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Full text of "Official catalogue of exhibits. Parts 8, 11, and 12, Departments H, L, and M, Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building, Leather and Shoe Trades Building, and Anthropological Building"

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Departments H, fc, & M. 

Maniilaciiires and UiDeral f\m Biiilflino. 

LeatHGr and Sfioe Trades Buildino, 

and ftninroDOlooical BuildinQ. 




W. B. CONKEY COMPANY, Pubushers to the Exposition. 



Do Not Take From This Room 





Naperville, Illinois 






Do Not Take From This Room 



Naperville, Illinois 







^ City Limits PINX. 

Parks and Boulev— Is .GBEEN. 

Railroads ^^— — 

Stations i 


— a i r^ B 







Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building 
Leather and Shoe Building 



Edited by 

The Department of Publicity and Promotion 

M. P. HANDY, Chief 


WORLD'S Columbian Exposition, \ 


^I^g^m^^ LIBRARY. NCC 
"tj^pfR^flLUE. !L 60840 

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year A. D. 1893, in the office of Librarian of Congress 

at Washington, D. C, by 

THE WORLD'S Columbian expositiotj, 

For the exclusive use of W. B. Conkey Company, Chicago. 


Printers and Binders 




Dimensions, 1,687 by 787 feet. Height of walls, 66 feet. Height of four center pavil- 
ions, 122 feet. Height of four corner pavilions, 97 feet. Height of roof over central hall, 
237.6 feet. Height of roof-truss over central hall, 212.9 feet. Height clear, from the floor, 
202.9 feet. Span of truss, 882 feet. Span in the clear, 354 feet. V\^idth of truss at base, 14 
feet; at hip, 32 feet; at apex, 10 feet. Weight of truss, 300,000 pounds; with purlines, 400,- 
000 pounds. Ground area of building, 30.47 acres, floor area, includmg galleries, 
44 acres. Cost, $1,700,000. Material—17,000,000 feet of lumber; 12,000,000 pounds of steel 
in trusses of central hall; 2,000,000 pounds of iron in roof of nave. Architect, Geo. B. 
Post, of New York. 

The building is rectangular in form, and the interior is divided into a great centra 
hall, 380 by 1,280 feet, which is surrounded by a nave 107 feet wide. Both hall and nave 
have a 50-foot gallery extending entirely around them. 

It is in the Corinthian style of architecture and in point of being severely classic ex- 
cels most of the other large edifices. The long array of columns and arches which its 
facades present is relieved from monotony by the grand entrances, which are designed in 
the manner of triumphal arches, the central archway of each being 40 feet wide and 80 
feet high. Surmounting these portals is the great attic story, ornamented with sculptured 
eagles 18 feet high, and on each side above the arches are great panels with inscriptions. 
The spandrels are filled with sculptured figures in bas-relief. At each corner of the 
main building are pavilions designed in harmony with the great portals. 

The domes on either side of the main archways, eight in number, are magnificently 
decorated by leading American artists, the subjects being allegorical figures representing 
the arts and sciences. Extending all around the building is a spacious colonnade nearly a 
mile long, which looks out upon the lake or lagoon and forms a cool retreat for the tired 
sight-seers. The exterior of the building is covered with staff, which is treated to repre- 
sent marble, and the columns and window arches are apparently of this material. 

This building is the largest in the world, and is the largest under roof ever erected. 
Its unequaled size makes it one of the architectual wonders of the world. The central hall 
which is a single room without a supporting pillar under its roof, has in its floor a fraction 
less than eleven acres, and 75,000 persons can sit in this room, giving each one six square 
feet of space. By the same arrangement, the entire building will seat 300,000 people. It 
is theoretically possible to mobilize the standing army of Russia under its roof. The Audi- 
torium is the most notable building in Chicago, but twenty such buildings could be placed 
on this floor. There are 11 acres of skylights and 40 carloads of glass in the roof. There 
are 22 main trusses in the roof of the central hall, and it required 600 fiat cars to bring 
them from the iron works to Chicago. These trusses are twice, the size of the next largest 
in existence, which are 90 feet high and span 250 feet. The latter are in the Pennsylvania 
railroad -depot at Jersey City. 


'- The' Department of Manufactures occupies all of the ground floor of the building, ex- 
cept Section I, in the southeast corner, which is occupied by the Department of Liberal Arts. 
The Manufactures department also occupies gallery. Sections F and G. The main 
floor is divided into sixteen sections, lettered from A to Q, and each section is divided into 
four blocks, numbered from 1 to 4, except Sections A. I, H and Q, which have three 
blocks. By consulting the ground plan in this catalogue these floor divisions can be 
located. The exhibits in manufactures are installed by classified groups, collectively, and 
the location of each group is indicated under the group head in the catalogue. For 
example, all the exhibits of jewelry, embraced in Group 98, are installed in Section N, Block 
1. All silk goods, classified as Group 100, are in Section O, Block 1. The location of the 
foreign countries is indicated under their entries in the catalogue. 

»^_J\ CAFE |kITC HEN;-| RI ESTAURANT | j | f _U^IES^ ^gfyiTOluT] ^ 

5 HA* 

vIlMs |fe^~^^"^:l 


'LiJL^r J^fK" 

't ITALY' 

^ . . . , . . 

, 12 3 4 5 5 












° / 

» » ; « » « » » 

RTs; ti 

, V^^ ' ' b ^ ^^ feMVfeBM^^^ Ar-^ « \' ' • * 

n 13 15 17 19 21 23^24^26 28 30" '32 34 36 33 40 ,41 43 45 47 49 51 5: 


















5 6 7 8 10 \ 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 \ 24 or, 28 SO 32 34 36 38 40 \ 41 43 45 47 49 51 5 

m ' ' ' ' ' ' ■- "- 

Copyrighted 1893. by The World's Coli'mhiax ExposiTiip.v for (he exclusive use of Ar. B. Co>kEy Co. 


"*.* '.TSKl _r ilJI q_-_^«-_3 


55 56 58 60 62 64 66 


15. H il 

'[69 77 73 73 77 79 87 83 85 \ 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 \ 99 707, 702,703,704 705706707708 

A T* • 1 • • • • • A • • • • »l •) • A i« • — 1 f — ^-« — • — *i |-»\*Ap 

I I I A. I — ornamentalJ 

5556 58 60 62 64 68 6i' ijlfiO 7? 73 75 77 79 87 83 ti5U86 _S8 90 ' 92 ' 94 o's ' 9S 


WALL Y /- V 

* AND CUllLkRY' 

:u-TlLkRV' • 

r . jlf'-pJ31rIEIDyi'!i""i2^^ 

|M Ej<L£Jji^t tl|[ ] 

90 92 94 96 98 I 00 707, 702, 703,704,705.706,70^^ 


I t 


, , . Ground Floor El.„. WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION,, 

i g 8 , . , 




GROUP 87. 

Class 543. Organic and mineral acids. 

Class 544. The alkalies and alkaline earths — potash, soda, ammonia, caustic soda, car- 
bonate of soda-, lime, magnesia, barytes, etc., with their salts and compounds. 
Bleaching powders, etc. ■■■■'■ 

Class 545. Metallic oxides and salts of the metals, and other commercial chemical com- 

Class 546. Pure chemicals for chemists' use. ■ 

Class 547. Drugs and pharmaceutical preparations and compounds. . . 

Class 548. Chemists' and druggists' wares and supplies. ■> ■ 

Class 549. Flavoring extracts, essences, essential oils, toilet soap, perfumery, pomades, 
cosmetics, etc. 

Class 550. Explosive and fulminating compounds — powder, giant powder, etc, shown 
only by empty cases and packages, " dummy packages," and.^cartridges, to 
illustrate the commercial forms. 

Class 551. Pyrotechnics. (In harmless forms, not charged.) Pyrotechnic displays. 

GROUP 88. 


(See also Group 48.) 

Class 552. Colors and pigments — natural and artificial, dry and ground in oil. Printing 

inks, writing inks, blacking, cochineal, etc. 
Class 553. White lead and white zinc industry. 
Class 554. Painters' and glaziers' supplies. 
Class 555. Artists' colors and artists' materials. 

GROUP 89. 


Class 556. Paper, pulp and paper stock. 

Class 557. Cardboard, cards, pasteboard, binders' board, building boards, and felts for 
walls and roofing; for floors, ceilmgs, and for decorations; embossed boards, 
etc. Papier-mache, useful articles made from paper. 

Class 558. Wrapping papers, manila paper, paper bags, tissue papers. 

Class 569. Printing paper for books and for newspapers. 

Class 560. Writing papers, bond paper, drawing papers, tracing papers and tracing 
linen; envelopes; blottiVig paper. 

Class 561. Blank books; sets of account books, specimens of ruling and binding, includ- 
ing blanks, bill-heads, etc.; bookbinding. 

Class 562. Ornamental and decorated paper; marbleized papers, etc. 

Class 563. Wall papers, oil papers. 

Class 564. Typewriters, stationery and stationers' goods; ink-stands, weights, rules, pens, 
pencils, filing-cases, letter presses, etc. 


GROUP 90. 


Class 565. Chairs of all grades, rockers, lounges, settees, etc. 

Class 566. Tables For various purposes — billiard, card, dining, etc. 

Class 567. Suites of furniture for the hall, parlor, drawing-room, library, dining-room and 
for the bed-chamber. 

Class 568. Upholstery for windows, doors; curtains, portieres, etc. 

Class 569. Mirrors and their mountings. 

Class 570. Treatment of porches, doorways, halls and staircases, mantels, etc. 

Class 571. Floors, ceilings, walls, doors and windows. 

Class 572. Artistic furnishing, illustrated by completely furnished apartments, with selec- 
tions of furniture and various objects of adornment from other groups. 

Class 573. Sewing and embroidering. (See also Group 72.) 



Class 574. Bricks and terra cotta for building purposes, plain and enamered. Terra cotta 
ware for decorative purposes. Reproductions of ancient Roman and 
Grecian red ware. 

Class 575. Stoneware and pottery, lead-glazed and salt-glazed ware, Doulton ware. 

Class 576. Earthenware, stone, china and semi-porcelain ware, faience, etc., with soft 
glazes and with high-tire, feld-spathic glazes and enamels. 

Class 577. Porcelain with white or colored body, painted, incised or pate-sur-pate decora- 

Class 578, Tiles — plain, encaustic and decorated tiles, bosses, tessarae, etc., for pave- 
ments, mural and mantel decoration, etc. 

Class 579. Mural decoration; reredos and panels; borders for fireplaces and mantels. 

Class 580. Designs for and examples of pavements in tiles and mosaics. 

GROUP 92. 


Class 581. Marble, stone and metal monuments, and mausoleums and fittings. 

Class 582. Marble and stone fountains, balustrades and miscellaneous ornaments. 

Class 583. Marble, stone and meta) mantels and ornaments. 

Class 584. Coffins, caskets and undertakers' furnishing goods. 

GROUP 93. 


Class 585. Art metal work; selected examples of iron forgings, bronzes, bas-reliefs, 

repousse and chiseled work. 
Class 586. Cloisonne enamels. 
Class 587. Champ leve enamels. 
Class 588. Niello work. 

GROUP 94. 


Class 589. Plate glass in the rough, as cast and rolled, and as ground and polished. 

Class 590. Blown glass, ordinary window glass, bottles, tubes, pipes, etc. 

Class 591. Pressed glass and glassware generally for the table and various purposes; 

skylights, insulators, etc. 
Class 592. Cut-glass ware for the table and various purposes. Engraved and etched 

Class\593. Fancy glassware — plain, iridescent, opalescent, colored, enameled, painted 

\ beaded, gilded, etc. Millefiori and aventurine glass. 

Class 594. Crackled glass in layers, onyx glass, sculptured glass; reproductions of ancient 

Class 595. Glass mosaics, beads, spun glass and glass fabrics. 




GROUP 95. 

Class 596. Civic and domestic stained glass work, panels, windows, etc. 
Class 597. Ecclesiastical stained glass work. 

GROUP 96. 

Class 598. Wood carving. \ 

Class 599. Ivory carving. 

Class 600. Bamboo incised work. 

Class 601. Metal carving and chiseling. 

Class 602. Sculptured and engraved glass. 

Class 603. Sculpturing, carving and modeling in porcelain. Pate-sur-pate. 

GROUP 97. 

Class 604. Gold and silver ware, gilt ware for the table and for decorations. 

Class 605. Silver table ware generally— plates, salvers, tureens, bowls, dishes, baskets, 
candelabra, epergnes, etc. 

Class 606. Knives, forks and spoons. 

Class 607. Fancy bonbon and other spoons; miscellaneous fancy articles in silver — snuff- 
boxes, match-boxes, cane-heads, handles, chatelaines, etc. 

Class 608. Ware of mixed metals — Mokume ware, inlaid and" incrusted ware, enameled 
and niello work. 

Class 609. Plated ware on hard or nickel silver foundation. 

Class 610. Nickel ware, nickel-silver ware, aluminum ware ana aluminum-silver ware. 

Class 611. Plated ware on soft metal alloys. 

GROUP 98. 


Class 612. Gold ornaments for the person, plain, chased, or otherwise wrought or enam- 
eled, rings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, etc. 

Class 613. Diamonds and various colored gems, as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, chryso- 
beryls, tourmalines, topazes, etc., mounted in various ornaments. 
(For gems in the rough and unmounted in part, see Department E.) 

Class 614. Agates, onyx, jasper, ornaments for the person. 

Class 615. Pastes and imitations of precious stones, mounted or unmounted. 

Class 616. Gold-covered and gilt jewelry and ornaments. 

GROUP 99. 

(See also Group 151.) 

Class 617. Watches of all kinds. 

Class 618. Watch movements and parts of watches. 

Class 619. Watch-cases. 

Class 620. Watch-makers' tools and machinery in part. (For machines requiring power 

see Department F.) 

Class 621. Clocks of all kinds. 

Class 622. Clock movements. 

Class 623. Clock-making machinery. 

Class 624, Watchmen's time registers. 


GROUP 100. 


Class 625. Raw silk as reeled from the cocoon, thrown or twisted silks in the gum; organ- 
zine, tram, spun-silk yarn. 

Class 626. Thrown or twisted silks, boiled off or dyed, in hanks, skeins or on spools; ma- 
chine twist and sewing-silk. 

Class 627. Spun-silk yarns and fabrics and the materials from which they are made. 

Class 628. Plain woven silks, lute-strings, sarsnets, satins, serges, foulards, tissues for hat 
and millinery purposes, etc. 

Class 629. Figured-silk piece goods, woven or printed. Upholstery silks, etc. 

Class 630. Crapes, velvets, gauzes, cravats, handkerchiefs, hosiery, knit goods, laces, 
scarfs, ties, veils; all descriptions of cut and made-up silks. 

Class 631. Ribbons — plain, fancy and velvet. 

Class 632. Bindings, braids, cords, galloons, ladies' dress trimmings, upholsterers', tailors', 
military and miscellaneous trimmings. 

GROUP loi. 

Class 633. Jute cloth and fabrics, plain and decorated. 

Class 6.34. Ramie and other fabrics. 

Class 635. Mats and coarse fabrics of grass, rattan, cocoanut and bark; mattings, Chinese, 

Japanese, palm-leaf, grass and rushes; floor cloths of rattan and cocoanut 

fibre, aloe fibre, etc. 
Class 636. Floor, oil-cloths and other painted and enameled tissues, and imitations of 

leather with a woven base. 
Class 637. Woven fabrics of mineral origin — fine wire-cloths, sieve-cloth, wire screen, 

bolting-cloth. (See also Group 117.) Asbestos fibre, spun and woven, with 

the clothing manufactured from it. Glass thread, floss and fabrics. (See also 

Class 595.) 

GROUP 102. 


Class 638. Cotton fabrics — yarns, tv.nnes, sewing-cotton, tapes, webbings, battings, wad- 
dings, plain cloths for printing and converting, print cloths, brown and 
bleached sheetings or shirtings, drills, twills, sateens, ginghams, cotton flan- 
' ' • nels, fine and fancy woven fabrics, duck, ticks, denims, stripes, bags and 
bagging. Upholstery goods — tapestries, curtains and chenilles. 

Class 639. Linen fabrics — linen thread, cloths and drills, plain and mixed; napkins, 
tablecloths, sheetings, shirtings, etc.; cambrics, handkerchiefs and other man- 
ufactures of linen. ' 

GROUP 103. 

Class 640. Woolen and worsted fabrics — woolen yarns, union and merino worsted tops 

noils and yarns, shoddy and mungo. 
Class 64L Woolen goods — all v/ool woolen cloths, doeskins, cassimeres, indigo flannels 

and broadcloth, overcoatings, cloakings and kerseys, flannels, dress goods, 

etc., for both men and women. 
Class 642, Blankets, robes, traveling rugs, horse blankets, shawls, bunting, etc. 
Class 643. Worsted goods — coatings, serges, suitings, cashmeres, etc. 
Class 644. Cotton and woolen-mixed woven goods — unions, tweeds, cheviots, flannels, 

linseys, blankets, etc. 
Class 645. Woven on cotton warps. 
Class 646. Upholstery goods. 
Class 547. Sundries and small wares, webbings and gorings, bindings, beltings, braids, 

galloons, fringes and gimps, cords and tassels, and all elastic fabrics, drtjss 

trimmings, embroideries, etc. 


648. Felt goods, felt cloths, trimming and lining felt, felt skirts and skirting, table 
and piano covers, felts for ladies' hats, saddle felts, druggets, endless belts 
for printing machines, rubber shoe-linings and other footwear, hair feltings. 

Carpets and rugs, ingrains (two-ply and three-ply) and art carpets, tapestry, 
and body Brussels, tapestry velvet, Wilton or Wilton velvet, Axminster, 
tapestry Wilton, Moquette, ingrain and Smyrna rugs, other woolen rugs, rag 

Wool hats of every description. 

Fabrics of hair, alpaca, goat's hair, camel's hair, etc., not otherwise enumerated 

GROUP 104. 

Ready-made clothing — men's and boys'. 

Dresses, gowns, habits, costumes. 

Hats and caps. 

Bonnets and millinery. 

Boots and shoes. 

Knit goods and hosiery, woven gloves, gloves of leather and skins. 

Shirts, collars, cuffs, cravats, suspenders, braces and appliances. . 

Sewing machines for domestic purposes. 

GROUP 105. 

Furs and skins, dressed and tanned. Of the cat tribe, of the wolf tribe, of the 
weasel tribe, of the bear tribe, of the seal tribe. Fur seals — Alaska, Oregon, 
South Georgia, Shetland and Siberia, undressed, plucked and dyed. Hair 
seals, Greenland and Labrador seals, spotted seals, silver seal.harp seal, saddle- 
back. Furs of rodent animals — squirrels, chinchilla, beaver, hares, rabbits and 
other fur-bearing animals. Birds' skins treated as furs. Swans and swan's- 
down. Skins. Goose and goose-down used as swan's-down. Grebe, eider- 
down and penguin. 

Fur mats and carriage or sleigh robes. 

Fur clothing. 

Fur trimmings. 

GROUP 106. 


Laces of linen and cotton, of silk, wool, or mohair, made with the needle or the 

loom; silver and gold lace. 
Embroideries, crotchet-work, etc.; needle-work. 
Artificial flowers for trimming and for decoration of apartments. 
Trimmings in variety, not otherwise classed. Buttons, hooks and eyes, pins 

and needles. 
Art embroidery and needle-work. 
Tapestries, hand-made. 
Tapestries, machine-work. 

GROUP 107. 

Class 672. Hair work, as souvenirs and ornaments. 

Class 673. Coiffures, wigs, switches, etc. 

Class 674. Barbers' and hair-dressers' tools and appliances. 

Class 675. Combs, brushes. (See also Class 549.) 




Class 676. Tents, shelters and apparatus for camping, camp stools, etc., hampers, 

baskets, etc. 
Class 677. Shawl and rug straps and pouches, gun cases. 
Class 678. Valises of various materials; dress-suit cases, satchels, hand-bags, etc.; toilet 

Class 679. Trunks of leather, paper, canvas and of wood and metal. 
Class 680. Fancy bags, pouches, purses, card-cases, portfolios, pocket-books, cigar-cases., 

smoking pipes, cigar-holders, etc. 
Class 681. Canes. 
Class 682. Umbrellas and parasols. 

GROUP 109. 

Class 683. Clothing; Mackintoshes, capes, coats, boots, shoes, hats, etc. 

Class 684. Piano and table covers, horse covers, carriage cloth. 

Class 685. Stationers' articles. 

Class 686. Druggists' articles, toilet articles. 

Class 687. Medical and surgical instruments. (See also Group 148.) 

Class 688. House-furnishing articles, mats, cushions. 

Class 689. Hose, tubes, belting, packing. 

Class 690. Insulating compounds. 

Class 691. Toys of rubber. 

Class 692. Guttapercha fabrics. 

GROUP no. 


Class 693. Automatic and other toys and games for the amusement and instruction of 

Class 694. Bonbons, fancy boxes and packages for confectionery. 
Class 695. Miscellaneous fancy articles not especially classed. 



Class 696. Hides and skins. 

Class 697. Tanned leathers^belting, grain and harness leather. Sole leather — calf, kip 

and goat skins; sheep skins. 
Class 698. Curried leathers. 

Class 699. Patent and enameled leathers; morocco. 
Class 700. Alligator, porpoise, walrus and kangaroo leather. 
Class 701. Russia leathers. 

Class 702. Oil leathers, wash leather, and all other varieties of leather not before named. 
Class 703. Parchment for commissions, patents, deeds, diplomas, etc. Vellum for similar 

purposes, and for books and book-binding; for drums and tambourines; for 

gold-beaters' use, etc. 
Class 704. Leather belting. 
Class 705. Embossed leather for furniture, wall decoration, etc. 

(For trunks see Class 679. For harness, saddlery, etc., see Cla':s 523.) 


GROUP 112. 

(See also Group 151.) 

Class 706. Scales for commercial use in weighing groceries, produce and merchandise. 
Counter scales, etc., portable platform scales. 

Class 707. Scales for weighing heavy and bulky objects, as hay, ice, ores, coal, railway 
cars, etc. 

Class 708. Druggists' and prescription scales. 

Class 709. Bullion scales. Assayers' and chemists' scales. (See also Class 408.) 

Class 710. Postal balances. 

Class 711. Gas and water meters. 

Class 712. Commercial weights and sets of weights — avoirdupois, troy and apothecaries'j, 
with the weights of the metric system. 

Class 713. Commercial examples of the measures of capacity, for solids and fluids — meas- 
uring glasses for the kitchen and for the laboratory. 

GROUP 113. 


Class 714. Military small-arms, rifles, pistols and magazine guns, with their ammunition. 
Class 715. Light artillery, compound guns, machine guns, mitrailleuses, etc. 
Class 716. Heavy ordnance and its accessories. 
Class 717. Knives, swords, spears and dirks. 

Class 718. Fire-arms used for sporting and hunting; also other implements for same pur- 
pose. (See also Group 161.) 

GROUP 114. 


Class 719. Lamps for burning petroleum, burners, chimneys, shades, table lamps, hanging 

Class 720. Lanterns, coach lamps, street and special lights and lanterns. 
Class 721. Illuminating gas; fixtures, burners and chandeliers. 
Class 722. Electroliers and electric lamps. 
Class 723. The " Lucigen " and similar lighting apparatus. 

GROUP 115. 


Class 724. Fire-places, grates and appurtenances for burning wood, coal or gas. 

Class 725. Hot-air heating furnaces. 

Class 726. Steam heaters, hot-water heaters, radiators, etc. 

Class 727. Stoves for heating, cooking stoves, kitchen ranges, grills, roasting jacks, ovens^ 

etc. Stove polish. 

Class 728. Gas burners for heating, gas logs, gas stoves, etc. 

Class 729. Petroleum stoves. 

Class 730. Kitchen utensils and other miscellaneous articles for household purposes. 

GROUP 116. 


Class 731. Refrigerators. Soda and aerated water fountains and appliances. 
Class 732. Cast hollowware — kettles, pots, etc. 

Class 733. HoUov/ware of copper, nickel, tin-plate and iron. Bells. 

Class 734. Enameled ware, granite ware and porcelain-lined ware. Enameled letters and 



GROUP 117. 

Class 735 
Class 736 
Class 737 
Class 738 
Class 739, 
Class 740 
Class 741 
Class 742. 

(See also Group 65.) 

Wire-cloth of brass or of annealed iron and steel. 

Wire-cloth of special alloys, as aluminum bronze wire, etc. 

Sieves of various grades and materials. 

Screens for special purposes. 

Perforated metal plates. 

Artistic lattice work. 

Wire netting. 

Wire fencing. (For trellis work for gardens and flowers see also Group 26.) 

GROUP 118. 


Class 743. Wrought-iron gates, railings, crestings and artistic forgings, not otherwise 

specifically classed. (See also Department K.) 
Class 744 Repousse, hammered and stamped metal ornaments used for buildings, bridges, 

and other structures. 
Class 745. Beams, girders, columns, angle-irons, etc. 
Class 746. Horse-shoes and crude forgings. 

GROUP 119. 


Class 747. Builders' hardware — locks, latches, spikes, nails, screv/s, tacks, bolts, hinges 

pulleys; furniture fittings; ships' hardware and fittings. 

Class 748. Axes, hatchets, adzes, etc. 

Class 749. Edge tools of various descriptions. 

Class 750. Saws, files. 

Class 751. Cutlery — knives, scissors, shears, razors, etc.; table cutlery. 

Class 752. Vaults, safes and appliances; machinists' and metal workers' too^s. 

GROUP 120. 

Class 753. Bath tubs, bathing appliances and attachments. 

Class 754. Water closets, syphons, flushing tanks; apparatus and receptacles for ventila- 
tion and sewerage. 
Class 755. Porcelain laundry tubs, basins, cocks, drains and other appliances. 
Class 756. Plumbers' and gas-fitters' hardware and miscellaneous appliances. 

GROUP 121. 

Department H.~Manufactures. 


Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products. — Druggists' Supplies. 

GROUP 87. 

lemical and Pliarmaceiitical Products 
— Dnig^gists' Supplies. 

Exhibits m this group are installed, with 
^0 exceptions, in Section Q, Block 1. 

chibit Class'n 

No. No. 

:. Allen's, J. J., Sons, Philadelphia. 
Phosphorus and associated chemicals. 

.. Baldwin, B. D., & Co., Chicago. 
Perfumes. 549 

;. Bower, Henry, & Son, Philadelphia. 
Chemicals. 544 

mmonia Company of Philadelphia. Kali- 
1 Chemical Company. Ammonia products, 
llphate, muriate, aqua; sulphuric acid; 
russiate of potash; bichromates of potash 
id soda; bichloride of tin; glycerine, re- 
led, of various qualities. 
i. Burnett, Joseph, & Co., Boston. 
Flavoring extracts, perfumery and color 
pastes. 549 

urnett's extracts have been the popular 
Ivors in the U. S. for half a century; they 
"e used and indorsed by the best hotels, 
mfectioners and grocers throughout the 
)untry. Pistachio and violet have been 
scently added to the list, and bid fair to 
val Burnett's famous vanilla. 
'. Buttermilk Toilet Company, Chicago. 
Soap. 549 

>. Cheeseborough Manufacturing Com- 
pany, (Consolidated), New York. 

a Medicinal preparations. 547 

b Soaps; toilet preparations, etc. 549 
he only manufacturers of vaseline and all 
s preparations in the world. 24 State St., 
ew York. 
). Dodge & Olcott, New York. 

a Drugs and chemicals. 547 

b Essential oils. 549 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

11. Durkee, E. R., & Co., New York. 

Flavoring extracts. 549 

Sole manufacturers of the "Gauntlet Brand" 
ground spices, baking powder, salad dress- 
ing, celery salt, curry powder, table sauces, 
food products, flavoring extracts. 

12. Fritzsche Bros., New York. Essen- 
tial oils. 549 

Factory, Garfield, N. J. Branch of Schim- 
mel & Co., Leipsic and Prague. Essential 
oils, chemical preparations and synthetic 
aromatics. Established in New York in 
1870. Medals awarded at Centennial Expo- 
sition, Philadelphia, in 1876; also at Paris 
Exposition in 1878. 

I2a. Gardner, R. W., New York. Syrup of 
hydriodic acid. Q-1 546 

13. Gordon, W. J. M., Chemical Com- 
pany, Cincinnati. Glycerine. 546 

14. Gribble & Nash, New York. Refined 
camphor. 544 

15. Hotchkiss, H. G., Sons, Lyons, N. Y. 
Essential oils. 549 

16. India Alkali Works, Boston. Alka- 
lies and alkaline earths. 544 

Savoerran, wool scourers and cleansing 
powders. U. S. government standard. 
Twelve years in use by best cotton and 
woolen mills, railroads, office buildings, in- 
stitutions and creameries. Most reliable 
and convenient for purposes intended. 

17. Kirk, J. S., & Co., Chicago. Soaps, 
perfumery and glycerine. 549 

18. Krembs & Co., Chicago. 

a Chemical preparations. 546 

b Pharmaceutical and technical prep- 
arations. 547 

19. Ladd & Coffin, New York. Perfum- 
ery, cologne and sachet powder. 549 

Lundborg's famous perfumes, colognes, 
toilet waters, sachet powders, etc. First 
awards -at Philadelphia 1876, Sydney 1879, 
Melbourne 1881, Adelaide 1881, Calcutta 
1883^, Paris 1889, and wherever exhibited. 



Druggists' Supplies, Paints, Colors, Dyes and Varnishes. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

20. Lazell, Dalley & Co., New York. 

Perfumery. 649 

Established 1839. Manufacturers of the 
highest quality of perfumery, colognes, 
sachets and cologne oils. Only the iinest 
materials are used, and neither expense nor 
trouble are spared in their manufaciure. 
We invite comparison with the goods of 
other perfumers, foreign or domestic. 

21. Lorenz, George, Toledo, Ohio. Per- 
fumery and toilet articles. 549 

22. Low's, Robert, Son, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Toilet soap and perfumeries. 549 

23. Marx & Rawolle, New York. Glycer- 
ine. 547 

23a. McNeal, D. W.,& Co., Chicago. Hair 

tonic. Gal. F-1 549 

24. Melzer, A., Evansville, Ind. Soaps 

and silver washing flakes. Q-1 549 

26. Morgan, Enoch, Sons, New York. 

Scouring soap. ., 549 

It is a solid cake of scouring soap, used in 
every civilized country. Capt. Andrews 
and the 14 ft. boat " Sapolio," in which he 
crossed the ocean, are here shown as ex- 
hibits of American grit and as one form of 
the brilliant advertising which has made 
Sapolio known to all lands. 

29. Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing 
Company, Philadelphia. Alkalies and 
alkaline earth. 544 

30. Powers & Weightman, Philadelphia. 
Chemicals. 546 

31. Preston, Andrew P., Portsmouth, 
N. H. Pharmaceutical specialties and 
toilet preparations. 549 

Portsmouth (settled in 1623) is a delightful 
old city near the sea and New Hampshire's 
business center for the summer tourist. 
Preston's was estab. Jan. 1, 1838. The fa- 
mous Portsmouth specialties are made by 
Preston, and simple remedies from Preston's 
are at leading summer resorts. 

33. Remmey, Richard C, Philadelphia. 
Chemical stoneware. .548 

Chemical acid brick for chemical works. 

34. Ricksecker^ Theo., New York. Per- 
fumery and toilet goods. 549 

35. Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical Co., 
New York. Chemicals. 546 

Acetone, chloroform, cyanide, ceramic 
colors, etc. 

36. Rosengarten & Sons, Philadelphia. 

Chemicals. ? 546 

For use in medicine and the arts. 

Exhibit Class 

No. No. 

37. Todd, Albert M., Kalamazoo, Micl 

a Chemicals. 54 

b Drugs. 54 

c Essential oils. 54 

The most extensive refining works in th 
world. Refined essential oils, peppermin 
wintergreen, etc. Refined drugs, campho 
menthol, thymol, etc. Living plants, froi 
which derived. Ancient books, manuscripji 
and models, illustrating the history c 
chemistry, etc. 

37a. Williams, J. B., & Co., Glastonbur 

Conn. Shaving and toilet soaps. 

Gal. G-7 54 

38. Zehring Company, Chicago. Perfume 

and toilet goods. 54 

GROUP 88. 
Paints, Colors, Dyes and Tarnishes. 

Exhibits in this group are installed i 
Section H, Block 1, Section G, Block 2, an 
Gallery F-4. 

39. Arnstein, Eugene, Chicago. Bronz 
powder, paints, brushes, etc. G-2 5f 

39a. Baeder, Adamson & Co., Philadelphi; 

Emery paper, sand-paper, glue, etc. 

H-1 bt 

40. Berry Bros., Ltd., Detroit, Mich. Va: 
nishes. H-1 5^ 

Also originators and sole miakers of genuin 
hard oil finish. New York, Boston, Phik 
delphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnat 
St. Louis, San Francisco. Factory an 
head office, Detroit, INIich. 

41. Bridgeport Wood Finishing Company 
New Alilford, Conn. Paints, fillers, stain 
and polishes. H-1 55 

42. Celluloid Zapon Co., New Yori 
Liquid celluloid. Dept. J 55 

Controlling all patents for the manufactur 
of liquid celluloid for varnishes, lacquers c 
enamels. See exhibit with Hanson & Ya 
Winkle Co., Electricity B'ld'g, Sec. L-4. 

44. Chicago Varnish Company, Chicagc 
\^arnish and fossil gums. H-1 55 

45. DeGolyer, Watts, Company, Chicagc 
Varnishes. H-1 55 

46. Dexter Bros., Boston. Shingle staii 

H-1 55 

47. Dunham, G. D., Chicago. Glazier; 

diamonds. G-2 5-. 

Importer and manufact'r, 164 Randolph S 



Typewriters, Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

hibit Class 'n 

ifo. No. 

Egyptian Lacquer M'f'g Co., New 
S^ork. Lacquers and varnishes. G-2 554 
Gerts, Lumbard & Co., Chicago. 
Paint brushes, etc. G-2 554 

Heath & Milligan Manufacturing Com- 
Dany, Chicae^o. Paints and supplies. 
■^ H-1 552 

Hebblewhite Manufacturing Company, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Stove polish. G-2 .552 
International Ultramarine Works, 
New York. Ultramarine blue. G-2 552 
Johns, H. W., Manufacturing Com- 
pany, New York. Paints, oils and stains. 

H-1 5.52 
Masury, John W., & Son, Chicago. 
a A'arnishes, japans and stains. 

H-1 552 

b White leads. 553 

c Artists' colors. 555 

■. O'Brien Varnish Company, South 

Bend, Ind. Oils, varnishes and lacquers. 

G-2 552 
\, Rinald Bros., Philadelphia. Paints ap- 
plied to a wooden windmill. H-1 552 
) Porcelain enamel paint (mill and wings); 
) Bessemer paint (base, steps and tin roof); 
) German brewers' varnish; (d) Colorven 
lint remover. Sole manufac'rs in Europe: 
osenweig & Baumann, Cassel, Germany. 
I. Rubber Paint Company, Chicago. 
Paints and materials. H-1 552 

I. Scientific Art & Decorative Co., New 
York. Decorative paint. G-2 554 

Marseilles plush paint, best to use on ex- 
;nsive and delicate fabrics; only paint 
lown that does not destroy the lustre of 
Ik or satin, or flatten the nap of plush; 
so for photos, wood, glass, china, etc. 
istructions free to customers. Address 
R. Lasware, P. O. box 544, Chicago, 111. 
:. Senour Manufacturing Company, Chi- 
cago. Paints and colors. G-2 552 
inour's floor paint. Monarch mixed paint, 
he old original floor paint pioneers. 
5. Thomas, L. H., Company, Chicago. 
Inks; mucilage; blueing. G-2 552 
J. Valentine, Lawson, Company, New 
York. Varnishes and colors. H-l-So. 552 
\. Valentine & Co., New York. Varnishes, 
colors and material. H-1 552 

5. Weber, P., & Co., Philadelphia. 
Artists' materials. G-2 555 

ledals awarded for the manufacture of 
rtists' oil and water colors at Vienna, 1873, 
"ranklin Institute Exhib., 1874, Philadel- 
hia, 1876, New Orleans, 1885. 

6. Whiting, John L., & Son, Boston. 
Brushes. G-2 554 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

67. Wiggin & Stevens, Maiden, Mass. 
Sandpaper. G-2 554 

68. Woods', Henry, Sons Company, Bos- 
ton. Paints and colors. G-2-No. 5.52 

GROUP 89. 

Typewriters, Paper, Blank Books, 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section G and in Gallery Sections F and G. 

69. Amberg File & Index Co., Chi- 
cago. Letter files, copying and index 
books. Gal. F-2 564 

70. American Paper Pail & Box Company, 
New York. Paper pails, boxes and nap- 
kins. Gal. G-11 5.57 

71. American Writing Machine Company, 
Hai'tford, Conn. Writing machine and 
appliances; typewriter. Gal. F-2 564 

71a. Arabol Manufacturing Co., New 
York. Adhesive pastes. G-2 564 

Gums for lithographers, confectioners, and 
envelope, label, paper bag and box ma- 
chines, etc. Sizings for textiles, paper coat- 
ing and painters. Pastes for tin, glass, 
wood and special uses. 

72. Auto-typograph Co., Chicago. An 
instrument for copying handwriting and 
typewriting. Gal. F-6 564 

74. Blickensderfer M'f'g Co., New York. 
Typewriters. Gal. F-5 564 

75. Book Typewriter Co., Rochester, 
Y. Typewriter. Gal. F-12 564 

76. Brown, L.L., Paper Company, Adams, 
Mass. Ledger and record paper. 

Gal. F-10 560 
Linen ledger paper for blank books a spe- 
cialty. Gold medal awarded these papers 
at Paris, 1889. Mills established at Adams, 
Mass., 1850. 

76a. Brown & Besly, Chicago. Cabinet 
and letter files. Gal. F-8 564 

77. Bushnell, Alvah, Philadelphia. Copy- 
ing books and office supplies. 

Gal. F-8 564 
77a. Caw's Pen & Ink Co., New York. 
Fountain and stylographic pens and writ- 
ing inks. Gal. F-4 564 
"I find Caw's 'Dashaway' Fountain Pen 
very valuable as a signature pen." 

Grover Cleveland, 
President of the United States. 
Highest award, New Orleans, 1884; Paris, 



Typewriters, Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

78. Crandall Machine Company, Groton, 
N. Y. Typewriters. Gal. F-2 564 

80. Crane Bros., Westfield, Mass. Linen 
record and writing paper. Gal. F-10 560 

81. Crane, Z. & W. M., Dalton, Mass. 
Writing paper and stationery. 

Gal. F-10 560 
Ladies' fine stationery. Pasted boards for 
wedding and visiting cards. 

82. Crane & Co., Dalton, Mass. Bank 
note, bond and parchment paper. 

Gal. F-10 560 

83. Crosby Paper Co., Marion, Ind. 
Strawboard. Gal. F-V2 557 

84. Columbia Typewriter Manufacturing 
Company, New York. Typewriter. 

Gal. F-2 564 
The 1893 visible writing bar-lock type- 
writers possess a unique combination of ad- 
vantages. They produce best work with 
least effort in shortest time. Arranged for 
all languages. The No.l bar-lock silver medal 
Paris, 1889; the No. 2 onlv gold medal Edin- 
burgh, 1890; Jamaica, 189f; Boston, 1892. 

85. Crown Pen Company, Chicago. Fount- 
ain and gold pens. Gal. F-5 564 

86. Cyclostyle Company, New York. Du- 
plicators, stands and cabinets. Gal. F-5 564 

87. Dennison Manufacturing Company, 
Chicago. Stationers' goods, tissue paper 
articles. Gal. F-5 557 

88. Densmore Typewriter Company, New 
York. Typewriters. Gal. F-5 564 

The Densmore is of the very highest grade 
of commercial typewriters, is replete with con- 
veniences, and noted for its simplicity. No. 1 
has 76 and No. 2, 84 characters, without in- 
crease in size of frame or carriage. Adopts 
the Remington keyboard and shift. Key- 
boards for different languages. 

89. Denver Paper Mills, Denver, Col. 
Paper. Gal. F-8 556 

90. Dick, A. B., Company, Chicago. Type- 
writers, mimeograph, letter files. 

Gal. F-2 564 

91. Dixon, Joseph, Crucible Company, 
Jersey City, N. J. Pencils, models of 
graphite industry. Gal. F-5 564 

92. Electrose Manufacturing Company, 
Chicago. Inkstands, paper weights, etc. 

Gal. F-9 564 

93. Essex Typewriter, New York. Type- 
writers. Gal. F-12 564 

94. Esterbrook Steel Pen Manufacturing 
Company, Camden, N. J. Metallic pens 
and penholders. Gal. F-8 564 

96. Franklin Manufacturing Company, 
Rochester, N. Y. Lumber, crayons, oil 

Exhibit ClasE 

No. No, 

crayons, lithographic crayons, colore 

chalks. Gal. F-5 5i 

96a. Franklin Typewriter, Boston. Typi 

writers and supplies. Gal. F-5 5i 

97. Grieshaber, B., Chicago. Gold pen 

picks, pencils, fountain pens. Gal. F-1 b' 

98a. Hake, Ph., Manufacturing Compan 

New York. Stationery. Gal. F-5 5 

Fine writing paper and envelopes, papete 

ies, wedding stationery, visiting cards, pr 

grams, euchre tally cards, menus, announc 

ment cards. Silver medal at Paris Exp 

sition, 1878. 

99. Hammond Typewriter Company, Ch 
cago. Typewriters and appurtenance 
models of printing devices and factory. 

Gal. F-2 .51 

100, Harding Paper Company, Frankli: 
Ohio. Ledger and writing paper. 

Gal. F-1 1 51 

loi. Hunt, E. C, Glen Cove, L. L Marl 

ing material, letter heads. Gal. F-8 5( 

102. Hurlburt Paper Manufacturing Con 
pany. South Lee, Mass. Writing pap( 
and envelopes. Gal. F-10 5( 

103. Illinois Iron & Bolt Co., Ca 
penterville. 111. Copy presses an 
stands. Gal. F-2 5( 

104. Kiefer, Karl, Cincinnati, O. Typi 
writer. Gal. F-12 5( 

to6. Mermod & Jaccard Jewelry Co., S 
Louis. Society Stationery. Gal. G-3 5( 
Wedding and calling cards. Absolute co 
rect form and style assured. Orders r 
ceived for execution at stationery exhibi 
Gallery Sec. G, Block 3. 

107. Mills, Knight & Co., Boston. Fane 
leather work. Gal. F-8 of 

108. Munson Typewriter Co., Chicag 
Typewriters. Gal. F-5 5( 

The only machine using interchangeabl 
all steel type wheels, with interchangeab 
keys, so that the same machine may \ 
used to write any language. General offic 
162 La Salle street, Chicago, 111. 
no. Office Specialty Company, Rocheste 

N. Y. Mercantile labor-saving devices. 
Gal. F-2 5( 
Branches 327 Wabash avenue, Chicago, als 
at New York, Philadelphia, Washingtoi 
Atlanta, San Francisco and Toronto. Mai 
ers of metallic vault and office furnitur 
Shannon letter files and cabinets, documei 
files and cabinets, rapid roller copier 
Schlicht's standard indexes, etc. 
III. Ohmer's, M., Sons Company, Daytoi 

Ohio. Filing document cases, etc. 

Gal. F-2 56 



Typewriters, Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

113. Paterson Parchment Paper Company, 
Passaic, N. J. Parchment paper. 

Gal. F-10 

114. Perfection Ink Well Co., Albany- 
N. Y. Perfection ink wells. Gal. F-1 564 

115. Philadelphia Typewriter Co., Phil- 
adelphia. Typewriters. Gal. F-5 564 

116. Pomeroy Bros., Newark, N. J. Writ- 
ing inks, mucilage, sealing wax, etc. 

Gal. F-12 564 
Also duplicators and supplies made by the 
Pomeroy Duplicator Co., of Newark, N. J. 
ii6a. Remington Typewriter, New York. 
Typewriters and appurtenances. 

Gal. F-2 564 

117. Rockwell & Rupel Co., Chicago. 
Copy presses, typewriters' supplies. 

Gal. F-5 564 

118. Rogers Manifold & Carbon Paper 
Company,New York. Manifold and carbon 
paper, typewriter supplies. Gal. F-8 564 

119. Rubel Bros., Chicago. Account 
books and system of accounts. 

Gal. F-9 561 

120. Safeguard Account Company, Chi- 
cago. Account books and system of 
book-keeping. Gal. F-9 561 

121. Scott Paper Company, Philadelphia. 
Toilet paper and fixtures. Gal. F-12 558 

Manufacturers of wire loop packages, plain 
and perforated rolls, oval rolls, pocket 
toilet and the Hoyt toilet papers. 

122. ShattuckPen Co., New York. Gold 
pens, hard rubber fountain pen holders, 
and stationery specialties. Gal. F-5 564 

The famous Shattuck automatic triple grav- 
ity feed fountain pen. Warranted. 

123. Shepard, Henry O., Co., Chicago. 
Blank books, cards, printed books, etc. 

Gal. F-5 561 

124. Smith Premier Typewriter Company, 
Chicago. Typewriters and supplies. 

Gal. F-2 564 

125. Smith, The S. T., Co., New York. 
Typewriter supplies. Gal. F-8 564 

Inked ribbons in all colors for all typewrit- 
ing machines; carbon, manifold and type- 
writer linen papers; Keating's type-cleaning 
brush, inked pads for Yost and other pad 
machines. General supplies for stenog- 
raphers, railroad train books and manifold 
train orders for all railroads. 

126. Standard Paint Company, New York. 
Insulating and waterproof papers. 

Gal. F-14 557 

127. Thompson & Norris Co., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Bottle packing. Cork and corru- 
gated paper goods. Gal. F-9 557 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

127a. United States Printing Co., Cincin- 
nati. Playing cards and colored printing. 
Gal. F-10 557 

128. Waterman, L. E., & Co., New York. 
Fountain pens. Gal. F-5 564 

Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen, invented 
in 1883 by L. E. Waterman. The only pen 
that feeds exclusively by capillary action, 
which secures a free and continuous flow, 
regulated automatically by the act of 
writing. American Institute special medal, 
1885. Highest Paris medal, 1889. 

129. Wells Manufacturing Company, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. Letter files, indexed books^ 
racks, etc. Gal. F-2 564 

Wells' cabinet letter fiile is compact, ad- 
justable, gives quick reference. Wells' 
adjustable book and paper rack for office, 
study, library, etc. Wells' adjustable par- 
tition holder. Wells' date indexing system 
for diaries, bank ticklers, bills payable 
books, etc. 

130. Western Coated Paper & Card Com- 
pany, Chicago. Coated papers. 

Gal. F-14 559 

131. Western Paper Bag Company, Ba- 
tavia, 111. Paper bags and paper. 

Gal. F-9 558 
Manufacturers of all descriptions of paper 
bags and manila papers. Mills at Batavia, 
111., and Appleton, Combined Locks and 
Kaukauna, Wis. Capacity, seventy tons of 
paper and three million bags daily. 

132. Weston, Byron, Dalton, Mass. Led- 
ger and record paper. Gal. F-10 560 

132a. Weston Paper & Manufacturing Co., 

Dayton, Ohio. Roll paper, cutters and 

holders. Gal. F-9 558 

S'c'rs to E. B. Weston & Co., Mfrs. Climax 

and Columbia cutters, Nickel and Japan. 

133. Whiting Paper Company, New York. 
Paper, envelopes, visiting cards, etc. 

Gal. F-8 560 
133a. Williams' Typewriter Co., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Typewriter, punches and per- 
forators. Gal. F-5 564 
133b. Williston, A. Lyman, Northampton, 
Mass. Indelible inks. Gal. F-12 564 
"Payson's Indelible Ink" for marking linen 
with any pen. Established 1834. The 
oldest and best. Export solicited. 

134. Wirt, Paul E., Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Fountain pens. Gal. F-5 564 

135. Wyckoff, Seamans & Benedict, New 
York. Typewriters and appurtenances. 

Gal. F-2 564 
The Remington Standard Typewriter is 
the official writing machine of the World's 
Columbian Exposition. It is the oldest in 



Furniture of Interiors, Upholstery, and Artistic Decorations. 

Exhibit C^laBs'n 

No. No. 

name and newest in improvements. Sales, 
over 100 machines daily. Arranged for 
English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, 
Swedish, etc., etc. 

136. Yost Writing Machine Company, 
New York. Typewriters. Gal. F-2 564 

OROIP 90. 

Furniture of Interiors, Upholstery and 
Artistic Decorations. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section N, Blocks 1, 2 and 3; Section O, Block 
2; Section P, Block 2, and Section Q, Block 
1, and Gallery F and G. 

138, Adams & Westlake Co., Chicago. 

Brass bedsteads. X-2 565 

139. American Saloon Fixture Company, 
Chicago. Saloon furniture. 0-1 566 

Makers saloon fixtures. Office, 184-186 Wash- 
ington St. Branch house, St. Louis, Mo. 
140a. Andrews, A. H., & Co., Chicago. 

a Folding beds, chairs and school ap- 
paratus. P-2 565 

b Office and bank furniture. 572 

Workers in wood and metals. Office desks. 
See fittings in Chemical National Bank in 
Administration Building, made by this com- 
pany, who lead in this line. They also make 
a specialty of weightless folding beds, metal 
chairs for desks, typewriters and piano use. 
Also all kinds of school supplies, etc. 

142. Berkey & Gay Furniture Co., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. Suites of furniture. 

Q-1 567 

143. Boughton, John W., Philadelphia. 
Parquet floors, fret and grill work. 

0-1 571 

144. Brunswick - Balke - Collender Com- 
pany, Chicago. Furniture for club, bil- 
liard and bar-rooms. Q 1 572 

Billiard and pool tables, bar fixtures, refrig- 
erators and cooling rooms. We manufacture 
bank and office fixtures and interior hard- 
wood finish of ev^ery description. Chicago 
salesrooms, 263 & 265 Wabash Ave. Also 
New York, Cincinnati and all principal 
cities in the United States. 

145. Buffalo Brass & Iron Bedstead Co., 
Buffalo, N. Y. Brass and iron bedsteads. 

N-2 565 

146. Buxbaum, Leopold, Chicago. Res- 
taurant table. Q-1 566 

147. Central Manufacturing Company, 
Chicago. Office furniture. 0-2 566 

148. Child, Geo. F., Chair Co., Chicago. 
Adjustable chairs. 0-2 565 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No, 

150. Clark, E. B., & Co., Chicago. Mould- 
ings and picture frames. 0-2 56S 

Framed pictures for department stores. 

151. Dean & Co., Chicago. Bamboo furni- 
ture. Q-1 .567 

152. Demme & Dierkes Furniture Co., 
Chicago. Chamber suites. 0-2 561 

We have the largest and best equipped 
furniture factory in the world. "Capacity," 
a chamber suite and folding bed every twc 

153. Derby & Kilmer Desk Co., Boston 
Office furniture. P-2 56f 

154. Dibblee, Henry Company, Chicago 
Furniture, mantels and decorations. 

N-2 57^ 

155. Drake Company, St. Paul, Minn 
Petrified wo(xl bric-a-brac. 0-1 57' 

155a. Dunfee, J., Chicago. Wood carpet 
Gal. G-13 .57] 

156. Ehman & Simon Manufacturing Co. 
Chicago. Wood mantels and interio; 
finishing. P-2 57{ 

Factory corner Elizabeth and Fulton sts 

Sample room C, 307 Wabash ave. 

156a. Feige Desk Co., Saginaw, Mich 

Desks. 0-1 .56( 

156b. Ford, J. S., Johnson & Co., Chi 

cago. Furniture. P-2 561 

156c. Frost Veneer Seating Co., Chicago 

Furniture, wainscoting, etc., 0-2 57( 

157. Garden City Billiard Table Company 
Chicago. Billiard tables, cues, balls, etc 

P-2. 561 

158. Gendron Iron Wheel Company 
Toledo, Ohio. Reed furniture and bam 
boo novelties. Q-1. 55i 

158a. Gensch & Hartmann, Chicago 
Carved furniture. P-2 56l 

158b. Grand Rapids Furnitnre Manufact 
urers' Collective Exhibit, Grand Rapids 
Mich. 0-2 

1. Berkey, W. A., Furniture Co. 

2. Goshen Sweeper Co. 

3. Grand Rapids Brass Co. 

4. Grand Rapids Chair Co. 

5. Grand Ledge Chair Co. 

6. Gunn Folding Bed Co. 

7. Kent Furniture Manufacturing C( 

8. Nelson, Matter & Co. 

9. New England Furniture Co. 

10. Royal Furniture Co. 

11. Sligh Furniture Co. 

12. Stow & Davis Furniture Co. 

13. Stickley Bros. Co. 

14. Sweet M. L. 

15. Welch Folding Bed Co. 

16. \^alley City Rattan Co. 

17. Widdicomb Furniture Co. 



Furniture of Interiors, Upholstery, and Artistic Decorations. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

i6i. Hamline, L. M., & Co., Chicago. 

Chamber suites. 0-2 .567 

i6ia. Hartshorn Stewart Company, Chi- 
cago. Self-acting shade rollers. 

Gal. F-14 568 
Stewart Hartshorn, Pres., original inventor 
of self-acting spring rollers. This business 
was started in 1849; incorp. Feb., 1893; cap. 
stock, $1,250,000. Large m'f'g plants: E. 
Newark, N. J.; Muskegon, Mich.; Toronto, 
Can. Offices: N. Y. City and 209 Monroe St., 
Chicago. Medals from eight world's fairs. 
r6ib. Henderson-Ames Co., Kalamazoo, 
Mich. Lodge furniture. N-1 572 

162. Herts Brothers, New York. Furni- 
ture decorations and draperies. N-2 .572 

Architectural woodworkers and designers. 
Estimates made on artistic cabinet work 
for private residences from original designs 
or from architects' plans. Have always in 
stock finest examples of work in all the 
latest styles at their warerooms, Broadway 
and 20th street, New York City. 

163. Horn Bros. Manufacturing Company, 
Chicago. Chamber suites, sideboards 
and chiffoniers. 0-2 .567 

164. Hornung Manufacturing Company, 
Chicago. Barber shop fittings. P-2 572 

165. Hunzinger, Geo., & Son, New York. 
Chairs, sofas and tables. 0-1. 565 

Chairs of all descriptions, novel construc- 
tion, bound with steel rods concealed. 
Tables with four or more independent 
chairs forming part of table when closed. 
167. Indianapolis, Ind., Unified Furniture 
Exhibit, composed of the following firms: 


1. Blacklege, John W. Display 
cases. .567 

2. Cabinet Makers' Union. Exten- 
sion table. 566 

3. Central Chair Co. Rocking and 
dining-room chairs. 565 

4. Huey, M. S., & Son. Mantels. 570 

5. Indianapolis Cabinet Co. Desks. 


6. Indianapolis Cabinet Makers' 
Union. Extension table. 566 

7. Krause-Kramer Manufacturing 
Co. Duplex mirror and couch. 


8. Lauter, H. Center and library 
tables. 566 

9. Laycock, T. B., Manufacturing 
Co. Children's beds and springs. 

10. Ott, L. W., Manufacturing Co. 
Turkish couch. 565 


Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

11. Stechhan,Otto, &Co. Bed lounges. 


169. Jansen, Ed., New York. Interior 
decorations. N-2 572 

New wall and ceiling decorations, transoms, 
etc. Decorated reed and raffia furniture, 
baskets, etc. 124 W. 19th St. 

170. Kane, Thos., & Co., Chicago. Post- 
office furniture. P-2 672 

Opera chairs, church chairs and pews, rail- 
road settees, lawn settees, postoffice furni- 
ture and fittings. 139 Wabash Ave. 

171. Karpen, S., & Bros., Chicago. Par- 
lor furniture. 0-2 567 

172. Kinnear&Gager Co., Columbus, Ohio. 
Ceiling and wainscoting. Q-1. 571 

173. Klaber, S., & Co., New York. Mex- 
ican onyx and other marble and bronze 
ornamentations. N-2 672 

Chimney pieces, pedestals, tables, lamps, 
etc., in Mexican onyx and other rich marbles 
and bronze. Interior decorations in marble. 
Address 47 West 42d St., New York. 

175. Kochs, Theo. A., Chicago. Barbers' 
supplies. P-2 572 

176, Lewis, P. C, Manufacturing Co., 
Catskill, N. Y. Reclining chairs. 0-2 665 

178. Marks Adjustable Folding Chair Com- 
pany, Chicago. Folding chairs. P-2 565 

Manufacturers of adjustable, reclining and 
folding chairs, library and invalid supplies 
and rolling chairs. 

179. Meriden Curtain Fixture Co., Meri- 
den. Conn. Window shade fixtures. 

Gal. F-14 .568 

180. Metropolitan Air Goods Company, 
Boston. Air mattresses, cushions and life- 
saving goods. Gal. F-r2 565 

181. Midland Desk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Chicago. Office desks. P-2 '566 

182. National Wall Paper Co., New 

a Wall papers. N-3 572 

b Shade rollers. Gal. F 568 

Manufacturers of all grades of wall papers, 
Lincrusta-Walton and shade rollers. Ex- 
hibitors of this company for competition: 

H. Bartholomae & Co. 

Fr. Beck & Co. 

Robert Graves Co. 

Nevius & Haviland. 

Warren, Fuller & Co. 
Executive offices. No. 1286 Broadway, N. Y. 

183. New Haven Chair Company, New- 
Haven,- Conn. Chairs. P-2 565 

The largest manufacturers in the L^nited 
States of fancy folding and rolling chairs, 
bath cabinets, etc. Our rolling chairs are 
used in the U. S. Government hospitals. 



Furniture of Interiors, Upholstery, and Artistic Decorations. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

184. Nevius & Haviland, New York. 
Spring shade rollers. Gal. F-14 568 

Manufacturers of "Efficient" Automatic 
Spring Shade Rollers. Branch of National 
Wall Paper Co. Capital stock, $30,000,000. 
Factory, \"ergennes, Vt. Offices, 500 West 
42d St., New ''York; 134 Wabash Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111.; Philadelphia, Pa., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Proprietors of the patent "Efficient" bracket. 

185. Olsen, O. C. S., & Co., Chicago. 
Desks and combination bed. 0-2 567 

187. Passow, Chas., & Sons, Chicago. Bar 
and billiard-room tixtures, etc. 0-1 572 

188. Peterson, A., & Co., Chicago. 
Desks. 0-1. 566 

189. Phillipson, Emil, Chicago. Artistic 
decorations, P-2 572 

190. Plimpton, H. R., & Co., Boston. 
Sofas and bed lounges. 0-1. 565 

The Plimpton sofa beds are unquestionably 
the finest and best in the world, having 
many features of merit not to be found jn 
any other make. Send for catalogue. 

192. Richter, August F., Chicago. Mir- 
rors, picture frames and mouldings. 

0-2 569 

193. Reuhl Moulding Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Cincinnati. Picture frames and 
picture frame mouldings. N-2 569 

194. Rockford, 111., Unified Furniture Ex- 
hibit, composed of the following firms: 


1. American Furniture Co. Side- 
boards. 567 

2. Central Furniture Co. Hall chairs. 


3. Excelsior Furniture Co. Parlor 
chairs. 565 

4. Forest City Furniture Co. Hall 
trees. 567 

5. Illinois Chair Co. Dining-room 
chairs. 565 

6. Mechanics Furniture Co. Music 
cabinet. 566 

7. Palace Folding Bed Co. Folding 
beds. 567 

8. People's Mantel & Furniture Co. 
Mantels. 570 

9. Rockford Cabinet Co. Parlor 
mantel and chevals. 570 

10. Rockford Chair & Furniture Co. 
Parlor cabinet. 566 

11. Rockford Co-operative Co. Con- 
versation chair. 565 

12. Rockford Desk & Furniture Co. 
Parlor table. 566 

13. Rockford Folding Bed Co. Fold- 
ing bed. 567 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

14. Rockford Mantel & Furniture Co, 
Hall mantel. .570 

15. Rockford Standard Furniture Co. 
China closet. 567 

16. Rockford Union Furniture Co. 
Sideboards. •567' 

17. Royal Mantel & Furniture Co. 
Dining room mantel. 570 

18. Scandia Furniture Co. Dining 
room tables. 56& 

19. Star Furniture Co. Chiffoniers. 


20. West End Furniture Co. Ladies' 
desks. 566 

195. Rothschild's, R., Sons Co., Cincinnati. 
Bar-rofim equipments. 0-1 572 

195a. Royal Furniture Co., Grand Rapids, 
Mich. Miscellaneous cabinet ware. 

Q-1 567 

196. Sanguinetti, Percy A., Chicago. 
Folding beds. N-2 567 

196a. Sargent Manufacturing Co., Mus- 
kegon, ^lich. 0-2 

a Reclining chairs. 565 

/' Revolving bookcases. 567 

197. Schlesinger, Wiessner & Co., South 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Metallic beds, steel 
furniture, etc. N-2 565 

198. Schwarzwaelder, Wm., & Co., Nevr 
York. Roll top desks. P-2 566 

200. Sheboygan Chair Company, Sheboy- 
gan, Wis. Chairs. P-2 565 

201. Smith, B. & W. B., New York, 
Office and store furniture. 0-1 566 

Dust tight wall cases and patent dust tight 
counter cases with perpendicular sliding 
doors. Plate glass cases made without a 
molding or frame, forming a glass case 
without anv wood. Cases all shapes in bent 
glass. We bend our own glass. We make 
to order only. Correspondence solicited. 
20ia. Sprague, Smith & Co., Chicago. 

a Hat racks, etc. 0-2 567 

^ Mantels. 570 

202. Steinman, L. E., Co., Chicago. Iron 
folding beds. 0-2 565 

203. Sypher& Co.,New York. Tapestries, 
souvenirs of Emperor Napoleon I, etc. 

Gal. G-14 572 
203a. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co.,. 
New York. 

a Chairs. N-1 565 

d Tables. 566 

c Suits of furniture. 567 

d Upholsteries. 568 

e Mirrors. 569 

/ Mantels. 570 

_S Artistic furnishings. 572 

/i Embroideries. 578 



Ceramics and Mosaics, Marble, Stone and Metal Monuments. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

204. Wemple, Jay C, Co., Chicago. Win- 
dow shades and shade rollers. 

Gal. F-14 568 

205. Wenter Co., The F., Chicago. Hat- 
racks, china closets and cabinets. 0-2 566 

Salesroom, 302 Wabash ave., 4th floor. 

206. Whitcomb Metallic Bedstead Com- 
pany, Birmingham, Conn. Brass and iron 
beds and mattresses. N-2 565 

206a. White, F. E., Cactus Manufacturing 
Co. Phcenix, Ariz. Q-1 

a Miscellaneous cactus goods. 566 

b Furniture and veneers. 567 

c Frames, etc. 569 

206b. Wilnau, Simon, Simons, 111. Mirrors. 

0-2 569 

207. Windsor Folding Bed Company, 
Chicago. Folding beds, tables, chairs, 
etc. ' P-2 565 

GROUP 91. 

Ceramics and Mosaics. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
sections H, O, and N and Gallery F. 

207a. Alabastine Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Alabastine. Gal. F-1 579 

3ioa. Brown & Eberhardt, Philadelphia. 
China bric-a-brac, statuary, etc. H-1 576 

Jiia. Caretti, J., & Co., Chicago. Roman 
mosaics. H-1 580 

Roman marble mosaic, 232 Michigan Street. 

Ji6. Celoden Terra Cotta Company, Al- 
fred Centre, New York. Terra cotta 
tiles. H-1 574 

J23. Fiske, Holmes & Co., Boston, 
Bricks and terra cotta. H-1 574 

524. Galloway, Wm., Philadelphia. Orna- 
mental terra cotta and decoration. 

H-1 574 

!24a. Graham Pressed Concrete Co. Chi- 
cago. Manufactured stone. H-1 574 

!26. Healey, M. & E., Washington, D. C. 
Decorated china and chryso-ceramics. 

0-1 576 

rhis exhibit will be found in the gold and 

dlverware, plate group No. 97. The gold 

ised in this china decoration is warranted 

jure, very durable, retains its luster and 

[uality, and is easily cleaned. 

127. Hydraulic-Press Brick Co., St. Louis. 
Collective exhibit of pressed brick. 

H-1 574 

1. Chicago Hydraulic-Press Brick Co., 

2. Eastern Hydraulic-Press Brick 
Co., Philadelphia. 

3 Findlay Hydraulic-Press Brick. Co., 
Findlay, O. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

4. Hydraulic-Press Brick Co., St. 
• Louis. 

5. Illinois Hydraulic-Press Brick Co., 
Collinsville, 111. 

6. Kansas City Hydraulic-Press Brick 
Co., Kansas City, Kas. 

7. Northern Hydraulic-Press Brick 
Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 

8. Omaha Hydraulic-Press Brick Co., 
Omaha, Neb. 

9. Washington Hydraulic-Press Brick 
Co., Washington, D. C. 

227a. Lawton Brick & Tile Co., Chicago, 
a Bricks. H-1 .574 

b Tiles. 578 

227b. Low Art Tile Co., Chelsea, Mass. 
Art tiles. H-3 573 

227c. Marezzo Marble Co., Chicago. Imi- 
tation marble. H-2 674 
236. Northwestern Terra Cotta Company, 
Chicago. Terracotta. H-1 574 
241. Pioneer Fire Proof Construction Com- 
pany, Chicago. Fire clay and terra cotta 
fire proofing. H-1 574 
Patentees, manufacturers and contractors. 
Every description of hollow, solid and 
porous tile for fire-proofing buildings. Con- 
tracts taken in all parts of the United States. 
Factories: Ottawa, 111., and St. Paul, Minn. 
244, Rookwood Pottery Company, Cincin- 
nati. Artistic pottery. N-1 576 
Decorative faience and mural decorations in 
underglaze. Gold medal Paris, 1889. 
246a. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co., New 

a Tiles. N-I ,578 

b Decorations. 579 

c Mosaics. 680 

247. Tiffany Pressed Brick Company, 
Chicago. Brick and roofing tiles. 

H-1 674 

248. United States Potters' Association. 
Collective exhibit. (See special page.) 

249a. Zallee, John C, Chicago. Fire and 
water-proof roofs. H-3 674 

OROUP 92. 

Marble, Stone and Metal Monuments, 
Mausoleums, Mantels, etc. Caskets, 
Coffins and Undertakers' Furnishing 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Sections H, Block 2, and N, Block 1. 

250. Barre Manufacturing Company, Barre, 

a Granite monuments. 581 

b Granite fountains. 582 

c Granite mantels, etc. 683 



Monuments, Enamels, Glass and Glassware, Stained Glass. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

251. Bowers, R. C, Granite Company, 

Montpelier, \'t. Monuments. 581 

254. Granite Manufacturers' Association 

of Quincy, Mass. Granite monuments 

and artistic memorials. 581 

258. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co., 
New York. 

a Marble monuments. N-1 581 

b Marble ornaments. 582 

c Marble mantels. 583 

259. Vermont Marble Company, Proctor, 
Vt. Rough antl manufactured marble. 581 

The largest producers in the world of mon- 
umental and building marble. Branches, 
Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, 
Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco. 

GROUP {>3. 
Art Metal Work— Enamels, Etc. 

Exhibits m this group are mstalled in 
Sections G, Block 3^H, Blocks 1 & 2 and 
N, Block 1. 

262. American Bronze Company, Chicago. 

Bronze statues and castings. H-1 585 

263. Monumental Bronze Company, 
Bridgeport, Conn. Monuments, statuary, 
medallions, busts, etc. G-o 585 

264. Nicholas Mueller Art Bronze Com- 
pany, New York. Bronze and electro- 
bronze statuettes. G-o 585 

265. Gorham Manufacturing Co., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

a Bronzes. N-1 585 

b Repousse and chiseled work, clois- 
onne enamels. 586 
265a. Power, Maurice J. New York. 
Bronze statuary. H-'2 585 

266. Tiffany Glass and Decorating Co., 
New York. Art metal work, bronzes, bas- 
reliefs, iron forgings, repousse and chis- 
eled work. N-1 .585 

267. Western White Bronze Company, 
Des Moines, la. Monuments, statuary, 
busts, medallions, etc. G-3 585 

GROUP 94. 

Glass and Glassware. 

Exhibits in this group are iristalled in 
Sections H, Block 1, N, Block l.and Gal- 
lery F, Blocks 1 and 13. 

267a. Androvette, Geo. E.,&Co., Chicago. 

Cut glass ware. Gal. F-13 592 

Exhibit Class 

No. No. 

268. Diamond Plate Glass Compan; 
Kokomo, Ind. Plate glass. H-1 5J 

268a. Gorham Manufacturing Co., Prov 
dence, R. I. Cut glass for table and o 
namental purposes. N-1 h\ 

269. Hicks, F. M., & Co., Chicago. Floo 
skylight and ornamental work in iron an 
glass. Gal. F-1 55 

269a. Hoare, J., & Co., Corning, N. "i 
Cut, engraved and rock crystal cutting. 

N-1 5t 

270. Libby Glass Co., Toledo, Ohio. Ci 
glassware. H-1 59 

271. Macbeth, Geo. A., Co., Pittsburg, P; 
Optical and lamp glasses. H-1 5J 

271a. Prugh, Conroy & Co., Allegheny, P; 
Mirrors. H-1 5f 

272. Straus, L. & Sons, New York. 

a Cut glassware. H-1 5{ 

b Fancy glassware. h\ 

Manufacturers and importers of glasswai 

and pottery. The largest house in its lin 

in the world. Factories as follows: 

Cut glassware. New York City. 

French china, Limoges, France. 

Art pottery, Rudolstadt, Thuringia. 

Bohemian glassware, Steinschoenau B'hm; 

Bohemian china, Carlsbad, Bohemia. 

Paris office, Avenue de 1' Opera. 

272a. Suess Ornamental Glass Co.,Chicag« 
a Plate and beveled glass. H-1 58 
b Enameled glass. 5t 

272b. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co., Ne^ 

a Onyx glass. N-1 59 

/' Glass mosaics, etc. 5f 

272c. U. S. Glass Co., Pittsburg, P; 
Glassware. H-1 51: 

273. Wire Glass Company, Philadelphi; 
Wire glass. H-1 hi 

273a. Zihlmann Glass Co., North Bait 
more, Ohio. Fine blown glassware. 

H-1 5f 

GROUP 95. 
Stained Gla«s in Decoration. 

Exhibits in this group are installed i 
Sections N, Block 1, H, Block 1 and Ga 
lery, Section F. 

274. Androvette, Geo. E., & Co., Chicag< 

Decorative glass. Gal. F-13 5£ 

Domestic and ecclesiastical glass worker 
Memorial windows, brasses, etc. Bevele 
plate glass set in copjier frame. 
275a. Continental Stained Glass Work; 

Boston. Stained glass. Gal. F-lO 5£ 



Ornamental Glass, Carvings, Gold and Silverware. 

Exhibit Class' n 

No. No. 

276. Flanagan & Biedenweg, Chicago. 
Art glass. Gal. F-13 596 

For private residences, churches and pub- 
lic buildings. Owners and manufacturers 
of "Henderson's Patent" adjustable metallic 
sash in all kinds of metal, for all purposes 
in glass and fancy beveled mirror work; 
also beveled, mitred, cut, sand blast, em- 
bossed and ground glass. 
276a. Gorham Manufacturing Co., Provi- 
dence, R. I. Ecclesiastical stained glass 
work. N-1 .597 

277. Healey & Millett, Chicago. Stained 
glass. Gal. F-9 596 

280. McCuIly & Miles, Chicago. Stained 
glass windows and interior decoration. 

Gal. F-9&18 596 
Every description of stained glass work for 
residences and churches. Memorial figure 
windows. Beveled glass of every variety. 
Mosaics in glass. Interior decorations in 
irtistic and modern designs. Imported and 
domestic wall paper. 

281. Ra^wson & Evans, Chicago. Sand- 
blast and ornamental glass. Gal. F-9 596 

Specialties: Fine chipped glass and crys- 
:alline plate glass signs. Own patents. 

282. Reith, Wm., Philadelphia. Art 
stained glass. Gal. F-10 596 

282a. Suess Ornamental Glass Co., Chi- 
, cago. Stained glass. H-1 596 

283a. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co., New 

a Domestic stained glass. N-1 596 
b Ecclesiastical stained glass. 597 

284. Wells Glass Company, Chicago. Art 
stained and ornamental glass. 

Gal. F-10L\:l;f! 596 

GROUP 9(5. 

Carvings in Various Materials. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Sections N, Block 1,'and P, Block 2. 
J85. Lund, Rud, Knoxville, Tenn. Wood 
^ carving. P-92 598 

Subject, World's Fair, Greek structure. 
j86. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co., New 

a Wood carving. N-1 598 

b Ivory carving. 599 

c Engraved glass. 602 

GROUP 97. 

Gold and Silverware, Plate, etc. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section N, Block 1, with one exception. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

292. Benziger Bros., Chicago. Catholic 
church supplies. N-1 604 

Also New York and Cincinnati. Publishers 
and booksellers. Gold and silversmiths. Art 
embroidery and regalia. Sole agents for 
U. S. for the celebrated religious statues of 
Froc Robert, Paris (H. Poiret, succes?or), and 
"The Royal Bavarian Art Institute," for 
stained glass, F. X. Zettler, Munich. 

294. Diepenbrock & Uchtman, New York. 
Church vestments; flags and banners. 

N-1 604 

295. Dirksen, G., Silver Filigree Manu- 
facturing Company, Freeport, 111. -Silver 
filigree goods. N-1 607 

297. Gorham Manufacturing Company, 
Providence, R. I. Silver and plated ware, 
etc. N-1 605 

298. Henderson- Ames Co., Kalamazoo, 
Mich. Swords, regalia, lodge jewels, etc. 

N-1 604 

299. Holmes & Edvv^ards Silver Co., 
Bridgeport, Conn. Silver plated ware. 

N-1 609 
Sterling silver inlaid spoons and forks, 
guaranteed 25 years. Gold and silver 
pla,ted table flatware. Salesrooms, 65 
Washington St., Chicago, and 2 Maiden 
Lane, New York. 

300. Manhattan Silver Plate Company, 
Lyons, N. Y. Gold and silver-plated 
hollowware. N-1 609 

301. Meriden Britannia Company, Meri- 
den, Conn. Silver plated ware. N-1 609 

302. Mermod & Jaccard Jewelry Co., St. 

a Silverwares. 0-1 604 

b Diamond jewelry. 613 

Section O, Block 1. This "Gem" of the Co- 
lumbian Exposition magnificently idealizes 
"Saint Louis" (Louis IX) and Louis Ouinze 
(Louis XV), the city being named after 
Louis IX, and founded during the re- 
nowned period of French Art under Louis 
XV. Diamond setters, watch and clock 
makers, manufacturing gold and silver- 
smiths, importers of art potteries, fine dinner 
wares, bronzes and music boxes. "Lowest 
priced house in America for fine goods." 

303. Messmer Company, Andrew, Cincin- 
nati. Church ornaments, altar decora- 
tions, etc. N-1 604 



Gold and Silverware, Jewelry, Horology. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

304. Pairpoint M'f'g Co., New Bedford, 

Mass. Silver plated ware. N-1 609 
Western salesroom 224 Wabash Ave., Chi- 
cago. G. J. Corey, manager. World's Fair 
visitors invited. 

305. Rogers, Wm., Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Hartford, Conn. Silver, gold and 
silver plated ware. N-1 605 

Knives, forks, spoons, table cutlery. Ster- 
ling silver, German silver, nickel silver, hol- 
lowware, hard metal, and Britannia. Fac- 
tories: Hartford, Norwich, Conn.; Taunton, 

306. Rogers & Bro., Waterbury, Conn. 
Silver plated ware. N-1 609 

The original and genuine "Rogers" knives, 
forks, spoons, etc., made for the past half 
century by Rogers & Bro., Waterbury, Conn. 
Brand, * Rogers & Bro. Al. Triple plate, 
warranted for 25 years. Beware of imita- 
tions of this brand and copies of our designs. 
Sold by the best dealers everywhere. 

307. Tiffany & Co., New^ York. Silver- 
ware, jewelry, watches, clocks, etc. 

N-1 605 
Silver plated ware, cutlery, wares of mixed 
metals, minerals, precious stones, cut and 
uncut, clocks, fine leather goods, stationery, 
copper plate engraving, fancy articles of 
gold, silver, bronze, ivory, enamel, etc. 
Grand Prix and Legion of Honor, Paris 
Exposition, 1878 and 1879. 

308. Tufts, James W., Boston. Silver 
plated Avare. N-1 610 

309. Whitehead & Hoag, Newark, N. J. 
Society goods, fancy novelties, etc. 

N-1 604 

310. Wymble Manufacturing Company, 
Newark, N. J. Silverware. N-1 605 

GROUP 98. 
Jewelry and Ornaments. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section N, Block 1, and Section O, Block 1. 

313. Bell & Barber, New York. Jewelry 
and ornaments. N-1 612-16 

316. Browns Amber M'f'g Co., New York. 
Amber products. N-1 614 

317. Canini, J. A., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 
Jewelry. N-1 612 

320. Corbin, D. R., New York. Jewelry. 

N-1 616 

322. Favre, Leon, New York. Process of 
transferring portraits from a photograph 
on watches, lockets, etc. N-1 612 

326. Gaynor & Washburne, New York. 
Interchangeable jewelry. N-1 616 

Exhibit Class'] 

No. No. 

332. Kent & Stanley Co., Providence 
R. I. Jewelry. 0-1 61S 

Largest manufacturers in the United State 
of watch chains and jewelry. The displa' 
of hundreds of their leading patterns ii 
watch chains, charms, lockets, pins anc 
sterling silver novelties, make this one o 
the most interesting and artistic exhibits a 
the Fair. 

333. Muhr's H., Sons, Philadelphia, JeW' 
elry and thimbles. 0-1 61i 

Crown Trade ^lark. 

334. New England Manufacturing Jew 
elers' Association of Providence, R. I 
Collective Exhibit. (See special page). 

339. Ostby & Barton, Providence, R. I 
Jewelry. N-1 61! 

342. Potter, Wm. K., Providence, R. I. 
Tortoise shell combs, jewelry, etc. N-1 61' 

345. Reynolds Jewelry Company, Provi 
dence, R. 1. Plated jewelry. N-1 6I1 

348. Simmons, R. F., & Co., Attleboro 
Mass. Jewelry. N-1 61i 

Makers of world-renowned "R. F. S. & Co.' 
gold filled, rolled gold plated chain. Senc 
for catalogue. N. Y. office, 41 Maiden Lane 

349. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co. 
New York. Onyx ornaments. N-1 6F 

GROUP 99. 
Horology, Watches, Clocks, Etc. 

Exhibits in this group are installed ii 
Section O, Block 1, with one exception. 

350. American Waltham Watch Com 

pany, Waltham, Mass. Watch move 
ments and automatic watch making. 

0-1 ^ 61! 

351. Ansonia Clock Company, Chicago 
Clocks. 62] 

352. Bundy Manufacturing Co., Bingham 
ton, N. Y. Automatic time recorders. 

0-1 62< 

361. Keystone Watch Case Co<npany 
Philadelphia. Watch cases. 0-1 6H 

362. Muhr's, H., Sons, Philadelphia. 
Watch cases. 0-1 615 

Makers of crown filled cases. 

364. Self-winding Clock Company, Nevi 
York. Self-winding clocks and methoc 
of time distribution by electricity. N-1 621 

365. Waterbury Watch Company, Water- 
bury, Conn. Watches and clock. 0-1 611 

The new quick-winding Waterbury is a high 
class watch for all the people. It winds ir 
five seconds, is an accurate jeweled time- 
piece, cased in various elegant designs tc 



Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

suit all tastes; gold filled, coin-silver, and a 
nickel style. Sold by all jewelers. S4 to 


GROUP 100. 
Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section O, Block 1, with two exceptions. 

366. American Silk Label Company, New 
York. Woven labels. 632 

369. Baum, C. F., Chicago. Dress trim- 
mings. 632 

370. Balding Bros. & Co., Chicago. 

a Sewing machine twist. 626 

b Silks for linings. 626 

c Serges, surahs and satins. 628 

d Dress silks. 629 

e Braids. 632 

370a, Best, John, & Co., Paterson N. J. 

Woven silk pictures, bookmarks, badges. 

Dept. F 629 

371. Blumenthal, A. & S., New York. 
Silk ribbons. 631 

372. Brainerd & Armstrong Company, 
New London, Conn. Silks and machine 
twist. 626 

Salesrooms: Boston, New York, Philadelphia 
and Baltimore. Factory in N^ew London. 
In wash silks we lead the world. In every 
line we make, we aim to excel, whether wash 
silks, spool silks or fabrics. Our Trade 
Mark expresses the ideal sought for, "The 
Best in the World." 

373. Castle Braid Company, New York. 
Silk and mohair braids. 632 

Our assortment of braids has no equal. 
Samples submitted on application to our 
New York office, 15 and 17 Mercer St. 

374. Cheney Bros., South Manchester, 
Conn. Gal G-14 

a Plain woven silks, etc. 628 

b Figured silk piece upholstery 
goods. 629 

c Ribbons. 631 

d Silk fabrics. 627 

Dress silks, printed silks, decorative silks, 
plush and velvets, upholstery goods, rib- 
bons, spun silks and spun silk fabrics. Sales- 
rooms, 477 Broome St., New York; 79 Chan- 
cey St., Boston; 186 Franklin St., Chicago. 

375. Cutter, John D., & Co., New York. 
a Spool silk and machine twist. 626 
b Plain silks. 626 
c Fancy silks. 629 

376. Dexter, Lambert & Co., New York. 
a Dress silks. 629 
b Ribbons. 631 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

377. Doherty & Wadsworth, New York. 
a Silk dress goods, surahs. 629 
b Silk ribbons. 631 

378. Elwood, B. H. & E. E., Fort Plain, 
N. Y. Broad silks. 629 

Salesrooms, 453 & 455 Broome St., N. Y. 

379. Em.pire Silk Company, New York. 
Silk dress goods. 629 

380. Erskine, John, & Co., Union Hill, 
N. J. Silk ribbons. 631 

381. Griswold Worsted Company, Phila- 
delphia. Spun silk. 625 

382. Hamil & Booth, New York. 

a Dress silks, brocades. • 629 

b Ribbons. 631 

383. Hitchcock - Meding Manufacturing 
Company, New York. Gal. F-14 

a Satin, damask, brocatels, etc. 628 
b Dress silks. 629 

c Ribbons and tie silks. 631 

384. Jennings Lace Works, New York. 
Laces, gloves, mitts, veils and scarfs. 630 

385. Johnson, Cowdin & Co., New York, 
Silk ribbons. 631 

386. Kayser, Julius, & Co., New York. 
Silk underwear, gloves, mitts, etc. 6-30 

387. Levy Bros., New York. Silk ribbons. 


387a. Liberty Silk Co., New York, Dress 

silks. 629 

388. McCallum Constable Hosiery Com- 
pany, Holyoke, Mass. Silk hosiery. 630 

389. McLaughlin Braid Company, Pater- 
son, N. J. Braids. 632 

390. Meisch Manufacturing Company,Pat- 
erson, N. J. Silk ribbons. 631 

391. Meyenberg Corporation, Hoboken, 
N. J. Silk fur and tie silk. 628 

392. Nonotuck Silk Company, Chicago. 

a Silks, machine twist. 626 

b Silk underwear, hosiery and mittens. 

c Braids and bindings. 632 

Manufacturers of Corticelli spool silk knit- 
ting and crochet silk, fast dye wash silks, 
machine twist, sewings, button-hole twist, 
Florence silk underwear, hosiery, mittens, 
wristers, pure dye silk braids. 

393. Pelgram & Meyer, New York. 

a Dress silks. 629 

b Ribbons. 631 

394. Phoenix Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Paterson, N. J. 

a Dress silks. 629 

b Handkerchiefs, etc. 680 

c Ribbons, bookmarks, etc. 631 

d Silk braids. 632 

395. Rhenania Mills, College Point, L. I. 
Ribbons and silks. 631 



Silk and Silk Fabrics. Fabrics of Jute and other Vegetable Fibres. 

Exhibit ("lass'n 

No. No. 

396. Richardson Silk Company, Chicago. 
a Silks. 629 
/; Hosiery and mittens. 630 
c Braids. 632 

(a) Silk threads — machine, sewing, knitting, 
embroidery, (b) Silk hosiery and mittens, (c) 
Silk and mohair braids. 

397. Robertson, William, New York. Silk 
curtains and upholstery silks. 629 

399. Simon, R. & H., Union, N. J. 

a Dress silks. 629 

b Ribbons. 631 

400. Skinner, William, Manufacturing 
Company, Holyoke, Mass. 

a Serges. 628 

b Linings. 630 

c Braids. 632 

401. Stearns, John N., New York. Dress 
silks. 629 

402. Strange, William, Company, New 

a Serges. 628 

b Dress silks. 629 

c Linings. 630 

d Ribbons. 631 

403. Sutro Bros. Braid Company, New 
York. Trimming braids. 632 

404. Trevor, William, New York. Cra- 
vats, handkerchiefs, ties, etc. 630 

406. Wahnetah Silk Company, Catasau- 
qua, Pa. Silk plushes. 628 

407. Werner, Itschner & Co., Philadelphia. 
a Dress goods. 629 
b Silk ribbons. 631 

GROUP 101. 

Fabrics of Jute, Ramie and Other Veg- 
etable and Mineral Fibres. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Gallery, Section. F, Blocks 12 and 14. 

408. Asbestos Specialty Company, Buf- 
falo, N. Y. Asbestos articles. 

Gal. F-14 637 

409. Blabon, Geo. W., & Co., Philadel- 
phia. Oil cloth and linoleum. 

Gal. F-12 636 

410. Johns, H. W., Manufacturing Com- 
pany, New York. Asbestos materials, 
woven, spun, felted, etc. Gal. F-14 637 

Asbestos roofing, liquid paints, fire-proof 
paints, roof and floor paints, asbestos steam 
pipe and boiler coverings, steam packings, 
coatings, cements, etc. Asbestos cloths, 
twine and fabrics, vulcabeston, electrical 
and mechanical materials, molded mica 
insulations, etc. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

411. Pantasote Leather Company, New 
York. Substitute for leather. 

Gal. F-12 636 

412. Potter, Thos., Sons & Co., Philadel- 
phia. Oil cloth and linoleum. 

Gal. F-12 636 

413. Tannette Manufacturing Company, 
New York. Leather imitation for fur- 
niture, etc. Gal. F-12 636 

GROUP 102. 

Yarns and Woven Goods of Cotton, 
Linen and Other Tegetable Fibres. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Sections O, Block 1, P, Block 1, and Gallery^ 
Section F. 

414. Aberfoyle Manufacturing Company, 
Chester, Pa. Cotton fabrics. 638 

Fine fancy shirtings, zephyrs, ginghams and 
novelties in fine cotton and cotton and silk 
mixed fabrics, for dress goods and shirt- 
ings. New York office, 256 Church st. 

415. Allendale Company, North Provi- 
dence, R. I. Bleached and brown sheet- 
ings. 638 

416. Amory Manufacturing Company, 
Manchester, N. H. Bleached and brown 
cottons. 638 

John L. Bremer & Co., selling agents, Bos- 
ton and New York. 

417. Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, 
Manchester, N. H. Ginghams, tickings, 
shirtings, checks, canton flannels. 638 

418. Appleton Company, Boston. Eider 
downs, shirtings, flannels, ticks, sheetings, 
drills. ^ 638 

418a. Arlington Mills, Lawrence, Mass. 
Fine cotton single or twisted, for manu- 
facturers. P-1 6.38 

419. Attawraugan Company, Norwich, 
Conn. Bleached muslin, shirtmakers' 
muslin. 638 

420. Bailey, John T., & Co., Philadelphia. 
Cordaije, twines, bags, burlaps, etc. 

Gal. F-9 638 

421. Barnaby Manufacturing Company, 
Fall River, Mass. Zephyr ginghams. 638 

422. Berlin Print Works, Philadelphia. 
Cotton fabrics. 638 

Berlin solid colors, merino and foulard fin- 
ish, Berlin and Sultan Turkey reds and oil 
colors. Dress linings all widths and shades. 
Absolutely fast black satins and brocades, 
cashmere and merino finish. Selling agents, 
Wm. Simpson, Sons & Co., Philadelphia, 
New York, Chicago and Baltimore. 



Yarns and Woven Goods of Cotton, Linen and other Vegetable Fibres. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

422a. Berkeley Co., Providence, R. I. 
Cambrics, lawns, linings, mulls. 638 

423. Binns' Patent Band Company, Phila- 
delphia. Trimmings and upholstery 
goods. 638 

423a. Blackstone Manufacturing Co., Provi- 
dence R. I. Shirtings and sheetings. 638 

424. Cabot Manufacturing Company, 
Brunswick, Ale. Cotton piece goods gray 
and bleached. 638 

424a. Clarendon Mills, West Boylston, 
Mass. Crocheted quilts. P-1 638 

424b. Clifton Manufacturing Co., Boston. 
Brown cotton. 638 

424c. Claremont Mills, Claremont, N. H. 
Cotton, wide sheetings. 638 

425. Cocheco Manufacturing Company, 
Dover, X. H. Cotton fabrics. 638 

426. Conanicut Mills, Fall River, Mass. 
Cambric muslins. 638 

427. Davol Mills, Fall River, Mass. 
Bleached muslin. 638 

428. Dwight Mills, Chicopee, Mass. 
Brown, bleached, colored, printed cotton 
goods. 638 

429. Eddystone Manufacturing Company, 
Philadelphia. Cotton fabrics. 638 

Printers of Wm. Simpson & Son's mourn- 
ing, silver gray and fancy prints, alpaca 
and delaine finish solid blacks. Canton and 
Brandenburg cloths, fine printed satins, 
guaranteed aniline black and fast colors. 
Selling agents, Wm. Simpson, Sons & Co., 
Phila., New York, Chicago and Baltimore. 

430. Farvrell Mills, Lisbon, Me. Cotton 
goods, gray and bleached. 638 

431. Fisher Manufacturing Company, 
Fisherville, Mass. Woven cotton goods. 


432. Forestdale Manufacturing Company, 
Forestdale, R. I. Cotton goods. 638 

433. Garner & Co., New York. Printed 
cotton piece goods, calicoes, percales, 
sateens, etc. 638 

434. Glasgo Lace Thread Company, Glas- 
go. Conn. Thread for fancy work. 638 

435. Glasgow Company, So. Hadley Falls, 
Mass. Cotton goods and ginghams. 638 

436. Globe Yarn Mills, Fall River, Mass. 
Cotton yarns. 638 

437. Great Falls Manufacturing Company, 
Great Falls, N. H. Brown, bleached, 
colored, printed cotton goods. 638 

438. Greene, S. H., & Sons, Providence, 
R. I. Cotton goods, calicoes, lawns, 
sateens, flags and decorations. 638 

439. Greenville Manufacturing Company, 
Smithfield, R. I. Bleached muslins. 638 

Exhibit riass'n 

No. No. 

44c. Grosvenor Dale Company, Grosvenor 
Dale, Conn. Cotton goocis, gray and 
bleached and cotton handkerchiefs. 638 

441. Hadley Company, Holyoke, Mass. 
Cotton yarns and threads. 638 

442. Hamlet Mills, Woonsocket, R. L 
Shirtmakers' bleached muslin. 638 

442a. Hope Co., Providence, R. L 
Bleached and gray shirtings of medium 
grade. " 638 

443. Jackson Company, Boston. Cotton 
sheetings, flannels, etc. 638 

444. Kneedler & Co., Philadelphia. 
Woven cotton goods. 63S 

445. Knight, B. B., & R., Providence, 
R. I. Cotton goods. 638 

446. Knitted Mattress Company, Canton 
June, Mass. Cotton fabrics. Ouilted by 
a knitted process. Gal. F-14 638 

447. Lancaster Mills, Boston. Ginghams. 


448. Lapham, Enos, Centreville, R. I. 
Cotton goods and bleached muslins. 638 

448a. Lonsdale Co., Providence, R. L 
Sheetings, shirtings, cambrics, twills,, 
sateens and hollands. 638 

jModel of Ann and Hope Mill, Lonsdale, R. L 

449. Lyman Mills, Holyoke, Mass. 
Brown, bleached, colored, printed cotton 
goods. 638 

450. Manville Company, Providence, R. L 
Cotton piece goods. 538 

Plain and fancy cotton dress goods, fine 
chambrays, coin and fancy spot curtains,, 
plain and brocade sateens, novelties in cot- 
ton goods. Oelbermann, TJommerich & Co., 
67 Worth street, New York, selling agents. 

451. Merrimack Manufacturing Company, 
Boston. Printed cotton goods. 638 

White goods, shirtings, indigos, tartan reds, 
Columbia chambrays, fancy prints, fast 
color draperies, challies. Llama cloth, satins, 
corduroy, velveteen. Goods for cap, shirt 
and wrapper cutters. Fine yarn fabrics a 
specialty. Wheelwright, Eldredge & Co., 
selling agents, New York, Boston. 

452. Methuen Company, Boston. Fancy 
cotton fabrics, awning stripes, ticking, 
duck, etc. 638 

452a. Monadnock Mills, Claremont, N. H. 
Marseilles quilts and sheeting. P-1 638 

453. Monohansett Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Putnam, Conn. Bleached muslin. 


454. Morse Mills, Putnam, Conn. 
Bleached muslin. 63& 


Cotton Goods, Woolen Goods. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

.455. Nashua Manufacturing Company, 
Boston. Cotton flannels, sheetings, brown 
and bleached, table feltings, domets, drills, 
etc. 6-38 

.456. Naumkeag Steam Cotton Co., Salem, 
Mass. Sateens, cotton goods, bleached 
and unbleached. 6.38 

John L. Bremer & Co., selling agents, Bos- 
ton and New York. 

.457. New York Mills, New York. Cotton 
goods, white and colored, muslins, jeans, 
cottonades, camlets, etc. 638 

458. Nightingale Mills, Putnam, Conn. 
Cotton goods, bleached muslins. 6.38 

459. Overland Cotton Mills, Denver, Col. 
Sheetings and flannels. 688 

.460. Pacific Mills, Lawrence, Mass. Cot- 
ton fabrics, printed and dyed. 6-38 

.462. Pemberton Company, Boston. Fancy 
cotton fabrics, shirtings, toweling, ticking, 
etc. 638 

463. Ponemah Mills, Providence, R. I. 
Fancy cotton goods, white and printed. 


,464. Powhatan Mills, Putnam, Conn. 
Cotton goods, shirtings and sheeting. 6-38 

465. Sanford Spinning Company, Fall 
River, Mass. Cotton yarns. 638 

466. Slater Cotton Company, Pawtucket, 
R. I. Cotton goods, bleached muslins. 6.38 

467. Slater, John W., Providence, R. I. 
Cotton goods. 638 

Mills at Slatersville, R. I. Ginghams, nap- 
ped goods, cheviots, shirtings. Selling agents 
O. H. Sampson & Co., N. Y., Boston, Phila, 
467a. Standard Oil Company, Troy N. Y. 
\Vicks. Dept. E 638 

468. Stark Mills, Manchester, N. H. 
Cotton goods, sheetings, drillings, duck, 
bags, etc. 638 

469. Star & Crescent Mills Co., Phila- 
delphia. Pile fabrics; cotton and linen 
toweling. 6-38 

Bath accessories: Turkish towels bleached 
and unbleached of all grades. Flesh mitts, 
-wash cloths, bath blankets, bath-room rugs, 
Turkish robes and slippers for men, women 
and children. Our exhibit (Sec. 29, No. N- 
50), Machinery Hall, will explain the manu- 
facture, superiority and cheapness. 

470. Stevens Linen Works, Boston. 
Linen crash. 639 

471. Thompson, James, & Co., Chicago. 
Twines, mosquito nets, buckram and 
screen cloth. 638 

472. Thompson, James, & Co., Valley 
Falls, N. Y. Twines, mosquito nets, buck- 
ram, etc. 638 

Office and salesroom: 42 Franklin street, 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

New York. Branch salesroom: 221 E. Kin- 
zie street, Chicago. Specialties: Upholstery, 
mattress and broom twines. 

473. Trion Manufacturing Company, Trion 
Factory, Ga. Cotton goods, sheetings, 
shirtings and southern domestics. 638 

474. Valley Falls Company, Valley Falls, 
R. I. Cotton goods, ginghams and wash 
fabrics. 638 

475. Wamsutta Mills, New Bedford, 
Mass. Sheetings and fine white goods, 
lawns and nainsooks. 638 

476. Whittenton Manufacturing Company, 
Taunton, Mass. Colored cotton fabrics. 


477. Wilkes-Barre Lace Manufacturing 
Companv, New York. Cotton lace curtains. 


478. Williamsville Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Killingly, Conn. Cotton goods, 
brown and bleached muslins. 638 

478a. Willimantic Linen Co. of Hartford, 

Conn, Willimantic, Conn. Spool cotton. 

Dept. F 6.38 

479. Woods, Joseph W., & Son, Boston. 
Cotton goods. 638 

Glenwood works, Medford, Mass.; stores, 
Chicago, Boston and New York. Colored 
and printed cotton goods. 

GROUP 103. 

Woven and Felted CiSoods of Wool and 
Mixtures of Wool. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section P, Block 1, except Classes 646 (up- 
holstery goods) and 649 (carpets), which are 
installed in Gallery, Sections F and G. 

480. Allen, L. L., & Bros., Rochester, 

N. Y. Fine flannels, dress goods, etc. 645 

481. American Loop Fabric Company, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Blankets, robes, rugs, 
etc. 642 

Carriage robes, afghans, bed covers, venti- 
lated quilts, chh blankets, upholstery goods, 
ornamental loop cord fabrics, durable, 
healthy, luxurious. Fabrics and machinery 
patented. Control of business for sale by 
A. J. Jennings, president. 

482. American Mill Company, Rockville, 

a Woolen goods, kerseys. 641 

P Worsted goods, plain and fancy for 

men's wear. 643 



Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and Mixtures of Wool. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

483. Appleton Woolen Mills, Appleton, 

a Yarns. 640 

b Woolen goods, flannels. 641 

c Felt goods. 648 

Paper-makers' felts a specialty. 

484. Arliijgton Mills, Lawrence, Mass. 

a W^orsted yarns. 640 

b Worsted dress goods and coat lin- 
ings. 643 
c Plaids, etc. 641 

485. Assabet Manufacturing Co., May- 
nard, Mass. Fancy flannels, fancy cassi- 
meres and suitings. 641 

485a. Auburn Woolen Co., Auburn, N. Y. 
a Overcoatings. 641 

b Suitings. 643 

486. Ballardvale Mills, Ballardvale, Mass. 
a Woolen yarns. 640 
b Fine white flannels. 641 

488. Belvidere Woolen Manufacturing 
Company, Lowell, Mass. flannels and 
woolen dress goods. 641 

490. Berkeley Woolen Company, Wales, 
Mass. Fine kerseys and meltons. 641 

492. Blackington, S., Woolen Co., North 
Adams, Mass. 

a Fancy cassimeres, kerseys, mel- 
tons and tricots. 641 
b Worsted suitings and trouserings. 

c Cheviots. 644 

493. Blackstone Woolen Company, Black- 
stone, Mass. 

a Cassimeres, iine kerseys. 641 

b Worsteds. 643 

494. Bound Brook Woolen Mills, Bound 
Brook, N. J. 

a Overcoatings, cassimeres and cloak- 

ings. ^ 641 

b Unions. 644 

c Cotton warps. 645 

495. Broad Brook Company, Broad Brook, 

a Woolen goods, fancy cassimeres. 641 
b Worsted coatings and suitings. 643 

496. Burlington Woolen Company, Win- 
ooski, Vt. Beavers, fancy cassimeres, 
black doeskins, kerseys, etc. 641 

497. Calumet Woolen Company, Ux- 
bridge, Mass. All wool fancy cassimeres. 


498. Canoga Woolen Co., Auburn, N. Y. 
Woolen goods. 641 

499. Carleton, E. G., & Sons, Rochdale, 
Mass. Flannels and woolen goods. 641 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

500. Capps, J., & Son, Jacksonville, 111. 

a Cassimeres, broadcloths, flannels 
and dress goods. 641 

b Blankets, Indian robes and carriage 
robes. 642 

c Skirtings. 648 

501. Charlottesville Woolen Mills, Char- 
lottesville, Va. Woolen wear. 641 

H. C. Marchant, P. ; C. A. Furbush, V. P.; J. L. 
Cochran, Treas.; cadet gray and sky blue 
meltons, doeskins, kerseys. Highest stand- 
ard of excellence; contract for Exposition 
guards coat goods ; sole m'f 'rs. Fine sky-blue 
for line officers U. S. A.; our 314 cadet offi- 
cial standard for letter-carrier uniforms. 

503. City Mills Company, City Mills, 

Mass. Felt goods. 648 

"Kensington" brand cloth finish upholstery 
and embroidery felt and cabinet cloth, made 
in 2.50 shades. Specially adapted for desks, 
tables, counters, millinery, boot linings, 
piano, saddlery, clothing, shoe, slipper, 
trimming felt, and for special purposes. 
Hinman Bros., Agts., New York and Chicago. 

504. Clinton Mills Company, Norwrich, 


a All wool dress goods. 641 

b Cotton warps. 645 

505. Clinton Worsted Company, Clinton, 

Mass. Worsted suiting and trouserings. 


506. Cocheco Woolen Manufacturing Com- 
pany, East Rochester, N. .H. Woolen 
goods and flannels. 641 

507. Conde Swits, Oswego, N. Y. Knit 

fabrics. P-1 640 

508. Connor Bros., Holyoke, Mass. 

a Beavers, cassimeres and other 

woolen goods. 641 

b Worsted suitmgs. 643 

509. Cranston Worsted Mills, Bristol, 
R. I. Worsted yarns. 640 

510. Devonshire Mills, GofTs Falls, N. H. 
All wool dress goods. 641 

511. Dolan, Thomas, & Co., Philadelphia. 
a Woolens. 641 
b Worsteds. 643 
c Cloakings. 645 

512. Erben, Search & Co., Philadelphia. 
Yarns. 640 

513. Empire Woolen Mills, Clayville, 
N. Y. 

a All wool fancy cassimeres and over- 
coatings. 641 
b Worsted coatings and suitings. 643 



Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and Mixtures of Wool. 


514. Farr Alpaca Company, 

a Worsted stuffs. 
b Mohair serges. 
c Italian cloths. 
d Alpacas. 

515. Fleisher, S. B. & B. 


W., Philadel- 


a Woolen and worsted yarns. 640 

Manufacturers of the renowned brands 
of Fleisher's German Knitting' Worsted, 
Fleisher's Germantown, Saxony, Shetland, 
Floss and Spanish, and manufacturers 
of worsted and woolen yarns for knitters 

b Braids. 647 

Manufacturers of celebrated *Star*, Fleish- 
er's "6r' "Skirt Braid." Highest award 
at the Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia, 

516. Folwell Bros. & Co., Philadelphia. 
a All wool dress goods. 641 
b Worsted dress goods. 643 
i Cotton warps. 645 

517. French & Ward, Stoughton, Mass. 

a Blankets. 642 

b Eiderdown flannels. 651 

r Knit goods and hosiery. 640 

518. George's River Mills, Warren, Me. 

a Dress goods. 641 

b Cheviots. 644 

519. Germania Mills, Holyoke, Mass. 
Beavers, kerseys, fancy cassimeres, over- 
coatings and cloakings. 641 

519a. Glastonbury Knitting Co., Addison, 
Conn. Men's all wool and merino under- 
wear. 640 

520. Glendale Woolen Mills, Glendale, R.I. 
Fancv cassimeres. 641 

521. Globe Woolen Co., Utica, N. Y. 

a Beavers, cassimeres. 641 

/' Worsted coatings and suitings. 643 

522. Gonic Manufacturing Company, 
Gonic, X. H. Broadcloth dress goods. 


523. Griswold Worsted Company, Ltd., 
Darby, Pa. Worsted yarns. 640 

^lanufacturers of worsted and spun silk 
yarns for all purposes. Silk yarns suitable 
for hosiery, underwear, mittens, upholstery, 
fabrics, fringes and braid. In the hank, on 
spools or cones. Warps for flannels, dress 
goods and seal plushes. Tussah spun 
cassimere silk yarns, fast colors. 
525. Harris Woolen Company, Woon- 
socket, R. I. Woolen goods. 641 

Manufacturers of E. Harris fine kerseys, 
meltons, elysians, rattines, carriage cloth, 
and fancy worsted and wool suitings. 

Exhibit riaf-s'n 

No. No. 

526. Hartley, F., Lawrence, Mass. Yarns 
and carbonized wool. 640 

Carboni:^ed Australian lambs and fleece; 

also domestic wool and noils of all grades; 

perfectly free from acid or any chemical; 

always in stock. 

528. Hecla Mills, Uxbridge Mags. Wool- 
en goods. 641 

529. Hetzel, Geo. C, & Co., Chester, Pa. 
a Woolen suitings and coatings. 641 
/' Worsted suitings and coatings. 643 

530. Hockanum Company,Rockville,Conn. 
a Fancy cassimeres. 641 
/' Worsted coatings and suitings. 643 

531. Hopkins, T. E., Danielsonville, Conn. 
Woolen goods. 641 

532a. Jaros Hygienic Underwear Co., 
New York. Woolen underwear. 

P-1 640' 
"W^ool Fleece Knit." Non-shrinkable, non- 
irritating, prevents chilling by thorough ab- 
sorption. Sightly and perfect fitting. For 
men, women and children. Medals, Ameri- 
can Inst., '92, Mechanics' Inst., '93. 

533. Kiamensi Woolen Company, Stan- 
ton, Del. Fancy cassimeres and kersevs. 


534. Kimball, H. A., Manton, R.I. Fancy 
cassimeres. 841 

536. Lucas, B., & Co., Norwich, Conn. 
a Woolen goods. 641 
b .Woolen goods woven on cotton 

warps. 645 

537. Massachusetts Mohair Plush Com- 
pany, Philadelphia. Mohair plush, grain- 
ed plush, Spanish velvets. Gal. F-li 646 

538. McFarlan & Co., Amsterdam, N. Y. 
Knit goods and hosiery. 640 

539. Merrimack Woolen Mills, Dracut, 

a Cloakings and dress goods. 641 

/; Blankets, robes, shawls, etc. 642 

c Cotton and woolen mixed goods. 


540. Merritt, Geo., & Co., Indianapolis, 

a Woolen yarns. 640 

b Blankets, robes, rugs, shawls, etc. 

540a. Midland Woolen Mills Co., Denver^ 

a Underwear. 640 

b Blankets. 642 

541. Milner, F., & Co., Moosup, Conn. 
Fancy cassimeres. 641 

542. Milwaukee Worsted Cloth Company, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Fine worsted cloths, 
etc. 643 



Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and Mixtures of Wool. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

543. Mississippi Mills, Wesson, Miss. 

a Woolen goods. 641 

b Cotton and woolen mixed goods. 

c Hosiery. 640 

Manufacture cassimeres, cheviots, meltons, 
fine jeans, fancy shirtings, dress goods, 
checks, plaids, cottonades and hosiery. 
Were awarded gold medals at the following 
expositions: Philadelphia, 1876, Atlanta, 
1881, New Orleans, 188.5. Selling agts. O. H. 
Sampson & Co., Boston, New York, Phila. 

544. Muncy Woolen Mills Company, 
Aluncy, Pa. Blankets, shawls, etc. 642 

S44a. National Knitting Co., Milwaukee, 
Wis. All wool gloves and mittens, heavy 
hosiery, lumbermen's socks, knit boots. 


544b. National Worsted Mills, Providence, 

R. I. Worsted suitings and trouserings. 


544c. New Albany Hosiery Mills, New 

Albany, Ind. Woolen hosiery. 640 

545. New England Company, Rockville, 

a Fancy cassimeres. 641 

b Worsted coatings and suitings. 643 

546. Niantic Mills Company, East Lyme, 

a All wool dress goods. 641 

b Mixed dress goods. 644 

547. Norfolk & New Brunswick Hosiery 
Co., New Brunswick, N. J. 

a Woolen underwear. 641 

b Cotton and mixed underwear. 644 

548. North Adams Manufacturing Com- 
pany, North Adams, Mass. Fancy cas- 
simeres. 641 

And 64 Worth St.,New York. All wool fancy 
cassimeres, cheviots and meltons. 

549. North Star Woolen Mills Company, 
- Minneapolis, Minn. 

a Flannels. 641 

b Blankets. 642 

550. Norwich Woolen Company, Nor- 
wich, Conn. 

a Woolen goods. 641 

b Cotton and woolen mixed goods. 644 

c Woolen goods woven on cotton 

warps. 64-5 

551. Oakes, Thomas, & Co., Broomfield, 
N. J. Beaver and kersey overcoatings, 
doeskins, meltons, carriage and uniform 
cloths. 641 

553. Orinoko Mills, Philadelphia. Up- 
holstery goods and drapery materials. 
Gal. G-14 646 
B. L. Solomon's Sons, 29 Union Square, New 
York, and 76 Monroe street, Chicago, selling 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

agents. Attention is called to the "Colum- 
bus " silk tapestry table cover, designed and 
woven by the Orinoko Mills expressly for 
this Exposition. 

554. Pacific Mills, Lawrence, Mass. 

a Wool dress fabrics. 0-1 641 

/' \\'orsted dress fabrics. 643 

555. PeaceDale MT g Co.,Peace Dale.R.I. 
a Overcoatings, fancy cassimeres. 641 
b W^orsted coatings and suitings, 

serges for men's and women's wear. 

Founded 1800. Makers of serges, worsteds 
of all kinds, also cassimeres, cheviots, lin- 
ings, traveling wraps, rugs and shawls. All 
our goods are made entirely of wool. 

557. Providence Worsted Mills, Provi- 
dence, R. 1. 

a Worsted, genapped and mohair 
yarns. 640 

b Worsted overcoatings and cloak- 
ings. 643 

558. Racine Woolen Mills, Racine Wis. 
a Woolen goods. 641 
b Blankets'^ shawls, etc. 642 

559. Raritan Woolen Mills, Raritan, N. J. 
a Fancy cassimeres. 641 
b Chinchillas, overcoating and cloak- 

ings. 64.5 

561. Read Carpet Company, Bridgeport, 
Conn. Carpets and rugs. Gal. F-14 649 

562. Read, ^A/illiam F., Philadelphia. 
Dress goods, silk warp lansdownes. 641 

564. Rock Manufacturing Company, Rock- 
ville, Conn. 

a Fancy cassimeres. 641 

b Worsted coatings and suitings. 643 

565. Sanford Mills, Sanford, Me. 

a Kerseys. 641 

b Carriage robes, rugs and horse blank- 
ets. 642 
c Furniture and car plushes, etc. 646 
56sa. Saranac Worsted Mills, Providence, 
R. I. Worsted suitings, overcoatings and 
cloakings. 643 

566. Sawyer Woolen Mills, Dover, N. H. 
a Fancy cassimeres. 641 
b W^ors'ted suitings. 643 

567. Saxon Worsted Company, Franklin, 
Mass. Fancy worsted. 64.3 

568. Sebasticook Woolen Mills, Hartland, 

a Fancy cassimeres. 641 

b Shawls. 642 

568a. Seymour Woolen Factory Co., Sey- 
mour, Ind. 

a Yarns. 640 

b Dress flannels. 641 

c Blankets. 642 



Woven and Felted goods of Wool and Mixtures of Wool, Clothing and Costumes. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

569. Shuler & Beminghofen, Hamilton, 

a Blankets. 642 

b Felt skirts and skirting. 648 

570. Somerset Manufacturing Company, 
Raritan, N. J. 

a Fancy cassimeres and suitings. 641 
b Overcoatings, cloakings, chinchillas. 


572. Springville Company, Rockville, 

a Fancy cassimeres. 641 

/' Worsted coatings and suitings. 643 

572a. Star Knitting Co., Chicago. Knit 

goods, hosiery, etc. 640 

573. Stevens, Charles A., & Co., Ware, 
Mass. White flannels. 641 

574. Stirling Mills, Lowell, Mass. Woolens, 
flannels and dress goods. 641 

575. Stott, C. H. & F. H., Stottsville, 
N. Y. 

a Woolen goods. 641 

b W^oolen goods woven on cotton 

warps. 645 

576. Talbot Mills, North Billerica, Mass. 
a W^oolen goods. 640 
h Dress goods and flannels. 641 

578. Tinkham, Wm., & Co., Harrisville, 
R. I. Fancy worsteds. 643 

579. Titus, Elias, & Sons, Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y. 

a W^oolen goods. 641 

/' Cotton and woolen mixed goods. 644 

579a. Wanskuck Mills, Providence, R. I. 

Worsted coatings and cloakings. 643 

580. Washington Mills Company, Law- 
rence, Mass. 

a Woolen and worsted yarns. 640 

/' Overcoatings, cloakings, woolen 

goods and dress goods. 641 

c \Vorsted suitings. 643 

581. Waterloo Woolen Manufacturing 
Company, Waterloo, N. Y. 

(;■ Flannels, carriage cloths. 641 

b Blankets, shawls, etc. 642 

New York Ag'cy, Patterson & Greenough,41 

W^orth St. Mill running consecutively since 

1836 on fine all-wool fabrics for men's and 

women's wear, carriage trimmings; liveries. 

582a. Waukenhose Co., Boston. Knit 

goods, hosiery, etc. 640 

583. Waumbeck Company, Milton Mills, 

N. H. 

a Fine broadcloths. 641 

b All wool serges. 643 

585. Weybosset Mills, Providence, R, L 
a Woolen goods and cassimeres. 641 
b Fancy worsted suitings. 643 

Exhibit t'lass'n 

No. No. 

585a. Winck, B.,& Weed, Philadelphia. 

Worsted suitings. 643- 

586. Winthrop Mills Company, Winthrop, 


a Blankets, etc. 642: 

b Cotton and woolen mixed goods. 644t 

587. Woll, P., & Sons, Philadelphia. 
Curled hair, feathers, fibre and bristles.. 

Gal. F-14 651 

588. Wood, Wm., & Co., Philadelphia. 

a Fancy cassimeres, cheviots. 641 

/; Worsted suitings. 643' 

c Cotton and silk mixed shirtings and 
dress goods. 644 

Pequea Mills manufacture woolens and wor- 
steds for men's wear in extended variety of 
fabrics; cheviots, cassimeres and worsteds 
in suitings and choice specialties in trouser- 
ings. First premium medal awarded at Cen- 
tennial Exhibition, Philadelphia. New York 
Chicago and Boston offices. 

b Fancy cotton goods. 644 

Mount Vernon Mills manufacture fancy cot- 
ton shirtings and dress goods in largest va- 
riety, with specialties in designs. 

589. Worumbo Manufacturing Company^ 
Lisbon Falls, Me. 

a Indigo flannels, beavers, meltons, 

kerseys, carriage cloth. 641 

b Chinchillas, flockonees, velours. 644 

589a. Yantic Woolen Co., Yantic, Conn. 

Flannels. 641 

GROUP 104. 

Clothing- and Costumes. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in. 
Section P, Block 1, N, Block 1, and Gallery,. 
Sections F and G. The Merchant Tailors'' 
exhibit is in a special building. 

590. Adler, Jacob, & Co., New York. 
Gloves. Gal. G-6 657 

590a. Alden Knitting Mills, New Orleans, 
La. W^ool and cotton hosiery. P-1 657 

591. Allen, John C, Gloversville, N. Y. 
Gloves and mittens. Gal. G-3 657 

592. Altman Summer Neckwear Company, 
New York. Summer neckwear. 

Gal. G-3 658 

593. American Hosiery Co., New Britain, 
Conn. Cotton, woolen, merino and silk 
full-fashioned hosiery and underwear. 657 

599. Baum & Ulman, Williamsport, Pa. 
Suspenders. Gal. G-11 658 

600. Beatty, C. F., New York. Prints of 
engravings in steel, brass and zinc for 
hatters. Gal. G-5 654 



Clothing and Costumes. 

Sxhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

)0i. Bell's, Henry H., Sons, Milton, N. Y. 
Knit goods, hosiery, etc. 6.57 

)03. Bowers, James, & Co., Newark, N.J. 
Lock clasps for corsets. Gal. G-6 658 

)03. Bowers, James, & Co., Newark, N.J. 
Lock clasps for corsets. Gal. G-6 568 

k)S- Brill Bros., New York. Men's 
shirts. Gal. G-3 658 

)o6. Brooklyn Shield Company, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Dress shields. Gal. G-6 653 

k)7a. Buck, Geo. N., Manufacturing Co., 
Mattoon, 111. Hose supporters. 

Gal. F-1 6.58 

)09. Canfield Rubber Company, Bridge- 
port, Conn. Dress shields. Gal. G-6 658 

)I2. Cluett, Coon & Co., Chicago. Col- 
lars, cuffs and shirts. Gal. G-6 658 

)i5. Coronet Corset Company, Jackson, 
Mich. Corsets and waists. Gal. G-7 653 

)i8. Curtis, H. C, & Co., Troy, N. Y. 
Shirts, collars and cuffs. Gal. G-3 658 

iip. Davis Sewing Machine Company, 
Chicago. Sewing machines. Gal G-1 659 

)2i. Delsarte Corset Company, New York. 
Corsets, waists and shoulder braces. 

Gal. G-4 658 

)22. Dempster & Place, Gloversville, N.Y. 
Gloves and mittens. Gal. G-6 657 

\ full line of gloves for the best retail trade. 

tligh grade fine goods a specialty. 

524. Domestic Sewing Machine Company, 
Chicago. Sewing machines. Gal. G-2 6-59 

)2S. Dryfoos, L., & Co., New York. 
Skirts. Gal. G-6 6,58 

Vlanufacturers of latest novelties in silk, 

nohair, cloth, sateen and quilted skirts. Re- 

:eived only medal Philadelphia, 1876. 

•26. Earl Manufacturing Company, Chi- 
cago. Hose supporters. Gal. G-3 668 

\.bdominal and hose supporter, invented 

md manufactured by Sarah J. Schaak. 

127. Earl & Wilson, New York. Men's 
collars and cuffs. Gal. G-6 658 

128. Ederheimer, Stein & Co., Chicago. 
Clothing. Gal. G-9 662 

•29. Excelsior Fur & Glove Sewing Ma- 
chine, New York. Sewing machine. 

Gal. G-5 659 

134. Foster, Paul & Co., New York. Kid 
gloves. Gal. G-6 657 

37. Gage, Downs Company, Chicago. 
Corsets. Gal. G-4 653 

44. Haley, C.J. & Co., New York. Hose 
supporters. Gal. G-6 658 

44a. Hay & Todd Manufacturing Co., 
Ypsilanti, Mich. Yarns, tops, noils, knit 
goods and hosiery. 667 

/[anufacturers of the famous Ypsilanti 

ombination suits for men, women and 

I Exhibit Class'n. 

! No. . _ No. 

! children, in wool, cashmere, merino, silk 
j and cotton; also equestrienne tights, sweat- 
I ers, undershirts, drawers, etc. 

645. Haynes, N. B., Company, Chicago. 
Millinery. Gal. G-6 665 

646. Henderson-Ames Co., Kalamazoo^ 
Mich. Regalia. N-1 652 

650. Hollander, L. P., & Co., Boston. 

a Boys' clothing. Gal. G-6 652 

d Ladies' costumes and garments. 663 
c Millinery. 655 

Household Sewing Machine Com- 



652. Household Sewinj 

pany, Providence, R. L Sewing 
chines. Gal. G-2 

654. Hull & Co., Poughkeepsie, N 
Trousers. Gal. G-11 

From the sheep to the man one profit. 

657. Ivorine Collar & Cuff Co., Chicago. 
Collars and cuffs. Gal. G-3 668 

658. Jaeger's Dr. Sanitary Woolen System 
Companv, New York. Knit goods.hosierv, 
etc. ' ^ P-1 657 

Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary Woolen System Co.^ 
454 Broome street, N. Y.,was incorporated in 
April, 18S7, under the laws of the State of 
N. Y., for the purpose of manufacturing and 
selling Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary Woolen System 
goods. The officers are: Hermann Schaeffer, 
Pres.; Ernest Benger, Vice-pres. and Treas. 

662. Knox, E. M., New York. Hats. 

Gal. G-7 654 

663. Kuh, Nathan & Fischer Co., Chicago. 
Ready-made clothing. Gal. G-10 652 

664. Lehman, Chas. F., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Cork helmets. Gal. G-7 664 

665. Lewis Knitting Company, Janesville, 
Wis. Woolen underwear, knit goods, 
hosiery, etc. 667 

P^ull fashioned underwear. A high grade 
of Derby ribbed underwear made in com- 
bination suits and separate garments for 
men, women and children, from silk, wool, 
merino, lisle and balbriggan. All gar- 
ments regular made, tailor trimmed and 
made in weights for all seasons. 

669. Mayer, Strouse & Co., New York. 
Corsets. Gal. G-4 653 

The C/B a la Spirite are the only corsets 
manufactured in the United States which 
have received the highest award, the gold 
medal at Paris Exhibition, 1889. 

670. Midland Woolen Mills Co., Denver, 
Colo. Knitted underwear. P-1 657 

672, Millen, E., & Co., New York. Shirts. 

Gal. G-3 658 
679. New Home Sewing Machine Com- 
pany, Orange, Mass. Sewing machines. 
Gal. G-2 659- 



Clothing and Costumes, Furs and Fur Clothing. 

G-9 653 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1682. Northrup Glove Company, Johns- 
town, N. Y. Gloves. Gal. G-6 657 

683. Potter, Thos., Sons & Co., Philadel- 
phia. Oil cloth. Gal. F-V2 636 

684. Rothschild, E., & Bros., Chicago. 
Men's clothing. Gal. G-10 652 

693. Self-Threading Sewing Machine Co., 
New York. Sewing machine attachment. 

Gal. G-5 659 
Patent open-eyed needle and attachment 
for sewing machines. No threading needle 
by hand. Thread only in needle while go- 
ing down through the cloth, therefore avoids 
wear of thread in eye, and sews with silk 
-floss as easily as other thread. No break- 
ing of needles or thread. Easy tension. 

694. Seybel, F. W., New York. Ladies' 
hats. Gal. G-5 655 

■696. Siegel Bros., New York. Ladies' un- 
derwear and muslin. Gal. G-3 658 

697. Siegel, F., & Bros., 
Cloaks. Gal, 

698. Singer Manufacturing 
New York. Sewing machines. 

Gal. G-2 659 
For family and manufacturing purposes; 
displayed in Machinery Hall, Manufactures 
and Liberal Arts, Shoe and Leather Trades 
Bldgs.; agencies in all countries throughout 
the civilized world. Address Agent Singer 
Sewing Machine, in all cities and towns, 
and you will receive attention. 
701. Standard Sev/ing Machine Company, 
Cleveland, Ohio. Sewing machines. 

Gal. G-2 659 

704. Stetson, John B., Company, Phila- 
delphia. Hats. Gal. G-7 654 

705. Stiehl, G. H., & Co., New York. 
Head wear. Gal. G-8 654 

Leading manufacturers of novelties of boys' 
and children's cloth and straw headwear. 
Awarded gold medal, New Orleans, 1885. 

706. Strawbridge & Clothier, Philadel- 
phia. Costumes and wraps. 

Gal. G-5 653 

709. Ulrich, Jean, Chicago. Ladies' tailor 
made clothing. Gal. F-1 6.53 

710. United Shirt & Collar Co., Chicago. 
Collars, cuffs and shirts; aprons and un- 
derwear. Gal. G-9 658 

711. Van Orden Corset Co., New York. 
Corsets. Gal. G-5 693 

713. Wachsmuth, L. C, & Co., Chicago. 
Ready-made clothing. Gal. G-10 652 
Manufacturers of the celebrated " Happy 
Home" brand of guaranteed clothing, made 
of all wool fabrics, and the only clothing in 
the world guaranteed by the manufacturer 
hrough the retail dealer to the consumer. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

718. Weingarten Bros., New York. Cor- 
sets. Gal. G-4 658 

722. White Sewing Machine Company, 
Cleveland, Ohio. Sewing machines. 

Gal. G-2 659 

723. Wilde, James Jr., & Co., Chicago. 
Men's, boys' and children's clothing. 

Gal. G-9 652 
725. Wire Buckle Suspender Company, 
Williamsport, Pa. Suspenders, garters, 
shoulder bracers, etc. Gal. G-6 658 

727. Worcester Corset Company, Worces- 
ter, Mass. Corsets. Gal. G-5 653 
Chicago salesrooms 260 and 262 Fifth ave. 
New York office, 454 Broadway. The Royal 
Worcester \V. C. C. corsets combine the 
highest skill known to the corset art. Style, 
comfort, economy. 100 styles. Popular 
prices. Sold direct to retailers. Our sales- 
men cover U. S. Send for hand book. 

GROUP 105. 

Furs and Fur Clothing. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in Sec- 
tion G, Block L 

730. Burkhardt, A. E., Company, The, 

Cincinnati. Furs, cloaks. 660 

Importers, manufacturers, collectors and ex- 
porters. American raw furs. Established 
1866. Chicago branch, 702 Columbia Me- 
morial Building, corner State and Washing- 
ton Sts. Correspondence invited. 

731. Gunther's, C. G., Sons, New York. 
Furs and skins, stuffed animals. 660 

184 Fifth Ave., New York. Establis'd 1820, 
Ladies' furs of every description. Fur lined 
and fur trimmed garments. Gentlemen's fur 
lined overcoats. F"ur rugs and robes, pelts 
and skins, mounted heads and horns. Cor- 
respondence and inspection invited. Medal 
awarded Expos'n Universelle, Paris, 1867. 

732. Liebes, H., & Co. (Inc.), San Fran- 
cisco. Manufactured furs. 66- 

The world's headquarters for sealskin gar- 
ments and fine furs of every description. 
133 to 139 Post St. Chicago office during 
Exposition, 803 Columbus Memorial Bldg., 
State and Washington Sts. 

733. Shayne & Co., Chicago. Furs, fur 
garments and pelts. 66U 

C. C. Shayne, 124-126 W. 42d st., New York 
John T. Shayne, 191-193 State St., Chicago 
importers, exporters and manufacturers of 
high class furs. Seal and mink garments a 
specialty. Correspondence solicited. 



Laces, Embroideries, Trimmings, Hair Work, Traveling Equipments, Etc. 

Exhibit Class n 

No. _ ^ No 

734. Treadwell, Geo. C, Company, Al- 
bany, N. Y. Seal fur garments. 662 

Fur seal of Treadwell's Dye, which has 
been in constant use since 1832. Seals 
shown from raw skins to highest grade of 
garments made. 

735. Wolf & Periolat, Chicago. Furs and 
garments, mounted animals. 660 

GROUP 106. 

Laces, Embroideries, Trimmings, Artifi- 
cial Flowers, Fans, etc. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section N. Block 1 and Gallery, Sections F 
and G. 

737. Ball & Socket Fastener Co., Boston. 

Fasteners for gloves, coats, bags, etc. 

Gal. F-1 668 

739. Bodenmann, Johannes, Chicago. Em- 
broideries. Gal. F-1 669 

740. Crotty & Mitchell, Weedsport, N. Y. 
Dress stays. Gal. F-1 668 

753. Excelsior Quilting Company, New 
York. Fancy stitching and quilting. 

Gal. F-4 665 

757. Gerschel, Victor, & Co., New York. 
Pearl buttons. Gal. G-6 668 

775. New England Pin Company, Win- 
sted, Conn. Pins. Gal. F-4 668 

776. New England Whalebone Manufact- 
uring Company, New York. Articles 
made from whalebones. Gal. F-4 668 

783. Richardson & DeLong Bros., Phila- 
delphia. Patent hooks and eyes. 

Gal. G-3 668 

784. Samaha, A., Philadelphia. Gold and 
silver embroideries. Gal. F-1 669 

785. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co., New 

a Needle work, etc. Gal. N-1 665 
b Art embroidery. 669 

GROUP 107. 

Hair Work, CoiiTures and Accessories of 
the Toilet. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Gallery, Sections F and G. 

807. Burnham, E., Chicago. Hair goods, 

jewelry, tools, etc. Gal. F-7 673 

807a. Blumenthal, M.& B., Chicago. Hair 
goods and novelties. Gal. F-7 672 


Exhibit Clasa'n 

No. No. - 

808. India Rubber Comb Company, New 
York. Combs and brushes. Gal. F-4 675 
"I. R.Comb Co.'s unbreakable combs;" every 
comb warranted. Imperial rubber brushes 
warranted not to split or warp. Agents 
for United States Comb Co. and Atlantic 
Comb Co. 

810, Nicol & Co., Chicago. Hair tools 
and heaters. Gal. G-7 674 

811. Palmetto Fibre Company, Chicago. 
Brushes. Gal. F-1 675 

Manufacturers of all kinds of palmetto fibre 
brushes. Known to be the best fibre for 
scrub and horse brushes discovered. Will 
clean quicker, last longer than brushes 
made of any other material. See World's 
Fair exhibit. Chicago store, 56 Michigan 
ave. Factory, Frederick, Md. 

GROUP 108. 

Traveling' Equipments, Valises, Trunks, 

Toilet Cases, Fancy Leather Work, 

Canes, Umbrellas, Parasols, etc. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section N, and Gallery, Sections F and G 
with one exception. 

812. Cheval Standard Co., New York. 
Horse measuring canes. Gal. F-4 681 

813. DeMuth, Wm., & Co., New York. 
a Smokers' articles. 0-1 680 
b Walking canes. 681 

814a. Ebel, Rev. Adolph, Chicago. Carved 
meerschaum pipe. Gal. G-11 680 

814a. Gorham Manufacturing Co., Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

a Fancy bags, purses, card cases, etc. 

N-1 680 

b Canes. 681 

c Umbrellas and parasols. 682 

815. Hacker, J. C, New York. Leather 
goods and novelties. Gal. G-8 680 

816. Hirsh &Bro., Philadelphia. Umbrel- 
las and parasols. Gal. G-10 682 

820. Palica, F. J., Racine, Wis. Trunks. 

Gal. G-8 679 

821. Raab, J. David, 

821a. Rosenblatt, H. M. 
Shawl straps. 

822. Wilt, Chas. T., Chicago. Travelers' 
equipments. Gal. G-8 679 

Chicago. Bureau 

Gal. G-8 679 
, & Co., Chicago. 

Gal. F 7 677 



Rubber Goods, Toys and Fancy Articles, Scales, Weights and Measures. 

GROUP 109. 

Rubber Ooods, Caoutchouc, (Jutta Percha, 
Celluloid and Zylouite. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in Gal- 
lery, Section G. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

823. American Rubber Co., Boston. Mack- 
intoshes, rubber and oil clothing. 

Gal. G-13 683 

824. Bailey, C. J., & Co., Boston. Rub- 
ber brushes and novelties. Gal. G-13 683 

825. Elastic Tip Company, Chicago. Rub- 
ber specialties. Gal. G-11 686 

826. India Rubber Comb Company, New- 
York. Hard and soft rubber goods. 

Gal. G-13 686 
Combs, brushes, hair pins, mechanical 
goods, hard and soft rubber syringes, water 
bottles, druggists' sundries. 

828. Stoughton Rubber Company, Boston. 
Rubber garments. Gal. G-13 683 

829. Towers, A. J., Boston. Waterproof 
clothing. Gal. G-13 683 

Vv'e lead the world with our celebrated fish 
brand slickers, oiled clothing, hats and horse 
covers. Send for our catalogue. 

GROUP 110. 

Toys and Fancy Articles. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Gallery, Sections F and G. 

830. Atkinson, Geo. F., San Francisco. 
California wood novelties. Gal. P"-l 695 

831. Converse, Morton E. & Co., Winch- 
endon, Mass. Toys and novelties. 

Gal. F-7 693 
Great variety drums, trunks, dolls' furniture, 
toys, games, novelties, etc. Fine display. 
Largest wood toy factory in the world. 

832. Estes, E. B., & Sons, New York. 
Turned wooden nt)velties. Gal. FA 694 

832a. Hansen, E., Philadelphia. Art 
novelties; inlaid pearl mosaics. 

Gal. F-8 695 
832b. Ihling Bros. & Everard, Kalamazoo, 
Mich. Duplicate whist trays. 

Gal. F-14 693 

833. Ives, Blakeslee & Williams Co., New 
York. Mechanical toys. Gal. F-7 693 

834. Jansen, Ed., New York. Fancy 
baskets. Gal. G-1 695 

Novelties in baskets of fancy and artistic 
design, decorated and plain. 124 W. 
19th St. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

835. Joy & Seliger, Newark, N. J. Fancy 
articles. Gal. F-1 695 

Manufacturers of toilet cases and novelties 
made from aluminum, white metal, brass and 
celluloid; makers of patented elastic metal 
belts of all descriptions. World's Fair nov- 
elties and specialties. 

836. Mermod & Jaccard Jewelry Co., St. 
Louis. Monograms and dies. 

Gal. G-3 695 

837. Parker Bros., Salem, Mass. Parlor 
games and toys. Gal. F-4 693 

838. Pattberg, Lewis & Bro., Jersey City, 
N. J. Fancy goods. Gal. F-7 694 

Estab. 1859. Medals, Phila. and Paris. 

839. Pia, Peter F., New York. Pewter 
toys. Gal. F-7 693 

840. Rice & Hochster, New York. Tor- 
toise shell articles. Gal. F-4 695 

841. Rosenblatt & Co., Chicago. Plush 
and leather boxes, etc. Gal. F-7 694 

842. Ross, M. B., Cambridgeboro, Pa. 
Game. Gal. G-11 693 

844. Wahl, Emil, Fancy Bone Manufact- 
uring Company, Philadelphia. Fancy 
bone goods. Gal. F-4 695 

GROUP 112. 

Scales, Weig'hts and j^leasures. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section O, Block 1. 

845. Buffalo Scale Company, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Scales. 706 

846. Chicago Scale Co., Chicago. Scales. 

Stock Pavilion 707 

846a. Chicago Spring Balance Co., Chicago. 

Scales and balances. 0-1 707 

847. Fairbanks, E. & T., Co., St. Johns- 
bury, Vt. Scales, weights and measures. 

Fairbanks' scales, the world's standard. 
Over one thousand modifications. 

848. Kirk & Bailey, Cincinnati. Family 
scales, bicycle grindstones, etc. 706 

849. Metric Metal Company, Erie, Pa. 
Gas meters. 711 

850. Mogul Manufacturing Company, New 
York. Spring scales. 706 

851. National Mete^ Company, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Water meters. 711 

Makers of the noted Crown, Gem, Nash and 
Empire meters. All sizes for all duties. 

852. Neptune Meter Co., New York. 
Water meters. 711 

853. Springer Torsion Balance Company, 
New York. Scales. 706 



Scales, Material of War, Etc. 

Ixhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

54. Thomson Meter Company, Brooklyn, 

N. Y. Water meters. 711 

^ade entirely of bronze composition except 
he disk, which is steel covered with hard 
ubber. Our latest product, the "Bee," is 
iterchangeable in every part. Sizes >^ to 6 
iches. Accurate, durable, low priced and 
tie very best. Used in over 500 cities. Sales 
1 1892, 13,000. Silver medal, Paris, 1889. 
S4a. Troemner, H., Philadelphia. Balance 

scales. Q-1 708 

55. Worthington, Henry R., New York. 
Water meters. Dept. F 711 

GROUP 113. 

iaterialof War; Ordnance and Ammuni- 
tion; Weapons and Apparatus of Hunt- 
ing, Trapping, etc.; 3Iilitary and Sport- 
ing Small Arms. 

Exhibits in this a^roup are installed in Sec- 
ions Q, Block 3, P, Block 4, and N, Block 1. 

156. Bannerman, Francis, New York. 

Guns. Q-3 714 

shot guns — 6 shots in 3 seconds, 6,U00 in use. 

^iot guns, regltn. U. S. A. prison guard gun. 

156a. Bethlehem Iron Company, South , 

Bethlehem, Pa. Heavy ordnance and its' 

accessories. 716 

Frunnion Hoop, 12 in., B. L. Rifle, smooth 

orged. Gun hoops. Company makes spe- 

:ialty of steel forgings, hollow shafting, 

:ranks, rolls, guns and armor, rough ma- 

:hined or finished, fluid compressed, hy- 

iraulic forged; nickel-steel "Harvey" armor 

)f great toughness and unrivaled resistance. 

J57. Bridgeport Gun Implement Company, 

Bridgeport, Coim. Gun implements. 

Q-3 718 
558. Brooks, C. C, Arms & Tool Co., 
Portland, Me. 

a Knives, etc. Q-3 717 

b Shotguns and rifles. 718 

Burgess Gun Company, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Fire-arms. Q-3 714 

Colt's Patent Fire-arms Manufact- 
uring Company, Hartford, Conn. Fire- 
arms. Q-3 714 
56ia. Henderson- Ames Co., Kalamazoo, 
Mich. Swords. N-1 717 
J62. ideal Manufacturing Company, New 
Haven, Conn. Gun implements and am- 
munition. Q-3 718 




Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

863. Jordan, Louis, Chicago. Shotguns. 

P-4 718 

864. Lefever Arms Company, Syracuse, 

N. Y. Hammerless guns. Q-3 718 

865. Marlin Fire-arms Company, New 
Haven, Conn. Fire-arms. Q-3 714 

866. Parker Bros., Meriden, Conn. Shot- 
guns. Q-3 718 

Manufacturers of the celebrated Parker gun, 
hammerless and hammer. The oldest and 
largest manufacturers of breech-loadmg 
shotguns in America. 

867. Remington Arms Company, Ilion, 
N. Y. Fire-arms. Q-3 714 

Agencies: New York and San f^rancisco. 
Est'd 1816. Nearly 2,000,000 Remington rifles 
in use. M'f'rs of celebrated Lee magazine 
rifle; also 50 cal. N. Y. state model and 43 
Spanish-Standard arm of S.America; sport- 
ing rifles, shotguns, revolvers, high-grade 
pneumatic bicycles and sewing machines. 

868. Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Mass. 
Revolvers. Q-3 714 

Manufacturers of superior automatic, shell- 
extracting revolvers. Unequaled for force, 
accuracy, durability, excellence of mate- 
rial, workmanship, beauty of finish, conven- 
ience in loading, and safety. All goods 
guaranteed. Address, Springfield, Mass., 
U. S. A. 

869. Union Metallic Cartridge Company, 
Bridgeport, Conn. Metallic ammunition. 

Q-3 714 
Agency, 313 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 
Depot, 10 Front St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Ammunition-Pioneer American Factory. 
Largest facilities; greatest output. Con- 
tractors to U. S. and foreign governments. 
Cartridges, paper and brass shot shells, 
wads, primers, percussion cups, etc. 

870. Winchester Repeating Arms Com- 
pany, New Haven, Conn. 

a Military small arms and ammuni- 
tion. Q-3 714 
Several systems of military small arm.s (re- 
peaters and single-loaders). Ammunition 
for military small arms; for hunting, sport- 
ing, target and pastime rifles; for pistols 
and for shotguns. Awarded grand prize 
at Paris Exposition, 1889. 

b Sporting and hunting fire-arms. 
Reloading tools. 718 

Sporting, hunting, target and pastime rifles 
(repeaters and single-loaders), several sys- 
tems. Repeating shotguns, two systems. 
Reloading tools for metallic cartridges. 
Awarded grand prize at Paris Exposition, 



Lighting Apparatus, Heating and Cooking Apparatus. 

GROUP 114. 

Ligliting- Apparatus and Appliances. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section N, Blocks 1 and 3. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

871. American Automatic Lighting Co., 
Meriden, Conn. Lit^hting system. 

N-3 719 

872. American Brass and Lamp Co., Tren» 
ton, N. J. Lamps; fancy brass and opal 
glass articles. N-3 719 

Consolidating Clark Bros. Lamp, Brass & 
Copper Co. and Swan & Whitehead. 

873. Dietz, R. E., Chicago. Lamps and 
lanterns. N-3 720 

875. Globe Light & Heat Co., Chicago. 
Street lamps, gas and electric fixtures, re- 
flectors and heating specialties. N-3 720 

876. Hohenstein, H., New York. Lamp 
and candle shades, candles, etc. N-3 719 

877. Rochester Lamp Company, New 
York. Lamps. N-3 719 

878. Schultz Gas Fixture & Art Metal Co., 
Baltimore. Gas and electric fixtures; or- 
naments. N-3 721 

879. Steam Gauge & Lantern Co., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. Lamps and lanterns. 720 

880. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co., New 

a Gas fixtures. N-l 721 

/; Electric fixtures. 722 

GROUP 115. 

Heating^ and Cooking Apparatus and 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Sections O, Blocks"3 and 4; N, Block 4; 
and P, Block 4. 

881. Abendroth Bros., Port Chester, N. Y. 

a Furnaces. 0-3 725 

b Hot water heaters. ■ 726 

c Stoves and ranges. 727 

882. America Heating Company, Rockford, 
111. Hot water heaters. 0-3 727 

883. American Radiator Company, Chi- 
cago. Steam and water radiators. 0-4 726 

Largest radiator makers in the world. Gen- 
eral offices, 111 and 113 Lake street, Chicago. 
Branches, New York, Boston, Denver, Min- 
neapolis and St. Paul. Factories, Detroit, 
Mich., and Buffalo, N Y. Highest award 
Paris Exposition 1889 

Exhibit Class'] 

No. No. 

884. Beckwith, P.D., Estate of, Dowagiac 

Mich. Stoves. 0-3 72' 

Sole manuf'rs of round oak stoves and fur 
naces, made as specialties, and for all kind 
of fuel the best in the world. Fred E. Lee 
general manager, O. G. Beach, sales mang'i 

885a. Born Steel Range &M'f'g Co., Cleve 

land, Ohio. Ranges. 0-3 72' 

886. Bucks Stove & Range Co., St. Louis 

Stoves and ranges. 0-4 72 

888. Chapman, H. M., Chicago. Boile 

and heaters. 0-3 72 

889. Chicago Clothes Dryer Works, Chi 

cago. Laundry stoves and clothes drver; 

0-3 ' 72 

890. Chicago Stove Works, Chicago 
Ranges and stoves. 0-4 72 

Manufacture the Gold Coin stoves in ever; 
style, and for burning any kind of fue! 
Office and salesroom at our works, corne 
Blue Island avenue and Twenty-secon( 
street, Chicago. 

891. Clark, George M., & Co., Chicago 

Gas and gasoline stoves. 0-3 72^ 

Under the name of "Jewel" we manufactur 
fifty-seven gas stoves, forty gasoline stove; 
and one oil-heating stove. Fullest line c 
stoves of their kind in the world. 

893. Collins & Burgie Co., Chicagc 

Stoves and ranges. 0-4 72 

894. Co-operative Foundry Companj 

Rochester, N. Y. Stoves and heaters. 

N-4 72 
Parlor and cooking. Trade mark,"Red Cros 
Stoves and Ranges." Western ag'cy, R.Rot 
inson & Sons, Chicago. Northwestern ag'c; 
J. P. Lindemann & Sons, Milwaukee, Wis. 

895. Cortland Howe Ventilating Stov 

Company, Cortland, N. Y. Heating stove: 

0-i5 72 

896. Cribben, Sexton & Co., Chicagc 

Stoves and ranges. 0-4 72 

898. Daggett, W. A., & Co., Vinelanc 

N. J. Roaster and baking pan. 0-3 7S 

899. Dangler Stove & Manufacturing Co 
Cleveland, Ohio. Vapor stoves an 
ranges. 0-3 72 

902. Enterprise Manufacturing Companj 
Philadelphia. Hardware specialties. 

0-3 7S 

902a. Edwards Parlor Lamp Stove Co 
Chicago. Parlor lamp stove. 0-3 72 

905. Farquhar Heating Company, Chicagc 

Furnaces and heaters. 0-3 72 



Heating and Cooking Apparatus and Appliances. 

Exhibit Clasa'n 

No. No. 

(o6. Fuller, Warren Company, Milwaukee, 
Wis. Furnaces and heating apparatus. 

0-4 725 

Uso Troy, N. Y. Largest producers of 

;toves, ranges and furnaces in the world. 

exclusive manufacturers of P. P. Stewart 

;toves and ranges. 

107. Gorton & Lidgerwood Co., New 
York. House heating boiler. 0-3 726 

"or heating houses by steam or hot water. 
!]hicago office, oi and 36 W. Monroe St. 

108. Goodell Company, Antrim, N. H. 
Apple and potato parers, seed sowers, 
cherry stoners, etc. 0-3 730 

11. Griffing, A. A., Iron Company, Jersey 
City, N. J. Radiators. 0-3 726 

^argest plant in the world engaged exclu- 
ively in ihe manufacture of cast iron radia- 
ors, viz., Bundy Standard and Sectional 
ladiators, Columbia, Elite, Pyro, Defiance, 
friumph, Climax, Perfect, Steam or Hot 
A^'ater. Works, Jersey City, N. J. Offices, 
5 Dey St., New York; Chicago and Phila. 

13. Hill, Whitney & Co., Boston. Cook- 
ers, broilers and frying pans. 0-3 730 

iteamless and odorless; made from alu- 
ninum and iron; light and indestructible. 

14. Howard Thermostat Company, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. Heat regulators. 0-3 725 

15. Huette-Barler Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Chicago. 

a Gas heaters. 728 

l> Oil heaters. 729 

16. Jackson, Edwin A., & Bros., New 
York. Grates. 0-3 724 

17. Johns, B. B., Philadelphia. Stove 
and metal polish. 0-3 727 

^o brush or water. Will not burn or wash off. 

18. Kahn, F. & L., & Bros., Hamilton, 
Ohio. Stoves and ranges. 0-3 727 

19.. Kelsey Furnace Company, Syracuse, 
N. Y. Furnaces. 0-3 725 

19a. Kingsley & Davis, Barrington Cen- 
tre, R. I. Nutmeg niill. P-4 730 

22. Magee Furnace Company, Boston. 

a Furnaces. 0-4 725 

d Stoves and ranges. 727 

^ine work a specialty. Branches, 86 Lake 

treet, Chicago; 242 Water street, New York. 

23. Mason & Davis Company, Chicago. 
Ranges and laundry stoves. 0-4 727 

Vrought steel ranges for families, restau- 
ants and hotels. Coal, wood or gas and 
ombination ranges to burn coal or wood m 
ne section, and gas in the other. Also can- 
pies, broilers and laundry stoves. Agents 
n all principal cities. 

Exhibit Claes'n 

No. No. 

924. Meisselbach, A. F., & Bro., Newark, 
N. J. Can openers. 0-3 730 

"Columbia," high grade, warranted. 

925. Michigan Stove Company, Detroit, 
Alich. Stoves and ranges. 0-4 727 

926. Milford Manufacturing Company, 
Milford, Ohio. Carpet sweepers. 

0-3 730 

927. Miller, Wm., Range & Furnace Co., 

a Ranges,stoves and ovens. 0-3 727 
d Kitchen utensils. 730 

928. Milwaukee Gas Stove Company, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Gas ranges and heaters. 

0-3 728 
928a. Milwaukee Tack and Nail Co., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Army ovens, cookers, 
etc. 0-3 727 

Buzzacott's Army Field Ovens and Portable 
Camp Cookers as used by the entire U. S. 
Army, National Guard and Sporting Fra- 
ternity for all outdoor cooking, etc. 

929. New Era Fuel Appliance Company, 
Chicago. Gas ranges, heaters, etc. 

0-3 728 

Clothes-dryers for dwellings, flats and hotels. 

Laundry stoves, gas ranges. 

929a. Nevins, Laura, Range & Heating Co., 

Minneapolis, Minn. Stoves and ranges. 

0-3 727 

930. North-Western Stove Repair Com- 
pany, Chicago. Stove repairs, water- 
backs, etc. ^ 0-3 727 

930a. Ohmer Flour Bin Co., Dayton, Ohio. 
Flour bins and sifters. P-4 730 

931. Pease, J. F., Furnace Company, Syr- 
acuse, N. Y. Hot water, steam and com- 
bination heaters. 0-4 725 

932. Peninsular Stove Company, Detroit, 

a Furnaces. 0-4 725 

d Stoves, ranges. 727 

933. Powers Duplex Regulator Company, 
Chicago. Temperature regulators. 

0-3 726 

934. Pugh & Grovenor, Casselton, N. D. 
Stoves and drums. 0-3 727 

935. Rathbone, Sard & Co., Chicago. 
Stoves and ranges. 0-4 727 

936. Reading Stove Works, Reading, Pa. 
Stoves, heaters, ranges and hot air fur- 
naces. 0-4 727 

937. Resor, Wm., & Co., Cincinnati. 
Stoves and ranges. 0-4 727 

938. Richardson & Boynton Co., Chicago. 
a Furnaces, ranges and steam heating 

apparatus. 0-4 725 

d Heating apparatus. 726 

c Ranges. 727 



Heating and Cooking Apparatus, Refrigerators, Hollow Metal Ware, Etc. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

939. Richer, Frank, New York. Coffee 

and tea pots, urns and mills. 0-3 730 
"One Minute," "The Boss" coffee or tea 
pots and urns, with pulverized coffee or tea, 
will save one-half and make the production 
fifty per cent, better than any other method 
adopted. They save all the aroma, "food 
and stimulants." Address, 69 Warren st., 
New York. 

940. Ridgway Furnace Company, Boston. 
Furnaces. 0-3 725 

Revolving open fire pot heaters. Awarded 
gold medal by Mass.Char. Mch.Assn. in 1892. 

942. Ronalds & Co., New York. Boilers 
and copi)er ware. 0-3 - 727 

942a. Schlueter, A. & F., Oakland, Cal. 
Oilcans. P-4 730 

943. Smith & Anthony Stove Co., Bos- 

a Heaters. 0-3 726 

/' Ranges and furnaces. . 727 

943a. Southern Stove Works, Evansville, 

Ind. ^^'ashing machines. 0-3 730 

944. Spicer Stove Company, Providence, 
R. I. 

a Furnaces. 0-3 726 

b Stoves and ranges. 727 

This company has made a phenomenal suc- 
cess of their productions since they com- 
menced business in 1850. The Model 
Ranges and Parlors are the most perfect con- 
structions yet made. Their "Model Grands" 
represent the very latest ideas of one of 
the most progressive makers in the world. 

946. Stone M'f g Co., Columbus, Ohio. 
Clothes wringers. 0-3 730 

947. Stroud, Jas., New York. Roasting 
pans and rollers. 0-3 730 

947a. Superior Furnace Co., Little Falls, 
N. Y. Hot air furnaces. 0-3 725 

948. Tuttle & Bailey Mfg. Co., New 
York. Registers, ventilators, screens, 
pedestals, etc. 0-3 726 

Also at Boston. Every variety of registers 
for heating and ventilation; of superior 
movements, finish and designs. Awarded 
first prize Centennial Exhibition, 1876. 
948a. Thomas, Roberts, Stevenson Com- 
pany, Philadelphia. Stoves and ranges. 

0-3 727 

The horizontal boiler ranges made by this 

company take no brick work, occupy less 

space, make more hot water for the bath 

than a vertical boiler twice its size. 

948b. Traub, S. B., Range Co., Chicago. 

a Ranges and broilers. 0-3 727 

h Carving table. 730 

948c. Universal Sad Iron Co., Milwaukee, 

Wis. Charcoal irons. 0-3 730 



949. Warner, J. W., Oneida, N. Y. Hoi 

water heater and boiler. 0-3 726 

Most rapid circulating boiler ever made. 

951. Wilcox Water Heater Company, 
Chicago. 0-3 

a Hot water heater and radiator. 726 
b Dish washer. 730 

952. Woods, Sherwood & Co., Lowell, 
Mass. White wire household goods. 

0-3 730 

953. Woven Down DuSter Company, Chi- 
cago. Dusters. 0-3 730 

954. Wrought Iron Range Company, St. 

a Furnaces. 0-3 725 

h Stoves and ranges. 727 

c Kitchen utensils. 730 

GROUP 116. 

Refrigerators, Hollow Metal Ware, Tiu- 
WJire, Enameled Ware. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Sections P, Blocks 3 and 4; H, Block 3; G, 
Block 4; O, Block 2, and N, Block 4. 

954a. Adams & Westlake, Chicago. Oil 

cans, flour sifters, etc. G-4 733 

955. Alaska Refrigerator Company, Mus- 
kegon, Mich. Refrigerators, beer coolers. 
etc. " P-4 731 

956. Belding Manufacturing Company, 
Chicago. Refrigerators. P-4 731 

957. Chapman Manufacturing Company, 
Meriden, Conn. Hardware specialties. 

P-3 73c 
957a. Daemicke, Paul J., Chicago. Re- 
frigerators and cooling rooms. P-4 731 
Market fixtures, butchers' supplies, etc. 
Office and factory, Halsted and Fulton Sts. 

958. Grand Rapids Refrigerator Company, 
Grand Rapids, Mich. Refrigerators. 

P-4 731 
Specially for the use of families, restau- 
rants, grocers and butchers. The Leonard 
cleanable system of refrigeration exceis all 

959. Griswold Manufacturing Company, 
Erie, Pa. Cast iron hollow ware. 

G-4 732 
Manufacturers of the celebrated extra fin- 
ished Erie Hollow Ware American Damp- 
ers, American Waftle Irons, and all kinds ol 
stove furniture. Send for catalogue. 



Refrigerators, Hollow Ware, Wire Goods, h,tc. 

exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

6i. Hurd Refrigerator Company, Duluth, 
Minn. Refrigerators. P-4 731 

rhe celebrated Hurd household refriger- 
.tors. Butchers' cooling rooms, beer coolers, 
iffice, bank, saloon, store fixtures. 

162. Iron Clad Manufacturing Company, 
New York. Enameled ware; milk cans. 

N-4 734 

163. Keen & Hagerty, Baltimore. Tin- 
ware. G-4 "(33 

65. Lippincott, Chas. & Co., Philadel- 
phia. Soda water apparatus. H-3 731 

ioda water apparatus; copper and iron 
lottling machinery and generators, copper 
,nd steel fountains, extracts, fruit juices, 
upplies, etc. Branches: Chicago, St. Louis, 
/linneapolis, San Francisco, Boston, Cin- 
innati and Waco. 

66. Low Art Tile Company, Chelsea, 
Mass. Soda fountain. H-3 731 

fhe most artistic and best ever made. 

67. Matthew, John, Apparatus Company, 
New York. Soda water apparatus. 

H-3 731 

68. Northern Refrigerator Company, 
Grand Rapids, Mich. Refrigerators. 

P-4 731 
ilanufacturers of the famous Glacier cold 
iry-air refrigerators. 

69. Puffer, A. D., & Sons, Boston. Soda 
water apparatus. H-3 731 

71. Shirk, G. M., Manufacturing Co. Chi- 
cago. Refrigerators. P-4 731 

72. Smith & Anthony Stove Co., Boston. 
Kettles. G-4 732 

73. Sparry, D. R., & Co. Batavia, 111. 
Cooking utensils. G-4 732 

Caldrons, bailed kettles, steam jacket ket- 
ies, vacuum pans, a rug mortars, amalgam 
storts, "The Profit" farm boilers, hollow- 
'are, etc. Send for catalogue. 
73a. Summit Refrigerator Co., Michigan 
City, Ind. Refrigerators. 0-2 731 

74. Thomson, J. S., Erie, Pa. Refriger- 
ators. P-4 731 

75. Tufts, Jas. W., Boston. Soda water 
apparatus. H-3 731 

76. Vienna Enamel & Stamping Co., 
Chicago. Enameled steel ware. 

P-4 734 
49 Lake st., Chicago. Works, Porter, Ind. 

77. Vollrath, The Jacob J., Manufacturing 
Company, Sheboygan, Wis. Iron ware. 

N-4 734 

78. Wagner Manufacturing Company, 
Sidney, Ohio. Hollow ware. H-3 732 

78a. Wickes Refrigerator Co., Chicago. 
Cooling room. H-3 732 

Richmond, Ind, 
P-4 732 


978b. Wilke, Fred A., 

Portable china kilns. 
For firing decorated china 
979. Wisconsin Refrigerator Company, 

Eau Claire, Wis. Hardwood household 

refrigerators. P-4 731 

Established 1889. High grade refrigerators. 
Perfect system of circulation. Cleansable 
flues, use of which makes refrigerator al- 
ways sweet and prevents disagreeable odor 
found in all other refrigerators. Mineral 
wool filled. Awarded highest prize (gold 
medal) Jamaica Exposition, 1891. 
979a. Zwietusch, Otto, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Soda water and dispensing apparatus. 

H-3 731 
Columbian draft appjaratus; steel fountains. 
Highest medal Centennial Exposition, 1876. 
Chicago Branch, 419 Dearborn St. 

WROUP 117. 

Wire Goods and Screens, Perforated 
Sheets, Lattice Work, Fencing', Etc. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in Sec- 
tions Q, Blocks 2 and 3; H, Block 3, and N, 
Block 1. 

980. Baackes Wire Nail Company, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. Wire of every description. 

Q-3 735 

981. Burrowes, E. T., & Co., Portland, 
Me. Wire window screens and doors. 

0-3 738 
Screen factories, the largest in the world. 
Specialty, screening new houses to order; 
35,000 fine houses screened by us in 42 
states. Offices in all large cities. 

982. Clinton Wire Cloth Company, Clin- 
ton, Mass. Wire of all kinds. Q-3 735 

983. Gilbert & Bennett Manufacturing 
Co., Chicago. Wire goods. 0-3 735 

Oldest and leading makers of galvanized 
wire goods, wire cloth and fencing in Amer- 
ica; 75 years in business. Georgetown, Ct. ; 
44 Cliff St., New York ; 148 Lake St., Chicago. 
983a. New Jersey Wire Cloth Co., Tren- 
ton, N. J. Wire lath. H-3 735 

984. Roebling's, John A., Sons Company, 
Chicago. Wire of all descriptions. 

0-2 735 
Bare and insulated copper wire for all 
purposes; telegraph wire; wire cloth and 
nettings. Offices and warehouses: 171-173 
Lake St., Chicago; 117 Liberty St., New 
York; 25 Fremont St., San Francisco. 



Wrought Iron and Plain Metal Exhibits. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No, 

984a. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co., New 
York. Artistic lattice work. N-1 740 

985. Translucent Fabric Company, Clin- 
ton, Mass. Translucent fabrics for win- 
dows and transoms. 0-3 735 

986. Trenton Iron Co., Trenton, N. J. 
Wire of various kinds. Dept. G 742 

987. United States Wire Mat Company, 
Decatur, 111. Wire mats and matting. 

Q-3 741 

988. Washburn & Moen Manufacturing 
Co., Worcester, Mass. Wire ot all 
kinds. Q-3 742 

Attention is called to the Washburn & Moen 
M'f'g Co.'s advertisement in the Official Di- 
rectory of the World's Columbian Exposi- 
tion; also to their exhibit, located in the 
Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building, 
Section Q, 3, N. E. space 23. 

(iJROUP 118, 

Wrought Iron and Plain Metal Exhibits. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Sections G, Block 4; H, Block 3; P, Block 
4, and N, Block 1. 

989. Barnum, E. T., Detroit, Mich. Wire 
and ironwork. H-3 743 

990. Bayer & Scherbner, New York. 

Artistic wrought iron, grille work, etc. 

H-3 743 
Manufacturer and patentee of folding gates 
for elevator and store entrances. 

991. Bryant & Watson, Crawfordsville, 
Ind. Crest tile. H-3 743 

992. Canton Steel Roofing Company, 
Canton, Ohio. Sheet metal roofing, siding, 
etc. H-3 745 

992a. Capewell Horse Nail Co., The, Hart- 
ford, Conn. Horse shoe nails. P-4 746 
■Organized 1880. Makers of the Capewell 
horse nail, famous as "the best horse nail in 
the world," and of the Capewell patent cor- 
rugated horse nail, which does not need 
clinching. Used in U. S. Army. Chicago 
branch, 15 S. Jefferson St. 

993. Central Iron & Steel Works, Brazil, 
Ind. Wrought iron turnbuckles. H-3 745 

994. Champion Iron Company, Kenton, 
Ohio. Ironwork and ornamental iron. 

H-3 743 
996. Cortright Metal Roofing Company, 
Philadelphia. Metal tiles and shingles. 

H-3" 745 

Exhibit Class'i] 

No. No. 

996a. Desmond, Cornelius, Pittsfield, 
Mass. Horse shoes. G-4 746 

997. Hainsworth, F. & Son, Chicago. Iron 
grille work. H-3 74c 

998. Hogan, John, Fitchburg, Mass. 
Horseshoes. G-4 746 

998a. Nielsen, N, P., Chicago. Horse 
shoes. G-4 746 

999. North Western Horse Nail Manu- 
facturing Company, Chicago. Horseshoes 
and nails. G-4 746 

Manufacturers of highest -grade nails 
Large and small heads for general use, 
Makers of the Doble nail, the Kent special 
and the finest plate nails for the shoeing ol 
trotters, pacers and race-horses. All styles 
and sizes shown in exhibit. 

1000. Omniform M'f'g Co., New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. Horseshoes, and methods oi 
shoeing horses. G-4 746 

looi. Putnam Nail Company, Boston. 
Horseshoe nails. G-4 746 

Hot forged by hammer blows from the rod 
and hammer pointed without shearing, 
Highest award at Philadelphia Centennial, 
Government standard. 

1002. Rhode Island Perkins Horseshoe 
Company, Providence, R. I. Horseshoes 
and toe calks. G-4 746 

1003. Russell, Wm., Cincinnati. Horse- 
shoes. G-4 746 

For best display of morbid specimens of 
horses' feet caused by improper shoeing, 
For best display of handmade horse shoes. 
For best display of horse shoers' tools. 
Russell on scientific horse shoeing. 

1003a. Seidels, Paul, Ornamental Archi- 
tectural Iron Works, Chicago. Ornamenta 
iron forgings. H-3 74^; 

1003b. Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co. 
New York. Wrought iron work, artistic 
forgings. N-1 745 

1004. Van Every, C. M., Jr., Bronson, 
Mich. Iron and steel forgings. 

H-3 745&746 

1005. Wedekind, Wm., Hagerstown, Ind 
Horse shoes and horse shoe tools. H-3 746 

1006. Winslow Bros. Company, Chicago 
Ornamental iron. H-3 74t 

Stairs, railings, elevator enclosures, grilh 
work, hammered leaf, or artistic wrough 
iron work, finished in our Bower-Barff rust 
less process, electro-plated in bronze 
brass, copper or silver. Solid aluminun 
duplex electro-bronze and fire gild 



Vaults, Safes, Hardware, Tools, Cutlery. 

GROUP 119. 

faults, Safes, Hardware, Tools, Cutlery. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Jections P, Blocks 3 and 4; O, Block 3; Q, 
Block 2; and Gallery, Section F. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

007. American Screw Company, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Screws, bolts, rivets, etc. 

P-3 747 
:007a. American Vault, Safe and Lock Co., 
Chicago. \'aults, safes and locks. 

0-3 752 

008. Ames,01iver,Sons Corporation, North 
Easton, Mass. Shovels, spades, etc. 

P-4 748 

009. Atlas Tack Corporation, Boston. 
Tacks, brads, nails, glaziers' points, etc. 

P-3 747 
Established 1810, consolidated 1891. The 
ildest and largest manufacturers in the 
vorld of tacks, brads, nails, tufting, buttons, 
;scutcheon pins, glaziers' points, eyelets, 
■ivets, staples, pilgrim spring beds, and 
3ther articles. Chicago office, 239 Lake 

:oio. Bardsley, Jos., New York. Wooden 
door knobs, door springs, checks and 
checking spring hinges. P-3 747 

:oii. Barney & Berry, Springfield, Mass. 
Ice and roller skates. P-4 751 

:oi2. Baker, L. A., & Co., Elgin, 111. Shin- 
gle nailing machine. P-4 748 
:oi3. Blount Manufacturing Company, 
Boston. Hardware specialties. P-3 747 
:oi4. Bohanan, Wilson, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Latches, locks, handles, etc. Q-2 747 
:oi5. Bommer Bros,, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Spiral spring hinges. Q-2 747 

A'^ith improvements of great importance. 
:oi7. Buck Bros., Millbury, Mass. Light 
edge tools. P-4 749 

:oi8. Buck,Chas., Millbury, Mass. Edge 
tools. P-4 749 

:oi9. Campbell Cutlery Company, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. Cutlery. Gal. F-4 751 
iOiQa. Capewell, C. J., Hartford, Conn. 
Hammer and nail puller. P-4 748 
:020. Carey Safe Company, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Safes. Q-2 752 
[02ia. Check-Controlled Lock Co., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. Check controlled lock. 

P-4 747 
[022. Chicago Spring Butt Company, Chi- 
cago. Builders' hardware. P-3 747 
Spring hinges our main line. To swing 
leavy or light doors, one or both ways. Spe- 
;ial hinges for fire engine house doors. In 

Exhibit - Class'n 

No. No. 

general use in the United States, England, 
France and Germany. Catalogue by n:iail. 

1023. Cincinnati Tool Company, Cincin- 
nati. Mechanics' tools. P-4 748 

1024. Clauss Shear Company, Fremont, 
Ohio. Shears, scissors and knives. P-3 751 

1026. Deal & Brenizer, Canton, Ohio. Com- 
bination locks. Q-2 747 

1027. Detroit Cork Screw Co., Detroit, 
Mich. Corkscrews; knife and corkscrew 
combined. P-4 751 

Cut worm screws a specialty. 

1028. Detroit Safe Company, Detroit,Mich. 
Safes, vaults, vault doors and locks. 

Q-2 752 
1028a. Disston, Henry & Sons (Inc.), Phila- 

a Plumbs, levels, squares and bevels. 

A full and complete line. 

/; Files and rasps. 750 

One of the largest manufacturers in the 
United States, making a complete line. 

1029. Eagle Lock Company, Terryville, 
Conn. Locks, keys and hardware special- 
ties. P-3 747 

1030. Geneva Tool Company,Geneva,Ohio. 
Hand farming and garden tools. P-4 748 

1031. Gibson, Wm. D., Company, Chicago. 
Springs. P-3 747 

1033. Hatch Cutlery Co., South Milwaukee, 
Wis. Shears, scissors, pocket cutlery and 
razors. P-3 751 

1035. Herring-Hall-Marvin Co., Cincin- 
nati. Vaults, safes, locks, etc. Q-2 752 

1038. Iowa Farming Tool Company, Ft. 
Madison, Iowa. Hand farming tools. 

^-4 748 

1039. Ives, Hobart B., & Co., New Haven, 
Conn. Sash locks and bolts. P-4 747 

The double eccentric mechanism applied to 
the Ives Patent Sash Lock provides for lock- 
ing when either opened or closed, and for 
bringing the meeting rails together easily 
and locking securely has no rival. 

1040. Jennings, C. E., & Co., New York. 
Carpenters' tools. P-4 749 

1041. Kearney & Foot Co., New York. 
Files and rasps. P-3 750 

Main office, 100 and 102 Reade St., New 
York. Works, Paterson, N. J., U. S. A. 
"Files" for general mechanical use. "Rasps" 
for blacksmiths' or farriers' and wood- 
workers' use. Daily shipment from works, 
1,500 dozen a day. Business connections 
desired in all parts of the world. 

1042. Knickerbocker Ice Co., Chicago. 
Ice cutting tools. Dept. G 749 


Safes, Hardware, Plumbing and Sanitary Materials. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. N',.. 

1043. Lynch Manufacturing Company, 
Madison, Wis. Lock buckles and illus- 
trations. P-4 747 

For bicycles, grips, trunk and case straps. 

1044. Maydole, David, Hammer Company, 
Norwich, N. Y. Hammers. P-4 748 

David Maydole began making hammers in 
1835; was first maker of adze-eye hammers. 
Estab. 1845; works on site now occupied. 
First prize. Am. Inst., 1849; Maryland Inst., 
18.52; Centennial Ex., Phila., 1876. His ham- 
mers are sold in nearly every country in the 
world; best reputation of any hammer made. 

1045. McCaffrey File Company, Philadel- 
phia. P'iles and rasjjs. P-3 750 

Highest premium wherever exhibited. 

1046. Miller Lock Company, Philadelphia. 
Locks, padlocks and P. Clock boxes. 

P-3 747 

Illustrated catalogue free by mail. 

1048. Mosler, Bahmann & Co., Cincinnati. 

Fire and burglar proof safes, vaults, locks, 

etc. 0-2 752 

1051. National Safe & Lock Co., Cleveland, 
Ohio. Safes, vaults and vault fronts. 

0-2 752 

1052. Nicholson File Company, Providence, 
R. I. Files and rasps. P-3 750 

1053. Northfield Knife Company, North- 
field, Conn. Pocket cutlery. P-4 751 

1054. Norton Door Check & Spring Co., 
Boston. Door check and spring for doors. 

^P-4 747 

1055. Osborne, C. S., &Co., Newark, N. J. 
Saddle and harness tools. P-4 748 

Estab. 1826. Our tools are used in all parts 
of the world. Write for illust. catalogue. 
1055a. Plumb, Fayette R., Philadelphia. 

a Hammers, sledges, etc. 748 

b Edge tools. " P-3 749 

The largest, most complete, and best fin- 
ished line of hammers, hatchets, broad 
axes, cleavers, sledges, railroad, miners' 
and blacksmiths' tools made in the world. 
I challenge competition. The highest 
awards received at the Centennial Expo- 
sition, 1876; Sydney, New South Wales, 
1879; also Cotton Centennial Exposition, 
New Orleans, 1885. 

1056. Rhode Island Tool Company, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Machinists' supplies. P-4 747 

1057. Rose, Wm., & Bros., Sharon Hill, 
Pa. Mechanics' tools. P-4 748 

1058. Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Co., 
New Britain, Conn. Hardware; house 
furnishing goods. Q-2 747 

1059. Schenck, M. B., & Co., Meriden, 
Conn. Casters. P-3 747 

Exhibit riass'n 

No. No. 

1060. Snell Manufacturing Company, Fisk- 
dale, Mass. Boring tools. P-4 ■ 749' 

1061. S,tanley Rule & Level Co., New 
Britain, Conn. Carpenters' tools. P-4 74& 

Improved labor-saving carpenters' tools^ 
including Bailey's patent adjustable bench 

io6ia. Stanley Works, New Britain, Conn, 
Builders and cabinet hardware. 0-2 747 

1062. Sternbergh, J. H., & Son, Reading, 
Pa. Bolts, nuts, rivets, screws, etc. 

Q-2 747 

1062a. Stover Manufacturing Co., Freeport, 

111. Builders' hardware. Dept. A 747 

1063. Torrey, J. R., Razor Co., Worces- 
ter, Mass. Razors. P-4 751 

1064. Van Wagoner & Williams Co., 
Cleveland, Ohio. Hinges; spring. P-3 747 

1065. White, J. C, Waseca, Minn. Nail 
counter. P-4 747 

1066. Withington & Cooley Manufacturing 
Co., Jackson, Mich. Hand, farm and gar- 
den tools. P-4 ^^749 

Works established in 1848. Line comprises 
hoes, forks, garden and lawn rakes, potato 
hooks, scythe-snaths, handles, etc. Product 
sold throughout the world. 

GROUP 120. 
Plumbing' and Sanitary Materials. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Section N, Block 4. 

1067. Alberene Stone Company, NewYork. 

Sanitary and plumbing specialties. 755 

1068. Dawes & Myler, New Brighton, Pa. 
Bath tubs, laundry trays, etc. 7.5.3 

1069. Day Manufacturing Company, De- 
troit, Mich. Self-heating bath tubs and 
bath tub heaters. 753 

1070. Instantaneous Water Heating Com- 
pany, Chicago. Water heaters used with 
gas. 753 

1072. Kilbourne & Jacobs Manufacturing 
Co., Columbus, Ohio. Wrought steel sinks. 


1073. Lang, E. M., & Co., Portland, Me. 
Stick, drop and wire solder. 7.56 

1074. Lehner, Johnson, Hoyer Manufactur- 
ing Company, Chicago. Plumbers' brass 
goods. 756 

1075. McCambridge & Co., Philadelphia. 
Brass material for plumbing, porcelain 
basins, tubs, etc. 7.53 

1076. Mosely Folding Bath Tub Company, 
Chicago. Folding bath tubs and water 
heaters. 753 


Plumbing Materials, Miscellaneous Articles of Manufacture. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

:077. Norton Bros., Chicago. Sanitary 
water closets. 754 

078. Oswego Indurated Fibre Company, 
Oswego, N. Y. Bath tubs, laundry trays, 
sinks, etc. 753 

079. Peck Bros. & Co., Chicago. Brass 
work for plumbers, etc. 756 

080. Randolph & Clowes, Waterbury, 
Conn. Copper range boilers and brass 
kettles. 756 

081. Smith & Anthony Stove Co., Boston. 
Water closets, lavatories, bath tubs, sinks, 
etc. 754 

082. Standard Manufacturing Company, 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

a Bath tubs, hollow ware. 753 

b Plumbers' iron ware and sanitary 

goods. 756 

083. Steel Clad Bath Tub Co., Detroit, 
Mich. Bath tubs. 7-53 

084. Stewart Ceramic Company, New 

a Wash tubs, sinks, etc. 755 

b Bath tubs. 753 

085. Strong, Boyce & Co., Indianapolis, 
Ind. Water closets, washstands, bowls 
and fixtures. 754 

GROUP 121. 

lisoellaueous Articles of Mamifacture 
>'ot Heretofore Classed. 

Exhibits in this group are installed in 
Sections P, Block 4; Q, Block 1, and Gallery 
Jections F and G. 

086. Alpena Spool Co., Alpena, Mich. 

Spool and curtain poles. Gal. F-1 
088. Brown Bros. M'f'g Co., Chicago. 

Vault lights. Gal. F-1 

092. Campbell Cutlery Co., Syracuse, 
N. Y. Display trays for cutlery, etc. 
Gal. F-4 
092a. Cummins, B. F., Co., Chicago. Per- 
forating ticket dater. Exit gates. 
092b. Cushman & Denison, New York. 

Pocket oil cans. Gal. F-1 

'erfect pocket oilers for bicycles, typewrit- 
rs and sewing machines, etc., etc. 

094. Daemicke, Paul J., Chicago. Coun- 
ter block, etc., for butchers. P-4 

095. Diamond Match Company, Chicago. 
Matches. Gal. F-1 

lanufacturers of all kinds of matches for 
xport and domestic use. See match ex- 
ibit. See World's Fair Store, 17 Midway' 
'laisance. Chicago store, 56 Michigan Av.; 
lew York store, 88 Hudson Street, and 
tores m all other large cities. 

Exhibit Class'u 

No. No. 

1095a. Excelsior Burglar Alarm Co., Cleve- 
land, Ohio. Burglar alarms. Dept. A 

1096. Faries, Robert, Decatur, 111, Dis- 
play fixtures for stores. Gal. F-1 

Revolving stands a specialty. 

1096a. Haynes, N. B., Co., Chicago. Dis- 
play rack. Gal. G-5 

1096b. Hicks, F. M., & Co., Chicago. 
Footlights and skylights. Gal. F-1 

1097. Hoffman, Geo. Wm., Indianapolis, 
Ind. Metal polishes. Gal. F-1 

1098. Home Embroidery Machine Co.,, 
Kansas City, Kas. Embroidery machine 
and sample work. . Gal. G-5 

1099. Improved Cloak Rack Co., New 
York. Revolving cloak stands for ex- 
hibiting cloaks. Gal. G-5 

iioi. International Identification Card 
Co., Chicago. Identification card. Gal. F-4 

ii02a. Major, A., New York. Cement for 
rubber and leather goods and crockery 
ware. Gal. F-1 

1 102. Leger, Edward, & Son, Chicago. 
Display stands and fixtures. Gal. F-1 

1 103. Matchless Metal Polish Company, 
Chicago. Metal polishes, etc. Gal. F-1 

1103a. McDowell Co., New York. Garment 
drafting machines. Gal. G-5 

1104. Meyers Putz Pomade Company,Bos- 
ton. Liquid metal polish. Gal. F-1 

1105. Ne-w Haven Car Register Co., New 
Haven, Conn. Fare registers. P-4 

1107. Palmenberg's Sons, J. R., NewYork. 
. Window display fixtures and forms. 

Gal. F-1 

1 108. Palm Letter Company, Cincinnati.. 
Transfer letters and ornaments. 

Gal. F-1 
iio8a. Palmetto Fibre Co., Chicago^ 
Brushes. Gal. F-1 

1109. Paul, John C, & Co., Chicago. Metal 
polish. Gal. G-11 

mi. Queen Silver Polish Company, New- 
York. Silver polish. Gal. F-1 

1112. Ridgely & Smith, Springfield, Ohio. 
Paper trimmer and paper hangers' roller. 

Gal. G-6 
1112a. Rodwell Manufacturing Co., Buffalo, 
N. Y. Sign letters. Gal. F-1 

1113. Stafford, N., New York. Meta^ 
badges, checks, numbers and signs. 

Gal. F-1 

1114. Wayne Oil Tank Co., Ft. Wayne, 
Ind. Self measuring oil tank. Q-1 

1116. White, Otis C, Worcester, Mass. 

Ball and socket joints. Gal. F-1 
Electric light supporters for all manufactur- 
ing, mining and office uses. With firm grip 
and power of quick change; these new 



Miscellaneous Articles of Manufacture Not Heretofore Classified. 

Exhibit Clas8'n 

No. _ _ No. 

joints are also used by machinists, dentists, 

photographers, etc., to hold adjustable any 

tool or appliance, without regard to weight 

or size. 

1117. Wyckoff, Seamans& Benedict, New 
York, Typewriters' supplies. Gal. F-2 

"W. S. & B." "Paragon" ribbons are used 

exclusively in all departments of th( 
World's Columbian Exposition. The sam( 
pre-eminence is accorded "W. S. & B.,' 
"Paragon" and "Regent" linen papers anc 
their other typewriter supplies by all user 
of high class stationery. 

Collective Exhibit of New England Manufacturing Jewelers' Associa 

tion of Providence, R. I. 



Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1. Arnold & Steere, Providence, R. I. 
Gold ornaments and rings. 612 

2. Ballon, B. A., & Co., Providence, R.I. 
Safety pins. 612 

3. Blackinton, V/.& S., Attleboro, Mass. 
Gold plate, silver and fancy chains. 616 

4. Cahoone, Geo. H., & Co., Providence, 
R. I. General jewelry. 612 

5. Child, D. R., & Co., Svsransea, Mass. 
Cuff and collar buttons. 616 

6. Clark & Coombs, Providence, R. I. 
Plated rings. 616 

7. Devercux, p. C, & Co., Providence, 
R. I. Plated link and collar buttons, 
silver ornaments. 616 

8. Fanning, J. H., & Co., Providence, 
R. I. Gold-plated charm-lockets, chains, 
etc. 616 

9. Flint, Blood & Co., Providence, R. I. 
Plated rings. 612 

30. Foster & Bailey, Providence, R. I. 

a Gold lockets, lace pins, etc. 612 

b Gold plated bracelets, chains, etc. 616 

11. Fuller, Geo. H., & Co., Pawtucket, 
R. I. Jewelers' findings, ornaments and 
supplies. 612 

12. Grant, J. W., & Co., Providence, R. I. 
Gold-plated chains, bracelets and silver 
jewelry. 616 

33. Griffith, R. L., & Son, Providence, 

R. I. Scarf and lace pins, etc., and shell 

novelties. 616 

14. Hancock, Becker & Co., Providence, 

R. 1. 

a Gold rings, mountings, studs, etc. 612 
b Gold-plated broaches, etc. 616 

35. Irons, Chas. F., Providence, R. I. 

a Gold emblems. 612 

b Plated charms and rings. 616 

Exhibit Clnss'] 

No. No. 

16. Lederer, S. & B., Providence, R. I 

Plated jewelry, emblems, etc. 61( 

17. Leland, W. H., & Co., Providence 

R. I. Engravings and designs of jewelry 


18. Lind, Thomas W., Providence, R. I 

Engravings and designs of jewelry. 6b 

19. Lorsch, A., & Co., Providence, R. I 

a Diamonds and other gems. 6b 

b Agate and other ornaments. 61' 

c Imitation precious stones. 6b 

20. Marden & Kettleby, Providence, R. I 

Lace and stick pins. 61i 

21. Moorhead, R. L., & Co., Providence 

R. I. Plated lace and scarf pins, chains 
etc., and silver novelties. 6b 

22. Payton & Kelley, Providence, R. I 

Plated bracelets, neck and eye-glas; 
chains, etc. 61( 

23. Pearce, F. T., & Co., Providence, R. I 
Gold and silver pens and pencils. 61; 

24. Providence Stock Co., Providence 
R. 1. 

a Gold and silver chains, etc. 61^ 

b Plated chains, necklaces, charms, etc 


25. Read, M. L., & Co., Providence, R. I 
a Scarf pins, studs, etc. 615 
b Plated pins, drops, buttons, etc. 61( 

26. Seery Manufacturing Co., Providence 

R. I. Chains and rings. 615 

Spencer, E. L., & Co., Attleboro 

Mass. Gold, lace and scarf pins, drops 
etc. 615 

28. Webster, W, E., & Co., Providence 
R. I. Gold rings. 615 




Collective Exhibit of United States Potters' Association. 

LOCATION— See. Q-1. 

GROUP 91. 

Ixhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1. Bennett, Edwin, Pottery Co., Balti- 
more. Semi-porcelain ware, decorated. 


2. Brandywine Summit Kaolin & Feld- 
spar Co., Philadelphia. Feldspar and 
kaolin. 576 

3. Burroughs & Mountford Co., Trenton, 
N. J, Semi-porcelain and specialties in 
decorated ware. 576 

4. Cartwright Bros., E. Liverpool, Ohio. 
a White granite. 575 
b Decorated goods. 576 

5. Golding & Son Co., Trenton, N. J. 
Potters' materials. 576 

6. Globe Pottery Co., E. Liverpool, Ohio. 
Yellow and Rockingham goods, plain and 
decorated. 576 

7. Haynes, Bennett & Co., Baltimore. 
Art pottery and decorated ware. 576 

8. International Pottery Co., Trenton, 
N. J. Semi-porcelain ware. Royal blue 
decorations. 576 

9. Jeffords, J. E., & Co., Philadelphia. 
Yellow Rockingham and stone ware in 
colored glaze and decorations. 576 

0. Knowles, Taylor & Anderson, E. 
Liverpool, Ohio. Potters' supplies. 576 

1. Knowles, Taylor & Knowles, E. 
Liverpool, Ohio. 

a Vitreous hotel china and white gran- 
ite wares. 576 
b Plain and decorated china. 577 

2. Laughlin, Homer, E. Liverpool, Ohio. 
a White granite. 575 
b Decorated ware. 576 

3. Lonhuda Pottery Co., Steubenville, 
Ohio. Art faience. 576 

4. Mayer Pottery Co., Trenton, N. J. 
Majolica and white granite and specialties. 


Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

15. Mayer Pottery Co., Ltd., Beaver Falls, 
Pa. Plain and decorated ware. 576 

16. McNicol, D. E., E. Liverpool Ohio. 
Rockingham yellow ware and C. C. deco- 
rated. 576 

17. Mercer Pottery Co., Trenton, N. J. 
Semi-porcelain and white granite. 576 

18. New England Pottery Co., E. Boston, 
Mass. Decorated semi-porcelain. 576 

19. Ohio Valley China Co., Wheeling, 
W. \'a. Art china. 576 

20. Onondaga Pottery Co., Syracuse, N. Y. 
a Semi-porclain, white granite. 576 
b Translucent china, decorated ware. 


21. Ott & Brewer Co., Trenton, N. J, 
Belleck and semi-porcelain. 576 

22. Potters' Co-operative Co., E. Liver- 
pool, Ohio. Dresden china, plain and 
decorated. 576 

23. Peoria Pottery Co., Peoria, 111. Semi- 
porcelain ware, plain and decorated. 576 

24. Rookwood Pottery Co., Cincinnati. 
Art faience. 576 

25. Sebring Pottery Co., E. Liverpool, 

a White granite. 575 

b Decorated goods. 576 

26. Spencer, How^ard, Kaolin, Pa. Kaolin. 


27. Toronto Pottery Co., Toronto, Ohio. 
Parisian granite, plain and decorated. 575 

28. Thompson, C. C, Pottery Co., E. 
Liverpool, Ohio. Rockingham Yellow 
C. C. wares. 575 

29. Warwick China Co., Wheeling, W. 
Va. Semi-porcelain decorated ware. 576 

30. Willets Manufacturing Co., Trenton, 
N. J. Belleck ware, white and decorated. 






GROUP 87. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1. Austrian, Lena G., Chicago. Hair 
tonic and lotion. 549 

2. Gage, Mary Mott, Chicago. Toilet 
preparations. 549 

3. Osterhout, Mrs. E. A., Chicago. Toi- 
let soap. 549 

GROUP 88. 

4. Hall, Fannie E., New York. Ceramic 

colors. 555 

5. Puissegur, Sophie B., New York. Var- 
nishes. 554 

GROUP 89. 

6. Hawes, Mrs. Jessie, Greeley, Col. 

Decorated card. 557 

7. Parks, Annie M., Albany, N. Y. Per- 
forating machine. 564 

GROUP 90. 

8. Coffin, Minnie A., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Portiere. 568 

GROUP 91. 

10. Adams, Isabelle, Englewood, 111. Dec- 
orated china. 577 

13. Brown & Eberhardt, Philadelphia. 
China bric-a-brac, statuary, etc. 576 

13a. Bonnell, Mrs. L. B., Helena, Mont. 
Painted china. 577 

14. Bushnell, Mrs. Geo., Denver, Col. 
Decorated china. 576 

15. Case, Mrs. Nettie, Denver, Col. Dec- 
orated china. .576 

16. Case, Mrs. W. B., Denver, Colo. 
Painted china. 577 

18. Cincinnati Ceramic Art Club, Cincin- 
nati. China decorations. 577 

i8a. Wilder, Mrs. Eugene, Boulder, Colo. 
Painted china. 577 

Collective Exhibit of Columbian Ceramic 
Association. Class 577. 

19. Adams, Miss E.,Troy, N. Y. Painted 
china plate. 

20. Alison, Mrs. C. W., Chicago. Painted 

21. Ayers, Mrs. J. C, Peoria, III. Painted 
china plate. 

Exhibit Class': 

No. No. 

22. Baker, Miss Amelia, Watertown 
N. Y. Painted china tete-a-tete. 

23. Baker, Mrs. Lacy A., Tuscumbia,Ala 
Painted china vase; tete-a-tete set. 

24. Barnes, Miss M. O., Chicago. Paintet 
china jardiniere vase. 

25. Bascone, Mrs. Adele, Chicago 
Painted china jardiniere. 

26. Bigelow, Mrs. W. W., Chicago 
Painted china plates. 

27. Blakesley, Mrs. Ella, Davenport, Is 
Painted china. 

28. Bliven, Mrs. C. E., Chicago. Painte 
china tankard. 

29. Bock, Mrs., Omaha, Neb. Painte 
china vase. 

30. Bond, Mrs. F. N., Chicago. Painte 

31. Brown, Mrs. Bernard, Helena, Mont 
Painted china comb and brush tray. 

32. Butterfield, Miss M. M., Omaha, Net 
Painted china vase. 

33. Chadwick, Mrs. A. E., Chicago 
Painted china vase. 

34. Clark, Mrs. Eva Fenn, South Bend 
Ind. Painted china pitcher and plates. 

35. Clarke, Mrs. A. E., Chicago. Painte 
china lamp ajid vase. 

36. Clarke, Mrs. H. M., Chicago. Painte 
china vase. 

37. Coy, Miss E. Annie, Rockford, 111 
china platter, tray, etc. 

38. Crawford, Mrs. H. F., Chicago 
Painted china jardiniere. 

39. Crittenden, Mrs. F. A., Geneva, 111 
Painted china salad set. 

40. DeWolf, Mrs. W. F., Englewood, 111 
Painted china vase and panels. 

41. Dixon, Mrs. L. B., Chicago. Painte 
china panel. 

42. Dupee, Mrs. C. A., Chicago. Painte 
china plaque. 

43. Eaton, Mrs. D. B., Chicago. Paintei 
china jardiniere. 

44. Elee, Miss Sarah, Galena, 111. Paintei 

45. Farnum,Mrs.H. C. Portrait of Presi 
dent Palmer in ceramic. 

46. Felgar, Mrs. David, Newton, Kas 
Painted china teapot, sugar, etc. 

47. Fink, Miss Juliet R., Hillsboro, 111 
Painted china plate and trinket set. 



Collective Exhibit of Columbian Ceramic Association. 

chibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1, Fisher, Mrs. L. G., Chicago. Painted 

china tete-a-tete set. 

I. Forsyth, Mrs. M. A., Toledo, Ohio. 
Painted china vase and plate. 
I. Foster, Mrs. Flora D., Peoria, 111. 
Painted china plate. 

:. Foster, Mrs. W. H., Genesee, 111. 
Painted china vase and slab. 
!. Fussell, Miss Helen A., Chicago. 
Painted china vase. 

5. Galbreath, Miss Etta, Ft. Arizona. 
Painted china plaque. 
\. Gleason, Mrs. W. H., Chicago. 
Painted china portrait. 
;. Graves, Mrs. Dwight W., Chicago. 
Painted china medallion head. 
). Gunsolus, Mrs. Annie H., Detroit, 
Mich. Painted china vase. 
r. Hall, Mrs. Olive H., Chicago. Painted 
china plates and plaques. 
5. Hancock, Mrs. F. H., Davenport, 
Iowa. Painted china. 
). Harris, Mrs. Roswell, Detroit, Mich. 
Painted china. 

). Harrison, Miss Annie Pratt, Chicago. 
Painted china jardiniere. 
[. Hathaway, Mrs. James, Chicago. 
Painted china tile. 

I. Hearne, Miss Coralie, Dallas, 
Texas. Painted china vase plate. 
J. Henderson, Miss Alouise, Virden, 111. 
Painted china. 

[. Hendrick, Miss M. Ernestine, Chi- 
cago. Painted china. 

). Henermann, Miss Magola, Chicago. 
Painted china plaques. 
). Hess, Miss Mollie, Chicago. Painted 
china vase. 

7. Hills, Miss Care M., Cambridge, 
Mass. Painted china cup, saucer, vase 
and plate. 

i. Hiner, Mrs. M. L., Fond du Lac, 
Wis. Painted china fish set. 
). Hinman, Miss Olivia S., Battle Creek, 
Mich. Painted china tea set. 
). Holley, Mrs. Avis B., Bellows Falls, 
Vt. Painted china jardiniere. 
I. Holloway, Mrs. Geo., Chicago. 
Painted china vase, tray and jar. 
5. Horlocker, Miss Leta, Kearney, Neb. 
Painted china vase. 

5. Hunt, Miss Salie, Dixon, 111. Painted 
china plates. 

[. Iglehart, Miss M. E., Chicago. 
Painted china panel and tray. 
;. Irwin, Mrs. I. Kilshaw, Mobile, Ala. 
Painted china portrait. 
>. Jahn, Prof. A., Chicago. Painted 
china vase. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

77. Jahn, Mrs. A., Chicago. Painted 
china slab. 

78. Jenkins, Mrs. V. B., Chicago. Painted 
china lamp, plaque and panel. 

79. Johnston, Mrs. John, Chicago. 
china vase and plaque. 

80. Jomer, Miss Alice, Polo, 111. Painted 
china vase. 

81. Kembel, Miss Martha, Hastings, Neb. 
Painted china plate. 

82. King, Mrs. Philo B., Chicago. 
Painted china umbrella stand. 

83. Koehler, Mrs. Florence D., Kansas 
City, Mo. Painted china vase. 

84. kofel. Miss Caroline, Chicago. Painted 
china plates. 

85. Kramer, Miss Minnie, Chicago. 
Painted china creamer. 

86. Lavaron, Miss Leonide, Chicago. 
Pair.ted china punch bowl, slab and plaque. 

87. Lehman, Miss Carrie, Chicago. 
Painted china plates. 

88. Leman, Mrs. H. W., Chicago. 
Painted china vase. 

89. Leykauf, Mrs. Geo., Detroit, Mich. 
Painted china punch set. 

90. Little, Miss S. R., Chicago. Painted 
china vase. 

91. Lund, Mrs. Virtus, Lyons, Iowa. 
Painted china. 

92. Mason, Mrs. Wm. A., Chicago. 
Painted china plates. 

93. McClellan, Mrs. R. H., Galena, 111. 
Painted china jardii.ieres. 

94. McClure, Mrs. Jane D., Peoria, 111, 
Painted china platter. 

95. McCullough, Mrs. J. W., Davenport, 
Iowa. Painted china plate and picture. 

96. McDowell, Mrs. Gordon, Evanston, 
111. Painted china cup, saucer and plates. 

97. McGarry, Miss Cora L., Omaha, Neb. 
Painted china vase. 

98. McKay, Mrs. D. S., Guthrie, Okla- 
homa. Painted china plates. 

99. Miles, Miss Marion, Chicago. Painted 
china rose bowl. 

100. Miller,Mrs.C. J., Peoria, 111. Painted 
china platter and chocolate pitcher. 

loi. Monohan, Mrs., Chicago. Painted 
china vase. 

102. Morey, Mrs. Anna Riorden, Hast- 
ings, Neb. Painted china bonboniere. 

103. Moulton, Miss May, Neenah, Wis. 
Painted china vase. 

104. Munson, Mrs. T. M,, Dennison, 
Painted china vase and plate. 

105. Murray, Mrs. Chas. H., Chicago. 
Painted china jardiniere. 



Collective Exhibit of Columbian Ceramic Association. 

Exhibit ClaBs'n 

No. No. 

io6. Myers, Mrs. M. S., Chicago. Painted 
china vase. 

107. Neely, Miss Anna L., Chicago. 
Painted china vase and spoon holder. 

108. Neely, Miss Lillian F., Chicago. 
Painted china bonbon and ink stand. 

109. Nevins, Miss Louise R., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Painted china plates and jewel box. 

no. Norwood, Mrs. F., Chicago. Painted 
china vase. 

III. Packard, Mrs. Henrietta W., Chi- 
cago. Painted china portrait. 

112. " Paine, Mrs. H. E., Dixon, 111. 
Painted china vase. 

113. Palmer, Mrs. E. J., Spokane, Wash. 
Painted china vase and tray. 

114. Peck, Miss Grace H., Chicago. 
Painted china vase and tray. 

115. Phelps, Miss Kate, Polo, 111. Painted 
china lamp. 

116. Phillips, Mrs. Luella Vance, Denver, 
Col. Painted china panel, vase and plaque. 

117. Phillips, Miss Mary A., Helena, 
Mont. Painted china punch bowl and por- 

118. Poole, Mrs., Polo, 111. Painted china 

119. Quimby, Miss Jessie, Denver, Col. 
Painted china plates and vase. 

120. Reynolds, Mrs. P. B., Toledo, Ohio. 
Painted china vase. 

121. Richart, Mrs. Christine F., Buffalo, 
N. Y. Painted china. 

122. Robertson, Mrs.Chas.M., Davenport, 
Iowa. Painted china vase. 

123. Rodds, Miss Mary A., New Orleans. 
Painted china panel. 

124. Root, Mrs. Enoch, Palm Beach, Fla. 
Painted china tray. 

125. Root, Mrs. E. May Curtis, Council 
Grove, Kas. Painted china. 

126. Schryoer, Miss Pauline, Polo, 111. 
Painted china vase. 

127. Seidenberg, Miss Anna, Cincinnati. 
Painted china vase and plaque. 

128. Sheean, Mrs. David, Galena, 111. 
Painted china cracker jar, etc. 

129. Shute, Miss Bertha W., Chicago. 
Painted china vase. 

130. Smith, Miss Mattie, Battle Creek, 
Mich. Painted china fish set. 

131. Stanchfield, Miss Marion, Creston, 
Iowa. Painted china jardiniere. 

132. Staples, Miss Johnnie, Sherman, 
Texas. Painted coffees, plate and tray. 

133. Steele, Mrs. F.M., Chicago. Painted 
china pitcher. 

134. Stone, Mrs. M. E., Peoria, 111. 
Painted china plate. 

Exhibit Clas 

No. N, 

135. Strong, Miss Lydia Lyod, Flatbui 
N. Y. Painted china brush and comb tr 

136. Swindell, Mrs. E,, Rockford, : 
Painted china vase. 

137. Swinerton, Miss Carrie P., Chicaj 
Painted china panel and vase. 

138. Thompson, Miss Gerlina, St. Lou 
Painted china soup tureen. 

139. / Tinney, Mrs. P. B., St. Paul, Mil 
Fainted china plaques. 

140. Van Auken, Miss Adelie, Rochest 
N. Y. Painted china tray. 

141. Weston, Mrs. E. E., Chicaj 
Painted china jardiniere. 

142. Wheeler, Miss Bianca, Davenport, 
Painted china plate, tray and tete-a-t- 

143. Whitcomb,Miss Maud, Davenport, 
Painted china chocolate pot. 

144. White, Miss Katheryn, Springfie 
Vt. Painted china ice cream set. 

145. Wilkinson, Miss R. A. E., Detrc 
Mich. Painted china chocolate set. 

146. Williams, Miss R. M., Chicaj 
Painted china plaque. 

147. Williams, Mrs. W. B., Lapeer, Mii 
Painted china boat. 

148. Woodrow, Miss EllaM., Pontiac, : 
Painted china plate and vase. 

149. Woodrow, Miss Ida W., Pontiac, J 
Painted china plates. 

150. Wright, Mrs. E. H., Waterloo, 
Painted china plates, salad bowl a 

151. Wright, Mrs. Henry, Minneapol 
Minn. Painted china vase. 

152. Wright, Miss Josie M., Chicaj 
Painted china panel and slab. 

153. Conley, Miss Carrie E., Denver, C 
Decorated china. t 

154. Cooley, Miss A. J., Aspen, Col. D( 
orated china. I 

155. Covey, Mrs., Pueblo, Col. Decorai 
china. t 

156. Dwight, Minnie T., New York. D( 
orated china. I 

157. Failing, Ida C, Denver, Col. D( 
orated china. I 

158. Healy, M. & E., Washington, D. 
Decorated china and chryso-ceramics. I 

159. Johnson, Mrs. Egbert, Denver, C 
Decorated china. t 

160. Kassler, Mrs. Chas., Denver, C 
Decorated china. I 

161. Lavaron Leonide C, Chicago. D( 
orated china; punch bowl. I 

162. McGregor, Mrs., Denver, Col. D< 
orated china. ' 



Stained Glass, Silk, Woolens, Knit Goods, Costumes, Trimmings 

Mbit Class'n 

Sfo. No. 

3. Miles, Mrs. Leonide B., Den%'er, Col. 
Decorated china. 576 

4. Miles, Mrs. W. E., Denver, Col. 
Decorated china. 576 

5. Miller, Miss Ada, Denver, Col. Dec- 
orated china. 576 

6. Morse, Mrs. Clara R., Newtonville, 
Mass. Decorated china. 576 

7. Morse, Gertrude E., Nev^tonville, 
Mass. Decorated china. 576 

8. Olmstead, Mrs. Clarence, Denver, 
Col. Decorated china. 576 

9. Perkins, Mrs. Emily D., Denver, Col. 
Decorated china. 576 

0. Perkins, Mrs. E. S., Denver, Col. 
Decorated china. 576 

1. Pinkney, Miss J. R., Denver, Col. 
Decorated china. 576 

2. Porter, Mrs. I. B., Denver, Col. Dec- 
orated china. 576 

3. Quimby, Miss Jessie D., Denver, 
Col. Decorated china. .576 

4. Root, Mrs., Denver, Col. Decorated 
china. 576 

5. Scott, Cora E., Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y. Decorated china. 576 

6. Wilke, Mrs. F. A., Richmond, Ind. 
Decorated china. 576 

GROUP 95. 

■8. Tillinghast, Miss, New York. 

Stained glass window. 596 

GROUP 100. 

Id. Arrowsmith, Charlotte, Mercer, Pa. 

Silk weaving. 629 

GROUP 103. 

ii. Griswold, Mrs. Dr., Mercer, Pa. 

Woven rug. 649 

GROUP 104. 

2, Dole, Sarah A., Parkman, Ohio. 

Woven cape of plant fibre. 653 

Flint, Olivia C, Boston, Corsets and 
waists. 653 

Houghland, Mrs. E. G., N. Denver, 
Col. Night robe. 653 

James, Mrs. Lucy J., Pomona, Cal. 
Corsets. 653 

Mills, Mrs. S. J., Rochester, N. Y. 
Dress waist. 653 

Newman, Mme., Corset Co., Chi- 
cago. Corsets. 659 
8. Tracy, Mrs. Harriet Ruth, New York. 
Sewing machine inventions. 659 
Dtary shuttle lock and chain stitch sew- 
j machines. The lower bobbin holds over 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1000 yards of thread and the shuttle takes 
up its own slack. 

GROUP 106. 

190. Ball, Mrs. J. J. T., Denver, Col. 
Needlework. 665 

191. Bassett, Mrs. F. E., Brooklyn, N. Y, 
Tapestry for wall decoration. 670 

192. Besuzzi, Miss, Denver, Col. Em- 
broidered screen. 669 

193. Brown, Mrs. J. K., Pueblo, Col. 
Drawnwork handkerchief. 665 

194. Brown, Mrs. W. T., Indianapolis, 
Ind. Embroidered piano cover. 669 

195. Cass, Mrs. O. D., Denver, Col. 
Lunch cloth. 665 

196. Clarke, Nellie Goodrich, Economy, 
Ind. Embroidered centerpiece. 669 

197. Colcord, Mrs. A. B., Kokomo, Col. 
Handmade lace cap. 664 

198. Cole, Stella M., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Embroidered curtain. 669 

199. Conine, Miss, Denver, Col. Infant's 
dress. 669 

200. Cutter, Mrs. Edna M., Denver, Col. 
Lace handkerchief. 664 

201. Darrow, Mrs. F. R., Denver, Col. 
Handkerchief. 665 

202. De Andrada, Senora Anna K., San 
Diego, Chile. Artistic needlework. 669 

203. Deitz, Mrs. Anna L., Denver, Col. 
Lace. 664 

204. Ellis, Mrs. Henry H., Pueblo, Col. 
Needlework. 665 

205. Ellis, Mrs. Jesse D., Rensselaer, Ind. 
Embroidered table cloth. 669 

206. Farwell, Miss C. C, Denver, Col. 
Needlework. 665 

207. Fjelde Sisters, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Embroidered banners. 669 

208. Flynn, Miss Mary, Denver, Col. 
Needlework. 665 

211. Gibbs, Mrs. A. R., Denver, Col. 
Handkerchiefs. 665 

212. Harlow, Mrs. Geo. P., Denver, Col. 
Embroidery. 665 

213. Hartwell, Miss Mary, Denver, Col. 
Lace cap and handkerchief. 664 

214. Hawes, Mrs. Jesse, Greeley, Col. 
Needlework. 665 

214a. Holmes, Mrs. Emma, Minneapolis, 
Kas. Art embroidery. 669 

215. Jantzen, Miss Clara, Denver, Col. 
Embroidered centerpiece. 665 

216. Jantzen, Miss Hermanna, Denver, 
Col. Handmade lace handkerchief. 664 

218. Kent, Miss Clara M., Denver, Col. 
Embroidered doilies. 665 



Trimmings, Traveling Equipments, Toys, Cooking Appliances, Refrigerators. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. _ No. 

219. Levering, Amelia P., La Fayette, Ind. 
Embroidered table cloth. 669 

220. Lowe, Miss Elizabeth, Denver, Col. 
Embroidered doily. 665 

221. Lusk, Miss Ida, Vincennes, Ind. iim- 
broidered towel. 665 

222. Major, Miss Fannie, Shelbyville, Ind. 
Table cloth. 669 

223. McCardless, Mary E., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Sample lace from Reform School. 664 

224. McCoy, Mrs. Hattie T., Rensselaer, 
Ind. Embroidered cushion. 669 

225. McNary, Mrs. J. T., Logansport, 
Ind. Embroidered piano cover. 669 

226. Minnis, Sallie, Philadelphia. Em- 
broidered dinner cloth. 665 

227. Moore, Mrs. T. H., Denver, Col. 
Handmade lace. 664 

228. Nicholson, Mrs., Colorado Springs, 
Col. Embroidered centerpiece. 665 

229. Owens, Mrs. E. T., Pueblo, Col. 
Lace handkerchief. 664 

230. Perrian, Mrs. S. J., Highlands, Col. 
Lace handkerchief. 664 

231. Reeves, Mrs. J. Franklin, Richmond, 
Ind. Embroidered curtains. 669 

232. Renk, Miss Bertha A., Milwaukee, 
Wis. Art embroidery. 669 

233. Reynolds, Mrs., South Bend, Ind. 
Table scarf. ■ 669 

234. Ridgway, Mrs. M. M. G., Indianap- 
olis, Ind. Embroidered cushion cover. 


235. Rourke, Mrs. M. E., Denver, Col. 
Artistic satin portieres and scarfs. 669 

236. Salada, Mrs., Denver, Col. Hand- 
made lace. 664 

237. Schilling, Miss Ida W., Aspen, Coh 
Embroidered doilies. 665 

238. Scott, Cora E., Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y. Art embroideries. 669 

239. Sea, Clara, Indianapolis, Ind. Em- 
broidered table cloth. 669 

240. Skewes, Mrs. Rose Meeker, Greeley, 
Col. Handmade lace bertha. 664 

241. Smith, Mrs. Marie Campbell, Boul- 
der, Col. Infant's dress. 665 

242. Solsbury, Cora, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Embroidered table decorations. 669 

243. Solsbury, Pearl, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Embroidered table decorations. 669 

244. Sperry, Mrs. H. L., Indianapolis, 
Ind. Embroidered table mat. 665 

244a. Sternbergh, Emma R., Lawrence, 
Kas. Needlework. 665 

245. Stevens, Miss E. J., Washington, 
D. C. Tapestries. 670 

246. Strode, Miss F., Denver, Col. Dec- 
orated scarf. 665 

Exhibit Class 

No. No, 

247. Studebaker, Mrs. Clem, South Ben( 
Ind. Embroidered bedroom furnishing 


248. Taylor, Miss Ida, Logansport, Im 
Embroidered table mat. 6( 

249. Vanatta, Mrs. J. K., Colorado Cit; 
Col. Lace handkerchief. 6( 

250. Wells, Mrs. S. W., Highlands, Co 
Lace handkerchiefs. 6( 

251. V,^hite, Mrs. Lillian, Eau Clair 
Wis. Art needlework. 6( 

252. Williamson, Mrs. J. A., Indianapoli 
Ind. Cushion. 6f 

253. Williamson, Mary A., Indianapoli: 
Ind. Art embroideries. 6( 

254. Williamson, M. A., Indianapolis, Im 
Embroidered table cloth. 6( 

255. Williamson, Mrs. Sallie A., Indiai 
apolis, Ind. Embroidered table cloth. 6( 


256. Keen, Louise M., Chicago. Trunl 


257. Lightfoot, Annitte M., Providenci 
R. I. Fancy leather frames. 6^ 

GROUP 110. 

258. Angered, Mrs. Constance J., Phili 
delphia. Jewel box. 6i 

259. Dexter, Mrs., Chicago. Fancy art 
cles made of rope. 6i 

260. Sabolewski, Mrs. A. J., Denver, Cc 
Game and badsre. 6! 

GEOFP 115. 

261. Everhard, Mary M., St. Josep: 
Mich. Kneading board. 7< 

262. Green, Mrs. M. A., Mt. Clair, Cc 
Cover holder. 7i 

263. Hambe!, Mrs. A. J., Chicago. Calj 

264. Lawton, Mrs. Jas. M., New Yor 
Corn scraper. 

265. Romney, Mrs. Caroline Wescoi 
Chicago. Oven fixtures and foot warms 


266. Schumacher, Mrs. W. M., Philad< 
phia. Sweep box. 

GROUP 116. 

267. Romney, Mrs. Caroline Wesco 

Chicago. Refrigerator and cooling roo 



Miscellaneous Articles of Manufacture Not Heretofore Classified. 

GKOUP 121. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

[68. Brown, Mrs. Harriet A., Boston. 
Rule for dressmaking;. 

169. Buddington, Mr.'Sc Mrs. F. E., Chi- 
cago. Machine for dress cutting. 

70. Cornwell, Elmira, Chicago. Tailor 
dress cutting system. 

71. Dostin/Mrs.G.W., Johnstown, N.Y. 
Dress cutting system. 

72. Jackson, Mrs. H. A., Co., Chicago. 
Instruments for cutting patterns. 

Exhibit Class'u 

No. No. 

273. Jackson, H. Ayers, Co., Chicago. 
Tailor dress cutting system. 

274. O'Neil, Mrs. E. J., Leadville, Col. 
Tidy holder. 

275. Schafer,Mrs. M.S., Ravenswood, 111. 
Dress cutting system. 

276. Stearns, Mrs. B. A., Woburn, Mass. 
Dress cutting system. 

278. Watres, Mrs. L. A.,Parkman, Ohio. 

Collectife Exhibit of tlie MercMnt Tailors of tlie United States. 

This special division of the Department of 
vlanufactures exhibits in a separate build- 
ng, known as the Merchant Tailors' Build- 
ng, situated on the Lagoon, N. W. of the 
''ish and Fisheries Building. 

GROUP 101. 

exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1. Anderson, J. P., Boston. Full dress 
coat and waistcoat. 652 

2. Appel, Dunseath & Co., Denver, Col. 
Coat, dress suit, sack coat, waistcoat, and 
trousers. 652 

3. Atkinson, Geo. R., Rockford, 111. 
Double breasted frock coat, waistcoat, 
trousers and overcoat. 652 

4. Back, Joseph, Chicago. Coat, waist- 
coat and trousers (full dress). 652 

5. Bastable & Mannigan, New York. 
Overcoat, breeches and leggins. 652 

6. Bradley, John C, Pittsburg, Pa. Cut- 
away frock coat, waistcoat and trousers. 


7. Brenk Bros., Milwaukee, Wis. Cut- 
away coat, waistcoat and trousers. 652 

8. Brownell, B. H., St. Louis. Double 
breasted frock coat, waistcoat, overcoat 
and trousers. 652 

9. Bruner, C. E., Chicago. Cutaway 
frock coat, waistcoat and trousers. 652 

o. Chase, Thos. W., & Co., Providence, 
R. I. Prince Albert coat, waistcoat, over- 
coat and trousers. 652 

[. Croft, Fred. W., Chicago. Frock 
coat, vest, trousers, surtout overcoat. 652 

2. Degenberg, P. A., & Co., Philadelphia. 
Dress uniform of " Philadelphia City 
Troops," Ladies' driving coat. 652 

J. Doll, Edwin N., New York. Morning 
coat, Tuxedo coat, vests and trousers. 652 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

14. Finking, R., San Francisco. Suit. 652 

15. Fisher, Geo., & Sons, Cincinnati. 
Coat, waistcoat and trousers (full dress). 


16. Franklin & Co., New York. Suit for 
youth. 652 

17. Glasser & Rock, Chicago. Overcoat, 
dress coat, waistcoat and trousers. 662 

18. Gleason & Co., Philadelphia. Double 
breasted frock coat, waistcoat and trou- 
sers. 6.52 

19. Grus & Luken, Chicago. Coats. 652 

20. Heinig, Frank, Chicago. Dress suit, 
promenade suit and overcoat cape. 652 

21. Hippach & Benson, Chicago. Cuta- 
way frock coat, waistcoat and trousers. 652 

22. Hodgkins & Hodgkins, Boston. Gen- 
tleman's hunting suit. 652 

23. Hoyt, F. A., & Co., Philadelphia. 
Child's suit with overcoat, etc. 652 

24. Hyde, Chas. E., & Co. (Chicago. Over- 
coat, full dress suit. 652 

25. Kilmore, J. W., Chicago. Suit and 
overcoat. 652 

26. Lammers, F. J., Kansas City, Mo. 
Double breasted sack coat, waistcoat and 
trousers. 652 

27. Lawrie, James, & Co., Milwaukee, 
Wis. Cutaway coat,waistcoat and trousers. 


28. Lofquist, Oscar, Des Moines, Iowa. 
Frock coat, vest and trousers. 652 

29. Losse, J. W., St. Louis. Dress suit 
and business suit. 652 

30. Lundahl & Co., Chicago. Overcoat, 
single breasted sack coat, Tuxedo. 652 

31. Matthews, G. W., Chicago. After- 
noon riding suit, dress suit, etc. 652 



Collective Exhibit of the Merchant Tailors of the United States. 

Exhibit riass'n 

No. No. 

32. Merchant Tailors' Exchange, Kansas 
City, Mo. Uress coat, waistcoat and trou- 
sers. 652 

33. Merwin, B. R., New York. Dress 
suit, house jacket, Tuxedo coat, etc. 652 

34. Messenger Bros. & Jones, Boston. 
Double breasted box driving coat. 652 

35. Mitchell, L. A., Chicago. Double 
breasted sack coat, vest and trousers. 652 

36. Milller, A. P., New York. Riding 
habit waist and skirt. 652 

37. Nagel, Conrad F., New York. Dress 
coat, v-iistcoat and trousers. 652 

38. Olsen, O. G., Chicago. Coat, waist- 
coat and trousers. 652 

39. Patterson, John, & Co., New York. 







breasted box overcoat, dress suit, etc. 652 

43. Schaub Bros., St. Paul, Minn. Dress 
coat, waistcoat, trousers. 652 

44. Sheridan, W. G., Chicago. Coat, vest 
and trousers. 652 

45. Somers, Frank D., Boston. Double 
breasted frock coat, waistcoat, trousers. 


46. Turner, Henry, Chicago. Overcoat, 
dress suit, tourist's coat, trousers. 652 

Liveries, overcoat, trousers, etc. 

40. Purinton, H. G., Chicago. 
nade overcoat, vniiforms, etc. 

41. Saalmann, John B., New York. 

breasted box overcoat. 

42. Schaub Bros., Chicago. 

Exhibit Class']] 

No. No. 

47. Twyeffort, E., New York. Morning 
hunting coat, waistcoat and breeches. 652 

48. Vredenburg & Brooks, New York. 
Double breasted frock coat and waistcoat, 
trousers. 652 

49. Walshe, R. J., Chicago. Double 
breasted frock coat, overcoat. 652 

50. Weiss, Jules C. & Co., New York. 
Driving overcoat, dress coat (style 1793), 
trousers. ' 652 

51. Werno, Henry, Chicago. Dress coat, 
waistcoat, trousers. 652 

52. Wessman, J. P., New York. Over- 
coat, dress coat, waistcoat and trousers. 


53. Winter, Julius, Jr., Louisville, Ky, 
Cutaway frock coat, waistcoat, trousers. 


54. Wright, R. C. & Co., Denver, Col, 
Overcoat, dress coat and waistcoat, busi- 
ness suit. 652 

55. Yates, John A. & Co., Detroit, Mich, 
Cutaway suit. 652 

GROUP 106. 

56. Washington Exchange, Washington, 

Table cloth made of 5,830 pieces. 66^ 

(^ROUP 121. 

57. Mitchell, John J., New York. Ameri- 
can fashion plates. 





In this special division of exhibits in the Department of Manufactures are included 
exhibits in Group 87, Class 547; Group 88, Class 552 (colors, blacking, etc.); Group 102, 
Class 639 (linen thread, etc.); Group 103, Class 688 (felt footwear, linings, etc.); Group 104, 
Class 656 (boots and shoes); Group 109, Class 683 (rubber boots, shoes, etc.); and all of 
Group 111 (leather and manufactures of leather), except leather belting; and exhibits in 
Group 121; also Classes 445 and 446, in Group 72, department of machinery (machines for 
preparing and working leather and for making boots and shoes). 

GROUP 87. 


la. Hoyt, Arthur 
water glue. 

New Pork. Cold. 

F-18 547 

GROUP 88. 

lb. American Leather Waterproofing 
Co., Bloomfield, N. J. Waterproofing for 
men's shoes. E-18 552 

ic. Boston Blacking Co., Boston. Black- 
ing, dressing, patching cement., etc. 

E-20 552 

le. Cameron, Donald, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Shoe dressings. F-13 552 

1. Eclipse Cement & Blacking Co., 
Philadelphia. Cements, shoe dressings, 
harness inks and dressings. F-32 552 

2. Miller, The Frank, Co., New York, 
Leather dressings and blackings. 

Manufacturers of inks, dressings and 

stains, blackings, crown dressing for ladies' 

and children's boots and shoes, both for 

import and export use. The oldest and 

largest manufacturers of this class of goods 

in the world. F-11 552 

2a. Mitchell Stain M'f gCo.,Lynn, Mass. 

Bottom finishing stains for boots and 

shoes. D-1 552 

3. Sankey, John, Mifflinburg, Pa. Shoe 
and harness dressing. F-29 552 

3b. White, S. A., Boston. Blackings, 
dressings and stains. F-26 552 

4. Whittemore Bros. & Co., Boston. 
Harness dressings; boot and shoe black- 
ing. F-27 552 

5. Wood, George H., Company, Boston. 
Cements, inks, wax and dressings. 

F-28 552 


GROUP 101. 


7a. Hammond, Knowlton & Co., Chicago. 
Spool silk and machine twist. D-13 626 

GROUP 102. 

6. Barbour Bros. Company, Paterson, 

N. J. Sewing threads, threads for boots, 
shoes and saddlers' use. D-14 6.39 

7. Finlayson, Bonsfield & Co., Grafton, 
Mass. Thread for shoes and leather. 

D-1 2 639 

GROUP 103. 

8. Dolge, Alfred, Dolgeville, N. Y. Felt 

goods; boots, shoes and slippers made of 
same. F-20 648 

9. Grand Rapid Felt Boot Company, 
Grand Rapids, Mich. Felt and knit boots. 

E-4 648 

GROUP 104. 

10. ABorn, C. H., Lynn, Mass. Ladies' 

boots and shoes. F-17 656 

11. American Porpoise Lace Company, 

Newark, N. J. Shoe laces. E-5 656 

12. Amesbury Shoe Company, Amesbury, 
Mass. Shoes and slippers. E-8 656 

13. Ash, Wm. T., Lynn, Mass. Shoes 
and slippers. F-17 656 

14. Banister, James A., Company, Newark, 
N. J. Boots, shoes and slippers. D-9 656 

Men's and boys' fine boots, shoes and slip- 
pers, specially for the retail trade. Re- 
ceived highest medal at Vienna, 1873, Phil- 
adelphia, 1876, and New Orleans, 1884. 



Leather and Shoe Trades Exhibit. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

15. Bartlett, John, & Co., Lynn, Mass. 
Boots and shoes. F-17 656 

16. Batcheller, E. & A. H., Co., Boston. 
Boots and shoes. D-6 656 

17. Blake, Harold F., Haverhill, Mass. 
Shoe tips. E-17 656 

18. Bridgeport & Hub Gore Makers, Bos- 
ton. Shoe goring. F-19 656 

19. Bridgeport Elastic Web Company, 
Bridgeport, Conn. Elastic goring and 
webbing. F-19 656 

Manufacturers of Bridgeport goring. Fully 
warranted for two years. Shoes regored 
free and expressage paid in case of failure. 
Largest and best equipped plant for weav- 
ing shoe elastic in the world. Best grades 
only. References: Fine shoe manufactur- 
ers all over the United States. 

20. Burt, Edwin C, & Co., New York. 
Boots, shoes and slippers. E-1 656 

21. Charlie & Curtiss, New York. Shoes, 
gaiters and boots. E-o 656 

2ia. Coburn, Geo. M., & Co., Boston. 
Shoes and slippers. F-9 656 

22. Consolidated Adjustable Shoe Com- 
pany, Lynn, ^Jass. Ladies' boots and 
shoes. . F-17 656 

23. Copeland & Ryder Co., Jefferson, Wis. 
Shoes. E-1 656 

24. Davis, George C, Lynn,Mass. Ladies' 
boots and shoes. F-17 656 

25. Dean, Chase & Co., Boston. Shoe 
goring. F-19 656 

25a. DTppolito, G. B., Vineland, N. J. 
Ladies' fine shoes. F-0 6-56 

26. Fargo, C. H., & Co., Chicago. Boots 
and shoes. D-8 656 

27. Faunce& Spinney, Lynn, Mass. Boots 
and shoes. F-17 656 

Make more pairs of shoes than any other 
manufacturer in the United States, making 
women's fine shoes exclusively. Production 
throughout the year averages two pairs 
e\ery minute. Prices, $2.00 and upward; 
nothing cheaper. Send for catalogue. 

28. Florsheim & Co., Chicago. Boots and 
shoes. D-4 656 

29. Ford, C. P., & Co., Rochester, N. Y. 
Ladies', misses and children's fine shoes. 

F-8 656 

30. Pox, Charles K., Haverhill, Mass. 
Shoes and sl'ppers. E-17 656 

30a. Freeman, J. Shoe M'f'g Co., Bloom- 
field, X. J. Men's waterproof shoes. 

E-18 656 

31. Fuller, George, & Co., Lynn, Mass. 
Welts, turns, boots and shoes. F-17 656 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

32. Gardner, John C, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Misses', children's and infants' shoes and 
slippers. F-'2 656 

33. Goodrich, Hazen B., Haverhill, Mass. 
Boots, shoes and slippers. E-17 656 

34. Greenman, Chas. E., Haverhill, Mass. 
Soles and leather. E-17 656 

35. Grover's Sons, J. J., Lynn, Mass. 
Boots and shoes. F-17 656 

36. Hall, S. W., Chicago. Overgaiters 
and leggins. F-25 656 

36a. Hamiltcn-Brown Shoe Co., St. Louis. 
Ladies' and men's fine shoes and work- 
men's shoes. D-7 656 

37. Hanan & Son, New York. Boots, 
shoes and slippers. D-10 656 

38. Harney Bros., Lynn, Mass. Boots 
and shoes. P^-H 656 

40. Henderson, C. M., & Co., Chicago. 

Boots and shoes. F-16 6.56 

42. Herrick, G. W., & Co., Lynn, Mass. 

Boots and shoes. F-17 656 

44. Hoag & Heath, Lynn, Mass. Boots 
and shoes. F-17 656 

45. Hub Gore Makers (Incorporated), Bos- 
ton. Shoe goring. F-5 656 

Sales largest in the world. Twice that of 
any other concern in America. Originators 
in 1888 of shoe elastic with incontestable in- 

46. Hutchinson, F. E., Haverhill, Mass. 
Ladies' shoes and slippers. E-17 656 

47. Laird, Schober & Mitchell, Philadel- 
phia. Boots and slippers. D-11 656 

48. Lattemann, J. J., Shoe Manufacturing 
Company, New York. Boots, ties and 
slippers. F-12 656 

49. Leonard-Atkinson Company, Chicago. 
Boots and shoes. F-i5 656 

49a. Ludlow, Geo. W. & Co., Chicago. 
Ladies', misses', children's fine shoes and 
slippers. F-5 656 

50. McNulty, P. F., San Francisco, Cal. 
Boots, shoes and gaiters. F-1 656 

51. Morse Bros. &"Co., Haverhill, Mass. 
Shoes and slippers. E-17 656 

52. Mousek, V. J., Chicago. Hand-made 
theatrical shoes. E-2 656 

54. Murphy Bros., Lynn, Mass. Boots 
and shoes. F-17 656 

55. New York Shoe Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Lynn, Mass. Boots and shoes. 

F-17 656 

56. Oblinger, Benjamin F., Philadelphia. 
Boots, shoes and slippers. E-15 656 

58. Phelps, Dodge & Palmer Co., Chi- 
cago. Boots and shoes. E-16 656 

59. Pingree & Smith, Detroit, Mich. 
Shoes. E-12 656 



Leather and Shoe Trades Exhibit. 

Exhibit riass'n 

No. No. 

5o. Plant, Thomas G., Lynn, Mass. 
Ladies' boots and shoes. F-17 656 

5i. Price & Wolff, Chicago. Slippers 
and low shoes. D-'2 656 

52. Renton, John B., Lynn, Mass. Heels 
and lifls. F-17 6-56 

53. Rice & Hutchins, Boston. Boots and 
shoes. E-11 656 

54. Rumsey Bros., Lynn, Mass. Boots 
and shoes. F-17 656 

54a. Scarinci, Beniamino, Philadelphia. 
Ladies' slippers, men's and boys' boots 
and shoes. F-o 656 

55. Schillaber & Co., Lynn, Mass. 
Women's boots and shoes. F-17 656 

56. Selz, Schwab & Co., Chicago. Boots 
and shoes. E-lo 656 

57. Scroggy, J. E. Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Frankfort, Ind. Overgaiters, boots 
and shoes. F-'24 656 

68. Smith, A. P., Lynn, Mass. Boots 
and shoes. F-17 656 

59. Smith, R. P., & Sons, Co., Chicago. 
Men's and boys shoes. D-5 656 

71. St. John Manufacturing Company, 
Jersey City, X. J. Infants' shoes and slip- 
pers. E-4 656 

72. Sutherland, D. A., Lynn, Mass. 
Boots, shoes, ties and slippers. F-17 656 

73. Swain, J. F., & Co., Lynn, Mass. 
Misses' and children's boots and shoes. 

F-17 656 

74. Tilt, J. E. Shoe Company, Chicago. 
Boots and shoes. F-7 656 

75. Turner, J. S., Rockland, Mass. 
Men's shoes. E-14 656 

76. 'Webert, Chas. L., St. Louis, Mo. 
Boots and shoes. E-9 656 

78. "Wells, M. D., & Co., Chicago. Boots, 
shoes and slippers. D-16 656 

79. "Wiley, Wm. H.,& Son, Hartford, Conn. 
Leggins, overgaiters, soles, etc. F-14 656 

3o. "Williams, Clark & Co., Lynn, Mass. 
' Boots and shoes. F-17 656 

Ji. "Wright & Richards, Rockland, Mass. 

Boots and shoes. F-4 656 

J2. " & Howes, Haverhill, Mass. 

Shoes and slippers. E-17 656 

CJROUP 109. 

33. American Rubber Company, Boston. 

Pvubber boots and shoes. C-10 683 

34. Boston Rubber Shoe Company, Bos- 
ton. Rubber boots and shoes; curios 
from South America. B-10 683 

35. Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Com- 
pany, Naugatuck, Conn. Rubber foot- 
wear. C-10 683 

Exhibit Ciass'n 

No. No. 

86. "Woonsocket Rubber Company, Provi- 
dence, R. I. Rubber footwear. D-15 683 

(iROUP 111. 

87. American Oak Leather Company, Cin- 
cinnati. Belting, soles, insoles, counters 
and leather. C-7 697 

88. Avery Leather Goods Company, Den- 
ver, Col. Leather clothing and novelties. 

E-8 697 

89. Barnet, J. S., & Bro., New York. 
Finished leather. C-13 697 

89a. Bechtel, & Son, John A., Newport, Pa. 
'sole leather. B-1 697 

90. Burk Bros., Philadelphia. Glazed kid, 
calf and pebble goat; shoes from same. 

A-5 697 

91. Gallery, Jas., & Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Harness leather. A-16 697 

92. Deford & Co., Baltimore. Oak 
slaughter, sole leather and butts. 

C-1 697 

93. Delvin, Thomas, Areata, Cal. Parts 
of harness and leather. A-6 697 

94. Eisendrath, B. D., & Co., Racine, "Wis. 
Shoe leather. C-14 697 

95. Eisendrath, "W. N., & Co., Chicago. 
Shoe and glove leather. C-9 697 

96. England & Bryan, Philadelphia. 
Sole leather. ^ C-4 679 

97. Fayerweather & Ladew^, New York. 
Belting and sole leather. C-1 697 

97a. Flaccus, "Wm. & Son, Pittsburg, Pa. 
Oak tan, harness and skirting leather. 

A-7 697 

98. Fcerderer, Robert H., Philadelphia. 
Glazed kid and shoes of same. B-7 699 

98a. Frank, S. H., & Co., San Francisco. 
a Sole, harness and belting leather. 

F-4 697 
b Walrus leather. 700 

99. Freiberg-"Wo}fstein Oak Tanning 
Company, Cincinnati. Harness leather. 

A-8 697 
99a. Gondolo Tannen Co., Boston. Oak- 
wood and chestnut tanning extracts. 

^A-2 696 

99b. Gordon, S.J., Boston. Fancy leather 

goods. E-19 705 

100. Groetzinger, A., & Son, Allegheny 
City, Pa. Sole leather and belting. 

B-5 697 
Manufacturers of harness leather of every 
description. Harness backs, trimmed har- 
ness, long harness, stained hand parts, fair 
hand parts, fair bridle and russet leather a 

loi. Groetzinger, J., & Co., Allegheny 
City, Pa. Harness leather. B-3 697 



Leather and Shoe Trades Exhibit. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

102. Groezinger's, G., Sons, Lancaster, 
Pa. Harness leather. A-24 697 

Tanners and curriers of "Fine Oak Harness 
Leather," and manufacturers of harness 
backs, trimmed harness, buff, stained and 
fair hand parts, fair bridle and russet 
leathers. Correspondence solicited. 
I02a. Halsey, J. H. & Smith, Newark, N.J. 
a Hides and leather. A-20 696 

b Patent and carriage leather. 699 

103. Halsey, Sam'l, & Son, Newark, N. J. 
Patent, enameled and fancy leather. 

A-29 699 

103a. Harwood, Charles E. Co., Lynn, 

Mass. Counters, insoles, taps, turn 

shanks, rands and heel stock. F-17 697 

104. Hauselt, Charles, New York. 

a Calfskins. A-;30 697 

b Glazed kid. 699 

104a. Hillard, R. E., Lynn, Mass. Soles 

and leather. F-17 697 

105. Hollinger, Amos, Lancaster, Pa. 
Harness leather. A-22 697 

105a. Hoople, Wm. Howard, New York. 
Goodyear welting. F-22 697 

108. Howard, J.^ W. & A. P., & Co., 
Corry, Pa. Sole leather. C-8 697 

Tanners of the well known "Howard 
Slaughter" specialties. Stock for sole cut- 
ters' and manufacturers' uses. 

109. Howell, T. P., & Co., Newark, N. J. 
Patent and enameled leather. A-14 699 

no. Kaufherr & Co., Newark, N. J. 

a Alligator leather. A-13 700 

b Lizard and snake skin and fa,ncy 
leather. 702 

iioa. Kent & Smith, Lynn, Mass. Vari- 
ous kinds and colors of shoe stains. 

F-17 697 

111. Kistler, Lesh & Co., Boston. Sole 
leather. C-3 697 

112. Lambeau Leather Company, Chicago. 
a Leather. B-9 697 
b Kangaroo calf, etc. 700 

113. Leas & McVitty, Philadelphia. Belt- 
ing butts and soles. B-4 697 

114. Levor, Gustav, Gloversville, N. Y. 
Patent shoe kid and kangaroo leather. 

A-10 699 
Manufacturer of every variety of dull 
dongola or American mat kid. 

117. Moffat, David, & Co., New York. 
Harness leathers. B-6 697 

Boston Agency, Nos. 161-165 Sumner St. 

118, Mooney, W. W., & Sons, Columbus, 
Ind. Harness and saddlery leather. 

B-11 697 
Tanners and curriers of Superior Pure Oak 
Tanned Harness and Saddlery Leather. The 

Exhibit Class' 

No. No. 

Mooney leather is guaranteed to be absc 
lutely pure oak-tanned and all hand-stuffec 
It is recognized as the most economical cul 
ting and satisfactorily working and wearini 
leather on the market. 

119. Pfister & Vogel Leather Companj 
Milwaukee, Wis. Leather. C-8 69 

120. Reilly, Patrick, & Son, Newark, N.J 
Patent and enameled leather. A-28 69 

i2oa. Rippman, C. A., Millerstown, Ps 
Oak sole and rough skirting leathe: 

B-2 69 

121. Sharp, Clarke & Co., Chicago 
Leather for boots and shoes. B-8 69 

122. Shaw Leather Company, Bostor 
Grain split and calf leather and shoes c 
same. A-26 69 

123. Smith, Hugh, Newark, N. J. 

a Patent and enameled leather. 

A-27 69 
b Upholstery leather. 70 

124. Smith's, Lyman, Sons Companj 
Norwood, Mass. 

a Sheep and lambskins. A-19 69 

/; Sheepskin bindings and linings. 70 

124a. Smoot, C. C. & Sons, Alexandria, Vj 

Scoured oak, slaughter, sole and beltin 

leather. A-12 69 

125. Swift and Company, Chicago. Hide 
and skins. A-17 69 

Attention especially called to variety c 
our classifications and superiority of tak 

126. Trostel, Albert, & Sons, Milwaukee 

a Tanned leathers. A-25 69 

/; Kangaroo calf. 70 

c Russia leather. 70 

127. Walker-Oakley Company, Chicag( 
Calfskin leather. C-11 69 

128. Weed, James B., & Co., Binghamtor 
N. Y. Finished leather. C-12 69 

129a. Western Tannery & Glove Works 
Chicago. Calf, kid, horse-hide and bud 
skin for gloves and shoes. A-8 69 

130. Wilder & Co., Chicago. 

a Horse hide. A-31 69 

b Sole leathers. 69 

131. Woodside Patent Calf Manufacturin 
Company, Newark, N. J. Patent and er 
ameled leather. A-1.5 69 

132. Zahn, William, Leather Companj 
Newark, N. J. Glazed and dongola ki 
leather. A-9 69 

133. Zohrlant, Herman, Leather Companj 
Milwaukee, Wis. B-12 

a Boot and plow shoe grains. 69 

b Kangaroo calf leather. 70 

c Oil leather. 70 


Leather and Shoe Trades Exhibit. 

GROUP 121. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

33a. Walter, C, Chicago. Polished an- 
imal horns, etc. D-3 

Exhibits Classed in Otlier Departments 
but Installed in this Building. 


GROUP 83. 

''ehicles and Metliods of Transportation 
on Common Roads. 

34. Kimball, C. P. & Co., Chicago. 

Coach, brougham, buggy and cart har- 
nesses. ' A-U 52.3 

35. Whitman Saddle Co., New York. 
Equestrian goods. A-1 523 

GROUP 84. 

lerial, Pneumatic and otlier forms of 


36. Bicycle Step-Ladder Co., Chicago. 

Rolling ladders for store and factory. 

F-30 525 

37. Gordon Traveling Ladder Co., Lex- 
ington, Ky. Traveling step ladders for 
shoe stores, libraries, etc. F-31 525 

38. Morley Bros., E. Saginaw, Mich. 
Railroad step-ladders for store and fac- 
tory. F-23 525 


GROUP 72. 

lachiuery for the Manufacture of Textile 
Fabrics and Clothing'. 

41. JEtna. Boot & Shoe Hardware Co., 

Unionville, Conn. Boot and shoe heel 
nailing machine. G-6 446 

42. American Heeling Machine Co., 
Brockton, Mass. Lightning heeling ma- 
chine. G-8 446 

43. Auburn Crimping Machine Co., Au- 
burn, Me. Crimping machines, etc. 

G-9 446 

44. Barrows, A., Brockton, Mass. Last 
and shoe rack. A-1 446 

45. Bertrand Lock-stitch Sewing Ma- 
chine Co., Boston. Sole sewing machines, 
etc. D-2 446 

46. Vaughn Machine Co., Boston. Hide 
and leather-working machinery. 445 

Vgentfor Europe, E. L. C. Schulz, 75 High 
it., Boston, Mass. U. S. A. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

147. Booth Bros., Rochester, N. Y. Turn- 
ing and cording machines. J-3 446 

148. Boot & Shoe Sole Laying Co., Bos- 
ton. Sole laying machines. G-5 446 

149. Bresnahan, Maurice V., & Co., Lynn, 
Mass. Automatic boot and shoe sole 
levelers. B-1 446 

150. Brett, Henry W., Boston. Shoe 
upper cementing machine. F-8 446 

151. Busell Trimmer Co., Boston. Edge 
trimmer. D-4 446 

152. Campbell Machine Co., Pawtucket, 
R. I. Shoe sewing machines. G-r2 446 

153. Chase Lasting Machine Co., Boston. 
Shoe lasting machinery. A-2 446 

154. Consolidated Hand Method Lasting 
Machine Co., Boston. Shoe lasting ma- 
chines. A-3 446 

155. Corrugated Rivet Co., San Francisco. 
Riveting machinery. F-S 446 

156. Elliott Button Fastener Co., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. Button attaching machine. 

F-7 446 

158. Eppler Welt Machine Co., Boston. 
Shoe sewing machines. G-13 446 

159. Felton, S. A. & Son Co., Manchester, 
N. H. Boot and shoe manufacturers' 
brushes. G-14 446 

160. Fifield, C. S. & Co., Boston. Shoe 
machinery. G-5 446 

161. Globe Buffer Co., Boston. Shoe ma- 
chinery. E-2 446 

162. Globe Button Hole Machine Co., 
Boston. Shoe button-hole machinery. 

J-2 446 
Latest gold medal awarded at Mass. Chari- 
table Mechanics' Association, 1892. 

163. Goodyear Shoe Machinery Co., Boston. 
Shoe machinery. K&F-3 446 

164. Harlow, Chas. F. & Co., Boston, 
Union wax thread sewing machines and 
shoe seam finisher. F-8 446 

165. Hartford Bros., Boston. Sole round- 
ing and pattern drafting machines. 

K-1 446 

166. Hemmingway Bros., Lynn, Mass. 
Leather working machinery. G-15 446 

i66a. Higgins, J. A., & Co., Mulford, Mass. 
Boot and shoe racks. F-8 446 

167. Holt, J. S. & Co., Boston. Boot and 
shoe machinery. C-3 446 

168. Humphrey M'f'g Co., Towanda, 
Pa. Shoe lining marker. F-8 446 

169. Hupper, E. A., Lynn, Mass. Shoe 
racks. F-8 446 

170. Jamison, S. W., Boot & Shoe Crimp- 
ing machine Co., Boston. Boot and shoe 
crimping machines. G-ll 446 



Leather and Shoe Trades Exhibit. 

Exhibit C'lass'n 

No. Xo, 

172. Lacing Stud Co., Boston. Studs and 
stud setting machines. D-2 446 

173. Leeson & Co., J. R., Boston. Thread 
winding machine. C-6 446 

174. Lightening Beader Co., Springviile, 
N. Y. Upper beading machines. 

F-S 446 

175. Littleton, S. M., Brockton, Mass. 
Heel seat beading machine. F-8 446 

176. Lufkin, R. H., Boston. Vamp fold- 
ing machines. F-8 446 

177. McKay Metallic Fastening Ass'n, 
Boston. Screw machine, nailer and slug- 
ger, strip tacker, etc. E-4 446 

178. McKay & Bigelow Heeling Machine 
Ass'n, Boston. Heel compressing and 
attaching machines. E-4 446 

179. Merrick Sewing Machine Co., Bos- 
ton. Shoe machinery. F-S 446 

180. Miller, O. A., Brockton, Mass. Boot 
and shoe trees and treeing machines. 

C-7 446 

181. Morley Button Sewing Machine Co., 
Boston. Shoe button sewing machine. 

J-1 446 

182. Naumkeag Buffing Machine Ass'n., 
Beverly, Mass. Machine and covers. 

E-.3 446 

183. Norris, T. A., Machinery Co., Brock- 
ton, Mass. Heel breast finishing machine. 

B-2 446 

184. Osborne, H. F., Newark, N. J. Tools 
and machinery for saddle and harness- 
making. A-23 445 

185. Philadelphia Barring Machine Co., 
Philadelphia. Barring and tacking ma- 
chines. J-4 446 

186. Reece Button-Hole Machine Co., 
Boston. Shoe button-hole sewing ma- 
chines. K-4 446 

187. Rockingham Machine Co., Exeter, 
N. H. Bout and shoe machinery. 

G-3 446 

188. Ross-Moyer M'f'g Co., Cincin- 
nati. Shoe machinery. F-2 446 

189. Sa-wyer Leather Machinery Co., 
Boston. Leather measuring machine. 

G-2 445 
Agent for Europe, E. L. C. Schulz, 75 High 
St., Boston, Mass. U. S. A. 

190. Saunders, S. L., Lynn, Mass. Shoe 
racks. F-8 446 

Exhibit Class 

No. No 

191. Singer M'f'g Co., New Yorl 

Sewing machines for leather work. 

D-2 4^ 

192. Standard Rivet Co., Boston. Rive' 
and studs and machines for driving sam 

G-10 i' 

193. Stanley M'f'g Co., Boston. Boi 
and shoe machinery. E 6 4^ 

194. Steam Heated Horn Co., Bosto 
Steam heated horns for sole sewing m 
chines. F-4 4' 

195. Stoddard Crimping Machine Cc 
Boston. Shoe crimping machinery. 

G-10 4' 

196. Swain-Fuller M'f'g Co., Boston. 
Boot and shoe machinery. G-4 4' 

196a. Thompson, Judson L., M'f'g Ci 
Waltham, Mass. Ri\'ets and rivet m 
chinery. F-1 4r 

197. Tripp Giant Leveler Co., Lynn, Mas 
Leveling machines. F-8 4' 

198. Tubular Rivet Co., Boston. Rive 
and rivet setting machines. D-6 A- 

199. Union Heel Trimmer Co., Bosto 
Boot and shoe heel trimming machines. 

D-5 4' 
199a. Union Leather Measuring Machii 
Co., Danversport, Mass. Leather mea 
uring machine. 4- 

This machine has no equal for accurac 
rapidity, ease and simplicity of action, ar 
for low cost, both of running and of origin; 
purchase. Will meet all competitors in 
trial for accurate measurement. Highe 
testimonials with price list. 

200. Union Special Sewing Machine Cc 
Chicago. Leather sewing machines. 

J-6 4^ 

201. Vaughn Machine Co., Boston, Mas 
Hide and leather working machinery. 

E-5 i4 
Agent for Europe, E. L. C. Schulz, 75 Hig 
St", Boston, Mass., U. S. A. 

202. Wire Grip Fastening Co., Bostoi 
Slugging and nailing machine. 

F-5 44 

203. Worcester, A. & Sons, Bostoi 
Boot and shoe manufacturers' brushes. 

F-8 44 





Leather and Shoe Trades Exhibit. 

GROUP 111. 

libit CJass'n 

o. No. 

Basset, Son Brothers & Co., Paris. 

Cid skins for shoes. 697 

Calixte Barande's Son, Paris. En- 
.meled, gilded kid skins. 

Collective Exhibit of Leather Manu- 
acturers of Graulhet (Lining skins). 
Andrei, Senior, 
^rmengaud, Ernest, 
^rmengaud, Leon. 
\.rmengaud, Charles, 
^uque, Justin & Co. 
^zemar & Peyre. 
3ardou Bros, 
iarthes, John, 
ierthoumieux, Charles. 
Jonsirven & Co. 
ioulade, Sr. 
ioulade, Jr. 
Jose, August. 
Marvel, Son (Lewis), 
^antayre Bros, 
laphalan, Charles, 

lazelles & Batigne. 
Davy, O. 
Douziech, Oscar. 
•"abre-Laurens Son. 
•"onvieille & Combes, 
""onvieille, Paul. 
Jau, James, 
jaulene & Co. 

liverseng, Father & Son. 
luc, Elias. 
ulien, Jr. 

..aurens-Madirac, Mrs. 
.avit & Co. 
.eavit & Grezes. 
/talet, Cadet, 
rlalet, Stephen, 
lanavit, Joseph, 
laurel & Estagieu. 
laurel, Henri, 
lauries, Armand. 
lauries-Got & Sabatie. 

erry, Senior. 

erry, Antoine. . 

erry, Felix. 

ons. Father & Son. 

.oques & Caxelles. 

oques, Emil. 

-ouffiac, Mrs. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

Vignier, Marc. 

4. Combe & Oriol, Paris. Kid skins. 697 

5. Courvoysier, Bourgoyn & Co., Paris. 
Skins for gloves. 697 

6. Courtois & Co., Paris. Curried 
leathers. 698 

7. Deon, Ulysse, Sens. Rabbit skins 
dyed for furs. 696 

8. Deschampes, Julius, Boisbelle. Ox 
and cow hides. 696 

9. Dollat Brothers, Paris. Wholesale 
hides, etc. 696 

ID. Floquet, Fernand, St. Denis (Seine). 
Morocco leather for tapestry. 705 

11. Floquet, Gaston, St. Denis (Seine). 
Dressed sheep skins. 697 

12. Guilleux, Louis, Paris. Dyed 
leathers. 697 

13. Guillou & Son, Paris. Calf, kid and 
sheep skins and curried goat skins. 698 

14. Lafrique & Pinton, Paris. Skins and 
hair for hat manufacturing. 702 

15. Leven Bros. & Son, Paris. Patent 
and enameled calf skins. 

16. Masurel & Caen, N. Croix. 
and leathers. 

17. Meyzonnier Son, Annonay. 
and curried calf skins. 

18. Pedailles, A., Paris. Calfskin. 

19. Petitpont & Co., Paris, 
calf and sheep skins. 

20. Pinede, Gustave, Bayonne. 
sheep skins. 

21. Poullain-Beurrier, Paris. 

22 ~' ' 









Lamb and 




Richard, Paris. Professional (Trade) 

23. Salasc, Benj., Bedarieux. Sheep 
skins, rough, and washed wools. 697 

24. Senat Co., Aubervilliers. Patent 
and enameled leathers. 699 

25. Sueur Son, Paris. Patent and en- 
ameled leathers. 699 

26. Trefousse & Co., Chaumont. Kid 
skins, dyed. 697 

27. Ullmo, Simon, Lyons. Smoothed 
leathers; white calf skins. 697 

28. Vincent, Charles, Son. Trade papers. 

29. Vuitton, Louis, Paris. Trunks and 
bags. 697 





Leather and Shoe Trades Exhibit. 

GROUP 88. 

Exhibit ('lass'n 

No. No. 

1. Flesh, Carl, Jr., Frankfurt. Tanning 

extracts and chemicals used for finishing 
leather. 552 

(tJROLP 104. 

2. Asch, Albert, Berlin. Leggins of 
horse leather, etc. 656 

3. Bender, Paul, i. F. A. Bender, Halle- 
on-the-Saale. Reform shoes. 656 

4. Eckhardt, Louis,Homburg v. d.Hoche. 
Boots, shoes, etc. 656 

5. Leder & Haarschaefte, Offenberg, Ba- 
den. Boot and shoe uppers. 656 

6. Lotz, Chr. Soehne, Kaiserslautern. 
Shoes with wooden soles. 6-56 

7. Seifert & Kloeber, Maila-Bavaria. 
Boots. 656 

8. Wickle, H., Halle. Boots and shoes. 

GROUP 109. 

9. Schwanitz, Carl, Berlin. Fire hose, 
belting, etc. 689 

GROUP 111. 

10. Berger, Heinrich, Ostritz-Saxony. 

Lacquered cow and horse hides. 699 

11. Bruederlein, Emil, Poessneck. Lac- 
quered cow, sheep and calf leather. 699 

12. Bruening, H. W., F. Spanger-Hol- 
stein. Horse leather. 700 

13. Caprano, Heinrich, Charlottenberg. 

a Sheep skins. 697 

b Curried goat skins. 698 

Muhlburg, Bader 



14. Elstatter, R., 
Glazed kid skins. 

15. Fischer, F., & Co 
Hair calf skins. 

16. Heil, J., Wandsbek, near Hambur 
a Leather for saddles. 

I' Leather for purses. 

17. Niedersheinische Aktiengesellsc 
fuer Lederfabrikation, vorm Z. S] 
V'ickrath-Rhine-Province. Dyed and ; 

18. Perlinger, August, Fuerth-Bavs 

19. Schmidt, F. L., Eckernfoerde. ( 
ried horse leather. 

20. Simon, Wilh. Kirn-on-the-Nahe 

21. Voelker, Julius, Eisenberg-Saxi 
Alkenburg. Horse leather. 

22. Waeldin, Huber, Lahr-Baden. 
Colored and black morocco. 

23. Weithase, R., & Co., Poessn 
Lacquered sheep skins. 

24. Wildbrett, Carl, Augsburg. Pa 

25. Wuelkwitz, Louis, Kirchheim, Nie 
Lausitz. Sheep skin. 

26. Zix, Louis, & Soehne, Nachf von 1 
& Aug. Korn, Saarbruecken. 

a Tanned leather. 
l> Leather belting. 





Leather and Shoe Trades Exhibit. 

GROUP 105. 

libit Class'n 
o, No, 
The Imperial Fishery Company, Hok- 

iaido. Furs. 660 

Exhibit Class'n 
No. No. 

5. Jihei Suga, Hyogo. Leather. 697 

6. Kocchiro Yura, Osaka. Curried 

leather. 698 

OROUP 111. 

7. Kokichi Tanaka, Tokyo. Leather 

work. 705 

Chojiro Nitta, Osaka. Curried leather. 


Daijiro Kumagai, Tokyo. Embossed 

eather. 705 

lemon Sato, Tokyo. Leather work. 


8. Nagasaki Leather Manufacturing 
Company, Nagasaki. Leather. 697 

9. Seijiro Ino, Osaka. Curried leather. 


10. Shinjiro Matsukane, Tokyo. Leather 

work. 705 



Leather and Shoe Trades Exhibit. 

GROUP 104. 

Mbit Class'n 

fo. No. 

Bueno, Carlos, Puebla. White satin, 
embroidered low shoes, sample of local 
general footwear. 656 

Committee, Local, Cuernavaca. Pair 
3f native sandals, lizard skins. 656 

Fung Lung Chung, Ures. Men's 
shoes. 656 

G6mez, Antonio, Durango. Shoes, 
k^arious styles. 656 

Gonzales, Munoz M., Mexico City. 
Gentlemen's shoes and lasts. 656 

Hernandez, Natividad, Durango. Rid- 
ing boots. 656 

Legorreta, Vicente, Toluca. Ladies' 
and gents' shoes. 
. Leon, Vicente de, Monterrey 
, Manzano, Roberto, Merida. 





. Nunez, Estanislao, Monterrey. 

and shoes. 

. Official Orphans' Asylum, Shops of 

the, Zacatecas. Boots and shoes of all 

kinds. 656 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

12. Penitentiary of Salamanca, Work- 
shops, Salamanca. Buckskin suits. 657 

13. Public School of Arts and Trades, the 
shops of the school, Toluca. Ladies' and 
gentlemen's shoes. 656 

13a. Public School of Arts and Trades, 
the shops of the school, Morelia. Ladies' 
and gents' goat skin suits; shoes. 656 

14. Rodriguez, Damaso, Saltillo. Shoes 
and buckskin. 657 

15. Rodriguez, Victoriano, San Luis Po- 
'tosi. Buckskin suit and gloves. 656 

16. Rojas, Pena Francisco, Toluca. 
Babies' shoes. 656 

17. Rus, Andres, Merida. Shoes. 656 

18. Jesus, Jacques, Durango. Shoes 
various styles. 656 

19. Valdes, Porfirio, Saltillo. Shoes, 
local styles. 656 

GROUP 111. 

20. Armendaiz, Francisco, 

Hides and skins, sole leather. 




Leather and Shoe Trades Exhibit. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

21. Avila, Venustiano, LaPiedad. Various 
skins. 696 

22. Bejarano, Ignacio, Mexico City. 
Wolves' skins. 696 

23. Brondo, Encarnacion, Monterrey. 
Deer skins. 696 

24. Cantu, Cesareo, Monterrey. Deer 
skins. 696 

25. Chavez, Felipe Ruiz de, Aguascalien- 
tes. Hides and skins. 696 

26. Chavez, Gregorio, Oaxaca. Wild 
cat skins, shoes, sole leather, calf skins, 
etc. 696 

27. Chisem, P. B., Ures. Sole leather. 


28. Committee, Local, Campeche. Fish 
skins cut in the rough, embroidered 
leather, alligator skins, etc. 700 

29. Committee, Local, Jalapa. Ravs? 
hides. 696 

30. Committee, Local, San Juan Bautista. 
Alligator and shoe skins. 700 

31. Cravioto, Rafael, Pachuca. Goat 
skins. 696 

32. Francisco, O. Arce, Bravos City. 
Various skins. 696 

33. Garcia, Emilio, & Co., Colima. Sole 
leathers. 697 

34. Gonzalez, Cosio Francisco, Queretaro. 
Deer and goat skins. 696 

35. Lartigue, Aurelio, Monterrey. Tiger 
skins, sheep skins. 697 

36. Lessance, Sucesor A., Mexico City. 
Leather belts. 696 

Exhibit Class 

37. Lopez, Alberto, Monterrey. Bla( 

goat skins. 6' 

387 Martinez, Mucio General, Puebl 

Hides and skins. 6' 

39. Menchaca, Santiago, Monterrey. V 
rious hides and skins. 

40. Mercado, Aristeo, Morelia. So 
leather, kid skins, goat skins, etc. 6i 

41. Moreno, Miguel, City of Teocaltich 
Shoe leathers. 6i 

42. Ojeda, Victoriano, San Luis Potos 
Printed buckskins, patent leather skin 
etc. 6! 

43. Zetina, Benito, Merida. Varioi 
skins. ' (3i 

44. Portillo, Rosario, Durango. So 
leather, hides and skins. 6! 

46. Ramirez, Felipe, Tula. Ox-hide 


47. Raphael, Bracho, Durango. Skins 
different animals. 6! 

48. Rodriguez, R., Tula. Ox-hides. 6i 

49. Romano, Leopaldo, Tepic. Alligator 
tiger and other skins. 7( 

50. Soberon, M. H., San Luis Potosi. 
Buckskins. 6i 

51. Tames, Jacinto, Linares. Collectic 
of hides aiid skins. 6i 

52. Zetina, C. B., Mexico City. Ca 
skins, sheep skins, goat skins. 65 

53. Quintanilla, Andres, Monterrey. Var 
ous hides and skins. '^' 






Leather and Shoe i rades Exhibit. 

C4E0UP 104. 



SIo. i>o. 

. Bogdanoff, V. F., St. Petersburg. 
Boots and shoes. 656 

. Boots & Shoes M'f g Co., St. Peters- 
burg. Boots and shoes. 656 
. Dishko, v., St. Petersburg. Boots 
and shoes. 656 
. Galeyff, M. I., Kazan. Boots and 
shoes. 656 
. Kibner, R. N., St. Petersburg. Boots 
and shoes. 656 
a. Ministry of War. Boots. 656 
. Russian American India Rubber Co., 
St. Petersburg. Boots, shoes and various 
articles. 656 
. Smirnoff, M. N., Nizjni Novgorod. 
Felt boots and shoes. 656 
. Sorockin, Village Kimra Tvier. 
Boots and shoes. 656 
. Vissotzky, A. I., St. Petersburg. 
Boots and shoes. 656 
. Weiss, H. K., St. Petersburg. Boots 
and shoes. 656 

GROUP 108, 

. Boots and Shoes M'f'g 
Petersburg. Bags and t runks. 
a. Buldakoff, St, Petersburg. 

. Dement, M., & Sons, 

Leather-bag-beds and straps. 

GROUP 111. 

. Boots and Shoes 

Petersburg. Leather 

Co., St. 






M'f'g Co., St. 

of various kinds. 


. Brusnitzin, N. M., St. Petersburg. 
Leather. 697 

. Damm, E. V., St. Petersburg. 
Specimens of stamped leather. 705 

. Djemotchkin, I. P., Moscow. Ham- 
burg leather. 697 


17. Eriva,nzeff, 

leather table 



M. J., Tifiis. Mosaic 

and samples of various 


18. Fofonoff, M. J., Village of Slobodskoy. 
Viatsk. Ammunition leather, wool, hair 
and glue. 697 

19. Galeyeff, M. I., Kazan. Leather for 
furniture upholstering. 705 

20. Hibner, R. N., St." Petersburg. 

a P^ish skins, raw and manufactured. 

d White calf leather and willow bark. 


21. Kosloff, I. A., Moscov/. Chamois 
leather and gloves. 657-702 

22. Kusnetzoff, A. I., St. Petersburg. 
Cap peak leather and harness. 697-9 

23. Karpova, M. A., St. Petersburg. 
Patent leather and oil cloth. 699-70? 

24. Lavrientieff, I. M., Bolagansky Dis- 
trict, Irkutsk. Leather. 697-701 

25. Miller, K. A., St. Petersburg. Leather. 


26. Mendelsohn, Km.. F., Archangel. 
Chamois leather. 702 

27. Rebroff, I. D., Moscow. Leather for 
boots and shoes. 697 

28. Semenoff, S. M., St. Petersburg. Calf 
skin, common and patent leather. 697-8-9 

29. Sorockin, Village Kimra Tvier. Ham- 
burg leather and shagreen. 697-699 

30. Skvorzoff & Sons, Moscow. Sole and 
saddle leather. 697 

31. Serebrennikoff, S. I., Village Mura- 
shkino Nigegorodsk. Leather. 697 

32. Savin, V. I., Ostushkoff Tvier. Rus- 

sian leather of various kinds. 
33. Vladimirsky Leather Work 


St. Petersburg. Straps, harnesses and 

various leather. 697 

34. Yakovkin, I. N., Blagoviestchensk on 

Amur. Leather. 697 




LOCATION— SECS. C and D and F— 1-2-3-4. 

Druggists' Supplies, Artists' Materials, Stationery, Upholstery, Ceramics and Mosaics 

GROUP 87. 

Exhibit ( lass'n 

No. No. 

1. Adamek, Anton, Vienna. Soaps and 
perfumes. 549 

2. Chemische Producten-Fabrik, Hrast- 
nigg (Styria). Red oxide of iron. 545 

3. Costella Alois, Goesting, near Graz 
(Styria). Restitutioss fluid. 549 

4. Petrik, Bernhard & Co., Bodenbach 
(Bohemia). "Antikesselstein-compound." 


5. Unterweger Brtider, Thai Assling. 
Conifer oil (with Alpine photographs). 549 

GROUP 88. 

6. Hardtmuth, L., & Co., Budweis (Bo- 
hemia). Artists' materials. 556 

GROUP 89. 

7. Braeunert, Hermann, Vienna. Orna- 
mental paper. 562 

8. Leykam- Josefsthaler Actiengesell- 
schaft fur Papier - und Druckindustrie, 
Gratwein, near Graz (Styria). Paper and 
paper pulp. 556 

9. Neusiedler Actiengesellschaft fuer 
Papierfabrication, \Menna. Paper. 556 

10. Piette, P., Freiheit (Bohemia). Writ- 
ing paper. 560 

11. Pollak, D. R. & Soehne, Vienna. 
Paper goods. 557 

12. Schloegelmuehl, Actiengesellschaft der 
k. k. priv. Papierfabrik, Vienna. Paper. 


13. Schnabl, Jak & Co., Vienna. Cigar- 
ette paper. 658 

14. Schuetz, Christian, Vienna. 

a Cigarette paper. 558 

b Colored paper. 662 


15. Chivalla Rud & Sohn, Vienna. 

a Portieres. 668 

b Stove-screens. 672 

16. Erste Oesterr. Thueren-und Fussbo- 
denfabriks-Gesellschaft, Vienna. Artistic 
furniture. 572 

17. Goldschmidt, Emil, Prague. Wooden 
shades. 570 

18. Jaeger & Thiel, Vienna. Fancy fur- 
niture of bamboo. 567 

19. Jaray, Sandor, Vienna. Ebony arti- 
cles. 572 

Exhibit Class'] 

No. No. 

19a. Kloepfer, Johann, Vienna. Furniture 

Parlor furniture, style Louis Quinze. 
20. Kohn, Jakob & Josef, Vienna. Fur 
niture of bent wood. 56' 

Warehouse 297 Pearl St., New York; 4' 
branch houses in all principal cities of th( 
world; 8 factories, 15,rj00 hands. Our seat; 
are bent from one piece of wood. Our paten 
indestructible iron screw leg joint acknowl 
edged the best. We export to all parts o 
the world. Send for catalogue. 

22. Mueller, Isidor, Vienna. Bambo( 
furniture. 66' 

23. Scheidl Alois, Vienna. Furniture. 66' 

24. Schmitt, Ludwig, Vienna. Furniture 

24a. Stiassny, Victor, Vienna. 

a Furniture. 66' 

b Artistic furnishings. 671 

(Gilt bronze, porcelain and plush furniture. 
Camerden & Forster, 1152 and 1154 Broad 
way, New York, U. S. agents. These good: 
represent the most novel made furniture ir 
Vienna. Please notice hat racks. 

25. Thonet, Gebrueder, Vienna. Furni 
ture of bent wood. 56' 

Branch, 824 Broadway, New York. Bent 
wood furniture invented 1839 by Michae 
Thonet. 21 branch houses in all principa 
cities of Europe. Seven factories; 11,00( 
hands. Product appropriate for use in al 
climates. Export to all parts of the world 
GROUP 91. 

26. Altziebler, Michael, Cilli (Styria.) Terrs 
cotta products. 57' 

27. Bawo & Dotter, Fischern near Carls 
bad. Porcelain articles. 67' 

28. Bosck, Carl Fr. & Co., Haida (Bohe 
mia). Porcelain articles. 67' 

29. Conrad C, Charlottenhuette neai 
Salzburg. Terra cotta goods. 67' 

30. Eichler, Ed., Dux. 

a Terra cotta goods. 57' 

b Fayance. 57( 

31. Fritzsche & Thein, Prague. Porcelaii 
tobacco pipes and flagons. 67' 

32. Goldscheider, Friedrich M., Vienna 
Terra cotta goods. 67-^ 

33. Groeschel & Spethmann, Teplitz' 
Turn (Bohemia). Porcelain. 57' 



Marble and Other Monuments, Glass and Glassware. 

exhibit riass'n 

No. No. 

14. Lampl, W., Leipa (Bohemia.) Floor 
of terrazzo mosaics. 580 

15. Lazarus & Rosenfeld, Steinschoenau 
(Bohemia). Porcelain ware. 577 

;5a. Lechner, R., Vienna. Terra cotta 
figures. 574 

;6. Mazel, Josef, Neustadt near Fried- 
land. Porcelain ware. 577 

17. Miller, Gustav, Bodenbach. Flowers 
of porcelain. 577 

[8. Neuhauser, Albert, Wilten. Mosaics. 
With Alpine photographs. 580 

19. Otto, B., Vienna. Terracotta ware. 572 

[9a. Porzellan Fabrik, Victoria Altrohlau, 
Carlsbad, Bohemia. Porcelain goods. 577 

Vlanufacturers of all kinds of useful and 

)rnamental chinaware and art pottery. 

\merican branch, Lazarus, Rosenfeld & 

;.ehmann, 60 and 62 Murray St., New York, 

ind 66 E. Lake St., Chicago. 

[O. Richter, Gustav H., Warnsdorf (Bohe- 
mia). Porcelain ware. 577 

[I. Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel, Tep- 
litz-Turn (Bohemia). Porcelain goods. 577 

^3. stellmacher, Alfred, Turn-Teplitz (Bo- 

a Fayance ware. 576 

d Porcelain goods. 577 

\/\. Urbach, Brueder, Teplitz (Bohemia). 
a Terra cotta goods. 574 

d Majolica. 575 

c Fayance. 576 

\S. Wagner, Anna, Emailatelier, Vienna. 
Enameled ware. 576 

^6. Wahliss, Ernest, Vienna. 

a Specialties in Vienna porcelain. 575 
d Perforated fayance. 676 

c Fine art pottery. 577 

Leading firm in this line. Shows a most 

aeautiful collection of porcelain, fayance, 

ind artistic pottery; "Christian Martyr," 

'The Four Parts of the World," "Rape of 

the Sabines," "Psyche," "Cleopatra," Two 

oopies After Deuner. Among the collection 

ire two very large Vienna vases. 

yj, Wiener, Email Werke, Vienna. En- 
ameled ware. 576 
GROUP 92. 

\S. Stuflesser, Ferdinand, St. Ulrich, 
Groeden. Sculptures. With Alpine pho- 
tographs. 881 

1.9. Brozovic, Franz, Vienna. Bronze 
dish. 585 

)0. Kalmar, J. (formerly Ludwig Boehm), 
Vienna. Bronze goods. 585 

ji. Kratochvil, Lorenz, Vienna. Fancy 
bronze goods. 585 

b2. Krauliz, Adolf, Vienna. Fancy bronze 
goods. 585 


OROUP 93. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

53. Lux, C. W., Widow, Vienna. Bronze 
goods. 585 

54. Milde, Albert & Co., Vienna. Art 
metal work. 585 

55. Nehr, Alexander, Vienna. Art metal 
work. 585 

56. Neufeld, Leopold, Vienna. Goods of 
bronze and brass. 585 

57. Schwarz, Anton, Vienna. Art metal 
work. 585 

58. Stiassny, Victor, Vienna. Bronze 
goods. 585 

59. Waschmann, Carl, Vienna. Ciseled 
bronze and silver goods. 585 

60. Wilhelm Ludwig, Vienna. Art metal 
work. 585 

GROUP 94. 

61. Bouquoy'sche Graf Carl, Glasfabrik 

Schwarzthal, (Bohemia). Fancy glass- 
ware. 593 

62. Goldberg, Karl, Haida (Bohemia). 
Decorated glass goods. 593 

63. Harrachsche, Erlaucht Graf, Glasfab- 
riken, Neuwelt (Bohemia). Fancy glass- 
ware. 593 

64. Heyenbarth August's Erben, Haida 
(Bohemia). Fancy glassware. 593 

65. Huebner, Ferdinand, Vienna. Glass- 
ware. 593 

66. Inwald, Josef, Vienna. Glassware. 593 

67. Lazarus & Rosenfeld, Steinschoenau 
(Bohemia). Glassware. 593 

American tjranch, Lazarus, Rosenfeld & 
Lehmann, 60 and 62 Murray St., New York, 
and 66 E. Lake St., Chicago. 

68. Lobmeyr, J. & L., Vienna. Fancy 
glassware. 593 

69. Loetz Johann Wittwe, Klostermuehle 
(Bohemia). Fancy glassware. 593 

70. Moser, Ludwig, Karlsbad. Fancy 
glassware. 935 

71. Mueller, Hermann, Ulrichsthal-Meis- 
tersdorf (Bohemia). Glassware. 591 

72. Rasch, Clemens & Sohn, Ulrichsthal 
(Bohemia). Fancy glassware. 59.3 

73. Schimmel & Kraemer, Steinschoenau 
(Bohemia). Fancy glassware. 593 

74. Taussig, M., Gablonz near Reichen- 
berg. Fancy glassware. 693 

75. Tschernich & Co., Haida (Bohemia). 
Fancy glassware. 593 

76. Ulrich, Heinrich, Wilhelmsthal near 
Iglau. Fancy glassware. 593 

77. Wagner, Franz, Ulrichsthal-Meisters- 
dorf (Bohemia). Fancy glassware. 593 

78. Zeckert, Johann & Sohn, Meisters- 
dorf (Bohemia). Fancy glassware. 793 



Carvings, Gold and Silverware, Jewelry. 

GROUP 96. 

Exhibit ClasB'n 

No. No. 

79. Albert, Alexander, Vienna. Ebony 
work. 598 

80. Amber Turners of Vienna, Collective 
exhibit: Amber and meerschaum work: 
Anton Budel, Franz Danes, Franz Irges, 
Ignaz Kunesch, Johann Lederer, Adolf 
Lichtblau, Johann Ossana, Brueder Spiller. 
Pearl and ivory: Rudolf Furtner, Victor 
I. Wachtel. Smoking articles: Georg 
Berouschek, Josef Frankenstein, Ludwig 
Pressler, Anion Reitter, Franz Siroucek, 
Thomas Strait. Wood: Mich., Bing & 
Sohn, Rudolf Breyer, Edler & Vincenz, M. 
Goldfarb, Franz Hiess & Sohne, H. Kem- 
perling, Karl Kunisch, Leo Langstein, 

~ Johann Ledwina, Karl Mueller, Karl Paw- 
lick. Metal: Josef Beran, Josef Homolka, 
Johann Payer, Johann Perstinger, Anton 
Schall, Julius Zipper. 680 

81. Bamberger, Carl, Vienna. Ebony 
work. 598 

8ia. Hiess, Franz and Soehne, Vienna. 
Carvings in ivory, amber and shell. 599 

82. Kloepfer, John, Vienna. Carvings 
□ in ebony. 598 
82a. Krehan, Karl, Vienna. Carvings in 
n mother of pearl. 599 

83. Krejcik, Josef, Prague. Ecclesiastical 
wood carvings. 598 

84. Loewy & Fuchs, Vienna. Wood carv- 
Ti ings. 598 

85. Pfeiffer, Carl, Vienna. Carved wood. 598 

86. Robitschek, F., Karbitz, Bohemia. 
Rosaries, crucifixes, etc. 598 

87. Scheiber & Klein, Vienna. Carvings 
in ebony. 598 

GROUP 97. 

88. Boehm, Herman, Vienna. Gold and 
silverware. 604 

89. Frank Brueder, Vienna. Gold and 
silverware. 604 

90. Gallus & Wolf, Prague. Gold and 
silverware for the table. 604 

91. Heller, Baldwin, Soehne, Teplitz, 
Bohemia. Metal ware. 608 

92. Jira, Franz, Prague. Gold ware. 604 

93. Langer, Emil Rudolf, Landskron, 
Bohemia. Gold and silverware. 607 

94. Lustig, Karl L., Vienna. Gold and 
silverware. 604 

95. Peterka, Johann, Vienna. Metal 
goods. 608 

96. Pick & Fleischner, Vienna. Cane 
heads. 607 

97. Porzer, Thomas, Vienna. Cane heads 
of gold and silver. 607 

98. Robesch, Johann, Vienna. Gold and 
silverware. 604 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

99. Scheid, G. A., Vienna. Silverware 
and jewelry. 604 

Silver fancy goods, cigarette cases, 

match boxes, souvenir spoons, etc. 

Choice painting, enameling and artistic 

modeling a specialty. 

100. Stern, Heinrich, Vienna. Metal goods. 


Id. Trnka, Gebrueder, Prague. Metal 
goods. 608 

102. Unger, Franz, Vienna. Fancy metal 
goods. 608 

103. Zander, Alfred, Vienna. Tableware. 


GROUP 98. 

104. Fuxa, Gebrueder, Kuttenberg (Bo- 
hemia). Jewelry. 612 

105. Gerlitzky Josef R., Prague. Garnet 
articles. 615 

106. Goldschmidt, Michael, Soehne, k. k., 
Hoflieferansten, Vienna. Garnet articles. 


107. Heller, Baldwin, Soehne, Teplitz (Bo- 
hemia). Jewelry. 612 

108. Jeiteles, Jakob H. Soehne, Gablonz 

a Jewelry. 612 

/> Pearls. 615 

109. Jira, Franz, Prague. Garnet goods. 

no. Kaminski, D. Prague. Garnet goods. 


111. Kersch, M., Vienna. Garnet goods. 


112. Kirchner,Marie,Goerz (Kuestenland). 
Jewelry. 612 

113. Kretsch, Jacques, Vienna, Jewelry. 


114. Paxreiner, Karl, Vienna. Jewelry. 


115. Roessler, J., Gablonz (Bohemia). 
Jewelry. 612 

116. Sailer, Benedict, Vienna. Goods of 
tortoise-shell and horn. 614 

117. Schier, Franz, Gablonz, near Rei- 
chenberg. Jewelry. 612 

118. Schlechta, Franz, Curnau (Bohemia). 
Garnet goods. 615 

119. Steiner & Kolliner, Prague. Garnet 
goods. 615 

120. Tresnak, Johann, Vienna, Garnet 
goods. 615 

121. Turiet & Bardach, Vienna. Jewelry. 


122. Weigend & Pueschner, Tyssa, near 
Bodenbach (Bohemia). Jewelry. 612 

123. Wuensch, Adolf E,, Triest, Jewelry. 




Horology, Silks, Yarns, Woven and Felted Goods, Clothing, etc. 

GROUP 99. 

chibit Class'n 

^fo. No. 

4. Fuxa Gebrueder, Kuttenberg (Bohe- 
mia). Parts of watches. 618 

GROUP 100. 

5. Hueckls J, Soehne, Neutitschein 

(Moravia). Soft and stiff hair and velvet 
hats. 630 

6. Leon, Julius, Vienna. Portrait of His 
Majesty, the Emperor of Austria, woven 
in silk. 629 

7. Neumann, David, Sohn, Zwittau (Bo- 
hemia). Silk goods and velvets. 630 

GROUP 102. 

8. Garber, Johann & Sohn, Vienna. 

Cotton goods. 638 

i8a. Hakl, Johannes, Starkenbach, Bo- 
hemia. Linen goods. 639 

9. Helfert, Karl, Freudenthal (Silesia). 
a Cotton goods. 638 
b Linen and damask goods. 639 

;0. Marburg, G., Freudenthal (Silesia). 
a Cotton goods. 638 

b Linen goods. 639 

1. Plischke, J., & Soehne, Freudenthal. 
a Cotton goods. 638 
b Linen goods. 639 

2. Siegl, Karl, sen., Maehr. Schoenberg. 
Linen goods. 639 

GROUP 103. 

3. Auspitz L. Enkel, BrUnn. Woolen 
goods. 641 

4. Baur& Soehne, Innsbruck. "Loden" 
cloths (with Alpine photographs). 

5. Kurz, Franz, Jagerndorf (Silesia). 
Woolen goods. 641 

6. Latzko, Heinrich, Bruenn. Woolen 
goods. 641 

7. Maier, Jos. J., & Co., Vienna. 
Woolen goods. 641 
8= Oesterreicher, Josef St., Prague. 
Laces. 647 

Quittner, Jakob & Soehne, Troppau. 

Woolen goods. 641 

. Redlich, Friedrich, Bruenn. Woolen 

oods. 641 

. Salomon, Jos. J., Reichenberg. 

Woolen goods. 641 

Samek Brueder, Bruenn. Woolen 

goods. 641 

3. Schwarz, philipp, Vienna. Small 

wares for furniture. 647 

Zipser, Eduard, & Sohn. Colored 

woolen cloths. 


GROUP 104. 

4a. Budie, Edouard (Maisen de Blanc), 
Vienna. Lingerie. 653 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

145. Dewideles, Simon, Prague. Gloves. 


146. Fuerth, Wolf & Co., Strakowitz 
(Bohemia). Turkish fez. 654 

147. Gibian, M., Vienna. Gloves. 657 

148. Habig, P., & Co., k. k. Hofhutmacher, 
Vienna. Felt and silk hats. 654 

149. Fta, J. Heinr., Vienna. Felt and silk 
hats. 654 

150. Joss, M.,& Loewenstein, Prague. 
Laundry goods. 658 

150a. Kirchner, Marie, Goerz. A jour shoe 
ware. 656 

151. Loewenstein, Adolf R., Vienna. Boots 
and shoes. 656 

152. Maison Olga Edelmann, Vienna. 
Costumes. 653 

21. Menkes, Ephraim, Elbeteinitz (Bohe- 
mia). Model of bureau. 567 

153. Stiassny, Franz & Max, Hoflieferan- 
ten, Vienna. Gloves. 657 

154. Strakosch, B., Vienna. Boots and 
shoes. 656 

155. Suppancic, V., Vienna. 

a Shirts. 658 

b Corsets. 653 

156. Weiss, Rudolf, Vienna. Gloves. 657 

157. Zucker, Mathias, & Co., Vienna. 
Turkish fez. 654 

GROUP 106. 

158. Adler & Langer, Buenanburg (Bo- 
hemia). Metal buttons. 668 

159. Bruck, F., Teplitz (Bohemia). But- 
tons of stone-nut. 668 

160. Heller Baldwin Sohne, Teplitz (Bo- 
hemia). Buttons. 668 

161. Jeiteles, Jakob, H. Sohn, Gablonz 
(Bohemia). Fancy buttons and hat trim- 
mings. 668 

Agents for U. S. A., Ostheimer Brothers, 
Philadelphia and New York, and in the 
Austrian section, Chicago exhibition. 

162. Mayer, Sigmund, Vienna. Fans. 667 

163. Paechter, Adolf, Bodenbach. But- 
tons. 668 

164. Pick & Fleischner, Vienna. Metal 
buttons. 668 

165. Popp, Hermann, Vienna. Pearl but- 
tons. 668 

166. Storcks Karl Nachfolger, Vienna. 
Buttons. 668 

167. Stupka, Mariette, Vienna. (Collective 
exhibit of the turners of Vienna.) Fancy 
buttons. 668 

168. Tragsail, Heinrich, Vienna. Fans. 667 

169. Traub & Strauss, Vienna. 

a Fans. 667 

b Trimmings. 668 



Hair Work, Traveling Equipments, Scales, Material of War, Etc. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

170. Weigend & Pueschner, Tyssa, near 
Bodenbach (Bohemia). Metal buttons. 668 

171. Weisz, Samuel, Vienna. Fans. 667 

GROUP 107. 

172. Mayer, Sigmund, Vienna. Combs. 


172a. Spieler and Eisler, Vienna. Artistic 

whalebone. 675 

173. Tauber, Johann & Soehne, Vienna. 
Brushes. 675 

GROUP 108. 

174. Arneth, Franz, Vienna. Fancy leather 
goods. 680 

175. Bachinger, E., Vienna. Fancy leather 
goods. 680 

176. Foerster, A., Vienna. Fancy leather 
goods. 680 

177. Gussmann, Bernhard, Vienna. Fancy 
leather goods. 680 

178. Heller, Karl, Vienna. Fancy leather 
goods. 680 

179. Huebner, Ferdinand, Vienna. Fancy 
leather goods. 680 

180. Lindner, Oswald, Vienna. Umbrellas 
and canes. 681 

181. Mayer, Sigmund, Vienna. Fancy 
goods. 680 

182. Walter, Georg, Vienna. 

a Smokers' supplies. 680 

b Canes. 681 

183. Weidmann, J., k. k. Hof und Kam- 
merlieferant. Leather fancy goods. 680 

184. Willrader, Carl, Vienna. Smokers' 
supplies. 680 

185. Wuerzel, M., & Soehne, Vienna. 

a Leather fancy goods. 680 

b Traveling equipments. 678 

GROUP 109. 

186. Trebitsch Brueder, Vienna. Rubber 

goods. 683 

GROUP 110. 

187. Grmela, Franz, Unterdorf (Moravia). 

Fancy case of wood. 695 

GROUP 111. 

188. Hofmeier, Julius. Leather imitation 

for wall decoration. 705 

Agent E. W. Maass, 31 Liberty St., N. Y. 

189. Poeschers,Josef,Soehne, Vienna. Ma- 
chine straps. 704 

GROUP 113. 

190. Skoda, E.,Pilsen (Bohemia). Mitrail- 
leuses. 715 

GROUP 115. 

Exhibit Class' 

No. No. 

191. Hoschek Brueder, Prague. Steal 

cooking apparatus. 7'2 

192. Reiss, August, Nachfolger, Viennj 

Coffee and tea cooking apparatus. 7S 

GROUP 116. 

193. Denk, Josef, Vienna. Tin-plat 

goods. Tc 

194. Winkler, Alois & Co., Vienna. Tir 

plate signs. 7£ 

GROUP 119. 

195. Egydyer Eisen und Stahl-Industri 

Gesellschaft, V'ienna. Files of crucibl 

steel. 75 

195a. Meintschel, Karl, Nixdorf, Bohemi£ 

Pocket knives, scissors. 75 

196. Skoda, E., Pilsen (Bohemia). Ste( 
goods. 74 

GROUP 120. 

197. Dumont, Paul, Vienna. Bathing ap 
pliances and attachments. 75 

198. Guttmann, L., Vienna. Closets. 75 

199. Nadhera, A,, Vienna. Closets. 75 

GROUP 121. 

200. Hoffmann Josef, Reichenberg. Bil] 
iard cues. 

201. Kowarz, Johann, Vienna. Peai 

202. Krehan, Karl, Vienna. Pearl goods 

203. Zabokrtsky, Franz, Prague. Billiar 

Exhibits Classed in Other Departments 
but installed in This. 


GROUP 142. 
Paintings on Porcelain or Other Wares 

204. Komtschek, Anton Wenceslaus 

Weinberg near Prague. Glass and porce 
lain paintings. 


GROUP 150. 
Literature, Boolis, Libraries, Journalism 

205. Enders, L. V. Noutitscheim, Mor 

avia. Stationery and printed goods. 85 

206. Engel, Emil M., Vienna. Printei 
and lithographic work. 85 

207. Halauska A., Hallein- Salzburg. 

Selenotype prints. 85 




LOCATION— SEC. L-1-2-3-4. 

Druggists' Supplies, Paints, Paper, Upholstery, Ceramics, Etc. 

GROUP 87. 

Ixhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1. Burelle, P., Brussels. Chemical prod- 

la. Coperman's, Alph., Antwerp. 




2. Debin, Jules, Charleroi. 

a Pharmaceutical preparations. 547 
b Bandages. 548 

3. De Marbaix, Aug., Antwerp. Per- 
fumery and soap. 549 

4. Demoulin-Fastre, Jacques, Liege. 
Cosmetics and pomades. 549 

4a. "Fortis" Powder and Explosives 
Company, Limited, Brussels. Powder 
and explosives. 550 

5. Jonas, Aime, Brussels. Essential oils, 
essences. 549 

6. Mampaey, Pierre, Antwerp. Elixir. 


7. Poncelet, Em., Verviers. 

a Lozenges; medicinal chocolates. 547 
b Bandages. 548 

GROUP 88. 

B. Botelberge, Gustave, & Co., Melle- 

lez-Gand. Ultramarine. 552 

J. Meyer, Max, Brussels. Ink. 552 

D. Mommen, F., Brussels. Artists' 

supplies. 555 

1. Tempels, Daniel, Brussels. Artists' 
colors. 555 

GROUP 89. 

2. Dars & Co., Merbes-le-Chateau. 

Bituminated building-board for roofs. 557 
J. Dartois, J., & Co., Jupille-lez-Liege. 
Bituminated building-board. 557 

\. De Vriendt, Andre, Brussels. Wrap- 
ping paper. 558 
5. Meyer, Maz, Brussels. 

a Paper. 560 

b Pens. 564 

5. Vandermynsbrugge, Victor, London. 

Typewriters and stenographic machines. 


GROUP 90. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

17. Baes, Henri, Brussels. Decorative 
panels and drawings. 570 

18. Damman & Washer, Brussels. Wain- 
scoting, inlaid floors, etc. 571 

i8a. Demeuter, L., Son & Co., Brussels. 
a Furniture. 567 

b Draperies. 568 

19. Mazy, L., Brussels. Decorative paint- 
ing. 571 

19a. Meyer, Edouard, Brussels. Decorative 
panel. 569 

20. Petit, J. B., pere, Ixelles. 

a Chairs. 565 

b Furniture. 567 

c Hangings. 568 

21. Petit, Julien, Ixelles. Decorative paint- 
ing. 571 

22. Pierrard, Joseph, fils, Brussels. Deco- 
rative painting. 571 

23. Rosel, F., Brussels. 

a Furniture. 567 

b Draperies. 568 

24. Societe Anonyme des Glaces d'Auve- 
lais; Auvelais. Beveled mirrors. 569 

25. Societe Anonyme des Glaces de Char- 
leroi, Roux. Beveled mirrors. 569 

26. Tasson, Joseph, Brussels. Decorative 
panels. 570 

27. Van Drooghenbroeck, Justinien, Brus- 
sels. Designs for paintings, coats of arms, 
escutcheons, etc. 570 

28. Verstraete, Arthur, Gand. 

a Easy chairs. 565 

b Couches. 567 

GROUP 91. 

29. Boch, freres, La Louviere. 
a Porcelain table ware. 
b Tiles. 
c Mural decorations. 

30. Escoyez, Louis, Tertre 


Ceramic tiles. 


31. Fieve, G., & Co., Gand. 
31a. Pollard, J., Brussels. 

ware for decorative purposes. 

32. Wilmart, E., & Co., Basecles. Marble 

tile. 578 




Mantels, Art Metal Work, Glassware, Jewelry, Etc. 

GROUP 92. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

33. Denis, Victor, Brussels. Marble man- 
tels. 683 

34. Evrard-Higot, L., Annevoie. Marble 
mantel. 583 

35. Evrard, Leonce, Brussels. Marble 
mantels and objects of art. 583 

GROUP 93. 

36. Compagnie des Bronzes, Brussels. 
Bronze statues, vases, groups, etc. 585 

36a. Seghers, Castelle (Guillaume), Brus- 
sels. Screen of forged iron. 585 

37. Vandonck, Louis, Brussels. Art 
bronzes. 585 

GROUP 94. 

38. Baudoux, Eugene, Jumet. Window 

glass. 590 

39. Bauthiere, Jules, Montigny-sur-Sam- 
bre. Window glass. 590 

40. Desgain Freres, Lodelinsart. Window 
glass. 590 

41. Lambert & Co., Jumet. Window glass. 


42. Mondron, Leon, Lodelinsart. 

a Window glass. 590 

b Cut glass, engraved and etched. 592 
c Fancy glassware. 593 

43. Pierson, J., fils, Brussels. Engraved 
glass. .592 

44. Societe anonyme des Verreries de la 
Roue, Lodelinsart. Window glass. 690 

45. Societe anonyme des Verreries de 
L'Etoile, Marchienne-au-Pont. Window- 
glass. 590 

46. Societe des Verreries de Mariemont, 
Haine-Saint-Pierre. Window glass. 590 

47. Societe anonyme des Verreries de 
Jumet, Jumet. Window glass. 590 

GROUP 95. 

48. De Taffe, Adolphe, Brussels. Stained 
glass. 596 

49. Pluys, Leopold, Malines. Painted 
glass windows. 697 

50. Willcox, Constant, Malines. Stained 
glass windows. 696 

GROUP 97. 

51. Houy, C, Brussels. Silverware. 604 

GROUP 98. 

52. Brand, George, Brussels. Fancy 
jewelry. 612 

52a. Dufour, Auguste, Brussels. Jewelry. 


Exhibit Clasj 

No. No 

53. Houy, C, Brussels. Jewelry. 6 

54. Vandemaele, Emile, Brussels. G 
jewelry. 6 

55. Van Strydonck, Leopold, Brussel 
Jewelry. 6 

GROUP 101. 

56. Societe anonyme de La Lys, Gan 

Jute and tow fibres. 6 

GROUP 102. 

57. Baertsoen & Buysse, Gand. Lin( 
and other fabrics. 6 

58. Defraiteur, Eugene, Verviers. Cord 


59. Eloy & Co., Brussels. Cotton print 


60. Societe anonyme de Florida, Gan 
Cotton fabrics and thread. 6 

61. Societe anonyme de La Lys, Gan 
Linen thread and cord. 6 

62. Societe anonyme La Dendre, Te 
monde. Cotton counterpanes. 6 

63. Societe anonyme liniere La Liev 
Gand. Linen thread and cord. 6 

64. Thienpont, L., & fils, Gand. Lin( 
tablecloths, damask, etc. 6 

65. Van den Bemden, J. B., Brussel 
Candle-wick, etc. 6 

GROUP 103. 

66. Darimont, L. & H. & frere, Verviei 
W'oolen goods. 6 

67. Chatin, Joseph & Co., Ensival. No 
eltv goods. 6 

68. fearot, L. & J., Verviers. Wool( 
goods. 6 

69. Lejeune, Leon, Verviers. Cardi 
wool; yarn. 6 

70. Lieutenant, Henri, Pepinster. Combi 
and carded wool; yarn. 6 

71. Petit & Follet, Verviers. Wool( 
goods. 6 

72. Pirenne, freres, Verviers. Wool< 
goods. 6 

73. Simonis, Iwan, Verviers. Wooh 
goods, billiard cloth, etc. 6' 

74. Societe anonyme Beige de Peignaj 
et Filature de Laine La Vesdre, Verviei 
Yarns, etc. 6' 

75. Van Damme & Keuller, Hamme. Ca 
pets. 6 

76. Voos, J. J., Verviers. Woolen good 

GROUP 104. 

77. Dutoict & Co., Brussels. Corsets. 


78. Fontaine, freres, Leuze. Hosiery. 6 



Furs, Laces, Traveling Equipments, Material of War, Etc. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

79, Gengoux, J. B., Brussels. Boots and 
shoes. 656 

Jo. Gillet, F., Brussels. Boots and shoes. 

5i. Hepworth & Co., Watteren. Hosiery. 


J2. Manufacture de feutres et chapeaux, 

Brussels. Hats. 654 

J3, Vanbuggenhoudt, fils aine & Co., 

Brussels. Men's ready made clothing. 


J4. Vaxelaire-Claes, Brussels. Ladies' 

costumes, etc. 653 

GROUP 105. 

35, Block, C. & Welsch, A., Meirelbeke- 
lez-Gand. Furs and skins. 660 

36. Block, Edmund, Gendbrugge. Furs 
and skins. 660 

S7. Jaubert, Edmond, Cureghsem. 

a Dyed furs and skins. 660 

b Muffs, etc. 662 

38. Societe anonyme "La Fourrure," 
Alost. Furs and skins. 660 

GROUP 106. 

39. Campagnie des Indes, Brussels. 
Laces. 644 

JO. Dedlercq-Clement, Iseghem. Laces, 
etc. 664 

ji. Derooster, R., Brussels. Buttons and 
military ornaments. 668 

J2. Goetghebuer, Alida, Brussels. Em- 
broideries. 665 
J3. Grosse, Joseph, Bruges. Embroidery. 


J4. Houtmans, Adrien-Jean, Brasschaet. 

a Laces. 664 

b Embroideries. 665 

J5. Lavalette & Co., Brussels. Laces. 

j6. Minne-Dansaert, Mile., Brussels. 

Laces. 664 

J7. Pierson, Josephine, Ixelles. Embroid- 
eries, etc. 665 
j8. Verbist, M., Brussels. 

a Laces. 664 

b Embroideries. 665 

GROUP 108. 

J9. Houtain, Emile, Brussels. Pipe bowl. 


GROUP 109. 

100. De Schamphelaer,Pol.,Gand. Rubber 

goods. ^ 683 

GROUP 111. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

loi. D'Anvers, Charles, Gand. Leather 

belting, etc. 704 

GROUP 112. 

102. Foidart, Mathieu, Brussels. Water 
meters. 711 

GROUP 113. 

103. Ancion, J., Liege. 

a Military small arms. 714 

b Sporting fire arms. 718 

104. Clement, C., Liege. 

a Military small arms. 714 

b Sporting fire arms. 718 

105. Fabrique nationale d'armes de guerre, 
Herstal. Military small arms, ammuni- 
tion. 714 

106. Heuse-Lemoine, E., Nessonvaux. 
Gun barrels. 714 

107. Lochet-Habran, Laurent, Jupille. 
Steel gun barrels. 714 

108. Nagant, E. & L., Liege. Fire arms. 


109. Pieper, Henri, Liege. 

a Military fire arms. ' 714 

b Sporting fire arms. 718 

GROUP 114. 

no. Bruers, Louis, Brussels. Gas lamps. 


111. Fraikin & Andrien, Liege. Lamps. 


112. Schroeter-Aaerts, Malines. Brass 
chandeliers. 721 

GROUP 115. 

113. Bertels, Jos., Antwerp. Copper fire- 
place. 724 

114. Fraikin & Andrien, Liege. Petro- 
leum stoves. 729 

115. Hepner, Brussels. Grates. 724 

GROUP 116. 

116. Aubry, Ad. & Fils., Gosselies. 

Household utensils of enameled iron. 734 

117. Thibaut, L., & Co., Viesville. Enam- 
eled ware. 734 

GROUP 118. 

118. De Ceulener, Henri, Brussels. Horse- 
shoes. 746 

119. Forges de la Providence, Marchienne. 
Shaped iron and steel, etc. 746 

120. Mabille, Valere, Mariemont. Iron 
and steel beams, girders, columns, etc. 




Hardware, Miscellaneous. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

121. Schryvers, Prosper, Brussels. Artis- 
tic iron work. 743 

122. Seghers-Castelle, Brussels. 

a Wrought iron. 743 

l> Fire boxes. 745 

123. Sillen - Emmerechts, A., Blauw. 
Wrought-iron grating. 743 

124. Societe anonyme des usines et fonder- 
ies de zinc de la Vielle-Montagne; An- 
gleur. Samples of roofing. 744 

GROUP 119. 

125. Foccroulle, Charles, Kinkempois-An- 

gleur. Jack screws. 747 

126. Lukers, Guillaume & Gendarme, Se- 

raing. Jack screws. 747 

GROUP 121. 

Exhibit Class'i 

No. No. 

127. Thomas, Pere & Fils, Liege. Build- 
ers' hardware. ^ 741 

128. Marchal, Louis-Myacinthe, Brussels 
Fire-proof clothing. 

Exhibits Classed in Other Departments 
but Installed in This. 


GROUP 147. 

Physical Development, Training and Con- 
dition — Hyg-iene. 

129. Wittevronghel, Gustave, Antwerp, 

Filtering sewer gullies. 82£ 





Druggists' Supplies, Paints, Paper, Upholstery, Ceramics and Mosaics. 

GROUP 87. 

;hibit Class' n 

^o. No. 

. Evans & Sons, Montreal. Lessive 
powder. 547 

a. Lyman Sons & Co., Montreal. 

a Pharmaceutical products. 547 

b Perfumery. 549 

b. Taylor, Charles, St. John, N. B. Ex- 
tract soap bark. 544 

GROUP 88. 

, Canada Paint Co., Montreal. 

a Paints, colors. 552 

b Varnishes, etc. 554 

GROUP 89. 
Brown Bros., Toronto. Blank and 

iccount books. 561 

a. Dominion Type Foundry, Montreal. 

Type. 564 

Knott & McLaren, Hamilton, Ont. 

Inkstand. 564 

Holland Paper Co., Montreal. 
a Paper. 556 

b Cardboards. 557 

Toronto Paper Co., Cornwall, Ont. 

Paper. 556 

, Walker Mining Co., Ottawa, Ont. 

Pencils. 564 

e Company's exhibit, Mining Building. 

, Watson, John C, & Co., Montreal. 

Wall papers. 563 

GROUP 90. 

Anderson, C. E., London, Ont. 


Cobban Mfg. Co., Toronto. 

a Bamboo furniture. 567 

b Mantels. 570 

c Moldings. 571 

. Courtney, Edward, Peterboro, Ont. 

Picture inlaid in wood. 572 

I. Dodge & Adams, St. John, N. B. In- 

i^alid adjustable and extension chairs. 565 

1). Havard Chair Co., Toronto. Dental 

and invalid chairs. 565 

Noble & Davidson, Toronto. Inlaid 

table. 566 

. Roseburgh, R. M., Toronto. Ventil- 

iting window. 571 

GROUP 91. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

i8. Brown, Miss Bessie, Halifax. Painted 

china. 577 

i8a. Crookshank, Miss, St. John, N. B. 

Painted china. 577 

19. Don Valley Pressed Brick Works, 

Toronto. Pressed bricks, terra cotta. 574 
19a. Edwards, Mrs. H. N., Ottawa, Ont. 

Painted china. 577 

19b. Miller, Mrs., Gait, Ont. Painted 

china. 577 

19c. Ontario Depository of Ladies' Work, 

Toronto. Painted china. . 577 

?o. Pigot & Bryan, London, Ont. Deco- 
rated china and earthenware. 576 
20a. Reid, Miss, St. John, N. B. Painted 

china. 577 

20b. Weese, D. A., Bellville, Ont. Patent 

wall binder. 574 

21. Welding, W. E., Brantford, Ont. 
Stone and Rockingham ware. 575 

2ia. Zeland, Miss, Hamilton, Ont. Painted 
china. 577 

GROUP 92. 

22. Anthistle, W. J., London, Ont. Stone 

sepulchre. 581 

GROUP 94. 

24a. Ness, J. W., Montreal. 

insulators, etc. 

GROUP 96. 


25. Kurrle, Wm., Montreal. Wood carv- 
ing. 598 

26. Ostler, Kasper, Hamilton, Ont. Carved 
wood. 598 

GROUP 100. 

28. Basso, Michael, Toronto. Silk reeled 
from cocoon. 625 

29. Belding, Paul, & Co., Montreal. 

a Silk thread. 626 

b Ribbons. 631 

30. Corticelli Silk Co., St. Johns, P. Q. 
Spool silks. 626 



Yarns, Woolen Goods, Clothing, Laces. 

GROUP 102. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

31. Canadian Colored Cotton Mills Co., 

Montreal. Cotton fabrics. 638 

32. Consumers' Cordage Co., Montreal. 
Twine, flour bags. 638 

Largest manufacturers of cordage and 
binder twine in Canada. Head office, Mon- 
treal, Que. Factories at Montreal, Que.; 
Quebec, Que.; Lachute, Que.; Halifax, N.S.; 
St. John, N.B.; Toronto, Ont.; Port Hope, 
Ont.; Brantford, Ont.; Winnepeg, Man., and 
Vancouver, B. C. 

33. Dominion Cotton Mills Co., Montreal. 
Cotton fabrics. 638 

34. Montreal Cotton Co., Montreal. Tex- 
tile fabrics. 638 

GROUP 103. 

35. Auburn Woolen Co., Peterboro, Ont. 
Tweeds, etc. 644 

36. Cascade Narrow Fabric Co., Coati- 
cook, Que. Mohair and llama braids. 651 

37. Globe Woolen Mills Co., Montreal. 
Meltons, tweeds, etc. 644 

38. Newlands& Co., Gait, Ont. Imitation 
furs. 651 

39. Oxford Mfg. Co., Oxford, N. S. 
Tweeds. 644 

41. Toronto Carpet Co., Toronto. Ingrain 
carpet and mats. 649 

42. Trent Valley Woolen Mfg. Co., Cam- 
bellford, Ont. Woolen goods. 641 

OROUP 104. 

44. Coaticook Knitting Co., Coaticook, 

Que. Underwear. 657 

45. Desorineau, Z. Z., & Co., Montreal. 
Gloves. 657 

46. Norfolk Knitting Co., Port Dover, 
Ont. Underwear. 657 

46a. Ontario Straw Goods Manufacturing 
Co., Toronto. Straw and felt hats. 654 

47. Peninsula Knitting Mills, Thorold, 
Ont. Underwear. 657 

48. Penman Mfg. Co., Paris, Ont. Under- 
wear, hosiery, etc. 657 

50. Slater, Geo. T., & Sons, Montreal. 
Boots, shoes and slippers. 656 

51. Sandford, W. E., & Co., Hamilton, 
Ont. Ready-made clothing. 652 

We are the largest manufacturers in Can- 
ada. Retail stores. Oak Hall, Toronto, 
Hamilton, London, St. Catherines and 
Windsor. Clothing of all kinds made of 
English and Canadian cloth at one-half 
American prices. 


GROUP 106. 


52. Allan, Miss, Regina, N. W. Te 

tories. Tray cloth. 

S2a. Allan, Miss M., Regina, N. W. Te 

tories. Embroidery on linen. > 

S2b. Appleby, Miss, Oakville, Ont. E 

52c. Allan, Mrs. W. A., Ottawa, Ont. 
a Point lace doilies and scarf. 
fi Crewel work scarf. 

53. Bagwell, Mrs. K., Hamilton, C 
Five pieces art needlework. 

53a. Baker, Miss, Oakville, Ont. Croc 

53b. Barrett, Miss R., Ottawa, Ont. E 

broidered bed spread. 

54. Barrett, Mrs. D. A., Ottawa, C 
Embroidered screen. 

54a. Bate, Miss Ethel, Ottawa, Ont. E 
broidered linen tea cloth. 

55. Bawlf, Mrs. N., Winnipeg, M 
Darning on net. 

55a. Beament, Mrs., Ottawa, Ont. E 
broidered chamois skin. 

56. Beard, Miss Pauline St. J., St. Jo 
N. B. Drawn work. 

56a. Beaton, Miss M., Kingston, Ont. 
Crochet bed spread. 

57. Beemer, Miss M., Aylmer, Ont. Li 
handkerchiefs. I 

58. Bowen, Mrs. A., Quebec. Embrc 
ered tea cosy. 

58a. Burritt, Miss, Ottawa, Ont. Embrc 

ered screen. 
58b. Cameron, Miss, Toronto. Ha 

made tapestry. 
58c. Clemow, Mrs. F., Ottawa, Ont. E 

broidered stole. 
58d. Cox, Miss G., Ottawa, Ont. Embrc 

ered bed spread. 
58e. Cox, Mrs., Ottawa, Ont. Ta 

spread, ivory embroidery. 
58f. Currier, Mrs. T. W., Ottawa, 

Embroidered sofa pillow and table clc 


59. Davies, Miss L. H., Toronto. I 
man embroidery. 

59a. Dean, Miss, Quebec. Photo fram 

Syrian embroidery. 1 

60. Deadman, Mrs. A. G., Lambeth, O 
Kensington embroidery. ( 

60a. Doncan, Miss, Regina. Table clo 

ivory embroidery. I 

61. Douglas, Miss B., St. Catherin 
N. S. Tapestry. ( 

62. Duff, Mrs. J. A., Myrtle. Knitting 


63. Edwards, Edgar W., Vancouver, B. 
Tapestry. ( 



Laces, Embroideries, Trimmings, Artificial Flowers, Etc. 

xhibit Claes'n 

No. No. 

3a. Edwards, Miss Ida, Ottawa, Ont. 
Embroidered fire screen. 669 

jb. Gilroy, Miss, Regina, N. W. Terri- 
tories. Crochet work. 665 

\. Garrard, Mrs., Lambeth, Ont. Needle- 
work. 669 

\a. Glashan, Miss, Ottawa, Ont. Em- 
broidered bureau scarf. 669 

5. Gouin, Fanny M., Richmond, Que. 
Embroidery. 669 

5. Grant, E. Florence, St. John, N. B. 
Embroidered doilies. 669 

7. Handyside, Mary B., Ottawa, Ont. 
Embroidered fans and table spread. 669 

7a. Hume, Miss, Ottawa, Ont. Embroid- 
ered photo frames. 669 

7b. Hunton, Miss E., Ottawa. Embroid- 
ered bed spread. 669 

3. Johnstone, Mrs. C, Askin, Ont. Em- 
broidery. 669 

ja. Jones, Miss E., Quebec, P. Q. Em- 
broidered table center and doilies. 669 

0. Kidd, Jessie E., Ottawa, Ont. Em- 
broidered screen. 669 

Da. Kirby, Mrs. Haider, Ottawa, Ont. 

a Fan. 667 

d Embroidered tea cloth. 669 

1. Lear, Mrs. Fred, Toronto. Crochet 
work. 665 

la. Little, Miss A., Waterford, Ont. 
Embroidered scarf. 669 

2. Lord, Mrs. T. Ellery, Hull, Que. Em- 
broidered screen. 669 

2a. Macdonald, Mrs., Montreal, P. Q. 
Shell work. 665 

2b. Macdonald, Mrs. De Belle-feuille, 

a Lace. 664 

d Tapestry. 670 

3. Maritime Women's Christian Temper- 
ance Union, Cow Bay, N. S. Fancy 
articles. 665 

3a. Marshall, Miss, Halifax. Embroid- 
ered tea cloth and tea cosy. 669 

4. Martin, Mrs. C. H., Ottawa, Ont. 
Drawn thread handkerchief. 669 

5. McDonald, Mrs. F., Toronto. Needle 
and crochet work. 665 

6. McKenzie, Mrs. Wm., Teeswater, 
Ont. Crochet work. 665 

6a. McKichan, Mrs., Winnipeg. Crochet 
dress. 665 

6b. McLean, Miss, Toronto. Table 
spread, eastern embroidery. 669 

7. McLean, Sarah M., Ottawa, Ont. 
a Embroidered screen. 669 
d Fan. 667 




78. McMorran, Mrs. R. M., Ottawa, Ont. 
Embroidery. 669 

79. Montreal Society of Decorative Art, 

a Art embroidery and needlework. 669 
d Tapestry. 670 

79a. Moore, Mrs. L, Victoria, B. C. Slip- 
pers, Chinese embroidery. 669 

81. Muir, Miss Laura, Grimsby, Ont. 
Embroidery and needlework. 669 

82. Munro, Belle, Ottawa, Ont. Embroid- 
ered fan. 667 

82a. Murphy, Miss Kate, Montreal. Tat- 
ted parasol cover. 665 

83. Nellis, Mrs. H. H., London, Ont. 

a Lace. 664 

d Crochet work. 665 

83a. Newton, Miss E., Quebec. Land- 
scape in embroidery. 669 

84. Odell, LillieE., Ottawa, Ont. Portiere 
and sofa cushion. 669 

85. Ontario Depository of Ladies' Work^ 

a Crochet work. 665 

d Embroidery. 669 

86. O'Rielly, Mrs. E., Aylmer, P. Q. Em- 
broidered table cover. 669 

87. Perley, Henry M., Ottawa, Ont. Em- 
broidered tea cloths. 669 

88. Perley, Mrs. H., Ottawa, Ont. Em- 
broidered table centers. 669 

89. Peters, Miss H., St. John, N. B. 
Embroidered pulpit drape. 669 

90. Powell, Miss Polly, Halifax, N. S. 
Embroidered coat of arms. 669 

90a. Robertson, Mrs. T. F., Oakville, Ont. 
Table center. 669 

90b. Roche, Miss Gussie, Kingston, Ont. 
Knitted shoes. 665 

90C. Rowand, Miss, Quebec. Table- 
spread and cushions. 669 

9od. Romerill, Mrs., Quebec. Dolls, 
crochet work. 665 

91. Quayle, Thos., Montreal. Tapestry. 


92. Scott, Mrs. John, Hull, Que. Point 
lace. 664 

92a. Scott, Miss H., Ottawa, Ont. Em- 
broidered bed spread. 669 

92b. Scott, Miss M., Ottawa, Ont. Em- 
broidered bed spread. 669 

93. Seagram, Miss, Toronto. Knitting 
in wool. 665 

93a. Seybold, Mrs. A., Ottawa, Ont. Em- 
broidered table spreads, ivory work. 669 

94. Skinner, Miss Constance, Prescott, 
Ont. Crochet work. 665 


Hair Work, Cooking Appliances, Refrigerators, Hardware, Etc. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

95. Smith, Mrs. Sydney, Ottawa, Ont. 

a Embroidered fan. 667 

/; Embroidered screen. 669 

95a. St. Joseph's Convent, Toronto. 

a Lace handkerchief. 664 

b Embroidered panel and cushion. 669 

95b. Suite, Miss, Three Rivers, Quebec. 

Box in jewel embroidery. 669 

96. Thistle, F. Mary, Ottawa, Ont. Em- 
broidered fan. 667 

96a. Thompson, Mrs. J., Fergus, Ont. 
Doilies. 66.5 

96b. Thompson, Mrs. R., Ottawa. Table 
spread embroidered, and mats embroid- 
ered. 669 

96c. Todhunter, Mrs., Toronto. Fine knit- 
ting, stockings. 66.5 

97. Walker, Miss, Ilderton, Ont. Crochet 
trimming. 665 

98. Wills, Miss Tilly, Ottawa, Ont. Em- 
broidered sofa pillow. 669 

98a. Welsh, Mrs., Quebec. Oriental em- 
broidery. 669 

98b. Wilson,Mrs., Ottawa, Ont. Embroid- 
ered tea cloth, cosy and table center. 669 

98c. Wurtele, Mrs. Ernest, Quebec, Em- 
broidered initials. 669 

GROUP 107. 

99. Trancle, J., Armand & Co., Toronto. 
Hair goods, coiffures, etc. 67.3 

GROUP 108. 

loi. Turner, J. J., & Son, Peterboro, Ont. 

Tents, awnings and hammocks. 676 

GROUP 109. 

102. Atkinson Bros., Toronto. Celluloid 

novelties. 686 

GROUP 110. 

103. Atchinson Bros., Toronto. Fancy 

articles. 695 

103a. Whelpley & Co., J. A., Greenwich, 

N. B. Toys. 693 

GROUP 111. 

104. Beardmore & Co., Toronto. Sole and 
harness leather. 697 

X07. Breithaupt Leather Co., Berlin, Ont. 

Sole and harness leather. 697 

108. Gourdeau, Felix, Quebec. Leather. 

GROUP 112. 

no. Wilson, C, & Son, Toronto. Scales. 


GROUP 114. 

Exhibit Clasf 

No. No 

111. Atkinson Bros., Toronto. Lan 

shades. 7 

GROUP 115. 

112. Boyd, R. A., Belleville, Ont. Smoot 

ing iron and friller. 71 

113. Gurney, E. & C, Co., Toronto. 
a Hot water heaters. 7! 
b Ranges and stoves. 7! 

114. Ives, H. R., Montreal. Hot wat 
heaters. 7i 

117. McClary Mfg. Co., London, On 
a Stoves and ware. 7i 
b Kitchen furnishing. 71 

118. Nicholson, M., Goderich, Ont. Hi 
water heater. 7' 

119. Strachan, D. K., Goderich, Ont. H( 
water heater. 7i 

120. Trouillard, A., Montreal. Hotwab 
heaters. 7' 

121. Walker Mining Co., Ottawa, On 
Stove polish. 7' 

Only gold medal and decoration legion ( 
honor,Paris Exposition, 1878 .See Company 
complete plumbago exhibit, Mining Bldg. 

GROUP 116. 

123. Wilson, C, & Son, Toronto. Ri 

frigerators. Ti 

GROUP 118. 

126. Groves, Samuel, Hamilton, On 
Horse shoes. 1^ 

126a. Nugent, W. D., Millbrook, Ont. 
Horseshoes. 1^ 

127. Toy, Wm., Intervales, N. S. Hors 
shoes. 7^ 

GROUP 119. 

129. Canadian Screw Co., Hamilton, On 

Screws, bolts and rivets. lA 

131. Halifax Shovel Co., Halifax, N. £ 
Spades, shovels, etc. lA 

132. Shurley & Dietrich, Gait, Ont. Saw; 


GROUP 120. 

134. Malcolm, W. B., Toronto, Ont. Sar 

itary earthenware. 75 

135. Perkins, S. C, Ottawa, Ont. 

a Bath. 75 

b Sink traps. 75 




xhibits Classed in Other Departments 
but Installed in This. 


GROUP 83. 

jhicles and Methods of Transportation 
on Common Roads. 

Mbit Class'n 

4o. No. 

5. Starr Manufacturing Co., Halifax, 

N. S. Acme skates. 

lis exhibit contains one hundred pairs of 

:kel, silver and gold plated acme, skele- 

1, hockey and racing skates. This com- 

ny are the original and sole makers of the 

nuine Acme skates, renowned all over the 

ating world, and which are considered 

; best skates in existence. 

7. Whelpley & Co., J. A., Greenwich, 

N. B. Skates. 


GROUP 142. 
Paintings on Ivory, Enamel, etc. 




Auerbach, Miss, Montreal. 

Painted screen. 

Holmes, Mrs. G, B., Ottawa, Ont. 

Painting on silk. 

Macdonell, Miss, Montreal. 

Designs for china in water color. 

Montreal Society of Decorative Art, 

Painted doilies. 

Morley, Miss E. W., St. John, N. B. 

Painted screen. 

Ridd, Miss, Windsor, N. S. 

Doilies painted on silk. 




LOCATION— SEC. H and SECS. M and 1-1-2-3.4. 

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products, Druggists' Supplies, 

GROUP 87. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1. Adrian, Louis A., et Cie, Societe 
francaise de produits, pharmaceutiques, 
Paris. Pharmaceutical productions. 547 

2. Asselin, Eugene, Saint-Denis (Seine). 
a Fat acids. 543 
b Salts of baryta and manganese. 544 
c Copper of cement; bioxyde of copper. 


3. Aulagne, Emile, Saint-Etienne. 
(Loire). Aulagne flax, instantaneous cat- 
aplasms. 547 

4. Baron, Emile, fils, Marseilles (Bouches- 
du-Rhone). Soaps. 549 

5. Bouchet, Charles, et Cie, Pharmacie 
centrale de France,Paris. 

a Pharmaceutic preparations. 547 

b Chemical supplies. 548 

6. Bourjois, A., et Cie, Paris. Perfum- 
ery, soaps, cosmetics. 549 

7. Boyer, Pierre, et Cie, Gignac 
(Herault). Lavender, thyme, aspic es- 
sences. 549 

8. Chassaing et Cie, Paris. Phar- 
maceutic preparations. 547 

9. Chiris, Antoine, Grasse (Alpes- 
Maritimes). Raw material for perfumery; 
essential oils. 549 

ID. Cointreau, Edouard, fils. Angers 
Maine-et-Loire.) English peppermint. 549 

11. Cornu, Charles, et Warin, Jules, Paris. 
Globules, capsules, drops, etc. 547 

12. Cottan et Cie, Paris. Perfumery. 549 

13. Darrasse freres et Landrin, Paris. 

a Pharmaceutic productions. 547 

b Chemical supplies. 548 

14. Delpech, Paris. 

a Pharmaceutic productions. 547 

b Chemical supplies. 548 

15. Demarson-Chetelat, Paris. Per- 
fumery, soaps. 549 

16. Dorin (H. Monin et G. Pinaud, suc- 
cesseurs), Paris. Rouges. 549 

17. Fayard Blayn et Cie, Paris. Plaster- 
ers. 548 

18. Get freres, Revel (Haute-Garonnel). 
Green and white peppermint. 549 

19. Klotz, Victor, Maison Pinaud Paris. 
Perfumery and soaps. 549 




20. Lautier fils, Grasse (Alpes-Mari 

times.) Raw materials for perfumery. 54 

21. Lamaille, Georges et Cie, Paris 
Triple extracts and essences. 54 

22. Mammelsdorff, Theodore, Paris 
Dentifrice water, tooth powder, toile 
water and vinegar. 54 

23. Michaud fils et freres, Aubervillier 
(Seme). Soaps, glycerine. 54 

24. Mottet, P., et Cie, Grasse (Alpes 
Maritimes). Raw materials for perfun: 
ery. 54 

25. Noir, Louis, Ancienne Maison Lee 
pold, Paris. Perfumery. 54 

26. Parfumerie Hygienique Raspail, Paris 
Perfumery, essences, toilet waters, soap; 


27. Parfumerie Oriza Legrand, Raynau 
(Antonin), successeur, Paris. Perfumery 
soaps and solidified perfumes. 54 

28. Richard Pache et Cie, Chamber 
(Savoie). Sterilization for liquids. 54 

29. Rigaud et Chapotaut, Paris. 

a Pharmaceutic productions. 54 

b Chemical supplies. 54 

30. Rigaud et Cie, Paris. Perfumery. 54 

31. Rigollot, P., et Cie (L. Darasseet Ci 
successeurs), Paris. 

a Veterinary powder. 54 

b Mustard papers. 54 

32. Roure-Bertrand fils, Grasse (Alpes 
Maritimes). Raw materials for perfumery 
pomatums, oils, extracts. 54 

33. Roux fils Charles, Marseille (Bouches 
du-Rhone). Soaps and materials. 54 

34. Simon fils, Joseph, Paris. Rice pow 
der, cream soap. 54 

35. Societe anonyme des parfums de Can 
nes, Paris. Raw materials for perfumer: 

36. Societe du traitement des quinquinas 
Paris. Sulphate of quinine and salts c 
quinine, cinchonamine, etc. 64 

37. Solvay et Cie, Varangeville-Dombasl 
(Meurthe-et-Moselle). Sodic carbonate 
sodas, crystals of soda, etc. 54 

38. Thevenot, Charles, Dijon (Cote-d'Or] 
Medical capsules. 54 



Paints, Colors, Varnishes, Stationery, Furniture of Interiors, Upholstery, Etc. 

)it niass'n 

Vaissier, Victor, Roubaix (Nord). 
lilet soaps and perfumery. 549 

Wiggishoff, J. Ch., Paris. Perfumery, 
iges. 549 

GROUP 88. 
Antoine, Leon, Paris. Writing inks. 

Binant, A., Paris. Painting canvases. 

Chalmel, Gustave, fils et gendre, Paris, 
cohol varnishes. 554 

Chiraux-Lecerf, Louis, A. L., Cam- 
u (Nord). Boot blacking. 552 

Deschamps freres, Robert-Espagne, 
^euse). Ultra-marine blues for linen. 

Expert-BezanconetCie, Paris. White 
id colors. 552 

Hardy-Milori et Cie, Montreuil-sous- 
lis (Seine). Artists' colors. 555 

Lacroix, A., Paris. Vitrifiable colors 
■ ceramic work, etc. 552 

Leroy Ve. Ch., etCie, Levallois-Perret 
;ine). Unctuous blacking. 552 

Levasseur, Gustave, et Cie, Paris. 
cohol varnishes. 554 

Lorilleux et Cie, Paris. Typographic 
cs, lithographic block. 552 

Marquet de Vasselot, Leon, Paris. 
;fined colors, inks, etc. 552 

Olivier, Charles, Paris. Martin var- 
;h. 554 

Olive Freres, Paris. 
a Colors for wall paper. 552 

b Fixative. 555 

Peyrusson, Edouard, Limoges (Haute- 
enne). New unalterable colors for 
corating porcelain. 562 

Societe Anonyme des Matieres Color- 
tes et produits chimiques de Saint-Denis, 
ris. Coloring matters and chemical 
aductions derived from tar and coal.552 
Societe des Cirages Francais, Paris. 
icking. 552 

Societe Francaise Anonyme des Blancs 
Zinc, Montdidier (Somme). Oxyde of 
c, zinc white, snow white. 552 

Souillard-Crognier, Rue de Beauvais, 
(liens (Somme). Sympathetic ink. 552 
Tiercelin, L., et Charrier, Pithiviers 
)irer). Saffrons. 552 

GROUP 89. 

Bac, Charles, Paris. Pen-holders. 

Blanchet Freres et Kleber, Rives 
ere). Parchment paper, etc. 560 

Caillault et Levasseur, Paris. Lace 
pers and envelopes for sweetmeats. 562 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

65. Chapon Freres, Paris. Transparent 
linen for plans, drawings, etc. 560 

66. Conza, A., Paris. Fancy paste-board. 


67. Darbley Pere et Fils. 

a Paper pulp. 556 

b Papers of various kinds. 558 

68. Feuvrier, Paris. Boards. 557 

69. Fortin, Charles, et Cie, Paris. Ac- 
count books, office supplies, etc. 561 

70. Geisler, Louis, Chatelles, par Raon- 
I'Etape (Vosges). Paper in reams. 560 

71. Johannot et Cie, Annonay (Ardeche). 
a Drawing and letter paper. 560 
b Account books. 561 

72. Lair et Millett. Various papers. 559 

73. Lacroix, Luciep, Couronne (Char- 
ente). Unsized thin post for letter-copy, 
multicopist paper, etc. 560 

74. Legrand, Georges, Paris. Paper in 
reams and fashioned envelopes. 560 

75. Outhenin Chalandre Fils et Cie, Paris. 
Paper. 560 

76. Piprot, Gaston, Paris. Paste-boards 
for boxes and caskets. 557 

77. Prat, Dumas et Cie, Couze-Saint- 
Front (Dordogne). Filtering paper. 560 

78. Richard, Leon et Fils, Paris. Paste- 
boards. 567 

79. Salome, Charles, Paris. Gold, silver 
and velvet papers. 562 

80. Societe du Prieur, Le Prieurpres 
Brives (Correze). Straw and packing pa- 
pers. 558 

81. Vacquerel, Eugene, Paris. 

a Card-board, paste-board, leather 

paste-board. 557 

b Fancy papers. 562 

82. Varin, Paul, Jean d'Heurs (Meuse). 

a Wrapping paper. 538 

b Writing paper. 560 

83. Viet, J., Fontenay-sous-Bios (Seine). 
Paper for flowers and leaves. 558 

GROUP 90. 

84. Alavoine, L., et Cie, Paris. 

a Furniture. 567 

b Tapestry. 568 

c Wainscoting. 571 

</ Artistic objects. 572 

e Embroidery. 573 

85. Balny,Camille, Paris. Card tables. 566 

86. Bay, J. G., Paris. Triplicate mirrors. 


87. Beauvais, J. B., Paris. Portrait in 
relief in bronze, silver, etc. 572 

88. Berchoud, P. L., Paris. Furniture 
covered with tapestry and Savonnerie 
velvet. 572 



Furniture, Upholstery, Ceramics and Mosaics. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

89. Bertrscnd-Boulla, F. H.,Nimes (Card). 
Furniture. 567 

90. Beurdeley, A., Fils, Paris. Artistic 
furniture. 572 

91. Boison, Jules, Paris. Bedroom fur- 
niture. 567 

92. Borgest, P., Paris. Furniture bronzes. 


93. Brossier, V., Paris. Artistic furni- 
ture. 572 

94. Carriere, Ernest, Paris. Mirrors and 
frames. 569 

95. Chaix, Alban, Paris. Picture. 572 
91. Chevrie, A., Paris. Artistic furni- 
ture. 572 

97. Chorale, Catesienne, Cateau (Nord). 
Picture. • 572 

98. Clair, Maxime, Paris. 

a Hangings, etc. 568 

b Fancy furniture. 572 

99. Damon, A., et Colin, Paris. Drawing 
room. 572 

100. Dienst, Eugene, Paris. Artistic 
furniture. 572 

lOi. Felz, Alphonse, Paris. Designs for 
ceilings, imitating ancient tapestry. 571 

102. Forest, Flavien, Paris. Chimney 
wainscot. 571 

103. Gauchot, L. L., Paris. Mirrors in 
ivory frame. 569 

104. Gouley, Leon, Clichy (Seine). Picture. 


105. Janselme, Charles, Paris. 

a Furniture. 567 

b Hangings. 568 

106. Klotz, Paris. Picture. 572 
io6a. Lampre, Antony, Paris. 

a Card table. 566 

b Cabinet work with bronze orna- 
ments. 572 

107. Leloutre, Paris. Fire screen, folding 
screen, etc. 572 

108. Majorelle, Louis, Paris. Artistic 
furniture. 572 

109. Martin, E., Paris. 

a Panels for the decoration of apart- 
b Inlaid work for furniture. 572 

110. Olivier, Charles, Paris. Furniture. 567 

111. Poirier et Remon, Paris. 

a Furniture. 567 

b Artistic decorations. 510 

112. Quignon, Gustave, Paris. Furniture, 
etc. 567 

113. Quinet, E. C, Paris. Artistic 
panels, etc. 570 

114. Remon, Georges, Paris. Designs 
for decoration of apartments. 574 

Exhibit Cla 

No. K 

115. Ringel d'lllzach, Jean, Paris. W 
tinted plaster. 

116. Schmit, Frederic, Paris. 
a Tapestry. 

b Hangings. 

117. Seydoux et Cie, Paris. Picture. 

118. Sormani, Paul, Paris, Furnit 
with bronze ornaments. 

119. Thuillier Freres, Paris. Picture. 

GROUP 91. 

120. Bapterosses, F., et Cie, Pai 

Mosaics, in unalterable enamel for pa 
ments, etc. 

121. Bawo et Dotter, Limoges (Hau 
Vienne). Decorated porcelains. 

122. Bigot et Bouzou, Paris. Decora 
porcelain ware mounted on bronze. 

123. Blondeau, Pichonnier et Duboucher 
Limoges (Haute-Vienne). White c 
decorated porcelains. 

124. Chevrel, G., Paris. Inlaid wo 
mosaic, etc. 

125. Chineau, G. F. L., Paris. Artis 
ceramic ware. 

126. Collectivite des Ceramistes Chamb 
lans de Limoges, Limoges. Decora! 
porcelains. \ 

127. Daum Freres et Cie, Verreries 
Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle). Artis 
glassware. \ 

128. Delvaux, Georges Montigny-s 
loing (Seine-et-Marne). Artistic earth( 
ware. J 

129. Fourmaintraux-Courquin, Franco 
Desvres (Pas-de-Calais). 

a Artistic ejfrthenware. \ 

b Tiles and facings. < 

130. Fourmaintraux, Jules, Desvres (Pj 

a Artistic earthenware. { 

b Tile. \ 

131. Gerard Dufraisseix,E,et Cie,Limog 
(Haute-\'ienne). White and decorat 
porcelains. i 

132. Guilbert-Martin, A. M., Saint-Den 

(Seine). Mosaics in enamel and marl 


133. Henry, L., H. Paris. Mounted por< 
lains. I 

134. La Ceramique, Limoges (Haul 

Vienne). White and decorated porcela 


135. Levy, Emile, Paris. Porcelain wa 

136. Leveille, E., Paris. Earthenwa: 

137. Louchet Freres, Paris. Porcela 




Enamels, Glas« and Glass-ware, Carvings. 

hibit Class'n 

lo. No. 

5. Manufacture Nationale de Sevres, 
Sevres (Seine-et-Oise).^ China. 576 

). Muller, E.,et Cie., Yvry-Port, pres 
Paris (Seine). Ornamentation in terra 
;otta and sandstone. 574 

). Redon, M., Limoges (Haute-Vienne). 
White and decorated porcelain ware. 577 

t. Aignan-Moreau (Pierre), Paris. 
Marble mantels, columns, balusters, etc. 

J. Brunot et Bracony, Paris. Marble 
md terra cotta ornaments. 583 

J. Coupier Fils et Drouart A. et A., 
Paris. Artistic objects in marble, bronze 
md imitation bronze. 583 

\. Poret, J. Louis Ch., Paris. Orna- 
nents in copper and bronze. 583 

;. Soleau, Eugene, Paris. Decorative 
objects in marble and bronze. 583 

5. Susse Freres, Albert et Leon, Paris. 
Bronze and marble ornaments. 583 

J. Tassel, E. L. Ch., Paris. Plans of 
3ublic monuments. 581 

GROUP 93. 

i. Beurdeley, A., Fils, Paris. Artistic 
Dronzes. 585 

J. Boin, Georges, Paris. Bronzes. 585 

0. Bouquet, Paris. Bronzes polychrome 
E^eolithe. 585 

1. Blot, Eugene, Paris. Artistic bronzes. 


2. Bricard Freres, Paris. Bronzes for 
doors and windows. 585 

3. Christofle et Cie, Paris. Bronzes. 


4. Colin, Emile, et Cie, Paris. Artistic 
bronzes, etc. 585 

5. Dienst, Eugene, Paris. Artistic 
bronzes. 585 

6. Duval, Adrien, Paris. Bronze group. 

\7. Forest, Flavien, Paris. Bronzes and 
irtistic objects. 585 

ja. Gasne, Louis, Paris. Artistic and 
jrnamental iron work. 585 

Gasne, L., Tusey (Meuse). Art metal 
ivork. ,585 

J. Gervais, Fernand, Paris. Artistic 
ind furniture bronzes. 585 

). Hottor et Charpentier, L. et A., Paris. 
\rt metal work. 585 

[. Houdebine Pere et Fils, Paris. Artis- 
Ic and furniture bronzes. 585 

i. Leblanc-Barbedienne, G. E., Paris. 
a Artistic and furniture bronzes. 585 
d Enamels. 586 

7 H 

Exhibit Class'n' 

No. No. 

163. Louchet freres, Paris. 

a Bronzes. 585 

/' Enamel wares. 586 

164. Millet Pere et Fils, Blaise et Theo- 
dore, Paris. Furniture and artistic bronzes. 


165. Montecot Jeune, Paris. 

a Bronzes. 585 

l> Enamels. 586 

166. Nicot, Honore, Vendeuvre-sur-Barse 
(Aude). Art metal work. 585 

167. Noiriel et Robert, Paris. Small 
bronzes. 585 

168. Peyrol, H., Paris. Art metal work. 


169. Pinedo, Emil, Paris. Art metal 
work. 585 

170. Poret, J. Louis Ch., Paris. Bronzes. 


171. Rollet, A. A., Paris. Art metal 
work. 585 

172. SocieteAnonyme desHautsFourneaqx 
et Fonderies du Va.] d' Osne, Paris. 
Bronzes and brasses. 585 

173. Sormani, Paul, Paris. Artistic 
bronzes. 585 

174. Tassel, E. L. Ch., Paris. Furniture 
bronzes. 585 

175. Thiebaut Freres, Paris. Art metal 
work. 585 


176. Appert, L. A., Clichy-la-Garenne 

a Glass tubes and pipes. 590 

d Perforated s^'lasses for ventilation. 


177. Charbonneaux et Cie (Reims-Marne). 
Bottles for sparkling wines. Dept. B 590 

178. Fromont, Henri, au Perreux (Seine). 
Artistic crystal ware. 593 

180. Leveille, E., Paris. Artistic glass- 
ware. 593 

181. Lorin, Veuve, Chartres (Eure-et- 
Loire). Artistic glassware. Dept. G 59g 

GROUP 95. 

182. Murat, H. J. J., Paris. Artistic win- 
dows and screens. Dept. G 596 

GROUP 96. 

183. Dennery, 


184. Vessiere aine, 

tic engraved pieces. 

Myrtil, Paris. Chiseled 


Justin, Baccarat 

Collection of artis- 



Gold and Silver Ware, Jewelry, Horology. 

Exhibit Class' n 

No. No. 

185. Aucoc Fils, Louis, Paris. Fancy arti- 
cles. 6U~ 

186. Bernard Freres, Myrthil et Ernest, 
Paris. Aluniimim avticits. 610 

187. Boin, Georges, Paris. Gold and sil- 
ver wares. 604 

188. Chariot Freres, Paris. Art enamels, 
etc. 608 

189. Chesneau, Jeanne, Paris. Enamel 
flowers. 60S 

190. Christofle et Cie, Paris. P-lated ware. 


191. Guilbert-Martin, A. M., Saint-Denis 
(Seine). Artistic worlv on gold ground. 608 

192. Laumel, Henri, Paris. Aluminum 
ware. 610 

193. Thinet, Jules, Paris. Table cutlery. 


194. Vever, Paris. 

a Gold and silver ware. 604 

b Enameled ware. 608 

(iJEOUP J)8. 

195. Aucoc Fils, Louis, Paris. Jewelry. 612 

196. Besson, Auguste, Paris. Imitation 
diamonds set in gold and silver. 61.5 

197. Boucheron, Frederic, Paris. Jewelry, 
etc. 612 

198. Bourdais, Paris. Jewelry, etc. 612 

199. Bourdarie, Victor F., Paris. Imitation 
jewelry. 616 

200. Bourdier, Th., Paris. Jewelry. 612 

201. Brunet, Georges, Paris. Fancy gold 
jewelry. 612 

202. Caron, Joseph P., Paris. 

a Imitation diamonds. 615 

b Imitation jeweh)-. 616 

203. Chargueraud, Napoleon, Paris. Fancy 
gilt jewelry. 616 

204. Charvet, Louis, Paris. Imitation dia- 
monds. 61.''> 

205 Chopard, Albert, Paris. Imitation 
jewelry. 616 

206. David, Celestin Frere, Paris. Imita- 
tion precious stones. 61.5 

207. David et Grosgogeat, Paris. Imita- 
tion jewelry. 616 

208. Despres, Felix, Paris. Jev\relry. 612 

209. Dreux, C., Paris. Gold and silver 
jewelry. 612 

210. Fornet, Aime A., Boug-en-Brene 
(Ain). jewelry. 612 

211. Hirn, J. A., Paris. Imitation jewelry. 


212. Jacta Fils, G. E. L., Paris. Artistic 
jeweh')'. 6I0 

213. Kintz, Charles, Paris. Imitation 
jewelry. 616 






214. Laumel, Henri, Paris. 

215. Lefebvre et Picard, Paris. 
a Gold and silver jewelrv. 6 
b Imitation jewelry. 6 

216. Loeb, Gustave, Paris. Mourningje\ 


217. Mangon, Pierre, Paris. 

a Gold and silver jewelry. 
b Imitation of diamonds, 

218. Marteau, Leon V., Paris. 

219. Mascuraud Freres, Paris. 

220. Mestivier, Georges, Paris. 







221. Murat, Paris. Imitation jewelry. 6 

222. Noiriel et Robert, Paris. Imitati( 
jewelry. 6 

223. Paisseau-Feil, Charles, Paris. R 
production of precious stones. 6 

224. Peconnet, Charles, Paris. Jewelr 


225. Persianinoff, Alexis P., Paris. 

a Jewelry. 6 

b Imitation of diamonds. 6 

226. Plichon et Cie, Paris. Gold and s 
ver-plated jewelry. 6 

227. Plumet, P. Louis, Paris. Imitatii 
jewelry. 6 

228 Ruteau, Paris. Imitation jewelry. 6 

229 Sancan, J., Paris. Imitation je^ 
elry. 6 

230. Simon, Denis, Paris. Imitation je'\ 
elry. 6 

231. Sordoillet, Ernest, Paris. Imitatii 
jewelry. 6 

232. Union Co-operative d'Ouvriers bijo 
tiers en dore, Paris. 

a Imitation jewels. 6 

b Gilt jewelry, etc. 6 

233. Vever, Paris. Jewelry. 6 

234. Vales, Constant, Paris. False pear 


235. Vuillermoz, Louis, Paris. 

a Gold and silver jewelry. 6 

b Imitation diamonds. 6 

(nJROlP J)9. 

236. Colin, Emile, et Cie, Paris. Larj 
clocks. 6 

237. Drocourt, Alfred, Paris. Travelii 
clocks. 6 

238. Glaenzer et Cie, Paris. Tim.e-piec 
in every style. 6 

239. Grisot-Saillard, P. Emmanuel, Besa 
conlDoubs). Clock springs. 6 

240. Houdebine Pere et Fils, Paris. Clock 



Watches, Clocks, Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

ihibit Class'n 

No. No- 

^i, Lamaille et Cie, Paris. Clocks of all 
kinds. 621 

^. Lamaille, G., et Cie, Paris. Time- 
pieces, regulators. 621 
^3. Moynet, A., et Cie, Paris. Articles 
and tools for watchmakers, etc. 620 
^4. Pierre, F., et Ch., Paris. Ornamental 
clocks. 621 
.5. Societe Anonyme d'Horlogerie de 
Besancon, Besancon (Doubs). Watches 
and chronometers. 617 
^6. Societe Anonyme Haas, B., Paris. 
Gold, silver and metal watches. 617 
^7. Susse Freres, Albert et Leon. Paris. 
Clocks. 621 
[8. Villon, Albert, Saint-Nicolas-d'Alier- 
mon (Seine-Inferieure). Clock work. 622 

GROUP 100. 

^9. Adam, Henry, et Cie, Lyon (Rhone). 

a White and colored damasks. 629 
b Velvets, ^-renadines, gauzes, etc. 


;o. Alamagny, Oriol et Cie, Saint-Cham- 

ond (Loire). 

a Ribbons. 631 

/; Braids, laces, galloons, etc. 632 

;i. Arquische, Ravier et Grospellier,Lyon 


a Plain silks. 628 

/; Figured silk goods. 629 

52. Atuyer, Bianchini et Ferier, Lyon 


a Plain silks. 628 

b Fancy silks. 630 

j3. Bachelard, J., et Cie, Lyon (Rhone). 
a Plain silks. 628 

b Figured silk goods. 629 

54. Bardon et Ritton, Lyon (Rhone). 

a plain silks. 628 

b Figured silk goods. 629 

c Fancy goods, velvets, etc. 630 

55. Bickert et Besson, Lyon (Rhone). 

a Figured silk goods. 629 

/; Velvets. " 630 

56. Bonnet, J. B., Lyon (Rhone). 
a Silk goods. 629 
b Grenadines, Chinese crepe, gauzes. 


57. Boudon, Louis, et Cie, Saint-Jean-du- 
Gar (Gard). 

a Raw silks. 625 

b Spun silks. 627 

j8. Brossy, C, et Cie, Saint-Etienne 

(Loire). Terry velvets. 630 

59. Brunet-Leconte, Moise et Devay, 

Lyon (Rhone). Fancy figured and printed 

silk goods. 629 

Bxhibit Class'n 

No. So. 

260. Chabrieres, Mordt et €?!e, Lyon 
(Rhone). Silk and silkwaste. 627 

261. Chatel et V. Tassinari, Lyon. 

a Fabrics for furniture. 629 

b Robes. 630 

262. Chavent Pere et Fils, Lyon (Rhone). 
Fancy silk goods. 630 

263. Chevillard, E., et Cie, Lyon (Rhone). 
a Plain silk. 628 
b Silk piece goods. 629 

264. Chorel et . Escorbia, Saint-Etienne 

a Colored satin. 628 

b Plain and figured colored velvets. 


265. Colcombet, Francois, et Cie, Saint- 
Etienne (Loire). Ribbons of all kinds. 631 

266. Coquel, A., et Cie, Amiens (Sorame). 
X'elveteens and velvet. 630 

267. Cousin Freres, Commes (Nord). Simili 
silk and linen arches for the warpings of 

Jacquart loom, etc. 625 

268. David Freres, Paris, Passamenteries, 


269. Deffrennes, Jean Canet et Cie, 
Lannoy (Xorde). Furniture fabrics, table 
covers, reproductions of portraits, etc. 


270. Duchamp, E., Lyon (Rhone). 

a Plain silks. 628 

b Figured silk goods. 628 

271. Duche, Paul, Paris. 

a Silk. 629 

b Fancy goods. 630 

272. Gautier-Bellon, Paul et Camille, et 
Cie, Lyon (Rhone). Black and colored 
velvets. 630 

273. Gindre et Cie, Lyon (Rhone). 

a Satins, bengaline. 628 

b Armours. 629 

274. Giron Freres, Saint-Etienne (Loire). 
a Furniture silks. ' 629 
b Velvets, plushes. 630 
c Plain and figured ribbons. 631 

275. Gustelle, H., Lyon (Rhone). 

a Plain silks. 628 

b Fan of silk goods. 

276. Hamot, G. etR., Paris. Silks, 629 

277. Henry, J. A., Lyon (Rhone). Silk 
stuffs. 629 

278. Huber, Emile et Cie, Paris. Plushes, 
velvets. 630 

279. Klotz Juene, Paris. Cravats, silk 
kerchiefs, handkerchiefs, etc. 630 

280. Lagache, Julien, Roubaix (Nord). 
Fancy articles. 630 

281. Lamy et Giraud, A. et A., Paris. 
Furniture silks. 629 



S^ aad Silk Fabrics, Yarn and Woven Goods of Cotton, Linen, etc. 

Exhibii Class'n 

No. . No. 

282. Langlois, Louis, Paris. Passament- 
eries. 632 

283. Legrand Freres, Paris. Furniture 
fabrics, hangings, etc. 629 

284. Lemaitre et Guique, Lyon (Rhone). 
Plushes and velvets. 630 

285. Les Petits-Fils de Bonnet, C. J. et 
Cie, Lvon (Rhone). Silks, silk goods of 
all kinds. '' 630 

286. Louchet-Bernaud, Ch. G., Amiens 
(Somme). Plushes, velvets. 630 

287. Marcoux et Chateauneuf, Saint- 
Etienne (Loire). 

a Velvets. 630 

b Fancv ribbons. 631 

288. Martin, J. B., Lyon (Rhone). Velvets 
and i-dushes. 630 

289. Martin, L., et Cie, Lyon (Rhone). 
Raw Cevennes silks. 625 

290. Morel, A., Saint-Etienne. 

a Velvets. -630 

b Ribbons. 631 

291. Palluat, H., et Testenoire, Lyon 

(7 Raw silks. 626 

b Wrought silks. 627 

292. Permezel, L., et Cie. Lyon (Rhone). 
a Satin. 628 
b Silk goods. 629 

293. Piotet et Roque, J. M. et J., Lyon 

a Silk goods, fabrics for furniture. 629 
b Velvet. 6-30 

294. Poncet, Pere et Fils, Lyon (Rhone). 
a Plain silk. 628 
b Fancy silk. 629 

295. Pravaz fils et Bouffier, A. et A., 
Lyon (Rhone). Crepe stuffs, silk muslins. 


296. Rebour, Ch., Saint Etienne (Loire). 
Ribbons, etc. 631 

297. Riboud Freres, Lyon (Rhone). Velvet. 


298. Rosset, A., Lyon (Rhone). Silk and 
tulle crepes. 630 

299. Saunier, E. E., Paris. Passament- 
erie. 632 

300. Saurel Freres, Nimes (Gard). Uphol- 
stery silks. 629 

301. Staronjeune, P.,et Cie, Saint Etienne 

a Fancy goods. 630 

/; Plain and figured ribbons. 631 

c Galloons and passamenteries. 632 

302. Tabard, Cecillon et Chaput, Lyon 

a Plain silks. 628 

b Fancy silks. 629 

c Ribbons. 631 

Exhibit Class'] 

No. No. 

303. Teissier du Cros, Ernest, Vallerangui 

a Raw silk. 62. 

/; Rough silks. 62' 

304. Ternynck Freres, Roubaix (Nord). 
Chinese satin, etc. 621 

305. Tresca Freres, Pierre et Joseph, e 
Cie, Lyon (Rhone). 

a Damask silks. 621 

b Fancy goods. 63' 

306. Tronel, P., et Cie, Lyon (Rhone). 
Tulles, silks. 62 

307. Union des Filateurs et des Moulinien 
Francais, \'alence (Drome). 

a Raw silks. 62 

b Wrought silks. 62 

308. Vallat et Deville, Saint Etienn( 

a Plain silk. 62 

b Velvets. 63 

c Ribbons. 63 

(ijRorp 101. 

309. Compagnie Francaise du Linoleum 

Paris. Linoleum, carpets. 63' 

310. Forest, Flavien, Paris. 

a Embroidery. 66 

/; Ancient tapestry. 67' 

311. Saint Freres, Paris. 

a Cute cloth. 63 

b Cotton goods. 63 

c Fabrics of flax and hemp. 63! 

OROUP 102. 

312. Berger, Casimir et Cie, Rouen (Seine 
Inferieure). Cotton fabrics and cords. 63- 

313. Cremond fils, Cholet(Maine-et-Loire) 
Linen, handkerchiefs, table cloths, nap 
kins, etc. 63' 

Binder, G., et Jalla Jeune, Paris. 
Turkish towels, dressing gowns and cot 
ton fabrics. 631 

314. Collectivite de Lille, Lille (Nord) 
Linen thread. 63' 

315. Crespel et Decamps, Lille (Nord) 
Linen sewing thread. 63' 

316. Crespel et Descamps, et Veuve C 
Crespel et Fils, Paris. Linen thread. 63! 

317. Debleve Anatole, Marly-les-Valen 
ciennes. Cotton flannels. 631 

318. Deblock, Desire, Lille (Nord). Can 
vasses of all kinds, tickings. 631 

319. Dechelette-Remi et Fils, Roann( 
(Loire). Cotton fabrics, power loom weav 
ings. 63< 

320. Droulers-Vernier, Charles, Lilh 
(Nord). Linen and hemp thread. 63! 

321. Faucheur Freres, Lille (Nord). Linen 
thread. 63! 



Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, Clothing and Costumea. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

;22. Kelsck et Bonnet, Gerardmer (Vos- 
ges). Vosges table and sheet linen, etc. 


23. Leblan, Paul, et Fils, Lille (Nord). 
Linen thread. 639 

24. Leurent Freres, Roncq (Nord). 
Linen thread. 639 

25. Lorent-Lescorney,Helleunner (Nord). 
Linen thread. 639 

26. Mascre, Etienne, Paris. Batistes, 
handkerchiefs and lawns. • 639 

27. Masurel Freres, Francois, Tourcoing 
(Nord). Mixed, unbleached and dyed 
thread. 638 

28. Niquet, Isaie, Merelessant (Somme). 
Canvas for sails, etc. 638 

29. Nicolle Verstraete, Lille (Nord). 
Linen thread. 639 

30. Roy Freres et Cie, Paris. Cotton 
fabrics. 688 

31. Simonnot-Godard et Fils, Paris. 
Linen thread handkerchiefs, lawns, etc. 


32. Societe Anonyme de Perenchies, 
Lille (Nord). Linen thread. 639 

33. Vq,llee, J. M., Flers-de-l'Orne (Orne). 
Fancy cotton goods. 608 

34. Vrau et Cie, Ph., Lille (Nord). Linen 
thread. 639 

35. Waddington Fils et Cie, Saint-Remi- 
sur-Avre (Eure-et-Loirej. Cotton fabrics 
and yarn. 638 

(iROlP 103. 

36. Agnellet Freres, Paris. Ladies' felt 
hats. 648 

37. Binder, G., et Jalla Jeune, Paris. 
Wool and mixed fabrics. 640 

38. Boussus et Cie, Wignehies (Nord). 
a Woolens. 641 
d Cloths. 643 
c Silk and wool. 644 
d Fancy articles. 647 

39. Chappat et Cie, Clichy, pres Paris, 

a Dyed and dressed wool. 641 

d Wool and silk stuffs. 644 

40. Croc, Pere et Fils et Jorrand, Aubus- 
son (Creuse). Jacquard carpets. 649 

41. De Montagnac et fils, E., Sedan, 

a Woolen cloths. 641 

d Fancy goods. 647 

42. Duquesne, Paris. Eastern carpets 
and photo of machine. 649 

43. Fortin, Eugene C, Clermont (Oise). 
Felts for saddlery. 648 

44. Hamot, G., et R., Paris. 

a Furniture stuffs of Savonnerie. 646 
d Aubusson tapestry, carpets. 649 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

345. Janselme, Charles, Paris. Carpets. 


346. Johnsonet Cie, Paris. Felt hats. 648 

347. Lamy et Giraud, A. et A., Paris. 
Stuffs. 646 

348. Leborgne, Ferdinand, Lannoy, 

a Furniture fabrics. 464 

/? Carpets. 649 

349. Liaud Freres et Cie, Paris. Ladies' 
felt hats. 648 

350. Louchet-Bernaud, Ch. G., Amiens 
(Somme). Wilton carpets. 649 

351. Masurel Freres, Francois, Tourcoing, 
(Nord). Combed woolen yarn. 640 

352. Michau, Th., et Cie, Paris. 

a Woolen yarn. 640 

^ Woolen cloths for men; fabrics for 

dresses. 641 

353. Motte et Cie, Alfred, Roubaix (Nord). 
Combed wools. 640 

354. Neveu, E., et Fils, Paris. Passamenter- 
ies. 632 

355. Pascal-Valluit et Cie, Vienna (Isere). 
Printed woolen cloths. 643 

356. Peyrache Freres, Paris. All kinds of 
galloons. 647 

357. Seydoux et Cie, Paris. 

a Woolen yarns, etc. 640 

d Flannel, fabrics for dresses. 641 

f Shawls, etc. 642 

358. Societe Anonyme de Peignage, Rou- 
baix (Nord). Combed wools. 640 

359. Societe Industrielle de Reims, Reims 

a Combed wool, woolen yarn. 640 
^ Woolen fabrics. 641 

360. Tabourier et Cie, Paris. Silk and 
wool fabrics. 644 

361. Ternynck Freres, Roubaix (Nord). 
Woolen cloths. . 641 

362. Thomaron, A. M., Paris. Cloths for 
card tables. 648 

363. Vaillant-Pruvot, Alphonse, Cambrai 
(Nord). Wool novelties, serges, etc. 643 

GROUP 104. 

364. Agnellet Freres, Paris. Ladies' straw 

hats. 654 

365. Akar, A., et Cie, Paris. Ready-made 

clothing. 652 

366. AulDertin, Isidore, Paris. Skin, suede 
and kid gloves. 657 

367. Bailly, Paul, Paris. Braces, etc. 

Sole manufacturer of the " internationally 
famous world renowned and universally ac- 
knowledged unrivaled Guyot suspenders." 
Highest awards at all expositions. Repre- 



Clothing and Costumes. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. . No. 

sented exclusively in North America by 
Ostheimer Bros., New York, Philadelphia 
and Montreal. For sale everywhere. 

368. Balsan Freres, Millau (Averyon). Kid 
gloves. 667 

369. Bernheim Freres, Paris. Jerseys. 


370. Berteil, Antoine, Paris. Hats. 654 

371. Bertout, Adolphe, Paris. Hosiery. 


372. Bonnevey, Edouard, Paris. Skin 
gloves. 657 

373. Bounaix, Jeune, A. Paris. Hats and 
ca])s. 654 

374. Buscarlet, Veuve, et Fils, Paris. Kid 
gloves and skins. 657 

375. Boussus et Cie, Wighnehies (Nord). 
Made-u]) fabrics. 653 

376. Centemeri, P., et Cie,Grenoble(Isere). 
Kid gloves. 657 

859 Broadway, N. Y.; 1229 Chestnut st., Phila.; 
7 Kearney st., San Francisco. Sp'c'l ag'ts: J. 
H. Walker Co., Chicago; Wm. Barr Dry 
Goods Co., St. Louis; C. H. Phillips, Boston. 
Our gloves are made with special care for 
first class retail trade, and can be found in all 
the principal cities and towns of U. S. 

377. Chambre syndicale des fabricants de 
gants de Grenoble Grenoble (Isere). Kid 
gloves. 657 

378. Charvet, Paris. Men's undercloth- 
ing. 658 

379. Colon, R., et Cie, Paris. Boots of 
all kinds. 656 

380. Collin, Louis, Paris. Military cloth- 
ing, etc. 652 

381. Courvoisier, Bourgoin et Cie, Paris. 
Kid gloves. 657 

382. Dheilly-Horde, Veuve.Villers-Breton- 
neaux (Somm'e). Shooting jackets and 
waistcoats. 652 

383. Ducher, Hippolyte, Paris. French 
and foreign uniforms. 652 

384. Farcy et Oppenheim, Paris. Corsets. 


385. Fortin Fils et Deschamps, Paris. Kid 
gloves. 657 

386. Franck, Lazare, Paris. Trousseau, 
morning gowns, etc. 653 

387. Haas et Cie, Paris. Hats. 654 

388. Halimbourg et Fils, J., Paris. Ready- 
made clothing. 662 

389. Hayem, Paris. Shirts, etc. 658 

390. Herth, Paris. Boots, shoes. 656 

391. Jay, E. et S., Grenoble (Isere). Kid- 
skin and suede gloves. 667 

392. Jeandron-Ferry, L. D., Paris. Ladies 
boots. 656 

Exhibit Clase'i 

No. No. 

393. Kahn, Paul, Paris. Clothing; fanc] 
articles for boys. 65' 

394. Kriegck, Nicolas. 

a Men's clothing. 65' 

b Ladies' clothing. 65t 

395. Liaud Freres et Cie, Paris. Ladiee 
straw hats. 65< 

396. Lagache, Julien, Roubaix (Nord). 

a Clothes for men, waistcoats. 655 
b Ladies' ready-made garments. 65t 

397. Langenhagen, Ch. G. de, Nanc] 
(Meurthe-et-Moselle). Palm, panamaanc 
whalebone hats. 65'- 

398. Laporte, E. L., Fils, Paris. Kic 
gloves. 66, 

399. Leprince, H. P. F., Paris. Corsets 


400. Marcault, Georges, Paris. Kid anc 
suede gloves. 65'i 

401. Masurel Freres, Francois, Tourcoing 
(Nord). Hosiery. 65'] 

402. Mauchauffee, Maurice, et Cie, Troyes 
(Aube). Hosiery. * 65'] 

403. Mayer, Sara, et Morhange A., Paris 
Robes and mantles. 65<: 

404. Meyer, Louis, Paris. Boots. 65( 

405. Morin - Blossier, Paris. Dresses 
mantles, underclothing. 65!: 

406. Perrin Freres et Cie, Grenoble 
(Isere). Skin gloves. 65'i 

407. Picard, les Fils Leopold, Paris, 
Ladies' straw hats. 654 

408. Pinet, Francois, Paris. Boots and 
shoes. . 656 

409. Plagnes, Leon, Millau (Aveyron), 
Kid gloves. 667 

410. Plassart, Morin et Fillot, Le Bon 
Marche, Paris. Ready-made undercloth- 
ing. 667 

411. Prevet, E., Paris. Ladies' gar- 
ments. 65c 

412. Prevot et Lafon, Paris. Kid gloves. 


413. Raynal et Cie, Paris. Hats. 654 

414. Reichenbach, Arnold, et Cie, Paris. 
Dresses. 65S 

415. Reynier, Grenoble (Isere). Kid 
gloves. 657 

416. Rouff, Paris. Dresses and mantles. 


417. Schorestene Freres, Paris. Articles 
for hat manufacturing. 664 

418. Simon et Cie, Paris. Clothes for 
men and children. 652 

419. Storch, L., Paris. Ready-made gar- 
ments {ox ladies. 653 

420. Terray, A., Chaix et Cie, Grenoble 
(Isere). Gloves. 657 



Clothing and Costumes, Furs and Fur Clclthing, Laces, Embroideries. 

thibit Clafs'n 

No, No. 

!i. Trefousse et Cie, Chaumont (Haute- 
Marne). Kid cloves. 657 

12. Verdier-Schultz, Paris. Hosiery. 657 
!3. Vessiere-Paulin, J. A., Paris. Infants' 
clothing. 653 

!4. Weil, Albert, Paris. Ready-made 
garments for ladies. 


(;roi p lOo. 

55. Chambre Syndicate des Fabricants de 
Grenoble, Grenoble (Isere). Skins, etc. 

. 660 

56. Chapal, Paris. Peltry, furs. 660 

57. Collective des Megissiers de Graul- 
het. Skins for lining. 660 
>8. Dolat Freres, J.''B., Paris. Furs. 660 
29. Kriegck, Nicolas, Furs. 660 
}0. Lafrique et Pinton, Paris. Furs. 660 

51. Mayer, Mirtil, Paris. 

a Feather furs. 662 

b Feather trimmings. 663 

52. Revillon Freres, Paris. 

a Furs. 660 

b Fur clothing. 662 

53. Revillon, Stanislaus, Paris. Furs. 

GROUP 106. 
55. Ahrweiier, Paris. Fans. 667 

j6. Ancelot, A., Paris. 

a Laces. 664 

b Embroidery. 665 

37. Bapterosses et Cie, F., Paris. Porce- 
lain buttons and beads. 668 

ole makers of the " world renowned F. B. 
gate buttons." The unexcelled quality of 
le F. B. agate buttons places them at the 
ead of all manufactures of inexpensive 
uttons, and no dry goods store can be with- 
ut them. For mformation apply to Ost- 
eimer Bros., French section at Exposition. 

38. Berchoud, P. L., Paris. Belleville 
tapestry. 671 

39. Bertrand-Boulia, F. H., Nimes 
(Gard). Decorative fabrics. 671 

40. Biais aine et Cie, Paris. Artistic 
embroidery. 669 

41. Birey, A., Paris. 

a Art embroidery. 669 

b Furniture tapestry. 670 

42. Bonbon, Georges, et Cie, Troyes 
(Aube). Fancy novelties. 664 

43. Braquenie et Cie, Paris. Tapestry. 


44. Brouillet, F., et Cie, Lyon (Rhone). 
Embroidered laces and tulles. 664 

45. Carcaut, Gustave, Paris. Busks, 
springs, laces and steel whalebones. 668 

46. earlier, Mme. Marie, Paris, Mil- 
linery. 655 

Exhibit C]aBs'n 

No. No. 

447. Chambre Syndicale des Fabricants de 
dentelles de Calais, Calais (Pas-de-Calais). 
Tulles and laces. 664 

448. Chatel et V. Tassinari, Lyon (Rhone). 
Embroidery and church decorations. 669 

449. Cormier, Charles, Paris. Fans. 667 

450. Croc Pere et Fils et Jorrand, Aubus- 
son (Creuse). Tapestry panels. 671 

451. Crouvezier, Ch., Paris. Hand em- 
broidery. 669 

452. Dame, Prud'hon, P. et L., et Cie, 
Paris. Horsehair whalebones. 668 

453. Daveniere et Cie, Calais (Pas-de- 
Calais). Laces of all kinds. 664 

454. Deltenre, Edmond, Paris, Lace cur- 
tains, artistic guipures, bed-spreads, 
etc. 664 

455. Denis, N., Paris. Spangles of all 
kinds. 668 

456. Dienst, Eugene, Paris. Tapestry etc. 


457. Duche, Paul, Paris. Tapestries. 671 

458. DucoUet Freres, Paris. Fans. 667 

459. Farigoule, Pierre et Jean, Paris. 
Hand-made laces. 664 

460. Frank O., Paris. Artistic guipure 
lace curtains and bed-covers. 664 

461. Henry, J. A., Lyon (Rhone). 

a Gilts. 664 

b Embroiderv. 665 

462. Javey et Cie, Paris. Artificial 
flowers. 666 

463. Larcher, Henry, Paris. Embroidery. 665 

464. Leroudier, Marie, et Cie, Lyon, 
(Rohne). Artistic embroidery. 669 

465. Manufacture Nationale de Beauvais 
Beauvais (Oise), Tapestries. 671 

466. Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins 
Paris. Tapestries. 671 

467. Martin, Arthur, Paris. Designs for 
decorative upholstery. 669 

468. Martin, Georges (Compagnie des 
Indes), Paris. Laces. 664 

469. Masson, Georges, Paris. Metalic 
eyelets. 668 

470. Patay, Edgard, Paris. Flowers and 
feathers. 666 

471. Postel, Aguste, Paris. Whalebones 
for stays. 668 

472. Reichenbach, Arnold, et Cie, Paris 
a Laces. 664 
b Embroidery. 665 

473 Rocheron, Leon, Paris. Gold, silver, 
jet embroidery. 665 

474 Roussaux, A., Thaon-les-Vosges 
(Vosges). Embroidery. 666 

475. Routier et Cie, Lyon (Rhone). 

a Imitation laces. 664 

b. Embroidered tulles. 665 



Laces, Hair Work, Traveling Equipments, Rubber Goods, Toys and Fancy Articles. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

476. Saunier, E. E., Paris. Embroid- 
ery. 665 

477. Surrel Freres, Jules et Auguste, 
Crapoime (Houte-Lnire). Hand-made 
laces. 664 

478. Waree, A., Paris. Artistic hand- 
made curtains and guipures. 664 

(;R0UP 107. 

479. Cormier, Charles, Paris. Ivory combs, 
brushes, etc. 675 

480. Dupont, A., Cie, Paris. Brushes. 675 

481. Gauchot, L. L., Paris. Brushes. 675 

482. Jeannot Freres, Paris. Combs. 675 

483. Loonen, Charles, Paris. Toilet 
brushes. 675 

484. Maurey-Deschamps, Paris. Brushes 
and combs. 675 

485. Moncharmont, Henry, Paris. Beards 
and wigs. 673 

486. Tissier, Ch., Paris. Combs 675 

GROUP 108. 

487. Ahrweiler, Paris. Parasols. 682 

488. Bregman, Henry, Paris. 

a Walking stick heacis. 081 

b Umbrella handles. 682 

489. Clair, Maxime, Paris. Articulated 
folding seats, camp articles, etc. 676 

490. Gruel, Leon, Paris. Embossed 
leather objects. 680 

491. Lemaire Fils et Dumont, Dumont 
Edouard, Francois, successeur, Paris. 
Hammocks, etc. 676 

492. Lucas, Nicholas, Paris. Purses, 
porte-monnaies, pouches, cigar cases, etc. 


493. Societe Nouvelle de Construction(sys- 
teme Toilet), Paris. Tents. 676 

494. Vuitton, Louis, Paris. 

a Bags. 678 

b Trunks. - 679 

(iROl P 100. 

495. Apfler, Antoine, Paris. Pipe cases 
and boxes. 680 

496. Delachal, L., Paris. India-rubber 
playthings. 691 

497. Hutchinson et Cie, Paris. Wrought 
India-rubber 691 

498. Laurent, Abel, Paris. Musical India- 
rubber balloons, etc. 691 

499. Oreste-Martin, A. J., Paris. India- 
rubber balloons. 691 

GROUP 110. 

500. Barre, Hippolyte, Paris. Metallic 

playthings. 693 

Exhibit Class': 

No. No. 

501. Bontems, Ch., Paris. Musical birds 
snuff boxes, etc. 69: 

502. Bouchard, Rene, Paris. Pneumati 
playthings. 691 

503. Boussard, Dominique, Paris. Force 
lain Howers. 69; 

504. Boyer, Paris. Infants' toys. 69^ 

505. Bregman, Henry, Paris. Celluloic 
balloons. 693 

506. Chauvin, Alexis, Paris. Playthings 


507. Couturier, Gustave, Paris. Doll: 
toilets. 69J 

508. Crauser, G., Aine, Paris. Animal; 
with natural hair. 69! 

509. Dupont, A., et Cie, Paris. Toys 

Logeat M. 




510. Du Val, A., et 

Games, playthings. 

511. Fontaine, Desire, et Lamane, Paris 
Dressed jugglers, ciwarfs, giants, etc. 69i 

512. Gavot, G., Paris. Children's play 
things. 69! 

513. Girard, P. E., Paris. Dolls. 69! 

514. Halle, Charles. Paris. Paste-boar( 
playthings. 69i 

515. Hesse, A., Paris. Dolls, dolls 
trousseaux. 69! 

516. Jumeau et Cie, Paris. Dolls, etc 


517. Lamagnere, Th., Paris. Games 
architecture. 69! 

518. Lambert, Leopold, Paris. Automati( 
musical playthings. 69 

519. Lefevre, E. et F., Paris. Tin play 
things. 69 

520. Maltete, Charles, Paris. Mechanics 
and steam jilaythings. 69 

521. Martin, Fernand, Paris. Mechanics 
and scientific playthings. 69 

522. Moncharm.ont, Henri, Paris. 

a Masks, dominoes. 69 

b Paper confettis, etc. 69 

523. Pele, Casimir, Paris. Photograp! 
frames. 69 

524. Pintel et Godchaux, Paris. Nake^ 
and dressed dolls. 69 

525. Quitte, Prudent, Paris. Fancy arti 
cles. 69 

526. Rabery, Alexandre, Paris. Dolls c 
all kinds. 69 

527. Ronsin, Eugene, Paris. Fancy arti 
cles. 69 

528. Rossignol, Veuve Ch., et Cie, Paris 
Small metallic playthings. 69 

529. Roullet et Decamps E., Paris. Me 
chanical playthings. 69 

530. Schaffer, Hermann, Paris. Fane; 
boxes. 69 



Toys, Leather, Material of War, Lighting Apparatus and Appliances. 

hibit Class' n 

io. No. 

1. Sender, Paris. Mechanical play- 
things, etc. 693 

2. Sevette, P., Roulleau et Loiseau, 
Paris. Musical toys. 693 

3. Thomaron, A. M., Paris. Games. 693 

4. Vichy, G. et H., Paris. Mechanical 
and musical toys. 693 

5. Wogue, A. et Levy, G., Paris. Games, 
toys, etc. 693 

(iROUP 111. 

6. Amson Freres, Paris. Morocco 
skins, etc. 699 

7. Basset Fils, Freres et Cie, Paris. Kid 
skins. 697 
B. Bruel et Fils, Souillac (Lot). 

a Black leather. 699 

/; Yellow leather. 702 

g. Combe et Oriol, Paris. Kid skins. 


0. Courtois et Cie, Paris. Curried 
leather. 698 

1. Courvoisier, Bourgoin et Cie, Paris. 
Skins for gloves. 696 

2. Deon, Ulysse, Sens (Yonne). Rabbit 
skins dyed for leather. 702 

3. Deschamps, Jules, Boisbelle, pres 
Henrichemont (Cher). Ox and cow raw 
leather. 700 

4. Dolat Freres, Paris. Leather in bulk. 

5. Floquet, Fernand, Saint-Dennis 
(Seine). Morocco leather. 699 

6. Floquet, Gaston, Ancienne Maison C, 
Floquet et Fils, Saint-Denis (Seine). 
Dressed sheep skins. 697 

7. Guillou et Fils, Paris. 

a Calf, kid and sheep skins. 697 

/' Curried goat skins. 698 

8. Guilleux, Louis, Paris. Dyed leather. 


9. Lafrique et Pinton, Paris. Hides and 
skins. 696 

0. Le Fils de Veuve Calixte Barrand, 
Paris. Enameled, gilded kid skins. 699 

1. Leven Freres et Fils, Paris. Patent 
and enameled calf skins. 699 

2. Masurel et Caen, Croix'^(Nord). 
Leather. "^ 697 

3. Meyzonnier Fils, Annonay (Ardeche). 
a Tanned calf skins. 697 
^ Curried calf skins. 698 

4. Pedailles, A., Paris. Calf skins. 697 
Perrault, Alphonse, Paris. Seats 

furnished in leather and cord, leather 
hangings. 705 

6. Petitpont et Cie, Paris. 
a Calf and sheep skins. 697 
(^ Morocco. 699 

7. Pinede, Gustave, Bayonne (Basses- 
Pyrenees). Lamb and sheep skins. 697 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

558. Plagnes, Leon, Millau (Aveyron). 
Dyed skins. 696 

559. Poullain-Beurrier, Paris. Leather 
belting. 704 

560. Salasc^enjamin,Bedarieux(Herault). 
Sheep sktlST 697 

$61. Senat €t Cie, Aubervilliers (Seine). 
Patent and enameled leather. 699 

562. Sueur Fils, Paris. Patent and enam- 
eled leather. 699 

563. Trefousse et Cie, Chaumont (Haute- 
Marne). Dyed kid skins. 696 

564. Ullmo, Simon, Lyon. Smoothed 
leather, white calf skins. 702 

GROUP 112. 

565. Hurtu, Hautin et Diligeon, Paris. 

Water meters. 711 

GROUP 113. 

566. Aurouze, Etienne, Paris. Snares for 
animals. 718 

567. Faure Le Page, E. H., Paris. Sport- 
ing fire arms. 718 

568. Gastinne-Rennette, J. F., Paris. Fine 
guns, etc. 718 

569. Guyot, N., Paris. Sporting fire arms. 


570. Nouvelle, Arthur, Paris. Fire guns, 
etc. 718 

571. Schneider et Cie, Creusot (Saone-et- 

a Light artillery and guns. Dept.F 715 

d Heavy ordnance and accessories. 

Dept. F 716 

572. Societe Francaise des Munitions de 
Chasse, de tir et de Guerre, Paris. War 
ammunition, etc. 714 

GROUP 114. 

573. Besnard, Frederic, Paris. 

a Petroleum lamps. 719 

d Lanterns. 720 

574. Coupler Fils et Drouart A., Paris. 
Lamps. 719 

575. Dubourguet,Amable, Paris. Fixtures. 


576. Gagneau, Georges, Paris. 

a Oil lighting apparatus. 719 

d Gas fixtures. 721 

c Electric lamps. 722 

577. Houdebine Pere et Fils, Paris. Chan- 
deliers. 721 

578. Leblanc-Barbedieune, G. E., Paris. 

a Gas fixtures. 721 

d Bronze ware for electric lighting. 722 

579. Susse Freres, Albert et Leon, Paris. 
Chandeliers. 721 


Heating Apparatus, Hardware, Miscellaneous Articles. 

GROUP 115. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No." No. 

580. Baudry File, H., Paris. Feather 
brooms. 730 

581. Bourdon, Charles, Paris. Vapouri- 
gene for the heating of habitations, car- 
riages, etc. 72g 

582. Godillot, Alexis, Paris. Drawings 
relative to the utilization of bad fuel. 724 

583. Marchaud, Eugene, Saint-Jean-d'An- 
gely (Charente-liiferieurs). 

a Laundry stoves. 727 

b Smoothing irons. 730 

584. Tampier, L., Bordeaux (Gironde). 
Chimney for camp j)Ot. 727 

585. Vagner, Jacques, Paris. 

a Kitchen stoves, dutch ovens. 728 
/; Oil stoves. 729 

GROUP 116. 

586. Sommet, Emilje, Paris. Molds for 

pastry cooks. 733 

GROUP 118. 

587. Disclyn, D., Paris. Artistic iron 
work. 743 

588. Lengle, A. et Cie, Saint-Denis 

(Seine). Boxes for burial crowns. 743 

589. Maugin, Louis, rue Casfroi, Paris. 
Panels in enameled sheet iron; decora- 
tions in relief or smooth. 744 





590. Milinaire Freres, Paris. 

a Railings. 


b Models of stable tittings. 


GROUP 119. 

591. Beligne, Henri, Langres (Haute 

Marne). Cutlery, tailors' scissors. 75 

592. De Hennau, Veuve H., Creil (Oise 
Tacks, nails, rivets, etc. 74 

593. Deny, Charles, Paris. Locks. 74 

594. Hamon, Louis, Paris. Razors, scis 
sors, knives, etc. 75 

595. Levent, Veuve, et Cie, Bavay (Nord' 
Bolts, rivets, screw-nuts, etc. 74 

596. Maillard, Louis, Paris. Hinge-plates 
pins, hinges. 74 

597. Picard, Leopold, Paris. Fine cut 
lery. 75 

598. Thinet, Jules, Paris. Cutlery. 75 

GROUP 121. 

599. Barbet, Emile-Augustin, Paris. Lab 

oratory tools. 

600. Clair, Maxime, Paris. Foot and car 
riage warmers. 

601. Durrschmidt, Georges, Lyon-Mont 
plaisir (Rhone). Sharpening stones. 

602. Stochman Freres, Paris. Forms fo 
tailors and dressmakers. 




Not having received the revised entries for Germany from the commissioners we are 
Hged to go to press without them. — [Ed.] August loth, i8gj. 

LOCATION— SECS. A & C AND SECS. E & F— 1,2, 3,4. 

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products, Druggists' Supplies. 


GROUP 87. 

fo. No. 

Aktiengesellschaft fuer Chemische 
Industrie, Mannheim. Chemical tech- 
lical apparatus. 548 

Aktiengesellschaft fuer Chemische 
Industrie, Schalke i-W. Chemical prod- 
icts. 548 

Bernhardi, Y., Leipsic. Pharmaceu- 
ical preparations. 547 

Brueder Richter, Leipsic, Gohlio. 
/olatile oils and essences. 549 

Chinin Fabrik Braunschweig, Bruns- 
vick. Quinine, cocaine, etc. 545 

Chemische Fabrik Griesheim, Frank- 

a Mineral acids. 543 

b Alcaloids. 544 

Chemische Fabrik Kalk, vorm, Fors- 
er Grueneberg, Cologne. Ammoniac 
lalts, potassium, etc. 544 

Chemische Fabrik vorm, E. Schering, 
Berlin. Chemical preparations for phar- 
nacopceia. 547 

Chemische Fabrik, vorm, Hofmann & 
)choetensack, Ludwigshafen-on-Rhine. 
'hemical and pharmaceutical products. 


Fahlberg, List & Co., Salbke, West- 
:rhuesen, near Magdeburg. Sacharin 
.nd sacharin preparations. 547 

Farben, Fabriken, vorm, Friede, 
3ayer & Co., Elberfelet. Pharmaceutical 
)roducts. 547 

Farina, Johanfl Marie, Cologne. 
Cologne water. 549 

Fikentscher, Fr. Chr., Zwickau, Sax- 
iny. Stoneware vessels for chemical 
adustry. 548 

Fritschler, Winterhalder & Co., 
/oithenberghuette, near Furth, Bavaria, 
letorts, funnels, bottles. 548 

Goedecke & Co., Leipsic. 

a Fruit ether. 545 

b Volatile oil. 549 

Goldschmidt, Th., Essen-on-the-Ruhr. 
rin salts, zinc salts. 545 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

17. Graf, Dr., & Co., Berlin. Pharmaceu- 
tical products. .547 

18. Geuttler, Reichenstein, Silesia. 
Arsenic. 545 

19. Haarmann & Reimer, Holzminden on 
theWeser. \'aniline, heliotropine, etc. 549 

20. De Haeen, E., List, near Hanover. 
Chemicals. 546 

21. Heine & Co., Leipsic. Volatile oils, 
essences, etc. 549 

22. Hereus, W. C, Hanan. Platinum for 
crucibles, etc. 548 

23. Jaffe, Bruno & Darmsbaedter, Mar- 
tinickenfelde, near Berlin. Bandoline. 549 

24. Kern, Em., Edenkoben. Cognac oil, 
tartar, etc. 547 

25. Kgl. Preussische Porzellanmanufac- 
tur, Berlin, Charlottenburg. Porcelain 
vessels, etc., for chemical purposes. 548 

26. Koelling & Schmitt, Zerbst-Anhalt. 
\'olatile oils and essences. 549 

27. Koepp, Rud & Co., Oestrich-Rhein- 
gan. Oxalic acid, etc. 543 

28. Knoll & Co., Ludwigshafen-on the- 
Rhine. Alcaloide and glycosine. 544 

29. Lehmann, Joh., Berlin. Pharmaceu- 
tical preparations. 647 

30. Leichner, L., Berlin. Cosmetics, etc. 


31. Marquart & Schulz, Bettenhausen near 
Cassel. Pharmaceutical and chemical pro- 
ducts. 547 

32. Marx, Heinr Carl, Harburg-on-Elbe. 
Samples of safety fuse. 550 

33. Merck, E., Darmstadt. Drugs. 547 

34. Porzellan Manufactur, Kgl. Preus- 
sische, Charlottenburg. Porcelain articles 
for chemical purposes. 548 

35. Riedel, J. D., Berlin. New chemical- 
pharmaceutical products. 547 

36. Rieger, Wilhelm; Frankfort-on-the 
Main. Perfumeries. 549 

37. Rhodius, Gustav, Tnh. Burgbrohl. 
Carbonate and bicarbonate of potassium, 
natron. 544 



Druggists' Snpplies, Paints, Colors, Dyes and Varnishes. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

38. Sauberlich, Anton, Zwickan. Soap 
and perfumes. 549 

39. Schuchhardt, Theodor, Dr., Tnh. Dr. 
Albert Weil* Goerlitz-Silesia. Scientific 
pharmaceutical preparations. 547 

40. Stassfurter Chemische Fabrik, vorm, 
\'orster & Grueneberg', Stassfurt. Potas- 
sium cyanide, cyanurate of potassium, 
urea and cyanurates from blood. 644 

41. Schaeffer, Dr., Charlottenburg, near 
Berlin. Annnonia and salmiac. 544 

42. Thiemann, H., jun., Stolp. i-P. Chem- 
icals. 546 

43. Wasmuth, A., & Co., Ottensen. Chem- 
ical and pharmaceutical products. 547 

44. Wassmuth, A., &Co., Barmen. Chem- 
icals. 546 

45. Witte, Dr., Rostock. Pharmaceutical 
preparations, etc., 547 

46. Vereinigte Fabriken chemisch-phar- 
mazeutischer product s, Frankfort-on- 
Main. Salts of quinine, quinine, chinidin, 
cocaine, etc. 545 

47. Verein, chemischer, Fabriken, Mann- 
heim. Chemicals. 546 

48. Von Heyden, Dr., F. Nachf., Rade- 
beul, near Dresden. Pharmaceutical 
preparations. 547 

GROUP 88. 

49. Aktiengesellschaft fuer Anilinfabrika- 

tion, Berlin. Artificial and organic color 
substances. .552 

50. Badische Anilin und Sodafabrik, Lud- 
wigshafen-on-the-Rhine. Aniline and 
other color substances. 552 

The largest chemical manufacturers in the 
world. Capital Eight Million Dollars. Man- 
ufacture alizarine, aniline and other coal tar 
colors for dyeing wool, cotton, silk, paper 
and leather. Sole U. S. representatives, 
Wm. Pickhardt & Kuttroff, New York, Bos- 
ton, Providence, Philadelphia, Chicago. 

51. Bormann, G., Nachfo Tuhaber, Otto, 
Berlin. Colors. 552 

52. Babe, C, Hanover. Drawing appa- 
ratus, etc. ' 555 

53. Chemische Fabriken, vorm, J. VJ. 
Weiler & Co., Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Pro- 
ducts for the coloring of tea. 552 

54. Eichler, W., Leipsic, Gohlis. Rapid 
drawing ajsparatus. 555 

55. Eiermann & Tabor, Fuerth, Bavaria. 
Bronze ware and leaf-metal. 555 

56. Faber, A. W., Stein near Nuremberg. 
Ink oil colors. 552 

57. Gademann Sc Co., Schweinfurt-on- 
the-Main. Schweinfurter green, bronze, 
etc. 552 

Exhibit Clai 

No. N 

58. German Gold and Silver Smelting 1 
tablishment, Frankfort-on-the-Main. C 
amic colors. 

59. Gerstenecker, Anton, Neuhausen m 
Munich. Tools for plastics. 

60. Graf, Dr., & Co., Berlin. Colors. 

61. Haenle, Leo, Munich. Leaf metal. 

62. Haigrtw, Gebrueder, Offenbach-on- 
Main. Paper ornaments. 

63. Hoermann, Carl, von und zu Gut 
berg, Nuremberg. Gold tinsel. 

64. Jacobsen, Dr., Emil, Berlin. Wa 
colors, enamel colors. 

65. Kast & Ehinger, Stuttgart, Feu 

a Colors for book-printing and lith' 
rajihy, {printers' ink. I 

b Linseed oil, varnish. 

66. Koehler& Co., Fuerth. Leaf metal. 

67. Kugelman, David, Kissingen. Ebc 

68. Kuhn's, E., Nuremberg. Gold t 
silver wire. \ 

69. Lampel, Bruno, Cologne-Ehrenfeld. 
Colors. - 

70. Linse, Ed., Aachen. Pattern book 
artists. ^ 

71. Menne, Josef, Munderkingten a- 
Painters' biushes, etc. ^ 

72. Michel & Morell, Eppstein i- 
Hoechst-on-the-Main. Black colors. \ 

73. Moritz, T., & Co., Hangenbieten n( 
Enzheim, Alsace. Copying ink. \ 

74. Mueller, Johann, Gottlieb & Co., Stu 
gart. Artists' colors. \ 

75. Pauli, Gebr., Nuremberg. Patent f( 


76. Rannefeld, W. & Co., Blankenbui 

Harz. Colors. \ 

77. Rhau, T. L., Nuremberg. Leaf met 


78. Rosenhaupt, H., Fuerth. Bronze c 
ors. I 

79. Schaal, Dr. Eugen, Feuerbach nt 

a Lac dye. \ 

b Lacquer. \ 

80. Schoener, Georg., Nuremberg. Dra 
ing instruments. \ 

81. Segitz & Neithardt, Fuerth. Bror 
powder. \ 

82. Siegle, G. & Co, Stuttgart. Colors. \ 

83. Spiegelberger, Ludwig, Fuerth. Li 
gold. \ 

84. Tintenfabrik Ludwigshafen, Ludwij 
hafen-on-the-Rhine. Inks. \ 

85. Ullmann, Bernh., & Co., Fuerth. 
Bronze colors. \ 



Typewriters, Paper, Blank Books, Stationery, Furniture and Upholstery. 

libit ( lass'n 

o. ^'o. 

Vereinigte Pinselfabriken, Nurem- 
lurg. Paint brushes. 554 

Vereinigte Ultramarinfabriken, Nur- 
mberg. Ultramarine. 552 

Weldener, T. L. & P., Nuremberg. 
• a Bronze colors. 552 

b Leaf metal. 555 

Werner, Frz. P., Munich. Gold tinsel. 


Zierlein, Gebr., Nuremberg. Paint 
irushes. 554 

(iJROl P S9. 

Ahlhelm & Co., Bismarcks-thal-Loes- 
nitz, Saxonv. Paper spools. 557 

Berndt, Wilh. R., Berlin. Paper. 560 

Brauer, F., Oskar, Buchholz i-S. 
'"ancy stationery goods. 564 

Duenkelsbuchler & Co., Nuremberg, 
.ead and colored pencils. 564 

Faber, A. W., Stein, near Nuremberg. 
.ead and colored pencils, slates. 564 

Faber, Joh., Nuremberg. Pencils, 
gad, slate, colored, etc. 564 

Haenle, Leo., Munich. Gold and silver 
laper. 562 

Heintze & Blankertz, Berlin. Pens 
nd penholders. 564 

Hochstein & Weinberg, Berlin. Glazed 
laper and cardboard. 557 

. Hohenstein & Lange, Berlin. Lamp 
hades, fancy paper wappers for flower 
ots. 557 

Leichtlin, Gebr., Karlsruhe. Stamp- 
ig paper, linen paper for drawing. 560 
" Motz, \.. W., & Co., Berlin. '^ Metal 
tationery articles. 564 

Nopitsch, M., Schweinau, near 
uremburg. Lead and colored pencils, 
tc. 564 

Papierfabrik Sendern-Sendern i-W. 
aper. 556 

. Scherer's Gebr. Papier u Tapeten- 
\brik. Bannenthal, near Heidelberg. 
Vail paper. 563 

. Schreiber, Richard, & Co., Raschau- 
axony. Stucco of paper and kylogenite. 

. Schroeter, Wilh., Ehrenfriedersdorf- 
axony. Stucco of paper and kylogenite. 

. Schwanhaeuser, G., Nuremberg. 
.ead and oil chalk pencils. 564 

. Siegert, Hugo, Breslau. Ink stand, 
mting case. 564 

. Sonnenthal & Kloffke, Berlin. Book- 
dnding work. 561 

. Steinbach Co., Malmedy, Prussia. 
Vriting paper, paper for photography. 560 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

112. Tetzler, Reinh., Berlin. 

a Inks. 552 

b Mastics. 554 

113. Vereinigte Strohstoff Fabriken, Dres- 
den. Straw in various stages ef produc- 
tion. 556 

114. Wiede's Papier Fabrik, Rosenthal- 
Reuss. Paper. 556 

115. Wuest, C. L., Frankfort-on-the- 
Alain. Playing cards. 557 

116. Zuber, T., & Co., Rixheim, Alsace. 
a Decorated paper. 562 
/' Wall paper. 563 

117. Zellstoff Fabrik, Waldhof near Mann- 
heim. Illustration of the manufacture of 
paper from cellular substance. 556 

118. Zucker & Co., Erlangen. Stationery. 


(niROUP 00. 

119. Adelhard, Johann, Nuremberg. 
\\'ood mosaic j-ictures. 572 

120. Aktiengesellschaft fuer Glas, Spiegel 
und Zinnfolien fabrikation, Fuerth. Mir- 
rors. 569 

121. Aktiengesellschaft fuer Marmorin- 
dustrie Kiefer, Kiefersfelden. Marble 
doors and a marble tire-place. 570' 

122. Andrea, Christoph, Muelheim-on-the 
Rhine. \'elvet wall decoration. 571 

123. Apitzsch, Otto, Dresden. Picture 
painted on silk. 572 

124. Bachmann, W., Fuerth. Mirrors. 569 

125. Ballin, M., Munich. Artistic furni- 
ture. ■ 567 

126. Barth, Conrad & Co., Munich. 

a Mirror. 569 

b Ceiling, waHs and portal. 571 

127. Biedermann, H., Fuerth. Mirrors. 569 

128. Bock, Louis & Sohn, Hamburg. 

a Rococo mirrors. 569 

b Easel. 572 

129. Bomeisler, M. S., Fuerth. Mirrors. 569 

130. Braun, Louis, Munich. Painted 
screen. 572 

131. Baechenbacher, Sigm., Fuerth. Mir- 
rors. 569 

132. Diestelhorst, T. L., Karlsruhe. Ar- 
tistic and luxurious furniture. 567 

133. Dietrich-Zauner, Pauline, Frau, Mu- 
nich. Rococo screen, painted on glass. 572 

134. Engelhardt & Kalbrich, Elberfeld. 
Patterns for the painting of ceilings. 571 

135. Eysser, T. A., Nuremberg. Artistic 
furniture. 567 

136. Fahnkow, E. R., Berlin. Dining- 
room of walnut in Dutch renaissance. 572 

137. Fischer, O., Berlin. Upholstery work. 




Furniture, Upholstery and Artistic Decoration. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

138. Fraenkel, Gebr, Fuerth. Mirrors. 569 

139. Friedrich, O. B., Dresden. Ebony 
table with engravings of ivory. 566 

140. Fuchs, Max, Munich. Rococo mirror. 


141. Gebhardt, Fritz, Heidelberg. Artistic 
furniture. 567 

142. Geyer, Arthur, Bayreuth. Collection 
of Rococo frames. 569 

143. Goldenberger, Wilhelmine, Munich. 
Screens, pictures. 572 

144. Grimme & Hempel, Leipsic. Diaper 
work and fancy panels. 570 

145. Grisebach, Hans, Berlin. Living 
room of Italian walnut. 57'2 

146. Groschkus, T., Berlin. 

a Furniture. 567 

d Mirrors. 569 

147. Haeupler & Holzapfel, Stuttgart. 
Easel with frame. 572 

148. Harrass, B., Boehlen, Thueringen 
and Berlin. Artistic wood work. 570 

149. Heckel, Paul, Eibenstock. Embroid- 
ered covers. 57o 

150. Heilbronn, Leopold, Fuerth. Mirrors. 


151. Heinze, Carl & Co., Dresden. Artis- 
tic furniture. 567 

152. Hering, Gebre, Koenigstein, i-S. Gold 
and bronze mouldings for frames. 569 

153. Hiebl, C, L., Berlin. Automatic 
chairs. 565 

154. Hoffmann, Robert, Dresden, Furni- 
ture. 567 

155. Hohnstein & Holweg, Fuerth. Mir- 
rors. 569 

156. Hupp, Otto, Schleissheim-near-Mu- 
nich. Painting of ceiling and upper win- 
dows. German pavilion 571 

157. Kanter, David, Breslau. Luxurious 
furniture. . 567 

158. Keller, Jakob, Nuremberg. Designs 
for furniture. 567 

159. Kempe, Antoine, Munich. Screen. 572 

160. Kirchenbauer, Ernst, Karlsruhe. 
Pictures. 572 

161. Klein, E. O., Dresden Altstadt. 
Picture made of feathers. 572 

162. Kleinerz, Wilhelm, Cologne. Carved 
bedstead. ,567 

163. Kunz, Adam, Munich. Decorated 
door. 571 

164. Lehmann, J. L., Fuerth. Mirrors. 569 

165. Lindheimer, Philipp & Co.,Frankfort- 
on-the-Main. Embroidered piano covers, 
etc. 573 

166. List, Jakob, Munich. Upholstered 
furniture. 567 

Exhibit • Class' 

No. No. 

167. Macco, Paul, Heidelberg. Mosai 
substance for furniture. 5f 

168. Marx, Emil, Fuerth. Mirrors. hi 

169. Mayrhofer & Klemann, Passau. 
Metal mirrors. 56 

170. Meurer & Braun, Lahr, Baden. 

a Mirror frames. 5f 

b Picture frames. 5" 

171. Montgelas, Graefin, Marie, MunicI 
Painted gobelin screen. h't 

172. Morgenthau, M., Fuerth. Mirror; 

, 5e 

173. Nager, Franz & Pfleiderer, FriedricI 
Munich. Painted room. 51 

174. Neubauer, M., Munich. Dining-roon 


175. Offenbacher, Gebr, Fuerth. Mirror; 


176. Offenbacher, Max, Fuerth. Mirror 


177. Pecht, J. A., Konstanz. Painting 
on leather. 5'^ 

178. Perchermeier, Jos, Traunstein. Dec 
orated chest. • 5^^ 

179. Peters, G., Berlin. Ornamental fui 
niture. 56 

180. Petry Jakob, Neider Branbasch. Re 
agate writing set. 51 

181. Pfaff, J. C., Berlin. Music salon, gei 
tlemen's room, dining-room with outfit. 51 

182. Praechtel, C, Berlin. Outfit and dec 
oration for two rooms. 57 

183. Troessl, Johann, Fuerth. Mirrors, hi 

184. Radspieler, C. & Co., Munich. 

a Fancy furniture. 56 

b Mirrors. 56 

185. Radspieler, F. & Co., Munich. 

a Carved doors, etc. 51 

b Decorative articles. 51 

186. Rappa & Giobbe, Munich. 

a Mirror frame and stand. 56 

b Wall decorations, skylight. 51 

187. Rathgeber, Jos., Munich. Two doc 
wings of walnut wood with mosaics. 51 

188. Reidinger, L. A., Augsburg. Figui 
for bay window. 51 

189. Rockhausen Ernst, Waldheim. Ho 
low mouldings. 51 

190. Roehlick, H. W., Berlin. Screen; 
paintings with gold frames. 51 

191. Rosenau, Simon, Kissingen. Bric-£ 
brae, jardinieres, etc. 51 

192. Ruegnig, Ludwig & Co., Coburj 
Folding furniture. 56 

193. Land, Karl, Ludwig, Frankfort-oi 
the-Main. Towel stand. 56 

194. Sauermann, Heinrich, Flensburj 
Carved lower German living room. 51 



Furniture, Ceramics and Mosaics. 

hibit Class'n 

Jo. >^o. 

5. Schiffmann, Frau Direktor, Munich. 

Embroideries for the walls of the German 
pavilion. 5~3 

5. Schlesische Holzindustrie, Gesell- 
schaft, vorm. Ruschewegh & Schmidt, 
Langenoels. Patent furniture. 667 

7. Schumacher, Karl, Kaiserslautern. 
Window shades. 671 

3. Schneller, Simon, Munich. Residence 
md convent drinking room in German 
renaissance. 672 

J. Schuster, Karl, Berlin. 

a Chairs. 666 

b Desks. 667 

0. Schwarz, Albert, Ravensburg. Em- 
broidered curtains. 668 

1. Seidl, Gabriel, Prof. Architekt, Mu- 
nich. Artistic rooms for the reception of 
art industrial exhibits. 672 

2. Seitz & Seidl, Tnh, Emanuel Seidl, 
Munich. Design of the hall of the Mu- 
nich collective exhibit. 570 

3. Steinmetz, Jos., Munich. Sideboard, 
Carved and gilded drawing-room furni- 
Lure. 567 

4. Trost, C, Berlin. Stairway. 570 

5. Vogler & Kachholz, Hamburg. 
Diaper work. 670 

6. Voigt, Ferd, Berlin. Furniture of 
bronze mosaic. 676 

7. Weinert, Joh., Berlin. Wire chairs. 


8. Wenig, Lorens, Berchtesgaden. 
Furniture of cut crystal. 567 

9. Werner, Frz. P., Munich. Spring 
mattresses. 567 

0. Westphal & Reinhold, Berlin. Patent 
spring mattresses. 567 

1. Winkler, Chr. & Sohn, Fuerth. 
Mirrors. 669 

2. Winkler &Kuett,Fuerth. Mirrors. 569 

3. Wulff, Adolf, Bayreuth. 

a Mirror frames. 569 

b Pictures and screens. 672 

4. Zimmermann, G., Fueith. Metal 
mirrors. 669 

(^ROIP 91. 

5. Bertram, Bernhard, Lueftelberg near 

a Majolica vases. 676 

b Faience vases. 576 

6. Brach, A., Klein-Bittersdorf near 
Saargemuend. Hall, kitchen and side- 
walk flooring. 580 
7i Brasch, A., Berlin. Vases of burned 
clay. 574 
8. Donath & Co., Dresden. Painted 
porcelain. 577 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

219. Dressel, Kister & Co., Passau, 

Bavaria. Bric-a-brac of porcelain. 677 

220. Du Jardin, Aug., Metz. Art objects 
of stoneware. 676 

221. Duyignau O. & Co., Magdeburg. 
Majolica fireplace ornaments. 676 

222. Eckardt, A. L., Dresden. Painted 
porcelain. 677 

223. Ens & Greiner, Lauscha, Saxony, 
Meiningen. Paintings on porcelain. 577 

224. Garten, S. & Co., Neugruena Blase- 
witz. China sets. 576 

225. Glatz, Joh., Willingen, Baden. Ma- 
jolica. 575 

226. Goldenberger, Wilhelmine, Munich, 
Decorated plates. 577 

227. Guenther, Jos., Dresden. Paintings 
on porcelain. 677 

228. Hamann, Ad., Dresden. Miscellan- 
eous articles of painted porcelain. 677 

229. Hanke, Reinhold, Goehr, near Cob- 
lenz. Stoneware and majolica. 675 

230. Hutschenreuther, L. M., Hohenberg, 
Bavaria. Table and desert sets. 577 

231. Kaufmann, T. S., Frankfort-on-the- 
Main. China articles. 576 

232. Kgl., Porzellan Manufaktur, Bazer- 
ische, Nymphenburg, near Munich. 
Household and fancy articles of porce- 
lain. 577 

234. Klemm, Richard, Dresden. Painted 
chinaware. 576 

235. Knoeller, Louis, Dresden. Fancy 
articles of painted porcelain. 577 

236. Koenig, Th., Munich. Porcelain 
paintings, etc. 577 

237. Lambertz, Servais & Co., Ehrang, 
near Trier. 

a Clay plates. 574 

b Mosaic pavement, etc. 580 

238. Lindner, Bud., Waltershausen, near 
Gotha. Animal figures of terra cotta. 574 

239. Lonitz, Hugo& Co., Neuhaldensleben, 
near Magdeburg. 

a Terra cotta ware. 574 

b Majolica. 575 

240. Merkelbach & Wick, Yrenzhausen, 
near Coblenz. Ornamented stoneware. 675 

241. Mueller, E. & A., Schwarza, Saal- 
bahn. Fancy articles of porcelain. 577 

242. Nerbel, F., Mosbach, i-B. Majolica 
stoves. . 575 

243. New York & Rudolstadt Pottery Co., 
Rudolstadt. Art porcelain. 577 

Sole agents, L. Straus & Sons, 42, 44, 46, 48 
Warren St. and 116 Chambers St., New York. 

244. Porzellan Manufactur, Kgl., Prus- 
siche, Berlin, Charlottenburg. House- 
hold and fancy articles of porcelain. 577 



Marble, Stone and Metal Monuments, Art Metal Work, 

Exhibit riass'n 

No. No. 

245. Retsch & Co., Wunsiedel. Porce- 
lain. 577 

246. Rister, A. W. Fr. vorm Dressel, 
Rister & Co., Schiebe-Schwarzburg, Ru- 
dolostadt. Porcelain articles. 577 

246a. Royal Saxon Porcelain Manufact- 
urers. Meissen, Saxony. Fine porcelain 
goods of all kinds. 
Gillman, Collamer & Co., Fifth Ave. and 
30th St., New York, representatives. 

247. Schier, Franz, Munich. Paintings 
on porcelain, etc. 577 

248. Sinziger Mosaikplatten u Thonwaa- 
renfabrik Aktiengesellschaft, Sinzig-on 
the-Rhine. Mosaic flooring. 580 

249. Thallmaier, Franz X., Munich. 
Porcelain paintings, ydates, vases, etc. 577 

250. Villeroy & Boch, Merzig on the Saar. 
Terra cotta tiower pots. 574 

251. Villeroy & Bach, Metlach, Prussia. 
a Stoneware, majolica. 575 
/' Mosaic flooring, etc. 580 

252. Wessely, A. H., Hamburg. Majolica 
fire jjlaces, etc. 575 

253. Zapf, Theodor, Berlin. Porcelain 
paintings. 577 

GROUP 92. 

254. Aktiengesellschaft fuer Mormorin 

dustrie Kiefer, Kiefersfelden. Marble 
basins and benches. 582 

255. Beutenmueller, C, Co., Bretten. 
Metal wreaths and decorations for graves. 


256. Boesmiller, Ludwig, Munich. Con- 
soles with bust, etc. 583 

257. Weigel, Anton, Munich. Marble fig- 
ure. 583 

GROUP 93. 

258. Aktiengesellschaft vorm H. Gladen- 
besk & Sohn, Friedrichshagen near Ber-' 
lin. Objects of bronze, art castings. 585 

259. Arndt & Markus, Berlin. Bronze 
articles, art castings. 585 

260. Barillot, L., Berlin. Bronze stat- 
uettes. 585 

261. Bayerische Bronsewaarenfabrik, Nu- 
remberg. Art bronzes. 585 

262. Castner, A. Nacshf, Martin & Piltz- 
ing, Berlin. Art objects of metal and 
embossed work. 585 

263. Chuehl, W., Berlin. Bronze ware. 585 

264. Eisenwerk Gaggenau, Gaggenau, 
i-B. Art castings. 58.5 

265. Fuerstlich Stollbergsches Huette- 
namt, Tlsenburg, a-H. Art castings in 
iron. 585 

Exhibit Class' 

No. No. 

266. Grohe, Gustav, Berlin. Bronze ai 
tides. 58 

267. Grohmann,Emil, Berlin. Enamels. 58 

268. Guiremand, Th., Berlin. Embosse 
articles of cop])er and brass. 58 

269. Held, Hermann, Magdeburg. Medal 
and chased work. .58 

270. Kaufmann, T. S., Frankfort-on-th« 
Main. PZnamel work. .58 

271. Kehr, Leonhard & Palm, Nuremberg 
Chased work. 58 

272. Knodt, G., Bockenheim Frankfoi 
a-M. Bust of Emperor William I. 58 

273. Krohne, Emil, Berlin. Bronze fire 
places, etc. 58 

274. Kusterer, F. H., Augsburg. Em 
bossed copper and brass w(>rk. 58 

275. Lauer, L. Chr, Nuremberg. Medals 
coins, stamped metal work. 58 

276. Leyrer, Cosmos, Munich. Chase 
bronzes. -58 

277. Mayer, Wilhelm, Stuttgart. Medals 
stamped metal works. 58 

278. Moebes, W., Berlin. Sets of orna 
ments for doors and windows. 58 

279. Mulack, E. H., Berlin. Embossei 
work of tinned copper. 58 

280. Oertel, Otto, Berlin. Medals. .58 

281. Ostermann, L., Berlin. Medals. .58 

282. Peartree & Co., Berlin. Bronze arti 
cles. 58 

283. Pirner & Franz, Dresden. Figure 
and groups of bronze. 58 

284. Rakenius, Karl & Co., Berlin. Group' 
table ornaments. 58 

285. Rasmussen, Otto, Berlin. Embossei 
and chased work. 58 

286. Rohloff, Otto, Berlin. Embossed an^ 
chased work. 28 

287. Schiller, Georg, Berlin. Medals. 58 

288. Schirm, C. C, Berlin. Enamel 
mounted in metals. 58 

289. Schoene, Aug. & Mueller, Dresden 
Artistic articles embt)ssed in copper. .58 

290. Schuls, Otto, Berlin. Majolica arti 
cles mounted in bronze and zinc. 58 

291. Seitz, H., Munich. Art objects em 
bossed in copper. 58 

292. Seitz, Tul., Freiburg i-B. Bronz^ 
reliefs. 58^ 

293. Stehle, Aloie, Munich. Small bronz^ 
statue. 58. 

294. Stotz, Paul, Stuttgart. Art object 
of bronze, iron casting. 58i 

295. Stuebbe, A., Berlin. Enamelet 
bronzes. 58< 

296. Thomas, Adolf, Berlin. Embosse< 
and chased work. 58. 



Glass and Glassware, Stained Glass. 



Walther, Heh., Munich. Ornamental 
ulpture. 5"^ 

Wichart, T., Munich. Embossed 
pper ware. 5°^ 

Wiedemann, Professor, Berlin. 
ronze fissure. "°^ 

Wolf^ H., Berlin. Bronze ware. 585 

Rasmussen, Georg, Berlin. Em- 
)ssed portraits, chased work. 585 

Rauch, Jos., Munich. Ornamental 
ulpture. '^"'^ 

Schweizer, Chr. & Soehne, Tuebeck. 
namel sie;;ns. 586 

Herteh C. & Son, Hansan. Enam- 
s. 586 

Kolloff & Bantze, Berlin. Fancy 
etal articles. 585 

Krieger, Franz, Munich. Figures. 585 

Lampel, Joh., Munich. Figures. 585 

Marcus, Paul, Berlin. Chased work. 


Bruett, Ferdinand, Berlin. Orna- 
ental group. '^80 

Ehrhard & Soehne, Schwaeb, 
muend. Bronze articles. 585 

Eisenwerke Gaggenau Aktiengesell- 

:haft, GagRenau, Baden. Metal enamel. 

*^ 586 

Eysser, J. A., Nuremberg. Forged 
on railing. '380 

Hahn,' Munich. Escutcheon with 
igels. 585 

OROUP 94. 

Begfuss Metallwaarenfabrik, Frank- 
irt-on-the-Main. Pyramid of plate glass. 


Fritzner, N., Berlin. Bottles and 
oppers. 590 

Grosse, E., Berlin. Marmaroceous 
id granitical glass. 593 

Hermann Rocholl, Minden. Bottles. 


Lichtinger, Joseph, Munich. Artistic 
la,ssw3.rc. oyo 

, Maazer, Franz & Pfleiderer, Fried- 
ch, Munich. Painted glass chamber 
Htfit. 592 

Roehrig, Karl, Braunlage a-H. Plate 
lass. 589 

Rheinische Glasshuetten-Aktienges- 
Ischaft, Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Fancy 
assware. 593 

Theresienthaler Krystallglasswaar- 
ifabrik, Theresienthal Bavaria. Wine 
asses, table sets, etc. 691 

Vittali, Otto, Offenburg i-B. Etched 
ass. 592 


Exhibit Class'n 

No. ■ No. 

324. Zitzmann, Friedrich, Wiesbaden. 

Goblets, vases, etc. 592 

GROUP 95. 

325. Auerbach & Co., M., Berlin. Stained 
glass work. 696 

326. Beiler, H., Heidelberg. 

a Stained glass work. 596 

b Ecclesiastical stained glass work..597 

327. De Bouche, Carl, Munich. 

a Ornamental windows. 596 

/' Church windows. 597 

328. Drinneberg, Hans, Karlsruhe. 
Stained glass work. 596 

329. Eissgruber, Sebastian, Nuremberg. 
Ecclesiastical stained glass work. 597 

330. Ganter, R., Berlin. Stained glass 
work. 596 

331. Geiges, Fritz, Freiburg i-B. Stained 
glass work 596 

332. Geuer, J. J., Kempen. Stained 
church windows. 597 

333- Grosse, E., Berlin. Ecclesiastical 
stained glass work. 597 

334. Lewy, Karl, Charlottenburg. Glass 
wall decorations. 596 

335. Marcus, Max, Berlin. Stained glass 
windows. 596 

336. Mayer & Co., Munich. Ecclesias- 
tical glasswork. 597 

337. Mosimann, Karl, Munich. Stained 
glass window. 596 

338. Naager, Franz & Pfleiderer, Fried- 
rich, Munich. Stained glass windows. 596 

339. Oidtmann, D. G. & Co., Linnich, 
Rhineland. Stained glass work. 596 

340. Schell, Wilhelm, Offenburg. Stained 
glass work. 596 

341. Schneider, M., Regensburg. Stained 
glass work. 596 

342. Spinn, T. C. & Co., Berlin. Stained 
glass work. 596 

343. Staudinger, Alvis, Munich. Stained 
glass work. 596 

344. Van Treek, Gustav, Munich. 

a Civic stained glass work. 596 

b Ecclesiastical stained glass work.597 

345. Ule, Karl, Munich. Painted win- 
dows. 596 

346. Westphal, Louis, Berlin. Stained 
glass work. 596 

347. Zettler, F. X., Munich. Ecclesiastical 
stained glass work. 597 


GROUP 96. 

Albertshofer, Gg., Munich, 





Carvings in Various Materials, Gold and Silver Ware, Etc. 

Exhibit Class n 

No. No. 

q4Q. Barillot, L., Berlin. Ivory statuettes. 

■iKo. Bittner, Josef, Munich. Statuettes. 
^^ 601 

•^i^i. Borgfeldt, T. I., Berlin. Cork carv- 
ings. 598 

352. Christ, Fritz, Munich. Group and 
statuettes. 601 

353. Dieseel, Anton, Munich. Wood carv- 
ing. 598 

354. Dittrich, Oswald O., Dresden. Wood 
carvings. _ 598 

355. Drexler, Franz, Munich. Wood carv- 
ing. 598 

356. Eberle, Jos, Meberlingen i-B. Wood 
carving. 598 

357. Fischer, Erhard, Munich. Statuettes. 


358. Fischer, Karl, Munich. Wood carv- 
ing. 598 

359. Fritz, Robert, Suhl. Engravings for 
escutcheons. 601 

360. Grosshersogl, Badische Schnitzerei- 
schule, Furtwangen. Wood carving. 598 

361. Haebler, C. L., Baden-Baden. Wood 
carvings. 598 

362. Hammer, Eduard, Berlin. Wood 
carving. 598 

363. Hanneck, Gustav, Brunswick. En- 
gravings on ivory. 599 

364. Haseroth, Max, Berlin. Engravings 
on gems and metal. 601 

365. Held, Hermann, Magdeburg. Metal 
engravings. 601 

366. Hoetzel, D., Berlin. Gem engraving. 


367. Kauzmann, Gebr., Gieslingen. Artis- 
tic articles of ivory. 599 

368. Keller, Moritz & Co., Berlin. Wood 
carving. 598 

369. Kister, A. W., Fr., vorm, Dressel, 
Kister & Co., Scheibe, Schwarzburg, 
Rudolstadt. Groups of bisque and porce- 
lain. 603 

370. Kleinerz, Wilhelm, Cologne. Carved 
pedestal. 598 

371. Klejyrel, Wilh., Munich. Wood Carv- 
ing. 598 

372. Kounsmann, Gebr., Geislingen a-H. 
Wood carving. 598 

373. Kramer, Conrad, Kampen. Carved 
gothic group. 598 

374. Kramer, Fritz, Kempen. Picture 
groups carved. 598. 

375. Lehmann, Karl^ Nuremberg. Stat- 
uette. 501 

376. Marcus, ''[Paul,' Berlin. Etchings of 
copper, brass and forged iron. 601 ' 

Exhibit Clasi 

No. Nc 

377. Maybach, Heinrich, Karlsruhe. 
Wood carvings. 5 

378. New York and Rudolstadt Potte 
Co., Rudolstadt. Decorated figures aj 
vases. 6 

379. Otto, R., Berlin. 

a Engravings on metals. 6 

d Engravings on gems, cameos. 6 

380. Pfahrer, Friedr., Triberg. Wo 
carvings. 5 

381. Prugger, M., Bogen, Munich. Fi 
ures and busts of procelain imitatian. 6 

682. Rombach, Philemon, Furtwangen. 
Wood carvings. S 

383. Rosenan, Simon, Kissinger. Ivo 
carvings. S 

384. Rudolph, Bernh., Stuttgart. Wo 
carving. S 

385. Schaupp, Bernh., Karlsruhe. Wo 
carving. 5 

386. Schauppan, Gustav, Berlin. 

a Metal engraving. 6 

/' Gem engraving. 6 

387. Senff, Wilhelm, Luebeck. Chrisi 
descent from the cross (carved). 5 

388. Steiner, S., Fuerstenfeldbruck, ne 
Munich. Gothic altar with carved statu( 


389. Stumpf, Margaretha, Munich. Ivo 
carving. 5 

390. Triebner, Miss Eckert, Volksta( 
near Rudolstadt. Porcelain figures. 5 

391. Van Venrooy, Otto, Rueppur, i- 
Carved frame, i 1 ' ] _ .^^^ 5 

392. Vogt, Leonard, Memmingen. Gotl: 
altar of oakwood. 5 

393. Walch & Soehne, Berchtesgaden. 
Painted crystal carvings. 6 

394. Wind, Joseph, Munich. Statuette. 6 

395. Winker, Christian, Munich. Smi 
figures. 6 

(^EOUP 97. 

396. Bayerische Bronze Waarvenfabri 

Nuremberg. Artistic articles of alun 
num and silver. 6 

397. Bertsch, L., Karlsruhe. Gold a 
silver ware. 6 

398. Binder, Wilhelm, Schwaeb-Gmuer 
Silverware. 6 

399. Deutsch, Euzen & Co., Mussbac 
Aluminum ware. 6 

400. Drews, H., Pforsheim. Match box« 
card holders, etc. 6 

401. Glaser, Gebr., Hanar on the Mair 
Antique and modern silverware. 6 

402. Halbreiter, Adolph, Munich. 

a Gold and silverware. 6 

d Plated and metal ware. 6 



Gold and Silver Ware, Jewelry and Ornaments. 

[libit Class'n 

[o. No. 

5. Harrach, F., & Sohn, Munich. Silver- 
\'are. 605 

^. Heiden, Theodor, Munich. Gold and 
silverware. 604 

;. Hertel, C, & Son, Hansan. Gold 
md silverware. 604 

). Kissling, Chr., Hanau. Gold boxes, 



u Hein., F. W 

, Pforsheim. 


irticles in silver. 


5. Kollof & B 




netal ware. 


). Kugelmann, David, 


I. An- 

ique silverware. 605 

), Leyrer, Cosmos, Munich. Fancy sil- 
ver articles. 607 
t. Mayer, Martin, Mayence. Fancy 
irticles in silver filigree, corals and gems. 

5. Neresheimer, P. & Soehne, Hanau. 
Embossed work. 608 

5. Ochs & Bann, Hanau. Silver but- 
ons, watch guards and bracelets. 607 

[. Ott & Co., Hanau. Silverware. 612 
;. Paar, Ludw., Narhf L., Bertsch, 
iCarlsruhe. Gold and silver work. 604 

). Rosenau Simin, Kissengen. Silver 
md gold ware. 604 

^ Rothmueller, K., Munich. Gold and 
silver articles. 604 

5. Schallmayer, Theodor, Munich. 

a Goblets, cups, table ware. 605 

b Fancy articles. 607 

). Schleissner, T. D., Soehne, Hanau. 
Embossed art work. 608 

>. Schuermann E. & Co., Frankfort-on- 
;he-Main. Fancy silver articles. 607 

[. Soergel & Stollmeyer, Schwalbg- 
nuend. Silver thimbles. 607 

I. Stadler, Nicholaus, Munich. 

a Silver pot. 605 

b Silver jewel box. 607 

5. Steinheuer & Co., Hanau. Silver 
:hains. 607 

\. Suedes, Paul, Pforsheim. Fancy ar- 
;icles in silver. 607 

). Thomas, Arnim & Co., Berlin. Fancy 
irticles of gold and silver filigree. 604 

). Truebner, N., Heidelberg. Embossed 
silver vessels. 605 

J. Wiminer & Rieth, Pforsheim. Fancy 
diver articles. 607 

5. Winterhalter, Karl, Munich. Gold 
A^are. 604 

>. Wollenweber, Eduard, Munich. Gob- 
ets, coffee and tea sets, etc. 604 

Zimmermann, E. G., Hanau. Artistic 
ilverware. 604 

GROUP 98. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

431. Blaeske, Max, Berlin. Diadems, 
brooches, etc. 612 

432. Blum, Karl, Munich. Gold and silver 
ornaments. 612 

433. Bornett, Karl, Pforsheim. Jewelry. 


434. Breitenbarch, Karl, Birkenfeld, a-d- 
N. Cut cameos. 614 

435. Dillenius, Karl, Pforsheim. Jewelry. 


436. Doeppenschnitt, Ph., Pforsheim. Fil- 
igree jewelry. 612 

437. Dreher, August, Hettstein. En- 
graved agates. 614 

438. Fiessler, Louis & Co., Pforsheim. 
Gold and silver chains. 612 

439. Fillmann, August, Obertiefenbach. 
Agate, jasper, etc. 614 

440. Gauss, Gebr., Pforsheim. Chains, 
lockets and buttons. 612 

441. Grossmann, Ludwig, Pforsheim. 
Gold rings. 612 

442. Grubenir, A., Hanau. Jewelry. 612 

443. Hadler,Nicolaus, Munich. Jewels. 613 

444. Hauber, Gustav, Schwab-Gmuend. 
Chains, lockets, etc. 612 

445. Heim, F. W., Pforsheim. Onyx. 614 

446. Hertel, C.,& Sohn, Hanau. Jewelry. 612 

447. Heymann, H., Danzig. Ornaments, 
etc., of amber. 614 

448. Hirschmann & Koch, Pforsheim. 
Jewelry. 612 

449. Houy, Philipp, Oberstein. 

a Ornaments of gems. 612 

b Ornaments of agate. 614 

450. Kahn, T. S., Pforsheim. Cuff buttons 
and chains. 612 

451. Katz, Emil, Pforsheim. 

a Automatic jewelry. 612 

b Mounted doublets. 615 

452. Kiehnle, August, Pforsheim. Jewelry. 


453. Keller, Ph., K. F., Sohn, Oberstein. 
a Jewelry. 612 
b Agate ornaments. 614 

454. Klippel, Friederisch, Oberstein. 

a Real gems. 613 

b Imitation stones. 615 

455. Krauth, Peter, Hettstein. Agates. 614 

456. Kreuter, Fr., & Co., Hanau. 
Jewelry. 612 

457. Kronk, Fredrich, Pforsheim. Neck 
chains. 612 

458. Kuhnle,Gebr,Pfhorsheim. Jewelry.612 

459. Kuppenheim, Louis, Pforsheim. 
Jewelry. 612 

460. Kur-Schuettner, C., Hanau. 
Jewelry. 612 



Jewelry and Ornaments, Watches, Clocks, Etc. 

Exhibit f'lass'n 

No. No. 

461. Lange, Martin, Berlin. Artificial 
diamonds and pearls. 615 

462. Lauer & Binder, Pforsheim. Enam- 
eled jewelry. 612 

463. Levin, Gebr., Brunswick. Plated 
jewelry. 616 

464. Mahla, P., Pforsheim. Gold rings. 612 

465. Mayer, Martin, Mayence. 

a Silver fili2:ree, etc. 612 

/; Gems. " 61-3 

466. Merk, Gg. Jnh Paul Merk, Munich. 
Jewelry. 612 

467. Ochs & Bann, Hanau. 

a Gold ornaments. 612 

b Doublets. 615 

468. Ott & Co., Hanau. Jewelry. 612 

469. Pegan, Adolf, Pforsheim. Jewelry. 812 

470. Peine, Eduard & Co., Hamburg. 
Cuff buttons of gold and pearl. 613 

471. Retry, Jakob, Nieder Branbach. Red 
agate seals. (il4 

472^ Pomtlen, A., Pforsheim. Jewelry. 612 

473. Rhein & Co.,Gr. Anheim. Figures. 585 

474. Roessle.G., Pforsheim. Gold chains. 


475. Schuetz, Friedr, Hanau. 

a Jewelry. 612 

b Gems.' 613 

476. Schuetz, Heinrich, Pforsheim. Jew- 
elry. 612 

477. Schulz, Johann, Geo, Birkenfeld. 
Cut cameos. 614 

478. Soergel & Stollmeyer, Schwalb- 

a Gold thimbles. 612 

/' Imitation metal thimbles. 616 

479. Steinheuer & Co. r Hanau. 

a Gold chains. 612 

b Gilt chains." 616 

480. Thiele & Steinert, Berlin. Gold and 
silver wire, military trimmings, etc. 616 

481. Thomas, Arnim & Co., Berlin. Gold 
and silver filigree ornaments. 612 

482. Unter Ecker, Ernst, Pforsheim. 
Jewelry. 612 

483. Wensel, Rudolf, Oberstein. Agate 
and stone ornaments. 614 

484. Wild & Co., Pforsheim. Jewelry. 612 

485. Wimmer & Rieth, Pforsheim. Jew- 
elry. 612 

486. Winter, Ed. & Co., Pforsheim. Fine 
jewelry. 612 

487. Wittum, Albert, Pforsheim. Gold 
crosses. 612 

488. Woehler, Ed., Schwalb-Gmuend. 

a Jewelry. 612 

b Corals. 614 

c Imitations. 616 

Exhibit Class'] 

No. No. 

489. Zerrenner, F., Pforsheim. Bracelet; 
and brooches. 61i 

490. Zieher, Ottmar, Schwalb-Gmuend 
Jewelry. 611 

491. Zausmer, A., Dansig. Agate, ambei 
and cat's-eye ornaments. 61< 

492. Artzold& Popitz,Leipsic. Clocks. 62; 

493. Beha, Joh. B., & Soehne, Gisenach 
Cuckoo and musical clocks. 62^ 

494. Berger, Walter & Co., Goetzen 
brueck, Lorraine. Watch glasses. 61f 

495. Bradel, Jacob, Munich. Rococo clock 


496. Conti, Alfred, Berlin. Clocks witl 

advertising colums and signal system. 62! 

497. Dick, Friedrich, Esslingen. Tool; 
for watch-makers, etc. 62( 

498. Duerrstein & Co., Dresden. 

a Watches. 61' 

b Novelties in works. 61i 

c Decorated cases. 61! 

d Decorated clocks. 62 

499. Eberle, J. N., & Co., Augsburg. 

a Watch-makers' tools. 62i 

b Clock s]:)rings. 621 

500. Ette & Mischke, Berlin. Clocks. 62 

501. Furtwaengler, L. Soehne, Furt 
wangen. Clocks. 62 

502. Hahn, Theodor, Stuttgart. Clocks fo 
watchmen. 62 

503. Haller, Thomas, Schw^enningen. 
Clocks. 62 

504. Hoefler, Jos., in Firma Maurer £ 
Hoefler, Eiseiibach. Wall clocks. 62 

505. Jahresuhren Fabrik, Aktiengesell 
schaft, Triberg. Clocks. 62 

506. Jagemann, J., Munich. Clocks. 62 

507. Junghaus, Gebr., Schramberg. 
Clocks. 62 

508. Kleinerz, Wilhelm, Cologne. Clock 


509. Kronklauer, Jos., Munich, Clod 
cases. 62 

510. Lange, A., & Soehne, Gleshuette. 

a Watches. 61 

b Works. 61 

c Parts of cases. 61 

511. Mauthe, Friedr, Schwenningen. 
"Black Forest" clocks. 62 

512. Peters, Fr., Berlin. 

a Clocks. 62 

b Dial for the tower clock of th 

German Building. 62 

513. Peters, G., Berlin. Clocks. 62 

514. Pfahrer, Friedr., Triberg. Carve 
clocks. 62 



Silk and Silk Fabrics, Yarns and Woven Goods of Cotton, Linen, Etc. 






Pleissner, Robert, Dresden. 
a Watches. 617 

b Wall and stand clocks. 621 

Rappa & Giobbe, Munich. Clock 
case. 622 

17. Rochlitz, C. F. Grossuhrenfabrik, 
Jnh. Heinrich Ernst, Berlin. Tower 
clock for the German Building. 621 

18. Schneckenburger, R.,Muchlsheim-on- 
the Danube. Wall clocks. 621 

19. Schweizer, Chr., & Sbehne, Lubeck. 
Enamel dials. 622 

20. Schweyer.C.W., Munich. Clocks. 621 

21. Schweizer, J. C, Munich. Clock. 621 

22. Schwer, August, Triberg. Decorated 
clocks. 621 

23. Soefner, Hermann, Munich. Rococo 
clock, wall clock. 621 

24. Speckhardt, Gustav, & Marfels, Carl, 
Moegeldorf, Frankfort-on-the-Main. Ober- 

Ammergau clock. 621 

25. Wehrle, Emilian, Furt-wangen. Wall 
clocks. 621 

26. Werner, C, Villingen. Clocks. 621 

27. Wilde, Gebr., Villingen. Clocks. 621 

28. Wildenauer,F.X., Munich. Clocks. 621 

29. Winterhalder & Hofmeier, Neustadt. 
Clocks striking quarter hours. 621 

30. Woelfl, Hermann, Konstanz. Lu- 
minous dials f(jr clocks. 622 

ORorp 100. 

31. Audiger & Meyer, Crefeld. Silks for 
scarfs. 60O 

32. Bacher & Leon, Berlin. Trimmings 
for cloaks and dresses. 682 

33. Beysner, Arthur, & Co., Crefeld. 
Silk scarfs. 630 

34. Corty, Edm., & Co., Crefeld. 

a Silks for dresses. 629 

h Silks for scarfs. 630 

35. De Greiff, M. & Co., Crefeld. Silk 
velvets and plush. 630 

36. Ebener, Jos., & Co., Munich. Bro- 
cade and damask for upholstery. 629 

37. Essrales & Hatry, Saargemuend. 
Velvets and plush. 630 

38. Huber, Emile & Co., Saargemund. 
Silk velvets and plush. 630 

39. Koenigs, Carl, & Co., Crefeld. 

a Spun silk. 627 

b Plain silks. 628 

c Figured silks. 629 

d Silks for scarfs. 630 

40. Krahnen & Gobbers, Crefeld. 

a Plain silks. 628 

b Figured silks. '629 

c. Ribbons. . 631 

Exhibit Class"n 

No. No. 

541. Reimann & Meyer, Elberfeld. Mat- 
lasse and silk. 630 

542. Reiss, Carl, Crefeld. Figured silk. 629 

543. Rudolf & Georgi, Eibenstock. Pas- 
sementerie. 632 

544. Scheibler & Co., Crefeld. 

a Silk velvets and plushes. 630 

b Silk velvet ribbons. 631 

545. Schoppen & ter Meer, Crefeld. 

a Spun silk. 627 

b Silk for parasols and umbrellas. 629 

546. Schroeder, Wm., & Co., Crefeld, 

a Raw silk, tram silk, etc. 625 

b Silk for scarfs and lining. 628 

c Silk for dresses. 629 

547. Schubart, Emil, Eibenstock. Passe- 
menterie. 632 

548. Schwartz, R. & Co., Crefeld. 

a \'elvets for furniture, etc. 630 

b .Silk velvet ribbons. 631 

549. Troll & Uhlmann, Eibenstock. Pas- 
sementerie. 632 

550. Vom Bruck, H. Soehne, Crefeld. 

a Silk velvets and plush. 630 

b Ribbons. 631 

(;R01 P 101. 

551. Geisberg, Franz, Alt-Chemnitz. 

Printed fabrics. 633 

(;R01P 102. 

552. Arno & Moritz Meister, Chemnitz. 
Cotton yarns. 638 

553. Birmes, E.,Cre*"eld. Cotton yarns. 638 

554. Buntweberie, vorm Herm. Wuensche 
Ebersbach. Mixtures of cotton. 638 

555. Burghardt, C. E., Lauban Silesia. 
Bleached linen handkerchiefs. 639 

556. Coblenzer, Ad., Augsburg. Cotton 
yarn. 638 

557. Dick & Schreiter, Schoeneck i-V. 
Embroidered linen table cloths, towels, 
napkins, etc. 639 

558. Dierig, Christian, Oberlangenbielau. 
a Cotton goods. 638 
b Half-linen fabrics. 639 

Weaving, spinning, bleaching, dyeing, fin- 
ishing of cotton and mixed linen goods. 
Specialties: ginghams and bedticks in all 
sorts and qualities. 

559. Fleischer, T., Plauen Saxony. Mus- 
lins, gauze, tarlatans. 638 

560. Fraenkel, S., Neustadt Silesia. 
Linen fabrics. 639 

561. Froehlich & Wolff, Cassel. Canvas. 


562. Giehler, Johann, Chemnitz. Cotton 
goods. 638 



Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and Mixtures of Wool. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

563. Goschenhofer & Roesecke, Berlin. 

Copy of the linen outlit of Princess Mar- 
garitha of Prussia. 639 

564. Geisberg, Franz, Alt Chemnitz. 

a Printetl cotton fabrics. 6c!8 

/' Printed linen fabrics. 639 

565. Grosse, J. G., Kuhnewalde. 

a Cotton goods. 638 

/' l.inen textures. 639 

566. Grossmann, C. G., Grossrochrsdorf. 
a Cotton goods. 638 
/' Linen fabi ics. 639 

567. Gutmann, K. & A., Munich. Linen 
taf:ile sets. 639 

568. Hirsch, Louis, Gera. Dyed and 
bleached articles. 638 

569. Kgl, Muster-Kloeppielschule,Schnee- 
berg-Saxony. Hantlkerchiets, etc. 639 

570. Langheinrich, Georg, Schlitz-Hes- 
sia. Table cloths, najikins and towels. 639 

571. Meinhold & Sohn, Rauen i-V. Mull. 


572. Muehlinghaus & Wuelfing, M-Glad- 
bach. Bleached and dyed jirinted cotton 
goods. 638 

573. Reimann & Meyer, Elberfeld. Pique 
for vests. 638 

574. Websky, Hartmann & Wiesen, 
Wuestewaltersdorf. Table covers, towels, 
linen embroidery, etc. 639 

575. Weindler Wilk & Co., Panen, i-V. 
Handkerchiefs. 639 

576. Wuensche, F. Aug., & Co., Loeban. 
Linen. 6.39 

GROUP 103. 

577. Arnold, Freederich, Greiz. Woolen 
textui e for dresses. 641 

578. Boeddinghaus, Wilhelm, & Co., Elb- 

a Dress goods. 641 

/' Trimmings, etc. 647 

579. Boessneck, Broesel, & Co., New- 
York. Dress goods. 641 

580. Boessneck, Ernst, Glauchau. Dress 
goods. 641 

581. Boessneck, Otto, & Co., Glauchau. 

a N()\elties in dress goods. 641 

/' Trinnnings. 647 

582. Buntweberei, vorm Hermn, Wuens- 
che, PLbersbach. Linen and woolen mixed 
goods. 644 

583. Caspar, Carl, Freiberg-Saxony. 
W'oolen fancy goods. 047 

584. Caspari, J. F., Grossenhain. Woolen 
goods. 641 

585. Doerffel, C. J. Soehne, Eibenstock. 
Dress trimmings. (;47 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

586. Fischer, F. A., Trueen. Woolen 
goods. 641 

587. Gaebler, Theodor, Munich. Smyrna 
carpet. 649 

588. Giesberg, Franz, Alt Chemnitz. 
Mohair plush. 646 

589. Giehler, Johann, Chemnitz. Mixed 
silk and wool fabrics. 644 

590. Grimm & Albrecht, Crimmitschau- 
Sax(jny. No\'elties in summer cloth. 644 

591. Hempel, N., Reichenbach, i-V. Wool 
and silk goods. 644 

592. Hoenigsberger, J. C. & Co., Munich. 
Spun horse hair. 651 

593. Hopf & Merkel, Mylau i-V. 

a Dress goods. 641 

/; Shawls': 642 

594. Hupfer. Gebr., W^erdau. Woolen 
goods. 641 

595. Hupfer, Rudolph, Werdau. Woolen 
texture. 641 

596. Jahn, F. A., Mylau i-V. Woolen 
textures. 641 

597. Kammgarnspinnerei Gautzsch, Gaut- 
zsch near Leipsic. Yarns. 640 

598. Kammgarnspinnerei Meerane, Meer- 
ane. Raw and colored yarns. 640 

599. Keller & Sohn, Reichenbach i-V. 
a Dress goods. 641 
Cashmeres. 643 

600. Kesselkaul, J. H., Eunkel, Aachen. 
\Voolen and worsted textures. 640 

601. Koch, Gebr., Lausigk. Plushes of 
mohair and wool. 646 

602. Kock & te Kock, Oelsnitz, i-v. 
Carpets. 649 

Furniture coverings, mohair saddle bags, 
curtains and carpets. Axminster carpets 5 
yards wide, seamless. Employ 900 hands. 
Keep stock in Loridon and Paris. Pre- 
miums, Antwerp, 188-5; Munich, 1888. 

603. Koenigsberger, T. C.& Co., Munich. 
Spun horse hair. 651 

604. Kreutziger & Heuke, Leutersdorf. 
Cotton and half wool textures. 644 

605. Langer, Gotthief, Reichenbrand. 

a Woolen goods. 641 

/' Shawls, etc. 642 

606. Meinhold & Sohn, Plauen i-V. 

a Fanc\' wool goods. 641 

/' L'pholsterv goods. 646 

607. Merkel, MoritZj Mylau, i-V. Dress 
goods. 641 

608. Paatz, F., Berlin. 

a Traveling plaids, etc. 642 

/' L'jiholsterv goods. 646 

<■ Carpets. ' " 649 

609. Paul, D. F., Langenfield, i-V. Plain 
cloth. 641 



Woven and Felted Goods of Wool, Clothing and Costumes. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

iio. Paulig, Friedr., Gruenberg. Samples 

of wool cloth. 641 

III. Pongs & Koensgen, M-Gladbaeh. 

Worsted goods. 643 

12. Preivisch, C. A., Reichenau, Saxony. 

a Dress goods of wool. 641 

b Wool and cotton. 644 

113. Prietsch, Oskar, Kottbus. Carpets. 


114. Reimann & Meyer, Elberfeld. Wool 
goods. 640 

115. Roeckel & Thieme, Reichenbach-i-V. 
Dress goods. 641 

16. Sammter, Benno & Co., Berlin. 
Wool and silk shawls, etc. 642 

17. Schloder, Otto, Munich. Wool 
goods. 641 

18. Schlottmann & Co., Berlin. Shawls. 


19. Schmieder, C. F. & Co., Meerane. 

a Woolen goods. 641 

b Worsted goods. 643 

20. Schreiber, Gust., Dresden. Artistic 
trimmings. 647 

21. Sountag& Loescher, Netzschkau-i-V. 
Cotton and wool textures. 644 

22. Speisen & Co., Nuremberg. Braids, 
laces, fringes, etc. 647 

23. Spengler, Gebr., Crimmitschau, Sax- 
ony. Worsted goods. 643 

24. Stoehr & Co., Leipsic, Kleinzscho- 
cher. Worsted yarn. 640 

25. Troll & Uhlmann, Eibenstock. Em- 
broidered shawls. 642 

26. Ulrich, Otto, Werdan. 

a Worsted fabrics. 640 

b All wool goods. 641 

27. Winkler & Sohn, Rochlitz. Woolen 
fabrics. 641 

28. Wurzener Teppich and Velour fab- 
riken, Berlin. Carpets, etc. 649 

29. Zschille, Gebr., Grossenhain. All 
wool goods. 641 

GROUP 104. 

30. Schlottmann & Co., Berlin. Wo- 
men's and children's wearing apparel. 657 

31. Asch, Albert, Berlin. Leggins of 
horse leather, etc. 656 

32. Beck, G. C, Hohenstein. Hosiery. 657 

33. Bender, Paul, i. F. A. Bender, Halle- 
on-the-Saale. " Reform " shoes. 656 

34. Bluth, Oskar, Berlin. Hats and caps. 


35. Cohn, L., Johanngeorgenstadt, Sax- 
ony. Leather and kid gloves, etc. 657 

36. Conradi & Friedemann, Limbach. 
Silk, wool and cotton underwear. 657 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No, 

637. Doehner, A., Chemnitz, Saxony. 
Hosiery. 657 

638. Eckhardt, Louis, Homburg v. d. 
Hoche. Boots, shoes, etc. 656 

639. Eisenstuck, J. M., Chemnitz. Hosiery 
in cotton, wool, silk, etc. 657 

640. Esche, Moritz, Saml., Chemnitz. All 
kinds of hosiery. 657 

641. Faust, D., Berlin. Modern riding 
dresses. 653 

642. Funken, Gebr., Aachen. Sewing- 
machine needles. 659 

643. Gnauck, Eduard, Chemnitz. All 
kinds of glove textures. 657 

644. Gulden, Heindfich, Chemnitz. All 
kinds of gloves. 657 

645. Hecker, Gottlieb, & Soehne, Chem- 
nitz. All kinds of hosiery. 657 

646. Herfurth, Gebrueder, Chemnitz. All 
kinds of hosiery and gloves. 657 

647. Hillig, Louis, Oberlungwitz, Saxony. 
Hosiery. 657 

648. Janssen, William, Chemnitz. Under- 
wear. 657 

649. Kircheisen, Friedrich, Chemnitz. 
Fancy hosiery and woven gloves. 657 

650. Kuerth, Edmund, Geringswalde. 
Children's hoisery. 657 

651. Kuehnert, Wachter & Neldner, Chem- 
nitz. All kinds of hoisery. 657 

652. Kummer & Oppelt, Chemnitz. Gloves 
and hoisery. 657 

653. Liebeskind, Rudolph, Chemnitz. 
Gloves and hoisery. 657 

654. Lindheimer, Philipp & Co., Frank- 

a Embroidered caps. 654 

b Embroidery for slippers. 656 

655. Loeb, Gebrueder, Stuttgart. Under- 
wear. 657 

656. Lotz, Chr. Soehne, Kaiserslautern. 
Shoes with wooden soles. 656 

657. Ludwig, Maier & Co., Stuttgart. 
Woven underwear. 657 

658. Mai, L. & M., Frankfort-on-the- 
Main. Trimmed straw hats. 654 

659. Mayser's Hutmanufaktur Aktienge- 
sellschaft, Ulm-on-the-Danube. Collection 
of felt hats. 654 

660. Muehlinghaus, C, Pet. Joh. Sohn, 
Lennep. Woven goods and underwear. 657 

661. Myrow, Waldermar, Berlin. Feather 
hats for ladies. 654 

662. Neustadt & Neumann, Breslau- 
Silesia. Hosiery. 657 

663. Preibisch, C. A., Reichenau, Saxony. 
Gentlemen's outfits. 652 

664. Roeckl, J., Munich. Leather gloves. 




Clothing, Costumes, Furs, Laces, Embroideries, Etc. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

665. Rosenthal, A., & Co., Darmstadt. 
Straw liats. 654 

666. Schloder, Otto, Munich. Tyrolean 
tourist costumes. 65o 

667. Schuetz, Rudolph, Herzogenrath, 
near Aachen. .Se\vin<( machine needles. 


668. Seifert & Kloeber, Maila-Bavaria. 
Boots. 656 

669. Staerker, Hermann, Chemnitz. All 
kinds of hosiery. 657 

670. Vieweg, Albert, Chemnitz. Woolen 
gloves and hosiery. 657 

671. Vieweg, Robert, Lichtenstein, Cal- 
lenberg. Silk and cotton hosiery. 657 

672. Weissbach, Felix, Glauchau. Folding 
hats. 654 

673. Wex & Soehne, Chemnitz. All kinds 
of hosiery. 657 

674. Wilke, C. G., Guben. Felt hats.^ 6-54 
67s. Winzer & Wecker, Chemnitz. Hosi- 

ery. 00 1 

676. ' Woller, Fried. Chreg, Stollberg, i- 

Erzgebirge. Hosierv and underwear. 657 

677. Wolff & Glerser'feld, Berlin. Gentle- 
men's linen. 658 

678. Women Nurses in Germany. Cos- 
tumes. 658 

(JROl P 105. 

679. Fischer, F.,&Co., Offenbarg, Baden. 
Hair leggins. 662 

680. Myrow, Waldemar, Berlin. Feather 
boas. 662 

681. Spengler, Carl, Crimmitschau-Sax- 
ony. Buckskin clothing. 662 

(nlROUP 100. 

682. Apitzsch, Louis, Plauen i-V. Em- 
broideries. 665 

683. Apitzsch, Otto, Dresden. Crochet 
work. 665 

684. Augsburg, Amalie, Dresden. Fans 
of swansdown. 667 

685. Beck, Ludwig, Munich. Lace work. 


686. Bergmann, Fritz, Plauen i-V. 

a Laces. 664 

^ Embroidered curtains, etc. 555 

687. Berkling, Wilhelm, Plauen i-V. 

a Net and silk laces. 664 

/j No\'elties in embroideries. 665 

688. Beyer, Paul, Dresden. Silk fans. 667 

689. Bitterlich, Albert, Kaufbeuren. 
Artistic fan. 667 

690. Claus, Otto, Schneeberg. 

a Drawn lace. 664 

/' Lace fans mounted in silver. 667 
c Drawing for bobbin work. 669 

Exhibit Class'r 

No. No. 

691. Diersch & Schmidt, Eibenstock. 

a Beaded lace. 66'^ 

/} Beads, etc. 66^ 

692. Deisz, Ad, Munich. Linen embroid- 
eries. 66' 

693. Doerffel, C. G., Soehne, Eibenstock 
a Lace curtains and laces. 664 
d Embroideries. 66' 

694. Donhauer, Ludwig, Neuenburg vorn 
Wald. Artificial flowers. 66( 

695. Eckhardt, Albert, Berlin. Silk fans 


696. Eichhorn,C.R., Plauen i-V. Laces. 68^ 

697. Franz & Ulrich, Plauen i-V. Cur- 
tains, etc. 664 

698. Gardinenfabrik Plauen, Aktieoges- 
ellschaft, Plauen i-\\ English lace cur 
tains. 66< 

699. Gebhardt, Karl, Munich. Gobelit 
tapestries. 67( 

700. Glocckner, Marie, Dresden. Sill 
fans. 66' 

701. Gutman, K. & A., Munich. 

a Embroidery and needlework. 66( 
/' Gobelin tapestry. 67( 

702. Hacker, Bertha, Dresden. Fans 
mounted with pearl and ebony. 66' 

703. Heitsch, Clara, Dresden. Fan ■wit! 
oil painting. 66' 

704. Hempel & Schwerin, Berlin. TapeS' 
try, etc. 67] 

705. Hermann, Paul, Dresden. Fans o 
swansdown. 66' 

706. Herold, Friedr., Schwabach, Bavaria 
Needles. 66J 

707. Hildebrandt, Fr. Wilh., Hosterwitz 
Silk fans. 66' 

708. Hirschberg, M., & Co., Eibenstock 
Embroideries. 66^ 

709. Jahn, G. A., Plauen i-V. Hand anc 
machine embroideries. 66t 

710. Kempe, Antoine, Munich. Gobelii 
tapestries. 67( 

711. Kgl., Muster, Kloeppelschule, Schnee 

a Laces. 66< 

/' Fans. 661 

712. Klein, E. O., Dresden-Altstadt. 
Artifical feathers and flowers. 66( 

713. Klein & Klauder, Dessau. Crochei 
buttons. 66J 

714. Klemm & Steger, Plauen i-V. Em- 
broidered laces. 66' 

715. Kretzschmar, Otto, Loschwitz. Silt 
fan. 661 

716. Kropf, Louise, Munich. Embroiderec 
articles. 66^ 

717. Krueger, C, Berlin. Specimens 01 
embroidery, etc. 66i 



Laces, Embroideries, Trimmings, Hair Work, Coiffures, Etc. 

Ixhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

i8. Liebscher, Rob. W., Dresden, 
Saxony. Silk fans. 667 

19. Lipmann, Rich., Plauen, Saxony. 
Silk fans. 667 

20. Lossow, Mina, Frau, Munich. Gold 
and silver embroideries. 669 

21. Ludwig, Max, Eibenstock. Tulle 
curtains, etc. 664 

22. Mammen, F. A., & Co., Plauen i-V. 
Laces, curtains, etc. 664 

23. Mebert, C, Rich., Dresden. Painted 
fans. 667 

24. Mebert, Karl, Richard, Dresden. 
Gobelin tapestry. 670 

25. Mohr, Josephine, Frau, Munich. Em- 
broidered society banner. 669 

26. Mueller, sen, Plauen i-V. Hand 
embroideries. 669 

27. Mueller, Woldemar, Dresden. Painted 
fans. 667 

28. Neubauer, Robert Nachf., Plauen-i-V. 
Laces of cotton, wool and silk. 664 

29. Noack, Helene, Dresden. Painted 
fans. 667 

30. Nobis, J. H. & Tissen, Aachen. Pyr- 
amid of needles. 668 

31. Noether, Adolph, Dresden. Fans of 
swansdown. 667 

32. Oschatz Adam sul, Sohn, Schoen- 

a Laces. 664 

b Embroideries in silk, beads, etc. 665 

33. Osiander'sche Kunststickerei, Ans- 
talt,Ravensburg. Artistic embroideries. 669 

34. Pausch & Koch, Nuremberg. Passe- 
menterie. 668 

35. Party, Crescentia, Munich. Linen 
embroideries. 665 

36. Preissler, Paul, Dresden. Painted 
fans. 667 

37. Putz, Olga, Frau, Munich. 

a Laces. 664 

b Embroideries. 665 

38. Rehm, Paul, Dresden. Silk fan. 667 

39. Risler & Co., Freiburg i-B. Buttons 
and beads. 668 

40. Ripberger, M. C, Dresden. Artistic 
embroidery. 669 

41. Schels, Sophie, Munich. Embroider- 
ies. 669 

42. Schiffmann, Max Theod., Munich. 
Embroideries. 665 

43. Schindler, Gebr., Plauen i-V. Hadn 
and machine embroidery. 665 

44. Schmidt, Max, Walth, Dresden. Silk 
fan. 667 

45. Schneider, Rudolph, Schwarzenberg. 
Silk fan. 667 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

746. Schrage & Roessing, Plauen i-V. 
Embroideries. 665 

747. Schubart, Emil, Eibenstock. Em- 
broidered trimmings. 665 

748. Schudt, Joh. Ludwig, Leipsic. Gob- 
elin tapestry. 670 

749. Schwanemeyer, Carl, Tserlohn. 
Needles, knitting needles, satetv pins, etc. 


750. Siegel, Ludwig, Ulm-on-the-Danube. 
Linen embroideries. 665 

751. Speierer, Otto, Buehl-Baden. Brides' 
wreaths, communion wreaths, etc. 666 

752. Spring Steel M'f'g Co., Cassel. Cor- 
set steels. 668 

753. Stirl, Walther, Loschwitz. Fans of 
swansdown. 667 

754. Stoeffler, Wilh., Pforsheim. Fans. 667 

755. Thiemt, A., Hellendorf. All kinds of 
of fastenings for gloves and shoes. 668 

756. Troeger & Co., Plauen i-V. Open 
work embroidery. 665 

757. Van Hees, G. A., Munich. Gobelin 
tapestry. 670 

758. Voigt, Georg Martin, Dresden. Silk 
fans. 667 

759. Von Kessel-Zeutzsch, Raake. Gauze 
and silk fans. 667 

760. Weihrauch, Fraulein Louise, Munich. 
Embroidered covers. 665 

761. Weindler, Wilh., & Co., Plauen i-V. 
Silk and cotton laces. 664 

762. Weishaupt, Frau Henriette, Munich 
i-V. Linen embroideries. 665 

763. Wuensche, F. Aug., & Co., Laeban. 
Buttons. 668 

764. Zimmermann, Frau, Munich. Pin 
cushion. 668 

GROUP 107. 

765. Blaesker, Max, Berlin. • Hair Orna- 
ments. 672 

766. Flemming, Ed., & Co., Schoenheide, 
Saxony. Brushes of all kinds. 675 

767. Florheim, F., & Sohn, Apolda near 
Leipsic. Tied tufts of hair. 673 

768. Fuchs, Joh. Wolfy, Nuremberg. 
Wire brushes. 675 

769. Kraenslein, Emil, Erlangen. 
Brashes. 675 

770. Kronk, Friedrich, Pforsheim. Hair 
ornaments. 672 

771. Mahr, Gebr., Naumberg-on-the- 
Saale. Combs and brushes. 675 

772. Pensberger & Co., Munich. Brushes. 


773. Wagner, Y., Nuremberg. Combs. 675 

774. Zerrenner, J., Pforsheim. Combs. 675 



Traveling Equipments, Rubber Goods, Toys and Fancy Articles. 

GKOIP 108. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

775. Attenkofer, Paul, Munich. Albums, 
money boxes of leather and parchment. 


776. Conrad, Oscar, Berlin. Cowhide 
traveling trunk. 679 

777. Haack, Max Adolf, Leipsic. Leather 
goods. 680 

778. Hahn, Kurd, Berlin. Military tent. 


779. Hochstaedter & Bergmann, Frank- 
f ort-on- the-Main. Decorated leather goods. 


780. Huesmert & Co., Wald Rhineland. 
Satchel straps, plaid holders, etc. 677 

781. Hulbe, Georg, Berlin and Hamburg. 
Leather articles. 680 

782. Hulbe, Georg, Hamburg. Leather 
goods. 680 

783. Kretschmar, Wilh., Karlsruhl. Em- 
broidered parasol. 682 

784. Ludwig & Co., Coburg. Bamboo 
J and cane trunk. 679 

785. Ruenig, Ludwig & Co., Coburg. 
Trunk. 679 

786. Sonnenthel & Kloppke, Berlin. Al- 
, bums and leather goods. 680 

787. Stoeffler, Wilh., Pforsheim. Purses, 
etc. 680 

788. Stromeyer & Co., Konstanz. Mili- 
tary tent. 676 

789. Weinzierl, Franz Xavier, Munich. 
Artistic Gothic chest, etc. 680 

GROUP 109. 

790. Bender, Paul, i. F. A. Bender, Halle- 
on-the-Saale. Elastic and waterproof 
shoes. 683 

791. M. Helaher, Ad., Duesseldorf. Cel- 

792. Papierfabrik Sondern, Sondern i-W, 

793. Metzeler & Co,, Munich. Balls for 
atomizers. 686 

794. Peinn, Phil., Leipsic-Plagwitz. Sur- 
gical articles, etc.rof rubber. 687 

795. Ploehn, R., Radellbuel-Dresden. Rub- 
ber goods, etc. 687 

796. Sachs, Conrad, Eppstein i-Tanus. 
Celluloid ])<>\vder boxes. 686 

797. Schwanitz, Carl, Berlin. Fire hose, 
belting, etc. 689 

798. Steinbach & Co., Malmedy-Prussia. 
I, Celluloid. 

799. Wickel, H., Halle-on-the-Saale. 
Celluloid massage articles, etc. 687 

GROUP 110. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

800. Alt & Koch, Ohrdrufi-Th. Toys. 


801. Arnold, M. Oscar, Neustadt near Ko- 
burg. Dolls, etc. 693 

802. Baum, G., & Co., Berlin. Photograph 
albums. 695 

803. Bayerisches, Gerverbemuseum, Nur- 
emberg. Xuremburg toys. 693 

804. Alt, Beck & Gottschalk, Nauendorf 
i-Th. Toys and dolls. 693 

805. Betzler, Daniel, Aalen-Wurtemberg, 
Artistic case. 695 

806. Brahme, J. R., Nieder-Schoenhausen. 
House mottoes. 695 

807. Braun & Schneider, Munich. Munich 
toy pictures. 693 

808. Craemer & Heeron, Sonneberg. Dolls 
and toys. 693 

809. Dammhorn, Max, Nuremburg. Mu- 
sical and other toys. 693 

810. Dressel, Cuno & Otto, Nuremberg. 
Dolls, toys, etc. 693 

811. Dressel, Wihl., Nuremberg. Dolls 
and toys. 69^^! 

812. Fleischmann A. & Craemer, Nurem- 
berg. Toys, dolls, etc. 693 

813. Fleischmann, Ed & Soehne, Sonne- 
berg. Dolls and toys. 693 

814. Fleischmann, Gebr., Sonneberg. 
Dolls and toys. 693 

815. Gerlach, F. W., Naumburg a-S. 
Toys of tin. 693 

816. Geyer, Carl & Co., Sonneberg. Dolls. 


817. Greiner, Otto, Poerswick, Saxony, 
Meiningen. Artistic casket. 69-5 

818. Gripmann, Karl, Mannheim. Carved 
money chest. 69-5 

819. Gutgesell, Max, Gotha. Toys. 693 

820. Haack, Max, Adolf, Leipsic. Magic 
apparatus, etc. 693 

821. Handwerck, Heinrich, Waltershau- 
sen i-Th. Jointed dolls. 693 

822. Harrass, B., Boehlen i-Th. and Ber- 
lin. Wooden toys, etc. 693 

823. Heinrich, Gebr., Fuerth. Toy figures. 


824. Hess, Math., Nuremberg. Toys of 
tin. 693 

825. Himmelreich, Joh., Munich. Artistic 
case. 695 

826. Hochmeister, Hermann, Sonneberg. 
Dolls and toys. 693 

827. Hoffmann, August, Hanau. Jewel 
cases. 695 

828. Horn, Heinrich, Sonneberg. Dolls. 




Toys, Fancy Articles, Leather, Scales. 

hibit Class' n 

^^o. No. 

g. Kaemmer & Reinhardt, Walters- 
hausen i-Th. Dolls and toys. 693 

0. Kauzmann, Gebr., Geislingen a-H. 
Toys. 693 

1. Kestner, T. D., jun., Waltershausen 
i-Th. Dolls. 693 

2. Krauth, Daniel, sen., Munich. Ar- 
tistic case of walnut wood. 695 

3. Lindner, Louis, & Soehne, Sonne- 
berg. Dolls and toys. 693 
\. Lindner, Joh. Chr., Sonneberg. Toys, 
Drnaments for dolls, etc. 693 
5. Luge, A., & Co., Sonneberg. Dolls 
md toys. 693 
). Luge, Ferdinand, Sonneberg. Dolls, 
;oys, etc. 693 
J. Peter, L. J., Mannheim. Two ar- 
:istic cases. 695 
J. Pilz, W. K., Freiberg, Saxony. 
Ornaments for Christmas trees. 693 
). Plank, Ernst, Nuremberg. Optical 
md mechanical toys. 693 
3. Porsellanfabrik Limbach, Limbach, 
lear Sonneberg. Dolls and toys. 693 
[. Reutlinger, M., & Co., Karlsruhe. 
Two artistic cases. 695 

2. Riesemann, Seb., Munich. Artistic 
;ase. 695 

3. Rueckert & Co., Steinach. Dolls and 
;oys. 693 
\. Samhammer, Philipp, Sonneberg. 
Dolls and doll bodies. 693 
). Schaupp, Bernh., Karlsruhe. Jewel 
30X. 695 
). Schilling, F. M., Sonneberg. Dolls 
md dolls' heads. 693 
^ Schillitz, Carl, Frankfo'rt-on-the- 
Vlain. Electrical toys. 693 
5. Schmidt, Oscar, Sonneberg. Dolls' 
oys. 693 
>. Schoenner, Jean, Nuremberg. Me- 
;hanical and optical toys. 693 
). Schuetzmeister & Quendt, Gotha. 
Dolls and dolls' heads. 693 
[. Siegfried, A., Guestrow i-Mecklen- 
)urg. Two carved cases. 695 
!. Thaeter, Jean, Nuremburg. Optical 
md mechanical toys. 693 
J. Treuter, Oscar, Sonneberg. Dolls. 693 
\. Wiesenthal, Schindel & Kallenberg, 
kValtershausen i-Th. Dolls and toys. 693 
;. Wittzack, Emil, Gotha. Dolls and 
oys. 693 

GROUP 111. 

>. Berger, Heinrich, Ostritz-Saxony. 

^aquered cow and horse hides. 699 

'. Bruederlein, Emil, Poessneck. Lac- 
quered cow, sheep and calf leather. 699 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

858. Bruening, H. W., Neumuenster-Hol- 
stein. Horse leather. 700 

859. Caprano, Heinrich, Charlottenberg. 
a Sheep skins. 697 
d Curried goat skins. 698 

860. Cohn, L., Johanngeorgenstadt-Sax- 
ony. Tanned and dyed leather. 697 

861. Fischer, F., & Co., Offenburg-Baden. 
Hair calf skins. 696 

862. Gehrkens, C. Otto, Hamburg. 
Leather belting. 704 

863. Glacelederfabrik Muehlburg, vorm R. 
Ellstaetter, Muehlburg. Glove leather. 702 

864. Hannke, Friedr., jun., Berlin. 
Leather belting. 704 

865. Hartwig, Gebrueder, Offenbach-on- 
the-Main. Leather decorations. 705 

866. Heilbrunn, K. Soehne, Berlin. Drum 
and banjo skins, parchment. 703 

867. Heil, J., Wandsbek near Hamburg. 
a Leather for saddles. 697 
/> Leather for purses. 699 

868. Jacobsen, Adolph, Berlin. Horse 
leather. 697 

869. Niedersheinische Aktiengesellschaft 
fuer Lederfabrikation, vorm Z. Spier, 
Vickrath-Rhine-Province. Dyed and split 

leather. 697 

870. Perlinger, August, Fuerth-Bavaria. 
Leather. _ 697 

871. Schmidt, F. L., t-ckernfoerde. Cur- 
ried horse leather. 698 

872. Simon, Wilh., Kirn-on-the-Nahe. 
Leather. 697 

873. Voelker, Julius, Eisenberg-Saxony, 
Alkenburg. Horse leather. 697 

874. Waeldin, Huber, Lahr-Baden. 
Colored and black morocco. 699 

875. Weithase, R., & Co., Poessneck. 
Lacquered sheep skins. 697 

876. Wildbrett, Carl, Augsburg. Parch- 
ment. 703 

877. Wuelknitz, Louis, Kirchheim. Nieder- 
Lausitz. Sheep skin. , 696 

878. Zach, Georg, Weichs, near Regens- 
burg. Split cow-hide in natural color. 697 

879. Zix, Louis, & Soehne, Nachf von 
Rich & Aug. Korn, Saarbruecken. 

a Tanned leather. 697 

d Leather belting. 704 

GROUP 112. 

880. Betting, C. F., 'Wahlheiden, near 

Cassel. Two chemical scales (for analy- 
sis). 709 

881. Herzberg, A. T., & Kuhlmann, W. 

vorm, Paul Runge, Hamburg. 

a Commercial scales. 706 

d Chemists' scales. 709 



Material of War, Lighting, Heating and Cooking Apparatus, Hollow Metal Ware, Etc 

Exhibit ClasB'n 

No. No. 

882. Kloenne, Aug., Dortmund. Gasometer 
niddel, etc. '<'ll 

883. Lux, Friedr., Ludwigshafen-on-the 
Rhine. l\eL,^ulat(irs. "11 

884. Schenk, Carl, Darmstadt. Automatic 
impression scale. ~06 

(4R()l P 113. 

885. Distrikt Schnitz und Zeichenschrule, 

I'artenkirchen. Carved ,t::unholder. 718 

886. Eisenwerk, Gaggenau, Aktienges- 
ellschaft, (ia>j;,i;'enau, liaden. 714 

887. Ehui, Geo., Stuttgart. Sword. 717 

888. Krupp, Friedr., Essen. Ordnance 
and ])rojectiles. 716 

889. Polte Armaturenfabrik, ?klagdeburg- 
Sudenburg. Cartridge shells for ord- 
nance. 714 

890. Ratti, Aug., Sierenz-Alsace. Gun 
stocks. 714 

(iROlP 114. 

891. Aktiengesellschaft fuer Fabrikation 
von Bronzewaaren & Zinkguss, Berlin. 

a LanijiS. 719 

b Chandelier, etc. 721 

892. Distrikt, Schnits & Zeichenschule, 
Partenkirschen. Carx'ed lustres. 721 

893. Eisenwerke, Gaggenau, Aktienges- 
ellschaft, Gaggenau-Baden. Gas fixtures. 


894. Jacoby, Eduard, Berlin. Illuminating 
fixtures. 721 

895. Kirsch, Reinhold, Munich. 

a Lantern. 720 

b Lustre. 721 

896. Krohne, Emil, Berlin. Chandelier. 719 

897. Landsberg& Ollendorf, Frankfort-on- 
the-Main. Fireproof lamp chimneys. 712 

898. Neumayer, Theodor, Munich. Alu- 
minum reflectors. 720 

899. Rakenius, Karl & Co., Berlin. Lamps. 


900. Roeckert, Carl, Dessau. Candelabra, 
etc. 721 

901. Schmodt, Robert & Co., Munich. 

a Lam]is. 719 

/' Chandeliers. 721 

902. Seifert, K. M., Dresden-Wurzen. 
Chandeliers, etc. 721 

903. Steger, Karl, Munich. Carved chan- 
deliers. 721 

904. Stoettner, Jean, Nuremberg. Lustre. 


905. Von Schwarz, T., Nuremberg. Stea- 
tite burner. 719 

906. Weber, Adam & Co., Nuremberg. 
Steatite gas burners. 721 

Exhibit Class'] 

No No. 

907. Westphal, Gustav, Berlin. Lantern 


908. Wild & Wessel, Berlin. Artistic 
lamps. 711 

(iROlP II0. 

909. Barth, Conrad & Co., Munich. Fir 
place. 72' 

910. Becker & Ulmann, Berlin. Hotwate 
appjaratus. 72' 

911. Grove, David, Berlin. Movable oven 


912. Herzberg & Co., Cologne. Alcohc 
gas stoves. 72 

913. Koerting, Bros., Koertingshof, Han 
over. Models and drawings of radiator; 


914. Kohn, Elias, Wasserbruedinger 
Bavaria. Tile stove. 72 

915. Koloseus, H., Aschaffenburg. Iror 
enamel, jiorcelain and majolica ranges. 72 

916. Landsberg & Ollendorf, Frankfort-or 
the-Main. Mica for stoves. 72 

917. Lang, C. W., Nuremberg. Forge 
iron ranges. 72 

918. Menne, Josef, Munderkingten a-E 
Brushes, brooms, etc. 73 

919. Puck & Co., Hamburg. Cloth racl 


920. Schmidt, Theobald, Berlin. House 
hold implements. 7^: 

921. Schoenner, Jean, Nuremberg. Hous( 
hold goods of twisted brass, copper, et^ 


922. Werner & Pfleiderer, Cannstad 
Steam oven. 72 

923. Wessely, A. H., Hamburg. Fit 
jjlace, chimney stoves. Ti 

(iROUP 116. 

924. Bing, Gebrueder, Nuremberg. Tii 
ware. 7^ 

925. Creutz, N., Aachen. Cast hollowwan 


926. Lichtinger, Joseph, Munich. Pe'wte 
ware. li 

927. Lichtinger, L., Munich. Tinware. Ti 

928. Naglo, Gebr, Berlin. Sign and drav 
ings. 7t 

929. Oberschlesische Eisenindustrie, Akt 
Gesellschaft fuer Bergbau und Huettenb' 
trieb, Gleiwitz. Enameled and tinne 
ware. 1i 

930. Schreiner, Anton, Mabburg, Bavarii 
Artistic tinware. li 

931. Thiel, Carl, & Soehne, Luebeck. Ei 
ameled and tinned ware. 7J 

932. Wuppermann &Co.,Amberg,Bavarij 
Stamped and enameled tinware. 7( 



Wire Goods, Wrought Iron Exhibits, Hardware, Miscellaneous. 

GJEOUP 117. 

Ixhibit Class'n 

No. ,No. 

33. Speiser & Co., Nuremberg. Wire 

(4R0UP lis. 

34. Armbruester, Gebrueder, Frankfort- 

a Artistic forgings. 748 

b Forged iron portal. 744 

35. Arnstein & Martin, Berlin. Horse- 
shoes, etc. 746 

36. Blume, R., Berlin. 

a Artistic forgings. 743 

b Metal ornaments. 744 

37. Brechenmacher, Franz, Frankfort-on- 
the-Main. Forged park gates. 748 

38. Buehler, F.& Sohn,Offenburgi-Baden. 
Modern forge work. 743 

39. Eisenwerk, Joly, Wittenberg, Wit- 
tenberg. Stairway of forged iron. 745 

40. Gute Hoffnungshuette, Oberhausen. 
Iron construction for Krupp's Pavilion. 745 

141. Hammerau, Val., Frankfort-on-the- 
Main. Ornaments for gates and railings. 


142. Kayser, Ferd., Leipsic. Forged iron 
tables and flower basket. 743 

143. Kirsch, Reinhold, Munich. Railing, 
etc. 743 

(44. Koeckert, Carl, Dessau. Artistic 
forgings. ., 743 

145. Koelbe, Peter, Sohn, Munich. Artistic 
forgings. 743 

(46. Kronklauer, Jos., Munich. Forged 
iron door knobs, etc. 743 

(47. Liebig, Peter, Munich. Forged rail- 
ings. 743 

(48. Mannstaedt, L., & Co., Kalk, near 
Cologne. Railings of fancy iron. 743 

)49. Puis, Ed., Berlin. Artistic forgings, 
etc. 743 

)5o. Rheinisches Kunstschmiedewerk, 
Gebr. Lipgens, Dusseldorf. Balcony and 
stairway railing. 743 

)Si. Schmidt, Robert, & Co., Munich. 
Forged iron hinges, tea-stand. 743 

J52. Stumpf, Gottfried, Munich. Artistic 
forgings. 743 

)53. Iron Works "Gaggenau," Gaggenau- 
Baden. Signs for Krupp's pavilion. 744 

)54. Iron Works, Lauchhammer. Busts, 
relievo portraits, ornaments, etc. 744 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

955- Weis, Carl, Kaiserslautern. Artistic 

forgings. 743 

GROUP 119. 

956. Bahr, A. Nachf, Lichtenstein-Saxony, 
Paper file holders. 750 

957. Brahm, Friedrich, Fuerth. Metal 
ornaments. 747 

958. Eberle, J. N.,& Co., Augsburg. Saws, 
files, etc. 750 

959. Goetz& Co., Stuttgart. Moneyboxes, 
safes, vaults. 752 

960. Henckels, J. A., Solingen, Germany. 
Cutlery. 749 

Henckels is the largest cutlery manufact- 
urer not only in Germany but on the Euro- 
pean continent; his goods are considered the 
best that are made in this line; his trade 
mark, "The Twins," has been in possession 
of the Henckels family since 1731. Graef & 
Schmidt, New York, sole agents for U. S. 

961. Hessenbruch & Co.,Ronsdorf. Razors. 


962. Meyer, Focke & Co., Radeberg, Sax- 
ony. Patent files. 750 

963. Ostertag, J., Aalen, Wurtemberg. 
Vaults with appurtenances. 752 

964. Schillitz, Karl, Frankfort-on-the- 
JVIain. Artisans' tools, etc. 752 

965. Schubert & Werth, Berlin. Safety 
locks. 747 

966. Spring Steel M'f'g Co., Cassel. Lig- 
ament saws. 750 

967. Wellmann, Altona. Knives. 751 

968. Werner, Adolf Fr., Schmalkalden. 
Tongues. 747 

969. Zettner, Gebr., Amberg, Bavaria. 
Rasps and files. 750 

GROUP 121. 

970. Lahmann, E. G.,& Co., Leipsic, Goh- 

lis. Billiard markers. 

971. Osiander'sche Kunstostrekerei Ans- 
talt, Ravensburg. Flags. 

972. Schleiffer, Friedr., Strassburg, Al- 
sace. Billiards, billiard case and cue stand. 

973. Schupp & Nierth, Dresden. Cigar 

974. Sedlmayr, Robert, Munich. Tool case. 

975. Werner, Frz. P., Munich. Flags. 




LOCATION— SEC. B and SECS. C & D— 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products. — Druggists' Supplies. 

GROUP 87. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1. Alexander, James, & Co., Ltd., Lon- 
don. Soaps, cosmetics and perfumery. 


2. Allen, Stafford, & Sons, London. Ex- 
pressed and essential oils. 549 

3. Atkinson, J. & E., London, Perfum- 
ery and toilet preinirations. 549 

4. Bigg, Thomas, London. Sheep-dip- 
pins:^ compositions. 544 

5. Bishop, Alfred, & Sons, Ltd., London. 
Effervescent preparations. 547 

6. Bryant & May, Limited, London. 
A'eta matches, wax tapers and braided 
lights. 550 

7. Brunner, Mond & Co., Ltd., Norwich. 
Pure alkali; soda; ammonia; bleaching 
powder. 544 

8. Burroughs, Wellcome & Co., London, 
a Pharmaceutical preparations. 547 
b Medicine Chests and Cases. 548 

One of the medicine chests supplied to Mr. 
H. M. Stanley's expedition through darkest 
Africa, fitted complete with "Tabloids" of 
compressed drugs, Quinine, Cascara, Living- 
stone's rousers, Peptonic, etc., sent back as a 
souvenir of the expedition. Hazeline, a 
distillate of the Hamamelis Virginica or 
witch hazel. Hazeline cream, an ointment 
prepared with "Lanoline." Hypodermic 
"tabloids" in pocket cases. Inhalers, etc. 
New York office, 347 Fifth Ave. 

9. Calvert, F. C, & Co., Manchester. 

a Carbolic acid; sanitary and pharma- 
ceutical preparations. 547 
b Soaps and toilet preparations. 549 

10. Christy, Thomas, & Co., London. 
Cachets and closing apparatus, etc. 547 

Agents, J. M. Grosvenor & Co., Boston. 
Christia, a substitute for oiled silk. Agent, 
J. A. Kimball, Boston. 

11. Cro'wn Perfumery Company, London. 
Perfumery and toilet requisites. 549 

16. Gosnell, J., & Co., London. Toilet 
powder and soap, tooth paste and per- 
fumery. 549 

19. Jackson, Thomas, Manchester. Ca- 
choux. 549 

For perfuming the breath. 

Exhibit Class' 

No. No. 

20. Lever Bros., Ltd., Port Sunligh 

Soaps and glycerine. 5^ 

21. Mouilla Potash Liquid Soap Company 
Ltd., London. Toilet soap. .54 

22. Ness & Company, Darlington. 

a Disinfecting tluids. 54 

b Disinfecting powders and soaps. 54 

"Thymo-cresol" preparations. (-3 gold mec 

als.) U. S. agents, Lawford Bros., Baltimor( 

23. Newball & Mason, Nottingham. 

a Dried herbs. 54 

b Beer extracts. 

24. Oppenheimer, Son & Co., Ltd., Lon 
don. Pharmaceutical preparations. 54 

25. Pain, James, & Sons, London. Fire 
works, ship signals and illuminations. .55 

26. Patent Borax Company, Ladywooc 
Birmingham.. Washing, cleaning ani 
purifying preparations. .54 

Including "Californian" specially refinei 
and prepared borax, patent granular boraj 
pure borax in crystal and powder, bora 
starch glaze, and borax dry soap and soa' 
extract, with boraxaline bath soap powdei 
toilet soaps, tooth and toilet powders, am 
other toilet preparations. 

27. Pears, A. & F., Ltd., London. Toile 
soap. ,54 

28. Quibell Bros., Newark-on-Trent. 

a Sheep-dips and disinfectants. 54 
b Soaps. .54 

29. Ransom, W., & Son, London. 

a Dried herbs. 54 

b Pharmaceutical extracts, essentia 

oils, etc. .54 

30. Smith, T. & H., & Co., London 
Chemical products of a pharmaceutica 
nature. 54' 

31. Sprules, Sarah, Wallington. Essen 
tial oils, lavender water, essences and per 
fumes. 54! 

32. Stevenson & Howell, London. Es 
sential oils, essences and perfumes. -54! 

33. United Alkali Company, Ltd., Liver 
pool. Bleaching powder, salts, ammonia 
etc. 54' 

34. Usher, Richard, Banbury. Medicina 
herbs and pharmaceutical extracts. 54' 



Paints, Varnishes, Stationery, Interior Decoration, Ceramics and Mosaics. 

GROUP 88. 

Jxhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

;6. Arnold, P. & J., London. Ink. 552 
7. Berger & Sons, Ltd., Lewis, London. 
Dry colors, oil and spirit varnishes. 552 
i8. Dales, John T., London. Dublin. 552 
19. Day & Martin, London. Boot and 
harness blacking, furniture polish, etc. 552 

0. Duckett, J. B., & Co., Heeley. Writ- 
ing inks and powders. 552 

1. Harrison & Son, Hanley. Colors, 
glazes and enamels. 552 

3. Madderton & Co., Loughton. Colors 
and artists' materials. 555 

4. McCaw, Stevenson & Orr, Belfast, 
Ireland. Substitute for stained glass. 554 

.8. Winsor & Newton, Ltd., London. 

a Printing inks. . 552 

b Artists' colors and materials. 555 

GROUP 89. 

[9. Arnold, P. & J., London. Mucilage 

and sealing wax. 564 

;o. Cleghorn, William, Jr., Dundee, Scot- 

a Paper stock. 556 

b Felts. 557 

;i. Cotterell Bros., Bristol. Art paper 

hangings and decorative materials. 568 
12. Ford, T. B., Loudwater. Blotting 

paper and raw materials. 56U 

"ord's gold medal blotting paper obtained 
lighest awards in various countries after 
ests of climate. Unsolicited testimonials 
rom all parts of the world. Noted for ab- 
;orbency, soft velvety finish, durability. 
I very sheet water marked "Ford — 428 
Vlills." Well adapted for exportation. 
14. Gillott, Joseph, & Sons, Birmingham. 

Pens. 564 

;6. Jeffrey & Co., London. Wall papers 

and decorations. 563 

17. Knowles, Chas., & Co., London. Wall 

and ceiling papers. 563 

;8. Maskelyne, J. N., & Son, London. 

Typewriters. 564 

>i. Woollams, Wm., & Co., London. Wall 

and ceiling papers. 563 

Original makers of "Artistic wall papers" 
guaranteed free from arsenic. All kinds of 
vail and ceiling papers of finest qualities, 
)lock-printed. "Chameleon flock" papers, 
leal leather embossed in continuous 

GROUP 90. 

2. Arup Bros., London. 


Interior decora- 


3. Burroughs & Watts, Ltd., London. 

Billiard table. 


Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

64. Collinson & Lock, London. Dining 

and bedroom hangings and furniture. 572 

65. Davis, W. H., & Co., Birmingham. 
Brass and iron bedsteads. 567 

67. Gregory & Co., London. Sideboard, 
table, chairs, settee and decorations. 567 

68. Hampton & Sons, London. Repro- 
duction in carved oak, of the banqueting 
hall of Hatfield House, the seat of the 
Marquis of Salisbury. 572 

Specialists in the decorative treatment of in- 
teriors. Furniture manufacturers. See new 
book of designs. Dealers in art objects and 
antiques. Exhibit and antique appoint- 
ments for sale. Correspondence invited. 

69. Hoskins & Sewell, Birmingham. Me- 
tallic bedsteads. 567 

70. Johnstone, Norman & Co., London. 

a Dining table. 566 

b Carved panels. 571 

71. London Fabric Printing Company, 
London. Printed reloets and cretonnes. 


72. Macbeth, Isaac, Wirksworth, Fur- 
niture. 667 

73. Peyton & Peyton, Birmingham. Brass 
and iron bedsteads. 567 

74. Roberts, Geo., Sheffield. Furniture. 


75. Winfields, Ltd., Birmingham. Brass 
bedsteads, cot and lectern. 567 

76. Wright, Geo., & Co., London. Billiard 
table and fittings. 566 

GROUP 91. 

77. Ault, William, Burton-on-Trent. Ar- 
tistic pottery. 575 

78. Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co., T. C. 
Cauldon Place. China and earthenware. 

Pitkin & Brooks, representatives, China 
Merchants, State and Lake St., Chicago. 

79. Coalport China Company, Ltd., Coal- 
port. China. 576 

80. Daniell, A. B., & Sons, London. 
a Porcelain, pate-sur-pate, etc. 577 
b Earthenware, stone-china, etc. 577 

81. Doulton & Co., London. 

a Stoneware and ceramic wall decora- 
tions, Doulton ware. 575 
b China and earthenware. 576 
8ia. Elton, Sir Edmund Harry, Bart., 
Clevedon. Elton ware. 576 

82. Gibson & Sons, Burslem. Rocking- 
ham ware. 576 

83. Godwin & Hewitt, Hereford. Tiles. 


84. Grainger, George, & Co., Worcester. 
Porcelain and other wares. 577 



Monuments, Stained Glass, Carvings, Gold and Silver Ware, Jewelry. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

85. Irish Portland Cement & Brick Co., 

Ltd., Dublin. Earthenware. 

Dept. E 576 

86. Maw & Co., Ltd., Jackfield, Tiles, 
mosaics and architectural faience pottery. 


88. Moore Bros., Longton. China ware 
and pate-sur-pate decorations. 576 

89. Peake, Thomas, Tunstall. Bricks and 
tiles. 578 

90. Worcester Royal Porcelain Company, 
Ltd., Worcester. 

a Tea, breakfast and dessert services 

in china. 576 

b Porcelain articles. 577 

GROUP 92. 

91. Gounella & Co., J. Dundee. Statues 

and busts. 581 

92. O'Neill, P. J., & Co., Dublin. Font of 

Irish marble, statue of the Redeemer, 
Celtic cross in Donegal sandstone. 

Dept. E 581 

93. Pettigrue, Thomas, Navan. Celtic 
cross, monuments and pedestals. 

Dept. E 581 

GROUP 94. 

96. Cannington, Shaw & Co., St. Helens. 

Glass bottles. 590 

GROUP 95. 

98. Hardraan & Co., London. Pictorial 

paintings on glass, ecclesiastical art. 
(Window) 597 

99. Holiday, Henry, London. Stained 
glass window representing the Nativity, 
with the adoration of the magi and shep- 
herds and the choir of angels. 597 

100. Pace, Ion, London. Stained glass 
windows and designs. 596 

loi. Winfields, Ltd., London. 

a Screen of stained glass, domestic 
and civic stained glass. 596 

b Ecclesiastical stained glass win- 
dows. 597 
GROUP 96. 
102. Hems, Harry & Sons, Exeter. Carved 
church furniture and photographs illus- 
trative o^ carved work. 598 

GROUP 97. 

1103. Gibson & Co., Ltd., Belfast. Plate. 

104. Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co., Lon- 

a Sterling silver dessert and toilet 
service, tea and coffee services and 
trays. 605 

Exhibit Class'r 

No. No. 

b Cutlery. 60f 

c Dressing and traveling bags. 601 

d Electro-plate. " 60J 

The Company's plate and cutlery is th( 

finest in the world for clubs, hotels anc 

private use. The public supplied direct a' 

manufacturers' cash prices, saving pur 

chasers 25 to 50 per cent. 

105. Arhgill & Company, Birmingham 
Plated goods. 60i 

106. Mappin Brothers, London. 

a Louis Seize toilet service, presenta 
tion and testimonial pieces, salti 
and perfume bottles. 60-' 

In this class are shown the fine gold anc 
jeweled casket presented by the city of Lon 
don to H. I. M. the Emperor of Germany 
and the famous "Waterloo Cup," both spe 
cially modeled by this firm. Mappin Broth 
ers' art productions in gold and silver havt 
no equal in the world. Designs and esti' 
mates free. 

b Cutlery, fish sets, dessert sets, etc 

Mappin Brothers have a reputation of ove 
80 years for the superiority of their cutlery 
Finest in the world. Price list free on appli 
cation. Show rooms 220 Regent St. and 6( 
Cheapside, London. 

c Dressing and traveling bags for la 

dies and gentlemen. 60' 

Mappin Brothers' completely fitted bags ar( 

renowned throughout the world. Catalogue; 


d Electro-plated dishes, tea and coffef 
services, claret jugs, etc. 601 

Mappin Brothers' "Queens" plate for fine 
ness of finish and hard wear is unsurpassed 
Supplied direct to the public by the actua 

107. Wells, John, London. Silver plat* 

and historical articles. 60.' 

508 Oxford street. Old English, Irish anc 
Scotch plate, and historical articles. 

GROUP 98. 

108. Diamond Cutting Company, London 

Diamonds. 61;; 

109. Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co., Lon- 
don. Diamonds and gem ornaments. 6U 

The display of superb ornaments set with 
rare gems shown in the Company's Londor 
show rooms is the most magnificent ir 
Europe. The moderate prices combined wit! 
admirable taste and high quality defy com- 
petition. Show rooms 112Regent St. London 
no. Johnson, Edmond, Dublin. Irish 
jewelry and ornaments. 61"^ 



Watches, Clocks, Silks, Fibres, Cotton Goods, Woolen Goods. 

GROUP 99. 

xhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

13. Goldsmiths' & Silversmiths' Co., Lon- 

a English levers, repeaters and chro- 
nometers. 617 

b Clocks. 621 

'he Company's watches and clocks are the 
est time keepers in the world. 

14. Smith, John, & Sons, London. 

a Watches. 617 

b Clocks and time bells. 621 

GROUP 100. 

r8. Collinson & Lock, London. 

a Gold and silver tissues. 628 

b Silks, damasks, brocades and broc- 
atelles. 629 

c Velvets and embroideries. 630 

19. Courtauld, Samuel, & Co., Ltd., Lon- 
don. Silk crapes, silk gauzes, silk fabrics 
and costumes of same. 630 

21. Grant, W. H., & Co., Coventry. 

a Raw silks. 625 

b Dyed silks. 626 

c Suspenders, garters and handker- 
chiefs. 630 
d Silk trimmings. 632 

22. Grout & Co., London. Silk crapes, 
crepons, mousseline de soie, grenadines, 
etc. 630 

23. Hinde, Francis, & Sons, London. 
Silk crapes. 630 

'or mourning, ordinary and waterproof fin- 
;h. New York depot, W. Openhym & Sons, 
2-50 Greene St.; Paris, 42 Rue de Clery. 

24. Neilson, Shaw & MacGregor, Glas- 
gow, Scotland. ^Tartan silks and velvets, 
scarfs, etc. 628 

pecialties: Scottish clan tartans, tweeds, 
liawls, plaids, rugs, etc. 

GROUP 101. 

27. Barry, Ostlere & Co., Ltd., Kirk- 
caldy, Scotland. Oil cloths, sanitary lin- 
oleums and cork carpets. 636 

28. Cleghorn, William, Jr., Dundee, 
Scotland. Jute cloth and yarns. 633 

GROUP 102. 

29. Barbour, William, & Sons, Ltd., Lis- 

burn, Ireland. Linen and flax threads. 


30. Barlow & Jones, Ltd., Manchester. 
Cotton fabrics. 638 

31. Bartrum, Harvey & Co., London. 
a Cotton goods. 638 
b Linen goods. 639 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

132. Behrens, Jacob, & Sons, Manchester. 
Cotton yarns. 638 

133. Brookfield Linen Company, Ltd., 
Belfast. Linen fabrics. 639 

And 98 and 100 Franklin Street, New York. 

134. Brown, John S., & Sons, Belfast. 

a Sheetings. 638 

b Household linen and handkerchiefs. 


135. Brown, John, & Son, Glasgow. Mus- 
lins. 638 

136. Cash, J. & J., Coventry. Bath tow- 
els and gloves. 638 

137. Crippin, William & Young, George, 
Manchester. Cotton yarn. 638 

138. Fenton, Connor & Co., Belfast. 

a Cotton fabrics. 638 

b Linen fabrics. 639 

139. Ferguson Bros., Carlisle. Cotton 
linings and shirtings. 638 

High class tailors' & dressmakers' linings & 
silesias, shirtings, etc. Gold medals, Sydney, 
'79, Melbourne, '81, Calcutta, '84. Highest 
awards, Phil., '76, Paris, '78. Adelaide, '87. 
U. S. agt. Wm. F. Read, Phila. 

140. Finlayson, Bousfield & Co., John- 
stone, Scotland. Linen threads and 
twines. 639 

141. Fox, Charles, & Co., London. 

a Sheetings. 638 

b Damasks, toweling, huckabacks, 

glass cloths, etc. 639 

142. King, John, & Son, Glasgow. Scotch 
window Hollands. 639 

143. Liddell, William, & Co., London. 
Linen damasks, table cloths, napkins, 
towels, sheetings and shirtings. 639 

144. Matier, Henry, & Co., Belfast, Ire- 
land. Handkerchiefs, napkins and linen 
damask. 639 

145. Old Bleach Linen Company, Randals- 
town. Towels, damasks and other linens. 


146. Richardson, J. N., Sons, & Owden, 
Ltd., Belfast. Linen, sheetings, handker- 
chiefs, toweling, etc. 639 

147. Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co., 
Ltd., Belfast. Table damask. 639 

148. Swainson, Birley & Co., London. 
Cotton dress goods and sheetings. 638 

149. Turnbull & Stockdale, Manchester, 
Cretonnes and velveteens. 638 

150. Apperley, Curtis & Co., Stroud. 

a Woolen goods. 641 

b Coatings, cassimeres, cheviots and 

serges. 643 

151. Athlone Woolen Mills Company, Ath- 
lone, Ireland, Worsted goods. 643 



Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and Mixtures of Wool, Clothing and Costumes. 

GROUP 103. 

Exhibit Class' n 

No. No. 

152. Bartrum, Harvey & Co., London. 

a Woolen goods. 641 

b Worsted goods. 643 

154. Bontor, Thomas, & Co., London. 

Carpets, parqueterie. 649 

156. Carr, Isaac, & Co., Bath. 

a Woolen cloths. 641 

b Worsted cloths. 643 

Manufacturers of West of England patent 
beavers, meltons, elysians, furs, sables, Ven- 
etians, Viennas; also Covert coatings of 
special quality and design. 

158. Crippin, William, & Young, George, 
Manchester. Woolen yarns. 640 

159. Dormeuil Freres, London. Woolens 
and linings. • 641 

160. Fison, William, & Co., Burley-in- 

a Shawls. ^ 642 

/; Wool serges and coatings. 643 

c Cheviots." " 644 

i6oa. Henderson, J. Graham, Hawick. ,N.B. 

Tweeds. 644 

161. Hooper, Charles, & Co., Stonehouse. 
Woolen goods for men's wear. 641 

i6ia. Hudson, Lykes & Bronsfeld. Leeds. 
Woolen and worsted goods. 641 

162. Irish Woolen Manufacturing & Ex- 
port Co., Ltd., Dublin. Woolen goods. 641 

163. Macnaughton, A. & J., Pitlochry, 
Scotland. Scotch tweeds and homespuns. 


164. Marling & Co., Ltd., Stroud. 

a Woolen goods. 641 

/; Worsted goods. 643 

165. Neilson, Shaw & Macgregor, Glas- 
gow, Scotland. 

a Clan tartan fabrics for men and 

women. 641 

b Tweeds, traveling plaids, rugs, etc. 

c Curtains, hearth rugs, carpets, etc. 


166. Pocock, T. P., & Co., Chippenham. 
Worsted coatings. 643 

167. Priestley, B., & Co., Idle. 

a Dress fabrics and cloakings. 641 

/' Shawls. " 642 

169. Smith, Turberville, & Son, London. 

Axminster carpets. 649 

171. Thomson, William, & Sons, Ltd., 

a Woolen cloths. 641 

b Worsted cloths. 643 

172. Ward & Taylor, Bradford-on-Avon. 
Tweeds, trouserings, suitings, etc. 644 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

173. Yates & Co., Ltd., Wilton. Axmins- 
ter carpets. 649 

Royal Carpet Factory. (Under charter 
granted by King William III, 1701.) One 
XVI century Persian design, 2,2-39,488 knots, 
each tied in by hand, size 9x12. One ancient 
Kurdistan design, 1,. 5-55,200 knots, size 9x12. 
Marshall Field & Co., exclusive Chicago 

GROUP 104. 

174. Cartwright& Warners, Ltd., Lough- 
borough. Gentlemen's, ladies' and chil- 
dren's underwear. 657 

175. Cooksey & Co., London. Hats. 6-54 

176. Holden Bros., London. Boots and 
shoes. 656 

177. Hummel, E. & H., & Co., London. 
a Hosiery, etc. 657 
b Shirts. 6-58 

178. Irish Industries Association, London. 
Hosiery and underclothing. 657 

180. Lincoln, Bennett & Co., London. 
Flats and helmets. 654 

Silk, felt and cloth hats and caps of every 
description. Hat manufacturers by special 
appoimment to T. R. H. the Prince and 
Princess of Wales. First prize medal Phila- 
delphia, 1876. Gold medals. Paris, 1878 and 
1889. Agents in America, T. W. Stemmler 
& Co., Union square. New York. 

181. Lewis, William, & Sons, London. 
a Underwear, etc. 657 
b Cravats, shirts and collars. 6-58 

Spun silk and bright silk underwear. Un- 
shrinkable wool and silk and wool. Amrit- 
zer (Indian cashmere) underwear. Shirts in 
all materials, collars and cuffs. Dent's and 
Fownes' best English gloves. Rich silk 
scarfs, ties, handkerchiefs and neckwear. 
Best goods only. Lewis & Sons, London. 

182. Lobb, John, London. Boots and 
shoes. 6-56 

183. Macqueen & Co., London. Hats and 
helmets. 654 

184. Martin, F. J., & Co., London. 
Gloves and clasps. 657 

185. Morley, W., & Gray, London. Gar- 
terless hose. 657 

187, Ormes, Upsdale & Co., London, 
Gloves, mitts and gauntlets. 657 

188. Reily, Kate, London. Ladies' cos- 
tumes and court trains. 653 

This court train is a copy of one made for a 
princess attending Queen Victoria's draw- 
ing room, and is the newest fashion for wed- 
ding gowns. Orders can be executed at the 
New York house, 277 Fifth avenue, N. Y., 
where also will be found the latest Euro- 
pean models in mantles and dresses. 



Clothing, Laces, Rubber Goods, Material of War, Hardware . 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

[89. Shingleton, William, London. Safety 
riding habit. 653 

[90. Smyth & Co., Ltd., London. Hosiery. 


:9i. Walker, R., & Sons, Leicester. 
Woolen underclothing and hosiery. 657 

GROUP 106. 

[92. Benton & Johnson, London. Gold 

and silver laces, etc. 664 

[93. Cash, J. & J., Coventry. Insertions 
and embroideries. 665 

joia. Foot, T. & Son, London. Toilet 
accessories. 675 

[94. Harper, Thomas, Redditch. Needles 
and pins, surgeons' needles, etc. 668 

[97. Milward, Henry, & Sons, Ltd., Red- 
ditch. Needles. 668 
rhe world-renowned Helix Needles and 
;asy threading Calyx Needles. Four hun- 
dred million needles made yearly. 25 gold 
md other medals. Gold medal Paris, 1889. 
Sole, agents for the United States, George 
\. Clark & Bro., New York, Phila., Bosto'n, 
San Francisco, Chicago and St. Louis. 
[98. Muddiman, T." H. & J., London. 
Trimmings. 668 

200. Peach, Samuel, & Sons, Nottingham. 
Nottingham lace curtains. 664 

201. Turner, R., & Sons, Redditch. Pins, 
needles and hairpins; needle cases. 668 

GROUP 107. 

202. Hindes, Ltd., London. Brushes. 675 

203. Stewart, S. R., & Co., Aberdeen. 
Combs. 675 

GROUP 108. 

204. Bryant, Robert, London. Gun cases, 

pouches, etc. 677 

206. White, William, & Son, Glasgow. 

Tobacco pipes. 680 

GROUP 105). 

207. Anderson, Anderson &. Anderson, 
London. Waterproofs. 683 

208. Cravenette Company, Ltd., Bradford, 
Waterproof cloths. 692 

209. Fison, William & Co., Burley-in- 
Wharfdale. Waterproof goods. 683 

210. Zacharias, J., & Co., Oxford. Water- 
proof garments. 683 

GROUP 113. 

216. Eley Bros., Ltd., London. Ammuni- 
tion. 714 

217. Greener, W. W., Birmingham. 

Sporting guns. 718 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

218. Joyce, F. & Co., Ltd., London. Am- 
munition. 714 

219. Lancaster, Charles, London. 

a Military pistols. 714 

i? Sporting rifles and guns. 718 

151 New Bond St. and (manufactory) 2 Lit- 
tle Bruton St. Sporting hammer, hammer- 
less and ejector guns for game, pigeon and 
duck shooting. Sporting rifles, military 
pistols. Awarded 46 first class prizes, med- 
als and diplomas. 

219a. Shultze Gunpowder Company,- L'td, 
London. Snad Relers nitro powder. 714 

220. Scott, W. & C, & Son, Birmingham. 
Sporting guns. 718 

GROUP 114. 

221. Clarke's Pyramid & Fairy Light Co., 

Ltd., London. Lamps and food warmers. 

Clarke's gold medal "Pyramid" nine hour 
night lights should be burned in his nurs- 
ery lamp food warmers; invaluable for in- 
fants and invalids. Used in the Royal 

GROUP 115. 

223. Ewart & Son, London. 

a Gas controlling apparatus. 724 

/> Bath and geyser. Dept. F 726 

224. Steel & Garland, London. Fire- 
places, grates, fenders and fireside requi- 
sites. 724 

GROUP 119, 
225a. Jahucke's Patent Metallic Manufac- 
tory, London. Patent metallic boxes, etc. 

225b. Foster, A. & Son, London. Hand- 
made steel tools. Dept. F. 721 

226. Staniforth, Wm. Thos., Sheffield. 
Knives. 751 

227. Tubular Lock Syndicate, Ltd., Lon- 
don. Locks. 747 

228. Wostenholm, George, & Son, Ltd., 
Sheffield. Knives, table cutlery, razors 
and scissors. 751 

Exhibits Classed in Other Departments 
hut Installed iu this. 


GROUP 39. 

Fresh Water Fishing- and Angling-. 

229. Milward, Henry & Sons, Ltd., Red- 
ditch. -Fish hooks and fishing tackle. 266 

One hundred million fish hooks made 

230. Turner, R., & Sons, Redditch, Fish 
hooks. 266 




LOCATION— SECS. A-1-2, and B-2-3. 

Druggists' Supplies, Paints, Colors, Varnishes, Paper, Stationery, Furniture. 

f^ROUP 87. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

1. Alcober, Juan, Madrid. Pharmaceuti- 
cal preparations. 547 

2. Bachs, Hermanos, Badalona. Soaps. 


3. Canalda, Foguet, Pablo, Tortosa. 
Elixir of hydro-iodide of hydrated triclora- 
cetyle compound. 547 

4. Casanovas y Ferran, Joaquin, Dos 
Hermanas. Orange flower water. 549 

5. Cifuentes Huerta, Joaquin, Alcala de 
Henares. Cifuentes dentifrice. 547 

6. Diez Salazar y Compania, Haro. Tar- 
taric acid. 543 

7. Fine y Camps, Ramon, Granollers. 
Syrup of bitter orange peel. 547 

8. Font Pages, Jose, Barcelona. Soap, 
rice powder, etc. 549 

9. Foronda y Mandillo, Pedro de, Santa 
Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. Orange 
wine, etc. 547 

10. Giner Alino, Bernardo, Valencia. 
Medicinal wines. 547 

11. Ladoyer y Metge, San Pedro de Pre- 
mia. Orange flower water. 549 

12. Marques y Matas, R., Barcelona. 
Compound wine of oysters, etc. 547 

13. Moreno, Hijos de, Corella. Cream of 
tartar. 543 

14. Mundi y Giro, Santiago, Barcelona. 
Kola. 547 

15. Musero Canadas y Compania. Murcia. 
Essential oils. 549 

16 Pey y Mallol, Paulino, Figueras. 
Elixir of iron and quinine. 547 

17. Prieto Justel, Agustin, Muelas de 
los Caballeros. Masa P. Justel. 547 

18. Rodriguez y Hermano, L., Barcelona. 
Wine of iron. 547 

19. Santa Barbara, Sociedad Anonima, 
Oviedo. Imitation gun powder and other 
explosives with cases. 550 

20. Trulls y Roda, Jose, Barcefona. 
Orange flower water. -549 

GROUP 88. 

21. Feced y Temprado, Jose, Madrid. In- 
combustible varnish. 554 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

22. Felipe y Arroyo, Francisco, Madrid. 
Black ink. 552 

23. Garcia Martinez, Manuel, Alicante. 
A'arnishes. 55^^ 

24. Martin y Rodriguez, Eduardo, Madrid. 
Gold varnish. .55£ 

25. Porta y Exposito, Juan, Barcelona. 
Submarine paint. .552 

26. Pastor Simarro, Fernando, Albacete. 
Spanish white. 552 

GROUP 89, 

27. Costas, Sobrinos de Bartolome, Bar- 
celona. Parchment and cigarette papers. 


28. Guibout, Eugenio, Barcelona. En- 
velopes. 56C 

29. Madirolas y Codina, Ramon, Vich. 
Samples of bookbinding. 56'^ 

30. Pedrola y Badia, Antonio, Gracia 
"A'elografo Pedrola." 56^ 

31. Tersol y Farriols, Jose, Barcelona, 
Samples of fine bookbinding. 564 

32. Torras Hermanos (Sucesores de), 
Barcelonas. Papers. 56C 

33. Torras y Juvinya, Salvador, Barcelona. 
Cigarette paper. 56C 

34. Torras y Morgat, Barcelona. Cig- 
arette paper. 56C 

GROUP 90. 

35. Anido y Sanchez, Urbano, Santiago 
de Compostela. Carved chest. 517 

36. Cid y Sola, Carlos, Barcelona. Outer 
blinds. 571 

37. Clement Lopez, Francisco, Alicante. 
Wire mattress. 567 

38. Coll Molas, Juan, Barcelona. Sec- 
tional ceilings. 571 

39. Escaler y Ullastre, Benito, Barcelona. 
Papier mache decorations. 57C 

40. Garcia y Portas, Barcelona. Mounted 
mirror. 56f 

41. Guisasola y Gaviola, Felipa, Madrid 
Damascened vases for centerpieces. 57( 

42. Pascual Mate, Felix, Barcelona. Cen 
ter table. 56' 



rniture, Ceramics, Art Metal Work, Glass, Carvings, Gold and Silver Ware, Horology. 

dibit Class'n 

fo. . No. 

Peiia Vaquero, Francisco, Murcia. 
Metal beds. 567 

Pujol e Hijo, Jaime, Barcelona. 

a Mirrors. 569 

b Mouldings. 570 

Roca Casadevall, Serapio, Barcelona. 
Satin, gold embroidered chasuble. 573 

Resell y Garriga, Francisco. Wood 
;arpets. 571 

Ruiz Valiente, Antonio, Barcelona. 
Ladies' writing desk, renaissance. 567 

Sarrad6 y Cortes, Juan, Barcelona. 
Carved and decorated frames. 569 

Taya, Jose, Barcelona. Furniture 
ior boudoir Louis XV parlor, and for bed- 
room . 567 

GROUP 91. 

Bernaldez Caballero, Ramon, Badajoz. 
Terra cotta vases. 574 

Blasco, Hernandez, Buenaventura, 
Peroniel. Briclcs and tiles. 574 

, Botella y Compafiia, Vicente, Alicante. 
Tiles. 578 

, Butsems y Fradera, Carlos, Barcelona. 
Mosaics. 578 

, Corredor Lafuente, Raimundo, Tardel- 
:uente. Tiles and briclcs. 574 

, Diaz y Alvarez, Francisco, Sevilla. 
Terra cotta ware. 574 

Falomir e Ibaflez, Castellon de la 
Plana. Tiles. . 

. Ferrer y Compania, Hijos de Jaime, 
Alicante. Tiles, etc. 578 

. Jimenez, Izquierdo, Jose, Sevilla. 
Tiles. 578 

. Mensaque,Hermanos y Compaiiia Jose, 
Sevilla. Decorative tiles and ware. 574 
. Orsola, Sola y Compania, Barcelona. 
Mosaics. 580 

. Pickman y Compania, Sevilla. Tiles. 

. Ros y Urgell, Valencia. Majolica. 578 
. Valderrama, Venancio, Santander. 
Mosaics. 578 

GROUP 93. 

. Ballarin, Manuel, Barcelona. Forged 
iron work, etc. 585 

. Damians, Hijo de Ignacio, Barcelona. 
Art work in bronze, iron, etc. 585 

i. Gonzalez e Hijos, C, Barcelona. Art 
work, forged iron. 585 

. Repiso Seoane, Jose, Badajoz. Bronze 
repousse. 585 

I. Xumetra Ragull, Fernando, Barcelona. 
Metal repousse. 585 

GROUP 94. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

69. Diaz, Venancio R., Barcelona. Fine 
glassware. 593 

GROUP 95. 

70. Amig6 y Compaiiia, Hijo de Eudaldo R, 
Barcelona. Stained glass work. 596 

71. Rigalt y Compania, A., Barcelona. 
Stained glass work. 596 

GROUP 96. 

72. Amig6 y Compania, Hijo de Eudaldo 
R., Barcelona. Cut and engraved glass. 602 

73. Anton Cabrejas, Pedro, and Anton 
Rodrigo, Juan, Fuencaliente del Burgo. 
Box of engraved horn. 

74. Balmana, Manuel, Barcelona. Metal 
open work. 601 

75. Bar6 y Servat, Damaso, Barcelona. 
Wood carving. 598 

76. Pallas y Puig, Francisco, Valencia. 
Ivory carvings. 599 

77. Riquer y Cia, A. Barcelona. Carved 
wooden chest. 598 

78. Slovet y Renart, Barcelona. Wood 
carving. 598 

79. Roca Alemany, Jose, Barcelona. En- 
gravings. 601 

80. Roses y Alsinas, Vicente, Barcelona. 
Wood carving. 598 

81. Serra, Fjranciso de Asis, Barcelona. 
Wood carving. 598 

82. Vayreda y Compania, Olot. Religious 
images in paper. .598 

83. Vila y Roque, Francisco, Barcelona. 
Wooden images. 598 

GROUP 97. 

84. Guisasola y Gaviola, Felipa, Madrid. 

Steel inlaid with gold and silver. 608 

85. Sanchez y Diaz, Alejo, Madrid. Dam- 
ascened steel, etc. 608 

GROUP 99. 

86. G. y Zaldivar, M., Bilbao. Silver 
watch, Louis XVL 617 

87. Guisasola y Gaviola, Felipa, Madrid. 

Damascened steel watch cases. 619 

GROUP 100. 

88a. Fabregas, Bojart (Cayetano), Barce- 
lona. Silk. 625 

88b. Faronda y Mandillo, Pedro de, Santa 
Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. Silk. 625 

89. Monjo, Barcelona. Silk ribbons. 


90. Santonja, Hijos de Francisco, Barce- 
lona. Ribbons. 631 

91. Serra, Francisco de Asis, Barcelona. 
Silk, velvet, etc. 630 



Vegetable and Other Fibres, Yarns, Woven and Felted Goods, Clothing, Furs, Lac( 

GROUP 101. 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

92. Alier, Pedro, Barcelona. Hemp can- 
vas. 634 

93. God6 y Compania, Barcelona. Jute 
fabrics. 633 

94. Mas Hijos, Manuel, Crevillente. Fa- 
brics of esparto. 63-5 

95. Perez e Hijo, Jose. Barcelona, Es- 
parto and pita mats. 635 

96. Rovira y Compania, Viuda de Juan, 
Barcelo. Oil cloths for all purposes. 


(iROUP 102. 

97. Castane y Masriera, Pedro, Barce- 
lona. Linen goods. 6-39 

98. Fabra y Portabella, Sociedad Anonima 
de los Sucesores de, Barcelona. 

a Cotton thread. 638 

b Linen thread. 639 

99. Ferrer y Vidal, Jose, Barcelona. Cot- 
ton goods. 638 

100. Gonzalez Gragera, Juliana, Villa- 
franca de los Barros. Linen goods. 639 

loi. Lucena y Compania, Sucesores de J. 
Barcelona. Colored cottons. 638 

102. Marques, Caralt y Compaiiia, Barce- 
lona. Linen thread. 639 

103. Mulleras, Camilo, Barcelona. Col- 
ored cottons. 638 

104. Parellada y Compania, Barcelona. 
Cotton goods. 638 

105. Salas, Puigmoler y Compaiiia, Barce- 
lona. Cotton goods. 638 

106. Santacana y Compania, Villanueva y 
Geltru. White cotton goods. 638 

107. Tolra, Viuda de Jose, Barcelona. 
Cotton goods. 638 

(4R0rP 103. 

108. Dalmau Sanroma, Jose, Barcelona, 
Shawls. ^ 640 

109. Ferrer y Vidal,'"' Jose, Barcelona. 
Worsted goods. 643 

no. Gomez Rudulfo, Hijos de Jeronimo, 
Bejar. Woolen uniform cloth. 640 

111. Gremio de Fabricantes de Sabadell, 
Sabadell. Woolen goods. 640 

112. Instituto Industrial de Tarrasa, Tar- 
rasa. Woolen goods. 640 

113. Juan, Herederos de Vicente, Palma 
de Mallorca. 

a Woolen blankets. 642 

/; Casimirs. 643 

114. Margui y Esquena Hermanos, Barce- 
lona. Overcoats. 643 

115. Pefla Mufloz, Hermanos, Cuenca. 

a Woolen shawls. 640 

b Woolen goods. 642 

Exhibit Cla 


116. Sampere, Hermanos de Pablo, Bar 
lona. Woolen yarns. 

117. Sert, Hermanos e Hijos, Barcelo 
Carpets, tapestry and woolen goods. 

118. Torre, Jose de, Almenar. 
a Woolen cloth. 
b Woolen shawls. 

119. Verdu Candela, Jose, Alcoy. F 

GROUP 104. 

120 Aloe de Boullosa, Ana de, Santa C: 

de Tenerife, Canary Islands. Cors( 

121. Anllo, Aniceto, Cospeito. Shoes. 

122. Ballesta, Felipa, Malaga. Sands 


123. Caboty Alabau, Mataro. Knit goo- 


124. Escribano y Munoz, Juan, Sevil 
Shoes. ( 

125. Escuder y Castella, Miguel, Bare 
lona. Sewing machines. I 

126. Fabregas y Farre, Pablo, Arb 
Straw caps. I 

127. Faugier, Narciso, Barcelona. Ca 


128. Fernandez Palacio, Jose, Ovie 
Hunting boots. 1 

129. Juan Justo, Valladolid. Corsets. 1 

130. Lezcano y Ablanero, Lucila, Madr 
Hand-painted white wool waist. I 

131. Male, Miguel, Tarragona. Sho 

132. Martin Lorenzo, Nicolas, Madi 

133. Panduro y Compania, Burgos. Ov 

134. Sanchez Reina, Manuel, Badaj 
Frock coat. 

135. Soler, J., Barcelona. Hats. 

136. Trinchet y Sanchez, Luis, Barcelo 
Hats. I 

137. Vidal, Juan, Barcelona. Shoes. 

138. Viesca, Francisco, Oviedo. Sho 

139. Zugasti, Candida y Aguirre, Poloi 

Madrid. Corsets. 

GROUP 105. 

140. Moreno Benito, Felix, Palma delE 

Fur mats. 

GROUP 106. 

141. Carrasqueno de Gragera, Clari 

Badajoz. Embroidered piainting. 

142. Fernandez y Gonzalez, Luisa,Madi 

143. Fiter, Viuda e Hijo de Jose, Bar 

lona. Laces. 



mbroideries, Hair Work, Toys, Leather, Material of War, Miscellaneous Articles. 

bit Class'n 


Garcia Mardones, Presentacion, Bil- 
.0. Embroidery. 665 

Gonzalez Sanchez, Exuperancia, 
udad Rodrigo. Embroidery. 665 

Lezcano y Ablanedo, Lucila, Madrid. 
mbroidery. 665 

Lucas y Compania, Barcelona. Lace 
lods. 664 

Mazas y Mardomingo, Leopolda de, 
adrid. Embroidery. 665 

Moreu,Hermanos, Barcelona. Passa- 
enterie for curtains, etc. 667 

Munoz Chumillas, Antonio, Cuenca. 
rtificial flowers. 666 

Pujol e Hijo, Jaime, Barcelona. Fans. 


Ramona y Vives, Maria Ana, Bil- 
lo. Embroidery. 665 

Rebollo, Emilia, Malaga. Tapestry. 


Romeo, Elvira, Cuenca. Embroidery. 


Torrella, Hermanos, Barcelona, Em- 
oideries. 665 

GROUP 107. 

Diez Canseco, Adelaida, Bilbao. 

air work. 672 

Salvi y Dou, Antonio, San Martin de 

rovensals. Tortoise shell, combs, etc. 


GROUP 108. 

Pratsginestos, Jose, Gracia. Leather 

ine bottles. 680 

GROUP 110. 

Pons, Francisco, Santander. Fancy 

)xes. 694 

Gomez Colomer, Juan, Gomez Batlle, 

rancisco. Barcelona. Paper balloons. 


Ortelli Montana, Juan, Barcelona. 
^etal toys. 693 

Pujol e Hijo, Jaime, Barcelona. 
ardboard dolls. 693 

GROUP 111. 

Donopetry, Bernardo, Vivero. Hides. 

Fargas y Vilaseca, Miguel, Barce- 

a Tanned hides. 687 

b Embossed leather. 705 

Finet, Joaquin, Barcelona. Prepared 

leep skins. 697 

Exhibit Class'n 

No. No. 

i66. Pons y Compania, Jose M., Barcelona. 
Tanned hides. 697 

167. Serratosa, Pedro Simon, Barcelona. 
Art leather. 705 

GROUP 113. 

168. Carranza y Echevarria, Juan de, 

Madrid. Special apparatus for aiming 
and firing drill of great guns. 716 

169. S. M. el Rey de Espana D. Alfonso 
XIII, Madrid. Compressed bronze can- 
non. 716 

GROUP 114. 

170. Closa Florensa, Jose, Barcelona. 

Gas lamps. 721 

GROUP 117. 

171. Viroso, Agustin, Lagoa. Hair sieves. 


GROUP 118. 

172. Santamaria, Arturo y Alfredo, Barce- 
lona. Corrugated steel gates. 743 

GROUP 121. 

173. Agueda Villar, Nicolas, Madrid. Silk 
applique on paintings. 

174. Carreras Alberich, Viuda e Hijos de, 
Barcelona. Carding combs and skeins 
for woven goods. 

175. Comas y Ricart, Sucesores de, Bar- 
celona. Playing cards. 

176. Codina y Sert., Gines, Barcelona. 
Colored plates. . . 

177. G. y Zaldivar, M., Bilbao-Begoria. 
Playing cards in silver case. 

178. Garcia Forras, Jaime, Barcelona. 
Playing cards. 

179. Gaza Soler, A., Barcelona. Military 
galloons and decorations. 

180. Lange y Camplloch, Eduardo, Barce- 
lona. Designs for cotton prints. 

181. Morante y Salas, Cuenca. Wax 
matches, imitation. 

182. Olea, Rodolfo, Cadiz. Playing cards. 

183. Oliva y Marti, Barcelona. Composi- 
tion busts and decorative work. 

184. Ribas y Vicens, Ramon, Mataro. 
Communion cloth. 

185. Roura y Presas, Juan, Barcelona. 
Playing cards. 

186. San Jose, Gervasio, Valladolid. Sur- 
gical appliances for deformed limbs. 




Drugs, Stationery, Upholstery, Coffins, Ceramics, Carvings, Jewelry, Clothing. 

GROUP 87. 

1. Ceylon Commission. 

a Kokun potu, pomatuni and medicinal 

drugs. 547 

b Vanilla. 549 

GROUP 88. 

2. Ceylon Commission. 

a Anatto; native ink. 552 

b White, terra cotta and laterite washes, 

antimony and dorenetel. 554 


3. Ceylon Commission. 

a Bundle of olas. 556 

b Brass style. 564 

GROUP 90. 

4. Colombo Museum. Book rest. 572 

5. Panabokke, T. B., Kandyan shades. 


6. Soysa de Lady, 

a Couches, sofas, chairs. 565 

b Tables and stand. 566 

c Mounted elephants' tusks, book and 

show cases. 572 

GROUP 91. 

7. Ceylon Commission. 

Painted pottery. 


GROUP 92. 

8, Ceylon Commission. Biers, coffin 

cloth; model of pile for cremating. 584 

GROUP 93. 

9. Ceylon Commission. Chatty, chembu, 
pot and spittoon. 585 

10. Colombo Museum, Ceylon. Carved 
brassware. 585 

11. Government of Ceylon. Bronze from 
Annrad hapura. 585 

GROUP 96. 

12. Ceylon Commission. 

a Boxes, card case, paper cutters, 
work basket, writing case, mats, 
carved elephants, etc. 598 

b Ivory boxes and carved ivory articles. 


13. Colombo Museum. Boxes; ebony 


14. Perera, M. J. Kalutara baskets. 


GROUP 97. 

Ceylon Commission. Wata and n 

heppuwa; betel and silver boxes. 

16. Colombo Museum. 

a Teapoy and spoon rack. 
b Silver boxes. 

GROUP 98. 

17. Ceylon Commission. Head-dres 

necklaces, combs, bangles, chains, ancf 
chatelaines, rings and set of jewelry. 

18. Colombo Museum. 

a Hairpins, brooch, comb, chain. 
b Bangles, mounted with diamonc 

19. Perera, M. J. 

a Bangles, comb. 

b Silver gilt necklace. 

20. Thomas, A. Bangles. 

GROUP 102. 

21. Colombo Museum. Tundu cl 
kaiyeli, kunkuma soman, Kandyan c' 




GROUP 104.; 

Carolis, W. D., & Co., Shoes. 

Ceylon Commission. 

a Skirts, scarf and comboy. 

b Talipot hat. 

c Head-dresses. 

d Belt. 

Colombo Museum, 

a Jackets and gown. 

b Fisher's hat and cap. 

c Head-dress. 

GROUP 106. 

25. Ceylon Commission. Artificial flov 

26. Colombo Museum. Cloth with 
lace work. 

27. Government of Ceylon. Kan 
betel bag. 

28. Perera, M- J- Teapoy cloths. 



Toys, Fancy Articles, Scales, Material of War, Safes, Hardware. 

GROUP 110. 

Ceylon Commission. Wooden tray, 
ups and saucers. 695 

Colombo Museum, Ceylon. Marionette 
how. 693 

Government of Ceylon. Shell bracket. 


GROUP 111. 

W. D., & Co 


Ceylon Commission 

GROUP 112, 

Ceylon Commission. 
a Measure for rice. 
b Measure for oil. 

Hides and 

Skins. 696 


GROUP 113. 

35. Ceylon Commission. Kandyan knives; 

swords; iron spearhead. 717 

36. levers, R. W. 

a Gun. 714 

b Swords. 717 

Gunaratna, E. R. Sword. 717 



GROUP 119. 

Colombo Museum. Arecanut cutter. 

Panabokke, T. B. Arecanut cutters. 



Dyes, Stationery, Upholstery, Ceramics and Mosaics. 

GROUP 88. 

Prior, Adolf, Copenhagen. Shoe and 

rather blacking. Dept. A 552 

Rasmussen, C. M., & Spies, Copen- 

a Blacking for saddlery. Dept. A 552 
b Spirit varnish. 554 

GROUP 89. 

Levison, L., Jr., Copenhagen. 

a Christmas and New Year's cards. 


b Writing paper. 560 

c Decorated paper. 562 

Nielsen, I., Copenhagen. Fire-proof 

aper. Dept. A 557 

GROUP 90. 

Andersen, Kr., & Co., Copenhagen. 

aiders' work for building purposes. 571 

Hansen, C. B., Copenhagen. Furni- 
ire. 567 

Henning, Hansen, Odense, Funen. 
lak cabinet. 567 

Kjar, Miss Ingrid, Copenhagen. 
'okerwork table. 572 

Lassoe, Miss Augusta, Copenhagen. 
ictures burned in wood. 572 

Larsen & Andersen, Copenhagen. 
arved furniture. 567 

11. Meyer, E., Copenhagen. Lacquer 
work. 572 

12. Plum, Chr. & Zald., Copenhagen. 
Dining room furniture. 567 

13. Prior, Miss Maud, Copenhagen. 
Pokerwork chair. 672 

14. Topp, L Wilk, Copenhagen. Book 
case. 567 

15. Topp, N. Chr., Copenhagen. Book 
case. 567 

GROUP 91. 

16. Budde-Lund, C, Copenhagen. Terre 

cotta work. Dept. H 574 

17. Elkjaer, P. M., Copenhagen. Imitated 
stone mosaic. 589 

18. Godthaab Terra Cotta Manufactory. 
Copenhagen. Terra cotta and glazed 
ware. 574 

19. Hausen, Miss E., Copenhagen. 
Ceramic work. 676 

30. Ipsens, P., & Enke, Copenhagen. 
Terra cotta work. 574 

21. Jorgensen, L. P., Copenhagen. Terra 
cott3. 574 

22. Jorgensen, Miss L., Ronnede, Sea- 
land. Painted tableware. 576 

23. Kahler, Herman A., Nestved, Sea- 
land. Ceramic work. 576 

24. Nielsen, E., Copenhagen. Bisque and 
granite ware. 576 



Monuments, Coffins, Enamels, Carvings, Gold and Silverware, Jewelry, Clothing, F 

25. Royal Porcelain Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Copenhagen. Porcelain 577 

26. Skovgaard, Miss S. C, Copenhagen. 

Ceramic work.' 576 

GBOUP 92. 

27. Fiskbalk, P. M., Aarhus, Jutland. 

Memorial plates for a grave. 581 


28. Birk, Miss Dagmar, Copenhagen. 

Engraved copper; brass worli. 585 

29. Christensen, Z., Copenhagen. En- 
graved articles. 585 

30. Dalhoff, H., & Son, Copenhagen. Art 
metal work. 585 

31. Doberck, Fr., & Son, Copenhagen. 
Art metal work. 585 

32. Jensen, Rasmus, Horsens, Jutland. 
Enamel work. 5S6 

33. Rasmussen, Lauritz, Copenhagen. 
Bronzes. 585 

GROUP 94. 

34. Bendz, Miss M., Copenhagen. Painted 
glass plates. 593 

35. Jacobsen, E. P., Copenhagen. Glass 

ceilings. 589 

GROUP 95o 

36. Duvier, Aug., Copenhagen. Stained 

glass windows. 596 

37. Gotke, E. J., Copenhagen. Stained 

glass and glass paintings. 596 

GROUP 96. 

38. Berthelsen, Miss Inger M., Copen- 
hagen. Wood carvings. 598 

39. Crone, Miss Ellen, Copenhagen. 
Carved wood. 598 

40. Dallerup, Baroness U., Copenhagen. 
Wood carvings. 598 

41. Ernst, Soren, Copenhagen. Carved 
screen with painting. 598 

42. Ingemann-Olsen, A., Copenhagen. 
Wood carving. 598 

43. Muller, G. Y. J., Copenhagen. V/ood 
carving. 598 

44. Thomsen, Miss Elizabeth, Copenha- 
gen. Wood carvings. 598 

45. Withusen, Miss Austa, Copenhagen, 
Wood carvings. 598 

46. Wood Workers' Guild of Randers. 
Rander, Jutland. P'ancy articles. 598 

GROUP 97. 

47. Bloch, Fr., Copenhagen. Electro 

plated art metal work. Dept. H 611 

48. Christensen, Z., Copenhagen, Silver- 
ware. 604 

49. Hertz, Peter, Copenhagen. Gold 


50. Jensen, Rasmus, Horsens, Jutla 
Gold ornaments. 

51. Michelsen, A., Copenhagen. Gold 

52. Nordemann, M., Copenhagen. Sih 

GROUP 98. 

53. Christensen, Z., Copenhagen. Je 
elry. 1 

54. Hertz, B., Copenhagen. Gold on 
ments. 1 

55. Hertz, Peter, Copenhagen. Jewel 


56. Michelson, A., Copenhagen. Jewel 

GROUP 99. 

57. Larsen, Bertram, Copenhagen. Tov 

clock. I 

GROUP 101. 

58. Brynjulfson, Miss N., Copenhag^ 
Painted mat. ( 

GEO LP 104. 

59. Henriksen, H. P., Copenhagen, Glc 
sewing machine. ( 

60. Larsen, H. K., Esbjerg, Jutlai 
Wooden shoes. Dept. A ( 

61. Petersen, P. T., Randers, Jutlai 
Wooden shoes. Dept. A ( 

62. Trautner, M., & Son, Soro, Sealai 
Wooden shoes. Dept. A ( 

63. Waldemar, Hansen, Copenhag( 
Gloves. ( 

GROUP 105. 

64. Broe, Mrs. W., Copenhagen. Featl; 

quilt. ( 

65. Nathan, Marcus M., Copenhag( 
Eiderdown. ( 

66. Trolle, C. A., Copenhagen. 

a Furs and skins. i 

b Fur clothing. t 

GROUP 106. 

67. Bojesen, Miss Jutta, Copenhagt 
Laces. 6 

68. Brandt, Mrs. Marie, Copenhage 
Art embroidery. € 

69. Broberg, Miss Bodil, Copenhage 
Lace insertions. (: 

70. Czarnewski, Miss M. Sasse, Cope 
hagen. Art embroidery. 6 

71. Dallerup, Baroness U., Copenhag« 
Woven articles, etc, 6 



Toys, Fancy Articles, Wire Goods, Miscellaneous Articles of Manufacture. 

Dyrhauge, Mrs. Th,, Copenhagen. 

urtain trimmings. 668 

Fenger, Miss A. M. F,, Copenhagen, 
rt embroidery. 669 

Fischer, Miss Emma, Copenhagen. 
''oven articles. 670 

Harder, Miss Edle, Copenhagen. Art 
nbroidery. 669 

Hausen, Mrs. Ida, Copenhagen. Art 
nbroidery. 669 

Jansen, Miss Marie, Copenhagen. 
rtificial flowers. 666 

Jensen, Mrs. J., Copenhagen. Lace 
;d-cover. 664 

Koefoed, Mrs. Regina, Copenhagen. 

a Embroidery. 669 

b lapestries. 670 

Larsen, Miss Agnes, Copenhagen, 
rt embroidery. 669 

Larsen, Miss Fanny, Copenhagen, 
aces. 664 

Linde, Miss Elizabeth, Faxe, Sealand. 
rt embroidery. 669 

Petersen, Mrs. Julie, Copenhagen, 
rt embroidery. 669 

Ring, Miss Nanna, Copenhagen. Art 
nbroidery. 669 

Silberloh, Mrs. L., Nestved, Sealand. 
rt embroidery. 669 

Stahlberg, Miss J., Copenhagen. Art 
nbroidery. 669 

Stephansen, Miss M., Vejle, Jutland. 

a Lace handkerchief. 664 

b Art embroidery. 669 

Thomsen, Miss Elizabeth, Copen- 
igen. Art embroidery. 669 

Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Copen- 
igen. Woven articles. 670 

Thun, Miss Anna V., Copenhagen. 
Ik lace. 664 

Vallentin, Mrs. Augusta, Copenhagen, 
rt embroidery. 669 

Warnich, Leifer, Horsens, Jutland. 
obelin paintings. 670 

Wesenberg, Mrs. Olivia, Copenhagen, 

a Lace for table decoration. 664 

b Embroidery. 669 

GROUP 108. 

94. Hoffgaard, A. E., Aarhus, Jutland. 
Hammocks. Dept. H 676 

GROUP 110. 

95. Dallerup, Baroness U., Copenhagen. 

Fancy articles. 695 

GROUP 111. 

96. Evald, L, Svendborg, Funen. Leather 
belting. Dept. A 704 

97. Holtz, L A., Holbak, Sealand. 
Leather belting. Dept. A 704 

98. Jacobsen, Miss Julie, Copenhagen. 
Leather fancy articles. 705 

99. Lassen, A. F., Holbak, Sealand. 
Leather belting. Dept. A 704 

100. Nielsen & Hausen, Copenhagen. 
Figured leather, gobelins, etc. 705 

loi. Schroder, Btrnh, Copenhagen. Fig- 
ured leather, gobelins, etc. 705 

GROUP 112. 

102. Andersen & Jensen, Copenhagen. 

Weights. Dept. A 712 

103. Jorgensen, Edmund, Copenhagen. 

Weights. Dept. A 712 

GROUP 113. 

104. Fermansen, Chr., Copenhagen. Mag- 
azine rifle. 714 

GROUP 116. 

105. Pedersen, N., B/ondesled, Sealand. 
Brass and tin work. 733 

GROUP 117. 

106. Meyer, E., Copenhagen. Firescreens. 


107. Warnich, Leifer, Horsens, Jutland. 

Fire screens. 738 

GROUP 121. 

108. Warnich, Leifer, Horsens, Jutland. 

Altar and appurtenances. 




Stationery, Upholstery, Ceramics, Enamels, Carvings, Silverware, Silks, Fibres 

Collective exhibit of H. H. the Maharajah 
of Mysore's Government chrough S. J. Tell- 
ery & Co. Installed in the East Indian 



1. Wheat. 1 

2. Rice. 6 

3. Ragi (a flour). 11 


4. Cotton. 53 

5. Wool. _ 60 

GROUP 14. 

6. Model of a Bengal agricultural farm. 

7. Model of an indigo farm and factory. 

8. Model of an oil farm and factory. 

9. Model of a shellac farm and factory. 78 

GROUP 17. 

ID. Ivory horns and tusks. 90 

GROUP 18. 

11. Sandal, cocoanut and cinnamon oil. 95 


GROUP 19. 

12. Sandal-wood trees, logs, billets; teak, 
hanne and kari matti planks. 99 

13. Satin-wood logs. 101 

14. Tangadi bark, sak tree. 103 

15. Sandal-wood roots, powder, chips. 108 

GROUP 44. 

16. Miscellaneous articles made of marble 
and alabaster. 296 

GROUP 49. 

17. Iron and steel. 334 


GROUP 89. 

i8. Papier-mache articles. 557 

GROUP 90. 

19. Rose, sandal and teak-wood chairs. 565 

20. Tables of rose, teak, ebony, sandal and 
shishim woods. 566 

21. Furniture made of fancy woods, carved 
and inlaid. 567 

22. Curtains, portieres, etc. 

23. Mirrors. 













GROUP 91. 

Painted and glazed pottery. 
Marble and alabaster models of 
Taj, the Kutal^ Minar, the B 
Masque (full size), a Hindu tem 
Burmese pagodas and Temple of I< 

GROUP 93c 

Repousse and chiseled art metal w< 

GROUP 96. 

Wood carvings. 
Ivory carvings. 

GROUP 97. 

Silver tableware. 

Silver spoons, etc. 

Miscellaneous fancy articles in sil 

GROUP 100. 

Enameled brass, copper, gold and 


Raw silks. 

Plain silks. 

Upholstery silks. , 

Silk handkerchiefs and dress pieces 

GROUP 101. 

Grass mats. 

Fine wire cloths mixed with silk. 

GROUP 102. 

Cotton, muslin and silver tinsel pr: 

GROUP 103. 

Woolen fabrics, embroidered and p] 

Cashmere shawls, etc. 
Felt rugs. 
Carpets, rugs, etc. 

GROUP 104. 

Wool, silk and velvet ready -rr 



Trimmings, Hair Goods, Trunks, Umbrellas, etc., Toys, Fancy Articles. 

Ladies' dresses, jackets and native cos 


Caps and turbans. 



GROUP 106. 

Wool and silk laces. 664 

Fans of sandal-wood, ivory, etc. 667 
Embroidered trimmings. 668 

Silk, silver and gold thread and tinsel, 
art embroideries and needle work. 669 

GROUP 107. 

Ivory combs. 675 

GROUP 108. 

Bags. 680 

Ivory, ebony and sandal-wood canes. 

Oil cloth and hand painted umbrellas. 


GROUP 110. 

Toys, swings, etc. 693 

GROUP 113. 

Swords, daggers, knives, etc. 717 

Guns, spears, bows, etc. 7l8 


GROUP 142. 

Paintings on ivory of kings, queens, 
ijahs, etc. 

GROUP 143. 

6o. Prints of gods and natives. 

GROUP 144. 

6i. Modern wooden and antique ivory 


GROUP 147. 

62. Model of an Indian village. 827 

GROUP 151. 

63. Photos of scenery. 871 

GROUP 158. 

64. Native musical instruments, part gilt, 
inlaid with semi-precious stones. 926 

65. Drums, tambooras, etc. 927 

66. Harps, guitars, zithers, etc. 928 


GROUP 164. 

67. Complete sets of Hindu and Burmese 
gods, models of Mohammedan marriage 
ceremony and funeral, wife sacrificing 
herself on the funeral pile of her deceased 
husband. Other ceremonies and objects 
of veneration, etc. 





1. Ardeshir & Byramji, Bombay. 


2. Ardeshir & Byramji, Bombay, 
metal work. 

3. Ardeshir & Byramji, Bombay. 

a Carved sandalwood and furniture. 

b Carved and inlaid ivory. 

4. Ardeshir & Byramji, Bombay. 

5. Ardeshir & Byramji, Bombay. 
and silver jewelry. 

6. Ardeshir Be. Byramji, Bombay. 

7. Ardeshir & Byramji, Bombay. 















8. Ardeshir & Byramji, Bombay. 
a Shawls. 
b Indian carpets. 

9. Ardeshir & Byramji, Bombay. 

10. Ardeshir & Byramji, Bombay, 
fancy goods. 

11. Bombay-Burmah Trading Corporation, 
Rangoon. Cutch ; teak. 645 

12. Bombay-Burmah Trading Corporation, 
Rangoon. Umber. 552 

13. Croft, Gonne, & Co., Calcutta. Ground 
bone. 92 

14. Das & Gopi, Benares City. Embroid- 
ery and brocade. 666 

15. De Forest, Lockwood, Ahmedaba 

House and room in carved wood. 
Complete Indian room in carved teakwoo 
from designs by Mr. Lockwood de Fores 
executed at his workshops at Ahmedaba' 
India. Marshall Field & Co., exclusiv 
Chicago agents. 

16. De Monte, Jos., Bombay. Model c 

apparatus for preventing collisions o 
railways. 49 

17. Doyle, Harry, & Co., Calcutta. Silve 
jewelry. 61 

18. Doyle, Harry, & Co., Calcutta. Musk 


19. Rhumgara, 


F. P., & Co. 



Rhumgara, F. P., & Co., Bombay. 

a Carved bones. 59 

b Carved ivory. .59 

Rhumgara, F. P., & Co., Bombay. 

a Metal vases and trays. 60 

b Plate. 60 



22. Rhumgara, F. P., & Co. 

Gold and silver jewelry. 

23. Rhumgara, F. P., & Co., Bombay. 

a Fans and hand screens; fancy good; 

b Embroidery. 66 




Druggists' Supplies, Dyes, Stationery, Upholstery. 

GROUP 87. 

Cautalano Cav. Salvatore, Partinico. 
Chemical piroducts. 648 

Ciaburri, Antonio, Cerreto Sannita. 
Pharmaceutical preparations. 547 

Cristofori, Natale, San Vito al Tag- 
iamento. Insect powder. 547 

Genevois, Felice & Son, Naples. 
Soaps. 549 

La Chiavi, Enrico, Palermo. Chemi- 
cal preparations. 547 

Martinez, G. G., Gergenti. Pharma- 
ceutical preparations. 847 

Manara, Dr. Michele, Pavia. Phar- 
ceutical preparations. 547 

Porrivecchi, Carlo, Messina. Essences. 


Rognone, Cav. Carlo, Turin. Anti- 
septic preparations. 547 

Tarozzi, Cesare, Bologna. Hair dye. 

• Zanipironi Laboratory, Mestre, In- 
sect powder. 547 

GROUP 88. 

Chiariello, Pasquale, Naples. Paint- 
ers' canvas. 555 
Pozzi, Giuseppe, Rome. Colors. 555 

GROUP 89. 

Caccia, Antonio & Co., Milan. Lace 

paper. 562 

Cartiera Reali, Venice. Paper. 566 
Fornari, G. B., Fabriano. Paper. 556 
Miliani, Pietro, Fabriano. Paper. 566 

GROUP 90. 

Anti Bros., Vicenza. Furniture. 567 
Bacetti, Andrea, Florence. Furniture. 

Barni Bros., Severo San Pietro, Fur- 
niture. 567 
Bertani, Carlo, Milan. Furniture. 667 
Besarel Bros., Venice. Furniture. 667 
Biasotto, Antonio, Venice. Artistic 
objects. 572 
Borrelli Domenico, Naples. Furniture, 

Bozzelli, Marianna, Naples. Artistic 
furniture. 572 

26. Calabresi, Stefano, Naples. Furni- 
ture. 567 

27. Candiani, Dr. N., Venice. Furniture. 


28. Cattaneo Bros., Milan. Furniture. 


29. Cella, Antonio, & Co., Milan. Furni- 
ture. 567 

30. Chiavari Economic Society, Chiavari. 
Chairs. 665 

31. Ciaramelli, Stefano, Florence. Frames. 


32. Corbella, Carlo, Milan. Furniture. 667 

33. Del Soldato, Giuseppe, Florence. Fur- 
niture. 667 

34. Frullini, Prof. Luigi, Florence. Artis- 
tic furniture. 672 

35. Grassi, Erasmo, & Son, Catania. Fur- 
niture. 667 

36. Mariani, Eduardo, Milan. Furniture. 


37. Minghetti, Prof. G. B., Vicenza. Fur- 
niture. 567 

38. Modenato, Marco, Venice. Artistic 
furniture. 572 

39. Mora Bros., Milan. Furniture. 667 

40. Meroni & Fossati, Lissone. Furni- 
ture. 667 

41. Olivotti, A., & Co., Florence. Furni- 
ture. 567 

42. Pogliani, Ferdinando, Milan. Artistic 
furniture. 572 

43. Picchi, Andrea, Florence. Picture 
frames. 672 

44. Pucci, Prof. Carlo, Florence. Furni- 
ture. 567 

45. Querena, Francesco, Turin. Furniture. 


46. Ramelli, Andrea, Milan. Furniture. 


47. Rossi & Sons, Venice. Artistic furni- 
ture. 572 

48. Sonnino, Pasquale, Resina. Furni- 
ture. 667 

49. Schmitt, Bonifacio, Naples. Furni- 
ture. 667 

so. Spadaro, Antonino, Noto. Grille worlc. 

51. Tappari, Pietro, Florence. Furniture. 




Ceramics and Mosaics, Monuments, Coffins, Enamels, Glass, Carvings. 

52. Tenca & Co., Milan. Mirrors. 569 

53. Testolini, M. Q., Venice. Furniture. 


54. Toledo, Matteo, Naples. Furniture. 


55. Toso, Francesco, Venice. Artistic 
furniture. 572 

56. Zanetti, Antonio, Vicenza. Furniture. 


57. Zucconi, Vicenzo, Florence. Furni- 
ture. 567 

(iROUP 01. 

58. Antonibon, Pasquaie, & Sons, Nove. 
Pottery. 575 

59. Artistic Industrial Museum, Naples. 
Ceramic articles. 575 

60. Bazzanti & Son, Florence. Mosaics. 


61. Boncinelli & Sons, Florence. Mosaics 


62. Cacciapuoti, Ettore & Guglielmo, 
Naples. Ceramic art. 575 

63. Cantagalli,°Ulisse^ Florence. Pottery. 


64. Castellani, Comm. Guglielmo, Rome. 
Pottery. 575 

65. Co-operative Mosaic Society, Flor- 
ence. Alosaics. 580 

66. De Bottazzi, Jgnazio, Turin, Pottery. 


67. Fabri, Pio, Rome. Majolica. 575 

68. Galleano, E., Genoa. Majolica. 575 

69. ' Mazzarella, Bernardino, Naples. Pot- 
tery. 575 

70. Molaroni & Co., Pesaro. Artistic 
majolica. 575 

71. Mollica, Achi41e, Naples. Ceramics. 


72. Montelatici, Giuseppe, Florence. 
Mosaics. 580 

73. Pasqualetti, Carlo, Volterra. Pottery. 


74. Petralli & Co., Florence. Mosaics. 580 

75. Torelli, Prof. Jafet, Florence. Majol- 
ica. 575 

76. Richard & Co., Milan. Pottery. 575 

77. Rocca, R. & Co., Venice. Mosaics. 580 

78. Roccheggiani, Rome. Mosaics. 580 

79. Salvini & Co., Florence. Pottery. 575 

80. Schibba, Luigi, Rome. Mosaics. 580 

81. Ugolini, Giovanni, Florence. Mosaics. 


82. Venetian Mosaic Society, Venice. 
Mosaics. 580 

83. Viero, G. B., Bassano. Majolica. 575 

84. Zorzi, A. & Bro., San Ambrozio Val- 
policello. Bricks. Dept. E 574 

GROUP 92. 

85. Andreoni Gallery, Pisa. Marbles. 582 

86. Andreoni, Orazio, Rome. Marble 
statue. 582 

87. Bazzanti & Son, Florence. Marbles. 


88. Frilli, Antonio, Florence. Marbles. 582 

89. Ghirardi, Vittorio, Carrara. Marbles. 


90. Lapini Bros., Florence. Marbles. 582 

91. Montarsolo, Vittorio, Genoa. Marbles. 


92. Scheggi Bros., Florence. Marbles. 582 

93. Vannetti, Cesiano, Leghorn. Alabas- 
ter statue. 582 

94. Ventimiliano Hospital, Palermo. Mar- 
bles. 582 

95. Vichi, Ferdinando, Florence. Mar- 
bles. 582 

GROUP 93. 

96. Bartoloni, Oreste, Rome. Bronzes. .585 

97. Boschetti, B., Rome. Artistic bronze 
reproductions. 585 

98. Brugo, Cav. Vincenzo, Rome. Artis- 
tic objects .585 

99. Calvi, Constantino, Rome. Bronzes. 

100. Graziosi, Oreste, Florence. Bronze 

work. 585 

loi. Johnson, Stefano, Milan. Medals and 

bronze articles. 585 

102. Layet, Cav. Frederico, Venice. 
Bronzes. 585 

103. Muzio, Bartolomeo, Genoa. Bronzes. 


104. Nelli, Cav. Alessendro, Rome. Ar- 
tistic bronze reproductions. 585 

105. Olivari, Gaetano, Genoa. Bronze 
crown. 585 

106. P3.ndiani, Antonio, Milan. Bronzes. 


107. Quadrelli, Mario, Milan. Bronze and 
silver articles. 585 

108. Testori, Giuliano, Turin. Bronzes .585 

109. Tosato, Domenico, Venice. Gilded 
figures. 585 

no. Traverso, Lorenzo, Genoa. Bronzes. 

GROUP 94. 

111. De Caro, Antonio, Naples. Glass- 
ware. 591 

112. Salviati & Co., Venice. Glass. 591 

113. Venice and Murano Company, Venice. 
Glassware. 591 

GROUP 96. 

114. Bruno, Cav. Francesco, Naples. 
Wood carving. .598 

115. Cadorin, Vincenzo, Venice. Wood 
carvings. 598 

116. Nebbiosi Nicodemo, Voghera. Wood 
work. 598 

117. Vannuchi, Rodolfo, Florence. Carved 
wood. 598 




Gold and Silverware, Jewelry, Horology, Silks, Fibres, Cotton and Woolen Goods. 

GEOUP 97. 

ii8. Accarisi & Nephew, Florence. Ar- 
tistic silverware. 605 

119. Calvi, Constantino, Rome. Silver- 
ware. 605 

120. Ciardi, Antonio, Prato. Artistic 
silverware. 605 

121. Consoli Cav. Aifio, Milan. Silver- 
ware. 605 

122. Frumento, M. G., Genoa. Silver fili- 
gree. 607 

123. Graziosi, Oreste, Florence. Gold 
work. 604 

124. Miglio, Giuseppe, Vercelli. Filigree 
work. 607 

125. Meda, Francesco, Milan. Silver- 
ware. 605 

126. Quadrelli, Mario, Milan. Silver ar- 
ticles. 607 

GROUP 98. 

127. Berretta, Stefano, Rome. Filigree 
jewelry. 612 

128. Bettini, Mario, Florence. Gold and 
silver jewelry. 612 

129. Bonetti, Giuseppe, Florence. Gold 
and jewelry. 612 

130. Cami, Enrico, Rome. Cameos. 614 

131. Cortellazzo, Antonio, Vicenza. Gold 
jewelry. 612 

132. De Felici Publio, Rome. Cameos. 614 

133. De Marco, Antonino, Naples. 

a Gold work. 612 

b Coral. . 614 

134. Errico, Vincenzo, Naples. Gold jew- 
elry. 612 

135. Fasoli, Federico, Rome. Gold jewelry. 


136. Graziosi, Oreste, Florence. Jewelry. 


137. Labriola, Angelo, Naples. Coral and 
tortoise shell work. 614 

138. Labriola, Mariano, Naples. Coral 
jewelry and tortoise-shell. 614 

139. Melillo, Cav. Giacinto, Naples. Gold 
jewelry. 612 

140. Morabito, Rocco,^Naples. Gold jew- 
elry. ' 612 

141. Negri, Ottavio, & Co., Rome. Gold 
jewelry. 612 

142. Pallotti, Luigi, & Bros., Venice. Gold 
jewelry. 612 

143. Parodi, Nicolo, Genoa. Gold jewelry 


144. Petralli & Co., Florence. Gold work. 


145. Pelisier, Leopoldo, Rome. Gold jew- 
elry. 612 

146. Piscione, Michele, Naples. 

a Gold jewelry. 612 

b Coral, 614 

147. Piscione, Enrico, Naples. Coral jew- 
elry and tortoise shell. 614 

148. Rinaldini, Enrico, Florence. Gold 
jewelry. 612 

149. Sivelli, Egisto, Genoa. Silver jew- 
elry. 612 

GROUP 99. 

150. Codebo, Roboamo, Noto. Clock 
escapement.- 622 

GROUP 100. 

151. Dolara, A., Como. Silks. 628 

152. Gargiulo, Rocco, Naples. Silk. 628 

153. Malizia, G., Milan. Silk goods. 628 

154. Offritelli, Pascal, & Co., Naples. Silk 
goods. 628 

155. Ronchetti, C. F., Milan. Raw silk. 


GROUP 101. 

156. Zari Bros., Milan. Wood carpets. 


GROUP 102. 

157. Alzati, Gaetano, Milan. Woven 
goods. 638 

158. Bissello, G., & Co., Venice. Dry 
goods. 638 

159. Finzi, A., Venice. Dry goods. 638 

GROUP 103. 

160. Arnandon, Griacomo, Turin. Wool- 
ens. 640 

GROUP 101. 

161. Brischetto, Sebastiano, Acireale. 
Boots and shoes. 656 

162. Campiaghi, Giuseppe, Monza. Hats. 


163. Cannizzaro, Giovanni, Palermo. 
Clothing. 652 

164. Carozzi, Giuseppe, & Son, Monza. 
Hats. 6,54 

165. Caviezel, Rodolfo, Florence. Boots 
and shoes. 656 

166. Cernuschhi, G., & Co., Monza. Hats. 


167. Corsaro, Francesco, Catania. Shoes. 


168. De Luca, Gaetano, Catania. Boots 
and shoes. 656 

169. Di Branda, Gaspare, Palermo. Boots 
and shoes. 656 

170. Durante, Giuseppe, & Son, Palermo. 
Clothing. 652 

171. Frinzi, Russo Giovanni, San Stefano 
Comastra. Boots and shoes. 656 

172. Gargiulo, Eduardo, Naples. Gloves. 


173. Goio, Giuseppe, Rome. Clothing. 652 

174. La Farina, Cesare, Palermo. Hats. 




Trimmings, Toys, Fancy Articles, Lighting Apparatus, Refrigerators, Miscellaneous. 

175. Pelaccia, Pietro, Palermo. Shoes. 


176. Pongiglione, Girolamo, Savona. 
Boots and shoes. 656 

177. Scandurra, Alfio, Catania. Boots and 
shoes. 6.56 

178. Scavia, Angelo, Mortara. Hats. 654 

179. Sciortino, Feo Nicolo, Palermo. 
Clothing. 6.52 

180. Traverso, A., & Son, Genoa. Boots 
and shoes. 656 

181. Truden, G., & Sons, Palermo. Cloth- 
ing. 652 

182. Urso, Giuseppe, Palermo. Shoes. 656 

183. Valera & Ricci, Monza. Hats. 654 

184. Valle, Emilio, Chiavari. Patterns 
and uppers. 656 

185. Vinci, M., & Son, Palermo. Boots 
and shoes. 656 

GROUP 106. 

186. Brenda & Simonetti, Rome. Tapes- 
try imitation. 671 

187. Borzacchini, Augusto, Rome. Tapes- 
try imitation. 671 

188. Cosulich, Cleto, Syracuse. Em- 
broidery. 665 

189. Dovizielli, Cesare, Rome. Tapestry 
imitation. 671 

190. Eroli, Erulo, Rome, Tapestry imita- 
tion. 671 

191. Finzi, A., Venice. Embroidery. 665 

192. Jesurum & Co., Venice. Laces. 664 

193. Pagliei, Brugo. Rome. Tapestry 
imitation. 671 

194. Radaelli, Giuseppe, Monza. Tapes- 
try goods. 670 

GROUP 110. 

195. Archinaud, E., Naples. Straw work. 


196. Barbarulo Bros., Capriglia di Sa- 
lerno. Fancy articles. 695 

197. Conti & Mannozzi, Florence. Straw 
work. 695 

198. Gerardi, Giacinto & Bros., Marostica. 
Straw work. 695 

199. Neapolitan Artistic Society, Naples. 
Fancy articles. 695 

GROUP 111. 

200. Chapot, Giovanni, Turin. Hides. 696 

201. Fornari, G. B., Fabriano. Hides. 696 

202. Mazza, Giuseppe, Milan. Hides. 696 

203. Mora, Luigi, Milan. Leather work. 


GROUP 114. 

204. Pavesi & Co., Milan. Candelabra, 
etc. 721 

205. Franeo, Cav, Domenico, San Marco 
Argentano. Iron lamp. 719 

206. Torchi, Jaddeo, Bologna. Iron lamps. 


GROUP 115. 

207. Orsola, Antonio, Rome. Covers. 7.S0 
-2o8. Profumo, Gaetano, Genoa. Ovens. 727 

GROUP 116. 

209. Baslanzetti, Donate, Udine. Bells. 733 

210. Colbacchini, Pietro, Bassano Veneto. 

Bronze bells. 733 

GROUP 118. 

211. Bottacin Bros., Venice. Wrought 
iron. 743 

212. Castello, Prospero, Turin. Ironware. 


213. Guaita, G., & Sons, Turin. Wrought 
iron. 743 

214. Merli, Camillo, Mirabello Ferrarese. 
Iron ware. 743 

215. Zalaffi, Benedetto, and Sons, Siena. 
Wrought iron. 743 

216. Zalaffi, Luciano, Siena. Wrought 
iron. 743 

GROUP 119. 

217. Biondi, Filippo, Catania. Locks. 747 
218 Licciardello, Salvatore, Acireale. 

Rasps. 750 

219. Luini, B. E., & Co., Milan. Saws. 750 

220. Pagani, A. C. & Bros., Milan. Saws. 


221. Sirtori, Cesare, Milan. Locks. 747 

GROUP 121. 

222. Losacco & Capri, Bari. Matches. 

223. Stento, Raffaele, Chieti. Cages. 

224. Fantappie, Stefano, & Sons, Florence. 

Illuminating apparatus. 





Drugs, Upholstery, Ceramies, Fibres, Clothing, Trunks, Toys, Fancy Articles. 

GROUP 87. 

1. Auvray, P. E., Kingston. 

a Ginger and dentifrice. 547 

b Wax and oils. 549 

2. Crossv/ell, J. M., & Co., Kingston. 
Drugs and pharmaceutical preparations. 


3. Curphey, T. J., Kingston. Druggists' 
sundries. 548 

4. Francis, C. A. R., Kingston. Trans- 
parent chlorodyne. 546 

5. Grant's, Chas., Successor, Kingston. 
Drugs and toilet preparations. 549 

6. Hibbert, F. F., May Pen. Oil of pep- 
per. 549 

7. Hibbert, J. M., May Pen. Extract of 
pepper. 549 

8. Ingram, Miss C, Chapelton. Drugs 
and pharmaceutical preparations. 547 

9. Kinkead, E. D., Kingston. Dentifrices. 


[o. Lambert, Mrs., Shooter's Hill. Abbey 
oil. 549 

[I. Macpherson, L. G., Kingston. Essen- 
tial oils and dentifrices. 549 

[2. McCatty, A. G., & Son, Montego 
Bay. Essences. 549 

[3. Scharschmidt, S. T., Spanish Town. 
Essential oils; essences. 549 

[4. Strachan, J. F., Black River. Sarsa- 
parilla. 547 

GROUP 90. 

[5. Findlayson, A., Kingston. Inlaid 
tables. 566 

[6. Sanguinetti, Miss B. E., Kingston. 
Ferm lamp shades. 572 

[7. Steer, Miss, Claremont. Fancy work. 


[8. Wortley, Miss, Kingston. Fancy 
work. 573 

GROUP 91. 

9. Aikin, Wm. W., Kingston, Pottery. 

?o. Kerr, W. A., Kingston. Pottery. 


21. Taylor, Chas., Kingston. Pottery. 


22. Wortley, Mais & Sant, Kingston. 

Pottery. 575 

GROUP 101. 

23. Commissioner for Jamaica, Kingston. 
Mats and baskets. 635 

24. Falmouth District Prison, Falmouth. 
Cocoanut coir, mats, etc. 635 

25. General Penitentiary, Kingston. Co- 
coanut coirs, mats, etc. 635 

26. Grant, Edward, Trinityville. Mats of 
banana fibre. 635 

27. Mcfarlane, J., Trinityville. Articles 
made from banana trash. 635 

28. Turland, May Pen, Mrs. Fibre work, 


GROUP 104. 

29. Hylton, Jonathan, Glouyoffe. Hats. 


30. McLean, S., Santa Cruz. Hats. 


31. Thomas, R., Trinityville. Bamboo 
hats. 654 

GROUP 106. 

32. Astwood, Miss J., Kingston. Fancy 
work. 665 

33. Lynct, Miss M., Kingston. Fancy 
work. 665 

34. Maclaverty, The Misses, Cold Spring. 
Fancy work. 665 

GROUP 108. 

35. Commission for Jamaica, Kingston. 
Walking sticks. 681 

36. Harris, Robert, Kingston Walking 
sticks. fiSl 

37. Fitter, F. T., Kingston. Sticks. 


38. Smith, Chas., St. Ann's Bay. Walk- 
ing sticks, 681, 



Toys, Fancy Articles. 

GROUP 110. 

39. Findlayson, A., Kingston. Cigar and 
work l)oxL-s. 694 

40. Gauntlett, Miss A. B., Falmouth. 
Fancy work. 695 

.\i. Hall, Miss C, Bogwalk. Fancy 
work. 695 

42. Hendrick, Mrs. Thomas, Kingston. 
Fancy work; painted screens; dish cov- 
ers. 695 

43. Nash, Mrs., Watson Hill. Cashe 
dolls. 6 

44. Shaw, Robt., Christiana. Fancy wor 


t}ROLP 111. 

45. Cassis, John, Kingston. Leather. 


46. Lyons & Clarke, Kingston. Tann 
hides. 6 





Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products, Druggists' Supplies. 

GROUP 87. 

1. Daijiro Nakamura, Yamagata. Liquid 
peppermint. 549 

2. Fusajiro Hiroocka, Osaka. Perfumes. 


3. Gosaburo Fujita, Osaka. Deodorizer. 


4. Heibei Okamura, Osaka. Oil. 548 

5. Heiichiro Binnaka, Osaka. Matches. 


6. Hikotaro Miyake, Kyoto. Tooth pow- 





7. Hisakichi Tachiki, Tokyo. 

8. Icharo Ochi, Ehime. Cotton. 

9. Itaro Hinotsume, Ishikawa. 

[Q. Jyusuke Harumoto, Osaka. 

a Refined camphor. 547 

b Toilet soap. 549 

[I. Kamegoro Tase, Yamagata. Liquid 
peppermint. 549 

[2. Kamejiro Arakawa, Osaka. Camphor 
(refined and crude). 547 

[3. Keisuke Kobayashi, Yokohama. Pep- 
permint (crystal and oil). 549 

[4. Kichibei Matsubara, Osaka. Toilet 
soap. 549 

[5. Kichijiro Saito, Tokyo. Tooth pow- 
der. 549 

[6. Kichiroji Tase, Yamagata. Liquid pep- 
permint. 549 

[7. Kingoro Ono, Tokyo. Tooth powder. 


[8. Kisai Takayama, Tokyo. Tooth pow- 
der. 549 

[9. Kizaemon Agano, Kumamoto. Cam- 
phor. 547 

JO. Kohei Kimura, Osaka. Matches. 550 

51. Koshichi Harima, Hyogo. Toilet 
soap. 549 

52. Koshi Yokyta, Hyogo. Tooth soap. 

!3. Kyujiro Sakamoto, Fukuoka. Cam- 
phor. 547 
14. Kyuzo Kamagai, Kyoto. Joss sticks; 
perfumes. 549 

53. Manzo Tsutsui, Osaka. Matches, 550 

26. Masakichi Kawabata, Hyogo. Re 
fined camphor. 547 

27. Match Seizo Kumiai, Hyogo. Matches. 


28. Matsunosuke Fukui, Osaka. Toilet 
soap. 549 

29. Naosaburo Kimura, Osaka. Pomade. 


30. Naokazu Yoshioka, Osaka. Soap. 549 

31. Osaka Seisuisha, Osaka. Matches. 


32. Ozaki Sekken Seizosho, Osaka. 
Soap. 549 

33. Ryozo Mishiyama, Osaka. Drugs. 


34. Sadanosuke Yoshikaea, Osaka. Fire- 
works. 551 

35. Sakuzaemon Jitsuno, Osaka. Soap. 


36. Sampei Hirao, Tokyo. Toilet water; 
tooth powder. 549 

37. Seihei Fukuda, Osaka. Tooth pow^- 
der. 549 

38. Sei Kamei, Kanagawa. Chemists' 
wares. 548 

39. Seimon Ito, Osaka. Toilet soap. 549 

40. Shigeo Iwata, Yokohama. Fire- 
works. 551 

41 Shinzaburo Tomita, Tokyo. Tooth 
powder 549 

42. Sobei Mishina, Kyoto. Tooth pow- 
der. 549 

43. Sogoro Nagakawa and one other, 
Osaka. Joss sticks. 549 

44. Sohachi Oyama, Yamagata. Pepper- 
mint (liquid and crystal). 549 

45. Takeyasu Kiyokaw^a, Nagasaki. 
Chemicals. 546 

46. Tatsuzo Hagiwara, Osaka, Toilet 
soap. 549 

47. Teikichi Tanabe, Hyogo. Refined 
camphor. 547 

48. Tokachi Fujimoto, Kumamoto. Cam- 
phor oil. 547 

49. Tokijiro Mihashi, Tokyo. Toilet 
water; tooth powder. 549 

50. Tokunosuke Yarita, Tokyo. Tooth 

powder, 549 



Paints, Colors, Dyes, Varnishes, Typewriters, Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

51. Tomanosuke Nishibata, Osaka. 

Drugs. 547 

52. Tomojiro Yamashita, Osaka. Toilet 
soap. 549 

53. Tsunejiro Kuroiwa, Miyazaki. Cam- 
phor. 547 

54. Yasugoro Naruo, Osaka. Refined 
camphor. 547 

55. Yasunori Fukutomi, Osaka. Tooth 
powder. 549 

56. Yasutaro Doi, Miyazaki. Camphor. 


57. Zenkichi Waikata, Osaka. Tooth 
powder. 549 

GROUP 88. 

58. Hachiro Ikata, Tokushima. Indigo. 


59. Kaemon Nishino, Tokushima. Indigo. 

66. Kinujiro Niizaki, Tokushima. Indigo. 


61. Masuzo Sato, Tokushima. Indigo. 


GROUP 89. 

62. AnshO Yamamoto, Kumamoto. 

a Paper napkins. 557 

b Paper. 558 

63. Asaichiro Fojii, Shimane. Paper. 556 

64. Banseisha, Saga. 

a Paper. 556 

t Paper napkins. 557 

65. Besshinsha, Shizuoka. Paper. 


66. Bunsaburo Takami, Tokushima. 
Paper. 556 

67. Chujiro Narukawa, Saitama. Paper. 


68. Commercial and Manufacturing Bu- 
reau. Specimens showing process of 
manufacturing paper articles. 557 

69. Denjyuro Inoue, Kochi. 

a Tissue papers. 558 

b Copying and blotting paper. 560 

c Oil paper. 563 

70. Edogawa Paper Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Tokyo. 

a Paper. 556 

b Writing paper; envelopes. 560 

71. Eisuke Matsui, Gifu. 

a Paper. 556 

/' Wrapping paper. 558 

72. Fuji Paper Manufacturing Company, 

a Paper, pulp and paper stock. 556 
b Wood and straw boards. 557 

C Paper. 559 

73. Fukutaro Tanikawa, Yokohama. 

a Paper. 55 

b Envelopes. 56 

c Wall paper. 56( 

74. Genjiro Teramura, Osaka. Wal 
paper. 56i 

75. Genjyun Matsui, Nara. Japanese ink 


76. Genshiro Shimizu and six others 
Gifu. Stationery goods. 56' 

77. Genta Yoshii, Kochi. 

a Papier-mache. 55' 

b Yakutai and tissue papers. 551 

c Lithographic paper. 561 

d Tracing, blotting; copying paper. 


78. Genzaburo Fujita. Hyogo. Paper. 551 

79. Genzaemon Ota, Shizuoka. 

a Paper. 55( 

b Writing paper. 56( 

c Ornamental paper. 56! 

80. Hachijyuro Takatsu, Hiroshima. 
Paper. 551 

81. Hachirozaemon Kiyomizu, Miyazaki 
a Paper. 55( 
b Wrapping paper. 65! 

82. Harujiro Osuka, Tokushima. Paper 


83. Heijiro Suga, Shizuoka. Paper. 56( 

84. Hideo Nakayama, Kochi. 

a Paper. 55( 

b Drawing and blotting paper; envel 
opes. 56( 

c Ornamental and decorated papen 


85. Hikozaemon Watanabe, Shizuoka 
Paper. 56( 

86. Kiryu Crape Manufacturing Company 
Gumma. Crape. 565 

87. Ichibei Kawagishi, Kumamoto. Sta- 
tionery goods. 56^^ 

88. lemon Tanimura, Tokyo. Papei 
knife. 56^ 

89. Ihei Oka, Osaka. Pencil sharpeners 


90. lida-Bussan-Kwaisha, Nagano. Pa- 
per strings; floor matting. 55'i 

91. Jinzaburo Hagiwara, Tokyo. Paper 


92. Jirobei Yamada, Tokyo. Wall paper, 


93. Jizaemon Hiroba, Fukui. Paper. 56i 

94. Jyunnosuke Sekiguchi, Tokyo. Pape: 
articles. 55' 

95. Kaichiro Inada, Hiroshima. Paper. 




96. KakutarO KatO, 

97. Katsutaro Uchiyama. Shizuoka, Pa 




Paints, Colors, Dyes, Varnishes, Typewriters, Paper, Blank Books, Stationery. 

5. Katsuyuki Utsumi. Hyogo. Paper. 

). KiichirO Tamanaga, Tokyo. Erasers. 

). Kihachi Fusayasu, Tottori. Paper. 

:. Kisaburo Nishio, Tokyo. Paper 
veights. 564 

J. Kohachi Nishio, Tottori. Paper. 556 
J. KoichirO Takase, Shizuoka. Paper. 

\. Koichiro Takase, Shizuoka. Paper. 

;. Kosuke Kano, Osaka. Paper ent- 
ers. 564 
). Kumagoro Taniguchi, Tokyo. Wall 
3aper. 563 
^ Kurakichi Yamahora, Tokyo. Wall 
japer. 563 
!. KyQzO Kumagai, KyOtO. Japanese 
nk; writing brushes. 564 
>. Mamemon Suda, Gifu. 

a Paper. 556 

d Wrapping paper. ' 558 

). Masuta Kimura, Kumamoto. Paper. 

:. Matabei Iwa, Osaka. Oil paper. 

!. Matashichi Yamaguchi, Osaka. Pen- 
;il sharpeners. 564 

J. Matsujiro Fukunishi, Nara. Paper. 

|.. Minetaro Nota, Hiroshima. Paper. 

;. Mozaemon Shimamura, Tokyo. Dec- 
)rated paper. 562 

). Mumekichi Mochizuki, Shizuoka. 
iinvelope paper. 560 

7, Naojiro Teshigawara, Gifu. 

a Paper napkins. 557 

d Ornamental paper. 562 

5. Naokichi Azumi, Hyogo. Paper. 

). Naraken Yoshino Paper Association, 
Vara. Paper. 556 

). Nobuaya Tsukamoto, Okayama. 




:. Osaka-Abe-Paper Mill, Osaka. 

a Wrapping paper. 

d Paper. 

i. Rokuro Ogata, Ehime. Paper. 

J. Ryue Kawato, Tottori. Paper. 

^. Sadasuke Saikawa, Shimane. Paper. 


). Sahei Iketani, Shizuoka. Paper 

Dulp. 556 

). Sajyuro Miyatake, Nara. Japanese 

nk. 564 

7. Sanehiko Inada, Kumamoto, Paper. 


128. Sanemon Shimada, Osaka. Paper 
goods. 557 

129. Sanjiro Matsui, Gifu. Paper. 556 

130. Sankosha, Shizuoka. 

a Paper. 556 

d Wrapping paper. 658 

c Writing paper. 560 

131. Seijyuro Taniguchi, Tottori. Paper. 


132. Seiroku Shimizu. Tottori. Paper 


133. Seizo Yamoto, Tokyo. Imitation 
leather work. 557 

134. Siezo Yamashiro, Kumamoto. Imi- 
tation leather. 557 

135. Senshiro Miyahara, Tokyo. Mold- 
ing paper. 557 

136. Sensuke Kurita, Osaka. Writing 
brushes; Japanese ink. 564 

137. Shinetaro Kuto, Gumma. Cardboard. 


138. Shinyosha, Fukui. Paper. 556 

139. Shinzo Sakamoto, Oita. Paper. 556 

140. Shizuoka Paper Manufacturing Co., 
Minamiuramachi, Shizuoka. Paper. 560 

141. Shizuoka Paper Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Zaimokucho, Shizuoka. Paper. 558 

142. ShOichirO Ohara, TokyO. Rulers. 


143. ShQshaku Saruwatari, Kumamoto. 
Paper. 568 

144. Sojiro Ito, Tokyo. Wall paper. 


145. Sueoto Fujiki, TokyO. Stenographic 
apparatus. 564 

146. Suketaro Kajiwara, Oita. Paper. 


147. Sukeemon Takei, Gifu. 

a Paper. 556 

d Paper napkins. 557 

148. Sukezaemon Takei, Gifu. 

a Paper. 568 

d Drawing paper. 560 

149. Tamekichi Ito, Tokyo. 

a Molding paper. 557 

i Ornamental paper. 662 

c Drawing instruments. 564 

150. Tamekichi ItO, TokyO. Copying pa- 
per. 560 

151. Tahachi Tsuda, Hiroshima. Paper. 


152. Taiichi Fukunishi, Nara. Paper. 556 

153. Tarohei Watanabe, Kanazawa. 

a Paper. 566 

d Blotting paper. 660 

154. Tarojiro Hagiwara, Shizuoka. Paper. 


155. Taosa Kubota, Shizuoka. Paper. 


156. Tazo Yasuda, Hyogo. Cards. 657 



Paints, Dyes, Varnishes, Typewriters, Stationery, Furniture, Upholstery, Decorat 

157. Tokichi Matsuda, Tokyo. Wall pa- 
per. 563 

158. Tokubei Honmei, Hiroshima. Paper. 


159. Tokuhei Komota, Ehime. Paper. 


160. Tokujiro Taniguchi, Tokyo. Paper 
(tissue). 558 

161. Tokujiro Taniguchi, Kyoto. Copying 
paper. 660 

162. Tomazo Watanabe, TokyO. Paper 
box (lacquered). 564 

163. Torzo Harada, Tokushima. Paper. 


164. Tosa Paper Trade Union, KOchi. 

a Paper. 558 

b Hand-made paper. 562 

c Writing paper. 560 

165. Torakiyo Sato, Tokyo. 

a Paper. 560 

b Pen case. 564 

166. Toyohachi Yasuda, Gifu. 

a Paper napkins. 557 

b Ornamental paper; paper. 562 

167. ToyotarO Kusakari, TokyO. Paper 
knife. 564 

168. Treasury Department. Paper mill 
section of Printing and Engraving Bureau. 
Paper. 556 

169. Tsuneshichi Ku'wahara, Osaka. 
Writing brushes. 564 

170. Tsuruji Kano, Hiroshima. Paper. 


171. Uhachi Harada, Tokushima. Paper. 


172. Wasaku Toyama.Kumamoto. Paper. 


173. Yagozo Mashiba, Hiroshima. Paper. 


174. Yasu Araki, Osaka. Paper napkins. 


175. Yonosuke Kondo, Hyogo. Bleached 
bark of Edgeworthia Papyrifera (for 
paper making). 5-56 

176. Yoshiharu Tone, TokyO. 

a Paper; pajjer stock. 556 

b Molding paper. 557 

177. Yoshinori Matsuzawa and one other, 
Saitama. Paper. 556 

178. Yukichi Kojima, Hyogo. Paper. 556 

179. Zempei Tanaka, Fukuoka. Paper. 


180. Zentaro Ka-wachi and one other, 
Ehime. Paper. 556 

181. Zenshichi Goto, Gifu. Paper. 656 

182. Zenshichi Goto, Gifu. Paper. 562 

GROUP 90. 

183. Asajiro Ichishima, Tokyo. Lacquer 
ware. 567 

184. Asajiro Narita, Tokyo. Lac< 

185. Baison Okada, Tokyo. Picture. 

186. Bekko Ando, Tokyo. Carving. 

187. Bunkichi Ogawa, Chiba. Bam 

188. ChogorO Horino, Osaka. Bam 

189. Chojiro Suzuki, Kyoto. Lace 

190. Chokichi Nakagawa, Yokohama. 
Lacquer work. 

191. ChOshichi KOsaka, Shizuoka. B 

192. Chozo Watanabe, Yokohama. 

193. Chyojiro Okada, Tokyo. Fancy t 

194. Commercial and Manufactui 

Bureau. Specimens showing proces 
manufacturing lacquer work. 

195. Daisuke Kato, Yokohama. Fu 

196. Benjiro Hamamura, Tokyo. C 

197. Denjiro Mitani, Ishikawa. Lace 

198. EijirQ Hoshino, Chiba. Bam 

199. Eikichi Ishii, Tokyo. Lacquer wc 

200. Ei Tawara, Tokyo. Lacquer goc 

201. Geisan Takano, Kumamoto. Scree 

202. Genkichi Ishio, Osaka. Screens. 

203. Gensuke linuma, Toyko. Cigar b 

204. Gimbei Kuroha, Ibaraki. Lacq 

205. GisaburO Osawa, Gifu. Wine 

206. Gisuke Miyamoto, KyOtO. Wine 

207. Gohei Katsuraki, Kanazawa. Fa 
box (carved). 

208. Gohei Tomon, Osaka. Furniture, 

209. Gyoshun Tsuchiya, Tokyo. Pictu 

210. Hanko Kajita, Tokyo. Picture. 

211. Hanshire Sakai, Tokyo. Bon- 
box and napkin rings. 

212. Heibei Yoshida, HOygo. Screens 

213. Heibei Watatani, Ishikawa. Arti 
for house decoration. 

214. Heikichi Inoue, Osaka. Screens. 

215. Hikobei Nichimura, Koyoto. Lac< 



Furniture of Interiors, Upholstery, Artistic Decoration. 

Hyosai Kimura, Kyoto. Lacquer 
are. 567 

Hyoemon Nagakura, Shizuoka. Bam- 
30 screens. 567 

Ichibei Kawagishi, Kumamoto. Lac- 
iier ware. 567 

Ichibei Kumagi, Kyoto. 

a Embroidery, screen; velvet hang- 
ings. . 573 

b Window curtains. 568 

c Fire screens. 567 

Ichimatsu Wada, Osaka. Bamboo 
isket. 667 

Ichitare Morimura, Tokyo. 

a Furniture. 567 

b Embroidery work. 573 

Icchyd Kawanobe. Lacquer work. 


Ihei Fujiwara, Osaka. Furniture 
icquer work). 567 

Ihei Nakao, Osaka. Fire screens. 


Ikujiro Hata, Kanazawa. Lacquer 
are. 567 

Isaburo Miyanaga, Kanazawa. Lac- 
ier ware. 567 

Isabura Sanada, Kyoto. Lacquer 
are. 567 

Ishimatsu Izushi, Kyoto. Lacquer 
are. 567 

Iwajiro Kambayashi, Tokyo. Paper 
ises. 567 

JiichirO Terao, Kanaza-\va. Lacquer 
are. 567 

Jihei Nishimura, Kyoto. 

a Hangings for decoration. 568 

b Screen made of yuzen fabric. 567 

Jihei Oka, Osaka. Furniture. 


Jiemon Miyaji, Ishika'wa. Book 
ise (laccjuered). 567 

Jisaburo Mikami, Kyoto. Lacquer 
ork. 567 

• Jisaku Sawada, Kanazawa. Lacquer 
are. 567 

Kahei Saitro, Osaka. Furniture. 567 

Kambei Takagi, Tokyo. Antimony 
-naments. 567 

Kanejire Aihara, Tokyo. Crystal 
rnaments. 567 

Kanejiro Yamanishi, Toyko. Picto- 
al plaques. 567 

Kanesaburo Wakai, Tokyo. Lacquer 
are. . 567 

Kansai Trading Company, Kyoto. 

a Lacquer ware; furniture. 567 

b Bamboo curtains. 568 

Kashichi Nosue, Tokyo. Screens. 


Kashichi Sano, Tokyo. Lacquer 
rnaments. 567 

244. Kasuke Kubota, Ishikawa. Lacquer 
work. 567 

245. Kazumasa Kawai, Kanazawa. Book 
case (lacquered). 567 

246. Kichibei Araki, Osaka. Shelves. 570 

247. Kichibei Nakamura, Tokyo. Lacquer 
work. 567 

248. Kichibei Tsuda, Ishikawa. Fancy 
box (lacquered). 567 

249. Kichihei Matsuoka, Ishikawa. Lac- 
quer work. 567 

250. Kichiji Watano, Ishikawa. 

a Lacquer ware. 567 

b Articles for house decoration. 572 

251. Kichirobei Yamanaka, Osaka. 
Screens. 567 

252. Kiemon Amano, Osaka. Curtains; 
screens. 568 

253. Kihachiro Kawamoto, Kyoto. Lac- 
quer work. 567 

254. KihachirO Tamaguchi, Ishikawa. 
Trays (lacquered). 567 

255. Kijiro Saito, Tokyo. Picture. 567 

256. Kikunosuke Oka, Yokohama. Arti- 
cles for house decoration. 572 

257. Kimbei Kusakape, Yokohama. Arti- 
cles for house decoration. 572 

258. KintarO Saka, Tokyo. Window 
curtains. 568 

259. Kisaburo Hirasaw^a, 
Lacquer ware. 

260. Kisaburo Ishizumi, 

261. Kisaburo Nishio, Tokyo, 




Kyoto. Fire 




Kogoro Sugita, Tokyo. Mirror trame. 


263. Kojiro Kobayashi, Tokyo. Lacquer 
ware. 567 

264. Konkichi Yoshikawa, Kanazawa. 
Screens. 567 

265. Kosaburo Mikami, Kyoto. Lacquer 
work. 567 

266. Kozaburo Tamamura, Yokohama. 
Articles for house decoration. 572 

267. Kosaburo Usui, Kyoto. Artistic 
decoration (for walls). 571 

268. Kuhei Manki, Tokyo. Lacquer paper 
ware. 567 

269. Kuninosuke Soma, Tokyo. Pictures. 


270. Kurosaku Murakami, Kanazawa. 
Carved articles. 567 

271. Kyoto Ito-Mono Association, Kyoto. 
Screens. 567 

272. Kyoto Itomono-KyOkwai,KOyto. Fire 
screens. 567 

273. Kyubei Tanaka, Tokyo. Bamboo 
shelves. 567 

274. Kyujiro Kobayashi, Kyoto. Em- 
broidered screens. 573 



Furniture of Interiors, Upholstery, Artistic Decoration. 

275. Kyutaro Tanaka, Tokyo. Lacquer 
incense case. 567 

276. Lacquer Work Company, Tokyo. 
Lacquer work. .567 

277. Magoemon Kato, Ishikawa. Lacquer 
ware. 567 

278. Magohei Inagaki, Kyoto. Lacquer 
ware. 567. 

279. Magozaemon Kashiwabara, Tokyo. 
Lacquer ware. 567 

280. Masakatsu Kawagoe, Kanazav^/^a. 
Screens (lacquered). 567 

281. Masakichi Saido, Tokyo. Furniture, 
etc. 567 

282. Masanobu Mase, Tokyo. Lacquer 
ware. 567 

283. Masunosuke Suzuki, Yokohama. 
Articles for house decoration. 567 

284. Masutaro Takata, Tokyo. Incense 
burner. 567 

285. Matakichi Kav/ai, Kanazawa. Hang- 
ing picture. 567 

286. Mayumi Araki, Tokyo. Lacquer 
paper tray. 567 

287. Monemon Amano, Kanagav/a. Lac- 
quer work. 567 

288. Morihachi Morishita, Ishikawa. Lac- 
quer work. 567 

289. Morihachi Morishita, Kanazawa. 
Lacquer ware; placque. 567 

290. Motoyuki Nomura, Tokyo. Furniture. 

„ 567 

291. Munenaga Hasegawa, lokyo. Lac- 
quer tea case. 567 

292. Naniwa Lacquer School, Kyoto. Lac- 
quer work. 567 

293. Naojiro Teshigawara, Gifu. Stove 
screens. 667 

294. Nacnosuke Imamura, Yokohama. 
Lacquer work. 567 

295. Nippon Lacquer Work Company, 
Osaka. Furniture. 567 

296. Nizaemon Eza'^A'^a, Tokyo. Screens. 


297. Nozaku Oka, Kanazawa. Lacquer 
ware. 567 

298. Osaka Shoeisha, Osaka. Curtains. 


299. Richachi YOmaoka, Ishikawa. Lac- 
quer work. 567 

300. Rihei Ibuki, Hyogo. Silk fabrics. 

O io 

301. Rihei Ukita, Kyoto. Fancy goods. 


302. Rihei Shingav/a, Yokohama. Furni- 
ture. 567 

303. Rihei Yamamoto, Kyoto. Lacquer 
ware. 567 

304. Rishichi Sawai, Hydgo, Curtains. 


305. Rishichi Tanaka, Kyoto. 
a Ceiling. 

d House furniture. 
c Embroidery work, 

306. Ryuhei Yokoyama, Kanaz 
Carved placque (lacquered). 

307. Sadakichi Nomura, Tokyo. F 

308. Sakubei Oi, Osaka, Curtains. 

309. Screen Manufactory, HyOgo. Ba 

310. Seibei Ina, Ishikawa. Lac 

311. Seibei Kanai, Osaka. Furr 
(screens and pictures). 

312. Sei Kamei, Kanagawa. Trays. 

313. Seikichi Ida,Osaka, Bamboo curt 

314. SeiryO Weaving Company, 1 
shima. Window curtains. 

315. Seiuke Ikeda, Kyoto. Gold lai 

316. Sennosuke Fukunaga, Tokyo. 
cense cases; lacquer trays. 

317. Sentaro Sato, Yokohama. Furni 

318. Shichihei Oita, Osaka. Bai 

319. Shichizo Shibayama, Tokyo, i 

320. Shigeru Takata, Tokyo, Table 

321. Shinkichi Koyama, Tokyo. Si 

322. Shinshichi Miura, Osaka. Scree 

323. Shinshichi lida, Kyoto. Silk 
covers; art embroidery; screens; bed 

324. Shinsuke Hayashi, Kyoto. La( 

325. Shinzo Fujikawa, Kagawa. La( 

326. Shin Suzuki, Yokohama. Art 
for house decoration. 

327. Shobei Shiino, Yokohama. Erab 
ery work. 

328. Shoichiro Nishimura, Tittori. Ch 
picture frames. 

329. Shojiro Kita, Osaka. Furniture 

330. Shokoshi Hayakawa, Osaka. I 
boo baskets and \ase. 

331. ShotarO Fugimoto, Osaka, Curt 

332. Shozaburo Yamamoto, Tokyo, 
ures; plaques. 

333. Shutaro Hayashi, Kanazawa, 
quer ware. 

334. Sogen Takano, Kyoto, Lai 



Furniture of Interiors, Upholstery, Decoration, Ceramics and Mosaics. 

Sojiro Koshida, Kanazawa. Lacquer 

rk. 567 

Soshiro Yoneda, Okinawa. Lacquered 

;ture frames. 567 

Sotaro Suzuki, Kanazawa. Screens. 

Sozaburo Asano. Lacquer work, 

Sozaemon Nishimura, Kyoto. Em- 
)idery work. 573 

Soza Yoshikura, Kanazawa. Lac- 
;r ware. 567 

Sukezo Sanukida, Tokyo. Lacquer 
re. 567 

Tadamasa Hayashi, Tokyo. Lacquer 
re. 567 

Tagae Okamura, Tokyo. Oshiye, a 
th-pasting work. 667 

Taishin Ikeda, Okinawa. Lacquer 
re. 567 

Takayasu Sasaki, Tokyo. Lacquer 
re. 567 

Takematsu Moriuchi, Chibi. Bam- 
I screens. 567 

Takijiro Kutsutani, Tokyo. Picture 
id. 567 

Takizaburo Moriyasu, Yokohama. 
icles for house decoration. 572 

Tamejiro Kawamoto, Osaka. Bam- 
I curtains. 668 

Tamekichi Ito, Tokyo. 
a Furniture, etc. 567 

b Upholstery for windows. 568 

Tamezo Tamao, Kagawa, Lacquer 
■k. 567 

Tasuke Yamamoto, Osaka. Vases 
. baskets. 567 

TatsujirO Hirata, HyOgo. Curtains. 

Tojiro Ishino, Kanazawa. Plaques. 

Tokichi Matsuda, Tokyo, Screens. 

Tokujiro Kawai, Kyoto, Lacquer 
e. 567 

Tokuemon Mikoshi, Tokyo, Window 
:ains. 668 

Tokujiro Tatsuike, Kyoto. Table. 

Tokuzo Koisumi, Tottori. Lacquered 
■er vase stand. 567 

Tomojiro Endo, Tokyo. Metal work. 

Tomosuka Sagaya, Tokyo. Furni- 

Tomozo Watanabe, Tokyo, Wood 
nng; lacquer work. 667 

Torakiyo Sato, Tokyo, Screens. 

Toramatsu Suzuki, Nagoya. Win- 
' curtains, 568 

365, Toranosuke Namikaw^a, Osaka, Fur- 
niture. 567 

366, Toyotaro Kusakari, Tokyo, Furni- 
ture. 667 

367, Tsunetaro Suzuki, Nagano. Oshei 
board. 567 

368, Tsuya Sengoku, Tokyo. Lacquer 
incense case. 567 

369, Unosuke Adachi, Kyoto. Lacquer 
ware. 667 

370, Unosuke Nobuuji, Kyoto, Lacquer 
work. 567 

371, Unosuke Shibata, Tokyo, Lacquer 
ware. 667 

372, Ushitaro Fukuda, Tokushima. Em- 
broidered rugs. 573 

373, Waichi Okamoto, Osaka. Curtains; 
pictures. 568 

374, WasaburO Tsuruda, Kanazawa, 
Lacquer ware. 667 

375, Yahei Toshima, Kyoto, Lacquer 
work. 567 

376, Yajiro Kagawa, Tokyo. Furniture, 


377, Yakichi Uematsu, Tokyo, Lacquer 
work. 567 

378, Yasaburo Hashimoto, Kyoto, 
Screens. 667 

379, Yasutaro Shimizu, Tokyo. Lacquer 
ware. 667 

380, Yasuyuki Mikai, Toyama, Table 
and boxes. 566 

381, Yazo Haoka, Osaka. Embroidery. 


382, Yoshibei Katayama, Wakayama, 
Lacquered paper screens. 667 

383, Yoshijiro Fujii, Yokohama, Furni- 
ture, 667 

384, Yoshinosuke Kawashima, Kyoto, 
Lacquer ware. 667 

385, Yonez8 Fujikawa, Kagawa, Lac- 
quer ware. 667 

386, Yosaburo Komatsu, Kanazawa, Lac- 
quer work. 567 

387, Yuho Tanaka, Kyoto. Ceiling and 
screens. 571 

388, YusaburoMaysumoto, Tokyo, Plates, 


389, Zembei Ono, Kyoto, Gold lacquer 
book shelf. 567 

390, Zennosuke Fukumoto, Yohohama. 
Screens. 567 

391, Zenshichi lida, Ishikawa, Lacquer 
work. 667 

392, Zenshichi Matsumoto, Hyogo. 

a Curtains. 568 

b Embroidered satin table cover, 673 

e^ROUP 91. 

393, Akira Daiki, Kyoto. Faience. 576 



Ceramics and Mosaics. 

394. Bennosuke Okamoto, Kybto. China- 
ware. 576 

395. Bunji Matsumoto, Fukushima. Stone- 
ware. 575 

396. Bunsai Ogawa, Kyoto. Porcelain 
ware. 677 

397. Bunshichi Mizuno, Gifu. Chinaware. 


398. Chikusen Miura, Kyoto. Chinaware; 
flower vases. 576 

399. Choemon Tsuji, Kanazawa. Porce- 
lain. 577 

400. Chojiro Taniguchi, Kyoto. China- 
ware. 576 

401. ChokurO Fukaumi, Saga. Stone- 
ware. 575 

402. Chyujiro Nakano, Ishikawa. Flow- 
er vases. 576 

403. Commercial and Manufacturing Bu- 
reau. Specimens showing process of man- 
ufacturing porcelain, etc. 577 

404. Daiseiji Cho, Ishikawa. Pottery. 


405. Denshiro Mitsui, Ishikawa. Porce- 
lain. 577 

406. Dohachi Takahashi, Kyoto. 

a Stoneware. 575 

/' Flower vases. 576 

407. Eiji Fukagaya, Gifu. Chinaware. 


408. Eiki Miyako, Tokyo. Chinaware. 


409. Eikichi Ishii, TokyO. Flower vases. 


410. Eikichi Jojima, Saga. Stoneware. 


411. Eitaro Mori, Okayama. Chinaware. 


412. Eitaro Nakamura, TokyO. Pottery. 


413. Ena-Earthenware Company, Gifu. 
chinaware. 576 

414. Etsusaburo Ando, Kanazawa. Por- 
celain. 677 

415. Fukuhei Tamura, Hyogo. Stone- 
ware. 676 

416. Fukuzo Yasuda, Kyoto. Faience. 


417. Gempei Ochiai, TokyO. 
a Pottery. 
b Chinaware. 
c Porcelain. 'o'i'i 

418. Genshichi Yasuda, Kyoto. Faience. 


419. Gentatsu Okuhara, Kagoshima. Pot- 
tery. 576 

420. Gentatsu Okuhara, Kagoshima. Pot- 
tery. 575 

421. Giemon Maeda, Saga. Stoneware. 



422. Ginshyu Takeuchi. Flower vases. 


423. Gohei Kato, Gifu. Chinaware. 57 

424. Gosuke Kato, Aichi. Flower vases 
tea set. 57 

425. Gosuke Kato, Gifu. Chinaware, 57 

426. Hanjiro Fuwa, Tokyo. 

a Stoneware. 57 

b Porcelain. 57 

427. Hannosuke Miyagawa, Kanazawa 
Porcelain. 57 

428. Hanshichi Shirai, Tokyo. Faienc 
ware. 57 

429. Haruzo Saji, Nagoya. Semi-porce 
lain ware. 57 

430. Haruzane Higuchi, Saga. 

a Stoneware. 57 

b Tea set. 57 

431. Hayata Takemoto. Vases. 57 

432. Heibei Higuchi, Saga. Stoneware 


433. HeikurO Kanagae, Saga. Stoneware 


434. Heibei Watatani, Ishikawa. Force 
lain. 57' 

435. Heibei Watatani, Kanazawa. Force 
lain. .57' 

436. Hideo Kawamoto, Tokyo. Porcelain 


437. Hikojiro Imura, Kanagawa. Force, 
lain. .57' 

438. Hikosaburo Shirae, Ishikawa. For 
celain. 571 

439. Hojyu Kawano, TokyO. Pottery. 


440. Hokokusha, Gifu. Chinaware. 67( 

441. Hotoku Arima, Kagoshima. Pottery 


442. Hozan Unrinin, Kyoto, Stoneware 


443. Hyochien, Tokyo. 

a Stoneware. 57{ 

b Porcelain. 57'i 

444. Ichimo Asai, Ishikawa. Chinaware 
and flower vases. 67f 

445. Ichishiro Awada, Kyoto. Faience. 


446. Ichitaro Morimura, Tokyo. Incense 
burners; flower vases. 576 

447. Ichimo Asai, Ishikawa. Vase. 576 

448. Ichiroji Tashiro, Kanazawa. Porce- 
lain. 577 

449. Isaburo Yamamoto, Ishikawa. Por- 
celain. 577 

450. Itaro Nishida, Kyoto. Stoneware. 


451. Jenshiro Takagi, Kanazawa. Por- 
celain. 577 

452. Jihei Inoue, TokyO. Stoneware. 675 

453. Jihei Yokoyama, Osaka. Chinaw^are. 




Ceramics and Mosaics. 

Jihei Tsuruta, Saga. Stoneware. 

, Jihei Tsukuda, Ishikawa. Porcelain. 


Jinsaku Murakami, Ishikawa. Por- 
slain. 577 

Jinshiro Tominaga, Ishikawa. Por- 
2lain. 577 

, Jinzo Oda, Ishikawa. Porcelain. 577 
, Jirokichi Agano, Kumamoto. China- 
-are. 576 

Jiromatsu Akiyama, Ishikawa. Por- 
elain. 577 

, Jisuke Miyagawa, Kyoto. China- 
■are. 576 

, Jitsuzo Yoshimuki, Osaka. China- 
are. , 576 
, Jizaemon Tateishi, Hyogo. China- 
are. 576 

Jizaemon Miyaji, Ishikawa. Porce- 
Lin. . 577 

, Jytikichi Dodo, Kyoto. Faience. 576 

Jyukawan Chin, Kagoshima. Pot- 
;ry; flower vases. 575 

Jyusho Togo, Kagoshima. Pottery. 


Kai Tsuda, Ky6to. Semi-stone ware 
aience). 576 

Kakiemon Sakaida, Saga. Stone- 
are. 575 

Kakuzaemon Higuchi, Saga. Stone- 
are. 575 

Kanzaburo Shimizu, Tokyo. Porce- 
lin. 577 

Kambei Mizuno, Gifu. Chinaware. 


Kansai Trading Company, KyOto. 

a Stoneware. 575 

b Porcelain. 677 

Kanshiro Yamasawa, Ishikawa. Por- 
;lain. 577 

Kaoru Okane, Tochigi. Dishes and 
ottles. 576 

Katsunosuke Tatebayashi, Saga. 
toneware. 575 

Kenemon Funaki, Shimane. Flower 
ases. 576 

Kengo Kato, Kanazawa. Porcelain. 


Kichibei Yoshioka, Kyoto. China- 
are. 576 

KiihirO Harita, Kyoto. Faience. 576 

Kichiji Watano, Ishikawa. Flower 
ases; incense burner. 576 

Kihachiro Watanabe, Tokyo. Stone- 
are. 575 

Kiheiji Takeda, Hyogo. China- 
are. 576 

Kihei Kawajiri, Ishikawa. Porce- 
Lin. 677 

486. Kikuzo Utsumi, Hyogo. China- 
ware. 576 

487. KinjirO Hashizume, Kyoto. Flower 
vases; faience. 576 

488. Kinshyu Takenouchi, Ishikaw^a. 
Flower vases; incense burners. 576 

489. Kizo Mizuno, Fukushima. Stone- 
ware. 576 

490. KizO Kakemi Kyoto. Flower vases. 


491. Kohachi Asai, Ishikawa, China- 
ware. 576 

492. Kojiro Fukushima, Saga. Stone- 
ware. 576 

493. Kojiro Uno, Kyoto. Stoneware. 576 

494. Komajiro Akiyama, Ishikawa. Por- 
celain. 577 

495. Koransha, Saga. Porcelain; flower 
vases. 576 

496. Koshiro Kumagai, Gifu. China- 
ware. 576 

497. Kozan Makuzu, Saga. Vases. 576 

498. Kumaichi Egami, Saga. Stoneware. 


499. Kumajiro Agano, Kumamoto. Bowl. 


500. Kuni Nagaoka, Shimane. Flower 
vases. 676 

501. KunitarO Kubo, Saga. Stoneware. 


502. Kunseki Sameshima, Kagoshima. 
Pottery. 575 

503. Kuranosuke Kamochi, Hyogo. China- 
ware. 576 

504. Kurasuke Matsumoto, Saga. Stone- 
ware. 576 

505. Kusuke Matsumura, Nagoya. Porce- 
lain candlestick. 677 

506. Kutani Chinaware Company, Ishi- 

a Pottery. 575 

b Flower vases; incense burners. 576 

507. Kyoto Earthenware Company, Kyoto. 
Chinaware. 576 

508. Kyoto-Toki-Kawaisha, Kyoto. 
Table set. 576 

509. KQyhei Tamura, Hyogo. Stoneware. 


510. Kyuhei Suya, Ishikawa. Porcelain, 


511. Kuykichi Iwao, Saga. Stoneware. 


512. Kyuzaburo Sawada, Ishikaw^a. Por- 
celain. 577 

513. Kwanji Okamoto, KyOto. Faience. 


514. KwanzO Fujii, Saga. Stoneware. 


515. MajirO Takito, Nagoya. Stoneware. 




Ceramics and Mosaics. 

516. Masaji Toyoshima, Nagasaki. Stone- 
ware. 575 

517. Masutaro Ido, Kanagawa. Stone- 
ware. 575 

518. Masuicichi Kawamoto, Aichi. Vases. 


519. Masuko Earthenware Company, 
Tochigi. Tea p,ots. 576 

520. Matao Yosiiimura, Ishikawa. 
Plaque; flower vases. 576 

521. Matashiro Ota, Ishikawa. Porcelain. 


522. MatazQ Furukawa, Nagasaki. Stone- 
ware. 575 

523. Manjiro Takito, Nagoya. Porcelain 
ware. 577 

524. Manjiro Takito, Aichi. Flower vases. 


525. Mannosuke Furukawa, Saga. Stone- 
ware. 575 

526. Manzaburo Yoshim.uki, Osaka. 
Chinavv-are. 676 

527. Meisan Yabu, Osaka. Faience. 576 

528. Mitsuji Kato, Gifu. Chinaware. 676 

529. Mohei Keida, Kagoshima. Pottery. 


530. Mokichi Arao, Osaka. Chinaware. 


531. Morihachi Morishita, Ishikawa. Chi- 
na ware. 676 

532. Naoji Tsukamoto, Gifu. Pottery — 
flower vases. 575 

533. Naosaburo Yamamoto, Hyogo. 

a Stoneware. 675 

b China ware. 676 

534. Naotsuku Nakajima, Kyoto. Stone- 
ware. 576 

535. Nibuzo Yoshiwara, Kumamoto. Chi- 
na ware. 576 

536. Nimmatsu Uno, Kyoto. Stoneware. 


537. Nisaku Nakagawa, Ishikawa. Por- 
celain. 677 

538. Oroshihayashi & Co., Gifu. China- 
ware. 576 

539. Otojiro Kato, Kyoto. Faience. 676 

540. Otojiro Terabayashi, Kyoto. Porce- 
lain ware. 677 

541. Ouko Shimizu, Gifu. Pottery. 575 

542. Riichi Egawa, Kyoto. 

a Stoneware. 675 

b Faience. 576 

543. Rihei Kojima, Kyoto. Chinaware. 


544. Rihei Okamoto, Hyogo. Stoneware. 


545. RisaburO Momoda, Saga. Stoneware. 


546. Risuke Hiraoka, Kyoto. Porcelain 
ware. 577 

547. Rokuhei Matsuda, Kyoto. Ston 
ware. 5' 

548. Rokunosuke Shimizu, Nagoya. Chin; 
ware. h' 

540. Rokurij Tanzan, Ky::to. Stonewar 


550. Ryiihei Yoko;v'ama, Ishiliawa. Porci 
lain. 6' 

551. Ryukichi Yamamoto, S.iga. Stom 
ware. 5' 

552. Sahei Kato, Gifu. Chinaware. h\ 

553. Sahei Matsumoto. 

a Incense l)urners. 5' 

b Porcelain. 5' 

554. SamurO Pvlizoue, Sacra. Stonewar 


555. Sanda-Seiji-Kv/aisha, Hyogo. Porci 
lain. h' 

556. Seigo Matsumura, Saga. Stonewar 


557. Seiko Nagai, Kyoto. Faience flows 
vases. h\ 

558. Sekisen Kitayama, Kyoto. Porcelai 
ware. 51 

559. Sekisen Shimizu, Gifu. Pottery, 51 

560. Seiji Flwaisha, Saga. 

a Stoneware. . 51 

b Hanging dish. 51 

561. Seishi Naruse, Gifu. Ornament. .51 

562. Seishichi Nishiura, Gifu. Chinawan 


563. Sennosuke Kusube, Kyoto. Stom 
ware. 61 

564. Seto-Earthenware Association, Set( 
Semi-porcelain ware. 51 

565. Setsuzan Akamaru, Ishikawa. Chin; 
ware; flower vases. 51 

566. Shinsuke Hayasht, Kyoto. Stone 
ware. 51 

567. Shojiro Okura, Ishikawa. Umbrell 
stand. 61 

568. Shotaro Tamari, Kagoshisna. Pol 
tery. 57 

569. Shou Jimura, Kyoto. Porcelain wan 


570. Shunji Aiwa, Nagoya. Stoneware 


571. Sobei Kinkozan, Kyoto 

a Pottery vase. 57 

b P^aience. 67 

572. Sobei Shimada, Tokyo. Chinaware 


573. SojirO Karumi TokyQ. Semi-porce 
lain. 57 

574. Sotojiro Fujioka, Ishikawa. Stone 
ware; pottery. 57 

575. Sosuke Fujii, Ishikawa. Porcelair 


576. Sosuke Namikawa, Tokyo. Dec 
orated p>orcelain ware. 



Ceramics and Mosaics, Monuments, Mausoleums, Mantels, Caskets, Undertakers Goods. 

,77. Sukesaburo Kato, Tokyo. Porce- 
lain. 577 
578. Takuzo Otsuka, Tokyo. Porcelain. 
^ 577 
570. Tai & Co., Tokoname. Stoneware. 
^ 575 

580. Tamekichi Ito, Tokyo. Salt castor. 


581. Tamuro Okamoto, Ishikawa. Porce- 
lain. 577 

582. Tamimatsu Yamashita, Kanazawa. 
Porcelain. 577 

583. Tanekichi Harada, Saga. Stone- 
ware. 575 

584. Tantosha, Osaka. Chinaware. 576 

585. Tarijiro Nak^mura, Kanazawa. 
Porcelain. 577 

586. Tatsu Kanzan, Kyoto. Porcelain. 


587. Tatsuichi Iwamatsu, Saga. Stone- 
ware. 575 

588. Teizo Agano, Kumamoto. Water 
pitcher. 576 

589. Tetsuzo Kumagai, Gifu. Chinaware. 


590. Tokuhei Nozaki, Ishikaw^a, 

a Incense burners. 576 

/; Pottery. 575 

591. Tokujiro Nobata, Kanazawa. Porce- 
lain. 577 

592. Tokubei Kato, Gifu. Chinaware. 


593. Tokusuke Matsuo, Saga. Stone- 
ware. 575 

594. Tokoname Earthenware Association, 
Tokoname. StoTie and earthenwares. 


595. Tokoname Trading Company, Tokyo. 
Flower vases. 676 

596. Tomoda Company, Ishikawa. Flower 
vases; chinaware. 576 

597. Tomotame Terazaw^a, Kyoto. Stone- 
ware. 675 

598. Tomimatsu Tanaka, Tokyo. Porce- 
lain. 577 

599. TomotarO Kajiwara, Saga. Stone- 
ware. 576 

600. Tomotaro Kato, Tokyo. 

a China. 576 

b Porcelain. 577 

601. Tosuke Ebina, Kyoto. Porcelain 
ware. 677 

602. Tsuna Hattori, Tokyo. Stoneware. 


603. Tozan Ito, Kyoto. Chinaware. 676 

604. Toraichi Iw^ao, Saga. Stoneware. 


605. Toramatsu Fukumatsu, Ishikaw^a. 
Porcelain. 577 

606. Toramatsu Uchida, Ishikaw^a. Pot- 
tery. 575 

607. Torasaburo Tsujimoto, Hyogo. China- 
ware. 676 

608. Torasaburo Tsujimoto, Osaka. China- 
ware. 576 

609. Torasaburci Yamaguchi, Saga. Stone- 
ware. 675 

610. Wahei Mukai, Ehime. Faience. 676 

611. Yahei Kito, Nagoya. Porcelain ware. 


612. Yakichi Kum.agai, Gifu. Chinaware. 


613. Yaichiro Agano, Kumamoto. China- 
ware. 676 

614. Yashiro Kimura, Ishikavva. Porce- 
lain. 677 

615. Yaoki Yoshiwara, Kumamoto. China- 
ware. 576 

616. Yashichi Uchino, Tokyo. -Vases and 
plates. 576 

617. Yasuke Fujita, Osaka. Flower vases. 


618. Yasukiyo Tomoda, Ishikawa. Pot- 
tery. 675 

619. Yasukichi Tashiro, Saga. Stone- 
ware. 676 

620. Yasunosuke Kitami, Ky:;to. Stone- 
ware. 67-'i 

621. Yasutaro Okumura, Kyoto. China- 
ware. 576 

622. Yohei Iwata, Hyogo. Flower vase. 


623. Yohei Seifu, Kyoto. Semi-porcelain 
ware; flower vases; incense burner. 676 

624. Yohei Taizan, Kyoto. Faience flower 
vases. 676 

625. Yoichi Aoki, Saga. Stoneware. 575 

626. Yoshijiro Ka^vai, Kanazawa. Porce- 
lain. 677 

627. Yoshiji Watano, Ishikavva. Porce- 
lain. _ 677 

628. Yoshihiko Tojo, Kyoto. Stoneware. 


629. Yoshikuro Matsubara, Gifu. China- 
ware. 576 

630. Yoshitake Suwa, Ishikawa. Stone- 
ware. 675 

631. Yoshizo Shibata, Kyoto. Faience. 


632. Zengoro Eiraku, Kyoto. Japanese 
tea set. 676 

633. Zenjiro Nakamura, Kyoto. Flower 
vases. 576 

634. Zenzaburo Tanaka, Tokyo. Semi- 
porcelain. 676 

635. Zoji Sasada, Ishikawa. Porcelain. 

GROUP 92. 

636. GenshiroShimizu, Gifu. Stone catch 
(for drawer). 582 

Miscellaneous stone ornaments; flower 



Monuments, Caskets, Undertakers Furnishing Goods, Art Metal Work, Enamels, Etc. 

637. Hyokichi Honho, Toyama. Carved 
marble ornaments. 682 

638. Kojyuro Horie, Tokyo. Carved slate 
wave. 582 

639. Kumajiro Hirata, Tokyo. Stone 
flower vases. 582 

GROUP 93. 

640. Bunzaemon Kawaguchi, Nagoya. 
Cloisonne ware. 586 

641. ChOsgoro Hirokami, Toyama. Art 
metal work. 585 

642. Choshichi Jyoda, Toyama. Art met- 
al work. 585 

643. Chdzaburo Matsuyama, Toyama. Art 
metal work. 585 

644. Chyoichiro Kanamori, Toyama. Art 
metal work; incense burner. 585 

645. Chyokichi Suzuki, Tokyo. Art metal 
work. 585 

646. Chyubei Takeuchi, Aichi. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

647. Chyuhei Nakagawa, Toyama. Art 
metal work (flower vases, plaque). 585 

648. Commercial and Manufacturing Bu- 
reau. Specimens showing process of man- 
ufacturing metal work. 585 

649. Eisuke Jyomi, Kyoto. Art metal 
work. 585 

650. Eiziro Kajima, Tokyo. Art metal 
work. 585 

651. Fusajiro Takayanagi, Toyama. Art 
metal work, flower vases; incense burners. 


652. Genemon Ishida, Aichi. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

653. Gihei Seki, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 585 

654. Gimbei Kuroha, Ibaraki. Art metal 
work (card receivers, flower vases, in- 
cense burners, frames, etc.). 685 

655. Ginjiro Savsrada, Tokyo. Copper 
ware. 686 

656. Hachizaemon Hayashi, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

657. Hanemon Matsuta, Iahika^wa. Cop- 
per ware. 585 

658. HeizO Seki, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 585 

659. Hirosuke Hayashi, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 686 

660. Hoeisha, Aichi. Cloisonne ware. 


661. Ichihei Kajima. Art metal work. 


602. Ichibei Noda, Kanagawa. Cloisonne 

ware. 686 

663. Ichitaro Morimura, Tokyo. Copper 
plates. 685 

664. Ihei Fujii, Kyoto. Silver incense 
burner. 585 

665. Iwakichi Otsuka, Kyoto. Niello 
work. 588 

666. Izaemon Mikami, KyOto. Cloisonne 
ware. _ 686 

667. Jinnoei Ota, Nagoya. Cloisonne ware. 


668. Jisaburo Takayanagi, Toyama. Art 
metal work (flower vases, incense burners). 


669. Jisuka Komma, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 685 

670. Jisuke Kotake, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 685 

671. Jitsuemon Sato, Nagoya. Cloisonne 
ware. 686 

672. Jyubei Ando, Aichi. Cloisonne ware. 

'' 686 

673. Jytibei Andd, Nagoya. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

674. Jyujiro Koizumi, Ibaraki. Art metal 
work. 585 

675. Jyutaro Hirata, Tokyo. Art metal 
work. 585 

676. Kahei Okada, Nagoya. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

677. Kahei Yamazaki, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 585 

678. Kai Tsuda, Kyoto. Cloisonne ware. 


679. Kanazawa Doki-Kwaisha, Ishihawa. 
Art metal work. 685 

680. Kansai Trading Company, Kyoto. 

a Art metal work. 585 

d Cloisonne ware. 586 

681. Kanzaeraon Kakuha, Toyama. Art 
metal work. 585 

682. Kashichiro, Iw-ashiro, Toyama. Art 
metal work, card receiver. 585 

683. Kasuke Its, Nagoya. Cloisonne vase; 
knife handles. 686 

684. Katsuyoshi Shoami, Okayama. In- 
cense burners. 585 

685. Kaziro Kobayashi, Tokyo. Art metal 
work. 585 

686. Keitaro Nozaki, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 585 

687. Kichibei Nakamura, Tokyo. Card 
receiver. 585 

688. Kichigoro Suzuki, Tokyo. Art metal 
work. 585 

689. Kichijiro Tanaka, Kanagawa. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

690. Kingo Kotsuka, Nagoya. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

691. KinzytirO Adachi, Nagoya. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

692. Kisuke Kato, Toyama. Art metal 
work; incense burner. 685 

693. Kohei Inami, Toyama. Art metal 
work (incense burner). 685 



Art Metal Work, Enamels, Etc. 

694. Kumakichi Shimizu, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

695. Komakichi Psugane, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

696. Kokan Miirata, Kyoto. Art metal 
work. 585 

697. Kyubei Nogruchi, Osaka. Art metal 
work. 585 

698. Masafusa Tsubai, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. _ 586 

699. Masakichi \oshimura, Toyama. Art 
metal work (card receiver). 585 

700. Masanori Okadera, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

701. Masaru Miy-imoto, Tokyo. Art 
metal work. 585 

702. Masubei Tsukimoto, Nagoya. 
Cloisonne ware. 586 

703. Masuemon ltd, Kanagawa. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

704. MatajirO Nakano, Toyama. Art 
metal work. 585 

705. Mosuka Kuroda, Nagoya. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

706. Motokichi Hongo, Toyama. Art 
metal work (liowered vase). 585 

707. Naoji Sugimoto, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 585 

708. NaozaburO Yomamoto, HyOgo. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

709. Nobori Nogawa. Art metal work. 


710. Rihei Shiosaki, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 585 

711. Rihei Matsumura, Toyama. Art 
metal work. 585 

712. Rokuhei Matsumtira, Toyama. Art 
metal work. 585 

713. Ryusuke Hirano, Ibaraki. Art metal 
work. 585 

714. Saburoemon Okamura, Toyama. Art 
metal work; flower vases. 585 

715. Saburoemon Okamura, Toyama. Art 
metal work; flower vases. 585 

716. Sadabumi Ito, Tokyo. Art metal 
work. 585 

717. SadajirO Ametani, Toyama. Art 
metal work. 585 

718. Sadashichi Takao, Osaka. Art metal 
work. 585 

719. Sahei Doi, Tokyo. Copper vases. 


720. SaijirO Nomori, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 585 

721. Sakujiro Nakano, Toyama. Art metal 
work (incense burner). 585 

722. Sanemon Ohashi, Toyama. Art 
metal work; flower vases, incense burner, 
etc. 585 

723. SatarO Kaji, Aichi. Cloisonne -ware. 


724. Seisuke Ikeda, Kyoto. Art metal 
work. 585 

725. Seisuke Ikeda, Kyoto. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

726. SeizirO Shoami, Okayama. Frame. 


727. Sentaro Sato, Kanagawa. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

728. SeizaburO Kodama, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

729. Seizaburo Takakawa, Toyama. Art 
metal work, flower vases; card receivers. 


730. Seizaburo Tekebe, Toyama. Art 
metal work; incense burners. 585 

731. Seizaburo Yoshikubo, Toyama. Art 
metal work. 585 

732. Shibataro Kawade, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

733- Shichiho Inaba, Kyoto. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

734. Shinji Kugitani, Kumamoto. Art 
metal work. 585 

735. ShimetarO Kumeno, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

736. ShirOzaemon Suzuki, Kanagawa. 
Cloisonne ware. 586 

737. ShyOichirO Nishimura. Art metal 
v.-ork. 585 

738. Shyojiro Okazaki, TokyO. Artmetal 
work. 585 

739. ShyObei Tomiki, Nagoya. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

740. Shoichiro Kobayashi, Tokyo. Copper 
ware. ' 585 

741. ShOzaburo Godo, Kanagawo. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

742. Soshichi Shibayama. Art metal 
work. 685 

743. Sosuke Namikawa, Tokyo. 

a Cloisonne ware. 586 

b Enamel ware. 587 

744. Sotokichi Takakaw^a, Toyama. Art 
metal work (flower vases). 585 

745. Tadamasa Hyashi, Tokyo. 

a Art metal work. 585 

b Cloisonne ware. 686 

746. Tadasaburd Hattori, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

747. Tadeichi Shiwotsu, Shimane. Cuff 
buttons. 585 

748. Taketaro Takeda, Toyama. Art 
metal work; flower vases. 585 

749. Takisaburd Tsukamoto, Nagoya. 
Cloisonne ware. " 586 

750. Takuzo Otsuka, Tokyo. Art metal 
work. 685 

751. Tarobei Yamanaka, Osaka. Art 
metal work. 685 

752. Tatsukichi Ebata, Ibaraki. Art 
metal work; incense burner. 685 



Art Metal Work, Enamels, Glass and Glassware, Carvings in Various Materials. 

753. Tatsutaro Takemura, Toyama. Art 

metal wcirk ; incense luiniers. ■>>^^> 

754. Tetsugoro Kato, Tokyo. Art metal 
work'. •')'"!■") 

755. Tokichi Nakahashi, Toyama. Art 
ni(;l;il wori'.. ^>^~> 

756. Tokumatsu Chimura, Kanagawa. 
(Cloisonne w;iic. •''(•^'i 

757. Tokuzo Otsuka, Tokyo. Cloisonne 
vases. -^^'l 

758. Tomojiro Kaji, Toyama. Art metal 
worl< ; incense hurneis. ■>'~^-> 

759. Toramatsu Suzuki, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonni; wai'c. ■>^'> 

760. TorasaburO Abe, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne- w;i I c. •'")Hf) 

761. Toshimitsu Yano, Tokyo. 

If Art metal work. 585 

/' ( loisorme ware. 58f5 

762. ToyosaburO Sano, Kyoto. Cloisonne 
ware. 5X(; 

763. ToyoshirO ItO, Nagoya. Cloisonne 
wai'c. 5S(; 

764. Tsunekichi Ogawa, Tokyo. Art 
melnl work". •>>^-> 

765. Tsimesaburo Yosliioka, Hiroshima. 
All mclal work. -i^-t 

766. Uiclii Sekizawa, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 5sr) 

767. Uichi Sekizawa, Toyama. Art metal 

768. Unosuke Nakanuna, Osaka. Art 
met.'il woik. 5X5 

769. Ushisaburo Miyabe, Kyoto. Art 
nielal work. 5(Sr> 

770. Yahei Ozeki, Tokyo. Art metal 
work. 5sr) 

771. YajirO Kagawa, TOkyii. Cloisonne 
ware. 5S() 

772. Yaroku Suzuki, Nagoya. Cloisonne 
ware. 5S(; 

773. Yasuhei Tanabe, Kumamoto. Incense 
burniT. 5S(1 

774. YasutarO Futatasuka, Toyama. Art 
mel;il work. 5X5 

775. Yasuyuki Namikaw^a, KyOto. Cloi- 
sonne w;ire. 5S() 

776. Yohei Iwata, Hyogo. Bronze ware. 

777. Yohei Kawaguchi, Tokyo. Art 
met;il woik. 5Sr) 

778. Yoichi Kagaw^a, Shimane. Chased 
metal woik. 5S5 

779. YosaburO Honda, Aichi. Cloisonne 
ware. 5X5 

780. YosaburO Honda, Nagoya. Cloi- 
somu; wan'. 5S5 

781. YoshichirO Masuda, Toyama. Art 
metal work. 5S5 

782. YoshitearO Kawano, Kanagawa. 
Cloisonne ware. 58G 

783. Yososhichi Nakasugi, Toyama. Art ' 

metal work. 585 

784. Yoshimori Kanaiw^a, Toyama. Art * 
met;i.l worlc (orri;unent;\l article). 585 

785. Zenroku Fujita, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 585 

786. Zenshichi Kyoi, Toyama. Art metal 
work. 585 

787. Zenshichi Morimoto, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne wnre. 586 

788. ZenshirO Yoshida, Nagoya. Cloisonne 
ware. 586 

789. Zensuke Tsukahara, Toyama. Art 
m(.:tal work (flower vases, incense burn- 
ers J. 585 

790. Zimbei Tsukamoto, Nagoya. Cloi- 
sonne ware. 586 

791. Magoichi Shimada, Osaka. Glass- 
ware. 5!i2 

792. ShingirO Tanaka, Osaka. Decorated 

glass and tumblers. 5U2 

793. Biun Nishimaki, Tokyo. Wood carv- 
ing. 5i)S 

794. Chozaburo Yamada, Ishikawa. Cop- 
per articles. 601 

795. Chozo Watanabe, Kanagawa. Carved 
coplier work. 001 

796. Chyokiclii Suzuki, Tokyo. Copper 
incense l)nrner; v;ises. 601 

797. Chyujiro Izunii, Shiga. Carvings. 


798. Denkichi Ikeda, Tokyo. Ivory carv- 
ing. _ 599 

799. Doki-Kaishti, Ishikawa. Flower 
vases; incense hurnt'i's (copper). 601 

800. Dosan Asahi & Eizo Okioka, Tokyo. 
(';irvc(l woodwork. 5!)8 

801.' lEisho Kurokawa, Tokyo. Incense 
burner. (lOl 

802. Eisuke Jyonu, Kyoto. Metal carv- 
ing :in(l cliiseiinL;'. (iOl 

803. Eisuke Miyao, Tokyo. Metallic 
carving. 601 

804. Eizaburo Omiri, Ishikawa. Carved 
woodwork. 5!)8 

805. Fusagoro Kohara, Osaka. Wood 
carving. ,'")!)8 

806. Fusakichi Nakaya, Osaka. Wood 
carving. • 598 

807. GennojyO Yoskida, Kyoto. Wood 
carving. 598 

808. Genroku Mizuno, Ishikawa. Metal 
c;\r\-ing and tdiiseling. (lOl 

809. Gihei Honho, Toyama. Wood carv- 
ing. _ 59'8 

810. Ginziro Swanada, Tokyo. Ivory 
carving. 699 



Carvings in Various Materials. 

8ii. Gitaro Honho, Toyama. Wood carv- 

812. Gorosaburo Kanaya, Kyoto. Metal 

C'drvlwit; aiifl chiseling. 601 

813. Hakuzitsu Ono, Tokyo. Ivory carv- 
ing. 599 

8i4. Hanbei Koshino, Ishikawa. Metal 
vvork. 601 

815. Hanun Hashii, Tottori. Carved work. 


816. Hatsu Asahi, Tokyo. Carved wood- 
work. 599 

817. Hideaki Tsukada, Tokyo, Metallic 
work. 601 

818. Hikobei Tomie, Kyoto. Copper 
ware. 601 

819. Hikokuro Miyasaki, Ishikawa. 
Flower vases; plaque (copper). 601 

820. Hisaichi Takeuchi, TOkyO. Wood 
carving. 598 

821. Hisamitsu Yano, Tokyo. Card cases. 


822. Hoen Okawa, Tokyo. Metallic carv- 
ing arid chiseling. 601 

823. Hyokichi Honho, Toyama. Wood 
carving. __ _ 598 

824. Ichimatsu Ono, Osaka. Wood carv- 
nig. 598 

825. IchirakuMatsumoto, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

826. IchitarO Morimura, TokyO. 

■a Wood carving. 598 

/? Sculpture in porcelain. 603 

827. Ihei Fujiwara, Osaka. Ivory inro. 


828. Issei Hasegawa, Tokyo. Card re- 
ceiver. 598 

829. Isshi Hashimoto, Kyoto. Metal carv- 
ing and chiseling. 601 

830. Issyu Sato, Tokyo. Metallic work. 


531. Jiemon Miyachi, Ishikawa. Orna- 
ment. 601 

532. Jiromatsu Kashida, Ishikawa. In- 
cense burner; j'.iaque (cojjjjer). 601 

833. Jyiinosuke Arakawa, Shimane. Wood 
carved ornament. 598 

834. Jyutaro Hira,ta, Tokyo. 


835. Kahei Shiniaseki, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

836. Kambei Takagi, Tokyo. Ivory carv- 
ing. 599 

837. Karnbei Takagi, TokyO. Wood carv- 
ing. 598 

838. Kamataro Goto, Kanagawa. Carved 
woodwork. 598 

839. Kametaro Adachi, Shimane. Wood 
carving. 598 

840. Kanejiro Kaneda, Tokyo. Ivory carv- 
ing. 599 

841. Kansai Trading Company, KyOtO. 

a Wood carving. 598 

d Ivory carving. 599 

c Bamboo carving. 600 

d Metal carving. 601 

842. Kashichi Sano, Tokyo. Metallic work. 


843. Katsuhiro Kagawa, Tokyo. Metallic 
carvijig and chiseling. 601 

844. Katsujiro Tanida, Osaka. Ivory carv- 
ing. 599 

845. Katsusaburo Kitazawa, Kanagawa. 
Carved woodwork. 598 

846. Katsuyoshi Ito, Tokyo. Card re- 
ceiver. 598 

847. Kennosuke Kihara, Tokyo. Metallic 
carving. 601 

848. Kenzaburo Kurami, Ishikawa. Card 
receiver (coiJ[JCr). 6()1 

849. Kichibei Inoue, Kyoto. Metal carv- 
ing and chiseling. 601 

850. Kichibei Nakamura, Tokyo. 

a Ivory cigar cases. 599 

/> Metallic work. 601 

851. Kichigoro Murata, Tokyo. Ivory 
carving. 599 

852. Kichiji Watano, Ishikawa. Carved 
metal work. 601 

853. Kichiji Watano, Kanagawa. Carved 
copper work. 601 

854. Kichiemon Sato, Shizuoka. Bamboo 
" work. 600 

855. Kihachiro Noda, Tokyo. Flower 
vases. 601 

856. Kihei Ishii, Tokyo. 

a Ivory carving. 599 

/> Metal work. 601 

857. Kiyoyuki Ozaki, Tokyo. Incense 
case. 601 

858. Kimjtaro Kaneda, Tokyo. Ivory carv- 
ing. 599 

859. Kintaro Sugiyama, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

860. Kinzaburo Eguchi, Aichi. Wood 
carving. 598 

861. Kisaburo Matsumoto, Hiroshime. 
Wood carving. 598 

862. Kisai yam.ada, TOkyO. Wood carv- 
ing. 698 

863. Kisaku Honho, Toyama. V/ood carv- 
ing. 598 

864. Kitaro Goto, Kanagawa. Carved 
woodwork. 598 

865. Kitaro Mizutani, Ishikawa. Incense 
burner. 601 

866. Koji Yamakawa, Ishikawa. Copper 
ware. 601 

867. Koan Watanabe, Toyama. Carved 
wood ornament. 598 

868. Kojiro Kobayashi, Tokyo. Ivory 
carving. 599 



Carvings in Various Materials. 

869. Komei Ishikawa, Tokyo. Carved 

woodwork. 698 

870. Kosai Otsuka, Tokyo. Ivory carving. 


871. Kosaku Yamakawa, Ishikaw^a. Or- 
nament (copper). 601 

872. Kotaku Shigezawa, Tokyo. Wood 
carving. 598 

873. Kotaro Kumagai, Kyoto. Metal carv- 
ing and chiseling. 601 

874. Koun Takamura, Tokyo. Carved 
woodwork. 598 

875. Koun Takamira, Tokyo. Wood carv- 
ing. . 598 

876. Kumakichi Takenaka, Osaka. Wood 
carving. 598 

877. Kumejiro Tamai, Tokyo. Metallic 
carving. 601 

878. Kuninosuke Soma, Tokyo. Carved 
woodwork. 599 

879. Kunitaro Karieda, Tokyo. Ivory carv- 
ing. 599 

880. Kuytaro Sano, Ishikawa. Plaque. 


881. Magoemon Izuni, Shiga. Carving. 


882. Man Shibahara, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

883. Masaharu Matsumoto, Tokyo. Wood 
carving. 598 

884. Masakichi Saito, Tokyo. Metallic 
carving and chiseling. 601 

885. B/Iasachika Ota, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

886. Masayoski Koyano, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

887. Matasaburo Morii, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

888. Misaburo Tomizawa, Tokyo. Ivory 
carving. 599 

889. Mitsuaki Ishikawa, Tokyo. Wood 
carving. 598 

890. Mohei Hiratsuka, Tokyo. Incense 
burner. 601 

891. Moichiro Arakav/a, Shimane. Wood 
carved ornaments. 598 

892. Morihachi Morishita, Ishikawa. 
Carved woodwork. 598 

893. Morihachi Morishita, Kanazawa. 
Metal ornaments. 601 

894. Naotaro Kiriyama, Ishikawa. Copper 
ware. 601 

895. Natsuo Kano, Tokyo. Metal carv- 
ing. 601 

896. Nobuyoshi Watanabe, Kanagaw^a. 
Plaque. 601 

897. Rando Miyata, Tokyo. Metallic carv- 
ing. . 601 

898. Rikkei Oganem, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

899. Rihei Okamoto, Kobe. Wood carv- 
ing. 598 

900. Rihei Shingaya, Kanagawa. 
a Carved ivory. 
b Metal work. 

901. Ryoun Mitsuboshi, Tokyo. 
carving. 598 

902. Ryuhei Yokoyama, Ishkawa. Copper 









903. Ryutaro Goto, Kanagaw^a. 

904. Sadakichi Nomura, Tokyo. 
carving and chiseling. 

905. Sadanosuke Yasaki, Yokyo. 

906. Sadayuki Goto, TokyO. Wood carv- 
ing. 598 

907. Sashichi Asada, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

908. Sawazo Takenaka, Tottori. Bamboo 
carving. 600 

909. Seiko Sawaki, Osaka. Ivory ; -Irv- 
ing. 599 

910. Sekka Shima, Osaka. Wood ciirv- 
ing. 598 

911. Seishyu Makino, Tokyo. Metallic 
v.'ork. 601 

912. Seikichi Koyama, Tokyo. Metal 
carving. 601 

913. Seizaemon Kato, Aichi. Wood carv- 
ing. 598 

914. Seizaimon Yonezav/a,Ishika. Candle- 
stick. 601 

915. Seiziro Yonaga^wa, Tokyo. 

a Ivory carving. 599 

b Card receiver. 598 

916. Senamtsu Adachi, Tottori. Carving. 


917. Shinsuke Hayashi, KoytO. Wood 
carving. 598 

918. Shinzo Yoshida, Tokyo. Metal carv- 
ing and chiseling. 601 

919. Shinzaburo Hashimoto, Tokyo. Ivory 
carving. 599 

920. ShyObei Ishiseki, Tokyo. Wood carv- 
ing. 698 

921. Shyoichiro Yamanaka, Tokyo. Cop- 
per work. 601 

922. Shyomin Unno, Tokyo. Metal carv- 
ing. 601 

923. Shyotaro Okano, Kyoto. Metal carv- 
ing and chiseling. 601 

924. Shyotaro Tamari, Kagoshima. Bam- 
boo incised work. 600 

925. Shyunmei Shimamura. Carved wood- 
work . 598 ■ 

926. Sojiro Kanezaw^a, Tokyo. Ivory 
carving. 599 

927. Somin Okawa, Tokyo. Ivory carv- 
ing. 599 



Carvings in Various Materials, Gold and Silverware, Plate, Etc. 

)28. Sonosuke Hirata, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

)29. Soshichi Amemiya, Kyoto. Metal 
carving and chiseling. 601 

)30. Sozaburo Sumita, Ehime. Cane and 
screens. 598 

)3i. Sukeji Kondo, Ibaraki. Metal carv- 
ing. 601 

)32. Susuke Tanaka, Kyoto. Wood carv- 
ing. 598 

)33. Taizen Nakanishi, Kumamoto. 
Carved bamboo root; flower vases. 600 

)34. Takeziro Okemoto, Tokyo. Incense 
burner. 601 

)35- Takejiro Kano, Tokyo. Bamboo 
carving. 600 

)36. Takijiro Kutsutani, Tokyo. Bamboo 
incised work. 600 

)37. Takuzo Otsuka, Tokyo. Metallic 
carving and chiseling. 601 

)38. Tamuro Okamoto, Ishikawa. Carved 
metal work. 601 

J39. Teijiro Ozeki, Kanagawa. Carved 
metal work. 601 

)40. Teikan Okawa, Tokyo. Metallic 
carving and chiseling. 601 

)4i. Teishyo Namekawa, Tokyo. Incense 
burner. 601 

J42. Toen Morikawa, Kyoto. Carved 
woodwork. 598 

J43. Tomigoro Yotsugi, Tokyo. Ivory 
carving. 599 

J44. Tomokichi Fujitani, Ishikawa. Orna- 
ment. 601 

J45. Tokujiro Tatasuike, Kyoto. Wood 
carving. 598 

J46. Toranoyjo Izumi, Tokyo. Metal carv- 
ing. 601 

J47. " Toshiaki Shimamura, Tokyo. Wood 
carving. 598 

J48. Toshimitsu Yamagiwa, Tokyo. Ivory 
carving. 599 

549. Toyokichi Nakatani, Osaka. Wood 
carving. 598 

550. Toyoo Aikawa, Ishikawa. Plaque 
(carved). 59S 

951. Toyoshichi Kato, Tokyo. Ivory 
carving. 5S9 

952. Toyotaro Kusakari, Tokyo. 

a Ivory carving. 599 

d Silverware. 601 

953. Toyotaro Takahata, Ishikavwa. In- 
cense burner; plaque. 601 

954. Tsunejiro Matsubara, Osaka. Ivory 
carving. 599 

955. Tsunejiro Morishita, Hyogo. Bamboo 
work. 600 

956. Tsuemon Kurotani, Tokyo. Metallic 
work. 601 

957. Tsunetaro Kawazoe, Tokyo. Ivory 
carving. 599 

958. Tsunesaburo Kaneko, Tokyo. In- 
cense case. 601 

959. Tsuyoshi Murakami, Osaka. Sculpt- 
ure. 602 

960. Yaezo Marunaka, Ishikawa. Copper 
ware. 601 

961. Yajihei Ishii, Kanagawa. 

a Carved ivory work. 599 

d Carved copper work. 601 

962. Yasubei Nishimura, Kyoto. Metal 
carving and chiseling. 601 

963. Yasubei Yamamoto, Shizuoka. Bam- 
boo work. 600 

964. Yasubei Yoshida, Kyoto. Metal 
carving and chiseling. 601 

965. Yasunosuke Mizoguchi, Kyoto. Metal 
carving and chiseling. 601 

966. Yasutaro Hiraoka, Ishikawa. Art 
metal work. 601 

967. Yasuhei Shimizu, Toyama. Wood 
carving. 598 

968. Yasuke Fujita, Osaka. Wood carv- 
ing. 598 

969. Yokichi Konoike, Kanagawa. Carved 
metal work. 601 

970. Yoshikiyo Aoki, Kyoto. Metal carv- 
ing and chiseling. 601 

971. Yoshitaro Hirano, Ishikawa. Carved 
woodwork. 598 

972. Yukimune Sugiura, Tokyo. Metal 
carving. 601 

973. Zoroku Hata, Kyoto, Metal carving 
and chiseling. 601 

974. Zuium Yamamoto, Tokyo. Wood 
carving. 598 

975. Eijiro Kashima, Tokyo. Cigar case 
and receiver. 607 

976. Eitaro Kugitani, Kumamoto. VsT'atch 
chains. 807 

977. Hikobei Tomie, KyOto. Silver hang- 
ing incense burner. 604 

978. Kansai Trading Company, Kyoto. 

a Wares of mixed metals. 608 

d Antimony v/are. 611 

979. Kenji Igarashi, Tokj'^o. Iron ware. 


980. Kichigoro Suzuki, Tokyo. Zinc ware. 


981. Kisaburo Matsumotoand nine others, 
Hiroshima. Spoons. 606 

982. Kis3,buro Nishio, Tokyo. 

a Copper tray. 605 

d Copper spoons. 606 

c Copper ware. 608 

983. Mobori Nogawa, Kyoto. Silverware. 


984. Shinsuke Hayashi, Kyoto. Silver- 
ware incensers. 604 

985. Takijiro Kutsutani, Tokyo. Chate- 
. lain. 607 



Gold and Silverware, Plate, Jewelry, Ornaments, Watches, Clocks, Silk, Silk Fabrics. 

986. Takuzo Otsuka, Tokyo. Silver bo wis. 


987. Teijiro Ozeki, Kanagawa. Gold and 
silver ware. 604 

988. Toyotaro Kusakari, Tokyo. 

a Silver spoons. 607 

b Nickel ware. ' 610 

c Buttons. 612 

989. Toyotato Kusakaei, Tokyo. Plated 
ware. 611 

990. Toyotaro Kusagawa, Tokyo. Table 
silver. 605 

991. Yasuhei Tanabe,Kumainoto. Watch 
chains. 607 

992. Zembei Kobayashi, Tokyo, Miscel- 
laneous metal articles. 607 

GKOUP 98. 

993. Aizo Tsuchiya, Yamanashi. Orna- 
ments, charms, flower vases, etc. 614 

994. ChOjirO Okada, TokyO. Ornaments 
for the person. 612 

995. KajizO Seya, Nara. Breast pins. 


996. Karabei Takagi, T5ky5. Crystal 
ornaments. 614 

997. Kanejiro Aibara, TokyO. 

a Gold necklace. 612 

b Rings and cuff buttons. 614 

998. Katsuhiro Kagawa, TokyO. Cuff 
buttons and pins. 612 

999. Kichibei Nakamura, TokyO, Orna- 
ments for the person. 612 

1000. KumajirO Ichinose, Yamanashi. Or- 
naments. 614 

looi. Matsuhir5 Tsuchiya, Yamanashi. 
Ornaments, rings, charms, etc. 614 

X002. Manzarburo Muramatsu, TokyO. 
Watch chains and ornaments. 612 

1003. Minosuke Uruma, Tokyo. Bracelets 
and rings. 612 

1004. Mitsuaki Kato, Tokyo. Ornaments 
for the person. 612 

1005. Muneyoshi Nagata, Yamanashi. 
Ornaments, flower vases, incenser, etc. 


1006. Muneyoshi Oya, Yamanashi. Orna- 
ments, paper weights, charms, etc. 614 

1007. Precious Stone Work Company, 
Fukui. Agate ornaments. 614 

1008. Sadakichi Nomura, Tokyo. Cuff 
buttons. 612 

1009. SeijirO Tanaka, Yamanashi. Jew- 
elry, magnifying lenses, etc. 614 

loio. SeijirO Yanagawa, TOkyO. Orna- 
ments for the person. 612 

ion. ShinzO Yoshida, Osaka. Rings, 
bracelets and buttons. 612 

1012. TakijirO Kutsutani, TOkyO, Jew- 
elry and ornaments. 612 

1013. TOzaemon Tomita, TokyO. Gold 

ornaments for the person. 612 

1014. Yasuhei Shimizu, Toyama. Jewels. 


GROUP 99. 

1015. Yasubei Yamamoto, Shizuoka. 
Clock box. 619 

GROUP 100. 

1016. Aziburo Fukazawa, Gumma. Raw 
silk. 625 

1017. Asahi Kan, Miyaga. Raw silk. 


1018. Asajiro Suzuki, Gumma. Silk fab- 
ric. 629 

1019. Asashichi Kimura, Tochigi. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1020. Aw^ataba Raw Silk Association, Fu- 
kui. Raw silk. 625 

1021. Benjiro Ito, Yamanashi. Silk hand- 
kerchiefs. 630 

1022. Benjiro Suto, Gumma. 

a Silk fabric. 627 

/; Silk fabric. 630 

1023. Buemon Inoue, Yamanashi. Silk 
handkerchiefs. 630 

1024. Buheiji Yamazaki, Kyoto. Crapes. 


1025. Bunjiro Ichida, Kyoto, Silk fabric. 


1026. Bunjiro Sugihara, Kyoto. Crapes. 


1027. Bunkichiro Shiina, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1028. Bunnosuke Shimizu, Kyoto. Gold 
thread and imitations. 626 

1029. Bunzaemon Kakiage, Gumma. 

a Silk fabric. 629 

b Scarfs. 630 

1030. Bunzo Kanno, Yamagata. Raw 
silk, 625 

1031. Chobei Hisae, Kyoto, Silk fabric, 


1032. Chobei Okamura, Kyoto, Silk fab- 
ric, 629 

1033. ChobeiiTase, Yamagata. Raw silk. 


1034. Chogoro Fuse, Yamagata. Raw 
silk. 625 

1035. Chojyuro Kawashima, Tochigi. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1036. Chosin Company, Nagano. Raw 
silk. 625 

1037. ChOtarO Hoshino, Gumma. Raw 
silk. 625 

1038. Choyo] Company, J^Nagano,^] Raw 
silk. 625 

1039. Chozaburo Kunogise, Gumma. Silk 
gauze. 030 



Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

^o. Chuji Inoue, Gumma. Silk fabric. 

^l. Chujiro Otani, Fukushima. Silk 
fabrics. 62? 

)42. Chusuke lizuka, Akita. Raw silk. 

)43. Chusuke Okajima, Tochigi. Silk 
fabric. 627 

)44. Chuzaburo Kimura, Shiga. Silk 
fabric. 630 

)45, Commercial and Manufacturing Bu- 
reau. Specimens showing process of 
manufacturing silk fabrics. 627 

)46. Daijiro Nakajima, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 627 

)47. Daijiro Takei, Nagano. Raw silk. 

)48. Daijiro Tomita, Aichi. Silk fabric. 

)49. Dai Nippon Wild Silk "Worms Com- 
pany, Nagano. Raw silk. 625 
)50. Daisei Co., Nagano. Raw silk. 

>5i. Dai Takahashi, Gumma. 

a Silk fabric. 627 

d Figured silk. 629 

»52. Danji Suzuki, Gumma. Silk fabric. 

)53. Dembei Koshimitsu, Yokohama. 
Silk fabrics. 629 

»54. Dengo Ishiwara, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

155. Denichiro Aikawa, Yamanashi. 
Kaiki (silk fabric). 627 

»56. Denjiro Kaneko, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

»57. Denkichi Tomioka, Chiba. Raw 
silk. 625 

»S8, Denshichiro Hoshino, Gumma. Silk 
gauze. 630 

»59. Eastern Gaco Company, Nagano. 
Raw silk. 625 

»6o. Ebi Sericulture Company, Miyazaki. 
Raw silk. 625 

)6i. Eiji Eudo, Yamagata. Rav/ silk. 

)6ia. Eijiro Takaragi, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

(62. Eisuke Naoki, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 

)63. Eisuke Yajiama, Yamanashi. Ra.w 
silk. 625 

164. Eizaburo Suwa, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 

(65. Eizo Yamato, Gumma. Silk fabric. 

166. Fujitaro Suto, Gumma. Silk fabric. 

)6y. Fukuda Sericulture Union, Fukush- 
ima. Silk fabric. 627 

1068. Fukui Silk Manufacturing Company, 
Fukui. Silk fabric. 630 

1069. Fukutaro Merita, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. . 627 

royo. Fushiguro Sericulture Company^ 
Fukushima. Floss (siik). G27 

1071. Gako Comoany, Nagano. Rav/ siik. 


X072. Gem.pachirs Inouye, Tochigi. Rar.' 
Silk. (325 

1073. Genchyu Hoshino, Yamanashi. Silk 
liandkerchiefs. 630 

1074. Gene Inoue, Gifu. Raw siik. 


1075. Gengo Koyama, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1076. Genjiro Okonoji, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1077. Genjiro Takeshi, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1078. Gennosuke Kitaoka, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. " 629 

1079. Genroku Shibata, Tokyo. Crapes. 


1080. Gensaku Osawa, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 628 

1081. Genshichi Shibata, Shiga. Silk 
fabric. 630 

1082. Genzaemon Endo, Yamagata. Siik 
fabric. 627 

1083. Genzaemon Kobayashi, Kanagawa. 
Silk fabric: 629 

1084. Gihachiro Ham.abe, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1085. Gihachi Sonoda, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1086. Gihei Hashiuaka, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 630 

1087. Gihei Shimoyama, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 627 

1088. Gisaburo Okabe, Saitama. Plain 
woven silk. 628 

1089. Gisaburo Osawa, Gifu. Silk fabric. 


1090. Gisaburo Takayanagi, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1091. Gisaburo Watanaba, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1092. Gogyo Company, Akita. Raw silk. 


'1093. Goroemon Kobayashi, Yamanashi, 

Kaiki (silk fabric). 627 

1094. Ha,chibei Rvai, Miyagi. 

a Raw silk. 652 

d Curtains. 629 

1095. HachirO Tokue, Gumma. Raw silk. 


1096. Hakata Fabric Co., ir'ukuoka. 
Handkerchiefs. 680 

1097. Hakata Fabric Union, Fukuoka. 
Silk fabric. 628 




Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

1098, Kakkaku Company, Nagano. Raw 

silk. 625 

1099. Hambei Nakamura, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. . 629 

HOG. Ha,nibei Shimizu, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

iioi. Hambei Suzuki, Yamanashi. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). 627 

1 102. Hansiiiro Yamato, Gumma. Silk 
fabrics. 629 

1 103. Hanya Sliinagawa, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 6^:9 

1 104. Heibei Imanishi, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 


1105. Keibei VVatatani, Yokohama. Hand- 
kerchiefs. 630 

1106. Heiemcn Ouchi, K3'-oto. Crapes. 


1107. Keihachi Kitagawa, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. _ 629 

iioS. Keijyuro Hiramoto, i ochigi. Fabric 

woven witli silk and cotton. 629 

iiOQ. Heikichi Hoshino, Gumm.a. Satin. 

mo. Heikichi Tsuji, Akita. Silk fabric. 


mi. Heinai Hasegawa, Yam.agata. Raw 

silk. ■ 629 

1112. Keizaburo Goto, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1113. Heizo Ishizu, Shimane. Raw silk. 


1114. Heizo Suzuki, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1115. Hikohei Masuda, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1116. HikojirS Otani, Toyama. Siik fabric. 


1 1 17. Hikoshichi Kawase, Gum^ma. Silk 
fabric v/oven witli cotton. 628 

m8. Hikotaro Nakajima, Gumma. Silk 
fabrics. 630 

1119. Hikozaemcninoue, Yamanashi. Silk 
handkerchiefs. 630 

1120. Hirochika Hosokawa, Nagano. Raw 
silk. 625 

1121. Hiromutsu Amxamiya, Yamanashi. 
Raw silk. 625 

1122. Hinodematsu Companj^, i'^agano. 
Raw silk. 625 

1 123. Hino Silk Manufacturing Company, 
Shiga. Raw silk. 625 

1124. Hirose Comcany, Saitama. Woven 
silk. ' 628 

1 125. Hoko Yanaka^va. Handkerchiefs. 


1 126. Hosoya Silk Manufacturing Co., 
Aichi. Rav.' silk. 625 

1 127. Hyosuke Akagi, Fukushima. Raw 
silk. 625 

1128. Ichibei Kumagai, Kyoto. 

a Silk faln-ics. 62 

b Crapes. 63 

1129. Ichiji Suzuki, Gumma. Silk fabric 


1130. Ichimura Company, Gumima. Ra^ 
silk. 62 

1131. Ichitaro Igarashi, Gumma. Sil 
fabric. 62 

1132. lemon Kikuchi, Yamagata. Rai 
silk. 62 

1133. Ihei Horie, Tochigi. Silk fabric. 


1134. Ihei Niwa, Gifu. Raw silk. 


1135. Isaburo Kimura, Shiga. Silk fabric 


1136. Isaburo Nagashima, Tochigi. Crap 
woven with silk and cotton. 63 

1 137. Isaburo Sonoda, Gumxma. Silk fat 
ric. 62 

1138. Isei Nakamura, Yamanashi. Kaili 
(silk fabric). 62 

1139. Isei Nara, Yamanashi. Kaiki (sif 
fabric). 62 

1140. Isaku Tsubamoto, Nara. Raw silk 


1141. Isematsu Inoue, Gumma. Silk fab 
ric. 62 

1 142. Isogoro Okada, Gumma. Silk fab 
ric. 62 

1143. Ishioka Silk Manufacturing Co. 
Cniba. Raw silk. 62 

1144. Isoji Mamadaand five others, Saita 
ma. Unfilled and gloss silk. 62 

1145. Isoji Shinagav/a, Gumma. Silk fab 
ric. 62 

1146. Isuke Harada, Kyoto. Siik fabric 


1147. Isuke Yoshida, Kyoto. Crapes. 


1 148. Inamimachi Raw Silk Union, Toya 
ma. Silk fabric. 62 

1 149. Ina Silk Manufacturing Company 
Nagano. Raw silk. 62 

1150. Institution of Silk Manufacturing 
Miyazaki. Raw silk. 62 

1 151. Itsujiro Suzuki, Gumma. Silk fab 
ric. 62' 

1152. Itsuro Hosoya, Gumma. Silk fab 
ric. 621 

1 153. Iwabuchi Silk Manufacturing Com 
pany, Miyagi. Raw silk. 62i 

1 154. I wa,deyama Silk Manufacturing, Mi 
yagi. Raw silk. 62i 

1 155. Iv/ai Company, Iwate. Raw silk 

1 156. Iwakuni Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Yamaguchi. Raw silk. 62i 



Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

Izaemon Matsubara, Gifu. 

a Kaiki. 627 

b Silk fabrics. 629 

Izaemon Ouchi, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 

Izumi Factory, Saitama. 

oven silk. 



Jihei Nishimura, Kyoto. 

a Silk fabric. 

b Crapes. 

Jihei Tsukuda, Ishikawa. 

Silk fab- 
I. Jimbei Kawashima, Kyoto. 

a Silk wall decorations, etc. 629 

b Crapes. 630 

c Silk trimmings. 632 

J. Jingo Suzuki, Gumma. Silk fabric. 

\. Jinkichi Fujita, Fukushima. Silk 
ibrics. 627 

J. Jintaro Nakamura, Shiga. Silk fab- 
c. 630 

3. Jintaro Yoshida, Shiga. Silk fabric. 

J. Jinzaburo Tamagami, Gumma, 
J. Jiro Inudo, Kumamoto. Ravr 

J. Jirosaburo Imai, Yamagata 


). Jiro Wakiya, Fukushima. 


[. Jisuke Inoue, Gumma 






Jisuke Sakane, Kyoto. 
Jueraon Shiroki, Fukui. 

Silk fabric. 

Raw silk. 
\. Junsui Kan, Nagano. Raw silk. 

;. jyunzo Unhara, Kumamoto. Raw 
Ik. 625 

5. Jyutaro Nakayama, Kanagawa. 
ilk fabrics. 629 

7. Kagoshima Silk Manufacturing Un- 
m, Kagoshima. Raw silk. 625 

5. Kaheida Uchida, Gumma. Silk fab- 
c. 629 

Kahei Toshima, Yamaguchi. Raw 
Ik. 625 

Kahei Sowa, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 

Kahei Yamaguchi, Yamanashi. Ka- 
;i (silk fabric). 627 

Kahei Yohoyaraa, Gumma. Silk 
libric. 629 

Kaichi Kato and one other, Yamana- 
Kaiki (silk fabric). 627 

Kairyo Company, Nagano. Raw 
Ik, 625 

1185. Kaiehin Company, Kyoto. Raw silk. 


1 186. Kaishin Company, Saitama. Raw 
silk. 62.> 

1 187. Kaishyo Company, Gifu. Raw silk. 


1188. Kaizo Kimura, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1 189. Kakushin Company, Yamagata. 
Raw silk. 625 

1189a. Kakutaro Aibara, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 630 

1190. Kambei Kimura, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 


1191. Kamekichi Kato, Yamagata. Raw 
silk. 625 

1192. Kamegoro Tase, Yamagata. Raw 
silk. 625 

1 193. Kam.ori Takimoto, Iwate. Raw 
silk. 625 

1194. Kanekichi Fukuda, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1195. Kaneyama Company, Nagano. Raw 
silk. (525 

1 196. Kaneta Takakusagi, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 630 

1 197. KangyO Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Yamanashi. Raw silk. 625 

1198. KanjiMatsuwara,Kanazawa. Hand- 
kerchiefs. 630 

1 199. Kansai Trading Company, Kyoto. 
Silk fabric. 629 

1200. Kanshichi Hao, Gumma. Silk fab- 
rics. 629 

1201. Kantaro Miyazaki and one other. 
Gumma. Silk fabric. 629 

1202. KanzaburO Maruoka, Hyogo. Raw 
silk. 625 

1203. Kanzaemon Ikeda, Akita. Silk fab- 
ric. _ 629 

1204. Kashichi Fujita, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 


1205. Kashiro Ogino, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1206. Katsunosuke Koseki, Yokohama. 
Raw silk. 625 

1207. Katsuyama Silk Manufacturing 
Company, Fnkui. Raw silk. 625 

1208. Kazo Koridani, Fukui. Raw silk. 


1209. Kendo Kobayashi, Yamanashi. Ka- 
iki (silk fabric). 627 

1210. Keigi Takagi, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1211. Keiji Shikiroa, Yamagata. Silk fab- 
rics. 629 

1212. Kengo Iwada, Gifu. Kaiki (silk 
fabric). 627 

1213. Keisai Hirai, Yamanashi. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). 627 



Silk anJ Silk Fabrics. 

1214. Keitaro Arai, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1215. Kichibei Suzuki, Yamagata. Raw 
silk. 625 

1216. Kichibei Tase, Yamagata. Raw 
silk. 62.5 

1217. Kichiemon Nishimura, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 630 

1218. Kichiemon Saba, Gumma. 

a Figured silk fabrics. 629 

b Silk fabric. 6.30 

1219. Kichiemon Sawa, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 627 

1220. Kichigoro Hasegawa, Yamagata. 
Raw silk. 625 

1221. Kichigoro Morisawa, Saitama. Raw 
silk. 625 

1222. Kichiroji Tase, Yamagata. Raw 
silk. 625 

1223. Kichisaburo Aoki, Shiga. Silk fab- 
ric. 630 

1224. Kichiya Ishiwara, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1225. Kiemon Kato, Kanagawa. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1226. Kihei Amamiya, Yamanashi. Raw 
silk. 625 

1227. Kihei Torii, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 


1228. Kihachi Takikawa, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1220. Kiichiro Buto, Gifu. Raw silk. 


1230. Kijyuro Koyama, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1231. Kikaku Company, Yamanashi. Raw 
silk. 625 

1232. Kimpachi Kazama, Yamanashi, 
Raw silk. 625 

1233. Kimpachiro Takayama, Miyagi. 
Raw silk. 625 

I2'^4. Kiniiro Shiina, Gumma. Silk fabric. 
^ 629 

I23'5. Kinosuke Nishida, Tochigi. Crapes. 


1236. Kinsuke Ishizaki, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1237. Kintaro Saka, Tokyo. 

a Table cover. 629 

b Handkerchiefs. 630 

c Silk fabric. 630 

1238. Kinzaemon Ozawa, Nagano. Raw 
silk. 625 

1230. Kinzo Igarashi, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1240. Kirihana Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany. Gumma. Raw silk. 625 

1241. Kiroku Saba, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1242. Kisaburo Ogawa, Fukui. 

a Silk fabric. 6! 

b Figured silk fabric. 61 

1243. Kisaburo Koizumi, Kyoto. Han 
kerchiefs. 6i 

1244. Kisaburo Okuzawa, Nagano. Ra 
silk. 6' 

1245. Kisuke Adachi, Kyoto. Silk fabri 


1246. Kiyoshi Tabuchi. HyOgo. Raw sil 


1247. Kobei Nishikawa, Kyoto. Pla 
woven silk. 6! 

1248. Kodama Company, Saitama. Ra 
silk. 6 

1249. Koeki Company, Nagano. Raw sil 


1250. Koheiji Mukaiyama, Saitama. Ra 
silk. 6 

1251. Kohei Motegi, Saitama. Floss. 


1252. Koichiro Koizumi, Tochigi. Si 
fabric. 6! 

1253. Koji Yoshizaw^a, Gumma. Si 
fabrics. 6! 

1254. Konan Company, Yamaguchi. Ra 
silk. 6 

1255. Koshichi Okabe, Kanagawa. Si 
fabrics. 6 

1256. KOsui Silk Manufacturing Compan 
Gumma. Raw silk. 6 

1257. Kotoku Komiya, Yamanashi. Si 
handkerchiefs. 6 

1258. KOyO Company, Tochigi. Raw sil 


1259. Kozaburo Takagi, Gumma. Si 
fabrics. 6 

1260. Kozo Sugeno, Fukushima. Si 
fabric. 6 

1261. Kumakichi Yamato, Gumma. Si 
fabrics. 6 

1262. Kumamoto Fabric Company, K 
moto. Handkerchiefs. 6 

1263. Kumamoto Silk Manufacturing C( 
Kumamoto. Raw silk. 6 

1264. Kumazo Morimura, Gumma. 
a Figured silk fabrics. 
b Silk fabrics. 

1265. Kunijiro Senga, Kyoto. Crapes. 


1266. Kunitaro Komiya, Yamanashi. S 

1267. KuntarO Kotani, HyOgo. Raw si 

1268. Kurazo Koyama, Gumma. 

1269. Kuzaemon Hosomume, Yamaga 
Raw silk. 

1270. Kyoei Company, Kyoto. Crapes 



Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

^i, KyOryO Company, Gumma. Raw 
silk. _ 625 

72. Koyosha, Kanagawa. Raw silk. 


73. Kyoto Itomono Association, Kyoto. 
a Twisted and thrown silks and gold 

thread. 626 

/; Braids. 632 

?4. Kyoto Silk Manufacturing Company, 

Kyoto. Raw silk. 62-5 

75. Kyugoro Shimizu, Gumma. 

a Silk fabric. 627 

b Crape. 630 

^6. Kyuhei Nishikori, Shiga. Silk fabric. 

77. Kyujiro Nakamura, Tochigi. Silk 
;abric. 627 

^8. Kyujiro Nozawa, Kanagawa. Hand- 
cerchiefs. 630 

79. Kyushichi Takada, Kyoto. Crapes. 

5o. Kyushiro Okuyama, Yamagata. 
Raw silk. 625 

Ji. Kyuzo Ishida, Kyoto. Crapes. 

$2. Kyuzo Tsukamoto, Shiga. Raw^ 
iilk. 625 

53. Magosaburo Naka, Kyoto. Silk 
;abric. 629 

{4. Manjiro Noro, Gifu. Raw silk. 

55. Mankichi Takagi, Aichi. Silk fab- 
-ic. 629 

!6. Mannosuke Kasahara, Gumma. Silk 
•abric. 629 

J7. MakitarO Tokase, Shizuoka. Raw 
;ilk. 625 

J8. Masaaki Mukaiyama, Yamanashi. 
Raw silk. 625 

Jo. Masahei Zen, Gumma. Silk fabric. 

)0. Masakichi Takashiro, Gumma. Silk 
abric. 627 

)i. Masakoto Namekata, Fukui. Raw 
;ilk. 625 

)2. Masao Kawaguchi, Kyoto. Crapes. 

)3. Masashichiro Seikida, Tochigi. 

a Silk fabric. 628 

b Silk handkerchiefs. 630 

J4. Masashige Inoue, Yamanashi. Silk 
landkerchiefs. 630 

J5. Masazo Akiyama, Yamanashi. Raw- 
silk. 625 
)6. Masuzo Abe, Tochigi. Silk fabric. 

f]. Mataemon Takahashi, Yamagata. 
Raw silk. 625 

jB. Matsue Sericulture Company, Shi- 
mane. Raw silk. 625 

1299. Matsugoro Mogi, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1300. Matsujiro Saganuma,' Yamanashi. 
Kaiki (silk fabric). 627 

1301. Matsunosuke Nagao, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1302. Matsushiro Silk Manufacturing 
Company, Nagano. Raw silk. 62r/ 

1303. Matsuya Igarashi, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1304. Meijyu Company, Nagano. Raw 
silk. 625 

1305. Midorino Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany. Gumma. Raw silk. 625 

1306. Mineyama Company. Kyoto. Crapes. 


1307. Minoru Hosoda, Yamanashi. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). 627 

1308. Minosuke Yoshimura, Shiga. Silk 
fabric. 630 

1309. Miozo Ishikura, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1310. Mishima Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Tottori. Raw silk. 625 

131 1. Mitsuboshi Fabric Factory, Gifu. 

a Kaiki (silk fabric). 627 

b Figured silk fabric. 629 

c Silk fabric. 63 ) 

1312. Mitsucoshi Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Gifu. Raw silk. 626 

1313. Mohei Yamazoe, Kyoto. Crapes. 


1314. Mokujiro Hasegawa, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1315. Monzaburo Hattori, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 628 

1316. Moritaro Arai, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1317. Moritaro Fukuda, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1318. Mosaburo Sekido, Yamanashi. Silk 
handkerchiefs. 630 

1319. Mosaburo Komata, Yamanashi. 
Kaiki (silk fabric). 627 

1320. Mosaku Kobayashi, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

132I0 Mume Seki, Hyoto. Laces. 


1322. Nabehei Hara, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1323. Nagasaki Manufacturing Company, 
Nagasaki. Raw silk. 625 

1324. Nagashige Takino, Gumma. Raw 


Nagai Company, Yamagata. Raw 

Namie Omi, Fukuohima. Raw silk. 


1327. Namikichi Morita, Kanagawa. Raw 
silk. 625 







Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

7328. Naojiro Iwano, Gumma. Satin. 

1320. Naojiro Takei, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1330. Naokichi Hishino, Gumma. 

a Silk fabrics. 628 

b Figured silk fabrics. 629 

c Handkerchiefs. 60O 

1331. Nin-ichi Okada, TokyO. Silk fabric. 


1332. Nippon Fabric Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Gumma. Silk fabric. 630 

1333- Nishijin Fabric Company, Kyoto. 
Silk fabric. 629 

1334- Nishikido Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Miyagi. Raw silk. 625 

"^ZZS' North Kanara Silk Manufacturing 
Company, Gumma. Raw silk. 625 

1336. North Western Company, Nagano. 
Raw silk. 625 

1337- Obei Company, Nagano. Raw silk. 


1338. Ogaki Silk Manufacturing Company, 
Gifu. Raw silk. 625 

1339- Ohama Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, P\ikui. Silk fabric. 628 

1340. Omi Silk Manufacturing Company, 
Shiga. Raw silk. 625 

1341. Ono Company, Nagano. Raw silk. 


1342. Ono Silk Manufacturing Company, 
Fukui. Raw silk. 625 

1343- Orimono Kwaisha, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric _ 629 

1344. Osamu Yamada, Fukushima. Raw- 
silk. _ 625 

1345. Otoemon Terauchi, Tochigi. Silk 
fabric. 627 

1346. Otsu Silk Manufacturing Company, 
Ehime. Raw silk. 625 

T.'^47. Riemon Ysuda, Fukushima. Silk 
"fabrics. 627 

1348. Rihei Kawamura., Yamagata. Raw 
silk. 625 

1349. Rijiro Namikawa, Shimane. Raw 
silk. 625 

1350. Rinsaku Takagi, Gumma. Silk 
fabrics. 629 

1351. Risaburo Koyama, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 630 

1352. Rishichi Tanaka, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1353. Rishiro Motegi, Saitama. Floss. 


1354. Risuke Yoshida, Kyoto. Crapes. 


1355. Rokko Company, Nagano. Raw silk. 


1356. Rokusaburo K<>V''-=itd, Yamanashi. 
Kaiki (silk fabric). 627 

i ^357- Ryosuke Iwamoto, Tockigi, Si 
1 fabric; fabric woven with silk and cottc 

i?58. Rui Nagai, Chiba. Raw silk. 


1359. Ryodayu Iwabuchi, Miyagi. Ra 
silk. 6 

1360. Ryosei Company, Fukushima. Ra 
silk. 6 

1361. Ryosuke Iwamoto, Tochigi. 

a Silk fabrics. 6' 

I b Crapes. 6 

j 1362. Ryotaro Mori, Gumma. 

a Silk fabrics. 6 

b Gauze and crape. 6 

1363. Ryujyo Kan, Nagano. Raw sil 


1364. Sabae Fabric Company, Fukui. Si 
i fabric. 6 
I ^365. Saburosuke Fujizaki, Miyagi, 

Woven silk. 6 

i 1366. Sadabei Yamada, Kyoto. Crapes, 

1367. Sadakichi Goto, Gumma. 

a Silk fabrics. 6 

I b Silk fabrics. 6 

I 1368. Sadakichi Kawai, Gumma. Crape 
! etc. 6 

I 1369. Sadao Kanamaru, Kyoto. Si 
j fabric. 6 

! 1370. Saemon Kangae, Yamagata. Si 
fabric. 6 

1371. Saishin Company, Nagano. Ra 
silk. _ _ 6 

1372. Saheiji Kojima, Gumma. Silk fabri 

1373- Sahei Naoi, Gifu. Raw silk. 

1374. Sahei Saito, Gifu. Raw silk. 


1375- Saijiro Amakai, Tochigi. Si 

fabric. 6 

1376. Sairo Sone, Yamanashi. Kaiki (si 
fabric). 6 

1377. Saisuke Iwashita. Gumma. Si 
fabric. 6 

1378. Sakichi Kuwabara, Gumma. Si 
fabric. 6 

1379. Sakichiro Fujibu, Gumma. Si 
fabric. 6 

1380. Sakubei Nobashi, Kyoto. Crape 


1381. Sakunosuke Kinugawa, HyOg 
Raw silk. 6 

138 2.Sakushichi Hasegawa. Tochigi. Si 
fabric. 6 

1383. Sanei Company, Kyoto. Crapes. 


1384. San-emon Mizushima, Tokyo, Si 
fabric, 6 



Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

585. Sanin Silk Manufacturing Company, 
Tottori. Raw silk. 625 

586. Sankichi Yonezawa, TokyO. Silk 
fabric. ■ 628 
J87. Sano Silk Manufacturing Company, 

Miyagi. Raw silk. 625 

388. Sasuke Hasegawa, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

389. SatarO Tsujihara, Kyoto. Raw silk. 


390. Sawaemon Okumura, Gifu. Silk 
fabric. 629 

391. Seibei Hiratsuka, Yamanashi. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). 627 

392. Seibei Itagaki. Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

393. Seibei Naiki. Kyoto. Silk fabric. 


394. Seibei Nishibori, Kyoto. Crapes. 


395. Seiichi Watanabe, Yamanashi. Silk 
handkerchiefs. 630 

396. Seiemon Yonetake, Miyagi. Raw 
silk. 625 

397. Seijiro Akutagawa, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

398. Seijiro Shimoyama, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 630 

399. Seijyuro Inoue, Gumma. Silk fabric. 

JOG. Seikichi Ukai, Aichi. Silk handker- 
chiefs. 630 
[01. Seishichi Sasaki, Kyoto. Silk 
fabrics. 629 
J02. Seishi Mori, Gumma. Silk fabric. 

\03. Seisuke Ishiwara, Gumma. Silk 
fabrics. 629 

^04. Seitaro Aral, Gumma. Silk fabric. 

J05. Senjiro Takahusa, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 627 

p6. Seizen Company, Gifu. Raw silk. 

[oy. Seizo li, Shiga. Raw silk. 

jo8. Seizo Nakajima, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

f09. Shichibei Fukushima, Saitama. 
Plain woven silk. 628 

^I0. Shichihei Kojima, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

tii. Shichiyo Company, Nagano. Raw 
silk. 625 

\I2. Shigeo Iwata, Yokohama. Silk 
fabrics. 629 

I.13. Shigeru Takata, Tokyo. Silk fabric, 

^14. Shigezo Oka, Osaka. Braids and 
tassels. 632 

1415. Shimbei Motegi, Tochigi. Crapes. 


1416. Shimpachi Mizawa, Yamanashi. 
Silk handkerchiefs. 630 

I 1417. Shinei Company, Kobe. Hemp and 

j floss. 627 

' 1418. Shinjo Fabric Union, Yamagata. 

Silk fabric. 628 

1419. Shinkichi Hagishima, Kanagawa. 
Silk fabrics. 629 

1420. Shinsei Company, Nagano. Raw 
silk. 625 

1421. Shinshichi lida, Kyoto. 

a Silk fabrics. 628 

d Silk fabrics. "* 628 

r Silk fabrics. 630 

1422. Shinshichi Tani, Kyoto. Silk fabric 


1423. Shinsho Company, Gifu. Raw silk. 


1424. Shinyo Kan, Nagano. Raw silk. 


1425. Shinzaburo Morishita, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 627 

1426. Shisan Stock Exchange, Oita. Raw^ 
silk. 625 

1427. Shizoku Institute, Miyazaki. Ra'w 
silk. 625 

1428. Shizukawa Union Reeling Company, 
Miyagi. Raw silk. 62-5 

1429. Shizuoka Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Shizuoka. Raw silk. 625 

1430. Silk Industry Company, Nagano. 
Raw silk. 625 

1431. Simmachi Mit^ukochi Spinning Mill, 
Gumma. Spun silk. 627 

1432. Sinjir Namie, Kvoto. Crapes. 

1433- Shoebei Yashiro, Kyoto. 

a Plain silk fabrics. 628 

d Figured silk fabrics. 629 

1434. Shohachi Tanikawa, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1435. Shohei Amano, Yamanashi. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). " 627 

1436. Shohei Morimura, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1437. Shoichiro Hiroi, Yamanashi. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). 627 

1438. Shojyo Company, Nagano. Raw silk. 


1439. ShOmei Company, Gumma. Raw- 
silk. . 625 

1440. ShOryu Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Gumma. Raw silk. 625 

1441. Shosaburo Mori, Gifu. Raw silk. 


1442. Shosuke Hirose, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 


1443. Shotaro Shimomura, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 



Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

X444. Shozaburo Kawabata, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1445. Shugidani Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Shiga. Raw silk. 625 

1446. Shummei Company, Nagano. Raw 
silk. ■ 625 

1447. Shunsuke Adachi, Kyoto. Silk 
fabrics. 630 

1448. Sobei Mori and five others, Fuku- 
shima. Silk handkerchiefs. 630 

1449. Sobei Mogi, Yokohama. Raw silk. 


1450. Soemon Kuoota, Kanagawa. Silk 
fabrics. 629 

1451. Sogoro NcSJtazoto, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 630 

1452. Sohei Tsutsumi, Shiga. Raw silk. 


1453. Sojiro Takada, Gumma. Silk fabric. 

1454.. Sosaku Mori, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1455. Sotaro Kobayashi, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 6.30 

1456. Sotaro Koyama, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1457. Sosuke Onishi, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 


1458. Sosuke Tsuruta, Fukuoka. Silk 
braids. 632 

1459- Sozaburo Nakamura, Kanagawa. 
Silk fabrics. 629 

1460. Sozaemon Nishimura, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1461. Sozaemon Noshimura, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1462. Suekichi Murazato, Iwate. Raw 
silk. 625 

1463. Suishoken, Yamagata. Raw silk. 


1464. Suitomo Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Shiga. Raw silk. 625 

1465. Sukejiro Kaneko, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1466. Sukeo Nomura, Fukuoka. Raw 
silk. 625 

1467. Sumizo lijima. Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1468. Tadashichi Yamato, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

4469. Taiemon Abe, Kanazav^a. Hand- 
kerchiefs. 630 

1470. Taisei Company, Nagasaki. Raw 
silk. 625 

1471. Taiyo Company, Nagano. Rav*;- silk. 


1472. Takamasa Kobayashi, Yamanashi. 
Kaiki (silk fabric). 627 

1473- Takashima Company, Nagano. Raw- 
silk. 625 

1474. Takashimizu Silk Manufacturin 
Association, Miyagi. Raw silk. 62 

1475. Takayama Silk Manufacturing Con 
pany, Gumma. Raw silk. 62 

1476. Takayama Silk Manufacturing Irin 
Association, Gumma. Raw silk. 62 

1477. Takanabe Institute, Miyazaki. Rav 
silk. 62 

1478. Take-emon Fuchigami, Kagoshima 
Spun silk fabric. 62' 

1479. Takejiro Kato, Tokyo. Specimei 
of fabric. 63( 

1480. 1 aku Hayashi, Kanagawa. Hand 
kerchiefs. 63( 

1481. Tamagoro Hoshino, Gumma. Sill 
gauze. 63( 

1482. Tamakichi Suzuki, Tochigi. Silli 
fabric. 62" 

1483. Tamehachi Akima, Tochigi. Silh 
fabric. 62< 

1484. Tarobei Ohama, Shiga. Raw silk, 


1485. Tarokichi Shimazaki, Yamagata. 
Raw silk. 625 

i486. Tase Company, Yamagata. Raw 
silk. 625 

1487. Tashichi Ishiwara, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1488. Tashichi Sawamura, Kyoto. Crapes. 


1489. Tatsuji Tase, Yamagata. Raw silk. 


1490. Teizabur5 Kambe, Gumma. Raw 
silk. 625 

1491. Teizaburo Torikoe, Hiroshima. 
Raw silk. 625 

1492. Teruyoshi Onoda, Yamanashi. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). 627 

1493. Toei Company, Nagano. Raw silk. 


1494. Togoro Kimura, Shiga. Silk fabric. 


1495. Tojyuro Sando, Gumma. Silk fabric, 


1496. Tokiraro Ogawa, Kanagawa, Silk 
fabrics. 629 

1497. Toko Company, Nagano. Raw silk. 


1498. Tokubei Nagao, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 


1499. Tokuji Kiriyama, Tokyo. Crapes. 


1500. Tokuemon Ehara, Kyoto. Hand- 
kerchiefs. 630 

1501. Tokuemon Mitsukoshi, Tokyo. Fig- 
ured silk fabric. 629 

1502. Tokunosuke !toi, Kyoto. Crapes. 


I503' Tokushin Company, Nagano. Raw 

silk. 625 



Silk and Silk Fabrics. 

;o4. Tomiemon Suzuki, Gifu. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). 627 

105. Tomisaburo Morimura, Gumma. 
Silk fabric. 629 

106. Tomojiro Inoue, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

107. Tomokichi Suto, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 
io8. TomozO Yanai, Gumma. Raw silk. 

;09. Toshishige Myashita, YamanashL 
Kaiki (silk fabric). 627 

iio. Toraichi Date, Kyoto. Yamato- 
Nishika (silk fabric so called). 629 

11. Toshiro Okonogi, Tochigl 

a Silk fabric. 629 

b Crape. 630 

12. Tosuke Yanagita, Tochigi. Silk 
fabric. ' 627 

13. Toyozo Yamato, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

14. Tozaemoii Ando, Yamanashi. Silk 
handkerchiefs. 630 

15. Tozawa Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany. Gumma. Raw silk. 62.5 

16. Tsukahara Company, Yamagata. 
Raw silk. 625 

17. Tsu Kushida, Gumma. Raw silk. 


18. Tsunekichi Fukuda, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

19. Tsunehachi Nishikawa, Tokyo. Silk 
handkerchiefs. 630 

20. Tsunejiro Hoshino, Gumma. Satin. 


21. Tsunejiro Shoda, Aichi. Silk hand- 
kerchiefs. 630 

22. Tsune Tokunaga, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 628 

23. Tsunesaku Yosuda, Fukushima. 
Raw silk. 625 

24. Uhachi Inada, Kyoto. Silk, febric. 


25. Uhachi Suzuki, Gumma. SUk fabric. 


26. Uhei Hatano and one other, Yama- 
nashi. Kaiki (silk fabric).. 627 

27. Umazo Imai, Nagajm>» Raw silk. 


28. Unosuke Yui, Ftikoshima. Silk fab- 
rics. 627 

29. Ushigoro Igasashi^ Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

30. Usui Company, Gumma. Raw silk. 


31. Uraji Kobayashi, Gumma. Silk fab- 
rics. 629 


tJza Konno, "K'amagata. Raw silk. 


1533' Wakichiro Omura, Tokyo. 

a Plain silk fabric. 628 

b Figured fabric. 629 

c Crapes. 630 

1534. Wakichi Yajima, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1535. Wasaburo Abe, Iwate. Raw silk. 


1536. Wasuke Funakoshi, Kyoto. 

a Handkerchiefs. 6.30 

b Ladies' dress trimmings. 632 

1537- Wasuke Matsukoshi, Kyoto. Silk 

fabric. 628 

1538. Wasuke Umehara, KyOto. Raw 
silk. 625 

1539. Yahei Inoue, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1540. Yahei Oseki, Gifu. Silk fabric. 


1541. Yaichira Shimojo, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629' 

1542. Yajima Company, Nagano. Raw- 
silk. 625 

1543. Yakichi Suzuk, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1544. Yamaguchi Silk Manufacturing 
Company, Yamaguchi. Raw silk. 625 

1545- Yamanaka Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Shiga. Raw silk. 625 

1546. Yanojo Naganuma, Gumma. Silk 
fabrics. 629 

1547. Yasaburo Hashimoto, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1548. Yasaburo Morishima, Shiga. Raw 
silk. 625 

1549. Yashichi Hirai, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 


1550. Yashichi Taniai, Kanagawa. Crapes. 


1551. Yasuemon Kumazawa, Gifu. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). 627 

1552. Yasuhara Raw Silk Dealers' Asso- 
ciation, Fukushima. Floss. 627 

1553- Yasuhei Shimizu, Tochigi. Raw 

silk. 625 

1554. Yasujiro Matsubayashi, Kyoto. Silk 

fabric. 629 

1555- Yasutaro Taira, Kanagawa. Silk 

fabrics. _ _ 629 

1556. Yasuzaemon Ichikawa, Tochigi. 

a Silk thread. 626 

b Window curtains. 629 

c Crapes. 630 

1557- Yasuzaemon Kusaka, HyOgo. Raw 

silk. 625 

1558. Yasuzo Aki, Gumma, Silk fabric. 

1558a. Yasuzo Igarashi, Gumma. Silk fab- 
ric. 629 
1559- Yasuzo Yamadau, Kyoto. Silk fab- 
ric. 629 



Silk and Jute Fabrics, Ramie, Vegetable and Mineral Fibres. 

1560. Yataro Shiraishi, Tochigi. Silk fab- 
ric. 629 
11^61. Yazo Igarashi, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1562. Yogoro Matsumoto, Yamagata. 
Raw silk. 625 

1563. Yoichi Kamijo, Yamanashi. Kaiki 
(silk fabric.) 627 

1564. Yohei Am.ari, Yamanashi. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). 627 

1565. Yonejiro Yamaka, Osaka. Table 
covers; fabric. 629 

1566. Yonekichi Mogi, Gumma. Silk fab- 
ric. 629 

1567. Yonezawa Silk Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Yamagata. Raw silk. 625 

1568. Yoshigoro Inamura, Gumma. Satin. 


1569. YoshitarO Matsui, Fukui. Silk fab- 
ric. 628 

1570. Yoshihei Moriyama, Gumma. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1571. Yoshihei Moriyama, Kiryu. Table 
cover. 629 

1572. Yoshimaro Hachisuka, Yamanashi. 
Kaiki (silk fabric). 627 

1573. Yoshiro Koizumi, Yamanashi. Kaiki 
(silk fabric). 627 

1574. Yoshizo Maruyama, Tochigi. Silk 
fabric. 627 

1575- Yosuke Shibata, Akita. Raw silk. 


1576. Yuge Silk Manufacturing Company, 
Koyto. Raw silk. 625 

1577. Yuki Company, Saitama. Raw silk. 


1578. YukO Company, KyOto. Raw silk. 


1579. Yumei Company, Nagano. Raw silk. 


1580. Yunoshin Midorigawa, Gifu. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1581. Yusuke Igarashi, Gumma. Silk fabric. 


1582. Yuzo Ikeda, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 


1583. Zembei Hasegawa, Yamagata. Raw 
silk. 625 

1584. Zembei Ono, Kyoto. 

a Silk fabrics. 628 

b Artistic velvet fabrics. 630 

1585. Zembei Sugaho and five others, 
Fukushima. Silk fabric. ■ 627 

1586. Zewemon Iwaya, Shimane. Raw 
silk. « 625 

1587. Zenemon Toyoda, Osaka. Em- 
broidering (silk). 625 

1588. Zenshichi Fuiii, Kyoto. Silk fabric. 
^ 629 

1589. Zenshichi Watanabe, Kyoto. Silk 
fabric. 629 

1590. Zenshinsha, Kanagawa. Raw silk 


1591. Zentaro Yasuhara, Kyoto. Crapes 


1592. Zenzaburo Ihibashi, Chiba. Silk 
fabric. 62' 

1593. Zenzaemon Onozato, Gumma. Silk 
fabric, 625 

GROUP 101. 

1594. Buemon Fuchinouye, Kagoshima. 
Ramie fabrics. 634 

1595- Chujiro Yamaoka, Osaka. Wheat 
straw braids. 635 

1596. Dembei Ban, Tokyo. Mattings. 


1597. Genshiro Okada, Osaka. Wheat 
straw braids. 635 

1598. Hakuai Association, Yamaguchi. 
Wheat straw braids. 635 

1599. Hayami Company, Mat Traders' 
Association, Oita. Mattings. b35 

1600. Hayashima Trading Company, 
Okayama. Mattings. 635 

1601. Higashi Kokuto County Mat Trad- 
ers' Association, Oita. Mattings. 635 

1602. Hikotaro Torigae, Kanagawa. 
Wheat straw braids. 635 

1603. Inosuke Harata, Osaka. Wheat 
straw braids. 635 

1604. Isuke Yasuda, Ishikawa. Mattings. 


1605. Jyubei Komatsu, Oita. Mattings. 


1606. Kansai Trading Company, Kyoto. 
Mattings. 635 

1607. Kiemon Shimazuye, Hiroshima. 
Mattings. _ 635 

1608. Kin-en Association and three^others, 
Okayama. Mattings. 635 

1609. Kohei Kondo, Hiroshima. Mattings. 


1610. Kozo Shimoto, Kumamoto. Wheat 
straw braids. 635 

161 1. Kyubei Akawaga, Osaka. Palm bark 
works. 635 

1612. Manjiro Mizota, Tokyo. Kuzufu 
(vegetable fabric). 634 

1613. Monsuke Tsubota, Shiga. Linen 
handkerchiefs. 634 

1614. Mat Traders' Association, Fukuoka. 

1615. Minki Isozaki and ( 
Okayama. Mattings. 

1616. Naohei Imatani, Okayama. 

1617. Rokuhei Mishima, Ishikawa. 

1618. Ryoen Association, Okayama. 








r'abrics, Jute, Ramie, Vegetable and Mineral Fibres, Yarns, Woven Goods of Cotton, Etc. 

:6i9. Ryo Miyata and one other, Okayama. 
Wheat straw braids. 635 

:620. Sanen Association, Kagawa. Mat- 
tings. 635 

c62i. Sanji Nakamura, Yamaguchi. Hemp 
thread. 634 

[622. Seiiu Kumada, Kumamoto. Mat- 
tings. 685 

[623. Seishiro Ishizaka, Kumamoto. 
Wheat straw braids. 635 

[624. Seizaburo Osawa, Osaka. Rush 
mattings. 635 

[625. Shichihei Oita, Osaka. Wheat straw 
braid; ropes. 635 

[626. Shokichi Matsuya and three others, 
Hiroshima. Mattings. 635 

[627. TeishirO Tsukiji, Kumamoto. Mat- 
tings. 635 

[628. Tomoji Nakayama, Kochi. Mat- 
tings. 635 

[629. Torakiyo Sato, Tokyo. Fabrics for 
wall decorations. 634 

[630. Yasuemon Nomura, Yamaguchi. 
Wheat straw braids. 635 

[631. Yoshibei Tonobori, Kyoto. Ramie 
fabrics. 634 

GROUP 101. 

[632. Hachirobei Niimi, Kyoto. Hemp 
fabric. 634 

GROUP 102. 

[633. Aichi Trading Association, Aichi. 
Cotton fabric. 638 

[634. Akitaro Sadakata, Tochigi. Cot- 
ton fabric. ' 638 

[635. Benjiro Suto, Gumma. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

[636. Buemon Fuchinoue, Kagoshima. 
Handkerchiefs. 639 

[637. Buemon Fujinoue, Kagoshima. Cot- 
ton fabrics. 638 

[638. Bunroku Oka, Kyoto. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

[639. Bunzaemon Kakiage, Gumma. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

[640. Chikataro Shimizu, Saitama, Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

[641. Chotaro Hatsugai, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

[642, Chozo Washio, Hyogo. Canvas. 


[643. Daijiro Temita, Nagoya. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

[644. Gempei Maruyama, Tochigi. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

:645. Gihachi Koizumi, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

[646. Gonjiro Yamamoto, Nagoya. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

1647. Hachirobei Niimi, Kyoto. Cotton 
fabrics. 638 

1648. Hanjiro litsuke, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1649. Hanzaemon Komai, Shiga. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1650. Hanzo Shinozaki, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1651. Hatsuji Suzuki, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1652. Heihachi Kitagawa, Kyoto. Table 
cover. 638 

1653. Heijiro Izawa, Tokyo. Towels. 


1654. Hidezo Funaki, Tottori. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1655. Hikoemon Yokoe, Shiga. Cotton 
fabric. _ 638 

1656. Ichiemon Koizumi, Saitama. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

1657. Ichigoro Kawakubo, Saitama. 
Fabric (silk and cotton mixed). 638 

1658. Ihei Oguma, Saitama. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1659. Isaburo Nagashima, Tochigi. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

1660. Iwajiro Fujimura, Kyoto. Cotton 
flannel. 638 

1661. Jimbei Funaki, Tottori. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1662. Jisaburo Yanai, Hyogo. Cotton 
flannel. 638 

1663. Jisaku Yamaguchi, Saitama. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1664. Jyutaro Okada, Tokyo. Cotton 
fabrics. 638 

1665. Kahei Shibata, Nara. Cotton fabric. 


1666. Kahei Shiraishi, Chiba. Cotton 
fabric. • 638 

1667. Kakubei Noguchi, Kyoto. Tapestry. 


1668. Kaneshichi Maeta, Tokyo. Cotton 
fabrics. 638 

1669. Kashiro Sato, Aichi. Cotton fabric. 


1670. Katsuemon Shimizu, Saitama. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

1671. Katsujiro Saw^ai, Tokyo. Cotton 
fabrics. 638 

1672. Katsusaku Yamauchi, Tokyo. Cot- 
ton fabrics. * 638 

1673. Kichibei Fukai, Chiba. Cottpn 
fabric. 6^", 

1674. Kihei Shimomura, Saitama. Cottoii ' 
fabric. _ 638 

1675. Kihei Yahagi, Saitama. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1676. Kitaro Takasawa, Gumma. Cotton 
fabric. 638 



Yarns, Linen, Vegetable Fibres, Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and Mixtures of Wool. 

1677. Kohei Endo, Saitama. Cotton fabric. 


1678. Kojyuro Mogi, Gumma. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1679. Kotaro Iwakami, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1680. Kumataro Otsuqa, Gumma. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1681. Kyubei Kawashima, Tochigi. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

1682. Kyujiro Kawakami, Kyoto. Fig- 
ured fabric. 638 

1683. Manjiro Mizota, Tokyo. Cotton 
fabrics. 638 

1684. Mankichi Takagi, Aichi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1685. Masuke Tsubata, Shiga. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1686. Minekichi Kikuchi, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1687. Mohei Kojima, Gumma. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1688. Mohei Sunaga, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1689. Motoshichi Maekami, Ehime. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

1690. Nagakau Tu Nagakubo, Toyama. 
Handkerchiefs. 639 

1691. Naoyoshi Nishida, Osaka. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1692. Nizarmon Terada, Osaka. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1693. Rihei Mamifuda, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1694. Rihei Shinozaki, Tochigi, Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1695. Ryosuke Iwamoto, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1696. Ryotaro Mori, Gumma. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1697. Sashichi Sekine, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

i6q8. Seishichi Sasaki, Kyoto. Carpets. 

. 638 

1699. Seishoku Association, Aichi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1700. Senshichi Onda, Tottori. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1701. Sennosuke Ushiyama, Tochigi. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

1702. Sheizaemon Ishikawa, Kanagawa. 
Cotton fabric. 638 

1703. Shimpei Arai, Tochigi. Cotton fab- 
ric. 638 

1704. Kahei Shiraishi, Chiba. Handker- 
chief. 638 

1705. Shobei Kawamura, Tokyo. Cotton 
fabrics. 638 

1706. Shohei Kuwaka, Tottori. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1707. Sukejiro Kojima, Aichi. Cotton fab- 
ric, 638 

1708. Sukesaburo Kotsuka and two others, 
Aichi. Cotton fabric. 638 

1709. Taichiro Kawashina, Gumma. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

1710. Temma Weaving Company, Osaka. 
Cotton flannel. 638 

1711. Tokuji Kiriyama, Tokyo. Cotton 
fabrics. 638 

1712. Tomokichi Kashiwasaki, Tochigi, 
Cotton fabric. 638 

1713. Torazo Mogi, Tochigi. Cotton fab- 
ric. 638 

1714. Toshiro Okonogi, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. ^8 

1715. Tosuke Nasu, Osaka. Tapes. 638 

1716. Tsunehachi Nishikawa, Tokyo. Cot- 
ton handkerchiefs. 638 

1717. Umajiro Iwaba, Kanagawa. Cot- 
ton fabric. 638 

1718. Yoichiro Okamoto, Chiba. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1719. Yoshibei Sunaga, Tochigi. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1720. Yoshitaro Koizumi, Tochigi. Cot- 
ton fabric. 6.38 

1721. Yoshitomi Yanase, Ehime. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

1722. Yuzo Ikeda, Kyoto. Table cover. 


1723. Zenbei Tanaka, Gifu. Cotton fab- 
ric. 638 

1724. Zenzaburo Segawa, Ehime. Cotton 
fabric. 638 

GROUP 103. 

1725. Chojiro Okada, Tokyo. Feather 
fabric. 651 

1726. Hatsuji Suzuki, Tochigi. Fabric 
(silk and cotton mixed). 644 

1727. Heibei Sakamoto, Osaka. Woolen 
fabric. 641 

1728. Kojiro Harai, Osaka. Flannels. 644 

1729. Kuranosuke Okata, Tochigi. Cot- 
ton fabric with wool. 647 

1730. Seikichi Ida, Osaka. Drugget. 648 

1731. Takuhei Tada, Tokushima. Wool- 
en fabric, woven on cotton warps. 645 

1732. Yakichi Kuribayashi, Hyogo. Hair 
fabric. 651 

1733- Yoshibei Tonohori, Kyoto. Woolen 
fabric. 641 

1734. Yoshitaro Yenoshima and four others, 
Tokushima. Woolen fabric, woven on 
cotton warp. 645 

1735' Zempei Harigasane, Tokyo. Feather 
fabric. 651 

GROUP 104. 

1736. Eitaro lijima, Kanagawa. Straw 
hats. 654 



Woven and Felted Goods of Wool and Mixtures of Wool, Furs, Laces, Embroidery, Etc. 

1737. Fuji Ccndo, Gumina. Grant bonnet. 

1738. H iemon Nagakura, Shizuoka. 
Hats, made with bamboo. 654 

1739. Ichibei Kumagai, Kyoto. Jap:3,nese 
robes. 653 

1740. Inajiro Gtsuka. Tokyo. Boots and 
shoes. 656 

1741. Inosuke Kemoto, Tokyo. Clnthinw-. 


1742. Isao Murakami, Tokyo, bhoes and 
boots. 656 

1743. Jirobei Miura, Osaka, Underv/ear. 

1744. Morizo linuma, Tokyo. Shoes. 656 

1745. Sakura Company, Tokyo. Boots 
and shoes. 656 

1746. Seizaemon Ishikav/a, Flanagawa. 
Gov/ns. 653 

1747. Shinshichi lida, Kyoto. Japanese 
robjs. 653 

1748. oeishokusha, Aichi. Clothing. 652 
1740. Takijiro Kutsutani, Tokyo. Belt. 


1750. Takuzo Otsuka, Tokyo. Japanese 
robes with accessories. 653 

1751. Tokuemon Mitsugoshi, Tokyo. 
Dresses. 653 

1752. War Dept. Ways and Means Bu- 
reau. Military uniforms. 653 

1753. Waichi Okamoto, Osaka. Under- 
wear. 652 

1754. Wakichiro Omura, Tokyo. Gowns, 
sash, etc. 653 

1755. Yasu Araki, Osaka. Gown and belt. 


1756. Yoshitaro Enoshiraa and four others, 
Tokushima. Clothing. 652 

1757. Zembei Ono, Kyoto. 

a Japanese clotliing. 652 

b Japanese gowns. 653 

GROUP 105. 

1758. The Imperial Fishery Company, 
Hokkaido. Furs. * 660 

GROUP 106. 

1759. Benjiro Miyamoto, Osaka. Tapes- 
try. 670 

1760. Bunsuke Imasaka, Kyoto. Fans. 


1760a. Bu- 

K'/oto. Fans. 667 

1761. Chyu Mizutani, Osaka. Fans. 667 

1762. Dembei Kashimitsu, Kanagawa. 
Embroidery work. 669 

1763. Dembei Kitagawa, Nara. Fars. 


1764. Einosuke Kiyohara, Tokyo. Plaque. 


1765. Eizaburo Ikeda, Osaka. Fans. 667 

1766. Fusajiro Nakamura, Kyoto. Fans. 


1767. Giichi Kimura, Hyogo. 

a Gold laces. 664 

b Thread; embroidery screens. 665 

1768. Gisuke Nakamura, Osaka. Buttons. 


1769. Gisuke Tsukamoto, Kyoto. Fans. 


1770. Hanzaburo Imamura, Nagasaki. 
Embroideries. 669 

1771. Heibei Watatani, Ishikawa. Em- 
broidery. 665 

1773. Higher Girls' Training Institute, 
Ishikawa. Embroidery work. 665 

1773. Hikosaburo Watani, Osaka. Tap- 
estry. 670 

1774. Ichibei Kawagishi, Kumamoto. 
P'ans. 667 

1775. Morimura, Tokyo. Fans. 


1776. Ikunosuke Yoshimasu, Osaka. Arti- 
ficial flowers. 666 

1777. Inosuke Matsui, Tokyo. Cigar case. 


1778. Isuke Nakajima, Kyoto. Fans. 667 

1779. Iwazo Mitani, Osaka. Tapestry. 


1780. Jimbei Kawashima, Kyoto. Em- 
broideries. 666 

1781. Jisaburo Sasaki, Kyoto. Fans. 667 

1782. Jokyo Teiami, Kyoto. Fans. 667 

1783. Kakubei Noguchi, Kyoto. Tapestry. 


1784. Kambei Kawase, Kyoto. Tapestry 
(handmade). 670 

1785. Kansai Trading Company, Kyoto. 

a Fans. 667 

b Embroideries. 669 

c Tapestry. 670 

1786. Katsu Makita, Tokyo. Laces. 664 

1787. Kichibei Furusawa, Kyoto. Fans. 


1788. Kichibei Nakamura, Tokyo. Card 
receivprs. 665 

1789. Kihei Kawakatsu, Osaka. Fans. 


1790. Kisaburo Ishizumi, Kyoto. Fans. 


1791. Kisaburo Nishio, Tokyo. 

a Artificial flowers. 666 

b Fans. 667 

c Pins. 668 

1792. Kitaro Yoshizawa, Tokyo. Em- 
broideries. 666 

1793. Kiyoko Mochigase, Tokyo. Laces. 


1794. Kosei Association, Saga. Tapestry. 


1795. Kumekichi Shiomasu, Nagasaki. 
Embroidery. 665 



Laces, Embroideries, Trimmings, Artificial Flowers, Fans, Etc. 

1796. Kyoto Itomono Association, Kyoto. 
Threads for embroiderinj:^;. 6G4 

1797. Kyugoro Hirano, Kyoto. Fans. 667 

1798. Kyujiro Yamada, Osaka. Artificial 
flowers. 666 

1790. Kyukichi Miki, Kagawa. Fans. 


1800. Manji Hattori, Tokyo. Artificial 
flowers. 666 

1801. Mankichi Tanaka, Kagawa. Fans. 


1802. Masanori Hanawa, Kyoto. Fans. 


1803. Masataro Sakurai, Osaka. Fans. 


1804. Matsujiro Kawamoto, Osaka. Tap- 
estry. 670 

1805. Mohachi Saito, Kagawa. Fans. 


1806. Mohei Inoue, Aichi. Fans. 667 

1807. Naojiro Teshigawara, Gifu. Fans. 


1808. Naotaro Suzuki, Tokyo. Cuff but- 
tons. 668 

1800. Nao Tsuruta, Tokyo. Embroideries. 


1810. Narazo Fukuoka, Osaka. Embroid- 
ered plaques. 669 

181 1. Otojiro Okuma, Tokyo. Fans. 667 

1812. Rinosuke Toyama, Osaka. Hemp 
tapestry. 670 

1813. Risaburo Oda, Shizuoka. Fans. 


1814. Rishichi Tanaka, Kyoto. Em- 
broideries. 605 

1815. Risuke Sugiyama, Kobe. Tapestry. 


1816. Saburobei Kanasawa. Fans. 667 

1817. Saijiro Shiba, Osaka. Tapestry. 


1818. Sanemon Mitzushima, Tokyo. Em- 
broideries. 66.5 

1819. Seishichi Tanaka, Kyoto. Em- 
broideries. 66.5 

1820. Seitaro Ishikawa, Kagawa. Fans. 


1821. Seizaemon Ishikawa, Kanagawa. 
Trimmings. 668 

1822. Shigezo Rinami, Kyoto. Fans. 667 

1823. Shimbei Endo, Kyoto. Fans. 667 

1824. Shinsuke Nakamura, Osaka. Arti- 
ficial flowers. 666 

1825. Shiro Katayama, Kagawa. Fans. 


1826. Shohei Shiino, Kanagawa. Em- 
broidery work. 669 

1827. Shotaro Fujimoto, Osaka. Tapestry. 


1828. Shotaro Ohashi, Kobe. Tapestry. 


1829. Sobei Wakano, Osaka. Tapestry. 


1830. Sojiro Hashino, Osaka. Tapestry. 


1831. Soshichi Kumai, Osaka. Artificial 
flowers. 666 

1832. Soshiro Nishita, Kyoto. Fans. 667 

1833. Sozaemon Nishimura, Kyoto. Art 
embroidery works. 6f)9 

1834. Sozaemon Seko, Hyogo. Embroid- 
ered screens. 670 

1835. ShunshiShimada, Kumamoto. Fans. 


1836. Tadamasa Hayashi, Tokyo. Em- 
broideries. 669 

1837. Taemon Abe, Ishikawa. 
a Table cover. 665 
b Embroidered silk fans. 667 

1838. Takejiro Kokama, Kagawa. Fans. 


1839. Tamuro Okamoto, Ishikawa. Em- 
broidery. 665 

1840. Tasaburo Morimoto, Kyoto. Fans. 


1841. Tatsuo Sawada, Okayama. Fans. 


1842. Tobei Tomiha, Kagawa. Fans. 667 

1843. Tokujiro Sasa, Kyoto. Fans. 667 

1844. Tokyo Lace Institute, Tokyo. 
Laces. 664 

1845. Torajiro Shiba, Osaka. Tapestry. 


1846. Toramatsu Suzuki, Aichi. Fans. 


1847. Toyo Aoki, Tokyo. Rings and ear- 
rings. 668 

1848. Tsunejiro Shida, Aichi. Embroid- 
eries. 669 

1849. Tsuneshichi Kamedani, Kyoto. 
Fans. 667 

1850. Umajiro Kumihashi, Kagawa. Fans. 


1851. Wakichi Matsui, Hyogo. Cotton 
and hemp tapestry. 670 

1852. Wakichiro Omura, Tokyo. Em- 
broideries. 669 

1853. Yanosuke Kawamura, Kyoto. Fans. 


1854. Yasubei Fukuda, Kyoto. Fans. 667 

1855. Yasubei Yamamoto, Shizuoka. 
Fans. 667 

1856. Yasuke Takamasu, Osaka. Fans- 


1857. Yoichi Ishikawa, Kagawa. Fans. 


1858. Yoichi Kubota, Osaka. Fans. 667 

1859. Yoshiji Watatani, Ishikawa. Em- 
broidery. 665 

i860. Yoshimatsu Matsuura, Kanagawa. 
Embroidery work. 665 



Trimmings, Artificial Flowers, Fans, Hair Work, Traveling Equipments. 

I6i. Yoshinosuke Kimura, Kyoto. Fans. 


162. Yutaro Mizuto, Ishikawa. Em- 
broidered fans. 667 

163. Yozo Watanabe, Tokyo. Embroid- 
eries. 669 
(64. Zembei Ono, Kyoto. 

a Lace. 664 

b Embroideries. 66.5 

c Fans. 667 

165. Zembei Watanabe, Kyoto. Fans. 


166. Zenkichi Shibamura, Osaka. Tapes- 
try. 670 

GROUP 107. 

167. Kikumatsu Kato, Tokyo. 

a Hair pins. 673 

b Combs. , 67.5 

168. Kosuke Kano, Osaka. Tooth 
brushes. 675 

169. Naotaro Nakada, Osaka. Tooth 
brushes. 675 
[70. Osaka Seigyo Company, Osaka. 
Brushes. 675 
171. Ryunosuke Minakuchi, Osaka. 
Tooth brushes. 675 
(72. Sanen Company, Kawaga. Straw 
brushes. 675 
[73. Shoeigumi, Osaka. Combs. 675 
(74. Sosuke Hoshino, Tokyx>. Combs. 

175. Takijiro Kutsutani, Tokyo. 

a Hair pins. 673 

b Combs. 675 

J76. Tokichi Kawabe, Osaka. Brushes. 

J77. Tokusaburo Ise, Osaka. Combs. 

578. Toramatsu Suzuki, Nagoya. 
Brushes. " 675 

GROUP 108. 

J79. Arinobu Mitani, Fukuoka. Parasols. 

J80. Chiryo Hirose, Ishikawa. Cigarette 
case (lacquered). 680 

J81. Chyojiro Okada, Tokyo. 

a Satchels. 678 

b Leather work. 680 

c Canes. 681 

582, Daisuke Nagata, Hyogo. Bamboo 
canes. 681 

J83. Ganzo Nakamura, Nagoya. Um- 
brella handles. 682 
J84. Genshiro Shimizu and six others, 
Gifu. Canes. 681 

385. Genzo Iwamoto, Hyogo. Bamboo 
canes. 681 

386. Gunshyodo, Hiroshima. Canes and 
handles of umbrellas. 681 

1887. Hakata Association, Fukuoka. Ha- 
kata silk bags. 680 

1888. Hampei Koshino, Kanazawa. Lac- 
quered cigarette case. 680 

1889. Himeji Trading Company, Hyogo. 
Leather and imitation leather works. 680 

1890. Hiroshima Parasol Company, Hi- 
roshima. Parasols. 682 

1891. Hyoemon Nagakura, Shizuoka. 
Satchel made with sago palm. 678 

1892. Ichibei Kawagishi, Kumamoto. 
Dress suit case. 678 

1893. Ichimatsu Oda, Osaka. Valises. 


1894. Ichizaemon Matsumoto, Tokyo. Ex- 
cursion lunch set. 676 

1895. lemon Tanimura, Tokyo. Match 
boxes. 680 

1896. Jennosuke Fukumoto, Kanagawa. 
Purses. 678 

1897. Jinemon Wada, Osaka. Umbrellas. 


1898. Jinzaburo Goto, Kumamoto. Japa- 
nese umbrella. 682 

1899. Kanzaemon Watanaba, Kanagawa. 
Canes. 681 

1900. Kichibei Nakamura, Tokyo. Purses. 


1901. Kichibei Yoshida, Hyogo. Bamboo 
canes. 681 

1902. Kijyuro Kitamura, Osaka. Canes. 


1903. Kimpei Harishige, Tokyo. Feather 
fabric. 678 

1904. Kisaburo Matsumoto and nine others, 

a Lunch basket. 676 

b Satchels, etc. 678 

c Collar, cuff and cigar cases. 680 
d Canes. 681 

1905. Kisaburo Nishio, Tokyo. Smoking 
pipe. 680 

1906. Kumagoro Taniguchi, Tokyo. 
Leather work. 680 

1907. Matsuzo Ichimasa, Osaka. Mirrors. 


1908. Minoru Kishida, Hyogo. Handbags. 


1909. Mitsuzo Hirai, Hiroshima. Canes. 


1910. Mondo Tanaka, Osaka. Carved 
wood works. 682 

1911. Mosuke Kuroda, Nagoya. Boxes 
of lacquered papier-mache. 680 

1912. Motaro Awamura, Osaka. Cigar 
cases. 682 

1913. Naojiro Tsehigawara, Gifu. Para- 
sols. 682 

1914. Naosaburo Mitani, Tokyo. Smoking 





Traveling Equipments, Rubber Goods, Toys and Fancy Articles. 

1915. Parasol Manufacturers' Association, 
Kagawa. Parasols. 682 

1916. Sadajiro Hosomi, Osaka. Bags. 680 

1917. Seizo Yamamoto, Tokyo. Imita- 
tion leather works. 680 

1918. Senroku Ikeda, Saga. Tobacco 
pouch and pipe. 680 

1919. Setsu Endo, Gifu. Parasols. 682 

1920. Shichihei Oita, Osaka. Cane heads. 


1921. Takijiro Kutsutani, Tokyo. 

a \'alises. 678 

b Fancy leather work. 680 

c Canes. 681 

1922. Taro Shimosuke, Kyoto. Baskets 
and mattings. 676 

1923. Tomozo Watanabe, Tokyo. Cigar 
cases. 680 

1924. Torakiyo Sato, Tokyo. Parasols. 


1925. Toyohachi Yasuda, Gifu. Parasols. 


1926. Toyosaburo Yoshioka, Tottori. Par- 
asols. 682 

T927. Toyotaro Kusakari, Tokyo. Match 
boxes. 680 

1928. Tsunejiro Kokagi, Nara. Canes. 


1929. Usaburo Okamiya, Tokyo. Um- 
brellas and parasols. 682 

1930. Yamaga Parasol Manufacturing 
Company, Kumamoto. Parasols. 682 

1931. Yasubei Yamamoto, Shizuoka. 
Canes. 681 

GROUP 109. 

1932. Lacquer Work Company, Tokyo. 

Lacquered water-proof cloth. 61)2 

1933. Torn Yano, Osaka. Gutta percha 

waterproof cloth. 692 

GROUP 110. 

1934. Buemon I-wasa, Tokyo. Dolls. 698 

1935. Eijiro Matsuyama, Shizuoka. Lac- 
quer work. 695 

1936. Genbei Sakata, Osaka. Drums. 


1937. Gihei Hono, Toyama. Lacquer 
ware. 695 

1938. HachirOji Okuda, Shizuoka. Lac- 
quer work. 695 

1939. Hachisaburd Fujita, Fukushim.a. 
Lacquer work. 695 

1940. Hanjird Shiotani and one other, 
Toyama. Lacquer work. 695 

1941. Haruji Kanamori, Nagoya. Lacquer 
ware. 695 

1942. Hatsuzo Shimizu, Kyoto. Dolls. 


1943. Heibei Wada, Osaka, Dolls and 
bags. 693 

1944. Hidekichi Yasui, Hyogo. Bows anc 
arrows. 69- 

1945. Hisa Nogi, Osaka. Paper toys. 69;; 

1946. Hyoemon Nagakura, Shizuoka. Lac 
quer work. 69i 

1947. Ihei Ikedani, Shizuoka. Lacque; 
work. 69. 

1948. Inaba & Co., Shizuoka. Lacque: 
work. 69; 

1949. Kamejird Shima, Toyama. Lacquei 
work. 69i 

1950. Kamejiro Shinano, Osaka. Toys. 


1951. Kamekichi Osaka, Akita. Lacque: 
work. 69; 

1952. Kano Kitahara, Aichi. Kites. 69- 

1953. Kansai Trading Com.pany, Kyoto 
Dolls. 69; 

1954. Kanzaemon Watanabe, Kanagawa 
Fancy bamboo articles. '^9; 

1955. Karaku Oga, Osaka. Toys. 69; 

1956. Keizo Sakata, Osaka. Pictun 
books. 69i 

1957. Kichiemon Sato, Shizuoka. 

a Bamboo baskets. 69' 

/; Lac(]uer work. 691 

1958. Kichitaro Hasegawa, Tokyo. Toys 


1959. Kichijird Honho, Toyama. Lacquei 
ware. 691 

i960. Kikutard Nakayama, Toyama. Lac 
(jiier ware. 69; 

1961. KinjirO Takagi, Nagoya. Plaque. 


1962. Kiyomatsu Kikuchi, Fukushima 
Lacquer work. 69; 

1963. Kizaemon Takase, Fukushima 
Lacquer work. 69; 

1964. Kohei Iwati, Osaka. Toy Carts 


1965. Koho Takatani, Osaka. Hanging 
pictures. 69; 

1966. Kuzo Kajida, Osaka. Plaques (0 
pictures). 69; 

1967. Kydkichi Honho, Toyama. Lacque 
ware. 69; 

1968. Kyubei Araki, Fukui. Lacque: 
ware. 69; 

1969. Kyuemon Yazawa, Shizuoka 

a Bamboo work. 69' 

/' Bird cage. 69; 

1970. Kyujiro Tamai, Nara. Lacque 
ware. 69; 

1971. Kyusuke Suzuki, Fukushima. Lac 
quer work. 69. 

1972. Lacquer Work Company, Aomori 
Lacquer work. 69; 

1973. Magobei Sakuda, Osaka. Toys. 




Toys, Fancy Articles. 

74. Manji Hattori, Tokyo. 

a Dolls. 693 

b Flower baskets. 695 

75. Masashichi Nakai, Hyogo. Bamboo 
ivork. 695 

76. Minoru Kishida, Hyogo. Hanging 
pictures. 695 

77. Mosuke Kuroda, Nagoya. Lacquer 
work. 695 

78. Nihei Yamada, Osaka. Toys. 693 

79. Ninichi Okada, Tokyo. Fancy arti- 
:les. 695 
Jo. Oho Igarashi, Hyogo. Picture 
'rames. 695 
Ji. Rihei Okamoto, Huogo. Lacquer 
/ase. 695 
52. Rihei Suzuki, Fukushima. Lacquer 
;vork. 695 
J3. Risaburo Nozawa, Osaka. Stuffed 
mimals. 693 

54. Risanji Isogai, Shizuoka. Lacquer 
vork. 695 

55. Risuke Ogura, Osaka. Picture book. 


56. Seijiro Misaki, Kyoto. Toys and 
'ancy articles. 693 

57. Sekko Koyama, Hyogo. Screens. 

!8. Sennosuke Nakagawa, Shizuoka. 
^acquer pictures. 695 

19. SenzO Nakagawa, Shizuoka. Lac- 
juer work. 695 

)0. Shigeji Iwamoto, Hyogo. Hanging 
iictures. 695 

(I. Shebei Echigo, Akita. Lacquer 
vork. 695 

>2. ShOjurO Ishioka, Akita. Lacquer 
vork. 695 

)3. Shotaro Ohashi, Hyogo. Screens 
ind hanging pictures. 695 

>4. Shozaburo Tsuge, Tokyo. Bamboo 
caskets. 695 

)5. Shunji Kikuchi, Fukushima. Lac- 
juer work. 695 

)6. Sobei Wakano, Osaka, Paper toys; 

yj. Sotaro Suzuki, Kanazawa. Pict- 
ires. 695 

)8. TadasaburO Hattori, Nagoya. Lac- 
quer Cloisonne flower vase. 695 
)9. Taheiji Tatsuno, Toyama. Lacquer 
vara. 695 
MJ. Takijiro Kutsutani, Tokyo. Toys. 

)i. Tamekichi Ito, Tokyo. Bamboo 
irticles. 695 

)2. Tatsunosuke Akamatsu, Osaka. 
Plaques (of pictures). 695 

)3. Tatsunosuke Yoshida, Nara. Lac- 
quer ware. 695 

2004. Tatsuzo Kondo, Fukushima. Lac- 
quer work. 695 

2005. TazO Morita, Nara. Lacquer ware. 


2006. Tazo Yasuda, Hyogo. Hanging 
pictures and screens. 695 

2007. Tetsutaro Takahashi, Shizuoka. 
Lacquer work. 695 

2008. TokubeiHayashi, Osaka. Dolls. 


2009. Tokujiro Taniguchi, Kyoto. Toys 
and fancy articles. 693 

2010. TokusaburO Kobayashi, Toyama. 
Lacquer ware. 695 

201 1. Tokutaro Ono, Shizuoka. Lacquer 
work. 695 

2012. Torakiyo Sato, Tokyo. 

a Dolls. 693 

b Bonbon box. 694 

c Fancy articles. 695 

2013. Toyokichi Akagi, Fukushima. Lac- 
quer work. 695 

2014. Tsugihatsu Takayanagi, Toyama. 
Lacquer ware. 695 

2015. Tsunekichi Kimura, Toyama. Tor- 
toise shell incense burner. 695 

2016. Tsunesaburo Aoki, Osaka. Plaque 
(picture). 695 

2017. Tsuyoshi Murakami, Osaka. Toys. 


2018. Uhei Shinozaki, Fukushima. Lac- 
quer work. 695 

2019. Wakasanuri Lacquer Work Com- 
pany, Fukui. Lacquered boxes. 695 

2020. WasaburO Yamamoto, Nagoya. 
Trays and vase. 695 

2021. Yaichiro Tanaka, Kyoto. Toys. 


2022. YaozO Mumeda, Fukui. Lacquer 
ware. 695 

2023. YashichirO Kotake, Toyama. Lac- 
quer ware. 695 

2024. Yasubei Yamamoto, Shizuoka. Lac- 
quer and inlaid work. 695 

2025. Yasubei Yokohama, Hyogo. Screens 
and hanging pictures. 695 

2026. Yasusaburo Osumi, Nara. Lacquer 
ware. 695 

2027. Yohei SaitO, Fukushima. Lacquer 
work. 695 

2028. Yonekichi Mamba, Tokyo. Toys. 

Yoshitaka Suwa, Kanazawa. Carv- 


Toyama. Lacquer 

ware. 695 

2031. ZenjirO Suzuki, Fukushima. Lac- 
quer work. 695 

2032. Zenshichi Matsumoto, Hyogo. 
Screens. 695 


ing on lacquering. 
2030. Yukichi Ishii, 



Leather, Scales, Weights, Measures, Material of War, Lighting, Heating. 

2033. Zensuke Komae, Toyama. Lacquer 
ware. 695 

GROUP 111. 

2034. Chojiro Nitta, Osaka. Curried 
leather. 698 

2035. Daijiro Kumagai, Tokyo. Embossed 
leather. 705 

2036. lemon Sato, Tokyo. Leather work. 


2037. Jihei Suga, Hyogo. Leather. 


2038. Kocchiro Yura, Osaka. Curried 
leather. 698 

2039. Kokichi Tanaka, Tokyo. Leather 
work. 705 

2040. Nagasaki Leather Manufacturing 
Company, Nagasaki. Leather. 697 

2041. Seijiro Ino, Osaka. Curried leather. 


2042. Shinjiro Matsukane, Tokyo. 
Leather work. 705 

GROUP 112. 

2043. Seinosuke Yamamoto, Osaka. 

Scales. 706 

GROUP 113. 

2044. Yagoro Getsuyama, Osaka. 
Swords. 717 

GROUP 114. 

2045. Ichimatsu Hashimoto, Osaka. 
Lamps. 719 

2046. Jyubei Kiri, Osaka. Lamp Chim- 
neys. 719 

2047. Kansai Trading Company, Kyoto. 

Lanterns. 720 

2048. Kunimatsu Nishimori, Osaka. Lan- 
terns. 720 

2049. Genshiro Shimizu, Gifu. Lamp 
stand. 720 

2050. Genzo Nakamura, Nagoya. 

a Lamp shades. 719 

b Lanterns. 720 

2051. Masaki Okamoto, Gifu. Lamp. 


2052. Miyoshi Electric Apparatus Manu- 
factory, Tokyo. Electric light fixtures. 722 

2053. Moto Kamiya, Gifu. Lanterns. 


2054. Naojiro Teshigawara, Gifu. 

a Lamp shades. 719 

b Lanterns. 720 

2055. Nippon Lamp Shade Manufactur- 
ing Company. Osaka. Lamp shades. 719 

2056. Shichiroemon Tamai, Tokyo. Lan- 
terns. 720 

2057. Takijiro Aita, Tokyo. Lanterns. 


2058. Toramatsu Suzuki, Nagoya. 

a Lanterns. 72( 

b Candlesticks. 721 

2059. Toshimichi Miyazaki, Gifu. Lan- 
terns. 72( 

2060. Toyotaro Kusakari, Tokyo. Can- 
dlesticks. 721 

2061. Zenshichi Izumi, Gifu. Lanterns. 


GROUP 115. 

2062. Hyozo Yoshikawa, Osaka. Duster, 


2063. Ikumatsu Okumura, Tottari. Lac- 
quered cigar tray. 73( 

2064. Kanamasu&Co., Shizuoka. Papier- 
mache tray. 73C 

2065. Kanjiro Machida, Ibaraki. Cake 
tray. 73C 

2066. Kichimatsu Sugimoto. Osaka. 
Feather brooms and screens. 73C 

2067. KisaburO Natsumoto, and nine others. 
Hiroshima. Dishes, trays, flower vases 
etc. 73C 

2068. Kyuemon Yazawa, Shizuoka. Traj 
(fern work). 73( 

2069. Seiichi Ozawa, Shizuoka. Bamboc 
bread tray. 73C 

2070. Seizamon Ito, Osaka. Pocket 
warmer, etc. 721 

2071. Tokyokichi Katada, Shizuoka. 
Lacquer tray. 7.3(] 

2072. YasaburO Minatomoto, Wakayama, 
Lacquer plates. 730 

GROUP 116. 

2073. Gonjiro Miya, Iwate. Iron pots. 


2074. Hambei Nakamura, Osaka. Tea 
pots. 732 

2075. Hankichi Suzuki, Iwate. Iron pots. 


2076. Harujiro Arisaka, Iwate. Iron pots. 


2077. Heigoro Shimazaki, Saitama. Iron 
kettles. 732 

2078. Kamejiro Uta, Tokyo. Hollow ware 
of iron. 733 

2079. Manji Takahashi, Iwate. Iron pots. 


2080. Nizaemon Koizumi, Iwate. Iron 
pots. 732 

2081. Shinshichi Yoshida, Osaka. Tea 
pots. 732 

2082. Tomiemon Arisaka, Iwate. Iron 
pots. 732 

2083. Tokunosuke Suzuki, Iwate. Iron 
pots. 732 

2084. Yasuke Sano. Osaka. Kettles. 




Vaults, Safes, Hardware, Edge Tools, Cutlery. 






Kaneyoshi Sakai Osaka 
Koryo Harimoto, Osaka. 




2087. Mike Trading Company, Hyogo. 
Shears and hair tweezers. 751 

2088. Shinshichi Yoshida, Osaka. Edge 
tools. 749 

2089. Tetsukichi Senga, Osaka. Razors. 




Furniture of Interiors, Decorations, Art Metal Work, Carvings, Plate, Jevyelry. 

GROUP 90. 

:. Eide, Amalia, Syd-Flatanger. Por- 

tiers; chair covers; wall hangings. 668 
5. Hansen, Frida, Christiania. Pictorial 

hanging. 568 

J. Norsk Husflids Skole, Liadalen. Art 

fabrics; model of hand-loom. 568 

GROUP 93. 

\. Drammens JernstOberi ogMek. Vark- 
sted, Christiania. Statuettes and bust. 


GROUP 96. 

;. Anganes, H. A., Hardanger. Birch- 
wood tankard, box, breastpin and knife. 

). Bakkestojl, O. H., Telemarken. 
Turned wood. 598 

J. BjOrvik, Ole R., Bygstad. Beer tank- 
ards. 598 
5. Borgersen, B., Svelvig. Wood carv- 
ing. ' 698 
). Dagestad, Magnus M., Hardanger. 
Carved articles. 598 
). Djupvik, Hans, Strandvik. Box and 
breastpin. 598 
[. Jacobsen, Edward, Lesjeskogen. 
Boxes. 598 
i. Kinservik, Lars T., Hardanger. Wood 
carvings. 598 
J. Lofthnus, Johs., Hardanger. Boxes, 

card receiver, etc. 598 

\. Norsk Husflids Skole, Liadalen. Wood 
carvings. 598 

;. Nystog, Tollef O., Telemarken. Drink- 
ing horn. 598 

16. Sjothum, Nils, Hardanger. Tankard, 
box and frame. 598 

17. Skaaltveit, Guthorm, North Hardan- 
ger. Wood carvings. 598 

18. Sundvold, Erland O., Vinje, Vosse- 
Stranden. Wood carvings. 598 

19. Tvedt, Johannes, Hardanger. Wood 
carvings. 598 

20. Utne, Sjur Oddsen, Hardanger. Wood 
carvings. 598 

GROUP 97. 

21. Andersen, David, Christiania. 

a Gilt enamelea coffee services; lamps. 

d Silver tableware. 605 

c Fancy articles. 607 

22. Gunnene, Torchel A., GvarO, Skien. 
Drinking cups; tin tankard, etc. 608 

23. Hammer, M., Bergen. 

a Gilt tableware. 604 

d Silver tableware. 605 

c Spoons; fancy articles. 607 

24. RudstrOm, J. A., Fredrikstad. Can- 
delabra, tankard and chalice. 608 

25. Tostrup, J., Christiana. 

a Gilt tableware. 604 

i> Fancy articles. 607 

GROUP 98. 

26. Andersen, David, Christiania. 

a Gold ornaments. 612 

d Diamond jewelry. 613 

c Filigree jewelry. 616 

27. Hammer, M., Berge.: 

a Ornaments and a :i[ique silver ware. 

d Filigree jewelry. 616 



Watches, Clocks, Jute, Ramie, Minora' Fibres, Clothing, Laces, Trimmings, Scales, Etc 

23-ii.Tostrup, J., Christiania. 
a Gold ornaments. 
b Filigree jewelry. 


GKOTjr 99. 
29. To, Kristian Olsen, Talcmarken. Sil- 

ver watches. 


GROUP 101. 

30. Norsk Husflids Skole, Liadalen. Kam- 
mock :. 633 

31. Norsk Husflids Skole, Liadalen. Ar- 
ticles made from root fibres and straw. 


GROUP 103. 

32 Bekhus, Tohanne, '^awland. Tele- 
mark en. Home-,:ov n -ug. 649 

23. Berg, Hans, Stenkjier. Dyed home- 
spuns. 64! 

34. Hauglan, Kjerstina, Traesvig. Home 
woven rugs. 649 

35, Prahl, Hildur, N., Bergen. Home 
woven rugs. 649 

GROUl' 104. 

^6. Gunnene, Torchel A., Gvaro. ?!'>,- 
tiona! costumes. 653 

37. Hallen, Brodrene, Christiania. Gloves. 


38. Helland, Gunhild, Telemarken. Na- 
tional costume. 653 

39. Sundt & Co., Eergen. National cos- 
tumes. 653 

GROUP 106. 

40. Drivdahl, Marie, Christiania. Art 
emljroidcry. 669 

41. Hansen, Fritze, Fredrikshald. Em- 
broidered hjndkcr ,I;icf. 665 

42. Holm, Dcrthea, Moide. Frame of 
leather work. 666 

43. Holm, Lira, Stavan^er. Artistic em- 
broideries. 6C9 

44. Maakestad, Guro Larsen, North Har- 
danger. Embroid.erics. 665 

45. Naesheim, Brita, Hardanger. Afghans 
and embroidery. 665 

46. Norsk Husfiics Skole, Liadalen. li 
hroicl nes. f'f^"- 

47. Oison, Krisfcian, Tclcniarli.:n. Em 
broi lery. 65,' 

48. S!:aaltveit Britha T., II..rth Hardan- 
ger. Embroidery. fJfi-: 

49. Thrane, Raffnhild, Christia.nia. Imitaj 
tion Gobelin hanging. 67(J 

50. Tvedt, Brita, Hardanger. Embroidery, 


51. Wesenberg, Signy, Bergea. 

a Embroid^r^ . 66^ 

i> Art embroidery. 66£ 


anmv io7. 

52. Norsk Husfuds Skole, Liadalen. 



53. Norsk Husfiidj Skole, Liadalen, 
Chri.-tr\ni . Hand-painted nrticlcs. 69," 

54. Olson, Kristian, Telemarken. Dolls. 

GROUP 111 
55 Bergen Committee, Bergen. 

a E)ress_d c<_tfit)h skins seal skins. 69C 
/' Seal ieather. 702 

56. Bruhn, E C , Trondhjem. Calfskins 
and sheepskins. 696 

GROUP 113. 

57. Hagen, L. H., & Co., Christiania. 

a Ri^^es. 714 

/? Snow- hoes; skates. 7lf 

58. Olson, Kristian, Telemarken. Pcv^der- 
horn, etc. 71!: 

C4R0UP 115. 

59. Remmen & Madsen, Kragero, Stoves. 

GROUP 121. 

60. Hesteskosomfabrik Dennorske, 'Chris- 
tiania. Horseshoe nails. 752 

61. Aktiebolaget Kerme"., Christiania. 
Automatic blanket unrolling apparatu'^. 

62. Andersen, Johs, Christiania. Mud 




Cereals, Sugar, Potatoes, Dairy Products, Etc. 



I Rice of various kinds. 6 


2. Biscuits of rice, lotus, sweet pea, grass 




t, etc. 






Potatoes, ; 

stock roots, etc. 


Dried fish 

meats and fowl 


Siamese c 














GROUP 16. 

1. Agricultural implements and farmers' 
tools. 84 

GROUP 17. 

2. Bones, tortoise shells, etc. 90 

3. Elephants, tusks, plain and carved, 
buffalo horns, deer antlers, wild cows' 
horns, rhinoceros' horns, ceroulus' horns, 
horn of chelonia, etc. 90 


GROUP 21. 

4. All varieties of Siamese fruits in wax 


and in paintings. 
15. Jams. 
[6, Preserved and candied fruits. 

GROUP 22. 

[7. Flowers in wax. 

GROUP 24. 

[8. Vegetables and fruit seeds. 




GROUP 38 CLASS 254. 

19. Casting, circular, square, scoop, drag, 
stationary and "soom" fish nets; trapping, 
etc., standing, cap-shaped and washing 
baskets; funnel, and other traps; weirs, 
spears, eel forks, harpoons, tridents, pawn 
scoops, hooks, rods, and lines, and basket 
fence. 254 

GROUP 40. 

20, Shell and horn work. 278 

GROUP 42. 

21. Gold, tin, iron and other ores; rubies, 
sapphires and other gems. 291 


GROUP 85-CLASS 528. 

22. Boats (Models). His Majesty's barge, 
state barges, nobleman's boat, gondola, 
waat boats, Lampanee boat, pet boats, and 
all kinds of fishing and pleasure craft. 

GROUP 89. 

23. Six rolls of plow paper and 78 Khoi 

GROUP 90. 

24. Hat racks. 


GROUP 91. 

25. China rice bowls and covers, full sets 
of rice and curry bowls, sets of perfumery 
cups and covers, sets of powder cups and 
covers, sets of tea cups and spittoons. 576 

26. Earthen goblets, jugs, mortars, etc. 567 


GROUP 94. 

Fancy scent bottles. 




Carvings, Gold and Silverware, Hygiene, Forestry. 

GROUP 96. 

38. Carvings of chess rnen, boxes, brushes, 
animals, cigar stands, and figures in ivory, 
wood, etc. 

GROUP 97— CLASS 604. 

29. Metal Work, Red Gold Articles. Spit- 
toons, tea pots and trays, saucers, cups, 
bowls, jugs, betel bt)xes and betel services, 
set with diamonds, spittoons set with dia- 

30. Gilded. Water bowls, trays and cups, 
betel sets and boxes, tea tray, medicine 
cups, belts and spittoons. 

31. Gilded and Enameled in Blue. Water 
bowls, goblets, trays and covers, tea pot 
and tray, betel boxes and sets, toilet trays 
and set, cigar cases. 

CLASS 607. 

32. Silver Articles. Rice bowls and covers, 
laos bowls, betel trays and sets, tea trays, 
spittoons, water bowls, urns, pots, cups 
and covers, vases, belts, tcnlet service, 
picnic case and snuff box. 

" CLASS 60S. 

33. Enameled, Gilded, etc. Bowls, ladle, 
salvers, urns, water pitchers, toilet sets, 
betel sets, spittoons, basins, vases, cigar- 
ette case, medicine cup and tray. 

34. Brass Utensils. Bowls and trays, fruit 
knives, seed picks, spittoons, eating ser- 
vices, water bowls and dippers, betel mor- 
tars and pestles, engraved bowls and trays, 
rice pots and ladle. 

35. Copper Utensils. Rice pots, cake 
pans and water pots. 

36. Pearl Inlaid Work. Salvers, sacrificial 
trays, boxes, plaques, betel trays, spit- 
toons, medicine chest, inlaid tablets, bowls, 
and cases. 

CLASS 575. 

37. Pottery. Earthen stove Jots, pans, 
mortars, figures of animals., .ower pots 
and sets of perfumery pots. 

CLASS 635. 
GROUP 101. 

38. Mattings. Forty-eight mats of various 
sizes and materials. 

GROUP 108. 

39. Laos umbrella. 682 

GROUP 110. 

40. Lacquered boxes and bowls. 695 

GROUP 111. 

41. Tiger, leopard, deer, buffalo, cow, ottei 
armadillo, python, rays, rhinocer(JS an( 
rabbit skins. ()9( 


GROUP 113. 

42. Siamese bow. 

GROUP 119. 

43. Gold-beaters' anvils and hammers 
shears, tongs, wire mould, files, iron plane 
knives for cutting and hulling the bete 
nut and for other uses. 

GROUP 151. 

44. Collection of photographs and views, 

GROUP 154. 

45. Specimen sets of Siamese money. 897 

GROUP 158. 

46. Guitar, drums, tambourine, violins, 
gongs, cymbals, oboe, organ and har- 


GROUP 19. 

47. Siam. Wax, etc.; shellac, cardamon, 
resinous exudations, dye woods, gum, 
Benjamin, gall nuts, bird's nest, various 
roots, teak boards, knot of pradoo wood, 
burrel of Tabaak wood, specimens of 
Pradoo burrel, board of tamarind wood, 
end of squared teak log, log of Chingchan 
wood, marit wood, teak table logs, jack 
fruit wood, thirty specimens of Siam tim- 

48. Rattan Woods. Varieties of rattan in 
coils, bundles, etc., and canes, rattan cov- 
ers for glass. 

49. Bamboo Woods. Fourteen varieties 
of bamboo woods and wood-working tools. 

50. Basket Work. Trays, salvers, cigar 
stands, betel and tobacCo boxes and 134 
specimens of hamper, betel, market, rice, 
Burnese, flower, string, plat betal, drying 
deep and clothes baskets. 

51. Native trees in wax. 113 

GROUP 160. 

52. Siam. Models of household utensils; 
models of houses; models of floating 
houses; models of palace landing forts 
and palace landing building; priests' fans, 
bags and garments. 



Furniture and Clothing of Partly Civilized Races, Woman's Work. 

■. Malay Clothing. Silk trousers, turban 
cloths, and silk jackets for men and 

.. Song Dam Laos. Cotton scarfs and 
jackets for men and women; trousers. 
;. Luang Prat Bang Laos. — Gold-thread- 
ed scarfs, skirts, quilts, bedspreads, and 
turban cloths. 

[6. Puan Laos. Men's and v/omen's cos- 

y. Lu Laos. Woman's skirt, man's jack- 
ets and trousers, laos bags and napkins. 

,8. Chiengmai Laos. Gold embroidered 
and common skirts. 

,9. Mons. Indian hemp, raw and spun; 
various cloths, skirts, aprons, jackets, 
shoes and cap. 

GROUP 172. 

10. Needle work. Pillows, folding cush- 
ions, raised gold embroidery, tea cozs, silk 
Caps, silk embroidered standing Screens, 
silk hat covers, priest's bag and embroi- 
dered fruits, flowers, arms and historical 

>i. Clay Modeling. Women crouching, 
old woman, boys in costumes, girls in cos- 
tumes, girls standing, man in holiday 
dress, old woman with cane, man sitting, 
man in shirt-sleeves, peasant, blind beg- 

gars, Chinese cooly eating. Chinaman at 
table, young woman on floor, old woman, 
boys, Siam, Chin boys, bracelets, etc., or- 
namental wall piece, table piece (shells), 
wall piece (quarrel), beggar and monkey, 
man and axe, plates of fish, plates of 
frogs, plates of birds, plates of chame- 
leons, white rabbit, leopard, pair buffaloes, 
pair oxen, cat, small gold and silver ar- 
ticles and rings. 

62. Wax. Model of a palace. 

63. Bead work. Baskets, betel tray and 
set of nine pieces, tea cozy, biscuit box, 
bucket, small cups, flowers, game, photo- 
graph frames, chess board and set and 
saka board and set. 

. Silk Clothing. Panungs of silk, gold 
and embroidered and gold and silver 
threaded, panungs, silk sarongs, chanta- 
boon, silk bed spreads, creased scarfs, 
silk scarfs, bathing clothes, a prince's gold 
and silver state robe girdle, silver and 
gold pantalettes, nobleman's robe, girdle 
and doublets, princess' shawls the queen's 
scarf, silk and gold lace shawls, silk crape 
rajkots, red silk girdles, children's silk 
belts, gold-threaded money bags, betel 
pockets, gold lace aprons,tobacco pouches, 
gold lace bat cover. 


Druggists Supplies, Paints, Colors, Dyes, Varnishes, Typewriters, Stationery. 

GROUP 87. 

1. JOnkjOpings Tandsticksfabriks Aktie- 

bolag, Jonkoping. Matches and materials. 


2. Kritbruksbolaget i Malmo, Malmo. 
Chalk. 544 

3. Skanaka Attikfabriken, Perstorp. 

a Organic and mineral acids. 543 

b Chemists' and druggists' wares and 

supplies. 548 

4. Sodertelje Tandsticksfabrik, Soder- 
telje. Matches. 550 

5. Tandsticksfabriks Aktiebolaget Vul- 
can, Gothenburg. Matches and flaming 
lights. 550 

GROUP 88. 

6. Aktiebolaget Barmangens Tekniska 

Fabrik, Stockholm. Inks. 552 

7. Tekniska Aktiebolaget Flora i Gefle, 
Gefle. Inks. 552 

GROUP 89. 

8. Anderson. N. B., Stockholm. Book- 
covers. 561 

9. Beck, F., & Son, Stockholm. Articles 
of leather-intarsia. 661 

ID. Engstrand, Sophie, Stockholm. 

Samples of ruling, type-setting and hand 
printing. 561 



Typewriters, Stationery, Upholstery, Decorations, Ceramics, Mosaics, Monuments, Et( 

11. Gustafsfors Fabrikens Aktiebolag, 
Gustafsfors. Wrapping paper. 658 

12. Hedberg, Gustaf, Stockholm. Leather 
book-covers, cases, etc. 561 

13. Herzog's, P., Bokbinderi och Bok- 
forlags Aktiebolag, Stockholm. Bound 
hymn-books. 561 

14. Holmens Bruks & Fabriks Aktiebolag, 
Norrkjoping. Paper. 560 

15. Lindmansson, J. A. W., Stockholm. 
Book-covers. 561 

16. Munksjo Aktiebolag, Jonkjoping. 

a Building boards and paper. 557 

b Wrapping paper. 558 

17. Munktells, J. H., Pappersfabriks 
Aktiebolag, Grycksbo. Filter-paper; 
samples and pulp. 556 

18. Nilsson, Vitalis, Stockholm. Speci- 
mens of book-binding. 561 

19. Tengwall, Andr., Helsingborg. Letter- 
file, ind&x, and copying book. 564 

GROUP 90. 

20. Ahrberg, Ebba, Upsala. Curtains. 568 

21. Andersson, Aug., Stockholm. Mirror 
and picture frame. 569 

22. Aktiebolaget, J. O., Wengstroms 
Mekaniska Snickerifabrik, Stockholm. 
Parquet floor and panel. 571 

23. Almgren, J. R., Stockholm. Secretaire 
and fire-side settle. 567 

24. Atvidaberg Snickerifabrik, Atvida- 
berg. Oak parquet floors and panel. 571 

25. Beckman, Axel, Norrkjoping. Furni- 
ture. 567 

26. Berg, Edv., Stockholm. Painted ceil- 
ing. 571 

27. Bodafors Stol och Mobelfabrik, 
Sandsjo. Furniture. 567 

28. Brunsson, Johanna, Stockholm. Por- 
tiere and table cover. 568 

29. Erikson Bros., Arvika. Wardrobe 
and covered writing table. 567 

30. Gahne Hedda, Stockholm. Curtains 
and technics. 568 

31. Goransson, Ellen, Ystrad. Scanian 
textile fabric. 568 

32. Johansson, C. A., Wexio. Chest of 
drawers of antique design. 567 

33. Johansson, Carlo., Stockholm. Furni- 
ture. 567 

34. Kulle, Thora, Lund, Portieres, tap- 
estries, etc., of Scanian textures and de- 
signs. 568 

35. Lofgren, A. W., Orebro. Cabinet in 
renaissance style. 567 

36. Lofmark, L. O., Stockholm. Cabinet, 
clock case, panels, etc. 572 

37. Mattsson, A., Stockholm, Furniture. 


38. Olsson, Cilluf, Kjeflings, Portieres 
etc., of Scanian texture and design. 56 

39. Scholander, Sv., Stockholm. 
a Plaster mantel-piece. 57 
b Stucco ceiling. 57 

40. Scholdstrom, Otto, Stockholm. Furni 
ture. 56' 

41. Schdnow, C. L., & Co., Stockholm 
Plaster-work and gilded door and pane] 


42. Svensk Konstslojd Utstallning, Stock 

a Furniture in sixteenth century style 

b Portiers, etc. 56J 

43. Svenska Stajdforeningen, Stockholm 
Suites of furnished rooms, showing devel- 
opment of art industry. 572 

44. Svensson, C. P., Stockholm. Boot 
and clock cases; sofa. 57^ 

45. Widen, C, O, F,, Stockholm, 

a Writing table. 566 

b Church altar. 572 

OROUP 91. }■ 

46. Bellio, Antonio, Stockholm. Table- 
top of mosaic work. 580 

47. Ekstam, Josephine, Stockholm. 
Painted porcelain; pyrotypic ornamented 
objects. 577 

48. Hoganas Stenkolsbolag, The Sound, 
a Brick and terra cotta articles. 574 
b Pottery. 575 
c Fancy articles. 576 

49. Kardell, Maria, Stockholm, Porce- 
lain vase. 577 

50. Kohler, T, G., Borringe, Bricks and 
and ornamental tiles. 574 

51. Minnesbergs Tegelbruks Aktiebolag, 
Minnesberg. Bricks and terra cotta 
ware. 574 

52. Rorstrands Aktiebolag, Stockholm. 
Earthenware; porcelain, etc. 576 

53. Skromberga Stenkols & Lercindustri 
Aktiebolag, Ekeby. Tiles and bricks; 
ornaments; pipes and chimneys. 574 

54. Wallakra Stenkols Aktiebolag, Bille- 
sholm. Fire-bricks. 574 

GROUP 92. 

55. Gossaters Stenhuggeri Aktiebolag, 
Gossater. Mantel. 583 

56. Grafversfors Stenhuggeri och Sliperi, 

a Granite monuments. 581 

b Granite ornaments. 582 

57. Lundberg, Th,, Stockholm, Mantel 
decoration. 583 

58. Melkerssons, J. A,, Porfyrverk, Orsa. 
Porphryry ornaments. 582 



Art Metal Work, Glass and Glassware, Woolens, Etc. 

GROUP 93. 

I. Beskow, Bernhard, Gothenburg. Buck- 
ler. 585 
I. Carlsteirx, P. A., Soderkoping. Brass 
lamp and bronze ornaments. 585 
. Husgvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag, 
Jonkoping. Decorative arms. 585 
. Norrstrom, C, Hj., Stockholm. Vases, 
bucklers and cabinets with steel etchings. 


3. Wiklund, W., Stockholm. Iron 

bracket lamps. 585 

GROUP 94. 

\. Reijmyre Bruks Aktiebolag, Reijmyre. 
a Glassware for chemists. 590 

b Table glassware. 592 

c Fancy glassware. 593 

GROUP 96. 

Aktiebolaget Universal-Svarfveriet, 
Stockholm. Carved umbrella and parasol 
handles. 598 

Aman, Emy, Linkoping. Carved cab- 
inet. 598 

Dikman, August, Falun. Carved 
wood album. 598 

Dtlben, Hertha Louisa von, Stock- 
holm. Wood carving. 598 

Frisk, Elisabeth, Stockholm. Cabinet 
and easel with portfolio. 598 

Johnsson, Hanna, Stockholm. Carved 
chest, album and portfolio. 598 

. Monthan, Maria, Stockholm. Carved 
chair and chest; carved wood articles. 598 

Netzel, Sigrid, Stockholm. Carved 
box. 598 

. Reijmyre Bruks Aktiebolag, Reijmyre. 
Exhibition cups for museums. 602 

. Soderberg, Euphemia, Stockholm. 
Carved box and portfolio. 698 

Svensk Konstslojd Uttstallning, Stock- 
holm. Carved articles. 598 

GROUP 97. 

I. Carlstein, P. A., Soderkoping. Silver 
toilet articles. 607 

'. Eriksson, Christian, Arvika. Silver 
cup and cane head. 607 

Green, C. E., Norregard. Fancy 
s|oons and engraved articles. 607 

Guldsmedsaktiebolaget, Stockholm. 
Sdver tableware. 605 

Hallberg, C. G., Stockholm. 

a Copy of cup given to Gustavus 

Adolphus by Nuremberg Protestants. 


i> Toilet set and cups; historical spoons. 


81. Menkaw, Anna, Stockholm. Drinking 

cup and goblets of copper britannia 
metal. " 608 

82. MoUenborg, Gustaf, Stockholm. 

a Gold and silver articles. 604 

d Silver tableware. 605 

83. Santesson, Fr. Abr,, Stockholm. 
Candle-sticks, drinking-cups, goblets, 
etc., of pewter and britannia metal. 608 

GROUP 98. 

84. Carlman, C. F., Stockholm. Col- 
lections of stars of Royal Swedish Orders 
of Knighthood. 616 

85. Hallberg, C. G., Stockholm. Silver- 
gilt jewelry in Swedish national style. 616 

GROUP 99. 

86. Halda Tickurfabriks Aktiebolag, 

Svangsta. Watches and parts. Timing 
apparatus. 617 

87. Linderoth, G. W., Stockholm. Clocks 
and chronometers. 621 

GROUP 100. 

88. Almgren, K. A., Stockholm. Up- 
holstery silk. 629 

89. Jonsson, Mrs. Hilma, Stockholm. 
Silk under-bodies. 630 

90. Lennings, John Vafskola, Norrkjtiping. 
Upholstery silk; silk wall covering. 629 

GROUP 102. 

91. Askenstrom, Catharina, Svenstorp. 
Unbleached cloth. 638 

92. Brunsson, Joharna, Stockholm. Linen 
damask table cover. 639 

93. Engestrom, Nina v., Upsala. Table- 
cloths, napkins, towels, aprons and car- 
pet. 639 

94. Handarbetets Vanner, Stockholm. 
Counterpanes. 639 

95. Kulle, Thora, Lund. Cotton aprons, 


96. Olsson, Christina, Walla. Linen 
yarn. 639 

97. Olsson, Cilluf, Kjeflinge. Linen 
floor cloths. 639 

98. Sparre, Caroline, Westervik. Linen 
yarn. 639 

99. Sparre, Sophie, Westervik. Linen 
varn. 639 

GROUP 103. 

100. Olsson, Cilluf, Kjeflinge. 

a Blankets. 642 

d Woolen carpet. 649 

loi. Handarbetets Vanner, Stockholm. 

a Upholstery goods. 646 

/' Carpets. 649 

102. Bengtsson, Kama, Ystad. Carpets, 
technics. 649 



Clothing, Furs, Laces, Toys, Material of War, Etc. 

103. Kulle, Thora, Lund. Woolen stuffs; 

woolen aprons. 641 

104. Lindegren, Annie, Stockholm. Car- 
pets and technics. 649 

GROUP 104. 

105. Husgvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag, 

Jonkjoping. Sewing machines. 659 

GROUP 105. 

106. Ternlund, A., Stockholm. Bear's 

skin. 660 

107. Forssell's, D., Sons & Co., Stock- 

a Carriage covers, fur rugs, etc. 661 

b Fur garments. 662 

GROUP 106. 

108. Andre, Wilhelmina, Stockholm. Knit- 
ted coverlet. 665 

109. Askenstrom, Catharina, Svenstorp. 
Scanian pillow-lace. 664 

no. Fickerman, Lilli, Skofde. Em- 
broidered cushion and tablecloth. 665 

111. Handarbetets Vanner, Stockholm. 

a Embroideries. 665 

b Tapestries. 670 

112. Hebbe, Hulda, Stockholm. Artificial 
flowers. 666 

113. MoUer, Sara, Stockholm, Knitted 
shawls. 665 

114. Nilsson, Emilie, Wermland. Linen 
towels; "shepherd girl's work." 665 

115. Nordenfalk, Elisabeth, Stockholm. 

a Imitation Venetian lace. 664 

b Imitation Venetian lace fans. 667 

116. Nordenfeldt, Maria, Gothenburg. 
Screen; silk embroidery. 669 

117. Nordgren, Johanna, Gefle. Knitted 
counterpanes. 665 

118. Norrman, Hilda, Gelfsborg. Hem- 
stitched sheets. 665 

119. Osterholm, A.,NorrkjGping. Vadstena 
and pillow-lace. 664 

120. Risling, Maria, Nassjo, Lace border 
for handkerchief. 664 

121. Ronstrom, Hilda, Lund. Embroid- 
eries. 665 

122. Rudbeck, Hildur, Upsala. Hearth 
cushion. 669 

123. Stange, Elisabeth, Stockholm. Gui- 
pure workcloth. 665 

124. Svensk Konstslojd Utstallning, 
Stockholm. Embroidery, Lapp-costume, 
wall hangings, table covers, cushions. 669 

125. Uhlin, Ebba, Wadstena. Thread 
buttons. 668 

GROUP 110. 

126. Ekstam, Josephine, Stockholm. 
Fancy articles of wood and leather. 695 

127. Kroeplien, Emma, Stockholm. Doll 

in national costumes. 6£ 

128. Santesson, Fr. Abr., Stockholn 
Toys. 6S 

tJROUF 111. 

129. Lindberg, Lydia, Stockholm. En: 

bossed leather for chairs. 70 

130. Nordquist, Marianne, Stockholm. 
Embossed leather album. 70 

131. Wrede, Hilda, & Agathe, Wexio 
Embossed and gilt leather covering fo 
chair. 70 

GROUP 113. 

132. Aktiebolaget Bofors Gullspang, 

Bofors. Ingots and shot for cannon; wa 
materials. 71 

133. Aktiebolaget Finspongs Styckebruk 
Skonnarbo. Mounted cannon and shot. 71 

134. Fagersta Bruks Aktiebolag, Westan 
fors. Gun ])arrels. 71 

135. Husgvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag 

a Military small arms. 71 

b Hunting carbines and guns. 71 

136. Jernkontarets Kollektivustallning, 

a Military small arms. 71 

b Heavy ordnance. 71 

137. Svalling & Co., Molntorp. Cut an( 
thrust weapons. 71' 

GROUP 114, 

138. Meyer, Otto, & Co., Stockholm. Can 

delabra of gilt bronze, and electrolier. 72! 

GROUP 115. 

139. Svensson, J. V., Stockholm. Oi 

cooking range and soldering heater. 72! 

140. Wiman, E. A., Stockholm. 

a Gas stove. 72i 

b Petroleum stove. 72i 

GROUP 117. 

141. Aktiebolaget Finspongs Styckebruk 
Skonnarbo. Wire netting and wire cloth 


142. Jernkontarets Kollektivutstallning 

Stockholm. Wire cloth. 73^ 

GROUP 118. 

143. Aktiebolaget Finspongs Styckebruk 

Skonnarbo. Horse shoes. 74f 

144. Degerfors Jernverk, Degerfors. Arti- 
cles of sheet \xo\\. 744 

145. Jernkontarets Kollektivutstallning, 
Stockholm. Horse shoes and crude forg- 
ings, Wfi 



Wrought Iron, Vaults, Safes, Hardware, Cutlery, Plumbing. 

46. Surahammars Bruk, Aktiebolag. 

Bowls of pressed steel plates for milk 
separators, etc. 746 

GROUP 119. 

47. Aktiebolaget Finspongs Styckebruk, 


a Nails, tacks, etc. 747 

b Axes and implements for lumber 

industry. 748 

c Tools for working stone. 749 

d Files. 750 

e Sledges. 752 

[48, Aktiebolaget Osterby Bruk, Osterby. 

Blanks for machines and tools. 752 

[49. Berg, E. A., Eskilstuna. Razors, etc. 

150. Dahlgren, Carl W., Eskilstuna. Scis- 
sors, razors and case knives; skates. 751 
:5i. Engstrom, Joh., Eskilstuna. Razors 
and knives. 751 

152. Eskilstuna Jernmanufaktur Aktiebo- 
lag, Eskilstuna. Table cutlery and shears. 


53. Fagersta Bruks Aktiebolag, Westan- 
fors. Sledges, springs and tools. 752 

54. Forsbacka Jernverks Aktiebolag, 
Forsbacka. Tools. 752 

55. Hallstroms Hadar Kniffabriks Ak- 
tiebolag, Eskilstuna. Pocket knives. 751 

56. Hadengran & Son, Eskilstuna. 
Pocket knives. 751 

57. Hailing, A., Eskilstuna. Daggers 
and knives. 751 

58. Heljestrand, C. V., Eskiltuna. 
Razors. 751 

59. Hults Bruk, Aby. Axes. 748 

60. Jernkontarets KoUektivutstallning, 

a Builders' hardware. 747 

b Axes, adzes, etc. 748 

c Edge tools of various descriptions. 

Jonsson, A. J., Eskilstuna. Pocket 






Liljequist, P., Eskilstuna. 

a Blades for planing machines. 749 

b Saws 
Lindstrom, E.F 

164. NcEsman, E. A. 

and door handles. 

165. Oberg, C. O., 

Files and rasps. 

, Eskilstuna. Tongs. 

Eskilstuna. Locks 

& Co., Eskilstuna. 


166. Sandvikens Kernverke Aktiebolag, 


a Band saws and uncut bands. 750 
b Anvils. 752 

167. Soderfors Bruks Aktiebolag, Soder- 

a Files. 750 

b Tools. 752 

168. Sorensen, N. G., Stockholm. Locks 
and door handles. 747 

169. Stenman, Aug., Eskilstuna. Build- 
ers' hardware. 747 

170. Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags Aktie- 
bolag, Falun. 

a Horse shoe nails. 747 

b Tools. 752 

171. Stridsberg & Biorck, Trollhattan. 
a Machine and plane knives. 749 
b Saws and files. 750 

172. Uddeholms Aktiebolag, Uddeholm. 
a Screws, wire nails, steel springs, 

horse shoe nails, etc. 747 

b Sledges, hammers, locksmiths' an- 
vils, etc. 752 

GROUP 120. 

173. Hoganas Stenkolsbolag, Skone. 

Pipes, tubes and troughs. 754 

174. Skromberga Stenkols Aktiebolag, 

Ekeby. Sewer pipes. 754 

GROUP 121. 

175. Strindberg, A. G., Stockholm. Flags 
with flag-staffs and acorns. 

176. Liljeblad, A. G., Stockholm. Painted 
escutcheons for decoration. 





Druggists Supplies, Glass and Glassware, Stained Glass, carvings. Quarry Product 

GROUP 87. 

1. Andrea, Ph., Berne. Pharmaceutical 

products. 547 

2. Society of Chemical Industry, Basle. 
Chemicals. 546 

GROUP 94. 

3. Falconnier L., Ryon. Glass-bricks for 
building purposes. 591 

GROUP 85. 

4. Kreuzer, Ad., Zurich. Stained-glass 

windows. 596 

GROUP 96. 

5. Althaus & Cie, Meiringen. Wood 
carvin7s. 598 

6. Abegglen-Seiler, Iseltwald. Wood 
carvings. 698 

7. Adplanalp, Joh, Brienz, Wood carv- 
ings. 598 

8. Abplanalp, Jakob, Brienz. Wood- 
carvings. 598 

9. Amacher, Peter, Brienzwyler. Wood 
carvings. 598 

ID. Baumann, Andreas, Brienz. Wood 
carvings. 598 

11. Binder, Ed., & Co., Brienz. Wood 
carvings. 598 

12. Ecole de Sculpture, Brienz. Wood 
carvings. 598 

13. Flack, Peter, Hafstetten. Wood carv- 
ings. 598 

14. Fuchs, Caspar, Brienz. Wood carv- 
ings. 598 

15. Fuchs, Peter, Brienz. Wood carvings. 


16. Gander-Ludi, Brienz. Wood carvings. 


17. Gertsch, Joh, Hofstetter. Wood carv- 
ings. 598 

18. Grossman, A., Interlaken. Wood 
carvings. 598 

19. Huggler-Jager, Brienz. Wood carv- 
ings. 598 

20. Huggler, Joh., Brienz. W(>od carv- 
ings. ' 598 

,?i. Hunziker, Jak., Brienz^. Wood carv- 
ings. 598 

22. Knittel, Otto, Meiringen. Wood can 
ings. 5S 

23. Kehrli, Joh., Mtihlestalden. Woe 
carvings. 5^ 

24. Kehrli-Michel, BOnigen. Wood car\ 
ings. 59 

25. Michel, Christian, Ringgenberg. Woo 
carvings. 69 

26. Michel-Grossman, Brienz. Wood cam 
ings. 59! 

27. Michel, Peter, Bonigen. Wood carv 
ings. 59 

28. Michel- Wtltrich, Brienz. Wood carv 
ings. 59 

29. Miiller, Karl, Hofstetten. Wood carv 
ings. 59 

30. Rachelli, BOnigen. Wood carvings 


31. Roggero, Ernst, Brienz. Wood carv 
ings. 59 

32. Ruof, Peter, Brienz. Wood carvings 


33. Schild, Gebruder, Hofstetten. Woo 
carvings. 59 

34. Schmidiger, Joseph, Brienz. Woo 
carvings. 59 

35. Schmidiger, Anton, Brienz. Woo 
carvings. 59 

36. Schneiter, Joh, Brienz. Wood carv 
ings. 59 

37. Schwalb, Brienz. Wood carvings. 59 

38. Simon, Christoff, Brienz. Wood carv 
ings. 59 

39. Societe pour 1' Industrie de la Sculptun 
Brienz. Wood carvings. 59 

40. Stahli, Kaspar, Brienz. Wood carv 
ings. 59 

41. Wick, Jak., Brienz. Wood carvings 


42. Zumbrunn, Chr., Ringgenberg. Woo 
carvings. 59 

43. Zumbrunn, Peter, Ringgenberg. Woo 
carvings. 59 


44. Chopard, Adhemard, Bienne. Jew^elrj 


45. Ferrero, J., Geneva. Jewelry. 61 

46. Glatou, A., Geneva. Jewelry. 61 



cks, Watches, Traveling Equipments, Wire Goods, Fencing, Vaults, Safes, Etc. 

GROUP 99. 

Bachmann, L., Geneva. Watches. 617 

Baehni & Cie, Bienne. Hair Springs. 


Baume, Alcide, Les Bois. Watches. 


Borel & Courvoisier, Neuchatel. 
Vatches. 617 

Borgel, F., Geneva. Watches. 617 

Borioz & Noguet-Borloz, Vallorbes. 
iles. 620 

Boulanger, Maillard & Cie, Geneva. 
^^atch dials. 618 

Chatelain, Fritz, Neuchatel. Watches. 


Clemence-Beurret, Eugene. La Chaux- 
^e-Fonds. Watches. 617 

Couleru-Meuri, Ch., La Chaux-de- 
^onds. Watches. 617 

Degallier, C, Geneva. Watches. 617 

Ditisheim, Maurice, La Chaux-de- 
'onds. Watches. 617 

Droz-Jeannot fils, Les Brenets. 
Vatches. 617 

Droz & Cie, St. Imier. Watches. 617 

Dufaux,Ch., Geneva. Hair Springs. 618 

Francillon, Ernest, & Cie, St. Imier. 
Vatches. 617 

Golay-Leresche, A., & fils, Geneva. 
Vatches. 617 

Graizely, Arthur, La Ferriers. 
Vatches. ' 617 

Grobet, freres, Vallorbes. Files. 620 

Guye, P., & Cie, Geneva. Hair 
prings. 618 

Herzog, A., Geneva. Mainsprings. 


Jacoby & Cie, Geneva. Watches. 617 

Jeannneret, Alb., & freres, St. Imier. 
Vatches. 619 

Jeanneret, G., & E. Kocher, La 
;haux-de-Fonds. Watches. 617 

jtirgensen, J. Alfred, Le Locle. 
Vatches. 617 

Junod, L. E., Lucens. Jewel holes 
tones. 618 

Klingelfuss, Fr., Basel. Watches. 617 

Lecoultre, Marius, Geneva. Watches. 


Leisenheimer freres, C.& E., Geneva. 
lainsprings. 618 

Matthey-Doret, Paul, Le Locle. 
Vatches. 617 

Milliet, C. A., Geneva. Mainsprings. 


78. Monnier & Frey, Bienne, Watches. 


79. More & Meroz, Geneva. Watch dials. 


80. Nardin, Paul D., Le Locle. Watches. 


81. Parleiry, Eugene, Geneva. Watch oil. 


82. Patek, Philippe, & Cie, Geneva. 
Watches. 617 

Makers of fine, plain and complicated 
watches in 15 different sizes. For sale by 
Spaulding & Co. (incorporated), State and 
Jackson Streets, Chicago. Exclusive agents 
for Chicago. 

83. Perret, Ulysse, Renan. Mainsprings. 


84. Perrenoud, Z., & fils, La Chaux- 
de-Fonds. Watches. 617 

85. Piguet, Guillaume & Cie, Le Sentier. 
Watches. 617 

86. Redard, H.,& fils, Geneva. Watches. 


87. Richardet, freres. La Chaux-de- 
Fonds. Watch-hands. 617 

88. Rozat, Louis, La Chaux-de-Fonds. 
Watches, 617 

89. Sane, Fred. Julian, La Neuveville. 
Watches. 617 

90. Schweingruber, Chr., St. Imier. Main- 
springs. 618 

91. Servet, J. Marc, Geneva. Files. 620 

92. Tschumi, fils, Geneva. Brushes. 620 

93. Vautier & fils, Geneva. Files. 620 

94. Wagnon freres, Geneva. Watch- 
hands. 618 

95. Weill & Cie, La Chaux-de-Fonds. 
Watches. 617 

96. Wirth, E., Geneva. Watches. 617 

97. Wuilleumier freres, Renan. Watches. 


98. Wyss, J., fils, La-Chaux-de-Fonds. 
Dials and enameled articles. 618 

99. Zentler freres, Geneva. Watches. 617 

GROUP 108. 

100. Wuetrich, E., Lyss. Pipes. 680 

GROUP 117. 

lOi. Schindler-Escher, C, Zurich. Bolt- 
ing cloth for flour mills. 738 

GROUP 119. 

102. Grobet freres, Vallorbes. Files. 760 

Hmm Columbian Exposition 

1893 \ 


Pf\RT XI. 

f\RTS Building 


Department L. LIBERAL ARTS 


S. H. PE,f\BODY, Chibp 

Edited bv 

The Department of Publicity and Promotion 

M. P. HANDY, Chief 






Entered according to Act of Congress in the year A. D. 1893, in the office of Librarian of Congress 

at Washington, D, C, by 


Eor the exclusive use of W. B. Conkey Company, Chicago. 

This Catalogue presents the hsts of exhibitors and exhibits as they were installed 

accepted for installation, according to information filed with the editor of 

the Catalogue at the time of going to press. Additional entries, 

withdrawals, or changes in location of exhibits, will 

be noted in a subsequent edition. 


Printers and Binders 



Dimensions, 1,687 by 787 feet. Height of walls, 66 feet. Height of four center pavil- 
ions, 122 feet. Height of four corner pavilions, 97 feet. Height of roof over central hall, 
237.6 feet. Height of roof-truss over central hall, 212.9 feet. Height clear, from the floor, 
202.9 feet. Span of truss, 382 feet. Span in the clear, 354 feet. Width of truss at base, 14 
feet; at hip, 32 feet; at apex, 10 feet. Weight of truss, 300,000 pounds; with purlines, 400,- 
000 pounds. Ground area of building, 30.47 acres. F"loor area, including galleries, 
44 acres. Cost, $1,700,000. Material— 17,000,000 feet of lumber; 12,000,000 pounds of steel 
in trusses of central hall; 2,000,000 pounds of iron in roof of nave. Architect, Geo. B. Post, 
of New York. 

The building is rectangular in form, and the interior is divided into a great central 
hall, 380 by 1,280 feet, which is surrounded by a nave 107 feet wide. Both hall and nave 
have a 50-foot gallery extending entirely around them. 

It is in the Corinthian style of architecture, and in point of being severely classic excels 
most of the other large edifices. The long array of columns and arches which its facades 
present is relieved from monotony by the grand entrances, which are designed in the 
manner of triumphal arches, the central archway of each being 40 feet wide and 80 feet 
high. Surmounting these portals is the great attic story, ornamented with sculptured 
eagles 18 feet high, and on each side above the arches are great panels with inscriptions.!, 
The spandrels are filled with sculptured figures in bas-relief. At each corner of the main, 
building are pavilions designed in harmony with the great portals. f 

The domes on either side of the main archways, eight in number, are magnificently j 
decorated by leading American artists, the subjects being allegorical figures representing j 
the arts and sciences. Extending all around the building is a spacious colonnade nearly a i 
mile long, which looks out upon the lake or lagoon, and forms a cool retreat for the tired 
sight-seers. The exterior of the building is covered with staff, which is treated to repre- 
sent marble, and the columns and window arches are apparently of this material. 

This building is the largest in the world, and is the largest under roof ever erected, 
Its unequaled size makes it one of the architectural wonders of the world. The central hall, 
which is a single room without a supporting pillar under its roof, has in its floor a fraction 
less than eleven acres, and 75,000 persons can sit in this room, giving each one six square 
feet of space. By the same arrangement, the entire building will seat 300,000 people. It 
is theoretically possible to mobilize the standing army of Russia under its roof. The Audi- 
torium is the most notable building in Chicago, but twenty such buildings could be placed 
on this floor. There are 11 acres of skylights and 40 carloads of glass in the roof. There 
are 22 main trusses in the roof of the central hall, and it required 600 flat cars to bring 
them from the iron works to Chicago. These trusses are twice the size of the next largest 
in existence, which are 90 feet high and span 250 feet. The latter are in the Pennsylvania 
railroad station at Jersey City. 


The exhibits in the Liberal Arts department occupy all of the gallery space, except 
Sections F and G, which are devoted to exhibits in the department of Manufactures. 
The Liberal Arts department also occupies Section I, in the southeast corner, on the 
main floor, where all musical instruments are installed. The sections in the gallery are 
lettered from A to K, for the purpose of locating exhibits. The gallery columns are num- 
bered from south to north, or lengthwise with the building, from 1 to 108, and the cross col- 
umns from east to west are lettered from A to Z, west to east. The letter and number fol- 
lowing an exhibit in the catalogue indicate the intersecting point of the column lines 
nearest the exhibit. The location sign "Gal. A, F-19" means that the exhibit is in 
Section A at the point where Column F and Column 19 meet. 

The location of foreign exhibits is indicated under their entry in the catalogue. 



^t?| RESTAURANT ;5 ra CAFE | ,c* t^i?*!] 

/^2 3 4 5 6 7 ff W n 13 15 77 19 20 23124 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 \ 41 43 45 47 49 57 5354 
[ Ha«^« — • » » ' ■ r • A • • ^ » • • • A f ■ • 1* • ' *| A p— * • • • • ^» 

' f MEXICO *'*" ARGENTINE Republic i JAMAICA | 

J Bf » • I I B 1 • I B I I ^J ? \- ^ 








Spain' ▼ I 'o Turkey . 

IM M If 

' 234567 8 10 | 7 7 13 15 77 19 _ 21 _ 2'3 T 24 26 28 30 32 34 ^ 36 , 38 ^4€ \ 41 ^ 4 3 ^ 45 ^ 47 _ 49 ^ 57 ^ 53 54 

New South W AL« a 
I I 

I I 

I I 1 




\P ' 



» * " * * 

i CAN 





7 2 3 4 5 

10 11 13 15 77 19 21 23 




u l - . . 

F TS, L 





I I I, 



I I [ I 


12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10U17 13 IJS 77 19 21 23U24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40(J4J 43 45 47 4.9 57 53 i 

3 4 5 6 7 8 10 

Y li • »■ 

7 7 73 75 

• • • . ■ /^ • 

17 19 21 23 124 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 141 43 45 47 49 57 53 54 

;n's c*feIkitcheni_J restauramt g |gi:ADits TQiUTJ ^LMiits- LAVAT OByJ'-;^^'^°Ji pjtcsB \n^ ra-T ?Tir:\ j ^ | restaurant I^ I cafe j^t. L*^j3*7 ^^ 

- I f 

Copyrighted l§93. by Thk Wobld's Columbiam Kxposition for the exclusive use of W, ~B. CojrsBx Co. 


-V" i 


i|l RESTAURANT | % f ^^^ 

60 62 64 66 68)69 77 73 T5 77 79 81 83 85 \ 86 




90 92 94 96 

; 98 J 9 9 101, 1 02, 103,104,105,10 6,10^8^^ 

"("■l.(H« I I ,„„„• f « ~ I I ~ 


■ 'MM; I .' ' • ■ ' ' ' 

eO 62 64 66 68 69 77 73 75 77 79 87 83 85 



60 62 64' 68 68 





J^Vj '^7^^?^'='79^^ 




__ _ _ 

60 62 64 68 68HI69 77 73 75 77 79 87 83 85 


88 90 


94 96 98 

= 1 






86 88 90 92 94 96 






I I 



90 92 94 96 98 



99 101, 102, 1Q3. 104,105,106,107.108. 


S ffl PERFUMERY _ ' 

. \|f . . . . o . 

H ^ ANO 



H — 








99 101, 102, 103,1 04,1 05J 06,1 07,1 08 



V H^ 

60 62 64 68 68 \69 77 73 75 77 79 81 83 85 86 83 90 92 94 96 98 \ 99 101, 102, 103.104J05.106,107 

TTTTi mnxmmr^} , p ; 







Ground Floor Rlan. 





O 0, 

n a 3 

' ~^ — '- S ' ■ M l I ■ ' | t M ' T TllM *j^ 41 

Hxaos 1 I 7^ T ^ 




GROUP 147. 


ss 824. The nursery and its accessories. 

ss 825. Athletic training and exercise gymnasiums; apparatus for physical develop- 
ment and of gymnastic exercises and amusement; skating, walking, climbing, 
ball-playing, wrestling, acrobatic exercises; rowing, hunting, etc. Special 
apparatus for training in schools, gymnasia; apparatus for exercise, 
drill, etc. 
Lss 828. Alimentation— food supply and its distribution; adulteration of food, markets, 
preparation of food, cooking and serving, school kitchens and arrangements 
for school canteens, methods of warming children's meals, etc. Dinner- 
pails, or receptacles for carrying meals for school children, workingmen 
and others. Restaurants, dining halls, refectories, etc. 
iss 827. Dwellings and buildings characterized by the conditions best adapted to health 
and comfort, including dwellings for workingmen and factory operatives, 
houses and villages for operatives in connection with large manufacturing 
establishments, tenement houses, "flats," and suites of apartments, city and 
country residences, club-houses, school-houses; designs and models of 
improved buildings for elementary schools, infant schools and creches, court- 
rooms, theatres, churches, etc. 
iss 828. Hotels, lodging-houses. 

iss 829. D Public baths, lavatories; public and domestic hygiene. Sanitation — sanitary 
appliances and methods for dwelling-houses, buikiings and cities. Direct 
rent .val of air. Heating, ventilating, lighting, in their relation to health, 
■"onduits of water and sewage. Drains and sewers. Sinks, night-soil appa- 
ratus, sanitary plumbing, walls, bricks, roofs, flooring, etc. Sanitary house 
decoration — non-poisonous paints and wail-papers, floor coverings, wash- 
ables, decorations, etc.- 

Apparatus for carrying off, receiving and treating sewage. Slaughter-house 
refuse, city garbage. 

Apparatus and methods for filtering water and cleansing water-courses. 

Apparatus intended for the prevention of infectious diseases. Methods, mate- 
rials and instruments for purifying and destroying germs; disinfectors. 

Apparatus and fittings for v/arming, ventilating and lighting schools; school 
latrines, closets, etc. 

Special school fittings for storing and drying clothing. 

Precaution in schools for preventing the spread of infectious diseases; school 
sanitaria, infirmaries, etc. 
ass 830. Hygiene of the v/orkshop and factory. (Classification modified from that of 
the London health exhibition.) 

Designs and models for improvement in the arrangement and construction of 
workshops, especially those in which dangerous or unwholesom.e processes 
are conducted. 

Apparatus and fittings for preventing or minimizing the danger to health or 
life from carrying on certain trades. Guards, screens, air-jets, preservative 
solutions, washes, etc. 


Objects of personal use — mouth-pieces, spectacles, dresses, hoods, etc., for i 

in certain unhealthy and poisonous trades. 
Illustrations of diseases and deformities caused by unwholesome trades a 

professions; methods of combatting these diseases; preservative me; 

ures, etc. 
Sanitary construction and inspection of workshops, factories and mines; n( 

inventions or improvements for ameliorating the condition of life of the 
• • engaged in unhealthy occupations; means for economizing human labor 

various industrial operations. 
Class 831. Asylums and homes— asylums for infants and children; foundling 

orphan asylums; children said societies. Homes foraged men and wome 

for the maimed and deformed; for soldiers and for sailors. 
Treatment of paupers; alms-houses. j 

Treatment of aborigines; Indian reservations and homes. \ 

Class 832. Hospitals, dispensaries, etc.; plans, models, statistics. Shed hospitals for i 

fectious fevers and epidemic diseases; tent hospitals; hospital ships; fun 

ture and fittings for sick rooms. 
Class 833. Protective supervision — sanitary supervision; vaccination and its enforc 

ment; isolation of contagious diseases; cjuarantine; prevention and elimin 

tion of animal epidemics. 
Food inspection — treatment of adulterated foods; inspection and analys 

treatment of stale food substances; regulation of abattoirs, mills, etc.; reg 

tion of sale of horses; protective devices. 
Building inspection, etc — building regulations and inspection; building drai 

age an"d plumbing; fire regulations, fire escapes, etc. 
Personal inspection — color tests, etc.; professional examination for licenses. 
Immigration — reception, care and protection of immigrants. 

GROUP 148. 

Class 834. Pharmacology, drugs, pharmacy, etc — medicines, officinal (in any authoril 

tive pharmacopceia) articles of the materia medica, preparations unofficin 

(See Group 87.) 
Class 835. Dietetic preparations intended especially for the sick. (For beef extracts, s 

Class 38.) 
Class 836. Instruments for physical diagnosis, clinical thermometers, stethoscopes, opth; 

moscopes, etc. 
Class 837. Surgical instruments, appliances and apparatus, with dressings, aneestheti( 

antiseptics; obstetrical instruments, etc. 
Class 838. Prosthesis — apparatus for correcting deformities; artificial limbs. 
Class 839. Instruments and apparatus of dental surgery and prosthesis. 
Class 840. Vehicles and appliances for the transportation and relief of the sick ai 

wounded, during peace or war, on shore or at sea. (See also Department ( 

GROUP 149. 


Class 841. Elementary instruction — infant schools and kindergartens. Descriptions 
the methods of instruction, with statistics. 

Class 842. Primary schools, city and country — school-houses and furniture. Apparat 
and fittings. Models and appliances for teaching, text-books, diagran 
examples. Specimens of work in elementary schools. 

Class 843. Domestic and industrial training for girls — models and apparatus f 
the teaching of cookery, housework, washing and ironing, needle-work ai 
embroidery, dress-making, artificial flower-making, painting on si) 
crockery, etc. Specimens of school work. 

Class 844. Handicraft teaching in school for boys — apparatus and fittings for elementa 
trade teaching in schools. Specimens of school work. 

Class 845. Science teaching — apparatus and models for elementary science instructii 
in schools. Apparatus for chemistry, physics, mechanics, etc.; diagran 
copies, text-books, etc.; specimens of the school work in the subjects. 


Art teaching — apparatus, models and fittings for elementary art instruction 
in schools; diagrams, copies, text-books, etc., specimens of artwork, model- 
ing, etc., in schools. 

Technical and apprenticeship schools. — Apparatus and examples used in pri- 
mary and secondary schools for teaching handicraft; models, plans and 
designs for the fitting up of workshop and industrial schools; results of 
industrial work done in such schools. 

Special schools for the elementary instruction of Indians. 

Education of defective classes — schools for the deaf, dumb, blind and feeble- 
minded; adult schools for the illiterate. 

Public schools — descriptions, illustrations, statistics, methods of instruction, etc. 

Higher education — academies and high schools. Descriptions and statistics. 

Colleges and universities. Descriptions, illustrations of the buildings, libraries, 
museums, collections, courses of study, catalogues, statistics, etc. 

Professional schools — theology, law, medicine and surgery, dentistry, phar- 
macy; mining, engineering, agriculture, mechanic arts; art and design; 
military, naval, normal, commercial; music. 

Government aid to education — national Bureau of Education — reports and 

GROUP 150. 


Books and literature, with special examples of typography, paper and binding. 
General works — philosophy, religion, sociology, philology, natural sciences, 
useful arts, fine arts, literature, history and geography; cyclopedias, maga- 
zines and newspapers; bindings, specimens of typography. 

School books. 

Technical industrial journals. 

Illustrated papers. 

Newspapers and statistics of their multiplication, growth and circulation. 

Journalism, statistics of: with illustrations of methods, organization and results. 

Trade catalogues and price lists. 

Library apparatus; systems of cataloguing and appliances of placing and 
delivering books. 

862. Directories of cities and towns. 

863. Publications by governments. 

864. Topographical maps. Marine and coast charts; geological maps and sections; 

botanical, agronomical, and other maps, showing the extent and distribution 
of men, animals and terrestrial products; physical maps; meteorological 
maps and bulletins; telegraphic routes and stations; railway and route 
maps; terrestrial and celestial globes, relief maps and models of portions of 
the earth's surface, profiles of ocean beds and routes of submarine cables. 

GROUP 151. 



865. Weights, measures; weighing and metrological apparatus. — Balances of pre- 

cision, instruments for mechanical caluculation, adding machines, pedo- 
meters, cash registers, water and gas meters, etc.; measures of length, 
graduated scales, etc. 

(For ordinary commercial forms, see also Group 112.) 

(For testing machines, see Class 490.) 

Astronomical instruinents and accessories. — Transits, transit circles, mural 
circles, zenith sectors, altazimeters, equatorials, collimators, comet-seekers. 

Geodetic and surveying instruments. — Transits, theodolites, artificial horizons, 
surveyor's compasses, goniometers; instruments for surveying underground 
in mines, tunnels and excavations; pocket sextants, plane tables and instru- 
ments used with them; ship's compasses, sextants, quadrants, repeating 
circles, dip-sectors, etc. 


Class 868. Leveling instruments and apparatus — hand-levels, water-levels, enginee 
levels, of all patterns and varieties; cathetometers, leveling staves, targe 
and accessory apparatus. 

Class 869. Hydrographic surveying; deep sea sounding. 

Class 870. Photometric apparatus and methods. 

Class 871. Photographic apparatus and accessories. Photographs. 

Class 872. Meteorological instruments and apparatus, with methods of recording, redi 
ing and reporting observations. Thermometers — mercurial, spirit, 2 
ordinary or self-registering, maximum and minimum. Barometers — men 
rial, aneroid; anemometers, rain gauges, etc. 

Class 873. Chronometric apparatus — chronometers, watches of precision, astronomii 
clocks, church and metropolitan clocks, clepsydras, hour-glasses, sun-dij 
chronographs, electrical clocks, metronomes. (For commercial clocks a 
watches, see also Group 99.) 

Class 874. Optical and thermometric instruments and apparatus. 

Class 875. Electric and magnetic apparatus. (See also Department J.) 

Class 876. Acoustic apparatus. 

GROUP 152. 


Class 877. Land surveying, topographical surveying — surveys and locations of towns a 

cities, with systems of water supply and drainage. 
Class 878. Surveys of coasts, rivers and harbors. 

Class 879. Construction and maintenance of roads, streets, pavements, etc. 
Class 880. Bridge engineering (illustrated by drawings and models). 

Bridge designing — drawings and charts, showing methods of calculati 

Foundations, piers, abutments and approaches of stone, wood, etc. 
Arch bridges of stone, wood or iron. 
Suspension bridges of fibre, iron chain and cable. 

Truss bridges of wood, iron and steel — pony, bow-string and plate girde 
lattice girders. Fink, Bollman, Howe, Pratt, Warren, Post, Long, Whipj 
and other trusses of special design. 
Cantilever bridges, draw-bridges, rolling and swinging machinery. 
Tubular bridges. 

Railway, aciueduct and other bridges of special design not elsewhere classed 
(A chart showing date of completion, span, rise, weight and cost of the gn 
bridges of the world, would be of interest.) 
Class 88L Subaqueous constructions — foundations, piers, harbors, breakwaters, buildi 

of dams, water works and canals. 
Class 882. Irrigation — irrigating canals and systems. 

Class 883. Railway engineering — surveying, locating and constructing railways. 
Class 884. Dynamic and industrial engineering — the construction and working of n 
chines; examples of planning and construction of manufacturing a 
metallurgical establishments. 
Class 885. Mine engineering — surveying underground, construction of tunnels, subaqv 
ous tunnels, etc.; locating and sinking shafts, inclines and winzes; drivi: 
levels, draining, ventilating and lighting. (See also Department E.) 
Class 886. Military engineering — construction of earth-works, breast-works and temp 

rary fortifications. 

Class 887. Permanent works — fortifications, magazines, arsenals, mines. 

Class 888. Roads, bridges, pontoons, etc.; movement of troops and supplies. 

Class 889. Constructive architecture — plans of public buildings for special purpos( 

■ large and small dwelling houses. 

Drawings and specifications for foundations, walls, partitions, floors, roofs a 

Estimates of amount and cost of material. 
Designs and models of special contrivances for safety, comfort and conve 

ience in the manipulation of elevators, doors and windows, etc. 

Working plans of the mason, carpenter and painter; designs and models 

bonds, arches, coping, vaulting, etc.; plastering and construction of pai 

tions; painting and glazing. 


Plans of appliances for hoisting, handling and delivering building materials to 
artisans — scaffolding and ladders, special scaffolding for handling great 
weights; portable cranes and power elevators. 

Illustrations of the strength of materials. 

Plans and sections of special architectural forms. Metallic floor beams and 
girders; hollow bricks and other architectural pottery for heating and venti- 
lation; metallic cornice and conduits, shingles and sheathing, glass roofs, 
floors and accessories, architectural hardware. 

Methods of combining materials. 

Protection of foundations, areas and walls against water. 

Working plans for paving and draining. 

GROUP 153. 

890. Various systems of government illustrated — government departments, legisla- 
tive, executive and judicial. 

891. International law and relations — fac-similies of treaties, etc. 

892. Protection of property in inventions. Patent offices and their functions, statis- 
tics of inventions and patents. 

Postal systems and the appliances of the postal service. Letter-boxes, pouches, 
mail-bags, postage stamps, etc. 

Punishment of crime — prisons and reformatories, prison management and disci- 
pline, transportation of criminals, penal colonies, houses of correction, 
reform schools, naval or marine discipline, punishment at sea, police sta- 
tions, night lock-ups, etc.; dress and equipment of prisoners, examples of 
convict workmanship. 

GROUP 154. 

History and statistics of trade and commerce. 

Railway and transportation companies. 

Methods and media of exchange — money, coins, paper money, etc. 

Counting houses, stores and shops — araangement, furniture, fittings; methods 
of management, book-keeping, devices for distributing change and goods 
to customers. 

Warehouse and storage systems — grain elevators. 

Boards of Trade and their functions illustrated. 

Exchanges for produce, metals, stocks, etc. 

Insurance companies. 

Banks and banking — illustrations of buildings, interiors, methods and statistical 
information; clearing-houses, etc.; savings and trust institutions. 

Safes and vaults for storage of treasure and valuables; safe deposit companies. 

Book-keeping — books and systems of book-keeping and accounting, commer- 
cial blank forms, etc. 

Express companies, freighting, etc, 


'lass 907. Institutions founded for the increase and diffusion of knowledge, such as the 
Smithsonian Institution, the Royal Institution, the Institute of France, British 
Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Association, 
etc.; their organization, history and results. 

llass 908. Academies of science and letters — learned and scientific associations, geo- 
logical and mineralogical societies, etc.; engineering, technical and profes- 
sional associations; artistic, biological, zoological, medical, astronomical 
societies and organizations. 


Class 909. Museums, collections, art galleries, exhibitions of works of art and industr 
agricultural fairs, state and county exhibitions, national exhibitions, inte 
national exhibitions, international congresses. 

Class 910. Publication societies. 

Class 911. Libraries — public and private; statistics of operations. 

GROUP 156. 

Class 912. Social organizations. — Clubs — political, military, university, travelers'; pres 

clubs, science clubs, and others. 
Class 913. Political societies and organizations. 
Class 914. Workingmen's unions and associations. — Their organization, statistics an 

Class 915. Industrial organizations. 
Class 916. Co-operative trading associations. 
Class 917. Secret societies. 
Class 918. Miscellaneous organizations for promoting the material and moral well-being o 

the industrial classes. 

GROUP 157. 

Class 919. Religious organizations and systems.- — Origin, nature, growth, and extent o: 
various religious systems and faiths. Statistical, historical and other illus 
trations; pictures of buildings; plans and views of interiors. 

Class 920. Religious music, choirs, hymnology. 

Class 921. Missionary societies, missions, and missionary work ; maps, reports, statistics. 

Class 922. Spreading the knowledge of religious systems by publications; Bible societies 
tract societies, and their publications. 

Class 923. Systems and methods of religious instruction and training for the young; Sun 
day-schools, furniture, apparatus and books. 

Class 924. Associations for religious or moral improvement. 

Class 925. Charities and charitable associations connected with ecclesiastical societies. 

GROUP 158. 


Class 926. History and theory of music— music of primitive people. Crude and curioui 
instruments. Combinations of instruments, bands and orchestras. Musi( 
books and scores. Musical notation. 

History and literature of music. Portraits of great musicians. 
Class 927. Self-vibrating instruments — drums and tambourines; cymbals, triangles 
gongs, castanets, "bones." 

Bells, chimes and peals. 

Bell-ringers' instruments. Musical glasses. '' 

Glockenspiels, zylophones, marimbas. 

Music boxes. 
Class 928. Stringed instruments played with the fingers or plectrum. 

Lutes, guitars, banjos and mandolins. 

Harps and lyres. 

Zithers, dulcimers. 
Class 929. Stringed instruments played with the bow. 

The violin. 

The viol, viola, viola da gamba, viola di amore. 

The violoncello and the bass viol. 

Mechanical instruments — hurdy-gurdy and violin pianO; 


ass 930. Stringed instruments with key-board. — The piano-forte square, upright and 
Actions and parts of a piano. 
The predecessors of the piano. — Clavicytherium clavicymbal, clavichord, 

manichord, virginal, spinet, harpsichord, and hammer harpsichord. 
Instruments and methods of manufacture. 
Street pianos. 
ass 931. Wind instruments, with simple aperture or plug mouthpiece. The flute, fiute- 

a-bec. Syrinx. Organ-pipes. Flageolet, 
ass 932. Wind instruments, with mouthpiece regulated by the lips. The clarionet, 

oboe and saxophone, 
ass 933. Wind instruments with bell mouthpiece, without keys. The trumpet (simple) 
and the bugle (oliphant.) Alpenhorn. The trombone (with slide and with 

■ finger-holes). The serpent, bassoon and bagpipe, 

ass 934. Wind instruments with bell mouthpiece, with keys. Key bugles, cornets, 

French horns. Cornopeans, orphicleides. 
lass 935. Wind instruments with complicated systems. 
The pipe organ. 

Reed organs, melodeons and harmonicas. 
Accordions, concertinas and mouth organs. 
Hand organs and organettes. Automatic organs, orchestrions, etc. 
lass 936. Accessories of musical instruments — strings, reeds, bridges. 

Conductors' batons, drum-majors' staves. Mechanical devices for the orchestra. 
Tuning forks, pitch-pipes, metronomes, music stands, etc. 
lass 937. Music in relation to human life — musical composers. Great performers. 
Great singers. Portraits. Biographies. 
Concerts and the concert stage. 
The opera. The oratorio. Classes. 

Church music and sacred music of all periods. Hymnology, ballads, folk- 
songs, and folk-music of all lands. National airs. 
;iass 938. The theatre and the drama. The stage. Plans and models of stages and 
History of the drama, so far as can be shown by literary record. Portraits of 

actors. Relics of actors. 
Playbills, etc. Costumes, masks, armor. Scen3ry. Appliances of illusion, 
etc. Plays of all ages and people. 

Department Is.— Isiberal Arts. 


Physical Development, Training and Condition — Hygiene. 

GROUP 147. 

Physical Development, Training and Con- 
dition — Hygiene. 

Exhibits in this grroup are installed in the 
Anthropological Building. 

1. Alexander, Dr. H. M., & Co., Marietta, 
Pa. Vaccine virus. E-W-4 833 

2. American Continental Sanitas Com- 
pany, New York. Antiseptics and disin- 
fectants. E-V-2 829 

3. American Sporting Goods Company, 
St. Louis, Mo. Whitley exercises. 

E-S-6 825 
With illustrated instructions, teaching how 
to be always well, strong and graceful. 
For gentlemen, ladies or children. Devel- 
ops all parts of the body. Noiseless, com- 
pact, durable, effective. The best home 
health apparatus ever invented. Send four 
cents for illustrated catalogue. 

4. Automatic Fountain Company, Canton, 
Ohio. Fountain air purifier. E-S-4 829 

5. Banneman, William, Chicago. Phenyle 
disinfectant. E-V-2 829 

6. Beneficent Building Association, Phil- 
adelphia. Plans of model tenement house. 

E wing, frames V-4 827 

7. Benson, B. S., Baltimore, Md. Air 
purifiers and filters. E-S-4 829 

8. Beveridge, W. E., Baltimore, Md. 
Automatic cookers, infant feeders and 
sterilizers. E-T-6 826 

9. Bowden, J. A., & Co., Detroit, Mich. 
Water filters and domestic water filters. • 

E-V-2 829 
ID. Brown & Sharp Manufacturing Co., 
Providence, R. I. Sanitary closets 

E-V-1 829 

11. Columbian Automatic Filter Company, 
Washington, D. C. Water filters. 

E-T-2 • 829 

12. Cram, A. W., Haverhill, Mass. Clean- 
out for drains, etc. E-S-4 829 

13. Cummings Filter Company, Philadel- 
phia. Water filters. E-T4 829 

14. Davis, M. L., M. D,, Lancaster, Pa, 

a Models of garbage and crematory 

furnaces. E-S-3 829 

b Plan of quarantine hospital. 888 

15. Eclipse Filter Company, Philadelphia, 
Water filters. E-T-4 829 

16, Engle Sanitary & Cremation Co., Des 
Moines, Iowa. 

a Iron stone or fire closet for domestic 
refuse; garbage furnace for schools 
and public buildings. E-S-8 829 

b Refuse crematory for city use. 
(Out-door exhibit.) 
The Engle system of garbage cremation is 
applied to the destruction of household 
waste at each individual dwelling, provides 
a substitute for vaults and cess pools at all 
school houses and public buildings, de- 
stroys the excreta, waste and infected ma- 
terial at medical schools and hospitals in 
an entirely sanitary manner, with no escape 
of disease germs, and disposes of the total 
production of garbage, refuse, dead ani- 
mals, and miscellaneous waste of cities and 
towns, without nuisance, with no escape of 
fumes, and in a speedy, economical, and 
satisfactory way. 

17, Gate City Stone Filter Company, New 
York. Water filters. E-T-3 829 

18. Guenantin, Jean Marie, Chicago. Mod- 
els, maps and drawings of suggested plan 
for sewerage of Chicago. E-V-1 829 

19, Hess, Geo. H., Company, Chicago, Ap- 
paratus, models, and plans showing mode 
of ventilating and warming schools, 
houses, etc. E-S-9 829 

20, Hunting, Nelson, M. D., Albany, N. Y, 
Automatic water purifying apparatus. 

E-T-1 829 
Production of aerated water from vapor; 
the same method as the formation of rain. 

21. Hydromaze Manufacturing Company, 
New York City. Hydromaze, or health 
guard, E-T-2 829 



Instruments and Apparatus of Medicine, Surgery and Prosthesis. 

22. Illinois State Board of Health, Spring- 
field, 111. Maps illustrative of sanitary 
condition of Chicago. E-W-1 833 

23. Improved Dwelling Company, New 
York. Model and plans of improved 
dwelling for working men. E-S-5 827 

24. Jensen, Hans H., Milwaukee. Odor- 
less water closets. E-V-1 829 

25. Koch, Christian H., Chicago. Elec- 
trical apparatus for purifying water and 
meat. E-V-1 829 

26. Ladies' Sanitary Association, London, 
England. C Publication of the association. 

Sec. E 833 

27. Louisiana State Board of Health, New 
Orleans, La. Models of quarantine sta- 
tion and disinfectors E-W-5 833 

28. Maine State Board of Health, Au- 
gusta, Me. Chart and publications re- 
lating to public health. Sec. E 833 

29. Massachusetts State Board of Health, 
Boston. Analytical work in food adulter- 
ations, water, etc. E-V-5 833 

30. McConnell Filter Company, Buffalo, 
N. Y. Germ-proof water filters. 

E-T-5 829 

31. Medical and Surgical Sanitarium, Bat- 
tle Creek, Mich. Economic and hygienic 
dress for women, apparatus for anthro- 
pometry and physical training. E-S-6 825 

Exhibit of the means and methods em- 
ployed in a scientific sanitarium and modern 
hospital. Chicago branch, 28 College place. 

32. Michigan State Board of Health, 
Lansing, Mich. Diagrams illustrating 
work in prevention of disease; set of pub- 
lications. E-W-1 833 

33. Miller, Chas. H., Pittsburg. Ap- 
pliances for cleaning water mains. 

E-S-4 829 

34. Minnesota State Board of Health, Red 
Wing, Minn. Charts, diagrams and pub- 
lications illustrating protection and sani- 
tary work. Wing frames, Sec. E 833 

35. Narragansett Machine Company, Prov- 
idence, R. I. Gymnastic apparatus and 
appliances. E&F 825 

36. New York Ladies Health Protective 
Association, New York. Models and 
photographs of abbattoirs and of dust- 
cart. E V-7 826 

37. New York State Board of Health, 
Albany, N. Y. Maps, drawings and pub- 
lication relating to public health. 

Sec. E 833 

38. New Jersey State Board of Health, 
Trenton, N. J. Specimens of adultera- 
tions of foods and drugs; maps and pub- 
lications. . Sec. E 833 

39. Pasteur-Chamberland Filter Company, 
Dayton, Ohio. Germ proof filters and 
filtering apparatus. E-T-3 829 

40. Pennsylvania State Board of Health, 
Philadelphia. Portable bacteriological 
outfit; charts, publications, etc. Sec. E 833 

Portable case of apparatus for collecting 
specimens of drinking water from hy- 

41. Philadelphia County Women's Com- 
mittee, Philadelphia. A model workman's 
dwelling. (N. E. end of Midway Plais- 
ance.) 827 

42. Remington, Cyrus K., Buffalo, N Y. 
Photographs of the Buffalo crematory. 

E-S-5 829 

43. Romney, Mrs. Caroline, Chicago. 

a Warming closet, heat conserver, din- 
ner pail. Gal. F-U-103 826 
b Water filter. 829 

44. Stone, Peter, Los Angeles, Cal. Water 
filters and coolers. E-T-5 829 

45. Tenement House Building Company, 
New York. Drawings, plans and photo- 
graphs of buildings. 

Sec. E, wing frames V-4 827 

46. Tennessee State Board of Health, 
Nashville, Tenn. Models, plans and 
charts illustrating sanitary condition of 
Tennessee. Sec. E 833 

47. Wahl, Albert, Chicago. Health ap- 
paratus. E-S-6 825 

48. Wilmot Castle & Co., Rochester, N. 
Y. Milk sterilizers, steam cookers and 
bacteriological apparatus. E-T-6 826 

49. Woods, Justin O., New York. Hy- 
gienic appliances. E-V-3 830 

50. World's Crystal Water Filter Com- 
pany, Chicago. Water filters. E-T-4 829 

GROUP 148. 

Instruments and Apparatus of Medicine, 
Surgery and Prosthesis. 

51. Albany Chemical Company, Albany, 

N. Y. Pharmaceutical preparations. 

Gal. D, F-94 835 

52. Ale & Beef Co., Dayton, Ohio. Phar- 
maceutical preparations. 

Gal. D, F-99 834 

53. Allen, C. D., New York. Artificial 
dentures. Gal. E, H-101 889 

54. Allison, W. D., Company, Indianap- 
olis, Ind. Surgical furniture. 

Gal. E, G-101 837 

55. Anderson Surgical Chair Manufact- 
uring Company, Anderson, Ind. Surgical 
furniture. Gal. E, G-101 837 

56. Armour & Co., Chicago. Pharma- 
'ceutical preparations. Gal. D, F-96 834 



Instruments and Apparatus of Medicine, Surgery and Prosthesis. 

57. Armstrong, Wm. H., & Co., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. Surgical instruments and ap- 
pliances. Gal. E, H-103 837 

58. Ayer, J. C, Company, Lowell, Mass. 
Pharmaceutical preparations. 

Gal. D. Truss F-94 834 

59. Banning, E. P.; Cleveland, Ohio. 
Spinal and other appliances. 

Gal. D, D-101 83S 

60. Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia. 
Homoeopathic preparations. 

Gal. D, F-98 834 

61. Boughton & Smith, Chicago. Artifi- 
cial teeth and dental specialties. 

Gal. E, H-101 839 

62. Brown, E., Parmly, International 
Dental Manufacturing Company, N. Y. 
Dental specialties. Gal. E, H-101 839 

63. Brown, Frederick Company, Phila- 
delphia. Pharmaceutical preparations. 

Gal. D, F-98 834 

64. Burnham, E. S., Chicago. Instru- 
ments for catarrhal affections. 

Gal. E, H-102 837 

65. Burrough Bros. Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Baltimore, Md. Pharmaceutical 
preparations, etc. Gal. D, F-98 834 

66. Canton Surgical & Dental Chair Co., 
Canton, Ohio. Gal. E, G-102 

a Surgical chairs and appliances. 837 
b Dental chairs and appliances. 839 
Yale surgical chairs, Gould dental chairs, 
dental engines, fountain spittoons. 

67. Carroll Aluminum Manufacturing 
Company, Meadville, Pa. Gal.E,F-102 

a Stethoscope, opthalmoscope, etc. 836 
b Surgical instruments and appli- 
ances. 837 
c Orthopedic apparatus. 838 
d Dental apparatus. 839 

68. Chicago Truss Company, Chicago. 
Trusses, etc. Gal. D, D-102 838 

69. Common Sense Truss Company, Chi- 
cago. Trusses, supporters, etc. 

Gal. D, D-102 838 

70. Condell, A., New York. Artificial 
limbs. Gal. D, C-103 838 

71. Condell, J., & Son, New York. Arti- 
ficial limbs, etc. Gal. D, C-103 838 

72. Daggett Table Company, Buffalo, N. 
Y. Posturing tables. Gal. E, K-101 837 

73. Davis, J. T. & A. H., New York. 
Artificial eyes. Gal. E, 1-102 838 

74. Deane, Henry F., New York. Arti- 
ficial teeth. Gal. E, H-101 839 

75. Doliber-Goodale Company, Boston. 
Food for infants. Gal. D, E-97 835 

76. Doriot, Constant, Philadelphia. Den- 
tal tools, chair, etc. Gal. E, K-101 839 

77. Drevet Manufacturing Company, New 
York. Pharmaceutical preparations. 

Gal. D, F-98 834 

78. Dundas, Dick & Co., New York. 
Pharmaceutical preparations. 

Gal. D, F-98 834 

79. Evans, George, New York. Crowns 
for teeth. Gal. E-K-101 839 

80. Fairchild Bros. & Foster, New York. 
Pharmaceutical preparations. 

Gal. D, F-94 834 

81. Frees, C. A., New York. Artificial 
limbs. Gal. D, D-103 838 

82. Fuller, George R., Rochester, N. Y. 
Artificial limbs and trusses. 

Gal. D, D-102 838 

83. Gault Artificial Limb Company, 
Woodstock, 111. Artificial limbs. 

Gal. D, D-103 838 

84. Harvard Company, Canton, Ohio. 

Gal. E, H-102 
a Surgical furniture. 837 

b Dental furniture. 839 

85. Harvey Human Hand Appliance Com- 
pany, New York City. Trusses. 

Gal. D, D-99 838 

86. Harvey, G. F., Company, Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y. Pharmaceutical prepara- 
tions. Gal. D, D-98 834 

87. Haussmann & Dunn, Chicago. Sur- 
gical instruments. Gal. E, G-103 837 

88. Heinemann, T. W., Co., Chicago. 
Surgical appliances. Gal. E, 1-103 837 

Frost King & Queen chamois jackets; O. P. 
C. & Chicago suspensories; porous plasters^ 

89. Horlick's Food Company, Racine, 
Wis. Food preparations. Gal. D, F-97 835 

90. International Surgical Instrument 
Company, Philadelphia. Surgical instru- 
ments. Gal. E, K-103 837 

91. Johnson & Johnson, New York. 
Surgical appliances. Gal. E, L-103 837 

92. Land, Charles H., Detroit, Mich. 
Dental cabinet and furnaces. 

Gal. E, I-lOl 839 

93. Lee, J. Ellwood, Company, Consho- 
hocken, Pa. Surgical specialties. 

Gal. E, H-103 837 

94. Lyons, James I., Chicago. Artificial 
limbs. Gal. D-D-102 838 

95. Marks, A. A., New York. 

Gal. D, D-102 

a Surgical appliances. 837 

^Artificial limbs. 838 

c Invalid vehicles. 840 

Inventor and manufacturer of artificial 

limbs with rubber hands and feet. Awarded 

twenty-two first premiums. 

96. Marvin Truss Company, Lansing, 
Mich. Trusses. Gal. D, C-103 838 



Primary, Secondary and Superior Education. 

97. Mason, L. J., & Co., Chicago. Elec- 
tric dental engine and dental instruments. 

Gal. E, Truss H-101 838 

98. Mellor & Rittenhouse Co., Philadel- 
delphia. Licorice and products. 

Gal. D, F-99 834 
Highest awards Centennial Exposition, 
1876; Paris International Exposition, 1878; 
New Orleans Exposition, 1885. 

99. Meyer, John H., New York. Arti- 
ficial dentures. Gal. E, H-101 839 

100. Miner & Elbreg, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Surgical furniture. Gal. E, H-101 937 
loi. Modemann, George H., New York. 

Artificial teeth. Gal. E, H-101 839 

102. Niehans, A., Chicago. Artificial 
limbs. Gal. D, C-103 838 

Manufacturer of the only perfect rubber 
foot with ankle joint. 

103. Nye, Sherman R., Chicopee Falls, 
Mass. Finger truss. Gal. D, C-103 838 

104. O'Connor, E. L., Company, Chicago. 
Extension shoe. Gal. D, D-103 838 

105. Palmer, B. Frank, Philadelphia. 
Artificial limbs. Gal. D, D-102 838 

106. Penfield, E. C, Company, Philadel- 
phia. Gal. D, D-101 

a Surgical appliances. 837 

b Trusses and supporters. 838 

107. Reed & Carnrick, New York. 

Gal. D, I)-99 
a Pharmaceutical preparations. 834 
b Food preparations. 835 

108. Reichardt, F., Alfred & Co., New 
York. Surgical instruments and supplies. 

Gal. E, H-102 837 

109. Ritter, Frank, Dental Manufacturing 
Company, Rochester, N. Y. Dental chairs 
and cases. Gal. E, I-lOl 839 

no. Roy, F., St. Omer, N. Y. Surgical 
instruments and apparatus. 

Gal. E, G-102 837 

111. Sapler, Hannah G., New York. 
Abdominal belt. Gal. F-U-103 837 

112. Seabury & Johnson, New York. 
Medical, surgical and antiseptic special- 
ties. Gal. E, K-103 837 

113. Sharp & Dohme, Baltimore, Md. 
Pharmaceutical preparations. 

Gal. D, D-96 834 

114. Sharp & Smith, Chicago. Surgical 
instruments. Gal. E, F-103 837 

115. Standard Homoeopathic Globule Manu- 
factory, New York. Globules, disks, etc. 

Gal. D, F-94 834 

116. Stearns, Frederick & Co., Detroit, 
Mich. Pharmaceutical preparations, toilet 
articles, etc. Gal. D, E-98 834 

117. Storrs Air Pad Truss Company, 
Chicago. Air pads, supporters, etc. 

Gal. D, D-102 838 

118. Thomsen's Extract of Malt Companj 

Chicago. Extract of malt. 

Gal. D, F-98 83 

119. Tilden Company, New^ Lebanon, N. "V 
Pharmaceutical preparations. 

Gal. D, E-94 83 

120. Tracy, Edward A., South Boston 
Mass. Gal. E, H-102 

a Surgical splints. 83 

b Surgical jackets. 83 

121. Truax, Chas., Greene & Co., Chicagc 
Surgical instruments and appliances. 

Gal. E, F-103 83 

122. Upjohn Pill & Granule Co., Kalama 
zoo, I\'Iich. Pills and granules. 

Gal. D, F-99 83 

123. Warner, Wm. R., & Co., Philadel 
phia. Pharmaceutical preparations. 

Gal. D, D-101 83 

124. Western Leather Manufacturing Com 
pany, Chicago. Medicine cases, etc. 

Gal. E, 1-102 83 

125. White, F. G., Chicago. Dentistrj 

Gal. E, H-101 83 

126. White, S. S., Dental Manufacturin 
Company, Philadelphia. Dental sat 
plies. Gal. E, K-101 83 

127. Winkley Artificial Limb Companj 
Minneapolis, Minn. Artificial limbs. 

Gal. D, D-103 83 

128. Wyeth, John & Bro., Philadelphia 
Pharmaceutical and medicinal prepara 
tions. Gal. D, D-94 83 

129. Zeilin, J. H., & Co., Philadelphia 
Pharmaceutical preparations. 

Gal. D, E-98 83 

GROUP 149. 

Primary, Secondary and Superior Educa 


130. Air Brush Manufacturing Companj 

Rockford, 111. Air brush and painting 
produced by it. Gal. E, K-103 84 

131. Alliance Israelite Universelle, Ne\ 
York. Gal. A, A-4 

a Common school products. 84 

b Technical and trade school pre 

ducts. 84 

c Agricultural school products. 85 

132. Amherst College, Amherst, Mass 
Photographs, plans, books, etc. 

Gal. K, 0-6 85 
Liberalizing rather than technical course; 
Full courses for B. A. For B. S. may omi 
Latin and Greek, taking two natural science 
and two other subjects. 3,500 alumni; 3 
professors; best laboratories; library, 60,00 
volumes; gymnasium; athletic field. Writ 
Registrar, or Merrill E. Gates, LL. D., Pre; 



Primary, Secondary and Superior Education. 

33. Arch-diocese of Chicago. Educa- 
tional exhibit. Gal. I, Z-28 841-844, 851 

34. Art Institute, of Chicago, Chicago. 
Drawings, paintings, modeled work and 
statuary. Gal. A, F-19 846 

35. Art Students' League of New York, 
New York. Students' work. 

Gal. A, F-15 846 

36. Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga. In- 
dustrial work, photographs, charts, etc. 

Gal. I,U-1 851 

37. Baltimore Manual Training School, 
Baltimore, Md. Students' work. 

Gal. K, S-1 847, 851 

38. Beloit College, Beloit, Wis. Photo- 
graps,*istory of college, etc. 

Gal. A, D-7 851 

39. Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me. 
Photographs, drawings and books. 

Gal. K, 0-1 851 

40. Brothers of the Christian Schools. 
Educational exhibit from European 
schools. Gal. I, Z-19 841-847, 851, 852 

41. Brown University, Providence, R. I. 
Photographs, course of study, specimens 
of mechanical work, etc. 

Gal. K, R-1 851 

42. Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Photographs, publications, models, etc. 

Gal. K, G-7 851 
L college for women in suburbs of Phila- 
elphia. Opened 1885. Graduate and un- 
ergraduate departments. 

43. Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, Md. 
School work. Gal. I, V-7 851 

lodel college — preparatory school for girls. 
)pened 1885. 

44. Carleton College, Northfield, Minn. 
Stellar photography, charts, views, etc. 

Gal. A, A-7 851 

45. Central Church Mission, Chicago. 
Kindergarten work. Gal. A-D-28 841 

46. Central Tennessee College, Nashville, 
Tenn. Students' work. Gal. A, E-1 851 

47. Chautauqua System of Education, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Publications, study pa- 
pers, photographs, etc. Gal. K, L-1 851 

48. Chicago Manual Training School, 
Chicago. Students' work. 

Gal. K, R-1 847, 851 

49. Chicago College of Pharmacy, Chi- 
cago. Materia medica, apparatus, litera- 
ture, etc. Gal. D, E-101 852 

50. Chicago Free Kindergarten Ass'n, 
Chicago. Work of normal class and of 
children. Gal. A-D-23 841 

51. Cincinnati Technical School, Cincin- 
nati. Students' work. Gal. K, T-1 847 

52. Claflin University, Orangeburg, S. C. 
Students' work. Gal. A, E-1 851 

153. Clark University, Atlanta, Ga. Stu- 
dents' work. Gal. A. E-1 861 

154. Clark University, Worcester Mass. 
University work. Gal. K, 0-6 851 

155. Colgate University, Hamilton, N. Y. 
Photographs, publications, etc. 

Gal. K, K-6 851 

156. Colorado State Agricultural College, 
Fort Collins, Col. Drawings, manual and 
laboratory work, publications, etc. 

Gal. A, D-17 852 

157. Colorado State Normal School, Gree- 
ley, Col. Manuscripts, charts, sloyd-work, 
etc. Gal. A. D-17 852 

158. Colorado State School of Mines, Gol- 
den, Col. Drawings, publications, photo- 
graphs, etc. Gal. A, D-17 852 

159. College of New Jersey. Princeton, 
N. J. Books, manuscripts, models, photo- 
graphs, etc. Gal. K, N-6 851 

Founded in 1756, it was prominent in the War 
for Independence and the formation of the 
federal government; its graduates have 
held the foremost positions in the federal 
and state governments and in the prov- 

160. Columbia College, New York. Draw- 
ings, photographs, statistics, publications, 
etc. Gal. K, L-6 851 

i6oa. Deaf Schools. Collective exhibits from 
schools at Colorado Springs, Col.; Hart- 
ford, Conn.; Washington, D. C; Eugle- 
wood. 111.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Olathe, 
Kan.; Danville, Ky.; Frederick City, Md.; 
Northampton, Mass.; Flint, Mich.; Fari- 
bault, Minn.; Omaha, Neb.; Trenton, N. 
J.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Fordham, N. Y.; Wash- 
ington Heights, N. Y. City; Cincinnati, 
O.; Edgewood Park, Pa.; Scranton, Pa.; 
Cedar Springs, S. C; Delavan, Wis.; Salt 
Lake City, Utah. Gal. A-A-7 849 

161. De Pauw University,Greencastle,Ind. 
Books, chart, etc. Gal. I, Z-7 851 

162. Drexel Institute of Arts, Science and 
Industry, Philadelphia. Photographs, 
drawings, instruction, etc. 

Gal. K, 1-6 843-847, 851, 852 
162a. Feeble-minded Schools. Collective ex- 
hibits from schools at Glen Ellen, Cal.; 
Lakeville, Conn.; Lincoln, 111.; Fort 
Wayne, Ind.; Glenwood, la.; Frankfort, 
Ky.; Font Hill, Md.; Barre, Mass.; Wav- 
erly, Mass.; Faribault, Minn.; Beatrice, 
Neb.; Vineland, N. J.; Syracuse, N. Y.; 
Columbus, O.; Elwyn, Pa.; Vancouver, 
Wash.; Orilla, Ont. Gal. A-A-7 849 

163. FranklinCollege, Franklin, Ind. Manu- 
scripts, apparatus, etc. Gal. I, Z-7 851 

164. Girls' Classical School, Indianapolis, 
Ind. School work. Gal. I, Z-7 851 



Primary, Secondary and Superior Education. 

165. Hahnemann Medical College and Hos- 
pital, Philadelphia. Medical specimens, 
views of college, etc. Gal. I, Z-6 852 

166. Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. 
Books, astronomical charts etc.. 

Gal. K,K-6 851 

167. Hamline University, St. Paul, Minn. 
Photographs, charts, written work, books, 
etc. Gal. A, A-7 851 

168. Hampton Normal and Agricultural 
Institute, Hampton, Va. Educational and 
technological work of colored and Indian 
students. Gal. I, V-1 848, 852 

169. Harvard University, Cambridge, 
Mass. Charts, photographs, publications, 
etc. Gal. K, 0-6 851 

170. Indiana State Normal School, Valpa- 
raiso, Ind. Maps, charts, etc. 

Gal. I, Z-7 852 

171. Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, Pa. 
Work, photographs, courses of study, 
etc. Gal. I, Z-7 848 

172. Indiana University, Bloomington,Ind. 
Maps, charts, books, etc. Gal. I, Z-7 851 

173. Iowa State Normal School, Cedar 
Falls, la. School exhibit. 

Gal. A, D-17 852 

174. Jewish Training School, Chicago. 
Shop-work, drawing, literary work, etc. 

Gal. K, U-1 847, 851 

175. Johns Hopkins University, Balti- 
more, Md. Books, photographs, engrav- 
ings, drawings, etc. Gal. I, V-7 851 

176. Kane, Thos. &Co., Chicago. School 
desks and slates. Gal. I, Z-17 842 

School furniture and apparatus of every 
description. Sole publishers of the Sivar- 
tha Charts of Life. Largest manufacturers 
of school slates in the world. No. 139 
Wabash Ave. 

177. Kansas State Agricultural College, 
Manhattan, Kan. Students' work, views, 
drawings, etc. Gal. A, A-17 852 

178. Kansas State Normal Sch'l, Emporia, 
Kan. Students' work. Gal. A, A-17 851 

179. Maine State College, Orono, Me. 
Collections, analyses, shop-work, etc. 

Gal. K, O-l 851 

180. Manual Training School of Washing- 
ton University, St. Louis. Drawings and 
shop-work. Gal. K, Q-1 847, 851 

181. Martin, Kate Byam, Chicago. Form 
and color work. Gal. A, D-21 846 

182. Massachusetts Institute of Technol- 
ogy, Boston. Books, theses, apparatus, 
shop-work, etc. Gal. K, Q-6 852 

Technological and scientific. 

183. Massachusetts Normal Art School. 
Boston. Students' work. 

Gal. A. F-19 and Gal. K, 0-6 852 

184. Massachusetts State Normal School 

Collective exhibit from schools at Bridg 
water, Framingham, Salem, Westfield,ai 
Worcester. Gal. K, O-l 8 

185. McClelland, Mary A., Albany. Ed 
cational invention, ocular demonstrate 

Gal. F-U-103 8 

186. Michigan State Normal School, Yp: 
lanti, Mich. Students' work. 

Gal. I-U-1 8 

187. Michigan Agricultural College, Agi 
cultural College, Mich. Products of fiek 
shops, laboratories, class-rooms, etc. 

Gal. I, U-6 8 

188. Milton Bradley Company, Sprin 
field, Mass. Gal. I, Z-13 

a Kindergarten materials. 8 

b Manual training materials. 8 

c Scientific materials. 8 

d Drawing materials. 8 

189. Minneapolis School of Fine Arl 
Minneapolis, Minn. Students' work. 

Gal. A, F-15 8 

190. Minnesota State Normal School 
Collective exhibit from schools at Ma 
kato, Moorhead, St. Cloud, Winona. 

Gal. A, A-7 8 

191. Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadle 
Mass. History, photographs, studen 
work, etc. Gal. K, 0-6 8 

192. Museum of Fine Aits, Boston. St 
dents' work. Gal. A, Truss, F-19 8 

Principal instructors F. W. Benson, E. 
Tarbell, C. H. Walker, J. L. Smith, E. '\ 
Emerson,A. K.Cross. Circularsgiving deta 
ed information,address Miss Lombard, Mj 

193. National Catholic Educational E 
hibit. Educational exhibit. 

Gal. I, V-17-28 841, 847, 851, 8 

194. National Eclectic Medical Associ 
tion, Chicago. Books, diplomas, met 
cines, etc. Gal. I, Z-4 8 

195. National Kindergarten Normal Insj 
tute, Washington, D. C. Children's wo 

Gal. A-D-23 

196. Nebraska State University, Linco 
Neb. Laboratory exhibit, views, char 
etc. Gal. A, D-8 

197. New York College for the Training 
Teachers, New York. Graduated cou: 
in manual training. Gal. K, M-6 

198. New York State Normal Schoc 
Collective exhibit from schools at Cc 
land, Fredonia, Oneonta, Oswego, a 
Plattsburg. Gal. K, L-6 

199. New York Trade Schools, New Yo 
Students' work, courses of instruction, ( 

Gal. K, U-1 

200. Oberlin College,Oberlin,Ohio. Vie'i 
diagrams, books, etc. Gal. I, truss T-U 



Primary, Secondary and Superior Education. 

51. Ogontz School, Ogontz, Pa. Pict- 
ures, casts, specimens, schedules, etc. 

Gal. K, 1-6 851 
)2. Ohio Normal University, Ada, O. 
Students' work. Gal. I, T-11 852 

)3. Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, 
Ohio. Students' work. Gal. I.Truss, T-11 851 
)4. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 
Philadelphia. Students' work. 

Gal. A, F-11 846 
)5. Pennsylvania Museum and School of 
Industrial Art, Philadelphia. Students' 
work. Gal. A, F-11 846 

)6. Pennsylvania State College, State 
College, Pa. History, maps, apparatus, 
students' work, etc. Gal. K, F-8 851 
>7. Pennsylvania State Normal Schools. 
Collective exhibit from schools at Blooms- 
burg, Indiana, Kutztown, Slippery Rock 
and West Chester. Gal. K, E-6 852 
i8. Philadelphia School of Design for 
Women, Philadelphia. Students' work. 

Gal. A, Truss, F-11 846 

\g. Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Drawings, photographs, manuscripts, etc. 

Gal. K, L-1 851 

0. Prang Educational Company, Boston. 
Models, text-books, drawings, materials, 
etc. _ Gal. A, E-8 846 
he Prang course in art education for pub- 
; schools, and the course of instruction in 
e Prang normal art classes. 

1. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Gal. K. E-1 

a Manual work. 843, 844 

d Science teaching. 845 

c Industrial and fine art. 846 

d Technical and trade work. 847 

e Literary work. 851 

his institute was founded by Charles Pratt 

r the promotion of art, science, literature, 

dustry and thrift. Ten departments 

lowing complete exhibit of courses of 

udy, organization and equipment. Four 

ousand students enrolled in 1891-92, and 

15 teachers. 

2. Purdue University, La Fayette, Ind. 
Shop-work, models, apparatus, theses, etc. 

Gal. I, Z-7 851 

3. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 
Troy, N. Y. Work of students and grad- 
uates. Gal. K, G-1 852 

4. Ripley, Mrs. E. C, Hartford, Conn. 
Designs for wall paper. Gal. F, U-103 846 

5. Ripon College, Ripon, Wis. Photo- 
graphs, students' work, catalogues, etc. 

Gal. A, D-7 851 

6. Rochester Athenaeum & Mechanics' 
Institute, Rochester, N. Y. Drawings, 
paintings, modeling, etc. Gal. K, M-1 846 


217. School of Fine Arts, Jacksonville, 111. 
Students' work. Gal. A, F-15 846 

218. School of Fine Arts, St. Louis. Stu- 
dents' work. Gal. A, F-19 846 

219. School of Industrial Art and Techni- 
cal Design for Women, New York. 

Gal. A, F-15 846 
Entirely woman's work. These designs 
can be manufactured from — by weaving or 
printing — at once, as they are all thoroughly 
practical working designs. Can be taught 
by correspondence. For further particulars 
address ^Irs. Florence Elizabeth Cory, 134 
Fifth Avenue, New York City, N. Y. 

220. Smith College, Northampton, Mass. 
Pictures and pamphlets. Gal. K, 0-6 851 

221. South Dakota, State of. Educational 
exhibit. Gal. A, A-7 850 

222. Spring Garden Institute, Philadelphia. 
Drawings, paintings, wood and metal 
work, etc. Gal. A, F-11 846, 847 

223. St. John's College, Annapolis, Md. 
Students' work, photographs, catalogues, 
etc. Gal. I, V-7 851 

224. State of Arkansas. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. A, Z-17 850 

225. State of Colorado. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. A, D-17 850 

226. State of Connecticut. Educational 
exhibit. Gal, K, U-6 850 

227. State of Florida. Eucational ex- 
hibit. Gal. A, E-1 850 

228. State of Indiana. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. I, Z-7 850 

229. State of Iowa. Educational exhibit. 

Gal. A. D-17 850 

230. State of Kansas. Educational exhibit. 

Gal. A, A-17 850 

231. State of Kentucky. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. I, T-15 850 

232. State of Maine. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. K, 0-1 850 

233. State of Maryland. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. I, V-7 850 

234. State of Massachusetts. Educational 
exhibit. Gal. K, 0-1 850 

235. State of Michigan. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. I, U-1 850 

236. State of Minnesota. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. A, A-7 850 

237. State of Missouri. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. I, V-17 850 

238. State of Montana. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. I, Z-10 850 

239. State of Nebraska. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. A, D-11 850 

240. State of New Hampshire. Educa- 
tional exhibit. Gal. K, U-1 850 

241. State of New Jersey. Educational 
exhibit. Gal. A, E-6 850 



Literature, Books, Libraries, Journalism. 

242. State of New York. Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. K, L-6 850 

243. State of North Dakota. Educational 
exhibit. Gal. I, Z-10 80O 

244. State of Ohio. Educational exhibit. 

Gal. I, T-11 850 

245. State of Oregon. Educational exhibit. 

Gal. A, D-17 850 

246. State of Pennsylvania. Educational 
exhibit. Gal. K, F-6 850 

247. State of Rhode Island. Educational 
exhibit. Gal. K, R-1 850 

248. State of West Virginia. Educational 
exhibit. Gal. K, E-1 850 

249. Tadd, J. Liberty, Philadelphia. In- 
dustrial art and manual training. 

Gal. I, U-1 846, 847 

250. Territory of Utah, Educational ex- 
hibit. Gal. A, A-7 850 

251. Thayer & Chandler, Chicago. Air 
brush and paintings produced by it; ink 
eraser. Gal. E, L-108 846 

252. Toledo Manual Training School, To- 
ledo, Ohio. Shop-work exercises, sewing, 
drawings, photographs, etc. 

Gal. K, R-I 847, 851 

253. Tufts College, College Hill, Mass. 
Students' work, photographs, etc. 

Gal. K, 0-6 851 

254. United States School Furniture Com- 
pany. School furniture. Gal. I, Z-11 842 

255. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 
Mich. Plans, photographs, publications, 
work, etc. Gal. K, R-6 851 

256. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 
Minn, Photographs, charts, students' 
work, etc. Gal. A, A-7 851 

257. University of the South, Sev^anee, 
Tenn. Photographs of buildings. 

Gal. I, W-1 851 

258. University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. 
Catalogues, photographs, diagrams, etc. 

Gal. A, D-17 851 

259. University of Pennsylvania, Philadel- 
phia. Maps, publications, collections, etc. 

Gal. K, H-8 851 

260. University of the City of Nev7 York, 
New York. Maps, apparatus, models, 
photographs, etc. Gal. K, K-8 851 

261. University of the State of Missouri, 
Columbia, Mo. Students' work. 

Gal. I, V-17 851 

262. University of the State of New York, 
Higher education and university exten- 
sion. ' Gal, K, K-6 851 

263. Tassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Photographs, books, methods, etc. 

Gal. K, K-6 851 

264. Way, Miss Leota, Harris, Col. De- 
signs for wall paper. C)al. F-U-103 846 

265. Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mas 

Photographs, charts, etc. Gal. K, 0-6 81 

266. Western University of Pennsylvanii 
Allegheny, Pa. Photographs and j^ubl 
cations. Gal. K, H-8 8^ 

The College. Engineering schools. Alh 
gheny Observatory. Medical College. 

267. Wheeler, C. Gilbert, Chicago. Sc 
entific charts. Gal. I, Z-17 84 

268. Wilberforce University, Wilberforc( 
Ohio. jModel of university building coi 
taining literary and industrial exhibit. 

Gal, I, Truss, T-11 8£ 

269. Willamette University, Salem, Ore. 
Students' work, GaL A, D-17 85 

270. Williams College, Williamstowr 
Mass, Photographs, books, instrument 
etc. Gal. K, 0-6 85 

271. Wisconsin, State of. Educations 
exhibit. Gal. A, D-7 85 

272. Wisconsin State Normal Schools 
Collective exhibit from schools at Mihvai 
kee, Oshkosh, Platteville, River Falls am 
Whitewater. Gal. A, D-7 85 

273. Wisconsin State University, Madisor 
Wis. W'ork of students and graduate; 
photographs, etc. Gal. A, D-7 85 

274. Woman's Art School of Coope 
Union, New York. Students' work. 

Gal. A, Truss, F-11 84 

275. Woman's College of Baltimore, Haiti 
more, Md, Art collection, chemical prepai 
ations, models, views, etc. Gal. I, V-l 85 

276. Woman's Medical College of Penn 
sylvania, Philadelphia. Photographs, etc 

Gal. I,''Z-8 85 

277. Yale University, New Haven, Conn 
Maps, photographs, books, models, etc 

Gal. K. U-6 85 
Photographic views of University buildings 
exteriors and interiors, apparatus am 

GROUP 150. 

Literature, Books, Libraries, Journalism 

278. Albert, Scott, & Co., Chicago. Schoo 

books. Gal. E, D-108 85. 

279. American Bank Note Company, Nev 
York. Bank note engraving and litho 
graphing. Gal. E, N-108 85' 

280. American Lithographic Company 
New York. Art and commercial litho 
graphs. Gal. E, M-105 85' 

281. Appleton, Daniel & Co., New York 
Books. Gal. D, D-108 85' 

282. Bardeen, C. W,, Syracuse, N. Y 
School publications, maps, supplies, etc 

Gal. E, K-108 85i 
Gold medal awarded Paris Exposition 1889 



Literature, Books, Libraries, Journalism. 

283. Barrie, George, Philadelphia. Books 

and engravings. Gal. E, G-108 854 

284. Betz, Carl, Kansas City, Mo. Gym- 
nastic manuals. Gal. E, 1-108 855 

285. Bonaventure, E. F., New York. 
Books, bindings, manuscripts, etc. 

Gal. E, K-109 854 

286. Britannica Publishing Company, New 
York. EncyclopEedia. Gal. E, F-107 854 

287. Brodix Publishing Co., \A/'ashington, 
D. C. Monthly magazine. 

" Gal. F, U-103 854 

288. Campbell, J. B., Chicago. Illustrated 
magazine and lithographs. 

Gal. D, C-108 857 

289. Central School Supply House, Chi- 
cago. School supplies. Gal. E, F-105 855 

290. Century Company, New York. 
Books, magazines, drawings, and materials 
for wood engraving. Gal. E, D-109 854 

The Century Magazine, St. Nicholas, Cent- 
ury Dictionary, Century War Book, Lincoln 
Life, hymn books, miscellaneous books, val- 
uable manuscripts (especially of Lincoln 
and Grant), original pictures and proofs, 
showing how manuscripts and illustrations 
are prepared for publication. 

291. Colby & Co., New York. Historical 
charts. Gal. E, E-107 854 

292. Columbian Art Engraving & Publish- 
ing Co., Philadelphia. Engravings and 
half-tone reproductions. 

Gal. E, L-106 854 

293. Davis, F. A., Company, Philadelphia. 
Medical books, charts and periodicals. 

Gal. E, E-103 854 

294. Dickert, Miss Clara, Chicago. Relief 
map of Palestine. Gal. F, U-103 864 

295. Donham, G. M., Portland, Me. 
Maine state year book. 

Gal. E, 1-108 862 

296. Duprat & Co., New York. Books. 

Gal. E, E-108 854 

297. Educational Publishing Company, 
Boston. Text-books. Gal. E, E-106 855 

298. Estes & Lauriat, Boston. Books. 

Gal. E, K-109 854 

299. Fairbank & Rolison, Chicago. 
School books. Gal. E, E-107 855 

300. Fishel, Adler & Schwartz, New 
York. Engravings, etchings, etc. 

Gal. E, L-107 854 

301. Flanagan, A., Chicago. School 
books, charts, maps, apparatus, etc. 

Gal. E, D-108 855 

302. Freund,Wm., & Sons, Chicago. Cop- 
per plate and steel die work. 

Gal. E, L-108 854 

303. Gallison & Hobron Co., Chicago. 

a Engravings, Gal. E, K-108 854 
b Trade journals. 860 

304. Ginn & Co., Boston. School books, 

charts, etc. Gal. E, E-107 855 

305. Godey Publishing Company, New 
York. Magazines. Gal. E, H-109 854 

306. Good Health Publishing Company, 
Battle Creek, Mich. Books, pamphlets, 
etc. Gal. E, E-104 854 

Publisher of "Good Health" and various pop- 
ular health and medical works. 28 College 
Place, Chicago; 43 Bond st., New York City; 
451 HoUoway Road, N. London, England. 

307. Gugler Lithographic Company, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Lithographs. 

Gal. E, K-105 854 

308. Harper Bros., New York. 

a Books, magazines, drawings, engrav- 
ings, etc. Gal. E, E-l09 854 
b Illustrated papers. 857 

309. Heath, D. C, & Co., Boston. School 
books, charts, maps, etc. 

Gal. E, E-106 855 

310. Hoover, Joseph, Philadelphia. Lith- 
ographic fac-similes of pastels and water 
colors. Gal. E, K-105 854 

Est. 1868. Lithographer and publisher of 
fac-simile pastels and water colors, for sale 
by picture dealers throughout the United 
States, Canada and London. The best and 
finest pictures for the least money. Prize 
medal awarded at Centennial Exposition, 
1876. Send for illustrated catalogue. 

311. Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston. 
Books and magazines. 

Gal. E, F-108 854 
The Riverside Press, Cambridge. Mass.; 4 
Park St., Boston; 11 East 17th St., New 
York; 28 Lakeside Building, Chicago; 2 
Paternoster Square, London. General pub- 
lishers, including the leading American 
authors, Longfellow, Whittier, Emerson, 
Lowell, Holmes, Hawthorne, etc. 

312. Illustrated American Publishing Com- 
pany, New York. Art magazine. 

Gal. E, K-109 857 

313. Interstate Publishing Company, Bos- 
ton. School books, charts, etc. 

Gal. E, E-106 855 

314. Judd, Orange, Company, New York. 
Books and periodicals. 

Gal. E, F-108 854 
Publishers of the "American Agriculturist," 
books on agriculture, horticulture and rural 
arts. Catalogue of books and sample copy 
of "American Agriculturist " mailed free on 
application. See our exhibit. Section E, 
Gallery department, Manufactures and Lib- 
eral Arts Building. 

315. Keener, Wm. T., Chicago. Medical 
books. Gal. E, F-104 854 



Literature, Books, Libraries, Journalism. 

316. Kellogg, E. L., & Co., New York. 

School books, charts, maps, appliances, 
etc. Gal. E, I)-1U8 855 

317. Leach, Shewell & Sanborn, Boston. 
School books. Gal. E, E-107 855 

318. Levytype Company, Philadelphia. 
Ent^ravins^s, prints, etc. 

Gal. E, K-104 854 

319. Lieber, B. Franklin, New York. 
Telegraphic book and mafjazine. 

Gal.^E, 1-108 854 

320. Lippincott, J. B., Company. Phila- 
delphia. Books. Gal. E, E-IUS 854 

321. Lovell, A., & Co., New York. 
School books, charts, etc. 

Gal. E, E-106 855 

322. Manufacturers' Publishing Company, 
New York. Directory of manufactures. 

Gal. E, E-108 860 

323. Marks, Montague, New York. 
Methods of illustrating an art magazine. 

Gal. D, D-108" 857 

324. McClurg, A. C, & Co., Chicago. 
Books. Gal. E, F-108 854 

Their establishment at 117-121 Wabash 
avenue has been called "The best book 
store in the world." 

325. Merck & Co., New York. Drug and 
medical trade journals. 

Gal. D, F-98 860 
M'f rs, importers, exporters of chemicals and 
drugs for medicinal, technical, analytical 
uses. Publishers Merck's Index, a summary 
of chemical products adjudged useful in 
medicine or technology; $1.00 per copy; 
also Merck's Market Report, a monthly 
pharmaceutical magazine; $1.50 per year. 

326. Merriam, G. & C. Co., Springfield, 
Mass. Webster's dictionaries. 

Gal. E, E-109 854 

327. Morgan, W. J., & Co., Cleveland, 
Ohio. Lithograph. Gal. E, K-105 854 

328. Moss Engraving Company, Nevy 
York. Engravings. Gal. E, L-106 854 

329. National Christian Science Co., Chi- 
cago. Books, pamphlets, tracts, etc. 

Gal. D, B-108 854 

330. New England Publishing Company, 
Boston. School books and periodicals. 

GaL E, E-107 855 

331. North American Review^, New York. 
Bound volumes, manuscripts, portraits, 
etc. Gal. D, B-108 854 

332. Open Court Publishing Company 
Chicago. Books, magazines and charts. 

Gal. E, C-108 854 

333. Park Commissioners of Boston, Bos- 
ton. Maps and photographs of park sys- 
tem. Gal. K, N-1 864 

334. Phonographic Institute, Cincinnati. 

Phonographic text-books. 

Gal. E, 1-108 855 
Series of shorthand text-books by Benn 
Pitman and Jerome B. Howard. The 
standard of American shorthand instruction 
since 185-3. Silver medal at Cincinnati, 
1888. Designated as the "American System 
of Shorthand " in the Official Report of the 
Commissioner of Education, 1887-8. 

335. Plimpton, Geo. A., New York. His- 
torical collection of school books. 

Gal. E, E-107 855 

336. Post, Alfred A., Boston. Volapuk 
literature. Gal. E, 1-108 854 

337. Prang, L., & Co., Boston. Chromo- 
lithographic art prints. 

Gal. E, K-108 854 

338. Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago. 

Gal. E, M-108 
a Books, printing, engraving, etc. 854 
h Maps, globes, etc. 864 

339. Revell, Fleming H., Company, Chi- 
cago. Books and periodicals. 

Gal. E, E-108 854 

340. Salem Press Publishing & Printing 
Co., Salem, Mass. Books, charts, engrav- 
ings. _ Gal. E, 1-108 854 

Historical and scientific publications of Es- 
sex Institute, including its bulletin and col- 
lections, and the reports and memoirs of 
Peabody Academy of Science; also local 
historical sketches, guides, itineraries for 
visitors, etchings of Salem, etc. See E. I. 
exhibit in Massachusetts Building. 

341. Schedler, Hermann, New York. 

a Lithographs. Gal. E, L-107 854 
b Geographical globes. 864 

342. Scholl, Bruno, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Show posters. Gal. E, M-103 854 

343. Scribner's, Charles, Sons, New York. 
Books, magazines, manuscripts, drawings, 
engravings, etc. Gal. E, G-109 854 

344. Sheldon, Mrs. May F., Chicago. 
Books of travel. Gal. F, U-103 854 

345. Shober & Carqueville Lithographing 
Co., Chicago. Lithographs. 

Gal. E, L-106 854 

346. Silver, Burdett & Co., Boston. 
School books, charts, maps, etc. 

Gal. E, E-105 855 

347. Stearns, Norman W., Middleboro, 
Mass. Samoan manuscripts. 

Gal. E, F-108 854 

348. Tuchfarber, F., Company, Cincin- 
nati. Show cards. Gal. E, L-105 854 

349. University Publishing Company, New 
York, Books, charts, etc. 

Gal. E, E-105 855 

350. Watson, Stephen M., Portland, Me. 
Magazine. Gal. E, 1-108 854 



Instruments of Precision, Experiment, Research and Photography. Photographs. 

35i. Wells, Charles R=, Syracuse, N. Y. 

System of penmanship. 

Gal. E, K-108 855 
352. Western Bank Note St Engraving 
Co., Chicago. Steel plate and lithograph- 
ic engravings. Gal. E, M-108 854 
353- White, James T., & Co., New York. 
CyclopjEdia of biography. 

Gal. E, 1-108 854 

354. Wilson, G. H., Boston. Musical 
publications. Gal. E, F-107 854 

355. Wood, Wm., & Co., New York. 
Medical books. Gal. E, F-103 854 

356. Zeese, A., & Co., Chicago. Process 
engravings, electrotypes, etc. 

Gal. E, K-104 854 
Plates for letter-press printing. Half-tone^ 
engravings direct from photographs, wash 
drawings, etc. Zinc etchings from pen 
drawings or prints. Wax engravings of 
maps, plats, etc. Lithogravures of fine 
lettering and ornamentation. Photo-electro- 
type reproductions of book pages. 

GROUP 151. 

Instruments of Precision, Experiment, 

Researcli and Photography. 


357. Albertype Company, New York. Al- 

bertypes. Gal. E, O-103 871 

358. Albright, Franc Luse, Albuquerque, 
New Mexico. Amateur photographs. 

Gal. F, U-103 871 

359. Alexander, Louis, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Optical goods. Gal. E, R-101 874 

360. Alteneder, Theo., & Sons, Philadel- 
phia. Drawing instruments. 

Gal. E, M-103 867 

361. American Aristotype ■ Company, 
Jamestown, N. Y. Photographs on aristo 
paper. Gal.E, O-103 871 

362. American Cash Register Company, 
Chicago. Cash register. Gal. E, R-101 865 

363. Anthony, E. & H. T., & Co., New 
York. Photographic apparatus and sup- 
plies. Gal. E, P-103 871 

364. Appleton, J. M., Dayton, O. Photo- 
graphs. Gal. E, N-104 871 

365. Aune, Portland, Ore. Photographs. 

Gal. E, P-104 871 

366. Baker's Art Gallery, Columbus, O. 
Photographs. Gal. E, N-105 871 

367. Ball-Ball Company, Philadelphia. 
Drawing instruments. 

Gal. E, N-103 867 

368. Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., Roches- 
ter, N. Y. Optical goods. 

Gal. E, P-101 874 

369. Beehler, William H., Baltimore, Md. 
Solarometers. Gal. E, N-102 866 

370. Blair Camera Company, Boston, 

Photographic apparatus. 

Gal E, Q-103 871 

371. Boston Cash Register Company, 
Northampton, Mass. Cash registers. 

Gal. E, S-102 865 

372. Brashear, Jno. A., Allegheny, Pa. 
Telespectroscopes, telescopes, spectro- 
scopes, etc. Gal. E, N-102 866 

373. Breese, James L., New York. Car- 
bon portraits and reproductions. 

Gal. E. N-108 871 

374. Buff & Berger, Boston. 

a Surveyors' instruments. 

Gal. E, M-101 867 
(5 Engineers' instruments. 868 

375. Chicago Photogravure Company, 
Chicago. Photogravures. 

Gal. E, O-103 871 

376. Clark, D. R., Chicago. Photographs. 

Gal. E, P-108 871 

377. Commercial Adding Machine Com- 
pany, St. Louis. Registering account- 
ants. Gal. E, R-102 865 

378. Conant, Hezekiah, Pawtucket, R. L 
Clocks, etc. Gal. E, N-103 873 

379. Cox, George C, New York. Photo- 
graphs. Gal. E, O-107 871 

380. Dana, Edw. C, New York. Photo- 
graphs. Gal. E, O-108 871 

381. Davis & Cook, Watertown, N. Y. 
Spirit levels. Gal. E, N-102 868 

382. Davis & Sanford, New York. Pho- 
tographs and photogravures. 

Gal. E, O-104 871 

383. Dayton Autographic Register Com- 
pany, Dayton, Ohio. Autographic tripli- 
cate registers. Gal. E, S-101 865 

384. Eastman Kodak Company, Roches- 
ter, N. Y. Photographic goods. 

Gal. E, P-103 871 

385. Eddy, Geo. M., & Co., Brooklyn, N. 
Y. Measuring tapes. Gal. E, R-101 865 

386. Electro-Tint Engraving Company, 
Philadelphia. Half-tone engravings. 

Gal. E, P-103 871 

387. Elliott, J. M., Columbus, Ohio. Pho- 
tograph. Gal. E, N-104 871 

388. Farnsworth, Emma J., Albany, N. Y. 
Amateur photographs. Gal. F, U-103 871 

389. Fauth & Co., Washington, D. C. 
Telescopes, astronomical apparatus, and 
geodetic instruments. 

Gal. E, truss M-101 866 

390. Geneva Optical Company, Chicago, 
Optical goods. Gal. E, Q-102 874 

Manufacturers of spectacles and oculists' 
outfits, trial cases, lens measures, photo- 
graphic supplies, optical goods generally. 

391. Gramm, Carl T., Keokuk, Iowa. 
Photomicrographs. Gal. D, truss 98 871, 



Instruments of Precision, Experiment, Research and Photography. Photographs, 




392. Gundlach Optical Company, Roches 

ter, N. Y. Gal. E, O-102 

a Photographic lenses. 
b Microscope stands, etc. 

393. Gurley, W & L. E., Troy, N. Y. 
a Surveyors' instruments. 

Gal. E, truss M-101 
h Civil engineers' instruments. 

394. Gutekunst, F., Company, Philadel- 
phia. Photographic portraits and photo- 
mechanical printing. Gal. E, N-108 871 

395. Hardy, F. A., & Co., Chicago. Optical 
instruments and apparatus. 

Gal. E, truss R-101 874 

396. Harrison, Thomas, Chicago. Photo- 
graphs. Gal. E, O-108 871 

397. Hatton, M. F., Princeton, Ind. Pho- 
tographs. Gal. E, P-106 871 

398. Heimberger, C, & Son, New Albany, 
Ind. Photographs. Gal. E, P-1U4 871 

399. Heinrich, H. H., New York. Chro- 
nometers. Gal. E, N-102 873 

400. Ing-lis, James, Chicago. Bromide 
photog^raphs. Gal. E, S-103 871 

401. Jackson, W. H., Photograph & Pub- 
lishing Co., Denver, Col. Photographic 
views of landscape. Gal. E, P-103 871 

402. Keuffel & Esser, New York. Sur- 
veying instruments and drawing mate- 
rials. Gal. E, M-103 867 

403. Keystone Blue Paper Company, Phil- 
adelphia. Photographic and drawing 
papers. Gal. E, S-103 871 

Importers and sensitizers. Information con- 
cernmg exhibit, papers and prices will be 
furnished at either of their offices, 425 Locust 
St., Philadelphia, or at their western factory, 
Chicago Blue Print Paper Co., 211 and 213 
Randolph St., Chicago. 

404. Keystone Dry Plate & Film Works, 
Philadelphia. Photographs, dry plates 
and specialties. Gal. E, R-103 871 

Pioneer manufacturer of gelatino-bromide 
and orthochromatic plates and celluloid 
films in America. Established 1878. I^on't 
fail to call at our exhibit. 

405. Klein, George J., Chicago. Photo- 
graphs. Gal. E, P-107 871 

406. Landy, James, Cincinnati. Photo- 
graphs. Gal. E, N-106 871 

407. Levy, Max, Philadelphia. Engraved 
photographic screens. Gal. E, M-107 871 

408. Long, Mrs. J. G., Chester, Pa. Ama- 
teur photographs. Gal. E, U-103 871 

409. Manasse, L., Chicago, 

a Meteorological instruments. 287 

Gal. E, Q-101 
b Optical goods. 874 

410. McAllister, T. H., New York. Stere- 
opticons, magic lanterns, etc. 

Gal. E, M-103 874 








411. Mcintosh Battery & Optical 
Chicago. Gal. E. N-103 

a Optical apparatus. 

/; Electrical apparatus, etc. 

412. McMichael, H., Buffalo, N. Y. 
tographic studies. Gal. E, N-107 

413. Morrison, William M., Chicago. 
tographs. Gal. E, P-107 

414. National Cash Register Company, 
Dayton, Ohio. Cash registers. 

Gal. E, T-102 865 

415. Northwestern University, Evanston, 
111. Barometers, chronograph, etc. 

Gal. E, N-101 872 

416. Pach Bros., New York. Photo- 
graphs. Gal. E, N-107 871 

417. Photo-Materials Company, Roches- 
ter, N. Y. Photographic apparatus and 
supplies, portraits, etc. 

Gal. E, T-103 871 

418. Place, Frank A., Chicago. Photo- 
graphs and portraits. Gal. E, P-107 871 

419. Queen & Co., Philadelphia. 

a Optical goods. Gal. E, O-102 874 
/; .Scientific apparatus for technical 
and educational work. 

Gal. E, truss N-101 867 
Radam, Wm., New York. Micro- 
photographs. Gal. E, O-104 871 

421. Randall, H., Ann Arbor, Mich. Pho- 
tographs. Gal. E, O-lO'o 871 

422. Rau, Wm. H., Philadelphia. Photo- 
graphs and lantern slides. 

Gal. E, O-108 871 

423. Rhodes, R. S., Chicago. Audiphones. 

Gal. E M-103 876 

424. Robinson, S. W., Columbus, Ohio. 
Velocity meter and templet odontograph. 

Gal. E, N-101 867 

425. Rogers, William A., Waterville, Me. 
Standards of length; comparing and grad- 
uating machines. 

Gal. E, truss N-101 865 

426. Root, W. J., Chicago. Photographs 
and portraits. Gal. E, P-108 871 

427. Savage, C. R., Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Photographic views. Gal. E, P-104 871 

428. Scholl, J. B., Chicago. Photographs. 

Gal. E, P-107 871 

429. Schumacher, F. G., Los Angeles, 
Cal. Photographs. Gal. E, P-105 871 

430. Scott, O. P., Chicago. Photographs. 

Gal. E, P-108 871 

431. Slade, Elizabeth Almy, New York. 
Amateur photographs. Gal. F, U-103 871 

432. Spencer Optical Manufacturing Com- 
pany, New York. Optical goods. 

Gal. E, truss P-101 874 

433. Standard Manufacturing Company, 
East Stroudsburg, Pa. Cash register. 

Gal. E, S-102 865 



Civil Engineering, Constructive Architecture — Government and Law. 

434. Steckel, Geo., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Platinotypes, and albumen and aristo- 
prints. ' Gal. E, O-105 871 

435. Stein & Rosch, Chicago. Photo- 
graphs, portraits, genre and architectural 
views. Gal. E, N-108 871 

436. Strauss, Julius C, St. Louis. Photo- 
graphs. Gal. E, P-108 871 

437. Warner & Swasey, Cleveland, O. 
Telescopes and chronograph. 

Gal. E, O-lOl 866 

438. Willis & Clements, Philadelphia. 
Platinotype photographs. 

Gal. E, O-108 871 

439. Woodbridge, Mrs. L. D., Chester, Pa. 
Amateur photographs. Gal. F, U-lOo 871 

440. Yates, Arthur P., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Bromide print. Gal. E, P-103 871 

441. Young & Sons, Philadelphia. 

a Surveying and mining instruments. 

Gal. E, truss M-101 867 

d Engineering instruments. 868 

442. Zentmayer, Joseph, Philadelphia. 
Microscopes. Gal. E, truss P-101 874 

GROUP 152. 
Civil Eiig'ineering', Public Works, Con- 
structive Architecture. 

443. Allen, F. S., Joliet, 111. School 

architecture. Gal. E, W-108 889 

444. Berry, Washington, Angel Island, 
Cal. Sash balance and lock. 

Gal. E, S-109 889 

445. Bodine Roofing Company, Mansfield, 
O. Roofing, ceiling, etc. 

'^ Gal. E, Q-108 889 

446. Byrkit-Hall Sheathing Lath Com- 
pany, Chicago. Wooden sheathing-lath. 

Gal. E, S-109 889 

447. Dormitzen, Mrs. Henry, New York. 
Window seats and platforms. 

Gal. F, U-103 889 

448. Edgcumbe, A., Rendle & Co., Phila- 
delphia. Glass roofing. 

Gal.E,V-108 889 

449. Gardner Sash Balance Company. 
Sash balance. Gal. E, Q-109 889 

450. Greene, Francis V., & Mary A., 
Philadelphia. Reversible window. 

Gal. E, R-109 889 

451. Habel, Peter, Chicago. Reversible 
window. Gal. E, R-109 889 

452. Landis, I. L., Lancaster, Pa. Metallic 
curbing. Gal. E, U-108 879 

453. McMillan Sash Balance Company, 
Pittsburg, Pa. Sash balance and locks. 

Gal. E, Q-109 889 

454. Nichols, Mrs. Minerva Parker, Phila- 
delphia. Photographs of architectural 
designs. Gal. F, U-103 889 

455. Page, Harvey L., Washington, D. C. 

Architectural photographs. 

Gal. E, Y-108 889 

456. Poppert, George, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Blinds, doors and stairs. 

Gal. E, P-109 889 

457. Santi, Philip Louis, New York. 
Architectural plans. Gal. E,X-108 889 

458. Schaeffer, F. W., Chicago. Cornice 
work. Gal. E, T-109 889 

459. Sykes Iron & Steel Roofing Co., 
Niles, O. Pagoda house. 

Gal. E, T-108 889 

460. Taylor, Samuel C, Chicago. Reversi- 
ble window. Gal. E, R-109 889 

461. Tracy, Mrs. Harriet Ruth, New York. 
Automatic elevator. Gal. F, U-103 889 

402. Wall, Wm. E., Somerville, Mass. 
Graining. Gal. E, T-109 889 

463. Wilier Manufacturing Company, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Staircase and blinds. 

Gal. E, S-108 889 

464. Wilson, Jas. G., New York. Shut- 
ters, blackboards, doors, etc. 

Gal. E, O-109 889 

465. Wolfenden, Mrs. J. H., Highlands, 
Col. Apparatus for removing and re- 
placing windows. Gal. F, U-103 889 

GROUP 153. 
Government and Law. 

466. Cutler Manufacturing Company, 
Rochester, N. Y. Mail chutes and boxes. 

Gal. E, U-108 893 

467. Hess Postal Facility & Supply Co., 
Philadelphia. Postal boxes. 

Gal. E, T-108 893 

468. State of New York, Comptroller's 
Office. Reports, documents, historical 
data, etc. Gal. E, T-108 890 

469. State of New York, Insurance De- 
partment. Reports, documents, statistics, 
etc. Gal. E, T-108 890 

470. State of New York, Treasurer's 
Department. Documents, statistics, re- 
ports, etc. Gal. E, U-108 890 

471. Stoner, Mrs. James M., Denver, Col. 
Mail box. Gal. F, U-103 893 

472. United States Mailing Case Com- 
pany, Boston. Mailing cases. 

Gal. E, N-105 893 

473. United States Trade Mark Associa- 
tion, New York. Trade marks, literature 
and laws. Gal. E, U-107 892 

A mutual benefit association for protecting 
trade marks and labels. 



Commerce — Associations — Religious Systems — Music and Instruments. 

GROUP 154. 
Commerce, Trade and Banking-. 

474. Abbott Machine Company, Chicago. 

Check perforators, canceling machines, 
money changers, etc. Gal. E, T-106 89y 
Dating perforators for R. R. tickets. Check 
punches made to suit the money of any 
country. Our machines contain more char- 
acters than any other. Bread knives in sets. 

475. American Vending Machine Com- 
pany, New York. Vending machines. 

Gal. E, T-105 898 

476. Cary, Jr., Mrs. James, Baltimore. 
Chart and stamp system at Young Wom- 
en's Christian Ass'n. Gal. F, U-103 903 

477. Durant, W. N., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Printing-press counters, turn-stiles, etc. 

Gal. E, T-107 898 

478. Lamson Consolidated Store Service 
Company, Boston. Cash and parcel car- 
riers, mailing cases, etc. Gal. E, T-103 898 

479. Lamson Store Equipment Company, 
Boston. Registering measuring machines. 

Gal. E, T-105 898 

480. Lightning Check Punch Company, 
Bridgeport, Conn. Check punches, etc. 

Gal. E, U-107 898 

481. Ne'w York Life Insurance Company, 
New York. Diagrams, etc. 

Gal. E, T-108 902 

482. Standard Autograph Time Recorder 
Company, Boston. Time recorder. 

Gal. E, T-107 898 

GROUP 156. 

Social, Industrial and Co-operative Asso- 

483. Grand Lodge of Good Templars of 

Illinois. Development of the order. 

Gal. E, V-109 917 

GROUP 157. 

Religious Organizations and Systems — 
Statistics and Publications. 

484. American Bible Society, New York. 

Bibles, Testaments, and portions in various 
languages. Gal. D, A-101 922 

485. American Humane Ass'n, Chicago, 
111. Work of the society in preventing 
cruelty to animals and children. 

Gal. E, V-108 924 

486. American Peace Society, Boston. 
Books, treaties, diagrams, etc. 

Gal. D, A-98 924 

487. American Tract Society, New^ York. 
Publications, statistics, etc. 

Gal. D, A-99 922 

488. Church of Christ. (Disciples.) Devel- 
opment and progress. Gal. D, A-102 919 

489. Church of the United Brethren in 
Christ in the World. Development and 
progress. Gal. D, C-102 919 

Church and Sunday-school supplies. 

490. Concordia Publishing House, Chica- 
go. Publications of the Lutheran church. 

Gal. E, E-104 922 

491. Congregational Denomination in 
America. Development and progress. 

Gal. D, A-102 919 

492. Lutheran Church of America. Church 
development. Gal. D, B-102 919 

493. Methodist Episcopal Church. Devel- 
opment and progress. Gal. D, A-103 919 

494. National Christian Association. Por- 
traits, drawings, publications, etc. 

Gal. D, A-104 924 

495. National Temperance Society, New 
York. Books, pamphlets, tracts and 
charts. Gal. D, A-104 924 

496. New Jerusalem Church of America. 
Church work. Gal. D, B-102 919 

497. Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran 
Church of America. Publications. 

Gal. D, -^-102 919 

498. Presbyterian Church in the United 
States. Development and progress. 

Gal. D, A-102 919 

499. Seventh Day Baptist Denomination. 
Books, papers, photographs, etc. 

Gal. D, C-102 919 

500. Unitarian Church in the United 
States. Books, charts, maps, etc. 

Gal. D, B-102 919 

501. United Society of Christian Endeavor. 
Development and progress. 

Gal. D, A-98 924 

502. Universal Peace Union, Washington. 
Books, arbitration rules, portraits, etc. 

Gal. D, A-98 924 

503. Young Men's Christian Association. 
Association exhibit. Gal. D, A-102 924 

GROUP 158. 

Music and Musical Instruments — The 

504. Albert, C. P., Philadelphia. 

a Violins, violas, etc. Sec. I, P-4 929 
b Musical accessories. 936 

505. Albert, Eugene J., Philadelphia. 
a Violins, viola, violoncello, etc. 

Sec. I, P-4 929 
b Violin tail-piece. 936 

506. Albert, John, Philadelphia. Double 
bass viol. Sec. I, P-4 929 

507. Bacon, Francis, New York. Pianos. 

Sec. I, U-3 930 

508. Banks, John W., Chicago. Guitars. 

Sec. I. T-3 928 



Music and Musical Instruments — The Theatre. 

,09. Barckhoff, Carl, Church Organ Com- 
pany, Salem, Ohio. Pipe organ. 

(Music Hall.) 935 
jio. Bauer, Julius, & Co., Chicago. Pi- 
anos. Sec. I, R-8 930 
Established 1857. First firm to manufacture 
3n a large scale in Chicago. The Bauer 
piano is specially noted for fine workman- 
ship and construction; . ranks among the 
leading instruments wherever known. 
;ii. Behr Bros., Company, New York. 
Pianos. Sec. I, P-8 930 

512. Bent, Geo. P., Chicago. 

a Pianos. Sec, I, P-6 930 

b Reed organs. 935 

513. Boardman & Gray, Albany, N. Y. 
Pianos. Sec. I, Truss, R-8 930 

;i4. Bohmann, Joseph, Chicago. 
a Zithers, guitars, banjos, etc. 

Sec. I, P-3 928 
b Violins. 929 

515. Brainard's, S., Sons Company, Chi- 
cago. Sheet music, books, etc. 

Sec. I, W-7 926 

516. Bush & Gerts Piano Co., Chicago. 
Pianos. Sec. I, U-8 930 

517. Carpenter, E. P., Company, Brattle- 
boro, Vt. Reed organs. Sec. I, T-5 925 

;i8. Chase, A. B., Company, Norwalk, 
Ohio. Pianos. Sec. I, U-9 930 

519. Chase Bros., Piano Company, Mus- 
kegon, Mich. Pianos. Sec. I, N-7 930 

520. Chicago Cottage Organ Company, 

a Pianos. Sec. I, P-4 930 

b Reed organs. 935 

521. Chickering & Sons, Boston. Pianos. 

Sec. I, N-2 930 

522. Clark, A. B., Richmond, Ind. Vio- 
lins. Sec. I, Q-4 929 

523. Colby Piano Company, Erie, Pa. 
Pianos. Sec. I, X-8 930 

524. Coleman, Harry, New York. Brass 
musical instruments. Sec. I, P-3 933 

525. Columbian Organ & Piano Co., Grand 
Crossing, 111. Reed organs. 

Sec. I, T-3 935 

526. Conn, C. G., Elkhart, Ind. Band in- 
struments. Sec. I, Q-1 927-931-934 

527. Consolidated Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Boston. Pianos. Sec. I, T-6 930 

528. Dickinson Ivory Company, Center- 
brook, Conn. Piano keys, etc. 

Sec. I. R-6 930 

529. Ditson, Oliver, Company, Boston. 
Sheet music and music books. 

Sec. I, W-8 926 

530. Dolge, Alfred, New York. Piano- 
forte materials. Sec. I, Y-8 930 

Piano and organ felts, piano felt hammers, 

damper, wedge, rubbing, polishing, print- 
ers, wall paper, buffer and cornplaster 
felts; also wheels, discs, cones, wool fil- 
ters, and all possible kinds made of all- 
wool into felt. Warerooms, Nos. 110 and 
112 East 13th Street, New York. 

531. Ednn. Piano & Organ Co., Monroe- 
ville, Ohio. Reed organs and materials. 

Sec. I, T-4 935 

532. Estey Organ Company, Brattleboro, 
Vt. Reed organs. Sec. 1, 0-3 935 

533. Estey Piano Company, New York. 
Pianos. Sec. I, 0-3 930 

534. Everett Piano Company, Boston. 
Pianos. Sec. I, Truss, P-8 930 

535. Fischer, J. & C, New York. Pianos. 

Sec. I, Truss, N-8 930 

536. Flechter, Victor S., New York. 

a Violins, violas, etc. Sec. I, Q-6 929 
b Musical accessories. 936 

537. Foote, J. Howard, Chicago. 
a Guitars, mandolins, etc. 

Sec. I, Q-3 928 
b Flutes. 931 

c Cornets, horns, etc. 934 

538. Fort Wayne Organ Company, Fort 
Wayne, Ind. Reed organs. 

Sec. I, S-6 935 

539. Friedrich, John, & Bro., New York. 
Violins, violas, etc. Sec. I, R-6 929 

540. Fuller, Levi K., Brattleboro, Vt. Tun- 
ing forks. Sec. I, V-3 936 

541. Gemunder, August, & Sons, New 
York. Violins, cellos, violas, etc. 

Sec. I, Q-6 929 

542. Gerold, C. A., Chicago. Pianos. 

Sec. I, X-7 930 

543. Hallet & Davis Piano Manufacturing 
Co., Boston. Pianos. Sec. I, 0-2 930 

544. Hardman, Peck & Co., New York. 
Pianos. Sec. I, N-5 930 

The Hardman Piano, through its original 
methods of construction and many patents, 
has obtained the highest recognition every- 
where. It has wonderful power and great 
delicacy of tone, and is used by the best 
classes in America and England. Branch 
houses, Chicago, London, Philadelphia. 

545. Harrington, E. G., & Co., New York. 
Pianos. Sec. I, 0-5 930 

546. Hartman Bros. & Reinhard, New 
York. Guitars, zithers, mandolins etc. 

Sec. I, S-5 928 

547. Haynes, John C, & Co., Boston. 

a Guitars, banjos, mandolins and 

zithers. Sec. I. S-1 928 

b Violins. 929 

548. Heskett, H. H., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Violins. Sec. I, R-5 929 

549. Hinze, C, Chicago. Pianos. 

Sec. I, X-7 930 



Music and Musical Instruments — The Theatre. 

550. Ivers & Pond Piano Co., Boston. 

Pianos. Sec (, W-8 930 

551. Jacob Bros., New York Pianos. 

Sec [, T-7 930 

552. Keller Bros. & Blight Bridgeport, 
Conn. Pianos. Sec. 1 U-5 930 

Established 1882. 10,000 in UbC. Special 
6 1-3 octave piano for new beginners. 

553. Kimball, W. W., Company, Chicago. 
a Pianos. Sec. I, P-8 930 
b Reed organs. 935 

554. Kranich & Bach, New York Pianos. 

Sec. I, N 8 930 

555. Kreling, F. W. & Sons, San Fran- 
cisco. Banjos and banjorines. 

Sec. I, R-6 928 

556. Krell, Albert, Cincinnati. Violins, 
etc. Sec. I, P-5 929 

557. Krell Piano Company, Cincinnati. 
Pianos. Sec. I, X-8 930 

558. Lawrence Organ Manufacturing 
Company, Easton, Pa. Reed organs. 

Sec. I, t-6 935 

559. Lehr, H., & Co., Easton, Pa. Reed 
organs. Sec. I, T-6 935 

Lehr organs play piano and organ music, 
look exactly like an upright piano, and cost 
only one-third as much. 

560. Lyon & Healy, Chicago. 
a Drums, cymbals, etc. 

Sec. I, R-3 927 
For thirty years Lyon & Healy's has been 
the great depot for band supplies of all 

b Guitars, banjos, zithers, etc. 928 

The Washburn guitars, banjos, mandolins 
and zithers made by Lyon & Healy are the 
best in the world. A beautiful souvenir 
catalogue will be mailed to your home if 
you will leave your address with the 

c Violins, violoncellos, etc. 929 

Lyon & Healy's collection of rare old violins 
embraces 500 specimens. Lovers of the 
violin may examine these instruments at 
their leisure. Prices from $30.00 to 
$2,000.00. Salesrooms: State and Monroe 
streets, Chicago, 111. 

d Flageolets, fifes, etc. 931 

The Lyon & Healy factories produce over 
100,000 musical instruments annually. 

e Pipe and reed organs. 935 

The Peloubet church organ made by Lyon 
& Healy is without a rival in its field, which 
is used in small and medium sized churches 
and halls, and private residences. It pos- 
sesses the pipe tone so desired by organists, 
and a marvelous action. Prices from $300 
to $3,000. 

/Musical accessories. 936 

Lyon & Healy (founded 1864) sell every- 
thing known in music. 

561. MacKenzie, J. A., Minneapolis, 
Minn. Piano-harps and harpellos. 

Sec. 1, S-1 928 

562. Mannello, Angelo, New York. Man- 
dolins and mandolas. Sec. I, T-3 928 

563. Mason & Hamlin Organ and Piano 
Co., Boston. 

a Pianos. Sec. I, P-1 930 

/; Organs. 93S 

564. Mason & Risch, Worcester, Mass. 
Reed organs. Sec. I, U-1 935 

564a. Mehlin Piano Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Pianos. Sec. I, 0-6 93C 

565. Meneely, Clinton H., Bell Company, 
Troy, N. Y. Chime of bells. 927 

(Central clock tower.) 

566. Meyer, C, & Sons, Philadelphia. 
Pianos. Sec. 1, T-7 93C 

567. Miller, Henry F., & Sons Piano Co., 
Boston. Pianos. Sec. I, \'-6 93C 

568. National Music Company, Chicago. 
Sheet music, books, etc. 

Sec. I, W-7 92e 
Publishers of 10c. music. Send for cat'l. 

569. Needham Piano & Organ Co., New 

a Pianos. Sec. I, Q-6 93C 

b Reed organs. 93c 

570. Nelson, H. C, Chicago, Banjos. 

Sec. I, T-3 925 

571. Newman Bros., Chicago. Reed or- 
gans. Sec. I, S-6 93t 

Factory, corner W. Chicago Ave. and Dix 
St. Capacity, SOO per month. We manu- 
facture 23 different styles of reed organs 
containing many valuable patents and ou; 
patent air-circulating reed cells, which hav( 
the most pipe-like quality of any reed orgai 
made. The best is the cheapest. 

572. Pepper, James W., Philadelphia 
Band instruments. 

Sec. I, P-1 927-928-933-93' 

573. Phonoharp Company, Boston. Pho 
noharps and zithers. Sec. I, R-1 92i 

574. Pick, Miss Libbie, Chicago. Music 
cabinet attachment. Gal. F, U-103 93( 

575. Reed, A., & Sons, Chicago. Pianos 

Sec. I, 0-7 93( 
Construction pat'd in Eng., Ger., France 
Canada, U. S. Simple, durable. Tone, quality 
artistic, powerful, sympathetic. Great merit 

576. Rice-Macy Piano Company, Chicago 
Pianos. Sec. I, \'-7 93( 

577. Schumacker Pianoforte Manufactur 
ing Company, Philadelphia. Pianos. 

Sec. I, N-6 93( 

578. Schubert Piano Company, New York 
Pianos. Sec. I, U-7 93< 

Few of the pianos now on the market cai 



Music and Musical Instruments — The Theatre. 

show such perfection and popularity as 
:he Schubert piano. As an example, the 
shipments in 1892 were 99 per cent, over 
1888. This is due to large experience and 
buying for cash only, the tsenefit of which is 
^iven to the public at reasonable prices. 

579. Shaw Piano Company, Erie, Pa, 
Pianos. Sec. I, X-7 930 

580. Shoninger, B., Company, New Ha- 
ven, Conn, 

a Pianos, Sec, I, R-6 930 

b Reed organs. 935 

581. Sohmer & Co., New York. Pianos. 

Sec. I, Truss R-8 930 
Sohmer & Co., manufacturers, 149 East 14th 
Street, New York City. The highest musi- 
cal authorities and critics have long recog- 
nized the superiority of this instrument. 
The favorite of the cultured and refined in 
our American homes. 

582. Staples, Lucie, San Francisco. Piano- 
forte harmony instructor. 

Gal. F,U-103 926 

583. Starr, James M., & Co., Richmond, 
Ind. Pianos. Sec. I, X-8 930 

584. Stewart, S, S., Philadelphia. Ban- 
jos. Sec. I, S-4 928 

585. Stieff, Charles M., Baltimore, Md. 
Pianos. Sec. I, 0-4 930 

586. Story & Clark Organ Co., Chicago. 
Reed organs. Sec. I, F-6 935 

587. Strauch Bros., New York. Piano 
actions. Sec. I, S-6 930 

588. Summy, Clayton F., Chicago. Sheet 
music, books and charts. Sec. I, W-7 926 

The Musical Review and publications of 
special value to teachers of music. 

589. Tonk Manufacturing Company, Chi- 
cago. Piano stools, music cabinets, etc. 

Sec. I, V-8 936 

590. Toye, William H. R., Philadelphia, 

Mandolins, guitars, banjos, etc. 

Sec, I, T-3 928 

591. Trenton Iron Co., Trenton, N. J. 

Music wire. Sec. I, S-6 930 

592. Vanduzen & Tift Co., Cincinnati, O. 

Chime of bells, 

(S. E. Bell Tower, Machinery Hall) 927 
Established 1837. Superior copper and tin 
chimes, peals and bells. Any desu'ed weight. 
Facilities and skill unsurpassed. Workman- 
ship, quality, etc., guaranteed. 

593. Vose & Sons Piano Co., Boston. 
Pianos. Sec. I, V-8 930 

594. Waterloo Organ Co., Waterloo, N.Y, 

a Pianos. Sec. I, Y-8 930 

b Reed organs. 935 

595. Wegman & Co., Auburn, N, Y. 
Pianos. Sec. I, X-6 930 

Special attention is called to our patent 
tuning-pin fastening. 

596. Wessell, Nickel & Gross, New York. 

Piano actions and parts. Sec. I, T-5 930 

597. Western Cottage Organ Company, 

Ottawa, 111. Reed organs. Sec. I, T-6 935 

598. Wildman, L. P,, Danbury, Conn, 
Violins. Sec, I, R-5 929 

599. Zimmermann, C,F,, Company, Dolge- 

ville, N. Y. Autoharps, Sec. I, R-1 928 
The autoharp is shaped like a zither, 
having bars or padded mutes, which in con- 
nection with the Zimmermann system of 
figure music enables any one to play the 
most difficult airs and chords. Patented May 
9, 1882. Alfred Dolge & Son, general whole- 
sale agents, 110-112 E. 13th St., New York. 




Exhibits Installed in Section F of Anthropological Building. 

The classification of this bureau of the Department of Liberal Arts is divided into si) 
divisions, as follows: 

A — The care and treatment of the mentally defective. 
B — The care and treatment of the sick and injured. 
C— The care and treatment of dependent and delinquent children. • 
D — The care and treatment of adult poor and paupers. 
E — The punishment and reformation of adult delinquents. 

F— Descriptive and statistical exhibits of the government and supervision, the capacity 
and population of the charitable and penal institutions of the States, and miscellaneous 

The Care and Treatment of the Mentally Defective. 


The Care and Treatment of the Mentally 

1. Asylum for the Insane, Athens, O. 

Architectural plans, photographs, liter- 
ature and specimens of patients' work. 


2. Asylum for the Insane, Cleveland, O. 
Architectural plans, photographs, statis- 
tics, specimens of patients' work, liter- 
ature. F-Y-14 

3. Asylum for the Insane, Columbus, O. 
Architectural plans, photographs, liter- 
ature and specimens of patients' work. 


4. Asylum for the Insane, Toledo, O. 
Architectural plans, photographs, liter- 
ature and specimens of patients' work. 


5. Boston Lunatic Hospital, Boston. 
Architectural plans, photographs, liter- 
ature. F-Y-14 

6. Custodial Asylum for Feeble-Minded 
Women, Newark, N. J. Model and 
photographs. F-Y-13 

7. Eastern Ohio Insane Hospital. Topo- 
graphical sketch and plans. P'-Y-M 

8. Insane Asylum, Dayton, O. Plans, 
photographs, literature and specimens of 
patients' work. F-Y-14 

9. Longvie-w Insane Asylum, Carthage, 
O. Plans, photographs, specimens of 
patients' work. F-Y-14 

10. Lynch M'f'g Co., Madison, Wis 

Restraint appliances for the insane. 


11. McLean Hospital, Somerville, Mass 
a Model, plans, photographs, static 

tics and literature of hospital. 
b Photographs, statistics and literatur 
of training school for nurses to th 
insane. F-Y-12 

12. Maine Insane Hospital, Augusta, Me 
Architectural plans, photographs, statis 
tics, literature. F-Y-11 

13. Michigan, State of. Charts, photc 
graphs and illustrations of the work c 
the institutions for the insane at Kalanic 
zoo, Pontiac and Traverse City. 


14. Minnesota Hospital for the Insane 
St. Peter, Minn. Photographs, uniform: 
etc. F-Y-11 

15. Minnesota Second Hospital for Ir 
sane, Rochester, Minn. Photograph 
model of tank for treatment of sewagi 
uniforms, etc. F-Y-11 

16. Northern Indiana Hospital for Insan( 
Logansport, Ind. Photographs, statistic 
etc. " F-Y-11 

17. Ohio Institution for Epileptic Insani 
Topographical sketch and plans. 


18. Utica State Hospital, Utica, N. "V 
Model of infirmary building, photograph 
statistics, samples of patients' work. 




The Care and Treatment of the Sick and Injured and of Dependent Children. 


'he Care and Treatment of the Sick and 

I. Allen, Mary E., New York. Invalid 
chair. F-W-15 

I. Barnwell, Miss C. C, Baltimore. 
Description of dispensary for plaster 
jackets. F-\V-9 

1. Boston City Hospital, Boston. Archi- 
tectural plans, photographs, literature, 
statistics, models of appliances of hospi- 
tal and training school for nurses. 


2. Cancer Hospital for Women, New 
York. Photographs and literature. 


3. Dugot, Mrs. B. A., Mallet Creek, O. 
Combined douche and bed pan. 


4. Evening Dispensary for Women and 
Children, Baltimore. Descriptive charts. 


5. Fitch Accident Hospital, Buffalo, N. 
Y. Photographs and statistics. 

5. Hale, Seth P. H., Williamsville, Mass. 
Apparatus for moving invalids. 


7. Hawley, Mary A., Dixon, 111. Inva- 
lid's table. _ F-X-15 

8. Instructive District Nursing Associa- 
tion, Boston. Statistics and literature. 

p. Jewish Hospital Association, Phila- 
delphia. Photographs and statistics of 
hospital and home for aged and infirm 
Israelites. W-9 

0. Jefferson Medical College, Philadel- 
phia. Plans and drawings of college hos- 
pital. F-X 

1. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore. 
Model of buildings, plans, photographs, 
etc., of hospital and nurses' training 
school. F-X-9 

2. Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary, Port- 
land, Me. Plans, photographs and sta- 
tistics, F-W-9 

3. Massachusetts Emergency & Hygiene 
Ass'n, Boston. Maps, photographs, appli- 
ances, literature. F-X-9 

4. Medical and Surgical Sanitarium, 
Battle Creek, Mich. Plans, photographs, 
appliances. F-X-13 

5. Meggy, Jesse Hodgman, Philadelphia. 
Bed lift. F-X-15 

6. New England Hospital for Women 
and Children, Boston. Photographs, 
plans, statistics, literature. F-X-12 

7. New York Hospital Saturday and 
Sunday Ass'n, New York. Statistics and 
appliances. F-X-9 

38. Reeves, Carrie V., Baltimore. Head 

rest for beds. F-X-15 

39. Sharon Sanitarium, Boston. Plans 
and photographs. F-W-9 

40. St. Luke's Hospital, South Bethlehem, 

Pa. Drawings, photographs, statistics, 
literature. F-X-r2 


The Care and Treatment of Dependent 

and Delinquent Children. 

41. Aid for Destitute Mothers and Infants, 
Boston. Statistics and reports. F-W-9 

42. Baptist Orphanage, Angora, Phila- 
delphia. Photographs of buildings and 
inmates. F-W-10 

43. Boys' Home, Baltimore. Statistics, 
reports. F-W-10 

44. Brooklyn Orphan Asylum Society, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Photographs and sta- 
tistics. F-W-10 

45. Children's Aid Society, Boston. Photo- 
graphs, statistics, library. F-W-9 

46. Chicago News Record, Chicago. 
Photographs, statistics and appliances of 
Fresh Air Fund. F-W-13 

47. Children's Aid Society, Chicago. Sta- 
tistics, photographs, reports, etc. 


48. Children's Aid Society, Philadelphia. 
Photographs, charts, clothing, etc. 


49. Children's Home, Bangor, Me. Statis- 
tics and reports. F-W-10 

50. Fitch Creche, Buffalo, N. Y. Photo- 
graphs, statistics, etc. F-W-13 

51. Goodwill Farm for Boys, East Fair- 
field, Me. Photographs, statistics, re- 
ports. F-W-12 

52. Hampden County Children's Aid Ass'n, 
Springfield, Mass. Photographs and 
reports. F-W-9 

53. Hebrew Orphan Asylum, New York. 
Photographs, specimens of school work, 
uniforms, etc. F-W-10 

54. Hebrew Technical Institute, New- 
York. Photographs and specimens of 
school work. F-W-13 

55. Home for Friendless Children, Read- 
ing, Pa. Photographs of building. 


56. Illinois School of Agriculture and 
Manual Training School for Boys, Glen- 
wood, 111. Photographs, statistics, speci- 
mens of school work. F-W-12 

57. Industrial School for Girls, Boston. 
Reports. F-Y-9 

58. Little Mothers at Work and Little 
Mothers at Play, New York. Photographs 
and statistics. F-W-13 



The Care and Treatment of Adult Poor and Paupers. 

59. Louis Down-town Sabbath and Daily 

School, New York, Photographs, statis- 
tics, specimens of school work. 


60. Lyman School for Boys, Westboro, 

Mass. Photographs and specimens of 
school work. F-W-12 

61. Maine Industrial School for Girls, 
Hallowell, Me. Photographs, statistics, 
reports. F-W-Pi 

62. Massachusetts Infant Asylum, Boston. 
Appliances, statistics, photographs. 


63. Massachusetts Society for the Preven- 
tion of Cruelty to Children, Boston. Re- 
ports and record blanks. F-Y-9 

64. Massachusetts State Board of Lunacy 
and Charity, Boston. Photographs, appli- 
ances and statistics of Department of Out- 
door Poor. F-W-9 

65. Massachusetts State Primary School, 
Palmer, Mass. Photographs of buildings, 
statistics, etc. F-W-12 

66. Mayo School, Darlington, S. C. Speci- 
mens of school work. F-W-11 

67. New York House of Refuge, Randall's 
Island, N. Y. Drawings, maps, photo- 
scraphs, specimens of school work. 

^ F-V-13 

68. New York State Industrial School, 
Rochester, N. Y. Photographs, charts, 
specimens of school work. F-W-10 

69. Ohio Girls' Industrial Home, Dela- 
ware, Ohio. Plans and photographs of 
buildings, statistics, specimens of school 
work. F-W-12 

70. Pennsylvania Reform School, Mor- 
ganza, Pa. Photographs, statistics, speci- 
mens of school work, etc. P^-W-12 

71. Presbyterian Orphanage, Philadel- 
phia. Photographs, statistics, specimens 
of school work. F-W-10 

72. South End Industrial School, Rox- 
bury, Boston. Photographs, descriptive 
charts, specimens of school work. 


73. State Industrial School for Girls, Lan- 
caster, Mass. Photographs, statistics, etc. 


74. Trustees of the State Primary and 

Reform Schools of Massachusetts, Bos- 
ton. Bound reports. F-Y-9 

75. Wernle Orphan Home, Richmond, Ind. 

Photographs and statistics. F-W-10 

76. Young Girls' Home, St. Paul, Minn. 
Photographs, statistics, etc. F-W-12 


The Care and Treatment of Adnlt Po< 
and Panpers. 

77. Associated Charities, Boston. Lite 
ature and record blanks. F-T-IO 

78. Associated Charities, Cincinnati. Li 
erature and record blanks. F-T-IO 

79. Associated Charities, Fall Rive 
Mass. Literature. F-T-10 

80. Associated Charities, Newburgh, 
Y. Literature. F-T-10 

81. Associated Charities, Newtonvilh 
r\Iass. Literature. F-T-10 

82. Associated Charities, Wilmingtor 
Del. Literature and record blanks. 


83. Bethel Associated Charities, Cleve 
land, O. Literature and record blanks. 


84. Boston Provident Association, Bos 
ton. Literature. F-T-10 

85. Bureau of Labor and Charities, Syra 
cuse, N. Y. Literature. F-T-10 

86. Charity Organization Society, Balti 
more, Md. Literature and record blank: 


87. Charity Organization Society, Buffalo 
N. Y. Literature and record blanks. 


88. Charity Organization Society, Bui 
lington, Iowa. Literature and recor 
blanks. F-T-10 

89. Charity Organization Society, Indiai 
apolis, Ind. Literature and recor. 
blanks. F-T-10 

90. Charity Organization Society, Ne-w 
port, R. I. Literature and record blank; 


91. Charity Organization Society, Ne-v 
York City. Literature, record blanks am 
plans of United Charities building. 


92. Chicago Relief and Aid Society, Chi 
cage. Literature, record blanks, statis 
tics. F-T-10 

93. City Almshouse, Baltimore. Charts 
literature and photographs. F-T-10 

94. City Mission, Lawrence, Mass. Lit 
erature. F-T-10 

95. German Evangelical Home, Brooklyn 
N. Y. Literature, plans and statistics. 


96. German Old People's Home, Chicago 
Report and photographs. F-T-10 

97. German Society of Chicago, Chicago 
Literature and record blanks. F-T-10 

98. Home for the Friendless, Buffalo, N 
Y. Statistics, photographs. F-T-10 



Punishment and Reformation of Adult Delinquents — Population of Charitable Institutions. 

99. Industrial Aid Society, Boston. Lit- 
erature and record blanks. F-T-10 
100. Library Bureau, Boston. Card-case 
for records of charitable societies. F-T-10 
loi. Massachusetts Board of Lunacy & 
Charity, Department of indoor Poor, 
Boston. Statistics and photographs. 

102. Massachusetts, State of. Model of 
Hospital Pavilion of the State Almshouse 
at Tewkesbury. F-T-10 

103. Montefiore Home for Chronic In- 
valids, New York. Literature, photo- 
graphs and statistics. F-T-10 

104. New York Herald, New York City. 
Photographs, history and statistics of the 
Free Ice Charity. F-T-10 

105. New York State Soldiers' and Sailors' 
Home. Topographical drawing and 
photographs of grounds and buildings. 


106. North End Mission, Boston. Litera- 
ture, photographs, statistics. F-T-10 

107. Ohio Working Home for the Blind. 
Photographs, charts, manufactured ar- 
ticles, etc. F-T-8 

108. Old Women's Home, Reading, Pa. 
Photographs. F-T-10 

109. Overseers of the Poor, Bellingham, 
Mass. Literature. F-T-10 

no. Overseersof the Poor, Boston. Liter- 
ature, record blanks, statistics. 


111. Overseers of the Poor, Brookline, 
Mass. Reports, photographs of alms- 
house, statistics. F-T-10 

112. Overseers of the Poor, Somerville, 
Mass. Literature and record blanks. 


113. Overseers of the Poor, Springfield, 
Mass. Literature, statistics, photographs 
of almshouse, record blanks. 


114. Pennsylvania Industrial Home for 
131ind Women, Philadelphia. Photo- 
graphs and specimens of inmates' work. 


115. Penny Provident, of the Charity Or- 
ganization Society, Buffalo, N. Y. Statis- 
tics, appliances and record blanks. 


116. Relief Association, Plainfield, N. J. 

117. Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Bos- 
ton. Literature, record blanks, photo- 
graphs and statistics. F-T-10 

118. Temporary Home for Working 
Women, Boston. Reports and statistics. 


119. Union Relief Association, Spring- 
field, Mass. Literature. F-T-10 

120. United Hebrew Charities, New York. 

Literature and record blanks. 


121. Western House of Employment, 

Philadelphia. Photographs and statistics. 


The Punishment and Reformation of 
Adult Delinquents. 

122. Champion Iron Co., Kenton, Ohio. 

Prison work, iron and steel cells, doors, 
locking device, window guards, etc. 

123. Eastern State Penitentiary, Phila- 
delphia. Model of building, photographs, 
statistics. F-W-13 

124. Home for Fallen Women, Baltimore, 
Md. Reports. F-Y-9 

125. Massachusetts Reformatory, Con- 
cord Junction, Mass. Drawings, statis- 
tics, products, literature. F-T-13 

126. Minnesota State Prison, Stillwater, 
Minn. Photographs, plans, products. 


127. New York, State of. Model of elec- 
trical death chair. F-T-13 

128. New York State Reformatory, El- 
mira, N. Y, Model of buildings, trades 
school exhibit. F-T-13 

129. Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield, 
Ohio. Drawings and plans. F-S-13 

130. Pennsylvania Industrial Reformatory, 
Huntingdon, Pa. Model of buildings. 


131. Reformatory Prison for Women, So. 
Farmingham, Mass. Plans, photographs, 
statistics, products, literature, etc. 


132. Van Dorn Iron Works Co., Cleve- 
land, O. Iron and steel jail complete, 
photographs. F-T-8 

133. Western Penitentiary, Allegheny, 
Pa. Model of buildings. F-U-13 


Descriptive and statistical exhibits of the 
sjoveniment and supervision; the ca- 
pacity and population of the charitable 
and penal institutions of the states, 
and miscellaneous. 

134. California State. Statistics. F-Y-10 

135. Colorado State. Map and charts. 


136. Delaware State. Statistics. 


137. Home Savings Society, Boston. Sta- 
tistics and record blanks. F-T-10 

138. Illinois State. Statistics, reports. 




Descriptive and Statistical Exhibits and Population of the Charitable Institutions. 

139. Indian Territory. Statistics. 


140. Indiana Board of State Charities. 
Map, statistics and reports. P^-Y-10 

141. Iowa State. Map and statistics. 


142. Maine State. Statistics. F-Y-10 

143. Maryland State. Map and statistics. 


144. Massachusetts Board of Charities 
and Corrections. Scrap books. F. Y. 10 

145. Massachusetts Board of Lunacy and 
Charity. Reports, photographs, forms. 


146. Massachusetts State. Maps, statis- 
tics and literature. F-Y-10 

147. Michigan State Board of Correction 
and Charities. Map and statistics. F-Y-10 

148. Minnesota State Board of Correc- 
tions and Charities. Map, statistics, re- 
ports. F-Y-10 

149. National Conference of Charities and 

Correction. Proceedings. F-Y-9 

150. New York State Board of Charities. 
Maps, statistics, reports. F-Y-9 

151. New York State Charities Aid Asso- 
ciation. Annual reports. F-Y-9 

152. Ohio State. Map and statistics. 


153. Pennsylvania State. Map and sta- 
tistics. F-Y-10 

154. Pioneer Co-operative Bank, Boston. 
Statistics and literature. f^-T-lO 

155. Provident Savings Bank, Baltimore, 
Md. Statistics and literature. F-T-10 

156. Wines, F. H., Springfield, 111. 
Graphic charts of crime and pauperism 
in the states from 11th U. S. census. 


157. Workingmen's Loan Ass'n, Boston. 
Statistics and literature. F-T-10 


Catholic Educational Exhibit. 



GROUP 147. 

The archbishops of the United States, with Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore presiding, 
at their meeting in Boston, July, 1890, issued an invitation to all in charge of Catholic edu- 
cational institutions to unite in an educational exhibit at the Columbian Exposition. The 
preliminary arrangements were made by delegates at several meetings in Chicago and St. 
Louis. At the request of the archbishops Rt. Rev. J. C. Spaulding, U. D., Bishop of Peoria, 
consented to become president, and Brother Maurelian, F. S. C. (president of Christian 
Brothers College of Memphis, Tenn.), consented to act as secretary and manager of the 
Catholic educational exhibit. 

Exhibits will be presented by normal schools, universities, colleges, art schools, schools 
of science and technology, high schools, academies, commercial schools, industrial and 
manual training schools, primary or kindergarten schools, orphanages, reformatories, 
schools for Indians, negroes, blind, deaf and dumb. 

The exhibits include paintings, drawings and photographs of school buildings, chapels, 
churches, class-rooms, playgrounds, library, art, lecture and science halls, groups of 
teachers and pupils, music classes, sewing and embroidery classes, work-shops in indus- 
trial and training schools, etc. 

The normal department presents normal manuals, sets of text-books, apparatus and 
appliances for instructing in all branches of literature, science and art, as also the work of 
teachers and normal students. 

Work of pupils in plain and ornamental typewriting and shorthand, with illustrations 
whenever possible, will be exhibited in Christian doctrine, history of the United States, 
ancient and modern history, sacred history, church history, mythology, ancient and modern 
languages, compositions, essays, theses, debates, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, 
physics, theory of music, logic and metaphysics, philosophy, hygiene, sanitation, meteor- 
ology, philology, political economy, civil government, mineralogy, geology, zoology, botany, 
horticulture, agriculture, forestry, conchology, ornithology, geography with maps and hyp- 
sometrical casts of cities and countries, commercial payers, bookkeeping, shorthand, 
specimen of painting, free-hand crayon, linear and mechanical drawings, drawings from 
nature and from the flat, perspective drawings, etc.; museums for object lessons, speci- 
mens from industrial schools of printing in colors and plain, electrotyping, tailoring, 
wood-carving, carpentry, shoe-making, iron-work, etc.; plain and fancy needle work, 
crochet, drawn-work, tapestry, lace-making, embroidery, painting on porcelain, wax-work, 

The colleges, academies and schools represented in the various classes of exhibits are 
in charge of the following orders, congregations and persons: 

Benedictine Fathers, Capuchin Fathers, Fathers of the Holy Cross, Fathers of the Holy 
Ghost, Jesuit Fathers, Lazarist Fathers and Secular Clergy; Brothers of Mary, Brothers of 
the Sacred Heart, Brothers of the Holy Cross, Brothers of the Christian schools (Christian 
Brothers), Franciscan Brothers, Resurrectionist Brothers and Laymen. 

Benedictine Sisters, Sisters of St. Agnes, Sisters of Charity (Emmitsburg, C. B. V. M.), 
and (Mt. St. Vincent) Sisters of Christian Charity, Dominican Sisters, Franciscan Sisters, 
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, Sisters of St. Francis (various congregations). 
Gray Nuns, Sisters of the Holy Name, Sisters of the Holy Cross, Sisters of the Holy Child, 
Sisters of Jesus and Mary, Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, Sisters of the Immaculate 
Heart of Mary, Sisters of Loretto, Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of Mt. Carmel, Sisters of Naza- 
reth, Congregation de Notre Dame, School Sisters of Notre Dame, Polish Felecian Sisters, 
Presentation Nuns, Sisters of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, Sisters of Perpetual Ador- 
ation, Sisters of the Precious Blood, Sisters of Providence, Congregation of Divine Provi- 
dence, Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Sisters of St. Joseph, Sisters of St. Nazianz, Sisters of 
Ursula, Madams of the Sacred Heart, Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Ladies of the 
Sacred Heart, Ursuline Sisters, Visitation Nuns and Laywomen. 




Diocesan Exhibits. 

1. Brooklyn Diocese. Colleges of Brook- 

Academies of Brooklyn (4), Bayside 
(Whiteside P. O.), Far Rockaway and Sag 

Orphanage of Brooklyn. 

Parish schools of Brooklyn (44), College 
Point, Flatbush and Flushing, 

2. Buffalo, N. Y., Diocese. Academies 
and colleges of Buffalo (8), Albion, Alle- 
gany (2), Batavia, Corning, Dunkirk, El- 
mira, Hornellsville, Lockport, Owego, Niag- 
ara Falls, Rexville and Wellsville. 

Orphanages of Buffalo (2), Corning, Dun- 
kirk and West Seneca. 

Parish schools of Buffalo (22), Albion, Al- 
den, Allegheny, Batavia, Cheektowaga, 
Corning, Dunkirk (2), East Eden, Elmira, 
Gardenville, Hamburg, Hornellsville, 
Jamestown, Lancaster, Lockport (3), Niag- 
ara Falls, Olean, Pendleton, Salamanca, 
Springville, Suspension Bridge, Tonawanda 
and West Seneca. 

3. Christian Brothers. Normal Institute 
of Amawalk, N. Y.; Ammendale, Md.; 
Glencoe, Mo., and Martinez, Cal. 
Colleges of Ellicott City, Md.; Memphis, 

Tenn.; New York City (2); Oakland, Cal.; 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Portland, Ore.; San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.; St. Louis, Mo.; St. Joseph, Mo.; 
and Washington, D. C. 

Academies and high schools of Albany, 
N. Y.; Baltimore, Md.; Chicago, 111.; New 
York City; Oakland, Cal.; Providence, R. I.; 
Sacramento, Cal.; St, Paul, Minn.; Troy, N. 
Y., and Westchester, N. Y. 

Parish schools of Albany, N. Y. (3); Balti- 
more, Md. (.3); Brooklyn, N. Y.; Buffalo, N. 
Y. (3); Burlington, Vt.; Chicopee, Mass.; 
Detroit, Mich.; Dover, N. H.; Jersey City, 
N. J.; Kansas City, Mo.; Manchester, N. H.; 
Melrose, N. Y.; Newark, N. J.; Newburg, 
N. Y.; New York City (13); New Orleans, 
La.; Oakland, , Cal. (3); Paterson, N. J.; 
Providence, R. I. (2); Philadelphia, Pa. (7); 
San Francisco (2); St. Joseph, Mo.; St. Louis, 
Mo. (5); Temescal, Cal.; Toledo, Ohio; Troy, 
N. Y.; Utica, N. Y.; Waltham, Mass.; West 
Oakland, Cal., and Yonkers, N. Y. 

Industrial and training schools of Edding- 
ton, Pa.; Feehanville, 111,; Utica, N. Y., and 
Westchester, N. Y. 

Orphanages of Albany and Troy, N. Y. 

4. Cleveland, Ohio, Diocese. Colleg 
and academies of Cleveland (2), Tiffin 
Toledo, Nottingham (2), and Villa Mari 
Parish schools of Cleveland (25), Bellvu 

Defiance, Monroeville and other cities. 

5. Covington, Ky., Diocese. Academii 
of Covington (4), Lexington, Maysvill 
Newport (2) and White Sulphur. 
Parish schools of Covington (7), Newpo 

(3), Alexandria, Ashland, Augusta, Bellevu 
Carrollton, Cold Spring, Dayton, Frankfo 
and Paris. 

6. Denver, Col,, Diocese, Academii 
and Parish schools of Denver (6), Cane 
City, Leadville, Trinidad, etc. 

7. Detroit, Mich., Diocese. Commerci 
school of Detroit. 

Academies of Detroit and Monroe. 
Parish schools of Detroit (2), Mt. Clemei 
and Shamokin, Pa. (Dio. H'bg). 

8. Dubuque, Iowa, Diocese, Academi( 
of Dubuque (2), Carroll, Cedar Rapids ar 

Paris schools of Dubuque, Ackley, Bred 
Browns, Carroll (2), Cascade (2), Clinto 
Decorah, Dewitt, Dyersville, Farley, Fe 
tina, Fort Dodge, Haverhill, Key Wes 
Lansing, Lawler, LeMars (2), Luxembur 
Milley, Mt. Carmel, New Vienna, Peter 
burg, Quiglay, Remsen, St. Donatus an 

9. Fort Wayne, Ind., Diocese. Unive 
sity of Notre Dame. 

Academies of Fort Wayne, Crawford 
ville, LaFayette, LaPorte, Notre Dam 
Rensselaer, South Bend (2), Valparaiso an 

Orphanages of Fort Wayne and LaFa^ 

Parish schools of Fort Wayne (6), Ande 
son, Avilla, Columbia City, Crawfordsvill 
Crown Point, Delphi, Decatur, Earl Par] 
Ege, Elkhart, Elwood, Fowler, Garrett Cit; 
Goshen, Hammond, Huntington, Kentlanc 
Klaasville, Kokomo, LaFayette (4), Lagn 
Logansport (3), Michigan City (2), Mishi 
waka, Monroeville, Muncie, New Have: 
New Corydon, Otis, Peru, Plymouth, S 
John, South Bend (3), Sheldon, Tipton, Unio 
City, Valparaiso and Winamac, 



Diocesan Exhibits. 

10. Green Bay, Wis., Diocese. Parish 
schools of Green Bay (4), Ahnapee, Ap- 
pleton (2), Antigo, Bay Settlement, Berlin, 
Brillion, Buchanan (Darby P. O.), Gate, 
Chilton, Glark's Mills, Glintonville, Goop- 
ertown, Delwick, DePere (4), Duck Greek, 
Francis Creek, Freedom, Grand Rapids, 
Holland, Hull (Steven's Point P.O.), Kau- 
kauna. South Kaukauna, Kellnersville, 
Keshena, Kawaunee, Little Chute, Lux- 
embourg, Maple Grove, Marinette (2), 
Menasha (3), New London, New Franken, 
Oconto (2), Oshkosh, Portage, Reedsville, 
Shawano, Steven's Point (3), Stockbridge, 
St. Johns, Sturgeon Bay, Two Rivers, 
Wausau and Wrightstown. 

11. LaCrosse, Wis., Diocese. Parish 
schools of LaCrosse (7), Ashland, Bayfield, 
Chippewa Falls (2), Eau Claire, Fountain 
City, Hudson, Marshfield, Neillsville, New 
Richmond, Prairie du Chein, Sauk City, 
Sparta, Standfold, Superior City and West 

Orphanage of LaCrosse. 

12. Manchester, N. H., Diocese. Acad- 
emies of Manchester (2), and Nashua. 

13. Milwaukee, Wis., Diocese. Acad- 
emies of Milwaukee, Racine and Sinsin- 
awa Mound. 

Parish schools of Milwaukee (9), Ashton 
P. O., Caledonia, Racine, Roxbury, St. Fran- 
cis and St. George. 

14. Natchez, Miss., Diocese. College of 
Bay St. Louis. 

Academies of Bay St. Louis, Chatawa, 
Greenville, Meridian, Scranton and Vicks- 
burg (2). 

Parish schools of Natchez (3), Biloxi, 
Jackson, Pass Christian, Tucker Vicks- 
burg (2). 

15. New Orleans Diocese. Academies of 
New Orleans (8) and Donaldsonville. 
Parish schools of New Orleans (11). 

16. New York City Diocese. Colleges of 
New York City (2), Amawalk. 
Academies of High Schools of New York 

City (2). 

Parish schools of New York City (40), 
Melrose, Newburg, Yonkers and other cities. 

17. Philadelphia Diocese. High Schools of 
Philadelphia and Chestnut Hill. 

Parish schools of Philadelphia (55), Ash- 
land, Bally, Bristol, Bryn Mawr, Chester (2), 
Conshohocken (2), Doylestown, Kellyville, 
Lehighton, Mauch Chunk, Norristown, Phce- 
nixville. Port Carbon, Pottsville (2), Read- 
ing, St. Clair, Shenandoah and West Ches- 

18. Pittsburg, Pa., Diocese. Colleges of 
Pittsburg, Loretto and Summitt. 

Academies of Pittsburg (2), Allegheny, 
Beatty P. O., Ebensburg, Greensburg and 

Parish schools of Pittsburg (22), Alle- 
gheny, Altoona, Blairsdale, Braddock, But- 
ler (2), Cambria City, Copeland, Chartier, 
Connellsville, Dunbar, Gallatzin, Home- 
stead, Irwin, Johnstown (3), Latrobe, Mc- 
Keesport, Rlillvale, Sharpsburg (2), Scott- 
dale, Tunnell Hill, Turtle Creek, Tyrone 
and Wilkinsburg. 

19. San Francisco Diocese. Colleges of 
San Francisco (3), Oakland, San Jose (2), 
San Rafael and Santa Clara. 
Academies of San Francisco (3), Alameda, 

Oakland (2), Redwood City, Rio Vista, 
Santa Clara, Santa Rosa and Ukiah. 

Parish schools of San Francisco (14), 
Berkeley, N. Temescal and Oakland (8), 
San Leandro, San |_Rafael, Stockton (2) and 

Orphanages of San Francisco (3). 

Kindergarten of San Francisco. 

Technical school of San Francisco. 

20. Sioux Falls, S. D., Diocese. Acade- 
mies of Sioux Falls, Sturgis and Yankton. 
Parish schools of Jefferson, Lead City, 

Millbank, Mitchell, Watertown and Yank- 

Indian schools of Fort Yates, Pine Ridge 
Agency, Rosebud and Stephan. 

21. Benedictine Fathers. College of Bel- 
mont, N. C. (2). 

22. Benedictine Sisters. Academy at Nau- 
voo. 111. 

Parish schools of Manchester, N. H.; Spo- 
kane, Wash., and Sturgis, S. D. 

23. Charity, Sisters of. Academies and 
Parish schools of Emmittsburg, Md. (2); 
LaSalle, 111.; Memphis, Tenn.; Pine Bluff, 
Ark.; Richmond, Va.; Tulalip Reserva- 
tion, Wash.; Washington, D. C.; Wichita, 
Kas.; and Baltimore, iVld. 

24. Divine Providence, Sisters of. Acade- 
mies of Castroville, Tex.; Palastine, Tex.; 
Temple, Tex.; Clarksville, Tex.; Jefferson, 
Tex., and Natchitoches, La. 

Parish schools of Castroville, Tex.; San 
Antonio, Tex.; Galveston, Tex.; Columbus, 
Tex.; Ellinger, Tex.; Schulenberg, Tex.; 
High Hill, Tex.; Dubina, Tex.; Weimar, 
Tex.; Sedan, Tex.; New Braunfels, Tex.; 
Fredericksburg, Tex.; and Alexandria, La. 

25. Dominican Sisters. Academies of 
Memphis, Tenn.; New York City; Bloom- 
ington. III.; Faribault, Minn.; Washington, 
D. C; Racine, Wis., and Sinsinawa Mound, 



Diocesan Exhibits. 

Parish schools of Minneapolis, Minn.; 
Clarksville, Tenn.; New York City; Muske- 
gon, Mich.; Seattle, Wash.; Plattsmouth, 
Neb., and Kansas City, Mo. 

26. Loretto, Sisters of. Academies of 
Denver, Col. (2); Pueblo, Col.; Colorado 
Springs, Col.; Alontgomery, Ala.; Osage 
Mission, Kas.; Cairo, 111.; St. Johns P. O., 
Ky.;Louisville,Ky.; Marshall, Mo.; Spring- 
field, Mo.; St. Louis, Mo.; Cape Girardeau, 
Mo.; Florissant, Mo.;Sante Fe, N. M.; El 
Paso, Tex.; Las Cruces, N. M., and Mora, 
N. M. 

Indian schools of Bernalillo, N. M. 

Parish schools of Elizabethtown, Ky.; Leb- 
anon, Ky.; Kansas City, Mo.; St. Louis, Mo.; 
Las Vegas, N. M., and Socorro, N. M. 

27. Mary, Brothers of. Colleges of Day- 
ton, Ohio; Honolulu, H. I., and San An- 
tonio, Tex. 

Parish schools of Baltimore, Md. (3); Chi- 
cago, 111. (2); Cincinnati, Ohio (2); Cleveland, 
Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio (3); 
Flilo, H. I.; New Orleans, La.; New York 
City (2); San Antonio, Tex.; Wailuka, H. I., 
and Winnepeg, Man. 

28. Precious Blood, Sisters of. Academy 
of St. Louis, Mo. 

Parish schools of St. Louis, Mo. (2); Falls 
City, Neb.; Florissant, Mo.; Josephville, Mo.; 
Old Monroe, Mo.; Omaha, Neb. (2); Riviere 
Aux Vases, Mo.; St. Peter's, Mo.; Tipton, 
Mo., and Zell, Mo. 

29. Providence, Sisters of. Academies of 
St. Mary's, Vigo City, Ind.; Chelsea, Mass.; 
Chicago; E. Saginaw, Mich.; Fort Wayne, 
Ind.; Galesburg, 111.; Greencastle, Ind.; 
Indianapolis, Ind.; Kansas City, Mo.; La- 
Fayette, Ind.; Port Huron, Mich.; Sagi- 
naw City, Mich.; Terre Haute, Ind.; Vin- 
cennes, Ind.; and Washington, Ind. 
Parish schools of Chicago (Central Park), 

111.; Columbus, Ind.; Connersville, Ind.; Del- 
phis, Ind.; Evansville, Ind. (2); Fort Wayne, 
Ind.;Frenchtown, Ind.; Galesburg, 111.; Ham- 
mond, Ind.; Indianapolis, Ind. (4); Jaspar, 
Ind.; Jeffersonville, Ind.; LaFayette, Ind.; 
Lockport, PL; Loogootee, Ind.; Madison, 
Ind.; New Albany, Ind.; Omaha, Neb.; Peru, 
Ind.; Richmond, Ind.; Saginaw, City, Mich.; 
Savanna, 111.; St. Mary's, Vigo City, Ind.; 
Seymour, Ind.; Terre Haute, Ind. (2); Val- 
paraiso, Ind.; Vincennes, Ind.; Washington, 
Ind. (2), and Ypsilanti, Mich. 

30. School Sisters of Notre Dame (East). 
Academies of Govanstown and Baltimore, 
Md., and Fort Lee, N. J. 

Parish schools of Baltimore, Md. (7); Bos- 
ton, Mass.; Canton, Mass.; Catonsville, Md.; 
Maiden, Mass.; Philadelphia, Pa. (3); Tow- 
son, Md., and Washington, D. C. (2). 

31. School Sisters of Notre Dame (Mil). 
Academies of Milwaukee, Wis.; Quincy, 

111, and Harbor Springs, Mich. 

Orphanage of Quincy, 111. 

Parish schools of Milwaukee (9); Belle- 
ville, 111.; Belvidere, Minn.; Champaign, 111.; 
Escanaba, Mich.; Fort Madison, la.; Fort 
Wayne, Ind.; Grand Rapids, Mich. (2); 
Highland, 111.; Logansport, Ind.; Louisville, 
Ky.; Peoria. 111. (2); Quincy, 111. (3); St. 
Charles, Mo.; St. Louis, Mo.; St. Paul, Minn.; 
.Shakopee, Minn.; Sheboygan, Wis.; Wash- 
ington, Mo.; Winona Minn., and Wabasha, 

32. St. Francis, Sisters of (Old'bg). Acad- 
emy of Oldenburg, Ind. 

Parish schools of Aurora, Ind.; Cincinnati, 
Ohio (2); Dover, Ind.; Evansville, Ind.; In- 
dianapolis, Ind. (ti); Lawrenceburg, Ind.; 
Morris, Ind.; New Albany, Ind.; New Alsace, 
Ind.; Oldenburg, Ind.; Rushville, Ind.; St. 
Louis, Mo.; St. Peter's, Ind.; St. Wendel, Ind.; 
Sedamsville, Ohio; Shelbyville, Ind., and 
Yorkville, Ind. 

33. St. Joseph, Sisters. Academies of St. 
Genevieve, Mo.; St. Augustine, Fla.; Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.; Peoria, 111., and Syracuse, 
N, Y. 

Parish schools of Ishpeming, Mich.; St. 
Paul, Minn.; Albany, N. Y.; Amsterdam, 
N. Y.; Cohoes, N. Y.; Glens Falls, N. Y.; 
Hoosick Falls, N.Y.; Oswego, N.Y.; Schenec- 
tady, N. Y.; Syracuse, N. Y.; Troy, N. Y., 
and West Troy, N. Y. 

34. The Sacred Heart, Brothers of. Col- 
leges of Bay St. Louis, Miss.; Vicksburg, 

Miss., and Thibodaux, La. 

Academies of Baton Rouge, La.; Mobile, 
Ala.; Nashua, N. H.; New Orleans, La. 

Parish schools of Augusta, Ga.; Donald- 
sonville,. La.; Indianapolis, Ind. (2); Man- 
chester, N. H.; Mobile, Ala., and Natchez, 

35. Ursuiine Sisters. Academies of Alton, 
111.; Arcadia, Mo.; CoUinsville, 111.; Crescent 
Hill, Ky.; Decatur, 111.; Grand Forks, S. D.; 
St. Louis, Mo., and Frontenac, Minn. 

Parish schools of Alton, 111. (2). 

36. Visitation Sisters. Academy of George- 
town, W. Washington, D. C. 




Medicine, Education, Literature, Instruments of Precision, Photography. 

GROUP 148. 

1. Bauer, Dr. Moriz, Vienna. Vaccina- 
tion supplies. y37 

2. Broz, Albert, Graz. Surgical instru- 
ments. 837 

3. Odelga, I., Vienna. Surgical instru- 
ments and apparatus. 837 

4. Wiener, A., Vienna. "Pocket phar- 
macy." 834 

GROUP 149. 

5. Cuhel, Dr. Franz, Prague. Reckoning 

apparatus for children. 842 

6. Genossenschafts, Fachschule fuer 
Drechsler at Vienna. Models and draw- 
ings. 847 

7. Gerlach & Schenk, Vienna Models 
for art instruction. 486 

8. Hanusch, Thomas, Hostitz, Bohemia. 
Reckoning apparatus for children. 842 

g. Lenoir & Forster, Vienna. Apparatus 
for teaching chemistry and physics. 845 
[Q. Neubert, V., Prague. Models and ap- 
pliances for teaching. 842 
[I. Roth, Adol, Taus, Bohemia. Ap- 
^pliances for teaching. 842 

GROUP 150. 

r2. Dorn, Dr., Voikswirtschaftlicher Ver- 

lag, Vienna. Works on national economy. 


t3. Brandeis, Jacob B., Prague. Hebrew 

books. 854 

14. Grieszelich, Ernst Ludwig, Vienna. 
Graphical illustration of foreign travel in 
the capitals of Europe. 864 

15. Kaes, Simon, Vienna. "Fachzeitung 
fur Leder Industrie." 856 

16. Lechner, R. (W. Mueller), Vienna. 
Topographical maps. 864 

17. Ministeriumdes Innern K. K., Vienna. 
Statistical and graphical illustrations of 
the workingmens' insurance system and 
of their unions in Austria. 863 

18. Silas, Ferdinand, Vienna. Geographi- 
cal maps. 864 

19. Steinbrener, J., Winterberg, Bohemia. 
Prayer books. 854 

GROUP 151. 

20. Czichna C. A., Innsbruck. Photo- 
graphs with Alpine photographs. 871 

21. Denk, August, Vienna. Cellulographs. 


22. Forster, I., Salzburg. Photographical 
backgrounds. 871 

23. Hofmeier, Julius, Vienna. Photo- 
chemical plates. 871 

24. Klicnik, Arnold, Bruenn, Morav ia. 
Rlechanical instruments. 865 

25. Landes, Verband der vereinigten Lur 
und Freemdenver, kehrs-Vereine in Tyrol, 
Innsbruck. Collection of Alpine photo- 
graphs. 871 

26. Lechner R. (W. Mueller), Vienna. 
Photographic apparatus. 871 

27. Lippe, Theo., G. von der, Vienna. 
Photographs. 871 

28. Nemetz, Josef, Vienna. Instruments 
of precision. 

29. Paulussen, Richard, Vienna. Photo- 
gravures. 871 

30. Reichert, C., Vienna. Optical instru- 
ments. 874 

31. Ringhoffer, F., Smichew near Prague. 
Photos of machines of different kinds. 871 

32. Verein zur Hebung des Fremden- 
verkehres, Prague. Photographical views. 


33. Wachtel, Bernhard, Vienna. Photo- 
graphic cartoons and passepartouts. 871 

GROUP 152. 

34. Weber, von Ebenhof, Alfred, Bruenn, 
Moravia. Work on mountain hydrau- 
lics. 882 

GROUP 153. 

35. Wanka, Josef, Prague. Statistical il- 
lustrations of the postal service. 893 

36. Wlcek, Wenzel, Graz. Letter boxes. 


GROUP 157. 

37. Vogl, Adolf, Innsbruck. Altar. (With 

Alpine photographs). 919 



Music and Musical Instruments — The Theatre. 

GROUP 158. 

38. Augerer, Franz & Dotzauer Wenzel, 


a Wind instruments. 931 

b Stringed instruments. 928 

39. Bruener, Franz, Schoenbach. Zith- 
ers. 928 

40. Brunbauer, Philipp, & Sohn, Vienna. 
Harmonicas. Included in the collective 
exhibit of the Genossenschaft at Vienna. 


41. Cerveny, V. F., & Soehne, Koenig- 
graetz, Bohemia. Wind instruments. 931 

42. Dehmal, Anton, Vienna. Wind in- 
struments. 931 

43. Fiehn, Heinrich, Vienna, Ocarinas. 


44. Forster, Johann, Vienna. Harmoni- 
cas. 935 

45. From, Karl, Vienna. Stringed instru- 
ments. 928 

46. Fuchs, Daniel, Vienna. Wind in- 
struments. 931 

47. Gessner, J. B., Graslitz. Wind in- 
struments. Included in the collective 
exhil)it of the Graslitz manufacturers. 931 

48. Graslitz manufacturers of musical in- 
struments. Collective exhibit of musical 

49. Haudeck, Karl, Vienna. Stringed in- 
struments. 928 

50. Huttl, A. K., Graslitz. Wind instru- 
ments. 931 

51. Kiendl, A., Vienna. Zithers. 928 

52. Kiendl, Karl, Vienna. Stringed in- 
struments. 928 

53. Kirchner Gebrueder, Vienna. Musi- 
cal instruments. 

54. Kirchner, Karl, Vienna. Stringed in- 
struments. 928 

55. Klier, Andreas, Schoenbach. Musi- 
cal instruments. 

56. Langhammer, J. E., Graslitz. Wind 
instruments. 931 

57. Loos, Karl, Schoenbach. Stringed in- 
struments. 928 

58. Lutz, Josef, Schoenbach. Musical in- 

59. Mayer, Carl, Vienna. Mouthpieces for 
musical instruments. 936 

60. Meindl, J. B,, Gratliz. Wind instru- 
ments. - 921 

61. Nowy, Michael, Vienna. Stringed in- 
struments. 928 

62. Osmanek, A., Schoenbach. Musical 

63. Petz, Josef, Graz. Automatic organ. 


64. Pick, Josef Leopold, Vienna. Har- 
monicas. 935 

65. Plocek, A., Chroustowitz, Bohemia. 
Muffler for musical instruments. 936 

66. Proksch, A., Reichenberg, Bohemia. 
Pianos. 930 

67. Roesel, Johann, Vienna. Wind instru- 
ments. 931 

68. Sandners, Sohn, Schoenbach, near 
Eger, Bohemia. Musical instruments. 

69. Schoenbach manufacturers of musical 
instruments. Collective exhibit of musical 

70. Schuster, Jos. Jgn., Kirchberg, near 
Graslitz. Bows for violin, violoncello and 
bass viol. 936 

71. Stecher, Karl, Vienna. Wind instru- 
ments. 931 

72. Stingl, Gebrueder, Vienna. Pianos. 930 

73. Strowasser, A. R., Graslitz. Machines 
for making stringed instruments. 936 

74. Stovrasser's, W. Soehne, Graslitz. 
Wind instruments. Included in the col- 
lective exhibit of Graslitz. 931 

75. Thie, Wilhelm, Vienna. Harmonicas. 


76. Trimmel, Joh. N., Vienna. Harmon- 
icas. 935 

77. Urbanek, Fr. A., Prague. Music 
"books. 926 

78. Vienna Genossenschaft der Musik In- 
strumenten Erzanger. Collective exhibit 




Hygiene, Medicine, Education, Literature, Photography, Knowledge, Music. 

GROUP 147. 

1. Administration du Bureau de Bienfai- 
sance, Antwerp. Models and plans of 
homes for working classes. 827 

2. Demany, Emile, Liege. Plans and 
designs of school-houses. 827 

3. Franken-Willemaers, Edouard,"_Brus- 

a Plans of residences. 827 

b Plans of hospitals. 832 

4. Mouly, F. v., Brussels. Ventilators. 
^ 829 

5. Societe anonyme des Forges d'Aiseau, 
Aiseau. Sheet-iron building. _ _ 830 

6. Societe anonyme "La Couvinoise," 
Couvin. Heating and ventilating appa- 
ratus. 829 

GROUP 148. 

7. Sasserath, Alphonse, Eine, Liege. 
Dental apparatus. 839 

GROUP 149. 

8. Van Dooren, Louis, Brussels. Chart 
of penmanship. 842 

9. Van Oye, Alb., & Co., Maldeghem. 
Fac-simile of school for basket making. 

GROUP 150. 

0. Godenne, Jacques, Liege. Various 
publications. 854 

1. Lyon-Claesen, F., Brussels. Book- 
bindery. 8.54 

.2. Van Dooren, ^Louis, Brussels. Ad- 
vertising cards. 854 

GROUP 151. 

13. Administration Communale de Bruges, 

Bruges. Photographs of the city. 871 

14. Administration Communale D'Ostende, 
Ostende. Photographs of the city. 871 

15. Beernaert's Dry Plate Company, Gand. 
Photographic plates. 871 

16. Belot, Ch., Brussels. Photograhic 
apparatus. 871 

17. Gerkinet-Ledent, A., Herstal. Water- 
level indicator. 868 

18. Geruzet freres, Brussels. Photo- 
graphs on tiles, etc. 871 

19. Sober, Edmond, freres, Brussels. 
Painted photographs. 871 

GROUP 155. 

20. Vanderperre, F. H., Brussels. Plans 
and photographs of exhibits at Expositions. 

GROUP 158. 

21. Berden, Franc & Co., Brussels. Grand 

and upright pianos. 

22. Causard, Tellin, 

23. Delflas, Camille, 

musical instrumerts. 


Grupont. Church 


Brussels. Brass 


Faes, Gustave, Antwerp. Violins and 



25. Graffart, Julien, Liege. 



26. Senecaut, Pierre, Malines. 

a Wood musical instruments. 931 

b Brass musical instruments. 933 

27. Vancauwelaert, freres & soeur, Brus- 

a Brass musical instruments. 933 

b Accessories of musical instruments, 





Hygiene, Medicine, Education, Literature. 

GROUP 147. 

I. Peacock, Wm., Montreal. Cricket 

and baseball bats. 825 

3. Rosebrugh, A. M., Toronto. Window 
ventilators. 829 

4. Wilkinson, J., Peterboro, Ont. Sick- 
bed appliance. 832 

GROUP 148. 

5. Bonnar, Wm., Albion, Ont. Surgeon's 

satchel. 837 

6. Harvard Chair Company, Toronto. 

a Surgical chairs and cabinet. 837 

b Dental chairs and cabinet. 839 

GROUP 149. 

7. Canada Office & School Furniture Co., 

Preston, Ont, School furniture. 842 

8. Colleges, Convents and Catholic 
Schools of Canada. P. N. Bruchesi, Canon, 
Montreal, Que. Catholic educational ex- 
hibit from the universities, colleges, sem- 
inaries and normal schools of the Province 
of Quebec. 851 

9. Specimens of vvork from the schools of 
the Brothers of the Christian Schools; St. 
Croix Congregation; Christian Brothers; 
Marists' Brothers; St. Gabriel Brothers; 
Brothers of the Sacred Heart; Brothers 
of St. Vincent de Paul; Catholic Commis- 
sioners of the City of Montreal; Sisters of 
Notre Dame; and various boarding and 
day schools in the Province of Quebec; 
also boarding and day schools in the 
Provinces of Ontario; Nova Scotia; New 
Brunswick; Prince Edwards Island; and 
the United States, and Convents of the 
Nuns of Quebec; Three Rivers; Stan- 
stead, and Robervalle; Sisters of Ste 
Anne, Lachine; Sisters of St. Croix, St. 
Laurent; Sisters of the Good Shepherd, 
Montreal. 842 

10. Specimens of work from the Institution 
of the Deaf Mutes, under the direction of 
the Sisters of Providence, Montreal; Sis- 
ters of Jesus Marie of Sillery, Quebec; 
Sisters of the Good Shepherd of Quebec; 
Sisters of Charity, of Quebec; Sisters of 
r Assomption, Nicolet; Sisters of the Pre- 
sentation of St. Hyacinthe; and Grey Sis- 





ters of the Cross; also school of Mr. Frs. 
Lienard, St. Sabastien. 849 

11. Specimens of work from the Modeling 
School of the city of Laurentides, Henri 
Vaillancourt; also Elementary and Model- 
ing Schools of Montreal and the Province 
of Quebec. 846 

12. Provincial Government of Northwest 
Territories, Regina. Educational system. 


13. Provincial Government of 
Toronto. Educational system. 

14. Provincial Government of 
Quebec. Educational system. 

GROUP 150. 

15. Biggar, E. B., Montreal. Textile 

journals. 856 

16. Ernst, Charles P., New Hamburg, 
Ont. Old bible. 854 

17. McClean, J. B., Publishing Company, 

Toronto. Trade journals. 856 

GROUP 151. 

18. Anderson Trading Company, Toronto. 
Cash registers. 865 

19. Boorne & May, Calgary, N. W. T. 
Photographs. 871 

Most complete collection of Indian and 
Rocky mountain scenes in Canada. Send 
for catalogue. Dealers in Indian curios, etc. 

20. Campbell & Son, Toronto. Photo- 
grapher's scenic background. 871 

21. Cochran, C. S., Hamilton, Ont. Photo- 
graphs, 871 

22. Grant, Henry, & Son, Montreal. 
Optical goods. 874 

23. Magrath, C. A., Lethbridge, N. W. T. 
Photos of Lethbridge. 871 

24. Notman, Wm., & Sons, Montreal. 
Photographs. 871 

25. Smith, Sydney A., Calgary, N. W. T. 
Photographs. 871 

26. Stubbert, Jas. S., North Sydney, N. S. 
Views of Cape Breton, 871 

27. Victoria Park Trustees, Truro, N, S, 
Photographs. 871 

28. Williams, L. H., Montreal. Photo- 
graphs, 71 



Civil Engineering, Government and Law, Commerce, Music. 

GROUP 152. 

29. Department of Public Works, Ottawa, 
Ont. Views and plans of public build- 
ings. 889 

30. Dominion Bridge Company, Montreal. 
Drawings and photographs of bridges. 880 

31. Government of Nova Scotia, Halifax, 
N. S. Models of bridges. 880 

32. Magrath, C. A., Lethbridge, N. W. T. 
Blue print of Gait hospital. 889 

33. Meloche, F. Ed., Montreal. Archi- 
tectural plans and drawings. 889 

GROUP 153. 

34. Beatty, W. J., Ottawa, Ont. Stamp 
albums. 893 

35. Savard, Joseph L., Quebec. Stamp 
album. 893 

GROUP 154. 

36. Berry, A., Warden, Que. Drawer 
equalizer. 898 

37. Canada Office & School Furnishing 
Company, Preston, Ont. Office and opera 
furniture. 898 

38. McClean, F. E., Port Hastings, C. B. 
Old bank notes. 897 

GROUP 158. 

39. Barthlemes, A. A., & Co., Toronto, 

Ont. Piano actions and autoharps. 930 

40. Close, J. A., Woodstock, Ont. Violin 
tail piece. 936 

41. Dominion Organ & Piano Co., Bow- 
manville, Ont. 

a Pianos. 930 

b Organs. 935 

42. Goderich Organ Company, Goderich 
Ont. Organs. 935 

43. Hugill, Joseph, Toronto, Ont. Violin 
and viola. 929 

44. Knaggs, Wm., Hamilton, Ont. Vio- 
lins and viola. 929 

45. Major, Geo., Cape Le Ronde, N. S. 
Violin. 929 

46. Newcombe, O., & Co., Toronto, Ont. 
Pianos. 930 

47. Ormond, Hugh, London, Ont. Vio- 
lins. 929 

48. Richer, Ovide A., Montreal, Que. Vio- 
lins. 929 

49. Williams, R. S., & Son., Toronto, 
Ont. Pianos. 930 


Literature, Photography, 


Engineering Music. 

GROUP 150. 

GROUP 158. 

I. Ceylon Government. 


Ceylon Commission. 

a Books. 854 
b School books. 855 

a Flute. 


b Puppet shows, masks, 


GROUP 151. 



2. Skeen, W. L. H., & Co. Photographs 

of Ceylon. 871 


Colombo Museum. 

GROUP 152. 

a Drum. 


3. Ceylon Commission. Rattan bridge. 

b Flageolet. 



c Horn. 





Medicine, Education, Literature. 

GROUP 148. 

1. Albumen, Maltrcse & Gluten Manu- 
factory Copenhagen. Albumen, malt- 
ose and gluten. 

GROUP 149. 

2. Lange, Joh., Copenhagen. Parts of 

"Flora Danica." 852 

3. Orlandi's Succrs, Copenhagen. 

Plaster casts of Thorwaldsen's works. 
Dept. H 846 

4. Society for Encouraging Manual Labor 
in Homes and Schools, Copenhagen. 
Model, drawings and utensils for a wood 
carving class. Dept. H 847 

5. Tejsen, Miss Maja, Copenhagen. 
Drawing system for feeble minded chil- 
dren. Dept. H 849 

GROUP 150 

6. Aamodt, Axel E., Copenhagen. Books. 


7. Bagge, Fr. Copenhagen. Illustrated 
books. 854 

8. Bang, August, Copenhagen. Books. 


9. Bernsteen, Simon, Copenhagen. 

a Books. 854 

b Trade-printing. 860 

10. Boghandel, Gyldendalske, Copenhagen. 
Books. 854 

11. Bojesen, Ernst, Copenhagen. Books. 


12. Bording, F.J E. Copenhagen. Trade- 
printing. 860 

13. Central Printing Office, Copenhagen. 
Books and illustrations. 854 

14. Clement's, D. L., Succrs, Copenhagen. 
Books. 854 

15. Cordts, Carl, Copenhagen. Zoologi- 
cal and anatomical designs, lithographs. 


16. Flyge, J. L., Copenhagen. Bound 
books. 854 

17. Gade, G. E. C, Copenhagen. Books. 


18. Government of Denmark, Copenhagen. 
Books. 86.3 

19. Grabe, C. E., Copenhagen. Books. 


20. Hagerups, H,, Copenhagen. Books. 


21. Hausen, H.J. , Copenhagen. "Zoologia 
Danica." 854 

22. Industriforeningen Society, Copen- 
hagen. Books. 854 

23. Knudtyou, Fred G., Copenhagen. 

a Books. 854 

b Trade-printing. 860 

24. Lehmann & Stage, Copenhagen. 
Books. 854 

25. Nielsen & Lydiche, Copenhagen. 
Books. 854 

26. Odense, Chr. Milo, Copenhagen. 
Books. 854 

27. Petersen, P., Copenhagen. 

a Books. 854 

b Trade-printing. 860 

28. Petersen, Thorvald, Copenhagen. 
Bound books. 854 

29. Philipsen, P. G., Copenhagen. Books. 


30. Reitzel, C. A., Copenhagen. Books. 


31. Rom, N. C, Copenhagen. 

a Books. 854 

b Designs for home and school work. 

c Maps. 864 

32. Royal Danish Academy of Sciences, 
Copenhagen. Books. 585 

33. Royal Danish Geographical Society, 
Copenhagen. Books. 

34. Royal Society of Northern Antiquities, 
Copenhagen. Books. 863 

35. Siersted, Th., Copenhagen. School 
maps. 864 

36. Society for Promoting the Publication 
of Books, Copenhagen. Books and pub- 
lications, papers from members; binding 
from special designs by Danish artists. 


37. Staggemeier, A., Copenhagen. Ap- 
paratus for ascertaining geographical 
positions. 864 

38. Thiele, H. H., Copenhagen. Books 
and cromo-typography. 854 

39. Truelsen, Martins, Copenhagen. 

a Books. 854 

b Trade-printing. 860 

40. Wimmer, L. F. A., Copenhagen. 
Works on northern archaeology. 854 

41. Winkel & Magnussen, Copenhagen. 
Books. 854 


Photography, Commerce, Institutions of Knowledge, Music. 

GROUP 161. 

\2. Christensen, C, Fredericia, Jutland. 

Photographs. 871 

\3. Jensen, Jucker, Copenhagen. Photo- 
graphs. Dept. H 871 

\4. Knudsen, Cornelius, Copenhagen. 
Barometer. Dept. H 872 

\S. Lonborg, Chr., Copenhagen. Photo- 
graphs. Dept. H 871 

^6. Mtiller's, Budtz, Succrs., Copenhagen. 
Photographic apparatus, photographs, 
etc. 871 

^7. Norholm, A., Copenhagen. Compasses. 
Dept. H 867 

\S. Schou, Albert, Copenhagen. Photo- 
graphs of Thorvaldsen's works. 

Dept. H 871 

\g. Steen, Miss Mary, Copenhagen. 
Photographs of Royal Danish castles. 

Dept. H 871 

;o. Stolten & Simonson, Copenhagen. 
Photographs exhibited on aristo paper. 
Dept. H 871 

;i. Tyde, J. W., Copenhagen. Photo- 
graphs. Dept. H 871 

;2. Zermekren, Johannes, Copenhagen. 
Galcuting machine. Dept. H 865 

GROUP 154. 

53. HOckendorff, P., Copenhagen. Wafer 

stamps for office use. 898 

54. Mattat, C. P., Copenhagen. Stamps 

for office use. Dept. H 898 

55. Zinther, Harold J., Fredensborg, Sea- 
land. Writing desk and chair. 

Dept. H 898 

GROUP 155. 

56. Royal Geographical Society, Copen- 
hagen. The Society's periodical for four 
years. 907 

GROUP 157. 

57. Loffler, J. B., Copenhagen. Illustrated 

works on Danish church history. 919 

GROUP 158. 

58. Felumb, J. Emil, Copenhagen. Pianos. 


59. Jensen, Tang, Copenhagen. Piano 
actions. 930 




Hygiene, Medicine. 

GROUP 147. 

1. Bad Langenschwalbach, Langen- 

schwalbach. Thermal literature. 

Dept. A 829 

2. Bad Kreuznach, Kreuznach. Thermal 
literature. Dept. A 829 

3. Bad Nauheim, Nauheim. Thermal lit- 
erature. Dept. G 829 

4. Bad Neuhaus, Neuhaus. Thermal lit- 
erature. Dept. A 829 

5. Brehner'sche, Dr. Heilanstalt fuer 
Lungen Kranke, Goerbersdorf, Silesia. 
Thermal literature. Dept. A 829 

6. Centralstelle fuer Sommerpflege in 
Deutschland, Berlin. Statistics, plans and 
models of sanitaries for children. 831 

7. Dernen, Gebr., Cologne. Protective 
clothing for workmen. Dept. F 830 

8. Gandre, Friedrich, Hildesheim. Models 
of disinfecting apparatus for hospitals. 

Dept. G 832 

9. Grove, David, Berlin. Drawings of 
heating and ventilating plants for the 
German parliament building. Dept. G 829 

10. Heilemann, Julius, Berlin. Two-story 
house of iron outside walls. 827 

11. Homburg v. d. Heche, Bad. Thermal 
literature. Dept. A 829 

12. Horst, Chr., & V. Weltzien, Darm- 
stadt. Drawings of the Clinical hospitals 
and of the insane asylum of Giessen. 832 

13. Kgl. Bagerisches Bad, Kissingen. 
Thermal literature. Dept. A 829 

14. Kgl. Preussisches Bad, Bertrich. 
Thermal literature. Dept. A 829 

15. Kgl. Preussisches Bad, Ems. Thermal 
literature. Dept. A 829 

16. Kgl. Preussisches Seebad, Norderney. 
Thermal literature. Dept. A 829 

17. Koehler, Dr. med, Jean, Freiburg i- 
Baden. Combustible pocket telescoping 
spittoon. 829 

18. Loeb, Bernhard, jun., Berlin. Respi- 
ratory apparatus. 830 

19. Luftkurort & Weilbach, Weilbach- 
Baden. Thermal literature. Dept. A 829 

20. Meyer, Rud. Otto, Hamburg. Draw- 
ings of heating and ventilating plants in 
use at public institutions in Germany. 

Dept. G 829 

21. Misdroy, Ostseebad, Misdoroy. The 
sea-bata Misgroy. Dept. A 829 

22. Mueller, Uri, Ludwig, Coburg. Repro- 
ductions of deseases of the eye. 830 

23. Schimmel, Oscar, & Co., Chemnitz. 
Plans of public disinfecting institutions. 

Dept. G 832 

24. Schlangenbad, Reg. Bez., Wiesbaden. 
Thermal literature. Dept. A 829 

25. Schuster, Carl, Berlin. School bench 
with folding plate and apparatus for phys- 
ical culture. 842 

26. Seebad Helgoland, Helgoland, Ther- 
mal literature. Dept. A 829 

27. See & Soolbad, Kolberg. Thermal lit- 
erature. Dept. A 829 

28. Staedtische Kurverwaltung, Baden- 
Baden. Thermal literature. Dept. A 829 

29. Soden am Tauaius, Bad, Soden. Ther- 
mal literature^ Dept. A 829 

30. Vereinder Berliner, Volkskuechen, 
Berlin. Drawings and model of a chari- 
table eating house, pamphlets. 826 

31. Von Sierstorpff-Cramm'sches Bad,Dri- 
burg. Thermal literature. Dept. A. 829 

32. Wolff, Felix, Berlin. Drawings of 
tenement houses, 827 

GROUP 148. 

33. Bauriedel, P. G., Nuremberg. Wafers. 


34. Bock, Hilmar, Oberweissbach i-Th. 
Artificial human eyes. 838 

35. Dannenberg, C. G. A., Hamburg. 
Surgical instruments and apparatus. 

Dept. H 837 

36. Dewitt & Herz, Berlin. Surgical in- 
struments, etc. "^ Dept. H 837 

37. Doerffel & Faerber, Berlin. Ophthal- 
mologic and laryngoscopic instruments 
and apparatus. Dept. J 837 

38. Ducehrssen, Dr. med. Alfred, Berlin. 
Anti-septic ligature. 837 

39. Fischer, F. L., Freiburg i-Baden. 
Surgical instruments, cases for instru- 
ments. Dept. H 837 

40. Fleischer T., Planen, Saxony. Tex- 
tures for ligatures. 837 

41. Halle, Bernhard, Steglitz near Berlin. 
Optical preparations for polarization. 

Dept. J 874 



Medicine, Primary, Secondary and Superior Education. 

42. Hartmann, Paul, Heidenheim, Wur- 

temberg. Aseptic and anti-septic ligature. 
Dept. H 837 

43. Hecht, J., Berlin. Ophthalmolgic and 
laryngoscopic instruments. Dept. J 837 

44. Jetter & Scheerer, Tuttlingen, Wur- 
temberg. Aseptic, surgical instruments. 

Dept. H 837 

45. Joh. Lehmann, Berlin. Creosote- 
capsules. 834 

46. Kaiserl, Normal, Aichungs, Kommis- 
sion, Berlin. Complete outfit of a gan- 
ger's office. 847 

47. Kohn, Emil, Karlsruhe. Platinum 
burners for medical use. Dept. H 837 

48. Lahr, Eugen, Eschau, Bavaria. 

a Capsules filled with medical sub- 
stances. 834 
b Beef tea capsules. 835 

49. Loeb, Bernhard, Jun., Berlin. Eye 
glasses. 838 

50. Mueller, C, Berlin. Surgical instru- 
ments and appliances. Dept. H 837 

51. Mueller, F. Ad. Soehne, Wiesbaden. 
a Pathological preparations, etc. 834 
b Artificial eyes. Dept. H 838 

52. Mueller, Kuller, Christoph, Lanscha 
i-Th. Artificial eyes. Dept. H 838 

53. Mueller, Uri, Ludwig, Coburg, Ar- 
tificial eyes. 838 

54. Ploehn, R., Radebuel, Dresden. Lig- 
ature and dressing. Dept. H 837 

55. Schmidt, Johann, Nuremberg. Wafers. 


56. Schulze, Bruno C, Tlmenca i-Th. 
Artificial eyes. Dept. H 838 

57. Thamm, J., Berlin, Surgical instru- 
ments and apparatus. Dept. H 837 

58. Weinberg Hitzacker Sanitarium. 
Blood-producing beverage. 834 

59. Werndt, K. R., Leipsic. Artificial 
teeth and sets of teeth. Dept. H 839 

60. Windier, H., Berlin. Surgical instru- 
ments. Dept. H 837 

GROUP 149. 

61. Badischer Frauenverein, Karlsruhe. 
Plans and description of public institu- 
tions. 850 

62. Badischer Kuns & Gewerbeverein, 
Karlsruhe. Publications, prints. 842 

63. Berliner Hausfrauenverein, Berlin. 
Model of a school of cooking, manuals. 843 

64. Collective, exhibit of the system of 
German instruction, Eisenach. Memor- 
ials, graphic representations, synopsis. 851 

65. Duerfeld, Viktor, Nachf. Juhaber, Ber- 
lin-Oschatz. System of instruction for 
agriculture. 852 

66. Eisner, Julius, Goldlauter-near-Suhl. 

Chemical and physical apparatus. 

Dept. J 845 

67. Erster Dresdener Frauenbildungsver- 
ein, Dresden. System of instruction for 
the drawing of patterns for linen. 852 

68. Fischbach, Friedrich, Wiesbaden. 
Lithographic plates. 469 

69. Foerster, Auguste, Frl., Cassel. Uten- 
sils for children's schools of cooking. 843 

70. Frauenbildungsverein, Breslau. Sys- 
tem of instruction and works of the kinder- 
garten. 84 

71. Frauenbildungsverein, Eisenach. De- 
scription of the system of Froebel's school 
of sewing. 841 

72. Frauenbuldungsverein zur Foerderung- 
der, Erwerbsthactigkeit, Breslau. System 
of instruction for schools of millinery and 
dressmaking, work of pupils. 843 

73. Frauenarbeitsschule, Reutlingen. Sys- 
tem of instruction in young women's 
school. 842 

74. Froebel-Verein, Berlin. Collection of 
Froebel's means of instruction and occu- 
pation. 841 

75. Gagel, Karl, Karlsruhe. Designs for 
art teaching. 846 

76. Gebhardt, Paul, Berlin. Scientific 
physical apparatus for instruction. 

Dept. J 845 

77. Gerber, August, Cologne. Plaster 
casts. 846 

78. Goetz, Hermann, Prof., Karlsruhe. 
Publications, reproductions of designs. 846 

79. GrossherzogI Saechsische Praefung- 
sanstalt fuer Glasinstruments Tlmenau 
i-Th. Chemical apparatus. 845 

80. Haushalbungs Schule fuer Bauern 
Toechter. Radolfzell, Baden. Com- 
pendium and reports. 843 

81. Heerwart, Frl,, Eisenach. Froebel's 
system of occupation. 841 

82. Heyl, Frau, Charlottenburg. Utensils 
for children's schools of cooking. 843 

83. Hendschel, M., Frankfort-on-the- 
Main. Sketch book, 846 

84. Hoffman, Julius, Stuttgart, Designs 
for art industrial work. 846 

85. Hoffmann & Ohnstein, Leipsic, Man- 
uals for female hand work. 843 

86. Kafemann, A, W,, Danzig, Charts 
for intuitive instruction. 841 

87. Kaiserl Normal Aichungs Kommis- 
sion, Berlin. Scientific publications, etc. 

Dept. J 845 

88. Kafferer, C. A, Frankfort-on-the- 
Main. Small school room with patent 
benches and tables. 841 



Education, Literature, Journalism. 

89. Kern's, T.U.Verlag, Breslau. Works 

on natural science, illustrated cartoons 
and playbooks. 845 

90. Kindergarten- Verein, Breslau. Model 
of a kindergarten. 841 

91. Kinder Rettungsanstalt, Herbrech- 
tingen-Wurtemberg. Handwork of chil- 
dren. 843 

92. Kleinkinder Verpflegungs-Anstalt, 
Stuttgart. Photographs of the " Olga " 
crib. 841 

93. Klemm's H. Verlag, Dresden. Liter- 
ature for dressmakers. 843 

94. Klose & Wollmerstaedt, Berlin. 
Xylographical works. 846 

95. Kohl, Max, Chemnitz. Air-pumps 
and various other scientific apparatus. 

Dept. J 845 

96. Kramer & Fuchs, Frankfort-on-the 
Main. Complete sample book. 843 

97. Krantz, Dr. F., Bonn. Collection of 
models of minerals, relief-maps. 845 

98. Laeuger, Max, Karlsruhe. Graphic 
works. 846 

99. Landois.Dr. H., Muenster i-W. Zo- 
ological preparations for instruction. 845 

100. Lette-Verein, Berlin, Courses of 
instruction and work of pupils. 847 

loi. Magistracy, Breslau. System of in- 
struction for handwork of the public 
schools of Breslau, works of pupils. 844 

102. Magistracy, Munich. Drawings and 
penmanship from the Munich public 
schools. 850 

103. Marbach, Frl., Eisenach. Portfolio 
with Froebel's system of occupation. 841 

104. Nitzschke, Wilh., Stuttgart. De- 
signs for art industry. 846 

105. Sommer, Marcus, Sonneberg. Ana- 
tomical models. 845 

106. Sophienshift, Weimar. Views of the 
institution, works of pupils, means of in- 
struction. 844 

107. Nebe, Wilhelm, Zerbst. Chemical 
and physical glass instruments. 

Dept. J 845 

108. Vereinfuer Volkserziehung, Berlin. 
Educational life in the " Pestalozzi- 
Froebel House" represented m plastic 
groups. 841 

109. Verein zur Erziehung Schulentlasse- 
ner rAmer Maedchen, Berlin. Model of 
the institution. 851 

no. Wachter, M., Freiburg i-Baden. 

Designs for caligraphy. 846 

III. Ziegler, Friedrich, Freiburg i-B. 

Models of wax for scientific instruction. 


GROUP 150. 

112. Abel, Ambr., Leipsic. Works on 

medicine and botany. 854 

113. Abel & Mueller, Leipsic. Illustrated 
works. 857 

114. Ackermann, Th., Munich. Books. 

Dept. G 854 

115. Albert, Jos., Munich. Illustrated 
works. 857 

116. Amelang, C. F., Leipsic. 

a Illustrated works, literature, anthol- 
ogies. 854 
b School books. 855 

117. Amthor'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 
Leipsic. Tourists' guides. 862 

118. Architekten und Ingenieur Verein, 
Hanover. Periodical of the association. 

Dept. G 856 

119. Asher, A., & Co., Berlin. Scientific 
books, archaeology. 854 

120. Baedeker, Carl, Leipsic. Tourists' 
guides. 862 

121. Baedeker, G. D., Essen. 

a Geographical works. 854 

b School books. 855 

122. Baedeker, Julius, Leipsic. 

a Literature. 854 

b Illustrated works. 857 

123. Baer, Joseph, & Co., Frankfort-on- 
the-Main. Printed works. 854 

124. Barth, Joh. Ambr., Leipsic. Works 
on natural science. 854 

125. Bassermann,'sche Buchhandlung, 
Munich. Books. 854 

126. Bassermann, Fr., Munich. Wilhelm 
Busch's humorous literature. 854 

127. Baumgaertner 'sche Buchhandlung, 
Leipsic. Books. Dejit. G 854 

128. Bergmann, J. F., Wiesbaden. Books. 

Dept. G 854 

129. Berker-Merker, E., Heilbronn. 
Printed works. 854 

130. Berg, L. F. W., Berlin. Trade jour- 
nals. 856 

131. Berhtold, Rud., & Co., Wiesbaden. 
Printed works. 854 

132. Bertling, Theod, Danzig. Printed 
works. 854 

133. Bielefeld's,Verlag, Karlsruhe. Books. 

Dept. G 854 

134. Bleyl, T., Dresden. Works on archi- 
tecture and art industry. 854 

135. Bloera, Julius, Dresden. Trade jour- 
nals and calendars. 856 

136. Boas & Hesse, Berlin. Dictionary 
and synopsis of the human ear. 854 

137. Bong & Co., Berlin. "Zurguten 
Stunde," Illustrated Family Journal, Illus- 
trated Classic Library. 857 



Literature, Books, Libraries, Journalism. 

138. Bong, Rich, Berlin. Illustrated peri- 
odical " Moderne Kunst." 857 

139. Bormann, Edwin, Leipsic. Poetry in 
the Saxon dialect. 854 

140. Boysen, C, Hamburg. Illustrated 
works of Allers, Haase, Mueller. 857 

141. Boysen & Maasch, Hamburg. Works 
on architecture and industry. 854 

142. Brandner, Otto, Dresden. Religious 
illustrated works. 857 

143. Brandstetter, Friedrich, Leipsic. 
School books. 855 

144. Braun & Schneider, Munich. "Flie- 
gende Blaetter." 857 

145. Breitkopf & Haertel, Leipsic. Printed 

146. Breymann & Huebener, Hamburg. 
Illustrated catalogues. 860 

147. Brockhaus, F. A., Leipsic. Diction- 
ary. 854 

148. Bruening, Heinr. & Aug., Hanau. 
Cigar labels, etc. 860 

149. Buchhandlung der Waisenhauses. 
Halle a-T. Printed works. 854 

150. Buelz, Martin, Chemnitz. Printed 
works. 854 

151. Chief Mayor's office, Cologne. Draw- 
ings: Street construction, canal construc- 
tion, harbor plant, municipal elevated con- 
structions, etc. Dept. G 863 

152. Consee, O., Munich. Printed works. 


153. Cottasche, J. G., Stuttgart. Books. 


154. Craz & Gerlach, Freiberg, Saxony. 
Books. 854 

155. Cronan, Rudolf, Leipsic. Sketches 
of America. 854 

156. Duncker, Alex., Berlin. Political 
correspondence of Frederic the Great. 854 

157. Diakonissen, Anstalt, Kaiserswerth. 
Religious literature. 854 

158. Dieterichsche, Verlagsbuchhandlung 
Goettingen. Works on classical philology. 


159. Dreesen, Wilh., Flensburg. Illus- 
trated books. 857 

160. Drugulin, W., Leipsic. Ancient and 
oriental literature and prints. 854 

161. Emele, Jul., Wiesloch. Works about 
bookkeeping, literature andhorology. 854 

162. Engelmann, Wilh., Leipsic. Litera- 
ture of natural science, history and eth- 
nology. 854 

163. Ewertsche, N. G., Verlagsbuchhand- 
lung, Marburg. Printed works. 854 

164. Exportverein fuer das Koenigreich, 
Lachsen, Dresden. Manuals for export- 
ers. 860 

165. Felix, Arthur, Leipsic. BookB. 

Dept. G 854 

166. Fiedler, W., Leipsic. Order calen- 
dar for publishing houses. 860 

167. Fleischmann, Julius, Gotha. Manual 
for exporters. Dept. G 860 

168. Flemming, Karl, Glogan. 

a Juvenile literature. 854 

b Maps. 864 

169. Fliegel, F. F., & Co., Dresden. Post- 
ers; articles for publicity, etc. 860 

170. Fock, Gustave, Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

171. Francke, Bernh,, Sangerhausen. 
Printed works. 854 

172. Freyhoff, Ed., Oranienburg. Works 
on economy and agriculture. 854 

173. Friebel, Hugo & Co., Leipsic-Reud- 
nitz. Pamphlet on the bookbinders' trade. 


174. Friederichsen, L. & Co., Hamburg. 
Land and marine charts. 864 

175. Friedlaender, R., & Sohn, Berlin. 
Works on natural history and science. 854 

176. Friedrich, Wilh., Leipsic. High 
class literature. 854 

177. Friese & von Puttkamer, Dresden. 
Works on machinery. 854 

178. Friese, Robert, Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

179. Froebelhaus (A. Mueller), Dresden. 
Geographical map of the earth. 864 

180. Fromman & Morian, Darmstadt. 
Geographical boards for instruction in 
in natural history. 864 

181. Gebhardt & Wilisch, Leipsic. School 
books, works on anatomy. 855 

182. Geibel & Brockhaus, Leipsic. Juve- 
nile literature. 854 

183. Gerhardt, Wolfgang, Leipsic. Works 
for instruction in the Russian language, 
oriental literature. 854 

184. Gensel, Gustav, Grima. Printed 
works. 854 

185. Georgi, Karl, Berlin. Printed works. 


186. Gesellschaft fuer Erdkunde, Berlin. 
Reproduction of "Merrator's" work. 864 

187. Glaser, F. C, Berlin. Annals of 
trade and architecture. Dept. G 856 

188. Goehre, H. M., Leipsic. Bookbind- 
ers' works. 856 

189. Graebner, Gust, Leipsic. Printed 
works. 864 

190. Graf & Sohn, Herm, Altenburg. 
Bookbinders' works. 866 

191. Graefe, Lucas, & Sillem, Hamburg. 
Printed works. 854 

192. Graser, Herm., Annaberg. Printed 
works. 854 

193. Grotesche, G., Verlagbuchhandlung, 
Berlin. Illustrated works of classics and 
history. .. - 867 



Literature, Books, Libraries, Journalism. 

194. Grumbach, C, Leipsic. Illustrated 
printing. 857 

195. Gutbier, Adolf, Dresden. Printed 
works. 864 

196. Haeder, Herm., Duisburg. Books. 

Dept. G 854 

197. Haekner, Carl, Dresden. Printed 
works. 854 

198. Haessel, H., Leipsic. High class 
literature. 854 

199. Hahn'sche Buchhandlung, Hanover. 
Books. 854 

200. Halle, W., Altona. Printed works. 


201. Harrassowitz, Otto, Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

202. Harrwits, Max, Berlin. Printed 
works. 854 

203. Hedeler, G., Leipsic. Journal for 
exporters. 856 

204. Heine's, T. T. Verlag, Berlin. 
Printed works. 854 

205. Hendel, Otto, Halle a-S. Printed 
works. 854 

206. Henze's, A., Verlag, Leipsic-Neu- 
stadt. Geographical globes. 864 

207. Herder'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 
Freiburg i-B. Printed works. 854 

208. Hermann, H. S., Berlin. Chinese 
geographical map. 864 

209. Herrcke & Lebelinsf. Stettin. School 
books for the English language. 855 

210. Herrose's, R. Verlag, Wittenberg. 
Printed works. 854 

211. Hessling & Spielmeyer, Berlin. 
Works on architecture. 854 

212. Heymann, C, Berlin. Works on 
jurisprudence and political science. 

Dept. G 854 

213. Heymann & Schmidt, Berlin. Ad- 
vertising cards and novelties. 860 

214. Hiersemann, C. W., Leipsic. Litera- 
ture of art and art industry, architecture, 
archeeology and Americana. 854 

215. Hinrichs 'sche, T. C, Buchhandlung, 
Leipsic. Works on bibliography, theo- 
logy and archaeology. 854 

216. Hinstorffche Hofbuchhandlung, Wis- 
mar. Works of Fritz Renter, Gaedertz 
and Hr. Semler. 854 

217. Hirt, Ferdinand & Sohn, Leipsic. 
School books. 855 

218. Hirt, Ferdinand, Breslau. Illustrated 
works. 857 

219. Hirt, Ferdinand & Sohn, Leipsic. 
Juvenile and pedagogical literature. 865 

220. Hirzel, S., Leipsic. Grimm Bros. 
dictionary, works of Gustav Freitag. 854 

221. Hoffmann, Julius, Stuttgart. Juvenile 
literature. 864 

222. Hoffmann, A. & W., Berlin. Printed 

works. 854 

223. Holtze's, Otto, Nachf, Leipsic. Clas- 
sics and dictionaries. 854 

224. Institut, Kaiserlich deutsches ar- 
chceologisches, Berlin. Official publica- 
tions. 854 

225. Institut, Bibliographisches, Leipsic. 
Meyer's dictionary, " Brehm's thierleben," 
etc. 854 

226. Institut, Koenigl Stenographisches, 
Dresden. Publications of members. 856 

227. Issleib, Wilhelm, Berlin. Works on 
medicine. 864 

228. Jordan's, W., Frankfort-on-the 
Main, High class literature, "die Neibe- 
lungen," "odyssee." 864 

229. Juestel & Goettel, Leipsic. Works 
for manufacturers. 854 

230. Kanits, Herm. Gera. Printed works. 


231. Keil's Ernst, Nachf, Leipsic. Maga- 
zine, "Gartenlaube." 857 

232. Keller, Wilhelm, Munich. Printed 
works. 864 

233. Keller, Henri, Frankfort-on-the- 
Main. Illustrated works on architecture, 
art history, etc. 867 

234. Klim, Gebirgkuroeb Polizin, Pom- 
erania Pamphlets. Dept. A 864 

235. Kits, Herm., Saulgau, Wurtemberg. 
Printed words. 864 

236. Klemm & Weiss, Dresden. Trade 
literature for tailors. 860 

237. Klinkhardt, Jul, Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

238. Koehler's, K. F., Antiquarium, Ber- 
lin. Printed works. 854 

239. Koehler, K. F., Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

240. Kohlhammer, W., Stuttgart. Works 
on political history and jurisprudence, 
oriental literature, documents from the 
A'atican. 854 

241. Kreidel, C. W., Wiesbaden. Printed 
works. 854 

242. Kretschmann, R., & M.,' Magdeburg. 
Ornithological literature. 854 

243. Kuechtmann, Gerhard, Dresden. 
I>ooks on pedagogy and technology. 864 

244. Kuerschner, Jos., Stuttgart. Selection 
of own works. 864 

245. Kuns, M., lUsach, Alsace. Geographi- 
cal works. 854 

246. Kunstakademie und Kunstgesver- 
beschule, Koenigl, Leipsic. Official pub- 
lications of the institution. 854 

247. Labensien, Max, Rathenow. Military 
literature. 854 

248. Lang, Georg, Leipsic. Maps. 864 



Literature, Books, Libraries, Journalism. 

249. Lampart's Alpiner Verlag, Augsburg. 
Maps and guides to the German Alps. 884 

250. Langenschidt, Prof. G., Berlin. 
Works on the study of modern languages 
and literature. 854 

251. Lang, Georg, Leipsic. Books. 854 

252. Laupp'sche, H. Buchhandlung, Tul- 
bingen. Works on jurisprudence, politi- 
cal economy and medicine. 854 

253. Lehmann's, J. F., Medizinische 
Buchhandlung, Munich. Printed works. 

_ 854 

254. Leipsiger MonatschriftfuerTextil In- 
dustrie, Leipsic. Trade literature. 860 

255. Lesimple's Adolph Verlag, Leipsic. 
Printed works. 854 

256. Liegismund, K., Berlin. Portrait 
gallery of the reigning princes and prin- 
cesses of Europe. 857 

257. Limbarth, Chr.,Wiessbaden. Printed 
works. 854 

258. Lindauersche, J., Buchhandlung, Mu- 
nich. Scientific works. 854 

259. Lipsius & Fischer, Kiel. Books on 
shipbuilding. Dept, G 854 

260. Lipperheide, Franz, Berlin. Periodi- 
cal "Modenwelt." 857 

261. Lipsius & Fischer, Kiel. Nautical 
works. 854 

262. Loewenthal, W. & S., Berlin. Berlin 
directory. 862 

263. Loewe's, F., Verlag, Stuttgart. Juv- 
enile literature. 854 

264. Luestenoeder, H., Berlin. Printed 
works. 854 

265. Maeser, Julius, Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

266. Mahlan & Waldschmidt, Frankfort- 
on-the-Main. Printed works. 854 

267. Mahn, Adolf, Leipsic. "Von Haus 
zu Haus," weekly journal. 857 

268. Malcanes, . Carl, Berlin. Printed 
works. 854 

269 Martin, C. A., Leipsic. Trade jour- 
nal for turners and wood sculptors. 856 

270. Mittelacher, Ad., Duesseldorf. Card- 
board labels. 860 

271. Mitscher & Roestell, Berlin. Printed 
works. 854 

272. Mohrmann, Ernst, Stuttgart. Printed 
works. 854 

273. Morgenstern, E., Breslau. Maps for 
instruction in physics and natural history. 


274. Moritz, J. & Co., Hangenbieten, 
Alsace. Copying book with sample print. 


275. Mueller, Michael, Munich. Trade 
literature for merchant tailors. 860 

276. Mueckenberger, Rudolf, Berlin. 
Printed works. 854 


277. Municipality of Berlin. Plans: Insane 
asylum, public lodging house, hospital, 
public baths, stock yards and slaughter 
house, markets, bridges, drainage, gas 
works, etc. Dept. G 863 

278. Naumann, C. G., Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

279. Nitzschke, Wilh., Stuttgart. Juve- 
nile literature and natural history. 854 

280. Oldenburg, R., Munich. Books. 

Dept. G 854 

281. Opitz & Co., Guestrow. Printed 
works. 854 

282. Oppenheim, R., Berlin. Scientific 
works. 854 

283. Paetel, Gebr., Berlin. " Deutsche 
Rundschau," memoirs, etc. 854 

284. Paetel, Hermann, Berlin. Scientific 
works. 854 

285. Pasch, Max, Berlin. Printed works. 


286. Pawelek, H., Regensburg. Theology 
works. 854 

287. Perthes, Justus, Gotha. Literature. 


288. Pfisterer & Leser, Lahr-Baden. La- 
bels and posters. 860 

289. Pietsch, Fr. Chr., Giessen. Printed 
works. 854 

290. Prager & Lozda, Berlin. Advertis- 
ing posters. 860 

291. Prager, R. L., Berlin. Works on 
political economy. 854 

292. Pustet, Fr., Regensburg. Printed 
works. 854 

293. Puttkammer & Muehlbrecht, Berlin. 
Works on political economy and jurispru- 
dence. 854 

294. Ramm & Leemann, Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

295. Redaktion der Zeitschrift "Stahl und 
Eisen," Duesseldorf. Literature. 

Dept. G 854 

296. Regenhardt, C, Berlin. 

a Works on philology and commer- 
cial science. 854 
b Trade directories. 862 

297. Reimer, Dietrich, Berlin. Geograph- 
ical maps and globes. 864 

298. Reissland, O. R., Leipsic. Works 
on jurisprudence, medicine and geog- 
raphy. 854 

299. Reuther, H., & Reichard, Berlin. 
Printed works. 854 

300. Richter & Kappler, Munich. High 
class literature. 854 

301. Rosenbaum & Hart, Berlin. Printed 
works. 854 

302. Roth, Emil, Giessen. Printed works. 




Literature, Books, Libraries, Journalism. 

303. Rueger, Max, Berlin. Printed works. 


304. Russel's, Adolph Verlag, Muenster 

i-W. Catalogue of the German publishing 
houses. 860 

305. Saechsischer Ingenieur und Architik- 
ten-Verein, Dresden. Organ of the asso- 
ciation, "The Civil Engineer." 856 

306. Schaefer, Morits, Leipsic. Techno- 
logical works. 856 

307. Schlesische Buchdruckerei,Kunst und 
Verlags vorm, S. Schottlaender-anstalt. 

a Sample book with printed matter. 

b Roster. 860 

308. Schmorl & von Seefeld Nachf, Han- 
over. Books. Dept. G 854 

309. Schmidt & Gelbrecht, Berlin. Man- 
ual directory for exporters. 862 

310. Schmidt, H., & C. Guenther, Leipsic. 
Illustrated works on geography and eth- 
nology. " 857 

311. Schoeningh, Ferd.,Paderborn. School 
books. 855 

312. Schorer, J. H., Berlin. "Das Echo" 
and "Schorer's" Familienblatt periodicals. 


313. Schroeder, T, V., Paderborn. Printed 
works. 854 

3^4. Schueffner, H. J., Nuremberg. Post- 
ers and advertising cards. 860 

315. Schulze, Rich., Duisburg. Books. 854 

316. Schulz, Engelhard W., Berlin. Works 
on art industry and architect. 854 

317. Seehagen, Oswald, Berlin. Schlos- 
ser's history of the world. 854 

318. Seemann, Arthur, Leipsic. High 
class literature, 854 

319. Seemann, E. A., Leipsic. Work on 
art and art industry. 854 

320. Send, Anton, Altona. Works on the 
textile industry, weaving, etc. 854 

321. Seydel, A., Berlin. Books. 

Dept. G 854 

322. Siemenroth& Worms, Berlin. Works 
on political science and jurisprudence. 854 

323. Siemens, Georg, Berlin. Works on 
architecture. 854 

324. Simon, Leonhard, Berlin. Books. 

Dept. G 854 

325. Sittenfeld, Julius, Berlin. Printed 
works. 854 

326. Soldau, Sigmund, Nuremberg. Illus- 
trated works. 857 

327. Spamer, Otto, Leipsic. Spamer's 
encyclopedia, Buch der Erfindungen ju- 
venile literature. 854 

328. Spangenberg, E., Berlin. Stamped 
writing paper, congratulation cards, etc. 


329. Spamer, Hugo, Berlin. Printed works. 


330. Speyer & Peters, Berlin. Scientific 
works. 854 

331. Springer, Julius, Berlin. 

a Books. Dept. G 854 

b Trade works. 860 

332. Stankiewier, P., Berlin. 

a Trade works. 860 

b Directory for exporters. 862 

333. Stahl Sool und Eisenmoorbad, Pyr- 
mont. Pamphlets. Dept. A 854 

334. Stankiewicz, P., Berlin. Sientific. 
works. 854 

335. Steinschneider, Julius, Berlin. Printed 
works. 854 

336. Strassburger Druckerei und Verlag- 
sanstalt vorm R. Schultz & Co., Strass- 
burg i-A, Printed works. 854 

337. Strauss, Emil, Bonn. Illustrated 
works. 857 

338. Stroefer, Theo., Munich. Printed 
works. 854 

339. Tauchnitz, Bernhard, Leipsic. 
"Tauchnitz edition" of dictionaries for for- 
eign languages. 854 

340. Terosch, H., Berlin. "Berliner Pflas- 
ter" illustrated journal. 857 

341. Teubner, Leipsic. Books. Dept. G 854 

342. Travers, J., Mayence. International 
Police Gazette. 857 

343. Trewendt, Ed,, Breslau. Works on 
natural science. 854 

344. Trowitzsch & Sohn, Berlin. Printed 
works. 854 

345. Truebner, Karl J., Strassbourg i- Al- 
sace. Scientific works. 854 

346. Union, Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, 
Stuttgart. Printed works. 854 

347. Vahlen, Franz, Berlin. Works on 
political science, jurisprudence, and gen- 
eral history. - 854 

348. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Goettin- 
gen. Religious works. 854 

349. Valhagen & Klasing, Leipsic. 

a History and juvenile books. 854 

b School books. 855 

c Manual atlas. 864 

350. Verband der Dampfkessel Ueber- 
wachungs-Vereine, Breslau. Periodicals 
of the association. 856 

351. Verein, Allgemeiner fuer Deutsche 
Litteratur, Berlin. Printed works. 854 

352. Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, Berlin. 
Periodicals of the association. Dept. G 856 

353. Verein zur Befoerderung des Gew- 
erbfleisses, Berlin. Literature. Dept.G 854 

354. Verlag der Fachzeitschrift der Indus- 
trie des Ersgebirges und des Vogtlandes, 
Dresden. Trade journal. 856 



Literature, Books, Libraries, Journalism. 

355- Verlagsanstalt und Druckerei vorm, 
T, F, Richter, Hamburg. Printed works. 


356. Verlagsanstalt fuer Kunst und Wis- 
senchraft, Munich. Art, historical and 
illustrated works. 857 

357. Verlag und Expedition der Interna- 
tionaleu Zeitschrift fuer Industrie und 
Handel, Berlin. "Der Weltmarkt." 856 

358. Veiweg, Fr. & Sohn, Brunswick. 

a Books. 854 

b Chemical technical works. 856 

359. Voigt, Bernh. Fr., Weimar. Works 
on technology and industry. 854 

360. Volckmar, F., Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

361. Voss, Leop., Hamburg. Medical 
works. 854 

362. Wagner, H. & E. Debes, Leipsic. 
Printed works. 854 

363. Warschaner, Moritz, Berlin. Trade 
journal for manufacturers of musical in- 
struments. 856 

364. Wasmuth, Ernst, Berlin. Works on 
architecture and art. 854 

365. Weber, T. T., Leipsic. Illustrated 
journal. 857 

366. Weigel, Gustav, Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

367. Weike, R., Stassfurt. Pamphlets. 

Dept. G 854 

368. Welter, H,, Leipsic and Paris. 
Printed works. 854 

369. Werner, Jul., Leipsic. Printed 
works. 854 

370. Werner, L., Munich. Works on 
architecture and art industry. 856 

371. Westermann, Geo., Brunswick. 
Printed works. 854 

372. Wiegandt & Grieben, Berlin. Peda- 
gogical and theological works. 854 

373. Wigand, Otto, Leipsic. Medical, 
technical books and dictionaries. 854 

374. Wittwer, K., Stuttgart. Books. 854 

375. Wolfrum, Fr., Duesseldorf. Works 
on architecture and art industry. 854 

376. Wollermann, H., Brunswick. Theo- 
logical and pedagogical literature. 854 

377. Woywod, Max, Breslau. Printed 
works. 854 

378. Zahn, G. & H. Baendel, Kirchhain, 
N. L. Printed works in foreign languages. 


379. Zeitschrift fuer das Berg, Huetten und 
Salinenwesen, Berlin. Publications. 

Dept. G 854 

380. Zernin, Ed., Darmstadt. Printed 
works. 854 

381. Zwissler, Julius, Wolfenbuettel. 
Printed works, 854 

GROUP 151. 

382. Abendroth, F., Leipsic- Plagwitz. 

Photographs. 871 

383. Archenhold, F. S., Halensee, near 
Berlin. Astronomical-meteorological pho- 
tographs. 871 

384. Beckert, Max, Papenkirchen. Pho- 
tographs. 871 

385. Berger, Walter & Co.,Goetzenbrueck, 
Lorraine. Eye glasses. 874 

386. Bock Hilmar, Oberweissbach i-Th. 
Thermometers. 872 

387. Bohne, Otto, Berlin. Thermometers 
and hygrometers. Dept. J 872 

388. Burckhardt, Arth., Glashuette, Sax- 
ony. Calculating macliine. Dept. J 865 

389. Butenschoen, Georg,Bahrenfeldt, near 
Hamburg, Geodetic instruments. 

Dept. J 867 

390. Carette, Geo & Co., Nuremberg. 
Stereoscopes, pantoscopes, etc. 874 

391. Custodis, Alphons, Duissedorf. Da- 
symeter, air-pyrometer, draft-meter. 

Dept. F 872 

392. Dieckmann, W., Calle-Hanover. Geo- 
graphic musical clock. Dept. J 873 

393. Dietrich, Michael, Munich. Land- 
scape photos. 871 

394. Dreesen, Wilh., Fleusburg. Photos, 
portraits and landscapes. 871 

395. Dressier & Heinemann, Munich. 
Photographic apparatus and utensils. 

Dept. D 871 

396. Ernst, Karl, & Co., Berlin. Paper 
and cartoon goods for photos. 871 

397. Goerz, C, Berlin-Schoeneburg. Pho- 
tographic lenses. 871 

398. Grossherzogl, Saechsische Praefungs- 
anstalt fuer Glasinstrumente, Ilmenau, i- 
Th. Thermoters, areometers. Dept. J 872 

399. Haack, Max, Adolph, Leipsic. Field 
glasses, optic resources for war exigen- 
cies. Dept. H 874 

400. Haff, Gebrueder, Pfraten, Bavaria. 
Cases of mathematical instruments. 867 

401. Hanfstaengel, Franz, Munich. Pho- 
tographs. 871 

402. Hasemann, A., Berlin. Adjusting ap- 
paratus for scales, etc. Dept. J 865 

403. Herzheim Bros., Dueren. Photo- 
graphic paper. 871 

404. Hirschmann, W. A., Berlin. Appa- 
ratus electro-therapeutics. Dept. J 875 

405. Jung, R., Heidelberg. Scientific in- 
struments. 865 

406. Kehr, S. Gg., Nuremberg. Mathe- 
matical cases of instruments. 867 

407. Kricheldorff, Julius, Berlin. Portraits 
taken by magnesium light. 871 

408. Kromschroeder, G., Osnabrueck. 
Gas meters, etc. Dept. J 865 



Instruments of Precision, Photography — Civil Engineering. 

409. Kruess, A., Hamburg. Spectro-ap- 

paratus, photometric and projection appa- 
ratus. Dept. J d70 

410. Kuntzenmueller, W., Baden-Baden. 
Photosj^raphs. 871 

411. Leisener, A. Waldenburg, i-S. 
Porcelain articles with burned photos. 871 

412. Lufft, G., Stuttgart. Metal baro- 
meters. Dept. J 872 

413. Moeller, Oskar, Hamburg. Holo- 
steric and patent metal barometers, ther- 
mometers. Dept. J 872 

414. Merz, Jakob, Munich. Equatorical 
and astronomical object glasses. 

Dept. J 866 

415. Metallwaaren undMaasfabrik, Wer- 
dau-Saxony. Instruments of precision, 
water scales and measures. Dept. H 865 

416. Niehs, W., Berlin. Thermometers 
and areometers. Dept. J 872 

417. Ott, Albert, Kempten. Surveying in- 
struments. Dept. J 867 

418. Pessler, Adolph, Freiburg, Saxony. 
Libellas for astronomical and mathe- 
matical instruments. Dept. J 868 

419. Photo-technical Laboratory of the 
Royal Technical High School. Charlot- 
tenburg. Photo-chemical process. 871 

420. Physikalisch Technische Reichsan- 
stalt, Berlin. Scientific instruments and 
apparatus. ' Dept. J 865 

421. Pinger, Th., Berlin. Photographic 
supplies. 871 

422. Prager & Lojda, Berlin. Photo- 
graphic cards and cartoons. 871 

423. Reiniger, Gebbhart & Schall, Er- 
langen. Electio-medical apparatus. 

Dept. J 875 

424. Riefler, Clemans, Munich. Cases of 
mathematical instruments. Dept. J 867 

425. Schieck, F. W., Berlin. Microscopic 
apparatus, etc. Dept. J 874 

426. Schilling, Theodor, Nuremberg. 
Cases of mathematical instruments. 867 

427. Schmidt, Georg, Schmiedefeld Kreis, 
Schlensingen. Thermometers and other 
glass instruments. Dept. J 872 

428. Schmidt, Franz & Haentsch, Berlin. 
Polarization apparatus, photometers, spec- 
tro-photometers, etc. Dept. J 874 

429. Schoener, Georg, Nuremberg. Caiies 
of mathematical instruments. Dept. H 867 

430. Schott & Gen, Jena. 

a Tubes for thermometers, etc. 

Dept. J 872 
h Optical glasses. 874 

431. Schubert, Max, Chemnitz, Saxony. 
Monometers. 867 

432. Schuler, H., Heilbronn. Photographic 
products. 871 

433- Schultze, G. A., Berlin. Thermome- 
ters, alcohol meters, areometers, etc. 

Dept. J 872 
434. Schulze & Bartels, Rathenow. 

a Object glasses for telescopes, etc. 

Dept. J 866 
b Field glasses. 874 

435- Schuetze & Noack, Hamburg. Photo- 
graphs. 871 

436. Schuster, Rudolf, Berlin. Photo- 
graphs. 871 

437. Staudinger, C, & Co., Nachf, Giessen. 
Testing scales, kathetometers, etc. 

Dept. J 865 

438. Steeg, Dr., & Renter, Komburg v. d. 
Hoche. Instruments, etc., for the polari- 
zation of light, saccharimeters. Dept. J 870 

439. Stegemann, Berlin. Cameras. 871 

440. Steinheil, C. A., Soehne, Munich. 

a Astronomical telescopes and ap- 
pliances. Dept. J 866 
b Photographic glasses, etc. 871 

441. Stephanus, H., Trier. Album con- 
taining views of Trier. 871 

442. Stockert, Paul, Fuerth. Compass. 

Dept. J 867 

443. Stoeffler, Wilk., Pforsheim. Opera 
glasses. 874 

444. Strumper & Co., Hamburg. Photo- 
graphs, etc. 871 

445. Sydow, Emil, Berlin. Optical and 
ophtalmological instruments. Dept. J. 874 

446. Tesdorpf, Ludwig, Stuttart. 
a Astronomical instruments. 

Dept. J _ 866 
b Geodetic and surveying instru- 
ments. 867 

447. Uflacker, H., Altona. Views ofAl- 
tona and environs. 871 

448. Vogel, Ulrich, Berlin. Natural col- 
ored photo-prints. 871 

449. Voigtlaender & Sohn, Brunswick. 

a Terrestrial telescopes. Dept. J 886 
b Photograhic lenses. 871 

c Double field glasses. 874 

450. Wenzel, Georg, Hamburg. Instan- 
taneous photos. 871 

451. Wiminel, P. & Co., Berlin. Photo- 
graphs. 871 

452. Zeiss, Karl, Yena. Microscopes and 
micro-photographic apparatus. 

Dept. J 874 

GROUP 152, 

453. Aktien-Maschinenbau-Anstalt, vorm 
Venuleth & Ellenberger, Darmstadt. 
Model of an alochol distillery, drawings, 
etc. Dept. G 889 

454. Bachs, C, Professor, Stuttgart. 
Publication. i:>ept. G 844 



Civil Engineering, Public Works, Constructive Architecture, 

455. Barth, Conrad, & Co., Munich, 

Facade. 889 

456. Blumberg & Schriber, Berlin. De- 
sign of a circus building for Berlin. 889 

457. Chief Mayor's Office, Leipsic. Dravy- 
ings, plants and machinery of the city 
water-works. Dept. G 881 

458. City Council, Karlsruhe. Drawing, 
reservoir of the Karlsruhe water-works. 

Dept. G 881 

459. Deutsche Continental Gas Gesells- 
chaft, Dessau. Drawings of gas-works 
and electric plants. Dept. G 889 

460. DoUinger, C, Stuttgart. Renova- 
tion of the facade of the City hall at Tue- 
bingen. 889 

461. Durm, Josef, Karlsruhe. Drawings 
of the palaces and the churches of Ger- 
many. 889 

462. Ebhardt & H. von Hoist, Berlin. 
Drawings of residences of the vicinity of 
Berlin. 889 

463. Eichner, W., Leipsic, Gohlis. Roofs 
of wicker-work. Dept. G 889 

464. Ende & Boeckmann, Berlin. Draw- 
ings of public institutions. 889 

465. Generaldirektion der Kgl. Bayeris- 
chen, Staatseisenbahnen, Munich. Photo- 
graphs of river bridges, Vv^aiting room of 
the Central passenger depot at Munich. 

Dept. G 889 

466. Grossh Hessisches Staatz-bezw, 
Finanzministeriam, Darmstadt. Plans 
for the construction of a solid street 
bridge across the Rhine near Mainz. 

Dept. G _ 880 

467. Grossherz ogle Badische Oberdirek- 
tion des Wassar und Straussenbaus, Karls- 
ruhe. Drawings of the bridge crossing 
The Neckar at Mannheim. Dept. G 880 

468. Gute Hoffnungshuette, AktrenVerein 
fuer Bergban und Huettenbetrieb, Ober- 
hausen. Iron construction for the Krupp 
pavilion, photographs of former works. 

Dept. G 889 

469. Haller, M., Hamburg. Drawing of 
of the office of the Hamburg-American 
Packet Co., at Hamburg, drawing of the 
Dovenhof in Hamburg. 889 

470. Hanberisser, G., Munich. Drawing: 
City hall at Wiesbaden, etc. 889 

471. Haniel & Lug, Duesseldorf. Draw- 
ings of hydraulic apparatus of the ports 
of Hamburg and Venice. Dept. G 881 

472. Hannover' sche Maschinenbau, Akt. 
Gesellschaft vorm Georg Egestorff, Lin- 
den-Hanover. Drawing of water works 
of Berlin and Rotterdam. Dept. G 881 

473. Heim, L., Berlin. Drawings of Ber- 
lin hotels. 889 

474. Heinewetter, Hans, 'Munich. Draw- 
ings of Exposition buildings. 889 

475. Helios Aktiengesellschaft fuer Elek- 
trisches Licht und Telegraphen Bau, 
Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Drawings and pho- 
tographs of electricity plants at Cologne 
and Amsterdam. Dept. G 889 

476. Hofmann, K., Worms. Drawings: 
water tower and storage house in Worms. 


477. Hoven, Fr., von Frankfort-on-the- 
Main. Drawings of the Essighaus at 
Frankfort, residence at Koenigstein. 889 

478. Stueckenholz, Ludwig, Wetter, a-d- 
Ruhr. Photographs and drawings of har- 
bor-cranes. - Dept. G 881 

479. Humboldt, Maschinen bau Anstalt, 
Kalk near Cologne. Drawings and models 
of plants for the preparation of ore and 
coal, etc. Dept. G 885 

480. Kaiserliche Kanal-Kommission, Kiel. 
Relief plan of the North and Baltic Sea, 
canal with environs. Dept. G 882 

481. Kayser & von Grossheim, Berlin. 
Drawings of Leipsic buildings. 889 

482. Kgl. Bayerisches Staatsministerium 
des Juneren, oberste Baubehoerde, Mun- 
ich. Dept. G 

a Photos of mountain roads, etc. 879 
d Photos of stone and iron bridges. 880 
c Works relating to water construc- 
tions. 881 

483. Kgl. Generaldirektion der Bayeris- 
chen Staatseisen Bahnen, Munich. Draw- 
ing: Service building of the Central rail- 
road depot in Munich. 889 

484. Kgl. Mech. Techn. Versuchsanstalt, 
I3erlm-Charlottenburg. Plan and interior 
views of the assay localities and work- 
shops, etc. Dept. G 885 

485. Kgl. Preussisches Ministerium der 
Oeffentlichen Arbeiten, Berlin. 

a Plans, drawings, photographs and 
printed works of Prussian hydraulic 
architecture. Dept. G 881 

d Drawings of public buildings. 889 

486. Kgl.Saechsisches Finanzministerium, 
Dresden. Models, drawings and photo- 
graphs of bridges, etc. Dept. G 880 

487. Klingenberg, E., Treseburg. De- 
signs: Enlargement of the Cathedral and 
museums in Berlin. 889 

488. Kreyssig, Ed., Mainz. Drawing; 
City hall of Mainz. 889 

489. Kuemmel, W., Hamburg. 

a Drawing of Altona water works. 

Dept. G 881 
3 Drawing of Guagaquil gas works. 



Civil Engineering, Public Works, Constructive Architecture. 

490. Kramer, Th., von Nuremberg. Draw- 
ing: Industrial museum of Nuremberg. 


491. Lambert & Stahl, Stuttgart. Draw- 
ing: National museum of Berne. 889 

492. Licht, H., Leipsic. Design of the 
City hall in Leipsic, police headquarters 
and enlargement of the museum. 889 

493. Linse, Ed., Aachen. Designs of res- 
idences, interior decoration, 889 

494. Luther, G., Brunswick. Display of 
the work of removing rocks on the lower 
Danube; harbor plants at La Plata and 
Odessa. Dept. G 881 

495. March, O., Charlottenburg near Ber- 
lin. Drawings: Municipal theatre and 
business house in Worms. 889 

496. Menck & Hamm, Altona-Hamburg. 
Drawings of engines for the construction 
of the harbor at Santos. Dept. G 881 

497. Meyer, Dr. M. W., Berlin. Obser- 
vatory hall for physical experiments and 
astronomical theatre. 889 

498. Municipal Administration. Frank- 
fort-on-the-Main. Drawing: Opera house, 
Frankfort. 889 

499. Municipality, Frankfort-on-the-Main. 
Models and drawings of water works and 
drainage. Dept. G 881 

500. Municipality, Munich. Plans and 
models of the drainage system and water- 
works. Dept. G 881 

501. Municipality, Altona. Drawings of 
the machinery and filter plant of the 
Altona water works. Dept. G 881 

502. Municipality, Darmstadt. 

a Drawings and photos of the water 
works. Dept. G 881 

l> Drawings and plans of the electric- 
ity works. 88.9 

503. Municipality, Worms. Model of a 
submerging apparatus; n:iodels and plans 
of the municipal filter plants. Dept. G 881 

504. Municipality, Koenigsberg. 

a Drawings of the Municipal bridges. 

Dept. G 880 

d Drawings of the Municipal electric 

works. _ 889 

505. Neckelmann, Skjold, Stuttgart. 
Drawings; Industrial museum (Stuttgart), 
national library (Strassburg), etc. 889 

506. Neher, L., &Von Kauffmann, Frank- 
fort-on-the-Main. Drawings: Pfluegens- 
berg Castle, near Lisenach; bank build- 
ing, Frankfort. 889 

507. Neumeister, A., Karlsruhe. Draw- 
ing: Altenstein Castle, near Liebenstein 
i-th. 889 

508. Neukirch, Fr., Bremen. Drawings, 
photos and models of cranes, pumping 
works, etc. Dept. G 885 

509. Otzen, J., Berlin. Drawings: "Re- 
formation" Church, Wiesbaden; "Luther" 
Church, Berlin. 889 

510. Rossbach, A., Leipsic. Drawing: 
University library, Leipsic. 889 

511. Scharr, Georg F., Altona. Plans of 
the gas works at Harburg. Dept. G 889 

512. Schaefer, E., & Hartung, H., Charlot- 
tenburg. Designs for a Catholic church 
at Duesseldorf, college at Wannsee and 
suburban residence of Berlin. 889 

513. Schmidt, A., Munich. Drawings: 
Paechl castle on Lake Ammer; new syna- 
gogue and Protestant church, ^Munich. 889 

514. Schmidt, F. H., Altona. Drawings 
and models of iron sheet piling and harbor 
construction work. Dept. G 881 

515. Poppe, J. G., Bremen. Drawing: 
Enlargement of the City hall in Bremen. 


516. Pruska, Anton, Munich. Pillars, 889 

517. Rabitz, C, Berlin. Pavilions of the 
German viticultural exhibit. Dept. B 889 

518. Reichsamt des Inneren, Berlin, 
Models: Imperial Patent office; Parlia- 
ment building; Insurance office of the 
empire. 889 

519. Riedinger, Aug., & Co., Augsburg. 
Drawings and diagrams of the pneumatic 
plant at Offenbach-on-the-Main. 

Dept. G 884 

520. Schmitz, Franz, Strassburg, Draw- 
ing: Renovation of the Strassburg "Muen- 
ster." 889 

521. Schreiterer & Schreiber, Colognfe, 
Drawing: City hall vault in Halle, 889 

522. Schulze, Fr,, Berlin, Model of the 
buildings of the Prussian Diet in Berlin, 


523. Schwarz, G., Hildesheim. Drawing: 
Renovation of the City hall in Hildesheim. 


524. Seeling, Heindrich, Berlin, Designs: 
Theatre (Stockholm), university library 
(Leipsic), mineral drinking hall (Wies- 
baden), 889 

525. Senat, Bremen, Drawings: Improve- 
ments on the lower Weser, free port of 
Bremen; harbor plant in Bremenhaven. 

Dept. G 881 

526. Solf, Berlin. Drawing: Country- 
house near Berlin. 889 

527. Thiede, Aug., Berlin 

Museum for Classic Art. 

Design of a 


528. Thost, Otto, Zwickau, Model of a 
steam boiler with smoke consumer, 

Dept. G 884 

529. Tueshaus & von Abbema, Duessel- 
dorf, Drawing: Drachenburg castle, near 



Government, Associations, Religious Organizations, Musical Instruments. 

530. Von Weltzien, V. Wagner, H. und 

Marx Erwin, Darmstadt. Drawings: 
Buildings of the Technical High School, 
Darmstadt. 889 

531. Von Hoist, M., Berlin. Drawing: 
Residence of Von Hoist in Neubabelsberg. 


532. Walther, C, Nuremberg. Drawing: 
Tucher's brewery, Berlin; facade " Ru- 
dolstad," Rudolstadt. 889 

533. Warth, Eggert, Issleiber, Salomon, 
Jacobsthal, Brion. Strassburg. Drawings: 
Renovations for the University at Strass- 
burg (Alsace). ' 889 

534. Welb, Frankfort-on-the-Main. De- 
sign for the Frankfort bank. 889 

535. Zutze, Prof. Otto, Aachen. Draw- 
ings and photos of various plants. 885 

GROUP 153. 

536. German Imperial Postoffice, Berlin. 

Models of postoffice buildings and in- 
terior arrangement of a postoffice and 
telegraph bureau, mail cars and the pneu- 
matic system; German post stamp col- 
lection, telephone apparatus, etc. 893 

537. Jeserich, Dr. Paul, Berlin. Photo- 
graphs for the investigation of criminal 
cases. 89"^ 

GROUP 156. 

538. Kaufmaennischer und Gewerblicher 
Huelfsverein fuer Weibliche AngesteUte, 
Berlin. Pamphlet, industrial and educa- 
tional. 918 

539. Reichs-Versicherungsamt, Berlin. 
Synopsis of the statute relative to the in- 
surance of workingmen. Dept. F 918 

GROUP 157. 

540. Abesser & Kroeger, Berlin. Syna- 

"gogue in Glogan. 919 

541. " Behr, Heinrich, Leipsic. Reliefs rep- ' 
resenting religious subjects; altars. 919 

542. Charitable Association in Germany. 
Pamphlet relative to charity in Germany. 

^ 925, 

543. Ehui, Geo., Stuttgart. Tv/o lapis- 
lazuli pillars and holy water font. 919 

544. Hase, C. V/., Hanover. Drawing: 
Church at "Georgs, Marienhaette." 919 

545. Hahl, Christoph, Hanover. Drawings 
of cathedrals of Bremen. 919 

546. Levy, L., Karlsruhe. Drawing: 
Synagogue in Kaiserslautern. 919 

547. Meckel, Frankfort-on-the-Main. 
Drawing: Pilgrim church at St. Rochus 

' in Bingen. 9x9 

548. Mengelberg, Wilhelm, Cologne. 
Model of northern portal of the cathedral 
at Cologne. 919 

549. Pfeilstuecker, Fr., Berlin. Illustrated 
Bible. 922 

550. Salzmann, Bremen. Drawing: Re- 
construction of the cathedral at Bremen. 


551. Schmidt, H. Freiherr von, Munich. 
Drawings: Churches in Darmstadt and 
Oppenheim City hall in Passau. 919 

552. Schwechten, Franz, Berlin. Model 
of the Emperor Wilhelm Memorial 
church, Berlin. 919 

553. Striegler, Ph., Frankfort-on-the- 
Main. Drawing: Catholic Parish church, 
Mainz. 919 

554. Thiersch, A., Munich. Drawing; 
Catholic Parish church, Schwabing, near 
Munich. 919 

555. Thun, Josef, Kevelar-Rhine province. 
Prayer-books in all languages. 922 

556. Tornow, P., Metz. Drawing: Recon- 
struction of the cathedral at Metz. 919 

557. Von Cansteinsche Bibelanstalt, Halle 
a-S. Bibles. 922 

558. Weinzierl Franz Xaver, Munich. 
Missals, prayer-books. 922 

559. Werner, Frz. P., Munich. Church 
ornament en 919 

560. Winkler, C, Colmar. Drawing: 
Renovation of St. Theobaldus church, 
Tham (Alsace). 919 

GROUP 158. 

561. Arati & Co., BerHn. Mechanical 

music works. 927 

562. Arnold, Wilh., Aschaffenburg. Zith- 
ers. 928 

563. Belaieff, M. P., Leipsic. Music. 926 

564. Bochumer Verein fuer Berzbau 
und Gusstahlfabrikation.Bochum, Chimes 
of cast steel. 927 

565. Brachhausen & Riessner, Leipsic- 
Eutritzsch. "Polyphone" musical works, 
automatic music boxes. 927 

566. Breitkopf& Haertel, Leipsic. Musi- 
cal v/orks. 926 

567. Cocchi, Brazigalupo & Grafigna, Ber- 
lin. Grinding organs, salon-orchestrion. 


568. Dietrich, Wilh., Leipsic. Music. 926 

569. Ellersieck, Alf., Rostock. Strings. 


570. Fabrik Lochmann's cher Musik- 
werke, Aktiengesellschaft, Leipsic-Gohlis. 
Musical works. 926 

571. Fuchs, Joh. Wolfz, Nurembu.-g. 
Strings for instruments. 936 -_ 

572. Grotriom, Hallferich, Schulz, The 
Steinweg Nachf, Brunswick. Pianos. 930 

573. Hauschulz, Julius, Berlin. Piano. 930 

574. Haslevanter, Joh., Munich. Guitars, 
zither, etc. 92S 



Music and Musical Instruments — The Theatre. 

575. Heilbrunn, W., Soehne, Berlin. 
Drums and tambourines. 927 

576. Heinrichshofen's Verlag, Magdeburg. 
Music. 926 

577. Hohner, Mathias, Trossingen-Wurt. 
Mouth harmonicas. 935 

578. Hupfeld, Ludw., Leipsic, Eusritzsch. 
a Mechanical cymbal. 927 
b Mechanical piano, apparatus for 

piano playing. 930 

579. Imhof & Mukle, Woehrenbach. 
Mouth harmonicas. 935 

580. Kistner, Fr., Leipsic. Music. 926 

581. Koch, Andreas, Trossingen, Wurt. 
Mouth harmonicas. 935 

582. Koerner, Guenther, Gera, Accor- 
dions. 935 

583. Kruspe, L., Jnh, F. W. Kruspe, Er- 

a Flutes. 931 

b Clarionets, oboes, etc. 932 

584. Lange, F., vorm. C. F. Uhlig, Chem- 
nitz. Concertinas, bandonions. 935 

585. Litollfe, Henry, Verlag, Brunswick. 
Music. 926 

586. Lochmann, E. G. & Co., Leipsic, 
Gohlis. Accordions with chimes. 935 

587. Loewenthal, L., Berlin. Cellos, vio- 
las, violins, etc. 929 

588. Maier, Aloys, Fulda. Music. 926 

589. Meier, Franz, Freiburg i-Baden. 
International postal card containing the 
music for several works. 926 

590. Mestner, Christian & Co., Trossing, 
Wurt. Mouth harmonicas. 935 

591. Mollenhauer, T. & Soehne, Jnh. Th., 
MoUenhauer, Fulda. 

a Flutes. 931 

b Clarionet, etc. 932 

592. Neumann, F. L., Hamburg. Pianos. 


593. Neupert, F. L., Bamberg. Pianinos. " 


594. Oertel, Louis, Hanover. Music. 926 

595. Otto, Louis, Duesseldorf. Quartet of 
string instruments. 929 

596. Peters, C. F., Leipsic. Music. 926 

597. Poehlmann, Moritz, Nuremberg. 
Cast steel cords for pianos. 930 

598. Rachals, M. F., & Co., Hamburg. 
Grand pianos, pianinos. 930 

599. Rather, D., Leipsic. Music. 926 

600. Rene & Co., Stettin. Concert pian- 
ino. 930 

601. Rittershausen, Emil, Berlin. Flutes. 


602. Roenisch, Carl, Dresden. Piano and 
grand pianos. 93 J 

603. Rohlfing, Gebr., Osnabrueck. Two 
pianos. 930 

604. Scheel, Carl, Cassel. Pianos. 930 

605. Schmidt, Arthur P., Leipsic. Music. 


606. Schmidt, C. F., Heilbronn. Music. 


607. Schuetzhold & Werner, Leipsic. 
Musical works. 926 

608. Schulze, Carl, Berlin. Two string 
quartette, one mandolin quartette, etc. 929 

609. Schuberth, Fritz, jun., Leipsic. Mu- 
sic. 928 

610. Schwechten, G., Berlin. Piano and 
grand piano. 9.;0 

611. Seller, Ed., Liegnitz. Piano and 
grand piano. 93J 

612. Sickelka, C. B., Hamburg. Accor- 
dions. 935 

613. Spindler, Geo., Sonneberg. Masks. 


614. Stahl und Drahtwerk Roeslau, Ficht 
Gebieze. Piano chords, and wire textures 
for the back. 930 

615. Stelzner, Dr. Alfred, Dresden. Vio- 
lins, violas, violoncellos, etc. 929 

616. Thunhart, Jos., Jnh. der Firma 
Xavcr Thunhart, Munich. Zither and 
mandolins. 928 

617. Thuermer, Ferd., Meissen. Piano. 


618. Tiefenbrunner, Georg, Munich, 
Stringed instruments. 928 

619. Weiss, Ch., Trossing- Wurt. Mouth 
harmonicas. 935 

620. Welte, M., & Soehne, Freiburg i- 
Baden. Orchestrions. 935 




(Location Not Given to Editor at Time of Going- to Press.) 

Hygiene, Surgical Instruments, Education, Literature. 

GROUP 147. 

1. Amines Syndicate, Ltd., London. 

Model illustrating system of treating and 
disposal of sewage, also samples of disin- 
fectant. 829 

2. Commissioners of Sewers of the City 
of London. Maps, plans, etc., showing 
method of street cleaning, etc.; models 
showing construction of subways under 
Holborn viaduct. 829 

3. Cremation Society of England, Lon- 
don. Views of crematorium at Woking. 


4. Ewing, Robert, London. Stoneware 
sewers and drains. 829 

5. Golf Company, St. Andrews, Scot- 
land. Golf clubs and balls. 825 

6. International Water & Sewage Purifi- 
cation Co., Ltd., London. Plans and 
models of filtering apparatus for public 
water supplies. 829 

GROUP 148. 

7. Ash, Claudius, & Sons, Ltd., London. 
Instruments and apparatus of dental sur- 
gery. 839 

8. Cruickshank, Arthur B., London. 
Syringes. 837 

9. Dental Manufacturing Company, Ltd., 
New Barnet. Dental apparatus. 839 

10. Fournet, A., London. Ophthalmic 
refractometer. 836 

It. Keen, Robinson & Belleville, London. 
Groats and barley for invalids. 

Dept. A 835 

GROUP 149. 

12. Bacon, G. W., & Co., Ltd., London, 

School maps, atlases, drawing charts, etc. 


13. British Government, Science & Art 
Department, London. Examples of Draw- 
ing, painting, modeling and design ex- 
ecuted by art students in the National 
Art Training Schools, South Kensington, 
London, and in other schools of art in the 
United Kingdom. 846 

14. Choat, Frank, Sandringham. Chased 
copper tray, 847 

15. Cunningham, D. J., Dublin. Models 

showing topographical relations of the 
brain in man and the apes. 852 

16. Johnston, Ruddiman, & Co., Ltd., 
London. School maps and illustrations. 


17. Oxford University Extension, Oxford. 
Books, papers, photographs and drawings, 
illustrative of the history and method of 
the University extension system. 851 

18. School Board for London, London. 
Specimens of work done by pupils in the 
schools, and of school materials and ap- 
pliances, models, plans and elevations, 
regulations and reports. 850 

19. Whitechapel Craft School, London. 
Drawings and models illustrating course 
of manual instruction for teachers and 
scholars. 847 

GROUP 150. 

20. Art Union of London, London. Works 
of art open to selection by subscribers. 


21. Biggs, F. J., London. Prices current. 


22. British Art Publishers' Union, Ltd., 
London. Etchings, engravings and photo- 
gravures. 854 

23. Bushill, T. W., Brantwood. Book on 
the labor question. 854 

24. Clifford, C. E. & Co., London. Engrav- 
ings, etchings and mezzotints. 854 

25. Culleton, Leo., London. Genealogical 
table showing the English system of 
heraldry. 854 

26. Decorative Art Journals Co., Ltd., 
Manchester. "Journal of Decorative Art" 
and technical pubhcations, sketches and 
studies. 856 

27. Engineering, Ltd., London. Set of 
54 volumes, framed engravings and album 
of the Columbian Exposition. 854 

28. Engineer, London. Engravings and 
drawings of ships, locomotives, etc. 854 

29. Fine Art Society, London. Reproduc- 
tions of pictures in mezzotint, etching 
and photo-engraving. 854 

30. Hadfied, R. A., Sheffield. Book on the 
labor question. 854 



Literature, Instruments of Precision, Photography 

31. Hare & Co., Ltd., London, Color- 
printing, photomechanical blocks in half 
tone, wood engravings and drawings. 854 

32. Harrison & Son, London. Books. 854 

33. Johnston, W. & A. K., Edinburgh. 
Wall maps, atlases, globes, etc. 864 

34. Leng, John, & Co., Dundee. Books. 


35. London Color Printing Company, 
London. Specimens of color printing 
and of the " Million " newspaper. 854 

36. Over, George E., Rugby. Printed 
books. 854 

37. Schloss, David F., London. Books. 


38. Sell, Henry, London. Collection of 
newspapers. 854 

39. Smith, C. & Son, London. Ma,ps 
and globes. 864 

40. Tooth, Arthur & Sons, London. En- 
gravings and etchings. 854 

41. Tripplin, J., London. Books on hor- 
ology. 854 

42. Tuck, Raphael, & Sons, London. 
Studies, illustrated books, engravings, etc. 


43. Virtue, J. S. & Co., Ltd., London. 
Etchings, engravings and photogravures 
from " Art Journal." 854 

44. Waterlow & Sons, Ltd., London. 
Specimens of printing from steel and 
copper plates. 854 

45. Zaehnsdorf, Joseph, London. Book- 
binding. 854 

GROUP 151. 

46. Baker, A. P., Manchester. Photo- 

grajjhs of the Royal Jubilee Exhibition, 
Manchester, 1887, Paris Exhibition 1889, 
and Jamaica Exhibition, 189L 871 

47. Beck, R. & J., London. 

a Photographic apparatus. 871 

b Microscopical optical apparatus. 874 

48. Billington, H. & Co., Augatella, 
Queensland. Photographs of Queens- 
land sheep and cattle stations. 871 

49. Brown Bros., Bristol. Level and 
gradient indicator. 868 

50. Bryer, J. & Son, London. 

a Binnacle and compasses, binocular 

glasses and sextants. Dept. G 867 

b Barometers, 872 

c Chronometers. 873 

51. Byrne, W. J., Richmond. Photo- 
graphic portraits. 871 

52. Cameron & Smith, London. Photo- 
graphs of Lord Tennvson and his friends. 


53. Common, A. A., London. Parabolic 
mirror in cell for Newtonian telescope. 


54. Darton, F. & Co., London. Meteon 

logical instruments. 8" 

55. Dore, J., Sandown. Photograph 
lantern transparencies. 8' 

56. Downer, Fredk., Watford. Photc 
graphs. 81 

57. Flather, Henry, London. Carbon er 
largements and direct photographs. 87 

58. Godbold, Henry J., Hastings. Photc 
graphs. 87 

59. Goldsmiths' & Silversmiths' Co., Lor 
don. Ship's chronometers. 87 

60. Grubb, Howard, Dublin. Model c 
first-class astronomical observatory; smal 
equatorial instrument; views of standan 
instruments. 86 

61. Lafayette, J., Dublin. Photograph 
printed in platinum and carbon. 87 

62. Lawrence, William, Dublin. Photo 
graphic views of scenery and antiquitie 
of Ireland. 87 

63. Lemere, Bedford, & Co., Lonoor 
Architectural photographs of moderi 
English mansions. 87 

64. Mendelssohn, H. S., London. Por 
traits. 87 

65. Oeffelein & Co., London. Burnt-i: 
photographs on glass, china and enamel 


66. Rein, F. G., & Son, London. Acousti 

and scientific instruments. 87 

67. Riley Bros., Bradford. Optical lantern 

and accessories. 87 

68. Roche, Charlotte, London. Photo 
graphs. 87 

69. Ross & Co., London. 

a Photographic lenses, cameras an( 
apparatus. 87 

b Naval and sporting telescopes, fieh 
and opera glasses, microscopes an( 
apparatus. 87 

70. Royal British Commission. Loan col 
lection of photographs. 87 

71. Sawyer, Lyddell, Newcastle-on-Tyne 
Photographs. 87 

72. Symonds & Co., Portsmouth. Photo 

graphs of ships of the British navy an< 
yacht racing scenes. 87' 

73. Van der Weyde, Henry, London. Por 
traits taken by electric light, and refract 
ing instrument. 87' 

74. Walery, Ltd., London. Photographii 
work. 87: 

75. Warneuke, W. M., Glasgow. Photo 
graphs, 87! 


Civil Engineering, Law, Commerce, Knowledge, Religious Organizations, Music. 

5. Watson, W., & Sons, London. 

a Mathematical instruments. 865 

b Astronomical and terrestrial tele- 
scopes. 866 

c Surveying and engineering instru- 
ments. 867 

d Photographic lenses and cameras. 

e Barometers and thermometers. 872 
f Microscopes and microscopical ap- 
paratus and accessories. 875 
1. Werner, Alfred, & Son, Dublin. Pho- 
tographic portraits. — 871 
5. Wilkinson, Henry D., Cardiff. Instru- 
ment to indicate the action of valves in 
steam and other engines. 865 
). Williams, W. Clement, Yorkshire. 
Photographs. 871 
). Window & Grove, London. Photo- 
graphs. 871 
[. Winter, W. W., Derby. Photograph 
studies. 871 
J. York & Son, London. Photographic 
optical lantern-slides. 871 

GROUP 152. 

J. Allin, Samuel S., London. Pneumatic 

door closer. 889 

}. British Government, Geological Sur- 
vey of the United Kingdom, London. 
Maps of Isle of Wright, environs of Lon- 
don, part of North Wales, part of the 
Yorkshire coal-fields, North of Ireland and 
South of Scotland. Index maps of neigh- 
borhood of London and lower part of 
Thames basin, and part of Wales. Gen- 
eral memoirs on the geology and paleon- 
tology of Great Britain. 877 

5. British Government, Ordnance Survey 
of Great Britain and Ireland, Southampton. 
Outline and hill maps of parts of Scotland 
and Ireland; other maps and plans. 877 

3. Cheesewright, Frederick H., Lon- 
don. Model of system of pier and break- 
water construction. 881 

7. Culpin, Arthur, Worcester. Reversi- 
ble and removable window sashes. 889 

3. Ebner, Joseph F., London. System 
of attaching parquet flooring to a concrete 
foundation. 889 

J. Etefas Window Co., London. Slid- 
ing windows. 889 

3. Sim, John, Montrose. Windows. 889 

1. Trinity College, University of Dublin. 
Model of shield used in constructing the 
Thames tunnel. Dept. G 881 

GROUP 153, 

2. British North Borneo Co., Lon- 
don. Stamps and postcards. 893 

93. Bureau of Charities, Correction and 
Philanthropy. Charts, samples of work, 
official statistics, reports, literature, etc. 


94. Gibbons, Stanley, Ltd., London. 
Stamps, stamp-albums, etc. 893 

95. Hinton, Thomas H., London. Postage 
stamps, envelopes and cards issued in the 
British empire from 1840 to 1893. 893 

96. Perkins, Bacon & Co., Ltd., London. 
Specimens of postage stamps. 893 

GROUP 154. 

97. British North Borneo Co., London, 

a Map and handbook of British North 

Borneo. 895 

b Coins. 897 

98. Drew & Cadman, London. Show 
cases, counters and window fittings. 898 

99. Perkins, Bacon & Co., Ltd., London. 
Specimens of bank notes. 897 

GROUP 155. 

100. Hakluyt Society, London. Publica- 
tions from 1848 to 1892. 908 
loi. Marine Biological Ass'n of the United 

Kingdom, London. Treatise on the com- 
mon sole; view of the laboratory and 
account of the association. 908 

102. Royal Geographical Society, London. 
Publications illustrating the advancement 
of geographical science; a map showing 
English discovery in North America. 907 

103. Royal Microscopical Society, London. 
Photo-micrographs. 908 

104. Vegetarian F'^deral Union, London. 
Publications, diagrams and specimens. 


GROUP 156. 

105. Bradford Coffee Tavern Co., Ltd., 
Bradford. Views of the principal estab- 
lishment, and account of the work. 918 

GROUP 157. 

106. Religious Tract Society, London. 

Books, periodicals and Scripture cartoons. 


107. Sunday School Union, London. Sun- 
day-school teachers' text-books and req- 
uisites. 923 

GROUP 158. 

108. Augener & Co., London. Printed mu- 
sic books, portraits of great composers, 
etc. 926 

109. Besson, F. & Co., London. Wind 
instruments and system of manufacture. 


no. Bishop, E. & Sons, London. Upright 

pianofortes. 930 



Music and Musical Instruments. 

III. Erard, S. & P., London. Models of 

harps; the harp presented by the Welsh 
people to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, etc. 


112. Higham, Joseph, Manchester. M 
sical instruments. 

113. Rudall, Carte & Co., London. Mi: 

tary and orchestral instruments. 



Hygiene, Surgical Instruments, Education, Literature. 

GROUP 147. 

1. Di Giovanni, Eng. Ferdinando, Naples. 

Closet apparatus. 829 

2. Magnani, Gustavo, Mirandola. Sul- 
phurizing and purifying machines. 829 

GiaOUP 148. 

3. Bergamini, Enrico, Bologna. Surgical 
instruments. 837 

4. Brunetti, Prof. Lodovico, Padua. An- 
atomical appliances. 838 

5. Pozzi, Dr. Muzio, Bologna. Obstetri- 
cal instrument. 838 


GROUP 149. 

Benedetti, Giovanni, Udine. 

tables. 846 

7. Humbert First Public School, Naples. 
Album of drawings. 846 

8. Testi, Prof. Laudedeo, Lodi. Work on 
drawing. 846 

9. Tonso, Giovanni, Turin. Work on 
penmanship. 842 

10. Trevisani, Prof. Romolo, Rimini. 
Work on drawing. 846 

GROUP 150. 

11. Abisso, Gioacchino, Vicenza. Me- 
chanical works. 854 

12. Arnandon, G. Giacomo, Turin. Work 
on museum designs. 854 

13. Bianchi-Maldotti, Eng. Enrico, Parma. 
Hydraulic manual. 854 

14. Borgnade Rossi, Giulio, Turin. School 
manual. 855 

15. Borgna, Prof. Giuseppe, Turin.^Work 
on education. 854 

16. Brogi, Cav. Sigismondo, Siena. Scien- 
tific works. 854 

17. Bullo, Dr. G., Venice. Atlas. 855 

18. Cassa, Risparmio, Rimini. Banking 
laws. 854 

^0. Cisogh, Gioacchino, Rome. Mono- 
graphic works. 854 

20. Collegio Parrucchieri, Rome. Collej 
regulations and laws. 8i 

21. Colucci, Giuseppe, Rome. Books. 8( 

22. Cosulich, Cleto, Syracuse. Frem 
manual. 8. 

23. Cuomo, Giuseppe, Santimo. Scho 
books. 8. 

24. De Laurentis, Carlo, Rome. Biblic 
abstract. 8. 

25. De Luca, Carnazza Salvator, Catani 
Scientific volumes. 8> 

26. Durante, Filippo, Palermo. Manu 
of the tailor's art. 8> 

27. Fabbrichesi, Gaetano, Rome. Geome 
rical designs. 8^ 

28. Facchinetti, Dr. Gaetano, Rimini. 
monograph. Si 

29. Fazio, G. B., Genoa, History. 8. 

30. Ferrari, Cav. Luigi, Genoa. Books. 8 

31. Frisoni, Gaetano, Genoa. Books. 8. 

32. Giordano, Dr. Alfonso, Palermo. 
Books. 8. 

33. Gulinati, Vittorio, Bondeno Ferrares 
Manuscripts. 8. 

34. Hoepli, Ulderico, Milan. Books. 8i 

35. Lancia, Giuseppe, Turin. Butcher 
manual. 8i 

36. Manganaro, Catterina, Messina. St 
tistical works. 8i 

37. Moneti, Cav. Giuseppe, Rome. Joiner 
manual. 81 

38. Monterosso, Prof. Raffaele, Syracus 
French books. 8i 

39. Moscariello, Giuseppe, Naples. Wort 
on education. 8J 

40. Olia, Prof. Ferdinando, Naples. Geoj 
raphy. 8i 

41. Ongania, Cav. Ferdinando, Venic 
History of St. Mark's church. 8i 

42. Piscicelli, Aderisio, Casterta. Paleoj 
raphy. 8i 

43. Raddi, Anserico, Spezia. Books ar 
drawings. 81 



xuments of Precision, Law, Commerce, Associations, Music and Musical Instruments. 

Rosati, Vincenzio, Rome. Work on 
struction. 854 

Roux, Onorato, Rome. Books. 854 

Scafati, Giuseppe, Naples. Drawings 
: torpedoes. 854 

Scaraviglia Torquato, Chieti. Album. 


Schiff, Paolina, Milan. Books. 854 

School of Commerce, Naples. Books. 


School of Prof. Valdese, Genoa. Ed- 
cational publications. 854 

Staderini, Aristide, Rome. Books. 854 

Tamburini, Stanislao, Rome. Geo- 
letrical drawings. 855 

Technical Institute, Lodi. Album of 
rawings. 854 

Tono, Prof. Massimiliano, Venice. 
stronomical publications. 854 

Treves Bros., Milan. Illustrated pa- 
ers. 857 

Turin Typographical Union, Rome. 
ooks. 854 

GROUP 151. 

Alinari Bros., Florence. Photo- 
raphs. 871 

Anderson, Domenico, Rome. Photo- 
raphs. 871 

Capitanio, Cristoforo, Brescia. Pho- 
graphs. 871 

Carloforti, Gabriele, Rome. Photo- 
•aphs. 871 

Casali, Lorenzo, Rome. Photo- 
■aphs. 871 

Fatti, Odoardo, Rome. Instruments 

precision. 865 

f erretto, Adelchi di G., Treviso. 
lotographs. 871 

Koriska Francesco Company, Milan, 
icroscopes. 874 

Mazzocchi, Girolamo, Bologna. As- 
onomical machine. 866 

Naya, Carlo, Venice. Photographs. 


Paganini, Cristiano, Vicenza. Per- 
;tual motor clock. 873 

Primoli, Count Luigi, Rome. Photo- 
aphs. 871 

Salmoiraghi, A., Milan. Scientific 
struments. 867 

Salivati, Paolo, Venice. Photographs 
id aquarelles. 871 

Sciortino, Leo Nicolo, Palermo. In- 
ruments of precision. 865 

Uzzo, Fran. Paolo, Palermo. Photo- 
aphs. 871 

GROUP 153. 

lovene, Giuseppe, Naples. Mail Box. 

74. Neapolitan Economic Association, 

Naples. Statutory acts. 890 

GROUP 154. 

75. Amoretti, Andrea, Finalborgo. Com- 
mercial accounting. 905 

76. Chamber of Commerce, Catania. 
Statistics. 895 

77. Chamber of Commerce, Modena. Ac- 
count books. 900 

78. De Angelis, Angelo, Lanciano. Trea- 
tise on accounts. 905 

79. Genoa Savings Bank, Genoa. Ac- 
counts. 905 

80. Lai, Prof. Enrico, Genoa. Account- 
ing. 905 

81. Monte di Pieta, Genoa. Accounts. 905 

82. Pareto, Leodoro, Turin. Account 
books. 905 

83. Sanguinetti, Achille, Parma. Book- 
keeping. 905 

84. Sarno, Nicola, Albano Leziale. Ac- 
count books. ^^ 905 

85. Stella, Prof. Antonio, Naples. Book- 
keeping. 905 

86. Technical Institute, Caserta. Ac- 
counts. 905 

87. Workmen's Co-operative Bank, Sini- 
gallia. Banking laws. 903 

88. Zambonini, Giuseppe, Finale Emilia. 
Book-keeping. 905 

GROUP 156. 

89. Mutual Beneficial Society Citta di 
Castello. Report. 914 

90. Teachers' Mutual Benefit Society, 
Rome. Report. 914 

GROUP 157. 

91. Quirini Quirino, Rome. Work on 
charities. 925 

GROUP 158. 

92. Abbate, Alfonso F., Naples. Musical 
instruments. 928 

93. Battista, Luca, Maori. Musical score. 


94. Bella Eredi Company, Verona. Har- 
monic strings. 936 

95. Bertinelli, Alessandro, Rome. Musi- 
cal instruments. 928 

96. Buonamici, Ferdinando, Naples. Musi- 
cal scores. 926 

97. Brancaccio, Marquis, Giuseppe, Na- 
ples. Violin. 929 

98. Calace, Nicola Raffaele, Naples. Man- 
dolins. 928 

99. Carraba, C. V., Catania. Musical 
instruments. 928 

100. Colombo, Federico, Turin. Piano 
fortes, 930 


Music and Musical Instruments. 

loi. Cozzi, Ersilio, Crespino. Musical 

instruments. 928 

102. Degani, Eugenio, Venice. Violins. 


103. Del Nero, Angelo, Rome. Musical 
manuscripts. 926 

104. Di Giorgio, Salvatore & Giuseppe, 
Termini Imerese. Stringed musical 
instruments. 928 

105. Di Leo, Cammillo, Palermo. Man- 
dolin. 928 

106. Di Napoli, Cav. Giovanni, Palermo. 
Musical compositions. 926 

107. Gamberini, Bernardo, Bologna. 
Music. 926 

108. Giorgi, Carlo Tommaso, Florence. 


musical instruments. 928 

no. Kisslinger, Cav. A. C, Naples. 
Stringed musical instrument. 928 

Musical instruments. 
109. Gorga Bros., Rome, Italy. 

111. Koriska-Jamnichen, 


112. Lo Galbo, Provvidenza, 

Musical works. 


Milan. Ma 



Marradi-Benti, Pistoja. Cymba 

114. Mancuso, Piazza Giuseppe, Castrog 
ovanni. Music. 9' 

115. Mendozza, Gennaro, Naples. Ma 
dolins. 9' 

116. Petillo, Giovanni, Naples. Music. 9 

117. Rocca, Enrico, Genoa. Music 
instruments. 9' 

118. Ruggiero, Cesare, Naples. Music 
instruments. 9 

119. Sgarbi, Antonio, Rome. Music 
instruments 9 

120. Toscano, Marotta Angelo, Aidon 
Musical instruments. 9 


Location not g-iven at time of going' to Press. 

Medicine, Education, Literature, Photography, Commerce. 

GROUP 148. 

1. Batson, S., Mandeville. Sarsaparilla. 


2. Ormsby, J., Cave Valley. Stramonium 
seeds. 834 

3. Silvera, A. P., Crescent, Oracabessa. 
Kola powder and nuts. 834 

4. Taylor, G. G., Hagley Gap. Cinchona 
roots. 834 

GROUP 149. 

5. Alpha Cottage, Convent of Mercy, 

Kingston. Straw work. 843 

6. Provincial Government of Nova Scotia, 
Halifax. Educational system. 850 

GROUP 150. 



7. Feurtado, W., Kingston 

and laws of Jamaica. 

8. Government Printing Office, Kingston. 

Law books and maps of Jamaica. 863 

9. Hart, A. J., Senior, St. Ann's Ba 

Very old Hebrew bible. 8 

10. Registrar General's Departmer 
Spanish Town. Vital statistics of Jamaic 
census report, 1891. 8 

GROUP 151. 

11. Duperly & Co., Kingston. Views 
Jamaica. 8 

12. Gardner, A. W., & Co., Kingsto 
Photographs of Jamaica scenery. 8 

13. Johnston, Rev., Brown's Town. Viev 
of Central Africa. 8' 

14. Sanguinetti, E. H., Kingston. Viev 
of Jamaica International Exhibition, 18J 

GROUP 154. 

15. De Souza, Mortimer C, Kingsto 

Commercial almanacs. 8 

GROUP 160. 

16. Douet, Geo. A., Four Paths. Car 
implements. 9 




Location not given to editor at time of going' to Press. 

Hygiene, Surgical Instruments, Education. 

GROUP 147. 

r. Interior Department, Public Sanitary 
Bureau. Photographs and description of 
disinfector. 833 

2. Seibei Yuga, Osaka. Model of Ten- 
noji Temple tower. 827 

GPtOUP 148. 

3. Asajiro Narita, Tokyo. Surgical in- 
struments. 887 

^. Fuchi Segewa, Tokyo. Instruments 
for physical diagnosis. 836 

5. Ichizaemon Matsumoto, Tokyo. 

a Instruments for physical diagnosis.886 
d Surgical instruments. 837 

5. Kotaro Sasaki, Tokyo, Artificial 
teeth. 839 

7. Kuhei Mangi, Tokyo. Surgical In- 
struments. 837 

S. Kyoto Itomono Company, Kyoto. 
Twist for surgical purposes. 837 

5. Matsunosuke Shirai, Osaka. Medical 
balances. 837 

0. Shigetaro Baba, Aichi. Pharmaceu- 
tical articles. 837 

1. Shigetaro Baba, Aichi. Optical In- 
struments. 837 

2. Tadazo Wakabayashi, Tokyo. Bu- 
reau for dental instruments. 839 

3. War Department. Medical Bureau. 
a Appliances for carryin'g the wounded. 

d Surgical instruments, etc. 837 

4. Yakichi Horiguchi, Tokyo. Instru- 
ment for dental surgery. 839 

5. Yoshitsura Okochi, Tokyo. Ice bags. 

GROUP 149. 

6. Educational Department. Educa- 
tional reports, text books and diagrams of 
school buildings. 853 

7. Educational Department. Agricul- 
tural School. Pictures, farm products, 
books, drawings, records and descriptions. 


8. Educational Department. College of 
Agriculture, Imperial University. Speci- 
mens of fruit, photographs, reports and 
statistics. 852 

9. Educational Department. College of 
Engineering, Imperial University. Model 
gi building, essays and drawings. 851 

20. Educational Department. Commercial 

School. School appliances, pictures, rec- 
ords, rules, regulations and statistics. 852 

21. Educational Department. Common 
Middle School. School apparatus, draw- 
ings, photographs, paintings, records, elc. 


22. Educational Department. Common 
Normal School. School apparatus, needle 

• work, drawings, paintings, photographs, 
records, etc. 852 

23. Educational Department.. Educational 
Society of Japan. Rules and regula- 
tions. _ 853 

24. Educational Department. Elementary 
School. Photographs, school apparatus, 
paintings, records, drawings, needle work, 
etc. 841 

25. Educational Department. Girls' Normal 
School. School appliances, needle work, 
pictures, records and statistics, photo- 
graphs and drawings. * 851 

26. Educational Department. Girls' Higher 
School. Records, rules, needle work, 
drawings, school appliances, photographs, 
paintings and. essays. 851 

27. Educational Department. Girls' School. 
Hand made articles, needle work, pictures 
and photographs. 850 

28. Educational Department. Higher Com- 
mercial School. Counting book, etc. 852 

29. Educational Department. Higher Mid- 
dle School. Records and statistics, 
photographs, paintings and specimens. 851 

30. Educational Department. Higher Nor- 
mal School. Hand made articles and pict- 
ures. 851 

31. Educational Department. Kindergar- 
ten. Records and statistics. 841 

32. Educational Department. Tokyo Art 
School. Paintings, carvings, art goods and 
designs. 852 

33. Educational Department. Tokyo Blind 
and Mute School. Pictures, carvings, 
needle work, school appliances, photo- 
graphs and records. 849 

34. Educational Department. Tokyo Tech- 
nological School. Exhibits of the dyeing 
and weaving, pottery and glass, applied 
chemistry and mechanical industry de- 
partments, drawings and paintings. 852 



Literature, Instruments of Precision, Civil Engineering, Law, Commerce. 

35. Educational Section of Tokyo Machin- 
ery Company, Tokyo. School specimens. 


36. Kanzaburo Shimidzu, Tokyo. Chem- 
ical chinaware. 845 

37. Kisai Takayama, Tokyo. Organiza- 
tion and report of Takayama Dental 
School. 852 

38. Norimichi Okabe, Osaka. Writing 
slate. 846 

GROUP 150. 

39. Hakodate Manufacturing & Trading 

Company, Hokkaido. Trade statistics 
and price list. 860 

40. Hakodate Trading & Manufacturing 
Association, Hokkaido. 

a Directory of cities and towns, 862 
b Maps. 864 

41. Interior Department — Central Meteor- 
ological Office. Meteorological history, de- 
scriptions, reports, etc., map and diagram 
showing location of weather stations, storm 
bulletins and light houses, diagram show- 
ing storms, indications on thermometer 
and barometer, quantity of rain; earth- 
quakes, etc. 864 

42. Interior Department — General Affair 
Bureau. Tables of Japanese population 
and copyrights. 863 

43. Jihei Tanaka, Kyoto. Pictorial arts 
and designs. 854 

44. Kenzaburo Azuma, Tokyo. 

a Art magazines. 854 

b Geological maps. 864 

45. Kokkwasha, Tokyo. Art magazines. 


46. Kosuke Sakata, Hyogo. Notes on the 
abacus and abacuses. 854 

47. Kininosuke Soma, Tokyo. Book on 
ivory carving. 854 

48. Magobei Fujii, Kyoto. Pictorial art 
books. 854 

49. Magobei Okura, Tokyo, Books. 854 

50. Tokutaro Kimura, Tokyo. Book. 854 

51. Tokutaro Wada, Tokyo. Books, 854 

52. War Department. Surveying Office, 
Maps. 864 

GROUP 151. 

53. Commercial and Manufacturing Bu- 
reau, Japan, Testing machines of weights 
and measures. 865 

54. Educational Department. — College of 
Science, Imperial University. Seismo- 
logical instruments and photographs. 866 

55. Gonjiro Yamamoto, Aichi. Abacus, 865 

56. Hikoma Ueno, Nagasaki. Photo- 
graphs. 871 

57. Kazunao Ogawa, Tokyo. Photo- 
graphs. 871 

58. Makoto Endo, Miyagi. Photographs. 


59. Rihachi Fukada, Tochigi. Photo- 
graphs. 871 

60. Rihei Tomishige, Kumamoto. Photo- 
graphs. 871 

61. Ryonosuke Honjyo, Hyogo. Abacuses. 


62. Sauta Ichida, Hyogo. Photographs, 871 

63. Shinichi Setsu, Nagasaki. Photo- 
graphs. 871 

64. Sinsuke Mihara, Tokyo, Magic lan- 
tern slides. 871 

65. Takeyasu Kiyokawa, Nagasaki, Pho- 
tographs, 871 

66. Tamekichi Ito, Tokyo, Rulers. 865 

67. Tamekichi Kamiya, Shiga, Sun dial. 


68. Tomozo Watanabe, Tokyo. Photo- 
graphic accessories. 871 

69. Yasuo Egi, Tokyo. Photographs. 871 

70. Yoshiharu Takeshita, Nagasaki, Pho- 
tographs, 871 

GROUP 152. 

71. Interior Department. — Public Engi- 
neering Bureau. Models and diagrams. 


72. Kiesuke Niwa, Kyoto. Model of Kyoto 
Yasaka tower. 88P 

73. Kobe Wharf Construction Company, 
Hyogo. Plan of wharf construction, 889 

74. Shiotaro Kodama, Aichi. Architect- 
ural designs. 889 

75. Tamekichi Ito, Tokyo. House models. 


76. War Department. — Military Affair 
Bureau. Photographs of guns and arsenal. 


GROUP 153. 

77. Bureau of Peers of Imperial Diet. 

Method of short-hand reporting. 890 

GROUP 154. 

78. Department of Communication. Postal 

system and appliances of the postal 
service; mail bags, pouches, postal marks, 
stamps, etc.; maps and tables showing 
light houses, lines of navigation, etc.; 
maps, diagrams, tables, etc., of telegraph 
routes, stations and apparatus; photo of 
telephone office and brief history of the 
department. 893 

79. Interior Department. — Bureau of Po- 
lice. Diagram of Tokyo reformatory build- 
ing, records of prisons. 894 



Institutions of Knowledge, Associations, Musical Instruments. 

i^ROUP 155. 

80. Commercial and Manufacturing Bu- 

a Statistics of trade and commerce of 
Japan and guide book. 895 

b Boards of commerce and their func- 
tions illustrated. 900 

81. Kyoto Board of Trade, Kyoto. Organ- 
ization of Board of Trade with illustra- 
tions, 900 

82. D Treasury Department — Mint Bureau. 

Coins and medals. 897 

83. Zenemon Konike, Osaka. Rules and 

statistics of life insurance companies. 902 


GROUP 156. 

Educational Department- 


Museum. Models and specimens, toys, 
pictures and magic lantern accessories. 

GROUP 158. 

85. Dembei Nakagaki, Osaka. Musical 

instruments. 929 

86. Educational Department. Tokyo Mu- 
sical School. Musical instruments, pict- 
ures, descriptions, books, etc. 926 

87. Gembei Sakata, Osaka. Drums. 927 

88. Jisaburo Fujita, Osaka. Musical In- 
struments. 936 

89. Masakichi Suzuki, Aichi. Violin. 929 

90. Shinsuke Sasatani, Osaka. Musical 
instruments. 936 

91. Tsunesaburo Ena, Osaka. Trumpets. 



L0CAT10N~Iii Dopt. H. 

Hygiene, Medicine, Education, Literature. 

GROUP 147. 

1. Bentzen, S., Bergen. Filter. 

Dept. H 829 
GROUP 148. 

2. Eckell, W. F. W., Christiania. Malt 

extract, emulsion of cod liver oil. 

Dept. H 834 

3. Stormer, F., Christiania. Inhalers. 

Dept. H 837 

4. Tidemand's Orthopcedical Institute, 
Christiania. Photos of prosthesis. 

Dept. H 833 
GROUP 149. 

5. Brun's, A., Boghandel, Trondhjem. 
Zoological drawings for school use, with 
plans and notes. Dept. H 845 

6. Johannesen, Amalia, Christiania. 
Books on sewing and dressmaking. 

Dept. H 843 

7. Mailing's, P. T., Boghandel, Christi- 
ania. Collection of school material for 
instruction. Dept. H 842 

8. Pedusen, Gustav, Meaux, France. 
Text book on watchmaking. 

g ^ Dept. H 847 

9. Rosing, Marie, Christiania. Books on 
dressmaking and needle work. 

Dept. H 843 

10. Thommesen, Tarje, Christiania. Draw- 
ings, and desk for deaf mutes. 

Dept. H 849 

GROUP 150. 

11. Cammermeyer's, Forlag, Alb, Christi- 
ania. Dept. H 

a Publications. 854 

b Maps. 864 

12. Central Bureau of Statistics, Chris- 
tiania. Collection of publications on Nor- 
wegian statistics. Dept. H 863 

13. Dybwad, Jacob, Christiania. 

a Road map of Norway. Dept. H 864 
b School books. 855 

c Books, sample of binding, etc. 854 

14. Folkebladets Aktiebolag, Christiania. 
Books. Dept. H 854 

15. Krag, Commissioner of highways, 
Christiania. Geographical maps. 

Dept. H 854 

16. Mailing's, P. T., Boghandel, Christi- 
ania. Books, Dept. H 854 




Photography, Civil Engineering, Commerce, Music and Musical Instruments. 

17. Meteorological Institute, Christiania. 
Reports and charts of arctic expeditions. 

Dept. H 864 

18. Refsum, Hans Matheus, Christiania. 
Bookbinders' work. Dept, H 854 

GROUP 151. 

19. Bennett's Tourist Office, Christiania. 
Photos of scenery, etc. Dept. H 871 

20. Greve & Nordland, Stavanger. Pho- 
tographs. Dept. H 871 

21. Knudsen, K., Bergen. Photographs. 

Dept. H 871 

22. Michelet, Fr. Aug., Christiania. 
Chronometers. Dept. H 873 

23. Persen, Sostrene, Bergen. Photo- 
graphs. Dept. H 871 

24. Skoien, M., Christiania. Photographs. 

Dept. H 871 
GROUP 152. 

25. Lindgaard, Henry, Trondhjem. Maps, 
surveys and drawings. Dept. H 877 

26. Thams, M., & Co., Trondhjem. Plans 
of dwelling houses, wooden buildings for 
export. In Norway's pavilion. 889 

GROUP 154. 

27. Dietrichson, J. L. W., Molde. Sta- 
tistical maps of mining and commerce. 

Dept. H 895 

GROUP 158. 

28. Auversen, Svienung, Telemarken. 
Violins. Dept. H 929 

29. Ellefsen, Kund, Telemarken. Violin. 

Dept. H 929 

30. Helland, Gunder Olsen, Telemarken. 
Violin. Dept. H 929 

31. Helland, Ole G., Telemarken. Violin. 

Dept. H 929 

32. Hovdestad, Osten Bjornsen, Tele- 
marken. Violin. Dept. H 

33. Lofthnus, Bjorn, Vinje. Violin. 

Dept. H 



Location — In Woman's Buildinar. 

Hygiene, Surgical Instruments, Education. 

GROUP 147. 

1. Aktiebolaget Vibrator, Stockholm. 

Vibrator movement cure apparatus. 825 

2. Ekstrand, E. G., Stockholm. Gym- 
nastic apparatus. 825 

3. Gymnastiska Centralinstitutet, Stock- 
holm. Gymnastic implements, photo- 
graphs, drawings, etc. 825 

4. Passe, Nils, Boston. Gymnastic ap- 
paratus, drawings and photographs. 825 

5. Stockholms Gymnastikforening,Stock- 
holm. Gymnastic apparatus, photographs 
and literature. 825 

6. Stockholms Gymnastik och Faektk- 
lubb, Stockholm. Fencing materials, lit- 
erature and photographs. 825 

GROUP 148. 

7. Engstrom, Joh., Eskilstuna. Uni- 
versal dental forceps. 839 

GROUP 149. 

8. Alnarps Hofbeslagareskola, Akarp. 

Material for instruction in horse-shoe- 
ing. 847 

9. Hallgren & Sundell, Stockholm. Plas- 
tic reproductions of mushrooms, for use 
in public schools. 850 

10. Hushallningssallskapets i Blekings, 
Blekings. Articles of wood, bone, tex- 
tiles, etc.; models of wood and sloyd 
work. 847 

11. Lennings, John, Norrkoping. Speci- 
mens of silk and gold hangings by pu- 
pils. 847 

12. Lundin, Hulda, Stockholm. Models of 
system of teaching needle work in schools. 


13. Melander, A. E., Stockholm. Kalko- 
graph for tracing drawings and making 
blue-prints. 852 



literature, Photography, Civil Engineering, Commerce, Music and Musical Instruments. 

4. Naas Slojdlarareseminarium, Naas. 

Models, charts, literature, photographs, 
etc., of sloyd carpentry. 844 

5. Tekniska Skolan i Eskilstuna, Eskil- 
stuna. Articles of steel, chased, etched 
and forged by pupils of the school. 847 

6. Tekniska Skolan, Stockholm. Draw- 
ings, models and pupils' work in metal, 
wood, leather, porcelain, glass, clay, etc.; 
decorative painting. 847 

GROUP 150. 

7. Beijers, F. G., Bokforlagsaktiebolag, 


a Books and prints. 854 

b Maps. 864 

8. Bonnier, Albert, Stockholm. Books 
and prints. 854 

9. Dahlman, C. E. Stockholm. Atlas of 
Sweden. 864 

0. Fahlcrantz & Co., Stockholm. Books. 


1. Fritzes, C. E., Stockholm. Books. 854 

2. Generalstabens Topografiska Afdel- 
ning, Stockholm. Topographic maps, 
astronomic and geodetic works. 864 

3. Horlin, Hugo, Stockholm. Industrial 
Art Journal. 856 

4. Kongl. Sjokarteverket, Stockholm. 
Charts and coast views. 864 

5. Mittag-Leffler, G., Stockholm. "Acta 
Mathematica," a scientific journal. 856 

6. Norstedt, P. A., & Sons Co., Stock- 

a Scientific works. 854 

b School books. 855 

c Materials for instruction, atlas. 864 

7. Sveriges Ekonomiska Kartverk, 
Stockholm. Topographic maps, books, 
etc. 864 

8. Sveriges Geologiska Undersokning, 
Stockholm. Geological maps and pub- 
lications. 864 

GROUP 151. 

9. Ahlberg & Ohlsson, Stockholm. Sur- 
veying instruments. 867 

30. Aktiebolaget Mars, Stockholm. Range 

finder for military and topographical sur- 
veying. 867 

31. Blomquist, C. G., Lulsa. Photographs. 


32. Generalstabens Topografiska Afdel- 
ning, Stockholm. 

a Astronomic instruments. 866 

b Geodetic instruments. 867 

33. Hadar Hallstroms Kniffabriks Aktie- 
bolag, Eskilstuna. Mathematical instru- 
ments. 867 

34. Jonason, A., Gothenburg. Photo- 
graphs. 871 

35. Linderoth, G. W., Stockholm. Chro- 
nometers. 873 

36. Olsson, A., Ostersund. Photographs. 


37. Olsson, O., Ostersund. Photographs. 


38. Sammland, R., Stockholm. Photo- 
graphs. 871 

39. Sjoberg, Axel, & Co., Karlsborg. 
Photographs. 871 

40. Sohlberg, K. U., Strengnas. Celestial 
globes of glass with horizon in liquid. 866 

41. Wahlstrom & Widstrand, Stockholm. 
Photographs. 871 

GROUP 152. 

42. Wickman, G., Stockholm. Swedish 

pavilion. 889 

GROUP 154. 

43. Eskilstuna Traforadlingsfabriks Ak- 

tiebolag, Eskilstuna. Show case. 898 

GROUP 155. 

44. Lindell, Per., Stockholm. Collection 

of autographs and portraits. 909 

GROUP 158. 

45. Ahlberg & Ohlsson, Stockholm. Brass 
musical instruments. 934 

46. Bystrom, Prof. O., Stockholm. Hyra- 
nology and music. 926 

47. Hagdahl, Joh., Karlskrona. Piano. 930 





Literature, Instruments of Precision, Music and Musical Instruments. 

GROUP 150. 


Societe pour la Construction 



Kronecker, Dr., Berne. Scientifical 

exhibits. 854 

ments de Physique, Geneva, 




GROUP 151. 

Boissonas, Fred, Geneva. Photo- 

GROUP 158. 



graphs. 871 
Kern & Co., Aaran. Physical instru- 
ments. 867 
Siegrist, J. & Co., Schaffhausen. 



Langdorff & Fils, Geneva. 
Mermod freres, Ste. Croix. 




Physical instruments. 867 



iA/oRLD'8 Columbian Exposition 






Department M. ETHNOLOGY 

\rchaeology, Progress of fcabor and Invention, 
Isolated and Gollective Exhibits 

F. W. PUTNfVM, Chief 

Edited by 

The Department of Publicity and Promotion 

M. P. HANDY, Chief 




WORLD'S Columbian Exposition, 


Entered according to Act of Congress in the year A. D. 1893, in the office of Librarian ot Congress 

at Washington, D, C, by 


For the exclusive use of W. B. Conkey Company, Chicago. 

This Catalogue presents the lists of exhibitors and exhibits as they were installed c 

accepted for installation, according to information filed with the editor of 

the Catalogue at the time of going to press. Additional entries, 

withdrawals, or changes in location of exhibits, will 

be noted in a subsecjuent edition. 


Printers and Binders 




GROUP 159. 



Class 939. Caves — natural, artificial; dwellings, natural and artificial. 

Class 940. Lacustrine dwellings — dolmens, tumuli, menhirs, cromlechs, alignments, cup- 
stones, graves, cists, crematories. 

Class 941. Cliff and other dwellings — models of dwellings, shelters, skin lodges, yourts, 
huts (of bark, grass, etc.), wooden houses. 

Class 942. Appurtenances — sweat-houses (models), totem-posts (originals and models), 
gable ornaments, locks. 

GROUP 160. 


RACES. 943. Household utensils and furniture. 

Class 944. Articles serving in the use of narcotics — pipes, etc. 

Class 945. Articles used in transportation. 

Class 946. Clothing and adornment. 

GROUP 161. 

(See also Groups 86 and 113.) 

GROUP 162. 
Class 947. Gathering and storing food other than game — water vessels. 
Class 948. Articles used in cooking and eating. 
Class 949. Apparatus of making clothing and ornaments, and of weaving. 

GROUP 163. 


GROUP 164. 


GROUP 165. 


GROUP 166. 



GROUP 167. 

Class 950. Charts and maps of the world anterior to the voyage of Columbus. 
Class 951. Charts and maps following the discovery. 

Class 952. Charts and maps of the period of the early colonization of America. 
Class 953, Charts and maps of America and the world at the period of the Revolution 


GROUP i68. 



GROUP 169. 



GROUP 170. 



GROUP 171. 


Class 954. The evolution of the dwelling and its furniture. 

Class 955. The evolution of the plow and other implements of the farm and garden. 

Class 956. Evolution of tools — the ax, saw, and other implements of handicraft. 

Class 957. Labor-saving machines and their effects. 

GROUP 172. 

GROUP 173. 

GROUP 174. 

Class 958. Special monographic exhibit of the tribes of America. 

Class 959. Villages or families of various tribes engaged in their native occupations. 

Class 960. Specimens of their special work and industries. Collections of Indian "trin- 
kets" or curiosities. 

Class 961. Books or payers, written or printed, in his native tongue. 

Class 962. Means and methods of communication between tribes by "sign" language and 
and "picture letters," etc. Status. of females under tribal regulations. 

Class 963. Treaties and acquisition of territory from the various tribes, and how obtained. 

Class 9G4. Progress of Indian civilization through the efforts of the Government, mission- 
aries, or by his own efforts and choice. His industrial pursuits and capabil- 
ities, as exemplified in the shop, on the farm and in the school-room. In- 
ventions, etc. 

Class 965. Music. The "Columbian Indian Band," consisting of sixty or more instruments. 

Class 966. The allotment of lands to families and individuals, and its efifects. 
The Indian as an American citizen. 
The hope of the Indian. 

Class 967. Other attainments and industries not specially mentioned. (For treatment of 
Indians, reservations, etc., see Class 831, also special Indian schools, see 
Class 348.) 

GROUP 175. 




GROUP 176. 
Class 968. The Latin-American Bureau. 

Department M.~EthnoIogy, Archaeology, Pro- 
gress of babor and Invention. 



Colorado State exhibit. 

South Carohna State exhibit. 

French Ministry of Pubhc Instruction; Gov- 
ernment exhibit. Foreign. Central Amer- 
ica, through M. Desire Charnay, as dele- 

Costa Rica Government exhibit. Foreign. 

Calvo, J. B., 1616 Nineteenth street, N.W., 
Washington, D. C. Individual exhibit. 
Foreign. Costa Rica. 

Canada Government exhibit. Foreign. 

Guthrie, E. L., 907 West Fourth street, Ma- 
rion, Ind. 

Green, C. H., Durango, Cal. 

Greece Government exhiljit. Foreign. 

Golson, Edward S., 741 Russell street. South 
Saginaw, Mich. 

Hales, Henry, Ridgewood, N. J. 

Honduras Government exhibit. Foreign. 

Indiana State exhibit. 

Johnson, H. L., 822 N. Market street, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

Kamensky, Theodore, 6540 Myrtle avenue, 
Woodlawn Park, Chicago. 

Knowlton, James E., Damariscotta, Lincoln 
County, Maine. 

Logan, F. G., 5 Board of Trade, Chicago. 

Missouri State exhibit. 

Maudslay, Alfred P., 11 Park Lane, London, 
W., England. Individual Foreign exhibit. 
Central America. 

Mexico Government exhibit. Foreign. 

New York State exhibit. 

New South Wales, Government exhibit. 

Potter, Armond de, 645 Broadway, Albany, 
N. Y. individual Foreign exhibit. Egypt. 

Peru, Government exhibit. Foreign. 

Riggs, C. W., 14 Madison street, Memphis, 

Smith, Harlan J., Saginaw, E. S., Mich. 

Spain, Government exhibit. Foreign. 

Thompson, Edward H., United States Con- 
sulate, Merida, Yucatan. Individual For- 
eign exhibit. Central America. 

Utah, State exhibit. 

Wyman, Walter Channing, for Wymar?- 
Brothers, Union League Club, Chicago. 

Wisconsin, the State Historical Society oL 

Peabody Museum of American Archaeology 
and Ethnology, Cambridge, Mass. 

Ayer, Edward E., Chicago. 

Hayssen, Dr. Henry H.,"New Holstein, Wis. 

Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society, 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Linton, Mrs. Elwina, 35 Wall street, New 

Peralto, Josi Alejandro, Bishop of Panama. 

Department of Ethnology, under the direc- 
tion of F. W. Putnam, chief. 

Wankel, H., Olmutz, Moravia. 

British Guiana, Government exhibit. For- 

New York State exhibit. 

Hunt, George H., Oldtown, Maine. 

Colorado State exhibit. 

Department of Ethnology, under the direc- 
tion of F. W. Putnam, chief. 

Dept. of Eth., U. S. Ind. Sec. of phys. Anth, 

Earl Barnes, Leland Stanford University, 
Palo Alto, Cal. 

F. Boas, Chicago, 111. 

H. P. Bowditch, Boston, Mass. 
Felt & Tarrant, Chicago, 111. 
E. Hitchcock, Amherst, Mass. 
Narragansett Machine Co., Providence, R. L 
W. F. Porter, St. Louis, Mo. 

G. F. Peckham, Supt. Public Schools, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Peabody Museum of American Archaeology 
and Ethnology, Cambridge, Mass. 

D. A. Sargent, Cambridge, Mass. 

State Board of Health of Massachusetts. 

University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

M. Anna Wood, Wellesley, Mass. 

G. M. West, Chicago, 111. 

Ward's Natural Science Establishment, 
Rochester, N. Y. 

Webb's Adder Co., New York, N, Y, 


Dept. of Ethnology; Foreign Countries; In- 
dividuals; Sec. of Physical Anthropology. 
John Beddoe, Bed£ord-on-Avon, England. 
A. Corre, Paris, France. 
Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company, 

Cambridge, England. 
J. Kollman, Basel, Switzerland. 
Bannwarth, Berne, Switzerland. 
L'Manouvrier, Paris, France. 
J. Ranke, Munich, Germany. 

E. Schmidt, Leipzig, Germany. 

Berliner Gesellschaft fir Anthropologie, 
Ethnologie und Urgerchiett, Berlin, Ger- 

R. Virchow, Berlin, Germany. 

Tambelli, Turin, Italy. 

C. E. Beever. 

I. W. Blackburn, Government Hospital for 
the Insane, Washington. 

S. H. Champlin, College of Physicians and 
Surgeons, Chicago. 

James B. Bullitt, Louisville, Ky. 

F. X. Dercum, Philadelphia, Pa. 

H. H. Donaldson, Neurological Laboratory, 
University of Chicago. 

William Fuller, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

L. Hektoen, Chicago, 111. 

C. F. Hedge, Clark University, Worcester, 

M. H. Knap, Chicago, 111. 

Lea Bros. & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

J. Leeb, Physiological Laboratory, Univer- 
sity of Chicago. 

H. M. Lyman, Rush Medical College, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

F. T. Miles, BaUimore, Md. 

Hugo Musterberg, Harvard University, 
Cambridge, Mass. 

W. P. Northrup, New York, N. Y. 

M. Allen Starr, College Physicians and 
Surgeons, New York, N. Y. 

C. A. Strong, Psychological Laboratory, 
University of Chicago. 

Truax, Greene & Co., Chicago, 111. 

W. F. Whitney, Harvard Medical School, 
Boston, Mass. 

B. G. Wilder, Cornell University. 

C. O. Whitman, Norphological Laboratory, 
University of Chicago. 

Isaac N. Kerlin, Elwyn Institute, Pennsyl- 

L. Manouvrierj Societe d'Anthropologie, 
Paris, France. 

R. W. Reid, University of Aberdeen, Scot- 

F. O. Schultze, University of Wiirzburg, 

G. Schwalbe, Strasburg, Germany. 
Adolph Zeigler, University of Freiburg, 

H. Vievordt, Liibingen, Germany. 
Johannes Ranke, Munich, Germany. 
"Berliner Gesellschaft fur Anthropologie, 

Ethnologie and Urgeschichte. 
Max Kohl, Chemnitz i-S, Germany. 
Stoerhrer & Sohn, Leipzig, Germany. 
R. Rothe, Prague, Wenzelsbad, Austria. 
F. Majer, Strassburg i-E, Germany. 
Wilhelm Petzold, Leipzig, Germany. 
R. Jung, Heidelberg, Germany. 
Kagenaar, Utrecht, Holland. 
Carl Krille, Leipzig, Germany. 
Leppin & Masche, Berlin, Germany. 
Emil Sydow, Berlin, Germany. 
Wilhelm Walb, Heidelberg, Germany. 
E Zimmerman, Leipzig-Gohlis, Germany. 
H. Elbs, Freiburg i-B, Germany. 
Mariaud, Paris, France. 
P. Roulot, Paris, France. 
Charles Verdin, Paris, France. 
Crates, Paris, France. 

D. J. Cunningham, University of Dublin, 
Dublin, Ireland. 

Eberstaller, University of Graz. 

Exner, University of Vienna, Vienna, Aus- 

Giacomini, University of Turin. 

Victor Horsley, University College, London, 

Jung, Heidelberg, Germany. 




Agassiz Association, St. Louis, Mo. 

Bradley, A. H., Helena, Mont. 

Boehm, Albert, 408 Oakland street, St. La- 
crosse, Wis. 

Canada Government exhibit. Foreign. 

North Dakota State exhibit. 

Hart, W. W., & Co., 5 West Third street, 
New York 

Kaempfer, Fred, 47 East Madison street, 

Lattin, Frank H., Albion, N. Y. 

Missouri State exhibit. 

Maine State exhibit. 

New York State exhibit. 

Ohio State exhibit. 

Pennsylvania State exhibit. 

Stanisky, Gustav, & Co., 2346 Wabash 
avenue, Chicago. 

Stiles, Leander, 2533 Wabash avenue, Chi- 

Sowdon & Webster, 738 Broadway, New 

Tolhurst, F. B., Livingstone, Mont. 

\"aughan, Mrs. Carrie Shields, Natchez, 

Ward's Natural Science Establishment, 
16-26 College avenue, Rochester, N. Y., 
by Henry A. Ward, President. 

Warembath, Samuel, Tenafly, N. J. 

Colorado State exhibit. 

Fuchs, Louis, 614 N Street, Belleville, 111. 

Gurley, Wm. F. E., Danville, 111. 

Putnam, Esther, O., Cambridge, Mass. 

Sguyer, Homer, Mingusville, Mont. 

Indiana State exhibit. 

Hayssen, Dr. Henry H., New Holstein, Wis. 



Palestine Exploration Fund, London, Eng- 
land. Foreign, Palestine. 

Beeker, Frank, 706 South Washington 
Square, Philadelphia, Pa. Individual 
Foreign exhibit, France. 

Bourilin, Dimetrius, Ivanovovo Voznesensn, 
Russia. Individual Foreign exhibit, Rus- 

Bruegger, Gustav, Pullman, 111. Individual 
Foreign exhibit, Swiss. 

Chtite, James M., 14 Cedar street, Somer- 
ville, Mass. 

Farquhar, A. B., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Hayssen, Dr. Henry H., New Holstein, Wis. 

Hooper, W. S., 638 W. Monroe street, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Joensch, Max A., Wahoo Brewery, Wahoo, 
Neb. Individual Foreign exhibit, Euro- 

Kelso, Tessa L., Public Library, Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Kimball, W. S., Rochester, N. Y. 

Lloyd, Wm. Maretta, Schullsburg, Wis. 

MacDonald, A. E., 517 South Normal Park- 
way, Englewood, 111. 

Luxton, G. H., 196 Oak street, Chicago, 111. 

Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society, 
Columbus, Ohio, State exhibit. 

Spriestersbach, William, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Wisconsin State Historical Society, State 




Angevine, M. H., Fort Yates, North Dakota. 

Calvo, J. B., 1616 Nineteenth street, N. W., 
Washington, D. C. Individual exhibit. 
Foreign, Costa Rica. 

Dyer, D. B., Kansas City, Mo. 

Grabill, John H.^llS Adams street, Chicago. 

Gunning, R. J., 79-83 Van Buren street, 

Henderson, Alice Palmer, 2301 Clinton ave- 
nue, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Haupt, Herman, Jr., 606 Rialto Building, 

Johnstone, Capt. R. S.,New Travelers' Club, 
97 Piccadilly, London, W. England. Indi- 
vidual foreign exhibit, Lagos, W. Africa. 

Kinney, Louise Catlin, 1730 K street, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Kunz, George F., Tiffany & Co., Union 
Square, New York. 

Lawrence, G. A., Jocko, Montana. 

Lees, William, Egerton Villa, Heywood, 
Lancashire, England. Individual Foreign 
exhibit, Japan. 

Lindle, John A., Albert-Lea, Minn. Indi- 
vidual Foreign exhibit, Sweden. 

Mead, H. Kimmington, Pinches Creek, Alta, 
N. W. T., Canada. 

McMillan, J., 91 W. Madison street, Chicago. 
Individual Foreign exhibit, West Africa. 

Mexico Government exhibit. Foreign. 

Royal Natural History Museum, Vienna, 
Austria. Foreign. 

New York State exhibit. 

New South Wales Government exhibit. 

Paraguay Government exhibit. Foreign. 

Babcock, Oliver M., 1401 Washington boul- 
evard, Chicago. 

British Guiana Government exhibit. For- 

Remengi, E., LaGrange, 111. Individual 
Foreign exhibit, Tulas of East Africa and 

Russia, Government exhibit. Foreign. 

Shutleff, Harvey, 828 Polk street, Chicago, 

Swan, James G., Port Townsend, Wash. 

Spain, Government exhibit. Foreign. 

Utah State exhibit. 

Waterman, Henry B., 3436 Rhodes avenue, 
Chicago. Individual Foreign exhibit, Ja- 
pan and East Indies. 

Museum fiir Volkerkunde, Leipzig. 

Anthropologische Gesellschaft, Vienna. 

K. K. Naturhistorisches Hofmuseum, Vi- 

K. Museum fiir Volkerkunde, Berlin, Ger- 

Fletcher, Alice C, Washington, D. C. 

Nuttall, Zelia, Dresden, Germany. 

Department of Archaeology and Palason- 
tology. University of Pennsylvania, Phila- 

Egyptian section. Department of Archaeol- 
ogy and Palaeontology, University of 
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Mrs. Corne- 
lius Stevenson, curator. 

Milton Bradley Co., Springfield, Mass. 

Lady Charlotte Schreiber, 17 Cavendish 
Scjuare, London, England. 

Brunswick Balke-CoUender Co., Chicago, 

W. H. Wilkinson, Esq., H. B. M. Consul, 
Swatow, China. 

Mr. C. Howard Colkel, 1334 Walnut street, 

Library of the University of Pennsylvania, 

Mr. Stewart Culin, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Philadelphia. 

The Numismatic and Antiquarian Society 
of Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mrs. Stewart Culin, 105 South Twenty-seC' 
ond street, Philadelphia. 

Dick & Fitzgerald, New York City. 

Mrs. I. K. Van Rensselaer, 40 E. Twenty- 
ninth street, New York City. 

McLaughlin Bros., 871 Broadway, New York 

Mrs. E. A. P. de Gueirero, 260 South Ninth 
street, Philadelphia. 

Mr. H. C. Thomas. 

Mr. Charles E. Dana, DeLancy Place, Phil- 



Objects Illustrating Progress of Amelioration of Conditions of Life and Labor, 

GROUP 171. 

I. Collective Exhibit of the following 

Austrian inventors: C. Back, Vienna; S. 
Bohac, Vienna; Joachim Brenner Frei- 
herr von Schloss Gamfahrn, near 
Vienna; Fr. Cuhel, Dr., Prague; Rudolf 
Dolezal, Prague; Feitzinger & Co., 
Vienna; Josef Fischer, Vienna; S. B. 
Hawes, Dr., American Consul at Reichen- 
berg (Bohemia); E. S. Heller, Tglan (Mo- 
ravia); Baldwin Hellers Sones, Teplitz 
(Bohemia); O. L. Ritter von Slanor, Lee- 
Villa am Attersee (Upper Austria); Rob- 
ert B. Sentsch, Ingenieur, Vieima; G. Jos- 
ephy's Erben, Bielitz (Silesia); Julius 

Katz, ^^ienna; Karl Kellner, Vienna; 
Richard Klimger, Ingenieur, Vienna; K. 
Krivanc & Co., Prague; Theodor Langer, 
Ingenieur, Vienna; Alois von Luttrotti, 
Podsued und Vienna; Ferdinand Ritter 
von Manlicher, Oberingenieur, Vienna; 
Franz Michel K. K. Hoftischler, Vienna; 
Johann Nadler, Vienna; Fr. Pohl, Tet- 
schen a Elbe; Adolf Rack, Vienna; Jenny 
F. W. Schindler, Kemsmelbach, near Bre- 
genz; Alois Schneider, Mariascheim (Bo- 
hemia); Wilhelmine Semler, Vienna; 
Ottokar Skrivan, Prague; Anton Springer, 
Kasten (Lower Austria); Rudolf Tanczos, 
Vienna; Johann Weissenbeck & Co., 
Vienna, and Alois Winkler & Co., Vienna. 


Apparatus of Navigation, Government Exhibits, Indian Exhibits. 

GROUP 167. 

1. Daly, Alexander F., Montreal. Mari- 
ner's compass. 953 

GROUP 173. 

2. Love, W. H., St. John, N. B. Shield 
of military buttons. 

GROUP 174. 

3. Burt, R. C, Chatham, Ont. Indian 
curiosities. 960 

4. Canadian Government (Department of 

Indian Affairs). Ottawa, Ont. Indian 
exhibits. 960 




Furniture and Clothing, Tools, Games, Appliances of Worship. 

GROUP 160. 

1. Ceylon Commission. Models of Vedda 
man and woman, with articles used by 
them. 943 

2. Ceylon Commission. Baskets. 943 

GROUP 162. 

3. Ceylon Commission. Model of brick, 
tile, lime and pottery kilns. 949 

GROUP 163. 

4. Ceylon Commission. Games. 

5. Colombo Museum. Olinda pad. 

GROUP 164. 

6. Ceylon Commission. Figure of Bud- 
dhist monk, devil-dancers' masks. 

7. Chas, W., Appuhami. Bronze Buddha. 

8. Colombo Museum, Ceylon. Dagoba 
and model of Buddha's tooth. 

GROUP 169. 

9. Ceylon Commission. Model of Sin- 
halese hut with articles of daily use. 

GROUP 171. 

10. Ceylon Government (presented by the 

Sultan). Articles illustrating the progress 
and conditions of life in Ceylon. 


Architectural Plans or Models. 

GROUP 159. 

I. Petersen, Magnus, Copenhagen. Archaeological engravings. Dept. L 




Appliances of Worship, Historic Archaeology, Models of Habitations. 

GROUP 164. 

1. Ferlings, F., Crefeld. Ecclesiastical 

vestments and textures. 

2. Fischer, Carl, Munich. Colossal cru- 
cifix; images of saints. 

3. Fischer, Th., Crefeld. Images of 
saints on copper plates. 

4. Frey, Johann, Munich. Madonna with 

5. Gotzes, Th., Crefeld. Ecclesiastical 
objects and textures. 

6. Hartmann, Albert, vorm. L. Biwus, 
Augsburg. Enameled cups and vases. 

7. Hellner, Fritz, Xaver, Kempen. Eccle- 
siastical vessels of all kinds. 

8. Krieg, Josef, Freiburg-Baden. Eccle- 
siastical vestments. 

9. Lang, Gg. sel. Erben, Oberammergan. 
Crucifixes, religious groups, altar, etc. 

to. Laser, Jakob, Straubing. Gothic mon- 

^ strances and rococo monstrance. 

[1. Mayer & Co., Munich. Ecclesiastical 

12. Ortmann, Josef, Firma Al. Kronnen- 
bitter, Munich. Cups and silver vessels. 

[3. Osiander, Geschwister, Ravensburg. 
Embroidered robes of gold brocade. 

[4. Photographische Gesellschaft, Berlin. 
Reproductions of religious pictures. 

[5. Rieppel, Marianne, Firm. Ferd. Riep- 
pel, Munich. Embroidered mass robe, 

[6. Riesenhuber, Alois, Munich. Altar, 
sacred figure. 

7. Rietzler, F. X., Munich. Ecclesiasti- 
cal figures. 

[8. Schaidhauf, Johann, Munich. Altars. 

[9. Schuelter, Th., Cologne. Statues, 

50. Schreibmayer, T. G., Munich. Em- 
broidered ecclesiastical robe. 

21. Wasinger, Anton, Munich. Virgin 
Mary; holy water basins. 

22. Werner, Franz P., Munich. Ecclesi- 
astical banners, etc. 

23. Wolf, Barbara Frl., Munich-Neuhau- 
sen. Designs for ecclesiastic embroider- 

24. Zorns, Auzmann, Augsburg. Rosa- 

OROUP 165. 

25. Assu, Otto, Munich. Ancient artistic 

26. Reinhold, Karl, Jr., Munich. Minia- 
ture historical costume figures with arms. 

27. Schwarzenberg, C, Munich. Repro- 
ductions of ancient arms and armors. 

GROUP 168. 

28. Nebelacker, Joseph, Ludwigshafen-on- 
the-Rhine. Model of the interior of Ro- 
man house. • 

GROUP 169. 

29. Deutsche Ethnographische Ausstel- 

lungs-Gesellschaft, Berlin. German vil- 

30. Ministerium fuer Elsas-Lohringan, 
Stranburg-Alsace. Relief model repre- 
senting the vicinity of Sewen. 

31. Uebelacker, Joseph, Ludwigshafen- 
on-the-Rhine. The Castle of Heidelberg 
before its destruction. 

GROUP 170. 

32. Keidel & Co., Berlin. German in- 
ventions of various kinds. 

GROUP 171. 

33. Niebler, Alois, Munich. Ancient Ger- 
man chairs and table. 954 




Models of Ancient Buildings, Woman's Work. 

GROUP 168. 

1. Maudslay, Alfred P., London. Photo- 
graphs of monuments and buildings in 
Central America. Ethn. Bldg. 

GROUP 169. 

2. Illustrated London News, Ltd., Lon- 
don. Fac-simile of Shakespeare's house. 

Special Bldg. 

GROUP 172. 



Prcside7it : Mrs. Fawcett. 
Misses Buss, Julia Cock, Davenport, Hill, 
Gurney, Todd, Kingsley, F. Stevenson and 
L. Stevenson. 


1. Bedford College, London. Views of 
college and students acting. 

2. Girton College, Cambridge. Archi- 
tect's drawing and views; Anglo-Saxon 
pottery found in the garden at Girton. 

3. Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Group 
of students. 

4. Newnham College, Cambridge. Views 
of buildings, students' rooms, students, 
and staff. 

5. Royal Holloway College, Egham, 
Surrey. Views of the buildings. 

6. Somerville Hall, Oxford. Views of 
buildings, rooms and students. 

7. University College, Nottingham. 

8. Westfield College, London. 

Medical Education. 

9. Clapham Maternity Hospital. Photo- 
graph of ward. 

ID. London School of Medicine for Women. 
Groups of students. 

11. New Hospital for Women. Drawings 
of college; photographs of medical staff. 

12. Royal Free Hospital. Photographs of 


13. Ladies' College, Cheltenham. Photo- 
graphs; college magazines. 

14. North London Collegiate School for 
Girls. Views of buildings, magazines, 
reports, etc. 

X5« Princess Helena College, Ealing, Lon- 
don. Views of buildings and students. 

Girls' Public Day School Company, Ltd. 

16. Blackheath High School. Photo 
graphs, specimens of work, etc. 

17. Harrow^ Music School. Examinatioi 
papers and publications. 

18. Sheffield High School. Drawings 
specimens of work, school magazines, etc 

19. York High School. Photographs 
pupils acting, drawings and magazines. 

Inventions Bearing on Education. 

20. Mrs. Ayrton's line-divider; Miss A 
Gregory's geodoscope; Mrs. Mitford's 
puzzle alphabet; Miss Kerr's skeleton 
celestial globe; Miss Huddleston's 
" Theoria Harmonica;" Miss Linscott's 
invention for teaching notation; Miss A, 
Osborne Moore's philograph; Miss Con- 
stance Barnard's kindergarten loom; 
Miss Constance Barnard's script letters; 
Miss Lambert's paragon needlework ap- 
paratus; Mrs. Jessie Farwell's geograph- 
ical cards; Miss Croad's arithmetron. 


21. Tripos Students, Newnham College, 
Cambridge; graduates of London Uni- 
versity; pupils of North London Colle- 
giate School; first woman M. A. of Lon- 
don University and her sister; first nine 
women graduates of the Royal Univer- 
sity, Ireland; graduates of London Uni- 
versity; North London Collegiate Schools 
for Girls; graduates of London Univer- 
sity; Ladies' College, Cheltenham, etc. 


Official Educational Systems for Both 


22. Report and rules of Board of National 
Education; report of the Board of Inter- 
mediate Education; report of the Royal 
University of Ireland. 

Colleges Founded by Men, to Which 

Women Have Been from Time 

to Time Admitted. 

23. Queen's College, Belfast. Royal Col- 
lege of Surgeons, Dublin; Royal College 
of Physicians; Royal College of Science, 
Dublin; Magee College, Londonderry; 
Methodist College, and the McArthur 
Hall for Women, Belfast. 



Woman's Work. 

Colleges Founded by Women, for Women. 

24. Alexandra College, Dublin. Portrait 
of founder; view of college; calendars; 
historical sketch. 

25. Victoria College, Belfast. Portrait of 
founder; photograph of college, students 
and teachers; magazine; prospectus, etc. 

Schools Founded and Carried On by 
Women, Giving Advanced Education. 

26. Ladies' Collegiate School, London- 
derry. Strand House school, London- 
derry; Alexandra School, Carrickfergus, 
photographic group of pupils and teach- 
ers and reports of Alexandra School, Car- 
rickfergus, and sketch of the Alexandra 
School, Dublin, in connection with Alex- 
andra College. 

27. School reports from high school for 
girls, Cork; Wellington Park, Belfast; 
Seatown Place, Dundalk; Portadown; 
Rutland Place, Dublin; Moravian Schools, 
Gracehill; Cookstown; Coleraine; Dun- 
gannon; Russell street, Armagh; Prin- 
cess Gardens, Belfast; Oriel College, 
University Square; Osborne Park; Sulli- 
van Schools, Holywood; Intermediate 
School, Newry, and Warrenpoint. 


Special Schools. 
Rochelle Schools, Cork. 


of school, historical sketch, etc. 

School Belonging to the Society of 


29. Girls' Advanced School, Mountmel- 

lick. Agricultural School, Brookheld; 
Brookfield School; Lisburn School; Clergy 
Daughters' School, Dublin; Female Ma- 
sonic School, Dublin, and Training Col- 
lege, Dublin. 


30. Report of the Irish Schoolmistress' 
Association for 1890; memorial of the 
Council of Trinity College, Dublin, and 
comparative summary of Intermediate 
Examinations of 1892. 

Edinburgh School Board. 

31. Photographs of schools; time tables; 
Edinburg Royal High School, founded 
early in the twelfth century; Sciennes 
Public School; London Street Public 
School, and Torphelian Street Public 


Edinburgh Medical Education. 

32. Edinburgh School of Medicine for 
Women. Photographs of buildings and 
students; reports, etc. 

33. Scottish Association for the Medical 
Education of Women. Photographs and 

Glasgov7 School Board. 

34. Complete plans of school; photographs; 
prospectuses; reports; maps; drawings 
illustrative of standard work. 

Glasgow Medical Education. 

35. Queen Margaret's College. Photo- 
graphs and calendar. 


Pictures Sent by Her Majesty and the 
Royal Family. 

36. Six original sketches from nature, con- 
tained in one frame, by H. M. the Queen. 

37. Views from the Queen's room at Bal- 
moral, in snow, November 12, 1880. 

38. View from another window, also at 
Balmoral, November 18, 1878. 

39. Pug belonging to Prince Henry of Bat- 
tenberg, drawn by the Queen in the 
railway, June 24, 1886. 

40. "Spot," the Queen's fox terrier, Janu- 
ary 25, 1891. 

41. View at Aix-les-Bains, from Tresserve 

42. View from the Queen's sitting-room ai 
Balmoral in autumn, 1878. 

43. Copy in water-colors from an oil paint- 
ing, size of life, of H. M. the Queen's Mun- 
shi and Indian secretary, Abd-ul Karim, 
1892, by H. M. the Queen. 

44. Two pictures in oil, by H. R. H. Prin- 
cess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. 

45. Study from nature in water-colors, by 
H. R. H. Princess Louise (Marchioness of 

46. A picture by H. R. H. Princess Bea- 
trice (Princess Henry of Battenberg). 

47. "Old Sussex College," Mrs. AUingham. 

48. "To the Front" (French cavalry leav- 
ing a Breton town on declaration of war], 
Lady Butler. 

49. "Hastings," Madame Bodichon (The 
Founder of Girton). 

50. "Portrait of a Baby," Miss Alice Grant. 

51. "An English Maiden," Mrs. Jopling- 

52. "Pallazzio Rezzonice, Regatta Day" 
(Browning's palace, Venice), Miss Clara 

53. "A Market Woman, Dortrecht," Miss 
Hilda Montalba, 



Woman's Work. 

54. "On the Riviera," Miss Ellen Mon- 

55. "Dolly's Ball Dress," Mrs. Perugini. 

56. " Eurydice Sinking Into Hades," Miss 
Henrietta Rae. 

57- " The End of the Hop-harvest, Kent," 
Miss Steward Wood. 


President : Lady Roberts. 
Mrs. Jack Johnson, Miss Helen Black- 
burn, Miss Webster and Miss C. Holden. 

58. H. M. the Queen. Two napkins made 
from flax spun by Her Majesty. A hat 
painted by Her Majesty and given to her 
granddaughter,PrincessVictoria of Schles- 

59. H. R. H. The Princess of Wales. 
Corner chair of carved oak and cut and 
embossed cowhide. 

60. H, R. H. Princess Helena (Princess 
Christain of Schleswig-Holstein). Em- 
broidery on linen; knitted jersey. 

61. H. R. H. Princess Victoria of Wales. 
Music stool of carved oak and cut and 
embossed cowhide, 

62. H. R. H. Princess Maude of Wales. 
Stool of carved oak in cut and embossed 

Bookbinding and Covering. 

63. Bayly, Miss Helen. Shakespeare, 
bound in cut leather. 

64. Birkenwith, Miss, London. Books 
bound and tooled. 

65. Brownlow, Mrs. Harry, Cambridge. 
Embroidered book covers. 

66. Firth, Miss Susanna. Books bound in 
cut and tooled leather. 

67. Nichols, Miss. Bindings in various 

68. Noedel, Miss Charlotte, Superinten- 
dent of H. R. R. the Princess of Wales' 
Technical School, Sandringham. Blotter 
of oak, with panel of cut embossed enam- 
eled cowhide over silver. 

69. Prideaux, Miss S. T., London. Em- 
broidered velvet and leather bindings. 

70. Royal School of Art Needle Work, 
London. Books bound in vellum, illu- 

Illustrations for Books. 

71. Bradley, Miss Gertrude A., Birming- 
ham. Illustrations for fairy tales. 

72. Canton, Miss S. R., Bloomsbury. 
Black and white illustrations; magazine 

73. Dicksee, Miss Margaret, Bloomsbury. 
Black and white illustrations. 

74. Greena-way, Miss Kate, London. Four 
drawings for illustration to book of "Chil- 
dren's Games." 

75. Pocock, Miss Julia, London. "Enoch 
Arden," illustrated. 

76. Whipple, Miss Amy, Devonport. 
Water-color illustrations of Hood's poem, 
" Flowers." 

77. Wyatt, Miss K. M., Bloomsbury. 
Magazine cover. 


78. Astbury, Mrs. W. Spencer, Tunbridge 

Wells. Female head; portrait of Cardi- 
nal Newman. 

79. Pocock, Miss Julia, London. Cameo 

shell; Queen's jubilee coinage. 

Carvings in Wood. 

80. Barr, Miss Lizzie, East Grinsted. 

Sideboard, style of reign of James I. 

81. Dobbongs, Miss Lucie A., Leeds. 
Table of Swedish sloyd carving. 

82. Eliot, Mrs. C. T., Coventry. Old Eng- 
lish eight-day clock. 

83. Elont, Miss, Belford. Walnut dresser, 
seventeenth century. 

84. Heath, Miss Maud A., Tunbridge. 
Frames with painting. 

85. Packer, Miss Elizabeth, London. Oak 

86. Reeks, Miss Maria E., London. Mir- 
ror frame, 16th century. 

87. Royal Normal College & Academy for 
the Blind, London. Models in woodwork 
by the Anglo-American sloyd carvers. 

88. Tankerville, Countess of, Belford. 
Buffet and dresser after the Flemish. 

89. Wilkinson, Miss Gladys. Carved and 
gilt frame. 

90. Williams, Miss Constance, London. 
Oak mirror, 16th century. 

In Ivory. 

91. Tankerville, Countess of, Belford. 

Fan handle, plaques for note or card-case. 

In Stone. 

92. Bonham, Miss Agnes, South Norwood 
Hill. Photographs of reredos in St. 
John's church, Norwood, carved by her- 

Chromo Lithography. 

93. Chrome-Lithographic Studio, London. 
Birds, heads, and figure subjects. 


94. Aumonier, Miss Louise, Ballinger. 
For wall papers. 

95. Betts, Miss Lily M., London. For 
wall paper, frieze or embroidery. 



Woman's Work. 

>. Bradley, Miss Gertrude, Birmingham. 

[Colored, of "Fox and Geese." 

r. France, Miss Georgia Cave, Tysley. 

For wall paper, showing repeats. 

5. Gemmell, Miss Mary, London. For 

vail papers. 

). Murray, Miss E. Emily, London. For 

;hina tea service. 

►. Murray, Miss Nina, Scarborough. 


:. Parker, Miss Violet M., Edgbaston. 

"or wall paper. 

!. Prochantza, Baroness Pauline, Kil- 

cenny. For frieze. 

Etchings and Fashion Plates. 
|, Martyn, Miss E. K., London, Illus- 
rations to Christabel, 
\. Parker, Miss Violet M., Edgbaston. 
^inger plates mounted. 
;. Piper, Miss Elizabeth, London. 
The Chelsea homes of Carlyle, Rosetti, 
furner and George Eliot;" "Westminster 
Vbbey;" "The Spinning Wheel." 
I. Young, Miss Lilian, London. Fash- 
on drawings in wash and line. 
'. Young, Miss Maggie, London, Fash- 
on drawings in wash. 

Fan Painting. 
I. Arding, Miss Helen, London. Gauze 
an leaves. 

I. Canton, Miss S. R., Bloomsbury. 

t. Granville, Miss, Biarritz, France, 
jauze fan leaves. 

:. Horton, Miss G. E., Bloomsbury. 

t. Jay, Miss Isabella, London. Fans 
:opied from Turner's "Caligula Castle 
md Bridge," and "Approach to Venice." 
;. Langford, Miss Alice, Bloomsbury. 
kVatteau fan. 

[. Manly, Miss Alice. Fan designed 
md painted by command of the Queen 
md presented by her to H. R. H. Princess 
Beatrice on her marriage. 
;. O'Connor, Miss Evelyn, Southsea. 
jauze fan. 

>. Reid, Miss A. M., London. Fan in 
Pompeiian style. 

'. Vasey, Miss Clara, London. Gauze 
eaf, painted Cupids; fan, "All nations 
visiting the World's Fair." 

Fly Tying. 
J. Brocas, Mrs. Letitia, London. Arti- 
icial flies. 

Gesso Duro. 
). Barker, Miss May, London, Decor- 
ation for piano front, 

120.' Barker, Miss May. Panels for 

121. Wylie, Mrs. C, London. "Twilight;" 
"The God of Love." 

Glass, Stain and Enameled. 

122. Casella, Miss Ella, Kensington. En- 
ameled decanter and glasses. 

123. Casella, Miss Nelia, Kensington. 
Enameled glass jar. 

124. Ne-will, Miss Mary, Edgbaston. Car- 
toons for stained glass windows. 

Goldsmiths' Work. 

125. Brock-Hollinshead, Miss, Seaton. 

Tiaras, necklaces, hairpins, and pins of 

126. Newman, Mrs., London. Necklaces, 
brooches, bracelets of gold, with enamel 
and precious stones. 

127. Chart of Women's Progress in the 
British Isles, from 1857 to 1892 sent by 
the Naticnal Society for Women's Suf- 
frage, Loudon. 


128. Channer, Miss C. A., London. Trip- 
tych of MS., illuminated. 

129. Lynch, Miss Agnes, London. Illum- 
inations on vellum. 

Handspun Linen. 

130. Langdale Linen Industry, Langdale. 
Specimens of handspun and handwoven 

Leather Work. 

131. Aluta, London. Embossed leather 
card and letter cases. 

132. Bartlett, Miss, Liverpool. Blotting 
book and writing case in embossed 

133. Bassett, Miss M. A., Leighton Buz- 
zard. Leather work. 

134. Bayly, Miss Helen, Florence, Italy. 
Blotter, leather wallet and card cases. 

135. Bo^vley, Mrs. Richard, London. 
Blotter and ladies' card-case in leathe^ 

136. Christie, Miss M., London. Em- 
bossed leather blotting book. 

137. Firth, Miss Susannah, Kirby Lons- 
dale. Blotting book in embossed leather. 

138. McClure, Mrs. Edmund, London. 
Ancient Cromwellian chair re-covered. 

139. Ottman, Miss, Stonehaven, N. B. 
Game book with coat-of-arms. 

140. Smith, Miss Sophia, Kirby Lons- 
dale. Screen panel. 

141. Wetton, Miss Edith, London. Chair 

142. Wheatley, Dorothy Helena, London, 
Hall arm chair of embossed leather. 



Woman's Work. 

Mediums for Artists. 

143. Turck, Miss E., London. Specimens 
of work done with Florentine tapestry 
and other mediums; Cheval screen with 
panels after an old tapestry. 


144. Malet, Miss Mabel W., London. 

Writing set, boxes and photograph 

145. Working Ladies' Guild, London. 
Photograph frames, table, writing-desk, 
screen, etc. 


146. Bradley, Miss Gertrude M., Birming- 
ham. Panel illustrating "The Shoemaker 
and the Elves." 

147. Brown, Miss Kate L., Birmingham. 
Designs for panels. 

148. Canton, Miss S. R. Wax figure, 
"Fairy Godmother." 

149. Casella, Misses Ella& Nelia, London. 
Colored wax bas-reliefs. 

150. France, Miss Georgie Cave, Tysley. 
Panel and models for repousse silver 

151. Giles, Miss Margaret, London. Design 
for plaster frieze "Floreat Flora." 

152. Quesne, Miss, Bloomsbury. Dancing 


153. Hodge, Miss Alma,London. Mosaics. 


154. Grosvenor, Hon. Mrs. Norman, Lon- 
don. Case of miniatures. 

155. Hamley, Miss Barbara M. Case of 

156. Harbutt, Mrs. Cambridge, Bath. 
Case of miniatures. 

Painting on China. 

157. Beane, Miss Elizabeth, Camberwell. 
Plaque, Royal arms of England. 

158. Butterton, Miss Mary, London. 
Plaque (flowers). 

159. Goodwin, Miss Ada E., Derby. Plaque 
of Roman designs. 

160. Harbutt, Mrs. Cambridge, Bath. 
Paintings on china. 

161. Harrison, Miss Emily. A Florentine 

162. Lewis, Miss Florence, London. Des- 
sert service (Scotch scenes and flowers). 

163. Sansom, Miss Nellie, London. "Le 
Reveil;" a portrait; "Margaret." 

164. Thatcher, Miss Euphemia, London. 
Panel (flowers). 

165. Williamson, Mrs., London. Plaque 

On Panels and Screens. 

166. Elont, Miss, Belford. Screen, ol 
Watteau pattern. 

167. Spiers, Miss Charlotte, London 
Panel painted tulips. 

168. Tankerville, Countess of, Belford 
Screen, old Watteau pattern. 

169. Woolhouse, Miss Margaret, London 
Screen with painted panels. 

Patented Inventions. 

170. Barron, Miss M. A., East Moulsey 
Collapsible coal scuttle; combined dres: 
stand and fire-escape. 

171. Brown, Miss Mary, London. Porta 
ble washing copper. 

172. Calverley, Mrs., Bewicke, London 
Music folio and stand. 

173. Claxton, Mrs. M. A., New Brighton 
Combined table and book rack. 

174. Dale, Mrs. M. A., Richmond. Fold' 
ing mail-cart. 

175. Garwood, Mrs. Invention to facill 
tate pouring from bottles. 

176. Gladstone, Mrs. M. C, Bury St. Ed- 
munds. Combined traveling trunk and 

177. Grimes, Mrs. E., North Walsham, 
Protectors for fingers when sewing. 

178. Hungerford, Miss M. S., Clonekilty, 
Ireland. Boots and gaiters, showing new 
method of lacing. 

179. Impsey-Lovibond, Miss M. A., Ard' 
leigh. Combined sealing wax holder and 

180. Jones, Mrs. S. E., Bangor, Wales, 
Hygienic egg boiler. 

181. Kesteven, Mrs., Hampton Wick. Im- 
proved carving fork. 

182. Mackie, Mrs., London. Clothes 

183. Malcolmson, Mrs. C. A., East Barnet. 
Expansible umbrella holder. 

184. McCleverty, Mrs., Newnham-on-Sev- 
ern. Combination skirt stand and table. 

185. Parnell, Mrs., Barnston, Wallington. 
Drawings of inventionsfor extracting gold 
from base metal. 

186. Peckover, Miss, London. Sanitary 
sink basket. 

187. Phillipps, Mrs. M. D., London. Ear 

188. Seaton, Miss R., Sunbury-on- 
Thames. Cleats for holding ends of 

189. Stephenson, Miss R., London. Knee 
music stand. 

190. Symonds, Mrs. S., Guernsey, I. M. 
Adjustable millinery stand. 

191. Tenison, Mrs. F., London. Ap- 
pliance for lifting hot plates, 



Woman's Work. 

92. Turk, Miss D. E., London. Speci- 
men of painting on textiles. 

Plan Tracing. 

93. Long, Miss E. T., London. Speci- 
mens of plan tracing. 

'94. Browne, Miss Frances, London. Por- 
traits in photographic, sepia and Bartol- 
ozzi tint, and black and white. 
:95. Shand, Miss Alice M., London. 

:96. Women's Printing Society, Ltd., 
London. Specimens of type setting. 

Pyrography or Poker Work. 
:97. Hope-Shorrock, Mrs. Samuel, Dar- 

•wen. Three panels; photo frame, original 

:98. Working Ladies' Guild, London. 

Bureau, grotesque design; chest; folding 


Repousse Work. 
[99. Bewicke, Mrs. Calverley, London. 

Worked silver book cover; screen in 

pierced brass and copper with poker 

worked back. 
>oo. Bray, Miss Laura, Shere. Plaque, 

"Lords and Ladies," 
501. Bro'wn, Miss Charlotte, Tunbridge 

Wells. Pair of bellows, brush and tray. 
J02. Evans, Miss Ada M., Witley. Brass 

tray, alms dish. 
J03. Mills, Miss Clara, Birmingham. 

Pair of bellows. 
J04. Rowley, Mrs., London. Silver 

J05. Walker, Miss Lillian, Birmingham. 

Bookcover and salver. 

Sculpture in Marble, Terra Cotta, etc. 
J06. Bonham, Miss Agnes, South Nor- 
wood Hill. Photograph of reredos, in St. 
John's church, Norwood, carved by her- 

207. Ferguson, Miss, London. Marble 
bust, "Dorthea;" stone panel; marble col- 

208. Moore, Miss Esther M., London. Bust 
in terra-cotta. 

Straw-Plaiting and Basket Work. 

209. Mansfield Girls' Institute, London. 

210. Wood, Miss G., Aldbury. Baskets. 


211. Babb, Miss E. Charlotte, London. 

Enamel tile painting; angel. 

212. Lewis, Miss E., London. Under- 
glaze tile, frame. 

Technical Education. 

213. Technical Education for Women, 
London. Photographs of classes, certi- 
hcates, cooking recipes, books, plans, man- 
ual and system of technical education in 
cookery, household sewing, home dress 
cutting and laundry work. 


214. Garrett, Miss Rhoda M., London. 

Hand-made carpet. 

215. Malet, Miss Ethel, London. Coffer- 
shaped box. 

216. Royal School of Art Needlework, 
London. Footstools; old Cromwellian 
chair; box, casket, etc. 


217. Watson, Mrs. Douglas, London. 

Glove-box and handkerchief-box. 


218. Blackburn, Miss Helen, London. 

I'^ngraved wood block. 

219. Society for Promoting the Employ- 
ment of Women, London. Engravings 
of women. 


President : Duchess of Abercorn. 

Lady Clinton, Lady Ernestine Edge- 
cumbe. Lady Susan Fortescue, Lady 
Iddlesleigh, Lady Kenmare, Lady Ken- 
naway. Lady Susan Morley, Hon. IVIrs. Mar- 
ker, Hon. Mrs. Peek, Mrs. Bruce Clarke, 
Mrs Alfred Morrison, Mrs. Reeve and 
Miss Constance Hargrove. 

English Hand-Made. 

220. Bedfordshire. Hand-made pillow lace 
and Bedford lace. 

221. Buckinghamshire. Black silk fan 
cover and edging, narrow baby lace, white 
edging, white insertion, handkerchief bor- 
der and Maltese and old Buckingham- 
shire lace collected by Lady Buckingham- 
shire's Committee. 

222. Devenshire. Honiton point fichu, 
handkerchief and fans with net filling, col- 
lected by Lady Iddlesleigh's Committee. 

223. Handkerchiefs and lappets in Honi- 
ton guipure, trimming and flounces in 
Honiton point (Miss Radford, Sidmouth). 

224. Specimens of Honiton guipure of 
various periods, to give idea of the altera- 
tions in style and workmanship in the last 
100 years. (Mrs. Fowler Honiton.) 

225. Specimens sent by Mrs. Herbert. 

226. Specimens of reproductions of Italian 
laces from Beer (Lady Trevelyan). 



Woman's Work. 

227. Isle of Wight. Harriet Eldridge, 
Niton. Lace shawls, etc. 

228. Northamptonshire. Laces (L. Stan- 
ton, Maidford), 


229. Lindsay, B. Applique, Royal Irish 
guipure, tambour, tatting, hard and soft 
crochet, Irish point and antique point 


President : Mrs. Gordon. 
Mrs. Humphrey Ward, Mrs. Clifford, Mrs. 
Green, Miss Kingsley and Miss Gayford. 
Publications by the English Royal P'amily. 

230. Old and rare books by Dame Juliana 
Berners, Dame Gertrude More, Lady 
Packington, Mary Astell, Mrs. Latter, Mrs. 
Pilkington, Lady Morgan and O. More- 

231. Novels by 70 women authors. 

232. Poetry by 34 women authors. 

233. Juvenile books by 33 women authors. 

234. Historical, biographical and miscella- 
neous works by 122 women authors. 

235. Scientific and miscellaneous works by 
27 women authors. 

236. Pamphlets by 3 women authors. 

237. Travels by 23 women authors. 

238. Music by 9 women authors. 


Presideftts : Lady Henry Grosvenor and 
Lady Amherst of Hackney. 

239. AUote, Miss L., Alford. Plush border, 
worked flowers. 

240. Allsop, A. G., Manchester. Bed- 
spread, art embroidery. 

241. Anderson, Mary E., Grantham. 
D'oyleys, netting on linen. 

242. Batt, Miss A., Witney. Embroid- 
ered baby shoes. 

243. Bavin & Ormiston, Reading. Sofa 
cushion, stole. 

244. Benn, Mrs., Windermere. Cushion 

245. Birkett, Miss, Winderm.ere. Table 

246. Birkett, Miss Jean, Windermere. 
Chair back. 

247. Bolton, Mrs., Funchas, Isle of Ma- 
deira. Oriental table cloth. 

248. Boxwell, Miss, London. Handker- 
chief sachet, crepe work. 

249. Boxwell, Miss E., London. Cushion 
cover, copied from dress worn by aunt of 
Sir Walter Scott. 

250. Brett-Jeffares, Miss L. W., Wex- 
ford, Ireland. Mountmelick quilt. 

251. Brown, Miss C. M., Malvern. Cush- 
ion cover. 

252. Buckle, Miss M., London. Cottag 
piano front. 

253. Childs, Miss Amy, Wisbech. Bab 

254. Clarke, Miss M. A., Manchestei 
Embroidered mantel border. 

255. Cope, Mrs., London. Copy Munic 
book cover, 14th century. 

256. Courtenay, Mrs. S. C. London. Ta 
ble center. 

257. Crosthwait, Mrs. E., Funchas, Is! 
of Madeira. Cushion, panel of screen. 

258. Davidson, Miss H. A., Castle Towr 
Isle of Man. Copy of old prayer-boo 

259. Digby, Miss, London. Banner, Sair 

260. Dillon, Mrs., Frome. Art embroiden 

261. Dixon, Miss J., Harrogate. Tab! 

262. Dixon, Miss J. M., Harrogate. Poi 

263. Elles, Miss M. C, Wimbledon. En: 

264. Erskine, Mrs. Z., Warminster. Cui 
tain, old design. 

265. Ffennell, Miss, London. Embroider 
and needle work. 

266. Flegg, Miss C. M., King's Lynr 
Nightdress; netted d'oyleys. 

267. Froud, Miss M., Bournemouth. Sil 
pulpit hanging. 

268. Garde, Miss H. M., Cheyne, Ireland 
Feather sprays. 

269. Gardner, Miss E. M., Ilfracombe 
British moths; worked silks. 

270. Garnett, Miss A., Windermere. Cusl: 
ion cover; tea cloth. 

271. Garnett, Miss W., Windermere 
Mantel cloth. 

272. Goslin, Miss, London. Tableclotl 
crochet border. 

273. Gowan, Miss, London. Cushior 
photo-screen and mirror frame designei 
by H. R. H. Princess Louise; tablecloth 
linen, etc. 

274. Green, Miss Annie, Dewsbury 
Eis wool shawl. 

275. Hainsworth, Miss C. D., Harrogate 
Nightdress, sachet and brush bag. 

276. Halsham, Mrs. L., Leeds. Shepher( 
and sheep worked by Lady C. T. Clive 
governess to H. M. the Queen. 

277. Harris, Miss R., Ealing. Afternooi 
tea cloth. 

278. Hayden, Mrs. W., Whitland, Soutl 
Wales. Embroidered quilt; nightdres 

279. Henry, Miss J., Portobello. High 
land stockings. 



Woman's Work. 

280. Herbert, Miss, Wadhurst. Knitted 

281. Hinton, Miss L., The Til, Maderia. 
Linen sufa back. 

282. Holiday, Mrs. C, London. Embroid- 
ered portiere. 

283. Huxley, Mrs. M., Chester. Virgin 
and Child and Good Shepherd, embroid- 

284. Innes, Mrs. Mitchell, Frome. Border 
fo. court train. 

285. Irish Women's Work Society, Holly- 
rood, Ireland. Ouilts; sheet and pillow 
shams; shamrock table center. 

286. Jameson, Miss M. A., Kendal. Child's 

287. Kendall, Miss A. J., Penzance. Em- 
broidered handkerchief, 

288. Kennard, Miss, Blandford. Em- 
broidered sofa cushion 

289. Kent, Miss, Sal-abury. Design for 
altar frontal. 

290. Keown, Miss. Coleraine, Ireland. 
Silk screen panel. 

291. Kidd, Miss M. Ivl., Perih. Knitted 

292. Knight, Miss M., Chelsea. ir'atch- 
work scripture text quilt. 

293. Lea, Mrs., Urmston. Linen photo 

294. Lucas, Miss A., Hutchin. Altar sup- 
erf rontals; sofa back. 

295. Macgregor, Miss I., London. Needle- 
work done at widows' industrial class at 
Amritsar, Peshawur. 

296. Macpherson, Miss L., London. Em- 
broidered curtain. 

297. MacRae, Miss S., Rothesay. Tartan 

298. Maples, Misses H. & E., Spalding. 
Fish scale embroidery. 

299. Mercier, Mrs. J., Tewkesbury. 
Chemise, chalice veil, socks, towel and 
pillow case. 

300. Miller, Mrs. W. F., Sidcot. Bed 

301. Mitford, Miss E. B., London. Green 
silk stole. 

302. Molineaux, Misses, London. Baby 

303. Morant, Miss L., Weymouth. 
Mounted worked fan. 

304. Morris, Miss May, London. Coverlet 
for bed. 

305. Newton, Miss I., Ireland. Curtain. 

306. Nicholson, Mrs. A. J., Cork, Ireland. 
Linen quilt; portiere; couvrette. 

307. Noble, Miss M. G., Hull. Patchwork 
quilt, 15,682 pieces. 

308. Noedel, Miss, Sandringham. Aprons, 
overalls for artists; blouses. 

309. Paget, Mrs. K. M., London. Copy of 
old Turkish and Ruskin linen embroidery. 

310. Palmer, Misses Felise, Windsor. 
Cushion cover; children's smocks. 

311. Parkinson, Miss M., Brighton. Coral 

312. Phelps, Miss A. J., Farringdon. 
Samples of darning. 

313. Purvis, Miss, Salisbury. Stole; sur- 

314. Pye, Mrs. Walter, Stirling. Portiere; 
bodice trimmings. 

315. Randall, Miss, Slough. Embroidered 

316. Rigg, Miss M. B., London. Cushion. 

317. Russell, Miss R., London. Worked 

318. Saunders, Miss F. H., Baltinglass, 
Ireland. Sideboard cloth, Mountmellick 

319. Saunders, Miss L., Baltinglass, Ire- 
land. Toilet cover. 

320. Scott, Miss A., London. Poker 

321. Sharp, Miss C, Barnet. Knitted 

322. Shepard, Miss A., London. D'oyleys; 

323. Sheppard, Mrs., Surbiton. Strip for 

324. Sherlock, Mrs., Castletown, Isle of 
Man. D'oyleys. 

325. Smallwood, Miss, Great Malvern. 

326. Smith, Miss M. A., London. Chair 
backs, table cloth, fan and blotter. 

327. Scone, Miss L., Streatham. Screen. 

328. Superioress, Convent of Mercy, 
Abingdon. Hood of cope. 

328a. Thompson, Miss, Lancaster. Tea 

329. Thompson, Miss E., Lancaster. Net- 
ted bags. 

329a. Tobin, Miss E. G., Cheshire. Copy 
of old christening quilt, etc. 

330. Tracy, Miss J. F., Ipswich. Fish 
scale embroidery. 

330a. Walker, Miss E., Robin Hood. The 
" Months," in needlework. 

331. Walmsley, Miss A., Lucerne, Switz- 
erland. Table cloth. 

331a. 'Webster, Mrs., Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Tartan socks. 

332. Webster, Mrs., Wemyss. Satin em- 
broidery; design found on Queen Antoi- 
nette's tambour frame at Le Petit Trianon. 

332a. Welch, Miss E., Canonbury. D'oyley. 
333- Westrope, Miss M. E., Clifton. Table 

covers, melon seed work. 
333a. Wheeler, Miss M., Bridgenorth, 




Woman's Work. 

334. Whitehead, Mrs., Ramsgate. Tea 

cloth; d'oyley. 
334a. Winks, Mrs. Foulkes, Brixton. 

Chemise, lace top. 
335- Woodward, Miss E. C, London. 

Worked bible cover. 


President: Mrs. Bedford Fenwick. 
Lady Jeune, Mrs. Priestley, IV^s Emily 
Shaw-Lefevre, Miss Isla Stewart, Miss K. 
Hendie Close, Miss de Pledge, Mrs. Chea- 
dle, Miss S. Cartwright, Mrs. Walter Lakin, 
Miss Edith Kirwan-Ward, Miss Annesley 
Kenealy and Mrs. Holmes Spicer. 
335a. Autograph portrait of Her Majesty, 
the Queen, patron of Queen Victoria's 
Jubilee Institute for Nurses; portrait of 
H. R. H. the late Grand Duchess of Hesse, 
Princess Alice of Great Britain and Ire- 
land; portraits of H. R. H. Princess 
Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, Princess 
Helena of Great Britain and Ireland, 
President of the Royal British Nurses' 

336. Padded splints; bandages; surgical 
dressings and appliances; items of com- 
fort for the sick. 

336a. Hygienic clothing; dietary service 
for the sick; nurses' uniforms, caps and 
bonnets; gallery of celebrated nurses; 
medals, badges and decorations awarded 
to nurses; certificates of British nurse- 
training schools; nursing library. 

337. Bust of H. R. H. Princess Christian, 
President of the Royal British Nurses' 
Association; bust of Rohere, founder of 
Saint Bartholomew's Hospital, A. D. 1122; 
statue and personal effects of Sister Dora; 
invalid appliances and furniture designed^ 
by nurses; models of medical and surgical 
treatment designed by Sister Marion, 
Homoeopathic Hospital, M. R. B. N. A.; 
model of Leper Colony, Yakoutsk; mod- 
els of the Pridgin-Teale for excluding 
dust from rooms, cupboards, etc. 


President : Baroness Burdette-Coutts. 

Countess of Harrowby, Mrs. Boyd Car- 
penter, Mrs. Holmes White, Miss Ellen E. 
White and Miss Mary Steer. 
337a. Papers on the Philanthropic Work of 

Women for Reading at the Philanthropic 


338. Type-written Reports on the Philan- 
thropic Work of Women, classified under 
the following subject-headings: Child- 
hood; Girlhood; Wonien; Help for Poor 
Ladies; Home Mission Work; Ameliora- 
tion of__the Condition of the Working 

Classes; Women as Poor Law Guardians; 
Working Guilds and Work Societies; 
Blind, Deaf and Dumb, and Care of the 
Helpless; Nursing; Work among British 
Soldiers and Sailors; Technical and Other 
Educational Work; Philanthropic Work 
of Women in Ireland, and Philanthropic 
Work in the Colonies and Abroad. 

Models and Specimens of Handicraft 

338a. Model of a children s holiday home 
and a creche connected with the Ragged 
School Union; model of a window and a 
London cabman's shelter decorated with 
flowers from the London Flower Girls' 
Mission; beaten brass letter box and tray 
from Miss Wingfield-Digby's brass-work 
class, Bournemouth; carved wood letter 
box from the Hon. Odeyne de Grey's Rat- 
cliffe carving class, London; iron kettle 
stand, lamp, hinge, bracket and candle- 
stick from Miss Maude's village iron- 
work class, Curry Rivel, Somerset; artifi- 
cial flowers from the London Flower 
Girls' Mission, and carved wood platter 
and work basket from Miss Fergusson's 
industrial classes, West Linton, Scotland. 

339. Specimens of work from the follow- 
ing Industrial Institutions affiliated to the 
Society for Promoting Female Welfare: 
Alford Needlework Association; Portman 
Chapel Work Society; West Holme Ine- 
briates' Home, Hounslow; Halstead In- 
dustrial Home; Digby Institute, Bourne- 
mouth; the Cripples' Home and Indus- 
trial School for Girls, London; the Crip- 
ples' Nursery, London; Italian Protestant 
Orphanage, Florence; Indigent Blind Vis- 
iting Society, London; Industrial Home 
for Girls, London; South Grove Home 
School, Tunbridge Wells; Chinese Bible 
Mission to Women and Children; Epsom 
Mission Room Work Society; and Illu- 
minated Text Mission. 

Irish Industries. 
339a. Design in Mrs. O'Brien's Limerick 
black silk lace for a fan; sent by Mrs. 
Rogers of Sevenoaks. 

340. Handkerchief case from Mrs. Vesey's 
Dunleckney cottage industry. 

340a. Embroidered apron, pinafore and 
cushion from Mrs. Bagwell's Marlfield 
cottage industry. 

341. D'oyleys and table covers from Mrs. 
Ponsonby's Garry Hill girls' class. 

341a. Work from Miss Stewart's knitting 
and embroidery class, Ballyardle. 

342. Specimens of the peasant knitting in- 
dustry at Carna. 



Woman's Work. 

342a. Specimens of grey serge, natural wool 
and Irish flannel from Mrs. Bernard's 
Proi/idence Technical Woolen Manufac- 
tory, Foxford. 

Lace, Embroidery and Needlework. 

343. Work done by blind children. 

344. Specimens of stitches worked at the 
Sister's House, Fairfield, near Manchester. 

345. Specimens of lace from the Associa- 
tion for the Encouragement and Improve- 
ment of Handmade Pillow Lace for the 
counties of Northampton, Buckingham 
and Bedford. 

346. Satin embroidery from Miss Ensor, 

347. Knitted hosiery from St. Chad's Home 
for Waifs and Strays, Leeds. 

348. Patchwork quilt from Miss Fergusson's 
industrial classes, West Linton, Scotland. 

349. Stockings from Miss Steer's Bridge of 
Hope, London. 

350. Work from London Soho Club for 
Working Girls, banner by Agnes Robert- 
son, a worker at Crosse & Blackwell's 
jam factory, samples of art needlework 
stitches by Harriet Alcock, a clerk; sent 
by the Honble. Maude Stanley. 

351. Specimens of work from the Ragged 
School Union. 

Pictures and Photographs. 

352. Photographs of Gordon Hall, Mild- 
may Boaraing House, Deaconess House 
and Missionary Training Institute at 
Liverpool; sent by Mrs. Stephen Menzies. 

353. Photograph of Mrs. Ponsonby and of 
her girls' class, Garry Hill. 

354. Photographs of Halstead Industrial 
School; sent by Miss Greenwood. 

355. Photograph of the Meath Home for 

356. Photographs of Miss Steer's Bridge of 
Hope, East London. 

357. Grants, doles and charities in the 
county of Norfolk, illustrated with engrav- 
ings of churches, etc., from Miss Ensor, 

358. Sketch of a lace-maker in the village 
of Pitsford, Northamptonshire. 

359. Sketches illustrating the work in India 
of the Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava. 

360. Pictures by students of the Art 
Students' Home, Brunswick Square, Lon- 

361. First Conviction under Martin's Acts 
("The Animals' Charter"); from the R. S. 
P. C. A. 


362. Map of London, showing the districts 
in which common lodging houses are 

situated. From the Lodging House Mis- 

363. Map of London, showing the dining- 
rooms supplying dinners for poor children 
in connection with the Destitute Chil- 
dren's Dinner Society. 


364. Year Book (1892) of Church of England 
in the Diocese of Adelaide. 

365. Aldershot, a record of Mrs. Daniell's 
work among the soldiers. 

366. Associated Workers' League, 1892. 

367. Biblewomen and Nurses, a record of 
the work of the London Bible and Do- 
mestic Female Mission. 

368. Elizabeth Gilbert, and her work for 
the Blind, by Frances Martin. 

369. Our Blue Jackets, a narrative of Miss 
Weston's life and work among our sailors, 
by Sophia G. Wintz. 

370. Catholic Directory ; Ecclesiastical 
Register and Almanac for 1892. 

371. Church of England Year Book for 1892. 

372. Countess of Huntingdon and her con- 
nection, by Rev. J. G. Figgis. 

373. English Women and their work in 
Queen Victoria's reign, 1857-1887, by Miss 

374. English Women's Year Book and 

375. Extracts from Minutes of Proceedings 
of Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1891. 

376. Friends' First Day School Associa- 
tion, 1891. 

377. Friends' Foreign Mission Association, 

378. Friends' Report of the Home Mission 
Committee to the Yearly Meeting, 1891, 
and Report of Addresses at Meeting at 
Devonshire House, 1891. 

379. Friends' Syrian Mission, 1892. 

380. Girls' Friendly Society; Associates' 
List, 1892. 

381. What to do With Our Girls, by A.T. 

382. Work of Private Persons and Societies, 
under the Neglected Children's Act, 1890, 
for the years 1890-1891, in Melbourne. 

383. Moravian Church Book. 

384. New South Wales Statistical Regis- 
ter for 1891 and previous years. 

385. Nurses' Directory for 1892. 

386. Poor Sisters of Nazareth, Hammer- 
smith, by Alice Meynell. 

387. Ladies' Sanitary Association, six vols. 

388. Mrs. Spurgeon's Book Fund and its 
Work, three vols., 1887, 1889, 1890. 

389. Victoria Charitable Institution's Re- 
port of the Royal Commission 1891; De- 



Woman's Work. 

partment for Neglected Children and Re- 
formatory Schools, 1890, by the Secretary. 

390. Papers read at a Conference convened 
by the Liverpool Ladies' Union of Work- 
ers among Women and Girls, 189L 


In Conjunction with the Irish Industries 


President: Conntess of Aberdeen. 

391. Cappoquin, Miss Keane's Industry. 
Reticella and raised point lace. 

392. Carrickmacross Industry. Bridal 
dress, veil, fan and handkerchief. 

393. Clones Lace-making District. Cro- 
chet work. 

394. Connermara Peasant Woman. Em- 
broidered baby's robe. 

395. Dublin, Cabra Convent Industry. 
Lace bridal set. 

396. Dublin, Gold Bridge Convent Indus- 
try. Tambour lace all). 

397. Garryhill Cottage Industry. Em- 
broidered tea-cloths. 

398. Innishmacsaint Lace Industry. Raised 
needlepoint lace. 

399. Irish Distressed Ladies' Fund. Em- 
broidered vestments. 

400. Kenmare, Convent of Poor Clares. 
Flouncing; embroidered vestments. 

401. Kinsale, Convent of Mercy. Flounc- 
ing; bordering; handkerchiefs. 

402. Limerick, Convent of Good Shep- 
herd. Tambour lace alb. 

403. Limerick Lace-making School. Lace 

404. Limerick, Mrs. Vere O'Brien's In- 
dustry. Tambour lace work. 

405. Newry, Convent of Mercy. Tambour 
lace alb. 

406. New Ross, Carmelite Convent. 
Flouncing, crochet and Jesuit-point. 

407. Parsonstown, St. John's Industry, 
Point lace flounce, fan and handker- 

408. Royal School of Art Embroidery. 
Embroidered vestments. 

409. Turbotstown Cottage Industry. Em- 
broidered linen quilt. 

410. Youghall, Presentation Convent. 
Needle-point flouncing. 


In Conjunction with the Scottish Home 

Industries Association, 

President : Countess of Aberdeen. 

Secretaries: Miss Munro Ferguson and 

Miss Meta Donald. 


411. Anderson, Miss, Mauchlin. Bent 
iron work mirror. 

412. Butcher, Mrs., Edinburgh. Inlaid box. 

413. Dempster, Miss, Sterling. Inlaid 

414. Ferguson, Mrs. Munro, Novar, N. B. 
Design for fan. 

415. Gillan, Miss E., Ayr. Hand-painted 
tea set. 

416. Graham, Miss, Crieff, N. B. Case of 
filigree work. 

417. Hamilton, Mrs. Vereker, London. 
ISronze medallions. 

418. Harvey, Misses, Tain, N. B. Carved 
table, clock case and bellows. 

419. Perman, Miss, Glasgow. Draught 

420. School of Domestic Economy, Edin- 
burgh. Specimen diplom.a, etc. 

421. Thompson Anstruther, Miss, Colins- 
burgh, N. B. Arab frieze. 

422. Traquair, Mrs., Edinburgh. Photo- 
graphs of illuminated vellum manuscript 
of Tennyson's "In Memoriam," and two of 
Mrs. Browning's sonnets illuminated. 

423. Tytler, Miss Fraser, Milton Bridge, 
N. B. Statuette, "A mud-lark;" tracings 
of ships' plans. 

424. Warrack, Miss, London. Brass tray. 


425. Gillan, Mrs., Ayr. Wall panel; table 

426. Gillan, Misses, Ayr. Drapery; bed- 
spread; cushion; cot cover; mantel border. 

427. Haddo School o» Needlework. Em- 
broidered peacock. 

428. Houston, Women of (Manageress, the 
Lady Anne Spiers, Houston House, Ren- 
frewshire). Houston embroidery. 

429. Royal Repository for Gentlewomen's 
Work, Edinburgh. Specimens of work. 

Old Embroideries. 

430. Lent by the Countess of Aberdeen. 

Embroidery, worked by Anne, Countess 
of Aberdeen, 1740. 

431. Lent by Mrs. Morrison Duncan, of 
Norton. Portion of ancient hanging in 
green velvet, embroidered with raised 
needlework design, a style specially used 
in Scotland during the latter Stuart reigns; 
specimens of old muslin curtain border 
embroidered by Mrs. Catherine Mac- 
kenzie, and old ruffle needlework, as worn 
on last century dresses; fragment of old 
Scottish drawing-room coverings em- 
broidered early this century on homespun 
linen, with specimens of the woolen and 
flax threads used; ancient pocket-book. 



Woman's Work. 

worked with green and gold threads on 
canvas in one of the old Scottish book- 
cover stitches; Scottish screen, embroid- 
ered early this century with the Nichol- 
son arms; bags of Fair Isle knitting and 
two Spanish bags bought in Valencia 
market-place, to show siniilarity; scarf in 
Scottish needle lace, date early this cen- 
tury, and framed piece of old style em- 
broidery executed in colored threads on 

432. Lent by the Countess of Strathmore, 
Glamis Castle, N. B. Embroidery from 
the bed of Patrick, Earl of Kinghorn, 
worked with his arms, about the year 1606. 

Home Industries. 

433. Ayrshire School of Art and Women's 
Industries (Manageress, Hon. Mrs. Ver- 
non, Ayr). Portiere; screens and em- 

434. Aberdeen, Women of. Knitted 

435. Gairloch, Women of (Manageress, 
Lady Mackenzie, of Gairloch, N. B.). 
Hand-knitted stockings. 

436. Harris, Women of (Manageress, Lady 
Scott, North Harris). Homespun and 
woven tweeds; spinning wheel. 

437. Shetland, Women of (Manageress, 
Mrs. Lyell, Kinordy, Kirriemuir, N. B). 
Specimens of knitting. 

438. Stevenson, Miss. Knitted gloves; 
Victoria tartan. 


439. Greig, Mrs., Aberdeen. 

handkerchief; lace. 

Pitsligo lace 


President : Lady Aberdare. 
Hon. Secretary : Miss Adeane. 

Women's Industries from North Wales. 

440. Adeane, Miss, Holyhead. Lay figure 
dressed in the national costume of North 
Wales, Welsh costume with high hat, 
Welsh aprons, various colors; Anglesey 
spinning wheels, specimens of homespun 
flax and wool and silk and wool fabrics. 

441. Anglesey, Women of. Hand-knitted 

442. Denbigh, School child of. Sample of 
marking as done in a Welsh school. 

443. Home Art Center, Holyhead. Bed 
coverlet by M. Elliott. 

444. Curtain, reproduced from seventeenth 
century four-post bed, by C. Lewis. 

445. Sampler of stitches used in old em- 
broidery, sheet and pillow cases, by E. 

446. Mirror from original, Henry VIII's 
time, by K. Sharpe. 

447. Silver-backed brush by P. Crosse. 

448. Hand glass by A. M. Edwards. 

449. Copper tray and leather blotting-book 
by E. Edwards. 

450. Owen, E. Tycroes. Spinning wheel. 

451. Parry, Catherine, Presadfed. Welsh 
wigs, as worn by old people in Wales. 

452. Williams, Jane, Aberfraw. Baskets 
made of grass grown on Newborough 

Women's Industries from South Wales. 

453. Hand-loom for flannel weaving as 
done by women in South Wales, lent by 
Parry and Rock. 

454. Samples of Welsh flannels made by 

455. Spinning wheel for wool, sent by Lady 

456. Dressed figure in costume of Swansea 
cockle woman, sent by Lady Llewelyn. 

457. Welsh coverlids quilted by women in 
their own homes. 

458. Hand-knitted stockings. 

459. Machine-made stockings and Welsh 
flannels woven by women in Parry and 
Rock's woolen factories. 


In Medieval Period, 

460. St. Eadgitha, or Edith, of Wilton. 

Daughter of King Edgar, died 984. Pen 
and ink drawing of effigy from seal of 
Wilton Abbey. 

461. Devorguilla of Baliol. Founder of 
Baliol College, Oxford, died 1267. Pen 
and ink drawing of effigy from seal 
attached to the statues of the college. 

462. Ela, Countess of Salisbury. Wife of 
William Longespe, lived 1188-1261; Ab- 
bess of Lacock, 1240-1258. Pen and ink 
drawing of effigy from seal used by her 
when filling office of High Sheriff of Wilt- 
shire after husband's death. 

463. Eva de Braose. Died 1246. Litho- 
graph from monument in St. Mary's 
Church, Abergavenny. 

464. Eva de Cantilupe, Baroness of Aber- 
gavenny. Died 1257. Lithograph from 
monument in St. Mary's Church, Aber- 

465. Elizabeth of Clare, Countess of 
Ulster. Founder of Clare College, Cam- 
bridge, died 1340. Engraving. 

466. Mary de St. Paul, Countess of Pem- 
broke. Founder of Pembroke College, 
died 1377. Pen and ink drawing after 


Woman's Work. 

painting at Cambridge; also one after an 
old illumination. 

467. Margaret of Anjou. Wife of Henry 
VI, founder of Queen's College, Cam- 
bridge, died 1482. Pen and ink drawing 
after an old illumination. 

468. Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Rich- 
mond and Derby. Mother of Henry VIH, 
founder of Christ's College, Cambridge, 
lived 1441-1509. Engraving from picture 
in collection of the Earl of Derby. 

469. Frances Sydney. Founder of Sydney 
College, Cambridge, died 1588. Engrav- 
ing after a picture in the College. 

470. Juliana Berners. Prioress of Sopwell, 
near St. Albans, elected about 1480. En- 

471. Elizabeth Hervey. Abbess of Elstow, 
Bedfordshire, elected about 1520. From 
monumental brass. 

472. Agnes Jordan. Abbess of Syon, 
elected 1534. From monumental brass. 

473. Esther Inglis. Flourished toward 
close of sixteenth century. From MS. of 
the Proverbs of Solomon, at the Bodleian 
Library, Oxford. 

474. Dorothy Wadham. Founder of Wad- 
ham College, Oxford, died 1618, aged 84. 
Pen and ink sketch after prints in British 

In Tudor Period. 

475. Queen Mary. Lived 1515-1558. En- 
graving after Sir Antonio More. 

476. Queen Elizabeth. Lived 1533-1603. 

477. Mary, Queen of Scots. Engraving 
after picture in St. James' Palace. 

478. Jane Seymour. Engraving after Hol- 

479. Anne Boleyn. Engraving after Hol- 

480. Catherine Parr, Engraving after 

481. Margaret Roper. Daughter of Sir 
Thomas More, the Chancellor, lived 1508- 
1544. Engraving. 

482. Anne Askew. Lived 1521-1546, burned 
at the stake in Smithfield, July 16, 1546. 
Photograph of picture in possession of Sir 
Richard Cholmondeley. 

483. Jane Heddington (Mrs. Cecil). Mother 
of the great Lord Burleigh. Photograph 
from picture in possession of the Marquis 
of Salisbury. 

484. Mildred Coke(Lady Burleigh). Daugh- 
ter of Sir Anthony Coke, lived 1526-1589. 
Photograph from picture in possession of 
the Marquis of Salisbury. 

485. Lady Jane Grey. Lived 1537-1554. 

486. Mary Sidney. Countess of Pembroke. .■ 
Sister of Sir Philip Sidney, lived about 
1550-1621. Engraving after picture of 
Mark Gerard's. 

487. Lady Arabella Stuart. Lived 1575- 
1615. Engraving after Van Somen 

In Civil Wars. 

488. Elizabeth Steward (Mrs. Cromwell). 
Mother of Oliver Cromwell, died 1654. 
Engraving after an old picture. 

489. Anne Clifford, Countess of Dorset, 
Montgomery and Pembroke. Hereditary 
High Sheriff of Westminster, lived 1589- 
1675. Engraving from picture in collec- 
tion of the Duke of Dorset. 

490. Charlotte de la Tremouille. Wife of 
Sir James Stanley, Earl of Derby, died 
1663. Engraving after Vandyke of the 
Earl, the Countess and her son. 

491. Jane Lane. Afterward Lady Fisher, 
died September 9, 1689. Photograph from 

492. Flora Macdonald. Died 1790. En- 
graving after portrait by Alan Ramsay. 

493. Lady Fanshawe. Lived 1625-1680. 
Photograph from picture by Sir Peter 

494. Mrs. Lucy Hutchinson. Wife of 
Colonel Hutchinson. Engraving. 

495. Lady Rachael Wriothesley. Wife of 
Lord William Russell, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Wriothesley, Earl of Southamp- 
ton, lived 1636-1723. Engraving after 
picture at Woburn Abbey. 

In Early Half of Sixteenth Century. 

496. Queen Mary. Lived 1682-1694. En- 
graving after Sir Godfrey Kneller. 

497. Queen Anne. Livecl 1665-1714. En- 
graving after Sir Godfrey Kneller. 

498. Sarah Jennings, Duchess of Marl- 
borough. Lived 1660-1744. Engraving 
after Sir Godfrey Kneller. 

499. Margaret Lucas, Duchess of New- 
castle. Died 1673. Daughter of Sir 
Charles Lucas. Engraving. 

500„ Mrs. Pope. Mother of the poet. 
Etching from a drawing at Strawberry 

501. Anne Donne (Mrs, Cowper). Mother 
of the poet, died 1737. Etching by Blake. 

502. Elizabeth Rowe, Writer of religious 
works. Lived 1674-1735. Engraving. 

503. Mrs. Wesley, Mother of John and 
Charles Wesley. 

504. Selina, Lady Huntingdon. Lived 
1707-1791. Engraving. 

505. Elizabeth Carter, Lived 1717-1806. 
Engraving after Sir Thomas Lawrence. 



Woman's Work. 

506. Lady Mary Wortley Montague. 

Lived 1720-1800. Engraving. 

507. Mrs. Montague. Lived 1729-1800. 

508. Mrs. Chapone. Lived 1727-1801. En- 

509. Hannah More. Lived 1745-1833. En- 

Pioneers in Philanthropy and General Ad- 
vancement of Women. 

510. Elizabeth Fry. Lived 1780-1845. 
Photograph from picture by Richmond. 

511. Hannah More. Lived 1745-1833. En- 
graving from portrait by Pickersgill in 
National Portrait Gallery. 

512. Mary Wolstonecraft Godwin. Lived 
1759-1797. Photogravure after Opie. 

51^. Lydia Ernestine Becker. Lived 1827- 
1890. Photograph. 

514. Millicent Garrett Fawcett. Photo- 

515. Mary Carpenter. Lived 1807-1877. 
Pen and ink sketch from photograph. 

516. Mrs. Nassau Senior. Lived 1829- 
1877. Photograph from portrait by Watts. 

517. Florence Nightingale. 

518. Sister Dora. Lived 1832-1878. Pho- 
tograph of statue at Walsall. 

519. Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell. Photograph. 

520. Dr. Elizabeth Garrett- Anderson. Pho- 

521. Caroline Chisholm. Lived 1810-1877. 

522. Miss Marsh. Photograph. 

523. Miss F. A. Robinson. Photograph. 

524. Miss Weston. Photograph. 

525. Mrs. Ranyard. Photograph. 

526. Mrs. Meredith. Photograph. 

527. Mrs. Josephine Butler. Photograph. 

528. Mrs. P. A. Taylor. Photograph. 

529. Miss Rosamond Davenport Hill. Pho- 

530. Miss Florence Davenport Hill. Pho- 

531. Mrs. Ashworth Hallett. Photograph. 

532. Miss Caroline Ashurst Biggs. Died 
1889. Photograph. 

533. Mrs. Priscilla Bright McLaren. Pho- 

534. Miss Isabella M. S. Tod. Photograph. 

535. Mrs. Anna Haslam. Photograph. 

536. Miss Flora Stevenson. Photograph. 

Pioneers in Education. 

537. Lady Stanley of Alderley. Photo- 

538. Barbara Leigh Smith (Madam Bodi- 
chon). Died July 11, 1891. Photograph 
from painting by Miss Osborn, at Girton 

539. Miss Emily Davies. Photograph from 
portrait at Girton College. 

540. Miss Anne Jane Clough. First prin- 
cipal of Newnham College. Lived 1820- 
1892. Photograph from portrait by Shan- 
non, at the college. 

541. Eleanor Mildred Balfour (Mrs. Henry 
Sidgwick). Principal of Nevi^nham Col- 
lege. Photographed from portrait by 
Shannon, at the college. 

542. Mrs. Jellicoe. Founderand first prin- 
cipal of Alexandra College, Dublin. Died 
1880. Photograph. 

543. Mrs. Wm. Grey and Miss Shirreff. 
Founders of National Union for Education 
of Women. Photographs. 

544. Miss Wordsworth. Principal of 
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Photo- 

545. Miss Beale. Founder and principal 
of Cheltenham Ladies' College. Photo- 

546. Miss Buss. Founder and principal 
of North London Collegiate School. Pho- 

547. Mrs. Byers. Founder and principal 
of Victoria College, Belfast. Photograph. 

548. Mrs. John Elder. Founder of Queen 
Margaret College, Glasgow. Woodcut. 

549. Philippa Fawcett. "Above the Senior 
Wrangler," July, 1890. Photogravure. 

Central Group. 

550. H. M. Queen Victoria. 1887. 

551. H. M. Queen Victoria. 1837. 

552. H. M. Queen Victoria as Princess 
Victoria. 1832. 

553. H. M. Queen Victoria as Princess 
Victoria. 1829. 

554. The Empress Frederick. Engraving 
after Winterbottom in 1858. 

555. The Princess Alice. Engraving, 1860. 

556. The Princess Christian. Engraving. 

In Science, History, Etc. 

557. Anna Brownell Murphy (Mrs. Jame- 
son). Lived 1794-1861. Photograph from 
bust by Gibson, in National Portrait Gal- 

558. Mary Fairfax (Mrs. Somerville). 
Lived 1780-1872. Engraving after por- 
trait in National Portrait Gallery. 

559. The Marchioness of Salisbury. Pho- 

560. The Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava. 

561. Harriett Martineau. Lived 1802-1876. 
Engraving after portrait by Margaret 

562. Frances Power Cobbe. Photograph. 

563. Anna Swanwick, Photograph, 



Woman's Work. 

564. Agnes Strickland. Lived 1897-1874. 
Engraving after portrait in National Por- 
trait Gallery. 

565. Catherine Winkworth. Died 1878. 

566. Susanna Winkworth. Died 1885. 

567. Amelia Blandford Edwards. Died 
1892. Photograph. 

568. Matilda Betham Edwards. Photo- 

569. Jane Harrison. Photograph. 

570. Miss Ormerod. Photograph. 

In General Literature. 

571. Mrs. Howitt. Lived 1805-1885. En- 

572. Mrs. Piozzi. Lived 1769-1852. 

573. Joanna Baillie. Lived 1762-1851. 

574. Anne Taylor (Mrs. Gilbert). Lived 
1782-1866. Jane Taylor. Lived 1783-1823. 

575. Mary Lamb. Lived 1765-1847. Pho- 

576. Mary Granville (Mrs. Delaney). Lived 
1700-1788. From painting at Hampton 

577. Mrs. Trimmer. Lived 1741-1810. En- 

578. Mrs. Barbauld. Lived 1743-1825. En- 

579. Mrs. Opie. Lived 1769-1853. 

580. Miss Mitford. Lived 1786-1854. 

581. Mrs. Hofland. Lived 1770-1844. En- 

582. Mrs. Grant of Laggan. Lived 1753- 
1838. Engraving. 

583. Jane Welsh (Mrs. Carlyle). Died 1866. 

In Poetry. 

584. Elizabeth Barrett (Mrs. Browning). 
Lived 1809-1861. Photograph after pict- 
ure by Mrs. Bridell Fox. 

585. Adelaide Anne Procter. Lived 1825- 
1864. Photograph. 

586. Christina Rossetti. 

587. Jean Ingelow. Woodcut. 

588. Felicia Browne (Mrs. Hemans). Lived 
1794-1884. Engraving after miniature. 

589. Letitia Elizabeth Landon (" L. E. 
L."). Lived 1802-1839. Engraving after 

590. Mrs. Tighe. Lived 177.3-1810. En- 
graving after Bonney by Caroline Watson. 

In Fiction. 

591. Maria Edgworth. Lived 1767-1849. 

592. Jane Austen. Lived 1775-1817. En- 

593. Fanny Burney (Madam d'Arblay). 
Lived 1752-1840. 

594. Jane Porter. Lived 1776-1856. En- 

595. Mrs. Gore. Lived 1799-1861. En- 

596. Mrs. Trollope. Lived 1790-1863. 

597. Sidney Owens on, Lady Morgan. 
Lived 1788-1859. Photograph. 

598. The Honorable Mrs. Norton. Lived 
1807-1877. Engraving. 

599. Elizabeth Hamilton. Died 1816. En- 
graving after Raeburn. 

600. Charlotte Bronte. Lived 1816-1855. 
Photograph from picture by Richmond. 

601. Mrs. Gaskell. Lived 1810-1865. Pho- 
tograph from portrait by Richmond. 

602. "George Eliot." Lived 1819-1880. 

603. Mrs. Oliphant. Photograph. 

604. Anne Thackeray (Mrs. Richmond 
Ritchie). Photograph. 

605. Charlotte Yonge. Photograph. 

606. Dinah Muloch (Mrs. Craik). Died 
1887. Photograph. 

607. Jessie Fothergill. Died 1891. Pho- 

608. Mrs. Humphrey Ward. Photograph. 

609. Mrs. W. K. Clifford. 

610. "Edna Lyall." 

In Drama and Music. 

611. Mrs. Siddons. Lived 1755-1831. En- 
graving after Sir Joshua Reynolds — as 
"Tragic Muse." 

612. Fanny Kemble (Mrs. Butler). Died 
1893, Engraving after Sir Thomas Law- 

613. Mrs. Kendall. 

614. Ellen Terry. Photograph. 

615. Rosalind Frances Ellicott. Photo- 

616. Clara Augusta Macirone. Photo- 

617. Mrs. Julian Marshall. Photograph. 

618. Oliveria Prescott, A. R. A. M. Pho- 

619. Maude Valerie White. Photograph, 

In Art. 

620. Mary Moser, R. A. (Mrs. Lloyd). 
Died 1819. 

621. Angelica Kaufmann, R. A. Lived 

1740-1807. Engraving. 

622. Anne Linwood. Lived 1756-1845, En- 

623. Mrs. Conway. Engraving. 

624. Mary Beale. Lived 1632-1697. En- 




Woman's Work. 

625. H. R. H. Princess Louise. Engrav- 

626. H. R. H. Princess Beatrice. Photo- 

627. Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford. 
Died 1891. 

628. Mrs. Allingham. 

629. Lady Butler. 

630. Mrs. Julia Cameron. 

631. Mrs. Louise Stair Canziani. 

632. Miss A. Grant. 

633. Miss Mary Grant. 

634. Mrs. Marrable. 

635. Miss Moody. 

636. Mrs. Perugini, 

637. Mrs. Jopling Rowe. 

638. Mrs, Adrian Stokes. 

639. Mrs. SAwynnerton. 


Models and Representations of Ancient Buildings, etc. 

GROUP 168. 

I. Finzi, Giuseppe, Venice. Ancient [ 2, Manfredi-Frattarelli, Antonio, Rome. 

artistic objects. | Ancient marble reservoir. 


Models and Representations of Ancient Vessels, etc. 

GROUP 166. 

I. Norwegian Commission. Viking ship 
"Norwegian," an exact reproduction of 
the vessel exhumed in 1880 from a mound 
at Gogstad, near Sandefjord, Norway, 
now preserved in the university at Chris- 
tiania and known as the Gogstad-ship. In 
a sepulchre built in the vessel were found 

human remains, and it is supposed by 
archaeologists that the vessel was buried 
v/ith its Viking-chief in the mound, about 
the year 900. The fac-simile sailed from 
Norway via New York to Chicago, under 
the command of Capt. Magnus Anderson. 




Plans, Historic Archaeology, Woman's Work, Government Exhibits. 

GROUP 159. 

1. Nordenskiold, G., Jr., Stockholm. 

Model of an estufa and photographs of 
cliff dwellings of Colorado. 941 

GROUP 165. 

2. Battzer, C. E. L., Gothenburg. Rock 

engravings of Bohuslan, Sweden; car- 
toons, etc. 

3. Beskow, Bernhard, Gothenburg. Old 
Scandinavian ornaments; scenes from 
Viking life; barrow with runic stone. 

4. Booattins, C, Gothenburg. Models, 
maps and engravings on Central Ameri- 
can archaeology. 

GROUP 166. 

5. Beskow, Bernhard, Gothenburg. 

Viking ship. 

GROUP 167. 

6. Nordenskiold, A. E., Stockholm. 

Copies of maps and globes of sixteenth 

century. 951 

GROUP 168. 

7. Rosman, Sven, Wisby. Model of the 

Church of the Holy Ghost at Wisby. 

GROUP 172. 

8. Adelberg, Miss Ottilia, Stockholm. 

Original drawings. 

9. Ahlborn, Mrs. Led, Stockholm. Carved 
show-case with escutcheons; bronze re- 
liefs; medals. 

10. Ahrberg, Mrs. Ebba, Upsala. Anti- 
macassars and sofa and chair covers in 
guipure lace work. 

11. Bergstrom, Miss Therese, Stockholm. 
Carved portfolio, renaissance style. 

12. Boberg, Mrs. Anna, Stockholm. Imi- 
tation gobelin decorative painting. 

13. Boklund, Miss Cecilia, Stockholm. 
Painted glass window. 

14. Brunsson, Miss Johanna, Stockholm. 

15. Committee of Swedish Ladies, Stock- 
holm. History and statements of the 
social position of women in Sweden; sta- 
tistics of female students at University of 
Sweden; women's work in schools, public 
service, trade, industry, hospitals, philan- 
thropy, etc.; works and portraits of female 
Swedish authors, artists and musicians; 
album of female art-industry. 

16. Gisberg, Miss , Sofia, Stockholm. 
Specimen of illuminating. 

17. Handarbetets Vanner, Stockholm. 
Hangings, draperies, cushions, tapestries, 
carpets, screens, counterpanes, embroid- 
eries, etc. 

18. Hoick, Miss Helene, Stockholm. 
Vases of Assyrian and old Scandinavian 

19. Ingslotz, Miss Aurord, Wadstena. 
Pillow lace. 

20. Kulle, Mrs. Thora, Lund. Swedish 
royal arms and counterpane. 

21. Lindgren, Miss Hilda, Gothenburg. 
Portrait of H. R. M. the Queen of Sweden. 

22. Lindberg, Miss Lydia, Stockholm. 
Portfolio of embossed leather. 

23. Lundin, Hulda, Stockholm. Articles 
made by public school children, showing 
system of teaching needle-work. 

24. Menkow, Miss Gustava, Stockholm. 
Portfolio and Bible cover of embossed 

25. Nilsson, Miss Emilie, Wermland. 
Linen towels. 

26. Nordquist, Miss Marianne, Stock- 
holm. Portfolio of embossed leather. 

27. Olsson, Miss Bengtra, Bjerrod. Go- 
belin tapestry. 

28. Olsson, Mrs. Cilluf, Kjeflinge. Linen 
hangings and table cover. 

29. Pettersson, Mrs. Hilda, Stockholm. 
Glass etchings and designs, cups, etc. 

30. Randel, Miss Ch., Wadstena. Pillow 
lace and silk embroidery. 

31. Retzius, Mrs. Anna, Stockholm. 
Plaster bust of Fredrika Bremer- 

32. Schuberth, Mrs. Mathilda, Elfsjo, 
Stockholm. Embroidered handkerchief. 

33. Svensk Konstlojd Utstallning, Stock- 
holm. Folding screens in Icelandic style. 

34. Wengberg, Miss Clara, Helsingborg, 
Lace border for handkerchief. 

35. Widsbeck, Misses Maria and Wast- 
berg, Stockholm. Psalms in church-text 
on parchment. 

36. Zickerman, Miss Lilli, Skofde. Em- 
broidered portiere. 

GROUP 173. 

37. Nordiska Musect, Stockholm. Fig- 
ures representing peasant costunies; inte- 
rior of cottage; incidents in peasant life. 

38. Svenska Turistforeningen, Stockholm. 
Exhibit showing Swedish nature and cult- 
ure, development of transportation, 
money-system, topography, the press, 
decorative orders, sports, athletics, etc. 


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