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Full text of "Official catalogue of the Great exhibition of the works of industry of all nations, 1851"

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Thb gathering of the materials of which the Catalog^oes of the Ezhibitioii are oompoeed, and their 
pr^Nuation for pablkation in a collected form, require a short notice. Bj a dedsion of the Ex* 
ecntiTe Oonunittee, each exhibitor was called upon to furnish a written account of the articles pro- 
poeed to be exhibited, and to forward this description for the purpose of forming ti^ Catalogue of 
the Exhibitimi. In order to fiicilitate this operation, certain general rules were printed, together 
with suggestions intended to furnish exhibitors with lieadings under which additional information 
might be giyen. In addition, four distinct kinds of printed forms were supplied to exhilntors, in- 
tended to serve for their manuscript descriptions in each of the four sections of the Ihihibition— Baw 
Matmsis and F^roduce, Maehineiy, Manufactures, and Fine Arts. These forms were required to 
be sent in prior to the receqit of goods at the Building, and on their arrival an acknowledgment 
forwarded serred as a warrant for Sie admission of the articles described into the Exhibition. 

The material of the Catalogues was thus obtained, but the form in which it appeared was such as to 
require yeiy considerable moidification before it could be issued from the press. Tlie necessity for 
reducing the size of the Catalogues to one of conyenience for use in the Building demanded that the 
material of which thef were to be composed should be oonrideiablj condensed. The danger of in- 
accuracj' also in the scientific descriptions, and in their literary construction, required attenticm. A 
slight preliminazy correction was applied to the forms, which were then set up in type. 

The desirableness of obtaining a symmetrjr of propcotion in the works, and as for as posnble a har- 
mony of style and consistency of expression, in addition to the great importance of attemptbg to com- 
mnnicate to them a character of scientific accuracy, demanded the aobption of general principles of 
correction and reconstruction. But the varied nature of the contents of the Exhibition, and of the 
descriptbns sillied, rendered this a duty difilcult to be undertaken by any single in(UviduaL A 
number of scientific gentiemen accordinely united to undertake the correction of proofi belonging to 
certain departments, principally in regard to the sdentifio inaccuracies they might contain, their labours 
being followed by a final, general, scientific and literary reviskm. llie descriptions of exhibitors 
were therdBne submitted to this process, and subsequentbr prqiared for press after receiving the official 
sanction fi)r their publication. In the Descriptive and Illustrated Catsdogue a number of eluckiatory 
notes were siqyplied, which ard intended to convi^ a variety of interesting and valuable infonnation 
upon articles exhibited. 

In this manner the large Catalogue was prepared. The present volume is a veiy condensed 
abstract of that work. It consists of essentially tiie same materials as the former Catalogue, baring 
been prepared by Mr. 6. W. Yapp from the corrected and annotated slips, and it has therefore the 
advantage of the care bestowed upon the former work. Three or four Imes, on the average, being, 
for economy of qNice, the necessaiy limit of the descriptions in this Catalogue, its contents are con- 
fined, in the case of each exhibitor, merely to a brief indication of the name, residence, nature of the 
article, and position in the Building. The fuller details^ accompanied with the iUustrations, are to 
be found in the large Catalogue. 

The extreme pressure of time under which the prepaiation of this Catalogue has proceeded, occa- 
rioned in a great measure by the delay of the return c^ forms, precludes the possibility of its complete 
accuracy. It is therefore requested that exhibitors will point out any errors presenting themselves, 
and without delay communicate the information, with the Class, Numlier, and tiie psge in which they 
ooeor, to the Catalogue Office. 

The mottos on the Title-pages of the large Catalogue, and of the present volume, were selected by 
His Bojal Highnem Prince Albert. 


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HBB XAjmnnrs coiaEi8sio]srBB& 


His Gnoe tiM Don or Bdocuocb, K.G., 'gjaus. 

Bifl^t Hon. Hm Saml or Bon^ K^., Pr. of BJ9. 

Bigbt Hon. tlio Baml or BuAMZUy EJB.A. 

Bight HoQ. Hie Basxi or GBAaniu. 

Bl^ Hon. LoBo ScAiiLBr. 

BIgbt Hon. LoBO Otsbrohx. 

Bifl^ Hon. LoBo Jon BoMBU^ H.P., F JL& 

Bl^ Hon. Hbbbt Laboocbebb» ICP. 

B^ Hon. W. B. Gx.4snoiix, H.P. 


Sib Cbabm Ltbli^F.BA 

Ab CiiABT.wi LocB BA«n.AKi^ P.B.A., F.B.8L 

Tbom^ Babxbq, Etq.y H.P. 

^^^»*— Babbt, Efq., BJL, F.BJEL 
Tbomas Babut, Efq. 

Hi4»p^Mn GOBDEB. ESQ., M.P. 

W. CuBirr, Esq., ILP., F.BJ3., Pr. ofln. GIt. Eng. 

Tdomjli Fdbld Gnaov, Efq. 

Jom GorViEfq. 

Pboibhob HorKiBi, of flio Geokglad SodoCy. 

PHiur PnBTy Efo^ ICP^ F.BA 

Jom SHXrHBBD^ Eiq., GboixiBon of flio Hon. EmI 

IndlB GoBpany. 
Tfii^BBBT SisraBBiOB, Efq., M.P., F.B.8. 


J. SooTT BoHBLS^ Efq^F.B.& ^, 

fln ScArroBo Hbbbt Nobtoooxi^ Bort 5' 



Liont-GdL Bbid, ILB., CB^ F.B.& (ChBizmui). 


CiiABT.wi WBBTvoBin Xhuo^ Efq. 

Fbabch Fouo, Efq. 

Gbobqb Dbbw, En. 

Hasthbv IhoBT WTAXT, Efq. (Be ei o toi j ) . 

Br. Ltob Platxaib, F.B.8. | Lt-CoL J. A. Llotd^ F.B.8. 




Pioffffor Dr. Bcrafhaom. 
rM. i» Bboogbxbb. 

BaoBiUi Wbrbbhols. 


CffWOB . . a 


Hcam Tbmm . 
HoOaad. . 
FcrUgoJL . 

Bmana . 





c F. J. Yabsbluou 
t Abtobio Yaldbz. 


8r. CabioTbbbbi. 


ChcTBlkr Lbbcba. 


TwiiM . . 
Tittkeg . . 

ZoOtVtfttM . 

{ Dr. W. SBTrrABiB, LL.D. 


f"^ IC DB TlAfl. 
Bamob Egbbtabbia. 

^Norwajf CHABUiTomB. 
Dr. BouBT. 

Sig. Wamwa Elmbaddbb. 
Proftffor p. GoBBifC 


K. 8. DoDOB, Seeretfiy wad 
Aeting Agent 


i Badbaxb Stbib. 

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Tha Acting MkmUrg ff At Sueutim O mrnHfm ^UBat'CokmA Sbd and Hr. G. If. Dma (Omtiol of Bdildiag ud 

GenenlSaperf '~ " ^ " ' ^ 

J W fai P rofeworl 

GcnenlSaperintcMMt); lljr;H. Goxa(8pMeaiid ArrangBmc&torAitteki). 
fenor ThijntAta. tad LiiitteiiAiit w abd. 

iVwarcrttbii ^PtoM, amd am tHmftmfmwj f JhdUi^ Jrramg mmt »-^Sx. IC D. ITtait. CMI«f l»VA»-llr. Eaub. 

.^rdkaMteraTjfattani^ omT JkeoraHmjf Builiimg-4Si. Owsn Johei. 

.E ^ww ' flM iftqMr Mrfii id hM i M r. C B. Wild. 

Cbrrwpoiiday ftcyntoiy M r. F. Dmiooicn. JbgKiCrar o^X«ttv»--*Mr. Wads. 

/&MMc»— F. B. GAXPiiinB» DJLCG., sad Mr. w. Kbhdall. 

%MrM0dbtf^iini^flMb^Aiaiiby->GutidnOwBr,^ ^iwiftwf j—LlmtwMat IhacAn, B.E.y and Mr. Hamuj, 

Mtetitmr of Occdif BritiA Mr. BiueA^. Jtowg^of Qoodi, Jbrii ( ^ C aptain RAiCTfc. 

fiKTrfory Id iW«^ Cwiiw—tri Mr. Wtlob. 

Spam md Admimim ijfAiikim CmH\n Ovor and Lteatenaiit CaomauM, 

SHHak Cokmm^J>r. LnDur, Ltogjanant Tnn, and Lteatenant Baownunr. 

Iwifaai 6bllBc(ia»— Dr. Bona and ProftaMr 8ou.t. 

Ckmm tmd Penkan Oalhrfto— IJwit-Cokmal Llotd and Idaatenant Ttuol 

Btgktratkm o^Hitgtfwi Cipliln L. BoacsAwn laniaov. 

Arrw^frntwiMfar Workup Vkmm Mr. A. RkooBATB. 

Chtetoi i flbygrfwlwdeirf oi iMrt q^ lAe CVwiwfuioii Llettt«Colonai Lunro. Cb ilimfan M aa u i. BnocB and Gtoovak 

&aM^fir£l(tteor--Mr. R.%ui. Oayigfar^Mr. Tapp. 
Pott»-teercNtaHfail o^'fftt Cmmituemtn of FoUet-^^Sx. Fxabcs. 
OcAiiM— Mr. Bqiu and Mr. Faibmav. 

AowM anhaket— Ifr. G. Qmtb. ^ 

Ap0T<nbii OMT the Q a pftn mti Jfmerv caipfifKfc— <}aptalli Gisb, B.E., LiautaiaBt Gamnr, BJC., and Lieatenaat nor- 

rou>, E.E. 
Fin Arm^^fMiitU Mr. BsAimroOD^ E.C. 
Fgrtatrf fo w I daatenaat CwMOtAif . 

rMoMlMf— Mr. J. ELDBBTOir* CbM<racfor»— Mei 
-Mr. Qaxbul 



1. Mmhuf oMd MhmrmlFrodiute—' Tfobuar Amrbd, Mr. B. Hun and Mr. Wasmw. 

a. Chmleal and Fk ummMUi eal Frodnete^Dr. Ltov Piatfaib, Mr. A. PHnun, aad Lleatooant Wabik 

8. SnbttanetttMdoiFbod, 4. Vtfidabb and Animal Sn h t t ane a nwrf la J<awi |/hrfM ii Dr. Lnroiar aad Mr. MatcH" 

5. JfocAmwybr d&«tf nm, mchdifty CbmaM: -BoApoir, oarf Jfordit Mechamnn Mr. Hbtocab and Mr. BmDLB. 

6. Manmfaehaing JfadliiMi and TW^— Mr. HBimtAif and Lieatcnant Gbarbb. 

7. CMl JS mfim euu ^ ArtkUadtwrt^ and BmOdiMi Gmtrwanua^MT. HBmftAV and li— tawant Wakksb, R.E. 

8. Naval j&ekUmtnr^Maitarp Enammmg, Gtmt, Wbc^mmm, 4re.— Capt« WaniAoofRy B.E., and Mr. WAn<|UN. 

9. Aorkulturai and ArUadhirai M aehina and JajplBmai<»— Bfr. BaAjmBBm Gibm and Enalgn Soadt. 

10. PbbtqpUos^ MkrieaijHarok^fieal, and Qargkal hu/t niM a d» Liaat-Colonal Lio» and Lieatenaat Tbbtob. 

11. GoMoi^^Mr. Gbobob Waizo and Mr. W. HAWKniB. 
IS. ITcnObi oarf IF&ratoil--Mr. G. Wauui and Ifr. W. Hawkxbs. 
18. BUM and VdmL 14. JFbra»(fi7fllu^-lfr. Waujs. 

15. Mind Fahna. t nOn da m 8kawlt-^Mt. Waxxab and BCr. Hawkdis. 

16. LnAer,.aiuUinry and HaruBtt, flSUu. .FVtr, and Hair— Mi. Dodd. 

17. Pspcr, Frinth^, aitd BooUrinding^Vr. Owsn Jobxi. 

18. W(n)en,Ftittd, and Laid Farie$,J)g9d and Frhd^ 

19. TVpeifry, CbfpiCi^ J;|wk2oCA«, Xaov^ 

20. ^fticlBfofGUUHjttrJf^^ 

21. Cutlery. Edge andSSmd Tbob— Mr. E. A. TnoMraoH. 

22. Oeneral Hardieare, mduding Locke and Gratee—'Mi, B. A. Tnoiirioir. 

23. WbrhinpneiomJIUlale,Jeweaer».^.—MT.XAri^ 

24. Olaee. 2b, Ckinn^FveMn, Fkxrtkianoaree, tcer-IAtntem^^ 

26. Fkmiinre, UphoUterg^ ^V JBfangiiun, Fapm M&dyL^ and Jt^atmed Goode^lb, & T. Tnonrsoir. 

27. MBanfaehtreein3Gnaral mbetanceeffir Building or Deeorotion*— Profaasor Arnnn. 

28. Manufathireefiom Animal and VegdohU 9ubetaneee not being wooen orfdtod—Mi, C. T. Tnonrtov. 

29. Mieeeilaneoue Mam^aOwmandSmatt Waree—'Mi. Dodd. 
80. Sculpture, Modde, and Fkutie Art, Moeaiee, Enamele, ^e.^Mr. Ovxrr Jovxf. 

Digitized by 




A Lkttf 00 Local Oo: 

■Mirnn 4^ </U Umrd KnowM ttUcA fvfiriMtf JMMiori^ 

Omm^IM^ to tk^ period ^ik$€pm^ of tJ^Sx^OMm. 









atyofUndcm . > 
iMttoUdSci . 

£. B. d. 
98,183 13 9 

34^110 8 6 



183 10 

788 3 6 

183 10 

678 13 

6,840 5 5) 

841 3 6f 

^881 13 

Bkflktoni . . . 



650 0^ 

BittoLtdlw . 

INUInlUi .... 

85 13 

85 13 

Sod^ofArtt . 

1,P39 7 10 
54 16 3 

l/M 7 10 
54 16 3 



689 17 1 


Gbdm ! 

141 11 




1,004 11 1 


Oriflirkk • . . 

73 8 7 

73 3 7 


81 3 6 

81 3 6 

FitttlmT • • • 
Ontnrleh . . 

305 14 

305 4 

BnintrM. ... 

3 7 3 

3 7 3 

^ S^7i 

340 14 4 


Bii^Umi . . . 

18 8 5 

18 3 5 

88 1 4 

88 1 4 

wWCBtt • • • . 

70 4 

70 4 

A OpMV . • • • 



! BrtBtwooQ ... 


6 11 

• 11 

396 10 6 

396 10 6 

Bridgtnorcli. . . 

31 1 

31 V 

Vm 16 1 



37 6 

31 0^ 

619 3 6 

619 3 6 

UtmUUtm .... 


39 19 


ftmtlmwk. . . 






Bnnol .... 


756 1 6 

650 0' 

Ifoohrkh ... J 

333 7 4 


BlWMjgroTA ... 


'HMKlB^^Bfll a • . 



30 0- 

— I 

Bm^jr .... 


AOflVOMB • • . 




llwtoB-oii.Tir«it . 


161 11 

113 3 • 

AlMiTitVitO • • • 

Barton St. Edmudi 


36 19 


^^'■■'* ^^.* 


Buy (LMMMhira) . 





BartoB • • • • 



• 15 11 



41 16 

41 16 


OMibaiiM . . . 


87 5 6 

37 5 • 




183 9 

ArauMKh • . • • 


31 18 


OMBMdfeTofm . 
Canimharj • • • 


188 3 6 
88 19 



5 18 

1 11 

Ou6Ut .... 





9 8 


GMU* .... 


357 11 6 


Aihftid .... 


Okm^ob ... 





Aykibuiy . . . 


v«BinBBi .... 

r^^ 11- 



75 3 3 

63 14 

Bik(i«dl. . . . 


l^lMMIM .... 

164 U 6 


BMborr .... 
BvMfd OmU* • • 




UMIHBIOfli ... 


78 13 



11 11 

11 11 

QiMbamt. . . . 




JMnHM^ .... 




GbMtar .... 


63 10 

63 10 

A^pMC^PM ... 


40 11 

80 15 

.ChatarMd . . . 


ChielMstar . . . 


99 15 

93 0> 

0MnBNvK# . • • 


136 14 

136 14 


88 3 






OmMttar . . . 


ACOBDla • • • • 


. 188 11 6 
115 18 3 

188 11 6 
115 18 3 

Bdftil .... 


586 13 6 



Bdp« .... 
BwwiML Hotth . 



CoEbcfUr . . . 



31 18 
79 3 3 

n 0' 







B^ivvwy .... 
BkUfoid. . • . 


98 3 6 

99 8 6 

OoMkte . . . 


39 18 

34 13 e 

ilMev . . . 


CoTtBtnr. . . . 


18 3 

18 3 

BMoft . . • . 

GkvwktfM . • . 


18 19 6 


Digitized by 











£, §. d. 

£. «. <r. 

£. s. A 

£. i. 4. 

Griekkde . • . 

Hartiapool . , . 


39 4 



24 5 6 

18 10 

HarwiST. . . . 



Haatlnn .... 
Hairier .... 


100 4 
27 2 

19 19 & 

Dalkeith .... 

6 8 6 

6 8 6 

b3^ • • • • 

uaiaton • • • . 

DttUqgton . . . 




19 10 

19 10 

DvtnoiiUi . . . 



5 17 

5 17 

Haraiorci .... 



5«by .... 


889 7 2 



85 7 

61 5 8 

DeriMf .... 


11 4 6 

Hertford .... 




i/flTonport ... 

63 6 


HiteUn .... 

21 10 2 

19 5 8 

Dewibury . . . 

iSftS^: : 

181 5 5 

131 5 6 

DonoMtflr . • . 

128 13 

128 18 


Dwhmbu . . • 

14 14 

14 14 

12 11 6 

12 11 8 

Dorkiiig .... 

88 18 6 

88 18 6 

Hnddenfleld . . 


882 8 6 


DoT€r. .... 

127 1 

70 O 



280 4 6 

227 12 • 

^Uftald,Grwt. . 



Himdogdon . . . 


SO 2 6 

60 2 ft 

Dublin .... 


Dudkgr .... 

2S9 8 


Ilfraeoiiibe . . . 

'9 11 6 

7 4 8 

DnmlMrtoii . . . 



Ipeirleh • • • 


840 3 


DumftlM, GoDiity of 



DnmftiM, Burgh . 



WeofWI^I . . 


52 11 


Dunbtt . . . . 

19 6 

10 10 

mm Xi eWpOlt . 



Dipidee .... 



" BydeV . . 




Dunlbniiliiie • • 

154 14 6 

138 1 

„ Cowea . . 




Dnmnow .... 

15 8 6 


H Yentnor . . 

7 7 6 

6 8 9 

Dmittablo • . . 



Dvihain .... 

168 11 10 


Jedburgh. • • . 


12 10 6 

12 10 5 

Jerwjr • • • . 




Bdinhnrrii ... 


688 12 5 


BsfaUD .... 

E%lii. .... 

88 17 

88 17 5 

Keigblejr (Torkahire: 


100 14 


Bzetar .... 




Kendall .... 


117 12 


Szmoath. . . . 

17 15 

17 15 

Keiwiek .... 


20 16 

20 16 




MUrk .... 

Kilmaroook . . . 




84 9 


Ekinganidge ... 


FuringdonJ . . . 

5 5 6 

2 16 9 

King'a Lynn • . . 



Famham .... 



Klrkoaldy ... 




FlMtwood • . . 

8 8 10 

8 8 10 

Knaraboron^ . . 


19 4 6 

19 4 8 

FolkntoM . . . 

38 6 

88 6 

For&r .... 

Lanaric . • . . 

Frane .... 

31 14 

31 14 

Launoeiton • • . 



83 7 

76 12 10 

Giinibonragh . . 

Leamington • . . 


43 2 6 

32 10 

GalMhiddfl . . . 






20 6 

21 5 

Glanoir .... 
GkutonbiirT . • . 


2665 12 




2,080 8 2 


22 10 6 


Leicester .... 


199 6 6 


GlMMn> .... 

35 8 


Lewes • • . • • 


108 7 6 


Gloaoeeter . • . 


104 1 6 


Liehfield .... 


26 11 


Godalming . . . 


23 1 6 

23 1 6 

Limerlek. . . . 


€k»port .... 

41 13 4 

41 18 4 

Lincoln .... 


56 12 

56 12 

Gnntfaam . . . 

68 12 

59 8 0^ 

Liskeaid .... 




GnyoBOid . . • 

LiYerpooi • • • 
LUnelly .... 
Louth (Lincoln) . 


827 18 


Gmt Grimsby . . 

77 8 

77 8 


141 4 2 





29 7 6 

28 5 3 

Guildford . . . 

87 15 




Gvemtey. • . . 


271 19 6 

271 19 6 

Ifacolesfleld . . . 




Hiddiogton . . . 

15 10 

14 17 


54 18 6 

49 12 8 

Hallfia .... 


718 6 6 

608 10 8 

Maidstone . . . 


74 5 6 

74 4 6 

HdftMd. . . . 

Mabnflbnry . . . 

13 7 


13 7 








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lAJMoci . . 


I (Huts) 

































£. 9. d. 

4547 10 

61 a 1 


15 4 6 


90 17 

10 a 1 

too 14 


61 7 

60 4 

66 a 6 

ai 14 

511 4 

96 14 a 

75 16 6 

7 1 


66 10 



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13 19 


146 13 
13 a 

43 a 

110 11 

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36 7 

78 16 

164 10 


84 6 6 

6 11 

16 13 10 
13 6 
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13 17 6 
60 7 

9. d. 

61 3 1 

6 9 
16 4 6 


10 11 

10 8 1 

106 14 4 


66 18 



31 14 

446 16 

79 19 3 


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4 11 6 









atAIbnt . 

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£. «. 

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844 19 

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150 8 



86 15 


5 18 

13 18 6 




10 15 


II 10 6 

99 17 6 



18 11 


. 93 16 

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41 a 6 



39 10 6 

15 17 6 


196 15 6 




18 16 



11 10 



7 1 

36 15 


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15 9 

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10 18 

17 II 18 

41 3 6 



39 10 6 



70 0, 

Digitized by V^i^OQ IC 











Wentworth . . . 
w^cnora . • • • 
Whitby .... 
WhitabTcn . . • 
Wiguk • • . . 
wSStmtBt . . . 
WlBdMr .... 









49 19 6 

8 17 6 

49 4 
190 1 6 
948 6 7 

385 14 


69 13 6. 

970 17 


98 19 6 

£. 9. d. 

. 37 13 9 


' 40 






69 13 6 



96 10 

W^QFOMtBT • • • 

Tanumth, Gnat • 
Taorll • • . • . 


Total. . . 

not Indodaf alM-y 
wfaara . • . •> 



£. «. d: 

906 15 

6 11 5 

88 0,6 

30 7 

74 8 6 


£. 9. d. 


6 n 6 


30 7 

66 8 8 


'WkbcMh . . . 


76,679 17 1 

64^1 16 3 

WoWarhamptoD . 
WolTcrton • • • 
WoodfUiok . . . 
WoottonBMMtt . 


857 18 9 

. 357 18 9 

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Artkltf BslilUiid 1|7 Hir MMt ih0 QoMD, HJLH. 

PdBM Albert ■nd'H.B.H. the Brhiee of W«lfl% 

iBiheFoarBeotioDfofiheExhiUtlon . 17 

1. IfialQKa^MliMrtlProdiiefs .'SI 

:S. QwdfidnidyheniieeeatfcelPtDdnoli ^88 

a. aohrtMiow Bieft MFood • • ^ • • 81 

4. Tcoeldfle nd Aiii]iiel.Siibeteiioef loed^n liNiii- 

ftfltam 38 

ft. Madifaei for direct qie,iiiclodtqg .QMilegef, Befl- 

"wy od Miinne BfawMwIiin • • • • 88 
•«.M —ufcctuili^ MMfaliMi end Toole ... 48 
7. Qyfl B agfaieeriag, Arehiteetme, ead BoUdJagOon- 

trifinoee «....•» ••.48 
V. 9e;Tel AzoUtedtor^ MUituy Engineering^ Oime^ 

wenone|°tbe. •••••••51 

5. ikgrieutoxml and Hortienltaxal Ifeflhfaei <«ad 1»- 

plemettti S7 

la Fbilooopliicel, Biniical, Hozologieal, and Smgioal 

iBifenniie&ti •••••.• ^ 88 

11. Cotton 76 

18. Woollen and Wanted . « 76 

18. SIkaadTdtviBt 88 

14. Fhxaad Hemp . • • ^ • 84 

16. lOiod Ftfbfiea, faehding Shawia . • . • 78 
18. Leattor, Saddiefy and Hazneei, Sidni^ Fnc, and 

Hair. ••••^•••87 

17. Fiapei^PrinttngLandBodkbindinff . • 98 

18. WoTen,Fdted,andLaldFefaricB,l>7edendPrlnted 95 

19. T^eetry, OnpelB, Floor dothay Laoe and Em- 

MQidfliy. Ims. •••••..96 
80. AztieleB of Clotliing» Ibr Lnmediate, Fcnonal, or 

Bomeatie nee 109 

9L OnlleiT. Edge, and Hand Toole . .107 

is. GenefmiHeniwai«,inelndlngLoekaaadGTateB • 106 
88. Wocki in PreoioaaMetale, Jewellery, lEo. • • 181 

84. Glaae liS 

85. aiin% Porcelain, EarClienware^ Ice. • 185 

86. F iuniUu e, TJnhoIsterr, Faner Hangingi^ Papier 

Maehd, and Juannea Gooaa • 197 

47. Ma mrfwto qi in Ifineial SoMeneea, lor BaOding 
or Peeoi'itioiii •.,•••• 184 

88. lfamitkf.Uire e fhnn Animal and Vegetable Sob- 

etanoea, not being Woven or Felted. 187 

89. lOeedlaneoDe Maaoiketaree and Small Wazee • 189 
ao.8ca^tan, Modela, and Plaetio Art^ Moaaiei, 

*" ' , Ice. 145 


Beat Indiea,IndiaaAvdiipelago, Ice. • .157 

JAny aadGnenaey .168 

GajrloB -168 

loninilalanda 164 

MaKa •••••■«•«•• 165. 

Gape of Good Hope and Nalal 166 

WeatCoeetof Afiiea 167 

Cuadn .168 

KoniSeOtIm 171 

Kewfiiandland 178 

Heir Bmnnrioic • « » 172 

Bt. ndena ••••••••• ITS] 

MaaritfaM, SqreheUea, lie. • • . ^ • . ITSj 
St. Doasingo ••••••••• 178, 


Antigua . 


Booth Anstzalia 
Weetem Aoatralia 
KevrZealand . 
Yen Diemen'e Lend . 
TjJman, Borneo^ Iw. 



Egypt • • • 
F^sneeand'Alglen • 
Qmmaaj,^8taiet «fUm 

1. Ronla and flbiall Statei 

a. Beriin 

5. Cologne 

e. Dantaio 

d, Domeldarf 


8. Saxony . 

4. Wnrtenbiirg . 

5. FrankibrtHm-tlie-lfaine 

6. Hcaee-Dannitadt, Grand 

7. LnzoBibarg • 

8. Kaamn . 
Gieeoe • • • 
Hainliuiyi ^^ 
Hanover •• • • 
Holland • 
Labeek • ^ • 
Moioo « 
Neir Gianaaa • 

Pern • . • 
PortDgal and Madeba 


Sardinia . 
Sodet^ luande ^ 

Sweden and Korway • 
Switserland • . 

Tonii • • 

' Toicany • ^ 

' United Stetef and Galifiindto 

. 178 
^ 178 

^ 178 

• la 

.• 178 
. 175 
.. 175 

• 177 

• 177 
. 178 

• ilTB 

• 119 

% 184 

> 185 
. 900 

. 908 

. 810 


. 814 

. M8 
. M8 
. 855 
. 857 
. 868 
. 867 
. 967 
. 869 
. 878 
. 876 
. 878 
. 878 
. 880 
• 881 

• 884 

• 884 
. 984 

• 884 

• 885 

• 885 

• 885 

• 885 
. 869 
.. 890 
. 995 

• 997 
. 997 
>• 808 

• 808 

• 806 

• 810 

• 819 

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Th0 BuUdiagliaf BMind Wflftaad 
ih0 Tnmipi mmlas Norfli and Scmfli. 

Th0 Tuoni htum tikn m a point of deptrtnn. tha 
Iniildliigif diVldbto iBto tiTD portlont. 

LO^ w«l»B half k apnNmri«t«l to iha prodnetioof 

of tiM Uoltsd KlncaoBriiidU, sod tfao Gokmlflo. 
1. TIm omIvb iMlf to Fonlgn Oountrtai. 

OnuuBtiitol ivoii jif<%^ailoui objooti of foolptofty lawo 
gl— fonataia, othor fwatrfm, and ornomontalgotot. The 
rafroihiMnt ooort if «l tfao north extmdty. TMofioeiof 
tho Bqjal OnamJMlonw and tho Ezoeathro in ot tho 


r HAtf .— drMMf Fbor. 

Profwwdtng towaidi tto wwt along flio TtnTe, or c^ntr&l 
STenno, aio plaead o ttatao of tho Xhiko of Eutlimd, iho 
Spitalfleldi tiopfaT, tho hone and diMoa, Contdian timber. 
inarblo doc, ipoeiDMna of atono oairm^ oonsole Uble And 
glaa^ aporimfni of ogyafalHiatlon, enm In Caen ttonc, kf.f 
altar aercon^ Eldon nd StoweP ooap, Hmdurai timber, 
ehurdh eioolc, KHiahoHian fimntauii, oaodab, patent light* 
houM, flliering appantoa, aeolptnra, Goalbrook Halo giw- 
hooM, oqiiatorUl tatflwopa^ LlToipool modol, finmtaln, and 

SooiBEBii Halt. 

Tlie ATonaoi. H, K, O, and part of P. prnoondlng fttmi 
tho woit, oontain ■DonwriTohr printed ftMca of Manchea 
tar/London. and Glaagnii ; mx mannfiMtnrea of Ireland; 
woollen and mixed nbriea, the prodnetiona of SbeOeld: 
fbmitore ; tiie haidwaraa of Rrmingham ; the Modlnyal 
ooort ; Anatralian,CMiadian,and £aat Indian prodnetiona. 

Hie OTonnea Q and B, ftmn weat to eaat, contain In ioo- 
oeaiion. agricoltorBl ImpieBienta, oonrt fbr aeolpton^ part 
of 8oath AxutaJOm, Ouoda, and the Eaat Indiea. 

Ayenae 8 ia prindpaOj oocopied hj Claaa 1. 

KontsBBir Halv. 

Tho Arenne.I, and part of the Central Arenno, proeeed- 
ing eaat to mat oontain ootton, Jeather, fbra, part of 
muieral mannfkctorea, fondtiire, paper, fine artiy Malta, 
Cei^on, and part of tlia Eaat Indian articlea. 

The aiemiea 6 and H oontain oanriagea, mineral mano- 
ftotnrei, .marine and other eocinei, Goeniaej and Jenqr, 
Fine art^ lialteae and Eaat IndJan oontribnttona. 

Ayenno F li impropriated to looomotiye ei^ginea and 
railway meehaidam. 

Ayennea G, J> and E contain, In a aeparate encloanre, 
ootton and other maddnery In motion; beyond thia the 
Weatem Sefreahment Cooit, maohinea In motion, lathea 
andtoola^ milli^ ateam-enginea, and apart of the Eaat Indian 

Ayennea A, K oontain ootton machinei^ woollen ma- 
ehinea, flax machinery, rilk and lace machinery, paper and 
prindng maehinea In motion, models and nayal architeo- 

The Gallerioi aio naioed, reapeotiyelyy Soatb, Central 
Sooth, Contral.Nort|i, and North. 


of flio Weat (Sonth) Gallariea. near tho 

Tnaaept Soolh Satnnoe^ are oociqded by diawb. 

Ami* CMfarpr, P^Prooeedlng from eaat to weat, oontalna 
ailka, ehemieal a a b a t anoaa, anhataaoea need aa fbod,ytgota- 
blo and aatawl aabataaoaa, aayal archltootnre, gnna, Ike. 

Tholnterraibetwoeatiie waat termination of tho Soiitii 
~ ttat of tho Oantnl Sonth, k ooeo^lod by naral, 

Onbwl SbirtlOalfaf|ffM.-ProoeedlngfttMB weattoeaaC, 

IM. and thanat onaa, wUoh la In tho oentro. 

Cmdrai NoHk GmOaqh L— From weat to eaat ooatalna 
p hi l oaophtoaJ; aargioal, and morfcal inatmmonta, glna, and 

The intaryal aaar th e Tranaapt, botwoan theao GaUorlea, 
la ooeunled b^ pottery* 

Nortk qerthry, F.— From eaat to weat, oontalai P0^tei7f 
animal and ypgabble maanftotnrea, ontlary, aorgloaf Inttni- 
menta, and modob In eMl eqglneerii^. 

The portloaa of tho Weat (Nor^ Galletiea, near tho 
Tteiaept. Merth Batrane^ arc ooei^lod by pottery. 

Imme&tely oyer tho woUi Entzanee, in tho Gallery, la 
tto ^ppaiataa oonneoted with tho large olootrio dock. 

IRjjaj^Oroimd Floor, 

Tho Naye, or Ontral Ayenae^ oontalna the Great IMa- 

Booillon, Stained Glaai Window, 
Coloawl lion, Chnroh Bdl, Group of Horaea, 
block of !2ine Ore. 
The aonthem half of tho groond-floor apace la oeeupied, 

xtto maye, or uenvai iLyenoe^ oontaina too ureat 
mond, Benlptnro. Wlno^ara from fl|paia, ArtHloy, C 
torea^ Statoo of lOehaaland Satan, Parlaian Organ, i 
aal Statue of Godfr^ do BooiUon, Stained Glaaa Wi 

ptocee^tog from waat to eaaL by tho ibUowlng conntrlea> 
Itiermnd, France, Befeum, Auatria 
' Unitod Statea, France (part of)* 


l3dna, Tonia,! 
Buaaia (part d) 2 

The northern half by PeralaL Aralda. GreoceT Egypt, 
Turicey, Spain, Portuflal, Italy, France^ Belgium, HoUaad, 
Austria, ZoUyerein, North Germany, Bnsaia, United Statea, 
BeUgium (part of), ZoUyerein (part oQ- 

The norai-eaat comer, Indocung porta of Ayennea C, D, 
E, are occupied by the Eaatem Befreahment and open 

The Galleriea near aooth entrance of tranaept in the 
Eeatem Diyiaioa are occupied by artiolea of Clothing^ 
Hoaiery, tec 

aoHdk QoOmjh P| li occupied partly by Franco and other 

Oadral BoiA OtHkrp^ M. la occupied by Switaerlaad, 
Franco, Anatria, and the United Statea. 

Cadral North CfaOeff^ I, oontaina the United Statea and 
other conntiiea. 

North GaUtrft E. S^edmena of Stained Glaaa Ice 

Tt^ Galleriea aaar tho north entrance of the Tranaept 
are .occupied by tiie Liyerpool and Hull collecdons of 
artielea m adaceUanaooa otgeota. 

Digitized by V^3 









ease In fbe dnqne eento stjlt^ derigned br L. 
v>«-Br, E«i^ and ezMoted mt the maimfiMstonr of Bfr. 
HiMj BlkingUm. at Blmdn^iani. Tbe material u Imniafl^ 
giltaBd lilTcared Djeleetro-tjme prooeM; npoB tUf eaae are 

peiteltaon ehina of Her Mjjeety, H.&.H. Prinee Albert, 
and H.B.H. the Prinee of Walea, copied ftom minialiizei 



Eaq., A.B.A.' "Die snail medallions 

ici of tlieir R.H/a the Prineea and 

were modelled fhim life bj I^eooaid Wjoa, 

of gold and lalva eleetro-plaiei maonftetoied bj 
. Elldngton. Tbe top of tbe table ii an eleetxo-type 
npBidaetioa of • plate of fine woAmanaWp, obtained and 
cofiid for Mr. H. ElU^ton under tbe direction of tbe 
GtefaBer de Sehliek. 11m dg^t saljeets in baa-relief 
lOnenra, Astrologia, Geometrica» Aritbmetica» 
I Bbetorica. The centra figure n^ivoienti Temper- 
Baornranded by the faar elements. At the bottom of 
tfalB plate ifl an imeription pointing to tbe artist Thetable 
is darigned br George Stanton, • young artist in the emploj 
of Mr. H. EUdngton, and a stodent in the Birminpiam 

PartnitofHerMijestjon S^irea china, size of life, half 
IcH^ by A. Daeloxeaa, after k portrait by F. Whiter- 
baltar. Painted in 1846. 

PMrait of H.B.H. Prinee Albert, on Sevres china, sixe 
of Hfcubalf length, painted by A. Bennget, alter a portrait 
byF. winteifaalter. These portraits are exhibited jointly 
by Hsr Mijesty and H.R.H. iMnee Albert 

A cndle, earred in Tnricey boxwood by If. G. BogerL 
and designed by bis son, symbolising the union of the Royal 
Hoosa of England with that of Saze CSoborg and Gotha. 
One and ezhldits in the centre the armorial bearings of Her 
MnJuslj the Queen, surrounded by masses of foliage, natural 
lioiieB and Uids ; on the rocker, beneath, is seen the head 
of "Nox," represented as a beautiful sleeping femalsL 
uvanud with a garland of poppies, supported upon batsr 
wfaa^ and surnnmded by the seren planets. 

Tfts other end, or the back of the head of the cradle, is 

t to the arms of HJLH. Prinee Albert ; the shield 

the centre, and loond it, among the anbesque 

foliage, flie six crests of the Prinee an scattered, with fb/& 
motto **TniB und fest" Below, on the rocker, is dia- 
corered a head of ''8ommis''wiUi closed eves, uid atret 
the chin a wimple^ which, on each side, tennmates in pop- 

In the interior of the head of the cradle^ goardBan aqgels 
are introduced ; and above, the royal crown is found em- 
bedded in ibliage. The fricaea. Ibnning the most important 
part of the sides of the body of the cradle, are composed of 
reses, poppieL conventional fbliage^ batterflies, and birds, 
while Deneath them rise a vari^ of pinki^ studied firom 
nature. The edges and the inridea of the rockers are 
enriched with the insignia of royalty and emblems of 

Two cut-glass candelabra, mamifitetured by Messrs Osier 
of Birmingham. 

Axminster carpet, designed by L. Gruner, Escl. and 
manuftetured by Messrs. Blackmore Brothers^ at wilton, 
for Messrs. Wataon, Bell, Ie Go. 

Axminster carpet, designed by L. Graner, Esq., and 
manuftctured at Glaagow, fbr Mr. Dowbigien. 

A Berlin-wool carpet executed by onemmdred and fifty 
ladies of Great Britain. Tbe dimensions of tUs carpet an 
thirty feet in the length, and twenty in breadth. The 
carpet has been inoduced in the following manner >>-The 
pa^en, ori|^ly designed and painted Sv the artist has 
been subdivided into detached squares, v^deh have been 
worked by different ladies and on their completion the 
squarss baye been reunited; so as to complete tiie derign. 
In the patton, which consists partly of geometrical, and 
partly of floral forms, heraldic emblcnu are also introduced. 

entallv amnged, 
I vdwle deaign is 

The initials of the executants are < 

so as to form the external bonier. Tbe 

connected by wreaths or bands of leaves and fbliagCL the 

centre group representing ttie store ttcm whenee they have 

been distributed. 

The carpet has been produced under tiie management of a 
Committee. The deaign hy Mr. J. W. Pi^morth ; the pat- 
terns were painted and tiie work exeenti 
intendenoe of Mr. W. B. Simpson. 

I super- 

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of cniB grown on tho lojal tens oi 
ig or«HMit» oiAi^ and beui% one ImmImI of 

Two tUbt for tfd)ta darinod hr L. OfOMT, Ef^.. In tlio 
elntiM oonto^tflii nmakAl^ Mr.'TbonM Woodruff ftt 
BbkflwolLlnDw^fiUin ■tonoi^ in ladtalion of tho Florni- 
tinff mooiiO- 

A Uook of Ftarei omI from Wort Wobjm ooUierjr, 

Eijteldj, PSM^ PW^7P;l<>Jif^ 

L. GroMr, Biq., and enoBtad 

In FlMilio bj Hiobm inuiaaa Wum. c 
oool, from ttt oitato of Boor Admlimi WfiBYW. 

OudolalnB In tlio efawm oonto itylo, dorignod by 
L. GnoMr, Bn^ ■oHoHod nj AnL IwImiovo, and az»* 
eolad In itajffdla In imlMon of glallo anttoo, hj L. 

Group In aaiMiL "Theaaoa and Amaaooa," exaenCodnt 
Engaly Baq., from Hnqguy, pnpU of the Bojnl 



dUddmaentad by HIa Ifijottf tfaoKingof Praaalnto Apoatlai. Pctar la taan imdar Faith npraaantad In Iho 

HtoBojuHi^UMaattiaPllnoaof Wdl«a,lneoauB6momiion arabaaqoa; on tlia ridit and loft of him ara FUUp and 

oftbebaptlaDi of iho In&ntPifawo^lbrwboniHSaliiO^ity Androw; vndor Hopa la Jamea; on aithar aido an Bartho- 

*" ' ■ *" ; John la plaoad benaath tho dgon of 

Tha pletorial omTwilHahnMnpta of fho ahleld, tfaa geoaral 
plan Ibr whioh wio glYon bj tho king hlidMli; waro daaignod 
Dj Doetor Potar Yon Oonieliiiay and tha arehitaotoxml ornn- 
mantabjCoonaallorStikr. Ibaazaoation of tfaa remaining 
"-nithaT wofk, anamaL Ita^ waa porfonnad by 
wi«f; tta modaUIng byM. A. Flaehor : tha 
H. A Miartana; and tha h^idary mA >y 

In tha oantra of tho aiddd la a haad of our SaTionr. 
The mlddla eompartmant. aorroonded by n doable Una of 
ornamental work, la ffirlded >y • eroaa Into Ibar amaUer 
oompartmanta, whkh oontaln amblamatle r epra ae nt atl o Ba of 
9he two 8aerament% Biptlam. and tiia Lonra Sapper, with 
tfadr Old Teatamant tjpaa— the opening of tiie lOantaln In 
«heTOekby]foaea,andtiialUlof manna. At the estro- 
mltiaa of me anna of the eroaa aro wp reaa nt ed the ETan- 
gellata. noting down what they haTo aeen and heard In the 
Ooepeu^ wUen an-to eommonleata to all fbtoilty the plan 
of man'a aalTatlon, and prore Inerhanatible aooreea of dlTine 
lertfladoa And doetrine. 

On the extreme polnta of the arabeaopea thai riae abore 
€be ETangeUata^ an wpwaanfrad the Ohrlatlan Tlrtaea of 
Fklth, Hopoi and Charity, and of CSiristian Bi^teooa- 
Aroimd the entin eantn atand In a dnle the twelve 

r ; on either aide an Jamaa the yoonger and 1 
Bli^iteoaaBaaa ia Paal; on toe xinit and left are 
Matthew and Jndaa Thaddeaa, gofaig fiirttlnto the world 
toteaehand to bwtlaau and to propagate ttie Mngdom of 

The reliefo whieh rana raond the edge of the ahidd, va* 
praa en ta the betrayal, tha radaeming atonaaent of CSiriat, 
and hia reaarreotion. Another portion rapraaenta oar I^ord'a 
trinmphant eatty Into Jeraaalam ; athlrdportioathedaaeent 
of the Holy Ghoat, the praaohlng of the Goqwl, and the Hbt- 
mation of the Chnreh. The ligurth and piuielpal oompart- 
ment oontaina an allegorical repteaentati o n of tha birth of 
the Priaoe of Walea and of the yidt of the king of Proaaia, 
aeoompanied by Baron Hnmboldt, General Yon Katamer. 
and the Ooani ron Btolbon and weloomed by HIa Boyal 
HIglmeaa Piinee Albert aiS the Pake of Wellington: a 
kidght of St George belag repreaented on the beaoh 

atanding open a dragon. 
ThTddeldhai ' 

haa been deaomfaiated ttie Bockler of Faith. 
Tlie inaeriptfon on ^ aUeld rana thaa: 

"mnanicoa oouauiaB anz noaaaaonmc, 
ALnanvo sdoabdo, raorcm wauxb, ' 



FiuU atonea of Tatiooa rizea, oar^ed with a penknife. 

Digitized by 







A. Adipltd, Eiq^ F.RXaA., 

F.8.A., g ^ ii Hw a i '. 
Tlmua Owwfck, Biq^ B JL 
Auds rWllOT, Biq. 
Omim feiaet, Siq. 
WillfiM.Lobb, Eaq^ X.D. 
■tv. Cbnita tfnlMll. CA^ ^ 

J.W. PmwdL B^«t F. 
William B »apM 



(% ^ LmimLaStit 
Da?id Hcvy flloM^ Bi^ 


Jo* WcBv, 8«ttoii Q 

Mia Stav,:BdliuB4dlL 


Mn. PMf«, Feddwrn Hje. 




Wm Lruiff , BnruMtoiie-pbM. 
Mia Whiehfio^ lUldAHM. 

Miv MmnoB, GrMt Oraoad-flL 
Mia M. araoo, IHtto. 
Mia E. Urn law . Ditto. 
Mia WibMt, SooUuptoD. 


Mia fU&. AUB^on-flCieet. 
MiaB.Fta]kr, IMtto. 
MlaO.FaUcr. Dittos 
MiBJ.FtoIkr, Ditto. 

Mia Flqiwntli, GiMt Maribo- 

Mia J. Bdcer, Orealtn, Eaaau 
Mia B. fftintt Bf—*'**** " *T f"Tr 
Mn. D. B. StaBtk Sydeofaun^ 
Mia EoAut, Bedlbcd-hiD, Bd- 

Mia WlttoB, Sydcttlaa-Ua. 

Mffi.GhM. mn, H y fc Mft -oo. 

Mka. Boiudiw, 0«<Ufad4tn|l. 

Mia 8. 

Fltiwiy mMW. 
Ma. F. Onavsj, 8k Joha'a 

Miali. Ganway, Ditto. 
Mia C. Ganasay, Ditto. 

Mia Ghenn%l«, f 
Ma. A 1iaalar,Gt Ota—air 
Mn. O. B. Piar,lWikmimfil 
Mia Maitiaeaa. Ontariary. 
Mn.Fbaii, Wi 
Mia Huafalo, BaUnai^m. 
Mn. Wiie, 8l Svitliia-t-laae. 
Mn.W.B[ ■ - " 
Mia Han, 

Mbl R. littldboy, Baaal Haap- 



Mia WiataaWy, BHOMib 
Mn. & NieoU, Waakdoonw-pL, 

Mn. Outlaid, aiaana atiaiU 
Mia ISvaat, Oapham-iia. 
Ma. W. WUtM^Bodfad^ 
Ma. J. Hayiai, A««M«iad, 



Mia Foator^Tbaroc,N4nrleh. ' 
Mia C. F. Foatar.l)ltto. 
Mia Sharpy dapbaa. 
Mn. aSawdl, Wallfaiook. 
lOa Faxaeomb. Lwda 
MiaAtUaaoB, MortiaoMlnat, 

Mia Folvmll. Daal. 

Mia TMekat^ Btaaafetd-alraoL 

Mia a Titekatt, Ditto. 

Mn. C. Hatta^ Bat DoHrlA. 

IBa Webis CU^aa ' 

Mia Pattar, Hcml 

Mn. Leaf, Fkikhfll, 
Ma. W. Baajphay, 

Mte B. Gtona, Ralavr. Spltal- 

Mhl Laalk Andover. 
Ma. Ibdd, Ditto. 
Mia Gale. Gntdy, Andof t. 
Mia Po fdh aa, Brosbovna. 
Ma. F. Whittakar. lYmbridg*. 
Mn. H. Wlilttakar. Ditto. 

Ma..T. W. BiMb St. AlbauT. 
Mia Bailiff, AlCaay, Omraotry. 
Mia Daboraogb, Urovo-hul, 

Ma. W. Flfield, Booaay, Haap- 

Mia TMIby, Loagliton, Baez. 
Mn. Tliona, Sooth Laaliatku 
Mia Ha^parob Uwidbaa. 
Ma. Boaanl, PoUod-atxeat. 
Ma. ConaU, Gnat Maham. 
Mia CtoMdte, Btandltaid. 
Ma. Baddaeh.Badtad. 

Mn. Bastar JEdtbotten. 
Mia Giak^ BaailtOB^anao 
Mia DBfH Onadan Town. 
Mia Stodart, MoniloflOB-o 
- - ^WaybriJiaCtSp.) 

Mia Baaeoek, Stoko Nowioftoi 
Mia Draaaaood, Ooydoo. 
Mn. Gofl^ Hmb iiai > wit k ■ 
Mia Datvldaoii* Plartk. 
Ma. Wakb. Bhbo|Hiito attat t 

Mia Joekaon, Laadonball-atxcce. 
Mia Adawy. Saekvllloalroat 
- - t.Tvy«Md(t«|t.) 

, Mofsiartoo^Na. 

Mte Hemlow. Sl AJhaM. 
Ma. WiikCaliItt, Badted-hOL 
Mn FUn. iStntfad. 
Mia Tonboll, Sbotaditdi. 
Mia CTonboU. pitto. 

Mia Scrivon, Albany-atneC 
Mia EMited^ Hothnray. 
Mia BWwpk Ozfivd^ar. Ilyda- 

Mn. fCnrfHiaa, PntDoy. 
Mia Boa^kld,Cfapham-pariu 
Ma. Oawthov, iiaathvalL 
Mn. LaOnad, K< 



Ma. DnuuBoai, Eaton aq. 

Mia Beviagtan, Jaaey. 

Mia. Cope, Aidnhaa, Iralaiid. 

Mn. Haily, Chaaptoo-paik, 


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Inr. UTntor; Dei. I>«ign«r; Mod. MbdeUcr; Soulp. Soulptor, Omttw, or EngnTor; Bzeo. EzAontad by; 
Prod. PradMor; Kaaa. Mamilketarer; Imp. Importer; Prop. Prapriaftor; Pit Patent; Beg. Begilatered; 
Impr. ImpTOfer; Pro. Beg. ProTltiomilly Begiitered. 




6 Ch tanm i w a Gbawm CoMFAirT.— A Doric eolmnn 
in granite, the iliaft in one piece. 

6 GABnan, W. F. L. Kimblcmolfa, Arbroath, Scot- 
land, Mann^-FlaMtonM and i^rae stonei known as Arbroath 
paTcment, from JLejimiU Qnaniea, Forfkiddre. Border 
Qoarriei, Gaxn^lBe and Loehee Qnarriea, from BalgaTlea 
Balmaahanner^aad Gnynel Qoarriei, Ieo. 

7 Old jOnLAnoLa Slatb Go. (by J. Outer) OameL- 
fi>rd, Prop.--Slato ilak aa railed from theqnarries at Dela- 
bole. Slate dstem. Patent ridge alate. (W. Davej, Bath, 
pat) Slab for flooring. Boofing tlatea, Itc. 

11 WEEa8i.AnGo.lKeirBoeweuCoart— Slate from 

18 Sranraoa, W. 8. 7 Holywell St Weatminiter, 
Hano.— Slate Alter, Oe water being flltired bi iU ascent 

14 Sbabf, S. CoB m er ei al Bd. Lambeth, Agent to A. 
AoAM, Wic^ Odthness-shirsL Scotland,— BookhUl paying- 
iston^ from the ori(rfnaI quarries. 

17 TowLBB, E. ICaricet Baaen.— Bine lias, hydraulic 
eementand polished stones, from Kirton Lindseys Tonnel 
Stone Works. 

19 FnAHKxnr. P. L. Galway, Ireland, Prop.— Black 
marble^ from Loq|^ Gorrib, near Galway. 

SO SmciiAn, J. Fons^Thnrso, Scotland, Mann.— A cis- 
tern or bath of Forss-Bockhill flag. Samples of the ston& 
showing the natozal sorfiMe, the naif rub oed, and the fhll 
rubbed snrfrce^ ftc 

21 BBOwii,Bo»T,lcBoo«B,Sheflield, Prod, and Mann. 
—Flags and stefs. Block : four tons. 

SB Hatwood, J. Ardslcy, near Bamsley, Prod.— Grind- 
atones from the Ardsley Oaks Quarry, Bamsley. 

28 Boys, D. BitshilL Hurlet, near Glasgow, Prod.— 
Freestone bkMk, from Nitshill quarry. Grindstone from 
the same quarry, fliree feet in diameter by six inches thick. 

24 BEDiOBDvBoii803r,DKAKB,lc Go. Oaks Quarry, near 
Bamsl^, Prod.— Grindstones from the Oaks Quany, near 
Bamsl^, 8 feet in diameter and 14 inches thick, for grinding 
machinery, In. 

28 OAKBsr, B. Good Talon, near Mold, Flintshire, 
Wales.— Steam-coal from Goed Talon and Leeswood col- 

lieries, near Moid, North Walea, one block weighing 16 

27 ; and 800 BooKHNiRAX, J. 13 Judd PL East, New Bd. 
Prod, and Imp.— Anthracite cosl, from Tenby, South Wales. 

28ABATini^ LoFRm, k Go. liyerpooL Prod.— Speci- 
mens of pore limestone^ from Pentre|niryddel quarries, near 
Abeorgele^ BenUglishiro, used as a utlK>grmphio atone, Im. 
Specimens of stone^ from Graig<4wyd quarrica (Penmaen- 

28 BoDiTD, B. G. Hange GoUiery, Tipton, near ^r- 
mingham,ProdJ— Specimens of inm ore. SpMimens of Sonfli 
Staaordshire coal, IB feet in dreumf erenoe, and fiye tons in 

29 HAnrasfc Sons, Denbigh Han, Tipton, StaflbrdahirsL 
Prop.— Large apecimenof therailbrdahirethiolc,orten-wd 
coal ; weight, 13 tons. Baised from a depth of 165 yards by 
the ordinanr steam-engine^ with no other apparatus than 
that senerauy in use. 

80 PBorHBBo Ie Pbicb, Tlllery, near Newport, South 
Walea, Pro.— Steam coal, the produce of a newly opened col- 
liery, which may be brought up in maases of 50 tons wei|^t 

88 VoKins, G. Pimlloo, Pea.— Ghess board and man, 
male from coal and gypsum. 

84 JAim k AuBRBT. Swansea, Prod.— A lam block 
of anthracite, or stone coal, from GwmllynftU, in this Swan- 
sea yalley. 

86 Ihcs Hau. Goal k Gaxksl Go. Wigan.— Oannel, 
Arley, and Lemberton coal, with yarious yases,.mannfto- 
tured of cannel coaL 


2 Board.— Figures in Portland cement 

8 Oboah. — Block cfsmentine. 

4 Bonnis ft Aspdim.— Gemont 

6 BAHSQn ft PAasows.— Artificial stone. 
10 White.— Portland cement 
12 SEAx.y.—ngure in Portland stone. 
18 Strotbebs.— SUte-filter. 

16 Bathes, LoTTOB, Ik Go.— Paying4tones. 

17 Furze.— Mew artificial stone. 

86 Gakbrob's Goalbbook Steam Goal k Swabsea k 
LoDQHOB Bauwat Go. S MooTgatc St— steam coal, from 
Lougbor, South Wales. 

87 Barrow, B. Stayeley Works, near Ghesterfleld. 
Derbyshire.— Goal, from the mines at Stayel^, counhr of 
Derby, raised from a shaft 459 fret deep. Pieces, cut with a 
saw, to exhibit the use of this coal as bauast, or for stowage in 
steam ships going long yoyages. 

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ClimL Mmmg and Mmend ProdueU, 


8B Jorai,8ui^acGa55Bnkild0L8oiianPvk,A«aiti. 

89 PaonxBO h Puc& Tifiay. Hewport» Momnoolb- 

ft^-€o«l: • piece of tddeli welgbe three tone. 

40 J>Ayn»%. HIiwiAs, neer Mertliyr TjrdTil, Welee, 

, ftom Abetdere. 

ikle eeetion of the 


The Eeri^^Qlar < 

thick bed of ceel,! 


48 C ifif W Mj ^ AXU0, Ic Oo. Abe fg^ f cnn y; MeaiL— 
SteB, ftom Cinn Cdyn and Bleliia Ivm worki: jToeiil tiee 

4Ai 88S tuE Bbtmbo Co. Wxeshea, We]«L Pro.— 
Miiienie ead oaia coeL Ibmid et Bmnboi neer wiezfaem, 
er in the nei^boaxfaood. (OatddeH»diBCSa«X»a.) 

4B Wmn AM. k G»MOir, Veet Bromwteb, neer Bteniag' 
koB, Prod.— Cohmm of Sooth SteflbrdeUro Ihiek eoel-- 
Aowtag the diifereni working acoiii « thdj esiii in yerticel 

61 Cheebvum} GsAsncn Go^— Afwt in London, E. 
leaner, Belvidero Bd. Lambeth^-Gxuite cofannn end 
fedeild, ao ftet liigh, ftom the Gheewining pnaite fneiiiei, 
Mtr Llikeud, ConnmlL 

74 SrAnom h Vqml^ Be^riboC^ Impi nd Prod.— 
Cyii iiiii fimdirig, or weepingjmTCBi, 90 ftet in lieight^ 
Iran the green-ten coontrj, wbmliow (Hwvvehow), in 
teMtChofChinn. Specinens of tiie vood poUehed. 

Cukflsl. Mmmg and Mburtd ProdueU. 

S9 LiTBUoob I<ocAi> CooanrnBL Town Hell, lirer- 
fool, Prop^-A ooDeotioa of eunnlei of foreign eiticici fan- 
(OftodintoIlYerpoolwitfafai the bnt five yeexe. ThecoUeo- 

OHlei^aad mfaierd prodlnoti; inoonpiete oi to '^ " 

Tugcteble prodngti, —yj —if mifh irtTf edTgwdi. 
Bino ft Col 5 Mertin*e Lane^ OuinOQ St cTtj, Pkopw 
of tin-pkte^ end of row iron in proeeee of 
Andmdie piece of ftaelBrBd nw pile fiv 
[: jntentedbj J. Begnnll k Sone^ B. L BeOw^. 
66 Bawlbt, p. Sobo^ neer Bimin^ 
flefee model end eeetion of a StalTordehin 
I for prerenting eiqploelooa in eoel 


pnnuae for prerenting eiqpioeiooa in eoel mince. 

76 Wnm h Gbavt, Delmamoftk Bd. Oh^gow, Inr. 
and Mano^-Patent eafety cage end defarhing cege fiv 
■Ilia ibefti to prerent acodenti fhmitiiebraikuiigor orer- 

windiag of ropee or ehaina. 

101 PowxLi, T. Cardifi; Walea, P^rapir-IHiftTn 

101 Povsu^— FoaeiL 

106 WHm.— Foaiil. 


104 MonoT. 

106 CAmau, A. EdinbnxglL Propu— Two cnriing itonea 
need in Seotland in the national game of ooxliM: made of 
the roek of the Aiisa Giaig, in the Firlh of ayde, Itc. 

106 CAam, J. Ddabole, neer GuneUbrd, Cornwall, 
PlEopL— Two eDodmcaa of rock craCala, taken ftcm the date 
faarrieBatI>dabole,nearCamdfi>rd; needftrjewellefy. 

107 BuAnAtBAiiB, Iferqoia ot— ^edmena of 
ii tTfri ead, end lead orea; granite, 

106 Lbbmmi.— -Modeb and cxyatala. 

106 MfX€BiLL, Ber. W. St. BerthOooew'a Hoipita], 
Bat. and Inr^— Modela of aU the primary and aecondaxy 
tema of cmtala, fte. 

110 — 1;;-3< 

Afondel. Tnr.^ 
- Modelof a 

111 SLAsn^Wnm 

112 Dtm, W. Little 

Soaaez eoeat agatea, found on 

mechenlcel contftranee Ibr Tcntilation. 

116 BATTBnnr.— A^tea. 

114 Eixo.— Harroii^git»-wntef8. 

116 Tnnuurr. — Minerala. 

116 NxLii,J.Omagfa,Go.T>Tone,Pro.— Caaeofpeerli. 
foond in the doepeat porta of the ziYcr Stralei, at the town of 
Cmecfa. Irdand. 

117 CowxB k Bax, Blhm, Scotland, Pro^Peeik torn 
the river Tthan, Abardeemhin. 

118 Toukii*- 

110 yiBaTtAMX^ J. Vo iha w oHh , BeriiTahira, Pnm.^ 
Spedmena of marble, and marble vaae. Whttaaaad. "WUI^ 
Iced ore, and atalaetite. 

116 M^Qon^.— Pcaria. 

ISO SwiNwiBn. — Amber. 

ISIl Jahubov. G. 107 Union SL Aberdeen, Prop.— 
Oairngonn etonea nom Oairngoim, Aberdeenihiro,rDngh end, 
cot. Aberdeen end Petariieed granite^ out and BBOontod. A 

oakiL Kent^-A ooUeotionof i 
perticnbriy ilhiatratiTe of 

ea an naed fiir penonei 

ilarly lllnatrattTe or aoeh aa an naed ibr penronai oma- 
, maalOj ooUected b]r Hr. Herta, to ahow the peat 
variety of anadca of ookmr in each apeciea of atona^ and to* 
prove the oonnadon of aoBM of the damea. 

1S6 Onairo, B. BncklaiMl St. Plymonth, Inv. and Iffann. 
—A aoiea of apedmena illnatiative of an imnroved proeeaa 
' ' ' woifraai,tiietnngitatoof 

sriea of' apednMne of angv, pro* 
refining by eeetato of ehnntna. 
■nd, of PI jamnth. Spedmene of 

for dremfng orea of tin; 
iron and manganeae. Ai 
dnoedbj the proocM of 


apednMne of i 
Dj eeetali 
patented by B-luid J. Ozland, of^jamnth. 
I)aitmoor peet^ and the prodnota obtained \ff ite"deati imiUto- 
diatiUation in caat-iron ratorta; peat chamal, pTmylio 
auuStfe ^**M*roffffTBB. ieo. 

166 Vmumil. DaiUngton.--Goal, ftom PeeaiTa Weat 
Collieriea; coke made fkom the above. Fira-day,finbricka, 
drain-pipee, eooing ridgo^ilea. Ice. 

126 HowAnn, T. C. BTBriatoL-^oUoetion of 
elaja, building atonei, and nmiblea; coah, minerala, ana 
nietBla,bekm^igto thoBriatolbaain. M^t and aeotiona. 

127 Fahpi, J. K. Tiw>arary.lrdand.P>od^— ^3opper ore. 
White end black day. 

puedftomgypanmldaBdneerTtoperBiT. AnthradtoooaL 
I>rBiningtileaandp4pe8. Felspar, ftom Cork. Mineraliftom 
aeveral parte of the country. HydranBc and building lime- 
atone. Black and white maible. Bed and grnr marble, 
ftomCkiyne. Leedore-foondatOoia. Sanda,wldteBiliea, 
from KUlonan and Cuier. Ifenranmo Iriah labnmnnu 
eandlcaticka, boiea, and aboea. Biackoak vaaea, and dna- 
ter of carved vinea. Water, from a wdl in the rock of 
CuheL 150 feet above ttie genend level 

126 GLBn,lCShetland^yarioaBminffala. 

128 Maodoiulld.— T^irqooiNa. 

180 Ir*wicHMaaBD«CoianmB.-Amdiyadnerala. 

181 Paois, J. IC Famham, Prod^Phoqihorip foarib 
and merle from the upper green aand, the gault, and flm 
upper part of the lower men aand, geok^gical foimationa. 
l^anaveiae aeetion of pocket of hope of the choiceatGolding. 
varietv, grown upon the phoephoiic mari of the upper green 

162 LAnaE,B.J.Frifl^l^y,Be0riioC,SoiTCy.— Spedmene- 
of minerala, used ea manurea ; of eultivated adla or eertha,. 
arranged from London to ComwalL S^edmena of com, in. 
iUuatiation of the above mineiai f ** 

Digitized by 


Culm I. MMig mtdMneni PfothuH. 

186 Bomb. 

IM QujLt W. B. Tnmi| Dot. — ^Nonnal guiio, a manim 
prei»nd from the nfbse of tfas iiilieriet» m a mq^or ftr- 

187 M*Doimsu.. 

187 BoiJO, J. W. Kewlmzj, B«rUhlre.--8peel]neM of 
Mill which sur ro und NeirborT, with their •vplioAtioiie. 

188 Book, J.JiiiLHaetio8i.--Coalfimndliitheeiiiomit 
taimel of the Hattiofi and Ajhlind xaihray, aOO fcet abore 
theiealereL Glmioii^ialdtocoiitBi&onaeofohxMBiiiiL 
Fine white Mad, itoin Haatinn eliilb. fco. 

188 BoeK,lCA>r,68taiSnlPLHaati 
attad, fofmed of Haitian craai, and MntaAning fpeeimeni 
ofHastlmpebblfla. ""^ "—» —^ * 

189 8Gi.A.Tn, T. Tfllgnmonth, Deron, HaocL— TaUea, 
Inkstaada, %Q. laadeof or inlaid with madzepore, Ibnnl at 
Tefgnmouth. Btoo ehet and hiaceleti of malachite. Bpeel- 
men of ooarta iVom Dairahlnitf. 

140 SimrKAir, J, l£itton Gmmiir, IralaadyProp.— Bhm 
UtaMitoiie. Ikilomite. Gement ftom doloaite. Qoartarock. 
Steatite. Brown h«n«tite izon oro. Blaek oside of maa- 
0Mieee. Umber. Tallow and hrown oehrK Whttennd.lE0. 

141 Hauos. 

14a COWPBB. 

, 148 TnionfiT, G. Manehertar*— Iron ore and Siron 
•tone from the omef iron-prodndng diiMota of tf^^m^tA^ 
Scotland and Walei, with il^inm pnxliioedfttiB theiame 


144 BAMiikT;— 1 

145* Cawist, J* PeBddl, , 

—FnUer^^eMrthin the raw etate^ and 
nae in thomannfhetoreof woollene. 

r, Phidiand Mluro. 
ledandjprepared fbir 

- Stone aadf epar flund 

in the lameitiAta, at Oe Grawle^ pMa in Nntfldd, Smref. 

140* WooDBnan^ X: Leed*, Buoni^-Bell'^oiiei; Ihaweb ; 
hempen ropea; wofited nettinc, fsr protecting ftuit treea 
flom ficet; Laxge epedtoena oCIron mitei. 

148 aAWBOoin kUnuMi 7 Ktnom 8q. Fftehozy, 
Mann.— Foller'a earth, fimn Bdipiteand Nvtteld, inSm^ 

147 Bahw, T. EdfEifte, Pnd.— Grqr-itone lime^ from 
limck-worio, Bdtfate B^T^ 

148 Ooulol B. White St atr of GoriE, Iceland, Mano. 
— Sanmlei of ealt from rock salt picklew 

150' WoBVRnoTOA W. Northwibh, Gbeefaite, Piop.— 
Bock mlt, fhmi NoithwiA; rdbed ealt* Ibr eozinff flak 
Fine Ud^dried and Malyeni salt^ for table me. T4age 

161' HbA, J. Bhigsend, DnhUn, Mann.w.Sbiket and 
piAealt for table nae; Ixfih fine, or batter lalt^ and'ooan* 
or proriiion ealt. 

lOa HieRur, S, Jon. 3S Fleet Si Haim.— KaHre inl- 
phnr, from fileOj, with prodnota 

IM JommoiiB. 

166 BioDBLL, Sir J. IL Bart Strontian, Prop.— Hen- 
hedral priamatic olcareoos and other epoia. GiTatalBaed 
carbona^ofatnmtia. Salphatee of baiTtea with phoiphaite 
of lead; Gneim. QucIm peering into granite» GneiMwith 
red felspar. Ice; PorphTiiliosranite: Granite studded with 
sanietai ^n ^^ sommit of Ben Besipole. Snlplmreli of 
lead and sine, ttc 

168 PnocTBB. 

167 HzoBUT. & jnn. 38 Fleet St Imp^-Books and 
fbasils, to illtistrate works on geology, from Br. Kranti, at 

168 Nzxoir, Bar. A. ITathfleld, Dnnihnaghjr, Densg^' 
Ireland, PMd.--8ilioioas sand, from ModklshmonntaiD, near 

on Balljnesa. 

Slate, from BAUyboea qnanr, 
Steatite, fiNmdln lacgemaMes on die sei^ 

; 160 Baom, P. B. Down Hatherlej, Glooeester, Ptod. 
HUmsstane, applicaUe to mupoaei of lithogmpbj, Ieo. 
LronatM aepluK ironpjrite^ 

18S Waxooit, J. Greenends, Alston, Prop^— <iaartn; 
Irnbj blende or limestone; flnor spar; copper pirites; 
— « — and blende on quarts; carbonate of lime; oarboiiato 
Lfcc Leadcres. 


! 166 BtoCEBDOi^ W. 89 Devonahire St Qneen Ba. 

and Maan^-NatlTe plambago^ Cttmberlaad black leadV 

'mS Bbufs k Smis, lis Gheivridep Ihr. and 

Bming psnells^ Jf^optoara, prsparsd with wax, Imu 

187 Aaanu— Blacklead pendls> 

188 "P*"— *— — Black-lead. 

188 BaoouiA«l(Iu4Hai>oir, SSGtBossellSt Flop.— 
flack lead; raw and hardened, ftom Cumberland. 

170 BoLOMoir, T. Tmro.^yariettea of hono^tones. 

171 Lb Hozri^ G. Astramont, Wezfiwd, Irdand, Pixip. 
— Pteplrnitie panite^ and gr^ porp h yi it ic granite^ ftom 
OuB^ WedbrtJ Oon^baMrs^ ftom Astramont Fine 
lekKf.ftmn Waited. Specimens of T^aneongrsas, prsparsd 
bj ttepoor IrlAh of Newtownbanr, Ice 

17rMnnQ, a 105 Ticadenhall St Mann.— GIfoalar 
grindstooca, tejdaas, mineral teeth, fine toola, ke. Grind- 
EvbthsLftc arraiar and fiat oibtones. 
. 179 KOTHAansoir, T. W. Breda, near Northern, Snssas. 
♦— fl pa chn e n of smdoas stone ftnmdin the parish of Bredc^ 
jSoascK; &r sharpening edge tools. 
' 178 Oomnsoir, C Ufansflrid- Prop.— Bed caeting;saad, 
ftmml oBly at Mamffleld, ii of Tahie fcr prodftdng the finest 

in'FbAnmn k Hax», 1 Gbstle UUls, andS Broad 
Laasu She fl eld,— -Prepamd Trent sand, or wiiaxpe. Pre* 
pared ▼eiflhro t tsaetoaa. Prepared lime, oaed for polish- 
ing Hifttsmila metal, brassy copper, Qeimaa sUrer, i 
^Sm, and sUrer goodr 

176 Wnaon^ mr J, 
178 GtABNnr.— Sandi 

177 Bosaoii. Sir G. Bart HoUybrodke Biij, Obontx 
"WleUow. Ireland, Ptop.— S^eeiiaena of poreelain dhj, finm 
Sn g Mrlcaimonntainrf 

' 178 Loon k Sow.— Sands^ 

178 MoBMMRii G. Agent of Earl SOmbhl Beigsto^— 
SMd firam the common c^M Bei|^ Heath, ^eh from its 
jfiae aharp grit is valued in the manuftetore of glass. 

. 180 mv,&B«i(rate^ Sarrer, Prod— White sand, from 
tibe Tamd Oayes at fieinte, called In use silTer sand. 

180 BoTAii DoBLor BocixxT, Kildare St Dublin, Prop* 
'luns of marble from Arma^ Galway. BbscoipmenL 

kj.ftc. NatlTe gold^firom county IHcklow, lead and 
Specimens of the dar iron stone, firom Arlna 
near DrewonhamboL 8lat» Fire brick tiles, Ac. 
. I 's m id peat ftieL Coal, ko; Hemp and fias, from dif* 
frnak localities* Alpaca wool, grown at G 
cuuntj Kerej* 

181 "^ 


186 BooBL Gi^ k SnoMnrs, Gh N. T^ntroj— Speoimeut 
of sands from Cornwall for building and agricultural pur- 

Booon, & 8. Beuidas, ISde of Han.— Specimens of 
* oftltelll^ofHan. 


188 S^oiai^ X 8 Wi IVmiworth, Isle of 
sen of pure white sand, ibr the manuitotare of bost 
glaai^firam Alum Bay, near the Needles, Isle of Wi^t 

Digitized by V^3 


ClimL Mmmg and Mmend ProAutM. 

^ 187 Ido^ J. LLD. HutvcU, mat AfXtOmrj, Ptop.— 
gbaprinmaiidiplierMaMdefroaitt. BlMklM^mwfebj 
poor ««aifl& of «fa0 puidi of Stane, nflir Ajtabatj. 

IBB Fbivpabi^ T. Wtnbm, PropL--Potla^ or pipe 
or browB doj, fiom Otnj ]^ widi mn oad tobooeo- 
p^ aodo tbordkon ; alM rillblm MBd, te the BunflM- 
tart of ^OM. 

180 Gbisti^ J. PrestoDMuii, Moim^— Pixo'oi^ in ito 
cnr itat^with ortiolfli miido frmn it. 

181 Kma, J. Horiot and C^mpdo Afam G^ QhMgow, 
1 elati^ or MfaisL froDLtfao niiifli of GuniicL 

u i wi g h > nd imuini a o tore d , fco. Iioafjziteo«iia 

181 KxM^ G. Dm^dn Lod«L Qftafli«v» bomt Keir- 
Bnfco^lUiiii^Bod1nick«tfChudiigfbmthopit. Bad 
TwitMiiy j««ff iff^ynf aud eopiiur biieki mode ftom iL 

18a fteaoro, J. MiidlSon, Cbnntr of Gtek, IxalaBd, 
Fkod^Yaziooi natflriaJa obtiiaad at Boatelkii, amnty of 
Q flrk, I re l a nd, a adartJolM of earthmwaw and gjbM,naim- 
ftcCimdftoni thoBL 

IBB Au^r-Cl^. 

184 HoBX Panm Potebbt Go. AmNrTf b^v Bido- 
ted, l(*^i-:7B«r clay^ja >?f"^ ^[|f">^ ^ I"^. GfaTol or 

brick, otnaaieiital lidga and sudaa tili^ iMu bmS^^ 

186 Bomnrr, N. Bhek Hadloy, Gatediaid, Hcweaada- 
mm-tjntt Bpaoimen of cImt, Iboiid near Black Hedler; 
wiik articici maniiCwtiixad ftom Ilia clay, bv FaU and Co.. 

188 Gboosbb. 

187. BiDMoaDi^ar J. 

IBB- Fatu h Co. OldSwan Laaa, VrntttTtmrnm 81 
F)ropu— Noidca blna ofa^, tram tba late of Purbaofc. 

IBB Jmaan h CoDnvn. Thm, Frod.— SpadnaBa of 
OsBiriiCUaa. cIqm^ aadwiOiitiiiatnrilfkaotBa: xaiiod 
in tboGreai Bodilla CUaa Sbma QnairiciL St fltndMB'i, 
Oonwall, lavBalj nood in tfaa pottariaa te tta aMBabetan 
«f Ite tear doMripdoBa of oUna aadoaztlMBnran. 

5K)1 KAunr. 

aOB Miffmn.T^ S4bab» 8t AnatalL— WUta ahina olay, 
Ar Bi a n ii f a tjtu i lug cMiia and aartbcBwaia^ alao'fer bkaoWng 

BOB Fiona. — fWna-nlay 

9M Fao^ W. ft J. Warabaaiy Ula of Fofbaok, Biodr- 
FotlH^aorbiiiaelay.aaad in thoBiittohpolicriaa. Stona- 
ivan ofa^y noad Ibr atonawaxa and diafai-pipfla. Fipa and 

BOB BBOfirra,W.SL Anaten,Frop.— SpaeiBMBofabiBa 
day, dedrad horn tba daoompoaition of Mpir. Buino 
l a portai, ooatiiTHng a^dcforiptionof tbadntj paribn aai r bj 
tbaafwm anginai niad In tfaa minaa of Coniwall wadDanw^ 

BOB TBOOonv GL St. AaataU.— ConnvaU ' 

MM^ mninm. mada from tba cbiaa olaT. 

BlSBoiL T. GUB«numt» HaatSngi.— Iron ora and lU- 
gata ifeone, from Haftingi Baatbigi gnmitay eb^, and' 
bona itone. 

BIB F]aoB^F.Wodpil»8ai!b]k,llann.-.49paefanaBa of 
woolpU bribk-earth. "WUta bidldi]« biioka. Fammant 
brieka anddrdning jpipcf. 

B14 SniiKK% T. if irmlngbiia Minn npat ilmaiii of xaw 
and burnt day, ncad for gjiw noma pobk Fortabla ftv- 
naoai, BBiorti, orndblea, iMljiitfa ipadmaBf of tba wara, Iko. 

516 Jbvkibb k. Bna. ^Jhoro, rrod.— Xwnp and^ow- 
darad odoa, from Fanwato^n) near Thno^ oacd obialqr bj 
painteiay papcr^tainan, and papor mdfoii 

SUA Jonmia^ Bnaa, Trom^ Frod.— Oobni from Kaa, 
near Trnro; naad in tfaa m a ni i f aoti ir a of palati, pqpar- 
i 816^ ForrsB.— Ocfara. 

517 BoBBniQii.— Odm. 
818 HocBJLAAr.— Ocbra. 

818 GoBi^ W. MoTBtoninlfanhyFrap.— Odna^browBy 
In ita raw data, kc^ oaletoad. Ibr oouuEa. 

BBB JamBL--6dira. 

881 FoDBBfcCo. 87 AUjgdab and Oramford, Dariif^ 
afaira, Frop. and MiBini.r-I>wt7diira ipar, idiitB l aa d- ora' 

B. Hold, Frop.— Wbita load ore, eaibo- 

aad ddaa obij% natira and oalQinad;.£n adatofrr poroa- 
laltt^aBd frr blaaddng and paper making., 

B07 TnaaoiiTr, G. St Anatdl.— Ghina otej ac dngont 
«f tim aitt^from Cbndla I>own ola^'^rarici^ pnparady bont; 

908 Waii]»ik«i>b, Hon. G. Fropw— Antfaradte ooaL 
I ro n ito n a. Fira-dar. Slata-day^. Ifee. CUj te 
dBdafa«4D«. Sand, te flra-biieka 

908 Whbbuu 
fkf of Ghina da j. 

908 Whbbuu, Pnojp, «r Go. St AwtdL I 
Blaaohing obiy, ued in ma 


910 BnnnuLum.— Bride and tilad^. 
Bll FMiu0%W.Mori^Worka»naarF^jmplD%FMd. 

—JDiaiiacgnitadgnmiti^ from Mnd^Worki, Boron. Fro- 

ora, bafytaLfte. 
I on^ from 

' 9B& Fvio,HABrBB,lkGor-FIaalflrofFiria. 
; 984 MAMoni, B.StAadaii,FrDd.andlfiHi 

dagp^ Fmtflh kaolin oaad in^ tfaa SCaffinddiirs pottadai in 
.blaafifaiogandinpaparmaklM. OdBaotona. 

9BB< K4BTOI, Bnaaooj^ Hi^^ Bbiwiim Hooaa, St Jbna- 
; tdl^ FEod.--^oredaiaor ddBB oiay, natural, and aapreparad 

fiirtfaamaikat Silidooa aand, nrnd In tba mannfiotnra of 

: ate Govna, Ji Aldon, Gmnbcriaad, Frop.— I«cga 
leiydd of anlphaia baiytca. Broadita on Utterapar and 
' pModomoiphooa qnarta. Oubonata baijctm. astoidvdT' 

nmdbitbamaanftetDroof^am; Bmytai indgalena, ooJ, 

ahala, earbonata of lime, Ibc. 

987 Wmn k Soaa, Wmtefavtar, Mami^-SDedmana 
of eemcBtdonaaand tfaooa prodneing plaalar ofFaria, aa 
mad bi Bngland fcr boilding^ pmpeam; dM>wing €bB rwr 
done, tba pcmdar caleinad and gromidy and eobea of oenient; 

99B BE.miBJAO0BS,44l(45BddwfairaGardan%6nijr'a 
Inn Lane. Mannw — Gypeomanditf paodnda. 

988 Bltih k Jaooh^ 44 and 45 Baldwin's Gardena, 
Gat's Inn Lane.— Grpaom ; tfaa sanm oddnad; daopea- 
paiadformannra. Flatter of Foria^ witb Taiiooa artiolaa 

988 Gbbatm, B. Warwick, Frod.—BhiaLiaaIinMatone. 
Hbdds in Idas, Portland, and improred Boman oemen^ Jeo. 

880 WHrrn. H. Donstable, Beds.--€balk, prodnoad in. 
tba Downa of Dmstabla. Wbitinft or dialk in a rdfa 

881 Mazwbui, W. MnndMS, Dalbeattia, Scotland, Fko. 
--Slab of granite from Gmlgnair qoaoy, near Dalbaattia^ 

888 MBBBDn«»J. H.Fowey2GosDWBlLFrop;^4Slabaof 
bkMk, red, and green pozphTiy.. Tsssdlated poid^ taUa, 
<ww<«i«iitg 54 gpadmena of natlra slonas ftmn widdd, ,ln 
tba coontT of GimwalL 

888 BooBVoaiL lord, Boasmors Fiuk, Mo 
land. Prop.— Specimen of green gradta fkom * » ^ — .^ - ^ ^ 
Tuk,ce,mt,H>mo^m^ Digitized by Vji^UglC 



S84 GovAM, J. SdinbmriL Punk-^nrnp la frMitoiM. 
A. H. SItahUt, te. and m^, 98 FMaoet Stmt, Edili- 
bniSb- >I«M from Badhall tnd Blimj quinici; Blnny 
MtWTiii — dli. Ice. Modal and dnwinc of itMiii eimiiM. 

.Jtc Modolaoddm ^ 

Dmwiac of boriag niAohliio. oapable of ooiinr boles to the 
d^pdiof^Oor SOfbet; fimm 8 to 6 inohei indkineter, end 
oMd ia ee^ioiiedoB wHh gdtwilo bettevy Ibr ctittlqK the 
]M|«iBia« of zock in the ovftRj. 

asl7 ft«» W. IsTeraiy.Bootbad, Maira^— Bpedneni of 
gnaite^ flvm Jnrmtry ma Boaui; and of 


Stae sod 

YeaiS J. Woodyhlde^ Coilb GbeOe, Prop.— PaxiMck 
Biubli^ need in deoonttag the iaterior of the Temple 
Ghnreh, Loadon, fco.; from WoodyUde, Gorlii GaeOe. 
888 OooavowiryLord.— Blookof Jaiper. 

!MD Haex» J. k T. Mvble WoifaC De^, 
Berieeefpieoee of Deibyibiz* black nMiUe. White marble, 
ttddUtlag T. HalTi new method of omamentlM, by de- 
pofifiqg ea the •orfrec^ malaehite or greea oarwmate of 


841 Ooum, A. Marble Woila, KUkenay, Irelaad, 
]Iann.---BHt pedaital of KiUuni^ marble^ from the Bkek 

^ttZ' Bsuui. 

848 OauM. F. L. GaatleCowa, Ue of Maa, Prod^ 
6elUi« marble, obtafaied from Ooahaahawla aadSktllieorCL 
ia the padah of Maleiry Ue of Man; red porphyry, aad 
agate or pebble. 

848 hacM, J. Hlg|i St Gatcahead, Neweastle-apoa- 
Tyaeu lar^-Fieertone. firam a quarry la Gateahead, need Ibr 
boUdfaigtenaoeiteglaflMioaiea. Modelofapateatiteam 
bolter, hilBBded to ooanrnm a email qaaatltyofi^ieL Model 
of a ooamMa aeirer, with pipm Ibr gaa. water, fte. Lamp 
fbrndaaoL 8afr<y-valTe,tntfaelbrmof aoopandbalL 

844 Mnanno, L. A. ISOummmt Ter. TeateaYlDo— 
SpeeiflMaer pore oriental alabaeter, Teiaed in ootem, from 

846 Diuiov.— Poliahedieptaria. 

848 Itfrnk-^BoildiagoforBaaMntaliloBeifimBlrelaad. 

848 Jmnom k Bnoa, Thiro.— Yarietim of porphyry 
from Tremoaeb la WithieL 

848 IfmoMf H. a St Heller, Jeney, Prop.— Speeimeoa 
of SyeaHe aod conglomerate. 

9BO fkBBMAn.W.%J.MiUbankStWestmiait«r,Piod. 
— Aa futiMrtve coUeo^oa of epeoimciie of granite, Portlaad 
stone, slate stone, Porbeok marble, Bath stone, iire-etoae, 
Oalmrmvble, aad Gban stone, from aH parts of the United 

»1 OsopsB, 6. Wicker Lane, Bheffleld.'Spedmen of 
reglstoed Yenetlaa chimney-top. 

861) HRCBoncm.— Bast and pedestal in blue Peteriieod 

868 BasKi^ T. Tmro. — Yarietim of porphyry frr 
TaxioQs parposes. 

868 BoDDu T. H. Trebantha Hall, near Laonoeston, 
Pr^.— Yarietia of porphyry for ornamental aad building 

864 WamBT, K. Tmro.— YsdetiM of porphyry. 

866 Foot, J. Abbgdon 8t Westminster, Prop.— Speci- 
mens of Portland stone, with specimens of workmuiship ; to 
be need ftr internal and external work. 

867 Bhx, J. 25 Bockingfaam PL Fitsroy 8q. Des. and 
Mann. Spe ci men of ooUto limestone, firom the Oreton Beak 
Works, Snopshirej marble^ Ice. 

867 Bau, h L. Neweastle-iipon-t^e, Mann.— Speci- 
mens of wagnVsIs alba, and calcined magnesia. Specimens 
to illostrato H. L. Pattinson's patent for the manniacture of 

« ?5? f"^^?^-®- ?- Botterhite^ Amt^-Giaaite^ ftmh 
Haytor Books, Booth Deron. BtamSy FkU stone; from 

880 ananao, Ber. J. G. Oastletown, Isle of Man>r- 
of flegston^ marble, ft em to ne . granite, porphy- 
F, T. • ^S?.*MrointtMr^ 
i Datb.— Boilding-itonei. 


866 FBamiAv,aCramweldBottom,nearHalifrx,Piod. 
— Lambatod flsMtone; Uaok stoife, from Bingby, and 
from the BUsnd Bdn QaatiT ; aaad'Stone fhmi the quazrte 
at gmrl sii J, amrKlifra, tttkshiia. ^ 

880 Fusfoa, W. Hawthorn Oottege, 8troQd.—BttildiQg 
stoaa from Pslaswick Qnairies; from Sheepscombe, aaS 
fitom^ailworth QnanleB. 

1% J. Godley Ootiage^ aearHaUfrx, Prod.-. 
■I Northowram quarries, neer Halifax, roo^ 
FhAfrroaaseway^ito. IQllstonegrit^fhmi 

868 Hoons ii Son, 1 Ot Dorer 81 Boixm^— MiU- 
stoaamadeof'Fkenoh btuis, with wind-dheit and yentihiting 
hoteafrr grinding with BoTiU*8 mtent alr^test 

870 JammioL B. Herefrsd, Prop.— Spedmea of saad- 
teafrom thoThne Bbna Qnaniei sear Herefind, yeiy 

Bffl Knm. 

878 LoAao, Bbbohaii, Ii Gow Botbeihithe, Pkop^— A 
bteekof Ganstoaefrom Allemagne Qnarriea, Gaea, N^ 
maady. and two onbea of stone from AnUgny, Fraaoe, 

878 Aansnami. 

874 BAaaTfcBAaaT,MawgaB8iGoInmb.Prod.— Flre- 
stoas^ a soft graiaedelTaa or porphyry, from qnairies near 

874 Sbdelih J. KewQsetle-Qpon-Tyne, Maker.— Model, 
sho^y the procem of amaafrotaring shot from lead. 

870 Bixis. 

876 KBBl(PAB^,6leafbrd.Llnoob)shire,Prop.— 8d»- 
doMB of .AnoBSter stone, qnarrled from the tower ooBto 
formstkm, at WUsford, nearlSleafiird, Lincolnaldre, adapted 
fc rscal ptors and elaborato ornaments. 

877 Local Commrtsb, Fauiouth and PmraTii. — 
Stoas^ from Poi^elllS, Wendron. from ForestiPbte; Stithians : 
from Gbnreh Town, from Myior, near Peniyn; and l^ram 
Weadioa. Specimens of boiiding stone, grsaito stone Ibr 
xoodamking. PorphTty, quarts, sand and magnetic iron ore 
from the ndpibonrhood. 

878 Lnmunr, G. Mansfldd, Pronr— Magnesian Ume- 
stoae^ or dolomite^ from the Mansftrfd Woodhoose Qnsrries, 
reopeaed 1840, after a lapse of several centuries, ibr the 
npply of materials for the aew houses of Parliament at 
Westadaster. White caloarsons sandstone^ Bed calcareooa 
sandstone from qnarrlee in work 400 years. 

880 MiroBXLL, W. & Seffleld.— Sandstones^ fbr por- 
posm of constmotion, and grind-otdnes. 

881 MoiiAoa4ir. 

888 Oakbamptoh Ik Co. 

S04 Sownik, M. Bikrl^, neir Leeds, Prod.— Hard delf- 
stoae nit, close in the grain, and snltebte fbr hsadstones, 

888 Ollaoah.— Building stones. 

S04 BAiaoH, J. 48 Summer Hill, Ihiblin.— Mineral spo- 
dmeos, from Qonmore, County Mayo, Ireland, comprisLDg 
dayiron-etone, bog^ron ore, aad coal. 

886 Ssnioini,Z.Shnt,nearGlastonbury, Prod.— Model 
of afliglit of stone steps cut fkom the blue lias stone ; and 
specimens of workmanship. 

888 PiocffBB. 

Digitized by 


CiAm 1. Mwmg and Mmand Prwkidtu, 


587 Bonmoir. 

588 BoTHBMOBA, J. WlngonRvtb, new OiMterfidd. 
ProdU-8tbii6 from wingerworUi, Lion vA BnmleT-FaU 
Qoaixy, Ifnngenrortb, new G^keeterfeld: vaad for doeki, 

So Bhabt. 

291 Spabu, W. GrawkeRie, OoUeetor.— Spedmens of 
iloM fron the ooontiei of Dorwt SomcneCy and Devon: 
Gramuid, Pnvbeok marble, Uoe llae Bmestone, wjiito Ilea, 
new nd aaadfltone^ mlUitone grit, eaiboniftrona limeatooe, 

S0B ftcAVU^ T. StokaHmdcr-Baoidoii, near YeoTfl, 
Prod^Bloola of Ham-hill stone (ooUteX partialiy worked. 

SBS Srocn, M. Shebden Hail, near Halifu, Propw— 
flpe clm aue of aahlar building atoMi fran the Sbebden-head 
qiianl(% near Haliflu:* 

SM TATXOJ^ J. Stamfiffd^— Maxblfl^ aandatonea, slate, 
Umeslona. Itc. obtained within se?ai adles of Stamford. 

fl06 TowHSKKD. & Qearwell, near Monmouth.— Foreet 
stone for stma, coping Ice Ashlar bloeksfor paying, graye- 
Btonea, lie. from the fdrest of Dean. 

896 W^ifflL J. E. Ezxcinon or, Leeds. Prop. Sa n d - 
■tone^ nssd for docks, bridses, looks, engine beds, lea Fot- 
Is in ew tuu stone^ nsed for landings, sillsl Im. 

S07 WiLUAMi, W. 1 Wellii^tonSt Cardiff Wales, 
Fnp^-FreMtone m»i the Qoaxmteqaarfy, near widgend, 

Bangor. Patent slate ridges and 

987 WiLLiAia, D. 
Bangor, Wi 

fran Bangor, Wales. 

S89 Nmbolej^ J. Trekenning St Cokmb, Prop.— 
Bfeck ef porphyry or elvan stom^ raised near If ewqnay, 
ConwaO J reaisti^g the notion of the weather. 


301 OUTIJ.ACHE, G* SQuthampton^^Specinieii of stone 
found m HAmpebire^ adapted for idmameaUl oAe* 

303 Joi£B3«o?f, G. Cmigieitk, Edinburgh, Prop,— nStone 
fit»tD C&f Itngiuwe qouT^r, North Qoeetufeiiy, Scotland^ used 
at doekjards, be ; and in pavitig (he Imperial Museum at 
9t» Petmbui^h. Ston« from Buntcm Mount quarry^ near 
Bdinbnzgji ; ipediUfeii of itoue from Cmlgl^ith quarry^ uoar 
EdMbaiglt, oMd at th« Bntbh Hosemit, RojaL Exchange, 
CuftOD nonie, &cl. Londofi. 

008 Pow£C^ F. Ku&reaboroagh, Torkahlre, Collector. 

8M ftwjEtt, W* J. Xisbiirj nwiT liindou, Wiiia, Pwd. 
—Hard and soft Tarieties of bollding stone, flint, and chert 
▲ fteril flsh and tree fioa the oolite fiiraiations at TSsbory. 

806 SnvB, T. Vine Hall, Hurst Green, Prop.— Lime- 
stone, ftera iioontfleld, Sussex. Two Uoeks of oonorete, 
Ibimed with the Mountfieki stone^inM. 

806 DjOFtt, W. 4 Lyon's Inn, Strand, Mlddlesez, Prod. 
—SpedBcnsfrom the Gfauerin stone qasri7,0tU7,Tark. 

807 <tt |t^ ^,^TB. 

808 MoBFHCT, J. Stodlbkl, near SetUe. Prod.^Bhie 
flagstons^ohtained flrom Horton Wood qaairies, wldoh hare 
been wotted probabty about 100 jeers. 

809 CLoaAS,T.ittn. 8 L'HyrreoseTcr. Guernsey, Prop. 
--SpedBcns of gramte, porphyry, and pot^tone, from Guern- 
Mfj, Heen. and Bark, used for building and manadamlilng. 

810 Ihb Losses or thb SrAiraon LnmsTOHE Qua»- 
nza, Ptops^-^Specimens of the cookie strata in the ''Great 
Mountain limestone*' £rom Weardale^ in tiie oountj of 

811 QnnBEU., T. 11 New Palace Td. Westminster, Prod. 

Wpeclmen of magnesian Umcstone, used in tiie construc- 
tion of the New Houses of Parliainent, from quairies at 
Austoa, in Yorkshire. 

816 BBSADALnAMB, MaToois ot— Slates fkom the quar- 
ries of Basdale, Ike. in Aigyllshiie. 

817 Nxxoir.— Slates. 

818 TuBmoL — Slates. 

820 SiTELoia, T. Jun. BelTidere Bd. Lambeth, Des. 
Lit. and Menu.— Slate cabinet, exhibiting the various appli- 
cations of slate. Patent filters. Ornamental loo-table top. 
Sofk and side-table ornamental tops. Gbees or ladies' work- 
table tops. Specimens of roofii oorered with shrtes from the 
Bangor quarries, fto. 

aaO SnBLOio (MoBBias), J. D. F.B.S.E. 18 Great Cum- 
berland St Hyde Park.— Specimens of sine. Alloys of 
copper and other metals. Sheetsof iron, oorered with sine, 
ana alloys of ^ne, fto. 

821 GsxATBB, J. W. Port Madoc, Camarron, Wales, 
Prop.— Slabs and slates from the quarry at Festiniog^ with 
tools used in msnn&ctuiing the same. 

828 AsBDOwn, W. 28 Queen St Dublin, Prod.— Boofing 
and writing slates, slate pencils, and hones; Bomancement 
niliCo. r "'■ --- 

888 Ltos fc Co. Swinsee —Two bricks of patent ftieL 

840 BxTOKisooB Shaui Co. 145 Upper Thames St and 
Wareham, Dorset, Bfanu. and Prod.— Ktnminous shale, with 

841 Tusn, a Orchard PL East India DockiL Bfanu.— 
Coal and its products. Ftodoets fiom caontenonc and 

842 AsDLAT, RBotherhithe, Pat— Artifleialfiiel, made 
by pressure from ooal-dttst Ghaxooal, from refbse tan. 

848 Thb Bweiobd AjmntAcm Mnmio Co. Bideford, 
Deron. — ^Anthracite coaL Compressed fkd, moulded in 
blocks. Mineral black paint, in powder, and ndxed with oil 
or coal tar. 

848 Saiixs,J. BlaiuL near AbergaTenny, Wales, Inr^— 
liodel of a blast lumaoe nr smelting iron ore^ Im. 

844 CoBBOLD^ B. 1 High St Kensington, Ihr.— Col- 
dwnwHJ prat IbeL 

846 Patbtt Foxl Co. 15 St Maiy Axsl Manu.— War> 
lack's MtentltaeL 

846 Bso, B.— Peat and jprodnets. 

847 BsTBSBL AsPBAim CoHFAXT.— Bitumen for pare- 

848 WTXAM'sPATsirrFaBiCoKPAST.— Patent fbeL 
848 Dtss. 

860 BoasBS,J.— Peatandprodneti. 

861 Abxkdabs CoMFAST. — Coal. 

862 AuAH, GmiouB, & Co.— Coal. 

864 BuTua;, J. L. LiTcrpool, Prop.— CoaL cannel-eoaL 
and coke, from diffiorent seams. workiBd by the Hoes Hall 
Coal Coinpany, at Inoe, near Wigan. 

866 AAOOT. C 12 Charlemont PL Ireland.— Turf, or 
Antfaraate^ or stone coal, from Kilkenny, oountj 

7 BraasLi. h Sos, Bathgate, StfarUng.— Specimen of 
eamiel or ns coal, fitmi Bo^iead, near Bathgate, Scotland, 
chiefly used for theproduotion of ns. 

8o3 Cadbll, H. Scotland.— Coal from Dalkeith Col- 
liery, as a qwdmen of the general coal fleld of Midlothian. 
Steelyard, with improyements. 

861 JosBB, SsLu, & Co.— CoaL 

862 BAimnnEB. — CoaL 

868 Arsncsoir, J. Coleford, Gloucester.— A complete 
set of specimens of the workable seams of ooal and veins of 
iron ore, from Her Mijes^s Forest of Dean, in compart- 

864 JoHHSTos.— CoaL 

866 Baxsow.— CoaL 

866 LiAsosmrsoH Coal Co. Port of LlaneQy, and 4 
Coal Exchange, Prod.— Woody and sparry specimens of fi«e- 
btimin^ smokeless, steam-coal, from the same rein. • 

867 PowsLL, T. Gaer, near Newport, Monmouthshire, 
Prop.— Spedmens of Powell's Duffliyn steam coal, from 

Digitized by V^J^i^ 


CiiMf 1. Mmmg 

AbMdm^ la GJamonniidiin. BltaniDOiM ooaI frnn the 
MoiyfhMiyiiM Tda, nlnd t Ureilwyn. VoUofifp*- 
ntat «Md ArihinoMBt of iwh ftoa^boali or^figgo— •! 

888 tasr.— CoiL 

Inr. Bad Pat— jUook 

870 TiAwniw. fVwiL 

871 LiviMawmB, A* 8. 
of Ibfd aidt fliNn tnMl ooaL 

878 ifBwwan, W.tX 7 ICbatagaeflt Pwinaafiq. Pnp. 
—SMofaMB of flUaraidifl^ (0*^7X0^ Qod. 

39% S tfiuufML Jonv CLAUioir, Buntlaj.— Hbad of! 
Hooaj W«U GoUtatT, Buiiil«7, thfffwiiv the ibuumt In 
whieh it is woilMd and ▼wtiliM. 
978 Bat k Twnsu^ BanilaT, Pnp^-A. eohnaa of 
' «hi«iftetwiiMi«at^baM^iiioirlngtlM«Bll»liiiok- 
•ad Ifas ddteaat qaaUtiM of tlM«MaM4« badt whieh : 
Omt, and goMnllj knowa bf the aame^ tiM 
1 oMl, from tiie MMnt KkWae CollieriM, 
Bawalayi Toriahiia* 
<875 wiAusr.— OoaL 

877 InnaiL CooFBai,4i Faoum, Wotilwai' Date, Btiaa- 
1^. PM.--«lLtoDtMi3n lioDM ooal, from tlM ffilkitoM 
bod. 'wMbMTParicbaidor flieaiaeMl,aadwiftor1ioiiM; 
ooaL OPQB iBa Savaili^y Daa* 

878 Vm, BAKoa. k Go. Odn ^oUiflRy, Barnd^, 
Fndir.<)oallbrttaaBi dam. ibroonverting Iron into itod,; 
ftroMltiiv Im, from the Oaks GoIUay. 

878 GoBTrw.HW. jaa.GoaBBi«roialBd.lfamL— Lon-; 
don biaat oofce^^far teo iMwiU f m aad famdriss. 

880 Ci.4MEB,B.C9iois.of Silkstone, nasr Bsras^j, 
Ftod.-<loal,from ttM old flUkatooa GoUifliT, 

881 Hnos, J. k 'Go. C«dili; *Piod;— ! 
Osidiff slBsm eosL fiiom the Wecft ooI]i«tT,ai 

888 IUmsat,«0. H. Darwcaft Hu|^ ITowomUo, Jvr.— 
Osonfll ooaL with earrod spoeimons. Goko and sampte of 
ooa l fromwM bhifcis mida. flamplm of pwpazad maanro 

884 UnoBELL, Ber. W. A.M. Woolwioh, Inv. and 
Msnii fInorliiMiiis of eoal xaosntij dlseorared-aoMr Bdin- 
boiriL wim oraamental artlotes mada of the sama. 

M6 WBSRBa6jaLaarGo.9Bollos8LGaTmididifiq. 
--NewoHfla osBBal^oeal, from wUeh tiia go oimpliad to tfaa 
boUdina of tfaa Gnat Bihibitioa,is made. Goke. 

WT MbaoAJi k Bam, LlanaUy, Waks. Pkod.-«tona 
eoaL or aafhiaoitay from Gwm Amman, uanellj, 

ooal-lteld. Xran in its diftfant stagfM of 

BlBdl^pl»lion» laaMdmaCal, iNid£S7aad 

ivoa, ke. CMoilkBdBg staam-cn^na, 104kana 

laslda ^^ iBbm ataam bafatg i*H «n H and 

throQgh tfaa tmanions ^7 ^ motion of «ha 

. J. F.O:8. fiaspaetor of Goal WaaiL 
T^od.-.8aetionof fhastntain the ooal and 
a$ Bowhds and Xarthjr TIdvIL flonfli 

4P4iMnja. B. Fosfaote Calliary, near Swansea, Bir^ 
id si fcr yn tftn and dosing doon, ftrminiagjNBpQssi^ 
braNvenioB ofiavan. 

408 Mooou^ J.ILD. lOSarUfeBmr, Prap^Imi'oii^ 
with its ptodneti, Bmaatoae rook, flfa-elsi^ mouhUngaaad^ 

tarf^ Seo. from the Arignandnas, JKoaeommon. 

F. Hewoaatla-«pon-T7ne, Fmd. — 
nr Udn^ eta^ tnad to mia with 

407 lfcwip< i i> a a , H. W. UlrarBtene, Mano.— Iron ore; 
8eolehjig4ron: blister, east, and shear steeL 

408^osAT k Oo.8liAiidshii«-IroB. 

408 Lmvb H'Go. J. Kowport, Moniaotathshira, Prod.— 
' of blaek^bsBd iron ors^ ndsed fima mlnas at 

, wleh of G^vgsar, OlamocgsBshire, 
410 The Baaw Yjom Co. nesr Abafgsraniqr; and 48 
> ThanMa Bt Prod.— Goal, iron atone, kc from the 
Yefo and GoalbitMk Balau Mape ud modeto of the 
■dnsfal fldda and worldiws. 

418 Baacaorr, Borua, k Go. Leeds, Ifana.— I>oabte 

• ^ '- • •• ftgoted 

in iro^ 

mode of 

fiigoted railway aues ; rsiiwanr tlro^bars ; doubte fiij 
caisand eanlaM aslea. Donble woxked cabte diain 
bent oold. Beliwa j earrlage wliesb, k^ ahowing ma 



, 7. Bisoa, near Newport, BfonmoaOahira, 
i of Biaea blaek-^ain eoal. South Walm. 
Speeiman of new blaek-reln ooaL raised at Gwm IHarr. 
- M0« inn oiaafiiom Biaea. Fire-brieks. 

OotAL TaADB or If oanraiiBBaiiAiiD iuio Dobham, 


sgniopsis, worid 
jrian, and speeiman of tlie ftesU plants, ooak. rooks, Ike. o^ 
tlie eoid-4eMl of Durham and Northomberiaaa; with models 

Neath Abb^, Glamoigaashira, 
fliachinea fbr catting or wofking 

888 Wabuml a H. 
~ r.andlCi 

Walea, lar. i 

ooal, Seo. Bnmddwer (or Brjmdorwaj) ooal, Ieo. from be^ 
tlie talea of Neath and Swttnaea. Ax 

Anttuaeite ooal, 
from weatern side of the Tate of NeatiL 

888 lCATO,ir.l7 8UTcr6tWoodSt Gheapeide,InT.^ 
Ohss pipes "ton the oonTOjaaoe of aqaeoos or aenfonn finids. 
Metalue flanges and screw ooapUnn. 

400 Bonaaisr Co. Alfreton, Prod^-^pedmens df ooal 
andiron-stone, and of oiganio ranudns in connexion with 

ffina in fkaotariL Im. Selfaotina rsgnlatinff 
sure boileis* Begjaterad improred 

mr U^i-prassora 
▼eafate eeeeatiie ' 

414 BuaoT, B. Penabar Fenoe Hooae.— Iron and ooaL 

414 Hiaaiaoir, Amu% k Go. Newland Fnmaoe, Ul- 
.—Hmmatita iron ors^ from Undal Moor, in Fornass. 
il jptgiroa and farmot cinder, from Newland, Back- 

r, Oaddon, and Lom Fomaoea, ssid to Iw the oa^ 

allhmaces In Britain. 

415 Aias a oain, T. Cleator, near VhitehaTan, Mann.— 
Iroa ore^ from mines in deator. Tiginm, from bematita 

418 Tbohas, J. T. Cotefbrd^-Iron ores, froas the 

^7 MmrTAOUB^ A* LTdnej. •GloneestenhirtL Prmr^ 
ftpecimens of the iron ore nom toe adnes of the Forast of 
Bean, witii'pig*iron, fcc 

418 Pikos, J. B. Atheaeom Qub Hoose, Prop.— Tron* 
atoai^ from the Leitrim ooal and iron basiiD, roa^ •and 
washed, wUh iron, ftxan the same* 

418 BawioB, J. Groamont, near Whilbr, Agent— CU- 

from Faiibaad, near Oroamont Petriited ahells, fco. 

thcTaUey of theBsk. Sandstone 
ml Petriited shells, 

480 IComcLAirD laov amu SraaL Go. (W. MoaBAT, 88 
West Geofge St Glaegow).~8peeimens of coaly^iron-aUm^ 
firs-ctej, -and Bomaa cement, from the mineral Held of 
Laaarinfaira, with iliastrstions of their Taloet in msUeiMa 

481 Blaokwsu., S. Dndtey.— a collection of all tiia 
iroa ore of the United Kingdom. 

481 GLOTaa, T. Clerkenwell.— -Meters; and the lavga 

gasaaet Brftwr meaanrinythegaa sapplied to the bnildiag. 

488 SnauiiQ, N. BdinborKlL'~~'Iron crae, and iron* 

488 BAinuLKT & Sons, Bed Jacket Copper Worka, near 

Neath, North Wales, Inr. andMann.— Varioasstageaof the 

pr ooasi of copper smelting, as praotisadat Bed Jacket Worka. 

Digitized by \^jLJiJ 




BmiT mkat Ibd. Port niliv* otHioa, ftiind in liw ool- 

tffodMBidttfromit 8teiiMdKiMwlBdin^«zMiited1^ 

; Ainnmr cf aMll pieo« of gjan 

4M Abtocabw AgpGwTCTy CoMiMBaiCci.y<wporL 

of Abawn Old Gwytfaon ebazooal 
and of AbOTMiB nek Tdn oooL Todb and in 

4tf WiAxaLjr. KowcMtla-Modd of eoia mino. 

^4M WooiDwS.L.Now«Mttfl«—Undagroond working of 

.Afjmvni MmioOo* UlTMilonw-~7aiiMM iron 

r MtTJuy with inferior irai 

TATMn, & Fblnioafii» Fto^— Modal fluebinflry and 
M and for dwilng tiia Jnftriar ooppar oxaa eallad 
, at ilia lywanli^ wiam, Am pfo p e r| y of Hia 
" " itliaPrineaofWalaiiintlialhiiiBfajof Gom- 
aof thaninanliniliaawalalaiaa of pra- 
t of tfaaeleanoBB^aoeom pan yitia modal 


43Q YiEiujB MoiTAons Zun Mnmra Oo/ 
a of Bar M^eatv an iMT airaM,.18 feat Iriali. 
K^aatr udBL & H. Prinea AIlMit, ^Ti 
• af fib Bobart PaaL Boi^ fe fo arit a gfag 
H. IL H. Prinaa A^art aaat inidna 1^ Behxoadai 
Moddhaf f Miala, boltad witii rinabeiH^ ihwtiiadwitli aino, 
and nrinlid wltli lino paint 

480 Monvoii k Boon. LondoB.--GalTaniiad iron. 

481 fisaaaB, t. U GbnUU^-Ctoppar ora, from 1^ 
aaaaa aiina% OoniWBiL 

488 Tknusr, J. Stnad^— Copper ova from Laka ft^a- 



4tt LiimOTa, B. 6 Fortii 8t Edinbond^ Dao.— Yar- 
tiealaaotkma^ttaBeotokooalfldd,azbibl&k tba aaam 
of ironatoBa and limaetona from tba v^par rad aandoffflwi 
downtotharaainbadoftiiaeaibonifefonalimaotoBa. Ajr- 
■hire and Tifeohira ooal and iron elOBfla. 

448 Poonr, J. 8t Blaiqr, 81 AnatdL Aganl— Maoi of 
ooppar ore, about 1,500 Iba.wai^ from Par. Oooaolamina^ 
Bt Bfautej, CorwalL 

448 JOBnBOHfW. Kankmi^ Honea, Balljdioonoo, Ira- 
lamL— Draining fliaa, from Sanloo^ 8paeuieoa of ooali^ 
from Kanfcwgh GotHarr, BaDjahannon. 

448 WxDDow8ov,J.8C.A»ta1I,Manager.--8UboffoalB 
tin OML from tba Par. Conaoli. mini^ near 8t Aaalail, Oom- 
walL Stona of tba magoattaoiida or iron, from Bodia Book 
ironsdna. Solpbnrat of ooppar, or jalloweopper ore, fkom 
Bodmin Wbaal MaiT Coneota, near Bodnrin. 

444 Sbooombb, S. Pbeeniz Minaa, Liekaaid, Pfod^ 
Tin and copper m, aad goaar, capal, Iko. from Phmaix 
TiioMoln. If alira ooppaf^ from Weat Omradon 
Barjtea from Ifbaal Ifaiy Ann. 

44B Datst, B. Bednib, lliner.--Spaeimaoa of ores of 

44B OonELASs^ 6. A. Pandemd^ Fabnoolii, Inr. and 
Hano.— 4afe^ blaalii^ eaitridgea, intandad to aiibrd pro- 
^aoDon to iBa workmen ft***^ oreiBatora eocBlodoaM. fto* 

447 BiaoDBD^ Smii^ k Batst, Toflkingmfll, Oom- 
waU, Inr. ami MamL—Safenl UndB of aafely flma, adapted 
to eonraj lire to the dwrga in Uaaling raeka or iea^ or in 

480 Ytfum fe 
ooppar ore, and of 

oft^ biiatend and nfinad 

484 GnAHAM, J. Barrhead. naarCleegow^ 
iwieg natfTa ooppar; nattva eoppec: aa fennd in tlia 
and oNPfieae of tlia lOai^ from . 

484 BouxBO, B. Panmnea^— iCadal of a r a ve rb af a t o iy 
tinaBMltfng feniaea^ Iko., with aparamena of mriooa orea 
and nrodneta. 

488 LovoMAiD^ If. London, Mamiy— Bock ealt, one, fro. 
flnn Oanwali and Daron. CSiemieal preparaliona. 

487 Thb Tnimo Locai^ GomnmB.— Artielae ilfautra- 
ting Urn, from vaiiooa Coraiah minee, asldUCing tba ore in 
iti varfeaa etagae mitil H learea the ndnai's'buai aa 1>]ack- 
grain lia: llbialrAted bj a mda emdted blook of tinaop- 
pUad by Mr. O. N. Sfanmou, feoad in Ladoak, near T^niro, 
and eappoead to Imva been maelted wbn Hia ~ 
to Gocnwmll fer tin. 

488 LocAi. CoMHiiTEi^ St AnatalL GoUactom^— AOn- 
libond. The 

▼lam, ia wldeb atream tin ore if I 

flpanlinaneof pabbka of thi ore. 

from ^boforbyji 

from feaTidnitT of 8t 

480 Dbzw, J.8tAnBtaa.--lRm 
mftae^naar 8t AnatalL Bad ' 

480 Oaksi^ J. S30 London WaII,Imp.---Stona of 
natio faoB, of peroxidaof ison, of peruidaof : 
of mic a ea o ue inm, from Panriee^ 

440 Bijc^ K Badnitb, LiT.i Hefofy boeket (to be oaad 
in minm Ibr uawing perwoe or prodnoa), Imving goidae to 
ran in gfoorae which extend the iriiola depth or abaft of 

4S BnauBDa, A. Badraih, Oonwall, Pee. ■Soo U onal 
model of Beat Pool Mine oopper hMk^ Cooiwall, abowing 
thad!netioaiandnndarlimof&- - 

WAanr, A. LlanelN: Wake. Piod. A llami.-8|M- 
' eoa(feoaBGwendzBath,Llaneify. 


ac pore authraoite 
Modaie of andmeita bleat teMa^ te 

468 AnsBDAnn Inoa Go. AberaanL 1 
▼il, Ifalea, Pvop^— Aberdare aleem ooaL 

• 466 TBomMM, W. Banateble, P^op^-Iron and oopper 
lead oroLfce. from TavtatockyGoBBbamrtin, ami Pemnaa- 
bnlow. HydrattHeeeBMBt and row adnerel paint Aehlar- 
stone, lion»«toneL Ike. near BarB8tal>la. 

4M GooDBAiB k BiBvm, fer tba Bii^aridgo Nickel 
Work, Tigenond, eAI DneemeB, Norwey ^-Hickel ore^ 
firam rainm in tlie diatriet cfBtBgeridga. 

467 ChoAmvB.— toaratlonofwalfnmlhmitin. 

460 PiKMLH.fcGor»llowbanBtBfarmingham,Mann, 
—Gold and aiirer leaf and bronaa powdere. 

400 PjoTDiaoii, EU L. Weweaetie opon-iyna. IMa- 
corerer.— Blaetzatione of Pattineon's p ro ce m fer ttie aa- 
panlion of eUrar firam lead, with plate of aUrer obtained 
Dj aobBidtting rich load to eapeDation. 

461 fiAXLErx^G.Bioadirall,Blackfriaia,llami^Ant|. 
flM»7 ore from fiarawak, Borneo^ Leghorn, Tnecany, and 
AJgoin. " ' "* • . -. — ^ 

heifer Copper pyxlteB. Go- 

406 LBMEeo»n,F.S4GtinnAeeter8tpartProp^ 
Gopper, fitom Low** patent workoL Pendewdd. 

4SS6 GABXAim. TTJUrfeU, Bednrfb, Maan.— impiiva 
oxide of anenie, obtained from tin oree. GoBBmeroial oxide 
of arsenic, and Inmnareanie. obtained from tlia preceding. 

407 JBHKnia, H. W. T^vio.— ^edmena of ananio. 
Wdfriim, from mrioos tinmiam in Goniwall, need aa a 
BHwdant in dyeing caUooes. Varietlee of rerer minereli, 
from TariooB parte of GofnwalL Tarietiea of nnmdice, or 
pyritee, from Taiioae adnm in GomwalL 

408a BasDAiAASi^ Marqnia.— Co| 
400 BBDnum i^ockL GoBvtma^ 

Digitized by VjLJU 


CuLUl. Mmmff wid Umaral Pnfd^eis. 

I of copper on ttam Tariooi min«i In OofswiJly 

■bowing tiMTarioQi pioee«et It ondenoct In prep«rstion 
fiw the mariEo^ togothor with tfa« motfaod of d«t«mitting the 
per eenten of pore eopper, Mid tiM itnta In whieh found. 

470 DATin k Tatxm, Aberyttwyth.— Leed orei. 

478 LBrrAioias,J.T«UaghtUoiiM,I>ttblln,Prop^Imi 
•ndleedoniftomVloklow. NatiTe gold end tUrer. Mi- 
nenb end one from the eoontiee of Dnblin, KUdan, time- 
riok, endDoDMiL 

478 Bovxjkiroeoir. T. 7 Eeher St Kennington, F^— 
Speoiment of orti end prodncte from tbe Isle of An g k e e e, 
t& Veto of Oroee, Wiokiow, end the Owmlmden Gold iCine, 

478 BBi]nBri^GABn,llCo.~Gopparone. ^ ^^ . 

474 Bbtoii Qt. Comou Corpn Mimno Co. Tavlftoek. 
— Apedmene of oc^pcr ore* 

476 Lbaf, J.-<>ipper end lend. 

'478 BuuH J. WeUwyd, Merioneth, Welei, Pnro.-8po- 
eimen of ellTer lend on, weighing 850 Ibe. from the greet 
Cowurcih eUyer leed mine. 

480 UatoQ Co. von InsLAins a Boq^ ilney, OabHn, 
Prod.— S&TeHeed ore, from 8heIleeminee,Tipperei7. 811- 
TflR7-«oimr on, from Gnrtoedjne^ eomitj Tlppererjr^ Cpp- 

per ore, I 


more, eoonty l^ppemy. nogh 

lurtoedyM^ eomitj TIppererjr. 
ooonty Tippereiy, end from I 
\ toaA end dreeeed for me^e 

The DoKS OF jDsToinBXBiL end hie Agent, Oeptdn 
imen oi "^ 

Ebnr, Gnieeinglon.— Specimen of DeroneUn lode, grii- 
iton^lco. TrenerereeieotionoftfaeDeTonBhlnlode. 

488 SwAmoir. J. H. Skibbereen, Prod.— Yellow eopper 
org^ or eopper p yi i tee, from MIeen Heed Mlne^CoantyQgfc. 
\ epeeimen of netire copper OTetelllied. 

488 Boocunci^ Dilke o£--Model of the ftimeeee end 
ote empki^ed on tiie Dnlte of Bnoeleneh'e mlnee, at Wan- 

pote employed on tiie Dnlte of Baooleaeh's mlnee, at 
looh Leed>Mlle, In Dwnfriiwliin, far lepenting pan eilver 
from tbe riehleed on of thatdlstriet A block of mm 
ailyer, wdghlag mon then 140 Ibe. Speelmene of leed ee 

B mlnee elter imeltlng. Cryetale of leed end 
othefiUoetretiTeipedmens. Model of the leed Teponreon- 
denefaig epparatne, at Wanloeh Leed^nlnee, ee Improved by 
the Bttke of Bneeleaeh. A ooUeotlon of mlnorale from the 
Wenloeh Leedmlnee, or Leed-hills. 

486 SmoiiB, &. OHnborne, Comwell, Pran.— Map of 
Cem-farea minc^ of OHnborne and Dlogan, and TiTlstoelc 
mining dlelrioti, and of the doehj of ComwalL 

488 Bmni3ciT,T.llWoodbridgeStaerkenweU,Menn. 
^Leef gold, roede bj eteem maohincfj. 

J: G. lele of Men.— ArgentiforoQi ffdcne, 
oontelnlng three onneee to me ton 


487 C 
from the Fozdale 

4B6 Bowk KLaz^ Glen, Doiiglee,Iile of Men. Joint 
Prop.— ffilnr lead ore, end blende ore, from the Lazj Mlnet, 
Lonan. lele of Man. 

488 Bras, J. Stookton-on-Teee, Dnihem, Prod, and 
Mean.— Leed ore, sUyer, end Utharae, from GraeddUMhM, 
Teeedele. Reflnedtcommon, and ehg lead, iheet, end.pipe. 

000 Bout, T. w . k G. Shrewebiirj, Prod, end Mann.— 
Mineral epedmen, nieed at the Sneilbeaeh leed mlne^ 
Shrewebory, wd^^g 12 cwt, oontelniuff cnbee of leed and 
sino ore, with carbonate and lolphate of oexytei, tec. 

608 Gbbt, J. Biliton, Corbridge, Agent— Blende end 
oelam ine from Aleton Moor, Comberlend ; ipelter prodnoed 
from them. 

688 WAUbACB, W. Keniheed, Aleton, Prop.— Cerbonate 
of lead, from Little Eg^eehope Leed Mine, in *" 

coon^of Dorhem. 
687 EvAM, B. 


, . Oldham.— Yarioae metallifonme oree, 


646 Tbb Tbubo Local CoMMxrrsB.— Artldee mmtra- 
tlng leed, from Beet Wheel Boee, near Tmro, PentkeGlaie^ 
neer Wedebridge, and other Comleh mlnee. 

_668 JToRMOifliMATnnr, 7»HattDDOeideo. Mann^ 
Ibtiliandoompomidi! Ptotimim, paUedlnm, Mdlnm. rho- 
dnm^vrenlnm, lie. 

688 PATvnnov UGadt, Newoeetle^pon-Tyne, Pnd.— 
qpedmene of apecnUeroner ]eed,Tls.,arMnio-i»hoephate 
of lead, nrd^fooiid In eoeh large mamea. PnmDt/Gm 
Mia^neer Heeket New Merfcet, Gumberiead. 

680 Sncora, B. l^nin.— Mining mape, 

681 ACoLUBcnoirofMnnmiUdootttrtbiitedbyAgmiti 
awl Workmen connected with tbe Leed Mlnee of AUendaleu 
AJeton Moor. WeardaU^ Galdbeok, and Keewlek, Indndlng 
mepeolmeni,erranged end cemented, togedier by Mr. baao 
BMnmoir, of ITentheMl, for the Great Exhibition of 1851, 
nader the general SopeiinteDdenoe and DIroetion of Mr. T. 
SppwRB, end a Committee of Mlnii^Agenti conneeted with 

668 Cuvn,G.llCLAr, J. M.P. Imperial Slate Qoeny, 
B31laloe^ Prod.— Speefanene of OehiiglaeeenneilTer and lead 
one, from between Gort and Klnyara, eoanWGalway. 

668 piUA9r,yieeoantC.H.Pr^^~Speeimene^iioa. 
efteneand bog hron on. Inmdepoei^ llaieitone, and ooal, 

664 BsiM,G. Ware, Herti, Mean^-Slate coOn, with 

vewe, perftotfr elMif^ 

Tatiob,— , DnbUn, Inr.— Hydraiillo eefety-iemp 

for eoel mlnee. 

688 WHnmrAT, Watii, k Co. Werehem, Donet, ako 
of KIngiteignton, Devon, Prod.— Bine elaj, nwdlnpolteriee, 
from the ToTMbrookptte, neer Werehem, Dormt Blaok, 
pipe, and top elaj. iMnhig day, from the pita et Klag- 

. PoLKoioBoma, W. Fow^ Coneole Mine, Toward- 
reatli, Inrw— Synopele exhibiting the ettndard, ptoduee^ 
priee^ end qoaatltj of Cornwall end Bwaaeea copper orae 
eold,emonnt of mon^ reallaed, and the qnanti^ of foie 

Or WllUem Wellaoe, from a 
from BInny qnany, neer Edbiboig^ The Or^baas, 
poop In freeetone. Grehem Spien, late eherlff of Bdin- 
tmpk I from ablook of freeetone from Bedhall qnany. 

Glass 2. Ckenueal and Pkarmaeeutieal Prothtcii. 

1 PoRTiFBx HWooD^ Shoe Lene, Fleet St— Speolmens 
of emer; spelter, sine, leed^ and tin. 

8 BooLLsr. the Trustees of the late, Manchester, 
MsBtt.— Crystel or copperee. or snlphate of Inn. 

. 6 Borroir, C 146 Holbom Beis, Mann.— Chemloel 

6 Wneos, J. Glasgow, Mann.— Alom slate^ nw and 
manafoetored. Iron pyntes end sulphate of inn. Snlphate 
of emmonia obtained from the distillation of coaL Aran 
specimen of napthaUne. 

7 Branca, P. Pendleton Alom Works, Manchester, 
fur. and Mann. — ^Inn pyritee, end Its prodnets. Scheie or 
schist, and alum produced from it Patent sine cement, or 
hydremic mortar; and specimens of the wests matenale 
from which the cement is manufactured. 

7 TmnrAjiTS. C. k Co. Manchester, Menu.— Salts of 
copper, sine, and tin, potash, soda, Ice. used In^ calico dye- 
is^ and minting. 

7 xouMo, J. Ardwiek Bridg^ Bfaaohester, Inr.— 
Mineral oil Psnfine. Stannatss,with models of apparatus. 

8 Hahnsl k EuLBL 9 Sugar Lane, Manchester, 
Menu.— Copper, tin, and lead ores, ^ from Austnlla, Gom- 
walljlcc. Sulphur. Orehellaweed. Ammonia, Itc 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 

CiJkaS. Ckemical md Pkarmaeeytieal ProdmtM. 


e Kom k ScHMniABt OonbraokWodo, Maa- 
r, Mum.— New ooknniqK hmMbol and vrapantiont 
sad dj^ng In eottooL Bbol dk, aiM wool ; with 
of ^mlowqnlltUt. 
10 HowikBSi k l^oiT, SliatiBd, Bmol Muul — 
<tpfaiiBOoadoiBdiOii|nOpWithBMiteriiliondt»ltii Keetandria 
ndicLorgnn:liaicftMik,widUialkaUdboberiiie. Gun- 
T^bm. bofmx, tartuio oad eitik aoid, aatiaBony, ■Uyor, Uo- 

* • iodine, slney 

nnt^ iiQB, 

mii m ii and thafar piraanlioniL 

li MomnuKT, w. Molfwvo Aiom WovfaL S 
near WUtbj, Ftod. and Mann^-^bw aim ahaie, 
•lial^alBmBeal,aadfiDidiedafaiB. Bnlphaleof magnwila, 

15 NAnAB, W. 56JamaflLQi&Kd8tManL— Yar> 
■a. OtaMTeotHaion. Wood, alained witkont ilxtns. 

16 Bnaun^a Pat. Ciamni Go. HoD, Maim.- 
_ iacna of heavtimff maiBifaBtwi e, 

tar, and taacpentine; and thdrjradncti. 

L J. HimdeC, Leeda. Maaa^ 
rlT adrated ior aeOBKUC wood 
ML T. a as H|^8t IMatoL I 

16 Bown. 

IBPoiTTDML T. C. as H|^ 8t dflaK Ibv- And liun- 
—Xeckingink. 8haTii«enaiL lfedldBalTi«elaUo fluid 
eztiaeta. made wiCh eold water. 

18 Nam k. P^asn, 4S Mark Lena, IsTw-Tlntad 
paM^ebanieally pceparod pd^ te bank oMeks. 

m> Cook, T, A. He w ea atl e ua a m -TjnB, Maan^-Crj- 
flalliMd caibonato of aoda, ■ Mimfcutnp e d kjr the Walker 
Alkali GfMnpany. 

28 Hiuj,F.CI>eptfbid,Petaiidlfaaa.— Kitraieof 
potaalLmedemr patent proecan flalaBanenlaoaadmielliQg 
aaHa, qerirod nooi the anwwiacal K^nid of gaa wofki. 

88 LonWAT, O. flUBderiaBd, MaaB^-XSreen Titrol, or 
oopp oiaa of oc — meree ^ eileB a l f dj aied In djcfog nlka, 
wooUaBa^ end oottooB, nekfaiK wiitl^ink^ YoBeBen red, fco. 

30 CAoam, J. 9 Cherielte BtMamOwattr.— Cagbonate 
of bary^with ipeefanapa oflead ttn, tnm Anglwaric Moan, 

31 Chwhii^ jr. Jon. NoiChwiek, Mann - Spoclinena 
of beat table aalt, and other aah. 

38 Cofiun, R, N. Oxftid Ooar^ OnmonSt Lit. and 
-Biainfeetini Mwdcr. 
BovcAB, W. liL fljfdaahaB, Keal^ Lit.— fiam^ of 

88 Gopu>^T. Gnemaaj^Ma— .1 Haifa, aimilar to thoee 

37 HAu^J. 

^ .Ue'ofShme7,wlfli 
taTagia MlateaforiiL 
oiuiey, Prop.— Sugar of 

pcna,fiom ihewocka at 
ipadinena of pyrltea and 
88 Hofvoosl H. *"' 

40 Jsmn, W. H. Traro^LiT^— Aiaoioal oomponnd: 
n g e oe ta l pfOTentlTe of fiiidBcai, baniaclet, ke^ on ahlpa^ 
bottoBH^ bn^ja, Im. and of diy-iot in bdkBni^ 

41 KAMMt W. J. DabBo, Mean.— floeelmenof aal|diato 
of aod^ aoade in brick ibmaeeL end <a blearhlng powder 
(ehkirido of lime). Spechnenaor aaJ^hnrpyriteaandman- 

auliihgrpyritea I 

45 LnuMATy W. k Gow George Bt Gla^gow.- 
bfaM,Mate. TcllowandredpnadeteaofpotaahL 

46 Rfrwaanaon Baorena k Co, MawL— JU 
petra finni the Eait ladiea, to 

47 Scanjunc l( Sonoa, I , 
aode, Seltnr, and FaefaingeB water, 

47 8mnTSllCo.BojalGcnBan8pa» 
—Artifieial mineral wateia. 

48 Watt, W. Glttgow. Man^— Sea^weed, with ita 
chemiealprodllet8^•Kelp^ aoqphata of potaah, cUoride of 

potaaaiani, oarbonate of aoda» and iodine Iodide of y 

aimn. H jdn>-pneaaatie Uft, fiir eaaal k>cka. Hrdropnen 
matio eKeraioiB. Patent Igrdr^pneamatie ahin-lfft AmU- 
oation of oompteaaed air to the pnTontion of Temeb ftom 

48 Kdhi, W. W. Soho St IdTerpooL Mann.- Bibr- 
A citrate r* '- 

60 Wabd^ Smni, k Go^ Glaagow^ 
Mnriate of potaah. Snlphateof potuL AlkeHaalt. 

68 BaxABxr, W. A. Boi^ilaa, lale of Man,LiT^~Bo- 
llned OIL Pore oleiae, fbr watehea, doeka, ehronometeta, 
fine machinerr, and initnimmili. 

63 Gabb k Go. lOHatlon Wall, Manb-Shoe Uaek- 

64 Batoi, J. Gkoai St King St Maneheater, Lit. 
and Manila— Pftaerred aiii^ ftr any elimate. 

^ 6 6 Howroi^fc WiMAMi^ 5 New OiTendiih St Mem^— 
Pnvatannin. (^yatalliaed dttoaiio aeid. BoDaoete of em- 
Bfadodide of BMNoiy. Para aoooitine, and o0Mr 

67 Lba, a. ISO OBftvd St Lit.— Mynhineb eoablea 
the atomaeh to part with any qnanti^of food, withoot 
IneonTenicnoe or i •--*-' 

' part with any qnantily 
v i]^}arj to the digeetiTe c 

68 Piodorra M.H. SGroel^Sq. Ltr.aad Maav^— 
Gam arable, parined 1^ a patent laneum. — - - 
nltiapfliarine MOO. Manalto prepaied in Italy. 

61 PAwcBrT,&78SBOwH&LaiMi7SoBUMrSt 

walk.— Gxalning and SattlBg with the InnorioM peragoB 

OaPABBOTT, W. 7 OeafakBid St PMd^-4Seflii-«iaaip»- 
xentbrown ooloar fton the amot of oom. 

63 BBOWB,g.I>FQglertaBPLPlmUco,PatandMann'. 
— LuKHdooa ooloan man i ifc o tui e d from the oxide of aine^ 

66 SrBPBBB^jH. MLowvStaaslbfdSt BfaMkfriaa, 
Lit.— Stdna for wood. Patent eTer-^pointedpeneUai Foa»- 
tain Ink-holderB. lakpowdaca. . Patent foantain pena. 

66 SroBQDf, T. &iAon Waklea, Pkod.— Boot, atam, 
flower, and atimnata of aiikon. YloHn, made fiom ado- 
acription of onemTentad by Mona. SaTart, of Paria. 

67 SmoEi, J. Ketteriag. Lit.— Prepar^ion for pre- 
eerring the turnip piant foam tiba fly. Propoeed raaedy for 
the mot In wheat 

68 Qdbl&% a. Gay's Goart/King St Boroogb, Litw— 

68 BABHn,J.B.148NewBoBdSt.MaaB^Ya]eriaale 
add and Talerianatca. 

• 70 FoBBB, J. Mad^, near ShiflhalL MamL— Bbol- 
pharetendehlondeofeerboa. Ghloride of solpiinr, Ike. 

71 GoMOB, Si H. Tcnbuy, Woreeateiahire, end Bat- 
land Gate, Iiondon, Pnmi— NatiTe mineial watera. don- 
oentrated and teated, to ihow Am bromine eonatitaenti. fte. 

73 Sbbobsoub,O.W. eighStBoAiBg,SniTey,PMd. 

— Begnlar eryitab of anlphate of ahmiina, potamfai-tartrate of 
aoda, and aolpiiate of copper. 

74 FowuB, J. 85 Kdted St GoTont Garden.— Pore 

76 Batt, M u 'e au BB O^ k Co, BanModaoy, Mano^— 
Chemicel M Pw tw ra tiftna i 

76 BolLdcb, J. L. a Gondnit St Mann.— Chemical 
piindpieo from aabetanem omd as food or medicine. 

78 PooHD, M. 198 OzfBrd St Lnp. or Mann.— Lnporta 
from Oakntta: Indian baei; froit of the Bengal qabee. 
Wine of bacL Bark of tbe root of the bad tree. Soap 
berriea,thefiraitof dieSapindns. Jnjobe frnit, from liie 
Zysiplins Tolgaris of die sooth of Eorope ; imported from 
Paris. Flaked eold ereem, to 

78 Abboi.p^ a. 11 GomflMreial Arcade, Gnemaey, 
MaiBL- Mannfacture of iodlac and hydziodate of potaah ; 

Digitized by VJ^i^ 


Clam 2. Chemie^and'PkarmaceiiiiealPrtkbieiti 

■ p i Bln—r of the fmA tad i]g» ftom which thajanpro- 
£md(aBd«f the raridnMnF prodnot otedM BMaure. 

79 flVMn,J.Ab91¥eitt)oiiriMPLHTdePtrlLlfnro. 

porepiantloBf:— ITi^thftliiM, odMne, qoiiiiiM^ 

78 Bi ' m¥« i i e «, W. Jamw Cbeadcai Worio, SMith 
Shiddi^ Mno.— C^TBtBli of fodft ooBTcrled into Uowbooiito 
hj CBOMN to eidKndo atfdaM* 

8Q MrauuLT, Sir J. ILlTlCoiiktowii, DobHiL Iiit«— 
BlHMi ri ii l iofiBiigned%<M«ohr6dindlitilledwrt «; Flu id 
p i nmh w r md tnigim i i i Onbooate of mcneiift In eryetBlii 
M a dolifttee. 

88 Dionoii|.a.llCo.46I>imdM8C.Edinbiirrii,]Uiio. 
— MimHuImI eod, llnfe and tkate Uver oiL CodHYcroin^ 

8d OwUp, CL adlnbttrgbi Mfciiii i Binfillinniia of vara 

88 KoBDnoi^ W. Banli; fltotlaod, ]CkniL-<M-llT«r 
•ad akiMlver oil, eztraotad hy itai^4i6et» maiw i fa ti to i r a d 
al the variona ilahing Tillagea on dia ooaat of tbeMony 
mth. MphatoofbaiTteaadohlotldbofbariam. 

88 Wlm, J» 107. SdgwiM* Boad; Mann.— Fhanuk 
oantfoal octnetB. 

88Btar, a J. as.yairi nydon St Brop>-Oanthafidaa 
vaflHiaiEBHlBO son ua oobbdoiidq& 

80 ImAwwomcm, W. 168* ShMBH^St 
Qcood ttfv oiL 

81. Wash, J. GoontfBo 
flMtond from aaa w a e d, and apeefmeoiof Iodine, 
oCpoMwaoll^hate of potaah^ 1MB made from keto* 

88 Boxxocx, JLkCa. Galwaj, Iielaad»— Axna ketp; 
Fotaah. SalphiOe of aocb^ iodhie^ and other preperatloni 

88 TDLu>CB,A.WalthamAb1 
oeeLead anlphox; iiaad In the 
theWattmn Abbaj Milla. 

88 Hoinmoa^ J^ If . fc H. 77 Swinton St Onft Ian 
Boad, MnL-Cbendealittepanatai of aodn, lodlnai mei^ 
eoiy, pelMh, kad, dtrfo and taitario aaida, Ixoo^ and 

8» KmnPi X Sl Stanton, near Bnzy St Bdnmndi^ Prod. 
— Driedfhannaoeiitieel Indlgenooa nlmit& In giaaa v w a l i , 
with eztneta, Ike. 

88 Salladat k Co. Mtj St Selford, HkmL-4ped- 
mena of aterohee, and the aame mannftotorad iniD dastriae 
gnma; npHeethmaof dsatrlnegvmt. 

100 Aomir, J. R Banbnxy, MamL^Doooetiooa and 
infbaiona of medical aabatanoaK Sofenhoaphate of^ lime. 
Sulphate ef lime or BTpaam. Fine white aend^ tend at 
TMmaiton, neec Benbrny. 

. 101 Bia^ X. SI* HettoD Gerdan^ Iny^-^onee n ti eted 
medicinal Inftaiona end deoootiona. 

188 BmrmroMv J. T. S3 Buaaall'St Bloom8biir;f-^Caie- 

108^ Po iiCAir, FuKSRABT, & Co) Edlnbor^ 

104 Macpaxlak, J. F. k Co. 17 North Bzidge^ Bdln- 
boi^ Mano.— Sertea lUtiatntiTe of the meniiihetnre of the 
aeltaofmorphle. Spedmena of gsUle addi^ Speoimenaof 

ilphate ef Merine, from green Seert berlc 

106 MeCoLnocB^ a Corent G«rdA Maiket— EngJIah 
and> Amarion herba and lootK 

UOtf- GoDPRSv k CoooL 81 Sondiampton St Coicent 
Garden, and 80 GondoitStMamL-Onnine. Lake. Bit- 
mnth oiide. Ammonia. Oil of amb^. Salt of amber. 
Artifldalmoak. Watohmaker's oil Eaaenoe of ambergrif, 

107a KsATuriy, I. 79 St Peal's Charchyard.— Jal^ 
root, iaAon, kouaM), or Bra^mt AHthdmmUoa, from Abya- 

ainia, metloo) OK P^aiVHi(9^UNiai^ from BolMa, aiid other 

T. H H. SI Doke St i 

of eloine, ttie cethartie principle of Ihe eloea, of 
galUc edd, of eiTBtnlllMd mennlte^ and of eanttaridlne. 

108 8aiin% P. sn OiiiMd St Ihi; and ManL— Fhai» 
meoentlcel eartractfc ChkxroAnm end otter Inbakra Ap- 
perntna for preparing inftialona* 

110 TiwHAih /. Meloombe, neer Bimbarjs BCum.— 
Petalaoftfaeradxoee. Gonfaottonofthezedroee. "" 

llOATtnmAir* Uam, ICeloombe. near Banbmj, 1 
---Bnjdiah ilmbefb, trimmed and' nnttunaed, end In powder. 

111 WxLoaMinL J; H. ft Primroee.St Biahmnte. 
Hanow— Phanaaeeoaoal end oheBdcal prepaiatlooaattd mn 

111 DinnvoBo^Goi.l78NewBond;StBiT.andlIean. 
Magnmlan minerala andclMBicalii 

ll^ LAMnoooB, H; 88 Snow Hill, Ik?;— €heerioal pn^ 

114 lf^naiaRTKA]iCnBiiaALCCKireatib,WaleB,lliBim. 
Pii|Lai of Ined nr anatatii of lead* 

IWBBAiCo. a Wellington St GcewaUSt-Mineial 
peinta, wfcleh wULdrynnder wa t er , or on metab expoeed' to 
eztniine Ti^^ : for ihjpa^ bottoma. damp waUa, Irt; 

lie Ctrl .« ^ J.lBridpert,lnT^AehcmlealUqiildfor 
Inip4rting A D^uj^cjgaqy and r oaa wood coUmr to **'*'*«v*n 
wood*, with tp^eiDMnai 

117 CovuKiiti Jtnam, k O^ IflClemaBliiLaae, Lombard 
St Prop,— Mineral btaek for Mint 

118 Ckoogoh H Ga a Downte HUL Btop^-Petettt 
aiphiat«fo]L Felted aheathiag: Son-oondoetiQg hair folt^ 
for boilci»> Bteft M-ji^pe ai fto; fiDodnrooa watorarooC folt^ for 
pKDteetilu[ paper from moiatave. Miner al p efat 

118 DAinPTADf, OoBsoiP k Go. 17 whaff Boad, Gltg^ 
Boadi MaoiL'—^Siwplea of nlt r*f***l *M^ 

180 BX1.AM, Jo«M| k Go« mukeeton Killi^ Bert>jr, 
BCino.— Bmeiy: Granolar riwmbohedral comndmiMione, 
from Nezoe, In Alia Minor. Mineral and ngetableooloan^ 
native end mennfootared. 

121 EarcoDBT, & 8 Green Ter. New Btver- Heed, I&r. 
and Ma BHi— ^ ^ ^ lyw i ^*F i lli* ^hi*- 

181 PATmiBON, W. W, Gateaheedj Kewceatte^^on- 
Tyne^ Mann. Spedmena of orjatalllsed alom, pore anl- 
phato of alomlnai celled in commerce coooentratod ahan, 
and Moartmneto of aoda.— MSannfoetored e* the Felling 
Chemical Wortj. 

188 HoMvanr, C Fbmham PL Sonlhwarie, Ihr. and 
Mann; — Cokrara prodnoed by the combinaHon of fottj aoldi 
with metoUio oudea and peroiidea. Cteidlee and refoied 
fltf^p mattftrBi 

186 JoBMOv, J. B. 12 Bankalde, IhT.~CaUco nrinted 
and dyed with mmjeet and> madder. Bliiatratlona of print- 
ing In ddnti, elgbt fret coloon; 

187 Lbb, C 119 Lower Thamee St Gtty, bip.— Newly 
InTentad black dyeing materiali particularly recommended 

128 LBiOBixA, J. High Hill Ferry, Uppar Clapton.^ 
Dycaforailk. Carmine from aaJBower, Indigo, end Prnaaien 

128 BoBBEU. k BoBSBiBOir, Omoa Fonndir, Holytown, 
Lanerinhire, InT.^Whlto earbonato of lead or cemae, 
yellow chromate of lead, and red diohromate of leed : mann- 
foetnred by anew proceaa, not iijuriooa to the heelthof the 

180 Soorr, L. 41 Moomie St Meno.— Ffttent white 
oxide of sine, for hooae painting, prodnced from spelter, 
end imported from SileaiiL OaUda, and Proaafau 

188 NxoHOLZA, W. Chippenham.— The Beaufort hunt 
lance. Fluideztiactof annatto, for colouring cheoe. , ,, .rvl/> 

Digitize by VjUU^ IC 

Cum-X StOMiamemmmdtmFoodL 

188 yfAMMM^ B. Yietarift^^^riaLBeralm^ 

OEki, Bad 

I8B BcDiaiiEUi,8nBKa^llOo.Hdl,aiid9irpperTlniiMt 
.br. and Mnn^-Ooioaa ftr ciQ ^diitiBK aad pner 
iafa«. Wldte mi-eUarids of toad: pat WUto ^ne 

If €ir drjlof oiL 

^■flBI oiTtf. vxnponaoB nor imps ikncoi 
kad^oidTuniiliM. SMntlvdnDBomd 
189 VooD fc B«Bgwns t aadi^ Miian.— 4E 




of ttofaea used In 



dbtaiacd from tliem. 

UlRwnom^ as BaffiboaaPL MaaiL— AxtlMir 
tea and pflBflOi lor diswlqg: and palsdng. 

40, and HteBB, and of <!» 
140 Wi 

M* JfcuiHifiBUia Ok paw 

Ghaarieal Woii%ir«i^ 

^ Miataof potMof 

of ebanSaCii used 

yr.keoa , 

of Udnonate of Jf^^t^ and of oUntv o£ toad, 
ootoony Ike^wad IgoaHna printarg^and dj«% ddna 


IdO L naow, D r. H. & Oi a Mmto ii»JGwu— j 

1 I^MBfOK, J. F iampto a, aaar Bootoa| Fiod^— Gtaaa 
Mj, 19 Ibo^ pKodaood nador an iaqmred ^fatoB^of bae 

aDoraunuLT, H. Oimiriiall, Smcb, ftod^r-Fina 
■OB of honajowhi 
8 GABuaoa,KBhrii^IJalNiZBylBdand.r-Ci]iiomito 

lifaiooliiy IVod. fl^ad" 
poDen and brood oaDi| 

»«., J. V. »»» 
ri nftac oaal^ftea 
fst Kott^ ayalBM. 

Etadiaad Iinr,^>~Tiro 

oMaiaiiig hopoy wMioot lapuitf . 
8l>iiTrai, B. ▼. MlBaoft 8t 

HowBailDOl^ OiinhgMydhlri^ 
of tomqc iLppaataa fbr 

Frapt— Honof in the 

6iL HAMiifltar. 6. 1» V. 
BDO'inaig ma Qurareu n^goi mnaiBaBiiiaeiiivaoi 
lli^vlwBt to UiaUacoit 

T Hua ft Pmdiwoobl gartcihaaR Bit. am 

8 BmirftCo.8t.jroWfL«B0^Gtoiie€atar, IfiBm.-- 
lof ehampicBa wiM^ i naanfa<ihn a d In Snglaad 

Bta^ Sdinbo^ Maker^HoM aada wlBco^ te 

£» G^AMSU JT; H. 83 Bojal Bzflbaiwe,! Kan^-Cuiator 
of boitod mutton, aoppUodto&iaAx^oEzpadHioa in 1894, 
and tend bYGbptain Sir Aama Boat in raiwa B^gnitra 

14 Bmrbl K. Coopor Alkj-, i>iiblbi.>^FraiarTad pig; 
I flBalibaai^ cored i^on ibm mild onra prindpia. 

15 BiniHniliHoCAiz^l87HoDnidUtoK:— "GoUnar'a 
Pbtent" Prmennad animal aad T^getabto oabataaoaa. 

10 TUnoB, B. Groat Donmow, Bmok, Fkop.— Fliteh 
^Tbaeon, tba ftoding^ breading^ aad prodaoo of Danmota^ 

SK> LsoKABD^ J. h T. P. Hnfl, Prop.— Baal^ jnapared, 
^ „, „ ... . - tteftlme. 

8t Bap. aad Maaa^— 

Aired, androltod, eo aa to Icaep good fbr an; 
Tboprooeoaofoiiriqgaadmode of 


'iizaa it Soi^ 888 

SjplflM, preearroo^ Im.. 

88 Unannrooi^ G. H. Faadtoton, Heaebaatar, InT^ — 
MeatLpneervad wiCfaouft the oa of aalt 

89 WmnxT, J. OitTer HIII, Horefind, fiir^^Btef pre- 
aerrad in. a dry atote^ paeoBai^ adapted fbr tlir nea of 
aalloB^ being fwa from aalt A p yr a ta a fbr pie ra nUh y t&a 
biuallug of etoaai-anglnaboitoEi, ico. br an Imurof ewMnit in 
tba ^MtiOioB aad aompoaUioBiorfbalbk matdOie plfltoa. 

87 MoTU, 8. Boa?igo HooaoL Tmro. PM.— Floh 
Bd,aaaaartioto^of iiod. Bbdei of a flo^faig braak- 


, lO'Bittto ntaliMd at Bnpi. aad 
— Oweototo and ooooa^ in fba TarioaB etagae of 

81 Far ft Bcw, BdatoL— S^admanv of liw laavae^ 
ftoL of Iftreoaoa^rea (from Tibiidid). 

88 Wan^ G. H. 147 SharadBoH 
Coeoa and cboeototoL raw aadmaanfroto 

8a 8HDnoB,B.898penoer8t 8t Goofge^ft] 
plea of eocoa. 

84 MoRBBa L. A. 18 CtoTCmoat Tor. PentonTilte, 

85 liUo^ W.eK SM fltomd^ Lif>- lmp ro¥ed 


87 Boms J. T. 88. Mooat 8t Gmavenor 8%. Mann.— 
Extraoi of coooa. 

88 BmmAM, W. A. <>oa> 8t Qaaoa'a 8q, B toamiliui / , 
' ofTdnUadooooayiaw-yaadlntboTazioaiatagea 

W. 188' OjJbrd 8t 1 

80 Mnffoi^ Jv 10 Gt IfaiTleboBa 9t Ibt.— Honey 
ii«a,aadhlToafbrbaoi^wi8ibaeaatwork. _. 

40 LAMiEBCTftBunM2Ml,14aj>nii7LaBet— ^baoeo 

48 fiammi 8tindto^ 

fbom Amariea^ Hamnmh, Holhadv fta. 
48 JovAS ft BaoTaBB% 48 aad 

obapal, Ifaan^-Ogaraaad tobaeon 

,„ Tnx, 00 FcaeinrQb St— l^obaeoo. 

44 LiiinyTFooTftCo.l>nblia,lnT.andlfami— Snnfl; 
eol^ from tba toaf aad etolk of Tiiginla tobaooo. 

45 'TmiOB, T. Q. Haoknej, Grower aad Maan«— 
lUbaooo of Bnmpb growdl aad maao. aadennit 

46a Htami, MiAaai,79 Loi^T«ia,Mann.— CJgMiaad 
vipeaofBritiabmaniilbetara. Sampleaof tobaooo. 

4B Smnois HoMPnaar, ft Y icnaa, 88 UtUa Britoia, 

lamw and Mann.— totngtoae, eat aad 

47 Saul PotxJSt^ft Go. 57 

gate, Mean.— Glgaia of Taia tobaoc 

Bed Groai St Giippia- 

48 Bdgkx.a»d ft Tonoi, Banrington Oaa. Brixton, 
iBT.aadMaan^-TbadgBrllia. j 

Digitized by \^JLJ^QIC 

Claw 3. SiAtitmeei vaed at Food. 

H Co. 89 BmBfwiokSq. Imp.— Ogui^ fimicB 
'f Si Lnp^-Baw Mmoo, 

48 Ji 

40 CoBniliQRa,418tJi 

60 QooDSi, G. Ii& UPrinoe'f St BpitelfUldf, Mnro. 

68 RvTHABWtur Bbotbsm^ Edinbm^ Mua.— T»- 
bMoo, Importsd ftom Ylzgiiil* Into Ldth, nw aid 
zkctnrwL 8uiiAi| ks. 

68 Thi LoiTDoir Snoa TkADS, 

•pio«i^ laoladlqg bum, nutmagi, olorw, ftfiwwiiini, BMrii, 
pJMcnto^ black and white pwper, gtngqr, and cMi»w»y i «d i . 
64 FADx«]nB,&.«ida44 JeHnynBtJaiiM^i^lfun. 

—PiMciiod fruits. 
66 FoBnroM,] 
MTvad tad dried frviti, 

66 FoBnraii,MAioVyllCo.l82PiooadU]j,Iiap^— Pjra- 
adibb ieadi, rai faij 

66 GuniBiiyJ.8SianQingLaiw^aiidllalacar,Fra^ 
Jordan almonda. Ralatni. 

60 KiCHABoaoii U Son, 6 Boka 8t Sonfliwaik, Ptop. 
-XMdInff hopa, grown In •«3ia HiU," In MidpKaBt, la Baai 
KaotTaadln^iahaari of Mid-Kant Jonaa^a bopii Aom 
Kant and SnaMz. Onupa bm, Oolgato bopa, ft& 

60 AanmiuHAM, Tba Dowagar Ladj, 
Haatlnga, Prod^- A bag of bopL grown within 
of tba MIL in tba parl2 of Onaatting. Sm 
L AxnmD^ C Farabam, Pm.— I 




68 GouniiQ,B.Huntpii,liaidatODauMaaa«---]mBnfTad 
ba^blTaa. Poekatof Mld^enftbom. 

64 Pu>MUT, F. Maldatona, Bca^Magidftad Tlaw of 
tfaafonnation and growth of tba bop fiiiigiii,flNMnit8aariiaat 

66 MAama, A. Tonbridga, Prop.— -Foot bfanolMB of 
dzladbopi. Samplaioftbanma. 

88 rxnBao*.T. Trinity Ghambaa,WatarIaaiLTow«r 
8t Agent— OU oakaa. 

68 BouL B. North Marehialon Hoom^ Bdinbai|^ 
Lnp. Daa. and ICano.— Cotton laad (laad ootton), with all, 
and oU-oaka mada from tham|importad from tba ooIooIm. 

60 LaCoogBDn, J. Baila Vna. Janqr, Prod,— Spac ii nau i 
and notaa of prodnoa of Mma of tha moat approrad Tariatlai 
of wheat cnltiTatad in Great Britain, or alaawhara, arrai 
by J. LeOoQteor, FJL&, li.8AJ|Aide-da<:taBp to Her 
jeaty the Qneen. 

70 SBKPPAnnu A. Ipawieh. Prop.— Eggibell white 
wheat, and CSteralier mdtlng barlej, grown In floflblk. 
Malt manwfaetared at Ipewieh. 

71 Thb Tamo Looax. GoxMnraB. — Spedauna of 
Goridsh agriealtaral gnina, Indian eorn, Seo. 

78 w aaa, B. Galoot Farm, Beading, Pro4— Ifammj 
Talareia wheat Wdlincton apple, fkmooa for keeping, Ieo. 

78 BATRBiaD. B. Hengrare, near Borr 8t Iwmiiindi, 
Ptod.— Kmiaglaad wheat, grown upon a litfit aoil, at Hen- 

eTO, Snllblk. Gberalier baxl^, jgrown at Hangiaya. Tick 
ns with white eyes, grown at HengrsTe. 
74 BATifBnu>,H.LaTerrtoke,AttdoTerBd.HampBfalra. 
Prod.— Specimens of wheat produced byhTbridlsatlon, and of 
Hopetown and Piper^s thickset triieat, from ^H^dch the 1^ 
Mda were obtained. 

76 KgrpALL, J. Trcvariin, Truro, Cornwall Bhaaf of 
white wheat, named : The giant straw wheat 

76 CooD^ B. Wexford, Ireland, Menu.— Barley, grown 
In the county of Wexfbrd. Bialt, made from the same. 

77 Tatxau k Boa, Biahop Storifbrd, Herta, Mann^— 
Yarietiea of malt : amb«r^ coloured, white, and brown. 

78 WaLLSMAa, J. Moulton, near Newmarket, Maao.— 
Sample of pale malt, mannfactured ftom Cheralier bariay, 

78 Mauvd^B. F.L.S. Bromsgrore, Prod.— Spedaians 

of wheat, artlflclalW bybridiaed, abowing tlait ite eateilor 
ftna can be modified. 

88 SraAaoi,B.BanbBi7.— Stiff day 8oU,fce. Sample 
of beans, jnowth 1850. aaper stetemeat annexed. 

84 wauwr, L Ck. Beatley, near Colchester.— British 

86 Muaa,W. B]iyolebSootbmd,IaT.^-Oaeqaartar€f 
Scotch barley oats. 

88 WALKaa, W. Mossai» near Abardaea, Pkod^ 
Sample of yiMrniwrnif oats. 

CNB Coos8M,&Gr8atBant^y,nearColcheater,Prod.-^ 
White wheat, new variety; wel|^toflmpadalbuahal64Ibi. 

80 Fox, J. J. 

iridte. Essex wheat, and of 

rod wheat, grown In Wiltshire. 

of red straw* 

01 Sravaav, B. Stamfiad, Prod«— Sample of wbaat^ 
Col^yweston white. 

OS Ca ouuw roa , W. P. Teaterdea, Keat, Prod.— Hoary 
white wheat; prodaca, over fiye quartan per acre. Ooldaa 

pod beaas; prodnoe^ over four quarters six bnsbds per i 
08 Asnunr,J.Sandleferd, near Newbury, Berka, Prod. 


wheat, grown on yaiy poor aoil; weight 

IS. oar 1 

04 FoassAM. T. Snelsawra Hill East, aear Newbury, 
Prod.— Samples of Improred white wheat; wei|^ 66 lbs* 

perbosbeL Prolific beaas ; weiriit 70 lbs. per bnsheL 

60 lawia. EusAaam, Bauraiora, Boyle, BoeooflBaiOB. 
Prod.— Black barley, crowa at BaUyakora^ ia the couaty of 
Boaccooaoa, Ireland, from African seed. 

100 Baxuir, Lord, Footsoray, Keat, Prod.— Boahal of 
white chittim wheat 

101 MoaxB, H.B.IIM. 87 Tower HUL—Fiaesamplaof 
Anstraliaa wbaata, weighing 64 Iba. per basheL the produce 
of Adelaide, South Australia. Fkeah preserred meab from 
the Camperdown esteblisluaeats, Sydacy. New South Wales, 
baTiag uadergone a Torage of 16,000 mllaa, and i 
la a perfrctly freeh stete. 

108 Giasoa, & Pithwhrr, Perth, Prod. 
EagUsh barley, growa aear PltkMhrr. about 600 feet abora 
the lerel of the sea. Head spuaaadnandwoTea shepherd 
cheek plaid, composed of aatural and dyed wool ftom black* 

«d Ui^Iaad sheep. 

108 GoiLLBBXS, A. F. 87 Csatle St Bdiabor^Prod.^ 
Leatlla cultiTated at South QneeoafeRy, near EdlnmirslL 

108 SAi>i.aB,W.jr.Swindoa,Wilta^— Agrieultnralcfalm- 
aay filter drala,P. Bentham, lareator. Dralalng tools, Ito. 
Lawianca's proplcos crystal wheat, 66i^lba. to the busbcL 

104 OiBBa k Co. Half-Moon St PiccadiUy, Imp. and 
Prodw— Dried grasses and Beeda,.wheat, barl^, fcc^ and other 

106 LAwsoaHSoai, Edinburgh, Prop.— Vegetable 
dttcte of Scotland, ccmpreheading substances used for i 
in the chemical arts, ia medidne, la maaufrotures^ and In 

use and ship building. 

107 Wansr, H. Xatlagham, near North Walsham, 
liann.— Malt as manulbctured flrom barier grown by Bar. 
C. Cramer, ^ Beeatoa, near Groaier, Norfblk. 

108 OmmxA J. P. Harbartonfiird Works, near Tctness, 
Deroa, Menu.— Macaroni and Italian pastes. Chocolate. 
Yegeto-animal ibod; a compound of the awat nutritioos 
prinoiplea of meat and wheat, tie. 

100 BfoaauL W. Yaaor, aear Hereibrd.— Bfangold-wnrt^ 
upon the estate of Sir Bobert Price, Bart, in 

110 Watt, G. Upper Ballbur. Banchory, Scotlaad.— 
Sample of berley, grown after turnips, la a flTe-coorse rotac 
tion, with the orduiaiy fkrm-yard manure. 

111 M'AaTHoa, J. 61 Ormftoa St Dublin, Pkop.— Tba 

Digitized by \^J^i^ 


CumA. Ve^cMemtiAmmidSiafiianeetutedmMamfiuiwrea. 


fbr pnMrfBtiaiii 

, tbe prodnee of 
BMon&ctnrsd I7 '^'^ 
tiTCioJrindia. ' 

114 WKJLUCA9, J. FfpaUII, Onrdor, SeoUaiidL Prod. 
— -SMiPlcg of perennial iii ^iiw gewfa utowon tilie«nnof 
Ftpenill, Nelniabira. Skamle of white wheat. The land 
fnm wtkihf previona lo iten^toTiriBflnt, was not worth one 
lUlfiu per acre. 

114 If "Gabbt k Eon, PnlmentewB and Aabtown MSli, 
Dnhlin. MawL— T Inieed and rape oik and eakeii and Iiiah 
anatard. Copper platei and lead pipes. 

116 ImnowowH, A. Banchonr Ternan, Bontland, Pwd. 
.EqgUah hari^. wdi^dM 5M Iba. per bodieL SeoUsh 
hai^f oata, wd^dng 44 Ua. per hnabeL Perennial rye- 
gnai seedi, weimng 80) Ibi. per hnsheL 

116 BASTrlFK48i^l5aadl6PkTenient,Finabai7Sq. 
Ibt. and KemLr-PieaerreL pieklee, See^ 

117 CoiMAM, ^.kJ.9 CoUcge HUl, ManiL— fitareh 
fran wheat and ziee, analaidy British goniy indigo hhie, 

118 J.DniMeh,Haini^-Samplehottleof 
hrfae^ obtained ftom qslaii^ al a depth of 178 feet, ei I>niit- 

119 DcwAn, T. NeweMtlflh«pon-T|7ne, Mano, fl pee i - 
SMoa ef Immn and white mntardaeed, from wUoh mnatard 
lot taUe Die la made. 

150 Lnrr, W.S White Bow, 8pitalilelda,llaim^-«ai»- 
|lei of Tkaur^ wheat, maeeaxoni, TcnnioeUI, Sec 

121 ThaauL B. G. LeBlon, near Nottingham, Maaa.— 
StardL and hr t aeedieemwu Gnm aubetitate^ need bj eot» 
ton, tuk, woollen, and waltpaper printen. AdhcsiTe, or 

laToocEB, E. BelliHt^ ]nlaad.--Ohie end alaxoh, pio- 
dneedat BeUbet. 

1S8 BBOWvftPoiaoiLThm8honl8^nearPalale7,liaaii. 
—Patent ataich, mamdhelaied fran aago and poti^ ikmr. 
Plitcttt wheat ataroh. Axvowrooi. 

194 Wxnnuroov, & Glenfleld 9tei«h Worka, Max- 
wdlon, near Palely, iCaaa^-^pedmen of Glenfleld patent 
powder ataroh, made from aago. 

156 Bxonrr k 80B, Hull, Uann^-Stareli, Ike. from 
wheat, potato, and aago. 

V2ii£ MouBB, F. Haefcnej, Haan.— GoneantiBted food, 
dneend gelatine. 

157 MujuuL B. ft W. Maaadbai^ neer BdlnbnrgiL 
Prod.— starch: hoasdwld white, bleaehcn' wheaten, Bojal 
bfaie^ and aago floor. Seotehfrrina. Airow-root 

19B Jons ft Co. Battinea, InT. Pat and Mann.— Stan^ 
hiir powder, end riaten from liee. 

Ite PiKaK,£->LMtineorartifidalmi]k. Ercrlaating 


patent xSee 

151 Ball, T. T«entmi,nmr Nottingham, Mann.— Patent 

St Ldth, Diaboverer.— 
(pinffitem,of T^pAolott- 
of toe meal, fte. 

k EaaoioeofpatehoalT. Peataehiopowder. 
BaaamL B. Bkonlej, Middleaez, Mann.— Bergec^s 

133 M' 
jedmenaof the 

faUa, er large red 

134 EmrjuuMj. H. 81 Great WindmUl St Haymaifcet 
Iiit; and Mann.— Gnatard powder. 

138 Clat, J. Bdgelqr, Stoclmort Mann.— Bfaiae, or 
bdleaeoni. American hominj. ^igluhhominj and floor, 
from die maiae. Smoke eonnmer, attached to a alceleUm 
beOcrforthebamli^offlMamoke. Patented. 

138 Sr.Exniriix,]fadaaMD.Hari>ertonPord,Totnem. 
— Speeimena of ginten from wlieat potato^nr, fte. Sped- 
OMniofTegeto^wijiialfiibatMcefortoBgtoTagefyftc. Spv- 

eimena of c h oeoh t ^ biaeaita, ataieh, imitation of aago^ 
tapioca, anow-floot, fte. Potato4oar and ataich^nma, fte. 
188 MooBi^ B. B. Baabm Abbey. Eccleehal^ StaiRnd, 
Pat— EfMnce of adlk; aamplea combined with ehooolate, 
eoooa, and collbe. 

140 Yavbobme, Y. B. 19 Newington Crei. Lit. and 
Mano^-Gonaolidated "rfifc 

141 GuLja, Q. IL Bhmdon St Walworth, Bit. and 

142 GABDm, J. SIMortimer St DiaeoTerer 

144 SAuiTDBa ft a49€HiLi^ DabUn, Agenta.— GUeoTT 
in aU ita atagea, from the kOn4i(ed root to & groond dnat, 
fltfor Qie. 

148 Poou, Sasah B. Kingaton-on-Thamea.— Patent 
eiTBtalllaed malt, die anbatanne conTerted into augw. 

148a PBaxiM^EUHamrorthPaiiE,San«7.— Aanmllloaf 
of aogar made fromaogar-eanei grown bj the dUMtor ia 
the coon^ of Snn^j. 

USD Ki]>DftPoDOB,IalewQrth,lGddleaax,Maan.-Floiir 
from Ei^llah and Anatralian wheat d r e m ed ttuoo^ Swiaa 
« ^|h mafmnra. 

151 PAKBiAn,W. Bath Bd.Hoanalow,I]iT. and Mean. 
— ^Bread from iHieat riee, and potatoea. 

153 M'CAin^T Beapnond Mill, Dro^iediu Mam^ 
Coane eotoetmeal, nmd far making atirabont in Ireland. 

154 SmnoeBi^ A. Farina Werka. Dmining, Perth, 
and 48 Molyneaz St BiTanatone Sq^Pazina need aa food, 

164 Dnnun^ A. Ddinfaig, Bridge efEarn, Perth, Mean. 

— »jp erina. need *^ i 

157 Sma, T. 148 Upper .Thamea St MamL— Aahbj'a 
prepared groati^ fte. 

168 OnTTr, B. Gnildfad, ifann^— Floor. 

180 Fdcb, F. a SteqOe Bomprtead, Eaaes, Prod^ 
Sack of fine wheaten floor, maan&etoied from Eaaez wheat 
Spedmens of 190 TBTietiei of EiMllah wooda, in bfeeka. 

188 Bdck ft Son, Danly Mlfli, near MiddW ham, Brad- 
iofd. pRxL— Doable nu wrf n e floor: wheat meal and oat 
meaL EzUUtad te eoioar and onality. 

188 AoAin. B. Uarjpoit, liaan.— Maieriala need in 
blaek lead pcneil amklng^ with a pencil In the acTcral pro- 
oeaaea firom the f^roorlng to Am flnlahing. 

CI.A884. VegdaUe and AmntalSid>U<mea Vied m, 


2 Kno, Emma, Cknreh St Edmonton, Prod^Ana 
tomized p|f >* ^^i_ 

3 8nETi0i,W.lBodi PL Tottenham Bd.Ki]«dand. 
PxeaervedfloweiByTetafadngtiirirnataialfinm, far botanical 

8 HAaBfloa,B.ftJ.Hn]L— YarietieaofEi^aahand 
ihrrign wood. 

.8 SADniBa, W. W. Wandsworth, Prop.— CoIlectioB 
of wooda, arranged geog r ap h icall y , with apedmena of 

^""IS* Etam, W. OMtle Street, Swanaea, InT.— Piece of 
Weldi oak, prepared by a peculiar prooeai, aaa aobatitate 
fiir fiuu^ wood- 

10 H. J.D.8iBnekln^iem,lnT.— Specimenaofwood, 
Btalned without heat or molatare; the proceat being equally 
umlicable to canred wood. 

14 HoLTEAPrm. ft Co. 64 Charing Groai and 187 Uog 
Acre,Pxon.and]iamL— Wbodaempk^edlntniMry. Spe 
eimeoa ofplain and onaaMntal turning. _ 

15 GiLbow ft Co. 176 Oxford St and Laacaater, Dei. 
aad Mann.— Spedmow of KngUih oak and St Poningo 

Digitized by 



16 BroaBiOK.H.J.140PxMdStPaddiBgtgn,Ftod.--- 

.fiO RiwTOii, (XTfcmjph Bridge, BotheiidtlML floncy, 
]timi.-*49peoi]iM&f to lUoftnito the petent deetec^flug pro- 
cep ibr lemoning of wood in a few wecto, 

SI BBBELLy J. 8 Pezliaineiit St Westeiaitflr, Ibt. end 
Pat—If ood, Mtorated with oil of tar. liih,* prepared for 
iMUMm^ hj creoidte oiL 

81a a4ifuxL» D. 71 Lebon 8t West Ham, Emez, Idt. 
and Haan^— Picture frame of wiooa Engliih woodii 

SOb Gaom, & 57. Bonhill Bow, Prop.-^€oQeotion of 

" Vwooda, witii their botealoalnaiitoi and eome of their 

J. Industrial Dirpdt, Northmaberland 
Baildi^ Dublin.— Calenders, lio. made of bog^mr, bog^ 
oak, sad other ftney woods, tho growth of Iralutf. BiM- 
mens ef Irish woods, peat and peaC dhaxoosL Soouing 

• Baa r mi r r ow k Go. Hungerfoid "Wbar^ Bnp. and 

Ms»B^-#spe seed and olive oil, and ahnond oiL 

M JUmeuLT k Son, 170 Begeni St SCsnii^— Wax osn- 

S6 Watbov, T. J. 4a Parte St Grosreaor Sq.lfsnn 
— OltYe oiL maigsrine and olrine. Linseed, poppy, nut 
aadsesleit Aoetate of lead. . 
. ' S8 Bauwkis, L.. F.' Greese Works, Wskefield, Maan.^ 
Pkodoeli of Tsrioas patent procesees used in eztraeting 
poreoils and greases from the reftise soapsuds of woollen, 
silk, sad other manwfhctnres. 

9(7 Bosa, W. A. 66 Upper Thames St MsaB.^-Pa]m- 
oiL White and liouid grease. Clarified maddnerr and 
bnrniAgeU. Vaxnishes. Samples of the painls smDed to 
Meens. Poz, HeaderlMm, and Co. ibr decorating tne Ex- 
Ubitton Building. 

99 HnxiAsFuBimiQ, 5 Ordnance Bow. LewiBhsmBd. 
IBT.—Puified aaimaL Twetable, and fish oil 

' M MnuB, T. J. Dorset Whsrf. Westmr. Imp. and 
Mann— Spermaceti oil, from the Sontn Seas. Spermaceti, 
roQuBa alHieQ. and refined* 

^> Ewn, J. 17 Gariiok Hill, City. HaaTL-^Clarlfled 
fate ftr pbarmacenticai^ culinary, ana perfiunety pur- 

81 DuBAVT, B. Jan. 11 CoptfaaU Court, Prop.— Ssmples 
of raw tfk from Italy, China, India, Turk^, Sec 

88 D0D0& Mrs. CATBBBiHa, Godalndng, Surrey, Prod. 
—Silk produced by the rilkworm, fed upon m& leaves of the 
whitp ipnlberry at Godalmiog, Surrey, with specimens 

88 KAKrar, P. St Peter's Port Guernsey, Prod.— 
Baw dk, the produce of the island of Guernsey. Fecola, 
obtainsdfrom the 'Arttm maeulatmuj a plant indigeaoos to 

84 %A 

84 IBTandb k Leatsbist, Coyentry, Silk Dyen.— Spe- 
fttwywM ef dyed silks. 

85 DoxAT k Co. Blshopegate St Wlthonl, Imp.— 
Sample of Italian raw silk. 

88 Howi^ J. k Co. Coveptry, Dyers,— Specimens of 
self-ookarB dyed from thrown silk : yellow gum; Bpedmens 
of Bhsde dyeing, ko. 1 

87 Jaqdsmot, J. M. 36 Old Broad St Impi— Skdns of 
raw sitl^ the produce of a filature nesr Gene^ Switaerlaad. 

86 BanroN, J. a 5 Swailes Cottages, Hsamiennuth. 
Inv.— Baw silk. TrayeDing cap^ fbr protection to the head 
agiinst etacossion, be. 

40 SacnoHAL CoiiiDnKB oh YBGnrABLB KnoDOM.— 
Ssmples of the ordinary flax and hemp of commerce : French, 
Flem^L Dutch, FrieBland, Archangel, Biga, En^ish, Egyp- 
timi, sad New Zesland flax. Petersburgfa, Blga, American, 
E^tiaay India, Biaailla, Italian, and Jute hemp. 

42 WaioBr.L.W.I(Co.75Ghespside,IhT.aDdlCann.— 
China grass and fia;^ raw, and manuaotored. Wheatsinnr 
paper, 1(0. 

48 Dosnuui, M. J. J. 4 St Peter's 8q. Hammersmitb, 
Iny.— The seeds of fiax and hemp chemically prepared. 
Smnples of flax straw, and of the fiax in dtflbreiit stages of 
preparation, Ice. Samples of sail-fdoth. Samples of the phor- 
mium tenax, or New Zealand flax, in difiTerent stages of pro- 
' peration, with spedmens mann^tored. 

44 Giujf AN, E. Twiokenhan^ Agent for Tao Kui, a 
New Zealand Chief.— Specimens of iiew Zealand woods, 
gums, and bark. Flax, and flax manu&ctnres. 

46 HiYfis k AncDisoN, Leeds, Imp. and Uann.— ^m- 
ples of flsL from the Conrtral and Lokeren districts, Bel- 
gium. Yellow flax, from Trimingham, Norfolk. Blue flax, 
;grown in Yorkshire. Chinese reed and China grass, raw 
and manufretored. 

46 Ca-xob, G. a. Selby. Menu.— Flax grown in York- 
shire, raw and maaofhctureo. 

47 ToBjisa, T. Crewkeme, Prod.— Prepared flax, 
grown at Clspton, near Crewkeme. Flax seed. 

48 liOVBLAOE, a Crewkeme.— Flax, and its seed. Pro- 

duce of seed, 17 bushels per 

61 BoBBrxioir, IBb 7 Salisbury St Stnmd. Prod.— Bri- 
'tish yegetable fibre, for the manufiiotuie of thread and 

66 Uaisbau. k Go. Leeds, Imp. and Mann.— GUaa 
grass and Courtrai flax, dressed and manufactured. 

66 Gaxbtbt k Pass, Manchester, liann^-Beeds ap- 
plied Ibr weaying textile &brlca, manufkotnred by steam 

66a BAasBAM, J. Kingston-on-Thames, Iny. and Mann. 
— Coooeriiui fibre, natural and manulSactnred. 

67 NiOBTDiaAi^E, W. k C 64 Wardour St Sobo, Imp. 
and ICann.— Bed feathers and downs. Horse and other hair 
mattreases. Eider-down quilt 

68 MoBBXu^ H. 149 Fleet St Mann.— Lead pendls 
•and sealing wax, in the yarious stages of manofreture^ with 
their materials. 

66 Hkal k Sons. Tottenham Ct Bd. Imp. lee.— Bed 
fMhers, steamed and oressed. Busriaa down. Greenland 
eiderHlown. Dorset of the same^ ooyered with embroidory. 
Eider-down quilt 

60 Blith, Basoltox, & Blttb. 59 Little Britain, 
London, and Liyerpool, Menu. — Goose bed feathers, dressed 
and purified. English horse^mir raw, curled, and maua- 

62 BAXszn k Co. Bresms Buildings, Chancor Lanei 
Iny. and Maau. — ^Mkstic yamish for psintingB. Essential 
oils. Hair dyes, esseneeB, extraets^aad perfbmcs. 

68 MAMNniG, J. 18 Coles Ter.Bamsbuiy Bd. Islington. 
—Yamish, made without the aid of fire. 

64 PE!f3raT,H.4YorkPLBakerStManu.— <>>1o^1ms 
linseed oil and copal yamish. 

66 Smith, B. T. k Co. IS Church St SQle End, New 
Town, Manu.— Specimens of colours. 

66 Jewsbobt k Co. 2|incing Lane. Varieties of 
cochineal and lac dye. 

66 Smitb k Son, 14 Corbet Court, Spltalfields— 
—Archil and cudbear lichens, lee from which th^ are 
deriyed, and specimens (^ fkbrics and leathers, dyed and 
printed with archil and cudbear. 

70 CooyxT, C. 60 Back Lane, Dublin.— Samples of 
Irish maoufiBCtore in starch, indigo blues, yagetable gums, 
and blacldng. 

7S BoBi]c80K,J.&Co. Hnddewfleid,Ihy. andManu.— 
Archill paste and cudbear, patent process. Liquid archill 
ibr dyeing and printing. Samples of worsted j'am dyed in 

Digitized by V^3 


C£Aai4. VeffelMe and Amaud Sidfitmuei uMdhiM<ma/adturu. 


74 Bnx!B» 6. fiS Hebon St liTenool, loT.—Black 
Tuniah, Ibr wood md Jraa-woriE, other nr land or mazine 
o^powa. Bltle,TCd,grMi^a]ldatoll»«o]oar6dcompo8itioIl. 

76 Ixno H Bnaoui^ Hadme^, MamL— Safflower Ibr 


Bmcfl^ W. Bew aiJatoii a liill, Woodlbcd, Eaaoc, 
Uaim^-A teiica of aabataoMa and eomUiiationB uaed in 
tfaeartofdjciq^ QoioigB oaed In oil painting and printing, 
Im. with fllwtMve ipedniaia. 

77 MinSAT, fifar W. Bart Donnottar, Stonahayeny 
Frop.— Pknk of seotcfa ilr, and aeotion of Scotch efan. 

78 IIowi^J,IittlecottFaHn,Fewiay,Vata,Prop.-- 
Pan SontlHlowB ewc^ atidbd, aeren Teaxa old, and which 
nerer waa aboA. La^^ of tba wool, 25 incfaei ; weight, 


80 HBRDsnaov, B.'Wooler, Nortinnnberiand, Prod.-^ 
HaoMi of cheriot wool, grown al an alevBtion of 3,600 leet 
ahora aaa lercL 

84 Sebow, J. O. Ifivanhoa Failc, naar Golebeater, 
Fko^— Sontii-down ifaaeprs WQoL 

86 Mnjjfim, R. jDoblin, Pxop.^Fleeoas, long wooL 
.groim In the coantiaa Heath and Galwi^. Fleaoaa, long and 

i wooL moimtain nownin the eomttf Wieklow. 

86 llAazpoai O. Wedfaaapton, near Deriae^ \ 

tec inat<Wng wool, Ibr oonblng; and diamond 
( woM, fiom Sovtthdown ileecei, fram Wilta. 
Sakm^ W. H Go. Mbrtiflur St Leeda^-Spedmena 
of * bnny^ woM in the original atirte, with fpedmena of the 

by madifneiy. 
81 Pbbeub, C A. ai Ahehnrch Laaa, Pat and liann. 

AntlzaHan wool, with 
wi^Domt oiL 

'84 Invnw Tml Q. Newton by TieadWlla, Lanaifcahire 
Frod.--PIeeoe of an aged ewe of & bkck fbeed Hifl^dand 

86 Gooo^FuioniAn,llGo.Hal],Lnp.— WMtalodand 

87 LiPPoa^ D. 66 Albion St Leeda, Inqpu— Fleeoea of 

88 Knan^ W. ^ GbrnhilL Piop^-^aologleal aped- 

ma and fbrty-dvr naiaa fiom 
100 BjiAOiv, Yiaooant C 

_ . H. Prop.— Oaba of yew, oak, 

and fir, ftom treea ftnad in the bogi. 

101 Anmriuin BnonaBa^ Hndderefield, Imp. and M*- 
no^— Weeded bhek elephanl bearen^ of Port ndliip wooL 
Albeit cheek and AlbeKi doth, the two ddea being ^Ibrent 
edomi. <'Exhlbltiott''do^ 56 inchea wide, wd^ili^ only 
tivdve oimoea to the yard. Seoored Sydney skin wool, grown 
in N. & Walei^ and wadied by J. T. Azmiiige k, Co., of 

HoBAH, H. Mani^^- P re pa rod Greenland idialebone 

of dlifacMt eoioaii, te eonmiBg wUp handlea, walking 
atieka. and tdeaeopea, with portiona of blhck and iHiite 
whaldKme, aa cot iWan the fin. 

106 CEJUianm, P. S6 Greaham St Inr. and Pat— ^Sam- 
plea of fiax in all iti abigea|fiom atrow to dotli, prepared by 
the oldbltoi'a proeeai Clolha prodoced from fiax ; flax 
cotton, flax doui, fiax dlk, fiax wooL Henp and other 

dther in whole oir part, aa above, 
fiv weaYing looped iUniei^ daatle 

fibrona planti 
Cirealar I 
doUL tec. 

108 Pndaina^F.5and6KingalandPL]faDn.— 43oid- 
beater^a skin, raw and prepared. 

108 SzAiGRT, T. U Wallbrook, Mana.<-Tnrtiing and 
carving in ivoiy. Gbrred ivoiy eheaamen, the Ornaadera. 
— B^. Oarringi in peaiL 

111 TxBBRT, W. North Gnaoent,Bed4brd8q.Man&— 
Card box of mothefwo'-peari, Itc. iBpedmen erf pleroed work^ 
for the cover of a dninqg-room table book, Ike. 

114 liAXKVicK, HL as King William St ICano.— 
Patent eMthema for mediea], aoreleal, and veterinaij pnr- 
noaea. ''Impenneable nonglo-pillne,'' Ibr raplying heated 
floida to the body, in Uea of pooltibea and fbmentatlona. 
Water-dreiaing, and pillne. 

118 BsA, E. 117 Wardoqr St lfann.->Lac, laeqiien, 
poliah, varnidiea, sealing wax, gnma, vamidieB, fte. 

118 Bawsov fc MoBsn, M Fenchureh St Imp. and 
Mano.— Samplea of iaiiuiaas. 

118 Swinomn, T. a H O. fc Co. CognahalL and 1 
6t Tower St London, aCaan^-Beflned iain^aaa, gelatinea, 
and ^nea. 

iSO Wan k, 8oi^ Damfides, Scotland, Maan.~Gfai« 
made ftmn pieeea of Udes and ddna, prindpaOty need by c»- 
binet-makers and Mnera. 

121 Abbott \ Wnar, Heedham 
Uiann.— Crown gfaM^ made fiom tlia hidea and feet of cattle 

ISa-Nnma T. Ii Co. linlllligow, Scotland, Mann.— 
Spedmewa of ghiyfer the naeof Joinera a^ psper-makers^ 
ice. ; refined gdatine. 

188 NminriL W. H. 548 New Oxfoid St Jnr^Be^ 
tered placard holier. li^nid ^ and water vandah, with 
raedmena of application. 

186 I>ovATiui^ W. Broog^iton Honae, Idington.— 
Culinary articles: gdatine^lte. 

128 CmEna Bnonmai & Go. Coleman St— Snbatanoee 
oaed Ibr tanning leather. 

127 FnBNm,& 51 Ontehed Friars, Imp. and Maan.— 
Cork. raw. and m a nulbntiir ed by hand. 

128 Hour, E. 34 White dock PL Heatings, Inv. and 
Mann.— Soasex momes, coOeeted fiom variooa plaoea in 
Eaat Soasex. S ea we e ds^ xoopfaytea, and coralUnea, from 
Hastings and St Leon^da, with deacriptiona of their naes. 

128b Bmn^ J. 16 Oxibrd St. Prop.— Thirty-five ned- 
mena of 8e»>weed, eoOected off the south coaat by aflm 

12^BocK, Mabt, 6 Staflbad PL Heatings.- Pebbles 
and iRaases from HaatinM. 

128 SHAnnois^G. Slime St Sq.Inv.r-Sph8ero-annn]ar 
eondenaer- for condensing ligjht on transparent otjeeta, 
nnder examlnati<ni of tibe ndcroeoope. 

•131 GnoTS, N. 56 Wallii« St Dublin, Mann.— Pardi- 
ment and ^^ Irish mannfretmre. 

188 BaxAOALBAira^ Maninia ol Prod.— 8peeimena of 
woollen yanC made from the wool or the 


yarn, made from 


of wooda 
from the 

crown in Perthafain and Aigy] 

Scotch fir, dog from apeat begin Glenorohy, Aigylkfaire. 

Digitized by 



Class 6. Machine$foT direct uss, mefiieiui^ Carriages^ RaUway and Marine Meekamtm 

Sbction EL— machinery. 

Class 6. Mackinea fir direct uu,incbiding CknriageSf 
Railway and Marine Mechanism, 

1 Athbbvok, CDookyardyDeronportjInr.— Pairof 
muine 8t«uii-«iigiiiaB of 25-liorte poirer, planned wUh a Ti«w 
to mppij the sway-baam principle of constraetlon to driving 
tile snraiflfgcd forew propeller. 

8 PowKix^ S. J. U Hartland Ter. Oaradn Town, 
Bea.— Drawings of the yarions forms of patent soiew pio- 

SPowm^— . 

3 Smrb, Captain.— Three MTOW propeilcri. 

4 SiormuT,BLiiiOBTXR,l( Co. Bristol, Inr. and Kann. 
—Marine ensine, intended to meet the simined leqnire- 
ments of maeoinarj fbr propuliion by serew, in whioh it is 
imperative to drive the propeller shaft at a speed onsnited 
to the speed of the yaeunm aTOaratus. 

6 Tavldi, B. 7 Upper woodland Ter. Woolwich, Inv. 
— ^Model of a telescope funnel or chimney for marine boilers. 

8 Watt, Jako, fc Co. 18 London St. Lcmdon, and 
Soho, Birminghsm, Des. and MamL— Marine-englnaB. of the 
oolleetive power of 700 horMS, des^ned fbr driving the 
sersw propdler by direct action. Blodels made in 1785, 
ahowing the early application of steam power to locomotion, 

8 Psmi St 8o9, Orcenwich, Mann.— Pair of marine 
oscillating engines, and of natent marine engines on the 
tmnk principle, for the drivuig of screw-propellers direct. 
Woridng models of marine oeeUlating engines, and of patent 
tnmk enjjdnes. An aoziliary or *'dimkey" engine. 

10 Fossick k Haokwobtb, Stockton-on-Tees, Mann, 
and Inv.— High-pressure iteam-oigine boiler, withincressed 
else of the fire tube. Locomotive and carriage, boflfor and 
draw spring. 

11 Hawthobit k Co. Leith, Mann.— High-pressure 
oscUlsitlng steam-ensine, of simple constmction, without 
slide, valves, eccentrics, or gearing. 

12 Edwards, T. Islington Foundry, Birmini^iam, 
Mann.— Patent five-horse power, direct action, high-pressure 

18 jSowakd, — . 

14 Todd, C. Leeds, Iny. and Des.— Model of a girder, 
or vertebral arch, originally invented and derigned fbr a 
bridge to croH the river Mersey, at Buncom Gap, in one 
span of 1.263 feet 

18 I^Avns, J. St O. Albion Foundry, Tipton, Staf- 
fordshire, Inv.— Pair of patent elliptic revolving steam- 
ongines. Steam regulating self^Msting damper. Feranozsle, 
TsTvo. patent revolving blowing apparatus, kc. 

20 JorcB, W. Greenwich, Manu. — ^Pendulous stesm- 

22 McNAnaar, W. 26 Bobertson St. Glasgow, Inv.— 
Patent double cylinder steam-engine. A modification of 
WoolTs double cylinder engine. Coaf b patent bobbin-making 
machine, entirdy self-acting. Montgomery's setf-acting 
break for railway carriages. 

24 Lthch k Iiiaus, Garratt Bd. Manchester, Manu. 
and Des.— One-horse portable steam engine, for driving 
agricultural or other machinery. 

28 Faobauw, W. k Sons, Manchester, Inv. and 

Manu— Patent tubular ersaeb Patent rivettiug machine. 
Locomotive tank engine, for li^ pastenger traflo. 
fltpeoimens of cora-miU work. 

28 MAGnrrosB, J. 5 Gray's Inn 8q. Inv.— improved 
rotatory or revolvinjr steam'pnmps or engines fbr sgricul* 
tural and other mills, marine engines, and locomotives. 

84 BottsblbtC. 

86 Gabutt, W. E. 18 BocUngfaam 8L Leeds, Inv. 
and Pat— A steain-pump^ combining a hi|^-preMure engine, 
and an improved suction and fhrce pump. Aportablemgh« 
pressure boiler. 

88 Da FonTAnra Mossao, 4 South St Fiusbury, Imp. 
— '^die's patent xmilwav warner, or station indicator. Ane- 
roid barometer; aneroid gusga. L. Yidie inventor. P»* 
tented. Apparatus for extracting ores f^fom mines and coal- 
pit Patented. Blevator qrphon apparatus applicable as a 
motive power. 

88a Waht k YmunTM, Enfield Lock, EnfleUL Inr.— 
Steam-engine, six-horse power, simple in construction, and 
stated to oe economicdl m working. Patented. 

88 BfAODSLAT, Sons, k 'BjELD, LambcUi, Des. and 
Manu. — Coining-pren. acting by an eccentric instead of 1^ 
a screw or lever, and driven oy a small double cylinder 
direct«pting hlgb-pressurs steam engine. Connecong-rod 
adapted to marine steam engines, of ue collective power of 
800 horses. Models of patent marine steam engines, for 
driving screw propellers, Igc Model of a patent gun^netal 

8d Clattov, SawiLSi r oai ' H, ll.Co. Lincoln. BCann. — 
Portable steam-engine, starting lever, sslbty valve, gauge 
cocks, whisties, tec. all within reach of the driver. Regis- 
tered steam-engine, with oscillating cylinder attached to an 
upright boiler. Pair of portable registered French mill- 
stones, fixed in a metal cylindrical firame. 

40 Pora k Soii. 81 Edcware Bd. and Liseon Grove, 
Manu. and Des^-Improvea oscillating cylinder steam- 

42 BoHxni, T. k Co. Bermondsey, Mann, and pert 
Inv. — ^Patent disc watermill, disc engine, and disc pump. 

44 AnxsTBOifO, W. G. Kewcastle«pon-Tyne.— BCodel 
hydraulic crane, steam-engine, accumulaltor, corn-lift^ and 
hydraulic machine fbr unshipping coals. 

45 Lix>TD, B. Glyndwxdu, near Corwen, Wales, Inr.- 
Patent steam-engine, on the double ^Under expansion prin- 

48 SxEumis, C. W. BirminghaBLlnv.— Working model 
of a patent chronometrio governor. Model of a variable ex- 
pantton valve. Model ofasurfkoe condenser. Water-meter, 
in action, working under pressure. Begenerative condenser. 
Working model Mf a regenoative evaporator. 

48 BovvETT, J. fc Co. 26 Lombard St City, and Dept- 
ford, Kent, Inv. Pat and Menu.- Patent concentric recipro- 
cating steam-engine far WA or low pressun. 

62 BsHim^ G. k J. Holland St Blackfriars.— Model 
of a section of K. M. steamers Samson and Bull Dog, with 
engines on the direct action principle. Model of marine 
engines with 4 cylinders, of the Joint power of 800 horses, 
fbr transatiantic navigation. Model of patent paddle-wheel, 
with modifications fbr deep sea navigation. 

Digitized by 


Ci.iA« 5. MaMkmfw dtrtd uae^ mdudmg Carriages^ JZoOnoy and Marme Medumum. 


.G.ndOrJ. HoOaad 81. Maim. and Li- 
wni eefc—Mbddof Bhhop'i p^nt dJie eagiike, fitted m ml 
■iizilUvypQfirer to dxira a terew propeller. 

68 (frnMEMf S. FbBiix Foo^xr, WakeMd, Lit. and 
Miiia.--BBtffit feel eeooiniMr, appAeabla to iteaiii4K41an. 
Wann-air appantofc 

66 Wjotam k Hni^ 5 Ghariag Groai, Kami.— fieo- 
tSeoal models of ateaa engbui. Imprmd mereoxial gteam 
gaogaL Btoetricalmanhhie. lamro^airpanp. Delleato 
galTanometer. Btfla^viHitdeioopeL 

67 P« Maobki^ Ibe Hon. If . E. HamSltoii 
MaMrtGata^Imv^-^ataBtrotBtscyileam engine A 
ateam iwginfy lUnalatiiig anew method of oomnertiiig recti- 
Haeer into rotatory molioa, by the Ber. J. Booth. Patmtad. 
Opnatnwtad bj J. Aaobalw H)gh Holboni. 

66 WmnLAV, J. Jnimatono, BenfirewifalreL Sootlaad, 
Kbt.— Hodeii, te iM eofed iteam-onginr, fag oriTiag the 
■Bi oo yup eUer, ft& GontilAigil atmoapherio chun and 

. _ "Wjunma, W. H. a Cberterfeld 8t King's Groes, 
Lit.— Potent staem-e^fne^addbitini^a ncwmethod of con> 
vertlBg redproealing reetmnear motion Into xotaUny mo- 
tiooTj^Mlelof a peleBt sabmoged paddle wbeeL 

64 BoDDO k Bob, Botfieriiam, Lit. end Hanow— Foor- 
hone portable Btaem^ngine, Ibr tinasUai^ Ike. ICodelof 
loeomotiTo eagbie, widami beOer, fitted wi& Dodds* paieni 
vedgeBMrtioB. Jeamai's patent steeled tyro-ber and railway 
bar. Model railway bar stni^tenhiff press, OB tmok. 

66 8oBKO« k Co, Kew North Bd. Bozton, Mami^— 
Jviuift patent smnle eniisiiBif ng ftmmoe. 

66 Bbmowi^ a. F. Hhmtnghaaa. Ii^ and InT.— VoA- 
inr modd of b staam^e^iBe^ with three kinds of side 

76 Gbaddocb^ T. Kanela^ WoAa, PimHeo, Idt. and 
Uaan.— Potent UglmessBreL czpaasiTe, aad oondendng 
steem-«Bsine^ with taSalar botler and rwnlating daaq^. 

78 FBBOiwxa^ D. KIDMBiiy, freland, InT^-Begistersd 
boBtjwmeBer and watg wheel 

6J8 MOBBBcx^ G. 149 Fleet St Iot.— Iran almtmenia 
aadtenaloBrodaoBpienL Botaiy engino. 

86 CEAnaLT. Aberdeen, IttT. and Mann.— Begistered 
rotatoiy pomp^ toat win aet either ea a oomBion lift or fbroe* 

, G. 4 HasBaa St 8obo,^InT. and PftL- 
Hydro-pneomatie eaaiBe. 

9 Rea d, a K. 80 Paradise St Ibt and ICann.— I>o- 
Mie pony and flro< B| dneL 
9(U Bbbd^ J. H.WeBtboBme Lodges HezrowBd.IiiT. 
—Hew peffTit boat propeller. 

M Pauuiii w. H. 16 York Ter. GunberweQ Kew 
Bd. InT. end Pet^POent portable fire annihilator, fivr ez- 
tingnishing fire by gesm *m ^uonr. 

94 Hux, W. WaAheafh Bd. Greenwieb, Lit. and 
Mann.— Tmprored fiae-boller end fbrnaoe, Ibr hot^water 

^ Honss^ Bath, ACeno.— Archi- 

[ Bcgent St Prop.— Patent im- 

96 BxBM^ G. GallswmT H 

dean eerew te raiifaig fioids. 
96 BnxJoioroB, w7 ai Bq 
prored watcr^ieter. 

100 EBSKm^ D. Gleik St Bdiabmi^ Lit. and Mann. 
—New setf-rerening and other beam enginea for planing 
m ac Wn e t . Silrw looomotiTe and railway. Ciroolating 
ste a m txrfler for leetmts. New hTdraoliclocomotiTe. Hori- 
aontal water vdieeL Two new fift-boata, l:c 

]08 Pon^ J. 8loGlctoB<m-TeeB, Uaan.— Working 
model of a high- pfis s u re steam-engine, with glam cylinder 
and steam-ehest to show 6m aiacl£ieiy. 

1048HABP, W. D. Swindon, WUts, Lit.— Steam-engine, 
with improred TalvM^ Tah»gear, Ike 

K G. 8 JoynsoB St StrangewaTs, Man- 
steem engine, SDitablewliere 

106 -. .. 

Chester, ]CaaB.—Bi 
small power Is ce^ 

106 WsBSiB, &5StraesySt 
dal Bd. East> Hakcr^lfodelofoedllatingcogiBesofaOO 
ho r so - nowe r, with enesnMe peddle^wheele. 

112 PxBBT, H. Bromley Bow, ICamL— Model of a ooo- 
i^^\ifff{ yng im gfmi ^n j boiler. 

116 LnroB, J. Sdby, ToiksUia, InT. and Maan.— 
LnproTod locomotiTL la fldniatare, working hlgfa-presaura 
steam erpanslTelf , with power to cot off t& steem at any 
part of the stroke^ and flimUy ooBdoiainB the steam. 

118 FnT,W.PoBdei'sEnd,Des^fiodelofoonTertib1e 
wind, water, or stesm jeower, of 

King St Manchester, Lit.— 
ments In Inhrieeting. 
Meachester, Maon.— Patent 
Ixdkn^ for generating 

122 HuBxr, H. 
ModeL diowing patent i_ 
^ 124 GjodjawAT, W. 
Uftingjaeka. Pal ' 
steam rsjridly and 

126 Tkioett, B. 2 Homer 'St Lanibea, Lit.— Feather- 
ing paddle-wheel, and ftathering windmill, oonstrpeted on an 
immoved principle* 

180 JinMi^T.]!ea^slead,lBT.andMamL--ChBiksfi9r 
steam-en^nes end tnrret doeksL gaa-soot oonsomer, self- 
a4fnstinc_spirit kval, te. 

161 Bioaa, W. 18 Beedfaig St Swindon, Dea. and 
MansL^— Workiog nrndd of a pair of non-eondensing steeaK 
^ within the coaqiaaa of a sUuSig, aad 

enghma, standing within 
weKeliing three drachms. 

I82 Eorriswdfi^ T. S Gt Boston St North. BimiiBg- 


ham. Lit.— Submarine propeller for steam i 
spherie iif o uell c r for navigBtion. 

164 CowrB^B.FJLBr9Kendngton Parte Bd.Nottl]W 
HiIl,LiT.andPat— Model by T.B. winter, Esq stndentin 
King's CollMe, London, of the printing-maduae now la 
genoalnse. The Ostalogoe of the BzhiHtion la printed by 
ttifun msrbinfs C frfW e d ofatiitmal WKM i fis. 

186 SrsTXA J. L. 8 Copthall Bnildings, LiT^Modeb 
of smfocowipeOer waterwned, and omnions Tcntilator. 
Prorisionawieg i stBrBd, BdUnson's safoty-nlng for boats, 
&0. Blistered. Improvements la nmbrelits, fire-tongs^ 
Ike ProTislonally r g glst e r ed. 

188 BicHABSS, T. S KIdd St Woohrieh, Mann, aad 
Dea.— Model raperatos finr oonaeetiBg engines sad peddle 
wheels. Modeb of propeDen. 

140 Kbasut. W.% 7 Smithfield Bars, Lit.— Archi- 
medean screw fiar head propnUon, creating no sweDL 

148 HoDOSOB, B. Ewel, near Epeom, Lit.— Patent 
paimlK^c submarine propdier, for steam-ehips. 

148 PATBBSon, T. 15 Bopert St Haymnket, Lit — 
Modd of a rotatorr stesm-ensine. 

160 PnucB Lmr, B. E. Lit. and Prop.— Model of 

r propeller for i 

181 MABBi0Tr,W.89FleetStMann.— Platfoim weigh- 
ing machine, showing the wei^ts of Tsrlons Enropean coon* 
trtes, dial weighing mechine, doBMStlc telegruh. Ice. 

200 Tock; J.%. » Pdl Mall, Mami.— Pneimiaiic go- 
Temor for rcgnlatii^ the speed of steam-engines. JLari- 
Tiere's patent 

800 Llotd, G. 70 Gt GnUdford St Soathwark, Lit. 
and Mann.— Centrtfimel dieo bkming machine. 

804 KxinnDr,M. 3 Geofge St Camden Town, I)ea. and 
-Improred blast-ikn, for forges, fnmaees, Tontilating 

PL Bryansion Sq. Lit. and 

and tile nwchinffs Steam engine. 

Portable horizontal briekmilL 

A. 67 8t John St Bd. InT. and Mann. 

Laprored shifting <(oany-boord. 

806 Habt, J. 

Mann.— Portable ' 

Digitized by Vj^L^V iC 


Clabb 5. MaddMifor dSrmA icm, mcbidmg Carriages^ Rcdkoa^ and Marine Medianitm. 

OliudcfB' diamoodt wid ^wm mttliy imhWiiml Artlfti. 

Smxth, 0. Bron CMonii 
of a doabl« lino of nStwmj (of 

Mo<!& of a dodblo lino of nilmnr (of ibnr-nll adzed gnifo}, 
with dioauu of nilwur tonoeif and oorriagei. 

868PAunr, A. 455 Ozlbfd St Ibt. and Pit~Onn- 
prasood oir^igiiM^ ibr looomotiTO and atatlonaiy jmrp ooea, 

400 PiTmATBW, 

401 lCBiBrwxATnM.K.63LongAor^]iBin.— Mony- 
r'spoWorftd and oilier eoclnoa. GardBBoncinei. Loa- 

weatlier's po#«rft4 and c 

eoclnoa. Garden ongiBei. 
tiiar hoiiL* Firemen's hefaneta. toolajbc. Fire eaoopea, fto. 

405 ftBAf.D»M, W. Jnn. Bank PL Korwidi, Dea. and 
Mann.— latent Ibontain pun 

408 Siomsi:^ Batho, 
Inp. and BCawi .— •BMrov ed 

406 '^ ~ " 

ftnynusr, H. Balh, Inr.— Miodpl of a plan for r^ 

the iewam of London witfaoatdiBtnrMiig the pnaent 
Dunt of drains. 

Foi, HmiDBBSoir, k Co. I>errlek.~Gme. 

400 ItoomDmamuLj B. K. 88 Barclay Bt Snnderiand, 
Lit.— -Fatant saftty apparatos, for prerenting loss of Hft 
and pnmertjwlien a rope or chain breaks in shalb of mines 

406 BAsroR U Amos, Grore, SonlihwariLy Msna. fcc^— 
Improved pa te n t hydranUo ram. 

400 BjmoBjn, W. 39 Alfred St. Ulingtoa, Inr. and 
Msm. — FBrmers* fire-engines and fbroe-punip. 

410 Sbakd k M^aoH Hate Tillst k &)^ 845 Black- 
frian Bd. Mann^— Fire engineiL fire pnmpSy ga r d tn engineSi 
ntent hose and sootion pipei^ mt oocki, series of Jet pipes, 

411 Jambs H Co.— Crane. 

412 The Bahk QiULT Fommsr Co. Wanrlngfton, Mann. 
— ^Large hjdranlio press, nsed in raising tiie Britannia 
tubular bridge. 

414 Borai, T. B. S FomiTaTs Tnn, Fat. Machine for 
eepaimtiQg molasses from the czystids of sugar by eentri- 
fbgal agency. 

414 FmcsLK^ 

415 OsBiurowDC. D. 9 Desboroagh Ter. Harrtfir Bd. 
Fkddington, InT. and Mann.— Hoisting machine. 

418 Bbllbods]^ B. T. Ii Co. Bagle Fonndiy, Manches- 
ter, Inr.— Hydraulic press for paeiunff cotton. Iec. Fire- 
proof lioist lor mills and warehobses. iron model cottage. 

Brick-ii; „ 

417 Faibbaibk, 

418 Dbtok Gt. Cotcsoz.. Coppbb Mcnyo Co.— Models 
of two lirater-wheels of 140-bone power each, erected at the 
mines, for pompingwater. 

419 Bbadoit, w . 1 Crescent Taunton or Otterhead, 
Chnrchs^ton, Honiton. Inr.— New patent water^boots, 
for efTeCval security against drip. Kew patent barge corer- 
ing. Patent water^hoot coj^ng. 

490 Appoi^d, J. G. 83 Wilson St Finsbnry, Bit.— Cen- 
trifngal pump for draining maahes for a tide pomp, witliont 



4fi2 SrocKEa, d. and G. 4 Arthur St New Oxford St 
Mann.— Beer maehines, counters, spirit tap^ lift pumps, 


488 Slaos. J. 46 Commercial Bd. LambeO, Tut.— 
Polished slate outem, with an improred patent raxdd puriiSer, 
calculated to.prodnce 8,000 gallons per dny or pure soft 
water. Sec 

424 Wabhbb k Sons, 8 Crescent, Jewin Bt Menu.— 
Grershot watershed, hydraulic maohineal pumpiL fire, gax^ 
den, and beer engines, ticket register, TentUating glass, 
weifl^ts and measures, a church beU, band-bells, ftc 

^5 Clabx, G. D. 18 London St Greenwich, InTentor's 

Agent— Water filter, with self-acting regulator or wmter- 

428 BsAjrs, 

487 Tambb, 

488 CoLUHGBlkCo. 65 Bridge Bd. Lambeth, Inr. and 
inu.— Portable high-pressure steam-engiBe. Patent liori- 

aontal sngar milL SpBerical' gate and rial^ hinges and 
fttfteninga. Patent azletrees. 

488 1Pau; B. 88 Nicholas L«BS^ Inr.— Sea^waterregcne- 
rator. Patent self-cleansing filter* Hew motiTe power, by 
compressed air, to 

mk M'NioBou k YsBKOK. Lireipool, Prop^Patont 
steam traTelling crane for railways, for loading and dia- 
charging the cargoes of Tessels, kc 

488 TsBAT,J.AldineCfaBmben,PMemosterBow,InT. 
and ManuA-Patent water-meter. 

440 StBBB, 

444 FutoBBB, 

446 Tack, 

448 C&XATXir, 8i Spaiding^ Inr.— Fkiating filtering 
pomp. Spedmens of metallic paste or cemen^ for pre- 
renting damps in walls, and keeping out wet 

460 Nbtiul J. P: 8 Crttfcflhed Friaii, Ibtw— Machine 
for <i^fffhfi^^ loose ceigo. 

468 SsbPB, H. Kingston, Surrey, Mana. and Inr.— 
Common pump with reserre-chamber. Model of a confla- 
gmtion. Common pump on an improved principle; the 
syphon illustrated. 

460 Fb^bmaxBob 

468 Fbsekaji, Bob, k 'Bjomnt^ 70 Strand, Mann.— 
Hydraulic rsa. Fountain basiBs ef iron, for pleasure 

470 AsBBT. J. Croydon Common, Iut.— Screw friction 
efaitch, for machinery in motion. 

606 Gt. WBsnEBB Bailwat Co.— LooomotiTe engine 
and tender, constructed nt the Oompany's works at Swinoon. 
One of the ordinary dass of engines constructed by this 
Company for passenger traflie, rinee 1847. It is capable of 
taUnffa passenger-train, of 180 tons, at an aTerage speed of 
60 mues per hour, upon easy gradients. The eraporation 
of the bMler, when in foil worik, is equal to 1000 hofse 
of 88,000 lbs. per h o r se t he cfibctiTe power as 

measured by a dynamometer is equal to 748 horse 
The weight of the engine, empty, is 81 tons; coie and 
water, 4 tone— engine in worUns order, 85 tons. Tender 
empty, 9 tons; water, 1.600 gallons, 7 tons 8 owt ; coke, 
1 ton 10 owt— total 17 tons 18 cwt Tlie heating surfocea 
are. fire-box 156 feet; 805 tobes 1,759 feet Diameter of 
cjlinder, 18 inches; length of strolu, 84 inches; diameter 
driring-wheel, 8 feet ; maximum pi e mme of steam, 180 lbs. 
The actual consumption of foel in practice^ with an average 
load of 90 tons, and an arerage speed of 89 miles, including 
stoppages rordlnaxy mail train), has ayexaged 80*8 lbs. of 

and Pat— Patat 

coke per mile. 

607 Leb, J. 103 Long Acre, Inr. 
wheels and axles. Breaks and axle-box. 

608 Cbamptob, T. B. South Eastern Bailway Co. 15 
Buckingham St Aodphl.— London and Paris eipicss loco- 
motiTc engine the " rolkstone,'' Crsmpton's patent 

609 BBOLAin^G.Hatcham Iron works. New Cross, Inr. 
and Menu. — ^Patent improred screw Jade lor railways, &o. 
ImproTcd locomotlye engine for Uiriit tralBc. 

610 Adams, W. bTI Adam St AdelphLPat and Des. 
— Light locomotiTe engine on four wheels. i)oubie railway 
carrUlge for first and seoond-clsH passengers. Patent spring, 
greaae-tidlit ailo-box, &o. 

618 LoKDOir ABO NoBTH Wbstsbh Bailwat Co. 
Stbwabt, C. 'Boston Sq. Station, Secrstary.»Express loco- 
motive engine^ *< Liverpool,'' Crampton's patent The nar- j 

Digitized by V^L^OQlC 

Cum 01 Maekmeijor direct iue^,mBbadiii^ Carriagmy 


G82 Faibiaiwii, 
_6a8 Wzx«Mi,B.B.Ii Co. SPcwt^s Comer, WcitiiiiiMter, 
ManiLr-LocoBoCiY* double boiler tuk engine: 
• 580 WiiUAM% a a Olaedioi»e Td. Goewdl 8t Inr. 
•ad Maim— BeiW maiMBb, mode of Eeit Indi* Moiil* 

^ IKSOM, H.fl. Pfamer, aev Wotfbrd,InT^ Patent 

bt^rored oorend waggon, fiv tbe oonTmraaoe of nerebaa- 
diie by nllwaj, flie and water proof: 

684 KmoH, TteeoMB, h flnwinov, Leeda, Mann.— 
LocomoCiTe tank eagfaie, lengtb of stroke 22 la. : diameter of 
eyliader 11 in., of dnvii« wbeel 6 ft., of fon and biad wheela 

886 Hawyboch^ IL H W. Keweastie^ipoii-Tlfne, ICaan. 
—FSnt«laae patent paanoger loooBOtlTe eogine. 

688 HcCoavsL 

641 HiDTHAa, J. a 29 Bloomaboiy 8q. Idt.-— FMent 
nflwaj eaixi^e^ wifb papicMnadh^ oaneli. Patent nilwaj 
irtieeii, with wooden wedgee ana wrongbtriron naTO. 
Patent rbomboidal brieka. 

.648 PATEsr Sbar aad Azuann Co. Bninewieklr«n 
▼orka, Wedacaboiy, Ifinningham, BlamL—Patent railway 
eandage and other ailee, with iltoatratione of the proeeeece 
of maanfaetarei Fktent link for iuapenaion bridgee, rolled 
into fbim at one beat 

6G8 I>B Bnsii^C 9 Bowgate Hill, InT. and Mann.— 
Spedmene of patent Tskaaiaed India-rubber bufGari fbr 
xmlhmoaRiagea. Patent itation bofibr. 

000 TocxCL C H Co. Sdinbuxgfa, Inr. and lCaaa.^-Si- 
amltaaeoaa-aetiag levei-eroaiiBg galea for railwayi. 

601 Babi4»w, p. W. aaekWth, LiTv-Modd of east- 
inapennanentwi^. Steepen fbr points and eroaringi for 

008 Babx«v, W. H. Dcrtij, lar. and PaL— Wroo^it- 
iiQnjgqi nmcnt w ay fbr nilwnjrs. 

600 SnTBns m Sob, Dariington Woiki^ Sonthwark 
Bridge Bd. iXann. and Flat.— Model of zailwaj jnnodon 
•eniaphore signals and doable statiaa signal. 

6^ Hoar, J. W. Bonfrew,near Glasgow, Inr. aad 
Mean.— Pa teat s^stcn of MnnanentwaT fbr railways, Im:. 

616 Gbbavsi, IL 4 Ordsaa Ter. Maaohester, Ibt.— 
Iron soxftee-peeked railwaT sleepers, with nils. 

618 aAiiUB^ J. CK. 3 Duke St Addphi, Inr. aad Pat 
— Pateat east-iron t2mber4wdded wedge-troo^ permanent 
way, fbr railwajs. Fateat iih-ebair, or ia^rored joint- 
ehalr. Patent improfved' doakey-engiae. Sectional aiodel 

of doable ejUadcr ^ 

618 BoKSL T. Windsor Bridge^ near Manchester, laT. 
aad Maan.— Apparstna fbr reaioiiag carried from one 
liae of rails to aaoflier. Tkaverriag machine, to. Prawiags 
of BBacoiaei^* 

624 CaxjEmou &. ft Soa, St Geoige's Foaadxy, Man- 
chester, Pat aad Mean.— Patent tiaTcnii« machiBe. 
Doaa^B patcat tam-table. 

600 CoaBT, J. Grsai Geoige St— Penaaaeat way of 
the Great Northern BaUway, with Bansomes and May's 
patent chain, trsensik, aad wedgea. 

686 TBcnaaroaorr, G. B. Ii Co. Wbtrerhamptoa, lar. 
and*' "" ' -«.... . .. 

I of Briig's patent compound nilway 
Piece of the pile fhnawUch the axle is Blade. Patent 
Fateat charcoal tin te railway wheels aad rails. 
687 Woaaosu,6. ft Co. Warrington, Mana.—Bailway 
aaJfribne, haauaered,ahowiag process of mamifbctun; beat 
cold, ana having bomeapresson of 84 tons. Baihray wheel- 
tire. Patent lailwaT axJe-boz. 

640 Bahsohss h Mat, Ipswich, BCaaa.— Barlow and 
Heald's raUway tnn^able. W lid's ndhray switch. Bar- 

hiw's ikon sleepar. Bogistersd water crane. Fateat con- 
pressed ship trsenaila. Loggatt^s Qaeea pdatlag press. 
GhiUed ces(4EQa pedestal, or aide beariag. 

642 Fabsoms, p. M. C.B. 6 Bobert St Adelplii, Das. 
and Pat— Pateatswitohes, aad eroasfaig fbr nilways. Kor- 
maaTille^s pateat axl»box. Patent machine for dressing 

648 Badoi^ W. Bindng^ssm. InT^— An improred rail- 
way switch. Imp r o T cd , joint ebur. Improred iatenaedSate 

644 KanABk & W. FkBdric Iroa Worica, Scotland, 
aad 67 Upper Thames St Loadoa, Maao.— Self-aetiag 
Utdbea aad cottage nage. Boglster grates. Tarioas oraa^ 
meatal castlngi 

646 BaaoBOTr, 

660 LaAmami, J. 6. Gordon St fflaigow.- Fateat 
caaaMift or hydro^iaeaaiatie elerator; a snbstitate fbr 
ceaal4oc^8l|hdoelai|fcc. BailwaTtDni-iable,OKWeighiag- 
r, Itc 

Swfral bridge elevator, < 

661 BidiaaDsoa, B. 89 Mooraate St Tar. and Pat— 
PkteatflshJolatfiirfailL Iroa fisfiiag pieces. 

683 GoMraan, L. Keaaiagtoa Xml, lav.- Bailway 
traiaa c oM s tni o l sd to prevent ooUisloa. Square carrisge 
wbeela, temsd sapara, to advaace by stq^ aad without 

664 OnonnaiAM k Caxtbb. Addison Bd. Keadagton 
aad Sydoihaa^ lar. aad Pat^-Model of aew nilway aad 

^^*wfcUafEB, C & 189 St Albaa's PL Edgwan Bead, 
lav.— AtasosBharie railway with improved vacunm. 

666 Hablow Ii Yooaa, Paradiae St Botherfaithe, lav. 
and Pat— PMeat atmospheric railway, with metal valvea 
and diaea. 

666 JovaLT.M.8onthuaptoBChaaaiers,53Ghaacei7 
Laae, lav.— Model of a railway trsin aad breaks. 

660 OsorwuLfcCo. 

660 Botdble^ J. MTfareadaeedle St lav. aad Mann- 
Mode of ftcilitatii« the draagbt of heaviW-ladea cairiagesi 
New aietfiod of jobiiag iroa joists andraflen towood,ft& 
Fin-proof door. Metbodofcastiag iroa ships with wood, 
without boHa or rivals, && New aiethod of framiag the 
aidea of iroa ships. _ 

661 ScAVTCBLB.73 8hoeLeae, lav. end Mana.— Eko- 
tnHnagnetic eacfaie. locomotive steam engine. 

6ra LoML ^ A. 1 Eing St Portana Sq. lav.— Baihfa j 
signal, wofked by the agency of electricity ; iateaded to ob- 
viate the daiMsr of oae traia overtakiag another. 

666 BABKfcOiiitaBas,GeramaStMaacheater,Biaatt. 
—Bailway carries wheel, upoa Beaks' pateat priadple of 
inserting steel segBMBtsia that part of the tin which is aiosi 
fTrposfd to friction. 

668 <'o uaG,J. Jaa.TbeGrove,HaekBey,lBv.— Bail- 
w^ signal, lor lastsat comaraBicatioa between the gnarda, 
passengen, aad Tigiae driver. 

' 670 Lnso^.^aB, F. 238 Strand. lar. sadPat— A con- 
trivaace fisr pteveati]« vibrai.. ..i on iroarailway whed, 
aad thuBcaasiag it to rua without Bolae 

670 Lirooo3iaB,F.i33Straad,Iav.aadMaaB^Portabla 
fonntaiiM. fhr dnwiag-room tablea, conservatoriea, Ita 

672 BastwoooIi Facer, Morledge Iron Wcnrks, Baby, 
Mann.- IiOB wbeela, aad rolled aad bar iron f^om wliich 

674 Dmkbb, J.SOareaceTer. Botherfield St 1 
ton, Inv.—Apperatns fbr tnasferziag mail-bags, luk r 

^*Sl Tabob, J. A. Ordchester, lar-— Improved appUca- 
tioa of the whistle to hxxmiotive eaghica, aad propooed 

appUcatioa tiiereof to steam-boat^ 

^82 Jacbios^F. B> Salford BolBag Mflh, Manch wts r 

Digitized by V^3 



Claw 5. Machmmfor dited mmiifmshMig Caniagn^ BaOwap tmd Marme MedUmuuL 

MniL^LoooiiiotiTeaiidoHniAgvtlxM. 8pi]fe^rliMl,dMm]dad 
byapttwlHiulilim Beditflarwl itendHtrn atij to dMa 
oat Modd of « powtrfGl bydnoUo prai» iHitok will lift 
vpwndk of ayOOO toM. Patented. 

0M GkABor, C SASUimarSt Bnofr Hill, I mp tont^ 
Modds of tbree nllwaj eaniigM, with xotatoiy Mid lelf- 
Mtiag brak. Locked bniftn. An oeoaonlod fimn of 

666 MoOomii 

680 Kuaaxr, D. S6 Ot Earl 8t SerwDiali, Jbw^ 
Patent tnak for raihray tnlna. 

601 C MMHua , Kwrmlngham, Inr^-Modd abowiitt 
an InTOBtfen for Iteimlng the danger of eolHriona on nlf 

60S Habtst, D. 8 Gumming PL PentonviOe HUL~ 
]lbdetooflhe<'yiotorinandAIbertf and " FUit" yacbta, 
a46-gim ftfgiia^ and n looomotiTi^ with patataamjmap 

668 Wiisn, W. S hr ew s b ury, Inr^— Bafiway^ffeak. 
668 Gninnr AT, C Southport, Iut.— Patent tom-iable 
ftr ndhieyt. Patent antl-ftictk>n aade. Patent oaeter, for 



R A. 9 Keodngton TtA Bd. Kotling 
-Detonating fog and aoddent elgnal for rail- 

1 Kathb, J. Chelaea, Inr. and Venn.— Bath i 
Berolring water gange for r 

for blaatfaw ebteT Soraw 

701 AsTUUBsr, W. 187 81 Georn^eSt Bt Geofge'e 
Eeat, Inr^-Psieepgert' el^Dal UnTnOmj andtoCfaer eer- 
liagH, for ready oommunleatlon with drlTan, goaxdi, Ike. 

TOo J^acKiov, J. 6 Vietorin Orofe, Bayawater, Inr.— 
Model of n railroad with stationary esigine for propelling 
eairiagOB by eompreaed air. 

TM GBBv,W.28Prederiok8tHannetCBdBd.Mana. 
— Pint aiiai lailwny carriage^ ihowing tne ftaming eom- 

706 tknmn, J. fc Go. 5 Barge Yd. Qfy, Kami.— Dew- 
raneeTe patent metal: LoeomotiTO axle and eonnecting rod. 
ihaftbearlngk Ganiege axle beazinn. Ire. Gteriageazle 
bearfnp, cnnk diaft bearingi| Ace. of jSabbltlfapatait metaL 
MeadaTmrfant gae-meter. Itodeiof ateam-engineandaapr- 
mllL flaaipte of patent metal maririneiT for cotton weft, 

707 Tnwi Awni, B. 8 Jamaica Bow, Betmondaey, Mann. 
— Torrof^a patent pa iae n gciV railway and iteamfboat 

70B Mbumu B. Jun. 6 Gonpland St Green Hegrt. 
Mun^-Model of n royal atate railway oaniagi^ broaa 
gauge, widi promenade round the outdde. 

710 Hot, J. 6 Pickering PL Paddington,InT. and Mann. 
•— Bailwar signal, for dny and nidit 

711 AuAv, A.Grewe.GheiUre,InT.---Modu oi hydro- 
itatie or toating tum-tnole for railways. Model of im- 

712 Wja90ii,T.79Provo8t8tatyBd..;T^Adayor 
night sigaal for lailwnyr *" 

718 W HABOM, Vr. J!.usion Station, lirr.->Wharton'a 
patent railway wheeL 

714 Hbrt, J. 22 YauxhaU Bow, Yanxhal], Jnr^ 
Working smdel of a locomotiTe. 

715 Mamblii, B. a Ashfoid, Kent, Jut.— Safoty wheel 
for railwigr nurposee, hnring its tire so secured that, in the 
erent of n oreakage, no put can leave the wfaed, mann- 
foetored by Fox and Henderson, Birmingham, and others. 

716 Anoos, F. J. 21 King St Bath Street, Qtr Bd. Inr. 
—Bailway aoddent detector: applicable also to buildings. 

717 Hbwsok, 

726 Faobb, T. 2 Little Argyll St Begent St InT^ 
Snow ' s weeping engine for railways and common roads. ■ 

728 Sbaw, J. fc Gow 91 Paddoek.near Hudderdldd, Inv. 
— Paten t signals and pdntf or switones on railways. 

782 FAinnAiur. 

788 Bx.uotT, J. 87 DiTldon St Shefldd, Mann.— 
Quadrant wdf^ing machine. 

760 Watis, T. 3 Pdham PL Inr.— Modd of a sospen- 
don brldM for a railway between Englend and Franoou 

762 BAnnsn-BsAUMOKT, O. D. Twickenham, Inr. 
Patent looomotlTemachinenr, for wofUng «p or down steep 
Inclines ftom or to wharft, Ico. 

762 BAsnn-BsADiioiiT, O. D. Twickenham, Iutv— 
Mbdd of patent loeomotlTe macbinesy. 

778 Knanx, O. B. 9 York Ter. Queen's Bd. Honieqr 
Bd. Holkiwaj, Iut. and Mann.— Improred pressure gangsi 

764 Guioi, J. 8 Ebeneaer Ter. Turner St LondraTfiot- 
pltaLInT^-Machine propelled by bandpoowcr. 

766 BowLM, J. Birmingham, InT.-aiodd of a carriage 
to run on the zim of the wheds Instead of the axle. 

764 BCoiBta, W. Prior PL Dover, Inr^A working 
moddofa machine for aeoertaining and reeoztilngthewdght 
of goods. 

770 KxcBOLL fc Co. 18 Alder^gate St Mann.— Soale- 
beams, wd^ng-maohlnea, Exeheq. standardscales,wdghta^ 
and meeeurei^ Ico. 

771 Ouim, C B. BamMte^ Iut.— Pifrate secrstary* 
or frand-prerentor, for Indicanng the number of people en- 
ter inga public rdiide^ or exhibnlon room. 

772 I>AT k MjUMJtMDi 118 Suiblk St Birmin|^iaai» 
Mann, and Iut.— Patent weighing machines. Bmggistfs 
scale for oounter, Ashing rsds, ke. 

774 DATZDSOsr, J. fc Cow Barony St Edlnbur^ Inr. 
and Menu.— Stee^yarda or wdghing machines, the under 
levers, beams, Ike. made of malleable Iron, with weldod steel 
centTBL the bearers lined with welded steel, ko. 

776 BxcHHoito, J. Bow, Bfiddlesex, tar. and Mann.— 
Improved engine counter, epplicabKe also to turnstiles for 

776 GuASB, J. 51 GomwaUia Bt Uverpod, Bee. and 
Manu^— Portable wdghing machine. Gotton sack, or halo 
weighingmachino. Ubruy welgUng and measuring nu^ 
chine. Chimney-ar«h end smoko^damper, to prevent chim- 
n^ ys sm oking. 

777 Tates, W. Bromley, near Bow, Ifiddlesex, Inv.— 
An indicator, for registering end detecting change of speed 
of steam-engmes or machinery. 

778 GooDFBLLOw, J. 4 Jsmes St West, Devonport, Inv. 
•—Gauge for showing the height of water in steam boilers^ 
in which talc is substituted for jdess. 

770 liAcrannsoN. D. 7 SaUsbunr St Edinburgh, Inv. 
and Mann.— A wdfi^ing machine, with the levers on dther 
dde of the Ailcrum of eoual lengths. 

770 HowB,0. 119 Gt Guildford St Sottthwark, Inv. and 
Mann. — ^Water gauge for steam boilers. 

780 BCbdhubst, T. 485 Oxford St Mann.— Improved 
portable compound lever wdid^ng machine. 

782 jyovBAYAKD^ W. 95 Great Ancoat St Manchester, 
Mann.— Bright sted box mid scale beam, mounted upon n 
brass pillar. 

784 PooLET, H. Liverpool, Inv. and Mann.— Patent lo- 
comotive mgine wdghing tobies, with drawings, fcc. Draw- 
ingof A patent engine, for wddiing cand boats and their 
cargoes, \c. Drawinnk in pwn and detail, of the first 
large establishment in JSngland, of baths and wash-houses 
for the pooi^ erected by the Gorporatlon of Liverpool, 1845^. 
Architect Joeeph Franklin ; Engineer, Henry roolcgr. 

801 AvDEBSOH, J. Elgin, Scotland, Inv. and Mann.— 
Yictoria car. made with U^^t springs, m|^ wheels and low 
seats, to avoid danger from accidents. 

802 ANDREWS, P. «i Gt Brunswick St Dublin, Menu.— 
Light outdde ear, wiih Imitotion caning, on a new prindple. 

Digitized by V^3 


Clam S. Maekmesfir dkrtdt tife, mn^Mdmg Ckarioffm, Itaawtqf atd Marine MeOamm. 


8M HiwrwiL O. H. CfaitUliiirBt, Do.— Model cax^ 
riige^ with ter wbaeb: Indiefttet flw dittanoe of ground 
H traTelfl orw. Modd carried or dngle-hoiie dc^-cart. 
iBnrorodwsgi rttt BdnortingtnMLftc. 

806 Bnmir, J. 343 StnwCinT.— Modd of improvad 

806 BLiiiz,H.fcCoulBenienSt Ma&iL^ABphflraid- 

800 BooBB, S. ftSom^ 13fcUHoimt8t Grogveoor 
8q, Dei. and Ma«u-> lmpro¥ a d " lodable," fonningan open 
or eloae eairii^ aipleanre. 

810 BmAxr ftta, J. Bake 8t Stamfind St Lambeth, 
Inr. and MaoK^-New ap^eatioa of apringi, and madiine 
ftr weMUiw eoak ftr eaisvaai or wagsona. 

BIIBSoob, G. ft Co. 45 Wicmore St OiTeadiahSq. 
Defc and Mam ^Toirn-HmTdfling dhariot and mail ' 

818 Baow, Mawham^ k Co. Bhmiogfaam, 
lBi|HUfcd aalbty caa^ Aiken*! nateni iron aospenaion ivheela. 
VeirUghteabplMatoB. Aitto'a patent cart wheel, with 

818 BBonOvB^ k Cou LichflddSt Binningfaam.— 
Faik phBtoB, of " 

iTw . 39 Gialton St ]>aUiJ^ InT.— Iridi 
and ImpfOTed. 

r Coo1^ Bovurr, fc Co. King St Bi«eni St 
Bmngftam, and patent park phaeton, with inrerted 
double C ipriQgp, fro. Mbdda of npatent cabriolet to carry 

live wnoniL and of an cmiHbna 

L into oompartmenti, 

818 CommmKk 


30 and 31 Gt QneenSt Lineobi's 

^ carriage. 

Cooana'fc Soa^ Qiford. Lit. and Mann.>-LMit 
twv^wfaeeled qpoctlBg oaniage^ adapted to caixy two or ^nr 

894 CnoiAU^ W. Jon. k Co. Greendde PL Edinbughf 
Bca. and BniMegi Oikatal dcad-cabiiolet, hnngonnnew 

888 CnowwTJ^ B. YamhaH Whed Voika, LJTeipooL— 
Imnroredpalail wheda. lirerpool town float, lome^ and 

898 DatoBp D. 15 Wimnore St InT.~BBatenia 
Br oB gham and oAer Imp ror e o T carriagea. Modd of Im- 
prored patent lallwny-carTiage break. New dngle iHieel 
remising caiTlage,fta Patented OarTiage,withantomatio 
stcpa, Im. Hew carriage, with dome root Bastema 
BroagfaoB, Ugftt ■nnmer carriage, for hot elimatei, with 
patent caiiopT,ftCL Buprored rulwny-carriage break. Ice 

880 Bawbov, F. wT 19 ToA St North Polygon, Bath. 
Inv. and Mauw— Newly-inrcnted wlied chair Ibr the nae of 
fnraUda, and pedonotive, or lelf-propeUinff caxriase. 

8i8 l>&4nnLi kCa.S Panoraa Lane, Lit. and: Mann.— 
Platent conled anaa and ailcticci. 

844 DomuD^ J. B. Ii Co. lU AldcrMate St Mann.^ 
Hlghly4nidied Bghtp^Mton and hameaa. Beat ^ted 
Semcnet aaddle and Weymoath bridle. 

846 Fuun, O. k T. Bath, Mann.— Landan carriage, 
wihb zmsvoveDMnik 

848 GsAsr, & 19 Boston PL Boston Sq.InY.— Modd of 
s patent atraetwatcriqg-car^ with fire-engine combined. 

848 Gnaoa, T. 8 and 9 Weaman St Birmin^bam, 
ManL— Ba&wny bearing^pring. B^giatered dlipdc sprint 
with InA*<«bber bearings. Granhopper sming witn 
•crDll irona. BIlMe spring. Patent mdl ana CoUinge^s 
azietne. Coach mnunongeiy. 

868 GBBmu^ J. 86 lUiy St DnbOn, Mano.— Irish 
janntiiw car. 

868 GnsoAU, J. B. 289 Strand, Inr.— Working modd 
of sp^ffcarriage wheeL 

880 MAouT, jr. London Bd. Worcester, Iny. and Mann. 

868 HAMJiABgn, ALpgnnnT: fc Haixmao 
Lons; Acr^ InT. and Mann.— tJnder^ring i 
roncne. New Paric phaeton. Drawings of a i 

•nd Broof^bam, with ftmdtDre of 
Worcester ehinn. 

Haumaucs, 57 and 58 
Jerspring step-pieee b»- 
phaeton. Drawings of a state carriage. 
Demi-atate carriage. State railway carriage, Ice. 

884 HABoiiio»W.tKCo.68LnigAera,I>ea.andMann. 
—Specimens of carriage hices,liningp, and caxpeta, diowii« 
Av i_- £ ._ ,_ .^^ mannfcoture ; also^ 

^ , npholstery ornaments. 

HxATB, J. 4 Broad St Bath, W. «nd Mann.— U^ 

the p ro g r cad ve inmrorements in their mann&otme 
els, DoUionB, mnces, and other i 

n park whed chair, with riaaa i 
itedncU ^^^ 

rented reclining and deratii^i^yinaf bed whed chdr, &c 
878 HouiB, Hbbbbbt, k Abtbub, Derby, Mano.— 

Ligbt park phcton. Dcg-cart, or sporting^Niggy. Setof 

boffiy hameaa. Winter dioea for horBcs. Dnwli^ of 

modern carriage. 

874 HoonL G. 88 Haymaiket, Inr. Dca. and Mann.— 

ImprofodBrooc^am carriage. Banmche bndan. Deaigna 

of new and impnnred finms of carriages. WotUngmodd 

of a Browham carriac^ by W. Hooper, Jan. 

878 Horan, 

880 HonviL 

888 nurrLYj F. 10 LamVa Condoit St Mam.— Coach 
lace patterns^ silk Tdfami, cot on terrr lace, drawn on terry, 
and rdief; cot on terry. Figored ailk-groimd laoe. B^gia- 
tered '^**jg'*, 

884 Hurrov, 

888 Jinn, J. IS London St FitsraySq.Dea. and Mann. 
—Modd Ibr an nndepening itnte carriage. 

888 JottOAiL W. H. Comberiand Basin, Clifton, near 
Bristol, Dea. and Mann.— LiTalid three^wrticd chairs, with 
rediniog raparatna, Ike. 

888 un, BTSafion Walden, Essex, Dee. and Mann. 

Csrriace with low body, Ibnning an InYaHd'a pony cfaaiae. 

884 KBraBVOR, B. 80 Long Aore, Dcs. and MamL— 
Carriage of mnrd derign for sommer. 

886 KnoB li Wmua, Granby PL Ldcester, Des. 

and InT.— An Albere plueton for a pair of ponies. 

888 Kima, W. 101 Long Aere, Dea. and Mann —Odnio- 


888 Kmoss, W. k Co. Stirling, Scotland, 
Qty cmnibos, to carry nineteen passi myiii ■ iiiride, with 
abtmdant Tendlation, ws. 

800 LATAiiCBr,J.B.9BichmondBaildings,Sobo,InT. 
— Patentportable bridge, as called in FrancsL Pont portaline. 

8| M Ls wM, C B. 14 King St St JamcTs, Inr.— Omni- 
bos improfeuMsit 

804 WnAooamir, & John St Oxford St Inr. and 

Mann.— LiTaHd _„ 

Hill, Doblin, MamL— Pilen- 

, ^_. Outside cars, with improvtfr- 

ments. Li^t gig. 

808 MLua^ J. L Tiangham PL Cayendish Sq. Propi- 
Nri sdcss wheels. 

810 IC^soir, W. H. Kingsfamd Bd-r-Ponr carriage. 

818 MExzns, A. Glasgow, Propi— Model of an onmibns, 
with ihrec horsce sbrwst 

814-818 MIOD£BXOi^ W. fc a 40 long Aere, Mann 
and InT.— Imp roved oonTenabie earri^se. Centripetd pbie 
to bring the wheeb doeer together. 

818 MifCHBU.Ber.G.(LL.D.) Whithorn, Lintithgow- 
shire, InT.— Model of a safety carriage, which can be 
■- — * ign described in fifty dif- 

806 MA(nu.G. 
torn phaeton, a close carriage. 


stopped ftom the indde. 
ferent langnagea. 

818MmHXEx, Ber. W. A. M. Woohrich.— Modd of 
railway engine, caniageB,ate.,with plan to preserre homar 
life, and prevent serioos accidents. j 

Digitized*?)? VjOOgle 


Cl^m 5. Machinafar direet 100, mdmBng Carriagei^ jRa3w4^ and Marme Mechamtnu 

888 Mox^Luin, F. NorUMmpton, Kmb. and pvt Idt.^ 
Improred pilentnm, toipendad on elllptie tpriiigi and patent 

084 MuLLOizB, H. Leamincton 8pL Mann.— Foar- 
wlieelad earriage, oommonl j called a BnmgiBm. Diswingi 

of an improfred coxriele, d6ff-«arta, 
886 NswHAM, J. Market Hai 

_ , Leioeitenhire, 

Mann.— Ponj carriage, conriithig of an iran eaniage of an 
entirelT new deacripBon. 

988 Nmithbam, BL 19 Broad St Bath, Ifua.— Bath 

080 MiGBOuaii, O. Jon. 1 Hareoort 8t Ifarylebone, 
InT.— JUihray spring-bnaer carriage, with •0lf«e(ing epring 
life preMrrer. Soaflbldlng for bnildingiL FirMoape. 
Machine ftr ftreet-watering and iweeping, lie. 

088 Mman h Co. 43Grawford 9L and SOO Bcgent St 
Inr. and Mann.— Corricle and cabriolet Bieggham, Ibr one 
or two horeie. 

084 OfffOBs^B.791feIlsStOzft)fd8tbiT.andMaDn. 
—Foor-wheel oarriage. Anewoarriage^^TlieMmicircalar 

086 PAnoDfoareB, T. 13 Ghariotie St Fltooy 8q. 1>ea. 
nnd Mann.— Lace, in thready wonted, and dlk, mr carriage 

088 Pann h Soio, Park St GroiT«wr 8%. Mana.— 
Lig^t park barooche, with lee and under apringi. 

040 Qojui h SoiMy 10 Talbot St DBhlia.r-IniproFed 
Irish jaunting can. 

0& Oabvkt, J. 41 Bridge Bd. Lambeth, Dea. and Pat 
"The patent Bicnniond ear. 

04DBiaBT k LzL 7 Park Lane^ PSeeadiflj, Mano.— 
BrougliaB carriage, adapted for one or two hmes. 

060 Boniiaov Is Co. IS Mount St Grofrener So. Dea. 
Inr. and Menu.— Britannin phaeton of new deaign, with re- 
gistered kwk or wheel-pUte, fcc. 

068 Bock, J. jun. Hastings, Sdsmx, Lit. and IkUna. 
— Impcored oazriaffe-eprinff, with a testinc machine; a 
model of a barricade mobile. An improrea phetognphic 
instrument ealled the daffuerreotTpe aecelenter. Jut. and 
prov. rw. Dj B. Bearford. 

064 Bock k Gowax, Hastings.— Omnibus fat the oon- 
▼eyance ^ passengen, w noTel oonstruetioa. Patented. 

068 SAOiiDiaHL C. New Tard, Gt Queen St Ibt.— 
Double lerer wheel-plate, to shorten the caoiage, by bring- 
ing the fore and hind wheels ckieer. 

060 Sawtsb, W.St James's St DoTer,lnT. and Mann. 
— K relocipede. 

068 Sbahxs, B. H. 4 Gt Queen St Biana^-^tep piece 

8C3 8b]lub8vb,g7i and 2 Commercial PL City Bd.InT. 
Pat and Menu.— Patent expandingfuneral carriage 

086 SniffOH, T. Baddenlej £nsor, near Athcntone, 
Idt. and Mann.— Wheel of improred oonstruetion of spoke, 
^Ting greater elasticity and ease in the motkm of the car- 

068 Silk U Bwavrn, 8 Long Acre, Des. and Mann.— 
Barouche, with improred orisontal springs. First class 

070 Smith, J. 50 Bartholomew Close, Prop.— Patent 
swing spring door-hinge. 

070 Hill & Stone, 21 Little Moorfields, Inr.— A paric 
phaeton, with adjusting head. 

070 SuTB, J. 60 Barlhokmiew Ckwe, Prep.— Patent 

078 Surra, O? H. Pimlico Wheel Works, Upper Eel- 
gTBTe PL Pnyp.— Wheels for gun carri£ges (wood), made and 
mii together by machinery. 

076 SwAiH, T. 15 Charles St Hackney Bd. Letter cai^ 

r, Des.— Models of a church and of a mail coach, iKrith 

*itry scenery. 

078 Tnonao?, G.Sai-UEig,Sootland,Maou.— Fonr«eateJ 

982 TjLAii f p, C, J. 2&9 Oxford St Dea. and Mann.— Lain 
dauist Hrotjgtiam mxd thamrttck ear. 

984 TiLBusT, J, 35 Gloacetter PL New Bd. _ 
Li(;ht sportirtf phortou, with palant noiseless wheels. 

960 Tc^^TAi^ U W1LJ.ULMS, Bath, Inr.— 8e]f-«eting 
invalid chiur, eti»bJiiig the Jn valid to alter his recumbent 
pOBturc with fftcilitr. 

868 Vbixt, \^' ^ 1\ Ujiiii Acre, Bath, Inr. and Ifami. 
— -Kewly^ieaigned sorereign ^w4 itM ft . 

080 Waluss k GiLDn, 16 White Lion St Norton 
Folgate, InT. and Menu.— Begistered single Brougliam car- 
riagiL with additional ftoot lanrored lamp-irons. Pre- 
pared rubber round-robins to hind springs. 

000 Wabd. J. 41 Paris St Exeter. Mann.— A cab park- 
nhaeton, on sprbgs^ with leather rabbins and axles on Col- 
unse's principle. 

001 Wars, CParkhnrst,IdeofWl^InT. and Manu. 
—Velocipede, consisting of three wheels. 

006 wiuoir, J. S6 Portland St Walworth, Des.— Im- 
pcoTod velocipede, constnioted principally of iron, adapted 
ibr exercise or amusement 

008 WrBOBir, Mblld, k Tkwisn, 121 Long Aere^ 
Mann.— Dress chariot 

007 Wasld, J. 5 and 6 Leicester Sq. Des. and Manu.— 
Four^heeled pleasurs g r o un d Victoria chair, lined with 
bhie figured satin, dengned and woTen by Draper, of 
Holborn. Impnnred recumbent chair Ibr iuTaJids. Spanish 
mahonnyportable folding-chair, for InTalids. 

807 Wxj:«05,C. Engino-driTcr on the Leeds and Thirsk 
Bailway.— Small loccmotiTe ^^"g f?M*t 

078 Tmom^ W.lfcF. 10 JohnSt Oxford St Inr.and 
liann.— Brougham, with squimotiTe springs, iuTislble step, 

068 Bock k Sow, HastinM, Iut. Des. and IfaiuL— 
Patent diorof^ combining a Clarence or pilentum coach* 
a barouche, and an entirMy open carriage. Patent pouy 
carriage on improred principles. 

067 ArrouH, B. Balgregy, by Kirkmldy, Iny.- Working 
model of a railway, the trains bdng driren by atmoepherio 
engines fixed at every hundred yards. 

068 Boms, W. BL Budock near Fatanouth, Inr.— Model 
of an apparatus for disconnecting railway trains in case df 
accident Improved dividos for millwrights. 

060 Bxoo» W. O. 20 Market St Edinburgh, Inr. and 
Bfanu.— Safety cagea, for mine shafts, to prevent the loss of 
lifo and destruction of property in mine riiafta, when the 
rope or ch ain snapa. 

080 Baitks, £728 Parliament St Hull, Des. and Manu. 
— ^Twin geometric staircase. 

081 Clabk, O. D. 12 London St Greenwich, Inv. Agent. 
—Iron castings for arcliiteotnral purposes, in combination 
with, or in lieu o£ bricks or stone. 

088 Eldeb, D. Boyal Adelaide Steamer. Leith, Scotland 
Manu.— Model of an oecillaling marine engine. 

083 Gooor, P. F. 11 Camden St Peokham, Inv. and 
Pat— Beer machine, acting by turning a tap only. Pump. 
Warm bath appaimtus. Compressed air garden engine. 

084 Gbav, T. H. 79 King Wm. St City. Inv. and Manu. 
— Spherical pump, sanitarv cistern for cleansing drains, 
valve cocks, water closets, Uc^tning conductor, &c. 

086 Hakxis, T. Newlyn, near Truro, Inv.— A model 
for working water-power. 

088 Hoskucq, K. Perran Foundrv. near Truro, Inv.— 
Valve, applicable for large pumps, divided into several parts, 
BO as to avoid the risk of breaking by concussion, the dif- 
ferent parts i^uttixig in succession. 

867 Howard, Kavemiili^ k Ca King and Queen Iron 

Digitized by V^J^i^ 


C1.A8S 6. Manufacturing Maekmei and TooU. 


Woiki, BoUicxfaiflie, BfttUL— Link of a dudn to illiutrate 
Uw mttliod of roUinglMn fixr fntpeosion bridooi. 

868 LAHOUkUMi J. C3iesterfleld, Iiiv.--Patent 00m- 
poond tap, with meter. 

468 Vomo, J. Co. 20 Little Tofvrer St Inr. and 
Fit.— Patent euTiBneerwindow-blindpaUej. Carrilinear, 

, W. D. 157 Hi^ Holborn.— Model of 
•grieoltitnl nihrajiwithoat fteem or hone power. 

870 aAjtosBtfcHAXAnTfS New North St Bed lion So. 
Inv.-Sdf^BpfijiDg water mili, on the principle of Berkeri 

871 fiiiin>r,'W. 1 Dorer 8t Islington, Lit. and Mann.— 
Pnbilo and priT8te>«erriaKe retarder. 

878 SomsB, W. w7m.D. 92 Park PI. Bapwater, InT. 
— ^Improvementi in obtunlng and applying moUTe power in 
faTdraaUecQginee; in artillery and fire enne, Ice. Pneomatic 
behnoe. Inprored filter^ Ice. 

878 TiLuna, J. 34 Manor St Chebee, Lit.— Botatoiy 


874 Y AXXASCi^ P. 1 Darii St Berkeley Sq.' Inr. and 
Pfop^— Horisnitel wind power. 

878 WALKxa,T. 
—New pwldle-wbeeliL 

r Tezd, Broadway, Weatmr. Inr. 

Bailway, with water power or oom- 
prciaed air. Anmumiaeal eondei ' ' 

876 WBEBLsn, E. S North 
LiT.andPat— BqcdlibriumattdeTalveaforatt 

enaing ateam engine. 
BoikUngi, Finaboxy Glreaa, 

CiwissS. Mamtfactwrmg Machines and 2bols. 

1 HiBBBBT, P1.A.IT, k So:n, Hartibrd Worki, Oldham* 
lar. and Mann.— An extenaiTe series of impnnred machines 
for the manufaetoie of cotton. Machinea naed for opening 
and cleaning cotton. Machinery used in the mannfkctnre of 
cotton yam. Patent looms for weaving cotton cloth. The 
steam engin^miU gearing, and fianung, are made and 
exhibited hy Hick and Son, Bolton. 

S Booth k Co. Preston, Lancashire, Mann.— Mule 
apiadlea, for spinning cotton and lilic. Throstle spindle and 
fly, for cotton, silk, flax, or worsted. Boring spindle and 
fly, with iTct^s patent spring. Sec 

4 Dautoh^ J. Mottrsm-in-Lottgendale, Inr.— Machine 
for priutiag calicoes, de lainea, and other textile Abriea; to 
print by one proeeas a co r r e sponding or imried pattern on 
each Bide of the textUe &bric. 

4a Pabi, Cmnn^ li Madmut, Manchester, Mann, and 
Palr-^Gazding engine. Drawing frame. Slubbing and 
roring frame. Patent self-acting mules. Planing machine 
for metals. General shaping machine. Slide and screw- 
eutting lathe. Drilling machine. 

o PsEBOif, F. Manchester, Menu..— Spindles and 
fl yen used in preparing, qdnning, and doubling cotton, silk, 
worsted, woollen, and flax. 

8 PoBiBB, J. 7 Bull's PI. aty Bd. Inv.— A portable 
flra-eseapeu An improred bomb-shell, to be used as shot or 

10 Masox, J. Boehdale, near Bianebester, joint Inv. 
and Mann.— Sin^e carding engine, lap machine, and lelf- 
aetiAg feeder, kc Band mulCL HubDing frame. Boving 
frame Patent power-loom. 

14 Uiootns k Son, King St Salford, Menu, and part 
InT. — Cotton machinery: patent roving frame, and double 
self-acting radial mule. I^ong-Une flax machineiy : draw- 
ing, roving, and spinning frame. 

16 BlATOsa, W. k C. S&ifsrJ Iron Works, Mann.— 
Calico-printing machine, for piinling dght colours at one 
operation, with drying npparalus. 

18 Habbisoii, J. Bank Foundry. Blaekbnm, Mano. — 
Power-hiom adapted for fSiOirics of limt materials, in coHon. 
wool, and flax. Power4oom, adapted flnr heavy and tweeled 
gooda. PowerJoo m jnade Any or sixty years ago. 

SX> Honanr k KsmroiTHT, BlacUmm, Inv. and Maon. 
—Patent lizing or dreesingmaomne, with a peculiar arrange- 
ment for Mng out the yom, Ico. 

90a KjorwoRTHT, W. Blackburn, Inv. and Mamu — 
Model of patent waxping«iachine, with a aelf-aetfaig 
badmig-off motion. 

8Cia KmnronTHT & BouxnxsB^ Blackburn, Inv. and 
Mann.— Model of patent power-loom, itopa the motion wlien 
the weft thread breaka. 

S2 Smbb, M Heywood, near Maneheater, Inr. and 
Mann.— Loom for weaving naval canvas, Dutch and Yene- 
tian carpets, Iec Loom lor weaving atrong fbatiana, fco. 
Loom fl>r weaving plaida, Sec Loom for weaving ailka. 

24 ITjjr, J. & Duke St Portland PL St Mazylebone, 

27 CaLvorr.F. A. 32 Cannon St Manchester, Inv. and 
Pat —Patent ftiacninea for wool-burrinff and cotton clean- 
ing && Patent method of eooatmeting burring and carding 

28 PAnBSO]i,T.L.GlaMow, Inventor and Pat— Model 
of a patCBt machine ifar winding yam ftom the hank, upon 
the sMtleeope or pern. 

28a Bxnai^ G.— Models of bridgei, erected or pro- 
posed. Model of a design of a harbour of refbgeibr Dover. 

80 Da Fostahib MoasAu, 4 South St Finsbury. — 
Novel appara tu s for the worUi^ of spindles without stn^ 
or cords, kc Patented. Apparatus for dispensing with 
cards in the Jacquard machine. Patented. 

82 CBAuosna, D. Maneheater Wire Worka, Inv. — 
New damask power-loom. Bailway-break, calcnlated to 
prevent colUamn, and to act without shock. 

S2a Guatbix, W. H. Springfield. Salford, Manchester, 
Inv.— A power-loom, with a patontea invention attached, 
by means of which silk and cotton velveta. and various 
other piled ftbrici^ are cut limultaneoody witn the weaving 
of thefobric 

85 CaicBroN. D. 165 Bradford Bd. Manchester. Inv.— 
Model loom, exhibiting a new principle of mechanical action 
on theyam and cloth rollen^ Ice 

88 CnoHTOX k Co. Great Bridgewater St Bfanchcater. 
— Cotton-opener, on Hardacre*s patent principle. Drawing 
of donble-beater np machincL with fan. 

86a Macihdob, G. P. Glaagow, Pat— Self-acting mule 
for spinning cotton wool into yam. Patent throatle-framey 
for winning cotton wool into yam. 

86a BcsEzncsEi, Capt 6. A. Stirling. Scotland, Inv.— 
Steam-power engine for railways or tumpilLe roads, with six 
wheels, and self-feeding boiler, requiring no tender. A hand- 

87 NmK> k Soir, 211 Cowgate, Bdinburgh, Mann.— 
Spinaing wheel, for fine flax. A check reel, atandard mea- 
aure of Scotland. A model wheel, for producing fine yam 
or twiated thread. 

88 MiLUCAjc, W. Bradford. Torkshire, Inv.— Power- 
loom made by Hodgaon and Haley, to ihow the taking-up 
motion. Patented. 

40 DoutsTBoan^ 6. £. Leeds, Inv.— Double wool- 
comUng machine. 

41 Bablow, C. 89 Chancery Lane, Imp.— Patent sewing 
machine, with two threads. 

42 ScTCLOTE, B. Idle, near Bradford, Inv.— Patent 
spinning firame, for spinning and doubling cotton, Iec 

48 Swrn, J. Orchard St. Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland- 
Inr.— improved ipelf-maehine. applicable to fabrics of small 
design, out of the range of traodlea. 

Digitized by V^^^V iC 


Clam 6. Mamfaetwrmg Machmet and 2bolt, 

44 Savdemaii, H. Tnllooh BlaMbfldd, Ptrth, HtmL— 
KMhlMftrftretebing doth aflor it hM abnuik in tbe pro- 
oMNi of blMohina. tanuing, dvdng, printliig; Ito. 

46 9isA]fXy T. CoTentrj, Lit.— Ouding maehine, used 
in auikipf up or bowdiog g^pf^ bindin^^ or fBxuiy trim- 

47 CKABTJtn^ T. GodI«y, nmt Haliikx, Maim.— Cud- 
■ettlag aMhine, ibr prodnciiigthieooupletecard from the 
wifo and kmthu or doth. 

48 Bmuir, B. Ii Soiia, Bowling, Mar Bradlbrd.— lla- 
r Ibr the mannftctora of woxttod yarna, CThiMtiid in 

49 Hoirr, E. Nallairorth, Inr. and ICamL— A gis-miU 
on an ianrorad prindple, for drawing doCh; flnJihing with 
toadflL wtihont removug the doth fran the madiina. 

46a Dk Bbboob, a 9 Dow^Oe HiU, bv. and liann.— 
SpedmcBi of denti, and reeda or eomba, eompleta, for 
weaTiagaveiy dcaeziption of &farica,aannftetnred djt patent 

50 Hsn, E. Preston, Lnr.— Bahnoed prener^fl^, with 
. ermnltiplying apring, uaed in the ipiiming of cotton 
nar flbrons aabataneei* 

fl(U Emorr fc Hgw, 93 Mil St Mandwater, Inr. and 

61 LocBBiAii, J. Bazrhead, near Pddey, Prod, and 
Ija m rorar . — Improved patent netpmodd kwrn, ibr weaving 
ailK or tMittoii into net* 

68 JoDKnia, C T. Mandieater, Pat— Patent heald 
madilaa, for prododng healda or weavan^ hamen, kc 
Sewing nMehine, oapable of aewing 500 sdtebeaper minute. 
PatettI adf-aeting machine, for dadog meCab npon the cjei 
or ioona of healda. 

89 PuERiT k PsLLBW, NewboTf, Bario. Inr.— Ma- 
diine for taning yam. 

64 SomiBON, R. Bd&at. Ireland, InT. Dea. and Mann. 
—Flax seeding machine, which majabo be naedfor cradling 
linseed, com, or beans for feeding. Flax stimw, grown in the 
ooont^ Hown, Irdand. 

M BAnnnnL Exau^ k Am>uw% Katesgrore Iron 
Votfc% Beading, Bianu. and Inv.- A compoond le?er copy- 

66 Bkowne,T. B. 

67 OdTert 

66 Btama, W. Bradford, Mann.— Siz-pUeh wool combe, 
need in the pn^wration of wool Ibr the wotttcd silk trade. 

6B Gjimb, Sakdbb^ & Nichol, BiroUn Lane, Corn- 
hill, Mann^-Kode of making sUk hats on cork and linen 
bodies, and felt cape. 

68a Hurwooo, O. Cottage 8t Ipswich, InT^Model 
of a breakwater, lee 

60 Glattoh, C. and J. 

61 luL C Bardeslcnr Works, Birmingham, Inr. and 
Mann.— Machine for stiddng pins In droolar tablets. Spo- 
dmens of patent imitation marble, for intend decoration. 

82 DiCBDis, T. Middleton, Lancaddre, Inv.— Working 
modd of amill, or apparatus for warping sUk or other fibrous 

88 BMioa k Co. Kendal, llianu.— Sheets of card, of 
diilbrsni qaalitieSjiised for caidlng wooL 

86 mAnuE, H. Hozton Old Town, Ifano.— Lint ma- 
hine: the materid in process of manufacture. 

88 Watuhs, W. k T. Bridge St Bradford, Inr.— 
Ironstoneporodain guides, used in the roviog and spinning 
ofwontedCdlk^tton. flax, &c. 

87 Minn, W.Salf<nrd,Manu.— Amateur foot lathe, with 
joiner's bench, tool-chest, Sec. Patent coObe-mills. Screw 
embossbg press, with specimens, tec Cqiying presses. 
Screw-stocks, tus, fcc. Oil-testing machine. Invented by 
E. Thomas, of Manchester. Beglstered theodolite. Designed 

byH. Goss,ofSallbrd. So^-cuttii|g machine. Indented 1»y 
W. Stor^, of Mancheater. 

87a Poi'k & Co. 56 St. Psol's 8a. Birmingham, Mann. 
—Screw and lever presses, for cmbossLDg and copying. 

88 Jaquhi, C. A. 8 Finsbniy St Bes. and liana.— 
Fly-press, lever-press, and tools, used in making metal 
buttons. Sec. Ixx>p for label made by machineiy. 

70 BoBDisoii, W. InT<— PiiMnaking maeWne, on a 

74 Pldmiibb, B. Kewcastto-upon-Tyne, Inv.— Patent 
machinery used in the manufhcture of flax, hemp, Stc Baw 
material! and mannfjicturss In illustxmtion. 

76 Lawsoit k Sons, Lee ds , Inv. and Mean.— Machinery 
for the preparation and spinning of flax. 

77 PABxsn, C. E. k C. Dundee, Scotland, Lmr. and 
Manu.— Parker's patent mdhematicd power-loom Ibrweav* 
ing navy-aail-doth, and other heavy abrica. 

78 CnAWBAX^ J. Kewcastle-Qpon-Tyne, Inv. — Im- 
proved patent machine fbr manufhcturing ropes. 

80 Davkstfobt, J. L. Derby. Mano.— Silk-4hrowing 
machineiy, made by W. AbeU. winding and cleaning en- 
gine. Spuming or twisting milL Doubling fkame. BeeUng 
machine. Dramming apparatua. 

88 Bablow, a. 96 Bread St Inv.— Patent Jacquard 
with two cylinders and two sets of cards. 

.4 Faosr,/. Macdesfldd, Inv.— Models of improved 
silk-winding machine and cleaning i^ame: of a s^ning 
and doubling machine; of a throidng mill, with spindles 
turned by fnctlon : to ne patented. 

^ Slddars I 

86 Bun, T. 8. 

Lane Mills, Derby, Inv.— 

Patent power-loom, for making fringes and like fhbxica 
without the use of shuttles. 

88 CLAosssir,P. 96 0vBdlamStPatandpartlyIn▼.— 
Circo]ar hand4oom, for weaving looped furies, dastie 
doth, Sec Manlove k AlUot, Pn^ 

88AMAiaovKSE Ai*uoT, Nottingham.— Circular hodery- 

87 GAKDKsn k Bazuet, yottlngham,— A 48-«pindles 
doublin|^4ame, for the production of lace thread. 

88 Hoosov k Bottom. 

80 Baia^ DDnmourr. k Co. Nottingham, Manu.— 
Patent dastio vdvet, silk elastic taffeta, Simla shawls. Sec 
from warp-lace machine. Designed by John Wilkins. Laoe 
shawls, Sec from bobbin-net machine. Warp-lace machine, 
making plain blonde. 

81 CowsLADB Se Lovxror, Beading. Berks. Inv.— Self- 
inking platten hand-printing press, condsUng of an adapta- 
tion of an inking apparatus to the ordinary preee. 

88 SEirBX^T.R.Carrington, near Nottingham, Inv. 
and Mann. — Machine fbr making bobbin-net lace Figured 
and plain net, made by the madunc 

84 BoKiH, R. Nottingham, Manu.— Machine for the 
production of bobbin-net lace, Skc Black-dlk laco-edgings, 
Sec White dlk blondes. Edges. Insertions. Made and 
ornamented by machinery. 

88 BonoM Se Eauss, Lenton Works, nr. Nottingham. 
Prop.— Patent nsdng machine, for singdng the loose fibre 
from lace, muslins. Sec. giving them a more thread-liko ap- 
pearance, without ]i\}aring the ftbric 

100 rounnanmsn, G. H. Hanley, Inv. and Manu.— 
Patent steam press, for printing the impresdons to be trsns- 
ferred on to earthenware or china. Patent oscilladnfr 
double-iriflton steam-engine, with potters* flint and colour 
milL Origind modd of Fourdrinier's paper^macbine ; with 
spedmen of pottery tissue p^er, 2t miles long, made f^m 
old cod-pit ropes and hawsers. 

lOB Hardxvo, PcLi.Ei!f,.l£ JoniooTr, Gttildbftll Chambers, 
Prop.— Machines for making printing type from copper 
due, or other metal 

Digitized by V^3 


ClabsG. MoHrfacturmff MaMnet and Tboit, 


IM SBBnnvJpon^ fc Go. 5 Cumberiand St Shoroditeh, 
InT. and Mubl— Pifntrng pren, eihibiting a limple eom- 
bination of 1aTai|fco. Anmng-preaa, for bookbinden. 

IM Tatmb, w. Nottfi^hMni Pea, and Bitami.— Biachina 
for fomilQg bemiiplMrical p^erahadea Ihim flat diaes of 

tiaff finer fai tha eontfaniooa ahoet 

I jpuar vDilc, he 

6. Watfbrd, Mann.— Marhina for eot- 

Sbaw, W. 8 Baehelor'a Walk, DabUn, Mann.— Im- 
proTad maehiaa fot raUqg paper. 

lis Wnaoi^ G. STSt. Hartin'a Gt Ldoeater Sq. InT. 
and PkL— Fepflr and mUl-boaid eattfaur mafMnw 

114 Gmbo, B. k J. Lotfaian Bd. Edinburgh, Dea. and 
M aan^ Iww Htliqgrrahle nraa, with frame, for reaiatering 
ooknirad jpiintiagy we. Copper-j^ate prat, with aingla 
Bodoo. Portable ftanera lor oooUng ^lartmenta in hot 
oUnatci^ aiMg a atad by Cbpi. Davidaon, ISth Bombay Inf. 

116 Mabsioit, W. Leeda Bd. Hnddertfleld.— Bcgia- 
tered ma/Bhiae ibr p^Vi^'g dry aabatanoea^ and for princmg 

118 GooKi^H. lS7Hig|i St Oxford, Ibt.— Printing ap- 
pantaa of new eonatnietioo, deaignad to give inoreaaed fott- 
Utica to the eompoaitor. 

ISO NcIMl^ T. Jon. Hope Park End, Edinboii^ Inr. 
—Working model of a new printing machine. Bluminated 

ISCU Uuam, Fetter Lane, London.— Printing^naobine. 

1S9 IsmuH, H. 196 Strand, Prop.— Aprintingmaehine. 
on the Tertical principle, aa need at &«Timea''offlee. The 
machine wldch la cnoted in the Exhibition la made to print 
cireolar woodonta and ^rpe in the beat manner. 

128 WnmK J. daatonbory, Someraet, Inv. and lliana. 
—Portable combined checaepwai and wei|^Ung«ngine^ 
with end-bnakcr. 

IM Gltmb it Jhxmit 10 Finabniy St Finabuy 8q. 
Plat and Mean.— Golnmbian printing prom. 

188 BsHora^ A. ™— 'Hfl**^*", Imp. and InT.r- Woik- 
iog model of patent macihinefor dry-cementing envelopea. 

180 'DommOf T. & Go. Bermondaey, Mean, and part 
Ibt.^— Model ef imprbred peper-making machine. 

188 BuvbsJaxi^ IddoncTPL OldKentBd. Mann. 
— Endleaa bnaa wire doth, rollen, monlda, Sic need in 
making paper. 

184 Gowm,B.— Printing Praai. 

186 Cmmca h Goddakd, Birmingham, Mann.— Ma- 
chine ibr catting eaid4ioarda into caxda for printing and 
ofoer pvpoaea. Ifaefaine to cot print, nnmber, count and 
packdckela. Machine for dating railway tickela. 

187 Maaaiii w^ T. J. acft Biabopagate Withoat, InT. and 
Maan^— Model ofpmr-makuig maddne. Dandy-roUera. 

188 BukCK, J. Edinbozgh, MaDO.— Patent folding ma- 

148 SriAKB, & 80 Biahopmte St Within, Mann.— 
Side-Ierer litfaograpUe pnaa, with improved legiatering^ 
machine, Ibr c6lo<ir ptinfing. 

144 B8mm,aftWnbrkhamWork8,LarkballLane, 
I nT. and Minn.— BoUew, monlda, he for paper*"^^"g^ »***« 

148 BAaaonaB k Mat, IpwHch, Mann.— Model of patent 
exeftTator, ibr laihraya or canala. Modela of improred 
aj^wttate a and macUnery, for preparing timber with 

148 Pot«,T. ft a 56» St PanTa Sq., Bixmin^iam.— 

180 CaB% T. 19 PertngalSt Lincohi'a Inn, Maau.— 
Model of in^Boved iron printing praa. 


164 Jaubtt,0. 4S LeeSt KingBknd Bd.— ImproTcd 

166 SauiTAH, T. Foota* Oay, Kcnt» InT. and Mann.— 
Modeb of rollers for prodndng the water4nark, ke. in 
machine-laid paper. 

166 Nafibb & Son, Lembeth, InT. and Mann.— Gompaaa 
which regiatera on paper the compam conrae which a Teiael 
hea been steered for 34 honiB. Perfecting printing machine; 
aingle ^linder printing mafihimr. 

160 BftoCus k Go. Bow Ghnrehyard, London.— Litho- 

^88 Horannoir k Corm, 14 New North St Finsbniy, 
InT. and Mann.— Albion printing preaa. Holm's patent 
Scandinarian printing machine. 

164 WatsblowIs SoHS, London WalL— Printing-ma- 

198 Hamkat, W. Nottin^^iam. Prop.— Girenlar hoaiefy 

801 WnmroBTH, J. k Go. Manchester, Mann.— Self- 
acting lalhea, ^aning, dotting, drilling and boring, acrew- 
ing, cutting, and diTicung, punching and ahearing, machines. 
Patent kmtting machine. Patent acrew stocu, with dies 
Meaanring machine, and standard yard. Sec 
FoarxB, T. Mancheater, Inr^— Method of inlying 
ete^g noond copper rollers. 

808 Lroan, BL 143 Sufiblk St Bbmin^iam, Inr.- Appa- 

ratna and 

deotro-olating, gilding, electro-engmTiBg~and deporitioir of 
copper for the fonnatum" *^ 

to illustrate the prooem of bn^t 

806 MoBBAir, SAMFSOHylK Go. Qty Bd. Mann.— Bright 
ateel fo e- p roo f jewel-box, with or^mohi o rn a ments Elegant 
carred and inlaid peari inkstand. Ice GoMpena. Gonples 
aelf-aeting roae^ngine and tracing-machine. Goinhination 

HuiTT, J. per G. Boyd, 15 AddiaoB Bd. Paddington, 
Ibt<— A mineral waahins-caae, dealgned for the more expe- 
ditiooa and effeotoal weaning of gold, ailTer, tin, copper, and 

808 GAnosni, W. J. k J. DnUnfleUl, near Ashtoa- 
nndtf^yne.— Stcem-riTettinff machine, direct action. 

809 Lxwu k SonajManoheata;, Mann.— Wheel cutting 
and diriding engine. Hodge and BaUeVs patent hi^iivca- 
sansteeoMncine. Model of Lewis and Mac! * 
roring and alnb spindle, Ice 

810 Shavks^ A. 6 Robert St Ade]phi,InT.— Bolt screw- 
ing machine ImproTcd higli-presanre engine. 

818 Jomaon, R. k BaomuR. Dale St Mancheater, 
Mann.-— Wire-drawing benchea. abowing the proceas of 
drawing strong and iine siaeaof iron wire, with mecimcna. 

818 Hick ft Son, Bolton, Dea. and Blanu.— Radial drill- 
ing machine Ball aafety-Tatre. Bfandrila, Ice punched 
out by hydranlic preasure. Gompound hydranbc preaa. 
Portable smith's hearth or forge. Hi^i-preasure oscillating 
Models of steam-enginea. Machine for 

810* GLAaiBOw, jrllancheater.— LnproTed screwing ma- 
chine, with dies, tape, chucka. Ice commete. 

8Sb Shbpbsrd, Hiu^ & Spdik, uunated Bd. Leeds, 
Mann.— Self<«cting side lathe, wltii acrew-cutting ^paratua, 
self-acting surfoce motion, and improTod disfnJBayng mo- 

881 GoTTAM It Haubt, S Wina^y St Iut. and Mann. 
—Portable hydraulic preas, with dial index and dead hand. 

888 Rtdxb, W. Bolton, Lit. and Pat^-Forging ma- 
chine for small articles up to two inches, round or square, 

88ft SAmnonn, OwEi. Ic Watsou, Phoenix Iron Works, 
n^iitii^riiMw^ Lit. vm, and Mann. — ^ImproTed aerew-cuttiBg 
lathe, of Toy sfaaple construction. Patent railway wheetoy 
made entirely of wron^t iron, in one entire piece. 

Digitized by V^3 



Cla88 6. ManxfaOvrmg Maehhiu and JboU, 

2M Eaois tc SoH, Blrmfaghain, Ma]iii.->A amall four- 
feet eomr-eatdng and ilide ana other Uthei, on iron itaodi, 
with tools end appentns complete. Setof icamretocki,diei, 
end tan. Ieo. 

SSIBOALQKT, A. Deptford, Inv. and Mann.— Self-aoting 
and iorftdng and aoreir-oatting lathe, aeif-eiy usting chncka, 

888 MAvmuT. 

S80 Smril Bsaoock, & Taxnett, Leeda, Hann.— Self- 
acting elide ladie, with bed 18 feet long,heodstock 15 inches, 
centres^ sslf-«ctiiig surfiicinff and screw-catting motion, Itc. 
8elf-aedng drilling end pii««g m * ^rb^ nf. 


284 WnuAiOL J. WesUake Buildings, Bath, Des and 
Mann.— A self-«cting foot slide and screw-cutting lathe. 
Foo^powsr drilling machine. Sec. Working model of a spe- 
colum grinding maiDhine, inrented and made by J* Hlp^s- 
lejiEsq. Model ofpriTate doors. 

286 Njlshtth, J. 

288 Steitabt, D. T. k Go. Glasgow, Mann.— Model of 
patent ■Mold-maldng machine for cast-iron-pipes ; pipes 44 
inches diameter, cast in moulds made by the macmne. Ma- 
chine for teeting the strength of cast-iron. 

240 MoBEALE.! A. Studler Works, Werwickshire. Inr. 
and MamL— Knitting pins. Steel, gUtand plated bodkins. 
Needles in the different states mT mannfoctttre. Specimens 
of maeidnenr for making needles. Stamp press, or eyeing 
machine : filing^ adding, and curing macmnes. 

244 Gtamca^ J. Caielmsford, Mann.— Model lathee, with 
lice attaefaed. 

248 Gampbkuj G. Gberiton, Woolwich, IhT.>-Portable 
•team force, with blowing spparatus. 

250 GAmrnrfcPASs. 

801 BBA>r,R.Godniandhester. near Huntingdon, InT.^ 
Patent brick and tile maehinea. Model of a patent appa- 
imins for boring Arteaian wells. Patent apparatus for boring 
stone, and for cutting thin plates of sand or other stone. 
Patent land cnltlvntor or scarifier. Sandstone filter, con- 
talnln| &pOO superficial inches of sawn snzface. 

804 BBAMTOir, W.jun. 

806 NsATH Amor Go. 

806 GiiAUDBT h HoDORTOv, 89 High Holbom, Prod.— 
Paintedcleasfor three compartments of a window. Glaas 
shades of Tarious siaes. 

810 BmADUBT, & & Go. Wakefield, Inv. and Manu.— 
A manWne for monlding bricks. A working model of a 

812 HuirrsB, J. Leysmill, Arbroath, Scotland. Inv.— 
Model of Hunter^s stone - planing machine, with spe- 
imens of planed stones fiom Leysmill Quarries, near 

814 Mackerzeb, J. 8L Newaik-upon-Trent, Inv. and 
Manu.— Maokensie's triturator, consisans of a mortar, fixed 
in a wooden frame, and peetle. to which, by meana of app»- 
imins attached, a rotatory motion is given. 

ra4 Bahdkll k SAUiTDEiia, 14 Orange Grove, Bath. Inv. 
— ^Patent machines for driving saws, for the purpose of cut- 
ting stone in its natural beds. Traversinx[ steam crane for 
nndeigronnd quarries. Patent saw frame for cutting blocks 

828 Radcutr 

880 SpsLum W. 14 York St Blackfriars Bd. Manu^ 
Well-boring implements. 

882 GmuM, W. jun. Brighton, Inv.— Model of a ma- 
chine to be used In the manufacture of plain and ornamental 


846 SrswABT, B. Paisley, Prop.— Hutchinson's patent 

machine for makingpattems in stripes, cheoues, and tartans, 
by means of sliding mimn and coloured class. 

400 BssszafSB, H. Baxter House, Old St Panorss Bd. 
Pat and Menu.— Gentrifonl-disc pump for draining lend, 
discharges 20 tons per nimnte. Patent pump for steam- 
ships. Gentrifugal msojnump for locomouve engines. V*- 
caum slate table for holding plate glass during grinding and 
polishing. Centrifogal machine for separating molasses from 
crystals of sugar. 

401 FmuiEss. W. Liverpool. Pat— Patent machines for 
working in wooa. Power ana foot-mortising mnchines. 
Tenoninff and planing machines. 

402 SoBiBLi^ C. Mancheeter, Inv. and Manu.— ^ed- 
mens of the construction of revolving rubbing surfaces oy a 
patent rale, tec Spindle joint, for locomotive regulators. 
Self-«ctinr feed regulator. Screws and nuts. 

404 GnoMKiUi. W. Iron Works, Beverley, Pat and 
Mann.— Patent mills for grinding coifee, dro0i, &c. mineral 
substances, and paints cruqnid substances. Patent wheels, 

406 BrncB, J. F^wardStBcgentfs Park, Inv.— Machine 
for cutting sash and roof bars, fcc. 


410 BABurfcGo 

412 NoBMAir, C. 6 James St Bevonport St Gommercial 
Bd. Des. and fiCann.— Machines finr manufocturing ship or 
other biscuits. 

414 HuKwooD, G. GoQege St Ipswich. Inv.— Panett 
metal mills for ninding wheat, bariey, Indian com, peas, 
and beans, Ibc Pivot inndows fov public insliiution, Itc 
Ships' scuttles. 

416 GoaooBAv, B. fc Co. 86 Marie Lane, Des. and 
Bf ann. — Model of an improved drying kiln far malt, fcc. 
Floui^dressinff machine. Woven wire of various tezturca, 
for maehinea, M. Millstones for grinding wheat Portable 
corn-mill for emigrants, Icc 

417 Baukto, C. M. SS Portsmouth PL Kennington 
Lane, Inv. Pat and Mann.— Curvilinear sawing machine for 
ship's timbers, Itc Circular sawimL or rack bench. 

418 BoBxusoiis & KoancL, Mm 
portable steam sugar-cane miU. 

420 BLUHDZLfcCo 

422 Huirr, J. Botley Mill, near Orford, Inv. and Mann. 
— ^FlouiHlresslngmachine, on a new principle. 

424 GuTCA Pkbcba Co 

426 BsDronn, J. MiU Hill, Leeds, Mann.— Flour-dreas- 
ing machine, complete. 

428 Blackmokz. W. Wandsworth, Prop.— Bf odel of an 
improved bolting mill, showing the mode of dressing ilour 
thniugfa patent bolting cloths without seams: improved by 
J. Ay ton, of Norwich, fus. 

429 Adams, 8. & G. Oldbury, near Birmingham, Inv. 
Pat and Blanu —Patent durable steel hand-mill, for grind- 
ing fiour for colonial and domestic uses. 

480 TBOX80]i,W.8hott^s Foundry, Edinburgh, Dos. and 
Bfanu.— Planing machine of novel constraction. Tool for 
cleaning oiffiooring-boaids and deck planldng. 


486 SpiLtiEn 

WaUWorka.— Patent 

442 Westbop. W. S8S Wapplng, Inv.— Patent com 
mill, made by Middleton, Southwark. 

448 F1BLDROUS& G. k Co. Wolverliampton.— Mills on 
pillar stand for |prin<ung ooAe and pepper. 

444 CooxBB, B. Ik Go. 30 Mark Lane, Menu.— A smut- 
machine and corn-screen combined ; of friction that it can 
beer without breaking or iijnring the grain ; also fonninc it 
at the same tim^scouring the fibrous end off; and all tnat 
adheres to It, efi^tually cleaning the wheat ftcm all dirt, 

Digitized by V^J^O 


Cxjkss 6. Mam^acturmg Machina and Tools. 


dodi» mut, lee ; the best wheat it consideniblj Smprorad 
by fsssiDg tfaraig]! this machine^ of nmple construe- 
tion. A model of a iSonr-dresdag machine, mOi regislered 
fim-bnishci and flanges complete. Specimens of wove and 
tmiMt wire in biaai and copper. 

A4S Gbaham, War, & Co. 304 Wapping, Mann.— Model 
of a horisontsl aufl, for crushing sogar canes with fire roUeis. 
Model of the dd vertical sugarcane milL Model of a set 
of erspoiating pens. 

44a HozBjuis k Bbowx, Exeter, Inv. and Mana.~MiU 
to 9^Bd baik for tenners, makiiig hat little dnst. Improyed 
cookin g ■to r e . Open range. Kovd floe to oven. Cottage 
store. Smigrsntr or domestic hsndflour-milL Mill-stones 
for grinding wheat 

447 GixoEBT, J. 79 Wardonr St Soho, InT.--GniIIotine 
cotting machine, for catting end joints, and for mooldings 
and other work in joineiy and caSinet-raaking, kc 

448 ADonro, J. N. 6 Golden Sq^— Machines for making 
cig)uettes and eigsn. 

460 Gaiti, Gaiti, k Botta, 129 Holboni Hill, Pes.— 
Model of a stcam-eittine. 

464 Maxlovs, 2x.uoT, k Sktuo, LentonWorki; Not- 
tinghew, Ibt.— Centtifogal mechlnee for washing and dry- 
ing dothes ; fat dxring stsrch, kc^ and parifjinc sugar. 

466 Staiobt k Son, 35 Charles St Prop—Ivonr oomb- 
eotting macliine. lUnstnlions of improyed mode of catting 

«6 Pmsbdi k Hadixt, SQ| Clipstone St Mann.— Pa- 
tent ornamental aawing machuie, capable of performing 
aurilinear onttii^^ both in outline and peribradon. 

467 ToHs^ Banxr, k Co. East India Chamben^ Imp. 
and .Agents. — ^French millstones, made at La Ferte-soos- 
Jooam^ to which is applied Hanon-TaldEe's patent aerator. 
Machine Ibr roasting ooflbe. 

467a Law, W. 31 St Andrew's Sq. Edinbuiig^ Iny.— 
Machine for roasting coffee. 

46B 8ATAaE,A.4S£asteheBivMBnn.— MUlsforgrind- 
•Ingaad braising whout,- malt, coffee, dragSy kc Uoasters, 
kc for coffee, chocolate, malt Sic 

460 Uoamii. 

460 MAcuanox. 

401 Whbbuol 

462 Miuciaxos, B. k E. Newark-opon-Trent, Inr. and 
Mann. — ^Patent smot machine, for clesnmg com of all soft 

460 RA]rxx!r,B.k J. livcfpooLMano^— Patent rertical 
nmt machine and corn screen, wiUi sepaimtor attached, for 
eztiBcting land, seeds, and small grain; and registered por- 
table driring apparatus. 

488 Boir. 

470 AsoBT, W. 8 Prospect PL Sheffidd, Iut.— Upric^t 
flooF^rcsdng machine. 

601 £Ulu J. 8. 306 Begent St Mann.— Loom for 
weaTing India^ubber webbing for eUstic boots and shoes, 
kc Machine for catting out boots and shoes. Machine for 
eottme Indta-nibber work, goloshes, kc. 

60b Maxibu^ T. 94 Bull St Binningham. Inv. and 
Menu.— Pktent fly pr ess for catting with steel tools or 
knircs on an even sariSue of steeL with aceuzaey. Patent 
boot-bkNddng machine 

600 Taoxpsoir. 

604 WAm. 

606 BiEBruicnn^ H. Albany St Mann.— Gsndle-monld 

008 Poimrsz k Woooi, Shoe Lane, Fleet St— Sogar 
i^paimtns, pumps, kc in copper and brsss. 

604 LAWBKnca, J. Sen. Colnbrook, Slou^ Dec and 
IttT^—INstribator, with six outlets. Patent refHgeiator. Pa- 
tent store cask or Tat, with tinned copper attempeiating pan. 

606 Ttibr, Hatwasd. k Co. 85 Upper THiite Cross 
St St LnkeTs, Inr. and Maau.— ▲ patent double soda- 
water machine 

608 Cox, W. Msnchester, Pat— Improved appaiatosfor 
the m s anfor t ur e of aerated waters ; also aa improved con- 
struction of cock or tsp. 

000 Saddikotoii, S k W.63TfoodStCheapdde,Manu. 
—Drum sieve, for druggists, kc Straining sieve, of silk 
~ kwn, for starch, colours, kc 

610 BooBSA, L. A. 31 Bathbone PL Inv. and Pat- 
Patent colonr'«xtractor i 

lawn, for starch, colours, kc 
' \ 31 I 
' Miparatns. 
611 Aaxmr, C. 27| ^rles St Hampetead Bd. Inv. and 

Msnu. — ^Model refrigerator, for cooling Deer. 

61S Bawsox, J. Distiller, Green &rk, LinUtfagow, Inv. 
— ^New distiller or rectifier's recording dose safo. 

618 Babx4>w, H. B. Manchester, for Lx FoannEK 
Amx, Havre, Prop.— Modd of a press for making idne^ with 

614 bioirrkSoxs, Foster Lane— Amateurs' complete 
lathe cafafaiet Mr. Frsnds' new hUhe^est A dividing 
engfaM for the lathe, invented by the Bev. F. Mcyler. Im- 
proved deaainK, grindiniL and polishing machine for tools. 
Goffering mscntnf, for suIes, muslins, strews^ kc CUmping 
machines, f&rdiawls, caps, collars, and dressec Punches for 
dress-making, flower-making, pattern-making, kc Complete 
joiner's and other tool-diestc Blasting appaxatns, kc 

816 CoFTxr, T. 4 Providence Bow, Knsbnry Sq. Inv.— 
Befrigentor for ooolingworts or condendng steam. 

817 Hauoav, A. P. 6 Bank PL Salfonl, Manchester, 
Inv.— ^Aeparatos for the mansfooture of pyroUgneons add. 

618 Hoxjd, J. ffidi Wvcombe, Msao.— Wheder^s 
patent refrigerator, wheder's patent condenser. 

610 Hju, Evaxs, k Co. Worcester, Prop^— Modd of a 
patent vinegsr 8ppaiatas,for aoetifloation witnout sulphnriCy 
pyioligneoQS, or other foreign add. 

881 Mastebmaxx. J. k T. 38 Broad St BatdiC Inv. 
and Pat — ^Apparatus for bottling and corking bottlec 

888 Tb^hsox, Tousasa k Co. Dec and Inv.— Appa- 
ratus for the heating and oooling ot worts in the process of 

884 CoopExkBoxsiLL^Eastbonrne, Sussex, and 9 Tork 
Ter. Queen's Bd. Hornsey Bd. Prop.— Patent aerating ma- 
chine ; a caibonating madilne, e xpres sly adapted to draug^ 

v<>v Besxeit, J. 1 Thistle St Oldham Bd. Manchester, 
Dec— Drawing of a nowerfol self-acting slide lathe 

888 Clav, W. Liverpool, Inv. and Menu.— Ban of 
patent rolled taper4ron, for shinf knees, milla-shafting, an- 
chor shaak% anchor-stocks, and other porposec 

887 DxxwxxT Ibox Co. Shotley Bridoe, Newesstle, 
Mann.— BoUed malleable iron plates, used in tbecoostmction 
of marine enc^es and in the buildinx of iron ships, 17 to 
20 feet long. Boiled ked iron. A railway bar, messuriug 
66 foet 9inches in length, kc 

888 PmujFs, SxiTB, k Co. Llsadly, Wales, Menu.— 
Series of specimens iUustrative of the maaufocture of tin 

888 Stkx k OoDXX. Hnddersfidd, Inv. and aeaner.— 
Drawing* illustrative or patent and improved wool-deaaing 
maiAityi. Ssmplcs of buny and motey wool, cleaned fitmi 
the burs and motes, kc 

880 TBomsox, B. Woolwich.— Model of a sawing- 

880 Tbzax. 

881 WATaox,H.Newca8tle-upon-'lync Inv. sad Mann. 
-Improved pu^ strainer, for paper m a nniac tn 

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Clam 7. CwS JEngmeering, and BuCdmg Coninotmcet. 

CiiAas 7. CwQ Engmesrmgf and Buildmg 

2 fiAUTER, R. O. Hobart PL PlmHoo, Ihr. and Pat— 
Gaft-iion patent aelf-Aetiiiff dalee gat« and penstocks for 
self-cleannng and ventUamiglioaaa^dxains ana sevrers. 

2 GxABT, S. 19, BnsUm PL Enston 8q. Iut.— Mode 

Vff trams, on a new principle* 

3 GuoEii, B. 3 Arcade^ Nevcastle-opon-Tnie.I>es.— 
Model ef arch of the Neweastle and Karlh Shields 

way. Ico. Models of \^. 
IHurnam and EarlGrsy. 

kts erected to the late Earl 

GeoBMtrieal drawincs of design 

finr the proposed bl^lerel hridfi^in stone and Iron, at New- 

4 M*KiKDT, J. O. Uilnraod, Lesmabago, Scotland, 
Prod.— Model of an eeonomkal wooden hridge fixr foot pas- 

6 AsBB, L. 147 BegsBt St iBT^Blocks for building 
to cense equal distrilmtioo of ptessnre. 

6 KlDDKU.. 

10 Bbowh, 0^ a BJr. iBT^Twisted and other 

chain cables. Drawing of flwUnion suspension bridge 
theTweed. Model of the BdgfaloaclMdnnier. Modelofa 
naval arsenal with ship xailway; and of a patent brass or 
bronse colmnnar lighthouse. Model of a railwaj with centre 
giiide-iaU^ Ito. Submarine steam propellecs^ Im. 

18 Bbbjuhoham, T. CisTCndoD Lodges SandjuooniL 
Dublin, Imp.— A box of Derirtf Lebnm compasseL for all 
drawinc purposes, with peiL inrented by EUioL of London. 
A model of moTcable floodhp^ or lifts (called hanses), 
invented by M. Th4naid, oTParis, to renoer rivers naii- 
gaU^ and supply the place ef fUed stone weirs. 

14 JBmsTi,B. 

15 Haxmohis B. C. 46 Bsldwin's Gszdens, Leather 
Lane, Holbom, Iut. and Mann.— Model of a oonveK-chain 
snspoision bridge. 

16 PmATT, Mi^. 7 Unper Area, Hnngerford Market, 
Iny.— Moveable steps ror tiual rivers. New self-acting trap 
for street drains. 

17 Gbekn, J. Caledmrian Bd. Kbv.— Model of move- 
able dun for river operations; and of anew plan of shifting 
a dam, &c. 

18 Claxx, a C.B. 8ea«ide Hotel, Hastings.— Model 
of the proposed grand ship canal throoig^ the isthmus of 

19 AuAf, C. B. la Lower Porohestar St Hyde Park. 
— Model of a labourer's cottage^ suggesting some improve- 
ments in construction for lessening tne cost of such stni&> 

20 WATT,'Wm. 

21 Wnr tc Gbbcsov, Union St Oldham, Des. end 
Manu.— Model station-meter for gas works. Experimental 
meter and consumers' ns meter. 

24 Monos, 8. fcH. Leith Walk, Edinburgh. Inv. and 
Manu.— Model of a patent slip, for hauling up ships, of the 
largest class, for repdrs— a cheap substitute for dry docks 
—with model of a nigate. 

25 Mabtxh, J. Lindscy House, Chelsea, Des. and 
Inv.— Design for the embanfanent of the Biver Tliames. 

27 Bethkobki, Capt B. 

20 The Botal Sooitiib Socmrr or Asxi.— A bar of 
iron, of superior quality, 81 inches square^ twisted into a 
spiral form by the action of the stesm engine, while boring. 
Model of a suspension bridge^ to prevent verticsl oscillation. 
Model of a steam-boat 

80 Bonucx, J. J. Huddersfl^ Prod«-~Model of 
No. 4 skew arch of the Huddsislleld viaduct, built in stone, 
over the Bradford Bead, Ike. 

81 Babwoop. 

82 Sauxst, W. H. Y. inv. and Menu.— Drawings of 
improved tubular bridge, called the ''compound hollow 
ginier bridge.** Model of the " compound noUow girder 
bridge." Improved form of piers for bridns, Ice. Drawing 
of improved railway carriagSL Drawing orimproved method 
of building stone bridges. 

88 LowiL V. BdUon, nesr Grantham, Inv.-~Model of 
a portable bridge, for the use ef an army in crossing rivers. 

84 BAUf, G. 

85 GAinnsLx, E. F. 8 Princes St Westminster, Des.— 
Model for a Uidithoose on the Goodwin Sands. 

86 BTBM& B. H. enginser, 10 Ecdeston St South, 
Pimlico, Modeller.— Model ef a design for an iron-girder 
railw)i^ bridge. 

87 Hum k Qakokul^ 8 Prinoes St Westminster, Des. 
—Model of a proposed bridge over the Thames at West- 

40 NicBOXJoii, GsOb 

41 CIJV& J. H. IS Stanhope PL Hyde Park, and 
TunstalL Stalfordahire^ Inv.— An iUustradve model of a 
bar-trellis su^enslon bridge^ to make a secure and cheap 
roadway over riven, withMit wholly obstructing the navi- 

48 Asaw,a 

46 Chawiah, J. Froms^ Dss. and Msso.— Model of a 
bridge across the Wy^ at Upton LoveL Wilts : each 
parapet formed by trussiiig a beam of red pine^ on the sys- 
tem of Herr Laves, of Hanovnr. 

46 SFUBonr, J. Guildfoid St Ihv.—Bsgistered scraper 
brush, and umbrella stand. Door and window holder. 

46 Dooxm, T. 

47 GaoOT, A« 8 Shepherd St Tenter 'Ground, Mtal* 
fleldiLlnv. and Manu.— Wire bridge for parks, Ieo.; all the 
weight borne by the hand-ialL 

40 Bnurr, P. Ipswich, Des.— Model for a proposed 
national harbour of refoge on flie east coast of Enguno. 

60 GAmxMfSB, H. 8 EssBZ St Islington, Inv.— Double 
cone block^ or artificial hoDow stones for building in water 
to any depth without damming, the cavities to be filled in 
with cement or oonerste. 

68 HKiifax,C B. Inv. and Menu.— Patent sub^narine 
helmet, dress, and other diving apparatus. 

54 Srovanr, J. Guildford l&Inv^Endless ladder snd 
crane. Patent paddleapparatas. Patent Jointed bridge. 

64 Dxvsr, G. 16 6t Maribocouc^ St Inv.— Proposed 
method of oanying oif smoke by underground drainage. 

60 HsBBOKk Gkas. 

61 Sadler, J. H. Leeds, Ihr.sndPst— Abridge for 
railway or other purposes, composed of a series of guders 
balanced upon pien, prwentii^ •Ing^jTi the appearance of 
the letter T. 

64 NATLon,W. 

66 08MoirD,O. €8 John St Tottenham Court Bd. Inv. 
— Begistered ventilator, and chimn^-pot Fire-escape^ 
appUcable to aU the stories of a building at the same time. 

67 HoBjr, A. 89 Bsker St Pentonville^ Inv.-Self*aot- 
ing iron shutter. 

66 HuBsr. 

68 Hixx,S. 

60 BATES,T.9DomiQgoSt01dStTnv. andManu.- 
Model of sash-fi«me and ssshss, to open inwards, fiv being 

70*175 Bsia!iaTO]i,G.W.and J. 138 Sloane St Inv. 
—Models of reclprocatinff engines. Iron breakwater. Break- 
water for harbours of reiugft 

Digitized by 


C1.AM 7. CM Engmeermg^ ami Bmldmg Contrivancei. 


71 Doimai, T. k Go. Bermondiej, Maim, tod p«i 
loT.— Model of the frame used in tlie oonftniotion or the 

71 Gna. A. 9 AdelpU Tcr. Dee.— Modd of a cunred 
timber root Model of a repairing or diy dock. 

7S MOjbail C 110 Fleet St^Modeb for ehop fhmts. 

78 BoocB, T. Edinbnrrik, Inv. and Det-^-Model of an 


Ibr lUpping and ul 
Pteth, and Dundee 

the trains of the 
fwmyTataB •tetes of the 

Lambeth, Inr. and Mann. 


75 Jacssqv k CIl47, 21 Homer St Lambeth, Inr.— 

75 JACKaoMf 0. W. 

78 Smmooi, J>r. 

78 BiHBu, H. H. 

80 Hoop^ T. 80 Kew 
^^Beosmred Pftftanlift bed'TOOm 

8B WzuM, O. Admiralty Ofiee^' Inr.— Td^graphie 
U^bthoosfl^ intended to nreyent mistake as to identity. 

84 Latjuigkt, 1. B. 

88 Hawms, CnAiraHAT, k Co. Gateshead, Ncweastle- 
i^on-Tync^ Mann^— Model of the Udi^eTcl bridn at Neir- 
easde«pon Tjme. Sarnies of naTaleable and other chain. 

80 lyotnOLL, T. CTB. Kortii Brixton, Progeetor.~De- 
rign te an aggregate cattle and carcase marlcet, abattoir, 
kc to accoomiodate &000 ozoa, and 40,000 sheep. 

96 LnGnjij,L.N. 

84 Bu, O. a Tottenham Oonrt, NevBoad,InT. and 

ADprorer.*— Adjostable 
Aijjjwlable ladder. WheeKbanoir. 


Folding steps, &c 
J. CS. Wlek, Inr.— Model of an 

far bofldii^ sc»^»aUs in deepwater. Models of 

Models of the meaas need Ibr imlsing the iron 
» Great Britain. Modris of eraneS| Ice. 

88 8mitb,W. 

88 Bmain,0. 

88 Tbs CoMMaDORns or Kovthbdi Lwn T uousa, 
JbBnbiiigb, Mr. Alan StereDson, Eogineer— Berolring 
dloptiie appaimtos of the fint order (ssmess that at fflcerry- 
Tore). Fixed dioptric apparstns of die tet order, invented 
by X. F^esnel (same as that at the Isle of May, with TarioQs 
imprarements). Model of the Bdl Bock Lig^dioase, lighted 
in 1811 : executed according to the design and under the 
sopcrintendcnce of the late Bobert Sterenson. Model of 
the Skenrrore LUbthoose: executed according to the 
desten and nndcr me superintendence of Alan sterenson. 
Moak of belance cnnc^ oes^gned by the late Bobert Steren- 
asn, and used by him in the erection of the Bell Bock Liriit- 
hosM. Model of the raparatos of an intermittent licht: 
deilgnid by the late Booeri Sterenson, and introduced by 
Mm at the Hfl^ls of Tarbetness, Banahead, and Mull of 
GaOowny, on the coast of Scotland. Modelof aliehthonse 
lantetn, on the diagonal aRannment: derigned by Alan 
Sterenson. Mechanical lamp offonr wicks, in which the oil 
Is lept continually orerflowing by the means of pumps, 
whicn luiseit fkom the cistern mIow ; the r^d carbonisa- 
tion of the wicks wiiich would be caused by the great heat 
is thus avoided. Hotoj^otal anangement of ngfathouse 
apperains^ prepared br Thomas .Stevenson. 

100 9» i>»sj s aii. T. 84 George 8t Edinburgh, lnv.~ 
Berolving lixht, with axial rotation. Ordinaiy parabolic 
luficctor rendered holophotal (where the entire Unit is pand- 
k&ed) by a portion of a catadioptrie annular lens. Holo- 
fhotal catadioptrie annular lens apparatus. Small model of 
nolephotal raparatus, actii^ by renaction and total refleo- 
tloB only. Uokypbotal appaxatuS| with parabolic strips. 

101 TocKzr. 

104 flonuasoir, Joe, sen. 

106 YiOHOiA a iTrafldnr So. Des^Model ofUm 
nudit-iron bar<a^n sospenrion bndge at Kieif (Eussm), 
across the nver Dnieper; the Isigest work of 

the kind hi£berto executed. 
108 WnuAxs. 

110 CBOOOiir, T. ^"^ J. 

111 WiLLHT, F. 5 Edward St Portman So. Prop.-- 
Models, with diaffiam, to show the principle ot TaaiTe's 
patent wr roofing bouses, Ito. 

112 Thomvsoh, FTjun. CE. Water Works CSiamben 
Orange St Leicester 8q. Inr.— New ^paratos for econo- 
mising tiie consunmtion of gas. 

114 DoMOK, J. Newcastle^ipon-TTne, Des.— Modd of 
the roofii erected at the Kewcastle-apcn-TTne Gentrri Bail- 
way Station, Ice. Bfodelcf arollingmachinf>,derignedby 
T. Chariton, used in rolling i«m for the same. 

118 May,Alfired ^ ^^ 

117 SKini,W.& Co. 69 Princes St Leicester Sq. Pat 
andMann.—Dooble-aetiondoor'epring.lEC. Weatber^i^t 
ikstening for French windows. Bevolving iron shuttenL 
Machinery for unloading and loading ehips. Ice. Imnrored 
waterwfaeei ibr driving machinery, and a new horisontal 
power ei^ine. Improvol bench planing machine. 

118 ToROV, J. 20 South Andley St Grosvenor Sq. Inr. 
snd Pat— Models of patent improvements in the oonslmo- 
tion and arrsngement of the window spaces of dwelling 

ISO BvaEr,S.F.Quotdon, near Deriiy, Inv. and Mann. 
—Patent Yulcan chinm^-sweeper. Oreulsr and obhmg 

ISl Nbau,^ 

J. 30 Rasinghan St (Hon. See. to Com. 

' best Chimney-sweeping Mar 

Prise plans and estimatea Ibr 

ftrawardiiw medals ibr the best Chimnej-swe^ing Var 
ehinery.)— Prise machinery. 

altering awkward chimneys. 

1» Au^, J. Sen. Glasgow, Mann.— Portable appa- 
ratus te msking gss from rosin, cooking fiiod ibr cattle. Ice. 
Gss candelabrum, of east4ron. 

188 NBs,MAnT,24MoldGieen. Huddenfidd, Inv.— 
Window-deanery te the protectkm of fanale servants. 

184 HiiA, O. k J. 37 Gt George St Westminster, Impy 
and Makeis.— Modification of Dr. Amottfs curtainipump, 
airaikKcd so as to be worked by a weight 

128 Mackxe, W. 141 Lower BeogotSt Dublin, Inv.— 
Patent safety window fittings. 

187 BoaoriB, B. £. 2 Kelson PL CHAoo, near Bristol, 
Inv.— Newly-invented safety window-sash, which may be 
desned ftom within. 

188 WnxjAXS, L. 14 Upper Mszvlebone St Portland 
PL Inv. and Manu.— Man-help te painting ships, houses, 
ko. Concave-bottom tea-kettle. Saietjrcot 

188 Enriish Patent Camphine Co. 
134 Boom, G. B. 9 Portkind PL Wandsworth Bd. Inr. 
snd Mann.— Vegetable gas ^paratus. ... 

187 Sampsoit, T. Luidore, Swansea, Inv.— A hlrii- 
ptcssure steam^wito, with edf-feeding apparatus and stilL 

188 YAsnBAMy W. Maidstone, Inr.— Machine to fkeiU. 
tate the construction of msrble, stone, date, or other ddm- 

140 Fabbeu, L 210 Gt Brunswick St Dublin, Menu. 
— Modd of a registered efacular window. 

140 JAnaxrr, J. 

148 M*Kkizx, F. Ic Co. BnnUU Bow, Rnsbuiy. Mann. 
—Waterproof bituminous lielt for lining dsnm walls, ftc; 
patent asphalted roofing felt: patent thin shin ibeathlngfBlt, 
for use under copper ; thick Mr felt, for doydng the boilers 
of stesm-engines, Ice 

144 AnDnsov, G. Bothbnry, Nortfanmberlsnd, Inr. 
snd Mann.— Modd ofsn improved window. 

145 Loirx, G. G._ 2 High St Portlsnd Town, Inv.— Sdfr j 

Digitized by V3OOQ IC 

dfttnsing scnitsry cistern. 


" Cc*A« 7. Civil EmgiMering, andBtiUdmg ContrwaneeL 

146 QuuiosT. H. 82 Hfttton Gwd«n, Inv. and Pat— Be- 
Tolring iron aalety thattan, pvlbnted metftl tad dwarf 
Ymietian blindi. Self-Aipplying pedestal ooal vase. Patent 
liand lamp. Model of a fire plaoe in Buddngham Pa- 

147 TfOBOBAU>, J. SI Brapiwlek St Blackfriaii Rd. 
Inv.— Improved wlndofr-eash, with alarm and fire-eecape. 

148 Walbt, J. 59 ^edc 8t fiofao Sq. InT^Uniyersal 

100 lanB EironsBBmo Co. 

161 Allbt, T. CUfton, near Briatol, Inv. and Mann. — 
Model of registered fire-proof iron tool; ihowing the princi- 
ple aoplied to a roof of SO feet ipaii. 

lOB BaamrETT Ik Co. 

166 Wbttock, A. 494 New Oxford St Mann.— Model of 
emigrants' Lonse. made of Mbrewood and Sogers' patent 
galvanised tinned iron, comgated. Pomitare, tco. of the 
asme. kc 

167 yfTuaia, W. C 2U Loi^ Aere. Inv. and Mann.— 
Lantern and revolying apparatos Ibr floating light Bed- 
prooating dioptric apparatus ibr Hghthonse. 


166 Bjdtie, B. Edinbnigfa, Lit.— Lamps, signsls, life- 
boats, fire-eztingaisher Jyreakwater, fce. Mining and venti- 
lating apparatos, fcc. Botating pendulum dock, stoves. 

160 KucaTw. 8 Woodstoet St Bond St Inv. and 
Mum.— Modus of a floating breakwater and fonndatioa for 
a lightfaoose or place of refnge on the Goodwin Sands, 

161 Hatcboit, 

166 Sxini, W. H. 1 Boyal Exchange Boildings. Inv.— 
Beooii breakwater, kc TJphtiMi— applicable to beacons 
and marine batteries, in all ^teptbs of water. Tabular sus- 
pension girder bridge, to prevent the vibratorv action. 

166 Lact, H. O. m!p. k Bock, G. W. C.£. Inv. and 
Pat — Wrought-iron railway demr. 

166 Bsll, W. 40 Pickering PL Paddington, Inv.— Sus- 
pendon-bridges made ridged by girdos attached to the Buspen- 
don chain. Sridge of one wcL of 250 feet span, dedgned 
for ornamental waters. Boof of 400 liwt spaa. Self-acting 

168 K awas r wsKi, Capt G. A. Stirling, Scotland, Inv.— 
Self-sustaining suspendon bridge, free from dde oscillations, 
and faavinx litde deflection. 

160 NAS]crrH,G.7ParkBd.Kennington,Inv.andPat 
—Two models of wrought-irtm girdcn. 

170 NxwHAV, T. 6. Newton, Montgomeryshire, Wdes, 
Inv.— Modd of a portion of the roof of iJolfor church. 
Modd of a roof constructed with ribs of terra cotta. Model 
of stone^ or of terra cotta, mullioned window. 

171 TouHO, J. GasVorks, Selkirk, Scotland.— Model 
of cod-gas apparatus, constructed on a new arrangement 

I ^ 172 MKraopouTAN Assocunoa. 

174 NxxoN, T. Kettering, Inv. Des. and Bfanu.— Dedsn 
for a self-ventilating garden-light or sky-li^ perfectly 
water-tight Begistmd. 

176 Houcxs, J. East Ham, Essex, Des. tec— Two cot- 
tages in one. 

178 MooRSox, Capt 17a Gt George St Westminster, 
]>es. and Superintendent— Modd of a rdlway viaduct over 
the Nore, near Kilkenny. Modd of prise dedgn for the 
great bridge over the Bune, to be erected at Col^e. 

laO BosB. 

181 McLacbav. 

182 Damixl, W. 

188 BxRGur, M. O. 8 George St Cork. Ireland, Inv. | 
Working model of a registered sdf-actlng fire-extinguisher. 

184 Hendv. J. 1 Bouverie St Fleet St Inv.— Model for 
a new naUond fire-escape. 

186 Websteb, Wm. 

186 Aomsosi, J, 102 T^^fcrttmhall St Inv.— ^lodel of a 
« catamaran life-boat** 

186 Gazsr, L aYittflria PL Suston Sq. Inv.— Wind 
guards for ohimni^«tops. 

187 Nnif]f,AucLA,2AWdbeckStCaven^h8ki— Kew 
apparatus for warming and venttlation. Machines fior wash- 
ing and ironing clothes and laea^ Meat baster. 

188 WxuoN, T. H. Twickenham, Inv Slides for es- 

eluding the wet and cold from doon and shutters, hatoliwiya 
and port-holes, Ice. 

100 MoDoa, J. 78 Tottenham Court Bd. Inv.— Private 
fire-escape, which can be worked from the street or the 

101 HxumOfG. 44 Loeas St Commercial Bd. Bast, Dot. 
-Drawings, illustrativeof a method of laying down machi- 
nerv or buildings, so as to avoid the expense of a modeL 

101 BSBBTOH, J. 

102 Adcock, T. jua. Peakridge, Staffordshire, Inv.— 
Simultaneous gates for rallwaj eroadngs, piaanad ibr safety, 
economy, and despatch* 

108 SnjcKsr, W. Mitre Ghamben, Peaehuroh St Inv. 
—Carriage, crane, and portable fire-escape combined. 

104 Tatmb, Ut. 

106 Wnaov fc WooDfnx. 

106 HoorEB, W. H. IS Gt Cumberland PL Hyde Park, 
Inv.— Modd of a rotatory floating breakwater. Modd of as 

106 BooLATOBB, C. T. Alice St Bermondsey Kew Bd. 
Inv.— ▲ fbmigator, with refrigerant or cooler, applicable to 
the destruction of insects in tender plants, in anlmalSj snd 
houses, and to vapour baths, Ibc 

107 BAni,W. 141 High^lbom. Inv.— System of pipes 
in case of fire. Machine fin* saving life and property inmi 
shinwreck on the coast lilb-prescrving cape cloak. 

lOO Iiioiiis, A. 

201 JACwaon, H. 63 Wcstbonm St Pimlloo, Inv. and 
Manu —Fire-escape drcsd ng^table. 

202 Bbovk, J. 71 TisadenhaH St Inv. and AUnv.— 
Modd of a navigable bdloon. 

208 Basclat, J. Toague bv Goldsple, ScotUmd, Bes. 
and Inv.— Mechaaicd time and tide tables. A portoblo 
pressing-machine. Modd ofa wooden float bridge, for narrow 
straits or rivers. Modd mtem of drainage, kc. Mineral 
and other natural prodncoons, from Tongue, Sutherland- 
shire, Spedmens of wood% cotton, grass, wools, potatoes^ 
shell-fish and seal-skins. 

208 Doinr, M. Kewcastle^pon-Tyne, Inv.— Fire escape. 

208 Bobhrt, J. & Co. 96 Lombard St City, and P^ 
ford, Kent, Inv. Pat and Maau.— Patent coucentratiug red 
proeatlng steam-engine forld^ or low pressure. Kew patent 
iron safety shutters. Patent ventilating sashes, kc. 

228 Kbhzvib, G. si WhitehaU PI.— Models of stom 
bridges. Model of an asylam harbour foir Dover, by G. B. 
Bennie, jun. ; and of a wrou^ifr4ron girder bridge proposed 
over the Bhine, at Cologne. 

281 Fox k Bjuubtt, Thames Chambers, 12 George St 
AddpM, Prop.-^|pedmens of patent fire-proof flooring or 

287 DaioelIi, W. Tmro,Inv.— Aflre-escape. 
287 Kext, a. CUchester, Sussex, Inv.— Kew method of 
elazing greenhouses, Ice. widiikcility; with necuUar shaped 

BiannBrr. B. 3 Victoria PL Woolwich, Inv.— Unl- 
versd wedge bk>ck fbr resisting laterd pressure. 

Bi^cK, J. 83 Friar St Blaokfriars Bd.— Modd of a 
self-supporting roof for a droolar building. 

Br AMHALL, T. 1 Union V^ "^ '^ 

Class 8. Nawd Arddtectwre^ MUUtay Bnginearing, Gtau, Weapons, ifc 


wrk. Lit. Asd Maiiii.-»Inm and sine plate work : the anti- 
to aaist the dianghi and prereat the dmnnraid 
t in chimneTB^fco. 

CI.4ME, G. D. 12 London St Greenwich. Accent— 
Istm rarfngff for arofaiteetnral parposea, in combination 
with, or Instead oC bricks or stone. 

Class, E. 448 West Strand.— Model of the Britan- 
nia BHdgc^aad of the apparatos used in floating and raising 
iSbm tabes. Bqgineer, K. Stephenson; model ezecated for 
C Mare, Esi|. byj. James. 

Dofm w. H« Charing Gross, St Helier, Jersey, 
Xnr.— Fstoit wmd-coard, for the prevention of smoke. 

FflicB Ik WIU.ST, Iflndsor Fonndiy, Liyopool, 
Ukan^— Model of swroii|dlt4ron bridge to eazry the South 
Wialcs Baihra J over the rirer Wye at Chepstow. Designed 
bj L K. Biranely CJB. 

FoasxEB, J. 5 South John St Livecpool, Iny.— 

, with pr es sur e fi lter attached. Household filiexs. 

ned by J. fc T. Hall, Derby. 

FssABSoir, M. ao Westboume Park Bd. Padding- 
tal^ Lit.— Bogisteied ventilating shield-cowL 

GsssVy W. J. C Thornhill, near Dewsbury, Lit. 
— A portable erane^ to load or unload boats, csrts, wag- 
■onsL Sbc 

GsaoAue, J.^E. 288 Stnmd, Inr.— Model of a wind- 
CDSsd. to pRTent chimneys from smoking. 

T. 40 South Andlcy St Lit.— Improrcd 


I eoek for kitchen boilers, IeCl, i 
wafer, sad filling itseil£ Lnprorec 

iving out hot and cold 
i^p shntteis. Al- 

Mjkzwxu^ J. Stakefotd Foundfy, Dumfiries, Maau. 
— Cast^iee hatch-window for house-room. Another, with 
Cottage windows. 

anoar, F. 4 Milton Tcr. VauhaH, Jut. and 
— Lnp roTed window to prevent the entrance of 

Melwaxs, J. Ghariton-on-Medlook, 
lar.— Ptateat selfaotiiv weather-board, for doocs or French 

NsvBBsr, G. J. 488 New Oxford St Lit. and Prod. 
— Aa imp rov e d patent lever lo^ invented by M'Kinnon of 
Kew Toric. Ventilator made of giaas or other materiaL 
Cdf or moulded glass letten, serous, snd ornaments. En- 
craved glass for windows. Corrugated glass ventilators. 
Staiadea ^asB windows for ehurchies, && New artifieial 
stooe^ indurated and waterproofl Coloured marble with 
derieea. Window roller4>lindk Patent chifTonni^ counter 
aad table top of glass veneer, imitation of wood and marble. 
Faleai sUk, oiled on one dd& Lyoopodrom. White velvet 
ibr paiatiiiur; ootton doth for envelopes, &c. Artificial 
leather for ualna carriages. Dre paintmg on morocoo, Sec 
BUek damask leather for ladies' shoes. Teztural glass. 
Marble ^asB aad ventUating screens. Tracing-cloth, made 
bgr pBspacing book muslin irith siae. 

RicwAsnsoii, J. 9 Wobum Buildings, TaTistock 
Sq. Des^— TaUe of wo^ts of wrou^t-iran, squsre, round, 

Bicsiujr W. C. 21 Park Side, Hyde Park Comer, 
lar*— Bod lerd, for use ia agricultural drainage. Portfolio 
bcaeke^ for the purpooe of holdiag portfolios, and exhibit- 
lag their eoateats to adTaatue. 

BovasB, F. P. C.£. 2 New Lm, St Glemenf s 
Pee.— Desiga finr a wxougiht-iron gbder bridge at West- 

SruAxr. W. Breakwater, Plymouth, Devon, Des^— 

neasMlei of the breakwater in Plvmouth Sound, with 

aHer U^ilfaoose and beacon, made for tbe exhibition under 
ibaarectlQas of tile Lords of the Admiralty. Thebreak- 
ruas eoastneted agreeably to a report of the late John 

Bemde and of Joseph Whidby, master R.N. ; the lif^fiioase 
^~*—i by Walker and Burgess: with sectional and other 

Sacbbd HABMOiac SociETT, Oifice Ko. 6, in Exeter 
Ban.— Model of the orchestra of the Secred Harmonic So- 
ciety, Exeter Hall, an amateur society established in 1832, 
for the performance of oratorios and sacred choral woiks, 
executed by Bfr. Phidias CUrke. 

TowmLET, W. 99 Holbom Hill, Inv.— Model of the 
sorfoee or sunerstructore of London Bridge, with ma- 
chinery, tec. New system Ibr washing and watering streets, 


Wabd, T. Falmouth, Liv.— Model, to iUustrate a 
method of prepiBving foundations, aad boildbig under water, 
to supersede the use of the diving-bell, cofiiardama, Sec 
Diagram, explaining the method of building hollow or solid 


Woods, F. F. 5 PelhimTer. Brompton, Mean. 

Wait.— Machine ibr making boots aad shoes, 
[ham Ter. Brmnptoi 

Inv. and Pat — ^Patent union paving, for roads; ^ 

to create less noise, less mud, and be less slippery than wood- 

Clasb 8. NoDcd JjtkUeehare, Military Engineenng, 
Gwu, WetiporUf j-e. 

4 PABaon, W. Swaffham, Norfolk, Mann.— Li^roved 
double guns. Tioading rod aad socket, Sec. 

6 SCOOI.I.BB, J. 65 Argyle St Gbtfgow, Lit.— Fog 
signal-li^t, for shore and ship signals. 

6 SiATEB, W. 882 High St Wnnring, Prop.— Ln- 
proved patent copper powder^Mrrel, whuA preserves gun- 
powder in perfect safety against fire and damp. 

7 TTI.DS2I, B. A« Copt Woolwich, Mann.— Modda of 
British ordnance. 

8 M*GxTTBics, F. 81} Philip St Kingslaad Bd. Des. 
aad Liv.— Model of a war^engine, able to fire 10^900 ehaiges 
of ban-cartridges in ten minutes. 

11 BiCHABssoii, R. 21 Tonbridge PL New Bd. Menu. 
— Modds of tents, marauees, and rick cloth. 

11 RiCBABDSOv, R. 21 Tunbridge PL New Bead, 
Mann.— Garden, fishing, sheep, and rabbit nets. Sec T^rans- 
peient sheeting. Pr^iared waterproof cloth, tarpaulins, 
Iec. Painted block-printed and waterproof canvas. Models 
of iron houses. Wire netting. 

12 BsAsroor, R. 11 Warwick St Woohrich, Inv.— 
Two magazines for the resistanoe of water, ^ipUcable for 
powder, or any maritime purpoee. 

14 JoTCB, F. it Co. 57 Upper Thames St Inv. and 

■Lnnoved anti-corrosive waterproof percussion 
gun-caps. Percussion tube primers. ChemicaUy-prepared 
gun waddings. Patent wire cartridges, Sec 

16 Cavxbs It Laks, 6 Bentinck St St James's, Inv. 
and Mann.— New gun charge or cartridge for expeditioua 

16 Brideb, J. 4 Clifton Cottages. Denmark St 
Gsmberwell, Inv. aad Mann. — Tdescope loading rod for 

16* Beii>eb,' G. 30 Bow St Covent Garden, Inv. and 
Maau.— Bifle mallet for hot climatea. 

16 STMn«aTON,W.41GraoeehnrehStInv.— Gunwads. 

16 Shorjcan, J. 6 Gt Pulteney St Golden Sq. Prod.— 
^Mdmens of inlaying and engraving on the iron work of 
gmuL &C. 

16 Gabdhes, W. T. 22 Mead Bow, Lambeth, Inv. aad 
Mann. — ^Bf odel of a ship's gun loaded at the breech. 

16 Kiiio,T.J.16Wh&kinSt Des.— ^stola inlaid with 

Cx.A8s8. Naoal ArMteehtrs, MOitanf Engmeermff, Gwm, Wet^ng, gtr. 

15 LiLLTWHRiB^ J. Fredflriok 8t PortMA, 
Metal model of agun of 95 cwt with carriage and elide. 

16 GiBBS, O. Clare St Briitol, Iiit. and Manu«— Im- 
proved registered doubl«-baKrel gm, with protector against 

15 Bakzb, T. K. 68 Fleet St Inr. and Mann.— Appa- 
ratus for urerentiiitg accidents from J Jr e a r ms . 

15 Muimo^ J. Jon. 4 High St Lambeth, Mawt-^o- 
dels of brass giuuk gon-carxiages, and Umbers. 

15 Imskip, H. Hertford, l&T.— United serrlce powder 
and shot ilasic. Improred egg boUer. 

16 Gbadiou, J. Wohreibamptony Mann.— Tabe and 
barrel-action gun and xifle gnn-locks. 

16 BocuAim^ J. Greenwich, Des.— Iron steamer, pro- 
pelled by two screws. 

17 Sqdirb, W. Gotian Gfora, Mile End, Inr. and 
Mann.— New rilliL calculated to pvqject a ball to a great dis- 
tance with a small charge. 

18 FoBSTTR k Co. Ldcestar St Leicester 8q. InT. and 
Hanu.— Patent safety gun, kc Original percussion gun. as 
inTented by Forsyth, contslning a rcsertoir of perrasnon 

21 SnsKm, J. Kewton Steward Scotland, Inr. and 
Mann.— Two guns, newly inreated to prsrent accidental 
" *^ .with complete waUraroof for tLe cap. 

82 RoTomiLLM, E. 81 thm St Manchester, and 87 
Albany St Begenf s Pailc, Loodoo, Inv.— An improred 
gun-lock, with stock. 

22 FEBOi«oii,J.90Lai^bBmFLInv.— Model, showing 
ei|^t different modes of fortiflDstion on a new system. 

28 HAswEL&,&lSUpperAshl7 St Prop.— Air pistol 
on a new principle. 

24 Nked^m. W. fc J. S6 Piccadil^— For & Kewham, 
Prop.— Patent self-priming gun. Self-priming musket, to 
use the military flanae cap. Safety stop-lock gun. Game 
registers, double and single guns to load at the breech. 
SelMoading carbine. 

26 GoLDBT k Soir. HuddcrsSeld, Manu.— Bentle/s 
patent double gun, with tmnroTed locks, Ice. 

26 FB»i«o^aA.fcT.MastHouse,MiUWaIl,Poplar, 
Inr. and Manu.— Models of masts made with smaU timber. 
Improved fid. OsseUs' imptored gun. Gun-carriages. 
Blocks, lus. 

27 MoBTiifBL T. S. 97 George St Bdinburgh, Mann. 
—Double rifle. Fowlingjplece. HkUand pistols. Im- 
proved conical and other balls. Spedmen gun-case, with 
tjt^w ja complete. 

29 Hastdgs, J. 24 BflUter St Otj, Prop.— Models of 
a windlass and capstan, fltted with Johnstone's patent double- 
action lever purcnase. Modd of a ship's capstan and rim or 
cable-holder, and Gryll's patent whehs. 

28 Deanb, G,kJ. ao Kii« Wm. St London Bridge. 
—Guns, rifles, pistols, tec 

81 BaooKafc Soy, 28 Bnssell St Birmingham, Mann.— 
Fowling-pieces. Rifles. Bevdving gun. Military i^uns. 
South American (Buenos Ayres) and Spanish carbmes. 
AiUcan trading guns. Dane guns. Pistols, ftc 

82 Tirmiq k Lawdp, Kimlnriiam, Itann.— Ulustrar 
tU>n of gun-barrel manufectnre; rules, guns, j^tols, air- 
guns. Ice. 

82 BoBnisoir, A. 15 Hampden St Harrow Bd. Pad- 

dington— Best Damascus gun 

88 MoLB. B. Broad St Bimdngham, Manu.— Gilt 
mounted sword, blade of finest cast steel ; highly mounted 
Mamaluke swora ; oflicers' reeulation swords. Matchets of 
best cast steel for America, west Indies, lie 

84 TowvssND, J. 11 and 12 Sand St. Birmingham, 
Mann. — ^Improved rifle and walking-stick air-guns. 

86 RvEVBS, Grbavzb. Ii Co. 28 Bartholomew St Bir- 
mingham, Manu.— Offleers' dress sabres and fleld-swords. 

86 Habt, H. M New Canal St ] 
Guns and pistols. Spedmani of gun-barrel mannfeeture in 
every state, from the old hocse-naU stubs of earlieat period 
to the latest improvements. 

87 BicixAnos, WnrLBT. Ii Soir, lyuHunBU" 
Rifles, double tiger guns, punt gun. pistols, Itc. 
Improved corkscrews and carrli^ SMrks. 

88 Coopn, J. It li Co^ 24 Legge St Blrminriuun, 
BCanu.— Patent setf«ocklng pocketpistol, revolving iSstolL 
ladies*jpistols, Ifcc 

88 WAUcsB,8ARAB,lkCo. 12 L«gge St Bhmlngham, 
Manu.— Specimens iUnstrmtive of the ^^^^^/vtm^ per- 

40 WALKn. B. Graham St and Broad St Bliminr- 
ham, Manu. and Pat— Spedmen of peronsalon caps : metal- 
lic gun^wadding; goId» sihrer, and steel pens; andladiea* 
dress festeners. 

42 OsBorans, C 1 Llcfafleld St Birmingham, Mann.^ 
Improved central-flra dooble guns with chain-twist barrels ; 
bar-elide, double, and single guns; tube single gun; luge 
single gun, with GoL Uawker^s improved ignition ; improved 
alarm sun. pistols, Itc 

48 GoDDABn, a A. Birmingham, Maan«— Fowling 
guns ; American dncUng gun. Patton, and common AlHcan 
musket California psoteetor gnn. Invented by the ethl- 
bltor; adapted to house defence^ lie. Gun barrels, partially 

48 Dowmno^G. ISOsnalTer. Caledonian BdlsUugtco, 
Des. and Manu —Condah fishing boat 

44 PowBLL k Soi^ Can's Cane, JUmlngham, Mann.^ 
Double-barrelled rifle and gun ; pistols ; improved safelj 
triigger guard ; pair of lock acticoiL lie 

45 Wnrrov, H. 58Cleveiand St Birmingham, Inv. tad 
Manu.— 8poons, in s variety of materials, improved tfamed 
hnon, fcc. Skewen, Isdles, shoe-lifts, tans, oocha, Joints, 
tablets, name plateS| new form and material. Safety guns. 

47 HosKxm, J. 31 Frith Street, Soho 8q. Div. and 
Manu.— Double gun, with safety ; on anew and simple prin- 

47 Katlob, I. Monk Brstton, near Barasley. Inv;— - 
Patent alarm-gun for the protection of property and game. 

48 Davis. J. 1 Duke St North Parade, Bath,Inv. and 
Mann.— Soldiers musket, substitoting the blade of the 
bayonet for the ramrod. New system of music, and gennal 
instructions for the pianoforte, oman, pedal harp, Ice 

52 Davxdsoh, D. Csptaln, Bombay Army (per C H. 
Davidson, Haddington), Inv.— Rifles and pistols, with telet- 
copio sights, and borea for grooved bullets. 

58 BsuAv, E.M. NewGxford.St Manu.- Improved 

~ rifles, pistols, air guns, ko, 
4 Bull,!. Bedford,Maau.— Double-barrel gun, with 
the modem improvements. 

55 RxoBT. W. fc J. 24 SttflbOc St Dublin, Mann.— Guns 
and rifles, double and single ; rifle and revolving pistols. 
Parts of guns In unflnishea state, kc 

57 rAusBB, Fbld, li Som, 239 Holbonu Mann.— 
Fowling and rifle guns. Pistols. Air-gun. Musket FusiL 
Carbine. Manacles, &e. 

68 Elet, wTkC. SSBroadSt Golden Sq. Inv. and 
Manu.— Illustrations of the manufocture of patent wire cart* 
ridges and percussion capSL Gun wadding. 

68 Laho, J. 7 Haymarket, Manu.— Guns, rifles, pistols 
and revolvers. Patent walking-stick gun, with rifle and 
shot barrels, lie 

61 Tbulocs k Son, 9 Dawson St Dublin. Mann.— 
Double bar guns. Cenb^petal double gun. Pistols. Barrel 
and lock manufiMtore. 

62 BsAzxsR, J. li B. Wolverhampton, Manu.— Speci- 
mens of gun manufoctitra. Double gun-tube locks; dimble 
rifle-looks ; musket percussion-locks, Itc. /^ I /> 

Digitized by VjUUQ IC 


CuLtt 8. NcKtd ArMtedwrty MSkary Engmearing^ Qtau^ WetqtonM, j-e. 


er BcM. T. 73 8t JuM^SL Uuni.— A centnl fin 
doable and omer gmii^ Spfdnen of the mennfkotare of « 
gun bend, ice. 

68 B jcaL w i T H, H. 56 SUnner 8t Soowliil], Mean^— 
FowliaMieceB, bhrndeibtueee, and other tn-woM. 

08 Bbttlbt l( ftw, la Soatb Gutle SL Urerpool, Ibt. 
and Mann.— DoaUe patent central tn pereoaskm gnne. 

70 WoounxLOyT. Hertford. InT. and Manu^-fihnply 
coBUneted tii^ gon for conntnea where there are no gna- 

70 WooDVTAKD^ J. 64 St Janee*! St--Fowling pieee, 
with detached wmtervfoof lock. 

71 £oa H. 1 FioeadiUy, Uaaa.— Self-primiag and 
doable b aCTei copper cap finrling pieceo. 

78 GounBa, W. S7 Daviee 8t Berkel^ Sq. Inr. and 
JHeoB.— I>oable norttng inin, with inmroTcmenta. 

75 Wnja]«mfc8o!c.S7 PaUMafi, BiamL-Gon, with 
aplral recoil Bpring, for wild-fowl ahooting. Fowling piecea. 
Bifle. fiUrer-gilteeunetar, ornamented with predoneitonei, 
te. Begolatlon iworda, Ice. Highland claymore. MaflUne 
for pwmng eword bladea. 

77 Hoooz k GazT, 78 Edgware Bd. MaaoL— Doable 
ftwlte^eoea, two^roored rifleo, and pittola. 

78 Hawkul F. CoL Lonmriah Hooae, near WWU 
cfanreh. Hanta, InT. — A atancmon nn, with improred 

Igutkmy Ibrged and atoekea on n new principle, 
of two^anded ponta containing gon, gear, fcc te 

70 PoTT«» T. H. Haydon Sq. Minoriea, Inr. and Mann, 
—Doable barrel gone, with improred breeehea, birited trtg- 
gera, lee. Inatrament for drawing the breeches to be 

80 Jnmn fc Go. 56 Gondidt Street, Mana.--£^eel- 
nana of amitaiy oHleen' caMlatea, breea^latca, batlona; 
and naval ftaer and h^trj bottona. 

81 Coz,J.6eoi]rieMiIla,Edinbax|^Mano.— Saamlea 
of gelatine end glocL Swimming itookinga, and aafetyaraa- 

, to aaaiatperMma in ahipwrecL 

Lomnr k numukjnt, 17 Jermyn St. St Jamea's, 

Doi and Inv.— CMBoenT infontiT helmet of p^iermaehl 

86 Wncxmoji k Soil 27 PaU Mall, Mann.— IlfaHtrfr- 
tiooa cf the aunmfootore orgon barrela and sword bladea. 

87 Wintnr, Daw, k&.b7 Threadneedle St Mann.— 
BIflea for India and Africa. Fowling piece. DocUing 

88 PowxEi^ B^ 28 Poland St Oxford St Dcl— IMgn 
for A ndlitaxy cloak ooat 

80 Fnunsr k So3ca, 153 Strand, and 13 Conduit St 
Bond St Mann.— Spedmena of military and other battoni. 
Olden. In enamel and ailrer. Piatea for militarr alioalder- 
bdk thakoe, Ike. Sworda, Highland diric, &c 

81 HAwus&Ca UPiccadiUy.Iny. and Mann.— MIB- 
taiy and other head dreeeea. EngUah mililaxy aeooatro- 
mcalL Bmbroidered banner. 

98 JooHAViL P. 13 Peter St St Heller, Jeney, Inr. 
and Mam.— Cuiiac»<im, with aliort barrel, emboawd and 
inlaid with gold aadairTer, &c 

98 BEBOEaTov. J. Hoxton.— Improved military knap- 
nek, belt and poncL 

86 GAimax^ A. F. Great Flomstcad, Borwich, lay. 
and Flit— Patent foai>whcel barrow. Patent idieeb of 
wroQsiit iron. Patent ahip nopeUor. 

96 Miumnr k Son, 6 Dover St nccadiUy, Mann.— 
Double gone, doable rifle, and duelling piatola, and appa- 

90 CoKTToii, J. Ereetheom dub. St Jamea's Sq. Dee. 
and lar.— Model of a nilins vemel and life-boat, conatmoted 
and propelled on new prindplei. 

101 LA»CAem.GV.15lNewBondStInv.andMawn, 
tnd riflee with elliptic amooth bore, twieted ( 

^ ^ _ or q^ 

rallT inclined. Elongated'coneoaalon dieOI,' ke. 

108 SoomwooD^ J. Kii^ Croea Lane, Haiifoz.— Three 
modeh of a bleating gun. No. 1. For bleating downwarda. 
Na2. For lifting petpendieolarly. No. 3. For catting aldo- 
wap or forwarda. 

106 DirrHoirlcCo.6FinabnryFL8outh,Dea.aadMaDn. 
—Aerial tent Begiateredportable nmbrdla tent 

108 Ei)GiiKmni,B. 2 Doke St London Bridge, Lit. and 
Mann— Tenta. Stovea and oooUng i^paxatoa for teati. 
of flag. 

Ambetj^ C. Tottenham, Dee. — Gunning pont, wldi 
wateMigfat bulk head and meat, for wild-fowl abooting on 
the coeat Stanchion gnn, with improred India«abber re- 
coil apring. 

121 Bus Ic Co. Ndaon Dock, Botfaerhithe, loT^Mbdel 
of a merohant ehip, with diagonal frame timbera. 

189 BoBOM,?. 18 Saliabnry St Strand, PropL— Model 
of apUdng main and top maata, formed by email plecea of 



188 CoLBOBATs, F. B. Boond Hill, 
Fatoit anchor apring. Patent aUde TalT& for 
friction. PairofpatentrelievingBaddloigfarthi 

186 Gbajitbam. J. Orange Ct liyerpool, Inr.— Model 
of the eeetion of an uon ihipu wood ahfaltiing, ko. 

188 Gbkbsi, BlaekwaU.— Model of the <*Oim Glen- 
dower " Beat Indiaman, built at BlaekwalL 

188 HmiBBiov, J. Peterhead, Scotland, Iny.— Model of 
a ateam or aalling veaeel, with impcoyed aerew propeller. 

188 HxDur, G. Torke St Moakweermoatfa " * 
land, Mamu— Model of a merehaat'y eeael of the 1 
to rank A 1 at Lloyd'a, fitted with Hnfl^ea'a new windlaaa 
aodateering imarataa, Itc 

184 Hale^ J. Bromley. Bow, MIddleaey, Prop.— Mbdela 
of a ahip'a rooder, and a plan for wearing a ahip withoot a 

186 HoKir.H.Vietaria Cottage, E3ngrton,Portaea, Dee. 
and Mann^— Modri of a 12«anbnfton a dip ibr launching. 

186 HowB, J. Vcweaalie-apon-Tyne.— Model of a dip- 
per merchant echooner, complete and in working order. 

188 Laftbobh, J. Goqwrt, Hanta, Maker of Seikw— 
Model of a brig yacht 460 tone, apaxB and aaila. 

141 MooBB, W. F. Plymouth, Devon, Mann.— Half 
model of cotter yacht, Pizey, and of achooner yacht, Hal- 

146 Pnjammm, J. Gode, Leeda, Iny.— A wrooght- 
iron keelaon for wood-buiU ahipa : bdog tubular and water- 
tlght aaaiata in ballaafiiy veeada when dear of caigo^ If 
opening a valve to admit water, leo. 

148 SwoM, W. Greenock, Scotland, Dea. and Maaa.— 
Modd of a aerew frigate. Moddcfayacht 

147 Smiib, T. k W. Keweaatle-^on-Tyna, Plrop. — 
Modd of the merdiant frigate Blenhdm, built at St Petei^s 
Dodmrd, Kewceatle-npon-Tyne. 

148 SrarcBunr, J. Whitatable, neer Canterbory, Iny. 
—Patent pillar and acrew apparatua. for preventing diipa 
from kflsmig, and for reetoring kggedihi^ to their origfaial 

148 Pbu, J. Joimoa k Co. 74 Market PL White- 
haven, Inv. and Mann. Ship aorewa. 

149 SmvBiMni, T. New Court New St Soolhwaik 
Bridge, Inv.— Model of a ddp, with imnrovementa. 

iSo Smith, H. 208 Botherhithe St Botherhithe, Mann. 
—A built modd of the berqoe '^ Beling Grove.** 

168 Tovsu^ G. B. Miatley, Manningtree, EaMQ^ Inv.— 
Modd of a 8hip*i hull, of parabolical form. 

164 TnursuU) B. So^Shidda, Dea.— Modd of the 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


Cum 8. Naoal JrekHeetmre^ MiMtary Eikgmurmg^ Qm»^ Weapcm^ ^. 

ball of amcrehfliit ihiii^ of 807 toM O. M., boUt Moording to 

161 LAMVocr, C Woffciagtaiiy Daiw— Model of one of 
Lindiej li Go/s line of aUpi to Oaenttn, 800 tone ngifter. 

16S TtJOUL. A, 8 Upper Eeet flmithfUM»lnv. end Pet— 
Peient itonn eeilB. 

106 ADMuuLurr Uoams vbom Somnrr Hoim.— 
Whole modeleofehipibelo^lfaV to the RoTttlNevy. Series 
of helf-modele of elilp»«f%er, fitted with scxeir-propeOete. 
Serieeof helPnodeliof edlinfihipe. Series of helf-«M)deSi 

of experimeBtel frlgeleiL Bme of helf-modele of ezperi- 
mentel hrifL Bfodui of boira, sterns, end tnnsrerse sec- 

109 ALDimwrr, L 57 Lom Acre, InT.^Model of e fliit- 

107 Beovra, W. C. Tstnes^ Deron, Dee. end InT.~ 
Model of Princess Bojel, 19(HK">^ ^^P^ mmSm of wood end 

100 Watwh, T. 79 PRnraet 8t Hozton— Model of e 
niea far theconeet meesozenent of toonege in ships^steem- 

172 Dowm^. Mile Town, flheemess, Des^Model of 
e cerrette of 80 


gons, rsgobrij bnilt, 

emed, end 

74 Habsis,W. 

.8. Ptjnovth, Lit.— Prsoticel models. 
illustntiTe of the system of HghtnJng cenductois employed 
in Her Mefesty's shipe. 

170 M'Liknn, Wr74Hig|iStGemdenTown,Mesa.— 
Model of en 80-gan ehin, lUly rined, Ike. 

178 Bmo, J. 16 I&OBBd hT Dorer, Menn.— Model of 
e 50«nn frignte, eimed end rigged. 

179 TrammLL, S. WUtby, Tortafaire, Menn.— Models 
of n 74-gan ship, of flie time of Lord Kelson^ end of the 

181 WHIR,«s, Isle ofWii^t, Dee. Inr. end 
Msnn.— Pour models ftv the entire neTjr, from one design. 
Prigeto end oorrette vpon pereboUe eecdons. HeeTing-op 
slia Work on nsTel erehneetnre UlnstretiTe of the whole. 

181 WHin,J.£estOowss,lsleofWigfat,Des.ettaMena. 
~ ' ifarnnewSOgimsUp. Models of H. M. S. Vio- 
toiy. Aeeton, steenHriifo Tetmegent, end brigs Weterwitch, 
I>sjing: end Contest models n e schooner end e cntte]> 
yecht, viotoria yediL bidU far tiie Emperor of Bnssie, Ice. 

181 WHrrx^TT?. ft R. West Gowes, Isle of Wight, InT. 
Dcs. end Menu.— Model of flie steem-ship Yeseitei 
bnilt far the TarUsh Gorcrnment Deeigned far e 
frigete, end far the fast trensetlentio steem-ihin ; M< 
steem-ehip. Design far en oeeen eteem-ship of ^000 tons. 
Steem-ehip Yeetie, boilt ibr the Peninsnler end Orientsl 
Compeny. Modele of lifa4)oets. Screw, steem, end seiling- 
ships of *2.500 tons, fce. 

188 RosBBLL,T.& 87 6t George St Westminster, Inr. 
—Model of shipe oonstmeted on the wmye principle: Wer 
steemer, with peddle^wheels, oonstmeted by Robinson end 
Sossell, at MiU Well, simwing the new patent eystem of 

Seiling oorrette, on the waYO principle, pro- 
poeed by Ceptein PIshboarM^ end oonstrneted by jDr. 

fSl Lai!io, J. Bnadctlsiid.— Model of the ship ^Yi- 
miera," 1,080 tons, betoaglng to D. Dunber and Sons, of 
liondon, built by Jr. Leiag: model made by T. Hardy. 

186 Weld, J. Lolworth Ceetle, Werefaem, Des.— Model 
of a 18-gmi brig of war, on peeidiar scientifld principles, cal- 
cnlated to Insnre fast sailiiMt. 

198 Bnoous, H. 46 Mondngton PL Hampetead Bd. 
Prop.— Patent steam-tag^ far henUme vessels on canals or 
narrow riyers, liavlng ndtlier pedoies, wheels, nor screw 

107 Clabss, J. a. 7 Hemilton 8q. ^rkenheed, Des.— 

Model of an imnioTed steam Teesel intended to possess eU 
theonaUtieedeeiiahleina good sea4Met, and for eenring 
wdmit at an inereeeed speed. 

901 Dn«inraii,T.J.BIeckwaII,DesL— Models of war 
steem-reesels : Yiedlmere, built for the Emperor of Bnmia ; 
H. M. screw steem-vessel, Sharpehooter; steam^acket. 
Wonder; iron onttsr jecht Myste^ ; Earl Spenoer, one of 
the leetpeesengereeiling.peckets that plied between Londoa 
end GraTeeen£ built 1796 ; U. M. Peify, eerew steam-yaoht, 
&e. Wrought-iron ceissoou, to sopeaede enlrenoe gntee to 
the new docks at Woolwich. 

808 ELum, W. School of Dee. SheAeld, Dee.— Pigure- 
heed, far the vaoht Pairy Qneen, bdonging to G. P. l^aylor, 
Esq . Rb ftef lq. 

^i04 Hau^ W. B. MoreUm, Bideferd, and 55 Gt Marj- 
lebone St InT— Appeiatne far the appliceiion of the Oato- 
narian corre to tiie line of ships. Model of an 18-gan brig 
or corvette. Seriee of diegrsms, Ulnetrating a tbeory of 
naval architecture. A eode, a kind of vase made of a mix* 
tore of mutton fat and lard, deooiated with wax ilowen. 

906 IiKiRAM, J. Chnreh St Blackburn, Inv.— Improved 

900 KxncAXis^ T. Greenock, ScoUand, Lit.— Models of 
fan propeller, varioosly upUed. 

908 Maoiiax, Tsb York PL Bdinbuzgh.— Model of an 
improved fhrst-dees sin going steem-ebip. 

900 Masoit, B. Brompton Poet Offlce, Inv. end Des.— 
Models of an aerial marhine, of a self-acting Ufa-boat, Ibc 
Section of ship's deck, with oooceeled fastenings. 

910 Gxttsov, A. 8 EjCDonth PL Chelteahem.--Steem- 

shin, with improved endlsw cheJn 

Inv.— Improved boot 

ill OR000K.J.GreaiTa 
for sporting or snooting. 

911 MuMronD,w7T. 19 Edward St Deptford, Inr.— 
A model of the peddle-boz of a steem frigate of 600 horse- 
power, with wheel end peddle4>os boat Model of a gun- 
carriage far workinga gun at a bow, broadeide^ or stem- 

919 Piksoo. B. Blaekwall, Builder.— Modd of the 
Jupiter eteem-boat running between London and Gravee- 
end. BuUtbymUerBavenhilLfcGo. 

918 WiuEAAMS, a Bridgend, Glamorganshire, Walce, 
Inv.— Models of machine far pressing, tearing, and clearing 
the surface of hud, fta Mooel of a new plan for propelling 
emigrant veesels. Icc Model of a plan far taking carriegee 
over the Avon, Icc Hints for firo-eecapes. 

914 MAnE,a J. k Go. Oiebaid Yd. Blaekwall, Menu, 
and Dee.— 1 Model of Her Mi^ty's iron screw steem- 

SOit, *« Pairy.'' 8 Model of iron steam-vessels built for the 
iperor of Russia, the Yiceroy of Egypt, lus. 
910 RsEO. J. Silver St Stockton-on-Tees, lav.— A life- 
boat, righting itMlf under all circumstances, without the aid 
of an irati kMl or deedweightof eny kind. 

917 RonsoR, J. Gatesheed, Newceetle, Prop.— Model of 
en iron steem-tng or peesenger^teamer, being the firet used 
far towing on the Loirer Danube. 

918 BoTBVBi, M. W. New St Edinburgh, Inv. and Pat 
—Model of a steem vessel, with improvements in propelling 
and navigating. 

918 SuMioBrr. R. Bevonport, Des. and Prod.— Speci- 
men of naval architectural drawing, and original design, re- 
presenting the profile and bow of a war steem-ehip of 500 
horse power. 

IM IifQunsux, E. A. R.N. 9 Portsea PL Connaufl^t. Sq. 
Inv.— Model of H.M. brig " Plying-Fish," fitted with a 
screw-propeller, to be worked by the capstem ; also gearing 
for connecting the screw-sbaft with the chain-pumpe. An 
anchor without a stock, and both flukes taking the ground, 
when in use. 

Digitized by 


CuLm 8. A^aval Ardaiedme^ MUUary Engineering, Gwis, Ifettpons, §fc. 


JvmsT, WAXsn^ k Go. limehoose, InT^-^pcei- 
cf pataot maziae glue, ihowiiig its ntiHtj in naTal 
•rehitecUire, and iti dazmUUtf and cleanHneai. In tiie 
oooametion of made-masta, it admita of amall aeaaoned 
Daotiiei or nortfaani timber, beLag iisad inataad of yellow 

S96 Ptx,J. 58Threadneedle8t<-Modelofan1imeiged 
paddle-wheel, for propelliiHS ▼eiia1ii| to work wholly or pax^ 
tinUynndcr wmtcr. 

SBI9 Bauxo^ B. 118 Wardoor St Soho, Lit.— Model of 
ft tcomI, with is^roved rigi^ng, mait, and aaila ibr a fore- 
and-eft rigged vcneL A aaftty ehamber eandleatiek, with 
Indfar-Buitch box, MTe-«lL fce. 

S81 BtELi^ H, Baltic Wharf; M illbank, Wertminater. Inr. 
— Water grapnel, or deep-sen anchor. Sob-oiazine beat 
lNTli4(-bdi adapted for locomotion. Life-boat for the 
beach. A nest of boats for emigrant and troop ships, and 
■ eno f -war. Model of n locomotiTe balloon and loccnnotiTe 

282 BxnxT, L hfiddle St Deal, MamL— Mbdd of a 
Deal higger of SO tons. 

288 BoinvEr.W.W.CIaremontyina, St John's, Fiilham, 
InTw— New liiTe-lMnt with oella, &e. of gatta pereha. 

286 Bsowv, J. 71 LeadenfaaU 8t InT. and Mann^ 
Portable raft for shipwreck. In. Donble-Mtion sofit bed, 
to prevent sea sickness. Fire-escape scafibld. 

288 Olabb, J. 10 Parliament St Westminster, InT.— 
Model ofthe bonk life-boat: to bensedasacot Modelof 
a flexible ttfe4xiat 

240 Blub. P. A. Commander, KJf . Gt Tarmontii^- 
3(odel of n yacht, with a alidinff keo, to enable her to go np 
ahallowriTcrsandoTerbap^iaiboars. A method of lowering 
the mast A prqjeeting bow, he 

210 Elus, p. a. Great Taimooth, Norfolk, InT.— 
Model of n vesseL New sliding-keel; and planfor lowering 
or raising the mast with two hands. 

244 Dkukbt, J. Hartlmol, InT.— Modd and plan of a 
ship and ahore sheet-ixon lifo-l)oat» to recoTcr henelf wlien 
apaet; proTidsd with a cabin, water tiidit 

246 Dm, W. &1 ManZeld St Singriand Bd. InT.— 
Patent life^avnch. Life-boat and nfta. ^ Stone life4M»t" 
** Stone booy," kc 

247 Pavcbt, p. Mount Pleasant, Dooglas, ble of 
Man, Prop.— Models of Ufe-boat^ on the twin-prindple, 
completely decked orer, and diTided into twenty air-ti^ 
compartments, which can ndther be swamped nor upset 

248 Gai^ G. H. 38 Wind St Swansea, InT.— Hydro- 
static apparatus for life-boata ships, Ice made of gntta 
percfaa. A lifeorsurf-nflor boat,Vo. 

249 Gals, J. & B. Whitby, Iut. and Menu.— Model of 
lsfe4>oat emptying itself whoi full of water, in the short 
space of four seconds, by mesos of two aptftures in the 

280 TwTMAiff, H. Bamsgat<», Msnu.^Mbdel of a 
used en this coast for rendering assistance to Ts s s ela in 


262 Jtua^Axn, E. Scarboroni^ InT.— Cylindrical life- 

258 HoDOsosr, M. 6 Moor St. Sunderland, Mann.— 
3Iodol of a pilot coble, such as ply oat of the port of Sun- 
derland, wiih its oars, sail, and other eppoinlments. 

266 MosTCAGLB, The Ri^t Hon. Lord, 7 Park St 
Weslmluster. — Model of a cumgfa (ooxabus), or light row- 
boat, portable by one man ; used for fishing on the ncnii- 
west coast of Ireland. 

266 UoL-rux. W. Walmer, Deal, Iut.-— Modd of as ap- 
paratus for prcpelling a line to a rcssel ia distress at a dis- 
tance &om tbe shorty with wicker boat to travel en a hawser 
from tLe ilu^rc to the vessel, &c» 

268 Huoius, J. Sunderland. Inv.— Model of steering 

tus. Model of mastinff-aheaiB, capable of lifting a 

of 20 tons wei^t, and adapted to put mast* into 

267 HosBAiTD^ J. Mykxr, Palmoath, InT.— Model of a 
new life-boat 

268 JjJOLXiT, W. Looe, GomwalL— Model of a aO>foet 
^-oared gig. 

280 BoBiinoK,J. 6 Pattison St Stepney, InT.— Boats to 
saTe life from sh^wreek. Patent steering-machines, with a 
reboondable rudder. Patent machines for raising wei^ts^ 
wei^iing anchor. Ice ImproTcd pomping-machine. 

264 Pi^BHTT k PXLI.BW, Ncwbury, Berks, Iut.— A life- 
boat, of wood, eork, and tarred yarn. 

266 Book, G. U. Landport, Portsmouth, Working Ship- 
wright.— Model of H.M. steam yach ttender. Fairy, with her 
entire fittings on the deck, masts, rigging, Ice. 

267 Boss, J. T. Begent St L?thrbes.-Model of a 
Boman war-galley (Quadnreme),i]lustratiTeof Mr. Bowell'a 
theory of the Polycrota, that the ''banks" were reckoned 
in the direction of the galley's length, and not from the 
number of tiers. Design for a timber Tiaduet 

288 Sbaw, J. Glossop^ Iut. and Pat^— India rubber air- 
gun ; the req;nisite pressure of air for one discharge being 
procured instantly at the pull of the trigger. Patent Tahre- 
Dogle: the Talves ^plicaole to all braaa instruments: tlw 
patent is now being worked hj J. KAiler, Henrietta Street, 
Corent Garden. 

271 Slateu k WnmBT, Whitby, Tut.— A lif*4>oai and 
carriage, not liable to ij^set on being struck by a sea on one 

Jet, from Booltf Alum Woriu, for malong brooches, 
Bts, necklaces, rings, &C. 

272 SPAnaoWyB. Wexford^— Lifo4>oat model on an im- 
prsred principle^ 

276 TeasdszX) W.Gt Yarmouth, Lit. and Dea.— Model 
of a coffer-dam, on a new principle. Modd of a life-boat 
and carriage. 

277 TuTT, G. Bast HilL Hastings, Mann.— Model of the 
new elaas of fishing lugser, built at Hastinga, lepcesenting a 
decked boat of !X7 tonsbnrthen. 

280 AX.I.A1I, J. H. 8 T^fadfnhaH St Prop.— Model of a 
South Shields coble. Model of truss-work, introduced by 
Sir B. Seppings for the internal fastening of shins, and on 
the same principle as the girders of the Exhibition 

281 AiTOEBSosf, B. Westoe, South Shields, Iut.— SmaU 
pattern Ufe-boat, clinker-built, fitted with air-tisiit ceilings 
feathered and groored up to her gunwales; she naa a well 
hokling 44gaUons of water for ballast 

282 Batemam, J. 101 Upper St IsUngton, InT. and Pat 
—Patent life-boats for aO oerM>na, and for slz persons. 

284 PoBsraa, J. & T. Strcatham, Lit.— Boat, boDt of 
wood, coated on both sides with a compound of gutta pereha 
and Indiarrubber. Accoutrements made of the aboTC^ and 
of a waterproof japanned fabric 

286 UunBABD, C Dieklebur^ near Scole, Norfolk, 
InT.— Gutta pereha portable boat, for erosaing detached in- 
land waters. Miniature working model of a portable wince, 
for climbing precipices. Case of omitholoeacal specimens. 

288 Birrcc, \f. Hammersmith, Lit. and Builder— A 
rl&ficd portfible expansive boat 

^281 NooLTOK k WrtD, Fore St Lambeth, Menu.- 
Londou outrigger sculUng boat, for racing ; tbe bodT in one 
plank, from head to stem, without a join or leeL Model of 
an eigbt-o&red shallop, with awninss. 

288 SzABLC k S<no, Stangate. Lambeth, Menu.— Model 
of aie state barge of the Lord Mayor of London. Pair- 
otred gig. 

296 VTextzzll, A. Lambelh, Mann.— Baeing boat, 

Digitized by V^V^OQIC 


Ci^AM 8. Naod Architechertj MUltarp JBngmeermg^ Oiou, Wmipons, jv. 

ImUt of mahogujud UMile. LSsht gig, bnUt of mahogany, 
nM«> ud ohanrat BcgLrtmdUMioat 

902 AuuDi, J« Gnenook, SooUand, Iut.— New patent 
flafeir anehor. 

808 Ax.Liaoii, B. W. 86 Nottingham PL 8tepn^, Jnr^ 
Imwpyed steering whed to prarent aoddenta at tea. 

806 BaxbD) J. ILSlOSfiaadLInT^Method of lowering 

806 BsAsoir, O. Greeehbanmr Tannton, Somenetshire, 
^T.— << Prince Albflrtrs mliror," upon a nauttcal adjustment 
Uoi^enal rowioeks. Whale gun. Boat safety xeeL Life 
raft. Hast clamp. Gun eleirator, Ice Indicting or filter 
oock. Phaeton hood lifter. ImproTed door, obviating 
draoghts, Ice. UniTersal tiaetor. Spnnring cart, to spread 
manure on the land. ^ — » -^ «^ 

807 BsBTBoir, Ber. B. L. Parebam, Hants, InT.^Per- 
petoal log, for indicating the speed and leeway of ships: 
patented. Clinometer, for showii^ the list and trbn of ships: 
patented. GoUapsshle life-boat^ 

808 BxriBLsr, J. 
windlass, with 

IdTerpool, Mann.— Model of ship's 
propeller. Patent anti-fHction 


800 BowBi, A. F. Botley, Inv.-~Clear anchor, 
for cmarter and stem boets. Portable fire-ladder. 

810 Bbowmdio, 8. J. 66 Hidli St Portsmouth, Inv. and 
lianu.— Brass um-shaped binnacle of entirely new construc- 
tion, with newly invented compass. Ice. Binnacle, invented 
by a J. Browning for HJCyachtYiotoria and Albert hUr 
line target, IM. 

811 Cbafhav k Tatiab, 7 Clarence Villas, Hackney, 
Inv. and Kanu.— Bcass models of patent shroud blocks, by 
ft pdr of which a man can raise three tons. A patent 
portable screw winch, for setting up ships' rigs^ng, kc. 

815 CoTnw,jrB. 19 South 9tLambeti^^bv.~^nnd- 
lass to raise sUpir anchors. 

818 DnfTRUL H. 1 Gannon St Hambnxgli PL Leith. 
--Drawing of a sbnple telegraph, being a system of sea 
signals by means of colours. Blast with modciflag. 

814 Pbibam. Cut B. H. B.N. F.B.8. United Service 
Qub, Inv.— Model, with drawing and description o^ Den- 
ham's Jury TiUer. Cooper and fiadeaa, 12 BilleterSquare, 
agente for licences. -t -* 

816 OrfOBo, D. Gt Tsrmouth, Inv.— Grapnell shot. 
Ice., to assist the shipwrecked msriner. The Joint invention 
of S. Brsdbeer and O. Duflleld. Improved masticating 
knif& with fifteen blades. Improved truss for hernia. 

818 DoTTOH, 8. 19 Durham St Southsea, Inv.— Model 
rotatoiy pump, calculated to draw 10 cwt of water per 
minute. Pire-escspe, in form of a dressing-table, the top of 
which will act as a Bd. 

817 Esojiiua k Masokavx, Qtj Saw Mills, Begenf s 
Canal, Manu. — Bothwa/s internal iron-strapped ships' 
blocks.— Registered, with specimens of those at present 
in use. 

818 Etbick, a. High Barnes, near Sunderland, Inv.— 
Model exhibiting a new method of laonching a long-boat of 
a merchant or other vessel. Portable punching, slotting, and 
atamping appaiatos, of novel constructton Bogie, or timber- 
lifting amoratus. Improved travelling bag or portmanteau, 

819 EzAU, W. Beading. Inv. and Menu.— Anchor 
without beam or stock, and having three flukes or grapples, 
all of which will lay hold at the same time 

8B2 GiLBBitT, E. Falmouth.— Registored marine signal 
lamp, which yields a light equal to a blue lij^t 

8d8 Gbeookt, 54 St George St East, Inv.— Ssfety- 
platejto cover the apertoro of a ship's scuttle.- Registered. 

828 Harvzv, G. Yarmouth, Lav.— Ship's fire-hearth, of 

U Kiof St Tow«r Bill. Inv. and 
's Unnaetej with reflecting lamp, 

882 H: 

Menu.- Im]. 

which can also be useJ u a sl0nal4lght 

888 HoHisAXx^ J. 42 GomhiU, Pat— Portet^s patent 
anchors, which have been submitted to various tests by 
order of the Bi|^ Hon. the Lords Commissioner! of the 

884 HoFwooD tad Aucctbovo, 184 St George 8t 
Welldose Bq.- Brass registered side scuttles, for li|^t and 
ventilation <dr ships, kc 

886 Jmnno, J. S Union Bow, Minories, Menu.— Beat 
binnacle, eontalning compass and lampb 

887 JoBHMH. H. T. Somerset St Portman Sq. Ihv^— 
Safety-sheet for forMmd-eft craft, boats, ko, 

888 Lao^iCP. 10WalcotPLL«aAbeth,Des.aiidInv. 
—Marine swine tsbte to prevent breakage of i^aas and 
spiUing of liqaios at ssa In rough weather. 

841 Lo!io^ J. P. Gt Yannouth, Inv — ^Model of a new 
plan for paddte^heels of steam-vessels. Improvement for 
adynsting the rigslog of vess e l s, ko. 

848 l<To^l>. 8 Britain St Porsea, Inv. and Ifamt— 
Screw propelUng redder. 

844 BLiCMnuu>» J. 18 Heniy St YanxhaU. Inv.— Ra- 
nacle and ship's compass. Ship engine pump. Waternsloset 
Steem chest and valve. Lantern and lamp for ship's head, lee 

846 MmmL G. F. M.P. lamehonse, inv.— Intent shipsf 
sheathing metal and shlpi^ fastenings. 

849 OBB.M. Grssnock, Scotlanllnv.— ModeL drawing, 
and ezplanalkm of angolated Jibs. Treatise on tne area S 
sails for open boats. 

861 rABXSB, C Hewark, Notts, Inv.— A screw valve^ 
intended to supersede the pceeent plug in ship's boats. 

862 P^BSXS, H. P. Dudley, uiv. Pat and Menu.- An 
anchor-shackle^ swlveL 1^ Wrought-iron stsy mooring- 
chain. A patent flat pit chain or band. 

868 Pambt, W. 456 Oxford 6t Inv.— BeU buoy for 
warning vessds of daagsr. 

866 Pbabo^ T. Bw 98 Newman St Inv.— BaUwur fog- 
signal lamp. FIshlBg tackle. Improved walUnff-stici, ftc 

867 ItomwB, lint B.N. 9 fiiawflekl StKing's Bd. 
Chelsea, Inv.— Paint small palmed anchors, with Improved 
iron stock. 

869 BoBonoii, J. Limchouse Hole, Poplsr, Bfanu.— 
Cordage of BossiaB and Manilla hemp, and New Zealand 
flax. Poc or alsnn sfamals. Benson's slide tiller 

862 BAiffn, J. west St uommerclal Bd. Inv. and 
Menu.— Model of Improved ship's mstan. 

868 Smalm, W. 18 Chariton Tm. Woolwich, Inv.— 
Anchor, which can be taken to pieces and stowed in ono- 
third lees room than an ordinary anchor. 

864 SiaTB, & 8Up Yard, Waterford, Des.— Spring msr 
chine for moddUng shipe of any form or dimensions. 

866 Tatlob, Jabbt, 104 hOnories. Manu.— A bronie 
binnacleo^th eompaai^ designed fiom the water lily. 

867 TBOvrsoii, T. Commander, B.N. 8 George 8t 
Lrith, Inv.— Safoty-phig, for boats and vessels, constructed 
of gun-metal or brass. 

868 WnxiAm^ T. Bed Lion St derkenwell, Inv^~ 
Butter chums. Pstsnt screw and bed wrenches. Self-act- 
ing ship pump. 

870 Spbik; 

•pbik»b. B. 116 Penchurch St Menu.— TTatertight 
trunk, csMble M^sostaining 15 persons in the water. 

878 Yoinio» DowsoB, k Ca Poplar, Hanu.— Improved 
rudder fastenings, which csn be refitted on board. 

874 BxiitAiDBir, J. Lieut B.N. 6 Barley PI. Inv. and 
Menu.— Model of lanyard-plates, to set up standing rigging 
of ships, in lieu cf rope lanyards end dead-eyes. 

881 Bbookbb, J. MaiyportDes.— Figure-head: Ceres. 
picking up the vcU of her dangntcr Proserpine. 

Digitized by 


CukasO. AgriadiMrcI and HortUadiurtd Maehi^ 


88i BMnrs,LnKi^ltCo.8Bi]Btar8q.— InT. uidMum. 

--IkilvgwtMidaMllait molion vid ctUaf ued in the 

Bo^ Nsvjr. PftteDt wSndlMi vurrliue. Bcgistered pit 

daiiL FMentmallfliailecMt-ifoiiblooki. 

88B8BCU9BAX. M. Meltoii, Woodbridse, Ibt.— RerolT- 

: HMliy fce. iriOi tn improrad m«Uioa of feenring th« 

~^ bf an open oeCaaoonl pyzimid, iking ftom the Tsnert 

. Mcdwd of btflaftilnffTenebwlthtboievttTingxig, 

pii tf i nl i ri y Manwr onai, gpch m ■ciew iteM n wflfa g fripttoi, 

. aBB CLABOoir, T. C. Ill Stnad.— Life bonti, formed of 

afco Ln, T. 4 Breod St HOI, Dee. and ]Cuio.*-Im- 
piofiid HfrpKMnrer, or ffwlnuning belt, lattaining the 
wnrin an apriajbt podtion. 

^ an IdOBT, eTsIS Hidb St WM^ng, TnT. and Dei.— 
lift bdii and bom. LUbboata. ta^angjacketstonp- 
poft Aa body in the mUer, fte. 

888 YicuaELW. B.88 BakcrSt PortmanSq. Dea.— 
G w rt ric al floating liib-bdt, atnifed with cork, 

88 T GnnnaaL V. Birmingham, Inv. and Mann.—Doabla 
gUH md fiflea ; banoon gnns ; rockat gnn and linea for 
WK&m Urea from aUhDiwrecka; patent itancfaion gnn for 
wil d fca l ihooting; mflitaiy mnaket, and rifles Laminated 

888 HsLT,A«A.161faneheaterBQi]dingi,Weatnunster, 
iBT.'-^ hatant oork-diiiring apparalna and Tent-bottle. The 
or lifb4oat eonmpied of waterproof canraa 
i.fiIlcdwiibbeddi«a^p>ovi8ion8.fte. Siidiiur 
bemieal Taie^ ihowlng tlie application of oU 
to Ibadhinieetionof noziooa matter, by confining tbe eflln- 
vfamnndcr water, or directing iti cwi^ tbrongb n tube 

Soulbt, J. 12& Higfi 9t Wmlnft Bfann.— HehTa 
aahr^geboat Liftgixdie. Sidtetrwindilaaik CkptalnCoota 
, ^e identical inatrament uMd I7 that 
r in ilia voyage round the worid. 
401 Bvuu H. a 95 Parker St Kinnland Bd. Dee.— 
Oiaamental glaai monldinge, fbr pietoie-ftamei, aMhea, fte. 
Kewalopperfiirbottlea. Portable nigbt4ight Newtootb- 


4U CooPBhB. 6.56 WeatbonmeStPimlioOflnT. and 
Maaa^— Begiatered ewimming glorcs, with webe between 
tim fNBa% andaiz^«8ae on the baek, to asaiit iwimmera. 

408 KAMom^ FnimiD Socmrr, 58 Fenchnrch St InTi. 
— Madab of atationa fbr aflbrding amiatanoe in caae of 
wnek. Lllebelt,lie. 

4M Tatiob, P. 6 Laurie St Leith, InT. and Mann.— 
Marian chair. Deck aeat ke, oonTertible into life raft 
OuBMlpoL MbdelaofUle-boata,&G. 

408 BHonk, W. G. Boea, Herefindahiie, InT.—Modd of 
marine Kfb- p reai g Ting deck aeat, aoconatnicted that in three 
minalmit can be changed into a aafety rait, capable of ioa- 
tain^g cibdii people on tlie water. 

4m^JtAME, C 18 Great Alia St Goodman'a Pidda, 
'W htt ecfc ap el, Inv.— Appaxatns for the reeorery of drownea 

408 Clattoh, B. 9 Grcahom St InT.— The swimming- 
^b^derigned and ibrmed alter the web-footed ih^e. 

408 CAnxa, A. G.atadel, Hull, loT. and Mann.— Pocket 
appamln i and tea aervice rocket apparatus, for throwing a 
line to n stranded ship. Self-octing Ufe-bnoy, by means of 
viiidi the liTes of nearly 400 persons baTO been saved since 
1838. adf-adjusting cork Ufo-bdt Alarm-aigoal, fbr the 
isoteettsn of booses, &e. 

4U Borax. HcKAXB Socmrr, Prop.— Ico-boat pre- 
sented to the Society bv the one establiAed atHamborrii. 
Breaks ladder ; ice sledge, drags, and olher apparatus, for 
MTing 4(Owning persons. 

418.l4ATiLBa, J. Bridge St Bristol, Inr.- Models of a 
ilontlnff booyant settee, for the deck of passenger steamers.^ 

414 ATCKBOon. P. 129 Strand, Iny. and Mann.— 
Patent float, or inTirible Ufe-presenrer, and swimmiDg-belt 
Modds of ]i&4>aats and portable boat^ 

418 Tkisooit, J. llfPore St Beronport, Iny.— Boterr 
sprfailder, for watering roads and streets, or nring liquid 
manurs. Portable lifeboat or raft, i^cable to Teaaela 
wldoh cany many passengers. 

451 SnoTHoosis Mowbbat, k Ca Glasgow.—Berer- 
berating mmpn e e se d air alarm, for nse on boexd sliipa, 
daring a fi^. InTcnted by T. Leea, Stockport Lee*ssaf«tj 
rwlrt/BMid water indicator. 

462 Smbb, G. a. is Ma/a 
peHer to work witfaont noiae^ with direct 

— Kew pro* 
I and back« 

CulSS 9. Agriadharal and HbrHcuUural Maekmei 
and Iwplonenii, 

1 ScAinur, W. P. Market PL Peterboroagh, Maao. 
-A two-horse portaUe steam-engine. The ftrmcn^ i^egis- 
tered steam cooking Mparatoa. Gake-breakei^ for ihe^ 
cattkL and mannre. Begtstered rrilei^milL Ghair-eogin^ 
Tam»«eatter, Ike 

8 GmEir, J. Bedfbrd, Lit. and Mann.— Steeiago drill, 
for tnmipa or man g e l -w u nel, with manure. £i^t-row enp 
drilL for com and seed. 

4 I>SA]IB,T. 


6 Annus. J. Perryfaill, Sydenhsm, Kent, Inr^— M»- 
cUnea fbr mookling drainage pipes^ tiles, bricks, Sic. Modd 
of a kiln. 

8 BinusT, T. 9 Green St Bedfbrd Bow. Iot. and 
MamL— Model of n newiy-inrented flTe-Tiieel donble ploagli, 
wifliont chip or conltcr; to be need either for skimming or 

7 Stot, K* 

8 Woods. J. Stowmarket, Soflblk, InT. and Mann.— 
New uniTeraal ntrmen^ cmsliing and grinding mill : regia- 

18 HABonia B. OldspringL Market Drayton, InT.— 
On»horse cart, widr rsrolnng ude. Set of wM p ple trees. 

14 HATWAnn, W. GmndUsborrii, Woodbridge, InT.— 
A lior s e dibbling and dropplng-macmne. 

16 BoBBT, W. Newton-b-Willowa, Bedale, Mann^ 
Osrts fbr fStrndng pnrpoaea. A light hone-hoe, for ridge 
work, imraoTcd 1^ the exhibitor. Deep ploogha, drills, fcc 

18 Hastxtb k, Tait, StrathaTen, Scotland, Iut. and 
ICann.— Qydeadale tilt-cart, for Arm use. Perm kitchen 


_.8a Sbtib, T. 8 aeaTC Pi. Larkhall Lane, Stockwidl, 
Surrey. Iut.- Sin|rie aeed planter. Sbigle aeed dibUer. 

18a Ancfm jSrick ahd Tux Compaxt. 

17 CAMPBnxi, A. P. 

17a GanooKT, B. BcTCri^, Iut. and Mann.— Modd of 
a draitting-maohine. 

IsTSrsnT, W. Stockwith, Gafaisborongh, Iut. and 
Mann. — Kew pea supporter. 

19 Baxsat, J. Mrwick-vpon-Twecd, Lit. and Mann. 
— BeehiTes, with moTcable bottom and crown ; with glsas 
crown and moTeable coTer, ftc. 

80 NiciiOLLS, B. H. 11 Elisabeth St Eaton S^ Iut.— 
Patent locomotiTe 'dibble, for nlanting com. Machine fbr 
giTing motion to rotatory machinery. 

81 WuKiB, J. k Co. Uddingston, near Glasgow, Scot^ 
bind.— Parallel drill grubber. Turn wrist plough ; two-horse 

Digitized by VJ^i^ 



Clam 9. Jgr^ukural amd Bortiadiural Ma ekii m mid /i 

lowing ploDch; lubMll plou^ inTented hj Ux, fimlth; 
ftieUon-wbeei ploo^ 

S2 BAsroir, J. Woodford, neor ThmptUmt^ Idt. and 
MuiiL>-A patent aeoddlbbig for wheat, Ito. An orna- 
mental ihe^-erib for haj, rooti. oake, kc SnTented and 
regittered li^ W. KnUt, Jbq. of Titehmanh. 

28 HjjpcBfD. Men. near Knataford,InT. and Mann. 
— Plon^ with welded Jelnta. Parallel expanding horM- 
hoe. Cheeae and elder preaa* Maohine for aereemng elay 
for making brioka, pipea, lie. 

S4 Bbklbt. 

86 WnroaoB, J. Oiireitr7, Haaiu— WfamowingiMk 
chine, for the pozpoae of cleaning wheat, harley, oats,beani, 
poai. See Glover aeed drill, for lowing all gran aeeda and 
tnnupa on the flat. 

2&A Auor, D. 6 Boone SL Lee, Kent, Ibt. and Mano. 
— Sttlphurator a|id ftimigator, to dimue powdered iolphnr 
more nniformlj than eaaiie done by the dredge-box, Itc. 
25b GnoBu^ W. J. Briatol, Ibt.— ModeTunlform com 

28 BoLMAv, J. Kelao^Boibarghahlra^ Scotland, Bea.— 
Model of a form iteading, erected at Wark, In the ooontj of 
If ortfanmberland, in foe /ear 1850. 

27 Amook, T. BaflcM^ near Nortbamnton, Inr. and 
Maan.>-Chaff-catter, with improfod xiaing leiiar. Improred 
two-wheeled iron, and mwiiig iron jploo^ 

28 FowxAB, J. Briitol,biT.—I>raimng-ploa|^ adapted 
for forming aperfeet drain, bj horM or ateam nower, on a 
newajitem. windlaaB, or Cretan, for applying Wie p ower 
to the plough. 

28AFowxai li Far, Briatol, Dea. and ]iana.~Fann 
cart, adapted for harreat and winter pnrpoaea. Low bodied 


a upper Gray St Edinbnrgih, Iat. 
) boUer, for iteaming bono, flax. 

81 lUwHxryW.Beferley.— WluBOwiqginaohine. Iron 
model bridge. 

82 BBiDAX&,J.Woodbridge,lfatta.— Aadremlaelf' 
adKoating cnltlTaior, for ikimmlng, eleanlnc, pnlTeridng, or 
sabaoiling land: patented. A comrcmamiig machine for 
beana, peaa, barley, fco. : patented. 

S^ Blackbaix, J. SB Upi 
—Model of higii-premore boUc , 
and food for cattle. Specimen o^ eteamed bone-manure. 

84 Bkakt, R. 

85 M^BanATJi, Lt-Gd. W. Neirfield Cottage, Graigel- 
lachie. Scotland, Iot.— Coeal aeed-planting and timulta- 
noooaiy-operating machine, to ihow the adyaatage of thin 

86 yfvKom, 

87 Bdrbsui, C Thetford, Norfolk, Dea. and Mann. — 
A aix-hoiae power portable ateam-cngine, adapted for drir- 
ing agriooltual machlneiy. Begiatend machine for making 
hnidlea or ' ~ . . . 


88a ABMniKn and Oo. 


41 Eluott, J. Sonthampton, Inr. — ^A poor man'a 
doeet. Modeb of form boildingi and of cottages for Ifr- 
bonreia. Draining le?eL Spedmena of day tubes, for 
building roofo and waUi of cottages. Sec 


46 GoLDoro, S. Hnrttbome Priors, AndoTCr Bd. Inr. 
and Mann. — ^Improred rolling barley ehumper. 
48 Davis. 

gates. Beg lsfe red gorso-ontling and bruising 

48a Baib, B. Berer^y, Inr. and Maan^Modd of a 
new tipping waggoa. 

47 Cl.ATromH.Atiaa Works, near Dorset 8q.InT. and 
BfaaBw—Machineiy and toda for tbe manofootnre of draln- 
agedpes^ and for amkhig didns, drawings of kilns, dixing 


Machine for cvtong, and 

Deroa, Inv. and*Ma&tt.— 
ing to a polp^ tomipSi 
apples, Ims. 
Damaioiro li dons, 8tir(ing, Prop.— A grubber or 
eoltlTator, made by L. Potter, Botbkennar, near Stirling. 
A two-hofie Iron swing ploa^ made by J. Barrowman, of 
Salin^FiftahiwL ' ^ 


61 Sbawabo, W. OultoB, Wakefldd, Des.— Tree- 
remover, for traa^laBting large shrubs and treea. Gonifera 
supporter, to premit cypiu ss u s^ arbor-vitse, Iw. from bebig 
broken down by snow, (cc 

62 Josns, S. 188 Tifadenball SL Inv.— Aixiah mow. 
edited to the ptesurystion of oom in the harrest-tlme of 

58 CoooB, J. Harleston, nesr Horthaapton, Inr. and 
MsffUt«~Fattfft wimowing or droaslng-macmne. Barley 
hummeller. Patent saekS»ider, invented by H. Gilbert, of 
St Leonaid'a^n^ea. 

54 Snuxa k Tatub, Lombard Bd. Batterwa, Inv.— 
Machine for ftleaning wheat and other grain. 

55 ABBorr, w. Bldeford, Deron, Liv.^-Oommon 
pIooA, with wfaod behind. Imparoved machine or appaiatas 
for vying malt 

58 GBBraar, & Marrh Gsmbs, Liv«— Laad-presser 
particularly adaaCed for ftn-land. 

58a Sbbs, b. 9 Lower Ter. IsUogton, Des.—Lady'a 
garden rake, consisting of a hoe, spud, and rake, all in one. 

57 NBVBBnr. 

68 BoTC8,G.Hel]aad,MaiketDeeidng,lBV.--Paient 
sdf-aeting redng-sieve for com and seeds. Potent smut* 
machine^ and geatrd corn-deaaer. 

50 Whishaw. 

80 BacnoB^T. fc GoBUBQ, W. Hlglifldd Famu War- 
grave, Healey-oD-Thaaus, Ihv. and Manu^— Modd oironlar 
mowing and tedding machine, to be drawn by one horse. 

81 BoDDHDBsr. W. k J. Market Drayton, Manu.— 
Compound screw and k^er cheese-press. Hay or straw 
cutting machine. 

82 Gxu and Wabd. 

88 Watt, J. Blggai^ Scotland. Imp. and Maau.— Im- 
proved broadcast sofrtng-machlne, lor gnin and grass seeds. 

85 Bmo, T. Ldcester House, Great Dover St South- 
wark, Inv. and Maau.—Ifflproved apparalos for aheep-dip- 

Ams, J. Kfaig St Bristol, Maau.— Improved bend 

87 SBAma end Sow. 

88 WBfTffiBLo, J. A. Pdaw Staith. near Gateshead, 
Inv. — Improved grappling or dredging-lron, for drawing 
from -the water the bodies of persons appuently drowned. 

' 80 JoLLT, J. Aylesbury, Menu.— Ghuroh and stand; 
mllk-paila; bnttet^tab; butter prinU and boards; milk- 


70 Jbmbboii, J. Frodini^hsm, Duffldd, Yorkshire, Inv. 
—York's com stacks. Stack4evel, to assist the staok- 
builder. Hedge models, Iec 

71 FOBD. 

72 HiotTjC Wantage.— Aregisteredjmiversd portable 
mill, for splitting or grinding all sorts of farm produce into 

Digitized by 


Ci.A«9. AgneukmutoMd Hintiadharal Mackm^ 


njL TmxJUiB, G. Himwr-on-lfa»-HiII,MiMn^- Ja igroT»d 

eofla^BraTbecliiTe, nada of wood, glia, uid 


78 Fbavcb, 
|iimigh fbr graen ciopg. A greonr^Bop gmbbcr. 

74 BasBirr, T. W«t Gunt, new PoalMr, H.BL— A 
m a ^^hliw far ■owing gndn, bdqg «n i mp rov « ddrilL Ama- 
cUne fsr drcniqg ndn, or ifunoTod wiiuiuwiiig inifWiw 

74 tamnp, T. w«t ItaMi, new Dnabti^ K. B. 
Nann. — ^A madiina^ for towing grain, being an iBprored 
drill, with landprneaenwr attached A wianowing-aaeliina. 

75 BmBT, H. liTorpocd, Maan.^Mod«l of a adtf- 
elaaidngxoller. Mill farmLdng psoTender far drill aowing, 
fte. GoDo^vttiaffnaehina. Mm far kibUiqg baaaa, oata, 
Ice. Ofleafce craaoar. Ice. 

76 WooonocnonL J. Kln^laj, near AHob, Miom.-^ 
Maeldne for bagging bopaby preanira. 

77 PBAsca. _ 


heilej. 8df«et&g alarum gan. 

80 SwAK , R. F. Bozfard, SoffoUc, lor. and 
Modid of a tipping wamm. 

T, W^. ll.« of 


81 M ackat , V. M. 8wanaea,lBT. 
ingbaj or cutting oom. 

88 Coasa^ J. Bnrbridge, near Kantwieli, Oierter, 
loT.andMaon. — ^Aehaff«i]ttingmaeldtte,witbtlinekniTei, 
iitakaa five different lengtha of dialL Gbaffcotting bm^ 
elrina^ with two kniTea. 

84 TkuMAir, Bow, li Haimov. 

85 Sbllae k Son, Bnntfy, near AberdaeB, lanr. and 
Miann.r-]>oabla moold, or dnll pioai^ with iaapiored 
moold-boarda. Swing plonidi. 

88 Jaxb, J. iTCoi S4 Leadenhan St MaBB^FHiant 
enoia, for raiaing and wd^ng gooda at earn epgatJon, 
Batant wei^biqg im^aih— ^ and wei^i4n' * 

87 Bowxcr, J. J. Bowthome^ near ^ummm 
prored machine for dropping pea^ bone^aat, 
or amngold aeed, he.: patent. Improred 
madnsa > xv^satered. 

88 Damuiosm, P. B. Perth. Inr. and Maan.— Astir 
metdlic table choma, with eiz aetiona. 

89 BsAO, B. 85 Beoent r 
t erin g engine HortfeuMoral 
Hew patent atomach pompL i. 
inatnnnmti for remoring obatnietionB of tlie bowdi of ani^ 

80a Wcoon. 

01 BMwv]>.a2A]enndrianLote,OldKeBtBd. 
fiiii>, nfjitilified baioneter, maanfactnrad bj L. P. Omdla 
and a»^ flatten Garden. Patent inatromenti far ftnntgrting 
plania, to daatroj inaeeta. he 

01a Jobaak, T. Billerieaj, EaMX, Inr. and Maao.— 

OS Paivir, tT, Jr. Sodbarr, SoffbDc, IiiT. and Mawii— 
Temple and collat«ai beehiTea. 

OftA NoiolAucia, SAWeUbeekStGKrendfah8i.]]iT 
— A new aelf-eleaaiag solid palp-biotting roller. New dio- 
adeal ehmn, and prooem by wmeh batter ia preaerred ftom 
boccming ranrid.i 

08 Momaoii li Sosr, Banii; Scotland, Prod, flwimlea 
of yellow tnnip and aeed, eoltiyated in Banfifaire and Aber- 
deemhirej Abecdeenibii^ or Gordon ycDow tan^ and 
aeed; WlUlamaon'a Swediah tomip^ and aeed; BWirom b 
jeDow turnip, and aeed. 

04 BnowmB. 

08 Cnowixr li Son^ Newport Pagndl Baek% Ibt. 

and ManiL— One-horse cart, with newly inrented tippfaig 
appaimtoa. Hamea. Ono^borM univenal hoe. 

08 Bbodib, W. Airdrie,8cot]aad.— Brodie'a regiaterad 
drain-die and pipeHnaehine. 

08 Law. 

00 Clabk, J. KixlctOB Blantyre, by Hamilton, Scot- 
land, Mann.— Ploag^ 

100 lavAVCE. 

101 Errs, W. J. Maidstone, Inr.^Solpfanzator, far 
throwing floor of solphor in a diAised state npon grapes, 
bops, peaa, roaea, Ibc. for the pnrpoae of dea&oying the 
moold or mildew. 

102 Ftr, W. W. so Hamilton PL Edinborsh, Inr — 
Syphon raparatos^ far tlie washing of sheep^ and hnproviog 
the growth of wort by the copioos^ppHcadoifcof pore water. 

104 Pomw, G. Grongfaot, Linlithgow, Scothnd, Inr. 
Imp. and Manuw— Lnprored swiag-plon^; driH pkmg^; 
bean-sowing machine. 

^ l8Gt.Geo„ ,__ 

taming over earth, which 

105 Tbomp90v,G. 18 Gt.Geoige St Westminster, Inr.— 
Patent manMne for di^i^ittg and i ' 

r also be nsed as a cnltiTator or acarifier. 
107 WiLUAMaT 


108 HAxarsAD k Soml Chicheater, Iny. 
ediron pkn^ and oil-cake breaker. 

108 BnvEB, T. B. k J. 

Mann. — ^Liquid manure diatribatinff car^ and Uqnid' 
dropHiriO. inTented and patented oj 
bourne, Hnngerford, Bern. 

Bratton, Weatbuy, Wilts. 
srtjBnd Uqnid mannre 
T. Cban^, of Aid- 

100 Matxakd Ic Soh, Bedford, Dea. and Maa m.— Jm« 
proved Bedfiirrtshtre one horae car^momted on animprored 
iron axle. 
^IOOa CorTAX Ik Hauot. 

110 GABSOir, H. Wamdnater, WOta, Bfano.— Scarifler, 
inTented by H. Carson Patent tamlp^atter, patented by 
B.MoodT, of Maiden Biadlay. Cheeaepnss, withdooXrie 
lever. A set of rix haoowa, paitienlariy ads^pted far wet 

111 MAnTCBllBClB^ J. H a T e r fo r d w e st^ South Walea, 
Maon.— Winnowing-Biachine. Ghaif-entter. Tnmip-entter 
formed of a orHndncal ba j n prfx 

lis PAxson, J. GraTcn Farm, Stamford Hill, Inr. and 
Maon.— Modd of a dlgaing maddneL 

118 LoxAZ. W. KTJdridge, Inr. and Pat— Lceaaaea 
patent ebaff and turnip entten. 

tll4 Hatwaso, O. Crewkeme^ Inr. and Mann.— 
Ploogli, with dxillii^s-machine attached, for aowing all Unda 
of com, and tumm aeed, with or without dry maifuze, Ice. 

115 Buruii, w. Northampton, Dea. and Manu.— Poor- 
horse power steam-engine, timgl/b in deaign, economical in 
faeL low in price. 

118 HoDOESfcSoMa, 16 Weatmordand St Dublin, yann. 
— hnprored safety kettles, and improved steaming wpaiatas. 

117 Hatsb, J. Elton, HuntJMdonshira, Dea. ut. and 
Mann.— GfimdinndU, to grind Ssriey into aoft meal for 
pigs, and to split oeana. 

110 HowTBB, W. k J. fiamudatcn, HaddiMlon, Scot- 

^ 120 


hire ; speci3iei<s of boney, Ice. 

121 Gloria, W. Warwick, Manu.— One^Mnae cart for 
general purposes. 

128 MAraAAD h Sow. 

122a Sxbtxcb. 

128n UsHSB, J. Edinbnrgli, Inr.- Model of locomotiTe 
steam-plongh ; the ploughs rcTolTing behind the carriage 
aetaapropellen: patent. 

128a Bsll. 

Digitized by 



Clam 9. Jgrip^Uwoi and HortuMund Maehmm and Iw ^mmii . 

Itto Joini% P. m^ flt Fnlhuii, Pnm^— Portable band 
garden e nytoe^ $anm tiie water in a oonttmioiia ftnam op- 
waidsof wrty f&tlL 

IMa Cowam^ H. Oontofphliie, Edinborrii, Inw, and 
Haau;.-6eif.2iLNtetiro4i«i^ ^ 

1S6 PAZxtm, J. JBattag , near Brentibrd, InT.--ImpiOTe- 

eat on w at er p ewe r fer grinding com, kc Begirteied. 
1S6 BoBiMos, W. Kejingbaa, Lit. and Mann.--Coni- 
dreadng maehlB^ fcr drttdng, blowing^ barifln^ and 
blowing and harifl^g combined. HariiTinaohine. Falent 
•traw-ebaker, ice. 

187 WKDI.ASl^ Mamt, Ii Co. Honehnroh, near Bom- 
ftrd, EaMz, MamL— PMent inpiOTed 
like, winnowing ■aeWne,^ 

ImproTod maobfaM fat brniaing oatL Maebine to 

gone or ftine. OH-eake milL Tomip and chal^catting 

158 Babbsrv SzAUby li Ajn>Bswi, KatevroTe Iron 
Workf, Beading. Ifann. and InT<-Sel»abrieating and 
doublHheed ilniee-eoek. Hi^hpteanire Bnmel iteam 
engine: tbe ^jliaden, finrae'piimn. Ito. oftbie engine are 
all Bade in one entire eactfaig. Fatent aafetj gear^oi^ 
Portable iteam engfaie. TbrHhinft enttfaig, cmibing, bolt* 
JgR baymakinfc and otber agrioQltnralmarhinm. Plooi^ 
baoowa, mannra-eariL fce. 

159 GxBiov, X. li BweaHl e , Lit. and Uann^Nortbam- 
berlandelod^raibBr, fer wet land, te.: aleo need on young 
wbeat finr the w ti ewo tai , and ftr maldqg drille for elorer 
and other eeeda. * 

180 LAMPin; C. BanbUT, Ibt. and Mann.— A bone 
seed dibler, potaSed. 

188 Baul, W.BodnrcD, near Kettering^ NortfaainpCoa- 
•hlre, JnT. and Mami.— Criterion priae pkm^ieniade ofiron, 
with steel or cae tli o n flmow-tnmer. Two-borm waggon, 
either with pole eritella. 

188 Jom, B. Great Golloge St Ounden Town, Inr.— 
Maehine for mnaliHng brieka and tilea, with pog-mill 
attaebed. Model of the ezbibitoc'a patent| with important 
additions and improfesBents. 

184 Latoock. 

186 Cnosnuk 

180 6bimsut,T. of Oxford, and BAxnAzxfcSAuifDntt, 
of Bath, Iny.— Bridk and tile presses. Model of Uhi and 
drjin^room. Pstsnt dxahdng tiles. Hotkiw brieka and 
tiles. Moddofiir»«nMfoottages,&a 

187 BicmmiD ft CBAJinun, Manebeeter, Inr. and 
Mann.~Coni-cnisfaer, chalf-cntting machine, grain-emsber, 
chaffmachincSL lie.' 

188 GiuAx, J. Woodstock, Lit.— Seed^desner and 

189 Tatiob, G. Butt, Lancashire, LiT.—LocomotiTe 

sheering and mowiimmaekfhie, woriced 

180a BoBDSoiilk So!f, CoTentrj, Mean.— Model chom. 

140 HiiA.B.|iC0LBrierie7 fiOll Works, Dodley, Lit. 
and Mann.— adm far paring stubbles, turi; fro. Expanding 
borse-ehoe. Wn>a|^it4ZQn gates and posts. Continuous iron 
fencing, hurdles, fte. 

141 BBoon,M.Batlej, near Dewsbuzy, Jut. and ICanu. 
^New maehiae mr ' 


141 Mapplbks Ji Low. 

148 8uoBT,J.34Leith Walk, Edinbuxgfa, Menu.— Sub- 
soil trench ploo^ ; an improTemcnt on Bead's bT the Mar^ 
qulsofTweeddala. The Tweeddale trench ptouf^ Model 
of Henderson's palsnt dermk crane. 

148 GAxanrr ft Sons, Leiston Works, SuiToIk, Tut. and 
Menu.— Drills, hotsa4ioes, thrashing machines, portable 
steam-engines, Immmetting and corn-dressing machines, 
chaff-cutters, crushsrs, ploughs, corn-reaping, harrows, ana 
other agrioultnrsl machfiBery. 

148 T>M Bbbbt, Loio Wnumanr, 143 PiocadiUy, 
Lit.— Maehineiy to pkmgb land, with stationaiy power 
en^ne: the ploqabs trnveiat Ats miles per hour. 

l48 CoMina, J. Soath Molton, Lit, and Mann.— Wronriit 
iron botee h oe. Onewaj tomoTers or tnmiestploa^ Ibr 
billrland. SobsaUpolTeriaer. Harrows, Ise. 

144aBluor^ G. Famham, InT. and Mann.— Hop 
bagging-maoblBa. to bagging bona when dried, of n new 
oonstruotlon : will beg two tons of bops in a day. 

144 Smna, wrBisrBh,Osmbridgeshiz«, Muia.-Boed 
waggon, and improved ploon. 

140 TMrrrn, W. BjiM, B 

fli ^ Wfltld nfar Gatmbsad, 

luT.— Model of reaping maehiTiftto outing oom with re- 
TOlTittg knlTea. 

14o Poirou, W« B. Goldhaoger^ near Maldon, Bases, 
Lit.— Bee h o us e^ or hire. 

148 GaoomBU) W. Loath, lineolndiire, Mann.— La* 

proTed patent drop drlU. BMistersd eoRHirsssing "»i»Kitf- 
Begbtered com and tundp hoe. 


140 HmRMA* k 8o», Omtle Works, Wobom, Lit. and 
MamL— Foor^iorse power portable steamnrngine. Patent 
bolting thiashincHBiaohine^ complete. Bi^t«ow patent 
oup-drill, with independent steerage. PMent Vandyke band 
thrashing«iaehine. Pstent iron ploiigiia. 

160 GaAr li Som. Uddingiton, Mano.— Farm oart; 
I. SabeoUpalTsriacr. Drillgnibber. Parallel horse- 
^Jt n^ \f\n efaeff cutter. tPoojch thnsbfng machineb 

161 WnxjAiis, W. Bedftnd, Lit. and Menu.— Pntent 
four-beam iron hanowa. Patent wronght^ron plonghe. 
Chaff-engine. A machine to making drain pipes and 

168 BoMn, B. M. LaadMm, Dee. and Menu.— Sheep- 
dipping machine to m^ymg slieep'washittg oompositionf. 

l68 Bon, B. M. LangMm, Inmifriea, Scotland, Dee. 
—A sheep^j^ing appantus and sheep carriage^ in one 

168a Mobbwood h Boobo, Steel Td. Whar^ I^PP« 
Thames St LiTenton.— Specimens of galTanised tinned finm. 
used in the erection ana roofing of buildings, ke» Patent 
compound iron and lead sheet and wire, iron and copper 
wire, iron and bramwire^ and tin-plate. Model of tom-yard 
and buildings, agricidtnral implements, ko, 

164 BLm^ B. J. NorwicA. Jut. and Monu.— Portable 
horse works. B^gistersd portable bolting thrashing machine, 
for steam or horse power. 

166 FaiuTiII, r. Corbridge, near Hexham. Northum- 
beriand^— Wwiping machine to cutting com and bay. Ln- 
proTod pump. 

160 8ad£bb. 

167 CooQZB, J. G. 9 Yeoman's Ter. Brompton Bd. Des. 
and Manu^— Model of a niden paTilion of iron wire-work, 
with seata ; to support luunblng olaats, with an aTiaxy. 

167a Budd, T. 16 Ebury S^. Pimlico, InT« and Manu^- 

LnproTod patent ] 

^ , mounted upon 

carriage w&eeb, and remains so when at work. Workmg 
model of improTcd machinery, to working marble, stone. Ice 

168 Hau^ a. Bank Buikiings. Manchester.— Garden 
net. and insect fteder. Subetitute for glam hot-houseiL to 
a slow conductor of beat, Ice CanTam for embroidery, 
with printed designs, to be coTered by the worker. 

161 NnoK. 

170 WiLMOT, E. W. Con^eton, Des.— Model of torn, 
buildings for a torn of about 300 acres, with labourer^ 

170 Smttb, a. K» Exminster, Tnr. and Maker.— Eotsry 

180 l>BAir, Dbat, fc DSAM. 

181 Warn^ J. 966 Hi^ Holbom, Lit. and Menu.— 
Machine to oouTcrting gorse into nutritious food for cattle^ 

Digitized by V^JLJi^ 


Clam 9. AgriaJtwnd md HoiticMlhtral Mackine$ ami Inqtlemaiii, 


eoni and UnioeiL and Taspiiig baat^tioi in fogu 
Patent ddflrmilL Wheat nSU 

182 TmniBB, B. B. Ipawioh, Inr. and Maam— Foor- 
iM povar^poilable fCeaiiMngiiie, fo agricoltaial po^^ 

the fapply of iratar to a iii{^ 
m ibr enufaiiig eom and leedf, 

IM JogcB,A. 

186 Bamubmok^ B. Banbory, Maan.— fMent donbla- 
aatton tonilp-^iitter. GhaiF«iittar. UDiTcnil «0L Im- 
fWfdbftanmin, OO-oakeliraaker. Bq^atwadatnoipheric 
flkaxn. PJon^ha. Hw a a h oa. Omammital aaitjron^tabla, 
md atooL Selfaetuv kitcban lange. 

186a Bin, F. SnBBMrtowa, dfind^— InplnBc&t to 
ftcOttata Hm ranoTal of plants in pota. 

180 WMmu, K 2 Ingiaia Oooxty Feneliardi 8t InT.— 
Madal of a machino Ibr mowing eom or giaai hj volatorj 
barfaontal kniTet. 

181 Hianoa,jr.Inr^-HandioIkr; oljaetyli^ilneMof 

IM SwTBi H. 18 Bollbrd's Bow. near flia Omrofa, J§- 
Ifaftoa, Inr. and MamL^Beg^MnadDortiealtoial liot-water 

188 Kmw. 

184 TASMn. 

188 TsBsorr, C P. Blnntiaham, near St I^m, Hnatins- 
ilnaAfri>,Defc— Modclftnnataad,far25Ooffa00acwa. 

187 Btbawiov. 

188 AxJCKAVDBB, E. T^orton, Stiiliag, SeoUan^ Idt. 
and Maan« — Modela of dnlning pkmglia: Flnt ninow 
phwi^>. wlddi cotaadepthof fiomffltaentoci^fatnlnfthci. 
Saaoad, or flnl^Wng ploai^ widch eols a fbrther depth of 
hnm ten to twelve ineheL 

188 Deav, T. Widiaw, Seotiaad, Inr.— Colieiy appa- 
mtai attached to a tile and ]rfpe-Buehin& for lonning orer- 
hfaiatilcaandplpea. Hie machine will be woilDBd. 

188 Btoi>. 

80O Cabobv, J. ])enUn« near 6iandMaB.>-Portab]e 
aafaB-hoae power etf am engine for agriealtaril puipoece. 
Fartabia tfaiaahing maf.Mnff, with straw shaker. A com- 

908 Ansua BncK and TiLB HAcmn Go. SS'Stansste 
8L Lambeth.— A brick and draining tile marMnn, womed 
Whand, inrented lij J. AinsUe. of Ahwrton, Acton, Mid- 
OMMx, and improred and mannaetnrea br A. Goodwin, of 
Gt. Goildford Si. Botoqgh. A larger machine, oo the same 
prin^ie. Patented. 

90b DsPobqor 

901 Pajoull. 

906 Bf-urn, J. G. Maricet Haiboron^ InT. and Des.— 
A twD-kniliB handfower cbaff-coticr, 1^ Comes, of Bar- 
brilge. Model of a ftrmstead, snitsble to a turn of firom 
SMJio seren hiradred acres. 

90&1 HArxs^ M. Bnfield Highway, Iny. mi Masii<- 

908 Rebxkll. 
908a Beadoot. 
908c KzanmoT. 

90O &n»B. 

910 ToBT&Sos.lOng'sBd.Chdsead—Modelofagreen- 
boasB^ with potting shed and ftvli-room. sfaowiag the boiler 
and hotHwatcr^iipeSy with impored ventilation. Ice. 

911 T^x]nox,D. Batho, by Edinburgh, Des.— Design 
fwan aixangement of farm boilding, the grsiia crops nnder 
eorer, tec Model of a cheap finmof flelddrsin. 

919 TiTHsaLaoii, W. 350 Corentxj Bd. BJrminghsm, 
lBV.aad ManiL— Winter and sommer, or self-tamperatiire 
buCICff cbom. 

918 SrswAOT, C.& Go. SSChsxing Crass, PAm.— Patent 
potato-gerai eztiaetor. Anti-pntrescent preparaaon to pre- 
serve the gepns. Patent Plaatagenetgoaidxaaor. Bnnovad 
raaor-etzops and paste. The pracem of cntleiy in the ma- 
nn&ctiire of the raaor. 

916 Padwics, W. F. Manor Hoose, Hayling Idand, 
Hampshire, Inv.— Hand-drilL for garden and odier seeds. 
Improvedplanting line, and dibbler or trannlanter. 

all6A TwmjhSdbj, Toiksbire, Des^Model of fimn- 
stead and boilmngs wlioe steam power is nsed. 

910 CouBMAji, B. Chelmsfbrdy In v. and Mano^Patent 
drag haiTowa and scariiiers. Patent snbeoil harrow. Pstent 
expending lever harraw. Ice 

918a WBBOSB, K 16 FanDmer St Manchester , Inv.- 
Machines for bagging hope, wooL or cotton ; pressing ttm 
hoM without bi^^ the leaf: 

UTa BmnALS^ B. H. Heybridge, near Maldon, Essex, 
InT. and MauLr-Patent broad«hare and subsoil jknA. 
Patent mangel or ridge hoa. Patent ddnbie tont, widi 
wroug^it^xon beam. Pistent N G H plooi^ The original 
gold banger plous^ Patent dynamometer, Isc 

BldNinni, jTp. Ii E. B. 17 StrstlbrdPLOzibtdSt Lnr. 
— Instruments for securing a swarm of beea. 

918 Smtth, O. 3 Francis Ct Bericder St. OerfccnwaU, 
Prod.— Begistered enamelled garden IsbA. 

990 wkKDSOH, T. 309 Oxford St Msmi.— Improved 
Baker^a patent maq^ Lnproved patent box dmm. 

991 Famlow. 

999 Smxtb, T. Hamor Cottage, Homs^ Bd. Islington, 
Mann.— Hyadntfa glass, and aiaas snpporL Eardienwsrs 
enck)sure, and support for the fruit and ?(diage of the straw- 

^ PnoTT. 

994 BiTCBix,W.fc J. Axdee, Ireland, MsmL— Improved 
drill and subsoil ploughs. 

996 WxB, £.351 Oxford St— Irrigator U^d mannrs 
pump^ fire and garden engine^ with hoae and hose reel Im- 
proved draining levd. 

998 BoBsara. 

997 YivxAjf. 

988 ScBAOo, T. Tsiporiey, CSbester, Inv. and Menu.— 
A double-action machine for making draining tiles and 

980 Baxxer, J. Bunningion, near York, Inv. and Mann. 
— Xron wheel plon|^ Wood awing plon^ Expanding 
parallel iMnse^ioe^ with a Norwegian harrow attached. Iron 
sliding hofse hoe, Iec One-horse Yorkshire cart, Ice 

981 GBAxviu.BliCo.SlBcdLion8q.PronL— Agricul- 
tural implements: ei^ depoeitor hand^bue; hand- 
cultivator, and drilthoe: subsoil ploo^ and pulrerixer; 
horse dibble-drill ; sin^Morse cultivator, Iec 

989 EmnsKiujEH, Eari o£ Mann.— Draining pipca and 
coUais. Draining tiks. Water pipes. Boofing tiles. 
Flooring tiles. 

988 HoKxsBT k Sob, Spittlento Iron Works, near 
Grantham, Inv. Des. and Mann^— Patent drilla. fiix-liorae 
power patent portable atesm-engine. Improved portable 
thrBsUngmacUne. Patent eom-dressing or winnowing 
nmchine. Double cake-breskiug or crumng m a chine . 

984 Smrh h Co. Stsmford, Linodnshire, Inv. and 
Mann.— Hay-making machine: patent. Litter and cladF* 
cutting machine: patent Balsnca4ever ; horse and hand 
rake: patent Lever cultivator or scarifier. Fat-cutting 
maddne. Park or luggage cart. Ice : patent 

986 Chaxd IkMoxxo, Bristol, Maau.— Light one^iofse 
harvest csrt lAAt errand or market cart 

987 KxTlkCo. , ^ ^ 

988 Wasok, B. Corwar. near Girvin, Soottend, Des.— 
Plans for reclaiming waste land, on a new principle. 

Digitized by V^3 


Clam 9. Agrkmlimnd md Hcrtktiim^ Maek^ 

S88 CunBtmoB, W. Tampto Gate, Briitol, Lit. aad 
Pat— Patent pr— w heal roller, or dodronnher. 

989 WKmuoAA, J. Prrron, Lenoeahirs, InT. aod 
ManiL— UfaoWnaa ftir the i&..Aiiftetuie of dralaing pipea 
and tilea. Kew maehlne for maUng and pi e iain g bricka. 

240 HoerABoT.fcF.BedfbnLDiT. and Mann.— Patent 
iron plough 8irin^ioiiglLand<looUebraa8t or moulding- 
plough. SuhaoiHiioagfa. i>onble-fbiroir plou^ Iron 
harrowi. Patent bona nke^ ImptOTeddouUe^etloaeoni- 
miU, hoiee poirat g e ar ^iro rk , iec, 

941 Houos \ SoM, Proapeei PL Korwieh, Iut. and 
Mann.— Machine fbr thraaUnc, Ite. Drilling end aowing 
m a cMn ea. Begiaterad horMnKrer rake. £rlej eToler. 
Com-dreaaing^ or winnowing machine. Hand banow drilL 
TnmlD and maageHmrad-cutter, te. 

949 Clatkhi li SmnriAwoHn. 

948 BowBonojL J. HaUlhx.— BeehlTe, or beea'-iUp, 
for taking hoovj witfaooi deatroTing the hive or beea. 

944 MAimorr, J.74GraeeGhnreh8t Dea.and Menu. 
—^ew oottage bee^Te^ Spedmcna of ihiiahed aad nn- 

^ i 940 WsATBEBfrOIIB. 

946 Waar, W. Ldoeater. Iny. and Menu.— Drill, for 
lowing oom aad tamipa. Itaad aeednirill, to work widi 
cupa, (KC 

947 GonmMlkHAzxjar. 

948 M'CAmixT U Dnmaioso, Cumnock, Dea. and 
Menu. — Threahinc-machine, in caat^ron framing, with 
riddlea, fima, and devatora. Improred oonatruenon of 
hoTM-wheel, and other porta of gearing. A peg^umeUer, 
for thraahing barier. 

94dA WBna,J.fcOo.iang'aBd.CheIaee,In7.andMann. 
— QyUndrical rerdTiiw fornace bera. Modd of a oonaer- 
Tatory, glased light, fte. Pedeatal, and atack of pipea for 
wanmng bnildinga br hot water, Ice. 

948b Tbompboii, H. A. Lewea, Mann.— Set of entrance 
galea, eonatnicted upon in^roredprinciplea. Steemoooking 
appantua. O miet ed meeauxea for eoniy kn, Pordng- 
pumpa. Ike. 

948 Wnaosi. J. Kdao, Boxbuxghahlie, Dea.— Modd of 
an immored aeecUboz for e toznip4owing machine. 

950 BnowM k Aaniniof.iK Horaler. Tyne Stdeu Kew- 
caatloHipon-Tyne, Iut. and Mann.— iHfnialure mood mn- 
chine fat <*i— »<«g oom and nain. 

959 PiiiLUFa,C.fcOo.BaptiatMiU8 Fonndxy, BrUtol, 
Hann.— Patent tunifo-eotter, with rererting motion. 

968 Funinio,G. JYanthttBi,NeweaatieHinder-Lyme^InT. 
—Machine for deatroyiag weeds, moea, lichens, Iec on 
grsTd-walks, courijrarda, fte. 

964 Raurok, W. Malletdieus^ Newton, Meams, Ren- 
firewahire. Bcotland, Iut. and Menu.- Winnowing-machlne, 
with cloth and xeTol?ing brudi, for separating the grain 
from burrs. 

966 SizBi. 

966a Broua, W. Dean, near Shepton MaBet, SomerMt, 
Iny.— Treble ohecae-preaa, and enrd-milL 
968 SiinB,Jiro. 

967 KxT k MiTCHSLL, 108 Kewvate St Prop, or 
Agenta. — ^Patent American chum (Enguah) made bj C J. 
Anthonj, of Pittabnxi^ U. 8. Kase's force and suction 
pomps. Tumip-eutter. Hose for fire-engines, Ice mode of 
canvas, lined and coated with gutta pmha. Lift^mmp, 
made entirdy of gnttaperehn. 

967 Warbbi, J. Heybridge, near Maldon, Eaiez, Iut. 
and Menu. — ^Tunhwrist ana other plougha. ReToiring 
cdendai^TolL Yegetatlon-^ioe. Alarum guns, lie. Skim 
plongh, for hodng and cleaning land. 

967a Jomiaoai, T. (with Mr. Kinnear), Kewcastle«oon- 
Tyse, Tot.— Modd of a machine for aowing wheat and oar- 
ky, with harrow at t ached. 


900 BoMBAM, C. Fineham,neer Lynn, Tut. aad Mean. 
—Modd of e steem and human-power oultiTator, or uniToraal 
tillMm — *^"'*^ and irrigator. 

9Aa Hat, J. Florabank, Haddington, Iut.- Implement 
for ooitl^ tum^ for dieep aad cattik 
960e BriiMuii. 

960o Wnrron. 
980 LowoooK, H. St Peter^s St Tirerton, Iut. and 
Pat-^jeweock*s patent torn-wrist pkmgfa, Ice. manufoetnred 
byB.Adams,ofl£ldon. ^^ 


989 6BA^&Wakeildd,Mann.— Scydie^tonea. Griad- 

969a Ckaki, J. Ii Go. Paldey, Menu.— Drain j^pes and 
tile^for iaid drainage made from eonuBon clay. 

968 Dmmm La Toocm^ Rev. T. Killeoaul& Ireland, 
InTw— Moddi of e cert of ^ under carriage with ni^ fore- 
wheels, of e grabber, harrow, and tumip-dibbler. Machine 
for makh^bntter without handling. AtMU-lron,forhoiae8; 
984 Low,A.7aOTergate,Dttndee,Seotlend.— Amottth- 
for honao^ with gansiHwire front Double water^yirrow 


Houm, W. Howdeo, Torkahire, Iut.— Springing 
g instruments. Life-boet| eonstroeted so as to 
prevent upaetfing fbom e sudden aust of wind. 

968 SauTB, A. Ii W. Ii Co. Wooddde Works, Paiiky 
Iut. and Mana^— Regiatered eentriftigd dium for meUng 
butter. Steam apparatoa, for cattle food. Com and been 
braiaing^ aad hay and atmw-cutting maohlnca. Wet^^ng- 
madrinea. Modd of waterwhedandsogU'«iSn. 

987 Gbaitt, J. C Stamford, Iut. and Menu.— Patent 
lever h eaae take. Patent harrows. Improred haymaking, 
chefl; end wd^iing manWnea. Improved iron plondia, 
whiMetreeiL garden drill, mill for grinding bean^ uley 
cddvato^ Rorfolk dock or thiatle extractor. Ice. 

988a mAatr, J. Aberdeen. Dea. and Mann.— Two-horae 
plough, with double or ain^ mould-board, and ihlfting 
coulter; aubaoll plou^ Ibc 

988 Seabkbt, T. Farthiiu^oe, RTacUey. Korthampton- 
aUra, Inv. and Menu.— Oofcniaher. Teieacope ladder. 
PropeDcr for edilp,Terv8lmple. but of great power. Table 
eonvcrtlbla into abed, cheet of orawen, Im). Two taUca, aa 
specimens of Rritish woods. Seat, to ahut up, for the 

988A8A]R>BBa, S. Rirmlnshem, Mann.— Improved garden 
gpadea, draining tods, and shovda. 
TSa PoiSir^ 

970 Smrb, W. Kettering, Northampionahire, Inv. and 
Mann.— laqvoved double-bleat winnowing-machine. Newly- 
invented borae^hoes. 

971 TnsioiD k Son, Iron Works, Boston, Liacoln- 
ddre, Mamb— Patent portable housed steam-engine. 

979 Pimm. 
978 TooaoliCo.. 

974 PnasAnxs li Sons, Phoenix Iron Works, Stroud, 
Patent grasa-«utler. Setof registerea 


978 Suns, W. Raddiife-on-Trent, Notta, Menu.— 
Improved com-dreaaing or winnowing-machlne. Safety 
chaff-cutting machine. 

401 CnuKP,T. Derby, InT. end Menu.— Garden-engine, 
or pofttble fire4ngine. Liquid manure pump. Inatrument 
for dngdng boocs widi ne. 

848 RonnBTiov, 6. Allerdice St Stonehaven, Sootlandy 
Inv.— One^MMSe cart for agriculturd purpoees. 

BonviLBT, B GreenhiU, Sheffield, Mann.— Bei^ 
ing4iooha. dddca, Andrew hook, Kendd hook, bean or 
brushing hoi^ Scotch hook, baggin and yowlng hooks, l&c. 

sin snd yowlng hooks, l&c ,_T^ 
Digitized by VnV^Ov IC 

Class 10. FMkmpkiui^ Mmiotdt Horoiogicalj emd Swrffiad IfuirvmaUs, 


Oooim, G. 478 Ozfoid St Inr — An iiri^Unr for 
nM lnd,or]awcropg,apiilieibl«a]soforw»tflri]igr(»di. 
migiterforliii^isUodijigeronB. Patented. 

Pbbilajl Bos, Ii Haioos, 70 Stnad, Maim.— 
Poqy JMW po rtibto ttMOS-CBgiiie, for agiiealtDnl tod 
OBicr purposes* 

ftncHTV Ik Son, Kirkaldy, Seodnd, Mnni.— 
DniMipfli. Sewer or water^pei. Y entilstixig roof-tilee. 
YoDdf ke border ed^neiu Miis^ eihibiti]« a cheap imi- 
trtion of printiittg. 

ftuflo, & W. Ford, near Gheaterfield, Derbyddxe, 
Uaaa^Sej^uM, aioUca, reapiiig4iooka. and otbcr artielei 
for entttnc oorl graaa, kc^ adapM to tlie Tarioos eounties 
' ^ and to fordgn oountziea. 

Clam 10. PhSonphkal^ Munctd, Haroiogiealj and 
Swyical Instruments. 

1 BnsnsTT, J. 65 Cheanridg, InT. and ICaiia^— An 
aeoaonrical regnlator beating lialf-«eeondf, with mercorial 
for eoBpenaadoa. Hall clock. ^'^ " 

BennettTa model watch, on a magniiied 
■ ' noYthe 1 

I to show the moat compaet form 
wafteh, with all the recent Improrementa. Bennett* ■ time- 
keepef) for znilwaT raaids. Standard thenncnetera. tee. 

1 A wind «iial inaction firom a Tane above tne roof 
of tite BiMWlion Building, with a lelf-reoording machine 
for rsgplating tiM wind's fime. 

1a OwnAvcB SoKvsT Dbpabivkrt, hj Ueot-CoL 
BalL^-Tiio compensation ban and nd cro aeopes, nsed with 
meaaoiCBaentof thebaae lines of the triangnlatkm of the 
United Kingdom. Diogram of the triangnlaHon, to. 

1b ComuL, W. & Cheapside, Kaan.— Two S-day 
marine e hw n omet e w L Eanishsw*s detached escapements; 
e^■^y^ l llMl halanre adynsted for hi^ tempentnns. 

2 Adamb k Son, 21 St. John's 8q. Gtekenwdl, 
■^—Watches and watch moremeats. 

8 QuttBORAw, J. fc Co. 8 Gharies St Northampton 
8q..and Oxford Ter. CoTcntrf, liann.~BIaiine chrono- 
meter, gold and sQTer watches, and watch movements, kc 

4 Korm^ P. A. 1 Alfred PL Bedfoid 8q. InT. and 
Hann^-EDiptie watch or dodc, fosee spring, pocket chro- 


ftaca, J. 6 Ovii^ton Sq. Brompton, Inr.— An 
mvcnoon denominated the medioo-^himrgical smhnlannp. 
deroftsd to tiM preservatioa of the life of the woanded 

7 HoTToii, J. 9 Lucas PL Gommerdal Bd. East, Jnr, 
and Ifano.— Watchea with patent ainsie compensation stud. 
Cfaek, with patent compensation pendulum and barometrio 
xcgnlator. Marine dmmometer. with patent pneumatic 
aoziliaiy compensation. Button's patent hair chronome- 

6 Ouflo, J. 6 Korthampton Sq. Qerkenwell, Hann. 
— Yarieties of goU and silver watches, and a sMidel of lever 

11 Absott, J. Islington.— An eight day chronometer, 
riiowing sidereal and mean time on tiM same diaL 

IS LosEsr, E. T. 44 Genard 8L Islington, InT.— 
Hereorial c omp e u s a tion ^ ia l a n oe, exhibiting four modilica- 
^ unpTBTcd form of mercurial pendulum. FortaUe 

Tat& T. Preston, Mann.— Patent dock, on the 
dead-beat principle. 
10 Lovnr,&47 8t.J^8tBd.C!eAeBwdl,I]iT.8nd 
5Ium^— Lerer watch, gold chronometer, and other watch 

crane showerbath (rsgistersd) ; eomUnes a portable bath 
and dijinff room. 

15 Hoju^F. R. 8 Weymouth Ter. Qty Bd. Iut. Pat. 
and Menu. — Gold centre seconds S-day chronometer ; aO- 
hour pocket chronometer. Gold compensated duplex, tmd 
other index watches. 

14 Adams, T. 86 Lombard 81 Manu^— Tlme-frfeee of 
chronometrical moTement Time-piece, ^th seu-eeting 
model of the Boyal ObserTatory at Greenwich. Marine 

16 PiKx, H. C. 9 Cumberland Bow, Islington Green, 
InT. and Manu.— Skeleton striking clock, going 400 deys ; 
it shows dead seconds by the application of the chronometer 

16 HowsKX, James, 8c Co. Becent 8t Ifanu.— Or-molu 
clocks. Bidi Honiton lace. British point laoe. Bich white 
glace silk dress, &a embroidered. Brocaded silks, Sec. 

17 Wxaam, R. Jun. 74 ComhiU, InT. and Mann.— 
Train remontoir elo^ combination of magnetism with 
cloc k ff urk . Sec 

19 DxLOuix,H.48BathbonePLOxfoidStI>es.and 
Mann. — Gold watches, manufoetnred entirely in England . 
Stethometer. M^yj n ^ chronometer. 

20 Nkwctotov, & Hastingi^ Iut.— .Patent telltale 
dock, or serranti^ regulator. 

21 GiBBS, H. 2 Nelson St Otr Bd. Maker.— Watch^ 
showing double time, with imnrorea stop-work. 

28 Cbbtauxb, B. 41 Brunswick St. Stamford St 
Menu.— Chronometer cases. 

24 Bblaroiia^ P. 11 Bathbone PL Oxford St 
Bfann.— Carriage clock, with an improred dnronomeier 

J. 5 BeAley Gt Qerkenwell, Mann— 

Main-spring for a two-dar marine chronometer. 

IcTer watch. 

20 Fomnsu^ £. 2 i 

PL Brixton.— Yeiy smaU 

27 GowLAHD^ J. 53 London Wall, Idt. and Mann. — 
Free pendulum regulator, tourbiUon remontoir chronometer, 
anemometer, electric doclLwatchea, See. 

28 Tabxzb, W. 83 Upper St Islington, Lit.— The 
polyfaorkm clock, ahowing local tim^ the time at Dublin, 
Paria, and Edinburgii. LeTer watch, ihows the times of 
any two places. 

80 Datis, W. 37 Gnoechnrdi St— Horisontal and 
duplex watches, made by biOid, by H. A. DaTis, Binning- 

81 CoIJ^ T. 2 Upper Yemon St Lloyd Sq. Clerken- 
wdl, InT. Des. and Mann^-lnkstand. Designs for time- 
pieoe, clock, horolo^cal lantern. See. 

82 JACisoir,W. H.fcaBedLionStClerkenwen,InT. 
and Menu.— SoBdaTe IcTer watches, duplex timepiece, and 
pocket marine chronometer, Sec. 

88 MooBB Si Sons, 38 Clericenwell Close, Msnn.— 
rhtmini^ sicdeton dock to go a month. Sec 

84 Babbaud Se Lobd, 41 ComhilL Iut. and Ifanu. — 
BCaiine chronometer, with a modd of a newly-inTentcd 
cu m p en sation « bala nce . Common marine chronometer. 
Small gdd pocket chronometer. 

86 PABKnoonSKFBODSBAM. 4 Change Alley, Comhilly 
Menu.— Astronomical dock, with mercurial pendulum, 
dg^t-day chronooMter, lerer watches, pocket chnmome- 
ten. Sec 

86 Faibxb, J. 17 Kshopsgate St liHthoat InT. and 
Mann.— Bailway guards' time-keeMT. Station dock. Pocket 
watch for engineaingpprpoees. JBlectric dock. 

87 BoBiBSOR, P. Bis&lp Auckland, Des. sad Masn.— 
Skeleton nirinff okiok, r epi Ss en ting the dock tower at the 
ralatnt of toe Mshop en Dnriiam. 

88 BuiHA, a 15 Hew Bond St Inr. and Mann.— An 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


Clau 10. PJdlMophkal, Musieal, Hcndoffieal^ a^d SHrgieal InstrwnaUi. 

•Il^t-dij time-piMe rognktor, to go by wei^ti, wiUi • 
oompenntlai pendutom. A liWer leyer wiich, with a 
eoBmnMiloii Sw, eompoiod of hnm aod ttoel, united. 
Modal of a maliogaaj door, with Mft^ ftftenian. 

40 BBOouion k Atkim, 6 Cowper's Ct Cornhiil, 
InT.— Msrine ehionomotar, on ipring gymbali, enolofed in 

40AAnmii,a B. 6 Goaper's Gourt, GornhilL— Gbrono- 

41 WimoL F. 9 Doronihiro PI— ]New design for a 
doek. ^ 

48 Lamb, J. Bioeiter, Qzfordehire, Mann.— Skeleton 
elook : when wound up it will go 400 dayg. 

48 TmomMKLOEf G. LiofaMd, Dee. and Mann.— dock, 
stiikee querten end goei S8 dayi. DMign, Lioh0eld cathe- 
dial GotUo skeleton dock. 

44 BaxMEM, J. i5 Suflblk Bead, Shefleld.-Cloek. 
44aSiokb(, J. Doneeeter, InT. and Mean.- Anguiar 

teirestiial globe and spberieai geograddcai dock. 

45 C wonusr, J. ad De BeaaVoir Bq. Inr. and Manu.— 
InproTed chrdooineter. 

48 GnAirr, P. 29 Lower William St 8t Jdrn's wood. 
Dcs.— Tlae^ieee f tend, oompoeed of iTorj, tulip-wood, and 

48AOoFLAin». & M. A. South ^lla, Kennington Oral. 
—A carriage clock. 

47 HAmm, W. Stirling, Scotland, Iut. and Manu.— 
Improfenmit in docks, dispensing with striking work. 

40 Behiieit, O. W. BlacUieath, Kent, Manu.— A 
Ume-pieee^ adapted for nubUo thorou^ilares; 

60 Bnowii, J. 49 Cununinlr St PentonTille, Iut. and 
MamL-^Ghranometer intended for the use of astronomen, 
to show sidend time, and beat dead Seconds. 

51 GiiAP£Ui,G. 2 Proridenoe PL Prospect Bow, Wod- 
wich, Inr.— Perpetnel^notbm dock, haTing no diain or 
wdgfats. TaUeHsoYcr, or bed-euilt, containing 3,280 pieces, 

68 DdOQAx, J. Upper Onnond Quay, Dublin, ICanu. 
— Watehea, of Dublin manu&cture. Specimens of Irish 
gold and ntrer, firom Bdlyconis worics. 

68 AnuBT k KiAFnoiAnBGBB, 157 B«gent St ICanu. 
— Uprfghi TCgnlator, with new escapement, and mereurid 
pendulum chronometen. watches. Ice. 

68 PnimNrroK, J. High St Gsmberwdl, Inr. and 
Manu. Msrine chronometer, with imptored compensating 
balance wddit 

64 Hoz J. 20 Down St Piccadilly, Mann.— Libraiy 
table-doek and <"ir«fa»*H^ and dock with cases canred by 
W. 6. BogeiB. 

66 Dbtt, E. J. 61 Strand, 83 Gockspnr St and 34 
Boyd Bzchaage, Manu.— Large sssortment of ladies and 
gentlemen's superior watches. Idarine dironometer. with a 
glam bdance^ring, glam balance, and compensation, for 
variation of tempeiatara. of platina and silyer. Admnth 
and dtitode compsss. Dipleidoscope. Astronomlcd and 
other *J ^W . Imb. 

68 DnJKt, J. 16 Korth ATcnue, North St PentouTiUe. 
Dec. and Menu.— Glock did-case in brass, adapted for hot 
tMmAttm^ bakei's shops, Itc, as they are not alFected by steam 

67 PiooBBAM, G. 84 Strand. BCanu.— Astronomlcd 
clock. Marine chronometers. Gold pocket chronometers 
and lever watches. The double rotarr escapement Day of 
the month watch. Specimen of gold lerer watdies, with the 
split-centre seoond's^iand movement Bailway watches. 
Portable chime and other clocks, fcc. 

68 Gi^ASBAii, G. 5 Preddent St. West, Goswell Bd. Inv. 
—Escapement the pendulum* impelled by the direct action 
of small wdc^ts, without pivots, oil, springs, fro. 

68 GnmnrAjr, E. J. Ewl St Chelsea, Dss. and Maa^ 
-Sdf-actiag or perpetud motion timepiece. Curioostimo- 
piece, with spring. 

80 Bj(u^G.F.Noi:fi>lk8tFitsroySq.Iiiv^Aiiastn>- 
nonicd and meteofdcgicd clock. Patent diplometer Ibr 
stamdng railway tickets. 

81 Habot, W. Taos. 46 John StMt, ClerkenWelL— 

88 HnroH, G. 10 Goriwration Lane. GlerkenwdU I>si 
and Mssn.- Englidi hard whiU eaamd watch did, with 
sunk centre and aecooda, with low glass. 

68 Jo^nroML E. D. agent for Tobias, 21 Ashl^ 
Crescent_Gi^ Bead.— Watch^ 

84 Jom, JottM, 838 Strand.— Watch. 

86 JuDOB, Thomas, Hi|^ Street, Hampstead.— Silent 

08 KiBBB, J. 30 Park Ter. BegentTs Park, Ihv. and 
Manu.— Impfoved detector dock, indicating tlm days of the 
week and of the month, &a 

88 MoOH,Mi^W.8Comish Ter. Bathminea, Dublin. 
—A ioigicd instrument for use previous to operation for 
lithotrity. Ice. 

87 MAcDolIA^E.J.12DonetPI.PdlMaUEa8t,Inv. 

•EsoapeoMBt Ibr chronometen. watohes,' and 
dod& without escape-whed: patented. The same sprfnc 
b jr Indb-mbber. GentriAigd Archimedean, vibrating, and 
other drill-stocks. A new decompodtion odl, and medals 
made by the process. 

88 MacDowau^ G. 4 Hyde St Bloomsbnry, Inv.^ 
Glock-movement, with a dead escapenient of a new con- 
struction : E. J. Dent Manu. and Pat by assignment 

' 88 MAnLB,D.D. 17 Hull's PI. John's Bow, St Luke's, 
Prod, and Des^-Bcgistered skeleton timepiece, with im- 
proved lever escapement Improved dock winder. 

71' Mabchavdv L. 1 Bed Lion St Holbom, Manu.— 
Staidl cold lever watdL Mudcd clock. 

78 PAm, W. k Oo. 163 New Bond St Inv. and Manu. 
— f^uarter dock, on dg^t bells, in Amboyna wood, and or- 
molu case, made for the Sultan of Turkey. Timepieces. 
Ghime docks. Astronomlcd clock. Patent pedometer, and 
odometer, fbr measuring distances. 

74 Bo, L 21 Gonddt 8t Westbonme Ter. Inv.— 
Skdeton chronometer time-piece, dow motion. 

76 BooTLBDGa, J.Inv.andManu.— Aperpetuddock, 
without wdf^ta or springs. 

77 Tatms, G. B. Goronation St. Sunderland. Inv.— 
Geomohied clock, with terrestrid globe attached, indi- 
catinrOie time'simdtaneously d every part of the giolAe. 

7i9*ToBLAS k Go. Liverpool, Mjuiu.- Watches, with 
rcf^tersd compound seconds^ movement, fcc Silver lever 
watdi,'as used' in Turkey. Horitonld movement, extr^ 
ehronometer-bdance, adapted to all Climates. Bailway 
guards' tiinraieoe. 

78 SosiELaoBo, F. 48 Hans PL Manu.- A tw6<lay 

80 Thomsox, a. 25 New Bond St Inv. and Manu.T- 
Autochronogniph, to redster occurrences, Iec without daily 
setdac, showing mean tune' within five seconds, kc, 

81 PBrnr, W. fc Go. 2 Grombie's Bow, Gommerdal 
Bd. East— A watch, performing, suspended in a glass globe, 
filled with Water. The object of the invention is to secure 
the protectkm of thne-keflping and other instruments from 
water, seadampi kc 

88 TsiTSCRUB, J. 402 Oxford St Menu.— Skeleton 
dght^day dock, with improved pendulum, &c 

86 Habdt, G. 5 Wellington Bd. St John's Wood, Inv. 
— Electro-mapietic motive engine. 

8b Watkivs, a Inv. and Menu.— £i|^t day self- 
aottng repeating chronometer, complsing BOO pieces of 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 

Cjjlm 10. PhikmqpUad^ Musical^ Horofogioaly and Surgieal Inttntmenii, 


SmaU tfaree^nartcr piala ckfonooMten, with 
bud Cflindrieal fl|irinci, jewelled in erery bole. 

8d Cocssn U WHiTESiDS, S7 Dsriei St Bericelej Bq. 
Inr. aod Maou.— A fporting weteh, wbidi ihowt tiie time 
<e one eiitfa of > lecond. 

87 Axui, J. U. Briitol, Iot. end Mbhil— Bneket- 
mgnlotor timepieee^ with * new deMriptioa of eon^ound 

88 JUaixTy SL & Sosi, Birmincfaim, Dee. and HaniL— 
Vi^t-dKf elock. The dial wozhed In gold, peail, and 

89 BA¥ur,W. NeweaaUe-undavLjme^Maini^-Skele- 
loB dg^itday tiiae^lece^ abowing the boar, flie day of the 

80 Baxum, J. 90HI^ St Maidftonap Kent, Dei^ 
Bill of a elock, exhibiting a new pattern flgose. Table and 
deist ipooaa and forks, ornamented in a aorel manner, 

91 YnrsEsfcRcnxocnr, 129 Bagent St Mbbo.— Two- 
day marine ehzonometer. tfatchci, of Yariooa ikihions, 
far the home and South American marinliL Steel fat 
fshfouometer pendnhun sprinsa, by A. GanenL 

9S Blatxock, J. Long Islaad, Gurlidc, InT. and Mann. 
— MbCion^work fat the boor and ndnnte baadi of a tarret- 
cbek with firor dials. Apparatos for illnminatiag dials, 
nlf-aetiag and aelfregnlatuBg. 

94 Bourow, T. OoTontiy. Mami^— Gcnnan sHrer 
«Btehe8,nlatedwith8flTer. GoU plated wateb. 

95 MomuiABD^ Pbbis Foama Ykvob, 71 Albany 
8t Biioentra Ptek, InT^— The artifldal keeh. 

95 BawciM^ J. 48 Cons t itn t ion Hill, BirmiiM^iam, 
Dea. and Mama^-^df-oorreeting ekwk, withadctadiedleTer 
maiwimmt ; go e s a month. 

98 BaoTvoa, C Exeter, Prop.-- dock In a esse^ wldeh 
•ceqpied 84 yean in oompletiog it. with astronoi 
Dolo^cal, aad other moremeati^ bud omn. fce. 

99 Cddbcbiu, G. Downton, near Sslbbar 
deck, with maslo attached, playinc a tna 
lionn: tiM whole made by a oueksautb. 

100 DsUi BaovBBas, Bristol, InT. and Mann. Spec l * 
saens of oidinaiy dock •work. Tnnspamft timepiece. Spe* 
«iawnaof iron and biamwbeel-cntting^fte. PSanonirtamnne- 
Imo. made by N. Ficrea, of Geneva. 

100a Gbohb, J. 7 WIgmore St Mami^-Gold duplex le- 
fiiBtiiig watch, lerer, seconds, duplex, aad other watches. 
GfRiage docks. Gold cbalns and km. 

101 DaiBAiiA, L J. 57 HanoTer St. lirerpool. Tut. and 
Hana^— Ueehaaical dock. Works witboai Bmla-spriag or 
chain, and zeqoires no winding up. 

108 DBITB^J.Sn▼erStVakefidd,I>eB.aadMann<- 
Chime-dock, showing the time in any part of the world. A 
nting dock, without pendulum. 
BowAuna, J. T. Dudley, MaaiL— Fortable spring 

V to go 496 dai 

otourbtldae. Lsigs 

104 Bdwabh^ J. 

Bletea spring timepiece, made of ghm a»l Inass. 

IM Gbat, I>r. iTPerth, InT.— MedBcd waOdng-staii; 

BTAXia, wTf. Sobo St HandsivortlL near Bir- 
, ICann.— Gothic akdeton dock; wHssbetban 
tlma^eoe; skeleton lerer dock ; Sr Walls Scottfa moott- 
iMnt Bdiabozgb; Iec 

107 FBLraAM, B. D. King St St Hdicr, Jersey, 
to go 500 days ; baring a 



GsRAajx A. Gofdon'a HospttsI, Abudusn, Inr.— 
Bcnt fbr * 

' the solution of pwolsam in sphericd 
trIgoaiMaetry, fcc. Povlable, or fmd traadt inatiument 
WataMBsler. GbekyWitheonicdpeadabnk Maiinsdock, 

with two pendnhmis A oentrifbgal, or conlcd 

Ill HAaoBEATXB»J.Sabden,nearWha]ky,Lancaddr«, 
luT. and Maker. — ^A new quadrant and san-dlal, for ascer- 
taining latitude and lon^tode. 

118 Habt, W. U Co. Gbristcbnrch, Hants, Mann.— 
Cauonometer and watch fiisoe cbalns, ofdiiTerent sixes. 

115 Lawsjvck, 1. Korth Cony, near Taanton, Iut.— 
Sun-dial, made on a new plan. Spring screw-^wmch. Dl- 
▼iden. fland-drilL Tomer's centre, with friction roOers. 

117 Pack^ J. Bury St Edmonds, Iut. Dee. aad Mam. 
— Skdeton dock, which goes three yesrs. Pyxamidical 
Bkdetontime-piece,whichgoestfareemonths. Barometer, Ice 

119 BAoroao^ J. 399 Hi^ St Cheltenham, Inr. and 
Dea.— Diagrams of a geogn^cd dock or watch. Two 

l«rWBioBT,W. Exchequer Bow, Aberdeen, Dee. aad 
Maau.->A dock, showing the days of the month, montlv €€ 
the yesr, the motions of the sun aad moon, aad the state of 
tide at some of the prindpd sea-ports of Giaat Britain, 
Ireland, France, America, Spain, Fortugal, Holland, and 
Gisnnany, and going for twdre months. 

188 B aoA P BgxT, J. Asbton-undep-T^yne^-Ped of small 
bells to ring changes. Scale for pitddng wheds. Time 

128 BosKzxx^ J. Church St Liverpool, Dca. andMann. 
—Watch machinery. 

184 BomBBHAJi Is Soas, Corentry, Mann.— Gold aad 
sJlvar watches; the Tarioos parts of a lerer watch in the 
prcvreedTe itages of manuftcture. 

125 Basbbb, W. 6 Beservoir Cottage, SUver St Kotiing 
HilL— I>rawiag design of a Godiic dock, edited fiir interior 
or exterior decoration. 

128 Mafpu, H. Child's Hill, Hampatcad, luT^Ama- 
riean machine fbr saving life oniailways. nrealum,dodE 
work, dcetric tdeerspha, ftc 

187 Eoisu, S. 46 St Martia's Lane. Mann.— Syphon 
douche, invented by Dr. C Jonea. Model of an i mp rov e d 
syphon, fSor brewers, Iec Stomach-pnmp. Amputating aad 
other instrumonts. Double-action enema pump, lec 

127 TATi^a, G. Wolverhampton, Inv. and Mann.— 
Begistered sdf-eorrcetinff d^t-day dMe dock, showing the 
day of week, day of month, Sx. 

128 SBKPSxaD, a 53 LeadeahaU St Inv. aad Pat- 
Patent dectro-magaetic striking clocks, in connection with 
tiw large dock la the trsaa^ SmaU turret bell, the baas- 
mar moved by eleetro-ouignetism. 

129 Smitb U Sons, St John's Squari^ ClerkenweU, 
Mann^— Bagulator suited to any temperature. Detector 
dock, or watchman's time-piece. Church mid turret docks. 
Skdeton time-piece and almanan for twdve months. Whi- 
sbaw's electric tclmaphs, Sec 

180 EoBBnrs, B. Globe Works, ICsnehester.— Watch 
which beats dead (centre) seconds with only one trsin €f 
wheds, &C. Becorder watch, with double bands. Pate n ted. 

180 BoBxan, R. Gk>be Works, Manchester, Prop^~Tbo 
patent dpha (chnrch or turret) dock, with compensation 
pendulum and remontdre escapement Patent Normaa 
drill, for watch and dock work. Patent whed sector, fte. 

181 Toovo, J. Knaiesborougli, Msan.— Skeleton tfana- 

187 Buas, G. Elseabam Hall, Bishop Stortford. Inr.- 
Dedgn for the improvement of the dial-plate and registeriag 
of the Aneroid barometer. 

188 GuAT liKzBf,Idverpool,'Des. aad Bfaan.— Whed 
barometer, dedgned as applicable for navd establish- 
ments, te. 

140 AaaAnan, J. A. 87 Bold St Liverpool, Inv.— Bara- 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 

CuLU 10. Phihiopkieai^ Muno*l, Haniogieal, md Smyieal ItutnmmUM, 

meter. <i«rfg«^ to ihow, without a^™^^^ ^^ ^*^ 
he i gh t of die menmriBl cohunn. 

148 PBiuiPfl, J. F.R.S. 8t Marfu Lodge, Yoric, Inr. 
— Ab electrophonie; nin geuge; mariinnin themometer ; 
■iMaioiiieter, for coUieriee, hospitelt, tco. ; end eir beio- 
meter, of rmy ehmp oonstmctioii, raited to colUeriee. 
Block of itooe, eoloiued by infiltntioii, ae nature eoloun 
her marblee. 

144 Bbooks, C 89 Keppel St. InT. and Dee.— Photo* 
graphic, aeif-registeriiig, magnetie, and meteorologioal appa- 

148 8cBoxJDiBLD,D. Freeman's 
•^-Portalrfe metronome, for denoting tfine in 

140 Hibman fc Son, 50 Hiih Holbom, Kann.— Compen- 
sating portable baromiBters for measuring the heights of 
moantsjnt, 1^ Self-registering thermometer. Patent mi- 
erometrioal and doable^mage telescope. 

161 Hbbktwkatbsl Q Whitby Dea-and InT.— Tem- 
pest nroflwsticatar, for the protection of life and uroper tj . 

lofi timrmov, J. Kewcestle-npon-Tyne, inr. and 
Mana.-~Self-«eting and self-iegulating tide gauge and tidal 

154iL BxTSoa ft Sons, Sdinbor^ Iny. and Hana.— ViTe 
models ezhibitins the Tarious escapements of watches at 
present in generaTnse. Self-rwistering barometer dock. 

167 Boss, A. H. 25 Bridge St (Sinderiand, Inv.— A 
barometer, self-compensating^ with newly arranged scale, 

168 LoYZJOT, 6. Beading^ Pjnm^-Time piece with inTi- 
dble mechanism, goes twenty-one oays. 

160 Gbimoldi, H. 31 Brooke St Holbom, ManQ.—Im- 
proved pediment berometer in carred gilt frame. 

160 SAimBSOir, O. Msnrfelrt. Nottingham, Dea.— Hap 
of the conntzy twenty miles roona Kansfield. 

160a Nbqbbtti 8c Zambba, 11 Hatton Garden, Inv. and 
llann.— Standard open dstem barometer. Self-registering 
barometer. Pocket sympiesometer. BuHierford's thermo- 
meter. Sizes' self-registering thermometer. Hygrometers, 
pressing gauge, Ibc. 

161 ^CKAUv J- Kensington, Mann, and Dee.— Stand- 
ard barometer. Slides for magm lanterns, to show the 
idanets, air punme, ftc 

169 PizsALA, F. A. London, Des. and Kann.— Wheel 
barometer or weelher glees, with rack-work motion to saper- 
sede the use of ordinary weights. 

168 Tbzmubtt, B. 9 Albemarle St St John's Sq. Clerk- 
enwell, Inv. and Mann.—- Marine barometer, &c 

166 Gratdoii, Senior United Service Clab, Inr.—In- 
strament for finding the latitude, local attraction, yariation 
of the compass, and true altitudes independently of the ho- 
lison. Bdlecting instrument for obtaining the rig^t ascen- 
sion snd declination of the moon. &c 

166 DoxxovD, G. Iny.— Atmospheric setf-registering 

166 DoBBCB, W. Felkirk, Scotland. Maou.— Barometer, 
showing the thousendth of an inch in tne rise end fall of the 

168 CoLLARD fc CoLLABD, Hanu. — Grand, bichord, and 
square semi-pianoforte, with the patent repeater ection ; 
grand cabinet pianoforte, with the patent check and repeater 
action. Pianoforte for the people. 

172 Gray k Lawsox, Eldon St Sbetlield, Inr. end 
Kanu.— Newly-registered double-action fountain syringes. 
Stomach pumpe, speculums, and midwifery, cuppmg, and 
teeth instruments. 

176 List, G. B. Southampton, InT.— An fmparatus fbr 
setting fractures, and a rest for the treatment of other acci- 
dents and diseases : manufiietured by J. B. Stebbing, South- 

181 Matxvsvs, W. 10 Portogal St Llnoofai's Dm, 
Mattu.->Inhalen, for medicines requiring the aid of heat 
Inhaler, for administering chlctoform in surgical operations. 
Inhaler, for hydrocyanic add, conldne. fcc. 

181 MattbswlW. 10 Portugal St Mann.— Improved 
etethoeoope. Specula for the ear, lia GUbert's patent ftd- 
erum end chair, for extracting teetfa. New swinging appa- 
ratus for frractured lege. 

187 Batuax, J. LL.D. F.R.AJi East India Bd. and 
Inland Berenne OlBoew — Centiifiigal * ft^^M«t , iUnstrating 
plaaetuy motion. 

188 BiniiAem, K. 8 Somerset St Aldgate, Prop«^ 
Gk>be with an endless rotary action, named the geopi^liical 

189 Moamao*, J. D. 6 Bankeillor St Edinbuxvfa, Menu. 
— Artiiklal teeth. 

180 Bn.n, M. Gobridge, Staffordshire Potteries, InT.— 
An appaiataa, of a peculiar construction, showing ttw ebb 
end flow of tlie tides. 

191 Pazoh. W. Hempstead, Prop.— Lunarian, with 
improred oontnTanoe for showing the phases of the moon. 

198 Lb FaoTu P. St Qement'e Acedemy. Jener, InT. 
—Orrery, showing the moon's motion round the earth, her 
daily yariadons, her noeition at the time of new and frill 

, the cense of eclfpees. Ice 

UKB Matrbws, Maet, 16 Westboume St Byde Ptek 
Gardens, InTw— Astrocama. A ooncaTe repreaentation of 

194 JUn, W. A. 15 Brompton Gres. Prop.-~Great 
circle course indicator, InT. Lieut E. D. Ashe. 

196 Fact, KWappIng Wall, Des. and Manu^A Ter- 

196 LBnatlCidor B. J. Woolwich Common, Des.— 
Apparatus and tools contrived to meet the loes of the right 
huMi, maBuihotnred by Gase^ 14 BerssfodRl Street, Wool- 

197 Bonoi, W. Bath.ManiL— The reolinia, iuTented 1^ 
H. Lawson, Esq. for aansting astronomers in using large 

JoBMSfoif, W. & A. K. Edinburgh BCanu^- A ter- 
restrial globe, aO inches in diameter, showing the geologicBl 
structure of the earth, the currents of air and of m ocean, 
trade winds, trade routes, monsoons, and isothermal lines, 
or lines of equal temperature. 

900 FuercBB^ F. 11 South St Andrew St Edinbuxyb, 
Menu.- Pair of globes end ceee, showing the Tarious sta^ 
in globe making. 

901 Aujji, T. SO St Andrevr's Sq. Edinburgh Litv— 
Two peirs of patent electric telepaphs. 

201 HoBDOOB. J. Bothes, Foofaabenh Elgin, Scotland, 
InT.— Mechenical indicator or edipees. 

906 Hswrnr^. Gobridge, NewcestleHinder-Lyme, Prod. 
—Plan of Keele Hall demesne, near Newcastl»«nder-Lyme, 
belonging to Balph Sneyd, Esq. 

awSADximas & Soh, 278 Strand.— MetaUic tablet rasor 
strops. Mechanieel revolring pictorial kalddescope. 

907 EnuMi k Son, 16 Sslisbnry Sq. Ksmt^?air of 
18-inch globes. 

908 ICaxxacb, p. 18 Market St Edinbur|dL— Meoh*- 
nical indicator for teaching geogrsphy, designea and manu- 
fiMstured by the eihibitor. 

909 wnxis, H. 18 Manchester St Gray's Inn Bd. Dee^ 
and Menu— An organ, consisting of a swell, with SS stops, 
a choir organ of l{ a great organ of SO, and a pedal orgsm 
of 14 stops, frc 

909 Wnua, — , London. An organ consisting of three 
rows of k^ys end two octaTcs and a fifth of pedals. Tfaia 
iutrument is built upon the German plan, Tis., 8 foot 
manuals, and SS foet pedals ; altogether it contains, in 77 

Digitized by 


Cum 10. PkOotopkieal, Mutkal, Horohgieal, and 



rtopi^BwIy 4;S00 pfoeiu the laigeit being CGOC 32 fieet, 
tte MfwI l t B t C i of m ineiL ThegrMtaodiwellomiMan 
fl^^ bj aeuH of the pneonielle lerer, eihiMted In * 
▼crtioBlpodtlon,ttidwQriked witiwattheeid of nddidooal 
m of air. In the choir end pedal oigaoa are intro- 
two newly^lnTenied patent valvet, orer which the 
Bcof tfaeair hwihat Httle inflaenoe. Thereiiabo 
1 a patent morement in eoonexion with a com- 
Uoation of the pneomatie lever, wliich brinsi the 
1 of tiM iaetnuneat oompletelj under the thombi 
of the paEftniner,enabtins him to draw gtopa in combination 
of ^ieh there are M dhanM, thna rendering it. thon^ 
MaborOe^ perfectly maaigeable. The i^Km*?—* inclnoee 
■erenl novel anangementi, and in the vaxioas bellowa 
flkore an five dliforent preiem e e of air. 

SKU BoHijc, B. de, Loodon.— Piece of meehaniam 
tntrnd e d to represent the pr opo rtiona of the human figure ; 
Uadaili of bdng expanded ftom the itandardiiae of ApoUo 
Bdvidere to thatofacoIoaMlatatna. GompoMd of more 
than 7000 pieeee of r ' 
nawriHi Ik 

SIS NvmHtfeSov, 66ChancefTLane,and3neetSt 
Mann — Large masnacripi celeetial ^be»6 Ibet in diameter. 
Fairof SS-inehglobea. Oate and other globes. Complete 
planetarium. OrrerieSi for educational poipoaes. 
sphere. Spherical soardlaL 
S18 KsimLBr, J. IS Fatemoster Bow, Inv.— Fiano 

Kottlngham, Inr. 

r feeding apparatnSy a snbatitafte lor 
IngfloaL Iml 

S18 iiMyuMS J. N. 6 Golden Bq^A machine to me^ 
■ore and dcmonstnUe the aliouot propor ti ons of the pcri- 
ph«7 and diameter of the drde. ▲ machine or instrument 
to dsMT ellipses, wanbolas, and Inpertwlas. A tenestrial 

tsMT eOipses, parabolas, and hnertwlas. 
cdestiafgtobe combined. Globe and map in 
S18 Adoeiiq, J. 9. 6 Golden 8q.— Astronomical 
intH^ toriiow the plsaetaiy motions, and geometrical diVi- 
siona of the celestial and tarrasteial ^mea. kc Patent 
m arMne Ibr measuring the pcriphorles of cireles. 
S90 Bonn. TBOBjmiwAnrE Ik Wooo, 1S3 Ne 
Kaon^Modelsofworkmen'sl "" 

m k Wooo, 1S3 Newnate St 
lerds, invented by W. B. Web- 
a. Webster's besm leveL 

Seer. HounSttOwna ifftutnainpton. 

SSO HoBjOy Tbommwaipe ft Woool 12S Newgate St 
B l e ctf o^vanie machine, fcc. for medical galvinism. Qxy- 
hjdiug aa mieroacoM: Daguerreotype ana calotype appa> 
Aarienltuiai dninage4evel, gslvanometer, ftc 

J GnAnAX, G. 8 Liverpool St Wahrorth, Inv.— Li- 

vention for directing an aerial «— ^'^^'t 

S84 GuMMcriG. IL Baling, Piop.--Globes, Inflated 
vi^elmo^hericair. Char^olaatorcaiTi^sedrawnbykitea. 
6 PlrTB^ J. Hastings, Inv. — ^Apparstns for navl- 
^ a balloon throng the ur I7 means of paddle^riieels 

prepdBng aerial madilne Specimens of ma 

MlBDViAir, W. 10 Ntf't Bead Ct < 

Inv. and Manu. — Aerial machine— the ftan 

S87 LouTLBr, J. New Broad St Inv. and Menu.— Self* 

Specimens of machine engraving. 

~ ■ - " Ct Gracechnreh St 

. i frame w oik of lance- 

wood, and covered with silk. 

Stf Bon, A. F. 9 King'a Bow, Horsl^ydown.— An 
acoromaDC mieroaoope. 

547 FowBu.fcLBAi.A]n^ 4 Seymour PL EusUmSq.Impi 
— Co mp o und achromatic microscope, with rec t a n g ul a r stsge 

548 PaxtcoAEn, 
Achromatie nderosco 

Sd8 Hsnr, A. U 

16S Fleet St Inv. and Manu^ 

„j St Sonthwaik, Preparer.—In- 

jscted arieroaoopic ol^ti, for displaying tbe straetnre of 
parts and eegans, and 

I organs, and Ulnstratlag the ntUi^ of the microaope 
to pbfrfel^gy andpatiiology. 

860 Field k 8o», 113 New St Birmingham, IfaaiLp— 
Achromatic microacopes, dissecting microscope, with Wol- 
laston's magnifiers, compound achromatic lenaes for photo- 
graphic purposes. Calotype nlctoreei 

S6S PooLTon, Southern HilL Beading, Hann.— Oljecte 
wepared for the mieroaoope^ wita lllnstrative drawings by 

SsisMTTH k BncK, 6 Coleman St Manu.--«tBads finr 
compound achromatic microacopes. IDcmseopio oljeeto 
and Mipamtoa. Bevolviqg tableiL fcc 

8M Boas, A. S FeatherstoneBuildlngB, Inv. and Ham. 
—Astronomical tdeaoope, the oUect-fs^ass 111 Inches dia- 
meter, mounted on a stand, having equatorial movemento 
and completo a^iustments. The optical part wron^ by 
Boss's Improved qrstem and machinery. Astronomical 
tdeacopea. Improved ndaroacopes ^ and photographle camera 

866 HoosoK, F. T. Gr 
vegetable, and mineral t' 
the microecope. 

867 YjLBXxr k Son. 1 Cheries St Clarendon Sq. Ikv. 
and lbttu.--GrHihio teieacopes. Beversfaig csmera. Ml- 
croeoopflL Bfflerting telescopes. Appaiatns for momiting 
Gregcman tdeecopes, air^omps, In. 

Jacbsob, E. Ii W. 315 Oxford St Inv.— lOcroecopie 

IS, fee. 

CHADnom Bnu ir mH StShefltold and Liverpool, Mann. 
_ eases and lenses. Telescopes and microseopee^ 
In various stages of mamifoetureu AgriculturBl and sur- 
veyors' levels, ma gnet a , steam and vaeuna 
ten, eyiinges, galvano-eleetrie machines. 

iwich^Prod . and P es.— Animal, 
a^ and structures, prepared for 

AnwAWAM, A. Ik Co. SO Lord St Liverpool, Ham. 
— ^Trlnoptrio priamatic lantern, with apparatus for 
oxygen gas. (Bev. St Y. Beechy, inv.) iMoptiic pi 
lantern. Compound mieroaeope. Portable sbetohing 

SU BicHAaosov,T.W.Btede,ne 
A reflecting teleeeope, for observing the sun's sumee: dm 
reflector, inade of crown ^am, ia part of a pa rabo loid of 
revolution. Improved screw for straining wire ftnoes. 
Hop-tallies. Specimens of the prismatic colour onriass, ^ 

886 Wiu.An.T.fcB.S8Ironniooger Lane, Cheapalde, 
Inv. and Han. — ^Portable photografl^ camera and stead. 
Bcgisteiing thread counter, or linen provcr. 

866 Salmoh, W. J. S54 Whiteehapel Bd. lianu.— Bay 
or night t ele aoo p e B for ship^ use. 

867 CucKirr, B. B. DoctonT ConmioH, Des.— Uni- 
versal equatorial teleaeope stsnd, 

288 CiLLLAOHAir, W. 45 Gt Boasdl St Bloomsbuiy, 
Kami.— An improved deef^vtslklng tdescope. A pair of 

888 TisjuSauM,M. 398 Ozfoed St Dee. and Hran.^ 
Achromatic microacopes. Students^ ndorosoope. Opera 
glasaes. Ellipse compasses, axe's thermometer, Iec 

870 Gabfbitbi te Wan0» 94 Begent St Mann^ 
Phantasmagoria lanterns, with a aet of sections to show the 
optical nrindple. Series of sstzonomlcaldiagraaai, adapted 
to dissolving unteras. 

871 DnxT, aw. 3 New Bond St Ksnu.— Barometers 
Improved nautical sextant SpectedeSL Opers glasses Ther- 
mometers. Tdesoopes. Drswiqg instrmnents, lee. 

878 DEinnB,J.C. lS2BishopigBtoStInr.andlCaml.— 
Improved astronomical reflecting drole, lunar sextant, and 
hajf sextant Theodolita. Drswing instruments. 

878 Bati^ B. 18 Half Moon Gres. White Conduit 
House. Manu.— Gold and sted e pectaclea. 

874 GoDOABD^ J. T. 35 GosweU St Mann.— Achromatie 
«>bieet glam for a tdeseope of 9 inches apertnn^ about 16 f est 
toens. J> S 

Digitized by V3 



Culm 10. PhUotopkicalf Musical, Bcndogkal, and Swrgiad Ituirwment$» 

S74U BT.4in,W.Bnokiiook, Soath Wale*.— ArtifleUl 
leg, to enable penons wbo bftTe loet the knee either to walk 
or ride. 

876 Glabk, F. 13 Perk Side, Knightshridge, InT. aiid 
XmiL— New inrented acVustiiig spectaolesaQd opera gleiiw 

S78 HTAUt,H.59CoriihilVtoy.aiidMaaa---r7ewoUeet- 
slan, coniisting of a linglo piece of glaae. ImproTed Stan- 

^WI9 WsABsr. H. 1S9 Oxford St Blann.— loTlBibleitecl 
■peotedei. and ottier speelaeles aad hand-glaeiee. 

880 WRrmoosx, N. 2 Cranbouru St Prop, and Hann. 
— Artliioial eje, artmeial dlTer note, operai^Ieai, epee- 
tiftlte, fcfl 

888 BmATrawAiTEf 8. 169 Kirkgate, Wakefield, InT. and 

UNU — ^Regif tered ventilating eye-ehaaes. 

884 SrAaKyKU. 1 Hope St Edinbar|di, InT. and Mann 
— Microeeopic objeete. in sutta percfaa odk, intended as a 
inbetitnte ior glan oeili, being equally durable^ and much 
oheaper* Slidff for opaqne objeote. 

886 JoioAir, C. STGhapman St Manohciten Inr. and 
l|ann.— ninminatiTe instrument, for iaiepeoting the ear, fte. 
Inatminent for the inspection of the eye. Injttmment for 
iUuminating nioulds in iron-founding^ Im. iToiy conoentrie 
shells, turned ftom the soUd ball' Specimens of all the nse> 
fal metals and alloys, shdwing the sur&oe and fracture^ 

886 SoMMOV, J. 23 Itod Uon Sq. Mann.-— Bcgiktered 
pa^ermaehe opera glasses, eye protectors, tso. 

887 Ksio, T. D. Bristol, Des. and Mann.— Compound 
achromatic micTDSCopes, kc Improred spherical primatio 

888 BsAKAV, J. St Augustine's Pantd& Bristol, Iut. 
and Msouw— Spectacles Crom their earliest invention! ▼»- 
rioos modes adopted br Sir Jssae Newton, Drs. Kitchiner, 
wdDsston, and HerschcU. Lensea Iec t registered. Trigo- 
pometer. Herepatfa's registered blofi^pe^ 

880 Bowi.sry J. Wolverhampton, Mann.— Improved 
spectacles. Spectacles worked out ofbestcsst-eteel; weight, 
8 pennywelriits. Wira-gauae eye preservers. Hand-spee- 
' des, eye-oasses, Sms. 

SSftl Ua'taul, J.£. 48S West Strand.Prod.— Daguerreo- 
type nanorama. 

20ilA Ladd, W. 29 Penton PL Walworth, Mann. Case 
of instruments for pneumatic experiments. Compound 
microscope, with chain and spindle in lieu of rack and 
piniooi now in use. * Begistered. 

80iA Lij>D,W.29 Penton PL Walwortl^Manu.—Appa* 
rains for explerlmoits in pneumatics, Isc 

898 BsASD, B. 85 King Wm. St City. Pat— Photo- 
graphic pictures by a new process, whereby oaguerreotypes 
are enamelled. 

. 888 Dnjuxft T. A. 1 Upper Buckingham St Dublin, 
Ifliv.— A substitute for the safety fuse ganranic battery, in 
t>lsstinc ooerations. Hydrostatio electro^nagnetic engue. 
Portable luotogrsphic camera. 

884 KiiKiBM, W. £. 234 Begent St Pfod.— Photo- 
graphic miniatures. 

W6 PAnfB, W. 5 Trinity Bow, iBlimrtop, Prod.— Photo- 
graphic pictures, showing the progre ss oi th> ^^t. 

896 Claudet, A. F.J. 18 King Wm. St' Charing Gross, 
Inv.— Photographic plates and pictures^ and apparatus for 
photograpliic purposes. 

897 UmniiiiAMfcMALORB. 122 Begent St Westminster, 
Des. — ^Talbotype apparatus of improved design, made by 
J. Newman. TalSotvpe pictures. Talbotypes tinted by 
means of caustic potasn and a lead salt Specimens of fflr J. 
Herschel's Qyanotype and Chrysotype, and of Mr. Bobert 
Hunlfs dhromatype pictures. 

896 Batwau>,1B. L. k W. 196 Blaokfrlars Bd. Inv. 
and Mann.— A gaoga, fbr ascertaining the thicknesses and 

of plates and rods of metal, fco. 8hefingiham*s 

1 ventilator. 

Tran BaoTDSBS, 44 Begent^s Ciroos, PieoadlUj, 

ll Saad, W. Wandsworth, Inv. and Prop.— JErial 

808 BmonAM, B. J.— Talbotype pie 

808 Coua,]tliL.168NewBondSt Prod.— Son pie- 

rcB. on paper. 

806 LaosTAiiD^ & W. 11 Upper Stamford St Des — Bios* 
Imtlons of the* use of the microecope for detecting adultera- 
tions, atid for discoveries in minute anatomy. 

808 Sbabp, 8. New George St Sheflelo, Menu.— Set of 
ten lenses for a afaigle microscope, foom 1-lOth to l-)00lh of 
an inch focal le ngth . . 

800 Wbat, W. 4S Havering St Commcrdal Bd. East 
Inv. and Mann- A sev«n-feet aehromatio telescope^ into 
which a solid substitute is used in place of flint glass. 

,817 Dsnrtnr, J. BL Grav* Inn Sq. Inv.— Specimens of 
model or relief mapping, workman's dralning-levels. 

818 Psmoss, Y. a 4 Trafalgar Sq. Inv. and Prop^— 

880 Eluott k Son, 66 Strand. Mann.— Drawing in- 

uments. Dompy-JeveL Theodolites. Transit instm- 
New iastnuneat for measuring distance. Telescopes. 
Opetn-glsssss Standard English yard. Slide-rale^ Asn- 
n^hrad altitude Instrument^ Sic 

880 TVphodeictor, or storm pointer, an instrument for 
obtaining, Yj inspection, the bearing and relative posiUon of 
a rsvolidag storm or hurricane, by Lieut-Colonel Lloyd, 
eonstraetea in aooordance with the theory, commonlj 
called the law of storms, as mads known in several pub- 
UeatloM by Colonel Bdd. 

888 Doaso!c. J. 268 Hidi Holborn, Mann.— Complete 
magaaine set of drawing insfanunents in electxum or British 
memL A variety of smaller seta. 

884 TBXBfcCo.22ChariotteSt Blackfriars Bd. Mann. 
— Bwart's improved gauge for computing the carcase weight 
of live cattle, kc Bulcs, scales, kc. 

886 PuBva, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Inv.— Uechaidcal 
square, containing a plumb^rule, a spixit4evel, squazo-levely 
~ ti-rnle, and sliife^uie. 

887 Towns, W. 19 Staagate St Lamboth, Inv^-Splrit 
itflr on a new principle. 

888 Haooaro^ W. Bank of England, Inv— A doubla 
protractor, three if*5?lmi square. 

888 SncLAin k Hocnunr, 42 Gerard St Soho. Des. and 
Mann — ArtUfelal teeth, Sic 

880 Bnr, T. Oldhamw— Measuring and dividing ma- 
chine. Bules, marked and divided by the machine. 

theodolites, simple and effoctive air- 
ip, improved prismatic compasses, optic square, speo^ 

^ Ds Gbavs, Sbokt, k pAinnBL 59 St Martin*a-la- 
Graiid, Mam^^Assay balances and weights. Bvdrostatio 
balances and weights. Diamond balanoes. Wdghts and 

88i OnTLtna L. 18 Store St Bedford Sq. Manu.^Ghe- 
mical and other belanccs of delicate construction. 

886 BnowK, S. 6 Marlborough PL Kenninffton Grbss. 
Inv.— Patent power^engine and water-meter, and water aad 
spirit meters. 

888 SAsa J. Kirkaldy, Scotland, Inv. and Maau.— 
SeU^ting cal<;u]ator of sumce. The area of any flgnre 
drawn on a plsae Is found by moving the tracer over the 
outline^ however irregular it may be. 

Digitized by 


Clam 10. Pkiotopkieal^ Mmieid, Sandogioal, dnd 

Smrgiad ImttrumaUt. 

Bbidgo^ 6. Hampton IHelc, Kiqflprtoii, Inr.— 

lastmaeai for aieertaiiiiiig iliihinnri of oljeeti| by day or 

840 RooxTB, J. fc A. 96 E«t 8L Fomdling, Maiia-> 
aidiair role of iiiTohitioii. flporimen of hand dlTiding. 

84i MABMorr. M. Mon^eBarg^lnY^lMlraf aMJuif fi 
fat ebomieal analytiA, aada of pias. 

94SL Bm, W. 8tiathsteT»,qotapi^ Sotfaoiaiid, Iiit.-> 
Giadnator. An iutnimeiit lor dM approadmate determina- 
tkm of hei^ta and diitaneea of o^oeta ; and It thowi the 
time of day by the ann in any part of tbe globe. 

844 Dora, J. U Uttle: Kew 8t Pro(U-I>eneate 


balance for chemical aualyiif and einjinc. . 

846 ]>OBn, G. 37 St. Albania 8LlabeUi.—1 
nirii leveL lor all kinda of raacfaineiy. 

847 Gox,6.51iaxbican,ManB^I 
faioingeoxTcettime Tlieneriplian,liBrtheito4y ofaatio- 
aonj. tek Beam draininz-IerpiL 

948 HAnor, J. 5 WemngCon Bd. 8t John'y Wood, Idt. 
— 4fetnigrBpli, an inatrament to enaX^ apengn to draw any 
otjeet tnm nature, by actual BMiiun'iiin'nt 

840 BABnarr, B bL 4 JaaatoaTer. Limcboose, Ifann. 
—Improred lunar Mxtanta. Plain aextant ImpcoredbFUi 
qoadxanL dlTided to half mimtea. 

860 Tatx4». J. IM )llnarlci,lCaan^— Sextant for mea- 
nlar diataneca between tiM beaTcnly bodies. 
81 towvu^r. 121 Gfa/s Inn Lane, llanu.— Mathe- 
matioal drawing inatramenta. Impro fod arehiteet^a scale, 
I that evesy leale eanbe read off the edge. 

I, W. 47 Jolnmm 8t SooMn Town, Inr. 
to draw Bnci radiating from a 

Bd. Pabton, InT.— 
Mid mappii^ roada, 


868 wnxiAio, 

868 Adoock, J. 4 
Model of a new machine Ibr 

ta, by which the 
ehiddated in a 

884 Bakkb, B. Gl 
Modd of an inatinment called 
ordinarT aolar and lunar 
clear, wnpic, and tminiyi 

865 GnABAii,jrHigh Bow, Dtafington, Brixton, Inr. 
— A, rule for shoidngthe d icum faence of adrde ; alao the 
dde of dm flq[nai« equal in area toa citdewlioie diameter or 
drcnmlcxeoee is given. 

866 Camuos, p. 87 London SL Glasgow, InT.— Aai- 
mnth oompaai. Bngioeei's improved indicating lereL 
Mathematical and nanticd afide rala. Improred thetmo- 

867 Haix. R. CE. 8 AstoBTa Qm^, Dublin, Jut. and 
Menu.— Self-adlustiug hydnnlic lereL 

867 W^x.KBB. A. HiUpark, Fochaben, Elgin, Scotland, 
DcSb and InT.— improred tbeodoKte: with an apparatus 
wUchcaleulatea tho length of tl» sides of snkall txiuigles. 
Ofiet staff, or eqoaring pde^ ftc. 

868 Bixan, A. 5 Deamaric Street, 8oho^ Lit. and Manu. 
—Three-motion diving machine^ aif^pomp. Bid wdghiog- 
wsfhine, with measuring apparatus. 9team-boiler feeder. 
Patent rotatoiy gBrdeu and 4ie engine pomp. Improred 
•team-boiler cock. Patent rotntoryumTcndsjringe, Ice. 

860 Sirmi, W. Maidstone.— Early-cdtlng machine. 

861 MiLUB, J. Jan. 30 Themes St Wodwich, lur^ 
MQIer^s opiftr penpector for d i aw in g lines to a point or 

868 LxDocu^ J. J. Edinboig^ Bes.— Spirit lerds used 

diainiiig^ rood lerdling, Ice 

868^Kouv903i, J. 4VeUington PL West India Dock 

Bd. Lioediouse^ Inv.— Mg uuom e til cd machine for marking 
out dothing. 

884 AooocK,J.Tdgnmoath,InT.andDes.— Il«ffl^stered 
ioale of the diameter and quadrant 4f tho oirde, for mea- 

surijtf standing timber. Dnwing of imp 
whed. Diairings of an invention Ibr detetmT 
teiing the duration of the courses of the i 
iretrr whf rl. Ice. 

886a Too]K}lKSos.5BesrStand46GranboQm8tInv. 
and Mann.— A seat scale wddbing madiine. 

867 Blttb^B. 2 Chdtenh^ PL Westminster Bd.Laai^ 
beth.— Patent indicaHng levd, for carpenters, maaooL 
bnildeis, Im. 

868 AcKLAUD, W. 19 Dorset St Portman So. Inv.-- 
Machine for the true mathematicd gxaduation of hydro- 
meters, thermometers, Ice. Sodes for an hydrometer, show 
ing spedfle gravities and per oentages. 

871 Kmiv, &M.Wezftrd, Ireland, Inv.—Hydramdcr, 
for ascertaining the spedlio gravity of liquids from 0-600 
to 2-000. Pump ibr medicd and other purposes. Door- 
spring. IM. 

me Hat. W. 118 Union St Abodeen, Des.— Foot 
gauge, by which the irimle meas ur ements of the foot is 
ta ken at once. 

877 Fox, B. W. Falmouth, Inv.— Fox's magneHwd 
balance, weighing to the ten thousandth part of a gnin. 

878 Tatb, EiuiA J^ara, 9 Portland PL Wandswortii 
Bd. Inv.— An instrument for the approximato detemlnation 
of the problem of aquaring tiie drde. 

879 Draa, H. Gt Western BaUway, Hungerlbrd. Inv. 
— Begistered offlce index and tablet memento^ intended to 
asdst the memoiy. 

881a Bosbbll, G. F^-S|gnsl-dial finr xailwqni, to dww 
the vdodty and distance of a train. 

888 Dabukll, J.* IS Denmark Grove, Ulngton; Inv.— 
Portable house alarm, for the detection of firo and rbb- 
berr^^Universd sun-diaL 

887 WEaaBBIlfB^ D. J. 5 Oiaxing Gross, Pat and 
Mann.— Gdcukting madiine, ad^ted to Indian, American, 
Bnsrian, Prussian, BraaOian, Portuguese, Kei^litan, Bo- 
man, French, Turkish, Chinese, and English money, Ice. 

Counting machine, for showing the number of strokes i 
by a steam engine, &c. 

886 Matthzas, J. H. 47 Hatton Garden, and 1 Doiaet 
St Bdl's Pond, Inv. and Mann.— New invenfion for dividing 
lines, upon a geometrical prindple. 

886 BAxaa, H. 90 Hatton Garden, Inv. and Maifn^- 
Vacuum gauge. Steam gauae. Alarums and rain gangcs« 
Thermometers, barometenL nydrometers, fro. 

888 CiiAirnEnLACi, W. Jun. St Leonards-on-Sca, lavw— 
Models of machines to record votes. Patented. 

401 HuGHEi, W. Governor of the Blind Asyhm, Man- 
chester, Inv.— Tfpogranh for the blind, a new mechanleal 
contrivance enabling bund penons to e n p i e m thdr thoughts 
upon paper : rMistored. A sindlar instrument for embosa- 
ing orprinting in relief. 

408 Wu.Toa,W. St Day,Tniro, Mann.— Fox's magnetie 
dip and intendty instruments. Miner^s theodolit^ or Im- 
proved did and quadrant, for undeigxonnd and snrnce snir- 

Aif j>EB902r, J. Queensftnty South, Edinbui]^ Inv. 

— ^Penpeetive drawing n 

404 GanTiTHa fcLc Bcau, 15 Cobora Bd. Mile End.— 
Daguerreotype portrdts and pietoras, with dectrotype copies 
taken from them. 

404 HETWoon, W. 95 Duke St Mandiester.— Expcri- 
mentd dr-pump, with sdf-aeting exhanstrtui. 

407 GoGsnrr,a72Fleet8tModdofajmirof diree^ 
acting steam-engines, with paddle-wheda. Fkto deotrlcal 
machine, dr-pump, galvanometer. Ice. 

406 BavAsi, Kev. J. If orwicfa, Inv.— Improved air-pomp 
without vdvos. 

418 Aim, E. E. Sted Yard Whari; Up^ ^Thames 

Digitized by 



Clam 10. PhOoiopkiedl, Mmkai, Horologietd, and 

St Inr.— EU6trfMnigii0tienflw»7^tnlB akm, for eomBm- 
aiMiliC trith tht engiiM driTcrlfrom ■ajr part of th* 

418 Paui, W. J. S5 Kflwiagton Gnt. lCuii.-^Artifl- 
«ial taatlL IM. 

4UWArKm,H. Kewwttie^ipofr-T^iMi Ibt. ud Blun. 
— Anvboog't hydxvhelMtrio nMhina, the produetioii of 
•iMtrkUgrfttimttMaLtos. tefttj kmpt, OMd in the ooal 
rnioM. The eteel mm med for producing light before the 
IntiodaetlonoftheeAfe^lemp. _ , 

41SA njoBn, & ((rf^Denmirk), Ffaaoh St Hendeworth, 

- ' - Itt^— Working model of a petenteleetro- 

Wooden moM of improved oonetnio- 

414 Vumas, W. Cambridge, Inrw— SlectRMnagneOo 
akrom, for the woteotion of property againat robbery or fire. 

407 Cft»rxu»J. Winohmoreflill, Edm o n t on, Inr.— 
E1eetr»«iagnetio motive engine. _ ^ , ^ . . 

419 ^oa^ J.26BoaTerie St Tleet St InT^-^Galvaiile 
airangOMnt for pori^ring water and pceaenring animal 
■DbS&oca. 8iilph& of lime exyataliaed by a water battoiy. 
Hidei tanned by galvaniam. 

419 Wnnlw, F. 9 John St AdaMhi, Dca. andbir.— 
Self-«!tfagfoeding-troa^forpoultnr,fco. Telekouphonon, 
or^eaS^telegn^ Gnttn pen^ telephone. B>i^7 
^minrMmimdo^m7 Gnttn peroha tube and lathe-band, 
aafifitMdeat the Society of Arte In 1S45. 8ab«|neoaB 
inrolittii dectrle telagnpft oondnctofa. Battoy pro t e c tor. 
Tekgiaildc prlTateeode box. Model to iUoatnte the hy- 
draoEetelagmph. Geok)gieal glaM model, ihowingatimtili- 
oatloni, miifing operationa, aewige worfca, Ice Centnmetral 
ehnmooieter. maae liy Johnaton, OeikenwelL indicating the 
•peed of railway traini,fcc ComparatiTenlan of that part 
<^ the aty of London which waa deatroyed by ^ Si«^ ^ 
in 16M. Patent ^ pipea to inmlate and protect the 
wiiea of electric telegrapha under ground. Patent mnm- 
tubular pipe of |daaed earthenware, mannfoctnred by W. 
Kortha, Vanxhalt Clw board, of enamelled alate, ex- 
eented by Mr. Magniea, Pimtteo. CSiain pipea for Mb- 
maiine teHgnuoh. 

4^0 IL4BnnoikaW.aBJ.J.Biehmond,InT.— Electro- 
magnffiiir engine, lor producing a motive power on n new 

^STBrnxn^ A. 138 Holborn Ban, Pnm.— Brett and 
litWa patent eleetric telegraph, alarDmbeU, beU handle, 
and battery, with undeii^found anangement of conduo- 

428 Wnm, J.44 Littlewood Hoose, Leeda, Menu.— 
Walking«tick, containing an electn^galranic machine and 

4S4 SMIT& G. R. 16 De Bonroir Ter. Culford Bd. Inr. 
—Comic elecMc telegraph and key-board. 

485 BoBDcrr, J. 28 Hanover Sq. Glapham Bd. Inv.— 
Someitic tekgra^ requiring only one bell for any number 

of rOODML 

426 AuEXAin>EB,W. 53 Weat Begieter St Bdinburrii, 
Inr.— Model of an electro-magnetic telegraph, worked by 
moana of voltaic eurrenta through metallic eoaonctora. 

427 Bsm, W. 25 Unireraity St Inr. and Manu.— Eleo- 
trio4eleaanhinctrumenta, adapted for hotela. Spedmenaof 
insulated wire, for sub-marine eleotiic tdogn^hs. itc 

428 BmnT, W. T. 46 St John's St Bd. Clerkenwell, 
Inr. and Menu.— Large permanent hone-shoe magnet, 
wel8^iing6 cwt.; magneto-electric machine; patent electric 
telegnmhs, worked by the magneto-electric current 

fiBMcNAin. A. Ib Co. 33 Oswald St Glasgow^ Inr. 
and BCann.— Conductor for electric telmaph^ consisting of 
a copper wire insulated with gutta percha, and indoaed in a 
Icadfn tube. 

429 BanT,J. fej. W.2HanoTcr8q. FotandProp.— 
Blectrie printing telep^pha. Oo wnimil cator cr eoCTeapood» 
lag apparatoa. ClrDuit regulator. A portion of the aspsri 
mentaf wire paased along the bottom of the channel in 
August last, when measagea were printed by thia talegri^ 
ftomBngiand to Prance. Ir on-pr ot ect l iy cable for encloaing 
the covered submarine wires, where noat atrength may ba 
required. Inv. by T. W. B. Brett raectric bells, fce. Pat 
in Grsat Britain, America, Prance, Austria, Prusria, Bel* 
gium, Holland, SarrHnia, and Spain. 

480 Waub, C. Y. Tonbridge, InT.-.Modes of I 
tlon of telegraph wires, compound needle, bell f 
branch double torn-plate, Hghtning 

bpha, woned by Tarioua deacri^ 
' and by eoUs acting on sent 

batttfT, and other electric telejmqph i^pparatas. 

482 Bimfli EiBcmo TBLnonAra Co. — Hig^tton'g 
patsBt dectric tole^mphs and apparatus. Printing teto- 
graph. adi^ted to one or two wires ; another, by whi» anr 
otteofS6 symbolicsl characters is printed by a alngle touch 
of a key. Morse's arrangement of telegraph, worked bj 
seoondaiy power. Tclagimph for showing the letterfl of the 
alphabet instantly, by the touch of a angle key ; with a 
revotviag pointer; vrith a revolving disc. Series of Indi- 
cating and pointlni 
Iron. SsrIcs oi telegraph^ atarumSi itc. 

488 Bajovbu., p. 6 UaTCfvtock Ter. Hempstead, Inv. 
and Pat— Electric copying telapvh. 

488 Bommoii, J. lOOHIghBt Mittylebosia, Inv.— How 
iwtruments for taking meeaurementB|and cutting out coals. 

484 Baih, a. Beevor Lodge. Hammersmitii, Inr.— 
Electric elocka. Time-balL to ba discharged by eleotrid^. 
Electro-chemical telegrapha. Eleetro-cbcmical copying 
telegraph. Electric prinong tdegraph. 

S6rPnBioa,W.%. Csrd^WJcs, InT^Hydr»4uld 
distributor, or water telegraph, gas, and flr»«ikine con- 
troller. Electric printing telegn^hs, lie PortfoUoa, for 
filing newspepera, periodlcala, Itc 

^^dS DnaiNO, G. E. Looey's Welwyn, Herts, Inr. and 
Pat— Electric tekgraph app«rafena, iUustratlve of many 

487 Mmno. C L. A. 108 LeadenhaU Bt Agent— 
Portable galvanic battery of ISO elements. Clockwork, fo 
making and breaking contact Patent galvanic chain bat> 
terr, to be worn on the human body. Invented bjT. L. 

488 EowABSi, J. B. lirerpooly Prod, and Mann.— 
Seriea of glam retorts, heapcrs, evanorsting basina, and 
other glam and porcelain vessels for chemical purpoae. 

488a BoiTDBLi., W. W. Patmouth, Inv. and Msau.— < 
bonised cast4ron magnet Impressions and speeimens or 
seals, esecuted by machinery. 

489 HZA1U9BB, J. N. 34 George St Plymouth, Inr. and 
Maott.— Csat-iron compound horse-ehoe pennanent magnati 
kc applicable to every purpoee requirtag hi^ magnetle 
power. Medico-galvanic apparatus. Karal^ing apparatoa 
for producing a maogfat in ventilating floes, &c. 

4Wa Sbaw, T. 68 Burgess St Shefleld.— SmaU magnets. 
Compound magnet with four bars, for a magneto-electric 

440 JoDLB, J. P. P.BS. Acton Sq. Salford, Inr.— Blso- 
tro-magnet, constructed of a plate of well-ennealed wrought 
iron, t^OTed to the poles. Tapered aimaturss. Surftce 
electro-magnet, and armature. Ice 

441 WAm, G. 2 Old Burlington St Inr.— Instruments 
used in dental surgery. Speeimens of artificial teeth. 

444 WxvrMOBaLAiiD, J. Derby, I>cs.->Patent gutta 
pereba electrical machine. 

448 OBKDf, 8. 7 Helmet Bow, Old St BCanu— Various 
oompames and sun-dials. Damp detectors. Angle^neters. 

Digitized by VjI^I^V iC 

^Clam 10. PkOaupkifdlf Mtuieal, Haroloffieal, md 


Siargieal Inttnanmag, 

dU. Mfaen oomnMi with Ah^ ftci 

4tr AujKMn)u£L8tPeCarPortyGii«niM7,InT.--Hodd 
cf airhlne to detamiiBe th« dtifiwcn ran vij a ihim and 
ate tt* iUpTt piMe on tlM cfaBL 

"^ Bammr, T. Margnti^ Isr^— FiSr of eazpCDten' 
■ with m improTcd nriai^ jcrfsfci 

, B. SbeiBeld, ToilaiUR, Bea. and Maim.— - 
io lightning eondaetor. Five^pointed dl- 

netor, OHNmted iipoa electric rod. 
^ J. lis liiwdi'nhan St. Mamu— SoUd 
y doable limb ittteat» coait flnrveriiig sextant, 
^ aaimntfi comsaeML theodolite^ lerau^ tolcropce, 
gnBHov calUpen^ lie. 

4fiS KnooT li SoNiy Foatv Leae.— CShendeal caUneCs. 
FortiMe indvenal ehemieal iomaoi^ on the prineiple of Dr. 
Imi nuf e daiiHnmim, Plate electric manmn<»«, and 
batteries. Working modds of deetnMnagnetio 
ngiaes. Lathe far fllf wing and poUshtngdagoeiTeo- 
tn^jf^timi ifironted 1^ 6. KnMit 

4M Corrxr,J.A.Ic8MRii,J.4PkoTidenoeBow,Fins- 
biBT, Phnsi and Hsan.— Improved chendeal upazmtos, ood- 
ftsialBt a stm head, with pans ftrdeeoctions,ie.; adiying 
^a c ondens er for steam, to. 
i TuiissuBT, B. OUertoi^ Hi?tti ngtrw tif ^frf i Inr.— 
seal mnsie desk, far vm in an orchestra, or to be 
i to a pianoftirte ; with a sii^ pedal, to torn crer 

4liSa Gsn. &li Co. Lembedi,Maaii^-Water filter on 
the principle of ascension. Chsniealpotteiy warm, in terra 
' I stone ware; and in Titieoassali-glszed stone 

^*2v Gnmsr, J. J. Ib Cd. 58 Bbker SL Mi 
«tod gism iMtromenti far chemical testing 

rh^JLtmneterfar liquid 

Aixmair, F. IS 

Am dectiie table-lamp, suitable 
"' Bimting the waj in which the 

t is made to govern the kmpL 

Mano. — Gxadn- 

_ in the arte; 


with another, 

C&lkon Hoose, Old Bromp- 
rpm from the animal and 
kingdom. Oniamentsl esstJngi in Tarioos metals, 
ftc Mmmometrical model of the UndercUli; Isle of Wight, 
from a trigonometrical sorrej, the ▼crtioal heie^ts being on 
tts ssme scale as the base. 

PowKAXA, GL J. Kensington, lnr.<— Electric tele- 
imenger index, indicator, &e. 
Hiuuaioiv, J. S C3iofltOD Ter. Upper Brook 81 
Iter, Inr. and Mann.— KteolricaJ battery, a sabsti- 
tats far tim Iicjden Jar, gidvanlc battoy, combining the 
* M of fanee and Faraday, to. 
Hiomaos, J. 46^per John 8t Fitsrpy 8q. Mann, 
-improved pianofarte action. 

WSLI.WAT, J. & 7 Denmark St Bristol, Inr. and 

Mai - 8ypiion troo^ far gilvanie battery, made of gntta 
psvAa sad vnlcanised IndsMnbher* Bsgistersd pcmble 

466 Tatmb, T. 17 Fleet flt Dublin^-Pneomatic bat- 
tstr, far igmting gun pow d er in blasting operations. 

dm KijiuiAirlB8oK,3SohoSa.and9DeanSt.--Minia- 
fnv pianoforte. A complete model of a grsnd pianoforte 
in ebony, carved and gilt, with the modern improrements. 

487 KinKMAsi kSoR. 88cdio 8q. Mann^-Hiniatnremodel 
of grand irianoforte. Fall simnd, with repetition action. The 
ftndsr semi-grand, and ouiqae piccofe pianofartes. 

4BB Gbbcrb, G. F. 51 upper Maiylebone St. Portland 
PL Inv— Semi-graad pianoferts^ with unison toning-ecrews, 
and mpeat tongue check action. 

40B SoDZBwiu^ W. 16 Baker St Oxford St MamL— 
Grand pianoforte. 

470 Stodast h Son, 1 Golden Sq. MamL— Patent hoci- 
aontal grand and compact^SQiiarepianoforte. 

471 Gasbt, C. Gray's Inn Iianofarto Manoftctaryw— 
Grand and npr^bt cottage pianofortes, on his new patent 
suspension principle. 

472 Bom, W. U SolB^ 61 Cheapside^ Mann.-Self- 
performing pianoforte. ZiWunison common cottage plamH 
forte, with check or double actions, to 

474 BBmsMKAD, J. 15 Cbvlotte St Fitsrqy Sq. Mann. 
— Begistered j^anoforte^ with improved joint and music 

476 Mnzxxn, G. 87 Gt Mariborou^ St Mann.— 
Small sise cottsge pianoforte, made in pollard oak, O G or 
arched fall, with ornamental shell front 

476 Moons li Co. 104 ffishopsgato St Within, Des. and 

Manu^ — Grand cottage pianoforte,'of 

477 LonliSoir, lOSGtBusseUStBloomsbury, 
— ^Albert cottage ^anoforto harmonium. 

477a Huirr, B. 22 Bteke St Jut.— The tevola pianoforte. 
A drnwing^oom table, upon a centre-block or pedestid; 
contains a pianoforte on a grand principle, and a muaio 
cloeet Provisionally registoed. 

479 EmvBVBi Ic SnBDMAjr, 31 George St MamL — 
Elexant wahmt marquetry semi-cottsge pianoforte, witti 
double action, to. Square-fall piccol^ or microchordian 

480 AuAni, B. 69 Begent a Mann.— -Walnnt'wood 
registered cottage pianoforte : the keys alternated in colour, 
to show all the seeks. 

481 Joxns,J.C.21sSohoSq.InT.aiidMann.— Adoubis 
ortwin semi-oottBge pianoibrte. 

482 HoLomDnaBB,C. 444 New Oxford St Mann.— Cot- 
tage grand pianoforte, with repeating check action. 

4& Auusoii, a 106 Waidour & Oxford St Mann^ 
Cottage pianoforte in walnut-toee, carved and inlaid. 

484 Jmnns, W. Ib Son, 10 London St Fitsroy Sq. Inr. 
and Mann.— Expanding pianoibrte for yachts, to. Gsfainet 
pianoforte in the Elim^bethian stvle. 

486 NicKKJ, B. 17 Tork St Tork Bd. Lambeth, Inr. 
and Pat— Patent double pianoforte. 

487 AoDisoit. B. 210 Begent St Pat— Boyal Albert 
transposing ^anoforte, with immoTcable key-board, ham- 
mers, and strings. 

488 Aooio,G.H.Colchesta^I>es.— Pianoforte, in plate 
g^ass case, gold carvings, to. Ottoman, of novel descr^ 
tion. to. 

488 DiMOUHa^ A. Denmark St Bristol,I>es. and Mana. 
—Begistered compensation pianoforte, seven oetare. 

400 AxmiAir, W. H. U. Bridgwater, Somenet,Inr. 
and Menu.— A pianoforte of improved constraction, with 

bevel movement of the damper. 

491 Smyth h BonEMS, Binninghamj 

luT. and 


Cottue pianoforte, with grandaction and repeater,! 
soumSng-board and back on the principle of a TiohmceUo, 
suited for hot climates. 

48Sa BRAimn, J. 26 Mount St Grosvenor So .— Model of 
the Queen's grand pianoforte; with case of Amboynaujod, 
and chased and gilt ornaments, contBininjr a barrel which 
performs twelve airs. Manufactured by Serens, Blumberg^ 
and Co. Travellii^; cap, with transparent peak, manuiho- 
tuied by Christy and Co., Gracechurch Street 

408 WooujET, T. Kottingbam, Pat and Man.— Eonili- 
brium patent pianofortes for all climates. Grand piano, 
and utinton pimio. 

488a Hauw ab, X 28 Bloomsbury St Mann.— Pianoforte 
with transposing mechanism, metidlic equilibrium string 
frame, equating tenrion rods, and improved soundrboerd. 

Digitized by VJ^i^ 



Clam 10. PkOoiOphiea!, MmMieai^ JEcndoifieai, ami Smyletd ImtrmmaHs. 

4M TowM k Packsb. 20 Oxibrd 8t Hum.— Gnad 
trampotiag pianoforte. Mieiophoiiio oottafs piaaolbrto 
of eoonomle oonstnictioii. 

496 EsASD, P. 0. 18 GrcAt Mnrlboiougfa St Tbt. Dot. 
and Mum.— Mew petoDt_pUiiofoiteo. Mew_pateDt OMtel 
ftemee fbr piuofortae. Harpe. '* Prlnoe of Walea' haip^" 

408 Horr, L H. B. 76 Strand, Ibt. and Mann.— PMnt 
metalUo ootftage gnmd pianofortei, not liable to be aibeted 
bj chance of olimate or weather. Uorixontal grand piano- 
ibrtea, with metallio ftamca. 

480 WoaiiDM, R. Store Str. Inr. and ICano.— Impfored 
pieeolo pianofbrte. Semi-bicbord grand pianoforte^ i^on 

000 uonumoii. J. k J. 18 Soho 8q. Mann.-^^eri- 
aontal grand pianofbrte with new patent action. Boudoir 

MOa TmuiaocL, W. 6 Frederick St Begenft Ptelc, Uann. 
—Set of pianeforto keja. 

609 Gbbaves. E. 56 South St Sheffield, Mann.— JEoUan 
pitch pipee. JEoUan violin mute. Ghromatio asoUaa pitch 
pipe. Soitenttto tuning-forki. Pair of chromatlo tonii^ 
nrin. Bcglstered portable metronomce. Printer^ eonnfe- 
inc TOicMnci- 

604 Komo k Pass. 141 Strand.— Bism boma with 
TalTM, French bom, trombonci, trumpets. ophideldB, et^ho- 
nion, eomet-hrpiatona, elarioneti, flntoL drnma, fce. 

60d^ MooLD, J. B., 3 Waterloo PI. Edinborgh, Inr.— 
l^udng-lbrlc, with chromatio icalc, by which any note nmj 
beitniok at pleaeore. 

606 Dodo, B. 119 VanzhaU Walk, Lambeth, Mana^ 
Ylolin, Tioloneello, doable baai, and bvp atringi. 

606 Pnnnr, J. F. Cheehant, Hcrte, Menu.— Box of 
musical bella. 

607 GisnoBKB, J. 37 Soflblk St Blnilns^bsm, Inr. and 
Mann.— Cornopeans, trombo comnta, Sax hams, kejed 
bogle, long ralve trumpet, ttc. 

608 Hamm Ic Co, S Bodge Bow, Prop.<-Neirl7-ftn- 
rented masiesl instrument, called ** Plcetlna *' 

606 Hbuts Se Ca 2 Bu^e Bow, Manu^-Ordem of 

YioUn, viola, violoncello, fcc, 

models of the exhibitor's grand&ther, popularly known aa 
-Old Forster." *^ ' 

•610 HKAFS,XK.Leed8,Uana— YiolonceUooottstnieted 
upon improved principles. 

611 Ahxlu, J. 76 Queen St Edinburgh, Inv --Centri- 
petal regulating pegs and jans, lor tunhig instruments. 
Spring ^^capo-tasto,** for the guitar, changing at once the 
diapason of the strings 

612 McNKiu^J.l40CapelStI>ublin,rnv.-^CteBbridce 
cavah7 HeldHrumpet bugle. Bulb cornopean. 

614 Chorcb. G. 12 Be^eley PL &istol, Inv.>-Wriit- 
mxpfartetf for the jiano-forte. Improved guitar. Im- 
proved fingerboard for the violoncello^ and other bowed in- 

616 Edwamds, J. k Son, Church St Borslem, Inv.>-An 
instrument to give strength and flexibility to the fingen of all 
instrumental performcis. 

617 Pacx k SoKS, 23 King St Westminster. Inv. and 
Uanu.— Cornopeans, trumpet, and valve bom, with valves of 
small diameter, and without angular turnings. 

616 Bboaowooo Ic So», S Gt Pulteney St Uamb— 
Four ffraud pianofortes, of dilTerent constructions. 

619 Beits, A. 27 Aoyal Exchange, Manu.— Two vio- 

620 Oatss, J P. Lichfield. Imp.— Improved bram mn- 
sical instruments: Comets, pista-cor, Sox-horn, trumpet^ 

fito tlbr ds h ira horn, k^ Spring door^porter and eltstio 

622 Pb»oi^ Him Abbuudi^ 99 NoHblk Ores. Hyde 
Paric^v.— Gioco di Euterpe ; a new musical game. 

628 Jmioaji, J. 3i Kancbestcr St Liverpool, Inr. and 
Mann.— Newlv-invantod enphonie serpentddde, euphonic 
horn, tenor-valve ophldeide^ and cornopeans. 

626 PahouMv L. 31 Hi^ St Bbomsbury, Mann.— 
Enharmonic cnitor (inv. and prop. T. P. Thompson, M.P.), 
capable of bdng arxmnged in the perfect ratios for upwards 
of « keys. . ^"^ *^ 

626 WnAinomi li Co. 2X> Conduit St Begent St Pst 
and Mann— Concertinos, treble, baritone, concert tenor, 
eoooert boss, doable, ttc filymphonion. PorUble barmo- 

627 WAnDv36GtTitchfield8tIuv and Mann.— Kettle. 
bass^ and side or signal drums. Patent fiuta. Kewly eon* 
atrueted bassoon. 

627 Waba, C. 36 Great Titehfield St Inv. Pat and 
Manu.— Improved kettle-drum, bass-drum, side or signal 
drum ; fluted and bassoon. 

626 SubUi B. Ball's Pond. Inv. and Menu.— -Seraphins^ 
with bichromatic or double scale of notes. 

620 SroRO^ J. 96 PiocadiUy, Inv. Pat and Ifana— 
Percussion JEokiphon, with two sets of vibrators. Portable 
iEolophon, Ibr flutes or violoncello parts, lee 

680 Faoiubb, £. 11 York St James's Sq. Des.— Ac- 
cordion stand. 

681 Bbat. J. 96 Westmoreland St Dublin, Mano.--. 
Bouble-actioa harp, with additional notes, musio-stDol, desk. 

682 Jom, B. Chrdifll Wales, Des. and Uaau.— K^rsad 
triple^trung Welch harp. 

682 Suinoir, T. Sea Lion HoteL Hanley-in-the-Pot- 
teries, Inv. — Korma Virium, or musical accentuator, in- 
tended to soperMde the metronome. 

686 SxGCAMA, A. 135 Fleet St. Inv. Pat and Uanu.— 
Diatonic flutes, retaining the old sj'stcm of fingering while 
aflbfding umnerous additional fingerings, on a system strlcdy 
based upon acoustic principles. 

686 BoDAix^ BosB, tc Co, 38 Southampton St Strand^ 
Pro. and BCanu.— Carte's patent flutes, in silver and wood. 
Boehm's potent flute. Improved ordinary flute 

687 Puaor \k Fdidt, 74 Dean St bohc^ Manu^— Vio- 
lins, violoncellos, double boM. To exhibit oil varnish equal 
to that on the Cremona; an art supposed to have been lost 

686 Pom, H. 2 Bridge St Westminster, MamL— 
Clinton's flute, improved. 

640 KoRLBD, J. 35 Henrietta St Covent Garden, Pat 
and Menu —Patent ralved wind instruments. 

641 GuiNjims, B. 58 East St Manchester Sq. Inv^ 
Violin end violoncello. Self-acting pegs for tuning violins^ 
violoncellos, and tenors. 

642 GAoaaiT, B. 64 King St Whitehall, Hanu.— Doo- 
ble-pistoned brass cornopean, with straight and curved 

648 DooD. J. Image Cottage, Holloway, Bfanu.— Bows 
fiir the violin, tenor, and violoncello, mounted with gold and 
tortoiseshelL Silver strings lor the violin, violoncello and 

644 Cridut, B. 135 Hig^ Holbom, Des. and Maaa— 
Concertinas, in ivory, with gold stops. 

646 Case, G. 32 New Bond St Manu.--Concertina 
three octaves and a half compass. 

648 Caso, W. S9 St James's St Des. and Mann.— 
Silver, gold, electro-silTor(*d, and other flutes. 

647 Callcott. J. 31 A .mlrol Ter. Vauzhall Bridge Bd« 
Inv. and Manuv— Kemly-iuvented French .horn and comei- 
k-piston without loose crooks. 

Digitized by 


Clam 10. PhOoicphical, Mkmeal, Horobgietdj and Siargictd InstmmaUi. 


GiB Boons, T. F. 67 John 8L FLtaoy 8q. 
OipB metal nipe»— tmmpeL hanlboj, tnaaok^ ilnt^ open 
diMiim, iriof dip gMnbiL end haaolcMifln. 

MB GvooME, J. Watfoi^ Hoiftllc, Inr. end Menn.— 
Tkaaepeicnt nnele, edepted ftg la e tiiieUM leige c fee e ei . 

fiWlCAnmi, W. 5 8t Jemee 8t Nottln^iem, Inr. and 
Menmv— Model, the etiing fteme of en npri^t pienofbrte 
yilk lever tanSng eppermtm. An ugdijai pianoforte^ with 

AirinBva, R. 4 Felatine BnildiiwL Mancheeter, and 
84 Osfind St. InT/^Appexatoe lor ^Vng poeStion and 
I to the iingen in leendng tiMpiano. 

, I. C 1 liaMB Gfore 80lld^ I>ee. and Mano. 
t oi^gan, oontaininc eoamoeitloa p*«^**f Ite. 
.564 DAwioTt, a 893 StmndytBT^Aiitophoa, the tnnea 
bciwnradneed by meana of perfbrated ibeeta of mill boOTd. 
9Bb Gbat k, PATxneoii, 9 New Boad, Fitnoy Bq.— A 
nail ebureh fti^sr-otgan, tiie ivbole of the ttope contained 
in a awelL with Bourdon pedal pipea independent of the 
m e iw ai. PIm any namber of tonei without ihilttng tho 
bandi in and out of tha inetramenL 

6B6 Hiu^W.I(Co.TottenhemOLBd.I>ei.andManQ. 
~Fta«r oisaii with tiro aela of cfaauwii, cdntajning iced 
oineriaunenee power, Iec. 

mr Hou»cB,0.1i.H.4JaddPLEeat^Kins*8aoei^ 
Maan^&nell choir oigan, with peeoUar atop, called the 

* ilfanrfiiMi ** 

662 RoBUMa, J. 7 Gower 8t Bedford 8q. Inr.— Axtf- 
fidal teeth, and dental appantnt. 

ett^BjSio, B. Jl9^enot Bow, Bdinbusb, Inr^-Coai- 

PL Heating^ Mann -- Owe 

fbr alTeoIar hcmorrliace. 

684 Baxsok,] 
of artificial teeth. 

666 MouuML J. SGrwTer. 8t John'a Wood,lnT.— 

, 687 Whitb, J. SSB Piccadilly, Mann^PatentMoe^iaSn 
Lever Thimea. 

668 ToD^D.&npperPltxniyStFitzroySq.InT.— fibi^ 
and doable I 


, T. J. F. 101 8L Martln'a Lane. 
Knbannnwie organ (T. Pcn«ieiThoBpBon,M.P. inr. and 
prapiX oanableof execntittg with the perfect xmtioe in 18 
kiTB ; or in 80 widi the cxcfaai«B of one or tiro pipea in tile 
oetev!^ Car the kcya of five and six flala. 

66l Wauesb, J.W.S7FrBncia8tBedlbid6q.Manii. 
—An eegan Qn the Tudor ityliL deei^ied by Benka and 
BBnr). adapted ftnr a hall or mneia room. 

608 FoaaRB h Ajrnnsvi, Hall, Inv. and I 
model of trempoafng a 
w to change the pitch of 
hl|tecr lowv finom a given niteh: the 
ataiienaiy. Alann or fiig ^'g^^H^ 
afainiat eea. 

666 Gaoanimi, W. K 178 Fleet 81 Inv. and Mann^~ 
Artflfliai Icgi, artificial eyea, iving bneei, &e. 

687 Baquixo, T. Leede, Mana.— TeateTa 


fiir rmlway gnarda, or 

trumfi. Ban- 

dage ftrnrolepeaa. ff nee joint CKteneor. 

688 ifiun,J. Street, neerGIaaloiibaiy,Inv^— Improved 
^— "- ' *—«---.- 'nventedbyoleboimBgnian. 

8L DavUT SL Hcwington, Mann.— 

doable troiafor hernia, invented bjra Uboariog 


610 Gaiub, J. F. L StKwberfy HiO, Pendleton, Inv. 
and Mima.-- Gymnaatic aapacataa, and orthorachidic in- 
aCnmaat^ fiir definml^ of die miaiie^ ftc 

671 SwiTBKnAAKC, J. 100 Bridge 8t Bradfinrd, Tork- 

6716 LoMiDoal tc Tonnoum, Beriij, Inv. and Mana.— 
BMiaaaigical etockingi, knee eepe, feltm hxu 

678 SiorM, & 1 High Hdhon, Maao.— TVaama, ban- 
^Ma.belta,fte. ^^ ^^ 

67V GBia]U8,&71 Baker StMann.— Artificial teeth, &e 

676 Homo, J. Wert Begent St Glaigow, D^ and 

6V6 LAunn-a 86 Axgyle St. Hew Bd. Dea.— Artificial 
t ae <h ,ea rred in bippopotamua ivonr. 

677 Ja«si» J. H. F JLC 8. Exeter, lav.— Surgical in- 
•linnM life and apparatoa. Model of an raparatna employed 
in the treatment of fncturea of tiic thUi. 

OTB Aw k Sobs, 8 and 8 Broad sL Golden So.— Arti- 
fideiteedi. ^ 

660 Taoxaoir, H. Greenock, Scotlend, Inr.— Appantoa 
intended for fractorm of tiie thicker leg. 

681 SPAmo. T. ft Co. SB Condnit SL Begenf a St end 
115 New Bond St MBnn.-4B|Bnil machine. Inatmmeiit for 
contracted kneea. Portabia ming crutch. Tnasei. Por^ 
table cloak boat, Ike. 

682 FuLLEB, J. 239 mdtecbapel Bd.— Artificial k^ 
eyee, and nose. Sugicel fatatnunentajke. Antique m^aE 
mlt oval watch, made in the reign of Chariea L, 1^ Franeoia 
Hawe, at London. 

684 Salmoii, ODT,liGa. 892 Strand, Liv. and Mmm^- 
Patent sin^ an4 doable eelM{nating tnuaea. New te- 
siating, anti-premure, eelf-«4jaating tiaai, aaggeated by Dr. 

688 Bammm, J. Hnddaifield,Mana.— Artificial leg; 

687 L'EanuaEOB, F. 39 Dawaon St BubUn. Inv.— Par 
tent tniaKi. Apparatoa Ibr tlie redaction of didocatioos, 
a nd for the cure of fiaotara of tlie lower Jaw. Lithotiita 
inatrumeuta. Cec. 

688 HoxLBT, E. 5 Ycre St MamL— Stockings, knee 
c^pa, calf-piece% andandet^ fbr varicoee vans, weakness, 
sprains, firactared, Sre. 

801 Grat, a 10 ManhaB St Golden Bq. Inv.-.T^iim 
and hunting-belt combined. 

801 Msxs, E. 18 Liverpool St Bishopegate, Prop^ 

801b AxnoLO^ J. Upper Meijlebooe St Inv. and Fsrt 
Mann. — ^Umversal limb-fea^ with elevating and revolving 

801c Cbapxaji, T. ft AiAsavAn J. 8 Denmark St Soho^ 
Inv. and Menu. — ^Invalid's conch. 

801d MacMabov, GL Upper Camden St BubUn, Inv.— 
Jaw-lever, for keeping open the mouth of any animal whilst 
adminiatering medietnip, fcc A tempotazy horse-shoe^ to 
fosten on witnout naila. 

801b Boss, A.— Blwdii^ instruments aa sobatitatee for 
leeches, and capping instnunents. Inv. Banm Heurtekmp. 
ManuTj. ScholL Berwick St Soho. 

808 FxstziL S. L. 6 I>a% ter. aty Bd. Islington, Inv. 
and Mann.— U niversal drills for removing deagr mm teeth. 
Artificial teeth. 

804 Hauobp, H.8 St John So. Mann.— Artificial human 
eyca, eyes for figures, anhaahL doUa, and birds. 

606 Amsooir, & F. « Strud, Inv^Artifidal Ihnba, 
tmss^ and bandages. 

007 Whiblbt, £. IS Uiqrd's PL Brampton— Suig^cal 

808 PocKBiDGE, F. L. 4 York PL Walworth, Inv. and 
Manud—Tranmrentwatesproof membrane pbaten. Tinted 
goldbeatenf aku and court pleater. 

610 Bnnroir, A.8GtMaifboroa^ St Begent St Inv. 
and Mann.— Elastic chert^Kpendera. 

812 Spbatt, W. H. 8 Btook St Hannover Sq. Menu.- 
Single and doable trusses^ omIs, belts, and bandagee, of va- 
rioua oonstnietiona. Blaatic laced itockiag. New epinal chair 
BCMi leetii. which may be used as a bed, chair, aofo, or in a carriage. 

681 PBBK]n,W. 175 Prospect PL MaidnBilLPaddinc- 618 Ltnwct, M. 984 Byi St Borough, Inv. and Mano. 
tOB,l)ea.andManiL— ArtifiddteeOu -Trussesf " ^ 

I for hemiai IkCt 


Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


CX.AM 10. PMoiopkiealj Mmieci, Hantogeai^ and 

l^irgiedl Imtnmiaiii, 

614 Lb, J. BidAlbrd, Lit. aadHum.— Deronlft lofiUd 

eUHnspi, J. H.46^LlT«ipool8tInT. ■iid;;Maaa.- 

C a gattew^ hauliig ippumtDi, fbrihi dMf In 

. H. 46 Liverpool St (Sty, 


mit ftoninoir, B. S7 Gnmborluid St FortNi, lacf^ 
Aa Mcilrial kg; tiiBfootdoikitnifltedioMtodifpcBMirith 
tiaal ■riMk 

aiJiSKyn, X M.D. M Bftker Str. Portrnta So. LiTw^ 
AMola&mnktlngthotanptfmtaro of morbul ptrtiy 
•■a onriNg eauJ pntntre. Apptntot fbr remoTiag eon* 
tBMlloacr oMtniotiODt in tfao ezcretofy ommIs, Ite. 

6MI Ijubxd, a. Oolart, Wezfofd, IidAiid, InT.— DoaUa 
•tstlMHHBa, made of g oU^p e i^i ML 

attlmiB, W. H. 9I7evOMraididi8t Lir.— Til«- 
. oopteeaiftiruiatoinieAlikeleton. TbtpoetOowptt'tliTlag 
Tiiiiwrthi Hill riiiinniim Inniih nnnlninif In ■ gliw tnln 

eMftxvww, 6. F.S.a& eBedfbrd fiitBedfeidfti. 
JfimLflid lar.— Anetomieel model of tfae hnmaa flgoi^ la 
ypiwiclrf end gutta pbtbImu Tertieel Motion 
penliftef tlie hnman hend end a 


Towvii J. OnVi HoiplteL Frod^-Deep teetion of 

'' ' ' of tne neok, upper extremity, and oheet 

i.%ajB. ModebiUartnliTe 

neok, ' 

WTAVABODSABiov, J. Eollafc new Brentfod, Iirr.-- 
BpdnM ilimp for a wooden 1^ whioh 


itekee off tfae Jerk in 
Walkfiv. - ' 

aSB BMnnilk8oir,Gf«7StNeweeaao-imon-TSnw»lfami- 
— The milwa y tom n^get The aaenriimal oompr ep. JH- 
lafton ftr itrlotQre. The oetraoidei o^ ojiter opener. 

e9BA.SAiff k8oii,81BimStBinniiicboi] ' 

huge i— tment of eomeal Instramenti or all 
t^o ejw% ftaotore appa rato e, Ims. 

68i BcDi, C. 106 Strand, Iot.— Hew 
Ao ouiilB ehair, Taaei, teleecopee, whiepeiing tobei, domeetio 

^^roOuBmow, T. M. Newoaetle-iipon-l^ne, Inr. — 
greetmn hed, for the treatment of patienti having iSraetmei 

eSlTmraiiaoii k Son, 81 Giltivw 8t~Conplete eet of 
•nigioBl inetramenti, for capital and minor ope ra tio n e. 
Anniielee need in orthopoBdio fuigerr. 

tel W»Mi ftSoH, 6a^faaad, l&nn.— Geblnetof eogleal 
InetmmHli. for eveorr operatton in iurgerj. ApuMnatoi for 
eiemleieg the eer, tfaroatL and dUforentoanalew the body. 

68U Bftui, J. 41 SprlngSt 

t^norlem inttnimenta. 
Lanoete and tmene. 

RiTT, W. 4 Fzanoif St Golden So.— MInend 

68S HAnisFr, W. 4 Frande St Golden 8q. 

mineral teeth, and mat^ale, need by dentiete. 
e84 Bovma, C T. M.D. 42 Gt BomeU Stlnr^The 

ion, an apperatne for appljing 
vapour ftr tio dooloreoz, Ibo* 

eaS. PkATT, J.lOAGharieeSt lIiddleiezHoepltal,lIeni. 
'~ ' I inetramenti. 

oDOiABD^ L. 6 Grea. Minorlee, Inm. — Patent inetm- 
r eztraeting teeth, invented uy £. Bonme, of Kew 
Bedford, Mam. 

689 SooTT. W. 14 Brunswiok St Dover Bd. Mann. 
— Hommepathlo tobei and viali, nmple viele, and gleee 

64D WmoMK, T. 41 Hart St Bloomebozy, Mami.^ 
Soigeoa^ inetrumenti. Variooi patterne of email Inetm- 
' in minute dleeeotions, for the mioroeoqpe, ftc 

of entlerjr, moonted in the BaUotli peart eheU, 
an pearL end egate ^ 
641 PBor^Wmi 


Hicna, 67 St Jaaei^i 8t--Cntlei7 vb^ 

Snmoir, H. 66 Stmnd, Mann.— Jnitromenti for a 
nrgeon in the navy, lie. Amputating and other eugioal 

^-^ ^ CnUery.lko. 


GiiBBiBL<-^Bleotrieal 1 

648 Woon, W. B. Gennan PL Brixton, Maau^— A 
eeriee of meohaniealadeptationa for TCgttlUing and prerant- 
ing the ixrognleritiee ofthe permanent teeth. 

64aA ErAjn li Co. 10 Old Change, lCaan.--8aigieal 

646 Gownia, T. W. Cemden Tn. Inv.— -Initramenta fbr 
operationiontheteethofhonei,lBO. Appearatoeforfractarei. 

44Ba NAPnn, D. k Bom. — Conpaeeee. 
6d6 KsMToir, W. It Co. IB Bieb^^ala Withool: lar. 
•ad Mean.— Meehaaioalleeoh. ^^ 

647 EvBAiD, J. Cbarlee St Mlddleees Hoepltia.— Btfi- 
tieti^ and eoigieal Jnetnunente, In the varfons itagee of 

64B Hm, B. 16 Little New St Shoe Leae, Mua^Tho 
legietered oeteotom, a eorgioa] inetrument for catting bonei. 

6d6 BAnsn, J. M.D. 46 Monn^oy St DubUn, lav^ 
** Thoradtone," a new medicil inetrument for rendering aMore 
eflcient and oertain the act of perouMlon in di« 

661 Small, T. Boeton, Llneolnehire^ Inv.- 
for reetoringeuipendedanimationinperwnee 

461 TmnjiTBWAin.— Eleotrotyei^ Ibo. 

668 Jom^ P. High St FulhaaL— Impffoveft netdlie 

666 HsATBtt k BtMxwmL, 8 Bedford Ct Govent 
Garden, Inv. and Mann.— Begietered guard laaor and com- 
knifo. Snigioal appuatui. 

664 Maohsle/T. Carllile S. Sdho— Improved aietbod 
of raidng foilde. Boigical inetrumenti. 

464a Covrsn k Co.^->Chemical apparatae. 

686 JoMa,T.» Lombard St Inv.— Silent alarum bed* 
■tead to torn aqy one out of bed at a given hour. 

4B6a. Simoii% — vChemical wpaiatae. 

466b SrATHAir, W. B. Chemieal apperatoi. 

466 Batbuit, G. C Llaaelly.— Electrotypei. 

666 Bblb^ MaSor G.— Tabular preoentment of uni- 
■ artliUnl tin 

vereal hiitorieaL Uterair, and 



Di. ? 

raiurftoe of neerly ^000 veerL in SS diagrami. 
660 Cois,W.3Ched[ingGroei,W.and]ilamL— Petent 


460a KswanaT, F. Stoke Newingtoa G» 

661 Bmnznnm^ G»t G. A. Stirling, Sootlead, Inv.— 
Portable teleecopo etand, with deik for artlit% engiwewi. 
land iurveyon, ftc, with varlooi uiefttl improvemente and 

481a EiAcnxo Tiubqeafb Compavt.— Serlee of tele- 

SA2n>ZRM»f , C Friar St Beading Inv.— An Inetro- 

ment to foeUitate the laying down of curved lidingi and 
oroiiingi on railwaya. 

668 SmoiOL w. Y. South Shieldi, Dee. and Manu.— 
Eleotro-magnetio maoliine, with an improved arrangement 
of the primary coil and contact breakere, Ikc. 

664 Wasa, W. B. Clapfaam Bise, Inv.— doeed caeei, 
1^ which nlaati may be srown in any locality, even in tha 
centre of the meet crowded dtlee, or conveyed from one 
country to another with complete euoceti. 

666 Srui, Lieut CoL Beet India Hooee.— Specimeni 
of Periiaa manuftcture In lilk. In imitation of ehawl pat- 
tern. EnamelUng on gold, a diih preeented by the Kinr of 
Prumia to the Eait India Company. Speolmeni of iUui- 
trated Persion manuoripti. ^^r^r-^Jr^ 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

Culm 11. CoUaa. 


Sbctiox nL- manufactubesli 

CiamW. Cattcm. 

1 jACMMom^J. 78 Adam Sq. B^nbniKii, ManiL— Pine 
mol ifaftwl, wore on fba fl^olino or loc^ pAidpl^ to dibw 
Alt tills node of wwTlac would be npUoeble tartgand 
wool diswto of tile flneildeMriptioii. 

a Wauleb, J. Ii R. E^rietoini, Kehoee, Hum.— 
Option ghtgheme te ditoMi, iMod-loofli wvoo^t. 

8 Puu*AKli8on,Pertii,Me]iiL— UmbnOeaiidfiuiflj 
gjbi^ieimL haadkerchlefti end wooQsn derrifii. 

4 BBADB0ST,GuA!ii»B,lfcBBAix^6A]denieiilnix7, 
Flmp. — SpeoiiueDi of window earteieeL 

6 AjrDBBMW, J. Ifc A. OUmmj IfesiL— Glngfaeaf. 
OBWIe> checked mneUn. HndkerefileByTiiike^-iedgroiind. 

6a AMDEaaofKj J. h B. Glufow, llian^— Cheeked 
•ad cheeked cotton 

>AWWKm k Co. 

dufow, ]Ceaii.~8eGherelln 
Tunboored book- 

8 FoiCAnov, F. Ifc Gow 95 Bmides 8t Gki^gow, 
Xeppet mnilfaiej teihden; and lappets. Limpet 
moeua dvenei, 4c 

9 S fM U WTOn , R. B. Ifc Oo. GlaiKow, Haan^— HaneH 
mmlln and baneB Icno mi^a window-eaztaini, all 
1 In tiw Jaeoneid Ioob. 

10 Toow^- H. fc'Oo. 6luBow.MaaB.->HQBllnfl» Ice. 

id fat Beet ladla^ htaac^ AaBenoaay and continental 

11 ^^™^^t OQnee nStG bMfiwr, MttUL-Sped- 
weeiof irfngbcHM^ bend iooa woren. 
ir • 18 nntuAU, J. Onyaton, Glugow, Dea. and Mann.— 
Three dTCiMa; and one piece of gentienen't bandkcrchleft. 

18a WAm,W. 13 Mawden'i 8q. Mancheeter; Mann. 
—Cotton doth, withnpedmena In Imitation of woollen 

ii . 'IB M'BnxDB k Co. Glanow, Inr. msd Mann.— Cotton 
table doflw; UrtfafTc dl^er and bnckaback towelling; 
fnaitan and Jean itifaca; gfaghama, Itc; all made by 
nalent powfa^loola. T b n i eebtha and tartani, the weft being 
Abb baDn,pi«paied by B. Bkicky of Bcaftcw, Scotland. 

14 Tbommv k Sov, GlaMiiw. Mann.— w ore eoloored 
oottott itockln^ Lnlt^ion or Inola itockingik 

16 Loiooui k BsniBT, % fladrlUe St Piceadll^, and 
5S Union St Boroqgb, Inr. and Mann.— Hata, with calico 
Ibondatlon. Dfsb bats Ibr India. Itc Che^iable, Ike. made 
of pmarad calico, tunedyCarTed, Japanned, kc In Imitation 
of gnined wood. 

16a I^nnm, Bvm, k LRmi, Fkidar St 
Bpedmene of Tarioni pUn mosUns, w^ren nom the 
JHy of yam. Tambomed muslins. Gln|^iaais for 

16 OswAxis 

tar^-Cotton yens 

iswAiis S i* f as s ow. k Ca Glasgow and Manchet- 
m yens dyed and span in the west of Scotland, 
according to Mancnester danification. Water 

twist Mnletwist Flneyans. 

17 AoLD, BB■nl^ k Matbommi, Glugow, Mann.-:- 

Book madias; mil nndto; jieonet muslin; bishop kwn 

mndin; SaedMriOa and Ttaktan book mndlns. Bsfldbrilhi 
■will y^ m fffp hancoL and Leno book i 

19 Dnov Ic Sm, Oullde.— Grey and dyed ysns. 
Cotton checks, gin^iami^ and dmwla. Scarft and Bebcs. 

Twilled stzipei,lte. Per Iwaae cons umpti on 

80 MoGiBBOH,S.Outtdc--Ctefedegin^iaais,ofslz 
qualities, made prladpally ftr the American trsde. 

88 XowrniAK k Pabkb, Gszlide^ Mann.— YarietlsB 
of gfaghaiMi dieeks, stri^ poplins, Ido. for the homs^ 
Ibr^m, and colonid msikets. Samples of dyed yam. 

884 MAsmili8ov,BdtOB,Mann^—I>Mnatt diced and 
plain fhmiture dhnl^. 

84 Soowomi, }. BdtWL— Coonteipene, eiUblted te 

^a£ BM)0B,J.lfcBMmaBia,MdtiiBmMmi,H9dd«n- 
lidd, Mann.— SpedsMBS of raw cotton, carded cotton, vor- 
^a, throetle yina^ sewing tioeads, thread and crotehsi 
ootton. sec. 

W, Kottinfl^ham and TttiA MBls. 
of sewing, knitting, md 
itfaread, and 

86 Ha^ 


Prepared cotton. Ibe. 
8Ba GmnMHAum m 


of doable cotton yans, as need In the 

I need 

of lace, 

KlucSt ion, Ldcester, Mean.— 

metuilo and other reds, containing 

cotton. Beeb abo diown in their different stages or 

Patent embossed wood, ] 

87 Hauos, W. & Ldcester, Pst and Mann.— Beds 
exhibiting spedinens of sewing eoMon, and patent reeli eon- 
stmoted to prerent inipodtien as legsids the lengtii of ooi- 

, J. tr Sontii Main St Coik, Irdand, 
Mann.— &)edmens of linen and cotton ginajhains. 

60 fTAM k Co. Dari^ Abbey, lierby. Mpnn.— 
Sewing cotton of Tsrioos kindi, made up in different finmi 

61 Cbosi, C. sad Os. Coiporation St Manchestei; 
Mann, and Joint Pst— Yerr wide doeskins ; lambikin ; eboe 
linlnn ; twIU ; cord, Itc Articles of wesdng apparel, pro- 
duoea bypatent maddneiy. 

68 BiLBLow, GooDDT. k Jons^ Bolton, Msm.— Pl« 
gured quiltinc Testing: winte and coloured quilting bed- 
and white wdtod bed-corcr, wdted quilts. 

6^ Babbbb, T. Esmworth demon Mills, Bolton.— 
White Polynedan swaasdown. Moleikin in different stagcL 
Ulustrating the method of maauftcturs. Pnttem designed 
and registered by tlie eshJbltor; printed by Jackson and Co., 
BCanchester, and finished hj Whitehead, of Elton. 

64 Mtxbscooob, Stbe^ Ic Co. Bolton.— Counterpane 
and ouiltinff bed-cover, or toiietquilt Pine diamond quilt- 
ing, for wautcoats. 

67 Houna, W. Ib Co. Plessley Works, neer Ma 

fidd, Nottiugfasm, Msan.— Merino, Cashmere, and cotton 
hodery yams, used in the nddland counties in the mann- 
ftcture of hodery, and on the Continent for knittings, and 

hodery puiposei. 

Digitized by VnOOQ IC 


Cz^ 1% WooOemmd WwnUd. 

^30 JtAJOBftGiUi^S OumoB 8t MABchcilpr, Mtm. 
— TftteBt dMbto etmtUf snd nankeen for itnTi, oonekrtlaf of 
two doCht woven toc^tlier, end stitched, during the proecn 

41 AAiLBr. T. Meneheiter, Mann.— Ceee, oonftilnlng 
flhHtatknii of toe Mogr cai of urn menqfactuye of eo^too, 
from llie imw meteiiel to the finished resoitSy in the 
end fine depertments of the trade. 

48 HoouDSwoBnLT.acCo.Litt]eLeTerS^lCi 
ter, Gotton Spinners.— Specimens of fine cotton yan, and 
of doable yam, or fine ^tton lace thread. 

45 Spimcxi It Son, HarriottV Ct BCkiidiesterj Dca. 
And Mann.— Bed-quilts white woven, qnilted in the lodta, 

' "eoldiiied woten, kc. Figured quiltmg luinging^ ibr beds 
. er windows. Quilting waistcoats. 

46 JoBssoii, B. h, Njb*rew, 95 Watliitf 8t Bkimtar. 
— Book-mnalin for curtains, figured in fb^ jkcquara lobm. 
.Leno BsnsUnv inured, manufactured by Lymingtdhjfc Co. 
'Glas|ow, BoM, embroidered, &e. 

#7 Bd<HEas, Low]iET,HoLTiJL]rD, Ifc Cp. 91 WsiUlngBt 
Prop.— Mnsliiis manufactured in Scotland, Bbolu^ Swiss, 
I'AirliitaOfainiMMk, MuU, and Scotch cAmbric. * 

48 BbnaocsBSi, Hiua, « Co. 9 ^riad St Ifimow— 
LoBtf cloths and twilled shirtixigiL ' 

' JA fiAFB, 8o9, h Co. 607rida^ St London, and 16S 
Tngrim St! Glasgow.— MusUn window curtains; leno win- 
dow, e^p^teiu ; and muslin draMa, figured in tiie loom. 
iCoilln, made firom No. 5406 cotton T|tf^ spun by T. 
' HouUswoirth, llanchester : beUered to be tne finest ever 
made; bleao)>ed by John Wallace and Co. Scotch nesdie 
And taSBbodi^ work. Printed fimm^ twilled bandannas, 
ud eeaiMiS hAndkerehiefr. 

40 P^mnov; JiMiESoir. ScCo. 58I>undasSt Gksmw, 
Main.— Gin^isms and bandkeifchiefr ; fkbrle all cotton, 
band wovf n^ or printed. 

60 Cnooum, J. ic A. 51 Friday St— Blind and curtains 
ofhaasH woven muslin, lus. Printed cotton, for fbmitnre 

8 £ast. Lahooh, h Hoxxulnd, 10 Old Bond^ Des^ 

illen trouserings and coaangs. . 
8 ScBOPOELD, Bkowh, Ciivs, Ib BLaue, 1 Giesham^ 
>avats. fiOdrt-oollars and fiannels < ' 

Ci.Anl2. WocOen and Worded. 
CiJLfls 15. Mixed Fabrics^ inebuUng SAoisb. 

1 Scott Ik WBi<mT,Viso St Regent St ^rop,T-^fiks- 
He dosskins, amnla, and Scotcn angolas for trousen, rai^ifay 
rugs, and travelling shawls. ,., 

. a Kun ' ^ '" ■" 

— Fanqrwool 

8 ScHC 
Piop.-Oavats. fi^t-ooUan and fiannels' composed of 
vanoos materials. 

4 TwKEDAUB k Sons, Healey Hall, near it ^ M ^v 
and 51 Wood St London, Manu.— Superfine SakoiiV and 
frie twilled oricketar's fianneL Anti-rheumatie and imita- 
tion Welsh flanneL 

6 Lkaoh k Soxst 83 Wood St Manu.— Flannels Ihim 
En^idi and Australian wools. Coatings, swanskin, gsuae 
SaxoBw, Itc* 

8 Fox BaomtiM k Co. S7 Toki^nhouse TaM, and 
WeDlngton, Somerset, Manu.— Woollen serges. Woollen 
blankeong, and blankets. Hosiery yarns. 

10 UABn]SoiLF.fcCo.n.7,and8BowCh.Yd:DeA.— 
Trouserings, sheidierd plaid and ftncy waistooati^gs. 

11 Muuxr. W. 8c 0. 4 Bow Churchyard, Cheap^de, 
Tnv.— Waistcoat lengths, cotton ; silk and cotton ; silk, wooL 
and cotton ; silk and wool plush ; silk and linen ; wool find 

12 GooDwnr, J. Lawrence Lane, Prop.— yte0n^ 

Quiltlngi, aU cotton. Liveiy TBl«ivci*»» Silk figured c*ih- 
mer« vid China gmit luatrei, tniied fabric. 

IS Buu. k Wjuoji, 52 St. Martin'i I^ne, rrop.-Fiiie 
blit* cbth. mRmifoctitinfrd it Bmdford, \^'iln, from Saxony 
w*K»L Fine iculei clolJj, manuActMred at SfK>ud, Olouc«»- 
tffr*hire Bkrk hmvcT clotYi. woven by ■ t*tenl ptocatL 
lOventM by Mf. Dajiklli, of Freshfcrd Slilli BaU>. Himft* 
Lsya cloth, i^^ 

14 Ci^alCi ,T. k J. BMlnghall St, London^ and Trow- 
britlgB, WiltiKiie.— WfwJed blaek ilnAt^ auflim«re i mitat 
beAv^er. Vefie tlin^ and 1^3 tci' ctoth. &tin.faee, mmcd, aad 
tingle docikiM, Fur Jintii beaver, 

15 Ko&jiER^ a H Qtie^n St Golden Sq. Pat,— to- 
provemesil'i In flitlng coldurt upon cXoth, 

16 Pope «f Pi^wte, 4 Waterloo Pi. Pdl Mftll, Mann.^ 
Elftitk ncUed cori^f*, of silk atid e»i?utch6\ic BeJta, 
Stocking*. B*4vcf fnx katT, ke. 

IBa SimrrLEwotiTfi W. k Co. Morth Bitsrtej, near 
Brwlford, Spimi*ri aari NTwiti.— PlaJn fnitaln. Low md 
fmry figaftd and sbot *i!k it ripe* and cheque*. Silk ituff 
— mfjumjug. Low plain mixture. 

17 SwJTtt, J. A k Co. m Baringball St. Prop.—Wool- 
lea <?loth waterproof, but not Impcrrkiija to air. 

18 LocfiB, J, 129 and 127 Kmiit St. Mano^^^otch 
tweed*. Ch«irlot wool twewii. MiliUry hkrlans. Scotch 
mauds. LJidlea' cjan-tiirtan f Imwli. Scotrh Uustj T^ootMya, 

10 SrAKCOitn k Sos, Trowbridge, Wilts, And 19 Ba- 
slnghall Bl London, Manu. --Doeskins, incTniol^ini,»nd 
fancy AijgoUa ; ttrill«l bnckskini, impexiaf clothi^ k<u Ibr 
summer coat* ; and Venetian cloUx, 

30 arANoowH, W. k J, Juns- Trowbiidi;*, Wllta. and 
14 BflsfRghall St I^ndon, MAttiL— Fan<:y alngle eiaitle, and 
fantytinde moletlcin, all wooK 

22 .SprrAJiD, W, B. k G. Frome, Somers^tahlr^ 
Manu, — M^'ooUen ciotbi aod c^bme^res. 

23 BARnEK, »ow«E. He Uslad, 19 Sl PauTi Ch. Yd. 
Dei. and Prop.— Super broad eloths. Moscow and royal 
Bri r ish bca V ers. A 1 pa Vicuna royal fthairL 

24 Bitn-r Brothers k Co. Wood Su Des.— Black and 
rifle-green clotiiB, black ctaaimerei, black do«kius, fimcT 
trouserinin, Jtc, 

S5 Brook k Eow, tfppattbonff, near Hudds^eld, 
Mann.— \*'oaded bl^ck broad cloth, doeskin and caMimere. 

26 St FTON, W. k Co. l^&tds. Prop.— Olive clotli, Bhi» 
canbgo lining, nnd bisjc cloth, indigo dye, 

29 MmnLinftooSj J. Bif^tall, ntor Leedft.—Cbtb finii- 
nel, of estn width, nnd of the natural colour of the yrool 

30 GAiirrE k Deas» Perth. Manu.— Lindtfy-^'oolsey, 
fcff ladies' dresses. H&nd-kn|tte<i hose* Hoiid^room, graii- 
bleached, cotton t hi r ting, kc, 

31 ODUt^S. Armlijv, ncnr Leeds^ Mann. — Coloured fino 
wool BbaiA^ti, With rich embroidered corners, fee, 

3S PEA3I1, HtATow, & Co. Leedi — Bftrigre-cJ<^-lain» 
cloth, all wool Snie-Coburg cbt^L Super de-l^dno doth* 
Satin twill, finish of a tlew descriptlou. 

33 P AT" sow, So?(, k Maktik, Stonebridge Mill, nmr 
I^is, Yorkahlfftf Blanu,— Spedmens of dotha^ ptecc-dyed, 
wool-i^yed^ Woaded colours^ kcl 

34 RoniKBo?', T, Dcwsbury Moor, Dewsbury,— Three- 
oointi Macfcinow^ snper lOeriuo, mertho bath, and fOfcd 

35 gMiTffsoK, T. Bnmlcy, near Leods, jranu,— Wool- 
len clotiii, plete-dyed. Wool-dyed and woaded colottr. Sic. 

86 Smith i ^'o^^i^eds, Prop,— Pieee-dyed sound tiooI 
bUck cloths. Mohair doths, best quality. 

39 SwAisEj J. Je E. ac Co. Gomel sail, near Leeda^ 
Manu^-Superfla* »ool-dyed indigo blue Wkncy duffils, 

41 BykfIs t>. It Co, L«d5.^ Black miiled cloth. 

44 ^^'riffiTEB, T, 154 Park Lane^ Leeds, Menu,— Super- 
fine b>£tMd'woollea doth. 

Digitized by 


CLAm 13. WooOenand WaraieiL 


4a WooDBOipL J. BoDMe Moor $>^e, nei . , 
UunJ-^olifkt woollea wait ««4 wUon.wuh ^t. oolonr 
blueJ CToth, conuvno eolpo^hbelL . , . . . 

50 l^iLEiKMfK, W, k B. Leedf, ttuuiu— Crepe, all 
wooL Cord, hII woo^ te nimBMr ^lofh^ mif^afiMt^ed in 
the wonted majuxe^. . . » ,, i •. , 

61 Wukikw 6. 81. Hdep'j iqilf, Ifsedi, Isr.. and 
Maiiu.— Kew ship tfimthing. . FMent i»4diiig ftod, wadding. 
Mfdie«aclott], b«<:|Eed wi^ India^tfiibbei; It^ Qm9 wsfdinc. 

6lAVKBrxis,l4nTru,MbhUI,Coai^ I^tri]|^ Ix^^ 
PKQd. and IiiT..^^Aiticl« mwwto m ed .from .fba iUira of 
llM.«nnsion netjUe, tb^ hegqpnetUe, tfaeJ^yateim the iFtot- 
^ the honeyiadde, die ii^HiiilhiB^, tikp. K«Bria jepoai^ 
•ai Bi^ab-iiiell^fif, ... >.< 

CS ToBK i(« flBonHAjisiL Tccidii, Hanm-Dsyeiiiii^iid 
Piniaken.— WoMieil vbol 14»ek; feoond woollen ,doth. 
PSeoe^yed blaek, and black n^edtnm, «n4 &at <^|re. 

68 Yxwiuu h SoM^ Baw^vi, near t^eeda, Ufmn.— 
WooQen eloCht gf ditecnt ^qiiaU^ ; niOed. liairJit^ and 
doable to illedhjuj-liateWthai . . 

5& BjkTxsc^N Ik G^ Leedi^ Torkdiife^ llavn^— Spi^ 

m^oi of cioUu, piee^ and -wool air^L 

58 , BiLuti^T WoQLUDi Clotb Co. Brendej near Leeda, 
Bjen and MkniL— flpedmena of Mack €lotl^ wool-djed, 
iro* ftnd e^nuDOn eoknr. 

67 BEAtwoxT, W. Cnwibav Hoobcl Pndaey,. near 
L»ds, MAnu.— BlMk etotba, made from Sydney and Saxony 
wool, p)pc« djed* 

60 BiBMLTT k Som. Heekmondwieke, neair Leeda.— 
English^ WjLTiej, and frUi Uaakete. American Maekin- 

^ Aov lAd fCArkt striped blanketa. American blankel% for 
dotUnff pnrpoacato 

61 WALa^vli Son, Koctb Bridge, Halifiu^Xhren^— 
%ecfmena of Tarloaly died tin>^ld thirtiet wotated warp 

62 CI.ASX1L/.S9 West Str. New iUL End, Leeda,InT. 
—Covering for the walii of apartmenta, having the appear- 
anee of Boperfine etoth. 

64 CBAvnuBB, W. Dewabory, lCann.-r>Bath blanketa, 
fine, and atriped widi frney ooionn at the enda. „ 

66 Cioiucs.J.J.Leeda,liana^Woa4edb]ackek>th, 
and Ikat black doth. 

... 66 CHMcrnan.CLG.fcW.Oalverky, near I^^edl^ Mann. 
--flpeefaBena of bottle green breed clothe. 

68 iuM, J. yf. Axmln, near Leeda, Mann<T*^3odi 
' need i;n BoenoaAyrea and Kfo Grande: made of Boenoe 

68 fBxnkBcm$, ^eekmondirike, near, Leeda,. Mann. 
-^Bknketi, eoat^lgH of alpaca yrotA, mohair, and oamel'a 

Vd ^Mtrnm, irn^cJcabin, near tleeda; iBtadn.— Bil- 
liard clotha, green. c^UMin, and. acarleL ..;.'..*. 

7%. GaonoB T. V. |e Co* Leeda, J>yen and ^niahera.— 
VonM laftinn ip frat black, not wooded. 

75 Giu. ft BnoPy Le e da, Mura.— Brown, gentian, 
drab, and black mohair.. 

78 GoTT 8c $0101, Leeda, Mann.— WooUea elothi for the 
home tradu^ and ftr the American, China, and BamJan 

74 CrnAT, & C4!rerlfly, near Leeda, BlamL— Woollen 
dotha: drab tOfA bine praneO fivary doth; Rofdan green 
pmnetl hebi^€h>dL 

76 Grkev k Soin, Leedi, Mann^^Orieana cloth, in 
Uaeka and varioaa ibartfa 

76 HozHAX k Whuipo, Leedi, Mann.— Tqrkahire 

77 BLanxxf It Sdv, W ort]^« near Leeda, Dca. and 

Maon.-~Heather tweeda fo diootii^Hsoata, made from Ana- 
tralian wooL 

78, A. Ifc C Oramlqr, near Leeda, Mann^ 
Woollen crotha, made in tl]« white. 

78a Hoimvostb, J. ft Co. HaUfiuL Yorkshire, Mann. 
— Durant, for lining rich damaaka. Cotillion, frinted 
Toomays. Danunka. Table coven. Ponoean watered 
moreen. Cobmrg and Qrieana cloths Serge de Berri, fte. 

78 Hatlxt, J. ft 8on» Bramley, near Leeda, ICann— 
Woollen cfetha, made in tile white. 

.88 HABonaATB ft Ndbkts, Famley Low MUla, near 
Leeda, Bea. and Mann.— Royal chamdoni, elastic; trana- 
ferable ck>th;. Vienna far, with woollen back; dyed black 
dotfajf rom colonial wooL 

. 88 HaodslCoob, ft Wobxalds, Dewsbnry.— Blankets 
and blanket goods. Spanish striped ck>ths, and dotha fiir 
tbs China market 

85 Bi»]ii«T,&Bat^y, near Dcwsbnry,llann.— Wool 
and aiik printed tweed. Logwood bfaie,genaanellablnel and 
indicppiJotdoth. — ^o— r-» 

86r Huoswiu ft Soa,Batley, near Dewabnry. Hano. 
—Fancy wrapper fifr traTeUing, and fancy wimppsr for over- 
coatLftc of Bngiish wooL 

88 Sbbarp k Sons, Batley, i^ear Pewsbnry, Mann.— 
Lodged bine pilot doth. Blue nuxture, ated miztDle, and 
OzibTd.'mixtnre Petershams*. 

30 Sheabo ft. Sboob, ^atley, near Dewsbniy. ^uiiL 
— PiWtdoth. Miztevsfrieiecoadiig. Carriage or rdhray 

88 Wiuoir,I>. Batley, near DewaboxT, Hann^—Indlio 
bhieipaotdodi. •'• . — ^ 

88 BBOOKBft8oBS,Honlej,^)e|irHndderrileULMaali. 
— j^pedmens in each stage of the menufiMtnre of l»oad 
woollen doth. AjsortBMU of broad woollen doth. 

84 Walbbb ft Sons, Ho 
alpaca, mohair^ and dos-halr cloth, fori 
men's overcoats; n new kind of materid. 

86 Lbabotd^ B. Hoddersfidd, MamL— Spedaaena of 
caahmere merinoa, Ibr ladies' boot tops. 

86 Tatu>b, J. Mdtham,near Hnddersfidd, ] 


Silk and wool 


Shaw, P. Lockwood,Hndderafield, Mann^— Weeded 
blade broad wodltt dotha. 

88 Peacb, a. ft Co. Clayton Weat, Hoddersfldd, 
Mahu.— Silk adtd ' ' — — " 

s^lk and wooL 

' 88 HncHUFFB ft Son, Newmin, near Hoddersfisld.— 
Woaded mixed doeskin, mixed dnreUes, exhibited for che^- 
ie« ^.-' ^"'^ , 

10C» ' ft Gbkbb, John at HnddersSdd, llmm.— 
irool»«yi: Co tE on and woollen stnlb. 

100a Ma^{)V ft Co. Honey Lane, CheapaldcL Prod^- 
Specimen of printed casfamtae and Llama, wod textoir^: 
pnntcd chcDc (lace and embroidered caahmere, wod and 
CC^tton texture* 

101 Ki::^\aii,J.ftJ.DogleyMilla,HudderBlleld,lCann« 
— ^Vo«Ue& Silesian atripea for gentlemen's drsaa. 

108 BmoiErr, J. ft A. Bradley Mills, near Hndaers- 
ileld. Mann.— Cldtha from Praasian and Caahmere wooL 
Double Napier ciothSi of Vienna wod, fte. 

108 CBOSLA]in,W.ftH. Hnddersfidd, Mann;— Woollen 
ihncy pantaloon cloths, new derignsand improved daatldty. 

104 Axxn ft Sons, Halifrx, Mann.— PantakMma ; frnc7 
checks; mixture ooatiiigs; plain laatlngs, and s up e r w orsted 
crapca; casbmersa, fte. 

106 Shaw, J. W. ft H. Victoria Mill, Hnddenfldd, 
Blann.— Woaded wooMyed andj^eeoHlyed black cloths,1cc. 

106 MiDGLET BaoflnEBs, Hndderrtddy Mann. -B ttp ei 
Angola mixture tot tronsen. 

Digitized by 



Clam IS. WboOm and Wonted. 

107 HA«niioiB|toTHsii,Httddenii«ld,]iaiiii^— dotht 
Mm wad c&mimam. 

106 WB>QLBTft8oii%Hadd«nfield,Mtiiik--Bri^1ilae 
clotlLjbr fMiriage iiniiigi. 

100 ViOKkRHAH k Bkaumoitt, Hnddanfleld, l£ftiiii^~ 
BUok broad olothi, eaadiiMTCf, and doetkiiia, pito^djcd. 

Ill LooKwooD k KmoHLBr, Huddcrmd, IUbil— 
Patent wooOn oorda, relTat and laaUMr okrtfai^ ohMl y for 

lis Baskioot Ifc Hnwr, Hoddanfield, 'WUihaw, and 
Meltfaav, lIaim.->Biiflkaki]i, Orieaiis,doflBldiM,aiidhdr-lin0k 
te tnmwn, mads from middl»tvioe Port Pmllto wooL 

118 Babmk k SoH^HolnflrttLnear Hnddanfad^Maim. 
Drab kaiwy «>r troiiMn or ooan. 
• 114 Houaili8oiia,8obolflB,nearHofanflrUi,TorkibJx«L 
Kami.— Woadodblaok doealdB and YiemuL 

116 lUiuinoir k Son, Hnddanflald. — WooW^rad 
bkok doflikiiiay aiUUted aa ipadmeiii of 

116 BiASDisui, L Ifc Go. Tbongibridga, iMar Hnddeit* 
field, Mam^Woaded broad eoating, mado of Auatraliaa 
and BUaaiaa wooL Fanor woollen trooaeringi. 

117 9baw, Bom, k Go. Hoddertfeld, Hann^— Woollen 
dotiia. Faaej troaectingi ; rercrrible eloth. 
of nn^ coodf. 

118 Tatmb k Son, Kewiome Hnddflnfieid. Kaa 
FaaoT waietooatlnga; woollen tronaen' goodi; iDAwlB and 
learft : bdiea* and ehUdnn*8 dMNB. 

190 WnoLBT, J. k T. G. Hnddenileld, Man^Moaeow 
beilTcr ; Moakltto ; Janna ; partridge mixtnre, fcr ■hooting- 
ooata; revenible cloth, flnlflbed on bothaldeB; faMjtnor 

ISl W nxdon, W. & Co. Hndderafleld.— Drab Uyoit, 
kerMf.lEo. Weeded wootdTedbkckcaatfanere, and wool- 

m DAT k Son, Hold Green, Hi 

Herinoi, lor the topi of ladSee* boote, fce. 

188 TBoifioii,W.8tonehnven,8eotland,]lann.— flbeoi- 
men of n method of woridng np engine unate^ Into ioor- 
elodi or carpeting. 

184 SmacBoHiyWoodhoaeeLane^ Leeda— WooUem, 
ftaC, ooflunon, and woadad coloiin, wool-dTed and pieeo- 

186 HuraBUfF, J. k 6. Hnddenfield, Mam^Dnb 
kerMT: doeakina ; fiuioy woollen tronieringa. 

196 Staxut, J. Is a. Sbemidge, Hu&nlleld, Mann. 
-—Drab woollen coida. DrabtmckaetconititnClQn. Faner, 
plain, and woollen Telveteena. 

ISO GLAT,J.T.Bastrie,HnddeRfidd,Hastt.~Woollen 
trooaeringi, fifom fine Saxony and ham Anifcraliaa wool. 
Waiatcoanngi, union doth, and Yioonn oloth. 

180 HAixua k Som, Keigfaley, Mann.— Samplca of Or- 
leana. batreen, worrted lining, and mohair. 

181 ScHVAim, Kxu^ k Co. Bradford, PMp.— Merinoa, 
GoboniSB,lBBtingi,alpaflaa. Silk and cotton dwaiei. Cotton 
and wofated cheoka. Cotton and wool plalda, ke. 

188 Qkdrbld, Axxav, k Go. Lookwood MiUi, Hnd- 
dnafield, liaBu.->4pedmen8 of the yariooa aCagea of the 
ihnej woollen mannfactore. Pattema of ftnej woollen 
trooaoringi, and broadcfetfa Ibr orer^oata. DoeaUn and 
maeringiy made from waateulMS. 
Bounr k Son, BradfordTxorkahira. Dj^n.—Or- 
leana elotfaa and Cobonig elothi . French de hlnea and 
merinoa, ombr< da m aa k a. and alpaca and hal mrin e brocedee. 
*" 'i table-ooTer. Plain babarlnea. 

186 Habbis k TnoB, Bradford, Mann.— droaarian 
doth; tile weffc if a combination of the fineat wool, Im. Cloth 
woren fimm the hair of the Angola xabblt. 

186 HoiaFAZA, J. G. k Go. Bradford, BCaim.— Hen- 
rietta ctoth, allk, and worated. Fine Saxony doth, all WOOL 
Fine Gobouxg doth, cotton, and worated. Cobonrgdoth. 

187 SAiff, T. Bradford, Torkihire. Bfanu.— Alpaci 
mannfoctnrea. Spedmena of Brttiih and American dvaca 
wool,ttc Mohair mamifootorei, and apedmena of mohair. 
Mor«ena made from EngUah and BnnU wool, with apecl^ 

180 QciTXOw, ScBLimoEB, k Co. Bradford, Prcm.— 
Berlin wool, apott and dyed in Bngland. Flax, modneed by 
the new petent proeeaa of Mr. P. OanaMn. lama, apon 
from the above tUix, akme, and mixed with cotton, wod, and 

140 TnoHifl, W. Haworth, Kd^dey, Bradford, Mann. 
—Dyed wool, combed; wool-dyed yana, In hanka and en 
apoola : dyed yam, fioated with dlk. 
. 14ak TowmEMo, 8. Thornton, near Bradfind.— Woreted, 
apnn from EngUah woola : healdf, 
" poplina, lie. made from ga- 

^0WinT£ST, J. Morton, near Bingley. Torkahira^ 
Menu.— Alpaca yamaprepved for weaTiag. Mixed Alpaca 
and mohair yarna. 

144 SnAU^yD.W.BIagley^Alpaoayama, preparedly 
Boaa'a new proeeaa. Mohair yarn and aliTcn^ conibed. 

146 JnuoAirlfcSoir, Harden MiUa,Blnri^,T«ritthir^ 
Maan.— Patent embroidered alpaca and ailk ftmitarMo^ 
aatin atriped dre« fooda, damaaka, kc. Aloaoa grogram 
coatinga. Mohair BOxtaraa. Spedmena of dpaoa and mo- 

146 Stowbxb k Suonmr, Bradfind, Mano^-Crimaoii 
and white two-fdd mohair yarn. 

147 Booxia, G. Bradford, Mean.— Cobonig dotha; 
Henriettas or princetta dotha, dlk warpa. 

146 TaxKB., A. ft Go. Bradfind, Mann^PUin alpaca 
hiatieaand chamdeona; ilgnred Oileana ; twilled aatteena; 
flgored drcaadana. Ice. in cotUm waipa, and piece dyed. 
Madonnaa, or mixed a^paoa hiatrea ; ailk warp alpaca Inateea, 
in na^al cokmn, and piece dyed. Mixed alpaca coat- 

140 AxMXTAoa. O. ft Co. Bradford, Dyeti -Orieana, 
Cobonzg, and Bradlian doth: mdudr, dtt and mdudr, and 
aUkandalpacafignrce. Exhibited aaapedmena of dyeing. 

160 JowRT, T. ft Co. Bingley, neer Bradford. Toi^ 
ahiia.— Mixed fobrica. oompoaed of cotton, alpaca, ailk, and 
for Tcatinga, dreaaea, ftc woven by power* 

161 Foensn ft Soir. Bkck Dike Milla, near Bradford, 
Mann.— Oooda made of cotton and dnca; of ootton, iiOc, 
and alpaca: of dlk and dpaca; and of cotton and mohair. 
Fancy coatinga; reatinga; Ctimi damaaka. Alpaca mo- 
hair, and worated yarna. 

164 GaATBi ft Soir,Proapeet Mill, ThomtoiL near Bradp 
ford, Mann.— Luatre Orleana, in difibrent qnalitiea, blaoka 
MiMj coknua. 

160 Gbbgoxt, T. ft Baonna^ Shelf; near Haliikx.— - 
Aprona, made of alpaca, and of mohair aiMi cotton. Dreaa- 
length, mohair and cott«in, and worated, cotton, and ailk. 

IM CLAVBAit, W. Wiladcn, near Singly. Toricahirab 
Mann.— Cobooiig olotha, of Tariooa qnalitiei and coloora. 

166 Waix^ CoCKsiiOT, ft Waxa, Linton BGUa. near 
SUpton, Torkahire. Mann.— Shaded topeatry gnmnd, with 
ailk figm. ahot and printed ground Orleana. ftc-JMl 

167 Monoir, D. Baildou, near Bradford, Mano.— Enda 
of union tweeda. Cotton warp and wodlen weft. 

168 MiLMEa, J. ft Go. GUyton, near Bradford, Mano.— 
Orieana, worated weft and ootton warp. 

160 KxaaHAw.S. ftH. Laiateidyke, near Bradford.— 
Black Orleana doth. ^ r\r\r%\c> 

Digitized by V^OOv IC 

Clam 12. Woollen and WmM. 


_171 Towmnk B. Ifc E. 
-Wonted faMled and 

netr Bndfoid, 
gaiBppeyanii; mohsir 

]KmlS&; wofsted and ]iioiMlraiMlt4pMA7«m;ironrted weft 
aod wwp YBxda. 

ITS OutNWM h, Hiunm^ Bndfind, Hnm.— Cobonrg 
•ad PusaMttA deOi; fbD-twIU eiothi; ifaftwi doths; 
iBeriso.OrleMayaiidalpMft etotliB. MorBoni. UnSon and 
worttaddAiiMtka. OMitiHielollif;Bxdi»udtageelothi,&o. 

178 Baut, J. Bradford, kann.— Bmteiiiia; lilk 
erapct; rilkitibctaaddMok; wontadenMi ndehinei: 
•Ipaea lostrei; dpm and frontad figured eloakingi and 
Imfaun; OrleaaaandGbboniSLftc Dyad bj Ripleir fe Son. 

174 BonoifLBTfcSoin, siiali; near HaUfia^iyea. and 
HCano^— Fkimd kagatm^ and ganae laee, co mp oa e d of 
mohair and tilk. nuad mohair Inftre, and (Meana of 
wocated and ooCtaaL Mohair^ and Oxlaana aeigt. Mohair 

175 BoTKnoBr, J. 6 Chaapaide, Bradfind* Mann.— 
Plain and 0gnKd OiIm, cmbRfimd with ailk and M^ 
ahoaea^lie. Gi^e enluoidend with alpaca, and aiao with 
dlk. fliik and wotatodnizadhBtiae,enihroiderad with two 

eohmn of dlk. 
17e P«B» W, 

h, Co. Bkadfind, Toricafaira^ 

Cohn dotfaa.' Silk wup paianattaa, Biaailiana, and lilk 


Sretabo h Fmnotj GroaiiHilla Mill, HaliilB. 
Cotton and wocalad, all wonted, and lilk and 

w owtad daaaaia. lleteria T^trat toaah i. lUiia 
wonted po n choi^ to. Pattcna, vMiatefad. 

IBl HoLDBwom^ J. WakeiBdd, Dyer and Piniahar.— 
Plaoca of stnfl; mind lUnrio of cotton and wonted, and ool- 
ten and mohair, flnoed and phin. 

188 CLATkSoBa,Hafifia,Mano^LinMy.fiiriaekeCi: 
pllafcflngi fbr dmwan; criciDet Jaekata ; niaed and mHlad 
fcener: ftanooght; biaa flannel: ironfam blanket Ite. 

186 M«CaKa,ac Haliflg, Manov— fenltora damaika, 
pieea and jracn Md. TkUe coren, all reglateced. Poncho 
ato&all wonteiL wed in Sooth America. 

186 Wamo, J. W. Hafilh3L-^>tton and wonted d»- 
maaki^ Jaoonard wofe. Wonted damaak ibr druwriea. 
Tietorfn taXA»«loth, ftom oolton and wonted, flurt ooloon. 

187 AsaovD k Son, Halifax, Mann.— Tiabfe-oovvB; 
damaaka; artidea Ibr ladlair dxcmea; plafai gooda, all 
wonted; plain goodi, wonted and ootton; ponohoa; yana. 

188 Iteown, W. Haiifio.— Damaaka and table coiren, 
cotton and wontady cotton, cilk, and wonted, and wonted. 

181 Wuaov, J. Poreat Cottage, Oyendcn,neerHaBftj;, 
Ma nn^— Pon choi^ Mantnai^ and ihawla; in woollen, cotton, 
and wonted. 

188 BAOonr, B. Ik T. Baaborf, Manv^Mohair taUe- 
cofem Chim e e prinla. JAytary phmbci. Angoza rehret 
ptoihei. UtnofatvelTet Mohair. 

188 Bmnrarr % Co. AMqgdon St Poiifand St Man- 
eherter,and4fiAKewpte St London, Mann^UtrechtTehret, 
Ibr decontiona^ Aumtiue, upholcteiT, and eairiage linlnga. 

IM PBASB,aitOori>afiiMton,lCann.-8pednien8of 
wonted mannmetom. Lineolndufe wool in the fleece, with 
aanniea of hand-combed ton^te. Wool in the fleece, Cheviot, 
Soottidown, Awlnlian, and Sanmy. 

186 Kat, RKMaanaoa, k Wno«, Chancery Lane, Man- 
eheater, Mann.— Brocade Cbene, Chene Bai«n de valen- 
cknnea. Chene YendOei. Bange robe de Verona. 

186 DnoiiB. ft T.GaladiielB, Scotland, BCami.-«axon 
woololaida. Spcdmena of Scotch tweed. 

187 Inoiaa k Baown, Galaihifih, Scotland, Mann.— Spa- 
dmena of Sootdti tweeda. 

188 Bo»BKT i,W.ft Co. Galaddela, Scotland, Mana.— 
Picon of Scotdi tweeda. 

900 BAWPnaiow k Sibbam), Galaiihif It, ficotlaiid, Mann. 

J. It W. Galaddelf, Scotland, Mann.— 


Spcdmena of G 

802 BAuiAifTm k Soa, < 

Ladiea* woollen acarib or ahawia. Wodloi tartaoal 
draaeea. Scotch tweeda. 

206 CLAmnmi, T. k G. Galaahieli. <W""v1^ Mans. 
—Scotch Stewart and frncyplaida. Scotch tweeda. 

204 Some, J. Ik Co. Galaahida, Scotland, Mann.— Plaida 
worn by the Scotdi Hjdiland nttiiAenta. Ladiea* and gen- 
tlemen'i plaida. Seotdn tweed ^atinga, fcc 

206 Lsm, B.I1 6. OaladiidB, Scotland, BlamL—Plai^ 
ihnwia. and doakfny ■ ^ 

206 SAHDmwNL B. Ii A. Ii Co. GalaaUda, Scotland, 
Mann. S co tc h wooikn dan an^ fency plaida. Gentkocn'a 

207 Giu,B.]bnflclthen, Scotland.] 
taltartana,inaanmmer ibfazie, made of ibe Saxony' wooL 
Tartana, fbr bdiea* d wa am^ madeof SaxooTlambi'-wool, ftc 

210 BiaCElcWnaATi^Mann^ Sampm of cotton yam- 
Cotton Uwn and cambric handkerahieft. fine cotton Scotch 
cambric Pine biehof^a lawn. Wdven ihncy afairt fronts 
PancT printed cotton and Bnen headkerchieft. Iec. 

211 GAMmulECo.84GuidleriggiSt6iaflgow,Prop(. 
Sc ot ch printed caifamen dTiciome and other hmg alunrb. 

Woven aqoara ahawii, Scotch printed. Ice. Scotch printed 
mnfllen. Baiage and caelnnere haadmErchiefiL Ice. 

212 CnoiOr.aiQiieenStG]aagow,aad45PridaySt 
London, Mamii WiTnny wool ahawh, dan, ahepherdeaa,and 
frncy patteraa, aqaare, long Bynntine atyle, pore caah- 
mere. Harony wool pimd dnawi. 

216 PTii^A.a(OoinQDeen8tG]aagow,Mann.^Bew 
dram frfarica. Pancy cotton and onion ahawia. 

214 Jxmsr, B. Maiy Hill,Gku«nr.Kifkaldy. Poribr, 
and KeehiB, Mann^— flbmpka of hndc, dowlaa, tieka, loom 
aheetin^ diaper, hnek, end twill dneten, bhie BJaen. ' 

215 Laded Ib Tteavaon, Ingnm St Glaagow,] 
Set of clan pattana in Ola ddh. 

216 liT.Aimnmn, J. Ifc Co. G 
ihncy linen, entin; 
PancT linen drills 

217 Badhbt, Knoci, k Co. Gli^gow, w 
dic e eea tor «>bn de chaauae. wod and cotton. 

218 WoNun, 9atL k Co. GlaBmr.~Htt 
long and aqnaie ahawM; prhited mueae and Caahmera 

" * * woollen gooda in the piece. 

. Glaagow, Mann.— Piecca of 


218 GiuioDa,W.kCo.G]aMow,Maan.n-8cotchwool- 



len tweed 

821 DatobIc 
Seariet militaiy doth, 
cloth, tor tofejgn 

doth forn: 
Black doth, 

226 Hoonm,afcCo.EaatingtonMilla,Stnrad,Mann. 
—Ck»th8,wooMiyed, weeded, piece^ed. Ice. SlnglemiHed 
ceadmere. Patent daatic tronaering, and gtoring cloth. 

221 HXLMB,W. New Milla, Stiond, Bfiura.-Oudmera 
waiatcoati, donkfa a. caahaae r ett e, ailk warp^ woollen weAi. 
Caaaimerea. Sardialana tor waiatcoata. 

226 MAnuM,&S Ic Co. Bblcy Milla, SInmd, Mami.— 
Soperifaie baoad do^ wod-dyed, weeded black, Ac. ; ai^er- 
ilne doeakin, auu e ifln e carnhner c, Ice 

228 l^LATmm, P. P. fc a Nailaworth, Mann.— Weeded 
wool-djred dotha lUnatntlona of the procem of maon- 
xactonng woollen clocou 

288 PAKnaiMa^ N. Bowbridge, Strood, Dec— Donblo- 
colour woollen dofli, tor ofllcen' doaka, dividing sakxma in 
the Beat cortaim, te. Amy doth, improred red. 

260 SAxnoa, T.Urii^ Milla, Strond,InT.—MadifaM 
ibrtwiatingthelMiM^woddiawla. Woddmwla. Twilled 
blaekflannd. SeAtflamieL 

Digitized by 



CtASi 1% Woollen and WorMod 

581 GsOT, M. GbmIi Mil]% Stroud, Mum^MAtlresi- 
wools, nvMllen millpaft, and flocks, tco. mann&otiixvd by 
IttnaoTsd ■achtngry.and pnxifled dnxijif the proMM. 

582 Paituw fc Saptti, Mdkshmn, DlmiL-^Ftot 8>»ony 
broMl oMhy wotdod olivw, woaded liila, and vool-d^ed 

9M Bniohbi, J. h po: Bradford, Wilta, Bfaan.— Super- 
fine wooOoi wooMjed elothi, made on a patent prindple, 
aiid of aoeiior dye. 8up«Mne weoUen cloth, watanroobd. 
286 nmi, I>. 44 GoUege Gieen, BrlatpL— Btaekiingle- 

R. Knapp llQls, near CSiard, Somenety'Manu. 
kb olotA, made of EngUih wool by |^er^ 

288 MAMBnt, J. Jnn. Codtermonth, TnT.— I m p wnred Ten" 
tllatfaig vateiproof cloth and paper : the pmr made by 
I« Giomr^ Bumeslde, near KendaL Patented. : . 

21^ ScAHToif k SpK, Land's HiU, Fordlngton, near 
Borobertv, Mann.— Drab niUed waterproofed.fwtfai, made 
ftom EnAh wooL 

2il Inrai W. Ilandlfefkwn, Iffdoi^r-Weleh wooDen 
cl(>th^ ,. , 

24SI I^KAMOK,. J. Carliale, Mano.— Odtton ihirting 
itripeil flbiped and cheeked cotton gtyighami. Woollen 
ana ootlon trouaerlnga* 

244 BoMEU, 11 Ifc Co. Leicester, MamL—Wool, In 
Tuiooa states for spMminc worsted and wooDen yarns. 
Hodcry^ Alpaca and mobalryazps, fro. 

SMB Gjibdt, G. Kendal, M^n.rrBraefL girth, and roller 
i^eba, in worsted and wooIleiD. Horse sneetiggs, nilway 
blaidieta, eoilar-checkSj.&e. for saddlers. 
' 248 Wiuoii, J. k W.' Kendal, Hanu.— BaOway wrap- 
pers. Stent horserdothing; also, fine and Ugfa^ for race- 

ling ai 

261 Hy rcoMK, 

raj(erpvsef wnu 

^ . Baxony. 
t, gentlemaot^s scarfs, ko. 
Grantham, LJjoicolnihire, Mann.— - 
and cloths. JMew mstsrisls for 

b, yT, k Co. Newtown, Mont^omeiy, Wales, 
Mann.^Sjpeeim^ of Welch flannel, all mapubetnvpd ^:om 
shetfp's wool. .jL_ " '• 

Site BnoBA B. Tregarlh, Bangor, W^ Manu^— 
Gown ^eees and apron woven m a loom, iuTentea and made 
by the oUUtor. . T7 

259 BAUT]in.«,W.TTiaonMi]lsi Douglas, Ide of HJuL 
Mann.— Shepherd plaid, made from Austwaawooli and 
stripsd and tweed cloth and shepherd'plaid, mads fnnpx Jsle 
of Man wool. 

280 Buss^W. Chipping Norton, Oxford8hhre,lian\i^^ 
^eisey check webbing, fco. for hoi)M-cloth|ng. Tweeds for 
trousers. Alpa Vicuna beayer elotii, ana Boyal sbawL 
Anpla and Beaver shawls. Coverlettes for beds^ Ice. . 

281 Bablt, J. Ic Co. Witney, .Maav.>-A variety of 
Witnov blankets. 

882 SlASLT, E. Witney, Hanu.— Witney blankets, made 
firom diAnnt descriptions of Eng^ woqIs. Qrib blankets, 
girth and loUer weba, lee 

288 Wbeelkb, W. & 4 Ludgate St. wnu^Vn^tSotd, near 
Bath, Mann.— Sanroles of patent dress beaver^ patent mo- 
hair dothsL fancy doeskins, and woollen and siJk vcstings. 

284 Cau, T. Ic W. Twerton MUls, Batb.Jtfanu.-C]oths 
fhnn Geman wool. Bath fur beaver, ana dressed ftir of 
fine Australian wool. Black beaver, and black Yenetian, or 
snmmer doth of German wool. 

286 Jomisroir, J. Newndll, Elgin, Scotland, Mann.— 
Maujs, er plaids, made of undyed or natural brown wool. 

Natural brown tweed, of dite«ntwopla,waiwproofed, chei^ 
and durable. 

288 CBOMBOi J^ -k. Co.) Cothal MlUft, Abscd^ Mann. 
•-^•Scotch tweeds, of various .qualities. 

288a BAiiiCibani^WoMscii^Qlauow, Agents and MamL 
—Printed shawls of wool, worsted, and cotton. Printed 
cotton shawls and handkcsehieft. linens, in vmrSous stages 
of manufiMtnre. Mixed fi^brica. 

270 Brusfc Sox, Langholm, Manu^-^-Shenherd'st#eed! 
railway plaid, Ico. ; cotton and wool; and llns^, mads of 
ootton and wool. 

271 BowMAx k Sov, Lamdiolm.— Shepherd tweeds of 
Scotch and Anstalian wooL SMphecd nmons, eottoaLand 
,wooU Gentlsmev'sahepherdplaMGenBanwooL 

278 BsiDlfcSoir.Langhobn, Mann.— Cotton and Scotch 
woolhoset sh^herfsplsIdchMk, Ice. made from Cheviot, 
Aostralian, and Gennan weoL • 

274 DicuDirslfcJUno^ Hawick and Glasgow, Mami.-^ 
Scotch lamba*<wool hosisry. Ice Clw, shepherdess^ and 
iiftliev iartaa wool pWda. Cheviot, Australian, and Saxony 

276 Laxdi«aw k Sons, Hawick, SeoUand, Bfanu.— Pat- 
terns of hose undemkrthintf. Ni^t-caps< Tweed fiar trou- 
sering. Australian and Gneviot wools. 

278 Bamiobdi J. Bochdale, Lancashire, Manii.^Fhie 
gause flannel, manu&ctnred from sheep's wool. • • 

278 Haioh Is SomM New Brown St ManohMter. Mann. 
—Bhusk broad cloth. Tlie same, wool and cotton. 

280 PiM Baonms k Co. Dublin, Des. and Manu.— 
Irish poDlins. Double tabblnet, Itc: r^tered designs. 
Broeaded poplin. 

261 ATKinoii,B.lfc Co. 31 College Green, Dublin, Prop. 
—Irish popUn Jacquard k>om, with now brocading machine. 
Iriah poplbs brocaded and gold-barred; and 0>ld tissue. 
BrociAed and tissued Irish poplin scarft; striped fiimitura 
«nd figured tabourets, Ise. 

S^ BsnioLoa, W. SI Grafton St DnbUn, Des. and 
Menu.- Imperial blue and gold, and white and gold tiassuo 
popUn. F&nred fbmiture. Corded, plaidod, tartan, and 
checked popUns. 

288 PPT, W. k Co. Dublin, Manu.— Plaid tarten^and 
brocaded_poplins. Ice. Pattcnis of coach laces. 

284 DU.LOX, 1*. 7 Parliament St Dublin, Des.-r-Frieias 
and rumswissles. The rumswlsale is made firom undyed 
foreign wool.'. 

286 EoMOVDsnms, Eus. Baltnasonnd, Shetland.— 
Specimens of knittin|L manulhctured in Shetland fiomtfaib 
wool of the sheep of^e island, which is spun bv.tfae wives 
and daughters of the flshennen in the ordxnaxy lint-whtels, 
and knitted by. them at their own homes. • i.<; 

. 288 WtLUAMs BaorBSBS k Co. l[sland. Bridge Mills, 
near Dublin, Mann.— Super friese, shepherd's plaids^ milL- 
taiy tartan, and- woollen shawl yam. 

287 AuLsr, B. 28 Lower daokvUle St .Dubliui Prop.-t- 
Irish made heather tweeds. Irish friese. Black cassimere 
Irish embroidered vests : the designs by J. Healy, a pupU of 
the Dublin School of Design; worked by Miss Hamilton 
and others. Irish linens, Itc Samples of the skill both of 
the Irish weaver and sempstress. Irish friese wrappers, Im. 
specimens of the talent of Irish mamiActnrers, as well as of 
Irish tailoring. Samito of figured and double-watered Irish 
tabinets, manukctnred by E. Jones, of 3 St Andrew Street, 
Dublin, Ice 

288 NiooLLS, A. Cork, Ireland, Bianu.— Blankets^ flan- 
nels, swanskins, ud frieses. 

281 KsBB k SooTT.— Grenadines, all rilk ; and Bsriige, 
silk and wooL Crapes, printed In imitetion of real China. 

Digitized by V^J^i^ 


Clam 12. WboBmmui Wanted. 


flonl OMiMn% nd sofldlk^ te. Man. I7 B. Knr, 

■ ^BAnii HoMjr Iam Miriwt» Cbeipiide. 
AmK'jriiited, imtA toctan; sSlk and 
f^ihiiiidiii d' JBcMtey printed, wool textiii«. 
9idt riik tflstan. •- 

k tUmM^ 31 Ifilk St at/.— Printed 
ihaari and Gmndine. Pmtod hnnd- 

r ft MIsDO^ ISi Wotfd 8t LtedoB, »i^ Bbit- 
Iwid, GiMovr, PrinlaB.>-Printed hu^ gi«iul^;«Bd 
satin OMhwfTO ahawii. P ri n t ad nndBen. 

986 KntvltSaoomnoLlMWoodStFro^.'-'-SliAwli: 
ftinted BaivM; srenadlMauk: Caduncnt inttflen: and 
aaat^taKaadTaiiMm. V 

_ ' 39T ^'•ABK^ny CX GnjfDidy Kcb^ lfaBn.r«-Piintod 
lad Chiima imhrisi for fbmituwa, or 
PrinCedilanncla for diiniij. • 
LsnaB, ICabt Ajtv. Meiton Abl)^, 8a»^,Prod. 
' bartfa aimwla and IwiUiMl bandinaa, wax and 
lnl| te. 

ftrAin>aRlcOa. IIS Jcnnjn 8t 8t Jttiaa*s, &^u— 
WtateSheOandknittad Asw], t A alockligi, ^te, band 

309 Blabbt, B. T: BHcr Hoioaa Fietory, Boka'a Pa- 
laea^ Norwkl^ lliamL--KorwiebGHhnwracraanaeaif ahawl, 
Ipid latiodnoed. flhawb of Gaabincra wooX daiign br Jobn 
FunaalL Ana)b4BdianacBrikifaawia,dreaiei,brDcaaoticc> 

aM Wiimiu^]CftCo.PtialeT,lfanii.-8carft;witb 
taaboond * anda ; and ahaiHi and bandkarebiaft, am* 
broiderad. Eiftbroiderad vcala. SaUa nrona, and baUei* 
XambMred and ambrolderad maaca, Im. Wk 

90S Blakui; B. London St NorwiekfProp.— Laea 
aeaiCiBada at idai Slank/a acbool, Horwidi, derign eoai- 
poaad ascfaalT«|]r fron natoral flowen. Lace bartfii^ from 
sa aabcaopa tattan Iqrllr. Stewart^ naatar of iba Norwieb 

807 BinMHi^CPkide7,b[aatt.--LoMWOT«niba!w)a. 

808 Baubl J. Paialej, Mann.— Bmbroidered P^rencb 
Bcrino Indict dfaaMa. Bmbroidarad Gantdn CKmpe dMCWla. 

809 Pon w h HoxcBOBoir, Paialcgr, MawL—Patoiqr 
wvfcnypriatady larlan wooL cnbraSderedL andfignrad gaoaa 
ahaiwla. Bmbroidarad banduerebielb. 'wool' miiflati. Eni* 
broidaradTaataaadraba. Tartan and printad droMa. 

aiO.AnncBoUB h Toni, Plriak^r, BCamJ-Mntad 

long and iqaara 

8:^ ^ 

(19 IuLwiOi^J.ftGD.Oaadonin Print Worit^ Pftiriaj. 

■rtgaprintad plaidi, hi wool and bi rillL 
818 ThtM, k 8on»P)iialc7.— Printad Oufamera abawb. 
814 Boctsmaii^J.ft A. Pklalaj, Mann.— Wbrte long 

815 UjjatAMLAMEf Sov, k Cou Paiilay, Manor^-^^pnn 
rilk iabrioa far latfc^ Aawen, bi obn tattaa and ftbej de- 

817 lionaA|L J.4Co.PlriaIcr> and St PatiFfCfannb- 
jnsdy London^ Mann^— 'Woran long -abawl 
2ttii,ofiilkandwoal; andofmoMloatTlab 
Printed barit* laa« ahawla. 

817a Km. B. Prialay, Mana^— India long tad aooare 
riiawla. PrlBM and ftaej wool long and aqoareabawk 

817b BoBnamooi, J, ft X 3 Fortiaa PL Pabley, Maou.— 
Coloured woran baraeaa. Wool plaida and abawli. Oo- 
bmred frintad fWda and ibawtej in bar^ Otebmena 
d'Pcoiaa, fcc 

817i> BofTAT, B.T. ft J. Phlflley, Mann.— Printed Bn^ 
and Oubmara hiqg Aswia. Printed wool aqnare ibawh. 

818 WnsAM ft Soa^Bdbibiirrii, Mann.— Tartanf plaida, 
ritewli^ of TUiooa Hif^Uaad dana, comUnad or 

ft 8oim,48 01dCaiai«e^Pi«k— Ladieir 
embniidarad robaa, fte. Iriab and Franob eanuirie J 


flonndnga, and inaatkma, ft 
King^TMead OottegeTKe 

icerouiefiL JBLQBUn tzimnuniEB. 

894 GoDBTWT, p. A. 3 KWt ^ead Oottage, Kew 
Nortb Bd. Iilington, Inr. and Mann.— Woren fobriea, 
floiabed br patat naobineiy and obemleal agenej. 

897 GLAnnonr ft Son, Horwioby Mann.— B^giatared 
ilgored Gnbmera abawla. Spon-allk, fonor ebeek, and Al- 
banian allk abawla. Be^atcied Jaotpiard flgored popttna^ 
andcbinepopttna; andndzadftbrieB,fto. 

898 wiLune, E. N]eprbw, ft Co. Korwieb.— Mixed 
fbbrica for ditaMB, oonaiating of bombaiinea and panmaftaa : 
popUna,btDeadai,ddn^fte. A mixed fobric, oompoeed of 
materiala foam nine ^flbrent c 

331 fo SSB^faeid on Ae JTortfc IFoff iraCft Cbw 6. 

881 BiATiBAw, G. 6lA Pftric St'Cimden 1^ Ifami^— 
Pictorial moaalo ototb-worit table-oover or qnUt 

889 Onaoi^ W ft Co. TllHooaltrx, AUoa. SooOuid, 
Mann.— M*Kanria and M<Lean dan tartaif woollen diewla. 
FamsTwooQan abawla. Fraaer and Fort>ea dan tartana. fte. 

888 AnrwmAfj> ft Sosi, TUllcoqltiy, AOoa^ Scotland, 
MamL— BobBoy,Colqa]ioon,andM<I>onkld of Steflb tertaa 
loBgdiBwIa. Fancy tertana. AHwooL 

884 ABfiHWAMi, J. ft B. TUUcoaltrx, AOoa. SeoOand, 
MamL— Maleobn and Bniee tartan wod dmwlL ' Fancy 
wool tbawh. Bojd Stewart and Gordon tartana. 

886 PiisOT,J.ftD.Timoonlti7,A]]oa,86ot]aad»Mnnil. 
— Fanoj wod tartan, deiigned hj Bomanea and PktMm, 
E^nbmc^ Lom wod foneV dmwia, dea^gned ^ Mitdieli; 
MIllcr,aad0^lTle^Glaigow,and ArOinr and FaMr, Oli»- 

888 Bniin<nr,W.J.ftGo.8tXeonardraFaetoiT,Sdiii- 
boigb. Dea-andManO]— ATarietyof ftMwodaearTibn:Ha. 
Superior genttcBMnli plaida. Gcimanlambi^wodaadTain, 
of iriiieb tbe dawia are made. ' 

887 SoMajin. J. jp. 49 Sontb BrUge St EdfaibmiB^ 
Mann.— Seaif pfauda, Ju wooL 

888 Wnaow ft 809, Bannockbnn, near StMng, Soot- 
bad, Maan.—Specimcni of cafpeting, and tbe tartana of tba 
Soottiib dana^ hof^ wod of flia black-fooed and Cberiot 


buid, Mann.— qcotdi tweeda and foncy wodlena, of ▼aziooi 
new nilztarei and atrlea. 

497 Cowoiu^ Jimop. ft CaHaddmfidd, Mann.— Cadi- 
merettea for eoata and ladlcir boota. 
-498* BKABWitfj. ft So», Hdmebridge, Dea. and Maan^— 
WoollM ttibtakiona, dain'and fta^. 

498* ^uol B. Ctewkene, bUnn.— Unen, w oratod , 
wbite and coionrad Hnen and wonted ; weba for gixtba^ 

480* CuinuM, J. Bradford, Mann.— Ket, cotton and 
dpaca: net, cotton and wonted; Cobooig dolb, cctton and 
worrted: diagond Bning, cotton and alpaca. 

481* Clabx, J. Jnn. ft Co. Gaaaeirddi^ Pdalej, Main. 
—Printed Gnbuiere kmg and aqnara anawb or pfadda. ^ 

489* CiJinss,T. Stephen 9tWaterfbrd,lrdand,ltami. 
-Bine doak, of camlet atnH; made by Coleman, Ste^ea 
Waterford; baa been worn for twenty yeark SUi- 

abeeting. Mani 


488* I>Ax.T,X 
need for men'a dotbing end 
at Botamora MSBa. 

484* DawilW. lOUttle Knigbt Biddr St Deai— De- 
aigna for a Cunmere diaw], with ailk flowering; and for a 
fvinted abaw], dT woollen fobrie, and figured. 

(485* EcaoTii^ W. ft Son. near Bnmlejr, Mann.— Power- 
loon Gobnzg dodi wod; Orleana dotb; Saxony Orieana 

Digitized by V^3 



Clam 12. WboOm mid WcnUd. 

«]otti; mooHdiiM delaine; power4ooai flue Oolmnr eloUi ; 
POweHooiD ber^ de leine, made fhioi eottoa and wool ; 
DiiiitiiiftreokNiiiylko. Voieted Heaki yam ; genappn ooid ; 

48e^ Hmjomt k "BwaoE, HaUikz, Mam^DaBaiki, fcr 
teniture porpoaei, manoftotored of liUc, eottoo, and wool, 
eitlier aepaxmlely or in oombinatioii. 

487* HoLKMBMmmi,? St lOnen't 9t P^alej, and 
ai Friday 8t Cheapiide, London, Mann.— Fine wool tartan 
loQg ahawla. fWney tartan and plain wooL Yieona long 
ahawL Wool tartan eloaldng. 

48e* HoTca, W. k S. HaUftx. lCann^Laetli« aoge de 
BerriandaatinFirmttcaiiyiilkandwoitted. ^etoriaoocd. 
ootton and wonted; and wonted. Meriae^ cotton and 
woollen, for tadiea' boots, Ice. 

489* HoonaiyW. Betheadai near Bn^of^ Walai, Mann. 
— DaraUe bed eorerlw. 

440* HooBH, W. Kenynoei, near OKnamn, WeaTW. 
—Wonted and lilk dreaaea. Apnmi, of WiUi Una^. 
TkUe-ooTfli^ of wool and flax; a apecfanen of Welih 

441* HooBB, Ami, Horkleton, near Gleobvy, flalop^ 
Mann.— Netted thread ihnwl and searft, nettid and laoe 
Teib; netted bordering; netted eapa. edlen. and eoA. 
aUk pocMa, and goarda. Worked nraalinikoekbodiea. 

442* Jomwow , J. Loekwood, Hnddewflefci >— FkiMhyarM, 
In Tarioos thadea. 

448* Jinn li8oira,BMli7, near DeiPriwy.Mann^Wool 
djed intnej and pilot ek>& Woollen fidirie, with cotton 
lining. BtnepikHctoth, piece dyed. 

444* Jonn, J. Batl^, near Dewibmy, Mann.-4»oat 
bine pilot ekrth for railway guaida and mgfnaman'if great 

440* KxRB,P.lBCo.lS4Wood8tMaan^]UditieBaei, 
brooadea. brocateOei, dlk damaeka, eilk and wonted damaak, 
oarrlege Uninge, dia^iane, window blinda, Ike. 

44^ Maodoiia,X. a Molceworth 8L DnbOn. S pe d - 
mena of the « Albert frioM ;" heather and bteek tweeda. 
Pitent diBwwi. Tabinet and doth TeatfaM: eadvoideied 

447* Maodooqalii, D. InTenieea, Scotbad, Mann.-^ 
LoooDHwore tweeds and tartans. Higliland eaipet, made 
ftom flrst-elaas Sotheriand C3ievk>t wooL Heaee mannfte- 
tared tweeds and tartans. Plaid and tweed m a ni i f a r t ni ed 
at St Kilda, the most ranote of the Bdtkh islands. 
HomMnade glores of wool, and of wool of the white fleonn- 
tainhare. A woman's shoolder plaid, Ifcc, ahoivii« the state 
ofindnstry in Lewis ei^ity-tiireeyeen ago. Ll a ee y -woolsey . 
made of Gheriot wool and bog cotton. Tweed, Itel, made of 
TieonawooL Highland brooches, made of earred borak, 
deei^s teeth, and Cairngorms. Highland omaaMnta. lams, 
showing native dyes ; native dye^tnft. Speefaneu of rock 
eiystal, or Cakn^nrm, i^rom the moontain of that name in 

448* Mjjuuott Ic Son, Wakefield, and 71 QneenSt Lon- 
don.— Knittfaig worsted and lambo'-wool yard, soft and hard 

440* Masok. W. Ifc Co. Prod.-.I>reai iUrles: printed 
Cashmere and Uam awool teztore ; and emhraidena Cuh- 
mereiLwool and cotton texture. 

46Cr Mnnurr, W. Leeds, ICsno.— -Jar of siae from che- 
mical and animal sabstances. 

461* MzLie, BuxABBTH, DolgeUr, law. and Mann.— 
Unsey dresses, mixed with silk. Unsey enrons. Waist- 
coi^pieoes, of Welsh wooL Welsh ctot£, ibr gentlemen's 

468* MuBFHT,MAna4BBr,Bally8matton,Blesinton, Ire- 
land, Mann.— Home-made frieie,iTOm wod grown and spun 
i^tte exhibitor. — . •- x 

468* NsiLL.GAnniaiira,lfcSoii%1Ul[^^I>ubUn, 
—Brown mixed, and sheep^s gray Ueae. Blankets. 

464* NoBim. J. Clayton West, Bnddenfidd, Mann.— 
of mannftctnring premises. Summer dmwls and 
Registered wfiiter woollen diawls, waistcoatia«B» 
ci c a ii ngs, glove-doths, trouserings, Ice. 

466* PALLnra, W. Lower llilk Painswick, Mann.— 
DonblenniUed scarlet hnnter, dooblemilled dotha. Finn 
sincle«iilled scarlet biQiard doths. Ice. 

466* PiOLurs, J. Kn^pp BCills. near Chard, Scmenet, 
Mann.— Btriped, plain bhie, and white linsey, made from flax 
and wooL 

467* . PomjBTon, B. Westcate, Wakefield, Mann^Mann- 

fiietored knitting wonted 
468* BAral Soi ~ 

Mann.— Coboaxg dotha^ 

mg. Bi 
cotton and wonted: tiic samcL with silk warp; merinos^ 
morsens, sinde and double twilL fleverd of the piecca ex- 
hibited are of the finest description of worsted goods. 

468* Bxvwicx, T. Ii A. LajuMm, Mann.— Linsqr- 
woolsey weft, Eskdde shepherd pbid, and Scotch hosiery 
yernjiJfeotch tweed and marble yam, of Australian wool. 

460* Bonmoi, B. Llanberrls Bd. Ganarroo, Wales, 
^yiqi lilneey wooleef memiftifitiinis 

461* 8Aian,&lfc do. Trowbridge, Wllta,Mann.-49ped- 
mene of ibe woollen tsouserlngB. 

46S* ScBomu^ A. Spring house, near Dddi, Saddle- 
woith, Manu«— Patterns of woollen goods mannmctnred la 
the yean from 1780 to 1890^ ahowii«i^lea of tint period. 
Fine doeskin, or satin-ftee, all wool Caslmiere and merino. 
Maude fhbiics, with spedoMus of dydi«. Fine patent black 
broaddoth, and cesalmeKea. 

488* ScBWAnir. F. Huddersfidd and Leeds^-flboe- 
threads ooMipossa fff ^fty - 

464* ScBWAmr, F. Hnddenfidd.— Fancy Teeting and 
pantaloon stuA. Cashmerettes and merinos. Beaven and 
pik>t dotha. Tweeds. Plddsabdehecka. Buckskins, fce. 
of mohair, dpaca, and Vicuna. Blephant and rhinbceroa 
skins. Shawls, carpeta, blankets, Ike. 

466* ScBonsLD^ J. Bastrick, near Hudderrildd, Mann. 
—Fancy trouserings. SUk, woollen, and cotton waietoont- 
ingk Patent Brioah caahmeres, all wooL *" 

niture. Fancy 

Fancy bed fbr- 
and shawls. 
, fcCo. _^ . 

doth, mannftetured by CSunman and Whitakor, Bdldon ; 
by Lund, ^dghley; and by Turner, Horion. Orleans 
cioth,^101nereiidCo.aayton: aU dyed by J. M. Kirk. 
Tiastings, serges de Benr, and damesW, by Taylor and 
Sons, Orendon: dyed by Sinith, Haliihx. Cuded wonted 
yarU|Bpun by Taylor and Sona. 

467* Sehiob, J. Batiey, near Bewsbury, Mann.— Marbled 
pilot doth, green, widte^ and black. Alpaca doth, black. 

468* Si^nn, H. Teadon. near Leeds, Mann.— Woolleo 
netting^ to the protection of the bloom of fruit-trees from 

469* Surrn, W. Batley, near Dewsbuxy, Mann.— Wool- 
d:^eii WLtney. TUotdoths. N^pedpik>t 

470* &rK^D, W. Ifc Co. Leeds, Msnn.— Superfine broed^ 
cbth, and wootdyed weeded UaoL Sample of fine Geitnan 

47L* Stmocif, J. h BaoTBsns, Dockroyd MIUs, 
KclKhlejt Bradford, Mann.— Plain and strip * 
shaLtoune; tncfiiios; eubicas; summer < ' 

bombaset; geniuppes, Ibc 

478^ TouoK k SoNsTBdton. Huddenfield, Menu.— 
Waistooatings; trouserings; chalU wool plaids, Ibr chil- 
dren's dresses. 

478* Tow£Bn,CAMrDr,li Co. Ehn Hill, Norwich, and 4fi 
Friday St London, Mann.— YiUorer scarvea: dlk ground. 
Printed dlk, and dlk net dmwls. Ladies' paletots, worked 

Digitized by 


Clam 18. SakmdVeloet. 


to ft eie dttp*. Honplflh dMlH. Bstin ttiiped de knet. 
Fluimsllft dottiy •«^ bv^M for diwMf. 

474^ Watbov, J. fc a. GaImIiIcIi, Sootknd, Ham.— 
" ~ ' ttd ftnej pfaiidt. Ladief* woolkn Maifli or 


aad tnnreiliiig plaidiy of 
^ of Sootcb, German, 
and Atiatialiaa wdoL LamlMf-^rooI hoiiiuj and nnder- 
doddBg^ knittad vpoa the atookiiii^ fiama. 

476^ WBinnBsa(Co.Leioeater,BIaaii.— WontadTania 
tat horiaf / ^tMitjf and fu cnibraidery and aoft knittifl^ 

Clam 18. SOk and Vehei. 

1 RedkatiibIi 800^ 90 K ew Bond St iar.— TafTete 
and glaoa groa df Afiriqiie, fce. made br Btooe and Kempu 
%HaHVida Bibbaa made br Gomen li Co. Nimeaton. 

8 PoQB, J. W. 163 and 165 Bageni St^Bombaaeen 
doCb,fivmoara!i«. WSdow^aailk. 

8 flAiiDsnov k KeeBj 7 Grabam 8L Hann^-Sped- 
mm of lilkweBving ftr a ebair cover. New atyle of pat- 
tan and doth to Ivnitare. Spedmena for frainacoai- 

, 6 B4»»0i^ T. Port 8L Spttelilelda, Hanu^-BIack 

8 Wai iuj i u t uji Ic BayolIS and 14 IGDi St Gbe|^ 
ddi^ Mawii^— 'WaiatooattegBi of Hj|df *" " 

tion of lore^gn fiua. 

9 Wiuoa It Go. 37 Vallbrooky lCanii^--Si]k phiah 

10 WAisnalkSQn^iniaonStFSnabiirr.andKeCier- 
iBft Mana^x ffilk dnab te beta. 

11 Ton, T. 80 Addle St Qty. ]fann.-Qn^ calieo, 
wnDu w a i de d criye^ Ice. 

SbDoade ganneat aUkiL 

18 ^mi^ I. Mtal 8q. 
s|nred damaifc ailk nunitmi 
mantaUkybloe - 

l4 Osaoaow k Bamiy Gxediam St Wesl^ Acent&r^ 
IMi poplin or tabinettpIdn,plald8.ribbeidoiil>to Izkb, 
ivalered, and moM antknie; Mann, by W. M. Georihegan, 
fiOF^andaStBoblln. -i»--e— » 

16 Whjmk, J. 5 Ch. Ftence, Spital Sq. Manow— 
Moondng bnt^Mnd, cifenlar and oaatie. 

16LBwii k Ixxsnr, 193, 195, and 197 B«g«nt St 
Dai.— Broeaded ribbona. Bewared baz^abawla. Sillc, 
biwaded with fifteen eoloozB. Mann, in '' 

S6 Steward St Spitalfieldi^ Mann^ 

Daa. and Mann.— Baglsteted 
VUie watered taxied gai^ 
and gold flguze ganncnt mk. Moiie 

16 A aBHBA gy W. Is Col Maeclfafleld.-fiilk dyedlntbe 
a, and prepared fat tbe nae of tiie mannftcturcr. 

17 Gbabam k Soni, 31 Spital Sq. Manov— TelTet, 
aatfa^ and watered ailka. 

17 Baman, J. 14 Brown'a Lane, SpitaUelda, Dee.— 
Derigna Ibr dik wevring. 

18 Sron k Knr, Spital Sq. Mano^PIain diki, 
velreti, abo^ or giae4 terrj. Black aalin. BadaimorB. 
Glae6andeoloaxedgiaGi. nnejr diki, Ifco. 

19 Sevvl^ Etam, Hdbbabik k Baooit, 44^ 45. and 
46 Ok! OoBipton St Flrqp.— Brocaded ailk, made by Ounp- 
beaikCo.Spitalfie]da. Figured dama^lnr Winkworth It 
0& Xancfaeater. Knitting, &c by pm^bbh cbildrai, l£o. 

21 Lb MABztiSoifi, S7 Spital Sq. Mann. Blackand 
^ MUnette^woren by band and power loom. Black 
^ wmtered; Uack odoored Tdvet 
J OoBnu^ Lmx^ Ik WnaTD^ 15 St Paol'aQmreh- 
yvd^-awaiaaahzibbon,dedgnedbyJ.K.Hanrey. Bro- 

\ zlbbona, deiigned by G. a Nicdaon, and J. K. 

8d Dkab, a. 37 Criapin St SjntaUelda, Agent— »- 
gmd allka» deiiimcd and woven by tbe pupila of & Spital- 

88 Gasbt k Prnmn, 13 Spitd Sq. MamL- 


Tota, Atattiaa, groaHle-Naplea, gfawse, groa, Ice. 

,^ 94 Bomnoii, L K iL Ifc Ca 80 Milk St CEbeapaide, 

Mann.— Yehretreatingi.. Black amosnea. Silka and ntina 

fiirerefata. FIgored aatin, fce. 

, 84 BoBiiiao]i,J lcW.lcGo.3and4MiIkStCaieanalde, 

Mann^YdTct fiir pdpita: and lor walatcoata. Satin for 

ahoea and Teata. Tabby ailk fbr embrddeiy. Larenline^ 

and aeige ftr lininga. 

85 ibu, J. \ Co. 30 Spital Sq. Mann.— Begiatered 
oak and iry brocaded nlk. Jaeqnard wore. Silk ydTcta. 
Bicb diot giaoea, SplfaUdda band-loom wore, tiie cokmn 
an BritSdk ^caT Brocaded flgnrea, IMS. 

88 Bmmu, T. 26 Spttel Sq. Mann.— BdlUant black 
groa^le-Kaplea; Sntberland aUka, and aatina. 

88 Bdiiks,T.H.6 Bon Head Ct Newgate St— Em- 
boaBedaiIka,TelTel8,&c: ladiea' aaahca, Jlonncea, trimmlngn, 
lee. Moddoftl]«Ezldbitkm,cmboaaed,aboatfonrliBetdz 
long, '^otorin moonta for dnwinga ud Jgrfatte^ 


omamenta xbr qjuiq^^ 


86 YAnnm k Soi^ 15 Spital Sq. Mann.— Yert i 
SUkaforpnaadAfca -» ^ -^ 

89 fionB,H. 32 Spitd Sq. Bidwpagate St. Mann.— 
ffilkftrpamaob. FigBradaatinanddaaiaakrip a n d d n ca pe . 
Silk for ambreikM. 

89 Jacdoh. lbs. k Miai Avt, 3 Brill Bow, Scmert 
Town, br. and Mann.— Fan^ balla, dotb, leatber. vdrety 
aatin, lie:, of difEerent eomb&atlona, fonabed with % gitt 
coad. lie. 

80 Cabtb, YATABon, k Bis, 9 T^omp St Cheapa i dey 
Mann.— Flgmed poplin dreaa. Bush iignred aatin dreaa. 
Figured attn, liduy brooedcd. Maiae moire antique; 
Napoleon bbe aatin. 

81 CAMFnsui 'Habedoh, k Lusmx 19 Friday St 
MJamL—Bieh Iignred moir^ antlqiie damaak. Scotch tartan 
aatina and ▼d^eta.'CobMncd BUM antique. Bich brocade 
flgnre ftrvfitinga. 

84 GoonAOu> & and Co. Mann.— Spedmena of crqpo 
and aerodbane. 

84 ^oonDikiv. W. D. 60 Milion St Gripplegate.— 
Cdoved and Uack apedmena of dlk dydqg. 

86 MABOir, G. t atdr, Hartford Bridge, Eanta, Prod. 
— Fla3c,nownmid8temdatTatelT; acotdiedat the New 
Cow^rGaQLat Wincbeater. ' Flailing got, foom imperfoet 
aiikwotmiB waate aillc, from coooona. 

86 GnoDT, J. l(Ca Foater Lane, Mann.— Folded and 
rolled Meek crape, aeophane er^e, liaae ganae, goaaamer, 
crdpe Kaae^ rilk ganae grenadine, mnaHn acarft, and bro- 
caded nlk nraaUn drsai, &C. 

87 Wabdul H. Ib T. fc Co. Macdealleld, Mann.— 
LadkiT rilk fiandkercbMfo, plain and dieeked, llgnrad and 
ddne. HandkercUeft and crarata. Small ailk ahawb. 

88 B a<Mi LHiu aar k Sowa, Macdeafield.— Baw, thrown, 
and dyed rilk. Sewing ailk In raw and dyed atate. Span 
ailk' exhibiting the materid and Ita atagea In proceaa; 
Ydreta, aatiBa, mdre antlqnea, ^ac^ noa de N^lea, le» 
Tantinea, aeq^ei^ reatingiu aaraneta, reralAna, ribbona^ 
handkercUeft, acarfiLthawia, ganae rdb, Itc. 

40 CaircHUT, Buiiblbt, k Co. Maccb 


cnvati, and boyi^ neek-bandkerddeft.— Pilndpd deaigna 
48 HAimBi k Son, Heyroyd Milb, near BaBfoaE^— 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


Clam 14. Flax md Bemp. 

Ilhistntlow of the prodaetkni and 


. 67 HAinnEif h Son. HfljroTd Ifilk, near H«Uikz. 
SpaefaMDi «f nw iDAterUl : witte tUk, In die draned iti 

•ad ouded; the lame in the ilnbMng and thiok roving, 
•ad in the tee roringi. Sinide and doable tnm lilk yarpa. 

44 SHmL ICast, 3a Abbeir St Betbnal Green, Dee. and 
Mann.— QMnille ihawl, made or the ohoieeii ailk, andmami- 
fkotured In a loom exprenly made for that nnnoie. 

44 BAnVi BuzABBTB, 35 Qneen 9L Qifoid, Dee. 
•nd Mmul— Connterpane, eompoaed of 9^1 .piecei, 

,\rw an InTaHd in a lyfiur pbaltionc 

45 GwiavKioR, W. Kidderminatee.-^ broeada, 
broeateUe. and figured latinet damaalv for i^iolitaiy. 
' 4S DATiMoir, J. k Co. Leek, liauL— TaUon* sewing 
■ilki; dik tiriit: mimnen* lewing dlk; itay silk; ^bro(- 
dering silk; saddlera' silk; txmm; pwae twist; ai|d silk 
•effe* .',.•. 

48 DAtLr, n. 1 St< Jarooa'f ?L HarapskadBdp*r1>7«d 
and emboiiei], soiled^ and fndrd vatliu^ 

47 BKAt<iif, J. J. L«ek, Mmm,— Sewing »llks. Parse 
0r nettiiiff silk. Leger t^i^t; ^ilk twIiL 

43 Wratos Bt So^j Lctk^ M&au.— Pattoaa,inBlnding 
f loteatiae, bn>wti Holland, xm\ twiit Itkiian, xootba* drs^s 
Jllk, lilk &iwy vest, lories' silk dresi, kt. 

49 SmrsoNj MitEs, 5 AUrrmnnburf Poijem, 4 Milk 
Bt. Maadustcr, Lc^k, and Dorbj, MAiiii'^SFecinais>f the 
Indiag elusca of raw sllki, fmm Fnuce, ttsJ/, China, Ben- 
gal, aod Tarkej, lelected by Dur»iit Is Co, wwing, netting 
sllkf ADd turitl. lUvi^Q and j«t iemn^ Crotcihet and mo- 
hair litk. Shoe mercery, Itc. 

4Q BroBBSy F. .Lfwk^ Mann*— Kaadla-workad ailk 

40 TowLBB, Campih, fc Co. Shn HUl^ Korwieh, Mann. 
— FiUoTer pearf, silk ground ; the partem extends four jards 
In length and two in width. Shawb. Koiwioh challi. Pa- 

00 Alsop, BoBnrs, k Ca Leek,^ lCana.--dlk serges. 
Blank silk handkerchiefs, 20 handficing. Prussian Irfndjiiigs, 
ted sewing sOk. Bich tvrist, dyed bj W. Hammersler k 
tp^UOL, Netting silk. Barber's twist j^ wUp-lashes, 
Keedlewoik buttons. Ice 

00 WnioBT, P. Se B. Edinbarjdi, Dea. and M^nn.— 
Dnke of WelUngton on horsebadk. in silk ^mask. 

61 DATBSPOBTjO.Leek.— <}hinaandBengaIoffgan^e. 
Bengsltrsak Bengal large skein sewings. SUii for naming, 
embraidaT, and aiifleial flies. 

68 Hammebslbt and BxirriBT, Leek. MSnn.— Twist 
ofTuioaseokmft, for tailors. Italian sewings, fir tai)ors 
gndndlHncrs. Purse twiyt. 

68 Btahs, S. Wicksworth, Derbyshirs, Mann.-4fpefll- 
mens of silk plush for Testings. 
' 64 TccKTR, J. k C. Chesterfield. 

66 Hou>roKTH k 8o!r, Leeds, Inr. and I]np.r-Speci- 
mens of the article known as silk waste; spun silk yams, 
and samples of silk yam, dyed and finished, spun oy the 
ezUbitoir patent process. 

66 PoujHO, J. 6 Brudenell PL New North Bd.— 
Trains ofetapetuidcs and tucks, lus. Mantle. EUabet^ns. 

67 9nix.wsLL & SoK. 7 White Lion St Norton Fol- 
gate, Maan^-Broeatelle, for curtains, &0. Damasks: Pat- 
tern of IMmatia robe, won by Her Mijesty at her coro- 

67a Booth k Pn& 43 Oldham St Manchester, Manu.— 
Imperial or carded plitsn for hats, bonnets, fcc~ in me Tarious 
stages of mannfiusture. Galloons, hatpbanda, hat-Uhings, lee 

68 Houldswobtb, J. Ii Co. Portland St Mill, Mani- 

69 WnrcwoBTR k PaocnBa, Manfihestar, Mamu— 
Finred silka. Chine vltk, atriped and watered^ and plain 

60 Cos, B. 8. Ii Co. Corentrj, Mano^— Bidi iMhaa 
and other ribbons. 

61 Bbat; C. Is Co. Corentzyi-IUbbona iUnstratlTe of 
the prdinary CoTentiT ribbon BuuMdketare. 

68 CAUMoorrr, R..I1 KCoreotry, Maim.— BlbboM : 
spedmans of Coventry manuihctnrei* 

. 68 Sbabp, Qumj*, k. Jobt, CorentiT, Mann.— Blbbooa, 
illustratiTe of a medium quality of goods manofkotond ^ 
Coventry. - 

64 Corn, HAKMiaiToif, k Co. Coventry, Prod.— GenamI 
ikncy ribbona. . 

66 Habbo?^ Tatlob, le PBABaoir,PieeaiBlly, Mannhea* 
ter, Mfina.--^roe da Naplea. . Black edged dnoape. Tape 
edged armaafaie,, Black veloar. Glaceailks. Groa d*Beosaai. 

66 Allbm k HoLMBB, Derby, Mann.— Black allk rlb^ 
bona and braids. AJgerines. Black satin trimmings. Silk 
warpjprepaced.lbr tiie manufiMsturer. > 

67 Baioovr, T. k Co. Derby, Mann-^-Speeimans of 
sewing silk for saddlers, bookbinders, staymaBen, tailors, 
Ike. netting orparso-iwlat and plain sarsniH ribbon 

68 SATior, J. C. Covenfry, Mann.— Bibbons ittaatra- 
tive of Coventry mannfactnra. Fhdn satin, striped oriM|- 
lum satin, ana plain and para edged luteatiing ribbona; 
simple tbitj ribbons. 

70 Bekbt Bbotbzbs, Coventry.— Watered pad rib- 
bons. Half China ribbona, used for tying up catebries, 
gloves, lus. the narrowest woven silk fobrlo. 

71' Walbkb k BAxtf Coventry, Bfana^-^roup of 
ribbons, iUustrative of cheapnees of pfoctnction. 

78 BoBiHsoir, T. Coventry. — Satin, hiteatrlng, and 
figured ribbons; and rich brocaded ribbona. made liy steam. 

78 MoBab, J. Coventry, Mann.— Mourning gauae; 
crm. love, and rich figured luteatrl^g ribbons. 

74 SruBOT Ic TuBBBB, Coventry. Mann.— Samplea of 
ribbons, rsmarkabla for beauty of design, and the applica- 
tion of steam power to their manofoetare. A paeoliar qan* 
lity of white ribbon, fro. 

76 Bbowztt, W. k H. Coventry, Mann.— Bollion, sew- 
ing silk, and mohair fringea. Silk brace weba. Glmptrim- 
Bam^/lEC Dyed silks and cottons used In tba above mano- 
foctora. .;..:.. 

Class 14. Flax and Benqp, 

,,!• HpLBEif, J. Is Co. Belfaat, Ireland, Dea^-and Mano. 
—Sewed book muslin collar capea. Cape. lafont^.firotfk 
bodies.. Cambric and book insertion, Sewad eambrlo 
fioon'cings. Ijioen cambric baoiUcerchieif^ Polka Jacketa^ 

8 AHDiiBws, M. Boyal Manufactory of Linen and Dot* 
mask, Ani|oyne, Belfos^ Ireland, Maniju-rTable ekith to be 
presented to fhe £ai^ ot Clar^dpn by the Boyal Sodety 
for Uie promotion and improvement of the growth of flaK 
in Inland.. Table cloth pf new pattern, designed by J. Mao- 
keniie. Government School or I>eaign. 

8 Bbown, J. B. Ic W. Banior, County Down, Ire* 
land, Bfanu.— Lady's robe, and bab/s robe, embroidered 

4 PzL^ifo, C. Belfost Mann.— Lady's robe, designed 
by M. M'Kinsie, Belfast Embroidered linen shirt fronts. 

6 CouisoH, W. Lisbnm, Ireland, Dea. and Mamu— 
Fine damask table-cloths and napkina. 

. 6 CuBBORN, Hill, Ic Co. Banbridge, Ireland, Maao. 
—Bird-eye diapers, mauufactored from tbe beat quality of 
Unenyam^ * 

6a Dsvob,' Mznchbiisb, Ic Boctledoe, 84 Lawrenot 

Digitized by V^3 


Cx.i«14. Flax €md Hemp. 

^^^ 8 KwAwwMii J. fc-T. k Go. 

8 IdiflouL J. LoiBB, Inlaiid, ]ii>ini.~-LI]ieD emi- 
We, dav km, and Iwntitdied hndkcreliiefr. 8hiii 
k MWML Bafldkcrolilaft of hIm In ml ipiia j 
D^AOBAUbltCoL UtClAGhdMi^ Maan.'-AUta 
Ooirjn, JDak, uid flbitf, firom €befalOy Bombay, 
andCtTkai flfIlLgiMi,Jiite,or prailicBip,fioBiailciitte. 

11 BamMjamimk Co. UOmn, Inluid, Maim^-8uB- 

IS MlfrasAT. T. fcCo. DiODor^ Coimtj' Donn^ Ir»- 
laad^Min^BlBMMd and unblaMboa linen;- 

is lnflUi*J^A«Af«lacl^GA Antrim, Ireland, Maim. 
Ilanki of handapim 7110, aiixt]r-«lx hanks In- the poond, 
ftrnaWe maBttHolttni 

18a Canr. Btaiv, Ie Co. BaUkat, Irdtad, 0ca. ted 
Maao.— Nov dnaaA laMo-alotlia. Spedmena of atfiam- 
pnrar loom wumAdbaf applUd to damaak table linen, 
baaknteotaMaelotfL Lawnda 

10 MHUt. T. lianadwakaL Dromoitt, 
— linan Dram aand^pon and miU^pan yani. liaan 1 
nito nallnBL mltt^ 

17 Bonmlt 

18 BiaiMi It APAM^CoIcraine, Ireland, Maan^^Fina 




80 Hmnnao, J. C 
btidii^ Gbvdf Down, 
iaam ; ■ ■ nhl ii i i far weai , 
on ^ Jaenanljprindnle. 


0«as, Mttaniaa, csto- 

litfll]a&, and diUlT 

DO, J. Cunbimj House, Warin^rtown, Baa- 
^ IrelanrL— Cambrio loom; dunaak 
^▼IngdaaBaakyOr otiier flgdred fabrica, 

k OwvBfi BdfasL Ireliad, 
rf»«lollia, deaisnad V ^- J- 
MttMLIAttina,irdaad. ]>0Bble damask doth. Samples 

S8 Baova k Boa^ Wailn0Btown, Banbridaa^ Iidand, 
Haan.— Dobbio daamak nukinB and table ckiOa, TarioDS 


& BOwkkUrsm, Maaa^Woad, Ueadied, 

J. k B. BsUjBionej, Lrdaad, liann.— 

J. Usboin, Inland, ICann^-^nne damas^ 
' dotba^ sideboard doths, and dlluttr 

; J, fc GOh Belfast Iidind, Mantt.^ 

IdneadfUL Fomj dzUI, plala eheda *nd siripes, aU UaeBL 

ladxad. liaea enaa, plattllas, aad hoUaada. . ^ 

87 Bjbk fc 8oa, Annvale, Boar Kead J, Ireland, Mana. 

— Boqgbbranralinea. Bkown, drab, alatc^ ud blade bol- 
iMspest. liaing^'fanuljjSndftoimivllBeas; and 


88 Ou.viQaD fc lArssAm 8 lAwrenoe Xaae. Cheap- 
side, Msaa. and Bleadie«s.-^Linea sheeting, wbite and 

'^j^ r table Unen, kc 

80 floraa, B. 8. 4 Blossom St Morton Folgate, liana. 
— Pktentllaes, of Yarioos siscs, ased fat haagiiig window 

hca. Fanej sUppin^^opes, fcc. 

81 Smob^ J. Ksst Gfesnwidi, Maaa. Spesteeas of 

linn, twiass, ki 
MaaiDa, and Italiaa hemp. 

by maoblasnr ftma 
Irish, Bdtio, aiad 

MooME, W. F. Crinkboome, Doos^Isle of Haa, 
«aan Sail eaaraa aiade from long^Irish Has, Worca bj 
power, witbont siBidi or dressing. Twine-oanTaa. Twino 
for 9Bmag eaavas for sails. 

83 HoBotAxr,8ir J. Ie Go. Limdioose, Mann.— Tarred 
aad aatarrad eoidage. Power loooHWOTen saildoths. 

84 Toil, & 153 Fendmreh St aad Globe Rdda, Mile 

Kaan.— Corda and 



haUtes. Bed saeUncs. Hoxse-halr doth. Fan^ door- 

87 QooiocK BoPEVoaa Co. Groeoook, Maao. Sa U - 

eoidan; Manilla eordaga. 
' 98 E^AMDifJ. k Co. ; EwnB(l. B. &Co. ; GmmaT, 
J. It Ool; HooasEU^ J. ; HoomBiA, W. Ie Co.: RAVDAU^fc 
Goohm; J. P: BrLfHuiS & Co. ; Tncaaa. T. It Co. ; Waa- 
roAM k 80a, Coannittee, Bridport— Spedmcns of the stapls 
maanfaetareofflietoWB. Heaip and flax in ▼ariooa stagea 
ofptcpaiatioa. Pildiard drift aet, ased on En^idi coaat, 
nets, Ieo. Idlb4)oat, far anstafning a penon la 
, ?enled by T.HlAt, Bridport 
' 9B ICaiob^ Paebiok, Dabun. 
•dO Eluovt,;!. 94ThoniaaSt Dnblin, Mann.— CoUa 
of xops^ m a anf a fC ii r ed of Irish-grown hemp, from Bosslaa 
aeed aowa la Irekad. 

48 AuJD^ B. Wexfard. 

& HoLLovAT, T. J. Sallsbnry^Hemp aad flax 

44 Dmni k Lovoseait, Stbektoa^oa-Tess, Haan.— 
SaOsBloth, made from Bdtie long flax : haad-kwm worea. 

46 cL4uiB&SoiiLCodcenBonlh,]Caaa.— Idneathreada 

46 Tks DoaDEB LocAt C uaairm, Soo ^laad, Prod.^ 
LooBLoryirableaebedliiieBa, manafactnied by Stoeeton k 
SoaiDaadse. Daekaad sheetiag, maaafaetaredbyLaiii^ 
Baadee. Dowlas, sheeting, haekabad^ docka aad drilla, 
diapen, ke. maaafaetnred by A. Lawsoa, Kiag's Kettle. 
CoBiaiOa blesdied eaarss, aad tailor's padding caaTaa, 
- - ■ -' J. Hori, Dnadoe. Hesaian, or packing 
, bed sacking, padding eanvaa, lio. 

ivas. Iio. 
aBanafaetaradbyGoz,]3hDndee. Floorjood aad corn s a cking, 
late aaokiag^ aad nary canTaa, maaafaetnred by A. Eaai 
ihiadee. Jnte CBrpeoag, aad matting saade mm eotr 1 
Maailla flbrc^ maanftctnred hy J. ifdsh, Dundee, 
bergi^maaafaetarsd by Doa Brothers Ie Go. Dondce. Brown 
A«»iiM»fc ' iaaaafaetared hf W. k i. Doa k Co. Forfar. 
Hea^^D0f>-ch>th,mannfactnredl7T.Bdl, Dundee. Jota 
stalr^eaipetlBg, jute bed sacking, cotton, or eoffeebeodng, 
aad hop p«**f««g maaafactared by A. J. Waidea, Dna- 
dsSL fi&oi^bed4iat aad twilled sheetlnfcmannfactor^ 
X' Broihi, Ihndee. Striped aad chocked faacy " 
nmmifafll ii r ed by J. Leadbetter It Go. Doadee. 

47 WxuzAMs It Go. Abingdon. 

48 TsAXB, EL Abingdon, Haaa. and DCS. 
aad ICanilla smtting; fancy coooa^nnt matting 
JBle darpetiag,.fte. 

48 hamAYj, D. Dromore, Goon^ Down, lrdaad^ 
Maaa.— A loom far weaving breasts of sfairts, dedgned tfid 
made by Eliabeth M<Crdkin, Shirt fronts. Drill, Ice 

48Al40cniAXTfcSo3n, Kirkddy, Scotland, Kaau.— Fiao 
feaflier4Md tick, made eatirdy from flax. Bleached dianer 
bedrioom towdi. Doable hockabeck. Bags for hd<U«g 
flour, gnla, potatoes, kc maaufactnred entiidy from tow, 

Digitized by V^J^i^ 



Clam 14. FlaxtrndHemp. 

50 Wvni, B. KliUdj, Sootkad, Mimu— Pieoa of 
flMlbaHiwdtolMd-tial^iiiMkaitir^ Ttkm 

from itooka 

61 Jahmov h Go. Hun, Importer aad Mtm^— Hcnp 
tad lUsftamBtiMU) sad Jato from tiM Baftliidl«i.lii iSbm 
g»w and imlrMjud ftate M Imported, aad in tonraietagM 
ofmrnnfiMton. Yirn, oihtii, frn ntmi the etiiii 

62 Hau« J. U Co. Hnll, Toi^ihin, lCMm.->-Patent 
'b eoiden from Baltle hemp, end peteni made eordage 

I Maalda iMmpi tailed. 

68 fiRTA h Gooma, Hull, Maaik— PafteBt eofdiag 
for the oM of failing and iteem Twaeli, minca, ead ooUeziea, 
the whale iUieriea, aad deep-aeaflaheriea. ICaanfretoxed by 

64 Boer, J.Grewkene, MaaiL-Sail-dotii, and towel- 
oalled medioal mhben, made of flaz grown la the 

66 Poou, J. fc C Booth Fethertoa, MaaQ.--<3asTMfttf 
ahipandyaehtiaila, fleamlng twine, made from KngHeh Jtuu 

66 HAnrABD fc Soiw, Weat Chinnook, and 88 Minoriea, 
London, MamL— GaaTae Ibr ahipi^ aaila, known ae Gokar 

^Taa. Twinea, uaed for aewing aaila. 

67 OB]flrTlE8on.FaixaeId Mills, near Haaeheater. 
no.— Smi Tnrfciah bath-towela, witn a plorii or looped 


68 Knwai W. Danfcrmline, BooUaml, MamL— ^Di 
table-elofliamadeofmiU-epanilaKyam. TaUo-eloths 
of jams prodbued ^ KanhaU h Go. Iieed% from China 

68a Wbkst h Smbi^ Korfli Penot^ neer Oewlteme, 
Somerwt^ Mann.— Twinee, made of flai, heop^ and ootton, 
for oroehet knitting, netting earpet and ailk wea^in^ ftc 

60 DawAB, D. U Go. J>anftEmUne, Scotland, Mann.— 
Carpet oorering, wiflideaign taken from the floor of die new 
Goal Ezchenge, London. flUkaadworBtiMitaM»-«OTer,bed 
and window enrtaina, fte. 

60 Biaam^D. Dnnfeimline, Seothnd, Ma«L— Table- 
doth of flaeFlenUih flax yam. Table-coyer, made with hloe 
ailk on flne flax yam. 

81 Hniirfc8o&I>nniWmline,8cotlaiid.lIaan.— Don- 
jUe-damaak Bnen tabw-eloth, manufrctarad ibr the aerrice 
of the Qoecn. Linen and iilk wefted abow-eloth, of the 
aame deaign. Dooble-damaak linen table-olDth, and taUe- 

68 BarBaDQS, K. Dnnfendine, BeoUend (Agent h^ 
London, W. KauTdL IS Bow Ghoiehyard), Maan.~Table- 
cfotha, napUna, and doWeya. Table cloths and dinner nan- 
Una, silk and linen. Nnraoy and towelling dieperk Stdr 
carpeting ead ommb doth. Table coren, thne*eoloared 

ode, cokrared tapestry, Ibc adzed fkbries. 

88 Sabld, 8. 84 Ironmonger Lane, Imp.— BleadM 

B. Irish aiaaofiMStare, a light oroameatedfkoiio. Heai 

]iBen.Irii , ^ 

bleached bish linens. Medium and sheetingB for the home 

and foreign trade. 

88 Boons h Waoi^ 184 Gheapside, Prod.--6cotch em- 
broidered hendkerohiei; on French lawn. 


.surplice cembric ; export linen ; bleached imperials; sheei- 

87 WiLESy J. dOwatlingSt.— Gambrichandkerohieft; 

; export linen; bleached imperials; sheet- 
ing'; Lancashire and Welsh flannels ; printed flannels ; 

dectric and striped towelling; Wellington and Baden hook- 
aback; Bassia sheeting. 

88 WiLKS, J. 79 sad 80 WaUing 8t Imp^-Ounbile 
" ' " , cambric, linens, sheeting, diaper, hockaback. 

towelling, end flannele. 

70 I>BWAB,8oif,lE Son. King's Arms Buildings, Wood 
8t Ftop.— Table corers, of elaborate design, the first mixed 
fitbrio of the kind made in Spitalfldds. I>edgned and exe* 
eated by Webb and Son. The number of coras used in the 
prodncuon are 8,000, the number of cards in the Jacquard 

lankias; bordered linen sheets, 
he Laat Supper, aad other appro- 

,40,000. GUatsprialedwoolleB table oo?enL and 
L Dcdgned ^gJ J. BsUbnr. Idaea table doth: 

oomaraniottdoth,aadttapkia,toBmtdi: liaen ead silk aaa 

Uaea tablo'dotiis. 

70 FaASsa. D. Arbnalh, SeotUmd, Maan.— Na^ 
lad boiled eoavaa. Improved brown caatrae flax 

71 DimoAjr, D. Ii GOb Aibroath, Scotland, Mamb— 
Hemp aaU-doth. 

78 FonAiaov, BonriBaL h Ga Glesgow; Maanlho- 
tonr at Johaetoae.— Patent Ibaa thread, common eatin 
flnisMa bert aad second Quality, for tailoring porpoeea. 

79 Rbhitt, SoMHfcOoi Arbmth, 8co&nd,Jfam^ 
VaTy aail-ch>th made for Biltisb Government Improved 
wU-doth, Ibr the British msNhaat navy. 

78 GoBiwv, O. fc A. Arbroath, Beotlend, Meini.-6p«. 
dmene of line aad tow-yam manaflMtared in Arbroath. 

74 TxruRT. TAamAiLkWAiOB, Leeds, ICaaow— Patent 
linen sewing threeds. tosrtor patent satin flnidi, or 
pdidied sewing threads, flboe threads, dosing aad stitdriag 

74 6AuionsW.Arbraa^8eo(Iaad,Maaa.-.Bleadied 
unstarched sall-ch>th; mill-wMbed long ilex saU-ctoth. T^ 
paulin, unst a rch ed. Slqfljto best tow vitrie. Beet brown 
tow double ceavae. 

76 Pmilsb, C Leeds. Maan^Donble damask tabla- 
doths; browa aad Weachea a 
Gomnmaion «!>i<^i*h, H ^f i p i ^^ 
priate emblems. 

76 Oablaxd^ W. Arbtaalh, SeotlaDd, Mann^-Ho^ 
pocketiag. Ftoor-doth. If lae-fcet flax caavaa. 

78 Kamsat h Skak Aibroath. Beotleady MamL— 
Saokiag. Bfeown caavae; brawn dnfl^ canvas. 

77 HoLoswoBTH k Go. Leeds, Ma«L— Linen threed, 
patentsoftsatlaAiish, aad old flnlah; linen shoe threed. 

77 Akiibbsov, a Arbroath, Sootlaad, Mean.— Imperld 
ead Bnssia ducks. Tleklenbuj^ Bnssia sheetings caa* 
vas, heamtarpauliBS, Ipc 

78 wnjoao h So■l^ Beompton, neer Northallerton, 
Maaa. — B leached sheetiaR msds from Chiaa grasa; White 
liaen drills Ibr mlUtery frooserk New driUa— I. «<0»i* 
modore;" Ibr navaL % '^ WdUagton." 

79 WAXAt)* k Go. Knerssbotoudi, Maau.— ^Sbeetiag 
woven ia baad-looas. KneieebcrouAliaen. Heavy water- 
twiet cotton eheeting. Bine Uasn check. Huokabaek. All 
made by headroom.! 

7BATn h Sov, Bemdey, Bes. and Mann.— linsa drills. 
Linen and silk aad linen vestings. Ftocy veetings^ adxed. 
Plain and Ikncv frbilo te dressss. TolletHiover. Idaea 
saddle rag. Printed linen sad ootton yarns. 

80 NxwHAir, B. Ibr GAana Ba. GAimB, J. JAOssoir 
k MATnawMAM, FLarcan, H. T. HATraasLir, PAaxnsoir, 
k Go. aad Haxwokth k GAanar, Bamsley, ICanu.— Dow- 
lasses ead idllow linen, ead hooeshold doths. SbeetinA 
ducks, hollanda, towdlings, horse beadages, huckabacki^ 
diapers, drabbetts, dameeks. marquee tl^s, kc 

84 Nioo^ A. fc Go. Arbtoatn, Scotland, Menu.— Towd- 
line. Sheeting. Osnabnrg. Mixed-hemp sacking. Floor 
sado. Bye-grsss. GoflMieee. Twine,ltc 

86 Emsbau^ O. KnarmDorou^ BCaau.— Linen-dnck 
dieeting. Linen shirt without seem. 

86 CoaakGo.Arbroath,Scotland, Mann.— Brown flax 
sheeting; brown tow sheeting. Loom dowlss ; loom sheet- 
ing. Tieklenbuzgs. Bucks. 

88 Hnaxar. T. Kaarssboron^MsmL— Diaper 
dothiL taUe-napkiasi aad pocket-haadkerchieft, all ma 

88 LsncDiOt J.KaaredMTOigh,Maatt.--Shirtingiaad 

kerchieft, all made 1^ 

Digitized by V^3 


Clam IS. LeaOer, Saddlery md Eamm, Simt, Fur, tmd Hair. 


withcmt I 

HBA«Dflll,r ' 

u AU 

ijm ■■— Mm •«««■ xB^HSMi^ DDteh, uid BmBsn uax* 
87 Moaami fc Hun, S5 Kortcm Folgate, Jfium.^ 
Bope» UiUy md twiiM. ICodel mMqaee^ &igi, liek-olotli, 
bone elotidag. Vetting, yew portable <he eei a e p e. Bed- 
MddB^ ooon4&»e milting. Saeki. Watefpioof olotb, 

100 &unap, T. W. Enmett 8t Poplar, Inr.— Saib 
•bowing a gndnated Tinatkm fa Ibe widtb of the leams, 
Intended to gire greater etvengtb and dniabilit^tottie eaili, 
wHb lev eaarea. 

101 BKU^T.fc Co. BdlTiew, Logan, Belftst, Ireland. 
— Samplee of cambrie bordered bandkcrefaielB, elear lawn, 

I plain 

108 BBmta,J.Kirfcal47,8eoaand,liainL— Pieeeaof 
eeil-«loth, made entixely of Mdde Has yan, etronger tban 
eesraa made in tiie anal war. 

100 Diur, J. Maifcet St Ozlind, MamL^-Omrdi beU- 

UM BDooMitm, T. F. 45 Botolpb Lane.— Ooi^oeltiim 
dotfi, made fimn tbebeet long llazj perliBetly wato^oof ; 
lor xaHwaf Inggm, tmok eovcn, fte. 

106 MAMTomn, 6. Galeebead, lBT.«-ImproTediall-eIotti, 
made by lIUTaia and Harford. 

100 HocRMRtnr. Sabab, Aeblbrd, 
double damaafc taUe^iotbe and napkina. 

107 Hawo^ B. H. Soonier, neer Tniro^ Maauw—Bopee 
of Poliib or Bamiaaiy CUna, and ManiUa beop. Patent 
doable and single woTCtttnbe fbsee ibr eonveyiqgfbe nnder 

^ lOB LEB,J.D.79LeadeBiMJI St Manitr-Pate nt ^ b j- 
dnireUed dnekf bydruretted canTae^ Uaek bjdniiwtted 
canraa ; adaodlaneoos neelmene, Ite. 

100 IPLwiiAn, J. 4 Co. 8 Barn Yard, BOeUenbnzy, 
MaaiL—Bleaebed adl eanraiL made fiom Iiieb liaaK, uy 
band^ooB. — -» ^ 

110 LocAi.CoMKfmQB,FAUtooiH,Pafanoaib^— Modele 
of nefe: PildMid etoMcine. PUcbani toek-eeine. Pilchard 
diift^iet lledcanl(biit4iet Boulter or spiller. T^ammdL 
PUehard Beine4Mat 

111 Orm, S. S Toifc St Camden Tn. Bfana—Iint 
made of linen of diBerent degreee of nnenewL 

112 RTcnorr, B. T. Bandej^Diaper, damadc iiMb 
and other linen goodi. 

118 UuLATBonn k LomanAn, IS Gate St Lincoln's 
Inn Fidds, Mann.— SboemakenT and saddlers' threads, Ice. 

Clam 16. LeoAer^ Saddlery and ffamets, Skvu, 
FuTf and Hair, 

1 B s f m o ru a fc Som^ Keokinger Mill, Bcrmondseyt 
MamL— Skins and leattur, wiA varieties in tanaiiv and 
Iflathpi iln alius 

8 SoDiax, T. Latofaind. "VTarrixigton, Mann.— Sole 
katim; made ftom bides, the prodo«ie of Buenos Ayree, 
tanned with Belgiea eek batk and valonia, fiom Sbnyma. 
Mm teatiier, amde from Bnidish bides, tanned with equal 
proportions of dtri diTi, nmbk^ and Talonia 

8 GaoBoi, J. 61 Dean St bouu, ;iUna^-^'iit and 
painted, omboe w d andjilt, and other ornamental irat::eis. 

BaLoftosi, J. Chapel Lane, Bradford, Mamu— Ce- 
mented leather iti^pin^ used es driT]ng>belti in weaviqg 
and spuming. 

4 Boss, H. Oxford St Swaneea, Mano.— Improred 
calf-skins liDir the vppei4eatiMr of boots. 

6 Nkbmus, H. 5 Staflbnl St Bond St and 4 and 5 
Birddn Lane, City, Lit. and MamL^-Waterpoof tanned 
leather, Ibrsportiogsrtieles. Black bocksUn trooseis, Ite. 

10 DBD^JTaUttle Newport St LeicestflrSq.lim». 
--Spedmeas of leathor. Dyed sheep end Ismb skin wool 

11 Whmw. Waudb, h Co. Leeds, Mani.-<9oloiiied 
■ befpl oat faer sUreri; coloored roans; roller leather, te 
silk and eotton spinnfaig; ohaanls, or waah Isatber. Co- 
loored calf and morocco. 

18 WnooiLD. BaIleymcDey.bebnd,Mani.--Hidsof 
stz^leather. Kip skins. OdTii^is: 

18 WnsonlE Son, 6t BnawU St Beimondsey, Mann. 
—Bogk Skins for cavalry, ladtee' boee, Ac Fkeneb dog 
aadlaadiskins. Curriage and Ibot nndb. 

16 Bhbam. B. HnO, MamL— Specimens of boot and 
shoe leatlim% of French and Bngiish calf-skin. Hossojiida 
' k Spanish America, tanned and cnzried in England. 

16 Houai,T.An]abyBoad,HnI],IinporterandMann. 
of tanned hide of the waboi, or sca^faoiae. Po- 
me. Heads 

wbeebcoirered with the ssme. Heads of male and 
walms or sea4iof8s^ taken byCtotGrsvii at the 
DaTiiT Straits faberies. 

^ 17 Sroonn, W. S8 Long Lena, Sonl h wafk, Mam.— 
WellimKten boot fronts snd graft, waterptooC 

18 EtamIe Son, lOSflTerSt Wood St^-Paiehment 

and chamois leather. Direction hOMls. 

10 Guyrsn, J. Ie T. 7 Wood St Ghm^dde^ Jbw. and 

MamLr-lanroyed oil leether, and glorca mann. of VL, and 

from Iridi fad skins. Inrarared bntiinL Ite. 

80 HaavoKfHfcJdnBr,aoWeet ftnitbfieUL Maan. 

— BootfrontaofEni^andftnigttcalfskiiML Conloraa, 
1 Sooth American bflcsebidea. 

88 Toaon, W. Canal Bridge, OldKentBd. Jxw.vd 
ni^-*-Sopsriorpaieinttent, nge ily rni ma bling Tdbna. 
88 BzAm. £aA, Basaar. Soho So.— Compooad •!»• 
arfcaee. IVmTelling^ writbig, worUng^ dreesfaig^ and 
BdmMnt case. Lady s carriage companion, Ite. 
84 hmwwm, J. Ie J. 13 Siss Lane, Mamu— Writing^ 

drawiqg^ and Undii^g Tdfami. Dram and tamboariae 

beads, aadparohment 
86 wWw.fcf 

& n Bow St Msmi^-Gslf iUn in Ae 

80 Clowb, F. SB Ann St Blndnfl^iBm, Inr. and 


» LBnT,J. T. U Market St MandMSter, Jaw. and 
MsmL-^Portmantean for trareUing, with impvored fiaoM. 

88 TknoK, a 11 Smlthson St Tork St Hntans^ nesr 
Manehester, Dei. aad Mano.— Improved portmaateao. 

80 Tbohas, Baomaa, 138 aad U9 Cheapdde, Pst 
and MamLr-WoTc stays, witbootsessBLlEe. Self-isgiBtering 

80 Jom, W. D. Hii^St Shrewsbnzy, Dss. and Mann. 
--Imnrofed patent shot-bdt, aad other artides, in leather. 

81 Smns U Soa, 136 Strand.— Despatch iKnes. T^ 
Tsllinfc lirrmiHg, writing btotting, and card ceees, to. 

A Gaottoi^ C 108 Dean St Soho, bnp. aad Maan.^ 
Morocco and Bnsda leather. 

88 Las^ J. 38 Haymarice^ InT. aad Mann.— Pcri- 
want ea n , witii fire compartmenta. ynspssdr for pedes- 
trians, lie 

84 BABxirTlK Co. 173 Fleet St-«pedmens of eedo- 
siastical biading, in carved wood aad polished oak, with 
electrotype moontingi, solid metal coven. See. 

86 Auiv, W. 126 Drammond St Boston 8q. Ibt«— 
Pair of bdlows, with wooden ddss. 

86 AiXBa. J. M. 87 Wardoor St Soho^ Mann.— Ho- 
moMpatUo medldne eeses. Toothfowdsc boi^ to pvsTHi ^ 
the cMife of the powder. . , ,. ^rsio 

^^ Digitized by V^UU^ IC 


CjCJtta 18. LtMgty Saddlery tmd Harnut, Skuu^ Fur^ tmdBmr. 

87 Mam, A. 16 Soathimik Bridge Bd. Lit. ud 

^ ^' " ortanBlMo^noMvliMe. 

IT. and lIunL^Bailwftj 

88 hAwr, a S56 Ozford 8t 
portnuAtMn, diWded Into ibar e 

40 Jamsi, J. 1Q2 Oxford St 
wa J tnmk Patent wazdiobe poftfBlki. 


40AJA]iBiy H. 14 Bethbone PL flobo 84. Ibt. and 
Kenn.— NewlT JnTented lira, water, and alr^roof tnmk : 
leather aiMigbtmeCaUio trunk ftr hoi elfanatet ; ib^a-proof 
piate-eheet £b. 

41 JiiDOB,C6LlottPL Bait 8L Walworth, Bee. and 
Mann, Leather hattone of one pjeoo. 

4a WooDMAV.W. ISThxeeColtOK.WorthlpStPina- 
bQzy, Mean.— Leather herkgawwn teUeu 

47 BsAs^ J. B. Penryn, Oonwail, Mann.— A tanned 
BhaTod hide, for heit bridle reiai; a longh tanned oow-hide 
to Muldle-ekirtt and etiimp hefheii. SpeefaMn of the 
leather need for cearing the boeketi of poiplag eoglnee. 

48 GLABKfC. k J. Stieet, natf Gleetonbvy, InT. Dee. 
and Mann.— Model of a raxal Ihetoiy. UnHa9i,moft,lto., 
made from EngUah lamb-ekln. Soeki te ihoci, goloehee, 
ehoee. end gaiten; hearth and oHmt mgi of iheep, lamb, 
and Angola ikine. 

48 fioos^ O. k Go. Bolt o ne-tooi^ near Glaetonbnzy, 
Somenwt, Dei. and Mann^—HeocliLeaRlage^ and toilet rngi, 
of iheep^kln aad Angoln goat Bheep and Angola goatp 


60 Coonn, M. 25 SwiagitlaL York, Dei. InT. aad 
Meaa.->-Improved ride iaddle. willi pUdi of Berlin Wool 
work.bjJanoowikl,Torit. Milltai7iBddle:lmproTedU^t 
K ^nH^ and racing saddle ; %Tfs if t gaftdln 

61 SoDTHsrl Co. 16 Little Qneen St Ilneoln'i Inn 
Pleldi,MamL— Seal, calf, andhogridne and hklei. Hlppo- 
poturine hides, lie. 

Ha Mazwiu k Go. 161 Ploeadlllj, Mann.— Socket 
L 1^ in the leTeral steges of namlhetnre 
is Lm w I cm fcGionoi^ Skinner St Snow Hill, Maaa. 
— Goatskine,mana.lnEngla]il Bqgilsh sheep iklna. 

' 64 Mablow, J. Walsall, Mann.— Steel earriMe and 
riding UtB. Spensei's patent aMtalUe saddles. Harness, 
with registered moontingB. Stair bafaetrade In maUeable 
ceat Iron, poiissslng strength of wioogfat tern. 

66 Cos, 8. Walsall/lnT. and Mean.->Newlj invented 
Albert stlrmp and stlrnip leatlMr, and Inprored draw- 
month ollpper-bit 

66 Blmoir, B. WaJselUnr.— Patent enamelled water- 
proof hone harness. PetentHaekasjildlng^dt, and bridle. 
Hnnti^ breastplate, and Uts. 

67 HAwnnrs, J. Staffoid St Walisn, ManH. and InT.— 
Begistered eerrisge and hackn^ bits. Begistered CMwj 
bit Inmrored steel stlmtp Irons, ke. 

68B&4CE, H. Walsall, Menn^— Blti^ etlxrape, and 
spors. far the South Amerlcen maikeli. 

68 Phl J. E. Moont Melliek^ Qoeen's Go. Ireland; 
Menn.-8niaies. Snake Vhced Ut Phdn tiding bit Pel- 
hem stlrmp Irons. 

80 HoDsov, S.DnbIln, InT. Deik end Manow— Implored 
eideHnddle,withsafetTstlirDp. Hunting saddle with elastic 
seat Li^tfonn saddle with steel-plated tree. 

61 LtimcAN, W. 29 Dawson St DnbUn, Menu.— Full- 
eheied, sUTor and bress-mounted harness. Quilted Isd/'s 
ride s e d dle. Hunting and steeple-chase seddles. Double 
end rin^ saddles for children. 

88 Lambbrt Ie Son, Bermonds^ New Bd. Menu.— 
Wellington boot-fronts. Grain end waxed calf hides. Cor- 
dovan hides, &a 

84 AsRFQRD, W. k 6. Birmii^gham, and Houndsditch, 
London, Des. add Mann.— Specimens of whip manu&ctore, 
Whip^oekets: ledlsteied. New derign fbr a lady's bridle 
•od bit, ke. 

64a Tuoaxs, E. 84St Broad Golden 8q. Manu._ 
Ofloez's Hussar ssddlo-tree. SUe rnddle-trae, with a 

66 BaownkSon,7MoatBaw, BirmlMhem, Mann.— 
Specimen of cut beok-head saddle-tree, whuebooe springi, 
galTaniaed plates, spring bai% end oopper rivets, to prevent 
corrodioff, &0. 

67 MumLiMoaB, W. 8f HoflowerHead, Birmingham, 
Dee. aad Menu.— Gig hamem. SedcUe, with elaatio seat. 
Embroidered lady's saddle. A new mouthlng-iein for 
unbroken horses. Sbot^ouehei, lie 

86 CojMtuMj T. G. Lllkgr Hoo Farm, OOej, neer 
mtehin^ Herti, Liv. and Pat— Expanding saddle; self- 

with ifring traee, kc. ; 

acting elastle spring roller; I 

89 GAB]nerr,W. TlBxporiej,Cheshirs.IiiT. andDee.— 
A saddle, with seat, sUrt, and Sep in one pleoe. with patent 
spring baa to leleaee the rider If Orown from his hone. • 

70 vioK, B. GIoQoester, Liv.— Improved registered 
harness hemes. 

71 MuBnLwnm, T. Derlaes. Inv*— Patent e]aiiM« 
collar for horses, fbrmed of Iron, cotk, hone^wlr. Ice 

74 Bamsbt. W. Hull, Inv. aad Manu«— BMletered 
elaetio-seated seddle. 

76 Clark, W. MIU Hill, Leeds, Dee. and Mann.— A 
quilted summerset iaddle. 

76 Tboius C. StratlbidKai-Avon, Mann.— Bettered 
flexible Middle, with metal csatle, yiekling to the sii^teit 
pr es sur e, oonetnicted to canee a eireulation of air betweei» 
the seat of the saddle end the honsTs beck. 

77 Caotob, a. B. 7 Beker St Portman Bq. Dee. and 
Menu.- Hussar saddle and hunting saddlei 

78 BLACKwnx^ S. k B. 266 Cm ord St Inv. aad Mamu 
—Gsb or phaeton harneei, of bieck patent leatlfter. Improved 
fotlock le&^end speedj-cut boots, «. 

78a Pni, A« B. 161 Stnind, Dee. end Mean.— Im- 

prored Clereland aad East India bunting saddles; lady** 
saddle. The Vlotoiia bridle and etiiTttp. ImproTcd ebalt 
and trace togs. 

70 PAiiMoax, W. S7 Uttle WindmUl St Golden 8q. 
Dee. and Mana.— Ongle-hone hameei, with improved hamea 
and furniture; 

80 Atkxmou k Eu^BiD, 18 Bcgent St Menu, and 
Pro^— Whips, walking sticks, xlding eanca. Bottlce aad 

81 Mabui, W. H. 64 Burlington Arcad^ Iut. and 
Mann.— Whine and canes, ke. Walking-etick, botUe with 
wiue-fflaes. Inv. by F. Wliishaw, Esq. 

eS Sbiplet, J. G. 181 Begent St— Large quilted sad- 
dle improTcd stirrup leather, jtror. reg. 

88 SKOnnsa, A. CamberweU Greei^ InT. and Menu. — 
Airbed horse-collar, to prevent galled shoulders aad 

8i HicES, H. 5S Daviei St Berkeley So. Inv. end 
Mann.— Lady's saddle, with elastic support for the left foot 

86 GuBN. B. 8 Edward St Portmen Sq. Mann — 
LadieB* seddle, hunting saddles, bridles, harness, kc 

88 WBTra^ J. G. S9 Liv«ipool8taty,and 185 Begent 
St InT. and BCanu.— SilTermounted harness, with improTod 
registered togs. Ll^t pony end tandem harness, ke. 

89.LAiioiH»i,W.Jun. 9 Duke St Manchester Sq. Dee. 
and Manu —Light phaeton haniess. 

80 Blttbi^ B. 4 Park Lane, Manu.— Lady's sadd^ 
and hunting or park saddle, with improTcd elastic taat 
Harness pa^ kc 

91 PianfT, J. 37 Union St Middlesex Hospital, Mean. 
—State ponT bridle for the Frfaice of Wales, dee. by W. U. 
Bcgers , made by W. Langdon, ke. 

82 SwAivB k Aamisr, 186 PiccadlUy, MaaiL— Biding 

Digitized by V^3 


CffAm 26. LefUher^ Saddlery and Mameu^ Skmty Fttr, and Hair. 

ivUp^ moimted with 9>1d, wt with biiUiuiti sad ruUet. 
Whin. CaaH, Hone and other bnuhes. 

86'Bstx^ C. ii Wimore St lienaL— Improrod led/i 
dlei. A droM dn^ hemeiL fro. . 

M ^TW^ttt, W. M. 99 Hoeadniy, Dee. end ManiL^ 
WiMer meter. BateaL' tirith patent silvered glaie front, fcc. 

96 MoBl4xrT, d7^ Berwick 6L Oxford St Mano^ 
Phaeton hanicat Single-honie hamesi, Ice. 

86 Cdit; B. is Coekfpnr 8t Bee. and Hana.~Em- 
hioidcrad velvet aaddlc^ tiding biidl& and banepi, with gilt 
onumeota. Hnnflng and other laddies and bridles. 

88 ^!riMOvfcSo«,18andl9yeire8tOxfordStHana. 
^Kew shfe^ sid»^isddle, in'csie of a &1L 

88 BoTLAjim, W. 199 Sloane St Chelsea, Mann.— 
Ladj^ saddliB, with moreable leaping head. Gentleman's 


Idd ' PtkML, X Old Kent Bd. Mann.— Harness. Fainted 
canras for harMs ihmta^kc 

101 Cax ATAis A. 7 w yndham 8t Brjaastone Sq. Prop. 
—Two saddle!, made by Gibson and Co. Corentiy Street; 
one with Gsnavan's registered saJety panel ; the ouer with 
Beoif 8 patient girth ngnlator. Five limabcS, made of elastic 
boif lesxher, by Kent, of tfarlboroogh Street 

106 SvoKSB, J. S9 Gt Winchester St Inr. and Mann.— 
Ladf» saddle, for ridiog on either side* Paek'Saddle^ Ito. 

lOA hUcns Ie 80S, Maidenhead, Beiks, and Beacons- 
field, Boeks, Inr. ,aud Mann.— Horse eollar, for heavy 
dnnight, espedallj uphills with bad orno roads. Improved 

188 Taoub, J. SheiBeld, Inv. and Mann.^Pair of 
shoes with gotta percha bottoms ; made principally by map 
cfainerv ; niade in one-third of the time, and much cheaper 
than the ordinaiy boots and shoes. 

160 TnoMFSON, 8. Biackbam, Mann.--ClogB, as worn 
by the operatives of Lancashire and Yorinhire. The same, 
with steel-springs in the soles. 

162 Wallack, T. Brandling PI. Kewcastle-vpon-Tynft 
Inv.— Improved boots for children having weak ankles and 

164 ScABBOBOOOH, J. Y. Glasgow, Mann.— Set of boot- 
trecL with rule joints in leg. Meirs water-li^t boot dogs. 
Men's spring and other ckio. 

164A.PnTnT It Son, Birmingham, Des. and Maun.— 
Waterproof goloshes, compoonded of caontchooe, leather, 
and aiutt^ p^eha. 

Is5 Saohdbps, C ""fH^^g, Mann.— Bed morocco leg 
patent goloshed vandyked button boot 

168 Maxbbl J. Bochdale, Lancashiie, Maker.— Wel- 
lington boots, with steel spring shanks, which improve tbe 
fbim, and retein the shape. 

141 CazAs:, J. Wisbech, Inv. snd Msnn.— Improved 
wstermoof batton, buckle, and Blncber boota. 

145 CovjjaKk J. RirhniffM, Torkshire, Inv. and Vsna. 
—Gentlemen's safe and easy shooting boots, on a new pfin- 

146 I>OB,W. Colchester, Mann.— Improved strong hifl^ 


108 HoGOtt^ B. SS Clifton St Finsbniy Sq. Mann.— 
Heraldic moontingB for harness. 

107 Bajotbaw, H. 91 Wimpole St Mann.— Blue Mo- 
xoeeo bridle, hunting breas^late, and other hamesa. 

108 Ca^ C. 45 Wood St Cheapdde, Mann.— Biding 
whips, of black and white twisted whalebone. Walking 
sCiGka, and gig whips, kc, 

112 Boom, J.P. South Quay, or Union Qnay, Corkj^ 
Ireland, Inv. and Mann. — Yiciorine boa and mnfi^ made of 
the Irish torlcey feather ride. Vietorinc, made of the Irish 
turkey wing feathers. 

114 UooK, J. 66 New Bond St Mann.— LadiesT riding 
boots; drsss boota and shoes ; costume boots and shoes; 
sUmrs^ ck)gs, &c 

115 Bbbbaxx,W. ltW.jmL60and6lMaxyleboneLane. 
Manor— Boots. Boot-fronts, ftom skins imported in a rough 
stete. Soles, tanned with oak bark. 

116 TAMMma. k So3(% Wood St Northampton, Mann.— 
Boots and shoes. 

117 Llotd, J. P. Northampton, Menu. — Boots and 

118 Bbabji k Jvfi, Parade, Korthampton, Mann.— 
Boots and shibes. 

118 MooKS. G. Northampton, Mann.— Boots and shoes. 
Lon, W. Ic J. Daventry, Northamptonshire, Mann. 


121 GnooH, J. fc B. Northampton, Mann«— Policemen's 
boots and shoes; watoproof boots; regulation army Blueher 

122 GuAfUM, J. 109 Naylor St Oldham Bd. Manches- 
ter^— Pair of dogs. 

128 ^*»»»»^ C Ttonton, St James, Inv. — ^bnproved 
rotatbry booi-heeL A snting sole, to assist in walking, 
made of steel, corered witn leSUier or gotta percha. 

124 UincBxvos, J. 20 Green St Bath, Somerset, Inv. 
and Mann^ — Elastic boots snd shoes, with noisdess heels, lie. 

125 Paoiv ho^J^ k Ev£s. 1&5 Moor St Bhrmini^am. 
Inv. and Mann.- Bootrtrees and stretchei s. Improved dogs. 

127 EAMsaoTXoi^ £. Merton, Surrey, Inv.— Improved 

146 Nswiujr, G. 101 Gloeter Lane, Brighton, Mann.— 
Wellington boot, eddbited as a modd for constnietion and 

147 McC^iBBcni, J. 90 North John St Liverpool, Mann. 
—Press military boots, with revdving bed. Ice 

148 BAUL4CUHJOB, S. TamwoTth, Inv. and MamL-^ 
Dress boots impervious to water. 

148 ALuaffcSos,Trdl|Bame Bocks, Pembnike,WalcSy 
Mann.r-^entleman'8 waterproof shooting bbot 

160 Hsnonn k Eaceb, Derby. Manu.— Boots and 
dioes, omamentd leather, and satin dress Wdliugton. 
Pntcnt top-boots. Slid patent shoe without a seam. 

151 Huosoir, A. (^anbrpok, Mann.— Pair of top boots, 
the legs and tops sesnuess. 

152 WaiOBr, R. Bichmond, Yorkshire, BCann^— Patent 
boots and shoes, free from seam or roughness under the sole 

166 YmcmrT, B. Glastonbury, Mann.— Suit of leather 
dotfacs, to imitate simeiilne black doth. 

154 Clark, B. 57 Lowther St WUtdiaven Mann.-- 
Ladies* Comberiand boot dogs. 

155 BoBQESB, G. South Bridge, Edinburgh, Des. and 
Mann.— Improved Balmord shooting boots. Hi g hl a nd 
brogues, worn with the fuXL Highland costume. 

156 Baxtbb. B. Thirsk, Yorkshire, Inv. and Mann.^- 
Pair of walldngboots, with dogs and springs. Pair of skat- 
ing boots, with springs, fcc. 

157 P«FK>w,W. 

157 Psru^w', W. Browning St StaiTord, Mann.— Ladled 
dastie button gdter, dde laoe and cashmere boots, Icc 
Gdoshedboots. Ydvet carriage tie boots. Slippers. Silk 
dsstic doth and button shoes j dengn for registration. 

162 MsowDT & Co. 86 Begent St Mann.— Registered 
dastie boots, top-boots for racing, lie 

166 Hau^ J. 8. 308 Begent St ?Mann.-Vdcanized 
Indisrrubber webbing for booU and shoes. Elastic shoe 
soles, cut by machinery. Elastic garters. A series of 
imitations of ancient boots and shoes, to illustrate the 
history of costume in England. 

164 Hau. It Ca WelUngton St Strand, Pat and Mann. 
•—Boots and shoes, leather-doth, or pannus-eorium. 

165 Lewsi, R.G. 22 Portmaa PL Edgware Bd. Inr< 

Digitized by VjLJU 



Cx.A» 16. Leather^ Suddkry and Hameu, Skuu, Fur^mtiBmr, 

ftod MuiL— M«GhADical lasts, mads from modek tsksn from 

166 Haotlvt, J. 11 King SC St Jamsirs Sq. Mann.— 
Top-boots of English leather ; boot polish. 

166 OoDFBXT U Havoook, 3 Conduit fit. Bsgent St InT. 
and Maaa.->New ladies' boots, diocL goloshes, ftc. 

169 CA]rr,G.W.69HighUolbora,lfaniL— PstMitbooi- 
trse for bootmsker's use. 

171 DxsMosiD, H ICmul— Pair of pfttani4eAth«r gen- 
Heman's boots. 

178 GovoRT, W. 1 Soho Sq^Ladles' and chlldnn's 
boots and shoes, &e. Boots mnde of elastic silk. Cork- 
soled boots, with I>owie's patent elastic waistpieoes. 

177 GuPFT, J. W. 2 Prinee's Ct Dorset PL PaU MaO 
East Maau.— Ladies' ck>th botlon boots. 

178 WncTBBjC. Norwich, Mann.— Ladies' elegant boots 

178 GnjuEar fc Co. Oki Bond St-^oekar. hunting^ 
Holdemcss, shooting, and dress boots. Ladies' riding boots. 

180 Dowix, J. 455 Strand, Inr. Pat and Mann.— Booto 
aadahoes. Military boots with India-rubber waists. Model 
of a machine for boot and shoemaktts. 

181 TATU>B&BowLKr, 58 Charing Groai, and 25 Spring 
Gardens Mann.— Boots and shoes, with patent elastie 

18BaDobson, J. 79 Chiswdl St Msaa.— Ladies' and 
gentlemen's boots, shoes, and sUppcfs. 

188 Hall, R. 97a Quadrant Regent St Inr. and Mann. 
—Boots and shoes of elastie enaaiiellea cloth, for tender feet 
Tndiambbnr goloshes and fidiing-boots. 

188 Gatsb, T. F. 5 Upper £ston St Pimlioo, I>e8. and 
Maan.>~ImproTed wigs. 

184 HoDon, T. 316 Oxford St MamL^-Self-adgnsting 
shoe, composition for waterproofing, Ice 

185 Thomas, W. k BmnnsaL 128 fc 229 Cheapside^ 
ManUd— Boots and shoea made without stStohes, pegs, nails, 
or rivets, with Indisrrubber sMea, Ice. Boota with gutta 

. solea, <cc Stays and cofsets. Safety carpet and 

186 PATTnoif,£.740zfordSt^Ladies'bootsandshoes. 
188 BAKKB^ W. G. 18 GUI Cavendish St Inr. and 

Manuw— Shoes, dosed by an iuTisible ehistie 

188 Bird, W. 86 OxfordSt Lit. andBiattn.-.! 
elastie boots. Registered boots, without aesm in the front 

180 WiujsiuTH, M. 1 Sherrsid St Golden 8q. Lit. and 
Mann.— Flexible Wellington boots, with ratings at the sides, 

191 Clarke, E. W. 12 Southampton Row. Bloomsbuiy, 
Menu, and Lit.— Boots and shoes. Cssts snd Issts for de- 
formed feet, Ice 

188 HicKsoirIc Sorb, 20 West Smithfield, Mann, or Des. 
—Boots and shoes of Tarioos sorts, with samples of the 
materials employed in their mantt&etnre. 

184 HuREDT, C. 292 Regent St Menu.— Boots and shoes. 
▲ boot and a shoe made from a single piece of leather. 

196 Heath, S. H. 38 Poultry, sjid 17 St Martin's-le- 
Gx«nd,Des.— Boots and shoes of soft leather. Ice 

196 Crow, T. S Maidenhead Ct Cripplegate, Des. and 
Menu.— A patent leather boot, with shell heel, Itc Fnll- 
dress boots. 

197 P^^ ^- 11 Jyakt St Grosrenor 6q. Manu.— 
Hunting and fishingboots. of wateiproof leather. 

198 Crem ER & Co. Old Kent Bit Mann, snd Lit.— Boots 
on a new principle, in a complete state, and in course of ma- 

199 RoDOTBAM, S. 28 Newton St Birmingham, Manu. 
—Clogs, made of gutta pereha, leather, and wood, with 
patent fastening. 

800 Brotchiil R. 3 Oxendon St Baymarket, InT.— 
Boots and shoes with Tulcaniaed soles. 

801 NoRMAF, S.W.40^kI^8tWestminst«Rd.LiT. 
and Manu.— Ladies' cork and leatiier boots and shoes. 

aoa HoBT,G. 48 St James's St Manu.— Napoleon and 
other boots made of watecpioof leather. Spedmena of the 
leather, and cleaning oompoeltion 

808 ScBAixBR,J.19diBilesStMiddksexHoepltal,LiT. 
and Manu —Waterproof boota^ ahoes, and OTonhoiBS, clogS| 
elastio gaiters, fcc 

204 BioLsr, J.^St PanTs O^dw— LadicsT boota and 

806 WiKSBiR, & B. 86 ASbm Bd. Gamberwell, Manau 
— Skating-boots on a newprincipieu 

906WALKRR, E. 19 WMtooraesPL Wilson St Flnsbury, 
Manu.— Ladies' elastie boots. 

907 Waish, W. 7 Boddagham PL Fitsxoy Sq. Maan. 
and Des.— Pair of shoes. 

209 8LaffRR,0. 46 Windsor St Islington, InT. and Mann. 
— N ew iuTented cork booti^ waterproof and Tentibitinff. 

210 PoiwT, T. Eari's Ct Kensington, Lit. and Mann. 
—Boots, with revoMng leather heels. 

211 TnoiL4S Ic Son, 35 St James's St Manu.— Honia- 
hold caTalry jack-boot ; other boots. Scotch brogue. R^gur 
lation steel and gilt spurs. Model pump. 

212 Gouxm. E. 6a PrincsTs St Leieestcr 8q. Lit. and 
Manu. S cre w elumpeole boots, with pegged waist 

218 MircBEXA, F. 8 Gartwriglit St Royal Mint, Mana. 
— ^LadieaP cork sole boots, made ^ royal purple silk TelTet 

215 CDRRiB,J.8Panton8tHaymarket,lnT.andMBiui. 
— LnproTed waterproof bo otoL 

216 Fadxjwrr, O. ao Wlgmore St CsTendish Sq. Lit. 
and Manu.— Wateiproof fishing or shooting boots. 

219 Briogbl 0. H. 57 Charlotte StPortland PL Lit. 
and Manu.— Registered rotatory heel for boots and shoes. 

220 BnoEnT, G. 41 Fcnchnreh St Manu.— Yarioos 

222 LAitonAu^ H. 57 Mount St GrosTcnor Sq. Mano. 
—Children's boots and shoea^ the needlework by Ann and 
Helen Langdale, Itc 

226 RoREvr, A.128Regent8tBfanu^-Boots. 

227 GRUxrDT,T.8StMsrtin'sPLCharinffCross.— Boots 
made of leather, soft and pUable^ haTing a fine pc^h, and 
requiring no blacking. 

229 Scorr, S.T/TJnlon St 8onthwark.—R^. lasts, with 
sliding and moTeable toes. 

260 Garrrr, D. 41 Fiasbory Market, Biann. and Des. 
—Portable boot-trees for fire kinds of boob and shoes, co&- 
taining blacking brushes, bootrlasts, fcc. 

286 BowzxR, J. 2 Little Portland St Mann.— Lista, 
trees, and stretchers^or boots. 

287 Laraoax, F. 12 Bvownlow' St Holbom, I]iT.r» 
Shoe for the cure and preTention of buxdons. Instrument 
for measuring the foot 

242 Parker, J. 85 Dame St Dublin, Maau.— Boots and 
shoes ; all made of Iriah materials. 

248 Wrrr, W. Worcester, Manu.— Coloured hdivckiih 
and cloth composed of hair and silk. Horse-hair carpet^ 
woTen like Brussels carpet 

244 BuRQESs, R. 15 and 16 Opera Arcade, Cfaaries St 
St James's. Iut. and Mann.— LnproTed wig. New hair- 
brushes. Bandoline. 

246 Browns, F. 47 Fenchuroh St Manu. and Des.— 
Head-dresses of omamentsl hair. 

246 BoocBET, C. 74a New Bond St Manu.— Specimens 
of the new improTod crochet^work in wig-making, on skin 
and on net 

247 Beck, R. 79 Cheapslde, Manu.— Spedmens showing 
the improvements in wig-making during tne lost ten jresrs. 

24b Rossi, L. 254 Regent St Lit. ^d ftlanu.— Wigs of 
various kinds. 

Digitized by V^3 


CLiLM 16. Leather, SadiOay and Harmit, Skmt, Fur.mndHair. 


S M9 Ifn wM^V.aOSOrfbrdStlgT. -Trampvent wigi, 

261,889 Gbaklo, H. B. 46Kew Bond St biv. ud 
lCaiiii.~1Vig|i, hMd-divncfly ted. 

-968 Gbat, KuxAMAUAfSGhtfUtSq. Hoxton, Dm. 
■ad Maaa^— Gfonp of ikmai, made of human bttir. 

968 Ibdobb Ie BAAjnvr, S17 Regent 8t Ibt. and Mean. 
— Wia, pcnikaL and other warlcs in hair. 

; BoUia, Maim.— LadiM* 

I>Bwaon 8L DahUn, Mann.— « Goe- 
Bpfte iprinff wig. 

968 ]U»MilEBi^cs,GBpdItr 
and pntlemenrs pemltea, har wi|^ Ieo. 

»7 DoooxiAa, B. 84 Kocth Aodle/ St lBT.--Speeimen 
of Mned hair, eeren feet loqg. (Mrcolar hair-braahee. 

969 CAnB,D.A.967^entStMaim.-4PenilMa,lto. 
960 lfoiBA,IC.4Vietor^Bd.Pim]ioo^Inv.and Itoan. 

— Unnfored theatrical wigi and heaids. 

9dl PioorrfJ.C^Kaanw—AIady'ahead^dieH. 
984 TrnAcSy W. V. KorfoiUc, Masn.— Spedmena of 

988 Ksor, J. T. Ungiield, East Grinatead, Mana^ 
Grop hSda of North Walca rant, weiddng 8S Iba , osed ftar 
boot and dwe aolea, &«., prepared at fiataot's tan-jaxd, IJn^ 
field. The taaaiag oec ^ ied two jean. 

987 Dacis, Euly Tortwortfa Paik, WottoAHOider-Edge, 
Gloaceetenhire.— CbrHianiwi, Ibr agriealtard and other 
Mupu e ca , with improred fcg&tered baaieB, by B. Tick, 

970 Oiinsr, Tom, ICaidatoae, UamLr-4Jg|it lad/a 
saddl^ qailted au orer, widi ftaey wool-work intxodooed. 

971 CUoHDBBi^ F. W. Thame, Oxon, Mana^-A ibor- 
hocM eait tMuaaai, Ibr agricaltnral aad general pui 

979 BLoimfl,W. B.Uia^Stlial£»,£eMz, 
VarietT of harnem for dnn^ honea. 

978 CowAM, L. Barxfacad, Kew Paiiley, Prod.— Set of 

S75 Ooi,T. BniT Coat Lanc^Korwioh, Dee. and Kaao. 
— ^PoojT liarneaig and fancy baakeCi, woren firam flax grown 

977 Chaboi^ B. Hone Maxlcet, Dariingloa, Darham, 
KamL— Saddle, of li^t we^it and a good hnatiug aaddle. 

978 Das, B. High St WelifapooL liorth Walea, Ibt.— 
Baincm aad riding bridlea, with noeeband hon»<topper to 
atophorMa wlien raaning away. 

979 PoiMCLj. 151 StoekweU Street, Gkagow, Mann. 
— Cnnplele eel of Seoteh hone harncai, fte. 

98a OlkknBU) MAnr, 69 London St Beading^ Det. 
and Maaa^—Btotting-book, ornamented with leather. Arti- 
dee of oraament ia gtttu perdia, leather, Ice. 

988 Coani&GBEA.TaB3L, Walsall.— Tanned aad carried 
leather fbr bridlea, ice Corned hog and aeal-eUna. 

984 Bahbaia h Ihcsi, 21 Greek St Soho, Mann.— 
Skine Ibr oil leather, in nw atate and in yarioaa itagei ot 

986 Poujiika,B. W. U J. 17 Gieek St Soho, Mann.--' 
Speeiaieaa of oil leather ia variooa stagca of dreariag. 
^^"^ OAan.Bi It PikUfsa. Gruige Bd. Bennonda^, 
enamelled nideaL Calf akina and crop 

988 JiiCKBOir, B. & 9 Hampatead St Ktaroy 8q. Inr.— 
New mode of reatorinc Moroeeo leather. 

980 Poov k Whjtuiq, Bennondaey, Mann.— Hide 
■plit into threes. the grain enamelled, and the two apUta 
' *^ Doa Ayrca crop batta, Ice 

W. 60 UolyweU Lane, Shonditch, InT^ 
led calf. Improved method of eolonring 

991 GABa. W. 

Skin of rarinkled _ 

leather befora bcjng eat ap. 

988 BoofCBiB, MoBTiJin, Ie Co. BermoodMy, Prop.— 
Hidea, leather^ and tanning materials. 

994 BoasABs^J. TChnrehSt BasseUSt Bermondevr 
MamL— British calf skina. taaaed and dressed Paris aad 
Bordeaaz ftahion. Boot fiwnts, fco. 

988 B&A]isooiiBB,S.LiTenool,Kaan.— Taaaed bnAlo 
hidea, imported firna Cbpe of^Good Hope in 1847, aad 
taaaed atXyaa, in Cheshire. 

999 HxanzB, L. 1 School Lane, liveipool, Imp.— 
Blaek japanned calf-ekins. tanned aad prepared by Beintao 
andPreodenberg, Weinheim, near Mannheim, on ^ Bhina. 

800 Baown, A. Milaom St Bath, Inr.— ^ernke, maim- 
fbetared withoot stitching. 

801 Nkboi^t k Co. Begent St a large eollectioB of 
ftm from all parts of the world. Colleetod by the es- 

809 PoLAxn, Soir, k Mbodrb, 58 Bread St Cheap- 
aide, Dee. and Mann.- Leopard aad other hearth-rags. 

808 Samsos, p. 1 Little Knight Bider St St Peal's 
Charchyard, Mann.— Minellr boo, with oraamcntal lining. 

804 MaTSB,&fcM. Bow Laae,City.ManB— Dressed 
Smdiah xabbit skias, riding boaa, mnib. glores, fco. 

806 Bum, G. 28 Fora St Des. and Maaa.— Boas, rio- 
toriaes, mulb, kc ia fbr and relvet 

808 Dbakb, B. :I5 PioeadiUy, Maaa.— Baasia 
spotted enrine, and glebe mnflk CoroaatiOB rabea. 
caa lambda akia: the paws an ased for the spotting of eoso- 

807 CukBXx Ie Sosia, 157 Gbcapside, Mann.— BfaanfiM- 
tared fan of emine, minx, end araaqnaih, natnral and dyed. 

808 Cau4>w Ie So2c, 8 Paric Lane, Inr. and Maaa.— 
Biding wbipa, of clarified riiinooeraa hide. Biding and 
driTinar whipe, with the handle ot hippopotanraa leather 
ewaaifllpfl grsea. 

809 Fx.BrcHBB, H. Maachester, lar. and Maaa.— Braes 
letten aad oraaaients on glass. Brass or sine engrared 
pleie. filled with a compoeition that will not crack. 

899 VoKES, E. S. T. 9 Hope Cottagea. Cottage Grorc^ 
Bedford Kew Bd. denham Bise, Des. and liana.— Scariet 
ctoth table-oorer, braided with apwarda of S,000 yarda of 
Mack mohair cord, withoat patteraa or poaadag. 

880 Babixs» T. Ie G. 9 New Ct GoewdlSt Doa. aad 

.— Begistered bnckskia braces, of new and old deaigna. 
Flexible'' raaor atrapa. 
881 Babtutt, a. D. 16 Gt CoUefge St Camden Towbl 

Llfe-aixed model of the dodo. Thia extinct 1 
waa fbmeriy Tciy abondant in the island of Msoritins. 
Staffed annnala luid birds. 

888 Fackb, F. Ie W. Northampton, Mann. ; Hxrroan, 
JoBv N. Derby, Prop.— Dress Wellington boots. Patent 
leather top boota. Black satin drees Wellington boots. 
Dress shoes, without a aeem or a stitch, &c. 

864 GooDSBB, G. 16 John St Cratched Friary Des. 
and Inr.— A pair of top boota, for hone racing; wei^it 8 

866 GiLi. Ie Wjjud, Oxford, Mann. — ^TmproTed portable 
copper steam-geaentor. Also two iron vessels for boiUag 
or steaaiing food. 

886 HBtar Ie Sons. 81 Bochanaa St Glasgow, Maaa.— 
Embroidered dresses ia merino, Tecona, moalin, batistiL 
bai^^ linen, and silk and linen, loom sewed, and Jacqoard 

887 Hmnoir, S. 7 Bridge St Lambeth, Mann.— Set of 
broaaham harnfas, of iint quality and workmanship. 

^ HiDDBf/r. 88 London Bd. Southwark.— Leather 
bntlons, with flexible shanks. New leather beads. 

889 HooAarr Brotbebs, Cork, Inland, Mano^— Bool 
fronta and legs ; bkck-grained calf; calf-akina, waxed aad 
rosset and tanned in somac 

840 Ikcs, J. 75 Oxford St Mann.— Boyal tigerakin 
rag: mounted with a bear. Coronation ermine mniE;lnflated 

Digitized by VjI^I^V iC 


CiJLaB 17. Paper ^ Prnitmg^ and Boakbrnduuf. 

ia Mbli^ prineeM iml, AuMrioui Mblo, 
inevir, ohindiiHa, ■quIxreL and tctl host. 
,& North GottigeTvini'i Hill, Lewiabam, 

841 KiiuEBT W. Gdator, UneolnaUn.— Udica* aide 
■addle, of taperior workmaiMlifo. 

842 LoTOB & PABion» hh^ Edward St Hanu.— 
Begiatered Buaaia aat 
ndnk, ennlne, minevir, 

848 Maibisi,&Nc ^, 

InT.— Saddle oa an improved priiMiple of fixing and roHeTing 
the flana and pannel by hand. 

844 MAfABa, C. C. \b Riding Hooae Lane, T«anghain 
PL Doa. and BCano.— An enamelled leather tnTeUing-bag, 
with improved flttinga, fco. 

846 Mx]iAana,£uiABBn,Poiperro,Oomwan.— -Knitted 
ftooka for lailora. 

840 Parbiov,* J. DnmlHea, Dea. and Hana.~A web 
of pattema, a veat, aeyeral Teai-pieoei| and balf-hoae, made 
on the common atocking^ftuM. 

847 PaEvoar, hTiOO St Martin'f Lane, Weatminatcr, 
Inv. and Mann. — ^Improved w|g. 

848 Smitb Ie Soiia. 10 WatUag St IfamL— For muflk, 
cardinala, flat boaa. rldins booai^eaih, lie. 

848 Tatxab, T. Dublin, tny.— Speeimen of aolable 
leather, a aabaUtute for papier amehi, kt, 

860 Wade, W. Sonderfamd, LtT^Ladlea* nddle, orna- 
mented with flowered a titehing^ with improved atirmp- 
atrap. Solid leather plumbeca' and hooae carpenteri^ toM- 
bagi, blocked without a aeam. 

Class 17. Paper^ Prinimg, tad BooJdnndmq. 

1 AcKEBMAx fc Ca M Strand— Tnfiut perambulator, 
bv (X W. Burton. Ornamental eokmr box. Scrap booka. 
Ornamental atationter, tec 

S BEiriownu, B. 8 Bow St Inv. Pat and Hann.— 
Frintinir machine. The typea on the interior of a cylinder. 
Compodng apparataa, no^ ^TPM- Phonetic Minting. 

4 HooBES. E. Greenwich Hoapllal Schoola, Dea.— An 
improved map of the Britiahlalanda. phyalcal, poUtieaL and 
induatriaL Map of PaleatSna and MQaeent oonntriea, pnyai- 
oal and political. 

7 HAwTBoaaB, J. 77 Chanington St St Pancraa, 
Manu.— Kttt-galla, fruit of the Teniinalla Chebula, from 
Bengal. Ink8,lcc 

8 EvAis, J. & 64 Berwick St Soho. Mann.— Book 
binding ; and leather stained in imitation of wooda. 

8 Fauborh, T. 37 Gt Oambridge St Hacknqr Bd. 
Kann — ^;)ecimens of wood type for printing, Ieo. 

10 FiSHEE, J. H. New North Bd. Hoxton, Inv.— Speci- 
men of bank note printed in chemical water-eolour, in two 
colours at one operation. 

11 Gallabd, W. ao Liami Grove, Dea.— Portable 
frame for cases at the impoaing atone, or for extra caaes. 

la Gill, T.D. 27 Charlotte St FItxroySq. Inv^-Poat- 
age atamp expedient, ibr aaviog time, Ico. 

14 Uarbild k So!ia,lQ, 11, IS Gt Distaff Lane, and 
22 Friday St Inv. and llann. — Improved galley presa. 
Plough cutting machine. Numerical printing apparatus. 
Gompoaition printing rollers and balla. 

16 HAuam, R. 11. 142 Fenchurch St Hanu —Account 
booka; bankers'. ledgers; ledger aad Journal, with gutU 
peroha backa, S(C 

17 HiDEB, RuxABETB, 41 Bobcrt St Chelsea, Des. and 
Hanu. — ^Fancy floral pmr for valenUnea. 

19 Hood, J. H. 25 Red Uon Sq. Inv. and Mann.— Im- 
proved portfolioa, to protect the edges of drawings and printa, 
«c. Illuminated veUum binding. 

20 Udgbbs, G. a. 9 Mount Bow, Westminster Rd. 
Inv. (Blind)— Machines for enablii^ the blind to write, cal- 
culate, and copy music, lie. 

21 HTDBfcCafflFlestStManu.— Bider^snowmode 
of taking impresaiona from intaglioa. Solid India and other 

M^'Kiia, T. It J. H. 4BtoUett*a Boildinga, Holbom 
HilL Dea. aad Mann.— Spedmen of a new ^pe-muaio. Ori- 
ginal deaign of a aeriea of letters called arabesques. 

28 Kiaar, J. 103 OofBwaUBd.Lamberth— Split paper, 
and improved method of mounting woodeuta. 

24 LnoBvojf, J. Ie J. 40 Brewer St Golden Sq.— Speci- 
mens of bookbindiuB and psocessci, designs by Luke Limner. 
Imitations of old pnntiitt, Ikc^ 

26 Lunrn, K. 26 Binhin Lane» Inv. Pat and Manu.— 
Cork cut by machinery, to praasrvc books and paintings from 


_, Maoomib fc Co. 6 Percy St Bedford . 
Specimens of pulpit, fooii^ Bible, and other binding. 
Clock o 

V! Maesbu., J. 95 Bed Lloa Sq. Des. and Manu.— Or- 
naments for decorating liasns^ woollen cloths^lte. Embossed 
aud perforated Bristol boanla. Paper. SnvelopeB aad 
carda, Itc. 

28 MoasMAB, W. 17 Bodaey St Pentonville, Des. and 
Manu. — ^Ezhibidon bolldingin perforated paper. Lace and 
perforated papers. Decoiation of rooms. Candelabra. 

ao Oakbt, H. 81 Dean St Soho, Inv.— Diagrams for 
tsaching the theoty of music 

81 Paesom, Flbtcbbb, fe Ca 22 Bread St Manu.— 
Printers' inks, black and ookmred. 

82 Pmair, H. 11 OU Bailay, Mann^-MetaUio pocket- 

88 PnKSxas fc Co. 27 Oxendon St Mann.- Illuminated 
note paper. Stamping in relied Smith's Improved stamping 
press. Medal, button, and other dies. 

84 RoTiToji k Bbowb, 40 It 41 Old Broad St Manu.^ 
Account booka. Copying book. Guard book, Ite. 

86 SArsronn. K. 17 Kirby St Uatton Garden, Manu. 
—Specimen of bookblndlagi 

86 SAOBDEBa, T. H. Queeahlthe, and Dartford, Kent, 
Manu.— Parchment paper. Bank-note pepers. New s^le 
of water mark. Safoty peper for cheques, Im. 

87 Saobdbbsob; C. Kilbuni Lodge, Kilbum, Prop.— 
Map of Ireland, by J. Dower. 

88 ScRLEUBGEB It Co. 8 Old Jewry— Bedstered me- 
tallic memorandum books. Pocket-books. Fetter-cUpa. 
Parallel rulera. Paging machine. Ticket atamping machine. 

89 Sbbab, tCc. 14 Halaey Ter. Cadogan St Chelsea, 
Inv.— Class roll, or school attsndance register book. 

40 SiLVEBL00K,H. a Wardrobe Ter. Doctors' Commons^ 
Des.— I^terpress printing from stereotype plates of medal- 
lion and macnine engraving. 

41 SMrm, J. 42 B^bone PI. Inv. and Mann.— Adho- 
sive envelopes. Ite. Dowsers tradna and writing doth. 

42 SptcEa Bbqtbebs, New Bridge St London, Whole- 
sale and Export Stationers, Prop.-Wrrting papers, Joyn ion's 
extra superfine quality. Large bank post Imperial, roval, 
and demy. Foolse^ fur account books. Superfine plate 
papers for engravings and lithograph printing. Supmrfine 
printing papers. Fine news. Fineiongdephant, Inaaheet 
of 750 wda in length. Fine double long deubant, in one aheet 
46 inchea wide and 2,500 yarda in length, for paper stdning, 
Ieo. Long elephant, for p^er hangings. Brown papers from 
pure rope, veiy tough for packing. A sheet of brown pi^er, 
93 inches wide,420 fbet long. MilltMards, for bookbinding, Ike 

42AJoTEaoii, W. St Mary Orav, Manu.— Siiedmens of 
writing paper. Large bank post, blue wove, blue laid, and 
cream laid poet ; cream hud and blue laid foolscap. 

48 Tabbaet, A. 190 High Uoibom,Mauu.— specimens 
of bookbinding. 

44 Thomas Ie Son, 20 Comhill, Mann.— Ledgers in 
various sixes aad bindings. j 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 

ChAm 17. Pilfer, Prmtmg, and BoMmdmg. 


45 TmanmsL, J. L. fc J. Ho^well Monnt, Slioiraditdi, 
Mum.— London dznwing bowdi. Bojal dimwiqg botttlt. 
CovOwvcl cntyon DOttFOSL fec« 

48 WATBBMfw Ie 8om. 66 London Wall, Maim.— Ae- 
mt booki, with patent backi, and general stationerT. 

47 WzDOwooD^ B. B4 Lombard 6t Mano^— Fitent 
imniibld writer. Improved noetograph lor the blind, In. 
Kasjaterod din dmiCa 

48 Wbtut, J. Playbooie Yard, Blaekfrlan— jfpeei- 
mem ofbookbindfag by hand and bj maehinerr. 

48 WBfTiinB, £ 13 Ie U Little Britam-PlaTing- 
oeadi» the backi enameHwi and ornamented in gold and 

61 WmnatAM, F. J. 19 Little Qneen 8t Holbora, 
Mmn^—lBpttiTed perforated plates for marking Hnen, Ice. 

IS8 WnncAU^ 6. F. 6 Harrow Bd. Paddiugton, Inv^ 
Balhray, enmibaa, and toll-bar pocket-book and pnreeu 

68 WiuxAMi, J. S9 Boddenbuxy, Maun^-An amort- 

66 AbumScI^dcksb, 15 Frith St SohOylnr. and Mann. 
— Yiewa of the Bzhibition Building, application of printing 

66 ATKaaom^ W. LambiT Ftenge, Finsboiy, Mannw— 
Dfod and c—boiiBd calieo, for bookbinding oprpoe ce , 

60 Bahtbs, p. dapham Common, Mann. — Gnard 
booki^ and specimena of bookbinding. 

00 BEnsB,W.Chc7neBoa8e2CoUesiateSehool,Cbel- 
am, iBT.—Complete phonokigical Engiian alphaboL Me- 
chanical i^Uabicator and instructor. 

61 BnouT, li. 10 Lawrence Ponntnegr Lane, Inr. and 
Uanorf— Patent hendbande for bookbinding, made bj ma- 

05 Bom k Sow, 76 Fleet St^-Speeimena of bookUad- 
iBKf showing the ufficnt state of the art. 

08 BowDKi, 6. 1 Little Qneen St Holbom, Inr. and 
Xann.— B^nstersd artist's economical desideratum, eontain- 
faag scat, and the necessanr iwnidtes for sketching. 

04 BasrvALL, T. D. Manu.— Patent paper doth, In 
lolls of 100 yanhL txamarent and opaqnci 

06 Cabx, v. 16 Wilson St FSiubuiy, Hann. and Imp. 
-Vine and irc^ blacks for printers, dyers, japannera, peper 

. MamL — Coloured, em- 

00 CAVor, T. H. Eins^s Coll^e^ Strand, Inv.— him 
of the globes the meridians coequal length, and the paiallcb 
of latifude in their true p r oport i on. 

07 CmniTov,E.S6HollesStI>es^-Specimensofbook- 
bindiag; each work ornamented according to the era or the 
anbjed of which it treats^ 

68 QuAMKT, J. 61 Frith St Soho— Vaxioos specimens 
ca BCOKDindiim^ 

71 Cuaamrn, J. 91 It 38 Little Pultenej St GoMen 
flta. InT.— -Material fbr bookbindings or other purposes where 
pndn or ornamental surfoecs are required. 

78 CooKB,J.aca84CannonSt 
bnssBii, and transparent sealiog-waz. 

76 GBOCHiJEr» G. F. 81 Fleet St Pes.-— Large m^ of 
nd fiid Wales^ eoasbting of 65 sheets, each 24 by 19 
» at two miles to the inch ; and other mi^w. 

70 J>mtJL Bos It Col 110 Bonbill Bow, HamL— 
Bnrelope folding and aunming machine, iuTented by B. Hill 
nod W. De la Ban, Ssmiiles of stationerj, and specimens 
of printing and bodcMnding. 

77 Aaaanoaia, J. 11 Gt CoU^e St Korth, Gsmdcn 
Tow^Scnlp Spec I mens of illustrated muric printing. 

78 Cajlow It Co. Chiswell St— Spedmeos of caligra- 
pUe tfpe^ engmTed, Ice. bj B. BaUean. Colours for oma- 
mental printing. 

78 IKmaa, Kmi^ kCo, 131 Fleet St Dca. and Menu. 
1 dimwing-boaida, cards, and p^er. Laco4ior- 

dersd cards and pi^er. AppUcation of embossittg to the 

80 SioKB, B.ITJ Cottage, Kingsland, Inr.— New che- 
mical ink for writing on paper or paxdmient besmeared with 
grease, for bntchera, bakers, oilmen, conTcyaneers, Ice 

88 Haywood, J. 170 Deansgate, Manchester, BCanu^- 
Cop7-bM^ with printed *M»«^<«g«^ and in two qualities of 

84 HAMzn, A. Honforth, near Leeds, MamL--CloUi 
papers for pressing and foiishiiig woollen cloths. Ptcbs 
papers for stuff goods. Gun wadding. 

86 lUanKOB Ic Msuon, Leeds, Mann.— Press pepen» 
for woollen ek>ths.' Brown papers, glaaed and nqgiaaed, for 
wrappingup^ l(C • 

80 KinoBT, J. T. S9 Briggate, Leeds, Hann^— Ledgers 
and — *»^Wfr fif W T "!!» * - *'w»V f ; 

87 BAosmlESoii8,15PatemoaterBow,Prod^— Poly- 
giot bible, printed in aepsrate pocket Tolomea, which cone- 
spond, page for pege, with each other. Other specimens of 

^SB CnMByG. New Coventry St Inr. and Manu^-Print 
oollector^s improred scrap-book, without guarda. 

88 Bivnns, B. 28 Ot Queen St Lincoln's Inn Fidda, 
0es.—8peefanens of bookbinding. 

80 Fnoosoii Bnonuas^ Edinbnr^ Mann.— Sped* 
mena of printing type 

81 NEnTI. iSNorth Bank St Edinbnrrii, Bes. and 
Manu^— Bookbinding. An imperial quarto Bibke,splendidlj 
bound, with casiL Ice ; designed and executed alter budncBB 
hours, by gaa li|^ by a se&tangbt indiridnaL 

OS 8nci.AiB, DmrcAif, Ie Sosr, Whiteford House, Edin- 
hai^ Des. and Mann.— Small founts of mudo type of dif- 
forent dscs and body, with spedmen pages, Ite. 

86 WATB8sroir,G. BdinbnIg}^ Km^-Spedmena of 
sealing wax and wafers. 

84 Mikcuaizii^ W. London St Glasmr, Inr.— A 
Tdumeprinted in church text, illuminated with red capitals^ 
both cdours printed from the same form. 

00 Bawcss BaoTBzaa, Wdihouae Mill, Cheshaas^- 
Writittg^papen, with ornamental dcaigna, and autograph 
signatures in the water-mark. Ice Patented. 

07 BuoDoi, B. Cunbridge, Des. and Menu.— Book- 
Album, inlaid in cokmrs ; the leaTCS gilt, silTered, 
1 with colours, fte. Bible in purple morocco, with 
gilt oorer and Joints. 

88 Jmnan^ B. Beading^ liann.— Specimens of book- 
Irfiwi^iig in leather. 

100 Snm, E. Felling Shore, Gateshead, Prod.— Glased 
blown paper, br GaUon and Co., paper brokers, Felliog 
Shore. Glased Sy improved prooeas. 

108 Wtum, W. Snodknd, Boohester, Bes. and Man. 
— apidmsns of writing paper onamented bj wicalha of 
▼ariooi Howem in water^naric Design registered. 

100 WmaMAM, H. B. 9 Trinity St Cambridgs, Mann.— 
The King's Bible, printed at the Pitt PneL Gsmbridge, 
bound in royal scariet nioroeco» illuminated feUnm ny- 
laaTcs, tooled edges. Ice 

100 CiniDiLLLlEAoDEr,Sl,01dBQndStPubliahen^ 
Spedmens of bookbinding: in goU peper, morocco, and 
cloth, by James Hayday. Metd ornaments, by T. But and 

107 KmoBT Ic Hawkcs. 13 aerkenwdl Closer Mamt^ 
S t ei euiyp e caats, in ig-p»<«*i^ Gcnnan, Irish, Svnac, Hin- 
doetanee, Chaldee, Po^an, and other type; from enpa^ 
Tingi in wood, sted, fte. Stereotype plates for surfooe 
printfaig in colours, and for embossing. 

106 Bock Baonusn k Paths, ll Wdbrook, Mann.— 
Scrap books— rieifs of Bna^and. 

100 OsB, W. 8. It do. Ansa Ooni0r.-6pedaM of 

Digitized by Vji^O 



G1.A8B 17. Faper^ Prmtmg, and BooUaidmg. 

Sill and onaunental Miidinf . Soiei of mm, lUintrBting 
jihriical foatorei aadphtoomenft of tlM giobo. 

110 Pecksed, J. P. iMi.— Tate'f exchequer ink. 

111 Wevtlbtb k Go. Friar 8t Dootote* Gominooi. 
HjHiti.— Spedmeof of bookMnding^ in plain and ornamental 

118 Etams, S. Torkddre St Qidliaa, Dei.— Speoimeu 

117 ILkouiB, W. GlaMow. — Specimeu of book- 

118 Smuwo. W. Kenmiire Honse, QUmpWy Prop.— 
A eopy of the Bible, in iHdta moiocco, and gut^ ai a eped- 
men of bookbinding. 

lie Toon, jTPerth, Mann.— Writing inka and ink 
powden, known as the Perth writing inka. 

120 Paulul J. H. Oxfind, Prop.— lUaatiated books. 

121 Plowmav. J. BL AUate It Oxford, Lit. and 
Mano.— Portable ietter«aae^ for taking copies of letters, 
written in ink, bj the ncie pressure of the hand. 

122 Edwaedbs, H. B. 7 Whitwortii Bow, DubUn, Inr. 
•7-8ubstitnte for the stersotrpe plalB now in use. 

128 Cooks. B. fc Co. New BurUngton St part Menu.— 
Br. Bojce's collection of cathedral music, Ij J, Warren: 
a specimen of the art of engraring and stamping musical 
notes on plates of pewtsr ; also of mnsie, printing, and book- 

124 Fiooiiis, V. k J. Bes. and Mann.— ^leeimens of 
type, of French, German, and English design. Baw mate- 
lia la. M ould mad matrix. Spedmens of stereotype and 

WNoTZLiA, J. A.fi9l>eaa8tSoho, and 84 Poultry. 
Prod.— Specimens of mnsie type, and a sketdiof the method 
of printing music ftom moveaole types, lie. 

128 Mamcbdi k lfoBB^8WUMm St amy's Inn Bd. 
Menu. — A wood-cut Mtmninous, stereotype plates, and 

129 rxnuiAmi,A« 

St Csmden Town, Geo- 
grapner and BnnaTer.— Geographical illustrations, oonsist- 
Fng chiefly of physical and stalistieal m^M of the worid. 
Specimens in manuscript, engraved on metal and engrsTed 

180 WmoH, J. L. U8 St John St Mann.— Specimens 
of Tarioos kinds of cloth for bookbinding. 

181 I>0THiE,J 17AlbfamStLeeda,I>es.aiidMaBu.^ 
Spedmens of bookbinding. 

188 KmnvxoT k Raxsat, Market PL Arbroa^ Soot- 
land, Inv.— Book oontainiog impressions tnm natural 

184 CiJLRK, W. Dunformline, Scotland, Des.— Sped- 
mens of bookbinding. 

186 CiiAKK It Patidso», Maochline. Seotland, Menu.— 
Spedmens of bookbindiflfp in wood boards, ornamented with 
arabesques, Ito. Metalfie books, with arabesques, Ito. 
Ornamented wood flower-Taees. Work-box. Crot^et snuiF- 
boxes, Sec. of foney wood, with imitation of tartan. 

188 BRAonusT k Btams^ Whitefrian.— Specimen of 
letter-press and wood-cut printing. 

187 BooxAii, J. OmberweU PI. New Bd. Lit.— Sped- 
mens of three sorts of sdf-sealing enyelopes. 

188 WnioiiT, J. U and 1$ Nod St Soho.— Various 
specimens of bookbinding, indudlng the illuminated books 
of the middle ages, byH. Mod Humphreyand Owen Jones. 

140 Piouama, w. 177 PiccadiUy.— The Yiotoria Book 
of Common Prayer. King Edward Vlth's Book of Common 
Prayer, with murical notes by John Merbeoke, 155a Euclid, 
the first six books, with ookrared diagrams and symbols. 
Spedmens of the dresses, deeorationsjnmsl ornament, and 
decorative art of the middOe ages, by H. Shaw. 

142 Balvb, F. W. as Tbrogmortoa St Menu.— B^gis- 

tered polychrsst enretopci^ inTSBtod to combine in one the 
note and envdope. 

148 BawDNsr, J. Cttlknnpton.— j^pedmensofpaper. 

144 Smn^W.fc A. Mandiline,Amhlro, Scotland, and 
61 Charlotte St Birmln|^iam, Manu.-— Variety of articles of 
Scotch fonoy wood-woii, made chiefly of the wood of the 
sycamore tree, ornamented with tartan checking, and in the 
style called Scoto-Ensdan. 

145 Bonn k GooDwn, Bath, Publishers. — Natural 
iDustrattons of the British grasses; iUustrated with sixty- 
two real specimens. 

147 IIamb, J. NeweastieHinder-Lyme, Menu.— Pottery 
tissue papers, used for printing cUna and earthenwaiv 
firom copper rollers and plates. Spedmens of old rope 
firom wfaldi the paper is manufactured. 

148 Statheb, J. 8 Bock St Hull, Inr.— New applica- 
tion of the electrotype to letter-press printings by which 
plates are manuthetured dmilar to those of stereotype. 

148 VBifA«A,Wujmi,fcTTXXB,17Queenhittie,Mann. 
—Spedmens of the present state of the paper manufocture 
in Great Britain, cf asri fl ed and arrsnged in portfolios and 
reams. Spedmens of the materials used in its Tariouf 
staces of preparation for tlie manufocture of paper. 

160 suuBK fcBiauLfto,Edinbin[^ Founders.— A spo- 
dmen of the smallest types erer manufootured in tUa 
countnr, out and cast exiwessly for the Great Exhibition. 
The whole of Gray's El^, consisting of thirty-two Terses, 
is contained in two columns, S| inches deep. 

162 MiLLxn k BicBAaD, EdiiJburrii* liana.— " Bril- 
liant" type. A soedmen of ^ype, said to be the smalleet 
erer manufoetursa in this coniitry, cut expressW for the 
Great Exhibitionof 1851,aiMlcastby theexhibltors^patented 

164 BsLKnon Taaot Soaarr, 56 Paternoster Bow, 
Prod.— Beligious books and tracts, printed in the languages 
and dialects of Great Britain, Western. Northern, Central, 
and Southern Europe; Ada, Africa, North America, and 

166 SwAxii, T. F. 48 Southampton Buildings, Tut. and 
Manu.— Spedmens of red marking-Ink for linen, dlk, &o. 

168 WxBB, W. 34 Southampton Buildings^ Chanoerr 
Lane.— An Improred instrument for writing with pens ana 

improred instrument for writing 1 
ink several copies simultaneously. 

168 LEiOHroir. J An k Bon. Harp Alley, Shoe Lane.— 
Spedmens of bookbinding by maohmery, each book bdng 
ornamented at a blow by an engrared die. 

168 WoDDBBsrooir, J. 16 and 17 Portegal St Lincoln's 
Inn Fields, Bes. andSCann.— Specimen of an account book, 
of patent vellum doth. 

180 SAOMOJEsa, T. H. Bartford, Kent, Manu.-^ba 
trannarency, to show the watennarks in paper. 

181 BoBsiu:., G. H. 9 Tork Ter. Queen's Bd. Homsey 
Bd. Uolloway, Inv.— Improved patent envdope. 

182 BuirDLST, W. Twickenham, Pat and Manu.— Fa- 
tent waterproof and pspier^nach^ goods. Waterpoof paper, 
similar to that used for preserving the roof of the Britannia 
tubular bridge ; and raised and embossed p^er-mach^ or- 

188 Lmxs fc Co. 6 Plumber^s Bow, Fiddgate St: White- 
chapeL Manu.— Bsade's patent metallic marldng ink. Prus- 
sian blue, soluble in water, for the manufocture of a blue 
writing ink. New salts of gold, ammonio-iodide, and 
ammonio-periodide of gold. 

184 Uabjus, J. CJacob St Bristol, Manu.— Model of 
a diop front, showing the application of mahogany perpen- 
dicular shutters, winding bom ways. 

186 Ibaao, J. B. 6S Gbatle St Liverpool, Liv.— Besis- 
tered cabinet, in oak, for containing maps, diagrams. Ice. 
Besistered music and reading desk. A>ttlM in earthenware 
and glass, with lip for holdinv ink. /-r T ^ 

Digitized by VjUUQ IC 

Clam 18. Wooatt Felted, md Laid Fabria, Dged ami Printed. 


166 Oosn^W. Wmterioo PL Edinboxj^ 
BMB rfboo khin i ting . Koddof modem JeniMlem,lbr 
talinc Ubikiil hittoiT In Mhooli, «E0. 

IffI Euo^ H. 8 Httdwiek PI. Dublin, Pro.— Tha ihyiM 
bookjii coOectioii of poems written bj the eidiibitor. 

IW AnATB, F. 3 JSrneet St. Albany 8t Inr.— SpeeimeBi 
«f n new art, eaJled metnllograph j ; coneieCi in printing on 
and onaacnting metallie inrQwei. PiOTidonaU j regie- 

lee Bnaov G. Mile End Bd. Blana.— Trsoing 
npwavda of three hnndnd feet in length. Yi ' 

170 EummoB Scbooi. vor tbb Buhil Abbey Hill, 
Edinbnii^L— Dr. Foolie's tangible ink for the blind, pro- 
dndaf nifed ehaneteia on paper: manuscript mode not»- 
tkm ftr the blind, ftc Mr. 6an^8 typhlogrnih, % simple 
memtos to teach the blind to write; system of arithmctie 
fat ihm blind, and tsrpes by whioh blind perMns can eorre- 
spond with one enother, Ite. 

171 Oajll. J. Myrtle Benk, Edinboi^ InTw-GalTa 
alphabet for the blind; GalTs apparatos fikr 
and to the blind. 
BBOKAsr, W. G. BTcrton, liTerpooL Inv.— Dia- 

ilfaisliBtiTe of n new system of penpeettre drawing, 


Mmn, B. Dnnlop 8t Glasgow, Inr.— Electro-stereo- 
type phle fiir Utter-fvees printing^ max a monld of gotta 
pocha^ taken from npage of diamond type in a serew-prem 

Wtia, J. dbad^ Cross East, 454 West StemMi, 
S Boyal Exchange, and the Gt Glob^ Leicester 8q.— A 
GeaeEBl Atlas, containing 87 mi^ of the Tarions parts of 
the wotld, dcseribing theb rapective, ^ysieal and poUtlcal 
'-|lafcs,inclodiqganthereoentdiscoTeries. Other stlssiw; 

Ci.Aa 18. IFowM, Fdted, and Laid Fabria^ Djfed 

1 Etass, D. S( Oo. 

8 Bakbb, Tdcubs, Ie Ca ao and 31 Gresham 8t 
ind PrintetSL— British and East India silk hand- 
printed in London. Beglstcred 

'B LinoLSRD Ie Co. Friday 6L 
4 laouB Ie Wak/vxslo^ Bsaly Print Worics, nssr 
G l s^g sw. — Printed monsselinss-de^aine on eotton waip; 
pfinted Cbshmersi^ baJsarinfs, cottons, and jaconets ; designs 

6 AnmBvs, Soml k Gbb, 55 Friday 8t— Printed oot- 
tsoy maHnyirooDen, and miied fiOnics. 

6 DitjaIcGo. 


8 WiLanos, W. 89 Wadiog St— China cord ** pon- 
■e^ handkcrehieft, and China and grey twilled bendanes, 
British m a wnf a ctm e. India corahs, specimene of madder 
vsd, cochineal, crimson, fcCk ^edmens of printed and dyed 
work, in Tarioos stages. 

8 SwiuiltEnoAn, Piccadilly and Begent 8t Propw— 
flpitstfislds silka, Tehrets, Ieo. manufiustnred by J. Balance 
nnd Sons, Stone and Kemp, and Winkworth and Ptoctor. 
MnsKni^ minted by HargreaTes, Brothers. 

10 Law fc Son. 

11 CnocuB, J. I( W. Ik Co. 

18 KKrHB^ J. Lawrence Lane, Prod.— Silk bandana 
bandkiwhf e ft, Ite. a stndy, eonunemorative of the Great 
Xihibltioo. Printed by A ApplegaO, Dartfind. 

18 Mah, J. Som^Co. '''^'^ 

14 McAum, Stbad^ Ie Co. Commersdale, GsiUsle^ 
Dee.— Machine snd block chintz fiunitiires, upon cotton Tsl- 
Tet, and upon calico. 

16 liDn>Lnr Ie Sons, 134 Oxford St Dee. and Mann.— 
Sideboard of British red oak, in the Tndor style. ChiiTo- 
niere, of English walnat-tree, top of sienna marble. Daven- 
port writing^able, of Albnera wood. Bookcase, tables, 
chairi, fro. Printed chintx fuznitore: original designs, 
English production. Bich relvet caipeting. JEnglish Imnd- 
wroosht cszpets, Toridsh style. Oriental carpets. 

16 FosrB^ PoBTEB, Ie Co. 47 Wood St Cheapside, 
Manow—Silk, thread, woollen, leather, and sUk-plnsh 
gloves. Band s n ss. Parasols. Bibbons. Fanqy hosiery— 
polka jackets, fcc 

17 WiiaoK. 

18 Wn4a,T.Merton Abbey, Merton,Mann^-Printed 
and emboewd ck>th drawing-room tabl»«0Tef% diibrent 
deeinis and colourinn. 

19 Wjxvobo, B. 
90 JoHMSOir, B. J. 

81 SvjjRSOii k DsnrrB, 97 New Bond St Des. and 
PrinteiB.—Chintiee for dining-rooms, libraries, &C. CUnts, 
indtation of diapeiy, for wall-hangings, cnrtains, bed ftami- 
tore, kc 

88 Ci.Axxs,E. 

84 Tbokios Bsothebs Ie Soxb, 1 Moslry St Man- 

cbeeter. Prod.— Printed cambrice and de 

waips, shot silk, end worsted ; printed cambrics, &c silk 

warps, shot silk. 

86 Boan Ie Bom, Manchester, Printers.— Machino- 
pirinted calicoes and muslins, madder and steam colonxa. 
Block-printed calicoes, steemooloniB. Block-printed window 
blinds. Printed qnilts. 

88 GbatIeCo. 

87 Dajuilbsb, FAiAoraa, It Co. Lennox MiB, Lennox- 
town, Stiriing^ Scotland, Printers.— Calico prints and mnsli» 

88 Tn SrsDiES Panrrmo Co. Mandiestsr, Prod.— 
Specimene of machine printing on cotton relvet; ei^t 
cokmra, prodnoed by one operation, at the rate of six^ yards 
per minute. Spedmensof madder work. Ice. 

88 NxuoH, Kkowues, & Co. II George St Manchester, 
Printers.— Steam fiimitnre ; all the colours printed at once 
by cylinder. 

80 Pom, E. Ie Co. Dinting Yale, GloaMp^ and 
Manchester, Prod.— Variety of calico prints ; moderate in 
coat, adapted for a Tariety of maricets, and produced by 
machine throughout 

81 SAjfinu^ J. Ic Co. Manchester, Menu. — ^Ydrets; 
▼dveteens; moleskins; satins; printed drills; Albert 
tweeds; Hobteins; Waldemars: mock quiltlngs and her- 
ring bones ; diamond and welted qulltings and satins. 

88 BAMSsr, C. & Co. Manchester, Prop.— Dyed and 
printed cotton trooser doth, in imitation of woollen. 

88 BAinnBBMAH k Som, Mai^hester, Prod.— Dadan 
doth. Pktent doth, used for curtains. &c Cloth for la- 
dies' dreeses, coats, bindings Ibr books. Ice. 

84 B^TLBT Ic Cbaveh, 61 Moslcy St Manchester.— 
Calico prints, last lilacs, madder colours; and two and three 
coloured madderworks. ^yampleofa new *<resisf purple, Ice 

86 SwAjrwicx Ic JoiiKS03i,Maaouester,iVod.— riinted 
calico and printed muslin. 

88 BoTU Ic Soxs, 58 Hosiey Street, Manchester.— 
Printed calicoes. Printed cambrics, suitable for childrei^ 
and large patterns ibr dresses. Printsd musHns. Checked 
and ^ain jaconets. Printed SMmsseline-de-laines and Uamaa, 
both mixed ftbrics. 

87 SrmnB, T. Ie Co. Church, near Acerimrton, Man- 
chester, Mann, and InT.— Cotton ftlnics, dyed TuikeyHPed 

"*'"^*"^*^ Digitized by V:.WUgIe 


Clam 19. TapeUry^ Floor Chtkt^ laeewui 

V frf» 

88 Hambiatb, BMTKBKS.fcOo. M a n chMter; Ixd- 
VUMD k Co. London, Mmo.— Chtntiiw and nrntlini, printed 
in pennaaent eokmn. A design of on block printingy 
numsOfying the meriti of Meroer^t patent pfooe« with the 
ordiiiary cofonn, in. 

89 Sale, J. li. llaaehefter, Piod.-^IIeetion of ahirt- 
ingi and of eottoni, printed by machine aad block. 

40 Bbasvsll k Adams, Aidwiek, Manchester, PztNl. 
and Dec— DesSn, printed relTeteens ; a memento of the 
late Sir Bobert Peel, Bart 

41 BiAowxLL Ie Adams. 

42 WouiBDOB, Hanchceter. 

48 Balis, ScMWAna, k Co. Manchester, Prod.— Printed 
ootton cambriee, or esUcoes. Printed eotUm muslins. 

44 BcnBOK^ W. It Co. Manchester.— Printed calicoes, 

, liimitarM. and velvets ; and warps, after printing, 
mannftctured bj T. Knlgbt k Co. Manchester. 
46 AhobbwSbCo. 

46 KnBBLMETia k Mcclodsw, 23 Cooper St Man- 
chester, Inr. and Mann.— Patent velvets and velveteens, 
eotUm, and cotton and linen, finished in imitation of silk 
Telvet Cotton velvet aad velveteen of the old make. 

47 WooocBorr, J. It Co. Salford, Printers.— Velvet 
and velveteen. Beaverteens. Satintop. Diagonal tweed, 
oords. Iec grey aad printed. 

48 Gbeenwood It BABinES, Irwell Springs, Manchester, 
Djeis.— Fancy cotton muslins, dved Turkey red. 

60 SxMPSOir k Toom, Fozmll Bank, Accrington, and 
S8 Mosley St Manchester, Prod.— Balnrincs, bartges. aad 
monsseline-de-laines, cambrics, cotton velvets, tec, printed 
by mafh fT V t i 

61 MxBCEB, J. Accrington, Ihv.— Cotton doth, printed, 
dyed, lcc~ prepaied by patent process. 

62 MoKTKrre, u. k Co. Glasgow. 

68 M*NAin k Bbasd, Glas^w, Dcs.— Printed wool 
shawls. Long shawl, cotton warp, wool weft Square 
printed shawls, all wool, India pattm, new design. 

64 Bi^cK, J. k Co. Glasgow, Mam.— Printed cam- 
brics, muslins, de i*^^«**| bei^Mea, tec 

66 GouBux k So2r, 8 ftmth Frederick St Glassow, 
Dos. — ^Printed muslins, on plain and fkncy fhbrics : designs 

66 MoHTEim, J. It Co. 51 Buchanan St Glssgow, Mann. 
— ^Printed muslins snd Jaconets. Printed mixed &brics. 

67 Kxax k McMiLKAir, Glasgow.— Two printed silk 
pocket-haadkerGhicfb, eihibited fbr finbric and aierign. 

68 STiaLoro It Sosis. Glasgow, Mann.— Speebnens of 
Turkey-red dyeing aad pnntina, on cotton fkbnes. 

69 Bwi50. Ou, It Co. Glasgow, Mann.— Turkev-red 
Ml chints fbrnitnre printed bv blocks. Turkey-red ehints 
print printed by cylinder macnine. 

61 Cbabot, p. J. S^talflelds, Prod.— English and 
fireign woollen y vns, English dyed. 

02 Rktholds k Son, Temple St Hackney Bd. Dyers. 
— Spedmeas of skein sUk dyeing. 

62 Fkavk, J. FairfieU SiQc I>ye Works, Drovlsden, 
near Manchester, Inv.— Specimen of dyed silk, for hat 
plush, satins, or other fkbnes. The colour is uoaflbcted by 
heat, and the brilliancy is permanent. 

04 Applboatb, a. Dartford, Kent — Bandana hand- 
kerohiefb printed by machinery. 
06 BiAiR, J. SoulIbCo. 
06 McCalldm, Government School of Design, Man- 

68 Flctcbbk, J. Altrincham, Des.— Design, eleven 
colours, repeat of sketch; design, nine colours, repeat of 
sketch, intended fbr praetieable work (block wozk). 

69 Gu>vm^ Mabxa, School of Derign, Bianehester.— 
Designs for borders, in which natural objects are applied 
ornamentally, for well papers, carpets, or porcelain. 

. ^ ^i"?' ^- •WJw'T P•ri^ Doroheeter, Des.— D*. 
signs for printiqg on eaUoo and monsseUne^le^aine. 

72 HAMMnaur, J. A. Government School of Dsoign, 

74 HonBB> W. StGt Jackson St Hulme, Des.-Design 
appUcable for printed chints fbmitaie. 

78 Kay, M. ItewkastoU, Manchester, Des.-Dc8igBS 
fbr muslin-de-Iaine and cotton muslin. 

80 BoBKKTC, T. Now St Altrincham, Dos^-Six flvo- 
colour designs fbr datable; bkMkwork enclosed in the same 

81 SMTm^ J. Ssamway, Altrincham, near Maacheater, 
Dea.— Desicns fbr a portiere, or door-screen : and for ma- 
^^'^1*^'^ peindag on rilk, de laine, and cambric 

84 WATBttBoiMK, J. Maadiester, Des.— OmamenUl 
d^n fbr a dress sUrt; adapted for machine printing oa 

80 WmiTAKo, J. Manchester, Dca. — Design fbr 

87 CABRi,J.DsitftMnl.Des.— Derignsfbrwovenand 
printed cotton and plash fbmiturs. 

88 HRcn, M. 47 High St Cowes, Isle of Wight Prod. 
—Hair, to show the cilbet of dye. Wools, showing diffennt 
dyes apolied without fire^icat Horn, stained wTthout the 
sppUcadon of soda or potash, to imitate tortdsesbelL 

80 Honeov, C Jierton, Survey, Doa.— Derign fbr 
printed shawL 

90 Mas8BB3Ioi^ P. 68 Bread St aty, and St Acton 
St Qray*s Inn Bd. Des^— Ghinte Aimitare derign, arranged 
for block printing. 

91 rBBOivAii|J.MisBehester,Des.— Derignsfbrmnslln- 

92 Sair«ha3i, H. TttUooh Bleachfleld, Perth, Mann.— 
Haadkerohieik, aad bed^overlet, dyod with muujeet 

98 Watsbsox, J. a. 2S Ormond St Choriton-on-Med- 
lock, Des.— Dcricns for printed musllus. 

04 Smttb, D. Gctrard St Halifax, Author.— Practical 
Dyer^s Guide, contains redpes fbr dyeing worsted aad cotton 

Clam 19. Tapatry^ Floor Chihs, Loco cni 
Embroidery, jv. 

1 Bn>0t.v, D. 81 Qxfcrd St Prop — Specimen of Ho- 
niton lace. Designed bv T. Sbarpu and manufketnred by 
J. Tucker. Uoniton gnmnro mantle. Bridal aad guipure 
MCBift; shawl; double flounce. Flounce of point dAn* 

2 Fbbbi k Bonvsoir, IS Watling St.— Black rilk 
lace and piece goods, Ucode maohinetun curtains, tambour* 
flowerings, needlewoik, quiltings. Iec 

8 GaoooocK, CopVTAEa, Moons, fc Ca 5 Bow Chyd. 
Menu. — Lace tkam Hooiton aad Buckinghamshire, em- 
broidered musHns, cotton laccL net, needlework. Ice 

4 Lamubbv k Boar, Limerick, Irehuid, Des. aad 
Manu.— Lace: shaded lace flounce; shawl; and worked 
scarf^ in imitation of Yaleneiennes, fcc. 

UARrur,BusASETB, Low Bridge, Knaresborougfa, 
Des. Inv. and Bfaau.— Hcarth-mg, boa and muff, carriago- 
bonnet and cufih, fktan English lamb and sheepskin. 

7 BonutsoH, J. Waterride, Knaresborough, Msnu — 
Carriage-rugs, heartlHug, boas and mulB, caniage and wool- 
Uppers, and table^at, tnm sheepsUn. 

WzznoH, F. Goldsmith St City, Manu.— A rich 
British poini4aee sonars, and specimens of ftounoing . 

7 Claui,B. Neatest CobourgRd. OldKentBd. 
Mean.— Printed aad printed Japanned table coven. 

Digitized by 


ChAm 19. Tapetiry, CarpeU, Fbfor Oothi, Laee and Embraidary, {fc. 


8 Hiuv ^* Knantborooflh Bfsnii.— Bog* tofi car- 
i l f , euiteg»4Uppen, uid'tearani mail. 

8 CxjkFHAH, J. Kaambonnisfa, Mann.— HeartlMiig. 
Bporailii^ fooimiift, izmTdUog ihoM and boota, nmfl^ boa, 
Tk ta iiu a, and toa-vn mai^ ftom sbeepaldii. 

10 Laoohb U Oonm, 97 Ozfoxd St Prop.— Gnipnra 
iMa kalMiaw], aami&etiired at Honiton. 

U WexDOx, F. P. S9 Lower SL iBliogtoiiy Dei. and 
—A laoe bertha of a deMription of work deatgnatad 
I point 

18 PkJLi.Ai^ lUniAA, 126 Albany 8t Beganf a Park, 
Dea. lav. and Mann.— Modem point laoe, worked with m 
OQsnMui iewing needle. 

13 Tawbu, a 16 Greeham St Weat, MamL—Tam- 
boand laoe learf; Imitation of Honiton, manuftetnrad in 

14 GouLSs J. fcP. 88 WatlinsSt Mann.— Segistarad 
▼klarla laoe woik,nrodaoed entird j bj hand. 

16 Ubloio, dVF. 224 Begent St Mann.— White laee 
aeari^ in imitation of Bnuaels point, embroiderad In gold, Ite. 
and wmked npon a ifaie clear patent net 

10 Gard,W. & 268 Swent St Dea. and Mann.— 
BdHih point laoe learC Biitiui gnipore laoe bertfae, n new 

17 BxBoo DB !▲ BsABCBABOiEn^ BxtOrosB, Now 
1 St Lit. and Mann.— Crochet wock. FkNmoe, imitar 

8oB af Spanish point laee. Dctfgn, in dlk and gold, Ibr 
Ptevw-book coren. 

18 Claux, J. 170 Regent St Mann^BoTal Iiiah 
8B0W point lanpet; head diim of Irlah voae pomt; loop 
polnlaearfofSetfost; Hibernian point ooUar, Ise. 

18 f^'*»»»^ Jaj% 170 Begent St' Dea. and Mmm. — 
M^^elda enameUcd dlksndarticlea of Iriab point laee 

'Asuua k %an, Hi 

I made entird j 1i^ machineiy. 

V^xaB U WnmuET. MotHngliani, Mean.— Thrown 

liSkf need in the m a nnfae t nr a of laee, hoaleiy, and ^ores. 
Tbamodaee of India, Italy, and China. 

M l^iACSSBAT Ie Soxi^ Kottin^iam, Mann.— Cotton- 
Lisle and dressed cotton; doabl»€pQn, or aingle 
«m: advage and wup-cotton thxeada, Ice. 
86 HxriLuar U Albzajipbb, Nottingham. — ^Machine- 
wfom^ cotton laee cortainsL Cotton extra twist Bratsfls 
net Z^byr net, Ibr cmbraideiT. Mechlin net, and cotton 
Blussdi gainings. Blaok silk /aeouaid laee, shawl. Ice. 

17 WHITTLOCK fc BiwjATj)^ BtaiT Gats^ Kottin^iam, 
Manar-MadrfniHwrogriit cotton Mertilhi laces, needle em- 
■ceidared. ^le gruundworit made fiom isom 620 yam, wpsn 

18 Hsamonr U Ca Nottin^iam, Mann.— Laoe of t»- 
itons kinds from the waip machine; erotehet laee firan the 
\ and twist machine. Blond edgings, from the twist 

18 MALLDfcBAni03i^ Nottingham, and New Basford, 
Maan^-Silk lace: silk laoe fringes, imitation Valenciemies ; 
«otlsB IaM% hand and machina-wxtmi^t 

80 Houn^ 8. Nottin^liam, Mann.— Laoe goods: BIa> 
ddwi msde cotton Brassels nets and laces, flgnred by the 
needhi Yarions hoden[ goodsi 

81 MooB^ & W. Hockley BOll, Nottln^iam, Mann.— 
Ittoe and net made fiom No. S20 lace thread, and plain net 
mads from No. 690. 

81 Mom, J.M.Bkom]ex PL Nottingham, Des.— Designs 
Ibr Uaek silk lace shairis, dresses, ana flonncings. To be 
made OB Posher machine. 

81 BacKuas fc Huamoio, Nottin^mm, Mann.— White 
■ad black laoe flooncea, Itc, frJla, shawls, Iec., embroidered 
ptfOr by maehinern and partlyby hand. 

a vxcsEi^ W. Nottingham, Mann^— Black silk lace 

shawls, searft, mantles, frUs. &C., fiom the posher bobbin- 
net machine, and embroiderecL 

84 Gbxasut U HopcaoTT, Nottindiam, MamL— Laee 
articles. Jaeqoatdposher ailk shawL figured needlework 
shawls. frUs, lie 

ad HxAXA, & Old SbdntoB, n. Nottinrinm, Bes.— 
Dedgns for Honiton lace, ikrandng; hue curtain f<»'sinrie- 
tier machine; and black dlk lace dwwl for pnsher ma^Lae. 

87 HxAUX, H. OldSndnton, n. Nottina^iam, 

Bedford, n. Nottbi^iaiB.— Bertin wool 
king fiaaie, with theJao^aid. Window 

Deaigns for black ailk hue shawl and faUlto^e podier 
machine : and for lace shawl for slngle^er m«^.hf»iy^ 

88 Ma>ABicm, MaktAu^ Bagthorpe Hoose, n. Not- 
tin^lla■D^ Des.— Embroiderad onilt 

40 Shaw, J. Badfind, n ^^ 

Test, ihmi the stocking fiaaie^ I 

cnrtain s , fcc, fiom the stocking ftnme. 

41 SfSHMAmfcCo. Nottin^Maa, Lit. ______ 

Figored lace-enrtains, made entireqr on the lace machine by 
Jaoqoard ^pUeation. 

46 FoaBOTfc Son, 101 Grafton St Dnblin, and Abbey 
Ct Faetoiy, Limerick, Mann.— Lacea : Boyal Iridi gnipnre, 
IriahuppUbne; Lfaaerick;lace dresses, iloiineingL scarfL fcc. 

47 Vbcbol a. M. J. si Grvrflte St Hatton Garden, 
Mann.— Artifidal floweis in wool, green tnrf; Ice. 

48 Jauoowskl W. ToKk,I>es. and Mann.— State chair, 
of mby-eoloued silk TdTet, embfoidered with gold, silrer, 
and jewels. Arma of tim city of To^ embroiderad in gdd, 
attTer, and dik. Pietare^ embroidefed In tent stitch with 

60 BoB% Bij«Ainmr, Paoletspozy, near Towoeslar, 
Dea. and Mean.— Fnltdaedblaeklal^dnsB. ShawL Scarf- 

ri. YdL Bertha, made of Uaek plUow bee. 

61 Mx& C0B]^Bli^ Bath, Lit. Des. and Mann.— Baa- 
acreeiL the flags of all natlona, richly embroidered in 
silks, held \ty a llgnra of Peace^ modelled fiom Gsnora's 

oideiy appKed to dteoratiTc fiimitare. 
68 O'Domrm^ MixT, 6 
Onamentd leather. ~ ~ 

) Jjm^gm St Beading^ Des.— 

Hand-aereena In stamped gntta perdm, 
pi'cjeried real flowers and embroidery, Ite. 

66 TUADWDi, C B. S7 Ostbednl Td. Ezeler, Mean.— 
Derooddra, or Honltoo, point lace. Designs fiora the Go- 
Tcmment School of Dedgn, London. 

66 FoBfns, Burt, Ie Co. 64 Friday St Prop.— 
Cnrtains of embroidered lace, and embroiderad muslin 
Tddte and oolonrsdof Swim mannfactnre. 

68 Qsnov, B. 38 Broad St Biimi ^ 
Ydret dn^enr Taknee, worked with gold dlk braid. Criai- 
son Talance fiinge. New dr^eiy rone. Ne 
ralanee firinge, in dlk. Be^iiiered bdl lerer 
Curtafahholder. OnamentslorTalaneca. Coach and rail- 
way carriage lace and tximmings. 

67 Bttown, Sbabfb, k Co. Paisley, and 18 WatHnc 
St London, Mann.— EmbioiderBd and tambonred book 

BmbrolderedscoUop and insertioQ tiim- 
floonces, collarB, ftc 
^ J Baowsr, a B. Ie T. Glasgow, Mann.— Mnslins em- 
bfoldered by the peaaantiy of Scotland, and the north and 
west of Ireliad, consisting of dresses, cdlaxa, cape, habit* 
shirts, trimmings. Ice BschiT 

68 Pabk k TB0Il^0l^ 
sewed robea; ladiea* collars, 
Cambrio and book flooncea, aewed tzimmiim;s, Ice. 

80 MACAsnoB, D. Ie CoL Gfau«ow, Mann.- HamUton 
bee goods .^Dresses, doak or mantilla^ capes, Tdls, 
sleereSflEe. ,. , 

89 BoBsmoii fc Sons, Glasgow, Mann.— Sewed book- 
mnsHn and cambric «inares Ibr Ihaey table ooren. BIch 
specimens of embnddcty. 

84 Bbowv, H. lOOfc lOi, Virginia PL Glasgow Maoo. 

Digitized by VJ^i^ 

dted fbr cheraness. 
Gkugow, Mann.— ChUdren's 
hanOeKhielk, fancy habita. 


Clam 19. Ihpesiry, Carpets, Floor Cloih$, Laeeand Embroitkiy, ^. 

book mnilia ooltan, frlUed obendaetta, &ncy 
habiti, cambric budkacbicft, embroidered bookHDDiuUn 

05 M▲oQllA■Ii^ fHnv,fc Co. Glwgow, Manila— Bkek 
I wbite dlk, cotton, and Unen lace. Wbita lUk and gold 
ler ileevfli. Oomted lilk and gold apron and paraaol 

66 MAOMm^UH D. fc J. fc Ga Glasgow. Mann.— £m- 
brolderr on bookHBaHn, tec Embroiderea Freneb eam- 
bcle. anbroldared bebylinen. Embroidered trimmingii 
inaertloni. flcimnoi fce. 

08FOOT&SOH, aSMtalSq. Kaan.— Frin0ei,eIaatic 
ribbon trimming, comHaalKm of Telvet and brooding, Itc. 

68 AxTBxm^ Amm^ Mann.— Silk, wonted, and cotton 
braJda, for ilgnring. Netted bottoni. Pdngea, gimpa, 
girdles and tanelfl. Olivets. Braids and ftcgs. 

70 OabbdK) J. W. 185 RMenft St Kano.— Englisli 
embroidery, on silk and wooUen, for waJsiooets. 

71 DAm^CkT. UCoTflntrySt and 4S New Bond 
St MamL— Brandenbrngii erocbet sUk gimp trimming 
girdles, silk frinns, erociiet bead-diess, Ice 

■A ETiUisiBrfcOowMWatlingSt Mann^-^ilk omar 
meol^ bell-polla, euisMioldcKi^ cms, gimps, tssiela, and 
rosettes, trunmingL tec 

74 Beadbo, G. W. 115 Newgate St ICamL— Needle- 
work b J Mn. Manh, tkc Agroiqiofflowac te., madeof 
leatber. yringes.pnmctaswls, trimmings, fcc. 

76 BuaoB, XL tS Bsrtfaokmew Odie. Mann.— Deep 
bullion fringe, woren to sbne. Ornamental bangerSL pen- 
danta, fringea, rosette Md^ons, 1^ 

76 Bijonrtt CooBr, 70 Little Britsln. Mann.— Gold 

and silver tbzeada Ibr laec embioidery, beadiogs of ctotbs. 
mnsUns, %c., gold end sUrcr boIUon. peatb^ plates, and 
spanffles, cords,bnld% f^bnps, laces, ana embroidery. 

77 InsH WOBK Socnrr, S8S Besent St— Specimens 
of apiiliqntf lace. Ooehst wotIl Beal gnipore. zh» old 
modeb. Straw plait made of Irish grssses. Tabinets or 
poplins. Black and wiiite piUow hoe. Fine knitting. 
Black silk mittens, knitted and netted. Bog oak earrings. 
Imitntions of goipore. SmbteldflrT, worked cnt 62aae, &c. 
Knitted bosierr. Flainnvork. woTen cotton bosiery, by 
Smyth and BaAiriggBiv mdts mats, made of Irish wool, tec. 

78 Class, J. 56 HighSt Bradford.— 1M>leck>tfa, em- 
broidered with tiuread mierimson sarsenet 

78 LsBS k Co. B» 86 King St Cheapside, M^*si i 

Printed mohair tapestry; Uteecht mohair velTet; mohair 
▼slTets ; printed Ctnnsss Tetrets of mohair, kc. 

80 &SB fc Soi^ IS King St Cheapside, Mann^-SUk 
twist mannfkotared at Leek, maffordshire. 

81 Hast, G. 7 Marioet St May Fair. Inv. and Mann. 
— B«ristered boxes, ornaments, tec in mnsUn and cotton. 

Sa SsrrB, AvDBBSOS, k Co. Cheapside, and Sooth 
Hanover St Glasgow, ProdL— Inlknt's cap, embroidered on 
French cambric ; iniknt^s robe, and bassinette coyer, em- 
broidered on fine nainsook. 

88 Smttb, Ahdbsor, fc Co. 45 Cheapside.— Scotch 

88 LAMBSBnr,BMiwiLfcPATBicB,S86BegeniStMann. 
—Epaulettes and laces. Embroidered waistcoats. Masonic 
regslia. Chnreh decetatkms. Fao-rimile of Bible used by 
l£uig Charles L 

84 Jacksoh, C 10 Canon St Mayfldr^-An occasional 
table, mounted with i^iIiMd^ embroidery. 

86 Habbooii, T. 11 BrownkvwSt Bedford Bow, Des. 
and Menu.— Altar doth and eoahions, of crimson Genoa 
vdTet, embroidered In gold. 

86 Snsuiia, Mast A]iirB,S9 John St BulfordBd. Des. 
and Msnu.— A fir e scres n , worked in chenille, tec. 

88 FoscBL^ FsAscsi^ S New Boxlington St Prod.— A [ 
needle-'worked table-corer. ' 

80 Sxusiir, Mabia, 8 Wellington St London Bridge, 
Des.— Tabl»«ov«r, smbraidersd with the needle, without n 

81 Adams, Jasb, Stiabane, Ireland, Mano.— Needle- 
work scarf, apron, collar, and eufi, made of linen yam, in 
imitation of&ce. » — » / -• 

84 Baskaso, B. Little Bsidiidd Bectory, near Don- 
Biow, Mann^— Two flgurm in Berlin wool work, tbt the 
purpose of holdiBg open doers. 

86 Babss^^ T. City Bd. Mann.— Specimens of deoo- 
mtire floor doth. 

86 Basisb^Mamba, 9 BoeeHiUTer. Brixton, Des. 
— ^Picture in tapestry. 

87 Batwl B. AosM, Chedmnt, Herts, nesr Valtham 

108 Bisiwn^EigAssfa^ 9 Judd St— Landscape on 
Silk, embroidered in a new style. 

108 BI.ACK9DSK, Ass Masia, Beaumont Hill, Lincoln^ 
Menu.— North-west view of Uncoln Cathedxal, woriced upon 
white silk, with teioringi of black lutestring, and ma&n- 
ftcturer's silk. 

104 BbAOKWBUL^ EioA, 88 '^K^etSTe^i St Dnbliny 
1^— White sBiln waistcoat, cmbroidtfed, in white che- 
and siiTer. Pteroti on while satin, in coloured 

106 BLOoMTiBUk SusASBA. Poolc, DoTset MamL— 
Needlework in Berlin wool: Baphad in the YaticaB at 

106 BoTVOM, J. 65 Brook St Derby. Des. and Mann.— 
A heartb-fug, with the border and ends formed of upwaids 
of 20,000 direds of eiodi, end the centre of lamb's wooL 

108 BsDMu W. 
wool-work; worfcedi 

near Ozlbrd.— Tapestxy 
leisure hours, and oontaining ; 

, during k 

five hundrsd thoossnd stitdhes. 

110 Bnnrros k Sons, Kiddermfaister, Maou.— Patent 
vdvet tapestry. Super Wilton carpet Begistered dedgns. 
Patent Azmlnster TdTci rugs. 

111 Baono^ W. Asyfann fbr the BlimL Glasgow.— 
Purses. Sofk aad toilet cushions. Polka jiscket Fruit 
mats and doyleys. Bablesf boots and carriage boots, 
wrought by the ftsaale inmates. FiTO'budid sadcs, first aod 
second quality, made Vj the male inmates. 

118 WiLSos, CkAsiLottB, Guildhall, Broad Sanetuary, 
Weetminster, DeL-rNetted quilt or coverlid ibr summer use. 

118 BsoBiEB, H. New St St Hdier, Jersey, Prop.— 
Guernsey fkock, of iriiito worsted. Knitted cumwers, of 

118 8800KS, b: % Chsster PL Ke ^ 
Specimen of embrddaiy, desflriptive of English Idstory. 

114 Bsows, M*Lassh, k Co, Kibnamock, Scotland 
Mann.— Velvet^ile carpeting ; imperid Threeply carpeting 
Kidderminster superfine cerpeting. 

116 Bs]on\ J. k Co. Carpet Print Works, Crag, near 
Bfacdesfldd.— Vdvet pile and Brussels carpets ; tapeetries, 
fbrniture covers, tie., woven by Sevier's patent power loom, 
and afterwards printed by patent machinery. 

117 BoBToir, M. Ubboton Bank. Edinburgh, Pkop.— 
A shawl, table-cover, rup, kc^ knittoa on wires by an aged 

person. Picture ftaSMibi imitation of old c 
posed of leatber and putty. 

118 BosroK, Matiuia Bakah, Ospringe, near Fever- 
sham, Kenty Menu.— Italian girl, in fancy work. BerUn 

118 Cauet, J. W. It F. G. Windsor, Des.^Diaphane 
transparent silk ftr blinds, manufactured for the use m Her 
Mdesty at Windsor CksUe. 

188 CAsmrsu^ <XkT. Northampton, Masu.— Pillow- 
lace ; trimming finr ens, coUsrs, &c. 

186 Caux^ibui^ w. B. 54 Cod Harbour, Blackwall, 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 

Class 19. Ik^ftettry^ CarpeU^ Floor Chtla, Laee tmd Embroidery^ Ic 

Oistle Quy, xioxth of IiduxL 

JSe C h a mb b r i, EuzAjmg BanocA, inito% go, Piib» 
Bl^ ]>M^.<3upet worked far tlie benelU of tlMft^^ 
Praootinff the Seriptonl Edocadon of the Natife biib. 

128 &Anuj^£uzAurHA]>]fiB,6t.Boivdfl%MBketr 

Ptod.— ColUa in imitalioa of Htznedto Gmov lacZ 
Bra^jDoi]iikee,aiidiYOf7Giiipan]Me. ^^ 

laO Ojkni^SRBEB, l&LMttrgaietSt, CbmadidiSq, 

J^^ ^.i **"» ^® NowgBtoSt Piopi-^BnnMii^ To- 

IM GoxtKABuSy Hasjiab, Cknimd, Iraiaad, Bcs.— 
LdkatTseroebot drai, made of white UoMd. 

186 Cook, W.0uiaewm7,Chippeiiham,]>«. and Maua. 
'"^^ir^^* "^^^^^ '^''(^^ ai^PiMesof taMd elolh. 
J?^ S^*""^^ FA.'finr, 15, CSttriotte St liveipoQl, Inv. 
~«oik pillow, eniched in imitation of tapcitrr. 

188 /om. L. V. as King WilUamSL London Bridge, 
PkwL— An cnumildered m^ of the United Kinadom: «*- 
cotedWmgiriof 14. Fzamed in EngUdi p^aid oak. 

189 Covmnnr, Clauha, Monster, near Qnesnba 
IW-Catpet of thirty BQnareL bordend, woilMd in 
wocj. hv ttw exhibitor and her «nda. 

140GBICK. EubEv, Soham, Cunbxidgeddn^ Dci. and 
Maker^A veil worked by itu needle, in imitalkm of 
Honiton laee, and in the hope that it may be the mcaM of 
gtvimraBployment to many poor needle-wanen. 

UkL GBom»ll4BT,Pknl8t. Bristol, ]>ei.-'QRNhst 

3al&on Waldsn, Inr.— An 
of 1^464yBd9 s&cfaH, and 

142 Cnoasur fc Som, Ha]i&3c.~LBrge patten maaaie 
tapcstiy. Patent moaaie carpet and taUe^soresB. Pktsnt 
mosaic ragk Patent ▼elTetearpeta. Patent taneitiycanet 
Kiddenninster, Dnteh, and othv eaipets. 

148 Go]niniaiUM,W. ISA Elisabeth 8tWahrDclfa,Des. 
—Desip Unr a carpet. 
^ 144 Cimurj«,aASAH Aim, Sal&on Wi 

InftntTs knitted rabe^ - 

6,300 jaxds of cotton. 

146 D. - 
for the! 

148 i/athisov, i»nwit^, isombny 
Imp^Enibroideiy ihmiBydewiba^ far table 'ctot^,siiwis; 

140I>Awsmr, Debobab, Kewtownhoay, irelBBd, Prop. 

— Cnfii, bandrspon and knitted, from the woolof ^kendi 

poodle don. 

151 Dick, A. 35 George 8t Edinbo] 

beartlHiu, woriwd with upwards of S,a00 pSebm of 

sable, rdrtnt ermine^ squizrel, kolinsky, Ike 

168 DiiA, BErrr, Charlotte St Portland PL— Embsol- 
r, in imitation of enmving. Embtoidefy in silk and 
1 on velvet Embroideiy in silk, chenille, and gold. 

168 ]>iU4>v,YisooontC.H.Prop.-8pedBMBS of knit- 
ting finom serend schools on the Loa^Mys eslsts; and of 
fxlese and flannel manuftetured and worn in theoovntiy. 

166 DoTB. a W. fc Co. Leeds, lismL^Yelfet pile 
B ms s eis , Kiddenainster, and Thzeeply carpets. Designs 

167 Dovmno, G.IeJ.H. KingiBd. Chehsfc flpfd- 

169 Ems, SopgiB A. Kildemoc Bectoty, Ardee, Loath. 
Ireland, Des.— Specimens of toting or ftivolite, far ladicT 

180 BoBTAcaE, 9- 1^ J. 10 WeaTex's So. Doblin, Mann.— 
ToriL^ nig; tnfled beartb-nigi,girth, KoUer,and 
web. SpeeuBens of linen t*»^h band. 

161 EVA2IS, a A. 18 Charles St Middlessx HospitaL 
Dcs. and Kanu.— The Death of Drac^ after C Lond- 
seer, in embroideiy. 

162 EvsBDEii, Eliza Abbs, 31 Hi|^ St Mazgate,!] ana. 
—Berlin wool work ; Mniy Qneen of Scots, mooming over 
the dvinc Douglas. 

164 Fu>wEB, Am, 25 Dnke St Grosvenor So. Des. and 
)lana.--Flcture» " Fb«B of All Nations," worited in cross- 
stitch in siUc, ohenille. beads, and wool 

166 Faudbl h FBiLuia, 88^ 89, and 40 Newgate St 
Des. and Mann.— State bed, in needlework; the bedstead of 
carved wood, richly gUt Patterns far needleworic and 
crochet Wonted Tarns, silks, icc_ 

168 FoBxnQL Eu£A, 101 
—Hearth rag, knitted by ban 

168 Fbahbub, J. D. 14 Lower Ormdiid Qnny, DaUin, 
—Printed lloor«loths 16 yards by 6, woven in one piece, 
withont a sesm, canet pattem. 

170 Fbbwbb. KuzAMBTBf Marlow, Bocks, Des. and 
Mann.— Xaee collar, coi^ ^>FP«<s, and neek-^ made eutiiely 
by hand on the pillow. 

171 FoBBBU, F. B. Nottinf^iam, Des.— TWo pictoies 
ilhistrative of the Nottinaham lace mannfaetore. 

174 GiUiDinm, IL A. 22 Gt Leonard St Flnsomy 
IfamL— Berlin woot-woik by the eihibitor, who Is blind. 
176 GBQBOB,a 88 OdordSt Pn^Yelvet pilecar- 

U£A, 101 StGeoige'sBd. Soothwaik. 


178 GiuBBT, J. 7 Charlotte St OldKentBd. Dml— 
Des^ far Azminster centre canet 

178 GBBAVBi,lCABr, Limerick, IralaBd,Inv. and lisnn. 
—Articles of Limerick lace mannfaotnrs. by Iwmd. 

180 Gbbbvb, B. Lichfldd, Des^— FoldiQg diningfoom 
scnen,wQckedintent^tich,bylfaK]aBneBcScet, a nnnof 
the convent of Mercy, lUrr, IrcJand. 

181 Gbbbbwood, Abbb Cbbotiaxa, Brookwood Park. 
AJresford, Inv.r-Faneb for the walls of m room, painfcea 
with birds and llowen in the style of India paper. 

182 Habbis, G. & Co. Stooxporti Mann.— Bnissels vel- 
vet pile carpets. 

HBSL Gbbqobt, TnoaisoBvIk Co. Kilmarnock, Scotland^ 
Mann. — Specimens of royal Wilton, Brassels, and imperial 

188 Hasbob, C. Fetter Lanc^ Des.^Design for an Ax- 
minster hearth rag, in the Italian sUle. 

180 Habb, J. Ie Co. Bristol, Des. and Mann.— Fhwr 
doth. Marble moeaie and ook and wood centres, lee 

191 Habmswokm, Mabtba, Twiekwiham, Kmbroiderer. 
T^estxy : The Last Sapper, worlmd inFrench flow silk. 
.92 Habbis, BBOTOEns, 87 Watting St Menu.— £m- 

aad insertions, au new! Ie work 

194 ELabbisob, J. Halifax, Yorkshire, Mann.— White 
nig^ all wool, need for bed-sides. doofHnats^ carriages, be ; 
may be washed and dyed any colour. 

196 HABrrBBE,B.fcG.ll£dgwareBd.Des.aiMlMaan. 
— ^Meedlework, on a new silk canvasL 

198 Habvby k i^vMsnr, Upper llamh, I«ambeth, Mann. 
—Floor doth, pattem copied fiam a Booan tfsselletcil 

197 Uabvxt, J.K. 25 Ely PI. Holbon, Des^Designs 
for printed fabrics and for oanets. 

198 Hattbb, F. & Hall, Dcs. and Mann.— Carpet; 
needleworic in Berlin wool. 

199 Eblbbohveb, B. 861 Bcgent St Des. and Bfann.— 
New style of needlework, new canvas for embrnidiffy, patent 
elastic draoi^t, ezdoder, Ice 

200 Hbidbbsob k Co. Dariiaai, llaBo.— Wilton or pile 
carpet Brusseb caipet Wilton or pile stair caipet Si^er- 
fine ingrain cacpet Danmsk Tcnetian catpet Venetian 
stsircsrpeU SS 

Digitized by VjLJi^ 



Ci.«8S 19. TqpeUry, Carpeti, Floor ChthM, Lace and EmbwuUry, ^x. 

201 HsnaaMf Ik Wnmm., Luiw»de, BfMn.— Por- 
tftr«, or door enrUls of fine T«lvet, Whytock'i patent, po- 
bftbly the kurgeitpieee erer mannftctured on tfalf prineiple. 
Bich patent Telftt owpeti and mn. 

208 HiLL» R Oln^, Boekinshanidiire, Mann.— fipeoi- 
mem of piUow-laee edmg and iniertion. Pillow lace, 
suitable for cape, d r i an^ dEd flouncing. 

204 Him. k CoTWoroefter and Gt Malvern, InT.— 
Needlework for ottomans, Unffing for walls, table covers, 
&c. original in s^le and ezecuuon, not being oo^ed from 
Berlin or oolouied pattens, by the sisters E., P., 8., and O. 
Bogen, of the above flrm. 

206 HnnBAoon, Mil. Mast. 5ewoastlempon-Tyne, 
Prod.— Piotnrcs: TSnestry work pictures. 

207 HoLLowAT, PiKDa, Grove BuUdinss, Dorchester, 
DaB.>jQaUt knitted bj hand, in one piece, witn cotton. 

206 Houm, J. Kiddernanster, Mann.-<}aipets, com- 
aonlv called velvet. 

2te Horn, O. C 17 Bobcrtson St Hastings, Des.— 
Hassocks of common rash for die church or ckiset ; needle- 
worlc. iM. Begiitersd. 

210 HoMPBuss, T. Tiear 8t Kidderminster, Msno.— 
Super-velvet pile, and Brassds carpeting. Patent reg^ 

211 HunsT, G. m^ St Bedfind. Dcs. and Inv.— PiUow- 
laccb with slam introdooed into the figure. Bfodel of a par- 
tititm, to rue from, and dnk into the floor. 

218 LADDi^IvnaBRiALSocxETr, 76 Grsfton St Dublin. 
—Limerick lace : shawls, handkerohiefr, and casarees. Spa- 
nish point; old pointjkc.: and embroidery. Horse-hair 
nts. linens. Knltong. Hand-spun flannet Ap- 
: scwrfr, Mps, veils. &c. 
16 James, H. 7 Ferdinand Ter. Pancrss Yale, Inv. and 
Des.— Enamelled floorcloth. Window-glsm, ornamented by 
machinery, Ieo. 

217 Joiocsoir, Mama, Hull, Des.— Patchwork quUt in 
19»500 nieces of tOk^ satin, and velvet, with white emhroi- 
dved flowers. 

218 Jommmn, J. 103 Graham St Airdrie, Scotland, 
Inv.— Tkble cover, conristlng of 2,000 pieces of cloth, the 
sole work of the emUtor, and has occupied his leisure hours 
ftnr 18 years. _ 

219 Jomm, Mabt, Abbey St C3iester.— Bible cushion, 
in ftncy work, from a plan of the mosaic pavement in Gan- 
terbuiT cathedrsL focmeriy composed of precious stones, 
gold, and jet 

821 KsDDBix^ J. 8. Sheemess, Ptod.— Armorial bear- 
infls of the eifaibitor, worked by himself in Beriin wool and 

288 KmuswtuL, BCavt, Clonmel, Ireland, Prop.— 
Trimming lace, and lace borthes. Large knitted lace collar, 
and fine lace lappet Small thread lace scazf; &C. 

284 Kmo, Miss, 3 Bkiomsbury PL Bloomsbuiy Sq. Des. 
and Mann.— Medieval cmbroideiy. 

286 ExKOsmmr, Lociba, East St Taunton, Somerset, 
Des. Inv. and Alanu. — ^Besket of flowers, knitted in Berlin 
wooL frmn nature. 

226 KiTKKST, J. Kidderminster. Menu.— Brussels vel- 
vet pile caipet ; assign adapted for tne new palace at West^ 
minster, &c. 

287 Kxoz, A. L. Glssgow, Mann. — ^Nlne pieces of shaw 
ressing gowns, w r o u ^ by the Jaoqnard loom, from X>nel 
design, forming the nine liferent patte 3 s. 

S9 LAMBBvr, EuxABKra, Tnnbridge, Des.— Embroi- 
dery, portislt of Her M^esty. A group of flowers, with 


280 LAHCBBncK, 3 Asm A 5 Brompton Bow, Brompton. 
Dei. and M^u.— Table oover, embroidered in gold-coloured 

282 Lapwoktb, A.— Axminster and patent carpets. 
Velvet pile and tspotiy velvet carpets. 

MS LiKsnsi, CsuLftLonc, Delgany, Ireland.— Models 
in elder ^th. 

284 1^ Touem, Dmons, Miss, Kilimaule, Ireland, Inr. 
—Lace flounce, worked by the poor girls of Kilimaule. 

286 L»nst,T. Bedfofd. Menu.— Specimen of Bedlbrd- 
sbire pillow-laoe. Improved lace fkll-plece. White and 
black trimming laoe ; floondng lace, lee. 

280 Lswsa, Biaa, Wiabome Minster, Dorsetshire. 
Maker.— Piece of tapsatry, oonsisting of S4 flgures, ana 
438.000 stitches. 

240 LocKwoon^ Gboboxajia, 31 Great Titchfleld St 
Oxford St Mann.— A child's ftncy crochet firock. 

242 Macdoxald, MAnoAanTA. 105 South Portland St 
Glasgow. BCsan.— Fancy needl«vo»t In Berlin wool and 
sll^liaddon Hall in the 01d«n Time, by F. Tayler. 

248 McFAStAMB BaoffHBa Glaijgow, Mann.— Chenille 
hearth rugs of vaiioos sites and patterns; and chenille ear- 

244 MAUiAun, W. AMkt of the Moravian Establish- 
ments at Fulneck. near Leeds, and Ockbrook, near Derby.* • 
Handkerohiefr of Mofmvlan embroidered needlework, from 
Fulneck and Ockbrook. 

246 M<GAKm, H. 97 Gt Charles St Birming^mm, 
Manu.—Ancient design of fiineral pslL Derign from Mr. 
Pugin's " Glossaiy of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Coa- 

248 BCacuah. Jave, IVnan Beotory, Tynan, Co. Ar- 
ma^ Ireland, Prop. — Imitation guipure laoe flounce, 
worked by the childrsn of Trnan Glebe schooL 

248 Mbbk, G. 9 Crane dt Fleet St Mann.— Omamentol 
perforated papers. 

260 MuLVoiL BioA, 8 Peaoock Ter. Wslworth Bd. 
Mann.— Embroidery : The Last Sapper, after Leonardo da 

261 MoirsBOusB % Soir. Barnard Castle, and 75 Wood 
Mann.— Carpets, Kid 

St Cheapeide, London, Mann.— Carpets. Kidderminster 
fabric, cumber and point stylss. Dutcn fhoric carpets, and 
Dutch frbric ; warp mane nom silk noils. 

262 MoKTOii Ik SoMLKiddefminster,Manu.— Specimens 
of velvet pile carpets. Saxony and Brussels carpets. 

268 NAiur, M. Kirkaldy, Scotland, Des. and Manu.— 
Fkwr-cloth, used for ImIIs, krt>bles, Im. 

264 NATion, D. Manchester, Prod.— Patent Kidder- 
minster carpet, woven by steam-power loom. 

267 Newoomb k Jomia Kklaerminster, and 19 Skinner 
St London, Biann^-Model caipet of superior velvet pile. 
Velvet pile caipet Best Biussela. New material for 

268 NswTO*, Jmaa. and Wnxu, Temple Bow. Blr- 
ming^iam.— Episoopal lobes, Im. embroidered in silk and 
gol£ Satin damask hanging^ lie. Velvetrpile carpets, for 
churches, Ike* 

268 Olvkb, Ltma, Llskeazd. Manu.— Embroidered 
collar stomacher, and sleeves, for a lady : the exhibitor bom 
without a riglit arm. 

281 Padwics, Amne, Westboume. Emsworth, Des. and 
Manu. — A crotchet table-cover In Beriin wool. 

282 Palma, Hsubh, Dunse.— Panel for a pole-screen. 
Lady's dress. Cushion fbr a chair, embroideredln coloured 
silks upon a white satin. 

268 Pardob. Hoomahs, Ik Pau>ob, Kidderminster, 
Manu.— Whvtock's patent tapestry carpeting; the colours 
printed on the wonted before it is .woven, ratent Berlin 

286 Pbaisb, Claba, Broad St Bath, Des.— Crochet 

268 Pbbbt, B. Bev. S6 Portland PL Leamington*— 

Digitized by V^3 


Clam 19. lh^)ethy. Carpets^ Floor Ooeks, Lace and JBmbnidery, ^. 


Soof eompoMd of Britiih fUk, being tibe prodnee cflfilOO 
flOk vonni, which were kept in an oat^WDM «t Goodrich, in 
Hocfbfdthixo. Tho tilk wm wonndy mn, and made into 
the eearf hj Ifn. Vtrrj and her duster. The lUk ia in 
ilanata ral or raw state, nerer having Men in the heads of e 

971 PBiuinyExiLT,166BerBiondafljSt8oatfawaik— 
Le YcDdradi : o CethoUc Cunily eeting meat en Frida/. 

978 PBiiJUff% Bkbecca, 8wanbomne» VuMioWy Ihnn. 
— Onunental Bnen-thread pillow^ace. 

978 PioRBonf, EerHSB, George St HocUcj, near Bir- 
nie^em. Mann.— Heerthfiiig, raised in needle work. 

976 BsAnfcHiiMPBnTS, 21 Glare 8L Bristol, Mann.— 
FoHbg screen on canvaa, worlced in cron and tent stitdieB. 

976 Baixnf, J. 194 High Sc Exeter, Vrap^rwnej ailk 

9BD BoDOges Jc Son, Islington, near Birminghanii Kano. 
—f^oMB, embroidered in the weaving. 

9B1 ttOL&s k Scm, Lower KennliBgton Lene^ Uann.— 

989 B01.PR, J. Goggeshali, Essex. Menn.— A diess in 
imilBtSon of BmsMis point lace in tambonr^irotlL Ice. 

988 Booms, A]iv£iipnmBA]i,BeaamontBuL Lincoln, 
I>ca. and Manu^-Sootb-weet Tiew of York Gslhednl, 
wntkad upon white silk, with the roring^ of Uaek faitertiing 
and mennlketBrer^a silk. 

984 BorALYicTonAAsTunifortheBLiin^KeweBstle- 
iipe»1^^8hewl-TciL knitted in imitation of laee. Bae- 
udM, ftc. made bj the bUnd inmates of the aaykon. 

9B6 BoaBEzx,8ABAHA]is,Broai8groTe, 
^i MBj— Berlin wool worlt 

987 Saxvob, a. Nottin^iam. Mann.— ladie^ mitts, 
eoA^ and gloves, embroidered and made of silk; neck-ties 
aadifflc shawls ; toilet and tiay-eorers, Jacqnavd. 

989 SwAafSM) Hjjua, FAmnr, k Emr. Belle Yae Coi- 
Shirlej, near Southampton.— Needlework: Seriptnrs 

9B8 Sheodbi, H. 88 Stanhope St Liverpool. Mann.— 
Bowl standard of England, made of bantiaft the devices 
caainidered on the whole cloth of Berlin wooT 

984 Sbbudaji, p. 32 and 23 Paziiament St Dublin, 
HaBL — ^Brussels and Kidderminster caipetieg^ maan&e- 
tarad at 23 PSmlieo^ Dublin. Hearthrugs. 

988 SainsB, A. Cheltenham, Des. ^ 
earpsl: manufiietoxed bv Brintonand fl 

907 SaoBB^ Ants Jakx, Wem, near Sbrewsborv, Dea. 
and Hann^-Crotchet needlework silk shaiH. 

9B0 Smraoaps, FAsnrr Looba, LlmeridL Iralandr— 
Beribwool, Haddon HaU in thedaysof yoie; T%e Morning 

801 8iM,aJ. Hi^StBedford,Mann.— Bedibidshize 

809 Smoox, O. P. Kiddenninster, Inv. and Msna.— 
Two laige finger worsted rugs. Velvet carpet, made for the 

" ^ of tfie late Princess CSiarlotte. 

Sdhsox, W.B 456 WestStrand, Des.aadlIamL 
(4iaQging deooiatlona, in distemper colours, washable. 

SMim, Mrs. R. Bolvendon, Staplehnrst, Kent, 

MsaB.— Group in wool. Her Ifajesty, thePriacem BoyaL 
and the Prince of Walca. 

806 SnTB k WBrra, 16 Montroee St Ghecow, and 5 
*^St London.— British cashmere robe, embroidered; 

Bd in Glasgow. Gentleman's dressiaMOwn, kc 
Ion videt^kmred cloth; J. Smith, ae 

807 Brons, & Kevin St Polioe Barrack, DubOn, InVc 
— TaiUe cover of mosaic doth-woik, composed of pieces of 
chithine^smwn together. 

808 SuiToai, Euza, Maidstone^ Des. and Mano.— A flne | 

white crochet bed^tjnilt, fitdshed with a wide lace, and Uaed 
witiaj^ik cambric 

209 ^TwauiXD, Jauxt, FaUdrk, Scotland, Des. and 
l^im.— Drawing-room table cover, embroidaed in a new 
style, and without (he aid of drawings or patterns. 

810 TAROf, M. I4. A. 8 NelsonS. M<»nlngton Gt Oun- 
d«i Town, Des. and Inv.— Berlin wool needlework. Ctot- 
ridee nonches for sportsmen. Lemps, lamp-clesses, Ite. 
i„?i? 7t7"«»/»*,MAEiA, MiSSle cfiSock/Prop.- 
Historical piece of needlework in WOOL 

814 '^nsr, Mrs. Bolton PL Bridge St Biadlbed, 
Bisnn.- Bed quilt, embroidered with cotton on satte« 
sround. Cot qoilt, embroidered with white floss silk on 

816 TzHPiiRov, J. ft Co. Glssgow, Mann, and Pet- 
Patent Axminster cezpets; hearth-zugi; stair carpeting; 
Toumef table-covers ; and door or ^rindow curtains, keT^ 

817 Tbwaitxi, Maxt, 4 Quadrant Bd. Lower Islington, 
Prop,— K nitted, embroidered, and lace work, mannftetnred 
bj thepoor children of Newiy fcc 

8ia TmEBsviLLB, Smrb, Boru, Ik Co. 9 Gt Marlbo- 
borough St Prod.— Axminster ceipet Velvet pile tapestrv 
cenet Bnissds csrpet 

890 TBOLU>Pi^Boss^6AllenTer.Kcnrington.— Foldlu 
sereen of tapestry worit 

899 TiniiBt,A(aiB,8utt(mBectotT, DBrtfiitd,Mttnk— 
Knitted lace scar£ ^» '^ 

828 Ufhux, Mabt Asnr, FontUll Bishop, Salisbnrv, 
Dee. and Menu.— Toilet eoahion, tirist, alaee scsrf; end a 
bassinette lace cradle^over, composed of thread end fine 

826 LAwsoir, J. 4 Sidmonth St Grs/s Inn Bd. Des.— 
Axmin ster hearth-rug, menu, by Blackmore, Brodwia, Wil- 
ton. Designs for carpets, kc 

826 YiocAaa, R. Pa^miy, Bnckingham, Mann.— Laee. 
Crowns for inftnts* caps. Insertion. Laces for bordering 
caps, lee 

827 Tbe Yictobia Fxcr CAnnr Co. 8 Love Leae,. 
Wood St Mann.— Patent felt earpetiag. Printed and cm- 
bossed table-covers, window cartsJns, fcc 

828 Yxxcsrr, 8. Olney, Bucks, Menu.— Bnckinghsm- 
shire pillow-laoe, veils, lace collar^ and lace. 

884 Wakd. Amke, Coleiaine, Ireluid, Des. and Maker. 
—Specimens of needlewoiic, in imitation of line engraving, 
and the material employed, with cotton and silk three^ 
on linen and lutestring. 

886 WASBBomur, Amr, Great Maldon, Bocks, Mann.- 
Muslin dresses, embroidered. 

886 Watbuiocs^ Euua k Maua, A. Chremont Cot- 
tsge, Louf^bboroo^ Ad. Brixton, Blakers. — Crochet eonn- 
teipene, 12 feet square, worked in StrattTs cotton. The 

pattens designed by Wilks, Uegent Street 

887 WATSoii,BELL,lcCo.35and360idBondStManu. 
and Imp.— Axminster carpets, mann&ctnred by BlaekmoRL 
Brothers, and veivetrborderea Brusseb carpet, manofacturea 
by Watson and Co. Kidderminster. Carpets^ manufactured 
in Masulipatam. Bcal Turkey caixwls. 

888 WAiiGHftSoii,3lc4GoodgeStDes.— Boyalvdvei 
pile carpet Desiui for a carpet for a Bpyal palace. 

841 WsLia, W. B. Windmill Lane, Camberwell, Mann. 
— R^stered floorcloth, an imitation of Berlin wool work, 

9& Wnm, SoK, & Ca 106 Cheapsid^ PioD.--Carpets. 
Printed cloth table-covers. Silk worsted dsmsskSi 

846 WmTwxLL^ J. k Go. Kendal, Des. and Mann.—. 
Kidderminster carpeting. Twilled Yenetiaa carpet, woven 
in a power4oom. Improved Brussels csrpet Benin hearth- 
rug new design and mateiiaL 

647 WmTKET, E. Cleveland PL Bath, Des.— Embroid- 
ered lady*s ^ron. Coat of arms in needlework. 

Digitized by VjLJi^ 



Cum 20. Artidet ImrneduU^ Pemmal, or Domaiie \ 

849 W]iAiAii%l4Aiyr6Bini]f,MArIboioii^-~TheLMt 
Sapper, from the painting bj LaornArdo daVinol, worked 
in Cmrmui wool aiia floei nllc 

860 Wiuoir, Amkm, Downpatriek, Irelend, Meao.-- 
FanoT work In wool, In iriiieh new stitchfe, invented by the 

851 Wiuoif, J. k W. Bennoekbom, StirUng, SootJeod, 
BTami.— Broaiels, Soofei^ sod Yenetlen stair earMting. 

862 WooB^H. and T.» Wailing fit. Prop^^rinted and 
cmbowed oloth table-eoren, Iec Bmaseto caipet 

854 WooowABo^ B. Hiaonis, Kidderminf ter, Maau. — 
Broaiels and TelToC pile earpetins, in Tariooi new etjlci. 

865 yfooowAMB, H. fc Co. Churoh 8t Kidderminiter, 
MaaiL— Caipeta: TelTet pUe: Bmnels pile, and velTet 
pile for itain and ooiridon. Begiatered desigoi. 

866 WoOLOocK. C a t — una , 13 14ewQnebeo8t Port- 
man 8q. Bfanu.— Banner ioreen, croobeted with litk, in 

867 W&4X11LAW, Uatsxjda BIQX.T, Rogby, Warwick- 
shire, Dee. and Maan.— C^ worked in crotefaet in imita- 
tion of point laee. 

868 WnoRr, Cwmp, ft Cbavx, Kiddefminiter, Mann. 
—Velvet pile, bordered. Bmiaels oaipeta, and etair carpets. 

860 Bi4nrsB,W. Kottinf^uun, Bes.— Designs for Mack 
ailk laoe lappet* and flonneings. To be made on Posher 

860 Boxmnr, C H. Kottin^bam, Dee.— Designs: black 
silk lace ikUs. To be made on Puabor madiines. 

861 Fox, J. Basford, near Nottii 
black silk lace ftUs. To be made on 

868 Havoock, 6. Broml^ PL Nottingham, Dee.— 
Designs for mediseval embroideiy, Jewdlexy, and encanstio 

868 MgAmr, G. Hyson Green, near ypttingham, Dee.— 
Desicns for singla^er machine : laee dresses. 

864 MxuoBD. J. Nottingham, De9.-~Dcsigns for black 
silk laoe scarf. To be made on Posher machine. 

865 Natios, J. Nottingham, Des.— Designs for hMe 
shawl and eortaia, shuie-tier; misceUaneoas designs for lace. 

866 OscnoF, S. Kottinidiam, Des,— Designs for lace 
ahawls and laoe dresses. To be made on single^tier ma- 

867 Wmm^ W. Bedford, near Kotdn^iam, Desw— De- 
signs for black sUk laoe shawl, apron, and dress. To be 
niade on Pusher machine. 

868 TAna, H. Nottingham, Dcs.— Design for ohromo- 
llthoffraph almanac 

860 FELB3IL B. Beeston, Nottingham, llann.— Speci- 
mens of the various meshes of laciL wrought upon the ma- 
chinery of Nottinaham and its vicinity. 

870 Tdroii: S. Prospeot PL Bedford, n. Nottineham, 
Des^— Designs for laee-cnrtaiqs to be made on single-tier 
laoe, tec. 

871 Smxtb ft Basbb, Knightsbridn, Inv. Des. and 
Msnu.— Floor cloth, in imitation of tessdated Boman pave- 
ments disoovered in England. 

878 Bebhabo, Hon. Javb G. Cork, Killrogan. Bsadon, 

Ireland Knitted quilt for a baby*s crib. Exhibited on 

behalf of the worknsi the children of Killrogan parochial 

8TO PnoBy Bev. H. E. Lacan, Dublin— 8pecimens of 
Irish laoe, the work of the Lncan Industrial School. 

874 Wbt, C. Mabt, 1 Broneham .Ter. Kingstown, 
Dublin, Des. sad Manu.— 43carf of black laoe, embroidered 
in a new style, in Deocaa silk, Intorspened with wings of 
the Indian beetle, ftc. 

875 Batbl Jemima, Gt. Dover St Sun^, Des.— S^ 
cimens of needlework upon machine net 

876 I7in>Exwooz>, W. 1 Vere St Oxford St Mann— 
Heraldic tapestry hangings, ftc Tapestry hangings, of 

dsiOc combined. Printed cloth table 
memoimtlviB of the Great Exhibition. ^. 

877 DaiatwUiICabtE. SWiltonSt Groevenoar PL 
Inr. and PraL— Tsblo-eover of fhwa-eolonred cloth, oa- 
bxoidsred with elMBilla. 

878 FAiKxniniGATHBaim. GrimsthorpeynearBoanM, 
Des. aad Maao.— Faaey bed-Mlt 

870 LAiffltAT<ttMi(16»), aadlSOLADmof Gbsas 
BHtTAii^ the eneiElaat8.--Part of the pattern fbr a earmt, 
pi«sentsd to aad ohlblted by Her iH««t7 *^ <)»««> j ^ 
sign l^ J. W. Papworth; the patterns painted by and the 
work saperintendsd by W. B. OmpsoB, West Strang 

880 ftmoB, & 4 Bartholomew Cloae, Des. aad Xnr^ 
Battle of Giiad Ciiro. in needlework, ten feet by for^. 

861 Gbobob, J. B. 4 Wells St Gray'a Inn Bd. Des.- 
- for aaAxmlnstcr centre carpet in tibe Italian stylo. 
M BBAYBMAw,J.11SGhnTChSt.taacaster.^-Coanter- 
pane of moMle needlework, inforty-fovroompaTtments,eaoh 
rraresentlng a popular prfait 

888 BoiB, BioABsra, Oxford, Des^-Cheval aereoL 
in iieedlefPw k, eoarertiblelnto a chess-table, with a worked 

8B4 Knwu, X Norwich, Inv.— Woven < 
plated Ib iStm locn without the aid of needlework; 

886 OATunr, EuzA, Deviiea, Mam.— Woolwork and 
aaey needlework, in tent-etlteh. _ . 

886 Gui. W. L. Gblyton, Axmlnster, Manu.— Honiton 
laoe t-PtHTtlQa of aaorigiaal design for the flounce made 
forHerMijsaly. Chnmatlo silk bertfai, ailk lappet^ fte. 

867 Cbvcbb. Aim, Swanage, Dorset— Fancy-work 
amde by hand, at Swsaage. 

888 Atbi^ W.Newport Pagnell,BiMka.—8pedmens of 
Bnckii^ioBB^m pUfew lac^ pieces. 

880 BABcajir,HBUE!t, Tongue, by GolspliL near Aberw 
deen, Des. and Manu.— Spedroens of carpet, all of Sather- 
landwooL Knitted bed-«nrtains. Counterpane and toUet- 
eover, of knitted cotton thread, ftc. Knitted shawl and 
cxBvat Sattieriaad wooL Semplcs of native dyes in wooL 
fte. Baw materials of native dyes. Mattress, made of 

8M Jacvioii ft Gbarav, 37 ft 38 Oxford St— London 
carpet Osnetsofmoresque deslcn. Velvet pile carpets. 
Patent tapestry velvet esGrpet and border. London rugs, 

801 Tawtov, Mabt. 9 Union St Plymouth, Maau. and 
Des.— Child's doi^ elaborately braided and embroidered, 
and itttetspsncd wHli hollow work. 

888 PsmxT, E. A. Grove House, JSt Petei^s, Margate, 
Dee. and Maau.*— Silk patch-work table cover, box pattern, 
containing upwards of 2,000 pieces and 500,000 stllebss. 

Cum 20. JbrticUi qf CbUimg.Jbr IwmediaU^ 
PerumaL^ or Domestic tue. 

1 BocKMASiSB, W. ft Co. 3 New Burlington St Des. 
— PtoMsed new court suit, in detalL Chaeo. New head- 
dress for Infontiy of the Une. Undress military coat 

8 FosrsB ft Pomrau— Hodeiy, ftc. 

8 Tatiab, W. G. 285 Bcgent St Prop.— Balbriggnn 
lace^tocklngs, lambs'-wool stockings, knitted by hand, aad 
faosieiy, knit by children at BallindiDe. 

4 Pxabt ft PoBSKTOB. 1 2 and 13 Poultry, Inv.— Cotton 
and silk glove half-hose ; cotton and woollen drawers. Ball- 
road caps and protectors. Silk shirt fleeced, for rheumatism. 
Flsnnd. Silk and 8of ovia I:o1f-hose. 

6 PonftPrjurr. 

Digitized by 


d^iiao. ArikleiqtCloikutg,farInmudiaU,PermmalfOrI)oma^ 


7 NBfiuc^ GTctfasm 8t 

9 Boiwntfc8ov,89uid 40 €hlsweU BL 
Haan^PziBted vegatta, and ote ■birte; Hm 
bnoesj Bon^-panes : riding befu ; gutat* IM. 

10 PBiurom, MABT A3m» 87 North Andlaj St 
Pira!pu--?icQi» €ff o ladr in fen eooxt drMi. 

11 Sknifov, J. 104 Wood St. Gheapiide, Huil— 
Ftaey omrmiM. BIsok Mtfa ttoek. Impronad bnoea. 
Bdte. ODQan. fltdzt^raot, plaited in tbe loom. 

IS Vsrsu.lECowllGrediamStWeft.Miaa.-'FnBio- 
msfcad knitted boaienr and otberwMziag appanl 

18 HsHMii»,B.6PiecadiUT.]>ei^Amodetridzt,of 
flue Maaeheiter long cloth and Indi linen* 

14 fiMiiH,J.B.8Lawgenoeliane,Maim~atfrtwHhoat 
ieama or BiCfaen. MoiaTian needlework, iHnatrating the 
giww oCflax. 

15 PoBxn,T.9iStnnd,MaBiL-SpeeiaMaof addrt 
cot OB BMthcBiatioal nrineifdea* 

16 Kamh ATJ^ W. 80 Bcgent 8t InT.andMaan^Be- 
^■teied improTed ihape diirt. 

17 SjotDULm k ^UkMEf 55 Qnadnnt, Bcyeat St Inr. 
and MamL— Belt dnrailHid ifairt exhibited one atatnette. 

18 WxATBmiBAnLM.S7Panton8t HaynaikettKann. 
-flUkandlndia^bberfaneca. GraKde-Ki^les hdt» with 
iilk and India-mhber apringi. 

19 Gaffbs k Wjotemm, 86 B«gent 8L St Jane^a^liir. 
aiidlffami— TwelTeahiita,indiff<arentfoinn, Ouiialejacket 
Prwlna gown, with trooaen, k la Taiqne. 

SK> FobiilB. ISSStiand, lfaan.-^hM, intended i 
•pedBMB of plain Briliih needlework, fcc 

ai Gumnr, C. 88 Lomhaid St Citj, Prop.^-Cotton 
naaniketared at Balhriggan, in Irelaad. 
Bni, J. fc Go. 189 Becent St Prod, and Da — Shirt 
Shirti of an i m pnoy e d cat Embroidered handker- 

88 Aau^fF, J. G. 89 New Bond St Inr.—LiAci' ahoca 
of vBzioaa aaateriab; aflk aiippeza, embroidered in gold; 
ladiM* ailk booti^ abA l^diea* half boota. 

84 Nioou^ R 48BegentCireaa, and 46 lembard St 
Maan^— ShirtofaBewnMtCTlBl,iBailk. Sbirt of Iridi linen. 
^xuDunc aiii^t 

85 RnMKO^ 6. 188 Ozfbrd St Mann.— Conet made 
upon an ezpaadins principle; conet, requiring no ladng, Sec 
maaaaMBMDt of ua human body. 

86 JooBBBT, C. 8 Maddox St Hanorer Sq^-Self-ad- 
iaatiqg white watered corset ElaaticoorMtbeUfiirinTalidfl. 
Indiaiubber timoe^ of French maau&ctare. 

87 PiFBB, T. F. 4 BiibopagUe St WitlioB^ inr. and 
Jfana^— Meehaoieal qpiring-oorwt ■capnlar or oontraetor. 

88 Brao, Mast B. 880 Bcgent St Lit. and MauL— 
Ehitic eoTMt, with new mode of aateninc. 

86 VkvTj Euza, 73 Grosrenor St uit. and Mann^— 
NewftgbteredridingataTa. Nursing stata. Ih«aiBtajs,fcc 

80 WnxBBB, UzLCn^ Ph^p^-LadT's ftnej jacket, 
de of wool or cotton. 

81 lfjumw,B.fcE.H. 504 Ozlbrd St DoL—BlaBtie 
co m posed of Ttileaaiaed India«abber and other 

h. IwUB^obbcrbeltk 
88 Qbaby, N. 61 St JamaTs St InT. and Mean.— Im- 
profodaad ebatic corsets, belts, splnal-s up p urtlu g cersel, 
petteited gcmsnitr corset, hydropathic belt, kc. 

88 OxaLBT. N. 61 St James's St Inr. and Mann.— 
ImproTsd jack ooots and renmental glorea. 

84 JOBBSOS k Co. 113 Begent St. Pat— Patent venti- 
latfaghats. MiUtarr and naval cocked hats. Ftoli-drea 
bats. Her M^eatr's royal state UTery hats. LadioT 
5 hats, kef ^^ 

Jo CBBnrrr k So!v, Grmcechiirch St— HaftL kc 
86 Da:;x)0, So^cs, k Co. 42, 43, 44 Gbeapeide, Maao.— 

Specimens of a new description of patent ligMi net^work 
▼elTet hats, in Tariona stages of maniifrctorK 

87 Gabbaba, B. k J. Loman St Soathwack^^a- 
pmned leather peaks fo capa. Begistered japanned fdt 
hat Fireman's japanned leather hefiout kc 

88 ZOZ.L. 84 Long Acre, Mann.>-]£tcgiatflied Koiyeh- 
lamyd,orhefanetcap. Patent aqoatieasvalliiiMaqp. Fold- 
ing collcBe cap^ kc 

86 Fbux k Co. 10 Cheapside.— Hats of a peculiar con- 
struction, designed to render them elaatic, watsKproo^ and 

^ wmB,W.68Che^ride,MaaQ.— TentaatingiFilvet- 
nap and sephyr hats* 

41 HmroU, H. 194 Begent St Kaan.— Hati BMide of 
English plnsh, by Walters aad Sea, FinaborT. 

46 AsBioir k Son, 55Comwall Bd. Mann, and Lit.— 
Drab and black patent eiaatie beaver hat, on bsaTsr body. 
Light dastic yelTet hat; Frenohphuh, kc. 

48 Smttk Gbobob, k Co. union HsJl, Unkm St Bo- 
ron^ Inr. and BCann — ^Li^t silk hat; silk hat on soft ftlt 


bodyjjs^es' ridfaig hat; a gosnmer body 

InT and Mean.— Patent elastic bat linfa«. Newly 

silk hat; miUtazy cocked hai; comt hat, and k^esT riding 

hat, on honehair body. 

45 Tnn,J.T.7MoantStGrosvencrSq.IiiT^Pfetent 
foldiiiBh^witiMmt springs. Soft rdvet IbWng hat Bfi- 
nerva minting cep. 

46 Babbeb, S. Brentibrd, InT. and ICaan.— French 
siDc hat, the bodr bring made of Manilla gras% eombiidng 
Ugfafaess, dnzafaiHty, and perfect TcatQatM, beiqg water- 
proof and resisting the grease. 

47 SEAOnoBB k Baoob, Gresham St Maan.— niBstra- 
tions of the processes of felting beaTcr and ailk bats. 

48 Gbosibav, F. 109 Begent St Ibt.— Inrention Ibr 
producing a red stripe on regimental trousers. Salbty 
pockets, l^c. 

46 Hubzjbt, D. 10 Bars Ct Alder^gste St Lit. aad 
Uaau.—Lady'a safetT pocket Modelofapairof tvooten, 
with improrements, kc 

60 Tbompsob k Sob, 11 Conduit St I>es.-Jaekefei, 
hunting coet, tronsan, wai^coata, aad ladiesT polka, of elastic 
British webUng. 

51 Puci^ W. 115 Chancery Laae, Bes. aad Usan.— 
Flaadble ming gowns : law, clerical, and civic. 

58 Qrnx8,W.25St JameirsStInT.~'nie<'dttpleza,'' 
or moraiag and erening ooat 

54 CoDT, J. 6 Marshall St Iut.— The ''monomeros- 
Uton," a dren coat of Brilish man i if a ctur eu ttom one piece 

66 KiscB,S.A.350BcgentStInT.— Begistevedant»- 
eraaatie gown, aad Coasack waiatcoat 

57 SsonikGiBBi^WeUingborou^NortheaiptonshiieL 
and 84 Chciysidet Loadon, Idt. and Menu Olotfa and 
kaflicr gaiters, with patent lbsteninga,kc 

50 Tbbbbhbb k Gi.BBirT, 158 Strand, Mann— India 
game waistcoats. Silk and thread, silk and lambs'''wool, 
and improTcd spun-silk boriarr. Spun-silk for under clothing. 
Ganse merfaw waistcoats uoricry , made from waste sillc. 

60 BaU) W. T. k Co, 88 "Wood St Cheqialde, Maau. 
—Kid leather gioTes, cut and made in Engknd; mannfbn- 
tored from French'dressed kid sidns. 

61 Last kSoM. 116 WoodSt InT. and Manu.->tadica* 
Llale thread hose and silk jacket, made in the stocking frame 
at Kottimduun. Gentlemen's pantaloon drawers. 

62 FowBBB BBomEBiL 41 Cheapside, Mann.— Ladies' 
es, from kid skins, produced in Ireland and dressed in 

ngland. Glores, from Frenclhdrened Ud skins. Silk, 
Tdvet, Lis e tliread glores. Bearer, Vicuna wool, and other 


Digitized by Vj^JI^V iC 



04 HoixM, J. Ie Go. 171B«g«DtSt Inr. tod Huia.— 
]PiiU-dx«M or operm eloak, oomposed of the iliiMt white wooL 
aadonuBODtadwitlil^goldpeiidwiti. Reglaftered thftwl 
ekMlL worn in OM ptooe. B«giitered eircnkr thawL 

00 Lsmrai. P. M. K. Lennoz OmUo, Lennoz Town, 
Gla^;ow, Mil 9 AzilQgion 8L Piccadilly, Piop.--Tho nMdle- 
womaa't diliti, eat tad worked bj one pair of bands. 

69 TwiiuiLPiooarT, Ik Co. Friar Lane, Notdnfl^iBin, 
Mann, and br.— Thnnnaa's patent lUk boeiery. 

70 MaMV,B. Ie J. Kottingham, Mann.-«i]k glovef, 
LldeinraidrfoTei. Patent Brayama glovef ; anew mate- 
riaL JBmbradflred gloves. 

71 Fmur, J. Nottingham, Kaoa.r-Herino vests, in 
wool and ndxed materials. 

72 Curraa,— t Nottingham. 

78 Honsr > Soia, Nottingham, Mann.— VarJons artieles 

74 Monsr, J. and S. Nottingham, ManiL— Hosieiy in 
sUk andeottOB. 

74 HauMt, L fc S. LoodoB and Nottinj^iam.— 
^eeimeas of cotton and lisle thread stockings ; Balbrigsaa 
stocUngs; silk stockings: sUk gloves and socks: Derbyw 
libbed socks: lisle thxisd socks; half-bose; merino baff- 
bose: span silk sbhrts, Ice. 

76 Allv ft 8oLur, Nottinghsm and London, Mano.— 
Ssmples of hosieiry, showing the pi o gr sss of cotton-spinning 
for bosisKT ftnm an early period. 

70 Nmrnnr,F. B. Manchester, Inv.—Begistered seam- 
less coat, the body end sleeves beinc in one entire piece. 

79 EvBUDOB ft 8ov, Manchester, Mann.— Various 
kinds of hats, in silk, fdt and cork. 

80 Snoioims ft WoonicAir, OMbam, Mann.— Beaver 
batting materials, from the skin to the bat complete. Black 
silk haAs, and patient reflectors. 

81 8r.A]iDiSH, Avnx, Kidderminster, Laoe-worker. — 
Goart dress of need le -wor k . 

88 CAOMTmr, J. D. Anstmther Villa, Boandaiy Bd. 
St John's Wood, Inv.— Life^preserving elastic coriL-jacket, 
capable of being worn onobeerved under a coat— Regis- 

84 Wars, W.Baabaiy,Inv.— Complete coat^trousersy 
and gaiters, in one pieces witlioot any seam. 

86 Sioni, OukMunTKf Bedford, Inv.— Patent sym- 
metriosl coneCs ; patent elastic silk boots, made by Mr. Long- 
don, of Derl^. 

80 Tmsusr. J. ft Go. Leeds, Mana.— Improved woven 
corsets fat ladier wear, without a seam ; made of pine cot- 
ton yam fiipiwilj prepared. 

87 GAL]:.4WAT,lV43AIbion8tLeeds,AIann.— Three 


88 Ii4Lnr,W. Leeds, Inv. and Mknu.— Protection tra- 
velling can, adapted for cold climates. 

89 MiooLBBBOOK, T. Lccds, Mann.— Military oficer^s 
cap and cover, ^ack silk velvet smoklnff or cemage cap. 

90 MumE, C. Bristol, Inv. and llanu.— Be^stered 
boat sleeve sUrt 

01 MouAOT ft Soss, Warwick, Mann.— BtafT and 
silk hats and bonnets. Baw materials, in the different stages 
ofMannfactore. Onrk bats, lephyr, and silk. Welsh lady's 
bat Fdtbonnet 

98 GLiBBixaToir, S. ft T. Stockport, Menu.— Felt hats 
of various descriptions. 

98 P>ABsoii,J.GorseBrow,Stockport,Manu.— White 
beaver boinet 

94 TATXAa ft Go. 8t James St Rochdale. 

96 WBjjt, J. J. Newark, Notts, Dee. and Inv.— A 
triple stay, for those parts of male attire requiring addi- 
ticnel strength. Waistcoats of novel form and arrange- 


to s a p s r sed e the use of braces: the fabric manuihfr> 
by F^aee ft Go. Gb,ytoa West near Hoddeisfleld. 

90 8ion,H.HaUlkx. 

97 Fo»im,Mrs. 

90 Ladm^ J. Hawick, Scotland.— Patterns of hosiery 
sr cfeUdog knitted upon the stocUng^fiame, from 

ft Sons, Aberdeen, Mann.— Knitting 
from British wools. 1,000 colours, dyed on 
ifbotorad from British and Saxony wools. 
Knitted wonted shawl and hosieiy. 

100 Woon, Jamst, Stonehaven, Scotland, Mann.— Pair 
of fSsncy knitten worsted gloves. 

101 Bor. jMSiiL Ferry Hill, Aberdeen, Inv.— A lend- 
^e,knlttea in Berlin worsteds. A pair of stockings, with 





108 drrjaucB^ B. Aberdeen, Inv.- 
ineasnring the human flgure, and for 

108 Piamsov, Dumfries. 

104 Kat, TnnnuLT, ft Go. 

104 Kato, Foidlat, ft Go. Lan^lm and Glasoow. 
Menu.— Cheviot wool boee; Saxony wool; grnr Khe tla n d 
wool; and Vieonawoolhose. Gaaseveata. and fall dresses, 
of Cheviot wool ; pantaloons, of Cheviot end Saxony wool, fte« 

106 WnifBiBAD ft Soil. 41 South Bridge St ]&iinbuntfa, 
Mann.— Ttttan boee, each pair containing 1,800 m- 
monds, fte* 

107 JoBKROir, J. ft O. Paisley, and S Gbi^er Hoase 
Gt St Peal's, London.- Buokram and Paris net bonnot 
tope and erowna. 

108 LAOoaouum, J. Kilmarnock, Scotland, Mann. — 
Anstzaliaa dieep wooL Offlcei^s dress bonnet, showing the 
process of knitong. Bonnets of Austrslian wool, worn hj 
the oficencf the Hi|piland regiments. Foragecaps. Prinoe 
Ghariie, TMish, Bslmoral, and Glengary bonnets. 

109 BncBB, P. KUmamofk, Scotland, Manu.— Bego- 
latlonmilitaiylbcancaps: Scarlet Fes cap ; Prince Ghariie 
caps ; BaisMfal amTGlsngaRy caps j Caledonian bats, fte. 

Ill BmosftSon, Ldcester, Mann.— Worsted, bunbt- 
wool, royal ribbed, and cashmere shirts and dxnweis, bosei 
ftc Goenssy and Jeisey frock. Fancy polksrcoats. Lisle 
thread, "jifc ndzed. cashmers, ftc ^oves, ftc. 

lU Bbau/cI 5 Belvoir St Leloes^, Menu.— Lambs- 
wool shirti^ pantaloons, drawerB| vests, wiies' dresses, ftc 

114 AioBAvs BaoTHBas, Leicester, Manu.—Lambe-wool 
bose^ shirtSy and pantaloons. Boyal ribbed and Cashmae 
shirts and pantaloons. Ladies' woollen vests and dresses. 

116 Bniaoii ft VLamok^ Leicester, Bianu.— Cotton, 

worsted, Gsdunere, and merino hose 

110 Bdou^ J. Leicester, Menu.— Gloves of barss'-lhr 

doth and Omhmere goats'-wool, doth ; Vicuna and Saxony. 
Gloves of Lisfe-thresd web. TraveUing rug ; Vicuna fleece 

117 Tatlob ft BxALBi, Leicester. Menu.— Worsted and 
woollen boee Cotton stockings of all kinds. 

120 HfiBB ft Sons, Ldcester,Bfanu.— Gloves, cufik, and 
' Mds, bats, snd bonnets. Mantillas and 

G^^ hoods, bats. 
Worsted vests. Lambs-wool pantaloons. Fanqp 
cotton shirts. Chikiren's dresses. Polkas and jackets. 

188 HOU.A1IO. T. ft Go. lAngham Factory. Godahning^ 
Inv. and Menu.— Under clothing, manufkoturea of a fleecy, 
superior, and peculiarly pr^nxed wool. Sq^ovia shirta, 
tronseis, hose, ftc. Guter dothing, light and remarkably 

Bcgistered shirts. 

183 TnoHPSosr, J. ft Go. KendaL Mann.— Hand-knit 
Guernsey frocks. Kihnamock caps. Fancy Gleugany and 
plaid bonnete, mits, overalls, ftc. 

184 BanoaAVB, J. Worcester.- Men's Capo gloves. 
Ladies' nhite Cape gauntlets. Habits modo from lamb- 
skins snd Cape sheep. r\r\c^\r> 

Digitized by V^OOv IC 

C1.A88 SiO. Artidet qfChihuuf for Immediate^ Permmal, or Domettie use. 


ISB Monr, Kuzabrb, Woodstock, Oxoo, Mmui.— 
Lamb-tldii, m reoelTed fkom loatha^drener. Gloves made 
fnm hmkhMm, JSoglith &wn-fldii rldiac-glovet for 

Vn EmoB, T. Milbone Port, near Sherborne.— Fur 
GloTOk Gloyetlinod with filk plush, mx^ lie. Kid gloves. 
Goat» ttU; lamb, sheep^ deer, aad &wa gloTes. FMent parse 

181 Mcus, CoKVALy k Bbodib, LiitoQ, Bedfordshire, 
3Imul— Specimens of plaits ud bonnets, made from wheat 
stiaw grown in Bedfimbhire. Specimens of tiie straw in aQ 
stans of the wotIe, Ice. 

1B4 CooPB^ J. J. IcG. Dunstable, Beds, Hami^-Stzaw 
hats, bomwCs, plait, and ftney straw articles. 

186 BAnvousF.Marlcet PL St. Albans, HcrtlbrdBhire, 
lav.~Brssllianpafan4eafWeUinclonhBl8: recbtered. The 
" Plnneew Alice hat," and the » ginese hat." Batsfromthe 
Elfish willow tree. 

186 AsarroN, A. Gcoige 8L Portmaa 8q.— Begistered 
bonnet and case. 

187 FiBMiir,— , Conduit St. Button MannfiKtarers. 
140 Cuxa k Sox, St. Austell, Msnu^Undcigroand 

hats tat Cornish n^iners, itc, used for protection against 

lA HoBvr k BsmoLDS, 100 Kew BL Birmingham, 
Xanaw—Ladieir eoiset, to fosten, ke. without ' 

IM Warn, £. Ednr Buildings, Ball 
osmpletelj fbrnished. Inftnt^s fiock and robe. Lady's 
chfmltt and nigjit-^ress. Gentleman's shirt. 

14B LBW0fcSo]r,lQuietSt.attdlJohnStBatf^Des. 
—Over-coat, of novel design and light totniu. 

140 Knur, J. It Co. 98 Hi|^^. Kilkcnnj, Irdand.— 
Buekskin buntingbreeches ; buckskin raw matorfal. Ice 

147 MAS<«/W.NeweastloHind«r-Lyme,)Iamu— Yelvei. 
nu hats^ on an improved body ; waterproof beaver hat ; 
Waterproof Iblt hot, adapted to tropical dimatea. SUkhat, 
on a body of Cashmere. 

148 HoDGSox, T. Jnn. 8) Iroo Maztet, Keweastle- 
nndct^yme, Dea. and Mann.— Elastic ooneL Invisible 

160^Sul,'l. H.Wfaitb7,I]iv^'< Unique iMAit," cntout 
in onepleee, and having few irama 

ISlSvr, A. Sbepton Mallet, near Wdls,8omene«Bhire, 
Inv.— The KrUmtxnnsitional coat Suztonl, with concealed 
hood iMT travellingifco. 

m Bmraan, Hblbix, 13 Charles 8L Soho, Inv.— The 
frnbonnet. Abonnetiniriiiles£lk,contBlnedinalbnboK. 

168 Jons, J. 17 Buke St Liverpool, Inv^Tsilor's 
T.fbrcuttingooatsandwaisteoals^ IfegiBtcred. 

168 BoBBBT, R. Post St Carnarvon, Wales.— Linsey 
J rew w ^ searfr, aprons, and petticoat 

170 Wari, w. Banbury, Ozfindshlre.— A man's dress 
in one pieoe^ with filling bag to carry It In. 

IBOAun, W. D. kCo. lS4New Bond St Inr.and 
lfanu.1 lufaiitiy vwitilafing hat, a protection fiwn sun and 

181 AuAV,j:i58CbcqHld&liBmi.andI)es.— LsdieiT 
and childreB^s straw bonnets ami hats, of a peculiar com- 

188 BowiiAn, a a Hi^ St Leicester*— ^ctorines, 
"1aa, and polkas, made of lambskin, cured with the 
Pleeey patent leather aoeks. Lapland wool ruga. 
Odklren's ftame-worked coats, edoed with lamb»wool. Ice. 

188 Betbo, Waus, Ic Co. 62 Aldermanbury, Uann.— 
Bonnet^ hats, and ornamental work, in Bevon, Luton, 
Italian, chip, and Dunstable plait 

184 Bovinr, C 37 Lower Eaton St PfanHeo, Mann.— 
Stoical and other belt drawen. 

186 Bbrhi k Mbcuabd, 56 and 57 Gt Guildford St 
Southwark,and 208 Strand, Menu.— BOUtary and court hats, 
news^les. Ladies' black n^Iem beaver riding hats. Silk 
piush hats. Velvet folding open hat 

188 BAxiim, J. Bowling Green St Leicester— WooL 
worsted, and Cashmtee hose and half-4iose. 

187 BouRcnaoBJE, C. It F. Norwich, Maau.- Poplins, 
plain and flgnxed, corded, striped, and checked. Black 

188 BoiTMAB, C. B. Ldeester, Inv. and Masu.— Lsdie^ 
and children's vietorines, riding boaa, and niautilla poDcas, 
made of lamlKskin. MantiUa and muff ftt«i^hi:^. L^laad 
wool run. Ieo. 

188 Bbaoshaw, G. 108 Bishop«te St and S5 Hig^St 
Islmgton, Inv. and Pat— Patent mstoiing, ss sppUed to 
gentlemen's collars, stocks, fcc Gcntlemen^s and-rtienmatic 
belt and drawers. 

180 BEAuronr, Miss, Poolaenmgh Houses Cork, Prop. 
—A child's pelisse, knitted of Sco^^wool of a very fine 
texture. A spocimen of Irish ingenuity and indostrr. 

181 GAxnnaoinrlcWABiiXBs.Lou|^borou^LJceBter, 
Mann.— Patent Angola and merino yarns. Hose. SUrts, 
drawers, ladiei^ vests and dresses. Ice. 

182 CoEAB k Sons, Grsnby St Leicester, Maau^-An 
extensive assortment of hose. Wool vests and drawers. 
Fancy wool cuifb and sleeves, hoods, hata, and bonneta. 
Ladled wool paletota. 

188 Caow, HBnazrTA, 3 Maidenhead Ct CHpplegate, 
Des. and Mann.— SUk puraea, knitted with pins, and by 
the hand. 

184 CBAna,Miadame]l. A.58Bemen St Mann, and 
DesL— Corwts, belts, and articles of drew for ladies. 

186 CABTwsioHr k WAMKBOf LoughboToufl^- Patent 
juigola and merino yams. Hose, half hoM, Ice. Ladiea' 
vests and dresses. 

188 Coanr,J.lcJ. QueenCamd,nearTeovll,SQmcnet 
— Cokmred and white lamhaHns, Coloured and black 
leather grain gkrres. 

187 Cumn Ic Sosr, 69 Gneechurch St part Iut, and 
Makers.— Be|iateredfi>ldingJiasBinettes or cradles. Infanta 
baaket, with its cwntmfs. Table covers of linen damask* 
Segistered striped or bonded toweUing; Newark huckaback 
towelling. Irish sheetings. 

188 Cmmax^ S. 871 Strsnd, Des.— The Anaxyridian 

188 Dauoo, G. 85 George St Perth, Inv. and Mann. 
—Gentlemen's hals, three ounoes and a half In wei^it 
Hi|diland bonneta. 

dOO DouiniET,E. 17 Old Bond St 25 Burlington Arcade, 
49 Lombard St Inv. and Maker.— Waterproof Irish poplin 
rM^ntBfWi doaka 

801 DbFatx,T. 6 York St Charing Cross, St Helier. 
Jersey, Prop.— Knitted stockings, fine woollen mread, ^yca 
of different colours; knitting peculiar to flie island. 

808 Eua,F.fc J. Leicester, MawL-aUk, Lisle thread, 
and Cashmero sloves. 

208 Far, J. Godalmiag, Surrey. Mann.- Lisle thread 
hoae embroidered. Fleecy breast^latea. Segovia shlrfs 
and pantslooos. Merino shirts and vests. Cotton panta- 
loons, drawms, and shirts. 

204 Far, J. L. Honiton, Devon, Inv. and Blanu.— 
DroM coat: the body cut in one piece of cloth. New mea- 
sure^ registered. 

206 FsBEHAjr, T. & 48 Fenehuich St— B«gistered new 
safe^ pockets. 

206 Field k Son, 114 Foro St Crippleeate, and Har- 
pendco, Hcrta. Mann.— Improved Dunstable bonne t s. Chip 
bonnet, manufactured from the poplar4ree: Straw bonnets, 


in new designs and combination oimatfrials. 

Digitized by 




2gfl Yiaxm. J. Ic Go. Woroetttr, Muia. -~ LMUet* 
hablta. FNDoh kid giorv; calf gkrres; Ci^^-goatgloTW. 

908 Gbohv, R HJgh St LaomiiMter, Hervfbnlihixe, 
Ut.— Four tjtlami of eatdng ooaIb, retti, troufen, Ite. 

SOO OiKmLLAOBACHAia4iTTs,5UpperE*leo8tPim- 
Ueo.— Model^tedys drai, with ^tie lidei. 

SIO GsMOBT, CoBnT, h Co. 15 AldarmAiibaiy, Imp. 
end MunL-^^jpedaeof of ftraw, chip, and honahalr mano- 
ftetoTCf in the Tariouf atafei. Fla^i^iM, from Cnba;hati 
fsom tha Mmc, called Brasilian hata. 

911 GwATUK, Emilt h Eliza, 37 Weetmintter Bridge 
Bd. Dei.— Bonnet made from eotton. oroohet, and bonnet 
made of iatin, of new dedgn and workmanihip. 

515 GooumiQ, J. Berertoy, Inr. and Blann.— Kord fnllT 
di«M coal, with two teama inatead of nine. 

518 HuDaoic,J.Lflieeeter,Hana.— Lamba-wool,C3ieTiot, 
Gbahmcre, Sazonj, Yietoria. and wonted hoae. 

514 HcpAirp, B. Mancheater, Mano^^Hata in ailk and 
Ttlret napa, remarkable fbr lightnem. Hat-banda and 

Slo Habbis k ToKKOfii Abingdon, Berki, Mann.— 
White dnek agrienl^nral labonreri ftocka, deaigned hr 
T. Wataon : worked bj Hannah and Eether Stimpaon, oot- 
tageis, Badicy. 

516 HnioB, E.IeF. Norwich. Biaito.— Silk flgored aerial 
dreama; ailk and wonted figured ct^m dreaKC. 

517 HA]>UET,B.73Hi^8tWoroeater, liano.— Ladiea* 
ornamental hair. 

515 aMiPBB,l>. 4LiUlePiiltene7 8tGolden8q. Dee. 
nnd Prod.— Scotch drem brogne. 

519 Jmmml a. TMUgar Cottage, Bath, Dea.— Ladiea* 
slippen, embroidered and aatin-qnilted. 

SfiO JoErafmi, J. St Ninian, by Stiriing, Scotland, 
Mann.— Spedmefla of hoat^ ftxmi the oldeat kind up to the 

^^sSl SjiABta, T. 40Geoige St Limerick, Ireland, Dee. 
— Winter and aommer orereoat combined, compoaed of Iriih 
fiieae v*^ tabinet, Ice. 

S8S KjuDy W. J. 6 Corentry St FiccadiUy, Prop.— 
Specimena of hoaiei^. 

S88 KsAaaa, T. Limerick, Ireland.— HiUtaiy clothing, 
and clothing made ezohoiTely of Irish friese. 

S84 Kmanr, SoaAK, 14 Iriahtown, Clohmel, Dublin, 
Mann. — Baby'a peliaae^ and chiki'a erening frock, of French 
caahmere, richly braided. 

SS6 hmOt O. High Wrcombe, Bocka, Tnr. Dee. and 
Mann.— Billow4aoe hati ana bonnett. made by a new me- 
thod of ailk, itraw, and hone-hair. l>eaian regiftered. 

SB6 Lna, A. Mancheater, Mano.— Felt, relret, and 
alpaca hata. Cloth cape. 

827 LoNODOdi leSoM, Derby, Manu.— Patent frame-work 
glorea, without any aeam on one lide. Smlth'i patent boot, 
which requirea no lacing. 

S28 LAWBis, B. WTS Carlton PL Laoriaton, Glaagow, 
Inr.— Articlea finr the uatiaei ration of life and proper^ at 
sea. Wearing apparel jQ^dered life pi ^ eaei re ia . Ice. Life- 

Laubbici, Elbabstb, 15 MontpeUer Walk, Chel- 
Mann.— Wr ~ " ' 

V kite French merino mm, braMed and 
trimmed with satin. Crimson Telvet drees fcfflx)7S, braided. 
White satin dnwn-bonnet 

880 LsAOBBAnEB, B. & Stradbally, Ireland, Prop.— 
Buttons of the Ihiest silk, knitted by hand, by poor peaaant 
girla at their homea; and called gossamer mittena. 

881 M<GxB, J. 6. k Co. Beffast, Bfanu.— Embroidered 
vesta: the deaigns l^ pupils of the Belfkst Govemment 
School of DeriffB ; the embroidery by poor girls, only nine 
months under ue tuition of the exhibitors. 

888 M*CuiiTooK, J. Ie Co. Bamsley, Inr. and Mann.— 

2^ S J!^,1.S^ ^«»^ to fit the ho4y of the 

::!sz\^rrr''^^'''''^ iiii^.:;^oo»et, 

li^^i;^?J;j^^r'^^ Norwich m«LI«^ 

FigTjred popliji ; Oijnc poplin 

cloth I Norwich 

KmboasodTfelt '. 

Ughi £«pbyr hat Welch lad/s 

Hkfft^"^ ^' X fc&'ia* qu^n St Glascow.Manu.- 
9k^^:^.^^^;^f^^'''^ *^ h-mSkewhiefr. 
^S MAcnowA, a 3a Molaswonli St Dublin.— Embroi. 

M^ ri^^L^?"^ ^^^ "' ^ O^*'^ St Dee. and 
JS^pTF* ^^ hodicts of whi t« iaiin. Abdominal belt 

237 MoLi^^T hi So3n, Wjinriek, Manu.- 
rtiy "n ng the mtDttfaetiure of a i tuff bat 
Steiff ni*ti<^«. Silk; hat*, 
hat, CArJipmsbins. 

238 himcT, J. 3$ Wi^^more St 1 nr. and Mann.- Per- 
™'i2Sk*'*^^'*^ ribbon or tprrngt. Ijuly's head-dreaa. 
f^J^t^^Tr^ ^' I'^^^^X Blnnu-Iriahunifbrmftock 
fottht ItmiJ Uorm ArtiJlerjf }mh Ciieae national cue, 
and Irish fnpie i>alelot i*cket. ^"^ 

340 Picorr, J. 23 Mur J borougli SL Cork, Ireland. BCann. 
and Frop,^ Improved ladiw* peruke. 

S41 Pioojf, H. k E. 99 Lover Do«et St Dublin, Ifanu. 
—Pair oftBilted fm^y »t^kiiig». 

243 PALiittt, .J. Newfoundland St Bristol Des.— 
Unlia^ htgh-hetted boot, in tjje old at via, made of satin. 

S4S HAwuH<jd, J. B. Abbey Silk iMUls, Sherborne, Dor- 
se^Mfljiii.-^ Gloving imd aewia^ ailka, for tambour. Soarll 
hatf twisi ctoth. Ice of sinerior ouality. 

. ***«?^i?^ ^' T^wock, Deron, Inv.— An is^rored 
eiotf. Patented. 

M6 BjkMsr.P. akCo.l9Lanoefield8tGlaosow,Hann. 
— Wateinoof eoats, trouaen, ooach-driver*s apron, police 
cape, and taipanlin. Sampleaofdjed cotton jmis. 

846 Riin, W. 61 Conduit St Hanorer Sq. Iny. and 
Mann.— The rsgfstered^sana-pU* shirt 

247 SroBon, Wooiur, Sakdds fc Ca 4S Friday St 
Blanuw—Bonneta of split straw plait made by hand of Enjdiah 
phdt, showing the inner side of the etraw, ic. 

948 SpoaDm, Wooiur, SAimras. Is Co. 42 Friday St 
lfum.—BaBnet, made of English ^t straw-plait, of superior 

,.^*^ 5?^ ^- ^ South Bridge, Edinburgh, Des. and 
Hanu.— The Y-breaated and awirel-ooUared ahirt 

260 Shbabmax, J. Finsbury Parement, Prod.— Sped- 
mena of Bilk Russia brakUng. General aaaortment of aelect 
needlework, in baby linen. 

251 Souwx, Sakah, 52 York Rd. Lambeth, Dea. and 
liann.— A lady's English ooatome baU dress, embroidered 
with gold and silkT^ ^ 

2o2 Snwjjrr, Jahx, Templetrine Glebe, Bandon, Ire- 
land, Prop.— Articles made at the Templetrine Industrial 
School by the poorest claas of the peasantiy. 

268 Smabx, R. 10 Upper Eaton St GrosTenor PL Inv. 
-The «SubclaTian scoter?' 

264 Tbb Nbwbubt Local ComnrTBE.— An oil pdni- 
ing: instance of a ooat made fiom the fleece in thirteen 
houfs and a hal£ 

266 Ytsb fc Bom, 76 Wood St Mann.— LadiesT bonnets, 

the hand. LeAom: the material produced in Ita^, tlie 
bonnet formed In London. 

266 Wabo k Sons, Leioestor— Patent foncy craTuts, 
boaa, and p ehrin es without seam. Alpaea coata and < 
Polka ooafiT Won! - .- . 

Worrtead and ootton hoea. Wool 

and capes, 
frocks, lie. 

Digitized by 


Ci^Att 21. Cutlery, Edge and Hand Iboli. 


267 Wklcb fc Som, U Gutter Lana.— apwiiiienfl of 
wbcftt fftxmw, straw plAit% boniiets, &e. 

968 Wsus, ILabia, Bera Kt^ Btandfoid, Dorset, 
HamL — ^Fiae tliraad shirty with buttons manufacterad by 

269 WoALLET, W. Giabbenr Hall, Stafford, Iut.— 
Fate&t-soled boots and shoes, wita a oomplete sole of finely 
t emp a r sd steel, introduced between the inner and outer 

960 WAnx^SrjtuT.SBAnPy&WAaD^BdperiDerhjshiie, 
Ic 89 Wood 8t Gheapside, Mann. — Spedmens cif hosiery and 
glore maau&etnres. lisle-thread, merino^ cashmere, sUk, 
and swill sf i^- 

9uWiiiJm k BxjiB, 306 Etrand, Iut.-— Begistered 
wateipvoof alpaca orer-ooat and ease that can be canieil in 

968 WoonaooiE k Ldckmait, 83 Wood St CSieapside, 
Des. and Uanu.— Bonnets, made from the Eq^lah willow, 
li^t and cheap. 

968 WooDXH, D. S Upper Purk PL Dorset Sq. Inr. and 
Maan^— Patent horseshoe, to prerent slippiug on ke, wood, 

964 WiuarEB,LoDaA&]ilABXA3r,KDoddiagton Grove, 
Des. and Hanu. — Feathen and roeettes, in coloued mohair 
silk. Band-netted head-dresses, in floss silk. Ice. Fancy 
bmedeti. ffilk caps. Berths caps, of eoUL sttrcr, and 
€henlUe,IUs. -!-,—•• 

CiJiSi2L OiOeiy^ Edge and Baiid IboU, 

1 Jagksok, W. Birmingham, Hanu.— Model of a 

r machine^ forraising dim coveza. Tools used in the 

aeture of tin and copper ware, fcc 

9 Tbobubiix^ W.l44lfew Bond St —Sted chatelaine, 
style ef the old pierced sted work. Instrument for pruning 
trees at uij hei^t Floweraatfaerer, cutlery, Ice 

8 TTTOMAa, B. ScknieUTWorks, Binnfiighsm, Msnu.— 
An aswrtment ox axes, hatdieta, and adsea; aoguis, plane- 
irons^ chisels^ trowel, gun and hand harpoons; and i^rden 

4 BuNPBLn^ rr. Q. 6 Middle Bow, Holbom, Mann.— 
Table cutlery, made in London. 

7 MoKRm, J. fc G. 8 Gt Turnstile Lincoln's Inn 
Fieldi^ Mann. — ^London-made table cutlery. 

8 CowTAx, BL fc a 104 Fenchnrdk St Inr^—Canton 
strop, or Chinese raaor^harpener. 

10 Sbabhev J.lcB.5Goug^Sq. MamL— TkbMmift 
Gutler[, made in London. 

13 MosBunr k Sov, 17 k 18 New St GoTent Garden, 
MsmL—Plancs and tooIsL with modem improTements. 

14 Lot, W.84Kiug St Whitehall, Mann.— Onb skates, 
ladic^ skates, lc& 

15 Lor, W. T. Jun. 80 St Martin's Lsne, Des. and 
Man.— Baxon, earring knives and fork% and other artielea 

16 Fuld^S. 17 Msiy Ann St St George's East» Inv. 
— Oshinet^naker's ease oftoola. 

18 Boos, J. 91 Waterioo Bd. Lambeth, Mann.— Cir^ 
enlar and other mws, toning and other mechanical tools. 

19 Hiu. J. Y. 5 Chichester PL Gray's Inn Bd. Menu. 
—London maoe saws. 

94 NBir8oii,H.18PerByStTottetthunCtBd.InT.— 
Peientwir« trusses: 

81 BlainrAB, A. Glsflgoi^ BCann.— Thomson^s angers, 
biaeei^ bits^ claw apd clench hammers^ seoUpps, for b(»ing 


WLLrmmnm^ A. Glasgow. Mann.— Amortment of 
braces and bits ;• pimioibrte-makers key toob; taming and 
carrfnj tocls^ &c. Flit ploughs. Sash and ndc fiUlsteis, &c. 

88 HxLLiABD ft CiL4PiiA!r, Glavgow, InT. and Maau.— 
BaxoTB of Tarious kinds and strops. Table eutleiy ; pocket 
knires, Ite. Truss, finr hemia 

86 BLiTBiE905,T. A. 1(00.85 Nicholson St Edinburgh 
Manu.— ImprOTed sash fillister pbne, wood brsoe, and pat- 
tern bits. 

86 MACFHSBfloir, C. Ie H. 1 Gilmore St Pears Work, 
Edinbui^ Mann.— A brsce, with aU kinds of Idts used for 
boxing, dnlling, and countersinking. 

So Eastwood, G. 81 Wafan Gate, Tork, Inr. and 
Bfanu.— Mitre plane, for the use of caUnetHuaken, Joiners, 
oigan4railders, lee. 

87 Barub, B. Easiogwold, Yorkshire, MamL— But- 
chers' and house steels. 

88 Tomjs k Co. Kettering, I^orthsmptonshire, Menu. 
—Sickles for reaping com. Shears for sboepahearing, wool- 
sorters, thatfhiiig, and carpets. 

8o Stubs, P. Warrington and Boflierham, Menu. — 
Blister and shear steeL Csst^teeL Coach-spring steeL 
Lancaaihire files and tools. Magnets, made according to the 
system of the Ber. W. Seoresby. Double-aetion lever lock. 

40 GnjjnnBLL. G. 8 Market St Manchester, Prop.— 
Knife with 800 blades, each having a separate spring. 

41 Stzack, J. Korfolk. Set of raaors. 

42 Bsi£BXB,L Waterioo St Wolverhampton, Menu.— 
Augers, biti, bosun^ chisels, and gouges, for shipwri^ts, 
carpenters, Ice 

49 Belcbeb, L Waterloo St Wolverhampton, ICaan. 
—Tools used by shipwiif^its, caipenten, ooopersi pomp- 
borers, and wheelwrimits. 

44 FLBTCBKa, W . Bordham, near Bridgewater| Sopier- 
set, Inv. and Manu.— Two working models of filtering vea- 
eels. 3iodsl of a stove for the purpose of heating and ven- 
tilating two apartments at the same time. Cupeaters and 
cabinet makers' amoothlng plan^ with new mode of altering 
the pitch of the iron. Model or Bnmham Law lighthouse. 
Specimens of amber, Jet, Ice. fimnd ou the coaat of liorfolk, 

48 BoKBAM, J. 458 Oxford St Manu^— Cutleiy, with 
illustrations df manu&etnrcL Cut steel chatelaine. 

61 W£ATHKBi.T,£. 8 BefanontTer. Wandsworth Bd.— 
TalTs saw-set being a patent fiir improvements in the appa- 
ratus for smiyfui saws. 

88 AoDB, & J. 20 Gravel Lane, Southwark— Tools 
used by carvers. 

114 CocKXB k Bon, Hathersage, Mann.— Nesdlcs, in 
all stages of manu&eture; heckles and heckle-pins; spiral 
springs; combs, and wool-comben^ broaches; piniou 
wire, Ice 

199 Caumat/t, J. Cuniberland PL St Holier, Jerse}'. 
Menu. — ^Knife and sdssors extremely smalL Blade without 
the use odT glasses. 

194 Bbadiobd, B. Ie W. 72 Patrick St Code, Irehmd, 
Mann. — Cutleiy, including raiois, pen and sporting knives, 

184 Teatsb, F. G. 10 Wfaickworth Bufldings, aty Bd. 
Inv. and Menu.— ^Eegistered lever kniveSp for opening pre- 

served provisions. Ice Begistered twine or string boxei 

185 WniGBT, P. Constitnlkm Hill, Dudley, Mann, and 
Pat— Vice, with patent solid box. 

186 Atkhc, G. E. fc a. 115, 116, and 117 Barford St. 
Bizming^mm, Manu.— Specimens of drealar saws. Cose of 
cazpenters* and joiners' tools. Specimens of skates. 

187 Nash, K. 20 Bussell St Birminghsm.— Dies and 
small tools. Spoon, medal, coin, button, and shank-hole dies. 
OlBcoHlesk seals. 

188 Pbaoocs, G. Southampton, Inv.— New description 
of metallic paint or composition, named ** Anti-SargasBan,'' 
for protecting the bottoms of ships. 

Digitized by Vjl^i^QlC 


Clam 21. Outlay, Edge md Hmd Toob. 

188 KAmsr, J. Syoamore 8t Sheffield, Prod.— fipeei- 
meDf of engimYfaig on peirl and ivofj. 

146 CAmiiaQi,lLutTj.9W«lootPftnde,Bath, Hoan. 
(bUnd, dea£ and dnmb).— Models of a lady's travelliiig^ 
basket^ and Inralld's W-table; chaiz^back and head- 
screens ; mats; baskets; flower-pot stands, &o. 

170 Bradmwd, B. Ie W. 73 Pa^ck 8t Inland, Menu. 
—Pearl, tortcrfsasheil, and iTory-haodled laaon. Look-joint 
kniyes. Pmniiyr and other knires. Corkscrews. 

e06 Geat, f . 47 Honorer Bt Edinborgfa, InT.~Mbdel 
of an inTalid MLmade by T. Stonock, Duke Street. Leith. 
IB, J. E. 09 Moont Pleasant, LiTcrpooL Manu.— 

042 JEtosB,J. 

Artifieial teetL 

Ci*A88 22. Qtaavl Hardware, indudmg Locks and 

1 Hooo^ a 81 Upper Thames St Prop.--<SUble stall 
with a cast and wroufl^t-iron hay-tick, enamelled mange 
and dstem, IM. 

4 Tmom, T. SSEastSt. Marylebone, Mann.— Sliding 
netalsashofiminroTedoonstnietion. Door-spring and centre 
iTor a door to swing both ways. 

ornamental iron ^tes for a park entranea 

7 Stbvoi8,H.B. Newmarket, Gambridgeshire, Mann. 
—Specimens of horM^hoes and plates Ibr race horses. 

8 SnoDi^ W.Mann.— King's BBS oooUnc range. Gas 
stove. Bronae candelabra, designed by P. U HMdwick. 
Biddle^s gas bnmer. Bailway signal lamp. Lowe's patent 
gaa nanhtiialiier. 

8 CLASBmMni, T. Great Bnmswiek St Inr. and 
Mann. — ^A hozse-shoe,desiKned to permit the natuml ezpaa- 
sive action of the foot of the hoise: pa t ented for Great 
Britain and Ireland and France. 

10 WmnsHKAw, J. Ozfbrd SL Manchflster, Inr. and 
Prod.— Horse shoes. 

11 GBorrao Ik ICauiib^ 970 Oxford St Pat and Mann. 
— Rodwny's improred patent concsTe horse-sboei. Patent 
machine-made, nlkrad, and seated horM-ihoes. 

14 JoMEi, G. S Bftven's PL Hammersmith, Inv.^ 
Horse-shoe for frosty weather. 

16 BihTMAjLj. 4 Leever's Boildingi, Glasshonse Td. 
InT. and Mann.— ConeaTe expansion hots»«hoe. 

16 Cook, W. Willesboroogh, Ashibrd, Kent, Mann.— 
Horsepshoe in most general nae. 

17 Plomixit, w. Maidstone, Inr.- Model of sn im- 
proved hora»«hoe. 

17 Dbwshap, J. Sheffield. Yorkshire, Mann.— An 
assortment of superior and usefiuxasor strops. Busrinand 
Morocco pocketA>ooks. liSdiea* Ckimpanions, Ice 

18 Fbbcsb, W. 38 Loyd St Green Hem Inv. and Mann. 
— B^gistered letter-copying machines. Model of n window 
with registered sasbnsteners. 

18 Baku, E. B. 9 Walbrook, Des. and Inv.- Portable 
and cheap letter>«opyi]ig machine, called a^'maantype.'* 

20 noTHYXii, J. 1^ St Edinborgh, InT. and lumn.— 
Letter-copying press, combining seal press and letter 

21 Pesit. H. J. 8 Greenwich Ed. Greenwich, Inv.— 
Atmospheric xaiiway, with gutta percha tubing, to work by 
compreuion or exhanstion. Sansage machine. 

28 Syues, W. 19 Victoria Bd.Pimlioo, Inr. and Pat 
— ^LunuHSUgar chopmng machines. 

25 Bartbum & FaBTYXAx, Brick Hill Lane, Upper 

TbMMs St Muu.— Wroii^t ooppcr naik, n>Tes, riveta, and 

28 WAUOBByE. OCardingtonSt EnstonSq 

Perforated fanes, eontainiqg from e^ht thousand one hnxt- 
drsd, to Iburtecn thousand four hun£ed iquare holes to the 
square inch, kc 

80 Wixjam Is WmATBBRi.T, S9 Hirii St Vapnlnff, 
MaBn.--aBdth*s patent galvanised and ungalvanixed irS 
and eonpsr wire ropes. 

81 Vnai, H. H. SAndover PL Kilbnn, Bes. and 

Improved bird-cage. 
^ 88 Woods. W. 1 Queen St Sonthwark. Mann.— Hooks 
and eyes, for unifonns, and drapery purposes. Brass chains 

88a Kutki, W. Camden PL Osmberwell, Mann.— 
Specimens of wire rope, for suspension bridge, 1(0. Copper 
U^fatelnr^ondncton and sssh line. Submarine telegn^ 

wuerm. Bound wire rope, prepared Ibr use. 

•■^ Fox, T. H. 44 Skinner St Mano.--Omamental ag- 
flower stands. Wire netting for aviaries, &«. Krd- 

wife rope. B 

den arch flowi 

Wove wire, and othor wire work. 

87 Pbbxb Ie Fixld, Blandfbrd, Dorset, Mann.— 
Wire buttons, made by covering or working round a bnm 
flQft wiA thraad or cotton, with a oommon needle. 

88 FukVB^ S. Leamington, Inv. and Mann.- PatenI 

r cooking gratei. 
moMO k 

88 GxEanuKi I^^Soks, Warrington^ Menu.— Extr»- 
wire cloth, woven by steam-power. 

40 GouikT- Perth. I>«i. kai BCanu.— Blalleable iron 
gttdBB-chair. Wire nettiiag. Land-measuring chains, with 

41 w Qsojr, J. B. Haydoek Bope Works, near Warring- 
ton, Pat and Mann.— Wire rope and cables, vis. stitched 
and pbtted, flat and round. 

48 DAjniATr, J. Norlblk St Snuderiand, Inv. and 
Mann.— Domestic mangle of simple constructiott. 

46 Bbtdbi Is Sons, Bose St Edinburgh, Inv. and 
Mann —A manjfiald beU^U, to ring bells in any number of 
rooms. An air signal moutMece and belt A bank saJis 
k^ Bell ftnnitne, blind rollers, Ibc 

61 EooB, J. Coalpool, Shropshire, lianu«— Model of n 
pair of pit frames, with bairel and flat chains. Woodand 
u on-k ey ed flat chains, for pitfc. 

68 EwAK G. 19 Quickset Bow, New Bd. Begenfe 
Paik, Mann<— ^ne spirometers, Ibr ascertaining the capo- 
city of the lungs ; sine mouldings, and samples of manu- 
flMstnred sins. 

64 LAWBX3IGI, T. B. Ie J. 56 Parliament St aikl 10 
loriL PL Lambeth.— British sine ores; sine in ingots, 
sheets, and plates. Perforated iheet sine, xino nails, Ibc 
Various manuikctured articles. 

66 TnaoGOir, H. Is W. 22 Jewin St and 57 Gxaoechurch 
St Menu.— Zinc window-bUnds, mouldings, cornices, gal- 
tan, lie Drawn and moulded due bus, for metal naheB, lie. 

66 Savaox, B. W. 15 St James's Sq. Inv.— Door 
sprlttA Alsxum bedstead. Bedstead for invalids. 

60 SrsiuLW.lEj.eiGeormStEdinburi^InT.Mann. 
and Pat— Kitchen-range, including apparatus for heating 
water for a bath. 

60 Pmur, E. Wolverhampton, Menu.— Spedmens of 
iron ore, pig iron, bar and iheet iron, block tin, Ice Strong 
tin ware^Dianished tin ware, and japanned ware. 

88 Cowx.Br Ie Jam n, walidl, Mann.— Patent iron bod- 
steads. Child's cot Wrought-iron gas and steam tubes and 

68 TrxAB Ic Pace, 313 Oxford St and 3 Queen St 
Che^de^ Menu.— Perforated metaL Patent iron bedsteads, 
sted folding portable bedsteads with wroushMron joints, leo. 

86 Hill, E. Ik Co. Brierley Hill iron Works, near 

Digitized by Vj^O 


Clasi22. Otaetal Hardware^ uuiutUng Locks and Graie$. 


JDodlaj, Mano.— Patent bedstndi, wMi piUan of taper iron 
tiilkias. fiehlj ji^aimed ibaey bead aiidftotiails, fcc. 

79 GxBBi]ifl&Soin,Shefflcld,liHni.— Apairofieinon 
ahicto e tt iaehes long, prodaoed ac a ipecfanen of workman- 
aUpu Apair of adNoninafbifeditata. An aHortment 
ofnafl-nippen. Champagne nippca. Pnodng-eheara. Seta 
of adasora, aasoited sixes, kc . 

76 KxEP h Watkot, Stovrbiidee, Mann.— Sjpadea and 
ahorela. Improrcdeaat^ateeldxainii^toolBL Pkngb-abaie, 
beam, and oooltcr numlds, for fincign and home markets. 
ftjinMan^ ladlea, and band-bowla. Sejtfaea; hay, chai^ 
and tEatoheia' knhres. Specimciia of crane and coal chain. 
Naila; anrlls; rioca; beat fcggoCnd azle aim nioiildi,for 
oarts and wagons. 

78 'FuaataL B. Soil j WoriEB, flfceffleld, Maim.— 
J6bm^ tools, and skates. 

79 Gumr, J. 8 Patrick St Oorik,beland, Bes^Tiews 
and sketches in copper, Ice. prodneed br gslranic agency. 

80 HAWcBorr k Sosis, SheffieM, MttUL— Irorr, pearl, 
md toHoiaesben raaors. Articles ionstzative of the pro- 
oeases ofmsirofiietnre, Iec. 

9m Uavptbisb, a. Britannia Poundrj Beriiy, Bes. 
and Mann.— CBst4ron foontain. Yasca^ copied from the 
Warwick and Medeci Taaea. Baedianallsn and other Tascs, 
ftoB the antiqae. 

88 T^BowuBoInosr Co. Bndftid, Yorkshire, Prod, 
and MamL — Specimens of iron on, coal, Ise., and of smelted 
and mannfaetored iron. 

84 BATKMAiifcSoss, Low Moor, near Bradlbrd, Mann. 
--Bloom of iron H.a prodneed ai £aat Biea, Korway. of 
great ton^hneas and strength; billet and wife rod rolled, 
and wire drawn from the same: csids mannf a cm red with 

86 Joi«,J.d3WesiFieldTer.Sheaeld,InT.andPkt 
—Glass for assh-ban, framea, eohmms, eonaoes, fcc, for 
windows, looUttMlass, and pictnrs fi«me% Ice. 

86 HiBD^ BAwaosr^fcUAmor, Low Moor Iron Worici, 
Bradford, Prod, and Mann.— Minerala from the Low Moor 
Oompan/a mines, near Bradford: Black ironstone; black 
bedeoaL Speeimen8ofLowMoorpigirQn,andof wronght 
iron tented Intension, Ice. Ten-ln^nn,of9foet4inchca, 
wei^da^SS ewt. need with holknr dwt shells, grape, and 
canJMer shot; mounted on a csrriage made by C. A. and F. 
Pcignson, B^ House, Mifl Wd, London. Thirty-two 
poondgan,of6feet, wei^iinglSewtnaedwitfa soUdshot, 
abellSygrape, and canister shot. Sogarcane mill ; cylinders 
or ernabing roll^ 24 inohes diameter I7 48 inches in length. 
Ofire mill. Wilson's ell^tograph, for drawing ellipaea of 
ai^ proportion from a stnight line to a diele. 

88 BAttacAKD k Bnaop, Norwich, Mann.-~Ofnnmental 
Gothic hinge. Galranizcd iron wire netting. 

88 Bllh, W. 196 Uigh St Isle ofWIrht, Maim.— 
with hot-plate, oven, ko. Bailer, 


NicBouosr, W. N. Kewark-00-TrenL Inr. m 
Mann«— Cottage cooldng-grate, patented by J. LesHck of 
London. Various other cottage and formbonaes and dining- 
fooasnates. Gas bradDots^ and oraamental iron woriL 

80 Couim, J. Leominster, Hersfbrdshire, Inr. — 
StoTca for warming and TenUlating bnilding^ kiln for dry- 
ing malt, hope, lee Machine for separating nopa, Ice. 

88 BousT, J. Northampton, law. and Bfanu.— Begia- 
tersd self-acting efflnvia-trap. Patent cooking^tore. 

88 MAartn, W. Sheffield, Mann.— Kingwood plated 
brae^ beecbed nnplated brace, and centre bits. 

80 FrrcB, M. Chelmsfoid, Inr. and Mann.— Patent 
oTcn, for baldnff bread, pastry, meati^ kc with great eco- 
nomy of frielaad time. 

91 Sbaxp, J. Sonthampton, br. and Mann. — App»- 
ratoa for cooking by gaa a dinner for 100 pfnons. 

92 KmwTiAgr, T. Exeter, Mann.— Bnisterod boiler 
for heating chnrches, mansions, Ite. 

98 Hamtbad k SoM, Cbichester, Sossex, MamL— 
Kitchen-ranm, combining all the conveniencca of a close 
rangjwitii die advantages of a Imeopen roaating Are, &c. 

86 HABPn Ic Son, Bndl^, Bes. and Mann.— Fender, 
OMnohi mounted. Pieroed fire-enard. Kitchen fender. 
Best steel fire-irons. 

97 Hatwooo, J. Berby, Mann.— Burnished steel 
dnwiug-room store, with poredain hearth. Badiating hall 
stOY v«rith hearth -plate. Cbnreh store. 

98 BnvBAM k Sons. 19 Wigmore St Manu^-Boasting 
range with radiating back. Smoke Jack. Hotplate and brdf 
log stove. Bain-Marie pan. Y^getoble steamer, fce. Copper 
warm and shower-bath. 

100 CoLUZB, Sox, fc Co. 10 Foster SLffishopsgate^ Pat 
and Inr^-Coffee-roasting ^pparatua. 

101 LssLix, J. 59 Conduit St Inv. Pat and Mann.— 
Patent fire-brick gratea. Patent domestic gas purifying 
appantus. Patent gas regulating ^paratus. Patent gas 
burners, ke. 

102 Stfast Ie Sutb, Shefldd, Msnu.— SylTcster's pa- 
tent grates. Begister grate, with a rerolrinff canopy: a 
French inyention. Patented in England. Fenders, ore 
irons, Iec Air stores. Three miniature stsam-engineSy 
madeby W. Hurst watchmaker, Sheflldd. 

107 Panes, W. 5 Jermyn St Bes. and Mann^-Chimney* 
piece of enamdled iron. Chimney-^ieoe of British alabaster, 
by H. Pooler maaon. Pyro-pneumatic yentilating stoTO> 
grate. Iec 

109 CAxn, J. k BoxT, Bailey Lane Works, Sbeflleld, 
Menu. — ^Patent double-edge Lewis and spiral machine kniyes, 
for dressing doth. CSreotar,i^ame,and pit saws. Files,&c 

109 JoHnaov, Camfbeu^ Ie CO. Qyckips' Works, Shef- 
fiekl, Toricshire.— Model of the Qyck)ps' Works. Speeimena 
of iron and steel suitable for encinoering, tool making, Itc 
An assortment of specimens of iflcs and rasps, from one to 
forty-six inches in length. Specimens of locomotiTC en- 
rine and tender, raihniy-carriage, horse box, bearing, buffer, 
draw springs, Iec 

110 Bxakxh. G. fc Co. 48 Eyre St Sheffield, Menu.— 
Iroiy carren ; wted fish carrers. SilTer and silrer-plated 

dessert-kniresL Ivoiy, rilver, and plated table^miyes. SilTer 
knife, fork, and spoon. SilTer csike-knife. 

110 Bbookxs Ik So3cs,SheAeki,Bi£anu.— Emigrants, hor- 
ticultural, end gentleman's tool chcsls. Tools of all de- 

112 MAxnr, W. AttereBife Steel Worics, near Sheffield, 
Menu.- Papermin, rag-engine^ roller-bars, and bottom- 
platea, ibr grinding ropes, rags, and other materials into 
pulp. KniTCS for rope and rag*cntting machines. Tobacco 
and anuff knires. Millei^s best refined cast-steel chisels and 
]dcka,fcc Samples of steel, used in the Tarioos branches of 
the manu&eturea of Sheffield. 

lis Speab Ic JACSS05, Sheffield, Menu.— Csst steel cir- 
cular saw, 5 fieet diameter : qiring steel handsaw, 30 incbea 
kmg, and a collection of otner asws. KniTcs. for machincfy, 

f .. «,. J Ameno 

and other punoaea. 
and edge toob of all 

Filea and rasps. American wedge axe, 
Cast steel plate for engrsTera, 
and specimens of cast steel in bars. 

114 Fbtket, F. Sheffield, Mann.— Basors, including 
tena of the best work; new in pattern and deaign. 
ken, diowing the dilTerent stages of the mannfoetnre 
the blade. 

110 Habgbxatzs, W. Ie Co. Sheffield, Mann.- Table 
knlTcs ; dessert kniTcs ; carren; game carrers; elaboratdy- 
carred iTory^iandled bread knifo. 

117 ToBHEB, T. Ie Co. Soflblk Works, SbeffieM, Mann. 
—Pair of Albert Tenison carrers, with stag antlers. Carred 

Digitized by VjI^I^V iC 


CxjLa22. General ffarduxtre, imiitimff £oek$ and Graiei. 

UbtoMflfliT. Tli« Prince of WaWs nikir'f knlft. Gaiw 
dencn^ eauoiy; tportenen'f knives; men; pocket and 
penkniTM. fltom, drcolai^ luuid, ud back sawi. Filet, Ceo. 

118 Alook, J. 105 JSkfam St Sheffield. Menu.— Knires 
fbr iboemeken, elleken, and cnxrien, laRlen, Mddlen, 
Joineit end eaUnetmtken, coopen, ptinten, and glasien, 
piomben. bateheni bafkeMnAken, and cooki. Newfound- 
land lleh-kniTes. 

119 PAtKoi k IfAKsnALL, Telegnpb Worki, SbelBeld, 
3iann.— Table and denert knivei ; canren ; fieh-oarven ; 
mellon-eanren; bread-kniyee, with caired handles. Laige 
slieen. ^ 

119 UAxra k Obat. Berkeley St BinnindianL Mann. 
—Gas chandelier, finiihed in sold colonr and artistic bronee. 
Pattern, finished in artistic Dronse and gold colour, relief. 
Gas brackets, carriage lampL kc 

ISO Eluv, T. k Co. BheAeld, Mann.— SboemakonB, 
f^crs, paintan, and furriers' kniTCS. Table knivea in 
common use a.d. 1800. Sheflleld whittle. Gsrving and 
ble knires and forks, Sec. 

121 OuTB, W. Sheflield, Mann.— Forty pieces of 
miniatnie cntlerr. Silver pistol. Table-knlres, as nutnu- 
fiMtnxed in 1750 and 1800. Yenison-carrers, and steel. 
Jones's patent game-carvers, and steeL 

128 WiLnmoir k Sow, Grimestborpe, She fl ield, BCann. 
—Sheep and horse shears ; shears ibrgtoTerSythatehen, and 

124 Srsu k WzBffrEB, Osstle Hill Works. Sheflield. 
—Nippers; gold and sUver sdssors; sargeonr scissors; 
tsiloir shears ; gsiden-sheais, and slide pruning sheen, to. . 

127 Shsabsi, J. Eldon St Sheflield. Manu.— Sheep- 
dicars; shears as used in the glore trade: horse-shears; 
pair of best polished bronzed trowel shank sheep-shears, in 
miniature, containing a varietj of small articles ; weaTers* 
shears, knife, and nippers. 

128 Mabpusi, K. Sheffield, Mann.— Bnees and bits: 
squares; mitre-square: tumscrews; improred sliding T 
bevil; saw-pads; spirlt>leyel : screw-slide mortice-gauge; 
saw and fiame ; apokeshaves ; soell-gimlet ; improved auger- 
gimlets, lie. 

129 TATLom, H. 105 FitzwiUiam St Sheflield, Manu.— 
Tools for engravers, carvers, and print-cutters. Uand-dzawn 
SteeL Sculptors' chisels. Screw-tools, Ice 

190 HoLMSB, a go Wellington St Shcfl&eld, Des. and 
Hanu. — New r^gistdred bolster. Specimens of table- 

180a Bloooxeb k PHII.XPF8, Albert Works, Sheflield, 
Manu.— Braces and bits, spirit levels, chiiels, 8bo. 

181 Haaoy, B. £. BumhaU St Sheflield, Menu.— 
Carved bread and nlatod dessert knives. Nutpieks, and 
instruments for ladies' work. Boxes, and gentlemen's 

182 Mabtdt, S. 89 Norfolk St Sheflield, Mano.— Sped- 
^mens of various kinds of raaors, manufactured from Sheflield 


188 NsiTBOuu) k BaxXiDOit, Surrey Works, Sheflield, 
Manu.-<S|peciniens of Roberts' patent table cutlny. Table 
cutlery, with ivory and silver handles, fro. 

188 Nbwbold k Ovnr, Sheflield, Mann.— Samples of 
best steel polished goods, inciudix^ new and improved 
forms and varieties ox sdisors. 

184 Wmn It Sons, Sheffield, Alanu.— Samples 6f raaors 
and table knives. 

184 IivaBAM, T. W. 85 Bradford St Birmingham, Des. 
and Manu.--Hom buttons, illustrations of the manufacture 
prior to the patent, and the improvements made under the 
same; materials with. 

186 JoHXB, J. West Field Ter. Sheflield, Inv. Pat ajid 
Menu.— Improved dinner-knife and carvers. Bust^reventive 

187 Vicmcamnt, W. 17 Sycamore St Shefllald, Mamiw— 
Pocket and pen knives. American dacger and spear knives. 
American cotton and hunting knives, Sc. 

189 Mappdi Ik BnoTHBta, Sheflield and London, Menu. 
— Aaortment of cutlery, Inclnding sportiiiff and pocket 
kuives; pen-making machines; gardener^ kixlves; tabla 
cutlery ; imsors and scissors In great varieW. 

145 CiiAfTOH, G. 5 Love St Sheffield, Mann^-Sped* 
mens of table cutlery. The same plated on steel in ivory 
and peart A large bread-knift. 

148 Bbadmkd, S. Bagwell St Clonmel, Ireland, Menu. 
— Baaoxs. Baaor blades, fbom the bar of steel to the finished 
blade. Penknives, pocket-knives, and sportsmen's kxdves. 
Daagen. Coeumber^Hcer. Tobacco-cutter. Pair of skates. 

148 Baosbaw, W. 87 Spring St Sheffield, Manu.— 
Assortment of fine penkxiives. , 

144. BABO& H.TiOwSt Sheifieid, Mann.— Pockot-knives 
American hunting-kniTea, Ice. 

146 Baio<iir& 186 SoUy St Sheffield. Mann.— Needles 
and awls for basket, xnattrew, and staymakeis, saddlers, lie 
BookbixiderB' or printer^ bodkins. Punches. Packing* 
needles. Cnrrienr steel-blades. Nut-pickers. American 
socket-vice, lbo« 

148 HABxyr, T. Moora St Sheflield, Mamt— Stllle- 
toes, dotchet-needles, button-hooks, nall-fflcSy corkserewip 
tweeaexs, bootvooks. Ice. 

147 Sellbbs, J. Sheffield. Maim.— Baaors. Pocket and 
sportsmen's knives. Fine rexxknlves. duxgeons' cutting 
Instruments. Engravers^ tools. Pen-making maehinea. 
Steel ]riate, machine-ruled; exhibited to show its fitness for 
the etcher axid eqgimver. 

149 NowxLi^ J. k Soxn, Sheflield, Maim.— Assortment 
of knives fbr the Levant trade> other eutleiy, xasors, dress- 
ing-cases, Ice. 

16l£LUon, J. Townhead St Sheffield, liann.— Sample 
rasor,maimihetuxed of the best steel ; exhiUted for temper, 
design, and workmanshio. Frame-back raaor. Pcarl-tang 
raaor. Baiors, with holiow-grouxul blades. 

164 WEBsm, 6. Howard St Sheffield, Manu.— Bacon 
of superior finish and quality. Donbla-edged rasor, provi- 
sionals registered. 

166 LmiOBB, C. 83 Carver St Sheffield, Inv. and Mann. 
—Various raaors; curiosity raaor ; barbexr raaors. Table 
knivea; silvef^plated dessert knives, with chased bladea; 
peari-haadled plated deesert knife, with emblematical foxrule. 

166 Blub, L 188 West St Glossop lid. Sheffield, Manu. 
— Csrd of raaois. TM^ble knives. Bfutchers', paUet, putty, 
and stopping knives. 

167 UEJUOKf 6. 83 Arundel St Sheffield. Inv. and Mann. 
—Sdssors for clippixig horses. Elastic metallio combs. Lampe 
for singeing hotaes. Taltors' shears. 

169 Uirwiii Ic BoGSBs. Bockingham Works, \U Bock> 
ingham St Sheffield, Manu.— ^rting knives; pistol. 

pencil, and cigar kxiives; desk, gaiden, pen-machin^ scia- 
sors, sailors', and pocket knives. Baaors. lancets, forrien* 
knives, fieams for bleeding cattla. Nail-files, button- 
hooks, fco. 

100 Maruott Ic Amsfsmr, Fitaalan Works. Sheffield, 
Manu.— Files and rasps, for various purposes, and in various 
stages of manuflwture. Specimens ofsteel, for coach springs, 
chMs, spindles, and tools. Model for locomotive engines, 
, orays, railway waggons and carriages, elliptio car- 


gig or light cart-epring. 
FaAncoMBB, H. Wolveriuunpton. — Portable wash- 
stands, coal vases, oval dish-covers, tesrtrays, copper bronso 
kettles, tea caddxes, hot-water dish and cover, dressing- 
case, Ice. 

161 Kirk Ik WAuzir, 11 Coalpit Lane, Sheffield, Manu. 
—Files and rasps, suitable Ibr mechanics, cngineen, ke. 

Digitized by V^JLJi^ 


Clam 93L' Cfenaral Hardware^ mduding Locks and GraU$. 


JLttBB flk^ 54 Inelics kM^ to ibow the ▼ 

tSqff. Doiigned and execatad bj H. To 

16B Mask. Buotbemm, k Oow 8hefl 

9 TMioai IbfiBi of cat* 
H, TocBgt, of S he i B eld. 
_ Mask, Bbotbxbi, k do. Shefleld, Moan.— Sped- 
lofHed uMdlbrtoota^eatlay, IM. Tabb tad imaU 
ootleix. BatolMn* kaWet; laaon; odgo took; illea ; 
•eythM; bay-kaife; itisv-kalft. Spring IbriaSlwaytrnoks, 
jmBaooKSBAirx, A. KokBda If oiln, Sheflald, Mann. 



IM WofiAU. tUujiX, k Co. SheiBeld, UaaiL—HaoUea 
and gjlii fer flax-dpewfag. Gnfr^teel wire and mizalapringB. 
NeeufliiBpcoceMofmanidkotarii^. BnMli-makan'cng;ine- 
€ooiUi> Cait fteel broaehoo nv vooMonbinff* 

104 Taikcb, W. 8L JaBMiTt Rd. BaSu, Dea. and 
Maim Mafhtna fbr waddng^ wiiaging, and mangling. 

166 OMnai k Soxa, Garden St. SbeAdd, Man 
Tkiloo^ and bono^trinuning lekHML LadicfT cotting-onft 
and ^atf ndman. Gxape seiaQia, and lloirargatbaren. 
hakMyaaiB wm , LeflrhandadieiMota,lbe, 

10B Macbos, J. Sheffield, Mann.— Avaxiety of iciaoiB 
and iBda waning ihwii 

160 iCnsoEn BaoTBzai, & flaranrooD^ Bridge St 
Vo»fc%tfciffield,Menn —The hoyal Albert and other akatea. 
Jobau^, ettpenten*, and eabiaet-Biakni^ toole, of the beat 
niiiHiibriaiM. Botanical and borticallnial took. 

110 Jovsrr. J. Anmdel Lane, SheOeld, Hano..— Edge 
toobaadiheep^hean. Hoca^ia^aadwcaren^abean. 

171 Baoom, J. Doiaet St luring Lane, Shefleldw— 
Aitkii ndtabla for ladSea* woritboxea and genyemen'a 

ITJf iLinHAii.fcGo.4Fazk8Ue^ Hvde Fkric Comer, 
Ivr. and Maan^— Ragistered inridble allng^ ibr paalyaia. 

ffif tttmd conet apSg ataya, bete, ke. 

174 Buxn, J. Q. EocMleld Ombbi 
Maan^— ftaeca, bte, and rimlela. 

175 WiLKxaKm,T.ftG. ITKewOmcch St Sheffield, 
MJMia^— Diq>licate apedmen oft atia wr a , nann&etared for 
the Qbmb, with the oraamentad nwfc iOed ont of Bolid ateeL 
Laxga aBortment of ocuaoTB and diaan. 

177 Wann, J. New George St Sheffield, Mann, and 
InT.-4«diei^ and gentlemen'a ikatea. Tnna. Horae- 
aennar. Shoo-lilt fioiaatrinuaingi^ineast^teeL Ladiea* 
ateelbMfca. Comba for gruning oak, Idc. 

181 HowAarw, J. Sheffield, Mana^-Toola fcr eu g iaf e ia' 
' 'i^cntteri; marineia' compaai ; needka; guMmith'a 
flaok; tnnfaig and carrii^ and other took ; tool- 

1881 Btoaa k Soaa, Weaten Worki, Sheffield, Mann.— 
Bfeaeeaaadblta. Sqnaiei^ be▼il,gBagea,tlrinKnwB,spok•- 
dla▼cl» aaa-pada, aaw-ee^ aptrit^areli, aaw-fiame, pcieker- 
pada, aad aagnn. Skates of ebonr inkid. 

184 Doacaam, D. Sheffield, liaaa.—FattBraa of ateeL 

186 FuDuou^ S. Sheffield, Inr.— ImpraTed wanning 

and matikting Mparatoa. I m prored nmhwlka. Improred 

■iirfawi Ik hudlct. Concave and oonvqK iuface fika. 

Ezlerkrandfaderioraagkfika. Moaldiaglik. 

186 Wau>bos k Soar, Stonffaridga-^lqrthea ; crown 

"" Ife; haj4ad^«a: Amrrifan gre w h ook; aooth of 

Ire^pinghookB; hedge farnaUng^iook; pea bill- 

188 BBAm^ Dbat. I» Dkak^ London Bridge, Inv.-- 
Avaria^of atorei. Ekctrofktad and Britannia metal 
gooda. lU>to eatlery, kaipa, ie. 

187 WABmmRoa.C. 60 Km Lane^ S heffid d, Mann.— 
Bri|^8eatehacreir-anger;7feetkng. A variety of Scotch 
aeiewii^ iMMwiated, and other angen. Impcored ahell- 


187 Jowrrr k Battxx, SariDe Works, Sheffield, Manv. 

SpFflawns fhowing the effect of each saecesdTe p 

of BBannftotore, from the natiye iron-stone into steeL and 
all iU various forms and sues. Engineen' and machine- 
makers' caststed files. 

188 Hman^^oTBAM, G. k W. Sheffield, Maim.~Assort- 
ment of scissors, ornamented and moonted wiih gold, kc. 
Pair of fine sdsson,foiged from refined sted, hardened and 
tempered mnm a pecdiarprindple. Baion, ivory, tortdse- 
sheU, and mothers-pearl handles, gold and silver mount- 

189 BoBEBTBoir,GABB,&8nEn|aiantr«yWorlcs,Sbe^ 
fieUL Manu.-<2BSt-iroa mantdpieoes, grates, finders^ and 

180 ToBToa k Sons, Sheffield, Mamu— Qlostrations of 
sted mannfiKtare from Swedish baxwinm. A large asaort- 
mentoffik8,edgo4ook,andcatkry. Springs for koomotive 
engines, railway carriagea, Ice. 

101 laaonoa, BaoTBsas, k Co. Sheffidd, Mann.--Col- 
lection of caatp«ted drcolar aaws, poUshed. Seament of a 
drcokr veneering aaw. A large colkctfam oFmUl and 
saws. Caat-ated patent scythes. An assortment of 
Tahk, iwiwtftM r^ and other eotkry. 

188 BoTGBBa, '^'. k S. Sheflidd, liana.— Specimen, and 
other raaoEs; edge took and fika. Si^erior saws, in great 

.188 BxjucB ft PABKnr, Meadow Worics, Sheffidd, Mann. 
— In^covod os siat e d files aad rasps. Improved caat-sted 
saws. Knivca, ke., for papeMnakeia, doth mamif ac tiir ei s , 
tobaeeo inan i ifa d ni er B , eork-cntters, taaners, carriers, &c 

105 Wnaoa k Soa, Sycamore St Sbeflidd, Mann.— 
Knives for shoemakers, botchers, cooks, carriers, ftirriers, 
gkalera, and weavcn ; palette knives, bread knives,batdicrs* 
rtccif Ice. 

107 MsamnTJ^ & 25 Eyre Street, ShdBdd, Des. and 
lisna.— Spedmena of iDnstated Shcfikkl cutlery, consiating 
of rasofs, carved in mothcr^-peari, kc Pocket combe, kc 

198 Satkok kSoas, IS Edward St ShdBdd, Mann.— 
Prmdng and bodding-knives, of superior workmanship and 

808 BTBZ,WABi>,kCo.Sheflleld.Maau.— Tabk^mives, 
commencing with the cheapes t and ooaunoneat manufi»- 
tnred for export Ivory, silver, and other descri pti o ns of 
tabk cutlery. Easors, indnding the dieapest serviceabk 
raaor to the moat costly. Pocket and penknives. Dagger 
and Bowie knives. Sdsson, scytiies, and sickles. 

804 SoaBT k Sons. Carver St Sheflidd.— Collectkm of 
dieep shears; wcavenr poda: drealar saws; files ; axes. 
adaes, deaven, choppers, and hatchets ; hedg^nc^bilk, ana 
other gardening took; oarpenten^ look; Mymes, di 
knives, reapiagnhooks, shears, kc. 

904 Ldcas k Sox, Dranfidd, near Sbeflidd, liana.— 
Malkabk sted cart naves and axles, coach-navea and axks^ 
and cairiage-naves and axles. Spindles used for ipinniqg 
fiax, worsted, cotton, and silk. Improved railway wlieek 
cast in one mece, and kft hard on the ftce, the inner part 
quite malleable. 

805 Taskbb, H. ShdBdd, Mann.— Cast sted saws, 
polished aad etched with eilver and gokL 

808 FoBBB k Bbamau, Hoyk St Worits, ShdBdd^ 
Files and rasps. Ironstone, pig aad bariron. Bar^ ingd, 
and other steeL Engineenr and masons' took. Cireuar 
aaWjJbr catting rdlway bars when in a heated state. 

9b7 Eabl^ SHim, k Co. SheffieU, Mann.— Filca and 
rasps, of all shape8,kind% and sixes. Ssmplesof stadyfirom 
blister to the smallest watch-spring. 

808 Slack, fiKrj.aas, k GaATSoir, Sheflkld, Mann.— 
A krge assortment of sJI descriptioBa of pit, name, and 
hand saws. Straw or ehaffknUe. Ledger Uade and cylinder 
of spird cutters fiir shearing woollen doth, ke. 

jSOO iBBonoa, B. Sboreham Works, 7 Shordiam St. 

Digitized by VjLJi^ 



Class 22. General Hardwan^ indudhg Lock$ and Grate», 

Mtim. — ImproTed bill-piuning law. London 
pattern hand and back ttwf, fcc 

211 Tatiok Bkottteiks, Burnt-tree Lane^ Sbeffleid, 
IfiHitt.— Circular, ^t, and hand-iaws, in grc^t variety. 

515 Braonr h So^it, Sheffield, Maaa.-~Kipping-tawi, 
hand-eaws, and baok-ecwa, plain and ornamental. 

S14 ^AKOOwm^ T. Haekenthoj-p, Sheffield, Hann.— 
Sicklet and hooka ; toy thee and hay-knlTee. 

516 HinETOvlcNEWT02r,High ane, near Sheffield, Mann. 
—Patent and crown hay and straw knivei. Seythes, reaping 
hooke. and liokles, laitable for New South Wales, AustxiOia, 
Ganada, the Indies, the Cape of Good Hope, Bnssia, and the 
United States of America. 

S16 HBfH h BBADunr, Cheapside, Birminghaoi, Bfann. 
—Taper wood screws in iron, brass, and copper. Iron 
thread screws. Taper liand-rail sorews, fn pianoforte- 
makefs, fcc. 

SIO GABnrr k 8o«. Sheffield, Mann.— A collection of 
scythes. Cbaii; rag, and tomipinachines. Elbowed, Irish, 
and baaginff hook. Cast-steel Kendal hook. Cheshire and 
Kendarsicklcs, Ice. Spedmens of round steel, shesr and 

SSO ADAiis,J.Selby,Manu.—ImproTed washing, wring- 
ing, and mangling machine. 

SSS BoRBOwa, S. M Spring St Sheffield.— Specimens of 
table cutlery, blades all steel, with an ornamental shank. 

554 I'AMB, J. Nile St Sunderhind, Iut.— Model of a 
tubular gas ^iparatos for heatlnff baths. 

SSS Lbox. a. Sheffield, Manu.— American hunters 
and dagger kniyes, In ornamental sheaths. 

SSd SA2coBBS09r, T. J. Sheffield, Mann.— Anrils and 
rices fat en^ncers, blacksmiths, and farriers' use. 

555 Haodz, 8. Deronshire Lane, Sheffield, Mann.— 
FaacypenknivM, with corkscrews, silrerpeneils, lie 

Sfio HmrTEB, E. Broimhail St Sheffield, Manu.— Scia- 
sors and Shears of eyery Tariety, with specimens Iran the 
rouj^ steel to tlie finished article. 

S28 Nelson. J. Sheffield, Inv.— Set of parturition ihr- 
eena, ibr domesticated animals. Pair of forceps for giring 

bsllS to hOTMS. 

S81 Lnrixr, O. A. F. 43 Begent St Sheffield, Yorkshire, 
Des. and Manu. — Hone-shears, sheep-shears, wool-torten or 
thatchen^ sheara, grass shears, gloras*, belting or dragging, 
and rsff shears. 

^3 LxsnuET, E. 76 Wellington St Sheffield, Manu.— 
Samplfs of Bhep«iearB. plain and patent, suitable Ibr Aus- 
tralia, North and Soutn America, &c. 

888 Peace, J. Sheffield, Mann.— Saws ornamented in a 
new style, large circular saw, lee. 

S88 Udxubt & HsBtoT, Inv. and Manu.— Cook's patent 
self-resulating stoves. Eeonomio gas store. HyiuranUe 
stOTe. neated by gas. Gas chandelier, designed by Msir, Ikc 

S08 Glbntox & Chapuak. 147 New &>nd St.— Marble 
chimney-piece. Polished steel register stote, fender, Ice 
Yanonr bath. 

S88 PnioEAcx, T. 8. Sonthampion, Inv.— Dwelling- 
house grate, feeding at the bottom. Model of a patent 
steam-engine boiler. Model of a patent machine for cutting 
agrieultiual drains in clay soils. 

540 Bailt Ie Soira^ 7 Graceehurch St Bcs. and Manu.- 
Stoves. Fire-plsoe of coloured marbles, &o. Ornamental 
cast-iron worlc Gothic chandelier for gas, &c. 

541 £]>wjui2)8, D. O. 5 Sydney PL Brorapton, Inr.— 
Patent *' atmopyre ** hoods, or artineial embcra for gas fires. 
Kitchen range of porcelain, adapted thereto. 

S4S Writkee k, Chapjsah, 18 Fencbnreh B. 70 St. John 
St and 11 Bay St Clcrkenwell— Coffee-millB, com-crushsn, 
machine for Ending and dressing flour at one operation; 
smokejack, Ice 

S48 PorE Ic Spy, 80 Ie 81 JBdgware Bd. and Grove 
Foundry, Liswn Grove, Inv. and Mann.— Patent double- 
action rsre/ying stoves, ornamented. Section, showing the 
internal arrangements. 

St8 SuBB\ny, J. 21 Norton Folgate, Manu.— Economic 
rsQge and supply dslem, hot closet steam kettle, bath 
store. Ice. 

S44 Crook, F. 5 Camaby St Manu.— Laxge white Lily, 
in WTooght-iron. 

SM CaooK, TV. 5 Camaby St Inv. and Manu.— Hot 
plate, oven and boiler, kitchen range, and improved smoke- 
Jaek. Tailoiir stove. 

SM KEsmt, W. 4S ConhiU, Inv.— Conducting leaf 
catorilfae: to be patented. The multiple box hive. New 
mode of weparingseeda Ibr sowing. 

547 Buvroir, W. & 89 OxIMSt Inv. and Mann.— Nen- 
nantihis rsgister stove, fender, and chimney*pieea. Oma- 
nwntal fenders, and metal wares. 

548 Wahbinee, G. 16 Anmdel St Imp. and Inv.— 
sence of meat, from Port Phillip. Gas cooking stove, gas 

bath, kitchen utensils, traveller's stove. 

S40 Omom, J. C. 63 Bradford St Biimingliam, Manu.— 
Smith's bellows. Improved portable forge, vice, Ikc Fancy 
aatfak-wood. Japanned and other bellows. 

SSI Tatu>b, 8b 117 New Canal St Binningham, Manu. 

"" 'mens of oidinaiy and ornamental bellows. 

I SroKEs, J. C Monmouth St Binningham, Inv.— 
Begistered water-closet Cabinet wate^«loset, made of 
china and earthenware, by Bidgway and Co. Begiatererl 
biasi tap. Improved shoe and rouna valvse. 

5ttS8 Alldat, W. 32) Constitution Hill, Binningham, 
Manu.— Assortment of bellows, plain and omamentat Im- 
proved portable forge, with hearth attached. 

S64 GBtrRTHB. T. F. Brsdfind St Blrmin^iam, Manu. 
—Tin goods, and pliatod tin ware. Cookiiw utensils coated 
with enameL Iron stampings, of various shapes. 

555 Cora Ie CoLLurao]i, Birminirham and London, 
Blann.— Specimens of improved castors for ftimituro. Patent 
gtobular bund mountings, &c. Patent bedstead-brace. Begis- 
tered music-stool screw. Hone's patent butt hinges. Looks, 
hiqges, smings. Ice. for pianofortes. 

556 BocKB, W. Dudley, Inv.— Castings from wrong^t 
iron scrap from the cupohi of a foundipr, to show that its 
original quality for toughness is retained. 

557 Haboodbt, W. Ie J. Bristol St Binningham, Mann. 
—Specimens of brass foundry used by bell-hangers. Door- 
handlea, teapbells. oomice-poles and omsments, &o. 

SSS Solly, J. Leabrook Iron and Steel Works, Tipton, 
near Birmingham, Manu.— Specimens of English iron ibr 
conversion mto steel, end of various kinds of steel ; and 
articles of hardware and cutlery made from the said steeL 

S61 Mauks Ic Son, Birm Ingham, Manu.— Brass window- 
cornices and ornaments. Finger-plates for doors, Icct 

SSS Gbat Ie Sok, 9 Wenman St Blrrainghnm, Manu.— 
Polished steel fire irons and standards. Coal vase, tongs, Ice. 

SSS Haxos, J. Prospect Bow, Birmingham, Manu.— 
Specimens of onmmental stamped brass foundiy, cornice 
pole ends, curtain bands, finger plates, frames for miniatures 
or ^ctures, eoffin furniture. Ice. 

884 LiMQAmn, G. Snow Kill, Birmingham,. Mann.— 
Patent dovetail lock. Begistered air-vent cock. 

SSS WiLKSi. J. Birmingham, Manu.— ^Specimens of 
looomotive and marine boiler tubes. Brass and copper gas 
tubes, and wire. Sheet brass. 

S87 Bmn, A. Birmingham, Inv.— Hydrostatic syphon 
water-purifier. The Victoria night-light 

SSd Smttr, T. H. 20 Breirer St Golden Sq. Des. and 
Mann.— Stove ornament Design for a centro ornament for 
a ceiling, composed of 6,000 postage stamps. 

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CI.A98 22. Generai Hardware, imdrnding Locks and Graies. 



910 SAXomrs, J. Pope BL Bindnghani, Muni.— 
Tfanedwimiglit-iToiiciUiofliyiiteniSK Gopper eoal-tliOTeL 
Vravfatriron raeldng kdle for phimben, j^tch, or Mcmiog 
lidlc^lc«. Japsnned iron and odTBoisediaa thimbles, and 
Mjtt hooki end thimbles. Turned wroot^t-iron tumen't 
" '" re. 

Hicuuji k CuTB, 344 William St North, ^r- 

_ m, Mano^— Goflln nimitare prodneed by prcanire 
tpom thin plates of metal in dies of etit iron or sted. 

978 8BE5troanB&lfiujB,25Mar7 AmiStRnninriiam,. 
Profi^Polisbed fii»>inmL locki, Ice. ohibited for dieap^ 
ntm. Metallic tokem, labeli. Sec. TcHm and other bozei. 
TImb em e d and eoknized envelopeiL KniYciy foila^ WP^^ 

9M MouBE Ie Co. Gt Lifter 8t Bixmln^iam, Mmm.— 
Biam^ Gcnnan nlver, and emboeeed eleetio^^ated hingea. 
PkiiiMM of making plain and caibeewd bnm wira. Tnbe 
and wire of hnik, eopper, tin, fte. Bkia roQcd latten. 
Pofiiied and iaeh ban. 

976 BonzL T. Birmina^iam, Mann.— Cortaln polea, 
coitrfn pole endi; curtain pole rimcB, Ice. Tariety of Ungef 
•oitaMe for all qoaxten of the globe. 

916 Vfavraaon, E. 2 Aehton Ter. Birmingham, Lit. 
—■' Jenmcyman Mann.— Secoxe loek, irith ( 
star, and a new combination of lercn 

978 BowuBT, Newhall 8t Rzminsjbam— Pttteni and re- 
g^fltend ehaw! phii, ttnda, broochee, Ibo. bnttona, bel^platee 
aadiword Ibnuturei Wire-loop bcaee-bnttone and cydei- 
holei. Whip and aHck handka. 

979 Tirioa,G.fcW. Summer HiOyBiimin^iam, Mano^— 
^ttan& livery, militaiy, navaL andsportiqg. Gloreand 
bfacfl^glBs and pearl buttona. Steel bvooehei. Sfaiitetode, 
nnjilfifd fitttcnen, Itc. 

. 9BD WnxiAiOt T. Heletone, Inr^-Model of iron eafe. 
with water b etw e en the inner and enter caeca. Mbdd of 
axle ftr caniaga with hoUow jpeHbnied arm for ell-boz. 

981 PnoiT 1 Coi St PenTs 8q. Krmiiii^iam, Manh.— 
RaTa^militaiy.andlireiybuttoniL Glarn bnttona. Chaeed 
and enamelled ttnda. Medals. Coat links. Fasteners and 

ham, Mann.— 

BAMMOim, Tuiaaea, k Smm, Saaw Hill, Birminff- 
' iu.>-yarions nsTsl, milituy, sporting and etSb 
[It, plated, bronsecL Ae. 

mov, W. Princip St Werk% Binnio^iam, Mam. 
, Florentine, linei, and HoDuid, eorered in silk, 
SBtia.fte. Upholstery buttons. SheOsaspoider niter, great 
eoalMtonsL Polished cut steel bnttom, Ite. Steel diesa- 
fc steae rs and ornaments. Series, ilhisteating the mann- 
fiustme of buttons. 

9U HAjuniAsr Ik lum, 98 Newhall St Birmingham, 
Msaa^— Buttons, medals, hooks snd eyes, Ice. 

_ NlEAL Ik Tovks, 13 Gt CSiaries St Birmin^iam, 
MassL— Beal stone and fancy glass buttons. Shirt stnds. 
Coal ioope. Glore bands and braceletBL Horses' bridle 
rosettes m fancy cut riass. 

9B6 Cbatwih k Boss, 92 It 9S Gt Charica St Binning- 
ham, Mann.-~Illustrations «if the Tarioos sorts of button ma- 
nntetare, eorered nails for funitnre, Aa. 

987 Baxks, S. Rrmingfaam, Mann.— Mother«f peari 
shells used in the mann&eture of buttons. MotherK>r-pearl 

988 FnzABWii. J. Gas St Blimii^iam, Mann.— Hooks 
andms to fasten tadies' dresses, Ice. 

988 KKowxsy H. Homurd St Birmingliam, Mann.— 
GolMated enamelled buttons. 

981 Pniixira, H. 116 Unitt 8t Birmingham, Mann.— 
G old an d sUrer guard-chains, brooehes, bracelets, Ico. 

98S^SBELDoaL J. 55 Gt Hampton St Birmingham, and 
38 BnsUeitbuiy. London. Inr. and Mann, Gold pencil ease, 
gold-peos^ penhoidors, pocket eseriloires, snuff-boxes, Ice. 

Kimin^HUtt, Manu.>-SilTer and gilt 


and samples 

of blood* 

SI88 Auuar, F. 

QoooE k BoLAiio, 24 St. Paul's Sq. 

Mann.— Specimens of je«i«Ilery, chaina. Ice. 
in the rou^ and subsemenl stages, ^pecii 
stones, slit by a self-acting ■'^^^"t 

C98d Waubbs Ie Sionx, 28 Lndnte Hill, Birmingham, 
Menu. — Black ornaments. Chat/elafne, containing dmees 
formed with humsn hair. Brilliant fingei^rings, pins, and 

988 PaxxebIc Aoon^ 54 Brieity St West, Birmingham, 
Mann —Gokl and sUtct pendls and pen-holders. Gold tooth- 
picks, seals, and keys. 

800 AxjLBr IcMooKL 35 and 36 Gt Hampton Bow, Bii^ 
minghani, Bes. and lumL— Yesta match-boxes; cigsr 
boxes; taper«tBnds; lanms; and other ftncy artidea in 
metaL Cese of medals. Metal buttons. 

801 Asrov, J. St PsnTs Sq. Bitmingham, Manu.->Or- 
namental silk, satin, and Tctret buttons, dress ornaments, 
andpatent linen buttons. 

809 EuAOTT Ik 8oia,BegeBt St Works, Krmingham, 
Mann.— Fancy buttons telaffiesT dresses. Gilt and^ated, 
buttons. Patent silk, Tetfeti satin, Florentine, and linen 
buttons. Peari buttons with metallic nam. 

808 Atxrh, E. 72 NeiriiaU 8t Birmfai^iam, Mann.— 
Patent shoe^erqwr. 

306 HxKurlc Son. Moot St BinDi^mn, Mann— 
Chatwiai nes 2 swoid hills; buttons ; snuncis; stirrups: 
watch-guanlB; faiTalid tos^; and other ornamental steel 

807 Garmau^ K 101 Henry St Ashted, near Vtt- 
minjgham, Iut. and Mami— Patent climax detector loeks^ 
made to the keys. Two locks csnnot be made alike, unless 
formed firom the keys cut at the same time. 

810 Nash, B. 20 BaseeU St Birmingham, Proik— 
8|XMm and collar dies ; assdal dies ; coin, uid office desk 
dies; button dies. 

819 TDamis Ik Bom, Pcrdiore St Birming^iam. Mann. 
— Carpenter^ hammers. Csipenteis' and ftrrienr tocdsL 
Shoemakcri^ tools. Vices, coach wrenches, saddler^ and 
upholsterersT tools, lea 

818 BLua.r, J. jun. 55 B^ead St Birmingham, Pat and 
Mann.— Patent ornamental nails. 

816 BxnroLOS, J. Orawn Nail Works, Newton Bow, 
Rrmin^^iam, MamL — Cut naUs, consisting of upwards 01 
200 distinct Tarieties of the most useful sixes, made of iron, 
xinc, brass, and copper. 

818 HAWKxm^ J. 23 Prindp St Brmin^iam, Manu.^ 
Screws in iron, brass, and copper; railway, ooach, grate^ 
machine screws^ and bolls. 

818 Bakes ft Coi 68 Gedl St Birminriism, Msnu.— 
Flowervetands. Plate and didi corers. Wirfrganxe flre- 
guards. Souirrel cage^ with beOs. Fancy window-Uind 
nattemsL (xauxe Bavy kmpu Mattress and soft springs. 
warn snd iron weariniL Ice 

890 CooxsET, hTr. 148 Hifl^St Bordsler, near Bit- 
mJMham, Mann.— Coftn furniture, in plated gold and sUver 
and brsm and tinjapanned. 

891 Sof cox, PxMBKBran, It Son, Birmingham, Mann. — 
Curtain deoorations. Look furniture^ finger plate^bell 
nulls, kc Door-knockers and chaine. Gothic and Elisa- 
bethan woric for churches, kc htUa dips, letter balances, 
Iec Sconces. Stsir and curtsin rods; miniature and picture 
fiames. Butt and other hingea. bolts, castors. Ice. 

898 Pom W. 16 Essy Bow, Birmingham, Bfanu.— 
Bronzed and koquered gju lampa, chandeliers, lantema, 
candelabr^ girandoles, ghm frame, clock stands, epergnes, 
Ice. Pottr patent picture s upp c tti ng moulding. 

894 GiLLorr, J. Y ietoria Works, Birmingfiem, Inr. and 
ManUi^-Spedmens of metallle pens. 

Digitized by V^J^i^ 



Clasi 22. Qtmaral Hardware^ mduding Loek$ and Grdta. 

. gxmisit for whale iUUng; 

nS WfXAT, Ie Co. 84 Ot Hampton St ^ 

ManiL—Gold, paMhmi, sold and nlver, and tihrer penti 
pointed with m nativo uloyi of iridinm and otmium, tbe 
naideetof knofm matala. 

896 flmon, Wzzxa, Ie Ca BooUngham 8t Bixminp- 
ham, Bieaa.— Patent eelf-«eting eteam cutting, piercingi and 
raiting pn maohlna Illuatrationi of the manolaotare of 
■teeHgaa and q>edmme of flniehed pene. 

Brt KBii» A. Ie Co. 88 Bummer Row, Mrmfaghyi. 
Mann, 8teel pene, ihowing their difiteent forma mi 
quaUtfe^wtth unprorementa. 

896 MRCBBXi, W. 6 St Pttul'e 8q. Krmingftam, Mann. 
— ^MeCaSe pene and pen-holden. 

896 Basnsrr k Soml Bedditoh, BirminghauL and 87 
Greeham 8t London. Mann.— Needlea and flfh-aooki of 
ereiydenriptloByWitn epecimena exhibiting the difltoent 
atam la the prooeea of mannftotnre. 

880 BeeiTOii k Sow, Bedditoh, near Birmingham, Mann. 
— IVeedki: eteel meahea; enrgeoni^ needlee; lail 
bodUne; naipoona; apeara and grai 

^MlHsaiiifO, H. Bedditch, near Worecater, Mann.— 
A fOMnl aawurtment of tea and riyer fiah-booia. 

884 HoifFALL, J. Oxford St Biniinidiam, Mann, and 
Fftp.— ffigfalT-liniahed eted wire. AnneaJed wire. Hitoh 
and brito pine. Spun bnae ttrlnga, kc for piano-fortea 
and othaflnit i iiineiita. Steel wire, for needlee, fiih-hooka,lte;. 

886 GooDMAir. 6. Caroline St Binninnam, ManiL— 
Patent ine pointed pina, black, purple^ and dreea. Braae 
plna, and needlea. 

888 Bi»UTBrlBWiLEZAMi,KewHallWorki,Birming* 
ham, Maaiw— Pine, tbe heada and ehafta in one eoUd pieee^ 
made bj improTed madiinery. Blastio hair-pine. Iron 

887 ▼▲KxriBUD, J.T.LdohfleldStBirmin^iam,Mann. 
I of iron and braae wire. Sofo, chair, and mat- 

Brue, copper, and iron woTe wire. Ironand 
lade by maadnery. Wire gaoxe work. 

888 Mnma k Sow, Newhalt St Binningham, Mann^ 
SpedmcH of eteel pena, and improyed eteel pen and qnill 
pen-holden in eoM, taWn. and other metala. 

888 MRdDELL, J. 48 liew Hall St Birmingham, Mann, 
and Pat— Patent eelf-«dapting pena and holder, and eted- 
pene In nai Tarietica. 

840 JfnMEKOXB k Sows, Broad St Birmingham, Menu. 
— Domeetfa gronpe of the Queen and the Prince of Walciu 
in or^nola and bronse: modelled by John BclL Portion of 
a cJiandaBer in bronae. aa deeigned by Mr. Gniner, for the 
PaviUon fa Bnckingnam Palace gardene. Ornamental 
deeigoa in or-molu and bronze. Begietered etation-dgnal, 
andteiUmape; hand eignal lampe ; roof lamp for caxriagee; 
canian iHipe; gae flttinge; engine cocka, &o. 

841 anmcEB, R. P. 46 Broad St Birmingham, ICaan. 
and Pftt— Electro-plated artidee on hard white metal, caat 
in metal monlda in a heated atate; aetreamofwateriemade 
to play von the monlda, which eaneea them to contraot,and 
thua prooee great eharpneee in the caednc. 

848 Saut It Llotxs 17 Edmund St Birmingham, Dee. 
and Mai — Lanqw and standa, candelabra, Ieo. Caat braia 
ftom Bankart^e patent copper. Engliah'e patent camphine. 

846 BowABDe, F. 42 PolandBt Mann.— Circular cor- 
rugated Dr. Aznottfe etove. Dr. Amotf e chimney tentl- 

847 WooBUOK J. 88 St Paul'e So. Birmingham, Mann. 
— Or^neln door lock and bdl lever. Brase beUlercn, door 
handlee,hat and coat hooka, and door fittings, castors, Ten- 

84B Hou>Br, H.A.96SnifolkSt.Birminc^iam, 
Doorhandlea, caziiage^loor hinges, monldix^and 

hamcse-bttckles, Ice. Chariot bunps and railway simaal 

Blvws k Sows, Bartholomew St Biimingham, and 

55 Bartholomew Ooee, London, Menu.— Bnas candle and 
ahip lampe ; candleeticks ; imperial meaaoree and wei|^ts; 
beUa, eeuttles, Ice 

860 DooAU>, W. ft H. Upper Priory. Birmingham, Inr. 
and Mantt.-OurriaM-lampe. Begistered horee^oollar. Ice 
Improved pattern of hahr borse-saddlca. Begisternd tfaiUer 
cart-horse collar, lee. 

861 HBrBSBiWQTow, T. ft Co. 88 Cannon St Btrmlng- 
ham, Mann.— Cteriage lampe full eilTer moont^ engraycd 
and atahied glaaeee. ^t, enamdle(L and chased. 

869 EyaoTr k S<»r, Birminghiun, Mattn.^Copper and 
braae tnbee, for locomotive and marine boilen, gas, steam. 
Ice Specimens, showing process of manufootare of rolled 
metale. and of brass and copper wira. 

868 BoiAxnr, T. Broad St Metal Worics, : 

Mann.— Specimens of the process of manufacture of wire 
and tubing; locomotive ana mandril drawn tabing; bnae 
folder, fcc. 

864 Socrm, W. 10 Market St Binningham, Mann.-* 
Copper bronaed ten nma and awing kcttica. Bright copper 
ihxted coal vassu and round or oval cettice 

866 fliLT., J. Broad St Birmingham, BCanuv— Stamped 
cnsamenta, for lamps, chandeliers, fte. £ax-llght chandelier 
bo^ and arms. Lamps, fte. 

866 WmmBLDL 8. Oxford St Birmingham. MamL— 
TTindow comicee,.in stamped braaa-fonndiy, with velvet 
wainecot, and knotted oak, roeewood, and white enamel 
ground, w roughtvon fire-proof eafee 

867 Lu>ni,0. B. Berkeley 8t Tube Works, Birming* 
ham, Manu.— Lapwekled iron tubes, for steam boilers; the 
same with fittings for conv^ng gaa and water; and for hy- 
draulic preeees. 

860 Tatua, W. 13 Sheepoote St Birmingham, Inr. and 
Mann.— Original designs for nut-crackers, sugar tongs, door 
knocker, and improved inside shutter bar. 

860 WonoswoBTB, J. Birmingham. Dee. and Mann.— 
Modd of an economical kitchen range, intended for a dose 
or open fire. 

^ZSOO Kewrick ft Sows, West Bromwich, Stafibrdehire, 
Manu.— Model of an enamelled tank or dstem with gutta 
percha joint Enamdled water or gas-pii>es, troughs, fta 
Pnllevs, castors, Ira Neil caeting, fto. 

881 Bsoiworo.v ft Towxe, Cheapdde, Birmingham, 
Manu.^ — Braae fbundrr, ooneJating of hingee, ventilatore, 
bdte, bell-crenks, 'pulleys, castors, chair-enns, stair rods, 
desk rails, window fittings. Ice. 

888 KmnxBUBT, J. 56 and 57 Inge St Bimdndiam, 
Factor and Dee.— Stamped bram foundry, consisting of cur^ 
tain bands, cornice pole ends, letter clips, door fbmitnre, fte. 

870 MArPi.EBBCK ft Lows, Birmin^iam, Prop.--Chim- 
ney-plece, gratca, fire-ironiL fto. Browxrs patent economi<!al 
eoonng apparatoa. Open fore cooking range. Scaloe,weighr 
ingmaehinee, iron bedetcada, fte. Stocke and dies for iron 

Sa tubing, and fbr en^eersT and whiteamith^ work, 
odd of a eteam-engine nimaee, with Bedington's patent 

871 Prtow ft Hijiix>w, Birmin^iam, Inr. and Manu. 
—Patent improved metallic bedsteaoe, Japanned to corre* 
epond with papier-machtf fbmiture exhibited by Jennena 
and Bettridge, fcc. 

872 PowxLL, J. New Windsor, Inr. and Menu.— 
Windsor portable economicd oven, baking over the top of 
tbe firs, leaving the firont for other purnoeee, fte. 

878 WiwpiELD, B. W. Cembridge St works, Birming- 
ham, and 141 Fleet St London, Pat and Menu.— Pldn and 
ornamental eased and patent tubes, psndlel and toper. 

Digitized by V^3 


Cum 22. Omend Hardware^ mdudmg JLocis and Oraiet. 


Win and xoUed metali. QsteiD-lNuida and pol*«nd8 
Oorake^le ud cmtita jingL Stamped biiM window- 
caraieei. Bnm aod iitm iandtan ehandelien, bxmeketa, 

874 GoROii. G. Bi imfa ^^M M , Inr. mod ICum.— ]>nw- 
ia^mm grate, fte^ with oroioiaoniameBti. Dining-room 
gniA^OiaMxon fender, wilfcilnirona. Bcsiftereddeaiflia. 

878 KxBDt O.J. 100 C^wfbrd St Maiylebone— Im- 
niovad lQtdie& anparacofl* 

879 AMDaxwA, H.P. S Kmrtli St Tottenham Court Bd. 
Ibt. and Hanu.— Emigmtfi atore and general oooUng 
amntiia. Heat lereen and reflector. 

880 GonniAXD, H. Nottincham. MaaiL^Paieat cooking 

appantae, lor eolinarj and 
881 W "" "" 

VAKsuimj), F. Sherwood Iron-Worha, M a n rf d d, 

Dml and Ifaan^-Great Wcetem eooUng jmaratas. Sher- 
I iBiwe. Artixan'a coolring itove Ibo. WrooghMron par 
iflfg. mm caaCing of antique bronaeetatnette of Baocfanei 
Lora, J. 908t Amlrew'B 8q. Glaegow, Iqt.— Gaa- 
ta far heatingi wwhiafc and Umong hotela and 
tavenDMi'lie. Kewlj^eonatnicted grata. Macmne lor geno- 
ratfa^ gM^ and lllnminaHag locoaM»tiv« engSnea and car- 



EfBngham WoricBi Bother- 
fpper Thamea St— Diawing-ioom and iron 
regielBr atove gratea, in or-mohi and banished ated, ice. 
Dmiag roniii| cottage, and other grataa. Warm air and 
ottwrrtorea. Sdf-acdng cooking stores, kc 

888 Slatb, J. U Befanont PL Wandsworth Boad; Inr. 
and Pkt — ^Patent storey fiir the carie of smol^ cfaimneja. 
Immofad smoke gaaid% Ie& 

888 Vrmatm k Soa^ 4 Skmat 8q. Chelsea, Inr. and 
Msaa.— Gothic ▼witilaliiy cfanrch-store. Gothie sIotcs. 
Po rt a bl e bed-room and eonserratoiT stores 

888 CooKT, J. 18 Qoea St Groarcnor Sq. Iwr. and 
MS an Tuiprored hot-air stov^ composed of two earthen 
^jriinden. The same for gan 

888 To2E8,T. S5 BeanSt Soho. Inv. and Mano.— V en- 
tUatiag gaaatore for halls, shqpa, Ice. Bachekiz^s kitchen. 
Bfristfrfd caloriftre, or hot^water TeaseL 

881 NoBMAjr, G. 5 St Ann's PL Limehonas^ Ibt.— Im- 
proved cooking store for private familieai 

888 FBOflr,H.17BatbbonePLInT.andKaniL— Model 
kitchen fire^iaee and cookiag anparatoa. 

886 Hxwnr, H.Bb 308 High HoIboniylBT.—ApFaratos 
finr speedilT cooling or wacmiag liquids. 

888 Bat, J. 8 E]i2ahedi8t Sooth, PhnUcoL Des. Iny. 
and Mann.— IfflproTed rcigetabls cnllender. »ew potato 

887 Puck, Y. 83 Wardoar 8L Soho, Iny. and Mann.— 
Kew patent waahing machine. ChoD^ng machine. Venti- 

LeHer copying "— ^Mtf, Patent knifo and fork 
S machines. 

PaicB, y. 33 Waidoor St Soho.— Portable store 

Ibr hmtiBig flat irons. Newly inrcnted patent candia- 

888 Bjonaciosr, Anne, I3S Sloaae St Chelsea, Inr.— 
Imj awf ed loaatiag apparatoi^ with self-acting baster and 

888 BomfcSov,688taowHil],Manii^Patentjapanned 

400 BsooL J. 50 HaskcrSt Chelsea, Inr.— Kaatieal 
csfc flsfetr swunming belt Ptatable oren, on a new prin- 
ciple whicn can be used in tlie open air. 

408 WABiuor,G. 15Low«rMaricetStWoolwich,Mami. 
-Medals of register end theimcmetcr stores. 

408 Alobbxov Ii 8ua» w sB oar, Heatings, Des. and 
Mami.--OpcD flre hotair stove, made fiom iron ore obtained 
and neltad in Susses. 

404 AaoALL, J. Ii W. St Agnes, Comwall, Inr. and 
Mano.— Cooking appacatns, bj which saving of fuel is sakl 
to be effected. 

406 Gbat, J. Ii a. 85 GeornSt Edinborg^ Inr. and 
ino.— A new redialing and reflecting store gimte. with floe 

passing np the back of the concare ftont, and tfana trans- 
mitting a large amoont of heei into the rasirtment 

408 Wood, G. T. W. k H. Stourbridge, MamL— 
Wreoght-iron anvil and vice; sqrthes; grafting and drain- 
ing tools ; link chaina uaed in rigging ofrcasels, cables, Ibc 
Anchors, nails, screw^ck, windlass, Ic 

407 Kina, &1 Sooth Bays, Batti, Inr.— Registered ren- 
tnating and smoke-consuming register store grate, with 
King's octangular wedge bricks, kc 

408 Mcteanr,!!. 3 James St Umerick, Ireland, Inr. 
—Model of ragistered stove, for heating conservatories, hot- 

410 EKDOioa, 1. Hottinsfaam. Maon.— Begister stove 
gratea, with registered flraMck backs. 

411 BiOBT, P. 167 Gfove St Liverpool, Inr.— Portable 
cooking-stove, for cooking with gss generated from heated 
spirita. Emigrants kitchen, Itc 

41S Tippmi.j. Chichester, Inv.— Model of a. newlj in- 
vented invalid bedstead ■ Model of an improved kitdmn 

418 Wauacb k SoK, Ulth, Inr.— Model of a patent 
safety cooking soparatus, for ships, and of improved renti- 
lator,* Ibr wann rmnstes 

418 Beli^ ICAsnr, 8c Co. 35 Baker St Manu^-Standa 
for flowers, of different siaes, made of hrsas tubing, by 

418 M'KmmE, A. 38 De Beanroir Sa. W ingeland, Mann 
— Modd of condensing eng^M^ with co£»r ralrea under cy- 
linder, &e. Instrument for registering the speed of paddle- 
wheeliL printing- pr sss m , gun-csrxiages, See 

^ BLaslam, W.St Aden's, Derby, Des. and Mamu— 
Specimen of Hammond iron church-door hingea, with 
branches of scroU-wcqck, after the eariy Eqgliah style. 

4S8 BoTT k Aiuv, Manchester. Mann.— Fenton't 
patent anti-friction metal, for the bearings of maehineiy. 
Plumbers' work, steam-engine ralrea, sh» nails and fi»- 
teningB, blocks, pqll^ys, Iecl Dickenson and Palkon's patent 
equitable gas-meter. 

424 Padooh 8e Fonn, BrownUnr Mews, Gray's Inn Bd. 
Menu. — Patent wK gm amter. 

480 SPAxn,J. laKingStTowerHiOflnr.— Cash4»oz 
for railways. India-rubber door hinge. 

481 GBAjrr, D. Luton PL Greenwich, Inr.— Patent gas- 
Ught, perfectly ventilated. Gas stove for baking and cook- 
ing. Stove heated by cither gas or eoaL Improrementa in 

488 HAXoAn le Bab, George St EdinburiB^ Des. and 
Mann.— Gas lustre and branches; wash-hand barin; patent 
water-closeta ; spiral tape, Ice. 

488 Bjokbii, a 5 Agar St Strand, Inr. and Menu.— 
Appaiatos for cooking kc by jeta of coal-gaa mixed with 

air, for chemist^ use, i 

484 CocBKAirB, J. Greenside Law, Edinbur^ Mann. 
— Gaa-meter, 10 inches diameter. 

488 BriUf, J. 13 Staffbrd St Dublin, Inr. and Menu.- 
Transparent gss wadbet, 

487 BorzB, J. Wigaa, Lencashire, Mann.— Transpsxcnt 
gas meter, to register the consumption of gas to the one- 

488 LocnmnTliSR 
— Six-U^t chsndelier, for 

441 Boos, T. W 
meter. Patent dry gai 
illuminating power m gss. 

r, Glasgow, Des. and Mann. 

r, Mann.— Patent wet gss- 
PbotoDMter to aacertain the 

Digitized by 



Clam 22. Oeneral Mardwartf vnduding Loek» and Grate$» 

4M BAvoan, B. P. Woahinffton Workt, SbeflekL 
PnxL-Portablemuigle. ^ 

Ma ToDWOfW. 18ikad83Queen8tCheapdde,I]iT.aiid 
Mmiil— Yfltta lampi, knteras and burners, to bnm reetifled 
tanmOm. Spirit omm, with air-ti^t ftonper. 

M4 FiUL4DATli8oii,114Ward0iir8tMmna— GMcfaaa- 
ddi«, nfoa Profe«or FandAVg principle, by which nil 
mndoiii prodnetf are canied ok 

446 DnuunB, H. 10 and 11 Creed Lane. Dei. and 
Kanii^— Coneentradng gat-lamp, for externally illaminating 
'*" ""*"'' "^ ' " J eonatruotion. 

47 Strand. Det. and IhT.— 
r locks. Bailway 

Maon^—umeentratf ng gaa-lamp, fs 
■hop-windawt, on the paimbolic co 
, 449 Clamk k Rbtbll. 447 
I^a^nd cas bonera. New lo4 

^ 447 Palkzb k Co. Sntton St aerkenweU, Mann.— 
Oudlelmps. Weather lamps, to bom candles, Ibr ware- 
hoDML stables, and out-buUd&gs. 

448 HoLUDAT,B. Uoddersfleld, and ISSHoIbom Hill, 
London, ICano.— Self-Generating gas lamps. Patented. A»- 

liqnor produced ftom coal by the ShefBeld Oas 
OonpaijjfttMnwIdch are made coal tar; naphtha ; ammonia 
Ufoor : mlphate, muriate, and carbonate of ammonia, &c 
4B0 HoLOATB^ J. 6 Arthur St East, Iut. and part Des. 
railways, Sec Hardware fitting* for 


461 Svnu, B. 16 South St Manchester 8q. Mano^ 
Plated bastemn and other carriage lamps; railway tail 
lamp; hand sisnal; improved nu^c lantern; timTeiling 
Btnaj frnpfored lamp fbr singeing horns. 

468 SHimilc Co. Blair & ^ainborsh, Des. andMano. 
— Aatlsnary railway-signal, Untem, and lamp. A lantern 
and lamp ibr a railway train. A railway-carriage roof 
lamp. A stage-coach lantern and lamp. Hand signal-lamp 
Ibr a railway. 

466 BAUirosaa, W. J. 11 Polygon, Clarendon 8q. Lit. 
and Maaa.— Ftiedmatic aolar lamp for railways, lightheoses^ 
kc adapted Ibr common animal or Tcgetable oil 

468 BuoBT, B. a? Bmton St' Iut. and Mano.— Xomps. 
Patent lamp wicks, fcc 

460 CmLDS, J. Brentford, Menu.— Brass fountain lamp^ 
with atQosting concentric burner, for a lighthouse lantern. 

461 HuQBES, J. 6. 158 Strand, Prop.— New designs for 
eandls hums, candelabra, and for spirit and oil lampa. Hall 
*'atenL rlower-stand, && 

409,Babu»w, J. UKlnginUiam St Mansion Hoose, 
City, Ibt. and Menu.— An illuminator, or yault light Self- 
acttng syphon tap. 

484 Slack, B. 49 South Molton St->Omamented car- 
e lamp. 

^70 Saktoh, T. p. Leicester, Manu.— Gas lamp, with 
' construction for Tentilatlon. 

481 GooDBBBBB^ 6. T. 9 WeUdose 8q. Menu.— Im« 
prored ship's hearth, to cook for fiity men. 

488 Dsnans, K. BegentSt Iny. and Pat--Gas woiia. 
Gas stores. Patent ns bath, Ice 

488 Gastok 8e j ASTis, Exeter, inr. and Mantt.—Im- 
prored unirefsal cooking apparatos, or range^tore. Sxo- 
nian cooking apparatus. Hot-house boilers, 1^ Model 
hot%ater ^paratus. I>oabI»«ction hydraulic dder-press. 

488 Halb, T. k Co. Bristol, Des. and Mantt.--Gac 
brackets, chandeUen, Itc. Improred plunge and beer- 
. Musieal-cloek * " "^ ' ^ 


tend copper t 
of lacker. 

bells. Kettles; coal-ecoops; regis* 
figures, bronaed, and in a new 

488 Lonii^ B. 84 Eases St Btrand, Inr.— -Vew coflfee 
filteis. Potato roaster of a new descriptton. 

488 KsTF fc Co. 40b 41, Ic 4S Chandos St Mann.— Cop- 
per bath. Steamers, hot-water pipes, and skylight fiime. 
Copper covering for roofk casement clock-hands, fcc 

490 WnaoK, ILIiW. 49 Waxdour St 8^ Dea.and 

Copper covering for roofk casement ck>c 
490 WnaoK, R. & W. 49 Waxdour I 
Mann.-~Baths of various descriptloos. 

472 Ndbs, J. 8. Baslow, Blakewell, Inv.— Forms of the 
exidate condensing lamp. Improved weather lantern, for 
ont-doer purposes, cellan, &c. 

474 HAwKns, J. 42 Bow St Dublin, Manu.— Oreular 
sUvermounted Clarence carriage lamps. 

476 Bowsoar, J. £. 1S3 Oxford St Manu.— Cundy's 
patent hoi-air ventilating stove. The interior made cf 

477 Baowii k Redpatr, Commercial Bd. near West 
Idia Docks, Pat and Mantt.^Fire hearth, or cooking appa- 
ratus^ as used on board H.M. steam ships. Lanterns for 
marine purposes. 

479 Callak, T. 56 Shore, Leitfa.— Ship's cooking appa- 
ratus, tn baking, boiling, roasting, and steaming at the 

480 SsABZ.1^ C. M.I>. 51 Wejrmouth St Inv. and Pftt— 
Tubulatsd solid fire-brick stove or heat condenser, for 
libraries, schools, passages, shops, &c. 

488 GiuanBli8oir,6SBrou|^ton8tEdinbuxiBhInv. 
and Manu.— Model of the Victoria shower-bath. 

484 GiUBBT, 8. Ironmonm St Stamford. Lincolnshire, 
lav. and Mamu— JSomapaatie oath: reristereo. 

486 MooouDOB,M. The Wilkm8,Swansea,Inv.— Modal 
of a sponfdng bath« 

488 Hakdwick]^ W. 88 Hatton Garden.— A portable 
domeatio bath-room. 

488 Mofi, B. Bartholomew 8q. liar and MamL— B^gis- 

«d copper vapour bath, worked by a spirit lamp. 

600 SKAT, C. 14 Ckanboome fit Leicester 8q. Inv.— 
Pedestal wash-etands of papIeMnach^ fro. japanned and or- 
namented with gold mouldings. Bath, and cooking utensils. 

601 Dai.b,IL 195 Upper Thamea 8t Menu.— Model of 
an improved warm bath and heatimr apparatus. 

608 Faoldoio, J. Edward St Hampstead Bd. Inv. and 
Prod.— Specimens of ornamental and curvilinear sowing^ for 
emhellismng pianofortes and fomitors, architectural oma- 
menta, Itc Begistered portable vapour batitL 

608 Lononmi, W. Otiey, Near Torkshire, Inv. and 
Manu.— Ornamented wrougfat-iron safo or chest, with patent 
positive security lock : patented. 

606 LsADBKATB^ J. 185 Aldcrsntc St Manu.— Fire- 
proof safes, secure against burgUos and ii\}urv firom fire. 

607 TA3ffK li Sons, Pat and Manu.— rire-proof iron 
safes, with hoDow chambers filled with chemical salts. 

608 FoBB^ J. N. 10 Charies St Manchester Sq.— Saftty 
boxes for coIleetSng money. 

609 Bakbr, a Jireh Cottage, Botherfldd St Islington, 
Inv. — Fire-proof safe. New hair brush, and pocket tootli 
brush. Modefwritingudesk. 

610 Maeb, W. SS Cheapside, Manu.— Wrought-iron 
patent fire-proof strong room, secured with the double 
chamber wheel-action detector lock. 

618a Bobdidalb, C. Hij^ St Hull, Inv.— Servico-bos, 
applicable to every description of water-closet, and not 
requiring the cistern direct over head. 

617 Clabx. & C. Beading, Inv.— Self-aoting sanitary 
watei^Ioset Self-acting valve^trsp. 

618 HoDons, T. Dublin, Manu.— Church, form, and 
altar bells. Brass force and lift pnmps, and metal pump. 
Patent compoeition pipes for liquids or put, 

688 MoCutAiTM, J. 79 Qeom St Edinburgh, Inv.— 
r pirit-meter, for measuring liquids by index. 

684 Guzer li CHaiin5s,Botherham Brass Works. Menu, 
and Pat— Tubular water-closet: inv. and registered by W. 
BJrkwood, of Edinburgh. Hydrant, or fire-cock, for extin- 
guishing fires, sad for street cleensing : patented by J. Bate- 
and A. Moore, of Manchester. High-pressure bib, ball. 

stop, and double-valve cock. 

Digitized by V^V^O 


Ctum S2l General Hardware, inchtding Locki cmd Gralei, 


CM Gctrv J. & W. Littis HoRptam BL BirminghMn, 
Mnnk-— Gilt mni OuneBaa asid outx tenas. inkstanda, 

686 Wn^38GhariicQraai^Iny.a]idHaiiiL--Pateiit, 
Mtf«ctfai^ portaUa waler-doaeL 

699 £bbut,J. S9 Kortt St Haeknqr, InT. and MamL 
--iaupvoTed water«loiet) iltted np on i2ii(coT€d principlea, 
aad ued withovt Baikjorawi, or biada. 

681 ILuBnifDi^ C Waterloo Home, Klngidand, InT. and 

IfaiML— Fitent Tcntilated tUmbtek Ventflated boota and 
Bcgiatated fmmcia tar naphtha^ apiiita, Ise. Propel- 
lazatui^ See. 

CwAgKBi li BoMOB, 47 CbrnrSt lineoln^a Inn 

IMd% Maan.— Portable watereloML with imnoTcmenta. 

684; 488 T.4imarT, T. Kevr Cat, Lambeth, Inr.— 
Dhphri^ii Tatre and atop coeka. Hi|[^-iireBnire ball or 
li tt ua vahre. Salf-eloiiK TalTO^oeka. Economie lamp. 
Water eloaeC» && 

648 TxvDiAU^ S. O. D. L. Scaiboroii^ Inr.— Imperial 
naagl^ with horlaontal ^nJng prearore : wgiatcred. Napkin 

648 Bqd, J. 10 Tbomton PL Aberdeen, Bee. and Inr. 
—Model of a befbfag, waifaiag^ wringing, and mangjing 
aaddne. Sdf-eetfng eradW. 

646 SroTTEBD^ J. Baabmj, lay. and Hano.— New lever 
aaaglc^ with elaatie band preaame. Improved portable 

640 Fi^Tia^R. 4WoodSt8pita]fidda,InT. andMann. 
— WaahSag, wnagfaig, and manghng marJiine, Double-act- 
lag waahing macMne. llodda to iUMrate the aame. 

647 BAKsa & Co. S5 Pore BL Cripplegate^ Inr. and 
Maaa^ — A lerolving mauila. 

648 MACALraa^ W. Hamaunanth, lav^— Xaohine fbr 
w a t hing linea or rJeaning raga fbr aiaking p^per. Patent 
levotviag v e aa el , wiOi ateam iq^paxataa for waahing heavT- 

668 Kbr^ G. 929 Strand, Lit. Pkt and UamL—Botaiy 
kaifb-eleaning marhiiie. TUtnratiag atxaiaera. Rotary 

664 MoBBTOH, J. Hew YaazhaU, WolveEliampton.r- 

GnKTET, J. W. Derehaan, East Norfolk, Lnr. and 
Mamn^Modeia of Impfored wire fence, end portable iron 
alie^fidd. Omameatal ftitfnga^ for gi^tea, paKiiading, Ice. 
Door, with lerer apria»lion. to exdndethe dran^t: in- 
Treated and regiatered lnr ft Gardiner, of AahUlTNorfolk. 
Heariapherical atove ; deaigned, regialered, andmaanfkctnred 
bj Barwell k Co. of Nortbamptoa. 

667 yfjom k HAMtcfM, 61 Shoe Laae^ Holbom, Mium. 
—Pewter artieki^ aaookia. Waaaer and cooler for confeo- 
tSoocB^ ooonter. CoUeetiQn or eoaummion plate. Braaa 

'BitfBB, W. 14 AHeaStGoewcnSL Mann.— Awla, 
bodkina,steelB,lc6.forahoeBBaken,eaipentera,lca. - 

680 PAaaow, C 18 Gt> Tow»St Mann.— Blaphinea, tec, 
need in the manageaieBt of winea and other liquort. 

688 Haui, J. WabalL Maaa.— foriag eurb hooka, for 
bridMxUs. Sted apriag awiyela. Po^ed ateel pole and 
tiBee<cfaaia8,forpaiHiorMeaniage. Bucklea. Fancy chain 

686 Boaaamoii, H. Mllngavi^ Scotland, lnr.— Cotter 
gaege. for catting a aqoaie. Macbfae for waahing yam. 
IVnforahooting^geona. Rat-tn^u 

688 PoF:B^W.BridgeStBxeter,Mana.— Felt,forpamp 
▼alvea and for ahoelog bonca; also for poliabing marble 

TaT^-ACodel of a Bwing door, without the aae of q^ringa or 

670 Gbxdi, C. 2 Pordaad St Brighton, lnr.— Machine 
for catting bread. 

671 Ghat, J. Donbar, Scothmd, Mann.— Pattern of 
tram for killing rabbita. te 

678 Ekoush. J. Ispping^ Esaez, Maim. — ^Fumigating 
apparatna for killing and c^tnring inaecta. 

676 BaAOHACX, L R. Gt. laimonth, Iut.— hammer 
akatei, adapted for a maeadamiaed road, Ice. Impiured 
knocker, letter-plat^ Ibcl for a door. 

678 Boaaowa, T. Baraa^j, lay.— Bed-joint, to super- 
lede the use of the aorew. 

679 Cook, T. Ann BL Plnmatead, Iny. and Mean.— 
House alarum for doon as windowa, and gardcaa or shrub- 

680 ABiOTBogn, J. Jan. 10 Polka SL MaddoxSt. Be- 
gent St— Dreaaing and other eomba. 

664 HATm, J. 88 8t^JaBieB*aSt Iny^Apparataa for 
eztzaeting corka. 

687 KxiOBT, T. W. S3 Bmnt Tar. Wldoonb. BeO, 
Iny. — ^Bolt for foldiqg doon^ wmch ftatena on doauiig tba 
ri^t4iand door. 

681 Bbbopp, Bey. J. UJL 11 Gaaterbury row, Ken- 
ningtott Bd. Iny^— Rotary dnder aifler. 

608 Clabki^G. R.3SoBMrwtPLB:enniBgton, Dea^ 
Dedgaa for chairs ia omamintal iroo^woik. 

684 JBnuww. J. SI Ptaaident St Gcewell St Ibt^ 
Improyed blind roUer and cpring bracket 

686 MooBi^ J. 38 aeriEcnweU Ooae, Fnp^Pteteni 
lever ventilator for windowsL 

607 AxDUff , B. Botheridtiie, InVd— Improyed p 
for Berlin woi^ Iecl Hot water bath, gaastovea, ( 
ice. Wladow-roUerlKa^etaKiag. 

800 Wbvham Lake Icb Co. 164a Strand, Mann.— lee 
aafo or refiigantor, lined with Hie patent glaaaenameL Sy- 
phon water filter, iny. by Alfred B&d. 

808 GKED^ A. S7 upper George St Edgeware Rd. 
Iny. and Mann^— ^Protective STpbon cnimney-pot 

608 Bxinrur,W.lL Bedford, Inv. and lUnn.- 
irrigator; Cooking nparatna; aelf-aeting 
apparatna for awer '^'- 

. — Garden 
kitohea-range ; 
. ^ , , mdycraal teakettle; 

lock; rcjgiateredBtoye; improved coffee-pot; and fil- 
tering cistern. 

608 Hoamn k Kiion, 106 fc 107 Shoe Lene, Fleet St 
Maan^-Copper^late for line engraving, hard and poUabed. 
Steel-plate Iot mesaotiato eaaaving, invented by R. Hughea. 

611 MncBEU, J. Stoadbavcn, Seotlaad.— Pipe fittinga 
intini9late,Gennan ailver,aad8terlii«allyer. Mallet^ 
iron tobacco pipe, invented by tfaeezhiUtor. 

618 HiUfPDBi, J. 448 West Strand, Co-Ptop. and Agent 
—Fire eacape, kc WaHamtfn temnoraiy rudder. Seotf a 
door ipiing. Naah's air-tUt far. Joyaers tea-urn. 

616 Gray, J. 11 laveridth Row. £d£idmrd^ Iny^— Re- 
gistered gravy-dish, for sffarating 0ie liquid fit of looated 
or boiledmeat firam tlie gravy at table. 

616 H^aiaov, J. Huddenflekl, Iny. Pet and Maan^— 
Sawplea of patent mannfoetarBd lead. 

618 BioDDUv, J. Cwm Avon, Paibadi, Walea, Mann. 
—Flange railway and other bera. Coke and charcoal tin- 
plate, aasorted. Osaada platea and aheet iron, lie Sped- 
menaofnrahtha. CryataUiaedaulriiateof oopperandbon. 
Acetate of lime end lead. Snproflead. 

688 Tatmb, J. Wdveriiaaiptoa. Iny. and Mann.— 
Bramah locka. Improyed balance detaetor lever locks. 
BaiTon*a cheat and latch tilMock. 

688 CmcKixoaAii, A. R. Addiaon Rd. Kensington, Iny. 

. Fabeab, W. Leieeater.— Zinc fountain, made by 
hand,»and without the aid of eaating or atamping. Improve- 
ment for laah windowa. Cylindrical bedrwanner, Ice 

Digitized by Vjl^i^ 



Clam 22. Oeiiend Hardware^ mdmdmg XodU tmd Oratet, 

688 flKATi, W. J. WatliK 8t Hum.— Patent otcd, 
hftTiqctlM hmOag apiMntiii within. 

aA BoBior i Bbllamt, Miil WnU, Poplnr— Da. and 
ManB.~Tanla for wntMr, Uaooite, oil, and paint OfCflrn 
and bacrd for oU, tar, mirit, ka. 

e84 MACTBOLT.mBflgentBtlay.aad 
Inc^ haating^ and eooling apparatoa. Knife-ekaaing au^ 
eUnfli. Aerating machYnaa. Anti-corroaiTf nlf-aeting 
J8 HAxrfc8oMi,68,H<>^'^7ch8^ Strand, Mann. 

■Door-kaoba and ilng<Br-platfla in braaL china, glaa^ lie. 
I>r. Amotf s Tentilatinff ehimuflj valvaa, fanproTad. 

087 BiDDU, W. BaitTflmpla Chambm, Iny.— Bvar- 

' tad panoilg. B a m yoir pen. Signal lampi. Balhraj 
Bailway earriaffa li|^tad by eo uipi Mwd eoal-gaa. 
ilra-cocks and piqpaa to ihlpi. Urenkr kna for 
lanpa, Ihsl 

MS Matlob, J. ISl Badnor St Hofana, Inr.— Lampa 
for pillan raiting on tha ground; andforbraekatiafixadto 

888 Coxxrzs, J. 23 Grafton 6t Bart, Mann^-Sargieal 
InatnoBOtttL fco. 

6il GoALanooK Dau Go. Goalbrpok Dala, Lit. Dei. 
and Mann.— Iron and bronaa eaatinga. Ornamental park 
antranea of eait^iron, bronaad, oonaimig of a pair ofjrin- 
cipal gatai, and two ride gataa, hnng on iron pillan of new 
conatmetion: each of tha foor gatea waa eaat in onapiaee. 
Qmamantal mafic dome of cast-iron, broniad, 90 laat in 
diameter by 90 feet high; adapted for slaslng. ai a men- 
booM, lie ; it oontaina an iron castingof tha £agl»alairar, 
and is snrmoanted by a statuette of CEolns, by John BeU. 
Ornamental foontain of eaat-iron, bronaad, seren feet wide by 
pid and the Swan: the groiqp forms 
i centra of atasaa, decorated with an 
n of tha white and yellow wataMily : Bnglish 
design ; John BeO. Ornamental ohimney-pleoe and grate, 
with decorations iUostratiTe'of deerstalking, boar^mnting, 
and hawking; enriched with a bronse groon of the Death 
of the Stag, modelled and chased by B. W. Hawkina, general 
designer. Bri^ ornamental pate, oo mp oaed of bnmished 
and sprmig sted front, with electro-gilt ornaments, norel 
and mooldingi, and a marble mantel-place : £ngiish 
: C Grookes. A luge collection of stores, pstcs. 
lanfies, fsoders. &e. Ornamental work. GoUection of sbmII 
works in foreign derin; and groops and statn et t es of 
Bn^diah design, by Bb W. Hawkins and John BeO. 

848 Muum li So9, Liverpool, Mancheater, and 47a 
MoosgateSt Pat and Ifann.— Milner's patent holdlkstand 
flre-fwisting safca. 

848 Bato, G. a is Walcot St Bath. Inr. and Haan. 
— Portabia waterfall : a metal ressel of large capacity, for 
deansingwater^losets, sewen, lee 

848 DATn. J. B. 63 Boupell St Inr, and Mann.— Becia- 
tared rtbrt forjrteam, water, gas, or any other fluid, called 
a clear-way Talre. 

845 MiLLUL fc Sons, 179 PicoadiUy, and 370 Oxford 8t 
Iny. and l£amL— Patent Admiral^r regolation ligfata. Ship, 
carriage, railway, police, and reading lampa. 

840 Gbubb liSoii. 57 St Paul's Ghurchyard, Inr. Pat 
and Mann.— Patent oeteetor locks and latches. Norman. 
Gothic, Blizabethan, Ice. Quadruple and rim locks; and 

847 Hatwood Ic Son, aOSt James's Walk, and Sqffolk 
St GlerkenwelL Bianu.— Locks ; specimens of gilding and en- 
graTing Mplicable to foncy brass foundry. 

860 Fotrna. B. I York PL St George's East, Inr.— Salf- 
acthig detector lock. 

860 BioyoKD, H. Wolverhampton, Iny. and Mann. — 
Improved detect(»^ock. 

861 GoLLOP, J. Wellington Foundry, Charks St City 
Bd. Mann.— Patent riaing and not-risittg spring, swings and 
other hinges for doors or gataa. 

868 BaAMAB li Go. fS4 Piccadilly, Inv. and Han 
Assortment of patent locks, with illustrations of their c_ 
struction. Very fine ornamental iron castings. 

864 OnaoinLJ.jnn. Wolverhampton, Ifann.— Improved 
looks, for doQia, drawers, park gstea, Ifcc 

865 CAapsxTaaliTuAisLBT,WillenhaIl,nearWolv«w 
hampton, Ifann.— Carpenter and Co.'s, Sandeis', Tildesiey'a, 
and Brillies' patent locks. Bock's patent Gothic case kicks. 
Curry-eombs, horse-scrapen, kc 

865 Mosroii, Prot Boyal Veterinary College, bv^ 
Medicated cotton for setons. GalvamHursenioal apparalna. 

867 TiLMMLMT. J. Willenhall, near Wolvenampton. 
Inv. and Mann.— B^gistered and other latohea. Iron and 
brasspadlocks. Door-bolts. Mortise sash k)cks and latches. 

868 SmTB, S. WiUenhall, StafforrlAlra, Liv. and 
Mann.— Iron and bnas k>cks, for doors, fomiturs^ and 

660 lUnuT,G. Warwick St Wolverhampton.— Patent 
dcteclo^r locks. 

Aust."!, C Wolverhampton, Inv. 

IS to tilostrate the rise and t 
maLing iocU^ Miniature specimens, 1 

Specimens to tihistrate the rise and proffness of the art of 

maLing iocU^ Miniature specimens, ovH. an 

OngjTiiftl mo lb cd of ornamenting tinjpooos and panes of glass. 

IF. Anbia. 

864 YATfA H. St John's ^. Wolverhampton, lav. and 
Mium.— tx>ck« for tmnlo, drawers, kc 

&m hiJL, W. Ii J. Wolverhampton, Mann.— Fastenera 
foxsubM; alAcm bells; Gothic hinge; handlea for kwks; 
ktches; h>cks, bolts, fcc. 

888 Sms, J. Salop St Wdverhampion, Mann.— Engi- 
neers' anvil, smiths vice, and tinmen's anviL 

887 WmrBBOosB, C. Ii Co. Wolverhampton, Inv. and 
Manu.— Tubes and fittings for steam, gas, and water. Amal- 
gunated Swedish iron, for gun-barrels. 

888 Clams k Co. Wolverhampton, Pat and Manu.— 
Patent enamelled iron^wara. Patent cast-iron hinges, oolfoe- 
mill, and crimping^saohine. 

888 Tucani/W. U. East St Taunton, Inv.— A double- 
action detector lock, that can be opened only by the proper 
distinctive key. 

888 MoBxroii k LAifOLsr, SS Bush Lene, City, and 

Wolverhampton, Prop.— ^General ].ardware, for home, colo- 

nialaad forolgn markets, with imitations of foreign goods. 

888 WnrrLBv, J. Ashton, near Warrington, Manu.— 

Caae of wrought-iron hinges. 

870 WAunaa, B. Ic P. 100 North St Wolverhampton, 
Manu.— Patent locks, for fbmlture, doors, Icc 

871 PsAttci^ W. 50 High St Dumfties, Scotland, Inv. 
— Safoty lock. 

878 Lswn, G. Hl^ Cross St Leicester, Inv. and Mianu. 
—Lock, with newly-invented droular levers and seif-dividing 
bitted kevB. 

874 HoBTOir, A. Ashfurton, Devon, Invw— Locks on 
new principle, amicable for all doors, dock gates, Iso. 

875 Dowifi, W. Long Melford, near Sudbury, Suffolk. 
Inv. and Manu.— Improved twelve-bolt lock, to be fastened 
on the centre of a door, three bolts shooting each way. 

878 OsMOMo^ O. 19 Somen PL East. New Bd« St Pan- 
era^ Invd— Improved fittings for roller olinds, ko. Spring 
faitoL Bolta. Sash-faatener. Patent oentrsa for swing- 

878 CocnuifB, A. 17 Bryanstone St Bryanstone Sq. 
Inv.— Patent lock, to be entiUed the «• Catch-key Lock.^ 
Sknoke condenser, aii^«ondnctor, and animal food and v^ga- 
table pr ea erv sr. 

877 Booum, B. Hull, Inv.— Ktw 

baokfoftaners, for 

Digitized by 


Clam 2S General Hardware^ mduSng Lodte and Graiet, 


078 BAKirvsulb8M,46 0iiho|>8tI>iibliB, Muiil— 
Vw)ttght4rondoobto cMedMfe,witfiiacr>Hock. H«ll-door 
■nd d«tk lock. IroMrfan loek, fivpriMOS, ke, 

679 WnsoiL R. 5 Oobon 8t Idt. and ManiL—Secret 
dnwn loekTPwiloek, witlik^. Becratpwllock, toBct with 
dW hands. 

080 BooBSTB,J.&U8lnhopaStClttreMaricet- Te- 
QaUan yentiktoiiL Tl u ta b ol l mortica and rim locki. V*- 

food St TTattiiiioater, Inr. and 

lioiit other kwki^ ftitaniMLfc 
061 BAMMEmk9omiirWi 

-Jmpnttd iBortiea sight bolt for bad, drcHing, and 



081 Tatxab k Smr, 
Maao ■— "lai uroTod belli and 

688 MtttniT, J. 15 Thomas St. Dablin, Mano.— Two 
chnreh beUa» wdgldag w ^s ctl rclT shoot 88 cwt. and 7 cwt. 
oiit in tnna from the fianaea withoat any ardfidal toning 

ZAMM, C lb 6. 967 Whiteeh^el Bd. llano.— 
iSball,^ ^ 

Fbaiheum/Miusb, lb Satsb, 9 Clifford St Bond St 
Des. and Kannw--Firs gntei^ Btorm^ ftndsfs, ke. Locks, 
fliitiu ylitfs, fim iioiis an, 

090 RoooBS li Soai^ Shafldd, Mami^Sporlsnian'i 
knife, eontaining ei^ity blades sad other instmmenls. 
apoHamsB's knife, thgee qusrtiri of sn inch kwig, contsining 
ffitv-riz blades and odisrinstraments. fosdmens of table 
and pocket knires of all deseriptioaiL settson, rsaon, kc 
showing the seveni stsgm of mamBctars^ from the 
material to the finished goods. 

691 MvrnuM 8c fl^wnas, 15 Our Lsne. Sheflleld, 
Kam^— An SMuilmonr of sboe^ bateher^, eodkr, weaTcn*, 
btead, palette, patty, sjUricnT, and feirien^ knives, Iec 

66aalTiioa li8on,lSSdwaidSt8heflMd,Hanii.— 
Proning and budding kairca, for the use of gsrdenen, Iec 

608 WmriMS t gn ooaAW, 100 West St Sheffield, 
Mann. 8m git il Instnnasats sad penknives. 

786 BoTiDi, CL Omwferd Pssssge, Gterkenwell, Ioit. 
and Mann.— Patent protsetor gu-mster, fiv-pnTenting fire- 
rlampL kOm 

7Vl AxjnaoisE, J. M. 10 Kdmn St dtf Bead, Inr.— 
Doob l e a ct ion spring catrs sad top pivot fer doom 

788 AjKaBR,H.GoT.Sehoolofl)cs.8hefield,Des.sad 
Modeller^Model fat plestei^ for eiecatkm in sUver of a 
plateaa or aideboaid dkh. 

780 AsTHon, Mabt SmnrAv; ChldcrcniiL Airdzie, 
Seotlaad, Des. and Mamk— Y am of novel artilleml tloweis, 
showing a new applicaHon of silver sad siik combined. 

740 BEamrr, T. H. Blaadfoid, Donet Mann.— Wire 
buttons for under clotldnft naanlactnied aoIelT b j hand. 

741 Balupit, J. Biimtngjliam, Manow-Gold Jewdleiy. 
Gflt and Black omamatL SpeetadeL Momimrnt, in Mack 
giMB, <• to the late Sir Bobsrt Peel** 

748 BiDDt^ J. 28 Yiototia St Bizmin^iara.— Seals, 
peshholden, letterdips, book-dssps, snd mountings. 

748 BABaonliSo9,PropL~A variety of locks ibrdoori, 
dtmwos, safes. Ice. on variooi principlea. Fancy keys. 

744 BAMsn^. 1 Adckide PI. O^rfard, Kent, Pxod. 
--Metslfic costs fer printing sUks^ shawls, fency peper, 

746 BBimv, J. S Aloeston St Binningfaam, Iut.— 
The^ ercr-bollfaig tngjt. An invsnlon steani-kettle. A 
▼eitloal loaatinif jifk, staiple snd che^i Inqproved door- 

746 BBU^J?aieflcld.--Sttver fruit knivea. 

747 BarasBii, H. Howard St Birmingham, Mann.— 
Blother-of-jwari stu ds and bnltoas, black pssri ditto. Slides, 

748 BoAca, J. F. U and 19 Wd]iagtm^y,^ublin, 

Inv.— Model of signal post; signal ianthom; ligjitiim case. 
Ice Table lamps, with piUam made of bog oak.^ 

749 Baoqh, Dbki^ le Co. Dudley. Manp.~Flat rivet 
chain. Wood and stub flat chains, Ice for mining porposss. 
Improved rice. Msaufeetmred by J. Wilkinson. 

750 BiDOBU^ 6. A. 2S Montpdier Sq. Knightsbridge, 
Iny. eadPat— Gas bunsre, which regulate tliemsdves to 
the pressure, keapfam the flame at any desired heii^t 

761 CoTTAii k Haubh, 2 Winsiey St InT. sad Mann. 
Rwundlfd manger, reck, and water trough, Ibr horees. 
Pork ntes. Derigas in iron for staircsse railing, Iec 

.768 CAnwnon lb Hnoxa, 138 and laSOt Charles St 
Birmingham, Dcl and Mann.— Bleetro-plate on Gensan 
silver: waiter, liqueur and emei-frames, sshd or fruit- 
stands, sngsr, cake, Ikuit sad csrd4Mskets, ko. 

758 CiiAMBsas, G. & Ca Stndley, Warwickshire, and 
14 Gresham St London, Mann.— Needles in thdr diftrant 
stagea, from the rough anterial to the ibished article. Fan^ 

754 Coi.vBviBii, W. leOmriotteSt Bladdriais Bd. 
Inr.— Be^stsnd portable domestic Tuonr bath. 

765 ConnoBH, J. Berkdey St Wire Milb, Bimdi^ 
ham, Menu.— Specimens iUustrative of the maanfeetnrs of 
iron sad other wires. Stsd-wiiu. Soft sad hard tinned 
wire. Coppsrsd ii oa-wirs. Wirs nails of various siass and 

766 Coenov, J. Mdresa, Seotlaad, lor. and Mann.— 
SHde ball-cock, eapahle of steading a great premure of 

757 CABTwngHi^ D. Leek, Prop.— Alarm lock ; on aa 
attempt being made to pick it, a bdl rings, and iriien the 
bdtisdwtapbtdisflral ^^ 

758 Davis, J. B. CS Boi^ell St l4unbfth, Iut.— ▲ 
dear'wayvalTecreoek: wgiifered. 

750 DAwmm k DoHULBion. Sooth Town, Tanaoufliy 
luT.— WorUmr modd of a stone filter, in a date dst 

760 Fntra, T. Slim St Bdfest hdand, Prop.- 
, ~ ~ oUow firs ban, for loeomotive 

and other Innaeea. 

761 Fntni, T. BeUhat Prop^—nre her, fer locomotive 
end other ftvnaees, Ikc lUristared by Jaaies Firth. 

768 GiADsron^ T. M. I>uke*s Dock, Liverpool, Inr^— 
Patent gdvaniaed iron ssroophsgns. 

768 Gnnsii,F.W.BastBd7CityBd. Inr. and Mano. 
—Safety and other loeka A dmpie and cheap spring hiBge. 

764 GABDna,afcJ.458Sband,Msnn.-Oilcbimde- 
Usr, S4 Ught brms or4w>lu, 7 feet 6 inches high, 6 feet 
6 inches d&metei; weUt 15 cwt 

765 Hoca3Di,C.38lDuke St Manchester Sq. part Owner 
ead Agent— -Osaoa's patent meat preserver, to salt a Joint 
in ten minntes. 

766yHoBiaL T. Oevdand St Birmingham, Inr. and 
Mann.— CoUeetion of hingm fer the American market, Ike 

767 Hasoma*, J. Ic Co. Gt Charies St Bin ' 
Mann.— Silver meld gOt, pared gilt, and bremye 
utensils of various kinds ussd in chu r ch e s; enam 
with stones, plafesd, deroed, sad eagmved. Glsm m oun t ed 
emsts. Yssesferllowsn. Prayer-books in varioos bind- 
ings, Ikc (^edamaa of wron^t-faNm woik, Iec Caskst of 

ery, consisting of rirdiss, brooches, crosses, eerrincs, 
Psinted glam w is tdows; the glam mannfeetored oj 
1 and SonuBsrilsid, Birmingham; and Hartler and Go. 



Bright aad tinned, 
pans. Havannsh 

robes, hoods, capes, girdles, te. 
oi^iit atitchuigp, ^1^•^ 

768 HorrKaa, J. Pnp.—Iee>fieesing machine. 
760 ILuauBOii, W. Fishsr St Bbmingham, Mann.— 
iglit and tinned, round and oval, frying-pana and bake- 
«. ifoT^ !• mingj sugar, 

Digitized by Vjl^l^QlC 


Cljm22. General Hatdwaref mchuiing Locks and Gratet. 

eoiited with pfttent glaai enamel. Ice. Soger bowle and 

770 HoPKora, R. P. WxHBonni, Donet, Dee.— Open 
fiuMj hnu front-door knobs, lined with china and opal 
i^aeb Finger-platei, lined with ailyered enamelled bine 

771 Hnprai, J. 20 Wildemen Bow, Clerken^ 
end Ifnan.— Detector and chest look, secret action, 
fa r dssk i^ tmnks, portfoUoe, drawers, and carpet begh 

77S BuaHBL H. 7a CSiarles 8t a^ Rd. Iny^Patent 

778 HuLETT, D. 55 High Holbom, Kean.— Oit chande- 
Uen. Bttttar's ventilating oas chandeliers. Gaemetar. An- 
tiqoe candelabra. Gas cooking stove. &o. 

774 HABDiarr, W. Providence St. Wakefield, Inv. and 
M ail — Machine for washing, wringing, and "**«cM«^ 

775 Hunoii, J.Bidgeway,Shefflela.— Specfaaensofixon 
and eeet steel, welded together under a water or steam-power 
Tiemmsr, fye scythes, Ibc Street door end window ptoteo- 
tioB, of cast steel end iron. Berkshire hook, for eotting 
down the hanreet Pair of cart aaUcs, with rerolTing 
spheriesl bushes, to reduce friction. Cutting instraments, 
with esst^teel edges. 

t77B Jamzb, J. Bedditch,nearWoreester,lCann.— Keedle- 
bose^ Ibmished. Needles and fish-hooks in tha Tarions 
j roesss te of manufacture. 

777 Jeaus, W. 51 GtBumellSt Ihv. Des. and Menu. 
— Inpraved ventilating stove grate, the heating surftees of 
wliidi are composed entirely of purs fire loam. Improved 
natSLto be fixed in the chimn^-pieoe, exhibited by 

778 JoBsox li Go. 8hiBflieId,Maauw— Patent bri|^ steel 
refieding stove-grate and white marble ehimney^ieee. 
A banished steel register-stove, ornamented with twisted 
steel mouldings, gilt coronet, sad silver feathers. Patent 
aiiHstore. Lazton'sparlour cooklng-etove. 

779 KnoBT li Foenut, 5 Bastcheap, Inv.— PaztoB steel 
pens; Bank of EngUmdpou; swan pais; oorrespondence 
pensj^aati-eorroeive pena. 

780 KiBBT, Bbabs^ Ii Ca 46 Cannon St lisao.— Pins, 
all ofeneplece, made at Gloucester. Needles sad fish-hooks, 
made at Cradon, Bucks. 

781 Keito, G. 36 Piccadilly.— Ling's patent 
for the preeervation of all kinds of provisions, iceing wince, 
wmter,£e. Gabion's ioe4x». Begistered IcMlane. Col^ 
or chestnut rosster. ** Magic mirror." Liquid meter. 

788 Le% G. 90 Church St Paddington, Jbv. and Manu. 
—Spring-shank setf-acQusting button. Embossing Iron, to 
finish woollens, Hnens, oottons. silks, velvets, Ibcl 

788 LoBUsi, J. 68 Besstnghsll St Inv.— Pateni egg- 

78i Losn, WiuoH, & Beu., Newcastle^on-Tyne, ICann. 
— Gasl^ron sas pipe, 96 inches diameter, and i of an inch 
thiek^moulded by machinery. 

786 Leau Ii Aisbxcbt, 4 Lichfield St Soho, Des. and 
MaoB.- CnVti and Jelly mouldy 

786 LiHLBT k Sons, 84 Stanly St SheiBeId,Pat and 
Manow— Patent drcukr double-blast bellows. Improred 
cirBdsrbellowB. Improved portable forge, fcc. 

787 LoyooEv k Co. SheiReld, Des. and Mann.— Im- 
provsd cooking apparatus. Ornamental warm-air gas stove. 
Specimen stair balusterB, Iec Gallery front fbr entrance 
hall,te. Perfbrsted pedestals for hot-water pipea. 

788 Mabbiaii, J.P. Birmingham, Mann.— Specimens of 
bronsed scroll ornaments. Specimens of naval brass foundry, 
consistinff of ship-scuttles. Glam deck lighta. Gnn-hole 
screw valves. Ordnance metal pullies, with anti-friction 

786 MncHBLL, J. Bedrafh, Cornwall.- Improved pistol, 
Newly4nvented sub lock. 

780 MoovL EaoLT, Bere Begia, Blsadibrd, Dorset, 
Manu. — ^Flne thread shirt-buttons, maanfhetured by the 

781 MoBjusoii Ii Pabub, BocUnghamshire St Shef- 
field. Manu.- Carpenters' braces and centre bits; spirit 
levels, gauges, saw pads, augers, and other tools. 

708 Maobxi, £. 870 Oxford St Prop.— CasMroa rase 
stove, radiating vertical] v: smoke descending. 

793 BiATo Ii Bates, WolTerhamptott, Manu.— I>oar-k)ek 
keys, in difibrent stagee of manufheture. 

7M Nxxxr, W. 0. 22 Moor St Soho, Inv.— Patent tUU 
to prevent fraud, kc Fire esc^e Flexible cement, to 
jasten metal, marble, ^ass, Ieo. to wood, or to each other. 

785 NiCKLcr k SsiBATiL 57 Bradford St Bixmin|diam. 
B£anu.— Copper, brass, and iron weaying; fine drawn^mas 
and copper wire; strong iron weaving ; toss wire cloth, as 
used for paper-making i»!ai»>i^n ^^ 

786 Pbdcz Ii Son, North Wood St Birmingham, Dea. 
and Manu.— Specimens of magneto-pUte aalver. liquorr 
frame with grotesque handle. Knives, forks, and spoons. 

797 Ptbsb k Sons. Dorriagton St Manu.— Bronie tea 
as and swing tespketile, of new designs. 

798 BioLBT k Edsbb, Vincent Sq. Westminster, and 
St Jamee's Tcr. Yaaxhall Bridge lU.— Working model, 
showing patent salb^ doors and apparatus. 

798 BoBSoai k Hootm, Green Lane Works, Shefiield, 
Manu.— Cast4ron registsMtove, inveated and rsjristered by 
John Finlay, Buchanan Street, Gksgow, for curing smoky 
chimneys, and eoonondsing the oonaumption of ftid. Other 
stones, fenders, ko, 

808 BoGSBS, J. W. 88 St Jamee's Standi Nottingham 
St Dublin, Inv. and Pat— Dedoriaing chamber, for use la 
public places ; the peat flhamoal used ia converted into a 
moot valuable, dry, inodorous manure. Pfirtable kihi, for 
malt, grain, hope, lea 

801 SbabsTb. 2 York St Middleeex Hospital, Dca. and 
Manu.— Cofibe fllterer and; small cooking apparatus, with 

808 ScEw^BT, C Bell St— A playing ornamental 

808 SKBuroBS, & li B. Shefiield and Atterclifilb, Manu. 
—Shovels and spades for various uses. Draining-toola. 

804 Smxt^ Kbxp, fc Wbxobt, 165 Broaxlev St West, 
Birmingham, Manu.— Buttons of gold, silver, Dfsos, gilt, 
p^iermach^ mothezK»f-pearl, Ice Beaistered shirt studa 
of gold, silver, gilt, pearl chased, enameued, and engraved. 

806 Spubbixb, W. Birmingham, Manu.— Electro-eilver 
and gUt services; table and chamber candlesticks: cake- 
baskets ; cruetrframes ; mounted Jugs ; spoons ; forks and 

808 Sbbabs Ic Sobs, 27 Bankside.— Inv. and Mann.— 
Patent dry gas meten 

807 SPB9CXB Ii Sob, Newcaatle-upon-tl^me, Mann.— 
BailUe's patent volute springs, fbr xallway and other pur- 

808 Toirxiir, J. 315 Oxford St Des. and Msnu^— Oma^ 
mented iron bedstead, of the Italian order, with registered 
spring lath bottom. 

8Cw Tdbneb, Habbist, Ic Co. Shefiield, Bianu.- Fire- 
irona of various descriptions, ebborately cut and orna- 

8104T.nB]fBB, E. W. K. 31 Pracd St Paddlnflton, Inv.— 
Model to illustrato the application of centriftigal foroe to tha 
purification of water, for the supply of cities, towns. Ice. 

811 TxBBT, B. Ic Soy, Temple St Wolverhampton, 
Manu. — Copper, tin, 4nd japanned wares. 

812 The Patbmt Pointed Sgbbw Co. Wolverhampton,, 
Manu.— Patont pointed screws, cast out of malleable iron 
which can be driven into wood without boring holes. 

Digitized by 


CLAfliSa. Worki m Preeum Metali, JeweUerp^ ffc 


813 WBBSucr, SuxASBB, IS Norwich St Bheilldd 

814 YADOBAa, O. H. 4 Wertmonhad St Gt MutIa- 
boM St Msiiii^~HMhiM Ibr tstdiur Uw teedi of Mwa. 

815 WI«0ulllBuTl^WalMlliPftt•lldMttlll.--Model 
of Strat^i patent door lodL B^giflterad locki. Coclaeiewi. 
PlKtant finimpfnMtlim sad odwr itod pent. 

816 WooDOooi^ J. 9 Jjomtt (fcrnond QoaT, Dablio, 
MMntw— GUtandpliledbvtAQnt. GoniiaafUTerlettenud 
%iirct. BrMi mw iB li i y ibr mOltuT aecoatreawnti, 

817 Wbete, T. Jvn. Ihoipo Hedoy, Shefidd, InT. and 
liaiiiL--Impio^ hooki fo iifaig Of ind wftterfipc. Im- 

borflMiaili. Nov wroi^t>!xoii noUt Ibr ihip- 
I cirpmtsEiL Irs. InprovBd nToti- 
W^no, J. JOB. Old Church Woii 

Ibcl Eogiiieen' vice. .Patent yiec^ 


^ Xjoa. Old Church Woiki, nnnSngbam, 

Mma^-SBrinA axdi^ && Eludiieeni' vice. Patent Tiea, 
wfthspheriealwaahfln. Yke, with aolidbiMi box. Snith't 


wtL SpeciBMnt oi n^olted Iran. 

819 WiLUAii^W. k Co. Fentwyn and Golynoi Iron 

Woiks, PontTpodI, JiIaaii^-Wn>ii|^t-iro& railway baiiy each 
S5 ftet long, 45 Ibai per jBd. 


Work$ m Predoui MeiaU^ Jewdlery^ jnc. 

Exxmonni U MAMom^ Kew HaiD-^treet, Blzming- 

of deetro^ted caadelAbra, 
'2 Makdi, Bjacbv, Ic Kmir, 
and Daa.— Gentr»fieei^ with ligiirea. 
toilet-ataiid. Teft and eoliee aarriee. Laiga model of a 
Great Weatam stcaaKanciDa. Rich Bohnmian glaa claret 
C!half>lahMi in golf and enameL Pcaria, ornaBBenta, 
ehaina and Jewallerj. nwnnfartnred by C Sp ar row , 
London. Chroncinatar and otber walehea in their dLSbrent 
stageaof maanfitftora. Tbne lMaper,newiy-inywitBd alaram, 
Ike. inrented by B. Bngeaa, Cknenwdl Green. 

8 Rno k Som, 14 Grey St Keweastlo-npon-Tyne, 

jng. Chi 

Mbsb.— StlTcr goodi 
and eoffeo aernoa; ] 

Chaaed eiaietjng, basket, and teft 
, picteed and engraved baaket, eentro- 

4 PATxn k 9aam, SI Old Bond St 
Taae in ailyert alter aambla aatiqae la tlie 

Croft Bdatol, Dea. and Maan.- 
riL LadWgoardj;bimeeleta,he. 

6 Waii»T. 
Gnfl^nal oafign in aair'Wo nL ajwuj^h |^«Huuji wma*v««««^ ■•«#. 

7 Guanrwau^ J. Whitby, Kano.— SilTor teappot, 
ooHeaipot, and tefr«ottle^ wd^Un^ together, only 140 

8 GnnanoBr, I. Whitby, KaniL-Jet nccklacea, 
braceieta, broochei, oaadlerticfci, p ln c qahi o n, l i kenc w itan d , 
oarrli^. Bough jet, Iecl 

10 TocKEB, J. T. Bxeter, Inv.— B«giatered nniyeraal 
bfooch protector. 

11 Hjuu>nn, J. St Bavld'a, Exeter, Dea. and Inr.— 
Gold andailrer bracetota, with aecore anui. 

12 Exxa k Son, Bxefter, Dea. and Sfanu.— Bifl^i^y 
oaniaga time-plaee^ with duplex eae^ement and compen- 
aating balance. Sinty chain brooehea. Sihrec^wire gaase 
cardHDaakethc. SDrer plate, ipoon8,forka,lte. Beronahire 

13 SoBBT. W. B. Qneen St Exeter, Mann.— SUtot 

STyi table, deaMrt, tee and other spoona : kniTCi and 
ka; aogar-aifter, mgtt^onge, fte. Model or maehino and 

16 Wbt Ii Sov, J. Boblitt, Hann.>^eweUery, embel- 
Udied with IHah pearia and other gema, copied &om antiqne 


16 ConiBu., B. 10 Naana St Dnbli 

with deslgna fioaa aoenea at Doonybrook ftir. 

braoeleta, ftc, of Iriah beg <(b^ mo nn t ed in Wieklow 4 
and Iriah dlamonda. Book-stands, card-oaaea, lie., of axbutBt 
wood, from the lakea of Killaney. 

17 MoBLBT, J. 46 WickkmSt Dublin, Dea.~OBrTed 
baaket,fai white and red Irish bog yew, with soldeeta i^ allo> 

20 WikTSBiiocn,G. liS. 25 Dame St Dublin.— Begia- 
tered brooches, adnted to cloaks and ahawb, fipom the 
mineral produeta of Ireland. 

21 Nioou, W. Prince's St Edinbnrgb, llaini.-^Gold 
pena, pointed with iiidinm. 

SB WxiOHTon li Son, 17 Qneen St EdiaboriB^ Mam. 
— Hi^daad dirfc, Ckizngom stone. Letter pr esso r, with 
silver deer handle. 

28 MABWAfA li Son, 87 Gt George St Edinboi)^ 
Ifann^ — Aeooutrementa for a BIghlaad oreaL with ehaaed 
silver mooatiBgi studded with carbnadea aad caimgoima. 
Silver daretjoga, of antique shape and Qguxe. Seoteh pebble 
trinketa andjewdlefy. 

24 BarriB 'li Son, Aberdeen, llann.— Pateai aignat> 
lampa, for ateameEB and sailing-vessels in diatreas; B.BetliL 
London, inventor and patentfe. Gold and aiiver moonlaa 
graaite, porphyry, aad topaa braeeletS|biroodies, pias, te. 

26 TBOMraoK, P. H.)OBraadon PL Glasgow, JCaao^— 
Decaater staad. Coffee uim. Large oeatn^leea, with 
llower-beaket Ike. 

26 BaibihW. 7S ArgyleSt Gbagow.— Scotch ssmV 
heedLmoonted aa a annff-box and dgar^eaae. 

27 LiRBB k Soss, Newcaatle-opoD-T^ne^ 
Snnff^Kixca, card-caaea. jewellery, and Highland on 
Silver darei Juo. Coffee end tearpote, kc I 
apriuff dock, aaa ch r o n omet er timepiece. 

29 H"jjA»i> k TnoMASOB, nrmiq^iam, llaan. — 
Silver fiah-kaives aad fiirfca,tapei^etaada, brooehea, braedeta^ 
coiala, card4)aakeAi^aBnff-boBeB, praer aod cake Imivea, he. 

81 Mabbxab, F« Cumon St Birmin^iam, Maan^ — ^Aa 
^pergne, or eentre^ieee. Etniaean Jugs. Antique ooAe- 
pot Chaaed advera. CandQeatf cka. Cbalice. Antiqna 
caator fiaaiea. Tee aad coIBm aerviee^ kc 

82 Wiixi]i80BhCo.l5GtHamptoBStBirmia^iaB, 
Bfaan^-Eleetro-aitver plate npoa Germaa silver ^-Ceatra- 
piece, caaddabmm, flower vaae, tea-am, venlson-diah aad 
cover, ho. 

88 GoooB, W. 11 Parade^ KiminL ^ 
tro-plated artidea:— Epergnea, canddatea. Fruit aad i 
staada. »aao eaadkalick. Waitera, Platean. he. 

84 CoLua, G. B. Chmrah St Birmingtiam, 
A aolid sUvcr taUe^op^ 55 iaehca la diameter, wd^dag 
aeerly 900 oaBeeB,fbrtLeGovcmor of Aleppo. SoUd aiiver 
salvte; eeatra omaaienU; branehea; tnpod ea ndd a hr m; 
and a large number of speomena of aiiver wofic 

86 HAwxawonn, Btbb, k Co. SheAdd, Dea. aad 
Maaa.— A diver oeatre piece, with tripod ataad. Aaaaaort- 
ment of artidea, plated on German aiiver, end deetoo plaAad, 
with diver rmbnasnil edges and omameata. 

86 BxADBaBThSoN,Sbeffldd, Mean —Coffise aad tea 
aervicca. Kettlea aad pitchers, plated aad enmved. Pla- 
teau. Tee^irn. Antique bread4>aaket Caaddabram, he. 

87 HABB]Sos^T.8headd, Mean.— A large eoUeetieii 
of useful end omaaientd articles in dectro-plate on imperial 
metd and nickd aQver. 

88 Dixon h Sons. SheiBdd.—Seulptnred sUveroaade- 
labraaad epergacu widli crystd gjaaa, wd^dag aboot 750 
onaeca; dolgnedby Y. Nicholaoa. Silver aad gilt eoffse 
aad tea aervice, witA aiiver sdver modelled froma leaf of 
the y iotoria Bcgia ; aad other articles in aiiver and in beet 
Sheflidd plate. 

Digitized by 



Gum2S. Warki m Pf«itm MeUJif JeweBerf, ^. 

40 8onm fc Hazx^ SbdBeld, Mnm.— Blselm-fdated 
teMiftji, jan§t ketUet, aad tes lerrioM ; Vxpat and enwt 
fiim«i ; Mdven ; bfttketi, eaadlettioka, fro. 

42 FikDuiT. pABKor, & Stavxtobth, SiMiBdd, Htno. 
— SpedmcDf of silver plated goods of the besiqaaUtj, pleted 
upon German sUyer in the higot, with illastntioiis of 4he 

• ofpjating^te 

44 wnKoisov, H. Ii Go. Sheffleld, 
eandelabn, tea-nra, ooffbe-traTS, venison, and 
witii eawtn, tureens, kc. Be^^tered. Silver deeanlv^ 
stands, hread-baskeCs, ckret jugs, communjon plate, cops, 
nBndlsstick% coolers, fcc. 

'46 GaaswioK, T. J. k N. Sieffleld, MauL— Plated 
artlelsa, with silver monntiBgs. Gandelalna. Bpergneaad 
platasa. Oandlestl^ with branehee. Venisoa dishes, fro. 

46 M'GanoB, H. Perth, Mann.— Bam's4iead,nonnted 
as a snuff-box and elnr-ease. 

47 MsTaa k Moitimer. George St JUUbanA Des. 
and Kanu.— Omamento of Hichland regimente. ^Tartans 

1 kilts. Dirks, purses, brooenes. kc 

68 WboDBBiDOi^ T. 4 Albion Bd. 

Chased sUver desigi^— Death on the pale hone, 
Hm ^ver l-82nd pari thick. 

64 Bawutos, J. 85 Portland Bd.BMeBCrsPlult,]fs]iu. 
—Imperial miniature frame, mounted andeugrared: Indta- 
tionof or^noln. 

66 MiLL^ H. 17 Oasubton St Someis Toim, MsmL— 
Em b ossed and chased aalver— suhjeet, Aurora, or the 
hours, after Guido; border, after the Tredaona sheD. 

66 IvDnwici, J. 58 Prince's St Leicester Sq.-^Garved 
Meerschaum pipe. B^stered pipe tube. 

67 MoBTixu, W: H. U Hariej St Osvendish 8q. 
Iav.^Meehanism for rectifying irregularities in the growth 
oftheteeth. —^-^ » •- 

66 GLB▲^W.58P<dand8tOzford8t MamL-.Speei- 
men of working in human hair. 

60 Wabxdisb, W, 16 Chartotto St FitsnjSq. Mann. 
— Oi^moln miniature frame, set in crimson velvet 

65 LoBwBMSTABK, A. D. 1 Devoreoz Court, Strand, 
Des. and Mann.— Silver filagree ancient incense um, Iec 

64 GooDwor, C Prop.— China vase, mounted in metal 
gilt Btoodstone cup, mounted in silver ^Jt Pastile 

66 Wmamix^ G. T. 1 Gloucester PL Pnspeet Bow, 
Walworth Bd^ Inv. and Menu.— Begistered frstening for 
brooches, watch-proteotors, Iec self-actiqg dooMe ^ring 

68 WoLLPV, L. J. 45 Upper York St Biyaaston Sq. 
Dca. und MamL — ^Desk seal, mounted in gohl, set witii tur- 
quoise, suimounted with lai^ P^"^ '^ 

69 GowLAVD, T. Ihv.— 43pring catch ftsteners Ibr 
brooches and braceleta* 

70 Bakswxll, W. S5 Bed Lion St Gletkaiwell, Artist 
in Hair.— Specimens for lockets, brooches, lie. 

71 LBkB.4lBathbonePl.l(Iann.— Snceletoofhoman 
hair and gold. Brooches. Hair-guard chaina, Iec. 

72 SErM0UB,£.&J. 40GerrardStSoho^Prop.— Small 
gold vase, with portraite of Her MtAtiaty and Prinee Albert 
on enemd ; imitation of cameo, bv J. Haslem. 

7a Hops, H.T.M.P. 116 PiccadiU7,I^.—rdBket, con- 
taining a blue diamond, weighing 177 grains, mounted as a 
medallion, surrounded bv brilliants, and supposed, from its 
sise and colour to be unique. 

74 HARonro, G. P. 6 BarUetes Buildings, Inv. and 
Menu.— Patent spiral button studs, Ice 

76 Camvbbll, a. 43 Tottenham Court Bd. Inv. Dee- 
and Manuw— Comuoopiay being a brooch, flower-holder, and 

77 FonxB, E. 19 <^ieen St Haymarket, BCaau^- 
Silvet^lt tablespoon, r ep res en ting Jenny Lind as Alice in 
Bobert le Diablo. Silver snuff-box. 

78 EowAsos, B. 26 Lisle St Leicester Sq. Mann^ 
Portraits in enamel of the Queen, Prince Albert, Shake- 
spear^ and the Duke of WelliQgton. Enamelled Jewelleiy. 

79 Bum. H. 18 Gt Newport St Leicester Sq. Des. and 
r^Medamon,diiRdaviQg the heraldic devices in Ia- 


are shown in the fixhibitleB. 


and silver, of the nations whoee works 

80 ZmimwAii, G. k S. 88 OldBond St MamL— Pop> 
phjry and malachite casket, mounted in os^moln. with cor- 
ners set with gems. Silver statuettes of the <ttMeB, and 
Prinee Albert and of Charlea the First 

88 Gam, S. H. k D. 166 Begent St Prop.— SUver 
dessert service, of novel character and desifp, modelled 
firom nature ttom water plants in Kew Gardens. Centio 
pieces; vases: christening cup, with figures bv Bedgrave. 
Silvered Jewelled dessert set, in Eliabethan style. Brooch, 
in the style of jewels of the dnquo-oento period. Carbuncle 
and diamond biacelet, with portraiti of Her lis}esty and 
H.B.H. the Prinee of Wales, aflter Thornbum, executed in 
niello, engraved bv J. J. Grew SUver gauntlet niello brsee- 
let, designed Mj MaoUse; and other articles of Jewellery. 
Large vase, eompoeed of human hair: executed by J. Wood- 
ley, 81 Cursltor Street • 

84 Pabavaooa k CA<Kf.T.A, 8 Brabant Court, Philpot 
Lane, Imp. and Mann. — Branch of natural roorii coral, of 
great sise and value. CarvingS| bracelet, necklaces, and 
cameos, in coral 

87 Pinxxirs, Brofhen, 81 Cockspnr St^ Inv. and 
Prop.— Statuettes, kc, in oxidised sUver and gold, Iec. 
chronometer. Watchea. Chessmen in gold and silveif ena- 
mel, precious stones and pearls, kc 

68 Ai)AM% G. W. Hosier Lane, Mann.— Dessert ser- 
vice, silver gUt ; the same, in rilver. Knives, fotkM, spoons, 
and various other articles in sUver. 

88 FsmroH li Sons, 5 Newcastle PL dericenweU dose 
Mann.- Ahnondine rignet ring, set in gold. Lady's Victoria 
safety chain. . Gold bracelet, earrinss, chains, kc 

90 HnutAmi, A. 4 Ozendon St Haymarket, Des. and 
Mann. — ^Laurel wreath, with imitation of lace, out with 
scissors. Bouquets of various coloured hair, in anew s^le. 

91 Wrbubb, G. Ii M^ as BartlettfsBuUdings, Hol^ 
bom, Mann.— JeweUery and trinkets; specimens sboidng 
the p ro g re m of a gold bracelet from the pure metal to tiie 
complete article. 

98 IUbvet fc Co. 1S6 and 188 Begent St Plop^-SUver 
candelabruniL claret and waterjug, from tiie ant^ne^ from 
deeigns by Fiazman, Ice. Statuette of Mercury, designed by 
Woodington^ Iec Gold watch, invented by S. Boreham, to 
beat seconds, and to strike at the minute or 60th second. 

96 WajmmMj J. 48 Princes St Leicester Sq. Ifanu.— 
Drawing-room ckick, design by C. Grant, witii suUects by 
G. Abbott, in electrotyped cese, with base and pedestal of 
turquoise blue glass. 

94 Sinx.T,w.B.9CsmomileStManu.— Bichlyohased 
rilver coffee-pot designed by Kins: chased by Worster. 
Chiki's mug, with WiUde's BUndman^s Bu^ chased by T. 
Bdwards; another derigned by Percy. 

96 Mattbewsv E. 46 Berwick St Soho, Des. and Monu. 
— Boyal aims, Iec of England since the Conquest, engraved 
on different metals, and emblasoned with seating wax. 

96 BoKHSOK, W. 70 Wynyatt St ClerkenweU, Mann 
and Pat^— GUt obck-case, made of electrotype deporited 
plates, electro-gilt Other articles shoti ing the uses of eleo- 
trotype in manufactures. r^\ r^ 

Digitized by VjLll^y IC 



87 Hnrr h Boiksll (iHo Srou & Moamm), 156 
Neir Bond St. Mum. 86 Haniicm St. Gi^b Inn Bd. Iny. 
!>«■. and MaiuL — ^A. work in iUT«r, abowing iU ^rolieation 
to asa^^tnn, combined with BMtnlluiigiedf art. A ahiold^ 
cm b owed and cfaaied in tilTcr and iron. Yaaaa, presentntioii 
ptata, eantre pieoea, eandaiabiaa, dcj a cit atanda, enpa, aal- 

ntaiaay eaakata, lea wHh dcaiflBiy Ice. by Alfred Biowny 
echte, Sir G. Unyter, Fnnk Howazd, Sfar F. Chaatiy, 
B. H. Bailey, J. G. Cnusa^ H. Armatead, J. Haalem, aad 
Vhitarhalter. Watebea and ehronometen^ of eactnoidinaxy 
eoaatmotioii* Carriage and other dodo. Spcefanena ci 
the Tariooa jaedona atonei^ in the roo^ end wr o ug ht atate. 

86 GikBBABs^ B. Ik 8. Fanton 8t Haymaiket— Kan- 
tilna eop^ tanjrafdlay eweiBi left and eoffiw aer 
lafara^ eentre pieeea, table ocnaawnta, and other 
ndd andailYcr plate. Jewellcrr : aoitea of 
Baali; aapphiiea, paaxla, and brilliaoti; i 
te; tIaiaBy bnodete, lie. 

88 Vjob^ B. ao Ooppiea Bow, CaerkenweO, Dei. end 

UL— SUrer end gold peadl eeaea and penhoMeia, en- 

A set of ailTor engraved and gUt 

Gold pens. TortoieeBhell and pearl 

a nn lRwiea, Iec. gold and attrer, inlaid end mounted* 

88 FoBMBL A. Manor-Ornamfnta wodwd In hair and 

100 WiPDOwwwf fc Vbjx^ 78 Strand, Mmm^— In ailyer, 
a centre^eee platean with eaaddabra and dwaert ' 
Booeatrianatatnette of the Duke of WeUl^toii. ' 
tal flagon and ehaliee. fte. 

VSL Gbat, J. 5 KlUter 8q/-«crica, iOnatntiTe of the 
manuihetura of plated artieka from metal plated in the 

lOS Laubbbt Ik Bawumi^ OoTcntzy St Pkop.--Gaado- 

Laxfce Yaae, in the Btroacaa a^rle, iflnatntive of theprogreaa 
of ciTiHatioa. Candelabra, in eeetem atyie. Tea-tray, 
iOBatiatiTe of the puiuueae of the Bzhibitiim, cngrsred by 
Dooalda. Trifle atoa^ in the ItaUan rtyle. 

104 Kaamaij^ B. 8.61 John St T^ttenhem Court Bd. 
Itfami ,r-GokHeaf and layen of gold. lUnatrationa of the 
malleabifi^oftfaeTariouametala. Gold beaten' akin. 

106 Wimnaamnr k Bbogobi. 16 Henrietta St CoTent 
Garden, Maon^— A fine old atandard gold Jewelled Taae. 
Geld btoodiea, bracdeta, aeeklaeea, diauia,aea]8, and ringa. 

107 MoaLSr Ik Co. 8 Hattoo Garden, Mann.— Gold pena 
ttpped with iridium, and ailver penci l caatu, pe»hokien, Ice 

108 FoBBor, W. 54 Strand--8ilTe4roa^-water diah, by 
Wagner of Paria, bdng^Ma laet woHl 

108 BA]>T,H.J.96BedUoBStaeikeBwdl,I>ea.and 
Mann.— Qii ■mill Hemj YIIL and Franda I. at the fldd 
of the ck>th of gold, after Holbein, Titian, fte. 

110 Smiib, Bicmijoii, Ic Co. Duke St Uneofai'a Inn 
FleUa, ICann^— Canddabmm, with llgnrea. by W. Beattie. 
Tertimoniat to W. a Macready. dea^ned by B. Smith and 
C Grant Deaaert aerrice, with flgnrea, by J. & Ardier. 
Summcriey^a ait manulaetore. Bteetro-plated goodai 

111 Airoxui, J. 10 Strand, Bet. and Memi^— Groope In 
allTer,Arab menhaata hdtingin thedeaert; Sb-Bogerde 
Corerlegr and the gipdea. Chaaed ahidda : Tbm battle of 
Alexander and Dariua. Salrer; TheLabonrBofHereolea,to. 

lis Hahoogs, a F. 39 Bmton St Berkdey 8q. Mann. 
— Ebony, inlaid aihrer table and fase. Group in maadre 
direr, meddled by Bazon Marodietti, the doga by M*Car- 

118 Anmnoaooanu B. 19 Piccadilly, Proiv — Silrer 
centre Ibr the table. Oud<4ray i^ ailrer and enameL A 
baehdor'a tea eet An af^enltnral prise cop. Ice. 

114 Domm Ik 8oin^lCheudde,8eolp.-Sitrer tablet, 
ibr a Bible binding, The spirit of Beliglon) after Azmi- 
tage and Odeott Hoidey. Herddio engraving* 

^F.40Kizbyf '^^ 

115 Hman%F. 40 Kizby St Hatton Garden, Deadend 
Menu.— TaUeaad deaaert enUeij. SUvw table and other 

lie Mon, W. S6 Che^idde, Ptop^-Gold and aitver 
erer-pointed pendla, in varioua aty lea, aet with Jewela. 

117 Moan^J. V. Ii Co. 7 NewBiurlington St Begent 
St Mann.— Bqoeetrian atatnra of Quean BUnbeth, em- 
boaaed with the haauMr. on diver. CentrepieoiL In diver, 
of elaborate deaign< Qrientd aMte cupe. liuia laxuli cup. 
y aae, in roek eryatal, mounted in gold and enamel. Ice 
Bowpiet, eempoeed of diamonda, and a great oolleotion of 
rubiea, aeparating into aevenl dlnerent omamenta, Imi. 

118 Bowuoma, C Ik W. 146 Begent St Mann.— Bril- 
liant and raby bgaodet» Holbein atyle. BrilHaat end eme- 
rald atoameher brooeh. Gold and enamdbtaoeleti with car- 
buncle and diamonda. 

118 Bhavobi^ M. 5 Hanover 8q. Manu^-Laive ailver 
dock, by Woodington. Deaaert atanda. Gilt candelabra. 
Gilt plataaa, with difawracka and medalliona. NatardciTt- 
td candleatieka. P rocamea of gdd mannfrcture. 

120 Sbabp, T. 87 Burton Creacent, Dea. and Ufaan^ 
Shakapearaeup, with aubieeti flmn Lear, Jnliua Csaar, The 
Tcmpeat, OtheUo, Handet, and Macbeth. Electro-plated 

Ifil KsDB,J.fi9BritaanUTer.atyBd.Mann.— Com- 
of fli^gona, chaUcaa, patena^ and 

1S8 DoDD, P. G. 79 ConihilL Propw— Silver lea and 
coffee aerviee,witii beaao-fdlevo figurea. Btmaean ailver 
tea and cdfoe eerviee. Silver claret jugL Ie& 

188 Liia Ic Sov, SaUabuiy Court, Mann.— Silver claret 
Juga, e o flb epota^ teapota, au9r4>Baina, creamjuga» emet- 
fiminfi mlt rdlara, Itr 

18^ «■"—«»» Ik Son, Coventnr, Mann.— Chalicaa, pa- 
tinea, Ac aft« ezamplea of the eleventh to the fifteenth 
centaiy. Andent modm of binding in ailver. Qflbrtoiy 
didi; ecntee from deaign by OvertMck. 

Claib24. GloMi. 

4 KiMi,W. IS Poland St Ozfbrd St Inv. end Mann. 
—New pr o eam fat ffluminating, embiroideiing, end ailver- 
ingflalauilbeeaittfl^aab Thedcdgna are cngKavedenthe 
under dde of the glaaa. 

6 B w ianuana, B. V. Sooth S hi e lda and HewcaatleNon- 
lVae,Mami.-8UvcradL naked, rooFh, and Venetian platee 
of glaaa. Pkeaaed and cokmred ana opaque glaaa. P«r- 
ionteddaiB. Glemdomea. Gbaapipca. Chemicdappa- 
ratua. GkMB traya, Ike. 

7 CoAamns Ic Co. Niefaolaa St BristoL Inv. and 
Mann.— G)a« wateridpea, ^ain, jointed, and angular. 
Glaaa ourtaln'polea. 

8 PBnir,R. Lewea, Inv.— A reliquary, or box, frr 
email artidea, made of al^ of glaaa. 

8 Wood Ii Paaxn, WonbroT Bale, near Bamdey, 
Mann.— /^km tna. Baby ^enme, and itaad fonnins a 
aeparatefrdittBd flower vaae. GUaa faikatand and waCn^ 

10 MounAux, Wns, Ik Co. Maflcheater, MamL- 

Speeimena of cat, eagcmved, and coloured glaaa, condatinff 
oi juga, goblela, deeantera, finger-baaina, ghMaea, flower and 
other vaace, didiea, centre p4f«*» *^^ ^_ .„_ 

Digitized by ^^jLJi^QlC 

11 Tbb Aiak JJin ~CAU>Bn Bottub Co. Breflit, 
Edgar, Uatleftifd, nmr Ponteftaet, Mann.— Bottlea for 


Clam 24. Glam. 

difpenfinff and genaml pnnotai, with patent hoUow eork* 
■nd eomUnatlon stoppcn. Glan tableta. wilh Isaoriptloii' 
la glaw. G]a« intiuatoti, fbr eleetrie tategnflH. 

12 Hasoock, Buom, k Dqmt, 1 Oook^or St ManiL— 
Chand^Har of cat gtm^ carrying thirty^two candlaa. 

18 Shastait. J. 7 Lemon St. Union 8t SoaUnrark, 
Dml and Mann.— lienert diah, with onamenli^ entoat of a 
golid piaoa of fl^aab 

le Mmuga, T. B. 118 Recrent St Bee. and Pxod^ 
Olaaa illTerad yaaea: riaia ^bea, moonted on eaglea, 
Atham,ke, SUrered by the pat Y arniah 4k Go. Benen 6t 

17 Jons k Soiia, 5 Lodgate Hill, Dea. Inr. and Mann. 
—Mantle pieee girandolei. Cut glaai, door handlai, and 
ftmitua. Gonmcoplaa. kc Sabj glav diwanla i i ,_richiy 

enpmyed. Maadre and brilliant cot glaa bowL Si^perb 
candelabra, dcrigned fbr a conaole table. 

18 Gatgbkcl, G. Anne St Waterfoid, IrJand, Ifiaau. 
— Etag^ or onamental centre stand for a banqoeting 
table ; coniiatiiDg of forty pieeea of cot f^eab Decanten. 
Yaaea and eorefa, designed and axeeoted at the Water- 

19 Datis, Grsatbxao, le GxxBf, Stonxbridge, 
It glaa deeanterL water Jngi end goblel% niify centrsa 
and stands, lustres, with mbr end llinl dnm, cat and ena- 
aelled; eoloared hook, ana other wins gjaasfs A great 
Tarietyof omemental Tases; white, opal, fitiated, liaaarsen 
bfaia, and topea; painted. anamHIe^ cot, and engraTod. 

Bl BioHAaoaoii, w. H. B. 4k J. Stoorbtidce, Maan.— 
Oit and puis crystal glaas ; orystai, caaed with ookNued 
glass. Opal, cornelian, chrysolite, and Tufcay glass, om»- 
msnted In enamel coloors^ no. 

28 Wood, T. Stoorbridge. Eng.— Bfam^ased dish. 
Champagne bottle; stained nij bottle; flint decanter; 
tmnbur ; mby hock glass, kc 

28 WBBa,T. Phktfs Glaaa Works, near StoazbridgSL 
liann.— Yarkws patterns of glass, conalating of bowls ana 
pede a tals, dldies, iomdls, ^c-stands, decanten^ Hower- 
▼ases, Moestal lampa,lQStx«s, kc. 

24 LiOTDliSuHXKanxuD. Heath, lUmini^iam, Hann. 
—Table end dessert serrioe of ent, and engraved gissL kc 
lUnatratioBa of flint glass manuibetara. BostaofHerMaiesty, 
and H.B.H. Prince Albert, tGO. — v-vi 

26 BAOOBDa k Sons, Birmingham, Mann.— Glaas 
iloweratand, with vase and comnoopias ; vases ; decan« 
ters ; taana ; wine glasses, champagne glaases, and goblets; 
daret hi^ kc ; white, eoloared, and ceeed ; co^ engrsTcd, 

' SMIObubb, F.I^G. 44 Ozibrd St and Broad St Bir- 
mingham, Ifann.— Candelabra (a pair), in richly cvt crystal 
8Jb«L canring fifteen lights, each ei^t leet; the property 
of Her ludesty. Crystal glass candelabram, sopported 
OB three sxifflns, in frosted i^uas. Large table cenoelabra, 
la crystal glaas, with prlsmatio shaft. Lane histres, 
richly moonted, with crystal prisms. Basts of Her Mijesty 
and H.B.H. Prince Albert Shakspeare, MiUnn, Scott, and 
Sir Bobert Peel, in fiosted glaas. 

27 BicB, BAKRis. k Sov, Islington Glaas Works, Bir- 
mingham, Des. and Mano.— Pressed and BMmtied class 
tomolers, goblets, wine glasses, soger baaing batter coolers, 
doorknoM^4^ Specimens of various articles In flint alass, 
cot and engraved. Ornamental glass, of varloas ooloars. 
Gilt and fmamelled, eat and ensraved, consisting of taazas, 
Uqnear services, oom^otien, toUet bottles, claret jogs, 

Specimens of colours, oomtdned by casing or coating. 
Specimens of threaded or Venetian fflass. 

28 Chahcb BaornEBS k Co. Glass Works, near Bir^ 
min g h a m , Manu.— Crown window class, of varioas kinds. 
Sheet or cylinder window glass : the building for the Great 
Bxhibition is glased with tMs glass. Patent phte glass, for 

pletnres, looking-glasses, Ice. CoUrarad window glaas. 
ulass •>»f^ff . (%aoal glass, kc 

28 CRAHcnBaonuBsk Co. Alkali Works, near Bir* 
mingham, Manow-^Chemioal preparatSona of soda and mag^ 

28 LocHBSASv J. 95 Boyal Exchange^— Perforated 
plate end sheet glass, for venfUatlon, Ite. Patent abipsT 
ventilating side seattlca, in perforated plate, ^eet, end flmt 

il PurcsMPOii, J. 148 High St Boroai^ Dee.— Plated 
metel dessert ptetes, inUdd with omamentaloat glaas. Globa 
on pedestal, ornamental cutting, plated metal reflector insida. 
Yaae end dbhes for chandelier. Flower vsae, Sec 

82 CooAM. B. Dee. Inv. lie— Modal of the Great 
Exhibition Building. Patent portable Glees verandah, 
edited tn the growth of flowers, Sec A variety of 
artioies in glass. Sec. 

88 CosniB, A. llSWardoorStraet, OzfordSt Dea^ 
Goblets with ornamental deelgna. Amber ahampagna glaas, 
with embroida^ foncy bord^. Bq!^ wine glaas, with vine 

84 YxsRVUT k BKAxnoii, Fleet St Maan.— Oma- 

ted glass wariL for architectnxal parposes, furaitore, 
lampe^gss fittings, lie. 

SoNatxmlW. 7 Princes St Cavendish So. ]>es.and 
Invd— Antique obret ing^ engraved.— Beg ICasttve butter- 
baain, cover and stand. AntiM)ae daret decanter. Antique 
waterjon, with richly-engraved gobleti, kc 

88 yAainEnLE.48BarnarBltPat Platcanx. Ya 
Salvers kc^ in silvered glaas. Glaas gfebes, moonted 
Ltlsses, and i 


8t SAimBasoir k Son, 9 Brooke St Holbom, Inv. and 
Ksnu^-New partition glaas, for Sddllta and other d 


OBisoa,J. 70 Union St Sottthwark^-<]rlaas dishes, 

sbowinff glaas-outting in three diflbrent stsgee, vis. cutting, 
smoothing, end poUsbing. 

dOPowBx fc SoMB, WUtefidaia GUm WorkiL Mann^ 
Painted, and patent preesed class for windowa. Glass pfoea 
with natant lolnt ChandaBer and Glaas pump with the 
same Joint EpeignsL gjssses for sdentifln ] 

41 Gana, jTg. 19 
snd Mann.— Samples of services of glass, i 
style. Large £tniscan««h^e jugs. Pob 
guss screen and pedeetal, gilt, kc Onaolu and silvered 

) purpoees. 
St Jamea's St PiocadiUy, 
, engraved In Gi 
Pole fire-acreen, with 


aved in 'Greek 

d pedeetal, 

42 PXLLATr, ArsLET, k Co., Falcon Glass Works, and 
58 Baker St Portman 8q. Kanu.— Models and specimens 
illustrative of the manufoetnre of flint ^ass, with explanatoiy 

43 Bimn,B.W. 58 Baker St Portaan 8q. Bee.— Mi- 
niature fountain for oonservatoty, with group in Parian 
statuary. Bridal and birthday didefind servioes. 

44 Psaar li Co. 73 New Bond St Bee. andManu.-- 
Large cot glam chandelier for 144 candles, showing tiia style 
of guss-catting of the 18 oeatoxy, end modem improvements; 

46 Bailmi, E. 12b Cnmberiand Market, and 118 War- 
door St Prop.— Ornamented stained glass lights, picture 
enamelled on glaas, Shakspere reading a play to Queen Eli- 
sabeth and court, 1(0. 

46 B1.ACKMOBS, C. 65 Upper North PL Grav's Inn Bd. 
Dee.— Altar tablet on gkss, embossed and finisoed in gold 
and ooloars. 

.48 TaoTMAji, S. darendon Bd. Netting Hill, Inv. and 
Maau.— Fountain for drawing, dining rooms, kc working 
by mechanical pressure. Night dial. Printing on glass, 
for ornamental and philosophical purposes. 

47 DAvm^ G. SO Wyndham^t Bryanstone Sq. Des.— 
Painted marbles, opaque, on glass. Adapted for interior 
decorations, as panelling church altar work, ceilings 1ms. . rv I /> 

Digitized by V^UUyiC 

Clam 25. Ckma^ Pondam^ JBarthauDart^ ffc 


OpiqiM p^tntfagnoa fjtmi Fkmta and 
xinBiP fron tlkB doodiL 

Bbadfofd 8q. 
I and YiM» and Angd 
xinBff fron tlkB doodiL 

49 FoBi^D. 4JaiMiSt StPetei^f,UUngloii.I>ef.— 
Taritgmted wpnrAmem cf "Titnun maimoratuin; " fartaUe 

60 Oalii^ J. WDHftoI, KaniL— OniAinentil cnt-glaa 
' w% cmboand British plata^ for ornamental dooia; 

J Ice : onaaMBlBl loaded •talncd'i^aM window. 

61 HovABs, IL 4 BaShrty PL Fenehnrch St. Dat. and 
HanoL— Goatpkite; TcntOator. Area illnmlnaton, he. con- 
alstingorGUMaadfroB. Deck-ltgfat. ffide4igfats or cuttle 
and Tentilalnrlbr rite. SkrUi^tB.: 


68 Taamnam^Un. jLTKn, 57 Deronahire St Portland 
Plaee^-€kM medaDioo, the enlijeet after Cipriani: For- 
» and har aapiiing Sons. 

Jo«& Z. 17 Faik PL GUIton, near Briatol^-Dea. 
uniw— Top of a table In Titrilapis, a new style of 
cnamental cLmb. for deeontlTe panoses. 

66 Pnc& 7 Bridge Bd. Lambeth. Bee. and Inr.— 
Painted glsss door, aspedmen of the application of painting 


*'66 l > " f i F f" ^"f"j »| W. Colchester, Essex, Dct. and 
llamL— Glass pidBRHframes, an original design ; the gild- 
ing or other osnamealal work being c ompl etely prot ec t e d. 

61 Tn^ 6. P. 9dow HiU.^£nnina^iam, &▼.— B^s- 
tered hyadnth ^asfs, Sec Begistersd spring labds for 
tiess and flow e r p ot s . 

88 B wMiiuwML H. a West 8L Pimlico^ Inr^Tkble- 
tops, in imitation of mm Mosaic woifc. 

IloTE.— The Iblloin^ are placed in the main nrcmies, or 
in windows of the bniMnig. 

BAULaann & AuAsr, Creorge St Edinbugh, Bes. 
and lisan.— Siaiaed Glass, Bllsabethan, and decorated 
style. Panel ofctBsmental glass, decorated style. 

Buuo^ & K. 15 LiaicB Grore North, Bfaiylebone, 
Des. sml Mshii riissMil painted windows; Bonmn foUar 
ted ornament, adapted to modem decoration. 


BoBr,T.^. SOWdbecfc St Ovrenfiah 8q. Des. 

' d dass. Compartments of a window for 

hMndlng of tlie second pointed period. 

■psrpdnting.eseciited In Miller^ dliea 

coloars, irweseiitlij a design tor a palace of the arts, and 
nationsi nllery ofjpaintii^ vd scolptore. 

CtaAWX Bsonos k Co. GUm Works, near Bir- 
**«j^"»^ Mana^— Dioptric apparatos of the ilxst order, for 
"|f'*^r"«" , wift rsfotring lenses and eata^optric aoncs : 
constraeted accovAng to tlie system cf FkcsneL Painted 
windows : leaded woric. with medallions and ornamental 
work of the early GoOlc style, and in the style of the 
fbnrteenth centvy. Flowers painted and enameDed on a 
laiga pUte of glsai^ te glam iiaTing been bunt in a kUn 
fern tfaifs fcc 

Onusi G. B. dnxdiSL Birmingham.— CJhanddler, 
in glass cat on both ddcs, enameUed in Tarions coloars, 
relieved with barddwd gold, ~ 

Grawty, fiir Gearge 1 

lidwd gold, begun by the late George 
_ B lYn and ooBBpTeted fy Collis Ic Co. 
''CofTi»nAM,K. J. 43Waterioo Bridge Bd. Dee. 
—An eagle leetern,of wroodit brass, and an dto-reUero for 
the Lady Cbapd ef Hoefind 0»thednL 

FoBsmr k Bmhlbt, UTerpool, Maaa.-Stained 
dsns window, iq^nsenting the iigare of St. Winifred. 
ulsM ddmaey piece. 

GAnR,T.8DsiMfleld PL Leeds, Des.— A painted 
window ; ipedmm era dtaap and dnnble method of pro- 
dndng windowB for dmrofaes. 

GnoB^ L A. 2 Haiwood PL Csmden Town, Des. 
and Prod.— >]fcnnan window. Decorated gothic oompert- 
Foor compavtmcati of U^ Ifaddied pictorid 

Gnaoii, J. S9 dayton St. Newcastlfr«pon-Tyne, 
Des.— Painted window, in black and white ^ca €himiik\ 
of cariy Morman character; a free imitation en a decorated 
window in St. Martin'a-com-Gr^gory, Torlc 

Goooi^ H. W. NottiiMtham, Des. and Mann.— 
Stained and painted window: St Stephen under Gothic 

HAMBUir, J. Ii Co. Sunderland, Hann.— Patent 
rough plate, cne-ddith of aa inch thick, or 90 os. to the 
foot, for ridce and ftirrow roofinc, tec Modd and seetioa 
of rid|^ and furrow roof, glased with ssme, in squares 63 
by 18 mches. For ridge uid fbrrow flat roofk, without a 
* ' in the ghim; the ezhibitois claim originality. 

•EC illustrating the manufacture of crown and 

SL Spedmen windows of patent rolled coloured 
^edmen of stained ghim borders. Gla« for hnt^ 
cultnial, dairy, and railway purposes, Ice 

HouAsn k Son, SL John's. Warwick, Des. and 
Prod^— Ffam Specimens of stained glass, in the decorated, 
perpendicular, and Elisabethan style 

jAcnoa, E. Ic W. H. 315 Oxford St PAip.— The 

Bqyd An« cf Endand, painted on dass. 
KoQ, J. Upper, Brook St Ipswid 
•Dedgn of stained dees, adapted i 

KoQ, J. Upper, Brook St Ipswich, Des. and lar. 

I of stained dees, adapted for a church. 

MAna-G.lBloaiiield Terrace^ Harrow Bd. Pad- 

dington. Des^—SlBlned-glam window, Saint George and the 

^ '" of the decorated 

Dr^oa, stanrHug under a Gothic canopy of t 


KmrsHAM, & J. 1 Hcrefaid St ChdhrdSt Des. sad 
Pkod^Painted glam : Prince of WaleiT feathers, rose, thistle, 
and dMauodL lie endrded with a wreatfi of oak leayca. 

On«B, F. Ik C. Ozfbid St and Broad St Bir- 
mingham, Haau.— Large fhuntsin, in cut crystd glass, 
twenty-eerea feet hi^ (at the intersectioa of the main 
ayeane and transept). 

T^iam Fuaem Gum Woasa, Bow Greek, Blaek- 
llaau^-4^edBieBS of plate glass, the largest hitherto 

Tomnr, J.D. lOHenrietUBt Manchester Sq. Des. 
and Pkodw-^Stsined glass. The royd arms with naliond 
cmUems, Iec 

Toms, J. Hii|i St WeOiiwton, Somerset Maau.— 
Painted window: St Maiy Magdalen. Natural forms of 
plants, applied to the decoratlTe portions of a mosdc glam 


Waulmo, Mlss.-Spedmeas of Mim Wallacs^s 
fl^am decoratioB, as ^plied to architectural embd- 
' looUng-^asMS, picture-frames, and furniture. 

Clam 26. ChmOf PorvdSntJi, Eartkmware, jv. 

1 MmtOB, H. Ii Co. Stoke-upon-Trent, StaiFordshirc 
' n ootta, and Taaes, ke, in iadtaticn of 

Mann^— TUes, tsm ootta, 

m^lica ware. Encaustic and other tiles. Large yase, 
dedgned by Baron Maxodietti, in terracotta. Fkiwer«ots, 
in terra cotta,with Parian bas-rdie&after Thorwalamn. 
Statuettes and busts, after Joha Bell, H. J. Townsend, Sir 
R. Westmacott, Tlwrwaldseii. Dandcer, and Cdlid. Oma> 
mentdyases, table ware, Iec m porcelain. Gbcmicdntennis, 
in hard porcdaia. Baw materials used la the amnalhctnra 
aad ornamfnting of porcdaia and earthenware Fired spo- 
cimens of colours, fartheaware, in the difCBrent stages of 


2 Coraiuan, W. T. Stoken^n-Trent Stafibrdshirs, 
and 160 New Bond St London. Mana^-Woriks in porcdaia 
statuary, after J. H. Foley, B.A. W. Theed, W. C. liar- 
shall, BJL J. R. Hyatt, bX John Gibsoa, BJL flie Baioa 

Digitized by \^jLJU 



Cjlass-25. Chma^ Poroeiain^ Earthemottre^ ^. 

lAwmnhM, Gmnberworth, J. P. M<Brid«» John Stod, B^.A' 
Ifn. Thomeyenilt, fro. irith a lam ooUeetkn of ywmm 
turn, and plataaaz; tekjn and taUo-wu«, In poteelain; 
wnplfli of common printed ewthenwan ; and ipecimant 
of one enrttil glaM, oat and engraTod. 

8 llAioii, C Longton, Steifordthlxa, Dot. Mano. and 
Pat— Patent Izonitona ehina. Oudan iaate. Mandarin 
Jan. LainjtxiandooTan. White patent IronitoBaeliina, 
as oMdlnboteb in the United States of Amerieik, fte. 

4 KannnT, W. 8. Bnniem, Staffbrdthire, Mann. — 
Ardolai in china and earCbenware : Movtiae-look fiinitnre 
tu doon of drawinc^oona, lio. 

5 BxDovAT, J. fc Co. Canldon PL StefibtdaUra Pot- 
tariaiy Mewcaatla-QndaK^Lynie, Mann.— Engliah potoalain 
ta Ma ae r vice, tea and coffee acmce, improred fine earthen- 
wave, lawn nmnteins, and oonaerratoiy ftmntaSna. Speel- 
mena of staireaae. Drab atone pottnr. Hollow bnoka. 
Model kiln (Bidgway'a natenQt fi>r haminff potteiyi kc 

Igrne, Mann.— Canaza porcelain atetaary. Gopj of Port- 
Ittid, or Barberini Yase, Itc, Bine jaaper Taae^ with whitr 
b aa relieft ftom the antiqne. Setof oheaadnen: thirty-foor 
piaeea, by Flazman. Jaaper: Oaniaoa of Tariona cokmn, 
with white baa-reliefr from the antiooe. Bed t«ra^ootte 
TBaei, with black ba»«elidb from the antlqoe. Voltaic 
•tono'waie trough. Creem-coloared, or Qnoen'a ware. 
Cokmied earthenware. Qarden-pote and aianda, Ikc 

7 Aloock, 8. Ic Go. Bonlem, 8taifordihir& Ifiann.— 
^peeimena of china, porcelain, Ie& deaicned by Ained Grow- 
qnill, & W. Arnold, and San Giovanni 

8 CLmzmaoii, J. Shelton, Staffordahira Pottniea.— 
Two platea, enamelled nnder glaie. Flowered damatcene 
deaaicalantiqaitiea. Sospandiance-tQreeQB. Teaaervioea 
bowli^ Earthenware l^ates, ko, 

8 Matbb, T. J. k J. Dale EaU Pottery, Longpurt, 
Boralenii, Staffordahire, Mann^— Earthenware table-ware. 
Toilette and deaaert ware. Garden and raatic aaate. Finger- 
platea and door ftimitnre, enamelled and gili. White atone 
ware. Parian ware. Buatof WealcT, fcc. 

10 MBCiBli6oii8,Hanley,8tailbidahiie,Mann.— Lotna 
candleaticka and joga. Flowerpote and atand. Yaaea, kc 
in po redai n. Stetoettea, candleatickiy fro. in Pttian and 
tena cotta. 

11 Boots, T. Ic R. Bmnlem, Staffbrdahire.— Portland 
▼aae, fitwn gnmnd, white flgnrea, about three feet high: 
inrociBaa paten t ed. Yaaea, groupa of flowen, and atatnetcea, 
m Parian. Parian buat of Sbr Bobert PeeL after Sir T. 
Lawrence. Doric moaaic vasea. Asore Grecian, and &wn 
Jngi, inlaid with white, traced in gold ; patent proccaL 

18 DnmocK, T. Shelton Potteriea, Staffordahire, 
Mano.— Table-plates, tnrecna, dishes and diah-eovers. 
Garden sea t ^ richly japanned and gilt Wine-eooler, terra 

18 BowsBS, G. F. Brownhilla. Tonstall, Staffordshire, 
dmena of ornamental earthenware cornices, 
and centre pieces for rooms. Ornamental 
bricka. J. H.Baddeley's patent. Specimens of china ware. 

16 KzTS k Momnrroao, The Potteries, liewcastle- 
nnder-Lyne, StaJford, Dea. inv. and Mann.— Porcelain 
stetoetlaa : Boys, withperfinrated baAete Ibr deaerts, centre 
piece. Setter and pointer, with game. BacchanaHan ewer 
from the antique. Sec. 

18 Poron, BouBME. Ii Hope, Bnrslcm, Staffordshire 
Potteries, Mann.— Masarhie bine grounded and richly gilt 
soup toieen and stand. Cover^ish. Dish, plates, ewen, tu). 

18 HiLnrrcB k Hopwood, Neweastle-nnder-Lyme, 
Steffoxd, Des. and InT.—4Speeimens of tea-table ware. Gentre 
piece on pillar, with embosMd Tine border; grapea sus- 
pended from the handles, fro. 

18 DsAEiH, E. Longton, MamL—Sarer lustrs artldeab 

28 Till Ic Soar, Bunlera, StaAiRisfaire, Manu^—Speei- 
mens of earthenware, chamber ware^ dinner and tea aar- 
vioea. Stone and earthen wars jugs. 

84 Psa.Tr,F.lcB. 8c Go. Fenton Potteriea. Staftnd- 
shira, Manuw— Specimens of temMOtte and ouer ware, 
printed after pictures in the Vernon Gallery, Ike. Dessert 
ware, with dedgns ft-om Mulrea4y, Landseer, WUUe^ Web- 
ster, Witherington, and Gainsboroogb* Brsad platter, IL 

86 SooTBBaii, W. Broselev, near Iron Bridge, Shrop- 
shire. Bfann.— Tobaooo-plpes, tae superiority of wUch oon- 
sirts in the preparation ofthe clay, pving the article a more 
porous quality. 

88 Fbu^ T. fc Go. St Petei's Pottery, Newoaatle- 
upon-Tyne, Menu.— Speoimena of common eaHhenwara. 

80 Kat, T. Holbeek, near Leeda, Iut. and ICanu.— 
Pote wt horticultural mupoaea, with feedeia. Suspending 
pote for orchids. Bormrinc for gsrden walks. 

81 MiL&a, J. Leeds, Mann.— Boddngbam coffbe and 
teapota. Shell, and blue ahall tenots* Shell Jugs, and 
■meap4>laok te^ota. 

84 WiLUAMS, T. Woodhatch, near Beigate, Manu.— 
Vases, Ibr floweni made entirely by hand of day of the 


lower green aand njcnation. 

86 Glotsb k GoLCLouoB, Longton.— Gold and ailver 
luatre earthenware, uaeftil Juga, Sus. 

88 Wood, G. Brentlbid, Des. InT« and Manu.— Gl 
tic oinamental orange-tree gardan-poti^ largaat 
made in England. 

40 Boinm, J. Derl^ Pot*«7> near Deri>y, Manu.— 
Artidea mannfaotmnad firom ilna atsMwaie day. Gavdeo 
labels, fcc 

41 SBABn,BiaiBBis,lcOo.Swad]itteoteknearBnrton- 
onrTrent, Bfann^-Spedmena of Derbyahira ironstone can^ 
ware, Boolringham ware, and printed earthenware. 

48 FurcB, J. 6 Pi^Okid St. atf Bd. Pat with F. T. 
Boiford, of Stourbridge.— Batha andf waab-tnba. Poraakin 
wash and ateam-tuba. Glased bricks and slaba. Porcelain 
tile-bath, ftc 

48 Lows, T. 40 Ely PL Holbom, Prod^Table plates, 
painted with snliiiects, portrait of Her Mi^ty. after Boss, 
Inftnt John, aftsr Gonegdo. Jew's haip^ after Wilkie 
Engllch rustic, after Howm. 

44 Allbi, J. M. 14 Gstharine St Strand, Prod.— 
Painted and gUt Ghina deaaertjdatea. 

46 Bbll & Co. Glasgow, ManUd— Dinner and toilet and 
tea services and jugs, in stoneware and porcelain. Fenoy 
articles in stoneware, porcelain, and Parian. Wino^ooleit. 
Axtidea in Parian, and specimens in terra cotta. 

48 BAAMBLDb J. W. 7 Goburg PL Bsytwater, Mann.— 
Ice psil of Bockingham china, with eaamd painting of 
Bird-tn^, and Charity. Vsse, suljact: Champion, after 
Webster. Grape baaket O^ andiaacer, ofthe original 
Bockingham glaae. Ice. 

48 LiPSOOMBB, fc Go. 93 Begent St Des.— Foontdn, 
the besin of cut glasiL the pedestal of Carran marble, with 
a Cupid, in biacult china, supporting a marble cup. Filtering 

68 GBAmon, G. k Go. Worcester, Inr, Derijn. and 
Manu.— Chemical capsules. New ware, called <* Semi, or 
chemical porcelain." Small cabinet tea service and tray. 
MedittTaf font, coloured, Ice. 

68 GBAMBBaLAor li Go. Worcester, Des. Ic Manu. — 
Tea service of egg-shell china. Communion and d^e&n^ 
serricee. Iec, of ^erced or honeycomb china. Portfolio 
China slabs. V&ses,gilticc. China bncdeta. brooches, fcc. 

64 BoSB, J. Ic Go. Goalbrook Dale, Ironoridge, Shtop- 
ddra, Menu.— Porcelain embosaed dinnsMervices, dessert 

Digitized by VjLJi^ 


Clam 26. Annterv, UpMfienf^ Paper Hangmgif Papier Mackd, trnd Japanned Uoodt, 


lerrieea, itm wii ilou» txhMMl epergnc, llow«p->faae, muJl 
eoflte seta, dock-«aaCy aiia Hmmt^nMi^ Qroa^ of figorei, 
IcCLSnFuttii. LscftniicelBiBmMlieUboirlylEe. 

66 BaowK, T. IrlL L. 47 sTMartin's LAiie^ BiniL— 
Bisncr and danoi platei, •pedmeiis of enanMlliiig and 
Riding on itonaebina. Spadmens of painting and gilding 
on porcelain. Yariou artieks inglan. 

66 Obmbil J. 35 Upper Thamea SL Half-Prop — 
Papworth'a Ayrtac d mntain, manufactnred in china or 
emtheBwani, iSr luge Mkxaa and oonaenratoriee, aapplied 
by the hi^Hvater aarrices. 

66 oLaUt A. & li B. P. ISWigmote St, and 129 
NeirBoiid8l.Dc8^I>eiMrfcwrTieH, execoted at the Cole- 
iHPOOKe Dale cinnafliannfiKtonr. 

60 raiAJUi, ISNortonSt Portland PL IsT.—YeBMl to 
contain Hqolde adndtling of atnofFlicric pieture on the 
ihdd witiioot hriagiiqf it in contact with the atniMphere 

61 I^ocoBiT, 6. Bleak Hill, Oobridge^ Staflbrddiire, 
Prad^-Yaiioaa iparimwie of wan, ezfaimting nmplci of 
haid Uln. and of enamel edooxsL 

64 BHBBWxv, H. Wolftuiton, Neweaatle-ondei^LTme, 
Del. and EngBKfeb—Specimens of die ordinary atyle of 
engmring^ aa iJJpB^ to die deootation of earthenware 
nManflustnica. Plates pn 

67 EAnaSBAwlcGRATEB,]Caabonra|^PotterT, Bother- 
ham, Toffkahire, ICann^— Paiiiited hiora, eiMhJting sped- 
mena of Tates* patent poroeUn lettera. 

68 Ln» /. PMtoy, BotheAam, TocksUre, 
Sign-board, widi pondsin letters. 

printed by Josiah Wedgwood and 

CuLm 26. Anufw, Uphobtery^ Pcqfior Hangings^ 
Papier MaM^ and Japanned Goods. 

1 TmmnkCo, 98KcwBondSt. Des. and Manu.— 
Qntta pereha mam.— Decorations ; girandole; Tarioosspe- 
dmens end patterns of fiames, brackets, mouldings, fro. 

S . WAUJLCEf Elbakstb, 4 BosseU PL Fitzroy &;. Inr. 
—Imitation marble on s^aas. for the walla of rooma, ceilings, 
ke. Picture and lookmg^isas fimnes, composed of a sur- 
&ce of glaas o?«r metaL 

Sa T tf w —j L J. B. Higti Si. OambcrwaO, lay. and 
Xaatt.— Bedsteaib lor inTaUda^. 

8 Mbltxub^ J. 64 John SL Rtzroy 8q.— A. portable 
setfeimporting po^it, with handrails for stair, plationn Ice. 

4 BonoioaiiBS k Watis, 198oho Sq. Des. and Mann. 
—BUHardta^andBHrking-board, ofBnriiahoak, in the 
Elisabethan style. 

6 JacoobIcSosb, 49aad90Bathbone PL Des. and 
Hann^-'WorkB in earton-pieire, papiermach^ and compo- 
aitlon, te deeontion and Ibraitare. ComparUnent of deco- 
ration, in cartoB-pfcrre, inhii^ relief fora laKeaaloon, fco. 

6 WmzakPaxLar, 4 Bathbone PL Mann.— Hodd 
of a room, in eosraodtion omamedt, as prepared lOr the 
gilder, nttBler, tmboiaterer, fce. Ladiea* work-table aa pre- 
pared Ibr the gjOder and imbolsterer. 

7 Wa aniwuuj i . G. liceds, Des. and Mann.— library 
fnkffand in ro a e w uod . Library chair in oak, and dining- 
room chair in mahogany, the grain of the wood running in 
one uniform direction. 

8 Bmoi^ B. M.D. Pnlaey, Inyent.— InTsIid bed- 
csniafls^ for spind and other coimHaintB. 

8 Tatlob k Sons, 1C7 OL Dorer St Sonthwark. Des. 
and Mann.— Csbin-fonitore. Walnni-tree wood conch, and 
Ufo y ese i i m . SUbefartifidd marble ofbaked and polished 

10 JoBnroan k JxAras, 67 New Bond St Mann.— 
Sideboard of mahagony. Patent drenlar dining^tsUe. Pa- 
tent ern a ndin g ptatean for diidng table. Oarred^ library 

il BxkEXM, M. 142 High Holbom, Mann.— Imnrored 
rollerblind ; comice^le ; ^eture-rod ; map^oll and rack ; 
improred stdr^rods, and brsaa polea and enda. 

18 Tm>]iBoa, J. 57 Deronahire St Portland PL Dee. 
— Dedgn for a edoaad timepiece^ adapted for dlyer or 
bronze mannfoctnre. 

18 BAap,S.l5ChesterTar. Chester Sq.— Ornamental 
raatic oak chair. Miniature chair and stooL 

T. 54 Wells St Ozfoid St Mann.— Inva- 
persons confined to bed, focming a sniatt 


16 Bnow]Lj.M.lcT.165Piccadil^— ] 
aory chair, for forming a conch or camp bed. 

16 Dncn, T. 14 Salisbury PL New Bd. br^-Sdf- 
swinging cot, or eradle for hxfonta (or invalids). Moddof 
aflr e e aca pe. 

17 T^nmarov li Co. Gatheiine St Strand. Mann.-* 
Slateiop bflUard-table, made of Spaniah mahogany, with pa- 
tent cuafakma. 

18 Bum. EaiBES, WeDcsboame, near Stratford-on- 
Atou, DesL— Harlequin ddnta cuddons stuffed with hair, 
with mottoes. Mahogany carred miniature sdk. Hosae- 
rmdish ssnoe. La mmot dowodUpie^ for game^ meat, and 

18 Wvmn k Lonsixar, ao Eaat St Manohester Sq. 
Mann.— Caryed oak ddmneynpieoe, derigned by H. dntton, 
architect Biohty oaryed oak aHar chair, dedgned by E. 
Christian, arddteet 

SDGattu^ J. Beyerley^ Des. and Mann.— Bliaabethan 
wadMtand. New pattern waah-hand atsad, of Engiidi 
oak, lie. 

28 HimaiU iS oa ,E. ffi^ Vyeombe, Bnckingh a nw i hir B. 
—Oak antique arm chair, with caryed (»namenla ' '^ * 
aeatandarma,ailkydyet The caryed work by B. J 
eon, nm. aeif4aught 

88 LoynoBoya, H. Jun. Sloudi, near Wlndaor, Iny^- 
Portable expanding chair, of Engiidi aah, with cane Beat and 
baok. Portable aofo chairs.^ 

84 FuBBT, J. Tenterden, Kent, Iny. and Mann.— Bedr 
poet, specimen of spiral turning with a common lathe and 
«iifi^ i w unparatns. 

SK cKona, F. C Banbury, Mann.— Carred bread 
datters. Ladled work^able, with needlework ficanm of 
English walnut, Iec 

88 SrABSKT, T. Farthingoe, near Banbury, Mann. — 
Table, oonyertible into a bedirtead, wardrobe, suite of 
drawers, nonge bath, te 

87 EymosT, J. Tunbridae, Kent, Mann.- 
co n vertiMe into a chair: with commode. Inrented 
patented by By erest and Osborne, Tnnbridge^ Kent 

88 IteADOws, J. 71 Prince's St Ldccster Sq. Iny. Pat 
and MamL— New method of yeneering. Plotnre Iramca. 
Spedmena of patent buikien' work, wittiont joiningat the 
ang^ or edges. 

88 fiHif»r4WB, G. Boboyer near Chesterfield, Derby- 
shire, Des. and Mann.— OHryed royd heraldie ohair, of 
natiye oak: the artist self-taadtt 

80 Ltou, W. Marlborough, WUtshirs.- 
marhine to pknigh, sow, manure, and roll the land in i 
diate suocesdon. Stoye, which wiU bake, roast, boil, broil, 
fry, heat plales,lic at the same time. Iron compressed bed- 
stead. Compressed chairs and table. 

81 GaAKi^ T. Sherborne, Dorset, Des. and Bfann.— 
Modd of an ertrnding dinin^4able on an improyed prin- 

Digitized by 



Glaib 26. Furmiwre^ VjMtUry^ Taper Hmgmg^^ Pofitt JIfaeH mudJapiamed Chodt. 

82 Hmma, B. 41 GhrMedmrah 8L Mano^-B^gittared 
xooni daeontioii. Paper-hmrinai in ImititioB of wood. 

88 FoRKB, O. EMt Botfetd, Motti^Mnghire, Dm. 
and Pal]itar.-~Praeli, painted in oneanslie asid in imitation 
of inlaid wood, for doon of dimwiasHPOoiBi and deooratod 

8A HuMoify J« Saat Rotfindy Nottii Piop. Bnitic 

Manh, cf iotford, a 
labouinf bfioUajoTy of knota of wood ftooi ilia ftr-ftmod 
oharwood Foxatt. 

86 LAMBasT, 8. Eaat B«tfbrd, KottfnghanMihIrBL Inr. 
aad Ma— .r -M a h og an y caaj ohair, wUb now and limpla 
Biauiod of a4)natinanL 

89 WmBBBoifSyJ. HaeknajBd-Iiir.aiidDef.— Self- 
aoting iadai, in oaae of ipontaneoiia eomboftion ; lira az- 
ttanuahprasidflraaioape; wann ImI^ Gnrrii^ in Italian 
wautut tiaai 

a^ J. W. Calyart St Korwkh, Ifaan.— Loo- 
!r, of EngUah growth, via. walnaMraa oBrla, 
1 with labomnm tna. 
87AQnBRU»w, T. 34 Newman St OzftnlSt Mann^- 
Imitation ddna, for table-4opi, tea^nyi onfaon liafa papiar- 

88 lasniAir, W. le C London St Horwieh, Baa. and 
ManL— An ornamental cabinet, aaofataiji and bookcaaa, 
oarred in walnut wood and ebony. 

88 PozxAT, W. Norwich, Mano.— Onamantal llower- 
tabla^ alata top, carred mM>le, and Icnotlcd oalE-wood border, 
wi A dial aflzad ibowing &a time on the top of the table. 

40 PommxxAO, Kjltb 6. Ipnrich, liir. 
Octagon boat, in im ita t io n of intoid wood, a ppBcabie to piano- 

CL HAinxmT, Looiba E]ixi.r, Ipawleh, Dei.--Slab, In 
imitation of marble, simported by earring in wood. 

42 BisoBAif, 11. Gar St Tpmch, Mam.— Rood icroan, 

carred in oak for a ehnroh in Snrrey, derigned by J. Glarkel 
18 Stratftfd PL London. Groi^ of idint ' 
oarred in nme wood. 

and pgppiei, 

48 Lbb, O. L. 845 Hish Hdlbom^-Utatimi ttained 
giaaa. and marblingon ioHkcei by die wat« bath. 

44 Bates, T. H. St Albans, Herta, Dei. and Mann.— 
Boatic loo-table, the top oompoaed of nowarda of 4,000 piecea 
of Ensliih wood— oak, maple, hasel, willow, and crab. The 
eKhimtor a labourer. 

46 Abbott, J. Hone and Groom, Oronch St Goleheater. 
—Inlaid pentagon table. Inlaid table, with carved pedastai, 
the sole work of the exhibitor, a blaokamith. 

40 GmEEK,W.8aiCronWalden,Eiiex,Dea. and Maker. 
— EbouT cabineti, inlaid with ivoiy, in ooini, medala, 

4^ HowTow, G. W. 34 Tliayer St Mann.— DeeoratiTe 
panel carred out of lime-wood. 

48 BipDETT, G. Byde, lale of Wif^ Lit. and Mann. 
—Patent leading-table ; mnaioHrtand, tahk, or aoreen, for 

60 Ens, H. 31 Broad St Bath, Dea. and Menu.— 
An En^idi poUard-oak table^ with poradain star, manu- 
factured by Chamberlain and Co. of Wcicester. En^ish 
wmlnut-tree easy chair, and English wahml-tree dramng- 
xoom chair, with porcelain panels. 

61 EaBBooB, J. A. 44 Clarence PI. Brigliton, Mi^m.— 
Chess tobia, with Tignettoa, eone^onding with the oh»- 
raoters or pieces. 

62 UBASMAM, W. 66 Middle St Brixton, Inv.— Model 
of a drcalar roller>blind of improved conatmetion. 

68 Pauceb, B. Brighton, Mann.— Specimens of ma- 
hoguiy and oak staining on deal. 

64 Ntb, B. Mount Ephraim, Tnnbridga Wella, Mann. 
—Two rooid tables, book-stand, and work-Sox, ornamented 
wi^ deiices in wood mosaic. 

66 Calder.J.4JaDss8tBath,I>Si.andManii.— Oliw 
onlar dining-tabla, of wabut; the oentrs part rey<^ai. 
while the outside portion ramaiBs statiensoy. 

67 Ebousb, E. F. Ba^ Pes. and Mann.— Padaatnl 
cabinets, composed of ebony and Italian marblea, offuaBiented 
with Flotentuie moaale. Sospanding cabinet, and eabinat 
nest of drawera, of En|^Uh oafc andeiMmy, Ike. 

66 SoPwxTn, T. Ananhsad^ Haycion Bridge, Prodr— 
Dhistrations of lead miaii^ te. Section of the strata at 
Allenheads ; models to illnstrate ndneral reins, lie. BliBe- 
rals associated with lead ores. Examples of the yarions 
sta ges of progress from the nine to the market Lead 
(wB) and siTernrsparsdlbr tale. Thaspacdmansfrmh tha 
mines of W. B. Beaumont, Eso. 

58 Pauub, H. 5 and 6 Jamas St Bath, Dea. and 
Manu— Bedstered ]oo4abU and oonaalonal table, in walnut 
wood. Sideboard, in English dark oak. 

60 Stb4o,W. 94 must St HeUsr, Jersey, Mamb— 
CarrM nn calereMabla. 

61 AiABT, H« Frampton-Ott-Sefarn. near Dnnley, 
chair of Bngliah oak, with 

Glonoestenhira. ICanu.— G< 
needlework back and aeat 

88 Btm, J. Bradnineh, Cnllomptoii, Des. and Mano.-^ 
Carred Tudor bed-posts, made of walnut tree, by a thatoher. 

88 Hax4^ Tbbodosu, Bsaiuf PI. Exeter, Bes. and 
Menu.— Cheral 8orsen| with a groop of flowers in a new 
style of working in Berun wodL 

86 TionrsB, W. 8 Haniagton Pt Balh.— Oarred ri«D 
and pollard oak cabinet, style Fteads L adapted for a 

OCTSronBB, T. Saxamndham, Bes. and Manila— 
Beading, writing, and dressiog «i«f V f- 

67 HcKBBitT, W. Market St Oxfinrd. Bes. and Mann. 
—Oak tables and cabinet, of Stanton oak, combined with 
fflaas and or-molu, Im., made and carred w three deaf and 
dumb persons ; the castings by Marsh, of Ihidley. Cabins^ 
of Oxfordshirs walnut Connging-chair. 

88 Tabbott, W. Cranbrook, Eant, Bes. and Manu. — 
Cradle, made of odera, omamantad, and moved by a weight 
and springs. 

W UocKZirooH, J. 15 King St OxCsrd, Inr. and Blanu. 
— University telescope reading^taUe. 

70 SnzBsliSoH.Oxford.Mantt.— Models of bnildin& 
in card-board : The Biartyrs* Memorial, Oxford : the cathe- 
drals of Oxford, Ely. Unoohi, Biistd, and Salisbury: tha 
Queen's marine reridence, Osoome House, Isle of wight 
tec Specimens of embossing in colours, and decon^ed 

71 Hbtwoodw HmGoraoROMa. SMnBliCo.68Wat]ing 
St ICann.— Paper-hangings, manumetnrsd by machineiy. 

72 Wakhbb, 11 B. Stanton Haroonrt, Witney, Dea, 
and Mann.— Bustle tabls^ inlaid with 1851 pieces of iv^ 

78 WooDiLA2r,H.G.MeIksham,InT.— Carpet strainaa. 

74 Porrsa, C. H. k B. Over Barwen, Blaekbum,Bea. 
and Monu.- Patent paper-hangings, with ragistersd designs, 
in ten colours prodncea 1>y machinery. 

76 JomcnoM k Co. Quay St Bristol, Bes. and Bfana. 
—Improved straw mattress, for lath and iron bedsteads. 

76 Spobbieb, C. Bristol, Bes. and Menu.— Cabinet 
chiffonnibe of walnut wood. A vase of flowers, of paarl, 
inlaid in ebony. Easy chair, Iec 

78 JoHBB, A. J. 135 Stephen's Green, Dublin, Bes. and 
Manu.— Seriea of Irish bog^yew decoratlTe fbrniture, de- 
signed to illustrate history, antiquities, animal and Yogetabla 
productions, ftc, of Ireland. 

78 MkcHi, J. J. 4 LeadenhaU St Manu.— Articlaa in 
Coromandel wood, ebony, papiermach^, leather, Iec Ba( 
telle table, writing and drsming cases. Ivory hair, tool 

Digitized by VjLJiJ 


Clam 26. FwwUure^ VpkeitUry^ Paper HoMgrngi, Ptgner MaM^ and Japofmed Goodi, 


tmIX, and rii»Tiiig InndiM. Baior ttropi, poeket boolca, 
blottf^gHsaMf, Ice. 8pedaMnfofBritiihcaUci7,withillii»- 
^fstioBt of tha TBrioot ilicM of llMproeaH. 

80 MiiKUV,F.96Bride8L]>aUia» DCS. mod Mann. 
—CMmt of otk, from Wiekloir, with top of ConiMnMim 
nublo. fioiD Um q[ttanlM of BUlinUnch, county Galway. 

89 FzjEBCiin,J.71PatrSek84.0ork,IrdMid,I>ef.and 
Mino^— Tiblc: tho pillar repmenti a fluting gladiator, 
canrcd in iotid Irfab oak; tbc top^ a afaidd in faaqj poUard 

84 FL8TCBB, B. Eojitoa, naar Bana&qr, Dca. and 
Mmb.— Waiiiablc pucHmnglngi. 

85 Hold, A. Aioalej, near Banalcy.Dca^— Pine fiaae, 

87 8MinLT.lLoridilpPLIawx«nee8tC3ielsea,InT. 
-Portable Ibldii^ wxoa|diMron bedstead. 

88 GiuwrliSoi^wortlcy, near Leeds,lBT. and Mann. 
— I)eooiBtlonforUbfsi7,dlniQgaDddrawlng-rooais. Ddta- 
ble and fixed eoloins. 

80 CoLuawni, O. C Doneaster. Toikahire, Mann.— - 
HaUor Ubraiyelialr, of black oak, frond near Doneaster, 
Totksfaire, presuaed to hare been buried there tflOO yean. 

91 Ivm, SuzABBfii k SotAiQU, castle St Montrose, 
flcotiand, Dcaw-ficreca of white watered ailk, with wreaths 
and basket of fioweiSy worked in ieathers from the oonnty of 
Podaf^ 1(0. The firama was made by F. J. and F. Japp, 

08 DcntAM, Asm, GameUnd, Prop.— Faney work- 
taUe^Toneered with tnUHeaTesL 

88 Lbabwood^ T. Thiro, Inr.— Serew-drirer, of eon- 
iUJcrable power; portable walUng-stiek stool; chair^adapted 
rlafiesr schools; laaej chair, nr drawing-room; Windsor 

^, Dee. and 

^^ • Glasgow, Prop. Des. 
-Loo-table, co m posed of nearly T^OOOmeees of 
foreign woods. GUfimniire^ composed afabore 4^000 pieces. 
Tc»-caddy, composed of 1«340 plMCS, Itc. 

88 Inie,P. Perth, Mami.--Chrea]ar h)o-table, made 
of the root of a lareh-Cree raised near Morthly Gsstle, Perth- 

80 ALKXAjtona, J. T. MazweUtown, DomfUcs.— Or- 
namental garden chair of natural roote and branches of the 
oak. I^ctore-fnune of natnral roots and labaranm-tree 
hranchee. for a Scotch romantie scene. 

100 Hat, J. U J. Aberdeen, Des. sad Mamu-X^Uded 
and wnWrmatio national pictore-frame. 

101 ScBTMOBOOtt, H. George SL Edinburgh, Des. and 
Maao.— British stote bed, with canopy, KHsabethan s^rle, 
carred In pine and plane tree. BUakets of the finest Qie- 
riot wool ; and sheets of finest Tweed Hncn. 

108 Wabrace, HABMurr, Dee 8L Aberdeen, Des.— Or- 
namental fir»«ereeB. 

108 AfTKEfl k Aujkv, 103 Prince's St Edinboxgb, Des. 
«uid Mann.— Picr-taUe and mirror-ltame, in carred wood 

104 BAaaiB, J. Ediabuiigh, Des. and Prod.— Carved 
book-tray, ezecated by a ploughman, in the erening, by 
eandle-ligDt, without tiie aid of any model or design, and 
•olelTwith a penknifie. 

108 Liraww Ic PiJBois, GO Hanover SL Bdinbuigli. 
I>ss. Specimens of panels, and tables in Imitation of inlaid 
marbles and of ormolu. 

107 Bojs, D. 11 Norton PL Edinbnrgh.-<>rved oak 
tideboard. Stroagportable chair. 

108 Cassoii, W. Stirling, Soodaad, Des.— Wood painted 
in imitation of mahogany, m^e^ and oak. 

110 FaxKCfl, G. J. BoUon, Des. snd Manu.— Velvet 
•over fiv eommnnion-table, with cushions, service-books, 
sarpets, &a Altar vestments of crimson velvet. Episcopal 1 

chair, after an ancient •»»wiy|ff in York Minster. Ecdo- 
siastical banners, Ice 

HI TkuiM, £. Bradshawgate, Bolton, MauL— Oma- 
ments made of a new oomUnadon of materials, for interior 
^oonticos; OKhOiitedfor tenadty, ligfatnesB, and foeility 

118 BLA]in, M. 2 Broad SL HaUlhz, Des. and Mam.-* 
mdeboarl ornamented in rcpreaentation of the vine. 

118 Kno, W. A. Whit^ven, Des. Inv. and Mann.— 
Aktohnnd OUenbock's cabinet, from Sir Walter Seotf s 
stocy of The Antiquary, made fixmi three varieties of British 
oak grown in Gnnibefimid. 

114 CaBMifiHjijcr^ J. ^HUiam SL Workington, Gombar- 
land, Des. snd Prod.— Carved oak chair f^ novel dcsigu, 
made out of the root of oak, embroklered by G. BaiMS, 
Grosvenor Bow, Chelsea. 

116 Miua. T. Bradford, Torfcshirs, Des. and Mano.— 
HaUtahleandhatandumbrella-standcombfaied. Drawiug- 
roon chair, carved in scriid mahogany, and gildsd. 

118 BATBM.L A.Gov.SchoolofDcs.&eflleld.--Csfai- 
net. csnrsd In walnuL 

117 Horui, H. Gov. School of Des. Sheflidd, Des. 
Mod. and Gsr.— Sideboard, carved in walnuL 

118 SnrH, B. Sheflidd, Des.— New nantifaM register 
stove, Iecl mannfoetnred bv Myers and Corbett, Masbro' 
Woilcs,Bolheiham. Cylin^icalnatBrsistonswatcrlilterBr. 

^ . , B. B. Sdrlittg, Scotland, Dsa^Phdn 
deal lobby-table top, painted in imitation of vsrioos marfolea. 
181 Gamior, J. a 4 Bxchange SL Manchester, Des. 
and MamL^Pieture ftamei^ specially designed for certain 

drawinn and engravings. Cireular table, in goU, the top 
of wfai^ displayB 74 landscapes, painted in oilby the Bov. 
J. RPyne. 

188 DoTASiO]i,G. 106 KingSL Manchester, Des. and 
Mann.— Ebony book-case, carved in relief: theframesnmde 
by Cope and CoUinson, of Bimdn^asm. Boudoir chair of 
carm eboay. Byouterie cabinet in tulip and king woodsy 
with Sevres china panda, &c 

188 JoBBS. D. Hay' Waka, Dea. and MauL-Welsh 
rustic picture naau^ nude of the natural excrescenees of the 

ISA S iBBVMB , J. Taunton, Des. snd Mann.— GabineL 
made of walnut-wood, grown near Taunton. Somerset, carved 
and enridied with psinels of raised embroideiy. Ice by Mim 
Kiagsbmy. Table tips, &o. of fins English oak, grown near 

12B Bamtiov, J. A. 49 Union Passage, Krmingham, 
Des. and Inv.— Specimens of nmterial produced from bmms 
or pcaL to be called moss-wood. Specimens of a plsstie 
nmtcrisi mads ' 
moas fibre. 

187 Clabkb, J. BlrmiBg^mm, Des. sad Painter.— Dc- 
rigns ef srmoriai bearingi, indnding leventy-foor coats of 
aims and crests. 

188 Labb, T. 91 GL Hampton SL Birmim^uan.- Arti- 
cles chiefly in royal patent pcari glam; papieiHBiaehd td»le ; 
work-table; cheval screen: pote-screens; readiqg-table ; 
cabinets ; chess-table, kc Spedmcns of patent gem paint- 
ins on gtaa, invented by Mim E. Tonge, Boston, Linodii- 

189 Davieb, G. C. 7 Bresriy SL West Birmin^banv 
Des. and Prod.— Papler-nmchc work-box, decorated in the 
Elinbethan style. Japanned papier-mache box. Glass 
tapestry panel, a new style of decoration for rooms, furni- 
ture, &e. 

180 Rabij^ J. H. 50 Upper Marylebone S^ Des. and 
Pdntsr.— Folding screen: encaustic paioilng lllnstratiqff 
the story of Cnpid and Psyche. Table-top imitaden of buhL 

I and lime. Spedmcns of prwe d 

Digitized by Vril^i^V iC 


Clam 26. Furmtunf UpkoUterg, Paper Hangmg»^ Papier MaM^ and Japatmad Ocodi* 

181 Balbxabd U Wkluhoi. 45 Si PftnTi 8a. Binning- 
hwB, liino.— Ptpier-mMh^ toUet tible of Eliiebethcsn 
dadgn. Urge eftbineti, Ite. 8eri^ iUnstrmtlng the mum- 
ftetue ftem the raw nateriel to the flniahedTertieleu 

182 FooTBOBAPjL SboitslLi Ik SBsmoii, Binningfaam, 
ICann.— Lediei work-ublee, drewteg-ctwrn ornament^tend, 
•mall eabinet, wrlting^eaka, jewel-lMiei, foUoi, tea-caddy, 
ladleir mlcnla hand-ecreens, tray^ kn, 

188 tn, L. 118 Bedford St Sonth, JJvexpooI, Prod.— 
Faaqy table, painted in enamel, on prepared wood. 

184 iMaAM, J. W. 190 ItliBCtoa, Knningham. Ia7. and 
I>ef.--GaUnet» or eommode, m wood deeorated by the 
enamel jnoem. with electro-gilt metal mouldlngL Speei- 
Bene of imitation marblea, fce. 

186 Dawo, a 20 Carlisle 8L Sobo 8a. Vann.— areo- 
lar table with top, made of a rare apecfet of eedar, lee. 
Lad/a tettetrtable and obair of tnUp'wted, inlaid with purple 

186 XcGaluim k HoDao3i,U7 Brearley St Birming- 
ham, Maan.>-Papier-maeh4 taMea. MnltubnniA mosio- 
ttand. Cabinet on itaud. Ladle' portlblio and work- 
table. Bruket-glass, with braaeh Ughti. Teft-caddjr, new 

187 SoTourra, L S7 Gt Hampton St Bizmingham 
MamL— Ornamental panier-mmditf trayi, loo-table, work- 
liblea, Taam, foliois caddies, worii-bozcs, Inkstands, lee. 

188 TuRxxr, tt Birmingham, Msnn.~-Lafge folding 
sereen; large loo-table ; oral table; gothio tables : sezagon 
table; cabinets; tr^s; chairs ; wofk^tablcs ; draanng eases, 

188 WnsBj T. Farm St Ktimfaigham. Des.— Lady's 
cabinet, in papieMnachtf. Writiagdesk, toilet, and jewel 
ease, and wor]t>boz. 

140 Posm, W. Bockini^iam, Mann.— Bocking-boat 
Ibr tlie nnisery ; will contain with salbty sereial children at 

141 Skttb, G. F. March, Gambrldgeihire, Des.— Speol- 
aens of painting, in imitatton of tarioos marbles. Painting, 
in imitadon of oak, Ibr interior or eztenal deooratiops. 

148 SBAoaa, W. Tavistock, Inr. and Mann.— Model of 
a seometrical staircase, with a doable hand-rail in rosewood. 
Inlaid floor, cornice, and colnmns, of sycamore. 

148 Davib, G. Soathampton, Des. and Mann.— Sped- 
toen of marbling;, graining, and Tandshing. on paper. 

144 Goes, G. Speenhamland, Newbonr, jDes. and 
Painter.— Screen, painted in the old Englisn iUnminated 
style, and recording erents of English' history. 

145 BsLi.BABT,W. York, I>fs.-Csbinet of oak, having 
Cmamental panels of bomt white wood. 

140 FuiDLBT. a V. 35 King St Leicester, Bes. and 
Mann.— Cured chair of Ldcestenhire oak. 

147 Barker, G. 2 Brook St Bond St Tnr.— Perforated 
flexible screws, with nuts and hooka, tbr hangiug pictures. 

148 BcocxxLBA^rs k Fiuch, MamL— Patent metallio 
boxes for wax Vestas. Writing ootaipanions. 

148 CofTERELX. BRomBRS, BristoL — Paper-hangings 
ibr a dining-room. 

160 Greek. G. Denton, near Grantham.— Portrait pio- 
torehftame. Italian style, with the natmal foliage of the vine 
entwined mrongh the soroll-wcrk. 

161 FuETcncR, R. Derby, Inr.— Crystal granite paper- 
haajgiogs (washable). 

168 Ramoz, a. 17 Frith St Soho. Prod.— Patent mecha- 
nical billiard table. Patent sofa, containing bedstead, leo. 
Models of bedstead, ottoman, lee. 

168 BiTEiT k Sons, 50 Crown St Finsbury Bq. Des. 

-Biahogany pedestal sideboard. 
164 HoPKnvs & So!f, Birmingham, Maan.-'Shade, with 
improved action. 

166 Baowx, Q. SSNewmaaSt Oxford St Dea. 

Manu.— Figure candelabra fbr thedrawlng-room, with f|gi 
and dolphins of carton-iderre. » 

167 BXBLRPSLD.C.F. 15 Wellington St Inr. and Hasa.>' 
Papier machtf articles, maanfaetarsd by patent maehiner) 
in a new material. Bostof Flaxman. Bracket figure of an 
anceL arohiteotural ornaments, lea 

168 BRAtKs^ G. T. 8 Hyde Park Ter Prop.— Bosewood 
doors for a cabinet, ornamented with earvinn in yellow wood 
of Chinese workmanship. Laequered and Japanese sereens. 
Baa-relief, carved in walnut tree, by Lieaard, Paris. 

168 Grxio k SoH, S7 Farriarion St Des. and Uaira.— 
Winged wardrobe, of ibe Spanish mahogany, with carved 
pediments, trasses, doors, leo. 

160 WuLS k BABTunr, Klngaton-on-Thames.— Book- 
case, of walnut-tree, combined with other woods In relief. 
Pair of candelabra, of three wooda. in their natural colours. 

161 Holland Ib Som, 19 Marylebone St Ranelagh 
Works, Belgxave Sq., and 38 Mount St Maau.— Bookcaes^ 
ibnnded <m the eiaoue-eento style, composed of BfUsh 
woods and marbles ; designs hy Maoquoid. Console table and 
glass. Water lily circular table. 

169 Taoxxors k Sons, 15 Psrliament St Westminster, 
Des. and Maau.p~Decorated celUna w)th oomlces and fUcae, 
in colour; paper-hsaaiag decorations: bedstead of satin- 
wood, carved and Inudd with flowers. Buhl eireufaur tible, 
by Lemdne, of Paris. 

l68 Da Laba, D. S Alfred PL Bedford Sq. Des. and 
Inv.— Illuminated design on velluffl, in colours and giM, 
forming a ehess^table with arabesque borderingp, lee. 

164 MoxAirr. G. J. 91 rNew'Boad St Des. and lOan. 
— ^Specimen of rich decoration. Circular table, designDit 
Arom a suggeftioa of the Duchess of Sutherland. Orna- 
mental Oame, made fbr Her Mijesty. Cabinet of tulip- 
wood. Caipet, fro. 

166 GRArDOH, T. H. 4 Siraban PI. BaU's Pond Rd. 
Islington, Des.— Chess tabls^ made of Italian wahrat-wood, 
ornamented with baa-reliefli in electrotype silver. Chess- 
men, carved in ivory. 

166 Commio, W. Edinbnrrii, Maau.— Improved draw- 
ing-room rocking-chair. Models of bedsteads, in brass and 

166 BAimm, W. Ik T. 878t James* St Des. and Menu. 
— Qroular marquetrie table. Sideboard made from oak 
grown in Windsor Forest Fatiawood diina cabinet Secre- 
taire cnbinet of kingwood, with English china Inlaid. Oval 
table, Amboyna wood. 

167 WxrrELL, J. Jun. 219 High St Exeter, Des.— Or- 
cular and octagonal alms-basin, of walnut wood, fcc Im- 
proved sacramental breadFoatter. 

168 Fox, T. 93 Bishop^gate St WitUn.— Bedstead of 
walnut tree, gilt, with lofty canopy and drsoeiy of blue silk. 

168 DuRLEY le Co. 66 le 67 Oxfhrd St Maau.— Canopy 
bedstead of walnuMree, in the Elisabethan style, with fur- 
niture of rich English brocatelle. lee. 

170 Shell k Co. :27 Albemarle St Maou.— Chimney 
glass, the frame carved in walnut-tree. Walnut-tree cabinet 
Sideboard. Satin-wood wardrobe. Oval table^ with marque- 
trie border. Library table. Carved fire-screen, lee. 

171 Wsna, J. 8 Old Bond St— Rock crystal vase and 
plateau, of the 16th century, with omsmentu mountings of 
the present period, enamelled on gold by MoreL Cness 
table, Ice. 

178 SiMMoifi, J. 6 Portobello Ter. Kensington Park, 
Nottimr Hill. Manu.— Statusry marble work>box, carved in 
bold rSief. 

178 SAVDEVAir, G. 9 Grsenside St Edinburgh, Dee. 
and Manu. — The Holyrood seat Design of an ottoman with 
rests, ornamented with thistle foUoge, carved in dark oak, 

Digitized by V^3 


Clam 26. Pundture^ Ufjhnblerif, Paper HangingB^ Papier Machi, and Japanned Gcodt. 


174 6vsB k Soa» 6 fiaMbary Pftrcmcut, Det. and Manu. 
—Uahoaaj eutam bedtaid, with haogingB of crimson 
SpiteUddaiOk. Ga>ineteofwa]niit, king Aud tuUpwood, 
inlaid with manpietrie^ lee. 

176 WAnoR, G. 42%ttii« 8t Fadd'nt^on, Dei. and 
Iffano^— Oeteeon mar9;Be(ii8 table, vith ebony moulding, 
alabonte dcslga. 

176 SviTB Ic Foam, 34 Hax^'bbone St PiccadiUy, 
Haniij->€bbiaet, wmSftlning painting and dra^uig materiab, 
indudlng a new eaicl, for oot-door alcetdiing. 

177 l30Mnu. W. 23 St John St Westmijutcri Des. «:id 
Hnniiw— lalaad flBrMe (able: the top oonLalns 70U picoes, of 
aOiorliof BMitlca, 10 En^tidi and 20 foreign. 

179 Clabk, S. B. 14 Dean St Soho. Das. and Mann ~ 
Oentie table of ebonj, roaewood, and bnhl. Work-table of 
Bngliih iralunt PetiifiMtion-table on fi^nrca qZ ear Ion- 

180 BnnwicK,M. 26 Newman St Oxford St Bet and 
Man, Shaped marqnetrle chiffoonicre^ inl^ iu walunt, 
kina; tnBp, and Tenecxod imide with latin wood, ko. 

ml lA Mncisa, Sasab 6. A. £hn-tree Cooae, Haa- 
nenmith. Ihtv— Rc^ chair, in bonoor of B. R. H. Prinee 
of Ifalea; the tapestry work from a drawing by Mogfoid. 

18B NiouA,T. SdGtTiclifleldSt Dea. and Mum.— 
A oaae for water-ooloor or eimyon drawinn. A cheral 
•ereen for waler-colonr or crayon drawings, &e. 

r crayon drawings, &e. 
'ottenham Gt Rd. Dei. I 


OooBoiefiame and table, carred in American nine and lime- 
tree, and double ^in maU and bniniahed gold. 

184 Wiunaoii, W. UC 14 Lndnte Hill, Dee. and 
Maim, Clarved four-poet bedstead, of wabmi'wood. Im- 
ptoTcd spring matti ess , Ice. Waidrobe Teneered with Ifaie 
wafamtHwood on mahogany. Pctlestal diening-table. fca 

186 Caw, M. 40 Ay St Lower Hempstead iLd. Pes, 
and Pktid.— Altar^ieoe, emblematical of erangeiieal foitfa, 
painted 'In tfis cariy English style. 

186 PAFwoaTB, W.lbJ.W. 14a Gt Marlborough St 
Dei. — Ornamwitsl pargmentn. Designs for hoose-deeoraiion 
and for works In gold and silver, papier-mach^ <B<d marble, 
and for stones pamted glam, Ike. 

187 JBnnB«(BErDBinoB,6nalkin8tWest,B^graTe 
. Mana.r-The Victoria Be^n eot, designed by Bell, 
[th cnrtain of Honiton laoe, dee. and 'mann. by DarralL 

Be^ piaaofofte^ by Dhnuane. Tables, trayi, and uOicr woAs 

188 BuMBU^ W. W. liPulandSt Oxford St Mann.-- 
Imitations of japan work. Fancy table, indta^on of Pcrriaa 

189 ObAY k Ok nklB King St CoTeat Garden.— 
ChiifoBiere, in {lepifr-mache, ornamented in mother-of-pearl, 
gold, and colonn. Tollci-table and glass. Tabic fire-screens. 
reVoonnri jam, ftc 

190 Dixox, J. IS Brownlow St Holboni Mann.— Pa- 
pier maekitaliae, inlaid with pearl ka. Paper tzmys, blot- 

101 BiMDicr, W. Twickeuham, Pat and Mann.- -Patent 
wate^roof and pa^er maehe goods. Patent wnterproof 
p^Mi; in ase for prmerving tho foof of the Eritannia Bridge. 

101 iUTOEB,£ B. 30 Oxford St Manchester, Mann^- 
Self-foldingHip ica^ for eeonomiriog space. 

185 SowBCBf k Cajvlb, 29 Albert St Camden New 
Town, InT« — Geometric&l ottoman conch, <eoastructed so as 
to assune varioas forms of drawing-toora seating 

196 RoAimtfa, J. 78 Charlotte «t Fitsroy So. Mam. 
--Maiqaetrie table; artista' eokrar box and ceael, kc ' Bnhl 

194 WAinunmlkSoM, «Gcmid St Soho. Moan.— 
Ovired Arabian betlsCead, in white and gold, with silk 

196 PaATT,S. New Bond St Mann.— Carded tJdeboMd, 
of liuglish n^nnt, the marqnetrie and fietwock ent by snt- 
diinery. Saloon commode of En^ish bnhL GatUcalt»- 
eliair, &&, earned by machinerr. 

197 llAJGEOV k SoM, 16 John St OxfoidSt Sana.— 
Ornamental walniifc-wood cabinet, for china^ branies, <kt, 
Ovnl canred frame for a minor* &c. 

188 Dosiffi, G. J. 156 I^adenliall St Maan.— Lo<ddi«- 
g}nss;pbite-g]aas, menu at Sooth Shidds. Spi ' 
taran, the finest qocHty of Moubnein teak timb„. 

199 Possomir,T. Resent Orcoa, Piccadilly. Bcs.and 
iianti.— Lszge dnm^Mv-glass. Large antique giranddle. ^Al- 
tar triodeh Gothic Pierced aadengraTca ^ctnre-fwies. 
- aOO Stockb^C. 53 Regent St jibnn.— Ebony envaiep^ 
case, om&raenled with imitation iron-work, in .rioh metal; 
gilt monadngs. Drcesli^^-caees, writii«^<^ Ieo. 
_80a UujiTxi, W.J.iTkk 30 Moor^iteSt Mann. 

^afaratH^Teesideboaxda, sfaowingthecapabiUtiesof Engliak 
wood. A bcantifol marble siabu foom theqnacry of Galwag; 
Ireland, forms the table part Two chairs, of stadledstrM»> 
tore and Taried design. 

806 LB7Uji,J.M.10DaTidStGn]evenorSq.Dca.aad 
Mann.'-CarvedsldeboaHlof^ew'Zealandwood. Escfftoisn 
of satin-wood with tnlip^ood. Jewel-case of tnl^ and Itfa^ 
wood. Cconwde of salis-wood, inlaid with tnlip^oody^des. 
by Rosbdg. 

804 PooLB k MAoofLurnAT, S5 Prineef s St Cacwa0idk 
Sq. Dee. and Mann— Sideboard in walnnUree. with caorafl 
and bronxe enrichments ; bronae panels : J**^r^ aiMjVhfl^ 
mon, and The Judgment of Midas. 

806 Hnaann Vfiois, M» Fleet St--ChMri Snadta^ 
glass, carred in wood. *lFridn^ table, widi maiqnetrie.isfL 
Centre table, of wafamt-wood, mlald with melrfs, iFOiyMd 

806 CAUMBCOTr,Messrs.53lc54.GtEuasdlSt Bioom»- 

buy, Dcs. andMano Sideboard made of £n|^ishoal(, in 

the nw ai w a nc iest^le. Oetsgon table, in Amboyna arndd, 

807 FuvcBB, R. Dobr.— CiTStmlgranite pi^er^bang- 
inga, admitting of . being washed. 

207 RiCBACDSon, J. 3 Keppel St RnsseQ Sq.--<3srred 
oak frame and ^etuse eoraice DrllL earring. Colonred dl- 
tbogiaphic printing. Desien of a chimney-pleoe. DetigAf 
for fondtnre Ibc Momitedbom,fte. 

808 Bails, H. 28 Tottenham St Des. and Mnmir^ 
Inlaid maiqnetrie door. Pairof Uiecms inlaid with masque- 
ttjm, and mconted wigi or-moln. Frait and flower pieces, ^k«. 

800 ITa&dxm IcTox.— Walnnt tabic;, inlaid with ■«» 
qnetrie, of French mamifoctnre. 

210 WoouiA3ncslcCo.llOUighSt3rarflebone,'Mam[^ 
-nDeoorative|»apcr hangings in various stflea. Alhaatbra. 
Pompeiian, arablBBqae pflastcrf, and caised gold i 
Bast Gallery. 

211 Mesteb, G. 51 Frith St Soho. Inr. and 
Inralid couch, or bed. 

' 211 WmrcoHBa^ A. CheUeaham, Des. and 
Portrait Aames and toilet-giass, in cax^rud and gilt i 

212 BcLi^D. 10 AnnStBdfost,Ii«land,Manu.— Cured 
derotionfl-chair, cf bog oak, ornamented with two crystals, 
termed ^ Irish diamonds;** the needlework on the panel de> 
signed by the exhibitor, and executed in BeUkst 

218 AsnsAiA. k Pon, TO^Geosrenor St Inv. ^ andi M a n fc. 
— ^Sttistered card- table, and dtninKoom<chaic 

214 CiiArLi:i,T. Base Tim St Kilkenny, Ireland^ Mann. 
— Ocnamental ciroakr oak table, widi tap venessedrin 
figures, ftc. 

216 CiiBSAiilcSo!rs,UdmRi,Co..Antrini.Irelall4,J><:a. 
and Mann.— ficn^nred tad peiforated'«t»«hair,mai<the 
andqae; made by tlirse poor working mai,«xprmsly for the 

Digitized by Vj^I^V iC 



Fiimiiitn, UjfkMvy^ Paper Hmf^rngt, Papier JliaeH and Ji^)aimed OooeU. 

Mmi; tlw erimton riik flret BftsafiMtDnd by S. Jonet, 3 
at Andrew Street, DabUn. Oricntel peneil deetgne, by the 

U6 BBTAHpG. 1001fetropoUluBai1diQKi,8tP«iierae, 
Des.iuid Prod.— Cured walnut tee^hcet, euoated by hand ; 
exhibitins the art of WDod-earring In aU Iti itagee. 

817 BoBCB, C. fc C. SS Pratt Ter. 8t Pancrai Bd.— 
Boe^oodboz, glaai top for onaoMated peneili, withpro- 
J eetinf bnM omamenti and lerewa of the Elinbethan ityle. 

S18 Baoom, W. 65WeUa St Oz&rdSt Inv.andMann. 

B19 Kans, G. M and e9 DaiM 8L DnbUn, Inv. and 
lljton. —Mahogany cabinet, with ehlflbonftre. Tablea. 
Cured eooch. Window-cnrtalm. Gupet. Hearth-rug. 
Oak tub, forming a bath and ottoman eeat Ite. 

280 EowAnoe, T. 8. 31 Kii^ 8L Holboni, Bfanu.— 
Lady*! oofomandel-wood dxeming '' " 

Gentleman'e dreee- 
ingeaee. New double-ent open wiltiug bos. Lady*iminia- 
tane dreiiing oaae. complete. 

881 BoARn, 0. SS Swindon St Gny*! Inn Rd. Manu. 
— Soring pillowB made of spiral steel tpringi and whalebone. 
Hooel of a quilt made of an article hnported from Bussia. 
White gooee feathers. 

881 ConAM. E. S Wineley St Oxford St,/ Inv. and 
Mton^The tbetooUne, or patent spriiMp bedstead. 

- S88 CnrtrAU) 7 Kwinlngton PL Kennington Common, 
Des.— Teapoy, to display the appBeaflon of different kinds 
«f wdod, and the art of carting. 

888 Graces J. G. liWigmoreSt Ifanu.— Furniture 
aad>ieoorationa in the medieval stjlo^ piano, ttc. Tapestfy 
damasks, ffilk brocatelles. WooUaa staft for hangings. 
CUntaes and carpets. 

884 EvAHS, F. 18 Albert St Deptford, Inv.— Improred 
mnsie stand. Model of improved chair. 

886 Cawlkt, J. I Michael's PL Brompton, Bes. and 
Mann.— A three^t bedstead in Spanish mahogany, the rod 
forms a part of the cornice. 

886 MoMManT. F. H. 5 BaUwar PL HoUoway Bd. Des. 
and Manu.— Press iMdstead, in a ptaooforte shiq^ 

887 DAT, Habrxbt, 40Bk]eyTer. OldKentBd. Des. 
and Mann. — Tea-caddy, comp oeed of rare and Taloable 

888 Nuint, J. 7 Upper Yemon St lioyd Sq. Des.— 
Plotare frame, to answer the porpoee of a portfolio, lie. 

888 SoTTON, H. 93 YauzbaU St Lambeth. Mann.— Pic- 
4ure frame, inlaid with tortoiseshell 9ffA pearl, com p oeed of 
iflOO pieces. 

880 GoDDAUD, J. 21 WaloQt PL East— Design for 

881 GAaoNEa, J. H. 19} Poppias Ct Fleet St Des. and 
M^u. — Satin-wood toilet slass base containing Jewel- 
drawexs, Sic. combining all the requisites for a gentleman's 

882 WEXX3, E. 310 Begent St. Prod.— Landscape trans- 
pai»nt blind. 

884 WouTEHHOLMB, J. IS Lord Mayor's Walk, Tork, 
Des. and Manu.— Six stall finials, or poppy-heads, of dcco- 
.Htted Gothic architecture, and Tarkras anigna, carred in 
Korway oak. 

886 CooPES, W. M. Derby, Maau^— Pulpit for a church 
at Uolbeck, Leeds ; the figures by John Phibp, from a design 
by Q. G. Scott of London. 

• 886 WsrHsaELL, F. S. IS Shepherd St Oxford St. Des. 
«nd Manu.— Carved oak Gothic cheTai fire-screen, wilh glass 

. 887 HATfKnra, & 54 Bishongate St Without, Pat and 
M4^— Expanding dining-fabM, with patent ecrew move- 
aacut Expanding roand-tabk, with patent cog-wheel, and 
«orew movement. 

888 HowAM>I^Soiii»BsmerB St Oxford St Des-and 
Manu.— Flowers drawn and modelled from specimens at K«w 
Gardens, by the designsr, asslstsd by Mesdamea Peachey and 

888 Hahcook, N. 6 Bsrtlet Ct Bow St Inr.— Invalid 
and drawing-room eaqr reclining chair. 

840 FooTBouAPB, BaowBx, Ik Sanrrmr, » Church St 
Krmingham, Manu.— La4/s work-table. SroaU cabinet 
Writing-desks, fro. FoUo.. Cbrd-trays. Udy*s dxcsslot- 
casa. Tea-chest and te»«ad47, aw. 

841 UAAcsfcCASiPBBXyilStJames'Stlnv.andMaaa. 
—Patent portable bArraciL eoUege, oamp^nd cabin frimitun. 

848 Jacksoh, G. 4 BaseUMews, Fitxzoy 6q. Manu.— 
Wahkut-tree richly carved cabriole settee, represoatlng three 
backs of chain, covered. 

848 JoBsitoif, B. 160 Piccadilly, Manu.— Iron folding 
hinged bedsteads, with brsm hinges and 1ms. 

844 Ksbsbaw, T. 85 John St FItiroy Sq. Painter.— 
Imitation of for^gn and English marbles and woods, for 
house decorations ; made of wood and slate. 

848 KstDAix^ C H. S4 Mark Lane, Inv.— Decantiug 
and corking machines, winMbiing wisp, and chao^agne 

847 EowAUM, & 18 Caaaon St Bd. Manu.— Octagon 
revolving library table, containing 14,000 pieces of Eng^sh 
and foTMi woods. 

851 LATnAM k Dioaroir, 1 Bateman's Boildlngi, Soho 
Sq. Dee. and Mann.— Metal gilt vase and oover for flowen, 
ornamented with amethyst, gameta, turquoise, 8ec. 

868 MoioH, C. 38 High St Marylet>one.— Deeoratioas 
for a drawing room, constoting of imiutions of inlaid msr- 
blee, panels, Ire. Chima^-piece and glass frame, by J. 

SIB8 MAncHAirr, W.— Lady's work-table^ conaiating of 
a ehees-table, with drawers, Ite. 

8M MAsm, W. 6 Buthmd St Hampstead Bd. Inr.— 
Blistered ornamental flower^ cases. 

856 GasvaBii^ A. B, Farmington Cottage^ Park Lane, 
Brompton, Manu.— Oval table; vases; basket, ornamented 
with flowers, kci made of mixed woods. 

866 MxLis, H. 16 Seabright PL Hackney Bd. Inv. and 
Manu.— Boaewood loo^ble, inlaid on top and bottom block, 
containing a secret cash-box. 

857 NoBTR, D. 28 Gt WiadmiU St Haymarket Des. 
and Manu.— Bose-wood oval tea caddy, with flowers carved 
in satin-wood. Two satin-wood sugar-basins. Oval vase 
ebony inkstand. 

858 Ne}Tcrk7, J. 5 West St Soho, Des. and Mann.— 
Pair of candelabra, in ebony and Ivory. Flower^tand in 
Eoclish yew-tree. 

858 NoBTB, C. I Queen's Head Ct Gt Windmill St 
Haymarket, Des. and Manu.- Beading-stand. Bed-chair 
for invalids. 

860 PtxuxLL, T. D. 6 Warren St Camden Town, Des. 
and Manu.— Gilt sine frame, with trellis-work border, aad 
silk velvet Ihdng. 

881 KojuBS. W. G. 10 Carlistle St Soho— Specimens of 
carving in various woods and in various styles ; examples 
of the combination of wood carving with porcelain ; and 
drawing of carved Bible cover. 

888 Eetholds, J. 57 New Compton St Soho. Manu.- 
Wire table for flowers. 

868 Boniiisoif, C. 6 and 7 Greenland PL Gray's Inn Bd. 
Inv. and Manu.— Portable metal bedstead, which will form 
also half teeter bedstead, chair^ouch, and ottoman. Ice. 

864 BooBBS k Deab, 88 and 4 St George's PI. Hyde 
Park Comer— Benaissanee bedstead in walnut-tree, carved. 
Ottoman cosl sarcophagus. Des. by F. Whishaw, Esq. Ma- 
hogany 1)ed]itcad with washing ajiparatus. 

Digitized by 


Qi.Aas 26^ FrnnUun^ Ufhobienf^ Paper Htmgmgt^ Paper MaM, aadJapatmad Goodi. 


987 fliMiflos, G. ISEldonSt Fiodmiy. Def-ndllum. 
— bnored oraamentAl ISbmy table^ceg. ptttflm. 

JP60 Ckatvi]i,.H. ao Dwia St BiimUighain, Dm. and 
HioB^— An iMoirtiiieiit of articlef oraaiiMiited with mothcr- 
of-Mri, Gxoda pourl, tUrer ood ikiMj pearl, nail peivl, 
and tortoSaolielL 

871. ScBWZiov, J. H., 137 BiabompAte St— Sbow goods, 
wed by taadealan aod KTOccn, fordeeoiatiagiliopa. vaaei 
in tin. ofnameBted and Japamied, Ice. 

378 8«mi& C 90 OldFish 8L linr^Apparates for 
bakiogwoody fyt ▼enaerijijr. Ice. LooUng^^aai, withbaU 
me&L Compoaitiim and wood pictnre 

ftnnML aMooftetared 

SnB Yosni^ 

876 TiKMU% W. 39 London St Fitzn^ So. Dee. and 
of ^ore-earvlng In oak. Conqwsition 
r ed for the Bojai eoUeetioB of eaamds 

878 Tmmj^ J. 9 OldCharehSL Paddington, and New 
Maofl^ Weaixainater. Dee. and 8ealpL--€hinne3^pieee, Ind- 
tadoB of inlaid naiblesanddeeorationB bj Kozon. Dee. for 
fVMteBHall,BMdeUedlnrT.Digfaton. Model of foontain. 

877 TaoHiks, R. 1a CIreoa Bd. St. John*B Wood. Prod. 
— GotUe altar-piece, imitation of stone earring. Decom- 
tloae for balls and dining rooms, injMaa, Ice. 

878 Ywir. T. 6 Union Walk, IQn^land Bd Des^ 
— . — ^ ^ siDgle4eaf ^dinfe imitation or^iobi on plaster. 

YoKni% J. Ic W. 5 Jobn St. Oxfoid St Inv. and 
cgistend, revolTin^ donblr-etandard foUo-ftame. 
i^TAnv M. DnBT, 77 Great Bosseli St Blooas- 
▼, Dea.^— Designs for mannfoef ores and decoration, and 
for bookbinding. New eombinationa, moaaics, and eneaas- 
tie paring. Frontispiece for worln. pabliabed for the 
designer hj Mr. Day, of Gate Street, Lineohi's Inn FieUs. 
Stained glus memorial window, ftc. 

oiABBD^ LovnaoQ^ U SooounKD, WolTer- 
, Des. and Mann.— Paplermacbe trays, coal Tase, 
ne-€Ooler,dlab-eoTerB, Beartfs patent co ff ee po t . Ice. 
Date^ab fcr Ubnuies, eoontiiig^oascs, ftc. 

886 Waujb,F. 49 Fleet W. Mann^—Commerdsl and 
diptomaac despatch writiqg-deak, in roeewood; small, rose- 
woodjopea deak for ladies. 

2187 Jons, W. Dolgelly, Wales, Ibt. and Mann.— 
Portfolio table, and ebony trfood. 

888 WABBBf, T. 371 Q^oid St Inr.— Patent readily, 
stand, eanred In rose-wood, and enriched with gold and or- 
mohi emamcnts. 

288 WBrukKSyS. 47 Gt Portbmd St. Oiford St Des. 
and Gsrrer.— Ink-stsod, composed of a stataette of Milton. 

.281 WooDKAji. J. T. 6 Commercial PL Peekham, Inr. 
—Balustered portable self-o^ostln^ leg and foot rest 

888 Batcbxlob, A. Anstratber, Fifesldre, Scotland. 
DeSi^Miirot^ frsmed and gilt, and ornamented with small 
sbetts from the Firth of Forth. 

888 Wnaoy Ic Sons, 18a Weynum St Owreadish 8q. 
InT. and MamL— New oTal centre table with a rerolTiag 
top^ table, with a eiroalarbagateUo-boanL New woric-table. 
Chess table, tibracy table, ke. 

801 D'AxMAiHi, W.F. SPeroySt BedfordSq. Dea. 
and Mann.— DeeoratiTe panel, style of Edward L 

808 AannB, T. S Saekrille SL Prod.— Sereen, painted 
by band, in oil coloan. Bcgistered damask p^er^iaiigingi 
Specimens of graining. Imitation marbles, Icc 

804 A9caorr,T. 35 Queen's Bd. Chelsea, Des. and Prop. 
— Ori^nal design for papei^hangings, being a new combina- 
tion of damask and chints work. 

806 BASBBrr,J. 246 Bethnal Green Bd. Des.— Drawings 
lor paper hangings. 

807 Hetut, J. It Co. Soho So. Prod.-Glaes shadea; 
nmnd, oral, and square. Bssrclicls in fictile, or Imitation 

ivmy, after Gerard Dow and Martin, by G. Abbott and 

808 GoDDABi^ J. SI Waleot PL East, Lambeth.— Desig» 
for naper hangings, of British and eiotieikiwers, airphnta 
of the torrid aoncL ke. 

808 WoouAMS, W. h Co. 110 Hirii St MaiyleboMv 
Mann. — Deeorathre papeHiangings. Paper-hani^ngy d»* 
signed at the Government School of Design. 

810 fliiiCHX2VFkCo.lsaWsrdoar St Oxford St Mam. 
— Bttistered paper-hangings. 

811 Tmnasosr, Mast Ajcir, Hackney Bd. Des. and 
Prod.— A chair in the Elisabethan style, all English mate- 
rials. The chair and needlework by one person. 

818 TaAPasu. h Son, S St Jamee. Barton, Bristol, 
Des. and Mann.— A handsome console caiifonnites^ of the 
English wahmt-wood, top of statuary marble, set in a 
and tortoissshsIL 

818 BrnmsKT. J. 1^ B. 2 and 3 Hemlock Ct Gsrej St 
lineohi's Inn Fields. Mann.— Goki and sihrer papers for 

binding. Gold, sUvsr, and coloured tissoes. Vnleaniaed, 


Braaeh Bridge^ H< 

Braaeh Bridge^ Hoxtou, Mamu— An arehitei 
tioB, cc ap osed of printed monkUngs, flgnres, I 
816 #nium Ik Son, 29 Okl Change, Des. 

De fieaovolr Factory, Bosewary 
Mamu— An arehiteetnral deeom* 

- . , Des. and Mann.^ 

ImitBHons of marbles in water«oloars on paper, and fanit^ 
tkm of Sienna^ pw p hyry, Deronahin dore^ and BrocateUa 

810 Somn^T' k J. 15 Norflnimberland St Neweaado- 
npo»>Tync^ Inr. and Mann.— Monoclejd writing cabtnet 
fiir onllecting and amnaiing a great number and varie^ of 

perL so as te be readily accessible. 

817 TimnBU^ L 32 Pinstone St \ 
work-table^ a spedmoi of BngUsh efan. 

818 Towxnnroc PASKsn U Townanoi, 182 GoswcO St. 
Des. ■"'f M fw . Paper' l****g***c dufoffstlons 

880 Tmonnft CoTE^Sbeyi St PImiico, Mann.— Pa- 
perhan^agi^ Ice. Panel decoration, dcsi W. Diaper. Ghlnts 

821 WiLUAMS, Gooms, Boru, k Co. 85 West Sarith- 
field, Mano^—Diawing-rocm decorations. Damasks for 
dimg^fooms. New moide of combining metal and flock. k«, 

Sffi Wooujutf k Co. 09 Marylebone Lane, Oxford St 
Mean.— P^per haogings and decmtions firom block pcia- 
ti^g^-Ptelel decoration fiom drawings by Miss Pahner. 
Finer ^»— ^■'g* printed by maohinenr. 

828 Jarran k Aujem, Kentand Essex Td. WUtecha- 
pel, Mann— Paper pridled by blocks in distemper. Sped- 
meas of a many-coloured chints wall-p^er, and of cylinder- 
printed waUHUuBeiSL 

828 Dato, a 26BlackfilanBd. Des. and Pklntcr.— 

' for the decoration of a ceiling, in imitation of inlaid 



886 HoBimn,&lBrydKesStStrsnd, DetandMamL. 
—Design for interior decoranons of drawing-rooms. Psad, 
after the style of the Alhambra, execnted in glass fce. Con- 

awiifti^ td>let in glass. Ice. 

888 Josxsk Co. 214 Piccadilly, Inr. and Mann.— New 
method of decoration for the ride of a rooat Cohmred de> 
cotations for « ffKwg «, and other sperimens. 

887 M'Lacbuais J. 35 St JamesT St PiccadiUy, Prop. 
— Aiabesane painting on glass, imitations of Inlaid marbles 
onriaas. Arabeague painting for the decoration of roomsjcc. 

840 Savau^ C k F. 13 Charles St Westboome Ter. 
Des. and Mano.— Elisabethan ornamental screen, in Imita- 
fkm of Tarioos marfalee and woods. 

841 Smrb^C 43 Upper Baker St— Imitations of mai^ 
Mes, in paint, on slate and wood. Arabesque deeoratloa for 
drawin^rooaB% boodolis, kc 

Digitized by 



Ci»A« 2fl. Fmrmttn, UpkoUtmy, Pilfer fliuyiiyj, Papitr MmM, and Japmmed GooA. 

Mft ScmraAiJ. k Go. 157 KiicriMd Bd. M«im.-.IJtlf 
topofliblelnliiiitatioQinarfaki, inldd. Slib, In imitedoa 
nuuB i^jbI nutfblc. ImitaHoa aaiUt and Woodson nsptr. Isc 

Stt BrAOSTtKLT^^ If. 29 Kifby 8L Hattim G«aen. Det. 
•Kd MintL-Iiad/t fiTUiuf-deric, Ib ebMur ud bnfal-ialild. 

347: BicK£BBio» if. 89 Uttb Mo 

Prod. Sp6oi* 

■•B ol ^te\fi]iffHri>mii poMl deeonttoa, In ookma And gold. 

801 BoBse^X ii.TJ^atUSkEMt, Oxford 8I.DW. and 
li»OB>-Fkn69« nosnte and lyrtilli nt&nidB^ piinto, 
kc . in card-board and goldpMor. 

8M FoLur, 6. eZ 61 Tl^fteld at MBt^abone, Maaa. 
of animliaUoBoraola ^ flBBtlH B»d«or 

■aper, aud not liable toiplit 

— ^* , B. aw 


M^ Nkwitkax, B. dPrinevSLLelecflBrSq. iBT.and 
Mkui.-- MiniatDro ftamaa In ImitaHun of o^alobt. 

868' FoiA a k &. 4tianra7 H, Oxfcrdat Idanu.— 
Wiithablo gilding, applicable te toofciaft^glaMfi, pietise 

a S2Sliniltedli9elBd. BiT.andBca^ 

to table- 


^Mi wltb inacdptloaa 

HAT "■ ~ 

LTnaiy Amwe, 15 Banes BU 
, engraving' upoB blaek marblw, 


,lelte»^Mlgbta» Ite. 
K) BAxnB.Kl 

efit Felej'PL Dm. aadMamt 
dlng» at applied to plctnie and 

donrof'tbe art of ^ 
^iii^ftinNay eomlrwi kit 

88ft Viona, BTjiin. Vnlea. IfiOi^ Uppor LiaMm- St. 
Faddfatgion, Mann.— Mooldlngi, aiebitiatYea, akirHnpi^ and. 
Mi h h a r yprapaied by machin e r y. 

888 Wabbbh, J. N. AdMB 8t AdelpU, Dw-Panel, 
efBn^Jlab wooda, ebening-tbelrdeeontiTe Tabie viien pre- 
pared oy P 

r Payne'e patent 
__ AMMOwmatB, tf.lkA. SOKevBondSfe. Dee. and 
Bfano^— A decorated cabinet badbra wood and gold, ricbly 
PBtent lace coitalas, and patent daaaak eurtnlna, 
If dry peoeaaaof oleaaiugcarpetL Ike. 

itc Vew dry 

leaa of oleaniiig carpeta, 

Ik SovBBST^ «VK,andaft OxfoirdSt 

Mbnft^-flUk and glaie wowB 
•oratiTe fhmitnrs, ftc Hade In 

889 AvxBT Ik Baztoab, U Gnat PortlaBd.Si Uana.— 
Sbatter^bBnd'Ibrtbe Ambeandnt'e new palaoe at Gonitan- 
ImpBored ontdde Venntjan and Donnet blinde, lio. 

por p eew ef de* 

BoBT 0. 238 BlecfcitiaiB Bd. kiv^-lBnmnred pB- 

lene irindonr-blinda, entUnly of bmIbI, eppiicable lor out-doer 
wc£ aad eepedally foe warm eliifie 

881 Ansxnr, jr. 8 Priiiema:8t Flneboiy^-Pktent msh 
mid deck, blind, lamp^ and picture lineai manninetared from 
ftub ilflc cotton^ and wonted.' * 

^88 Habsb, H. Q. 528 NewOaftidat; UBniL->PBtent 
peiliDffBted traneparent roller blind, made of te oommon 


KoBSLC Ik SoBfli as Nwwf aerie att Btnnd^ and \7 
Crom 8t Blaekfrian lid. Ibt. and IfiamL— Ornamental 

mpttwrnrnllmr bUnd. 

WF I4IQA9, P. Jon. 19 Hyde Bnk Gardeni, laT.—BotB- 
loi» ibopUlnd. 

400 KoB^H.W. STHlgbStCbmdenTown, Dee. and< 
MapBwPainted tranapai en* window bUnda, inimitalionof 
BtainedglaM; Cbineae Mid bUnda, In. 

688 CovEu., W. I(T. J. KOHlBfa 8L MaiyleboBa Dee. 
and liann.— Spedmen of eolid inlaying, by band^ifor fioon, 
Ib deal and mafaooany. 

€oo»BBB, J. 66 Brand 9t Btandibid 8q.— Painted 
tailMopiin.lmitatiQn of inlaid woodiL Slab, in imitation of 

Chazxjkob. E. PSnaook'e Pottery, TmntBll^ Staf- 
foidihire — WatefHsloaeta, && 

GiLLOw k Go. 178 Oxfrtd St and Laneaeter, Dee. 
and Manu.—Sldeboard. Wine cooler. Alboen cbifrott- 
idire. Walnut tablce. Ubraxy chair. Wanstead sofa. 

BngUahyewcaUaetaNreCalre. Mafqueterie soft table by 
G. Watfon. Table, BngUah Mteelaia, with painied leml- 
ic^)ee,flgnf«%fte.,b7W.T.<W]aiid. Hab^B^ny pk^Bia 
frame, Gothic etyle, dmign by I^m 

Honom, U. is Wcetmoreland St Uean.— TkbU- 
top, painted in imitation of marble. 

JACSSoiiliGB4BAJi.87aada80zl!nd8t BCann.— 
Sideboaxdi, book-caeee, ehalra, aoft^ cheral-eeKWBa, Ibc; 
London carpet, carpet of mormqne deeign, ▼alYclppile 
carpeti, patest tapeetiy velvet cari«t and border^ London 

JwoQjKr, F. U 96 Stiand, Inv. aad ManQ.^I»- 
pored bedeteed aad bed for invaUda, Ibc Apparatna for 
beating lanndrylrene. 

Paoz, U. If. Coventry St Mann.— Novel adap(»> 
tio&of a dreerinc gleei aad dxeiaing caee. 

8BOvs,O.Deptford,rad4B8 KewOzfofd St Pat 
aadMamL— Spedmene of jnaining and indtatloa of marblee 
on i^am, invented by G. Ncwbeiy. TeKtBiaUaed window 
glees for bllnd8,lkc. 

8orwrni,T. AIlenbeadcPropb—IiometilcaldiBfir* 
lag of miniBg dtottictaat MeoeberR Alston Moor. 

Culm 27. Mawfaetma m Mineral SnUtancei, Jtn- 
AikBng or DteoraHoni, 

1 Hjax^W. 5 Proepeet Bow, Walwartb, Dee. aiid 
Prod.— WritiBg on enamelled slate as an imitatioB of glass. 
8 Kbbsbaw, 
4 BsmriKMr, W. a Teolm Bridge, near Launecetoa^ 

M by Jen 
polyphant freestone. 
5< Box-bt; J. 
e Fbbwbb, J. Woolbffldfls Bd. Ipnrteb, Des. aad 

L— A Omb stone carved cSimney>iiiece^ 

01 Mato^ W. 17 Silver St WoodA. Gbeapelde, Inv^ 

10 PoTTBB, A. Newaastle-aBdef^LyBe, ]iaBB.>-Oma- 
mental vase and pedestal, and stand for fomeiT, In fine day 
deeigned by T. O. SmalL Gas retort in fine clay. 

Id BGlbtcxt, T. H. Weelminetvr Marble Works, Eer 
St Hdywdl St UiUbank. Pit^— Gothic stone> mural mona- 
mcnt exbibitod es a specimen of workmanship. 

16 HoBSTAUL, Mil. Hawicsworth Hall, near Bradford. 
— Moveablft taUe top, with pdnted groop of ilowese. 

16 BowiJkKnt, I. Llanda^d, near Bangor,' Wale^ 
Manu.->Qiant ink-etsnd, senlptared from a block of slate 
stoncB from Penrbyn anany, near Baugor^ 

17 Srwabt, w. Bbodeewdl Bd. Liasebouse^ Prop.— 
Slab of Agra marble, Inlaid with agate, coradSaoL and other 
stance. From the pdace of Akbar Kban, Gkboei ' 

la Wueox. it Searboroug|^ and 8 Wheetebeaf Taid^ 
FaoiBgdon St London, Inv.— Chimney piece of common 
day. to repreeent marble ; also spsdmens. Wilson's patent 
arf^Utceooft marblee. 

18 Tbb LoKDon Mabbu fr SroiiB WoBinio Co. 
Esher St nem: Milbank, Westminster, Imp. Dee. and Ma&u. 
— Gzedaa cohmm chunney piece, and hexagon and oo- 
tsgon Gothic fonts, of white Caiara marble. Modd of a 
bxBcketted staircase, in Irish blaek marble, worked aad 
polished by the Company's} machinety-; invented and 
patented by Jamee Tnlloek, F.E.S. 

SO MiBBOB BffABBU Co. 17 Castls St Southwark 
Bridge Rd. Licenses under Pat— >New patent mantdpJeeey 
madeentirely of inmand glan. 

81 Coats, B. J. 18 Bread St. WaUlitf St Prop.— 
Chimney-picces,made ezoludvdyof iron and glaas. Pat j 

Digitized by VnOOQ IC 

CLAm 27. Mamfaetura m'Minerd SiimUmeei.Jbr Bmldmg or Decorotiout, 


Kasokul, J. 

8. Vtmharjt Berki, Kami.— E«- 

ah«M and cuvdar dnios, of ▼Biiooi tiMt, matte with bridb^ 
Houov brieka. All patwitott. 

S4 Brt% E. JL Ayleiford, near MaidtCone, Prop.— 
Prodadi and maimfiotnrea from tfaa Fnaton Hall catate. 
Chalk and lima. Plaadeelar. Cemeat Terra eotta vaae, 
dwignad bj J. Tbomai. Terra ootta bricks; reeisterad. 
BUmi^mwrt and agrioultnxnl pipei. HoUow brioka, Boberta' 
and Beartft patent Keadeh xag-atooe. Fnllez^ earth. 
Sander ciam and pottery. 

96 iJooiooar, 

S8 Doiiuwi k Go. Lambeth, Maau.— Glased atone 
warft AnhUeetoral ornaments, Tasea, guden pots, and 
Wanfl caaes, Ibr the growth and enltiTation or tenu, In 

S8 BLAcaBmu, B. Island of Valentia, Kerry, Irelaad, 
Mkno.— Spedmena of date slabs, from the island of Ya- 
Icntia. flhah ban. Roof ridge made and darigned by B. 
Woodward. Park or garden seat Table of slate. 

88 luB, 

88 Mar, 

86 Beas^ 

86 Pxaasoa, W. P. Hairooate, Torksfaire, Prod, and 
Dea.— OetsjEoa table of stalaettteL prindpally from the 
Dtoppinie W ell, Knaresboroogh, and its ndlghboarfaood. 

88 OasikABXAin,6GiiUdhall C3iambcia, Baalnghall 
8t Plat and Kaon.— Patent metallie laya pavement oraa- 
mantal shba, and table In the Mborish s^ Pateni 
modern Yenelian stncoo. Stone, with marble-like poUsh. 

40 Bau, J. k T. Marble Works, Deri)/, Msnn.— 

ma of artlelo^ maanlkctmed by aid of steam ma- 

y, at the Derby Mari>le and Spar Works: of black 

marble; Derbyshire mottled alabaster, Derbyshiro 
marUe: aCalacdte (Oriental akbaater) ; and Tariegated ala- 
iMMfier (MMna) i fluorspar. 

48 CajomMMOWKE, H. Dartington Hoose, Totnei^ 
Progy— Polished colorans of Ifadreporo marble, with Caen 
atone capitala. Yarions spedmeos of marbles, na^ po- 
llihed, and maaolkotttred. 

48 Yauajicl 

46 WaMHT, J. Aberdeen, Mann.— Polished granite 
eraameatal h ead s t o na- 

48 DoxAii, D. S7 Bhckftiars St Sslford. Mamu — 
Scaaliola gothle eolnmns, illostzailng a new method of 
wortlng; Ice. In scMliohu 

47 BoacLBT, G. Bayswater, Prod.— Coiomn and two 
sbbi, naioted in imitadon of Sienn» marble. 

60 MaGjrai^ G. S. Pimlloo, Iot.— llfannftctares In 

Enamelled slate; representing Tarioos marbica in- 
laid after Florentiae mosaic, ke, 

61 NiooLik AuB5. 57 Upper Mairlebone St Des. and 
Piintas.— ImitatioDs of marbles; design Ibr a table^op^ 
imitation of inlaid marbles. 

68 liAvaeaTyC. Abb^, Ireland, Prop.— Dark green 
Cfflnnemaia marble tsblcs and Seipentine tables from Bally- 
nnhineh qoany, Gahray; on pedfsfals of black Gahray 

68 BcasBu^ 

64 HoBA3s4lBoOonStDublhi,Mann.— Gonalomerate 
marble table top. Table top of red and white IrisE marble, 
ftwB Charebtowa, ooon^ Cork. 

60 Ml>02iALJ> k Lbux, Abexdeen, Manow— Granite 
raaesjedestals, and a slab ibr table top. 

61 PSABCS, "^ "■ 


to, and 
"^ Bino, 

Tmo, Mann.— Tablea, candclabia^ 
Itc, of Condah granites, poiphyry, 

MaOock Bith, DeriTridst^ Mann, and 

EngraTer.— Models in black marble of die obelisk at Helio- 
potto and of the Philce obelisk. Black marble aUb. Caid 
plates, etched, Ice. with steel tools. 

m Bbmbt, 6. Bnxton, Derbrshiie. Mann.— Bladk 
marble rases, remarkable for slse, fine eolonr, polish, and 
flaish; the material from the Dnke of Deronahiro'sqnarrlsi. 
MoasIc octsgon table, ftc " Bfaie John," or ameChyatoiit 

r spar cfaaliee, from Outleton. 


88 LoMAS, J. BakeweO, Mann.— Pedestala of Derby* 
sfahre marblea. CUmncr-plece of DerbysUn black aad 
Stenna and roaewood marble. 

68 Oummu} k Co. Ashford,Mann Oofamm of Uaeli 

marble, from the Arrock Hill ooarxy, Ashford. Cohmmof 
laminaled rosewood marble, from Nettle-DsJa, near Adi- 
fiird Oofanan of rasset grey marble, firom Hi^Low,ne« 
Sheldon. Gdamn of Bg^entrochal marble^ from Biolovy 
Dalejwar Honyash; 

87 BsDnmr, 
68 ToMLDsosr, 

60 TraiiXB, J. Bnxtoo, Derbyshire, Mamb— Two IngL 
each 96 inches U^Buda of Mack marUe, fimnd at a£ 

70 Bosun, B. Pearrn, Cornwall, Mann.— Graidta 
obelisk and base, 20 feet high, weighing about 15 tons^ of 
Cornish ffnaite^ from the qnanies at Csosen, near Peoiya. 

70 w oonanrr, 

71 Oaoai^ J. Penance, Cornwall, Mann.— BaptisBml 
ftnt, obelisks, Tasea. cabinet of specimens, Ice. of s erpe ntin a 
stone from Lizard, Pcnaaace. 

78 SnoBB Is Co. YaazhaD Pottery, Mann.— SpeciaBeB 
at patent moasic parement, of highly Titxilled colonrad 
days. Stone-wars still aad bead, of an improred matariaL 
glaaed inside. ^ 

74 MoRoa, 

76 Taa Eau of Lovklacb:— Ornamental bricks and 
designed aad maaafrctnred at Ockham, in Surrey. 

le BunoaD, F. T. Stooriirldge, Mann.— Badi, adntt 
siae, in one pieee^ mode with flra<ay plated with pomalali^ 
aad^aaed Bricks for waterproof walls, ftc. 

79 Masoers, T. K. Oxford, Des.— Scu l ptured bap- 
tismal font 

81 Boum, AsTDDi, k Cox, Korthfie^ and Gt Scot- 
Isnd Td. Whitehall, Mann.— DhistradoM Portland asaBanf^ 
to diow the strength, for making sandinga> flUls, parings Ite. 
ilastradons of its cumparadve strength. 

88 SnoT, M. % T. Gawkirk Wotka, near Glaswog^ 
Mann.— Jet d'eao, Tsses, and pedestals, wata^plpes. and 4ra- 
faricka. manafoctmed from fire clay or terra cotia, iic 

88 BA3IS0H 1^ PAaso3is, Flint Wharf; Ipswidi, Lit. 
aad Mann.— Artificial stone in the raw state, and in It* 
mrioos ptiges of mannfoetnr^and its apdications. 

86 I^AStm k Lawn, CBfton, near Bristol, Des. and 
Executors.— Statne of St Peter In canopied niche of Gsan 

88 Baowv, B. 58 Gt Buawll St Bloomabory, Des. 
and Scalp.— Sepulchral monument of the dacoratlya period^ 
inOMu stone. 

87 Stewabt, 

80 FnAHOB k Sons, Kine Klnnu Mann,— Spe clm s f 
of Parian cement of various ooalldes. Medina cement Ci- 
BMnt for rsihray-cnttinff dninage. Cement water-fill«r. 
Drain pipes manofactured by machiner y. 

00 KnDnc,B.W. 124 YanxhaU Walk, Lambad^ BiT. 
aad Maau.— Samites of moasio pavement, in terra cotta and 
odier vitrified substances. The tesserm forming the pattan 
ited bx vitrifleadon to the base. 

98 IsrsooouuL 
86 Posna, W. 

H. 8 Pembroke Bead, Dublin, Prop. 

Digitized by \^jLJiJ 



Clasb 97. Mawrfheimrm in Minend SiA9temeei,fir BtuUmg m Jkuml^OM. 

rwaf& niAiiii&etiired by MnrzBj Ic 
^ of Glugow, froa iHfh d»jrf. OnuMntel iped^ 
■MM of Irifh mftrble, ffon CUIttoi, eoanty Oalway, workod 
bj A. If 'Dooald, a folf-tenglit utiit. 

'00 BliAXCHASJl, 

100 OsxrRniBlk8TBO!ro.BMbnow,iiMrWhitbj,MAnii 
-'■^>nioat itom. If o<M of an afrienltnnl oottaig;e. Co- 
meot tilet for fteiqg boaMi. 

101 Toxio!!, L. Cbureh Tor. Wlibeob, Dw. and Miuni- 
— Monldod arehitactiml bricks. EqnlUtoral trianpiUr 
qotfteribU brick windoir. Modob of CbristUn m«mo- 

106 SsALT, J. Bridgwater, Lit. and Maim.^Patont 
foodiig tilM. Com and malt kiln tilea, paring tilM, tse. 
Bridgwater soooring bridu, Bridgwater elaya. Ice 

104 GaA50SMOOTR Co[4L Co. OnogcnoatlL Scotland, 
MuuL— A fiMintaSn. Two large vaaa and puncgfali, by 
Mr. WomaU. Fira-bricka, fir»«laT, pipei, Ate. 

106 FaBaoio9,MiUAa,lkCo.,HeaUifleki,nearOIaigow. 
Maan.— Fire day Warwick Taae, with flower Tase, and 
gfaoed lUmeHvare pipee of the lame. 

106 FoaoBAMlk903t,Boyttoa,Herti,MamL— Improred 
lirieki, fiom clay Iband nnon the eelate. 
. 107 Hatwood, U. I( R. BrownhiU*! Tileries, near Buit- 
lem, and 15 Sonth Wharf; FMklingtoa, ICano.— Superior 
■ietalBo clay, from mines at Bhnmlml's, near Bonlem, with 
aunples of maanfiustnres, ornamental parement^ Ike 

108 Kbt, £. 8. Bale, Dereham, Norfolk, Uit.— White 
lad red brick window frames, te. Glased valley tilea, 
ftetnred by W. Colman, Swaaton Norers. 

• 100 GnxBi h Go. 

110 ROBBOl, 

111 PsAKB^ T. Tnnstall, ICann.— Plain and ornamental 
roof tilea, bricki, paring tiles, drain pipes, Ice. Imitetion 
of the Warwick Tase, in ternhmetallic, Ice. 

112 SKnmxa U Whallbt, Steokton-on-Tees, Inr. — 
YitnooL white, and ooloued marble pestes, for mosaics, 
baikHn&ftc. Patented. 

118 Bowxa9LCHALLi]ioB,ltWoouscnorT, BrownhllhL 
Tbnstall, StaAndshire. — Oak oarred cornice, r ose w ood 
gothic cornice, ornamental bricks^ arch bricks, te. 

116 SmLDTo, T. sen. Bow Bridge Shite Works, and 
473 New Oxford St Jnv. and Uano.— Patent rapid ascen- 
sionandotherfUters. EnamelledsUtechimney-plece. Chess- 
teUe t(^lec Patent steam IbeL 

116 UAKrza It Mooai^ Stourbridge, Hann.— Glaas- 
hoose pots. Cnicibles. Stourbridge flre-bricks, Ice used 
in the manulSieture of plate and flint glass. 

117 BaowH, B. Snrbiton Hill, Kingston, Sorrsy, Inr. 
and Mann.— Grooved ridge tile. Ornamental and phJntilm 
ibr Gothic buildings. Cnrred Itelian tilea. 

118 WoBKMAjf, J. Stamford HID, Iut.— Waterproof 

110 HADD03I, 

181 Wkstwood Ic Moosb, Stonrbridse, Hanu.— Sped- 
mmis of rian bottles and improred glased stoneware. 

128 J05S1, W. Springflefd Tile Works. Newcastle^mdei^ 
Lyme.— Model roof material, of plain ana omamentel tilee, 
ftc. Paring-qusrrim tiles, ehimney>pipe, terra-metallio plain 
and socket-pipes, Ito. 

188 Hu.TT, C. Jnv. and Blanu.— Slate enamelled Alter. 

184 Raxsat, G. H. Derwent Hangh, Newcastle, Inv.— 
PhPOHBlay goods, gas retorts. 

186 Lorr, J. Tttddenham, Ipswich, Menu.— Ornamental 
chimney shafts, and red bricks ; red and white ornamental 
bricks, ridge tiles, paring tiles, malt-kihi ttles, Ico. 

186 Covrm Ic Co. BUydon Bum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
Mann.— Patent fireclay gas retorts ; fire-bricks ; rough fire- 
•lay; and cannel coal. 

187 AMimosa, J. CoplM, near Colchester, Mam.— 
Gothic ehimnejv of red and white brieka. SpedmoM of 

white bricks and rniman a fheti e d clay. 

881 Caltsbt, G. Huddiiiiflald, Fainter.— Imitation of 
mahcmay • cak, sati»wood, and maple. 

881 IlAU.A]n>lkFaBaB^a6Blaokman8tBoron^In▼. 
—New method of imitating marbles, by painting npon glass, 
applicable to all purposes of deeoraoon. 

840 BAnrroii. X A« 49 Union Passage, Birmin^bam, 
Inr. and Mann.— Moss wood, a compositiott of moss, neat, 
and refbse of any kind of wood. Patented. A plastic 
material made f^om moss and Ume, which will bear aheat 
of IflOd ep e es . Specimens of prsi 

84klBsttBr fc Co. Fkmn St 


-. Lte St. Maan.- 

Improved hand-monld fhr tene casting. Specimens of th« 
type-flmndenT art; typefrspUeal embdlishments, fkom the 
airaque^ Ice 

^ 8jtt BuAvnAX, T. BsinstiylB , Devon. — Saomte af 
I/evonshire clay, in ite nntemperod state, from FremlJBgton, 
near Bamsteple. An oven fnr baking bread and saeat. jTugSy 
pitcher, and miikpan, of the same clay. 

848 Baownn U Ca Univenlty SL Des. and Prod.— 
Sculptured statuary marbia chimney pleeea. ScagUola por* 
phyrr sphinx. 

844 Daioiw, M. HoSeway St Exeter, Inv. and Mann* 
Table top, containing cholee polished specimens of chalce- 
dony, conglomerates, isspen, egstee, fbesll woods, fte.,^ col- 
leeted at Salterton, 8i<bnouth, ana Branacombe, Im.- 
tsbte top. cental ' 
agate, and fossUi 

log 64 various 


of large < 

846 HiCKXiw, R. 1^ Co. Stourbridge, Mano.— Gaa- 
retort, made of Stourbridge ifae-ctey. 

847 Jsaum, T. Jigga mAIsl Lanreath.— Bearing 
stones, raised at St Keetta, Cornwall, used to support the 
pivot or gudgeon of upril^ shaftsLinstsad of bcass. 

:. 848 Kixo Ik C6. ftonrteidg^rod. and Manu.-43lasi- 
hoose pot; model of glass-house fbmaee; and segment of 
gaa-fetort made of Stourbridge day. Itc. 

840 Livmofioii Ik Son, PcrtobeUo, Edlnbmgh, Dee. 
and Menu.— The United Ssrrice vase with pedestal and 
other vases.r— Elisabethan chimney-pot Registered pointed 

860 Maxakx, F. Selbridge, County Kildare, Irelatidy 
Inv.— Boofbg tiles of new description. 

861 McAMAsroL P. Ik T. SI Gt Brunswick St DubHn, 
Inv. and Prod.— Hyozaulie grsnlto and Porttend csments, 
adapted for outside wosks. the fiitt ever made in Ireland. 
Specimens of Oriental msnies, in scagliola. Specimens of 
moeaic or tessdated pavementa. 

868 MooDT, C P. Sandfbrd, near Sherborne, and Ware- 
ham, Dorsetshire, MamL— Tesse l a t ed pavementa. Orna- 
mental and phin Hies. Gothic srch. Moulded ooralce. 
MannfiMtttied under Hutchison's British and fbrdgn patenta. 

868 Moov, G. Godalminft Surrey, Des.— Octagon table, 
made of several kinds of marble. 

864 Ouwn, L 58 Upper John St FItsroy 6q. Dec- 
Imitations of Sienna, Mona, and torn royoit marble. 

866 Ollioa^, p. Oldcourt, Blennton, Ireland, Mann.— 
Baptismal fbut, cut out of a diifle block of granite from the 
Woodond quarry, near Blednton, l(CL 
■" JBT Dimo 

868 Post 

ROAS POTTEBT Co. GlsSgOW, Msnu. — 

Glazed and vitrified stoneware plpee. Stoneware tap, or 
stop cook. speolhUy adapted for liquid manure purpoees, Ike. 
867 Philufs. G. Weston-super-Mare, Mann.— Plower- 
pots, &C. of supper clay. Flower guards and seed badns, 
stnwbeny tiles, striking pans, Itc /-^r^r^\r> 

Digitized by V^OOglC 

Class 28. Mamfaeivtijrom Jnimal and Vegetable SmbiUmeet, not bang woven or/eUeeL 


808 Soorr BaonoBB^ Southwiek, Sondarisiid, Madu.— 
puriwwii ofdUfomitMrtt of euthanvmn. 

80e SoQvr, H. Soutfawiek, BwiMWrland, IfaniL-Specl- 
«Mof eoDunongraeii^lMiboftlcs, sad white bottles i& 

aaO 8mDiiA3r,C. S5C9iariM8e Hampstosd Rd. Pes. 

flhif tablets, jswimwi sod onismeated, sirlapted for 
dwrahes siid other boildiiigs* 

Ml 8In^ E. as BiehsBond St Kenalogton Bd. Inr.— 
1>nln and water pipes In glass sad eUjs, with wateMl^t 

„ k Bona, Stombridn.— Model of a i^ass- 

flmaoe, with pots of Stooibndce fire-olay, showing 

ootbawiitldQgstate; sadof apol^ la whioh theglsssis 

888 VssfnaaxnL S. 35 Greek St. 8dho.— Jewel caskets. 
A Louis XlVth work-box. Gsnddafaca. Oxnaoln lakstand, 
oraamented, Im. 

' Wimow, J. Saeiaton, lar.— SpedsDea of a aew 
s danUe sobstanee for nil palnllnsi 
886 yfi u a uunno w, C ChesteriltliL lar. Pes. aadMaao. 
Bedcov e r of patdi-wozk, the aomber of pieoes aearly 

GaoBOB, J. 43 Edgwara Bd. lay. Pat and Haaa.— 
3fb4riof ahoose: biultidthwxoagfatiroa and slate slabs, 
aiasi,fte. iatendad to secure staUU^, darsbiU^.aad free- 
dsB from daaipaocl Tefada, to save tfuct aad Improre tcm- 
' » aad Toatilatioa. 

orasBMBtsL Blade of bog 9ak and 
, with Irish beryl, pesris, aad 

Clam 28. Mamfaehara frmn Ammai and VegHahte 
SiAataneet, noi bang woven or f died. 
8 BLsamos, 8. Lhaerlek. Iretaady Maaa. — ^Brushes, 
aes, honss, stores, nates, ic' * 

GanPRTBB^ W. 9S Giaftoa SL BabKa, la^ and 
Bracelets and other oi 
Lrish haip brooches, 

8 IfBiTBBBAD^ L 5 GhaTch Laas^ INiblla, Des. aad 
Msaa^— PortnitfkBiBes. Spedaieas of aioolds, sunk ia box- 

9 ScAUBO, W. 37 George St. Ediabai|^ Maaa.— 
Flower-pot stsnd, esUbiti^g a new oownhinartoa of iroa aad 

10 Kanr, R. 8 Kottiagbam PL Ediabnrg^ Des.~ 
T«tle topL hnitatioa of f alald BMuble. 

15 Ramsbt, J. Benrick-on-Tweed, lar. and Iffann^ — 
B ee hl te , wiih moveable bottom and screw ; with a moveable 
orowa; aad with glaas eniwa, fto. 

* IB iomsoB, P. WigiSB, Kaan^— A qaaatitj of laaej 
taaed sxticlcs ia ivocy, wood, aad eaaael ooaL 

16 Fabbab b. So."!, Chapel Lane^ Biadfbrd, Mann.— 
Tirtne aiade from heaqp, flax, and eottoa. 

18 GBmaiACB, B. Tork, Pron. and Mann^— Tortoise- 
dielLiTOfT, and bora diessing^ooBiDS, made bj hand. 

V lioCu3nocE,6.Tork,Maaa.andI>es^-Chalaeat 
ftom a solid Uoek of wood. 

81 JACBS03I, T. 3 Pinstone St SSieflleld, Maaa^ 
Aroihei^. need bj table kaile and Ibric BBaanlaotarers, eatlcrs, 
iUvenmiths, fte. 

88 Sum, J. 79 SIdaey St Shefleld.— Door ftnaltare, 
Ibe. iaifoiy and ftnqr^voodSiSnd japanned. Gsrved bread- 

88 Madbbeb, J. Invneestqa, OornwaUi Maon.— Saiall 
wood labU^ with adniatore dessert set, toracd ia ivory. 

88 PBBBr,W. Bridge St Tsnatoa, Des. and Exeeotor. 
—▼ass of rases, esrvedia box-wood. Speciaiensofcarviag 
ia its varioBS stsgcs. 

80 School OP iBDOSTarroBTHB Bubo, Bristol,] 

—Worsted hesrth-rogs: worsted and eoooa-nut libra door- 
STbdJdtS^' ^"••*^» dish-mats, fcc Made eatirs^ 

84 Cm^J. Brsdford St Wslmll. — A variety «f 

85 LxB, F. Spidham, Korfblk.— Oak lectern, of the 
flambovaat, or late decorated style of architsctBre. 

88 Fxxu)^ F. Norwich, Des. aad Oarver.— Otfviiwa 
iaoak, fcc 

Z^ BBViBoiOB&MoBBis,87KtogWm.8taty,Mamc. 
—Caidinals, boas, Braib, calft, aad gsaatleta, ia a variety of 

89 Tbbloab, T. 4S Ladgsto Hill, Mann.— Matthv, 
doormats, rag. mattress, brashes, brooms, bonaet, hat, ssbI^ 
lag or flae ctoth, ftc. of eoeoa fibre aad MaaiOa hempu 

brooms, bonaet, hat, i 
^^ ^ f aad MaaiOa haapu 

40 WuoBrlkGo.7UollandStBlaekfUarsBd. Sovth- 
wark, Pat aad Mann.— Coeoapunt fibre, ikiormattiagL doev- 
amis, aettiag, lie. Coeoapnat bask, fibre, &e. 

41 KiiiQ,J.49TafUmStWestadnster, Dtt.lBV.mid 
Maaa.— Bsskets aad ehsndeBer, mamdhetared of eolovifd 

48 BoB(BS0BliCd.38WeIbeek8tCkveadish8q.lBip. 
aad lBv.<-4{pedmeB of Ghiaa Bmttii^ stalaed la pattcra ^ 
a aew process. 

48 AaasTBOfBO, J. 9 Chad's PL Gray's laaBd. Des. BB« 
Maaa.— CterisM rngL MatSL Bagi aad ant of wocrtod» 
wi^ hem and jote, and eoeoa flbfe. 

46 Baxb, J. F. ii Bhmahiw Bd. Dabtoa, lav. en^ 
3IamL— Bird csge. made priae^ally of ivoty. 

48 FBBT0M,M4BnB.8Uema&g'sBow,ChsiiiigGres^ 
Ksaa.— Improved Ivory ehtmmtii aad board. 

49 BaowB, H. 187 WUtechapd Bd. lav.— •< BiMA 
iTOiy Caot a coaipositioB.y 

60 HABmBLDv W. 3 Praspeet Bow, Soathwarfc.— Tei^ 
^m^ ..... MialatareftaaieB. 

Inbid kaitthv boxei^ aeedls aad card cases. New 

61 CoAn^J.I(Co.5Brewer8tGoldeBSq.8tJ&meira^ 
Des. aad Maaa*— Concave taoth-brariL Hair^fanMh, Ibc 

68 Cbooxb, T. 7 BelvidcTv PL Bethaal Graea. lav.- 
Aalaveatioa topreveat thebsii-tlcs of brashes ased tor f 
pastes varaishypaiat, piteh, tar» Ic from beoomiiy < 
while workiag. 

64 Gbbbb,—,S Webber St Bbckftian Bd. Sfaaa.- 
Spedaieos of hsir workaisaship. 

66 GosBXU & Co. U ibee Kiagi Ct Lombard St 
Maaa.— Bxtfaeto aad aerftnaeiy. Fancy tcdlet soi^ oT 
vsrioos kinds. Faooy brashes snd combs. 

66 8MinB,A.8and9 0sborBStWhitach4el,Inv.and 
Maaa.— Psiatii^ brashes, Itet sad fit ibr heavy or fine dr* 
scriptioos of work. 

68 Bmbt^ B. B. 80 Grsc echnre h St Pat aad Maa 
of b rashes msnu fsctu red from 

69 LiAWBBBGB Ik Gow Isfiagtoa PL PSik Bd. IsUagtOB,^ 
Maaa.— PMeat improved hnfsenslr ficsh gtoves aad strsps, 
forfrictioaoftheskla. Flesh brashes of a aew desigB,w&k 
hal, eh)th, velvetand horw bradMs, Iec. 

81 Cbilo^ W. H. 21 Pkovidence Bow, Finsboiy Bf^, 
Prod.— loiprovcd stock brash, bound with copaer. \t^ 
proved flexible flesh brashes. Hair brashes. Imptaved 

88 Tboorrt, H. p. aOand 21 Barlington Arcade, amL 
114 Piccadilly, lav. and Maaa.— Wigi, hcad-dreMcs^ hali^ 
dyei^ bmifars, combe, Ice. 

64 Boai,W.F. 119 sad 190 Bisbopigste St Within^ 
lav. snd Maaa.— OraaaieBtal hair. Specimeas of dyed hsir 
Brash^ornsmcBtalpsrfiiaMry, Iko. , 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 


Cjlam 28. MmmfiMimmfnm Ammtiand VegeUMe % frfffnfrf , wai htmg tsocm wfdttdL 

W TBCXPfiT, W. I Meir Bond 8t— Owed imy 
d eomb. ToHiiiMiiieU eomb*. Bflad-ditnes of 

er 8lapb,G. 7&ookSt Kow Bd. Det. md Ihiin.— 
?«a^faather briHh, oured in Eogllili wmlnut 

OB Nabu, T. Jon. 19 Swn 8t DuTor Bd. Bontfawark, 
lay. Mid Monn.— B^giiterad aip|ier4ioiittd pnlntei'B brmhct. 
70 TALuntaLAX, Bomka, SO White Uon St Norton 
f olgile, Inv. and MaaoL— Waterproof Gaehmete. adapted to 
ladieiandohildren'tbooteandAocB. Blaok ailk and latin 
ikl»4aoed booto; Tolvet booli, Ieo. 

78 Uoooo, B. B. 44 8oiithaiBBtoB Bow, Boaadl 8q. 
Inr. and Manu.— Mechanical pnrotiafee; hikfalr elaatic 
teeUai made of India fnbbo, Itc TkmTrikn' itaA. A 
h an d n arriaga to eonvef bondka or packa^ee, Im. Appli- 
km of Indin robber to gana, hoiva, fcc 
73 SAanxna, J. 11 Fore St Crijipleiate^ Bef.— IndJ*- 
ivbbcr waterproof nmbfella teat. 

75 WAXoonoiMaL J. tt UtUe BrMain^ Inr. Pat and 
4IIL— A waterproof cloth in imitation of toItoI : eaeh aide 
9>a bo made of a diArent eoloor, aoitod Ibr nfAobteiep, 
binding of books^ cape, fice. 

7o tfACKimoeB & Co. 73 Aldennnnbarr^ and Gam- 
hfidnSt Manofaaster, Impu IDaan. and Pat-lkidiMiibber 
^wwrnnem, illuatratifo of iia nuna&ctnrc, and eoUeetion of 
mannlkotured articlea. 

77 Bcinr,LocKiwi«oir,lCo.l9aadJ»WaIbrook.Imp. 
— Spedment of the Taijom dnarriptfaw of naliTe Para Indi»- 
mhi>er, or caootdiouev and of gntta parcha, with aam|»ici 
UlnatratiTooftheTartooiatanaof mannlhchire»andof the 

■poaea to whJeh each dMcmtion ia implied. 

78 NxcKSBo, C. & Co. b Goldamlth St Cbeanaide, 
no.— Yariona artielM mandketurad fimn India^ubber. 

81 Matthzwi^ 8. 58 Chariog Groaa. Mann.— Large 
alacd India-rubber portable boat, and India-mbber doak 
boat» dcaigned by Ueat Halkctt^ B.K. Indiamibbar por- 

88 ConncccL J. C. SSI Strand, Prod.— Waterproof 
conti, capablo of belur uaad with either aide outwanla. 
Waterproof eapea. LadW waterproof silk capaa and liooda, 

""^ Bunxn, W. H. 9 Greaham St West, Mann.— Indl*- 
raterproof ^xmenta, eoahiona, pflkiw and swimming 
belt Mohair and genappe braids Inaia-rabber thread and 
waba. Patent minoaliied mbbcr, imaffected by heat^ aold, 

84 Bell b Go. 7 Noble St Bea. and Iat.— Yentikting 
waterproof cloth, of extreme li^tneaa and pliability, pro- 
pared withoat oil, paint, greaae, or tar. 

86 The GuTTA PncHA Go. 18 Wharf Bd. aty Bd. 
Imp. Pat and Mann.— Gutte percha : coUeetion of specimens 
illnslratiTo of its Tarioos a^lieations and modaa of mann- 

87 WALEB^ T. 1 Gondnit St Beoent St Inr. and 
Mann.— Gntta percha hat-bodies. Yenttlated Tolyet hats, 
lie. Hat-case, answering for a life-bnOy float fbot bath. fcc. 

80 Tbuxax, E. 40a Haymarkot, Jut.— Patent artificial 
teeth, with gtttto percha. 

91 aArcz,J.t(Co.56GoinhiILMana.— Pktentpiiima. 
or slz-ounoe eoat, fcc. AnewmatenalyanyxtiiraofBUkand 
Tionna, extra water-proofed. 

86 Smith, O. SI Khig St Govent Garden, Mano.— 
Specimen of Itozy tuning and earring, &c. by George A. 
Smith, S8 May's Buildinu, St Martin's Lane. 

96 Hayhb, S. 6 James St Cole-hsrbonr St Haokney 
Bd. Dcs. and Mann —Candlesticks made of ebony and ivoiy, 

97 Gruoeon, A. S4 Thoaua St Hackney Bd. Dea. and 
Manu.— Pish and flower-atandi biid'a-eye maple, and dyod to 
imitate nature. 

Figured vase, 

108 McBal J. Ik Co. 

98 Toai»8U.,T.WilUamStPMtlaBdTown,Prod^— 
foeeimona of impnavad woodaawiu. 

99 UmB. J. 40 LnaidSt Caledonian Bd. Makor.— 
Model of the elwngle aMmn^ent of Lyderatea, at Athena. 
Lantern of Demoathanca B.G..a8i: aealo T-StLs of an Inch 
tothefoot CtoTadinehmnut 

100 Scuoox. son nn InnaonrT Busii>, 9t Goocgo's 
Flekb, Southwark, Mann.— Artidea mannfkotared by the 
bUnd. Worsted heactlmvaadflrMcreen. BariLOls. Knitted 
and netted work. Hair bfoochaai biaoalats, fce. Paper 
cuttings, 1(0. 

101 Gatf in, B. 18 AitiOeiy lane, Bishopagate St 
Without Inv. and Mann.— Kew wlUow draiwing-room chair. 

■ 108 WiLUAio^ J. 40 Exeter St Strand, Maun. —Baaket 
of aitperior flnencaa, Ibr the ose of soiled linen. 

108 Boob, HsaMan, 11 Portsea PL ConnangbtSq. Inr. 
and Manu.— Varietica in baaket work. 

104 Pom D. 188t Dunstairs Hill, Tower St Mann— 
vase, nr flowani in baskot work, with water-proof 

.17 Ato Maria I^ane, Mann.^ 
Scotch wood articlaa, of new deaign, ornamented with paint- 
ings, tartan plaids^ IpIb. 

108 MAfj.Awnii»fcGo. 6 JameaSt St Luke'a, Mami. 
—Table inkltanda, with one stoppared ink glaaa made from 
Enffliah nrcamors^ stained Maek and polished. 

108 wnKATLsr. W. S Glipstone St Des. and Mano^ 
Bkicks or httts for the ftet 

110 BnoErr, T. J. 8 York St St Jamea's Sq. Inv.— 
Bfljgisterod peg to seenreHnen whilst drying; alsoappUoahlo 
to holding papers togedicr. 

lllSaspPABn^. 1S5 Kingsland Bd. Prop.— Artlrlea of 
teey woodwork, manaftctnred in Ayrshire, consisting of 
neooie. card, euTelope and eigar eases, snuff-boxes, Itc. 

11a Saxdt Ik PowBA, 76 Geoigo St New Bd. Mann.- 
Specimens of fret cat wood-work, cot by a perpoadieolar 

118 Tatu», C Ic a. so Bemer's Mows. Oxford St 
I>es» and Mann.— Speeiman of fret-worlc. cut oy improTod 
machinery, used In tiie decoratiau of piano-fortea, organs, 
cabinet-work, lo. 

118 BooasBAV, A. aSS Strand, Mann.— 8hawl boxes, 
y^vet embroideiy. Lane rasf s, writingrpaper, and other 
ornamental c as fs. 

117 HAMna, 8. ft H. 41 and S7 Mansell St Imp.— Speci- 
mens of sponges, with description of their different uses. 
Samplea of hamem polishes^ dye, and polishing paatea, with 
specimens of tholr eoeetSi. 

118 BAnnxB, C. A. Conntes, 440 Sobo Basaar, Dea.— 
Landacapea and iiguits, out from paper with adssora, without 

r or outline. 

^19 Bonoxfli^ J. 1 Johnson St Horseferry Bd. West- 
miiister. Menu.— Fknrer Taae, cut from psper with adsaora. 

180 CoLUHQS, J. 14 Gt Ormond St Blooroaburr, Inr. 
and Maker.— Ann-pad fbr Journeymen taiiora, abolishing 

las-legged sitting. 

188 Jons, J. S5 John St Gannon St St George's Eaat 
t Mgs, to make boota or shoes without welts or stitches, 
cut by hand and by machine. Shoea made with pega, and in 
the dlfK^nt stagea ofmannftcture. 

184 BAsa, J. H. 6 Featbarstone St. Gitr Bd. Inv. and 
Manu.— Corks, cut by mtfbhinery : the machinery originally 
patented in 1830, but has since been much altered. 

186 EsDAiuts h MASoaATx, aty Saw Mills, Begenf s 
Canal.— Specimens ofnorel uses of cork and of preparations 
of cork, by steam maehlnaiy; applicable to the making of 
hats, mattresses, holstera, Itc 

188 FansfCD Ic Botlib, S8 PlccadiUy, Manu. and Imp. 

Digitized by V3 

Bp. T 


CLii»29. MueOoM&m Mamfaeiw^ md SmaB JFareg. 


itiat of trndj-madB ooiki of 

of difitent 
Sqnith and Sponiib vnun 

127 BLBija>, J. OmltwitiM, ]Coiia.~lfoo]ded pndi 
and monldfaei, eat hj nionWnwy ; with tiio took — y to y od 
la thejMoceay fte. 

1S8 FBAm, a WotraiMinptoii, Maim.— Baakot, Ibr 

181 Pifvit Ik 8o», Bhmiiudiaia, Mann. — AitiokB 
arrarad and Inlaid with toitolaeafieil, mothaiHif-pcail, gold, 
iilTarjpHrBa(% fte. 

US. HATon, J. 35 Kordiwood St. Binali^MB, Daa. 
andMaaii.— Ladj'toabiiMt.aiidaBMa eaan; toriofaaAell, 
and PbbH* 

187 OOQBBfUiR. 

Uqoid d^e fn farnwa P( 


188 BniaawtEU>, W. Wlabeeh, !>«. and Ifana.— 
llodalidr wina pipei, oaaka» tnlii, efaai^ 

^uSlGammxtt, I YicfoxiaTflr. WoodbridgaBd.IpBwieh, 
iMxai^ In ivoi7, and ha 

Mann Ornammtal tomed aunff^Msai^ 
Minian wooda* 

Ift Gould, J. Tottanham Pafk, 
Blbli^ with oarrad oak corer. ailTcr platad 
oarHac and claapa liand woricad. 

IM KamALi^J. StioBUMai, OriuMf , SooUaad, Miaaa. 
— Yadooa nrnplaa of Twoan plait, ibr boonata: Iha atimwa 
grown and draHod In Oitnejr, and plaitad bj tha ftnalea. 

145 8iiU)C8.fltaioopowBoiiaa.ncarKlxkwa]l,leot- 
laad, Ptop.— ^aafaaana of tha straw plait, ftr Maklag bo«- 
nala^ hatiy Ite., irideh alRsda emplojinant to tha woaen of 

146 MacGBaooB, J. W. S8 Jamaica St Glaigow. MamL 
— 4Shlp'a hamcas oaik, bram hooped and noontad; deck 
bMkatB,lBe. Imperial boabal meaaniaa. TaMrihm emk, 
made out of red oak etarcL prepared with melted taOow. 

151 Kmma, J. PaleUora,^axfiiid, Iniaad, Dae. and 
MamL--]laKiatored pletDza ftaauL of new dcftlan, asaeotBd 

m Mamm^LouiiA* HalWnVeeie, EnnlaeortCT. Bimflw 
of Qrnoaama cristatns iLiam, or Tnneoi, and of na etiaw. 
Plaila and artSeles made of& iame! 

164 Torua k Bon, Aahby-deJa-Zonch, Pee, aikl Mami 
—improved rojral letter4)eaket; &nej knitting baeket; 
work-baaka^ and dog-kanneL 

166 I>on4>p, J. Lander, Sootlaiid,InT.—Plehiag or trout 

166 Adamios, S. OoHnsboigfa, Filbdiin^ Seotkad, 
Dea. and Mann«— Sooteh willow heeket Ibr aanyii^ fine 

167 Haludat, HT. Ghiltoa-aoper-Polden, near Bddg- 
wmtar.—Pleee of earring In aoUd EngUeh oak : The Oaater- 
buTf fUgriaa fcttiag ont from the Tabard, b j a lelf-tiqght 

166. Amnr, J. ttS Thooma St Dahiln, 

166 BBiM,CI>iiblln,Maaa.--aaiiiiedehanleal 

Smilt k Clasa, 9 York Tcr. Qneen'a 
Hellowaj, Mann.— Oompremible gntta 


Bd. Hnniiejf 
pfFftha toja* 

161 Hawut, J. k T. 181 

of bone tooth, 

c St Bifmli«baB% 
ahaTimg, hair and hat 

16B Hmraaa,N. J. Ha3rei,Uzbridga,InT.— Ahaofefa 
faeoe diod with gntta percba. 

168 Hiu^H.asrFarkStK3ngdandBd.lBr.— Ma^ 
nhanleal Kfb onoy. 

164 Bum, i. Haroowt St DaUln.-8ta«w hat and 

166 Latoock Ik Som, Porto BaUo PL and MiU Saadi, 
Sheffield, Mann.— I^ecimena of damaak and itrlped hali^ 
■fa ting Riimian and South AmeiicaA horaa-halr. P ' 
riale need in the mannJbrtnre of hair teatin|L Ice. 

166 LBA]at,P.9irarwiekStBagentStI)ea.aad] 
— Tneatiy hangings Comieee for rooms and window da- 
eoradeoa. LeaUier foHage. ihdt, and flowera, In gold, aad 
eobor, Isc Fumitnre, with relien In leather. Bindings te 
hooka. Ice. 

167 MxTVoai^ B. CSbdtenham, Maksr aad Inr^— Oob- 
oentrie balls, made of aolid spheres of box-wood, like timae 
madeby the Chlnefe. 

166 NxnBaoiiBltLinrM, High HoIboin,InT. and Mean. 
— TmproTed eottage bee hire: ladieir obaerratoiy hiva; 
itre eoUataral bee hive ; TayWs amateur bee hire. Sjp^ 
of honej. Ice. 

168 Ooiar k Co. 58 Paiadiae St Lambeth, 


Aned soermaeetL stsanMnanarie add eandlca. 
170 Bajbiat. G. H. KewoaBtle-nnon-Tyne^ Piod^— Ar- 
ies in Bamsay^s cannd eoaL ModaiofamoDnmanttoAa 

Wina-ooolen, t ea e et , ga s rafm l i ^ 

tieles in BanuaVa cannc 
lata Barl of Ijorham. 

17l BaiOL C. Bedford, Mann.— Spinning tope. Uorf 
bilUard balk. Cricket beta, fce. SpedmeM of spiral and 
other tnming. 

178 Smith, T. HnxstmoneeniE. near Hailsham, Mamb— 
A aet of Snssez trnck-hasketa, made of willow wood. 

178 Tri^aa, S. W. 15 Waloot PL Kennington, lor. and 
Mann.— Cocoa-nnl fibre matllng, hariog a eoloored paCterm 
and earpet-like appearance ; woto, showing a pattern osi 
boAlaeea. Pkoteetedbr caveat 

174 Wbbwxu^ G. Aaekbom, Inv.— Pair of eaid er 
griado's brashes, to be need In dressing or cleaning tiarda 
of ootton,jBreparatory to spinning. 

176 wasTAZX. Ik Go. 69 Altesgate St Pivp.— Wlada- 
bone from Greenland, north-weat eoaat of America, Soatih 
Padlle Ocean, and weatem eoeat of Anstralia. Finer, ftoas 
hnmp-backed whale, Ico. 

CiJkM 29. Mucdlaiuoui Maurfaetwret omd 8maB 

1 BoWLAHD k SoRS^ 90 Hatton Garden, Prop.— Ar- 
tideaofperftmieiy and for the toilet; oils, cosmetloi^ deoll- 
frieee, Ike. 

8 Tabout k BtATBAMj 7 Vine St Bloomdmij, 
Masn. — Spedmans of refined scented soaps. 

8 lusMo., F. 83 Gerxard St Soho, and 19 Boofevard 
de laGaredlvrj, Psria.-Ardfidalhalr. Scent fonntala, 
for cooling and perlnmiijg apartments, lea Scented winter 

lets. Perramenr, Ice. 

4 Williams Ic Son. 28 Compton St Cierkenwd^ 

L— Soaps used by doth manofactnrcra, lace-bleachei^ 
and wooUen-mannlactnren. Scouring soap. Mottlsdand 
jellow soap. Fanej aoapa, perfumed. 

6 Tatiab, Hdiiphbxy, Ib Co. King's Bd. Chelsea. 
Britkh Uqnenrs distilled from foreign and English fimits^ 
Ice. Distilled waters, extracted fkom flowers, herbs, Ice. 
Fancy scented soapa. 

6 Lu>Ti», A. 10 Beak St Mann.— Tha BaxeaK for 
diaving without soap or water. 

7 LA3BODAU, E. F. 83 Upper IlMmes St and 6f 
Frith St Soho, Msnn.— Specimens of perfumes. Sampkaef 
essentid oils tor distillafion, fiavon&g oonfeetlaiMsy, aad 


r beveragea. 

8 KnoBi^ J. OklGraTd Lane, St George's. 
, Mann.— Bxtra pale-TeOow soap^ of (uraaad ] 

Digitized by VjOoQIC 


CLxm 29. MhoeBtmeouM Mamfacivrei and SmaU Warn, 

eompodtkni. Soft mms^ and in the mnnnfafltare of olotb, 
•Ilk. fto. fbr iHiiihlnwi Ike, 

10 Hbiiobib, B. U Ik is Tiohborne St Qnidnat, 
Maim.— -Toilet eoi^pi. • BHtiih perftimee. Perftuned ee- 
•eneee. Goimetiei. Improved iplrltiiotis ecetine, or toilet 

12 Haiiiuo«,C 

Ikaejr MMpe; ponnile^ 

^ Greek St Soho, Inv. ana Mean. 

89 Friday St— Summer and other 
perftimerj, and ceeentJil 

16 GiBiL D. Ik Y- GHy Soap Wo 

^ . . Inv. and Manu. 

, wooUea and ellk maaunctarere and illk 
4fen. Black toft loop^ need for eoonring coane wool* and 
earpote- lw» 

17 OAfABAin ir. J. T. Wellington Gottage, South 
Lambethylnr. and liana.— Writing ihiidi. Seldliti powderi. 
ICaikingiBk. CoUaanr eneneee. Hair oili, perftunee, fcc 

18 Bob Ic Co. 47 Lodgate HilL Mann^PerAimerT. 
Waithman'e patent Ink. 

JB CowiUi It'SoMi, 189 Keir Gravd L«ae» Shadwell, 
Haaa.^SpeelaieDa of palo^dknr, mottled, eurd, and marine 

20 CuATn, F. 8. 18 Bed Uon 8q. Inv. and Manu.— 
Hon^ toilet ioap; winfiereoap; bcown and white Windeor; 
white almond, and odier eo^pe. 

21 FjLUifA, JBAsliAm Cok^eand I SaltenT Hall 
Ct Uanu.- A new extnot ef Ban de Cologne. 

22 Cabuck, J. 1S7 Grawted St Iut.— EkIeHbwer 

22 Gabbkx, J. IS7 Cnwibfd St Inv.— Sample of eoe- 

F»BB«, J. W. and Co., King*! Hcad-ot Barbiean, 
and Pat^Ferftanerr and Chem'ieeli. 
28 Sr A f muM i, D. 4 Garlton St Begent St Mana.— 
Baa de Cologne, of Briddi maanftotnre. 

24 PxAika,A.lkF.9lGtBoaeU8tBloQmilNii7,InT. 
and Mann.- Tranepaient eoap. 

26 Kbbpall, J. DnMui, Mann, and Imp.— Yarioue 
ihaey poapi and perfuMi. 

28 Faibbi, J. 154 Hl^ St Coleheeter.— YegetaUe oil, 
ftr perfbmeiy. 

27 Wbabbt, J. Market PL Chippenham, Mann.— DA- 
tilled lavender-water. 

28 MacKsah, W. Palelev, Manu.— White oil and 
otharioape. Palm-oil bleaehed by *cl'^P*o<^*'>>P!!Bpl«t* 
Ammoniacal eoft loap made bj a novel dtoccbi. Purified 
American baking lard. Lard-oil, Ibr machinery, freed from 
fat acidf. 

80 Low l( Co. 880 Strand, Manu. — Hair brashes in 
ivoiy,satinwood, and rosewood. Embossed perfbmedeoaps. 
Botties of verfiunerT. 

84 Moss, G. Bast St Farnham, Surrey, Maon.— 
Portable hat and doth bnsh combined, for the packet, Itc 

88 Ausmr, 6. 6 and 7 St Andrew St Dublin, Manu. 
— Dresslufl-cases, nude of Irish bcff-ye^; the silver fittings 
from the Aigennre mines, ooonty Wicklow. 

87 Bbst, T. 9 St Italy's Bow. Birmingfasm. Manu.— 
Dressing-cases. Writing case and desks. I^ler reticulce, 
Ike. Notecases. Gsrd cases. Ogar eases. Pocket books. 
Spectacle cases. Ice 

80 PoBDOH, T. 68 Whitefriargafe, Hull, Inv. and 
Manu.— Besisteral travelling bureau. The Hull safetv oil- 
hunp^ combining iantiern and lamp. Iron skate, made by 
Wm. Grantham. 

40 BimsBi.n; B. Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Inv. and 
Manu.— Tunbridge ware marquctrie inlaid lady's work-box. 

41 HouAMBr, H: Tonbridge Wells, Manu.— Work- 
box and writing-desk; of moeaic inlaid Tunbridge ware, 
with speoimens of the woods. 

42 SnajDwioB, T. 14 New Bond St Mann^->Tew-«ree 
writiu|^box and drsssinMoa. Cedar of Lebanon dre ssin g- 
case. Ebony box and ubtaiy ink-stand, with silver taper- 
stand and ink-glasses. 

44 Leocbabs. W. 88 necadilly, Inv. and Man.— Lady's 
dressing-case of walnut-wood, mounted in the medlBval i^le, 
in pierced solid rilver, Ice. Gentlemen's dressing case. Tn^ 
veiling SOS oqulpage Ibc 88 

46 Mccn. jTj. TiptreeHalllkrmery.nearS^lvedoB, 
Essex^ Dee.— Working ssodel of Tiptree Hall farmery, near 
Kdvedon: the model by H. & Merrett, 88 Fetter Lane, 
London ; ue machinery of the model by G. F. CempbeS, 
17 Addington Street, Yord Bead, Lambeth. The models of 
animals by Vincenao, Bufibne, and Forsanl, 4 Grevlile Street, 
Hatton Garden. 

48.V HoB]f& W. 8 Grown Bow, Mile Bnd, Dee. and 
Manu — ^Ladies' work-box, containing 1|500 pieces of wood, 
of about 70 different kinds, theprodnee of different countries. 

- liflolkm 

47 HiBB, J. ft Sklnnsr PL flolloway, Dee. and Mano. 
—Cabinet work t/t ebony, inlaid with various coloured 
pearls,^ tortoiso4hel], lus. 

48 Dautob, T. 85 Begent St Inv.— Combined writing- 
desk, dressing eeee, and diraateh box, fco. 

40 Loc4a, F. 9 St John's St Bd. ClerkcnwelL Menu. 
—Solid roeewood improved folding wing medldne chcet 

60 AsPBXT, C. 186 New Bond St— Ladies' dressing- 
cases, writing desks, btottiog-books, caskets, tasias candlo- 
stieks. Ice. ami taper stand, en suite. 

61 JouB, G. B. 8 Aldermanbury, Dee. and Manu.— 
Toilet work-boxo^ paper and embroidered satin, of Bi^^ilsh 
deelgn. materials, and workmanship. 

68 Eowjjiof, B. BinninilMBL Mantt.~Itikstanda in 
glass and east^ron, and bronaea. Glass sorews, showing the 
method of manuftctnxlng tirelve at once by prsssnrs. 

66 Vasbt, Buxabbtr, 191 Canongate, Edinburgh, 
Dee.— Dishes of Imitation fruit and vecetaAles. 

68 Dowb, J. Moat Bow, Biimingham. Dsa. and Mann. 
^Wax fruit Table of original design and mannfkcture. 

67 Snauito, C. M. Klppenross, Ounbhuie, Scotla n d, 
Des.— Impressions of leavee, repreeentlng, oa a large scale, 
tha peculiar growths of Ibrest trees. 

6B SooDBii, BoBBA^ ft Ca SS AlderaMnboiy, Menu.— 
Artificial flowers. Feathers Ibr ladieil' bonnets, and head* 
dressee of British manuibctnre. 

88 SnticKiJiirD, BlABiA, 8 New Bond St Manu.- The 
** Victoria Begia," in its various stagee of devetopment, with 
each side of leaf modelled to nature. Boees, night-blowiqg 
ccreos and other cacti. Orchidaceous plants, sc. ' 

86 BiDDifOBO, Jabb, 14 Cow^y St Weetminster, Ocs.' 
and Bfanu.— Group of hand-cut rico-paper fioweis. 

88 BAXD0I.PII, WiLHBLinBA, 55 Maraham St West- 
minster, Prod.— Speoimens of plants and cut fiowers, ooBi- 
poeed of feathers of varicos hues, without dye or tinting, 
by an amateur. 

87 PoBssr, W. H. 14 Spring St Sussex Gardens, Psd- 
dington -Vegetable and fiowers. 

88 Pbachbt, Emma. 85 Bathbone PL Maan.^- Group 
of wax flowers. Group of fruit, in wax. Wax In its unpr»> 
pared state. 

80 MoBixr, B. L. 16 Doris St East, Lambeth^Vaees 
of wox flowers, wax paper, and tissue paper flowers. 

70 MnrroBB, S, U. H. ISiut, Ik Bbbbc. 88 Soho Sq. 
Des. and Manu.— Bars and curious botanical specimens, 
modelled in wax from lift, showing their growing state, end 
exhibiting the varieties and phases of their existence Ice 

71 Macoibb, W. J. 5 Chenies St Bedford Sq. Manu.— 
Flowers made from dyed ftathert. 

78 G Am, A. & G. S8 Westminster Bd. Umbeth, Propc 
— Artificial p«M, made from white muslin and velvet j 

Flow« mad. of p.p.r »d t«p«tl^g^Wgt^«^,^^g [^ 

Cum 89. Mkeellaaeim Mamfadtirei and SmaU Ware$. 


78 GATrLA.I(O.9OOoppie0Boir,CIeriuniren,Prop. 
— Aftidfli ued in makiag wafidftl fiowen, both before and 
•fUr bdns made im into llowen. 

74 FMmliDu]icini,16WigmoreSLHaBiL--Artielce 
wed to artllleSal flowen, in the different atigei of mann- 
Ikotmrn. Oatrieh feather*. Muff and tippet of paddj or 
Ifiiabean iSsather. 

75 EvABT, HE!fUETTA, Bath PI. New Bd. and AmpC- 
Un 89. Bampatead Bd. Mann.— Vaaet of «u flowen and 

76 DET& JsAxsm, 34 Somcnet St. Portman 8q. 
Maan^— Wax ilowen. 

77 BosTMAi EuzABsniy 199 Oxford 8t lay.— Wax 

78 CHBBOLmE, SMSL4, 29 Edirard St. Hampetead Bd. 

78 LsHAB^ Jxax Cuau, 11 Cowley Ter. Korth Brix- 
ton, Mann —Wax fiowera, with materiala 

60 Fbhzi, J. S GripplMate BoildinA Mann.— Haw- 
thorn or May-tree and other ,Britiah mann&otored artificial 

66 JoNEi, IsAnsLijk B. 23 SL George'B Bd. Netting 
Hill, Mod.— Group of wax floweia, from nature. 

68 MowLAaDLCHABLorrB G. 23 Eaton Mewi South, 
giton Sq. Mann.— Wreadi on white aatin, with chenille and 
crap^ dengn for an ornament or trimming. 

6A Snu, BxBxccA, 79 Warwick St Pimlico, Ibt. and 
Mann^— Tnfinngible wax flowera. Specimeni of the mate- 
riali employed. 

66 SrAiiT02f,MAXT,I9NodSt.IaUngtott,BCann.— Wax 

^ Gnra, J. k Co. Clonmel, Treluid, Mann.— Palo- 
and white soap; exhibited to quality. 

Wi Mnrox, T.Penny St. Blackburn, luT. 
Impraved toiey wax candles. 

81 Dxxmr, G. 1 and 2 Upper Erne St. Dublin, Mann, 
cd composite and mould eandlea. Household soap. 

. ^ MowiBLL, J. Darlington High Bow, Durham, Iut. 
and Mann.— Tallow candles, which bom without snuflng, 
maiMed and perfbmed. 

8A MiTCHxu^ G. A. Woolwich, Prod, and Ibt.— 8aas- 
pies ef rinegsr, mhieral cauidliw, and of n composition to 
ismiiiiir houses from dampw 

86 Joxza, Bey. W. IL Ghailey, near licwes, Sussex, 
Jar. and Pat— The acolyte patent safety candle^ra. 

87 Samdxll^ £. Putney, Iut. and Alann^-Ooot lf ero ui 
ntfiten, for ighting tapers, lampa, fcc, and refreshing the 
stmnndiiie of sick-chambers, smoking4tx>nis, Ac. 

98 Hau^ W. S. 73 Queen St Mann.— Stearine, and 
steaiine and composite candles^lEO. 

100 FasmiAx, Messrs. 3 Wimnore St Cavendish 8q. 
Maon^^Blcaehed bces-wax and rdbud spermaceti candles, 
v^f^jUted wicks; with materials. Begiaterod model of a 

101 Gowzs, t. Gun Lane, St Stephen's, Norwich, Inr. 
and Mami.— Lemonade, prepared from yegetable snb- 

108 GnABAii,LEiiox.&Co. Irefamd.— Spocimeasofthe 
pfOesm of the mannfretnre of losenges and comfits^ with 


lOi BOLA3IXS P. 139 Gapel St Dublin, Mann.— Various 
torts of biscuits and cakes. 

106 TnwAiTES, A. & B. 8e Co. 57 Upper Sackrille St 
DvbSn, and St Alban's PL Uajmarket, London, Inr. and 
M a nn . S o da water, of two decrees of strength, inrenled by 
dm late B. Pervera', M.D. of Dublin. 

106 WoTixEasroo9,J.Sc Co. Glasgow, Mann.— Losenges, 
madeby patent steam machinor. 

107 HuirrLBT Ie Palhxb, King's Bd. Beading, Mann.— 
Sweet frncy biscnits, made 1^ st( 

108 Bmo. W. G. 20 Market St Edfaiboirii, Inr. and 
Mann.— Samples of losenges and other confeeuons, fee. 

118 Guirm, B. Motoomb and Lowndes St Belgravn 
Sq. Inr.- Two bride-cakes, one to home use and one to 
packing, to be sent any disUnee, or to foreign parts. 

118 HoBnAXD, H. B. Baker St Enfield, Mann.— Gin- 
gerbread nuts and gingerbread, which wiU keep to 20 

114 ScnooLino, H. 7 ICorth Side, Bethnal Green, Mann. 
— ^Pate de Jijubes; chocolate, atieka, drops, and in cake; 
and other omamenlal confectionery. Gdatiiie, to printiqg; 

llSWAnniCK, BaoTHxm 3 Garliok Hill, Mamb-* 
Jqjubcs, losenges, and other oontot i onery. 

116 ViHU, B. Kins St Boronxfa, Manu.- Ornament to 
brido-cake. in relief; with sugar ionk. 

117 WEATBnLBT,H.54Theobakr8Bd.InT.aadMisaa. 
— Specimen of losenges. Machine for cleaning currants. 

118 Aucr, W.£ St Marylebono— Samples of bbeking. 
118 Knoon, H. 22 Gilbert St Grosrenor Sq. Dee. and 

Mann.— Compodtion set of dessert ornaments of ei^t pieees^ 
in white and gold. Compoaition centre table omamenta, in 
white and goUL 

180 Fabbeix, B. n. 35 Lamb^ Conduit St Des. and 
Menu. — Tabic ornaments to confectioners, in plaster of 
Paris, gilt Models in wax and sugar. 

181 SraATT, L I Brook St Hanorer Sq^— Hm game of 
" ooekamaroo," hnproyed. Model hay-cart 

1S8 MovTASiABr, A. 29 Upper Chariotto St Fitxroy Sq. 
Menu.— Model wax dolls, the nair being Inaerted into tne 

IM Boocoi 

and eyebrows, and Yaryiqg in siae. 

Boocoxr, A. M Baker St Portman Sq.— Animated 

and musical tableau, niufmntlng the Great Exhibition and 
people of an nations. Panoptie polyinma. Armosial tro- 
phies and Saracen armour, ito. 

186 BiJiCKHonz,MAnT, 1 Boooman's Bnildingi, Isling- 
ton Green, Inr. and Mann.— Artificial flower^plant, tomed 
of beads. 

126 Spunnc, B. C 37 Vtn^ Bond St Des.— Mechanical 
toy model of an English fSum, with figures, threshiqg- 
maehine, windmill, Ac in action. 

187 LoGAS, H. 8 Broad Ct Loi« Acre.— PrngwsiTa 
garden rocking-horse. 

128 DcAK, J. C. 191 Bishop^ate IHthout, Mann.— 
Bocking^Mrse ; and walking-sUoks, carred. 

ISO Baoxxt, T. St Leonarda-on-Sea, Mann.— Arrows, 
inlaid by machinery. Two amall pony phmton under-car- 
A Ulee, or Australian boomerang. A duplex iron 
a turning lathe, on a new principle. Begistered. 

161 HoiXAsn, H. Darwin St Birmingham, Inr. ami 
Mann.- -Umbrelbs and parasols, with metalBc frames, iOns- 
trations of processes of mannfrcture. 

182 SrsAXT, 8. Briggate, Leeds, Mann.— Parasol. 

186 W1U09 k Matbesou, Gandleriggs St Glasgow. 
Mann.- Kew portable umbrellaa. 

186 Slarx, W. 67 Burlington Arcade.- Inq^Tcd um- 
brellas. Parasols, driying andnding whip. Penang sword- 
cane. Steel foil, coycredf with leather. Jm^yed raUway 
calls and dog wiiipa. 

186 Sasosteb, W. k J. 140 Begeat St Mann, and Pat 
—Hew patent parasoL AppHcation of feathers ss an ornn-^ 
ment to parasols. Alpaca parasols and umbrellaa. H0I-' 
laiid's patent light silk umbrella. 

187 BoTTSB, J. k W. 122 Cbeap^de, Mann.— Brown 
walking paraaoL Brown glace silk parasol, with Jointed 
handle. Satin registered paraaoL Ico. 

140 Mnrxna, B. 18 Cratched Priars, Iny. and Bfanu.— 
Specimens of English sticks, rough and manu&etured. Bat^ 
India, kc, roog^and mannfrctursd. Osnea; 

Digitized by \^jLJiJ 



Clam 89. MittMmaim Mi 


t ChincM, and AmerieMi raedf ; 
flticlctflN»W«tIndi«i; andftHielatinadaof tbatUM. 

141 Lsra h Aujrar, 198, 195, and 197 Begoii St 
PW- PirMolo of hbw o o a rti i i ctton. 

141 Quiif, J. KiddtfmliMlCT, Inv. Det. sad Maanu— 
Combed wool, in white tad wioiM eoloon. Gothic Uid- 
«eg«,cntoatofth«*wood. Lathe, on * new phn, for fitting 
to work. Improred eerpetehnttiee. Novel pentol-fteme. 

148 Xoon^ J. L. 17 Rnthbone PL Inv.— Begieteied 
nDhrellai tuppoit, mnnnftotared by Henry Froet,Bethbone 
f Inee 

148 GAHFBNnB, J.59CbnrehSt01dKentBd.P]rod.— 
W]■iking4tlekl, eerred end eonved by an aged gexdener 
wiA hie pmning knIliL and n file for finishing (nf. 

140 BonX A. 6 Bvy 8t Inr. Pet eiidl^nB.— A new 
petent poreeoL Tre^telling nmbreUa, with folding handle. 
Mletto or defeneire vmbrella, Uc with metaHie ribe, Qfst- 
flMUi fHver, and other tvbing. 

144 PBSROii,]I.S7Hldibarjyale,Tilington,Hftmi.-~ 
Wa]king4tiok, menvlhetared fttnn root of honbeiin. 

•147 Habobatb, OAXBtos Ik Go. 18 Wood 8t CSieepdde. 
br. and Mann.— Begletend cyololdel pareaoli. 

160 Mom, P. Arc her^! Vail, Edinboif^ Mann^-gped- 
mens of bows, arrows, Ise. 

161 Hoais, W. Uarpetetown, TWhmon, Go. Wezibrd, 
Ireland, Iny.— Trigger to a long bow, fco. 

• m PAnKi]is,^.GarllsleniUmi.>-Fieh4io(dn, artificial 
files, minnows, Itc. 

168 BowsiA, J. OuHsK Henn.— idling tackle in the 
varieue stages ofmarniftrtnre, with materials. 

168 N▲PIn^ J. U Bast Mean St Edinbnrs^ linr<-. 
Printing easea Uklng one-third less space than thoee In 
general use. Model uf a iMthig or cooling appemtna finr 
fooma. A quick method ef finding any plaoe in books. A 
method of ornamenting end wood in Joinery, fce. 

164 NicROLAB, Kabtiia, &8 Castle SU Calisle, Inr. and 
liean.-*Arf iflcial flies and baits used in angling. 

166 THBNomnnasBiAxoPATBKT Twins, Bon^ and 
Nv Go. Newoastle-iipon-Tyne, Mann.— Samples of herring, 
treat, and mackerel nets, braided or meshed by machinery; 
of twinee, fishing strfaigs, and lines, rope, spon-yam, 
marline, Iec 

168 FLT3f3f, W. Worcester, Iny.— Flexible baits, *jr 
aafaaon. tronl^ See. 

167 AixiBSj F. Wcreestsr, Jut. end Msnn.— Varioos 
artificial belts, ior salmon, troat^lcc. 

167 Massby, W. a. 41 ar Thomas's Boilding^ liTcr- 
pooL--Pair of bowls and jsek, rep r es en t i n g the English 
of bowling. 

168 Datiown, O. U V. 17 Quay, Aberdeen, 
Aberdeen salmon ng^net 

168 Kelly ft SoF. 56 Lower SackWUe St Dublin, Uenn. 
—Fishine tackle : artificial files, Ike. 

180 Ba2ciii, Bi. Kilkenny, Ireland,. Inr. snd Mano.— 
Amateur fly-angler^s cabinet, made of Irish bog-yew. 

181 Alcock, S. Kedditeb, near Worcester, llann.— Ar- 
tifldal baits and flies, hooks mr angling, fishing lines, floats, 
gfmp, swivels, 4rtSflcial minnows, mid other tackle. 

188 M'Naii. J. TiUiooaltiy, Alloa, Scotland, Mann.— 
Flahiiu^-rods, ezhiUted for superiority of execution. 

188 Pulhan,6. p. B. Crewkeme, Mann.— Artificial flies, 
ibr river flshing. 

186 MoBLBT, J. Nottinghsm, Prod.>-Fiahing tackle. 

188 SiMB, A. Dunkeki, Scotland, Ksnu.- Fishing-lines, 
▼arions, wrought by hand. 

188 SsfiTH, R. Blackford, Perthshire.— Minerals from 
the Ochllls, collected by the exhibitor. Two new alkaloids, 
oytisine, and enphorblne. Starch and iodine. Model of a 
new electafo-chemlcel printing telegraph ; the type or writing 

is plaeed Into 8tt ^ 

printed in bine lettorsnp 

188 BABMSB,H.R.Gt^ 

at one station, anddMoppj 
*^ far at the other statloat. 

ever inrentod. 
armontli, Piod.— Four ' 

piotores. Iletforkeepli«fidiaUv«. 

171 GotusA. 868t MaryleboneSt ManiL~.FI4iing 
rods and tackle, on lanivTed principles. 
;<< 178 Usfomni h nvnas, 48 BeQ Td. Temple Bar. Inr. 
—Bamboo eane fiy and sahnon fishing^wf. Artifielal 
angling baits, laolBding fiiee and insects, sUkwonn got 

174 Lhtlb Ik Co. 15 Fetter Lana, Fleet 8t InT^-Sn- 
perior fiy-firidqc rod. Improved cane boat or pont-RML 
Salmon rods; wtoohss; fiy and dnbbtng books, with taekla 

176 BncauKAn. J. 191 Pioeadilly, Mann.— Three bowa 
of yew wood, eat ftom the Alps, the flvst brot^t to this 
ooontry. A variety of bows and arrows. 

176 FABt4iiw, C. ttl Stand, Mana.^Fishing rods, 
tackle, and oases; with vaiioas artificial bails and inseeta. 

177 BnsiAW^ J. 4 Church PL Piccadilly, Mmm.— A 
variebr of ft«Wi^ rode and tackle. 

178 Bass, O. 110 Old St St Luke's, Manu.- Assori- 
ment of tuer qoUl fioats for angling. 

179 ALnmn^ W. H. 84 MooigateSt Mean.— Cbmnleta 
set of hiriiljr finished fiddng taddeT 

179 WniGBT, H. Belview Steam Mills, DubUn, Mann.— 
Buttons, knives and forks, Isc made ftmn bone and hon. 
Neats-foot elL Cow hair, used in bhmket making, and by 
folt-makers. Gelatine and portable soup. Farina ikom po- 
tatoee. Indian com meat Beet-root sonr. 

180 Asraa k Aummi, 1S6 Oxford St Menu.— Bowl 
srmwB, and avehefy aocoutrsments. Fishing rods and 

181 FAaunr, J. K. 5 Crooked La]ie,City, Masa.— Tackle 
for sahnon fishing, Ike. 

188 Joam^ a. HI Jeniyn St St James's-Fishing^oda 
and tackle. 

188 Jacobs G. 88 Cockspur St Inv. and Mann.— Bng- 
lish and Fleadeh hmg bows, arrows, quivers, and aecoatre- 
menta. The registered nroteotor umbcolla. Strengei^ 
guide map of London. Malacca cane. Ihagon canes and 
tortoiseshetl walklnMtlck mounted in gold. Bhinoceroa 
horn and ssarborse^ tooth. English sticks, in rough and 

184 JarruBi, L lOMulnwve PI. Woolwich. BCann.— 
Improved tennis raoonets. Irish and English shaped laa- 
q]Bets. Kacqnet and fives balls. 

186 liOCAL CoMMRTBB, Falmoctr sud Pbhstk. — 
Preeerved pilchaids. Model of pilot-boat, bulK by R. Lee, 
Falmouth. Model of Fafanouth river bazce, and of the 
new Mevagissey drift and fishing4>oat, made by Richard 
Treginsa. Model of Seine boat, built by P. Leleoa, 
Mevagissey. Neti ueed in the Comiih fisheries. Appa- 
ratus tot extiioting pomps foom mines which are filled with 
water : Inv. by Armur and Edey. Be versing appaiatus, &c. 
Inv. Bir. B. Hosking: of Perron Foundry. 

188 CLArsBAwTM. High St Eton.— Bats, stumps, balls, 
gloves, lee. for cricket 

187 GnasBT, W. Bagby, Menu.- Footballs of leather 
dreesed e xpr es s ly for the punoee. 

188 Kat, J. HayhiU Ochiltree, Hanu.— Curling stone, 
lade of areenstone trap. 

'*188 GLBMBim, J. Leicester, Inv. and Manu.—Kewly in- 
vented cricket bat| with fiexible handle. 

189 FiELDBa.G. 8 Devonshire PL Kennlngton Oval.— 
Group of wax firuit 

190 FiBLDBB, Wm. E. 10 Upper Portland PL Wands- 
worth Bd. Maker.— Group of wax flow< 

Digitized by 


Ciaai29. MitedStmeam Mem^^OLCtivw ami Sma^ Watei. 


. 291 Duu li Sew, PeBrinxit, bmut TmAvM^ Kent, 
lfniiB^--Artielei nsMl finr the fuw of «riek«C. 

im Pbaoock^A. SOimb«rlMidBo«r, TtUngtim, U^.— 
Boaid and pi«cei^ Ibr pUyiqg the stme of ^ioii, or the 
Qaeen't niifde : vitb book ofWnietioae. 

tM P.AOi^ ELBAmmli W. Kenniiurtoii OoauDon, Mean. 
"-Cni dMtbat fc Gaimtleti,Iadl»^bbergioTet,kggnrdB, 

lis uCiTAT, J. SSpeneerSt. Kortliainplon flf. Dei. 
and Mann— GiiekaC ftoapi eonstnicted oa a aovd and 

fte Idu.TiKBTBl(8oa%10rri]iee'eTer.IiUBgtoa,I]iT 
and KamL—Gddcai bats and balla. Wickham's tnpbalb. 
ISkaTa idnnpa. LMoaxda, neir •dedgn. India^vbber 

U Boot, LofdTt Cricfcoi Gramd, 


1S7 Diua^ MATnna, li 
8t Mai yle b ou e , Maoo.— Criekei bate and wioketa. 


10B DABK^&Lord'aOieketGroand.lBT. 
tiflki oaed in the pnne of eiicket; tobolar Indi»«Qbber 
gbfMsnantletgloTca; Icggnarde; ipikedaoleelbrdioei; 

109 Caiaboocst. W. H. U Towniend Bd. 8t t->-'- 
Waad, Maijlebone, Ma»i.~<MekeC eat^nUa^ a 1 
fotjmOlia^ibtthtXL Bala and ftmapa. 

900 Trkuok, T. F. a Son St Bisbopagate^A 
''loddbie-honea, dolli. and miaceUaneoiia toja. 

909 GoBDoVy C Mnaem, Dorer. ManiL~A nop 

lAd MUah birdt, an owl ■nrronnded br nnaO buda. 


909tHAHBOB, T. Beadlng^-^Slnfid animals and biida. 
SM Cbbbab, a. Dnnkeld, Scotland, Tuddenniat— 
Stnflad partridgea and tbrasbei. 

907 Wauobd, C sen. Witfaaai, Eases, Pieserfer^— A 
aeries of preaerred British birds. 

908 Tbbbobt, J. 114 Bishopagate St liHtldn, Prop.— 
StaitcTs patent diaphragm tobaeeo^pe bowt, m ' ' 
in atone china by Sfasn^Wcdgirood and Sona. 

900 TnoMPsoif, H. Weybridge Common, Chertser, 
lej, lar. and Jiami. — ^JmitatiTe cameos, and gold ana 1 

910 Tati4», Abit, Polytechnic lostitDtlon, Des. and 
Pfodd— Specimens of ornamental catting in paper with sds- 
sonL adapted for lamp-shades, stoTepapert, <ec 

918 Babsbam, Sob Ie Co. London and Stratfoid.— Spe- 
cimen of polped cloth, a combination of p^Mr with a worcn 
&brie. fimenr doth, glass doth, and glais paper. Emery, 
and black-lead, in a mann&ctnred state. Patent ftamed 

914 Sackbb, P. C. 7 Epping PL SOle End, Des.— Com- 
" , or raxor-strop, the strop itself being ibimed of a 
ion of wooL 
_ BoaEBa,E.&H.Ph)spectRo«r, Walworth, MamL— 
Sjpedmens of glass, emery, ana sandpapers and doths. 

900 Hau, T. 6 Mora PL City lUL Mann.— Stnfibd Da- 
niel in glass shade. 

991 Lbaobbatbb, J. Brewer St Golden 8q.— StdM 
Indian game birds, lie. ; large spedmen of the toad and BnaO 

999 Spbbcbb, T. 7 Gt Porthud St Ibt. and Prod.— 
Pt ese r re d birds, on artificial frost and snow, with water 
and a rock, 

998 Gakdbbb, J.4S6 0zfonl8t- Yarioos spednMns of 
stnftd birds, birds of prey, indigenoos to Britain, and showy 
plomaged birda. 

99i Abdebso!!. R. Dnnkeld, Scotland, Mann.— Artifidal 
salmon and troat-^iea, lor the lakes and rivers of Scotland. 

FiSBBB, £. St Mar's, Wisbech, Inv. and Prod.— 
Models of stacks, to shown new mode of eoTcriqg them with 
vood^lron, slac, fte. 

990 SuiTSB, J. Cheadle, StafTordahire, Tnr. and Xanu. 
—Twine red for drapers, droggists, grocers, ftc 

997 Matoo h ToxMB, Paadey. Stsifofdshirs, Mann.— 
Coloored weba for boots : silk aiid cotton and all eottoa. 

Woven lines, fiMr 

Binding ibr stays. Bed and diaper b 

blinds and pietorea. Wonted bindings, win ribbon, fce. 

998 Dow. A. 6 ChUdwall St Low Bill, LivopooU- 
Brashes for plate, watches, and jewellenr, of honmn hair, Im. 

981 Cravbbbxjub, T. Ashby-de-tarZooch, Ldcester- 
shire, Mann.-^8tones Ibr bumishing fdate and ^Ided work, 
roo|di and finished. 

^1 Lambbbh^ EuussaB, 89 Lessan St r 
Fldds. WhiteehapcL Mann^— Artifldal flics, ibr 1^ 

98a MooBB & MuBniT, Bolborn Hill, Inv. andl 
Bichwedding caiee^ with rcmoreable ornament 

988 Anjiia, 8. Kottiiighani. Inr.— Instrunent te enable 
ablindpeiaantothrsada needle. 

S84 DuBBAB, W. Loch Inver, Golspie, Scotland, Pina- 
server.— TWo cases of Sntherlandsfaliis wild birds and 

985 Wood, J. Hepwood Lane, Baliftx.— Wron^ pa- 
lished sted tobacccMpipes. 

5187 Bbowb & Sob, Leeds, MamL— Bobbins and skewen 
nsed in its preparing, jpinolng, and twisting of cotton ; Ika 
bobbins, cred pins, and bos s es ; worsted bobbins, spools, 
and carrying rollcn ; ailk bobbins, Ice 

988 B0Bb:;tbob, J.I09 BenfrewSt Glasgow, Inv. Pit. 
and Mano^^^oopenT wodc made by machinery, indndlag 
cask-hesds and atavea. Modd of a marhlne ior devatiqg 
at fires, and firo-csc^e. 
988 SrABOiaiNi, J. h Bbotobb, Mancheater, Maim. — 

and cotton. LaasL 

BraidSilBfoid, silk, mohair, worstci 
and platted fines. Cord te dresses. 

plain ; and ftlngea fiirtr 
"* ku^ J. Green Gate ll 

lings, fignredw 

941 Hau^ J. Green Gate St. Oldham, Dea. and Mano. 
— A bird-cage^ eoutalning 2^522 pieces, and composed of 21 
difterent kinds of wood. 

948 Bell k Black, 15 Bow Lane, Mann.— Vestas and 
congrevet matchea, with machine for cutting them, lee 

960 Wauusb, J. 56 Shafteabnrv St Kew Korth Bd. 
Des. and Mann. — Dried Ixmdon ttowers, retaining thdr 
natnral colonrs, and formed fbn ornamental decoration. &e. 

967 Bbiso!c,B Bristol, Inv. and Mano.— Models of feet, 
of a material that wiU bear nailing or hanm&ering^ on wiiich 
boots or dices can be made. 

960 RrrcniB, J. 2 South back of Canonaate, Edinbni^ 
Menu. — Ssdi-Une, with metaUie centre. Metallic oaed,mr 
lustres, pictures, and bdl-paUs. 

981 Kahmwtab, R. J. Doncaster. Kann — Wool shecto 
or top dieets, for packing fine combed wooL called *^ tow." 

989 Hatvzt, pTlOrid St Oxfbrd, Inv.— Eaad; ibr 
ariists sketching oiit of doors, containing appa r a tu s, ftc 

986 BancDLEv J. MUk St. BristoUnv.-Sraall cask, of 
peculiar oonstnicrion, having In itself ci^t casks, with 
means of filling and drawing from each. Reticule or carriage 
basket fbr ladies' fancy work, &e. 

986 Wablbss, T. Rock, near Alnix ick, Keweastk, Mianv. 
— Lady's pfaicusLiou and piercers, made by a working black- 
smitiL Swing plongb, constructed so as to prevent dirt or 
ami attaching to the mould board. 

987 DowB. 8. Ivythoru, near Glastonbury, Des.— Mtidol 
of a decov pool, for taking Mild fowL 

970 fcnrOB, R. jnn. Rudbnm, Rou^am, Norfolk, Tnv. 
—Modd of a fimnd for transmittiTig liquids, which allows 
the air to escape. 

971 BiOGS, S. Frcme, Somerset, Des. and Ilauu.— Tin 
moulds for jdly, Ice Fnste and vegetable cutters, Ic. made 
by hand. 

979 Aloook, 8. B. Ik Co. Dublin Blacking Worka, 
Mann.— Sample of UofhI blacking. 

974 Mncnxx, W. Wellington St Portobdlo, 

Digitized by \^jLJiJ 



Chim 29. Mx9cdjUmeom» Manufactmti amd Smali'War^ 

Ediaburgh, Iiit«— Horn of a ball, with inm-frune and 
jiteffKi baifn attaohtd. Soamiftrons electric bmih. 

877 LixiAi, 6. 4a Kennedy St Mancheeter, Inr. and 
Mun^— BraM end liao door, window, and eign-platet, en- 
^lared hj manWarry. I>eiignt fbr lettert, platee, doon, 
vindowi, Sec. 

278 EsDAiL^ J. Elm PL Hobne, Inr. and Bfano.— Hai- 
fiUt, vied by priaten of calioo6i,iillci, woollens, 1(0. Wool- 
len-felt, for poUridagplate-^aie, marble. iMt. Felted gloTes, 
»need by siaai-blowen, Innmunden, and others, fcc 

jS6o wooo, J. York, Jnv.— Registered raxor, single 
heriel, sbowinc the different stages of manufikctore. York 
kenor barrels, used by sportsmen for carrying wine. lee. 

So7 DuTTOS k Co. Boneom, Cheshire. Mann*— School 
sktes manufactored by machinery, framed in mahogany and 
4iir d -ey e mapie. 

S89 Uaixauhj, W. 97 Hattoo Garden, Imp.— Models 
of dwellings and implements mede by the Christian Esoui- 
msnT, at the MoraTlaa settlements on the coast of Labrador, 
Horth America. 

S80 Loc4J. ConMRTBi, HnU.— Specimens of the staple 
teported articles of the port of Hull, accompanied with de-, 
jeripdoos and statistical infbrmation. 

891 ULLATBonn: k LoxanAYr, IS Gate St Lincoln's 
looi Jidda,. Mann.— Shoemakef^, Sadlen', and hamess- 
MS^ers* thread. Heel4>aUs for shoemaken* use. 

808 WiTiiBBS,W.DeTixes, Wilts, Prop.--Case of staffed 

IS8a TusbiUh J* 9S New Bond St Mann.— Portable 
>writing-desk and rseeptade for priTate papers tad money. 

888 Bbbdit. ICaua, 5 Union St Kew Bond St Manu. 
— Fancy pincushioos, match boxes, lee. mannftctnred from 
cofiwon egg s Kelli i 

SM HosKDOS, Ajrif. 7 Laagthom PL Sttatlbrd, BCaaa. 
—Basksi of wax fruit Dishsst^ wax pastry and regetables. 

896 KiBLBT Ic BxAao, W. H. Manu.— Shawl pins and 

806 Babxoo Ik SoKS, 14S High St Camden Town, Bee. 
and Uamu— aiTvr-mounted meerschanm smoking jpipcs. 

806 lCATBno*.8b> J.Bart— Two pair of hanS^ereens, 
made ftxHa the ftatbersof wild birds, in the Outer Hebrides, 
by ^liss Camenm, Stornaway. 

807BooBJBAi»D. P. IS Daris St Berkeley Sq. Inr.— 
Vulcanised India-rubber webbing for bandagee, &c. 

810 Fakuia, Jbaii Haux, Cologne, and 1 Saitars* Hall 
Ct. Manu.— A new extract of Ban de Cologne. 

811 Habb»op, MABQAmar, 19 Bromley St Commercial 
Road East— Yietotia Redna, and orohidems, in wax. 

319 HcBa««T, Mrs. F.— Chepstow Castle, Monmouth- 
shbf , lijr moonlight Specimen of Paprrography : a norel 
me L hod of reptcsenting huidscapes in ussua-paper, simply 
by t)) iise of Knife and scissors, without the aid of eolourmg 

313 Paioi. J. Gateshead, Newcastla^upon-Tyne, Manu. 
— h^r^ flint giBSS cari>oy and specie Jar. . Jasper glass rase 
an^Hnble. Sheet glass for glasingftamesibrengraTing8,lBe. 

P-J-i PamBAOx, Miss, Wellington, Somerset— A small 
ba_i:t {}f rice-paper flowers, cut out with sdsson. 

816 Rakkik, Emilt, Ik LxAK, EixKn, South St Wands- 
worth, Des. and Manu.— Picture frames of ornamental 

80 OuTSB, a & Kottin^m, Manu.— Past^Kwrd- 
boxes for lace, hoeiery, glore^ and fkacr articles. 

WuJOl^ CoABLOTrB B. 19 Howhmd St FItxroy 
Sq. Des. and Manu.— Blotting book, ornamented with inlaid 
pearl, and lined with satin. 

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CLAtt 30. iSbijptert, Moddi,amdPlaatieJrt, Moiaia, EnameU, ^. 


Section IV,— FINE ARTS. 


• Bailt, B. H. 17 Ncwmaa St Soato^A Tonth 

tsttes alter tbe Chase. A Nymnh prepariiur Ibr tbe Beth. 

Bmxncuan, D. 5 Uttle Boiwll 8t M^aa.— Fhurtar 

eeet ef AadOo Bet^edere, <hmi the ori^DeL to fnitete BM^ite, 

Bonuuu», N. 36 B^ St EoeliBilM 89. Dee. end 

See^u— ThePrinee of Peeee, fieUh. Iz. 6. 

DAvm^ £. 67 Boaieil PL Pitsraj 8q. Benln.^ 

JBabu» T. 1 YlnecBtSt. Orlngtoa Sq. Dei.— Modd, 
Jecob aad BeeheL 

PoLCT, J. H. AJI.A. 19 Oioehiin^ St B^gea^f 
PlMlLDei. end Scalp.— Model iTor ftatne efHeeipda, for 
the Heir Pelade of Wcetmr. Tooth at a Streaa. The 

louiML P. Bfanfai^heiii, 
nmp: Thelforderof the 1 

Dee. and Maim.— A 

LsircBiiA. H. & 23 Newman St Dee. and Seolp.— 
Gffaap|]iplaater:BlBpehwatehlimorer the deed hodSm of 
herSam^S Semnel, zzL la 
_ LooQB, J. G. 4S Harwood Sq Dee. ead 

The SaUusatlon of Satao by St Mieheel, ftoei 
THaah^ from Shakqwarc^e MSdBommer'e Nl^ Dieeok 

MacDovau^P. BJL 75AManiei8tOaTmidish 
Sq. Sealp.— Cnloem! group of Yinfatei aad T 
BHrUei ODpid,stataeiamaihle. Er^amodeL 

Miunn^T. JoddPL Bast Eoetoa Sqa. Des. end 
Sealp^Model of a eokeea elatne of the Daka ef Wete]«^ 

PttnicK, B. G. 9 Gkmeestcr PI. New Bd. Dcl 
end eealp.- Adam. 

Snsoir, H. 25 Dooro Cottagee, St Joha's Wood, 
i>ea^The 4jiag Shipwreeked Sea-bqr. 

Srsrana^ B. B 27 Upper BelgraTe PL PimUeo, 
UOL end Jar.— Sataa tempting Bre. Eve oflWag to Adam 
theForUddeaFrait The Bxpotakm firam Penffise. The 
<^mai The I>eath of Abd. Sataa ▼aaqoished br the 
AreheMl:-.« Aad he bid hold OB the dragoiL that old aer^ 
pcatwhlehisthederil ead Sataa, and booad hfaaathon- 
aaad yean,* Bcr. tk. 

TRBsa^ W. 12a Henrietta St GkTeadish Sq. Das. end 
Seolp.— Statneof Prometheos. in marble. 

TRoaxTCBOpr, T. and Mabt, 39 Staaliope St Heaap- 
eteadBd.8aap.— TheJealoiisyoftfedea. Alfired the Great 
reedviog from Ue Mother the boolc of Sazoa poetry. Her 
Mijmtjf 00 her IkYoiirite charger Hammon. 

Wemmxl H. 29 Lower Belgrare PL— Phatcr gnmp, 
theOqipiieat StatoeoftheBIarqnisof WeDe^y. Bcstfaig 
after a ma. A Sleeping Child. 

WooD^ & 30 Beaofoy Terr. Maida HID, Mod.— 
Slalae ianhster : Ptometheos chained to the Bock. 

WKtoBEr, ToOTAL, U Baowxa, OomBMrdal Bd. 
PimBeo^ aad 47 Piccadifly, Axenti.— Statoe of Yietary mo- 
delled by Professor Bench, of Berlin. In Osnaim amrble. 
Bieeated at OuTsra. 

Wtatt, J. 33 Dndley Grore, Peddiagton, ead 33 

Sdtal Sq. Senlp^Eqaestrian statncB of Her Mmcety ead of 
JS.H. Prinoe Albert, ftan siae, designed Ibr btmue. 

iCAXB* AvsasruiL 

AacBiB, J. W. 46 Clarendoa St Somer^s Town, 
Dee.— Monumental tablet in brass, to the memory of the 
offloersofLoidHaniinge'BBtiftwhofea In the battles of 
the Sotlqe ; prodnoed ojf direetioa of Lord Hardinge, and 
Intended to be sent to IndUa. Hie omeoientation compoeed 
entirely of OrientalpoeDe. 

BBBan» W. 13 Cenabnrg^ St Scolp.— CokMal 
ftatne of Sir William FoUett 

Pavia B. 67 BosseU PL Fitsray Sq. Scolp.— 
Broaae statne of the Bake of Bntlaad, Ibr the mericetpplaee 
at Leicester. Madoana and Child. 

Bldoh, Job* Babi. or, Prop.— Stowell grooiL re- 
preseoting John, first Bari of Bldon, for neBrly25 yeecs Lord 
High Chaneellor of Gree* Britsin, end William Beion 
Stinrell, 29 TeeieJadge of the Hi^ Coort of Adi^irsl^. 
Des. end mod. by the late Mnsgrare Watsoo, aad esecnted 

byG. NeboB. Eachstataeis WToa^toatofasiqglebloek 
of nmvbl^ aad the whole weia^ 20 tone. 

LnraarooL Locai. CoaHrrraB, Towa Hall, Utot- 
pool, Prop.— Model of the docks ead ooauaerdel poitloB of 
the towa of LirerpooL ezhibitiag a riTcr front of flTre adles. 

Mabsblau, W. AJtA., 47 Eboiy St Beloa Sq. 
Sculp.— Mod. of a statne of Dr. Jeaaer, pro ooeed to be 
erected by all aatSooa. Zephyr ead Anrora^ Sabriaa, statne 
In marble.— FSdr Miltoa*s Gonras. 

Mathbb, a. a. 30 Gt Mailbonmgh St Des. aad 
Scalp.— Gothic aionnment and Pnibeck mezbleteblet, with 
embksoaed inseriptSon in eerly Bi^lish cfaeiaoter. 

Pabobmo^ C. A.B.H.A. Queen Sq. Wcet, Dublin, 
Sculps—Clay BMdel, en original deriga, liberstioa of Carae- 

Sbbut, J. Keppel Bow, New Bd. Mean.— Fona- 
tahilaartifldalHmeetOBe»Dei.byJ.W. Pa^worth. Mer- 
cmy, after Giovaaai da Bologaa. 

Sbabp, T. 27 Bortoa Orescent, Dee. and Scolp.- 
Chimney-pieee^ with deetro-gilt mountings, by Brine and 

TiioHA% I B. 7 Lower Belgrare PL Scalp.— Model 
of a coloesal statae of the late Marquis of Bute, In bnmae. 

Wtatt, M. CThe Grove, Paddiaaton, Des. scalp, 
lie.— Eqoestiiea group la broaae, the else of Ufe. Group ead 
pedestal, aiosalc sculpture^ " The frithAil friend of ana 
traaipliag under foot nis most lasidioos eaemy.** Statae of 
ahorse; Broand heed end aeek of a oohMaal horee^ beiag 
part of the group of the Welliogton statue. 


Bbb3(bb, W. 13 CenaboriB^ St Scalp.— Statue, in 
marble, of a Startled Nymph. 

Beu, J. 15 Dooiro PL Victoria Bd. Kensiiwtoa, 
Sculp.— SculptorSiJifr stse, Purity, or Una and the Lion. 
The Babes in the Wood. Dorothea, from Don Quixote. 

Bbadlst, J. Fore St Exeter, Dee.— Table painted 
on slate, in imitation of Deronshire Bmrl>les. 

Baovv, A. 4 Bed Oom Sq. Dei.— David belbrs 
SauL a statue in plaeter. 

Cabew, J. E. 40 Cambridge St Hyde Perk, Des. 
and Sculp.— Original model: Deeeent from the Croes. 
B^^tism of Christ The model of the altar pleoe in the 

Digitized by \^jLJU 




'f 8** 

GitboUe (^ml, Bri^itoB. DerigBinnliAf forAtcmpl«ln 
Builblk. Wuttiiigtoii, origfiiAl model. 

Bomfni. F. 5 Howlftnd St Det. ind Prod— Hodel 
la plaiiir : The Fint-bonL 

DmuiTT, SoiAa, 14 Conduit 81 Wert, Hyde Pmrk. 
— Stetue of a |^1 : a etDdy ftom nfttore. 

FouET, J. H. A.B.A. 19 OmaltaJKh St Begent'i 
Pvrk, Det. and Sculp.— Ino ntA the InliNit Baoehnt. 

FRAMCfl, J. 56 Albany St BegenfaPark. Sculp. 


Statue of Her Majeity, in 

A Btatne la martie 
Oman marble.* 

FiAXKii. J. 60 Bulng PL Waterloo Bd^Portralt 
■tatne ef John Flajaiiaii,exeeQted by the late M. L. Wation. 

FijmiLX., J. US Lowf«r Gloucester St Dublin, Dee. 
— Ibe pet doreTt return, a group in marble. 

FABnniA, T. ISt Lower Oloncerter St Dublin, Dee. 
—Early Soirow, leulptared in marMei 

GALLAflBBB, J. 10 Klag St Begent St Dublin, 
Dei. and Prod.— Deifgn fbr a fimntaia in plaeter:, Ariadne 
disooneolate at the lots of Theeeua. 

GIaw>]^ J. BJL of Borne.— Bei-relief in plaster, 
f^»ueentl»g the Boon and the Honei of the Sun. 

HooHB, T. 28 I^ong Acre, Dca.— Plaater ilgnre of 
Ere: « The eerpent me beguiled, and I did eat"— Paradise 
Lost bk. 10. 

Kkmt,B. Portnottth, Dee.— David with the head 
of Goliath. 

Kms, J. Sehaol of Design, Birmingham, Dee. and 
Menu.— Baa^eUef; in ptastcr :^«^riaeSB, afflicted, &Uen," 
MiUen'a Paradise Lost 

Itxwum^ J. ao Wyndham 8t Biyaoatone Sq. Dee. 
— A Bather, statae in pluter. 

Uamwoq, S. S Union PL B^gentTj Parte, and 61a 
Toric Ter. Bemnt's Park, Joulp.— Bust of Her ICaJesty in 
■Mrble. Kodel of a statue of John Wesley, executed in 

deal Insdtn- 

marble, and presented to the Wesleyan Theoldj 
tlon, by T. Farmer, Esq. A model of Btata«<>f 
ne^ being «iecated inmarUe. 

KiLi.BB, Si BkxmifleldTer. PhnUco, Soalp. 
Childhood. Bas-reUelii : The Attendant Spirit hi 
soehding on a glancing Star. Lyddas. ArieL 

NsLSOV, G. SO Bidborouffh St purton 
Sculp.— Victory, to the memory of the offlcen and men 
the 69th reg. who fell on the ben]|S4>f the Sutm. 

PAnroBETB, £. G. 17 Newman St Oxford St Sculp. 
—Cupid in Disguise. 

Phtsiok, B. G. 6 Gloucester PL Kew Bd. Des. 
and Sculp.— Head, in marble: The Dying Sa>dottr. Pluto 
carrying off Proserpine. . 

Plows, W. Foss Bridge, TorlL Dss. and Sculp.— 
Model for a sareopbagns in stone found at Hildenley, near 
Malton. Table, inUid with petrified woods (found in York- 
Aire) on a pedestal of Yoncshire marble. Black znarble 
table, with masonic symbols, found in tibe crypt of York 

PowEu^ J. TVentham, Neweastle-under-Lyme. — 
Modd of the Great Ezhibidon bidlding. 

QonLXAM 8e Caaax, Castletown, Tile of Man, Prod. 
—Slabs of Poolvash bhiek marble, inlaid with red and 
yellow compositioii, to Imitate encaustic tiles : invented and 
designed by J. G. Ouandng, &c. 

Sbabp. T. 27 Barton Crescent, Det. and Sculp.— 
Statueu In marble: Boy and Lizard. Model, in plaster: 
Christ s charge to Peter. 

Smtth, C. a. 37 Gloucester PL New Ed. Sculp.— 
Two statues iu medissval costume : BOohael Angelo, and 
Lady Danberry. 

SoMXEas, C 86 Warwick St Pimlico, Des. and Mod. 
—Statue, in plaster, of boy playing with shelL 

Bd. Dea. and 
ArethuM. The Maid 

^T^oiua, L B. 7 Loww Betgrave PL Senlp^The 
spirit of s ds B ce unreiUng igaoraaee and pnjadioa. 

TmiaRTcaorT, T. £MAar,SO Staahopa St Hamp> 
steed Bd^^Sealp.— A yoang Shepherd, a young Gleaner, Im. 
Taaovp.F. SOGfoacester PL KewT- -^ 
■ * : a Butterfly. 

T.* _,TAirfoB,F.BaMiey,Hampehfane,Des.aad8enlptof, 
— Lift.«iaed4gBrs of oar Savidhr bearing his cross, ezeeated 
by an amateur in three months, by gaslight 

Wamao^Tv, 1. l St JAn's PL Lissoa Gro^ 
Dm.— Modslof Saher deQaiacj, Earl of Winohester, aj). 
1S15, 40 be eaeeatsd ia bronxe, fir the Hone of Lordi. 


Woaatxi, J. Torquay, Des. and Mann.— Clrcalar 

tahkte. inhdd with I 

aaa maad in Devon. 

•of maibles and 

Yabbobooob, Bare, or —Statue hi nmrble, a Greek 
banter sad dqg; by J. Gibson, BjI. of Boma. 

rang abt cottbt. 

AxoBBo^ a wwUng printer, as Fatter LsneLSealp. 
— The Shakspeaia Jubilee. 

Aiuai i. 96 Caaaoa St Bd. Bast— Group in wax : 
Sir Bobert Pesi and AhaDuke of Wellington, des. «Bd mod. 
by J.G. r^*' ^ 

D. Ohuigesr, Prop.— Co^es of engiavlng 

ommo n pen. in China ink, by Joseph 

Lindsay^jade^«nite,andpttpU of theGlaagow Deaf and 

execated witfi a eonanen 

AjioiBSoii, W. County PL Berth, Des. and Mod.— 
* ttirowing the <«^ttiag-stona," with figures in 

A Hi 

reUe(^iUiBslnitiTre«f hSj^Uan^gtmee. 

Arm^ B. 43 Genasd St Sobo, Inr.— Prints by 
Albert Daiar ; plates takea by the Anastatic process widb 
impressions : spscimenB of Appelotype printing. 

Assnoa. W. 154 Bloane St Cbelse^Prod —Model 
of St JwBomfn church, Louth, Linoolnshira Executed In 
Bristol csad-board, with a pedmHk 

• AnRtv, W. Limehoose, Seulp^— The Cruclfixloa. 

Bifci, B. LL.D. DniTersI^ Museum, DubUn, Dca. 
—Model of the ancient harp, commonly called the harp of 
Brian Boroihme (Brien Bonn king of Ireland. 

Ballt, W. S4KiagSt Manehaster, Inr. and Maaa. 
—Busts la miniature, in illustration of phrenology. 

BAaowsu;^ W. 4 Gt Queen St Westminstea.*- 
Models for arehiteetural dssigns. Modd, taboovers* Friend 
Society's ootlBges. Design for improToment of Westminster 

Babob, T. J. 101 Stanhope St Hampstead Bd. 
Des.— The Dying Troubadour. Vide 8ir Wmhm-. SfioCt 

BAaaRT, I, L. 173 Fleet St. Des. andManu.— Model 
of a picture : The water mill, summer arening. 

BAmoan. J. 22 Stafford Phce South, Pimlioo, 
Sculp^-The ksstrel hawk and butcher bird. 

BAxzaa, G. 11 & 12 Northampton Sq. Tut. Manh. 
and Pat— Spodmeas of oil-colonr picture-printiag ; hi*- 
torical, portraits, architectural, and landscapes. 

BAzna, J^ Lewes and Bingmer, Sussex, Des.— 
Two models of ImproTed fkrm-yard and buildings. 

BaATTT, W. H. 10 Peter St Dublin, Des.— Statu- 
ette group of wax, of the Earl of Clsrendon's two children. 

Baaaai, W. 13 Osnaburgh St Sculp.— Statuettes : 
Lady Godira, Europe, Sir Bobert PeeL 

Bbi«a9t Gov. ScBooL OP Das. Irelond, Prod.— De- 
signs fbr crabroldery, &c. by pupils of die school. 

BnoLBr, H. 17i Kenshigton PL UoljrweU St 
Westmr. Des. snd Menu.- Enamelled slate tables. Imita- 
tions of marbles, and spedmens of enamelled shite, for casing 

Digitized by VjUUQIC 

Chtm 90. Sai^atttrfj Modeb, and Pkutie Art, Momua, EnamA, |v. 


Bomdl C. Bdinbnr^ and 53 PiffliaiiiafttflL London. 
—Model of UiMmd oottagfl^ eomblnSag simplicity of oon- 
" » •omani, wvmth, TentUation, and eeonomy. 

H. P. iSPcveySt Prod.— SummI paintingi. 
mCL ' ^ 

BtmamMjJ, Jamoi OU Edinbnr^ Dei. nndCSiuer. 
nam of lUTer onboned ohasinff in hcfaldie and 
•ttwr atjloi of onament, intended ehicflj to bo oaed for 

Bnomi^ W. NorUi BL Andrew 8L ^Oinhar^k, Dei. 
and Prod.— Gxoi^ In piaster: LitUa 19dl and her Gnnd- 

Baoinr, J. 7! Herbert 8t Kew Kortli Kd. Bee.— 

ST, R. 9 Doibam it, fioatfascik Poiteraoath, Pro. 

—Gtoap aihonm^ earred in eofk. Saljeet : Tlie atmrj of 

I L. 41 Geoiee 8t Edinbaxi^ Bngnnrer— 
MftgP****, beads of Soottando&er eminent men ; oayz stones 
onlas cameos, Cec 

Btbv, O. 9 3fottmoath Bd. Wasiboone ChrawB, 
Dca, Ie&— Orniunental framework in cork. 

CALiywsU) G. Lichfield, Des. and Plod.— Bas- 
feB«^ ftom Bom's poem of Tam o' Shanter, In plaater. 

CAi;mrr, Ber. W. 3 Great OoUega 8t Westmr. 
Den— PyroiSFinhy, liCw : Ptail and Sllaa inpriaon aiPhilippL 

I upon lime-tre^ with a common pokor. 

Capuit, J.^. L Strawbeny HUi, Pendleton, Man- 
j Des. and 
BbvTa^yo view of 
pnssloa of the fanrs tiy 
amomsa psrtimlar forms. 

CUxasGX, T. 10 Montagoo St Portman Sq. Inr.— 
Application of white marble to miniaton paintJM. The 
ftwMbjH. Vine, SAlbian Places Little Ghdsea. 

CAnniQg, C Gaaterboiy, Dea. and Mamii^-Loo 
iahls slab^ inlaid with yaiioosiy-coloiired woods, whalebone, 
oaneL ebony, ftc 

Catui^ 6. 6 Waterloo PL Dec— Model of the 
Falls of Niagwm ; from an actnd sorr^ in 1837; com- 
ptking nearly a square mile around the iUla. 

CHAnor, C 9a Skinner St Snow HUI, Des. and 
^wdmens of transfer sincograpby, medalHon, and 
re engrvring; by maohlnerr. 

CaAMcnjum,y. €!helmsiord. — If odd of a oorered 
homestaH for a Arm of firom 300 to 500 acres, exhibiting an 
iBfroTed arrangement, lea. 

Cbappbll Ik Co. 50 Ifew BoodSt Prop.— Specimens 
ef Utfaographie mnsie prindnK. 

CtCBOxroK, J. 3S Camden St InT.— Imitation 
slsna candlestick^ nng-stands, lee. 

Gbevebtoii,'B.39 Camden StOsmdenTown.TnT.— 
CsryJngi by mar hineiy. Those in irory and marble finished 

Cbicbtosi, O. Koilfa Bridge, £dinbargh| Des. and 
3Isnn. — Specimens of Scotch pebble mosaie work. Chate- 
lains of sUrer scrolls, Iec, ornaniented with enamel of vmiions 

CBnam, A. Boyal Institntion, Edinbu:^ Des.— 

CnsonSy J. Cormylie, Arbrooth, Des. — Gravps in 
bunt ohiy, characteristic of the manners and dresa of the 


GbAKU, T. a 9 Percy Orcos, Lloyd Sq. Dea.— 
Derign for a national gallery for sculpture. 

CUTfOBO^ W. Exeter, Prop.— Models made of (he 
filh of the oommon groen rash, naed in maUnf roahligfats. 

Cock, H. 6 Brewer St Mann.— Btobing ground. 

[ wax for etching. Leo Kino and abbesLln silk. 

UmoAmai, B. 427 Oxford St Iut. and Prod.— A 
atwrlne paece, executed in the new style of aerial tinting. 

Cook, J. E. Bailway OflccL 4}reenoek, Scotland, 
InT.— Prepared panel, for amateur painting, nqidring only 
a day or two to be ready for the artist 

Cook, O. Hyde Park Lodge.— CsrvingB in Um»- 
tree wood. 

Coaan, E. J. 15 Little Queen St Holbom, Jacv, 
andMaker^Model, in elder pith. 

CowzLL, S. H. Ipswich, SufRdk. — Spedmens of 
anastatic printing, as appUed to original drawings in chalk 
or ink, ancient deeds, wood engravfiigs, archcotogical fflns- 
tratimis, lee. 

Cox, O. J. Polyteehnie Inst Inr.— Speefanens of 
transfer of delicate copper and sted-plato engzuTings to 
lithogrsphie stone. 

Osx, H. 6 Upper Southampton St PentonWlle.— 
Model, Death on the NeBosse: Ber. chap. t1 t. 8 to end. 

Con DAI. Ik Addbt. il Old Bond St Pub.— Cokmr 
printing, by Ldgfaton, LamlM Conduit St Wood-entpiini 

by Bobson, Leiry, and Franklin. Boek-Undinfe i 
rated china tablet, by W. T. Copland. 

DAT k SoH, 17 Gate St Lfaicoln's Inn Fields, Prod. 
—Specimen of tinted and coloured litfaogruhy, f^rom dntw- 
insB br Le Hague, G. Hawkins, E. Walker, M. Digby Wyatt, 

Dat, B. 1 BocUn^iam PL Kew E:ent Bd. Mbdr- 
Portioo of tlie Parthenon at Adiens ; Temple Church, Fleet 
St: portico of the Pantheon at Bome; the Martyn* if emo- 
rial at Oxford; a chancel in decorated Gothic, the window 
foom Herne Church, Kent 

Dat fc Son, 17 Gate St Linoohi's Inn Fids.— 
Specimens of tinted and chromo-Uthoaaphy,by and alter 
L. Haghe, G. Hawkins, E. Walker,!! . Digby Wyatt, and F. 

Datmoito. J. 5 Begent PL Westmer. Des. and 
Soulp.— ^y ase and dowcr^ in marble. 

DicKBnow, J. 1 Waterloo PL Commereisl Bd.— 
Model of Tork Minster, executed with a penknife. 

Dicxxa, W. 4 Crescent PL Bridge St BladdHais, 
Inr. lee— Oil colour printing. 

DicxsEi^ J. B. 27 Holland St Rtzroy Sq. Prod.rr' 
A chromo-litfaognmh, In six colours. 

DoxALDS, W. J. kC 89 Artillery PI. West, Bonhin 
Bow, Des. and £ng.— SiWcf waiters; glass dessert plates, 
lea, elaborately ornamented: 

Durn, a «. 46 West Sq. Soathwari^ Dea.— 
Arddtectuial design for a baptistry and font 

DoEun, M. 41 Tottenham Court Bd. ICano.— 
Coloured lithographic labeb by a new prooesSw 

Edwakds, J. 40 Robert St Hampstead Bd. Des. ami 
Seo^.— Bas-xelieft : The last Dresm ; Dan^ter of the Dvwn, 

Esqoii^iiT, E. 346 Oxford St Mamt- Leather 
ilowen and fruit, adapted for upholstery and deeoratlona. 

Essex, W. 3 Osnaburgh St B<gent*s Park.— An 
extenslTe collection of enamel paintings, foom the collections 
of Her Majes^, H.R.H. Prince Albert, the Duke of Bich- 
mond, H. S. UcMpe, Esq. the Marchioness of Douro, Lord 
Overslon, the Countess of Elgin, and die Duke of Bnc- 

FAuin, P. 4 Hawley Ter. Camden Town, Des. and 
Mod. — FrioM, for a dining-room chimncy-pieoe, Itc. 

Fosma, £. B. 1 Piince's St Bank, Imp.— An oma« 
mental stone vase, canred out of the rock of Malta, by a 
native of the island. 

Fox, |C. Brighton. Des. and Mod.— Desisn for a 
pediment Siatuettes in plsster : Chancer. Spenser. 

Fowun, a 1 Gordon Sq— Model of St John's 
churoh, Paddington, executed in card-board by Mr. T. 

Digitized by 



CLAfft 80. Seu^ptvre, Modds, aid Phttic Art, Motoki, EnamtU, ^. 

YvtaWy H. BdUotsui, Bubliii, Dei.— Model of a 

GAMsnCf L, 59 Weetbonrne Grore, Hyde Perk 
Oefdent, S6itlp.~Broiise but of Sir Robert Peel, modelled, 
cast, eheied, end finiihed br the exhibitor. 

GsAB, J. W. 5 Qierlotte 8t Fitsroy 8a. Inr.— 
Speoimene of e oompoeidon to mpenede Ivoiy, for large 
water-oolour peiatinge. 

Girroao, J. Bml Pol/teehaio Inat Sou1p.-IJoii, 
tiger, elephant, end Alpine goat, engiaTod in oonelian. 

Giu^ O. New Buildbigi, Ludlow, Prod.->Model of 
the eh^ in Lodlow.eaitle, a eopy of the holj eepulchre 
at Jeniialem 

Goioo!!, J. 46 Park St Bristol, Carrer.—Canrina 
In box-wood. Viae, from the andqne ; and BcUmriui. Male 
aaatomieal llgare in Ivory, with soppiementaiy models^ 

GoBanto^ W. Chieheiter, Mann.— Arehileetoral 
models in peper. 

GO01.D, V. 85 Holbom lilll, Des. end Bfaam.— 
Monumental brem ; new method of inlayinc metals by the 
■alTanio battery, and nOTel iqppUcation of glass in oom- 
Unadon with metals. 

GouxA, J. 20 Broad 8t Golden 8a. Iut.— A new 
mode of lepresenting the Inndnoos and metaUio oulonring of 
the TfOchiUds, or humming birds. 

Gmat, C. 1 Great Outle 8t Bsgent St Mann.— 
liithogr^hie engiaTingi, tinted sod eoloored. Illuminated 
prayers, ancient missal style, fce. 

GEAUcoxa, K. Neweastle-upon-Tyne, Des.— Models 
of proposed Town and Goun^ Courts, and of the Central 
Ezehange Buildino, Newoastle-apon-Tjrne. 

GEATm j>. Kiog^s Langley, Des. and Menu.— 
Designs suitable Ibr * founders, goldsmiths, ornamental 
painters, paper stsiners, Ite. 

Geatb, D. King's Langley, Herts, Des.— Life of 
Our BaTiour, iUostiated with 100 original designs, suitable 
for the goldsndth, ornamental deeorator, pi^ei^tainer, ko. 
ezeeuted with pen and ink. 

GnsBi, J. 109 Gt Portland St Des. sad Eng.— A 
militaiy trophy sqgraTed On sine. 

GosHLow, G. 34 Kewman St Oxfbrd St Inv.— 
Composition table and plaster casts, in ioBitaaon of bronse, 
steel, and gold. Porthmd Tasei the Nero eup, Ite. in frosted 
silTsr. * 

Hioii, B. Botheihithe, Des. and Canrer.— Figure of 
Her Mi^esty, canred in English eha, designed for a ship's 

Uawmoov k Son, 45 St Msrtin's Lane, Des. and 
Manu.— liiseriptions from Asi^rian monuments in the 
Cuneiform eharaeter, diseorered by Mr. Lsysrd, printed 
with moresble types. 

H ASUM, J. 1 WUton PL West, Begenfs Paric, Prod. 
—Enamel paintingi on cold. The Queen in her bridal 
drms : the Prince of Wales and Prinoe Alfred, after Win- 
tsrhalter, Sec. from the collection of H JtH. Prince Albert 
Three ensmels on porcelain: The Good Shepherd, afler 
MuriUo; the InDnt Samuel, alter Beynolds ; and Sibilla 
Eritrea, after Domeoichino. 

Hattiild, J. A. 21 Cumberland St Middlesex Hos* 
rital. Menu.— Bronse bust of Her Majesty, after Chantrey. 
Bronse figure, Touth at the Stream. The Gladiator. Na- 
poleon. Venus at the Bath. Mercury. Oandelabras,lco. 

Hatwaad. R. J. Danes PL Kentish Town, Iut.— 
New process of tinting steel plates for printing. 

BBxni, L. J. Coventry St Des.— Egg-shells carred 
with views inside, and others engraved on. 

Hbmsok, R. 28 Southampton St Strand, Mann.— A 
mosaic table, to ihow a new application of minerals for 
tables, panels, fco. 

Bmlu D.O. Cftlton Hill Stairs, Edinbur|^ Prod, 
and Desw— Cslotms of the fishermen and women of New- 
haTon, near Edinourgh : produced by the late B. Adamson. 

Hmi^ £. Orchard St Kensington. Mod^-Model 
of a carriage in card-board. ETory part maoB to act 

Borur, B. 16 Univsni^ St Inr.— Derign Ihr a 
simple scale Is enable the statuary or painter to unlYne, with 
speed and certainty, the fkdal proportions. 

HoixxAH OIL & Wajutor, 51 Gt Marlborough St 
InT. and Prod.— Drawing on stone with the stnmpb Com- 
bination of tlie stump s^^le and lithoomphio ehaUu Litho- 
tint (patent), drawn on the stone with uqnid ink and a brush. 

Houn, F. W. 4 Hereford Sq. Old Brompton, Des. 
—Specimens of an improved method of stnmp litnography : 
the materials invented by the late C HnlhnandeL 

HmiransTS, N. H. 20 Dorchester PL BlendfotU 
Sq. Des. snd Prod.— Specimens of dsoorative printiitg^ and 

HoMnnsTB, J. IS Howard St Strand, Inv. and 
ICana.— Pertable meullic letten, to be 8xed on glass. 

Huvr, C. Jun. 27 Sale St Paddington, Des.— En- 
slate^ suitable for sins, fodag, fee. 
JouaDi, Ik Co. 214 Regent St Prop.-^)niamenlsl 

printed musle, In oU colouis and from stone. The 
engraved en pewter, traasfemd and printed from stone. 

' KAonACB, B. 6 Dnke St Grosvenor Rq.— Satan 
^ostxophlriB«the8nn. FMr Milton's Psradise Lost 

Ksaanmr, W. H. Mariborough Cottage, Brompto% 
Inv^-^ChqroB psinting, executed with Kearney's Yenetiaa 
pastils; impsnrious to damp^ and for internal decorations. 

Knn, T. B., 5 Cnnreh Bow, Islington, Inv. and 
Des.— New style of painting, consisting in the application 
of foiely-pnlvcriaed colour to a granulated oit-grou(uL 

KncnnnaL T. Des. snd Bng Reals and dies. 
Initial letten fimathe ei^th to the sixteenth oenturies, Ice. 

KnonooM, J. M. 82 P^temoeter Bow, £n^ and 
Printer.— Cbhmr printing. The Dmcent from the Qrosi, 
alter Bubem^ IkCk 

Laim, J. Calton HilL Edinburgh, Des. and Maain. 
—Glass chsm or dran|^ board. 

LAaocu, M. 65 OxfosdSt Des. and PnmL— Tbs 
The Evening Star. Daguerreotype. 

LAsom»n, E. Wavertree^ Des. snd Prod^-Models 
in wood of Wavertrse Churoh, Wavertree HalL White- 

Latauis GABOun, M. Bird's Grove, Cpvetttnr, 
Mod— Modeli of the Nineveh marbles now In the British 
Museum, by a relative of Dr. Layard, solf-taugfat 

LsiL J. Hinckley, Maker.— Model of the stocking- 
frame introduced into Jbinekley, by W. lUffe, in the 
17ih oentury, wliich, with some uiprovements of detail, is 
still in use. 

LiMBTOii, J. 40 Brewer St Golden Sq. and 19 Hlch 
St Csmden Town, Des.— The Seven Ages of Man ; des. tur 
bes-relief, illuminatod and mounted as a table top. Mono- 
srams, kc^ Des. for medals, a chandelier, book covers, lie. 
Spedmens of ink-Uthography. 

L«vis, D. Kagland, Blaker.— The remains of tlie 
Cistercian Abb^ of St Mary, at Tintem, Monmouthshire, 
founded a.o. 1181. 

LooA3r. EuzABSTH J. Bsmscy, Isle of Man.— Modol 
of H. B. H. Prince Albertfs tower at Hamsey, Isle of Maiv 
oompoeed prindpally of the minerals, sea-weed, lee. of the 

Ldcail B. C The Firs, Otterboume, near Winclies • 
ter, Dfs. sad Manu.— Ivory carvings j and imitation bronaes. 

Mabst. J. 26 Paradise St Lambeth, Mod.— Model 
of a testimonial to the memory of H. Handley, Esq., M.P. 
Erected at Sleaford, from the des. of W. Bcvyle^ Esq. 

Digitized by 


CLAm 30. Sa^p^a^, ModeU, ami Plattk Ari^ Motaid, EnamOi, ffc. 


KmtsiT, H. & 82 Fetter Jiue, Bet. end Menu.— 
Model ibr % geneiml honitaL <• 

If nxBB, T. 56 Long Acre, Inr. end lleno. — Peini- 
ingi with eiliea ooknin end ^eM mediion, with e«ortnieut 

MiLiJ» liABSLLA, F. Little FurtDB, St Meoti, Hunte. 
Inr. sad Prod.— ^oplee of engimTrinee etehed tiidi hot inne. 
llie Inetramente invented by the eimbilar. 

MncncBLL^ J. T. Percy PI. Oivheni Bd. Prod.— 
SIpecfanen of ehaned ebenmt-iraod ennmna: The ezeeo- 
tiOB of fWttt John. The CaMseen de WaaaL by T. Uwins, 
R.iu ; end the Nengbty Boy. by EdidnLmdeeer, B.A. 

McwTJUiABi, N. 29 UDDcr Chetlotte 8t FStzroy 8q. 
Mod.— Flsurei^ iUoetefttive of Mexieen tomi and lavage life. 

MoBOiur, B. 8c Helen't, Swaaeee. I)eB.-^opo- 
na^tol model of Tyncoouth GMtle. Model of Untem 

* MoBOAir, H. K. G. M.P. Jofaartown Coitle, Wex- 
ibcd, Ireland. Prop^— Model of Jofaaeloim GMtle, eonnty 
Wexfttdjreland, the eeat of Mr. Gnoa Moijpn, M.P. 

NawTOs^ Sir W. J. 6 Axgyle St— PSetnrce painted 
on ivoiy, joined together by the ertiit by aproceei of hie 
uwn invention. The Homage. IheanxrlMBeoirHerM^letty, 
and the chvietcaing of the Prinee of walei^ eonlalaing 
poHiaitf of Her Mnet^, Pzlnoe Albert; Ac. 

KiCBOu, & J. 11 Argyll PL Dca,— Deeian for a 
■croea to enclose a chapeL An attempt to adept the ibnns 
of mel£mval erchiteetore to iron. 

NicBOuuL MAav Aim, 7 St MlehecTe Ter. Pimlico^ 
Inv. and Deo. — Imitation eemeoa. 

KoBon, E. 18 King William St Stmd. 
1. BeoehaaaDaa veae. A copy of tlie Warwicfc 
serpentine marble. 2. Sabina. in leipentine marble, a oomr 
of the oelefarated group of biovanni Bokgaa da Do\ai. 
\4. Two vases, in agate, after the aatifMv 7 Ibet 6 inches 

NoacHT, E. 18 King WilBam St Strand, Mann.— 
Werwiek vaee and Rape of the Sabinea, after John Belognar, 
In aeipcntine marble. Copies in veiy saroe egate maiUe, 
fnim a very aadent jog in bronze, at the Mnaeum at 

OuvB, G. T. Tietoiia Ter. St John's Wood, Dee. 
-Device ahowing the arrangement and eombination of 
ooloois of floweiB, Ite^ 

QsBOML UjoajDAy A Sydney 8^ Goouncrcial Bd. 
Kaat, Prod.— Manr, Qneeii of Scota, moaming over the 
Dying Dooglaa in Berlin wooL 

Pafvobtb, J. W. 14 Gt Mailbonm^ St Dea.— 
4 deoorative panel, painted Jn diatemper. 

PiUL4iBJ^ E. 73 Pioeadllly, Desi— Drawing of the 
Jenny I4nd tooomotive and of the eagiaca of H.M.S. the 

PAasorn, J.. 10 New Gaatle St awtaditeh.--Modcl 
of 59t John'a Chnreh, Bethnal Green. 

Pabtudgs, W. 28 Newman St Dea. and Prod.— 
inna, enamelled on slate. Magna Charta, cmblaaoned on 
vellnm. .' 

PaAKS, C.C. 5 Grosvenor PL Ckmberwell New Rd. 
Des. — Model in wax of the Stephanotos plant, in flower, 
fimning an ornament fbr a plateau, Ipe. 

PkABca, S. B. Nailsca, near Briafol, Dcs.— Model, 
in glaas^ of a honae, ahowing plain briekwovk. Another, 
ahowing frecatone work. 

PjDounr, P. J. Gonniger OoCl^c^ Torre. Tdgn- 
month Bd. near Torquay, Pn^- A plateaa in Florentine 
ttiarble, reprceenting the &U of Troy, and Ike Greeks cde- 
bratittg their vietoiy. 

PtTMAsr, I. 5 Nelson PI. Bath.— Chaitof the phono- 
gra^e and phonotypie alphabets. The BOile, kc, printeil 
pKonetieally, and the Testament in phcnetie abort-hand. 

PowzLL^ J. Trentham. Neweaatl»«nder-Lyme. — 
Model of Sbakspeare's house as it now exists. 

PaoEq, Dr. J. U. Wostott-snper>MarB, Inv. and Dea. 
—Specimens of ornamental engraving on polished steel, 
effected by means of voltaic electricity. 

BicoAaMON, EuxA, 7 Melbuiy Ter. Prod.— Table 
cover with heraldic border. 

BiTcmB, J. 22 Princea St Bdinbur<^ Des.— Statue 
in marble, of a poetess. Statue in marble, of His Grace the 
Duke of Wellington. 

BoBBSTsoH k Co. 51 Long Acre, Mann.— Canvas, 
prepared for painting Brushes and pencils. Water colouxa. 

Bonnaos, P. K. Whitby, Torkdiire, Maker. 
Moddofdieruinaof Whitby Abbey before the &U of the 
great western window in 1780^ and of the tower in 1830. 

Boghead, J. T. Glasgow, Des.— Model of the arch 
at Dundee, erected to commemorete Her Mi^eaty's famding 
then in 1844. 

BooBO, W. G. 10 Carilsle St Soho.— A mod. fai 
wood fat a crosier head^ intended to be worked in gold. 
U iatorical cup, in memonr of William IlL A boldlv.carved 
trophy on a gilt grouiML Two bncketa of wood carved 
ana silt, with porcelain fichrea, by Chamberlain from 
modela, by W. G. Sogers. A toilet-dam anggeated by the 
Duchess of Sntheriaad. A bust of Sir Walter Scott, esrved 
by J. EngeL ke. 

fioGBBS, W. H. 10 Orlisle St 1 
for a royal cradle. An illuminated inseripd 

Bocw, P. 13 Denmark Ter. Islington, Mod.— Ma- 
tallic portraits in wax. 

BosB» U. 15a Dooro Place, Kendqgton, Des.— 
Statuettes of tiie Duke of WelUngton and the hue Sir B. 
Peel, in wax, Ibr Pariah and metal. 

Boas^ Hon. HAaaisr M. Bladenabm)^ Boa str e vo r, 

« "" ■ *' - . - . . •Caen 

Des.— Design 


ColouiB bniahes, pendls, crayons. Mathematical iaatni- 
menta. Spedmena of ^po-chiomatie printing, inv. by F.W. 
Bowney, kc 

BiSELL^ H. H. SO George St Adelphi, Inv. and 
Ilea.- Tidal ataireaae which oreaervea the atcna perfectly 
diy. A speedy Lonia, to expedite the hoistin^ofli^t stones. 
Mod. of suqiendon bridge for railway carnage, troope, or 
other tranait ; landlngHiier of wire rope, and iron tumng. 
Beg. improvement on Taalle*a pat elating. Model, ahowing 
the comparative modea of alaling and timbering. Model of 
the Boyal Victoria Tower, propoaed to be erected at Kinga- 
town, Dublin, to commemorate Her Majesty's viait to Ireland. 

SA^GiovAinfi, B. 13 Chirence PL Brighton.— Terra 
eotta modelB of a wild boar, of a group of dogs, and of s 
stag hunted by «l<igF- 

ScoLUCE, H. C Hi^isate Lane, BalaaH Lane, near 
Birmini^iam, Mann.— Model of St PanTa Cadiedral, made 
from card-board by a penknila. 

SsAL) J. Worfip St Shnreditch.— Model of Oosby 
Hall, Bishc^sgate; built about 1470, by Sir John Croeby, 
Sheriff of London, and inhabited by lUchard UL 

167 SxrTD, MAav A. P. Dea. and Maaa.-Model of an 
English villa home, fnmiahed throughout 

Smra, T. Jun. 49 Eaateheap, Mann.-Mode3a in 
cork: Boyal Exchange and Monument of London 

SxiTB, F. S. k Co. Stourbridge.- Method of coating 
the anrfaoea of caat iron with ghua : patented by Wyatt, 
Stourbridge. With apedmena. 

£ou>MO!a, A. 220unbridge So. Hvde Park, Menu. 
— An ivory pagoda, after Sir Wm. CuamDers, turned oo- 
tagon, on a oeae of cannel coat Fine sp 
engine tuning, kc. Iron the south of Fnaoe. 

of oM 

Digitized by 



Clam 80. Sen^fhare, Modtk, and Plaaiie Jrt^ Momia^ AaaMb, ^t. 

BrAMmnaa, Hauuxt, & Go. S6 Old Jemy, Prod, 
itod Kalflodir. SpeoinMOf of printiog in oolonn 

InvM^^H. yrazhin Gordent, Dm. uid Moau. 
la Kettt't oementi In imttoHon of marblt, 
lid>l« tops, fcel iahld with ^Mi monle. 

Srruaam, Busabeth, Mn. Pina'i, St. TbomM, 
Bzoter, Dm Slrturtto of WAYvrler, In iirory. Oftrred by 
n Mlf-lnighlartiiL SO jean of Age, nom her own oonbeption 
of tho ohnnoter of WaToxiflj, withoat the aid of tny amir- 

8TOCKn,N. B. 7 CShorlei PLKoitith Town, Dei.— 

Sonoii, H. 98 VMuchoU 8t Y tnzhal], Mura.— Pie- 
ion ftaoM, inkid with tortotoeiheU end notherof-pearL 

TflOMiOH, J. 57 DeroMhiM St Portland PL— 
Deiign ftr m eolfliwil tiwe jieee adapted far gUteror temao 

Toam, BaUineolUg, near Ooik, Maod, Inr.— 
Mbdeli, in ivoiy, of Roman and other temples Bust of Her 
M^eetf, fce., eat oat of the eolid iroiy with a lathe. 

Tmnnrr, 6. 6 Bloomsbozy 8q. Dee.— Deiign for a 
wroaght4nmeanflmdtomb; thereof and edoored parti to 
be ofporoeiain, and the thrare of alabaiter. 

YoMTLieiDSB, fiTAm, li Co. 8 Lowndes Tar. 
JCnii^bridge, Pro.— Dago er ie otj r p e nortraiti, by an im* 
profod inatantaneooi proeeai. ArdiL £. T. Pickoiog. 

Walbsb. J. Gt ICarketi Meweasde-apon-l>ne, 
Prod.— Carred oak paaeL stained as old oak : Christ blsMing 
Uttlo Children. 

Wauji, T. W. ITpgate, Loath.— Studies from 
oatnrs, earred out of a solid pleee of lime-tree. 

Waixo, T. W. Louth; Lineolnshire, Des.- The 

Slden plorer— stn47 ftom naturei and gnmp of fruit, 
mm, and oom : study from natore^ oarred oat of one 
solid fieee of ttmo^ree. 

WBtB k BABKEBrr, Bridge St and St James's 
St Tannton, Prop.— Model of a cathedral, earred in oak. 

Wjob, J: S6 Hi^ & EdinborriL Maker.-Correet 
model of John Kno^i house and part df High Street, Kdln- 

Wnirvoon, J. O. Hammersmith, Prop.— Blectro- 
tjpe eests. Speeimea of die sinkina. Saoiall frame of buhl 
work, in imitation of the chased work of the Loais XIV. 
period, leo;, all liy the late John Westwood. 

W HiTiMi, G. Beaafbrt Hoassi Struid, Prop.— Sped- 
mem of compound plate printing, cameo smboaiing, and 
relief engraTingi. 

, T. St Bertholomew'i HoipitAl, BCaker.— 

Ifodelof St Paul's cathedraLin cardboard. 

WuvinsoM. Sir G. P4 
origiaal design,parti7 oonstmoted from a piece of one of the 

Portman Sq.— Small table, of 


idsh Metropolitan 

great cedars of Lebsoon. 

WiLUoy, T. Greacent Buildin 
Model of the Victoria pmmid for the 
necropolis, to be erected on WoUiig Common. 

WiLSOH, A. 17 Qoeenhithe.— Design for a book 
eorer, earred with a penknife ; ezeeoted in cardboard by 
Walter Blaekett, architect 

WiLiox, G. at Hime and Addison's, St Ann's Sq. 
Kaochestor.— Cribbege-board inlaid with the nacre of a 
species of Pinna from the Pacific. 

Wour k Sox, 28 Ghoroh St SpitaUlelds, Menu.— 
Chalks, chalk-pencila. and Athenian crayons. Sketch book. 
Ceylon, Indian, and Malaga black lead. Drawing pencils, 

Wr ATT, J. 88 Dodley Grore, Paddlngton. and 83 
Spital So. 8calp.;^Model of a Quadriga, with allegorical 
figures of Britaaida, attended by Peace and Iiidnstiy. De- 
signed far a triomphal arch. 

Wroir, B. S87 Regent St Del. and Seolp^lBmraa- 
of the jpeat seals of England, Seotland, and Mimds 
sorts oflawj tho British colonial flOTommmitB, Im. 

Wtoil L.a Medallist, B<7arBflnt-Pmrtittita of 

a Children, modaUed hw command of Her M^esty. 

' ^^ "^ "^ ** ' Commimlooan r "^ 


the Royal 

Model adopted br the Royal 

liaa Great Bxhibitioa Pnn Msdaii. 

I as the saeond 

Wron, W. B. A. Royal Mint Des. and MM^-Pot- 
traita of Her Mijesty and HJELH. Prince Albert, being UmT 

model fa the obrersss of the Gubav B imni n o if 

Mbpam. Proof coins of the nrssant rain. 

tho coins of two preceding imgna, and auo of 1 _ 

Vaneaaala, and New QreMda. Models of war and varloaB 


Tbo. D. D. AshbortML Deronshlrai Prop.-4ipeci- 
of oil nalnting on whits velrai; adapted ftr the eorer- 
ingi of chairs, ottomaoL sofiM, Im. 

ZtBOlLB^ U, & S Rnssell PL Pitiroy So. Des.— 
Goblat» moaatad in goU, and endroled with an aunvorieai 

paintinft lepresanting Jnstioe. 

AM«^, G. 4 Perch St, Bedfad Sq. Prod.— Bkonaa 
Statnetla: TheDukaof WallingionatWaterkw, rilvoreaa- 
boeringof H.R.B.PrinoeAlbirti na8istea,andTheIb- 
oonatant^ after StephanoC 

AnAMiosf, O. G. Glsagow, Prop.— A large bonqoat, 
made frpon Bkrasilian birds* MhenLlm. 

AnasBA^ J. 45 Gaoiga Bt Manchester, Des. — 
lUnslrated plan of the township of Maacheeter, corrected up 
to Pebmaryi ISftl, showiag all the pobUo bulU^gSb Mo- 
torics, Im. 

Ahbbosb, B. Cor^ Ireland, and 101 Stanhope St. 
Momington Crescont^ Lonoond— Group in marble: Piyeha, 
bj the u^it of a lama diseorers Cupid asleep. 

Arsoiaoii. EuaABBTB, 9 Devoasmro PI. Hano- 
TorksUrs, Des. and Prod.— Figure of Her Mijesly, 
gores in Turkish oootumeu kc In wax. 


Badooob, J. Bri^iton.— Pbotogrsphie epocimena of 
▼acdne, prodnced by Inoenhiting the cow with smaU-pos, 
showing the oharaoter cf the Tealoiss in their different 

BAiBBBioaiL J. GiUing, BlchmondL Torkahlra.— 
ModiA of aumber Uouse^ the seat of the Duke of New- 
castle, in cardboard. 

Babzb, R. G. 88 Abore Bar, Soothamplony Dee.— 
Derign fa n new style of monumental tablet 

Babbb, D. T. 98 Newman St Osford St Des. and 
Bzecntor.— Coat of arms cf H.B.H. Princo Albert : embla- 
aoned on veUum, with insignia of the orders ofknignthood* 
' Babolat, G. S2 Gerrard St —Designs fa riritlqg 

cards. Spedmem of di»«lnking and engr«Yiag on gams. 
Imitation ooim in paper. Scripture coins. 

BAnBATr,R. 106 Great RusseU St Bedford Sq.Iny. 
—A atwly-inTented candle okwk lamp. Newly-lairented 
window-lhune and sash, of exceedingly simple compaction. 
Improrod painting ana dusting brash. Newly •ioTonted 
spring stoeks. Spedmen 'of newly-inTsnted writing and 
printfnB fa the blind. Newly-ioTcnted method fbrlbcill- 
tating ttie production of patterns In wove &brios. feed- 
men of new and eoonomic water and air beds, fa hospitals, 
workhousss, kc Specimens of nswly-lnrsnted rafleotoiBy 
and chimneys, for gas and oil bumeia. 

Babtom, w. Derby, Iut. and Prod.— Bitch and 
poppies, in Derbyshire alabaster. 

Basbbb, W. 5 Beserroir Rd. Nottii« Hill, Dei^ 
Design fa a Gothic dock. 

BATTAJ^T. ale 3 Johnson's Court, Fleet St Prod. 
—Collaotion of TaseiLwiai sobieoli from te antique. r^r^^J^^ 

Digitized byVjOOy IC 

CisAU 30. StM^iure, ModeU, amd Pkutie Art, Momiot, Emmek, ffc. 


Bbtob, J. M.D. NtwvkruoB-TTCBt, bT.— A fia- 
^ g UlistnliTC of Ml liBpiuf€a pvoecH of tazidanij, 
cAeledby tiie iiie of gotte podiis In taldii« a Bodcl of tlM 

BB£»W.CL|,44l)MaSl8ohoS|. Prod.—] 

Beee Bono, iftor Corrnio. 
ft mor^^J. North Andljrr St. Inr.— ] 

of H« Mucf^, prodoeod bj A riu^ Iba of equal tfaielou^ 
nd Sa9MBt in lai^fli. 

BfcA»OHAWS M. H. Kiac EdvMd 8t ItatinT.Bd. 
Maaa^— Tena eotta: Ionic camtaL da. \f and nndar C 
Bhiv, Eaq. Gothiopinaaolc^ te. oy and nndtf P. Pncet, 
IB^. lfedatof«berarboioii^tetlinMnU,P.]lolLEaq. 

BonuLm Ik CAmraAm, G^stlaSl^ edinbai]^ Dea. 
and Bxeenton.— Desian, in ialtadon of fkcMomiiida& and 
ofkiUdiTOod. Barigns, inimitaikn of Inlaid narlile, Sn 

BoTsr, J. Plymouth, Dotoil Maan^— A 

aiaee, dcdgnad'by O. C Arthur, ardUtaet; and a font, 
lhap«pen&ular ttjla, dedgnad br W. BaaanL architect; 
fgecutad in marhihw, Ike. found in ue ncidihouznood. 

BnxBBioii, C 8t Har/f. Bedlbid^-Biawiag, ezo- 
oniidwitii a BthogimpfaiepeB, ana Indian Ink. 

Bnnr, 6. il Tpoe 8L Wihni^KlDa 8q. Det.— 
Onyx gam camaoa: Oupid and Dorei : iMadi of Aiiadnc, 
BMchantea, Goddan oTTondL and MedoM. 

BaooKS^ A. School of Dea. Minrherter, Dos.— De- 
oofalion, ooitahle fiir tlia top of a door cr wiadov in a 

BaooKEB, G. 3 Trinity 8L Gnbridga, 
Modal oTa 120-gun iliip^ in coriL Berign of tiie great quad- 
m^a of Trini^ College* 

BaooBS^G. St iUfiane, Herti, Prop.— Claric attach- 

r fadlitating the pcrftnnanee on Ilia violin, violoo- 
id double heiL 

BBOwir,B. 58 6t Baaell St BiooMbaiy, Bei. and 
ScuIjiL Scpulchful UKWiuniffut of tlie decontion period, in 

BocxXi^ 8L Petcrboroua|i, Prod«~-A eeriec of pie- 
tuna fiam nature, talcen b^ Tubotf c photogiapUe prow | 
oenadcelotype, and printed fiom pi^er negrarca. 

BoDQE, J. WeUi, Somoaet, ilann.—llbdeia in 
EngHrii oalc and in ivofy, of a chair finmoly tlie prop e rly 
of Abb ot whi^ng'* 

m Boorr, C. P. If onton Lodae, Greenheya, Man- 
charter, Dea.— Cue of dcsians, for stained and peintedglaa- 
' ' , and interior arehiteetnral deeoiatiQae. 

\ h Palmeb, Maoehcster, Prod^^-Moddi, in 
r, of wlndoirs decbmed by J. B. GreKsn, architect 

Branui, U. 9 -xorii Ter. Queen*! Bd. Bonecy Bd. 
MimL— Portreit medaUiom of Her Mijciiy and H.R.H. 
Prinee Albert, in en improred conpoiition. Model in in- 
ika^gible irax, inv. G. Hi and U. BunUL 

Caltkbt, Ber. W. 3 Gt College St Wertminatai^ 
Dee. and Artift—Spedaien of pyrogn^y, eiecuted iqpon 
Ifmu ttwi, with a, heated to a red heat 

Gamebor. G. 11 ShephenTe MariDB^ May Pair, 
IaY«— fmitationf of damask, in paint, for daeorations. 

CAHnau, T. 16 Gt Marlborough St Dci. and 
Seu^—BiaHrolief; statue of a peer robed. 

CABnoRROii, F. A. 10 Henrietta St Corent Garden, 
Mak«.~Models of three thousMid equaro mSles of En|^and; 
of part of theport and town <]^ Dundee; of BIyth, in Not- 
t Jn g h a m a h iro; and of the conntiy between MaiMhcater and 

CidRia, J. Cowl^ Bd. Chdbrd, Bee. and Sculp.— 
B^rtisnal Ibnt, in Caen stone, enriched with four coonpoal- 
tiotts in alto«elieTOL and symbolical decorations cf onit^ 
foUage^lce. ^ 

CnAPMAii, J. 28 East PI. Lambeth, Sculp.— Csrrad 
oak Gothic lookiag-ghus freme, of the perpendicular style. 

CHonsB^ 8. 1 Bhmifleld Bd. MaidaUiU, Prod^ 
The Holy Family : a specimen of enamel painting on poire»> 
lain, after the pictnn in the National GalliaT by MuriUo. 

CX.APBAII, J. K. 6 Briggate, Leeds, ^op.— A cou 
map of the United States, from a steel plate, on Goodyo 
gum elastic. 

CuiTOBD^ G. 5 Inner Temple Lmml Temple Speci' 
mens of books, maps^ deeds, lie eleaaad and restond. 

CosmAnu, H. 28 Queen's Gardens, Brixton, Dea. 
—Model of Lord Nelson's inode of attack on the oomhinod 
fleet oif the Ospe of Traftlgar. 

GoTTOv. B. LouKwood, near Hnddersfleld, Maker. 
—Model of the Leeds In&lrial Training SchooL 

GouA G. B. Church St BknOnf^tm — IMes of 
60 medals, in bronae, tUustrallTe of the Holy S crip tnre n, 
with a rererae to each ; medals of the Kings and Qneena 
of England, from Willisa tiw Conqueror to hsr present 

Coun^ W. BdmonI Hooee, St Heliera. Jeney, 
"* - ih and 

Prod.— Cik>type pieturea from life: French 


CooKB Ik SoBi, Warwick, Bca. and Manu^— The 
KenQworth oak buSbt, with sculptured reSeros, iOustratiira 
of eye nts-at Kenilwarth CMtle, : 
grown upon lis « 

CnADoocc, T. Wisbech, Prod.— PhotogrMhio copj 
cf HoDoway's print of Buhad's Elymas : of YandykeTs fit 
Andvose refhslQg Theododus adnuttsnce into the church, Iec. 

Cnaspov, B. Chusoh Fields. Chcehunt, Dei. and 
"■ ■'*'"* " " L and lour i 

CABmnrasBS, W. Beinte.— Model of tlie newchardi 
•t Sonthwator, Samex, in Bdgata stone. Designed by 
J. P. Harrisoi ^^ -'—a— / 

Gothic ahrine^ and four cerred fignrea. 

Camn, T. J. Kilbun, Mann.— Working model 
h nds fape to work by dock-'work. 

CkninALx. Ik Annar, 21 OU Bond St Publishers.— 
Copies of sacred pieturea by the old masters; and of water- 
colour drawings, printed in eolooia from wood-blocks, by 
Messrs. Lcighto%of LamVs Conduit Street Soecimena of 
wood-out pnnting, by Bobson, Levey, and Frank|yn, of Now 
Stroet, Fetter Lane. 

Datis, W. ISOsnabor^ St BcgentTs Pk. Dee.- 
Ascent and Descent of Sabrina, from Coanis. TItaaia and 
Oberon, " Come, teip we under the ld|^^ehade.'* 

Da GaooT.C. 1 Swift's Bow, lhibiin,l>e8. and Mann. 
—Basket of fhiit, flowers, and ornaments, carrod in sycn* 
more; oval pictan frame, in Umo-lree. 

Df OBSBB, J. B. 27 Howiand St Fltiroy Sq. Pnd^~ 
Sabbath ETening, a specimen of litfaogrsphy,in six colooia. 

DnBToa, T.D. 8 Great College St Westmr. Prod. 
— Modela: the great Exhibition and the BeeovdOiBos^fran 
of J. Pennethorne. 

DnsnALB^ C Newcastle, Inr. and Mann.- Artificial 

KM, Ice. Wax models, iUnstiatire of the hatching of a 

DnsDAU, C NewcastieL Mann, and Lit.— Artificial 
teeth, fcc. ModetoillustratiTeofineubi^on. 

Doa, E. High St Worcester, Des.- 
f upon porcelain plates. Scene from 


Dows% HmmiarrA, 39 Upper Cheriotte St Htavoy 
Lit. and Dec- Painting on ▼ellum, in gold, sUver, and 

, with rsieed work. 
Down, & iTythoin, near Glastonbury, Dea.— Model 
of a deooy poof Ibr taking wild fowl. 

DnraAir, J. 66 Manor St Dublin, Inr.- 

Digitized by V^i^OQ IC 


Clam 80. Sat^pture, Models, amd PUuHc Art, Momuea. JBnamdt, <tr. 

pMtf of tiM ooDBty of KUkainy, exhibiting the andnktioiie 
of ground in natonl relief by e pecnUer procese of en- 

DtJimr, Mz. E. C & de, London, Inv. Menu, end 
Pet— Meohenionl hnmen flgnre, eepeble of expeaiSon, in 
peribot ]ffoportion, ftom the ttnnderd of the ApoUo BeWe- 

i to Mven feet higli. For the use of ertiits ; end of nn- 
nnlhetiirert of weerlng ^perel, fee. 

DonAirr, Soban, 14 Conduit 81 Weet, Dee. end 
Sedlp.— Group in pleeter : Belinriue. 

KuTOAMf J. Worcester, Dee.— TJnnsuelly loqg pbo- 
tognphie plete, with many scenes upon the seme snrfiMe ; ell 
flmshed at the seme time. 

Emsrt, J. 14 North 8t Westminster, Des.— Model 
an pleeter of Peris) of e Gothic door, with flgnrss of Feith, 
Hope, end CheritT. 

EsoEX, W. 3 Osnebuigfa St Rejenfs Perk. Pelnter 
in cnemeL—Portreits in enemel ftom eneieni end modem 
mesters, from the ooUcetions of her Msjestr, kc 

Etsbsit k Co. 51 Fetter Leioe, inr. end Heno.— 
Bleekiqg, flexible end elestio Temish, mod enemel Teniah 
for boots end shoes. 

Faubu, T. Gloneeeter St Dablin, Des.— Tonng 
Belher surprised, eeulptured in Gsen stone. Peetorel Life^ 
e mod^ in plester. 

FicDBSy J. St John's, Woreester.— Imitations of 
Egyptian green, Perien, bleek Sienna, and black Kilkenny 

FiLoeSy J. Worcester, Inr.— Imitations of Sienna 
and EgypHen green meible, on shells er columns, with 
imitation Perien meible feorus,black merble plinths. 

FiTca, H. StebMng. Essex, Des. -Model of Steb- 
blng Church, Essex, by a police constable. 

Fomavr, A. H. 83 Cestle St Leicester 8q. Dee.— 
Statne In pleeter of Paris : The Forseken. 

FojMAMDt W. ▲. 51 Lime St 
8t— ninstratlons of the i ir o cc ss of wood- 

Fosnsr, A. H. 83 CuUe St LeJcestsrl^. Dee.- 
Statne in pleeter of Peris: The Forsaken.— r&if Bum/ 
Ballad of Lord Grnoiy. 

Fnmcii, CTColleffe, Eton, Bucks, Dee. and Bfann. 
— Two candlesticks, canred of walnnt^ree wood. 

Frkwbl J. S. 106 Upper Themes St Dee. end 
Menu. — ^Model of a Gothic coneeryatory or ftm-house. 

GAnomtEB, W. H. Troy House, Manningtree, 
Eaeex, Dos. end Executor.— Specimen of penmanship. 

Gbak^ T. Sherborne, Dorset^ Menu.— Model of an 


extending dining^teble on Improved principlee. 

GooLDDco, W. IS Great Cheoel St Broadway West, 
Des. — Roman Ionic portico with double colnum, eorniee en- 
riched with medeUioos ; crowned with a balustrade in white 
Parian cement, PfflUffhffd. 

GoDLDiHG, W. 13 Gt Chapel St W8Btminster,Des. 
end Prod.- Soman Ionic portico, widi double columns, isc, ; 
executed in white Peiien cement, and polished. 

Gkat, J. NewhaTen, Sussex, Prod.— Model of a 
South Sea whaling-ehip^ showing the Internal and external 
fkstenings, &c. 

GnsBf, J. 109 Gt Portland St CaTcndish Sq. Des. 
and Eng. — ^Large military trophy engraved on a sine plate, 
with bronze frame. 

Grbbn k Fahbt, 6a Chariotte St Portland PI. and 
15 York PI. Brompton, Inv. — ^Folding drawing models, in 
three serice, illustrating the application of perspective, and 
the principlee of Uf^t end shade. 

Gnioo, J. H. Banwell, near Wells, Inv. and Mann. 
—Ornamental rustic chair; rustic ornamental table; end 
mechanieal picturos, composed of woods of various huee. 

GamsuET, H. Oxford, Des. and Mod.— Ten»-eoita 

statue, mede in clay obtained firom Sbotover Hill, neer 
Oxford. Qav. sand, and ochrs^ Arom the same place, ehow- 
Ing fourteen oiflereBt strata. 

Haxudat, It W. 46 High St Bloomsboiy, Ei^.— 
Specimen of stencil plate engraving on thin metal. 

HA^BasLXY, J. A. Principal of the School of 
Des. Manchester, Dee.— Picturo in oil colours, shcmlng the 
principles upon which floral forms are adapted to deaJgns 
for textile ftbrice. 

BAMnom,B. 14 Fountein St Manchester, Dee. and 
Menu.— Spedmene of omsments, labeli^ and tickets^ for 
mannfoctured goods. 

Hamoock, J. Newcestie«pon-Tyn^ Prod.— StuflU 
birds, Ite. illustrative of folconry. The UUnmergcyer of 
the Alps: young leopeid repoeing, kc. Group In bronae: 
Eegle end swan (cast in one piece). 

Hamocb, J. 101 Stsnhope St Begentfs Park, Scalp. 
—Dante's Bsatrice. . 

H^aiin, P. 197 Gt Britain St Dublin, Mann.— Mo- 
del cfCConneii in bnad. 

Hamust, U.kV. 64Gherlotte St BatiibonePL 

3iromolitbogmphy, in graduated tints. 

Habtst, a. Peusance, Prod.— Ckurvings In box 
Peter the Great, and Laocoou; Wild Sports of the 
Eaet; Atteck of tile Lion. 

Haumb, J. Jun. 10 Thomhill Bridge PL Penton- 
viOe, Dee. end Sculp.— Sculptured friese In pleeter. 

Haum, J. 40 Sidmontii St Begenfe Sq. Prod.- 
Imlfafions of endent typography, by Cakton, Wynkyn de 
Wonle,Pyaeon,&)e. Itallen illuminated peinting of the 16th 
cent Holbeli^e Danee of Deatii. 

Hawuson, W. Millbenk Westminster, Dee. and 
Builder.— Model of a house lately built on Putneir Heath« 
an inch to a foot^ the design hes been much adauxed ae e 
beentifiil examnle of true old English erehiteotore. and the 
minutia is cemed out internally and externally with great 
can from the best examples in that styl^ entlroly of Mick 
and stone. The model made by W. &nith, a workman 
engaged on the building. 

Hawkei^ B. W. 57 Cembridse St Hyde Parit 
Gate, Desy — Group in bronse of the Europeen bison or 
aurochs. The fox-hunteni' candelabra. Model of a flro- 
plaoe, composed of metal and porcelain. 

Hbawidi, J. 80 Bedford So. Des.— Designs for 
china, and for papieiHnach4 ; for decorative paper eml 
paper-henglngs ; for cotton prints, Ike. 

HsooxLAicD, G. Grove PI. Lisson Grove, Dee.-> 
Stained end pointed glen of the decorated period of Gothlo 

HiLLTsn Ik Sou, Northumberland Whari; Blaek- 
weil, Des.— Group of seventeen figuree, cerved in wood, on 

Hbkfbilii, W. D. donmel, Ireland, Des. end Menn. 
— earrings in Ivory, African black wood, Walrus ivory, and 
hippopotamus ivory. 

Hmmio k Rnmrarosr, 137 Regent St Prop.-- 
Printing in ooloors : invented end executed by L. Heghe. 

Hrnnntr, Saxab, SO Boyal Avenue Ter. Cneleco, 
Inv.— Specimen of p ap y rog raphy, a no? el method of reprt- 

endeeepes. &c. 

Hxsnr, N. School of Des. York, Des. end Mod.-- 
Designs and models, in burnt clay, for part of a friese or 
pediment, and for small pilasters, or Jambs of chimne}- 

HmnriBr, A. 10 Portugal St Grosvcnor Sq. Inv 
and Des.— Britannia orbi mocccli : a decorative pictnra for 

HiGVur, S. 33 Fleet St Prod.— Anatomical sle- 
tnette, exhiUting the external muioies, with ootilne, draw- 
Digitized by V^OOQ IC 

Ci^Am 30. Satfphare, Moddi, and PioMtie Art, Momna, Enameb, ffc. 


'" \kc. Model of 


HnA, 8. Clifton, York, Inr.— Modd of window, 

L poaci to open and thai MpMrntfiy. Ycnoliaa 

Aaotj with TOitilaiing air ehtinbcr 

HoABS, M. Langporty Sonowt— €oik model of 
the ahboy ehnrcn at Both. 

HoDSOM, J. & Jul S2 Portagd 8t lineoln't Iim 
FlddL Pfod.^LetterfnH printing, partly in cdloait. 

HooAic, J. W^tworth PL Dablin,D«i.aiidBlakcr. 
— Statne, in manlo, repi«Mnting Hibeniia,withaeeeMoriea, 
wdf«4og^liazp^ Ice. 

BotT, J. 80 Pratt St Gunden TowB,Mam.--apeci- 
nwa of moddlingi diaiiiML and frnhnrtng. 

HoLDmo, If It. Habt jjm^ lata of Sc ai b or o u gh, 
Bca. and llaker.— Pair of wax fisnre>» ^^^^ coilnme; 
grovpiofflowas; and ihelb in wasc 

HoBVEB, O. 53 Ratbbone PL Qzfimi SL Bca.— 
InUtoeCnial deooration for halls, looma, Iw. 

Bows, J. G. 4 Cumberland PL Mew Bd. Bei. and 
Rieeiiler.— Stained glaai window, after tlie atyle of the 

JcjmnoB. J. 20 Portland PL Canonbnxy, Bca.— 
ma of inteilectaal paper-hanging. 

jBsmxoa, B. Berefoid, and 17 Lower Eaton St. 

Bor PL London, Dee. and Sculptor.— HarUe atatne 

of Cnpid: The Birth of the Bote, finfala buat of The 

JoBBCifl, J. B. 3 Warwiek Ct Bolbon, Pxod. He- 
1 decoiationa. from eathedrala aadduBchcs in 
printed in eolonia in litfaogr^y. 

JoBjinoif, 6. J. )<i 
Beaa, fricxe, and (aUei for a 

Prod, and DcaL— 
: and bracket of 

JoBmoK. W. 10 Mlddleaez Pbee, New Bd.— 
D8 of eleetio-metalhiinr : Flaxmaa'a Shield of 

AeUneL Eleetro^xpef of Benniq^e ledneed Elgin 
blea: Gartoona alter Baphael, in braae^ aihrcr, lee. 

Jo3fB, J. E. 41 Upper Charkitte St ntzror Sq. 
Dei. and Scolp.— Mother and child, chUdm and animals, 
and The Favooriie, portraits. 

KjUfLSACB, B. Dnke St GrosYenor Sq. Des. and 
Mbd^-Statnette of Smiho. 

K^nieoT, E. M. M.D. BaUin, lBT.--^3rphott, 
adapted to greea-hoose or garden watering, ^jjkgm^ adapted 
to medical purpoees. 

Ki3Mk T. Morpeth.— The Eari of Oulirie'B coat of 
arms, cot in fr e e st o n e ikom a qoany brionging to tiie said 
Bari at Hartford Bridgi^ Nortiramberlaad. 

RxLHOBsr, B. fl. TBB Eau. or. Prop.— An Icoaie 
stntteein maiblfc \^ L. MacdoMld, of Boma 

Kias, J. B. A.B.B.A. Jerris St Bnblin, Scnlp.^ 
An original groim, in plaster: The cmtionof tlieBimple. 

KuK, w: B. A.B.U.A. Jerris St Bnblin, Scalp.— 
CMghMlgroop, in plaster: PSstoralAjR. 

Lbtlasd, C^ 7 Old JewiT, Prop.— Three nmips 
in msHilc^ by John Bensoni, an Italian sculptor, at Bome. 
1. Cbpid ana Psyche. Four bes-rdieft adorn the sides of 
thebm. S. Gratilnde, a Teryyoanrgiri extracting a thorn 
ftom tile paw of a little dog. Z. ^nocenee defended by 
FideHtf. BInaldo d'Armida. A groim In marble, by Sie. 
BinaUo BInaldl, of Bome. Marble flgares: The nymph 
Glycen, and a nymph, both by the late B. J. Wyiit, of 

Lambebt, B. Cheadle, InT.— Model fflustislive of 
srehitectnral design and beauty, on a new method. 

Lbavbb, J. Cookham. near Maidenhead, Bes. and 
Mann. — ^A corona lads for Ugnting a church. 

Lbtr, 8L 9 Sooth St Andrew St Edfaibars^ tnr.— 
Speeimcns of a snbatltuto for the use of India piper in plate 

LswxBS, Misi J. S5 OqpelSt Dublin, Mann.— Wax 

Lcwa, B. Monmooth, Ifann.— Cork model of 
Tintem Abbey. 

LxTiAim, Ctot T.— Marble group, Cuidd and 
Piychc^ and Gradtode and Innooence defended by Fide- 
lity, by Bensoni of Bome. Binaldo and Armida (Taaw), 
by Binaldi of Bome. Ibe Nymph Glycera, and a 
hymph, by the late B. J. Wyatt of Bome. 

LiU2T, J. FiTchead. Taunton, Somenet, Dea.— 
Anatomised specimens of tfie leaTes of trees dyed bhick, and 
displayed on white drawingboard, to show Tsrieties in kind, 
sise^ texture^ ■hape, and shade, kc 

, CBAMJJorm. Belguey, Ireland, Prod.-- 

Models, in elder pith, of Great Cross, snd crom of Mniredaoh, 
Monasterboice ; crom at Ckmmacnoise, &e. 

Lorn, a 1 King St Portman Sq In^.— Engine- 
tnminc on glasi ; applicaUo to windows, bUnds, conserva- 
tories, hall4amp8, Iec. 

Lovour, W. B. 1 Eaton PL Park St Oxlbrd St 
Mann.— Wood earring: basket of flowers, and two horns of 

LooGB, J. G. 43 flarsvoodSq. Bes.— Seolptore : The 

LovSDXx, Miss L 8 TVevor Ter. Kni^tsbridg^ 
Bes. and Mann.— Tableau of flowers, modelled In wax, 
festooned with aeoms and leaTes. 

MacLaciix.ak, J. Douglas, Isle of Msn, InT. — 
Models <]^ machinery for pvri^fing towns, destroying patr«»- 
ccncc, remoring mannres (inoflcnaiTcly) by rail, kc 

MjuaJDBi^ A. 3 Bow Cfayd. alao LiTOipooI, Ma»- 
chester, and Glaa^m, Iut.— Lithographic printing machine, 
by stesm-powcr. 

MAKXPDBcgL BuxA, 7 Manor St Clapham, Sarrey, 
Mod^Models in wax*.-the IMmm kmafoUim yiriwosi. 
GhximkLpet^tmtu (^fmhUkm wbmmmm, amd FkalamapiB mmm- 

Mabxi, B. 31 Ebory St Eaton So. PimHco, Bca.— 
Groop of a Nymph and Copid, and model lor marble. 

Makxpbacb^ Euza, 7 Manor St Clapham — ^Modd, 
in wax, of the Lllium landflrfiam spedoeum. 

MAMCBni fc Moon^ 8 Wilson St Gray's Inn Lane, 
Manu. — ^Woodcuts and Utnminous stereotype platei^ with 
the impressions obtained Dram each. 

Mabdoit, W. 56 Banter St Branswick Sq.— A 
earring In oak: The Masssere of the Innocents, or Anseb 
comfaftiiig the afllicted Mother ; byM. Ga2rt8,of Lomraln. 

Mabcb,T. C. Stable Yd. St James's Palace, Mann. 
— ^Electro-deporite in copper. 

Mabocbesti, I'm Babox Cabxjow, Ondow fiq. 
BromptoB, Bes. and Scnln.— Equestrisn stetue of Blchard 
Ccrar de Lion; bas-reliel% the taking of Ascalon; Bichard 
prisoner and Blondell; Coronation and Death of Blchard. 
La Tour d'AuTergne ; First Grenadier of France. Monu- 
ment of the Marquis dl San Tomssso.* 

Martdi, T. Newton Abbot, Iut. and Mann.— Wax 
imprearions of seals eograTcd by machinery, by a pr o cca s 
called " Tomography.'* 

M'Cabtht, B. 17 Albert Ter. Kniriitsbridge, Des. 
and Mod.— Beer stalking, and coloeeal head of a horse. 

M'Callom, a. School of Design, Manchester, Iut. 
and Des. — A dioramie and musical timepiece. History of 
the calico printing of Manchester, comprising specimens of 
the trade eince its rise and during its pr ogres s , and illus- 
trated by riews in snd about Manchester. 

McEwzH, T. 8i CIcjrk St Edinburrii, Des. and 
Sculp. — John Anderson my Joe, a group in Scotch stone ; 
John Baptist preaching, and Strength perfectedin 
in plaster. 

Digitized by 



Ci.Aa> 8D. Seulpture, Modd$, and PUtie Art, Mo$aic$, BnamA, #«. 

. . ox, J. JBondnte. Darlington, Prod.— 

Model of York Miniter, to a iciite of 15 feet to the ineh. 

M lun, T. Judd PL East. Euston 6qn. Det. and 
Bca]n.---Dadsn for monument to the memory of Lord G. 
"tiitlBfl k. GxoaM of animali, &e. 

Momi. L ia» 14 Pall Mall, Dei. and Sculp.--Statne 
In Gaiaim marble : Sto after the Fall. Andent and modem 
Lore. A veilod Yeetal Bust in marble. A female Slave 
in the Mtrke^ ko, Onuunenti and moulding! In EngUah 

MoRnnons, Sir M. B. Groerenor Gate, Park Lane. 
PBop^— 'Apd vaeet oarred oat of a apeeiea of Mmd-etone of 
Jeraaabm, with an ordinary penknife, by M. Sohniiaer, of 
Hiat el^. 

M^5TBAiiUi^ Lord, Mooat Trenchard, Co. Lime- 
riek, Irghnd, Prop.^Specimen of marble, fttmi DnnluTey 
QnairieL Donegal! Ststoe of the late Henry Grattan, M.P. 

Mooxs, A. 19 Arthur St Belftat, Ireland, Mum.— 
Table, painted in imitation of marble. inUad or moeaie work. 

Monnm, W. 10 Geone St Edlnbugh, Mann.— 
"—^ The pebble and Jaaper agatw fimnd in Scot- 

Mmuv, C. 7 Everett St RuawU So. Dee.— Model 
ofa fortifiad town, defended by sU ftonta of fortification. 

Mnno, A. 103 Taehbrook St Pimllco, Dec— Piaa- 

WkM of tiMt anile we read. 

The wiibed oaile^M mptoioulj Mwd 

^•ae M deep la lovt, then be, wbo i 
Wmm mm ihau Hpantc^at once ray Uu 

Monvr. D. J. Chamber of Commerce, Cork, Ire- 
l aad, In Tw— Model of arehimedean acricuiuiral wwaMu^^ for 
prepariMtfae iotL to recelTe the teed by ona operation. 

Mnu, O. Ordnance Whaxi; Lambeth, Mann.— 
Feat and eoTer in the style of the fifteenth oentnxy. 
Beredoe and altar. Oak image of St John the Bap- 
tie^ OB oefbel, kc Copper easement, for a lunatic a^lnm. 

Haa C Dx Lact. Parliament St Westminster, 
Prop.— Imitation wahiut-shelL containing looUng-glaM, ^ 
. _ MmrMAK, W. H. Bathford, near Bath, Piod.— Bust 
in Bath fiieeitene : The poet Milton. 

KxwBBBT, F. stoke Newington Green.— Copies, by 
iAeeto»«etalfau8y, of the only medal extant of Alfred the 

O'GbinRtt, M.andA.4Bemer8StDes.andPiod. 
— Pentad ^aai windows. Specimens ofmosaic back grounds, 
entire fenes, Ite. 

OrrLBT. T. 122 Snoir Hill» Birmingham, Des. sod 
Mann.— Gold, silvear; and bronse prize meoals ; also histo- 
rical and other medals. 

Paoi, H. M. S8 Coveutry St Haymarkot, Prop.— 
Caared biaeket,.diased and gilt 

PAPxaa, J. P. Cbrendon St Cambridge, Sculptor. 
—Queen Eliaabeth, Sir Robert Ped, the Saviour, Bnbens. 
Yaadykfc OUver Cromwell, and King Charles L 

Palmb, W. 144 Western Bd. Brighton, Inv.— 
Berolring table for modellers,^. Callipers for xedneing 
or enlaigmg to ttoee difi*erent scalca. 

PaAoit, J. M.D. Rugby. Des.— Pathological illus- 
trations^ consisting of cartoon paintings, covered with plate 

PSagbt. J. Jnn. 10 George St Hanorer Sq. Prop.— 
Bktmxe bast of Sir T. Lawrence, by S. Parker. 

Pbl, J. Pndsev, near iJeeds^ Yorkshire, Prod.— 
Specimens of ornamental tumine, cut in relief in wood and 
marUe, copied from coins, medau, and flowers, by automatic 

Pkfpbb, W. Si Western Rd. Brighton, Sculptor.- 

Life^lae figure of the Tnfont Hercules, and of a child and 
dog^ The Humble Petitioner. 

PnwT, W. Bridge St Ttumton, Des. and Ezeontor. 
— yaseofroses,lic., canredinboacwood. Miniature frames, 
showing specimens of earring in its varioos stages. 

PcYXAH, H* p. AmngdoB, Berks, Seulpb— Foal, 
ezeeutsd in marble. 

PtKB. T. J. Cheltenham.— The royal arras, Ite. em- 
blaaoned on gja rst 

W PiMOKs, T. Burslem, Stafforddiire PotteileB.— 
Dedgns cut in p»er by Mis. T. Davie, with a pair of 
edmers and a needle. 

PxiAca, O. G. Nottlngliaai.— Drawings iUostntlng 
the Art of Church Building in the United Kingdom. 

PoMUM, J. Waltfaam Cross. Broxbooni, Des. aad 
Mamu— Gothic vase. Embossed ridge. IcC In terra cotta. 
Artificial rock-work in miniature. Model of a boIUob 
window, in cement AlMl|^t casement 

PoiiLAif, R. P. 65 Higher Temple St Manchester 
ligna for - - 

I . * ln«< 
cation ofpositive colours Instead of half tints. 

Des.— Designf . , 

r of the middle ages, showli 

polychromatic decorations, after dm 
theefi*ectof theappll- 
PoLuai, R. Faraham, Suirey, Des.— Oarviags la 
wood: The Village Dance, the Wearied Pedlar, aadf The 

Warwick St PlmUco^ Des. aad 
it, of the decorated sty le^ period 

Gipqr Fiddler. 

Puaar, C. W. 
Ezecotor.— Gothic i 
fourteenth century. 

Rasuat. R. S Grsenside PL Edinburi^ Dei. aad 
Bzeentor.— Spsouncn of ornamental typograpbyi e umpo eed 
of mari>le borders, ruleS|jkc 

Rsaa^ W. S8 Dorset St Pttrtman Sq. Des. and 
Execotor.- Imitations of various kinds of marbles lu paiaft 

RaAOBOQpi^ CsAxuym, Newark, NottlasliaB- 
sfairs, Des. aad Prod.— Lunal globe, giviag a general Idea of 
the monatalas, valleys, and plains of the moon, adapted for 
the use of schools^ ftc. 

Rkaobooii^ CBAMuyptm, Newark, Notts.— Lvaar 

RasD^ J. W. Kensington, Prop.—WaUdng-stloli, 
carved with a knife only, out of a solid branch, by James 
Reed, Esq. of Heavitree, Devon. 

Rbat, R. Monkwearmonth. Sunderland.— Model of 
York Minster, in composition. Made by a Ismp-lighte^ 
daring his leisure hours. 

RaoFEBir, G. Ashford, near BakeweR, Mann.— 
Marble mceaic table, chlefiy compcoed of the poodaetioas of 
Derbyshire. Black marble vase, copied from aa antiqae. 

RBDPiaii. G. Ashford. Biaan.— Mosaic table, ehiel^ 
c omp os ed of Derbyshire marole, Itc. Black aiarble vass^ 
from the aatique. 

RiCBAaosoH. E. 7 Mdbnry Ter. Mod.— William 
Mawhall, Earl of Pembroke; temp. Henry the Third.— 
Broase. John Gower reciting his poeais to Richard the 
Secoad.— Bronse. Hotm in ftdl action.— Bronse. 

RoBBUCK BaoTosiis, Huddersfleld, Prop.— Sped- 
mea of carving In mahogany; sulject, " The Fine Arts." 
Oscred by J. w. Mooro. 

Rooaas, M. Abbey St Derby. Menu.— Omameneal 
bnroket composed of aatnamal fruits aad fiowers, sad 
carved la lime-tree. 

RossBU^ S. 3 Darnley Ter. Gravesend. Inv.- 
dmea of a new process for prodndag from a priut of a 1 
eograviaff a fiM-eimile on steel. 

Boa k Thomsoh, Edinburgh, Prodw— Frames cea- 
talafaig Talbo^Tpe pictures from negatives or aibumlnised 

Rosni) G. 4 Dee St Aberdeen.— Snow-tell %hfr 
«»»«1..715U Digilizedby'^UO 


UNITED kingdom: 
Ci.An 30. Sculpture, Moddi, amd Flattie Art, Motaki, EnamOi, ^. 


BonELL. T. 47 Tliiftla 9l Ediiibiii]p^ Dei. and 
Ihaor-Deik-fletl, pendl-caae^ ud pigeon, inkad with Scotch 

Bajlajomi, B. 10 cauxtot 81 Treror 8q. Brompton, 
DMr-DcfUiM for daeotation of a room, tat a ])aveme&t in 
inlfeid VDod, and for an oil-doth. 

SaLtbi, J. Hcrridale Ftdda WolTahainptoii, Dca. 
~ fariekt fbr ftoDts of baildinn. 

8. Elyar Cottaffe, Baiiuiienmith, ftod.« 
¥odal»of Mwciiiirchof Stin2olaa,BainboTgh,of Dint- 
ing Tala Viaduct and of bsidga aeroa the rirer Quae, at 
SdUijy Yorkshire. 

Sahdeb^ W. CoUcRe Ter. Gncmaer, Inr. and Dea. 

: of the faarboor of Si HeUer, laiand of Jenej. 

I in leather, in indtatkm of carrod wood, done by 

&4MX, F. 58 Pan Ifall, Dca.— Spcdraens of decoia- 
tiena fiom the Boyal Exchange the GooKrvative Clnb, and 
HatfiridHooae. Dee. for iaterier deeoiatioiiL 

SBAnras&.CuixoM, ISCoekmrSl CbaKiqgGroai, 
Dea^-^Bldtiah china, earthenware, andjlaaL 

StaASP, 6. 16 Wentworth PL Dublin, Lit.— Models 
Hot Oajtndy of elementary diawinc. 

Sbaw, C Mount Si DobOn, Prod.— Soniptore, in 
ivwy, ledoced ftom models in piaster by machiner}- adapted 
to a taming lathe. 

SuiJRT, J* Kdsale, SasaDoadham, Sidblk, Des. — 
Model ef ground-floor cottage^ derigaed and built by the 
esUbUsr for hfansd^ at the cost of 65iL 

8oc for iMnoTino Ooarornon of LABOcmnNi 
Cff.*»Bi— Bnildlng eontriTaaeei, adopted in the eonstme- 
tlon of their model dweUino for the labouring daasea, par- 
tfenlarly that of holkiw bndnrork, glased and nnglased, 
whereby dryness, warmth, dax^>iUty, secority firom iln^ 
de a tlf i B g of sound, and economy vt ooostmction are ob- 
tainable. Drawings and modds of boikiings erected, and 

SsoTB, H. E. SallVtm Waldea, Prop.— Sheets of 
andeni designs, reproduced for modem ornamental floors. 

Smctb, P. & Stourbridge Des.— Model, in plaister, 
of a onlnmn, from a design for a ouiUing for the Great £z- 

Smxtb, Smalmjlk, Ik Go. 

of Wyatt^s new patent method of gkuing Dm 
easMRm axticles. %weimens of fused ^aas, prerioos 
being poond and mixed for use. 

SiiELLura, A. B. Yaoihall 81 Lambeth.— A work of 


Soona, J. 49 Bnpert 81 Haymarket, Menu.— Be- 
doeed model in wax: Group of animals. 

Soons, ^. 49 Bnpert 81 Haymarket, Mann.— 
Impnmions from dies for ornamental pniposes, &c. 

Sfescz, D. W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Des. and 
ManL— PhsUsr panel, derigned in the Italian style. 

SrAnxs, E. 9 Sslisbufy PL New Bd. Prop.— ^yrtem 
of ftctification, plans, Ice 

SrAtoai, J. 42 Berwick 81 Soho, Des. and Mann.— 
rnksfand carred In Englisb wafaml 

Statelkt, T. &. bte B. E. Old Stdningford, Bi- 
pon.— Belief map of Lins. Upper Austria, showing the en- 
trenched camp m MaidmiuanTowen ana the surrounding 
oountzy. Des. by T. Firth. 

Btevixs h Son, 186 Draiy lane, Mann.— Martin's 
oemea^ for internal walls, plain and coloured, decorations, 
Ike Designed by J. T. Knowles 

Br. Hklbkb Cbowh Glas Co. 81 Helens, Lanca- 
ibirs^ Mann. — Ornamental window of national emblems. 
Stataa and ornamental windows. Snlject window, in 
oolottss: Michael casting out the great Dragon. 

17 Geoigiana 81 Camden Town, Des.— 

Stbipe, G. W. 88 Kirby Sl-Carved bread jdate 
andknife^ Carved stand for tim»-pieee. 

Srorr, A. Oldham, Des.— Scnlptored figure of 
JTames the Pint of SootlandL in confinement at Winds 
entitled, the ** Captive Pod" 

TihSB, E. 

TxAGLC, JL'k. W. S4 Hertford 81 Chelaea, Inr. and 
Mann.— A figure of Lasarus, in artificial stone, cast finom 
an original carved wood %nre, said to be brought firom 

TmniE, Mrs. B. 46 Connanght Ter. Hyde Park, 
Mod.— Fhtwers m odelled in wax firam nature. 

TSmnarT, Mrs. B. N. Valeof Health, Hampstead^— 
Miniatnre of Pope Pius IX. by the eihibitor, a seif-tang|it 
ardat. IGniatnre painting. The Grape Gatherer, brooghi 
fooB Bio de Janeiro, for ohibition. 

Tbdm, J. Mandiester, Pel— Model of patent appa- 
ratus, for exposing to sulphurous add gaa woollen, silk, and 
other fobrics. 

Thomas, B. 1a OreosBd. 81 John's Wood, Prop.— 
Hall table on an elephant, with an elevation of the Exhibi- 
tion, inhdd in artificUmable. 

Tira, W. FJL8. 4S Lowndea 8q. Dea.— Model of 
Portico and weat ficont of the Bml Exchange, London. 

ToMumov, J. Ashford, Menu.— Moeaie tablea of 
Derbyshire and Stafibrdshire marblea. Derbyahire black 
marble table, inlaid. Spedmeoa of mosaic worL 

TosGi^ E. Boaton, Uncolnahire. Inv. and Dea. — 
Specimens of embossed gcm-peiniing on ^aia. 

TaxsTAjiovE, A. SQ| CBpatone 81 ntxroy Sq. Inv. 
and Prod.— Decoration for a Boman door'way. Models of 
candelabra. Festoon, in bss-rolief; for interior decoratSoa. 
Vase in white marble, on a pediment, in higioforiio marble. 

TJiTDEBwoonk T. Union Paasage, JSrmin^bam. — 
Lithctgr^hie printjng-pnm, exhibiting a new process of 
producing imftations of water-colonr ' 


dnwingi and oil 

Uawcr, M. A, W. J. 10 livernool 81 nnsbury, InT. 
— Course of dnwing, for primary schools, desinied by J. 
Brown, teacher of dmwinc mthe SpitalfieldsScfaooiof Design 

Uiiwiii, W. H. &wbrid^worth, Herts.— A touma 
ment of the timeof Queen Bliaabeth's reign, cat entirely on 
of plain paper with scissors. 

V AUJksoB, J. Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, Des. and 
Mann.— ^Tables, vases, and other articles composed of or 
inlaid with floor, spar, ^nd marbles from CastleCon, Ashfocd, 
lee Derbyshire. 

YAHUKDor, P. 86 Vsrwick SI Hmlico, Des. and 
Sculp.- Virgin and Chriat, in marble. Yase.-in marbk^ 
foom tenser's Faerie Queene, with four bes-rdieft. 

YozBi^C F. Mikn ; for Klf^tly and Simona, ISS 
Fenchureh 81 Inv. and Prod. — Photojpaphic portraits and 
a fomily noup, by a novel photographic procees. 

VAucnAir, J. Batn, Prop.— Ysaes and prdwitals^ 
showing the ijuality of Badi stone. 

Wailxs, W . Newcestle-npon-T^e, Des. and Mann. 
—Windows of perpendicular and decorated perioda of archi- 
tectnre, cinque cento shrle, Ice 

WAIXB^ T. lUU SI Hanley, Stafibrdahire, Inv.— 
Quarries inlaid fai various novd series of mixed days. 

Wabbe!!. LociAXi^ Cheadle, Stafibrdahire, Maker. 
— ModeLilluslratlve of architectural design. 

w ATKns, H. Newporl Monmouthshire, Des. and 
Sculptor.— Group in marble: iWh of Xiewellin, the last 
Prince of Walea. 

Watsov, J. Kewcaslle-iqMm-Tjrne, Prop.— Yega- 
table ivory nut ; the same prepared for carving ; and carv- 
ings execatcd by Mr. B. Seott, Newcastle. 

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Cjjlu 90. Scufyiture^ Modd$^ amd PituHe Art, MotmeB, Bnameis, ^. 

Wsm^ J. Corf* Gutle, Mtton.— Dflden for a 
tomb in Porbeek itone, on % tlnb of Purbeck marble. 

WRAm, H. C 85 & 87 Bridffe St Ifancheiter, Inr. 
and PKid.— Flag painted on lilk ; with an elaitio prepara- 
tiouy to prarent the ereeking of the eilk. 

Wmriy W. G. Swanage, DorMt» Prop.— Pnrbeek 
■tone :— Speoiment for condoei, itepe, coplnj^ enrbt for 
iron lalUnn, winding ttepe, ice. 

WiLBUD, J. 6 College St Snow Uill, Prod.— Profile 
Imst of Shakfpeare, in platter of Paris, made to imitate 
ivoiy, and bei]^: equal to it in haidncee. 

WnuAMi, J. 14 Alpha Rd. Bmnt'a Park, Prop.— 
A Dorie oolomn, in Tarioue woode, in Imitation of marolcL 
omemented with portraits of Baphael, Michael Angelo, and 
Vitrniio, and inrmoanted by a itatne of Minerva, oy Boo- 

WiuiAin, H. 7 Eetex Bridge, Dublin, Prod, and 
Dei.— Speoimetti of ornamental tonung, executed in a 

WiLLOCK, E. P. k Go. Ladyibore, Bolton, Mann.— 
X uKkM of a decorated Gothic cnurch at Lever Bridge, 
Bolton, Laneaahire, deaigned by £• Sharpe, architect The 
chnroh if ahnoet entirely built, and of terra cotta, Ito. 

WooDB^nB, W. S8 Moletworth St Dublin, En- 

graTcr.— Medali in bronie, Ice. Medal diei made on a mw 
principle in pure caat ateet 

Wooonrarrdx, W. F. 8 Charlotte PL Upper Ken- 
niagton laae^ Sculp.— Tonng Girl at the Sprint 

WooDBUFF^ T. Bakewell, Biann.~Kaek marble 

cheat^tab^ inlaid bolder. 

onaiOA^ C. 20 Little Dmmmond St Euaton 8q. 
Dea. and Mod.— ftMcfanena of modelling and caating. Toinb 
of Edward the Black Prince in Canterbury CalheSal, kc 

WaiOBr, C. 8 Tocriaao Tar. Kentiah Town, Dee . 
and Mod.— Statuette of a aleaplng b^, modeUed from Ufo. 
and caat in compoaition, to inutate nuurble. 

WaiQBT, F. S3 araneeatsr Pi. Fitsroy Sq. Dea. and 
Sculp.— Bracket for an oratofy, in mahonny. 

Wtait k Beavoox, 77 and 75 Gnat RnaBell St. 
Daa.— Model In card, by Mr. 8. Salter, Hammeramith, of 
the new church of St Mary and St Nicholaa, at Wlltoo. 
The exterior ia entirely ot atooei and the interior ridUy 
decorated with marble, moaaic, and painted glaaa ; beii^ Hie 
ilist example introdnoed into thia country of that peculiar 
atyle of architecture ao prevalent in Uie north of Imty. the 
Bomaneaqne. Modtiof tiienewAjalaecoartaatOanteidgr. 
The principal front ia of Whitby atone, and the flttingi of 
the interior are of oak. 

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XAST iBnDia& 

H .a.— Th* lilt of oootribotioBi ttam India came too late 
fbr ia w Hi o a . Tha artleief ben eoleied wU! be inolnded 
iatbesBDenllistwbea printed. 


Jlsncui eoOeeted by the Local OoianTTEB of SmoAPOBS. 

i»w' i f> e f .— The Hon. UeoL-GoL Batterworth, CR 

&cv«f0jr.— T. Oxiey, Eaq. 

JfMitri .~The Hon. T. CamrelL Eeq.; CapL H. Man; 
G. G. Nieol, Eiq.; O. W. Bart, KmT; ^. l5Vker, En. 
H. a Oddwell, Bm. ; Tan Kim Sei«lg^. ; Sred Om^, Em! 

Cbrrapomdd^ Jtafari.— The Hon. E. A. nunddl. En.. 
PeBBBg; the Hon. Capt L Feirier, MiOacca. 

F^ Cbftcfwe.—Forwaided 1^ the ship *« Inglcwood." 
NArmui. P nowwnoju . 

1 K^« gtfo, ilnt qoafltj. The Lignom aloes, agala- 

wood, eagle wood, and rahmhafr of 


1 Kaja gtfo, leoond qoallty.— . 

% Km gtfo, third qaaH^.— JloHcca. 

4 BAble bird'a ncfCa, ilnt qnali^. Smmhawa (ftfaadk 

5 BdUble bird's nests, seoond qoa]ilT.-~.Bbnuo. 

6 BdlUe bird's neets, thiid qoafitjlt-iZanido. 
7^ Agsivagar^ tint ^oaHly. A sort of TV^pe de AwAe^ or 

r, Moond qnality.— . 

called afao kdW de SKT. 

11 l^epang (Irotai^).— BorMoi 
IS Tnpang lBmaukmUt).^8a^ 
IS Trnang (i'a»(Am).— BonMo).' 

14 Wild mitmeg, nnahelled.— Cbvai (MoheeoM), 

15 mid notm^, sbeUed.— Gemi (Jfolw»»). 

16 Wood-(riL— JfUoMo. 

17 Gvtta tru Used for maUiw blrdrlimc. See Nus. 
1 56 and S30.— Ao^v^wrv. 

18 Kayn-putdi, or cajepat oiL — Mohccm. 

19 Gnspbor. Conunonly called Barns camphor.— JAmeo. 
SO Benaoln, or Beigamin.— Anaafrs. 

Jl— W Tin ore.— Jtfajaeea. 

S7 Sabataaoe soppoeed to be lead.— ifoliEuoa. 

SB Petrified wood.— Jlfoiiaeea. 

'J9 Yellow ochre.— JfoloDoa. 

3D Bow, or gommati fibre. — Mklaeea. 

SI— S3 Gummati fibn. — Malmtet, 

SSa TaiU nanas. See Nos. 161 and 163.-Araibeef?. 

Sft ftieU of the faawk's-bin tnrde.— && /tfiuub. 

35 MoCberKif^sarl sheU.— .^Irra iMUmJM and Smlm. 

9S Shark's flns. Used in China as an article of Ibod.— 

S7 Shark's fios.— armte <fMaheea, 
SSBe • 

S9, 40 Bees'- 

4Qa Gutta pereba.— . 

41 Bcsin,ordamai 

43 Lakab-wood.— . 
48 Gom-lae.- SlaMcnnr^ 

44 Boot of the mi ' 
aateoslvely as a red 


(McriMda MmbeOaia). Used 
throogboot the Arohipelago^- 

Kos. 110 and 111.— jPJU%»ait 

Pubudobb Wooo% wmom Paukno, on Panrcs of Wai^i 


46 S^an^wood root' 

47 Kayn kndraag. Foniihcs a ydlow dre.— Hbfaeea/ 

48 Samak bariZ^gdyiynn. 

49 Mangrore bariL For tanning Isather, nets, and doth. 


51 Ebony. 

8S WiUdnrian. 

53 TJneertain. 

54 Angsenawood. 

55 GnaTawood. 

56 Kamnnin^ 

57 Senna baymah, or am 

58,59 Miriomob. 

60 Baloh. 

61 Baloh bonga. 

63 Bootofbetebrattrse. 

63 Boot of coeoanni tree. 

64 Clove wood. 

65 Boot of eboeh tree. 

66 Umbosn. 

67 Siamwood. 

68 Timbosn. 

69 Bafeh. 

7D Baloh bonga. 

71 Banggaa. 

78 Pinangwood. 

73 ^^ wIH Ht 


75 Ibwrf wood. 

76 Lingoa wood. The AsBboyna wood of o u a am eree. 
(Obkmg table slab, 7 ft. 9 in. hmg, 4 ft. 5 in. broad.)- 
Ifofaeeot (Oerom). 

77 Linipoa wood. OnBkr8lab^6ft. 7ln. indiametcr.- 
JfolMeai iOram). 

78 Kayn bnka. TUa wood is obtained from the knotty 
cxereseenoes which an imnd on the stems of the lingoa trsa. 
— Jfolmeeai (Ciernai). 

UsEruL Wooos or ti 

79 Blntan^ wood,in general use for planks, masts, ^ars. 


80 Kledang. 

81 Beliong; Chaogis 
83 Klat 
83 Timbosn. 
8i Kayu bromboog. 

85 Angsanah. 

86 Tkmpinis. 

87 Tanpang. 

89 Sumar. 

90 Simpoh bnUt 

91 Kiantai 
93 Kamuning. 
93 Simpohiyah. 

107 Glam. The slam tne Inmisbes a paper-like bark 
much used in canJkiqg the seams of Tenets.— HU^pr 

108 Poolai^wood ; need si floats for mia^int^'-'Mi^ 


95 Medangsl minlak. 
97 Medanpi konit 

96 Medangsl kitauhao. 
99 Medangsl tandoh. 

100 BUkmwaagL 

101 Jambo-ayer utan. 
103 Peragah. 



105 Baaggas. 

106 Bras-bras. 

Digitized by 




109 SaadaWood. — Tmor Island, 

no BapuHirood.— Aum. 

Ill SapaD-wood. Tbo npaa-wood famithes a roddja, 

•PkUmim laUmds, 

114 Tna nma, emokad. — Malacca, 

11% lis, and 118 Canei as cat from the Jungle.— Jfo- 

115, IK, and 117 Canei.— AcMa^ro. 

119 VcgiBtaUe tallow.— ifo&ieea. 


TUBXD nu>M KAnrE Pkoddoe. 

120 Paddi, or rice Sn the husk.— JlfoZaeo?. 
ISl Cleaned rice.— ifcc/aeoa. 

12S Kaifaag ^, or green peaa.— SMHofm (^MiAai). 
1S8 Kanang ^ or green peas.— ArniftoiM. 
114 Ksqang taboo.— .Sbima^ra (AtBoham), 
1S5 Katiang taboo. — (Frot imam). — Malatea. 
U6 Ejin.— Jtfoldeca. 
126aDammar batu, a resin.>— Jfiiilaoea. 
1S7 Pulnt rice.' Considered as a deUeae^i and mnch 
prised for its nutritious qualities. — Malaeca* 

128 Pnlul lice, dark variety.— Jfo/beoa. 

129 The nutmeg, as plucked from the tree.— Sin^f^ort, 

130 Nutmeg, shelled.— Sdi^n^wK. 
181 Mace. — Smgapore, 

132 k. 133 Nutmegs.— PiJuiy. 

134 BCaee. — Fmaiiff» 

135 Ck>voB.— Pmoiy. 

136 k 187 Block and white pepper.— So^flyiorv. 

133 Cinnamon. — Malaeea. 

13Sa Ik 1386 Kafjanff tansSi or ground nut, wliito and 
lurown varieties. — Malaeea, 

13D, 140, Ik 141 Pearl sago. The raw material imparted 
from Sumatra, Borneo, and^ neighboxuing Islands.-— Stspo- 

14S Sago flour. — Smtfaport, 

143 Arow -root flour.— S»i7e9ior0. 

144 Peari arrow-root.— Sca^vgwrv. 

145 Gambier.— Sin^^pore. 

146 Cold-dust— iSonuD {Sntgck), 

147 Gold-dust.— Borneo (&»6af). 

148 Gold-dust— JlfoZe^ Penmntla (KUnUan). 

149 Gold-dust.— Jira% PatmniUi {Paiiang). 

150 Gold'dnst— Jlfb^acoo. 

151 Smelted antimony.— Borneo. 

1^ Tin.— Jlfa% Penmnda (Patani), 

153 Tin.— if<i% Pemmtula iMalaeea). 

154 Tin.— Jlfoi^ Pemauula (Pahang). 

155 Tin.- Jfo/^ Peniiuula (Jb'ior). 

Textilb Matrrials asd Fabbics. 

157 Tall rami, In Its various stages of preparation. 
See Nes. 227 and 229. 

158 Bark of (he trap-tree. See No. 230. 

159 Plantain flbre. 

160 Aloe, or agave fibre, prepared as thread. 

161 Pineapple fibre, three qualities. 
161aPine^pple fibra, prepared for weaving cloth. 

162 Pine-apple fibra «ord-iwine. 

163 Fibra 01 the musa-or plantain-stem. 

164 Raw cotton, Cfottipiumlurbaeeum,^ Sumatra (JeheeH), 

165 Raw cotton, Ooutpkan herbacatm.—Sumatra (Pakm' 

167 Cotton-twist manufactuxxsd at Palembang, by natives. 
^-^Sumaira {Paiembaag). 

168 Bark cloth, manufactured by theSemongs or oriental 
Negro tribes.— JlfaEoy Penmanla (Kedah). 

169 Berk doth, made from, the hark of tho paper mul- 
berry. —a^e^et (jfeu/i IF. C.) 

170 Coarm ootton ctoth, worn by fleld-labouia*, and 
exported to Ceram and New Guioea.— Bo/i lakmd. 

171, 172, 173, k 174 Cotton cloth, manufacturad ihnn 
native jproduce by the Dyak tribes.— Ajmeo, iV. IF. OoatL 

175 Balendong or scarf; embroidered with gold thread.- 
Italajf Patintula ( THa^ona). 

175aSalendong or scarf, embroiderad with gold thread.— 
Jfaiby Penhuuta {Pahana), 

176 Silk handkerchief emhroidcted with gold thread.— 
JU fftf^ ^ Pemimula ( Tyrngtmu), 

177 Silk handkerohiell embroidcrod witii gold thxead.— 
MaU^ PaMt$ula (Lim), 

179 SalenUong or ahawL— T^unor /a&mdL 

180 Sfllendonff or scarf. Cotton and dyes of native 
flTowth ; raw silk imiMrted firom the oontinent of Asla.-^ 
Sumatra (BoMarOf Ikut CoaU), 

131 Saleodottg,siIk.— SMM<tfFv<^cAMi). 

182 Sarong or pottf coat, silk.— Aanofni (PakmboHo). 

183 Sarong or petticoat, Silk.— Sksiofni iAckum), 

18t 185 Saluer or trousien, of silk, and of silk and ootton 
mixed.- AoMtfra {Achan). 

186 Silk cloth.— Cbii^a. 

187 Saluer; all the materials of native prodoetloii.— 
Snaia^ni {AAaaC^, 

188, 190 Saluer.— Svwafra (Palembang). 

189 Sahier.— Arnuiffa (Atheen), 

191—194 611k sarong.— Sbnotm {Palembang^ 

195 Silk sarong, silk.— Aanaira {PaJanhaHg). 

196 Ctoth silk.— Onn&ma. 

197 Embroidered dora, throe pieces, Ibr adorning 'the 
heads of pillow-cases.— Sdi^i^pora. 

198 Hand-kiom, on which the hugls aarongs an mads^ 
with cloth hi tiie orooess of weaving.— CU^. 

199 Model of frame of hand-loom, to serve as a guide Hat 
setting-up the frame. 

199 S^inning^heel, Ux making pine-apple titfoad.-- 

Faxot MAsnrACTOBZs. 

Stmatra {Pakmhaag), 

200 Siri-box, prsvlous to undeigoing the ptoeess ^ lac- 

201 Siri-hoz, lacquered plain. 

202 Siri-box, flowered and completed. 

208 Siri-box, of kayu buka. pravious to being laoqucrod. 

204 Siri-box, lacquered and completed. 

205 Writinflf-box. 

206 Pyramidal boxes. 
207—212 Small lacquered boxes. 
213, 214 Lacquered waterKlrippciB. 
214 Salver or tray.— Sm^^pora 

216 Salver cr swcetmeat-trav. \m out from the fbrest 
tree previous to being smoothed and lacouered.— <SMno<ra. 

216 Salver or sweatmeat tray. Partiy laoqucMd« — PaUm' 

217 Salver or sweatmeat-tray. Completed.— PolemAaiy. 

218 Coven for dishes«— BorNso (jkUrior cf Bm^armamm^ 
S. C.) 

221 Bet of boxes, fitting one within the other.— Bbineo 
{Kata Bing'm^ or Jraringin & (7.) 

222 Lid of a cream-box, and set of boxes. (See No. 218.) 
— Cbvan (Jfoluccat). 

223 Cigar-case. Manulkctured from Pandan-leaf by. na- 
tives of interior.— CVMet. 

224 Kopia or skutt-cap. Pandan-leaf. Worn l(y Muasol- 
man inhabitants. — Cdeb^, 

225 Ghess-bosrd. Exhibiting specfanens of the orna- 
mental woods.— Penally. 

226 Bugis kapok.— Ctfb&«. 

227 Clove model. Model of an Onmg Bali, or atnte 

Digitized by 




Maaa&ctiired of obvci by iiBliir«i of Amboyaa.— 

3aB FUmer-lMskeL Saae at abore.— .^aiAqsrna. 
S29 Imitation iea-fierriee^ Sme ■• aboTe. FreMoted by 
Bobort Bain, 'Eaq.—AnAafMu 

FzsBDRi Guam nom SnoAroBz. 

S98aFIoating«et Emplpjad in teldpg a nnall kind of 
herxtDf in the nci^bouriqg ttiaiL Tbe twine is of cotton, 
nannfictored in JaTa. 

887aFloatin»iet Tbe tvine of this net is made from 
the Bami fibre. (See Ko. 137.) 

2SSaGMtiiig-net Tbe timed nvde in Ja^a from native 

2S9aS'ene net Twine of Bami fibre. 

S306Lince. Tbieadof Tiapfibie. (8eeNo. 158) 
231 Linee. ICadeof Java eotSonthreed, tanned with the 
froit of tlie mangrove. 
ZaSBFiihing-hiook. Blade from tUek bnm wire. 

233 Fiib-spear. For ipeuing lazse fidi in the deer deep 
water of the nerrowe. 

234 Harpoon. For etiikiiv dtgim^ lad large fiih. 

235 Fisli-spear. 

2S7 T^Drt^peg. When flw turtle ie stnick the peg or 
hexpooo comee oat of the eodcet in tbe stal^ andjthe line 
alone remains attached. 

238 Fish-trap. 

JLoBicui«TCXAi< Assu ImomiAJb Ixpuansns, Iec. 

239 Bandrloom. CompEeie with frame.— .SbMi^m (/»4»- 

SIO Model of a plong^ nsaeDy drawn bj one or two 
buflhloes.— ^fflfafpg. 
241 Model of a barrow. Drawn by one or two bnffitloes. 


24S Model of a scsrifier. Bzawnbj one or trro Imftloes, 
and employed in clearing from weeds and IoUom^ the 
mnnd that bes already been broken op by the ^ooj^ — 

243 Modd of a dnmgkol or Ism hoe, in very general nse 
arnos^ the field-lsboorers of the Siraits letflementi as a dig- 
ing instrament—JfiiAues. 

216 Batten cotter.—. 

247 Csrpenter's adae. — Soigapattm 

248 Oupentei^s adse. Instrameni with moveable Made, 
ftaVmlfftrl to serve boUi es axe end adse. — Smgapart, 

24Sa Boring instmment A semi-rotatory movement is 
liven by numng the cyHndrieal piece rapidly op and down 
tte dialt— S2mpar«. 

249 Malay frUing axe^-So^iraorv. 

250 Mslay carpenter's sze. Used in siiasziog timber.— 

251, 252 Googe, chisd, sad maDct— HUoeeo. 

258 Malay perang.— Siae y ow. 

254 Sword and sheath.--i8battirrB (u^efteea). 

256 Banchong, or stilet to dogger.— AoMiIra (AAam). 

256 Bwonl-sheath.— SflMrfrw (^ietoa). 

2S6a Betel-oat^oraeker.— Sp^^totb. 

237 Cocoa-nut grater^—Ai^egHrc. 

268 liftdle.— Jfofaceo. 

259 Sandals, or wooden shoes^— J fefawe . 

260 Sieve. — Salmon, 

•XI Fan for deanii« rice.— fiiiyiparc. 

262 Bssket— 2?^«i,erAMy/sfaatf(.riieasM). 
263, 264 Strainen or cnllenders.— Soyyort. 

265 Gnttapcnhajagandbasin.~SaMc^wrv. 

266 Gotta perdia timber or draw bucket— Sd^ipflre. 
367 Gotta perdia bucket — S ing apon . 

268 Gutta perdia whips.— SeaT^pore. 

Donasnc MAVoiAonmEi. 
269—271 Bugis mat— Ck2a6c«. 
272 Battaa mat^— Asrneo {Baujar Jfonm). 

277 Mat— jSjtmo Ph«r. 

278 Mat— Jlfa% PeMtMmItu 

279 UkU-PkOmme ItkauU, Pub Aor. 
2S4 Mat— Pa/b Skaiiam (AnamboM Isimds). 

285 Mat Msdeofbaaknaog.ormatmateriaU'lfaZbmi. 

286 Small articles. Banknang — Jfo^ooea. 

288 Nest of nine baskets. Baiikoaag.— Hovloa. 

289 Covers for povisioas, Ice. Made of psJm tree.— Bor- 
neo {Banjar Maum). 

230, 291 Conical hats.— Pafanbov. 

292 Conical hats.— SmtT^^ 

233 Spedmen of bssket work.— JBevioa. 

294 Set of baskets.— Soyopore. 

295 Bamboo fras.—2la««Bi. 

296 Ki^pia, or Massohaaa cap. Basketpwoik^ Jfalocpa. 

MooBia or Kaxivb Ye 
300 Modd of a Leann pirate prahn of Mindanao , 2nd 

301 Modd of a 

pirate prahn of Mindanao, 1st 

302 Model of a padewshksn, or bo^ trsding prahn 
308 Model of a s^pen, let class. A description oT boa4 
peculiar to Singapotc, and rcmarkabls for its swiftness botli 

peculiar to Sngapotc^ 
with sails and oan. 

304 Modd of a Si^i^ors ssmpon, or passage boat, 2nd 

305 Modd of a Sing^ors ssmpen, or passage boat, 3rd 
class. Employed ssme as above. 
ScmxaassTAMT CoixEcnoii iobwabdbd nr thb Maii. 
Steamxb. — 'SjLTCtiAL PBooocnoss. 

1 Edible bird's nests.-JaM. 

2 Petroleum, or eerlh oiL—./aea. 

3 Soap nuts. Csed in washing.— *Anw. 

4 Dammsr. A resin osed instead of pitch, for paying 
the seams of vessels.- Jaea. 

5 White Dsmmar. — S u m atra. 

6 Gutta Podoh. Vcscta!>le wax.— JKKhia 

7 Bees' waac. — JTwor. 

8 Kanari not— Jam. This prodnetion is notindigeoons 
to Java, but has been introduced fifom the Moluccas. 

9 Tingeer ba^ Used in making a lye for waddng 
tbe hair. — Jl/ooataur. ^ 

10 Gum caoutdMoc India-rubber. — lampmMg» ( ae- 

11 Gums. Collection of various gums fasmaU bottles.— 

Sanueak ^Borneo). ^ ^ ^ . - __i„ji,^ 

12 9Iangkudn root A red dye, IfcrwMiB mmf t tHtitn — 


13 Msngkudu root A lod dye. as above.— J5«a. 
14,15 Msagkudnirood. A red dye, as above.--/«r«. 
16 LopisipTiark. Adjc—Cdtbet. 
nSapanwood. A rod dye.— CesMifc 

18 Bunchong bulu wood. A red dye. — Obums. 

20 Gam Gum. A dye-— Ob&*b». , ^,j_ 

21 K^mba. SaiBoww {Caikamms tmeiana).—CMe9. ^ 
21o Besins and gottss. A great variety. —-Ssroisa* 

22 Vegetable tallow. Melted into a gonrd-dielL- SanoFak 

Digitized by 




Booti, h«riM, aad oth«r vegetable nb- 
l bj native pnetitionen ■• medioinee. / ae e . 
M Mmmjt Wk. Muoh oied by the nadvet of Java 
aad Bdl ■• a eoemedc for rabbing over their bodiet.— ifav 

55 Kadning woooL<— voeo* 

56 Bex of minenli, eontalning eompartmenti, Ko. 1 
Coal ftom Banam. 8 Pyrites from Barram. 3 Bladt and 
ToUoir eud. 4—7 Antimony ore. 8 Cmde antimony. 
9 Antimeay orei. 10 Fresh-water pearls. 11 Gold dust: 

* 18 Kativeiron; Borneo copper 

87 OystiL From the neighboorfaood of Mount Orphlr. 

Usefhl woods. 70 speeimens« — Smgtpon, 
Fish maws. Used as isinglass.— Aniatrv. 
Pipe-olay, yellow oohre, red clay, and dammer.-* 

AoaiCBiiTDaAL PBODocnom amd SunsrAircn ujumwAcamED 
VBOM Native Fbodocb. 

88 Pekoe tea. Mannfhotored and packed on the Govern- 
ment nkmtations by Cbincee workmen.— ./aea. 

89<Vagotea. Mannfactnred and packed as abovc-Vaea. 

80— tt Cigars.— Swroftc^o. 

38 Tsble rioe.— /mlraM^yo (Jom). 

34 Ketane rice. Pulnt rioe of tlie Malays, see No. 187, 
1st collection.— Jbeo. 

35 Ketane rice. Dark varietf.— Jboo. 

36 Kaftchang tanah. Gronndnat— Jiooo. 

37 Katchangmersh. Bed pea.— «/cmi. 
38—40 Katenang ^on. Green pea.^«/aM. 

41 Katehang Tnngah. Used as a vMstable.— Jbeo. 

48 Katehang botor. The floor need in making cakes. — 

43 BleniMn. Eaten with coflbe when prepared as a paste 
and fried with oIL-^om. 

44 SLaQang kadeleh. Used as a vegetable.— Jaea. 

45 Wiegane Eaten in various forms. The oil ez- 
prassed from it is considered to possem medicinal virtues. 

— J'OM. 

46 Coflbe. Plrodnce of the estate of Mr. Henty.— Soni- 
mak (Borneo). 

47 Coflbe.— Pasfcmaii^ Q/oea). 

48 Arrow-root— Siraipa* {Bonuo). 

49 Arrow-root — Jam. 

SO, 51 White and black pepper.— aonaCra. 

58 Long peoper —Jdoa. 

53^ 54^ 55 Black, Cayenne^ and common pepper. — StomBok 

56, 57 Tamarinds and turmeric— Joto. 

58 Nutmegs, mace, clovee, and betelnut— SaravaA {Bof 

59 flfari oil.— &f motrff. 

60 Cocoa-nut oihSarawoA, 

61 Miniak jarak. Castor oil. Used for lamps, aad for 
paying the bottoms of ships.— t/oro. 
68 Katehang oiL Prepared from the ground nut, Ko. 36. 

63'Kayu puteh oil,— M<^eeaa. 

64—67 Oxshiiieal. Grown in considemble quantities on 
the Government plantations. — Java. 

68 Cinnamon. Grown as above.— t/ooo. 

69 Soger. Manufactured in Dutch high-pressure vacuum 
pans. — SoKralMna (Java). 

70 Sugar. Manufactiured by a neyr process not yet gene- 
vally known. Made in common open battery pans.— mra- 
hma CJaoa). 

71 Sonr. Manufactured in low-pressure vaouum pans. 
—Froboimffo {Jaoa). 

78 ftigar. BCade in oommon open battetv i 
ftcwo (Java). 

73 Sugar. Smbo as No. 71.— AarafaMi rjaea). 

^i^^v ?!*** *^"» ^i^^ extimcted from the flower- 
spathe of the Gummuti pahn.— Java. 

75 Sagocakee. Thekth of the sego pahn prepared tat 
use and exportation^ifobeeav. 

76 Iron. Smelted by the aborigines fiom native oiee.— 

77 Essendal oils. Extiaoted from spices, aad vorioiw 
odorous woods.— JUblMcof. 

78 Ttn.-X.£iMi. 

79 Spicsiu Tin. book eontalning specimens of varfons 
spices.— Jfoibeeo. 

79aBetd waL^am^tgport. 

TssxUiB Matbsiau AaiD Fabsiob. 

80 Cotton (nncleened). Grown on the rice lands as a 
second crop.— ^oea. 

81 Cotton (cleaned). Grown as shave.— Jbso. 

88 Cotton (uneleaned). Upland variolar. Grown both 
as an annual and as a perennial.— Java. 

83 Cotton (deanea). Uplsnd variety. Grown as above. 

84 Cotton.— CbUct. 

85, 86 Cotton. Lowlsad aad upland ▼ arieties.— Pmmu • 
odloM {Jaoa). 

87 Cottmi, from Pemambuko seed.— Ssympttl. 

88 Cotton^-vBoii. 

89 Pine-apple fibre.— OiUm. 

90 Paprrus, wood, leaf, and bark.— Java. 

91 Bark cloth, made from piq^ynis-bark.—Jasv. 
98 Bark paper.— JU^idaro. 

93 Flax, lint quality (dressed).<-VOTa. 

94 Flaw, second quality (dreesed).— Joss. 

95 Pineapple fibre.— Joeo. 

96 Cotton-twist, unbleached.— CWMev. 

98 Cotton-twist, dyed.— CUeftek 

99 Cotton^yam.— Java. 

101 Cotton tape.— CVUki. 
108 Embroidered tape.— CSrfake. 
108 Silk tape.— C^&oci. 

104—106 l^Ui pinding. Waist-belt worn by the nattves. 
— CMbe$. 

107 TalU pfaiding. Waist-belt worn by the nativea.— 

108 Cloth. Manufbctured by the so-called Arsfuraa or 
mountaineers of one of the remote eastern islsttds, said to 
be New Guinea, but more probity Cersm. 

109 Cotton cloth, unbleached.- Boafon. 
110, 111 Cotton cloth.- Borneo 

118 Cloth.— ^MHUrfAI. 

113 Cotton cloths. — Pamanotkan (Jaoa). 

114 Cotton cloth. Dyed with the Maagkadu root— 

115 Cotton cloths. Yam and dyea of native pvoduction. 

116 Cotton cloth. Tarn and dyea the production of 
Europe. Manufacture, native. — Jona 

117, 118 Cotton.— Ctlebef. 

119 Cotton cloth. Wofr, native yarn; woof, European 
yam ; dyes, native.— •7'ara. 


121—125 Cotton doth.— Ceb6et. 

126 Cloths. Presented by Uia Highness the Sultan of 
LInga.— Xm^. 
Embrokierod cloth.— CAuia. 
Embroidered cap.— Sni^/wv. 

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FikiCT Mavuxactokb. 
ISlO Salad tongs, mada of bnfiJo horn^—JoBa. 
131 Pincosbioii. made af bofiJo lu»ni.--JaMi. 
laS Battona, of ^?arioBfl naai^ tnznad from iroiy, bone, 
and iiom*— a/isva. 
183, 134 Combs, toitotedidl honL—JoMX. 
135 KxU bandla% earvad irofy.-Vara. 
136,137 CoTcnibrtamblentortoiaeshelL—Jbsa. 

138 Covers for tombkr, boflUoJioin.— Jam. 

139 Cigar-cases, varisgatad bamboo — Joas. 

140 Clgai^eascs, tortsfaeahelL— Joeo. 

141 Ggar^ases, tortoisesbeU, with spring lids.— CbUet. 

143 Arm bangles.— CUfo. 

• 143 Kris ring and coekaitoo chain. — CeUba. 

144 Finger rings.— OUn. 

145 Saafring.— CU0«M. 

146 surer bin^ea.— CfcUct. 

147, 148 Chimney-omaments, made from the naotOna 
ahelL— Jisw. 

149 Ladies' whips.— J^oml 

150 Horn oombs and naedle-case^— CUefto. 

151 Cosensfrns. — Bamitm, 

15S Paekof playing-caids.— OsUct. ' 
158 Finding. Goldoi onsment worn by Malayan women 
of xmik as a nstening for the waist-belL— Soi^v^porv. • 

iMPUBacESTs AMD Abxigles OF Doxvnc Use. 

154 Models of wenQn.-^aMK. 

155 Siri, or betel-bos. This fonn of box can only be 
~ by the Saltan. Presented by H. H. the Saltan of 

id Sri, or betel4Mz. Fi 
or heir apparent.'— JLoml 

157 Siri, or beteHNB. Form peeoliar to the Bindahaim 
ortreasorer. — liepo. 

158 Siri, or beteMMOL Fi 

I pecnliar to the Bijah Mnda 

peeoliar to the tamnng- 

OT^mlnister of war aad poUoe^— Zm^ 

native inm^—Odeba. 

159 Knives, 

160 Klewang, or s wutu. Botti % ■ 

161 Hedting. Chopping-knife of the Tengger monn- 
tsfaieen.— JoDo. 

162 Sword. Made of native iron by people of Kotai, east 
coast of Borneo.— BonKOL 

168 BeteKboz, containing two male and two ftmale 
combs, and two children's anklets.— Joed. 

164 Chair mat.— iXaviin. 

165 Sleeping mat — . 

166 Byak violin.—. 

167 Kayon gnitar.- IfanHOi 

168 Native musical instmmi 

169 Brashes, made of the gammnti fibre.— CUabes. 

170 Ittstrnment osed tar boring wood.— Jora. 

171 NaUve rope, made from the baric of the 

ITS Strainer.-OUoL 

178 Work-basket Grindstone. Bcels, for spinning pine 
arola thread. — Sagapv, 
ma Gotta-pereha spliiis, for setting broken limbs — Satr 

1736 Two lellahs, brsss swivel guns used as an armament 
Ibr Malay prahos. — Smgopan, 

174 Model of a fum establishment. — Joro. 
ABnci.Es collected by tiie LAnoA5 Govnunnarr and ibr- 
warded to Singapore to be inoofporated with the coUeo- 
^on from that pbee :— 

1—3 Ilang, shidd, and warjsckot The arms of the 
Kyaa Chi^ Ayer Beriari." 

-6 Ilang^ shieU, and spear. The arms of the Kyaa 
Chief " Parau Lajow." ^ 

7—10 Ilan& shield, spear, and topy. The aims of the 
Kyan Chief^am-.ldding." 

11—14 Ilan^ shield, spear, and topy. The arms of the 
Kyan Chief « Sing Owdin." All presented by the several 
chiefs to the Laboan Government.- Marram Rieer. Ncrth^ 
we$t Omtqf Borneo, 

15 Kris.— Atmo. 

16 Kris.— SpoIdo. 

17 Kampilan. Sword used by the Illanam piiatea on the 
coast of Borneo.— TampamaJL 

18 Kampilan. Sword used by the lUannn pirates on the 
coast of Borneo.— Jfbi2iKia 3^. 

19, ao Dosnn knives. Used by the Dusnns or hill tribes. 

21 —23 Spears. Used by IDanun pirates.— Ta 

24 Chain armoor. Worn by Illannn pirates. — 'fampaaamk. 

25—28 Shielda. Used by lUanmi ^£es.— Taa^iaa^uJL 

29 Caae for arrows. 

30 Sommtsa. 

1, 2 Cloth. Mannftetnrad br the nianmas.— iVbrtA-ieesC 
Ooagt (Fa»dat$am wtd Tampimmk). 

3 Ctoth. Made of fibre of plant^n stems by the Illa- 
mms. — Ncrtbrwett Ootut {Pamdmm amd TampamuX). 

4 Cloth. Manufartored by Ulancns.— AorC&-m«t Ooati 
{Panda$mm amd T haywiii il). 

5 Jackets. Madeby the Dusons from the baris of trees. 

6 Sleefrtng w rap pe r . Made by Dusnns, mannftctmed 
from native cotton. 

7—9 Waist-doth, used by women. Made by DnsonSy 
manofretnred from naliva cotton. 

10^ 11 Sarong. M anuta c tur a d in the city of Bnmi. — 

12, 13 HaL Worn by Dosnns. 

14, 15 Baskets. 16 BoU of mats. Made by Dnsnna. 

17—19 Cooking pots. Made by Pnsona. 

20 Ornamental basket and cover. Made by Dusnns from 
the leaves of the Kipoh patm. 

21 Basket. Made by Dusnns. 

22 Bftata. Ornamented with onen work. — Nahmou /•- 

23 Mats.— ArwK. 

24 Hand-loom. With auong in coarse of mannfrctnze. 
— ^nme. 

25 Sarong.— IKnoie. 

26 Two gold ear ornaments. 27 Bing. 28 Button. Worn 
by the women of Brune.— Bncae. 

29 Ornaments. Embnrideiy for the ends of pillows. — 

AoBicouit7KAi. lupiJEatsirrs. 
1 Ploogh. 2 Harrow. Made and used by Dusnns. — 
MemgaUd (Narik^tegt Coaat ^Borneo). 

Katubal PROPDCnOXS. 

1 Section of the tmnk of the sago plant. Abundant on 
all the N.W. coast of Borneo.— itto^otai. 

2 CoaL Specimen from the outcrop in the bed of a 
stream : 2 veins 18 ft. ^art and neariy 3 ft. thick. — Head 
cftke Harhoar tf LatmaaC 

3 CoaL From a vein from 12 ft. to 15 ft in thickness. 
—Tmdfmg Kabvtg, 

4 Tobacco. Grown and p icp a ied by the natives of tho 
K.W. coast.— USayoteL 

5 CoaL From a very thick vein.— Jtfbioit Pim^ (aioatlk 
tfihe Brume Biver). 

6 CoaL Vein about 10 ft. thick.— JVtMifaifor<ft«f«ai»- 

ffWtjf MtOeTm 


Digitized by 



yorthrwmt OoaM of Bonneo. 

7 Caoateboue. 

8 Kmpx Gam. Emite a fngranee, and is Imrnad aa 

9 Knlit Lawan. Clore bark. 

10 Kayn Lakkar. 11 Korta Ambuk. Burned 93 laoenae. 
12 Benkita-baining. Prodaoea a dark porple or black 

IS TcTMamhtSL'-'Ldhum and Ncrth-wed Coati. 

Norihrweat Coaat cfBormo, 


15 Cotton. 

16 Native indiffo plant 

18 Kappan rioe. 

19 Sampangan paddL Bipcns in three monflii fronthe 
time of planting. 

20 Bampangan rioe. 

21 Pasirpaddi. 

22 Paair rioe. All grown on the aides of hills. 

23 Sambas bHipadfi. 

24 AdanpaddL 

25 Jizdangpaddi.; 

26 Badin paddi. 

27 Jongko paddi. 

28 Jongko rice. 

29 Nipah salt. Hade from the ashes of the Nipah palm : 
in extensive use amongst the natlTos of the Interior. 

ao Treacle. 

31 Vegetable tallow. Eztraeted from the nat of Tarioos 
species of Dipterocazpns. , ^^ 

82 Miniao Kapayang. Procured from the seeds of Paa- 
girun ednle. 

83 Miniak Beribadak. 

84 Miniak Lam. 

85 Hhilak Kambayo. 

36 Miniak Kamiri. Almond-scented oil. 

87 Miniak Kroin. Wood oil ; estxacted by beat fion a 
species of Dipterocarpos. 

88 avet 

83 Seed pearls. Used aa a medidne'by the CMneie. 

40 Miniak Kftpur. Pound reiy effieadoos in cases of 

41 Malacca canes. 

L28T OF Woods frosi Labuan. 

1 Kayu Am ; 2 Gabar Bnto ; 3 Kayn Malam; 4 Kayu 
Bencola ; 5 Kayu Leda Karbao.— Average hei^t abont 60 
ft, diameter 3 ft. 

6 Ka\-u Oobah. About 40 ft., diameter 18 inches ; bazk 
used in dyeing dull red. 

7 Kayu Tampui pyah. Fruit tree. 

8 Kayu Palah palawan ; 9 Ka}-u Petong.-^ ft diam. 
18 inches. 

lOLaoh. Small. 

11 Kayu Kandis Dahan. 30 ft by 2 ft Fruit tree. 

12 Plye. 

13 Kalam Pappa. 30 ft. by 2 ft 

14 Tioro. 30 to 35 ft. by 3 ft 

15 Kayu Tobah tobah utan. 30 ft by 3 ft. 

16 Kayu Jamber. 30 ft. by 2 ft. 

17 Kayu Karye. 20 ft by 18 inches. 

18 Kayu Badak utan. Fruit tree. 

19 Kayu Tantang. 20 to 30 ft by 2 ft. 
£0 Kayu Sarogan. 25 ft by 1 ft. 

21 Kayu Gading. 25 ft to 30 ft by 1 ft 

22 Kayu Nasi Nasi. 40 a by 2 ft. 

28 Kayu Kapur Bangin. 90 to 100 ft. by 4 to 5 ft 

24 KayuSenangAwu. 90 to 120 ft >t 5 to 6 ft 

25 KaynBasak. 40ftb72|ft 

26 Kayu Kndng. 70 ft. by 8 ft 

27 Knyn Kming Utan. 40 ft by 9| ft 
28KaynKi4rar. 90 to 120 ft by 5 ft 

a0ftby2ft Used In dyeing. 
80 ft by 18 inches. Usedinooi 

29 KnyuBsmuck. 

80 KayuBangaa. 

81 Kayu Arroo. 80 ft by 2 ft 

82 Kayn Plye (root of). 

88 KayuUratiUta. 90ft to 100ft by 8 to 4ft 

84KayuImpa8. 40ftby2if^t 

35 Kayu Bidami 80 ft oy 18 inches. Scented wood. 

86 Kayu Kamuning. 6 indiea In diameter. 

87 Kayu Arang. Grows to a large side on the mainland 
of Borneo. 

88 Kayn Llman I4maa. 6 Inehea diameter. 
89—41 Names unknown. 

42 Kayn Jampalors, or Jati CSilna. 60 ft by 18 inches. 

43 Kayu Bampilow. 60 ft by 90 inches. 

44 Ka ^Seo mig Annnn bnktt 90ftby4ft AnoUis 
cipiessed ttoBk the fruit 

45 Kayn Benatore bukit TOftbySft 
468b]ama; 47 ICadang sisik.— 50ft. by 24 feet. 

48 Kallm pupa tandok. 12 to 15 ft by 18 inches. 

49 Dadarni; 50 Madang lada.-4» ft by 2 ft. 

51 Saryeah. SOfLbydft 

52 Nibongbcnar; 58Nibongssbarani^90ft Aspedes 
of pahs. 

1 Anklongs, or musical bamboos.~^ara. 
2,8 Native drums; 4 Instrament fbr deanlng cotton.— 

5 Instmment for cleaning cotton.— ^Mfies. 

6 Conical hats; 7 Window blinds ; SSieve; 98andals; 
10 Gilt baskets fbr canylng marriage presents ; 11 Fkites : 
12 Ladles; 18 Hand-basket; 14Mats: 15 Cloths and 
ootton twist ; 16 Varnished baslwt-Vaea. 

17 Stxmw basket; 18 Betel stand; 19—21 Baskets; 22 
Hunting cu>; 28124 Straw haU; 25 Bice plates; 26 Con- 
dimmtbozea; 27 Work basket; 28 Basket.— OeUct. 

29 Basket— ^(RNt. , 

80 Conical hats; 81 Japanned boxes.— Patemftoiy. 

82 Bngis cap. — Cdebe$. 

33 Bnamelled paddle; 34-^ Enamdlod bozes^Ptf- 

STLargegong; 38 Water^oolert ; 89 Brass bttel stand ; 
40 Brass candlestick; 41 Tea-kettle; 42 Lotahs; 43 Car- 
iter's tools ; 44 Water^sooler ; 45-48 Specimens of pot- 


49 Setof trays; 50-52 Japanned boxes; 58, 54 Japanned 
stands. — Pnlemban^, 

55 Fishing net— Jooo. 

56 Betel box.— JlfoooMor. 
Tournament saddle and accoutremenis. 

Box OF S-VM ru58 :— 

Edible bird's nest— Pra«. 

Edible bird's nest (white and black).- .Bofito). 

Specimen of raw sUk, gum bexgamin, rnd^ gamboge.— 

Cigar c 

Ear omamcnte of tiger's teeth.- Jrmifo. . , . ^_ 

A gmnalang, or complete set of Javanese musical instru- 

Digitized by 







W. Walbahkb GmLDDO. 16 Eaton 
and TcRiee Hoote, St Heller. 

1 ^BTTB, n. a r.GA negpnt Boed.— Geological 
nt of the gnnltei of Jeney. 

8 Ssunroasr, H. J. Pint Tower, Tnr. and ICanu. — 
Machine morlng by ihe eqidUbiiiun of water and air. 
Boat mored bj the Mine power. Clock, on the same 

4 BsBLAxn, — , Pooune d'Or.— A manhlne to itop 
laflwar csrriaget SnftantaDeoaelj. 

6 Le Mothe, H. St Heiier.— Dlasruns to elucidate 
the method of tri-fectinganj angle. The ezhiUtoi'i inven- 

6 CnsTAUXB, J. Don St Inr.— Model of a iwinging 
beeeon, for tho prevention of ihip-wreeki, by marUng the 
litaatioB of roda. Not liable to be dainaged, or carried 
away by tea or shipping. 

7 Gasuaa, jVBond Street—Model of a life-boat 

8 F£urRAM.R.D,QDeenStreet-^eleton regulator. 

9 DuFBE, W. H. Charing Ooas, Inr.— Defiance wind 
gmid, ibr the prevention of down-draoght. or the descent 
of smoke in cnimnej-s.— Patented . Anotner for the ssme 
nse, hot Infallible In any ntuation.— Patent Boof Hfl^ of 
gbsL in a zinc case. 

10 Le FsAvni^ P. St Clement Academy, Inr.— (hrery, 
f or sehool use. 

11 Messecot, G. George Town.— Sets of tables, lor 
Inftnicting youth In reading. 

IS White,G. St Mark School, Prop.— Class box and 
,|]]astxatlon board, to exhibit writing, kc Door governor : 
to prevent violent shutting.— Intended for rsgistration. 
GUmney-poi or ventilator: to prevent ** down-draught" 
Besisterea. lllnmluated dock: to show the hour after 
daa by light— Intended for rsglstration. Pump and blower, 
Ibr the conveyanee of water or air. Intended for regis- 

18 Bbohbi, H. New Street, Prop. — Specimens of 

Jersey knitting. 

u — 

^ De Fate, T. Scale Straet, Prop.— Twelve palnjof 
knit stockings. 

16 TiBxn,S.StMaiy,Mann.— Apairof knUstockt 

18 Mabb, M. King St Mann^Biehly knitted silk 

17 ScABTB, G. Bercsford St Prop.— Chaise harness. 

18 Gaemalt, J. David PL Mann — ^A pair of scissors 
and a kniib, the two less than one grain In weight 

19 JooBAOD^ P. Peter St Inv. and Manu.— Carriage- 
nm: takes readily to pieces, and can be used as a rifle, a 
lowiing-pieoe, or aidstol ; cannot bedisehaiged by accident, 
having a secret spnng: b richly embossed, and mlald with 
gold and silver. The loek is ofa peculiar construetion ; the 
•lock is beantlAilly carved. 

90 LbFedvbs, G.C Edward PI. Mann.— CeUfonnl^ 
compos ed of oak, a portion the prodnee of the Island of 

21 Steady W. Hill St Mann.— A piece of Ihmiture, 
^iplieable as a eelcret or fbnt 

S8 Coxxne, W. Belmont House.— Spedmens of calo- 
lypesLdone from lifSs. 

88 Sauvdebs, Geobqb, Bath St — A model in 
paper, representing Her M^asty landing at Victoria Pier, 

Jeney, 3rd September, 1S46. 

84 Simon, Miss, EUxaheth PL-Baskei-work, in 

an hdrloom firam her progenitor, Madame Manger, 


85 Cloqas, Tbomas, jun.— Spedmens of Guernsey 

26 MABn]v,PBTBB. St Peter's Port Prod.— Baw Silk, 
the produce of the Islaaft of Guernsey. Arrowroot feeula. 

87 AfXEOiro^BiiAiiuEi^ St Peter's Port Inv.— Modd 
ofa machine to determine the distance run by a sMr and at 
the same time to detsrmlne the ship's place on the chart 

88 Habbis^P. G. Inv.— A corking machine. 

88 MacDo2cakb^ Sophia, Woodland. Inv. Dss. and 
Manu.— Tulle dress, embroidered with groups of floss lUk 
flowers, copied Irom natural flowers. 

80 DoBBBi^ Habexbt, De Besnvolr, Des. k Inv.— 
TabMop^ onamented with shells fbnnd in the Island of 
Herm. Group of poultry. 

81 Hov&nso3i, EusABBR^ Queen's Bead, Des. Inv. 
fc Mann.— Yeses, with shea flowers. Octagon table slabe in 

88 SABiBBr, J. Yietoria Bead. InT.~Model of a ma- 
chine for weidiog chain-cable and ouer links. 

88 Abbous A. 11 Coomieroial Arcade, liann.— Mann- 
Ibeture of iodine and hydriodate of potash. Specimens of 
thefod and alme which grow abondanti^ on the north and 
west coasts of lie island of Gnons^. Fused mass, const!- 
tnting the ashes of thsse nmrine plant% and containing salts 
of soda, potaab. Ilme^ and magnesia. Iodine in the rou^ 
state. Iodine (pommerdal). Grrstais of Iodide of potaa- 
sluBi, or hydriodate of potash. Bedduary product, consti- 
tuting the adies of the Ibd and algs after the iodine has 
been eztiaeted, and containing the salts of potash, soda^ 
Ume, and magnesis, as chlorides and sulphates. 

84 GouuilT.Msbb.— Salts, dmilar to those commonly 

86 DoBBBis D. Fbrest Beetory, Prop. — Original 

Guernsey tnA. RrDck of Guernsey wool. Drawers, 
men's and womenTs stocMngSi ni^^Mcaps, glovei^ fldiermen 
and labourer's cravats, and uppers. 

86 Lb Beib, N. St Peter's Port Prop.— Guernsey 
ftrm-eaddle. Maiand footstool of ''has." Bollock's and 
horse's coUar of ^han." CoU of '•ban'* rope. Shackles of 
''han.'^ <'Han,''ahankoftherawmateriaf. 

87 DoBBT, D. St Mary de Cutro, Prop.— Guernsey 
Oder crab-pot Oder flsh-badcet * 

Large oder baitppot 


CoLUDcnoB or Natobai. Pbodoctiobs abd Manciactsbes 


Gbbt, The Countess*— A gilt sprinkler under a 
shade ihmi Ceylon. 

Albbbcbt, GbebbhulXi k Co. — Cinnamon and 

Bock cr^staL Iron and common quarts. Amethvst 
Garnet Cinnamon stone. Harmotome. Hornblende. Ly- 
persthene. Common corundum. 

Buby. OuysoberyL Ziroon. Mica. Adularia. Com- 
mon felspar. Grsen felspar. Alblte. Chlorite. Pinite. 
Black Tourmaline. Galoipar. Biiterspar. Apatite. Fluor- 
spar. Chisslolite. 

Iron pyrites; manetic iron pyrites. Brown iron oro. 
Spathic iron ora. Magnetic Iron oro. Titaaiferoos iron 
ore. Ironglanoe. Mai^aaese. Molybdenglaace. 

Tin ore. Araeniate of nickd. Plumbago. Epistilblte. 
GadoUnite. Wolflraok Grichtonite. Ilmenlte. Pyrochlore. 
BInnerite. Ceylonite. Gabook. Kaolin. 

Cocoa-nnts, sum the South and West Province. Bice, 
generaL Arrow-rooti from the South Prorinoe. I' 


Digitized by V^J^i^ 




^^^^•^^oa^^TOTimiB. BmptMy, from ibB 
Sf"™^!!?T^ Curninm, g«aenl. Maue, miltot, and 
Tlna^ftoai tfM South udCentral ProvincT^ 

CoAe, ftomtibe Gentnl Province, chiefly. Cu^mtaoM, 
from the Four Korics^OAllo. ^ ^>«u«««, 

gim a mon , ftom the Western Province. 

Tobeeoo. from JeAus Ncgomho, TongAlle. Ginfv-*^ 
I the Weetem Province. Temi end fi 

poti«oeo» gOMnL TeUpot leevet, from the Genlnl Pro- 

T.2??^* "«*» ?«■ Bettlceloe; Pnlmyim mgu, from 
J^t Owe onnr, from the Wettern Province. 

MeMcelkmr, ftom the Weet end South Provlnee. Arrow- 
root flour, ftom the Southern Province. 8eio» from the 
Karthom Province. Yineger, generol. 

Cotton, netlve, Bourbon, and See Island; from BMticdoa 
and J aona. 

Coir fibre, from the South and Western Province. 

Oemboge and tamarinds, from the Weetaad East Pro- 
nnee. Areea nuts, from Four Korles. Coppetah, from the 
East and West Province. 

Timber, generaL Clearing Nut, from tfM Nerth^weit and 
East Province. 

AJoe fibre, eardamum plantain, and hibiecv fibre, from 
KandjT and Colombo. 

Ivory and buffido horns, from the North end Eeet Pro- 
vlMB. Deer boms, from the Central and North Province. 

Birdr nests, ftom Pesdoom Korle. 

Honey end wax, fttni Biutenne. 

Bides and hoofr, from Colombo. 

Musk, from the Northern Province. 
. Chay, a root, or Indian Madder, from the NorOMm Pro- 

Jack and maime, or habnaliUe woods, gencrsL 

Sappan wood, from the West South, end Eeet Provinces. 

Turmeric end myrobolans, from the Eeet Coest Pearls, 

, from flie Northern Province. Jafiha mooL from 

^ngies and couries, from Jafiha and Trlncoamlee. 

Salt, from Chelaw and Hambautotte. 

Beche deoMr, or sea snail, a radiated enimal of the Holo- 
thuria tribe, ftom the Northern Province. 

Oils: cocoa nut cinnamon, clove, citron, lemon grass, and 
odepoti, from Colombo, Gelle. Margoas oil, ftom Kandy. 
Croton and castor oils, from Colombo. Keknna and gin- 
gelly oils, ftom Kandy. Citronella, meomel, end ^earmint 
oils, ftom Gallee. Mee oil, ftom Colombo. 

Models of carriages and palanquins, ftom Coloadw. 

Gbekoos from the Western Province. 

Looms; medical stills, from the North, NordMrest, and 
Sontti Provinces. 

Forges; smelting furnaces, from the Cential and South 

Models of boats: guns ; weapons, general, Kandy, Icc 

Agricultural tools. 

Cotton fabrics, phiin and dyed, from the Nordi, East, and 
Soutti Provinces. 

Cotton painted frbrics, firom Kandy. 

Lace, from Galle. 

Gold aadsilver ornaments, ftxmi Kandy, Jafiha, Gallfly Icc 

Crockery, plain, and painted; end four toms, ftom Kandy 
and Mature. 

Matting from Kandy and Caltura. 

Coir cordage, from the Southern Provinces. Coir weh- 
bing and begging, from the Southern and Northera Pro- 

Aloe bagginc^ from Kandy. Hibiscus baggings and cord- 
age. Sansera bagging, from Colombo. 

Tortoiseshell and Oank ornaments, from Kandy, BCatura, 
and Gelle. 

Fishing lines and neti. 

Beakets and bozee ; quilL deer bom, buflblo bom, and 
straw, from Caltura and Gatle. 

Kandy oainted baskets and boxes ; umbrollas ; punkahs, 

Ornamented olas 

Carved work. 

las soapb ftom Kandy and Blatura, Galle. 
ebony, ftxmi Galle and Cnltura ; ivorr, ftt 


Four Kories: woods, ftom Galle and Calhira; stoo^ ftom 
the Central Provinces; cooo»-nnt shells, frcm Galle; and 
egg shells, Kandy. 
Models of Temples, ftom Cotombo. 


WooDioais Ladv.^A Greek dreai, made la Corflt. 

A pair of silver-bracelets, made in Corfu ; the one with 
the motto ** Mirro aaoaon #iaun.'* ** My pressuro is 
that of friendship without guile:*' the other, *'*o #£POir 
ATAIIHlf ." ** He who frels afibction" (ofibrs it lu yon). 

A silver brooch of elegant pieroed work, forroeil bv a 
garland of gmpes and vine-leaves, surrounding the emhfem 
of the Seven Islands. 

A brooch in silver filigree w ork, with the heed of Corevra 
on the one side, for Corfb ; the winged horae of Belleropnon 
on the ravene, for Zante. 

A Greek eep, made at Lefchlmo, a village of Corfii. 

Memoriel clasp in gold, made at Cori^ and of rc-markable 
workmanship ; tne gold filigree being placed on a phite of 
polished cold, which reflects it as ftxnn a mirror. 

MAnnoiAinn, BCadame.— A gokl bracelet, made al 
Corfti, of flli g ree work, surrounding the emblem of the 

Two rilk handkerohiefr, of flne frbric, of Zaute menu- 

An apron of muslin, made in Corfti, with a border worked 
on linen with the needle ; somewhat similar to Dresden- 
work, but of larger stitch, on a very elmnt and clastJcal 
pnttern, of grapea, vine-leaves, and buttermos. 

An apron ox crochet-work, remarkable for the beauty of 
the pattem and execution, and showing that what has but 
recently appeared in England as an accomplislimcnt has 
been for agee the common needlework of the Ionian peesant- 
girls. The border is of deep Dresden-work, of mnjfniflcent 
effect, with emblematieal deeigns of lions, eupids, fiowen, S;c. 

These aprons aro the ordinary work andevoy-day wear 
of the peasantirirls of Corfti. The drem of the Greek 
peasant women, in general, being of an extraordinary rich- 
ness, so that a peasant-bride's drem Is often her .dowiy, 
being not unfrequently worth 400 or 500 doUan. 

MABBOLumx, — .— Bamples of Cephalonia currants. 

The island of Cephalonia, though not so rich In currants 
as Zante, neverthelem supplies a great part of theliuantity 
consumed in Great Britun. 

Olive^il, the growth of Coifh. 

FrrzKoT, Lord C— Three Zante silk scarfr. 

A Zante hankerchief. 

Articles exhibited by Lord Sxatov :— 

1 Specimen of Cephalonian stone. 
S Three specimens of olive wood. 
8 Two lante specimens of raw silk. 

4 Six smaU specimens of raw silk. 

5 Five Zente scarfr. 

6 Embroiderod gold beg, from Santa Maria, 

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7 Gold mahrMand liidkiirnMrf, trom fltaita ifaria- 

8 Large, nad two flMll, embroidered boA from CorAi. 

9 Foot w ne ciuiWM of ttmple% worked hj Greek girle. 

10 Gold onoeleCy made axcer the model ot aa ancient on 
Iband in a tonib. 

11 SUver^tUbBaeeltt 

12 Silver eeal 
U Three cold li^giL 

15 TwoBUferbfoodbei. 

16 Small poefceC^iool^ Gorfa woric 


1 Tot5i. J. Sciada Fond, Valletta, Mmm. -Dooblo- 
bui ftddle, made of biRTe^Te maple. 

2 Rkc ATiA, C. Can! KaTora.— Cotton tail cloth : One 
piece offtor threads of 70 canea ; one piece of five threads, 
eoDtainlng 69 canea ; one piece of six tmreadi, containing 70 
einei ; one piece of aeren tiurendt, containing 70 canei. 

Cheqoered cotton doCfa for carpeting: One piece of aeren 
eaucs : two ptceei of ten canei. 

3 ScoEsunu, G. VaUettn, Mann.— Cotton tianes: 
IPiecea of natural Malta **"^*-», white, narrow, and wide 
aqnares. Piece «f light eoloar, and damaiked square. 

4 PiLxs, G. aiontebeUo. — Cotton timaea: Natural 
nankeen, plain; striped, with lialta nw silk ; andsuperilne 
plain nankrpTi, Sample of common Ualtese cotton. Com- 
mon Btaitese uankeen eoCton Indian nankeen cotton. Sea- 
ishmd colton. IDsstodon American cotton. Sample of 
cummin seed. Aniseed. Sesame seed. Sample of Maltese 
hard wheat (called tomnia). Softwiieat Samples of eotton 
tiircad, fixnu four kinds of cotton. Cotton thread, from 
oopamon Maltese ootton. Maltese cotton. Sam^ of Mal- 
tese ailk and eoeeena. 

5 VEl.u^ F. Stradi Mercanti, VaUetta, Mann.— 
Cotton fiibrics: Wldte and red blanketa; figured eoonter- 
^anss. An aasoirtment of straw bate. 

6 FsczciiyV.FIoriana.— Specimens of Maltese book- 
bindjQff. Collection of andent and modem onstumfS of 

7 GsATAinu, Kamu, Valletta.— Several plccca of 

8 Kachi, Bosdu^— Velvet hao, embroidered; plain 
•emteoidered ransBn drem ; plmn embroidered babv's (bess. 
Tollet-coTer (lacc^ Greek %sfle). Embroidered faaadko^ 
•chief. VatMJus specimens ofiaoe and mittens. 

B £5UQL*i3, Mjuua.— Variety of black silk mittens. 
•Habitrehirti, plaia cmbraiderad. 

10 ScnBsiesu, AanoxiA.— Specimens of lace with gold 
'thread. Grillan. Two lace eollars. 

11 Gozo, SkUjro ]»L.~Specimens of Mack silk bee. 

15 Ci8iL&,CosEASOi.—Fieoc ofiaoe of Greek pattern. 
18 Pouro, CAMnoQ.— Specimen of laee (Greek pat- 

14 C a iiTM . i 3 n, B.— ^ecimen of broad lace, with 
pieces for sleeves tot m clerical dress. Various specimens 
of lace. 

16 VioxA, Paolo, fc Co.— Specimen ofiaoe. 

16 Cv3iiii.Eu, FoKnj!CATA.— Specimen of lace. 

17 Urkcr, GnBnmnA.— Baby's plain embroidered 

18 UAonxsn. BuBiA Nuzko.— Ssmple of embroidexy 
with silks : Top or a pincushion. 

19 f S5ECB, AxxonA.— Paper envdopcs^ embroidered 
•with «lkf and gold. 

90 AanoPABOLj.M.— P^ofmltten^wilhbeada. 

81 BnincB, Mrs.— Various speoimens of louff and 
short mittens. Long mittens with Deads. A breadth of 
black tulle, embndderad. Black laoe. Floonoe and breadth 
of broad laee. Numerous specimens (ft laoe. Collar and 
two euA. Maltose nankeen dresses, embroidered with 
wool and silk. Two pieces of Mslteae nankeen. 

88 Thb CossBsvAioiio or Sax Giobeppk.— Knitted 
collars. Knitted ftonts of haUtahirts. Specimens of 
knitted broad and narrow koe; knitted cape; knitted 
tlircad stookingjk 

88 PoMUU, A. Strada Strella, Valletta. — Silvur 
filigree reticule. 

84 Cbetbui, E. Stnda Forni, Valletta, Mann.— GoU 
filigree: Braeeleta; ro s echsin bracelets ; knot brooches. 
Double pin for hair. Rose chaina. Flat and roae rings, Ice. 
Silver filigrse: Baain. Oval platea, with fiowers. Bound 
platea. Car d e aass. Candleaacka. Te»«poona. Cups. 
Wreath far the head. Bead braeelels. Fins. An arrow 
for the hair. BonqneMiolder broochea. Stars. Knot,tie^ 
and shawl broochea. Rose chain, Ice 

Gold articles: Gold rose chain for walatooat. Broad 
flat rings. 

86 Faxsos, & Strada Beale, Valletta, Mann.— Gold 
articles : ICaltcse rose chain. Bracolel^ with aeales, cameo, 
Corel, oriental cameo, fcc Broochea, with bunch of fiowers, 
in the fom of a knot, and with a rose and fiowers. Chain, 
imitation of Venice woric Lorge-aiaed pins. Bracelet, 
lace pattern. Pkir of hairvins. Various pins, with ooral, 
moaaio worIc, cameo, &e. Sbirt-etods. Cham rings. Rose 
ehainringp. Small rose dnin neeklacea, lie. 

Silver omamenta: Filigrse fiower-stsnds. Flower orna- 
ments for the hair. B&«-pins. Plates and small eons. 
Bead bracelets; nee bracelets: and bracelets of Gothie 
pattern ; rose diain bracelets. BreastFfilna and chatrlainea. 
Arrows for the hair. Large and small flowers. Shawl«pina 
and pincosUoBB. Pins for necklaces, Isc 

Money-bag and card-caaes. Bead buttona, various slaes. 
Butterfly of gold and silver. Pinsin thefecmof acomn- 

86 DAMHAmn, J. k Son, Strada Levante, Valletta.— 
Inlaid marble taUe-top^ 4 foet king, 3 feet broad. Inlaid 
marble taSl»4op^ S foot square. Klaid marble table-top, 
with Etruscan vase in the centre, 2 feet 6 inches in diameter. 
Inlaid marble taUe^op, with the emblem of Carthagein the 
centre, 2 feet 8 inches in dismeter. Pieces of Malta stone, 
oiled and prspared for pavement Prip stone of Malta 
stone. Spedmens of Maltaand Goso stone and atalactite. 
Vaae, wiOi pedestal of red Goso nmrble. Wax a|id ckith 

87 DnocsAW)^ P. P. Stnda San Gtovanni, Valletta, 
Sculp.— Very large lugii with pedestals, 7 feet in hei^ 
and 1 foot 11 indiea In breadth. Large vases, 5 foet 2 inehca 
iu height, and 2 foet 10 inefaea in breadth. Jugs, 1 foot 
G inches in height, and 1 foot 2 inchea in breadth. 

88 Donoii. F. Strada Teateo. Valletta, Seuln.— Stone 
carvings: Candditeum, 6 foet hia^ and 2 feet 8 
breadth. Large vase^ 4 foet hi^and 3 foet 9 inchea in 

88 SoLBB, J. (Foreman to Mr. G.MunV Strada Beale, 
Valletta, Sculp.— Stone carvings : Vase with handlea, 1 foot 
8 inches high, 2 foet 10 inches broad. Jog, adonied with 
vino-lcavea, 2 ibetS inefaea in hei|^t, 1 foot 2 inches wide. 
Oval vase, 1 foot 4 inchea fai width. Sknall baaket 

80 TmA,& Strado San Giovanni, VaUetta, Sculp.— 
Vase, with satyrs and flowers, 4 feet 8 inches in hei^t, and 
i feet inches in breadth. Vase, with eagles, 1 foot 9 inchea 
high, and 1 foot 3 inches broad. 

31 BomoiBO, M. Bivehlrcara. — Mannfoetures in 
strew: Strew iiiatB, hats, caps, and samples of straw plsjta. 

Digitized by \^jLJiJ 




WalapftMf ImtBi t^u oU-akia pliable hftts; tiro oH-Mn 

__ GxBAiu, A. Is DAJommMM, StnuU MercantL Val- 
lattk— fiMkst of vtifldal flowers, with ibeUt. 

88 Tbt^ F. Stndft Santa Lnoia, Tallotta, Scalp.— 
Vaae of mtiaiie fozm, with Mtrn, wreatht of flowen aad 
YiiM4eayei^ 5 ftet4ijieh« In haigbt, and 2 fa«t 4 inehei 
In bnadth. Vaae of antique fbnn, with rine-leavii, 4 feet 
I in Dreadth. Common vaee, 

in height, and > foot 9 inohea ^ 

1 foot 6 inehei high, and 1 fbot 4 inches broad. 

84 Tea Gahonioo Poj "" 
in wax: The 

aadari; lodgEt of the order of Malta : flr£ad 
like — ' 

iLrrckYittorioea, Mann.— Fisuet 
Valletta ; the grand master Xon- 



1 ]fAmA]rDMorH.-.Lead ore, from Port EUiabeth. 
Iron ore, from Uiteuhage. Graphite, from Cape Town. 
Coral, from Caledon. Oyster sheOs, from Uitenhagt. 

2 Da ViLuaiiB, L Z. P. L Paarl.— Argd^rhite and 

8 TkAx.wiTZEB, M. Gape Town.— Medicinal plants 
anddngs; « klipeweet*' Bark fbr tanning. TambonUae 

4 TkrpB, H. Swellendam.— Medidnal plants and 
Maatard seed, and wafaiut oil. 

6 Batut, J. B. Caledon.— PMaerred fmita; gold of 

6 VoLBTEBOT, J. P. Caledon.— Samplee of maiae. 

7 TAAMDEaaaa, J. & C. MalmesMiry.— Semplea of 

8 TaoToi, H. A. O. Cape Town and Caledon.— Floor. 

8 Bnrz, BaznA, Jocbsbt, Ie Co. Swellendam.— 

10 BoTAMic Gasosv, Cape Town.— tenples of cotton. 

11 Uaxuel, C. Cape Town.— Samples of cotton. 

18 ScH iMima BLOEif, C. Cape Town.— Feithcr tippet 
Sea elephant oil. 

18 Ct^ABxncu, RzcBABD, Cape Town.— Sea elephant 
oil ;Bheeprs tail oU. 

14 Kdhharot k Co. Cape Town.— 8heep*s tail oil. 

15 Tnoxaoir, G. Gape Town.— Sea-cow teeth. 

16 MxMOMt £*. Cape Town.— Ox horns, polished and 

17 WAXBanzTzn, C Green Point— Specimens of 
hemp (aloe). 

IS Blackbdbii, J. Cape Town.— Karoesos. Specimene 
of wild cate and jackals' paws. 

19 BsAn k JoBxsoif. Cape Town.— Karoeses, or 
cloaks, Boeh as are worn by tne Kaffirs, made of the skins of 
wild animals. 

80 Havbubt, E. Cape Town.— Skins of wild animals. 

81 BauHUOL C. Cape Town.— Skiua of wild animate. 
KafBr cheir, battle«xe, ho€L Itc. 

88 CmApnm, A. k Co. Cape Town.— Skina of wild 
animala. Twelve goat aUna, weigning 25 lbs. each. 

88 RirrnEarooBO, H. £. Cape Town.— Specimene of 
wheat Oetrieh feathers. 

84 BuDosa^ C. C^e Town.— Stone box. 

86 MoBATiA2f Hi9siONABYl»8TiTL'iio]i,GenadendaL— 
Mannfaetnred olive wood. 

86 Woodman, J. C. Cape Town.— Manufactured olive 
wood. A cabinet, composed of seven species of wood, and 
of atinkwood. 

87 THALwrrxBR, M. Cape Town.— Cnriosiliea ; bowi 
and aiTowa ; Bualiman'a blanket 

88 Hakbdbt, B. J. Cape Town.— Bhinooeroa horn 
aticka and whipa. 

88 MoAO, W. Cape Tovt-n.— Kaifir wanior'a heod-dreaa. 

80 FooBO^ B. Cape Town.- Model in day. 

Soom AnicAsr Pbodoctioicii, fonraided by tlie Aouicul- 
TOBAL Socnrr or tub Caps or Good Uops. 

81 Bbits,Babda^Co.— SampleaoffinowooL 
88 Bbbda, D. J. vab.— Samples of fine wool. 
88 IfAKOBL, C— Samples of Katal cotton. 

84 Pbxbcb, Colluok, Ie Co.— A barrul of fine floor. 
86 VomKBDT. J. P.— Preserved fruits. 

86 Moaii, N. Cigars and kanaater tobacco. 

87 SBABtOBT, J.— Two tina Malagas guano. 

88 BmmsBa, J.— Tallow and soap. 
88 ScHfcpmiKB, H.— Cask of salt Seef. 

40 Mabtxb, W.— Cask of salt pork. 

41 MoaMa,T.-A roll of aole leather. 

48 ScmiUTBKLOSw, C— A tippet made from tho fea- 
thera of variooa Ci^ birda. Samplea of aole leather. 

43 MnsuniABt Statiom, GBO£irKi4>or. — Quince 
walking-sticka, atalned; riding whip, atained; and olive 
wood work-box. 

44 MmaioBABY Statiob at Gbkaobkdaal.- Double 
choppiug knila. bread cutting and limiting knivea, vine 
cutter, pocket knivea, and boMhlemmrr luufe. Box com- 
poaed or thirty apecimenaof variooa woods, iu the rougnand 
poliahed atate; olive wood box. 

46 LiBDoiBEBOi J.— Specimen of beiTy wax; aped- 
mens of beea'^rax. 

40 i**«F, 8. A.— Sack of ^eat 

47 DoMBLCTOB, H.— Box, containing forty-three apeci- 
mena of Cape wood% in the bark, rougli and poUahed. 

48 ScHBUBi.^ J. H. k Co.— Specimeua of medicinal 
herba and dmga* 

48 Sarrs, H.— Impure carbonate of aoda, prepared 
fromgunna aahea, 

60 PAsa, A. Db.— Samplee of guano. 

61 Watbbmbtxb. C— Orchilla weed. 
68 SouBEBT, J. G.— Boney. 

68 BocHAXAB k Law.— An elephant*a tusk, weifl^ldng 
103 Iba. another weighing 97 Iba. 

64 Clabbbcx, R.— Dried fruits, vis 

^hea, raiaina, aprioota, peara, currants, and walnuts. 

66 CAX.r, J.— €pedmena * ' "^ • ..-» 
&c. Box of oyater sbeUa. 

I of plumhago, Fulle^a-eardi, 

66 Gbbio, G. Ie Co.— Specimene of iron-ore. 

67 A library chair, pieeented to C. B. ^Idderley, Eaq. 
M.P. by the innabitants of the Eestem province of the 
colony of the Cape of Good Hope. Designed and carved by 
J. Hart, of Graham's Town* 

SuTHBBLABiN J. Agottt to Steam Twist Kiet MUte. 
—Wheat flour manufactured by Mr. J. F. Fredericksen^of 
the Twist N let Steam Milla, Cape Town . 

Cbooch,— .— A package containing coutenla not 


Wabwicx, Wbwob, 73 Graoechureh St Imp.— 
1 Teak timber or African oak, for ahip building, lee. 3 Iron 
atone. 8 Cotton, with the aeed. 4 Cotton cleaned without 
the aeed. 6 Palm oil. e, 7 Bennie aeed and ground nuta, 
from which oil ia extracted. 8 Arrow-root 9 The root of 
arrow-root 10 Shoa butter. 11 Ginger. l2Cofiee. 18 Pod 
pepper. 14 Cayenne pepper. 15 Gum oopaL 16 African 

Digitized by 




mate and mmn Uskete made tbera from dried gns. 
17 AiHcsaooimtiTdotlM made there from their own eotton. 
All the prodooe of tfM Wettem Coast of Africa. 

Hemi. Foaam k SaorB.— Zobes, or cotton robet, 
from Sierra Leooe. Ftenei, or eottob cloths, from Gambia. 
Kniie from Gambia. Cbxa cloth from Siena Leone. Table 
mat* from Gambia. Leather pouch, containing MS. extracts 
from die Korsa. Leather poaches worn as charms in 
Gambia.^ Ashantee glass azmlets ; the gi»** obtnined bj 
melting European bcads- 

1 Bbowv. J. Feto, Cape Coast Castle, Gold Coast, 
w ett Africa.— A Isrge silk-coaon horse-cloth, mannfrcinred 
at Dahomey, A^ica; worn bjr the king's fiivonrite son. 

S B4mKaT,l(Uss,108t(atfordPL London.— Two lane 

wionghtp«otton comaerpanea, mannfrietnred in the Cape de 
Yard Islands. Three nlk pangs, or tn»niU^^ maaoAietared 
in the island of San Nicolas, C^e de Yod Islands : worn by 
the ladies of the islBML ^"^ ' 

3 Varionaartldea of African growth and mannfactore, 
an vnrchased end chiefly mannfactnred at Efiga, on the 
rijAbaakof (he2figer;bR)Q|^to En^and^CapL H. 
D. »t>tler, B.N. 

I S8miaAdngarawaiIlc,GanbelMdat Biini Cannatown, 
m the Haossa eooatiy. 

S Samia Adga, maaafrdnied at Kattam Canll. TeQow 
dye is aspecies of annow-ioot, groivs wild in some places on 
the banks of the Niger, and also on the coast 

S Specimen of x«w cotton, grows spontaneooshr on the 
bsaks of the Kiger, snd often coltiyated by the natirea. 

4 Lime^ material made of bones burnt into ashes, mixed 
with water, and dried in the son. Used by those who spin 
thread to keep ^idr lingen diy. 

5 Poisoned aiTOwiL used by the Felaiahs, orFnlai^ as weD 
as by the people of Toniba. 

6 Cotton thread, indnding white and bhie. 

7 Bopes made of naUre hemp. 

8 Female cooahy ctoth, worn by the bi&her classes ; 
raamdhetnrsd at TaboCehy. The woollen that b woven 
with the cotton is of Smopesa mano&ctore. 

9 GoatordieepsUn. 

10 Female dresses of coontiy cloth, worn by the hisher 
ebsscs; mannfrelnred at 1110^)11, Yoroba eoontry, and at 
Moko, in the Uaassa ooontry. 

II Female frshionaUe drem of eoontry cloth, worn by 
the higher classes; manofactared at Nikij or Bahoh, in the 
Yoraba conntry. The brown cotton is taken from the silk 
eotton tree, wmch grows on the Gold Coast, and most other 
partsof thewesteoastof Africa. The aatiTes make their 

ocsbThoUowiag it to the required sise. The green leayes 
jost bndding are reiy wholesome, and used as Tegetablcs. 

IS Female drcams of eouncry dot^ manu&ctnred at 
Sehih, a town nine daysT joamey on foot from Nobba, a 
town on the left bank of the Kifer. 

15 Female dress of eoontiy cloth, generally worn, after it 
has been dyed, by the higher Classes as a shavrl; masnaetored 
atYabotdbT/ ^^ 

14 Female dresses of country cloth, mannfaotored at Ki- 
land} and in Yoruba country. 

lo Fenmle dresNS of eooatiy clotlL worn br aU clasees, by 
young females of respectable birth, and by the lugber 
ehaees ; mannfarturedat Yabotchy and Yomba. 

16 Female dresses of country cloth, worn by the hidier 
cbsses. Therodsilkonly tobehadatBriniOsnu; eoldby 
the .4isis. 

17 A variety of other country cloths, worn by diiTerent 
classes ; manu^Mtured a\^ Yoruba, Abuna, and Bna. 

18 FuU-eixe country doth, worn by the respeeiable people, 
and also used es a counterpane; maaufaeiured at Little 
Popo, in ihe Bights of Benyn. The rsd thread is of 
Europeaa manufhcUxre. 

Classes ; msnufiMtoredat Yabotchy and Egga. 

20 Fana]efriedrc« worn bylie higher class 

of people. ^B^rilkbro^^ythe^ibstlSShS 

desert fr<m a^ripoH Into Eousm country, and am^mtotS 
towns to Himi or Brim Cann. /i -«* -mongsi omer 

21 Female head-baad; length 4 ft. 1 in. The brown 
cotton is taken from the silkootton tree. 

22 Fine and blMhsed tobes, worn by the higher cbss. 
'n« mamier in whicS the tobe is elased is as folloi^ :-After 
the doth bsabeeaweU dyed, it & taken out of the indigo 
dye, and hung up unlU It is thoit>ii^y diy; then it is 
sprwd mi a wooden loUer, weU lubbedwilh tU sheU of a 
SS^SiT'*^ ** * '^"^ *^ ^**"' '^^^ SiTM 

23 Fine plain and dyed imbleached eotton tobe. 

24 Fine dress striped tobe, wmn by the higher class of 
^^^. J^r?*7«olour is dyed at Kattam iGmifi, a town 
on the left bonk of the Niger, a short distance above its con- 
fluence with the Chadda. aiie red silk is brought by the 
Arabs into the Haassaeouutiy. ^^ 

.u^u.??* *?*^ ■'***^ *®^ "^^^^ ^^ ^^ «ak, worn by 
ibehigierelBssefpsople. ' 

f» P^^ee^i«« tobe, and Haoasa troosers, bra|ded 
wiih red silk about the ankka, made after the Turkish 
frslilon ; won by the higher class of people. 

27 Strainer or sieve, made out c^the slips of bamboo: 
mannfaetarsd at Brini Gsnu. 

25 Small eart 
and stands lor 1 

29 Cushion. The red baise of Etuopean ^ 

the yellow skin ^red by the natives of Kattan Kanfl. 

SO Striqgp of fumy jialm nut beads, made out of burnt 
kcmds ; weni nuad the waist and neck by respectable 

than cooking pot sod cover, earthen dishes, 
leans; usedby the hiriier class of people. 
The red baiie of Eujopean manuinetnre ; 

31 Coloued basket, made out of bamboo ; «ia« n fSM. J v >^^ 
at Birmi or Brini, in the Hanssa country. 

32 Basket to held provisions, rice, con, he 

38 Cakbash bowl; wooden bowl carved out of soHd 
wood; and fahb a sh es, various alses. Used by both high 
and low dsm of people dtiier to eat or drink out of, 

AU ealahaabesan made out of a good spedes of pumpkin, 
but not eatable; It has a bitter taste similar to that of 
quassle. The largest siaes are between twdve and thirty 
inches dismeter. Iliey are used to eonvey provisioiM from 
one place to another. 

84 Wooden carved ladles or spoons. 

85 BegtoholdeonorartidcsofooBunefee. 

36 Netted bag^ ibr irsposJng articles of commerce in the 

4 Artides ezhibiesd by J. O. H'Wiluam, M.D., 

1 Shea butler (ftt of the Busria Parkia), from Egga, 
Biver Niger. 

2 Camwood dye balL frvmi the confiuenoe of Niger and 

3 Bow and anews, with iron barbs, from the IcariBArkeL 
Biver Niger. 

4 Filatah spssr, Ihaa Kukundrah. 
€ Cloth made at ecnfloenoe of Niger i 

7 Cloths from Eggs and Kuknndrah, Kiver Niger. 

8 lion oraameoted on silky worn by the females at Iddah, 
Biver Nicer. 

9 Small Icathen bottles, for galeoa to dye the eyelids. 
Conflnenoe ct Niger and Tchadda. 

10 Tobe, embroidered in front w iih needlework ; won by 
the Kallams at Babbah (Filatah-to^ni), Kiver Niger. 

11 Breeches of the nme. 

12 Knitted and small scarfr ttcm Eg^a. 

r Filatahspssr.fhaa Kuknndrah. 

• Sknall murieal instrument from Knkuudra, Biver Nigar. 

i Cloth made at ecnfloence of Niger and Tchadda. 

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18 BroMlrbiimmMlttnw.liat,froBiJUaB8,arl€MiAUrk6t, 
BiT«r Nicer. 

14 Earthiiiware, from IcmI Marked Bhrv Kig«r. 

15 BmiM &t TeseUble ftbve, by iriiteh Um Afrleui 
•teend the utkod tninkf of the palm Cnet. 

16 O^*"^** workmanshipi eomprelieiidiiig a ■»!«• of 
dSihea of TerioQi kinds sad sisef, and platter ipDeBi, bottleiy 
oiipt) fce* 

17 Plp% from copfloence of Nigv and Tefaadda. 

18 S^oflMnKmr, oarried before the AfrieiB ehleft. 


AYBNUBS K. 9. O., ASBA8 80, 81, at 

2 FsBsm, Hon. J. 

Bdnflnli. and geologieal e] 

8 MAsni, A. Montrc 

J. MontreaL— Iran. CoUeetlon of 
- ' •*?« 

Dtreal.~Sainp1ei of mineml water. 

4 CoMMBnoii, MontreaL-^Slamplei of maple lugar, 
and doable refined mgar. 

5 Lamr, J. BuatieaL— Samples of saoff. 

6 GiLusnx k Co. BfontzesI— Vinegar, made from 

7 Ltmak, H. MontreaI.~Honej. 

8 NiooLBOV, — . Montieal.-~Banel of beef. 

9 LBTxr,J. BfontrsaL— Rolloftobaeeo. 

10 BBHBAnoT, G. HontrsaL-^BaRel of nork. 

11 IxMiAKO, J. Montreal.— Barrel of FaJTii^ 

12 louB, E. BContrsaL— Poik; land, kc 

I hair lyrttp 9 and 

18 Balo, J. York.— Donble rtflned 

14 Pabkbi, J. Batlej.— Ifnle 

16 PuBB, A. Aseott— Maple samr< 

16 FmcBBL, J: MontreaL—Maidsn 

17 BaoMDEif Is SiiiPTOa,St Hflafae.— Piesei t ed pota- 
toes and potatoe starch. Preeenred potatoes ftr snips' 
stores, especially for long Toyaces. 

18 Mois,A. Hincmnbrooke.— BerrelofealB. 

19 WATrs,B.M. Grantham.— Barrel of oats. 

20 La Mxas, Madame, MonteeaL—Banel of beans. 

21 FisBVB, J. Biverde Prairie-Barrel of horse-beans. 

22 Bbidi, J. 8t. Martin's.— Barrel of ydlovhsans. 
28 Grabam, J. Sydney.— Berrsl of FaU wheat. 

24 PaoTiaoiAL AaBici7i.'nmA& Associaiunl C W.— 
Barrel of FaU wheat 

26 TBJBiiBOui,E.Knisey,E.J.— Barrslof baek^dieat 

CAVflPF, J. k J. Thurbw.— Barrsl of buckwheat 

27 SqcAia, B. Bowmanyille.— Sample of oatmeaL 

28 SiMnoir,J.lECo.—BowmanTiIle.— Samples of floor. 
28 LnQHAiL T. Thurlow.— Samples of floor. 

80 Tailbt, C. Y. Thurlow.— Barrel of floor. 

81 TamiBoiJi, £. E. J. Barrel of Indian amaL 

82 PaaonoAST, J. — Samples of starch. 
88 SMfTB, A. Stanstead.— Bale of hops. 
84 PBraBLJ.Lachine.— Baleofhom. 

86 AuuDf,J. Long Point— Samples of wheat. 

86 Boa, W.St Laurent— Barrel of peaa. 

87 WmsB, W. F. Ameliasborgfa.— Airing idieat 

88 DxsiAEDiKO, P. Terrebonne.— Gbring idieat 

89 Boa, W. St Laurent— Barrel of bariey. 

40 Laobbrt, p. Varennes.— Spring wheat 

41 PuiMMoifo, J. Petite Cote.— S^ng wheat 

42 FiLLBMOR^ G.— Barrel of oats. 

48 Muii,A. Hinohinbrooke.— Barrelofoala. 
44 Watts, R. K. Grantham Barrel of oats. 


46 La Msu, Madame, Montreal.— Borrel of beans* 

46 Liwioon, D. Terrebonne.— Barrel of peas. 

47 Tawinn,LongoeoiL^Banrel of beans. 

48 JorasyP.Sydn^.— Barrel of peas. 

48 ProvnoiAL AaBiciii.TinAL Assooiatiox, C W.— 

60 DwrAmoDii. P. St Boee.— Barrel of bookwhaat 

61 LoGAii, J. MonteeaL— Con in the ear. 

62 Shaw, A. Toronto.— Com in the ear. 

68 RtOBBa. A. St Laorent— Indian meal; ship-bis- 
eolt; crackers; Bologna saosages; Fletebei's candy; smokod 
hams ; beef tongoes, Ieo. 

64 CoMMisstoir, Montreal.— Planks and blocks of wood 
of imrioos kinds. 

66 AiiLO^ Montreal.— Tanning materials. 

66 Patib, J. flbncOftCW.— Walnotplank. 

67 Gucs, F. Montrsal — Hemp and seed. 

68 PABSSAOur, J. St Martin.— Bees'-waz. 

69 EoAF, J. Ottawa.— Pknk of bird's-eye maple (Acmr 

60 Bjebd k litsAKim^ Montreal.— Planks of bireb, 
ry. plns^ and bnttemnt 

61 PAniaAOur,J. St Martin.- Planksofchestnotaod 
soft m a p l er 

68 TaosfPsov, T. Three Bivers.— Pair moose horns 

68 BAsnar, M. St Boss.— Samples of flax. 

64 UacWamiamd^ — « Cote dee Kieges.— Samples of 

66 DavAXDon.--. St Boss.— Barrel of flaz-eeed. 

66 Fismn, J. BiTer de Prlre.— Siberian oil-eeed. 

67 Ubabdkav, — . St Anne.- Timothy seed (PJUimh 

68 MKvnm, —w MbntrsaL— Timothy seed. 

69 JsmxEi, J. Bandon.— Bed clover seed ; garden 

70 OlfsAnA, M. MontreaL— Doable sldgh. 

71 WLeam k Wright, Montreal.--8lngle sleigh, pole 
and shafts. 

72 Laoo^ C v. MonteeaL— Patent balan c e s c ale to 

78 Pewit, J. MontrBaL~Copyin8 press. 

74 BonIB^ P. St HTadn&e.— Model locomotlTe 
stesm-engine, gang, kc ; single sleigh ; light carriage, car- 

76 Lewis, B. Mdboome.— Two model bridges. 

76 CoMMissfoii, MontrsaL— Ship-building crooks and 
ftittooks : bark canoe. 

77 Born, T. J. Montreal.— Cat rifle gon. 

78 AiRTiSLD. J. Toronto.— Cat rifle gon. 

79 AuLO, J. MontreaL- Model cannon. 

80 Clabx, J. Montreal.-Ship-blocks. 

81 AiiLO, J. MontrsaL— Shot-bag and rammer ; mill* 
tsry helmet 

82 Ladd, C. Y. MontreaL— GiistHniU. 

83 FuBCK, A. Montreal.— Ll^t phmg^ 

84 Bbaihsbd, O. K. Hamilton.— Common brooms. 
86 KsuoH k Bomss, MontreaL— Common brooma 


86 WKESB, W. F. Ameliasbarg^— A chnm. 

87 Panoorr, S. H.— Aploogh. 

88 Sumin k WCvuloch, BreckTille.— Hay and ma- 
nure forks ; scythe snaiths. 

89 GxtASSroao, SKimim k M*Coxxx>ca, BrockriUe.— 
Grsin-cradlcs. Theodolite stand. Specimens of dentistry. 

90 SixTflOH, T. B.— TbeodoDte. 

91 Huwxm, P.— Violin and case, clarionet, and pic- 
colo piano. 

M HxBBBRT, J. W.Montreal.— Pianoforte. Blankets. 
98 BxABDB, 6.— Woollen counterpane. 

Digitized by 




M Bonm, F. TofonAo.— Woollen ooqntemne. 
06 Gamwium, W. MiltoB MUlt.— Hone^iUnket 
86 Wii,xjcnvC.—PiMlu(nofgioYdoth. 
67 McKat Is Go. New Edinburi^— Packages of grej 
doth; dark and bnmnMtiiiette; iilkiaah. 
66 Beau», a— TkUe^lotfaa. 
86 HzMDEiaov,— ^Quebec— CoSls of rope. 
1CX> 8F009rBiLA.)ftontreal.~Boxoftwi]ie,Baorted. 

101 BnoK, T. Toronto.— ftpedmene of cordage. 

102 AuA, J. UonleaL—Cklf upper and hamen leather. 
106 HcKlexu k Cnuaxo, OuppewA.— Sides of sole 

10ft MoBBAr, H. MontreaL-Galf skins and sides of 
upper leather. 

106 MoBBis» B. Mbntnal.— Set of double carriage har- 

106 M<GiTAvfc8oujTAv, Hamilton.— Hunting saddle. 

107 TnosiOAmAsni, P. Qnebeo.— Moose skin. 

108 TouBAjnozABo^ P.— Tanned moose skin. 
106 Tbbelkzlo, —^ Toronto.— Whipa, various. 

110 HoLWELL^ —, Quebec — ^Duplex safety rdn. 

111 DEAB,—»lContreal, Patent leather trunk. 

lis BzLL, P. W. St. Catherines.— Indian saddle; tra- 
▼eUing trunk ; bear, woU^ and fox skins ; sleigh robes; one 

118 DATtAMVE, IL A. HontreaL— Oil-«h>th patterns; 
floor and table oilHstoth. 

114 Gaktxu^W. Hilton Mills.— Samples of carpeting. 
116 Babwm,—^ Bsqnsing.— Samples of Carpeting. 

116 HdDBBSOB, — , MontreaL — Embroidered table- 

117 OxDAQABOvr) P.— Snow shoes and mocasdns. 

118 Bell, P. W. 8L Catherines —Indian dress, vix.. 
coat, pair lee^ngs, cap^ gun cases, knife case, bracelet, ana 
pair of smalltelts. 

116 UB9n>EBSO!r, — • MontreaL— Embroidered slippers ; 
dwelast; suitofdothc8,c2o^^;9^t; straw hats; Indian 

150 Wallace, A. MontreaL — Bench and mouldii^ 

151 Ladd^ C. F., Montreal.— Chopping axea. 
128 Soorr k GLAsroao, Montreal — OK>pping axe. 
128 Sbaw, 8. Toronto.— Chopping sad oth 

124 LKATirr, G. Dandas.— Chopping and board axes. 

126 C*iaE3(ST^ G. H. Toronto.— Parlour store. 
128 BicB, W. W. MontreaL— Wins doth. 

127 CBxyBTy 6. H. Toronto.- Copper furniture for 

128 Febodsoii, W. Montreal.— Flexible braaeh pipe. 
126 FxBOOSOJL W. Montred.— Flexible brandi pi|le. 

180 Chkkkt, G. H. Toronto.— Cooking store. 

181 llouuAVD fc Dmm.— Cut nails. 

182 HcsioEBaoic, —^ MontreaL— ^Gase of pipes aaaorted. 
188 MoLSOX, G. £. Montred.— Church beU. 

184 Cuxi^BT, G. H., Toronto.— Iron plate; case of 

186 BxBD k Maxima MontreaL — Chairs, chiffonniire, 
and sofa. 

186 MoBBi^ J. MontreaL— Wahiutbedatead. 

187 Bamsat k McAbtbcb. MontreaL— Painted nm- 
bogauy table ; imitation oak table ; marble table. 

188 Uammosos K. Montred.— Stone centre table. 
186 Dumc, W. Quebec-Embroidered chairs. 

140 Beobbaus I** MontreaL- Black walnut office and 
diuwingHroom chairs. 

141 Cohmisboii, MontreaL — Omamcntd stool, moose 
fesL Spring'back sofa. Walnut centre tables. Walnut 
table. 2rpring-baek sewing^hdr, tefe-a-Cde. Chiffonniire. 
Sofa. Bocking-chair. Ordinary chdis. 

142 CoKMOBioB, MontreaL— Wooden snow shorda. 
Specimens of maple, oak, and black wdnnt veneer. 

148 Wbbblbb. T. Toronto.— Brashes. 

144 Pabbbs^ Bboibbbs, Toronto.— Specimens of tam- 

146 Bahxt, J. Sheibrooke.— Pails. 

146 DoDO^ B. Ayr.- A tub. 

147 HnoBBSO!!, — , MontreaL- Cigar cases, parsers, 

148 BoGBBLBAjTD, Hblb9, Thies Biven.— Bark-box, 

146 Gampbxu, Majob, St Hilaire.— Bark tray, and 
box. Sou. Indian curiodties. 

160 MoimxAC, Madame, Mont— reaLCIty arms. 
1 WhbbuolT.'^ -• - - /- - 

161 WhbbuBj'T. Toronto.— Leather m«Sal and die. 

162 MATnoBWiL G. MontreaL— Lithotype. 
168 Flbmim^ a. Toronto.— Lithographic drawing. 
164 DuBCAB, J. MontrsaL— Dedgns for cofauHse. Or- 

166 £baAv, W. E., MontreaL— Specimens of magnetio 
specular and boig iron ona^ and other minerals. 



wular and bojg iron orea, and other minerals. 

166 Wn«ML Dr. J. Perth.— Maenetie iron ore, from 
South Sberbrooke. Phosphate of Bme, from Burvess. 
DolomitejfiomDalhousie. Serpentina from Burgess. Per- 
thite, pensterite, and grapUe granite, from Bathurst. 

167 DICSS05, Mr. Sbeii^ A. Packenham.- l^ecular 
iron oro from Macnab. 

168 Mabmoba Ibo3i Coxpavt, Marmora.^Pig-4ron, 
smelted at thdr fbrnaeeyfhnn the magnetic ore of tiie town- 


, Hon. J. Montred.— Specimens of iron, 

bog-inm oic^ and refractory sandstone. 

160 LABCAsna, — , VandreniL— ^^wcimens of bog-iron 
ore. and dKMphaie of iron. 

161 Pboolx^ J. St Eustache— Specimens of bog^iron 
orcL fton Bivi^ du Ch£ne. 

162 Maboor^ F. Portneuf.— Specimens of bog-ina 

163 MoBiB, Cspt 8L YaDier.— Spedmeos of bog^ron 

164 MoKTBCAL MmBO Compabt.— Copper ore, firom 
Bruce BiincL Lake Huron, and tough cake copper, smdted 
^ramtne i "' ' - .. - 

there from the same. Native copper and silver, from St. 
Ignaoe Idaad, Lake Superior. 

166 Badolbt, J. F. BIontreaL— Silver ore. from Prince's 
Location, Lake Superior; and smelted diver nom the same. 

166 Cbaombbb Mining CoupAsiT, Quebec — Specimens 

167 HABwoon^ Hon. — , YandreniL— Spedmena of 
black-lead from Grenvilie. 

168 BoinMMBfcL£BBB,TaadreuiL—SpcdmeBs of white 
quartxose sandstone. 

166 Sbeb, L. M. St. Eustache.— Specimens of iron 

170 La Babbe, D. G., Point dn Lac— Specimens of 
iron ochre. 

171 Hau, J. Mdbourne.- Specimens of Iron ochre, 
and roofing slslec 

172 Cabox, E. St. Ann, Montmorenej.— Spedmens of 
iron ochre. 

178 QuMLCT, M. Frampton. — Specimens of siaies. 

174 Dobebobb, 6., MurrajT Bay.— Specimens of iron 

176 KxLLT, B. W., Gasp^— Specimens of iron oere and 
shell marL 

176 TroscBxs, A. Belleville.— Specimens of shdl marL 

177 Dc LxsDBBBXEBXi, P. T. CYaudreuiL— Spedmens 
of shdl marL 

178 BosroB, Mr. Sheriff, MontreaL— Shell mad. 

176 BocTiLUBB, Dr. St. Byannthe.— Samples of peat. 

Digitized by VjLli^ 




180 Ckmui. CoMMiMioify IfoiitnaL— Spedmec of 
doubla if^uad sugw. 

181 Balvi, J. Toik.— Spedmen of doable rsflnedtugar. 

182 Pabub, J. Hatl^.— Specimen of maple tiigar. 
188 Vbbxs, a. Ascott.— Specimen of mude lugw. 
184 Gbicx, F. HontreaL— Spodmeoi of hemp and of 

186 LooAX, J. Montreal.— Three biabeli fUl wheat 
188 MiccuLLocB, Dr. J. Montreal.— A Ibngu firom the 

pino-treaoied in Canada as a bitter tonic 

187 BoAiv, J. Ottawa.— Plank of bird't-eye maple. 

188 Bod IiMkaxcis, Montreal— Plank of birch. 
188 Bod U Mbakixi, Montreal— Planka of birch, 

clierry: piaOi and battemui. 

190 PAanAUM, J. St Martin.— Plank of eheetont 

191 PABmAina', F. St ICartin.— Plank of soft maple. 
182 AuLUf, J. Longpoiut.— Barrelofwlieat. 

188 BoA,W. StLawrent— Barrdofpeae. 

194 WosKy W. F. Ameliaibmi^- Banrel of epring 

195 l>BJABDiifS,P.Terrebonne.—Barrel of ipring wheat 
198 Boa, W. St Lawrent— Barrel of barley. 

197 Laijbe!it, D. Yarennee.- Barrel of nring wheat 

198 DamtMoiiD, J. Petite Cote.— Barrel lat^nng wheat 

199 TkrrKMOBiLG.— Barrel of oati. 

:200 Bfou, A. Hinchinbrooke.— Barrel of oats. 

^1 Watis, B. M. Ginntham.— Barrel of oata. 

208 Lamsu, Madame, Montreal— Barrel of beans. 

208 Fbbbb, J. Biver de Prairie.— Barrel of horse- 

204 Bnci, J. St. Martin's.— Baixel of yellow beans. 

206 PaovncciAL AoaiooLTUBAL Ajsociatiox, Canada, 
W.— Barrel of &U wheat / 

208 Gkabaii, J. Sjclne}'.— Barrel of fldl wheat 

207 LnooB, D. TeiTebonne.— Barrel of peas. 

208 FooRKiZHyC.Longaeuil.— Barrel of beans. 

209 Jons, D. Sydney.— Barrel of peas. 

210 PaoviifciAL AoBicuiAVBAL AsMKOATioH, Canada, 
W.— Baml of fidl wheat 

211 FaonoLM, £. Kinsey, £. T.— Barrel of buckwheat 

212 GAsur, F. and T. Thurlow.— Band of bockwhcat 

218 Sqcair, R. BowraanTille.—Barrd of oatmeal. 

214 SofpsoK, J. and Co. Bowmanville.— Barrd of flour. 

215 LnioHA3f,T. Thurlow.— Barrel of flour. 

218 Tailet, v. p. Thurlow.— Barrd of floor. 
217 TaxNHOLM, £. £. T.— Berrd of Indian meal 
1218 Lavsr, J. Montreal— Holl of tobaooo. 

219 BAsriEif, BL St Bose.— Specimens of flax. 

290 MTahlahz, a. Cat< des Nieges.— Specimens of 

221 I>BYA]U)iii8, B. St Rose. — Barrd of flax seed. 

222 Fhbeb, J. Biver de Prairie.— Specimens of Siberian 

1>EBJARDDi\ P. St Bose.— Barrd of buckwheat 
Ubaxdeau, S. St Anne. — Barrd of timothy seed. 

225 MKSixN, T. Montreal— Barrd of timothy seed. 

228 Jbvbiss, J. Baradon.— Specimens of red dover 

227 SoAw, A. Toronto. — Spedmens of com in the ear. 

228 LooAir, J. Montreal.— Specimens of com in the ear. 

229 BioaxR, A. St La\tTent— Band of Indian meal 

280 Datis, J. Simcoe — Plank of walnut 

281 Axx^ J. Montreal. — Specimens of calf leather, 
upper and harness. 

282 M'Lban ft Coiunifos, Chippewa.— Sides of sole 

288 MoBBAT, H. Montred.— Calf skins. Sdet of upper 

284 TaoMiATHMAD, p. QudMC— Spedmen of mooao 

2d5 TooBA]iOKAii,P.— SpodmeBoftaanadmoesoldd*. 
288 PasiioBBOAfr, J.— Samples of starch. 

287 Tbomfsqh, T. lliree BiYers.— Pair of mooae horns. 

288 SicxTn,B..Sianstead.— Bale of hope. 

289 PKnrxa,J. Laddno.— Bdeofhops. 

SMO SHxrasBD, G. Montreal— Yaitooa samples of 
gaitlen seeds. 

241 CxnTMAL CoMMiisioir, Mookreal.— Shipbuilding 
crooks and fUttocks. 

242 Bicx, W. U. Montreal— Wir« doth 

248 lioms, R. Montreal— Set of doubte cairiage- 

244 Lzwn,B.Mdboiime.— Moddbridgea. 

246 Wallacs, a. Montrsat— Bench and moulding- 


246 Laoo. C. p. Montreal— Patent balance sodes. 
Ymima rjifipping axes. 

247 MoajD^ J. Montreal— A walnut bedstead. 

248 Rlsd k MzAKXMS, Montreal— Chairs, sofk, and 


249 N^LSOii k BoTTEBS, Montreal— Corn-brooms and 

S50 Laflaiuie, M. a. Montreal— P^ittems of oilcloth. 

251 Dc MoTrsmi, Bladame.— City arms. 

252 >! Houso.v, W. Montrod.— Flexible branoh-plpa.'' 
!253 V I.JU03I, J, Montreal— Sbot4»ag and rammer. 
;^i ALtoir. J. Montreal— Tanniog materials. Blodd 

of a cannon. Blankets. 

266 CI.ABKB, J. Montreal— Ship^docks, of varions 

268 Bamsat k MoABTnoB, Montreal— Tables of 
painted mahogany, and of imitation oak and mai'ble. 

267 Cbktbai. CoMJiissioif, Montrsal—A bark canoe. 

268 CmenT, G. U. Toronto.— Copper furniture for a 

269 BoTD, F. J. Montred.— A cut rifle gun. 

280 AsBniLD, J. Toronto.— A cut rifle gun. A theo- 
dolite stand. 

281 Crbkct, G. n. Toronto.— A cooUng^tore. 

282 Hamiioxo, B. Montreal— A stone centre-table. 
288 Scott li Glas9(fobo.— A chopping -axe. 

284 Bbadtbbd, O. N. Hamilton, Canada West— Com- 
whisps and dusters. 

286 HoLLAUD fc DoHir.— Cut nails, assorted. 

288 DinrN, W. Quebec.— Embrddered chain. 

287 Bba9, S. £. T.— Woollen counterpane. 
268 NixoM,