Commerce, Reims.— 
Woolen ftibrics. 335 

199 Delamott e-Mongrenier, Reims 
(Mame). — Dyed merinoes, cashmeres, 
reps, etc. 335 

800 Sevdonx, Sieber, & Co., Paris.— 
Cirtled threads and woolen fabrics. 335 

801 Talamon, Son, ft Co., Paris.— 
Wo(^en fabrics. 935 

808 Bellest, B., ft Co., Blbenf.— Woolen 

doth. 335 

808 Blia ft Blocb, Blbenf (Seine In- 

ftrieure). — Woolen doth. 335 

804 Decanx, Son, Blbenf.— Woolen 

doth. 935 

808 Dabert ft Co.. Saint Denis (Seine). 

— Dyed woolen fabrics'. 935 

806 Fortin Bros., Paris.— Felts. 335 

807 Ponchet, sr. ft jr., ft Holme, Bl- 
benf.— Cloth. 235 

210 Mali, Henry W. T.. ft Co., Parian 
Woolen &brics and doth. 835 


808 Frhxon, senior, ft Leclerc, senior, 
Amiens.— Cloih. 235 

809 Philippe, C, Blbeuf fSeine In- 
ftrieurc)— Cloth for pantx and vests. 935 

For dawes of exhibits, indicnted by numbers at end of emries, ^ee Clas^ificatioirT^p. 27- 

digitized by VjOO' 

31 1 Pinon ft GuMn, Paris. 

m Cloth for men's wear. 

i Novdties for females' wear. 

812Revnaud, P a r i s.— Medicated 
flannd. 336 

218 Terrillon, L., Paris.— Shawls. 337 

214 Robert, Gu6rin. Widow, ft Son, 
Reims (Mame).— Merinoes and Scotch 
cashmeres. 338 

21 6 Houpin^ Bmest. Reims (Mame).— 
Dyed mennoes, cashmeres, reps, etc. 338 

216 Maes, O.. Clichy-la-Qaronne.— 
Dyed woolen fiibrics. 338 

217 Dufourmantel, Ph., ft Co., Corbie 
(Somme). — Woolen and sHIc warps. 338 

218 Chalamel, Alf., ft Co., Paris.— 
Dyed woolen fisbrics. 338 

210 Laroche, A., Saulxures (Vosges).— 
Cotton and wool, with process of manu- 
Cacture. 338 

220 Drogne ft Monnard, Lyons.— Pop- 
lins. 338 

221 Dros, Juillet, ft Co., Lyons.— Pop- 
lins. 338 

222 Qravler, Clement, Nimes (Card).— 
Vdvet carpets. 339 

228 Dnplan, Hamot, ft Co., Paris.— 
Carpeu. 339 

224 Bertrand, Boulla, Nimes (Oard).— 
Imitations of old tapestries. 339 

226 Braoueoie Brothers, Paris.— 
Tapestries and carpets. 339 

226 Orison, T., ft Co., Lisienx (Calva- 
dos). — Dyed and printed doth. 341 

227 Onillaumet. A., Sons, Suresnes 
(Seine). — Dyed woolen fabrics. 341 

228 Boquet, J., ft Co., Amiens.— Vel- 
vet. 24 » 

220 Chiffray, A., Maromme, near 
Rouen. — Printed woolen fabrics. 341 

280 Roussel, Bmile, Roubaix (Nord).— 
Dyed and printed woolen fabrics. 341 

281 Piquie, F., ft Bros., Paris.— Reps 

and velvets. 341 

282 Poirrier-Mortier ft Muller, Paris. 
— Dyed fabrics. 341 

288 Vanoutryve, F., ft Co., Paris.— 

Furniture coverings. 941 

284 Watt in e, Ch., ft Co., Roubaix 

(Nord). — Furniture coverin^pi and dra- 
peries. 341 

285 Montagnac, B. de, ft Son, Sedan 
(Ardennes). — Vdvct. 241 

286 Dupont, L., P a r 1 s.— Furniture 
coverings. 341 

Silk and SUk Fabrics. 

287 Pellet, A. P., St. Jean du Oard. 
— Raw silk. 343 

288 Aries, Dufour, Lyons.— Raw 
Rilk. 342 

289 Boudon, Louis, St. Jean da Oard. 
—Raw silk. 242 

240 Chabert, J., ft Co., Chomerac (Ar- 
a Raw silk. 242 

6 Woven silks. 245 




Silk, Clothing. 

241 Thomas Brothers, Avignon (Vsu- 

a Raw ftilk. 043 

^ Silks. 845 

242 Thomss, P., Pont-des-Charrettes 

a Coroons and raw silk. 843 

6 Silks. 345 

243 Bonnet & Co., Lyons. 

a Raw silk. 349 

fi Failles, taffetas, smd satins. 345 

244 Chardin, Ernest, Paris. — Sewing 
and embroidery silks. 343 

244a Poydebard, St. Paul - on - Jarret, 
Loire. — Sewing silk. 343 

24ft Hamelin, A., Son, Paris.— 
Silks. 344 

246 Faye ft Th6venin, Lyons.— Colored 
silks. 345 

246o Droz, Juilletft Co., Lyons.— Silks. 

247 Gascon, L. R.. Montauban (Tarn 
and Garonne). — Bolting silk. 345 

248 Oillett ft Son, Lyons.— Black 
silks. 345 

249 Oiraud, Alex., ft Co., Lyons.— 
Colored suks and foulards. 245 

260 Trapadoux, A. L., Bros., ft Co., 
Lyons. — Foulards. 245 

251 Poncet, senior ft Junior, Lyons. 
—Silks. 245 

252 S^vine, Barral, ft Co., Lyons.— 
Failles. 245 

253 Tapissier Sons ft Debry, Lyons.— 
Black silks, failles, and taffetas. 245 

264 Doux, E., & Co., Lyons.— Silks. 345 
2ft ft MauvernayftCo., Lyons.— Silks. 245 
2ft6 Lachard Bros, ft Co., Lyons.— 

Lining silks 345 

2ft7 Jaubert, Audras, ft Co., Lyons.- 

Black silks. 245 

258 Jandin ft Duval, Lyons. — Pou- 
lards. 245 

259 Brosset-Heckel ft Co., Lyons.— 
Satins. 245 

260 Audibert. Monin, ft Co., Lyons.— 
Silks and poplins. 245 

261 Bardon ft Ritton, Lyons. — Colored 
silks. 245 

262Bullot, C, Paris.- MiUinery 
goods. 245 

263 Huber, E., ft Co., Paris. — Silk 
plush for hatters. 245 

264 Tabard, Benoit, ft Co., Lyons. 

a Silks and failles. 245 

^ Moire antiques. 346 

265 Bressen-Agnis ft Co., Lyons. 

a Silks. 345 

6 Gauzes. 347 

266 Quinet. Ant., ft Co., Lyons. 

a Black silks. 345 

6 Velvets. «47 

267 Jurie, A., ft Co., Lyons. 

a Silks. 345 

* Velvets. 347 

268 Qondard, Cirlot, ft Martel, Lyons. 

(t Foulards. 345 

fi Velvets. 247 

269 Martin, J. B., Tarare (Rhone). 

a ^^ill-s. 345 

6 Plu-h and velvets. 247 

For rbwHrn of exhibit*, indicated by numbers 

270 MiUion ft Servisr, Lyons. 

a Silks. 345 

i Velvets. 347 

271 Champ omy, J. B., Renaison 


m Foulards. t4K 

b Ribbons. S48 

272 Qonrd, Croisat, Son, ft Duboat. 
Lyons.— -Sillcs. 146 

278 Henry, J. A., Lyons.— Silk Cabrics 

for church ornaments and furniture. 346 

274 Luthringer, Lyons. — Pignred 

silks. 346 

275 Tassinari ft Chatel, Lyons.— Silks 

for church omamenis and furniture. 346 

276 Chiffray, A., Maromme, near 
Rouen. — Printing upon silk. 346 

277 Servant, C. J., ft Co., Lyons.— 
Black velvets. 347 

278 Montessuy ft Chomer, Lyons.— 
Crapes. 347 

279 Terrillon, L., Paris.— Fancy eoods 

and handkerchiefs. 347 

280 ViUard ft Co., Lyons.— Black Tel- 
▼ets. 347 

281 Bouchinet, Paris.— Dress goods. 347 

282 Oautier, Bellon, ft Co., Lyons — 
Velvets. 347 

288 Domon, L., Lyons.— Silk gauses 
for bolting flour, and sifting chemical and 
ceramic products. 347 

284 Font, Chambeyron, ft Benoit, 
Lyons. — Black velvets. 247 

285 David, J. B.,Saint-Btiennef Loire). 
— Ribbons. 348 

285<t Brionde, St. Etienne.— Velvet rib- 
bons. 348 

28 6 Girou Brothers, St. Etienne (Loire). 
—Velvet ribbons. 346 

287 Lamary, Paris.— Silk watch 
guards. 349 

Clothing, Jewelry, and Onuimenta: 
Traveling Equipment!. 

288 Lutton, Am., Paris.— Chasu- 
ble*. 350 

289 Fromage, Luden, ft Co., Rouen.— 
Braces, belts, garters, and clastic tis 
sues. 250 

290 Tabonrot ft Pacault, Paris.— 
Shirts. 353 

291 Vcssiere-Paulin, J. A., Paris.— 

Children's clothing. 350 

292 Vauthier, Mrs., Paris.— Children's 
clothing. 290 

298 Tailors* Society, Paris.— Gentle- 
men's clothing. 350 

294 Bui lot, C, Paris.— Silk stock- 
ings. 350 

295 Lerilion, Paris.— Ladies* costumes 
and trimmings. 350 

296 Lenoir, P., Paris. — Corsets. 390 

297 Fouet, Mrs., Paris.— Ladiea' under- 
wear. 350 

298 Farcy ft Oppenheim, Paris.— Cor- 
nets. 350 

299 Society of United Cutters, Paris.*- 
Gentlemen's furnishing goods. 350 

at end of entries, see Oassifi^tion, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Clothing, Jewelry. 

800 VatMBT, Mrm. Virffinie, Paris. 

Traveting and court dresses ; cloaks. 350 
^ Laces. asa 

801 Herth, Henry. Paris.— Boots and 
shoes. 351 

302Jonvin ft Co., Paris. — Kid 
^ores. asz 

808 Tr^usse ft Co., Chaumont (Haute- 
llame). — Kid gloves. ajf 

804 Poron Bros., Troyes (Aube).— ICil- 
Uotrj. as I 

808 JoQvtii, Mrs. Xavier, Paris.— Rid 
gloves. 351 

806 Jeandron-Ferry , Paris.— L a d { e s ' 
boots and shoes. <i5i 

807 Jngrla. D., Paris.— Kid gloves. 351 

808 M61iis, Louis Stanislas, Paris.— 
Boots and shoes. 951 

809 Nemos, Pierre, Paris.— Ladles' 
and children's felt hats. 351 

809« Legendre, Paris.- Boots and 
shoes. asT 

810 Ruffin, T. B., Paris.- Hats for 
laffies and cHkUdren. 351 

811 Berr, Engine, Paris.- Kid 
gloves. 351 

8ll« Qnibert, jr., Paris. — Gloves. asi 

318 BuUot, C, Paris.-Millinery. 351 

818 Bnscariet, Widow, ft Ifalo, Paris. 

—Kid gloves and skins. 352 

814 Shoemakers* Society, Paris.— 
Boou and shoes. 351 

815 Chapsal, Augusts, Aurillac (Can- 
tal).— Waterproof shoes. 351 

816 Dubois, Gustavo, Mony (Oise).— 
Booa and shoes. 351 

817 Cora dy, Julia de, Paris.— Mil- 
linery. 351 

818 Pinst, P., Paris.— Boots and shoes 
lor ladies and children. 351 

81 9 H ua r d, L., Pari s.— Boou and 
shoec. 351 

880 Higle-Glandines ft Corbeau, 
Paris. — Gloves. 351 

881 Bacquet ft Co., Saint-Pierre-Ies- 
Calais. — M ac hin e-made laces. 353 

882 Babev, Ch., Calais.— Tulles and 
embroideries. 253 

883 Bailey, Alfred, Paris.— Tulles and 
gimp for furniture. 353 

384 Boutenjeun, Saint- Pierre-les-Ca- 
lats. — Machine-made laces. 353 

826 Maxton, Robert, ft Co., Saint- 
Pierre-lek-Calais. — Machine-ma«le 
laces. 25a 

327 Meunier ft Co., Paris. — Em 
broidered curtains. 253 

888 Millas, Toulouse.— Gimps for fur 

niture. 352 

Z%%a Oaloppe ft Tragin, Paris.— Laces. 

829 Herbelot ft Devaux, Calais.— 

Blonde and laces. 353 

880 Dfeutegard, B. ft E., Paris.— 

Trimmings. 35a 

381 Dognin ft Co., Paris.— Lama, In- 

dia, and Chantilly laces. 252 

882 Qiraud ft Josserand, Tarare 
iKbone).— Muslinii and tarlatans. 252 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbere 

838 Gaillard, J., senior ft junior, Saint- 
Pierre4es-Calais.— Machine-maae laces. 


884 Prances Brothers, Saint- Pierre- 
les<^alais. — ^Tulle and blonde laces. 353 

8S6 Plauraud ft Son.— Laces. 353 

856 Pauw, P. de, Paris. — Trim- 
mings. 353 

857 Psrria Brothers, Grenoble.— 
Kid gk>ves. 25s 

8 SB Raffln, Mrs. C. M., ft Son, Tarare. 

— ^Tarlatans and muslins. 35a 

880 Tsrrillon, L., Paris.— Ladies* 

trimmings. sss 

830« Grassier ft Co., Paris.— Laces, ssa 

840 Cossard, Paris.— Laces. 353 

841 Cazin ft Noyon, Salnt-Pierre-les- 

Calai^. — Blonde and black laces. 353 

842 Verd^Delisle ft Co. (India Com- 
pany), Paris. — Hand-made lace. 353 

848 Davenieri. E.,jr.,Saint-Pierre-Ies- 
Calais. — Machine-made laces. 353 

848a Erassier, Paris. — Laces. 353 

844 CoUective Exhibit of the Calvados 
lace manufacturers. — Dale champ, J., 
Caen; Lecomu, Caen; Lecoq-Lamottc, 
Caen ; Leroy, Mrs., Caen ; M*route, Mm , 
Caen; Robert Bros., Cour»eulles-sur-Mer 
(Calvados); Miroure, U.,Caen; Verdd- 
Delisle & Co., Caen. I^ces. 352 

846 Clement ft Co., Paris.— Psarls and 

diamonds. 353 

346 Audy, Mrs., Paris.— Imitation 
pearls. 353 

347 Bolzani, Jean, Son, Paris.— 
Chains. 353 

347a Boucheron, Paris.— Jewelry. 353 

348 Bourder, Ch., Paris.— Imitation 
jewelry. 353 

349 Carbonneaux, Pran^ois, Paris.— 
Gilt and steel jewelry. 353 

349a Otterbourg, Paris.- Jewelry. 353 

360 Capra,J., Paris.- Giltjewelry. 353 

361 Poruch, A., Bourg (Ain).— 
Jewelry. 2^ ? 

362 Himery, Ed., ParU.— Gilt and 

gold-plated jewelry. 7 \ ; 

3 6 2^' Briens, Paris.— Jewelry. 2,, 

368 Him, A., ft Co., Paris.— Gilt 

jewelry. 2^l 

864 Levy, Isidore. Paris.— Imitation 

366 Maseurand Bros., Paris.— Gilt 
jewelry and pe.'iris. ;fsj 

366 Murat ft Co., Paris.— Gold-plated 
jewelry. 25J 

366a Bosset, Paris.— Jewelry. 353 

867 Philippe, Bmlle, Paris.— Jew- 
elry. 353 

868 Piel, A., Paris.— Imitation jew- 
elry. 353 

369 Rsgad, Anatole, Jr., Paris.— Imita- 
tion diamonds. 233 

360 Savan^ ft Rondeleux, Paris.— Jew- 
eiry and imitation stones. /^j 

861 Sordoillet, Joseph Pran^ois, Pans 
— S tecl jewelry . ? «> 1 

362 Soyer, Paul, Paris.— Jewelry, j-j 
at end of entries, see Cla9sificauan,.pp. 27-4^ 

.Jigitized by LjOOQ IC 



Jewelry, Fancy Articles, Stationery. 


868 Top art Bros., Paris.— Imitation 
pesris and corals. 353 

864Touchard, Ernest, Paris.— Gilt 
church and theatrical ornaments. 353 

865 Carmant, Adolphe, Paris. 

Jewelry. 953 

6 Fancy bronies. 

866 Cl^ray, B., Paris. 
m Shell jewelry. 953 
i Fancy articles. 354 

867 Woodcock, P., Vaaffirard.— Porce- 
lain flowers. 254 

868 AuM, H., Paris.— Napkin ring and 
fastener. 354 

860 Bapterosses, P., Paris.— Porcelain 
buttons and pearU. 254 

870Bicqu6 ft Dupressoir, Paris — 
Feathers. 254 

871 Blot, Buffine, Boulogne-sur-Mer. 
—Clay pipes. 254 

872 Bondier, Ulbrich, ft Co.. Paris.— 
Meerschaum and brier-wood pipes. 254 

878 Bontems, B., Paris.— Moving and 
singing iHrds. 254 

874 Bourgeois, senior, Paris. — Colors 

without poison, for toys. 354 

876 Brodin, jr., Paris.— Aerostatic ar- 
ticles. 254 

876 Cohuroer ft Collet, Paris.— Chil- 
dren's and dolls' furniture. 254 

877 Charageat, B.. Paris.— Paragon 
and automatic umbrella. 354 

878 Dehors, A., Paris.— Toys. 254 
879Delivr«, L., Paris.— Artificial 

flowers. 254 

880 Deschamps, Maurey, ft Co., Paris. 
— Toilet brushes. 254 

881 DHemmermann, P., Paris.— Porce- 
lain floweni. 354 

882 Didout, H., Son, Paris.— Clasps for 

pocket books, cigar cases, etc. 354 

888 D upon t. A., Beau vais. — Ivory 
brushes. 354 

884 Paivre, Paris.- Toys. 354 

885 Pavier, A., Paris.— Flowers and 

leaves. 254 

386 Piolet. L., Saint Omer (Pas de Ca- 
lais). — Clay pipeft. 254 

887 Girondeau, Francois, Paris.— 
Fancy bronics, 354 

888 Gogly, Augusts, Paris.— Artificial 
flowers. 354 

889 Oosse-Perier, Paris.— Artificial 
flowers. 254 

890 Ou^ot ft Miffneaux, Paris.— Birds 
and insecu made of flowers and feath- 
ers. 254 

891 Hasslauer, Mrs.^ Champeaux de, 
Civet (Ardennes).— Clay pipes. 254 

892 Hi»ard, L., ft Co., Paris.— Feath- 
ers and artificial flowers. 354 

898 Jumeau, P., Paris.— Dolls. 354 

894 Kees, Brnest, Paris.— Pans. 354 

895 Lamar re, Paris.— Fancy arti- 
cles. 254 

896 Loiseau, A.. Son. Paris.— Toys. 254 

897 Loonen, P., Paris.- Ivory 
brushes. 254 

898 Malt^te, Paris.— Toys. 354 
For classes of cxhib s, indicated by numbers 

899 Mayaud Bros., Paris.— Medals and 
ornaments. 254 

400Muxet ft Co., Paris.— Hair 

work. 954 

401 Pinson, Paris.— Shell, ivory, and 
pearl &ncy articles. 954 

402 Radiguet, Paris.— Toys. S54 
408 Ravenet, senior, Paris.— Comba. 254 

404 Sohn ft Delabre, Paris.— Porcelain 
flowers. 354 

405 Souchet ft Co., Paris.— Bnamaled 
flowers. 354 

406 Trufiy , Paris.— Mechanical toys. 354 

407 Vacquerel, P. B., Paris.— Decalco- 
manie. 254 

408 Voisin, V. C, Paris.— Fancy arti 
des. 25 

409 Bapterosses, P., Paris.— Buttons 
and pearls of porcelain. 254 

410 Alexandre, Paris.— Fane. 254 

411 Walker, W., Paris. — Traveling 
articles. ass 

412 Lenigre, A., Paris.— Photographic 
albums and fancy leather work. 855 

418 Revillon Bros., Paris.— Fura. 956 

414 Jacquemin, Paris.— Historical cos- 
tumes. 257 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationory. 

415 Dubourguet, A., Paris.— Inkstands 

and office and artists' artides. 258 

416 Gaffr^ ft Caen, Paris.— Steel 

pens. 258 

417 Gonthier, Dreyfus, ft Co., Paris. 
— Stationery, lithography, and en- 
gravings. 258 

418 Panier, B r n e s t, Paris.— Mathe- 
matical instruments. 258 

419 Plateau, E., Paris.— Office sta- 
tionery. 25! 

420 Poure, Oillot, 0*KeUy, ft Co . Bou 
logne-sur-Mer. — Sted pens sci pei 
holders. 25b 

421 Rous, Ermond, Paris. — Ink- 
stand. 858 

422 Susse Brothers, Paris.— Fancy 
stationery. 258 

428 Toiray, Maurin G., Paris.— Office 
stationery. 258 

424 Bondier, Ulbrich, ft Co., Paris.— 
Cigarette paper. 2 59 

425 Bardou, J. P., Perpignan.— Cigar- 
ette paper. 259 

426 Blanch et Bros., ft KUber, Paris.— 
Paper. 359 

427 Bernard, J., ft Co., Paris.— 
Papers. 259 

428 Haymann Bros., Paris.— Tissue 
papers. 259 

429Hennecart ft Co., Paris.- 
Papers. 259 

480 Lacroix Bros., Paris.— Wtlting 
papers and parchments. 359 

481 Maguet, Paris.— Fancy stationery 
and engraving. 259 

482 Marais ft St. Marie Paper MUls, 
Paris. — Paper. 259 

438 Lair, B., Paris. 
a Bond paper. 359 

6 Printing paper. 3to 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-15. 




Sutionery, Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware. 

t}4 B^conia & Co., Paris. 

m Wbite and fimcy papers. aw 

^ Colored papers. 004 

495 Canaon & Ifontcolfler, Paris.-— 

Paper. 960 

4$6« Lortie, Paria.— Bookbindiag. a6x 

436 Hutinet, D., Paria.— Bristol board 

and cards. a6a 

13 7 Laroche, A., Saalxures (Vosges).— 

Vegetable paste kxt pasteboard raanufac- 


438 Desfeua, Ph., Paris.— Leather roof- 
faig. a6a 

489 Bonrreols, If artia, Jr., Paris.— 
Deooranre painfingi fer apartnieiits and 
treboards. 263 

440 Roger & Montlouia, Paris.— WaU 
papers. 964 

Waapoat, tto. 

441 Ocelot, Paris.— Otinsaad ammuni- 
tion. 965 

442 Jollien & Qautbey Broa., Paris.— 
lletaUic cartridges. 965 

448 Laflktean & Rieger, Parisw—Pan^ 


Medidaa, Snrgery, FrethtsU. 

444 Badkda, Hsary, Tarbea (Haataa. 
Pyrinfas).— Medidnes. 979 

446 Vie, Oaniier, A Co., Paris.— Phar- 
aiamiriml preparations. 979 

447 Valbv, mjon.- Medicinal capaules 
and piUB. 979 

448 Limoasin, Paris.— Machine for the 
manufiicture of capsiUes, and apparatus 
for inhaling oxygen gas. 974 

449 Reraal, Ltence, Paria. — Phjrai- 
dans case. 974 

450 Brifoe, Julea, Alen9on (Ome).— 
Hygienic nipples. 374 

451 Benas, Jean Pierre, Paris.— Rubber 
surpcal instruments. 976 

452 Vergne & Chose Bros., Paris.— 
Rubber surgical iiutrunients. 976 

458 Rondeau Bros., Paris.— Rubber 
suigical instruments, truss. 976 

454 Bliaera, A. B., Paria.-Chairs for 
invalids. 978 

Hardware, Edse Tools, Catlery, and 
Xetallio Products. 

455 Lichtenfelder, Paris. — Lock- 

smiths' tools. s8o 

455« Began t. Pari s.— Shoemakers* 
tools. 380 

456 Pottecher, B., Bussang (Vosges). 
—Iron corers and cturycombs. 980 

457 Dugoujon, J., senior, Paris.— 
Saws. 980 

458 Limet. LapareilU, & Co., Paris.— 
Pnes. a8o 

459 Rheima, Anatole, Paris.— MiUtary 
equipments; screws. 980 

460 QuUlemin, Renaut, Nogent (Haute- 
Marne). — Cutlery. a8i 

461 Oirard, Charles, Nogent (Haute- 
Marne).— Cutlery. a8i 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

468 Sommelet, Courcellss (Haute- 
Marne).— Cutlery. 481 

468 Th^enot, FeUx, Nogent (Hanta- 
Marne).— Cutlery. 98x 

464 Thinet, Paris.— Cutlery. 981 

466 Vitry Bros., Paris.— Cutlery. 981 

466 Charbonne-Thuillier, J., Nogent 
(Haute-Mame).— Cutlery. 981 

467 Couvreux, Wi chard, Nogent 
( Haute - Marne). — Pruning shears and 
cutlery. 981 

468 Thomachot - Thuillier, Nogent 
(Haute-Mame). — Scissors and pruning 
shears. 981 

460 Diasoire, Nogent (Hauta-Maraa).— 
Surgical instruments. aSx 

470 Denixet,Langrea (Hauta-Maraa).— 
Cutlery. s8i 

470« Scheldecker, Ch., Paria.— Shear- 
ing machines. 981 

470^ Pirard, V., Paria.— Sheep ahcar- 
ing machines. a8i 

471 Chateau, Louia Auguata, Paria.— 
Emery paper and doth fi>r polishing 
glass. 389 

472 Deplanqne, senior, Maiaon-Alfort 

(Seine).— Whetstones. 982 

478 Dumas, Pre my, Mrs., Paria.— 

Emery paper and doth. 989 

474 Dnrrschmidt, Lryons.— Whet- 

476 Bdellne, AmMte Jean, Paris.— Bur- 
nishing stones. 989 

476 Poumier, Dondel ft Co., Paris.— 
Metallic fiie fenders and bronse arti- 
cles. 983 

476 Marchand, Louia Lten, Paris.— 
Bronzes. 383 

470 Martin, Louis, Pans.— Sheet Iron 
ornaments. 983 

480 Morel, A., Paria.— Bronse orna- 
ments. 983 

481 Perrot, Henry, Paria.— Bronses. 983 
488 Christofle ft Co., Paria.— Gold- 
smiths' ware. 983 

488 Proment-Meurice, Paria. — Gold- 
smiths' ware. 983 

484 Coma, Bug., ft Co., Paria. — 
Bronses. 383 

486 Poussielgue - Rusand, Paris.— 
Bronzes andplated ware for churches. 383 

486 Sauvage ft Rttck, Paris.- 
Bronses. 383 

487 Tahon, Pelix, Lille.— Purged cop- 
per plates. 983 

488 Susse Bros., Paria.— Bronxes. 983 

489 I>CBy. Louia, Paria.— Conatruction 
materiau. 984 

489« Carmoy. Celeatin, Paria.— Brass 
and sted nails. 984 

490 Anthoni, G., Levalloia-Perret 
(Sdne). — Axles and springs for car- 
riages. 984 

401 Teantaud ft Co., Paris.— Carriage 
wheels. 904 

492 David-Damoiseau ft Co., Paris.— 
Chains. 384 

493 Marquise Iron Co., Paria.— Chan- 
.ddiers and stove pipes. 284 

I end of entries, see ClassificaOj^tC^lOs^^lc 



Metal, Wooden, Rubber Ware, Vehicles. 

494 Maee, senior, Lyons.— Woven 

wire tor mattresses. 384 

49ft Sirot, C. & L., ChsrlevUle (Ar- 
dennes). — Nails. 984 

496 Vschette Bros., Paris.— Locks for 

furniture. 284 

497 Chappte. A., Le Mans (Sarthe).— 
Iron pipes lor water and gas. 384 

498 Chameroy & Co., Paris.— Water 
pipes and cocks. 284 

499 Cazaubon, D., Paris.— Pumps and 
water closets. 384 

500 Gallais, A., Paris.— Gilt nails. 384 

501 Thiry, Jr., Paris.— Artistic lock- 
smiths goods. 384 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

502 Fromage, Lucien, ft Co., Ronen.— 
Elastic fabric. 085 

503 B^oaa.Jean-Pierre, Paris.— Rubber 
surgical instruments. 285 

504 Vergne ft Chose Bros., Paris.— 
Rubber surgical instruments. 385 

505 Rondeau Bros., Paris. — Rubber 

surgical instruments. 385 

506 Vital, A., Paris. — Lithographic 
press rollers. 385 

507 Deschamps, Mauroy, ft Co., Paris. 
—Toilet brushes. 386 

508 Dupont, A., Beauvais (Oise).— 
Toilet brushes and prepared bristles. 986 

509 Loonen, F., Paris.— Brushes. a86 
For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

510 Pitet, senior ft Junior, Paris.— 
Brushes. a86 

Paris.— Carpet 


511 Roullies ft Co., 

518 Came, Paris.— Ropes. 387 

513 Arnold, E., Paris.— Metallic, glass, 
porcelain, ana wooden letters; coat» ui 
arms of ail nat{on.<i. 28S 

514 Bomet, Paul, Paris.— Si^ns and 
leather letters. a88 

51 5 Boudvillain, J., Paris.— Trophy of 
flags. 288 

516 Pichot, E., Paris.— Ornamental 
labeU. 388 

517 Moitrier, Leon, Binaminil (Meur- 
the). — ^Wicker baskeu. 389 

518 Policard, Ren6, Paris.— Flower 
stands, etc. 389 

Carriages, Vebioles, and Aooessories. 
619 Miihlbacher, Paris.— Carriages. 393 
520 Gaudichet, Vierson Cher. — Car- 
riages, agt 
581 Desouches, Paris. C arriages. 993 
588 Binder Bros., Paris. — Car- 
riages. 99a 
588 Million, Quiet, ft Co., Paris. 
a Carriages. 093 
i Harness. 996 

584 Perreanx, Paris.— Steam veloci- 
pede. 393 

585 Huret, N., Paris.— Carriage. 393 

586 Fortin Bros., Paris.— Harness 
felts. 396 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 


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{ScmtA of Nave, Columm aStojS.) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

OhMleal XairafiMtiires. 

GntMAir UmoM of MAmrPAcruRiNO 
Chsmists. — Mamvfacturbd Chbmi- 
CAIA, BTC. aoo.«o3 

1 Kablbaum, C. A. P., Berlin. 

% D'Aadrtea &WeceUn,lCmhoasen. 

t Vorster & Ortteneberg, Kalk, near 

4 Schnchardt, Theodor, Gdrlitx. 
6 Koepp, Rud., & Co., Oestrich. 

6 Saame & Co., Ludwigshafen. 

7 Tb. Wurtz'a succcaaora, Leipaic. 
I Von Heydea, P., Dreadea. 

% Cbemical Joiat Stock Co., Bariin. 

10 Jobat, Friedrich, Stuttgart. 

11 Fiacher 9l Scbmitt, H5chat. 

18 Brohme & Co., Bergen-oa-Doaae. 

18 Bartela & Kroyemann, Prohae. 
14 Trommadorff, H., Erfurt. 

19 Liadenbauar, Otto, Hanaa. 

16 liarquart, L. C, Bonn. 

17 Loefluad, Edward, Stuttgart. 

18 8uhr, "W., Altoaa. 

19 Heyl. J. P., A Co., Berlia. 

80 Sauberlich, Aaton, Zwickau. 

31 Bloedner'a, Job. Cbr., Son, Gotba. 

32 HUbner, B., Rehmsdorf. 

23 Saxon Thuringian Joint Stock Co., 

34 Ruffer & Co., Breslau. 
26 Hisgen, Q. C, Naaamiible, near 


26 Oana A Leonbardt, Prankfort-on- 

27 Clever, Job., Warden, 

28 Aniline Manufacturing Co., Rum- 
melsburg and Berlin 

29 Zeltnar, Jobaan, Nuremberg. 

80 Gytae, Robert, Oberldaanitx. 

81 Ultramarine Worka, Marienberg. 

82 Kaiaeralautern Ultramarine Worka, 

88 Rosenstein, W., Stettin. 

84 Voasen Broa., Aix-la-Chapelle. 

88 Hiracb A Mersanich, Cologne. 

86 Bayer, Pr., A Co., Barmea. 

87 Jobann Anton Farina, xur atadt 
Mailand, Cologne. 

88 Mack, Brnat, Reicbenhall. 
41 Ooedecke A Co., Leipaic. 

For classes of exhibits. iniric.>ic<J by numbers 

41« Honigman, IC. A Co., Alx-U-Cba 

42 Kluge A P5ritxach, Leipaic. 

43« Sieperman, C. P., A Son, Elberfeld 

43 Bernbardi, J., Leipaic. 

43tf Gebena, Ernat, Baden-Badea. 

44 Briickner, Lampe A Co., Leipaic. 
4ft Saehae, B., A Co., Leipaic. 

46 Haensel, Heinrich, Pirna-on-Elbe. 

47 Wolff, P., A Son, Carlarube. 

48 Langwiacb, Bernb., Hamburg.* 

49 Lobae, Quatav, Berlia. 

60 Wilbelmi, P., Reudalta. 

61 Llider A Leidloff, Dreadea. 
68 Kunbeim A Co., Berlin. 

68 Haarmann, W., Holsminden. 

63a Royal Pruasian A Ducal Brunawlck 
Smelting Worics of the Lower Harts, 
Gaslar. — Sulphuric acid, intermediate 
products, etc. acxi 

64 Ndrr, Eugene, Berlin. — Slpbon 
valve. 900 


64« Royal Salt Worka, Staasfurt.— 
Rock salt, salts of potassium, magnesium, 
etc. aoo 

64^ Cbemical Factory, Staaafurt.— Po- 
tassium salts, chloride of potassium, 
manure saliN, ere auo 

64^ Chemical Factory, Leopoldshall.— 
Chloride of |>otassium, sulphate of poia^l*. 
{;l;iuher «alt*. etc. 2*»j 

64^ Chemical Factory of Nett, Paul- 
wa»cr. <v Co., Leopoldshall. — CbloniJ.? 
of potassium. J m 

64<' Zimmer ACo.,Sta8sfurt.— Artiftcial 
salw of chloride of potassium, ro.Tniire 
sails, etc. aoo 

64/ Lindemann, Q., A Co., Staaafurt.— 
Chloride of potassium. 200 

64r Douglas, B. W. B., Westeregeln. 
— ^Salt, medical and manure salts ; plans, 
section of the mine. 300 

644 LaiHts, C. A L., Ramda.— Pine oil. 


66 Haenle, Leo, Munich. 

67 Pucbs. Og. L., A Sona, PUrth. 

68 Nuchterlein, Pried., Ptlrth. 

69 Metz. Priedrich, PUrth. 
60 Stoeber A Segits, Fiirth. 

Ht end of cniries, see Classificaiion, pp. 27^^^ 



Chemicals, Ceramics, Glass, Furniture. 

61 Schaetxler, O. B., Nuremberg. 

62 Weidner, J. L. & P., Nuremberg. 
68 Reich, H. ft Chr., Nuremberg. 
65 Eiermann ft Tabor, Pttrth. 

67 Spiegelberger, Ludwig, Fttrth. 

68 Cramer, J. W., Fiirth. 

69 Beckh, Oeorg A4am, Nuremberg. 

71 KUhn'aWire Factory, Nuremberg. 

72 Meier,J.C.,FUrtb, near Nuremberg. 

78 Beyer. Bdward, Chemnitz.— Copy- 
ing, writing, and fuicy inks. ao2 

74 J&enecke Broa. ft F. Schneemann, 
Hanover. — Printing inks ; varnishes, soa 

75 Vogel, M. B., Leipaic— Colora. aoe 
7 6^ Lcsaer, O.. ft Co., Leipaic— Prepa- 
rations for finishing textile manufactures. 


76 Farina. lohann If aria, jmichaplats 
No. 4, Cologne.— Eao de Cologne. 903 

77 Farina, P. Maria, Glockengaaae 

«iij Cologne. — Eau de Coloene extracts, 
onda water, soaps, and peifumery. 903 

78 Schimmel & Co., Leipaic— Baaen- 
tial oib. ' ao3 

79 Gadamer ft Jaeger, Waldenburg.— 
Swedish matches. 004 

80 Hochatatter, Heinrich, Langen, 
near Darmstadt. — ^Matches. 004 

Ceraaiioi— Pottery, Poroelain, Glass, 

81 Mendheim, Oeorg, Berlin.— Clay 
goods. ao6 

81« Lonita, Hugo. Neuhaldenalaben.— 
Jars, terra-cotta figures, etc. 906 

82 Qundlach Broa., Qrossalmerode.— 
Crucibles and fire-bricks. ao7 

83 Gundlach. W., & Son, Groaaal- 
mcrode.— Fire-clay crucibles. 007 

84 Stettin Pire-brick Manufacturing 
Co.— Fire-br{ck retorts and fire-bricks. 


8fi Gundlach, Joh., jr., Grosaalmerode. — 

Crucibles and jan» for ointments. aoy 

86 Knodchen.J.A., H6hr.— Clay ware. 

87 Villeroy ft Boch, Mettlach.— Moaaic 
tiles. ao8 

87/> Wagner ft Starker, Stuttgart.— 
Parquet tiles. 906 

88 Telegraph Suppljr Manufacturing 
Co., Berlin. — Porcelain for chemical uses. 

3 10 

89 Royal Porcelain Worka, Berlin.— 
Porcelain, buscuit work, etc. 907 

90 Uanke. Reinhold, H5hr, near Cob- 

lentz. — Antique German pottery. 213 

91 Merkelbach ft Wick, Grenxhausen. 
— Pottery pardy in the antique German 
style. ai3 

92 Joint Stock Association of Looking- 
glass Manufacturera & Manufacturing 
Chemisis of St. Gobain, Chauny and 
Cirerjr^ 5 tolberg, near Aix-la-Chapdle. — 
Lookins-i^ass plates, mirrors, and rou|^ 
glass. ai4 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 



98 Schaller, Job., PUrth. 
94 Vogel, G., Ffirth. 

96 Berlin,J.W., PUrth. 

97 Heilbronn, Leop., Fiirth. 
97« Winkler, Ch., ft Son, Fiirth. 
97^ Wiederer, N., PUrth. 

97^ Brann ft Reich, PUrth. 

98 Underberg-Albracht, H., Rhein- 
berg.— Botdes. ais 

99 Qreinar, Bliaa, Couain*a Sod, Lftos- 

..cha, near Sonneberg. — Fjiamfiing 
colon. S16 

Famiture and Objeoti of Oeneral ITie 
in Constrnction and in Dwellingt. 

100 Priedrich, O. B., Draadaa.— Faaejr 
fiimiture. ax 7 

101 Gutte, Louia, Garlita.— Wood 
carving. S17 

101a Vogta, P., ft Co., Berlin.— Fami- 
ture. SS7 

102 Kimbel, Martin, Breslau.— Fancy 
furniture, etc. sty 

108 Schttttle, Georg, Sttittgart.— Fur- 
aiture. as 7 

106 Vdlker, Otto, Beriia.-Carved fur- 
niture. aa6 

107 Tenner, A. B., Biafeld.-Wooden 
rolling blinds. ai7 

108 German Sewing Macbine Factoiy, 
Frankfort-on-Main. — Ship furniture lor 
the prevention of sea-sickness. 117 

109 Neuhusen, J., BerUa.— BUllard 
table. 81 7 

llOBahae ft Haendel, Chemaita.— 
School desk and bench. 7x7 

111 Mayer*a Art Inatltution for the 
Manufact u re of Church Furniture and 
Decorations, Munich. — Wooden statues 
and altars. 317 

113 Priedrich, Hch. Ottm., Beierfeld, 
near Schwarsenbeig. — Tin-plated iron 
spoons and forks. 213 

114 Schreiner. Anton, Nabburg.— 
Ornamental drinking utensils. ai8 

116 Woldemar. Wioimer, Annaberg, 
Saxony. — Cola and silver wire-war*. ai8 

117 Voeltakow, W., Berlin.— Picture 
frames. no 

118 Voeltakow, G. W., jr., Bertin.— 
Picture framss. zau 

119 Maaamana, F., Kiel.^Oold cor- 
nices. MO 

119« Mendheim, Oeorg, Borlia.— Plana 
for stove. aaa 

180 Joint Stock Co. for the Manufisc- 
ture of Bronxe Goods ft Zinc Castiiup^, 
Berlin. — Chandelier of bronxe, and sine 
castings. nj 

121 K5mer ft Co., Beriia.— Lampa. ta3 

182 Kleenuuin, C A., Erfurt.— Lampa. 


128 Schwars.J.Ton,Nurembarg^->Oaa- 
burners maoe of soapstone. ass 

1 86 Normann, Joh. Georg. Nuremberg. 
— Moulds for confectioners use. aa^ 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 87-45. 



Woven and Pelted Qoods, Silk. 

Tinii and Woven Goodi of Yegetablo 
or Kineral MateriaLi. 

1S8 Herrmann, L., jr., Dresden.^ 
Woven wire goods. aai 

189 SchoUer, Ph. Jacob, & Sons, Nea- 
sudt-on-Hardt. — Woven wire goods. 238 

1 30 Siemsen, Joh., Hameln-on-Weser. 
—Manila hemp goods. aag 



181 CUadbach Joint Stock Spinning ft 

Weaving MUC. M. Gladbach. 
1S8 Bnsch Bros., U. Gladbach. 
188 Droateft 8iepermann,M. Qladbach. 
1 84 Srcklentx, If ax,ftCo., U. Gladbach. 
18ft Goertx ft Kirch, M. Gladbach. 
ISBWiUemaen, P., Widow, M. Glad- 

187 Rosenberg ft Cohen, M. Gladbach. 

188 Schlalborst ft BrCel, M. Gladbach. 

189 E^erling, Carl, ft Co., M. Gladbach. 

140 Brcklens ft Renter, M. Gladbach. 

141 Bdtterling ft Schultse, If. Qlad- 

149 Basers, Martin, If. Gladbach. 
148 Croon Bros., If. Gladbach. 
144 Langen, Kruchen, ft Borrenkott, 
M. Gladbach. 

148 Wolff, Pr., M. Gladbach. 

146 HelleadaU ft Steinberg, If. Glad- 

147 Qranvirald ft Kiel, Rheydt. 

148 Kropp, J. P., Rheydt. 

149 Nacken, G. H., Rheydt. 

180 Sanders, W., Rheydt. 

181 Ax, Heinrich, Rheydt. 
158 OechelhSuser, Rheydt. 

168 Coenen ft Wolter, Odenkirchen. 
154 Brckens ft Co., Grevenbroich. 
156 RoUfo ft Co., Siegfeld. 

166 Steam Net Ifanafactory, Itzehoe, 
Holstein,— Nets. 230 

167 Riachbieter, Carl, Dessau.— Win- 
dow-shades. 330 

158 Schlieper ft Bavm, BIberfeld.— 
Calico. 93a 



169 Lang, Bd., of Blaubenren.— Linen 

handkerchief. 333 

160 Eckstein ft Kahn, Stuttgart.— Ta- 

Ue dnths, towels, shirts. 333 

168 Pichler, Hermann, Urach.— Table 
cloths, damask coven. 333 

168 Beck, B., Ulm.— Linen and cotton 
shirt fronts; linen. 333 

164 Steam Ticking If ills, GSppingen.— 
Ticking. 933 

166 Kolb ft SchOle, Kirchlieun.— Fus- 
tian for bed covers. 333 

r66 Mayer ft Co., Bielefeld.— Linen 
goods. 233 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at 

166« Meyer, Jos., Dresden.— Damask 
goods. 333 

166^ Lairits, C. ft L., Remda.— Linen 
fabrics. 933 

166« Loowenberg, H., Charlottenburg. 
— Imitatioa leather goody 234 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc 

167 Bergnumn ft Co., Berlin.— Zephy* 

wool. 2J5 

166 Htiffer, Heinrich, Crimmiuchau. 
— ^Worsted ibr weaving. 335 

170 Schols, Paul, Friedberg-on-Oder. 
— Knitting yams. 235 

171 TlUel ft Kriiger, Leipsic— Dyed 
xephjrr wools. 335 



178 Erckens*^oh^ Sons, Burtscheid, 
near Aix-la-Chapelle. 

178 Ackens, Grand, Ry, ft Co., Eupen. 
174 Delius, C, Aix-la-Chapelle. 

176 Jensen, Joh. Wilh., Mon^oie. 

176 Knops, Aloys., Aix-la-Chapelle. 

177 Sch511er,J. P., DUren, near Alx-la- 

177a Scholler, L., ft Sons, DUren, near 

176 WieasBros., Werden-on-Ruhr. 

179 Weiss Bros., Leipsic— Qoths. 335 

160 Wurtemberg Pelt Factory, Gien- 
gen. — Felt shabracks. 335 

161 Marthaus, Ambrose, Oschats.— 

Felt goods. 335 

168 Kauffmann, Carl, Reutlingen.— 
Coverlets. 337 



164 Boeddinghaus, Fr., ft Son, Elber< 

166 Boeddinghaus, Wilh., ft Co., Bl 

166 Hermlnghaus ft Co., BIberfeld. 

167 Jung ft Simons, BIberfeld. 
166 Lucas Bros., BIberfeld. 

169 Schaefer ft Co., BIberfeld. 

190 Weerth, de, ft Co., BIberfeld. 

191 Wolff, R. ft B., BIberfeld. 

198 Worsted Spinning Mills, Kaisers- 
lautem. — Worsted yams. 338 

194 Gevers ft Schmidt, Schmiedeberg. 
Silesia. — Carpets. 330 

196 Valckeoberg ft Schoea, Worms.— 
Artificial wool. 340 

198 Linden Steam Mills Joint Stock 
Co., Linden, near Hanover. — Velvet, 341 

199 Weigert ft Co., Berlin.— Furniture 
plushes, etc. 341 

8flk and Silk Fabrlos. 

800 Mes, Carl, ft Son, Freiburg, Baden. 

— Sewing-silks. 343 

801 Gebhard ft Co., BIberfeld.— Satins, 
silks, etc. 34 c 

end of entries. :icc Classification, pp. 27^45. 



Silk, Clothing, Jewelry. 

202 QresMrd ft Co., HUden.— 8Ukt, 

taffetas, foulards, etc. MS 

208 Massing. Bros., ft Co., Pttttlingeo, 

Lorrame.--Silk plushes. 947 

204 Bscales ft Hatxy, Saargemttnde.— 

Silk plushes. 047 

204a Hoemmighaus ft de Oreiff, Crefeld. 

—Silk velvets. «47 

Clothing, Jewelry, eto. 

206 Hake, Mrs. von, BerUn.— Ladies' 
underwear. 350 

206 Oros ft Co., Bruchsal, Baden.— 
Corseu. 350 

207 Ottenheimer, J. U., ft Sons, Stutt- 
gart.— Comets. 350 

208 Gulden, Heinrich, Chemnits.— 
Gloves. 351 

209 WoUer, Pr. Ehreg., Stollberg, near 
Chemnitz. — Cotton hosiery. 350 

210 Kaufinann. A.ft C, Berlin.— Paper 
collars and cum. 350 

211 Ereutznach, Ed., successor, 
Chemnitz.— Cotton hosiery. 150 

212 Schols, Paul, Priedeberg-on-Oder. 
—Hosiery. SS© 

212a Bortfeld, Carl, Bremen.— 

Hau. 351 

218 Miller, Thomas, BerUn.— Hats. 351 

214 Natanson & Hurwits, Berlin.— 
Felt shoes and boots. 351 

215 Wolf. 8., Mavence.— Shoes. (In 
Shot and Leatktr Building. ) 951 

216 Koracsewski, G., Poaen.— Shoes. 
(In Shoe and Ltathtr Building. ) 351 

217 Krebs, P. Eugen, Regensburg.— 
Kid gloves. 951 

218 Lehmann, Heinrich, Berlin.— Kid 
gloves. 351 

219 Zeitteles, D., Esslingen.— Leather 
gloves. 951 

220 EllstMtter ft Urbino, Carlsmhe.— 
[.eaiher gloves. 951 

221 Ranniger, J. L.,ft Sons, Altenburg. 
— Leather gloves. 351 

22 1« Doerffel. C. G., ft Sons, Bibenstock. 
— Laces, embroidered covers. 353 

222 Kuehn, Heinrich, Berlin.— Em- 
broidery patterns. 353 

222aTittel ft KrUger, Leipsic— Em- 
broidery. 359 

228 Schneider^ Bruno, Buchhols, Sax- 
ony. — Embroideries. 353 

225 Aren & Blumenheim, Berlin.— 
Embroideries. 353 

226 Hirschberg, M.. ft Co., Eibenstock. 
— Embroideries and laces. 353 

227 Hesselbein, Sophie, Berlin.— Em. 
broideries. 353 


GOODS, BTC. 353 

228 Boehm, Philipp, Qberstein. 

229 Hahn, Carl, Idar. 

280 Leyser, Wilhelm, Idar. 

281 Wild,J. C, IX, Idar. 

282 Hahn, Philipp, Idar. 
288 Heydt, Priedrich, Idar. 

FoT^claiwea* of exhibits, indicated bv number* 

284 Caesar, Louis, Idar. 
286 Heninger, Johann, Idar. 

286 Puchs, Priedrich August, Obeiw 




287 Spranger, N., SchWMb. Gmfind. 

288 RennerftBuchler,Schwiib.Gmiind. 
889 W5hler, Edward, SchwSb.GmUnd. 

240 Ott, B., ft Co., Schwab. Qmttnd. 

241 Zieher, Ottmar, Schwiib. GmUnd. 
. 242 Erhard ft Sons, Schwiib. QmUnd. 

248 Hauber, Gustav, Schwiib. Gmiind 
244 Soergel & Stollmeyer, Schwiib. 

246 Pleuer ft Co., Stuttgart. 

246 Strohmeier ft Co., Stuttgart. 

247 Gabler Brothers, SchorndorC 

248 Ritter & Co., Esslingen. 

249 Zimmermann, E. Q., Hanau. 

250 Geissel ft Hartung, Hanau. 

251 Kurr-SchUttner, C, Hanau. 

252 Steinhauei* ft Co., Hanau. 

258 Weber, O., ft Co., Hanau. 

254 Weishaupt, C. M., Sons, Hanau. 

255 Bissinger, C, Sons, Hanau. 

256 Kraul ft Bier, Hanau. 

257 Hertel, C, ft Son, Hanau. 
268 Krug,J.M., Hanau. 

259 Winkler, Carl, Hanau. 

260 Drescher ft Kiefer, Hanau. 

261 Roth, J., Hanau. 

262 Schehl, C. W., Hanau. 
268 Zeuner, Hugo, Hanau. 

264 Dingeldein Bros., Hanau. 

265 Storck ft Sinsheimer, Hanau. 

266 Baker ft Co., Hanau. 

267 VoU-Bier, A., Hanau. 

268 Schoenfeld, B., jr., Hanau. 

269 Schantz ft Katz, Pforzheim. 

270 Spahn, C. C, Pforzheim. 

271 Keller, Heinrich., Pforzheim. 

272 Lay, Edward. Pforzheim. 

273 Heidegger, W., ft Co., Pforzheim 

274 Deyhle Bros., Pforzheim. 

275 Kiehnle, Aug., Pforzheim. 

276 Gerwig, Aug., Pforzheim. 

277 Bizer Bros., Pforzheim. 

278 Wild ft Co., Pforzheim. 

279 Becker, Prits, Pforzheim, 

280 SiebenpfeiflTer, C, Pforzheim. 

281 Lodholz, Priedrich, Pforzheim. 

282 Koch & Bergfeld, Bremen. 
288 Humbert ft Heylandt, Beriin. 

284 Binder, W., Schwib. Gmllnd. 

285 Becker, Chr., Pforzheim. 

286 Pelge, Paul, Berlin. 

287 Burchardt, C. A., Beriin.— Artifi- 
cial flowers and plants. 954 

288 Boeck, W.. Berlin.— Artiftciai 
Wvcs. «54 

ai cjid rtf *!niri»-^. see Cln^^ificavJ 

.digitized by * 




Toys, Fancy Articles, Weapons, Medical Appliances. 

289 Sachs, Joseph, & Co., Berlin.— 

Umbrellas, sunshades, etc. 354 

290 Wingender Bros., H9hr, NasMu. 
—Clay and brux^ pipes. 354 

991 Meyer, Heinrich,H«inburg.— Ivory 
goods. 854 

992 Peine, Edward, Hamburg.— Cuff 




294 Pabst, Q. J., Nuremberg. 

295 Hinrichsen, W., Nuremberg. 

996 Bichner, G. L., ft Son, Nnrem- 

997 Issmayer, J. A., Nuremberg. 
999 Norrmann, J., Nuremberg. 
too Helm'brecht, Q., Nuremberg. 
SOI Schleuerpflug, B., Nuremberg. 
909 Stief, J., Nuremberg. 

505 Miller, Th., Nuremberg. 

504 Strobel, J. P., Nuremberg. 

506 Baudeobacher, C, Nuremberg. 
S06 Kithil, A., Nuremberg. 

907 Uebelacker, !#., Nuremberg. 

505 Heas, Math., Nuremberg. 
SIO Fischer, J. Q., Brlangen. 

SIX Schlenk ft Lutxenberger, Nurem- 

SI 2 Probst, Oottfr., Nuremberg. 

515 Hahn, Gottlieb, PUrth. 
S14 Ott, Gebhard, Nuremberg. 

51 6 Ziegele ft Hauck, Fiirth. 
S16 Keller, Conrad, Piirth. 

519 Pmckner, D., Munich. 

520 Bettman ft Kupfer, Bayreuth. 

521 Stolxe, J. F. B., Bayreuth. 

522 Schlegel, J., Nuremberg. 
S24 SichUng, H., Nuremberg. 
S26 Plank, B., Nuremburg. 

526 Barth ft Wa^er, Rodach near 
Coburg. — Mechanical toys. 254 

527 Dressel, Cuno ft Otto, Sonne- 
berg, Tburingia.— Toys, dolls, and slates. 


528 Schunemann, L., Magdeburg.— 
DolU. 254 

SS9 Haw sky, Adalbert, Leipsic— 
Paper balloons. 354 

550 Magnus, Q., ft Co., Berlin.— Bit- 
liard halls. 354 

551 Oehme, J. D., ft Sons, Grunhai- 
nidien. — Toys. 354 

552 Knipp, T. F., Berlin.— Album. 355 
SSS Vit6, Pran9ois, Berlin.— Leather 


Paper, Blaak Beoki, Stationery. 

SS4 Faber, A. W., Stein, near Nurem- 
Dog.— Lead pencils, water-colors, etc. 358 

SS6 Pensel, H., ft Co., Ludwigstadt, 
Bavaria.— Slates, etc. 358 

556 Schwanhinser, Nuremberg.— 
Lead pencfls, rubber, chalk, etc. 358 

557 Bttttner, Ed., ft Co., Berlin.— Fancy 
Papers. 359 

For dasses of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

889 Heinits ft Seckelson, BerUn.— 
Fancy papers. 359 

839 Mayer, M., Coblenta.— Envelopes. 

840 Meissner,C. F.^ Son, Raths-Dam- 
uitz, near Stoip. — Papers. 359 

841 Munich-Dachau Joint Stock Paper 

Mill, Munich. 

a Writing papen. 
* "" r for 


b Paper for artificial flowers. 
842 Schdtt, Hermann, Rheydt.— 
Fancy papers, etc 359 

848 KSnig, J. C, ft Ebhardt, Hanover. 
— Account books. 361 

844 Rufus. Fr. Wflh., Dortmund.— 
Account books. 361 

845 Joint Stock Playing Card Manu- 
fiictory, Stralsund. — Playing cards. 36a 

846 Adler, Geo.. BuchhoU, Saxony.— 
Card-board work. 369 

847 Schlesinger, Martin, Berlin.— 
Paper letters, cards, etc. 969 

848Wiskott, C. T., Breslau.- La- 

849 Haenle, Leo., Munich.— Gold and 
silver papers. 364 

850 Herting, C, Einbeck, Hanover.— 
Paper-hangings. 364 

851 Dessauer, Alois, Aschaffenburg.— 
Fancy colored papers. 364 

858 Werner ft Schumann, Berlin.— 
Paper letters. 364 

Weapons, ete. 

858a Krupp, Pr., Essen.— Cannon and 
projectiles. 367 

854 Schilling, V.Chr., Suhl.-Militarv 
weapons. w^ 

Medicine, Surgery, Protheiit. 

355 Scheller, Ferdinand, Hildburg- 
hausen.— Malt preparations. 373 

356 Wolff, F. A., ft Sons, Heilbron.- 
Pharmaceutical apparatus. 274 

857 L^powski, E., Heidelberg.— Roll- 
ing cnairs, and general apparatus for the 
sick and wounded. 376 

357a Miiller, L., Lauscha.— Artificial 
human eyes. 376 

8573 Esmarch, F., Kiel.- Bandages and 
dressings. 376 

857^ Horn, G., Kiel. — Bandages, safe- 
guards for broken Iq^, etc. 276 

857<^ Hartmann. P., Heidenheim. — Pre- 
pared medical dressing materiab, etc. 376 

857^ Surgical Clinic of the University 
of Koenigsberg. — Plaster of Paris anu 
hemp bandages for fracture. 376 

857/' Port, Dr., Munich.— Dressing for 
fractures. 376 

857r Moratski, A., New Buckan.— 
Plaster of Paris dressings. 376 

857^ Paper ft Chemical Manufactory. — 
Piaster and dressing materials. 376 

857* Beck, Dr., Carlsruhe. 

a Dressings for wounds. 396 

i Articles for transporting the wounded in 

I battle. 378 

I 857/ Gehrig Brothers, Berlin.— Teeth- 

I Tng necklaces. 277 

at end of entries, sec Classification! 

.Jigitized by 




Medical Appliances, Metal and Wooden Ware. 

867i Seal, P. O., CoblenU.— Model of 
brynx. 377 

867/ PlambMk, N., Hamburg.-^Model 
of a hospital car, and other tamtary appa- 
ratitt. 378 

867m Lower Silesian and Markiah 
Railway. — Models of can, etc., for trans- 
porutioD of the wounded. stS 

Hardwaie, Xdge Tools, Cmtlsry, and 
Ketallio Produeto. 

368 Vorater, R. & H., Hagan, West. 

phalia.— Edge toob, etc aSo 

869 BIseaftthr, Wilh., Berlin.— 

Tools. e8o 

860 B6ker, H., ft Co., Solingen.— Cut- 
lery, etc. eSi 

861 Heaaenbruch, T., ft Co., Ronadorl 
—Steel goods, cutlery, etc. aSi 

862 Hdller, J. 8., ft Co., SoUnffea.— 
Steel goods, cudery, etc aSi 

868 W ell man n, Pr., Altona.— Cut- 
lery. a8z 

864 Leykauf; Qeorge, Nuremberg.— 
BumishlDg stones. aSa 

866 Felsing, Conrad, Berlin.— Orna- 
mental castings. 383 

866 Caatner, A., Berlin.— Zinc 
castings. 383 

867 Stolberff, Count, Waraigarodea 
Factory, Ilsenburg. — Ornamental cast- 
ings, basins, etc 383 

For classes <^ exhibits, indicated by numben 

868 Amaberg, Adolpba, Aia-la-Cba- 
pelle.— Door knobs. 384 

869 Brouaaon. J., ft Son, Nauwiad-on- 
Rhine.— Nails, etc, 384 

870 Roehle,Louia,Dre8den.— Door and 
window knobs, etc. a84 

871 Wire & Screw Factory, Talkau.— 
Screws. 384 

878 Koch ft Bein, Berlin.— Metal let- 
ten and castings. 384 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

876 Reiaabarth, O. C, ft Soa, Narem- 
berg. — ^Brushes. a86 

876 Kocha, Quatav. Broich, aear ilohl- 
heina-on-Rohr. — Hempen and wire rope. 

877 Lorena, Ouatav, Bockau,8axoa]r.— > 
Basket ware. sly 

878 Cordea ft Ellgaaa, Dalmenhorat, 
near Bremen.— Corks. 389 

879 Lindamann, Carl, Dreaden.— 
Corks. 389 

880 Lttraaen. Carl, Delmenhotat, aear 
Bremen.— Corlcs. 389 

881 Praechter, Bros., ft Co., Heidel- 
berg.— Cork ware. 389 

882 Oagel. Lorens, Lichtenfela. — Baa- 
ket goods. 389 

Carriages, Vebioles, and Aooessoiies. 

888 Dick & Kirachten, Ofleabach-on- 
Main.— Axles for ilne carriages. 393 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. t^s- 


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Chemicals, Cerainict« QUss. 

Chemioal XuntfMturst. 

1 Oobetskjr, Joset; BMeff.— Prepared 
quinine. aoo 

S Mook, John Peter, Vfeaaa.— Ex- 
tnctt m soap and p^ie tpun^ kali 

8 Wfelocck, IfaaiL Stockerao. 

4» Caadloi, soap, toilet soap. aoi 

i Perfumery. aoj 

i Fritach, Ftrdlnaad* VIeana.' • 
• Soap. eot 

^ tok.oalonL aoa 

€ PeHboieHes. 103 

8arc, P. A., 80a, ft Co., Llealni:, aear 

m Artificial wax candles, soap, glycerine. 

oleo margerine butter, etc aox 

$ Toilet articles. 003 

f DoMI, PmI, Borytlaw, Qalida.— 

Crude and Meked oxoccritc. aox 

S Belt, Charlaa, Piraao, Istria.-^ 

Soap. 90I 

9 Demartini, I., Pragut. 

m I'oilct «oap. aoi 

/ Perfiinery. 303 

10 Caldcrara ft Baakmaan, Vieaoa. 
m I'oilcc and glycerine soap. aox 

> Perfnnery. ao3 

15 Prochaaka, Pranx, Prafaa. 

m Toilet »OMp. aoi 

^ FerfHnicrie*, pomades, etc. 103 

\%t Ujheiy h Co., Stockerau.— Caadlea, 

tapers* aik., oC ocrssiiic. sol 

18f Wnceamnaa, O., Viezina.— P^tro- 

leum, nunena wax, candles, tapen, etc* 


14 Prxibram ft Co., Vienna.— Alinrine, 

Adrianopk red. aot 

16 Palme, Elias, Steinachoaan, Bohe- 
mia. — GlxM and bronze liMtre. sos 

17 Herbert, Pranz Paul, Klagenfurt.— 
. WkHe lead. aoe 

18 Riha, Ernst, Pilaen, Bohemia.^ 
Water cdonb foi' artists. aoe 

19 Andto&Son,Vienna.~Lac,varaiah, 
oil color, nla.stic. so# 

90 Bcker, Alexander, Stockerau, aear 
VieniM.'^olois for'painien and caniagf 
vamishers. aoa 

91 WtMite,,lf.,VifBna.'74)oIora for atone 
and copper-plate printing. aoa 

80 PollakJacqi»aa,VieBna.— Eesencea, 
essentialutls. 303 

CiBrattiM— Pottery, Poroelaln, Olaai, 

94 Klaaunerth, Alois, Znaim, Moravia. 
— EIrthenware vesseb. aio 

• Far ristiM oT exkibim, {ndioatad by mH»hcrs 

86 Zaache,JoMph, Viaaaa. 
a China. exo 

b Porcelain. * **3 

86 Piscber,8ainttel,VienBa.--Cirina.aio 

89 Thun, Count v.Klosterle, Bohemia. 
—China articles of luxury. axo 

41 Eberhardt, Carl, Prague.— China- 
ware ; flowers made of china, boaiiuets, 
wreaths, and jewelry. S13 

48 Chemical Technical Manufactory, 
Elbogcn, Bohemia. — Porcelain (lustrous 
colors). 8x3 

48 Rledl von Riedenstein, David ft 
Frcdrich, Dallwit/, Iluhcniia. — China ser 
vices. 813 

46 Zieg1er*8 Son, Joh. Ant., Kreuxhutte, 
lk>hcmia.— Blown plate-gKuK. 314 

47 Zlegler** Son, Andreas. Soflenhutte, 
Bohemia. — Cast looking-glass, glass 
tiles. ai4 

48 Auatriaa Olaaa Foundry Aaaocia. 
tion, Aussig, Bohemie.— (Ua^iS bottles, ais 

49 Schmid, Jos. Bd., Annathal, Bohe- 
mia. — Conoive gla»s articles. ais 

80 Batka, Pranz, Prague.— Glassware 
for chemical purposes. 315 

51 Franke, Carl, Prague.— Chemists* 
fixtures. 215 

52 Umann,Joha,Tiefeabach, Bohemia. 
a Flagons. 8J5 
^ Glass articles. 816 

53 Rasch, Clemens, Meistersdorf, Bo- 
hemia.— Concave glass articles. ai6 

54 Lobmeyr, I. ft L., Vienna.— Glass 
articles. ai6 

55 Grohmaon ft Kessler, Haida, Bohe- 
mia. — Glass articles. 316 

58 Muller, HernMinn, Ulrlchsthal, Bo- 
hemia.— -Concave glass articles. ai6 

59 Von Harrach, Count, Neuvelt, Bo- 
hemia.— Glass articles. sio 

60 Tyrolese Glass Painting Manufac- 
tory. lnn»bruck. — Glass painting and an- 
nealing. ai6 

61 Hartmann, Moritx, Pribram, Bohe- 
nira.— Glass pcaHs and cylinders. . 216 

68 Wagner, Franc, Meistersdorf, Bo- 
hemia. — Glass and bronze articles. ai6 

98 Zeckert, John, Meiatersdorf, Bohe- 
mia. — Glassware and bronze. 216 

64 Brunfant, Jules de, Vienna. — Glass- 
ware. 216 

65 Schrelber, 8. NefTen, Jos., Vienna.— 
Glas.<^ware. 216 

66 Palme's Son, F. E., Zvecevo, Slave- 
nia. — (ilasswarc. ai6 

67 Stolzle's Sons, C, Vienna.— Glass- 
! ware. »«• 
at eiitt af ciilric;^, %mc OawificstSon, pp. 87^45. 

- -• • oogle 



Furniture, Woven Goods, Silk, Clothing. 

68 Mcyr*8 Nephew, Adolf, near Win- 
icrbcrg, bohcinia.--Glassware. 216 

Fnmitiire and Objects of General Use 
in Conitmotion and in Dwellings. 

69 Kohn, Jacob ft Joieph, Vienna. — 
Furniture of bent wood. 217 

70 DIUmann, I., ft Fischer, L., Vienna. 
— Iron furniture. tiy 

71 ftM, Rndolf, Vienna.— Iron doable 
bed. 217 

73 S t e i n« Carl, Vienna.^Cabinet fur- 
niture. " ' «i7 

74 Thoaet Brothers, Vienna.— Furni- 
ture of bent wood. 217 

76 Hoyer, Joseph, Svetla, Hungary.— 
Plates of cry slid. 2t8 

76 Moser, Ludwig, Carlsbad, Bohe- 
mia. — Glass articles, pauited services. 218 

77 Lrorl, Qustave, & Sons, Vienna.— 
Frames for photographs (iu bronze;. 220 

78 Scheidl, Alois^ienna. -Gold frames 

and cornices. 220 

79 Krauliz, M., Vienna.— Frames for 
photographs. aao 

80 Bambula, John, Vienna.— Bronxe • 
picture frames. 220 

81 Sommerschuh, W. I., Pra^e.— 
Earthenware stoves and slabs. aat 

82 Ostersetier Brothers, Vienna.— 
Paper lamp screens. 223 

8 Kerr a Heir, F. A^ Flatten, noar 
Carlsb.kd, Bohemia.— Plated and tinned 
.pooiu>, boxes, tin articles 304 

8 Kirchhof's Sons, C. F., Vienna.— 
Refrigerators. 224 

8 Buchsbaum, Max, Vienna.— Ceiling 
ornaments. 2*7 

8 Cs4nk ft Co., Vienna.— Wood work, 
blinds, treble mats, wall screens. 227 

S xns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Kineral Materials. 

it B e u t e 1, Franz, Vienna.— Wicker 
work. 229 

Id Richter, Ignat, ft Sons, Nieder- 
grund, Bohemia.— Cotton velvets. 331 

89 Parma, Joseph, Tichau, Moravia.— 
Bleached piques. 933 

90 Regenbart, Raymann, ft Kufferle, 
Vienna. — Table linen, linen. 333 

92 Siegl, Cart, Vienna. — Bleached 

linen. 333 

98 Weiss ft Orohmann,Vienna.— Linen 
aiid cotton thread S33 

Woven and Felted Ooeds of Wool, eto. 

96 Huckel Sons, I., Neutitscheim, 
Moravia. — Hatters' articles, felts. 235 

96 Cloth Itfanufacturers' Aasociation, 
Reichenberg. Bohemia.— Cloths, with ana 
without finisK. 335 

98 Schmidt, I. Ph.. ft Sons, Reichen- 
borg, Bokomia.— Woolens. 235 

99 lakob. Adolf, Reichenberg, Bohe- 
niji,-^>irool<^, fniUlary cloch. 9$s 

For classss of exhlbrb>, indicated by numbew 

100 Von Bauer, Otto, Brunn.— Wool- 
eas. »35 

1 03 Siegmund, WUhelm, Reichenberg. 
— Woolens. 235 

104 Koch, Max, Vienna.- Woven long 
and square .<ihawU. 237 

106 HIawatsch ft Isbary, Vienna.— 
Woven ihawls. jj7 

107 Vdslau Yarn Manufactory, VdsUo. 
near Vienna. — Dyod woolen yams. 238 

111 Schweinburg, Gustav, Vienna.— 
Carpets. 239 

Silk and Silk Fabxies'. 

118 Hombostel.C. Q.. ft Co., Vienna^ 
Srlk and half silk goods. 345 

114 Reichert's Sooa, F., VienBa.r— 
Silks. «45 

116 Frebitach, 8., ft Son, Vienna.— Silk 
articles. 345 

117 Hetzer, Carl, ft Sons, Vienna.— 
Silk ribbon and velvet. S48 

118 Keosperling, John, ft Sons, Vlenaa. 
— ^Silk ribbons. 348 

119 Stefsky, Joseph, Stockeran.— Hab- 
erdasheries, woolen and silk ootds and 
laces for military purposes. 949 

120 SchmidI Sons, W., Vienna.— Paa- 
scmenterie. a40 

CloUiinsN Jewelrjt and Omamentif 
TraveliBg Eqnlpsleats* 

121 Bauer, Albert, Hnmpofots, Bohe- 
mia. — Cloth, velvets, clothing for military 
purposes. S50 

122 Keller ft Alt, Vlenna.-aothinc. *50 
124 Uottl Sons, M„ Pragoe.^Mea's 

dothii^. 250 

126 Straschitt, Beermann, Prague^— 
Men's clothing' *SO 

127 Schwarimann, D., ft Co.,Vienn«.~ 
Men's clothing; European costames, from 
ooartetofina. 'Ss^ 

128 Thieben, Emanuel-, Vienna.— 
Woven shawls and dressiogsanDents. tge 

ISO Werner, John, Prague.— Men 'a 
clothing. 350 

131 Budan, Joseph, Prague.— Laathar 
gloves. 251 

132 Eckstein Brothers, Prague.— Kid 
gloves. »5S 

133 BngelmuUer, Ferdinand, Praga«. 
— Leather gloves. * s»i 

134 Habig, Petar, ft Co., Vienna.-^ 
Hats. sss 

136 Bencker, M., ft Son, Prague.— IC14 
gloves. S5S 

136 I^Srlncfl, Stcphan, Budapest.^ 
Boots. 35X 

187 MIcka, Karl, Pragtie.— I.catb«t 
gloves. 951 

138 PRat, Anton, Prague.— Leather 
gloves. ' 351 

139 Pokorny, Karl, Pragua.- Leather 
gloves. *5i 

140Reichart, Adolf, Vienna.^ 

Shoes. SSI 

141 Repper, Joseph, Vienna.— llaather 

gl<ms. ^^ ^ . - «$» 

jftt end of entries, «oe CU-i^vificatioa, pp. 37-4S> 



ClothiAg, Fancy Gopds, Jewelry. 

t4S StiMoy, Fnns & liax, Viennm.— 

Leaiber gloves. 9$x 

149 Dewidsis, Siaaon, Prague.— Kid 

gloves. 351 

144 Staffer, Uudmtg, VIenaa.'-Leatlier 

gbves. 35> 

149 Hauttr, Carl, Braaii^— Leathtr 

gloves. 25* 

146 Stfttttb, Angust, Pragua.— Leather 
gloves. 351 

147 Frata» Aaton, Prague.— Kid 
gloves. 351 

148 Stelnbilbtr, Aaton, Prague.— 
LcAiber gloves. 351 

149 Beacker, I. U., Prague.— Leather 
gloves. u$i 

190 Turawald, Cb.^ Prague.— Leather 
gloves. 351 

191 Biraune&fBdward, Vienaa.— Leath- 
er gloves. 35s 

192 B e u t e 1, Prans, Vieaaa.-^Bath 
shoes naade of plaited rushes, 351 

199 Aue» Fred. v. d., aad Kollmann, 
Prague. — Kid gloves. 351 

199 Berg, 8., Krakau.— Albumen for 
the BOBufincture of gloves, condensed 
yotks ofeggf. 351 

199 Roth, Fraaj, Prague.— Leather 
gloves. 8»i 

199 Suchy, Antoa, Prague.— Leather 
gloves. 351 

99 Schwars & Son, Job., Vieaaa.— 

Hatbands. 351 

90Vcelicka« Auguat, Prague.-Kid 

gloves. 3^1 

91 Haberkom. George, Prague. — 

Leather gloveA. 351 

99 HamerU,Jeha,Puiilldrcbea, Hua- 

* gu^.— Leather f^oves. 351 

89 Hoffmaaa, Joseph, Prague.— 

Le&ther gloves. 351 

84 Irmeabacb's succeaaor, Gottlieb, 

Fragne. — Kid ^ves. 8I5 

187 Kubik, Job. Nep.. Stuhlweissen- 
l>ttig,:Haiigary.— Leather gloves. 351 

188 Loweasteia, Adolf R., Vieaaa.— 
Fsoqr shoes. sp 

170 8kriv9a, Joha, ft Sob, Vieaaa.— 
Hau, felts. sfi 

171 Port, Alola, Vienaa.— Leather 
gloves. 351 

172 Bh>ch, E., ft Sons, Bruaa. 

a Boots and shoes. 35s 

i Cartridge pouches. 335 

174Martiua, W., Vieaaa. — Leather 

gloves. asx 

179 Korb, Viaceas, Graallta, Bohemia. 
—Silk laces, lace articles. ^s 

178 Csermiaska, Inocenta, Wisniow- 
cxyk, Galicla. — Embroidery. 252 

179 R|ebter. . Edward . A., Vieaaa.- 

Varie^ted embroidery, working laatcrials 
requisite for the same, aja 

179 Schaabl, Joseph, Oosaeagma, Bo- 
keinia.— I^es, fichus, haodkerchMfii, and 
fim decorations of lace. -252 

191 Ullmaan, J. F., Neudeck.— Laces. 


192 Doraer, Emilie, Bosiag, Huagary. 
—lofi^ and embroideries. 25? ^ 

nt dawss of exhibits, iifriicated Ky mimherii 

183 Erlbeck, Aatoa, Qosaeagrua.— 

Laces, ian decorations, handkerchief, 
and lace fichus. 352 

194 Horaer, Antoa, Grosseagrun, Bo- 
hemia.— Laees, Uof ftchusi aad £u> deco- 
rations. 853 

189 Schmldl ft Soaa, W.. Vienaa.- 

Habcrdashery, trimmings, silk and woolen 
faraMs. 353 

ISSFritscb, Joseph. Qosseagran.- 
Laces, haadiekhMK, fiohns, aad fnn 
decorations of lace. 353 

187 Lapalae, CsroHae, Idrta.-Bobbi. 

neu. 353 

180 Mettner, Bernhard, OrasUts, Bo- 
hemia.— Laces, handkerchiefs, and fas 
decorations. 35a 

190 Stramitxer, L, Vienna. — Point 
gaze tape laces. S53 

191 Menxel, W. B., Teallts, Bohemia. 
— Garnets, genuine and imitation stones 
(pierres de strasse). 393 

192 Reif, Joseph, Prague.— Jewelry of 
precioMS stones. 353 

193 Goldachmidt's Sons, Michael, 
Prague.— Gpld and silver omamcats. 353 

194 Steiner ft KoUiaer, Prague.— Gar- 
net, gold and silver jewelry. S53 

199 Ooldschmidt. Louis A., Dubaik, 
Hungary.— Polished opals. ss3 

196 Markowitoch ft Scheid, Vienna.— 
Silver trinkeu. #53 

197 Neustadtl, if. H., Prague.— Oaraet 
jewelry. 353 

199 Bolsani ft FussI, Vienna.— Gold 
chains. 953 

200 Bergraana, Fraas, Gabions.— Imi- 
tation gems. S53 

203 Rede k Brothers, Vienna.— 
Bronae and leather jewelry. 353 

209 Rers'ch, Morita, Pragua.— Garnet 
articles. 353 

207 Ulbrich, Frans, Ober-Kukan, near 

Gablonz.— Imitation of precious stones. 353 

209 Hofrichter*s Son, Joseph, Reich* 
enau, near Gablonz, Bohemia. 

m Imitation predous stones. SS3 

S Papier-mach^ boxes. S54 

213 Scbadelbauer, VIncens, Vieaaa.— 
Mother-of-pearl buttons. 354 

816 Baudissia, Couateaa Pauliae, Vl- 
enna. — Artificial flowers. 354 

817 Turaera* 8aiapl)t OAca, Vienna.— 
Cork aru'cles. tobacco pipe tube, and am- 
ber cigar holders. 3$4 

883 laruscbka, Joaepb, Vienna.— Mo- 
therK>f-pearl buttons. a$4 

886 HI eke, Augustine, Tyksa, near 
Bodenbach, Bohemia. — Horn and metal 
buttOBS. ' as4 

827 Lux, CI., Vienna.— Bronze arti- 
cles. 3S4 

888 Bergman, Frans, Vienna.— Bronse 
uticln. 354 

891 Hellmich, F. A. Bidam, Wolfers- 
dorf, Bohemia.— Glass, pearts, bone.ivory. 
horn, and tortoise-shell buttons, rdU and 
imitation. S54 

838 Heller's Sons, Balduin, Teplits, 
• . Bp|>9iaia.r:M^)iDtt^ 9»d tripkpu.as4 * 
at end of Mitries, see CbsstAealSon, pp. s^b-^f. 



Fancy Qcxxls, Stationery, Medical Appliances, Hardware. 

234 Hiess, Pranx, Vienna.~Turners* 
articles, mecncbauim and amber. S54 

237 Kemperlior, Hermann, Vienna.— 
Turnerv* articles, pipes, cigar holders, 
canes. 154 

241 Krehaa, Iffnas* Vienna.— Mother* 
of-pearl buttons. 854 

249 Kuxtl. J«lni, ft f aaiiawslcy^ C., 

Vienna.—- Turners' artiaes, inkstand, cigar 
holder, ash bawls, watch holder, candle 
screens. 054 

848 Umantt, Joha, TIefenbach, Bohe- 
mia.— Paper weichts. 854 

S61 Wagaefr Fnuu, MeUUndort— 

Bronze articles. 854 

862 Lederar, X^ Qabtoai, BQbamia.— 

Glass trinkets. 954 

864 Hartmann, L., & Eidam, Vienna. 

— Turners' articles, smoking requisites 

made of meetschaum and amb 


866 Lttkaach, L, Vienna.— Motber-of- 
pearl fancies. S54 

266« Schneider, Wensel, Prague.- 
Necessaries ibr the toilet, threading ma- 
chines. 854 

867 Sit tig, Jeacph, Vienna.— Horn 
button*. 854 

871 CofTanl, Maria, Vienna.— Paraaola, 
fans,hats,andtrinkets,madeof straw. 854 

878 Bauer ft Polcomy, Vienna.— Meer- 
schaum pipes. 854 

874 08territter,1oaeph, Vienna.— Pana 
of tortoise-shell, ivory, feathers, silk, 
wood, and leather. 854 

878 Puachner, Pmas Anton, Tvaaa, 

near Bodenbach, Bohemia. — Metal but- 
tons, brooches, scto of innings, emblems, 
medaU, decorative buckles. 854 

879 Schwan, Wilboim, WiUendorf.— 

Moihcr-of-pearl buttons. 354 

288 Wittek, Adalbartr Vienna.— 

Mother-of-pearl buttons. 854 

286 Steiodl,Carl»Viaaaa.--Motber'Ol^ 

pearl buttons. 354 

286 Blaaincic ft Bona, John, Vienna.— 

Haberdashery. 854 

890 Trebitacb, Arnold, Vienna.— Arti- 
cles of meerschaum ana amber. 854 

891 Unccfi Prnns, Vienna. 

4» Sm>kmg requisites. 854 

b Leather articles. 855 

893 Danberger, George, Vienna.— 

Bronze W9re,tramcs Uix photographs, toilet 
hioleing glass, cigar hoidert, wkstaods, 
match boxes. 854 

897 Bechftaan, A. P., Vienna.->Bronfe 
ware. 854 

898 BeihV Prans» Vienna.— Broasa 
ware. «54 

899 Praak, Joaepb, Vienna.— Broasa 
ware. 854 

800 Dxiedsinaki ft Hannach, Vienna.— 
Bronze articles. 854 

801 Bohm, Anton, Vienna.— Bronxe 
ware. 854 

808 Bohra, Ludwig, Vienna.— Bronze 

ware. 485 

806 Wertbeimer, Joaepb, Vienna.— 

Fans. 854 

^07 Wielander. Peter, Vienna.— Moth- 

' tr-ef-pearl buttons. 854 

" For HoMMB ef aaliihlts, \fAcMttA by ntunbars 


808 Bambula, John, Vienna.— Bronta 

goods, albuais, writiogportfioUos, belts, #94 

.810 Unger, Franc, Vienna.— Porte* 

moonaie, frames Ibr manufacture of leather 

fancy goods. 8SS 

816 Seewald, Michael, Vlenna.- 
Leather ware and trinkeu. 855 

816 Rodtk Br on., Vienna.— Leather 
articles. 835 

817 Oaterritter, Joaepb, Vienna.— 
Leather articles. 855 

Paper, Blaitk Bbeke, iCktieBery. 

881 FialkowBk^ Broar ft Twerdy, Uie. 

litz, Austria-Silesia. 
a Writing paper. a|9 

b Printing paper. aeo 

888 Eichmann ft Co., Arnaa« near 

Prague.— Samples ofpaper. as^ 

888 Opiu ft 8oa, Carl, Tepltts, Bobe> 


« Paper. 

h Pasteboard. 

826 Knepper, W., Vienna. 

a C^arstte paper. a^o 

b Fancy paper. • 864 

886 Scbloglmubl Paper Pacfeorjr, Vien- 
na.— Paper rolls for printing machines. a6o 

887 Schoffel, Anton. Relcbenau, Bohe- 
mia. — Papier<macb* boxes. a6> 

888 Weaely, Veit., Vienna.— Boxea.ate 
881 Oateraetter Broa., Vienna.— Paper 

laces. 864 

WeapeBt, ete. 
888 Percnaaion Cape, Cartridge, ft 
Breech Ring- Factory, Prague.— Percna- 
sion caps, cartridges, and breech rings. 86$ 

Medicine, Snrger^ Protheiit. 
884 Withelia, Fraas, ft Co., Vienna^ 

Drugs, medicinal herbs, volatile oils, etc 

886 Wartpatrikoir Broe., V i e a a a.— 

Insect powder. 87a 

886 Pollak, Jacqnaa, Vienna.— 
Ether, 87a 

887 Zacherl, John, Viaaaa.— Inaect 
powder and tinctures. stv 

888 Hamerli, John, Pnnfkirchon, Hun- 
gary .—LeaUier trusses^ 876 

888a PoliUer, Adam, Vienna.— Ana- 
tomical and pathologico-ii n alo m ica l prep- 
arations. ftT^ 

889 Bergbaouner, Pr., Vienna.— Set 
of artificial teeth. 877 

840 Perl, Joaepb, Klauaenborg, Han- 
g^uy.— Teeth, sets of teeth. s^ 

841 Zaigraondy, Adolf, Vienna.— 
TectK «n 

Hardware, Edge Tooli, Catlery, aad 
MetaUie Predaeti. 

848 Wertbeim, Baron Frana.yiennef— 
Complete represenutloo of the Auitnaa 
todi manufacture. s8» 

844 'Schneider, Wensel, Prague.— Pine 
pCfiknives. ^ At 

846 Winkler, Aloia,Vienna.-Caat'slac 
articles, plates, emblems, letters, and coat 
of arms. *l) 

847 Winkler, Michael, Vienna.-Caat 
metal signs and letters. alf 

at and of entries, see OassiiMtloa. pp. a|^ 
i. Digitized by VjOOQT€ 



Manulactures, Art, Machinery, Animal Producta. 

S48 lloraTia Ironware Industry & 
Trade Co., Vkniuu— Naik, screws. 984 

Ftbriet of YegetaUe, Aniimal, or Xin- 

950 Scboek ft kolinbcrg'er, Vienna.— 
India-rubber goods. 985 

S61 Hausmann, Wilbelm, Raichaa* 
b erg.— Rope snides, twine, cords, 
girUtt. 287 

S53 KoM, Aucttat« Vianaa. 

a Hemp hose, mill straps for mills. 287 

^ Fire buckets for uilb. si8q 

GirriagM, YeUolaa, and Aeoottoriei. 

MS Lohner ft Co^ Jacabi Vtoana^ 

Phaeton carriages. 299 

866 Arnibruater, Sabaatlaa, Vienna.— 
Landau coach. 293 

Wt Bloch ft Soaa, B^ Bntaa.— Sola* 
leather sadUlc cloths. 996 


8S7« Hof ricbter*aSona, Reichenau, 
near Gabions.— Off pahitings. 410 

187^ laeUa, Pictro, Vienna.— Painting. 


Engraving and Lithography. 

857^ Patemo, Pr.| Vienna. 

a Drawings. 4ao 

S Chrorao-liihographs. 424 

857^ Kaeaer, P., Vienna.— Eagravinga. 


867/ Bader, P. W., Vienna.-View of 

Vienna. 43a 

68 Winkler, Aloia, Vienna.- Oleo- 

graphs. 434 

{98« I^hmaaa, Nikolaua, Prague.— 
Chiomos. 404 

Fof classsa of exhibits, indicated by auaUwi 

868^ Lott, Ludwig, Vienna.— Chrome. 

lypographs. 494 

868^ Reiffenatein ft Rdach, Vienna.— 

Chromos. 494 

860'^ Sieger. Bdward, Vienna.— Litho« 
. <Aphs. . . 434 

388^ Cxeiger, 8., Vienna.— Chromoa. 


Coramie Oooorationi, Xoaaicf, etc. 

M9 Stelametx, Praas, Petronberd, 
illyria. — inlaid work and veneer. 452 

860 Bgffer, I. B., Villach, Karnthen.— 
InkuJ work and veneer. 459 

Maehinet for Printing, Xaking Booki, 
Paper Working, eto. 

881 Waate, 



Vieana. — Cylinder 


Arborienltnre and Foroit Prodncti. 

862Vrankf,l. O. ft L., Vieona.-Wood 

specimens Tor the manufacture of furni- 



Water Animali, Piih Cnltnro and 

864 Nachtmann, Jacob, Tannwald, 
Bohemia. — Chamber leech aquariums. 640 

Yegatablo Prodooti. 



865 Zacherl, John, Vienna 

870 Ujhely ft Co., H 

t cad of 

f eaftriea, see Classiicatioa, pp. S7-4S* 


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{North of Nave, Columms s* ^ SS*) 

Chemicals, Cemnica, Woven Qoods, Silk. 

Chemieal Maimfactnrea. 

1 Cojot-Lupold, A., Lode, Ct. Neu- 
chAtd.— Chemical pn>dueu.anifici«l blade 
diamond, diamanun*, powder <^ rabies, 
enamels for jewelry. aoo 

4 AmMct & Poacet, Qcnevm.— Oil for 
watches and instruments of precision, aox 

A Brunnschweiler, Tran^ott, 8t. Q«l- 
len.— Caiteum for cUico printii^, caseum 
glue for cold glueing. aoi 

6 Vaucher, Lr., Peseux, near Nea« 
chitel.— Animal oil for chronometers and 
fine watches. 9ox 

7 BIndschedler ft Busch, Batle.— 
Raw materials for the manufacture of 
dyes, aniline dyes, artifidal alizarine, aoa 

8 BruDOBchweiler ft Son, St. Qallen.— 
Printing inlcs, inks for Morse & Hughes' 
apparatus, extracts of ink in powder. 9oa 

9 Durand ft Huguenin, L., Basle.— 
Naphthaline, resorcine, fluorescene, eo- 
cene, phthaline and solutions, sefranine, 
galleine, cenilelne, steam blue, etc. aoa 

10 BUhler, Emile. Neuchatel.-Hair 
regenerator, poqaade, balsam, tooth-water, 
qutnine-wator. 003 

Ceramiot^Pottery, FotoeUin, Glass, 


11 Collin, Ch., Derendingen, Ct. Solo- 
thuni. — Watch glasses. 2x4 

Tirni and Woven Goods of Yegttable 
or Mineral Materials. 

13 Billeter, C. Q., Zurich.— Singed cot- 
ton threads, unbleached cotton sewing 
thread, cotton leash threads. 330 

14 Brunner, A., Maonedorf, Ct. Zurich. 
— White and colored bed-covers. 230 

15 Qujer-Brunner, Uster, Ct. Zurich. 
— white and colored tricot bed-covers and 
table-cloths. 230 

16 Oetiker. M. R., MSnnedorf, Ct. Zur- 
ich. — White and colored cotton bed- 
covers and table-cloths. 330 

17 Schlaepfer, J. U.. Waldatatt, Ct. 
Appcnzcll, Inner Rhodes.— Muslin. 230 

18 Piers, Henri, Zurich.— Cotton 
goods. 231 

19 Wallenstadt Pancy Cotton Goods 
Mills, Wallenstadt, Ct. St. Gallen.— 
Fancy cotton goods. 231 

20 Piers, Henri, Zurich.— Turkey-red 
printed handkerchiefs, cashmere shawls, 
door-curtains, chintz. 332 

81 Hanhsrt-Solivo, J., Dietikon, Ct. 
Zurich. — Cambrics,handkcrchieft, shawls, 
chintzes. 232 

('or rlanseK of exhibits, indicated by numbexs 

88 Axmoos Weaving Mills, Asmoos, 

Ct. St. GaHen.— Figtirad couoa goods. %^ 

88 Schneider, C P., DKttlikon, Ct. Zar- 

ich.— Lint for hospitals, colored wadding 
for Jewelry. sjj 

Woven and Ftltsd Goods of Wool, eto. 

84 Munzinaer, Conrad, OltCa, Ct. Solo* 

thum.— telt of wool and cotton for paper 
mills, cylinder-doth. 239 

86 Siegenthaler, St., Enggistein, near 
Worb, Ct. ncme.— Boots and shoes ct 
felt, with and without wooden soles, fdt 
soles, felt tablets for watch-makers, filter- 
ing l»gs, felt urimmings. 935 

86 Ernst, Perdinand, Winterthur, Ct. 
Zurich. — Goods of wool and mixtures of 

^ wool. e^S 

87 Schnydsr. J. I.. Wldenswell, Ct. 
Zurich.— Worstra norse-hair and fibre far 
mattresses and upholstery, h'Mse-taOt, 
bristles. 240 

Silk and SUk Fabrios 

88 Baumann, senior, ft Co., Zarich^-^ 
Silks. 945 

88a Zeslein ft Mtlller, Basle.— Afjgal, 

silk waste, and fabrics of silk waste. a4S 

89 Baumann ft Streuli, Horgen, Ct. 
Zurich.—Silks. 945 

80 Dufour ft Co., Thai, Ct. St. OaUaa.— 

Silk bolting-doth, silk grit-g.iuze. 945 

81 Egli ft Sennhauser, Zurich.— Silk 
bolting-doth, middlings purifiers. 945 

83 Prey-Peer, J., ft Co., Aargau,Ct. 
Aargau. — Silk ribbons, faille, cord-edged 
tafietas, sarsenets, listons, satins. 945 

88 Heidegger, Wegmann, ft Co., See- 
fdd, Zurich.— Silk boldog-doth. 945 

84 Homberg er Bros., Wetzikon« Ct. 
Ziuich. — Silk bolting-doth. 943 

85 Jansen, Bodek, ft Herts, Riesbach, 
near Zurich.— Silks and satins. 245 

86 Adiischweil Silk Goods Factory. 
Adiischweil, near Zuridi. — Silks. 94s 

87 Winterthur Silk Goods Pacterr, 
Winterthur, Ct. Zurich.— Umbrella 
silks. 94- 

88 Meyer, Bros., Zurich.— Swiss stlk 
bolting-cloth. 94S 

89 Reiff-Huber, Zuricb.-Snk boltinc- 
cloth. 945 

40 RUtschi, S., ft Co., Zurich.-SUka 
and satins. 945 

41 Ryffel ft Co., Stjefii.-8Uka. a4s 
at end of entries, see ClassJUcsiioo, pp. sy |g 



Silk, Clotbing, Jewelry, Weapons. 

41 Scbanr, Bmn, ft Co., Jturlelu— 
Saks. 045 

48 SchrcBder, Wilhelm, A Co., Zoricb* 
-Silki. MS 

44 Schwarsenbach, L^odis J., Thai- 

weii, near Zurich.--Sillaf. 345 

45 Stapfer, Job., Sons, Horfen, Ct. 
Zurich.— SUks. 845 

46 Stunzi & S008, Horgon, Ct. Zoticb. 

— Sillct and satius. 945 

Clotbing, Jewelry, ete. 

47 Blum er ft Wild, St. OaUen.— Ho- 

siciy, ladies' feucy articles. 250 

4S Bourauin, C. P., CormoDdrtehe, 
near NcuchJLtcl.— Wool hosiery, jackets, 
and waistcoats. 250 

49 End-Ulmi, Ali., Lucerne.— Knitted 
under-garments. 250 

M Heao, Oobr., Amriaweil, Ct. Tbur. 

gau.— Colored shirts and orer-shirts. 250 
01 Huffgenbercer, U., Fraaenfeld, Ct. 

ThurKaii.--rHoiiiery. 250 

5S Meyer.^V«8pi ft Co., Altstetten. 

near Zurich. — Knitted under-gar- 

menu. 250 

M Wiki, B., Lucerne.-rO«ntlemen*a 

ckHhtng. 950 

64 Bel^ Anguat. Kriena, near Lucame. 
— CrmoBne braids. a5x 

15 Chiesa Bros.,Locamo, Ct. de Tessln. 
^-firaids and straw hats. Canton Tesstn 
specialty. 251 

58 Eioh ft Co.. Leaabure, Ct. Aargaa. 
— Horsc-bair braids, straw-plaitings, cot- 
ton tress-work, bonlerii^, bair-cioth. 251 

67 ladermtihle, B. Tb., Bemc.— Straw 
hau. 2$! 

65 laler, Aloyae, ft Co., Wildegg. Ct. 
Aarsan. — Hair and cotton plaits, fancy 
gooas of bair, stmw, cotton, and sUk for 
hats and bonnets. 251 

59 later, Jacob, ft Co., Wob!en, Ct. 
Aargau. — Straw goods. 251 

80 Wataar, Conrad, Woblen, Ct. Aar- 
gau.— Straw hats, plaits, and iancy articles 
of straw^ crinoline^ cotton, and maniia 
hemn, tissues of strain, sdk, and other ma- 
terials for fancy boxes, spanerfe, embroid- 
ery, and omamencs for boanels. 35t* 

61 Alder Broa., Heriaau, Ct. Appenxell. 

Inner Rhodes. — Hand and mechanical 
embroideries. 252 

62 Alder ft Meyer, HeHsau, Ct. Appen- 
«ell, Inner Rhodes. — Embroiderea trim- 
Bungs. «53 

68 Baerlocher-Caater, Rbeineck, Ct. 
St. Gallen. — Embroidery, lace curtains, 
tidies, bed-covers, piUow-case coven. 959 

64 Basquin, Hector, ft Scbwelser, St. 

Gallen. — Machine embroideries. 95a 

65 Bion ft Tscburoper, St. Qallen.— 
Mec h an i c al embroideries. 95a 

66 Piach Broi., Buhler, Ct. Appen- 
xdl. Inner Rhodes.— Mechanical entbroid- 
eries. 252 

67 061dy, A., ft Co., St. Oallen.-Me. 
chan i cal embroideries, Hamburg edgings 
and insertions. 259 

68 Hiracbfeld Broa. ft Co., St. Oallen. 
lacemttains. 959 
» of eybftits, iadieatcd by numbei* 

69 Ikl* Broa., St. Qallen.— Mecbanical 
embroideries. 259 

70 Locber Broa., Speicher, Ct. Appen- 
zell, Inner Rbodes. — Mechanical embroid- 
eries on silk. 252 

71 Wiilflioger Macbine Embroidery 
Establishment, near Wintcrthur, Ct. Zur- 
ich.— Colored embroidery by machinery, 
Hamburg edgings. 239 

79 Scbeitlin ft Widmer, St. Gallen. - 
Mechanical embroideries. 259 

73 Stiiheli-Wild, C, St. Gallen.^ 
Hand and mechanical embroideries. 252 

74 Steiger ft Co., Herisau, Ct. Appen- 
xell. Inner Rhodes. — Mechanical em- 
broideries, lace curtains. 252 

76 Strausa, D., ft Co., St. Gallen.— 
Lace curtains, drop laces, embroider- 
ies. 25a 

76 StnrseneggAf * Rate, Tro^en, Ct. 
Appenaeil, Inner Rbodes.— Cravau, edg- 
ings. "* 952 

77 Sutter-DSrig, R., Appensell.— 
Hand and machine embroidery. 259 

78 Tobler, Ulr» ft A.. Rbeineck ft 
Thai, Ct. St. Gallen.— Macbine embroid- 
ery. 252 

79 Zahner ft Schleaa. Heriaau, Ct. Ap. 
penzcll. Inner Rbooes.— Hamburg edg- 
ings and insertions. 25* 

80 Zellweger, J. C, Trogen, Ct. Appen - 
zell. Inner Rhodes.— Mechanical enibrot<l- 
eries. 252 

81 Drawing School of the Board of 
Trade. St. Gallen.— Embroideries exc- 
cnted from designs of the drawing 
school. 252 

82 Urech, E., Heriaau, Ct. Appensell, 
Inner Rhodes.— Mechanical embroid- 
ery. 252 

8S« ZUrcher-Bansiger, J., Teufen, Ct. 
Appenzell, Inatr Rhodes.— Mechanical 
embroidery. ass 

68 Petit- Plarre ft Brjraon, Geneva.— 
Jewelry. 953 

84 Oay, Jean, Geneva.- Watch chains. 


84a Meylan ft Mertena, Ed., Geneva.— 
Gold chains and chatelaines. 253 

86 Jaccard. Engine, St. Croix, Ct. de 
Vaud. — Flate engraved with flowers, orji^- 
ments. and devices relating to the Cen- 
tennial. 254 

86 Rohr. Walter von, A., Mamliawyl, 
Ct. Solothum.— Omum. 2:4 

Paper, Blank Books, Statioiiery. 

88 Mil Her, Joba.. Scbaffhauaen. — 
German, French. English, and Spanish 
playing cards, railway tickets. 969 

Weaponf, eto.« 

69 Swiaa Manufacturing Co., Neuhau- 
sen, near Schaffhansen.— Vetterli'«ys- 
tern, hi£uitry and target rifles, blank 
cartridges 06$ 

89« Schmidt, M^Jor, Berne.— Rlfla and 
revolver. 966 

Medicine, dnrgery, Protheiis. 

90 Durieu. OattU, ft Co., Vevay, Ct. 

I Vaud.— Mdk-powder. 97J 

At end of entries, mm CUuisificatic 

.digitized by ^ 




Medical Appliances, Hardware, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

01 Qerber & Co., Than,. Ct. Bcrn««-»- 

Condensed milk, children's ibod, medi- 
cal condensed milk. 973 

82 Lapp, C. Freiburff.— Pood for chil- 
dren, condensed milk. 373 

93 Naumann-Burkhardt, H., Baslei-— 
Extract honey,- syrup, and flour of 
meat. 373 

84 NestU, Henry, Vcvay, Ct. Vaud.— 
Milk food or lacteous farina. ^73 

9iA Wander, Q.. Berne.— Extracts of 
male and malt arops. 373 

95 International Bandage-ihifT Fac- 
tory, ScliaflThausen.— Dressings, lint, ap- 
pliances for the drcMing of wounds, 
pharmaceutical apparatus. 276 

Hardware, Edfe Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metallio Prodnoti. 

96 SplUmann, Heinrich, Unterstraas, 
near Zurich. — Engineering tools. s8o 

97 Schneider, C. P., Geneva.— Compli- 
cated pocket-knives. 280 

08 Biirgin, Bros., SchafThau sen.— Up- 
holsterers* nails. 280 

08<s Le Coultre, Jacques, Sentier, Ct. 
Vaud. — Razors. * 281 

08^ BossI, Gactano, Locarno, Ct. Tes- 
sin. — New &ystem of safety locks. 384 

Fabric! of Vegetable, Animal, orKin- 

eral Haterials. 
00 Bally & Schmitten Aargau, Ct. Aar- 
gau. — Ela&iic webs for boou. S85 


Agricnltural Prednots. 

1 Anastasio, Giuseppe, Lugano, Ct. 
Tessin.— Cigan. 633 

Kottmann, J., Solothurn.— Ci- 
gars. 633 

8 Sauter^ A., Diessenhofen, Ct. Thur- 
gau. — Cigars. 623 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnoti. 

4 Schleife Tanneries, Winterthur, Ct. 
Zurich.— Blackened calf leather. 65a 

For classes of exhibiti, lodlcatad by nuaibers 

f HBrtinialin. J". Jij' RappeHv^yt, th; 

St. Calleo. — Swiss honey. 654 

fl Oocirty for Bee Culture, Lulr- 

* m.inier, Subrio, Ct. Tessin. — Honey and 

wiuc. ' 654 

7 Coffee Surrogate Factory, Zurich. 
— yig-meAl '(surrogate of coflRce,>, con- 
served coffee. 656 

8 Robbi 


ft Co., Qeneva.- 



Schweigert, Augusu, Geneva.— 

Thcodoro's sauce. 6^6 

lOSoehard, Ph., Neuchatel.— Choco- 
late, cacaos. 656 

11 Almen, von, ft Kopp, Pleuricr, Ct. 
Neuch&tel.— Absinthe. 660 

12 Berger, C. P., Couvet, Ct. Neu«ha« 
tel.— Absinthe. 660 

18 Bernhard, S., Samadta, Bagadia» 

Ct. Graubiinden. — ^J va bitter, J va perfiune, 
and tincture, 66a 

14 Bolle, L. A., Son,Varrierea, Ct. Neo- 
cbatel. — Green and white absinthe. 660 

16 Orandpierre, J., OeneTa.-~Ver« 
mouth. 660 

10 HennyftMounet,Flettri«r,Ct.Nenf- 
chaicl.— AUinihe. 660 

17 Kirschwasser Company 2ug, Zum, 
— Kirschwasser. 660 

18 Nievergelt, Joh., Maschwandea* Ct. 
Zurich.— Kirschwasser. 660 

10 Pernod, Ed., Couvet, Ct. Neuoba- 
tel. — Green and white absinthe, gentian* 
liquor, kirschwasser. 660 

20 Scherer, Bros., Ifeggeo, Lucerne. 
— Kirschwasser. 660 

21 Schmidt, Joseph, Zug.— 8weet-lia« 

uors, righibuicr, stomach-bitiert, kirsch* 
. wasser. 660 

22 Staufl'enegger, Clir.» TraYera, Ct. 
Ncucltatel.— Absiaihe. 660 

23 Qessler-Zeller, J., Ba8le.-^Leckerly 

of Basle. A 

24 Mattmaaa, Brothers, C. ft J., Horw, 
near Lucerne.— Italian pastry. 661 

at end of entries, sos Clsssifirsrinn, pp. sj^hS* 


ized by Google 




{Nerik ^/ Nave, Columms S4 *> $9-) ' 

Cfa«niic*U, Ceramics, Qlftss.. 

Ch«iiiieal IDurafiutarf f . 

1 Hemptinne, A. de.Son. Molenbcck, 
Si. Jean, near Bn»»«is.— Piaa of appara^ 
tiB R>r manufacturing sulphuric acid, aoo 

8 Meeus. M. &J., Antwerp.— Refined 
sutphur. *» 

4 Solvay ft Co., CouUlct, near Char- 
kroi.--Chenucals, soda^sdr. aoo 

Des CreaaoiinUres (widow) ft Son, 
Motenbeek, Si. Jean, near Brussels.— 
Toilet soap. aoi 

8 sues, Sproelants, Termbnde. Eaat 
Flanders.— Unseed, rape^eed, hemp- 
seed, cotton, and other ofls. - aoi 

9 Botelbarge, OusUve, ft Co.. MeUe. 
near Ghent« East * landers.— Ultra- 
marine. *>* 

10 Gilkinet, C. J., Bnslval, near Ver- 
yitn.—CacJU-^ffMlii, or special ink, to 
point out the deiecu on doih and dye- 
stufi. *» 

11 Lummer«h«lm, M. H., ft Co.. Won- 
deigem, near Ghent. East Flanders, — 
Bituminous and re-asphaitic roof and ship 
sheathing paper, lampblack. aoa 

II OflierKetd Bros.. Forest, near Brus- 
sds.--Red, brown, and chestnut iron 
paint. *» 

15 Planche, Bdouard. Son. Laeken, 
near Brussels.— Writing ink. aoa 

14 Plaocha* IfeUhior, UeUet, near 
Brussels.— Writing ink. aoa 

16 Singer, Max, Tonrnai (Hninaat).— 
Aniline products ibr dyes extracted from 
coal-tar, etc. soa 

16 White X«Md ft Iroa Paint Joint 
Stock Co., Anderghem, near BruaseU.- 
White lead, iron paint, mastics. aoa 

17 Van d«r Vehleo, LMipold, Li6M«— 
Writing, glossing, and indelible ink, Gquid 
glue, etc aoa 

18 Van Laer, QniUaume, Verviers.— 
Dyers' practical ^de, mordant pro- 
cesses. 903 

19 Marbaix. Angnsta de, Antwerp.— 
Aromatic ik|aor, Anven water, eiscntial 
oil, caraway essence, cedar CMence, 
Florentine ins, and oil of cloves. ao3 

80 Cooppal ft Co., Wettcran, Bast 
Flanden.— Charcoal, sulphur, powder and 
csrtridB*** *H 

CtnmiM— Pottay* Poxotlaiii, Olati, 

98 Seillea let Andenne ft BoaAouU 
Jolm Stock Co. of Refractory Products 
and Ptastic Clay, Seilles, near Andenne, 
fv daises of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

Province of Li^.— Burnt refractory 
earthenware, brick for sas furnaces, etc., 
gas retorts, refractory ptastk: clay. 307 

SllWingsnder Bros., Cbokler, sear 
Li^e.— White and colored clay pipes. «o 

te P1or««i Co.; Florallfe. fi«af NaMun 
-^Plate gbss for windows. «4 

86a Schmidt Brothors ft Sisters. Lo- 
deKnsan.— Window glaks. a 14 

27 Andris, Lambert, ft Co., Mar- 
chienno-au-Pont, near Charicrol (Hain* 
aut)._White window and heavy mu&lin 
glass. »»4 

87« National Glass Works Joint Stock 
Co. , J uraet.— Window gla&s. 2 1 4 

28 Baadoax ft Co., Chatleroi.-^Whlta 
and colored window and unpolished and 
corrugated muslin glass, wiUi variegated 
rosettes engraved and cut. ai4 

29 Baiidoiix, B... ft Jonet. Lodelinsart* 
—Colored and iawcy window glass. a 1 4 

SO Baaaart ft BWorttJamst, near Char- 
leroi.— Window glass. a 14 

St Bougard. A.. Le Brun. H.. ft Co.. 
Roux, near Charleroi.— Window glass. 214 

S2 Dorlodot. L. de, ft Co., Lodelinsart. 
—Unpolished and cornigatsd window 
glass, greenhouse, cathedral, and suined 
glass, old glass imitation. ti4 

28 Loopsr. de. Haidin, ft Co., Cour- 
cclles.— window glass. ai4 

84 Dessetit, J., ft Bros., Jttmat.— Win- 
dow glass. «t4 

35 Pourcault-Prison. A., ft Co.. Dsm- 
premy, near CharleroL— Window 
glass. «'4 

36 Mans.Octara, ft Co., Jomst, near 
Charierol.— Window glass. ai4 

87 Lambsrt, Caslmlr, Son, CharlaroL— 
Window glass. 9t4 

88 Lambert. L.. ft Co.. Hamendea 
Class Works, J umec.— Window glass, a 14 

89 Leurant. Bmils. Jumet (Hsigne). 
near Chaiiaroi.— Glass cylinder. at4 

40 Mondron, Leon, LodeUnsart, near 
Chstleroi.— Window glass. sf4 

41 if^onoyar, J., ft Son, Dansptemy. 
near Charlerol.—WinHow glass. 914 

42 Morel, Alphonaa, Lodelinsart, nsar 
Charieroi.— Window glass. 214 

48 Schmidt, A..ft Co., L' Alliance Glass 

Works, Jumet (Brulotie), near Charieroi. 

—Window and fluted glass. ai4 

44 Schmidt, Devillex, ft Co.. Dam- 

premy, near Charieroi.— Window 

glass. 31 J 

46 Glass Works Joint Stock Co., Char- 

I leroi.— Window gbss. ai4 

at end of entries, see Classification, 1 



Glass, Furniture, Woven Goods. 

46 Plate Glass Manufacturing Joint 
Stock Co., Courcclles, near Charleroi. — 
Clean polished and plated glass. 214 

47 Hainaut Glass Manufacturing Joint 
Slock Co., Koux, near Charleroi.— Plate 
glass for windows, silyered glass, samples 
of plate glass at (Uficrcnt stages of manu- 
facture. 2x4 

48 Glassware ft Plate Glass Manu- 
facturing Joint Stock Co., Brussels.— 
Framed plated and unplated mirrors. 3x4 

49 Bougard, A., Manage (Hainaut).— 
Crystals. ' ' ai6 

50 Boussu, Familleureux ft Blanc 
MlsAeron GkHs Works Joint Stock Co., 
HouKsu. near Mons (Hainaut).— Crystals 
and half crystals, dinner service, and arti- 
cles for lifting. 9t6 

Fiumitnre and Olijecti of €^t»M:«l Use 
in Conitrnotion and in DweUingi. 

(1 Demeuter, Leopold, Son, Brussels. 

— Furniture and hangings. 8x7 

53 Goyers,J.A.&H.,Bros.,Louvain.— 

Pulpit in the ogive style. 3x7 

54 Snyers, Rang, & Co., Brussels.— 
Carved walnut furniture, I 


ebony inlaid with Ivory. 217 

5^ Teugels, Emile, Malinea, Province 
of Anvers. — Carved furniture, a duur of 
the sixteenth century, a Flemish chair of 
the sixteenth century. 2x7 

50 Zech, H., Malines.— Ebony bureau, 
arm-chair, and book-case. 3x7 

57 Boucneau, Leon, Schasrbeek, near 
Brussels. — Marble mantelpiece, Belgian 
iTtOsaic marble pnneh» for diniiw-room 
decoration, brick pavement and Belgian 
mosaic marble table. 317 

58 Guyaux Bros., Bouffioulx, near 
Charleroi.— Black marble, St. Anne man- 
telpiece, ax 7 

59 Lintelo, A., Brussela.r-Clocks and 

marble slabs. 217 

60 Parmentier, Oosset, ft Co.» Sivry 

(Hainaut).— Marble mantelpieces witn 
vases and clocks. 8x7 

61 Tainsy, P., Brussels.— Marble man- 
telpieces. 217 

62 Brodure, Mathieu, Spa.— Painted, 

varnished, and gilt wooden work. 219 

63 Bronfort Bros.« Spa.— Painted and 

ornamented wooden boxes, etc. 219 

64 Debrus-Leclaire (widow). Spa.-- 
Painted and ornamented wooden boxes, 
etc. 8x9 

65 Debrus. Willem Alexandre, Spa.— 
Wooden boxes, etc. 819 

66 Krins, E., Spa.— Wood carvings. 219 

67 Van Ginderdeuren, Bruastls.'- 
Wood carvings, furniture. 219 

^8 Costermans, Jean, Brussels.— 
Hearth of the Flemish renaissance. 222 

69 Miedel, Dieudonni. SombrefTe, near 
Gembloux, Province ot Namur. — A brick 
layer ventilator for chimneys and coal- 
mine pits. 332 

70 Serta, G. N., Director of the State 
RaiIro;id. — A plan for iiiilizing the heat 
wasted bv kitchen kiovca, and a heatiiis 
and ventilating kysicm for passenger rail- 
road cars. 332 

?0r '«1aMCS Hft vxlii^'l". IliUi^.alctl b Qunil>urK 

71 L'Edair Toint Stock Co., Kessel- 

Loo, near Louvain (Brabant).— Match 
tapers. 223 

73 Pas, Gerard, Brussels.— Silver, 
copper, and bronze household utensik. 224 

74 Trexnouroux, N. & J., Bros,, Saint 
Gilles, near Brussels.— Polished, \-am- 
ished, bronzed, enameled, plated, and 
wrought iron household utensils. 224 

75 Valania, Jean, Ixelles. near Brus- 
sets. — Machines for confectioners. 024 

76 Vand«rrest, Guillaume, Brussels. 
— Machine for the manufacture of sweet- 
meats. 224 

76|s Dogny, Jean Baptfstc, Brussels.- 
Balusters, ornaments for door panels, sa; 

Tarns and Woven Ooodi of Vegetable 
or ICineral Materials. 

77 Baertsoen, A., ft Buysse, A., 

a Cotton textile £ibrics. 330 

^ Linen textile fabrics. 933 

78, ft Co.. Ghent.— Thread 
in p.tckages; warped, imbleached and 
dyed skeins. 23c 

79 Desmet Bros., Ghent.— Dyed, 
bleached, and unbleached textile fab- 
rics. 230 

80 Parmentier, Van Hoegarden ft Co., 
Ghent. — Spun cotton, bleached and un- 
bleached printed cotton textile fabrics. 230 

8I' pevosjCamille, ft Brother, Court- 
rai. — ^Stuff for trowsers. 231 

82 Idlers, Emile, Auderghem. near 
Brussels.— Spun cotton, dyed Adrianople 

red, etc. 


85 Brandt, Jacques de, Alost.— Dia- 
pered and damasked table linen. 933 

86 Dederco. Clement, Iseghem. East 
Flanders.— Twisted linen thread for ma- 
chine and hand sewing. 233 

87 Govaert Bros., Alost, East Flaxi- 
ders. — Canvas, sackcloth and bags for 
grain, guano, 5.1I1, etc. 933 

88 Leirens-Ellaert of EHaert-Cools, 
Alost, East Flanders.— Thread and tow 
for weaving, sewing threSd. ajj 

90 Re y,senio*. Brussels.— Linen fab- 
rics. 23, 

91 Sok-Volders, Joseph. Turnhoot, 

Province of Antwerp.- -'1 ickin^s f««r bv i- 
and awnings. j .. 

92 La Lys Co., Ghent.— Jute and lincb 
thread. ^tj, 

93 Van Damme Bros., Roulers. East 
Flanders.— Cloth. 243 

94 Van de Wynckele Bros, ft Als- 
berge, Ghent. — Tow and linen thrc.-id 
Ucachtfd, at every 9tsgfc. 933 

95 Wilford, William, Tamise. Bast 
Flanders. — Imperial cA.rra flax, merchant 
and navy canvas ; Combed ilax and thread 
for its manufacture. yx* 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, etc. 

96 Hauzeur-Gerard, Son, Vervicrs — 
Carded woolen 4h|«ad/ ' »'^. 

99 Baras-Navauk, Verviers. — Cloth 

and woolen ^lutT. 23s 

100 Bettonville, Clement, Hodimont, 

near Vervicr*. — Cloth and woolen 

stuff. ajs 

at end of *. nines. s^^c^jC 




Woven Qoo<U» Silk» Cj^othiog, Stationery. 

101 BioUty. Francis, ft Son, V«rvien. 
— Cloth woA vooten ttuC tjs 

108 BioHey Bros, ft Co., Jutlenville, 
near V^erriers. — Cloth and woolen 
stuff. 335 

103 Chattea, M., ft Co., Diaon, aemr 

Vervicrs.— Cloth and woolen stuff. 335 

191 Oelhez Bros., Dison.— Cloth and 

woolen stuff. 235 

1 05 Devoase -Blaise, Dison.—Cloth and 

woulcti stufT. 335 

1O3 Dolne, Lckeux, ft Co., Diaon.— 

Cloth aud uroolcn stuff. , 335 

107 Domken Broa., Vervlera. — Cloth 
and woolen stuff. 335 

108 Drue, H. ft J., Diaon.— aoth and 
«rooienstu& 333 

109 Pranck Broa., Diaon.— Cloth pnd 
woolen ttuff^t a3$ 

110 HeorioB. J. J., Diaon.— Cloth and 
wooferf stuff. 33i 

111 Herve. Panchampo, Varviara.— • 
Qoth and wooUn stun. 935 

lis Leclonx, O. J., Diaon.— Cloth and 

voolea stuff. 335 

lis Lejeune- Vincent, H. J/, Diaon. — 

Cloth 'and woolea sttiB. 3^5 

114 Olivier, J. T., ft Son, Verviera.- 

Qoth and woolen stuff". 335 

lis Peltser ft Son, Verviera.— Cloth 

and woolen stuff,carded woolea thread. 335 

116 Simpnia, I wan, Verviera.— Cloth 
and woolen sttiff". 335 

117 Taat6» I., Verviera.— Cloth and 
woolen sttuT, carded woolen thread. 335 

118 WihL li., ft Co., Vcrvicra.-Cloth 
and woolea stuff. 335 

llOJamme, Armand, Saint Hadelin, 
(NessonvauJt). near Vervieh.— Carded 
woolen thread. 335 

ISO Begaaae, Cbarlea, Li^re.— Pelt for 
papier aaanufacture, btg-end labrics, and 
woolen hed Mankets. 337 

Ul Jacoba, PoeUert,ftCo.i Braaaela.p> 
Woolen bed blankets. 337 

182 Rolin, H., Son, ft Co., Saint Nicho- 
las, tlast Flanders.— Tartan shawls, thin, 
light cloth, tweeds, waterprooft, bdy 
cloth, fancy cloths, etc. 337 

188 Braqaenift Broa., Mallt ea.— Ma- 

lines tapestry. 239 

« Portrait of Rubens, panel from GaUalt. ; 

6 Portrait of Coukia, ui jWabian costume.* 

r Eight panels tc^ether, reprcseiuing eight 

S»>da, troni Olympys. ^th all their attvi- 
utes, from Audrnn. 
/Full length painting—style l/>nis XVI. 

Silk end Bilk Fabrics. 

U4PoBt0yn Broa.,L«da, East Plaa^ 

ders.— Black silk goods. 34s 

ISlVaa BelHnrai, Joe.,- Son. Ant- 
werp.— Black smt cassimere, Aniwerp 
silk and tfimmings. 245 

186 Van Bellingen, J. H., ft Snramont, 
Nasj^^wejp.-^^werp black silk tis- 

tSo^ng, Jewelry, ete. 

U7 Df^din Broa., Leuse (Hainaut). 
—Caiton and woolen Tio^ery. ' 350 

For da&scs of exkibiu, tn^ioalcd by aa abos at 

ISO Leynen-Hougaarta, J. A. H., V—t^ 

Province of Umbourg.— Church vesf- 
ments, chasuble, and various cmbroid- 
erioa. 050 

128 A Couvrenr Siatera, Bruaaela.— 
Women's dresses. -'. 350 

129 Bouhoa, Fran^oia, Verviera.— 
Wooden and other shoes. 351 

181 Prenay Broa., Roclange-aur-Qoar 

(Limbourg). — Braids and straw liats. 351 

122 Level, Loon, Brussala.— Kid 
gloves. 35t 

183 Vandenboa-Poelman, O., Ohant.^ 
Shoes. a5> 

124 Watrigant, Alphonae, Bmaaala.— 
Gentlemen's, ladies', and children's 
shoes. 35X 

135 Bagerem, Rani, Yprea.— Valenci- 
ennes tace. 354 

136 Crommelinok, Courtrai.— Laoe< a$a 
187 Daaaonville. Courtrai.— Lace, ssa 

155 Dedercq-Clement, laegham, Baaf 
Flanders. — Common laco of twisted 
thrcud. flija 

189 Dea Marea, P. T., Laeken, near 
Brussels. — Laco. asa 

140 Vergniea, O. De, ft Siatera, Brua- 
seU.— Lace. as* 

141 Dtt^a Bros., Braaaela.— Lac*. 359 
148 Everaert, Julie, ft Siatera, Brua- 

scls.— White and black lace. 35* 

148 Bruyneel, aenidr, Orammont.— 

Black lace. asa 

144 Qroote, Viaraadael de, Orammont. 
-Black boe. 353 

145 Everaert - Lcclarcq, Julea, Oram- 
mont. — Black lace. 353 

146 Everaert Siatera, Orammont.— 
Bl.ick lace. 353 

147 Ghya-Bruneel, Orammont.— Black 
lace. 353 

148 Leclerq widow), Orammont.— 

Black face. 35a 

149 Saligo-Vaadanberghe, Orammont. 

— Black lace, 35a 

150 Oillon-Steyaert, Courtrai.— Valen- 
ciennes lace. asa 

151 Rectem, Jean, Bruaaela.— Oold 
embroidered picture. 353 

153 Sacri, L., Bruaaela.— Lace. 333 

153 Vandezande - Ooemaere, Courtrai. 

— V.ilcncicntics Ucc. 353 

154,Verd6, Deliale Broa., ft Co. (India 
Co. 1, Itai-sds — l^icc. asa 

156 Coryn,Jule8,QheDt, East Plandara. 
— Cbi^uons and wigs. 354 

157 Qoaaieaux, Pilicien, Wavra (Bra- 
bant).'THair pictUM. 354. 

157(( Qraf, Emile, Son, Liege.— Trunk. 


Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

156 Vandamme, Pierre Jean, Bruaaela. 
— Proof* of steel engraving for stamping 
with colors, illuminated with Rold and 
stlver,chromogram<i,and coats of arms, 358 

159 Braff, Pfeffer, ft Co., Ghent.— Raw 

material for the manufacture of paper, 
worked and cleaned rags, and old paper. 390 
ead of eotries. sec Cla.<«iftcation. pp. tT-4^[^ 



Weapons, Medical Appliances, Animal and Vegetable Prodncta. 

160 I>« Meamaecker, Pr., Bnxiseta.-^ 

Samples of bindery work. 261 

161 De Tournay - CataU, Bruasela.— 
Printing, wriiiug, and wrapping paper, 
and pasteboard. 359 

163 Poiisonniex, 4^an Baptiste, Brua- 
$els. — Cases for jewelers, confectioners, 
druggists, etc. ; card of samples. 362 

163 Daye, P., ft Co.. Scharbeek, near 
Brussels. — Pressed leather, pasteboard 
made Orom Cordoue and Malines cid 
hides. 864 

/ Weaponi, etc. 

1 64 Pusnot, Charlea, ft Co., Cureghem, 
near Brussels.— Cartridges for weapons 
of erery description. 265 

165 Heuae, Erneat. Naaavovaux, near 
Li6ge. — Gun-barrels. 265 

1 66 Mairlot ft Heuae^ Prmipont (Liftge). 
— Gua-barreU for warfare and export. 365 

167 Bayet Broa., Li6ffe.^Pina weap- 
ons. 369 

168 Neumann Broa., Li^ge.— Double- 
barreled hunting guns. 969 

169 Tambeur, Michel, Li6ge.— Hunt- 
ing weiqpont. % 969 

Medicine,. Bnrgery, Protheiis. 

170 Depujr, BarthiUmy, Brusiela.— 
Pharmaceutical preparations, pamphlets 
on toxicology, pharmacy, and hy- 
giene. 372 

178 Ouillery, Kippotyta, Bruaaela. 
— Sanitary report of the battle-field at Se- 
diui in 1890: apparatus for the rapid 
dressing of wounds on the battle-field, 
etc., and for the treatment of limb frac- 
tures. 276 

174 Hermant, Smile, Brugea.— Trea- 
tise on flving ambulances, model of am- 
bulance Dags adopted by the Belgian 
gOTemmeot, memoir of^ the miliury 
physician. V» ^ 37© 

1 74« Buya, L.. Bmaaela.—Car for the 
transport of the sick and woimded. 278 


Tooli, Cutlery, and 
ic Prodnoti. 

176 Lambert, A. de, Li^ge.—Pilea for 
watchmakers and jewelers. 980 

175oJ,ean, Emlle de, Bruaaela. ~ Col- 
lection of iron and tools for horse-shoeinff. 

176 Coaatant, Bmile. Monceau-aar- 
Sambre, near Charleroi.— Cheese-vat 
bolts, clampa for rails, riTtts, tinkers' 
ware. ' a84 

177 Demanet, Albert, Qoaaelies (Haia- 
aut).— Forged nails. aa4 

178 Pendn. Jean Baptlatt, Bnsaaela.— 
Locksmiths' work, locks for Tehidea, car- 
riagas, and railway cars; nickel ware 
used in construction. 384 

179 Hoorickx, OuUlaume, Bruaaela.^ 
Two large chescs~one representing an 
old-fashioned Flemish traak, the other 
the present style. 284 

180 Nicaiie, Charlea, Louviire (Hain- 
aut). — Locomotive and other bolts, screwa 
for locomotives, screw nuts, rivets, 
clamps for rails, etc. 384 

for dasset of exhibits, indloatod by 1 

18(MPix, A. J., ttruaaela.— NaUa, 

rivets, etc. 384 

181 Nicafae, Pierre ft Nicolaa, Marci^ 

nelle, near Charleroi. — Bolls, screw-nuts 
and rivets, spokes, and round-nose chis- 
els, carriage tenders, damps, etc. 98| 

182 Velfnga & C«., Chatelet, near 
Charleroi (UaiBaiu).^>Iron wir«« tacks, 


Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, er 
Mineral Kateriali. 

183 IJyckere, Bdouard de, aenior. lae- 
^ ghem. East Flanders. — Brushes and pen- 

cUs. 286 

Carriagei, Vehiolee, and Aeeeeeeriei. 

184 Ruyttcr, Charlea de, Ghent.— Car- 
riages. S9a 

185 Van Aken, Loula, Aa^ers.— Car- 
riages, age 


Agrienltnral Prodnoti. 

1 La Bailly-D'Inghuem, Viscount 
Arthur ^ohn, Villeneuve, Switseiland.— 
Cereals cultivated in a sandy soil. 6ao 

2 Ameye Berte, Rodolph, Gbentw— 
Chiccoiy, raw, in the pod, and manu- 
factured. 623 

6 Vahdendaele-Rlgot, Charles, Qal^ 
vrain (Hainault). — Ground mustard. 633 

6 Delannoy, Nichclaa, Toamai.— Cho- 
colate. 623 

6a Mottle, L., Bruaaela,— Tobacco and 
dgars. 693 

7 Joveneau, Arthur, Toumal (Hain- 
ault).— Powdered Cocoa aud chocolate; 
detail of chocolate manu&cture. 623 

Animal and Vegetable Prodncts. 

9 dedart, Bd.. Louvain (Brabant}^— 
Sheepskins, wnite leather, morocco, salted 
roans. 65* 

10 Baugnlet, T., ft Co., Bruaaela.— 
Crj'stallized blood. 652 

11 Lebermuth, J., ft Co.^ Brt&asela.— 
Waxed leather and goat skms. 652 

12 Ocreman.L., ft Witdoeck,E.^ Mech- 
lin, province of Antwerp. — Varnished 
skias. 652 

18 Schmits, P. A., ft Co., Koekelberg, 
near Bru8sels.~Sicins for hats; manufoc- 
ttired morocco leather. , 652 

16 Verae-Spelmana, Brichot, Ant, ft 
Co., Brussels.— Curried leather. 652 

17 Remy ft Co.. Lovraln (Bratiant)^ 
Starch and similar prodncts. M 

20 Vandendaele-Rigot, Ch., Qttl«vraia 

a Pear, apple, and b ea t r oo t syrapa. 6s9 
b Vtotgar. flfe 

21 Charlier, John Baptist, Obeat.— 
Beer. *6o 

22 De Beukclacr, P. X., Aati^rcrp*— 

Antwerp dixir, hygienic cordial. 660 

23 Helkior, P. J., Brusaela.'-Llqttora. 


at sad of aairiei, tea OaasUlcacioB, pp. a9-4l> 



Agriculmrml Piodncts and Machines. 

24 Schaltio, Pierry ft Co., Spa.— Cor- 
dial, mineral waten» etc 660 

85 Schmidt, Emil«. Sch^Mrbeck, near 
bnii«eU.—BdctanDltten, cordial. 660 

S7 Berf b, van d«n, ft Co., Antwerp.— 
Gin made from fine grains. 660 

S9 Wttuter»-d«-B oMcher, M • c h 1 i n , 
Province of A ntwrerp.— Cordials. 660 

80 Dmminttn, ^m., Borfo'rhout, aear 
Antwerp. — ^Ship biscuit. 661 

81 Covrrtnr Sistars, Braaatltr-^aa- 

tatUa labfftaBMt ot Yegatahla ok 
Animal Origia. 

88 LtcUrcq, Uaary* Caartrai.-* 
Fks. 6(6 

Vor dMM of osUbili, iadlGiaid bf aMnbcn 

88 Taulez-Botteller, Charles, Bnifte, 
East Flander^-HJaicum, flax. 660 

85 MUneoder, S., Verviers.~Plocke of 
wool and shearings. 667 

86 Delttotte, Hippolitus, Qheat.— 
White bristles. 669 

ifaclifndt, ImjUmmitt, and Ptoommi 
of Mannfftotiiro. 

87 Daseoaville de Saint-Mtibert, L.- 
Naniur.— Atones for grinding grain, ce^ 
menu, etc 674 

88 Vnndendnela. RIcoK, Cbarloe, Quio- 
▼rain {HainaulD. — Steam *ngrMiM? foi 
manuCa^turing chlccory. 674 

at end of entries, sec Chtsigcetion, pp. 17-45. 


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> {North of Afaim Alslt, Columns 60 to 65-.) 

Chemicals, Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods, Silk. 

Cbemioal Manufaoturet. 

1 Matthes, W. E., Amaterdam.— Sul- 
phate of ammonia. aoo 

2 Qorter, D. ft S., 8neek.«-Soap. aot' 
8 WUlem8,P.J.,Schiedam.— Oils. 901 
4 Sauders ft Co., Leyden.— Soapa. 201 
6 Henny, C. O., Deventer. — Glue. 902 

6 Van Calker, P. W., Utrecht.— 
Glue. aoa 

7 Verrocy ft Van Heuade, Tiel.— Dyea, 
turpentine, inks, wax, colon, salves. 303 

8 Qrootea, M.^Weatzaan.— Blueing.aoa 

9 Leur. W., Schooten, near Haarlem. 
— Red lead made from iron ore. 203 

10 Milla, M. A.-Inka. aoa 

11 Vrleaendor]), H. M., Dordrecht.— 
Oils and varnish. aoa 

12 Lrouabergh, V., Gravenhage.— Col- 
ors, aoa 

13 Van den Bergh, N. L. J., Arnhem.— 
Cologne. ao3 

Ceramiof— Pottery, Poreelain, Glass, 

14 Van Bergen, A. H., Heiligerlee, Pro- 
vince of Groningen.-- Stone and drain 
tiles. , ao6 

15 Van Henkelom, H. C, Utrecht.— 
Building stone. ao6 

17 Koolemana-Beijnen, C. Q. L., Wil- 
le&lcop. — Architectural pottery. 906 

18 Goedwaagen, P., Gouda.— Chemical 
stoneware and stoves. 907 

19 Fontein, R., Franeker.— Roofing 
tiles. 908 

80 Raveateijn, H. F., Weatraven.— 

Painted wall stone. ao8 

21 Bouvy, J. J. B. J., Dordrecht.— 
Glassware. a 14 

Fnniiture and Objects of General Use 
in Constmotion and in Dwellings. 

22 Nooijen. L. J., Rotterdam.— Furni- 
ture and fancy articles. 3x7 

28 Van VUet, W. F., Gravenhage.— 
Chairs. 9x7 

24 Lowman, J., Zwo lie.— Folding 
screen. 9x7 

25 Van der Lugt, Gravenhage.- Furni- 
ture and fancy articles. 9x7 

26 Lommen, C. H., Roermoad.- Paint- 
ed and cut glass. 9x9 

27 Grolman, C. W., Utrecht.— Picture 
frames. 990 

28 Batenburg ft Co., Rotterdam.— 
I..anips. 993 

29 Cool, Q. Tha., Amaterdam.— Man- 
tels. 997 

For cUasas of exhibtu, indicated by nu 

TSTBS and Wo^en «oods of Yegstabls 
or Kineral Materials. 

81 Director of Prieoa, Utrecht.— Mat* 
ting and rugs. 919 

82 TA-Heret, J. H.. Ry^Sen* 

« Jute matting. aa^ 

. k Utm^ 40 

38 Amtxeniua. Jannink, ft Co., Goor.— 

Fish nets and yam. 930 

34 Hilveraumache Spinning ft Weav- 
ing Manufactory, Amsterdam. — Spun 
and woven cotton goods. 930 

35 Planteijdt, L., Krommenle.— Thread 

cloth and canvas. • 930 

86 Maaa en Zonen, A. E., Scheveningen. 
— Fish nets. 330 

87 Bottenheim, D. ft 8., Amaterdam.— 
Yams. 330 

88 Stork, C. P., Hengeloo.— Colored 

woven goods. 831 

89 Swinkela, W., Helmond.— Yarna. 931 

40 Veltman, J. A., jr., Amsterdam.— 
Covers and scar&. 339 

41 Veetman, J. A., Amsterdam.- 
Scarfs. 339 

42 Bliaa, J., Stnjp.— Table dotha, nap- 
kins, and dress goods. 933 

48 Nieuwenhuizen ft Van Stratum, 
Geldrop.— To%yeb, napkins, and table 
cloths. 933 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, ete. 

44 Tilburg V^oolen Manufiicturing 
Co. — Flannels, opera cloaks, and £uicy 
goods. 330 

45 Zaalberg, J., Leyden.— V^oolen eov- 
ers. «37 

46 De Lange, A. G., Delft.— Imitation 
Smyrna rugs. 239 

47 Gaijeanne, A. G., Delft.— Imitation 
Smyrna carpete. 339 

48 Rojral Carpet Manufactory, Deven- 
ter. — Deventer hangings. 339 

49 Prina, M., Deventer.— Artificial wool 
and Gowfaair carpets. 339 

50 Van Leer, B., Amerafoort.— Hang- 
ings. 9J9 

51 Veelo, P. J., Gravenhage.— Sola 
cloths. 341 

8ilk and Silk Fabrios. 

52 Travaglino, P. J. ft W.J. P., Haar 

lem.— SUks. a^, 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

54 Wienbelt,W., Deventer.— Boota. 951 

55 Costermana, C, Jr., Gravenhage.— 
Trunks, satchds, and bags. 955 

at and of eiilriet, sea CbasiCcatioo, pp. e^^S- 


Stationeiy, Weapons, Medical A|q»lianoe8, Kardware. 

Paper, Blank Booki, and Statioaery. 

46 Loeber, Q., Amateriam.^Station- 
ery. asS 

57 Abrahama Bros., M id die burr.— 
Blank books. a6i 

6ft Sirnooa, Ph.» Qravenbage.— Bind- 
ings (or maps, etc 361 

69 Cramer, H. O. D., Ootmaraum. — 
Fksteboard. ate 

60 Van der Burgh, M., Schiedam.— Imi- 
tadons of marble and wood. 364 

61 Van der Bttrsh, A. R. ft P., Rotter- 

dun. — Inutations ofmai-bie and wood. 264 

68 Riiperman, C.J. P., VeUen.— Wood 

'— 264 

69DoM>e, J. P., Oravenhaga.^Wood 
and Biarble painting. a&i 

64 Kerkhoven. R., Utrecht.— Wood and 
marble painting. 264 

Waaponi, etc. 

66 Oovernment Arm ManuCactory, 
Delft.— Army rifle. 26s 

66Beton, J. P. de. Delft.— Breechload- 
iagiiae. a65 

Madioine, Sargety, Prathaaia. 

67 Van de Loo, J. P. H., Venlo.— Plas- 
ter and bandages. 276 

68 Schokking, J. A. J., Amsterdam.^ 
Conical tube for injections. 376 

70 Krol, W., Kampen.— Plasters and 
bandages. 376 

71 Math^aen, A., Budel.— Plaater and 
bandages. 376 

73 Qori, M.W. C, Amsterdam.^Water 
and land conveyances for sick and 
wotmded. 278 

74 Committee on Sick ft Wounded 
Soldien.— Work of the " Red Cross." ^78 

Haxdwara, Bdga Toala, Cutlery, aad 
XataUio BrodmeU. 

76 Erdman-Schmidt, J. D., Helmond.— 
Cast engraving plates. 380 

77 Enthoven, H. 8., Zalt-Bommel.— 
Tinned icon kitdaen utensils. - 284 

78 Van Heukelom, H. C, Utrecht.— 
" •• iscrews. a^ 

Fa2)rioa of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineria MateriaU. 

70 Reus, N., Pan, Dordrecht.— Uouaa 
and smi» brushes. sSO 



Minerala, Manufactures. 

■inaralB, Ores, Building Stones, and 
Wning BrodiM)t8. 

1 Netherlanda Commisaion. 
a Gold, quicksi ver, lead, aad hemadte 
iron ores ; sulphur, feldspar, quarts, por- 
phyry, trachvte, obsidian, garnet rocks, 
talc, flinty schist. xoo 

i Coal. • xos 

c Marble, graaiu, sandstone, syenite, dlo- 
rite. xoa 

^Limestone. 103 

# Clays, chalk bamboe. X04 

XetaUnrgioal Prodnoti. 

/ Gold, froia Soepayang. 

Chemical Mannfactnret. 
A Nutmeg soaps. 
I Indigo. 

ror dassei of exhibits, bidicated by 



Jk Table, benches, rocking chairs, 

Ceramiot— Pottery, FMreelain, eto. 
y Waier jog. ft o 

Fomltnre and Olijeott of General Uie 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 


Yama and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Xaterials. 

/ Mats, &bric of beaten bark. 999 

/ a Native cotton thread. ny» 

I b Native calico. sjs 

Clothiiig, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Xqnipments. 

m Native garments of silk, cotton, etc. 350 

n Native caps, headkerchiefr, plaited hats, 

and Chinese slippers. %%\ 

at end of entries, see ClassificatkM^^^^^|[^^ [^ 


Mmntt ft icto re t, Agricultural l^roducts. 

# Lace, ftille cifibroidcries, emlno&dered 

hanUkerchieis, etc. 95a 

/ Silver filigree neckhce, brooches, car- 
drops, and bracelets. 353 
f Artificial flowers, bcquered boxes, cases. 
fruits, etc.: niitm^.tree made ol 
feathers; floM'cr baskets, cigar cases, 
vases, box. native boat and .sedan chair 
made of cloves, book mark, tortoise- 
shell covers, models of Malay dwel- 
ling, chapel, rice bams, baskets, tea- 
set of silver filigree work, etc. A54 

Weapons, eto. 

r Native weapons, small modeb of inland 
arms. 965 

# East Indian weapons, creesea, swords, 

knives, sabres, head'choppers. blow 

S'pcs for arrows, arrows, and shields, 
Mned by His Mi^esty th« Kli^ af 
e Netherlands.) a6s 

XedidiM, Snrgvrj, Protheiii. 

$ Alkaloids from cinchona bark, qtdnitim, 
(luiniDe, quinidine. cinchonine, dncho- 
mdine, and cinrhona powder; gum 
damar, catechu. %i% 


,. Tools, Cutlery, MO' 
10 Products. 

m Small modds of inland tools. 
V Rice kuife. 


7abricf of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Klneriu Xaterials. 

ttr Rapes auuJe of fibres of native traea and 
pbnts. 967 

^rBaaikets, lacquertd wooden box and 
trays. 389 

Arborioultare and ^rest Predmote. 

f Cotton reels; East Indian loom; tnmks,^ 
roots, barks, etc., of various species of* 
the cinchona tree; collection of native 
woods; leaves, fruit, and -pulp of the - 
vegetable tallow tree; samples of bam- 
boo. 600 

a Ebony, sapan, and fustic woods. 6or 

ta Gutta-percha, gutta-gitang, gutta-ftoesoe. 

India-rubber, agar-agar. gum betriomin, 

camphor, dragon's blooo, vegetable talc, 

etd. fo3 

ror classes of cjchlbits. ip d i cated b? arittbcrt 

hb Wild Atts, binamoe, hnga bi4jan. tea- 
doeri flue seeds, sapo ranto, fruit, 
preserved wild nutmegs, etc 605 

Agricultural Prodnots. 

te Rfce^, hulled, unhnlled, and in the stalk ; 

millet, dragong wheat. 630 

4d fiienkoeso and tarok/oots. tea 

§t Coffees, teas, cocoa, nutmegs, white, and 

black peppers, mace, cloves, tobaixo. 

Land A" ii nalf 

Jf Birds of Paradise. 

Karlst Animals, Fisk Culture 

Et ^Npang fish. 

Moiher-of-peari shcDa. 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnots. 

Edible birds* nests. 
Tiger skins. 

Wax. ... 05^ 

I Preserved victtials. 650 

Arrow-root, sente, keteUa, red obi, tales, 
aren, cassava, and potato flours. 657 
Sago. 65I 

Sugars. 6s9 

Arrack. 660 

K^ioe-poed, Macasnr, aad Tekawaa 


Textile «ubelanee< of ^^tubla or 
Animal Orlgiu.^ ^ 

Jt Kapok (cotton), Cotton. ^ 665 

,>t lUtffiie flax, leaves, .etc^ q^ktpm; fibrous 

materials from trees and plants ; rattan, 

samanboe pipit, and semanboe besar 

reeds. 666 

uu Imiution dove-tree. 709 

H Berneldt, Moene, J. C^Htrbarlum 
exhibiting the cinchona cuhivatioB in 
Java. 7»i 

8 'Noordendorp, J., Amsterdam. — Pho- 
tographs of the guT cium eu t riiichona 
tttablishmeots, and ika Bouda T^spla at 
UoroBodor. '43^ 

at and of entitei. saa dflMiflcatioa, ppw ey^^^ 


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(Scm/A o/Nave, Colmmm ri to ij,) 

Manufactures, Education and Science. 

GlMmieal Maanfaetnret. 

1 Aalborg Chemical Works, Aalborg. 

— B^parfooateaadcarbooateofMMU. 900 
% Holmblad, L. P., Copeabagen.— 

Stearinc candles. aox 

t Qatdterc, C. Hoef h, Oapentwfca.— 

Varntth, and wood polished wllk it. 300 

4 Hasten, C, Copeahagea.— Cheese 
rennet extract and coloring fluid ; butter 
coloring. aoa 

I Meyer 9t Heackel, Copeahagca.^ 
Butter and cheese oomteg, cheese rennet 

■ extract, vnmihhBs. son 

• Rllse, A. H., St. Thenias. West 
ladies.— DouUe-distiHed bay spirit and 
ofl of bay leaves. 903 

7 Odease Match Factory, Odease.->- 


Ovaiaioi— Pottery, BoroeltiA, Glau, 

% Hes«e» Cleorg W., Capeabagen.^ 

Tcrra-ootta va&es, jugs, etc. 306 

9 Ipsea's, P., widow, Copeahagea.— 

Tcmi^oita vases, Uzzas, figures, etc. 306 

10 Weodrlob A Son. ' Copenhagen.— 
TcrRk>coita bas-reileft, bowls, vases, 
etc «g6 

11 Roval Porcelain Manufcctory. Co- 

i pennagen. — liiftcuit bas-relie£i after i'hor- 
vaidscn, exhibited by the Commis- 
sioner, an 
IS Argentine Manufactory, Copeaha- 
^o.— Porcelain covered with copper, 
silver, and gold. S13 

Famitua aad Olijeots of General TTm 
in Conetmetidn and in DwelUngt . 

13 Hansen, C. B., Copenhagen.— Fur- 
Diiure. az7 

14 Meide].F.,Copenhagea.— Fire-proef 

safes. 217 

15 Christeseo, V., Copenhagen.— Sil- 
verware ; large table ornament of silver, 
rcpr«cnting Art, Science, and Industry ; 
tea and coffee sets, etc. 318 

IGStenstrup, Copenhagen. — Sign 
painting. 8a7 

Tarns and Woven Ooodt of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 



Aarhtttts. — ]>yed 

Woren and Felted Ooodt of Wool and 
Miztores of Wool. 

IS M«ller,H., Faroe Islands.-Woolen 
goods. 335 


ithinff, Jewelrj, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Xqnipments. 

19 Mttller, C, Copenhagen.— Water- 
proof oil clothing. 950 

19« Sorensen. C. P., Copenhagen.— 
Hand-sewca black coat, waistcoat, and 
pantaloons. S50 

SOI'ttroen, N. F., Copenhagen.— 
Gloves. 351 

81 Christcsen, V., Copenhagen.— Jew- 
dry ami ornaments. 3^3 

S8 Assam, H. M., Odense.— Tobacco 
pipes, etc. 354 

53 Ovre, Mrs., Copenhagen.— Artifleial 
flowers. 354 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

54 Holmblad, I#. P., Copeahagea.-^ 

riayiiig cards. •i6» 

25 Hansen, Carl, ft Co., Ebeltoft.— 

Impregnated pasteboard. 96a 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, and 
Metsllio Prodacts. 

86« Bngelbrecht, C, Copenhagen.— 
Pair of water-skates. aSi 

Edneational Systems, Methods, and 

1 Hveiset, O., Renders. — School 
maps. 300 

2 Simon sen, C, Copenhsgen.— 
" Punch," an illostraled paper. 306 

8 Steenberg, A., Copenhagen.-** In- 
dustridendcn," an industrial paper. 306 

Institutions and Organisations. 

•4 Browning, Oeorg, Copenhagen.— 

Ethnogrsiphicai collection, products, min- 
erals, etc., from Iceland and Faroe Isl- 
ands. 31a 

6 MUlIer, H., Faroe Islands.— Collec- 
tSon of birds, ficathera, eggs, etc. 31a 

6 Harboe, C. Copenhagen. — Bthao- 
graphical collection: producu, minerals, 
etc., iirom Greenland. 3T3 



Science, Art, Machinery, Agricultural Products. 

feientifio and Philotophioal Initrn- 
menta and Xethodi. 

7 Bie, C, Aalborg.— Arithmome- 
ter. 321 

8 Peralew. C. ft Cor., Copenbai:«n.^ 
Roister for cars, etc. 323 

Knginaering, Arehiteotnre, Hapt, etc. 

9 The Royftl Staff, Copenhagen.— To- 
pographical maps. 335 

10 Steen. C, ft Son, Copenhagen.— 
Geographical, hUtoriod, meteorological, 
and other maps. 335 


10a Fjeldakov, V., Copenharea.— ( 
ing in wood, tutuettea^ medait, etc. 

« Sailor. 

i Viking. 

€ Cnicinx. 

d Peasant. 

e Children. 
'/ Friends. 


a Thorwaldsen. 

i Gdethe. 

J Angelo. 

kH.C Andersen. 

/ Oented. 


10^ Peralew, C, ft Co., Copenhagen.— 
lithograpiu. 413 

Indnttrial and Arohiteotnral De- 
signs, etc. 

10^ Hetach, Chr., Copenhagen.— Archi- 
tectural designs. 441 

KadhineSt Tdols, and Apparatni of 
ICining, Xetallnrgy, Chemistry, 
and the SztraotiTe Arts. 

1 Ambroaiuaaen, O. P., Copenhagen. — 
Model of a scaffold. 503 

Machines and Implements of Spin- 
ning, Weaving, relting, and Paper- 

2 Tulleaen, P., Lyngby.— Hair-braid- 
ing machine. 5^4 

XachinesjApparatnSrand Implements 
need in ^wing and Making Cloth- 
ing and Ornamental Objects. 

8 Henrikacn, H., Copenhagen.— Sew- 
ing machine. J31 

Machines for Printing, Making 
Books, Paper-working, etc. 

4 Hanaen, R. Mailing, Copenhagen. — 

The t;»chyKraph, operated by electricity, 
and tlie type-wriling l^, operated by 
hand. 54a 

Motors, Power Generators, eto. 

8 Qodfredsen, R., Copenhagen.— Belt- 
ing, etc., for transmisHion of power. 553 
For classes of exhIKits. indicated by numberp 

Arborionlture and Forest Prodaets. 

1 Halkier. P. A., Copenhagen.— Tim. 
ber. planks, boards, rough and finished, 
for buildings, etc. ^ V» 

Afrienltnral Prodnots. 

2 Wendt, Prantx, Roeakilde.— Rye. 
winter and spring wheat, barley, and 
oats. 63c 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnets. 

8 Daniah Preaerved Butter Co., Aar- 
huus.— Canned butter for expoit. 651 

4 Heymann, P. W., Copenhagen.— 
Preserved butter for exporu also butter 
which wa:i at the Vienna Exposition ia 
1873 #5« 

6 Copenhagen Leather Manufactory, 
Copenhagen.— Consolidated leather aoles, 
heels, sheets, etc. 65s 

6 Park PacfciiMf Co., Capeo^iaccit.- 
Lnrd packed in bladder. 6^* 

7 Brikaea, C, Lyagfay. 

a Honey and wax. 654 

^MeaJ. 660 

8 MliUer, P. A. B„ Capeahagett.- 
lloney and wax« 654 

Herreborg, Otto, Copenhagen— Pre- 
served fruit, v<^taJl>lta, jeiliea, «tc ^ 

10 Br6ndum, A., Copenhagen.— Cora 
brandy and table liquor. 660 

11 AatbOrg Syrup ft Spifft Pactory, 
Aalborg. — 'I'able liquor and spirit. 660 

12 Anthony, P., Copenhagen.— Bran- 
dies and liquor*. ff6o 

13 Been, C. A., Capenhagen.— Liquora, 
etc. 66c 

14 Oottschalk, I. C, He1bek.-Ea- 
sences. 660 

18 Haarlng, Peter P., Copenhagen.— 
Cherry cordial. 660 

17 Lorenaen, L., Aarhuaa.— Bitter coc- 
dial. 660 

18 Odin Diatillery, Randera. — Cora 
brandy flavored with carmway seed<: tdUs 
liquor, and rectified spirit. 660 

18 Sabro, I. C, Randera. — Bittera, 
etc. 660 

19d Parch. J., ft Sona, Kibe.— Alcohol, 
raw spirits, and brandy. 660 

20 Schucani ft Wegmann, Copenha- 
gen. — Liquors, bitters, etc. 660 

21 Svanholm brewery, Copenhagen.— 
Beer for export. 660 

22 Ramaing, T., Aarhuua. — Choco- 
late k 661 

Textile Snbitcnaet of Yegvtahle or 

Animal Origin. 
28 MUller,H., Faroe talanda.-Wool. 667 

Machines. Implements, and Prooasses 

of Mannfactnre. 
24 SchUltx, Thurebyholm.-4flodal of 
milk cooler. 67s 

Agrionltural Engineering and Ad- 
- ministration. 

28 Aalhorg Chemical Worka, Aalban. 

— Artifioal bone manure, ob 

at end of eatriac, tea dtiitf^ptkww pttt i 




{NQrtk efNavt, Columns 6 to ii.) 

Chemictls, Ceramics, Furniture. 

Chemical Minafacturee. 

1 AsepUn Arnvkot Stock Co. 

• Upula Asepcin, for prescrvatioo of provi- 

sions aad animal materials. ao* 

> Upaala amykos, used as a cosmetic 903 

2 Boagtsoon, B., Astra Torp, Tralla* 
bocg.— Chemicals. ooo 

4Frieotedt, A. W., Stockholm.— 
Chemicals. aoo 

5 QuUberc Stock Co. (limited), Q6te- 
b<w]g.— Sulphuric add. 900 

6 Ulieholmen Stearine Manufactur- 
ing Stock Co., Stockholm.— Stearine can- 
dles, oleine, glycerine, and stearine. aoi 

7 8joberff, A. P., Mmlmb.— Soap*, aot 

I Werner, C. O., Stockholm.— Bone 
oil. 90s 

14 Strandberg. Pr. Aug., Jdnkoping.— 
Varnishes> ink. 909 

17 Oranholm, J. P., Stockholm.— Rec- 
tified amykos. aOj 

II Pauli P., Stockholm.— Basences, 
peifumery, coametics. 903 

81 New Match Manufacturing Co. 
(Umited), Stockholm.— Safety matches. 


S2 Berg, Gottfried Warby, Stockholm. 
—Gunpowder. 304 

23 Blombacka Stock Co., Molkom. 

—Safety matches and their raw mate^ 
rals. 904 

24 Guesta Match Manufactory, Stock- 
holm — Paraffined safety matches. 904 

U Holmberg, Eric, SdderteUe.— Safety 
Aaicbes. 904 

i2 JoDkdpIng Match Manufacturing 
Co. (flmited). JSnkSping.- Safety 
naatches. 904 

27 Krcuger, P. E., ft Jeaninga, Kalmar. 
—Safety matches. 904 

28 BUbo Gdtaborg Match Pactory, 
Gdtdiorg. — Matches. 904 

29 Linda b I, J. P., Kalmar.— Safety 
matches. 204 

80 Lover Manufkcturing Co. (limited), 
Kalmar —Matches. 204 

81 NorrkSplng Match Manufacturing 
Co. (limUed), NorrkSping.— Safely 
natdies and appurtenances. 904 

82 Stregnae Match Manufacturing Co. 
(limited), Stregnas. — Safety matches. 204 

88 Phoenix Match Manufacturing Co. 

(limited), MalmS.— Matches. 204 

84 Vtttcae Match Manufiictaring Co. 

(Umited), G9teboig.— Matches. 904 

for daises of exhibits, indicated by muaben 

$6 Weetervik Match Pactory, Wee- 

tcrvik.— Matches. 204 

86 Witby Match Maaufiicturing Co. 
(Umited), Wisby.— Matches. 904 

87 Yatad Match Maaufccturing Co. 
(limited), Ysud.— Safety matches. 904 

Ceramiof— Pottery, Foreelain, Olaee, 


S9 Helelngborga Iron and Stone Ware 
Manufacturing Co. (limited), Helsinghorg. 
— Salt glazed clay goods. 907 

40 HSganiis Coal Mining Co., Htt- 

ire clay goods. so? 

^ Tiles for pavements. 906 

42 Guatafabergs Manufiacturiag Co., 
a Architectural pottery. 
6 Faience. 

c Biscuit ware and parian. 
d Porcelain and Argentine. 
48 RSratranda Stock Co. 
a Faience. 

^ Ms^ioa and pollwy ware. 
e Biscuit ware and parian. 
d Porcelain. 

46 Malmd Porcelain Manufacturing 
Co., MalmS.- Porcelain for table use. 9x3 

47 jBruaewiu, Pr., Limmared.— Glaaa* 
ware. 915 

48 Reymyre Glaas Pactory (limited), 
Kcymyra. — Glassware. ■ 9x5 

Fondtnre and O^eots of General TTie 
in Censtmotion and in Dwellinge. 







49 B»ckman, J. 

P., Stockholm.— 


60 Gldmsta Manufacturiiig Co. (lim- 
ited), Huddinge. — Cottage furniture. 9i| 

51 Laatbom, Iven, Stockholm.— Cup- 
board of btrchwood. 9x7 

62 Peterson, C. B., Stockholm. 
a Table. 9x7 

6 Frame. 990 

68 Rambach,C. Stockholm.— Chair. 9x7 

64 Rusch, P. O., Odteborg.— Japanned 
furniture. 917 

64a Holm, P. P. W., Stockholm.—Pur- 
niture. 9x7 

66 Saadberg, A« Cook, Stockholm.— 
Writing chair. 9x7 

66 WahlatriSm, S. Pr., Stockholm.— 
Wiltow fttmkure. 917 

at end of entries, sec Cbusifia 

.Jigitized t 




Furniture, Woven Goods, Clotbinc:, Sutionery. 

57 Oiterberg-tC. 0.,Jid«r, BsldlstunA.^ 
School furuinire. aij 

58 BruxewiU, Pr., Liiqmftrcd.— Tftble 
gisuus. 3l8 

59 Ooldamitha* Stock Co. (limited). 
Stockholm.— Silver taikard. 

60 Oustafsbere ManuCacturing Co.. 
Stockholm.— Table china. 3i8 

61 Reymyre Glass Factory (limited), 
Reymyra.—Table glsus. 218 

63 RSrstrand Stock Co. (limited), Stock- 

a 'i>ble china. <i8 

6 Sieves. «aa 

64 Bolinders, J. ft C. Q., Machine Col 
(limited), Stockholm. 

a HeatioK apparatiut. sae 

S Stove for smoothing-irons. 825 

66 Hedeiicf«a,A*r.,ft8ott,Bskitettiiui; 

— Stove aeu. 222 

60 Erikason, G., Eskilstuna.— Brmas 

door» Tor »toves. aaa 

68 Moberg Machine Co., Stockholm.— 

Range. sas 

78 filfving, C E., Stockholm.— Appft* 

raius (or cutting lamp wiclcs. 233 

74 Kuntzc ft Co., Stockholm.— Water 
filtet%* nrfrigemton. *S4 

74« Kallinge Iron Works, Ronneby.— 
Kitchen utensils of iron and steel sheeu. 


75 I'AfqvItt, J. A., Eakllstuna.^ 
Smootning-irons. 225 

76 Q)<^h J. O., Etkllstuna.— Hardware 
of molhned iron. 227 

77 Dickson, James, ft Co., Snndnme, 
— Woodwork for Iniildings. 227 

78 Essen, Baron M. H. von, Tidaholm. 
—Woodwork for buildingK. 227 

79 Hedlund, Joh., Bakfltuna. — Metal 
work for builajiig!«. 227 

83 WenrstrSm, J. O., Stockholm.— 
Maauuctured parts of buildings. 227 

Tarxu and Woren Goods Of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials* 

83 Anderaon, J., KJlirdingagirde. 

GnosjS.—Wire and sieve cloth. 228 

8 V Berg. J. Th., NiULa,^Ploda« 
a Cotton >'ams. »30 

A I>yed cotton yam. S31 

86 MalmS Manufacturing Co« 
(limited), Malm5. 

' a Cotton yams. 930 

5 Dyed cotton fabrics. 231 

87 Rosenlunds Spinning Co. (limited), 
GSteboTg.— Cotton yams and fabrics. 230 

89 Johanaaon ft Carlander, GSteborg.- 
Calicoes. 332 

90 Stenburg*s,Q., Widow, JttnkSpine.- 

Linen fabrics. 233 

WoTOB and Felted Goods of Wool, eto. 

91 Bergsbro Stock Co., NorrkBping.- 
Caru-%vooI fabrics. 233 

9S Drag Stock Co. (limited), NorrkB- 
ping. — Card-wool fabrics. 335 

98 t»and«krona Manufkctnring Co., 
Landskrooa.— Card- wool fabrics. S35 

of exhibits, indicated'^ ndoAbcM 

94 MalmS Woolen Manufacturing Co. 
(limited), MalmS.— Card-wool fabrics. 33; 

95 Stockholm Woolen Manu&ctor- 
. ing Co. (limited), Stodcholm. — Woven and 

felttd goods of^ool. 335 

Silk and Silk Fabrios. 

96 AlmgrtA, K. A., Stockholm. -Plain 

woven silks. 743 

GlftlUiiff, Jeweiry, and Ornaments; 
TraTeling Equipments. 

98 Ek, J. A., Stockholm.— Mnitary 
equipments. 350 

99 FemtuHd, E. P., StoekhoIm.^Mll- 
iiaty and civil cloihing. *5o 

100 Heurlin, O. U., ft Co., Stockholm. 
—Military ck>thing. 230 

101 Ro3Nd War Office, Department of « 
Investment, Stockholm. -^Complete equips 
ment of foot and motintcd soldiea; speci- 
mens of cloth, linen, etc. iya 

103 Swedmark, Q., MalmS. 

a Leather jackets. sso 

^ Gloves. ss* 

104 Wallgren, A. R., Stockholm.— MU- 
itary clothing. 29s 

105 Forsell, David, ft Co., Stockb^lm. 
a Hats and caps. 251 

. ^ Furs. n^ 

106 Jacobaon ft Anderson, MalmS.— 
Gloves. sst 

107 Svanberg, C. B., J8nk5ping.— 
Shoos. 351 

109 Tornberg, Olof, Gdteborg.— Boots 
and shoes. sSf 

110 Odberg, C. R., Stockholm.— Hunt- 
ing boots. «$t 

111 Peterson, C. B., Stockholm.— 
Embroidered portrait of Washington. 253 

113 Klintlfergi J. W., ft Co., Wisby.— 
Jewelry made of petrifactions. 253 

118 Anderaon, J., Kjlrdingacirde» 
GjnosjS.— Pins. 254 

114 Berg, F. J., Gttteborg.— Wi^, 
braids, and Ohignons. sf4 

114« Clarborg, T. A., Stockholm.— 
JcNrel case. 954 

116 BergstrSm, P. N., Stockholm.— 
Furs. 2s6 

118 Roval Swedish Commission, 
Stoclcholm.— Life.si2e figures, dressed in 
aatioCial cosmme. 2$; 

Paper, Blank BookSt Stationery. 

119 Berggren, A. N., Stockholm..r-Pen- 
liolders of cork. 258 

180 BruneU, |. £«, Stockholm*— Pen- 
holders of common reed. 258 

181 Klintbcrg, J. W., ft Co., Wisby.— 
Letter-presses of petrifactions. 258 

I 183 Kullgren'a, C. A., Widow, Udde* 
! vaUa.--Letter-pnesses of polished gran- 

ite. 358 

138 NordstrSm, M. S., Stockhohn.— 
Stamps for marking on linen or paper. 258 
135 MuQktell,J. H.,Qryokabo, Faluiu 
a Fihering naper. »59 

i Wood pulp. soo 

al and of entrlss, sea 





Paper, VfempooMf Medk«l Appliances, Hardware. 

UI7 NjfoiUPastcboard Factory, NyflAs, 

Mavitla. — Pasteboard. 360 

139 Lewenhaupt, Count, Sten, Werm- 
Dofit, Katrineholm. — Wood palp, chemi- 
caRy prepared. 360 

190 Malmd Wood Pulp Manufaetoring 
Co. (IimUed), Delaryd, ElmhuK.— Wood 
pidp, cheaileaDy prepared. a&> 

131 Monkadal Manufacturior Co. (llm- 
lied). UddevalU. ^ ^ 

m Wiapping, baniag , aadikfttchinf paper. 

iAu1dmfpa^«f>. wp 

c Wall paper. 364 

\V% Mttok^d Papar Factory, Jdnkttp- 

ing.— Wrapping paper. aoo 

111 Roacndahl ManufiMturinf Co., 
GSteborg. — Paper pulp of wood and straw, 
paper. a6o 

ll4 WargSna Stock Co., Rannom.— 
Printing paper kx newspaperk. a6o 

116 Litografiaka Stock Co., Norr- 


« Blank books, sets of account books, 

billheads, etc. a6i 

h Haying cards. a6a 

111 TidatrSm, C W., Stockholm.—Ac 

count books, portfoUos. 361 

187 Dfopafora* lianulacturiiif Co. (lim- 
ited), konneby, Djupafors.— Pasteboard ; 
boikling paper. 363 

111 Ktthlar ft Co., liatiBS.~Playing 
cank. ate 

140 Monkaid Paper MUl, JttakSplng. 
—Building paper. M3 

141 Bdgraa, Juliua, JSakSplng.— Wall 

paper. 364 

141 Kaberg, C. A., Stockholm.— Wall 

paper. 264 

141 Mineur, C. O., Stockholm.— Wall 
paper, Imiuiion of leather, and omamenu 
of wood pulp. 364 

141 RoMll, P. A., ft Co., JSakdping.- 

Wall paper. 364 

Weapent, ete. 

146 Huaqvama Arma Maaalhetiiring 

Co. (linited), JdnkSping. 
a Military small anas, mtiskcts, and rerolT- 

eis. 365 

h Fire arms for sporting and hunting. 369 

147 Royal War OIBca, ArtUlary l>e. 

BRment, Stockholm, 
tlitary small arms from the royal factory 
at Carl Gusta& Stad. 365 

h Field gun with carriage, ammunJtton car* 
riagt, lekl Ibffge. s66 

r Fortificatkm ordnance with carriage and 
shots. S67 

141 Motala Mechanical Worka Co. 

(limited), Motala.— Hoops for guns. s66 

149 PalaAcrastz, Helge, Stockholm.^ 
Mitrailleuse. 366 

110 Bkman,Carl, Flnapong. ft De Mar«, 
A., Ankanrum. — Steel guns and shot. 367 

111 Bakilatuna Iron Manufiscturing 
Co. (limited). EskUstuna— Blades of 
swords, sabres, foils, and hunten* hangers. 

, 368 
111 Norratrlm, C. A. ft C. H., Etkile- 
loaa.— Hunting knives. 368 

sef lahMli. ladicatod by nwmh— 1 

19 Bakilatuna Iron Manufacturing 
Co. (limited). —Screw plates and 
hinges. s8o 

Meteine, Bwgeiy, Pretheiii. 

164 PItx, O., Stockholm. — Medicated 
gelatine. 373 

156 Lamm, Axel, M., Stockholm.— 
Calvado-caustic apparatus, gynccologi- 
cal apparatus. 375 

166 Royal War omce, Sa&itary De- 

partment, Siockholra. — Surgical instru- 
ments for military use. 376 

167 Stille, Alb., Stockholm^- Surgical 

instruments. ■ 376 

168 Zander, O., Stockholm.— Appa- 
ratus for mechanical gymnastics. 376 

Htrdwm, Edff« Tooli, Cutlery, and 
MeuYlic Prodneti. 

169 Bakilatuna Iron Manufacturing 

Co. (li - - 

160 LIberg, B. ft O., Roaenfora. 

a Edge tools. ate 

h Cuuery. s8k 

161 New File Manufttctory, Bakils- 
tuna.— rUes. a8o 

162 Oberg, C. O., ft Co., BakUatnna.— 
Files. 380 

168 Fagerata Iroa ft Steal Worka, 


« $>aws. 380 

i Nails. 184 

164 Uddehola Stock Co. (Umited), 

a Hand toob. aSo 

b Springs and hardware. 384 

166 Bagatrdm, Job., Bakilatuna.— Ra- 
zors. a8i 

166 OuBtafaon, O., Bakilatuna.— 
Knives. tSi 

167 Hailing, A., Bakilatuna.— Knivea. 


168 Heljeatrand, Chriatoffer, Eakils- 
tuna.— Kasors, knives, and corkscrews. 


169 SUhlberg, L. F., Stilhlfora.-Cut. 
lery. a8i 

170 Svalling, B. M., Bakilatuna.— 
Knives. a8i 

171 S6der4n, F. W., Bakilatuna.— 
Knives. a8i 

179 Hedluad, Job., Bakilatuna.— 

79 Hedl 


178Jernberff, S., Bakilatuna.— 
Latches. 384 

174 X^fqviet, J. A., Bakilatuna.- 
Hinges. 384 

176 Lagerblck, H., Bakilatuna.— 
Locks. 384 

178 Stennan, F. A., Bskllatuna.- 
Locks. 384 

179 Strandberg, J., Bakilattiaa.— Braaa. 


181 Walto, Job., BakUatuna.— X^ocka. 


189Johnton, A. ft Co., Stockholm.— 
Cart springs. 384 

t «nd of entriea. see Ch s sl i 




Metal, Leather, Wooden Ware. 

188 Kallinge Iron Works, Ronneby.— 
Nails. 384 

188'( New Gellivftra Co. 

Lulea. — Nails. 


1 84 Robaon, Albert, Aspa, Aekersund. 

— Oak spikes. 384 

1 80 Sundstrdm, J. O., Charlottenbcrg. 

>-Nails. a34 

187 WikluBd, W., Stockholm.— Brass 
Junlware. 484 

7abriot of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineria Material!. 

189 Tuscen, Louis von, Stockholm.— 
Fabrics of patent leather. 385 

190 Olsson. M., Amis, Lina.— Flowsr 
stand, willow chair and baa k e t . 389 

191 Kallinire Iroa Works, Ronneby.— 
Galvanized iron vessels. 99s 

192 Karlskrona Galvanizing Stock Co. 
(limited), Karlskrona — Calvanittd sheet 


For dasses of exhibits, indicated by aumbeis al sod of catties, see Cissilflrilinn, pp. 37-49. 






{North of Nave, Columns 4 U 7.) 

TeztUes, Ceramics, Woven Ooods, Clothing. 

3 HmoMea» P., 

God'liver oil. 

0>e«iea1 ]C8imfaet»ret. 

1 Berfen Oat 'Works, Bergen; — Sul- 
phate of ammonia, raw and refined, aoo 

U Bergen's Commercinl Association, 
Bergen. — Cod-liver oil. 20X 

3 Borthen, J., Trondhjem.- Medical 
cod-liver oil. aoi 

Aalesund.— Medical 

4 Devoid, L. C, Aalesuad.- ^Medical 
cod-Uver oiU soi 

U Henrikses.J. H., Troms6.^Medical 
cod-liver oil. aoz 

5 Jordan, C, Trondhjam.— Medical 
cod-Uver oil. 901 

6 MoUer, Peter, Christianla. — Cod- 
B«-er oil. 901 

6<t Bordewick & Co., Lynsvor.^Medi- 
cat cod-liver oil. 301 

7 Suen, Daniel, Chriatiania. 

« Soaps. SOX 

h Es»enc«s, perlumcry, pomades, cosmet- 
ics. 903 

8 Holmen'a, O. R., Technical Worka, 
Fuglesang, Christtania.— Writing inic, 
a»eptine, diamond oil blacking, grtase 
for leather. aos 

10 Kode, C N., Poragniad^— Scandina- 
vian ink, writii^aaa copying, dark vio- 

let copying Ink. 
11 Pettersea, Andr., Bergaa.^ 
dressing and perfumery. 


15 Dons.Henrik, Christianla.~MaUhe8 
from Bryn manuiactory. 204 

16 Jo 1 sen a, H.. Match Manafactory, 
Christiania. — Matches. 304 

11 Nitedala Match Manufactory, Chria- 

Uania.— Safety and common matches. 304 
(Ar/i« wit. ^ AgrktUimrml CmMmm^ 

Ctpamiot— Fottaiy, Poroelain, OUm, 

UsHaTnven'a Worka, Christianla.^ 
Tiles and bricks. ao6 

18 Schwarsenhom, Fr. von, Chrlati- 
*^«a.— Painted and decorated porco- 


19 Hurdal, Biri, Hadeland ft HSvik's 
•I Window slass. i\a 

» GiMSktrare. 216 

SO Bergsa's QIass Works.— Floaters. 

^» da«M« «if e«|iilM«\. iuHii- iKhI by et4s(d.«-ix ,,t eiul of cntric*. ve« Claiwification, pp. 

Fnmitnre and Object* of General Use 
in Oonstraction and in Dwellings. 

21 Oram, Wm., Christiania. 

a Amiqus bedstead and cupboards. 917 

h Antique brass and copper dishes. aiS 

c Candlesticks. 323 

82 Hoist, Chr., Head Steward to His 

Majesty the King, Christiania.— -Buffet 

chairs, antique arm chain, p^uisnt 

chairs. « 317 

23 Klsmetsen, Chr., Christiania.— The 
fittings of the Norwegian section. 217 

24 Moestne, Thv., ft Co., Christiania.— 
Iron safe. 917 

25 Ops a hi, P. J., Christiania.— Iron 
safes. • 317 

28 Drammen Foundrr and Mechanical 
Works, DtsBunm.— Stoves. 999 

29 Nord ft Son* M, B., Christiania.- 

Refirigerstor. 994 

80 O. Jacobsea'a Mechanical Works, 

Chrlitiaida.'— Mechanical man^b. aas 


For stoves, tooj^ago S8.) 

For door^ntUUt stsfags 8S.) 

Yams and Woyen Ooods of Vegetahle 
or Mineral Xaterials. 

81 Christiania Sail aoth Manufactory, 
Christiania. — ^Sail cloth, fishing yams, 
etc. 930 

82 Nydalens Company, Chriatiania.— 
Cottons, sail cloth, tissues, and yarns, fish- 
ing nets, etc. 230 

34 Bche, J. D., ft Son, Bergen.— Floor 
oil clotlu and painted window blinds. 9^4 

WoTon and Felted Ooods of Wool and 
Mixtures of Wool. 

80 Pettersen, Qunerius, Christiania.— 

Textile domestic industry ; valises. 238 

Olofhinff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Trayeling Equipments. 

40 Falkenbarg, Joha., Chriatiania.— 
Ready-made linen. 250 

41 Naess, H. 8., Christiania.— Boots 
and shoes. 251 

42 Nordahl, Petter N., Chriatiansand.- 
Boots. 251 

43 Falck-Yster, Chriatiania.— Snow 

shr<S. 251 

44 Qramm, Wm., Christiania. 
a Collection of antique and modem silver 

ornaments worn upon the person. 953 
National c est times from Hardaiq^. 95; 




Fancy Goods, Paper, Hardware, Carriages, Machinery. 

45 Lie, P. A., Chriitianla.— Silver ftli- 
grec work in Norwegiau style. 253 

45'* Olsen, Th., Bergen.— Filigree eUvcr 
ornam«tiu. 253 

46 Tost r up, T., Christinma.— Silver 
u-ork ; silver (iTigree work in specific Nor- 
wegian style. . 253 

49 Kittelsen, Jena. Chriatiania.— Va- 
lilies. 235 

90 Brandt, C.» Bergen.— Pura, aldna. 
etc. 230 

51 Ruatad. A. 8., Drammen.— Collec- 
tion of Norwqpan fiuB. ts6 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

63 Haneborg, A. O., Chriatiania. 
a Paper. e6o 

^ WgkxI pulp lor paper waiMifeeatripg. ^63 

54 Moeatue, Thv., A Co., Cbriatiaaia. 

m Account books. 961 

i Pasteboard boxes. 269 

55 Chriatopharaen, Chr., Chriatiania.— 
Wood pulp for paper manuiacturing. 963 

56 Prolich, P. H.. ft Son. ChriaUaaia.— 
Paperjuiiging* and borders. 264 

Military and Haval Armamenti, Ord- 
naase, Firearmii and Hunting Ap» 

57 Oram, WilHam, thriatlania.— An- 

UqucTweapons. t68 

Xodieine, Surgery, Prothesit. 

5S Dlttea, tf. SMChrlstiaaia.^Aperitmt 

tonic pills, lotiriikl pharmacies. 972 

Hardware, Sdae Tools, Cutlery and 
XetaUio Preduots. 

5 So Bennett, T.— Cutlery and carved 
good*. 281 

59 MIchelaen, John B., Bergen. 

Cutlery. sSi 

S Urasft goods, 2S3 

c Carvings in wood and walrus teeth. 405 
59<« Smith, William.— Knivea with 
, carved bandies. a$i 

60 Blunck, C, Chriatiania. 

a Metal hollow ware, cast iron ware. 883 

^ Pump<i. 560 

c Fire engines. 564 

01 Krogatad Societv, Drammen.— 

Nails and spikes, auicnlncmade by hot 

and cold process. 284 

61« Opsahl, P. J., Chriatiania.— Locka. 


(/Wr mmek^rt, dams, mmd sUvts, mt 

Mi9 So.) 

For classes of exhibita, indicated bjr numbeis 

Fabrics of Yeffetable, AnimaJ, or 
Mineral Materials. 

05 Predrikavom Rope Manufactorv, 
Fredriksvom. — Cordage. 207 

60Kuhne, W., Chriatiania.— Baaket 
ware. 289 

Carriages, Yehieles, and Aooessories. 

67 HefTermehl, L., Dramman. 

« Carriages (kariob). •9a 

^ Racing sledge. 295 

68 Sorenaen ft Klovatad, Chriatiania.— 
Carriages (Icariols). 992 

69 Chriataaaan, Chr^ Cbriatiaaia. 

a Karipl. 992 

^ Antique sleigh. 99$ 

70 Palck-Yater, Chriatiania.— Fl ah er- 
man's ice sle<j^. 995 

Motors, Power Generators, ets. 

71 G^erdrum, Otto. Chriatiania.— Made! 
ot kclf-actiiig smoke-consuming appaiaras 
for boUen. 53a 

7S Klcm Hanaen ft Co., Trondhjem.— 
Aekiag. 553 

78 Roed Worka, near Sandefjord. — Ro- 
uting stearooengiMe i«ith boil«- apd lieed- 
water heater. 554 

Hydraulio and Pneumatio Apparatus. 

74 Blunck, C, Chriatiania. 

a Pumps. 560 

S Fire-engtnes. 564 

Aerial, Pneumatio, and Water Trans- 

75 Areata, HJalmar^ Chriatiania.— 

Models and drawings of iron ships. 394 

70 Board of Commerce, Aalasund.— 

Models of fishing boats. 394 

77 Brandi. J., Chriatiania.— Drawinga 

and mouBtt of sailing vtssels. s94 

78 Brunchorat ft Dekke, Bergen.— 
Models of sailhig vessels. 394 

79 Oran,Jena, Bergen.— Modela of aaii- 
iagvcsHds. 594 

80 Hanaen. Carl A., Poragmnd.— 
Modeb and drawingi of aailiag vessels.. 


81 Maaaum of Bargask Befgaa.«-Mod- 
eb of fishing boau. 994 

82 Naval Batabliahment of Carl Johaaa- 
va:m, Horten.— Models of boats. 594 

end of entries, see Qauificatlon; pp. 97-43. 


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{Abrik o/Mbvi^ Cobmtu j ia j-) 


Cbamif^ JUmifaotiirei. 

1 Mineralof icml Society of Naples.— 
Sulpluiroiis prod«cts. aoo 

2 Salinella, Baron Michele, Nicosia, 
Cauoia.— Rock salt. aoo 

5 Mttsumeei, Oulli Qaetano, Catania. 
—Liquorice. 900 

i Qiacomaxsi, Favara SalTatore, Tra- 

pani.— Sea salt. soo 

6 Giacomasxi, Rocco, T r a p a ni.— 

Litiuorice. eoo 

6 Martorana, Paladino 8., Trapani.— 
Sea salt. wOo 

7 Maxullo, Cav. A^ostino, BlandanuL 
MessiBa.~Rock salt. > aob 

8 Pirrone, AntoninOtOfOaetanOiMea- 
siiuu — Liquorice. aoo 

9 Labonla, B. O., Naples.— Liquo- 
rice. 900 

10 Romano, Oaetano, P a 1 e rm o.— 
' Sail. ' aoo 

11 Perrino, Ceaare, Turin. 

a Nitrate. Sbo 

^ Colors in powder and paste. aoa 

22 Baroncelli, Baldassarre, Cindano, 
Sienna. — Bicarbonate of potas»iiMn ami 
sodium. ,900 

18 Borelli, Luiffi, late Tommaso, AatI, 
Alexandria. — Cream of tartar, acids, aoo 

14 Reimandi, Giuseppe, Acqui, Alex- 
andria.-— Cieam of tautar, tartaric 
add. 300 

18 Oentili, Qrassini, late Giuseppe, Pa- 
dua. — Cream of urtar. aoo 

16 Sbertoli. Giuseppe, late Domenioo, 
Genoa. — CarI>onate of lead. aoo 

17 CahdianI ft Blffi» Milan.— Acids and 
chemicals. aoo 

18 Emmanucle, Francesco, Catania*— 
Cream of tartar. aoo 

18 Orimaldi, Giovanni, Paterno, Sicily. 
— E.tiract of liquorice. aoo 

SO Potore, Gio., late Filippo, Catania. 
—Juice of liquorice. aoo 

81 Qrasso, Giuseppe, Catania.— Juice 
of liquorice. aoo 

88 Catanaaro, Giuseppe, Termini, Pa- 
lermo. — Uquorice paste. aoo 

88 Lsncia di Brolo, Duke Foderigo, 
Palermo. — Sea salt. aoo 

84 Ponso, Domenico, Catania.— Cream 
of tartar. aoo 

W Bi Mauro, Francisco, Catania;— 

Lream of tartar. 

\B Scuderi, Giuseppe, Catania.— Cream 
of tartar, zamba. aoo 

7 Rampasilnl, Frederlco, If 11 an.— 
Sulphur and chemicals. eoo 

8 Soiinas, Arras Giuseppe, Sassarl.— 
Olive oil. aoi 

9 Oneto, Asostlno, )R Co., 
darena, Genoa. — Soap. 


Agostini Delia 8eta„Coui>t Alfredo, 
Pisa.— Olive oil. - >9S 

1 Cenami, Count Bartolomeo, Lucca. 
—Olive oil. m>t 

2 Minfori^ Vinconso, Lucca.— Olive 
oil. flot 

3 Tsllinl, VIncenxo, Calci, Pisa.— Olive 
oiL 00s 

4 Tellini, Dario, ft Co., Cascinpi, Pisa. 
— Olivt oil soap. apx 

5 Bonei, Casucclnl Ottavio, Sienna.— 
Olive oii. 901 

Contucci, Bustachio, Montepu- 

leiano. Sienna. — Olive oil. aox 

7 Lanza Bros,, Turin.— Stearin e, 

candles, soap. aoz 

S Rinaldo, Raffaele, Salerno.— Olive 

oil. aox 

9 Guflielmlnl, Andrea, Salerno.— 

Olive oii. aox 

40 Virgin, Angelo, Vacone, Perugia. 

— Ofive oil. 

1 RosselU DelTureo, Pier Francesco, 
Florence. — Olive oil. aox 

2 Capponi, Contl Bros., Floi ence.— 
Olive oil. aox 

8 Alii Maccaranl ClaudlOf Florence.— 
Olive oil and paste of Zanza. oor 

44 Corsini, Prince Tomxnaso, Florence. 

— Olive oil. aoi 

6 Merlini, Alfonso, ft Bnrico Bros., 

Terriciuola, Pisa. — ( )Hve oil. aox 

:6 Farinola, M. Paolo, Florence.- 

Olive oil. aox 

;7 Albergotti, Geo., ft Agostlno Bros., 
Arezzo. — Olive oil. aox 

:S Rosplgliosi, Prince Clemente, Lam- 
povecchio, Florence. — Olive oii. aox 

;9 Chamber of Commerce ft Arte, 
Sienna. — Olive oil. aox 

Saradni, Alessandro, Sienna.— 
Olive oil. aox 

1 Pucci, Sansedoni Aless., Sienna.r- 

Olive oil. aox 

8 Ricasoli, Baron Bettino, Florence.— 

Olive oil. 

Fez cUmcs of exhibits, t ndf cated by ooiaben at ead of entries, eee Claesiilcation, pp. %y-i 




Chemicals, Ceramics. 

58 Botti, AlesMUidro, CbUvari, Genoa. 
—Olive pil. aoz 

64 Calatnarl, P|etro, Milan.— 
Soaps. aoi 

66 Oianoll Bros., Milan««-Soapa. 


66 OiulIHda, Lraotta Giovanni, Catania. 
—4)\\ of sweet almonds. aoz 

67 Merlo, Baron Vincenso, Palermo.— 
Olive oU. aoi 

68 Sciacca della Scala, Baron» Paler- 
mo.— Onve oil. tex 

69 Martinea, Filippo, Palermo.— Olive 
oil. aoi 

.60 lDgnags[iato, Baron Croca, Palermo. 
— OUvc oil. aoi 

.61 Paochie^i, EUaee, Paasignano, Um- 
bria. — Olive oil. aoz 

68 Rossi, Leopardi Cav. Ccaare, Com- 
Iso, Syracuse. — Soaps. aoz 

68 Faalo, DonvBnico. Palermo'.— Olive 
oil. toi 

64 Galli, Cesare, Florence.— Olive 

oil. • ^ 90I 

'66 Placenta, Francesco, Bar!.— Olive 

oil. 30Z 

66 Agrarian Committee for Thirty Ex- 
tiioitors, Florence.— Olive oil. aoz 

67 Jatta, Antonio, Ruvo di Puglia.- 
Olive oil. aoz 

68 Chamber of Commerce ft Arts, of 
Ban.— Olive oil. aoi 

69 Mazxullo, Cav. Luigl, Messina.— 
Olive oil. aoz 

70 Di Salvo, Salvatore, Messina. 

a Olive oil. aoi 

6 Essences. 330 

71 Aararian Committee of Chiavari.— 
Ouve oil. soap. aoz 

72 Marxi Bros,, Poggibonsi, Sienna.- 

Olive oil. 201 

73 Russo, Calogero, Termini, Palermo. 

Olive oil. aoi 

74 Favare, Marchess della, Palermo.— 

Olive oil. aoi 

. 76 Martillaro, Mar. Carlo, Palermo.— 
Olive oil. aoz 

76 Tuccr-Savo Benedettp, Rome.— 
Olive oil. 201 

77 A^osti Brothers, Bagaoria, Rome.— 
Olive oil. aoi 

78 Marini, Marq. Pietro, Rome.— Olive 
oil. aoz 

79 Rotall, Francesco, Rome.— Olive 
oil. aoi 

80 Isnardi, Pierre, Leghorn.- (MiVe 

oil. aoi 

81 Conti, B., ft Sons, Leghorn;— 
Soaps. aoi 

88 Tarussi, Lulgl, ft Bros., Leghorn:— 
Olive oil. aoz 

88' Oenerois, Felice, ft Sons, Naples.— 

Soaps. aoi 

84 Anselml ft Marassi, Naples.— 

Oils. aoz 

86 Ro^co, Francesco, Catania.— Olive 

oil. aoi 

96 Rolando, Giacomo, Mode n a.— 

Ink. aoa 

TlOl - 


87 Mora, Domenico, Turin.— Chestaat 

extract for dyeing. aoa 

88 Morandi, Pietro, Milan.- 
Ink. aoa 

89 Bassolinl, Vincenxo, MUan.— Vari- 
ous colors. aoa 

90 Bonacina, Cesare, Milan. 

a Varnishes, ink. aoa 

^ Aromatic tooth paste. aoj 

91 Maranesi. Gaetano, & Masetti Bar- 
tolomeo, Bologna. — Ink. soa 

98 G«ocGhl, Giovanni, Milan-.— 
Inks. SOS 

98 Scarselli, Benedetto, Rome.— Qm- 
ma, incrustation from casks. aoa 

94 Ghibellini Bros., ». Giovanni in 
Persiceto, Bologna.— Varnish. aoa 

96 Santi, AmaatinI, Adamo, Florence. 
— Perfumery. aoj 

96 Lardera, A., Milan. — P'erfum* 
ery. 303 

97 Cosentini ft Caruso, 8. Manno 
Marchesato, Calabria Citra. — Extract of 
liquorice. aoj 

98 Scocchiolini, Adone, Rome.— Po- 
matum. SO} 

99 Pateguazsa Bros., N. ft A., Rome. 

— Perfumery. aoj 

100 Bortolotti, Pietro, Bologna.— I^el- 
sina water (for the toilet). *oy 

Antonelli, Cav. Aleosandro, Bo- 
logna. — Essence of lemoo. aoj 

108 Alessi ft Bonaventura, Messina.— 
Essences. 903 

108 Alessi, Gaetano, Messina.- Es- 
sences, aos 

104 Ottaviani Bros., Messina.- Es- 
sences, aoj 

106 Riaxuto Carmelo, Reggio-Calabria. 
— Essences. aoj 

106 De Sieto Bros., Reggio-Calabria. 
— Essences. 303 

107 Siles, Ignaxlo, Reggio-Calabria.- 
Essences. 903 

108 Lacorla, Felice, Reggio-Calabtia. 
— Essences. 303 

109 Enological ft Agrarian Society of 
Acireale, Sicily. — Essence of lemon. 90^ 

110 De Nava, Giuseppe di P., Regglo- 
Calabria. — ^scnces. ao3 

111 Mostardini, Adolfo, Florence.— 
Perfumery. ^ 303 

118 Melissari, Giuseppe, Florence.— 
Essences. ao3 

lis Pennlse, Baron di Floriatallo, Ca- 
tania. — Boiled essence of lemon (agro>. 203 

114 Lavaggi, Francesco, Tro£arello, 
Turin.— Matches. 304 

116 Deflachi, Ambrogio, Moncalieri, 
Turin. — Wax and wood matches. ao4 

O^ramiot— Pottery, PoretlAim OlsMt 

116 TroJanI, G. Batta, Flortiice.— 

Bas-relief in baked clay. ao6 

117 Pagliaccetti. RaflRsello, Florance.— 
Statues in baked clay. xS 

118 Stock Company for Manufaeturing 
Bricks, Regg4o, Emilia,- Bricks. adi 

For cl«««8 of exhibits' iadu)aied4yaMS»beis at cad of entries, sea Classi6catk>a/pp. ar-45. 



Ceramics, Pumiturs, Woven Goods, Silk. 

119 Tomd, Albtani Franco, Pietra- 
lanu. Locca. — Sample of pavements. 9o8 

180 Pcllas, Oiuaeppc, Plorenca^— Qal- 
Taiio>plastic oruajucnts. 909 

181 Bertini, Bmllio, Pisa.— Crockery. 

188 Miliaai, Cciarc, Pabrlafio, Ancana. 
—Crockery. ato 

188 TorelU, Jafiet, Florence.— Crock- 
ery. 9|0 

184 Castellan t, Torquato, Rome.— 
(Irockcry. Bio 

*86 Pemiani, Count Annibale, Faensa. 
- -Crockery. aio 

18tf Crockery Society of Farina, Fsen- 
za.— Artbuc crockery. aio 

187 Benucci ft Latti, Pesaro.— Mi^oli- 
ca vases and dishes. atz 

Furniture and Objooti of Otnsral Use 
In Conitrmotioii and In Dwellingi. 

188 Ammiratl, Doaenico, Palsrmo.— 

Chain. 317 

189 Lopes, Salvatore, Palarmo.— Stone 
Ubles. 317 

ISO Coco, Salvatore, Palermo.— Ebony 
liimiture. 217- 

131 Cavallaro, L. ft O., Palermo.— Me- 
tallic beds. 217 

188 Cstalsno, Antonio, Palermo.— Fvr- 
nisstc. 217 

188 Martittottt, Lolgi» Turin.— Carved 
fiimiture. 217 

184 Buzsi, Qtberto Francesco, Varesa, 
Lombardo. — Marble furniture. 317 

185 LancettlfPederigo, Perugia.— Fur- 
niture. '217 

186 Em,Luigi,MUan.-Seatsrorthea. 
tre. - 217 

187 Fsva, Avo, Niccoio, Florence.-*- 
Carved -walnut fumiture. 217 

138 Castsivedere, Luigi, Brescia.-^ 
Meul candelabra and chased dish. 218 

189 Rolandi, O. Batto, Hilan.— Crys- . 
ial5 and glasses. 219 

140 Orattarola, Ceaare, Bologna.— Pic- 
ture frames of other exhibitors' pic- 

- tores, i/n Art GaiUry.) 3SP 

141 Pontif. Oleographic Society^Bo- 

tognm.-3-FnUneS. 3SO 

143 Sarettiere, Giuseppe, Palermo.— 
Lamps. 2S3 

148 Menici, Angiolo, Lvghorn.— Show- 
er bath. 336 J 

144 Delia, Casa Nicola, Baveno, Nova- 
ni.'— Oranite cornice.- 337 

145Bianchi ft Molinari, Milan. - 
Wooden floor. - 33(7 

146 Vajani, Pietro, Milan.-Window 
Minds, curuins, etc. / 237 

147 Rissi, Augusto, Milan.— Persian 
window blinds. ' 237 

Tflcns SBd Woton Goods t^ TegetsMe 
or Mineral Materials. 

148 VecchiettI, Cesare, Florence.— 
Green-weed <ginestro; producu. 299 

149 Polidori, Count Augusto, Anghiarl, 
Arezzo.- Prepared green-weed (gines- 
tro), aag 

Pfr dasMS of exhibits, iodicated by numbers at 

50 Scuratl, Mansooi de Q., Biella, 
Novara. — Skein of cotton. 230 

51 Assetto di Orasiani Bros., Chieri, 
Turio.'-Cotton goods. 330 

,42 Madini, Augusto, ft Co., Bologna. 

— Seamless bags. 330 

58 Oentiluomi, I. V., ft Co.,Pisa.-^ol- 

ored cotton goods. 831 

54 Meda, Bernardo, Monsa, Milan.— 
Colored calico. 33a 

55 Alessio Bros., Milan.— Red calioo. 


56 Special Committee of Salerno.— 
Linen goods. 333 

57 Remaggi Bros., Navacchio, Pisa. 
—Linen goods. 133 

Woven and Felted Ooodi of Wool, eto. 

58 Caldara, Salvatore, Palermo.— 
Cloths. 235 

59 Mangeri, Antenino, Messina.— 

Cloths. • 335 

60 Barbarulo Bros., Naples.— 
Qoths. • 235 

61 Radieri Bros., Qandino, Bergamo. 
' — Felted flannel and cloth. 335 

66 Barbarulo, Antonio, Peluxmao, 
Salerno. — Cloths. 335 

68 Correction Department of Salice- 
to, Modena. — Cloths. 335 

64 AsseUo di Orsxiani firos., Chieri, 
Turin.- Blankeu. 337 

65 Chapelle ft Co., Turin.— Woolen 
blankets. 337 

66 Bass, Abrate, ft Co., Turin.— Blan- 
kets. 337 

67 Woolen Manufactory of Borgo Se- 
sia, Turin. — Worsted wool. 338 

68 Boszalla;Oio, ft 8on,Biella,Novara. 
— Woolen goodn. 338 

69 Boxzalla, Antonio, ft Brother, Cog- 
giola, Novara. — Woolen goods. 338 

Silk and Silk Fabrios. 

70 Keller, Alberto, Milan. 

a Raw silk. s^e 

b Woven silk. * SfS 

71 Chiericoai, UgoUno, Messina.— 
Cocoons. 34e 

78 Otannotti, Qinseppe, Barga (Luc- 
a Raw silk. 343 

b S'pun silk. 344 

78 Diena, If. O., Modena.— Raw 
silk. 34a 

74 Sinigaglia, Salomon, Heir of, irat« 

tes, Turin. 
a Raw silk. , 84a 

b Woven silk. 845 

7ff Franzi Bros., Alsanp Maggiore, 


a Raw silk. a4a 

b Woven silk. 345 

76 Dalla Possa, FUlppo, Vicensa. 

tf Raw silk. 84a 

b Woven silk. 843 

77 Prizsoni, Antonio P., Bergamo. ' 
a Raw silk. 840 
b Woven silk. 84? 

end of cnuies, sec CbMsificaiioo^pp. >7~j0'1p 



6ilk, Clothinj^, Jewolry, StaHonery. 

178 Merer ft Co., Milan. 

a Raw silk. S4S 

b Spun silk. 944 

179 Sciftcca delta Scala, Baroo, Pa- 
lermo. — Silk. 245 

180 De Silveetrl, Salvatore, Rome.— 
Silk goods. 345 

181 Cagliani, LeopoMo, MUan.— Silk 
vdveu. *47 

dothlng, Jewelrj and Omamants ; 
Trayeling jSqaipmenti. 

188 Morandi, Q. Mootepulciano, Sien- 
na.— Dress for lady. 250 

188 Incerti Antetmo, Modena.— Knit 
goods. 9*50 

184 Comellini ft Buratti, Bologna.— 
CorseQi. 950 

186 Marchetini, Pietro, Bologna.— 
Straw hats. 951 

186 Ricci, Luigi, ft Sons, Florence.- 
Straw hats. - 9Si 

187 Duranti, Agostiho, Florence.- 
Straw hats. 951 

188 Angelucci, Qerolamo, Ancona.— 
Shoes, . 951 

189 Lodi, Q. Batta, Palermo.^Qlovee. 


190 Di Roealia, Antonlno, Palermo.— 
Shoes. 951 

191 Vinci, Melchiorre, Palermo.— 
Shoes. 951 

199 Petroli, Pietro, Pallanza.— Shoee. 


198 Shoemakere* Co-operative Society, 

Hologiia. — Shoes. 951 

194 Baccilieri, Lorenxo, Bologna.— 
Gloves. 951 

196 Boeei, Bduardo, Naples.- 
Cloves. 951 

196 De Notaris, Sigismundo, Naples. 
— Shoes. 951 

197 Calise, Tommaso, Ischia Island, 
Naples. — Ladies' straw hats. 251 

198 Rumieri, Oabriele, Naples.— Silk 
and felt hats. 251 

199 Casella, 




800 Moiraghi, Antonio, Turin.— 
Shoes. 351 

801 Brustesi, Qiacinto, Milan.— 

Shoes. 251 

808 Sea reel 11. Benedetto, Rome.- 

Straw hats and braided straw. 951 

805 Taddei, Qaetano« Florence.— Straw 

hats and braided straw. ^ 951 

804 Straw Hat Stock Co., Pianoro, Bo- 
logna. — Straw hats and braided straw. 9^1 

806 Santini Bros., Florence.— Straw 
hau and braided straw. ' "> 951 

806 Working Men*s Benevolent Asso- 
ciation of Faleronc. — Straw hats and 
braided straw. 951 

807 Angeli Candido, Reggio, Bmilia.— 
Hats and braided straw. 951 

808 Kubli, Oio Oiacomo, Florence.— 
Straw hats and braided straw. 951 

809 Romani, Bu^enio, ft Wife, MiUn. 
— Embroidered pictures. 959 

810 Oerosa, Adele Bdncanda, MOaa. 
— Embroidered pictures and handker- 
chief. *s> 

811 Stock Co. for Mannfiictarinc 
Laces, Venice. — Laces, oid and new 
styles. syi 

818 Bon Rogina, Como.— Lacea. tyi 
818 Qioiussa, Oiuseppe, Naples.— Jew- 
elry and coial. 953 
814 Melillo, Oiacinto, Haplea.— Jewel- 
ry and coiai. «s} 

816 Francati ft Santamarla, Rome.— 
Jewelry. -953 

t816 Oeraldini, Ettorc, Rome.— Gold 
and silver jewelry. 953 

817 Belleisa, Niccolo Alesa, Romo.— 
Jewelry. «53 

818 Accarisi, Oiuseppe, Floceaca.— 
Roman jewelry. 953 

819 Jacoblni, RafTe, ft Oiobbe, Ptd, 
Roni«.<^01d precious stones. 953 

880 Ponti, Rovera, ft Co., Piaeansa.— 

H nitons. 254 

821 Olivleri, Lttigi, Vtniea.— Paacy 

articles. 954 

888 Porte, EmUio, Oeaea.— Silver SH* 

grce work. 954 

888 Salvo, C, ft Sons, Qcnoa.—Objocts- 

in filigree and gold. 954 

884 Righini Bros.,- TuHn.— Umbralla 

and parasol. 954 

886 Labriola,Luigi,Naples — Tortoiae- 

bbeil work. 954 

886 Castellani, Alessandro, Romo.— 
Gold and .silver articles. 954 

887 Brusa, O. Batta, Venice.— ^Ibum. 


888 Rossetti, Cav. Oiacomo, Bresoia. 

— Ailnim, with phot«>gr.iph>. 955 

889 Cavaleri,^ Avo. Micbele. MiUo.— 
AHmoi and mini.-itures. . 955 

830 Leoni, Angelo, Catania.— Sicilian 

costumes. ^ 257 

Paper, Blank Booki, Stationery. 

831 Orassi, Francesco, Bologna.— Ver- 
tical letter prtiv«. «53 

838 Cartiera Italiana, Turin.— Paper 
^nd envelopes. ^j^ 

888 Agosti, Agnes, Rome.— Paper em- 
broideries. 959 

884 Cattaneo, Alessandro ft Bro., Ber- 
gamo. — Common paper. 260 

886 Vallini, Natale, Bologna.— Pa- 
per. 9d> 

886 Miliani, Pietro, Faleiaao, Marche. 
— Various kinds of paper. 200 

837 Fomari, Antonio O. B., Pabriano, 
m Papers. ado 

6 Pasteboard. 96e 

888 Migliaccio, Rafikelo, Salerno.— 
Paper. 960 

889 Oiprdano, Sciptone, Turin.— Blank 
form of contract for lumies. 961 

840 Cassinara, Bugenio, Pavla.— Bil^* 
beads. 961 

841 Fagioli, Oaetano, Piacenza.- Pa- 
per boack. «, 9^ 

848 Mottura, Ing. Qreste, Piacenxa.— 
Bricks of pastelwara. 363 

IW rlnmi of cahibits, iadicsted by auttbert at end of eatne»» sec Qaswficatioo, pp. *7-4V 



Weapons, Medical Appliances, Hardware, Vehicles, Sculpture. 

Weapons, etc. 

S48 Comminasai Bros., Brescia.— 
Needle-gun bands. 265 

844 Botti, Pietro, Brescis.-^Ottn. 965 

845 Corica, Agostino, Messina.— 
« Shot, ' 965 

Xidioiiie, Snrgerj, Frothestk 
M6 Decol, Maria, Bologna.— Decotto 
(a medicine). 87s 

847 Oarau, Salvatore, Milan.— Tama- 
rind powder; eactrsct to prevent sen sickr 
ness. 337 

848 Morreale, E^tore, Pal«rmo^-Me4i» 

dnal liquors. aja 

848 Mn^ani-Valeati, Oaetano, Nisce- 

mi, Sialy. — Medicines. 27a 

880 Pagliaro. Domentco, St. Stefisno 
Camostm, Paicnno.— Medicines. 373 

881 PagUaro, Andrea, Mistretta, Mes- 
- siaa.— Medicinal gelatines. 373 

858 Valeatiai, Gottardo, Milan.— 
Medicines. 373 

888 Arrosto, Qioacchlmo, Messina.-^ 
Ctrates and medicines. 373 

8l4Spadaro, Orassi P., Catania.^ 
Medicinal citrate. 373 

885 Ponsoni, Lui^i, Milan.— Hygienic 
liquors and medicine. 373 

886 Menic^, Angiolo, Leghorn.— Appli- 
ance ior raising the sick. 376 

88T Bemabei, Alessandre, Rome.— 
Tubes and metallic syringes. 376 

888 Pa^i, Lrcopoldo, Ploreace.-^ 

Hernial truss. 376 

859 Gramlgnani, Leopoldo, Aacpna.— 
T)ental proihcsis. 377 

860 Noel-Wfndeiliag Bros., Milan.— 
Denul anatomy. 377 

861 Testi, Ulisse, Bologna.- Dental 
machines. 377 

868 8irletti» Fraooesco^ Roma.— Sets 
of teeth. 377 

Hardware, Edffe Tools, Cutlery, and 
MetaUio Products. 

268 Onclpa-Piassa Bros.^ Biella, 

Novara.— Gimlets. 380 

864 Giulivo, B., ft Co.. Turin.— Iron 
atitl till knives, forks, and spoons. 381 

865 Ferrino, Cesare, Turin.— Sand 

linen and sand paper. a&s 

866 Bonini, E'millo, Pignone, Florence. 
—Articles in rinc. 383 

867 De Poli Bros.. Vittorio, Treviato.— 

Uronze church bell. 383 

868 ZalaA, Benedetto, Sienna.— Iron 

work. 383 

860 Parise, Achille, Sons, Naples.— 

Mechaniod lock. 384 

870' Cane, Oeremia, Bologaa.— Tools 

lor umbrellas. 384 

871 Namei, Giovanni, Florence.—. 
Turned meuUic articles. 384 

872 Olivieri, Luigi, Venice.— Hard- 
ware. 384 

878 Escoffier, Giuseppe Gio., Florence. 
—^Mechanical articles. a8| 

Vabrlcs of Vegetable, Asimsl, or 
mneral MateriaU. 

874 Oiacomioi, Laigi, ft Co., Treirisa«-* 

Brushes. 38S 

875 BargionI, Ferdinando, Florence.— 
Ropes of rush. 387 

876 Chamber of Commerce of Syra- 
cuse. — Ropes. 387 

877 Rosso, Leopardo Cav. Cesare, 

Comiso, Syracuse. — Ropes. 38" 

878 Vincensi, Paolo, Carpi, Modena.— 
Corks. 389 

870 Marchini, Cesare, Resole, Flor- 
ence. — Straw works. 389 

Carriages, VeMcles, and Aeeei lorles. 

880 Sarettiere, Giuseppe, Palermo.— 
Lamps for carriages. 39a 

881 Locati, Cav. Alessandro, Turin.— 
Carriages. (/» Amn^x.l apa 

888 Mainetti, Francesco, Milan.— Car- 

riage (landau). (/» Annejc.) ^ 390 


888 Baxrantie, Figlio, Florence.— Cupid 
and Psyche (group). 400 

884 Porcinai. Antonio, Florence, 
a Surprised ( bust). 400 
i Venus of Canova (statue). 400 

885 Torelli, Lot, Florence.— David, by 
Michael Angcio (copy). ^10 

886 Garofoli, Oreste, Rome. 
Trasteverina( Roman costume). 400 
i After the Theatre. 400 
c Ciociara (Roman costume). 400 
d Genzanese. 400 

8S7 Rioci, Paolo, Florence.— Dante 
(sutuett^e). 4oe 

for classes of exhibits, indicated by manben at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 3^45, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




(SoM/k of South Avenue t Cottons ii to !$,) 


Minerals, Manufactures. 

Xinersls, Orei, Building Stones, 
Mining Prodnots. 

1 Nfttionftl ICuseum. 

a Rough gdd-dust, petrified wood. loo 

b Rough, hewn, and polished marUeB, ala- 
baster, and limestones. xoa 

€ Crude lime rock, cement, burned lime, 
and pkster. X03 

d Clays and materfals fermamifiicturingpor- 
celain auad faience. 104 

a Sand. zo6 

/ Soil and water. 107 

Ketallnrgioal Prodnets. 

2 National ICuseum. 

« Solid rough gold pieces. ixo 

b Iron. vtt 

Chemioal ¥anbfsetnres. 

8 Laboratory of the Oovemment. 

« Chemicab of all kinds and pharmaceutical 
preparations. floo . 

b Prupared oils, solid and liquid. aoi 

e Flavoring extracts, solid and liquid. 903 

Ceramics— Pottery, Poroelain, eto. 

4 National Museum. 
a Bricks Trom Lower Egypt. 
b PoTceliii: tiles. 
^Egyptiin earthenyrare, fi^m 


5 Brugsch Bey, Cairo. 
a Majolica ware ii diflferent designs. 
b Porcelain of aU kinds. 





Tnmitnre, and Objects of General Use 
in Oonstmotion and in Dwellings. 

6 Parvit, Iff., Catro.-Oriental 

drawing-room furniture. 917 

7 National ICuseum. 

« Table furniture of porcelain, solid gold and 
silver ware, coffee sets, and vesseb of 
brass. 918 

b Utensils for kitchen, and tinware. 994 

Tarns and Woren Goods of Vegetable 
or mneral Xaterials. 

8 National Museum. 

a Coarse fabrics of rattan, bark, palm4eaf, 
grass, and rushes. 990 

b Cotton fitbrics, unbleached, bleached, and 
dyed. 93t 

For dasset of exhibiti, indicated bj numbcn 

€ linen ftbrics, unoolored and dyed, and 
linen canvas and duck for awnings and 
tents. 933 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and 
Xixtores of WooL 

. 9 National Musaum. 
a Fabrics of wool, fancv casslmeres. 935 
b Flannels. ^ 936 

e Robes. 937 

10 National Museum.— Collection of 
Brussels carpet. Melton, and tapestry, 
fipom wool and camel's hair. 939 

Silk and Silk Fabrios, and Xixtues 
in whiob Silk is the predominating 

1 1 Trauontino, Mr., Cairo.— Co coons 

and raw silk. 949 

18 National Moseom. 
a Twisted silk in spools and skeins. ' e^ 
b Woven silk, hite-strings, satins, and foo» 

lards. 94« 

e Woven figured silk goods. 946 

d Fancy siUc and velvet ribbons. 948 

Clothing, Jewelry and Ornaments; 

Trayeling jBqnipments. 
18 National Museum. 

a Dress goods for men's and women's wear, 
with gold and silver trimmings. 950 

b Hau. and boots ; women's snoes enbrc^ 
dered in velvet, silk, gold; and silver. 9S> 

c Silk drc9« trimmings and embroideria, 
woven with ^old ana silver. 9^ 

d Turquoises, jewelry, and ornaments worn 
upon the person. 953 

t Fancy articles, dress adornments, Cans, 
walking-canes, sunshades, and pipes ol 
all descriptions, with gold, silver, and sflk 
wov^n ornaments, ostrich and marabout 
featheia. 954 

/ Fancy leather work. 955 

g Hbtorical collecdon of the national cos- 
tumes from Abyssinia and the Soodaa. 937 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

14 National Museum. 
« Stationers' articles of the Orient. 95S 

b Writing paper. 959 

Military and Haval Armaments, Ord- 
nanoe, Firearms, and Hunting Ap- 

16 National Musaum.~8words,e|MMra| 

at end of entries, see Classification, 9. vf-^^ 



Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

16 C«Megr«in, P. P., of Cairo.— Hunt- 
ing firearms of a special paiicrn. 969 

XedioiBe, Surgery, and Protliefif . 

17 National Ma team.— Medicinal 


18 National Muacum of Egypt. Mr. 
Zucduoetd, oC Cairo.— Veterinary iutru.> 

Hardware, Sdre Toola, Cutlery, and 
Me^Uiio Produou. 

19 Mechanic Inatitute of Boolak.— Iron 
hardware finr difierent OMclianical pur- 
poses. «84 

Carriages, Yehiclee, and Acoessoriei. 

go National Museum of Egypt, Mr. 

Zucdiineui, of Cairo. — Furniture for 

bor&es and mules, harness and saddlery, 

' omamenta] mule blanket^, and silk woven 

saddle blankets. 996 

Idueational Srctemi, Xethodi, and 

SI Ifiniatry of Public Inatruction.— 
Maps, charts, penmanhip, drawings of 
pm»us' work and course ot study in water 
oobrs, from the public schools Mid acade- 
mies. ' 300 
12 National Museum. 
m Map of Egypt and the new annexed prov- 
inces made oy Mr. Friedenchsen. 300 
i Mechanical instniments executed by schol- 
ars at the Polytechnic scluxd. 309 
c Text-books and apparatus. 306 
28 Onsy, Mr., of Cairo.— Typea and 
books for the education of the blind. 303 
S4 Miniatry of Public Instruction, 
a CoUece and school statistics and educa- 
tional reports of Egypt. 3^ 
i Statistical reports. 305 
26 Mouris & Co., Cairo, Ministry of 
Public Instruction.— Printed works, 
school and text books, and dictionary, 
from the public schools of Egypt; liter- 
anire in the Arabic language, newspapers, 
aad periodical literature. 306 

iBstitmtions and Org;anization8. 

26 National Museum.— Ethnographical 
collection and publications. 31a 

Btientifle and PhilosopMoal Instru- 
ments and Methods. 

27 National Muacum. 
« Egyptian weights and measures. 3aa 
i Musical instruments from Egypt and the 

provinces of Soudan. 397 

Escineering, Arohiteoture, Charts, 
maps, and Graphic Bepresentations. 

28 National Museum.— Maps of rail- 
ways, road<i, telegraphs, ana postal ser-^ 
vice : topograph!^ maps and charts. 335 ' 

I^sioal, Sooial, and Moral Condition 
of Kan. 

29 National Museum.— Collection "of 
t^^ypiiaa gold, silver, and copp^ 
corns. 344 

For daises of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see ClassUication, pp. 37-45. 


80 National Museum.— Plaster casta 
from Egyptian oionumenu. . 4gc 

Zl National Muaeum. 

' « Stones with ancient Arabic Inscriptiens. 401 

^ Hammered relief wock» in coiiper, and 

collection of plates, trays, and vu-^es of 

the modem time of Egypt. 403 

SS Vegis, Mr., Ciiiro.— Repouss6 and 
rehaussi work in copper and iron of the 
andeui Arabic time. 4C3 

33 National Museum.— Specimens of 
" Mousharabie" window paucrnk in wood 
and ivory, engraved wood. 405 


84 National Museum. 

« View of Cairo and other water-color paint- 
ings, eswcuted by Mr. Weidenbach, Ber- 
lin, ill 

i Painted water-botdes. ^ 413 

Engraving and Lithography. 

35 Ravon, H., StafT-ofRcer National 

Museum. — Drawing in ink of the citadel 

. of Cairo, Ibt of the names of the caliphs 

\and sultans who have reigned in Egypt. 

from Omar to Ismail Pacha. Khedive of 

Egypt, list of the names of Pharaohs. 420 

85a Penasson, A., Alexandria.— 

Samples of lithographic printing. 433 


86 National Museum.— Collection of 
photographs, views of public works, cos- 
tumes, scenery, panorama, and a collec- 
tion ot albums. 430 

Industrial and Arohiteotural Designs, 
Models, and Deoorations. 

87 National Museum.— Collection of 
Arabic ornaments (plaster and zinc casts, 
painted and gilt), from timeofttie caliphs, 
made by Sclmo-ranz. 443 

Decorations with Ceramic ^d Vitre- 
ous Materials, Mosaic and Inlaid 

88 National Museum. 
a'Aucient glass lamps from the mosques. 451 
h Woodwork inlaid with ivory ; ancient dooi 

from ihe sanctuary of a mosque, carved 
and inlaid in ivory and ebony. 45a 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

39 National Museum. 
a Collection of woods from Egypt and the 

annexed provinces, cotton tree. 600 

h Materials for dyeing and other industrial 

purposes. 609 

40 National Museum & Mr. Heller.— 
Samples of gmns. . 603 

Agricultural Produets. 

41 National Museum. 

a Cereals. 690 

i Legumes— beans, lentils, etc 69Z 

€ Tuberculous alimentaries. 629 

d lobacco. 693 

/ Cottonseeds. 604 



Animal and VegeUble Products, Textile SubsUnces. 

Water Awlmalf, Fiih Cnltnxe and 


48 NatiOBal Mtweom. 

'•Crocodiles. €40 

^Pearit. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Predneti. 

48 National Musaani. 
a S^implos of butter. fei 

i Samples oT crease, colored hides, skias, cn- 
lectioo of hippopotamus and rhinoceros 
horns, tusks o^ elephants and hippopota- 
mi. 65a 
e Ostrich tm and feathen. , 653 
^Edible pulps, seeds, froits, pastes, and 
confections,dried fruits and vegetables. 656 
For classes of eidilbits, indicslsd bj 

t Flour and lica. 
g Sacchariculture. 
4 Wines, alcohol, ram, and Tinegar. 
i Biscuits. 

Ttxtile Snbstanoef ef Vegetable er 
Animal (Mgin. 

44 Batata of the Khcdlva.— CdHcctioa 
of over sooo cotton samples, representing 
the crops of ei^ yeus, anth classifica« 
tion and price of saoa in Egypt and 7 


41 NatloBal Muaaum.— TaictUa Bbraa^ 
raw and maniifartiired, cords and rop^ 

nanbcis at ead of entries, see ClasslJcstton, pp. 87-45. 


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(SomfA of South Avenue, Columns 10 to 14.) 


Manufftctures, Sducation and Science, Art. 

Uneralf, Oret, fltonet, Misini^ 

I Wm Hlf hness Sidi Mohammed Bs- 
aadok. Bey of Tunis. — Blinerals and ores 
cf Tunis. no 

Chemieal Xannfaotaref. 

5 Hit Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 
dole. Bey of Tunis. — Esstaces and flavor- 
ing eztractt. soj 

Cmndoi— Pottery, Porcelain, GlaM, 

t Valenti, M., Tunis and Paris.-Pot- 
tery. ao6 

tm His Highness Sidi Mohammed Es- 

sadok. Bey of Tunis. 
« Pottery. ao6 

i Earthenware. sso 

Amdtnre and Objeota of Oeneral Use 
ia Conttmetion and in Bwellingi . 

4 ValensI, M., TunU and Paris. 

m inlaid furniture. nj 

i Brackets. 930 

6 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Essa- 
dok, Bey of Tunis. i 

a Inlaid and household furniture. 317 

i Gilt brackeu. aso 

WofOB and Felted Oeodi of Wool and 
Miztnres of Wool. 

6 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Essa- 
dok. Bey of Tunis. 

« Woolen blankets, shawls. 
^ Carpets, mgs. 

7 ValensI, M., Tunis and Paris. 

a Shawls. 

i Carpets and nigs. 



lilk and Silk Fabriea, and lOxtaret ia 
which Silk ii the predominating 

8 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 

dok.liey of Tunis. 
aWovenftilks. • 045 

i Hangings. 346 

a Woven suks. 
i Hangings. 

Toais and Paris. 



Clothiaff, Jewelrj, and Omaaente; 
Traveling Bqnipments. 

10 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Essa- 
dok. Bey of Tunis. 

m Burnous. S50 

i Embroideries. ass 

c Jewelry. 953 

1/ National costumes. 957 

11 Valensi. M., Tunis and Paris. 

a Jewelry. 953 

i Oriental manu&ctures generally. 354 

e Tunisian costumes. 957 

Military and Varal Armaments, Ord- 
nanoe, Tirearma, and Hunting Ap- 

12 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Bssa- 
dok. Bey of Tunis. — ^Ancient and modem 

< arms. 365 

IS Valanai, M., Tnnis and Paris.-. 

Amu. 365 

Oarriagea, Yekiolei, and Aeeeaaoriea. 

14 HisHigteess Sidi Mohammed Essa- 

dok. Bey of Tunis. — Saddlery ; furniture 
and accoutrements for horses, mules, and 
camels ; omanental horse and mule sad- 
dies and bridles. 396 

Seientiflo and Philoaophioai Inatm* 
menta and Methoda. 

1 5 Valensi, M., Tunis and Paris.— Musi- 
cal instruments. 3*7. 

Ceramio Deeoratioaa, Moaaioa, eto. 

16 Ancient mosaics from Carthage. 450 

Phyaioal, Sooial, and Moral Condition 
of Man. 

17 His Highness Sidi Mohammed Essa- 
dok, Bey of Tunis. — Two Arab tentx, ex- 
hibiting the domestic life and customs of 
Arab sheiks and Bedouins : farming imple- 
ments of Arabs, (bt Park.) 34s 

of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 


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(StmiA ofSntth Avenue^ CaJumms 2 tPS') 


Minerals, Clothing, Animal and Vegetable Products. 

• Diamonds in the rough, from the dia- 
mond fields of th« Orange Free Stabe. 100 

^ Diamondiferous soil, with a dia- 
mond in it. 100 

€ Copper and iron ofe, chlorsastrolite, 
and maguesita. xoo 

d Coal. xoi 

# Pabblss accompaBying the dlamoml. 


y Kaolin. Z04 
/■ Springbuck mats. 339 
A Angora, blesbuck, and Jackal ka- 
rosses. ajg 
i Boots of native manufacture. 851 
J Pipes of native manufacture. 954 
k Baskets of native manufacture. 989 
/ Harnesses and whips. 296 
m Figures in wood, cut with • pen- 
knife. 405 

u Blue gum, olive, and thorn woods. 


» Petrified wood. 
> Sumach. 


q Cream of tartar fruit. tn 

r Wheat, meallea, aad Kaffir com. 6m 
tf Stufied birds. 635 

t Butterflies and other insects. €38 
n Tusks of ivory. 653 

V Gemsbuck. roorbuck, rietbuck, and 

hartebeeste noms. 6^% 

w Koodoo cow hides. ^ 

jr Blesbuck skins. 6ss 

y Hartebeeste and blesbuck skins, 
canned. (^ 

a Shambucks, long and short. 65a 

aa Rhinoceros hide flexible rods, 

reins, thongs, and girdles. 65a 

» Whips of giratiTe hide. 65* 

cc Ostrich feathers and eggs. ^ 

tld Bird plumage, natural. 6S3 

ee Dried fruit. 656 

jy Mealie meal. 657 

eg: Wool, washed and unwashed. 667 

hk M^ohair of Angora goat. 669 

a Model of transport wa^on. ^ 



Ceramics, Clothing,' Animal and Vegetable Products. 

Ceramioi— Pottery, Porcelain, Olast, 

1 Utschneider & Jaunes, Wasser- 

billis. — Cement products of WasscrbiU 
Ug. ao6^ 

ClotMng, Jewelry, and Omamenti ; 
Traveling Equipments. 

2 Charles, Auguste, ft Co., Bonnevole, 
near Luxemburg. — Rid gloves. 251 

S Mayer, Gabriel, Luxemburg.— 
Kid glove*. 951 

for classes oi exhibits, indicated by rnunben 

4 Boot Manufactory of Luxemburg. — 
Boots and shoes. 951 

Animal and Vegetable Prodaets. 

4a Charles, Auguste, ft Co., Boana- 
voie, near Luxemburg.— Tanned and dyed 
kid skins. _ 65a 

5 Michaelis, Frederic, Luxemburg.— 
Concentrated vinegar. 6do 

6 Pauly, Bouthon, ft Co., Distillery 
Vinegar Manufactory. — Concentrated 
vinegar. 660 

7 Eichhom, Gustav, Wormeldang. — 
Moselle wines. 66c 

at cod of entries, see Classification, pp. *7-45. 



C H I N A. 

(Smtk o/SnOk Avernug, Cobtmtus fy ^^-) 


Minerals, Manufactures. 

1 Harm an, O., Swmtow.- 

XiAenls, Ores, Btoaa, Mining 



9 Imperial Msritime Cmatoma. 



Xetallnrgioal Frodnets. 

5 Imperial Maritime Custoroa. 

« SQver leaf and imitadoD of gold Leaf, zxo 

tSmd. zxs 

clmfoa. Z13 

Chemical MsnnfMtiirof . 

4 Imperial Maritime Customs. 
• Vsmoics seed, vegetable, and wood oils, aox 
^ Varnish, indigo, and sundry other dyes 
and colon. ao* 

( Sauce. ao3 

OMramiM— Pottery, Poroelain, Glass, 

6 Imperial Maritime Caatotma. 

m Bricks. 9o6 

i Roof tiles. ao8 

c Collection of earthenware. sxo 

6 Tack Loong.-Canton. 

m Earthenware omamenu, figures, etc axo 

i Porcelain vases, flower-pots, tea set, cigar 

holders, etc. ' 2x3 

7 Bean ft Jardine, Kiukiang.—Porce- 
lain vases, flower-pots, cups, etc. 3x3 

8 Pow Loong , Canton.— Porcelain 
vases, dinner service, etc. 2x3 

9 Ho Kan Cheu, Shanghai.— Collec- 
tion of old china. 3x3 

10 Ha Kwang, Yung Hang Chow»— Col- 
leaion of old chiua porcelain. 3x3 

11 Ii^iperial Maritime Cuatoma, Canton. 
— I'orcelain va«cs, dinner, dessert, tea, 
and toilet sets, flower^pots, candle-holders, 
bowls, ctispadors, etc. 213 

12 Imperial Maritime Customs, Kiuki- 
ang. — Porcelain vases, cups, and bowls; 
plates, teapots, etc. 3x3 

18 Imperial Maritime Customs, Sbang- 
hai.—CoUection of old china. 213 

14 Kopsch, H., Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
vases, cups, bottles, cups and plates, des- 
sert dishes, goblets, etc. 2x3 

U Lovstt, W. N., Kiukiang.— Porce- 
lain vases, flower-pots, g.-irden seats, tea- 
cups, dessert <Bshes, goblets, etc. 213 
fbr classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

16 Moora, C. P., Kiukiang.— Porcelaia 

teapots, bottles, flower-pots, ornaments., 
etc. ax3 

17 Rose, S. C, Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
vases, flower-pots, jais, plates, dishes, 

. cups, dinner sets, etc. 213 

18 Tong Cbock-hing, Kiukiang.— Por- 
celain vases, ornaments, dessert service, 
etc 2x3 

19 Toin Peh Mei, Kiukiang.— Porcelain 
vases, teacups, fruit stands, dinner sets, 
and screen. 213 

80 Wadnxan, E., Ningpo.— Collection of 
old chiioi vases. 2x3 

Pnmitttre and Olijeots of General Use 
in Constmotion and in Dwellings. 

81 Pow Loons, Canton.— Blackwood 
furniture — taoles, so&s, chairs, screens, 
cabinets, etc' 217 

88 lAiperial Maritix&e Cuatoms, Can- 
Ntf Blackwood, bamboo, rattan, and lacquered 
furniture. • 217 

A Rattan cradle, and children's chairs. 221 
c Diflerent kinds of lanterns. 223 

83 Kopsch, H., Kiukiang.— Screens. 217 

84 Lien Shing, Canton.— Lacquered 
furniture, chairs, and blackwood' 
screens. 2x7 

35 Sung Sing Kung^Nini^po. 
a Carved furniture— beds, chairs, tables, 
bookcases, cabinets, etc. 217 

i Carved picture and photi^raph frames. 220 

86 Imperial MaHtimeCtMtoma, Ning^. 
a Teakettles and dishes. 221 
S Washbasins. 226 

Yams and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Xaterials. 

87 Pargtiaaon ft Co., Chafoo.— Samples 

of straw braid 229 

88 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma. 

a Samples of grass cloth, rattan and coir 
matting, etc. 229 

3 Plain cotton fabrics. 230 

c Printed cotton fabrics. 232 

d Hemp doth, 233 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, ete. 

89 Imperial Maritime Cuatoma.- Pelt 

rugs. 239 

Bilk and Silk Fabries. 

80 Pergusson ft Co., Chefoo. 
a Raw silk. S4e 

i Plain woven silks. S4S 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. «7-45JIC 




Manufactures, Education and Science, Art, Agriculture. 

81 Imperial Maritime Customs, Shang- 
hai.— Collection of reeldi and re-reeled 
silks. 343 

88 Htt Kaa.cheu, ShaoghaL— Plain 
woven silks. 345 

88 Hu Kwang-Yung, Hangchow.— 
Plain woven sUks. S45 

84 Imperial Maritime Cuatpma. 
a Plain woven silks. S4S 

h Figured silk piece goods. 346 

c Embroidered silk scarft. 347 

86 Fergusson ft Co., Chafoo.-— Figured 
silk piece goods. 346 

86 H5 Kan-cheu, Shanghai.— Figured 
silk piece goods. 346 

87 Hu Kwang-Yunf, Hangchow.— Fig- 
ured silk piece goq^. 346 

88 Wu, Shanghai.— S 00 chow gau- 
ses. a47 

Olothiiur, Jewelry, and Oniaments; 
Traveling Eqnipmenti. 

89 Imperial Maritime Customa. 

m Stockings. sjo 

b Shoes, hats, cape, etc. ssx 

c Fans, small arudes of dress, pipes, smok- 
ing apparatus, etc. 354 

40 Iinperial Maritime Customs, Canton.' 
— Collection of silk embroidered goods, 
shawls, slippers, and caps, bed and cush- 
ion covers, cloth, etc. 353 

41 Sisters of Charity, Ningpo.— £m. 
broideries. 35B 

42 Sung Sing Kung, Kingpo.— Satin 
embroideries. 352 

48 Lien Shing, Canton. 

a Jeweky. 353 

b Fans and hand screens. 354 

44 Moore, C. F., Klukiang.— Jewelry 

and ornaments. 353 

46 Ho A Ching, Canton.— Carved 

fans. 354 

46 Imperial Maritime Customs^ Nipch- 
wang. — G>llection of furs and skins. 355 

47 Imperial Maritime Customs, Shang- 
hai. — Fancy leather work, trunks, and 
toilet boxes. 355 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

48 Imperial Maritime Customs. 
a Paper, knives, ink, pens, etc. 


3 Writing paper. 359 

c Oiled and pith paper. 360 

</ Various colored paper. 364 

49 Tong Chou Hlng,Kiukiang.— Ink. 359 

Medicine, Surgery, Protheiif . 

60 Imperial Maritime Customs. — Col- 
lection of medicines, offictual and unoffici- 
nal. 373 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery, Ke- 
tallTo Products. 

61 Ho Kan Cheu, Shanghai .-^loUec- 
tion of old bronzes, vases, urns, etc. 383 

68 Hu Kwang-Yung, Hangchow.— Col- 
lection of old bronzes, vases, urns, etc. 383 

68 Imperial Maritime Customs.— Pew- 
ter ware, tea canisters, cups, pots, mugs, 
boxes, candlesticks, etc. 383 

For classes of exhibits, mdloated by numben at end of entries^ see Uassificatioa. 

64 Imperial Maritime Customs, Shang^ 
hai. — Collection of (^ bronses, vase*, 
urns, etc. 383 

66 Wadman, B., Ningpo.— Collection 
ofoldbronzes, vases, umSf etc S83 

Fabrics of Yegetable, Animal, or Mtn- 
eral Materials. 

66 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

« Cora, rope, twine, etc. S87 

b LAcquer, rattan, and bamboo ware. 989 

67 Ho A Chtag, Canton. — Lacquer 
ware. 389 

68 Lrien Shing, Canton.— lAcquer and 
sandalwood ware. . 389 

Sbientiflo and PUlosophieal Instru- 
ments and Methods. 

69 Imperial Maritime Custom^.— Col- 
lectioB of Q^usioal instruments. 337 

Physical, Social, and Moral Conditlen 
of Man. 

60 The Protestant Misstonariea in Chi- 
na. — Publications. 348 


61 Grimm, B., Shanghai.— Collection of 
coins and medals. 401 

68 Ho A Ching, Canton. — Carved ivory 
ware. 405 

88 Imperial Maritime Customs, Can- 
ton.— Carved ivory and tort<Nse shell 
ware. 405 

64 Lien Shing, Canton.— Carved ivory 
ware, etc. 405 

66 Moore, C. P., KitfMang. -Carved 
figure. 405 


66 Hippislesr, A. E., Shanghai.— Water. 

color paintings on silk, for screens, paint- 
ed by WangKieti-ting. 41X 

67 Imperial Maritime Customs.— Col- 
lection of ancient water-color nainting» on 
silk and paper ; pictures on pito paper. 41 x 

Ceramic Decorations, Kosaics, etc. 

68 Vo Chon, Canton. 
m Two cloisonne brass incense burners. 453 
i Bronze vases, incense bumen, plates, etc 


69 Moore, C. P.. Kiukiang -^Enamel 
vase and bowl, lools, jade plat«. 454 

Arbcrionltnre and Forest Prodaott. 

71 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

a Sj>ecimens of timber. 600 

6 Gallnuts and dyestuff. 60a 

c Carophot-. 603 

d Moss and Aingus. > 604 

e -Collection of nuts and seeds. 60s 

78 Pergusson ft Co., Chefoo. — Red dya- 

stuff. 6oe 

Agricnltoral Prodncts. 

78 Pergusson ft Co., Chefoo. 
a Peas and beans. 
b Tobacco. 






Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

74 Imperial If aritime Cnttoms. 

A Cereals. 6m> 

k Legianinooi planli. 6ai 

€ Ginger. 699 

d Tobacco and ophun. Aj 

r Seeds. 604 

76 Imperial Maritime Cvatoms, Shanjf - 

hai.— Collection of teas. M3 

Water Animals, Fish Cnltnrs and 

76 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

m Dried fish. 64a 

h Clanu. dried. 644 

e Fish glue and tea blubber. 646 

d Iitttruments and apparatiis of fishing. 647 

77 Imperial Maritime Customs, Tam- 
aui. — CoUectton of sea shells. 645 

Animal and Vegetable Prodnots. 

78 Imperial Maritime Customs. 

m Seaweed. 650 

For classes of eschilrits, indiGated by numben 

h Leather, fui^s, skins, taUow, glue, etc. 659 
e Honey and wax. 
1/ Dried fruit. 
e Flour. 

'/ VeftnicelV, maccaronl, starch, etc. 
gr Sugar, ete. • 

h Wines, etc. 
i Vegetable taflow and oil. 

79 Ferg oaaon ft Co., Chefoo. 
« Bean cakes. 
b VermJcelU. 





Ttxtils Bnbstanees of Vegttablo or 
Animal Origin. 

80 Imperial Maritime Ciistoms. 

a Cotton. 66< 

b Hemp, coir, etc 660 

r Wool. 667 

^Hair. 669 

81 Fergusson ft Co., Chefoo.— Sample 
of hemp. <> 666 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 27-45 


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{South of Nave, Cohmttsj to ii.) 


Minerals, Chemicals, Ceramics. 

Mineralf, Ores, Stone, Mining Pro- 

1 Kaitakushi, .Department for the 
colonization of the Isbnd of Hokkaido. — 
Minerals and geological coUecrion from 
Hokkaido. too 

2 Koranriyo, Mining Department, To- 

a Ores. xoo 

6 Coals and anthracite. xox 

8 Seki-yu Kuwaisha JPetroleum Co., 
Tokio. — Mineral oils, crude and re- 
fined. lOI 

4 Hashimoto, 8., Tokio.— BuUding 

stones. loa 

5 Oyama, K.^ Chichibu. Province of 
Mus.ishi. — Limestone and quick lime. Z03 

6 Hattori, C, Tokio.— Mortars. X03 

7 Kuwangiyo-Riyo, Imperial Board 
of Agriculture, Industry, & Commerce, 
Tokio. — Clay, chinastone, kaolin, etc. Z04 

6 Chemical Laboratory of the City 
of Kiyoto. — Natural carbonated water. 


9 Yeisei-Kiyoku, Board of Public 
Health, Toicio. — M i n e r a 1 water statis- 
tics. X07 

Chemical Manufactures. 

10 Chemical Laboratory of the City 
of Kiyoto. — Pharmaceutical preparations. 


11 Kuwangiyo-Rivo. Imperial Board 
of Agriculture, Inaustry, & Commerce, 
Tokio.— Vegetable oils, wax candles, 
etc. aoi 

12 Matsn-zaki, S. ' YoriU, Y., ft Kon- 
do, M., Tokio. — boap. aox 

13 Koshima, J., Tokio.— Shark liver 
oil. aoi 

14 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha, First Jap- 
anese Manufacturing & Trading Co., 
Tokio.— Japanese and Chinese ink. 902 

15 Wada, Y., Tokio.— Indigo and speci- 
mens of dyed silk. 309 

Ceramics— Pottery, Porcelain, etc. 

16 Kobu-sho. Deoartment of Public 
Works 'i'okio.— llrickft. ao6 

17 Nakashima, R., Kagoshima, Prov- 
ince of Sauuma.— Vases, jars, tea sets, 
and ornamental pieces. sio 

For claxses of cxhibitt, iadicated by numbers 












at end 

Kasbiu, 8amp«i» Igano-Mura,, Pi«r- 
ince of Aw^ji.— Vases, coffoe and tea seta, 
candlesticks, etc. sxc^ 

Minoda, Ch., Tokio.— AadMit pot- 
tery and onuunenu. aso 

Miyagawa, T., Ota, near Yokohama. 
— Vases, censers, etc. aso 

8 u s u k i, Y., Yokohama.— Earthen- 
ware, axo 
S h i t o m i Sohei, Yokka-ichi, Prov- 
ince of Ise. — Banko ware, vases, tea pou, 
etc. 91 J 
Mori, Y., Yokka-ichi, Province of 
Ise.— Banko ware, vases, tea pott, bowls, 
etc. 913 

Nakayama, M., Kuwana, Provinca 
of Ise. — Vases, cake boxes, and dishes. 


Kato Gosuke, Tajimimura, Provinca 
of Mino. — Cups, covered bowls, flower 
pots, etc. 9x3 

Fukihara, 8., Tokio.— Cloiaonn^ en- 
amel on porcelain. 913 
Koran-Sha Porcelain Manufactory, 
Ariu, Province of Hizen. — Cuds ana 
flower vases, pedestals, tea ana coflee 
services, etc. 9x3 
Chaki-Shosha, Tea Set Manufac- 
tory, Kiyoto.^Tea pots, cups, jars, etc. 

Tansan 8eikal, Kiyoto.— Vaaea, 
flower pots, dinner sets, jewel cases, pho- 
tographs on porcelain, etc 9x3 
K in k o s a h-Sob^i, Kiyoto.— Vaaea, 
flower pots, plates, jewel cases, etc. 9x3 
Takahashi, Dohachi, Kiyoto.— 
Vases, dishes, flower pots, etc. 9x3 
8himidzu Reku1>ei, Kiyoto.-- 
I'arzas, vases, jars, sets, etc. 913 
Kansan Densbichi, Kiyoto.— Tea 
and coflfee sett, incense cases, pitchers, 
and tablett. 913 
Wage Kitei, Kiyoto.-Cigar standa, 
vases, basins, etc 913 
Mashimidsu Zoroku, Kiyoto.— 
Vases, flower pott, and dishes. 9x3 
Shimidsu Shichibei, Kiyoto.— Tea 
and coflTee cups and saucers, milk jues, 
and sugar bowls. 9x3 
Shimidsu Kameahichl, Kiyoto,— Taa 
and cofi*ee sets. 9x3 
Yeiraku, Z., Kiyoto.— Bowla, 
flower vases and pott, egg cups, jewel 
cases, etc. 913 
of entries, see ClassiftcatioB, pp. S7-45> 



Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Qoods. 

89 Tsuji, Ch., Klyoto.—Toilet services. 


40 Taixaa Yohei, Kiyoto.— Tern eeta, 
tazras, etc. 313 

41 Seifo Yohef, Kiyoto.— Vues, flower 
pots, bowb, etc. as3 

48 M^eteym, Q., Kaaazawa, Province 
of Kaga. — Coffee and tea sets, tea jars, 
cake bcxcs, and tazzaa. ^ 913' 

48 Yoehide, Y., Kaiutrewe, Province 
of Kaga.— Large bowb 013 

44 Awo, P., Kanesawm, Province of 
Kaga. — Vases, tea and coffee cups, bowls, 
etc 213 

46 HekisAB, T., Kanasama, Province of 
Kaga. — Vases, cups, bowls, etc. 313 

46 Seikan, 8., Kanazawa, Province of 
Raga. — Tea jars and coffee sets. 913 

47 Kachoken, A., Kanazawa, Province 
of Kaga. — Flower vases and cake 
boxes. ai3 

48 Shoxn, T., Kanaxawa, Province of 
Kaga.--Conee cups, flower pots, etc. 9x3 

49 Stgntaii, ik,jp Kanazawa, Province 
of Kaga.— -Coffee and tea cups, teapots, 
and vases. 9x3 

50 Haruna. S., Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaea.— Cake bozea« lamp vases, coffee 
and dinner sets. 9x3 

81 Muneaki, Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaga. — Coffee sets. 913 

82 Utsumi, K., Kanazawa. Province of 
Kaga. — Cups, vases, cake ooxes, etc. 2x3 

88 Yamakishi. Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaga. — Bowls, coffee cups, etc. 213 

84 ChiuH, Kanazawa, Province of Ka- 
ga. — Coffee and tea pots. 2x3 

^t Sekitei, I., Kanazawa, Province of 
Kaga.— Teapots, lamp vases, etc. 2x3 

86 Kaga Aatociatioo for the Encourage- 
ment of Manufactures. — Bowls, coffee 
cupft, vases, etc. 313 

87 Bhinoda, K., Province of Kaga.-^ 
Flower vases cigar sunds, etc. 9x3 

88 Hivochiyen-tha, Manufactory of 
Paiatcd Porcelain, Tokfo.— Flower pots 
and vaxes, coffee and tea sees, dishes, ta- 
oles, and ornaments. 9x3 

89 Shippo-Kuwaisha.Cloisonnft Enamel 
Mai)ufactur>', Nagoya, Province of Owari. 
— Enamel on porcelain. 2x3 

60 Makodm Kozan, Ota.— Flower and 
lamp -yvcs, coffee sets, etc 913 

61 Minoda, Ch., Tokio.— Old and new 

porcdain. 9x3 

68 Kawamoto ICasokichi. Nagoya. 
Province of Owari. — ^Tables, vases, and 
flower pots. 3x3 

68 Kiriu-Rosho-Kawaiaha,Firtt Japan- 
ese Maiuifacturing & Trading Co., Tokio. 
— Ancient pouery and porocTain. 213 

%Za I id a, T., Nagoya, Province of 
Owari. — Porcelain flower vases and pots, 
plates, fruit dishes, pitchers, ladies, bowb, 
tea services, ubies, braziers, etc. 2x3 

FnniitiiTe and Objeotf of General Use 
in Coastmotion and in Dwellings. 

64 Kuwan|riyo.Riyo-Shi-ken-jo,Exper- 
imentai beciion of the ftoard of Agricul- 
e, Toklo.— 

tore. Industry, ft Commerce, 
Cabinett and toilet table. 


of esddbfts, indicated by nnmbeis 

68 Aral, H., Tokio.— Laequered ftarai- 
ture. 917 

66 Kiriu-Koabo-Kuwai8ha,PlratTapan* 
ese Manufacturing ft Trading Co., To- 

m Bureaus, tables, etc 9X7 

h Silver tea seu, etc ax8 

c Bliiuls and screens. 997 

67 Minoda, Ch., Tokio. 

a Bureau, toilet taUes, etag&res, etc 9X9 
^ Silver tea ketde. 918 

e Bath tub and accessories. 926 

68 Yamamoto, Y., Shizoeka, Province 
of Suruga. — Lacquered furniture, screens 
etc. 9x7 

69 Shikki - Shotha, Lacquered Ware 
Manufactory, Kiyoto.— Lacquered furni- 
ture, etc. 917 

70 Klkuchl-Knbei, Tokio.— Hat racks^^ 
chairs, etc ' 217 

71 Ota, M., Tokio.— Fumittire and cab- 
inet woric. 21 7 

78 Chaki-Shoaha, Kiyoto.— Tea aerv- 
ices, etc. " 9x8 

78 Iwahaahi, K.,Kuroimura, Province 
of KH.— Lacquered ware &>r household 
use 9X8 

74 Awonmi, G., Hiromai. Province of 
Mutzu. — Lacqifered utensils. 9x8 

78 Pujisawa, H., Oaaka. — Lacquered 
lunch boxes and trays. 2i£ 

76 Ishioka, S., Nosbiro. Province of 
Ugo. — Trays, boxes, dishes, tables, etc. 


77Kimura, H., Kiyoto.— Table 
ware. 2x8 

78 Hirai Ikkiin, Kiyoto.— Coffee aeta. 2x8 

79 Asano, T., Kiyoto.— Lacquered 
vases. 2x8 

80 Nakamura, H., Kiyoto.— Bowl a. 
trays, etc. ^ 2x8 

81 Uyemura, 8., Tsuruga, Province of 
Vechizen.— Lacquered ware.. 918 

88 Riukiu-han, the ialand of Loocboo. 

— Lacquered plates, bowls, etc. 218 

88 Kuwangiyo-Riyo, Imperial Board of 

Agriculture, Inditftry, & Commerce, Tof 


a Lanterns. 99a 

i kon utensils, kettles, etc. «2^ 

Yarni and Woven Oooda of Vegetable 
or Mineral Xateriala. 

86 Kuwangiyo-Riyo. Imperial Board of 
Agriculture, Industry*, & Commerce, To- 
kio. — Mats. 229 

87 Sakaiken. Local Government of.— 
Cotton cloths, yarns, etc. 230 

88 Ono, G., Naniwamura, Province of 
Scitsu. — Cotton cloths. 230 

89 Riu-kiu-han, I^oochoo Islanda. 

a White cotton cloths. 930 

6 Striped cotton cloths. 231 

c Ramie and fibre cloths. 933 

90 Kawamura. Y., Province of Owari. 
— Cotton dothn dyed and spotted. 231 

91 Oaaka f^. Municipality of, Oaaka.- 
Cotton rugs. 23Z 

98 Miye-ken, Local Government oC-^ 
Cotton gauze. 231 

at end of enuies, sm Chtfsi8cadoo, pp< •7-4^ 



Woven Goods^ Silk, Clothing, Fancy Articles. 

98 iUsoctation for Women*t Work, 
Kiyoto. — Cotton nigs. 231 

84 PQji-Kawa, O., Xiyoto.^Printed 
cotton doth. 331 

95 WaUnabe, 8., Shiro-ifthi, Province 
of Iwaki. — Shift! dOth, paper yam. 233 

96 Ni-i-^ta-ken, Local Government 
of. — Ramie cloth. 233 

97 Nara-ken, Local Qovernment of.— 
Hemp doth. 233 

mXkM and 811k Fabrie*. 

98 Yoyan-jo, Silk- Worm Breeding Ba- 
ublishmeni, Kiyoto.— Raw silks. 24a 

99 Sci-shi-Jo, Silk Reeling BaUbliah- 
ment, Kiyoto. — Raw silks. 24a 

100 Association for Women's Work, 

« RawsiDcs. 94a 

^ Dress silks. MS 

c Cravata. a45 

101 Xojima, T., Kiyoto.— Silk thread. 


102 Sucukl, Yo, Yamura, Province of 

m Dress silks. 845 

6 Handkerchleft. 947 

108 Tsuruffaken, Local Government oL 

—White dress silk. 245 

104 Yehara. T., Kiriu, Province of Kot- 

suke.— Dress silk. 345 

106 Yamamoto Kinu, Ousakamura, 

Province of Shinano.-^Bombyx sho-chin 

silk. 245 

106 Nakagawa, Y., Kiyoto.— White 
silk. - 945 

107 Morita, B., Kiyoto.-Colored sUks. 


108 Nishimura, S., Kiyoto. 
a Fancy dress »ilks. 
^ Plaid dress tilks. 



c Crapes dyed and figured. 

109 Kuwangiyo-J<K Association for the 
Encouragement of Arts & Manufactures^ 
Kiyoto.— White dress silk. 245 

110 Shibata, Y.. Hakata, Province ot 
Chikuzen. — Striped and figured silks. 246 

111 Sbiromidxu.Ch., Hakata, Province 
of Chikuzen.— Striped dress sflk. 246 

12 Nawa, 8., Akita, Province of Ugo. 

— Fancy silks. 246 

118 Ito, T., Sendai, Province of Kikti- 

sen -"Checkered dress silk. 246 

114 The Nishijin Weavers, Kiyoto. 

a Silk goods : brocade and striped silk. 246 

i Velvets and gauze. 247 

116 The Shokkojo Weavers, Kiyoto.— 

Striped and figured dress silks. 246 

116 Sumiyama, I., Kiyoto.— Checkered 
dress silk. 246 

117 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaisha, Tokio.— 
a Stlk carpetings and brocades. 946 
6 Cravau. 947 

118 Tsubaki Yoshi, Sendai, Province 
of Rikusen.— Striped shot dress silk. 246 

119 Tomita, S., Kiyoto.— Gauze. 247 

120 The Kanokoshosha, Kiyoto.— 
Dyed and spotted crapes. 947 

121 1 chid a. R., Kiyoto.-Dyed and 
spotted crapes. 947 

For cLuftcs of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

192, 8., Yokohama.— Handker- 
chief, cravats, etc., of crape. 247 

128 Yoahida, 8., ICiaeyaml. Provftsice 
of Tango.— Crapes. 247 

124 Nabeahima^ 8., Miaeyami, Prov> 

ince of Tango.— Crapes. 24; 

126 Ikebe, N., liiaeyan»o. Proving of 
Tango. — Crapes. 247 

126 Nishigori, K., Nagabama, Prov- 
ince of Owi.— White crapes. 247 

127 Nakamura, M., Nagahama, Prov> 
inceofOma.— White crapes. ^ 247 

128 Tsuboi. C, Nagahama, Province 
ofOmi. — White crapes. 247 

129 Kimura, O., Kiyoto.— Crapes. 247 

180 Inagaki, T., Kiyoto.— White crape. 


181 Kosekl, T., Kiyoto.— Braids. 949 
181a Nakatsu-ji, Kiyoto.— Braids. 94> 

1 82 1 2 u - k u r a, K., Kiyoto.— Watck 
/ guards. 34^ 


ClotMnr, Jevelry, and Onuu 
Traveling Xqnipmentt. 

88 Wakamatsu, R., ICinakuchi, Ptot- 
ince of OmI.— Hats. 950 

84 Hoaoda, Z., Kiyoto. — Silk embroid- 
ery. 25a 

86 Sakaguchi, 8., Niyoto.— Embroid- 
eries. 259 

86 Nishimura, 8., Kiyoto.— Embroid- 
ered tablets, table cloths, scrcciw, etc. 359 

87 Cha-ki-shosha, Kiyoto.— Embroid- 
ered picture of Buddha; embroidered 
carpeting and cushions. 259 

88 Teramura, 8., Kiyoto.— Embroid- 
ered table doths amd shawls. 352 

89 Sumiyama, L, Kiyoto.— Embroid- 
ered silks. 959 

40 Kiriu-Kosha-Kuwaiaha. Tokio. 

« Embroidered table doths and sIUls. 259 
i Crystal necklaces and earrii^. 953 

c Cigar cases, buttons, toys, umbrellas, etc. 

d Leather boxes. 25$ 

41 8hii-no, 8., Yokohoma.— Embroid- 
ered silks, coverlets, etc. 259 

42 Association for Women*s Work, 

a Embroidered (able doths and Kcreens. 2se 
6 Pin cushions ; »llk pictures in rdlef. 254 
c Wallets and tobacco pouches. 95s 

43 Nuisho-sha( Embroiderer*s So- 
d»ty), Kiyoto.— Embroidered doths, curb 
tains, and screens. 259 

44 Tanaka, R., Kiyoto.— Embroidered 
screens, curtains, etc. 95* 

46 Asakura. M., Tokio.— Toys and 
fancy artides, small objecu of adorn- 
ment. 954 

46« Aral, H.,Tokio.— Lacquered jewel 
cases, needle boxes, card boxes, dgar 
stands, canes, etc. •054 

46 Kuwangiyo-Rivo, Tbkio. — Orna* 
mental piece of rock crystal. 254 

47 The Shikki-shosha, Kiyoto.— Toys. 

48 IwaI,Z.,Nara, Province of Yamato. 
— Fans. \ 954 

end of entries, sec < 

i Clf ftifirttfft- i?p itT-^ii 



Fancy Goods, Sutionery, Weapons, Medical Appliances, Education. 

149 Myasaww, C, Tokio.— Portfolios, 

dgar cases, fans, pipes, etc. S54 

190 Pttkuda,K.,Kiyoto.— SilkpicUircs. 

lil Kataysma, O., Kiyoto.— Oraa- 

Aents. 854 

103 ^Vobanawa, M., Tokio.— Pant. 2$^ 

163 Shippo Kuwaisha, Nagoya, Prov- 
ince oiOwari.— Fans. S54 

1 64 Kimara, T., Klyoto.— Fans. »54 

155 Sumii, Z., Kiyoto.—Fana. S54 

156 Kuwan^yo-Jo (Association for ths 
encouragement of art and manufactures), 
Kiyoto. — Fans, pouches, cages, etc 254 

157 Jiami Joyso, Kiyoto.—Fans. tS4 

158 Toi-Ami Tcgiye, Kiyoto.'-Fans. 354 

159 Jo-Ami Hcishiro, Kiyoto.— Fans. 


160 Rin-smi Hsnzo, Kiyoto.— Fans. 254 

161 Murakami, T., Kiyoto.— Walking, 
canes. 954 

168 Tersda, Q., Kiyoto.— Pipes. 354 

168 Namikawa, S., Kiyoto.-^Birds and 

toys. 954 

164 Funaki, 8., Kiyoto.— Birds snd 
toys. aS4 

165 Yamamoto, Y., Shidsa-eka,* Prov- 
ince of Somga. — Cages. 354 

166 Sasaki, If., Kiyoto.- Battons, etc. 


167 Mitsal, Kiyoto.— Pictures on tmsil 
sofsilk. «54 

167« Awoumi, O., Hiromal, Province 
of Mutai. — LacquarSd.giove cases, jewel 
CMCS, letter holders, etc. 954 

168 Kimara, H., Kiyoto.— Note tablets. 


Piapar, Blank Books, and Statlonsry. 

169 Kiria-Kosbo-Kawaishs (First Ja- 
pancse llannfccturing & Trading Com- 
pany), ToUc— Writing-brushes. 958 

170 Kocbi-ken, Lcfeal Government of. 
—Paper. 9$^ 

171 Hamadaken,LocalQovemmentof. 
—Paper. 959 

179 Kiyoto-Fu^lCunicipality pt Kiyoto. 
—Paper. 959 

178 Riu-Kia-ban, Loo Cboo Island.— 
Paper, of plantain fibre and straw. 959 

174 Oifu-kea, Local Oovemmeat of.— 
Writing-paper. 959 

175 Tsuruga-ken, Local Government 
of.— Paper. 959 

176 Kuwangiyo-Riyo,/ Inmerial Board 
of Agriculture, Industry, & Conuaerce, 
Tokio.— Paper. 959 

177 Kinu-Kosbo-Kuwaisha, First Js- 
panese Manufiacturing & Trading Com- 
pany, Tokio. 

a Paper. 959 

i Blank books. a6t 

c Wall papers. 964 

178 Yosbida. K., Kiyoto.— Colored and 
ornamented paper for writing poetry. 260 

180 Minoda, Cb.. Tokio.— Albums. 961 

181 Ikibe, S., ft Okuyama. K., Inaki- 
fliura ft Komatamura, Province of Ise. 
—Wan paper, etc. 964 

For clisfi of exblUts, indicated by qumbers 

188 Haibara, M., Tokio.— Wsll papers. 


188 ICatsunBOts, T., Tokio.— Wsll pa- 
per. 964 

Weapons, eto. 

184 Kirlu-Kosbo-Kuwaisba, First Js- 
panese Manufiacturing ft Trading Com- 

pany, Tokio. 
I Coat of I •• 

malt 965 

A Swords, spears, etc 968 

c Bows ancf arrows. 969 

185 Minoda, Cb., Tokio.— Swords. s68 

186 Knmagal, K., Kiyoto.— Halberds. 


187 Yamamoto, Y., Sbidsu-oka, Prov- 
ince of Suruga.— Swords. 968 

Kedioino, Sorgory, Protksiis. 

188 Kuwani 

of Agricul 
Tokio.— Drugs 

189 Nara. Y., Kiyoto. 
a Suigicai instnuncnts. 
3 Dental instruments. 

uwangiyo-Riyo ImperisI, Board 

Agriculture, Industry ft Commerce), 
io. — Drugs and medtcioes. 973 


190 Rikugunsbo. Imperial Wsr De- 
partment.— Vehicles and Utters tor the 
traaq>ortadoa of wounded soldiers. 978 

Fabries of Yogetablo, Animal, or 
\ mneral Matsrials. 

101 Hiogo-ken, Local Government of. 

— Bainboo work. 289 

199 Toyo-oka-kea, Local Government 

(^.— Straw Work. 989 

193 8higa-ken, Local Government of.— 
Basket ware, mats, cake boxes, etc. 989 

194 Nsgsta, Y., Tokio.— Rattan work, 
trays. 989 

195 Yamamoto, Y., 8bldza-oka, Prov- 
ince of Suruga. — E^amboo work. 989 

196 Kiriu-Kosho-Kuwaishs^ First Ja- 
panese Manufacturing ft Trading Com- 
pany, Tokio. — Wooden ware, boxes, 
cases, etc. 989 

197 Shimidzn, J., Kiyoto.— Bamboo 
ware. 989 

198 Murakami, T., Kiyoto. — Bamboo 
ware 989 

199 Terada, G., Kiyoto. — Bamboo 
ware. 289 

800 Iwada, H., Kiyoto.— Bamboo ware. 


801 Hotta, Z., Kiyoto.— Bamboo ware. 


802 Chikumsken, Local Government 
o£ — Bamboo ware. 989 

Eduoatioiial Srttems, Xetkods, and 

808 Mombusbo. Department of Public 
Education, Tolcio. 

a Educational systems and methods. 

i Constitution of the Japanese Educational 
Department, and maps showing the divi- 

c Elementarv schod books and apparatui. 

ii Chairs and tables, etc., for schoolrooms. 

e Infant training and toys. 

y Reading and writing Implements, such as 
were used by childrui in former times, 
at end of entries, see (Classification^ pp. 27-45. 



Education and Science, Arts. 

#' Maps, charts, globes» etc. 

Tk Educational eauipments, tables, pens, 
ink boxes, blank boolcs, paper, aod othor 

i Abacus, arithmetical board, slates, pencils, 

t Examination paper for students. 

/ Designs and pnotographs for schools. 

m Sectional specimens of woods. 

m Leaves of various plants. 

p Books of botany. 

/ Tabular sutements of botanical dasslfi- 

f Moku-sa{'«b»-ran (albam showing sam- 
ples of the various woods used for indus- 
trial nurposes). 

r Artificial fruits. 

4 Ancient and modem medical and soigl- 
cal books, and modem surgical instru- 
ments made by K. Iwashlya. 

/ Medicfaies and drugs. 

n I-in xa&-si, miscellaneous reports of the 
hospital pertaming to the aiedical acad- 

V Anatomical designs. • 

w Paintings and painting uiaterials. 

jt Lacquer work, showing process of manu- 
facture and implements used. 

jf Wood engravings and engraving-tools, 
blocks and types ; printing materials. 

M Photqgraphs. 
0i Outline of the history of education In Ja- 

Ean : history of the literature and short 
istorical sketch of the educational de- < 
partment. (All accompanied by^the Eng- 
lish translation.) 
^ Educational regulations, notifications, re- 
ports , miscellaneous information^and Ri- 
Ii-ko-tei (educational reports by F. Tana- 
c6 St.itistical table, showing the number of 
public and private schooU, with their 
scholars, tabular statement of the revenue 
and expenditure of the public schools and 
the public school property, and other sta- 
tistical tables relating to education. 
4l^ Photograplu, history, regulation, and cat- 
alogue of Tokic Library. 
t6 Almanacs, history, dictiona^es, and illus- 
trated works on tiatural history, etc. 
yi Newspapers, journals, and magazines, 
etc. 300 

204 Knwangiyo-riyo Imperial Board 

of Agriculture, Indastry, & Commerce. 
— ^Tabular statement showing number of 
national newspapers. 300 

806 Hlrano, T., Tokio.— Collection of 

type and paper matrices used in printing. 

^ 300 

206 Tam^i, C, Province of Mino.— Il- 
lustrated work on the flora of Japan. 300 

207 Hababutskuwan Muaeum, Tokio. 
— Zoological collection. 310 

Soientlilo and FUlosophioal Inttm- 
meati and Xethoda. 

208 Mombusho, Department of Public 

Education. — Geometrical instmments : 
apparatus for experiments in natural 
philosophy. 390 

209 Kosan-riyo, Mining Department, 
Tokio. — Meteorological report. yao 

210 Kuwangiyo-riyo, Imperial Board 
of Agriculture, Industry, & Commerce. 
— Counting machine. 321 

For classes of exhibiu, indicated by numbers 

211 Okurasho, Finance Department.-^ 
Graduated scales of batnlKx> au<* brass; 
measures of capacity, scales, and gradu- 
ated beams for weighing. 3^ 

212 Kiriu-kosho-kuwaiaha, Pirat Jap- 
anese Manu&cturing & Trading* Co., 
Tokio. — Musical iastrtiments. 337 

Eng'lneeriag, Architeotiire, Maptt eU. 

213 Kuwangiyo-<riyo, Imperial Boat 4 
of AgricuUiuH:, Industry, & Commerce. 
— Diagrams, showing the means of nrrest- 
ing and contf\)lling the flow of waeer; 
pbui of water supply at the city of Tukio. 


214 Shiu-thi-kiyoku, National Archive 
Office, Tokio."^Map of the Bm|:ire q( 
Japan. 335 

215 Todai-riyo, Lrigrbthouse Depart- 
ment, Tokio.— Photographs of light- 
houses, and maps showing their locazioo. 


216 Yeki-tei-riyo, General Post-oface, 
Tokio. — Map showing the mail routes, 335 

217 Suiro-riyo, Hydrographic Depart- 
ment, Tokio. — Marine and coast line 
charts. 33s 

218 Denthin-riyo, Telegraph Depart- 
ment, l'okio.-i-&Iap, showing telegraphic 
lines amd stations. 33s 

Fhyfioal, Social, and Koral Conditioii 
of Xan. 

219 Kuwaaciyo-riyo, Tokio.— Qamea 

and manly spotftl. 340 

220 Komura, 8., Kaaaiawa, Provinca 
of Kaga.^apanese model bouse 00 the 
exhibition grounds, built by I . Matsuo. 34a 

221 Matauo, I., Tokio.— Baxar on tha 
exhibition grounds. 343 

228 Zohei-riyo, Imperial Mint, Tokio.— 
Collection of gold and silver coins. 344 

223 Kiriu-Koaho-Kuwaiaba. Pirat Jap- 
anese Manufacturing & Trading Co., 1 o- 
Ido. — Collection ci old copper coins. 344 

224 Yeki-tei-riyo, General Poet-office. 
Tokio. — Postal cards and a«amps ; aamuu 
reports. 345 

226 Soxeiriyo, National Revenue De« 
partment.— Revenue stamp*, l^lank papers 
and licenses, etc. .145 


226 Honma Takusai, Sado Island.— 
Bronze statuette, vases, etc. 403 

227 Kiriu-kosho-kuwaiaha, First Jap- 
anese Manufivcturing & Trading . Co., To- 

m Bronze fountains, vases, braziers, plates, 

censers, teacup standi, etc. 403 

i Miniature palace of sandal wood. 405 

228 Minodo, Ch.^ Tokio.— Brosxe cen- 
sers, vases, canUlesticks, etc. 403 

230 Minodo, Ch., Tokio.— Metal pipe, 
paper weight, and statue. 403 

231 Aral, H., Tokio.— SUver vaae and 
decorative objects. 403 

232 The Chakl-sho-aba Co., Kiyoto.— 
Bronce vessel. 403 

233 Yothida, Ya, Kiyoto.— Bronxa 
vases and censers. 493 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. s^-^S* 



Art. ^ 

134 NakajawaJoyeki.Kiyoto.— Bronxe 
kettle, vase, and sweeflneat boxes. 403 

U5 Kanava Qorosaburo, Kiyoto.— 
Bronze kettle, vases, and sweetimat 
boxes. 403 

236 Shomi, Y., Kiyoto.— Broiue vaaea 
and trays. 403 

237 Shinoyama, A. U,, Kiyoto,— Broiue 
sweeuneat box. 403 

238 Kavtrara-bayashiHidekuni, Kiyoto. 
—Bronze jug. 403 

239 Kawamura, Ya, Kiyoto.— Metal 
teapot, cup, and stand. 4^3 

240 Saito, Z^ Toklo.— Bronxo censer^ 
vtscs, t^et, and images, 403 

241 Yaroamoto. I., Wakamatau, Prov- 
ince of l«rashirO.— Bronze vases. 403 

24B Inai IUboi« Kiyoto.— Carved ivory 

images. 405 

248 The Chakiahosha Co., Kiyoto.— 

Ivory incense bojQ. , 4«>5 

244 Hotta, Z,i Kiyoto.- Ivory paper 

weight and tray. ¥*S 

215 ShichiJoYaaonori.Kiyoto.— Carved 

and colored Wooden statuettes. 4PS 

246 Ide, Z., Kiyoto.-Carved wooden 
sutuettes. 405 

247 Yamamoto, Y.. Shisuoka, Province 
of Suniga.— Carved ivory images. 405 

248 Suxuki, M., Tokio. — Ivory vase, 
boats, and other decorative objects. 405 

249 NegUhi Man«o, Tokio. — Carved 
wooden bedstead and bedroom furmture. 

230 M a k u d • tt Kozan, Yokohoma.— 

Porcelain mouldings. 405 

211 Tsuji Katauao, Arita. Province of 

Hisen. — ^Porcelain motildings. 40S 


252 Kikochi Yoaai, Tokio.- Water 

color pidUre. 4>> 

258 Tanaka Honi, Tokio.— Water color 

piaure. 4«* 

234 Fukushima Riuho, Tokio.— Water 

color picture. 4* « 

233 Kiahi Seppo, Tokio.— Water color 

picture. 4«* 

236 Kavtranabe Oiosai, Tokip.— Water 
color picture. ^ 41 ' 

237 Hasegawa SetUi, Tokio.— Water 
color picture. 4i« 

238 Mef^ata Kaian, Tokio.— Water 
color picture. ' 4J« 

Toaen, Tokio.— Water 
Suibo, Tokio.— Water 
Maea-n-ki, Tokio.— 
Water color pictare. . ' ^fo. 

262 If inoda, Ch., Tokio.— Pictnraa and 

for classes of exhibit t, indicated by 

239 Yamazaki 
color picture. 

260 Nagaaaka 

color picture. 

261 Numado 

268 Susuki Hiyakunen, Kiyoto.— Pic- 
tures. 4" 

864 Tanaka, R., Kiyoto.— Picture al- 
bum. 4" 

S66 3bi-o-kawa Bunrin, Kiyoto.— Pic- 
ture. 4X« 

266 Niahimura, 8., Kiyoto.- Pictnrea. 


267 Sakaguchi, 8., Kiyoto.— Picturet. 


268 Pukami, Suminoauke, Arlta, Prov- 
ince of Uizen.— Painted porcelain. 413 

Engraving and Lithography. 

909 Xuwappankiyoku, Oovernment 
Printing Office.— Copper plates for govern- 
ment bonds, revenue stamps, etc., and 
ipecimeos of work. f|ax 


970 Sakai, T., Kiyoto.— Photographt. 

971 Kuwangiyo-Jo. Aasodation for the 
Encouragement of Art & Manufactures, 
Kiyoto.— PhoR>©raphs. 43c 

Indnitrial and Arehitoetnral Beiignb, 

979 Zoroku, H., Kiyoto.— Bronae atatu- 

ettes, tripod kettles. 443 

978 Kumagai, K., Kiyoto.— Bronsa 


Ceramio Deoorationi, Hoiaiei, ote. 

974 Nishimura, 8. J.. Mikuria, Prov- 
ince of Hoki.— Inlaid work in wood. 45a 

975 Yanwunoto, Y,. Shlzuoka, Prov- 
ince of Suruka.— Inlaid work in wood. 45s 

976 iiarunaka, M, Kanaxawa, Prov- 
ince of Kaga. 

a Vases, inlaid boxes, etc. 43* 

i Enameled silver goblets. 454 

977 The Shippokuwasha, Province of 
Owari.— Tea caddy. 45*^ 

978 Kanaya Goroaaburo, Kiyoto. 

. a Bronze vases and pots. 45* 

b Water pot, gobleu, and sweetmeat boxes. 


979 Yomo Yaaunoauka, Kiyoto.— 
Bronze plates. 45* 

980 Fukihara, 8., Tokio.— Enameled 
plates and jar. 454 " 

988 Ta-Ho^o, Kiyoto.— Vaaa. 454 

984 Naniwaka Yaau-n-ki, Kiyoto.-r 
Vases, lunch boxes, cigar stands, etc. 454 

986 Zoreku, H., Kiyoto.— Ornamental 
buckle in imitation of old brooxe. 454 

966 Kirio-Koaho-Kuwaiaha, Firat Ja- 
panese Manufacturing & Trading Co.. 
Tokia. — Enameled basin, imitation of 

Chinese ware ; poroelaio statuettes, bronse 
bowl. 454 

munben at end of entike, fee CbfltifcatloB, pp. sr-45. 


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(S»tUh of South Avenue^ Columns ro to 14,) 


Minerals, Manufactures, Education, 

Minerali, Orel, Stone, Mininf 

1 011maii,T.H.- 


-Lava specimena from 

% Hawaiian Mutenm.— Geological 

ftpedmenSf by W. L. Green. 100 

8 Hitchcocic, H. R.— Oeoloclcal apeci- 

meos from crater of Rilauea. zoo 

4 Boyt' Boarding School.— Coal from 

the forests of HaTealcala. 101 

Chemical ICann&otnret. 
Pfalcham, O* 8.— Blacking. aoa 

Tomitiire aad Olijeots of Oeneral Uee 
in Conitmotion and in Dwellingt. 

6 Auld, WU1iam.~Cua. ei; 

7 Brown, O. W.— Table from a variety 
of woods. 917 

t Kamaipelekane, B. P.— Pac-aimilc of 
bed, etc., used by Kamehamha I. 817 

9 Piacher & Co. 

« Small and large tables, revolving book- 
rack. •17 

i Picture frame. aao 

10 WiUiama, C B.— Revolving eheU 
case. " «i7 

1 1 Hopper, J. A.— Kou calabaahea. 904 
1 \a Emma, Queen.— Water gourda and 

figured calabashes. 994 

Tami and Woven Ooodf of Vegetable 
or Mineral Xateriale. 

1 8 Oilman, J. H.— Bamboo of ailky fibre 
for decorations. 999 

\%a Emma, Queen.—Pigured kapaa 
and niihau mate. 999 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
TraTeling E< 


18^ Peteraon, Jamea A.— Yellow and 

black feather cape. 950 

12^ Kawaiahao Pemale Seminary, 
a Crotchet work by pupils. 959 

b Mimosa seed necklaces by pupile. 954 

18 Emma, Queenc 
u Cane flower and fern stem hats. 

i YeOow and green feather wreaths, feather 
fly brushes, ever-lasting and moss 
wreat^, strings of NUhan ahellt, and 
arrowroot plant fans. 954 

14 Dickaon, I. Batea.— Microneaiaa cn^ 
riosities and cr»*als. 954 

1 5 Beckley, P. W.— Set of kapa. 954 

16 Boyd, MiaaE.— Spatter worii of mot- 
toes and island ferns. 954 

1 %a Pratt, Mra.— Peather fly bruahea. 254 

1 7 Kealoha.— Set of kapa. 8m 

18 Oahu College.— Land ahella. 954 

19 Roae, Katie.— Set of kapaa. as« 

80 Williama, C. E,— Canea. 954 

81 Wilder, Helen.— Maaahiki woman'* 
hair. 954 

88 Young, Mra.r— Wreath of moaaeaaad 
shells. 954 

Fabrioi of Yegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Material!. 

88 Department of War.— Hawaliaa 
flag, royal standard. a88 

Oarriaget, Yehielei, and Aeeeitoriee. 
84 Lyman, P. S.— Saddle and bridle^a^e 

Sdnoational Svttemi, Methode, and 

88 Department of Education* 
a Photographs of school-houses and groupi 
of Havraiian teachers and pupils. 300 

i HjfVyaiian schocd-books ami legislatiTe re- 

86a Brigham. W. T.—** Hawaiian Vol. 
canoes" ana various worlu on the Hawai- 
ian Islands. 306 

87 Damon. S. C— "The Priend" and 
Bowdltch's Navigator, in the Japanese 
language. 306 

88 Whitney, H. M.— "Gazette** afll 
" Kookoa'^ for 1875. 306 

89 Sheldon, H. L.— "Pacific Commer- 
cial Advertiser." 306 

89<t Thrum, T. Q.— Volume of the " la- 
huKfer." |o6 

Inttitntioni and Organitationi. 

80 Clarke, P. L.— Hav^iian curioaltiea; 
coooanut shell water calabash, lei palava 
tobacco pipe, stone lamp, stone adae, sliag 
951 stone. 31a 

For classes of exhibits, indi cated by numbers at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 97-41. 



Education and Science, Art, Machinery, Agriculture. 

%0» Bmnia, 90 1 to.— Ancient lmpl«* 
mei&ts of various kinds. 3zs 

Bnginaeriag, Aroliiteetnre, Ckarte, 
Xapt, and Oraphio Sepresentatioiii. 

SI Honolnlu Iron Works. -> Drafts of 
machinery. 33P 

S8 Alexsnder. W. D.-rMsp of ths cra- 
ter of Halcakala. 335 

SS« Dspsrtment of Oovermnsnt Sur- 
rey. — Map of the Hawaiian Islands. 33s 

S9^ Thrum, T. O.— Bots of HawUiaa 
postage stamps. 345 

Fhytieal, Soeial, and lloral Conditioa 
-ef Man. 

S8 Native of^ Hswsll.— Wooden 




54 Spencer, O. B.— Oil palntinc < 
aJy," by J. H. NawabL ^ 

' S5 Bailey, B.— Oil paiotini^ aio 

a Bird's eye view of the crater of Haleakala. 
i View of Hilo VOlace and CooosDut Island 
f Views in HDo. 
^Scenery in lao VsDey. 


55 Honolulu Iron Works.— Photo- 
graplis of worlcs. 430 

t^ Brigheih, W. T.— Photographs of 
aecicnt idols. 430 

S7 Thmm, T. O. — ^Photograph of Hono- 
lulu. 430 

SS Dickson, M.~Photographs of Islsnd 
scenes. 430 

Coramio Booorationi, Motaiot , oto. 

S9 Depertment of Interior.— Hswniiaa 
coat of anns painted on glass. 4^3 

llaohhiol and Implementi of Spin- 



; WoaTing, Pelting, and Paper* 

S0« Kapa heaters and dies for print- 
i"C- 5H 

Arborieoltore and Poreit Prodnott . 

40 Boys* Boarding School. ^ 

m Wcfds from thr forests of Haleakala. 600 
# Silvsrswoffds, I ring ferns. 604 

il Andrews, C. U.— Mounted fiems. 604 
Wor ckasss of eshlbits, indicated by numben 

4S Hitchcock, D. H. ft B. Q.— Sped- 

mens of the pulu ferns, silver swords. 604 

4S Hitchcock, H. R.— Perns and 

44 Jooee, O. W. C— L«rge tree fern. 604 

Agriemltaral Prodneti. 
44« Wong Go.— Rice. 690 

44^ Chnlaa ft Co.— Rice and paddy. 6ao 
44^ Waimanalo Plantation.— Rice. 6ao 
4d Hackfeld, H., ft Co.— Coffss from H. 
N. GreenweU. 623 

46 Mnis, J. D.— Hawaiian birds. 63s 

Animal and Vegetahle Prodnoti. 

47 Kmll, B.— Tallow. 65s 

48 Lyman,T. S.— Leather. 65s 

49 Bldaru, T. B.— Arrowroot and uni- 
oca. 638 

49o Dreier ft Heine.— Manioc root. 658 

50 Spencer, T., Hilo.— Cane sugars. 659 

51 Hitchcock Bros., Hilo.— Cane su- 
gars. 659 

52 Austin, S.L., Hilo.— Cans sugars. 659 
58 Afong ft Achuck, Hilo.— Cane su- 
gars. 6s9 

54 Campbell ft Turtoa, Lahaiiut.— Cane 
sugars. 659 

55 Bailey, W. H., WaUnkn.-Cane su- 
gam. 659 

56 Makee, Capt. James, Ulupalakua.— 
Cane sugars. 699 

57 Alexander, 8. T., Haku.— Cane su- 
gars. ^ 659 

58 Waihee Plantation, Manl.— Cane 
sugars. 699 

59 Lihue Plantation, Kauai.— Cane su- 
gars. 659 

60 Kapena, J. M.— Samples of sugar 
cane. -- 659 

61 McLean^ O. C— Castor, cocoanut, 
and kukui oils. 66s 

Textile Snhitaneee of Vegetable or 

Animal Origin. 
6S Holstein, H.— Sea Islyid cotton. 66s 
68 Wilder, S. G.— Olona abre. 666 

64 Hyman Bros.— Ramie fibre* 666 

65 Oilman, J. N.-Painiu fibre. 666 
at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 


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{NortA of Navt, Columns j8 to 6r,) 

Chemicftls,. Ceramics, Pomiture. 

Chemiealf* , 

1 Loptx, P. J. dt Almeida.— Salt- 
petre, aoo 

8 Muricy, J. C da Silva.-^ulphur 
(roin quartx. y 200 

8 L«ao. D. Agoatinho, 8. B.— 8ulpbur- 
et <Jf lead. »oo 

4 Lendtnbcrg, L. B.— 8alt. 300 

5 Penna, A. O. d*Araujo.— Momoao- 
pathtc vegeuble tinctures and opodeldoc. 

' aoo 

6 Chemical Laboratory.— C h e m i c a 1 
and pharmaceutical preparations. aoo 

7 Mala, Ferreira, & Co.— Pharmaceuti" 
cal prrpamtions. 200 

* 8 Perdigao, D. P. 2.— Pharmaceutical 
products. * 300 

9 Province of Maranhao.— Pharmaceu- 
tical preparations. 2O0 

1 Province of Sad Paulo.— M e d i c a I 
preparations. aoo 

11 Yiotti, £.— Pharmaceutical prepara- 
tions. 200 

18 Province of Parity— Medicinal 
oils. aoo 

18 Cardoao 9l Oonaalvea.- Soap. aoi 

14 Alvea^Pereira,ACo.-^oap and can- 
dles. ^ aoi 

1 6 Guimaraea, A. J. A.-^oap and can- 
dles, aoi 

16 Oliveira & Bro. — Soaps. aoi 

1 7 Carvalho, Perreira de, & Bro.—Soap 
and candles. ,301 

1 8 Stearic Light Co.— Soaps and can- 
dles, aoi 

19 Dias, Duarte.— Oils. aoi 

80 Province of Paran4.— Soaps and can- 
dles, aoi 

81 Safarana, J.— Wax candles. aot 
88'Stechel.— Oils. aoi 
88 Silva, S. S. G. da.— Copying and 

writing ink. aoa 

84 Monteiro & Co.— Writing inks, aoa 

85 Ouimaraes, J. A. da 8a.— Pigments 
and varnishes. aoa 

86 Province of San Paulo.— Writing 
inks. aoa 

87 Yillela.— Writing inka. aoa 

88 Henninger, Dan., & Co.— Toilet 
soaps. ao3 

89 Lang & Co.~Toilet aoaps. 903 

80 Leao & Alvea.— Perfumery. 303 

81 Preire, Otto.— Essences. 903 
For dssMs of «abibiu» indicaiad >y muabcrb 

88 Lepage, P. J.^BaacncM and po- 
mades. ' 20J 

88 Commisaion-Generat for thsiNation- 

al, Exhibitidbs. — Flavoring extmcu, e»- 

• sences, and perfumery. ao) 

84 Lang, J.— Toilet aoapa. 903 

88 Pi9vinca of Pernambttco. Safety 
matches: • aoi 

Oera^ot— Potterj, PoroeUin, Olait, 

86 Esberard, P. A. M. — Terra-cotta 
vases and pottery. ~ 306 

87 Colony of D. Prancisca.— Bricka and 
tubes. «d6 

88 Commission-General for the Nation- 
al Exhibitions.— Bricks. «a6 

89 I<««o, D. A. E.— Brick of graa (clay). 

40 Province of San Pedro do Sul.^ — 
Stone bricfcs. ab6 

41 Province of Para«4.— Tiies and 
bricks. acd 

48 Grillo, Amaro D.— Clay pots, cups, 
and vases. ««j7 

48 Patury, J. J. 8.— Clay pots. 907 

44 Correa, 1. 8.— Slate tiles for pava- 
ments ano roofing. 2118 

46 Muricy, J. C da Silva.— Enameled 
tiles. au8 

Pnrniture and Objeoti of General Vie 
in Conitniotion and in Bwellinga. 

46 Commission-Ge'neral for the Nation- 
al Exhibitions. 

a Parlor fiu^iture. a'17 

^ Tortoisc-sbcH boxes and articles of ttniw. 


47 Province of ParanA.— Puiniture* si| 

48 Army Arsenal of Porto-Alegre.— 
- Secretary ofxedar wood. 917 

49 House of Correction of Babia.— Fur- 
niture made by the inmates. 917 

60 House of Correction of Rio de Ja* 

« Secretary and cabinet suit of satinwood. 


i Baskets, barrels, an ( stands for manioc 

flour. 294 

61 Kern, Qara, 9l Lang, Tela.— Re- 
clining chair. 917 

68 Itabapoana, Baron of.— Reclining 
chair. ' s nif 

68 Gerth,R.J.^ Willow furniture. 917 
64 Kappel & Bro.— Wood worka. 917 
; cad of eatri«s, MS CUfcarftcation^up. 37-4S. 

ft, MS ClsMtacatioo, up. a 




Fumimre, Woven Ooods, Clotbing.* 

if AffMdr, J. C da CotU.— Book-«tftnd. 


16 Sqpplicy, J. P.— Hanfing ahclvts 
and cane-seated chairs. 917 

17 Loescfa, Zacharias.— Work-box. nj 

68 Uoreira, F.JmA Co.—Chaira. •17 

69 Alipio, D. J.— Writing-desk of solo 
. leauier. ~ 917 

60 RodHgues, A. A.— Writing-desk. 917 

61 Province of San Paulo.— Suit of fur- 
nkure nadeofMrAW. ' S17 

62 Keppler & Bro. 

a WochIcu chairs. 917 

^ Mouldings. ^ 997 

fl Borddal, Jonas.— Tablet and 

shelves. 917 

64 Provliico of Sancta CathariiM.~Fttr* 

niture. 917 

V6 Rdcha. Polybio da.— Maltiffbrm piece 

of furniture. '• 917 

66 MaritaelH A Bro.-Marbla flxttarts 

for iTMli-sMnds. 2x9 

67 Pittanti, Adriano, ft Co.— Marble 
wMb-stand. 919 

68 Pommerais, Leon.— Imitation mar- 
bles. 219 

69 Baumgarten^ 1.— Box with looking- 
^« ibr exaiaining eggs. 994 

70 Matcher, A. J., Oama.— Straw aatch- 
eb and sieves. 994 

Tarns and Woren 0«odi of VtgetaMe 
or Mliieral M atorUla. 

72 Person, A.— Wire cloths. 998 

7S Bardet, P.— Wire cloths and manu- 
factures. 928 

74 Commission-Oeneral f o r the Na- 
tional Exhibitions. 

« Hammocks made of different coarse ma- 
terials, and in different provinces. 999 
i Cotton bbrics, quilts, and towels. 930 
e Dyed cotton fabrics. 931 

75 Arouca ft Co.— Cotton fabrics. 930 

76 Rebello ft Co.— Cotton fabrics. 930 

77 Brazil Industrial Cotton Mill Co.— 
(!uiton fabrics. 950 

71 Colony of d 1 n m e n a n.— C o 1 1 o n 
fabrics and quilts. 930 

79 Mascarenhas ft Bros.— Cotton 

goods. 030 

SO Bsrroe, Dlogo A. do.— Co^tP* goods. 

II Anhala ft Angelo. — Cotton goods. 


82 Union Mercantile Co.— C o 1 1 o n 

goods. ,30 

88'College of the Immaculate Concep- 

don.— Conon hammodui. 930 

84 Yicara, C. P. Sa.— C o 1 1 o n ham- 



M Province of ParaoA.— Twisted 

r^rnt. 230 

88 Pctropoliun Co.— Cotton goods. 930 

87 Ghana, Barthelemy. — Dyed cotton 

goods. ,30 

88 Rcyncr, P. — Dyed cotton goods. 


89 Lcmes, R. Z. Paes.— Cotton articles. 

for chkscs of exhiblu, hidicsicd by muabers 

90 Keller, Pelippe.— Linen goods. 933 

91 Colony of St., Maria da Soledade. 
— Linen goods. 933 

92 Colony of Nova Petropolis.— Linen 
goods. 233 

98 Kaiden,Baf on of.— Linen goods. 933 

Woven and Pelted Oooda of Wool and 
Xixtnrea of Wool. 

94 Lopes, P. J., Almeida. — Ck. a. 

quilu, and cassimeres. 235 

■ 95 Moura, J. C. de.— Cassimeres. 935 

96 Rheingants ft Vater.— Woolen 
goods. 935 

97 Maschado, M. A.— Articles made 
of horsehair. 940 

Silk and SilX^Fabriea. 

98 Reyhner, Pernando.— Silk goods. 

ClotMng, Jtwelry, and Omamonti. 

99 Dol, Ad., ft Co.— Linen underwear. 


100 Lopes, P. J. A.— Pantaloons and 
other ooct(» wear. 950 

101 ftobano,J.J.— Coat of fine cloth. 930 
108 Orava, Prel L. da.— Knitted shirt. 


108 Amaral ft Co.— Complete suit for 

genu. 250 

104 Payett ft Battcher.— Pantaloons. 


IO6 Commission-Oeneral for the Na- 
tional Exhibitions. 
a Wooden and leather shoes and cip6 hats. 


i Walking-canes and articles of tortuise- 

shell and straw. ^ 954 

c Leather suit worn by herdsmen. 957 

106 Chastel ft Co.— Hats. 251 

107 Armada, J. Alvaro de.— Hats, caps, 
and bonnets. 251 

108 Bierrenback ft Bros.— Hats and 
caps. 251 

109 Braga, Pemandes, & Co.— Hats, 
caps, and bonnets. 951 

110 Bithencourt, J.— Lasts for shoes. 


111 Viguier.— Boots and shoes. 2/1 

112 Silva, J. B. Carvalho da.— Hats. 25* 
118 Camera, J. B. P.— Hats. 251 

114 City Council of CaoMta.— Hats. 251 

115 Santos, P. C. dos.— Hats. 251 

116 Bossel, H.— Pelt hats. 251 

117 House of Correction, Rio de Janeiro. 
— Boots and shoes. 251 

118 Pischer, P.— Hats and caps. 251 

119 Figueredo & Co.— Boots aO^ shoee 
worn by the amy and nAvy. 251 

180 Cathiard, C. P.— Boots and shoes. 


121 Berthon.— Ladies* shoes. 251 

122 District of Paulo Alfonso.— Leather 
hats. 251 

128 Silva, H. J. da.— Canvas shoes. 251 

124 Requiao, P. P.— Hats. 951 

125 Gomes, M. M. Rodrigues.— Boots 
and shoes. 251 

at end of catries, see Classification jj^>. 37-45. 

digitized by Google 



Fancy Goods, Medical Appliances, Harness, Leather. 

1 26 Sertorio ft Pinho.— Kid gloves. 951 

127 Vlguler,H.— Shoes. nx 

1 28 Moraes, J. C de.~811k hats* 951 

129 Pluminense Institute of AgHcol- 

a Hatt made of the Bombonacea fibre. •$! 
^ Cigar cases made of the same. a^ 

180 Valentin, M.Jv— Jewelry. S59 

181 Resse, Jr., Victor, ft Bros,— Deco- 
rations. 9S9 

182 Natti, Miae.— Fancy objects made 
of feathers, ak has, coiffures, etc. 954 

188 Province of Amasonas.— Wreath 

of feathers. 954 

184 Lima, C. A. de, ft Calarans, J. 

M. de.— Artificial flowers. 954 

186 Braga, A. J. P.— Feather articles. 

186 Cavalcantl, J. 8. H.->Umbrella, 
with secret Itpring. 954 

187 Henke Bros.— Walking-canes. 


188 Leme. D. R. Paes.-TLeather walk- 
ing-canes. 954 

189 Rocha, J. P. da.^Bnttons, ear- 
rings, and watch di.iiu made of cdcoa. 954 

140 Ferreirs, L. Oomes.— Walking, 
canes. 954 

141 Barroe, A. A.— Walking-canes. 954 

142 Bastos,Jos6Xavier.— Carved walk- 
ing-cane. a$4 

148 Costa, J. P. da.— Pictures msde of 
mosses and insects. 954 

144 Reis, H. P. doa.— Walking-cane. 

145 Province of Rio Orande do Norte. 
— Jcwtrlry boxes of wood and tortoise- 
shell. 954 

146 Province of Maranhao.— Drinking- 
cupsofwood. 954 

147 Silva.P.J.X.da.— Chalices and cups 
of sasitafras. 954 

148 Sabut, Qeorge.— Objects made firom 
pine>tree Icnots. 954 

Paper, Blank Books, Btatioiisry. 

149 Leusinger Sons. — Blank books 
and specimens of binding. 961 

160 Scckler, J.— Specimens of rulinjg 
and binding. 961 

Msdieiiis, Surgery, Vuid Protkesls. 

161 Qarrid, J. P. da Silva.— Druggist's 
scales. 374 

162 Merino ft Co.— Surgical Instru- 
ments. 976 

168 Costa, jr, M. P. da.— Artiflcial 

teeth. 977 

164 Paria, J. Bento da.— Artiflcial 

teeth. 977 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers at end of entries, see Clarification, pp. 97-49. 

166 DInic, J. Borges.— Artificial teeth. 

Hardware, Edge Tools, Oatlerj, sts. 

166 Commlsaion-Qenaral for the Na* 

tional Exhibitions. — Knives, daggers, and 
other implements. 981 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
MinenS Materials. 

167 Commission-Qeneral for the Na- 
tional Exhibitions. 

Brooms, brashes, etc s86 

i Cordage. 987 

168 Almeida, A. R. da.— Cordage. '987 

1 69 Andrade, J. Neves.— Baskets. 989 
, 160 Msllo, Q. C. do.- Wooden un. 989 

Carriages, Vekioles, Harness, and Ae- 

.161 Conunlasloa-Oeoeral for the Nsp 

tional Exhibitions. — Uanicss sind saddle. 

162 Oulmaraes, A, A. A.— Lady*s sad- 
die. 396 

168 Maylasky, S.— SeHgotis (a leather 
girth). 996 

164 Lima, F. Qvmes dos Santos.— 
Girths. 396 

166 Cahy, Baron of.— Leather reins and 
bridles. 996 


167 Schmitt,Nicolatt,ft Co.— Complete 
set of harness. 396 

168 Guimaraes, T. T. A.— Saddles. 99^ 

169 Coullant, Aimi.— Horse collars. (96 

1 70 House of Correction of San Paulo.— 
Bridles, reins, and hamcM. 396 

171 Almeida, A. L— Leather reins. 996 

172 Moraes, T. C— Saddle. 996 
178 Barros, J. de A.— Leather reins. 996 
174 Bierrengard, Waldemar. — Har- 
ness. S9^ 

176 Lean, A. B. de.— Whip. 396 

176 Barros, A. A., ft Oaveao, B. A.— 
^nilps. 996 

177 Freischlag, Frederico.- Harness. 


166 Crans. Joao, ft Pinto.— Hame 

horse collar. 

Animal andTegetable Prodnets. 

178 Klippel 

ft Bro. — Hides 


179 Freischlag, P.— Patent leather.' «5> 

180 Costa, Eymael, ft Co.— Tanned 
hides. ^ 

181 Lima, P. 0. S.— Tanned And sole 
leather. ^ss 

^82 Richlin, Jacob.— Tanned and sols 
leather. ^ 


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{SoufA o/Nav€, Cobtwms 2 to $.) 

Chemical Manufactures. 

Chamioal Mannfaoturfi. 

1 Semvalle. Carlos, Province of Cor- 
riaites. ~- Cnemical and pharmaceutical 
prcparadoiift. aoo 

\m Cabrera, Maaro, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayrea. — Hone medicine. aoo 

\h CardaMa, Inocencio, ProvlBce of 

Buenof Ayres. 

« leJoiMm and peptia. aoo 

h Gljrceriiie. aox 

I Oneirel, Josqnln, Province of Cor- 
nentes. — Depuradve solution. aoo 

8 T&va, Carlos, Province of Corrientea, 
—Bitters, digestive pepsin wine, pectoral 
lyrup. 900 

4 Sub-Commission of Bella Vista. 
PnMace of Corrieates.— Salt extracted 
from clay ; aamf^ of day. aoo 

I Peres. A* O., Province of La Rloja. 
—Tonic. aoo 

6 Oelos, Martin, Province of La Rloja. 
—Mineral salt. 200 

7 Provincial Commission, Province of 
La Rioja. — Salt and alum. aoo 

7« Lagos, Joseph M., Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Sheep wash. aoo 

Ih Torres, Ana Barton de, Province 
of Buenos Ayres.-^Fumigating lozenges. 


8 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Santiago del Estero.— Ashas for soap 
manufecturing. aoo 

9 Provincial Commission, Province of 

« Salt. aoo 

h Soap. aox 

lOJpstiee of the Peace of Babla 

olanca, Province of Buenos Ayres.— 

Salt. aoo 

1] Justice of the Peace of Patagones, 

Prorince of Buenos Ayres.— Salt. aoo 
\\» Rosquellas, Julian, Province of 

Santa F^. — Medicines for animals. aoo 
\% Murga, N., Patagones, Province of 

Buenos Ayres. — Coarse salt. aoo 

18« Mujlca, Eleuterio, S., Province of 

Buenos Ayres. 
a Artifdal guano from dried and boiled 

^lood. 200 

* Soluble blood slbumen for producing &st 
colofs. aoa 

\%k Pablst, Beltran. — Preserved and 
•ohiUe blood. aoo 

IS Provincial Commission, Province 
of Tocuman. 
; |«*f^t- aoo 

• Soap. 201 

r«r daasas af aabibiia. hidicalad by aumbm 

14 Commission of Andalgala, Province 
of Catamarca. — Rode salt from Laguna 
Blanca. aoo 

1 5 Provindal Commission, Province of 

a Rock salt from FiambaU, and saltpetre. 

b Soap. 30 1 

16 Lafone-Queveda, Samuel A., Pro- 
vince of Catamarca. 

a Ashes of Cachi Yuyo for the production 
of carbooateof soda; carbonate of soda. 

b Soap. aoi 

17 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Jiyui. — Salt. 200 

18 Escobar, Juan D., Province of San 
Luis. — Salt. 200 

19 Terramola, Deffin. Province of San 
Juan. — Salt fr^m tne mines of Leon* 
dto. aoo 

80 Jones, Fabian, Province of San Juan. 
—Ashes for manufacturing soap. > aoo 

21 Vidal, M. A., Province of San Juan. 
— Ashes for manufacturing soap. aoo 

S2 Bruna, Estevan, Province of San 
Juan. — Ashes for manufacturing soap. 200 

88 Puertas, Lorenso, Province of San 
Luis. — Cholera medicine. aoo 

84 Escricb, Pedro, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — reanut oil. aoi 

86 Pifieiro,Aurelio, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — doap. aoi 

87 Lanieri, Miguel, Province of Bntre- 

Rios. — Soap. aoi 

28 Iglesias, J086, Province of Bntre- 
Kios. — Soap. aoi 

88 Provindal Commlasion, Province of 
C6rdoba. — Balsamic oH. 2ci 

88 Carmen, T. D4vila, Province of La 
Riqja. — Olive oil. aoi 

84 Alric, Antonio, Province of San Luis. 

— Soap. aoi 

844> Bergar6, Dr, Province of Santa P6. 

— Peanut oil. aoo 

86 Billar, Salvador, Province of Jujui.— 
Petroleum. aoi 

86 Julien & Son, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Dyed stuff fabrics. aoa 

87 Prat, Adrian, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Dyed wool. aoa 

88 Doucet, Emllio, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Writing fluids. aoa 

89« Muro, Antonio, Province of Buenos 

Ayres, — Inks. 202 

40 Herrera, Melchora, Province of Cata.- 

marca. — Cochineal. 'yfp- 

ai aad ef aatriet, see ClMslioatiea, pp: «f-4< 




Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods. 

42 Nolte, Ernesto, Province of Buenos 
Ayrcs. — Tooth powder. 203 

494* Comeja, Melchora T. de, Province 
ofSalte.—Zarza water. 203 

Ceramiof—Pottery, Porcelain, Olais, 

48 Pednancini, Juan, Province of Bue- 

aoi Ayres.— Burnt bricks. 906 

44 Valdes, Bmiliano, & Cipriano, 
Province of Buenos Ayres. — Burnt brick 
from Balcarce; bride made of black 
clay. 306 

46 Fauvetv & De Ville Massot, Prov- 
ince of Buenos Ayres.— Bricks. ao6 

46 Sub-CommissioB of the Department 
of Victoria, Province of Entre-Rios. — 
Architectural pottery. 206 

17 Tudicar,H., & Co., Province of Entre- 
Rios. — Bricks made in GualegLaychu. 206 

48 Commission of the Department of 
Parani, Province of Entre-Rios. — Tiles 
and bricks made in Victoria. 906 

49 Provincial Commission, Province of 

a Tiles of burnt clay, of San Vincente 

Factory. 206 

^ Flower pots, jars, stew pant, and 

dishes. 207 

c Cup, jug, etc. 213 

60Orunes & Co., Chaco-Arsentine 

Territory.— Bricks. 206 

01 Cervera & Co., Province of Santa F^. 

—Tiles and bricks. 206 

6I0 Provincial Commission, Province 

of Tucuman. — Briclu and tiles. 206 

88 Echevarria, Cecilio, Province of 

Santa Fi. — Pitchers made by In- 

dums. 2x0 

84 Provincial Commission, Province of 

Salta. — Pans and plates. 2x3 

6$ Provincial Commission, Province of 

San Luis. — Crockery. 2x3 

86 Alegre,Juan, Province of Corrientes. 
^Italian earthenware. 2x3 

87 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Corrientes. — Crockery. 213 

88 Pini & Co., Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Glass cruet stand. 3x6 

Furniture, and Objeoti of Oeneral TTie 
in Construction and in Dwellings. 

80 Provincial Commission, Province of 

m Tables of cocoanut and carrob-tree 

wood. 2X7 

& Wooden cups, silver pitchers. 2x8 

32 Gimenes, Luis, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Combined writing-desk, wash- 
stand, etc. 2x7 

68 Galeano, Salvador, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Venetian blinds. 217 

64 Molinari, Joaquin, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Carved arm chair. 2x7 

68 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Catamarca. — Cups made of Retamo wood, 
silver drink ing-tubcs. 3x8 

87 Ladies' Commission, Province of 
San Luis.— Plain and carved cups. 218 

68 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Tucuman. — Ccbil wood cups. 218 

69 OUemes, Domingo, Province of 
Salta. — Cup of palo santo wood. 2x8 

IW Qlsases of exhibitt, indicated by niuabera 

70 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Salta. — Goblets and cup of palo santo 
wood. 9x8 

71 Aszimonte, Luis, Province of Bue> 
nos Ayres. — Silver drinking-cup and 
tube. si8 

7 la Martinez, Antonio Souza, Pro^ncc 
of Salta. — Stone cup. 218 

72 Escobar, Juan D., Province of S&n 

a Wooden dish and soup ladle. 224 

5 Wooden washing-tub. 325 

Tarns and Woven Goods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

74 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Mendora. — Mat made by prisoners in the 
penitentiary. asg 

78 Benevolent Society, Province of 
fiuenos Ayres. — Hemp mat. 329 

76 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Con-ientes. — Cotton counterpanes; spun 
cotton. 230 

77 Sotomayor, Pretrona, Province of 
Corrientes.— Cotton counterpane. 230 

78 Mantilla, Concepcion, Province of 
Corrientes.^-Cotton counterpane; spun 
cotton fabrics. 230 

79 Sub-Commission of Bella Vista, 
Province of Corrientes. — Cotton thread. 


80 Llanos, Jorge R. de, Province of 
Salta. — Poncho, a national garment. 230 

81 Provincial Commission, Province of 

Salta. — Embroidered towel. a3o 

83 Zorilla, Benjamin. Province of SaJta. 
— Hammock; poncho, a national gar- 
ment. 230 

83 Provincial Commission, Province of 
La Rioja.— Cotton shawl, table cloth, sa»d 
carpet. 230 

84 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Catamarca. — Cotton napkins and uble 
cloth. 230 

88 Ponce, Delfina, Province of Cata- 
marca. — Table cloth. 230 

86 Government of the Province of Ca- 
tamarca. — Cotton table cloth, napkins, 
handkerchief, and counterpane. 230 

86a Burgos, Josefa, Province of Cata- 
marca.— Table cloth. 830 

87 Echevarria. Cecilio, Province of 
Santa Fe. — White cotton from the Prov- 
ince of Corrientes. 230 

88 Silva, Florentine, Province of Cor- 
rientes.— Cotton from Gayasta. 230 

89 Commission of the Province of San- 
t i a g o del Estero. — Cotton counter- 
pane. 230 

90 Provincial Commission, Province of 
Tucuiu an.— Poncho, a national gar- 
ment. 230 

91 Commission of the Province of Cor- 
doba. — White counterpanes. 230 

92 Roibon, Fcderico, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Fabric made by Indians finnm a 
native plant. 233 

98 Benevolent Society of the Parani, 
Province of Entre-Rios.— Spun couoa and 
napkins. 233 

94 Carreras, Rosaura C. de. Province 
ofMcnUoza. — Table mat. 233 

at «Dd of ontrios, see ClasMfic«»ion, pfK'«7-4j. 



Woven and Pelted Goods, Clothing. 

91 Provincial Commisaion, Proviaoe 

of Salta.— Cuirass made of rhagiiar gtaas. 


Worm and Pelted Goodi of Wool, eto. 

96 Provincial Commisaion, Province 
of Salta. 

Woolen &brics, saddle bags, doth, etc. 

i Vicufiadoak. s4o 

97 Provincial Commisaioa, Province 
of Jujui. 

a Woolen fiibrics, ropes and slii^, saddle 

bags. 935 

i Blanket 837 

98 Paladoa, Prudencio, Province of 
Salta.— Woolen &brics. 335 

99 Diax, Julia, Province of Catamar- 
ca.— Dy«d woolen counterpane. 935 

100 Lafone Quevedo, Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. 

a Djrcd pondio. 935 

^ Vicu&a doak, without seam, handker- 

diid" and g^arment. 940 

101 Carransa, Adolfo E., Province of 
Catamaxca. — Woolen counterpane. 935 

109 Government of the Province of 

a Woolen arddes. 935 

i Vicuna blankets. 937 

e Vicuna scarf, cloak, handkerchief, and 

quilt 940 

109 Provincial Commiaaioa, Province 

« Manufactures of wool. 935 

i Vicufia doak. 940 

104 Provincial Commiaaioa, Province 

of Corrientes. — Yams and woolen 

goods. 935 

104<s Devotee, A., Province of Buenos 
Ayres.— Ponchos, saddle doth, and gar- 
ters. 935 

104^ Campoa, Julio, Province of Buenoa 
Ayres. — Pampa girdle. 935 

106 Sub-Commiaaion of Bella Vista, 
ProYince of Corrientes. — Dyed woolen 
yams. 935 

106 Commiaaion of the Province of 

a Woolen yams and fiibrics. 935 

i Tnhimba blankets. 337 

a Vicuna counterpane. 940 

107 Induatrial Society of Rio de la 
Plata, Province of Buenos Ayres.^<^oth. 


109 Provincial Commiaaion, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Fabrics made by the 
Pampas Indians. 935 

109 Provincial Commiaaion. Province 
of Santiago dd Estero. — ^Woolen counter- 
panes. 937 

110 Provincial Commiaaion, Province 
of San Luis.— Woolen mattress, saddle 
bogs, quilt, blanket. 937 

111 Provincial Commiaaioa, Province 
of La Rioja. 

f Quflt, boa, etc. 937 

* Vicuna cloak and shawl. 940 

112 I^vincial Commiaaion, Province 
of San Juan. 

a Woolen doaks, blankets. 937 

o Vicuna doak and shawl. 940 


114 Buatsmiente, Abdon, Province of* 
C6rdoba.— Blanket. 937 

190 Carreraa, Rosaura C. de, Province 
of Mendoza. — Ladies' head-dress, collars, 
bracdets, and gloves made of bris- 
tles. 940 

181 Franco, Luis A., Province of Cata- 
marca. — Vicuiia cloak. 940 

188 Schikendantz, Maria, Province of 
Catamarca.— Vicuna quilt. i40 

186 Ocampo, Vicente, Province of Cat- 
amarca. — Vicufia shawl and coverlet. 940 

Clothinff, Jewolrf, and Ornamontf ; 
Traveling Equipments. 

188 Muntaner & Bermudas, Province 
of Buenos Ayres.— Shirts. 950 

189 Donate, Fortunato, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Child's suit. 950 

140 Videla, Juan, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Leggings worn by the Argentine 
army. 950 

141 Maduefio, Jova, Province of Cata> 
noarca. — Vicu&a handkerchief, neckties 
gloves, etc. 95? 

142 Buaaao, Lorenso, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Boots and shoes mad« 
of domesuc material. 951 

148« Cameiro, Serafin A., Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Vicufia hats. 951 

148 Rodrigues ft Sangronia, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Boots. 951 

144 Buffeti ft Maya, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres.— Hats. 951 

146 HeuUjr. Marie, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Bonnets. 9$x ' 

146 Valdes, Bmiliano & Cipriano, Pro- 
vince of Buenos Ayres. — Boots. 951 

146« Tramon, T., Province of Santa 
F*.— Boots. 951 

147 Provincial Commiaaion, Province 

a Boots and shoes ; hats. tsx 

6 Towds, tuckers for chemises. 959 

148 Provincial Commiaaion, Provimce 
of Corrientes. 

m Palm-leaf hats. 951 

^ Embroideries, laces, trimmings, etc. 959 

149 Nicolaa, Francisco, Province of 
Corrientes. — Boots made of snake 
skin. 95Z 

160 Provincial Commiaaion, Province 
of C6rdoba. 

a Shoes and kid boots. 951 

^ Embroidered saddle bags, tuckers, tow- 
els, pillow case, and insertions. 253 
e Ostnch feather dusters, silver tinder 
box. 954 

161 Machado, Ruben, Province of Cata- 
marca. — ^Aib^ straw hat. 951 

162 Provincial Commission, Province 
of San Juan.— Wool hats. 951 

163 Boullet, Lewia, ft Isodoro Ibarre, 
Province of Santa F€. — Fur hats. 251 

1 64 Barelli, Francisco, & Son, Province 
of Santa F6.— Boots. 951 

166 Treolar, Quillermo A., Province of 
La Rioja.— Shoes worn by Argentine 
miners. 25? 

of exhibits, indicated by numben at end of entries, see OassIficaUoa, pp. 97-45. 




Clothing and Fancy Articles. 

166 Provincial Commitsion, Province 

a Boots, gaiters, doth for hats, and Vicufla 

wool hats. 25X 

i Embroidered North American flags. 25a 
c Ostrich feather dusters. 354 

d Leather bags. 255 

157 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Juiiii. 
«v Wool hats. 251 

t Leather traveling bag. 255 

168 Provincial Commission, Province 

of San Luis. 
a Straw hats. 251 

b Laces, embroidered underwear, church 

carpet, and other needle work. 25a 

160 CabraI,Juana T., Province of Cor- 
ricntes. — l:.mbroidered tidies, doylies. 253 

161 Silva, Mercedes, Province of Cor- 
ricntcs. — Embroidered cloth, napkins, 
handkerchiefs, and chemises. 253 

162 Pampin, Carmen, Province of Cor- 
ricnics. — Embroidered cloth. 252 

168 Colodrero, M. Cabral de, Province 
of Corrientes.— Crochet tray cloth, toble 
cloth. 253 

164 LagraAa, Sinforosa, Province of 

Corrientes. — Embroidered shawls. 35a 

166 Torrent, Eloiza G. de, Province of 

Corrientes. — Embroidered chemise and 
handkerchief. 252 

166 Anzotegui, Bscolastica 8. dt. 
Province of Corrientes. — Embroidered 
towel. 35a 

167 Pujol, Leonor, Province of Corri- 
entes. — Embroidered chemises and 
towels. 352 

168 Parras, An|rela E. de, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered cloth. 252 

169 Mantilla. Pilar, Province of Corri- 
entes. — Embroidered shirts. 252 

170 Mantilla, Francisca, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered shirts. 25a 

171 Enriguez, Anastasia Gonzales de. 
Province of Corrientes. — Embroidered 
quilt. 253 

172 Perichon, Telesfora, Province of 
Corrientes. — Embroidered fabric. 252 

178 Mantilla, Concepcion, Province of 
Corrientes. — Shawls, thread lace table 
covers. 25a 

174 General Ferrfc's Widow, Province 
of Corrientes. — Embroidered cotton 
shirts. 252 

176 Arguello, Esequiel, Province of 
C6rdoba. — Feather mats. 252 

181 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Catamarca. 

a Crotchet quilt and towels. 35a 

i Raw hide trunks. 255 

182 Avellaneda, Nicomeden, Province 
of Catamarca. — Embroidered towel. 352 

188 Caballi, Cristobal, Province of San 
Juan. — Chasuble embroidered in col- 
ors. 253 

184 Klappenbach, Sofia de, Province 
of San Juan. — Embroidered handker- 
chief. 353 

186 Tello, Juana. Province of San Juan. 
— Embroidered handkerchief. 353 

186 Provincial Commission, Prov« 

ince of Santa F6. — Embroidered 

towel. 252 

Far ckw« af aakibUs, ladkMl^kf MBteB 

188 Provincial Commisston, Proviaoe 
of La Rloja. 

a Crochet and lace work, ornamental 
watch cases, embroidered tuckers, piUov 
cases, and napkins. 253 

b Hair watch chain, screen. 294 

189a Lillo, Tomasa, Province of Tucn- 
man. — ^I'owels an^ tuckers, for chemises. 


189^ Santillan, J. C, Province of Tuca- 
man.— Cufb. 952 

190 Commission of the Chaco Argeo- 

tino Territory. — Embroidered doth. 25a 

191 Provincial Commission^ Province 
of Santiago del Estero. — Embroidered 
counterpanes, netted towels, linen towcb. 
and tuckers. 252 

191« Irygoyen, Carmen O. de, Province 
of Salta. — Worked mat. 25a 

193 Bustos, Mariano, Province of San 
Luis. — Religious pictures embroidered in 
silk. 352 

194 Videla, Rosa, Province of San 
Luis. — Embroidered paper case. 253 

196 Public School of " Las Conchas," 

Province of Buenos Ayres. — Embroidered 
pillow and child's shirt, made by the 
scholars. 353 

196 Gimenes,Jos6, Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Silk sash, with the Argentine 
and American oohnrs. 959 

197 Balugerflt, Angela, Province of En- 
tre-Rios. — Gold and silk embroidered 
writing-case. 35a 

197^ Simon Bros., Province of Buenos 
Ayres. — Embroidered picture. 25* 

198 Balugera, Elena, Province of Entre- 
Kios.— Embroidered velvet pillow. 35a 

199 Benevolent Society of Paranli, 
Province of Entre-Rios. — Crochet coun- 
terpane; tucker; embroidered handker- 
chief. 35a 

200 Etcheveherre, G.. Province of En- 
tre-Rios. — Embroidered handkerchief, 
dedicated to the President of the United 
States. 35a 

202 Clarke, Roberto, Province of San 
Luis. •> Silver rings made by the In- 
dians. 253 

208 Grande, Rosario, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Gold necklace and me- 
dallion, representing the fourteen Argen- 
tine Provinces. 253 

204 Lopez. Feliciano.— Coeoanut rinrs 
made of Mabocaya palm, by the In- 
dians. 253 

206 Pujol, Leonor, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Flower made of hair. 354 

206<t Alegree, John, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Work box. 354 

206 Gonzalez, Damiana, Province of 
Corrientes. — Artificial flower wreath. 254 

206« Webster, Stephen, Province of 
C6rdoba.— Tippet made of feathers. 254 

207 Etcheveh&re, Irene, Province of 
Entre-Riofl. — Artificial flowers. 854 

207a Colodrero y Pedra, Maria del 
Transito, Province of Corrientes.— Jatay 
palm, made of hair. 254 

207^ Goyena, Juana Z. de, Provinca of 
Buenos Ayres.— Hair flowers. 254 

•t «Bd of.aalriss, sea Claisificatian,_pp. sf-4S- 



Fancy Goods, Stationery, Medicines, Harness. 

S07« If uUan. Ciriaca de la Elgaera, 

Province ol Buenos Ayres.— Hair uowers. 


808 Boar^eoU, N., Province of Buenos 
Ayres.—Hair picture. 954 

810« Robion, Julian, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres.—liair flowers. 354 

211 Ferrer. Bleucadia, Province of C6r- 
doba. — Flowers made of seeds. 954 

212 Sub-Commission of Andalgala, 
Province of Catamarca. — ^Artificial flow- 
era. 954 

218 Guntsche, J., 9t SchrSeder, Province 
ofBuenosAyres.— Trunks. 955 

214 Mattaldi, Eurenio, Province of 
Buenos Ayres.— Trunk which can be 
transformed into a sola, with writing- 
desk, etc. 955 

815 Orest, M., & Co., Province of Santa 
F6.— Trunk. 955 

Paper, Blank Books, and Stationery. 

218 Benelische, Federico, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Blank books, diaries, 
and bindings. 961 

217 Piqueras, Cuspinera, & Co.. 
Province of Buenos Ayres. — Books bound 
by hand. 961 

Xedidne, Snrgery, Protkesii. 

288 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Catamarca.— Medicinal herbs. 979 

288 Provincial Commission & D. 
Abraham Lcmos, Province of Mendoza. 
—Herbarium of the officinal flora of the 
province. 979 

284 Roman, Medardo, Province of Men- 
doia.— Wild fennel. 979 

285 Provincial Commission, Province 
of San Luis. — Medicinal herbs. 979 

886 Molina, Anf^ela, Province of Cata- 
marca.— Sudonflc and digestive sub- 
stances; cedron de puzu, for affections 
of the lungs. 972 

287 Iturbe, Fidel. Province of Cata- 
marca. — Pharmaceutical preparations. 


888 Castelo, Guadalupe, Province of 
Catamarca. — Medicinal herbs and 
plants. 979 

289 Hurley, Tomas, Province of Cata- 
marca.--Medicinal herbs. 979 

240 Lafone Quevedo. Samuel A., Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. — Medicinal herbs. 97a 

841 WiirCfbain. Gustavo, & the Pro- 
vinoal Commission, Province of La Rioja. 
—Herbarium composed of herbs and 
medicinal plants. 979 

841a Schickendantx, Frederick, Prov- 
ince of Catamarca. — Medicinal herbs. 979 

842 Qonsalez. Joaquin, Province of La 
Rioja. — Meaicinaf plants and herbs. 979 

848 Qelos, Martin, Province of La 
Rioja. — Spurge, from which castor oil is 
extracted. 979 

245 Justice of the Peace of Ense- 
nada. Province of Buenos Ayres^ — Sarsa- 
parilla, etc. 979 

847 Valdex, E. & C, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres.— Chamomile, borage, sponge, 
sarsaparilla, sage, etc. 279 

For daases of exhibiu, indicated by numbers 

848 Gonzales, Juan, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Medianal herbs. 979 

849 Ifiigues, Dalmira, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Medidnai herbs. 979 

850 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Medicinal herbs. 979 

86(K' Oliden, Tomas, Province of Bue 
nos Ayres. — Medicinal herbs. 979 

850^ Gache, Manuel, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Ti pampa. 979 

851 Ferrer, Vicente, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — Medicinal herbs. 979 

858 Roibon, Enri9ue, Province of Cor- 
rientes. — nerbanum. 979 

868 Sub-Commission of Bella Vista, 
Province of Corricnies.— Tartago seed, 
chamico, etc. 979 

855 Provincial Commission, ft Sola, 

^uan. Province of Salta. — Medicinal 
erbs. 979 

856 Provincial Commission, Province 
of C6rdoba. — Medicinal herbs and 
plants. 97a 

857 Pontes, Vicente Martines, Pro- 
vince of Entre-Rios.— Medicinal herbs. 


859 Berdie, M., Province of Entre-Rios. 
— Medicinal water. 979 

860 Commission of Paranii, Province 
of Entre-Rios. — Berros waters and medi- 
cinal herbs. 279 

861 Rodriguez, Victor, Province of San 
Juan.— Saffron, flax seed. 272 

868 Rodriguez, Severe, Province of San 
Juan. — Mustard. 272 

866 Poblete, Tiburcio, Province of San 
Juan. — Medicinal seeds, herbs, and 
plants. 27a 

867 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Santiago del Estero. — Medicinal 
herbs. 272 

868 Lacour, Guillermo, Province of 
Buenos Ayres. — Orthopedic appara- 
tus. 276 

869 Newbery, Rodolfo, Province of 
Buenos Ayres.— Artificial teeth. 977 

Pabrioi of Vegetable, Animal» or 
Ifineraf Materials. 

871 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Salu. — Brooms from Totora. a86 

Carriages, Vekioles, and Aocessoxies. 

878 Balvidares, Victorino, Province of 
Bacnos Ayres. — Horse-hair whip. 996 

878 PeAalva, Benito, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Horse belt. 296 

874 Vldela, Juan, Province of Buenos 
Ayres — Harness. 996 

875 Provincial Commission, Province 
Ol Buenos Ayres.-^Silver spurs. 996 

876 Guntsche,J., ft SchrSeder, Province 
of Buenos Ayres. — Saddles. 296 

27 Qa Valdes, Honorio, Province of Bue- 
nos Ayres. — Plaited lasso. 296 

877 Mattaldi, Eugenio, Province of 
Buenos Ayres.— Saddles and harness. 996 

878 Provincial Commission, Province 
of San Juan.— Saddlery and harness. 2^ 

at end of entries see Classifirjitlon. pp. 97-45j[c 




Harness, Ornaments. 

879 TirapeflTui* Ramon, Province of San 
Juan. — Mexican saddle, stirrups, bridles, 
etc. 396 

280 Rodriffuez, Victor, Province of San 
Juan.— Harness and stirrups. 296 

281 Rodriguez, Severo, Province of 
San Juan.— Spurs and horse cloth. 096 

282 Crest, M., & Co., Province of Santa 
Fi. — Pack saddle used by the army, 
leather girth, etc. 296 

283 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Santa Fi. — Horse cloths, tapir leather 
reins and surcingle. 396 

284 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Tucuman.— Leather caparisons, sad- 
dlery, lassoes, etc. 396 

286 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Cordoba. — Harness, saddlery, horse 
cloth, etc. 296 

286 Provincial Commission. Province 
of San Luis. —Bristle horse cloth, ostrich 
feather and other caparisons. 996 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

287 Escobar, J^^an de D., Province of 

San Luis. — SUrrups, braided shackles, 
girth, and reins. 390 

288 Soaa, Rafael, Province of San Luis. 
— Ostrich feather caparison. 996 

289 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Salta. — Pack-saddle, girth, straps, 
head stall, tapir leather reins, caparisons 
lassos, etc 296 

290 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Catamarca. — Vizcacha leather capari 
son, and braided lasso. 39c 

291 Andalgalii Commission, Province 
of Catamarca. — Horse dotn, harness, 
girths, reins, bridles, etc. 396 

292 Qigena, Justin iano, Province of 
Catamarca.— Horse doth. tg6 

298 Gonzalez, Daniel. Province of 
Mendoza. — Horse clotni. 996 

205 Provincial Commission, Province 
of Jujui. — Tapir leather reins, bridle, 
etc. 396 

at end of entries, see Classification, pp. 37-45. 


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{Sowik of Nave, Columns j loj') 


Manufactures, Education and Science, Art. 

Cliexiiioal Kannfaotarei. 

1 S alee do. L., Bogota, Columbia.— 
Oil of wood, for medicinal purposes. 301 

2 Campora Brothers, Departmeat of 
Santia^, Province o{ Santiago. — Olive 
oil. aoi 

8 CeledoDia. Dims de U Vega, Valpa- 
raiso. — Pernimes, etc. 203 

Cermmicf— Pottery, Porcelain, Olaai, 

4 Escadero, R., Santiago.— Samples 
of enameled tiles for flooring. 308 

FanLiture and Objects of Oeneral Use 
in Constmetion and in Dwellings. 

5 Dell, AquUa A., 
baster table tops. 

Santiago.— Ala- 

Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, ete. 

6 School for Poor Qirls, Molina, De- 
partment of Lontue. — Assorted worsteds. 


Clothing, Jewelry, Ornaments, and 
Traveling Equipments. 

7 School for Poor Qirls, Molina, De- 
partment of Lontue. 

« Knitted spread and a%han. aco 

^ Sofa, pillows of satin and lace ; hand-made 
lace, crochet and lace tidies, bed covers, 
embroidered tapestry ru^, and silk para- 
sol embroidered with tatting. 953 

8 Astudillo, J. M., Santiago.— Leather 
and silk boots and shoes. 951 

9 Monastery, of the Good Shepherd, 
Santiago. — Embroidered handkerchief. 


10 Cadis, Joe 6, Gabriel, Santiago.— 
Gypsum ornaments. 354 

11 Schrebler, Pederico, Santiago.— 
Card baskets. 3(4 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

12 Shrebler, Federico, Santiago.— 
Blank books; samples of printing, lith- 
ography, and binding. a6z 

18 ** Mercuric'** Printing & Binding 
Office. — Specimens of printing and binJ- 
la^. 261 

Medicine, Snrgery, Protkesis. 
14 Celedonia, Dies de la Vega, Valpa- 
raiso. — " Wine of life," medicinal. 373 
For diisses of cirhibits, indicated by numbers 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

15 Waddington, Wm., Departmeat of 

Li mache. Province of Valparaiso.— ^traw, 
brooms, and brushes. 386 

16 Osthaus, Luis, Deoartment of Li- 
mache. Province of Valparaiso. — Rope 
and cordage. 387 

17 Reich, Federico, Santiago.— Rope 
and wire cordage. 387 

Bdnoational Srstems, Methods, and 

18 Goniales, Ugelde, Carlas.- Educa- 
tional reports. 304 

19 Chili, Government of, Statistics Bu- 
reau, Valparaiso. — Statistics of Chili. 305 

20 S6ve, Edouard, Santiago.— Period- 
ical publications of Chili, and " Chili as 
it is.'* 306 

81 Chaigneau, Julie, Valparaiso.— 
Newspapers. 306 

88 Lef(fevre, R., Valparaiso. — Works on 
agriculture. 306 

28 Hydrographic Office, Valparaiso.— 

Various publications. 306 

24 Villaroel, A., Santiago.— V a r i o u s 

pul>iications. 306 

26 Latropj B., Valparaiao. — Various 
publications. 306 

26 Lastarria, Vlctorine, Santiago.— 
Various publicatious. 306 

27 "Mercurio" Printing Office, Valpa- 
raiso. — Various publications. 306 

28 Taraero. S., Valparaiso.— ** Chill Il- 
lustrated.*' 306 

Scientific and Philosophical Instm- 
ments and Methods. 

29 Galap6. J. M. L., Andes.— Model of 
telegraph machine. 3s6 

Engineering, Arohiteotnre, Maps, 

.30 Chili, Government of.— Mao of Chill; 

plans of bridges and public buildings. 335 


81 Pla^a, Nicanor.— Gypsum bust, two 
bronze medallions, and one bronze 
statue. 400 

at end of entries, sec Classification, pp. S7-45. 



Art, Machinery, Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

32 Bravo, Simon, Santiago.— One cru- 
cifix, carved in wood. 405 

Engraving and Lithograpliy. 

88 Balb6,JuanC., Santiago.— Pen draw- 
ing. 420 

Ceramic Decorations, Mosaics, etc. 

14 Dell, Aqutla A., Santiago.— Black 

marble table tops, inlaid with mosaic. 450 

df Dee, Jos6, Antonio, Valparaiso.— 

Wood mosaic. 452 

Machines, Tools, etc., of Mining, 
Chemistry, etc. 

86 Chili, Government of.— Working 
model of gold and silver amalgamating 
machine. 506 

Machines and Implements of Spin- 
ning, Weaving, and Paper-making. 

87 School for Poor Girls of Molina, De- 
partment of Lontue. — Weaving frame for 
cotton. 531 

Arboricnltnre and Forest Products. 

88 National Society of Agriculture, 

Building woods of Chili. 600 

b Ornamental woods of Chili. 601 

89 Billerlich, Juan, Ancud.— Varnished 
woods. 601 

40 Lontue, Department of. — Samples of 
wood. 60c 

Agricultural Products. 

41 National Society of Agriculture 

a Medicmal herbs of Chili. 6a) 

b Seeds. 694 

42 Enrique, Clasen, ft Co.— Cigars, cig- 
arettes, smoking and leaf tobacco. 623 

48 Cox, W. O.— Cut tobacco. 623 

44 Waterhouse, Thomas, Santiago.— 
Hops. 6a3 

45 Pretta. Pedro, Santiago.— Seeds, 
separated by machinery. :»4 

Land Animals 

46 Soto, O. & M., Canquenes. 

a Stuffed heimuel. 633 

b Stuffed condor 635 

e Stuffed puma <^ 

Water Animais, Fish Culture and 

47 Sciaccaluga & Co., Calbuco. 

« Preserved fish. 641 

b Preserved shell fish. 643 

Animal and Tegetable Products. 

48 Valenzuela, P. N., Reniro.— Leather, 
tanned and varnished. 652 

49 Wolle, A., & C, Toms.— Glue. 652 

60 Day, J. M., Colchagua.— Wax. 654 

61 National Society of Agriculture, 
Santiago. — Wax. 654 

62 Escheverrfa, J. R., Guillota.— 
Wax. 654 

i'ov classes of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

68 Gallo, A. M., Caupolican.— Wax. 654 
i 64 Dupuch, B.f Limache. 

a Preserved fnuts, marmalades, etc 656 
b Cbret. 660 

65 Pretta, Pedro, Santiago.— Extract of 
coffee. 656 

66 Velazco, J. J., Mill Santiago.— Flour 
and bran. 657 

67 Zapata, L., Department of Quillota, 
Province of Valparaiso. — Starch. 6^ 

68 Donis, Felipe, Department ft Prov- 
ince of Santiago. — Fruit syrup and lemon- 
ades. 659 

69 Urmeneta, Jos^ Tomas de. Depart- 
ment uf Limache, Province of Valparaiso. 
— Claret and ^uterne wines. 660 

60 Montane, R., Department of Li- 
mache, Province of Valparaiso. — QareL 


62 Campora Bros., Department of San- 
tiago, Ft evince of Santiago. — Wines and 
cider. 660 

68 Ochagavia, Silvestre, Department 
of Santiago, Province of Santiago.— Claret 
and sautemc. 660 

64 Infante, Manuel, Department of 
San Felife, Province of Aconagua. — 
Whisky, cider, and wine. 660 

66 Rusque, Juan, Department of Qull< 
lota, Province of Valparaiso. — Qaret. 660 

66 Salva. de Pelle, Margarita, Depart- 
ment of Quillota, Province of Valparaiso. 
—Claret. 660 

67 Zapata, L.. Department of Quillota, 
Province of Valparaiso.— Whiskj' and 
claret 660 

68 Meneses; N., Department of Quil- 
lota, Province of Valparaisa — Claret. 660 

09 Rogers, Salamanca P., ft Co., De- 
partment of Victoria, Province of San- 
tiago. — Claret and sauteme. 660 

70 Ovalle, D. & £., Department of Vic- 
toria, Province of Santiago.— Claret and 
sauteme. 660 

71 Vargas, Bias, Department of Vic- 
toria, Province of Santiaga— Claret and 
sauteme. 660 

73 Paulsen, 1., Departmaat of Chilian, 
Province of Chilian.— Claret, white, and 
port wine. 660 

78 Gallo. Depaitment of Copiape, Prov- 
ince of Alacama. — Madeira wine. 660 

74 Riquieri & Co., Department of Val- 
paraiso, Province of Valparaiso. — Brandy, 
cura^oa, and fancy liquors. 660 

76 Serrano, H., Department of Concep- 
cion, Province of Concepdon. — Claret and 
red wine. 660 

76 Peres, Juan Jos6, Department of 

Casablanca, Province of Valparaiso. — 
Whisky and claret. 660 

77 Plageman ft Co., Valparaiso.— Beer, 

ale, and lager beer. 660 

78 Codelia, Juan, Santiago.— Vermi- 
celli. 661 

Textile Substances of regetaUs or 
Animal Origin. 

79 Barros, Lauro, Santiago.— Wool. 

at end of entries, sec Classification, pp. «7-45. 




\S<nah of South Avtmu, Columns 2 to /.) 


Minerals, Manufactixrcs, Education, Art, Agriculture. 



Unerali, Orel, Stonei, Kining Pro- 

1 Spe^al Commi»»loner to the Expo- 
sition from Lima.— Minerals of Peru. 


2 Hcleuero, Qenaro 8., Puire. 
a Sulphur. 
i Tar. 
8 Davila h hyo», Maguegua. — Plena 

of Masuegua. »«> 

Chemical Kanufactarei. 
4 Gau^ces, Vicente, Puira.— Soap. 2ox 
i Smith, Estiban G., Puira.--Petrolo- 
uxn. *** 

6 Prugut, E., Lima.— Oil, soap, can- 
dles. «ox 

Famitore and Objeoti of General TTie 
in Cenitmotion and in Dwellings. 

7 Penitentiary of Lima. — Wood 
work. ^^ 

Tarns and Woven 0eods of Vegetable 
or Mineral Materials. 

8 Puira, Department of.— Ponchas, 
towels, etc. SSS 

VoTon and Felted Goods of Wool, eto. 

9 Torre, Manuel Espirito la, Lima.— 
Vienna texture. 03^ 

Silk and Silk Pabrles. 

10 Amazon,Departracnt of the.— Vege- 
table silk. 344 

Clotldng, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Traveling Equipments. 

11 Brambilla, Portunato, Lima.— 
Shirts, cufis, and collars. 250 

12 Ayacucho, Department of. 

a Cknhioff. sso 

^ Silver filigree work, etc. 354 

18 Torre, Manuel Espirito la, Lima.— 

Gloves. 951 

14 Navarro, Pedro, Catasos. — Straw 
hats. 351 

15 Pin6, Manual, Lima.- Gloves. 350 

16 Penitentiary of Lima. 

a Shoes, •St 

b Canes. 354 

For classes of exhibils, iadtsstsd Vy aoaihsts 

17 Mansanares, Josefa, Lima. — Em- 
broideries. "S* 

18 House of Santa Rosa, Lima.— Em- 
broideries. *S« 

19 House of Santa Teresa, Lima.— Ar- 
tificial flowers. •54 

Paper, Blank Books, Stotionery. 

80 Peres, Manuel, Trinidad.— Typo- 
graphical specimens. 36x 

Educational Svstemi, Methods, and 

21 Bureau of Education, Lima.— Map 

of Peru. 3«> 

88 Raimondi, Antonio.— Map of Peru. 


Institntlons and Organisations. 

28 Hevvera, Antonio M., Lima.— An- 
tiquities. 3«2 

84 Cohille, Quillermo B., Lima.— An- 
tiquities. 3'^ 


25 Manual de la Vega, Juana.— " Gen- 
eral Grant" (wire bust). 4<» 

26 Barrenechea, Paulino, Lima.— 
Coat of arms of Peru (wood carving). 4«>S 


27 Munis, Ramon, Lima.— "La Chl- 
lena," "The Peruvian Rabona" (oil 
paintings). A^o 


28 Municipal School of Lima.— Photo- 
graphs. 430 

Arboriculture and Forest Products. 

29 Ayacucho, Department of.— Woods 
from Huanu ana La Mar. 600 

80 Special Commission to the Exhibi- 
tion.— Woods. 6ow 


81 Ayacucho, Department of.— 
Nuts. 6x1 

82 Valcarcel, Venancio, Moguega.— 
Olives. 6x1 

88 Pisco, Province of.— Raisins. 611 
at end of ealrtos. see Osssiftcation, pp. 37-45. 



Af^cultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

84 Vico, Vicente, Moguei:a.— Olives. 6xz 
86 Loreto, Department of. — Nuts. 6zz 

Agrionltnral Produoti. 

86 Society for the Increase of Peruvian 
Industry, Lima. — Grains. 690 

87 La Libertad, Department of.— 
Grains from the Province of Oxozco. 6ao 

88 Loreto, Department of. 

a Beans. 691- 

I Cofiee. 6a3 

40 Ayacucho, Department of.— Coffee 
and cocoa. 623 

41 Amazon, Department of The.— Cof- 
fee and tobacco. 6a3 

42 Qoybura, J. B., Saa Pedro.— Cof- 
fee. 6a3 

48 Pouehan, Antonio, ft Co., Lima. — 
Cigars. 693 

44 Special Commissioner to the Expo- 
sition from Lima. — Huanco cofiee. 623 

46 Puira, Department of.— Cigars. 623 

46 Botanical Garden of Lima.— Seeds. 

Animal and Vegetable Prodneti. 

47 Segovia, Carolina, Challuanca. — 
Hides. 65a 

48 Ayacucho, Department of.— 
Skins. 653 

49 Goybura, J. B., San Pedro.— Rice. 657 

60 Solf, Alfred, ft Co., Chiclayo. 
a Rice. 
i Sugar. 
c Alcohol. 

61 Puira, Department of.— Starch. 

65 Laos, Mariano.— Sugars. 

68 Laos, Domingo, Lima.— Sugar. 
64 Swain, Enrique, Lima. 

a Sugar. 

b Rum and biandies. 

66 Ward, M. Adrian, Tacna.— Wines 
and brandies. 660 

66 Boza, J086, Pisco. — Liquors, wines, 
and brandies. 660 

67 Davila ^ higos, Lima.— Brandies. 660 
6 8 Torre, Mariano la, Lima.— Wines. 660 

69 Palacios, Fernande, Lima.— Wines 
and brandies. 660 

60 Pandoy, Jos^ Maria, Algosta.— 
Wines. 660 



61 Society for the Improvement of 

Peruvian Industries, Lima. — ^Amazon bit- 
ters, liquors. 66c 

62 Barrios. Jos6 P., Moquegua.— 
Brandy ana bquors. 66c 

68 Cabello, Gregorio, Lima. — Liquors, 
wines, and brandies. 660 

64 Barrios, Domingo, Moquegua.— 
Wines. 660 


66 Barrios, Samuel, 

66 Dios de la Quintana, Juan de, lea.— 
Liquors, wines, and brandies. 660 

67 Barrios. Jos6 Maria.— Liquors, 
wines, and brandies. 660 

68 Torre, Manuel Espirito la.— Liquor 
from Conocancha. 660 

69 Salas ft Terry, Lima.— Rum. 660 

70 Soldan, Luis Pas, Lima.— Olive oil. 


71 Ylo, Province of.— Olive oil. 66s 

72 Lerra, Manuel J., Puira.— Castor 
oil. 66s 

Textile Snbitances of Vegetable or 
Mineral Origin. 

78 Dios de la Quintana, Juan de, lea.— 
Cotton. 66s 

74 Nawares, Josi Maria Cardenas, 
Ayacucho. — Huantra cotton. 665 

76 Ellas, D. ft C, Lima.— Cotton. 66^ 

76 Torre, Manuel Espirito la.— Wool. 


77 Avacucho, Department of. 
a Wool. 667 
6 Silk. 66B 

78 Special Commissioner {o the Exhibi- 
tion. — Cocoons and silk. 666 

Agrionltnral Engineering and Ad- 

79 Peru, Government of.— Guano de- 
posits from Lobos, Pabellon de Pica* and 
GuamiUas. 661 

Ornamental Trees, Shmbi, and 

80 Botanical Garden of Lima.— Plants. 


81 Special Commissioner to the Exhibi- 
tion.— Plants for silk worms. 704 

For classes of exhibits, indicated by numbea at end of entries, see Classi6cation, pp, a^4X 


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{SoMtA ofNavt, Columns 64 to 67,) 


Chemicals, Ceramics, Furniture, Woven Goods, Clothing. 


1 Mier, Aotonio, State of Jalisco.— Na- 
tnral saltt of sodium. aoo 

S H«y, Qtiillenno, City of Mexico.— 
Salts of sodium, extracted from the lakes 
of the Valley of Mexico. aoo 

5 Rio de la Loza, Manuel, City of Mex- 
ico.— Salts of sodium. aoo 

4 State Qovemmeot of Yucatan, Me- 
rida.— Salts of sodium. aoo 

i Sute Qovemment of Campeche.— 
Salts of sodium. 300 

6 Sute Qovemment of Mexico.— Salts 
of sodium. 300 

7 Rio de la Losa, Maximino.— Chemi- 
cal products. aoo 

8 Lifero, M., City of Puebla.— Stear- 

ine. 301 

8^ HurUdo, H.— White and red lead. 


Cenunie*— Pottery, Poroelain, Olas^ 

9 Casarir, Alexander, ft Co., City of 

a Indian rases. ao6 

4 Porcelain. 313 

10 Guerrero, Y^acia, Puebla City.— 
Bricks. ao6 

11 State Qovemment of Morelos.— In- 
dian vases. ao6 

Fnmitnrs and Objeoti of General Use 
in Conitmetion and in Dwellings. 

12 Garcia, Francisco, State of Oaxaca. 

—Chairs of Mexican reeds. 317 

ISo State Government of Hidalgo. — 
Mexican agave fibre manufactures. 339 

18^ State Government of Yucatan.— 
Hammocks, shawb, bau^, and other ob- 
jects, made of istle, or fibres, of the Mexi- 
can hereguen (agave of Yucatan). 229 

18 Gomea,, Polo'ma J., Guadalajara 
City. — Cotton yams. 330 

14 Rosario Hacienda, SUte of Coa- 
' huUa. — Cotton goods. 330 

M Trapaga, Torriello, ft Co., State of 

. Oaxaca.— Yarns ; cotton cloth. 330 

^ CoUaoatVoFkingmen's Club.— Cotton 

goods for vestings, etc. 230 

17 Berme^o, Plo, City of Mexico.— 

Cotton goods. 330 

For rlsMcs of exhibits, indicated by numbers 

18 Davila. Hoyaa, SaltUIo City.— Cot- 
ton goods. 330 

19 El. Labrador Factory, Saltillo City. 
— Cotton goods. 330 

80 Aurora Factory, Saltillo City.— Cot- 
ton goods. 330 

81 Comte, Manuel, City of Puebla.— 
Cotton goods. 330 

88 Patriotismo Factory . — C o 1 1 o n 
cloths. 330 

88 Quijano, Alexandro.— Cotton goods. 


84 La Beneficencia Factory . — Cotton 
goods. 330 

85 Benites, D., City of Puebla.— Cotton 
goods. ajo 

WoTtn and Felted Ooodi of Wool, tto. 

86^' Zempoala Factory, State of Guana- 
juato. — Woolen goods. 335 

86 Rosa, Manuel, City of Mexico. 

a Cassimeres. 235 

^ Blankets. 337 

Silk and Silk Fabrici. 

87 City of Puebla.— Silks and silk fab- 
rics. 244 

Clothinff, Jewelry, and Ornaments; 
Trayeliiig Equipments. 

88 State Government of Coahuila. — 
Zarapes. 250 

89 Tailors* Society, City of Mexico.— 
Charro dress. 250 

30 State Government of Yucatan.— In- 
( baby dress 250 

81 Polo, Miss Lux, City of Mexico.— 
Fancy shirt. 350 

88 Hernandez, Mrs. Amalia, City of 
Mexico. — Fancy shirts. 350 

88 Cusset,N., City of Mexico.— Qlovee. 


84 Fernandez, Gertrude.- Embroidery. 


35 Robles, Miss Rita.— Embroidery, i^/ 

36 Perry, Miss Concepcion.— Embroi- 
dery. 25' 

37 Castorena, Miss Merced.— Embroi- 
dery. 25a 

38 Puentes, Miss Loreto. ~ £mbroi« 
dcry. ^ 2«;7t 

at end of entries, see ClassJ§fB*|b)Oy fcpj€>0QlC 



Fancy Goods, Stationery, Medicine, Education and Science. 

89 Montet de Oca, Miss Bernardo.— 
Embroideries. 85a 

40 Velasquex, Mrs. Luz, Cit^r of Mex- 
ico.— Efmbroidered handkerchief. ass 

41 LfOreto, Mrs., City of Mexico.— Em- 
broidery. *$J 

48 Mata, Mrs. Josefina, City of Mexi- 
co. — Fancy towel. . 352 
48 Campo de Mata, Mrs. Josefia, City of 
a Cushion in filigree. ssa 
6 Fancy box. •54 

45 Pensado, Mrs., ft Sisters.— Artificial 
flowers. a54 

46 Carvajal, Antonio, City of Mexico.— 
Gold and silver galloon. 354 

Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

47 Benfield, City of Mexico .—Paper. 260 

48 Palomar ft Co., State of Jalisco.— 
Paper. a6o 

49 Dias, Leon Francisco de, City of 
Mexico. — Specimens of printing. a6o 

Kedioine, Surgery, Frotheiii. 

50 Orissi, J.— Medicinal plaster. 373 

51 Morril. A. — Extract of sarzapar- 
rilla ana other preparations. 372 

52 Society of Natural History.— Medi- 
cinal plants. 373 

58 Fink, Hugo, State of Vera Cruz.— 
Cinchona, from Cordova. 373 

54 Ro^ul, Antonio, City of Mexico.— 
Artificial teeth. 373 

55 Chacun, Mariano.— Artificial 

teeth. 373 

Fabrics of Vegetable, Animal, or 
Mineral Materials. 

56 Carvajal, Antonio, City of Mexico.— 
Indian manufactures from the State of 
Michoacan. 2% 

56a Escobedo, Mariano, City of Mexico. 
—Indian manufactures from the State of 
Yucatan. 389 

Educational Systems, JCethods, and 

57 Cerna, David^ City of Mexico.— Ma- 
gical compositions. 302 

57^ Peralta, Mrs. Angela.— Musical 

compositions. 303 

58 Garfias, Miss Maria. — Musical 
works. 303 

58a Rocha, Miss Amelia,City of Mexico. 
—Musical compositions. 303 

59 Alcarar.Vicente.— Elementary arith- 
metic. 306 

00 Almazan, Pascal.— Treatise on rail- 
roads. 306 

91 Areandar, Alexandre— Commercial 
arithmetic. 306 

62 Bablot, Aranyo y.— Children's recre- 
ative books. 306 

68 Castilla, Antonio y.— Lessons on re- 
ligion and morality. 306 

G4 Manuel, Contreras. — Elements of 
mathematics; lesions on morality. 306 
Kor classes of exhibiu, indicated by numbers 

65 Chimalpopoca, Faostino, City of 
Mexico.— Nahuatl language. 306 

66 Covarriebias, Francisco.— Astro- 
nomical and geographical works. 306 

6 7 Domisguer, J.— Geography aad sta- 
tistics. 3p6 

68 Garcia y Cubas, Aatonio. O eogr a - 
phy and statist!^. 306 

69 Gama, Mucio.— Geometry. 306 

70 Gutierres, Serapio.— School 
books. 306 

71 Garcia,Vargaa.— ElemeatarySpaa- 
ifh grammar. 306 

78 Gabran, Rivera,— Arithmetic. 306 
78 Hermosa, J.— Geography. 306 

74 Moral, Fomas.— Geography. 306 

75 Marrogui, J. M.— Democratic cate- 
chism and orthology. 306 

76 Murguria.— School books. 306 

77 Magalori, Horatio.— Italian cram- 
mar. 306 

78 Orellana, Estevan.— Latin lan- 
guage. 306 

79 Oviedo, Paulino.— School books. 


80 Orozco, Antonio. — Book-keeping. 


81 Payno, Manuel.— Compendium of 
geography. 306 

88 Paniagua, Cenobio.— Lessons 00 
harmony. 306 

88 Rosas, J os6.— School books and 
other works. 306 

84 Rivera, T. Rio.— Reading book. 306 

85 Ruis, Davila.— Metrical system. 306 

86 Remigio, Rodrlgues.— Spanish 
grammar. 306 

87 Tamborrel.— Equations. 306 

88 Ferrazas,Jos^Joaquim.— Blemeat- 
aiy arithmetic. 306 

89 Zambrano. Francisco.— LsssoBs OB 
orthology, and other works. 306 

90 Mexican Mining Society.—** El Pro- 
pu^.idur" (scientific paper). 306 

91 Tapia, Mrs. Ester.— Works 00 liter- 
ature and poetry. 306 

98 Arriago, Joaquim.— RecreatiTe sci- 
ence. 306 

98 Aguilar, Bruno.— Treat 'se on artil- 
lery. 306 
> 94 Arteaga, Juan.— ZSotechaic stud- 
ies. 306 

95 Aiye, Patricio.— Calculus. 306 

96 Arroniz, Marcus.— Biography. 306 

97 Barcena, Mariano.— Works OS oat- 
ural history. 306 

98 Barcena, M.Jos6 Roa.— Treatise oa 
history and geography. 306 

99 Brito, Jos^.- Works oa Jnrl^ni- 
dence. 306 

100 Bernardy, Mrs. Louisa.— Geogra- 
phy of Mexico. 3jb6 

101 Castillo, Velasco.— ConstitutlOBal 
Hghu. 306 

108 Chavero, Alfredo.— Archmologkal 
essays. 306 

108 Dias, Barriers.— Mexicaa peasi 
code. 3aC 

104 Dias, Jos6 Corarmblas.— PabUc 
instnictios ia Mexico. jpi 

at end of entries, see Cbsstieatloa, pp. s^^tf* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Education and Science, Art, Vessels, Woods. 

106 Bscandoia, Pedro.— Instruction in 
fine arts. 306 

106 Esptein. Isidoro.— Works on topo- 
graphy ana thermometry. 

107 Qareia, An tunic 


108 I^esias, Jose Maria. ~ Historical 
ikHAtments. ^06 

109 Ifflesias, Angel. — Laryngoscopy. 


110 Jimenez, Julio.— On public admin- 
iscratio&. 306 

111 Lobato, J. Guadalupe.— Cerebral 
softening. 306 

112 Lozano, J. M.— Civil code. 306 

113 Lescanor, Antenor. — Agricul- 
ture. 306 

114 Mender. — Narrow gauge in opera- 
don. 306 

115 Maravedo, Salazar.— Military ma- 
neuvering. 306 

116 Montez, R. Oca.— Ornithological 
essays. 306 

*17 Martinez, Victor.— History of the 
Mexican Revolution. 306 

118 Monteil, Duarte.— Personal and 
civil rights. 306 

119 Martinez, Joaquim.— Modem and 
ancient history and mythology. 306 

1 20 Martinez, Del Rio.— Cultivation of 
cotton. 306 

121 Nunez, Angel.— Geography of Vera 
Cruj. 306 

122 Orasco, Manuel Berra J.— Hydro- 
graphical chart of the valley of Mexico, 

* ancf geography of language . 306 

123 Perez, B. Juan.— Statistical alman- 
acs. 306 

124 Perez, Hernandez.- Geographical 
dictionary. 306 

125 Prieto, Guillermo.— Political econ- 
omy, and other works. ^£ 

1 26 . Pimental, Francisco.— Corapara- 
tive and descriptive sketch of American 
physiology. 306 

127 Peon, Jos^ Contreras.— Historical 
romances. 306 

128 Rivas.Josfc.— Code of urbanity. 306 

129 Sierra, Justo.— Maritime law. 306 

130 Povan, Parrtaleon. — Parliament- 
ary hbtory. 306 

181 Zayas. Pablo.— Dictionary of Mexi- 
can legislation, civil code. 306 

132 Federal Government.— Works up- 
on the gubernatorial system, relating to 
the defmrtment of the interior, war, navy, 
public instruction, topography, and other 
scientific subjects. 306 

183 Pharmaceutical Society of Mexico. 
-"Pharmacopoeia of the city of Mexico. 


134 Larry Scientific AssocIation.—His« 
turical accounts and reports of the pro- 
ceedings of the association. 306 

185 Mexican Scientific Society.— 
Works on education and geography. 306 

136 Sociaty of Natural History .—** La 
Naturalcza"— scientific newspaper. 306 

137 Humboldt Society.— •• Humboldt:s 
Annals." 306 

For ctesses of exhibits, indtoted by nnrabeis 

138 Department of Public Works.— 
Drainage of the valley of Mexico, topo- 
graphy of the federal di.stricts of the city 
of Mexico, of the mountains of Pacheco. 
and of the palace of the archbishop of 
Mexico. 306 

InititutioiiB and Organixatioiii. 
189.Romier, Cuatafraro f.— Pyrocnos- 
tical study of minerals from Gtumajuato. 


140 Camacho, J., City of Mexico.— Mu- 
sical compositions. 313 

141 Ytuarte, J., City of Mexico.— Musi- 
cal compositions. 313 

Soientific and Philoiophio Instru- 
ments and Methods. 

142 Loera, City of Mexico.— Frenome- 
try. 3ao 

148 Oropera, Guillermo.— S e n s i b 1 e 
scales. 330 

144 Zenca, J. Estrada, City of Mexico. 

—Map. 335 

146 Ramirez ft Cuataparo, City of Mex- 
ico. — Maps. 335 

146 Barcena, Mariano, City of Mexico. 
-Maps. 335 

Oil Paintings. 

148 Majira, Mrs. G.^-Oil paintings. 4x0 

149 Labisky, Mrs.— Water color paint- 
ing, " coffee plant." 411 

engraving and Lithography. 

160 LfOreta, Pupils of Mrs. 
a Engraving on wood. 
b Lithograpnic work. 


161 Salaxar, Miss.— Photographs. 430 
Ceramio Decorations, Mosaios, ete. 

162 Ramirez, Miss Soledad.— Cottage 
with clay figures. 434 

168 Alcocer, Miss Antonia.- Fruits and 
flowers in wax. 454 

Aerial, Fnenmatio, and Water Trans- 

164 State Government of Campeche, 

Campeche City.— Model of a vessel. 594 
164/x Cesar, Jos6 Maria, City of Mexi- 
co. — Modelof steam vessel. 595 

Arborionltnre and Forest Prodncts. 

166 State Government of Vera Cruz.— 
Woods. 600 

166 State Government of Puebla.— 
Woods. 600 

167 State Government of Yucatan.— 
Woods. 600 

168 SUte Government of Campeche.— 
Woods. 600 

160 State Government of Mexico.— 
Woods. 600 

160 State Government of Hidalgo.— 
Woods. 60c 

161 State Government of Colima.— 



at end of entries. %^ CU^ftJiyH^fc' 




Agricultural, Animal, Vegetable Products. 

168 State Oovemment of Iforelot.— 
Woods. 600 

165 Jimenex, J., Cuernavaca City.— 
wood. 600 

166 Vallarta, L. Y.— Aloes, aromatic 
Woods. 600 

167 State Qovernment of Oaxaca. — 
Indigo. 603 

168 State Government of Colima.~In> 
digo. 603 

169 SocietyofNatural History .—Oums 
and resins. 603 

169a State Qovernment of Oaxaca, 
Oaxaca City. — Resins. 603 

196^ State Government of Campeche, 
Campeche City. — Caoutchouc. 603 

Agrioaltaral Produoti. 

170 Legarreta, A., Queretaro.— 
Cereals. 6ao 

171 Cuevas Bros.— Wheat. 630 

172 State Government of Puebla.— 
Cereals. 630 

178 State Government of Hidalgo. 
a Cereals. 630 

6 Coffee. 633 

174 State Government of Bforelos.— 
Cereals. 6ao 

17 ^a Coabuistla .Hacienda, State of 
Mexico. — Wheaf. 6ao 

176 Society of Natural History.— 
Cereals. 6ao 

176 Cirilo, Mingo.— C6rdoba coffee. 633 

177 Cuantecomatan Co., Colima City.-^ 
Coffee. 633 

178 Canedo, Sefior.— Cigars and cigar- 
ettes. 633 

179 Martinez de la For re. City of 
Mexico. — Cigars and tobacco-ieaf. 633 

180 Gardida, Thomas.- Tobacco and 

cigars. 633 

181 State Government of Vera Cruz.— 

Coffee. 633 

182 State Government of Mexico.— 
Coffee. 633 

182^ State Government of Yucatan.— 
Coffee. 633 

182^ Ortiz, Anastacio, City of Mexico. 
— Tobacco. 633 

188 Balza Bros.— Cigars. 633 

184 Lascurain ft Co. — Cigars, cigar> 
ettes, etc. 633 

186 Cainzo, Antonio.— Tobacco, etc. 633 

186 Madrazos ft Co.— Tobacco, etc. 633 

187 Asvlum for the Poor, State of 
Puebla. — Cigars, tobacco, etc. 623 

188 Escobedo Gral, State of Michoa- 
can.— Coffee. 633 

189 Santiuro Villa, Vera Cruz. — C6r. 
doba cofiee. 633 

Aiiimal and Vegetable Froducti. 

190 Severino, Perez. — Pipitza>h u i n a 
(a new vegetaUe base). 650 

190^ Garcia, Hilario, City of Mexico.— 
Skins. 65a 

191 State Government of Oaxaca. — 
Skins. 65a 

192 State of Colima.— Skins. 653 

F'or classes of exhibits, indicated by nnmbers 

198 State of Puebla.— Skins. 651 

194 SUte Government of Yucatan. — 
Skins. 6sa 

195 SUte Government of Morelos.— 
Beeswax. 654 

196 State Government of Hidalgo.— 
Beeswax. 654 

196o State Government of Oaxaca, 
Oaxaca Dty.— Beeswax. 6s4 

196^ Preparatory School, Mexico City. 
-Beeswax. 654 

196^ State Government of Hidalgo.— 
Vegetable wax. 654 

196</ Society of Natural History, City 
of Mexico. — Vegetable wax. 654 

197 State Government of Yucatan. — 
Oil of the insect niin, used for burnishing 
metallic instnunents. 657 

198 Torres, N., Puebla City. — Plour. 


199 Society of Natural History.— Fa- 
rina. 657 

200 Ycazbalcata ft Garcia.— Sugar. 659 

201 State Government of Coahuila.— 
Preserved fruitt. 659 

202 State of Puebla.— Sugar. 659 
208 Zerango Hacienda.— Sugar. 659 
208^ State Government of Yucatan, 

Morida City. — Sugar. 639 

204 Oacalco Hacienda, State of M ora- 

tos.— Sugar. 699 

206 Goribar, Faustino.— Sugar. 6S9 

206 Clara Santa Hacienda.— Sugar. 639 

207 Atlihuayan Hacienda.— Sugar. 659 
207a Ferrer, Ignacio, City of Mexico.— 

Chocolate. 659 

208 Campos, Fernanda.- Peg ui la 
liquor. 660 

208a State Government of Yucatan.- 
Sugar. 659 

209 Paraiso Factory, Campeche Dia- 
tillery.— Whisky. 660 

210 Ylizalituvia, Rivera.— Pulque 
(agave liquor). 060 

211 Cortes, Agapito.— Wines. 660 

212 Royo, Remegio, State of Coahuila. 
— Grape wines from Parras. 660 

218 Barreda, C— Alcohol. 660 

214 Martinez, J. M.— Jehuacaa Puebla 

wines. 660 

216 Boeza, Simon.— Wines. 660 

216 Societyof Natural History.— Vega- 
table oils. Ma 

217 Canas, Eduardo.— Olive oil, 663 

218 Morril, A.-Vegetable oils. 66s 

219 Jaspeado, J.— Olive oil. 66s 

220 State Government of Yucatan.— 
Ricino oil. 66s 

221 Sayo, Vega de la. City of Mexico. 
— Vegcuble oiL 66s 

22 lo Cordera, Manuel, City of Mexico. 
-Vegeuble oU. 66s 

Textile Substanees of Animal M 
Vegetable OrigixL 

222 State Government of .Moraloa, 
Cuernavaca City.— Coltwi. 665 

al end of entries, see Classification, pp «7-4$. 



Textile Fibres, Agricultural Engineering, Botanical Collections. 

SS2« Stmte of CoahuUa, Saltillo City.— 
Cotton. ^ 665 

882^ Pereda, Bias, San Luis Potoai 
City.— Cotton. 66$ 

828^ State Government of Campeche, 
Campcche City.— Cotton. 665 

888<^ State Government of Hidalgo.- 
Cotton. 665 

S88« Herrera, Alfonso, Mexico City.— 
Products of chayote plant. 666 

888y State Government of Oaxaca, 
Oaxaca City.— Vegeuble fibres. 666 

888r Jtiarez, T., Texcoco City.— Hemp. 

888 State of Yucatan.— Fibres. 666 

884 Cabo, J. de VUla.— S t r i n ^ s and 

cords, 666 

886 State of Hidalgo.— Fibres of the 

Mexican maguey. 666 

886 Lopes, Mig