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Full text of "Index of patents issued from the United States Patent Office"

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List of Patentees (includes Reissues) ._.' ,3 

List of Design Patentees 813 

List of Plant Patentees 885 

List of Abstracts of Applications 887 

List of Disclaimers 903 

List of Inventions (includes Reissues) 907 

List of Design Inventions 1287 

List of Plant Inventions 1315 

List of Abstract's of Applications arranged by Inventions 1317 

List of Disclaimers arranged by Inventions 1 325 

Decisions Published in the OfficiarCazette in 1950 1329 



Patents _ 43,072— No. 2,492,944 to No. 2,536,015 » inclusive. 

Designs _ 4,718— No. 156,686 to No. 161,403 inclusive. 

Reissues-.. 129— No. 23,186 to No. 23,314 inclusive. 

Plant Patents 90— No. 911 to No. 1,000 ^ inclusive. 

* Includ<>B 32 withdrawn. 
» Includes 1 withdrawn. 


This list includes reissue patentees 
Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name (in accordance with cit>' and telephone directory practice 

A. B. C. Sheet Metal Co., Inc., assignee : 8e« — 

Brett, Lewis P. 
A. B. Svenska Flaktfabrlken, assignee : See — 

liloiuquist, I'no O., and Wallln. 

Welliiiar. Sven. 
AB W. Dan Bergman, assignee : See — 

SchreibiT, Dag S. 
ACF-Brill Motors Company, assignee : See — 

Chapman, James F., and Latshaw. 

Famlglietti. Michael K. 

Flogaus, Howard A. 

Katelev, Francis W. 

Peabody, Donald C. 
AMI Incorporati-d, assignee : See — 

Kasnowich, Anthony M. 
A-1 Bit & Tool Company, Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Denning, Charles O., and Yancey. 
A. P. V. Company Limited, assignee ■ See — 

Lancaster, John F., and MarshalL 
A. R. D. Corporation, assignee : See — 

Guelph. John D. 
A/S Enlco, assignee : See — 

Mejlbo. Erik G. 
A/S Lys^sund Sildolje-& Kraftforfabrlk, assignee : See — 

Valen, utto. 
A/S Bull Trykk Industrl, assignee : See — 

Erik.sen, Kinar M. 
ATF Incorporated, assignee : See — 

Roysion, Marvin F. 
A. V. Roe Canada Limited, assignee : See — 

Keieski, Kazimierz. 
Aabel, Donald \V.. East Mollne, ni.. assignor to Interna- 
tional Ilarvester Company. Adjustable shaft mounting 
means. 2,518,1'63, Aug. 8. 
Aaeaard. Frldtjof, Rahway, N. J., assignor to American 
Cyanamld Company, New York, N. Y. Fluid-pressure 
controller Ii..%l7.b20, .Aug. 8. 
Aageson, Walter J.. Anderson, Ind. Electric heater. 

2,527,049, Oct. 24. 
Aakjer. Jens J., Roselle, and W. J. Knochel, East Orange, 
N. J., assignors to Westlnghouse Electric Corporation, 
East Pittsburgh. Pa. Electrode support. 2.518.848, 
Aug. 15. 
Aaron. William, Brooklyn, N. Y. Wear take-up adjusting 
means for reciprocating knives of cloth-cutting machines. 

Aasland, John L. : See — 

Hardy, Lloyd A.. Keller, and Aasland. 

Aasted, Kal C. S., Gentofte. Denmark. Treating choODlate 
raw materials. 2,515.150, July 11. 

Aasted, Kal C. S.. Gentofte, Denmark. Apparatus for 
casting chocolate, cream and other confectionery paste. 
2,533,708, Dec. 12. 

Aasted, Kal C. S.. Gentofte. Copenhagen. Denmark. Con- 
veyer. 2. 534. 092, Dec. 19. 

Abbas. Joseph T.. Detroit. Mich. Fuel tank lock. 
2,5L'9,.'i(51, .Nov. 7. 

Abbe. Edward J.. Cleveland Heights, assignor to The 
Elwell-Parker Electric Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Hy- 
draulically operated tier-lift mechanism. 2.527 384 
Oct. 24. 

Abberley, Maurice W. : See — 

Ellis, Arthur 0., and Abberlev. 

■^^^H^/, ^'?J?°° ^■' Toledo, Ohio." Tube feeding machine. 

2,511.4o0, June 13. 
Abbott. Arthur K. : Hce — 

Kiele.v. Michael F.. and Abhott. 
Sullivan. Francis J., and Abbott. 
Abbott. Arthur R.. .siielton. M. F. Kieley, Derbv and F. T 
Simon, Shelton, Conn., assignors to Sidnev Blumenthal 

o ,9.-v??^;.^'^^^ ^^''^' ^- ^- Shuttle check for looms. 
.i,4y ( ,711. r eb. 14. 

Abbott, Edward J assignor to Abbott Machine Company. 
VVilton. N. H. Splicing threads. 2,515.172, July 18 

Abbott. Edward J. assignor to Abbott Machine Company. 
Wilton. N. H. Textile drafting apparatus. 2.522 332 
Sept. 12. ' 

Abbott. Furman S.. Montclair N. J., assignor to Alrkem, 
Inc.. New York, N. Y. Liquid dlffuser. 2,494,640, 

JftD, IT. 

Abbott. Furman S. Montclair. N. J., assignor to Alrkem. 
Inc., New York. N. Y. Pump. 2,524,645. Oct 3 

^^^}ol?A"7 ^j Little Neck. N. T. Collapsible crate. 
^,494,275, Jan. 10. 

2.525,109, Oct. 10. 

Transposing har- 

— Ignor to General 
and their prepara- 

, assignor to Gen- 

Abbott. John E.. Spring Valley, Calif. Brick building 

wall. 2,506,503, >fay 9. 
Abbott. John H.. assignor to Utility Appliance Corp.. Loa 
Angeles, Calif. Welding apparatus. 2,498,905. Feb. 28. 
Abbott Laboratories, assignee : nee— 
Clemence, Le Ro.v W., and Leffler. 
CoghiU. Robert D.. Weston, and MacCorquodale. 
Fields. Mack K. 

Hansen Norman A.. Milne, and Risser. 
Leffler. Marlin T.. and Freifelder. 
Mclntire. Floyd C. 

Moore. Edmond E. ^ '• 

Moore, Edmond E., and Clemence. 
Moore. Edmond E., and Ohraan. 
Moore, Marjorle IJ. and E. E. 
Spleliuan. Marvin A. 
Weston, Arthur W., and Spielman. 
Abbott, Lea. Dallas, Tex. Fish trap. 
Abbott Machine Companv. assignee : St 

Abbott. Edward J. 
Abbott, Merrill F.. Sanitariu-ii, Calif. 

monica. 2.490,511. Feb. 7. 

Abbott. Roy W.. Schenectady. N. Y.. assignor to General 

Electric Company. Thermocouple. 2.525,439 Oct 10 

Abbott, Royal K., Jr. : b'ee— . v^ i. xo. 

Kern, Edward A., and Abbott. 
Abbott, Royal K., Jr.. Plttsfield. Mass., 
Electric Company. Vinyl compounds 
tlon. 2.498,473, Feb. 21. 
Abbott. Royal K. Jr.. Pittsfleld. Mass. 
eral Electric ( ompany. Preparing 
furau. 2,50(1,732. Mar. 14. 
Abbott, Royal K , Jr.. I'ittslield, Mass.. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electiic Company. Preparing vlnyldit>enzofuraii. 

2.500.733. Mar. J 4. 

Abbott. Royal K.. Jr.. Plttsfield. Mass., assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Preparing 2-ethyldibenzofuran. 

2.500.734, Mar. 14. 

Abbott. Sylvia H., North Redonda, and J. F. Hutchinson 
Gardena. Calif, .luxiliary seat for beauty parlor diairs 
and the like. 2,529,532. Nov. 14. v-imi . 

Abbott, Thomas A. : See — 

McMahon. Jerome B., and Abbott. 

Abbott. Ward D.. Orchard I'ark. N. Y.. assignor to West- 
lnghouse Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh Pa 
Totally enclosed motor. 2,5]o.973, July 18 ' 

Abbott, William, Hollywood, "Calif. Patch weaving device. 

Ablwtts Dairies, Incorporated, assignee : See — 
Kennedy, Ridgway, Jr 
Orrell, JoSeph 15. 
Abbotts Leonard, assignor to The Bridgeport Metal Goods 
Manufacturing Company. Bridgeport, Conn. Cosmetic 
holder. 2.521,140, Sept. 5. 
Abegg & Reinhold Co., assignee : See — 

Abegg. Walter A. 

Abegg, Walter A., assignor, by mesne assignments to Abegg 

& K.'inhold Co. Los Angeles, Calif.. Oil well tool KrliT 

ping element. 2,520,448. Aug. 29. •■ e *' 

Abel. David M New York, N. Y., assignor to D. Blau. 

Artist's sketch box. 2.531,189. Nov. 21. 
Abel. .Mona C. Jackj^on Heights, N. Y. Transparent hoUow 

toy ball. 2,515,171. July 18. 
Abell. Harry D. and H. E.. St. 
nism for automatic folders. 
Abell, Homer E. : See — 

Abell. Harry D. and H. E. 
Abell. J. Roy. assignee : See — 

Bou>.'hey, Jeremiah J. 
Aben. Clarence Ij., River Rouge, Mich. Switch operating 
mechanism and ran. 2.514,1 14. July 4 

^'o\'•tfe^?kt'^ i6ii^\i'X% j\':«- ""''' ^- ^«>^'°« ^'«»'' 

^^»r,- Homer B. assignor to J. I. Case Companv Racine 
\\i8. Device for cleaning grain. 2.523.259. kppt 26 

Abercromble James S., assignor to Cameron Iron Works. 
Houston. Tex. Gate valve. 2.527,050. Oct. 24 

AberU R07. assignor to Southworth Idachint Company. 
Portland. Maine. Sheet feeding machins. 2,497,»49! 

Abernathv. O. W.. assignee : Bee — 
Mitchell, William F. 

Albans, Vt. Timing mecha- 
2.524,415, Oct. 3. 


Abernathy. Henry H., Wilmington, and O. W. Scott, Clay- 
mont, assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, 
Wilmington, Del. Polychloroprene and preparation 
thereof. 2,493,708, Jan. 10. 

Abernethy, Harry D., Lakewood, Ohio, assignor to General 
Railway Signal Coiniany. Rochester, N. Y. Railway 
switch throw rod conueclion. 2,515.624, July 18. 

Abey, David V.. Baltimore, Md. Automobile gear shifter. 
2.512.'J07. June 27. 

Abgarian, Araiu, asdlgnor to Detroit Harvester Company, 
Detroit, Mich. Rear mower structure. 2,503,605, 
A|ir. 11. 

Ablldgaard. William H. : See — 

Abildv'anrd. William and W. H. \ 

Ablldgaard, William, and C. C. Herbert, assignors to. Live- 
stock Sprayer Mfg. Co., San Jose, Calif. Grub scrybber. 
2.529.531, Nov. 14. 

Ablldgaard, William and W. H., assignors, by^ as- 
signments, to Livestock Sprayor Mfg. Co., San Jose, 
Calif. Livestock sprayer. 2.529.530, Nov. 14. | 

Ablngton Textile Machinery Works, assignee : ISee — 
Reeves, George B. 
White. Charles K. 
White. Charles E. and F. U. 

Able, Edward T. : See — 

^ Swppnev. John F., Ablo, and MacKay. 

Able, Edward T.. and W. Krleger, assignors to B. K. 
/ Sw<>eney Manufacturing Company, Denver, Colo. 
Anchor means for wrenches. 2,527,288, Oct. 24. 

Able. Lawrence -M.. St. Matthews. S. C. Support for 
drums. 2,511,451. June 13. 

Ablett, Charles A., Norfolk, England. Ball and roller bear- 
ing. 2.. '.28.987. Nov. 7. 

Ablett, William W., Detroit. Mich. Tool to check centrallty 
and alignment of keyways In shafts. 2,494,152, Jan. 10. 

Abos, Ralph L.. L. -M. Stanrteld. and U. K. Myers, Los 
Angel<*8, assignors to Rerco Products, Whlttier, Calif. 
Presser bar control for sowing machines. 2. 534,051, 
Dee. 19. 

Abraham, Albert, Jr.. Staten Island, N. Y., assignor to 
Standard Oil Development Company. Corrosion resist- 
ant liner materials and making the same. 2,530,320, 
Nov. 14. 

Abraham, Charles R.. San Francisco, Calif. Locking de- 
vice. 2.504.483, Apr. 18. 

Abraham, Herbert, assignor to The Ruberoid Co.. New 
York. N. Y. Composition board. 2.514.021. July 4. 

Abraham. Herbert, assignor to The Ruberold Co., New 
York, N. Y. Siding. 2.519.950, Aug. 22, 

Abraham. James G. : Scf — 

Knox, Donald G., and Abraham. 

Abrahams, Leon H., assignor to Koffy-Pak Corp., Chicago, 
111. Packaged coffee. 2.531,594, Nov. 28. 

Abrahamson, Charleo .M. : See — 

Saaf. Fritz A., and Abrahamson. 

.vbrahamson, Charles M.. Aurora. 111., assignor to AU-Steel 
Equipment Inc. Huslness machine support for desk 
drawers. 2,531,381, Nov. 28. 

.\bramo8ka, Alfred A., Parma, Ohio. Socket joint. 
2.496.8,39, Feb. 7. 

Abramovltch. Benjamin. Stamford, Conn., assignor to 
American Cyanamld Company, New York, N. T. Prepar- 
ing Imidazolidones. 2,518.264. Aug. 8. 

.Vbrams. .Albert A. St. Louis, Mo. Self-locking carton. 
2.511.523, June 13. 

A brains, Armand J., Dallas, Tex., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Soconv-Vacuum Oil Company. Incorpo- 
rated, New York, N, Y. Shothole water seal. 2,516,041, 
July 18 

.Abrams, Armand J., and C. S. Kuhn, Jr„ Dallas, Tex.. 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to Socony-Vacuum 
Oil Company, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Produc- 
ing gRwoline tov alkvlation and reforming. 2,509.028, 
Mar D'', 

Abrams, Jos.'T)h S., Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Pocketed 
photographic mount. 2.496.141. Jan. 31. 

Abr-uiis, Louis, Springfield. Mass. Support for curtains. 
draperies, and the like. 2,522.918. Sept. 19. 

Abrams. Norman H., Waco. Tex., assignor to Badger Meter 
Manufacturing Companv Milwaukee, Wis. Water me- 
ter. 2.493.098. Jan. 3. 

Abrams. Victor R , as.signor of one-half to 0. E. O'Leary, 
Rockford. 111. Pencil sharpener. 2,515,174, July 18. 

Abramson. Albert, and H. T. Futrell, Houston, Tex. 
Swivel chair. 2,532.873. Dec. 5. 

Abramson, Chester C. Frostburg, Md., assignor to Celanese 
Corporation of -America. Sl/lng composition for yarns. 
2 .'28..^.70, Nov 7 

Abramson, HaroM A . \ 'W Y -k N Y. Urea stabilized 
epinephrine mist for treatment of asthma. 2,503,650, 
Apr. 11. 

Ah-i "<= '^ >n' on Minneapolis, Mhin. Breast shield. 
\i.i[)'> :; •:. j i;i Ji 

Abrcchr, Jaiiif'; W : s . 

Abr-.M-hr a:.'i J. W. 

Abr^-rht. H ;.lv. .«;a«Trimonfo. mi J W Abrecht, Whlttier. 
Calif Marking attaohm-nt fur golf clubs. 2,495,679, 
Jrtn 31 

.Arircsch, Carfl F..iLarchnicint, as.signor to Hemsdale In- 
dustries. Inc., Mamaronpck, N. Y. Automatic washing 
machine. 2.512,408. June 20. 

.Abrevaya, Harrv, Boston, Mass. Locating device. 
2,500,22'' Mnr 14. 

Lawn edge cutter. 
I'hotographic light 

Combination gauge 

Abr<)ns, Hyman, Hollywood. Calif. 

2,494,223, Jan. 10. 
Abi^ums, (Jtorge L., Jacksonville, Fla. 
control device. 2,501,017, Mar. 21. 
Abshire, Richard J., I'omona, Calif. 

and spot marker. 2,497,570. Feb. 14. 
Acadian Business Corporation, assignee : See — 

Labichp, .Sidney tl. 
Accessory Research Corporation, assignee : See — 

Anderson, James W., Jr. 
AccK's & Pollock Limited, assignee : See — 

Wagg, Reginald, and Bayliss. 
Accola, Jacob, Davenport, Iowa. Spoke tightener having 
spring-closed nut engaging Jaws spaced from spoke-re- 
ceiving notch. 2,525,253. Oct. 10. 
Ace Carton Corporation, assignee : See — 
Eaton, Wilfred A. 
San ford. Roy 8. 
Ace Rubber Company, assignee : Bee — 

Rowp. M.'irion H. 
.\ce Storm \\ indow Company, assignee : See — 
Krantz, Walter M. 
Swartswelter. Ernest E., Jr. 
Acers, \ ictor H., assignee : See — 

ilunn. Oliver W. and J. D. 
Achard. Ldouard Paris, France, assignor to Compagnie 
Gt'norali' dc Tclrgranhie Sans Fil. Device for obtaining 
electric fields of high frequency and great Intensity 
and ai)paratu8 embodying such devices. 2,509,713. 
May :jn. 
Acheson, Louis K., assignor to The Hoover Company, North 

Canton, Ohio. Suction cleaner. 2,494,981, Jan. 17. 
•Achs. Nicholas, Detroit, Mich. Refrigerated display case 

and rofrigfrated partition. 2,515,285, July 18. 
AchutT Railway Supply Company, assignee: See — 

Wells, Arthur M. 
.\cld addition salts of l-cyclopentyl-2-methyl-amlno pro- 
pane compounds and vasoconstrictor compositions 
thereof. E. Rohrmann. 2.520,015, Aug. 22. 
Ackell, Joseph J., Bellalre. and H. L. Paulding, Port Wash- 
ington, N. Y., assignors, by mesne assignments, to Dow 
Jones & Company, Inc., Wilmington, Del. Telegraphic 
printing system and method. 2,531,868, Nov. 28. 
Ackelsberg, Oscar J., Caldwell, N. J., assignor to E. F. 
Drew & Co., Inc., New Y'ork, N. Y. Emulslfler consist- 
ing of alkylolamlne-fatty acid condensation products 
and esters "of pol.vglycols. 2.531,190, Nov. 21. 
Acker. Ralph E., Fort Worth, Tex., assignor to Container 
Corporation of America, Chicago, 111. Vegetable box. 
2.527,784, Oct. 31. 
Acker, Ralph E., Fort Worth, and P. A. Nemoede Keller, 
Tex., assignor to Container Corporation of America, 
Chicago, 111. Ball plant container. 2,507,080, May ». 
Acker, Richard S. : See — 

NVlson. Marvin G., and Acker. 
Ackerlind, Erik, Santa Monica, and C. R. Williams, as- 
signors to Northrop Aircraft, Inc., Hawthorne, Calif. 
Function generator. 2,522,333, 
Ackernian. Charles. Hackensack, N. 

2,500.973. Mar. 21. 
Ackerman, Duane S., Topeka, 

2,497.337. Feb. 14. 
.Ackerman, James E., Devon, Conn., assignor to The Singer 
Manufacturing Company, Elizabeth, N. J. Work-guld- 
ing attachment for sewing machinps. 2.506.325. May 2. 
Ackermann, Franz. Blnnlngen. and J. Meyer, assignors to 
Ciba Limited, Baspl, Switzerland. Diimidazoles and 
making same. 2 515,173, July 18. 
Ackles, Virgil E.. Los Angeles, Calif., assignor to Dough- 
nut Corporation of America, New York, N. Y. Icing 
applving machine. 2,525,164, Oct. 10. 
Acklev, Charles S , assignor to Thermactor Corporation. 
New York, N. Y. Electric oil well heater. 2,500.305. 
Mar. 14. 
Ackley. Charles S., assignor to Thermactor Corporation, 
New York, N. Y. Oil column heating means and method. 
2.630.280. Nov. 14. 
Acme Aluminum Alloys, Inc., assignee : See — 
Cooper, Hugh S. 

Cooper. Hugh S.. Martin. Relches, and Gray. 
Acme Appliance Mfg. Co.. assignee : See — 
Austin, Paul G. 
Martin, Earnest E. 
Acme Coppersmithlng and Machine Company, asslgiiee : 
See — 

Epstein, Joshua. 
Merlis, Ira. 
Acme Electric Corporation, assignee : See — 
Koubek, William F. 

Acme Industrial Hydraulics, Inc., assignee : See — I 
Gabriel, Adam. 

Acme Metal I'roducts Corporation, assignee : See — 
Hallberg, Carl G. 

Acme Staple Company, assignee : See — 

Cook, Lyman B. ' 

Acme Steel Company, assignee : See — ^ 

Ligler, Edward J. 

MuUaney. Donald P. 
Acme Visible Records, Inc., assignee : See — 

Hall. Marchand B. 

Acocella, Pasquale J., and D. Capaccione, Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Floor waxer and polisher. 2,533,706, Dec. 12. , 

" J 

Slicing machine. 

Kans. Awning hinge. 


Aconley, John, Forestville, assignor to Anglo-Canadian 
Pulp and Paper .Mills Limited, Quebec, Quebec, Canada. 
Choker hook and line. 2,533.905, Dec. 12. 
Acosta, Jos6 W.. Chicago, 111. Circuit coupling device for 
high-frequency therapeutic apparatus. 2,515,683. July 
J o. 
Acosta. Jos<s W., Chicago, 111. Electrostatic sound repro- 
ducer. 2,519,810. Aug. 22. 
Aero Manu.'^cturing Co., The. assignee : See — 

Jacobs. Philip C, Jr. 
Acrometal Products, Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Bliss, Jerome J. 
Acrotorque Company, The, assignee : See — 

Orshansky., Jr. 
Acryvin Corporation of America, assignee: Bee — 

Sharilro. <'arl L. 
Actlengpscllsch.ift Joh. Jacob Rieter & Cie, assignee : See — 
Hess. Helnrlch. 
Napgpli, Werner. 
Active Tool & Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Sh.nicb. < IpiipL'p .A. • 

Acton. Foster S., New York, N. Y. Conveying mechanism. 

2,ol7,371, Aug. 1. 
Acton. Grant .M.. assignor to Acton Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Inc.. Arkansas City, Kans. Bottle holder and 
carrier; 2. ,"102, 690, Apr. 4. 
Acton. Grant -M., a.«slgnor to Acton Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Inc., Arkansas City, Kans. Bottle holder and 
carrier. 2,522.978. Spj>t. 19 
Acton, Grant M., assignor to Acton .Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Inc., Arkansas City. Kans. Bottle carrier 
2,5:j.).n:i. r>oc. 2<; 
Acton. Grant M.. assignor to Acton Manufacturing Com- 
pan.v. Inc., Arkansas City, Kans. Bottle holder and 
carrier. 2.535,114, Dec. 28. 
Acton Manufacturing Company, Inc., assignee: Bee — 

Acton, (Jrant .M. 
Acton, RuPsel I)., Chicago. 111., assignor to International 
Harvester Company. Control me.ins for tractor-con- 
nected ImpletMpnts. 2,513.906. Julv 4 
Acton. Ru.ssel D.. Chicago, 111., assignor to International 
Harvester 'Company. Fertilizer spreader. 2,532,050, 
Nov. 2.8. 

Adair, Hugh D., College Park, Ga. Holster. 2.504.369, 

.Ai>r. 1.S 

Adair. Nelson T.. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Chain sup- 
porting frame for portable chain .saws. 2.525,110. 

Adair, Russell S,, Youngstown, Ohio. Hvdraullc steadv 
rest chuck. 2.51 1.827. June 20 " »- »i'^i 'J- 

Adalbert. Georg C. Stabekk. near Oslo. Norway. Auto- 
matic fire extinguisher for motor carburetors. 2,531.490 
Nov. 28. ... 

Adam Armand O., Jr., Maplewood, N. J^ and R. C. Avery, 

Jackson H.-lghts, assignors to Bell Teh-phone Labora- 

o^'i^i'nl'^'^^r^^'^^d^^- ^^"^ '^■o'"*'- N. Y. Control circuits. 
2,.'>J.T.f)f)l. Dec. 20. 

Adam, William, Jr., Camden. N. J., assignor to AJax Elec- 
tric Company. Inc., Phlladelphhrr Pa. Electric salt bath 
furnace. 2,508,004, Mav 16. 

Adamczyk, Edward, Indian Orchard, Mass. Lawn mower 
reel. 2,535,185, Dec. 26. 

Adamek. Frank J., assignor to F. L. Jacobs Co., Detroit, 
Mich. Motor reversing means. 2,511.315, June 13. 

Adamo, Joseph, assignee : See — 
Calabro. Anthony. 

Adamopoulos Aristomenes D.. Chicago, 111. Nut-cracking 
machine. 2.524.646. Oct 3. 

Adams, Albert R. : See — 

Wikkpnhauser. Gnstav, and Adams. 
Wikkenhauser, Gustav, Adams, Coo^, and Duggan 

Adams, Albert H., Lima, assignor to Kwlk-Arc Inc 
Cleveland, Ohio. Metal removing device 2 526 62-i' 
Oct. 24. ■ . . 

Adams, Albert IT., Lima, assignor to Kwlk-Arc Inc 

n'ro^'?J?^' ^^^*"^. Removing portions of metal bodies'. 
2,527,490. Oct. 24. 

Adams. Archie Q., Clatskanie, Oreg. Power hammer at- 
tachment for tractors. 2,529,892. Nov. 14. 

Adams, Arthur R., assignor to Adams Rite Manufacturing 
Company, Glerdalp, C.nllf. Cntch. 2.534,693, Dec. M>. 

^'^o ^.f- Arthur T.^ Oak Park, 111. Holder for sandpaper. 

Adams. Cecil E.. asf?ignor to ThftDenlson Englnepring 
Company, Columbus, Ohio. Hydraulic apparatus. 

Adams, Cecil E., assignor to The Denison Engineering 
Company, Colund)us. Ohio. Control valve mechanism 
for hydraulic ai)paratus. 2.512,730, June 27. 

Adams, Cecil E., assignor to The Denison Engineering 
Company, Columbus. Ohio. Combination press and In- 
dex table with control mechanism therefor. 2 512 731 
Junp 27. ... 

Adams, Cecil E., assignor to The Denl.'^on Engineering 
Company, Columbus, Ohio. Hydraulic press Intensifier 
attachment. 2,516,170, July 2f>. 

Adams. Cecil E,, assignor to The Denison Engineering 
Company, Columbus. Ohio. Control mechanism for hy- 
draulic apparatus. 2,527,051. Oct. 24. 

Adams. Cecil E., and W. D. Peters, assignors to The Deni- 
son Engineering Company, Columbus. Ohio. Hydraulic 
apparatus. 2,.")02,54i. Apr. 4. 

Adams, Cecil E., Columbus, and W. E. Renlck, Grove City, 
assignors to The Denison Engineering Company, Colum- 
bus, Ohio. Hydraulic apparatus. 2,503.985 Apr. 11. 

Adams, Charles J., Park Ridge, 111. Socket. 2,509.406, 
•May :^.(l. 

Adams. Charles N. : See — 

Downing. Rexford D.. and Adams. 

Adams. Charles R., Donavon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Grain conveyor. 2,516,360. July 25. 

Adams, Charles W.. Lewiston. Idaho. Intake hood for air 
rooline systems. 2..'")0n,26S. .Mar. 14. 

Adams, Chester E : See — 

Johnson, Carl E., and Adams. 

Adams. Chest.-r E., Highland. Ind.. and C. E. Johnson, St; 
Louis, Mich., assignors to Standard Oil Company, 
Chicago, 111. Rpcovcry of lower alkanoic acids from 
siilfonation reaction i>roducts. 2,523.490 Sept 26 

Adams, Christopher N., San Joaquin County, Calif. Hy- 
draulic leveling and controlling device. 2,520,266. Aug. 

Adams. Claude E., Osseo. Mich. Ignition coil adapting 
means. 2,507.747, .Mav 16. 

Ailams. Daniel O. and Q. 15. Hughey. Covington, Va as- 
signors to West Virginia Piflp and Painr Companv, New 
\ork, N, Y. Hypochlorite bleaching of ground wood. 
2.516.664, July 25. 

Adams. Daniel W. : See — 

Colbeck, Eric W., and Adams. 

Adams. David, Detroit, Mich. Valve mechanism. 

2.-19t;,512. Feb. 7. 

Adams. Eail W.. Los Altos, Calif.. ass:;.'nor to Kaiser 
Aluminum & Chemical Corporation. Pelleting magne 
slum dust. 2,514,616, July 11. 

Adams, Edythe A. : See — 
^ Bedford, Leroy J., and Adams. 

Adams, Ell J.. Rogersvilie. Mo. Loading and unloading 
device. 2,512.988. June 27. 

Adams, Elliot Q. : See— 

tJreiner. Alfred, and Adams. 

Adams, Edbs J., Augusta, Ga. Axe with detachable blade. 
2,499, .S-fiP. Mar. 7. 

Adams, Frank. Brooklyn, N. Y. Precut Ice cream cake and 
making the same. 2,520.522, Aug. 29. 

Adams, George E., Detroit assignor to Ford Motor Com- 
pany, Dearborn. Mich. Dampener. 2,497,252, Feb. 14. 

Adams. George F., Riverside, assignor to Universal Oil 
Products Company, Chicago, 111. Controlling flow of 
subdivided 8<did particles. 2,529.583. Nov. 14. 

Adams. Georgp M.. Erie. I'a., assignor to C.pneral Electric 
Company. Excitation system for dynamoelectrlc ma- 
chines. 2,503,897, Apr. 11. 

Adams. Harold E., Norwalk, Conn. Pump assembly. 

2.500.226. Mar. 14. 

.Adams, Harold E., Norwalk, assignor to Nash Engineering 
Company. South Norwalk. Conn. Liquid pumping unit. 

2.500.227. Mar. 14. 

Adamf.. Harold B.. Norwalk, Conn. Pump assembly. 

2.500.228. Mar, 14. 

Adams, Harry L.. Denver. Colo. Pointer for photo re- 
touching pencils. 2,512,846. June 27. 
Adams, Henry C, Los Angeles, Calif. Comb rake. 

2.512 127. Jime 20. 
Adams. Henry H. : See — 

Clifford. Wilfred J., and Adams. 
Adams. Herbert F., Springfield, Mo. Fish lure. 2.517,157, 

Aug. 1. 
Adams. I. W., assignee : Bee — 

Stevens, Milton J. 
Adams. J. D., Manufacturing Company, assignee : See — 
Lewis, Harold L. 
Rhodes. John W. 
Adams, James A., assignor to The Mine and Smelter Sup- 
ply Company. Denver, Colo. Electrical circuits for 
grinding ndlls. 2.499.347, Mar. 7. 
Adams. Janips B. : See — 

B-owninir. .Tohn W and .Adams. 
Adams. James B.. Havre. Mont. Universal Joint for hand 

tools. 2.526,105. Oct. 17. 
.Adatns. James V. : .s'» » • — 

W.TlbT. K-nPst F . Wnlkpr, «nd Adams 
Adams, John B., Chicago. IlL Bookkeeping device. 

2..-)2;5,803. Sept. 26. 
Adams, John Q.. Schenectady, N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. .Saturable magnetic core. 2,498.475. 
Fpb 21 

Adams. John V. : See — 

Halnps, Ray E.. and Adams. 
Adams, Kenneth I'. . See — 

Doelling. George L., and Adams. 
Adams, Kenneth IL, Fentou, and G, L. Doelling. assignors 
to .Ml.sslsslppi Valley Researth Laboratories. Inc.. St. 
Louis. Mo. Thermosetting fornialdehydp resin modified 
with a polyethylene glycol bi8-(amInophenvl) ether. 
2.535,380, Dec. 26. 

Adams, Lytle S., Los Angeles, Calif. Aerial seed distribu- 
tor. 2.528,n'v6. .Nov. 7. 

Adams, Marjory. Laguna Beach. Calif. Sunshade. 

2.521.768, Sept. 12. 
Adams. Merrill L. : See — 

Hearne. (ieorge W., and Adams. 
Adams-Mlllls Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Marlette, Goley R. 




Aiiims, Mozel A,, Evangeline, assignor of one-half to 

<" V. Radl^e, .I»>nnlrig3. T,a. Elevating device for raising 

gin polfs (in tru.'ks. L',4!)3.09y. Jiin. 3. 
Ailains. Mo/j'l A., Kvaiigeline, La. Fishing lure. 

l; :.o8,.'>fio. May 23. 
Ada::i3. Mozfl A., Evangelino, I.a. Hook attachment for 

artiticial liait. 2.r.22,«0>S, Sept. 19. 
A<lMma. Mozt'l A., Evangeline. La. Automatic anticlog 

salt Hhaker. 2,.52.').331. Oct. 10. 
Adams. MozpI A., Evangeline, assignor to T. Grain and 

a. V. Moilii.^h, Jeflferson Davis I'arlsh, La, Pipe roller. 

2,.'')31,r)4.-). Nov, 28. 
A'l;rns. Taiil R. : See — 

r.iisigiiips, Henii O . .\ilam8. 
Bii<:t:nii><<. Ht-rirt <}., Ailari:s. and Colin. 
Deloraine, Kdnioiid M.. and Adams. 
H. :Tiiian. B., nnrl .Xdaiiis. 
Ada;;;-', I'lcrrppont, Glenbrook. Conn,, assignor to 

.\!'iO-i.\n Cyaiiamid Company, New York, N, Y. 

Tr: I ' :;. It'rivai Ives and preparing the same, 2, .^08,323, 

May It) 
.\ ::. - Ralph, Macon, Ga. Shirt package and making the 

- i;iip. - .'i-C.^Tit, Sppt. ir> 
Adams, Ravniond B., Qulrron. Okla. Double spiral 

ratchet wrench. 2,521, Slti, Sept. 12. 
-Adains i;:rc Ma mit'acturiiif: Company, assignee: Bee — 

.\da:Ms. .\rthnr K., Robert R.. Cinriniiatl. an! R L. ITenry, Indian 

lli.l \'i!!:iu-p. Ohio. Clorht'sliiie han„-.T. 2,493,331. 

.Jan. :; 

Adams. iu'^'.T, T'rhana. IlL Dihcnzopymn mnrihuana-like 
cniiipuuiids. 'J.."iO'j.:',.Sil. May .".n. 

Ad.arn.s, Ro^'cr, Irhaiia, 111. Itit.fnzupvran iiririhuanadlke 
compounds. 2..'')(iO..'-'.S7. May ;M. 

.Vdatiis, Roy L., Sch^nerrady, N. V., ass!gn<ir to General 
KIpcrric Company. .\rtii'l>' of 'iintrs'.n and wrought 
•'"ppcr Joini>(l bv ca-^r copper. ll..ant' nijt), Mnv 2. 

Adams, Wahott Nl , N>w York, .N. Y, Mei'h.inipm for 
varying the scttiriu' of an obifMt In aicordance with 
conditicms as esrabli>*hed bv the sotting of the object. 
2. .'•.0^,441. May j:; 

Adani.^, Whitney R , Mara-.van, N. J., assignor to Johnson 
A Johnson. Fiber treat-nent. 2.4&3.T40, Jan. 10. 

.Vdanis. WilliniM J . assignee: iSee — 
AlhriL'hr. John C. 

Ad.inis. Willi.iin N.. Jr., Decatur. C.a. Fishing plug re 
trlever. 2.4'.t3.10n. Jan 3. 

Adi.'i'.son. Arthur P., Ballston Spa, N. Y., assignor to Flectric Companv. .Anciilar motion transmit- 
ting apF'arntus. 2,.'jn8 98.'), Mav 23. 

.^'la:ns(ln. Frank M. : Srr — 

Cadvvell. riarence J., and .\dam<on. 

Adam.-i..n. IVitrirk, Hailevburv, (»:;-arlo, Canada. Drill 
Mr. 2.."1 l.s:!l. June 20. 

Adamson. Robert A.. West Wlekham. England. Electri- 
cally heated soldering iron. 2..">lS.2r,,-. .\ug. 8. 

.^Manitch k, Miehael T, Brirhton, a.-;signor of one half to 
J. R. I.onihm, F:r;i,'land. Cuide vane for axial 
flow ser.'W fans, i.rupel'ers, pumps, and the like. 
2..'i24.^'',!t. Ch t lo 

Ad.anifchlk, Michael T.. Bricrhton. asslcmor of one-half to 
J. R. Kennedy, London, Enirland. S.tpw fan pump, or 
other ca-<e,i or unen^ed screw wheel. 2, .124,870. Oct.'lO. 

.Adc->ek, Norm in E, : See - 

C(dllns. Henry M . and A'leock. 

Ad'le, J<isp;.h A , Memphis, Tenn Industrial lift truck. 
2.,ai2.4M<). Ju!ie 20. 

.Addelston Aar'>n : See-- 

Lawson, Kliner J.. Fohlen, and Ad<le!ston 

Afldink. \V II., Eindhov^Ti, N'.'therl m.'.s assignor 
by mesne ass gnments, to Ha-tford .National Bank and 
Trust Coni;>any. Hartford. Conn., as tru.stee I'roduclng 
selenium rectifiers. 2.510.301, June 6. 

-Sfldis, ("larence A : See- 

Wi!i( hel. Henry T . and .\.]^!Is. 

.Addison, Henry !'> : Fire — 

D'.Melio. Gaerano P., .and .\'!dlson. 

Addlton. Forresf. Fh.werv Brnnrh Ga 
2,.'^19.(;9ti, Aug. 1.'. 

Addr.-- ■-_-:•. ;;,l!.M,;! i^rajdi r 
Brav, Henrv F 
CurMs. Franklin E. 
Ci''!!w'r/.T, W.ilfer T. 
Gollwlfzfr, Wal'er T., and Gruver, 
Orovpr ,Iehn H. 
.T,^ Tike. I-"i! wa rd ,T. 
Morse. Lawrence H. 
A'an Du.-.-Ti charl.--; II Jr 
Wesco'T, William B. 

Ad.l l'r.ri,.<ion Products Corp . assignee: See — 

l'as<in. Gustavp. I 

Kehlp. Orrmar \. 

A'lell. .r.,hn A 
2..". 12 .M4. June 

Adelsohn. Norman, and A Calone. I), nver Co!.. Printer's 

padding press. 2,494,424, Jan. 1<) 
Adelsi.n. David K. : See — 

Fvan^. Til. . (Jiir- W , .X.itlson. and Whltehlll. 
Goren, Mayer R.. and .\delson. 

Adel.-^.in, iMvid I-;.. I'.erkeley. assignor t.i Slie'd Deyelop- 
nient Compa-iv. San Franci.sco, Calif. Lubricating com- 
position. 2.."ii2,4i,'S, Apr. 4. 

Invalid walker. 
"poration, assignee : See — 

• 'rai;_-p. M;s« Measuring device. 

Adelson, David E.. Berkeley, assignor to Shell Devph.p 
ment Company, San Francisco, Calif. Lubricant. 
2,rj 12,784. June 27. 

Adelson. David E.. Berkeley, and T. W. Evans. Oakland, 
assignors to Shell Development Company, San Fran- 
cisco. Calif. Extractive distillation process for separat- 
ing the azetropic distillate mixture of allyl alcohol and 
allyl acetate. 2,500,.196, .Mar. 14 

Adelson. David E.. and H. Datinenberg, Berkeley, assignors 
to Shell Development Companv, San Francisco, Calif. 
I'olyailvl acetoxyacetate, 2 503.699. Apr, 11. 

Adelson, David E.. and H. F. Gray. Jr., Berkeley, assignors 
to Shell Development Company, San Francisco. Calif. 
Producing alkyd resins and resins obtained therefrom. 
2. .'>1 2.410. June 2U. 

Adelson, David E.. and H. Dannenberg, Berkeley, assignors 
to Shell Development Company, San Francisco, Calif, 
(.'opolymers of allyl esters. 2.514. 3."»4. July 11. 

Adelson, Samuel L., assignor to Intilco Incorporated, 
Chicago, 111. Liquid level gauge. 2.49t5,3t)<5, Feb. 7. 

Ade-0-.Matic Company, a.ssignee : See — 
Glenkey. Paul G.. and Patrick. 

Adinamis, Peter J., and S, A. Bennett. Chicago, 111. Light 
•fixture. 2,532.800, Dec, 5. 

Adklns, John S., Dayton, Ohio. Actuating mechanism for 
sehsitive horizon bars. 2 ."24,745, Oct. 10. 

.Vdkins, John S.. Dayton. Ohio. Vertical gyroscope com- 
pen.sated for turn errors, 2, .'528. 487, Nov. 7. 

.\dkins. Sterling, Newton, 111. 
seat. 2..M 2.219, June 20. 

Adklsson, Robert P., Verden 

2,516,742. July 25, 

Spring supported tractor 
Okla. P.ale regulator. 

Spiral bobby 



.Adlake Company. The, assl^rnee : See — 

Sevison. Harry D. 
Adler, Ben, North Miami. Fla 

2. 523, .548, Sent. 26. 
Adler. Benjamin, White Plains, N. Y 

pling device. 2,511.524. June 13. 
Adler. Cyrus M. : See — 

Rtiwp, Walter, and Adler 
Adler. Henry, Brool<lvn, N. Y 

vice. 2,495,495, Jan. 24. 
Adler, Herbert D . & Company, assignee 

Herrmann. Alvln G. 
Adler, John B., Lincoln Park, and L. J. Rosa, D> tr>dt, 

Mich. Hinge structure. 2,500.4^1. Mar. 14. 
Adler, John H.. assignor to Jnx. Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Drummer's practice 
See — 


station mounted 


a rehlcl*. 

:nor to 

Z. nirh Rail' 

o Cor- 


. 2.."i: 

Radio Tor- 
,143. June 

Portable service 
2.498,229. Feb 21. 
Adler, Robert, Chicago, 111., assi 
poration. Matmetostri<ti\ elv 
filter. 2,.501,488. Mar. 21. " 
Adler, Robert, Chicago, 111., assignrir to 
poration. Electron dis. h.irge device 

Adler, Robert. Chicago, and J, G. Prentiss, Herwyn. 111., 
assignors to Zenith Radio Cor[)oration. Ilichgain 
amplifier tube. 2,533.750, Dec. 12. 
Adler, Roman. New York. N. Y. Compact. 2.407,7r.2, 

Feb. 14. 
Adler, Roman. New York, N. Y. Noveltv jiin or brooch. 

2.521.198. Sept. 5. 
Adler, Solomon. Kew Gar.leng. .N Y 

2.516.171. July 2.5. 
Adlerstein, Herman. New Y'ork, N. 

2,517.757, Aug. 8. 
Adminlstnitor, Civilian Production .Adtnln 
States of America, as represpnfed by tlie, 
Stone. Robert L, 
-Vdmlrsl Corporation, msltnee : See— 
raalkner, Wlllarrt 
Iwashita. G"..rj.' K 
Patterson. Charles F. 
.! K. 
Des Moines. a.esiL-nnr to Deere 
DubuiMie. IoW,a 

Threading device. 
Y. Knapsack. 

stration. United 
assignee : See — 

Wheel cleaner. 

Y. (iun type garden sprayer. 

Speed Printing Ma- 
-harpening device. 

Williamson, K. 
Adolphson. Evert W., 
Manufacturing Co., 
2,522,204, Sept. 12. 
Adragna, Philip, Brooklyn, .N, 

2 523,0S4, Sept. 19 
Adrian. Joseph, assignor to Super 
chinery. Inc., Cleveland. Ohio. r»rl 
2.521,439, Sept. 5. 
Adshead, Charles W,, Ilford, assignor to Setrlght Registers 
Limited. London, F^ngland. Totalizator regigter. 
2,514,174, July 4. 
Advance Aluminum Castings Corporation, assignee: See — 

Le Rotte. Jerome H. 
Advance Glove Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Keller, Joseph. 
Advance Manufacturing. Inc., assignee : •S'cc — 

Kirknatrick. Henry O 
Advance Metal Products Company, assignee : See — 

Hlrschy. Charles. 
Advance Solvents & Chemical Corporation, assignee : See — 

Mack, Gerry P. 
Advance Transformer Co.. assignee : See — | 

Felnberg, Albert E. 
Advertising Ingenuities, Inc.. assignee : See — 
Voges. Frederick 

Aeco Manufacturing Co.. assignee : See — 
Patterson, Howard V. 

Aelony, David, Minneapolis. Minn, assignor to General 
Mills. Inc. Esters of hydrox\alkvl ar-'iiiatle sulfon- 
amides. 2,496.650. Fob, 7. 



Aelonv. David, Minneapolis, Minn, assignor to General 
Mills, Inc. Esters of hydroxyalkyl aromatic sulfon- 
amides. 2.496,651, Feb. 7. 
Aelonv, David. Minneapolis, Minn., assignor to General 
-Mills, Inc. Sulfonamide wax ertulsions. 2,505,931, 
May 2. 
Aeppli. Albert, assignor to Maag 2^hnrader Fnd 
Maschlnen. A. G.. Zurich. Switzerland. Gear grinding 
machine. 2,522,334, Sept, 12. 
Aeppli, Albert, assignor to MaagtZahnrMder und-Masehinen 
Aktiengesellschaft, Zurich, Switzerland. Index device 
for gear grinding machines. 2.528.988, Nov, 7, 
Aerial Products. Inc., assignee : See — 

Dwyer, .Martin, and Tsang. 
Aerl. Inc.. assignee : See^- 

Todd, Earl. 
Aermotor Companv. assignee : See — 

Scholes, Daniel R. 
Aero Supply .Mfg. Co., Inc, assignee: See — 

Suska. Charles R. 
Aerogllde (,"orporation, assi^ee : See — 

Wilson, Broadus. 
Aerojet Engineering Corporation, assignee : See — 
Gongwer, Calvin A., and Merboth. 

Hawk, Carson E,. and Walker. | 

Plant, Herman. 
AVolfe, Charles M. 
Zucrow. .Maurice J. 
Aerol Co. Inc., assignee : See — 

Gaines. Frank K. 
Aeronautical Research Corporation, assignee : See — 

Reck, Frank. 
Aeronca Aircraft Corporation, assignee: Srr — 

Burn, Edward R. 
Aeroguip Corporation, assignee: See — 
Bradbury, Frederick J. 
Brandau. Marvin W., and Main. 
Brock. William H. J. 
Hollerith, Charles. 
Aerotec Corporation, The, assignee : See — 
Oliveau, John V. 
Watson, John E., nn 1 McBride. 
Ae.schlimann, John A., Montclair, N. J , and 
Brooklyn. N. Y., assignors to IIofTinan La 
Nutley. .N. J. Carbandc acid esters 
Aeschlimann. John A., Montclair N J 

A .'^^ tern pel, 

Roche Inc., 

2,4',»3,710, Jan. 3. 

and A, Stempel, 

assignors to Hofftnann L;i P.orhe Inc., 
Carbamic acid esters of (3-hvdroxy-2- 
amlnes and salts thereof. 2,.a 12,732, 

nssl^'nee: Sre — 

assignee : 

Brooklyn, N, Y 
Nutley, N J. 

June 27. 
Aetna Casualty and Surety Companv. Tin 

Bryan, Austin D.. and Gebelpin," 
Aetna-Standard Engineering Company, The, 
Bee — 

Rodder. William, 

Vignere, I-eonard A. 
.Af!lliated (Jas Findpmpnt, Inc., assignee: See 

-Antrim. WillLim D. 

Campbell. Donald ,A. 

Campbell. Donald A., and Buck. 

Cartter, William G. 

Corny. Joseph A,, and Green 

Hicl-^y, Fr.ank K 

"^^J^'T"• ^'"^ ^- Stockholm. Sweden, assignor to Kleen 
Refrlp.rator, Inc., Ilobokon, .N. J. Absorption or ad- 
sorption r.-irigeraiinn. 2,4t<t>,4.")9. Fob. 7 

-Af Kleen, .Nils E., Stockholm. Sweden. Aircraft refrlL-era- 
•: ri 2 1f>n.7:i6. Mar 7 

At Kjpon. Nils E.', Stockholm, Sweden, assignor to Kleen 
Refrigerator, Inc., Hohoken, N. J. Refrigeration 
2,r)28,()04, Oct. 31. 

Afton, Leonard .N.. an.l S. Ka!:fman Chif^ago 111 as- 
signors to Areadi.a Manufae-urlni: rompanv ' Flli'n or 
plate \iewpr having a telescoping casing." 2,495 047 
.Ian. 17. 

Ag.amaite. E.hvard. Jr., assignor to Fort Howard I'.aper 
rom[)anv. Green Bay, Wis, Roll toilet paper dispenser 
2.510 ',.'',7 .Tun" 6. 

Af:9^\ Charles A. T., Collingswood, N. J. Combined 
cigare'te extinguisher and .i^h tr.iy. 2,4n.a,496, Jan. 24, 

Agee, Charles A. T., Signal Mountkln, Tenn, hgarene 
extinguisher. 2,518,840. Aug. 15. 

Agee. Ilarnbi J.. F. K. Cowgill. and J. D. Gordon, as-signors 
to Olson Manufacturing Companv, Idaho R .farv 
beater topper for vegetable pl^wfcs. 2,506,054. Mav 2. 

Ager. Clarence P.. Bremerton, AVash. Template hohler 
2,494,532. Jan. 17. 

Ager, Solomon. Bronx, N, Y, Applicator sti.k. 2,510 490 
June 6. 

Aget Manufacturing Company, as.slgnee : See — 

Gllmoro, Harry L. 
Aglns, George, assignor to Arma Coi^oratlon Brooklyn 

N. Y. Ground speed indicator. 2,519,422, Aug. 22, " ' 
Agins, George, assignor to Arma Corporation. Brooklyn 

N. Y. Servo-system. 2,529.005, Nov. 7. 
Agins, Georpp, Br.ioklyn, N. Y., and E. D. Gltten*. R.^s.-Hp 

N. J., assignors to Arma Corporation, Bronklvn N Y 

Stabilizing niechonism. 2,511.614, June 13. " ' 
Agner, Ralph R.. Purlincrton. Wi.i T'niversal actuatinc 

oarlock. 2.519.621. .Aug. 22. 

Agnew. Albert P.. Philipsburg, Pa. Multii.le tunnel kiln 
2,504,4.S4, Apr, 1^. 

Agnew. Charles E.. Shaker Heights, Ohio. Sintering ma 

chine. 2,506,569. May 9, 
Agnew. Edward J. : See — 

Blanton. William B.. and Agnew. 
Agnew. Edward J., Brooklyn, assignor to The Western 
Inlon Telegraph Company, .New York, N. Y. Telegraph 
switching systeiu. 2.511.832, June 20. 
Agnew, George H. : Set — 

McKeever. Charles H.. and Agnew. 

Agrashell, Inc.. assignee : Bee — 
Ayers, Joseph W. 

Agresti, Vincent A.. Rochelle Park, assignor to Howe 
Machinery Company, Inc. Passaic, .N. J. Constant ten- 
sion elongated material handling mecbunism. 2,534,496, 
Dec. 19. 

Agriculture. State Board of. assignee : See — 
Fan all, Arthur W. 

Agriculture. United States of America as represented by 
the ."Secretary of, assignee : See — 
Alexander, Kllem. 

Arthur, Jett C, Jr. , 

Babcock, Glen E., and Smith. 
Badgett, Charles <>.. and Woodward. 
Balls, Arnold K.. Waldon, and Thompson. 
P.eckel, Arthur C, and lieltor. 
Beckel. Arthur C. Belter, and Deobald. 
Beekel, Arthur C. Cowan, and Belter. 
Buras, Ednniiid M., Jr., and Reid. 
Burdick. Everetto M. 
Burr, Horace K., and Makower. 
Car.-on, John F, 
Carson, Juhn F,, and Lewis. 
Castle, Francis J., and Beal. 
Clark, Thomas F, ' 

Colman. Edward A. 
Couch, .lames F., Krewson. and Porter. 
Croston. Clarence B , Evans, McKlnney. and Cowan 
Do Eds. Floyd, and Booth. 
Dietz. Thomas J., and Hansen, 
E.idy. Clyde W. 
Emerson. Oliver IT. 
Evans, Cyril D., Ofelt, p.nd Smith. 
I'oei..'. ii.ilKit L.. .and '>aribaldi. 
Fein, .Martin L.. and Fisher. 
Ferrol. Robert E.. and (dcott. 
Filachione. Edward .M., Fein, and Fisher. 
Goldblatt. Too A., and f)Mroyd. 
Gordon, William G,. Jackson. an.J Brown 
(iraham. Robert P.. and Shepherd. 
Il.'imilfon, Robert M.. and Yanovsky. 
llellbach. Rudolph. 
Hemmeter, George T. 
Hills. Claude H. 
Houston. David F. 
Houston. David F.. and Kester 
Jones. Chase H , and Mei ham 
Jones, Harrison W,, and Lundgren. 
Kester, l^rnest B 

Krewson, Charles F., Naphski, and Porter. 
Kyame, George J. 
I.iithrop, Klbert C. 
Lawrenep. Ray V,. and Kaufmann. 
Lewis, Arthur J. 

I>ewl8, Arthur J., Moser, and Cowan 
Lewis. Jaitip* C. and Jansen, 
Lockwood. L' wis B . and Stodola. 
Loughborough, William K., and Espenas. 
Mast, William C. 
Mast. Wiliiaiu C, and Fisher. 
MeConnell. Nealy C . Minis. Poole, and Lanier. 
MeKlnney. Leonard L.. Thing, and Cowan. 
Mc.Me«'kln. Thomas I. . Relfl, Warner, nni Ja'^kson. 
.Me(ham, Dale K. 

.Mohltretter, Charles L., ai. '. Dv nch. 
Olcott. Harold S., and Moha::.n,ad, 
(Jwens, Harry S. 
Owens, Harry S., and Lotzknr. 
Owens, Harry S.. McCready. and Maclay. 
Owens. Harry S., and Schiiltz. 
Peterson, Robert F. 
Peterson, Robert F., anl .lukson. 
Pulie.x-. I icdrtre N., and \ ei.iti;,i.^ 
Ratchford, William P.. and Fisher. 
Reed, Irvin F., and Brown. ' 

Reeves, Richard E. 
Rebberg. Chessie E., and Fisher. 
Reid. John D., and Daul. 
Reid. John D.. Ward, and Mazzeno. 
Savlch, Theodore R . and Goldblatt. 
Schopmever, CiifTord S, 
Slotter, ftlchard L., and Anderson. 
Smith. Claude R. 
Smith, George 8. 
.^tark. John B.. and Walter. 

Sttibtis. Joseph J.. Feeney. Garibaldi, and Feustel. 
Swern, Daniel. - 

Sworn, Daniel, and Dickel. 
Wall, Monroe E. 

Weil, Leopold, Woodward, Howard, and Kell. 
Williams. Kenneth T.. and T'ottor. 
Williamson. Robert V.. and Clark. 
Woodward, Charles F., and Badgett. 



Agron lau A Kew CardenH. N. v.^ „„(! S. W \\>ller 
1 .tt>h!irK.i. Pa.. assiRiiors to the United States of 
America as represented by the United States Atomic 
hn'itry Loinniission. Producing uranium fluorides and 
I coDiiiuund produced thereby. 2,510,8no. June 6 

A try, van^rlin L. : See — - 

IltiL-fi.'s. ^.. .\l'%-. (ind Diimn 

Ahhiom, Sven W., Stockholm. aRaljnior ro Sven.-^ka Aktle- 
bu!:ii:.t GaSMCcuniulator. I.i.iinito. near Stockholm 
.sw.,.e:i ((impass scale of aircraft compasses and 
marlri'Ts coinpauses. 2.52«,y2! Oct 24 

t'.T^Th^ '"!;"■', !"; °r-/' ■). -^ ^^'''^' ^'^ ^^'alf'- asfllpnors 

Tr-hl.- ac Ion f,,r arror.IioriK. 2,-}l<.n,U I 3, Jan. 31. 

il^v^n';";:'''!;,,;),:^',;"^^''^;!'""^- Chicago, m. r-lau.. 

'^^' ■"• ,W'«"? 15. anrl'A. .T. Walt. Up Fvalb. assignors to 
The Rudolph \Vurl!t7,..r Ompanv. Chicaw. Ill Ac 
rordion hand strap mountln;,'. 2.49.').!M.'>, Jan 'si 

.\hf,cr:: fnrt R Appelviken. assignor to Teh-fonaktle- 
r-.i^.r 1 M Ericsson. Stockholm. Sweden. Rejnilatin" 

■.'fy.l'ini Man^'T'""^'"'' '*'" ^'^'■•'»f«''y pendulums" 

Ahlf-r- Jacob e"..' and C. F. riiskev. New York X Y 
a<s -rior^ to the United States of America as reprf^- 

I.^iuid stabilization of nick. 1 catalysts. 2,493.497. Jan! 

^^tr>h.ulKM^A: ^'•■*'^f'"'-f' ^"""' Elastic fabric. 
AliUs ijohoVt iT. Schenectady. N. Y.. assisnor to General 
rU'ctPc ( on.pany. Afol,! for casting metals. 2..')35 6«'> 

'"^^^''-'^'nec -;i ^^""•'^-^"' 'T^-^- formation tester. 

Ahli-ort;' iTro.ii.V E.'; r,.. Ant- h-.. o.Hf, Bnckfl..w pre- 
vention vilv.'. 2 498 *'.ni Feb ''S 

Ahlstrand I'lnllip .M., Kenmnn.; N.' Y., assl-nor to The 
Lude Air TToduct^ Con.i.any. Cold treatlnK method 
and aPT'^rar't^ ".-.•', 4 ^'U I»e^ in "-"-''I'lii, meinoa 

Ahm.-^r. rn.' w. rhi,v,::o. 111. Knlfp handle. 2.517.158. 

^';yst^'^^.'"l?^lS?rV;n'^l^- "" ^"'onnation indicating 
Aho, .iMhn Y^imior of one-half to H. Xfpssen Erooklvn 
2;r.0o;r,22 Mar'rl" ''""''' '''''^"'^ ^"'^ artificial leps! 
'^V^9^V)'2;f.I:'7''""'"'''- ^^''^- Refrigeration unit. 
'''!^497,S''^^:i."■4.'''"'^'^■ ^'^"^^ ^-'T"'l ^oollT^e device. 

Alrhpr. Lon!.<. r,. nssiu-nor to Mlis-Chalmero 

Manufacturlni: r.,R,p;iny. Milwaukee WiV Stpn rp^ 

ularor control system. 2..')12. 9*^(1. Jurie 27 ^' 

Aiken, riavninni! J I ocknnrt- ni f-- >„,v,i« ,.t •_ ^ 

rack ai.l chalk board o^^ycj.o.ilJ; peb 28 "* 

Aiken. John K. • Srr 

Jnnf.-<. Harry, .md .-\iken. 
AiK..n Th„iM:,. .M -h. P,. R.fary blade shutter 
111.!,' f-ynihn>ni/in.i? switch. 2,r»14,302, 


Ardmore. Pa. 

Bottle warmer. 
Electrical circuit 


.l!.i;. I 

Aiken. William L 

2. .■526. 447. Oct. 17. 
Alk»'u, William R., Rprkelov rali- 

switching' lievice. 2..".29.;?2,T.' Nov. 7. 
Alkiri'! John R. : See-^ - 

U\lin.', Paul 0., and Aikins 
Aikman. Purton S. Wllkinsbur- as^du-nor to The Westlne- 

hn„„. ,v r Pr.ike Cnmpan.v. Wihnerdlnu !'a AutomVtfc 

driinv!!-,,. 2 ."('S, 1.32, May 1*5. ""-.'a. .\uiomatic 

Alme-;. Frnnoi,.^ .M.. Maiden PridL'p V ^- \f««», i 1 
pencil with screw feed 2 ."ilO 93S?a"u..' ] ' '^^^^^a"'^"' 

Ain,,,n.;t'i. F..lix A. ,,sii:nnr to Link Aviation. Inc.. BinR- 
' " -^ ^ .-"ertonal cnnoe. 2..-14.303. July 4 

Ainl.y Ellis, a.-'sigiior to .Vlve.-stono Products Llmlterl 

J^hi'ei^ii. ^^.^v^!;!,9^^i'u;;^8"' ""^'^^^'^ ^e^i^^fj^is^K 

^''"llac^rsi"^.^'""'^^"'^-^"^ '■'^'"- -«'S°ee: 8ee- 
A::i-.v,,rth. rhe.<.ter D., Wollasfon. and G E Janq<;on 
.North guiney. Mass.. assignors to Al i.^-Chalmers Manu' 
tar v.rm^. Company. Milu,.,ukee. Wis. Tircu it breaker 
^ith h.v..r type current connection. 2.533.545. Dec ]'' 
Ainsu,.rtli. Georce O.. assignor to Rendlx Aviation Cor- 

Air As.^ociates. Incorporated, assltjiipe • See 

Anibro,«.. F..ii\ R. 
GriswoM. Owen H. 
Kupiec, llarrv P 

^'L^^^ir- ^°i*^*^ ?^'*^e8 of America as represented by the 
Secretary ot, assignee : See — 
Corcoran. William B. 
Uarrabee. Martin G.. and Raarson 
LewiH. John H., and AllisodT « 
McLean. William B.. and Swift. 
<> ( oiinor. Andrew L., Jr 
Trinibach, Clem G. 
Welsh. James P., and Jewett. 

Air-A-Feed Equipment, Inc., assignee : See 

Moore, Edgar S. 

AJr Contnd Products. Inc.. assicnee : See 

Ueigh. Robert L. 
Air Controls. Inc.. assipnee : See — 

Schwa rz. Gerald L. 
Aircraft-Marine Products Inc., asslgne*. : See— 
BalsbauKh. Jayson C. 

Freedom, Thomas C. 1 

Macy. James C. ' 

Aircraft Radio Corporation, assipnee : .S^ee — 

Cushlng. Philbrook. 
Air Devices. Inc., assipnee : See — 

O'Day. Cortland N. 
Alrdraulics Enpineering, Inc., assignee : See— Stephen. 

'wS;„il!r."r'..Srir'"^ ^«- ^"<'- a«8'J?nee: See- 

Alrkem, Inc., assipnee : fifee — 

Abbott. Furman S. 

Caiinev. Arthur W 

Paschal. Guy S. 
Airline Foods Corp.. as.'slpnee • See 

Zabriskie. George A., III. and Fosdlck. 
Air-Maze Corporation, assignee- See 

Brown. Richard E. 

Glanzer. Clarence J., and Schaaf. 

Walton. George M. 

Alrolite Company, The. assignee : See- 
Rose, Fred. 

Alrosol, Inc., assignee : See — 
Greenwood. ClifYord \V. 

Alr-CVSpra Corporation, asBignee : See — 
Engstrum, Paul. 

Airplane & Marine Instruments, Inc.. assipnee: See— 
Benner. Theodore A. 

Air Preheater Corporation. The a.'tsienee • See 

Cooper, Roland S., an.l Karlsson. 

Holm, Sven. 

FTolm. Sven. and Karls.son 

McKee. N'eal T. 

Tlgges. Alexander J , and Braddon. 
Air Products. Incorporated, asslpne<^ • See 

Schilling. Clarence J. 

Alrquipment Company, assignee • See 

Geren, Vincent E. 

Air Reduction Company, Incorporated as.'.i -nee ■ See 

Anderson. James L. 
Ander.son, Nelson E. 
Anderson. Nelson E.. and Sullivan 
Anderson, Nelson E.. and Turbett 
Beperow, John II. W. 
Begerow. Walter 
Chiswlk. Ilalm 11. 
Clinton. Edward J„ Jr., and Flynn 
Crowe, John J. 
Deming. Georpe M. 
Demlng. George M , and Gilrov. 
Dennis. Wolcott. 
Georg. Walter. 
Hooper, Harry. 

Hoover. Charles O. I 

Huphey. Howard G. ' 

Hulme. Philip M. 
Jones. Harold O. 
Kiernan. Joseph F. 

Moore. William C. * 

-Mtiller. Albert. 

Muller. Albert. Gibson and Anderson 
Nlcolalsen, Reldar J. 
Rieppel, Pnrrv J. 
Rothschild. Gilbert R 
Schlltt, Joseph L. 
Slottman, George V. 
Slottman, George V., and Hulme. 
Thurman, Oliver. Jr 
Tyrner. Jose[)h M. 
. , Tyrner, Joseph M.. and Anderson. 

"^"•ffen'Toseph'^FL''*"''^ Corporation, assipnee : See— 
Restemeier. Edward F. 
Alsthorpe. John W., Wlnslow. Ind. Mechanical cleaner for 

drapline buckets and the like. 2,501,489. Mar 01° 
Alston, Stewart : See — 

Cox, Herald R., and Alston. 
Altcheson. Thomas Q., Kenmore. N Y assi 
American Optical Company. S..uthl)ridce M-iss' 
ment mechanism for mlcroRcofxs. 2.5('is,7,'>s' 
Altchlson, Thomas C. and J. K. Easlev, Pitt.«fie'ld Mass 
assignors to General Electric Compknv. Houlinp and 
mounting for capacitors. 2.522,9su. Sept. 19 

ipnor to 


May 23. 

T 1ST nv rATENTEE.'^ 

AJax-ConsoIi dated Coin[iany, assignee: See — 
Bretz. Irank K.. Jr. 
Donoi>, .Aiipust W. 

AJax Electric Company, Inc., assipnee : See — 
Adam. William, Jr. 
Uci.-~|.aii, Lt'ui) ii, 

Ajai Engineering Corporation, assignee : See — 
Tama, Manuel. 
Tama, Mario. 

Aj IX Iron Works, assignee : See — 

-Mueller. Herman G. 
AJax Manufacturing Compat:v, The. assignee: See — 

Crlley. Wllli.'U.i W, 
Akf, John E. .Monti lair, ai.d K. Mii]>'r, New Pniii-iwlck, 

assignors tu Cn,. iliic Cuiiipaiiy, Ji-rsey 

City. N. J. Bnttlizing pencil shra-hs. 2,.')lu.{t41, June 

Akelt'V,\d T., I.ynii, M;iss.. assignor to tieiinial Eh-c- 

tiic < 'onipanv. Switch for electric hot plates. 2,.'i24,."i(/':.. 

Oct. 3. 
Akeley. Lloyd T., Lynn, Mass., a.-^slgnor fo Cnernl Eler 

trie Company. I'liK.fss tuner. 2,rij,"),44u. (tct. in. 
Akeley, Llnyd T., Lynn, Mass., assignur to ( Electric 

Company, Ti.p faisiifr electric ranu'e automatic cnok- 

inp 2.."):',4,(i'.t7. !».. ■ 1 _'. 
-Vkerman. Julin D., .Minneap..l!H. .Minn. \i.nti;!itnr suit. 

2,,".12.<,);iO. Jun." L'T. 
Akerman, John I)., .Mlnneapnlls. Minn <l(isure collar 

for respjratnrs. 2,."i21 .(i79, Seijf. 12. 
Akeroyd, Julius A., laist <;r«.enwich, i; I., assignor to 

General Electric Company, llvelet f< tiling mechanism. 

2.518,8.")0, Aug. ]."). 
Akers, ("h.irle- \> , as>ignee : See — 

McIllt0^1l, ll,i\id (». 

Akers, Joshua U,, Clen Cove, N. Y., and C. B. Hanilin. 

H 'Itwood, Pa. liecoveilng fattv adds from a sludge 

2,."01.S0»), Mar. 2^. 

Akers, Ruth W., l-'reepart, Tex. ; now by deiree of inarriag>' 

Ruth .\kers .Mclseii. Iiress form 2 .'i;!3,9('t5. Dec. 1. 

Akers, Walter C., .North .Matewnii, W. \'a. Twine lifter. 

2.52,''),(;;j 1 . 0(.t. 1 (( 
Akester, Joseph C., Hiiy wards llcatb. suid T. Wylie, 
Twlckenliani, assignors to A.\la Fans Limited. London, 
Enirlaiid. Ventilating system. 2 ."23.933. Sept. 26. 
Akeyson, Sw;in M., Long Beach. Calif. Disk 'vpc n' mtarv 

bit. 2,r.2t).S3S. Oct. 24. 
Akherman. < ifrrit : Srr - 

Kolvoort. Egbert C. 11., and .\kkerman. 
Akliii. (Jeurgc II. : ^'ce — 

l.ilten. Walter. Aklln. and Altman. 

Wood, I >onald 1. . and .\klin. 
Akron Brass Mfg. Company. Inc., assignee: See — - 

Leo. Floyd J. 
Akron .Standard .Mold Company, assignee: See — 

K.istncr, Edward C. 
Akroyd, llaiold, assipuor to Oldham & Son Liiiiitei;, Den- 
ton, near .Mancliester, Enpl.ind. Electromagnetic relay. 
2,.''.0.-.i.'L'.-). .\pr. 2.'.. 
Aktiebolagpt Addo. as.slgiiee : See — 

I.uiidin. S\eii .\. E 

Lydfors, John, and Lundln. 
.\kt:. lol.i^-ii .\ilas Diesel, .assipnee : See — 

Minick af Kosenschold. .lolin R. 
Aktieliolag. t .\t\ldaherps Industrier, assipnee: See — 

(iustaN sson. Karl .\xel, .Munch, and Tanpeberg. 
Aktiel.ol.igt't Hygg-och 'i'ransporlekonoml, assignee: See — 

N'ilsson. i:\ei) R. ' 'olorator, .assignee: See — ; 

.N'iebnrg, I'elix. 
.\!;tIeliolai:t.t ( 'ryptoteknik, assignee: See — 

.l"lia:i.v-oii. ( 'arl A. 

• •lilsson, niof A. 
Aktiebolapet A. I'kstrr.nis Maskinaffiir, assignee: See — 

siill. i:r,k 
Akticlud.aget l\!!ektrohix, assignee: Sec — 
I BiickstrArn. .Sigurd .M. 

' I'.ild.'. Tord i:. D.. and Halldln. 

Jodell. Georg E. 

llansson. El ik O. H. i 

KoL'el W ilhclm G. 

Widell. Nils E. 
Aktiebolapet Faclt. assignee : See — 

Anneri'n. Rolf E. 

Grip, Erik K. 

Toorell, Stiire. 
Aktiebolapet Gotaverken, tissignee : See — 

Johansson. Johan E. 
Aktiebolapet C. E. Johansson, assignee : See — 

Holmherg. Petrus S. 

Aktit'bolagt't Jo!ii:S"!i & r.orsell. assfgnee : See — 
Llmlniark. Johaii (i. . ■ 

Aktictiolagef Kamvr. assignee; See — ■ 
Richter, Johan C. F. C. 
Vitaiius. Josef v.. and Klykken. 

Aktiobolnget Kantha. assignee : See — 
.Malm. Anilers E. 

Aktiet)olapet Llnderoths Patenter, assignee: See — 
Linderoth. Erik T. 

Aktieholaget LJungnians Verlcstader, assignee: See — 

Olssoii, l!;rper S. 

874049— P 2 

Aktiebolapet N'. Lowener, assignee: See — 

JloUaud.r. Nils P.. F. 
Aktieb'd.sget .^lalciis llolmqulst. assignee: See — 

TliOUite, S;en E. A. 
.\ktie!io]a^-et Separator, assignee: See — 

Erllng. Sven J. 

Oiger, Waiii!. Schrot-iier. and Pfennlnger. 

lianno, Tore V. 
' J.'insson, Ernst T. 

l.linlgren, II', n> o. 

Sarl.aiKl Earl J. 

Staaff. Per 11. 

.•^IJgeli. .\i: !., 

Svinsjo. Nils E. 

Wlderoe, Uolf. 
Aktieholaget Slipinaterial-N'axos, assignee: See — 

1 Gottfrid n A. 
.\kt:c.b()!aget S\en.^k,i Kallagerfabriken. assignee: See — 

L.ainni. Akc .M 
Akti'tiolaget Willi Keeker, assignee: See — 

Nilssun, .Nils A 
,\ktie!.^-.'s, ■;!";( h.'ti't Eiown, Bo'.tri i; Cle. assignee: See — 

P.el'li. Fritz. 

I .M' ;i r \\ 'Iter. 

Darricus, Georges. 
.. .' 1, Ediiar.!. 

llartmann. Hans. 

; .' ii.r. * 'ui t. 

Keller, Hans. 

Kei:..r. i;..boi't. 

Jaggi. Walter, and Blunschl. 

Koclier, Hermann. 

Mattli. y ! Uirct, .\ndr6. 

M,.yei'lia!>. .\ugust. 

Meyerhans. .\ugust. 

! ': .'ii niii;,'iT, Hans. 

Hrharll, Rudolf, and Meverhan«. 

Wider.-.e. R'.lf, 
.\ktieni:esells('haft Cilancier, assignee: Sre — 

Sieinlin, Paul \'> , 
.\ktlencest ll.^chaft li^r I'iscn und Stahlwerke \(rnial8 
Georg i-isc!ier, assi^rnee: See — 

Mynssen, J.icob W. 
Aktienpesellschaft Fuer Technlsche Studien, assipnee: 
See — 

ilartmann, Hiins. 

liiiegg. Rudolf. 

Salzmann. Fritz. 

ViUiirer EiiL-.'!!. 

Villiger, l':':g..n :r,\i] !' 
.Vktiengesellsehaf t vonn. I*. S)'*gfried. assignee: See — 

Deii'.olis. .Andre. 
.\ktlesoisk:»pet Stord, assignee: See — 

Note\arp. Olav. 
-Maddin Industries, Incorporated, assignee: See — 

Hriunming. Cnr] 

DeTar, Donald R . and Kirk. 

l'".iit;li. Walter ii., aini I)a\ :^ 

Jacob. Frederick N., Stout, and Miller. 

Schaper. William A 
Aladilln Industries Limited, assipnee: See — 

Hebani. Hugh <'. 
-Alamagnv, Marcel A. C. Saint-Cloud, France. Autumobile 

vehicle. 2..'')33.7,^>2, Dec. 12. 
Alaska Pacific Salmon Companv, assipnee: See — 

Hubbard. John W. 

AHiany Felt Companv. assipnee : See — 
Barnes, ChaihR R 

.\lbauph, Ellis, Sr.. San Antoiiiu, Tex. Device for picking 
cotton. 2.500,287. May 2. 

Albauph, Frederick W.. Richland, Wash.. assipTKir to Union 
Oil Companv of Cnlllornia, Los Anpeles. Calif. Water 
drive. 2.." 33,7)4 H, Dec. 12. 

.Mbemarle Paper Manufacturing Company, assignee: 
See — 

Outterson. Charles 11., and Ford. 
.Mbemarle Paper Manufacturing Company. The. assignee: 

Pierce. John S. 

.Mben. Frank L.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghouse 

j:iec;ri'' Corporation. East J'ittsburgh. Pa. J.,ocomoliv* 

axle (|uill drive. 2.498.230. Feb. 2 1 . 
.Mben. Frank 1j.. Pittsburgh, assignor to WesCnghou.'^ 

Electric Corporation. East I'itlsburph, Pa. Reverse 

gearing. 2,504,781. Apr. 18. 

AlberdJng. John II.. Jr.. Decatur. Ind. Glove turning do- 
vice. 2.5]3,(n2, July 4. 

Albers. Jo.seplt A.. Cheviot. Ohio. Automatic secretarial 
reminder. 2.533,751, Dec. Ml. 

AlbeiM Schoetdierp. ErufJt. Metuchen. assignor to SfeaHfe 
Research Corporation, Keasbey. N. J. Treating ferrltes. 
2. ",35, 025, Dee. 20. 

Albersheim, Walter J.. Interlaken. N. J., assignor to Beii 
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New Vfirk, .\. y. 
Modulation of high-frequency peneruiors. 2.498,059. 
Feb. 21. 

Albeisheim, Walter J.. Interlaken. N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated. New York, N. Y. 
Directive scanning antenna system. 2,514,017, July 11. 



Alf.crt, Edward V., New RoclicUe T. 11. Randall, Jr. 
Bt-Hcoii, and F.. M. Barber, \Vappinc:>rs Falls, assij^uors 
to Tht> IV'xasi <.'i)iiiiianv, New York, N. Y. Fuel air ratio 
controller. 2..".31,:i4;{,"Nov. ;jl. 

Albert, Harry E., issiu'ii^r tu The Flr.\sront> Tire & Rub- 
ber (Joiii;iaiiv. Akriiii, (ilil'j. Stainious ph> nylcateeho- 
latfs. ^..'ill.lT'J, July 4. — 

All)rrr, Harry E . 'issii,'!! ir to Tlie Firestone Tire & Kub- 
b'T (■(iinpuri •. Akruii. Ohio. Antimony phenol sulfides. 
L',:.14.1^t;, J.ily t. 

AlhtTt, Harry E., as.^ls^nor to Tho Firestone Tire & Rubber 
('iitiipai:v, Akron, (jhio. Stann"Ud diphenol sulfoxides. 
2,^)14.1^'^, July -i. 

Albert, Harry E, .iKsi>.'iior to Tin- Firestone Tire & Rubber 
Company, .\kroii, ohio. Stabilization of synthetic and 
natural rubber with antimony salts of pheuul sultidos. 
'J.r. 14,1 !>.'',. July 4, 

Albert, Harry E., assimior :o The Fircst' n^ Tire & Rubber 
Company, .\kron, Ohi<'. t^tabilization of synthetic rub- 
bers. 'J.-'-U.-Jlo, July 4. 

Albert, Harry E , aB.siirfe>r to The Firestone Tire & Rubber 
Company, .Vkrou, uhio, Preservm^,' rubber. 2,.')14,2I8, 
July 4. 

Albert, Harry 1^., as'^iu'iior to the Firestone Tire & Rubber 
Cnin[iany, Akron, Ohio. Sttblli:ers. 2,514,220, July 4. 

Albert, Harry E., as.^iL'rior to The Fire.^tone Tire & Rubber 
Company, Akron, (ihio. .StatiilizHtion of rubbery co- 
polymers \vi:h stannou.s pl.enylcatecholates. 2,514.221, 
July 4. 

Albert, Henry J., assignee: See — 

Hen>ley. I.iihi I',. 

Albert, Ja.ob .\ , Ann\l!le, Va. Poultry fountain. 
L',4!t'.t,;t4(h .Mar. 7 

•A-lbert, Louis L., Irvin;,'ton. .N. J Collapsible poultry 
crate. 2.r)l.'!),s9.'?. .\ov. 14. 

Albert, Shatuidy E. : See — 

Muses, Naac, Jr., and .\U>ert. 

Albert, Walter P , .M.idison, .\. J., asslcnor to Rell Tele- 
plione l.,'iboratorie.>4. Ineoriioratei!, Nevr York. N. Y. 
Nlotor cont rol .system. 2.r>04,*)13, Apr. IS. 

Albert, Walt' r P.. .Madison, .\. J. Power-transniltting 
Hystem. '2.'2f<.][)2. Oct. Id. 

Albertoil, John, San Francisco. Calif, t'an feeding device. 
'2.'^i<o.r,iy.\, Mar 1 \. 

Albertidl, John, San Francls« o. Calif. Bo.i handling ap- 
paratus. 2,517.956, .\uj,'. s. 

.\Ibertoli, John, San Franoisco. Calif. Fruit guiding ap- 
parntii-i. ■_',5J4.L'4,S, Oct. 3. 

Albert.'', .Arthur S. : See — 

Albert.^, Sydney S. and A. S. 

Albert.s. .Arthur S and S. S., Yonkers. N, Y. Film develop- 
riuuu reel. 2,499,348, Mar, 7. 

Alberts, Svduev s. : .s- c- - 

Albert.s, Arthur S. and S. S 

Alberts, Sydney S., Yonker.s, .V. Y'. M.iking brassidreS. 
2.5n8,355. .Miy 23. 

Alberts. Sydney S., Yonkers, N. Y. Ilr.issi^re. 2,528,105. 
Oet. 31. 

Alberts. Svdnev S. and .\. S., Y'onkers, .\ Y Rotary de- 
y. lo;,!-i_- t:ink 2,510 337. Autr. !'_', 

Alb>Ttson. Dayid W., V. S Nayy. Fni: trun attachment for 
crash tire an() rescue work. 2,525,757, Oct. 17. 

Alberts, n. .M-redhh P., Jr , Detroit. .Mich., assignor, by 
mesne assU-nments, to The Ohio Crankshaft Company. 
Cle\elani]. i>h)o Refraetorv and heat insulated Induc- 
tion heatinL' tiP'i'l. 2.5in,<)42. June 13. 

Albert.son. N\iel F., East Cifenhush, assiirnor to Sterling 
Hruij Inc., New Y'ork, .N. Y. Preparation "f alpha- 
acylainino ;i!pha-suf^stl-uted-ai'etic acids. 2,531,595, 

Noy. 2^. 

Albertson. Nrel P., F.isr Oreenbush. and S, Archer. Al- 
bany, as,- trroirs, by m>.sRe .assii^'nnient.s, to Winthrop- 
Stearns Inc.. New York, N. Y Production of a 3-(1ower 
acyl ) amino :; cnrhalko'cv 2 piperidones, 2,49fi.32R. Feb. 7. 

Albertson. Victor N., .Mlnneap. li.«, .Minn. Ratchet wrench. 
2,529. 47fl, Ni>y. 14. 

Albi Manufaeturitii: Co , Inc. ansitrnee : See — 
Jones. CnnneU, .Tuda. and Sidl. 

Albln, ,1-1. 'k J. : .<(■- - 

D'' Xanlls, Cornelius R . and .\ Ibln, 

Alblswerk Zurich .\. (i , .issiguee : See — 
Patry, Je.m, and Str;;b. 

Albr.'Hvi. Wla.iimir: .^'>p— - 

Genln. Georces A V. J., and .\lhrand. 

Albrand. Wl.idiniir. assignor to Coni['''enie General D'Elec- 

' trlcite. Piris. Frani'. Peculation of two stage auto- 

mati.- (■harclns: .■!' st'.race tiatterie.';. 2.502,fi92, Apr. 4. 

Albre.dn. AleTand.-r J ,' W, New York, N. J., asslcnor to 
R. Hoe & Co.. Inr- . New York. .V. Y. Sheet registering 
mechanism. 2.528. lOt".. O.^t. 31 

.\lbreehf. .Ale.xander J., West .New York, N. J., assignor to 
R Hoe it Co., Inc, New York, -N. Y. Sheet register 

nie. tianism. 2,529.273. Noy. 7. 

Albrecht, DonaM R., assi-nor to B. .M. C. Manufacturing 
Corporation. Biui-'iiamtoti. .N. Y'. Toggle-actuated plier- 
type wrenrh. 2.525 r,3(i. O.-f. 10. 

Albrecht. Ce.irL"^ F \\Iiitinsylile, Mass. Riv.s: assembly. 
2.5iij.i;i;. .M:ir. ::>^ 

Albrecht. Kurt. Pleasant Hills Borough, assignor to Hall 
Laboratories. Inc., Pi; tsfiur'4h. Pa, Conductivity celL 
2,525.754, Oct. 17. 

Albrecht. Oscar A., Omah.a, N-br. Toy firearm. 2,494,605, 
Jan, 17. 

Albrecht, Otto, Neuewelt. near Basel, R. Sallmann, Gelter- 
kinden. and C Gr:iennctier. Kiehen .i-s:^'nos to *"iha 
Limited. BaMl. Switzerland. N-acylate<l amino methyl 
ethers and makinu .sau.*-, _'52:;'.'. i, .•^•■.-t _'. 

Albrecht. Otto. Neuewelt. J. Frei, .Monthey. and A. I.andolt, 
Riehen. Switzerland. ass!;rnorB to Clba Limited. Com- 
position comprising a nltrou.-nou.s r.sin t 1 copper for 
aftertreating substantive dyeings and prinit,. 2,52ti,106, 
Oct. 17. 

Albreebt. Vladmir : See — 

Cech, Jaroslav, and Albrecht. 

Albree, George N., Winchester. Ammunition. 
2.493.938, Jan. 10. 

Albright, Charles B., New York, N. Y., as.-i:;:i..r to orr 
Felt and Blanket Company, Piqua, Ohio, lo.ving and 
curing apparatus. 2,506,700. .Miy Q. 

Albriglit. Charles B., New York, .N. Y., assl^^mr to The 
Orr Felt & Blanket Company. Phjua, Ohio. .Method and 
apparatus for uniformly drying and curing a resin Im- 
preiruated en. Hess textile strip 2.512.128. June 2*1. 

Albright. Charles B., New Y'ork. N. Y.. assignor to The 
Orr Felt & Blanket Company. Piqua. Ohio. .Method 
and apparatus for drying and curing felts. 2,518,740, 
Aug. 15. 

Albright. Edward J,, assignee: See — 
Tomlin.son, Kent. 

Albright. Edward J,, Chicago, 111. Conveyer for eviscer- 
ating apparatus. 2.516.499. July 25. 

Albright, John C, assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
himself and W. J. Adams, Chicago, 111. Motion trans- 
mitting device. 2.534,497. Dec. 19. 

Albright, John R.. assignor to Geo. D. Roper Corporation, 
Rockford. Ill, Rotary shaft seal. 2.503.08ti, Apr, 4. 

Albro. Walter, Jamestown, N. Y. Clip retaining pocket 
attachment. 2.523.804. Sei-t. 26. 

Alburger, James R.. Los Angeles, Calif. Noise-reduction 
system. 2.512.785, June 27. 

Alburn. Harvey E., and E. G. Snyder, assignors to Wyeth 
Incorporated. Piiiladelphia, Pa. Recovery and puritica- 
tion of antibiotics. 2.505,318. Apr. 25. 

Alburn, Harvev E.. and B. G. Snyder, assignors to Wyeth 
"Incorporated. Philadelphia, Pa. Recovering and puri- 
fying streptomycin, 2,531,869, Nov. 2S. 

Alch, Lessing. St. Louis. Mo, Picnic table. 2,512,473, 
June 20. 

Alco Valve Company, assignee : Bee — 
Bower, George D. 
Dube. John E, 

Dube, John E,, MacDougall, and Bower. 
Houghton. LyJe S,. and Ellis. 
Ives, Clifford ii. 

Kounovsky. Edward F., and Dube. 
Mclllvaine, Douglas K. 
Rose. Howard E, 

Alcock, John F.. North Lancing, assignor to H. P. Uicardo, 
London^ England, Heat exclianger. 2.503,t'i5I , .\pr. 11, 

Aldeen. Gedor W., assijrnor to American Cabinet Hard- 
ware Corporation. Rockford, Illinois, Ro. kford, III. 
Table mounting device for children's Idgh chairs. 
2.519.951. Aug. 22. 

Alden. Milton. Brockton, Mass. Portable electric light for 
connection with a motor vehlde. 2,511,893. June 20. 

Alden. Richard C, : See— 

Oberfell. George G,. and Alden. 

Alden Wonderall Company, assignee : See — 
Elstrora. Mabel A., and Pauly, 

Alderfer. Sterling W,. assignor to AndrewsAlderfer Proc- 
essing Company Incorporated. Akron, Ohio, Oral infla- 
tion valve. 2,502,301, -Mar, 28. 

Alderfer. Sterling W., Akron, sissiirTior to Rrainard Steel 
Company. Warren. Ohio. Telescopic and adjustable 
building support. 2.504.291. Apr. 1«. 

Alderman. Blair T., Eugene, assignor of. one-half to V. T. 
Wiglesworth, Portland Oreg. Pneumatic hammer for 
dozer blades. 2,409 <!20. Mar T 

Alderman. Mattlson W., Battle Cr.'ek. Mich., to 
Geri^ral Foods Corporation. New York N, Y. Puffed 
waxy cereal food and making same. 2,520.792, 0( t. 24. 

Alderman. Parker, assignee : Sec 
Costello, Michael J. 

Alderson Rolla. Denver, Colo. Wheel. d lifting mecha- 
nism for heavy furniture. 2,513,440, July 4. 

Alderson. William H. : See — 

Clayton, James O., and .Mderson. 

Alderson. Witty L.. Jr., Wilmington, Del,. assi_'nor to 
E I. du Pont de Nemours h Company, Plvwnod, 
2,532.9*<3, Dec. 5, 

Aldlnger. Jacob G., deceased, late of Wegf York, Pa. ; by 
W, W. Aldlnger, executor. SpringfieM, Pi . a-siutn^r to 
Y'ork Corporation. Compressor, 2.52tj,922. Oct. 24. 

Aldlnger. William W.. executor: See — i 

Aldlnger. Jacob G, ' - , 

Aldon Products Company. The, asoiirnre ; gee — 
Vara. Ethan W, 

Aldrlch. John W.. North Woodbury. nRsIcnor to IVrby 
Sealers. Incorporated. Derby, Conn. I apedispensiug 
mechanism. 2.525.755. Oct. 17. 

Aldridge. Blair <;.. assignor to The Fluor C rpo:a!ion, 
Ltd.. Los Angeles, Calif. Pulsation and flow control 
system for gas lines. 2,501.751, 2^ 

Alenius. Nils R.. Stockholm. Sweden. Wooden building 
block. 2,525,009. Oct, 10. 

Alert Development Corporation, assignee : .^ee — 
Van Tassel, James. 



Alessandrn, (.ae'ano. L<iraln, i ddo. Cooklnt; and LeatLiig 
api)aratus for \ebiiles. 2,520.923, Oct. 24. 

.\i. ■.-.-. i:. :, ..iii, ll.i-lj . . .^t f — 

Turn, r, Joseph 1.., and .Alesstindroui, 

Alexander, !'.< ii, .Nutley, N, J . and K. .M. Iiel.iralne, as 
signurs to International Standard Eleitric C.irporu tlon. 
New Y.irk. .N. Y. i'ulse code communiration bystem. 
2.51(1(154, June 6. 

.\lejan.ier, Carl Z., Hopatcong, .N. J. Boiler. 2.511, OSS. 
June 13, 

.\lexander, <'laude H.. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio, assignor to 
The H. F (Goodrich Comi>any, -New York, N. Y. Plasti- 
cized Vinyl resin compos:ii..ris. 2,5(iii.'^9 1 . .Mar. 14. 

ll«x*nder, DavUl P. Farntwrough, England Crntroi of 
«lt»ctrkt mot-ru for (iperatlon of wing l;apB OJ aircra:!, 
2.4fiH -•31, Feb . ■ 

.■Mexniu:- r. Donah! F, < uikwood. assignor to Gen. ml 
.Motors, D.iyton, Ohio. Protector contrel 
2,518,741, Aug. 15, 

.\le\ander. Donald F., ( takwood, assignor to funeral 
-Motors Corporation, Davton, Ohio. Pulse a^eraginft 
circuit. 2.521.890. Sept, 12, 

Alexander. Donald F.. Oak wood, assignor t^i (ieneral Mo- 
tors Cori>oration, Davton, Ohio. 1^'tonation indicating 
a[iparatus. 2,530,931, -Nov. 21. 

Ale.xander, Donald F., Oakwood, and A. J. Kuhn. Dayton. 
Ohio, and J. R. Hornaday, Los -\ngeles, I'allf., as 
signors to (Jenerai -Motors Corporation. Dayton, Ohio, 
Rotatabie control, 2,506,761. May 9. 

Alexander, Emmett L., assignor to The George E, Failing 
Supply Conijiany. Enid. Okla, Pulldown device for 
rotary drilling app«ratU8, 2,534.213, Dec. 19. 

Alexander, Guy W,. assignee: See — 
Lamb. Chester R, 

-\lexander, Horace R. : See — 

U'.od, Homer J., and Alexander. 

Alexander. James B.. Denver. Colo. Making food products. 
2,512.591, June 27, 

Alexander, Julius, deceased, by T. Alexander, adminls 
trntrix, Itallas. Tex. Adjustable bed spring and mat- 
tress. 2,519.729. Aug. 22. 

Alexander, Kliem, Peoria, III., asBignor to the United States 
of America as represented by tlie Secretary of Agri- 
culture. Hydrogeuated furfuralacetofuran. 2.532,279, 
1 "ec. 5. 

Alexander, Mack C, Charlotte, N. C. Musical instrument. 
2,529.5^4, Nov. 14. 

Alexaii.ler, -Maurice L,, Fort Wayne, Ind., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Farnsworih Research Corpora- 
tion, Selective detector circuit. 2.512.595, June 27. 

Alexander, Nelson K. : See — 

Golden, Sidney. Coniley, and Alexander. 

Alexander, Paul. Berkhamsted. England. Eiitnlnnting 
UHUsture from the surface of moisture-absorbent sheet 
material. 2,519,728, Aug. 22. 

Aiexunder. Paul R., Saugus, Mass. Sportsman's knife. 
2.496,840. Feb, 7. 

•Alexander, Peter P., assignor to Metal Hydrides Incor- 
porated, Beverly, Mass. Copper-titanium coating und 
bonding process. 2.512,455, June 20 

A " 

[tonding process. i:.;> i :;,4,t;», june ;i(). •« 

ilexander, Peter P.. assignor to Metal Hydrides Hjicor- 
porated, Beverly. -Mass.- Production of lithium Lyt/ride. 
2,522,592, Sept 19, 
.\le.\aiider, I'hilip. New Y'ork, N. Y'.. assignor to Pnl Inc. 
Conialner with closure and closure puncturing dispens- 
imr spout. 2,496.258. Feb. 7. 
.Alexander. Philip, New Y'ork. N. Y.. assignor to Prel Inc, 
Compressed gas cjipsule with dispensing punch. 
2,498,147, Feb. 21. 
Alexamler, Kay T. : .See — 

.Mead. Ralph K.. and Alexander. 
.Alex.mder. I{<>y H., (Uiam, Guam. Screw holding screw 

driver. 2.5>9:^1 1. Aug. 22. 
.\Ie\ander. Thelma, administratrix : ,*^ee — 

.Alexander, Julius. 
•Alextinder, Victor R., Independence, Mo. Coffee-making 

n|)pirains, 2.49S.:!Rr,. FrI). 21. 
Alexander. Victor R., Independence, Mo. Flashlight. 

2.522,012, Sept. 12. 
Aleximiler, \V. I,., assignee: See — 

Dayid.son. John R. 
.Mex.inder, \\ illiam F, : See — 

Bennett, Charles W., and Alexander. 
Alexander. William G.. Chicago. 111. Device for barbecuing. 

roasting, broiling, and the like, 2,533,080, Dec. 5. 
Alexan.ler, William R, : See — ■ 

R.inkin. John A., .Alexander, and Deal, 
\\ ilson, Clarence H.. and .Alexander. 
Alexauderson. Ernst F. W.. and F. G. Patterson, Schenoc- 
tarly, .N. Y'.. and .M. W. Sims, Fort Wayne. Ind., assignors 
to fier.eral Electric Company. Radio detection and 
ranging system employing multiple scan. 2.526,314, 
Oct. 17. 

Alexanderson, Howard -A., Wood Ridge, and H. .A. Wh(^ler. 
Alwood. assignors to Bendlx .Aviation Corporation. 
Teterboro, N. J. Control mechanism for aircraft en- 
gines and superchargers. 2,495.564, Jan. 24. 

Alexandersson, Harald V.. Lidingo. assignor to Svenska 
Akticbolaget Gasaccumulator. Lidingo. near Stockholm, 
Sweden. .Automatic record changer for phonographs, 
2,510,455. June 6, 

Alfandre. Harry, assignee: See — 
I.overch. Charles L. 

.Alfandre. Harry, Jamaica. N, Y. Strap assembling appa- 
ratus. 2,526,187. Oct. 17. 
-Alfauo. (JuMiive, Long Island Citv, -N. "^ . Keel !or el.-c- 

triial calhs, 2.533,341, Dec. 12." 
Alfoa»o. Jo»4?ph R , Ntw York, N. Y. Motion-art mechani- 

e^l toy. 2.498.476. Feb 21. 
.>L f :d. -\iid.e v,i Cambridge. .Mass., assignor to The Rau- 
land Corporation, Chicago. 111. Short-wave antenna. 
2.501,430. Mar. 21. 
Alford, Andrew, Cambridge. Mass. Antenna. 2,508.084, 

May 16. 

Alford, Andrew. Cambridge. Mass., assignor to the I'nited 

Stjiteg of America as represented iiy the Secretary of 

War. Electrical apparatus. 2,516,500, July 25. 

.\l:or.i. .\n drew. Cambridge, .Mass., ast-ignor lu the United 

.•-tales of -America as represented by the Secretary of 

Wii r Kotat.ible wave guide j(dut. 2,535,251, Dec. 26. 

.\lfre<1. Lawrence W.. Denver. Colo. Shelf attachment for 

tj.bles 2.526,793. Oct. 24. 
.Alf.eii Hanues O. G., and H. A. R. Komanus, assignors to 
1 ehion.iktieboiaget L. SI. l^ricsson. Stockholm. Sweden. 
Electron discharge apparaiug. 2,513,260, June 27. 
-Algemeen Technisch-en Industrieel Bureau de Erven Jac. 
NV. Kljins, Mswiguee : Mt — 
Reijns, Hermauus F. -M. 
Alger, Don L., Avalon. Calif. Plastic figurine, 2,506,328, 

May 2. 
Alger. John T.. assignor, by mesne assignments to F. 
Mevers and R. M. Spencer, Portland, Oreg. Thermal 
switch. 2,504,370. Apr. 18 
Alger. Milton W,, and E. M. Taylor. Brockton. Ma-'S 

Archery arrow lietching. 2.525.332. Oct, 10. 
Algin Corporatix)n of America, The,' assignee : See — 

Le Gloahec, Victor C. E. 
Allaniello. Nicholas. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Cush- 
ioned shoe. 2,502.774. Apr. 4. 
Alico, IncoriM)rat«Hl, as.siguee : See — 

Grin-r, LesU,. .i. 
Alifano, Antonio, Brooklyn, and N. M. Porreca, Woodside, 
N. Y. Edge cutter attathmeni for se\ving machines. 
2,493,735, Jan. 10. 
Alix. Elmer C. Charlton City, and H. A. Wilson, South 
Spencer, Mass. Device for removing waste yarn from 
bobbins. 2.499.81i», Mar. 7 
Alix. Elmer C, Charlton City, and H. A, Wilson. South 
Spencer, Mass. Picker stick connection. 2.527,3)55, 
Oct. 24. 
Alk, Abriham, Paterson. N. J. Daylight developing ap- 
paratus for phott'gruphle films. 2.498.477, Feb. 21. 
.Mka;;, K.ihert, Loeust Valley, N. Y., assignor to Specialties, 
(ji. II ( u\e. .N. Y, Gyrtscope erector bysiem. :ii,501,061, 
Apr: 11. 
Alkan. Robert. Locust Valley, N. Y.. assignor to Specialties, 

Inc, Angle of attack indicator. 2.504.062. Apr. 11. 
Alklre, Elbein il.. Easton, i'a. Pedal control for rheo- 
stats. 2.534,93HC Dec. 19 
Alkire, Elbern U.. Easton, Pa. Musical Instrument. 

2,535,252. 1 >ec. 26. 
Alkon Photo Products. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Conviser. Albert -A., and Grossman. 
.Ml An.encan .Airways. Inc., assignee : See — 
Cotton. Robert B. 
Doolittle. Donald B. 
Du Pont. Richard C. 
Gottschali. Clarence R. 
Allan. Barbara E.. Peterborough, and A. M. Bourdillon, 
Goring, near Reading. England. Loom for use in oc- 
cupational therapy. 2,502,691, Apr. 4, 
.Allan. Benjamin W.. and F. O Rummery, Baltimore. Md. 
Electrolytic production of gelatinous titanium hydrate 
nuclei. 2.533,20S, Dec. 12, 
Allan. John .M., Vancouver. British C^dnmbia, Canada. 
Bed table adjustable vertically and tiltably, 2,531,762, 
Nov. 28. 
Allard. Franciscus A. A. M.. Bloemendaal. assifmor "o 
N. V. Ijsfabrlek en Koelhuis IJsvries. Ijmuiden, Nether- 
lamls. Freezing tunnel. 2.511.661. June 13. 
Allard. Frederic P., Mount Vernon. Ohio., assignor to 
Stjeiltiiar I'roilucts Coiporatiou, <-hicago. 111. l.uminat 
iig ma. bine and metbud, ; 2.523,410, Sept. 26. 
Allard, Pierre J,-.M. T., Chantlliy, Fmnce. Water cleset 
with auiili.iry chamber for a cleaning brush. 2,495,49"^. 
Jan. 24. 
Allard. Pierre J.-.M. T., Chanttlly. France. Well sinking 

apparatus. 2.507.292. -May 9. 
-Allardice, Tliomas B., MountjUt) Lakes, N. J. Remind' r 

device. 2,497,285. Feb. 14. 
-Allbert. Engene P.. Buffalo. N. Y., assignor to Westlng- 
liouse Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh. Pa. Load 
b.ilancinj: motor control system. 2,53(i,93i', Nov. 21. 
Allbert, Eugene F.. Turtle Creek, and M. H. Fisher. Pitts- 
burgh, assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corporation 
East Pittsburgh, Pa. Regulating generator control 
system, 2.519.212. Aug. 15. 

Allbert, Eugene F., Turtle Creek, and .M. H. Fisher, 
Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghouse Electric Corpora- 
tion. East Pittsburgh, Pa, Motor Control system. 
2.519.213, Aug, 15. 

Alll)ert. Ei:gene F., Turtle Creek. Pa., and A. W. Kimball, 
Buffalo. N. Y'.. assignors to Westinghouse Electric Cor- 
poration. East Pittsburgh Pa. Motor control system. 
2.523,085, Sept 19. 

-Allcraft Corrugated Corporation, assignee : See — 
Eoss, Alfred. 


indp:x of patents, mv) 

I Usposable 
i' f<..r non- 
h\b. 14. 
Wiile mouth 

to Disposable 
Neck ring and 

Allder, (it^orge M. : See — 

Sarsganl, Hfrschel I'.., and .MMpt. 
AUdred^Cf, Marshall H , Detroit, Mn h.. assiffnor to Thomp- 
mm I'rudiicts, Inc. Tie rod sockft asseniblv. 2,499,346, 
Mar 7. 
Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation, assiKnt e • Bee — 

Norris, William H. 
Allegro, Joseph A. : ^'e»' — 

Riuheson. .^anford E.. and Allegro. \ 

Alli-inann, Otto : .sv e 

) larthi'inn, Max, Druey, and All>'rn,iiiii. 
AlUn, Adda M., Arlinj;Tiin. Va.. aesi^iKir to 
Bottle *,'orpord" ii'n, Washington, D. (". ('a 
rigid dii'posable nursing bottle.s. U. 497. 197. 
All»^n, Adda M., Arlington, Va., a8si:;ii'ir to 
Bottle Corporation, Washlnjjton, D. C. 
nurains unit. U.4it7,10S. Ftb 14. 
Allen, Adda .M., Arlington, Va., a.x.signor 
Bottle Corporation, Washincton, D. C. 
seal for n'lr-in:: unit.'*. •J..''.ii,><,481 . Mav 2^!. 
Allen. Adda M . Arlinirtun. Va., a.^si^'nor to Disposable 
Bottle Corporation, Washington D. C. Nursing device. 
2.,')17.4r.7, Aug. 1. 
Allen, Aiaric : >'«e- - 

Fleiidng Williams, Brian C, and Allen. 
Allen, Albert K . It ca, X. Y. Knife. 2.502,404, Mar. 28. 
Allen, .\inos 1".. .Newarl<. .V. ,1. Transparent protective and 

display I'nvelopo L',5L'0.449, .\ug. 29. 
Allen, .-\rfliiir <". : Srr-- 

Fag.>n, WlMhirn F., Klug, and Allen. 
Williams, Lynn A.. Jr., ami .\llii. 
Alli-n. .\rth;ir ('., /isMiL'tior t<> Stt war'-Warner Corporation, 
Chicattii, 111. Electronic circuit for triggering strobo- 
Bcopic devices. 2,521,141, Sept. 5. 
Allen-Bra<lley Company, assitrnee : ^'ee— 
Bradlev, Harry I, 
Iluils^.n. Willi. im J. 
-Matthias, Lynn H. 

Mat thii.s, Lynn H. and Rig.ttz. I 

Matthias, Lvnn IL, and Stong I « 

Tellka:-;;! I-c-'ti'i;. , V 

Zabel, Harold H., Thomson, and Tellkamp. 
Allen, r.,;rr!.s U., Detroit, .Mich. .Sheet metal bending 

hral<e for making S clips. 2,5U4,782, Apr. 18. 
Allen. Charles I" 11, : See — 

Lowe, Wesley O., and Allen. 
Allen. (liarP'.s I-'. H,. and D. .M. I'urn'ss, a.s.signors to 
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, .\. Y. Bispyrldyl 
compound.s contaiuaig a silicon atom and preparation. 
2,.'i(>0.llO, Mar. 7 
Allen, Charles L. : See — 

■awyer, Che.ster B., and .Mien. 
Allen, Clayton IL, and I. Kndnick, .<^tatp Collesre, I'a., as 
Bignors, by m'><ne a.ssii.'nmenrs, to The Penn.'ivlvanln 
' Research Corporation. High-frequency siren 2,.")'2S,026, 

Oct. .^l. 
Allen, Clemt^nt IL, Freeport, N. Y.. assignor, by mesne 
as.sitrnii.eiits. to the I'nited States of America as repre- 
Benteil hy f!ie .Secretary of the .Navy. Apparatus for 
conde!,.vin_' iii.-rai vapors. 2.."> 1 4,27.')," .Lil v 4. 
AlL^n ('ontr(]l Company. Inc. (1947). as.-'ignee : See — 

Bancroft, James K 

Allen, K.irl M., Chicaco, III., assitrnor to The Lnlon Switch 

and Slcnal Company, Swhssvale. I'a Railway track 

fiwltcli rontroliinc apparatus. 2. .511. 700 June 'l.*?. 

Allen. Earle F., Wellesley Hills, and, L M. F.urrows, North 

Qiilncy, .Mass., assignors to Manninc. Mavwell & Moore, 

Incorporated, .New York, N, Y 

Flow Control valve. 

2, 514. .5.^2. July 1 1, 

Allen. Ellen B . assignee : Sep — 
Smith. I'a';! S. 

Allen, i:verett R.. Jprsey Citv. as-i-nor to \!etals Disin- 
tegrating Company, Inc., F.lizabetli, N. J. .Muminum 
pa.ste [U^rment 2..")2.").279. Oct. In. 

Allen. Everett R.. Jersey City, assignor to Metals Disin- 
tegrating Company. Inc, Elizalie^h N. J. Aluminum 
paste picment. 2..')2.",2su, (ict. 10, 

Allen, Everett W.. Birmincham. as.sjgnor to General Mo- 
tors Corporation. Detroit, Mi(h Windshield wiper 
2 ."II." ri7,« .\[,r 2." 

Allen, FYanels j.. Qnarndon. assignor to Rolls-Royce 
Limited. Derby, England. Dynamo electrical machine 
2, .^19. 097, Aug. 1.''). 

Aller;. I'rank B.. Lower Morion Township. Montgomery 
Co mtv. assi!.";or to The Allen Sherman IIofT Companv. 
I'hilad'Mphia. I'l. Method and aiiparatus for handling 
fine sol!, is. 2,."i;j4.''07, Deo. 19. 

Allen, Frank M.. assignor to Kenworth Manufacturing 
A Stamrdne Co.. Milwaukee, Wi.s, Clothesline reel 
2.!508 S09. May 2.3. ' 

Allen. (Jeorcp .M. : See — 

R'lse. Brnce r.,. ;ind Allen. 

Allen. Georgp W. -.-See — 

Tramontinl. Vernon N. and Allen. 

Allen, George W,, Erving, Mass. Rotary Impact type 

screw driyor. 2,524,15.5. Oct. .'l. 

.-Mien. Geo'--e \V.. Indianapolis. Ind., assignor t^ Stewart- 
Uarner Corporation, Chlc.ico, III. Blower. 2 529 362 
Nov. 7. 

Allen, George \V.. and V, .N. Tramontinl, Indianapolis 
Ind., assignors to Stewart U'arner Corporation. Chi- 
cago, 111. Sheet metal internal combustion heater 
2-.507.0Sl, -May 0. 

Allen. Harold P., Mansfield, Ohio, assignor to Westlnghouse 
Electric Corporation East Pittsburgh, I'a. Heating ap- 
paratus. 2,515,579. July 18, 

Allen. Harry L., Jr.. Garfield Hel-hts, and J. E Smith. 
Cleveland Heights. Ohio. .Multiple layer hearth struc- 
ture for metallurgical furnaces. 2, 50s, 739, Mas 23. 

Allen, Henry IL, London, Knsrl.ind. ass.K'nor, liy nii sne as- 
signments, to Celanese C-rpi,ration of America. Re- 
cording head carriage guiding means. 2,513.441, .Inly 4. 

Allen, Henry H., New York. .\. Y . assignor to Benus Bro. 
Bag Company, .Minneapolis, Minn. Closing bag tube 
ends. 2 524,030, Oct. 3 

Allen. Herbert, assignor to Cameron Iron Works, Houston, 
Tex. Valve. 2,505,270, Apr. 2-"). 

Allen, Herbert, assignor to Cameron Iron Works, Houston, 
Tex. Wellhead. 2.517,^21, Aug. S. 

Allen, Herbert, and M. T. Works, assignors to Qpmeron 
Iron Works, Inc.. Houston, Tex. Sealing and testing 
wellhead connections. 2,.")31 ."',tfi, Nov. l'k, 

Allen, Herbert A.. Boston, Mass. Justlfvinc rulr for 
typewritten matter. 2,517.159, Aug. 1. 

Allen. Horace C, Princeton, .\. J., a-ssigior to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Optical mi.\in;; I'f plan position 
indication and graphical information. 2.50t),127, .May 2. 

Allen, Howard O.. Niagara Falls. C. D. Tlmmas and K. C. 
Miller Hamburg. N. Y., assignors to American T,vpe 
Founders, Inc., Elizabeth, N. J. Tube forming machine. 
2,509.714, May 30. 

Allen, Howard G., Niagara Falls, and C. D, Thornas. Ham- 
burg. N. Y., assignors to .American Tvpe Found, rs. Inc., 
Elizabeth. N. J. Tuiie machine. 2..''<i9.71.".. May 3o. 

Allen Industrial Products, In. orporated, assignee : See — 
Allen, Robert L.. and IIari.e< k. 

.\llen, Ivev, Jr.. and W. U. .Marshall, Bloomfleld, and 
G. E. Wightman, Upper .Montelair, .\. J., assignors, by 
mesne assignments, to Union Carbide and Carbon Cor- 
poration. Continuous bulk polymerization of styrene. 
2,490,653, Feb. 7. 

Allen, Jack G., Llbertyville, assignor to F. H. Noble & 
Company, Chicago, 111. Wrist watch holder for display 
containers. 2,504,485, Apr. 18. 

Allen. Jack O., Llbertyville assignor to F. H. Noble k 
Company. Chicago, 111. Container for articles of jew- 
elry and the like. 2,517,758, Aug. 8. 

Allen, James S. : Bee — 

Burdick, Everette M., and Allen. t 

Rossi, Bruno B.. and -Mien. 

Allen, James S., Santa Fe. N. .Mex., assignor, liy mesne 
assignments, to tlie I'nited States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of War. Computing system. 
2,535,2.50, Dec. 26. 

.\llen. John D. assignor to Process Equipment Engineers, 
Inc., Belding, Mich. Mixing apparatus. 2.500,394, 
Mar. 14. 

Allen, John F.. Maroubra, Sydney, assignor to Amalga- 
mated Wireless (Australasia) Limited, Sydney. -New 
South Wales, Australia. Fre<iuency comp.iralor. 
2.532.435. Doc. 5. 

Allen, John H., and E. S. Ramsey, Fnyetteville, W. Va. 
Switch for ventilating systems. 2,520,315. Oct. 17. 

Allen. John S.. assignor to The Walkoliie Coni|iany. Incor- 
porated. Montgomery, Ala. Conddne<l pedestrian traflic 
sii:nal and advertising dcvire. 2.50.3,574. .Apr. 11. 

Allen, John W., Chicago. III., assignor to Chicago Bridge 
h Iron Company. Seal for floating roof tanks. 
I 2,497,850. Feb. 21. 

Allen. John W., Chicago. Ill , assignor to chiracro Br!d;:e 
k Iron Company. Lifter roof storn-ce 2.4;»7,851, 
Feb. 21 

Allen. John W.. Chicago. III., assignor to ciiicago Bridge 
& Iron Company. Gas holder. 2,525,758, Oct. 17, 

-Vllen. Joseph W. : See — 

Gartner, Lawrence E., and Allen. 

-Mien Kenneth K. : Bee — 

Allen. Olln E. and K. E. 

Allen Manufacturing Company, assignee : See^ 
Gates. Clarence S. 

Allen, Moses, Compton, assignor to T. R. Welch, I.,os An- 
geles, Calif. Apparatus for system of visual signal com- 
mnnifatinn. 2.519.093. Aug. 22. 

.Mien, Olin E.. Turjiin, Okla. Swivel cnster bearing for 
the rear wheel of a disk plow. 2.518.972. .Aug. 15. 

Allen. Olin E. and K. E.. Turpin. Okla. Worm gear 
plow lifting device. 2,526,186. Oct. 17. 

Allen Organ Company. Inc., assignee: See — 
Markowltz, Jerome. 

Allen. Otis W,. East Point. Ga., assignor to International 
Minerals & Chemical Corporation. M.iniifacture ..f gel 
compositions. 2,505.079, .Apr. 25. 

Allen. Otis W., assignor of one-half to D. K. Kelly, Green- 
wood. -Miss. Collapsible Jointed ladder and storage 
means therefor. 2,513.835, July 4. 

Allen. Philip S.. Long Beach, Calif. Camera shutter and 
film actuating mechanism. 2.534,214. De''. 19. 

Allen. R. C. Business Machines, Inc., assignee : See — 
Koca, James F. 

Allen, Raney R.. Dayton. Ohio. Fishhook. 2,503,573, 
Apr. 11. 

Allen, Raymond, assignee : See — 
Kendall, Osmond, and Loach. 

Allen.'' Raymond P.. Jr.. and W. H. Sohn. Baltimore, Md., 
assignors to Western Electric Company, Incorporated, 
New York, N. Y. Exhaust hood. 2,516.840, Aug. 1. 




■Allen. Raymond P., Jr., Essex, F D. Johnston, Towson. 
and W, H, Sohn, Baltimore, Md., assignors to Western 
Electric Company, Incorporated, .New York, .N. Y Ex- 
haust hood. 2,516,839, Aug. 1. 

Allen, Kuymoud W. : bee — 

Steyens, Horace D.. and Allen. 

Allen Robert L,. and C. L. Harbeck. assignors to Alleii 
Industrial I'roducts, Incorporated, Battle Creek, Mich. 
Material handling truck scoop witli check and latch 
assembly. 2,5<iS.482. May 23. 

Allen. Roy E., Highland I'ark, Mich. Hinged telescope 
sight mount. 2,527,289, <.'ct. 24. 

Allen, Rufus v., Chino. Calif. Hen's nest. 2,518,588, 
Aug. 15. 

Allen, Uubseil C, Fort Atkinson, Wis. Cooking utensil 
cover. 2,511,682, June 13. 

AUen-Sherman-HotT Company, The. asbsignec : .s^e — 
Allen. Frank B. 
Mylting, Lauritz E. 

Allen, Sidney, assignor to Armstrong Siddeley Motors 
Limited, Coventry, England. Combustion chamber 
with luel vapon/iug pipes for internal-combustion tur- 
bine plants. 2,522,081, Sept. 12. 

Allen, JMdiu-y J., aud J. G. .n. Drewilt, Loiulon. England, 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to Olauese Corpora- 
tion ot America. Production of linear pohamides. 
2,502,548. Apr. 4. 

•Allen, Sidney J., London, and J. G. N. Drewiit, Spondon, 
near Derby, England, assignors to Celanese « orporation 
of America. Production of nitrile condensation prod- 
ucts from cyanobutadieue. 2,527,509, Oct. 31. 

Allen, Sidney J., Ixndon, and J. G. N. r)rHwitt, Spondon, 
UKir Derby, England, assignors to Celanese Corporation 
of America. 1,4-additlon products of butadiene nitrile 
and certain organic nitrogen compounds. 2,527,510, 
Oct. 31. 

.Allen, Stanley O.. Brantford, Ontario, Canada, assignor 
to Robblns & Myers, Inc., Springfield, Ohio. Helical 
pump. 2,527,070, Oct. 31. 

-Allen, Stanley R. : >ee — 

Swinehart, Richart W.. and Allen. 

Allen, Thomas B.. -Minneapolis, Minn. Receptacle holder. 
2..')09,284, -May 30. 

Allen Vance L., Wichita Falls, Tex. Flashlight having 
multiple lamps for various illuiniuating effects. 
2,520,023. Aug. 22. 

.Allen. Wallace T., Dearborn, assignor to Square D Com- 
pany, Detroit, Mich. Circuit breaker. 2,508,591, 
-May 23. 

Allen, Wallace T., Dearborn, assignor to Square D Com- 
pany, Detroit, Mich. Circuit breaker. 2,529.754, Nov. 

Allen, Walter S., Flushing, N. Y., assignor to -Allied Chem- 
ical \ l>ye Corporation. Apparatus lor the manufacture 
of sulfuric acid. 2,515.435, July 18. 

Allen, William IL, Teaneck, -N. J., assignor to United 
Board & Carton Corporation, New York, N. Y. Cellular 
carton. 2.512.991. June 27. 

Allen. William IL, Teaneck. and M. G. Hall, Rutherford, 
assignors to Empire Box Corporation, Gartield, N. J. 
Egg carton. 2.533.340. Dec. 12. 

Allen, VMUiam .M., Glendale, and R. A. Anderson, assignors 
to -Mo<lel Crafters Inc.. Hamilton, Ohio. Device to 
facilitate the removal of ice trays. 2,512,759. June 27. 

-Allen, William T., Calvert City, Ky. Wheel adjusting and 
removing device. 2,497.148, Feb, 14. 

.Allenbach, Roy E., Pueblo, Colo. Music sheet turner 
2,493,<;i0. Jan. 3. 

.Mleid)augh. George G.. assignor to The Ohio Injector Com- 
p,i:,.\, Wadsworth, Ohio. Indicating device. 2,535,820, 
Dec. 20. 

-Mlenhy, Owen C. W., McMasterville. assignor to Canadian 
Industries Limited. .Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Epoiy- 
ethylcyclohexane hydroxy ethers. 2.500.016. Mar. 7. 

Allenby. William E.. Stratford, assignor to Casco Products 
Corporation. Bridgeport, Conn. Armature. 2,505,02t?, 
Apr. 25. 

Aller, T. Dwight : See — 

Noll. Paul E.. Crawford, Aller and Rethey. 

-Aller, Willis F., assignor to The Sb-dlield Corporation, 
Dayton, Ohio, (lauging device. 2.497.199. Feb. 14. 

.Vllers. Earl V.. Chicago. III. Curtain wall support for 
automobile seats and the like. 2.531,096. Nov. 21. 

-Alley. Thomas R.. Houston. Tex. Well pump. 2,503,986, 
Apr, 11. 

Allgeyer. Guy IL. assignor to The Swartzbaiigh .Manufac- 
turing Company, Toledo, Ohio. Switch. 2,503,862, 
A[ir. 11. 

Alliance .Manufacturing Company, The. assignee: See — 
Jordan, Richard II. 
Schneider, Emnior V. 

-Allied Chemical &. Dye Corporation, assignee : See — 
Allen. Walter S. 
-Ashcraft. Jacob O. 
P.ailey, .M.iurire E.. and Evans. 
Calfee, John D., and Bratton. 
Calfce, John I) , and Elnrio. 
Calfee. John D.. and -Miller. 
Calfee, John D.. and Smith. 
Carter. Rern.ird .M. 
Conra.l, Knrl F. 
Cosby, John N., and Erchak. 
Crittenden, l^ugene D. 
De Benneville, Peter L., and Segool. 

Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, assignee : See — Con, 
Kngel. Karl 11. 
Erchak, Michael, Jr. 
Fell, Delmar A. 

Fessler, William A. 
Flett, Lawrence 11. 
Flett, Lawrence H., 
Gilbert, fJverett E, 
Gilbert. Everett E. 

and Seigle. 

and Levin. 

Gilbert. Everett E., and Otto. 

(iilbert. Everett E . and Segool. 

Gilbert, Everett E., and Weinberger. 

Gould. David F. 

Grt-iue. Ricliard B. 

Hammaren, Berndt W., and Townend. 

Houghton. -Augustus S., aud Lowdermilk. 

Iii^;:aliam, Harold O. C. 

Kay. Otto. 

Keily, Ltonald IL, and Townend. 

Kise, Mearl A. 

Knapp. William A. 

Larrisou. -Millard S. 

Lodes, Frederick ti. 

Lupker. Edwin B., ai-d Felice. 

Lo.-s. Harold l>. 

-Man tell, Russell M. 

-Mccann. Harold G. 

-Miller, Stuart P. 

Mueller, .\ia.x B., M i.\ B., and Prill. 

Park, Ralph a. 

I'eirce. Johri E. 

Porter, Frank, and Cosby. 

Porter. I'raiik. Bumpus. and Cosby. 

Porter. Frank, Erchak, and Cosby., Eih.ird J. 

Ixoliiier. Leonard V.. and Wood. 

Smith. Lee B.. and Calfee. 

bpillaue, Leo J. 

Siiuvk, ( liflOrd, and Dollman. 

Sundstrom, Carl, aud Patterson, 

Teeters, Wilber O. 

Tiddy, William. 

Tiddy. William, and Cooper. 

Waller. Ernest F., Walker, and Adams. 

Weber, Arthur E. 

Wiley, Paul F.. and Nesty. 

\\ ilputte. Louis. 

Witte, -Micliael. and Lind. 
Allied Control Company, Inc., assignee : See — 

De Tar. l>ouald R. 

Kircher. .Au>:ust (J. 

Steinback, Herbert D. 
-Allied Electric Products, Inc., assignee: See— 

I li;,.in. .Nji than. 

Weisberg, Sidney M. 
-Allied Laboratories. Inc., assignee : Se 

Faith. Herman E. 
-Mlied Mills. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Singer, Philip A., and Deobald. 
.Mlied Corporation, assignee : 

Tobler. Henry. Jr. 

Wiuternitz. Paul F. 
-Alllenne, Val^re G. R.. Rouen, France. 

2.515,485, July 18. 
Alliger. Glen, assignor to The Firestone Tire & Rubber 
Company. Akron. Ohio. Preparation of eulfenamides. 
2.495,085. Jan. 17. 
AllimaiiU, Georges, Mulhouse. France Sor|;t-t for pr 

props. 2.49S,060. Feb. 21. 
.Allin. George s.. assignor to I >aacson Iron Works, Seattle 

Wash. Logging arch. 2,504.954. Apr. 25. 
Allin, George S.. assignor to Isaacson Iron Works Inc., 

Seattle, Wash. Pipe coupling. 2.516.743. July 25. 
Allington. George H.. and J. M. (Jrzelak, assignors of 
forty per cent to (}. 11. Allington. thirty i>er cent to 
J. M. Grzelak, aud thirty per cent to W, Bechovich, 
Uockford. 111. Bottle carrier. 2,514,358, July 11. 
Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Alcher, Louis C. 

Ainsworth, Chester D., and Jansson. 

Becker, George D. 

Bond. Fred C. 

Boock, Alfred C, and Erskine. 

Brainard, Frank K., and Uiugland. 

Cage, John M. 

Charley. Walter G. 

Chipmau. John F. 

Erskine. Douglas W. 

Favor. Raymond B. 

Fergason. Rector C. 

Ge..r^.-e. Edgar C. 

Gruner. Frederick R. 

Halter, Allan C. 

Hartwlg. Walter J. 

Mauk, Joseph. ., 

Herr, Cliarles H . Jr. 

Jacobl. Louis. 

Jansson, (Justav E. 

Johnson. Lauren L. 

Journeaux, Didier. 

Kamlukin. Igor A. 

Kelle, Arthur C. 


Powder duster. 



AUis fhalmers Mauufucturing Company, assiguee : See — 

K1<1(1, H..y F. 

Landt, Newton A. 

Martin, Charles K. 

Mi\v»r, Gi'urgc E.. and Honslnger. 

>Ioiit>;<(nifry, Tt-rryl li 

Norelius, Kniil F. 

i'.-ter, Charles K. ' 

Punsky, I>i)iiald L. 

Kav, JaniPs L. 

Iti' h'or. W ilth.T. 

lUntland, GeorRe L. 

Koubal, Alexander J. 

Scranton. ( 'h«r!"s J. 

Serotn. Rudolph M. ( 

Sillers. Tlioiiii.s d. A 

Strauss, Oivill.' 1, . and \Vc;,'uer. 

Tank. Wlllard H. 

VidiCovskov. r.orls. 

Wilson. William F. 
lis, Louis, Conuiany. Tlie, asslpneo : See — 

WIeseman, Theodore R., Robinson, and Rathbun. 
llsnn, Adrian C. Lake Worth. Fla., and C. R. Austin, 
I'ol iinhus. assignors, by rn^■sne assipnments, to The 
Ferro KnKlne.riiig Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Making 
(d';ii)osite refractory. l.'.r>.'i4.i;r)'J, 1 >eo. 1!>. 
Allison, Alfred W. V. I., and J. J.. Chandler. Ariz. Land 
l.vrliiii: ilraj;. 'J.ol.'^.lL'y, June 27. 

>!i. Jim K.. Klnilinr«t. assignor to The Quaker Oats 




Chlcago, 111. Core materials. 2,507,082, 

('oin;ian V, 
May \). 
-Mlison. John J. : See — 

Allison. Alfred W.. V. L, and 
Lewi-i. .Idhii IL. and .Midori. 
Allison. Mal'olm C, New York. 

J,.')14,.'?."0. July IL 
Allison. Knbert C, assi^Tior to Alexander Smith & Sons 
Carpet Company, Yonkers, N. Y. -Making pile yarns. 

N. Y, 

I'ruxlmlty fuse. 

W.. V I., and J J. 
Montrose, Colo. 

Saddle rlj: plate. 

< ompanv, 

2.4't',t.414. .Mar. 7. 

Allison. Vernon I. : 

Allis.ui, Alfred 
Allison. Walter D. 
2. :>:;.■) 84'j. net. 17 
Alli-n!i. W illiain .M. : s'ee — 

Floblnson. I'reston. Alll<o!i. and I'-everly. 
.MINon, Wilson .M., Weenen. .Natal. Union of South Africa. 

Ardtnal trap. 2.025.010, Oct. H). 
Allninn. Ernest J.. Chichester. England. Wheel for 

RKrlnilrur il maehtnes. 2,495.952. Jan. 31. 
Allinir.i .S en^ka I lektriska .Vktiebolage* assignee : See — 

ArvM>.s,,ri. .Vlir^r. 

Prevfus, r.iiihvii.' ^ 

Preyfus. LudwlK .\ , 

Kiinlund. ilu-ii, and Lamm 

f'orssell. III rry 

Forwald. Haakon. , i 

Carde, .\nL'e " ( I 

(',. rilotr Sven O. ' 

Granft. Ernest W. 

lie, Is: r<>fn. .Sven E. 

HedsTrfWii. Sven E., and Svenn.son. 

Lamm. T'no. 

Lamm. Ci'.o. Forssell. acd Hnr sen. 

Landau. Frans. 

Lirol.'i': I, < Jiiniiar. 

Lu'Mla hi. Sven and Carl. 

Olsson. (iMsfav C. 

I<,... .-^.^.n. Wilhelm n. 

S'irensen. IT ir.ald .M . and Stephensen. 

I'hliiiaiin, I>i<h. 
.\11 .Met;'! I'roducTs < 'ompanv, a<sii:nee : Sec — I I 

I"!ei>hMia n Nfvro'i, | 

All-Over Maniifneturinu Co., asslirnee : See — 

.Meltzer. Henry E. 
.\llo\vMV. \'i\ian i' . ' ''■; :in;i'>nt Id; 
for plows 2.4!*.'? i>t9. Jan 3.' 

All Steel Rrjulp •"'ouipany, aast^iee : 

Kad'lph Nathan II. 

S.iaf. Fr:' ■ .\ 
.\!I-.S»eel I'qnipnienr Inc., assigriPe : 

-Xhralianison. Charles Si. 

Saaf. Frirz .\.. and Atiraham.son. 

Allsup. John R.. Sr.. Port Orchard, Wash. Motor. 

2,.'n,S r^.-r,. May 2r?. 

.Mluv'al Mininir Equipment Limited, assignee: See — 
Knobel. Max 

Alhvein. .Aloysius F.. I'hiladelphla. Fa.. n«slimor. by mesne 
assitrnmenTs. to Minneapolis Honeywell Reuulnfor Com- 
p.anv Minneapolis. .Minn. I'ressure pau«e. 2,527,171, 

11. r, L'! 

Ana. 'Jerr.- FT I' . Eindhoven. Netherlands. asslL'nor to 
Har'ford National Dank and Trust Company. Hartford. 
Conn , as trustee. Resilient snp[)ort and lenterine nr- 
ranijemenr for the electrodes of electric discharge tubes. 
2.494.M.-.;!. Jan. 17. 

Alm.i, r.errlt fl. P.. K S K';.' !' V K;;>er F. Prakke, 
M J. O. Strntt. and .A van der Ziei. KirMlhuven. Nether- 
erlands. assignors to Hartford National I'.aiik and Trust 
Compiny. Hartford. Conn., as tiaistee. Electric dis- 
charLTe tube with internal condenser construction. 
2..".l.-).920, July 18. 

Wheel attachment 


See — 



Calif. Safety belt. 

Apr. 18. 

Alma. Gerrit H. P.. and I'. F. van Eldik. Eindhoven. 
Netherlands, assignors to Hartford National iJank and 
Trust Company. Hartford. Conn., as trustee. 
Ing .system provided with parallel electron 
paths having different mutual conductances. 
Nov. 21. 

Almand, Joseph M. : See — 

Holroyd. George C. and 1 

Almond, John R., Cleveland, and W. C. Hosworth. Lake- 
wood, assignors to The .Midland Steel Products Company, 
Cleveland. Ohio. Valve. 2,r)l."i.uj9. July 1 1. 

Almond. John R.; Cleveland, and W. C. Hosworth. I^ke- 
wood, assignors to The Midland Ste*d Products Com- 
pany, Cleveland, Ohio. Solenoid plunger mechanism. 
2,529.533, Nov. 14. 

Almond, Lathan C, Sr., Tucson. Arl?.. Automatic repeat- 
ing animal trap. 2,534.750, Dec. 11* 

Almquist, Herman J.. Modesto, Calif. Removing the dark 
color from walnut meats. 2,515. t')2o. Julv is. 

Almaulst, Milton L., Maplewood. N. J . .i-s t:nor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratorl. s. Incorporated. .New ^ ork. .N. Y. 
I'ower line carrier telephone svstem. 2,riln,L'7i, June G. 

Almquist. Monroe D., Monmouth, 111. Matrix guide. 
2.a35.fir.3. Dec. 26. 

Almy, Emory F. : See — 

Chrysler. Lewis H., and .Mmv 

Almy. Eugene E.. Sherman oaks 
2,514,984, July 11. 

Aloe, A. S., Company, assignee : See — 
Welchselbaum. Theodore E. 

Alois, Sunday, Detroit, Mich. Animal triip 2,527, 5n, 
Oct. 31. 

Alpak. assignee : See — 
Crane. Walton B. 

Alper, Samuel, Lynn, Mass. Method of and 
for applying ornamental pipiny;. 2..')04.<114. 

Alpern, Dwight K.. New York, and H. 11. Freyiiherg. Scars- 
dale. N. Y., and \V. H. Hawkins. Stamfenl. Conn., as- 
signors to Freydberg Bros. -Strauss. Inc.. .New York, N. Y. 
Thread coating apparatus. 2,.'0<»,4<i7. M.iy 30, 

Alpert. Daniel. Pittsbuigh, assii:nor to \\ e>tin^liouse Elec- 
tric Corporation. Ultra hi«h frecjuency tube. 2,525,408, 
Oct. 10. 

Alpert, Sidney, and G. J. Martin. Philadelphia County, as- 
signors to The National Drug Company. Philadelphia, 
Pa. Aqueous amino acid solutlotis 2..")31.01}7. Nov. 21. 

Alphln. Joseph H.. Jr.. Wendell, N. C. Disk harrow 
mover. 2.517.180, Aug. 1. 

Alrose Chemical Company, assignee: See — 
Beer. Leo. 
Stevenson. Archibald S., and Beer. 

Alschuler, Richard H.. and N. Reinhardtsen ,'issi:ni rs to 
J. B. Simpson. Inc.. Chicago, 111. Garment waistband. 
2,500.651, Mar. 14. 

Alsdrrf, James W., Wilmette. assignor to Cory Corpora- 
tion, rhicapo. III. Electric stove 2.49t^»'>54. Feb 7, 

Alsing. Carl F.. Wllbraham. Mass.. assljrnor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Tem- 
perature control device. 2,527,380, Oct. 24. 

Alsop. William <;. : Sef — 

Bell. Adam C. and Alsop. 

Alspaugh. Samuel W., and IT. E, Nickel, assignors to 
General Motors Corporation. Dayton. Ohio. Tube bend- 
ing apparatus. 2.507,748, .May Hi. 

Alspaugh. Waveland D., Warsaw, Ind. Attendant's stool. 
2.521.031, Sept. 5. 

Alston. Paul W.. Berkeley, C. J. Moroney. San Mateo, and 
W. K. Gray, assignors to Spreckels Sugar Company. S m 
Francisco, Calif. Processing diffusion juice. 2.509.408, 
May 30. 

Altamura, Mario S.. Brooklyn, N Y., asslunor to Socony- 
Vacuum Oil Company, Incorporated. Lubricant. 
2.493.213. Jan. 3. 

Alten. Lillian : See — 

Holtzman. Maiteh M.. and .Mt- n. 

Altenburg. William M,. assignor to GI's Incorporated • f 
Portland. Maine. Portland, Maine. Frozen lobster 
method 2,501.655. Mar. 28. 

Alter. .Albert R., assignor to Phllco Corporation. Phila- 
delphia. Pa. Frequency detector and frequency control 
circuits. 2.497.571. Feb. 14. 

Alter. Harry. Companv. The. assignee: See — 
Cahenzli, Martin T.. Jr. 
Cahen/li. Martin T.. Jr.. and Muffly. 

.\lter, Julian F.. Greenevllle, Tenn. Toy motor vehicle 
simulated steering wheel. 2.529.755. Nov. 14. 

Alfcelt. Herman E.. South Bend. Ind., assignor to The 
Oliver Corporation. Side-delivery rake. 2,511,894, 
June 20 

Alther. Joseph O. : See — 

Fnschtdd. Henry M.. and Alther. 

AlthofT. Raymond, assignor to Bagomatlc. Incorporated, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Bag feed mechanism. 2.512,048, 
June 20. 

Althouse, William S., Jr. : Bee — , 

Baker, Reuben C, and Althouse, Jr. ' 

Altiery. .\usrust. assignee : See — ' 

Johnson. Roy G. 

Alti>y>n. Bern.ird. assignee: See — 
tchledcr. Irving. 

Altman.^^-Bcrnnrd. Larchmont. and P. Stiller. Mount 
Vernon, assignors to Manrejn Corp.. New York \ Y. 
Thermostatic electrical switch. 2,516,501, July 25. 



Y. Objective mount. 

Baker. Muski-L-on. as- 
r,,ri)oratiou, iJetroit, 

<e t. lU. 

Arbor. 2,507,686, 

Tumble display 



Altman, Bernard, Larchmont, and P. Stiller, Mount 
Vernon, assignors t<j Manreln Corp.. New ^ ork. N Y. 
Thermostatic electrical switch. 2,516,502, July 25. 
Altman. Fred E. : rS>e — 

Litteii. Walter. .Aklin. and Altman. 
Altman, Fred E.. assignor to Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester. N. Y. Optical objectives with two part nega- 
tive component having variable central air space of zero 
power. 2.494.025, Jan. 10. 
Altman. Fred E.. assignor to Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester. N. Y. Apochiomatic telescope objectives and 
systems Including same. 2,500,017, .Mar. 7. 
Altman. Fred E., and J. A. Blash, assignors to Eastman 
Kodak Company, Rochester, N. " 
2,529,894, Nov. 14. 
Altman. Peter. Detroit, and M. S. 
signors to Continental Mo:, -s 
•Mich. Transiidssion. 2,525.; 
Altmann, George O. : See — 

Beller, Hans, and Altman. 
Altmayer, John, Cleveland, Ohio. 

May 16. 
Alton, Alvin J. : See — 

North. Cerald C. Alton, and Brown. 
Alton Box Board Companv, assignee : See — 
Bi'Ianger. .\lbert P. (). 
Wilson. Norvul F. 
Alton, Howard W., .Mount Prospect, 111. 

device. 2.502.693. Apr. 4 
Altorfer Bros. Company, assignee : See — 

Castricone. Jolin A. 
Altschulcr, Herman : See — 

Altschuler, '.{obert L. and IT. 
Altschuler, Robert L. and H.. Bronx, N, 
tilm developing tank. 2,507,238, May 
Ally, Harold J. : See — 

Part ri. lire, William A., and Alty. 
Alamalux Company, assignee : See — 

Sperry. Charles F. 
Alumiluie Corporati'iu, The. assigne*^ : See — 
(Jrunwald. Edwin J. 

Alumluex Incorporated, assignee : See — 

Estey, James R. 
Aluminum Air S<>al .\lanufac;uring Company, assignee: 
See — 

Webster, Clifford L. 
Aluminum Company of America, assignee: See — 

Appleby, Philip P. 

Bonn, Donald L 

Chew, Frank D. 

Daves, Howard W. 

Davis. James H 

Dix. Edgar H . Jr. 

Hobbs, Marmaduke A. 

Hughes, Guy .N. ' 

Jancura, Charles G. 

Lyle, Edward L. 

Mason. Ralph B. 

Miller. Mike A. 

Moore. Georpe L. 

Moore. (Jeorge L.. Sicha, and Wrege. 

Thornton. Kirby F., and Schumm. 

I'nderwood. James B. 

Wicks, Lewis E. 

Zelley. W.ilter O. 

Aluminum I>aboratorie8 Limited, assignee : See — 
Melsted. Valdemar J. 

Alumiuum Plant & Vessel Companv, Limited, The as- 
signee : See— 

Seligman. Richard, and Goodman. 

Alvare. Neme.sio P.. Overbrook. Pa. Self-loading and un- 
loading truck. 2.508.740. May 23. 

Alvarez. Alfonso. Jr.. Upper Montclalr, N. J. Metal 
shin;:le and strip. 2.535.620. Dec. 26. 

Alvarez, Luis W,, Belmont. Mass., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the I'nlted States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of the Navy. Radio beacon and 
discriminating circuit therefor. 2,527.474. Oct. 24. 

Alvarez. Luis W., Berkeley. Calif. Airway monitoring and 
control system. 2.514.436. July 11. 

Alvarez, Luis W.. Chhaco. HI., assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to the United States of America as represented 
by the Secretary of the Navy. Radio echo detection and 
location apparatus for approaching liostile craft. 

Alvarez. Octavio J. : See — 

Fulton. Robert E.. Jr.. and Alvarez. 

Alvarez. Octavio J., assignor to Alvarez Patent Corpora- 
tion. New York. N. Y. Combined electrical refrigerator 
and air-cooiing unit. 2,493.378. Jan. 3. 

Alvarez, Oct.ivio J., assignor to Alvarez Patent Corpora- 
tion. New York. N. Y. Collapsible swimming or, bath- 
ing pool. 2,505.845. May 2. » " 

Alvarez. Octavio J., assignor to Alvarez Patent Corpora- 
tion. New York. N. Y. Conveyer system. 2,508 086, 
May 1«. . 

Alvarez. Octavio J., asslcnor, by mesne assignments, of 
three-fourths to O. J. Alvarez and one-fourth to M De 
ReitzesMarienwert, New York, N. Y. Fluid heating 
device. 2.514.360. Julv 1 1. 

Alvarez, Octavio J., assignor, by mesne assignments, of 
one-fourih to M. De Reitzes-Marieuwert. and three- 
fourths to O. J. Alvarez, New York, N. Y. Rotating 
coffee-making apparatus. 2,517,073, Aug. 1. 

Alvarez, Octavio J., assignor ta Aharez Patent Corpora- 
tion, New York, N. x. Magnifying picture viewing de- 
vice. 2 521,558. Sept. 5. 

Alvarez, Octavio J., assignor, by mesne assignments, of 
one-fourth to M. de Ueitzes Marieuweri, and three- 
fourths to O. J. Alvarez. New York, N. Y. Cooking 
utensil. 2.522,558, Sept. 19. 

Alvarez, Octavio J., assi^^nor to Alvarez Patent Corpora- 
tion, Ne 

Sept. 26. 

tion. New York," N. Y. Cooking device. 

t Lorpi 


Alvarez, Octavio J., assignor to Alvarez Patent Corpora- 
tion. New York, N. Y. Massaging device. 2,526,190. 
Oct. 17. 

Alvarez, Octavio J., assignor to Alvarez Patent Corpora- 
tion, New York, N. Y. Timing switch. 2, 531. 4^1, 
Nov. 28. 

Alvarez Octavio J.. New York. N. Y,. an^l K E. Fulton, 
Jr., Danbury, Conn., assignors, by n.ehiie asMA;i,:.ieLts. 
of one-fourth to M. de Itoitzes-Marlenwert and three- 
fourths to O. J. Alvarez. .New York, N. Y. Closure 
arrangement for fluid heating devices. 2,523, 2C1, Seiu. 

•Alvarez Patent Corporation, assignee: See — 
Alvarez, Octavio J. 

Alvarez Vazquez, Amable, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nii.1] 
e.\tractor. 2,532,474, Dec. 5. 

Alvear. Victor, Clifton, N. J. Closure for bungholes, 
2.514,827. July 11. 

Aherstone Products Limited, assignee : See — 
Aiuley, Ellis. 

Ahinu, Alphonee V., Newark, assignor to Bendlx Aviation 
Corporation, Teterboro, N. J. IMrection determining 
and reverse operating means. 2,531,719, Nuv. 2J>. 

Alviset, Gustave A., Houston, Tex. Oil well sh ;Ck ab- 
sorber. 2,506,188, May 2. 

Alvisiur,_Oscar, San Frauclsco, Calif. Vehi.le wheel 
2,505,821, May 2. 

Alvord, Charles C. : See — 

Flygare, Carl G., Alvord, and Drown. 

Alvord, Grove D., Indiana, assignor to Syntron Companr, 
Homer City, I'a. Weight checking sampler. 2,523.179. 
Sept. 19. r . , , 

Alwac Company, Inc., assignee : See — 
Fluk, Colin G. 

Alward, Leroy D., Albany, assignor to The i'elton Water 
Wheel Company, San Fraucisco, Calif. Shaft seal. 
2,501,984, Mar. 28. 

Amador, Francisco T., Santurce, P. R. Multiple unit cool- 
ing, agUating, and dispensing apparatus for beverages. 

Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Limited, assignee: 
Sec — 

Allen, John F. 

Benson, John E. 
Amana Society, assignee : See — 

Foerstner, George C. 
Amato. Peter, Brooklyn, N, Y'. Gyro toy. 

Ambarcumian. Michael, Los Angeles, Calif. ^_.„^ 

for transferring a body from a trailer chassis to a truck 
chassis, and vice versa. 2,494,735, Jan. 17 

Ambelang, Joseph C. : See — 

Smith, George K. P., Jr.. and Ambelang. 

Ambelang. Joseph C. assignor to J lie Firestone Tire & 
Rubber Company, Akron, uhio. Vulcanized rubber re- 
sistant to tlex cracKing and producing same. 2,514 200 
Julv 4. ■ ' 

.\uibelang, Joseph C, assignor to The Firestone Tire ft 
Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio. Rubber compositions 
and producing same. 2.514,217. Julv 4. 

Amber. Yervant, Los Angeles, Calif. Garment anchoring 
device *for ironing boards or the like. 2,507 5S4 
May 16. 

Ambler, Robert R., Akron, and R. D. Weston. Cuyahoga 
Falls. Ohio, assignors to The B. F. Goodrich Company, 
New York. N. Y'. Machine for applying covering mate- 
rial to endless belts. 2,529,859. Nov. 14. 

.Ambory Electric & Manufacturing Company, assignee: 
See — 

Donnelly, Thomas S. 

Ambrette, Conrad, Brooklyn. N. Y. Continuous drier for 
long alimentary p.iste products. 2.515,684. July 18. 

Ambrose. C. M.. Co., Inc., assignee : ■" 
Lamb. Harry. 

Ambrose, Cornell J., Wyandotte, 
mechanism. 2,520,107. OcL 17. 

Ambrose. Derinot M. ; See — 

Houghton. Leslie W.. and Ambrose. 

Ambrose. E<lmund J.. Maidenhead. D. J. Pacey. I'urley, 
and J. G. Salmon. Heston. assignors to Electric & 
Musical Industries Llndted, Hayes, Middlesex. Encland 
<-olor filter. 2.534,846. Dec. 19. < h • 

Ambros*^, Eui:fne R. : See-- 

Siiorn. Philiti. and .Ambrose. 

Ambrose. Felix R.. West Englewood. assignor to Air As- 
sociates. Incorporated. Teterboro. N J. Filler cap for 
fuel tarks and the like. 2.517.372. Aug. 1. 

Ambrose. Felix R.. West Englewood, assignor to Air .As- 
sociates. Incorporated. Teterboro. .N. J. Load limiting 
drive mechanism. 2.517,373, Aug. 1. 



Mlch. Electric switch 


INDEX uF i'AlExNTS, 1950 

Anihnsf. I'aul. liridijeport. Conn. Umbilical hernia pad. 

J.4:t';,i/H] . Jail. :; ; , 

Ariibro-^ii) r,;ai,'io t' . : >rr i i i 

Ini Kiiison, Arthur H.. a;.'! Ariibrusio. 
A!nb!ur..'i-j, Gusrav F. I'.l' 'iintifM, N. J. Adjustable 

■ ■:■ th->;iru> si: p--r. L',.'nl, ;:,!■. Mar. 28. 
An:' '-»'. An'lp'H L. I:., Anii'>v»T. asHiK'ni-r to li. 0. Nichols, 

.\*-\vtoii. Ma.s--. I.ouptT t'>v l"Ok sti'.'h bowing laacbiueH. 

l^.Tjlti. •;»;.", July I'.'j. 
.\i:ii! ;.'•.- y M iTk i; , N'.-w Yurk. assij;iior to Philips I^bora- 

t": '.•-.' In . I"vin_--on ■ .u lludson. X. Y. Cathode-ray 

; ube. -.':-' I. y I". A", fc,'. L'.', 
A::)"lui!\f!i, J..;i,!ii !■'.. .Np'.v Castle, assignor to F. F. 

S!m' u;ih (' : ;h r i' i'Ti. Wiliulngtou, Del. Staking ma- 

.; ■-.■ ■: -' ■■ :.!7, A; •■ ;> 

A mor;il. W : Itt-r A .. Sr. a.s,s;„-npt' : See — I 

M;!! !;s. \>.'a .-,-.■ ii ' 

Am. iwl'iUi, .lau.- s V . Kt'iM.-!! 1, \'. Is. Scissors grinder. 

Ar'U'ni!' .1 ; r i, \' i*" ' Sre — 

I u-.'.v . y, ! '.■-'.w :v>\ .~>.. and Arufn^l. ! ir a. 

Arncr, I>ii:.!lJ I'. Newcastle-on Ty n.-, asHi^'nor to A. 
I{>". r.'!;.' .'-; i'o!:;['iriv I.liiiitt"!. I !►■*■! u '.■non-Tyne. Eng- 
lan.!. Flu.d e"iiH-tri.' 'licuir !.r.-k.r. 2,532,529. 

Arn.r, M. rtle A, X-C: I[ I'y.vDod. Calif. Device for 

:;:'!■. _' inassa;.' -.'<''■'>..'-, .July 4. 
Anier.'nat i"i)r[i'>ratL .n, ns.-iimee: See — 

MuiiKt-r, «'harli-s G. 
American .\fri;r.'i;ate Ci'inp :ny. assignee : See — 

U> Hit. a rthur. 
ArinTh-':. .Vir I'i'.'pr <''uir,;.!r:y, Inc., assignee: See — 

! latil;::' ri. VfrraT 
Ampri.'an Ar-'!: (Viunianv, Ir. ., a.-^i jii">> : iS'rf— 

Arrill. rhil:;) \V. " -I 

Ainfrii'an .V-h.-r.^ Indnstri.'S, Inc., as.-^lj;nee : See — 

^■■'■.:\- .'.. WiUiant ar;il .1. 
Amerlc.i:. I'.in'am Car Ci'niparv, ai'slyneo : See — 

As;>i!i. Arthur W. 
Americtn Blower Curporatlon, assl^ne*' : ?^fe — 

Gri'^'^-n. Kal: !i. 

Knch .lohn I!. 

P.>ik. <;ilh.Tt C. * I 

Anipy-lcau Hm^.^i ('.rporatlnn. nSBij^iee : See — 

r..'r'',!! M.Tii .F., ami Urnrtprlck. 

l;.u'. M .Ma:- :: T,. and -t.msflPld. 

Cm). ;.»•[■, 'A i'i::i::i IV 

IIn_'^ Ilia II. i ( ■ - 

Hogfman. lFa:i<, and Cop. 

Lang. fJrt'L'or 1.. ^ | 

Mac(!onald, Rxsvlind. j 

Dsterrnan. .los.'pli T. 

Wn-n-:-. A h.--' F 

W. ..' (;. .-.:.. v. .7- 

Anu'rl.':i ri Iw.x !V.:!r'l < 'iu:!;i ■, p, v, a<<!;:no»> ■ ^ee — 
' r ■!.■■■<. >n. Wilt,-:- i : , .1 ■■ " 

.\r:i>'r-''n n Hrako *'";:ip;uiy. Th*", a.a^ic'ip'^ ; S'^e — 

i'ri>s:!iin, TliPo<lorp C, and Muc'Ipf. i 

Ai;i>r;. ill l;r.,k.' Sh,..- (."Dinpan v, a.ssignpt> : See — 

Itrowno. I.i:!.l,si;!v II. 

Cook, .Tohii I, 

(-',,. 1- ,,,. i 

Dalrv!!;; I.>, \\i:i:aui P. 

I>u!Tr. ,I.w,.;,>, s 

Frasor. Thomus C. 

Hubor. Alb.rt F. 

Ilufi.T. Albpft F., and Godfrey. 

Mantlp. r,':rr U' 

Mu'dbT !■■::! r, | 

I'otzup F;.itf.rr. 

W^-< ,ri |;-.<s. r I. 
Aru'T' ^I'l I'-i--< I '.■':, ;i:ir]y, TIip, a.«!signee : See — 

I'.rMU^,.n. I ;".ir_'f K, " , | 

Ai:i.r;. : p. (''' Ihirdwaro Corporation, Rockford, Illi- 
nois, iis-lsnoe : Sep— 
AMpcn, Cpdor \V. 

AmtT! ■■ •! i\t ( ■■ 'i:;i:inr, .i^ri^neo : See — 
P:ich. N%uls P. 
Har^'pr. Gpotl'p K. 
I'.irl<Jaiid. .^fpllan. 
Borktnann. Frank F. 
' ';l rrol! .1 ovpi hi' 
» Cassady. Knill V. 
<"<)T. Horbprt F.. .Tr. 
E'kman, Goorge E. 
Erb. Gpofl'p < '. 
Pplhpr. .lohn. 
Gpertsen. Nrlson. 
TIiiMtar. Ft'lix. 
Jacobs. Samupl S 
.Tones. I-yman L.. and n;)r_-pr. 
1 b'binann. 
Malipr. William W. 
Nordqulst. Ronald E. J. 
Techy, William. " , 

P.'t.Tson Ilowrird T!. ' 

!'• •- '■ ard P., .Tnd R.'iiard. 
P'^tf!.-. R.n'ph K. 
Pms C.qrl Cr. 

n ' ';■ ■--.• (■" . and .Tarohs. I » J 

Poh,.r-<. H \\,-\\ L.. and Sognpfest. 
9-ch'- dr, '•:.!!■<. 
Socke. John E. 

American Can Company, : i^c — ContinupJ. 

Socke, John E., and Weber. 

Wallace, Sidney J. 

Weygant, Robert M.. and Massey. 

Winters. William 1'. 

Woolford. Custls S. 
American Car and Foundry Company, ass'i^iipp: See — 

Berg, Joseph, and King. i 

Bogard, Fred J. 

Burnett, William E. 

Carlin, Frank J. Jr. 

Chanipaj-gne, Eamund F. 

Denton. John J., and Stewart. 

Dudley, James R. 

Evans, Morris S., and Klprknpr. nnd ^\■at8on. 

Holm-Hansen, Dagfrld 

Hultqulst, Martin Vl., and N". rthi v. 

Hultf|uist, Martin E., and P:i-. r<, n. 

Kaiser, Donald W.. and R.du.f n 

Kleene, Richard D 

Kropa, Edward L. 

Krofia. Edward L. n'.\''. Hocm. r i 

Kuhler, Otto. ' 

Paden, Joseph II., and MacLean. 

Patton. J^)hn W. 

Rpedy, riiarles E. 

Schroeder, Ernest B.. and \\ illouKbby. 

Smith, James M., Jr. 

Smith, James M., Jr., and Cosullch. 

Swain, Robert C. and Paden. 

Waletzky, Emanuel. 

Yen. Ernest C, and Stirn. 
American Chain & Cable Company, Inc., assignee : See — 

Beard, Howard J. 

Berchtold. Wallace W. 

Dougherty. Harry F. 

Gllmore. William J. 
American Character Doll Co . a^slgnpp : See — 

Palmer. Harry B. 
American Character Doll Company, nss'^'opp : .S'ec — 

P.eehe. Herb'Tt R. 
American Chemical Paint Com; :iny, as'^ipnte: See — 

Douty, Alfred, and Snyder. 

Lt^.ipor, Jof!e|)ii M. F. 

Mazia, Joseph. 

Spmance, Frank P., Jr. 

Spruance, Frank P., Jr.. and Tldr-k. 
American Chicle Comnany, assigiue . ^ce — /■ 

Lougovoy, Boris N. 
Amerh-an Coach & Body Co.. The, assignee : See — 

Humpal, Eugene G., and Balogh. 
American Condenser Co., asslgiiep : iS'ec — 

Menachlk. Irving J., and Krtlnlck. 
American Crop-Drying Equipment Co n: pa rv assltrnee: 
See — 

Andersen, Arthur A., and Mathews. 

American Cutter & Engineering Corporation, assignee: 
See — 

Boyle. Calvert. 

American Cyanamid Company, assignee : See — 

Aagaard. Fridtjof. 

Abrauiovltch, Benjamin. 

Adams, Plerrepont. 

Amick, Chester A. 

Amick, Chester A., and Royer. 

Amick. Chester \., Watkins. and Millson. 

Angus, Everett N.. Creely, and Fischer. 

Appelquest, Andren J. 

Baker, Bernard R. 

Banks. Rpginald M., and Barnes. 

Bell, Paul H. 

Bernstein, Seymoar, and Sax. 
» Blann, William A. ' 

Bofithe. James H.. and .Angler. , 

Boothe. James H.. and Waller. 

Burnell, Maurice R., and van Loo, Jr. 

Carnes. Joseph J. 

Carpenter, Erwin L. 

Cdsji^, Joseph. 

Cassaday, Jack T., Hoegberg. an! "ib Is'infr. 

Cauwenberg, Wlnfred J., and Tanner. .Jr 

Clark, Joe H. 

Cook. Elmer W., and Kushner. 

Cox. Herald R.. and Alston. 

Cox, Herald R., and Koprowskl. 

Cresswell. Arthur. 

Crossley, Moses L., Drelsbach. Turner, and FTofrrnnn 

Crossley. Mosea L., Turner, and Drelsbach. 

Davis. Harold S., and Carpenter. 

Dawson, William O. 

Dav. Harold M. 

Day, Harold M., and De HofT. i 

Dean, RusmU T. 

Di^nton. John J., and Lawson. 

Dessert, Alice M. 

Di.xon. .Tames K., Miller, and Bruesch. 
.Di'"'on. Jamps K . and Morgan. 

Dolt, Maurice L., nnd Sayre. 

Drechsel. Erhart K., and Thomas. 

Dudley. .Jaiii's R. 

Dndlev. Jnmes R,. and .\nthes. 

Durant. Walter W.. and Blann. 

EnL'lish. Jfiekson P., and Clark. 

Erick.son. John G. 

LIST (»!■ rAlENTKl-:,- 


American Cyanamid Company, asbignr 
Fletcher. John 11, 
Funk. Charles K., Jr. 
Gayle, Fred L. 
Geraci, Juhu. 
Geruiann, Richard P. 
CMesecke, Paul, and Colthup. 
Halverstadt, Isaac F. 
Uani, Garnet P., and Barnes. 
Hardy, William B. 
Harris, Raymond K. 
Herkenhoff, Earl C. 
Hoegberg, Krick I. 
Hood. Robert L. 
li k. Edwin U. 
11 .% i:dwin O., and Moss. 
iloupt. Alfred G., and Smith. 
Howard. Kenneth L. 
Hull. Washington. 
Uultquist, Martin E., and Germann. 
Huittiuist. Martin K.. and Subliarow. 
Hultqulst. Martin E., and Webb. 
UutcLiiiigs, Brian L. 
Jayne, David W., Day, and Gieseke. 
Jayue, Da\id W., Jr., and Day. 
JeftB. Albert W. 
Kleiile, Roy 11., and Amick. 
Kropa, Edward L. 
Kropa. Edward L., and Barlow.' 
Krupa, Edward L., Craig, and Nygiiltit. 
Kroiia, Edwaid L.. and Nyquisi. 
Krojia. Edward L., and Padbury. 
Kropa. IMward L., and Thomas. 
KuL. Krwln. 

Kusliuer. .saniuel. and Smitii. 
Lahey. Richard W. 
Laube. Charles G. 

Lecher, Hans Z.. Broulllard. and Giambalvo 
Lecher, Hans Z., and Watson. 
Llchienwalter. Myrl. and Wie<leman. 
Llndenfelser, Richard, and Grabowskl. 
Long. Robert S. 

Loukomsky, Anne M., Klenle. and Cooke. 
Lynch, Kathryn L. 
Mackay, Johnstone S. 
Mackay. Johnstone S., and Lawler. 
Marcoi, Ciuy C. 
Marsh, Corbin. 
Martino, Joseph F. 
McMurray. Lynn L., and Moyer. 
Migrdichlan. Vartkes. 
Millson, Henry E., Amick, nnd Watkins. 
Moiifried, Leon. 
Morfit IMwiii F. 

Mobs, Philip\Il. | 

Moyer, Samuel I'. 
Murray, John .\. 
Nagy. l»an:el 1.'. 
Nagy, Daniel E . ,», : 
Nyquist, Arthur ^. 
Padbury. John J., and Kropa. 
Parker. Chailes H., Jr. 
Parker, Robert P., and Soruto. 
Petty, Milton A. 
Phillips. Dorothea S. 
I'oor, Edward N., and Landes. 
Powell. .Maurice G. 
Rosenbloom, William J. 
Ross, Lawrence E., and Tanner. 
Rotli, B,irb:ira. 
Koyer, George L., and Amick. 
Scalera, .Mario. 

Scalera, Mario, and Broulllard. 
Schroy. Paul C, and Grabowskl. 
SihroV. I'.iul C, Gra!)Owskl, and Scott. 
Scrutchfield. Paul H. 
Shepherd, Robert (.;. 
Slckels, Jackson P., and Scholz. 
Simons. W illiain G. 
Smerechniak. Jerry J., and Barlow, 
Smith, James M., Jr. 
Smyth, (Jlen M., and Moran. 
Stamm, Robert F. 
Stewart, Hugh W. 
Stewart. Hugh W., and Lee. 
Stiin. Frank 1^. 
Stroh, Grace R. 
Studeny, John. 

SubtiaRow, Yellapragada. and Hultqulst. 
Sutherland. Leslie H.. Jr. 
Tanner, Charles A., Jr. 
Thurston, .lack T. 
Thurston. Jack T.. and Kal.ser. 
Todd, Seldon P., Myers, and Cauwenberg. 
Turner, Richard J., and Stewart. 
Vitalls. Emil A. 
Waletzky, Emanuel. 

Waletzky. Emanuel, and Marson. ' 

Walker, Ruth A., and Sickels. 
W^aller, Coy W. 
WallPr. Coy W.. and .Mowat. 
Watkins. Wlllard II., Mlllson, and Amick. 
Weldon. Harry A. 
West. Herbert J. 

See — Continued. 

aiui ivropa. 

American Cyanamid Company, assignee : See — Continued. 

West. Herbert J., and Watt. 

\S ystrach. \ ernon P.. and Kaiser, 
American Cystoscope Makers, Inc., assignee : See — 

Held, Joseph E. 

Hett. John H. 

Wallace, Frederick J. 
American Decalcouiauia Company, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Matter. Albert J. 
American l>ibplay Company, The. assignee : See — 

Duukelberger. Milton S. 
American Duplex Company, assignee : See — 

Schuhmaiui. Richard L.. and Rudolph. 
Ajperican Dyewood Company, assignee : See — 

Pieper, 01i\er T. 
American Engineering Company, assignee : See — 

Midgette, Ernst L., and Beeli. 

Midgette, Ernst L., and Reld. 
American Engineering Corporation, assignee : See — 

Hullingftworth, Robert Q. 
Ameriaiu Euka Corporation, assignee : See — 

Bakker, Willem. 

Dijksman, Albert J., Nijkamp, a:;d Watprs. 

Ileiin, Gustav A. M. 

i'eury, William V. 

Jansen, Cornelius G.. Nijkamp. and Waters. 

-Maaskant, Leendert. 

Sclirenk. llans A. . 

Tamuien, Philip T. 

Weeldtiiljurg, Johannes 0. 
American Fastener Company. The, assignee : See — 

Kiessllng, Max. 
American Felt Company, assignee : See — 

Lang. Philip 11. 

Lang. I'hilip 11., Lehmberg. and Foggett. 
American Fire I'revention Bureau. Inc., assignee : See — 

Derby. John 11.. and CoUings. 
American Flange k. Manuiaciuring Co., Inc.. assignee : 
See — 

Roberts. Seward M. 
American Flexible Coupling Company, assignee : See — 

Shenk, Robert H. 
American Folding Umbrella Company, assignee: See — 

OUun, IJdwaid. 
American Fork and Hoe Company, The, assignee: See — 

Fifield, Albert F. 
American Gas and Electric Company, assignee: See — 

Spoin, Pliilip, and Ambrose. 

Steiiii)el. IMward H.. and Nelson. 
American Hardware <"oiiM(ratlon, The, assignee: See — 

Bernhard, Benjamin S. 

Holt. Charles (). 
American Heat Reclaiming Corporation, assignee : See — 

Lockman, Carl J. 

Ameriean Home Foods, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Hinz, llenrv C, Jr., Schermerhorn. and Dorn. 
Ornfelt, John. 

American Hospital Suiiply Corporation, assignee: See — 
Johnson. Axel E. 1'. 

American Instrument Corporation, assignee: See — 
Blake, Marvin A. 

American Lace Paper Company, assignee : See — 
Kleckhefer, Robert J. 

American-La France-Foamite Corporation, assignee : See — 
Lindsay, Charles H. 
Schol/., Edward R 

American Laundry Machinery Company. The. ;:89gnee: 
See — 

Brenner. Robert W., and Petre. 
Doran, Thomas J. 
Gerlach. Frank .\. 
Howiand. Frederick W. 
Johnson. Geor;:e W. • ' 
Knowlton, Charles O. 
Malott. Clifton S.. Jr. 
Neckel. Edmund N. 
Vetorino, I" rank. 

American Liquid Gas Corporation, assignee : See — 
Smith, Harold W., and Luxon. 

American Locker Company, Inc., assignee : See — 

Davis. Elmer W. 
American Locomotive Company, assignee : See — 

Gloyer, Walter. 

Michaels, Hunter. 

Parry. Atiyrustus F. 

Sawyer. Robert T.. and Fischer. 

\ illano. .Albert J. 

Weber, Theodore R. 

•American Machine & Foundry Company, assignee : See — 

Arelt. Charles. 

Rroekhuysen, William C. 

Fr.\e, t>uuuers .\. ^ 

Podersen, .Mathia.s. 

AA'hitaker, Uncas A. , " 

American .Ma<liiiie and Metals, Inc., assignee: See — p 

Buss, Benjamin A., and Miller. 

Gaubatz. (Jeorjze G. 

Huyser. Franeis C. 

Kagan, Benjamin S.-^ 

Le Van, Ambrose B. 

Wldigen. Albert F. 


1ND1:X UF i'ATENTS, 1950 

AnK'ri''im Marhlnpry Corporation, a?si;cnre : See — 

1 1 litrl.-. .lames C. 

<;.'r:. k.-. Tarl K. 

I-<^naril, David E. 
Aii!or;i .:! Miifin.sium Metals Corporation, assignee : See — 

Amer.'-in .M;i:'" !'r 'ini-'s C'ir:ipiiiv, assignee: See — 

I.!. .V.I, L 

M'Tjiii '.'. ..I;ir.! I. . ^'i^l i •■ •• :. 
AintTii-an-Marif tta Company, arissUiiwe : ft'ee — 

Kf atori, < 'lark M 
AnuT !i !i M ir,.'fta <'i) , assigiir*' ; Stf — 

('(lytif, I'fi'iiari! !".. 
American Marsh I'linu)-! Inc., a.sstixiit'e : See — 

H irton. r.< nj mln I • 
ArruTlcan M>'asiirinf? In.^truuienta Co'i"'rat;o:i. a.ssi^'nee 
See — „ 

R.l,-^, Alfred. 

-•■■ ;irh,an S. 

Arafr! 'an Mt'tal Company, I.linite<l, !"!]•', a8-«i,ij;nee, See— 

i;r\ t'/.tik. Wall"'!- 1.. 

Garbo. Paul W. 

<'.raii.«aiii, Ifan'lii W . - t 

Hacinaier, Klimr W 

Heberleln, Max F W. 

Hfl..Tlfiii. .M ,\- F \\ ariil TV.r'v, 

n*^herl*in. Max F W , an! I'tiln. 

Tsrhajipaf. \Vi!l;.a;ii F 
American Meal I'ni.lM.Tg Fnnp.iny, assijjntje : See — 

Ma'Miat^i, Frfl.Ti.-k C, Jr. 

W ilM.Tnis, Rirhiri! J., and Srin^. ' ^ 

WillianiH, Richard J., Stine, and Matthael. Jr. 
American M^ii^rail Conipany, T\w. a.-isignee : See — 

MilltT. rarr'iU <ie V., and I'>.ck-r. 

M.i.,r.-. R.ilph T 
Amerlnn <»ak I.t'ather (.'onipanv. The, assi^-nee: See — 

Hciuiiii-'. I'-cd W. 

sin.-;, I 'h:!r;.-.s R 
.\nier;can i i[.tic, 1 ('tci.j-any. assij;iie€ ; See — 

A itclH'8i>n. Thilll):! !* < I. 

Benihcirn I 'a:: <■] i'. ; 

Brown, .M T'Icti Ci. 

Col.-, Henry B, 

("unify. ■ih'i:i;as -V. 

Forshev, Klniore A., and Copeland. 

C-a'li-ar .\!1 in .\ . 

!i V- .1..' .) ,1 

L(i\v!'<T. I la^ ■ ' I» , i;-ad 

r, aii'^i Crltoph. 

l^dWi'cr. lia-.' 1>, i.^aipsar, aii'l 
» Lowhfr. !)i\il li,, and K.avanai;h. 
' L.iwher, David I>., a:;d Rcardou. 

M ihl^r,'ph. . 

Mnulton. H-ir-dii R. ' 

Osrerberg. Harold, and Bennett. 

Rt'ardon. .Iii.>t';)h I>,. iTid l'»ters. 

S' iiaMWfkfr. Ceorije H. 

Small, J'.hn H. 

Spl tine, PM'Aard >[. 

Stvll. Hari-v H. - 

Tillver, FdL-ar TL 

Tillver, K<lpir \V. 
.\nieriean Orf Reclamatinn Conipanv, assignee: See — 

Frban. Wllli.ini .1. 

Frban. Wllli.ini .1. r'arkase Corporation, assii;nee : See — 

Ramsey, }{ayinond <",, 

Rainst-v. i;:i\iioind <;,, and Bailey. 
.Vmerlciin I'af* rn and ManufactnrinK Co.. as.<lgnee : 

Miller, R.iynmnd J. 
Anieric,'!!! I'lu'nulic < 'orj oration, assignee: See — 

nnlll<Tn i t h I ; ,J. Till 

See — 

Not Inc. : See — 

Goldsmith, ,1-.-!. t,1i 

K»arsi'. <;. - :•_■■.■ 1' 

R lah.v Ci-l .\. 
.\mcrS'an I'hotncopy llquipuient Ci- 

FNn.'r, nurruii I', 
.\m«'ric.;n Fi-n- ,and S'.-.d Corporation, assi^rnee : See- 

Kilhain. tniv.T w 
American Tullcv Coiii;iariv, Tl.f, assignee: .'?ee — 

C!i-Nt;,in, H." 

Willia'i's, William A 

Willia'i's, William A. 
American Rfonforr-ed I'ap'^r Comp,anv, assignee: See — 

Kill-.ani, I'ctt-r. 
A:n>^rican Safetv R.'i?or Corporation, assignee: See — 

r>.- Mcs.]';!' a, K-'.v. in r. 

Henley. Ch.irlcs F , 

Landwehr, Richard F. 

Nelson Fdcar A 

Tait. Wilfred !•:.. and .<te]l[)fln-. 
American Samec Corp, nssi^'n.'e: See — 

Silas, Jose A. 
Ameriati Saw Mill .^lac^.in^'ry Company, assignee: See — 

Neighbour. Wilbur .'^ " f ^ 

.Vmerlcan Screw Company, assi^n'e : ,^>f — 

T't'i ilis J..s(iph J. 
A:r;cr, •,in ^■■,^^Ka!l Corporation of Delaware, a.ssignee: 

Vor-', H. rherr G. Se.ating Company, assignee: See — ' 
i; irc.-ki Chester J. 
I' I vis R.h.Tt L. 

f"or I, Wavne W 

IT.o, ,.,1. .^l■••■,.,^ <• 

Tloven. Alfred C. and r.indh»rg. 

Hoven Alfrcj c, No-dmark, Lindberg. 

Moru'in, Krvinu' I?., and I'lachccki. ' 

Nordmark. Walter E. 

American Seating Company, assignee : See — Continued. 

< K»in, lie njaiiiin J. 

Proaser, Joseph G., and T. W. 

Roman, John J. 
^ Steel Foundries, aaslgnee : See — 

Aurlen, Ray G. 

Bachman, Fred E. 

Baselt. Walter H. 

Baselt, Walter IF, and Whitney. ' 

Cademartorl, Joseph A. 

Cannon, Earl. i 

Cottrell. Robert B. 

Flesch, John B., and Opsahl. 

Flesch. Norman. 

Oothberg, Lawrence. 

Helsten, Wesley A. 

Hess, Relza J. 

Hess. Relza J., and Clzek. 

Kayler, Frank 11. 

Klnne, Edmund P. 

Kowalik, John J. 

Lehrman. I/eo A., Roland T. , 

Light, David M. I 

^ Mascaro. Frank D. 

Moline, Carl K. 

Oelkers. Alfred H. 

Schlegel, Walter L., Jr 

Schlegel. Walter L.. Jr., and Paclnnan 

Sedgwick, Robert K. 
—-*• Simanek, Edward J. 

Sinianek. Edward J., and Flesch. 

Tack, Carl E. 

Tack. Carl E., and Bachman. 

Tack. Carl E.. and Helsten. 

Walcher, Alfred. 

Whitney, Loren L. 

American Steel and Wire Company of New J> rsey, 1 he, 
a-ssignee : .'^ee — 

Anderson. Evald F. 

Barnes. Frederick H. - ^ 

Bliss. George L. ~-, 

Brickman, Alan E. 

Cam;ibell. Charles H., Ferlto, and Stoker. 

Canney, Charles G. 

Carhart. Richard L., and Schacha. 

Chesney. Frank E. 

Diaz. Flovd C. 

Elder. Flint C. 

Elder, Flint C, and Johns. 

Fenton, George D. 

Fessler, Carl H. 

Fink, Frank A. 

Glonet, Leo A. 

Grange, George A. 

Harris, Arch W. 

Harter. Noah S. 

Hartman, Roland O., and Richards. 

Ilacqua. Antonio F'., and Smith. 

Johnson. Harry O. 

Kay. Charles M., and Wltherspoon. 

Kiefer. John M., Jr. 

Kramer. John. 

McNaniee. Owen A. 

Motzli^r, Claude L. 

Proctor. Homer G. 

Somerville, Thomas S. 

American Stove Company, assl^'nee: F!'" — 

Brodbeck, .Miner H. 

Moeeker. Henry. Jr. Frirk, M(»^ham, and Wbfte. 

Morrill, Vaughan, Jr. 
.American Tag Companv of New J.r^ev, assj-nf-p : see — 

Swett. Arthur IL.Jr.. and Mar-t; . m 

American Telephone and Telegraph Company. asslpTiee ; 
See — 

Avery, Robert C. 
Carson. Arthur, and CronJ 
Du Bois. Daniel K. 
I>unning. Sanford F. 
Oaraon, Arthur, and Gassliian. 
Lamhertv. Frederick R., and Nltterauer. 
Sbnfer. William T,. 
Shepherd. Judson O'D. 
Walker. Charles R. 
Weaver. Charles E. 
Weber. Edward H., Jr. 
WoUen.iark. Clifford N. 

American Teletlmer Corp., assignee : See — 
Ferrara, Jf>hn B. 

American Thermos Bottle Company. The, assignee : See- 
Payson. Arthur H.. and Darmstadt. 

American Thermo-Tech Corporation, assignee: See — 
Fodor, .\ntal. 

American Tobacco Company, The. nssijnee : See — 
I Cunningham, Jamea J., Larime. and Nevln. 
' Dalton, John T. 
Whet>ley, Rudy C. 

American Tool & Machine Co., anslgrnee Sei^ - 
Tholl. John E. 

American Tool Works Companv, The, assignee : See — 
Hoelscher. William G. 



American Type FOttnders, Inc., aarignee : 8re — 

.\ll> a. Howard O., nnd Thomas. 

Allen. Howard G., Thomas, and Miller 
American Type Founders, Incorporated, assignee: 

Freer, William A. 

SuHsin, Victor. 

Von Haase, Anthony V. 
American \'is<'ose Corporation, assignee : Sec — 

Baker. Rali-h B 

Bauer, Ernest K., and Forker. 

Burke, James J. 

Calhoun. John A. 

Chauey. David W. 

Chaya. John S., and Spann. 

CoUins, Benjamin W. 

Cox. (_ liarles W. 

Crawley, William P. 

Crewdson. Henry. 

Cruz, Mamerto -M.. Jr. 

Daltim. .Mast- u R. 

•De Brabander. ("amiel. 

Dooley, William P. 

Downing, ijiu;Ke. 

il/reuueu, John T. 

Francis, Carl^ton S , Jr. 

Freund, lilmer J, 

Fry, Horace 1'.. Jr. 

(Jooilvs ill, Cliesler 1 1, 

Hendrixson, Charles 1.' Jr. 

Hoilihan, John I'.. Jr , and .Moss, Jr. 

Johnson, George A 

Keli;,t;^, W illuun D., Eshlemaii, and Morris., 

Kreamer, William 11. 

Kulp, Maurice 1'. : !.;:r^h, 

McD.Tmntt, He.ry J. 

Merlon, Howanl !»., and Sisson. 

Miller, llii^h. 

New, Harry 1. 

Pedlow. Jolin W., \\ . bb, and Roberu. 

Phillips, John E., Jr. 

Rlehter, (ieorge A., Jr. 

Roberts, Int;hani S. 

Shearer. Howard E., and M.irtin. 

Sis.-on. Wayiie A 

Spalding, John E., and Spangler. 

Stanley, Ricdiard W. 

Thompson, Donald C. | 

T!io:::p>o;;, Wirt L,. Jr. 

•] 11. 1--. ,lo...; ;, A 

\\ ,iil.ich, li.i^er .N.. and Zend, r 

We!.'., \V. -:.-, I, . i:a:,d .l;.b, an 

Wedler, Frederick C. 

WoodrutT, Jackson A. 

/eiiiler, .histin. 
Ameraan Walnut Manufacturers 
eignee : Src-- 

Farber, Eduard 
American Welding- \ Man ;facturi:.g Cumpainv, The, 
siguee : See 

Gaver, Raymond H 
American Wheel.djraior & Equip. Corp , assl^:ne,> : Sce- 

Barnes, Kenneth H. 


ani! t.' lia nee. 

d Tay: 

•Associa'dc'D. Inc . as- 


Ivjuipmcnt Ccjrjioration, as 

American Wheelabralor 
Bignee : See — 

Dorfan, .Morton I. 
Ilirsch, Charles., lidgar A. 
Zalm, Otto E. 
An e> l.utler, Boston. Mass. Heating unit for electrl^nllv 

e: e;;:ize(l cookers. 2,508,357, Mav ^:; 
Auies, James G., Aurora, 111. Multistage Incinerator for 

drying and burning wet i;,4Ua.H3'J, J.m. Iti. 
Ames, James G.. Aurora, III. Incinerator' with hnrner 
means, responsive to weight of rubbish to be Duri.ei 
2,517,074, Aug. 1 
Ames, .Millard E, Jr , nsh-icnor to Philco Corporation. 
Philadelphia, I'a. Radio rec*-iver aligning apparatus and 
method. 2.495,997. Jan. 31. 
Ames, Millard E.. Jr., (iiTm.intown, a-sicnor ;o I'hilco 
Corporation, Philadelpnla, Fa. Fliase shift network 
and oscillator. 2,506,329, .Mav 2 
Ames. Raymond A. : See — 

Wiiiherg, Travis W.. and .\n,os, 
Ames. Robert O.. assignor of one-half to G Williams, 
and one-fonrth to S. Ames, Burlingame, Calif, (drn- 
bined ta[»e and mastic applicator. 2..'>u2,499, Aiir 4. 
Ames, Robert G.. assignor of one-half to G. W. Williams 
and one-<iuarter to S. Ames. Burlingjime. Calif. Fin- 
ishing to<d for corner tape. 2,533.2u9, Dec. 12. 
Ames, Robert S., assignor to Goodyear Aircraft Corpora- 
tion. Akron. Ohio. Apparatus for centrituk'ally forming 
canopies, or the like, of V-type cross sections. 
2,.')] '1.304. Jun« 6. 
Ames Spot Weldfl- Co., Inc., assignee : See — j 
Stondt. Bernard. ( 

Ames. Stanley, assignee: See — 

Ames, Robert O. 
Ames. W R, Company, assignee: See — 

Kinkead, -Man. 
Amesbury. Robert R., Welleslev, assignor to United Carr 
Fastener Corporation. Cambridge, Mass. Tnrnable T- 
niPMiher type moldinc fastener. 2,531,348, Nov. 21. 
Ami, Incorporated. asslcTiee : See — 
Vanderzee, Harry II 

Am:ck, Chi-ster A ■ >'>e — • 

]\;eri.e. l;,.y 11., nnd Amick. 
Millson Ht-nry E.. Amick. and Watkins. 
See — Royer, George L. and .\uiick. 

Watkins. WlUard H.. .Millson. and Amick. 
Amick. Chester A., Bound Brouk, N. J., assignor to Ameri- 
can Cyanamid Company, New York, .N Y. Tn-ating 
wool-containing textile materials. 2,515,107. July 11 
Amick, Chester A.. Bound Brook, and C. L. Royer. .Vorth 
Plalnfield, N. J., assignors to American Cyanamid C< m 
pany. New York. N. i. Metachroine dyeing procedure 
and products dyed therewith. 2,520.0'sl. Aug. 22. 
Amick, Chester A., and W. H. Watkins, Bound Brook, an 1 
H. E. .Millson, IMainfield. N. J., assignors to .\mer:can 
Cjranamid <"ompany. New York. .\. Y. Dyeing basic 
nitrogenous fibers by the nietachrume process with 
chromable azo dyes having nitrogen free substirne!,!.- 
ortho to the azo group. 2,ri20.080, Aug. 22. 
Amldon. Roy C. assignor to Vanity Fair .Mills. Inc., 
Reading, i'a Knitting machine and method. 2.508.2U9, 
.May Hi. 
. Amldon. Roy C, assignor to Vanity Fair Mills. Inc.. Read- 
ing, i'a. Knitting macnine needle. 2.522.335. Sept. 12. 
Auiigo, .\lfou8o. London, England. .Molding materials and 

producing same. 2,519.870, Aug. L"-'. 
Amigone, Jo8ei)h .\., Buffalo, N. "i i .n; pert , ;„. cork 

extractor. 2,495,308. Jan. 24. 
Amino Acids, Inc., assignee : See — 

Reyneirs, James A. ^ 

Amlon. Inc., assignee : Se€ — 

Butterfield. George P. 
Anmianu, Alphons. /iiiich, assignor to Kaspar \\ inkier \ 
Co., Altstetten-Zurich, Switzerland. Hydr.wdu rt...e!it 
comp<:>sition and uiaking same. 2,499,44.'), Mar, 7 
Amnico Tools, Inc., assignee : See — 
Billeter. Henry R. 
.Mitchell. Wallace F. 
Ammells. John G., Haverhill, Mass. Junction box. 

2..'2,S.9^9. Nov. 7. 
.\i].i:o s, 'dly C, I'as^idena. Calif. Hinged rod-joint lock 

lD»ide\ice. 2,495,801, Jan. 31. 
Amou. Fred H, Weston, and F. S. Thornhill. }]y'.> I'ark, 
assignors to Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc.. Bo.-ion, .Ma^-s 
Manufacture of synthetic rubber. 2.509.0t>4, .Mav 30 
Amon. William F.. Jr. : See — 

Blout, Elkan R,. and .Vnion 
Amon, William F.. Jr., RlegelsvlUe. 1 . i assi<:nor fo c.^n- 
eral Aiiiy;ie & Film Corporation. \.\v \t:h_ N V 1,2- 
d hydrob. nzo- (f )-quinolin-3-ol, and i .s prei>aratioii. 
2.4L*.",u48. Jan. 17. 
Ai:.. n, \Villiam F., Jr., Boston, assignor to l'( ,a:o d Cor 
poration, Cambridge, .Mass. Light-polarizing sheet of 
molecularly oriented polyvinyl alcohol containing re- 
a< tion product of ferric salt and a sulfide. 2.5 '">,08U, 
Apr. 25. 
.\mon. William F., Jr.. Boptrn. nss'::!,or to Polaroid Cor- 
poration. Cambridge, M;.s- I i^;!. • ; oiari/.iug shwt of 
molecularly oriented polyvinyl alcohol contain, ng re- 
action product of a sulfide and a salt of the group con- 
sisting of water soluble nickel Falts ai.d wa'er solu! > 
cobalt s.alts. 2,505.081, Apr. _,'. 
.\mon, William F., Jr., Boston, as.-i^rnor to i'oiaroi<i Cor- 
poration. Cambridge. Mass. Light-polarizing sbe«'t of 
molecularly oriente-d polyvinyl alcohol containing re- 
a< tion product of a molybdenum compound and a sulfide. 
2,505,OS2. Apr. 25. 
Amon, William F., Jr.. P.oston, assignor to Polaroid Cor- 
poration. Cambridge, .Mass. Light-polarizing sheet of 
molecularly oriented polyvinyl alcohol containing re- 
action prcKluct of a selenide and a salt of the grour' con- 
sisting of water soluble bismuth salts and water-soluble 
lead salts. 2.505,083, Apr. 25. 

.\mon. William F., Jr., Boston, assignor to Polaroid Cor- 
poration. Cambridge, Mass. Light-polarizing she<>t of 
molecularly oriented polvvinvl abohol contain ne r"'- 
aetlon productof ferrous salt and a sulfide. 2,505,084, 
.Apr. 25. 

Amon, William F., Jr., Boston, and E. R Blout, assignors 
to Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge, Ma.-.s. Light filter 
transmitting Infrared radiation and opaque to visible 
light. 2,495,499. Jan. 24. 

Amon. William F., Jr., Bo.ston. and E. R. Blout. a.isignors 
to Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge, .Mass. Light filter 
opaque 10 visible light and transmitting Infrared radia- 
tion. 2,495.500, Jan. 24. 

Amon, William F.. Jr., Boston, and M. W. Kane, assignors 
to Polaroid Corimration, Cambridge, .M iss. Light- 
polarizing, molei-ufarly oriented, tr.insparent. high poly- 
meric plastic containing dichroic dithiooxainide stain. 
2,505.085, Apr. 25. 

Amon, William H., Detroit. Mich. Rotnry end thrust 
cutter head for woodworking. 2,517,374, Aug. 1. 

Amore, Bernard C, Cleveland, Ohlou Spray gun attach- 

nient. 2.511.684. June 13. 
Amort. Ixiuls W. : See — 

.Miller. Samuel L., and Amort. 
Amos, James L. : See — 

Stober. Kenneth E.. and .\nioa. 
Amos, James L.. and K. E. Stober. assignors to The Dow 
Chemical Company. .MMland, .Mich. Polymerizing sty- 
rene in iron vessels. 2,494,924, Jan. 17 



Amos, Sephen E.. WiltiiinK'on, D**!.. and D. C. Jeffrpy. Jr., 

Ui.iiijinnil. Va.. ;iHs;i;n(ir8 to E. I. ilu Pont de Nemours & 

Ciitiijianj-, Wiliiiiiijrton. I>«.l. Condtant torque winding 

irifaii-* for slittiii;; inachim-s. 2,5.'53..'i07, DfC. 12. 
Ai;io.-- I'lioinpson Corporation, assign*"" : See — 

Ka/.iiiiier. Julian C. 
Amp Corporation, assipneo : See — 

Tlioiiipson. I'arkf II. 
.Vmprn .\ Ii'.r., : .S'ee — 

.\!ii!l>'n, Henry A. 
Ainitrini. Lawr-'ucf F., Df-rmit, .Mloh. Mechanical and 

tl.ctri-al tlieniiosta'io alarm actuator. 2,490,687, 

F-4). 7 
.Vmpri) •■orp'Tatiun, as.signeo : See — ■ 
("isski, Irving, 

It.'arhorn. .\rtliur S. , ^ 

imnlavfy RnlitTt J. \ 

MorK'an, TliKinas J., and TTazzard 
\iua. Max. .M.irhiiie CuiiUK.ny, The, assignee: See — 

l>\i-.'.f\. Willy II. 
AriK.i.'n. K ilpii D.. I.ynn, >r:!s.^ , assignor to General Elec- 

trie <'"inpanv. Elt-ctrofo.'-ir.iiiK selenium rectltiers. 

2,49:,tjn>. iVti. 14 
.XmsltT. Alfre<l J , & I 'o . assl^jnee : Sef — 

nu.--sc;iiifr;:>'". Ma\. 
.\, {■Jrno.'Jt C, Jr , Little Rock, .\rk. Sport shirt. 

2 .".<ii;,v."i). May !>. 
.Vm.slfr .Mi>rtiin <"orporatlon. assignee: See — 

( Karl \V. 
.\msler, Rii<l()lf. !i<.*it:nor to Schwelzerimhe Tndu.<'tr1e- 

(W'Sfll.srit.tfr. N'etiii.'inscn am Kivinfall. .Switzerland. 

IlyonuJ:.' jiiirnp assembly 2.4P.'?.lNO. .Tan. ,'i. 
Anispini:h, ('larenre A., Wllluughijv, Oliio. Fish lure. 

2..".!7.4.'>9. Aim. 1. 
.ViiKstiifz. IMw ird r> . T'.ettileheni. I'a,, assignor to The Wm. 

S. Merrell Cninpany. Cinriiuiati. Oliio. 2,8-dlaminodl- 

honzdthiopliene dioxide and .N.N'-derivatlves. 2, 529, SCO, 

Nov. 14. 
.Kiiistnt/,. James P.. : Sef" — 

Sfotr, .\iidri'\v and Aiiistutz. 
-\mstut:^. Walter P.. a>sli:nor to Butler Brotliers, Chicago, 

111. I'^ood uriniler li.ivin;: a split ea-in-. 2,495,309, 

Jan LM 
.A.iii<tut7,. Walti-r P. assignor to Butler Brotiiers, Chicago, 

III. Flas!!l:-'ir 2 .',1 ^,4.?7, An.: 1,"). 
Amfmann. llafs JI . Hamburg, Germativ. Prone position 

aircraft control system. 2..")21.ti'^0. Sept. 12. 
.\i:'.; nia!: n II.ujs H.. Hambii;';^, derii-niiy. Three (limen- 

hiciial aircraft control ^vsteIll, including armrest control 

iiifiiit.ers. 2.r>2.'^,2n2, Sept, 2<>, 
Aiiitsbersr. Lester A., and J. K. Olson, Cleveland. Ohio, 

asMirnors td Ctiic.aen I'n'iim.a'ie Tool Comit.any, N'fW 

Viirk N Y. actu.ator. 2. ."109,400. Nr.,y 30. 
.\muni!-jen. Paul, assignor, by mesne assignments, to 

Parki'i- Rust Proof Company, Ii.'^roit, Mich. Coating 

of surfaces. 2,.'il4,149, July 4. 
.^11 iindson. Roijld IL : Sen- - 

IJ'rIe. Ralph 11.. and .\mnndson. 
Amundson. Rnnld IL. and H. V. Dryer, Milwaukee, Wis., 

assiiriiors to McMJraw Klectric Company. Arc extln- 

i:iii>hing material. 2.,'>26.44S. Oct. 17. 
Amy,,t. I'lerre. as-ignor to Dnminion Corset Companv Lim- 
ited, Quebec, Quebec. Canada. I'.rassi^re. 2,5i5,.'j80, 

July IS. 

.\mvot. Pierre. Quebec. Quet>ec, Canada. Brassiere 

Amyir. Pi' rre. Quebec, Quebec, Canada. Brassifere. 

2 .'-Jf.-Ht!, Oct. 17. 

.Vmyitt. Pierre, Quebec. Quebec, Canada. Breast develop- 

III. nt nicasurlng device, 2, .'527, 206. Oct. 24. 
.^nacahe. Frank: f^f» — 
Gaviola. Frank. 

.Xiiaeoiida, ( 'ojiri'T .Minins Company, assignee: See — 
Graham. K. 
Woodward. ClifTord D., and McCanna. 

.Inacfindi Wire and Cable Company, assignefe : See— 
niekornell, Latimer F, 
I.antre. Holland F! 
l.<>r>'!)/. Leo P.. and Patterson. 
Prescotr. Charles S., and Brown. 
Siiyd' r. <'lfriieiiit .L 
Snvder Clermont J , and MacLelland. 
Thompson. Henry E. 
Vail. John II. 

Ar.i-r. James L.. Xenia, Ohio. GlMe path sensor for air- 
craft. 2..V24.740. Oct. 10. 

Anastas'i, Anthony. Dorchester, Mass. Safety seat for 
washing windows. 2..').'?2.."»!)0, Dec. .">. 

.An' :i George B., Ill, near Electra. Te\. Branding iron. 

2..". 1 i.'HS. July n. 

Aneer y.rtnr M. .T.. Lyons, Franee. assicmor to Recina 
S. A,. Tancriers, Morocco. Detecting caught threads in looms. 2, 4!).'), 501, Jan. 24. 

Aruet. Victor M. J.. Lyons. Franee. assignor to Repina 
S .\., Tangiers, Morocco. Weft stop motion. 2.516.042. 

July IS. 

.Anret. Victor M. J.. Lyon. France, assijrnor to Reglna ^ \ 
Double twist sidndle 2, '2}. 217. Oct. 3. 

.\nchor Coupling (^oinpaiiy, Inc.. assignee: See — 
Stranberg, Don F. 

Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, assignee : See — 
Bell. William D. 
Fouse, Frederick Z, 

Jahr, Arthur A. « 

Stover. Harry E. 

Anchor Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 
Johansson, Ernest CJ. 

Anchor Rubber I'roducts, Inc., assignee : See — 
Kravitz, Ben. 

Ancona, Joe, assignee : See — 
Goodheart, Jack. 

.\ndauer, Alfred M.. Baldwin, assignor to Univers;il 
Fountain Pen & Pencil Co.. Inc., .New York. N. Y. Cap 
holding means for fnuntaln i>ens. 2..')20,752, Aug. 29. 

Anderegg, Frederick O . Somorville. N. J., assignor to 

I John B. Pierce Foundation. New York. .\. Y. Dry- 

' storage box. 2.517,537. Aug. 8. 

.\n<iers, Ernest O . San Francisco Calif. Combination 
lighting and display fixture. 2.496.513, Feb. 7. 

An<ler8en, Arthur A., Crystal Lake, and B C. Matliews, 
Chicago, assignors to American Crop Drvinc Kqnipment 
Company. Crystal Lake. 111. Crop drying ;ipp.;ratus. 
2,532,.^30, Dec. 5. 

Andersen. Arthur A., Jr.. Crystal Lake, 111. B hv basket. 
2.493.181. Jan. 3. 

Andersen, Gustav, Oslo. Norway. Electric heater of the 
panel or bottom molding type. 2,525, 8'>0. Oct. 17. 

Andersen. Hans, Detroit. .\!ich. Sltng protector. 
2.510,674. June 6. 

Andersen. Jcnklm D. F., Copenhagen, Denmark, ns«iL'!ior 
to F. L. Smidth & Co., New Y.irk. N Y. Electric 
precipitating apparatus. 2.50<<.]3,'?, Mav it' 

Andersen, Joakim I^ F., Copenhagen, Denmark, assignor 
to F. L. Smidth & Co.. New York. N. Y. Electric 
precipitating apparatus. 2,508.134, May 16. 

An<iersrn, Joakim L". F., Copenhagen. Denmark, assignor 
to F. L. Smidth & Co.. New York. .N Y. Eh 'trie pre- 
cinitntincr apparatus. 2.500,901. M,ay 30. 

Andersen, Olaf. assignee : See — 
Pape. Carl H. V. 

Andersen, Soren K., Los Angeles, Calif. .Mrcraft heat 
exchanger. 2,524.066. Oct. 3. 

Andersen. Tengel. Staten Island. N. Y.. and C. C. Colbv. 
Bloomfield, N. J. Hydraulically operated buoiii. 
2.512,733, Juno 27. 

Andersen. Tengel. Staten Island, assignor to Certified 
Equipment Corp., New Y'ork, N. Y. Bulldozer attach- 
ment. 2.529.208. .Nov. 7. 

.\ndersen. Walther M. A., assiirnor to Crystal Research 
Laboratories, Incorporated, Hartford. Conn. Electronic 
metronome. 2,522.492. Sept. 19. 

Anderson. Albert & J. Sl., Manufacturing Company, as- 
signee : .''ee — 

Varnum, Edward W. 

An<lerson, Albert E., Qulncv. 111. Feed mixer. 2,504,486. 

Apr. 18. 
Anderson. Albert F.. Denver, Colo. Clasp. 2,499,898. 

Mar. 7. 
Anderson. Alfrerl, assignee: See — 

Anderson. Chester A. 
Anderson, .Allan G., assignor of one half to \V. G. Anderson. 

Cheraw. S. C. Panel trimming machine. 2,501,299, 

Mar. 21. 

•Anderson. .Alva E.. Mountainside, N. J., assignor to Bell 

Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. New York. N. Y. 

Muititarget cathode-ray device. 2,527,113, Oct. 24. 
Anderson, .Vnton. llighwood. 111. Fishhook extractor. 

2.507,083. .May 9. 
.\nderson, Artliur B.. Miiwaukie, and A. Hermann as- 

siirnors to Western Pine Association, Portland, Oreg. 

Treating wood. 2.500,783. Mar. 14, 
Anderson, Arthur L. : See— 

SAne, Robert L., and Anderson 
Anderson, .Austin E.. Jamestown. N. Y. Milking machine. 

2,518,589, Aug. 15. 
Anderson. Benhart J., Santa Ana. Calif. Catfish skinning 

and cleaning clamp. 2,531,546, Nov. 28. 
•Anderson, Bertll T. : See — 

Granberg, Bengt R., and .Anderson. 
Anderson, Bruce E.. assignor to Dun (Javen Company, 

Atlanta. Ga. I'rea formaldehyde resinous product. 

2.535.475. Dee. 26. 

Anderson. Carl A : See — 
f 'ruikxliaiik. Ross T. 
Dath, George E.. and -Anderson. 
.Anderson. Carl A., Cranston, R. I., assignor to .Anson 
Incorporated. Extension key chain. 2,531.835, Nov. 28 
Anderson. Carl A., Waukegan, 111. Mercurv switch. 
2.508.986. May 23. ' 

Ander<^on. Carl B.. ITessvllle, Ind. Leveling apparatus and 
method. 2,504,292. Apr. 18. 

Anderson. Carl E.. East Orange, assiirnor to Eastern Tool 
& Mfg. Co.. Belleville. N. J. Slide loop. 2,505,846. 
May 2. 

.Anderson, Carl F.. St. Paul. .Minn. Detachable dispenser 
for bottles, with plunger-actuated reciprocating valve. 
2.517,161, Aug. 1. 

.Anderson, Carl L.. Bloomington, 111. Cleanout shovel. 
2.495.802, Jan. 31. 

Andtrson, Carl M. : See — 

IJaker, Virgil H.. and .Anderson. 


LIST ov rAT?:NTEi:s 


Anderson. <"nrl .M., Corsicana, l^ex., assignor, by mesne 
asBign'n<>nts, to I'.ethleliem Suofily Conipany. "Friction 
brake applied and released bv ilulU pressure. 2,527,290, 
t»cf. 24. 

Anderson, Carlos E. : See — 

Seiinlioltz, Charles E., and .Anderson. 

Auder.-on. Carlos E.. and C. E. .seunholtz. Chicago, Ii:. 
Chain link 2,525.193, Oct. 10. 

.Anderson. Carlos E., and C. E. Sennholtz, Chicago 111 
Connecting link. 2.525.194. Oct. 10. 

Anderson, Carroll K., .Minnetonka Beach assignor to 
.Munsliigwear. Inc., Minneapolis, .Minn. Course marker 
for tricot and the like flat-bed knitting uiaciiineg. 
2,5US.34S, .May 23. 

Anderson. Carroll p., assignor to Munsingwear, Inc., Min- 
neapolis. .Minn. Collarette fabric. 2.51 1 .6S.'"). June 13. 

Anderson, Ch.irlcs E , -New York. .\. Y. Rotating table ball 
catching game. 2.499..").j7, .Mar. 7. 

Anderson. Cliarles R , I'ecatur, 111. Resonator fur piun<is 
2.523,982 Sept. 26. 

Anderson, Chester A., assignor of one-third to A. Ander- 
son and one-tliird to K. N. Ornberg. Litcldieid, Minn. 
Hand-operated pressure oilcan. 2. 504,371, .Apr. IS. 

Anderson, Clarence .A.. San Diego, Calif. Detection device 
2,511,233, June 13. 

Anderson. Clavton & Co., assignee : See — 
Fash, Ralph IL 

Anderson, Clayton W., assignor to K. S. Anderson. Scott- 
dale, Pa. (•piT,iting mechanism for axially and rotat- 
ably movable valve i)Iugs. 2,501.150, Mar. 21. 

Anderson, Clifford IL, assignee : See — 
Dvorak. Joseph T. 

Anderson, Cliflord H., Minneapolis, Minn, Material ban 
dling apparatus. 2.535,476, Dec. 26. 

Anderson Conipany, The, assignee: See — 
Boddy. Leonard. 

Anderson Coach Ccunp.anv, assignee : See — 
Thompson. Raymond .A. 

Anderson. David E., assignor to Thompson Products, Inc., 
Cleveland, Ohio. Supplementary feed device for inter- 
nal-combustion engines. 2,513,773, July 4. 

Anderson, I>ivid E.. assignor to Thompson Products, Inc., 
Cleveland, Ohio. Supplementary feed device for inter- 
nal-combustion engines. 2.513,774. July 4. 

Anderson, David F]., assignor to Thompson Products, Inc., 
Cleveland, Ohio. Barometric pressure sensitive engine 
detonation suppressor. 2,513,775. Juiv 4. 

Anderson. David E.. assignor to TJiompsofi Products, Inc., 
Cleveland, Ohio. Supplementary fuel injection system. 
2.5J.")..'">7ti. Oct 10 

Anderson. David F., Camden. Maine, assignor to Fiberlast 
of Can.ida (Ltd.), St Jerome, Quebec, Canada. Snow- 
shoe or Bwainpshoe. 2.515,070. July 11. 

Anderson. E. Harold, administrator : See — 
.\i 'I'-rsoii I'rnst G, 

Anderson. Kdmiind B., Rockford, assignor to Borg-Warner 
Corporation. Chicago HI. Seal. 2..'".]n,362. June 6. 

Anderson. Edmund c.. llomewood. assignor to Kensington 
Steel Company, Chicago, Hi. Haimiier and renewable 
tip for hammer mills. 2.5,S!.597, Nov. 21. 

Anderson, Edward B., Wilmington. Del. Fishing line 
sinker. 2..' 17,375, .Aug. 1. 

Anderson, Edward (J. ()., West Wikham, and G G 
Bernard, assignors to John L .gie Ba. rd Limited. I. on 
don, England. Video-freijuencv receisiug apparatus. 
2..533.081. Dec. 5. 

Anderson, Edward L. and L. B , Los Angeles assignors 
of one-half to G. H. Bucklin. Fresno, Calif. I'rimary 
cell. 2.530,751, Nov. 21. 

Anderson. Elmer A : See- — 

Pierotti. Glno J., Anderson, and Souders. 
Pierottl. Gino J.. Wilson, and Anderson. 

Anderson, Elmer G., assignor of one-half to V. T Wigies 
worth. Portland, Oreg. Collapsible trailer frame. 
2.509.794. Mav 30. 

Anderson, Emil S., Chicago. 111. .Auxiliary fuel tank for 
motor boats. 2,534,394, Dec. 19. 

Anderson, Eric, assignor of one-half to W. H. Norrls. Tren- 
ton. N. J. Pressure seal for flanged pipes. 2,533.86.s 
Dec. 12. 

Anderson, Eric .^L, Westhrook, assignor to I'tlllties Dis- 
tributors, Inc.. Portland, Maine. Portable truck heater 
Re. 23,21-'.'^. .May 2. 

Anderson, Eric W.. London, and T. J. McDermott. Rom 
ford, England. Pulse generating circuit. 2,493,379 
Jan. 3. 

Anderson. FIrnst G., deceased, Chicago, bv E. H. Andersoij 
administrator, I.ake Bluff, assignor to" Simplet Electric 
Co., Chicago, 111. Lamp fixture supporting device. 

2.523 IKf) Sept lf» 

Anderson. Eugene A., and L. C. Roberts, assignors to 

Southern Saw Service. Inc.. -Atlanta, (i&. Meat saw 

2,L35.714. Dec. 26. 
Anderson. i:vald F.. .North Oxford, Mass . assignor to Tlie 

.American Steel and Wire Company of .New Jersev. \\ ire 

stranding die. 2,503,987. Apr. 11. 

Anderson. Frank II. , Minneapolis, Minn. Pressure reducer 
and air strainer. 2,533,907. Dec. 12. 

Anderson. Fied J., .Aurora. HI. .Multiple movement gate. 
2,500.236. Mar. 14. 

Anderson. George A. M.. assignor to The King Company. 
Owatonna, Minn. Multistage method and apparatus 
for freezing comestibles. 2,494,027, Jan. 10. 

-Anierson, George M., Duvall. Wash. Tire tube holder. 
L'.. '.11^.328. .May 3n. 

.An<ler*)n, George V.. Hailey, Idaho. Electrical cutting 
and punching machine. 2,529,895, Nov. 14. 

.Anderson, Gordon C. : See — 

Burnham. Virgil A., and Anderson, 

-Anderson. Gordon G-: See — 

Mentzer. William C. and Anderson. 

Anderson, Gordon K., Belott. Wis., assignor to Fairbanks, 
Morse &. Co., Chicago, 111. Insulator for wound core 
structures. 2,502,068, Mar. 28. 

.\iiderson, (iustave A., assignor to The International 
Handkerchief Mfg. Co., New York. N. Y. Pressure means 
tor iiaudkerchief machines. 2.."i23,181. Sept. 19. 

.Anderson. Guy R., Conley. assignor of hve per cent to 
W. F. .MiKinley, Atlanta, Ga. Rooting and cahul.itli.g 
scpiare. 2,.j28,633, Nov. 7. 

.\udersuu, Harold .A. : See — 

Peterson, Harold S. and Anderson. 

-Anderson, Harold \S'., I)es Moines, Iowa. Projecting.- ai. 
!i.'ia;;e onto lithographing plates. 2,510,363, June 6. 

.Anderson, H.arry C. : See — 

I'.urford. Will:am P... Ill, and .Anderson. 

Anderson, Harry N., Barton. Vt. Point locking folding 
cliair. 2,.''>16,610. July 25. 

•Vnders'ai, llelmer, Minneaiwlis, Minn., assignor to Ge:.- 
erai .Mills, Inc. Method and apparatus for lining blanks. 
2 502,117, Mar. 28. 

.XnUerson. llelmer, Minneapolis, .Minn., assignor to Gen- 
eral Mills. liK". <Ilue control for bag sealing machines. 
2.512.884. June 27. 

Anderson, Herbert L.. Hartford, Conn., and P. G. Koonti, 
Fort Collins, Colo., assignors to the United States of 
America as represented by the United States .Atomic 
Energy Commisaion. Radiation counter. -,4'j4.t)41, 
Jan. 17. 

Anderson, Herbert L., Hartford, Conn., assignor to the 
United States of America as represented by the United 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Detection appa 
ra.tus. 2,532,874, Dec. 5. 

.\nderson. Homer G., Newtonville, assignor to Raytheon 
M.mufacturing Companv, Newton, Mass. Electron dis 
charge device. 2,.')09,, May 30. 

.Anderson, Ivan G., Chicago, 111. Coupling means for fold- 
ing rolls. 2,514.737. July 11. 

-Anderson, Ivan L., St. Charles, and A. B. Hansen, Ch.cag >. 
111. Hunting blind. 2,511.452. June 13. 

Anderson, James, Jr., Los Angeles, Calif. Grouping stor- 
age battery plates. 2,505,514, Apr. 25. 

Anderson. James. Jr.. Los Angeles. Calif. Machine for 
assembling storau'e battery plates. 2..'>09,467. May 30 

.Anderson, James IL. Easton, Pa., assignor to IngersoU- 
Rand Company, New York, N. Y. Intermittent ex- 
plosion gas turbine plant with dilution air. 2,517,822, 
Aug. 8. 

•Anderson, James II. , Easton, Pa., assignor • Ii.gersoll- 
Rand Comjiany, New York, N. Y. Cushion, :.g di \ ice for 
rock drill handles. 2.531.800, Nov, 28. 

.Anderson, James L., Closter, N. J., assignor to Air Re- 
duction Company, Incorporated. Billet nicking ma- 
chine. 2.504,171. Apr. 18. 

-Anderson, James L., Closter, N. J., assignor to Air Reduc- 
tion Companv, Incorporated. Apparatus for scarhng 
slabs of different widths. 2,532.385. Dec. 5. 

-Miderson, James W., Jr., Detroit, Mich. Kearvlcv u,lrror. 
2,500,7S4. -Mar. 14. 

.Anderson. James W., Jr , assizor to Accessory Research 
Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Rear-vision mirror. 
2.516,939, Aug. 1. 

Anderson, Jimmie E. Pryor, Okla. Toy steering wheel. 
2.522,205, Sept. 12 

.Anderson. Joel F.. Minneapolis, Minn. Stovepipe con- 
nector for chlLuLieys and the like. 2,535,186. Dec. 26. 

Anderson, Jidin A. iict— 

.MacLaren, Frederick IL. and Anderson. 

Anderson, John A.. OrtonvlUe. Minn. Stone digger. 
2.523.263. Sept. 26. 

.Anderson, John E., Mlnnea^wlis, Minn. Sawhorse clamp. 
2,501.656, Mar. 28. 

.Anderson, John E., Portland assignor to United Aircraft 
Corporation. East Hanforu, Conn. Hydraulic pump for 
propeller, pitch changing mechanisms. 2,494,606, 
Jan. 17, 

Anderson, John E., Portland, assignor to United Aircraft 
Corporation, East Hartford, Conn. Dual rotation, 
transfer (>earing thrust plate. 2.512.005. Jutie 20. 

Anderson. John E.. Portland, assignor to United Aircraft 
Corporation, East Hartford, Conn. Variable pitch pro- 
peller. 2,533,415. Dec. 12. 

Anderson, John H , San Francisco, Calif. Saw raker 
tooth gauge. 2.523.086. Sej.t. 19. 

Anders/.n, John M., Washburn, .N. Dak. Nail extracting 
iiia.bine. 2.522.769. Sept. 19. 

.Anderson. John N., assignee: See — 
Gillespie, John M. 

.Anderson, John 8., Chicago, 111. Dermal cleaner and 
scraper having a "fingernail" action. 2,507,619, May 16. 

Anderson, John W , Newtown, Conn. Cosmetic applicator 
with Khrinkproof fit. 2,500,984. May 9. 

-Anderson. John W., Gary. Ind., assignor to Productive In- 
ventions, Inc. Windshield cleaner. 2.51:8.678. .Nov. 7. 

Anderson, Julian, Helena, Mont. Garment hanger. 
2,522.013, Sept. 12. 


TXT>rX r^v PATENTS, 1950 


2, 520.822. Aug. 

Anders. 11. K ui V., assigri'ir to Nordberg y 

C'lnj.a'iy .Mil\vauk.'»\ Wis. Control fur 

bust!, u cn-nifs. 2,r)04.243, Apr. 1>!. 
Anderson. K; S.. assignee : Sec— 

.Anderson Ciavt' ii W 
.\ndprs-)n. Keith. Higtiland Tark, Mich. Infecd 

iD'.nt fur centerless grindinK uiachine.x. 

2 It. 
Anders'.n. Kenneth E. : See — ' 

Ilnl!-i\\ I. Hichiird H.. ali<i And. r^iun. 

Ander-..n Leslie J., Mooreatown. hh-I A. IT. Kettler, 

Cullinu'swoiid. N, J., assslKnors to liadio Corporation of 

Aiiierl<a. I'uil niicruphuiie suun.l detector system. 

2-r.»';.i);51, Jan. 31. , ,. , ^ , 

Andersun, Le.slie J , Mo<.rest.)wn. anl .\. IT. Kpttler. Col- 

llngswood. N. .1.. ussignurs tu Ka.lio Cur^x^ration of 

Windscreen for nilcri 

2.520.70G. AuK. 

asslpnee : See — 

Anderson Manufac- 
Window Idtkins de- 


And'T-;nn, L.sli.- J . Moorestuwn, N. J., assijrnor to Radio 
('urpuralum <>' Ani.riea. l're^.sur^' ^:radient responsive 
niicrophuue. 2,52T,;j44, Oct. 24. 

Anders.. n, l.luyd I.., It. F. Ilefferan, and V. Ellison, as- 
signors to I'aneva Corporation, <;rand Rapids, Mich. 
Fountain bru.-<h with soap rhaniber. .^,513,77^1, July 4. 

An.!, rsun. l.luyd I. , and R. E. Johnson, Grand Rapids. 
assii:iii>rs to \\ inters il- Crainpton <'()rporatiun, tJrand- 
ville. .Mich. •_'..'."T.S47. May ItJ. 

And. [s. Ill I.ui; ~ A ~- _-: : v< Ru'-y & Gowen Company, 
Inc .\'ttleburo. Expansible bracelet. 2,501,202, 
Mar. Jl. 

An.iersuu. Louis A., and H. C. I'e.irson, assignors to Gen- 
erfl .Motors Corporation, Dayton, Ohio. Bolt mecha- 
nism, 2, . "ill.'; .'i?."), Apr. 11. 

Ander.s..ii. l.ul ; I'.. : See — 

.\nde^^on, Edward L. and L. B. 

Ande;s..n, Lynn T., E.'.st Oranu'e, .V. J., and M. C. Goddard, 
Garden City, assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
In. .iTporated, .New York, N. Y'. '1 inie<l trunk release. 
2,.'"><i',),U.jO, May 2;>. 

Amlers.n. Mar^liail. Marblpho.nd. Mass., a.'fsljrnor to Gen- 
era' Elecrio t'ompany. Dyiiaraoelectric machine. 
2.m7.i;."r<i. F.-b 14. 

.\nder-..n. Mar-hall. Martilelieml. .Mass., assignor to Gen- 
eral lliectru- < '..nii..ii.\ . Iir:vin>? mechanism. 2,531,098, 
N..V _•!. 

.Anderson .Marshall .%'.,^nor to SeH.stroin Manufactur- 
in_' Conipan?. Chica.t^o, 111. .-Vdjnstable headband. 
2.r.n.2:U Jn'ne 1.3 

Anderson, Marshall N.. assignor to Sellstrom Manufactur- 
ing Company. Chicago, 111. Ventihited lens ring. 
2..%.3.'i.r,47. Dec. 12. 

.-Anderson, Nlande J., assignee: See — 
Harrison, Lauren. !> E. 

.\ and Tu.-ton Mfg. Co 
Amlers'iu, William .\. 

Anderson. .M.rris L. : .Sc*' — 

P. irkan, Louis R.. and .\nderson. 

.\nde-son, Nels E., assignor to V. E. 
turing Company, Oweusboro, Ky. 
vif". 2 ."lO", f.ot; \ur 11 

An.!.rs..n, Millburn. X. J Projectile. 2,494.026, 
Jan. !i». 

Anderson. .Nelson I'.. : See — 

MmIi'T. .\l(.'Tt, (iibson and Anderson. » 

Tyrner. Jo.seph M., and .\nderson. 

An'1er»^ :i. E . ."scoteh Plains, N. J,, assignor to Air 
itp.iu.'ti n Company, Incorporated. Water-cooled gas- 
bi.anke'ed arc weldinu torch 2..")12,7()rt, June 27. 

And'Ts. II, N. Non E.. Scotch Pla'ns. N. J., assignor to Air 
Re.liicrion Company. Incorporated. Gas-shielded arc 
we!.;:r.j tiTch. 2.."; ! 2.7i>7. June 27. 

.\nders.Mi. Nelson E.. Sc.tch Plains, and G. R. Turbett, 
E.asf Orantro, .N. J., assiirnors to .Mr Reduction Com- 
[.any. Incrporited. Fluid-coole,] gas-blanketed arc 
v.. I.fini: to'-ili. 2 •")12 7'"'.", June 27. 

Anderson. Nelson E., Scotch Plains, and S. L. Sullivan, 
Re.i Bank. N. J., asstirnors to .\lr Reduction Company. 
Incorporate.!. New York. N. Y. Lbpild cooled cable for 
wet.^ng e.;uliiTiipnr. 2.ri^.".1S7. Di'c. 2fi. 

An.lerson, Nils E.. P.uffalo. N. Y. Stepladder. 2,r)22.336. 

Sept. 12. 

.\nderson. Norman T. : See — 

.Sw.'oliiy I'.iward .\.. .and .\nderson. 
Anderson. < Uaf K.. assliinor. by mesne asdlgnnionts, to 
The Basfian-TUessing Companv. Chicago, 111. Liquefied 
.'.^ d:-t>en<in'j fini.arntu*. 2.!r>7.or,9. Feb. 21. 
-Anderson. H : Srr 

Laugiiead, Gordon, an.i .Xn.'.ersun. 
.An'lei-soM. Oscar M. : sre 

Russell, William J., and An.lerson. 

.\nderson. Oscar W. : Sre — , 

Hpnderson, John K., and .Anderson. 

.An.l.r^.in. Oscar W.. Pittsburgh, assicrnnr to Wcstinphonse 
i;ie(%ric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Spinning 
bucket an<i making It. 2.r.2.'),4r,9, Oct. 10. 

.And.rsoti. Paul S., Lnni: Beach, Calif. Fish lure. 

2.r,17.>'-2n, .\ug. 8. 

Anderson. Paul V., assignor to Gardner Tool and Stamping 
C.impinv. Gar.lner. Mass. Corner brace for furniture. 
2,.'>20,2;n, Aug 29. 

Anderson, I'hilip P., Jr . Evansville, Ind., assignor to 
Servel. Inc.. .New York, .N. Y. Absorption refrigeration. 

2.r>25,on, o. t. 10. 

Andei'son, Ralph A., ETanston. 111., assignor to N. J. Zaro, 
New York, N. Y. Safety socket and switch asueuitly 
for electric light bulbs and the like. 2,.')25..''>77, Oct. 10. 

Anderson, Ralph L., assignor to Deere & <"unipany. .Molir.e, 
III. Belt and gear drive for self-propelled Implements. 
2,510,32r), June 0. 

Anderson, Rea V., Los .Angeles, assignor to Rheem Manu- 
facturing (^ompany, Richmond. <'alit'. Clamping device. 
2.522.6r>9. Sept. 19. 

Anderson, Rexford O., assignor to Foote Bros. Gear and 
Machine Corporation, Chicago, III. Hydrodynamlc 
brake for vehicles. 2,. 117, 531, Aug. 8. 

Anderson, Rexford O., assignor to Foote Bros. Gear and 
Machine Corporation, Chicago. 111. Apparatus for 
absorbing shock loads. 2,517,621. Aug. 8. 

Anderson. Richard C, Madison, Wis. Liquid cooler. 
2..'i04.372, Apr. 18. 

Anderson, Robert A. : See — 

Alien, William M., and Anderson. 

Anderson. Robert I.. Grand Haven, Mich., assignor to 
The Brunswlck-Balke-Collender Company, Chicago, 111. 
Ball stop for bowling alleys. 2,5n.'-,.032, May 2. 

Anderson, Robert R.. New Albany, Ind. Bicycle attach- 
ment. 2,517,957. Aug. 8. 

Anderson, Roy A. : ^'ce — - 

Slotter, Richard L., and Anderson. 

Anderson, Roy F. : See — 

RIIpv, Fnink O.. and Anderson. 

Anderson, Russell J., Racine. Wis,, assignor to Belle City 
Malleable Iron Company. Dumping mechanism for 
mold conveyers. 2,535,715. Dec. 2t). 

Anderson, Theodore u. : see — 

Schubert, Frank J., and Anderson. 

Anderson, Thomas : See — 

Taylor, Arthur W. C. Rose, and Anderson. 

Anderson. Thomas F., assignor to Libbey Owens Ford Glass 
Company, Toledo. Ohio. -Alkyd resin stabilized with 
N-arvlhydroxy 3-naphthamide 2.r)32.47.'^i, Dec. '>. 

Anderson, Thomas W., Red Bluff, Calif. Door lock. 
2.510.32t>. June <".. 

Anderson, V. D., Company. The, assignee : See — 
Weigel, Frederick W. 

Anderson, V. E., .Manufacturing Company, assignee : t>ee — 
Anderson, Nels E. 

Anderson, Victor E. : See — 

Michael. Stephen L,. and Anderson. 

Anderson, Walter A., Bridgeport. Conn, assignor to Under- 
wood Corporation, New York, N. Y. Load equalizing for 
differential actuators. 2,493.799, Jan. 10. 

Anderson Warren A.. West Brighton. N. Y'.. assignor to 
Radio Corporation of America. Stroboscopic device. 
2,514,619, Julv 11. 

Anderson, Warren A., West Brighton, N. Y.. assignor to 
Radio Corporation of America. Low-frequency ampli- 
fier 2, 52.'. 032. Oct 10. 

Anderson, Warren K., Pacific Palisades, assignor to 
Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc., Saut.i Moniia, Calif. 
Grommet. 2,518.851, Aug. 15. 

Anderson. Wilbur C and E. W. Riemenschneider, assignors 
to The I'nlon Metal Manufacturing Company, Canton, 
Ohio. Vehicle platform construction. 2,525,281, Oct. 10. 

Anderson, Wilbur (L, Jr , assignor to American Box Board 
Company, Grand Rapids, Mich. Folding paper box. 
2.493.281. Jan. 3. „ ^ 

Anderson, Wilbur G.. Jr., assignor to American Box Board 
Companv. Grand Rapids, Mich. Furniture corner pro- 
tector. *2..'09.4f.S. May :^.0. 

Anderson, William A., assignor to Anderson Miller and 

Spokane. Wash. Pipe coupling. 

assignor to .Anderson-Miller and 
'Spokane. Wash. Pipe coupling. 

Poston Mfg. Co., 

2.494.854. Jan. 17. 
Anderson. William A 

Poston Mfg. Co., 

2.494.855. Jan. 17. , ^ , 
Anderson. William C. Oak Park, assignor to Illinois Tool 

Works. Chicago. 111. Screw feeding hopper. 2,531,099, 

Nov, 21. 
Anderson, William E., Kansas Glty. assignor of on<^ha'f 

to William Earl Anderson. Blue Springs, Mo. -Material 

feeder. 2,618,514. Aug. 15. 
Anderson. William E., Kansas City, assignor of onednlf 

to W. E. Anderson. Blue Springs. .Mo. Mold for 

comentitions material. 2,.">22.5<t3. Sept. 19. 

Anderson. William Earl, assignee : Bee — 

Anderson. William E. 
Anderson. William F.. Wilmington, Calif. 

holder. 2.525,057, Oct. 10. 
Anderson. William G., assignee : Sr, — 

Anderson, Allan G. 

Anderson. William II., Elkridge. anl D. S. 

more, Md.. assignors to Westingti.use Electric Co'p --a- 
tion. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Manual and self-adjusrlng 
heating-electrode structure for dielectric heating. 
2,49.<^.t)32, Feb. 28. 

Anderson. William M.. Virginia. Minn. Sidewalk and 
floor scraper. 2.535.253, Dec. 26. 

Anderson. Wllmer C, Douglaston, assignor to Arma Cor- 
poration, Brooklyn, N. Y. Servo-system controL 
2.501.300, Mar. 21. 

Anderson, Wllmer C, Douglaston. N. Y., assignor to th.e 
United States of America as represented by ih<» Secrt^- 
tary of the Navy. Tlitometer system. 2,520,297, Aug. 

.Multiple snell 

Shlngler. B.ilti- 



Anderson. Wilmer C, Greenwich, Conn., assignor to Deer- 
Ing -MilllkeD UeB«'arch Trust, .New York. .N. Y. .Moiciture 
deiermiuali.iii. 2,53.'>,02ti, Dec. 2t). 

Anderson. Wilmer C.. <,re»-nwlch, Conn., assignor tu Lk-er- 
hig -Milllkin l:e»ear.ii T.u^t, .N.-a Y.;rk, N. Y. Ap- 
paratus fur measurini; antl c...ur:oliing ujuieture content 

or the likt 

:.o3o.027. Dec. 26. 

AndersBun. Bror A., Boras, Sweden. Luggage carrier for 

autuuiuliilfd. 2,514,4t;2. July 11. 
Anderssun, Uror O. li., assignor to Firma Industrifornoden- 

lieter Lennart Rydeufors, Malmo, Sweden. Clothes peg. 

2,r)l,''.,2.sU, July l.s. 
Andersson, J. E. : See — 

Fryer, Louis iS., Andersson, and Jokllebto. 
Anderss.iD, Utto L. : Ste — 

Ossbahr, Richard G., and Andersson. 
Andersson, Sven W. E., Evansville Ind., assignor to 

Servel. Inc., New York, N. Y. Water-level controL 

2.4ltj,u86, Jan. 17. 
An.lerssuu, S>eu W. E., Evansville, Ind., assignor to 

Servel, Inc., New Y'ork, N. Y. Control for refrigeration. 

2 502.OG9.-Mar. 2S 
Andersson. Sveu W. E.. Evansville, Ind., assignor to Servel. 

Inc.. New York, N. Y. Gas burner coutiol. 2,505,455, 

Apr. 25. 
AndersBon. Sven W. E., Evansville, Ind.. assignor to Servel, 

Inc., New York. N. Y. Air conditioning. 2,515.368. 

July 18. 
Andliop I'atents Limited, assignee: See — 

-Audrist. Dav;.! .M. 
Andrae, Ernst C. Stockholm. Sweden. Fabricating 

thermometerg. 2.535,477. Dec. 28. 
Andr6. Jeau. assignor to Compagnie de Produits Chimiques 

et Electrometallurgiiiues Alais. Frogos et Cauiargue, 

Paris, I'rance. Tank for aqueous electrolysis. 2,511,680. 

June 13. 
Andre. Jules E., Montclalr, N. J. Ski boot. 2.531,763, 

Nov. 28. 
Audrfi, Peter C. Pleasant Ridge, assignor to Chrysler Cor- 
poration, Highland l»ark. Mich. Apparatus for sinuous 

contoured material. 2,513,777, July 4. 
Andreas.son. Rudolf W.. Franklin, Mich. Drilling device. 

2,510,203. June »i. 
Andree. (Jusiav, Hollywood, Calif. Citrus fruit knife. 

2.521.622, Sept. 5. 
Andren, Karl H., Greenfield, assignor to Artos Engineering 

Company, .Milwaukee. Wis. Wire cutting and stripping 

apparatus. 2,497,1 12, Feb. 14. 
.Andres. Lluvd J., assignor to Permo Incorporated, Chi- 

c.ig... Ill Phonograph stylus. 2,502.242. .Mar. 28. 
Andres, Lloyd J., assignor to Permo, Incorporated, Chi- 
cago. 111. Universal tone arm for multispeed record 

players, 2.526,188. Oct. 17. 
Andres, Lloyd J., Itasca, assignor, by mesne assignments, 

to H. C. Evans & Company, Chicago. III. Selector 

mechanism for automatic phonographs. 2,530,347, Nov. 

Andres, Lloyd J., Itasca, assignor, by mesne assignments, 

to H. C. Evans & Company, Chicago. 111. Clutch and 

control mechanism therefor. 2,532,266, Nov. 28. 
Andres, Louis (,". : See — 

July. Leon, and .\'s. 
Andres, Ray'C. Big Rapids, Mich., assignor to Home Pro- 
tection fumpany. Inc. Pneumatic conveying machine. 

2,494,500. Jan. lu. 
Andres, William A., Bridgeport. Conn., assignor to The 

Singer Manufacturing Company, Elizabeth, N. J. Knee 

operateil sldfting device. 2. ."29. 442. Nov. 7. 
Andresen. Henry A., and R. R. Stade, Fairmont, Minn. 

Automatic wax mat. 2,521.817. Sept. 12. 
Andre.sen, Jidiu 11., Jr. : Sec — 
Angst. Walter, and .Andresen. 
Carbonara. Victor E., and Andresen. 
Andr.'bs. Harry J., Jr. : SfC — 

Relff. Orlan.l -M., and Andress. 
Reiff. Orland M., .Andress, and Kozacik. 
Andress, Harry J.. Jr., Woodbury. .\. J., assignor to 

Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Incorporated. Lubricat- 
ing oil compositions. 2,506,570, May 9. 
Andrew. Carl L., assignor of one-half to E. P.. Smith, 

Greenville. S. C. Book constructixjn. 2,502,813. 

Apr. 4. 
Andrew Corporation, asignee : See — 

Brown. John S. 
Andrew. James M., Findlay, Ohio. Furniture buffer. 

2,502,912. Apr. 4. 
Andrew. Vernon J., Santa Ana. Calif. Catch. 2,503.463, 

Apr. 11. 
Andrews-Alderfer Processing Company Incorporated, as- 
signee : Sec — 

.Mderfer, Sterling W. 
Andrews, .Alfred, Penn, assignor to Guy Motors Limited, 

Fallings Park. Wolverliampton, England. Change-speed 

mechanism. 2,535.381. Dec. 26. 

Andrews, Alvadore M.. Portland. Oreg. Apparatus for 
joining pieces of plastic. 2,495,680. Jan. 31. 

Andrews, Alvadore M., Portland. Oreg. Joining pieces of 
plastic. 2.500.053, Mar. 7. 

.Andrews & Beaven Ltd.. assignee : See — 
Smart. I.eunar.l K. S. 

Andrews, Dallas R.. Collingswood. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Multiple blade light inter- 
rupting shutter. 2.513.702, July 4. 

Andrews, I>aly P., and B. D. Ueeger, Mountain Gro\e, Mu. 
S,a w-suptKiriing lug clamp. 2..><»4,373, Apr. 1 .'• 

-Indrews. Donald II. , Baltimore, Md., assignor to Research 
Curporation. New York, N. i'. linage sensitive lube. 
2.r,;:2.153. Sept, 12. 

Andrcv.H. Donald IL. Baltimore, Md^^ assignor to Research 
Corporation. New York. N. Y. Radio signal detector.- 
2,533.908. Dec. 12. 

Andrews, Edward D.. Akron, Ohio, assignor to The 
(Juaker Outs Company, Chicago, 111. Package con- 
struction. 2,527,692, Oct. 31, 

Andrews. Edward F. : See — 

Gierw atow.-ski. Olgierd, and Andrews. 

Andrews. Edward F.. Chicago. III. Stop-on-slgnal radio 
apparatus. 2.493.741, Jan. 10. 

Andrews, Edward F.. Chicage, III. Rotary blade lift con- 
trol for roiarv wing sustained aircraft. 2,611,687, J^ne 

Andrews. E.iw.ird F.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
J. P. Set burg Corporation, Chicago, 111. Seiei tor njech- 
anlsm fur automatic phonographs. 2.531.374, Nov. 21. 

Andrews, Ernest E., liicbmond, Va. Terminal air brake 
time testing device. 2,510,538. June 6. 

Andrews, Fred W. : See — 

Spanel, Abraham N.. Andrews, and Owen. 

.Andrews, Fred W., assign .r to International I.Jit« x Corpo- 
ration, Dover, I>el. Baby pants. 2,531,900, Nov. 2n. 

Andrews, Garuett S., Nashville, Tenn. Pressure Intensl- 
fier. 2,500,237, Mar. 14. 

Andrews, George P., Detroit, Mich. Automatic electric 
barbecue and bread toaster. 2,499,558, Mar. 7. 

Andrews. Harold A. : See — 

Julmson. Nils H., and Andrews. 

Andrews, Harold K. : See — 

Gaynor, Edwin (L, and Andrews. 

Andrews. Henry, assignor to Piatt Products Corporation, 
Lansing, Mich. Thermostatic control device. 2,494,078, 
Jan. 10. 

Andrews. James F.. Penns Grove, N. J., assignor to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington. DeL 
Safety device for pressure vessels. 2.526,794, Oct. 24. 

An.irews, James F., Penns <irove, N. J., assignor to E. 1. 
du Punt de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, L'eL 
Safety relief diaphragm. 2,526,795. Oct. 24. 

Andrews. J nn M., assignor to York Corporation, York, 
I'a. Electrical liquid level controL 2,4flh.232, Feb. 2L 

Andrews. John -M.. assignor to York Corporation. York, Pa. 
Current inrush control. 2,526,924, Oct. 24. 

Andrews, Mark B.. Klrkwood, Mo. Dispenser for ta;>e. 
2,535.621, Dec. 26. 

Andrews. .Norman'F. : Se» — 

Paradise, Loais A., coulta«. and Andrews. 

.Andrews, Norman F., .Mollne. 111., R. L. Dort, Davenport, 
Iowa, J. Verger, Ruck Island. W. J. Coultas, MoUne, 
and .S. E. Hill Glen Eliju, assignors to Deere <St Com- 
pany, Mi>line, 111. Hitching arrangement for Lur\.,-;eri 
and allied equipment. 2,494,080, Jan. 10. 

Andrews, Norman F., M.dine, 111., and R. L. Dort, Daven- 
purt, Iowa, assignors to Deere & < ompany Moline, 111. 
Corn harvester gatherer construction. 2,496,514, Feb. 7. 

Andrews, Norman F., assignor to Deere & Company, 
Mollne. III. Vehicle-mounted harve.sler with trailing 
crop-receiving unit. 2.507,687, May 16. 

Andrews, Norman F.. assignor to Deere & Company, M.>- 
line. III. Corn harvester. 2,511,960. June 20. 

Andrews, .Norman F., assignor to Deere & Company. 
Moline. 111. Corn picker harvester. 2,525,058, (»ci. 10. 

Andrews, Norwood H., and J. L. Speirs, Moorestown, N. J., 
assignors, by mt sno assignments, to The Micro:. Izer 
Company. New York, N. Y. Drying and pulverliing 
method and apparatus. 2,494,153, Jan. 10. 

Andrews, O. B., Company, assignee ; See — 

Pennebaki-r. Lewis C. ' 

Turner, William E. 

Andrews, Percival W., assignee : See — 
Dewan, Leon. 

Andrews, Ralph P., Boca Raton, Fla. Correcting and cur- 
ing ingrowing toenails. 2,505,086, .Apr, 25. 

Andrews, Robert A. C, St. Thomas, Ontario. Canada. 

Magnetic sadiron holder. 2.493,846, Jan. 10. 
Andrews. Truy M. : see — 

Martin, Mervin E., and Andrews. 

Andrlst, l>avid M., assignor to Andhop Patents Limited, 
Victoria. British Columbia, Canada. '^Baiting machine. 

2.5n.82s, June 20. 

Andriat, David M.. assignor to Andhop Patents Limited, 
Victoria, British Columbia. Canada. Baiting machine. 
2.518.590, Aug. 15. 

Andruw, Elwin A., assignee : Sec — | 

Bierce, Burton B. 
Andrus, Elwin A., assignee : See — 

Bierce, Burton B. 

Andrus, John R.. Brooklyn, assignor to S. Apostoluk. New 
York, N. Y. Garment clasp. 2,531,244, Nov. 21. 

Andrus, William T., .\nn Arbor. Mich. Apparatus for 
preparing seed be<]~ and h. eding same. 2,524,871, 
Oct. 10 



AncinoHtat Corporation of Am- riea. assli'nee : See — 
G,it>.:t. Allied K^ ' 

Il'.ii.rKiunp. Frit'dricb. 
KurMi l'"r;in7. J 
rhillips, Lpouard K. 
VS'alleu. (J^»lJ^^;e 11.. and Trausncck. 
Ward. Franris IV 
Angel. <"i""il : srr- 

Wampr Friincis A , Kn^l' "'.an. and Anpel. 
AniTfl, H.T' fTt. Brnoklyn, a>s.tfii(ir to The Western Union 
T>'lfi:r;i; h ('Miiipany, New York, N. 
t,'r si'li ap[iaratuH. 2.G-U,li38. Nov. 7. 
Ani,'eM!u olinili) K, : iSfP— 

Vii'fnir .Idhn T., and AnfreHllo. 
Anjellno, Vincent, awlgnee : Sre — 

Angell. Bnrnp \! . Indianapolis, lud 2.n I :,'>.':•,. Ant:. 8. 
Aii..'eii, Charles H,, assignor to S. ('. 

Huriev px<'cutrix of said S. C. IIu 
• Hssl.'r.'nr to W. L. Hurl.'V. Danville, 111 
device for t'liupinj,; magnetic materia 
Apr. 11 
Angell. Robert C and C. II. I'.r. wne, I'ri; 
assik'nors to The S. .S. Whit- Iiental 
Conip;«.nv, Philadelphia, I'a. Adjustable seat 
Ing stru.'ture. 2..")li9,SGl, Nov. 14. 
Angelo, Michael : t^ee — 

Uambo F-anf'lii R and Angei.^ 
Angelotri. Silviu J., Haverhill, Mass. 

saua 12.') 1 9,2 1 4, Aug. IT). 
Angi'T. l''!iii"-t • ; : •-'rr - 

Sf'Mihiik H;irris I., and Anger. 
Angerby, Erik A., S G. Carlsson. and 
shanin, Sweden ; paid Carlsson now 

Y. Printing tele- 

Adjust. ible cargo^ 

Ilirley. Jr.. \V. L. 

riey. Jr. deceased. 

Method and 

s. 2..-)03.721, 

re I5av. N. Y., 



Chuck for scroll 

assignee : 



S r, niom, Xyna- 
bv change of name 
a. (r. Carlssun A.-csSter, Profiling grinder. 2,521,958, 
Sept. 12. 
Angerinan, Albert II.. Oak Hidge, Tenn., a.«slgnor to the 
I'nited ."^tates of .Vnierica as reprfs.'nted by the United 
States Atotnic Kiiergy CnnimissiiMi. Dissolving dlffl- 
cultly soluble metal sulfates. 2,514.115, July 4. 
AnL,'ert. JarK J.. Clucago. 111. Ci»ur boider. 2,532,531, 

Dec. 5 
Angert, Richard W., Cincinnati. Ohio. Adjustable pillow. 

2,'.00,974, Mar. 21. 
Angler, Knh»>rt IV ■ Sfr — I 

Roothe, .lames H., and Angi^T. 
Anglemver. Alfred A., E)avton, Ohio. Power unit. 

2,r,()r,2.".T Ma- 21. 
Anglin. Richard, Bridgeport, Conn. Loose-leaf- binder. 

2..'n4.7.H3. Apr. 1 ><. 
Anglo American Corporation of South Africa Limited, as- 
signee : Sf c — 
Bean. David R 
Anglo-Canadian Pulp and Paper Mills Llinlted 
See — ■ 

Aconley, John. 
() Ilalliran. .lames 
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company I.imi'ed. assignee: 
Birch, St.anley F., HaN', .and Collls. 
Fawcett. Eric W. M., and Narracott. 
1I0WP3. Donald A., and Talt. 
Partr:d:;e, William A., and .\lty. 
Anglo. Jamea E.. St. Paul, assignor to Coca Cola Bottling 
oompany of Minnesota. Incorporate^!. Minneapolis. 
Minn. Warning ilgnal for crowning machines. 
2.498.193, Feb. 21. 
Angst, Walter, Manhasset, and J. H .\:dresen, Jr., Port 
Washington, N, V. assignors tr, Sniare I) Company. 
Detroit. Mich. Rate of change IndL ator. 2,531.492, 
Nov. '.'>J 
Angst. Walter, Manhasset, N. Y 
Company. Detndt, Mich. Ma 
Sept. 12. 
Angus. Kverett N., and J. W Cre. 
Fisi'h.T. Pafterson: said Ancu 
signers to I'.i vt'iison & Levering Company, Camden, 
N. J , and said Fischer assignor to .\merican Cyanamid 
Companv, New York. N. Y. Shrink-proofing wool and 
wooien fabrics. 2..i22.338, Sept. 12. 
Angu* tie.'irge, and Compauy Limited, assignee: See — 
(Joodwin, Reginald. 

Sowerhy, r;porgp A., and Sliort • 

Angus, William <\. and J. R Wylde, Spondon, near Derby, 
England, assii:nors to Celanesc ( "nr[)oration of America 
Warp slackening device. 2..'l.i,389. July 18. 
Anheiiser. .Mfreii K., Milwaukee, Wis. Knife sharpener. 

2,495,3»n, Jan. 24. 
Anholtt, Ander.s P : See — 

Clern, Ja'nes B.. ;ind .\nholtt. 
Animal Trap (^anpany of America, assignee : See — 
Craybill. Her.^tiey R. 
Tleymann, Hoy D. 
Lehn. John T'. 
Woolworth. Rich.a'd C, 
Aning'i, Johannes B . and J. lenger, Eimlhoven. Nether- 
lands. assi_'nors to Hartford Nan-nal Bank and Trust 
Company. Hartford, Oonn , as trustee. Device for mak- 
ing coated welding rods. 2,494,856, Jan. 17. 
Anisii. Alfred W.. Kalford Manor, and L. C Hensley, 
Binghamton. assignors to Cencral Aidlino & Film Cor- 
poration, New York, N. Y. Photographic filter and 
antihal.i'ion layers containing a silver salt of an azanol 
dye. 2, Fei.. 7. 

.assignor to 
•h meter. 

Square D 

dy. Oiklyn. and R. 
- and snid Creely 


Anish, Alfred W., Vestal, and C. A. Clark, Binghamton, 
assignors to General Aniline & Film Oorporation, New 
Y'ork, N. Y. Pliotographic siher halidc « inulsions con- 
taining trinuclear cyanine dyus. 2..aoii.ll2. Mar. 7. 

Anlsh. Alfred W.. Vestal, and L. C. Hensl^y. Binghamton, 
assignors to General Aniline & Film <"orporation. New 
York. N. Y. Azanol dyes. 2.500.1 1 1 . Mar 7. 

Anish, Alfred \V., Vestal, assignor to General Aniline A 
Film Corporation, New \nrk. S Y. ryaniiie dye inter- 
mediates containing an aryloxy-, arylihio- or arylseleno- 
alkvlp- toluenesulfonate group attached to the nitrogen 
atom thereof. 2.49«,842, Feb. 7. 

Anlsh, Alfred W., Vestal, assignor to General Aniline & 
Film Corporation, New York, N. Y. Photographic ele- 
ments containing hydroxy heavy metal salts of tri- 
nuclear Iniinol cyanine dyes as filter and antlhalation 
dyes. 2,49«.843. Feb. 7. 

Anish, Alfred W., Vestal, assignor to General Aniline & 
Film Corporation, New York. N. Y Photograi)hic emul- 
sions containing N-aryloxy-. arylthio-. and arylseleno- 
alkyl cyanine dyes. 2.504.r)l .'), Ai)r. 18 

AnlHh, Alfred \V., Vestal, assignor to General Aniline & 
Film Corpt)ratlon, New York. N. Y. Photographic emul- 
sions containing heterocyclic nitrogenous cyanine dyes 
having a new group attached to the nitrogen atom there- 
of. 2,504,018. Apr. 18. 

Anish. Alfred W., Vestal, assignor to General Aniline & 
BMlm Corporation, New Yorlc. N. Y. P-dialkylamlno- 
styryl dyes containing a new group attached to the 
nitrogen atom of the heterocyclic nitrogen nucleus. 
2. .504.61 7, Apr. 18. 

Anish. Alfred W.. Vestal, assignor to General Aniline & 
N Film Corporation, New York. N. Y. Heterocyclic nitro- 
genous cyanine dyes containing n new group added to 
the nitrogen atom thereof. 2.r)08,;'.24, May 16. 

Anish. Alfred W., Vestal, assignor to (leneral Aniline & 
Film Corporation. New York, N. Y. Preparing car- 
bocyanlne dves. 2.508.325. May 16. 

Anlsh, Alfred W., Vestal, assignor to General Aniline & 
Film Corporation, New York. N. Y. Optically sensitized 
photographic silver halide emulsions. 2,521,959, Sept. 

Anker, Carl, assignee : See — 
Read, Charles S. 

Anker, Charles A. : See — 

Ramstad. Paul E., and Anker. 

Ankeman, Earl B^ Cincinnati, Ohio assignor to Wasting 
house Electric Corporation. East I'ittstnirgh. Pa. High- 
frequency stabilized arc welding sxstem. 2,495,155. 
Jan. 17. 

Ankenman, Earl B. : See — 

Mahnke, Kurt, and Ankenman. 

Anketell, Edward N.. assignor to Tlie A. C. Gilbert Com- 
pany, New Haven. Conn. Disengageabie worm gearing. 
2.503.146. Apr. 4. 

Annable. Oliver S., Brooklvn. assignor to J. R. Pergey, 
New York. N. Y. Tov parachute. 2,.''.09,182. May 23 

Annable, Weldon G.. Mundeleln. assignor to The Pure oil 
Company, Chicago, HI. Reforming gasoline. 2,510,673, 
.Tune 6. 

Annarilli, Mary P.. Bridgeton, N. J. Confection stock. 
2,495,217. Jan. 24. 

Annas. Taft T., Hickory, N. C. Block molding machine. 
2.529.066. Nov. 7. 

Ann4, Charles T.. and R F. Nelson, Port Arthtir. Tex, 
assignors to The Texas Companv. New York, N Y. Re- 
covery of furfural from furfural polymer mixtures. 
2,494;325. Jan. 10. 

Anner, Georg : See — 

Mieacher, Karl, and Anner. 

Mlescher. Karl, Heer. Billeter, and Anner 

Anner^n, Rolf E,, assignor to Aktlebolaget Faclt. Atvlda- 
berg, Sweden. Support for office machines. 2,529.475. 
Nov. 14. 

Annln and Company, assignee : See — 
Chandler. Digby W. 

Annln, Douglas H. : See — 

Bryant, Austin I' . and Annin 

Annln. Douglas II., <'taklnnd, assitmor to Fluid Control 
Engineering Co., Piedmont. Calif. Regulating device. 
2.518,852, Aug. 15. 

Annin, Douglas 11., Oakland, Calif., assignor to Fluid Con- 
trol Engineering Co. Fluid flow control device. 
2,519.333. Aug. 22. 

Annin. Douglas 11., Oakland. Calif., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Grove Regulator Company. Compartment 
testing apparatus. 2,534,158, Dec. 12. 

Annis, Clvde M.. Twin Falls, Idaho. Mowing machine. 
2.513,763, July 4. 

Annls, Wilbort : See — 

Byrd, William, Jr., and Annls. 

Annunziata, Jasper S., Oak Park, 111. EXosage time indi- 
cating means. 2,528,2.59. Oct. 31. 

Ansel, Harry R., Oak Park, assignor to Wm. J. Stange 
Co.. Chicago. 111. Percolator. 2.497,572. Feb. 14. 

Ansel, Harry R., Oak Park, assignor to Wm. J Stange 
Co., Chicago, 111. Spice product and making t!ie same. 
2,507,084. May 9. 

Anselm and Company, assignee : See — 
Whittaker, Edward G. 

Ansllnger, Justin V. : See — 

Carey, Albert L., and Ansllnger, 



Anson Incorporated, assignee : See — 
Anderson, Carl .\ 

Anson, Ira. Sioux City, Iowa. Adjustable hay feed rack. 
2.533.984. Dec. 12. 

Ansou, Robert F.. Delaware, Ohio. Continuous flow 
paintbrush. 2.504,487, Apr. 18. 

Anstett, Edgar P.. assignor to Powernails Company, Chi- 
cago, 111. Nailing machine. 2,496,974, Feb. 7. 

Ansul Chemical Com[)any, assignee : See — 
Guise, Arthur B., and Johnson. 

Antalek, John J., assignor to The Bauland Corporation, 
Chicago, 111. Thermionic valve circuits, 2,500,504, 
Mar. 14. 

Antalek, John J., assignor to The Rauland Corporation, 
Chicago, 111. Piezoelectric crystal oscillator. 2,506,762, 
Mav ii. 

Anthes, Clifford C, Union, N. J., assignor to The Linde 
Air Products Company. Multillame heating head. 
2,518.544. Aug. 15. 

Anthes, Jacob, C. S. Army, Milwaukee, Wis. Remote radio 
controlled motor system. 2,494,533, Jan 17. 

Anth"s, Juiin A. : sir — 

Dudley. James R.. and Anthes. 

Anthi'S. Lawrence L.. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. Adjust- 
able reading and writing table for furniture. 2,.'J33.416, 
Dec. 12. 

Anthony, Benjamin F., KirkUood, Mo. Direction finder. 
2,499.446, Mar. 7. 

Anthony Company, assignee: See — 
Duis. Glenn A., and Hermann. 
Novotney. Frank A. 

Anthony, Joseph, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Golf ball 
putting game. 2,497,390. Feb. 14. 

Anthony, Leonard R.. Ilildenborough, near Tonbridge. 
B. Freukel, Southborough, C. E. Smith, Tonbridge, and 
R. W. H. Wicking, assignors to British Resin I'roducts, 
Limited, London, England. Liqui<l uiea formaldehyde 
a<lhe8ive coi.Mpo.sitions. 2,500.054. Mar. 7. 

Anthony, Lucius L.. South Haven, Mich. Brace for bon- 
struction forms. 2,518.112, Aug. 8. 

Anthony, .Myron L.. and U. M. Virkus. La Grange, 111., 
as.signors to Sylvania Electric Products Inc. Electri- 
cal control device. 2.502,549, Apr. 4. 

Anthony. Myron L.. and \i. M. Virkus, La Grange, 111., as- 
signors to ."sylvania Electric Products Inc. Electrical 
control device. 2,.'')02,.")50, Apr. 4. 

Anthony, Paul /., Linden, and G. A. Stein. Plainfleld. as- 
signors to .Merck dc Co., Inc., Rahway. N. J. Production 
•of di-(chlorophenyl)-trichloroethane. 2,519,423, Aug. 

National Broach and 
h. Clamping device. 

-Mechanical golf ball 


a.«iignee : .Sfp- 

Anthony, Russel W., assignor to 

.Machine Conii>any, Detroit. Mi' 

2. .".24. .".117. <ict .;, 
Anthony, Samuel A., Tucson, Ariz. 

pro.jfclol', 2..'>2,'J.No5. .^ept. 2ti. 
.\nthony, V. S., Company, Inc., assi.: 

\'alente. Anthony S. 
Anthracite Equipment Corporation 

Devol. Lee. 
Antill. I'hilip W.. Ridgelield Park. N. .! . a>«ig: or to 

American Arch Company. Inc., .New Yc>rk, .N ^ Siew- 

back and tile for open hearth furnaces. 2,509,029, 

May 23. 
.Antioch College, assignee : See — 

I'.ean. Xarifa L. 
Antla Products, assignee: See — 

Losquadro, Michael A. 
Antonio, Ad.dph L., Pasadena, Calif., and C. C. Waddell. 

Aruba. Netherlands West Indies, assignors to Standard 

Oil Development Company. Reactor. 2,504,488, 

-\pr. 18. 
Antonioli. Peter. Jr. : See — 

Johnson. Andrew, and Antonioli. 
Antos, Jose[)h, assignor of one-sixth to J. D. Benbow, 

Aurora, 111. Automatic slide projector. 2,503.239. 

Apr. 11. 
Antrim, William D.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 

Afliliated (las E(iuipment, Inc., Cleveland. Ohio. Safety 

control means with flash tube for oven burners. 

2.520.298. Aug. 29. 

Antrim. William D.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
AlTiliated Gas Eijulpment, Inc., Cleveland. Ohio. Safetv 
control means with flash tube for oven burners 

2.520.299. Aug. 29. 

Ant-Wuorinen, Olli V. A., Helsinki. Finland, Ilydrolvzing 

cellulosic materials. 2,516,833. Aug. 1. 
Anuszkiewicz, Walter R.. McKeesport, Pa., assignor to 

National Tube Company. Expansible wedge. 2,505.847 

^L^y 2. 
Anxionnaz, Ren4, and R. Imbert, Paris, France, vested in 

the .\ttorniy Gen.ral i*f the United States. Reaction 

propelling device for aircraft. Re. 23,198, Feb. 21. 
Anxionnaz, Rene, assignee: See — 
Imbert, Roger J. 

SMille. Marcel H. L., and Imbert. 
Anzalone, R.ilph : See — 

Dwyer, Martin, and Anzalone. 
Anzalone. Ralph, Baldwin, assignor to L. P. Frleder, New 

Y'ork. N. Y. Treated paper parachute. 2,516,444. 

July 2.5. 
Anzovino, Joseph A. : .'^ee — 

Di Paolo, Gerard R., and .Anzovino. 
Apablasa, Cayetano J., Los Angeles, Calif. Precious metal 

trap. 2,509,795. May 30. 

Turntable for fifth 

Apel. Carl U. : See — , 

Murphy, Frank L., and Apel. 

Apel, John G , Chicago, 111. Closure means for rehlcle 
bodies, 2,509,665, .May 30. 

Apelt. Rudolph 11.. Nantasket Beach, Mass. AdJusUble 
sun visor. 2,5ul,371, Mar. 21. 

Apex Electrical .Manufacturing Co., The, assignee: See — 
Archbold, Ralph L, 
Kirby. James B. 

Sullivan, \\ Uliani G. I 

W iltshire, Arthiir J., I»tz, and White. ' 

Apex Machine & Tool Company, The, assignee : Se-e — 
Fischer. Harry G., and Wendllng. 

Apex Steel Corporation, Ltd., asbiguee : See — 
(Julun. Orion T., Sr, 

Apex Tool ic Cutter Company, assignee : See — 
Sheridan, Henry .M. 

Apgar, Charles W., a«iignor, by me*:i« ABnit ■: eri'» a 
A. L. Roseofeld, C. W. Apgar and *". K M.. t.. j :.: u 
delphia, I'a.. as trustees. Mock take oil ai paratus. 
2.41)8,001. 1-b. 21. 

Apgar, John N., Bound Brook, N. J. 
coupling, 2.494,982, Jan. 17. 

Apgar, John N., Bound Brook. N. J. 

wheel trailer couplings. 2,5ul.8S4, Mar. 28. 

Apker, Le Roy, Niskayuna, N. Y.. assignor to 

Electric Company. Ultra high frequency receiver. 
2.518,113, Aug. ». 

Apker, LeRoy, Niskayuna. and J. Kahnke, Schenectady, 
X. v.. assignors to General Elect.ic Company. Ultra 
high frequency wave generator. 2,534,098, Dec. 12. 

ApoBtoluk. stei>ben, assignee : See — 
Audrus, Jolin R. 

.\pitel, (iu.stave, .New York, N. Y. Corn and callous re- 
mover. 2,530,216, Nov. 14. 

Appel, Oscar, I'aierson. N. J. Controlling combustion in 
internal-combustion engines. 2.531,493, Nov. 28. 

Appel, Robert E., Chicago, 111. guiz device. 2,497,200, 
Feb. 14. 

App< il" rg. Carl W., Stockholm, Sweden. Temperature 
regtilatcir with signaling devite. 2,494,925, Jan. 17. 

Ai)pea, George L., lialumore, Md. Klectnc radiator. 
2,502.551, Apr. 4. 

Appelquest, x\n<lren J., Old Greenwich Conn., assignor to 
American Cyanamid Company, New York, .N. V. lirgen 
eration of ion exchange materials. 2,515,581. July 18. 

Appelquest, Audren J., Old (ireenwlch. Conn., assignor to 
American Cyanamid Company, .New York, .\. Y. Resin- 
ous products derived from condensation products of 
cydoaliphatic ketones with guanldines, dicyandiai: lile 
or biguauides. 2,517,824. Aug. 8. 

Apper.-on. Richard D., Lynchburg, 
handling tin- shlpuienf of goods 
F> b. 2.S. 

.\pple, Carl, Chicago, 111. Mileage 
Jan. 24. 

Apple, Floyd M., Burlington, N. C. 
2,497,573. Feb. 14. 

Appleby, Max M., Blythe, Calif. Lamp fixture. 
June J20. 

Appleby, riiillp P., Maryville, Tenn., assignor to -Alu- 
minum Company of America, Pittsburgh, Pa. Coll 
opening apparatus. 2.525,254, Oct. 10. 

Applegarth, Alexander R., Jr., Dayton, Ohio. Blocking 
oscillator. 2.493.517. Jan. 3. 

Applegate, Charles O., U. S. Army. Toy electric locomo- 
tive. 2,518,853. Aug. 15. 

Applegate Chester P.. L.akewood, N. J. Valve removing 
machine. 2,524.949, <ict. 10. 

Applegate, Earl. Frankfort, Ind. Take-up of electric cords. 
Re. 23,280, Oct. lu. 

Applegate, Lester J., Gilraore City, Iowa. Earth boring 
m.ichihc. 2..'i)'.i,410, .May 30. 

Applegate, Lindsay M., Portland, Oreg. Heating system. 
2.516,666, July 25. 

Aijplegate, Virgil C, Denver, Colo. Casing removing in- 
struni.-iit . ■J..'i"''.4 I 1. May -''O. 

Appleton, Arthur I., Evanston, assignor to Applefon Elec- 
tric Company, Chicago, 111. Hanger for elettrlcal light- 
ing fixtures. 2,515,390. July 18. 

.\ppieton. Arthur I., Northbrook, and N. .\. .\ppleton, 
assignors to Appleton Electric Company. Chicago, 111. 
Rotary snap switch. 2.519,215, Aug. 15. 

-Vppieton Electric Company, assignee : See — 
Applet(m. .Arthur I. 
.Appleton. Arthur I. and N. A. 
Tornblom. Nils A. 

Appleton, John R. . tfie — 

Essex, Jesse L., and -Appleton. 

.\pplefoii -Mfg. Co.. at..<ignee: ^ce — 
i;ittor. nvvji;.- n. 

Appleton, Norton A. : See — 

Appleton Arthur I. and N. A. 

Appleton. Richard L.. assignor of one third to H. U. Mont- 
gomery and one third to E. L. Rowlaml. .Akron, Ohio. 
Automatic starter unit. 2.535.007, Dec. 19. 

Applezweig. Norman, New York. N. Y. Carpule filling 
machine. 2,503,147, Apr. 4. 

Applezweig, Norman, New York, N. Y. Extraction of 
alkaloids from fresh plants. 2,509.051, May 23. 

Appliance Corporation of America, assignee : See — 
Horvath. John F. 

Appliance Development Company, assigrDee : 8ee^— 
Kendrlck. Karl A. 

Va. Apparatus f r 
In bulk. 2,498,906, 

register. 2,495,502, 

Power lawn mower, 





Applied Arts Corporation, assignee : See — 

Hendricks, rornoliiis. 
Appli»Hl Research Corporation, asslpnee : Bee — 

\V'ichtiflt)aum. Theoilore E. 
Apri!it>il Heei.arch Luboratoiips, assignee : See- — 

I";i-(siii, (iiistuve. 
A , ps Wlliiuin H.. assignor to Union Plate and Wire Co., 
\--l.'nrn. M.iss. Insprt bracelet. 2.522,852, Sept. 19. 
April. At)<^, assijnipo: See — 

l\fnipf, HiTHKin H. 
A']!;:;i. Cliri.-,r<ipti.r J , Kuclid, Ohio. Door latch handle. 
L' '17.075. AuKe 1 

in American Oil Company, assignee: See — 
Van Iiurniclv. Edward M. 
.1 II. Kaicl'.iii : .'^' (■ — 
^'•hatT'-r, .Viiirnst A., and .\rabian 
AraliNen. Prder O. O., asslcnor to Sarpsbori? Elektriske 
Fabnkker. SI'.FAA S. Sh.irpsborg. Norway. Overflow 
hot-wntt r tank, pn-ferably with electric heating, for a 
plurality of tappir^t: places, without floating valve cls- 
ttTii. J.'i I-'),'»74, Julv 18. 
Ari; :^ .Nil .••lie. .Sau FrauclBco, Calif. Pencil sharpener. 

::,.'. i:;, 71 4. July 4. 
Arant. IVrry, :issii,'n'>r to Clayton Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Alh^iintira. «;i!if. W'tf^-r tube coil steam generat- 
inK apparitus, '2. '<< '7. -'.>?,. M ly 



.Minn.'n-iulis, Minn. 


Miniirap'dis, Minn. 

Two-way nozzle. 
Lawn trimmer. 

Arasf, \uriko K 

L',:ii»2..".||". A;ir 
Ara.>*p, Yurlko K . 

2,520.317, Oct. U. 
Arb*>it, l'i« rre, nssitinor to Soclete .\nonynie des Manu- 
factures dfS iJiaifS et I'mdnlts Chimiques de Salat 
Cobain, Chauny & Cirey. Paris, France. Electric kIwss 

furnace. 2,512.7fi1. Jun-' -7. 
Arbf-nz, John ('•.. Wheeling, W. Va. Antiglare glasses. 

2.. 5 10. 539. JiitH' n. 
Arbp*nian. Arthur. Newark. N. J., assignor to Rodman 
Tradini; Corp., I.lttle N>( k. N. V. I'ocket atomizer. 

2. •"•-'!>, li.lit, Nnv. 7. 
Arblh, Rlrhnrd IT, Orosso ['ninfe Wnnds, as.slimor to 

Hi-iiidatUt-llprshey Corporatbin, Dotroir. .Ml<h. Bumper 

guard and e.vhaust extension. 2.513,391, July 18. 
.\rt.ili U,i hard 11., IIuutinL:tiin Wo^ds, Mkh., assiunor to 

riiit.'d .'States Rubb'-r Cotnp.inv, Xew York. N. Y. Dlg- 

pl.ty d.'vi<'e. 2,.'in:',,:»,sS, Apr. 11, 
Arbotrast, Alfred C, as.'slcnor to Northern Indiana Bras.^ 

Company, Elkhart, Ind. Pipe joint. 2,495,622, Jan. 

Arb";raat, Alfred C. Mssltrnor to Northern Indiana Brass 

Cniiijiany. Elkhart. Ind. Joint structure for thln-walled 

tnlcn-' ■_'..". rj 2<»4, .Iiiiie 'JO. 
Arbocast, Fred ; N. E., executrix of said Fred 

.Arbou'.tst. de.H'Msed. nssltrnor to Arboiiast and Company, 

Inc., -Vkron, ()hio. Le,idHr for tl.stilines and method and 

apparatus for shrtnine the same. 2,515.175. July 18. 
Arbo;.'ist. FrtMl, and Company, Inc., assignee: Sec — 

Arbogast, Fred. 
Arboiia^-. i.e-r^-e .1. : s:ee— 

Criiiib.Tt N|rhii!;i'5 R , Jr . and .\rbogast. 
Arb02ast. NMlie E , executrix : Srr — 

Arbogast. Fred. 
Arbou',, i:,iyir.o!id D.. l'"rp. purr. Ill , nssi::nor, by mesne 

a.ssiirnments. to Minn^np ili.s-Honeywi'H i;ei:til;itor Coni- 

panv. Minne.npoli.s Minn, Sn.ap acting m^ chanlsm. 

2,5i;>,r^ru, .Vu.;. 2--'. 
Arcadia .Manufacturing Company, a.-^sl;:nee : .'^ee — 

.\fton, Lfonard N., and Kaufr an, 
.\rcarc.^«i, Carlo J : S!re — 

ririch, .\rthur E., Hume, .\rcare?e. and Steele, 
Arrhatiibault, .\icid.' J .North guincv, .Mass. Building 

block, 2,4;).X.4.H.', 3, Harrv C., Tdedo. Ohio. Liquid burning 

llL'ht, 2,51 2. «*<."." June 27. 
Archbold, Ralph 1,., Euclid, assignor to The Apex Electri- 
cal Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Anto- 

maticallv controllable brake means for spin-drier tvpe 

WHstiitig ma<'l:incs. 2.."12,2*)3. Juno 20. 
Archer, Irving M,, Dallas, Tex,, assignor to Campbell Tag- 

gert Research Corporation, Kansas City, Mo. Machine 

fir aptilying a coating to the interior of pans. 2,499,621, 

Mar. 7, 
.\rcher. Sydney : .Vr^ — 

.\lbertson, Noel F,, ar.i] .\rch.r 
Archer, Syilney, Albany, N. Y., nssignor to Sterling Drug 

Inc, Wilmington. l»el. 4 pvr.done n-carhoxvlic acids. 

2.5(t5,r;34. Apr. 25. 
Archibald. Ra_vmond C, Berkeley, and R. A. Trimble, El 

Cerrito. a-ssignors to Shell Pevelopinent Company, San 

Francisco, Calif. Producing alcohols. 2,564,618, 

Ar-r. 1<<. 
Archibald. Raymond C, Berkeley, and F. T. Eggertsen, 

Oakland, assignors to .Shell development Company, San 

Francisco. Calif. Protection of high surface xerogels. 

2,51!>.r22, .\ug. 22. 
Archiliacaiio. Nich" Boston,, Nonrefillable at- 

t,tcl'!!itnr. 2, ,'04,11)3. Apr. IS, 
Arco Conipanv. The. a.ssignee : See — 
Ilexter. Paul L. 

Kanning. Kug'-ne W.. Bobalek, and Hart. 
Wil'iams. riivid M 
Arculnriu."'. Chnrles riuP.,, .N-w Canaan, Conn. Drier. 

2,521,7fi9. Sept. 12. 
Ardell. Edgar: see — 

Fischer, Paul E., and Ardell. 

Arden, Thomas K., assignor to Bard-Parker Company. Inc., 

Daubury, Conn, Ignition plug. 2,500 395, .Mar. 14. 
Arden, Thomas T., La ilabra, Calif., a.ssignor to Robert- 
shaw-Fulton Controls Company, Youngwood, Pa. Safe- 
ty and condition control uevice for gas€ou8 fuel 
burners. 2,513.705, July 4. 
ArdiH. Alan E.. Akron, Ohio, assignor to The B. F. Good- 
rich Company. New York. N. Y. Cyclohexenes disub- 
stitute<l In tlie 4-position by cyano or carhamyl groups. 
2.510.491. June 6. 
.\rdl8, Alan E., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, assignor to The 
B. F. Goodrich Company. New York. N. Y. Prepara- 
tion of viuylidene cyanide by pyrolysls of novel 4.4- 
disub8titute<l cvdohexenea. 2.502.412. Apr 4. 
Ardls, Alan E.. and H. Gilbert. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio, 
assignors to The B. F. Goodrich Company, .New York, 
N. Y. Depolymerizlng polymers of 1,1-dlcyano ethylene. 
2.535.S27. Dec. 28. 
.\rdiii. .Maurice, assignor to Federal Telephone and Radio 
Corporation. New York. N. Y. Electron tube. 2.520.119, 
Aug. 29. 
.\rditl, Maurice, assignor to International Standard Elec- 
tric Corporation, New Y'ork, N. Y. Multiplex counting 
system. 2,527,512, Oct. 31. 
.\rditl. Maurice, assignor to International Standard Elec- 
tric Corporation. New York. .N. Y, Vacuum tube elec- 
trode. 2.531.382. Nov. 28. 
Arditl. Maurice, New York. N. Y.. and V. J. Desantls. 
Chatham. N. J., assignors to Federal Telephone and 
Radio Corporation. New York, N. Y. Grid for electron 
discharge devices. 2.510.841. Aug. 1. 
Arditl. .Maurice, New York. N. Y., and V. J. De Santis, 
Chatham, N, J., assignors to International Standard 
Electric Corporation. New York. N. Y. Nonemisslve 
electrode for use in electron discharge devices. 2,527,513, 
Oct. 31. 
Arditl, Maurice, New Y'ork, N. Y'.. and V. J. De Santis. 
Chatham, N. J., assignors to International Standard 
* Electric Corporation, New York. .N. Y. Nonemisslve 
iMectrode for use In electron discharge devices. 2.527,514, 
Oct. 31. 
Ardren. David B.. Moylan. Pa., assignor to Houdry Process 
<'orporatlon, Wilmington, Del. Converting hydrocar- 
bons, 2.52«.fi25, Oct. 24. 
Ardron. Gerald L.. Seattle. Wash., assignor to Continental 
Can Company. Inc.. New York. N. Y. Machine for load- 
ing cans In trays in staggered relation with double row 
can feed means. 2,535.828. Dec. 20. 
Area Electric Limited, assignee : See — 

Fitch. Stanley. 
Arehart, David D.. assignor to Palace Corporation, Flint. 

.Mich. Trailer hitch. 2.507.189. May 9. 
Arel, Glenn R., Tulsa, Okla. Universal tire supporting 

carrier. 2.515,167. July 18. 
Arelt. Charles. Richmond Hill, N. Y., assignor to .American 
Machine & Foundry Company. Semiautomatic oval 
cigarette feed. 2.508.210. Mny 16. 
Arenberg. Albert L.. Highland Park, R. G. Nordqulst, 
Glen EUyn. and O. W. Rahn. assigniirs to Patent Li- 
cense Corporation. Chicago. 111. Fixture assembly for 
elongated tubular lamps. 2.533.661. Dec. 12. 
Arenberg. David L.. Rochester. Mass.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the I'nlted States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of War. Compresslonal wave 
delay means. 2.505.515. Apr. 25 
Arenberg. David L., Rochester. Mas.s.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the I'nlted States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of War. Delay means, 
2.512.130. June 20. 
.\renco .\ktiebolag. assignee: See — 
Danlelsson, Paul. 
Nibsson. G. 
Arends, .\rnoId J.. Montlcello, Iowa. 

2,516.744, July 25. 
Arends, Herman T.. Highland Park, 

binder. 2.495,437, Jan. 24. 
Arens, Charles A.. Chicago. 111. Manual locking control 

mechanism. 2.509.202. May 30. 
Arens, Charles A., Wlnamac. Ind. Transmission cable. 

2.519.812, Aug. 22. 
.Arens Controls. Inc.. assignee : See — 

DrefTein. Otto F. 
.Arens, Joseph F. : See — 

Van Dorp, David A., and Arena. 
ArenstPln. Gilbert H., Dayton. Ohio. Tran'^mitter bnoy, 

2.4n7.«ri2. Feb 21. 
Arenwald. Mark E.. and M. Arenwald. Miami Beach, 
and J. W, Flucker, Long Beach, N. Y. Screen 
screen mounting. 2.519.168, Aug. 15. 
Arenwald. Melvln : See — 

.Arenwald. Mark E. and Melvln. and Flucker. 
Areson. Carl \V. : see — 

Shepherd. Harold F.. and Areson. 
Arey. Fred C. : See — , 

Hibner, De Lois E., and Arey. | 

Arey. Ralph G., Lvnn. Mass. .Automobile tire chain and 

applying the same. 2.524.950. Oct. 10. 
Arey, Ralph G.. Swampscott, Mass. Swinging blade razor. 

2.520,487. Aug. 29. 
Arf. Ravmond H. and B. G. Beler. Mlnnen;. ! s. Minn, 

Rockerless rocking chair. 2,523,894. .'^. pt. 2i: 
Arff, John H.. Portland, Oreg. Spinner. 2.503,607. 

Apr. 11. 

Cow tail holder. 
Mich. Magazine 





Argue, William : See — 

Leaders. William M.. and Argue. 
Arguelles. Frederick S.. .New York. N. Y.. assignor to 
boederer-Kohibusch, Inc., Englewood, N. J. i'recision 
balance. 2,497,428. Feb. 14. 
Argus. Incorporated, assignee: See — 
French. Ilobert W.. Jr. 
Harvey, Jaiiiesi E. 
Van den Broeii. Jan A. 
Aries, Robert S., .New York, N. Y. Convertible baby car- 
riage. 2,530.592, Nov. 21. 
Arietl, Eugene, Springfield, Mass. Creeper fur use on ley 

or other slippery surfaces. 2,493,503. Jan. 3. 
Arlsman, Mervln IJ. : 6'ce — 

Budd, Wilbert H., Arlsman, and Thompson. 
Franks. Albtrt E.. Rawlings. and Arisman. 
Vaksvik. Adrian J., and .Arlsman. 
Arkansas Company. Inc.. assignee: ISee — 
Cook. Alton .A., and Sai)er8. 
Cook. Alton A., and \S oU. 
Arkav Iniantrt u ear. Inc.. aoBignee : See — 

Bucliler, Ernest. 
Arkell Safety Bag Company, assignee : See — 
Arkell. \S illiam C. 
Robin.^un, l-raucis T. 
Arkell, William C, Englewood, N. J., assignor to Arkell 
Safety Bag Company, New York, N. Y. Composite ma- 
terial. 2.531,931, Nov. 28. 
Ark-Los Switch Corporation, assignee : See — 

Batcheller. Hugh W. 
Arku lool & Die Company : See — 

Carlson, Gusiaf. 
Arlington Chair Co., assignee : See — 
Keough, Patrii k J. 
I'ier.son, Raymond G.. and Hayes. 
Arlington Chemical Company, The, assignee: See — 

Sabine. iJavid B. 
ArllSB, Charles R. : See — 

Richards. Frank A., and Arliss. 
Arlow, Robert. Wellington, and A. Young, Hastings, New 
Zealand, assignors to Uppenheimer Casing Company. 
Chicago. 111. Apparatus for scraping animal In- 
testines. 2.520,449. Oct. 17. 
Arma Corporation, assignee: See — 
Agins. George. 
Agins, George, and Gittens. 
Anderson. Wilnier C. 
Davis, Arthur P. 
Odin, Eugene. 
Arman. Victor M., Clarlngton, Ohio. Trailer-type motor 

attachment for bicycles. 2.517,102, Aug. 1. 
Armantrout, Kenneth M., .Muncie. Ind.. assignor to Borg- 
Warner Corporation. Chicago, 111. Lubricating means 
for I ransmlssions. 2.497,2.'>3. Feb. 14. 
Armco Steel Corporation, assignee : See — 
Bloom, Fredrick K. 
Carpenter, Victor W. 

Clarke, William C. Jr. . 

Coburn. Kenneth G. 
Fertd. Alexander L. 
Freeze, Jonathan R, 
Glfford, Carl E. 
Goller, George N. 
Hays. Noble E. 
Heinsc. Leroy C. 

Horoak. Regina L., and Halbig. ( 

Jackson. John M. ' | 

Jennings. I'anl .A. 
Johnson, Fred N., nn 1 .Ault. 
Mabus, Philip G. 

Marshall. -Marcus W.. and Browning, Jr.^ 
Oppenheimer, Everett W., and Lucas. 
Reed. E. 

Shafer, George E. 
Tanczyn. Harry. 

Woods, .\rthur P.. Jr.. and Taylor. 
Armelin. Maurice F.. assignor to Societe d'Etudes de 
Machines Sp^ciales. Paris. France. Mechanism for con- 
verting a uniform motion Into a variable motion. 
2.535.774. Dec. 26. 
Armendt. Bradshaw F. : i>ee — 

Shaffer. Sherman S.. and Armendt. 
Armentrout. F'rances D. : See — 

Westcott, Marion D., and Armentrout. 
Armington, Raymond (j. : See — 

Double. Walter F.. and S. F. and R. Q. Armington. 
Armington. Raymond Q., Shaker Heights, assignor to 
The Euclid Road Machinery Co., Euclid, Ohio. Com- 
paction grader. 2,495.310. Jan. 24. 
Armington, Raymond Q.. Shaker Heights, and W. F. 
Double. Wickliffe. assignors to The Euclid Road Ma- 
chinery Co.. Euclid. Ohio. Stabilizing device for ar- 
ticulated vehicles. 2.518,742, Aug. 15. 
Armington. Stewart F. : See — 

Double. Walter F,. nnd S. F. and R. Q, Armington. 
Armlstead. William H . assignor to Coming iila«» Works, 
Corning. N. Y. Blue glass and making. 2.498.387, 
Feb. 21. 
Armlstead, William U.. a.ssignor to Corning tilass Works. 

Corning, N. Y. Optical glass. 2,517,459. Aug. 1. 

Armistcad William II.. as-iL-TOir to Corning <;iass Works. 

Coming, N. Y. Ophthalmic glass. 2,523.264, Sept. 26. 

Armlstead, William H , assignor to Corning (Jlass Works. 

Corning. N. Y. Oi-hthalmic glass. 2,523,265, Sept. 26. 

Armlstead. William H.. assignor to Corning Glass Works, 

Corning. N. Y. Uphtlialmic glass, 2.523.26(i. Sept. 26. 
.Armlstead, William IL, assignor to Corning Glass U orks. 

Corning. N. Y. Soft glass having wide working range. 

2.527,093, Oct. 31. 
Armlstead, William H., assignor to Corning Glass Works, 

Corning. N. Y. Ophthalniic glass. 2.5i:s.634, Nov. 7, 
Armlstead. William 11., assignor to Corning Glass Works, 

Corning, N. Y. Colored phosphate glass. 2,532.386, 

l)ec. 5. 

Armlstead. William H.. Jr., assignor to Corning Glass 
Works, Corning, N. Y. Silver-containing pholobcnsUive 
glass. 2.515.936. July 18. 
Armitage, Ip'raiiK : 6te — 

Cottrell. Jack A., Hewitt, and Armitage. 
Armitage, James A. : See — 

Lynes, John and Armitage. 
Armitage. Joseph B.. Wauwatosa, assignor to Kearney & 
Trecker Corporation. West Aiiis, Wis. Milling machine. 
2,499,^42. Mar. 7. 
Armitage, Joseph B., Wauwatosa, assignor to Kearney h 
Trecker Corporation, West AUis. Wis. Trausmisbion 
control mechanism. 2,522.206, Sept. 12. 
Armuage. JoMpu B.. and J.'. k\ Eserknin, wauwatosa, and 
T. A. Wetzel, Milwaukee, assignors to Kearney «St Trecker 
Corporation. West .\llls. Wis. Machine tool transmis- 
sion and control mechanism. 2.497,^42. Feb. 14. 
Armitage, Joseph 1!., and T, F. Eserkaln,* Wauwatosa, as- 
signors to iveruey is. Trecker Corporation, Wesi Allis, 
Wis. Backlash compensator. 2,498.870, Feb. 28. 
Armitage. Joseph B., 'Wauwatosa. and J. .N. Flaunery, 
We!<t Milwaukee, assignors to Kearney & Trecker Cor- 
poration, West AUis, Wis. Slotting machine. 2,532,591, 
Dec. 5. 
Armitage. Joseph B.. Wauwatosa. and O. W. Barker. Mil- 
waukee, assignors to Kearney & Trecker Corporation. 
West Allis. Wit. Machine tool control mecliaulsm. 
2.533,753. Dec. 12. 
Armuage, Ralph A., Kenilworth, Cape Town, Union of 
South Aliica. Reducing iron ores. 2,502,501, Apr. 4. 
Armour and Company, assignee : Bee — 
Bluhm, Fred A.. Hayes, and Zeigler, 
Cornwell, L.ul D. 
Crews. Lowell T. 
Fulton, Robert R. 
Groeber, Otto W.. and McCord. 
Harrington, Bertie S. 

Hopkins. Ervin W., Jendryaszek, and Coleman. 
Howard. Harry A. 

Jordan, Wesley A.. Shapiro, and Schrager. 
Josh, George, and Hull. 
Kaiser, Enul, and Svarz. 
Keil. Havard L,, and Burgess. 
Keil, Havard L., and Ingiaham. 
^oppit, Raymond, and Davis. 
Orth. George U.. Jr. 
I'otts, Ralph H. 
I'otis. Ralph IL. and Morris. 
Ralston. Anderson W.. and Corley. 
Ralston. Anderson W.. and Harwood. 
Italston, Anderson W., Turinsky, and Christensen. 
Ralston. -Anderson W., Turinsky. and Van Akkeren 
Slfferd. Robert H. 
Slfferd. Robert U.. and Porsche. 
Toone. Conrad. 
Weber. William F. 
Whetzell, Glenn H. 
Zeigler. Alt.ert H, 
Armour Research Foundation of Illinois Institute of 
Technology, assignee : See — 
Caniras. .Marvin. 
Ekstein, Hans, and Slegel. | 
Greenleaf, Leland B. 
Greenleaf, Leland B.. and Kent. 
Leedv. Haldon .A., and Camras. 
Tinkham, Russell J. 
Wiegand, David E. 
Arms. Merton H.. assignor to Bryant Chucking Grinder 
Company, Springheld, Vt. High-speed rotor mounting. 
2.523,983, Sept. 26. 
Arms, Merton H., P. A. Grobey, and H. M. Dav, assignors 
to Bryant Chucking Grinder Company. Springfield. Vt. 
Nozzle grinding machine. 2,513,228. June 27. 
.Arms. Merton IL. and P. A. Grobey. assignors to Bryant 
Chucking Grinder Company. Sprlngfleld, Vt. Grinding 
ma( bine, 2. .-.20,207. Aug, L'O, 
Armstrong. Arthur D., assignor of one-half to P. L. Porter, 
Los Angeles. Calif. Reclining chair. 2,522.246. Sept. 
Armstrong, Charles, Denver, assignor of one-half to O. O. 
Bedoar. Westwood, Colo. Plumb bob with magnetic 
point. 2.523.351. Sept. 26. 
.Armstrong. Charles L., Houston, Tex. Bird call. 

2,500.975. Mar 21. 
.Armstrong Coalbreak Company, assignee : Bee — 
Armstrong. Frank H. 
Armstrong, Frank H.. and Fllstmp. 
Armstrong Cork Company, assignee: See — 

fHnyiniller, John W. 
rger, John L. 
Umeyer. Bmce R, 
euer. F-ederick W. 
Ills. Conral C. 
Dill. Charles E. 



X-ray cassette. 

Arru.-iti onj? Cork Company, assignee: See — Continued. 
K;iby. Le Hoy. 
Gat'iizlp. I.urlipr K. 

H:iy.'-. \\illi.iin. 
Heckles. John S. 
JoJi.s, \V(>n.t.'ll \V. ' 
Navikas, Victor A. 
N'fis.s. II<-w;iril V. 
I'Hschk*'. IIcrhtTt. 
Powers, Paul O. . 
ReehllDK. Harold"^. 

S<'<>it. t.c(irt;i' W.. Jr. i . 

Stiibbleblne, Warren. ' 

Trlnit)le. Elmer H. 

\\'fa\er. Harniil E., and Kluff. ' 

n',.h..r. ICirl H 
Weber. KnrI H.. and Piiwers. 
Arinstrnriir. r>nruMrd. Northport. 
2.r,:>,i\:vj\. Nov i i 

Arui.-ii I ohL.', ];!•!. pii 1, ; Si-t: — 

Srhurr, Jobn V... and Arnistroiii:. 

.Arin^'mn.', Frands J., Syracuse, assignor to United States 
HoiTnifin Muhliifry Corporation. New Yurk, N. Y. 
Siiiii ,' tllr.T construction. I.',4lt4. .".'?.'), Jan. 17. 

ArmstP'TiR P\-;\ii' In .1.. ;\nd H. F. Ilamlii). Syracu.sie, as- 
slirnors r.. I'.'iired ."States liofTnian Machinery Corpora- 
tion, New York, N. Y. Coolant filter system. 2,49-f,534, 
Jan 17. 

Anns'ronp. I'ratik II. , Chicago, III., as.slt;nor to .\rrn.«trim? 
CoMibreak Conip.-iuv. Hentou Harbor, Mich. Air blast 
device. 2.502.694, Apr. 4. 

Arinstnmi:. Fr,in!< 11.. <'liicai:o. 111., and E. C. Fllsrrup, 
Jr.. St. Joseph. aBsli;nor.s to Armstninj; Coalbreak 
Conipanv. I'.enton Harbor, Mich. (Jas pressure blast- 
in- <l.'v{(e •_' .".•J7 '.V)l, Oct. 'Jl. 

ArmstroniT. Frank \V.. Jr. : See — 

< 'n rpentiT, t >Ji< R.. and .\ rnistionic. 

ArnistrunLT. Frank W., Jr., Barberton, Ohln, nssiOTor to 
The Hahco'-k & Wilmx Coinp.iny. RockleiKh. N. J. Clad 
plate resistance welding. 2, 515, 170, July 18. 

-V: in>troi;K', FulbTton (i. G., near liorchester, EnRland. 
Ra!''d rphvnsnhio couplintr '2400,7112. Mar. 7. 

ArtjiatronL', Georire C. Pittsbnrch. a.<«8ipnor to WestlnR- 
hi'ii-;e HlrcTrle Corporation. East Pittsbnrj;h, Pa. Pro- 
rectivo control system. 2..'lfi.5.'iS, July 25. 

.Vrriis-rotiL'. fJeorge C. Pittshur^h. assiirnor to Westing- 
ho;:.s(. Klectric Corporation. East PittsburL-ii. Pa. Inch- 
int; control system for electric motors. 2,519,216, Aug. 

.\rin-Tone, Georce J., Seminole, Okla. Starter for In- 
fern.-il CDnihustioii encines. 2.521.310. Sept. 5. 

.^ntiHtP'ri;.', IT irry Y., Syracuse, N. Y. Vibration actuated 
f'ly. •J..'12.7t;0. June 27. 

Ariris'ronL', Henrv C, Chlcnpo, 111. Antiglare device. 
2 5'J.'fM2. Oct. in. 

Ann-'rontr. Jafk W'.. assignor to Food Technology, Inc.. 
Chicaco, 111 Biitt'^r tiavorin? composition. 2,d27,785. 
f».-t. :;i. 

.Vrnist'-oni:. James 11. : Ser— 

^ Slini'.ions, <'urtis G., and .Armstrong. 
.Vrinstf^nir. J'lhn. P.avonne, N. J. Token thrown game. 

2 .'.n;> (W,»!. Mmv ?>n. 

Arnisrrone. Leonard J. : See — 

lip I'.enneville. Peter L.. .ArnisT' n?. and Bock. 
AmiHtrong Noel. Newburgh. N Y . assignor to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemour.i <Jc Cnnipany. WUminsrton, Del. Smooth, 
mohilo polvvinvl chloride coating compositions. 
2 507 tlR^. May 1i!. 
Armstrong. Norman E. nr.d J. .\. Twedilelj, Newcastle- 
on Tyne, assitrnors to The Crown Cork Company Lim- 
ited, SoiithnM. England. Labeling machine wi'-h suction 
label fei-d means. 2.5n;i9Mi), Apr. 11. 
Arnisrruiit;. Robert W,. R. Sa'-'l<-son. an.! F. FI. 
ns^icn rs to Pako Corporatlen. Minneapolis, 
MnUip'e fllm banjrer r^l-h film 
2.4I'7,420, F.'h 14 
Armstrong. Robert W,. R. Sardeso.n, 
flssicD'-s to Pako Corporation. 
Film 'ending apparatus, 2,407, i.TO. Feb 14. 
A-m-'rong Rnhber i.'ompany. The. assl-nee : See — 

Evans, .Iosf*i)Ii. 
.Arirstronir. Sevmour O., Vancouver. \\"asli Weed puller. 

2. 5(17, !i 18, May Ir',, 
ArmsTor_' Si ;.|,.i,.y MotoTs Limited, assignee: See — 
.Mlm, Sidney. 
('li:':, '! tienias. and Atkins. 
.\rmsT"!,-, Tlioinas IL. assignee: See — • 

"A il-en. Lawrence A. 
Armstrong. Sir W. G., Whitworth Aircraft Limited, as 
siirnee : Srr — 

Woodbarns. Tlerhr-rt M.. and Lock\yood. 
Arms'rong. Werner E. : See — 

TUown, Hugh S., Armstrong, and Relchenbach. 
.Vrinstrong. Werner E,. assignor to Brisrgs & Stratton 
Corporation. Milwaukee. Wis, Pump. 2.496.688. Feb. 7. 
Army, I'nited States of .\merica as represented by the 
S-eretary of the. assignee: See — 
Barchok. Donald. 
Drake, -Nathan L., and Eaker. 
Kharasch. .Morris .■^ 
Kober, Willi.ani. 

Koeptll. Joseph 15., Ma 1 and Brockmnn, Jr. 
Marshall. Charles J. 


and F. II. 

Savela . 




Army. United TStatea of America M «M»rMented by the 
Secretary of the assignee : See — CoBttnaed. 
Milton, cnare L., Jr. 
Newman, Melvin S., and Magerleln. 

Arnason, Ami, Park Kidgc, 111. Ellipsograph. 2.496,614. 
Feb. 7. 

Arndr Charles: See — 

Ilarnisli, Henry C., Jr., and Arndt. 

Arndt, Emll, assignee : See — 
Wommer, Edwin. 

Arndf, John 1'. : see — 

Grobowskl, Benny T., and Arndt. 

Arndr. John P., Jr. : Nee — 

Begun, Seuil J., and .\rndt. 

Arndt, John P., Jr., Euclid, and J. E. Shonier, Jr., Berea, 
assignors to The Brush Development Company, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. Magnetic recording and reproducing. 
2.521.623. Sept, 5, 

Arndt. John P., Jr., F:uc11d, C. B. Jones, and S. J. Begun. 
Cleveland Heights, assignors to The Brush Development 
Company. Clev<>land, Ohio. Magnetic recording and 
reproducing apparatus. 2,535,478, Dec. 26. 

Arndr, Melvin J., deceased, Rochester, N. Y., by M. M. 
Arndt, admiidstratrix, assignor to Strond)erg-Carlson 
Company. Telephone switchboard mounting plate with 
plug-in components. 2,512,908, June 27. 

Arndt Mina M., administratrix : See — 
Arndt, M»>lvin J. 

.\rndt, Rudolph P., Milwaukee. Wis., asslcnor to Pltts- 
burirh Pl.ite Glass <"ompany. Forndng hollow cast 
articles having smooth outer surfaces from thermo- 
setting resins. 2,527,387, Oct. 24. 

Arneson. Charles O.. Delhi. La. Pneumatic cotton pick- 
ing spindle. 2.493.564, Jan. 3. 

Arneson, Edwin L.. Morris, assignor to Morris Paper Mills, 
Chicago, 111'. Handle for bottle carrying containers. 
2.511.317. June 13. 

Arnest. Harry L., Arlington. Va. Trap anchoring and 
animal drowning stake. 2.513,130, June 27. 

Arnett, George A., assignor of one-half to H. .S. Williams, 
Wichita, and one-half to P. E. Dopps, Norton, Kana. 
Accelerator control device. 2,521,624, Sept. 5. 

Arnptt. Geortre A.. Wichita, Kans. Bottle carrier. 
2 525.6.13. Oct. to. 

Arnett. Leslie, Chicago, 111., assignor to Square Manu- 
facturing Company. Carbonatlng and cooling intans. 
2,519.533. Aug. 22. 

Arnett, Roscoe K.. Fort Wortjh, Tex. Winding and ser- 
ting mechanism for watches. 2,525,510, Oct. 10. 

Arnett, Walter F. : See — 

Miller. William C. and Arnett. 

Arnett, William V.. Audubon. N. J., assignor t<> Radio 
Corporation of America, MuUlrange wave trap. 
2.510.272. June 6. 

Arnette. Dale. Granite City, assignor to Key Company. 
East St. Louis. 111. Pattern for foundry casting molds. 
2,529 647, Nov. 14. 

Arnn, Edward T., Colorado Springs, Golo Indoor foot- 
ball game. 2,517,460, Aug. 1. 

Arnold, Arthur B., assignor to Modine 
Company. Racine, Wis. Heating and 
paratus for motor vehicles, 2,510,790, 

Arnold. Bertrand, Minden, Nebr. Hair 
2.510.943. June 13. 

Arnold, Charles B., Hempstead, N. Y. Liqidd mixer with 
autom.itic temperature regulation. 2.525,511. Oct. 10. 

.\rnold, Charles B., Hempstead, N. Y.. and IT F Lawrence. 
Philadelphia, Pa., assignors to Consolidated Edison <"om- 
pany of New York, Inc., New York. N. Y. Gaseous fluid 
distributing system for furnaces and the like. 2,528,292. 
Oct. 31. 

.\rnold. Charles L. : See — 

Deinian. Walter. .Unold. and Tschirgl. 

Arnold, Chester L., Berkeley. Calif., assignor to Stauffer 
Chemical Company. Herbicidal compositions. 2,534,099, 
Dec. 12. 

Arnold. Edgar E. : See — 

Z^nko. Herbert J., and .Arnold. 

Arnold, Elvln D., Limn, Ohio. Wall guide, 2,.534.940, 
Deo. 19. 

Arnold. Frank R., I>>trolt Lakes, Minn. Storage battery 
charging system. 2,529,123, Nov. 7. 

Arnold, George. Shaker Heights. H. A. Schultz, Garfield 
Heights, and H. I. Prentice. Beechwood Village, assign- 
ors to Cleveland Frog & Crossing Co., Cleveland. Ohio. 
Switch rod connection to switch point. 2,512,131, 
June 20. 

Arnold. George. Shaker Heights. H. A. Schultz. Garfield 
Heights, and E. E. Rhoa<ls. Solon, assignors to Cleveland 
Frog & Crossing Co., Cltveland, Ohio. Rail brace 
2.524.585. Oct. 4. 

Arnold, George, Shaker Heights, and H. .\. Sihultz. Gar- 
Held Heichts. assignors to Cleveland Frog & Crossing 
Go,. Cleveland Ohio, Rail brace. 2,524,5.<?6, Oct. 3. 

Arnold. George B : See — 

Skelton, William E.. and Arnold. 

Arnold, George B.. Glenham. N. Y., II. V, Charles- 
ton, W. Va.. and M. M. Stewart. Somerville. .N. J., as- 
signors to The Texas Company, New York, N. Y. Treat- 
ing the products of synthesis gas conversion. 2,516,940, 
Aug. 1. 

Arnold. George B.. and Louis Kovach, Beacon, assignors to 
The Texas Companv. New York. N. Y. Solvent refining 
of light oils. 2,529,274, Nov. 7. 

ventilating ap- 
June 6. 

cutting guide. 



Arnold, George B., Glenham, and II, V, llix.. i'lBhkili, 
assignoi.s to 'Ibe Texa.-? Company, New Yoik, N. Y. 
Dethiulizing of h.vdrocarboiis bv uieans of eihvk-ne oxide. 
2,53u,.")tii, .Nov, ;:i. 

Arnold, George B., Glenham, and W. E. Skelt(m, Beacon, 
assignors to The Texas Compauy, New York, N. Y. 
Ketiniug oil with a solvent. 2,534,cls3, Dif. 19. 

Arnold. (>eruld !>,. W au watosu, 'X^ is. Leutrltugal cyclone 
separator. 2. 530.112. Nov. 14. 

Aruoid. Gordon L., Jr., Uiisitol. Tenu. Right angle con- 
Btaui impedance couueclor. 2,004. 1U4, Apr. 18. 

Arnold, Harold W., Claymont. assignor to E. 1. du Pont 
de Neuiours & Conjjjany, Wilmingiou, Del. Treating a 
polymeric uitrile with hydrazine. 2,497.520, Feb. 14. 

Arnold, 11' iTmau «!« Co., Incorporated, assignee: See — 
Moifc-au, \\ jllard L. 

Arnold. James U., and L. J Daukert, assignors to The 
Dow Clumical Couipauy, Midland, Mich. Polymeric 
2,2.4-trlaiethyl-telrahydroquiuoUue as stabilizer for 
dieue pulyniera. 2.5Uu,229, Mar. 14. 

Arnold, James B., and L. J. Danktrt, assignors to The 
Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Mich. Polymeric 
2,2,4-trlmethyl-tetrahydro(juinoUne. 2,500,597, Mar. 14. 

Arnold, James J., West Milwaukee, Wis. Lipstick appli- 
cator. 2.511,557, June i;{. 

Arnold, Jay, Monroe, Va. Offset auxiliary high F key for 
saxophones. 2,522.424. Sept, 12. 

Aiiiuld, Joseph G., Chicago, ill., and W. C. Piggott. I'urt 
Ailhur, Tex., assignors to Chicago Bridge i Iron Com- 
pany. Apparatus for projecting circular markings upon 
uouplanar aurlaces. 2,497,853, Feb. 21. 

Aruold. Lionel K. : Sec — 

Sweeney, Orlaiid R.. and Ariio'.d. 

Sweeney, Orlaud R., Arnold, and Hollowell. 

Arnold, M.iriou L., Long Beach, assignor to Richfield Oil 
Cori)oration, Los Angeles, Calif. Apparatus lor process 
control. 2,.".08,b81, May 23. 

Arnold, Nicholas 11.. assignor to Standard Railwav Equip- 
ment Manufacturing Comjiany, Chicago, ill. "journal 
box lid 2.."i32.436, Dec. 5. 

AnKdd, Orlan M., Grosse Polnte Park, .Mir!;. Bonding 
2,522,0.S2, Sept. 12. 

Aniuld, I'hilip .\1,, r.artlesville, Okla., a.ssignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Dealkylaliou of alkyl pvridiues. 
2,504,172, Apr. IS. 

Arnold, Philip M., Bartlesville, Okla., assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. I'roducliou of elhvl alcohol and 
alkylate. 2,511.810, June i3. 

Aruold, Pliilip M., Bartlesville, Okla., assignor to Phllliiis 
Peiroleum Company. Production of alkeuyl Ihiophenes 
2.512,59*). June 27. 

AriKdd. Richard T., St. Paul, .Minn. Preparing allylic 

substituted acetic acids. 

Arnold, Riehard T., St. Paul, 

substituted 9 lluoreiiecarboxv 

26,108, Oct. 17. 
.Minn. Preparing allvlic 
!:c arids. 2.526,109, Oct. 

Arnold, Robert C, assignor of one-half to H. H. Brown, 
Lima, Ohio. Fish lure. 2,519,33H. Aug. 22. 

Arnold, Tliomas «;., Jr., lialtiiiioie, .Md., a.ssigiior to Bendix 
Aviation Coiiioration. South Bend, Ind. Automatic 
gain control system. 2,5(t(i,.1.05, Mar. 14. 

Arnoldy, Roman F., Houston, Tex. oxidation of the 
hardened inner surface of a pump liner to facilitate its 
removal from the liner. 2,494,791, Jan. 17. 

Arnot, Altred E. R , assignor to J. E. Shay Limited, Lon- 
don, England. Electrical cooking and like appliances. 
2.497,7.".3. Feb. 14. 

Arnow, Nathan : See — 

Trlmm, Ernest L., and Arnow. 

Arnt. Ik'rald P., Litchlicld, Mich. Slicing machine in- 
cluding spaced disk cutters and rotary feeder. 2,506,985, 
M i.v 9. 

Arntzen. Clyde E. : Sec — 

Seidel, Martin P., Swiss, and Arntzen. 

Arnulf. .Mbert, assignor to Institut D'Optique Theorique et 
Appliquee, Paris, France. Refractometer. 2,502,913 
Ai)r. 4. 

Aro Equipment Corporation, The, assignee: See — 
Fitch, Clifford E. 
Glnter, Charles VV. 
.loimson. James P. 

Aroeste. Sylvia. New Y'ork. N. 
ing with tongue extension. 

Aron, Walter A.. Cambridge, 

and L. M. Hollingsworth, Cambridge. Mass^ assignors, 
by mesne assignments, to the CnitiHl States of America 
•• represented by the Secretary of \Var. Wave guide 
coupling. 2,521,818. Sept. 12. 

Aronberg, Lester, Chicago, 111. Protective coating com- 
positions. 2,507,239, May «. 

Aronson. Alexander IL, South Orange, assignor to Ronson 
Art Metal Works, Inc., Newark. N. J. Lighter casing 
construction. 2,505,167, Apr. 25. 

Aronson, Charles N., Arcade, N Y Flow regulator 
2.504,063, Apr. 11. " 

Aronstein, Joseph and M., New York. .\. Y.. and J. A. Solo- 
mon, Hampton. Vn. Multicolor printing" on flocked area 
of fabric. 2.533.985, Dec. 12. 

Aronstein. Mitchell : See — 

Aronstein, Joseph and M., and Solomon. 

Arpin, John W., Verona, N. 

Oct. :u. 
Arps. Bruno F., New Holsteln, Wis. 

valve. 2.506,008, May 2. 

Y. Waterproof foot cover- 

2,496.142. Jan. 31. 

C. H. Davis. East Boston, 

J. Water pistol, 2,527,614. 
Hydraulic control 

Arps, iiruno 1'. assignor to Arps Corporatiou. New ilol- 

»iein. Wis. Dump scoop. 2,517,163, Aug. 1. 
A:;. 6, IJruno F., New Holsteln, Wis. Tv\o-Bi>eeU hydraulic 

rain. 2,:>n,Hi-l, Aug. 1. 
Arps Corporation, assignee : See — 

Arps, Bruuo F. 
Arps, Frederick B., N. w holsteln. Wis. Dirt and suuw 

mover. 2,493,565, Jan. 3. 
Alps, Jan J., Tulsa, Okla. Apparatus for logging wells. 

2,524,031, Oct. 3. 
Arquet, Maurice, Paris, and P. Charpentier, Choisy-le-Rol, 
assiguors to Sociele des Lsiues Chimlques Bhon«'- 
I'ouleuc, Paris, France. Preparation of aryl sulfonyl 
thioureas. 2,498,782. Feb. 28. 
Arrighiui, Artil. Detroit, and G. A. Van Sickle, Mount 
Clemens, Mich. I'urui lor couiposue walls having a sill. 
2,511.829, June 20. 
Arrighiui, Artil, Detroit, and G. A. Van Sickle, Mount 
Clemens, .Mich. iTefabricated wall lorm. 2,526.529. 
Oct. 17. 
Arrow Fastener Co., assignee : See — 

Beiger, George. 
Arrow Fastener Co.. Inc.. assignee ; See — 

Boroughs. Frank S. 
Arrow-ilan ii liegeman Electric Company, The, assignee: 
iiee — 

Bentley, Robert IL 
Dietrich, Walter L. 
Gall, i'.iill 1 .. .11 

Gates. Rowland F. 

JuUiibou, Da\ Id W. 
SclileicLer, Harold E. 

-Vrrow Laboratories, Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Eichwalil, Eric. » 

Arrowhead Rubber Co., assignee : .See — 
Greeuwald, Fred A., and Wurtz. 

Arson, Samuel L.. assignor to J. 11. Cannon, Los Angeles, 
Calif. Connector. 2,502,302, Mar. 28. 

Arson, Samuel L., Glendale, and R. J. Cannon, assiguo.e 
to Cannon Electric Development Company, Los Angeleb, 
Calif. Electrical connector. 2,5UJ,303, Mar. 28. 

Artcrest Manufacturing Corporation, assignee: See — 
.Meagher, William L». 

Arter Grinding Machine Company, assignee: See — 
Arter, Harry, and Fraser. 

Arter, Harry. Worcester, and U, F, F'-aser. W.gtboro, 
assignors to Arter (;rindi:.g Ma' i.iiie Company, 
Worcester, Mass. Cross feed ue cliaiu.i:;i for grinding 
machines. 2,535,997. Dec, 26. 

Arter, Jakob, Oberengstnugen, Switzerlan!. ashi*:nor. by 
mesne assignments, to Olkon Research Corporation. 
New York, N, Y. Speed variator. 2,535,028 Dec. 20 

.\rili, Glen L. : i,it — - 

Harris. Stanton A.. Arfh, Hoffman, and Folkers. 

Arthur, Frank C. Topeka. Kans. Dark tank with t^m- 
peraTure cuntroi lor crntinuuJS l.lij.s, l',4Ltri ii4i< 
Jan. 17. 

Arthur, Jett C. Jr., Metairle, La., af.^ gnor to the United 
States of America as re^iresented ' ', ;hr' s. r.-^, '.irv of 
Agiioulture. Stabilization of vi> ," :- '■...:,;,,:; ^,{ 
<."on-epd proteins. 2.531 .."^S:^,. No\. _te 

Ar'! ;ir .Iptt C, Jr.. New Orleans. La., assignor to the 
I io;ed States of .\inerlca as represented bv the Secre- 
tary of Agriculture. Manufacture of peanut protein 
2,529,477. Nov. 14. 

Arthur, uscar F., ConnellsviUe, Pa. Pallet. 2.530.752, 
Nov. 21. 

Arthur, Oscar F., ConnellsviUe, Pa. Crate. 2,530,797 
Nov. 21. 

Arthur. Richard P.. Dps Piainee assignor to Kellogk' 
Switchboard and Supply ('u:iip.!Dy. Chicago. III. Dial 
transmitter with reiiojvahle number plate and meaiig 
for a<ijusling the main spring. 2,503.538, Apr. 11, 

Arthur. Kobcri A,, Su:. a .Vonica, asaiguor to The Garrett 
Corporation, Alresearch Manufacturing Company diri- 
• ion. Los Angeles, Calif, Flow control '.alve, 2 498 194 
Feb '^ 1 

-Arrl.iir, Robert A,. S r.'a Monica, assignor to The Garrett 
Corporation, Los;. h, I'alif. Differential and ratio 
control. 2,498,633. Let, 2>-, 

Arthur, Robert A., Santa Monica, and J .M Kemper, Holly- 
wood, assignors to The Garrett Corporation. Los Angele's 
Calif. Regulator. 2.531.100, Nov. 21. 

Artistic Beauty Products Company, assignee: See — 
Semco, William B. 

Artkiaft Manufacturing Corporation, assignee: See — 
Money. Roland H. 

Artley. Wayne C. De» .Moines, Iowa. Skirt hanger 
2,515,544, July 18. 

Art Metal Construction Company, assignee: See — 
Bloomstran, Fiord H. 
Clark, Flo.vd H , Hager, and Larson. 
Jones, James R 

Jones, James R,. and Bloomstran. 
Jones, James R., and Larson, 

ArtoB Engineering Company, assignee : See — 
AnJren, Karl H. 

'^I''..^''*' ^ • ^^^ Park. Ill assignor to Com Products 
Refining Company, New York. N. Y. Production of 
alkali metal phytate*. 2,497,062, Feb. 14. 

•^S?.,^;''^ !;• ^''^^ ^'^'^^' I'' J assignor to Corn Products 
Refining Comr.any, New lork. N. Y. Production of 
alkali metal phytates. 2,497,063, Feb. 14 




Ar;z' Maurice, I'rincetou. > J . assignor to Radio Cor-'ation of America. latsimile phasiug system. 
2.r>S2.U\0. S«>F>t. 19. 

Artzt William W., New Rochclle. N. Y , assignor to Lisle 
Mills. Inc , Allentown, I'a. \S earing ai-iarel. 2,519,534, 
A ' : -• J J 

Art/' Wil iim W., N. .v Hnchelle, an.l M. Rubinoff. New 
York. N V. Tag seal. 2,517,3Ttl. Aug. 1. 

Aru:.<! lit-. Living: See — 

r.aiits. Fn-d W.. ;i,id Arundale. 
Hosfn, Rajihael. aiirt Arumlulp. 

Anirula •. Krving. UVstfitlil, X. J., assignor to Standard 
oil li'vil'ipiiifut Cuiui'any. Eraulslun polymerization 
[)rin>>-. i;.4l(4.;r_'';. Jan. lu. 

Arutu!: :T. .\ri:.aiH. B,i rtlesvlUe, Oicla. Side drill with 
olutt^"l « i:il<' tube. :;,rj00,785. Mar. 14. 

Arvistsscn. 'i^to A., Malmo, Sweden. Carburetor. 
2,.':n.t'.ti 1. Niiv. 2S. . 

-Vrvey t (ir;)iraiioii. assignee: See — ' 

jacoljs<on. Morris. i 

.I..t.n> II. A:ii..M {•:. 
.I'>!m->i'n. J«-r<<iiii' A. 
Iloach, Karl M. 

Arvld.-on. H-'Hirt .\., Vill.T Park, ami \V. C. i:uth. Des 
riuiups, a8.-^i;.'nnr3 to .Miller Wr:. ;i[iiii:: & .Stealing .Machine 
('■'.. t'hli'au'", 111. <;iii!in...l tape di-speuscr. 2,r)06,2G'J, 
.Miiv -', 

.\rvM.s.-;i.:i. .\l^'ot. LuiMsa. a*-!„'nor to AllmJlnna Svensica 
Kloktriska Aktlobolnect, Vastpras, SwediTi. .Arrange- 
ment for starting lighting regulation on dimmer control 
in >ta_'.> lightiuL' L'..'.n 1 .? I m .Vpr. IS. 

.Arvlilsson, Algot. r.udvlkH, rt.«ei;rnor to AUmflnna Svenska a .VkticbulaKer, VaHtera.-*. Sweden. Lighting con- 
tml. 2,."L"^9, Nov. 14 

Ar\;M Iiiii;is rifs, luf., a.-<signee : Ste — 
[!.w,rh, K.arl C. 

.VrvliiH, Nathan .\ : S^fe — 

.\rvint/., .\brahnni .\., .\rvlns, an '. It .\. .Arvintz. 

Arvl'.s. .Nithari \ . ami A. \. Arvlnt/., Brooklyn, N. Y., 
a.-<^ii; to Bla/.el Corporation. I'reheater. 2,530,798, 
Nov. •_■; 

.Vrvlnt:'. .Vlirahani .\. : See-^ • I 

\ivin-i. .N:ithan A.. :\U'\ .\rvlntz. 

.\rvliitz, .\braham A., and N. .\. Arvias. Brooklyn, and 
K. .\. .Vrviiitz, N<.w York, assignors to Reliable Prod- 
ucts .Maiiufactnrin? Co.. Inc., lirooklyn, N. Y. Paint 
preheater. 2.521.900, Sept. 12., .\brahaiu .\ . aii'l .N. A. .\-vlns, I^.rooklyn, and 
R .\. -Xrvintz. N»w York. a.tHignors to Saniconi Coiii- 
p.aii.v. Inc., N. Y. I'aint preheating and spray- 
mi: apl'aratus. 2,.")i!0.7'J(*. Nov. 21. 

-Vrv :!t/ Kobert .\. : .<««• 

Ar\\ut7.. .\brabnrn A . .\rvins, and R. A. Arvintz. 

Arw ...1. Samuel H.. r.altL'iiore. .M.l. Toothbrush handle 
an i iiead con.structlon. 2.511.235, June 13. 

.VHaiM .\;>'h!iiiy L.. Sau Francisco, anii J, K. Uilecl. Monto- 
r. V. Calif. Fish unb>;!<lin<„' apparatus.' 2,512,194, 
,1 ..lie 20. 

Asuro. Vito, as.-iiL'-Tor to L. A. Y^ing Spring i Wire Cor- 
po:at:v.:i, I».-r:uit, -Mi<::. Spring' structure. 2,532,875, 
1 i.M' .-, . 

.V&briilt:'', Kiiniiinr! .\\. ; St:e — • 

Trantt-r, Watson W.. A.sbrM^e. and Hollingpr. ' I 

-VsbridKe. (Jcorj-'e II., assignor to The Churchill Machine 
Tool Company Limited. Altrinchain. Knuland. I'reci- 
-•■ n ^'rinding machine. 2.r.2fl.796, Oct. 24. 

.\<'-'i". Ilobert. and J. .1. Ilubscher, Neuilly sur Seine," 
France. Electromagnetic artificial muscle. 2,532,876, 
Pe<" " 

.\s 'h.:!! r-^nner. Clau.s. Maiden, Mass.. V. K. TTeldelauf ana 
I!, i: .\Ttsr\,vfrdt. D.iyron. and I!. K. W(>rnicke. Trot- 
wood. Ohio. C.yro-srabillzei! aerial camera mount. 
2,r)2:5,2r)7, Sept. 20. 

.Vscherin, Hugo J. : See — » 

Seaman, Harry J., and Ascheriife 

.\8coll. Enzo, Salntp-Croix. Switzerland, assignor to Pall- 
lard S. A. (Palll.arrl A. G.. Paillard Limited). Auto- 
mat i<' phonograph tripping mechanism. 2.517,165, 
Ahj:. !. 

As'!"'!:. pfn.ird K. : S^re — 

r.arr.'tt. William H., and Asdell. 

A.-^d. r, J..!,:i K.. Los Angeles, Calif. Switch. 2.507,949. 
M-iv ]■: 

Asb. ( harles S.. Miiford, Mich. Vehicle wheel. 2.501,018, 
Mar. 21. 

.\sh. Charle.s S. Mllford, Mi. h. Iniil wheel mounting. 

2.507,131. M.l vO. 
-Ksh. Charles S.. Mllford. Ml h. Dual wheel. 2.507.876. 

May Ifi. 
A>h Charles S.. Mllford, Mich. Vehicle wheeL 2.509,052. 

-M.iy 23. 

.Vsh. Charles S.. Mllford, Mich. Dual wheel. 2.511,144. 
June i:\. 

Ash. Charles S.. Miiford, Mich. Expansion brake, Includ- 
inir b.-ilanced acriiatini: mechanism. 2. .'12. 041) Jun> 20 

.\sh. Charles S.. Miiford. Mi<^h. Housing for drive gear- 
ing in a dual wheel assembly. 2.512.050, June 20. 

Ash. CbarN-s S. Miiford, Mich. 
2.525..'i!2. ^)^^ 10. 

Dual wheel assembly. 

Ash. Chnrbs S.. Milf-.r 1, .Mich. V^-hlrle wheel. 2..')33,707, 
P'^c. l:.> 

Ash, Charl'^8 S . San Fr.inclsco Calif R. covering soluble 
solld.s from fruit wa.sre. 2.530, :^l;2, Nov. 14. * 

Aah. James W., Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Fish landing 

devicp. 2,515,685, July 18. 
Aahaway Line St Twine Mfg. Co., assignee : See— 
Moe. Herman. 
Welch. Herbert L. 
Ashbaugh, Bernard I)., Mount Gllead, Ohio, assignor to 

H-I'-.M Development Corporation, Wilmington, Del. 

Molding press. 2,526.797, Oct. 24. 
Ashburn, Harry V., Waynesburg, Pa., R. S. Bamett, 

Beacon, and O. P. Puryear, Fishkill, a-ssignors to The 

Texas Company, New Y'ork, N. Y. Lubricating grease 

composition. 2,508,741, May 23. 
Ashby. Carl T., and C. A. Miller. Evansvllle, Ind., assignors 

to Servel, Inc., New York, N. Y. Refrigeration. 

2, .'504 784, Apr. IS. 
Ashcraft, Ernest G., Chicago, 111., assignor to Iva Coryne 

Davidson, Hollywood, Calif. Automatic tire 

ing device. 2,497,286, Feb. 14. 
Ashcraft. Ernest G., Chicago, 111. Coffee filter. 2,517,825, 

Aug. 8. 
Ashcraft, Harry R., Edgewood. .Mi riant duster. 

2,530,039. Nov. 14. 
.\shcratt, Jacob O., Buffalo, assignor to Allied Cliem- 

icul an<i Dye Corporation, New York, N. Y. Prepara- 
tion of esters of dlchlorosucciuic acid. 2,527,343, 

Oet. 24. 
.\shcroft. Donald G. : See — 

Pearson. John D., and Ashcroft. 
Ashe, John E., Crockett, assignor to California and Ha- 
waiian Sugar Relining Corporation, Ltd., San Francisco, 

Calif. Bag closing apparatus. 2,514,^■.20 July 11. 
Ashenfelter, William, Swanton, Ohio. Scaffold structure. 

2.496.082. Jan 31. 
Asher. Ben C. : assignee : Bee — 

Herrmann. Charles. 
Asher Hobert J., Bristow, Okla. llose construction. 

2.528,40i>, Oct. 31. 
Asher, Jerry, assignee : See — 

Isabelle, Henry J., Sr. 
-Vsheville Mica Company, assignee: See — 

<'arrii>r Ralrdi A.. Jr., and Davis. 
Aishland Rubber Products Corporation, assignee : See — 

Morr, Bert L., Butts and Walters. 
Ashlemau, Adolph E., Waco, Tex. Dice agitating game 

devlcp. 2. .Tl 1,002, June 13. 
Ashley. Carlyle M., assignor to Carrier Corporation, 

Syracuse, N. Y. Self-contained air conditioning unit. 

2.535,775, Dec. 26. 
Ashley, Cecil W., Kl Centre, Calif, ^■ehlcle door lock 

mech-inlsm. 2,507,328, May 9. 
Ashley, Donald S., assignee : See — 

Weaver, William H. 
Ashlock, George W., Jr. Oakland, Calif. Feedinc orcher- 

ries having stems attached. 2,528,293, Oct. 31. 
Ashlock, George W.. Jr., Oakland, Calif. Fruit pitting 

chuck. 2..'')28.294, Oct. 31. 
Ashman. Herbert W., Hale, England, assignor to Keasboy 

& Mattison Company, Ambler, Pa. Building unit and 

cavity roof or wall made therefrom. 2,525,059, Oct. 

Ashton, Benjamin N., and B. V. Barkow, assignors to 

Electrol Incorporated, Kingston, N. Y. Valve for hy- 
draulic brake systems. 2,502,118, Mar. 28. 
Ashton, P.enjamin N., and W. B. Westcott, Jr., a-ssignors 

to- Electrol Incorporate^ Kingston, N. Y. On-off 

check valve. 2,524.952, t»t. 10. 
Ashton. Benjamin N.. assignor to Electrol Incorporated, 

Kingston, N. Y'. Plunger actuated valve. 2,506,128, 

M.TV 2, 

Ashton, Benjamin N., assignor to Electrol Incorporated, 
Kingston, N. Y. Slide valve. 2.506,129. May 2. 

Ashton, Benjamin N., assignor to Electrol Incorporated, 
Kingston, N. Y. Power pack unit. 2,517,377, Aug. 1. 

Ashton, Benjamin N., assignor to I'lectr<d Incorporated, 
Kingston. N. Y. Check valve. 2,524,951, Oct. 10. 

Ashton, Everett H. : See — < ' 

Lake. Francis G., and Ashton. i 

Mallard. Robert G., and Ashton. 
Rinne, John, Ashton. Mallard, and Kielczewskl. 
Rinne, John, Ashton, Mallard, and Lake. 

Ashton, Everett H., assignor to The -M. ^V. Kellogg Com- 
pany, Jersey aty, N. J. Shuttle box plate. 2,493,611. 
Jan. 3. 

.Vahton, Everett H., assignor to The M. W. Kellogg Com- 
pany, Jersey Cltv, N. J. Picker stick guide. 2,496,308, 
Feb. 7. 

•Xshton, Everett H., Jersey Citv, E. A. Mastrianl. Newark, 
N. J., and R. Q. Mallard, assignors to The M. W. Kellogg 
Compnnv, New York, N. Y. Protection motion. 
2,522,504, Sept. 19. 

Ashton. Philip E., assignor to The Cuno Engineering Cor- 
poration, Meriden, Conn. Electric cigar lighter. 
2,531,901, Nov. 28. 

Ashton, Richard A., assignor to Seneca Falls Machine 
Company, Seneca Falls. N. Y. Compensating chuck 
with unobstructed axial passage. 2,521,320. Sept. 5. 

Ashton. Willard A., assljrnor to Western Harness Racing 
As.sociatlon. Los Angeles. Calif. Harness race starting 
gate. 2.526.060. Oct. 17. 

Ashwood, Norman D.. Victoria. British Columbia Canada. 
Tow glider release. 2,520,620, Aug. 29. 

Ashworth, David R. : See — ' 

Midgley, Albert H., and Ashworth 




Ashworth, Handel, and F. I', liialy, lialdwin, N. Y. self 

basting fr.ving pan. 2.4ity.US3, Feb. 2». 
Ashworth. Harry E., Penn Township, Allegheny County, 
assignor to The Union Switch & Signal Company, 
Swissvale, Pa. Electroiiiagnet with balanced armature. 
2..^) 10.305, June 6. 
Askania Regulator Company, assignee : See — 
Glass, Paul. 
Glass, I'aul. and Prem. 
Stewart, Ralph B. 
Ziebolz, Herbert. 
Aske, Irving E., Ludington, Mich. Electric iron. 2,512,220, 

June 20. 
Aske, I>eonard E., Minneapolis, Minn., assignor to General 
Mills, Inc. Section for stator cores lor induction 
motors. 2,495.218. Jan. 24. 
Aske, Vernor H.. Huntington Station, N. Y., assignor 
to Sylvan ia Electric Products Inc. Tuning unit. 
2,516,287, July 25. 
Abkren, 1>< e I'., assignor to Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester, N. Y. Shutter for motion picture apparuiua 
2,529,890. Nov. 14. 
Asker, Gosia F., Stockholm, Sweden, assignor to Inter- 
national Standard Electric Corporation, New York, N. V. 
Electric discharge tube. 2,4y5,i)Sl, Jan. 31. 
Aslesen, William C, .Minneapolis, Minn. Apparatus tor 

treating peat. 2.507,492, May 10. 
Asmussen, Jes, Appleton, assignor to Marathon Corpora- 
tion, Rothschild, Wis. Cutting, punching, blanking, and 
the like. 2.522,154, Sept. 12. 
.\sp<fk, Reginald J., East Ham, a8.sigi!or to Coborn En- 
gineering Company Limited, Barkingside, Essex, 
EnKlaud. Puwn -operated hand tool tor scraping and 
feathering. 2,503,539, Apr. 11. 
Aspegren, Carl, New York, N. Y. Power takeoff. 

2,502,914, Apr. 4. 
Aspelin, Leslie L. : See — 

Roth, Jay .M.. and Aspelin. 
Aspenwall. Carl, Chicago, 111., V. C. Smith and W. Mathls, 
assignors to The Eagle Lock Company. Terryvilie, 
Conn. Deadlocking spring latch for doors. 2.517,378, 
Aug, 1. 
Asperger. Harry II., Sr. : See — 

Wilcox. Robert E., and Asperger. 
Aspin, Arthur W , assignor to American Bantam Car Com- 
pany. Butler, Pa. Dour hinge. 2,494,6S2, Jan. 17. 
Aspin. Arthur W., assignor to American Bantam Car Com- 
I'auy, Builer, Pa. Vehicle spring suspension. 2,494,683, 
Jan. 17. 
Aspin, Frank M.. Bury, England. Lubrication system. 

2,526.450, Oct. 17. 
Aspinwall. William B.. Spokane, WasJi. Fertilizer dis- 
tributor. 2.496,573, Feb. 7. 
Assada, .Marc A. E., assignee : See — 

Benani. Luceite. 
Asseliii, Arthur N., Fall River, Mass. Vacuum relief valve. 

2.n()."i.:;7f.. A pi. 1'.".. 
Associated British Engineering Limited, assignee: See — 

Faulkner, Thomas H. 
AsBoiiated Develupmeut dc Resetrih Corp( n.!l>.n aaiignee : 
eiee — 

Prehn. Henri. 
Wallach, Irving D. 
Waliacli. Robert .•<. 
Wallach, Robert S. and I. D. 
Associated Engineers. Inc., assignee: See — 
K.dler. William E. 
Long. James M. 
Associated Folding Box Co.. assignee : ^ec — 

Perilli, Louis. 
As80Ciaf«d Industries. Inc., assignee: Sec — 
Jenkins, James L. 

Associated Manufacturers and Distributors Corp as- 
signee : See — 

l.iindmait. James D. 
Ahta, David N.. Port Chester, N. Y. Roll-type electric 

iron. 2,522,247, Sept. 12. 
Astatic Corporation. The, assignee : Sec — 

Chori»pning. Creed ^i. 
Aston, Cecil P. T., Buknru, and C. Wlldl, Ravfield. North- 
o'r H i*;''^'"' ■'^I'^'TitUB for jet mining and excavating. 

Aston, Royden .\.. Lewiston. N. Y.. as.sii:nor to Mathleson 
Chemical Corporation. Repressing the generation of 
chlorine dioxide. 2 526,839, Oct. 24. 

Astphan, Alfred, Joliitte, Quebec, Canada. Pressing 
machine. 2. 52.'), Ill, Oct. 10. 

Astrol Products. Inc., assignee : See — 
Melnick. Daniel. 

Astroye, Joseph. New Rochelle, N. Y. Child's suit. 

2,520.300. .\ng. 29. 
Atanasoff, John V.. Silver Spring, Md. and L H Kalten- 

berger. Wichita Falls. Tex. Method and apparatus for 

cutting fusible fabrics. 2,535.029, Dec. 26. 
Atchison. Ar.'tather R., Detroit, Mich. 

2.532.138. Nov. 28. 

Television aerial. 

'^*oH-',!X'oln'V^- 9|^^ahoma City. Okla. Hose supporter. 
2.o30,850, Nov. 21. 

Ateliers Dp Constructions De La Seine, assignee: See— 
Hniiprt, Emilp J. M. 

Ateliers de Constructions Elect rlques de Charlerol, as- 
" slgnee : See — 

Meunler, MarceL 

•'A'liurs de Constructions Eiectrlques dp Dolle," Societe 
Anonyme, assignee : St e — 
Fcrnier, Bernard M. H. P. 

Ateliers Neyret-Beylier & Piccard-Plctet, : Stc - 
Danel. Pierre F. 

Athertoi) Aib.rt II. : Set; — 

Broadway, L,»onard F.. and .\therton. 

Atherton, Archie P.. Alexandria, Va. Weighing device for 
suitcases. 2,518,973, Aug. 15. 

Atherton, Herschel L. : See — 

Ryan, Commodore D., &iger. Bergmark and Atherton. 

Athey Products Corporation, assignee : See — 
MacDonald. Itaymore 1>. 

Athy, Clifford R.. assignor to Internutlonal Derrick & 
Eguipmeut Co.. Coluuibus, Ohio. Well-driliing rig. 
2.505.088. Apr. 25. 

Athy, t lifford R., C. R. Konkle, and K. H. Munro. assignors 
to International Derrick & Equipment Company. Colum- 
bus, Ohio. I'ortable derrick structure. 2,505,0^7, 
Apr. 25. 

Atkeson, Florian V.. Springdale. Pa. Fractionating vapors. 
Re. 23.1.'45. July 4 

Atkins. Allen L Chicago, lil. Electric D\r .gra-^tic inairo- 
m«ut. 2,498,328. Feb. Zl. 

.\tkins, Carl E. : See — 

i', Frank, and Atkins. 

Atkins, Carl E., Elgin. III., assignor to TUng Sol Lamp 
Uorks. Inc., Newark, N. J. Secret signaling system. 
2,530,140, Nov. n. 

Atkins, Carl E., Elgin. 111., assignor to Tung-Sol Lamp 
Works. Inc.. .Newark. .\. J. Electronic distance indi- 
cator and the like. 2.530.141, Nov. 14. 

Atkins, Carl E., Elgin, 111., assignor to Tung-Sol Lamp 
Works, Inc.. Newark, N. J. Secret signaling system. 
2.530,142, Nov. 14. 

Atkins, E. C, ami Company, assignee : See — 
Wolte. Chailes V. 

Atkins, George E., Glen Ridge, and E. D, Mead, Caldwell, 
N. J., assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, In- 
corporated, New York, N. Y. Control knob device, 
2,502.915. Apr. 4. 

Atkins, John 11. C. : See — 

\j Clark. Thomas, and Atkins. 

Atkins, S. Lawrence, assignee: See — 
.Murphy. Arthur J. 

Atkins. Samuel L. : See — 

Gedat. Curt R.. Schiniii.el, and Atkins. 

Atkins, Thomas R., Saugus, assignor of one-half to L. L. 
Witter, Boston, Mass. Tipped cigarette. 2,493,436, 
Jan. ^. 

Atkinson, Elmer L., .Modesto. Cjalif. Shock forming im- 
plement. 2,.'")O0.;*76. .Mar. 21. * 

Atkinson. James D., Jr.. assignor to Buckeye Cotton Oil 
Company. Memphis. Tenn. Apparatus for purifying raw 
cotton llnters. 2.504.944. .Apr. 1.^. 

Atkinson. Ralph G.. Maple Heights, assignor to The Stand- 
ard Oil Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Continuous ^ax 
molding process. 2.."i32.280. Dec. 5. 

Atkinson, Ralph L. : Ste^- 

Staunton, LeRoy, Atkinson, and Hopkins. 

Atkinson, Ralph L.. Hinadaie, and K. J. Hopkins, assign- 
ors to United Wallpaper, Inc., Chicago. HI. Moisture 
removing ai/Daratus. 2.526,189, Oct. 17. 

Atlanta Metallic Casket Co., assignee : See — 

Miles. Paul E. , 

Atlanta Paper Company, assignee: See — 
Ligon, Harry W. 

Atlantic Carton < orporation : See — 
XMlitehead, Earl P.. 

Atlantic Development Company, assignee: See — 
De Lancey. Warren H. 

Atlantic Development Corporation Limited, The, assignee: 
See — 

Reevpa. Frank K. 

Atlantic Optical Producta. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Hurst. Ai'juzo. 

Atla.ntlc Refining Company. The. assignee : See — 
Beuke, lioj-. 

Ferris, Seymour W., Lamson, and Smith. 
Heiligmaiiii. Ramlall G. 
Hunter. James B. 
.McCulloufch. James II. 
-McGrogan. John F. 
Ramser, John H. 

Savin, James W., and Neithammer. 
Slobod. Robert L. 

Turner, William R., and Helllgmann. 
Woodcock. Charles H.. and Siing-r. 
Young, William S. 

Atlas, Arthur, Leicester, England. Welt construction 
for shoes and boots. 2.526.925, Oct. 24. 

Atlas. Arthur. Leicester, England. Manufacturing shoes. 
2.526.926. Oct. 24, 

Atlas Bolt St Screw Company. The, assignee: See — 
Schellentrager, Eugene W. 

Atlas Floor Surfacing Machinery Corp.. assignee : See — 
Okun. .Nathaniel N. 

Atlas Imperial Diesel Engine Co., assignee: See — 

Laxo, Ed. 

Waters, Laurence W. 
Atlas Materials Incorporated, assignee: See — 

Mathers, Edward S. 



Atlas rowdtT Company, assiKEf^e : See — 
liraii'ln.r. Jcjhn 1 » ^ 

lirijwn. KeiHifi ti il. 

Hales, Ralph A. | 

Hurctt. l>a!iipl r>. I 

Jeffprson, Coorge D., and Flne.^ 
Mcfiirr. Udbprt. 
I'liWfT. JaiiU'8 T. 
.\tla^ I'rt-ss c'oiiipaiiy, asiiij^nee ; See — 
Collins. James (J. 
Mnssi'iinaii, li-iiry K. 
Atlas Siipplv rompaov, aswisnee : See — 

Fnlk. Irvln W. 
Atla- \ ,ii w I i.i.ipaiiy, as.sir,'!iee : See — 

1 i.iv ;s, \ (TtuT F. 
Atlp«' /.' «: .1 H'S riainps, and D. W. Dunk, Llncolnwood, 
a-^^i;.'!: r-i t" liunl.f Corporation. ChicaKO, 111. Getter 
f.T \U'bi' ilm tiasiiins. 'J.nd-J.OTU. Mar. 28. 
Atol^. John M.. Chicago, ill. I^ental floss holder. 

2.olG,");i'J. July 2.^. 
Atoiiiif EutMgy Coinniission, United States of America as 
rfprts"!itfd by tlio. assignee: iS'ee — - 
lirindegee, Morris M. 
M( Kihhf>n, Joseph L. 
Att.'nhurontrh, Willinin, Reoston. asplpmor to F. W. Rad- 
ford, Chilw.U. Kutrland. Warp b^-niii. 2.490,844. Feb. 7. 
AtNTt)iiry.»>iior, assl>jiior to ITfcaat IJullding Soc- 
ti<rns Inc.. New York, X. V. Apparatus and method 
for filling molds. 2..")3;5.;)st;, T)^c. 12. 
Att.v>l iiid.T, K<lonnrd.^nor to Sulzer Freres, Soclete 
Aiioiiyiue. WinttTtliiir. Swiiz.Tlai.d. Fluid operatod 
prop.-"llpr piN-h controlling iivchanism. 2,513,546, 
Jiilv 4. 
Attick, I'lirdv E.. Chlcaco, III .Adjustable book and maga- 
zine h'd.l'T. 2,r.()l,(ilH. 21. 
Attorney (;f>n.Tal of the United States, Vested In the: 

Anx!onnfl7, Rpn^ and Inibert. ' 

Dolioyp. Andre L. C. ■* 

Fieux. Joan. 
l''rtMleri(h.s. (^corg G. 
Issaly. Raonl M. L. 
Kurtz I'.f r 

Lebolmt^. Rea^, and Jaccjueau. 

Micha. 1, \\ ilh.lni. Goehre, Free, Fuenor. and Schneider. 
Mossin. Gpor:r B. 
Ncitu'tz, Gnstav. 
Orlid. R.'inion, 

Itink.', IlHinrich. Rchlld. and Slefken. 
KlH7.dorff'r. I.aszlo. 
Sarazln. Robert 
SMIllP. Marcel IT. L. 
■^ Simon. Victor. i 

Weston. Herbert. ' 

Zipi>or I'jidl 
.\ttrlrtge. Richard P. Los Anceles Calif. Adjustable 

jlirsnw pn/zlp frame. 2.5nrt.1R!>. Mav 2. 
Arrwi'll. Jam"g F.. S<'aftle, Wash,, a,«iS»lgnor to Wlndolph 
Tru'tor i-ompanv. Portland, Oree. Garden tractor. 
2.. ""i .''.."). 2. "i 4, Dec. 2*). 
.\t\v.>il, Clareiifi- .\ . ritrshurL'h. as-^ii-M'.or to Westlnghouse 
Flectric <"nrr"rafion. Ivist I'i' tst>uri:!i, I'a. Commutator 
cap construction. 2,519.217. Aui;. )r>. 
Atwt'Il, <"lar.'n<e A., and R. H. Warner. Pittsburgh, aa- 
'iiirnors lo Westinchonse Electric Corpor.Ttlon, East 
J. |r. .,;,., r^'i I'n Cnmiiensatini: '^oM. 2.'",fi.',i.'^.2, SSv. 21. 
Atwell, IT.Trnld v.. Beacon. asslt-Tinr to The Texas Com- 
pnnv. New York. N. Y. Synthesis of hydrocarbons. 
2,.':?4,.'^9.". Iter. 10 
At^v^'I^ Haro'd V . Beacon, nssisnior to Tiie Texas Com- 
pany. Now York. N. Y. Synthesizing gasoline and the 
like 2 .^.'^.'i.'U:^ D>'<-. 2Cv 
Atwood. .Vrth'ir K.. Raymond, .Mberta. ("an.ida Stretcher 

2 .■S0r?.,'?14. .\pr 11. 
Atwoo(l Clarence E.. Mount Prospect, assignor, by mesne 
assignments to ITnber ^'.^nufact urine Co,, f'hicago, 
111 Ointrol circuit for high surge currents. 2,519,535, 
-Vnir 22 
Atwood Frank '", Be.ich, CaHf. Copyholder. 
■^ ,-2e.n90. Nny 7. 

At'.yood. James T , and .\ Johnsc n. assignors to The .\t- 

wood Vaeuum M.n^hlne Company, Rockford, ' 111. 

Clothesline reel. 2.r,23.2R8, Sept. 2'-.' 
.Atwood, John B : .'^-r — 

Schofk Robert E , At wood. Peterson and TTansell. 
At%y' -d John B . and R E. Schoek, Riyerhead. N. Y., 

assignors to Radio Corporation of -Vmeriea. Triggering 

circuit. 2.."H,nu:?, June U 

Atwood, John P... and F. J W. Schoe. horn. Riyerhead. 
N. Y.. assignors to Radio Corporation of Amerii'a. Radio 
froquency shielded switch, 2.49*^.907. Feb. 28. 

Atwood, John B.. nnd ('. F. Ilans.ll. Riyerhead. N. Y.. 
assiirnors to R,>idio * "orT>'.r r ion of America. Pulse 
communication s\s't'm. 2,.'i25.'VV(. Oct. 10. 

Atwood, John B, and O. E. Hansell, Riyerhead. N. Y.. 
assignors to Radio Corporation of America. I'ulse Iden- 
tification. 2..'i.'l!.494, Nov. 2*5 

Atwood. Eyle C. and .\. Johnson assignors to Atwood 
Vaeunm Maehine Company. Rookfonl, 111. lUcvcle sta- 

hMlzer. 2..n;^n,49S, Noy, 21 

Atwood. Newpll A.. F. S. Navy. Bethesda. Md. Radio 
communication graphic calculator. 2,494.530. Jan. 17. 

Atwood Vacuum Machine Company, assignee : See — 
Atwood, Lyle C, and Johnson. 
Km til. Clyde R. 
Atwood Vacuum Machine Company, The : assignee : See — 

Atwood, .James T., and Johnson. 
Atwood, Wilfrid L.. JelTerson County, assignor to The 
Glrdler Corporation, Louisville, Ky. High fre<iucncy 
treating system for di<dectrlc materials. 2,504,955. 
Apr. 2.'i. 
Atwood. Wilfrid L.. Newton Lower Falls. Mass.. assignor 
to The Girdler Corporation. LoulsyilU', Ky. Combined 
heating electrode and variable capacitor for dielectric 
heating. 2.504,950. Apr. 25. 
Aube. I'etor R., Mineola, N. Y. Doll and means for chang- 
ing the features thereof. 2,507,094. May 9. 
AuU^rt, Fred 15., Detroit, Mich. Snap acting device. 

2.521,277, Sept. 5. 
Aubert, Roger, Paris. France, assignor to Societe Francalse 
Radio Kloctrlque. Frequency modulating system. 
2,499,014, Feb. 28. 
Aubert, Roger, Paris, France, assignor to Societe Fran- 
calse Radio Elect riijue. Arrangement for secret radio 
telephony. 2,509,71 ti. May 30. 
Aubln. Gerald C., liurllngton, Vt. 

2.493.332, Jan. 3. 
Auburn. Basil J. : See — 

Harding, William R., and Auburn. 
Auburn .Machine Works, Inc., a&signee 

Schmidt. l-Yledrich J. 
Auburn Research Foundation, assignee 

Harris, Hubert, and Ware. 
Auburn Rubber Corporation, assignee : See — 

Norton, James H. 
Auchincloss, Reginald, assignee : See — 

Levitz, Meyer. 
Auchincloss. Ruth C, assignee : See — 

Levitz, Meyer. 
Aucliter, Richard J., Appleton, 
Company, Neenah, Wis. 
covered plywood. 
Audemar, Pierre, La 

Aligning device. 



Pajier Patents 
a tiiirous slu-et 

assignor to 
2.497.712. Feb. 14. 
Oarenne-Colombes, Frnnce, asstcnor 
to Olaer Patent Cy, Luxemburg (I'uchy of Luxemburg), 
and Compagnle Generale pour I'Eiiuipement Aeronau- 
tl(|ue, Paris, Seine, France. Locking devue for pressure 
fluid motors. 2.515,287. July 18. 

Audet, Alfred J., Providence. R. 1. ion oil cooler 
and air conditioning device for automotive vehicles. 
2.531,019, Nov. 21. 

Audiscope Corporation, assignee : Sec — 
T^tnall. Joseph S. 

Auer, George A.. Chicago, 111 Liquid separating ap- 
paratus. 2,513,836, July 4 

Auer, Laszlo, South Orange, N. J. Coating material emul- 
sions. 2,530,370, Nov. 21. 

Auer, Wllhclm, Irondequolt, assignor to P.ausch A; Lomb 
Optical Company, Rochester, N. Y. .Mounting for read- 
ing glasses or the like. 2.532.877, I'ec. .'> 

.Auerbach, Isaac L., U. S. Navy. Electrical connector. 
2.510.944. June 13. 

Auerbach, Zemach, Bronx, N. Y. Razor with means for 
reconditioning the cutting edges of razor blades. 
2.530.499, Nov. 21. 

Auflero, John M., Plandome. assignor to E. A. Laboratories, 
Inc., Brooklyn, N. Y. Heater. 2, 49."., 88.3. Jan. 31. 

Auflero, John M., Plandome, assignor to E. A. Labora- 
tories, Inc., Brooklyn, N. Y. Combine<l electric fan and 
heater. 2.504,7H5, Apr. 18. 

Auflero, John M., Plandome, asslLrnor to 1". A. Laboratories, 
Inc., Brooklyn, N. Y. Portable space heater, 2,506,408, 
May 2. 

.\ugenstein. August W.. Pforzheim, Germany. Plural 
pencil with slidable lend carriers. 2 ."■ "'". 'chi orr. 24. 

Augensteln. Karl C. Cranston, assignor to Speidel Corpora- 
tion, Providence, R. I. Expansion bracelet. 2,515,817. 
July 18. 

.\ugensteln, Karl C, Cranston, assignor to Speidel Cor- 
poration. Providence, R. I. Wrist watch connector. 
2.530,800. Nov. 21. 

Aaghey, Clarence L.. and L. V. McCarty. asslgnor.s to 
Automatic Products Company, Mlhyaukee. Wis Pres- 
sure limiting thermostatic expansion valve. 2..^0.').933, 
May 2. 

Aughey, Clarence L., and. L V McCarty. assignors to 
' Automatic Products Company, Mi!wauke«\ Wis Cnpll 
lary refrigerant control, lncluilli:g dohydrator. 2. 50.", 934, 
May 2. 

Aughey, Clarence L., and L. V McCarty, assignors to 
Automatic Products Company, Milwatikee. Wis. Refrig- 
erant expansion valve. 2.520.191. Aug. 20. 

Aughey, George .\., Lime, Greg. W.ed ar;d s'uhble 

turner. 2.521.681. Sept 12. 
Augustadt. Herbert W.. West New Briirhton, assltmor to 
Bel! Telephone Laboratories. Inci^rporated, New York 
N. Y. Adjustable loss parallel-T network. 2,503.,')40, 
Apr. 11. 

Augustin, Konrad K.. Pfarrwerfen. Austria. Elastic 
vehicle wheel. 2.525.333, Oct. 10. 

Augustin, Ray C, Sedalla, Colo. Pole feeding device for 
pole peeling machines. 2,505.168, Apr. 2"). 

.\ugustinp. Frederick B.. Jeffersou. N. J., assignor to 
Socony-Vacuum OH Company, Incorporated. Reaction 
products of diPBters of dlthiophosphoric acid and 
mineral oil compositions containing the same. 
2.528.7^2. Nov. 7. 



2.508.211, May 16. 
N. Y. Telescoping dipole. 

Directional sound detector. 

C. Davis. Oakland, and A. 

Augustine. Heinz, assignor of one-sixth to B. M. I'anger- 
tield, one sixth to J. Kremer, Jr., one-sixth to N. L. 
McDonald, one-sixth to R. E. Spatij!;. and one sixth to 
\V. J. Vecharella, Mars. Pa. Fishing rod holder. 
2.506,912. Mav 9. 

Augusto, George, Paterson. N. J. Shirt. 2,517.271, 
Aug. 1. 

Aulin. Tage G., Trollhattan, assignor to J. P. Brandt 
Aktiebolag, Stockholm, Sweden. Device for measuring 
the distance between the optical centers of two or more 
lenses or optical systems. -,532,878, Dec. 5. 

Ault, Harold D. : See — 

Johnson.' Fred N.. and Ault. 

Auman. Maurice D.. Belvidere, 111. Bobbv pin holder and 
opener. 2,528,991. Nov. 7. 

Auiie, Alan E., Lowell, Mass.. assignor to Lniled States 
Rubber Company, New York, N. Y. Wire splicer. 
2.49!<,0t)2. Feb. 21. 

.\urand, Cecil C, Cranford, and C. 11. Watrous, North 
Plainfleld. N. J., assignors to General Motors Corpora- 
tion, Detroit. Mich. Caster and camber checking equip- 
ment. 2.532.749. Dec. 5. 

Aurandt. John W., Charlotte, N. C. Roller latch. 
2 .".19,011, Aug. 15. 

-Vurirh. Louis: See — • 

West, Max A., and Aurich. 

.\uripn, Ray tL, assignor to American Steel Foundries, 
Chicago, 111. Clasp brake. 

Ausenda, Carlo, New York, 
2,509.717, .May 30. 

Auscher, Jean, Parl.s, France. 
2.534,847. Dec. 19. Milton A., and V 

Huiidere, Richmond, assignors to California Research 
Corporation, San Francisco, Calif. Multiple contact 
switch. 2,501,431, Mar. 21. 

Aust, Robert J. : See — 

Frey. Cleon F., Jr., and Aust. 

Aust, Robert J., a.'-slgnor to P. R. Mallory & Co., Inc., 
Indi.'innpolis. Ind. High-frequeucy tuner. 2.513,392. 
July 4. 

Aust. Robert J., assignor to P. R. Mallory & Co., Inc., 
Indianapolis, Ind. Contact arrangement for vibrators. 
2,519.731, Aug. 22. 

Aust. Rohort J , assignor to P. R. Mallory & Co., Inc., 
Indianapolis. Ind. Magnetic pickup. 2,535,479, Dec. 

Aust. Robert J., and C. Huetten. assignors to 1' i; Mallory 
& Co.. Inc., Indianapolis. Ind. Vibrator spring leaf 
contact arrangement. 2.519,730, Aug. 22. 

.\u8tenal Laboratories, Incorporated, assignee : See — 
Feagin. Roy C. 

Austin, Abraham L.. Oak Park. 111. Radiant heating sys- 
tem. 2,.")24.r.57, Oct 3 

Austin. Archibald S J,. Princes Rlsborough. R. II. Saplro. 
I'inner. and K. P. I'rnser, Kingston Hill, England. Pre- 
vention of mist on transparent sheets and reflectors. 
2..'.2!»..-S5. Nov. 14. 

.Austin. Bascum O., Lima. Ohio, assignor to Westlnghouse 
Flwtric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Pile regu- 
lator. 2.515.975. Julv 18. 

Austin. Bascom O.. and O. C. Walley. Lima. Ohio, and 
D. W Exner, Seattle, Wash., assignors to Westlnghouse 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Auxiliary 
power system for aircraft. 2.534,895. Dec. 19. 

Austin. Cht'ster R.. See — 

Allison. Adrian (L. and Austin. 

Austin. Chester R., Columbus, C>hio. and E. J. Rogers, Troy. 
N. Y.. assignors, by mesne assignments, to United Air- 
craft Corporation, East Hartford, Conn,, and Ethyl 
Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Ceramic batch. 2.494.276. 
Jan. 10. 

Austin. Chester R., Columbus, Ohio, and E. J. Rogers. Trov, 
N. Y., assignors, by mesne assignments, to United Air- 
craft Corporation, East Hartford, Conn., and Ethvl 
Corporation. Detroit, Mich. Ceramic body and batch 
for making same. 2,494.277. Jan. 10. 

Austin. Chester R.. and H. Z, Schofield Columbus, 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to The Forro Engi- 
neering Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Making composite 
refractory. 2.534,653, Dec. 19. 

Austin. Clarence L.. Morrioon, 111. Hog ringer. 
2.525.75;), Oct. 17. 

Austin. Donald D.. Sr.. assignor to Nation Broach & 
Machine Company. Detroit. Mich. Finishing electric 
rotors. 2.497.023. Feb. 7. 

Austin. Ihvight E., assignor to Samuel Moore & Company. 
Kent. Ohio. Connector. 2,496.032. Jan. 31. 

Austin. Dwight E.. Kent. Ohio. Axlallv engaging fluid 
pressure brake. 2,522,809. Sept. 19. 

Austin, Ellsworth W., assignor to La Plant-Choate Manu- 
facturing (^o., Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Earth mover. 
2.529,124, Nov. 7. 

Austin. Elmer Dale. Umatilla. Fla. Bagging machine with 
trough leading to an apertured rotatable plate having 
bag spreading means. 2,523,673, Sept. 26. 

Austin, Frank. Long Beach, Calif. Wire line cutter. 
2.495.953, Jan. 31. 

Austin, George F.. and D. G. Wood, Birmingham. England. 
Apparatus of the reriprocatlng piston tvpe for d<liver- 
Ing fluids. 2, .504,945, Apr. 18.- 

874049— P 3 ' 

-Austin. James O., Bluelleld, Va. Babv bottle container. 
2.500,786, Mar. 14 

Austin, Kirby B., Bridgeport, Conn., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Remote control receiver. 2,495.916. 
Jan. 31. 

Austin. Klrbv B., Tuckahoe, assignor to Eastman Kodak 
Company, kochester, N. Y. Illumination control mount- 
ing means for photographic printing apparatus. 
2.a 14.595. July 11. 

Austin. Marcello R.. Kalamazoo. Mich. Bracket for at- 
taching electrical fixtures and conduit and other con- 
duits to roof and floor decking. 2.518.515, Aug. 15. 

Au.stin, Merritt B., Jr., Keuilworth. 111. Poriabh- tray 
stand. 2,520.450. Aug, 29. 

Austin Motor Company Limited, The, assignee: See — 
Haefeli, Julius C 

Austin, Paul G.. Pasadena, assignor to Acme Appliance 
Mfg, Co.. Los Angeles, Calif. Sliding door mounting. 
2,523.935, Sept. 26. 

Austin, Thomas .1., assignee : See — 
Frltscher, Frank. 

Austlid, Arnljot. Oslo, Norway. Sewing nuidilne. 
2,497.651. Feb. 14. 

Austlid, Arnljot. Oslo. Norway. Thread tightening device 
for sewing machines. 2,501.S07. Mar. 28. 

Austlid, Arnljot, Oslo, Norway, Stitch-length control. 
2,525.578. Oct. 10. 

.Austrin. Alice: See — 

Auslrin, Valentin and A. 

Austrin, Valentin, and A.. New York. .\. Y. Safety 
L'uard for ear ornannnts. 2.525.195, Oct. 10. 

Auten. Jay C. Royal Oak, assignor to Chrysler Corpora- 
tion, Highland Park, Mich. Vehicle control. 2.523.491, 
Sept 26. 

.Auten, Robert W., Jenkintown, assignor to Rohm & Haas 
Company, Philadelphia. Pa. Dihvdrazlde-formaldehyde 
resins. •2.509,183. Mav 23. 

Autenrleth. Elsa C, Phoenix, Ariz. Safety pin. 2,503,087, 
Apr. 4. 

Auth, Robert : See — 

Yoder, Joe, and Auth. 

Auto Arc- Weld Manufacturing Company, The, assignee : 
See — 

Knight, Floyd C, and Cornell. 

.Auto Sun Products ("ompany. The, assignee: See — 

Ilaefner, William C. 
.Auto Appliance Patents Co., The, assignee: See — 

Clark, Joel P.. 

-Vuto City Plating Co.. assignee : See — 

Cissin. Anthony F. 
Auto Radiator Specialty Co., assignee : See — 

Goldberg. Harry A. 
.Auto Specialties M.inufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Lucker. Mill.trd B. | 

.Mueller. Joseph J 
Auto-Bye Company, assignee: Se« — 

Reinholz. William H. . 
Autocrat In<'.. assigii(>e : See — 

Chakirls. Demetrius G. ' 

Auto-Diesel Piston Ring Company, assignee : See — 

Heinrlch, August H. 

.Autogiro Company of America, assignee : See — 

Pitcalrn. Handd F. 

PulUn. Cyril G.. and Watson. 
Autogra[)hic I{e;,'istor Company, assignee : See — 

Guilbert. Frank N. 

.Nutomatie Controls Corporation, assignee: See — 

Haiuh. Rich.ird A. 
.Automatic Devices Corporation, assignee: See — 

Jackson. Alfred F. 

Thibault. Joseph O. 
Automatic Electric Laboratories. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Baker, (ieorge T 

and Wood 

Balzer, Harvev W 
Bartelink. Everhard H. 
Bloomenthal. Sidney. 
Burgener. Karl L. 
Burns. George A. 
Clement. Milton A. 
Creech. Ilasell E 
Dewar. Jiunes R. 
I)imnier. Robert P. 
Ffolliott, Charles F. 
Graybill, Kenneth W 
Giaybill, Kenneth W. 
Hadfield, Bertram M 
Herrick. Roswell H. 
Jones, Rov W. 
Kent. Joseph W. 
Kessler, Frank. 
Ixjmax, Clarance E. 
Marble. Clarence 
McCreary, Harold J. 
Milboiicb. Harry, Gr'' 
Molnar, Imre 
Montanl. Angelo. 
Newstedt. Harry N 
No\ y, Rich an} .1 
Ob.-ftrfell. Herbert F. 
Ostline, John E. 
Pearce, Owen A., and Baker. 

and Sengebusch. 

ty. and Comfort. 




Aii:i)niari( Klf-rric uraturies, Inc., assignee: See — 

i'fterson. Edwanl 8. 

I'ye, Harold <'. 

havillt'. Willi.' and R..8«»hy. 

Savllle, Willie, and Wllliaiiit) , 

Sboopman. Hertr;u:i H. 

Stehllk, Itudol^ii I-- 

Stonor. Charlt's U 1'. 

Tavlor, lit-Kinald. ind I!:ik'T. , I 

Turn»'>. 'r.f\(»r 11. 

Vo88. John H. 

Vuss .lotiii H . and Jones. 

VS .cks. John. 

\\ i( k.-i, John, and < i :und.-<taCf. 

\V ! U"i''lr!r ];. 

Woodland, ("ril li. 

\\ iKidniiT. .Mhrrt K., and Riobe. 
Autuinatu' I... (kin:; Hevlces, Incorporated, assignee: See — 

Sprara^fD. Louis. 
Autoiatic Ma;.'T;.'ti' A^'itators Lltd., assignee: See — 

Oknlitch, *,*'nv^- .1,, and Zoziilin. 
Autoiiiai;i' l'r.n!ll(.•^.s <'(inipan.v. assiuni'e: See — 

Aii;;ht'v. ('lanm'*' I. . and .\Ic< 'a:t.v. i 

r.ifrni.tnn, William A. 

Bierinann, William A., and McCarty. 

r.;.: ; .i.m W ilii ;n .V , and Rack. 

r l\^ • l.-k V. \'l:M-nOU Ik. 

I'aw. 1-ky. Vernon R.. McCarty, Bicrniann. and Dulak. 
Aufoinatic I'linip & Soft'ni.'r Corporation, assignee: 
See- - 

Whitlork. Itobtrr A., Jr., and Dymond. 
Automatic Shif'ffrs, Inc., a.';;nee : .Sec — 

AyiTS. l»avid T., Jr. 

Ingres, JcTiiiiMr (;. 

Tnirro>s, ,). ,1 !ini't I ; a r.i' H;M 
".\utnmaric" Sprinkler Corporation of America, assignee: 

Rid.r. Harry N. 
Autiini.itic .S-,'.-l rroduct.-*. Inc. as.-d;;nf-e ; S'C — 

Zinirn.rniann. Hann J. 
Automatic Switch Company, assignee: See — 

Hurlburt. Wilbur F. 
.Vurcin.irc I'M.' < 1).. Inc., a.sslgnee : See — 

\\ I, ( ■!. rl.- !' 

AutoniaMc Telephone & Electric Company Limited, 
as.-iU'nHH : .sv. - 

Raker. <;nor>.'e T. 

F'v.Ip' ! n. F.iiianiifl. 

Woodland. Cecil R. 
Autiiiriii'c I'l nipfiat ir.' Control Co., Inc.. assignee: See — 

Mac(?eort;f. William D. 

KnessliT, Ch.arles E., Jr. 

Termni, T"se<) B. I)., and <"annon. 
Automatic Totali.-^aTors Limited, a.^sipnce : See — 

Both. Edward T 

.1 alius, .\ wdi y F and i i .\. 
Automaric Truck Leader Corporation, assignee: See — 

Goodman, .Jos'^ph F. 
Automatic Wa-^h.T ('. :■ pany, as.vigiiee : See — 

Emmert, Cl.iyton I"., and Stouder. 
Autom.itir V-R.iy < "orporation, assignee: See — [ 

Roop. Ilirold D. ■ 

Auton:ntiv.' MiifTlers, Inc., assignoe : See — 

''arl.*on. Thomas A. 
Autoiuotlvo I'rodtii'tH Company Limited, assignee: See — 

Clench. Edward C. S 

Saint, Ivor H C 

Smith. William P.. and Wllks 

Thornhlll, I'e-er W 
Autonhon Aktience.sell.schaft, assignee: See — 

I.fln.'. Fr:'7. > 

Tschuml, Otto. 

Autopoint Company, assignee : See — * . i 

Bauer. Hans A. •'^trom. (;arfi-dd L. 

Auto-Soler Company. The, a.«;slgnec : See — - ' | 

Wright, John C, , Toney, Watkins, and Sudan. 

Auto Tyre .Services Limited. assi;:neo: See — 
K.nt. Jrn H, F. 

.\utoyre Criipany, Th.\ as.-ignee: See — 

Sanfio-ii, Roy s 

Autoyre Company, Incorporat.-d, The, assignee: See — 
Sanfnrd., Roy S. 
.■<imp?-o:i, I'aul F. 
Avakian. Soiiren : See — 

Martin. Cu.'itav J., and Avakian. | 

Avakian, Sour^n, (Ireland, and (L J. Martin, assignors to 
The National Pruc Comp.any, Philadelphia, Pa. Beta- 
(L'-ben-.^othienyl)-a!pha-amino propionic acid and salts 
2,517,82»'., Auir. 8. 

Avary. Josephine T., San Idego. Calif, (larm.-nt fastener 
2,5(H),r)()t), Nhir. \l 

Avco Mannfa'tufinc t'orpo-ari'in. as>!.,-nee: See — 
Bass, Harland A. 
Benson. Fialph L. 
r.rig--^, .\rthur T. 
r.'issa rd, JimimTv .1. IL 
Carpenter. John H. 

Cohen, Jeffrey S. | i 

David.soii, A. ' 

I'avis. Dwlllard J. 


Avco Manufacturing ("orporation, assignee: See — Con. 
Edelsohn, Charles R. 
Fox^ William F. 

Hoffman, Samuel K. and Camlnez. 
Hoist. Paul F. a. 
Klljfour, Charles E. 
Norrlsh, John W. 

Norrlsh, John W., and Nave. , 

Reld, John D. I 

Shea, Frank M. 
Snow, Adolph, J. 

Synck, Adolph J., and Vutz. 
Vufz, Wilherm. 

to Tldlaps 

Vutz, Wllhehn. and Bruggeman. 
Avediklan. Diran G. : See— 

.\\ediklan, Soiiren Z. and I>. <i. 
Avedikian, Souren Zt. and D. G., assignors 

Corporation of America, Larchmont. N. Y 

calendar. 2,532.984. Dec. 5. 
Avenla. Thomas, New York. N. Y. Bicycle fork fixture. 

2,530,500. Nov. 21. 
Avepn, Fitzhugh L., assignor to RosefleM I'ackii!:: i om- 

pany, Ltd., Alameda, Calif. Man Uai turiug htalili/.ed 

nut butters. 2.504,1120, Apr. 18. 
Averlll. Charles C. : See — 

Emlgholz, Lawrence F., and Averlll. 
Averin, Vl.idimir, New York, N, Y. Power transmission. 

2..-.(»l..'{01. Mar. 21. 
Avery. B. F., & Sons Company, assignee : See — 

Preislng, William J., and Bynum. 
Avery. Curt M., Pittsburgh, assignor to Westlnghouse 

Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. I>ynamo 

field control by unsaturated reactors. 2,519,339, Aug. 

Avery. Harold T.. Oakland. Calif. Sustaining rotor for 

rotating wing aircraft. 2,520,2(58, Aug. 2'J. 
Avery, Harold T., Oakland, Calif. Balancing means for 

rotating wing. 2,531.598, Nov. 28. 
Avery, Laurence P., East Brldgewater. Mass 

for holding brads. 2.505,874, May 2. 
Avery, Mildred G. : See — 

Avery. Thaddeus C. and M. G, 
Avery. Robert C. : See — 

Adam Armand O.. Jr., and .\verv. 
Avery, Robert C, Jackson Heights, N. Y.. 

American Teleplione and Telegaph Company 

switching system. 2,533.342, Dec. 12. 
Avery, Thaddeus C. and M. G., Anaconda, Mont. Ap- 
paratus for teaching of typewriting. 2.500,507, 

Mar. 14. 
Aves, Fred J., Beverly Hills, assignor lo V M.nrco. Log 

Angeles. Calif. Iron cord guide. 2,510.0.")."), June 6. 
Avey Drilling Machine Company, The, assignee: See — 

McKee. (Jeorge K. 
Aviation Research and Development 

signee : See — 
Raspet. August. 
Avil, Gordon : See— 

Seitz. John F., and Avil. 
Avlla, Frank W,, Columbus City 

national Harvester Company. 

for vehicles. 2.496,428, Feb. 7. 
Avondoglio, Leo, Verona, N. J 

At tai'tunent 

assignor to 


Corporation, as- 

assignor to Inter- 
suspension system 

assignor to Cnrtlss- 
Wrlght Corporation. Rotatable seal for rowlinirs. 
2..'>22 08.*^. Sent. 12. 

Avrll, Arthur C, Cincinnati, Ohio. Apparatus for pro- 
portioning and mixing materials. 2.5.T0.501. Nov. 21. 

Ax, Eriok L.. and J. A. Jackson, Pitfslmrith, Pa. Reel 
mandrel bushing latch for barbed wire machines. 
2.521.321. Sept. 5. 

Axe. William N. : See- 
Wagner, Cary R.. and Axe. 

Axe, William N., Dewey, Okla , assignor to Phillips Petro- 
leum Company. Deoxygenatiou of hydrocarbons. 
2,523,549, Sept. 26. 

Axelagaie Corporation, assignee: See — 

Axelrod, >Iaurlce. 
Axelrad, Bernard A. : See — 

Mclver, DeWltt T., and Lee. and Axelrnd. 
Axelrod, Bernard, Perth Amhov, N. J. Embedding dis- 
play sheets in plastics. 2,500.598. Mar. 14. 
Axelrod. Maurice. Cleveland, assignor to Axelagate Corpo- 
ration. Dayton. Ohio. Screening paste. 2,520.992. 
Sept. 5. 

Axelsen. Howard C, assignor to Ideal TndustrieR inc, 

Sycamore, 111. Wire stripper. 2,52.'?,9,'?'). May 26 
Axelson. Eskil A. A., and C. A. Lfiferen, assign irs to 

Svenska Maskinaktiebolaget GreifT Sto<kholm, Swed.n. 

Paint pressure box with heat exchanger. 2,499.447, 

Mar. 7. 
Axelson. Eskil A. A., and C. A. 

Svenska Masklnaktieholacet Gr* 

Heat exchanger. 2,499,448, Mar. 

Axla Fans Limited, assignee : See— 
Akester, Joseph C, and Wylie. 

Axler, Samuel E., Denver. Colo, 
ments. 2.525,060, Oct. 10. 

Axlrod, Edward L, deceased, bv E. S. Axlrod. admiids- 
tratrlx. Miami. Fla. Rolled edge securing means. 
2,527.903, Oct. 31. 

Axlrod. Evelvn S., administratrix : See — 
Axlrod, Edward L 

I-ofgren, assignors to 
iff, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Waistband for gar- 


Axsilter, Sven G. C. : See — 

AngerOy, Erik A., Carlsson, and Blom. 

Axtell, WUlard G., Arsenal, aiid G. H. Todd, Pine Bluff, 
Ark. Bumh salvage. 2,510,056, June ti. 

Axiell, Wiilard G., Los Angeles, Calil., and G, II, Todd, 
Pine Bliilf, Ark. Bomb dismantling apparatus. 
2,512,597, June 27. 

Aycock, Walter F,, El Centro, assignor, by mesae assign- 
ments to Tank Fertilizer, Inc., Brawley, Calll. Intio- 
ducing liquid fertilizer into irrigation streams. 2,492,944, 
Jan. a. 

Aye, Francis P., Glendale, Calif. Fishhook remover. 
2,51 9, UDN, Aug. 15. 

Ayers, Aliyn L., Oakland, Calif., assignor to R. B. and 
E. L. l.nsminger, as joint tenants. Wheel and wheel 
mounting, 2.496,615, Feb. 7. 

Ayers, Aivin U. : isee — 

Longwell, i'aul A., Ayers, and Sage. 

Ayers. iiavid T., Jr. : See — 

ingrt s, Jeanuot G., and Ayers. 

Ayers, David T., Jr., assignor to Automatic Shifters, Inc., 
Uicbiuond, Va. Door locking system. 2,506,851, May 9. 

Ayers, Fred L., Waltiiam, Mass. Shoe and making the 
same. 2,52U,o01, Aug. 29. 

Ayers, George E., deceased, Houston, Tex. ; L. .M. Ayers, 
eiecutrix of said G. E. Ayers. Lawn trimmer. 
2,512.132, June 20. 

Ayers, (ieorge W., Chicago, 111., and E. E. Harton, Laramie, 
W> o , a>>...'iiors to The Pure Oil Company, Chicago, 111. 
Swtvteiiing gasoline. 2,529.670, Nov. 14. 

.•\yers, H.irry iJ., ."Syracuse, N. Y. Air supply control for 
can lilliiii.' machines. 2,525,851. Oct. IT. 

.\yers, Joseph W., Easton, Pa., assignor to Agrashell, Inc., 
Los .\ngeles, Calif. Organic fillers and extenders and 
producing the same. 2,5u7,4G5, May 9. 

Aj^TS, Leon L., La Crosse, v\ is. Fishhook. 2,501,753. 28. 

Ayers, Lydia M., executrix: See — 
Ayers, c;eorge E. 

Ayers, Robert C. : See — 

lllanton, William B., and Ayers. 

Ayers, Silas W., Tacoma, Wash. Grajiefruit knife. 
2,520,082, Aug. 22. 

•Vyer.-;, \\ illi.iiu J. : See — 

lievol, Lee T.. and Ayers. 

Ayerst, McKenna & Harrison, Limited, assignee : See — 
Grant, Gordon A., Glen, and Barber. 
Giant, (joidon A., and von Seemann. 

Aylen, John F., London, England. Machine for the manu- 
facture of contact springs and like parts. 2,502,695, 
Apr, 4. 

Ayo, Jackson J,, Elizabeth, and 1'. J. Gujewskl, Linden, 
N. J., assignors to General Aniline & Film Corporation, 
New York, N. Y. Purification of alkyl phenola. 
2.529,209, Nov. 7. 

Ayres, Charles E., I'hillips. Tex., assignor to Phillips I'etro- 
leum Company. Apparatus for washing oils with an 
immiscible wash liquid. 2,531,547, Nov. 28. 

Ayres, Reginald J. : See — 

Stuart, Raymond H., and Ayres 

Ayros. Robert F. : See — 

Dodd. Sidney R., and Ayres. 

Ayres, Waldemar A., Kew Gardens Hills, assignor to In- 
ternational Business Machines Corporation, New York, 
N. Y, Record card. 2,493,847, Jan. 10. 

Ayres, Waldemar A.. Kew Gardens Hills, assignor to In- 
ternational Business Machines Corporation New York 
N. Y. Record card. 2.493,848, Jan. 10. 

Ayres, Waldemar A., Kew (iardens Hills, N. Y".. a.sslgnor 
to The Sperry Corporation. Obstacle avoidance svstem. 
2 !!»!' .'!}•». 7 

x\yres, Waldemar A,, Kew Gardens Hills, N. Y,, assignor 
to The Spt-rry Corporation. Radio object poMiion Indi- 
cator using colors for distance iudication. 2,508.358, 
M.ay 2;;. . 

Ayres, Waldemar A., Kew Gardens Hills, N. Y., assignor 
to the Sperry Corporation. Synthesized stereoscopic 
vision. 2,514,828, July 11. 

Ayrt-.s, Waldemar A., Kew Gardens Hills, R. L. Wathen, 
Htnipstead, and G. H. Lee, Garden City, N. Y., assign- 
ors to The Sperry Corporation. Air speed indicating 
system. 2,524,747. Oct. 10. 

Ayton, George R. : See — 

Plunney. John A., Page, and Ayton. 

Azbe Corporation, assignee : See — 
Azbe, Victor J. 

Azbe, Victor J , Webster (iroves, assignor to Azbe Cor- 
poration, Clayton. Mo. Kiln. 2,532,077. Nov. 28. 
B. B. (Tliemlcal Co.. assignee : See — 

Mitchell. Itoheit W. 

W hitelepg, Rudoljih F. 

B. H. Sales Company, assignee: See— 
Stearns. Frank H. 

B. M C. Manufacturing Corp., asslgne* : See — 

Albrecht. Donald R. 

W.ird, Vincent S.. and Hurlbut, 

B A M Metal Products Corp., assignee : See — 
M'^Closkpy. peter W. 

B 4 R Manuf.acturing Company. The, a.<ssignee ; See — 
I'evington. Julius J,, Jr,, and Boros. 

B & W Manufacturing Company: See — 
K'rby. Harmon C. 


Baade, Henry, Cleveland, Ohio, assignor of one-fouriii 
to L. L. Jaskey, one-fourth to H. o. iLander aad one- 
fourth to P. Kuehl. Operating collapsible vehicle 
tops. 2,509,623. May 30. 

Baadte, John J., Youugstown, assignor to The Standard 
Oil Company Cleveland. Ohio. Testing fuel pvrf^rm- 
ance. 2,521,322, Sept. 5. 

I'.aar, Peter, and A. J. Boeve, Sr., Holland, Mich. Ship- 
ping case. 2,512,819, June 27. 

I'.aash Robs Tool Company, assignee: Se-e — 
Johnson, Glenn D. 
La;jL-.-tair, ciiuion A., and Bronzan. 

Bubaian, Hairabed E. A,, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. To- 
bacco pouch, 2,501,463, Mar. 21. 

BabEyan, Vigen K., Teaneck, N. J., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Pierce Laboratory, Inc., New York, .\. Y. 
Chlorinated acrylic esters. 2, oil, 424, June 13. 

Babbitt, Bethel J., Riverside, and G. R. Simmons, Chicago, 
111., assignors to Western Electric Company, Incor- 
porated. New York. N. Y. Spacer or mold surface for 
the vulcanization of rubber. 2,501,859, Mar. 2h. 

Babbs. Cyrus H. : See — 

Lawrence. Nathaniel Q., (Germany, and Babbs. 

Babbs, Cyrus H., assignor to Pye Limited, Cambridge, 
England. Cathode ray device. 2,500,623, Mar. 14. 

Babcock, CHara H , assignee: Bee — 
Babcock. Verner E. 

Babcock, George C, Westminster, Md. Sink mat. 
2,507,877, May 16. 

Babcock, Glen E., and A. K. Smith, Peoria, 111., assignors 
to the United States of America as represented bv the 
Secretary of Agriculture. Cold-setting resonlnol" glue 
composiilon and preparation, 2,404,537, Jan 17. 

Babcock, Glenn A., Hohoku*, N. J., assignor to Talon Inc. 
Slide fastener. 2,519,012, Aug. 15. 

Babcock, Gordon M. : See — 

Rethwisch, Francis B.. and Babcock. 

Babcock, Havilah, Jr., Columbia, S C. aHlgnor to Babcock 
Honey Company. Ventilated. Insulated cover for bee- 
hives. 2,530,801. Nov. 21. 

Babcock Honey Company, assignee: See — 
Babcock, Havilah, Jr. 

Babcock, Lloyd L.. Compton, and J. D. Spalding, Los 
Angeles. Calif., assignors to The .National Supplv Com- 
pany. I'iltsburgh. Pa. Electric tilting furnace. 
2.528.571. Nov. 7. 

Babcock, Perez R., assignee : See — 
Largnnt. Edward W. 

Babcock, Roger S. : See — 

Bueknam, James H., and Babcock. 

Babcock, Roger s^ Plainheld. .N. J., assignor to The Llnde 
Air Products Company. Pierce severing. 2,517 622 
Aug. 8. 

Babcock, Roger S., Plainfleld, N. J., assignor to The Llnde 
Air Products Company. Method of and apparatus for 
highspeed, high-pressure oxygen cutting of metals. 
2,521,199. Sept. 5. 

Babcock, Verner E., assignor to C. H. Babcock, Oak 

Harbor. Ohio. Safety pin. 2.505,875, May 2. 
Babcolck & Wiicox Company, The, assignee : See — 

Armstrong, Frank W.. Jr. 

Bailey, Erviu {,.. and Hardgrove. 

Carlson. Walter B. 

Carpenter, Otis R., and Armstrong. 

Carpenter, Otis R., Hannett. and Rasmusen. 

Carpenter, Otis R., and Jessen. 

Ebbets, George D. 

Evans. Richard H. 

Harter, Isaac. 

Hermandorier. Arthur W. 

Jacobs, John H. 

Koolstra. Lambert. 

Leigh, Richard S. 

Maxwell. Carl A. 

.Norion. (iiari.s L.. Jr., and Duplin. 

Rasinusen. Reldar P. C. 

Rayiior, Arthur E. 

Rekettye, I»aul, and Maxwell. 

Rowand. Will H. 

Selnlck. Eugene H. 

Sherban. Daniel V. 

Babcock & Wilcox Tube Company, The, assignee : See 

Harter, Isaac, Jr., and Evans. 

Newell, Harold D. 

Olzak. Zigmont E. 
Babee-Tenda License Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Puis, Alfred E. 

Baber, William W., Albemarle County. Va. I \panslon 
closure device. 2.525.994. <tct. 17, 

Babicz, George, Chicago, 111. Attachment for ink rollers 

and printing machines. 2,516,941. Aug. 1. 
Babin. Francois, assignor to L<a Radio- Industrie Paris 

France. Tuning device for true antennas. 2,515,436* 

July 18. 

Babin, Joseph. Lutcher, assignor of one-third to C E 
Bassett. Baton Rouge, La. Separable rim. 2,496 256 
Feb. 7 ' 

Bablts. Louis. B. Flshman. and S. Pagenkopf, Brooklyn 
N. Y. Coin controlled game table. 2,499,559, Mar. 7. 

Babler, Egon B., Brighton. England. Mercury switch. 
2,506,763. May 9. 


INDEX OF PATKNTS. 1 !♦.-,( l 



!'.:iNi">!i Bros. <'<>., asMi^ni-e : See — 
I'.abson, Hfnry H. 
ItuhMoii, Henry B., Riid Thomas. 

i;..h.T. i,..uis i: 
SchillinK, Lorell J. 

1 liOIIiMS. Ctlf-SttT A. 

Bal>"i], Ilenrv B.. Chicago, and C. A. Thomas, Crystal 
I.ak»- 111.. assl(,'iior8 tn babson Bros. Co. Milker infla- 
tion .iJi.l sh*-ll. 2,r,0_',3f,J, Mar. '2H. 

H,il)-..n Honiy B., Chicago, 111., a8.'<!gnor to Babson Bros. 
(■■.. I, ,isk>'t for milkers. L',r.02,.3R3, Mar. 2h. 

r.itison, Hobert D., ami M. Tishler. asslRnors to Merck 
.^c <'o.. Inc., itahway. N. J. Selective carbon ailsorpilon 
of liiipiiritle.^ from acidic streptomycin solutions. 
•J. .'il' 1,770 Sent. 12. 

Bac, Ferniri'i C Paris, France. Klectric connecting de- 
vict'. 2..'iou.i; i'., I '<■«'. 12. 

r.acia. ( naries K., .Mount Wasliiiinton. Oliio. Master 
cylinder tor hvdraiilic brakes. 2.520.720, n«t. 24. 

Hacca, ('h.arl'S II.. .New Hichmond, Oliio. Ma.-^t.-r cy!- 
indiT with ayxiliary cylinder and floatin»j piston. 
2,". J'; ~ -'. ' '' • - ' 

BaVh. H-nrv M . I..iwr. !i<.'. as-i_-!inr f . I'reniier Crystal 
I.ahoratoi ios. hicorporat'tl. -Nfw York .N' Y. Tempera 
nir>- r'-sjioiisiN e pirz^ielcctric crystal oscillator. 
2 ,4Mf,.!i7.''.. l-'.'b. 7. 

Bai !i. Flftirv .\1., Woodmere. a.ssiKnor to I'render Crystal 
Laboratofie.s. Incorporated. New York, N. Y. Mutiband 
KuptTheterodvne radio icctiver having a push-button 
station s^dcrfi.r. 2..".ni.r.'Jl. Mar. 21. 

Bafh. Ilenrv M.. Woodmere. assignor to Premier Crystal, lin'orpor.ited. -New York, N. Y. Oscillator 
pfqiifiii y contrid. 2..">2(» s2l!. .A tic 2!». 

Bafh, Henry M., Woodmere. assignor to Premier Crystal 
Lai)ornti>rl''.s. Incorporattnl. New York. N. Y. ^Iulti- 
hand Huperlieterodyne radio receiver having a push- 
button sraMon selector. 2,.")2U,4 4.3, Nov. 7. 

Barh. N- lis P , Geneva, a^siiinor to American Can Com- 
pany. \»'w Y.rk, N. Y. Casi'ig door operator. 2,529,478, 
Nov. 1 4. 

P.ach. Walter H.. HoHyw"od. Calif. View finder for 
cameras 2 .".Ot;.7i; }, May '.i 

Bach, W.alt'T II , assignor tu P.erndt Bach, Incorporated, 
Los .AiiL-eh'S. ("alif. Film j;afe havlnj; projecting pre.s- 
hiire reciviniT elrments. 2.;)0G,7*)5, May 9. 

Rich. Walter 11., Hollywood, Calif. Photographic sound 
ri'-ordinc system. 2,51 .S, 74,"^. Ans- 15. 

Bach.dder, Albert J., Lexineton, assignor tn P.darold Cor- 
poration, ('ambridu'e. Mass. Cani'ra e<iuil'P*'d with 
shf et-severing anil tab forming mechanism. 2,.")10,306, 
June 6. 
•■ Bach'ldor, William, Wood River, assignor, by mesne 
assi^nmonts, to Illinois Stoker Company, Alton, 111. 
Vihratinc device for dumpinec loaded vehicles'. 
2 .'07.74:) M IV ir; 

Bacheler, Albert T., Wllkinshuri:. and T. M. Greer, Pitts- 
biirch. nssiunors to WestiiiLrhoiise i:iectric Corporation. 
Fast Pittstnirirh. P.i. Control svsteni for rewinder reel 
dr;\ »'«. 2 510 21 =5 \uc 1 ~ 

Bachelft. .Vlbert F... assignor to Bell Telephone Labora- 
tor'es. Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Selective signal- 
ing svst.'m 2..')03.371. .Apr. 11. 

P.ath'lier, "li" 1'., tilend.ile. assignor to "Pump-It" 
Incorporated. Los Anpeles, Calif. Catchup dispenser. 
2 .'.21,901. Sept 12 

Bachin. Peter. <'hicaco, li! I'hv-^lcal therapeutic table. 
2 .500 50«, M:!r 14 

Bachli. Herman, and H S. Shapiro, assignors to Chicago 
Sperliltv Mf_' Co Inc. Chicago, HI. Water closet 
tank covr. 2,5ntV4'^0, Muy 2. 

r?a'dill, Ht-rnian. and H. S. Shapiro, assignors to Chicago 
SD^'clalrv Mfg Co. Inc., Chicago. 111. Handle. 
2.5.35 :',>i2 I>.-c 2G 

Bachnian. Fred V. : .'^»-'' - 

S.'hlegol. Wa!t"r L.. Jr . and B.uhman. 
Tank. Carl K.. and B.ichinan. 

Bachnia::. Fri'd K. .issiirnor to American Steel Foundries, 
Chirago. 111. Shock strut. 2..5ir).r,r,7, .Inly 25. 

Ba<'hm;in. Fred E . assignor to .\merican "Steel Foundries. 
Chicago, 111. Shock absorber. 2.527.980. Oct. 31. 

I'.achman. Gnstave P, . La Fayette, Ind.. and G. H. Stempel. 
•Tr.. Pittsburgh. Pa.; saiil P.acliman assignor to Purdue 
Hesearcli Foiimlation. La F.iyette, Ind.. and said Stem- 
pel, ,Tr.. assignor to The General Tire & Rubber Com- 
I>any, Akron. Ohio. Copolymers of but.idiene and nu- 
clear substituted poly-halo-alpha-methylstyrene. 2,522,- 
0«1, Sept. 10. 

Bachman, Lester E., assignor of one-half to M. G. Bach- South Ozone Park, N. Y. Self-cleaning rake. 
2.494.15 1. Ian. 10. 

r.acli'iMii. .Mary G.,. assignee : '.Sec — 
Bachman. Loater K. 

F.n'hiiiin. William S.. Fairfield, Conn., assignor to General 
Flpctric Company.,. Permeability tuned receiver circuits. 
2,505.516. Apr. 25. 

P.arhin.'in. W' S., Fairfield. Conn., assignor to General 
KlHi'tric Ciuupanv. Peniieabillty tuned loop antenna 
circuit. 2.5n.''«2. .Tune 13. 

Bachman. William S., Southport, Conn.^ assignor to Gen- 
^eral Kleetric Company. Magnetic phonograph pickup 
2.5ll,r,c,.'',, .Tune 13. 

I'.acht;nn. William S , Southport. Conn., assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Phonograph pickup. 2,511,664, 
.Tune 13. 

liachmann, Albert K , assignor to Collins Radio Com- 
pany, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Fre<iuency Indicating and 
counting arrangement. 2, .^09, 952, May 30. 

Bachmann. John F. : 8ic — 

Lewis, Robert V.. ami Bachmann. 

Bachmann, John F.. Nutley, N. J., assignor to Federal 
Telephone and Radio Corporation. New York, N. Y. 
.Monitoring circuit. 2,49*1.2.59, Feb. 7. 

Pachrach. Sellk, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Torch Igniter. 
2.49«,257. Feb. 7. 

Bacica, .Miles T., Houston, Tex. Garment hanger. 
2. 522. .595, .Sept. 19. 

Back. Alt xaiider E. : See — 
Itavitz, Sol F.. and Back. 

Back, Cllflrunl O.. SaJTord, Ariz. Rodent trap. 2,501,490, 
.Mar. 21 

Back. Frank G., New York, and !I. I.owen Forest Hills. 
N Y., said Lowen assignor to said Back. Lens for 
motloh-plct jre cameras. 2.535,115. I>.c. 2i). 

Batk. l.euiiaiil, illddbiown. uiuo, assignor to The Inter- 
stJite F'liiitig Box Company. Sealing method for car- 
.oti» •_ ' . 4 u:;2. < »i t .3 

BacK, Raymond R.. I.,ondon, Englan<l, asii:iior to Inter- 
national Standard Electric Corporation. Ntw York, 
N. Y. Activated cathode for electron discharge devices. 
2,523,2«9. Sept. 20. 

Backer, Lyle A.. I>.'nvilte. and W. H. Happe, Jr., Ruther- 
ford, N. J., a.«signors to Federal Telephone and Radio 
Corporation, New York, N. Y. Cathode assembly. 
2.521,r,82. Sept. 12. 

Backer, Stanley, PrimoB, I'a. Sandblasting. 2,532,655, 
Dec. 5. 

Backer. Willem A. J.. Haarlem, assignor to N \' Neder- 
landsche Vliegtuigenfabriek Fokker, Amsterdam. Neth- 
erlands. Cockpit cover for airplanes. 2.533,548. Dec. 12. 

Backhouse, Headley T., Wentwortli England. Front edge 
detector mechanism. 2.499,125. Feb. 28. 

Backhouse, Headley T., Wcntworth. Eiitrl and. Multiple 
sheet detector mechanism for use with sheet-feeding 
apparatus. 2,517,379, Aug. 1. 

BiickstrOm, Sigurd M.. assignor to .\ktiebolaget Klektrolux, 
Stockholm, Sweden. Refrigeration apparatus. 

2.496.143, Jan. 31. 

Backus. John O., Los Angeles, Calif, assignor to the 
United States of America as representod by the I'nitiM'. 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Vacuum analv/.er. 

2.499.288, Feb. 28. 

Backus, John O., Los Angeles, Calif., assignor to the 
United States of America as represented by the I'nited 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Ion generator. 

2.499.289. Feb. 28. 

Backus, Louis P., Philadelphia. Pa. Automatic control 
for boiler feed pumps. 2,518,654, Autr. 15. 

Backus, Walter M., Jr., and C. W. Jarvis, Silver Spring, 
Md., assignors to the United States of America as repre- 
sented bv the Secretary of thr .Navv. Hvdr.aulic damiier. 
2,532,656, Dec. 5. 

B.icon, Carl H., as.signor to The W'entherhead Company, 
Cleveland, Ohio. Loom check linkage. 2,513,907, 
July 4. 

Bacon, Emma O., Los .\ngeles, Calif. Toy airplane head- 
band. 2,407,527, F>b. 14. 

Bacon. Henry M.. Dayton, Ohio, assignor to The Dayton 
Rubber Company. Wool card rub apron. 2,520,192, 
Aug. 29. 

Bacon Henry M., Dayton, Ohio, assignor to The Dayton 
Rubber Company. Industrial truck tire. 2,525,196, 
Oct. 10. 

Bacon. Kenneth D. : See — 

Voting. Arthur E., and Bacon. 

Bacon, Kenneth D., and A. E. Young, assignors to The 
Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Mich. Ethyl cellu- 
lose-phenol modified coumarone-lnd"n>' lacquer for 
polystyrene. 2,510.851, June 6. 

Bacon, Leslie R., and W. F. Wegst. assignors to Wyan- 
dotte Chemicals Corporation, Wyandotte, Mich. Wash- 
ing glass articles in alkaline solutions. 2,514,304, 
July 4. 

Bacon, Leslie R.. and D. B. Conklin. nssignors to Wyan- 
dotte Chemicals Corporation. Wyandotte. Mich. Com- 
position for inhibiting sap stain. 2,517.070, Aug. 1. 

Bacon, Leslie R., and D. R. Conklin, assignors to Wyan- 
dotte Chemicals Corporation. Wyandotte, Mich In- 
organic composition for inhibiting s.ap .stain. 2.517,958, 
Aug. 8. 

Bacon, Miles M., Jacksonville. Fla. Triple-purpose adapter 
fixture for skates. 2,524,587, Oct. 3. 

Bacon, Osborne C, Pennsgrove. N. J., assignor to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington. Del. 
Aqueous dispersion of gylcol-phthalate adipate. 
2,511,895, June 20. 

Bacon, Ross M. : See — 

Siekmann, Harold J., and Bacon. 

Bacon, Thomas P.. Jr.. Oakland, Calif. Curing tube pro- 
tector. 2,524,156, Oct. 3. 

Bacon. Walter M., assignor to Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Communication system. 
2,495, 683i? Jan. 31. 

Bacon, Walter M.. assignor to P.ell Telephone Laboratories, 
Incorporated, New York. N Y. Intercommunicating 
teletypewriter system. 2. .501, 592, Mar. 21. 




Bacon, Walter M., assignor to Bell Telephone Labora- 
tories, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Enciphering and 
deciphering device tor secret telegiapn syBieuiB 
2,504,621, Apr. 18. 

Bacon. Walter M., New York, and E. F. Watson, Larch 
uiont, assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. In- 
corporated, New York, N. Y. Couimunicatiou Bvsteui 
2.4y5,6i>2. Jan. 31. 

Bacoi, I'lerre A., Le Mans, aasignor to Soclete Immo- 
biiiere i Fiuauciere du Pare (buciete a Responsabilile 
Lliiiltee; Ivry sur-Stine, 1- ranee. I'reparing ooffee ex- 
tract. 2,522,014. Sept. 12. 

Bacus, James L., Pendleton, Greg. Device for cleaning 
radiators. 2,529,756. Nov. 14. 

BaUaiaiueiiti, Carlo, Detroit, Mich, (iarment hanger. 
2,o()i»,7."<4. .May 3U. 

Badenhausen. j"ohu P., Philadelphia, i'a. Steam gen- 
erator. 2,502,637, Apr. 4. 

Badenliausen, jobn P., Philadelphia, Pa. Cross tube 
straddle type oi steam generator jurnacea. 2,oll,Tj4, 
J (me J ... 

Badenoch, Benjamin W., Los Angeles, assignor to Dougla.s 

Aircraft Company. Inc., Santa Monica, Calif. W lug 

high lilt flap device. 2.518,854, Aug. 15. 
Badeuocu, Beujumiu U ., Augeies, Calif. Cooking 

Uevicf. 2.aj.).255, Oci. io. 
Bader, Charles L., and C. C. Stone, Wichita, Kans. I'ants 

stretcher. 2,531,5y9, Nov. 2». 
Bader. Hans, I'alos Heights, assignor of one half to D. J. 

Junes, Chicago, 111. Electricai game board tor salvo 

giUJies. 2,5li:,62U, June 2'i. 
P.adei tscher. Darwin E. : See— 

Uartougli, Howard D., and Badertscher. 
Plank. i_harles J., and Badeiis. Iier. 
Badertscher, Darwin E., and C. F. Feasley, Woodburv, and 

li. (i. Berger, Glen Rock, N. J., assignors to feucouy- 

vacuuui Oil Company, Incorporated. Lubricating oil 

composition. 2,498,863, Feb 28. 

Baderisclier, Darwin E., and "c. F. Feasley, Woodbury, 
ger. Glen Rock. N. J., assignor's to Socony- 

aiid H. G. Berger, , ... „., „ 

Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. Alipliatic trithio- 
caibuiiaies. 2,49^,9a6, Feb. :;.n. 

Badger Carton Co., assignee: See — ' 

Bledsoi". William E.. Jr. 

Badger Meier Manufacturing Company, assignee: .see— 
Abrams, Norman U. 

Badger, Russell 1.. Charleston, S. C. Valve extractor. 

2.507.240. .May 9. 
Badgett. Charles O. : See — 

Woodward, Charles F., and Badgett. 

Badgett, Charles o.. Olenside, and <_. F. Woodward, Ablng- 
tou. Pa., a-ssignors to The United Stales of America as 
represented by the Secretary of Agriculture. Nicotinic 
acid auliydriUe. 2,498,634, Feb. 2s. 

Badg.'ti. Charles 0., Glenside. and C. F. Woodward, Ablug- 
ton. Pa., assignors to the United States ot America as 
representeil by the Secretary of Agriculture. N-cyclo- 
he.\yl nicotinamide. 2.510,945. June 13 

Badgett, Cortelyou O., Yanceyvllle, N. C. Safety signal 
for motor vehicles. 2,506,330, May 2. 

Badovinac, Peter, Cleveland, Ohio. Hat attached posture 
indicator. 2.494,278. J.m. 10. 

Badt, Roy A., Beverly Hills, Calif. Apparatus for form- 
ing concrete slabs. 2.508,635, May 2i5. 

Baecker, Harold P.; &cc 

Waters, Milton V., McDonald, and Baecker. 

Baehr, Herman W., Waupaca, assignor to Eagle Manufac- 
turing Company, Appletou, Wis. Conveyer. 2,493,333, 
Jan. 3. 

Baehr, llerrnan W., Waupaca, assignor to Eagle Manu- 
facturing I'ompany, Appleton, \\ is. Corner guard for 
barn cleaners. 2. .513, 706. July 4. 

Baer, Edward R,, Hamilton. Ontario, Canada. Hoisting 
• lolly truck. 2.521.819, Sept. 12. 

Baer. Georges, Paudex Lausanne, Switzerland, assignor to 
Pignons, S. A., Ballaigues. Reflex camera, including 
mirror guides and resilient stop member. 2,529,757, 
Nov. 14. 

Baer, Martin S., Baytown, Tex., assignor to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Inhibiting the corrosive effect 
of sulfuric acid. 2,513.131. June 27. 

Baer, Massimo, Springfield, Mass., assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis, M.i. Preparation of 
granular polym rlzation products. 2.51 l.KU June ];; 

Baer. Massimo. Springfield. Mass.. assignor to 'Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis. Mo. Sulfonation of poly- 
styrene. 2.533.210, Dec. 12. 

Baer. .Massimo. Springfield Mass. assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Compai.y. St. Louis. JIo. Sulfonating poly- 
Btyrene. 2,533,211. Dec. 12. *> h- .> 

Baer, Walter S. Sr.. YeaJon, Pa. Adjustable garment 
hanger. 2,512,133. June 20. 

Baeyertz, Mary. Chicago, 111., and W. .M. Lindsey, Rumford, 
R. I., assignors to Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation. 
Chromium stainless steels. 2,531,720, Nov. 28. 

Bagby, William IL, Minneapolis, Minn., assignor to 
General -Mills, Inc. Cloth bag cleaner. 2.523,607. Sept 

Baggott. Edmund W., Brooklyn, assignor to Ideal Novelty 

& Toy Co., Hollls. N. Y. Toy animal. 2,510,791", 

June 6. 
Baggott, Edmund W., Brooklyn, assignor to Ideal Noveltv 

& Toy Co., Ilollis. N. Y. Toy revolver. 2,523 087 

Sept. 19. 

Baggott. Edmund W., Brooklyn, assignor to Ideal Novelty 
Ac loj Co., Hollls, N. Y. Toy mowing device. 2,524.249, 
Oct. 3. 
Baggott, Edmund W., Brooklyn, assignor to Ideal No\. its 
<Sc Toy Co., Hollls, xN. i. Combination toy bank and 
music box. 2,551,495, Nov. 28. 
Baghuls, Ludovicus H., Best, Netherlands. Vehicle for 

passenger transport. 2,494,081, Jan. JO. 
Baghuls, Ludovicus H., Utrecht, Netlierlands. Follow up 
and pressure fluid type servo motor. 2,496,369. Feb. 7. 
Baghuls, Ludovicus H., Utreclit, Netherlands. Structur- 
ally reinforced motor bus body. 2,517,272, Aug. 1. 
Kagiey, Ulen D., Lewiston, N. V., assignor, U\ iiieBiie 
assignments, to Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation. 
Higu vacuum Indicator. 2,503,372, Apr. 11. 
Bagley Ac Sewall Company, The, assignee : See — 

i'earsuu. Charles M. 
Baguali, Joseph C, Providence, R. 1., assignor to Swank, 

inc. Cravat holder. 2,509.412, May ao. 
Bagnall, Joseph C, Jr., Attleboro, Mass., nsh.i-nor to 

Swank. Inc. Cravat holder. 2,606,481, May ^. 
Baguaro. dus M., Anaheim, assur. to Chicksau Company, 
isrea. Cam. Bail type swivel connecuun. 2,oiz,uoii, 
June 20. 
Bagnard, tiu.s M., Anaheim, assignor to Chlcksan Com- 
pany, Brea, Calif. Quick detachable swivel joint. 
2,518,443, Aug. 15. 
Bagomatic, Incorporated, assignee; See — 

AlthulT. Raymond. 
Bugoon, Jack M., East Orange, N. J. Tool for the insertion 

of studs. 2,516,2b!5, July 25. 
Bagsar, Aaron B., Drexel Hill, assignor to Sun OH Com- 
pany, Philadelphia, Pa. Pressure relief valve sysiem. 
2,503,187, Apr. 4. 
Bahan, Edward F., administrator : See — 

Bahan William 11. 
Bahan, George F., Greenville, S. C. Thread extracting, 
clamping, and cutting device for looms. 2,529rr58. 
Nov. 14. 
Bahan, W illiam U., deceased, Greenville, S. C. ; E. F. 
Bahtn, administrator. Mounting lor picker sticks in 
looms. 2,495,803, Jan. 31. 
Bahan, William H.. Greenville, 8. C. ; E. F. Bahan, admin- 
istrator of said W. H. Bahan, deceased. Crankshaft 
mounting for looms. 2,499,050, Feb. 2N. 
Bahan. William H., deceased, Greenville, S. C. ; E. F. 
Baiian, administrator. Battery supporting means for 
looms. 2.505,635, Apr. 25. 
B.ihan. William II., decea8e<I, Greenville, S. C. ; E. F. 
Bahan, administrator of said W. H. Bahan. Pressare 
applying means for cloth rolls in looms. 2,519.424. 
Aug. 22. ... 

Bahiier, Larl T.. Jefferson City, Tenn, Beta nitroalkyi sul- 

Hdes antl th<ir preparation. 2.511.961. June 2o 
Bahner, Carl T., Jefferson City. Tenn. (Beta-nitroalkyl) 
amines and production of same. 2,520.104 Aug 22. 
Bahner, Carl T.. Jefferson City, Tenn. (Beta-nitroalkyl) 

amines and producing same. 2,523,337, Sept. 20. 
Banner, carl i.. jeiieisuu city. lenn. lieia-nuroalkyl 

amines ami production of same. 2,527,292, Oct. 24. 
Bahner, Carl T., JetTerson Ciiy. Tenn. 5-ie nitroalkyi 
barbituric acids and salts thereof. 2,527,293, Oct 24 
Bahney, Luther W.. Elizabeth. N. J., and A. H. Horswell, 
Jackson Heights, N. Y., assignors to Scovill Manufac- 
turing Comp.'iny, Waterbury, Conn. Submerged resistor 
induction furnace. 2.494,501, Jan. 10. 
Bahnson, Agnew H., Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C. Air 

cleaner. 2,493.849, Jan. 10. 
Bahnson. Agnew II., Jr., assignor to K. K. B.-.hnson, 
W inston-Salem. .N. C. Spray nozzle. 2.499.084, Feb. 28. 
Bahnson Company. The, assignee : See — 

Marshall. James. 
Bahnson. Fred F., Winston-Salem, N. C. Pin board 

2.497.574, Feb. 14. 
Bahnson. Katherlne K., assignee: See — 

Balinson, .-\gnew H., Jr. 
Bahoosh Samuel, assignee: See — 

Turley, Jerome W. 
Bahr. Giistave F., Fairfield, assignor to The Bead Chain 
Manufacturing Co., Bridgeport, Conn. Double-ended 
terminal. 2.533,987. Dec. 12. 
Bahr. Henry H., assignor to Guaranteed Buff Co., Inc., 

New York, N. Y. Buffing wheel. 2,506,288, May 2. 
Baler. Sydney W., and 1). J .Mac.Vaughton. London. Eng- 
land, assignors to The City Auto Stamping Company, 
Toledo, Oliio. Electroderwsltlon of tin alloys. 
2.511,395. June 13. 
Baierleln, George W., Springfield, Mass., assignor to NHpb- 
Bement-Pond Company. West Hartford. Conn. Delivery 
control for fuel Injector pumps. 2.502,552, Apr. 4. 
Bailey. Alonzo W.. assignor to J. B. Shaver, ('leveland, 

Ohio. Hinge. 2,507,329, .May 9. 
Bailey, Bruee L.. Lewiston, as.signor to (ireit Lakes 
Carbon Corporation, New York. N. Y. Carbon elec- 


527.294. Oct. 24. 

Bailey, Carl 0., Staunton, Va. Article handling derlco. 
2,495,054. Jan, 31. 

Bailey. Christopher E. G., London, England, assignor to 
The Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hart- 
ford. Conn., as trustee. Radio navigational aid. 
2,523.895. Sept. 26. 

Bailey. Dana H.. Delaven, Wis , assignor to John R. R 
Miles Inc., Mlnneapollg, Minn. Acetylene generator 
2.515 168, July 18. 



Sh H)k roll cover. 
Swinging sfosaw. 

Bailey. Dnnald I. , liuffalo. anrl G H. Wagner. Kenmore, 

N. Y.. assignors ro Tht^ Llnde Air Products Company. 

I'roducion of methylchlorosiianes. 2,532,387, Dec. 5. 
Bailpv, Edg:ir L., Hinninghani, assignor to Chrysler 

<'ori>oration, Ifiiriiland I'trk, Micd. Heat-treating ap- 

par.i'us. ^'.^l.^.TTH. July 4. 
Bailpy, Kdgar L.. H;rniinghani, assignor to Chrysler 

(■Mf;.i)rat;on. Ii.ghlaiid I'ark. Mich. Heating apparatus. 

2.51,'? 77'). .Tnly 4, 
Bailey, Edward A : Si >^ — » 

Schulz. Edward L.. t-od BaiU^y. 
BallPV, Edwand V.. Santa 1 aula, ''alif 

2.4!»'J.-}4;(. Mar 7 
Hailrv, I'rMrii>"t ('.. W'ashingron. I>. f. 

•_',.')0!).7!ti;. .Mhv :^<^. 
Bailf^y. F>vin ('•.. Easton. Pa., assignor to The Baboook 

A: Will ox '"oiiipany. Rockleigh. N. -J. Hpat-treafri:ent 

of carljon-CDntaining feed stock. 2.519,340. Aug. 22. 
Ballfv. Irv :i <;.. Kastdti. Pa., and H. M. Hardgrove, Wcst- 

tirdd, is^i^nnrsi to The Babcck & Wilrox ( 'niiip.any, 

Kf)rklf:„'h. X. J. Eluid heating apparatus. 2,509,854, 

May .■{". 
Bailt^y, I'ranris M,. Scdfia. \. Y.. a'^signor to Gener."!] 

KItM'frio Cotiipaiiv i;!.'c' ric (iisrharge device of the 

Indira for typ*-. i'. 51 3.90*^, July 4. 
Ballev FranrJH T.. Pittsburgh, and S L, Hurgwin. Forest 

Hi'l.'^. aspi 'pi>r>-- ti> W«'P'inirhotisf Elfrtric Corporation, Pitt-hurL'h. Pa KettlHter rt^pulator for printing 

presses. 2.50(1.230, .Mar. 14 
Bailcv. Crnnt ('.. Koval n.-.k. Mich,, and J. A. Held,'svi! 

Philli[is Petroleum 
ir iniatic compounde. 

as-;ignor to F. J. 

<>k!a., assignors to 
Conipanv. I'reparati-n of alkvl ; 
2 5i;( ii'.<» Aug. 15. 
P.iilev, If irlt-v 11., Tacomn. Wash P.od for hanging gar- 

iii'Tit-; ill autnmobiles 2.499,5iiO. Mar. 7. 
Bailey. Harry T,, and I.. R. Wldcner, Clarksburg, Calif. 

Wccl tnpper 2.505 OSO. Apr 25 
Bcil.y. Hf'iirv L . i:ii/ab»'th. X. J Crossbow. 2, 500. .'509, 

Mar 14 
Ballt-y Jarnt's, Wfst Har*f"rd. and C. G. Reber, Newington, 
assigrinrs to I'lax Corporat inn. Hartford. Conn. Process 
of and apparatus for nianufa("turing thin wall tubing. 
2,529,897. Xov 14. 
Bailey, John J., assigme : See — 
Harrisdn, Iaig>'nf I. 
H.arriviiti Eii:;>'nf I., and Kilh^y 
Ballev Lawrence H. : SVr - 

Stnk- a Franris J , Jr., and Bailey 
P>ailey. Lawr.nce H., Cheltenham, Pa.. 

Sfdke'; Machine Company. Sifting feeder for powder 
coiiisi-i --s'.iii: nuifhines. 2.531.245. Xov. iM .'."V. Manrici' E, Orchard Park, and J. K. Evans, 
I'uffalo. assignors to Allied Chemical 9c I >ye Corpora- 
tion, Xew York. X, Y. Purifying phthallc anhydride. 
2,510,fi5_\ June 6. 
Hailfy Meter Company, assignee: Sef — 
f'.in-hlfr, <'|. s F. and Paulisont. 
''owan. R''r h T. 
Dh-kpy, Paul S. 
Fellows, Frank H. 
Hornf.M'k. .\nthony J. 
.Inhnsori. ("larpiice. 
Pnw.U, .T.isf'iih P.. and Fulton. 
Rutherford, Victor S.. and English. 
Ba!!<'y. Miles E., Tonawanda. assignor to Remington 
R.'nd Inc.. Buffalo. N. Y. Tabulating card. ?, 507,085, 
May 9 
Bail'v. Ogden T,. : ffre — 

R.aio-;ev Ravinond G., and Bailey, i 
Ballev, Paul J. : Sec — ' 

Kortkamp, Xorman C, Baihy, Trimble. and 


BtilHy. Uuh.rt (J., .assignor of one half to ('. E. Ballard. 

Kenosha, Wis. Distrihu tine d.>vl.-e. 2.504,786. Apr. IP 

BiiU-y, Robert C,.. Kenosha Wis. Distributing device. 

2.504,7^7. Apr. 18. 
I'ailev. Roti.'rr S.. assi:rtior to International Standard 
Ejecr!.' '" irporntion. Xew York, X Y. HiipUx radio 
sv<t..tit 2.49S.(';35. Feb. 2^. 
Bailev. Robert S., a«si-iior to International Standard Elec- 
trie Corporation. Xe.v York, X Y Polvphase cyclotron. 
2,531,3S4. Xov. L'S. 
Bailey, Roy W.. and J, T. Fa nil, assignors to Detroit 
power Screwdriver ('ompanv. Detroit, Mich. Nut run- 
ner. 2,509! 23. May 23. 
P.ail.-y. Hup.rt I!.. Seattle, Wash. Dredge. 2,508.087. 
M,',y Hi 

I'.aiiey, Stanhy M., Rp.'.ding, and S. G. Kellogg, Weston, 
Mass. » omt'inat :on screen and storm window. 
2.508,781, May 2.3. 

Bailey. Theodore, 
2 4";'3 ^;sn. Jan 3 

B.iilev, Theodore, Habana. Cuba < 'ablnet having open- 
sided draw.Ts 2,5or;,Oi.>0. Apr 4. 

Bailey, Walter R,, C.ilgary, .\iberta, Canada, Ilydrau- 
lically operated pump, 2.5()0.ri24, Mar, 14. 

P.ilI'V. William .\., Bronx, X, V. Heating and cooking 
apparatus. 2,507.493, May D".. 

Ballev. William .\.. Xe\v York, X. Y, Portable heater and 
cooker, 2,5:;2,139. Xov, 2S 

Bailey. William M,. Company, assignee; See — 
.Xeely. Eugene M. 

Bail.'v. Wvman H.. Xorfolk. Va Insulated electrical clip. 
2,522.Sin Sept. 19. 

Habana, Cuba. Xursing bottle. 

Ballhe, George, Brooklyn, N. Y. Hand lead line. 
2.514,437. July 11. 

Bailly, Ren4 J., University City, Mo. Infrared adaptor 
for optical apparatus. 2,522,493, Sept. 19. 

Bally, Edgar W., Purley, assignor to Pate-son Engineering 
Company, Ltd., London, England. Apparatus for tiltra 
tlon of liquids. 2,496,370, Feb. 7. 

Bain, John, assignee : See — 
Jones. Alton H. 

Bain, I.iewia A.. Jr., Berwyn, 111., assignor to Western 
Electric Company. Incorporated. Xew York, N. Y. Con- 
ductive coating compositions, 2.530.217. Xov. 14. 

Bain, Lewis A., Jr.. Berwyn, and H, E .Malone, Riverside. 
Ill,, assignors to Western Electric Coinpany, Incor- 
porated. New Y'ork. N. Y. Metalize<l ceramic coating 
composition. 2.506,130, May 2. 

Bainbridge. Richard W.. and R. L. Jordan, Somli Pasa- 
dena, Calif., said Jordan assor. to said Bainbridge. 
Screw threaded fastener. 2,512,082, Junp 20. 

Baines, John A., assignor to Rotax Limited, London, Eng- 
l.ind. Ignition magneto. 2,531,961, Xov. 2S. 

Baines. Richard H. • See — 

Levers, William H.. and Baines. 
McVeigh. William B.. and Baines. 

Balr. G.irth L.. assignor to The Glenn L. Martin Com- 
pany. Middle River, Md. Fire-detecting switch. 
9 .1 ■" - 

Glass Works. 
r04, Oct. 

2.522.248. Sept. 12. 

Bair. (Jeorge J., assignor to Corning 
Corning. N. Y. Condenser 

Balrd. Albert W., Cranford. X. J . asslcnor to The I.tiide 
Air Products Company, nexihle submerged nielt weld- 
ing machine. 2.510,20'4, June 6 

Balrd. Albert W.. Cranford, X. J., assignor to The I.lnde 
Air Products Company. Incrt-irns shielded continuous- 
feed metal-arc welding apparatus L'. 510, 205. June 6. 

Balrd, lieiio H,. Dallas, ]> x, Jusptnsing machine. 
2.522,770, Sept. 19. 

Balrd. Donald K. : See — 

Swallow. John C, Balrd, and Ridg-^ 

Balrd, John B. : SVp— I 

LauBach. Xeal B., and Baird. 

Balrd. John L., Limited, assignee: See — 
Anderson. Edward G. O.. and Bernard 

Balrd. Kenneth M.. .assignor to Th" Honorary .\dvlsory 
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Ottawa. 
Ontario. Canada. High-speed camera, 2,494,082. Jan. 

Raird Machine Company. The, assignee : See — 
Lewis. Arthur J. 

Balrd, Raymond^C. assignor to The Fluor Corporation, 
JaA., Los Angeles, Calif. MufTler Including tapered in- 
let nozzle with tapered opening. 2.517,623, Aug. 8. 

Balrd, William, T, Barr, and A. Lowe. Blackley, Man- 
chester, England, assignors to Imperial Chemical In- 
dustries Limited. Quaternary ammonium textile treat- 
ment acents and application thereof. 2,518,266. .\ug. 8, 

Balrd, Wllllamy and T. Barr. Manehestor. E. S Lane, 
Leeds, and M Lowe. Manchester. England, asslimors to 
Imperial CUemical Industries Limited. Quaternary 
comnonnds. mnd manufacture and use thereof as textile 
treating agmts. 2.518,267. Aug. 8. 

Balrd, William, T. Barr. A. Lowe, and J. Olher, Blackley, 
Manchester. Eneland. assignors to Imperial Chemical 
Industries Limited. Manufacture and application of 
new textile treatment agents. 2,518,444, Aug. 15. 

Baird, William. P, Gaubert. and A. Lowe. Blackley. Man- 
chester. Englanil, assignors to Imperial Chemical In- 
dustries Limited, Manufacture of organic polycar- 
bamates from chloroformlc esters. 2,527,240, Oct. 24. 

Balzer, Manuel M., Flushing, assignor to Xew York 
Quinine and Chemical Works. Incorporated. Brooklvn. 
N. Y. Producing pure papaverine hydrochloride. 
2,507,086. May 9. 

Baiier. Manunl M., Flushing, assignor to New York 
Quinine and Chemical Works Incorporated. BrookljTi, 
N. Y. Producing pure papavarlne hydrochloride. 
2,507.135. May 9, 

Balzer, Manuel M., Flushing, assignor to New York 
'^c and Chemical Works, Incorporated, Brookivn, 
Alkaloid purification. 2.507,136, May 9. 

Bak. Albert G.. Palatine. 111. Fade-out shutter for at- 
tachment to motion-picture cameras. 2.533,909. Dec. 12. 

Bakelaar, John H. : See — 

Carroll, Fred M., and Bakelaar. 
Carroll. Fred M , Bakelaar. and Pond. 

Baker, Aaron A.. <'oallnga. assignor to Baker Oil Tools, 
Inc., Vernon, Calif. Well tool thread lock. 2,509. P'!*, 
May 30. 

Baker. Albert L.. Summit. N. J., assignor to The M. W. 
Kellogg Company, New York. N. Y Insulation lining 
for conduits. Re. 23,199. Feb. 28 

Baker, B. M.. Engineers. Incorporated, assignee : See — 
Baker. Bertrand M. 

Baker. Benjamin P. : See — 

Ludwlg. Le<in R.. and Baker. 
Ludwig. Leon R., Hiilver, and Leeds. 
Baker. Benjamin P.. Turtle Creek, assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Cir- 
cuit interrupter. 2,495,156, Jan. 17. 

Baker, Benjamin P.. Turtle Creek, assignor to W.stlng- 
houne f^lectrlc Corporation, East Pittsburgh. Pa. Clr- 
ctiit breaker operating mechanism. 2,501.302, Mar. 21. 

N. Y. 



Baker, Benjamin P., Turtle Creek, R. G. Shriver, and R. C. 
Van Sickle, Pittsburgh, Pa., assignors, by mesne assign- 
ments, to the Lnited States of America as repreeeutei} 
by the United States Atomic Energy Commission 
Electric switch with magnetic biasing. 2,49y,<J22 
Mar. 7. 

Baker, Benjamin P.. Turtle Creek, L. R. Ludwig, Wllkius- 
burg. and J. M. Cumming, Turtle Creek, assignors to 
uestingiiouse Electric Corporation. Valve mechanism. 
2,525,4 7ti. Oct. 10. 

Baker, Benjamin P., Turtle Creek, and Jack E. Schrameck, 
Pitt^liiiigu, assignuis tu W estiughuuse Electric Corpora- 
tion, East Pittsburgh. Pa. Circuit interrupter. 
2,530,933, Nov. 21. 

Baker. Keniiie A., Luke Spai.ldaig, Calif, tjlieet metal lock 
nut wremh. 2,5L'u,J69, .\ :g _',< 

Baker, Bernard R . Nanuet, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Anieri(,in Cyunamid Company, New York, 

X_ i, 2 carbo.\yalkyUhiophane-3,4-dicarboxylic acid, 

2,o06.,)3i'., ,MHy _' 

Baker, Bertrand M,, assignor to B. M. Baker Engineers 
Incorj orated. Grand Rapids, .Ml(h. Drawer iruide 
2,519,6-'3, Aug. 22. fe • 

Baker Bio.s, Inc., assignee ; See — 

Uallenbeck George E. 
Baker, Calvin b., Portland, Greg. Seed lifter and hopper 
arrangement for planters. 2,495,998, Jan 31 

Baker Castor Oil Company, The, assignee : 6'ee 

Geiges, Alexander J. 
Jubanowsky, Luuis J. 
Stnith, Malcolm Kent. 
Baker, ('ecil, Chicago. 111. Curl clip. 2,515,976. Julv In 
Baker Charles L„ Beloit. Wis. Auxiliary propulsion 

mechanism. 2,523,674. Sept. 26. 
Baker, Charles H., .Maywood, 111., assignor tu S i: C Elec- 
trie < oiupany. Fuse construction. 2,517,624 Aug 8 
Baker. Charles o.. Dallas. Tex., assignor, by nu>sne assign- 
ments, to Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Incorporated 
Xew \ork X, \, Recovery and utilization of olefins bv 
an absorptlon-aikylation process. 2,530,143, Nov 14 " 
Baker, Charles S., Corning, assignor to Ingeisoll 
o^ufo"?; /^P«', "^ork. N. Y. Controlling device. 
^.494,2*9, Jan. 10. 
Baker & Co., Inc., assignee : See — 
Greeff, M,ix. 
Hill. James S. 
Baker, Corwin W.. Beverly, Mass., assignor to United 
Shoe .Machinery Corporation, Flemiugtun, N. J. Ma- 
chine for upper trimming. 2,504,957. Apr. 25. 
Baker, Corwin W.. Beverly, Mass., assignor to United 
Shoe Machinery Corporation, Flemington, N. J. Feed- 
lug mechanism for sole rounding machines. 2.508 361. 
May 23. 
^'^^.^^•Sr^rwinW., Beverly. Mass.. assignor to United Slioe 
Machinery Corporation, Flemington. N. J. Lasting ma 
chine. 2,516,942. Aug. 1. 
Baker, Corwin W., Stoneham, Mass., assignor to Irif d 
Shoe Machinery Corporation, Flemington, X J 
Rounding machine. 2,508,300, May 23 
Baker, Craig C. Los Angeles. CaliL Drying and shrink- 
ing matrices. 2,517,273. Aug 1. 
Baker. David B. : See— 

.lol^nson, Arnold E. W., Baker, and Crumb. 
Baker, David B., Riverside, W. O. Bechman, Chicago, and 
\\. \V. Heuning, Rher Grove, 111., assignors to Inter 
national Harvester Company. Vehicle change-speed and 
steering gear. 2,496,429. Feb. 7. 
Baker. David B.. Riverside, and C. R. Hagen, Chicago. Ill 

Picker spin. lie. 2,497.777. Feb. 14. 
Baker, Donald .s, ; i<,e — 

Sterreit, Kenneth R.. and Baker. 
Baker. Earl R.. Windsor, N. C. Oil burning furnace with 
separable burner assembly rings therefor. 2,494 374 
Jan. 10, 

Baker. Edna M., Chicago, 111. Hat fastener. 2,493,908. 

Jan. 1(1. 
Baker, Edward A., assignee : See — 

Xewm.m, Robert J., and Friend. 
Baker, Edwin E., .Merced. Calif. Hoisting apparatus with 

an ar'iculafed mast boom. 2 524 748 Oct 10 
Baker. Franklin B., deceased, Chicago, HI. ; R. C. Baker, 

e\ecutii\ of said F. B. Baker. Core binder. 2,5Ub 359 

May 23. 
Baker. Frederick C, and E. G. Spencer. Portland. Oreg 

IVtachable telescopic sight mounting. 2,505.319 

Apr 25. 
Baker. Frederick C. and E. G. Spencer. Portland. Oreg 

Telescopic sight mounting, 2,517.274 Aug 1 
Baker, (ieorge H , and E. E. Crump, East Orange N. J.. 

assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. 

New York, N. Y. Antenna system. 2,492,951, Jan 3. 
Baker. (Jeorge IL. and E. E. Crump. East Uranire. N. J.. 

assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated. 

Xew \ork. N. Y. System for measuring and eliminating 

impedan<p variations. 2,500,625, Mar 14 
Baker. George L.. assignor of one-half to 6, I. Tavlor. 

Moulder, Colo. Electric storage battery. 2,505876 

May 2. 

P.aker. (ieorge L.. Xewark. Del., and M. Olliver. assignors 
to Chivers & Sons Limited, Histon. Cambridge England 
Manufacture of tablet Jellies. 2.524,416, Oct. 3. 
Baker, George T. : See — 

Pearce, Owen A., and Baker. 
Taylor, Reginald, and Baker. 

Laker, i.eorg. T., Liverpool. England, assignor to Auto- 
niato^c Laboratories. Inc. Chicago. 111. Tele- 
phone system employing connecting swltchea having 
.autuajjt.c i....)Li.i.i.g iiiK-.ii.i, iucii tu the connecting 
.-u.iciies unu controlled by the calling lines. 2.50»,tt36, 
.Maj _:3. 
Baker, George T.. aisbiguor to Automatic Telephone & 
Electric Company Limited. Liverpool, England. C<)unt. 
ing arrangement. 2.513,442, July 4. 
Baker, George T., Liverpool. England, assignor to Auto 
matlc Electric Laboratories, Inc.. Chicago, 111. Cunaet 
bank for an automatic telenhone switch including paraiiel 
elongated stationary comluctors. 2,516,745. July 25 
Baker, George T.. assiguur to Automatic Telephone & 
Electric Company Limited. Liverpuol. England. Elec- 
trunlc trigger circuits. 2.524,953, Oct. Ht. 
Baker, George T., Liverpool, England, assignor to Auto- 
matic Kiectric Laboratories, Inc., Chicago, 111. ieie- 
phone system employing Jinder switches cuiiuecting 
calling lines to nui.ierical switches. :.',53U.802. Nov. 21. 
Baker. Georg" T.. a.ssiguor to Automatic Telephone k 
Electric Company Limited, Liverpuol, England, "'ailing 
line Identifier having display device at operators posi- 
tion. 2,53-', 750, Dee, 5. 
Baker, Geialu T, Xeiigh, Nebr. Tractor loading attach- 
ment. -,5jo,451, .Vug 29. 
Baker. Harold E. D, Stourbridge, England Latch for 

doors. 2,503,315, Apr, 11, 
r.aker. HerL-rt K., Detroit, Mich. Apparatus lor feeding 

cutting touis. 2,516,842, Aug. 1. 
Baker. .1 T . < licmical Co., assignee : .Sec — 

.Moor. Ralph (L D. 
Baker James G., Orinda. Calif., assignor to The Perkln- 
Elujer Corporation. Glenbrook, Conn. Highly corrected 
objective having two inner divergent meniscus com- 
ponents between collective components. 2.532.751, 
Dec. 5, 
Baker, James G.. Orinda, Calif., assignor to The Perkln- 
Elmer Corporation. Glenbrook. Conn. Highly corrected 
four component objective lens, 2.532.752. Dec. 5. 
Baker, James .N. : Set — 

W ilhlde. Glenn C, Baker, and Holford. 
Baker, John C. : tiet — 

Pryor. Dean E,. and Baker. 
Baker. John C. Hewitt, assignor to Wallace & 
Products, Inc., Belleville, N. J. Zinc salts of mono- 
oletinic acids as antimycotics. 2,511,032, June 13. 
Baker, John C. Montclair, assignor to Wallace & Tieman 
Products. Inc.. B 'lleville. N. J. Undecvlenic acid and 
undecyleuate aiitimycotlc composition. 2.510,946. 
June 13. 
Baker, John G., Evansvllle, Wis., assignor to United Air- 
craft Corporation, East Hartford, Conn. <'entrllugally 
tuned lateral vibration absorber. 2.495,565, Jan. 24. 
Baker, John S., assignor to Cook Electric (ompanv Chi- 
cago, 111. Burner ignition and siifety control system. 
2.506,913. May 9. 
Baker, John S.. a.-ssignor to Cook Electric Company Chi- 
cago, 111. Pole (able terminal. 2,507,363 .May » 
Baker, John S., assignor to Cook Electric Company, Chi- 
cago, HI. Liijuid level control. 2,514,361, July 11. 
Baker, John S., assignor to Cook Electric Company. Chi- 
cago. 111. Protector unit construction. 2, .122. 700 
Sept. 19. 
Baker, John S.. assignor to Cook Electric Company, 

Chicago, 111. Time-delay relay. 2,525,334, Oct. 10. 
Baker, Joseph A. : See — 

Patierscm, Matthew C, and Baker. 
Baker, Lester W.. Fort Worth. Tex. Fish lure. 2.532.879, 

Dec. 5. 
Baker, Malvern S. : See — 

APman. ivter. and Baker. 
Baker Manufacturing Company, The, assignee: See — 

Washbond, Harry H. 
Baker. .Marlin S. : See — 

TefTt, Ivan D., and Baker. 
Baker. Marlin S.. assignor to The Parker Pen Company. 

Janesville, Wis. Fountain pen. 2,528.327, (Jet 31 
Baker, Marlin S,, Janesville, and R. W. Randolph, Milton, 
assignors to The Parker Pen Company, Janesville, Wis. 
Clutch mechanism for mechanical pencils. 2,528.328. 
Oct. 31. 

Baker. Marlin S . Janesville. and R. W. Randolph. Milton 
assignors to The Parker Penn Company Janesville* 
Wis. Fountain pen cap. 2,533.082, Dec. 5 
Baker, Marvin A. : See — 

Reardon. John W., and Baker. 
Baker, Melvln D. ; See — 

P^mblen, Herbert V.. and Baker. 
Baker .Novelty Company, assignee : See — 

Baker. William A. i 

Bak'er Oil Tools. Inc., assignee: See — 

Baker. Aaron A. 

Baker. Reuben C, and Althouse. 

L«H^. Francis H. 

Mc(5iyern, Paul V. 

FLigan. Thomas M, 

Baker. Percy W . Wroxham. England. Electric lightinit 
appliance. 2.511,558. June 13. 

Baker Perkins Inc., assignee: See — 

Evans, Thomas. 
Baker Perkins Limited, assignee : See — 

Dumbleton. Claude, and Gunslon. 

Tunley. Allan A. i 




Bakfr, lialph B., aodgBOr to Southern Mills, Incorporated, 

AM.irifa. ti.i. Iron*»r roll cost-r. :j.4:»i>.nir», Feb. 28. 
BaK*r, Ralph B , Springfi^^li!. I'a. assignor to American 
Vist'os*' Corporation, Wilmington, Del. Dyeinji acrylo- 
nltrile polymers by applying an insoluble azo dyestufT 
an 1 tli»-u h-aLing. .Ij>:'j2.-i'^'i . I'ec. 5. 
Baker, Itandall H. : See — 

.M;il..;ify, .),,t:n H,. and IUik'T. 
r..ik-r K.iMla;.-' ' i:ij aii>, '1 lie. assignee : (iee — 
Hawkiii.s. 1 .i;;l E. 
L»'!imunu. Max. 
Kenide, Kdward II. 
>i^<ll■■^, t'rank. 
BaktT. K.iyiiKind (1. : See — 

Willett. i.fnu K., anil BakfT. 

Hak.r, Hts' K.. I'i • i.'iburgh, a ^si.-nor to WestlnRhouse 

Elt-rrrjc ( 'orp^raf iuri, Ka-t I'i ' t sburgh, I'a. Core type 

rt'i-F drivf. _' .'ns I :•;.',, May !'">. 

Baker.'^'^^itrit R., I'ltUsburgti. and W K Harris, Wilkins- 

burkT, assignor-! to \Vt'8tln«hou*e Eie<-'lrir ''.-rporatMn, 

East Pittsburgh. Pii. Hrlvf! system ■J,49S,2a4, Feb -'1. 

Baker. Heuhm ('., CoalinL'a. assi^'Unr to I'aker Oi! Tools, 

In(\, Vt-rnon. Calif, t'onrrul vahe. i:..'^)U'J,470, May 

Baker, Reuben C, Coalinga, and W. S. Althonse, Jr., 
Alliambra assignors to Baker nil Tools, Inc., Vernon, 
Calif. Valve device for well londuita. 2.493,t>50. Jan. 3 

P>aker, Rnber' M., Balumorf. and E. .M. Wharff. Arbutus 
Md,, assignors to Westhigli^u.'**- Eleotrie » orporation, 
East F';rrslairch, Pa. (ligh-freq jenrv apparatus. 
•J,4!;i«.2.'}X, F»h 2} 

Baker. Rot)f'rr W" , W-rcp^f.-r. Miss, ''nriiMn-l tr'nk and 
linlsr d>'vii'.>. _',.'(iO,(i,",,'). 7. 

I'.iiker K M:: I.o.'kney, and J. C. Fleming. Lubbock, Tex. 
I'rorc^s nu(\ apparatus for discharging vaporizable 
li'iuid-^. •J,4!»7,7.'4. Feb 14, 

r.aker Roo,';, Inc.. assigrit-e ; Sec — 
Negovan. Albert. 

I'.ak-T. iCo-e I',. e\. Tutrix, deceased: See — 
Cai-r, Fr.inklin P. 

P.aker, S. S . as^ik-nf.- : S>-e — 
MrCotrin. William \V. 

Baktr. S.inritl K.. a.s>;jt:nor 'o Tho Glenn L. Martin Com- 
pany, Middle River. Md Inverter valve deflector. 
2.'>'22.'24'.} Sept. 11'. 

Baker. Stanley I. . Marleniont, and C. J Butzine. assignors, 
by mesn.' assicnm.'nts, to Institutum I'ivi Thomae 
Foundation, i 'im-iunatl, Ohio. ICvaporator. 2,510,057, 
June ti. 

P.aktT, St.iiil.-y \V., Par.iinus, N. J. assignor to Wriglit 
Aeronautical Coriiorat ion. Multispeed transmission. 
L'.'or, 9^f>, May <>. 

P.akiT. Th>'odore C. %'• wiuirton. assignor to Ilartford- 
Kmplre Company.'ford, ('onn. Apparatus for and 
m.'thod of temperint: glass articles. 2.7)2'k112, Oct. 10. 

liaker, Vincent B. : See— 

FisiuT, .Martin H., and Pak^^r. 

Bak. r. \lrgll II . and C. M. Anderson. Springfield, Ohio. 
assignors to Elliott Company, Jeannette, Pa. Rotary 
expansible dt>sealer for boiler tubes and the like. 
•J..'*)0,j.'',s, Mar. 14. 

P.aker \\alt<'r. White Hall. Oieg. Feed formula. 
2.r<0i.7A^, Apr T* 

P.aki'r, UMis'er E P>. : .^n-^ 

Putnam. Charles P., and B.iker. 

Baker. Wedworth V., assignor to Dvtrolf Sheet Metal 
Works. De'roir. .Mi,h. Air washer. 2.498,718. Feb. 28. 

B.aker, William .\., San Rafael, assignor to Baker Novelty 
Comrianv, I.os AntrePs Countv, Calif. Steel wool holder". 
2.4nr, .?71. Feb. 7. 

Baker. William B : See — 

Habt-r, Max C,, Cnker. and S. hna\e'y. 

Baker. William E , Chirkasha. <>k!a., assignor of twenty- 
six and two thirds per rent to W True, twenty-six and 
two-rhirds P'-r cent to R, I. Edwards, ten per cent to 
R. H. Sh.arpM, and t^n per ci'nr to W. B. Jones and 
E. B Jonlan Resistance switch, 2.510.792, June 6, 

.""•aktT, William E . Chlckasha. Okla.. of twenty- 
six and two-thirds per cent to W True, twenty-six and 
Two-i'iirds p»r cent to R. I. Edwards, ten per cent 'o 
R. H. Sharpc. and ten per cent to W B. Jones and 
E. B Jordan Reslstan.e switch. 2, 510. 79.3. June 6. 

I'.ak.r. William E. oklali-ma City, Okla. Movie reader 
for children. 2.494.92'\ Jan. 17. 

Baker. IT , Iiayton. Ohio. Supersonic radar train- 
er sitrn.Tl rt'tl.'cting prism and altitude ring suppressor, 
2..-ln()47. June 13 

Baker. William O.. Morrlstown. \ J, assignor to Bell 
Tt-lcphone Laboratories. Incfirpor i ted. Xcv York. X. V. 
F'.rniine exfanded niastic materials, 2 .an2,r;n4, Mar 28 

Baker, William R. : Sep — 

Kennedy, Joseph W,. Baker, and Wiejrand, 

Baker William U. Berkeley. Calif, assignor to the Pnlted 
States of ,\merlca as represented by the Lnited States 
Atomic EnerL'v Commission, Electric discharge de- 
vice. 2.r.l2..-38. June 20. 

Bi'--er William U . B'-rkelev. Calif., assignor ♦'o the 
T'nlteil .'~;tates of .America as represented by the United 
States .Atomic i:nergv Commission. Induction reamer. 
2,.'il4.11rt. Julv 4, 

Baker, William R . P.erkelcy. Calif., ass'gnor to the T'nlfed 
Stat-ec of .Vmerica as represented by the Lnlted States 
.Atomic Enerirv Commission. Resistance-capacitance 
network. 2..')23.S:>ri, Sept. 2'".. 

See — 

Calif. Toolholder. 

Baker, William R.. Berkeley, and Q. .\. Kerns. OskUuid, 
Calif., assignors to the United States of America as 
represented by the United States .Atomic Energy Com- 
mfasion. Electronic switch. 2,535,88t), Dec. 2tj. 

Bakt-r. u illis C, Long Beach, Calit. Hyilniullcally ac- 
tuated pipe tiiread protector. 2.513.013. July 4. 

Baker. Wren E., Baltimore, Md. Waterproof stocking 
and shoe protector. 2,497,528, Feb. 14. 

Bakewell Aircraft Products Company, assignee 
Brekke, Peter. 

Bakewell, G. G., assignee: See — 
Diebel, Henry S. 

Bakewell, »George G., assignee : See — 
Brekke, Peter, 

Bakewell, Harding F., San Marino, 
2,r.27,.S71. Oct. 31. 

Bakker, Jan, Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor to Hart- 
ford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford. 
Conn., as trustee. Electrolytically polished graphite 
anode. 2,494.425, Jan. 10. 

Bakker, Lubertus : See — 

Hartstra, Lenze, Bakker, and van Westen. 

Bakker. Willem, Arnheni, Netherlands, assignor to Ameri- 
can P-nka Corporation, Enka, N. C. Controlling the 
contours of rayon cakes. 2.508.483, May 23. 

Bakst, Aaron, and S. L. Ruskin, New York, .\. Y'. Cigar 
and cigarette lighter. 2.516.843 Aug. 1. 

Bakula, Walter .M., Denver, Colo. Coaster wagon. 
2,4U9.08.'», Feb. 28. 

Balab : See— 

Larsen, Rudolph II.. and P.resee. 

Balacliowsky, (^Jeorges, Paris. France, assignor to General 
Electric Company. Percussion trip device for electric 
circuit breakers. 2.521.497. Sept. 5. 

Balanda, Anthony J. : See — 

Blakeslee, Clinton A., Balanda, and Dyson. 

Balasquide, Jos^ E., Ponce, i'. R, .Machine for molding 
articles. 2.499.209. Feb. 2.s. 

Balassa, Ladlslaua, Riverside, R. I., assignor to The 
United States Finishing Company, Norwich, Conn. 
Crease-proofing textiles. 2.493.381. Jan. 3. 

Balbi. Charles M. R., London. England. Earphone. 
2,528,811. Nov. 7. 

P.aUh. (Jerald G., assignee: See — I i 

.Marks, Louis F, ' 

Balch, Harry, deceased, Baltimore, Md. ; H, R. Black, 
Jr., and A. J. Dlener, administrators. Wild animal 
trap. 2,513,837, July 4. 

Balch. Murrell C. Madison, and II. S. Sanderson. Decatur, 
Ala., said Sanderson assignor to said Balch. Pneumatic 
convever. 2,511.033, June 13. 

Balch. Ralph H. : See — 

Sitzler. Richard R.. and Balch. 

Balcrank. Inc.. assignee : See — 
O'Brien. Wilbur J. 
Woelfer. Frank C. 

P.ald, Warren L.. Los Angeles, Calif. Filling device for 
fuel tanks. 2.522.207. Sept. 12. 

Baldanza, Nicholas T., Rutherford, assignor to Columbia 
Protektosite Company, Inc., Carlstadt, N. J. Hair 
comb. 2.508.363. May 23. 

Balden, Alvin R., Plymouth, and L. M, Morse, PontiaC, 
assignors to Chrysler Corporation. Highland Park. Mich 
Bath for brass immersion coating on aluminum and 
aluminum alloy, 2,496.845. Feb. 7. 

Baldenhofer, William G.. assignor to The Thompson 
Grinder Company. Springfield. Ohio. Method and ap- 
paratus for grinding. 2.534,941. Dec. 19. 

Baldeschwieler. Agnes R., Asbury Park. N. J. Arm sling. 
2.512.474. June 20, 

Bal<line. Joseph J.. Hubbard. Ohio. Device for Internal- 
combustion engines. 2.509,755. May 30. 

Baldlnger, Ernst. Basel. Switzerland. Electronic Impulse 
counting circuit. 2,498.908, Feb, 28, 

Baldo, Louie. United States Navy. Window 
pnratus. 2.494.538. Jan. 17. 

Baldo. Louie. United States Navy. Hose clamp. 
Sept, 19, 

Baldock. Harold: See — 

Scaife. Charles W., and Baldock. 

Baldock. Herbert, legal representative: See — 
Scaife. Charles W.. and Baldock. 

Baldrica. Rena O., Plains. Pa. Underskirt. 
Dec. 5. 

Baldridge. Ernest B., Dayton. Ohio, and R. 

New Y'ork. N. Y. Thrust Indicator for jet engines. 
2.524.749, Oct. 10. 

Baldt. Thomas T.. Springfield Gardens. N. V. Automatic 
vehicle loader. 2.496.192 Jan. 31. 

Baldwin. Charles A., Olney. 111. Hydraulic seat. 2,516.172. 
July 25. 

Baldwin. Clyde P., Claremont. .N'. II.. assignor to Joy 
Manufacturing Company. Power - operated steering 2.50ii,953, May 30. 

Baldwin Company, The. assignee : Bee — 
Jordan. .Tohn F. 
Mork. Raymond P. 
Schroth, Edward L. 
Baldwin. Elmer W., Bassett, Nebr. Hay cutting device. 

2.521,323, .Sept. 5. 
Baldwin. Francis P., Linden, N, J,, assign**- to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Atmospheric curing of iso- 
butylenediolefin copolymers. 2,519.100, Aug. 15. 

wiper ap- 

N. Green. 

Baldwin, Francis P., WoodMdge. N. J., assignor to 
Standard Oil Development CJompany. Reclaiming vul- 
canized polymers by treatment with ni-talluid hvcTrides. 
2,493.518, Jan. 3. 
Baldwin. Iruucia P., Woodbridge, N. J., assignor to 
Standard Oil Development Company. Accelerated 
polymer curing method. 2.525,061. Oct. 10. 
Baldwin. Frederick M., San Francisco. Calif. Continuous 

flow nut cracking apparatus. 2,504,374, Apr. 18. 
Baldwin, Harold S. : Sec — 

Coroniti, .Samuel C, Schmidt, and Baldwin. 
Baldwin-llill Conjpany, assignee: atv — 

Holl.nberg, Frederick H., Jr. 
Baldwin. Joe L. : See — 

Park. Bernard C. H.. and Baldwin. 
Baldwin. John C. Bluelield, Va. Guard rail. 2,517,959. 

Aug. 8. 
Baldwin Locomotive Works, The. assignee : See — 
Baldwin. Southard N. 
Hall. Keith W. 
Lathrop, Robert P. 
Lazan, Beujauiln J. 
Macgeorge. William D. 
Maris. Jauie.s c. 

Metzger, Lewis W. . i 

.Schaevitz. ilt-rmau. ■ | 

Staples, Dana R. 
Tate. -Malcolm C. 
Baldwin. Mark L. : See — 

Baldwin. Philip and M. L. 
Baldwin, Philip and M. L., Humboldt, Minn. Combination 

post puller and jack. 2.532.533, Dec. 5. 
Baldwin. Philip S., Florence, Italy. Wheel cylinder. 

2.496,200. Feb. 7. 
Baldwin. Robi-rt D.. Milwaukee, Wis. Outboard motor 

mounting plate. 2,527.904. Uct. 31. 
Baldwin. Robert M,. New Castle, Ind. Lawn mower reel 

blade comb attachment. 2.503,310. Apr. 11. 
Bahlwiu, Robert it., Astoria, N. Y. uiuamental slip tit 

picture support unit. 2,524.647. Oct. 3. 
Baldwin Rubber Company, assignee : See — 

Hauslialter. Freii L.. and Hunter. 
Baldwin. Southard N.. Green Ridge. Pa assignor to The 
Baidwln Locomotive W'orks. Supporting means for 
press iilatens. 2.500.791. Mar. 14. 
Bahlwin. William J., Snyder, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to National Lead Conjpanv. New York. .\. Y 
Enamel opaclfier and making. 2,500.231, Mar. 14. 
Bale. Edward S. : .S'ec — 

."^< hellentrager. William S., Bale, and Briggs. 
Balfour-Guthrie & Company Limited, assignee: See — 

Peterson, Russell G.. and Brleger. 
Balis. P:arl W. : Sec — 

Wlnslow. Arthur F.. and Balis. 
Balk. Albert .A.. Cleveland, Ohio. Inside caliper. 2,496.005 
Feb. 7. 

Ball, Albert L.. Redondo Beach, Calif., and C. G. Rose, 
assignors To The Carborundum Company. Niagara Falls, 
N. Y. Metal bonded abrasive article. 2,506.556 
May 2. 

Ball, Albert P.. assignor to Briggs Manufacturing Com- 
pany. Detroit. .Mich. Rotary valve internal-combustion 
engine. 2. 498. .846. F»-h. 28, 

Ball. Albert P.. assignor to Briggs Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Detroit, Mich. Sink assembly. 2.502,553, Apr. 4. 

Ball. Alpheus M., Blacksburg. Va , a.stsignor. by mesne as- 
signments, to United States oi .America as represented 
by the Secretary of War K.xpiosive composition 
2,498,388, Feb. 21. 

Ball, Charles J. P., London, F. A. Fox, Manchester. .A. C 
Jessup and E. F. Emley, Clifton Junction Works, near 
Manchester. a.«signors to Magnesium Elektron Liniite<l, 
London. Production of magnesium base 
alloys containing zirconium. 2,497.529. Feb, 14, 

Ball, ("harles J. P., London. F. A. Fox, Manchester. A. C 
Jessup and E. F. Emley, near Manchester, assignors 
to .Magnesium Elektron Limited, Loudon. England. 
Master alloy for introducing zirconium into magnesium. 
2.497. .".30, Feb. 14. 

Ball. Charles J. P., London, A. C. Jessup and E. F. Emley. 
near Manchester, and P. A. Fisher, Flixtou, assignors 
to Magnesium Elektron Limited, London, England. 
Alloying composition for introducing zirconium into 
magnesium. 2.497.531, Feb. 14. 

Ball, Charles J. P., A. C. Jessup, and P, A. Fisher, as 
elgnors to Magnesium Elektron Limited. Clifton June 
tion. near Manchester, England. Heat treatment of 
magnesium base alloys. 2.520.753. -Aug. 29. 

Ball. Charles O. : See — 

Switzer, Marshall IL, and Ball. 

Ball. Charles O., Maumee. Ohio, assignor to The United 
Products Comi>any. Westminster. .NM Sterilizing food 
products. 2,502.190. Mar. 28. 

Ball, Charles O., Maumee, Ohio, assignor to The United 
Products Company. Westminster, .Md. Sterilizing corn 
products. 2.502.197, Mar. 28. 

Ball. Charles O., Maumee. Ohio, assignor to Owens-Illinois 
Glass Company. -Apparatus for heat-treating and ster- 
ilizing Mnuid foods. 2.508,212, May 16. 

874049— P i 



Ball. Harvey W., assignor to The Morgan Engineering 
Company, Alliant*. uhio. Furnace charging machine. 
2,508,085, May 16. 

Ball, Harvey W ., assignor to The Morgan Engineering 
Company, Alliance, Ohio. Crane trolley. 2,521,324, 
Sept. 5. 

Ball, Joseph A., Los Angeles, Calif., assignor to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemoujs & Company, U ilmington, L^el. Optical 
printing device 2, ,502, 305, Mar. :J8. 

Ball, Joseph A., Los Angeles, Calif., assignor to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. Shrink- 
age compensation lens-positionlng device for optical 
printers. 2,r.02,3u6, Mar. 28. 

Ball, Joseph A.. Los .Angeles, Calif. Multicolor reproduc- 
tion. 2.507,494. May 16. 

Ball, Josej)!) A.. Los .Angeles, Calif. Photographic process 
for r'produ( ing multicolor imtiges. 2.5(iiS,213, .May lo 

Ball, Joseph A. Los Angeles, Calif., A. B. Jennings. New 
Brunswick. N. J., and O. W. Murray. Burbank. Calif,, 
assignors to E. I. du Pont de -Nemours i Company, 
Wilmington, Del, Photograj.hic four-color llght-semsilive 
stripping elements. 2.492,952, Jan. 3. 

Ball, Juseiih .A . Los Angeles, Calif., A. B. Jennings, New 
Brunswick. N. J., and O. W. -Murray. Burbank. Calif., 
assignors to E. I. du I'ont de Nemours \ Company. 
Wilmington, Del. Light-sensitive bipack film for four- 
color photography. 2,492.953. Jan. 3. 

Ball, Joseph A.. Los Angeles, Calif., A. B Jenn.ugsi. .New 
Brunswick, N. J. and O. W. Murray. Burliank. Calif,, 
assignors to E. I: du Pont de Neuiouis A Com[>any, 
Wilmington. Del. Photographic four-color llght-een.«itive 
stripping elements. 2,492,954, Jan. 3. 

Ball, Tiiomas .M. : See — 

•McKechnie. Ian C, and Ball. 

Ballagh, James C, Los Angelea, assignor, by mesne as- 
signiuents, to Byron Jaikson ('o., \ ernou, c'alit. I'lpi- 
wiper cutter. 2,50b,3tl2, .May 23. 

Ballagh. James C, Los Angeles, assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to P.yron Jackson Co., Vernon, Calif. Ap- 
paratus for installing casing protectors on drill pipes. 
2,.a22.495, Se[it. 19. 

Ballantyne. .Andrew P. : See— 

Matasy, Joseph S., and Ballantyne. 

Ballantyne. David H. : See — - 

Hooker. Stanley G.. .and Ballantyne. 

Ballantyne. David H . Littleover. and A. Jubb. Buttersaw, 
Bradford, assignors to Rolls Royce Limited, Derby. Kng- 
land. Fuel control system for aircraft gas-turbine 
power plants. 2.519,624, Aug. 22. 

Bailantjne, <Jeorge H,. assignee : See — 
Magnuson, Roy M. 

P.all.iKl, .Almon O. : See — f 

Ballard. A'ernon D. and A. 0.{ 

Ballard. Archbald H,. and D. W. Marshall. Niagara Falls. 
Ontario, Canada, assignors to .Norton Company. 
Worcester, Mass. Stabilized zlrconla and producing 
same. 2,535..'»26. Dec. 26. 

Ballard. Carl E.. assignee : See — 
Bailev, Robert G. 

Ballard, Edwin L., Lansing. Mich. Pulley. 2,502,243, 
.Mar. 28. 

Ballard. Laurence O. and A. Brandt, Spokane. Wash. 
Spiral blade conveyor. 2.528,679, Nov. 7. 

Ballard. Lester W.. Avenal. Calif. Applying protecior 
collars to drill pipes. 2.497,921, Feb. 21. 

Ballard. Robert <J. : See — 

Lundberg. John E., and Ballard. 

Ballard. Robert J.. Lebanon, and J. A. Jackson. Indianap- 
olis. Ind. Normally expansible anatomical diaphragm. 
2,529.363, Nov. 7. 

Ballard. S^'aver A. : See — 

<;eyer, Bradford P.. and Ballard, 
llaury. Vernon E.. and Ballard. 
Smith. Curtis W., -Norton, and Ballard. 
Whetstone. Richard R.. Ballard, and Ott. 
Bar.ird, Seaver A.. Orinda. R. C. Morris. Berkeley, and 
J. L. Van Winkle. San Lorenzo, assignors to Shell De- 
velopment Company. San Francisco, Calif. Polyoiyal- 
kylene compounds. 2,492.955, Jan. 3. 

Ballard. Seaver A.. Oakland. H. de V. Finch. El Cerrlto. 
and E;. a. Peterson, Berkeley, assignors to Shell Develop- 
ment Company. San Francisco. Calif. Preiaratlon of 
unsaturated hydrocarbons from unsaturated ketones. 
2,492.950, Jan. 3. 

Ballard. .St^aver A., Orinda, R. C. Morris, Berkeley, aud 
J. L. Van Winkle. San lyorenzo. asfelgnors to Shell Devel- 
opment Company. San Francisco. Calif. .Amino alkylene- 
oside polymerization product. 2,498,195, Feb. 21. 

Ball.Trd, Seaver -A.. Orinda. and R. C. Morris, lierkeley, 
a.ssignors to Shell Development Company, San Francisco, 
Calif. Preparation of cyclic thioethers. 2.508.005, 
-May 16. 

Ballard. Seaver A.. Orinda. R. C. Morris. Berkeley, and 
J. L. Van Winkle, San Lorenzo, assignors to Shell 
Development Company. San Francisco, Calif. Synthetic 
lubricant. 2,510,540. June 6. 

Ballard, Seaver A., Orinda. and B. P. Qeyer. Berkeley as- 
signors to Shell Development Company. San Francisro. 
Calif. Preparation of amino alcohols. 2,513,132. 
June 27. 





Road marker. 

Ballar.!. S^avpr A . (trinfi.i P.. I> (7eyer nn.l K. 11. Morti- 
mer. B<'rkel>y a-i-i^'iiors 'o Shell I '•■vf'loitment Company. 
Sa:i {■"raiin.srit, lallf, rrfiitiratlon of k^lycols and glycol 
liionoesttTS. li.ol.'i.luS, July H- 

r.ailiin!, St'.iver A., (jriiida. U. C. Morris, Berkeley, and 
J J.. \aii Wliikli-. San Lor.-n/o, assignors lo Shell De- 
stii;iiitiit (uuipaiiy. S;in Francisco, Calif. Lubricating 
(■■'[n)ii'S, lions. 2.r)22.] Ti.'t. Sept. 12. 

Ball.ird. S<'aver A., Orinda, and 1'.. P. Geyer. Rerkeley, as- 
t^iK'n^rs t'l Stu'li lievelopint-nt Cmiiiiany. San Francisco, 
(,'alif. rur:fic;irion process. 2,033.754, Dec. 12. 

I:i .inl, \.ri.oi! ii.. l.-.M.Ial.'. an.l A. o. llallard, Jerome, 
Mich. Ti>y ti<-.i]-. -' r>07.9">0, May 16. 

r.ailfnriiie. !.'!« in «'. : .<»• 

M.'l' ('l\'y ,rA \V . r.:nh>nMiu'. aii'! (I'Neill 

Bailer, Melvln I), Little SUvtr. N. J , asslKnor to the 
I'nlted StateH of America as repre.ierred by the Secre 
tary of War Ultra high frequency rl!!< oaclllator. 
2,407,8.=>4, Feb 21. 

B.-iiit-r, Jan J. : See — 

V.m l>afle. Leon M . nii'l i'.allet. 

Ball, w Fiank E , Woodland. .Mich 
2,' It;, 17.1. July _:.. 

ilillu't'. Ch.irles G. : See — 

IVrz. John L.. and Baliiett. 

l!a!lint:tr, Lfe It., Cincinnati, Ohio. Switch for alarm 
sysi.iP-;. 2..'>C)9.667. .May 30. 

B.ilinii. B A., & Co. Incorporated, assignee: See — 
Ballou, Frederick A., Jr. 
.MorrlnKise. Kujiene, and Ballou. 

Billoii, Charle.s M. Foxi) to, Nfass., assignor to Swank, 
Inc. K.'V hold.T. 2. .".27, 491. Oct. 24. , • 

i;ai."ii Freilfrick .A.. .Jr.: See — ' 

.^^i^^•llol|«■, i:ul:i-!ii". and Balloii. 

Ballou, Frederick A.. Jr., Providence. R. I., assignor to 
B. .\. Ballon .1- Co Incorporaftd Solder carrier finding. 
2 4r»ri94ii. .Ian 1<» 

Ballou John McK., I'.isadena, and O. C. FilUunp, assign- 
ors to Kirk Rich I'ial Corp , Los Angeles, Calif. Offset 
printing dfvict'. 2.5 rj,3;'..j, .Aui: 22. 

Ball-i. .\rn.ld K.. and .M. I\. Walden. Berkeley, and R. R. 
Ttionipfion, .\lbany. Ciilif., assigmirs to Inited States 
of .\ni-r:ca as re[)re8t'nted by the .secretary of Agricul- 
ture. Preparation of betaanivlase from sweet potatoes. 
2.4Hfi.2t?l. Feb. 7. 

Ball S(|unre .M.iniifacturing Corp., assignee: See — [ 

I'oPi. CpT'IS! .\ 

B.-ilniff. r>oiwild F. • See — 

Ciovannucci. Julius I>.. Werhiska.-^. and Balmer. 
Il ■■:■ v-on. T.inroln. and Balii,. : 

B.ilinfr. .Tnines .\.. assienor to FMIey Stoker Corporation. 
Worcti^Jttr. Macs. Hopper bottom furnace. 2, 003. 148, 
Apr 4 

Balrne-. .Ihiio's G.. Jr.. assignor 'o IIoiidaille-TIershey 
Corporation Detroit. Mich. Combined veiilole liuinper 
guard and sii;iport structure for turn signal indlc.itors 
or the like. 2,r.33,212. I>ec. 12. 

Balnu-r. lU-x M Roi k Island. 111. rhrlsfmas tree stand. 
2..'22.1."»'. Sept. 12. 

Balnitlrth, Aifre.l, deceased, bv I). B and F. V. Balmflrth, 
.Montreal. i,."i"b.'C. and O. R. B. C'dlins. Toronto, On- 
tario. I'lmaila. sole heirs. Grate and grate 
2,.'27.s72. 0,t .".1. 

B ilintirth. I »orothv B.. sole heir : See — 
Baliatirrli. Alfred. 

B iln.lir'h Framt-s V.. sole heir : See — 
Balnilirth. Alfred. 

Balruv I' : See — 

Nolsi'ii. Jatni'B E., Boswor'li Percy, Balne, 

Bal.itrh. Roy O. : Srr — 

Huni[)al. Kusene G.. .ind Balogh 

lialou'h Rov o ass'cnor to Th'> Weatherlo'ad Company. 
Cl.'velan(f. Ohio. Hvdraulio loom check. 2,506,r,9Y, 
Miy ') 

Ralph. Dale T , I/eilnston. Ohio aj'sign'^r tr) WestlnjfhouBe 
Klectric Corporation. Fast I'lttstrHrsrh Pa Apparatus 
f-' lir'.iriT 'Tb-lrs or 'ho \\k- 2.<9''.47S. F*h 21 

B.iKam. Alfre,! D. San Fr,an.i.-co. Calif. Sunshade. 
2 .-17 'i27. Ant: ^ 

Balshatieh. Jayson C . Newmn Center. Mass., asslcnor to 
Aircraft-Marine Products. Inc.. Harrisburg Pa. Elec- 
trical condenser, 2,.T.''.l^.n."',n. Dec 2t'> 

BaLsbausrh. Paul IT Modesto. Calif Xnt and fruit 
gatherer. 2. .'03. 990. Apr. 11. 

Balsi-er. H irulii H.. a-;sii:nor to<iis Tool <'ompanv, 
\V;iyTit>si)oro. Pa. Ilead-^tock drive. 2..'>07.3.'?0. Mav 9. 

BaI<iL't»r. Harold E . and C. C. w. Williams, asslffnors to 
l.andls Tool Cotnpanv. Uavne^boro. Pa. Indicating 
device. 2,r.2S.29r), Oct" .1 1 . 

Baltes. Lawrence. Tonawanda. .N'. Y.. 
Arsdalo Corporation. .Mhrntown Pa! 
bead 2.-22 020 Sfrit 19 

BalthrisHr. F'.ovd J.. San C,!el Calif 
2,492.94.- Jan. 3 

Baltimore Bioloeical Lah-ratory, a.'^slgnee : See — 

Brewer. John II.. and Carski. 

Carski. Th.-odore J. 
Baltinioro Pap> r Company, assignee: See — 

Skow, Ross E. 

BaPosser, Robert W, assignor to S<dsniO£:rat)h Ser\ice 
Corporation. Tulsa, Okla. Reproducing and translating 
apparatiiH 2, 493. .M9. Jan 3. 



assicnor to Van 
Rotary abraslTe 

Mounting bracket. 

Baltzly, Richard, and A. P. Phillips, New York, N. Y., 
ani L. O. Randall, Nutley, N. J., assignors to Burroughs 
Wellcome & Co. (U. S. A.> Inc., New York. N. Y. 
N plienethyl - beta - alanine derivatives. 2,.')03,652, 
Apr. 11. 

Baltzly, Richard, and A. P. Phillips. .New York. N. Y.. 
and Lowell O. Randall, Nutley. N. J., assignors to 
Burroughs Wellcome St Co. (U. S. A.) Inc., New York, 
N. Y. N-phenethyl-beta-alanine derivatives. 2,,'i34,507, 
Dec. 19. 

Balzer, .\bram P., Mountain Lake, Miuu. Coupler. 
2,525,471, Oct. 10. 

Balzer, Ilurvey W'., Downers Grove, assignor to Automatic 
Electric Laboratories, Inc.. Chicago, ill. Operator 
register sender controlled telephone switching system. 
2..'>11,14.^>. June 13. 

Balzer. Harvey W.. Downers Grove, assignor to Auto- 
matic Electric Laboratories. Inc.. Chicago, 111. System 
for controlling automatic signaling for telephone lines. 
2,.'529.304, Nov. 7. 

Balzer. Henry IL. Perryton, Tex. Cattle guard gate. 
2.r>18.8.-)5, Aug. 15. 

Balzer. Mathlas G. : See- - 

Meyer, David, and Balzer. 

Balzer, Rudolf, West Springfield, Mass. Article dispensing 
machine. 2,490,689. Feb. 7. 

Bambas. Louis L., (Jrosse Pointe Woods, assignor to Parke, 
Davis & Company, Detroit. Mich. Biphenyl compounds. 
2,516,098, July 2a. 

Bamber, John ti., London, England.' assignor, by rnesn* 
assignments, to L'nifold Mailing .Machines Inc., 
Saginaw, Mich. Apparatus for feeding envelopes or 
the like from a stacked pile. 2^^24,417, Oct. 3. 

Bamberger, Alfred A., Flushing, assignor to Speedo Manu- 
facturing Co., Inc., New York, N. Y. Precision ham- 
mer. 2,533,988, Dec. 12. 

Banaszak. Joseph, Chicago, 111., assignor to Sleepmakers, 
Inc. Wire reel control 2..->2'>i.410. net. 31. 

Banbury. Richard H.. Hartford. Conn. Football practice 
apparatus. 2.532.880. Dec. 5. 

Bancroft, George II., assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Re- 
moving volatile matter from rolls of sheet material in 
preparation for coating under vacuum. 2,518,268. 
Aug. 8. 

Bancroft. James E., Jamaica, N. Y., assignor, by mesne 

"Assignments, to .Allied Control Company, Inc. (1947). 
Coil windinir machine. 2.531.962. Nov. 2S. 

Bancroft. Joseph C, Jamestown, N. Y .\\vning win^iow 
operating device. 2..528,572, Nov. 7. 

Bancroft, Josei)h, & Sons Co.. assignee : See — 
Ford, Florence M., and Hall. 
Llppert, Arnold L. 
Maclntvre. William R. 

Band. Haraid H. and R. R., Kew Garden.-?, N. Y. Refrig- 
erator water fountain. 2,504,622, Apr. IS. 

Band, Rae R. : See — 

Band. Haraid H. and R. R. 

Bander. John H. ,.^M aywood. Calif. Ilvdrnullc press at- 
tachment and WTme. 2.502.072. Mar. 28. 

Banes. Fred W..^'estfleld. and M. W. Rwaney, Cranford, 
N. J., assignors to Standard OH Development Company. 
Arvlalkylolamines as stabilizers for emulsion polymer 
latlces. 2,514.362, July 11. 

Banes, Fred W.. and E. Arundale, Westfleld. N. J., as- 
signor.-* to Standard Oil Development Company. Alkyl 
phenol-hydroxylamlne mixtures as polymerization 
shortstops. 2,514.363. July 11. 

Banes, Fred W., and P. K. Frollch. Westfleld. N. J., as- 
signors to Standard Oil Development Company. Fin- 
ishing of Mould polymers. 2.514.986. July 11. 

Baney, Harry N., ^Iuncie, Ind., assignor to Borge-Warner 
Corporation. Chicago, III. Milling machine head. 
2,530.502. Nov. 21. 

Baney. Harry N., L. A. C. Slentz, A. A. Kirkpatrick, and 
C. E. Brickley. Muncie. Ind.. assignors to Borg -Warner 
Corporation. Chicago, 111. Shaft concentricity testing 
and assorting machine. 2,531,317, Nov. 21. 

Banff. Peter S.. and V. Halversen. assignors to Presto 
Bandage Company. Chicago. 111. Machine for making 
bandages. 2.511.5.59, June 13. 

Bange, George E.. Wichita. Kans.. assignor to Bendix Avi- 
ation Corporation. New York, N. Y. Speed controlled 
coupling. 2.533.755. Dec. 12. 

Bantrham. Donald H., London, J. G. Bennett. Now .Maiden, 
and R. Mayorcas. London, M. Plrani. Kingston Hill, 
and M. W. Thrlng, assignors to C. It. R. A. Patents 
Limited. London. England. Method of and apparatus 
for controlling the combustion rate and composition of 
the combustion gases in the burning of solid fuel. 
2,515,545, July 18. 

Bangs. Jane W., assignee : See — 
Mumenthaler, Alfred. 

Banigan, Thomas F.. Kenmore. N. Y., assignor to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, Del. 
Polyethylene structures. 2,519,013, Aug. 15. 

Banister, Robert T., Chesterland, assignor to Thompson 
Products, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Weldable nickel base 
alloy. 2,503.608. Apr. 11. 

Bank, Albert M., Jersey City. .V. J. Spring cushion for 
upholstered furniture. 2,515.177, July 18. 

1.16'r t 'K I'.VIKN I'KIO.'S 


Baakanf, William F., East Paterson, and C. J. Harrington, 
Clifton, N. J., assignors, by mesne assignments, lo 
Hewitt-Robins Incorporated. Hopper car discharge ap- 
paratus. 2,504,789, Apr. IS. 

Banker. Oscar H., Evanston, 111. Chuck. 2,495,050, 
Jan. 17. 

Banker, Oscar U., Evanstou, assignor to New Products 
Corporation, Chicago, HI. Overrunning clutch. 
2..j(j4,17J. Apr. lb. 

Banker, Oscar 11., Evanston. assignor to New Products 
Corporation, Chicago, 111. Automatic transmission ap 
puraius aiei controls. 2..M»7,137, .Mav 9. 

Banker, Oscar H., Evanston. assignor to New Products 
Corporation, Chicago, 111. Shift control for automatic 
change-speed transmissions. 2,518.269, Aug. 8 

Banker, Oscar H.. Evanston. assignor to -New Products 
Corporation, Chicago. 111. Change-speed transmission 
control. 2,530,753. Nov. 21. 

Bankert. Italph A. : ate — 

Gresham, Thomas L., and Bankert. 

Bankert, Ralph A., Akron, Ohio, assignor to The B F 
Goodrich Company, New York. N. Y. Reaction of beta- 
lacionea with organic magnesium halldes. 2,510,364 
June 6. 

Buukey, Ivan E., assignor, by mesne assignments, to The 
Lucas County Bank, Toledo, Ohio. Compounding and 
molding machine. 2.519,014, Aug. 15 

Banks. Charles T., Neenah. assignor to VIctryllte Candle 
Company, Oshkosh, Wis. Candle dipping machine 
2,,")29,829, Nov. 14. 

Banks, Claude R., San Francisco, Calif. Film observa- 
tion window for motion-picture cameras. 2,515 169 
July 18. 

Banks, Reginald .M.. New York. N. Y,. and R. B. Barnes 
Stamford, Conn., assignors to American Cyanamid Com- 
pany, New York. N. Y. Moldable condensation products 
of silvered formald''hyde. 2.500,113, Mar. 7 

Banks, Sydney E., Shetlield, England. Labeling machine 
tor cylindrical bottles and like articles. 2 509 902 
-May 30. 

I'.anks, Vere J., Stroudsburg, Pa. Lawn mower attach- 
iiiont. 2.509,080. .May 23. 

Banks, Waldo IL, Hopedale. Mass. Pivoted cam jar cap 
wrench. 2.505,517, Apr. 25. 

I'.anner, Francis L., assignor to Mueller Co., Decatur, 111. 

Relief v'lvo. 2,497.2<M. I'eb 14. 
Banner, Herbert F., Easton, Md. Heel. 2.531,963, 
Nov. 2.S. 

Banner, Le Roy, McDonald, Ohio. Measuring apparatus. 

2,."! 14,985, July 11. 
Banneyer, Joseph, Chicago, 111. Form apparatus for wall 
_ openings., July 18. 

Clamping band. 

III. Projectile. 

Baiiiiing, Frederick D., Tcpango, Calif. 
2.521.962, Sept. 12. 

Banning, Thomas A., Jr., Chicago, 
2,507,878, May 16. 

Biinnlnger. Fritz, Zurich, Switzerland. Device for hold- 
ing and shaping long tapering stock. 2,500,735, 14. 

B.innistir, Bryant, assignor to H. H. Robertson Company 
Pittsbargh, Pa. Combined hydraulic clutch an.l hy 
draulic t<'r'j>iM convt rter transmission unit. 2, .''02, 364, 
Mar I's 

I^nnlster. Bryant, Pittsburgh. Pa., assignor to National 
Tube Company. Tube forming. 2,503.464, Apr. 11. 

i'.annist' 1. Kric D. : fe'ir- 

.Maitland, Angus C. M.. and Bannister. 

Bannon. John F.. Providence. R. I. Mechanism for con- 
fioiling w.b 2.521.440. Srpt. 5. 

Bannon. John H., Union, N. J., assignor to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Cleansing of- polymerization 
reactors. 2.530.144. Nov. 14. 

Bannon, John H., Cranford. and S. C. Lane. Roselle, N. J., 
assignors to Standard Oil Development Company. Pre- 
venting the sticking of polymers to drying, etc.. surfaces. 
2.532,985. Dec. 5. 

Banoczi, Joseph A.. Darien, Conn. Smoking article holder. 
2.527,516, Oct. 31. 

Bantar, Incorporated, assignee : See — 
McBride, John W. 

Banthin, John F., Bridgeport, Cbnn. Delivery gripf»er 
for printing presses. 2..-t09.030. May 23. 

P.any. and If T. See'(>y. I.ansdowne. Del., as 
slgnors to General Electric Companv. Differential pro- 
tective arrangement. 2,510,616, June 6. 

Bar, Peter J.. Middlesex, England. Apparatus for treat- 
ing solid particles in a conditioning fluid. 2,502.916, 
Apr. 4. 

Baranaiickas, Cha'rles F. : Sec — 

McBeel. Earl T., and Baranauckas. 

Baranov, Nathalie, assignor to Societe Anonvme de 
Telecommunications, Paris, France. Device for reduc- 
tion of crosstalk between two coaxial pairs of a tele- 
phone cable. 2.518,271, Aug. 8. 

BarntelH, Charles A.. Boston, assignor to Polaroid Corpo- 
ration. Cambridge, Mass. Ophthalmic device. 
2.534.655. Dec. 19. 

Barbagelata. Angelo. Matawan, N. J. Operating means 
for hand tools adapted for use in relatively inaccessible 
or cramped locations. 2.519.536, Aug. 22." 

Barbara, Frank c. v.. New Orleans, La. Collapsible 
music stand. 2.507,620, May 16. 

Barbara, Louis J., Wuodside, and M. M. Klein, Jackson 
Heights, N. Y., and B. Howard, North Arlington, N. J. 
Recording and reproducing apparatus. 2,52o.y«5, 
Oct. 17. 
Barbaras. Glen D. : See — ■ 

Schaeffer, George W.. and Barbaras. 
Barbe-Boujours, Ludjvico M., Vigo Espineiro, Spain. 

Cdiiipo.viTo Weld rod. 2..-25 ,S.-i2. < tct. 17. 
Barbo*.', Edwin \\ , San Carlos, Calif. Control mechaiiiim 

;or uu-ienng gtmes lo fluids. 2,4y8,iyd, Feb. 21. 
Barber-Colman Company, a!>8ignee ; 6'te — 
Burlingame, Sianley \\. 
Craudall, Charles B. 
Drake. Russell P. 
Lilja. Edgar D. 
Marcellus, Brooks. 
Peterson. Bun A. 
Reliwald. Kdinund A. 
Sweger. Russell p. 
Young. Arthur U. 
Barber, Etlicl A., assignee : See — 

iJilbert. Edward. 
Barber. Everett M. : See — 

Albert, Edward V.. Randall. 


,, , . and Barber. 

Barber, Everett M., Wan^jiugers Fulls, assignor to The 
Texas Company, New lork, N. Y. Apparatus for cat- 
alytic treatment of hydrocarbons. 2,516,943, Aug 1. 

Barber, Harry J., Gidea I'ark, assignor to May & Baker 
Limito(i. i:88t'x, England. I'roduclion of pheuauthrldiue 
derivatives. 2,495,051, Jan. 17. 

Barber, Hiram E., Crete, Nebr. Adjustable wrench having 
plier like hiiudles. 2,498.235, Feb. 21. 

Barbtr. Hirani L., Crete. Nebr. Tire bead and rim sei.hra;- 
ing lever. 2.518,114, Aug. 8. 

Barber, Hiram L., Newtown, and G. I. Sellars. Milford, 
Ohio. Apparatus for sorting and testing sticks. 
2,515,392, July 18. 

Barber, Howard M.. I'awcatuck, Conn., assignor to C B 
Cottrell & Sons Company, Westerly, K. I Folding, 
cutting, and delivering mechanism. 2,501.835, Mar. 28. 

Barber, Howard M., Pawcatuck, Conn., assignor to C. B. 
Cottrell & Sons Company. Westerly. IC. I. Folding, 
cutting, and delivering mechanism. 2,501.836, Mar. 28. 

Barber, Ira J., assignor to The Fosioria I'ressed Steel Cor- 
poration. Fostoria, Ohio. Pattern density ray approxi- 
mating reflector. 2.492.946. Jan. 3. 

Barber. Jesse, Spokane, Wash. Casting universal joints. 
2,529,586. Nov. 14. 

Barber, Joseph B., Mount Vernon, Ohio. Glass cutting 
table. 2..'. I2..'^2i. Jan.' 27 

P.arber, Oddous R., Lynn, and J J. McSweeney, Roxbury, 
Mass. Blueprint reeling device. 2,510,058, June 6. 

Barber Oil Corporation, assignee : See — 
Sml:h, Preston R. 

Barber, Opal A., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
2,509,797. Mav 30. 

Barber, Raleigh T., Tampa, Fla. Key liolder. 
June 27. 

Barber. Richard J. : See — 

Grant, Gordon A.. Glen, and Barber. 

Barber, Ronald S. V^ and D. it. Lester, assignors to I>ow- 
sett Engineering Construction Limited. Malrern. Eng- 
land. Manufacture of prestressed concrete blee|)er8 and 
like beams. 2.511.761, June 13. ^ 

Barber. William V., Norfolk. Va. Fireplace with supple- 
niontal draft no-ans. 2.497.486. Feb. 14. 

Barbera, Edmund. Howard Beach, N. Y. Inflatable display 
form. 2.52!M25, Nov. 7. 

Barbey, Raymond A. M., Paris, France. Electric calculat- 
ing machine. 2,503,932, Apr. 11. 

Barbey, Raymond A. M., Paris. France. Electric calcu- 
lator for studying correlative variations of qsantilies 
interconnected by a system of matln'iiiatlcal relations 
forming a double entry chart. 2,509.718. M.iy 30. 

Barhierl. Cesare, New York, N. Y., assignor to Dl.xie Cup 
Couipaiiy, Chicago, lU. Lid for paper containers. 
2,505,748, May 2. 

Barbieri. Nicholas. Providence, R. I., assignor to Uncas 
Manuf.'icturing Company. . Picture display holder. 
2..'i04.37.-.. Apr. ^S 

Barbieri, Nicholas, Providence, R. I., assignor to Uncas 
-Manufacturing Company, .\tiaching means for plastic 
monitors. 2,508.900, May 23. 

Barbknecht. Fred W. : SVe^- 

I'.uck, FosttT. Barbknecht, and Bowers. 

Barbknecht, Fred W.. Palos Heights 111., assignor to In- 
ternational Harvester Company. Machine tor beveling 
notches in coulter disks. 2,533,756, Dec. 12. 

Barbour Welting Company, assignee : iSee — 
Vizard, William C. 

Barcalo Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 
De'inev. Jaint's H. 
Ross. Hollls R. 

Barrenas. Alfrt-do Sainz y : See — | 

S-'iioca y Laborde. Julio, and Barcf-nas 

Barch. William E.. assignor to Standard Brands Incorpo- 
rated. New York. N. Y. Pyrophosphate baking powder. 
2,532.281. Dec. 5. 

Barchok. Donald. Wllkes-P.arre. pa . assignor to the 
I nlted States of America as represented by the Secre- 
tary of the Army. Synchronizing detection and Inter- 
rogation systems. 2,515.178, July 18. 

Barclay. Chail.-s E.. Philomath, Oreg. Measuring Instru- 
ment. 2,504,244, Apr. 18. 



Jiir Ud wrench. 

Barclay. Ralph K. : S*>p — 

Flerke. Schf-urlng S , and Hurclay. 
Uarolay. William, Kiclnnuiiil. Calif. 

-'.4'jfi.2''.L:. V^■h. 1. 
Barrlay. U lUiara L., Jr., Scarsdale, N. Y, assignor to 

\V>8tiu?h(Hi8e P:iectrlc Corporati'.n. Kast I'lttKburgh. Pa. 

Control iyitem for uJternatlng current inot"!-* 

1'. 498. 236. Fc-b. 21. 
IJarcl.ivs li.iiilc I.iiiiiteil. administrator: Sre — 

(•rirPiiiiL'ii mi, Lpstif» H. ('., Ford, -qjarnes, Sykes, 
IImiicii •!.:, ;ui'i i:.ihin-<in 
Barco, Allen A., Jackson Heights. N. Y.. assignor to Radio 

CorDoration of America. Phase detector. 2,503,700, 

A[)r. 1 1. 
15,1' 111-, lii-<s.ll .\.. l.os Ai!_i,'el''S, Calif. 

hfi. h .',.jnH.STt2. May D, 
Bard. F. N.. assiirnee : See — 

Clark. Robert S. 
Hard. l->iiic:s .\ , Highland P:irk, 111. 

2 .'^)0^. ".•'..'. M;ir 2^ 
Bard. Francis .%'.. Highland Park. 111. 

N..V, 'Jl. 
P.ard. Franci.s X.. Highland Park, 

2..";!l,n2I. Nov. 2 1, 
Bard I'm; k'T iv,mpariv, In^- , as.-;ijiiee : See — 
.Xrd'n. Thotii;i>- K 
Hallowell, Horace J. 
I'.ardi't'n. John, Summit. N. J . as,-;ignor to P.ell T-lephone 

L.afjoratorl.'.s, Incorporatrd, .\t\v York, N. Y. Thrct»- 

el'-ctrodi' (Ircuir . ienient utilizing semiconductive mate-^. 2..'.24,():?.3. Oct. :?. 
Banlf'en, John. Summit, and W. II. Brattaln, Mnrrlstowii, 

.V. J., a.v.xlk'nnrs to P.-!! Ttd.'phon.' Laboratories, 

Iticorporarcd. N'< \v York, N. Y. Tlirf^-elcctrode circuit 

fl.'in- n' utiU/.ini; .semi<"onductive mat.>rial.s. 2,524,03'j, 

(icr. :;, 

iiilf to F. Pasznlrkl, De- 

Folding table and 

Revolving joint. 

Joint. 2,531,020, 

111. Swing joint. 

and screen. 2,514,438, 

Bardeca, Jo-*M'h, assiu'iV'r of ..ii» 

trolt. Mi'-h. Coinbln.-d sash 

July 11 
B.ird'Iniei'T. .Inl us l-: ■ >'■ <■ - 

WariitT. Fl'iyd F , P.rook.s. anil Bardelmeier. 
B,ir'i"!i Corp. .ratio!:, T!>', , t ss i t;i! «'e : See — 

Fricson Folke i:,, .ind Nol-throp. 
Harden. William E : .'?'>'— 

Mclntyre, Charles A., and Barden. 
B.irdet, (.(^r.ird, assiunor lo Societe Anonyme Machines 

Autoniatiqui'S Bard^-t. I'ari«». France. Transfer nieclia- 

nism f'T cylindrical articles. 2.r)12,0<?;V June 20. 
Bardet. Maurlre, Vlncenncs, France. Rolling track for 

machine tools. 2.r.]9,ini. Aug. 15. 
Bardtrett, William F.. assiimor to The T'nited Steel Com- 

pini^'S Limited. Sh-fflcld, Fnirlanil. Boron-treated 

molybdenum .steel. 2.."1,3..39,">, July 4. 
Bardons and 01iv<T. Inc.. nssignie : iSce — 

Oliver, Lorkwood. 
Bardshar. C;,nii!ia C. : f^re — Henry P. 
Ptrd^hir. I >.• \« j;.." Tacoma, Wash. Humidifier and top 

oilor for internal combustion engines. 2.526,530, Oct. 

Bardshnr, H.-nrv P. Los Angeles Cnllf. ; C. C. Bardshar, 

ndministratrix of paid H. P. Bardshar, deceased. 

Spring lift Jaw cable grip. 2,493.214, Jan. 3. 
Bart" ki, Chf^-tcr .1.. as.^i^nor to Ameriran .Seatinc Com- 
pany, <;rand Udi>ids. Mich Vertically adjustable link 

supportp<! s.;it. 2,."i27.905. Oct. 31.* 
Barebam. Mauriee N. : f^re — 

Carnairua Harold E., and Bareham. 
narfr>d. Fred'Tik : See — 

Wirtti. Emil O., and Barfnd. 
Barford. N<irman C. : ■S'cc — 

Pearce, Albert F.. Barford. and Mayo. 
P. irford. .Nnfinan c.. Haves, assitrnor to Electric & Musical 

Industries Limited. Hayes. Middlesex. England. Tun- 

int: nuM'h.anism for liollow electrical resonators. 

2.501 .3').T. Mar. 21 
B.irford, Norman C.. Prittlewell, Southend, assignor to 

Elf'ctrie ,^ Musical Industri»'.s Limited, H.ayes, England. 

Elei trcn disi-hfl'"g" device. 2,50f),t'.27. May 9. 

Barfus. IrviniT, P.rooklvn. N. Y 

Relief wheel for auto- 


111. Typewriter desk. 

motive v.hicles. 2.5,'!3.8fi9. Dec.£r<m. William J., Waukegan, 
2,499.71.'? Mar 7. 

Barger, Geortre K. : See — 

Jones. Lyman L., an(l Barger. 
Bartr'T. Geortrp K , Senftl^. W,ish 

Can C.unpanv, New '^'ork. N. Y 

bodies. 2.515,179, July 18. 
Barirhfttiserx Louis IT, rittshnrcrh. Pa. 

knee vtructur.^. 2, 51,'^. 134. June 27. 

Barlbault. Joseph F . New Haven, Conn. 

tongs. 2.503,430, Apr. 11. 
Barich, John J.. Jr : Srr — f 

Braily. Charles .\., Jr., and Barich. 

Pruellau'e. Frank J 

Baril. Samuel J.. Brooklyn, assiirnor to The Hobar Co., 
In.-. New York, N. Y. Spring damp. 2,515,849, 
July IS. 
B.iritim S'e».i < "nrporation, assignee: See — 

Smith. Arthur D. 
Barkalo'.v. Clar« E. : See — 

Ilaskins, Robert. Jr , and Barkalow. 

a^siirnor to American 
Producing container 

Artificial limb 
Package lifting 

Barkalow, Clare E., Lloyds Harbor, assignor to The Sperry 
Corporation, Great Neck, N. Y. Gyroscopic inetrument. 
2..'.12..''.9.S. June 27. 

Barkalow, Clare E., Floral Park, N Y . an! U Haskln.s, 
Jr., Rutherfordton, N. C, assignors to Tlie Sperry 
Corporation. Attitude gyroscope, 2,523.270, Sept. 2t>. 

Barkan, Louis R., and M. L. .Vndersou. Massillon. as- 
signors to Eaton Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, 
Ohio. Snap ring tool. 2,510,206, June (5. 

Barkan. Louis K., and M. L. Anderson, .Ma-<slllon, assignors 
to Eaton Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Split ring expander. 2,532.141, Nov. 28. 

Barkas, Walter H., Seattle, Wash. Pressure-compensated 
mixing valve. 2.511.094. June 13. 

Itarkeij. Jean A. H., Altadena, Calif. Combustion cham- 
ber for internal-combu.stion cncines. 2.522,921, Sept, ls». 

Barkelj, Jean A. H., Altadena. Calif. Semiautomatic gear- 
shift transmission together with a combined fuel con- 
trol element and manual gearshifter. 2.535.02."" 
Dec. 19. 

Barkelew, Richard C. Sierra Madre, Calif. Fluid mixture 
and volume control valve. 2,501,057, Mar. 28. 

Barker, Albert W.. Billint'S. Mont. Noz/.le sjirinkler at- 
facliment. 2,527,388, Oct. 24. 

Barker, Charles E., Essex, assignor to Sylvania IHeetric 
Products Inc., Salem. Mass. Support for lighting 
fixtures employing elongated tubular lamps. 2.529,990, 
Nov. 14. 

Bd' er E(|uipmeut Company, Inc., assignee : See — 
Bruce, Robert A. 

Barker. Eros V., assignor to The Perfection Steel Body 
Company, Gallon. Ohio. Pawl and ratchet transmission 
mechanism. 2,504.623. Apr. 18. 

Barker. Eugene : See — 

Bohmer. Clarence I., and Barker. 

Barker. Eugene, assignor to The Jaeger Machine Com- 
pany, Columbus, Ohio. Swivel joint. 2.518.216, 
Aug. 8. 

Barker. James W. and S. C. Middletown, P I Amuse- 
ment apparatus. 2.505,659, Apr. 25. 

Barker. John, and M. Ghere, Centralia. 111., assignors, by 
mesne assignments, to Yazoo -Manufacturing Company, 
Inc., Jackson. Miss. Rotating cutting disk type mower. 
2.505.377. Apr. 25. 

Barker. John L.. Norwalk, Conn., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Eastern Industries. Incorporated. 
Tritfic detection api'ara»us. 2.521.683. Sent. 12. 

Barker. Maurice E., United States Army. Shoulder gun 
of recoilless type. 2,515.180, July 18. 

Barker. Maurice E., Washington. D. C. assignor to the 
United States of America as represented hv the Secre- 
tary of War. Thermit ammunition. 2.534.215. Dec. 19. 

P.arkor. Melvin A., and H. J. Finch. Detroit, and A. J. 
Rooks, Hamtramck, Mich. Automatic adjustable torque 
wrench. 2.527.517, Oct. 31. 

Barker, .Milford. Washington C. H.. Ohio. Switch oper- 
ator for storage bin indicators. 2,520,191. Oct. 17, 

Barker. Orrin W. : See — 

Armitage, Joseph B.. and Barker. 

Barker Poultry Equipment Company, assignee: See — 
Sharp, Allen. 

Barker, Seth S.. Dttumwa. Iowa. Machine for process- 
ing egcs. 2,500.396. Mar. 14. 

Barker. Stephen C. r See — 

Barker. James W. and S. C. 

Barker. Sydney W.. Colne. assignor to Lustrafil Limited, 
Nelson. England. Continuous process for the produc- 
tion and treatment of artificial threads. 2.525,760, 
net. 17. 

Barker, Sydney W.. Colne, assignor to Lustrafil Limited, 
Nelson, England. Collection of artificial yarn on ring 
. spindles. 2.530.146, Nov. 14. 

Barker. Sydney W.. Colne, and G. L. (Jodman. Thornton- 
on-Craven. Skipton. assignors to Lustrafil Limited, 
Nelson. Entrland. Continuous process for the produc- 
tion and treatment of artificial threads and apparatus 
therefor. 2.526.110. Oct. 17. 

Barker. Walter E. : nee— 

Eaton. Milton, and Barker. 

Barker, William A.: SVc — 

Ilazelton, George, Barker, and Gibson.. 

Barker, William M.. Greoce. and It. H. Rechtold. Iron- 
dequoit assignors to General Railway Signal Comimny. 
Rochester. N. Y. Voice frequency signal device. 
2,516,361, July 25. 

Barkey. Kenneth T., and J. W. Mench. assignors to 
Eastman Kodak Company. Rochester, N. Y. Partially 
de-etherified cellulose cyanoethyl ethers and their 
preparation. 2.525.514. Oct. 10. 

Barkh'ifT, Raymond A.. Jr.. Sprinefield, Mass., assignor 
to Monsanto Chemical Company. St. I^uis, Mo. Rapid- 
curing phenolic resins. 2,513.274, July 4. 

Barkliuff. Raymond \., Jr.. Springfield. Mass.. assignor 
to Monsanto Chemical Company. St. Louis, Mo. Seal- 
Inir porous striictures. 2,513,614. July 4. 

Barklev. Archiebald S., Detroit. Mich. Model airplane 
propeller. 2,535.527, Dec. 26. » 

Barklev, Earnest L., Jr., Reldsvllle, N. C Hogshead. 
2,514,829, July 11. 

Barkley, Robert Y.. Weems, Va. Lubricant system of con- 
trol for automobile engines. 2,523,937, Sept. 26. 

Barkow, Eugene V. : See — 

Ashton, Benjamin N., and Barkow. 



Fruit picker. 
Dti mg lum- 

BarkBchat, Doris, Beverly Hills. Calif. 
2,510, d4U, July 25. 

Barksdale, Beverly E., Sr., Charlotte, N. C 
her. 2.507,190. May 9. 

Barksdaie. George R., Troy, N. C. Liquid soap dispenser. 
2,529.305. Nov. 7. 

Barkstium, Elmer E., and J. Gurskls, Jr., Chicago, 111., 
a.^sii,'uors to Western Electric Company, Incorporated, 
New York. N. Y. Granular material feeding and spread- 
ing apparatus. 2,507,294, May 9. 

Barkstrom, Elmer E., and J. Gurskis, Jr., Chicago, 111., 
assignors to Western Electric Company, Incorporated, 
New York, N. Y. W inding and talc applying apparatus. 
2.508,484, May 23. 

Barkstrom. Reynold, Moline, 111., assignor to International 
Harvester Company. Endless chain gatherer for corn 
harvesters. 2,527,786. Oct. 31. 

Barling, Leslie C, Johannesburg, Transvaal, I'nion of 
South .\frlca. Outlet valve lield opnn hv fiow. 
2..o;M,;i42, I'ec, lit. 

Barlow, Benjamin \V,, Wembley, asaignor to D. -Napier A 
Si.u LiuilieU, London, Euglnnd. internal-combuBtiou 
engine power plant. 2,497,970, Feb. 21. 

Barlow, IMek S.. Port Washington, assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated, .New ^ork, N. Y. Al- 
ternating current control device. 2,519,425, Aug. 22. 

Barlow, Garland P., Dunbar, w . \ a. Fluid container 
opener. 2,510,746. July 25. 

Barlow. George W. : See — 

Kropa. Edward L.. and Barlow. 
Smerechniak, Jerry J., and Barlow. 

Barlurt-. George W ., Aberdeen, VSasli. Hot-water bottle 
stopper and heat maintainer. 2,507,750, May 16. 

Barlow, Harry, Freeman, W. Va. Magazine type hot-air 
heater. 2.513,443, July 4. 

Barlow, Kenneth F., Preston assignor to The English 
Electric Company Limited, London, England. Electric 
billet lie.ating machine. 2,.")04,79O, Apr. 18. 

Louisville. Ky. 

. Jackson, Ohio, 

Hinge construction. 

assignor to Eastern 
core coniposition. 

and Tool Company, assignee 

Barlow, Robert C, 
2,505,848. May 2. 
Barlow. Thomas E 
Clay Products, 
2.5U3.088. Apr. 4. 
Barnaby Alanufacturing 
See — 

Toth. Barnabas P. 
Barnard, Alfred L. : See — 

I'll vail, William IL. and Barnard. 
Barnard, Harvie, Clinton. Iowa, and E. M. Wharton, Bound 
Itrook, N. J., assignors to the United States of America 
as represented by the Secretary of War. Consistency 
meter. 2,533.213. Dec. 12. 
Barnard, Joseph W., assignee: Sec — 

Fox. Charles L 
Barnard, Randolph IL, Toledo, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to (ilass Fibers. Inc., Waterville,*< »hio. Appara- 
tus for making staple fiber. 2,518,744. Aug. 15. 
Barnby. Herbert A. : See — 

llohl, John, Barnby, and Wheaton. 
Barnebey, Herbert L., Kichniond Township, Allegheny 
County, assignor to Blaw Knox Company, Pittsburgh, 
Pa. Electric immersion beater. 2,531,38o. Nov 28. 
Barnes, Alfred II. , Glendale, and F. Gro>8e, Los Angeles, 
Calif., assignors, by mesne assignments, to Rubberset 
Company, .Newark, N. J. Apparatus for applying 

Mont Gun eight, 2.498,329, 

assignor to Polaroid Corpora- 
Ultraviolet absorbing hlter. 

to General 
. Y. Alpha- 
?Ir manufac- 

paint. 2,509,954, May 

Barnes. Allen. Miwonla 
K-h 2! 

Barnes, .\rtliur. Walthain 
tioii, Caiiibridge, >Iass, 
■2.'>:>.i.i\:>i. Dec. 19. 

Barnes Brady E. : See — 

Klasey, John H.. WIegner, and Barnes. 

Bari.ev. p.ruce E.. Youngstown, Ohio. Awning operator 
2, ,-.24, 508, Oct. 3. 

Barnes, Byron H., assigned: See — 
Wheaton, Ray O., and Wilde. 

Barnes. Carl E. : Sec — ; 

Jones. Griffin D., and/Barnes. 

Barnes. Carl E., Belvldere, N. J., assignor 
Aniline & Film Corpor«ition, New York, X 
substituted haloacrylic compounds and th 
ture. 2,514,305. July 4>. / 

Barnes^ Carl E., BehidereNN. J., assigndr to General 
Aniline & Film Corporatlohv New Y'ork,3»'- Y- Poly- 
merization of vinvl biphenvir'^-2J)27Jii«^(>ct 24 

Barnes, Carl E.. Belvidere. ^^. J..^ira\V. O. Ney, Jr.. 
Easton. Pa., assignors to General Aniline & mm Cor- 
poration. New York. N. Y. polymerization of alpha- 
haloacrylic compounds. 2,499.811. Mar 7. 

Barnes, Carl E., PipersvUle, and W. O. Ney, Jr., Easton 
Pa., assignors to General Aniline & Film Corporation,' 
New York, N. T. Reversible cr-l composition. 2 506,537 
Ma.v 2 

Barnes, Carl E. Belvidere, N, J. and W. (» .N'ey, Jr 
Easton, Pa,, assignors to General Aniline * Film Corpo- 
ration. New York, N. Y. Production of haloacrylic 
compounds. 2.515,686, July 18. 

Barnes. Carl E.. Belvidere, N. J., and W. O Nev Jr 
Easton, Pa., assignors to General Aniline & Filrn' Cr- 
poration. New York. N. Y. Photographic silver h.ilide 
emulsions. 2.522.771. Sept. 19. 

Barnes. Cecil 
Apr. 4. 

D.. Kansas City. Mo. Mower. 2.502.696, 

Barnes. Charles R.. Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to Albany 
Felt Company. Albany, .N. Y. Treating wool and fab- 
rics formed therefrom lo increase their resistance to 
decomposition by heat. 2,515,181, July 18. 

Bailies, Clareuie L. : .Sfc — 

Barnes, Everett M. and C. E. 

Baruis, Clay T.. Philadelphia, I'a. Bacon cooking aid. 
2,513,839, July 4. 

Barnes Drill Co., assignee: See — 
Seborg. Earnest Y'. 

Barnes L»uluth Sliipbuilding Company, assignee: Ste — 
llrauzell. Edward D. 

Barnes, Emmett A., Marietta. Ohio. Safety lock for 
window sashes. 2.532,881. Dec. 5. 

Barnes, Everett -M. and C. E.. New Paris, Ohio. Automatic 
saiety thiowoif mt-chauism. 2,5U4,624. Apr. 18. 

Barnes. Frank .\ : See — 

Numseu. I'Lalen U.. and Barnes. 

Barnes, t ieUei.,_K li.., s\ orcvster, Mass.. assignor to The 
American Steel and Wire Company of New Jersey. 
Water-cooled arch. 2.521..'?25. Sept. 5. 

Barnes, George W.. Jr.. Clifton Heights, Pa., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Minneapolis Honeywell Regu- 
lator Company, Minneapolis. Minn. Time" in; e:\hi re- 
corder. 2,519,537. Aug. 22. 

Barnes, (ieorge vv., Jr., Clifton Heights, I'a.. assignor. 
by mesne assignments, to Minneapolis Honeywell Regu- 
lator Company. Mi.ineapolis, Minn. Muliiple record, 
single marker recording system. 2,527,207. Oct. 24. 

Barnes, George W., Jr., Clifton Heights, and J. F. Goetz 
and W. P. Wills, Philatlelphla County I'a., assignors, 
by mesne assignments, to Minneapolis-IIoneywell Regu- 
lator Company, Minneapolis. Minn. Recording instru- 
ment. 2,508,592. May 23. 

Barnes. Gladeon M., assignor to The Budd Company, 
Philadelphia. Pa. Center plate construction. 2.50y.95i. 
May 30. 

Barnes, Harold E.. East Orange, assignor to Ferris Instru- 
ment Laboratories. Boonton. N. J. Electrical capac- 
itance device. 2,494.502. Jan. 10. 

Barnes. Harriet C. assignee : See — 
Wheaton. Ray O., and Wilde. 

Barnes, James 1'., Chicago, 111. Server device. 2.507.951. 
May 16. 

Barnes. Jeffery W. : See — 

Cunningham. Leslie B. C. Ford. Barnes. Syket, 
Hancock, and Robinson. 

Barnes. Jeffrey W.. Farnborough and J. S. Phllpot, 
Oxford, England. Gyroscopic system. 2,501.885. Mar. 

Barnes, Jesse W.. assignor of fifty per cent to J. J. 
Byard. 3rd, (,>neonta, N. Y. E.vhaust pressure reducing 
attachment for engine exhaust pipes. 2,500.510, 
Mar. 14. 

Barnes, Joseph B., Hampton. Va. Training chair for 
children. 2,513.444. July 4. 

Barnes, Kenneth II assignor to American Wheelabrutor 
& Equip. Corp., Allshawaka. Ind. Surface treating de- 
vice. 2,493.215. Jan. 3. 

Barnes, Kenneth J., Richmond. Calif. Ground fault locat- 
ing device. 2.529.126. Nov. 7. 

Bariifs, .Mulcolni IL. Kenmore. N Y.. assignor to The 
Linde Air Products Company. Forming jewel bearing 
blanks. 2,511.962, June 20. 

Barnes .Manufacturing Co., assignee: See — 
Swilik, Edward C. 

Barnes, Randolph C, Peoria, HI., assignor to Caterpillar 
Tractor Co , San Leandro, Calif. Engine ajvernor 
2.511,095. June 13. 

Barnes, Ray E., Seattle, Wash. Ball projector. 2,506,190, 
May 2. 

Barnes, Robert A., Spicer. Colo. Articulated power-op- 
erated hay-rake. 2.533,417, Dec. 12. 

Barnes. Robert B. : See — 

Banks. Reginald M.. and Barnes. 
Ham. Garnet P.. and Barnes. 

Barnes, Robert B., Cambridge, M.-iss., assignor to the 
United States of America as represented bv the Secre- 
tary of War. Antenn.i structure. 2.50l,ni;0. .Mar 21 

Barnes, Thomas G.. Durham, N. C, and M. J. Burger 
Murray Hill, N. J., assignors to the United States of 
America as represented by the Secretary of War Elec- 
trical system for locating a sound source. 2.535 255 
Dec. 26 
Barnes. Wallace A.. Cleveland. Ohio, assignor to The 
Langenau Manufacturing Company. Faste.ning device 
comprising hook and-eye elements. 2.534 396 Dec 19'^ 

Barnee, Walter C, Lake BlufT, H. W. Keevll, Evanstou 
and J. C. Dloime. Chicago, 111. llaw detecting metho<i 
and appara-us for ferromagnetic bodies. 2.497 855 
Feb, 21 

Barnes, Walter <^ , Lake Bluff, and H. W. Keevll. Evanston 
111. Apparatus and method for detecting flaws In 
magnetizable bodies. 2,497,856, Feb. 21. 
Barnes. WeMeti 1'. assignee: Sec — 
Horan. .Maurice K., and Cade. 

Barnes, William A., Utlca. N. Y.. assignor to Utlca Drop 
Forge & Tool Corporation. Dovetail tool. 2.535.383 
Dec. 26. f 

Barnes, William E. : See — 

Chaney, Prpsron E., and Barnes. 

Barnes, William E.. Beaumont. Tex., assignor to Sun CHI 
Company. I-hiladelphla, Pa. Well bore caliper w'th 
helically traveling feeler. 2,514,355, July 11 



indp:x of patents, 1950 

Hhtl's. W.lliain i; , I'.-a .inwnt, Tex,, aBslRuor to Sun Oil 
I'dinpanv. l'hilailtl|i!iia. I'a. Pressure regulator for 
n.iat syHteiiis. J riL't).;in2, Aiiir 29. 

I'arnpr. Morris, rhilarlelphin. I'.i. Tarrving case for mo- 
tion-picture ri'.ls. ■_'.4!t9.t]:J.'!, Mar. 7. 

r.arii.-rt, Ui'iijaiiiiii, a-.siL'Unr to Stit-U iH^veloprnent Com- 
pany, San I'Vaiii isco. Calif, rrep.i rat ion of beta- 
laiton.-s. l.'.r.1,'5,<;i '), Jiilv 1 

Harnett, Benjamin G., and li. B. Uestiiioreland, Dallas, 
T-x : S.I ill W .•■;r!niir.'!aii<i .avsimior to s.ald IJaruett. 
I'ol.lahie canopy frame 2,510,365, June 6., Guy i\, as.-ii:ii()r to IMiilco Corporation, Phila- 
d''lp!iia. I*a. Iiiii>«'i!aii(>>-inatrliing device. 2.510,944, 
AiiLV 1. 

Barneft. I.-wi.-j A.. Ash.'ville N. C. Computing level. 
2,534.2 It), Dec. 19. 

BarnMit. Max, i!rn..klvn, .\ Y. Curtain rod. 2,511,762, 

,im!i- i;'. 
Kariiett, Kf'X «>.. Hft/. r Springs, A:k. Tire removing 

tool. ■^.:<\:'.~i>~. July 4. 
Karri. 'tr, Rob.-rt S. : See — 

Asiibiirn. Harry V,, I'arn«'tt and Puryear. 
Barnett, William, "Mrattlfbor.., Vt. Golf putting game 

rcreptacl.- 2..''A,7ni. May 1'.'!, 
Barney. Arthur I... aBsi;.riior to E. I 'hi Pnnt de Nemours 

& <'oiiipaiiy. W'iiiiiinefoti. Dt^l, Tran.-^par.^nt wrapping 

films of 2.3-<iiclilorolnira(ii.-ne copolymers. 2,496.970, 

F. h 7. 
Barii.-y, .\rtluir 1. . assignor to E. I .1u Pont de Nemours 

<Sc <'"iM[>aiiy, \Vilniini:Ton. K.-l. Heat stabilized poly- 
meric 2.3 dii'hloro-1 ..'^-Initadit'no and obtaining same. 

2..')!t'>.'>4ri, AiiL'. 1. 
Barnp>-. Kiiwin H WaltlMin, M.ass. Protector for gas 

piuiij) noz/I.v*. 2.."'i_' (..'in;*, O. r. 3. 
Barni'y. 1- r.-.^man • See - 

I^ee, .Iamt\s K,. and I?.arn"y. 
Bamfy, Harold I.. M.idi.^^.m. and K. C. Math.'S, Maple- 

woo'l. N. J . awsignors to H.'ll T.^h^nhone Laboratories, 

Incorporated. N.\v York, N. Y. Self-biased solid ampli- 
fier. 2.r)17,!»''>(i, .ADC. S. 
Barney. HaroM L,. Madison. I., c. Peterson, Chatham, 

R. K. Potter. Madison, and R W Sears. West Orange, 

N, J., assignors to Bell Telephorip Laboratories, Incor- 

po-at(.l. Nhw York. X. Y. F^U'itron beam tube filter. 

2.."';i.t'(io \"o\- '.t; 
Earnhardt. William 11., assignee: See — 

Brock. .lohii B 
Barribarr. Hiair, I'h It!, iphl i. and K A Gott, Lansdowne, 

1* I . assitrnors to Snnroc Rof rlgeration Company, Dover, 

Ii.l Tib(> 'oint 2 .''''t »"•-'.". .\)>r. is 
Barnhart. Frank H , F.'storia, Ohio I'honograph record 

disk 2. .'113 tiOO, Apr 1 1 
Barnhart. .TMhii, ;tn; G. B. Toner. Ka'on. i>h.[n. Hog coop. 

2..''i:;_' S.I". lio.\ .",. 
Barnfiill .Firrei! L .Vorman, <lkli , Bale tying mechanism. 

2,r,ir, u.", .fuly 2.". 
Barnwiil Ir\ inc. N'fW York. X Y. Iliirirlar alarm switch. 

2, .''.00,3:^.- Mar. 14 
Baron. .Miritiain 1... assignor to S. B Pcnick A Company, 

New York. X. Y. Fractionation of tvrothrlcin. 

2,534.541. Dec. 19. 
Bariiii \r'lnir. Fnclewood. X. J. Win. low sharle guide. 

2.^(17. 9." 2. Mav ItV 
Baron, Barnett. Bronx. X Y .Vtomlzer. 2,517,961, 

Aug s 
p.aron Con-itantine W., Onkland, X. J. Detachable bicycle 

carrier unlvfrsal detachable tray. 2, .")3 1.902. Nov. 2k 
Baron. 1 lory. .Mirseilie. France, a-sicnor o'f twenty-five 

per cen' ro I. Mlnc.uid. Lon_' Island ("iry, X. Y. Auto- 

inaticiMv and progres.sivr! v regulating vehicle speed. 

2.4;<7.33s. Feb. 14. 
Baron. Giissie. Brooklvn. X. Y. Device for removing facial 

wriP.kles. 2."n-K701, Apr. IS, 
Baron. Theodor.>, and It Weinbertrer, assicrnors to Carrern.s 

Limited. Lon.lon. England. Scaling sheet metal boxes. 

2..">2^,29»>. Oct. .".1. 
Barone. .August L.. Maricopa County. Ariz. Counting 

mecbatiisni fo*" ppierot knobs. 2.504.376. Apr. IS. 
Barone. Mark .T.. Orange, N. J. Hedge trimming 

shears. 2.516.946. Aug. 1. 
Baronick. Rudolph, asslcnee : f^ee — 

P.onglorni. James., Euirene M., Columbus. Ohio, assignor to Thp 

J.Trev Manufacturing Company. Separating fine 

srr.mnlar mat- rials according to specific gravltv. 

2 ."120. .''.'.'I ). Oct. In. 

Barr. .\rthur C.. Mai'ison. Wis 


ii:<. Oct. 10. 

Shade bracket. 

Barr. Fmik T.. Summit. X. J . assicnor to Standard Oil 
Developniont- Gonipanv. 'Ntethod and apparatus for 
.solvr n- .I.anlnc finely divided solids. 2.500.056. Mar. 7. 

Barr. Frank T., Summit. N. J., assignor to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Reactor. 2.51 ''.270. Aug. f* 

Barr. J.'sse A.. Hishlnnd Park. Calif. Pofable battery 
operated fluo-.'SKe'it lantern. 2..'')33,9in Dec. 12. 

Barr, Mix W.. .Mi. Hand. Mich Boat awning-. 2.531,836, 
.Vov 'J'< 

Barr. Ralph 1. Auhnrn. X. Y Shoe with raarglnally- 

(lownMirned sole, 2,.°'.3,',5''i) Dec 20 
Barr. Roy F. ChiMress. Tex Toothbrush. 2,528,992. 

Xov. 7 
Barr. Samuel R., Bridgeport. Gonn., assicnor to General 

Electric Comp,'iny. Combined shutoff and metering 

valve 2. 510, .TIT, June H. 

Barr, Samuel U., Bridgeport, Conn., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Air deliumidifier for compartments. 
2.5n.<:66. June 13 , '-" 

Barr & Stroud, Limited, assignee: See — 
J-'rencli, James W. 
Frenih, James W., aTid Foster. 
Strang, John M. 

Barr, Theodore F., and C. W. Doughman. assignors to 
The National Cash Register Company, Dayton, Ohio. 
Spray nozzle. 2,524,097, Oct. 3. 

B.irr. Thomas : See — 

Balrd, William. Barr, Lane, and Lowe. 

Balrd, William, Barr, and Lowe. 

Balrd, William, Barr, Lowe, and Oliver. 

Barr-Don Inc., as.signee : (S'e« — 
Donnelley, Elliott. 

Barrg. Robert A., assignor to Schlumberger, Inc., New 
York. N. Y. Combined watchcaae and band therefor. 
2,512.992, June 27. 

Barrel!. Robert W., Erie, Pa., assignor to General Electric 
Company. Radiator cooling system, temperature con- 
trol. 2.499.176, Feb. 28. 

Barrett. Bernard A., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Memo recorder. 2,520.707, Aug. 29. 

Barrett, Charles D., Altoona, Pa. Locomotive. 2,521,142, 
Sept. 5. 

Barrett. Edwin W. : See— 

Gartner. Stanley J., and Barrett. 

Barrett. Gerald R.. Winchester, Mass., assignor to Mon- 
santo Chemical Company, St. Louis, Mo. Polyphos- 
phates of divalent aryl hydrocarbons. 2.520,090, Aug. 

Barrett, Guy, Bosham near Chichester, assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Varatlo-Str.atelinp Gears Lhn- 
Itfd. fslough. England. Gear bobbing machine. 
2,526.798. Oct. 24. 

Barrett. Harry B., St. Louis. Mo. Apjiaratus for securing 
lining matprial to brake shoes 2,4<»s.937, Feb. 28. 

Barrett, Jes«e T., Eudora. Ark. Expansible chamber ro- 
tary motor of the sliding abutment tyi>e. 2,515,288, 
July 18. 

Barrett Richard C. assignor to The William L Barrett 
Co., Bristol. Conn. Glass cutter. 2,516,668. July 25. 

Barrett. Sidney A., Montreal. Quebec. Canada. Two way 
polar telegraph system. 2.496.372. Feb. 7. 

Barrett. William XL, International Falls. Minn., and 
B. K. Asdell. Metuchen, N. J., assignors to Minnesota 
and Ontario Paper Company. Minneapolis. Minn. 
Coating paper. 2,534,848. Dec. 19. 

Barrett. William II., and B. K. Asdell, International 
P"'alls, assignors to Minnesota and Ontario Paper Com- 
pany. Minneapolis, Minn. Apparatus for coating paper, 
2.513.394. July 4. , 

Barrett. William H., and E. Zimmerman, International 
Falls, assignors to Minnesota and Ontario Paper Com- 
pany. .Minneapolis, Minn. Preparing coating color. 
2,526,598. Oct. 17. 

Barrett. William H., and B. K Asdell. International Falls, 
assignors to Minnesota and Ontario Paper Company. 
Minneapolis. Minn. Coating paper. 2,532,140, Nov. 28. 

Barrett. William L.. Co., The, assignee : See — 
Barrett, Richard C. 

Barrick. Paul L.. Wilmington, and A. A. Pavllc, Claymont, 
assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Comjianv, 
WUrnimrton. Del. Acetals from acrylonltrile, carbon 
monoxide, hydrocen, and alcohols. 2.506.571 Mav 9 

Barrick, Paul L.. C. T. Handy, and R. S. Schr.iber," as- 
slirnors to E. I. du Pont de Netnours & C.>mpanv, Wil- 
mington, Del. Producing tetrasubstituted piperazines. 
2,516,289. July 25. 

Barrlckman, Lloyd T., assignor to Hutchens Industries, 
Fan Claire. Wis. Method of ani! apparatus for stulfine 
oil filter elements. 2.501.652, Mar. 28. 

Barringer. Gordon L. : See — 

Lee. Charles M.. and Barringer. 

Barritt. Newton W. : See — 

Jan.oen. Hendrik C., and Barritt. 

Ba'-ron. John F.. Johnson Cltv. N Y. Sole-cutting ma- 
chine and dies. 2,523.675, Sept, 26. 

Barron. John T.. assignor to Charles E. Crofoot Gear 
Corp., South Easton, Mass. Transmission. 2,518,516, 
Aug. 15. 

Barron. Margaret. Brooklyn, N. Y. Ornamental ear clip. 
2.49S.748, Feb. 28. 

Barron. Maurice. White Plains, N. Y. Golf bag con- 
struction. 2,509,195, May 23. 

Barroso, Alberto M.. Lob Palos, Cuba. Modeling spatula. 
2,511,192. June 13. 

Barrot. Marcel P., Clichy, assignor to Compagnle des 
Enterprises Industrlelles, Paris, France. Suspension 
device for the shafts of rotary crushers. 2,50S,0.S9, 
May 16. 

Barrow, Charles J. : See — 

Brown, Alfred S., and Barrow. 
Barrow, James B. : See — 

Evan.'5, Richard J., and Barrow. 

Barrow. Wilmer L., Concord. Mass.. assignor to Research 

Corporation. New York. X ^■ Electromagnetic horn. 

2..501.658. Mar. 28. 
Barrow. Wilmer L.. Concord. Mass, and W W. MIeher, 

Mlneola. N. Y., assignors to The Sperry Corporation. 

Directive antenna structure. 2,531,455, Nov. 28. 



Barrows, .\lford C, assignor to Economy Baler Company, 
Ann Ariior, Mich. Electrical control means for biliug 
p.'-esbes and the like. 2,531,751, Dec. 19. 

BarrowM, Clarence G., Uamdeii, Coun., assignor to The 
Sai.iy Car Heating and Lighting Company, Inc. 
Window shade construction. 2.530,218, Nov. 14. 

Barrows. Hubert S.. assignor to E. 1. du I'oni de Nemours 
& Company, Wilnuugtou, Del. Polychloropreue rubbers. 
2.r)U5.2JtJ. Apr. 2."». 

Barrows, VNillium H.. Lansing. Mich. Doll eye mechanism. 
2,529,240. Nov. 7. 

Barry, Arthur F., Conroe. Tex. Separating hydrocarbon 
liguid.s and water from high-pressure gas streams. 
_'..".j,^.(i2.s. uct. 31. 

Barry, Artlmr J., assignor to Dow Corning Corporation, 
Midland. .Mich. Production of aromatic haiotiilane». 
2.4'.tU..^)til, Mar. 7. 

Barry, Arthur J., and J. W. Gilkey, assignors to Dow 
Corning Corporation, Midland, Mich. Copolymeric 
siloxuue.s. ;..,4yo,oti2, Jan. 24. 

Barry. Arthur J., and J. W. Gilkey, assignors to Dow 
Corning Corporation, Midland, Mien. Kthylmethylpoly- 
siloxaiies. 2,495,303, Jan. 24. 

Barry, .\rthur J., and J. W. Gilkey, assignors to Dow 
Corning Corporation, Midland. Mich. I'roductiou of 
dimethyltolylclilorohilane. 2,5u0.ii.")-;, Mar. 14. 

Barry, Arthur J., and D. E. Hook, Midland, and L. De 
I'lee, H.)lland, assignors to The Dow C liemical Company, 
Midland, Mich. Methyl octadecyl dichlorosilttne. 
2,510,8-^3, June 6. 

Barry, Arthur J., and D. E. llook, Midland, and L. De Pree, 
Holland, assignors to The Dow Chemical Company, 
Midland, Mich. Preparation of orgauohalosilanes. 
2,511,820, June 13. 

Barry, Arthur W., Charleston, W, Va., assignor to E. I. 
du Pout de Nemuuis ^ Company, Wilmington, Del. Cat- 
alyst and carrying out hydrogenation reactions. 
2.1 1 1,4.".3. .lune 1 .C 

Barry, Joseph F., Summit, and D. M. Ruggles, Mount 
Tabor. N, J., assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Apparatus for spot 
coating crystal blanks. 2,510,274, June 6. 

Barry. L. N., Co., Inc., assignee : See — 
i'ietz, Ervln. 

Barry, R. o., Corporation, assignee : See — 
/acks. i'lorence B. 

Barry, Richard U. : See — 

Walter, Lewis A., and Barry. 

Barry, Holiert E., assignee : See — 
Talbot. Frank A. 

Barry-U ehmiller Machinery Companv, assignee: See — 
Wehmiller, Frederick W., Nekola, and Si>€lbriuk. 

Barsanti, Silvio, San Francisco, Calif., assignor to Sim- 
mons Company, Kenosha, Wis. Knotting me« hanism 
for sidral-spriiig forming machines. 2,504, 92, Apr. ix. 

Barsby. Charles R.. London, England. Rotary internal- 
combustion engine. 2,530,281, Nov. 14. 

Barsch. Guillaume, Geneva, Switzerland. Dry shaving 
apparatus. 2,531,191, Nov. 21. 

Barsli, Waldo A., Klmhursi. 111. Reinforcing and punch- 
ing machine. 2,512,822. June 27. 

Barsky, Cieorge, assignor to E. F. Drew & Co. Inc., New 
York, N. Y. Producing mono- and dl-glycerides of 
fatty acids. 2,509,413. May 30. 

Barsky, George, assignor to E. F. Drew & Co. Inc., New 
York, N. Y. ShorteniuL' auent. 2.5(19.414. Mav 30. 

Barstow, Carl A., Anoka, Minn. Fountain p. n. 2,519,341, 
Aug. 22. 

Barstow, John M., Mountain Lakes, N. J., assignor to Bell 
Teleiihoiie Laboratories, Incorporated, New York, N. Y'. 
Power line carrier frequency telephone system. 
2.511.617. June 13. 

Barstow, John M., Mountain Lakes. X. J., and A. G. 
Lang. Whitestune, assignors to Bell Tel.'phone Labora- 
tories. Incorporated. .New York, N. Y. Power line car- 
rier frequency telephone system. 2,510,273, June 6. 

Barstow, Jcdiu M.. Mountain Lakes, N. J., and A. G. Lang. 
VVhitestone, assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
Incorporated, New York, N. Y. I'ower line carrier fre- 
quency telephone system. 2,511,615, June 13. 

Barstow. J.phn^L. Mountain Lakes. N. J., and A. G. Lang. 
Whitestone. «*signors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. 
Incorporated. 7it^ York. N. Y^. Power line carrier fre^ 
fluency teleplione syafem. 2.511.616. June l.*!. 

Barszcs, Edward W., Moslnee, Wis. Pad dispenser. 
2,528.488. Nov. 7. 

Bart. Siegfried G., Essex Fells. N. J. Apparatus for 

electroplating the Inside of pipes. 2,503,803. Apr. 11. 
Bartel. Arthur, I'nited States Army. Comfort, Tex. Ixiad 

supporting pallet. 2,523,271. Sept. 26. 
Bartelink. Everhard II. B., Bronxville, N. Y. Remote 

synchronizing system for rotary elements. 2,506,766, 

May 9. 

Bartelink. Everhard H. B., Bronxville, N. Y.. assignor. 
by mesne assignments, to Automatic Eb^ctric Labora- 
tories. Inc., Chicago, 111. Automatic trunk selecting 
system for radio telephone stations. 2.533.662. Dec. 12. 

Bartell Floyd E., Ann Arbor. Mich., assignor to The 
Parker Pen C<mipany. Juuesville, Wis. Fountain pen. 
2.522.555. Sept. 19. 

Bartels, Arnold : See — 

Fluor, John R., Stephens, Bartels, and Newman. 

Bartels. Arnold H., Fort Wayne, Ind., assignor, by mesne 
assignnieuts, to Farnsworih Research Corporation. 
Multivibrator. 2,49;j,bM, Jan. 31. 

Barielsou, Sten E. : See — 

I'etius, James L., and^Bartelson. 

Bartelson, Sten E., Ashland. N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Film positioning drum. 2,493,056, 
Jan. 3. 

Baitelsou, Sten E., Ashland N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Film dii\e filter. 2,4«y,210, 
Feb. 2>>. 

Bartenfeld, Wilford G., Lakewood. Ohio. Channel tank 
top constructiuu for ships. 2,520,024. Aug. 22. 

Barter. Cyril. lierkehy, assignor to Sliell l>evelopment 
Company, San Francisco, Calif. Catalytic dehvdro- 
genation. 2,500,482. Mar. 14. 

Barth, Robert H, ;.•-.( - 

Burrell. Harry, and Harth. 

Barth. Theodore ii . .New York X. Y , assignor tt) the 
United States of America as represeuieil by ine Secrelaiy 
of the Xavy. Low altitude bombing attachiueiii. 
2,516.290. July 25. 

Barth, Theodore IL. New York. X. Y., assignor to the 
Lulted States of America as represented by the Secre- 
tary of the Navy. Synchronizing bomb sight. 
2,534,397. Dec. 19. 

Bartliel, William F., Chicago, 111. Fishhook releasing 
device. 2,507,495. .May in. 

Bartho, John C, New York, assignor of one-half to J. 
Haranis, Astoria, N. Y. Steering apparatus for auto- 
mobiles. 2.496,203. Feb. 7. 

Bartholomew, Jess M., Michigan City. Ind.. assignor to 
Joy Manutacturing Company. Compressor toutiol sys- 
tem. 2,510,291. July 25. 

Bartleman, Richard, San Francisco, Calif. Cable teeiing 
lead rack. 2.501,202. Mar. 21, 

Bartleson, John D. : i!>'ce — 

Hughes. Everett C, and Bartleson. 

Bartleson, John 1)., assignor to The Standard Oil Company, 
CI. veland, Ohio Lubricant composition. 2,506,672, 
May 9. 

Bartleson, John D.. assignor to The Standard Oil Company, 
Cleveland, uhio. Lubricant composition. 2,500,573, 
May 9. 

Bartleson. John Ij., assignor to The Standard Oil 

Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Lubricant compobition. 

2,510,b44, Aug. 1. 
Bartleson, John D., Eaat Cleveland, assignor to The 

Standard Oil Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Lubricant 

comprising reaction product of an olefin, a phosphorus 

sulfide, and water. 2,534,217. Dec. 19. 
Bartlett. Edwin S., Forest Park, assignor to Sunbeam 

Corporation, Chicago. 111. Defiectlon equalizing means 

for shearing combs. 2.532,470, Dec. 5. 
Bartlett. JefTrey H.. See — 

Zimmt-r, John C, and Bartlett. 
Bartlett, Jellrey H., Westheld, N. J., assignor to Standard 

Oil Development Company. Polvmerl/.ed alkyl fuma- 

rates and process. 2.509,203. May 30. 
Bartolat, Albert F., Tacoma, Wash. Bucket 

2,519.732. Aug. 22. 
Bartolomel, George G., Bayvllle, assignor to 

Inc., Syosset, N. Y. Variable electrical 

2.523.898, Sept. 26. 
Bariolomeo Del Carlo, assignee : See — 

Bellato, Frank A. 
Bartolucci, Ben : Sec — 

Schreier. Konrad F.. and Bartolucci. 
Barton, Alfred P.. U. S. Navy, Chevy Chase, Md. 

E. P. Kurd, Detroit, Mich. Making receptacles 

pyrotechnic fillings. 2,530,934. Nov. 21. 
Barton, Benjamin D.. as.signor to American Marsh Pumps, 

inc.. Battle Creek. Mich. Spray gun for tire apparatus 

and the like. 2,520,824, Aug. 29. 
Barton George C. : .see — 

Elliott, Harold E., and Barton. 
Barton, Hugh M.. Jr.. Bartlesvllle, Okla., assignor to 

Phillips Petroleum Company. Detonation Indicator cir- 
cuit and method. 2,496.338, Feb. 7. 
Barton, James R., Portland, Oreg. Applying and anchor- 
ing a concrete sheathing to a rammed earihwall 

2,496,616, Fob. 7. 
Barton, I'ercy C. Birmingham, England. Interconnect- 
ing and interlocking tubes or the like. 2 511034 

June 13. 
Barton. Percy C. Birmingham, England. Coupling or 

fastening for scaffolding and like poles. 2,511 035 

June 13. 
Bartram. Floyd L., El Monte, Calif. F\iel distributor for 

Diesel fuel pumps. 2,496.768, Feb 7 
Bartrug, James E., Webster City, Iowa. Tong tool 

2,51 (,275, Aug. 1. 
^%'"V"99''-?-/q'^T^ *^-,„^'*t'8ter City, Iowa. Control lever. 

Bartsch. Herbert E.. Winnetka, 111., 
liiiilway Devices Co. Brake 
July 4. 

BUrtschi, Hans. Togg. St. Gallen. Switzerland. 

for sucking and guiding the ends of broken 

in spinning machines. 2.525.996. Oct 17 
Bartusek, Joseph F.. Chicago, 111., assignor to 

Electric Company, Incorporated. New York N. x a^tt- 

vice for removing an insulating coating from coated wire. 

2,530,219, Nov. 14. 


Spec i.ii ties, 


assignor to Universal 
adjuster. 2,513,275, 


Y. De- 


IM>i;X OF PATENTS, 19o0 

liait/.. K.lwiii (' . IJiiffuli), N. Y. Iloat responsive switch. 

.!.'> i 1 .-■''''•. .1 '.i!lf i •> 

Bartz, John P.. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. Sugar and edible 
sirujj and prepanug same trum sugar tjearmg fluids. 
2J)27).7>)1, Oct. 17. 

Hartz. Jolm 1'., Fort Laud-rdalf, Fla. Production of 
white sugar from colored suiiar hearing fluids without's as a by-product. :j .'jt',. i i i _ Oct. 17 

Hart/., QiH'Dtin U. : .See — 

Crooi<8, Harry M., Jr., Rebstock, Controulia, and 


I'.ariz, g;i.-iiMii R. as-^iL^TiMr to I'arke. Davis & Company, 
D.', Mich I'r. parin- p.-riicillin. 2.499,200, Feb. 2S. 

Baruih. .\lan P., Newark, and R. E. Porzer, Bloomfield, 
.V. .J., a.s.sik'nors to Celant-Sf Corporation of America. 
Coated c>^iluliis«? firofilonate material and a lacquer 
therefor. 2,,')10,lfjH, Jun.' f). 

i'.ariKh Ali'r*-! .N-w ^ ^rk .N. Y. Crankpin working ma- 
chine -M.,!. J.'.JJ I.S4, -^ 12. 

P.aruch, Sydti^y .N'., New York, N. Y, Gearing. 2,510,675, 
Jun- i", 

Baruch, .Sydn''y N., a.s.-^!gn(.'r to .Norton Patents Corpora- 
tion, New Y'ork, N. Y. Crib and mechanism for oscillat- 
ing the -sanie. 2,,'^2'.»,721. Nov. 14. 

I'.aruMh, .Maur:ie P.. Kichiiiond. (•. E. Langlois, El Cerrito, 
and K. .M. Sihr.iiiuii. oakiind. a.ssignnrs to California 
Resian h i 'nrporat inn, San Francisco, Calif. Di-organo 
peroxidfS'. 2..'22,nl.". Sept. 12. 

Bascetta. Angelo, a.>ir,ignor to S & S Cornigated Paper 
.Machinery Co., Inc.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Target operated 
svvirrh for box making machines. 2,532,005, Nov. 28. 

Basch. Hugo F. : S'ec — 

I>e fJanahl, Carl. CotTia. and Bas.-tt 

Barii'le, Jugei.h .V , New Orleans. La. I'i;<I-n!r ratio regu- 
lator fur Internal-ctiuibustion en^int-s. 2,523,550. 
Sept. 20. 

I'.isci'm. Cailton H. : i^re — 

Robinsim. Thomas, and Basconi. 

Basi'i.rn. l-'rani-e.s . Srr — 

N'an'lertiilt. P.vron M. and Bnscom. 

Basconi, Henry M., as.slsrnor to Bell Telephone Labora- 
t'lries, Inc'irporaf' 1. N.w York, N. Y. Electrical con- 
nector. 2,.'i02,307. Mar. 2S, \Val'<'r H., assiu'nor to .\merican Steel Foundries, 
Ohica-u. 111. SnuMifr. 2.497,820, Feb. 14. 

Bastit. Walter II.. Flossmoor, assignor to American Steel 
Foundries. Chicago. 111. Brake. 2.404.280. Jan. 10. 

Ba«ep. Walt'T H . Flossmoor. assignor to .American Steel 
Foiin<lries, I'hiintro. 111. Brake beam with guide lug. 
2.490,899. Mar 7. 

P.asclt, Waiter H . Flossmoor. assi;,'nor to American Steel 
IVnindries. ('hir.ii:o. 111. Brake beam support on truck 
frame. 2..'2.'i.7r,2. Oct. l7. 

Bas.'lt. Walter H , ('hicaco. 111., and L. L Whitney. Ham- 
mond, Ind , /isslynors to Anuoicnn St^-td Foundries, 
Ctilrau'o. 111. Brake be.iin. 2,,'iO0.232, Mar. 14. 

Basement Sentlntd Company, assigiiff : .s'l c — 
Ga8[)ar, William P. 

Bash,i\v, ('ilvin !•".. S.atrl.', Wa<h. Support rack for use 
in Si'(;;ii_' i'lf.ii!'^. L!.." n7.'^4'^. May 1(5. 

Bashwiner, Charles, Great River, N. Y. Draperies. 
■2. 'u'.w, '<'.)?,. Nov. L'l. 

Basic Foods Company, assignee : Bee — 
Michaells, Curt. 

Ba.«i' R>'fr n'ofips. In^-.. assignee: See — 
IIii).'hey. Vautrhn V. 

Basilewsky, Al. xis : Se>' — 

Deprez. Charles, and Basilewsky. 

r!'=\ laiiiis J.. .New York, N. Y. Dodo gauge. 2,526.626. 
'»-t. 24. 

Ba-js, Harland .\ . Mount Healthy, assignor to Avco 
Man'i*' letni iiii: Corporation, Cincinnati. Ohio. Multi- 
vibrator circuit. 2..^00.7SS, Mar. 14 

B,is><. Hirliind A.. Mount Healthy. Ohio, assignor to the 
I'nlted .^fat'S of .America as refiresented by the Secre- 
tnrv uf Wir. S<iuelch or muting of nmpliflers. 
2. .-.07,1.^2. Mav 9. 

I'l-^- .I"''ii Miami Beneb. F!,. C-ni'^ra. 2.526.840. 
'>>r 24, 

Bai'serPau. Georses J. A., assignor to Soclete d'Etndes 
pour L'lndiistrie du innimpsium, Paris. P'rance. Pro- 
duction of metal from its ore. 2,53o,622. Dec. 26. 

Basse-t Ce< ('] K.. assignee: See — 
Babin. Joseph 

Bassett, Charles .\. L.. N.>w York, N Y.. and E. Evertz, 
as.slirn.irs to Th.> ConLm Manufa'^turing Company, 
P.rldirermrt Conn. Fxtractintr the nail used for the 
inrrariiedullary fixation of a fractured bone. 2,528.941, 
Niiv. 7. 

B.issetf. Dewey .M . and G A. I.angston, Davton. Ohio. 
Elei tronlc multiple pulse generator. 2,498,Gi36, Feb. 28. 
Ba.ssett, Everett S. : See — 

Kaefer. .Martin H.. and Bassett. 
Bassett. H, Y. as.slgnee : See — 

Carlson. Einll. 
P.assett. I,..,n B. : See — 

Walton. S.amue] F.. and Bassett. 
Bassett. Robert B.. Darlington, assignor to A W 
Whitfonl. Watsontown. Pa. Making ceramic granules. 
2. ."22. 9^2 Sept. 10. 

Bassford. Henry II.. Jr.. and W. S. Hannon T^lizabeth 
assi;:nors to M»rck * Co., Inc , R.ihwav N. J Purifi- 
cation of 1 ascorbic acid. 2.,")1 7.27rt Aug 1 ' 

Busslchis, William M. Cleveland Heights, assignor to 
Convenient Carrier Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio. Bot- 
tle carrier. 2,499,126, Feb. 28. 
Basslchis, William M.. Cleveland Heights, assignor to 
Convenient Carrier Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Bottle carrier. 2.506,331, May 2. 
Basslck Company, The, assignee : See — 

Claude-Mantle, Arthur. 
Bassindale, Isaac B., Grasscroft, near Oldham, England. 

Spool axminster carpet loom. 2,494,983, Jan. 17. 
Bassinger. Boss. Houston, Tex. Percussion tool for wells. 

2,007,58.^. .May 16. 
Bassist, Rudolph, New York, N. Y., assignor to Futura 
Fabrics Corporation. Warp knitting machine. 
2.529.241, Nov. 7. 
Basianciiury, Oaston A., Pittman. .\i\ . Pneumatic stratl- 

tier. 2,497.3;{0. Fob. 14. 
Basterfleld, Horace A., Norton on Tees, England, assignor 
to Imperial Chemical Industries Limited. Separation 
of phenols. 2,497.971, Feb. 21. 
Bastian-Ble.^^slng Company, The, assignee : See — • ' 
Anderson. Olaf K. 

Boedecker. Woodrow S., and Wlgton. 
Boettcher, Paul F. 
Buttner. William C. 
Connell, William S. 
De Larzelere, Frank P. 
Dick, (Jeorge W. 
Johnson. Herman K. 
McMahon. Alexander F. 
Norway. Harold L. 
Taylor. Milton C. 
Bastian Bros. Co., assignee : See — 

McDermott. Francis A. 
Bastian-Morley Co., Inc.. assignee : See — 

Drout. Valley A. 
Bastian, Richard R.. Toledo, Ohio. Automatic strand 

starting mechanism. 2,535.561. Dec. 26. 
Bastick, ItayniKud 10.. and 'I'.-II. Wang, assignors to Chance 
Brothers Limiti'd. Smethwick, Englaml. Optical glasses. 
2..'. 12.993. June 27. 
Bastie, Paul, Chicago, 111. Fish lure. 2,517.962, Aug. 8. 
Bastin, Edgar J., Jr. : See — 

Goldfleld, Edwin R.. Stava, and Bastin, Jr 
Bastin, Edgar J., Jr., Cleveland, and O. V. Lyons, East 
Cleveland, assignors to Picker X Ray Corporation 
Waite Manufacturing Division. Inc.. Cleveland, (Jhlo. 
Identification card-interlock system. 2.494,155, Jan. 10. 
Bastin, Edgar J., Jr.. Cleveland, and K. J. Stava. I'ni- 
versitj' Heights, assignors to Picker X-Ray Corporation 
Waite Manufacturing Division, Inc., Cleveland, OhiO. 
Film holder. 2.513.989, July 4. 
Baston. Cyril E.. Glenshaw. assignor to Westlnghouse 
Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Control 
apparatus. 2.512.295, June 20. 
Baston. Cyril E.. Irwin, assignor to Westlnghouse Elec- 
tric Corporation, East Pittsburgh. Pa. Turbine-electric 
locomotive control system. 2.525.472, Oct. 10. 
Bata. nArodnf podnik. assignee : See — 
Bata, Viktor and Vltek. 
BuCek. Adolf. ' 

Cech. Jaroslav, and Albrecht. 
Chmelaf. Vftclav. 
Ferdus Stanislav. 
Krlstek, Emanuel. 
Semotfln, Karel. 
Bata, Viktor, and A. Vftek. assignors to Bata. Narodni 
Podnik. Zlin. Czechoslovakia. Apparatus for dressing 
the edges of the upper leather in the manufacture of 
shoes. 2.517.277. Aug. 1. 
Batchelder. Alvin B., Ogden, Utah. Lawn renovating 

machine. 2.520.4S8. Aug 20. 
Batchelder, Augustus H., Berkeley, assignor to California 
Research Corporation, San Francisco, Calif. Biological 
window. 2,517.523, Ajig. 1. 
Batcheller. Clements. Glens Falls. N. Y. Electroplating 

stainless steels and irons. 2.,°>2S.717. Nov. 7. 
Batcheller, Clements, Glens Falls. N. Y. Metal coating 

device. Dec. 5. 
Batcheller. Hugh W.. Newton Highlands, assignor to Ark- 
Les Switch Corporation, Watertown. Mass. Push-pull 
rheostat. 2,506,482, May 2. 
Batcheller, Hugh W., Newton, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Ark-Les Switch Corporation, Water- 
town. Mass. Clock selector switch. 2.521,550. Sept. 5. 
Batcheller. Hugh W.. Newton, nssitrnor. by mesne 
assignments, to Ark-Les Switch Corporation. Water- 
town. Mass. Station plunger switch. 2 521,560, 
Sept. 5. 
Batchidler, Hugh W., Newton, assienor, by mesne 
assignments, to Ark-Les Switch Corporation. Water- 
town, Mass. Electric switch of the push-and-pull 
type. 2.521,561, Sept. 5. 
Batcheller. Hugh W., Newton Hlgblands. assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Ark-Les Switch Corporation, 
Watertown, Mass. Multiple electric switch. 2.520,270, 
Aug. 29. 
Batcheller, Hugh W., Newton, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to .Ark-Les Switch Corporation. Wat'-rrown, 
Mass. Sprlne plunger switch. 2.526 nc,i Oct. 17. 
Batcheller. Hugh W.. Newton, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to .Ark-Le« Switch Corporation. Watertown, 
Mass. Clicker mechanism for spindles. 2,.''i31,246. 
Nov. 21. 



Batchelor, Clyde S., Upper Stepney, and E. L. Carey, 

I'.ndgeport, Conn., assignor to Kaybestos-MuuhattaL, 

Inc., PiisBaic, N. J. Apparatus fur bonding brake iiu- 

ingB to brake shoes. 2,494,281, Jan. 10. 

Batchler, William H., Graham, Tex. Masonrv guideline 

holder. 2,505,935, May 2. 
Bale, Stanley C., Spundou, uear Derby, England, assignor, 
by mesne assignments, to Celanese Corporation of Amer- 
ica. Pruduciion oi cellulose. Z.Oll.u'jb, June 13. 
Batelja. Michael J., Portland. Oreg. Ladder. 2,518.745, 

Aug. 15. 
Bateman. Norman S., and M. F. Missiaen. assignors to 
Construction Improvements Limited, Toronto, Ontario, 
Canada. Cableway hoist. 2,531,022. Nov. 21. 
♦ Batemau. Kaipn c. i.lKton, Md,, and M. M. Pllug. Canton, 
assignors to Goodyear Aircrati Corporation, Akron, Ohio. 
Shock absortiing strut. 2.511,237, June 13. 
Bater, Frank R., San Diego, iCallf. Fishing reel drag 

control. 2,5U2,814, Apr. 4. 
Bates, Albert 11., Hockiord, 111. King boring uiathiue. 

2,5ul,ti.'<9, Mar. 2». 
Bates, Clillord V., Chicago, 111. Switch. 2,527,475, 

Oct. 24. 
Bates. Earl M. and IL. Chehalls, \Yash. Illuminated com 

pact. 2,494.375, Jan. 10. 
Bates, Ernest 1'. : .>(t — 

Bray, Frederick H., Bates, and Doughty. 
Bates, Ernest F., London, England, assignor to Interna- 
tional Standard Electric Corporation, New Y'ork, N. Y. 
Tilephone call-box system. 2,516,845, Aug. 1. 
Bates. Ired L., Saudston, Va. Hoop retainer. 2,517.828, 

Aug. «. 
Bates, Hannah : See — 

Bates, Earl M. and U. 
Bates, Harold : »Stt-— . 

Fisher, James W., Wheatley, and Bates. 
Bates, Harold, J. W. Fislier, and E. W. Wheatley, Spondon, 
near I)erby, England, assignors to Celanese Corporation 
of America. Polytriazole compositions. 2,512,599, 
June 27. . 
Bates, Harol^ J. W. Fisher, and E. W. Wheatley. Spon- 
don, near IJerby, England, assigiLLirs to Celanese Cor- 
poration of America. Linear ultrogeu-contauiing poly- 
meric materials and their production. 2,512,600, 
June 27. 
Bates, Harold, J. W. Fisher, and E. W. Wheatley, Spondon, 
uear Derby, England, assignors to Celanese Corporation 
of America. Production of linear nitrogen-containing 
pidynit'ric materi.als. 2,."il2.<".0l , June 27. 
Bates. Harry U.. and J. T. Perkins, said Bates assignor to 
J. E. 'Icel. Los .Ai);:eles. Calif. Toilet se.ii for augmenting 
the flushing capacity of toilet tanks in unstopping 
sewers. 2,520.587, Nov. 14. 
Bates, Henry A., Chicago. 111., assignor to Continental 
Can C'lmpany. Inc., New York. N. Y. Enamel and pie- 
paring the same. 2,533,911. Dec. 12. 
Bates, Jaines E. : .S'ee — 

Harsli, Harold C, and Bates. 
Bates -Manuiacturing Company, The, assignee: See — 
Faas, Walter. 
Neilsen. Hlidaur L. 
Bates. Mortimer F., Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to The 
Sperry Corporation. Compressor surge control for e.\- 
haust turbine driven superchargers. 2,500,234. Mar. 14. 
Bales. -Mortimer F.. Brooklyn. N. Y.. assignor to The 
Sperry Corporation. Rotary wing aircraft. 2,521,684, 
.^e|)t. 12. 
Bates, Mortimer F., Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to The 
Sperry Corporation. Automatic stabilizer for heli- 
copters. 2,529.470, Nov. 14. 
Bates, Robert .M., Mlle.s City, Mont. Ammunition con- 
tainer. 2,514,364, July 11. 
Bales, Sidney E., assignor, by mesne assignments, to Poor 
& Company. Chicago, Hi. Actuating means for rail 
lubricating pumps. 2,498.519, Feb. 21. 
Bates, William F., assignor to E. L. O'Neill, Los An- 
geles, Calif. Apparatus for cutting drill pipes. 

Inertia cutoff 

.391. Oct. 10. 

See — 

Batesville Cusket Company, The, assignee 

McEwan. James J. 
Bath. Cyril, Company. The, assignee : See 

Bath, Cyril J. 

Bath, Cyril J., Cliagrin Falls, assignor to The Cyril Bath 
Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Metal stretcliing and con- 
tour forming machine. 2.514.830, July 11. 

Bath. Cyril J., Chagrin Falls. Ohio. Appanitus for se- 
lectively wijK? forming and stretch forming metal stock. 
2,514.831. July 11, 

Bath. Cyril J., Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Tangent ben(!er and 

expansible die combination. 2,515,326, July 18. 
Barho. William F. ; Srt--- 

/.iiniiifr. Albert i;., .and B.atho. 
Batik, Albert L.. New Y'ork, N. Y. Axle suspension device 

for vehicles. 2.529.898, Nov. 14. 
Batina. Raymond T.. Chicago, 111., assignor to Western 

Electric Company, Incorporated. New Y'ork, N. Y. 

Plating rack. 2.514.923. July 11. 

Batt. Albert, Jr., BuaflTlo. N. Y. Drainpipe filter. 
2,532.388. Dec. 5. 

Batt, George H. : See — 

Fiero, George W., Seeland, and Batt. 

Batt. Henry, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Flight timing ap- 
paratus. 2,511,763, June 13. 

Batt, Kenneth R.. North Tonawanda N. Y. 
switch for vehicles. 2.535,384, Dec. 26. 
Bull. lUomas H.. Westheld, N. J., assignor to Western 
Electric tompauy. Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Con- 
nectiug de\ice. 2,497,922, Feb. 21. 
Latt, Waller E., Cliiiou Junction, near Manchester. 
England, assignor to The Electric Storage Battery 
Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Lead-add type electric 
accumulators. 2,533,709, Dec. 12. 
Battaglia Robert, Lake Charles. La. Steelflex tire 
2.523,182. Sept. J9. 

Battelle Memorial Institute, assignee : See 

Manning, (ieorge K., Kosenthul. and Krumlauf. 
waitklns. George II. 
Waiikiii.-,, lieorge It., and Shutt. 
Batten. Harrison M., assignee: See — 

Pickett, Frederick A. 
Batten, I'ercy IL. t^l.^tee. assignee : See — 
Lindhagen. T.oder 1., and Boe^tad. 
Lysholm. Alf. 
Battersby. Robert B.. Darien, assignor to I'laslic Manu- 
facturers, Incorporated, Stamford, Conn. Hinge 
2,515,071, July 11. 
Baliiu. Harold T. : See — 

Foster, Boutwell H., and Battln. 
Battiu, Uaruld T.. Uidgewood, N. J., assignor to United 
^States Rubber Company, New York, N. Y. Sheet hnish- 
ing apparatus. 2.526,318, Oct. 17. 
Battle Creek Bread \S rapping Machine Company, assignee : 

Smith, John W. 
Willbrandt, Franklin M. 
Battisie, Euul, New YorK. N. Y. Clasp device for utiliz- 
ing earrings as jewelry clip oruameuis. 2,501.754. 

-Mar. 2s. 
Batlle, John B, Los Angeles. Calif. 

post clamp. 2,531,247, Nov. 21. 
Battle, Turner R., Philadelphia, I'a. 

against rain, sun. flies and the like. 
Battles, Wm. W.. executor: See — 

Walt, WUliam B. 
Battles. Willi,s R., Redondo Beach, and F. R. Wade, 

Huntington Beach, assignors to Union oil Company of 

t-aluornia, Los Angeles, Calif. Tank gauge. 2. .".20, 192, 

O c t . 1 7 . 
Battles, Winthrop IL, executor : See — 

Walt. William B. 
Ban. George T., North Hollywood, Calif. Production of 

latex lo.iiu sponge products. 2,512.475, Juiu' 20 
Bauder. Henry W., El Paso, assignor of one-third to O 

Stlgler, and one-third to C. E. Joseph, El Paso County 

Tex. Shaving kit. 2,503.898. Apr. 11. 
Baudis. Louis J. : See — 

Bullard, Edward P., III. Baudis. and'Grlnage. 
Laudry, Ren4 A., and B. B. W iuer. Pittsburgh, assignors 

Battery cable and 

I'rotectlng device 
2,496,709. Feb. 7. 

to Westlnghouse Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, 
I'a. Gland seal bearing for gas-cooled etjulpment. 
2. .501, 304. Mar. 21. 

Baudry, Ren6 A., and W. C. Brenner, Pittsburgh, assign 
ors to Westlnghouse Electric Corporation, East Pitts 
burgh, Pa. Rotor construction for Induction motors. 
2.519.219. Aug. 15. 

Bauer. Albert F.. Union. N. J. Apparatus for retnoving 
power units from automotive vehicles. 2,528.329 
tict. .''.I. 

Bauer, Benjamin B., Oak Park, assignor, by mesne assign 
ments, to Shure Brothers, Incorporated. Chicago, 111 
Transducer having a pair of levers coupling tlie driv- 
ing member to the translating element. 2,513.209 
July 4. 

Bauer Bros. Company, The, assignee : See — 
Cannell, William A., and Woodruff. 
Oinaven. Marvin E. 

Bauer. Carl P., Fort Worth, Tex. Air circulating device. 
2,525,S.'').?. Oct. 17. 

Bauer, Clarence O., Berkeley assignor to Chrysler Corpo- 
ration. Highland Park. Mich. Door seal. 2,493,566. 
Jan. 3. 

Bauer, Emma L.. assignee : See — 
Smith. Alvin W. 

Bauer. Ern^t K.. and M. T. Forker. Meadvllle. Pa., as- 
signors rTf American Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, 
Del. Yarn-guiding device. 2,517,625, Aug. 8. 

Bauer. Hans A.. Prarie View, assignor to Autopolnt Com- 
pany. Chicago, III. Fountain pen. 2,523,411. Sept. 26 

Bauer, Hugh, Brooklyn, N. Y. Safety switch. 2,516,362, 
July 25. 

Bauer. Jordan V. : Sre — 

Caesar, George V., Bauer, and Hawley. 

Bauer. Joseph, and A. Schittelbauer, Detroit, Mich. 
Gauge. 2.523,551, Sept. 26. 

Bauer. Lawrence II. , St. Paul, Minn. Air diffuser 
2,511.490. June 13. 

Bauer. Leonard W., Paterson, N. J. Knockdown shipping 
container. 2.520,303. Aug. 29 

Bauer. Lewis F.. El Paso. Tex , assignor to California 
Research Corporation. San Francisco, Calif. Prepara 
tlon ot organic sulfides. 2,510,921, June 6. 

Bauer, Oliver F., East Rochester, assignor to G!e;i8on 
Works. Rochester, N. Y. Quenching press. 2,494.984 
Jan. 17. 

Bauer, Oliver P., East Rochester, assignor to Gleasrm 
Works, Rochester, N, Y. Gear cutter. 2 .'124 301 
Oct. 3. 

1M»KX OF PATENTS. 10r.O>T I'.aymnnd M.. Indianapolis 

na.-e. J, .'2:5, 4 1'-'. Sfpt. -'«. 
liiiit'r Wiifi; St Louis County. Mo. 

Ind Downdraft fur- 
Fluidizlng procPBS 

ind rn.-.ii.,n;s::, U r)29,3>56. Nov. . . 
liaui-rU-iii Carl i'.. (;i.'nfo^^. Ill, as-lunor to The Dole 

Valve Company. Di.speuscr lumdle mechanism. 

2.n()f) r?97. Mar. 14. „^ t^ , ,. i .. 

BauHrlrin, ( iil C., Glencoe, assiK'nor to The !>«'« ^ «1\<^ 

Company, Chicago, 111. nispenser mechanism. i2,3Uy,lJ4. 

RaneHefn.' Carl C. Olencoe, and J. K. Lund Oak Park. 

issicnors to The Polo V:ilve Comp.iny. Chicago, 111. 

Li(iuid dispenser. 2.509.798. May 30 
!',v..r> .\l.'\:in.l.r L.. and M. Unsner. Chicapo. Ill,, assitrn- 

(.rs to (Jenfral Outdoor .Advertising Co., Inc. Poster 

rmnel. 2,r.rj..''.1.'>. June 20. . ^ .^ .^ 

RaiiTP Mexan.ler L.. assignor to General Outdoor Adver- 

ti.-ink' '0.. Inc.. Chicago. 111. Post.r panel with raising 

and lowering means. 2.515,978, July 18. 
Lliiiiers AU'xand.T L.. and M. Kos-.u-r. Chicago. 111., a8Sl;:n- 

ors to (;fneral Outdoor .Vdv.-rtisini: Co., Inc. Poster 


pMnt'i. 2..'i22.1.')7, Sepf. 1- 
i'.Hij.r-i \l.>v,'ind.-r I... and M. Uosn.T. ( hlcago. 111., assign- 
or^ to (;eiH'ral Oiit<loor .\dvertislng Co.. Inc. Poster 

panel. 2,522,1 .")S. Sept. 12. 
r,;!U'T«f.'M, rharlcs F. : Srp— 

Kdwirds. M irMn .-v.. and Hauersftld. , 
BuuTsft-M Charlt'S F.. Schenectady, and M ' A. Edwards. 

';<orl.T V Y assiiznors tn Cononl l-'lle^jfrlc Company. 

Flprtri." ron-rol -v<--in. 2.502,110. Mar 2^ 
BauiTh, .\rle E, Mount Vernon. Mo. Rock gatherer. 

2,.'^>03,4R5, Apr. 11, . ,. • <=. i. i, «. 

liiUL'lnnan (U'<>-\: ' W.. assk'nor to Tho I nion Switch & 

Slenal Comnanv, Swissvale. I'a. 'Proximity commnnl- 
catlnn svwtcm' wi'h Wlua'stone bridge detector. 

'^ 409 177 F"h 2'> 
B'tnchiiinn ' Ct-nnzp W. n<-*iL'nor fo Tf;o Union Switch * 

Signal ('oiDpanv SwIssvhI.-. Pa. Siinplexed line circuit 

sys'eiii for remote control sysrems. 2.503,701, Apr. 11. 
Baukni<'l't .lolui F .^ * » 

Perry Charl.-s S., McMillan. H-rri-iL:. and Bauknlght, 
H'lnle Cerh.ird 1! J . S.Tacuso. .\. Y. \ a.cuuiii testinc 

instrum-nr. 2,512 134. June 20. ^ ,, , ^, 

P.('iNkl John F. M'ii,!,.n, Conn. Bell alarm tip-up. 

2.518,517 AuL'. 1' „ . ,, 

H mm lUchartl F , CnmbrMire. asslenor to Raytheon Manu- 

facfuring Companv, N-wton, Mass. Communication 

system. 2.496.84*5. Fch. 7 
I'.nr,.;iti lial- S Harey. III. Watch mounting. 

" ,'27 090 Oct. 24. 
naiiman Howard A., nsslsrnor to Fncor Kress Company, 

\V.«t r..nd Wis Pi.tiihination hillfold. memorandum 

pad, and purso. 2,4',>fi.1 44. Jan. 31. „ -„, o^o 

r i!i,in. Joseph J.. Chicags, 111. f"ojitainer. 2.o21,278. 

<cnt 5 
p. iiin' \\i1l1flm C. assignor to TM Dow Chemical Com- 

panv Midland, Mich. lU-moval of 

frinwarcr 2,r,02,l20Mnr 2«t 
Bauman C., nssicnor to The Dow Chemical Com- Midland. Mich Removal of silicon compounds 

froinwatcr 2 510.8,-.'.. June *V o K-in o-k 

Biurnann Arnold W., Chicago, 111. Evaporator. 2.510,2 < 5. 

!'.a"!i;i;a:in .\:nol ! W.. Chicazo. 111. Reverse flow counter- 
current condenser, 2.520.S25. Aug. 29. ^ ^ „ . 
P.aumann. Arthur C, Oaklyn. X. J., and O. K. Hiird, 
Collinjrilalc Pa Boiler construction. 2,502,071. Mar. 

Arthur C., Oaklyn, N. J. '^^'^^ll*' "Jl'^ „t,'^,'" 
buildings during construction. 2,509,u.,-l, 

silicon compounds 

(;pori.'e p.. Elizabeth and '". <V Khys. Jr., Cran- 
J assiznors to Standard Oil Development 
"Tunnel-tvpe bubble cap baffle. 2.522,42d. 



M.i.v .?0 

for<l. N 


Sept. 12. . „ 

Biuniann Jean Geneva. Switzerland. Device for peeling 

potatoes. 2,499.'^01. Fob. 28, 
Baumann, Karl. Knutsford. assignor to Metropolltan- 

Vlckcrs Flectrical Company Limited, London. England 

.■\ugTnentor for jet propulsion having more rows of 

Mirfdne drlvincr blading than driven air blading. 

2,505.r,rin. Apr 25. 
P.ayniann, Robert. & Cie, assignee: S^ee — 

DipboM. Fritz. 
P lum**. Botfv I... executrix : F!pp — 

Baum/5. Fdwall J. 
r!f<nm<^ Edwall J., deceased. Long Beach. Calif, : B. L. 

PH'iin(«, executrix. Lock or latch bolt mount. 2,508,702. 

Mnv 2;V 
I-, ,11." I William II.. Carlstadt. N. J 

penser. 2.516.174. July 25 

Multiple nuld dis- 

Oswego, assignor to MaybelUne 
111. Container for cosmetics. 

Banineartner. John '• 

Companv '^hicaco. 

2 ."3t ion Dec. 12. 
Banmi^arilner, Rnfi!'' V> ' .^c.- - 

Kbidjian, Av.mIIs H,, Parrack, 
i:". rdr-.-r. 
Banrntrardr .\iiziist J.. Wauwatosa, Wis 

rail 2 .-.2.'^.><.=i7, Sept. 2H.' M\T D New Y.>rk. N V. 

2.530,040, Nov. 14. 
naiimirar'h John assignor to John Banmgarth 

Chicatro, '111. Calender. 2,529,367, Nov. 7. 

Newell and Baum- 

Carment hanger 

Darning device. 


ns.signor to 

Baumgarth. John. Co., assignee : flee — 

Baumgarth. John. 
Baumgartner. tieorge R., South Euclid. Ohio, 

General Electric Company. Lighting 

2,525,013. Oct. 10. 
Baumgartner. Luther I-,. Yonkera. assignor to The B. F. 

Goodrich Company. New York, N. Y. Rodent repellent. 

2.510.366. June 6. 
Baumgartner. Luther L., Yonkers, assignor to The B. F. 

Goodrich Companv. New York, N. Y. Rodent and deer 

repellents, 2,510,367. June 6. 
Baumgartner. Richard A. : ^ce — 

Uriper, Frederick A., and Baumgartner. 
Baurawart, Gabriel W.. Garden City. N. Y., assignor to 

Republic Aviation Corporation. Automatic locking am- 
munition container. 2.506.409. May 2. 
Baur. Franz W.. assignor to Beka St. Aubin A. G.. Saint 

Aubln. Switzerland. Hand switch. 2,511.618, June 13. 
Baur. Georges : Sef — 
Blrchmeier. Fritz. 

Baur. John W. : F^ee — 

Gustafsson. Eric, Baur, and Kern. 
Bauroth. Walter J.. Columbus. Ohio, assignor to The 
Jeffrey Manufacturing Company. Electric motor frame 
construction. 2.498,389. Feb. 21. 
Bauroth. Walter J.. Columbus. Ohio, assignor to The 
Jeffrey Manufacturing Company. Electric motor. 
2.524'.S72. Oct. 10 
Bausch & Lomb Optical Company, assignee : Bee — 
Auer. Wllhelra. 
Daniel, Kherhard 
De Crave Oharles J.. Jr. 

Eraser, Walter A., and Kreldl, and Ipton. i 

Gallasch, Bernhardt G. 

Kreldl. Norbert J. ' 

Stegeman. Raymond F. E. 
Trost. Henry W, 
Turner. Arthur F. 
Bausch. Marcus S,. Cascade. Mont Vegetable display 

rack. 2.517,963. Aug. 8 
Bausher. Jeremiah L.. and F, D Kickert, as'^ftrnors to 
Infan^^s Socks, Inc., Reading. Pa welt cutter. 
2.515.687, July 18. 
Baxmeyer, Charlotte, M. Meyersleck, and F. II, Taylor, 

St Louis. Mo. Diaper. 2.51 1.036. June 13. 
Baxter. Donald L.. assignor to Reliable Electric Company, 

Chicago. 111. Fuse. 2.532.078. Nov. 28. 
Baxter, Harold G,. Baldwin. N. Y.. assiirnor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. Fast Pittsburgh, Pa. Cir- 
cuit breaker. 2 504,793. Apr. 18. 
Baxter. Harry : Ser — 

Markls. John L.. and Baxter. 
Baxter. Harry. Garrettsville. and 
vllle. Ohio. Automatic control 
2.530.563. Nov. 21. 
Baxter. Jack E.. Terrace Park, Ohio 

housinc. 2.511.764. June 13. 
Baxter, John C. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

vice. 2.513.780. Julv 4. 
Baxter. John L.. Brunswick. Maine. Prefrying treatment 

of potatoes. 2.498.024. Feb. 21. 
Baxter Laboratories. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Nessef, Xnurice M. 
Baxter. Thomas R. : See — 

Rlgbv. Wallace J., and Baxter. 
Baxtt^r. Thomas R.. Mount Vernon. Ohio, assignor to 
Standard Brands Incorporated. New Y'ork. N. Y. In- 
fusion package and making same. 2.498.197, Feb. 21. 
Baxter. Wiilliam C, : See — 

De Pnv, Charles T,. and Baxter. 

Baxter, William C. assicnor to Trimble Xurserylnnd 

Furniture. Inc. Rochester. X. Y. Tray attachment 

for infants' collapsible bath stands. 2.524.873, Oct. 10. 

Bav. Thomas J.. V S. Xavy. Engine cooling apparatus. 

2.498,637. Feb. 28. 
Bayard, Honors M. : Sfe — 

Roquet, Raymond J. C. and Bayard. 
Bavaid. Honor<^ M.. Meudon. and R. J C, Roquet. Clamart, 
France. Antldlstortlng and retarding device for signal 
transmissions. 2.'i07,191. Mav 9. 
Bavard. Honoris M., Meudon, and R. J. C. Roquet, Clamart. 
Franco Complete precorrector for systems for the 
transmission of signals. 2.522.737. Sept. 19, 
Bavard. Tlonorft M.. Meudon. and R. J. C. Ronuet. Clamart. 
France Precorrectlon for line distortion in telegraphy. 
2 522,738. Sent. 19 
Bavard, Honors M.. Meudon. and R. J. C, Roquet. Clamart. 
France. Correcting device for telegraph signals. 
2 522.739, Sept. 19. 
Bavardi. Ettore, Cllffslde Park. N. J. Cufflink. 2.501,151, 

Slar. 21. 
Bayer Joseph J.. Blackwood. X. J. Cleaning copper con- 
taining metal articles. 2.522.496, Sept. 19. 
Bayer William F.. Leonia, X. J. Stone setting tool. 

2.533 870. Dec. 12. 
Baver. Wvatt J.. Detroit. Mich. 

Slay 23. 
Bavers, George W.. Jr.. Denver. 

2.514.463. Julv 11. 
Baves. Cov W.. Stockton. Calif. 

2.496 515. Feb. 7. 
Bavler, Howard O,. Los Angeles. Calif, Pressing machine 
f'or pants and the like. 2.529.899. Xov. 14. 

J. L. 




LlL'htlng fixture 
Xut applying de- 

Lawn mower. 2.508,561. 

Colo. Liquid carbonator. 
Retractable trailer dolly. 




Bayless, Patrick A., Syracuse, N. Y. E.vtractur ba.'-ket 

drive, 2,519,813, Aug, 22. 
Bayless, Patrick A., Syracuse, X. Y. Extractir bat-ket 

cover. 2.519,bl4. Aug. 22. 
P.a.\lty. Warner \\ . ; :<ic — 

Lovsliiu, Irank A., and Baylev. 
Baylin, Samuel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Knitting 

needle. 2.503.576. Apr. 11. 
Ba\ li.--.ti, Charles U. ; Mr — 

Wagg, KcKiuald. ;iiid P.ayliss. 
BaymiUer, Juhu W., Manheim Township, Lancaster County, 
assignor to Armstrong Cork Company, Lancaster, Pa. 
Cork comi)ositious, 2,498,638. Feb 28 
Baymond, Elmer W., Lancaster, J 'a. l\vd mixing ma- 
chine. 2.498.237. Feb. 21. 
Bayues, William C, \\ ashiugton, D. C. Greeting card 

and envelope assembly. 2,497,004, Feb. 14. 
Bayon, Henri J., Angers, France. Suspender. 2,521.326, 

Sept. 5. 
Bayon, Joseph, Angers, France. Wearing-apparel st.-ap 

construction. 2,521,327, Sept. 5. 
Bay Shore Motors, assignee : See — 
Heath. Ernest E.. and llearu. 
Bayside Watch Tool Company, Inc., assignee: See — 

HofTsoiiimer, Walter M. 
Bay State Optical Company, assignee : See — 

Hansen. Julius E. 
Bayuk. Bernard. Dayton, Ohio. Tobacco humidor 

2,506.191. May 2. 
iJazarnic. Peter i'., Grosse I'olnte. Mich. Method of and 
apparatus tor forming teeth of spiral or hypoid bevel 
gears, 2,497.923. Feb. 21. 
Bazelon, Jacob L., Chicago, 111. Cellaret having combined 
musical device and rotatable rack. 2.529,368, Xov. 7, 
Bazley, Carl L.. Schenect.idy, N. Y,. assignor to (ieueral 
Electric Company. Magnetic structure. 2,497.052. 
Feb. 14. 
Beach, Clarence E., Binghamton, N. Y'. Signal manifest- 
ing and/or repeating t-quipment coftimon to a group of 
code signal originating cii cults. 2,498,639, Feb. 28. 
each, Clarence E., Binghamton, N. Y. Variable signal 
transmiitlng station. 2,533,344, Dec. 12. 
Beach, Ilarlantl E., Valparaiso, Ind. Device for eliminat- 
ing s(|ueakK from botird structures. 2,532.006. Nov. 2b. 
Beach. Harold W., Abilene. Kans, Dispensing closure for 

collapsible tubes. 2.528,993. Nov. 7. 
Beach, l.eland K. : Set 

-Morrell. Charles E,. and Beach. 
Beach. Leland K.. Mountainside. X. J., assignor to Stand 
ard Oil Development Company. Separating a diolefin 
from a monoolelia, 2,500.736. Alar. 14, 
Beach, Leland K., Mountainside, and J, F. Xelson, Rahway, 
X. J., and J. Stewart. Brooklyn, N. Y'.. assignors to 
Standard Oil Development Company. Separation of 
Isomers. 2.506.289. May 2. 
Beach. Leland K.. Mountainside, X. J., assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Company, Conversion of durene 
to carboxylic aci<ls. 2,509.^.55, Mav 30. 
Beach, Leland K., Mountainside, and C. E. Morrell. West- 
' tield, N. J., assignors to Standard Oil Develojiment 
Company. Separation of dlalkyl benzenes. 2,519.336, 
Aug. 22. 
Beach, Itolph .M. : See — 

Schiller. Bernhardt, and Beach. 
Beach, Robin, Brooklyn, N. Y. Elimination of static 

electricity from aircraft. 2,497,924. Feb. 21. 
Beach. Royal A. : Sec- 

Bluemink. Gary (i., and Beach. 
Beach Walter A., assignor to Cardox Corporation. Chi 
cago. 111. Fire extinguishing system. 2.529.127. Xov. 7. 
Beach. W illarU C, Muntville, .X. J. Automatic operating 
attachment for screw machines and the like. 2,512,051 
June 20. 
Beachell. Harold C, Lukewood. Ohio, assignor to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. Resor- 
cinol-aldeh.vde tanning product. 2.512.708. June 27. 
Beachell. Harold C . assignor to E. I. du P6nt de Nemours 
& Company. Wilmington. Del. Chloral-dihydrlc phenol 
polyniprs. 2.512.7(»9. June 27. 
Beachy. Samuel A.. Salisbury. Pa. Endless tread garden 

tractor. 2,529,369. Xov. 7. 
Beacom, Robert, assignor to The Xational .\cme Companv. 
Cleveland. Ohio. Releasing threading toolholdeV. 
2,528,107. Oct. 31. 
Bead Chain Manufacturing Co., The, assignee: See — 

Bahr. Gustave F. 
Beadle. Buell W. : See — 

Krayhill. Henry R.. and Beadle. 
Beahm, Horace C. : See — 

J.Mckson. Carey B.. Beahm, and Van Andel. 
Beal, Robert E. : See — ' . 

Castle. Francis J., and Beal. 
Beale. ICveloyn S. L . ."^taine.s, as.-lgnor to Alan Muntz & 
Comriany Limited. Hounslow, Ent;land. Fuel inlectlon 
sy.stem for internal -combustion engines. 2.527.615. 
(»ct. ?.}. 

Beall. Herbert W., Sumter. S. C. Making porous fabric. 
2.513,838. July 4. 

Beall Herbert W.. Sumter, assignor to The Springs Cotton 
Mills Lancaster. S. C. Fabric tearing machine. 
2.523,183. Sept. 19. 

Beall. Herbert W.. assignor to The Springs Cotton Mills, 
Lancaster. S. C. Seam detector. 2.523.184. Sept. 19. 

Barbecue and grill. 

A. Stein, Dayton, 
pump. 2. 495,085, 

Heals, Albert A., Springfield, Mo. 
2..-)U6.69h, .Mav 9. 

Beam Products. Inc.. assignee: See — 
Dietz. Waldemar. 

Beaman, JJeruurd, J. Huluian, and R. 
Ohio. Two-stage hydraulic pressure 
Jan. 31 

Beamer, William H. : See — 

Dodson, Richard W.. and Beamer. 

Beams. Jesse W ., Charlotte>vilIe, Va., assignor to the 
Lnited States of America as represented by the United 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Method and appa- 
ratus tor separating fluids by thermal diffusion. 
2,521,112, Sept. 5. 

Beams, Je.sse W'.. Charlottesville, Va., assignor to the 
Lnited States of America us represented by the United 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Valve. 2,521.!591 
Sept. 12. 

Beams. Jesse W.. L. B. Snoddy. and L. G. lloxton, 
Charlottesville. Va., assignors to the United States of 
America as represented by the United Stales Atomic 
Energy Commission. Thermal flowmeter, 2,525,197, 

Bean, David R., Greeuside, Johannesburg, assignor to 
Anglo American Corporation of South Africa Limited, 
Johannesburg, Trans\aal. Union of South Africa. Elec- 
tric metallurgical apparatus. 2,531,964, No\ . 2n. 

Bean, Frank R.. assignor to F. A. f^mith Manufacturing 
Company, Rochester, X. Y'. Manuallj operable thermo- 
static switch assembly. 2.520,673. Aug, L'9. 

^^■^n, Frank R.. assignor to Fasco Industries, Inc., 
Rochester, X. Y. Manually operable thermostatic switch 
assembly. 2,520,874. Aug. 29. 

Bean, Frederic R., assignor to Eastman Kodak Com- 

Ki'^J.' r}^^^^^^^*^''- ^- '^'- I'reparing aminophenols. 
2,52o,5l5, Oo<. 10. 

Bean, Frederic R., assignor to Eastman Kodak Companv. 
Rochester, X. Y'. I'reparatlon of c-alkvl hydro.|uiuoues 
and c-alkyl p-aminophenols. 2.533.203, Dec. 12 

Bean, Frederic R., and T. S. Donovan, assignors to East- 
iiiau Kodak Company, Rochester, X. Y. Production of 
ditertiary butyl hydroquinone. 2,511,193, June 13. 

Lean. Morris, assignee: See — 
Beau. Xarila L. 

Bean, Itoscoe D., Red Bank, N. J., assignor to Signal En- 
gineering & Manufacturing Company, New York, X. Y 
Electromagnetic relay construction. 2,524,874, Oct. 10 

Bean. Xanfa, assignee: See — 
Bean. Xarila L. 

Bean, Xariia L.. assignor to Antioch College. M and X 
Beau. A D. Henderson. A. E, Morgan, and W. Beatty. 
lellow Spiings. Ohio. Forming a plaster moid or core 
for casting metals. Xov J8 

Beane. Milam C. Xewport. Ohio. Automobile batterv cir- 
cuit breaker. 2.519,815. Aug. 22. 

Bear Manuiacturing Company, assignee: &'ee — 
Zeigler. Gerald. 

Bear Brand Hosierv Co., assignee • .^ee 

Wagener, William C. 

Beard Bert Detroit, Mich., assignor to <;. M. and E 
Holley. Accelerating pump. 2,501.926, Mar. 28 

Beard Bert, Detroit, Mich., assignor to G M and E 
Holley. Automatic 2.511,318, June 13. 

Beard. Elvln E„ assignee : See — 
Smith Sigmund J,, and Willis. 

Beard, Howard J.. Stourport-on-Severn. England as.s,gnor 
to American Chain & Cable Company, Inc , B'ri<lge;.urt 
Conn Apiiaratus for the heat treatment of chain links 
or other metal elements. 2,519,538 Aug 22 

Beard. Jo.sej.b G.. Ha<ldonfield. R. w". Harralson, Mason- 
ville. X .1 ami A. Kreithen. Philadelphia, Pa., assign- 
oTn-^oi ' . t'orporation of America. Electronic relay. 
2.49 1 .202, I'eb. ] 4. 

^".If'?; •?'^?'"i'l' '^v. Haddonfield, X. J., and R. F, Dressier, 
1 hiladelphi.i. Pa., assignors to Radio Corporation of 

'o !!rtoS--, ,^'^"'*P detection and tuner control svstem. 
2.498,8(1, Feb. 28. 

Beard. Joseph G,, Haddonfleld. X. J., assignor to Radio 
( orporation of America. Frequency control. 2 504 293 
Apr. 18. ... 

Beard. Joseph G.. Haddonfinld, X. J., assignor to Radio 
^504*^^94 \ ^^ Ameiica. Motor reversing sysiem, 

^^^r^\^/^^^. "•■ ^'"^^^ Wayne. Ind.. assignor to General 
|'lf^,^'"jc Company Stator for universal electrle motors. 

Beard. Mckenzie A.'. Huntington, W. Va. Hit-and-run 
detector. 2.521,562, Sept. 5. 

^^''499''i"-''F'^-h oo^'^*^**™* ^''^y- Okla. Breeze director. 

Beard. Robert J., assignee : Bee — 
Richards. George r. 

Beard. Theodore IL, Bridgeport, and G. W. Cameron, 
Westport, Conn., as.signors to Dictaphone Corporation 
New York, X. Y. Adapter mechanism for dictating 
machines. 2.5]5,68«, July 18. 

Beard. William A., Hurricane. W. Va. Fluid Injection 
pump, 2.519.733. Aug, 22. 

Beardsley. Guv E.. Jr.. West Hartford, assignor to United 
Aircraft Corporation. East Hartford, Conn. Control 
means for fuel metering systems, 2.510.368. June 6 

Beardsley. John A.. Detroit. Mich. Combination golf 
club, 2.530.446. Xov, 21. 



Beardslt-y, Uub^Tt <).. and L. I?. 
& I.aiiisi.n Macliinp ("oinpany 
(•iiiii[.iarat<ir fur tpstini: latiis. 

: VI' 


N. Y. Toy gun. 

nsslpnee : See — 
and Brown. 

r.. ir.lskv. Mabel K., San Francisco, Calif. Embroidery 
;iir.-a.l kit. 2.497,t;5.{. Ft-h. 14. 

neaniHl'-r. Orie L., \Va.shln>fr<)n. D. C. R. W. Fox. Chicago. 
111., ami II. M. I'.raucher. Baltimore. Md.. assignors to 
the I nirt><l Stat, s nf America as represented by the Sec- 
retary "t \V,ir. I'.reech operating mechanism. 2,522,497, 

Sept ' \U. 

V, Robert <).. and L. B. Fuller, assignors to Jones 

Springfield, Vt. Optical 
2.521.820, Sept. 12. 
Bt-arer. I.ouis C. : See — 

Robinson. Sam P., and B 
B. aslfv. John 1\. : S^e — 

R."..,l. Henry (J., and I!« 
Beathan. Mark A., Queens 

2,5.34.398. Dec. 19. 
I '.e, I trio- < (•■.iijierv Company, 
North. (Jerald C, Alton. 
B'l trice, (Jabriel C, Shrewsbury, assignor to Crompton 

& Knowl.'s Boom Works, Worcester, Loom picic- 

ing meclianism and shaft therefor. 2. 49."), 503, Jan. 24. 
Bed trie, Horace S. : See — 

I»ean. I\e:i:;eth W . [{cattle, and Page. 
R.ibenda. IMw.ird J., Pace, and Beattie. 
Beattle, Horace S., Pouchlieepsie, assignor to Inter- 
national P.usiiiess Machines Corporation, New York, 

N Y. Recnrd controlled accumulating mechanism. 

2.502.017. Apr. 4. 
Beatie. llorao' s . T'outrhkeepsie. and F. E. Hamilton 

and h F. Daly. Endicott. assignors to International 

Business Machines Corporation. .New York. N. Y. Ac- 

rurmilatlng mechanism. 2.r.()0.2tlO, Mar. 14. , 
i'.eattie. Horace s., and R. E. I'ruio. I'oughkeepsie. assignors 

to International Business .Machines (.."orporation. New 

York, N Y. Record sensing device. 2,528.411, Oct. 31. 
I'.eattie, William, Limited, assicnee: See — 

Braiid'r. I>avid and Hainill. 
I'.eatfv, Donald C., Birmingham, Ala. Apparatus for de- 

liverini: and receiving telephone messages. 2,525,763. 

Oct. 17. 
p.. ntty, Isaac C, TIT. Willlamstown. assignor to Sprague 

Electric Company. Xorrh .Adams, Mass. Thienyl 

ethylene compounds. 2.526,319, Oct. 17.'V John W. : See — 

P. iss. Ill] .\ie\:inder C and Beatty. 
B.attv. John W.. Dayton, Ohio. Combination plug, socket, 

and panel assembly. 2,535.031. Deo. 26. 
P.a-tv. p.b.T- !>.. .Ir.. Shaker Heiuhts. assignor. to Eaton 

.Manul"a( turini: Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Magnetic 

drive. 2.r)2rv.'i79. Oct. in. 
Peattv Robert D.. Jr., Shaker TTeirhts. assignor to Eaton 

M.irmf.icfnrinsr Cotupany. Clf'velnnd. Ohio. Heating and 

ventilatlns: apparatus. 2.532.882, Dec. 5. 
Beatty. William, assimi. e : See — 

Bean Xant'a L. 
Ib'itty, William E.. Los .Anselea, Calif., assignor to Moto- 

view. Inc., Carson Citv. Nev. Television view tinder. 

2.531. 4;i7, No^-. 28. 
Beauch.Tiap Frederic A.. Berkeley, assignor to Hamilton, 

P.eauchainp Si Woodworth, San Francisco, Calif. Ore 

jis. 2,524,036. Oct. 3. 
P.eanchamp. Reginald E., Philadelphia, Pa. Compass. 

•_'..' 11.688. June 13. 
Peauch.iiiip. Wilfred A. 

Williams. Harrv V. ' 

Beaucb.inip. Wilfred \.. Chicaeo. 111., assignor to 

Youngstown S^eel Door Company. Cleveland, Ohio. 

door. 2.404.467. Jan. 10. 
Be.nucdianip. Wilfred .\., Chicago, 111. assignor to 

Youncstown Steel D<>or Compan.T, Cleveland, Ohio. 

door fastener. 2.511.42.". June 13. 
Beauchemin. Arsene. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Sanitary 

container. 2.533.757. Dec. 12. 
Beaudet. Camille : Sre — 

Dechamps. Georges. H T.eBihan. and Beaudet. 
Beatidoin. R.andolph F., Sanford, Maine. Automobile 

hydriulic jack system. 2.507.879. May 16. 
P.eauniont Birch Company, assignee : See — 

McMuUen. CletusC. 
P.eaunP Mills. Inc., assignee: See — 
TTatfl.dd. Cnrtl.and. 
ITofmann. Hugo. 
Benvei, ^^li.. w . Chicago, 111. Rotary valve engine. 

2.51;;:n(i0. June 27'. 
P.e.i^r. Charles J.. Bowdon, and E. L. Davey. Timperley, 

assitrnors to W. T. Olover & Company I-imited. Man- 
chester. Lancashire. Ensriand. Reinforce<i soldered- 

seam metnl sheithed cable. 2.527,172, Oct. 24. 
Beaver. David J.. St. AUians. W. Vn., assljrnor to Monsanto 

Chemical Company. St. Louis. Mo. Curing copolymers 

of butadiene 1.3 and acrv'onitrile with oriranlo halogen 

compounds. 2,504 205 Apr ' -^ 

Beaver, David J.. St. .\lhans, and NL 
W. Va.. assignors to Mons.into Cht 
Louis. Mo. I' Byntli>>tic 
Dec. 2ti. 

r.ei\er. ( ;enrLre H . B-1 1 i n L'li.nTii . Wash. 
.-hntc'ins. 2 50 1. !>.-}. Mar. 21. 

B. aver, Hartsell W., assiirnor to Turner Mannfacturinc 
<'.unpanv .'5*atesviile, X c. Rikin:: ard loading means 
for p.anut harvest, rs. 2.400.051. Feb. 28. 

Beaver, Rich.trd C, Inclcwood, Calif. Convection driven 

forcd f.nw ;i;r heater. 2.405.311, Jan. 24. i 

assignee : See — 



C. Tlirodahl, Nltro. 

'iiiical Company. St. 

rubber. 2.535.664, 

Safety cutout for 

Beaver. Solomon M., Detroit, Mich. Paint can holder. 
2,524,875. Oct. 10. 

Beavers, Ellington M., assignor to Rohm & Haas Com- 
pany, Philadelphia, Pa. Polyester lubricants. 2,499,983, 
Mar. 7. 

Beavers. Ellington M.. and R. F. Conyne. assignors to 
Rohm & Haas Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Oily comple.x 
esters. 2.499,984, Mar. 7. 

Beavon, David K.. Long Beach, Calif., assignor to The 
Te.xas Company, .New York. .X. Y. Solvent refming 
of light oils. 2.526.722, Oct. 24. 

Bebby, J.. & Sons Limited, assignee : See — , 

Killip. Robert E. I 

Becan. Arthur F., Bayport, N. Y. Line-forming attach- 
ment for typewriters. 2.499,714, Mar. 7. 

Beccio, Giuseppe, Milan, Italy. Signal transmitting ap- 
paratus with coding wheels. 2,512,734, June 27. 

Bechberger. Paul F. : See — 

Stracener, William H., and Bechberger. 

Bechberger. I'aul F.. TenaJIy, assignor to Bendix Aviation 
Corporation. Teterboro. .\. J. Fieguency and voltage 
r<>guIator. 2. 504. 4S9. Apr. 18. 

Bechik. Michael, assignor to Bechlk Products. Inc.. St. 
Paul. Minn. Mattress handle construction. 2.500,336, 
M,.r. 14. 

Bechik, Michael, assignor to Bechlk Products, Inc., St. 
Paul. .Minn. Handle for mattresses and the like. 
2.532,657. Dec. 5. 

Bechik. Michael, and J. G. Strandberg, assignors to Bechik 
Products Inc., St. Paul, Minn. Machine for sewing 
mattress boxing strips 2.505.822, May 2. 

Bechik Products, Inc., assignee : Sec — 
Bechlk. Michael. 
Bechik. Michael, and Strandberg. 

Bechle, Rudolph P.. Yonkers, assignor to Potde\In Ma- 
chine Company. Brooklyn, N. Y. Differential rewind 
control 2.496.977, Feb. 7. 

Bechle, Rudolph P.. Yonkers, nssiCTior to Potdevin Ma- 
chine Company, Brooklvn, X. V. Selective gearing. 
2.521,771. Sept. 12. 

Bechle. Rudolfih P.. Yonkers, as.'ignor to Potdevin Ma- 
chine Company. Brooklyn. N. Y. Variable-speed drive. 
2. .522,5,;^, Sept. 1!>. 

Bechler, .^drfi. Moutler. Switzerland. Reversing gear for 
machine tools. 2,494,156. Jan. 10. 

Bechler. .Andr*'. .Moutier, Switzerland. Automatic lathe. 
2.40S.7S3. Feb. 2S. 

Bechler, Andr4. Moutler. .Switzerland. Conveyor for 
screws to be slitted in automatic lathes. 2,528,330, 
Oct. 31. 

Bechman. William O. : See — 

Baker, David B., Bechman, and Hennlng. 

Bechmann. Auirust A.. Merrimac. assignor to A. C. Duit- 
man. Columbus, Wis. Distributing scoop. 2,511,560, 
June 13. 

Bechovlch. Wesley, assignee : Sec — 
Allincton, c,eorge H., and Grzelak. 

Becht. Merrill A.. Toledo. Ohio, assignor to Owens-Illinois 
Glass Company. Extruding plastics in tubular form 
and wrapping the tubing. 2..'iQ2ji38, Apr. 4. 

Bechtel, Charles E., Nashotah, wis. Spark arrester. 
2,524,588. Oct. 3. 

Bechtler. H.ins C. Zurich, Switzerland, assignor to 
Pneumafil Corporation, Charlotte, N. C. Spinning ma- 
chinery. 2.522.250, Sept. 12. 

Bechfol. Harold D. : See^ 

Werner, John E., and Bechtol. 

Bechtold. Forrest S , Lone Beach. Calif. Stove-top burner 
and air shield. 2.506.483, May 2. 

Bechtold. Max F.. Kenneth Square. Pa., nssienor to E. 
I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. 
Preparing heteropolyaclds containing a heavy metal. 
2.503,991. Apr. II. 

Bechtold. Robert H. : See — 

Barker. William M.. and Bechtold. 

Beck, Alfred C, Red Bank. N. J., assismor to Bell Tele- 
phone liaboratories. Incorporated. N'ew York. N. Y. 
Directional antenna system. 2,405.219. Jan. 24. 

Beck. Bartlett A.. Sr.. Portsmouth. Va. Adjustable cou- 
pling. 2. .532.754. Dec. 5. 

Beck. Clifford K.. and D. Kirkpatrick, Oak Ridge, Tenn., 
assignors to the United States of .\merica as represented 
by the I'nlted States Atomic Enertry Commission. .Ap- 
paratus for testing tensile characteristics of a mate- 
rial. 2.518.217. Aug. 8. 

Beck. Derwood -A.. Seville, and F^. A. Eddy. Massillon. as- 
signors to Goodyear Aircraft Corporation. Akron. Ohio. 
Boundary laver control. 2.517.524. Aue. 1. 

Beck. Georce C. Spokane. Wash. Crankshaft reflnlshlng 
tool. 2,520,025, Aug. 22. 

Beck. George H.. Maplewood. and J. Z. Forls. T'nion. X. J. 
Mold base. 2.531.965. Xov. 28. 

Beck. Horace C. Los Angeles, Calif. Lawn edger. 

2,496 327. Feb. 7. 
Beck. James M. : See — ' 

Smlts. Wytze B.. and Beck. 

Beck. John B., Flushing. N. Y. Resinous starching com- 
position. 2,500.144. Mar. 14. 

Beck. Joseph E.. assignor to Mitchell Novelty Company, 
Milwaukee. Wis. Playing piece return mechanism 
2,521.563. Sept. 5. 

Beck. Joseph F. : See — 

Gonld, Howard S., Beck, and Manning. 



Beck, June E. : See — 

Alidgetie, Erust L., and Beck. 

Beck, Rayiuuiid, mid A. Kovner, Harrisburg, I'a. Spurk 
arresting uuifller with reiroverted How. 2,b21,0b:i, 
Oct. 24. 

Betk. Reynold C, Jamaica, N. Y. Wall covering tile 
attached by tape. 2,494,157. Jan. 10. 

Beck, Robert C, Los Angeles. Calif. I'hotographic Hash 
lighting apparatus. 2,49S,640, Feb. 2^. 

Beck. ICoberi C. assignor of one-half to Wilcox Photo 
Sales, Los Angeles, CaliL Ionization svsiem for gas- 
eous eonductiuu lamps. 2,513,396. July 4. 

Beck, Robert F.. Paterson. assignor to .Marcalus Manufac- 
turing Company, Inc., East Paterson, N. J. I'leventing 
deformation oi tubular cores. 2.520,n2(j. Aug. 2U. 

Beck, Robert W.. assignor to Stanoiind Oil "and Gas Com- 
imny, Tulsa, Okla. Drilling fluids. 2,531,662, Nov. 28. 

Beck, Roiiind A. : See — 

Sensel, Eugene E., and Beck. 

SenSel. Eugene K., Millendorf. .ind Beck. 

Beck, Ronald D.. Cambridge, Ohio, assignor to Continental 
Can Company. Inc.. New York. N. V. .Apparatus fur 
preheating molding powders. 2.535,829, D.c. L'd. 

Beck. Ronald D.. Cambridge. Oliio. assignor to Continental 
Can Comiiany. Inc., .New York. N. Y. Cure tester tor 
plastics. 2,535.830. Dec. 26. 

Beck. W illiain A., Milwaukee, Wis. luternul-cumbustion 
engine. 2,51G,t;69, July 25. 

Beckoerger. La Vern IL, East Chicago, Ind.. assignor to 
Sinclair Relining Company, New York. N. V. I'vrolytic 
conversion of hydrocarbons. 2.5(i0.2;i5 Mar 14 

Beckberger. La Vern IL. East Chicago. Ind. assignor to 
Sinclair Refining Company, New York N. Y. Catalytic 
conversiou of hydrocarbons. 2,534,752, Dec 19 

BecKel, Arthur C. : .Set- — 

De Voss, Letta 1.. Beckel, and Belter. 

Beckel. Arthur C, Peoria, P. A. Belter. Pekin, and H J 
Deobald. I'eoria, HI., assignors to the United States of 


America as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture 
Vegetable oil extraction. 2,505,749, Maj' 2 
ckel. Arthur C, Peoria, and 1'. A. Belter, Pekin, III 
assignors to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of Agriculture. Stripping sol- 
vents from oils. 2,511,833, June 20. 

Beckel, Arthur C, and J. C. Cowan, Peoria, and P A 
Belter, Pekin, 111., assignors to the United States of 
America as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture. 
Uninterrupted recirculation of unrefined alcoholic fatty 
oil solvent. 2,524,037, Oct. 3. 

Beckerneyer, Edgar G., Fort Thomas. Ky.. and G. T. 
Schmidt, Cincinnati. Ohio. Device for cooking pop- 
corn. 2,522.0S5, Sept. 12. 

Beckenhauer, William C, Detroit, Mich. Folding seat. 
2,521,200, Sept. 5. 

Becker, Arthur II. , Indianapolis. Ind.. assijznor to United 
St.ites Rubber Company. New York. N. Y. Inner tube 
tester. 2,503,992, Apr. 11. 

Becker, Benjamin. St. Louis. Mo. Mechanical swimming 
exercisinK machine. 2.497,391. Feb. 14. 

Becker, Carl W., Arlington, assignor to Raytheon Manu 
facturing Company, Newton. Mass. Tunable magnetron. 
2,501,1.52, Mar. 21. 

Becker, Emil A., Darlington Township, Durham County, 
Ontario, Canada. Litjuid tight sectional container 
liaviuL' rigid side walls. 2.521,279, Sept. 5. 

Becker, Francis X. : See — 

Miller. Carroll D.. and Becker. 

Becker. Frederick G. L., assignor to Cellulose Development 
Corporation Limited, Hatch End. England. Fibrous 
pulp digester. 2,523,042. Sept. 26. 

Becker, (.eorge D., Wauwatosa. assignor to Allis-Chalmers 
.Manufacturing Company, Milwauk'*, Wis. Quarry 
<lrop hammer. 2,524.589, Oct. 3. 

Becker Henry. Culver City, assignor of three-fourths to 
Z. Melnikoir. Los Angeles. Calif. Pencil sharpener. 
2.519.625. Aug. 22. 

Becker. Howard I.. Rexford. N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Pulse echo detection of moving 
target.s. 2,514.924, July 11. 

Becker. Johannes : See — 

Bouw(>rs. .Albert. Becker, and van Gorcum. 

Becker. John E., Toronto, Ontario, Can.ula, Fluid cir- 
culation control for fluid couplings. 2,508.442. May 23. 

Becker, Joseph. Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to Koppers Com- 
P!Ui.v.^^ Inc. Horizontal coke oven method. 2.498,784, 

Becker. Karl: See — 

Schlichter. John G.. and Becker. 

Becker, Lawrence C. Houma, La., assignor to Shell Devel- 
opment Company, San f^ancisco, Calif. Flow bean 
2,501,-593, -Mar. 21. 

Becker, Lester O . assignor to J. 

Pressinc machine. 2.527.114. 
Becker, Louis, Ardmore, Okla. 

ener. 2.525 S54, Oct. 17. 

Becker, Morris, assignor to Federal Auto I'roducts Co 
Chicago, 111. Lawn sprinkler system. 2.531.101. Nov. 

Becker, Otto E.. Los An;:eles, Calif. Combination odom- 
eter and ignition switch. 2.497,340. Feb. 14. 

Becker. Royer K.. Kvan.sville. Ind. Indirect cooling sys- 
tem for buildings. 2,497,713, Feb. 14. 

Angeles, Calif. Brass. *n 

Pavelka, St. Louis. Mo. 
Oct. 24. 

Dustproof pencil sharp- 

Becker. Stephen v.. assignor to Fargo Mfg. Company, Inc.. 

Poughkeepaie. X \. Wire gripping aaaembly and 

casing connector. 2.535.623. Dec. 26. 
Becker, \ icior 1., Los Angeles, Calif. Brassiere. 2,501,860. 

Mar. 2i>. 
Becker, Victor I., Los 

2.508.703, May 1'3. 
Becker, Victor 1., Los Angeles, Calif. Brassifere. 

2.508.704, .May 23. 

Becker. Walter E., assignor of three-fourths to \s !I. 

.McChesney, San .Vniouio, Tex. Coin counter auo 

stacker. :.',5i;7.389, t)ct. 24. 
Becker, Willard E., Oakville, Conn. Serving fofk with 

spring-retracted ejector plate. 2.521.032. Sept. 5. 
Beckett, Ernest S., Penryn. Calif. Car squeeze. 2.629,588, 
► Nov. 14. 
Beckett. I'arlev E., -Azusa, Calif. Spark arrester and 

exhaust sileiuer. 2.52ti.ti27. t)ct. 24. 
Beckett, Reginald W., Elyria, Ohio. Fan regulator. 

2,506.192, .May 2. 
Beckinsale. Sydney : See — 

Hill, Harry and Beckinsale. 
Beckjord, William E., Brooklyn, N. Y. Lighter. 2,517,- 

Hm, Aug. 1. 
Becklei, Uilliam J., Rochester, N. Y. Coat vent. 

2.527,671, t»ct. 31. 
Beckmau, Gustaf S., Cranston. R. I., assignor to W. S. 

Roberts, -Mineral Wells. Tex. Clutch. 2,514.175, Juiv 4. 
Beckner. Donald O., South Lancaster. Mass. Tubular 

winding core. 2,535,188. Dec. 26. 
Beckoff. Judd L. : .•^t( - 

.Miltenberg. Leonard, and BeckoflT. 
Beckovich. Wesley, assignor to A. F. Wiatercorn, Rock- 
ford. 111. Bottleholder for bars. 2.517.829. -Aug. b. 
Becksiroiu. Carl V.. assignor to Deere »Jc Company. .Moiine. 

111. Plow bottom bolt. 2,527,616. Oct. 31. 
Beckstroni, Garfield L., assignor to Autopoint Company, 

Chicago, III. Spring fastening me.ans. 2,526,320, Oct. 

Becwar. Rudolph A., Berwyn. 111., assignor to Motorola, 

Inc. Push button switch. 2.5(m;,9^7, .May 9. 
Beckwith. Bernard J., Lake Village. Ind." Wheel gauge. 

2.531.102. Nov. 21. 
Beckwith, Edwin R.. West Newton. Mass.. assignor to 

Beckwith Manufacturing Company, Dover, -S'. H. 

Child's toilet seat. 2.518,272, Aug. 8. 
Beckwith, Edwin L., West .Xewton and G. C. Colburu, 

.Natick, .Mass. Envelope for trozen liquid refrigerants. 

2.515,582, July IS. 
Beckwith, (ieoige M., U. S. Navy. Astronomical device. 

2,498.(i41, Feb. 2». 
Beckwith Manul.icturing Company, assignee: See — 
Beckwith, Ltlwin L. 
<>reenaii, Wirt (J. 
Soniers.ill, William W. 
Beckwith, Robert \V.. North Syracuse, N. Y.. assignor to 

General Electric Company. P'requency shift oscillator 

circuit. 2.531,103. .Nov. 21. 
Bed.ib'. Paul W.. Del by. and J. O. P. Hughes. Dutlield, 

assignors to Rolls-Royce Limited. Derby, England. 

Fuel injection device for internal-combustioQ engines. 

2.525.t;35. Oct. 10. 
Bedale. Paul W.. LltMeover, Derby, and J. O. P. Hughes. 

Dullield. assignors to Rolls-Royce Limited. Derby. Eng- 
land. Fuel flow control for internal-combustion engines. 

2.529,900. Nov. 14. 
BeUaux, Robert, I'aris, France. Tablet dispenser. 

2.52«i.61.'i, Oct. 24. 
Beder, Samuel L.. assignor of one-half to Irwin F. Mills 

Associates. New York, N. Y. Reversible brief case. 

2,493.182, Jan. 3. 
Bedford. Alda V.. Princeton, N. J., assignor to liadio 

Corporation of .America. Video signal circuit for noise 

limiting. 2.514,022. July 4. 
Bedford. .Alda V., Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 

Corporation of .America. Noise limiting video circuit. 

2,514,117, July 4. 

Bedford. Burnice D. : See — 

Kellotrg. Harry L.. and Bedford. 

Bedford. Frederick W. : See — 

WVbb. Robert E., and Bedford. 

Bedford. Howard E., and A. Hall. Brentford. England, 
assignors, by mesne assignments to Pyrene Develop- 
ment Corporation, Newark, .\. J. F^ire-extlngulshing 
apparatus. 2,532.986. Dec. 5. 

Bedford, Leroy J., and E. A. Adams, Bakersfield. Calif. 
Clothes hanger. 2.506.193. May 2. 

Bedford. Leslie H.. London. J. Bell, and E. M. Langham, 
Teddington. assignors to A. C. Cossor Limited. London, 
England. Electrical measuring or control apparatus. 
2.525.636. Oct. 10. 

Bedford Products, Inc., assik'nee : See — 
Webb, Robert E.. and Bedford. 

Bedford, William .A.. Jr.. Hingham. assignor to I'nited- 
<'arr Fastener Corporation. Cambridge, Mass. Buckle 
fastener device. 2.506.332. May 2. 

Bedford, William A.. Jr. North Scituate. assignor to 
United Carr Fastener Corporation. Cambridge. .Mass. 
Fastener clip. 2,523,185, Sept. 19. 

Bedford. William A.. Jr., North Scituate. assignor to 
United-Carr Fastener Corporation, Cambritlge, Mass. 
P^astener member. 2,526.531. Oct. 17. 




ilediord. William A., Jr., North Scituate. assignor to 

( tiiteflCarr F'aBtenpr Corporation, Cambridge, Masa. 

Sprint' flip tvpp »<nap fastener. 2,526,532, Oct. 17. 
lU-.tFurd, Willhiiii A., Jr.. Nortli Scituate, assignor to 

I ni;.<l (,'arr Fastener Corporatii^n. Cambridge, Mass. 

Closure and fastener member. 2,527,053, Oct. 24. 
r.-dfurd, Wiliiiuu II. : See 

Whitehead Frederiek \V.. nnd Heilford. 
15ed!n!. N'erlnri, R. Veslgna, and P. Giuliani, assignors to 

I'lrelU Sorlf>ta Per Azinni, Milan, Italy. Submarine 

mask. ^.534,568. Iiec 19. 
R'dnish. Casper S.. .J.-rsey City. N. J., and G. S. 

Kurro'ighs, Forest Hills. assiL'nurs fn Federal Telephone 

and Radio Corporation. .New York, N. Y. Indexing 


2..">2S,4S0. Nov. 

Bedoar, Gunnar O., assignee: See — ^ 

Annstrnng. Charles. 
r.''dui8»aii .\;i !'^ .\ F., I.-^.-st les-M(>ulineaux. France. 

Sockft ! r > 1 ( T:!- limps. 2. 511. 037, June 13. 
P.filvnHk. J'din P. Ilanford, Calif. Broom hanger. 

2,5ntl,.'!3:', May 2 
Ket», Clifford T.. .Mii-k>"i,'i-in, Mich., assignor to Borg-Warner 
('orporatlon, Chicago, 111. Forward and reverse gearing 
for wringer drives. 2,525,392, Oct. 10. ' 

i'.cfar.x. \\ irr.'H L.. < Uv.l.i nd. Ohio., assignor to The 
J{. F. Goodrich Company. .New York. N. Y. Prepara- 
tion of novel esters of beta-hydroxy rarboxylic acids hv 
the reaction of beta lactones with phenols. 2.526.5J3, 
i^ct. 17 
B'>e!irs. Warr.^n L.. Cleveland. Ohio, assignor tn The B. F. 
.(looiirlch Conij.any. .Vew York. N. Y. Preparation of 
^n'iv>'l t'.'-ters <<t beta-hydroxy carhoxyllc acld.s bj- the re- 
action of bera-lnctones with chloroplionols. 2,535,832, 
I>.T, 2fi. 
Beehe. Pdi.'Js A , D- . r I.odce. Mont. I'ole top gin and 

aiixlliiry crossarm, 2.502,815, .\pr. 4. 
I'.<" '..■ <;.orL:' F \Vaterburv,v<'oiin. Safetv guard for 

(■r. ■.....< ■_• ,-,"',1 .v<:;7. Nov. 2'^. 
Beehe, Herbert R.. Brooklvn. assignor to American Char- 
acter Doll Company, New York. N. Y. Doll Joint. 
2.5,'',5 llfi, Dec. 2H. 
Beebe. .Tnhn N. : f^ee — 

I'r-. lund. Robprt A., and Reebe. 
r.eehe. \I;;rrnv C.. .Ir. : NVp — 

Niartin. Frle. and Beebe, Jr. 
l!e.^ !!.■»» Shoe <'o., assignee: See — 

<;:ilper. Isa. 
Beech Aircraft Corporation, assignee : .^ee — 
p;arhart. Harold W. 
Lassmann Clyde V., and Naidenoff. 
Paul. Lewis .\ ,, 

Pellev. Perrv H. 
Roters. Herbert C. 

Sauiidi rs. Richard F, and John-ton. 
p.-echtT. FiiLTeno I... I'levtl.ind ILii,'hts. a-signor to The 
Gabriel Cornp.iny, Clevelan<i. Ohio. Shock absorber con- 
struction. 2,407.972, Feb. 21. 
p.. .Ther. Hrirrv. I' s rn:ist Guard. Electronic keying 

■ ].'V-c>\ •J.517.'.T^. -\iii.'. « 
Beecher. John \V., assitmor to The Bristol Company, 
Waterhury. Conn. Protective apparatus for differential 
fluid in't'-rs 2,505.450, Apr. 25.'chly:!. .fctin T . Boston. .Miss., assignor to Raytheon 
M.anuf.'icturinir Companv. Submarine signaling appara- 
tus. 2.51 1.f>0. June i;^ I 
I'eecliNuf Packiiiir Company, assignee: See — 
Blnsack. Joseph \V. 
Goii .'i. H:i.-nld .\. I 

p»,.,I., Arnold H , Stamford, assignor to Elertrolux Cor- 
norarion. OM Grfenwieh, Conn. Rug nozzle with var- 
iable ofH-ninc. 2.500,077. 21. 

P«fd". .\nio!d IT . .'^tHTTiford. .MSsiL'nor to Electrolux Cor- 
poration. Old Greenwich, C.>nn. Rue nozzle. 2.511,238. 
June in 

Peede. .\rnold H.. Stamford, assignor to Electrolux Cor- 
poration. 0!d Greenwich. Conn, Vacuum cleaner. 
2 .'22 40<5 S.'pt. 1!l. 

I!et'i:hl.\. Hueh F.. \>'hiteli;il!, assignor to Jones & 
I.auL't'.iin S-eel Corporation. Pittsburgh. Pa. Deter- 
ndnin;: the thickness of n metal coating on a metal base. 
2 521,772. Sop*. 12. 

I'-c ^.'lily. Hugh F.. Whitehall, assignor to Jones & 
Lauu'hlin Steel Corporation. Pittsburgh. Pa. Dls- 
solvimj .ste.d to obtain rephlue containing aluminum 
riTide. 2 520 .S 4 1 . 0,'t. ?t. 

Beekman Industries. Inc.. assignee : Ff — 
Wagner, George B. 

p.'eler ('Inv R. Oklahoma CItv, Okla. Self loading dump 
'•■uck. 2 oOC, 014, May 0. " ' i 

P.'e-lin'' Coinpanv, assignee: .?ce — 
KriL:leh:irt. Richard D. 
J;ii-hs.n. Le Roy V., and Go Sline. 
Stiii^h. Roy D. 

P.'" ::i, A '■... assiiznee : f^cr — 
<'!; upon, Ch.'i^e \V. 

Beem Foundation. The, assignee : See — , 
Reel:!. Marve] p 
Beem. Marvel I) , and Tnvlor. 

Taylor, A!!nn J. ' I 

Taylor, .Vllan .T . and Beem. 

Beem Msrvel, assignee : See — ' 

Taylor, .Mian J 
Taylor. A Ian J . and Beem. 

Beem, Marvel, West Los Angeles, assignor of one-half to 
The Beem Foundation, Los Angeles, Calif. Invalids 
bed. 2.500.738, Mar. 14. 

Beem. Marvel, West Los Angeles, assignor of one-half to 
The Beem Foundation, Los Angeles, Calif. Invallil's 
bed. 2.500,739, Mar. 14. 

Beem. Marvel, West Los Angeles, assignor of one-half to 
The Beem Foundation, Los Angeles, Calif. Invalid's 
bed. 2.500,740, Mar. 14. 

Beem, Marvel D.. and A. J. Taylor, assignors of one-half 
to said Beem and one-half to The Beem Foundation, 
Los Angeles, Calif. Invalid's bed. 2.500,743. Mar. 14. 

Beem, Marvel D., assignor of one half to The Beem 
Foundation, Los Angeles, Calif. Invalids bed. 
2,500,744. Mar. 14. 

Beeman, Lyle, Ann Arbcr. Mich., assignor to The Master 
Electric Company, Dayton, Ohio. Electroniagnitic cir- 
cuit controller. 2.52(i,t08, Aug. 2i.>. 

Bcemer, Paul K., Inglewood, and F. L. Carlisle. Pasadena, 
assignors to Preco Incorporated, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Railway truck. 2,519,169, Aug. 15. 

Beemer. Paul K., Inglewood, and H. O. I'Hichs, assignors 
to Preco Incorporated, Los Angeles, Calif. Driving 
mechanism. 2,519,170. Aug. 15. 

Beems. Floyd E. : See — 

Stephenson, Thomas W., and Beems. 

Beems, Floyd E., LH>arborn, <". U'. Bugbee, Royal Oak 
and T. W. Stephenson. Detroit, assignors to Ford 
Motor Company, Dearborn, Mich. Hood latch. 
2,508,090. May 16. 

Beer. Leo : See — 

Stevenson, Archibald S., and Beer. 

Beer, Leo, Providence, assignor to Alrose Chemical Com- 
pany, Cranston, R. I. Stabilizing celluloslc textile 
maierl:ils against shrinkage employing glyoxal and a 
metal silicofluoride as a catalyst. 2,521,328, Sept. 5. 

Beerbower, Alan : See- 
Calkins, Austin E., Darley, and Beerbower. 
Morway, Arnold J., and Beerbower. 
Morway, Arnold J., Beerbower, and Zlmmer. 

Beerbower, Alan, Baltimore, Md., and J. C. Zimmer, 
Union, N. J., assignors to Standard Oil Development 
Companv. Antioxidants for greases and shnilar mate- 
rials. 2.533.nsn, Dec. 12. 

Beerii, Karl, assignor to Splndel- , Motoren- und Maschin- 
enfabrik A. O., Uster. Switzerland. High-speed spinning 
or twisting spindle. 2,520.004. Nov. 14 

Beerll, Louis, Engelberg. Switzerland. Ski having concave 
sides. 2.510.794. June 0. 

Beerll. Norbert C, Mayfleld Heights, assignor to The 
Weatherhead Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Adapter, 
2 529 534 Nov. 14. 

Beers. (Jeorge L.', Haddonfield. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Suspension means for acous- 
tical absorbers. 2,502,017, Mar. 28. 

Beers, Rov A., Jr., Audubon, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Frequency discriminator. 
2,520.021. Aug. 20. 

Jules E., Antwerp-Borgerhout. assignor to 
Photo-Producten N. V., Mortsel-.Vntweip, 
Methlne dyestuffs. 2,525,015. Oct. 10. 
Jules E., Itorgerhout-.Vutwork, assignor to 
Photo-Producten N. V., Mortsel-Antwerp, 
Azo dvestufTs as photographic coupling com- 
2,515,691, July 18. 

Beery, Curtis C. •Coulee Vam, Wash. Extractor for 
Enfield rifle firing pin assemblies. 2.501.37". Mar. 21. 

Beeson. Bert B.. assignor to The French Oil Mill Machin- 
ery Company. Piqua, Ohio. Extraction process and ap- 
paratus 2.512.710, Jtine 27. 

Beeson. Carrol M., Los Angeles. Calif., assignor to Socony- 
Vacunm Oil Companv. Incorpornte<l. New York, N. Y. 
Meas\iring permeability. 2.498,108. Feb. 21. 

Beeson, Hiram M.. Dallas. Tex. Commodity sacking ma- 
chine with rotatable table having discharging funnels 
combined with sack supporting chutes. 2,510,541, 
June ?. 

P.eevor. Patricia N.. Los Angeles, Calif. Drapery hook. 
2.525.5-98. Oct. 17. 

Bp-Gp Manufacturing Co.. assignee : See — 
Gurries, Albert O. 
(iurries. Albert G.. and White. 

Begerow, John H. W., Wood-Ridge, N. J., assignor to Air 
Reduction Company. Incorporated. New York, N. Y'. 
Motorized torch holder. 2,519^871, Aug. 22. 

Begerow, Walter. Wood-Rldge. N. J., assignor to Air Re- 
duction Companv. Incorporated. Valve control system 
for scarfing machines. 2.520,193. Aug. 29. 

Beggs. Cornelius T.. San Francisco. Calif. Apparatus for 
measuring liquid flow. 2,501,705, Mar. 28. 

Beggs. James E. : See — 

>lc.frthur. Elmer D., nnd Beggs 

Beggs. James E., Schenectady, N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. High-frequency electric discharge 
device and system therefor. 2,514,925. July 11. 

Beggs, James E., Schenectady, N. Y.. assignor to General 
Electric Company. Capacitance measuring apparatus. 
2,525,441, Oct. 10. 

Beggs. Joe W., McPherson, Kans., assign 
Slvalls & Bryson, Inc., Kansas City 
2,503,702, Apr. 11. 

Begin, Louis E. : See — 

Berhenke. Luther F., and Begin. 
Britton. Edgar C. and Begin. 




to Black, 




I'.eguliii, Johanna E., Detroit, Mich. Cold wave permanent 
Kill. 2,.j22,251, Sept. 12. 

Begubn. Mary E., Detroit. Mich. Hair curler. 2.528,bU4 
Nov. 7. 

Begun, Semi J. ; See — 

Arndt, John P.. Jr., Jones, and Begun. 

beguii, ^t•ml J., Cleveland lieigUla. assiguor to The Brush 
Development Company, Cleveland, uhlo. System for 
magucKaiiy recording u modulated carrier in push-pull. 
2,497,054, I'eb. 14. 

Begun, Semi J., Cleveland Heights, assignor to Magnatone, 
Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Magnetic recording and re- 
producing. 2,513,010, July 4. 

Beiser, Leo, New York. N. Y. Tobacco cartri.Jt'. for 

smoking pipes. 2,529,902, Nov. 14. 
Beittiiman. Maurice 1., Kahsas City Mo. Garment 

2,520,026, Aug. 22. 
Beitzel. Hoi ace C. : Hee — 

Coulou, ILomas A., Davidson, 
Kiniker, and Beitzel. 
Bejcek, Edwin L., Flint, Mich. 

2,527,094, Oct. 31. 
Beka St. Aubin A. G., assignee : See — 

Baur, Fran/. W. 
Beken, Fritz, llford, England. 
■ ')20,8i;7. Aug. -iK 

Taylor, RlciiardsoQ, 
Capsule counter. 

Mixing machiue. 

Begun, Semi J., Cleveland Heights, assignor to The Brush Bidan'ge'r." -4lbert "p.' D., assignor to Alter 
Development Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Magnetic re- Company, Alton. 111. Winding spool 
cording and reproducing. 2,513,617, July 4. Dec 5 "luuuit, spooi. 

Begun, Semi J., Cleveland Heights, ubsignor to The Belauger, Mncent .A. : See 

ton Box Board 


Brush Development Company, Cleveland, Ohio. lie 
polarized tran.sduccr sysneiii. 2,521,329, Sept. 5. 

Begun, Semi J., Cleveland Heights, assignor to The Brush 
Development Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Magnetic 
recording and reproducing. 2,535.480, Dec. 20. 

Begun, .seiui J., Clestdaud Heights, assignor to The Brush 
Development Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Demagnetiz- 
ing apparatus lor magnetic recorders. 2.535,481, 
Dec. 26. 

Begun, Semi J., Cleveland Heights, and M. D. Temple, 
assignor to The Biush Development Company, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. Magnetic transducing core lor magnetic 
record transducers. 2.493,742, Jan. 10. 

I5€gun. Semi J., <.'leveland llei^rhts, and J. P. Arndt, Jr., 

Levinsohn, Ervviu, and Belanger, 

Belch, Keiih R., Annapolis, Md., assignor to Weems Navi- 
gation. Inc., Washington, D. C. Position Under. 
2.531.248, Nov. 21. 

Belcher. L'larence F : See — 

Lee. Henry U., and Belcher. 

Btlcher, Daniel. MiuueapoUs. Minn., assignor to Bemls 
Bro. Bug Company. St. Louis, Mo. I'roodug laminated 
material. 2.513,708, July 4. 

Briclier, Daiii.i. .\liuiieapolis, Minn., R. J. Williams 
Richmond Heights, Mo., and J. E. Voege. Alton. Ill , 
a^slguorB to BemiB Bro. Bag Company, .>!it. Louis, Mo. 
Aiipar.aus iur mauuiaciurug valve bags. 2,527,295, 
<'<i. 24. 

Euclid, assignors to The Brush Development Company, Belcher, Harold H.. Orange. Mass., assignor to Rodney 

Cleveland, Ohio. Devic to incxfiit aicidental erasurt- Hunt Machine Company Plaiter •'5'9 991 Nov 14 

ot magnetic records. 2,508,485, May 23. Belcher, John A.. Winnipeg, Manitoba', Canada.* I'a.-B 

Behlmer, Henry B. : See— storing cabinet. 2,530,22u, Nov. 14. 

Smythe, Robert L., Hahler, and Ilehlmer. Beiuen, Clarlt D., .NlinueupoUs, Minn 

Behni, Alexander J. E. and E. M., Nottingham, England. cutter. 2.493.941, Jan. iu. 

Wire winding machine, particularly for electric heating Beldeu Manuiactunug Company, assignee: Se 
elements. 2.496,847. Feb. 7. Huth, Carl M. 

Beom, Elsie .M. : See — 

Belim, Alexander J. E. and E. M. 

Behn, Eric R., Garden City, assignor to Control Instru- 
ment Company, Inc., Brooklyn, N. Y. Temperature 
compensated conductivity cell electrode. 2.505,936, 
May 2. 

Behnke, Edward R., Newark, and S. H. Royer. Elizabeth, 

N. J., assignors to The Llnde Air Products Companv. __. 

Fluid control for Inert gas blanketed arc welding. Beleskas, Stanley M., Oaklyn, N. J., assignor to Radio 
^,510,207, June 6. Corporation of America. Wave generation and con- 

Behnke, George W.. R. G. Westcttt, and J. Sandula, as- trol. 2,515,030, July 11. 

signors to Simplicity Engineering Company, Durand, Belgau, Robert C, and A. P. Ward, assignors to Heat 
.Screen cloth anchoring and tensioning means. Generating Systems, Inc., Detroit, Mich. Air condl- 

Armored cabie 

Beldi. Fritz, assignor to Aktieugesellschaft Brown, Boveri 
& Cie. Baden, Switzerland. Apparatus for testing elec- 
trical windings in an insulating liquid. 2,518,518, Aug. 

Beldue, William J. : See — 

Tuttle. William R,, and Beldue. 

Beler, Robert J., Pittsburgh, I'a. Flexible coupling. 
2.525,580. Oct. 10. 


2.511,2.T.», June 13 
Behr, Harry C. A. 
Tampon Corpora 
connected tampon 

tloner for hair driers and the like. 2,505,378, Apr. 25. 

., Delhi, N. Y.. assignor to Sanitary Belgt ri, I'aul, as-lgnor to Brevets et proc#d<5s', Pyror S. A., 

tion. Chambersburg, I'a. Severing of <.eneva, Switzerland. Thermostatic regulator for elec- 

„ , „ r - ^^- 2.532.438, Dec. 5. trie heating elements. 2,50S,349, .May 23. 

Belir, Henry, Jamaica, .\. Y. Adjustable gauge warning B. Igeri, Paul, .assignor to Brevots et proc^d^^s, Pvrar S A.. 

slgiial switch 2,523,352, Sept. 26. Geneva. Switzerland. Thermostatic regulator for elec- 

Behr^Manning Corporation, assignee: See — trie heating elemcuis. J,5u6,35u, May 23. 

Hair ornament. 

Wat»rtieid. Donald A. 
Wfcbb»T. Charles S.. and Timmer. 
Behr, Siegfried, Flushing, .N. Y. 

2,495,504, Jan. 24. 
Behrens. Herbert C. Haddon Helght.s. assignor to Samu.J 

.M. Langston Co., Camden. .N. J. .Mil] roll staml 

2,499,502, Mar. 7. 
Behrens, Leo S., Baton Rouge, La. Bait casting device. 

2,529.901, Nov. 14. 
Behrens. Walter A., New 

Manufacturing Co. Inc 

Bellcb, Daniel E.. West Allls. Wis. Auxiliary bed con- 
trolled switch for electric alarm clocks. 2,490,373, 
Feb. 7. 
Belisle, Adelard J., .South Iladley, assignor to The Berk- 
line Corporation, Chicopee, .Mass. Locking device for 
rocking chairs. 2.500,789, Mar. 14. 
Belisle, Ad.l.ird J., assignor to The Berkline Corporation, 
Springfield. Mass. Locking device for rocking chairs. 
^. , . 2,524,418, Oct. 3. 

iv York, assignor to Pathe Tool Beljers, Hugo G.. W. Six. and J. te WInkel. Eindhoven. 
.. Long Island City. N. Y. Multi- Netherlands, assignors to Hartford National Bank and 

needle chenille machine. 2.513,201, June 27 
Behringer. Grover F,. Defiance, Ohio, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Belmont Radio Corporation Chlca;:o 
111. Tuner. Nov. 28. 
Beicher. Earl I. : See — 

W hiie. Fred L., and Beicher. 
Beldler, Edward A. : See — 

Henderson, Ashland S., and Beldler. 
Beler. Bernard G. : See — 

Arf. Raymond H., and Beler. 
Beler. Edwin (',.. C.ary, Ind. Yarn conditioning device 

2.r)25.9!)7. fJct. 17. 
Beler, Ilauns, New York, N. Y. Map holder. 2,508,138. 
May 10 



Belgei, Henry L., ancillary administrator : See — 
Meri<<, Willy W. 

Beljl, Ziiko S., London, England. Bolt anchor. 2,525,198 
Oct. 10. ... 

Beiler. Jay M., and G. J. Martin, assignors to The National 
Drug Company. Philadelphia, Pa. Decarboxylation io- 
hlbltor. 2.511.319. June 13. 

ler Kurt A., assignor to Schwltzer-Cummlns Company, 
Indianapolis, Ind. Vibration dampener. 2,512,735, 

Trust Company, Hartford, Conn., as trustee. Amplllier 
with negative feedback. 2.494,420, Jan 10 
Belk, William N., Rockford. 111. Wood finishing machine. 

2,519,810, Aug. 22. 
Bell, A. G.. assigne*' : See — 

Jenkins. Otis V. 
Bell. Adam C, Jackson Heights, and W". <;. Alsop, New- 
York, -N. Y. assignors to Colgate Palmolive-Peet Com- 
pany. Jersey City. N. J. Producing polvhydrlc alcohol 
esters of fatty acids. 2,490.328, Feb. 7. 
Bell -Mreratt Corporation, assignee : See — 
Bell, Lawrence D. 

Bowers. Herbert L. ' 

Bowers. Herbert L., and Wolf. 
Hensley, Edward F. 
Irwin. Arthur S. 
Nolan. Terence M.. and Gasper. 
Wells. Harold E. 
Wolf. R<djert A. 
Young, Arthur M. 
Bell, Alan, Kingsport, Tenn , assignor to Eastman Kodak 
Company, Rochester. N 'i Preparing phosphate esters. 
2,495,220, Jan. 24. 
Bell, Alan, Kingsport, Tenn.. assignor to F:a8tman Kodak 
Company. Rocln-ster. .N. Y. Reactions of lower trialkyl 

Bein. Harold R., Sr.. Westfleld, Mass. Self-opening pin !?'i?fi'^Vi'%y'^*' oo"'^'*^^ halides and products thereof 
or clip for the hair. 2,496,656, Feb. 7. *'*.»- ^,.j08.304, -May 23. 

Bein. Harold R.. Westfield. Mass. Hair curler. 2,497,714 

Feb. 14. ' ' 

Beirer, Viktorla. Wattens, Tyrol, Austria. Knitting 
accessory. 2,524,157, Oct. 3. 

Beisel, Karl F., Kansas City, Mo. Railway tie. 2,520.754 
Aug. 29. 

Bell. Alan, Kingsport, Tenn.. assignor to Eastman Kodak 
Comjiany, Rochester. .\. Y. Insecticides produced by 
reacting trialkyl phosphates with thiophosphoryl 
halidos nnd their prep.araMon 2514.150. July 4. 

Bell, Alan, Kingsport. Tenn.. assignor to Eastman Kodak 
Company, Rochester, N. Y. Preparing hexahydro- 
naphthalene. 2,514,365, July 11. 



T> n n asHiu'Tior *■> Lastinan Kodak 
:es f-r. N \ Insecnicidal compositions 

I'.pU, a Lin, Klii 

C"i:u)r!s;ii_' .i'ti.T ti.-\vi alkvl f-t r:i;>h()3phate or tetra- ,,i^: . i'l..-r an alkali-metal fluoride 

t.r tlii-r-i .ili'-AU- .:.:'] -\.''i- I . July 1 ! - 
Bt'l! Man K!ri_'si" r' l*";.".. assiirn-r ro Eastman Kodak 

(■"unpai/v, K.M!..-~!er, N. V I'ltn'-irinK 1,4-diliydroxy- 

i!.-.'ahyirriinai.!.'!.ai.-:i>-. _',.' 1 4,;i^:. .inly 11. 
;>,,.,; \,:: K ;._^,.!:. i.n:.., a>.-<.^n r 'u Eastman Kodak 

(•,i!i;,i:.v Kiich.'srtT. .N. V. Heariiun of phosphorous 

!.!ii.l.'> u.rii triaikvl pli. s[ihate3 and resulting products. 

-■ .")_'1,«92. Sept. ! J. I 

li- ; AU'xin.l.: H l...~ \:.„'!s. Calif., assignor to Con- 

t ri-nta! I'i: ("oinp.iny. I'onca City, Okla. Oil well blow- 

o :■ ; r. .. lit.T. L',.'.n4.,'!77, Apr. 18. 
r.. :i .\i:fd 1'... I'hJladelpliia. L' i I'arinj: knifo having a 

!i grooved for tiiipT rest- J.r)20.3r.5, Au?. 29. 
r. 11, Alfred r... rhiladelphia, i'a. Tiltably adjustable foot 

and h'lr rost. 'J.'iL"^..'?;!! , <^»<-t. P.! . 
lU-ll. Al!'r''! n ri-ilad'-lp!:! 1, Pn . n^sI.:nor to lleywood- 

\\;ikf;!.-M .' ••r:;',i-iy. <, irili'.cr, Ma.-i.s. Kecliner chair with 

!.,_• rp^t 'J .'i.^'^, !<'»,"], Nc)\. 7. 
IJmI; ( '1 ir-'n-p li . .-> ' - 

W. ! .T. Artliur G,, iin^l !'..•!! 
I'.- !1 1 ';..■: ; .^'cC'- 

I )'i:rvan. Earl J., and ISfll. 
r. '.! I'avid A., assignor to A. C. Cossor I-lmited, London, 

i;-.'l.v.I Frt-iiifiirv chaiii^pr. 2,.')n4.<12t".. Ar>r. LS. 
Hell, ria'.i ! A , aPHi<:nor to A. C. Cessor Llmitied. London 

Knelir;'! <'<"!p'lni: apparaMi.-j for wireless antennas. 


, l> :. .! 


: 1- . : ^^''■- - 

H.'nry, and Bell. 

• I omiiaiiy, assignee : See — 

!'..;;. ;. I'raiik C. 

li.'ll, l.riu'sr I.., S.mta Ana. Calif. Road barricade or 
trcstlf. 2,.'''7,''^n, May Ifi. 

I'.'Il, Franci.i) ]], i(s<iirnp<-^ : ^rr ^ 
Sirnlor. rinri'- I{. 

Rp'i, Frank R. Dprby '^ .\ . .Tndson, Borrowash, n^ar 
ri.'r'iv, an-1 I. Hr.V', r*!i, as--li:nors to Roll.s-Royce 
I.lrnl'.'; 1 ■:!'■,• I'n.:' '!!•!, !'.i'.vf>r cas c^norator for 
ii.n'rn il . i-::!ai>ri„!! ii..\v.r urUs. 2.528.635. Nov. 7. 

IVll l-'rmkLn K, Dunran, okla. Self-dumping bailer. 
'2't'2?, ''.ii^, s.-pr 2'i 

]'•■'. V ' ,• - ,■ ■ ■ ( '(.nil ,a n V. p -^ '_•:.•■ : .'-■'('r — 
TM : i: I'.vln I! 

I't''! Harry (i., assiirndf, Ky nie«n'^ as-^itmnionts to Gay-Bell 
I ■>'■!" -ition. I'ari.-J. Ky Kn^xk! ■■n (^xten.sion for use 
in r..\\:-ii tobacco hoj-'slu-aJs. 2,511.US8, July 11. 

I' Mi .y G.. I'ari.-^. and .1. I). Gray. .T r . Lexlncton, 

a~-^:-, as to Gay Bell Corporation. Paris. Ky. Connect 
tion for the ends of hoop sections for knockdown barrels. 
2,n27.f.72. Oct. 31. 

!'..ll, llarvt'v \V., Yonkern X Y Compressor or pump. 
•-'.407 575, Feb. 14. 

I'-W. n. !• •: T. . executrix: See — 
r.-" w lit--! in TV 

H.'!! n.--;rv I'., Tii'.'^a. 'M<!a. :Match Igniting device. 

I :• i; .V H .-.■ . ;; I ' ■■ ■ ^ ■ 

< "riiinrin.-, ('(-.(wrer ^V, 
Goodhar:.!, Glenn. I 

Ho\v»-!: .\!'.a-r S. • 

Mueller. Arthur C. 
ST>iPL'el HaroM II. 
Zilber. Jotin G 
B-ll, .TMhn : .^■e•' 

I'-.-ilf. r 1, r.p.slie II., Bell and Langham. 
i' '! .! ' ■ I. sii;nor, liv ni>siie .a -jsiiriiiiu-nts, to Morris 

l'!-r- M liy, Chicago," 111. Container. 2,512,002, 
.Ian- _: 
R.'; .I'a \V , St, Catherines, Ontario. Canada. Rotary 

■li' r _' "o4,r^78, Apr. 18. 
B.'l! .I-*.';'h D. San P^ranclsco. Calif. Chair arm. 

_' noo.r.Ds, Ml- ■! } 
I!»II. I.a\vr>'n ■'. ii. K^-l'' i r -ville, assignor to Bell Aircraft 
Corpri- 1 ':■ ri Wheatfleld, N. Y. Power-driven wheel- 

' >signee : See- 

ri I rro w. 

•,49 pof. 12 

Ht-ll, Lee A., Yalemia T'a r.lire sareen mounting for 

jiiotor vehicles. 2,51 ^..''.i2. Aut;. 15. 
r. '1 Machine Company, The, assignee: See — 

Ii.iil.'v T<>wi< \, I'a :1 H . \ ir- ' n [I"ii;ht-;, Cn-n . >s-!-nor to Amerl- 
an ' '■ i: ania! <'.>m!';n' \"-.v Y'^'k, N. Y. Automatic 
-;:,a;;i'.' collector. 2.49:'.."^2, .T - n ri. 

r,.". Per^a R.. Jr <^:\k P: '-e T.nn . assignor, by mesne 
a-^itrnnients. to ?'>■ Iri*. ! S'a'en of .Xmerica as repre- 
F Tit' d by the Seerp-'-v <: War. Sweep-voltage gen- 
.-rator circuit. 2.5,T_\.":M. Dec. f). 

! '• . Products Corpor.tiioii, a.ssitmee : Sec — 
sebell, Harry. 

!'■■'!. Ka"ph, assignor to T\'--^ h ("..n-iainv, Sturgi.s, Mich. 

\ .■netian hlliid. 2.508 7!: M ly J ' 
R.'l! Pi.-!-.- ,a ! T ir'j'Iral Pa-'.-- .astii-nor to The pure 

(>■', (d::;; i:;v i!i;c,;_-o III Produetion Of thioether* 

an.! ..r '-af a; 'a;,- :^ 53 1,002, Nov. 28. 
IM:. Piehnion.l T.. II _'h!.>.!;l Park, assignor to The Pure 

(Ml Companv. ("hicairo. ill. Svnthesls of thioethers. 

2 5. '',5 S.-^l, Dec. 2fi. 
I?. !1 R.tinauid T., and C. M 'l' i -a" Highland Park, 

a>sign..ra to Tlie Pure op t aupaiiy, Ciiicago, 111. Mer- 

captan synthesps 2.4'.>" ~TJ leb. 28. 

Bell, Richmond T., and C. M. ihackur, llighlaii 1 Park. 
assignors to The Pure Oil Company, Chicago, 111 M- r- 
captan synthesis. 2, 531, HOI, Nov. 28 
Bell, Ro.sB E.. Vancouver. British i niimlii.i, ( anada. 

Reversible propeller. 2.494.028, Jan. iu. 
Bell, Rowland A.. Miami, Fla. I>awn mower edger at- 
tachment. 2,521,033, Sept. 5. 
Bell, Russell O., Lynwood, Calif. Tree s uppor- 2.501,255. 

Mar. 21. 
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, assignee : See — 
Adam. Armand O., Jr., and Avery. 
Albersheim. Walter J. 
Albert. Walter P. 

Almauist. Milton L. _ 

.Vnder.sou, Alva K. r 

Anderson, Lynn T.. and Goddard. 
1 Atkins, George E.. and Mead. 
^ Augustaat. Herbert W. 
Bachelet. Albert E. 
Itacon, Walter M. 
Bacon, Walter M., and Watson. 
Baker, George H., and Crump. 
Baker. William O. 
ISardeen. John. 

Barlow, Dick S. ■• 

Barnev, Harold L.. and Mathos. 
Barney, Harold L., Peterson. Potter, and Sears. 
Barry". Joseph F.. and Ruggles. 

I'.aistow. .loliii M. 

Barstow, John M.. and Lang. 

Biisconi, llenrv -M. 

Beck. Alfred C. 

Benfer. Richard W. 

Berger, Iriali S. 

Best. Fred H. 

Bieling, Carl A. 

Blskeborn, Merle C. 

Black, Robert, Jr. 

Boghosian, William H., Darlington, and Och. 

Bond, Walter L. 

Bouton, George M., Olsen, and Schumacher. 

Bouton, (;eors:e M., and I'hipps. 

Bowen, .Arnold E. 

Bower. Justus H. 

Bowne, Langford J. 

Branson. David E.. Locke, and Marshall. 

Brattnin, Walter 11.. and (Jibney. 

Brehm. Harold B.. and Kanneuberg. 

Brill. Melville D. 
I Bryant. Herbert W. < 
I Budenbom. Horace T. 

P.uhrendorf. Frederick G.. and Decmond. 

Burelbach. Frederick M. 

Burelbach. Frederick M., and Lnkacs. 

Burger, .Michael J.> and Clement. 

Burton. Everett T. 

Calbick. < hester J. 

C;impt">ll. Thaddeus C. 

Carbrey, Robert L. 

Carmer. Bertram H., Jr.. and Dutra. 

Caroselli, Frank. ' | 

Carpenter. Warren W. 

Chapin, Daryl M. 

Cheesman, Leonard E.. and Mendenhall. 

Clark, .lames V... and Uonei. 

Clark. James E.. Ronci, and West. 

Claydeii. Francis W., and Coleman. 

Clogston. Albert M. 

Corbin, Joseph E.. and Newhouse. 

Cowlev. (Jreer W., and Thomas. 

Craft. Clifford J., 3rd. 

Cross. Leo. Stanley T.. and Thayer. 

Cutler, Casstus C. 

Daltor^. John F 

Darlington, Sidney. 

Darlington. Sidney, Townes and Wooldridge. 

Daschke. Arthur W. 

Davpv. James K. 

Davis, Gustofr W. 

Davis. Richard C. Bohman, and Germanton. 

De Coste, John B. 

Dehn, Joseph W.. and Wllliford. 

De Lange, Owen E. 

Depp, Wallace A. 

Dickinson. Frank R. 

Doha. Stephen. Jr. 

Doherty. William H. 

Drake. Ralph E. 

Dubuar, Arthur S. 

Duhnkrack, George H. 

Dysart. P.irney. 

Edson, James O. 

Fdson. Robert C . and Hochgraf. 

Edson. William A., and Wilson. 

Ekstrand, Sture O., Maggs, and Ronci. 

Ekstrand. Sture <>.. and Walsh. 

Ellwood. Walter B. 

Entz. Ferdinand S., Pullls. and Stlbltz. 

Erwin. Edson L. 1 

Espenschied. Llovd. 

Fav. Clifford E. 

Fay. CUflPord E.. and Hale. 

Ferrell, ;Enoch B. i i 

LIST ui PAiL.N iKL> 


Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, assignee : Hee — 

Fox. Arthur G. 

Fracabsi, Keuato D., 

Frltts. Morris. 

Galbreath. Robert R. 

(.alio, AlireiJ is. 

Garvin, John S. 

Gee, Richard ('., and Gronros. 

Germanton, Charles E, 

C.ermer, Lester H., and Reltter. 

Gibney. Robert B. 

i.iiDert. .'oliu J. 

Oilman, George W. 

Ciilmer. Peter E.. and Samek. 

Goddard, Myron C. 

Goouall. William M. 

Gooderliam. Joiin W. 

Gowliuan, Gilbert. 

Goriiiley, Robert S.. .Maggs, and Moose. 

Graham, Robert S. 

Grant. Dwight W. 

Green. Estill I. 

Grelner. Earl S. 

l>H)Uros, Warren. 

Gronros, Warren, and Voazie. 

Guthe. Olof U. M., and Shann. 

Hagens, Herbert Ji. 

Hague, Alfred E.. and Joel, i 

Hale. Douglas A. S.. and Klrcjier. 

Hanscom, Clarence D. 

Hansen, Harry. 

Hanson. Robert L. 

Jlarri-an. .\rihur E. 

Harris, n, Henry C. 

Harry, William R. 

Hartley. Ralph V. L. 

Haury, Paul T. 

Hawks, Verl .1. 

Hecht, George. 

Heising, Raymond A. 

Hersey, Ralph E. 

Hey, Herman < '. 

Hickman, Clarence N. 

Hochgraf. Lester. 

Holdaway, Vivian L. 

Irt)lden, Alan N. 

Holden, William H. T, 
Huber, George H. 
Hunt. Loyd E. 
Jacobs, Oliver B. 
Jahn, Alfred P. 
Jenkins, Reginald T. 
.I"linson. John li. 
Johnson. Kenneth S. 
Kalin. Walter. 

Kannenberg, Walter F 

K. - ■ w iliiam. 

Keller. Arthur C. 

Kt inpf, i;a\niond A. 

Kent, Stanley B. 

Ketchledge. Raymond W. 

Kille, Llndley A. 

King. Archie P. , 

King. Kenneth L. 

Kin/a r, John P. I 

Klrkpatrick, William E. 

Klein feider. Walter C, and Sharpe 

Klute. Walter A. 

Knoop. William A. 

Kork, Winston ];. 

Koenig. Walter, Jr. 

Koller, Fredrick W., and Ley. 

Krantz, Hubert K. 

Krauth. Edwin A. 

Krecek, Josejih. 

Kreer, John G.. Jr. 

Kreer. John G., .Ir.. and Peterson. 

Kreisel, Ralph R. 

Lamberty, Frederick R., Martins, and Wichman 

Lamberty. Frederick R., and Nitterauer. 

Pander. James J. 

I.angabeer, Harvey T. 

Pavi-ry, (iraiit (i 

Lewis, Benjamin F. 

L.'Wis, Wlllard D. 

Lewis. Willard D.. and Tlllotson. 

Llewellvn. Frederick B. 

Lovell, Clarence A. 

Liidwig, Arthur. j 

Lukacs. Joseph J. • j 

Lukacs, Josepli J., and Strlckler. ' 

M.ihoney, John J.. Jr. 

Marrison, Warren A. 

Mnsek, Fred E. 

Mason, Warren P. 

Matte, Andrew L. 

Mattke, Charles F. 

McConnell. John H. 

McCoy. Roh<'rt G.. and Werrlng. 

McDavltt. Marcellus B.. and Mitchell. 

Mc.Mahon. William 

McSklmin. Herbert J. 

Bell Telephone l-iiboratories, Incorporated, assignee ; ^tt — 


Meacham. Lamed A. 
-MelKK. John M. 
.MenueiiliuU. Hallam E. 
.Menzel. Paul li., Ronci, and Vance. 
Mesch, Orwar S. ». 

-Meyers, feiauley T. 
Miller, Charles G. 
.Miller, Kennetli W. 
Miller. Stewart E. 
Mlloche, Herman A. 

.MiUel. JCUBSell C. p 

Mitchell, Doren. ' 

-Mohr, Milton E. 
-Mooie, llilbert R. 
Morton, Edmund R. 
.Morton, l-.dmund R., and Stoller. 
Morton. Jack A., and Ryder. 
Morton, Jack A., and Vance. 
.\iott, E<lward E. 
Mueller, George E. 
, Mumlord, W iiliam W. 
Munson, Wllden A. 
Munson. Wllden A., and Wente. 
Murphy, I'aul 15. 
Nebel. Charles N. 
■ Nesbitt, Ethan A. , 

Nesbitt, Ethan A., and Williams. »■ 
Newoy, Aeul'iJ. 

-Newhouse, Russell C. and Reynolds. 
N-rdsl!<'k, ArnoP.! T. 

I'!,:, !;ii>sell .-- • ( 

I I cr : M rnard -M. 
<i.::.s-.a:. Noel C. 

i arh';.>...: 1 '.iv .a P ' 

1 I a: ^all, i ; iil.K il , 

Ptarson, Gerald L.. and Shockley. 

Peek, lioberl L.. Jr. 

Perieauli, (jeorge E. 

I'eteibon, Eugene. 

Pierce. John R. 

I'lleger. Kenneth W. 

Potter, John F.. and Rigterlnk. 

Potter. Ralph K, 

Prince. Roy VV., Jr. 

yuarle.-, JJonalU A. 

Rack. Alois J. 

Rasmussen. Osvald E. 

Uea. wuion X. 

Reck, Frank. 

Reeve. Howard T. 

Retallack, John B. 

Rlioads, Charles S. 

Richard, Charles D. 

Ricbardt. John W., Jr., and Shann. 

Ries/., Robert R. 

Ring, Douglas H. " 

Rippere, Robert O. 

Robb. Theodore D., ond Shiel. 

Roberts. Leland C. 

Robertson, .'^loan D. 

Ronci. Victor L. 

Ronci, Victor L., and West. 

Roschke, Erwin M. 

Rosen, Sidney. 

Roth, Walater L. 

Rulison, Raymond L. 

Samuel, Arthur L. 

SchelkunofT, Sergei A. 

Selienc k. .Mired K. 

Schramm, Charles W. 

Slianck, Roy B. 

Shann, Oscar A. , 

Shepherd, Wi'.liam G. 

Shockley, William. 

Singer, Fred J., and Stacy. 

Sivian. Leon J. 

Skellett. Albert M. 

Slonczewski, Thaddeus. 

Smith, i'hillip H. 

Snyder. James M. 

SotT4 1. Robert <).. and Joel. Jr. 

Southworth, George C. 

spencer. Ilarrv H. 

Stevens. Ralph R. , 

Sykes Roger A. 

Trucksess, David E. 

Turnbull. William J.. Jr. 

Tyrrell, Warren A. 

\".aiii-e, Robert L. 

Wadsworth. Paul W. 

Wallace, Robert L., Jr. ' 

Walsh, Edward J. 

Walt' r. .lames .N 

Watson, Edward F. 

Watts. H«nry .M.. Jr. 

Weeks, John R.. Jr. 

Wehe, Herman O. 

W.-rtz. Hugh S. 

West John W. 

Whidden. William E. 

Wilhelm. Henry T. 

Williams, Samuel B. 



P.. !1 Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, assignee : See — 
< ■jiitinufd. 

Uillit'oni. Oscar H. 
Wilson. AIb<-rT. 

Wir«.'h; H-;. -r K. 

Woo-. ;,. !..■. ii,.l A. 

W ' -" !l. ii.-y ( I. 

\fn/., r (leofRe It. 

V(iu;:j:. ("I;t rrnrt- H 

Yoiinc. Wllllani H . .J;. 

Zlpgler, Arrhur \V. 
I'.'ll l".-;. 1' ami Uailio Corporation, assignee: See — 

I ,!:,.-. 'ri, KmiMft <;., Ki-ipcr. Mitschke. Burllngarae, 
Mr,! IVTjruson. 
i;.Il Wal'.r ■ Srr 

Van AlsfviiP, H-war^! M , .ml ]'.,■]] 
B"ll, Willia::! .\., Ml Dorado, Ark. Niullnf; machine. 

2 ,'L'.'. >':]7 I i.T 1 (I 
i;:l, WwMaii, ;>.. .[.-.•.•...-.,i. ('!;::;():< Ohio; H. L. Bell. 

• ■\' <■ ]• rix. Jiftprting imp- ■ • • . • ly .-^-aled containers of 
% ac.;;i;a-h.ol(lln£: type 2.."m 'J.'.' ! li, .Iini(>27. 

Hell, William V.. Columbus, as.siKnor to Anchor Horklnj? 

C.lasg Corporiition. I.anras'er. Ohio. Method and ap- 

Iiirattis for spiijn^' (•'•:i-aliiHr>. 2,518.8.10, Aug. 15. 
lU'i;, \\i!li:iiii Ii.. ro'.unibiis, assitrn'r to Aiiclior Hocking 

i;ia.«s ( 'iirporafion. r>a nca.-^'fr, nhio. Apparatus for 

soallnp containers. 2.r)lS,8o7, Ani:, 15 
P-ll. William \' , S..i!tlo, holder. 

2. ."51 8, ."93. Aug. 15. 
Belli, Sam, Kankakee, III. C,arbapp receptacle. 2,495,503, 

Jan. Jl. 
Vo'Li. Sranl.v .1 \Vi:'.,e-:H i.-ro, pa. Shaving brush. 

2,.5,15,7If\. Ii.'c. 2';. 
V.--'.'.:\':'\y. William: See—- & 

Siiirp o.sear. and Bellamy. 
Boll itn. Frank A., assignor to B D. ! *"arlo, Stockton. 

''alif Machine for sizing and cl'-Hnain.t; asparagus tips 

-• t'o-, ,-, ic, |.\.i,. 7. ■ . , 

r.'do (■•%■ \IaIlfMble Ir.'H Conip-iny, •is.<<!gnpe: See — 

And. rsnii. Riis.ioll J. 
Bi'lle Wo.ither Incorporated assi^-tice : .s'rc — 

Tucker, Thomas T. 
B'dl.'k. Frank (1., as.signor to I'.. 11 Fl.otrio Company, <"hl- 

• i_- ,, 111. KlPc-trlcal recept.iclp. 2,4!>8,G42, Feb." 28. 
r.t'ii.k, Fr.ank G.. as.signor to Bell Electric Company, Chl- 

. li-'o. Ill Electrical reeeptad.'. 2,40'^,r)4.'^. Fph. 2S. 
B' lor, Ii 111--. Cranford, and c,. O. Altmann. Elizabeth, 

.V J . a.s.-^ignor-; to f'.cneral .Aniline & Film Corporation. 

.New ^ork, N. Y. Puis eruUmt iron of improved electro- 

maK'nofic properties. 2..508.70.T, May 23. 
Bdlezza. Ru*.s.ll (J., as.'^ignor to Locke, Incorporated. Bal- < 

Minor--, M<i. Forming h-.illding blocks. 2,508,901. 

N! iv .:; 
Bt-llin^er, .Martin J.. Boston. Mass. Surgical appliance 

f ir uso with draining wounds. 2, 524, 750, Oct. 10. 
r.'liiiiK'li i»>oii. John, assignor of ont>-tiaIf to J. J. Meyers, 

Carroll, Iowa. Comhinatlm farm wagon. 2,495,678, 

Jan. .'U. 
I'.cllitt. James E. : Sre — 

Mulhcrser. H,>nry C, and B.-lliti. 
BcHonc. Alfred F. S. : !<re^ 

S^ri ihin" Tenr. Bill-"i B'dlono ind Cnillard 
B'dlow. .Abraham, and .\ F. Carter. Leed.s. England. 

!!uf..n fppdinc mechanism. 2..'i34.7.'i.'!. IVc. 19. 
Bcllnw-i. (;uv. Ir. Erie. I'n.. assl^'nor to Cfmera! Electric 

i'oiap.inv. F.lectricul contact I'oniiiosltion or the like. 

- 5Ut <72. Aug. 22. 
B.'listcdr, C.Trl. Lvnwnod, ("alif. Indnerat' r 'or products 

of CMinbusrlon t'!i;;lnps, furnaces, and the like. 

2.492 947. Jan 3. 
Bclluche, Ehncr \V and F It,. n~<it,'no'-« to Thp Chrlsten.sen 

Machine Company, Racine, Wis. Adjustable sheet sppa- 

rito-- mechanism. 2,506.t52S, May 9. 
I'.cli hh.' Elmer W., assignor to The Christensen Machine 

I'liirmy, Racine Wis. Book-stitching machine. 

•-' 5i;',.276. Julv 4. 
Bclluche Frank R, : .v'cc-- 

B-llnchp. Elmer W. and F K 
r.c'lriin Mabel I, Sarasota. I"la. Diip>T protector and 

TPtainer. 2,513.018. Julv 4. 
r?elmnnt, Elliott T.. B.ostnn. M i-^s I', x for loose-leaf 

holders. 2 495.087. Jan. 31. 

Belmont Radio Corporation, assignee: See — 
Behringer Crover F. 
D'Orio. Fit A 

Dunn. William L. 

Oannaway. Rohertsim R. ' 

♦ lanici ua v. Roherfsnn R.. nnii Ziirakov. 

Hall. Emery L. 

TTall, Enierv T>.. and Sclircincr 

TTills. Elmer O. " 

Hills Flmer O. and Il.mkin. 

Marholz. Richard C \ 

0!..skv, .\--bi.r V 1' 

Plenplpr. .Mpxander W. 

Schreiner, Louis W. 

Belock. Ilarrv I>.. Queens Village. N. Y. Remote con- 

tr.^'h ] n sitioninz svsnmi. 2.52fi.028, Oct. 24. 

Bt loit Iron Works, assignee : See — 

I 'ood'.V 1 pe J(din E. 

Hornhostel, Lloyd. , 

Horn!io-;tel, Lloyd, ami Ooodwillie. ( 

Hrubecky, George F. 

Tex. Outboard 

Below. Hermann P., New Braunfels 

motor. 2,494,158, Jan. 10. 
Bels, Basil A., Great N'eck, N. Y.. assignor to Hazeltine 
Research. Inc., Chicago, 111. Resonant electrical 
arrangement. 2.533,912, Dec. 12. 
Belaey, Frederick H. : See — 

Dannatt, Cecil, and Belsey. 
Belsiiiger, Inc., assignee: See — 

Belsinger, Jack R. 
Belslnger, Jack R., assignor to Belsinger, Inc., Atlanta, Ga. 

Easy packing container. 2,512,539. June 20 
Belschner. Ernst, Brooklyn, N. Y. P..lntlng shield. 

2.497,715. Feb. 14. 
Belsky, Abraham, Brooklyn, N. V HI ink' t^ (.iver and 

holder. 2,505,027. Apr. 25. 
Belter, Paul A. : .See — 

Beckel, Arthur C, and Belter. 
Belter, Paul A. : See — 

Beckel, Arthur C, Cowan, and Belter. 
Belter, Paul A. : See — . 

De Voss. Letta I., Beckel, and Belter. 
Beltman. George C, assignor to Caine s-e. ' Company, 

Chicago, 111. Car retarder. 2,499.812, Mar. 7. 
Bt'ltone Hearing Aid Co.. assignee: See — 
Hanson, Harvey E. 
Posen, Sam. 

Posen, Sam, and Hanson. 
Beltz, John S., Columbua, Ohio, assignor 

Manufacturing Company. Fee(l nut operatlnL' 
nism for power drills. 2,506.988, May 9. 
Beltz, John S., Columbus. Ohio, assignor to The 
M.nnufacturing Company. Safety electrical centre 
drilling machines. 2,532,079, Nov. 28. 
Benmn, Ward W., Ghmdaie, assignor to Lockheed .Mnraft 
Corporation. Burbank, Calif. Critical speed indicator. 
'2.497.431. Feb. 14. 
Beman. Ward W., Glendale, assignor 
craft Corporation, Burbank, Calif, 
design. 2.532.753. Dec. 5. 
Beman. Warren .A., .\lbany, and R. B. Klllingsworth and 
A. C. Pabst, Douglanton. N. Y., assignors to Socony- 
Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. Insecticide base 
oil toxicant. 2.502,300. Mar. 28. 
Bemis Bro. Bag Company, as>ignee : See — 

Allen. Henry H. | 

Belcher. Daniel. 

P.tlchcr. Danii'l W.. and Voege. 
Brady, Charles V., and Ottlnger. 
< Heave, RuskpH and Hickmaiiii. 
Ottlnger, August F. 
a. Roper. Amund S. 
Wei'ks. Norman E. 
Bemis. P'av II.. St. Paul, Minn. Weodless fishhook. 

2.513.397. Julv 4. 
Bemis. Ken E.. Oakland. Calif. Automatic frying and 

(o The 




til Lockiieed Air- 
Transonic airfoil 

basting of eggs. 2.517 

107. Aug. 
assignee : 

See — 

Bemiss-Jason Company 
Patron da rm. John F. 
Meller. Reginald B. 

Benak. Geortre R., assignor to R. T. Moloney, Chic,\go, 111, 
Ball bumper. 2,501.021. Mar. 21. 

Benander. George B., Oaklawn, R. I., assignor to Mono- 
watt Incorporated. Plug connector. 2,495,623, Jan. 

Benander. Georce B.. Oaklawn. R. I., assignor to Mono- 
watt Incorporated. Key lamp socket. 2, ."105 518, 
Apr. 25. 

B<5nard. Lucette. Forest par Mout1er-Ro7cnie, n'^s c'nor to 
M. A. E. Assada. Villefranche-sur Saime i Rhone), 
France. Stabilization of soft roes of fish and i)roduct 
obtained thereby. 2,522.560. Sept. 19. 

Benhow, Burtls W.. B^nbow. Calif. Traveling cin'acting 
device. 2.501.203. :Mar. 21. 

Benbow, Burtls W.. Benbow, Calif. Electrical trolley 
cable apparatus. 2.508,001, May 10. 

Benbow. Burtls W.. Benbow. Calif. Appnritus for con- 
tinuously vulcanizing rubber strip material. 2,532,080, 
Nov. 28.' 

Benbow, James D.. assignee : See — 

Antos, Joseph. 
Bench, David, assignee : See — 

Smelker. LeRoy. f 

Bench. David E. : See — 

Hush. James M., and Bench. 

Bench, Helen V., assignee : See — 
Smelker, LeRoy. 

Bench. Martha J., assignee : See — 

Smelker. LeRoy. 
Bench, Paul F.. a.ssignee : §^ee — 

Smelker. LeRoy. , 

Bench, Thomas E.. assignee : See — 
Smelker. LeRoy. 

Benchley, Robert. Jr. : See — 

Ebert, Ludwig, and Benchley. 
Benco, C.eorge F., Philadelphia. Pa. Comb. 

Oct. 3. 
Benda, Henry L., Chicago, 111. Cushion. 

June 20. 
Bender, Henry J., Lima, Ohio, assignor to w 

Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh V. 

motor. 2,508,137, May 16. 






Bender. Howard L., and A. G. Farnham, Bloomfield, aod 
J W. Guyer. Verona, N. J., aHignoni, by mesne aMlgn- 

Hicuts, to Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation. 

J'hermosetting resin from a dlphenol and a diglycldyl 

et her of a dipbenol. 2,506,486, May 2. 
HcieUr, John c. Houston, Tex., assignor, by mesne as- 

8lgiimcnts, to Lane-Wells Company, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Subsurface prospecting device. Re. 23,226, May 9. 
Bender, John II., and D. H. Shooter, Maywood Calif. 

Measuring wlieel alignment. 2,532.593. Dec, 5 
Bender, Joseph A., Newark, N J , and J. I) -MrKicrnan, 

Brooklyn, N. Y., assignors to Curtlss-W ri^'ht Curp'oru- 

tlon. Collapsible niund-el. 2.5n3.43i. ..\j,r ]] 

Bender. Sydney i: , Hrooklyu. N. Y. HcvIcp fur pressure 
and heat i^ealln;: of plas-tics. 2.530,221, .Nov. 14. 

Bender, Welcome W., Jr., H ilti;:;ore. W. B. Berg, n, Ghn 
Arm. and W. G. I'urdy. 1 iaitiiiiore, a^.-iJIlo^b tu The 
f.lenn L. .Martin Compai.y. .Middle River, Md, .\pparatus 
for calibrating vibration e<j ilpmeiit. 2,'>05,t;i)l, Apr. 25. 

Bendicsen, ulaf T., Burbank, Calif. Adjustable and self- 
aligning fitting. 2,509,285, .May 30. 

Benditt, John A., Philadelphia, Pa. Self cl .sJDg .'^aftty 
pin. 2,514,464, July 11. 

Bendix Aviation Corporation, assignee : See — 
Alnsworih, George O. 
Alexanderson, Howard A., and Wheeler. 
Alvino, Alphonse V. 
Arnold, Thomas G., Jr. 
Bange, George E. " i 

Bechberger I'aul F. 
Bennett, Robert P. 
Bergsma, Clarence J. 
Bevlns. James E. 
Bevins, James E., and Leigh. 
Bevlns, James E., and Williams. 
Bolt, Jay A., and Jackson. 
Bower, Howard S. 
Breese, Robert P. 
V Brinson, Harry A. 
Brown, Roliert L, 
Burnett, Richard T. 
Buxton, James E. «. 

Cole, Charles E. 
Cooke, Charles G. 
DeardorfT, Clinton E. and Elder. 
Deardorff. Clinton E., and Meddock. 
Dickey, John W. 
Dickey, John W., and Trout. 
Digby, James J. , 

Dingman, (;ien H. 
Du Bois, William H. 
Dunbar, Richard F. 
► l-:(i wards, Robert B. 
Emerson, John F. 
Emerson, Richard C. 
Faatz, Embry D., and Weatherly. 
Fell. Uilliam F. 
I'liHijiL'an. Robert M. 
Flanagen, Robert. 
!-'o\t.u , I )a\ id L. 
Frank. Frederick C. 
i .. ., .lak..b R. 
Frei. Jakob R., and Uline. 
Frerer, Paul G. 
Frlcke, Guy C, and Sloane. 
Gartner. Lawrence E. 
Gartner. Lawrence E., and Allen. 
Geyh, Charles P. 
Gilbert. Samuel. 
Glass, John P., Jr. 
Gleasman, Hollis K. 
Goldberg, Tlandd. 
Gordon, James P.' ^ 
Gregg, I (avid. 
Grlemsmann, Henry E. 
Haas, Harold c. 
Hammond. John W. 
Hayes. Albert E., Jr. 
Hegy. Louis. 

Hermanny, Helnrlch. ' 

Holmes. Bradford B. 
Hood. F. Elliott. I 

Hood. Edwin E. 
House. Bryan E. 
House, Bryan E., and Goepfrlch. 
Hukill, Henry 1). , 

Hupp, Edward E. 
Jandasek. Joseph. 
Ketay, Morris F., and Miller. 

Knudson. Giltner J. |, 

Konet. Ilenrv. 
Kunz. William J.. Jr. 
Lambert. William J. 
Langmore. Herbert C, and Ehrhardt. 
Laucks. How-ard H. 
Lauricella. John W., and Stracener. 
lyawrence, Donald M. 

Ijflwrence. Donald M.. Gregg and Taylor. 
Lehman. Samuel K., and Lawrence. 
Leinin.trer. Jameg E., and Seaton. 
Lindner. Ralph V.. and Edwards. 
Long, Richard II. 

A * 

Bendix Aviation Corporation, assignee : See — Continued. 

-Malley. Raymond B. 

5facCallum. Alan M i 

-Mac lUiR, S-a!:;- s I 

Maclntyre, Charl-s Ii 

Marshall. Joliu I 

Marshall, John T., and Bower. 

Ma rye, Robert B. 

Martin, John G. 

Mategorin. Theodore J. 

McNanov. Joseph T. 

McNulty, John V. 

Mead. John A. 

Menzer. Anton, and Naylor. 

Metsger, Charles S. 

Mlit-h. (Jeorge S. 

.Miller. Donald L. 

-Miller, Itaymond J. 

Muck. Frank C 

Mock, I'rauk C. and Thurston. 

Mofr.-,ei, Joseph L. 

Murphy, Norman B. 

Nardone, Romeo M. 

-N. lid, W illiam G. 

Nfuner, Martin J. 

Noxon, Paul A. 

Noxon. Paul A., and Murphy. 

Ofeldt, August \N . 

ogden. William L. W., and Bennett. 

Umberg, / rtliur C. 

<"perhali. Theodore. 

Parker, Lelanc C. 

Parker, I.,elaml c., Hackett. and Pecoraro. 

Parker, Leland C, and Riggeu. 

Peterson. Joel D. 

Polye, William R. \ . 

Price, Earl R. 

Price, JlaroUl \\ . 

Purdy. Holland M., and Winkler. 

Reek, Royal J., and Kuzmitz. 

Reek, Royal J., and Wisman. 

liiggen, Theodore K. » 

Rossire, Francis H. S. 

Rudd, Slaurice A. 

Ryan, William R.. and Levine. 

Schnaibie, Albert P. 

Schneck. Fretlerick W. 

Schulrheiti. Harry B., Jr. 

Schultz, Harold B. 

Shanklin. John P. 

Slltamaki, Harold A. 

Smelt?.er, Raymond F. 

Sijengler, Walter J. » 

!Stami>er, Hamilton A. 

Stocklnger, Paul P. 

Stracener. William H., and Bechberger. 

Streb. Robert J. 

Strozinski, Anthony J. ^ 

Stuart, Alfred A., Jr. 

Sturm, R.ilph E., and Cosby. 

Sutton, Richard A. 

Sylvander, Roy C. 

Sylvester, Harcourt M., and Rusk. 

Tarter, Henry G. 

Teague, Walter D., Jr. 

Thomas, Thomas H. 

Tognola, Tullio. 

Tognola. Tullio, and Saiith. 

Tota. Kenneth P. 

'i'rautman, Walter C. 

Tweney, George H.. and Miller. 

Walt man, Robert M. 

Warner. Louis A. 

Warren. Cleve B. 

Warsher, Adolph. ^ 

Westman, .Sydney E. 

Wincbel, Henry T. 

Winchel. Henry T., and Addis. 

\Vinchel. Ilenrv T , and Robuck. 

Wlnklex. Albert II. 

Winkler, Albert 11., and Wirth. 

W)i p. r t. James A. 

Wirth. Emil O. 

Wlrth. Emil O . and Barfod. 

Wisninn. Franklin O. 

Bendix Aviation Corporation 
See — 

Vance. Walter S. 

Bendix Home Appliances. Inc., assignee: See — 
I-:rler, Walter C. 

Mintner, George E., and Constantine. 
Oliver, Wallace F. 
j Oliver. Wallace F., and Jensen. 
Relter, Alexander L. 

Bendix-Westinghouse Automotive Air Brake Company, 
assignee : Sec — 
Bent, Arthur J. 
Cnsler. Roger H. 
Fi'on. Wilfred A. ' 
Fitch. Ellery R. 
San ford. Rov S. ' 

(Delaware), assignee. 



ilendz, WaliJomar I. : Bee — 

Drake, llurcourt ''., Kcndz, in! Mesh. 
Hendz, Waldemar I., Weston, Miiss.. assignor to Westing- 
fioiiHe Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Vuri- 

:it)it' \ i)Ir:il.'i' (lri\ e. 

,504,10;-). Apr. 18. 

I'.enedict. Emily, as.signpp : Bee- 

I^eiiedicf, Fremont W. I 

lit n>'di( t. F. \V.. a.sHignee : See — 
Benedict. Fr>mont W. 

Benpdict, Fronmnt W.. Upp^^r Darby, assignor to F. W. 
and E. n»'nedior. E. W. nnd E, Hipp, co-partners trading 
nnder the name ^f P.rnell ProdnctB Company, Phlladel- 
rhl'i. V.\. Separating solid matter from liot wort. 
2.."')30..^.')4, Nov. 21. 

I'.en'dict. L'Mils U., Pliiladelpiiia, Pa. Dispenser. 
24ftR,l9;?. Jan. r?1. 

Benedif't. Robert E. : S^ee — 

Wilmotte, Raymond M., and Benedict. 

I'.eni'dict. Waynp L., a.s^igni'e : Bee — 
McNair. F'rlc P., and Swartwood. 

Ueneke Corporation, ns.signee : See — 
Do Ball. Ceorgp \V. 

Hener. Christian. Chnr. Switzerland. W.itf rprooflng cellu- 
l<-ise textiles. 2..'il2,19.'>. Jnne L'O 

Benevento. C,ln.<;eppe a., Pittsburch. I'n. Brick veneer and 
clip. 2.52s.2n.-. Oct. r^l. 

Benfer. Richard W.. .Morrls'o'.vn. N. ,T., as.^Ignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories. In^'orporated, New York, N. Y. 
Automatic plotter. 2.49D.'J41, Mar. 7. 

P'-nL'e. Kr.Ttik 11.. Nnr'i<-o\vn. Pa., a^sii:no^ to Continental- 
Diamond Fibre ri)in;iinv. X-'wark, Del. Molding appa- 
ratus. 2..')21,fi2r), Sept. ,". 

P.enice. Theodore S., Los Ang'les, Calif. Exerciser. 
2.r,I2.ni1. .Tune 27. 

P.enin^er, Clarence, Indianapolis, Tnd. Removable con- 
vry.T slat and latch tlierefor 2..-24.1«:r,, Oct. ."i. 

Benjamin, f'larence P.. North Harlowp, N. C. Combined 
foldincr chair and rest. 2..')0.'>.702, .Apr. 2r). 

Pcnj.unin. Cordelia I'.. Toledo. Ohio. Container. 2.522.772, 
Sept. 19. 

P>enjamin. Fred H . W. vford, assignor to F. J. Kre.s.s Box 
Company. Pittsbtiri:h. Pa. Web roll support for cor- 
rugated paperboard machines. 2..")01 .0.9."), Mar. 28. 

Benlnmin, l.ionard P . Ihintington, W. Va. Electric 
timer. 2..')29.,'?71 . Nov. 7. 

Penjamin, MiPon L.. Sh.iker TTeichts. and F. E. Winnen, 
Cleveland. Ohio, snid \\'innen assignor to said Ben- 
iamin. ('huek. 2..")1.-.1S.'^, July 18. 

Benjamin Reel Prodiiet.'^. Inc. assignee : See — 
Johnson. .Tames E.. and Yirava. 

Benke. Hoy. Dallas. T.'X., as'^ii.'iior to The Atlantic Re- 
finintr fomoanv, Philadelphia, Pa Core-cutting device. 
2..')1.?..'?9S. July 4. 

Bennek, John D. Mlhvanke'\ Wl-- Minnow holder. 

2,,'iri2.S]r>, Apr. 4. 
Bennek. John 1)., Milwaukee, Wis. Poultry tongs 

2..''),8. Aug, 1. 

Benner. P.iul P.., Peoria. 111., assignor to Tnterpillar Trac- 
tor Co., San Lpan<lro, Calif, Cal»le laving sheave. 
2.501.837. Mar. 28. 

Benner. R.nymond C.. nnd J. C. McMuilen. assignors to 
The Carborundum Company, Niagara Fails, N. Y. Ball 
mill lining element and composition for same. 2,502,198, 
Mar. 28. 

Benner, Theodore A., assignor to Airplane & Marine In- 
struments, Inc., New York, N Y. Volume control for 
amplitiers. 2. ."il 2.094, June 27. • 

Bennett, Alva II. : See — 

Osterberg, Harold, and Bennett. . 

Bennett, -Mvin L., National City, assignor to Solar -Air- 
era ft Company. San Diego, Calif. Welding flux. 
2..')07.7.'1. May '10. 

Bennett. .Andrew V. N-w York, N. Y ^fatch clip. 
2.515.072. July 11. 

Bennett, Arthur F., West Barrington, O. B. Hirsch. 
I'rovi<ience. and W. A. fJigger, Barrington, R. I., 
assignors to Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Com- 
pany. Coar shift control mechanism. 2,529,007, 
Nov. 7. 

Bennett. .Arthur N., assignor to The C.reat Western Sugar 
Company, Denver, Colo. ■ Recovery of glutamic acid an<i 
other values from StefFen waste water. 2,535.117, 
Dec. 2fl. 

Bermett. B.iiloy. and O. H. McFadden Cohittibus. and .1. F. 
Lyman. Westerville. assignors to The Oliio State Pni- 
versity Research Foundation, Columbus, Ohio. Rubber 
article and making same. 2,498.785, Feb, 2Si 

Bennett, Charles E., Ridgewood, assignor to The Okonite- 

Callend'T Cable Comp.any, Incorporated, IVati-rson, .\. J. 

Joint for electric cable systems. 2,493,909, Jan. 10. 
Bennett, Charles E., Ridgewooii. assignor to The Okonite- 

Cnlleiider Cable Company. Incorporated. Pnterson, N. J. 

Electric power cable. 2. ."01, 305, Mar, 21. 

Bennett, Charles E., Ridgewood. assignor to The Okonite- 

Callender Cable Company, Incorporati d, Pater-;on, -N. J. 

Fluid impregnated electric cable. 2,516,747, July 25. 
Bennett. <'liarles E.. Ridgewood. assignor to Tlie Okonite- 

<'allender Cable Company, Incorporated, Paterson, N. J. 
'Teru'inal structure for electric cable systems. 2,520.111, 

Aug. 20. 

Bennett, Charles E., Ridgewood, assignor to The Okonite- 
Callender Cable Company. Incorporated, Patterson, N. J. 
Terminal for electric power cable systems. 2,532,477, 
Dec. 5. I 

Bennett, Charles E., Ridgewood, and P. V. White, Wald- 
wick, assignors to The Okonite Cailendrr Cable Com- 
pany, Incorporated, Paterson, N. J. .Apiiaratus for in- 
stalling electric power cables. 2,49'»,8.'M. Feb. 28. 

Bennett, Charles J.. C. T. Christie, and P. J. Cuddyre, Jr.. 
Oakland, Calif. Baseball practice apparatus. 2,527,906, 
Oct. 31. 

Bennett. Charles W., Rochester. N. Y.. and W. F. 
Alexander, Cleveland. Oliio, assignors to Rochester 
Institute of Technology. Rochester, N. Y. Preparation 
of a printing surface. 2,532,390, Dec. 5. 

Bennett. <'iarence (i.. San .Mateo, Calif., assignor to Pater- 
son Pacific I'.archinent Company. Butter package. 
2.497.203, Feb. 14. 

Bennett, Claude L., assignee : See — 
Bennett, John E. 

Bennett. David .A. : Bee — 

Bennett. Roy E. and D A. 

Bennett, Donald R., and P., Monterey Park, and R. C. 
Young. Downey, assignors of one-half to F. A. Shinier, 
Los Angeles, Calif. Water injection system for Diesel 
engines. 2,518,858, Aug. 15. 

P.ennett, P^.irnest L., .New .Augusta, assignor to J. L 
Holcomb Mfg. Co., Indianapolis, Ind. Brush mounr 
2.507,881, May 16. / 

Bennett, Floyd J., Mesa, Ariz. Children's table with 
folding seats. 2,502,502, Apr. 4. 

Bennett, Frank M., Canton, Ohio. He.rt exchanger. 
2,517,169. Aug. 1. 

Bennett-Gillen Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Bennett. Milton I. 

Bennett, Howard S.. Scotia, N. Y. Safety bar for bath- 
tuljs. 2.513,619. July 4. 

P.ennett, Howard S., Scotia, N. Y'. Safety bar for bath- 
tubs. 2,513,620. July 4. 

Bennett, James A. J., Round Riding Road, Scotland. 
Rotary wing aircraft. 2,523.186, Sept. 19. 

Bennett, James H. : See — 

Shaw, Norman II., and Bennett. 

Bennett, John, Bramcote, England, assignor to Uidted- 
Carr Fastener Corporation, Cambridge. Mass. Holder 
for thermionic valves. 2,500,892, Mar. 14. 

Bennett, John D., Beaumont, Tex.,., assignor to Inter- 
national Derrick & Equipment Company, Columbus, 
Ohio. Protecting well drilling rotarles agaln.<«t blow- 
outs. 2,506,538, May 2. 

Bennett, John D., Be.iumont. Tex., assignor to Interna- 
tional Derrick & Equli)ment Companv. Columbus, Ohio. 
Rotary for drilling wells. 2.506,767, May 9. 

Bennett, John D.. Beaumont. Tex., assignor to Interna- 
tional Derrick & Equipment Company, C(d>imbus, Ohio 
Spring loaded hydraulic adapter. 2.513.000. July 4. 

Bennett. John E.,' San Francisco. Calif. Device for com- 
minuting fruits and vegetables. 2,527,695. Oct. 31. 

Bennett, John E.. assignor to C. I>. Bennett, I'l^rln, 111. 
Toothbrush having powder pickup grooves. 2,533.345, 
Dec. 12. 

Bennett, John G. : Bee — 

Bancham. Donald Hugh, Bennett, Mayorcas, Plranl 
aiHl Thrlng. 

Bennett. John C... C. D. Creaves, nnd G. c. Phlllpotts, 
London, and M. Pirani, W. J. Kramers, and D B. Foster, 
Kingston on-Thames, assignors to C. D. Patents Lim- 
ited, London, England. Production of useful articles 
from coal. 2,493,383. Jan. 3. 

Bennett, John H., Falls County, Tex, Power mower, 
2,530,041. Nov. 14. 

Bennett, John R., Wabash, Ind.. assignor to The General 
Tire & Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio. Flexible mount- 
ing. 2,496,770. Feb. 7. 

P.ennett, Jo^^eph N.. Canton, Ohio. Micrometer height 
gauge. 2.515.583, July 18. 

Benn-tt, Laurence R. : See — 

Bowling. Robert B.. nnd Bennett. 

Bennett, Maurice E., Fort Wayne. Ind., as.sicnor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Bearing wick retainer. 
■■ 2,503,021, Anr. 4. 

Bennett, Milton I.. BrinrcHfT Manor, assignor to Bennett- 
Gillen Corporation. New York, N. Y^. Consumer goods 
secregator. 2.516.292. July 25. 

Bennett, Nicholas : Bee — 

Foster. Reginald T., and Bennett. 

Bennett. Norman. Pensacola, Fla. Display device for 
advertisements. 2,525,199, Oct. 10. 

Bennett. Oliver II.. Jamestown. N. Dak. Jet operafefl 
spinning toy. 2.516, .541. July 25. 

Bennett, Owen 0., Baltimore, Md.. assignor to Catalyst Re- 
sejlrch Corporation. Pittsburgh, Pa. Heating elements. 
2.500,790, Mar. 14. 

Bennett. Owen G.. Baltimore, Md., assignor to Catalyst 
Research Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa. Heating device. 
2,531,548. Nov. 28. 

Bennett. Pat : See — 

Bennett. Donald R., and P., and Young. 

Bennett. Paul L.. Burbnnk, and L. A. Bryant, Los 
Angeles. Calif, said Bennett assignor to said Bryant. 
Condenser means for measuring level conditions. 
2.532.883. Dec. 5. 

Bennett. Paul R. : Bee — 

Dewliurst, Wallace W., and Bennett. 



* lA^V el" TAIKN i i:i:,< 


lieiiiiett, HicliarU, Pbueuix, Ariz. Testing apparatus for 
liuid meters. 2,510,327, June 6. 

iieunett, Koberi li,, Akron, Ohio. Rolling and rocking 
toy. 2,526,927, Gel. 24. 

lienuett. Robert 1*. ; &te — 

Ugdeu. William L\ W'., and Bennett. 

Beuneti, Itobeit 1'., Bra<idock lleigUts, assignor to Bendix 
Aviation Corporatiou, Towsou, Md. Kemoudv con- 
trolled accurate positioKiug system. 2,515,944, July IS. 

Bennett, Roy E. and D. A,-. Lenox. Iowa. Higher speed 
gear. 2,.".J0,194. -Aug. 29.'' 

P.ennett, Sidney, New York, N. Y. Powder distributor 
for preventing offsft truci freshlv printed sheets. 
2.49t..l94. Jan. 31. 

Bejinett, Solon A : See — 

Adiuamis, Peter J., and Bennett. 

Bennett, Stephen S., Flint, Mich. Pan tvrte vapor burner. 
2,530,675, Nov. 21. 

Benutti, Theodore C, M. M. Morton, Philadelphia, and 
F. .M. Gioeckler, Lpper Darby, I'a. l-loatiug wing 
airplane. 2.499,350, Mar. 7. 

lienueti, Tom J., Oklahoma City, Okla. Sign for house 
numbers aiicl tlie like. 2,5l5,81h, July l.s. 

Bennett, Waiter, assignor to Utility Trailer Manufactur- 
ing Comiiany, Los Angeles, Calif. Trailer coupling. 
2,.j22,740 .Sept. 19. 

Bennett. W illard II., Chevy Chase, Md. Apparatus for 
discharging static electricity from aircraft. 2,515,182. 
July IS. 

lienuett, Willard H., Washington, D. C. Radio-frequency 
nia,-<s .sji.-i irouieier. 2,.j35,U32, Dec. 26. 

Bennett, William C. : See — 

Milner. W iliiam A., and Bennett. 

Bennttt, William E., Littleheld, Tex. Cotton harvester. 
2.502,817, Apr. 4. 

Bennett, William, Jr., Mechanicsburg, Pa. Wing cutter. 
2,.")3."',717, i>ec. 26. 

Bennett, William O., Jr., assignor to Hamilton Watch 
Company, Lancaster, Pa. Seconds setting mechanism. 
2.490,690. Feb. 7. 

Bennett, William Ogle, Jr., I^ncaster Township, Lan- 
caster County, a.NSignor to Hamilton Watch Company, 
Lancaster, Pa. Hairspring overcoii raising tool. 
2,515,689, July 18. 

I'.enneit, William R., Jr., assignee: See — 
Bennett. William R., Sr. 

I'.eiinett, William R.. Sr., assignor of one fourth to W. H. 
Blizzard, onefourili to W. It. Bennett, Jr., and one- 
fourth to C. R. Tliompson, High Point. N. C. Suction 
cle.ining means for loopers. 2,501,838, Mar. 28. 

Benning, Anthony F. : See — 

-McHarntss, Rot)ert C, and Benning. 

Benning, Antliony F., AVoodstown, N. J., assignor to the 
United States of -America as represented by the United 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Vapor phase 
tiuorination process. 2,505,877, May 2. 

Penning. .Antliony F., W oodston, N. J., assignor to the 
United States of -America as repre.sented bv the United 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Fluorinating 
hydrocarbons. 2,521,626, Sept. 5. 

I?ei,ning. Walter F., Toledo. Ohio, assignor to Mack 
-Manufacturing Corporation, New York, N. Y. Spring 
suspension. 2,509.625, May 30. 

Benninghofen, Paul, assignee, trustee: See — 
Waechter. Harry J. 

P.ennis, William .1 . Chicago. 111. Q'elephone dial recording 
d"vice. 2 518.859, Aug. 15. 

P.ennl6on. William E., London England, assignor to R. 
Hoe & Co. Inc.. New York. N. Y'. Doctor blade mecha- 

. nlsm for rotary Intaglio printing machines. 2.523 643 
Sept. 26. 

Beno. (Jeorge M., Rocky River, assignor to Record Files 
Inc., Wooster, Ohio. P^oilower for filing compartments. 

Benoliel. Robert \\\. Menlo Park, Calif., and B. W. Flana- 
gan. Baton Rouge, La., assignors to Standard Oil Devel- 
opment Company. Emptying butvl rubber reactor. 
2.5:'.(»,14.". Nov. 14. 

Benoist, Louis A., San Francisco, and D. I. Pursley, Ather- 
ton, Calif, assignors, by mesne assignments, to 
Lawrence ( nixersal Pallet Corporation, Wilmington. 
DeL Pallet. 2.503,022. Apr. 4. 

Benolt, Conrad H., Roslindale. Mass. Power punch 
2,509,956. May 30. 

Benoit. Dona J.. Pawtucket, R. I. Attaching a leader to 
a hook. 2.533,418. Dec. 12. 

Benoit, George J., Jr., San Anselmo, Calif., assignor to 
Hercules Powder (^'onipanv, Wilmini:ton, Del Preparing 
a hydroabietylamine. 2,!520,901. Sept. 5. 

Benoit, Henry F.. Charlton, M;iss. C->upiing for vacuum 
systems. 2,518.218, Aug. 8. 

Benoit, Leon, New Y'ork, and R. A'ahle, Tappan. assignors, 
by mesne assignments, to Robert Galr Company, Inc 
New York, N. Y. Carton erecting machine. 2,505,703' 
Anr. 25. 

Bonrus Watch Company, Inc., assignee: See — 
Williams, Leon A. j 

Bensen, Igor B.. Alplaus, N. y|, a.ssignor to General 
Electric Company. Rotary wing parachute and con- 
trols. 2. .526. 451, Oct. 17. 

Bensen, Igor B., Alplaus, N. Y., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Sonic air-speed and stall Indicator. 
2,519.015, Aug. 15. 1 * 

Bensen, Igor B.. Scheuei-tady, N. Y.. assignor to Geuera 
Electric Company. Seal arraugeiueni. 2.498,479 
l-eb. 21. 

Benson. Albert H,, Hopewell, .\. J. Amphibious e<mipment 
tor vehicles. 2,497,S57. Feb. 21. 

Benson. Albert 11., Hopewell. N. J. Repairing elide fas- 
teners. 2,530,371. Nov. 21. 

Benson. .Albiu N., Philadelphia, Pa. Process and appara- 
tus tor catching machine gun bullets. 2,518,445 Aujr. 
15. • . 6 

Benson, Albin N., Philadelphia, I'a., F. J. McMorrow 
Springlield, Mass., C. E. Septfonds, Jr., Fori Leaven- 
uorth. Kaus., and S. C. Blankstein. Springlield, Mass. 
Catching m.iciune gun bullets. 2,518,446, Aug. 15. 

Benson. Alfred B. : Set — 

Raat, Frederick Q., and Benson, 

B.nsou, Anna. Chicago. 111. Apparatus for making 
Cookies and the like. 2,526,193, Oct. 17 

Benson, Anton A. : See — 

Sherwln. Frank, and Benson. 

Benson, .Arthur D., Los Angeles, Calif. Garment press. 
2,509,626, -May .iU. 

Benson, Arthur E., Detroit. Mich., assignor to United 
States Rubber Company, New York, N. i. Wire tabric 
tire casing. 2,501,372, Mar. 21. 

Benson. .Arthur E., Deiroii. Mich., assignor to United 
Stales Rubl>er Company, New York, N. Y. Tire build- 
ing apparatus. 2. .j2 1,1 43, Sept. 5. * 

Benson, Arthur E., 11. S. Howe, and C. Musshart, Detroit, 
Mich., assignors to United States Rubber Company. New 
\ork, N. V. Apparatus for making wire lire labnc. 
2.512,702, June -7. 

Ikuson, Ben, Winuepeg. Manitoba, Cdinada. Steering 
head for motorcycles. 2,511,320, June la. 

Benson, Bradley L., Glendale, Calif. Mixer. 2,512,603, 
June 27. 

Benson, Carl II . assignor to O. F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., 
New Haven, Conn. Forearm for lirearms. 2,498,749, 
Feb. 28. 

Ben.son, Carl H., assignor to O. F. Mossberg & Sous, Inc., 
New Haven, Conn. Magazine for tirearms. 2,507,364, 
-May 9. 

Benson. Charles F., Jackson, Mich. Spring seat and back 
structure. 2.532,884. Dec. 5. 

Benson, Cyril o. : Sec — 

McLaren, Peter J., and Itenson. 

Benson, Earl L., H. (J. Young, and R. B. Hunt, Sioux 
Falls, S. Dak. ; said Young assignor lo said Hunt and 
said Benson. Bait box. 2,535,256, Dec. 26. 

Benson, Ernest 11., Kansas City. .Mo. l.ung forming 
structure tor barrels. 2.507,752. .May 16. 

Benson,. George O., assignor to Chieliolm-Rydor Company, 
Incorporated, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Telescoping struc- 
ture. 2,496,264, Feb. 7. 

Benson, tiwyu, and R. L. Perks, Shawinigan Falls, 
assignors to Shawinigan Chemicals Limited, Montreal, 
Quebec, Canada, i'olymerizing vinyl acetate in granular 
form. 2,535,189, Dec. 26. 

Benson, Harry D.. Fresno, assignor to General Nailing 
Machine Coriioratiou, Sanger, Calif. Spring scale. 
2,529,759. Nov. 14. 

Benson, Ira. assignee : >ee — 
I-Cite. Clarence L. 

Benson. Jarome F., Uvalde, Tex. Four point swing sus- 
pension. 2,517,278, Aug. 1. 

Benson, Jesse .M.,* Concord, Tenn., assignor to Sasgon 
Derrick Co., Chicago, 111. Scaffold. 2.o24,302, Oct. 3. 

P.enson, Jesse -M., «"onrord. Tenn., assignor to Sasgeu 
Derrick Co., Chicago, 111. Safety wincn. 2,525,7()4 
Oct. 17. 

Benson. Jimmie M.. Miami, Fla. Inhaler. 2,532 282 
Dec. 5. 

Benson, John A., Nahant, Mass., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Air-cooled spark plug. 2,493,743, Jan. 

P.enson, John E., assignor to Amalgamated Wireless 
(Australasia) Limited, Sydney, New South Wales, 
Australia. Automatic frequency scanning system. 
2.515.S50, July 18. 

Benson, Merle K, : See — 

Price, Albert, and Benson. 

Benson, Merle K., Stevensville. assignor to Helms In- 
dustrial Development Company, Grand Rapids, Mich 
Animal trap. 2,506,055, May 2. 

Benson, Ralph L., P.irinlngham, Mich., assignor to Avco 
-Manufacturing Corporation. Multiple temperature re- 
frigerator. 2,505,379, Apr. 25. 

Benson, Ralph L., Birmingham, Mich., assignor to 
AVCO Manufacturing Corporation. Refrigerator cabi- 
net structure. 2.514,926, July 11. 

Benson, Ralph L., assignor to Avco Manufacturing Cor- 
poration, Cincinnati. Ohio. Mge illuminated shelf for 
refrigerator cabinets. 2.515,584, July 18. 

Benson. Richard E.. assignor to E. I. du Pont de NemourK 
& Compan.r. Wilmington. Del. Producing oalkvlimino 
ethers. 2,516,203. July 25. 

Benson. Robert C. KirksvUle, Mo. Angle hole diegpr 
2.514,832, July 11. *" 

Benson, Robert E.. Wichita Falls, Tex. Testing vat ele- 
vator. 2.494.224, Jan. 10. 

Benson, Thomas. Elm Park. N. Y. Colling device. 
2,527.518. Oct. 31. 



V^w. Arthur J.. IV'iin Tuwnsliip. Allf»phpny County, as 

fciiunor to Thf \\>stin;;h.iusf Air Hrakf Company. 

\Vilinfr«linz. I'a. Fluii! ; r.-ssurc c-pinprt-ssur governor. 

^.."iUl.Tim, Mar. 28 , .,. , u 

Dt-nr Arthur J., Plttshurph. assignor to Th.' U estlnghousp 

Air Itrake Coiiipaiiy, Wiliufrdiii^'. I'a. Fluul presBure 

p.mtroi valve dt-vice. 2. il't'>.9i i c F>'b, 7. 
Bent \rrhur J . I'lttsburtrli. a.ssi».'ni)r t > Th<' W t>siinghou8e 

Air r.rakf Cmiipiuiv. W ili::. rOiuLV l?:i. r.rakc cylinder 

ilfvice. 2,r.r)l.T07, Mir^x 
I?ent. Arthur J.. \Vilklnsl)uri:. I'a., aa>ii:nor to Bendlx- 

\Vp.>*tiiiu'house Autonvitive Air Hnike Company, biyrla. 

iiliiu \':i!vp nuc'fi:ini<in. "J.-'ni .T.'r). Mar. '2S. 
n.'n'i.y EiiKinf'riiig Company Llinitf-d, The. asslpnee : 

I'eb.Tdv. Roland 

Bentlev. Harold I'., and U. I' La Vonler, .asslsmors to 
R»'nt"ley Welderv. Inc.. Syracuse. N. V. \N urk manipu- 
lator. •J.495.4,'38. Jan. 24. ... 

r,.-iiilfy, .laiiiH.s P.. St. I.uuid, Mo. <;un sight attachment. 

2.519.220. Aug. 15. , . • r. .. 

p.. r M'V I.»wiu Chdliwack. British Columbia. Canada 
^ I.iwn mnw.T sharp..i,or 2. 1'.>8.n:{8. Feb. 28. 

Bentlpv Havn-iond H.. Parific Grove. Calif. Drainer with 
rotatable drum and encircling' bflt for confining cans 
therebetween. 2.5-32.594. Dec. 5. ^ . ,x 

P.entiey Rnbtrt H as.sit:ii"r t^ 'Ilit' Arruw-IIart & liege- 
man" EUctric i'"mp;,ny, Kiirtf'Td. C"nn. Wire termi- 
nal ni-unrimr. 2.4;h;. i 4.'., .lati. •".!. 

Bentlev Wfldf'rv, Inc.. a.ssignee : Ser — 
Bent lev. Harold P.. and La Vonler. 

!;. n-o', !; i::.,'i i ■■n^ip.iny. l.'l.. assignee: See — 
Wa'>"'s, I..i\i"eiirf W". 

Benrspii Klni.r C.. Mission. Tfx. Reciprocating mixing 
valve. 2 510.369, June t> 

B-ntsen Wi'liani .1.. nssiirnnr *o Solar Aircraft Company. 
San Dioco Calif. Making patterns for she'-t stamping 
die« 2,495.402. .fan. 24 

B<»ntz. Erwin J.. Wa-hinirton. and K J. Fleck, assignors 
to Caterpil'ar Tractor Co., Peoria, Hi. Glow plug for 
internal i-uinbustlon engines, 2,500,768, May 9. 

!'..:, r/. I.l.vd ( >. : ,-. t 

Stell. Eugene P,. and Bent/.. 

P..ri<^7en. Max T.. assicnor to General Metnlware Company. 
Minneapolis. Minn. Funn«'l with supporting element 
havine means for fitting dltf.Tent sized filling spouts. 

2.517.7.59. Auc. 8 ^ . „ 

Ben7f>r Sevmour, West Lafavette. as=;ienor to Purdue Ke- 
sfareh F' La Fay.-f'e. Ind Electrical derlce 
with C'Tmaniuin alloys. 2,,%(»4,t;27, Apr. 1 8. 

Benzer Seviiiour, W-sr Lafavtte, assis^nor to Purdue He- 
search Foundation, La Fayette, Ind. F^loctrical device 
w'th germanium allovs. 2.504.f)28. Apr. IS. 

Benzler. Bi^-ngt L.. Stockholir.. Sweden. _^ Control device 
for rotary reciprocntin<: enizlnos. 2,517.279. Aug. 1. 

Bfranek. L., CambriilL'f. Mass.. assltrnor to the United 
Stateg of America as represented bv the Executive 
Secr'>t.'irv of the Office of ScienMfie Rosearch and D'- 
velopnienr. rrossure-conip<'nsat>^d telephone unit. 

2 'ri-, ,-,1'). Ap- 2.') .-.^ 

Berberlm Ai:op Arlincrton. Mass. Textile ironing "^ap- 
paratus. 2.n27.87;{. Oct. 31, 

B<Tb.'!.in Fdw.ird. Tiroii City. X. .T. Surface cleaning 
and sharupooltig machine. 2. 495, R8B, Jan. 31. 

P.erbfr'ch. I.po J. : f^cp-- 

Srroni .Albert P., and Berberich. 

Bprherj.'h, Leo J., and W. W. Pendl-'tt-n, Pittsburgh, as- 
sJL'ii-'-s 'o WVstinizhouse Electric Corporation. East 
Plff^burcb Pa Resistance cot'ipositions and products 
ther.-of. 2.49'<,238. p..), 21 

Berberich. Leo J., and R. Friedman, Pittsburgh, assiemors 
to Wtstlnghouse Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. 
Pa. Dielectric. 2.525.473. Oct. 10. 

Berrb Sammd H . Boverlv Hills. Calif. Container flap 
folding app.iratus. 2.500 922. Mar. 21 . 

Berch. Samiiol TL. Bevfrly Hills, assignor to The Flexible 
Vacuum Container Corpor.ation. Los Angeles. Calif. 
Mf^chanism for fillinc. vacuumizlng, and sealing con- 
tainers. 2.528,680. Nov. 7. 

Berchfold. Wallace W.. York. Pa., assignor to .\merlcan 
Chain k Cab'e Companv, Inc.. P.ridgeport. Conn, Hoist. 
2 40.",>O4 Jan ?.^ 

Berek, William P., Havwird, assi:rnor to Ralph N. Brodle 
Companv. Oakland. Calif, Positive displacement type 
fluid meter. 2.531,R03, Nov. 28. 

Bcrck. William P.. assignor 'o Ralph N. Brodle Companv. 
Oakland Calif, Two-cvlinder rotarv motor. 2,531,903, 
Nov. 28. 

Bercovltz. Bernard, assignee : ."nVp- — 
Johnstone. Louis W., and Gilbert. 

B'Tcut-Richards Parkins Companv, assignee: See — 
Ten Eyck. William A. 

Bf-rdls. Albert J., and L. S. Dahl. Pittsburgh. Pa., assign- 
ors 'o Cirneirie-Illinois Steol Corporation, .\pparatus 
for handling sheers during inspection. 2.497.149. Feb. 

Beren. Ailolnh. assignee: S^e — ■ 
Grt^en. George W. 

Beresford Dorothv, Clifton, N J Twisting typ.> collapsl- 
blo tube dispenser. 2,502,918. Apr, 4. 

BerestneCr, .A.!exig A., asslfnor to Carrier Corporation, 
Syracuse. N. Y. Absorption refrigeration system. 
2 520 027, Aug. 22. 

Berestneff. Alexis A., assignor to Carrier Corporation, 
Syracuse, N. Y. Absorption refrigeration system. 
2,535.776, Dec. 26. 
Beretta. John W., San Antonio. Tex. Pon'oon bridge 

support. 2,510,948. June 13. 
Beretvfls, Helen S., Chicago, 111., assignor to Nox-Rust 
Corporation, protective coatings, i:.. "(18.408, .\ug. 15. 
Bereza, Bohdan. Thomaston. Conn. Screw. 2,.j2u,232, 

Aug. 29. 
Berg. Arthur A., Chicago, 111. Lifting jack. 2.508.934, 

May 23. 
iierg. Carl. Northampton, and M. Berg, assignors to Nickel 
» Cadmium Battery Corporation. Kasthamjiton, .Mass. 
' Battery separator. 2,514,151. July 4, 
Berg. Chester P.. Reading, assignor to Macungle Hosiery 
Mills, Inc., Macungie, Pa. Attachment lor circular 
knitting machines. 2.500,.337, Mar. 14 
Berg, Clyde H. O,, Long Beach, assignor to Inion Oil 
Company of California. Los Angeles. Calif. Shale oil 
eduction. 2..501. 1.5.3. Mar 21 
Berg, Clyde H. O.. Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California. Los .Angel "S, Calif. Ad.sorption 
process. 2,519.342, Aug. 22. 
Berg, Clyde H. O.. Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California, Los Angeles. Calif, .\dsorptiun 
process and apparatus. 2.519.04,'?. .\ug. 22. 
Berg, Clyde H. O.. Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California. Los .\ngeles. Calif. Adsorption 
process. 2.519.344. Aug. 22, 
Berg. Clyde H. O.. Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California. Los .\ngeles. Calif, .\dsorp- 
tion process and apparatus, 2.51!>.873. .\ug. 22. 
Berg. Clyde H. O., Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California, Los Angeles. Calif. -Adsorption 
process and apparatus. 2.519.874. .\ug. 22. 
Berg, Clyde H. O.. Long Beach, and P. H. Ji>nt's Re<londo 
Beach, assignors to T'nlon OH Company of California, 
Ix)8 Angeles. Calif. Oil well furnace. 2.50t!.85.3. May 9. 
Berg. Edwin H.. Milwaukee. Wis. Float valve. 2,525,014, 

Oct. 10. 
Berg. Kgon G., and -A. Voorderman. assignors to Univrrsal 
Engineering Corporation. Cedar Rapids. Iowa. Rotary 
snowplow. 2.498,522, Feb. 21. 
Berg, Gustav, Glasgow. Scotland. Comber board for 

looms. 2.524.876. Oct. 10. 
Bere. Harry. Detroit, Mich. Layout copier with transfer 

screws and gauging driver. 2,500.653. Mar. 14 
Berg. James R.. Detroit. Mich., assignor, oy mesne as- 
signments, to R. p. Scherer Corporation. Puriflrafion 
of nicotinamide. 2.49fi.l14. Jan 31. 
Berg. Joseph and V. L. King. Bound Brook. N. J., as- 
signors to .American Cvan.atnid <'ompany. New York, 
N. Y Manufacture of nicotinamide. 2. 510. ;>:;_•, June 6. 
Berg, Leo F.. Oak Park. 111., assignor to Hotpoint Inc. 

Vent structure. 2,525.062. Oct. lo 
Berg. Leo F.. Oak Park, and W. R. McDow 11 Wostchester. 
111. assignors to Hotpoint Inc. Thermal controlbd 
cooking vessel. 2.530.643, Nov. 21. 
Berg. Louis B.. Chicago, 111., asslenor by mesne assign- 
ments, to R. W. Carter. Lullng, Tex. Self-adjusting sack 
holder and filling valve. 2.525.113. Oct. 10. 
Berg, Louis B.. and J. E. Martin. San .Antonio, assignors, 
bv mesne assignments, to R. W. Carter. Lullng. Tex. 
Flotation separator and extractor. 2.530.076, Nov. 21. 
Bi-rg. Mareus : Sre — 
Bere. Carl and M. 
Berg. Nels O. : See — 

Budnick, Abraham M., and Berg. 
Berg. Otto E. : See — 

Kaiser. Herman F.. and Berg. 
Berg. Solomon. Newark, X. J. Hollow repair device for 

lenkv boiler tu1>es. 2.517.626. Aue. 8. Martin D.. Westfield. assignor to The Thomas 
& Betts Co., Elizabeth. N. J. Twin-screw armored 
cable connector. 2.506.334. May 2. 
Berenn. Martin D.. Westfield. assignor to The Thomas .^ 
Betts Co. Elizabeth. N. J. Box h'de closure. 2.522.741. 
Sept. 19. 
Berenn, Martin D., Westfield. assignor to The Thomas * 
Betts Co.. Elizabeth. N. J. Connector. 2,533,161. 
Dec. 5. 
Beree Joseph. Maplewood. N. J., assignor to Jaeger Watch 
Companv. Inc.. New York, N, Y. Electromagnetic time- 
piece wl'th oil shield. 2.531, 9f,^. Nov. 2*^. 
Bergel. Franz, and A. Cohen. Welwyn Garden Citv. Eng- 
land, naslenors. bv mesne assignments, to HofTmnnn- 
La Roche Inc. Nutley. N. J Manufacture of ketotetra- 
hvdropvrldlne derivatives and hydroxypyridine deriva- 
tives. 2.493.520. Jan 3. 
Bergemann. Arnold H.. North Mankato. Minn, Latching 

relay. 2. .531. 838. Nov. 28. 
Bergen. Albert, assignor to National Silver Company. New 
York. N. Y. Control means for music boxes 2,504.91'*. 
Apr. 18. 
Bergen, Daniel E.. Phillips. Tex. assignor to Phillips 
petroleum Company. Treatment of hydrocarbons. 
2,493,384, Jan. 3. 
Bereen. Philip F... Farmington, Conn, Tire chain 

2,498.523, Feb. 21. 
Bergen, Philip E.. Farmington, Conn. Tire tread. 

2.511.690. June 13. 
Bergen. William B. : See — 

Bender. Welcome W., Jr.. Bergen, and Purdy. 



Lerger. Adolph 1... D,i\:uu. Ohio. Combustion chamber 

tor gas turbine engiue.s. 2..".U4,10G, Apr. In 
Berger, .Alr>ert H., Rocky River, assignor, bv mesne 
assiuimitnts, to The Consolidated Iron-Steel .Slanufac- 
turing Company. ci,.\ eland, Ohio. Sheet-metal gas 
burner. 2,532,439, Dec. 5. 
Berger, Albert H., Rocky River, assignor, bv mesne 
ussignuMHs. to The Cunsolidateil Iruii-Steel .Slanutat- 
tunug Ciuupauy. Cleveland, uliio. Fuel tank boul 
cunnei t:oii. 2.532,595. Dec. 5. 
Berger. Arthur f.. assignor to The .Master Electric Con.- 
pauy, Dayton, Ohio. Interior railiallv expanding clutcii 
witli equalizing means, 2.493,744, j"au. lu. 
Berger, Arthur J., .New York, .\. Y. Fog resistance test- 
ing app.iiatiis. 2.533.214. Dec. 12. 
Berger. Artliur J.. New York. .\, Y. Shock testing device. 

2,534.218. Dec. 19, 
Berger limthers Company, The, assignee: late — 
Champagne. Euiory C. 
\ ersoy, Irving R. 
lierger. Carl W., .Mcl'herson. Kaus., assignor to The 
Inventors Guild. Newark. .N. J. Water-level indicator. 
2,.'.2(».993, Sept. 5. 
Berger. Charles V„ Minneapolis, Minn., assignor to Uni- 
versal Oil I'roducts Company. Chicago. III. Controlling 
catalyst regeneration temperature. 2.492,948, Jan 3. 
Perger. Jiarl ( ». : .sc*; — 

Robinson, Lawrence R. and K. I.. Berger and Lai-g 
Berger, Kiuil J., and H. K. West, assignors to Ih^x.lale 
Hosiery .Mills, Lansdaie. Pa. Picot bar actuating 
mechanism. 2.507.487. .Mav 16. 
Berger. Emll J., and H. K. West, assignors >ro Dexdale 
Hosiery .Mills, Lansdaie, I'a. Straight fchitting ma 
chine. ^ 2,519,875, Aug, 22. ' 

Ile.-ger, I'rance 15., Wateriown, Mass., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the United States of America as repre- 
sentt'd tiy the Secretary of War. Electrical circuit. 
2.535,257. Dec, 20. 
Berger, (ieorge. .New York, assignor \o Arrow Fastener 
Co. Brooklyn, N. Y. Stapling UMchlne. 2,499,843 
Mar, 7. 
Berger. Henry G. : Sec — 

Bailertseher. Darwin E,, Feaslev and Berger 
Hei-er, Henry G., (Jlen Rock, and E."\V. Fuller, Woodbury, 
.N. J., assignors to Socony-Vacuum Oil Companv. Incor- 
porated. Mineral oil conijiositlun. 2.493 216 Jan 3 
Ber-er, Henry G., (ilen Rock, and E. \\ . Fuller, Woodbury 
N. J., assignors to Socony-Vacuum OH Company Incor- 
porated. Mineral oil composition. 2,493.217 Jan 3 
Lerger. Jacoi,. NVw \ ork. N. Y. Stroller having remuv- 

aole eb.air. :;.512.91»,'). June i;7, 
Berger, Jolin L., Columbia, assignor to Armstrong Cork 
V^rV'P^'3^' ^ I-ancaster, I'a. Comminuting machine. 
^,,»w4.i.>l. Oct. 10. 

^^.rn.*'.r!, J'^..'"'"*''' I'^P^^ Gardens. .N. Y. Lamp harp. 

r.30.S03. Nov. 21. 

Berger. Leo : bee- 

Lee. John, and Berger. 

Berger. Leon.ard K,. New York, N. Y. Collar holder hav- 
ing adjustable clamp members. 2.502 199 Mar ''8 

Berger, Paul, Chicago, III. Transformer. 2.515,109 
July 11. . . . 

Berger. Roy M„ assignor to R, Firestone. Brooklyn N Y 
Knuckle joint. 2,527,787, Oct, 31. .» . 

Berger. Samuel I., Newark. N. J. Toy machine cun 
2.531,023 Nov 21 ■ -loj ui.iLuine gun, 

^'2.M4.399."Dei. 19. ^''^"'' ^'^ ^^ '^'^ typewriter. 

Berger, Uriah S.. Rockaway. N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated. .New York N Y 
Radio receiving system. 2.527,017. Oct. 31. ' ' ' 

Lergere, Emric W., San Diego. Calif. Bowling pin hav- 
ing plastic-Impregnated fabric coating. 2,535,033, 

Bergerioux, Ren^. Saint-Cloud, France. Table game an 
paratus. 2. 497. 925. Feb 21 ' 

Bergeron Ernest J., Fltchburg, Mass. Corner protector 
for enclosed bodies. 2,514,833. July 11 

I>ergeron Lawrence G.. Cleveland, assignor of 45/lOOths 
lo S. Eldridge Sampliner. Euclid. Ohio. Electric chime 
and carrier for the vibratory and striker elements there- 
of. 2,oOG,009, May 2. 

"^o*i7.°n-oo^^'i"'^- '^^l^icago, in. Collapsible tube cap. 

2.511,038, June 13. 
Berg?s, Andre C, Mimlsan-Plage, France. Vortex tvpe 

separator for paper pulp. 2. 532. 885 Dec 5 

^^o^«*"l?o-/5^*'^^^°,'l;' I'almer, Mass. Reciprocating device. 

,,i.l^o4,H4.>. Dec. 19. 
Bergey. .losepii k.. assignee: See — 
Aunable. Oliver S. 

Bergford. Carl A.. Yonkers. a.ssignor to International 
Business .Machines Corporation. New York N Y Volt- 
age generator. 2.514,023. July 4. • • • »uii 

Bergfors, Cari A.. Yonkers. assignor to International 
Business Machines Corporation. New Y'ork .N Y Elec- 
tronic trigger. 2.506.439. Mav 2. ' 

Berggren. Detlof E.. Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor 
by mesne assignments, to Hartford National Bank and 
Irust (ompany. Hartford. Conn., as trustee Xrav 
tube with movable directing cone. 2 497 755 Feb 14 

Berggren, Detlof E.. Eindhoven, Netherlands, ' assignor 
by mesne assignments, to Hartford National Bank and 
Trust Company, Hartford. Conn, as trustee Device 
for diaphragmfng X rays. 2..501,7.56, Mar 28 

Berggren, George K., Baltimore. .Md.. assignor to Western 
tiectnc Company, Incorporated, New York N Y 

•; ^Ku'"«iB^ x,"'" ^"'^tinuouKly making vulcanized 'articles! 
*.,ouy.Doa. May 30. 

Herggren. George E., Baltimore. Md,, assignor to Western 
iMectnc Company, Incorporated .New i urk, N Y Ap- 
paratus tor (oiitinuously making vukauhted ur::cies 
-,•«!.>, ,bl. July 4. 

Berggren, Karl \'. R., Stockholm, Sweden. Frame struc- juint. 2,529,9(i;5, .Nov, 14. 
Lergi4steiii, Samuel, Cincinnati, Ohio, assignor to R M 

Beigsteiii an.J F. I>. Bergstein, trust.«s. Making kuoc'k- 

dowu, hinged lid cartons. 2,515,327. July 18 
liergh Bros. Co.. Inc., assignee : See— 
Bergh, George G. 

f^h' w'^*^*''"?,*^ „*^- assignor to Bergh Bros. Co.. Inc.. 

oU t^'^^? t*^"^' ^^^''^- I-'lexible and expansible band. 
^,oJl,144. Sept. 5. 

Bergier, Jacyues : See — 

Deschaujps. Jean B., and Bergier 

Berglund. Jonas O., and L. Wallin. Gnesta. Sweden 

-Manulacturing twisted drills and other tools. 2,522,4yy,' 

I'.ergiuud. Malcolm F.. Chicago. IH. Hydroscope and 

tameia coinb:natlon. 2.V.i>> AM) Feb 7 
Berglur;,!, liulph M.. assignor ' to Pacific American 

o -i'loru- rl"'- ,^:''ii^Siiam. Wash, nsh boning device. 

»..oj4.giy, Dec 19. 

^'^.'!^"!':'''-, _'•'.'' ^^ ■ -Minocijua, Wis .Minn(.w trap 

-■■'--:•! , . bept. 12. *^' 

Bergman. Ed., assiguor. by mesne assignments, to Mold- 
master inc., .New Y, .^k. N. Y, Desk tray. 2.524,877. 

"""^nada' '& l^e ''2'4'»^^?^?",^^^' -^^'^^^'^ ^^'""'»'-- 

""rr- 2:^"^3?^^r?9'''''"''""^°* "^'^'^ ^^'^^'-- 

Bergman, u.sear A.. Shaker Heights. Ohio. Selector ap- 
paratus for color and other combinaiions. 2.499.460. 

Bergman: William E.. Bartlesvllle. Okla.. assignor to I'hll- 

M H t*'.^^''^'^""' ^«"'l'any. Treating a water base drilling 

mud to remove contaminating sulfate ions. 2.529,760. 

Bergnmnn. Carl A.. Milwaukee, assignor to Le Rol Com- 

S2.7G3!7une-27*'' ''''■ ">-^^opnemnat'ic 'mo'or. 

Bergmann. 'Charle8~'G.. Philllpsburg, N. J \dju8table 

collet stop. 2.515.2.s». Julv 18 ^' ' • •"• ■■^"JUStaDle 

^''uf^"??^u!S'^i^'^^'^°°;>"^**^°'L.*o Polymerisable Prod- 
ucts Limited, London County, England l'rei>aring ' 
mercapto oxazolines. 2.525.200 Oct 10 ^ ^''^"'^^^i' - 

Lergmaun. Ernst. London, assi'gnor' to' Polvmerisible 
Products Limited. London Countv. England Hexa 
l^^SsS.^.'oTt '"f derivatives and mak"l!g lam": 

^*^c«n,noll-„^'"?,l^^'' '''^^l'^"^'" t^ Goodman Manufacturing 

2.524.752 0?t ?^^''' ^"^ ^^^^" conveyer syg-enf 
Bergmann."" Richard P.. Winnetka. and R. W Suman 

t hicago. Ill,, and H. F. Watson. Philadelphia I'a VL'. 

sc^rf-eT ?.^2Sri?^'icVTo'^°^' '^-veling^iLle/i^ntaYe 
l.ergmar. .sien E, Abrahamsberg^ and F V Klmblad 

Stockholm. Sweden. Exact reading of th^ phase poJ' 

J,r?J^"" arbitrary in.pulse in a periodically ret^urretit 
•varies of impulses. 2,520.489 Aug 29 'e».urreni 

Bergmark, Ernest R. : See ' 

i-v''^' t>"'™°<i°'"*" Vv ^^S*'"' Atherton, and Bergmark < ommodore D,. .Sager Bergmark nrV.l vrhlTrT^" 

^'I^Ti^J^^'^'-'-. ^^""^''^'•- Switzerland • Svera ' 0^ 
lead holder pencil. 2.530.674 Nov 21 

^'LStcbT 2^.5'o3'Sr-r°?;rn^^'«^«^'^^--- ^-^^^^ 

Bergsma. Clarence J., Spri'ngfieM Mass ni«iifcrnr,r ,, 
Bendix Aviation Corpo/ation TeteVboro' N J Irrl 
versible drive. 2.514 4':.-, July ll '^"'''^"' •^- ->■ ■^"^- 

Bergstein. Frank D.. a->gi.e- fc'ee^ 

Bergstein, Rol«rt .M. 
Bergstein, S.;muel. 

^"and^ P°'n °u"' \h Cincinnati. Ohio, assignor to R M 
2.529^128.' No'f ? • ^''"«'^«- barton and making it! 

Bergstein. Robert 'M..'asslgii.-e, trustee: Bee— 
Bergstein. Samuel. 

Bergstein. Samuel Cincinnati, Ohio. Manufacture of 
transparent knockdown containers. 2 500 33S Mar 14 
%f^^^^°' •''^^""tl Cincinnati. Ohio. Gastight and gat 
filled package and making it. 2,506.056 May 2 

Bergstein, Samuel, Cincinnati, Ohio. Rendering naoer- 
2,Tofi^06?,''May f^^^'* ""' ''''^'^'' so" piXS 


^'andF°b^IW^lp,n'"''^"«^'- ^^'°- «*>^" to R. M. 
ana t. p. Bergstein. as trustees. Method and aoDaratm 
for sealing containers. 2.519.102 Atjg ]5 ^PP^"^*^"" 

Bergs^einssonlngolfur. Torrance, and T. W. Evans and 
J. K. scrieibli, Oakland, assignors to ShelJ Develonmenf 
Son ^rV^i «^" ^^^^<^^^<^o. Cfallf. Cataly Ic hvdrC"yla 
tion of olefinlc compounds. 2,500.599. Mar. 14 "^^'* 



Bergsten Charles A . E%anston. and L. C. Jones, Western 
spriij^'s, assi^rnors to Itifto, Incorporated. Chicago, III. 
Card .sorting' .levire. J,r)01,492, Mar. 21. 

lU-r^'st-Ti. L.iur.iu.- J., -MiniK-iipoUs, Mmn. Pipe Joint 
•J .''ilo.'.>4'J. .lunt' 13. , , * 

r..r^"<troiii •■.irl N., PortlanJ, Oreg. Lubricator for auto- 
inobilf -prir.-s. 2,51.S.L'73. Aug. 8. ,, . . 

r.f.-i,'^t.'-..;n • aM !' . -MilHiury. assignor to Cronipton & 
KiiMwlfs Loom Works. Worcester, Mass. Letoff for 
lu.mis. 2,508.^111. .May U.;. 

Ucrg-itroni Carl P. Millltury, as.fignor to Cronipton & 
Kniiwles Loom Works. Worcesrt-r. Mass. Picker clieci< 
ii.r luoiiis. 2..''il3.1Hi9. .Tilly 4. 

Hergstroin Carl P., MlUbury, a.-'signor to Crompton & 
Kuowl.s Loom Works. Worcester. Tranaferrer 
arm U<t w'-ft replenishing looms. 2,51'J,817, Aug. 22. 

lltM-gstroiii. Kric V. : >><• — 

piivii.-, Juhn W.. and P.»>rgsTroin. 
rtt^'rback. LriiP'St. and HtTgstrom. 

B^Tgstriaii. Kri.' V . .^hort iUils. N. J., assignor to Socony- 
Vai'inim *>il rmnpanv, Incorporated. Gas-solid contact 
iir-CHSs 2, 4'.);?, 218. Jan. 3. 

H.Tcstroi;;. Lri ■ V . Short Hills, N. J . assignor to Socony- 
Vaciiuni Oil Company, Inforporated. Method and appa- 
ratus for hvilro' arhoii conversion. 2,493,219, Jan. 3. 

P..'rg8rrom. Kric V . .Short Hills, N. J., and E. L'tterback 
assignors to Socony-Vacu\im Oil Coii 
d H.-ating granular solids. 2,499.024. 

New York. .\. V 
panv. lu'orpora 
Mar " 

Wrist watch strap. 

.. r.-sT. i!i, i:r;.' V . Short Hills. N. J., a.ssignor to Socony- 
Vacuuiii Oil Coiiipanv. Incorporated. Apparatus for rracking of hvilrorarbons. 2..'>03,188, Apr. 4. 

Bergstroni, Erie V., Short Ulllg. N. J., assignor to Socony- 
Vacuinn Oil Company, Incorporated. Reactor. 

2,.')ti3,703, Apr. 11. 

Rorcstroni Eric V.. Short Hills. N. J., nspignor to Socony- 
Vaconiii' Oil Company. Incorporated. E-Ievntinc par- 
ticle-form soli'ls with i)uckt't conveyer. 2,531,192, 
Nov. 21. 

P.ercstroin, Herm.m A., A:f>aiiy. assignor to General 
Anilino & Eilm ("orporat on. New York, N. Y. Non- 
dusting compositions for stabilizing diazo salts. 
2. .127, 347. Oct. 24. . 

BerETstroni Hilnier C, Herman, Minn. Swinging mailbox. 
2..')22,9><:V Sept. 19. 

F?ergum. John. assigne<^: Sfe — 
Rice, John A. 

I5erhenke. Luther F. : f>ee — 

P.ritton, Edgar C, and Rerhenke. 

Berhenke, Luther F.. and L E. P-egin assignors to The 
Itow Oheniii'al Company, Mi<lland. Midi. Production of 
aruinatic oxy-allphatic carboxylates. 2.510,011. July 25. 

P..Thenke, Luther F., .Midland. .Mich., and L. W. Byers, 
Urban.i. 111., a^-i-o r- ?o The Dow Chemical Company. 
Catalytic cun: _• of orK-ano siluxai;e rtsins. 2,521,672. 

IJork. H'-niard : n'cc — 

Michaels, Etlwin R.. and Berk. 1 

P.erk, B.TTian) \i . assi;,'nte : See — > 

liorisof. Bernard. 

I'.erkelev, Charles P. >s'on. Mass. 
2..''.i;^,782. Julv 4. 

P.erkeiev, Lauron... J.. Danville, 111. Continuous llongl- 
tmlinal soam weld.T. 2,.")2fi.723, Oct. 24. 

I'.erkelev. Scott B.. Goldshoro, N. C. Sound transmission 
♦■ar vestibule for r. lephone convergation recording. 
2.49'<.2.'i9. Feb. 21. 

Berkenkotter. Edward L.. Elniwo<^d Park, and J. IT. Horz. 
Chlcaen 111. ApiiKiratiis for plating crankshafts. 
2 53n.r,77, Nov. 21. 

Ber-choliier, George H., assitmor to Minneapolls-noneywell 
Peculator ("ornpany, Mip.n-\aiiolis, Minn. Control de- 
vice. 2. l'.'."i,<i^7, Jan. 17. 

Berklev, Carl. N^w York. N. Y.. assignor to Allen E. 
1)11 Mon- L.iborat iries, Inr.. Passaic, N. J. Photosensi- 
tive device usini: n semirranspari-nt mirmr and an 
osrilloscop.- for ;>sMng razor blades for sharpness. 
2 .'■)02..^.n3, Apr. 4. 

Rerkllne rorpur.ation, The, assignee: See — 
Belisle. Adelard J. 

Berkman. Boris. Appleton. Wis., assignor to Milkweed 
Products Development Cornoration, Chicago, 111. Milk- 
W(^ed irin. 2.497.."32, Feb. 14., Boris, assignor to Milkweed Products Develop- 
ment Torporation, Chicnsro, 111. Mattress. 2,507,580. 
.May 10. 

Berkow-cr, Louis, Bronx. X. Y'. Adjust.ible measuring 
cup. 2, .-■.'7. 3 IS, <)c-. -i 

Berland, Morton, and M. Spiegler. St. Paul. Minn. Quick 
smarting arrangement for fluorescent lamps. 2,513.840, 
July 4. 

Perle. Lorna T> . P 
2.497.843. Feb. 21. 

Berlepsch, Charles A. 
Moore. H.iroM S. 

Berlin. Irving : See — 

McCann. I'e Witt, and Berlin 

Berlin. Milton. Brooklvn. N. Y Making cutting dies. 

2.49.1,221. Jan. 21 
Berlinconrr William F.. Montreal. Quebec, Canada. 

Poising ,ind balancing tool. 2,517,830. Aug. 8. 

'ihaiii Manor. N. Y 

Sep — 
and P.erlepsch. 

Dress shield. 

Berliner, Henry A., Washington, D. c . assignor to Engi- 
neering and Research Corporation, Rherdale, Mil. Re- 
action propulsion system for aircraft. 2,523,938, Sept. 

Berlinger, Joseph F., executor : Ste — 
Broder, Harry. 

Berlowitz, Elly, administratrix: See — 
Berlowitz, Max. 

Berlowitz. Max, deceased, by E. Berlowitz, administratrix, 
London. England. Altering the temperature of fluids. 
2.522.086. Sept. 12. 

Berlyn, Martin J., Enfleld, Conn and E. E. Stansfield, 
assignors to American Bosch Corporation, Springfield, 
Mass. Circuit breaker. 2.508.486, May 23. 

Berlyn. Martin J.. Surtield, Conn., and J. J. Broderlck as 
signors to American Bosch Corporation, Springfield, 
Mass. Fuel supply apparatus for Internal-combustion 
engines. Re. 23,268. Sept. 19. 

Bermack Company, The, assigniM? : See — 
Berman, Benof Z. 

Bernian, Benof Z., assignor to The Bermack Company, 
New York. N. Y. Self-tapping screw. 2,507,882. 
May 16. 

Berman. Frank, Brooklyn. N. Y. Strainer. 2,532,052, 
Nov. 28. 

Bernian, Gustave S.. New York, N. Y. Sheet folding 
machine. 2.531.386, Nov. 28. 

Berman, Hyman E. and M. S.. Minneapolis, Minn. Com- 
bined refrigerator and cooker. 2,504,794, Apr. 18. 

Berman, Joseph E. : See — 

Toulmin, Harry A. Jr., and Berman. 

Berman, L^n M., assignor to Laboratolres Rndioelec- 
triques, Paris. France. Frequency meter. 2,501,151. 
Mar. 21. 

Berman. Myron S. : See — 

Berman, Hyman E. and M. S. 

Berman, Oscar A., New York, N. Y. Pad for the appli- 
cation or removal of cosmetics. 2.528,812. Nov. 7. 

Berman. William W., Brooklyn. N. Y. Sleeve construction. 
2,514.270. July 4. 

Berralngham, James A.. Jr.. Tulsa. Okla . assiL'nor to The 
Texas Company. New York. N. Y. Coupling device. 
2,493,521. Jan. 3. 

Bernaldes, Dominador A., Negros Occidental, P. I Sugar 
sulfltation apparatus. 2,515.690, July 18 

Bernard. Andrew E.. Cleveland, Ohio. Tangent screw ad- 
justment for pivoted calipers. 2,5]4.0_'4, July 4. 

Bernard, Arthur A.. Chicago, 111., assignor to National 
C\iinder Gas Company. Welding electrode. 2,505,937. 
May 2. 

Bernard, Arthur A.. Chicago. 111. Hammer. 2.519,016. 
Aug. 15. 

Bernard Display Devices, Inc., assignee: See — 
lirown, Bernard. 

Bernard, Geoffrey G. : See — 

Anderson, Edward G. O., and Bernard. 

Bernard. Herbert : See — 

Ware. Paul, and Bernard. 

Bernard. Herbert, Belleville, assignor to Allen B. Du Mont 
laboratories. Inc., Passaic, N. J. Reversible pointer 
and scale indicator. 2,521.564, Sept. 5. 

Bernard, Joseph : See — 

Bernard, William and J. 

Bernard. Maurice E., Paris, France. Binocular viewing 
apparatus for microfilms and the like. 2,517,170, 
Aug. 1. 

Bernard, William and J., West Mlllington, assignors to 
American Asbestos Industries, Inc., South Orange, N. J. 
Apparatus for manufacturing cement-asbestos board. 
2,500,923. Mar. 21. 

Bern.'ird, William and J.. West Millington, assignors 
to American .Asbestos Industries, Inc., Berkeley Heights, 
N J. -Apparatus for luanufacturing Cement-asbestos 
board. 2,503,466, Apr. 11. 

Bernanli. Dominic J.. New York, and F. A. Dostal, 
Maspeth, assignors to Interchemical Corporation. New 
Y'ork, N Y. Manufacture of arginine base. 2,533,215. 
Dec. 12. 

Bern.irds, Clarence L.. San Leandro, R. and !' B. rnards. 
Castro Valley, assignors to John .M. Bernards ic .Sons. 
Inc.. Ashland. Calif. Manufacturing froze* confections. 
2.495.403, Jan. 24. 

Bernards. John M., & Sons. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Bernards. Clarence L.. R. and R 

Bernards. Parley : Sep- 



Bernards, (^larence L., R. and P. 
Bernards. Robert : See — 

Bernards. Clarence L., R. and P. 
Bernas. Robert : See — 

Y'ardeny, Miehel N.. and Bemas. 

Yardeny. Michel N.. Bernas, and Goldberg. 
Berndt, .Arthur. New York, N. Y. Gearing 
2,525,335. Oct. 10. 

Berndt-Bach. Incornorated, assignee : See^ 
Bach. Walter H. 

Berndt. George W. : See- 
Brown, Charles R., and Berndt. 

P.orndt, Paul : See — 

Dauber. Joseph, and Berndt. 

Berndt, Richard F.. Racine. Wis., assignor to Virko^^ype 
Corporation. Belt guide and tensioning device. 
2,532,987. Dec. 5. 



Berndtson, John O. : See — 

.N'abstedt. .Arthur T., and Berndtson. 

Bernel;n, Marie -A. : See — 

I»uch, (Jabrlel V. .A., and M. Adrlenne. 

Bernhard. Benjamin S., assisinor to The American Hard- 
w;ir.- Corporation. New Britain, Conn. Door holder. 
2 4'.»7.830. Feb. 14. 

Bernhard, Benj.imln S., assignor to The American Hard- 
war*' Corporation. .New Britain. Conn. Ajar door h<dder. 
2 in.S.Tjd. ,\pr. 2."). 

Bernhard. P.enjnmln S , assignor to The .American Hard- 
ware Corporation. New Britain, Conn. .Magnt-tic ilonr 
hol,l..r. 2,514,927, July 11. 

Bernli.ird, -Benjamin S., assignor to The American Hard- 
war.' Corporation, New Britain, Conn. Door holder. 
2..",'?5.n81. Dec. 26. 

Bernhardt, Otto P. W. : See- 
Earl. John II., Hartmann. McGlnnis. and P.ernhardt. 

Heinhart, Finn W., Solun, Ohio, assignor to Wyeth In- 
corporated. Philadelphia. Pa. Production of crvstal- 
liii- penicillin salts. 2,490.848, Feb. 7. 

I'.ernheim. D.aniel P., assignor to American Optical Com- 
pany. Sonthliridge. Mass. Ophthalmic mounting hav- 
ing clamp tyi>e rim and temple connector. 2,500.054, 
Mar. 14. 

Bcrnloini. Dani.l P., assignor to American Optical Com- 
I>any, Soii'hbridge, Mass. Eye protection device. 
2,.'29.0(vS. Nov. 7. 

P.ernier, Uohert E. : See — 

La Rosa. Vincent S.. Shields, and Bernler. 

Bornincer. Kenneth L. : See — 

Niartin, Thomas B.. and Bernlnger. 
.Martin, Thomas B.. Bernlnger, Haines, May. Theobald. 
Taylor, and .N'eudeck. 

Bernreuter. Herbert .A., assignor to Simpson Electric 
Company, Chicago, 111. Eb-ctric meter casing. 2,509,415, 
May 30. 

Bernreuter, Herbert A., assignor to Simpson Electric Com- 
pany. Chicago. 111. Electric meter with molded case. 
2. .-.17, 171, Aug. 1. 

P.erns'ein, c.. Brooklvn, N. Y. School to home 
s.Nsiein. 2,529,009, Nov. 7. 

Bernstein, Harry, Elizabeth, N. J. Detachable handle 
for pots and pans. 2,494,159, Jan. 10. 

Bernstein, Jack . See — 

Lott, William A.. Bernstein, and Dolliver. 

Bernstein, J.ick J., New Y'ork. N. Y.. assignor to General 
Instrument Corporation, Elizabeth, N. J. Ultra high 
frequency tuning unit. 2.508,1.T8. May 10. 

Bernstein, Samuel S., assignor to The "Signal Manufac- 
turing Company, Los Angeles, Calif. Positive latch 
controlled hinge for davenports or sofa beds. 2. .".01,404, 
Mar. 21. 

Bernstein. Seymour, and K. J. Sax, Pearl River, assignors 
to American Cyanamld Company. New York. N. Y. 
Preparation of 7 dehydrocholesteryl esters. 2,498,390, 
Feb. 21. 

Bernstein. Stanley, Schenectady. N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Amplification system for noncon- 
tacting thickness gaucres. 2.518.1 15." Aug. 8. 

assignor to Electrolux Corpo- 

Conn. Self-acting closure. 


Eveleth, Minn. Sled 
buggies. 2,521,330, 



Berqulst, Carl G.. Stamford 

ration. Old Greenwich, 

2,528.332, Oct. 31. 
Berra. .\Ibert H.. and A. A. 

runner attachment for 

Sept. 5. 
Berritta. James. New Britain 

2.498.148. Feb. 21. 
Berry. Carl D.. Minneapolis, Minn. Volume 

saxoplinne mouthpiece, 2.517,077. Aug. 1. 
Berry. Clvde P.. Manchester, N. H., assignor of one-third 

10 H H. Pelzer, .New York, N. Y. Doorstop and holder. 

2.496.091. Feb. 7. 
Berry. Clyde F.. Manchester, N. H. Engine valve mecha- 
nism-transmission actuated retarding and accelerating 

linkage. 2.531,904, Nov. 28. 

Berry. David W.. Rldgewood, N. J., assignor to Wright 
Aeronautical Corporation. Engine lubrication system. 
2.518.0.55. Aug. 15. 

Berry, Forrest W., Akron. Ohio. Bowling ball Identifica- 
tion marker. 2.51 9. S70, Aug. 22. 

Berry, FraTik. Corinth, Miss. Reversing fluid motor of 
rotary abutment type. 2.495,088, Jan 17. 

Berry. Howard L., Schenectady. N. Y. Signal device. 
2,493. 4:;7. Jan. 3. 

Berry. James D., Los' Angeles, Calif. Washing device. 
f 2,490.033. Jan. 31. 

Rerrv, Jesse W. : See — 

Nelson, Frank A.. Berry. Robinson and OrendorfT. 

Berry. Kenneth L., Hockessin. assignor to E. I '!'i Pont 
de Nemours & Company. Wilmington, Del. P:vt <ri 
flucirofthylene waxes having a sharp meltinc point. 
2.490,978, Feb. 7. 

Berry. Kenneth L.. Hockessin. assignor to E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours <l- Company, Wilmington. Del. Wa'<r- 
repellent fibrous stnirtures and obtaining same. 
2. .".'^2. 091. Dec. ". 

Berry Robert F , East Orange. N. J., assignor tn General 
KlecTlc Company. R-'versihle regulating valvf Kvstem 
2 4!t.-,228. .Tan. 24 

Berry, Robert W., California, Mo. Fishing lure 2 510 709 
June 0. ... 

874049— P 5 

Berry Theo.iorc M., Schenectady, N. Y., assignor to Cen- 

e- ;! I .'re Company. Photoelectric motion transmit 

ti: L- .:. s . . 2,503,023. Apr. 4 
Berry, Th. ,..;:, M , Scheneciadv, and H. L. Clark, Ballston 

Lake, .N. Y , assignors to General Electric Coiiipaiiv. 

Curve follower. 2.499.178, Feb. 28. 
Berry, Theodore M., and R. W. Samsel, Schenectady. N Y., 

assignors to General Electric Company. Supersonic 

testing apparatus. 2,527,208. Oct. 24. 
Berry Virgil S.. Moss Point, Miss. Flasher type elect nc 

flare. 2.528.490, Nov. 7. 
Berry. William L., .Athens. Ga. Ball catcher and thrower. 

_',.',n.- 0!tO. .\pr. 25. 

Berry. William L . Los .Angeles, Calif. Spring tvie postal 

scale. 2,.^2.T,4!"2, Sept. 26. 
Berryhill, Allen M., assignee: See — 

Plaxco, William L. 
Ber.s.senbruggf, \S illem L., The Hague, Netherlands. 

Optical Indicator. 2,528.681, Nov. 7. 
Berssenbrugcre. Wlllem L.. The Hague. as- 
signor to E. Leitz. Inc.. .New York. .N. Y. Apparatus for 
combining two cameras. 2 529.90."t. .Nov. 14 
Bersworth, Fre<ierick C. Verona. .N. J. Forming anhv- 
drous solid phase alkali metal salts of glvcolonitrile. 
2.500.018. Mar. 7 
Bersworth. Frederick <" . Verona. N. J. Producing poly- 

carboxyllc amino acids. 2.500.019, Mar. 7. 
Bersworth, Frederick C, Verona, N. J. Quaternary 
ammonium salts of pyridine compounds. 2 520 902 
Sept. 5. ■ ... 

Bersworth, Frederick C. Verona. N. J. Water-soluble 
salt of 2 4 dichlorophennjy acetic acid and producing 
same. 2,522,48S. Sept. 19. 
Bersworth. Frederick C. Verona, N. J. Washing com- 

t>ositlon. 2.524.218, Oct. 3. 
Bersworth. Frederick C, Verona, N. J. Germicidally 
active deionlzlng agents for alkaline pH solutions. 
2,524,219, Oct. 3. 

Bersworth, Frederick C. Verona. N. J. Alkylene poly- 
amlne derivatives. 2.530.147. Nov. 14. 

Bersworth. Frederick C. Verona. N. J. Alkylene poly- 
anilne derivatives. 2.532,391, Dec. 5. 

Bersworth, Frederick C, Verona, N. J. Addition products 
of sulfuric acid and polycarboxylic tertiary amino acids. 
2,532,392. Dec. 5. 

Bertalan. Edward, Oak Park. 111., assignor to Western 
Electric Company, Incorporated, New York, N. Y' 
As.sembling apparatus. 2.515.486, July 18. 

Bertalan. Edward, Oak Park, 111., assignor to \Vestern 
Electric Company, Incorporated, New Y'ork, .N. Y. 
-Article assembling apparatus. 2.515.487, Julv 18. 

Bertalan. Edward. Glen .Arm. and E. F. Rice, Towson, Md., 
assignors Western Electric Company, Incorporated. 
New Y'ork. N. Y. Method of and appar.itus for treating 
and testing cores used in coaxial cable units 2 i;>4 ')29 
Jan. 10. 

Bertea. Alex. Pasadena. Calif., deceased: H Ti .McKav 
executor of said A. Bertea. Valve. 2.496.849 Feb. 7.' 

Bertein. Francois, and H. Bruck. Paris. France, assignors 
to Conipagnie Generale de Teb'trapbie Sans FiL Inde- 
pendent electrostatic lens. 2,507.331. May 9. 

Bertello, Enrico. B. S. Dalmazzo. Italy. Selective deliverv 
flllng cabinet. 2.504.029, Apr. 18. 

Bertelsmeyer, Friedrlch H . Stamford. Conn. Shuf!leboard 
scoreboard. 2,529.535. Nov. 14. 

P.erthel. Gust -A.. Chicago, assignor to Jefferson Electric 
Company. Bellwood, HI. Thermal time lag fuse. 
2.532.081. Nov. 28. 

Berthelsen. Walter, assignor to Pneumatic Scale Corpo- 
ration. Limited. Qulncy. Mass. Container filling ma- 
chine and method. 2,509.756. May 30. 

Berthiez. Charleg W.. Paris. France. Mechanical trans- 
mission system. 2,507.555. May 16. 

Berthiez. Charles W., Paris, France. Device for Indicating 
feeding movement of a tool in a machine tool or the 
like. -2.512.296, June 20. 

Berthiez. Charles W.. Paris. France. Portable control 
set for machine tools and hoisting or lifting apparatus. 
2,516,043. July IS. 

Berthiez. Pharles W.. Paris. France. Machine for surfac- 
ing very broad members. 2,516.294. Jnlv 25. 

Berthnlin. Paul. New York, N. Y. Vibrating apparatus 
for treating human bodies. 2,498.977. Feb. 2«. 

Bertonneau. Daniel F.. Los Angeleg. Calif. Electrohy- 
draullc brake energizer. 2.490.431. Feb. 7. 

Bertozzl. Eugene R.. assignor to Thiokol Corporation, 
Trenton. N. J. Making glycols. 2.527.378. Oct. 24. 

Bertrand. Frederic E.. East Lynn. Mass.. assignor to 
Cnited Shoe Machinery Corporation. Flemington. .V. J. 
Channeling and lip setting machine. 2.510,208. June 6. 

I'.ertrand. Frederic E.. Lynn, .Mass.. assignor to United 
Shoe Machinery Corporation. Flemington. N. J. .Appa- 
ratus and method for use in making ribbed strips for 
insoles. 2.529.793, Nov. 14. 

Bertrand. Frederic E., L.vnn. and A. S. Clark. P. verly, 
Mass.. as-ignors to United Shoe Machinerv Corpora- 
tion, Flemineton. N. J. Machine and method for use 
in making ribbed strips for Insoles. 2.528.718, Nov. 7. 

Bertrand. Joseph V., Brooklyn, assignor to Hydropress 
Incorporated. New York. N. Y Dielectric heating for 
Injection molding machines and the like. 2,505,602. 
.Apr, 25 



PATENTS. 1950 

r.iTtr.irid. R.iyiiiond, T'.riisgelH, assignor to Conipagnie In- 
ternationale (les Pieux Arnus Frankicrnoiil. Soclete 
Aiiuiiynif-. Mt'Kf, r.el>,'uiiJi. M-iliod luul aiiparatus for 
numuiacturiii^ concrt'te p.trt!<. -,4'J*),8r)0, Feb. 7. 

BtTtscht', Kalph, Jr.. assignor to Gent-ral Motors Corpora- 
tion Dttroir, Mich. Goncrator cliarge indicator. 
2.n07,95:?. May Ifi. 

Bertsclii, Jacoti, Chicapo. 111., assignor to Carter Motor 
Company Motor-generator construction. 2,520,828 
A lie. -".J 

lU^rvvirk Ji'hn I> .Alton, assignor to Olin Induatrips, Inc., 
E.i.-*r Alton, III. t'..pif»r base alloy. 2,494,73G, Jan. 17. 

P.-Tvlliuin rorporiitiMii. Tli'v a.'i~iKii«-t> : See — 
Kawfckl. Hi'nry ('.. amJ Simons. 

llesag, Arnold, East Malvern. Victoria, Au.stralia. Vacuum 
cup mountin;: for fruit pitting machines. 2,518.274, 

Besag, Ernst, an,l W. K. Hi!l. Sfr.^.tly. and T. I'. 0. Wintle. 

assign. r^ to J. \ Crabtnt' & Co. Limited, Walsall, Eng- 

laoil. Thprmnl .iverlua'i rch-ase device for automatic 

circuit hrpak'TS. 2 ."2.''..'^97, Sept. 2t'.. 
I5>.saK'. i:ri;st, and W. K Hill. Strcetly, and T. D. G. Wintle. 

assiL' to J. A. Crabtree & Co. Limited, Wal.sall, 

Entilan.i. Automatic circuit breaker having thermal 

overload n-U^aso nnlt.s. 2, ,"27,907, Oct. 31. 
Hesmcr, Walti'r il., .Memphis, T<un. Fishing float. 

2.51!). 127. .\ui:. 22. 
lU-.-isitre, ri.rr.- K . assignor to Society Sllto S. A., Paris, 

Fran<f. Silfiictr with semicylindrical expansion 

chamber. 2.501..30r>. Mar. 21. 
rSessi^ro. Pierre E., Paris, assignor to Societe Electro- 

M«'canique de r.A.veyron, S. A., Rodez, F'rance. Electric 

apparatus cooling system. 2,503,704. Apr. 11. 
V.ys^\t>Ty. Pierre E.. Paris, and I>. E. Ponsy, Clichy, 

assignors to Elcctro-niecanifjue de I'Aveyron, S. A.. 

Rodez, France. Electric braking devices, in particular 

for vehicles. 2.52fi,842. Oct. 24. 
I'.essingpr, Frank V.. Detroit, Mich. Fish lure. 1 2,506,263, 

May 2. 
P.f'sson, IJaoul. Paris. Fr.incp. Coupling device for ampll- 

tier tubes. 2.527,«9«, Oct. 31. 
l!t>s.-iot, Leonce E., Paris, and P. Gar.'t, Cholsy-Le-Koi, as- 
signors to Societe des I'sinos Chimiques Rhone-Poulenc, 

Paris. France. Production of .\'-p-chlorophenyl-N'-lso- 

propvl blguanide. 2,529.992, Nov. 14. 
r.i.sf. Carl L.. Cleveland. Ohio. Portable self-feed drllL 

2.531.R04, Nov. 28. 
I'.fst, Charles L., Watertown, assignor of one-half to P. 

Eblinc. Minneapolis, Minn. Loading and gathering ap- 

I>aratus for tractors 2.494.r.S4. Jan! 17. 
P.est, Edna E., New York, and 11. Samojedny, Brooklyn, 

N. Y. Diaper. 2,.50S,81 1, May 23. 
llest Foods, Ine., The, assignee: See — 

Gooding. Chester M.. Vahlteich and NeaL 
Vahltelch, Hans W., Neal and Gooding, 
i'.esr. Fred 11.. Mountain.'^ide. N. .T.. assiiiuor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 

Electron discharcf device, including a tunable cavity 

resonator. 2.513.277. July 4. 
i'.esr, Fredric li.. assignor to Best 

Felixstowe, England. Thermally 

switch. 2,524,954, Oct. 10. 
l'..-f, Lester n.. Grind Hapids, Mich. 

■ M. LMOl.-.n.^. Jan. ID. 
Best Products Limited, assignee : Bee — 

B< --t. Fredric L. 
P.est. Kob.Tt 11. : Ncp — 

Roman. Walter G., and Best. 
Host, Vergil IL, Pasadena. Calif. Trailer brake control. 

2."2f.02(). Oct. 3. 

I'..<", Harold E.. East Rutherford, assignor to .\llon B. 
Du .Mont Laboratories, Inc., Passaic, N. J. Television 
receiver synchronizing. 2, .511, 140, June 13. 

P.estehorn. ITeinrlch II. , Enstnn, Pa., an<I J. F. Morgan, 
Phllllpsburi;. N. J., assignors to General Aniline & 
Film Corporation, New York. N. Y. Metali^ed ortho- 
tho amino monoazo dyesfulTs. 2,529,444, 

Products Limited, 
operated electric 

Stacking box han- 

hydrow, ort 
Nov. 7. 

assignee : 8ee- 

Dlrectional coupler. 

I'.ct« Fog Nozzle. Inc. 

Bete, John U. 

Bete, John IT., Stoutrhtou^ assicnor, by mesne assignments, 
to Bete Fog No/zle. In(\>(jreen(ield, Mass. Spiral film 
spray nozzle. 2,518.116, Aug. 8. 
Betge, Norman H.. Philadelphia, Pa. Component feeding 

device fur autom.itic machines. 2,525,7t)5, Oct. 17. 
Bethe. Hans .\., Santa Fe, N. Mex., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the I'nited States of America as rep- 
resented by tlie Secretary of War. 
2.519.734, Aug. 22. 
tlike. Leo : .>^ec 

Kiordan, Howard C. and Bethke. 
Bethlehem Steel Company, asslgne*^ : See — 
Chamberlin, .\lan C, and Weigle 
Poiiuherty. Robert S. A., and Eberhardt, 
Gould, Leo J. 
Greenwell, Nevil. 
Hess, Lawrence J. 
Jones. Ji'nathan. 
O'Brien. Janies E 
Penman. Walter R. 
Reed, John (". 
Wohlfarth. John C. 


Bethlehem Supply Company, assignee : See — 
Anderson, Carl M. 
Davidson, Harvey E. 
Betner, BenJ. C, Company, assignee : See — 

Stevens, Henry W., and Hecker. 
Betner, Benjamin C, Company, assignee: See — 

Higginbottom, William E. 
B€tron, Frank E., and L. H. Hubbard. Sanford, Mich. 

Solder-smoothing paddle, 2,524,371, Oct. 3. 
Betten, Philip, and M. Lehrhaupt, Brooklyn, N. V Meat 

holding device. 2,533,308, Dec. 12. 
Bettencourt, Alfred S., East Orange, N. J. Portable ( har- 

coal broiler. 2,510.856, June 0. 
Better, Bernard, and J. W. Lehde. Jr.. assignors to 
Scully-Jones & Company, Chicago, 111. Floating holder. 
2,5.33,758, Dec. 12. 
Better Packages Incorporated, assignee: See — 
Hillmer, Herman H. 
Krueger, Theodore II. 
Krueger, Theodore 11., and Sharpe. 
Better Seats Co., assignee: See — 

Brousseau, Ren^. 
Bettini, Lorenzo, Rome, Italy. Automatic apparatus for 
drying noodles and similar dough products by means 
of a cycle comprising progressive recovery an<l rest 
phases. 2,531,870, Nov. 28. 
Bettle, Philip K. : See — 

Handoll, Percy G., and Bettle. 
Betts. Gilbert A. : Sier^ 

De Boer, Willis, Betts. and Polldor. 
Betts, Joseph L., Mobile, Ala. Recovering heat and 
suspended chemical particles from gases resulting from 
the combustion of a pulp residual liquor and apparatus 
therefor. 2,524,753, Oct. 10. 
Betz, Carl. New Brunswick, N. J., assignor to The Cleve- 
land Container Company. Applicator. 2,516,846, 
Aug. 1. 
I'.etz ('orpt)ratJon. assignee: See — 

I.aniie. Henry J. 
Betz. Paul L., assignor to Consolidated Gas. Electric Light 
and Power Company of Baltimore, Baltimore, Md. 
Thermoelectric device. 2,505,730, Apr. 25. 
Betz. P.iul I^., assignor to Consolidated Gas Electric 
Light and Power (^ompaiiv of Baltimore, Baltimore, 
Md. Material feeding device. 2,529,445, Nov. 7. 
Betz, W. H. and L. D., assignee : See — 

Nieland. William L.. .MaL'uire, George, and Kahler. 
Beugler, Samuel B., Los .Angeles, Calif. Nozzle for 

striping machine. 2,528,573, Nov. 7. 
Beukema, Willem : ."?ee — 

Van Loon, Carel J., and Beukema. 
Beumer. Howard G., St. Louis County, Mo. Pen point. 

2,511,561, June 13. 
Beurtheret, Charles A. E., Asnieres, France, assignor to 
(ieneral Electric Company. Telemetry system. 2,494,327, 
Jan. 10. 
Beusmim. Robert M., Oak Park, 111. Inductance capacity 

tuner and circuit therefor. 2,521,963, Sept. 12. 
Bevan, James I., East McKeesport, Pa. Fluid compressor 

cooling system. 2,504,245, Apr. 18. 
Beran. James I., East McKeesport, Pa, Fluid compressor 

cooling system. 2.504.246, Apr. 18. 
Bevard, Lawrence H., St. Louis. Mo. Electrode holder. 
2.519,877, Aug. 22. 

Peverage Process ('orporation, assignee : See — 
Zarow, Albert I. 

'Beverage Sales Co., assignee :' See — •■ 
Gerber. .Albert J. 

Beveridge, CllfTord : See — 

Hihbert, John W.. Robertson, and Beveridge. 

Beveridge. Harold N. Washington, D. C, assignor to 
Honorary Advisory Council for Scientific and Industrial 
Research, Ottawa. Ontario. Canada. Wide dynamic 
range detector circuit. 2,528.206. Oct. 31. 

Beverly, Nelson E. : Ntc — 

Robinson, Preston, Allison, and Beverly. 

Beverly, Nelson E.. Williamstown. assicnor to Spr.ngue 
Electric Company. North Adams. .Mass. -Artificial 
transmission line." 2,526,321, Oct. 17. 

Bevington. Julius J., Jr., and E. Boros. assignors to The 
B A- R Manufacturing Company, Toledo, Ohio. Suction 
cleaner. 2.534,808. Dec. 19. 

Revins, James E.. iCamsev, assignor to P.endii Aviation 
Corporation, Teterboro, N. J. Altitude switch. 
2.522,596. Sept. 19. 

Bevins. James E., Ramsev Estates, assignor to Bendix 
Aviation Corporation, Teterboro, N. J. Pump. 2.505,271> 
Apr. 25. 

IJevins, James E., Ramsey, and H. A. Williams, Allendnle, 
assignors to Bendix Aviation Corporation, Teterboro, 
. N. J. Constant speed and frequency drive. 2,500.655, 
^ Mar. 14. 

Bevins. James E., Ramsey, and C. P. I/elgh, Westwoo<l, 
assignors to Bendix .Aviation Corporation. Teterboro, 
N. J. High-speed drilling machine. 2.515,851, July 18. 

Bevins, Maurice E., Sciienectady, N. Y'.. assignor to 
General Electric Company. Electronic control cir- 
cuits. 2,518,118, Aug. 8. 

Bevls. William A., and A. V. Waters, .Acton, London, 
assignors to C. A. V. Limited, London, England. Elec- 
tromagnet with two armatures. 2.505,849, May 2. 

Beward, Chalmer L., assignor to The General Tire & 
Rubber Company. Akron, Ohio. Vehicle tire and tread 
therefor. 2,501,493, Mar. 21. 



liewley. Thomas, and J. A. Keeble, Epsom, i;ngl.ui.l, hs- 

signors to The Distillers Company, Liu..:. 1, L.iiuburgh, 

Scotlanci. Production of butyrahU'tivce, 2,5oi,7Uh, 

Mar. 28. 
Beyer, Frederick W., Detroit, Mich,, as.-i-nor to National 

stamping Company. Door check. 2 .'.i;3.088, Sept. 19. 
I'.-yers, John, Perth Amboy, N. J. Closure device having 

selt-locking pivoted cap. 2,495,884. Jan. 31. 
Beyers. John, Perth Amboy, N. J. Fountain type screen 

painter. 2.5'JO.o7i Awf: L'9. 
B<'yer8dorf.'r, William M., tilendale, Calif. Concrete tile 

machine, 2,.'jiy,i»94, Aug. 22. 
iwy.-tic (i ifdnii 1)., West Haven, Conn. Selective v.ihe 

2,.".' II ),-,;;» Mar. 1 4. 

lU-yland, H.b. rt W..,Little Sliver, N. J. Filter. 2,514.366 

July 1 1. 
r.eymer, Oliver IL, and W. H. Nesbit, Pittsfield, Mass.. 

assignors to General Electric Company. Door latch 

ami interlock. 2,521,498, Sept. 5. 
Beynon, Donald K. : See — 

Beynon, John K , D. K.. and R. L. 
Beynon. John K., D. K., and R. L., Chicago, 111 Iiuor 

operated oven rack structure. 2,525,201, Oct. 10 
ii".\noii, -Nathan T., Cleveland, assignor to New Wrinkle 

Inc., Dayton. Ohio. Flexible material with wrinkle 
textured coating. Re. 23,212. Mar. 28. 
lieynon, Nathan T., (level.iud, Ohio., assignor to NVw 
Wrinkle, Inc., Wilmington. Del. Wrinkle flexible ma- 
terial with rubber latex coating and producing same. 

Beynon, Ross L. : See — 

Beynon, Jolin K.. D. K.. and R. L. 

I'.ezy. (.eorges, Paris, France, assignor to Compagnie Gen- 
erale de Telegraphic Sans Fil. Electron discharge tube. 
2,500,659, May 9. 

Bianchi, Attilio, Oglesby, IB. Wallpaper cutter. 
2.515.979. Julv IS. 

Bianchi, Pas.iuale P., Barrlngton, R. I. Screen structure 
2.532,886, Dec. 5. 

Blanculll, Joseph A. : See — 

Van Meter, Clarence T., and Blanculll. 

Pdas, Frank J., Scotia, and H. W. Lord, Schenectady 
N. Y., assignors to General Electric Company. Elec- 
tronic time delay circuit. 2,506,335, May 2. 

Blasca, Frank E. : Se<^- 

Johnson. Arnold L., Carlson, and Blasca. 

Biasell, La Verne R., Detroit, Mich. Accessory for con- 
o'Voo'noT ^;^,'>'<'lP R«at into a play pen or child's bed. 

Blasi, Angelo, Hazleton, Pa. Electrical manicure file for 
nails. 2,504.795, Apr. IS. 

Biba, Edward, Jr., Cicero, assignor to Wittek Manufac- 
turing Co., Chicago, 111. Clamp tightener. 2,503,189, 
Apr. 4. 

Bibby, J., & Sons Limited : See — 
Bibhy, James E. 

Bibby, James E., Birkenhead, assignor to J. Bibby & Sons 
Limited, Liverpool, England. Rotary drum evaporator 
with concentric evaporating chambers. 2 493 220 
Jan. 3. ... 

I'.lhus, Hans, Ku.snacht-Zurich, Switzerland. Valve flap 

for mouth organs. 2.504,296, Apr. 18. 
P.ickel, Cliflford A., assignor to The Monarch Machine Tool 

or;on'Aa'*^T' **'on' ^^I'Paratus for operating lathes. 

Blckol, Clifford A.. S. A. Brandenburg, and T. Foster as- 
signors to Tlie Monarch .Machine Tool Company Sidney 

T>.V"l**- , I'o^er unit for machine tools. 2,495,312, Jan. 24* 

Bickel. Joseph AV., Samlusky, Ohio. Cardcase for meter 
readers. 2.532.053, Nov. 28. 

Bickers, Ed T., Sparta, Ky. Air mail discharging safety 
device. 2,510,276, June 6. ** ' 

Bickerton, Jack M., East Hempstead, and G. P. Malvese 
Mineola, assignors to Innis. Speiden & Co., Niagara 
Falls, N. Y'. Apparatus for injecting liquids under 
the soil. 2.509.627, May 30. 

Bickford Research L,aboratorles, Inc., assignee • See 

Rich, John D. 

Bickler, Henry L., Canton, Ohio. Ventilating back rest 

for automobile seats. 2,528,412, Oct 31 
Bickley, Everett H., Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. Snow shovel. 

2, .)2 1,441, Sept. 5. 
Bickley, Everett H., Bala-Cynwyd. Pa. Pulp evaporator. 

2.535,777, Dec. 26. 
Bickley, Herbert D. : Set* — 

Cook, Arthur, and Bickley, 
Biddle. Jarnes G., Co.. assignee: See — 

Murray, Royce L. 
Biddle, Ralph L., Indianapolis, Ind. Roller skate. 

2,535,887. Dec. 26. 

Biddle, William H., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

Film applicator. 2.526,991, Oct. 24. 
Biddle. William P.. and C. C. Bond, assignors to Sande- 

il°-"A^''^^*'"^''' ^"<'' Knoxville, Tenn. Stove feed plate 
2,528,3.33, Oct. 31. 

' Bide. Austin E. : Se<?— 

Jones, Ewart R. IL, Bide, and Nicholls. 
Bidwell, Edgar W.. assignee : See — 
Floro, Robert W. 

Bidwell, Joseph B.. Philadelphia, Pa., and A F I'nder- 
wood, Grosse Point, assignors to Gcnerdl Slotors Cor- 
poration, Detroit. Mich. Deaerator. 2.494.427 Jan 10 

hiebel, Herman M., assignor to McGraw Electric Com- 
paiiy, l:,igiii, lii. \>uter heater. 2,510,400, June ti. 

Bieber, Clarence G., and M. P. Buck. Huntington, W. Va., 
assignors to The Iniernational Nickel Company, Inc., 
^'ew \ork, N. Y. Age hardenable nickel allovs. 
2,515,184, July 18. 

Bieber, Clarence G., and M. P. Buck, Huntingtou \\ Va., 
assignors to The International Nickel Companv, Inc, 
New \ork, N. Y. Age hardenable nickel' alloy, 
2,jl5.185, July 18. 

Bieber. Clarence G., and M. P. Buck, Huntington, W Va., 
assignors to The International Nickel Company, Inc., 

o e^T ?iP^^' ^- ^'- -'^K^ hardenable nickel alloys. 
2,515,186, July 18. 

Biedermau, Joseph B., Cincinnati, Ohio. Catamenlal de- 
vice and sur^'K-al pad. 2,50.8,214 May 16 
Biedermann, Robert, assignor toJ. R. Geigy A -<; 

n^^'h.^.'^'^y^^^''^^- Alkoxyphenylalkyl-alkyl aminos. 
2,495,404, Jan. 24. 

Biegal, Frank A.. Buffalo, N. Y., assignor to C. S. Doane, 

.Sr. DeMce for feeding preheated air to combustion 

chambers. 2.520,994, Sept. 5. 
Biehler, Louis A., Stanhope. assignot,io Sintering Machln- 

o''JoS.°Jf'°'"'i^ion, Netc.iig, N. J. Integrating mechanism. 

2.533,710, Dec. 12. 

^^'o^^i.^^^l'"'^™ ^- Etowagiac. Mich. Hand truck. 
J.;»in.(.(0, June ti. 

Bieker, Lawrence W., Munster, Ind.. and F. D Prager 
Chlciigo III., assignors to Graver Tank & .Mfg. Co! 
^sludge blanket clarifier with outward and upward re- 
circulation of sludge. 2,527,788. Oct. 31. 

n\,^Har'^ , *'•• -"^ewtfjn Highlands, Mass. Comb. 
2.494.685. Jan. 17. 

Blelenberg. Raymond G.. Berwyn, 111., asslgnots bv mesne 
assignments to The Hoover Company, Noh'h Canton, 
Ohio. Fluid actuated electric circuit control for suc- 
tion cleaners. 2,534,400. Dec. 19 

Bl?ling. Carl A.. Westfield. N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated. New York N Y 
Llectrical winding. 2,628,414. Oct. 31. . ■ 

Blelskl. Alex J. : .See — 

ui 1 <'"lterman, Robert P.. and Bielski. 

Bielskl. Alexander J., assignor to Minneapolis-Honeywell 
Regulator <"ompany, .Minneapolis. Minn. Control ap 
para t us. 2.50tt.471. Mav 30. -f 

^'-"-)"^6 19° ^aVi.'*^--"''^^™'"^ ^^^^' ^^^^' '^^'^^ keeper coveh 

^^T^a^^^^V^^^^'iT ^''^^' ^ ^- Frankfurter roll p,.n 
2,003,318, Apr. 11. 

nl'^nf'"!; ^n*"'''- ^^""^' '^'- ^- ^'^''- 2,530.7.54, Nov. 21. 

Bienfalt. Henri, Vs. P. van den Blink, and S. D. Boon, 
luu(liovt;ij, Netherlands, assignors to Hartford National 
l|ank and Irust Company. Hartford, Conn., as trustee 

S'*r?^^ro?f'^"^'''''V'^*'' ^^fl<iing rod lor touch arc welding! 
J..>"4.>>.-!0. .Apr. l.s. " 

Bienfait, Henri, W. P. van den Blink. J. A. A. Gllslns 

an.i -\i .). J uis,.n, Eindl.o\en, .Netherlands, a-ssignors' 
to Hartford National Bank and Trust Companv. Hart- 
^"^Sli 4-vl'^ Junt^is''"^^**^' ^""^^^ welding apparatus. 

Bierce Burion I!., Pewauk.-e, assignor of one-half to E A 
Andrus, Milwaukee. Wis. Electrical outlet safety 
accessory. 2,524,250, Oct. 3. 

Bierce, Burton B., IVwaukee, a.ssignor of one-half to 

oV;-j9oi^""v"f' ^'^'l^'^ukP*'. '^Vis. Electrical outlet. 
^♦•Jo^j^jy, -NOV. *,o. 

Bierce. Ernest C, Pasadena. Calif. Making activated 

magnesium silicates. 2,498.353, Feb. 21. 
Bierer, John M., Wabau, assignor to B.-ston Woven Hose 

and Rubber Company, Cambridge, Mass. Vulcanlzlne 

method and ajiparattis. 2,529.K:iO Nov 14 
Bierhorst, Frederick E., New Orleans, La. 'Camera with 

darkroom loaded roll film. 2,506,484 May 2 
Bierig, Carl W., assignor to A. S. Mornlagstar, Joplin Mo 

Automatic clock calendar. 2,495,222 Jan 24 
^H'^l'-''^'. ^^'°'^!^ '^i. ^^^■'^t I'a''" Beach," Fla'., and E O 

clSfraft;- 2,4T8,l8°0,'Feb: 2^: '''^^^""« ^^^^"^"' ^-- 
Bierlv. Nevin R. : See — 

Heberlein, Max F. W., and Bierly 

^'^'■™;'.°--i'''?'^' "•' Mal^erne. N. V. Vented closure. 
2,521, ( (3, Sept. 12. 

Bierman. Howard R., San Francisco, Calif. Ilvpodermir 
pressure manometer. 2,535,998. Dec 26 • »- 

Bierman, Hubert J., Chatham, N. J., assignor to IngersoU- 
Rand Company, New York. N. Y. Apparatus for treat- 
ing food materlaL 2,525,581. Oct. 10 W 

Blermann. Arnold E. : See — 

Moore, Charles S., Voss, and Blermann. 

Blermann. Arnold E., Rocky River, Ohio. Rotary abut- 
ment compressor. 2,500,143, Mar 7 

Blermann, Edward W. : See — 

Miller. William, and Blermann. 

Blermann. William A. : See — 

Pawelsky, Vernon R., McCarty, Blermann, and Dulak 

Blermann, Willi;im A., assignor to Autom.-itic I'r..duci» 
Company, Milwaukee. Wis. Draft regulator for high- 
low liquid fuel burners. 2.514,306, July 4. 

Biermann. \VllU?m .\.. and L. V. >rcCartv. assignors to 
Automatic T»^r<*auct8 Companv. Milwaukee Wis Ther- 
mostatic switch. 2.505,938, Mav 2. 

Biermann, William A., and E. R. Rack, assignors to 
Automatic Products Company. Milwaukee. Wis. Ther- 
mostatic switch. .2,526,992, Oct 24 




See — 

II K., executor 

. !:. William J. 
Kiiiloljih A. : SeP> — 

''v'i! N". iiii'i r.iorwfrth. 
Ruilolph A. Mount Prospect. 111., assignor to 



Blerwlrth. ..., , ...^ ^^ „^ 

lU<l\n ('orpuratiun of Aineri<';i. Simultaneously induc- 
tion Leatinj; a plurality of elements. 12, 52,'). 336, Oct. 10. 

Hierwirth, i:u.!iili)ti A.. l'nucei..n, N. J., absinnor to Radio 
(V>rp'>rHtion of Aiiit^rica. Mf'hod of and apparatus for 
8ut.j'Ctiii„' tlui.l inatttT to a hit;h- frequency electric field. 
i;.r)ns,.'Ui.">, Mav 'S.'j 

P.itTwirth. Hudniph A., Trinc'ton, X. J., assignor to Radio 
Corp.. rati. )n uf Ani<>rica. Concentrating pharmaceuti- 
ral anil ntlicr liqui'l-s, 2,r>1 2.f.()4. .lune 27. 

Biprv, Arthur, I'ine Island. Minn. Mousetrap. 2,529,o89. 
Nov. 14. 

Bierv Arthur, a^^sipnor of ont-half to L. W. Thomforde, 
Tine Island. Minn. H-lt hu. klf. •_'.">29,906. Nov. 14. 

1',;. rv. I:..hirt K.. .N>w orh'aiis. La. .\ttachment for air 
hrikf .^vsff'ins. 2. 407. .'70. Feb. 14. 

I' Arthti'- W.. \\ hlrinz. assignor to W. B. Conkey 
Ciini[):inv, llanuiioinl, Ind. 

BiL'ar.I. .\nilr<^ .1. K. I. • I'lris. 

2. r,»7.2'<7, Ffh. 1 1 
r.iijflovv. Charhs .\.. Ho'K'on, 

.';v>tt.n! for .aircrift landing - — ..- . .^- . 

I'.i'I.p.w s.inford Crirpet Co., Inc., assignee: See — 
Dildiliau. Ara T. i 

1 i.iw, . I, Hues .\'. ' 

Dow, Jam. a N., and Dildilan. 
Jackson. Robert J. 
Reinhardt. A., and Harrison. H.-nry .\., and Johnson. 
Swanpon. Stuart E. 
BigET. K.lw.'ird : .^'•-''' — 

Jeniiink's. Burgt>ss FI., Bigg, and Olson. 
Bljcer^t.uT c..'o!Trfy. Huron. S. I>ak. P'loor drain and 

rovor thfT'for. 2.4;»7.."77. Feb. 14. 
I'.i 'cU' Liurencc C Altadcna. as.'iu'nor to Cieneral Con- 
~roN Co (;i°ndale, Calif. Thermopile structure. 

2. .')-''•.. 1 12,' Oct. 17. . ^ ,. ,, i 

.\rl7. apsii^nfir of one-half to 
P.lufls Iowa. Rug needle. 

Tape threading machine. 

France. Covering system. 

ex. Continuous lighting 
rips. 2.532.988, Dec. o. 



BIsrcs Ilt'iirv L , Ph.-ienix 

G ' P. 01«.>n. Connril 

2..'."'.<i.^."l. Nov. 21. 

TV:::' ' ' 

v.: -I 





\ . Mi.iini, Fla. Striping tool. 2,494,1R0, 

Mi MHii Fla. Apparatus for preparing 
2, .-.22. 773. Sept. 19. 



.Vlpxnndro H. P.. : f^rp — 

..!M ()r.<re F A.. P. A. M.. nrid .\. (1. P.. .\. 
li orrotp F A.. P. A. M.. and A. O. B. A.. Clermont- 
r,'.<'. Franc-.. f 'un.'liing and drawing press. 
''-tlh. Nov. 2'' 
li Pictro A. M. : Sff* — 
P.iginrlli. Orestp F. A.. P. A. M.. and A. G. B. A. 
BikTWo.r.l. J.,Hhna. >«c Son Limited, assignee: See — 
Plcton. John P. . and Tinley. 
Tinl-v rrn..-.:^ I 
BlhMrv, William 

Jin". 111. 
P.ihary. William A. 
maskinir aprons. 
Bihler. Ki>i:<t : Sre- 

I' Seymour, and Bihler. 
Bihlniaii Victor" W. spsicnor t.. Wheeling Steel Corpora- 
ri.;; Wh'flinir, W. Va. Mnkinf rubber-coated cold re- 
.Inp.M^ «'.-.. 1 ;>r...lnct-J. 2.." 10.'v.-7. June 0. 
BlkofT Jonas. Bmoklvn. N. Y. Jewelry chain with integral 

pin*. 2S'i'i.-.K.;). .Vpr- 2,5. 
Bilhno John D, a8>;iLme«^: Sfe— 

Turner, Frank G. 
Bilde Tonl I' P and C. o Tlalldln, assignors to Aktle- 
bolligof Fhktrolux. Stockholm. Sweden. Dynamoelee- 
trir machine structuro. 2..")06.fl29. May 
Blldhauer. Roh.rt J Pittsburgh. 

brac*> 2.."14.4''.t>. July 11. 
P.ileci, Jo.-scrdi E. : Sr'-- , , 

.Asaro. .\ntbony L.. an-i P.uecl. 
P.ilcer. .Anson S.. as«i£mee : See — 

■^ombs, Pn'sley S. 
P.ilgfr. TL^nrv W. : i^rr - 

Kroil. Alfred J., and Bilger. 
I!ilhut>».r F. Inc., assitznop : F!re — 

Harvm. Edward K.. and Ilerbst. , . o. i ^„.,- 

BMhulx^r Pnul IL. Dou'^lns Manor, assignor to Steinway 
& v^on'^j New York, N Y. Idaphragm unit and fabn- 
."iMnu snin.". 2,.'20 «r,'j. Nov. 1 4 
P.i'l^.'lv Jnliu= P . P.atnn Rouitp. La .nssismor to Stann- 
" ard Oil DovpL^pmrnt Company. TTydrocarbon synthe- 
Ki-; pr.. (■•--. 2, H"',.L'»in. Feb. 7. 
p.ili.sol'y. Julius P.. Baton Rouce. La., assijmor to Standard 
Oil " Development Company. Catalytic conversion. 
•^ ."00 204. Mav .^O. 
Bill Robert O.. San Le^indro. Calif. Control paeans for 

multiple hydraulic jacks. 2,499,503. Har. 7. 
Billan, Jean F ■ .^■' c 

Srriabine. Icor. Fillan, Bellone. and Gaillard. 

P.illf'b. Clvde K.. Sh'^rewnoii, as.sicnor to Milprlnt. Inc., 

MilwanVep. Wis Glued bag and producing the same. 

2..-00,12.-. May 2.". 

f^rnst. Zurich. Switzerland. Door closer. 

_. ")2, Sept. 12. 

Bllleter, FTenry R , Ilichland Park. TIL. assignor to Ammco 

Tools Inc. Tcrque nipa^irini: wrench. 2,497,756, Feb. 







Excavating buclcet. 

Bllleter. Henry R., Highland Park assignor to A: 
Tools, Inc.. North Chicago. 111. Cylinder ridge re 
2,.520,S29, Aug 29. 

Bllleter. Henry R., Highland Park, assignor to Ammco 
Tools. Inc.. North Chicago. 111. E.xpanslble mandrel. 
2.528,334, Oct. 31. 

Bllleter. Jean-Ren^ : See — 

Mlescher, Karl. Heer. Bllleter. and .Anacr. 

Billeter, Walter, assignor lo Aktitugesellschaft Brown 
Boveri & Cie, Baden. Switzerland. Circuit breaker with 
air damping. 2.509,472, May 30. 

Billfaldt, Russell V.. Houston. Tex. Roll, biscuit, and 
bun slicing machine. 2.509.799. May .io 

BUlgren, Rune. Fagersta, Sweden. Blast preheater, 
2,493,057, Jan. 3. 

P.illin. .Arthur G. : See— 

Gieringer. Carl K.. and Billin. 

Billings. Roy O.. Milwaukee, Wis. 
2.501, .594. Mar. 21. 

Billings and Spencer Company. The, assi^'noe: See — 
Robichaud. Edmund J. 

BilliiiKs, William A.. London. England, assignor to Inter- 
national Standard Electric Corporation. .Manufacturing 
a metal to glass seal. 2,498,644, Feb. 28. 

Billlngton. Charles R., Memphis. Tenn. Control for com- 
bined ailerons and Haps. 2.522,159. Sept. 12. 

Billman. Charles II. : See — 

Simison. Allen L.. Billman, and Stream. 

Blllman, Charles 11., Newark, Ohio, assignor to Owens- 
Corning Fiberglas Corporation. Feeder for molten 
thermoplastic materials. 2,535,888, Dec. 26. 

Billman, John II. . Bloomington, Ind. Electrochendcal 
preparation of a-amlno-n-butvric acid and N-benzoyl de- 
rivative. 2.497,024, Feb. 7. 

Billmeyer, Bruce R., assignor to .Armstrong Cork Com- 
pany, Lancaster, Pa. Production of sheet material from 
rubber. 2,535.034, Dec. 26. 

Billner, Karl P., Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Vacuum 
Concrete Inc. .Apparatus and method for utilizing 
vacuum In molding plastic material, such as concrete. 
2.524,419. Oct. 3. 

Billon, Marcel M. M.. Besancon. assignor to Tecalemlt 
Societe Anonyme, Paris, France. Automatic brake 
control device. 2,517,078, Aug. 1. 

fillla. Clarence H.. Mllford, assignor to Century P.oat Com- 
pany, Manistee. Mich., and Chattanooga, Tenn. Boat 
canopy. 2.505,520, Apr. 25. 

Bilo<leau. Jo.seph J., West Springfield, Mass. Magazine 
loader. 2.531,387, Nov. 28. 

Bilskv. Alexander, Detroit, Mich. Nail clipper. 2,51o,852, 
July 18. 

Binder, Thomas W.. Maplewood, N. J. Air eonditionin-.: 
apparatus for heating and cooling. 2,528,720, Nov. 7. 

Binder, William (). : Sre— 

Franks, Rus.sell. and Binder. 

Bindler. Jakob : See — 

Schlapfer. Hans, and Bindler. 

Blndner. Charles -M., Normandy, assignor to Dixie Machin- 
ery Manufacturing Company. St. Louis. Mo. Chain 
breaker-plate feed structure for rotary crushers. 
2,516,175, Julv 25. 

Blnelli. Modesta E. : Bee— 

Binelli. Natalio E., and M. E BlnelH. 

Binelli. Natalio E.. and M. E. Blnelli, Buenos Aires, Argen- 
tina. Lay figure, 2.519.995. Aug. 22. I 

Blnford: Benjamin L.. as.sipnor to M)ii:netrol, Inc.. Chicago, 
m. Magnetic control mechanism. 2,503.089, Apr. 4. 

Binir. Herbert A., and B. J. Wolfe, assignors to Eastman 
Kodak Comp.inv, Rochester, N. Y. Bayonet lock. 
2,406,92<< Feb. 7. 

Binecelv. Elmer C. Canton, assignor to The Hoover Com- 
pany.' North Canton, Ohio. Suction cleaner. 2.498.063. 
F-b! 21. 

Bincham. David W.. Brlchton, Victoria. .Australia. Ele- 
vator and conveyer for cylindrical articles. 2.493.942. 
Jan. 10. 

Bingham. David W., Brighton, Victoria. Australia. Paste 
feed mechanism for can labeling and like machines. 
2.510.492, June 6. 

Bingham. David W., Brighton. Victoria. Australia. Ap- 
paratus for filling containers with liquid. 2.530.755, 
Nov. 21. 

P.ingley, Frank J., assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Phileo Corporation. Philadelphia. Pa. Device for flex- 
iblv interconnecting wave guides. 2.511,806. June 20. 

Bingiey, Frank J.. Philadelphia, and N. F. Smith. Jr.. 
Ablngton. Pa., assignors to Phileo Corporation. Phila- 


Television echo suppression system. 
Com planter, 2,528.998. 



2.498J?91, Feb. 21. 
Binklev^James L., Lima, Ohio. 
Nov." 7. 

Blnklev. Wilfred W. : See — 

W'olfrom. Melville L., and Blnkley. 
Binks Manufacturing Company, assignee 
Gustaf^son, Eric, Baur, and Kern. 
Plos. Otto G. 
Blnnnll. Frederick C. : Ser — 

Miller, Malcolm T., Binnall. and Krause. 
Blnnall. Frederick C, River Forest, and >L T. Miller, ^.nk 
Park, assignors to Sloan Valve Company. Chicago, 111. 
Thermostatic mixing valve. 2..''.07,0.">4. May 16 
Blnnall. Frederick C, River Forest, and M. T. Miller, 
Oak Park, assignors to Sloan Valve (^ompany. Chicago, 
III. Flow control valve. 2,515,073. July 11. 


Binneweg, Abraham, Jr., Oakland, Calif. Metal radio 
tub<>. 2,515,945. July 18. 

Blnney, Eric A., Ilkley. assignor to The English Electric 
tomjuauy Limited. Loudon. England. Motor suspension. 
2.508,139, May 16. 

Binney, Eric A., Yorkshire, assignor to The English Elec- 
tric Company. Limited, Loudon. England. Suspension 
<|f axle-hung electric traction motors. 2,501,307. .Mar 

Binns, Frederick W., Needham Heights. .Mass.. and H li 
( hannon, Portsmouth, assignors to Virginia Smelting 
J ompauy. West Norfolk, Va. -Making chrome-tanning 
baths. 2,500.020. .Mar. 7. 

Buisack. Joaeph W., New Dorp, assignor to Beech-Nut 
Packing Company, Canajoharle, N. Y. Detector for 
carton closing machines. 2,499.564, Mar. 7 

Binsack. William F.. Irondequoit. N. Y. Drapery hanger. 
2,014,118, July 4. 

Blntz, Harold, Neola, Iowa. Locking and releasing 
attachment for tractor brake pedals. 2.533.718 Dec 26 

Binus, David J., assignor to The Weber Dental Manu- 
facturing Company, Canton, Ohio. Adjustable link- 
age for dental chairs and the like. 2,517,831, Aug S. 

Binus, David J., Louisville, Ky., and J. A. Maurer 
assignors to The Weber Dental Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Canton, Uhio. Controller for dental engines and 
the like. 2,531.764, Nov. 28. 

Blondl. Angelo F., Brooklyn, .N. Y. Automobile door 
cover. 2.532,989, Dec. 5. 

Birch, Alexander A., ciawson, Mich. Doughnut form- 
ing device. 2,521,627, Sept. 5. 

Birch, Raymond E., assignor to Harbison-Walker Refrac- 

o^'Jlfo^^^.V'^'iV"'"*'' i'ittsburgh. Pa. Casting molds. 
2,iT08,006. .May 16. 

Birch, Stanley F.. F. A. Fi<ller, and J. N. Haresnape, 
Sunbury-on-Thames, assignors to -Anglo-Iranian Oil 
Company Limited, London. England. I'roduction and 
recovery of para-xylene. 2,532 276 Dec 5 

Birch. Stanley F.. J. Habeshaw. and C. B. Collls. Sunbury- 
ou Ihamcs. assignors to Anglo-Iranian Oil Companv 
Limited, London, England. Preparation In a condition 
of [lurity of hydrocarbons from mixtures containing 
them 2,493.567. Jan, 3. 

Birch Field. Charles A.. New York. N. Y. Color control 
system for image projectors. 2.519,428. Aug 22 

Birchler, Charles F., East Cleveland, Ohio, and W. L. 
laulison, Jr., Ridgewood, N. J., assignors to Bailey 
Meter Company. Temperature control system. 
2..>26,843, Oct. 24. 

Blrchmeier. Fritz, assignor to M. Schneider Zurich G 
Baur. Aargau. and E. Imfeld. Zurich, Switzerland. 
1 exihle face han<l planing machine. 2,520,875 Aug 29 

Bird .Machine Company, assignee : See — 
Young. Frank W.. and Fahlgren, 

Bird Machine Co., assignee : See — 
Lyons, Sanford C. 

Bird Paul G Western Springs, assignor to National 
o iJifS^r^T^ Corporation, Chicago, lU. Inhibiting scales. 
2,505,457. .Apr. 25. 

Blrdsall. Edwin H.. .^an Diego, Calif., assignor to United 
Mates of America as represented bv the Secretary of 

T>/ , ,V'*V-X- jTontrol mechanism. 2,517.079, Aug. 1. 

Blrdsall Ida E.. Mana.squan. N. J. Abacus., 2.530 447 
Nov. 21. ' 

Birdse.vt'. Clarence, assigiior to Dehydration. Inc.. Glouces- 
ter. .Mass. Treatment of vegetable matter preparatory 
to dehydration. 2,509.719, May 30 v^^aiKiii 

Birdseye, Clarence, assignor to Dehydration, Inc. Glou- 
cester. Mass. Food dehydration. 2.521.442 Sept 5 
Birdseye, Clarence, a.<5slgnor to Dehydration. " Inc 

2 v'3?55^'"'Se t°^6 ^^'•^'^'■•'^*'°° °^ "^"«<^ products. 
Blribau'er, Frank A.": See — 

Carlson, Carl S,, Merrington and Birihauer. 
2 500 33!r'Mi?'i4^''^^ Hartford, Conn. Blowtorch. 
Birkenmaier, Theodore, assignor to \V. N. Matthews Cor- 

S^/.^Je nl'A 'V; ^'^^''^' ^^f*- Electrical connector clamp. 
2. ..)()<), 010, May 2. 

Birkenmaier, Theodore, assignor to W. N Matthews 
2Sn99 nct^^lT^'""'"' ^^''' ^='1'"^'''''" f"8^ switch. 

^'?528 207 Oct'^s/''' ^^'^"P'*' "'■ ^'""'^ venting device. 
Birk.'s. Wilbur W..' and E. F. Hembree. Dallas Tex 

-Magnetic wire playing device. 2.518.117. Aug. 8. 
Blrks. La Verne S. : See — 

Friedman. Herbert, and Blrks. 
I Birkland, Stellan, San Francisco. Calif., assignor to 

American Can Company. New York. -N. Y. Seaming 

head for containers. 2,502.413, Apr. 4. 
Birkland. Stellan. Ran Frnndsco Calif, assignor to 

American Can Company, New York, .\. Y. Machine for 

straightening can body flanges. 2,534,220, Dec. 19. 
P.inningham Small Arms Company Limited, assignee: 

Wood, Albert E., and Lowe. 
Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited, The. assignee : 

Gold.cchmidt, Rudolf. ' 

Needham, Victor E. 
BIrnbaum. Leo S. : Sre — ' 

Prichard. John H.. and BIrnbaum. ' 




Birnbaum. Leo S., Newark, J U. Prichard, Springfield 
and VS. D. Palst, Orange, .N. J. assignors to Celanese 
Corporation of America. Plasticlzed cellulose Dropio- 
uate. 2,498.750, Feb. 2m f »' " 

Birnkrant, Betty \V. and S. H.. Brooklyn, N V 

able button set. 2,49y,0.S6 Feb 28 
Birnkrant, Betty W. and S. H., Brooklyn N. Y 

holder. 2.ol'^A7C>. June 20 
Birnkrant, Samuel H. : See — 

Birnkrant, Bettv W. and S H. 
Birnkrant, William B., assignee: -See — 

Cart Wright, Leonard C. 
Birtman i;k(.iric Co., assignee: See — 
Howard, Frank S. 
Wore. Philip J. | 

Schwa rz, Joseph A. 
Sparklin, Charles H. 
Sparklin. Charles H.. and Sporney. 
Bisch, James L., U. S. Army, Port Royal. Va 

2..^09.2(i5. .May 30. 
Blsch. Paul E.. J. P. Dobbins and G. G. Edlen. Los Angeles 
( alif Illuminated mirror device. 2.515,437. Julv is! 
BlschofT, Alfred F.. Ballston Spa. N. Y., assignor to General 
olfo-^'S^ S^ompany. Radio search tuning gyM.m. 
2.52o^442. Oct. 10 
BlschofT. Alfred P., Ballston Spa, N. Y., assignor to General 
Lleciric Company. -Magnetically controlled reversi- 
ble friction drive. 2,525,443. Oct. 10 
BlschofT, Alfred F., Ballston .Spa, .V. Y., assignor to 
<ieijer:il Electric Company. Storage battery. 2,527,209, 

Bischoflf, George H. : See — 

Bump. Charles K.. and Bischoff. 
Bisgen. Ruliard : Stt^ 

Wi ber. Cliarbg. and Bisgen. 
Bish. Raymond H. : Sre — 

,.• v.R^"*'' Robert A., Hindall, Mahoney. Miller, and Bish 
l.isholT, C, Detroit, Mich. Fishing rod u>seu»bly 

2,oU4,631, Apr. 18. 
Bishop, Alfred E. .See — 

Cook, Stanley V., and Bishop. 
Bishop, Arthur E. J., Chatswood, near Sydney, .\, w South 
Wales, Australia. Apparatus for translating, actuating 
and restraining forcts to vehicle wheels. 2.508.057' 
.May 16. 

Bishop & Babcock Manufacturing Company. The assignee • 
Set — 

Curtis. Walter A. 

Mayo, Edward L. 

Bishop. Clarence E. : See — 

.Manstield, Samuel A., and Bishop. 
Bishop, Charles W.. Buffalo, N. Y. Elxpaneible loose page 

binder. 2,506,290, May 2. 
Bishop. Clyde W. : ^fe — 

Hess. J.imes W. 

Bishop. Eugene T.. and R. D. Sullivan, Berkelev. assignors 
to Shell Dcveloiuiienf Company. San Francisco. Calif. 

2,514.928, July 

Polymerizing branch-chain hexadienes 

Bishop, G. H., Company, assignee : Bee — 

Freeman. David A. 

Suhajila, Eniil. 
Bishop, H. Russell, administrator : See — i 

I'atal, Imre. 

^'w?j^, •^"''" ^- ^''ttPfson, N. J., and F. W. Williams, 
Mlddletown, assignors to The Manhattan Shirt Com- 
pany, New York. N. Y. Sewing machine. 2.522.811. 
Sept 19. . . . 

Bishop, John L. II. : See — 

(Joddpu, Thomas E., Bishop, and Holberton. 

Bishof). John W., Craiilord. assignor to Tide Water .Asso- 
ciated Oil Company, Bayonne. N. J. Inhibiting corro- 
sion of ferrous metal. 2,520,;'.56. .Aug 29 

Bisho[i, John W., Plainrteld, assignor to Tide Water 
Associal.'il Oil Company, Bayonne, N. J. Rust-pre- 
ventive compositions. 2.527,296. Oct. '24 

Bishop, Leon C, : See — 

Brand, Samuel, Cunningham, and Bishop. 

Bishop, Nathaniel. Fairfield. Conn., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Phase Lag correction circuit for the 
sweep circuit of a radio echo system. 2.519,017 Aug 15 

Bishop, Rich.ard P..: Sf-e — 

Chapman. Harold D.. Denton, and Bishop. 
Denton. William I., and Bishop. 

Bishop, Richard B., Haddonfield. and W. I. Denton. Wood- 
bury. .\, J., assignors to Socony-Vacuum oil Companv. 
Incorjiorated. Process of removing protective coatine 
films from surfaces. 2.508.215, May 16. 

Bishop. Richard B.. Haddonfield. and W. I. Denton, and 
E. .M. .Nygaard. Woodbury. N. J., assignors to Soconv- 
Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. Nitration of 
paraffins. 2.511.454, June 13. , 

Bishop. Robert H.. Champaign, 111. Refrigerator construc- 
tion. 2.495.405. Jan. 24. 

Bishop. Stanley K. : Sre — 

Trump. Frederick O.. and Bishop. 

Bishop, Walter., assignor to Fraser Products 
Company. Alpena. .Mich. Machine for making fabric 
cylinders. 2,506.916, May 9. 

Bishop, Walter. Augress, assignor to Eraser Producta 

o r^^Pn"^' ^\^KJl^- ^l'<^b- Making fabric cylinders. 
2,516,612. July 25. 


iNprx or PATENTS, 1950 

I'oi'iti- rark. assignor to Fraser 
!;•'!:... Mi> h. Hinding strip joint. 

i:- -land. Molding for 



Bishop. Wal-er, iJm.sH.' 
I'rodnrr.s < 'nnij.aiiy, A 
'J.ri()»;/jl.', Mav U. 

IJi.sliop. William H.. l-rr : -'' i!ti. 

vehicl'^ bodl.'S. 2..''j.31.l»»,7 N-v. '.s^ , » „ rv., 

^ho'. UtUlam T.. and E. J. Lorand. Wilmington. Del., 
'iii.l' I E Kt'f.'?p St. Simons Island. Oa.. assignor.s to 
Hercules Powdpr Company, WilniingTon. Del. flotation 
of minerals with hydroperoxide frothers. -,&dO„i-i-*, 

>h.,n 'w'lUlam T., and K T. Lorand. Wilmington, Del., 
and J K Reese, St. Simons Islaml, C.a.. assignors to 
Hermies Powder Company. Wilmington. Del. F]ot_atlon 
of minerals with hydroperoxide frothers. J,oJo.,J40, 

Dec. 26. 
nisiirnano, Florenre E., assignee: t>ee — 

I'.isignano, Ftaffele. 
Blsitrnano. Raffele. assignor of otw half to Florence t. 

"i;:«iirnano. Elmhurst, X. Y. Etjge guide for sewing 

mirhines. 2.51.'5..=J85. July 18. . „ n 

Bi'^kthorn. Merle T.. Baltimore, Md. . assignor to Bell 

Telephone Laboratories, Incorporate<l. New York, N. Y. 

Loration of faults In electrical transnusslon systems. 

2.4Dr?.'<on. .Tan. 10. . , „ 

Biskind. Morton S.. New York. N. Y. Maximum Indi- 

riTin- in.srrument. 2,.'>20.028. Aug. 22. 
Dispell Carl 11., assignor to Company. 

Svra use, N. Y. Outlet box fixture hanger. 2.52.1, .18-', 

Ort. TO. 

I'.i^-.i: Frederick E.. Jr.. and E. E. Claussen. assignors 
to Carr Adams & Collier Company. Dubuque, Iowa. 
Pncpnionf =i«h binge. 2.4n7.28<?. Feb. 14. 

Ble«ev Roland L.. Bloomln^ton, Til., assignor tp Fureka 
\\ lUiam Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Garbage disposal 
apparatus. 2..^34,944, Dec. 19. 

Bi'^.'^in-'.r William K.. Akron. Ohio. n.<58ignor to Pitts- 
burgh Plate Class Company. Allecrheny County, la. 
Perow diearbonates. 2..')17.9R4, Aug. 8. 

Bl*«in?e"r. William E., Akron, Ohio, assignor to Pittsburgh 
Plate C.ln^s Companv. Allechenv County. Pa. Purifica- 
tion of thionvl ehloride. 2. ."29. 071. Nov. 14. 

T'.i«Bon Leo J.. Smnersworth. N. II. Interlocking game 
hnanl 2.497..?41. Feb. 14. j 

lUasfn. Louis A., assitrnee: S<re — 

Currier. Tliram r>. ^ ^ 

P.i^well. Charles B.. Woodstown. and O. A. Sayers. Penns 
Grove N .T nssicrnors tn F. I. du Pont de Nemours & 

Del. Motor fueL 2, .ll 2.297, 

to Hercules Steel Products Co.. 
mechanism for dtimp trucks. 

to The Gallon 
Garbage truck. 

Mptallle Vault 
2.r)09.3S8, May 

Building wall 

Company, Wilmington, 

June 20 
P.lszantz. Fred, assicnor 

Galion. Obtn. TToist 

2.497.844. Feb. 21. 
nisranr?:. Fr<'d. assicnor 

Company, Galion, Ohio. 


Blthell. Willlnm P.. F.nst Boston. Mass, 
constnietion 2..'i08.n9.?. May Ifi 

Bitlor John W assignor to The Minster Machine Com- 
pany. Minster. Ohio. Control switch. 2..'20.709. 

P.ittner FredwiU. Los Aneeles. Calif. Applying a form 

n\.>mher to a heam or the like. 2..'3.'5.34fi. Dec. 26. 
BItuminons Coal Research, Inc.. assignee: See — 
Gar1«on. TTenning M. , 

Yellott. John T. ' ^ 

Blt'er Fred, as.^icnor to Eat^^n Mnnufncturing Comnnnv. 

Cleveland, Ohio. Change-speed gearing. 2..")00,447. 

Mar 14 
Blvans. Elbert L.. Los Angeles. 

2 40'' fi2fi. Feb. 21. 
Birer Fdmond P.. New York. N. Y: 

2.r,3.'?.2ir,, Dec. 12. 
Bixbv. TT.irrv A.. Brattleboro. Vt. 

chine. 2. ."12.221. June 20. 
Bixby. Willard F.. Cleveland. Ohio 

Oondrieh Company. New York. 

synthetic latex. 2.510.370. ,Tnne fi 
P.irhy wniard F.. Cley.'land Ohio, assicnor to The B 

GoVidrlcb Company. New York, N. Y. Productinn 

Calif. Fishing reel 

Cnrtaln construction. 

Wallpaper pasting ma- 

Leaf disintegrator. 

assicnor toTbe B. 
N. Y Coagulation 



^ . . _. _ ^ _ of 

dry powdery thermoplastic compositions. 2,530.8.'2 

Nov. 21. 
Blxler. Carl E.. Oldham County, assicnor to D-voe * 

Ravnolds Company. Inc.. Lonlsville, Ky. Epoxide com- 
positions. 2.fH2.99f>. June 27. 
Blxler. Carl E.. Prospect, assicnor to DevAp ^^ Ravnolds 

Company. Inc.. I-onisville, Ky. Integral brush assem- 

t>ly 2.512.997. June 27. 
Bizak. T,ouiB D., Cleveland, Ohio. Automatic control for 

mlxint: valves. 2..^23.493. Sept. 26. 
Bjerlng. olav. Toledo, Ohio, assignor to Owens-Tlllnois 

Glass Company. Vacuum sealing machine, 2.510,457, 

June r.. 
Bjerke. Allan E.. Manle Heichts. assicnor to The Cleve- 
land Pneumatic Tool Comnanv. Clereland. Ohio. Caster 

centering device. 2.508. 3.')1, May 23. 
Bjerre. Pe-ier. and TT. M. Johnston, assicnors to Massey- 

Harris Co. Ltd.. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Power lift 

clutch. 2..517.17:\ Auc. 1. 
Bjork. Carold F., Luke, Md.. and A. C. Kochis, Johnstown, 

Pa., assicnors to the United States of America as rep- 

resentod bv the Secretary of War. Rocket projectile. 

2.519.878, AuL' 22 

Bjork, George L.. Everett. Wash. Machine for trimming 
the edges of strips of wood of variable widths. 2,."j16.1 . 0. 
July 25. 
Bjorklund, Arvld. Minneapolis, Minn. 

2,."j28.942. Nov. 7. 
Bjorklund. Carl S. : See — 

Bjorklund. Edsel T.. E. C, and C. S. 
Bjorklund, Edgar G. : ,^cc— 

Bjorklund. F.dsel T., E. C. and G. S. 
Bjorklund, Edsel T,. E. C. and C. S.. Milwaukee. Wis. 

Collapsible cage or live box. 2,530,148, Nov. 14. 
Bj<">rklund, Gustaf E.. Stockholm. Sweden. Hand piece 

for dental drills. 2.507.587. May Ifi. ^ , , 

Bjorklund, Gustaf E.. Stockholm. Sweden. Producing 

grinding bodies. 2.510.493. June 6. 
I'.ji.rklund. Stanley A.: Sc— 

HiTrstrum. Rudolph i:.. and P.jorklund. 
Bjorklund. Tore S., assignor to Lumalampan Aktiobolag, 
Stockholm. Sweden. Unitary magnetic core and con- 
denser. 2.."524.7.o4. Oct. 10. 
Bjorkman. Nils F. : Scf^— 

OlHSon, Gunnar D., and Bjorkman. 
Bjorksten. Johan. Chicago. 111. Fluid evaporating device. 

2.529,r>36. Nov. 14. 
Blnber. Michael P. W,. Wealdstone. England, assignor 
to Eastman Kodak Company. Rochester. N. Y. Auto- 
matic tnuking control mechanism for couveyer belts. 
2,.'')1 1,194. June 13. 
Black and Decker Manufacturing Company, The, assignee : 
> See— 

Wilhlde, Glenn C. 

Wilhlde. Glenn C, Baker, and Flolford. 
Black. Charles F.. Grass I.,ake. 111. Trailer hitching de- 
vice. 2,50fi,194, May 2. 
Black. David : Srr— 

Solomon, Joseph, and Black. 
Black. Eric A.. Red Bank. N. J., assignor to the Unite.l 
States of America as represented by the Secretary of 
War. Platform. 2.510.0.-)9, June 0. 
Black Fred A., deceased. Wichita Falls : Lucy Black, execu- 
trix, assignor of one-half to L. M. Black, Rockport. 
Tex Legume huller having stationary knives. 
2,5(10.483. Mar. 14. 
Black, H. Ross. Jr., administrator: See — 

Balch. Harry. ^, , 

Black Howard C., assignor to Swift & Company, Chlcaco. 
111. Stabill/.ation of fatty materials. 2.494.114. Jan. 10. 
Black. Howard C. assicnor to Swift & Company. Chicago. 

111. Gum gualac Treatment. 2. .'29. 446. Nov. 7. 
Black, James B.. Rockford. 111., assicnor to Twin Disc 
Clutch Companv, Racine. Wis. Fluid impact coupling 
and clutch. 2,506,989. May 9. _ , ^„ 

Black Jame.<! B.. and W. F. Shurts. Rockford. 111., as- 
sicnors to Twin Disc Chitch Company. Rachine, wis. 
Power transmission. 2, ."S1 1,039, June 13. 
Black. James F. : Ser — 

TTeicl. John J.. Black, and Dudenbostel. 
Black James F., Rnselle. N. J., assignor to Standard OH 
Development Company. Extracting hydrocarbons. 
2..')22.426. Sept. 12. .. ^ 

Black James J., assignor to The Trallmobile Company 
Cincinnati Ohio. Coupling mechanism for tractor 
trailer combination. 2.498.847. F<'b. 28. 
Black James J., assicnor to The Traihnobile Company. 
Cincinnati. Ohio. Prop for trailers. 2.499.62.5. Mar. .. 
Black. James J., assignor to The Trallmobile Conipany, 
Cincinnati. Ohio. Roof bow for highway vehicles. 
2.500.021. Mar. 7. „ . x r^ 

Black. John F.. assignor to Circo Products <7C"irS"S* 
Cleveland. Ohio. Oil drum tumbling device. 2,.'ilO,M.)S. 

Bl.ack .John F.. assicnor to Circo Products Company. 

Cleveland Ohio Degreaslnc apparatus with automatic 

controls. 2,527.349, Oct. 24. 
Black John F.. Rockv River, and J. J. Skelly, Cleveland 

Heichts. assignors to Circo Products <^""TPa"'^,<,'^r^- 

land, Ohio. Degreaser control apparatus. 2..510,8.j9. 

Black ^ John W.. Crittenden County. Ark. Soil testing 
apparatus. 2.531.388. Nov. 28. 

Black Kenneth IT., Port Clinton, Ohio. Gas torch lichter. 
2 502 073. Mar. 28. 

Black. Leo'B.. Phoenix. Ariz. Clamp. 2,526.322. Oct 17. 

Black Lester C. Long Beach. Calif. Synchronized steer- 
ing and throttle control apparatus for outboard motors. 
2,514,467. July 11. 

Black Lewis G.. Los Angeles. Calif. Orthopedic appliance. 
2.522.853. Sept. 19. 

Black. Lewis M. : Ser-^ , t . »» 

Black. Fred A., Lucy, and Lewis M. 

Black. Lucy: See— ., . , „ 

Black. Fred A.. Lucy, and Lewis .M. 
Black. Nolan S.. Highland Park. Mich.. a<!sIcnor trt 

National Steel Corporation. 
2 510.328. June 6. 

Adjustable huildinc pier. 

Black. Robert. Jr.. South Orange. N. J., assicnor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York. N. Y. 
Microphone having controllable directional response 
pattern. 2,515,031, July 11. 

P.lack. Russell L. : ttre — 

Weeks. Robert W., and Black. 



Black, Slvalls & Bryson, Inc., assignee : See — 
Beggs, Joe W. 
Hansseu. Albert J. 
Raymond. Gwyune. 
Simpson, Roy L., and Coffman. 
Black. William A. : See — 

Deimel. Richard F., and Black. 
Black, William A., Montclair, N. J. Dispensing apparatus 

2.5-9,67-', Nov 14 
Black. William E„ assignor to Jones & Laughliu Steel 
Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa. Method of and apparatus 
for shearing tins from Ingots. 11,499. 29:.', Feb 28 
Blackburn and General Aircraft I^Imlted, assignee : V?fe — 
Petty. George E. 
Tharratt, Alexander. 
Biarkburii. John L.. East Orange, N. J., assignor to Wi-.'.t 
iii^.'hou.'^e Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

A., Lyuwood, 

relaying system. 
Calif. Crosshead. 


2,525.393. Oct. 10. 
Blackburn. Luther 

2.522.742, Sept. 19. ,, 

Blackburn. Itaoul. Cliic(Xutiml. Quebec. Canada. Bell ring- 

incil.'\ici' 2..".lL' !»^:' .limi>'J7. 
Blackburn. Wayne E;. Wilklnsburg, assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Cyrporatiun. East Pittbburgh, Pa. Se- 
lenium rectifier. 2.49<).4.';2. F»'b 7 
Blackburn. Wayne E.. Hollywood. Calif., assignor to West- 
Inghouse Electric Corporation. East I'ittsburgh, Pa. 
Neieidum rcctiner. 2,4U»>,<>9l' Feb 7 
Blackburn Wayne E.. Hollywood, Calif., assignor to 
WestinghoMse Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa 
Selenium, rectifier. 2.498.240, Feb 21 
Blackburn William II.. Lincoln, England. Device for 
suspending clothes and like articles. 2,533,083 Dec 7> 
Blackett;* Patri<k M. S.. Pitcullen, Pinner Hall, and H. J.' 
J. Brtiddick. Farnborough, a.ssignors to the Minister of 
Supply in His Majesty's (Jovernment of the United 
Ki/igdom of Great Britain and .Northern Ireland, 
L^)n(lon. England. I,5ombsight. 2.. 129, 324, Nov. 7. 
Blackhall, James M., assignor to I^ich Electric Companv, 
'^G.-noa, 111. Automatic telephone system. 2,509.410. 
May 30. 

lackhall, James M., assignor to Leich Electric Compaay, 
Genoa, 111. Device for clutching reciprocable actuating 
rod to driven members. 2,511,321. June 13. 
Blackball. James .M., and F. J. Hickman, assignors to 
Tlie North Electric Manufacturing Company. (Jalion. 
Ohio. Tilepbone ringing apparatus with vibratory ree<l 
of macnetic mat.'rial. 2.524.510. Oct. 3. 
ai kbawk Mfg. Co.. assignee: See — 
.M mdi. Slegnuind. 
Mandl, Siegmund. and I'fauser. 
Pf auser, Edward M. 
Pfauser. Edward M.. and .Mandl. 
Blackhurst. Homer J.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Feeding apparatus 

for glass-forming m.achines. 2.507.753, May 16 
Blackley. James L., Battle Creek, Mich., assignor, bv mesne 
assignments, to Goss Printing Press Company, Chicago 
111. Delivery arrangement. 2,503,610, Apr. 11. 
Blackman. Charles E. : See — 

Wright. Harohl. and Blackman. 
Blackman, Daniel D., Brooklyn, N. Y. Window construc- 
tion. 2.494.161. Jan. 10, 
Blackman. Edward L., Greenwich. Conn. Manicure instru- 
ment. 2,516,542, July 25. 
Blackman, Edward L., (Jreenwich. Conn. Automobile 

door construction. 2,535.347. Dec. 26. 
Blackman, Norman S.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Bed. 2.522.018 

Sept. 12. 
Blackman, Stanley, New York. N. Y. Pharmaceutical 
machine for delivering to receptacles predetermined 
quantities of pharmaceutical articles such as pills, tab- 
lets, and the like. 2.507. S83, May 16. 
Blackmarr, Byron F.. Oildale, assignor to Hopper Machine 
Works, Inc.. P.akersfield. Calif. Wheel mounting means. 
2,524,027. Oct. 3. 

Blackmon. Kenneth, Hinsdale. N. Y. Saw set. 2.493,850, 
Jan. 10. 

Blackmore, Joseph J, : See — 

M.iyiT. .\lbert C.. nmi Blackmonv 
Blackmore, Robert B., Casper. Wyo. Head gate and water 

drop attachment. 2.525.517. Oct. 10. 
Blackmore. William. Cleveland Heights, assignor to 

National Malleable and Steel Castings Company. Cleve 

land. Ohio. Railway journal and free oiling system 

therefor. 2.498.520. Feb. 21. 
Blackmore. William. Richmond, Va.. assignor to National 

Malleable and Steel Castings Company. (Cleveland, Ohio 

Thrust arrangement for railway journal boxes 

2.49K.521. Feb. 21. ' 

Blackmun. Lynn A. : See — 

Wiseman, James. Blackmun. and Hellmers. 
Blackmun. Lynn .\. : See — 

Wiseman. James V.. Blackmun, and Hellmers. 

Black Rock .Manuf.icturing Company. The. assignee : See — 

-Maiiuat. Lloyd E. 
Blackstone and Company Limited, assignee : See — 

Hallewell. George. 

Blackstone. Wllbert S. : See — 

Ropp, Irwin, and Blackstone. 

Blackw.lder. Ernest F.. H. V. L^a, and J. A. Flelg, Rio 
Vista, Calif. Row crop blocking implement. 2,510,458, 
Juuf^ 6, 

Blackwell. Daniel W., San Diego, Calif. Wheel for foot 

attachment. 2,520,793, Aug. I'y. 
Blackwell, I^wrence F.,' Wollaston, assignor to I^eu- 
matic Scale Corporation, LImlte«l, Quincy, Mass. Tea 
cuttinc and feeding mechanism. 2.533 55(1 Dec 12 
Blackwell, Sanford J., St. Louis, Mo. Bottle crate 

1', 513, 709, July 4. 
Blackwell, Saniord J., St. Louis, Mo. Bottle crate 

2,526,113. Oct. 17. 
Blackwell & Sunde, Inc., assignee : See — 

Sunde, Benjamin W. 
Blackwood, I'eter F., assignor to Ford Jlotor Company of 
Canada. Limited, Windsor, Untario, Canada. Nickel- 
cobalt heat resisting alloy. 2.5()9.S(>(), Mav 30. 
Blackwood, Peter F.. assignor to Ford Motor Company of 
Canada, Limited. Windsor, Ontario. Canada. Nickel- 
cobalt tieat-rtsisiing alloy. 2.5(i9,8ul, May 30. 
Blaes Brothers, Inc., assignee : See — 

Blaes, Edward G. 
Blaes, Edward (J., St. .\lbans, assignor to Blaes Brotht-rs, 
Inc. New York, N. Y. Roller skate wheeL 2,534,401. 
Dec. 19. 
Blaha. Emil, Cheltenham, assignor to Selas Corporation 
of America, Philadelphia, Pa. Heating apparatus. 
2.509,8.56, May 30. 
P.laha, Kmil, Cheltenham, assignor to Selas Corporation 
pf America, Philadelphia, Pa. Casting Klip. 2.527,390. 
Oct. 24. 
Blaha, Emil. Cheltenham, assignor to Selas Corporation of 
America, Philadelphia, Pa. Tlie furnace. 2,530 5'.».'., 
Nov. 21. 
Blaha. Emil, Cheltenham, assignor to Selas Corporation 
of America, Philadelphia, Pa. Burner block. 2,532,990. 
Dec. 5. 
Blain, Edouanl, Rochefort-sur-Mer, France. Lnivensal 
photoscuipture in high relief and low relief. 2,502,697. 
Apr. 4. 
Blain, Hugh M., Jr., New Orleans, I.,a., assignor to The 
(ias Machinery Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Making a 
composite oil gas having approximately the character- 
istics of natural gas. 2.522.922, Sept. 19. 
Blain. Marshall E., Memphis, Tenu. Radio compass dem- 
onstrator. J.5(>S,36t5. May 23. 
Blain. Paul, assignor to Societe Anonyme des Acieries et 
l'(irge3 de I'iriiiiiiy, Paris, France. Electrically driving rollinc mill reels. 2,509,286, May 30. 
Blain, Paul, assignor to Societe Anonyme des Aclerh's et 
Forges de Firminy, Paris, France. Rolling mill with 
set elongation. 2.519.818. Aug. 22. 
Blain. Paul, iih.signur to Sodete Aiionyme dis Acieries et 
Forges de Firminy. Paris, France. Adjusting device for 
rolling mills. 2,523,553. Sept. 26. 
I'.laiii. I'aul, assignor to .^otiotc .\iiouyme des Acieries et 
Forges de Firinin.v, Paris. France. Device for the con- 
tinuous mea>uring of the thickness of a band in the 
rolling, 2,534,849, Dec. 19. 
P.lair. C.irl E. : See — 

Hutson. Canfield, Kidd, and Blair. 1 

Blair. Charles M., Jr. : iVe— I 

Wirtel, Arthur F.. and Blalr. 
Blair, ( liaries .M.. Jr., and \S . F. Gross. Webster Groves. 
Mo., a.ssignors to Petr<dite Corporation, Ltd.. Wilming- 
ton. Del. Preventing corrosion and corrosion inhibitors. 
Re. 23.227. May 9. 
Bl.iir, Fletcher, Atlanta, Ga. Collapsible box. 2,534,402. 

Dec. 19. 
Blair. George W. : See — 

Bofile, \irgil H.. Blair, and Dosmann 
Blake, Ivan C, Bristol, Wis., and J, P.. Mullen, Barring- 
ton, assignors, by mesne .issignments, to Burgess B.ittery 
Company, Freeport, 111. Primary cell. 2,534,403, 
Dec. 19. 
Blair. James D.. New Hartford, and O. A. Ilendey. Rome. 
assignors to Divine Br()ther8 Company. Ltica, N. Y. 
• Buff construction. 2.531.249. Nov. 21. 
Blair. John .\.. Pleasant Kid^'e, Mich., assignor to C. M. 
O'Leary. Los Angeles, Calif. Automatic trjinsmission 
control apparatus. 2,529.129, Nov. 7. 
Blalr. John I. : See;r- 

Sawtelle, Edmund R.. Blair and Imbt. 
Blalr. John M.. Stillwat»'r, (ikla.. and J. M. Hush. Lincoln. 
Nebr.. assignors to The United States of America as 
represented by the United States Atomic Energy Com- 
mission. Coincidence proportional counter. 2,495,650. 
Jan. 24. 
I'.Iair. Joseph H., Jr.: See — 

\'ail!, (Jeorge K., and P.lair. 
Blair. Joseph N., Detroit, Mich. Animal trap. 2,492,957, 

Jan. 3. 
Blair. Mark L.. Flossmoor. and A. J. Heitzmann. assignors 
to United Specialties Couijianv. Chicago. 111. Cleaner 
construction. 2.509,802, May 30. 
Blair. Nathan P.. Los Angeles, assignor to Mattel Crea- 
tions, Inc., Culver City, Calif. .Music iiroducing unit. 
2..-04.6.-32, Apr. 18. 
Blalr, Paul R., Cleveland Heights. Ohio. CommutafOr bar 

and making same. 2,519.626. .\ug. 22. 
Blair. Percy F. and P. F'., Jr.. Tulsa. Okla. Prefrabrlcated 

grandstand structure. 2.524.769. Oct. 10. 
Blair. Percy F.. Jr. : See — 

Blair. Percy F., and P. F.. Jr. 
Blais. Robert M.. Biddeford. Maine, assignor to Saco- 
Lowell Shops, Boston. Mass. Bobbin holder. 2,527,391. 
Oct. 24. 


l.NJjhX UF PATENTS, 1950 

Blalsdell, Charles 0., Oak Park, 111., assljjnor to Western 
Electric Company, Incorporated, New \ork, N. Y. Ar- 
ticle forminvc apparatus. :i,49«],929, Feb. 7. 

Blalsdell, George O. : Hee — 

Flickinger, LosttT, and Blalsdell. 

Blake, Edward S., Nitro, \V. Va., assignor to Monsanto 
Chtniical Company, St. Louis, Mo. Antirusting com- 
position. 2.497.432. Feb. 14. 

Blake, Edward S.. Nitro. W. Va., assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis, .Mo. Alkyl esters of 
glycol polycarbo.wlic acid esters. 2,497,433, Feb. 14. 

Blake, Edward S., Nitro, \V. Va., assi>,'nor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis, .Mo. Preserving rubber. 
2. ."on. 4 10. Mav :.'. 

r.lik". Edward S., Nitro, W. Va., assignor to Monsanto 
ri..:ii;cal Company, St. Louis, Mo. Lubricating oil 
composition. 2,531,801, Nov. 28. _ 

Bl:ike Frank \V., Chicago, 111., and J. H. Dunlevy, 
as.signors to The r.arlock Packing Company, Palmyra, 
N. Y. Reinforced piston cup. 2. .021,14.3, Sept. 5. 

Blake John B., Frostburg, Md.. assignor to Celanese Cor- 
poration of America. .Apparatus for treating traveling 
filamentarv material \vith fluid media. 2,516,177, 
July 25. 

Blnk-'. Lariiont V. : See — 

Page. Robert .M.. Distad, and Blake. 

Blak.'. Lucille, New York, N. Y. Lipstick bolder. 
2..'i29.073, Nov. 14. 

Blake Manufacturing Corporation, assignee: See — 
Garland. Edward J., and Otlicer. 

Blakf", .Marvin \., iJallas, Tex., as.slgnor to American 
Instrument Corporation. Hypodermic syringe. 2,502,639, 
A[.r. 4. 

Blake. Moffitt & Towne, assignee : See— I 
Hoblick. Benjamin M. 

Blake. Norman B., Beaumont, Tex., assignor to Sun Oil 
(^'ornpanv. Philadelpliin. P;i. Electronic means for sup- 
jire^sint:" in pha.«e interference. 2..')00.3«9, -Mav 30. 

Blake, Ralph, Newark, N. J. Adjustable curtain rod. 
2.519.99t;. Aug. 22. ^ ^ 

Blake, Ralph K., Rochester. .\. Y.. assignor to E. I. 
du Pont lie Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. 
Silver halide developer compositions containing polyoxy- 
alkvlene ethers of hexitol ring dehydration products. 
2.,=)33.990, Dec. 12. 

Blake. Robert P.. Winchester, assignor to Polaroid Cor- 
poration, Cambridne. Mass. Infrared light-polarizing 
material and inaniifactnre. 2.494.68(5. Jan. 17. 

Blake, Whitney, Company, The, assignee: See — 
Collins, milph D. 
Ingni.inson, John H. 

Blake. William F., Chicago, 111. Soap dish. 2,501.256, 
Mar. 21. 

Bl.ik.'. William J.. San!v. «»reg. Scarifying bulldozer. 
2,494,22.'S. Jan. 10 

Blak.', William T., Fort Worth, Tex. Hydraulic control 
for mechanisms. 2.53."), 77S. Dec. 26. 

Blakely. Robert T., Amityville, assiznor to Int-ernational 
Business .Machines Corporation, New York, N. Y. Card 
h in.lliiii: iiu'.hanlsni. 2. '.?,?,. ^CiO, Dec. 12. 

Blaktney. Francis M., assignee : See — 
Ring. Ernt'St A. 

Blakesl-.v ('liiu..n .\., a.ssignor to The Bristol Company, 
Waterbury, Conn. Control apparatus. 2,509,329, M.iy 

Bliikeslee. Clinton \.. Middlehur.r. A. J. Balanda. Wolcott. 
and E. F. Dyson, assignors to The Bristol Company. 
Waterbury. Conn. Mounting for instrument pointers 
and pen arms. 2.529.907. Nov. 14. 

Blakeslee. Ht-rhert G.. Evanston, assignor to Cory Cor* 
poration. Chicago. 111. Collar han<lle for liquid ves.sels* 
2.495.r)'<8. Jan. 31. 

Blalock, Iva L.. L. E. ?:winjr, and D. Hall. Portland, 
Oreg. Saddle for brassiere straps. 2,505,272, .\pr. 25. 
Blampli'd. Philip. Flushing, N. Y. Instrument for draw- 
intr noncircniar ctirves. 2.529.130, Nov. 7. 

Blampin. Enrle A.. Grand Island. N. Y. Splnning-ln the 
ends of tnhes. 2,524.420, Oct. 3. 

Blaneha, Felix C, Havertown. Pa., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Coaxial switeh with plu- 
rality of conflicting fingers. 2.505.939, May 2. 
Blaneha. Felix C. Manoa. Pa., assignor to Radio Corpora- 
tion of America. Inductor. 2.496.034, Jan. 31. 

Blanehard, -VrthuT .\. : Srp — 

Stockbarger. Dtmald C, and Blanchard. 

Blanchard. Benjamin P... Swampseott. Mass., assignor to 
United Shoe Machinery Torporation. Fleailiigton. N. J. 
Driver actuating mechanism for fastening inserting 
machines. 2,533,419. Dec. 12. 

Blanehard, PVancis W.. Snyder, and A. C. Borkenhagen, 
as.signors to Hewitt Rubber Corporation. Buffalo. N\ Y. 
Inj.ction molding machine and method. 2.518,594, 
Aug. 15. 

Blancliard. Ralph P.. .\blngton, Mass. Supersonic re- 
flector mounting. 2,519,345. Aug. 22. 

Blanchard. Werner J.. deceas»'d. and C S. J. MacNell. de- 
ceased, Dayton, Ohio, by General Motors Corporation, 
li.Tir. .Miih. assignee. Propeller mechanism. Ke. 
2,". 253. Autr, 15. 

lil.iTi. ii ini. William .\ , Millbury. assignor to Crompton & 
Ivrmwhs Loom Works, Worcester. Mass. Harness cord 
(■.ir!::.vt'.T I- r looms. 2.506,564. May 9. 

Blanchard, W lUiam A., Millbury, assignor to ^Cfompton 
& Knowles Loom Works, Worcester, Mass. Nose board 
for Axminster looms. 2,527,054, Oct. 24. 

Blanchanl, Vinson, Abington, Mass. Confection packag- 
ing machine having confection conveying means and n 
hotizontallv arranged suet ion means for opening bags 
to receive the confections. 2.528,997, Nov. 7. 

Blanchet, Charles T., assignee : See — 
Leedy, Leonard F. 

Blanchet, Ovlla J., New Bedford, .Mass, Motion-picture 
apparatus. 2,493,612, Jan. 3. 

Blanchette, Hilaire, St. Simon de Drummond Quebec, 
Canada. Feeding and forming machine. 2,516,543, 

Julv 2.') 

Blancf, James R., Eastport, Md., assignor to KeutTel & 

E.vser Company, Hoboken, N. J. Slide rule. 2,534,695, 

Dec, 19. 

Bland, Jay C, Houston. Tex. SwlveL 2,507,849, May 16. 

Bland, Reginald B.. Newport News, Va. Earpiece with 

inflatable sealing means. 2,535,258, Dec. 26. 
Bland, Rophle E., New York, N. Y., assignor to Houdry 
Process Corporation, Wilmington, Del. Employing fluent 
catalyst. 2,492,958, Jan. 3. 
Blandford, Herbert S., a.ssignor to Medina Business Estate, 
Elmlra, N. Y. Folding cardboard box. 2,522,597, 
Sept. 19. 
Blandford, Herbert S., assignor to Medina Business Estate, 
Elmira, N. Y. Folding paper box construction. 
2.522,.598. Sept. 19. 
Blanding, Forrest IL, Elizabeth. N. J., assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Company. Apparatus for con- 
tacting solids and gaseous tluiiis. 2,502,954. Apr. 4. 
Blanding, Forrest H.. Elizabeth. N. J., assignor to Standard 
Oil I>evelopment Company. Catalytic conversion of 
hydrocarbons. 2,506.291, May 2. 
P.lancy, Dorothy L., Los Angeles, Calif., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Magnetic head testing system. 
2,528,682, Nov. 7. 
Blaney, Dorothy L.. Loa Angeles, Calif., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Monitoring system for mag- 
netic recording. 2.530,562. Nov. 21. 
Blaney. Dorothy L., Los Ang<les. Calif., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Editing and inspection of in- 
visible sound tracks. 2,530,564, Nov. 21. 
Blankenltuehler, John H.. .Murrysville, assignor to West- 
inghouse Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Welding generator. 2.508.140, Mav 16. 
Blankenshlp, Albert S., Commerce. Tex., and F. F. Blank- 
enship. Norman, Okla. Nut shelling iiiai hine having co- 
operating rotary cracking members. 2.512,411, June 20. 
Bl.inki-nship. Alnm. -Muskogei", Okla., assignor of one-third 
to D. Kelly and one-third to W. Crane, Fort Lauderdale, 
Fla. Diaper. 2.497.533. Feb. 14. 
Blankenshlp. Forrest F. : See— 

Blankenship. Albert S. and F. F. | 

Blankstein, Saul C. : See— 

Benson,- Albin N., McMorrow, Septfonds, Jr., and 
Blann, William A. : See — > 

Durant. Walter W.. and Blann. 
Blann, William A., Stamford. Conn., assignor to .\merican 
Cyanamld Company, New York, N. Y. Inversion of 
sucrose. 2,534.694, Dec. 19. 
Blanning, Harry K., Chicago, 111. Apparatus for draining 

railroad n-frigerafor cars. 2.502,698, .\.pr. 4. 
Blanton. William B., Rockville Centre, and E. J. Agnew, 
Brooklyn, assignors to The Western Union Telegrai>h 
Company. New York. N. Y. Telegraph switching sys- 
tem. 2,512,605. June 27. 
Blanton, William B., Rockville Centre, and R. C. Avers, 
Valley Stream, assignors to The Western Union Tele- 
graph Company, New York. N. Y. Automatic tele- 
U'raph switchinL' systom. 2.520.00.'?, Sept. 5. 
Blasen, Louis T.. Saranac, Mich. Animal trap. 

2,527,697, Oct. 31. i 

Blash, Joseph A. : See — 

Altman. Fred E.. and Blash. 
Blashfleld. William IL. assignor to The North Electric 
Manufacturing Company, Gallon, Ohio. Telephone dial 
testing by means of an oscilloscope pattern. 2,535,118, 
Dec. 26. 
Blasig, Jo.seph, assignee : See — 

Gulfiez, Antonio. | 

Blaslngame, Myron A., Fresno, Calif. Safety signal 

device for vehicles. 2.517,173, Aug. 1. \ 

Blaslola. Joseph, I'hoonli, Ariz. Field fruit box dumper. 

2,513,076. June 27. 
Blaski, John F.. Chicago, 111. Roof construction, 

2,526,323, Oct. 17. 
Blatt, Leland F., Detroit. Mich. Fish scaler. 2,510,371, 

.Iun<' 6. 
Blattmann, Henri, and II. Bruck. Paris, Franee. assignors 
to Compagnle Generale de Telegraphie Sans Fil. L>evice 
for the regulati<in and centering tinder vacuum of a 
filament for a Wehnelt cathode. 2.506,660, May 9. 
Blattner, Emil II. . Rochester, N. Y. Iron cord holder. 

2.509,473, May 30. 
Blattner, Emll H., Rochester, assignor to The Symington- 
Gould Corporation, Depew, N. Y. Side bearing. 
2,515,853, July 18. 
Blatz, Hanson, Rochester, and R. R. Roberts. Irondequolt, 
assignors to RItter Company, Inc., Rochester. N. Y. 
Fluoroscopic shutter control mechanism. 2,502,200, 
Mar. 28. 

l.l.-ST »'F i'AlEMEES 


Blau. D.'ive. assignee: See — 
.\1j(1. l>.ivld M. 

Blaii, .\lari.-ita, assignor to Canadian Radium & Uranium 
Corporation, New York, N. Y. Apparatus for indicat- 
ing and measuring small movements. 2,501.560, Mar. 

Blau. Marietta, and B. Pregel. assignors to Canadian Radi- 
um & Iranium Corporation, New York. N. Y. Alpha 
ray source and producing s-ame. 2.510,795, June 6. 
Blaugrund, Marvin J.. Shaker Heights, Ohio. Antenna 

mounting clamp. 2,493,851, Jan. 10. 
Blavier, otto, Warrington, I'a. Work-holding attach- 
ment for tools. 2.510.950, June 13. 
Blaw-Knox Company, assignee : See — 
Harnebey, Herbert L. 
Feldmeier, Frank. 
Grav, Chesleiirh. 
Hackett, William B. 
llarcourt. Guv .V. 
Jones. Wendeil W. 
Kermer, Martin J. 
Mueller, Paul M. 
Pottmeyer, p^dward W. 
Records, William M. 
Tlioinas, William A. 
Wert, Edwin A. 
Blayney, James L., Lansdale, assignor to Phllco Cor- 
poration, Philadelphia, Pa. Automatic blanking- 
level control for television receivers. 2,521,146, 
Sept. 5. 
Blazel Corporation, assignee : See — 
Arvins. Nathan A., and Arvintz. 
Bleckman Irving. .New York, N. Y. Collapsible ward- 
robe. 2,522,561, Sept. 19. 
Bledsoe, William E., Jr., assignor to Badger Carton Co., 
Milwaukee, Wis. Foldable holder for flashlight ele- 
ments. 2,522,660, Sept. 19. 
Blpeker, Edward F., and P. J. Ditto, Plattsburg, N. Y. 

Magazine safety razor. 2.510,951, June 13. 
Blefeld, Gilbert M., Dallas. Tex. Drinking device. 

2.505.380, Apr. 25. 
Blendin. Ernst : See — 

Ostennann. Otto. .Tnd Blendlji. 
Blesh. Raymond T., Wadsworth. assignor to Seiberling 
Latex Products Co., Akron. Ohio. Bathing cap. 
2,.531.318, Nov. 21. 
Blessing.r. Frank. Jr., Boyertown, Pa. Tractor hitch 

2.513.783, July 4. 
Bletz, Edward, Mansfield, Ohio, assignor to Stevens 
Manufacturing Company, Inc. Positive "oft" thermo- 
static switch. 2.518,595. Aug. 15. 
Blener. Keith T.. Oak Park, 111. Mechanical pencil. 

2.506.917. May 9. 
Blevans, Don W., assignor to Orbit Valve Company, Tulsa, 

Okla. Valve seat. 2.516.947, Aug. 1. 
Blevlns, Noah W„ Roanoke, Va. Water actuated motor. 

2,499 715. Mar. 7. 
Blewett. John P. : See — 

Peters. Philip H., Jr.. and Blewrtt. 
Blewett, Stephen E., Altadeua, assignor of one-half to 
S. N. Blewett, Stockton, Calif. Weather Indicator. 
2.526,114. Oct. 17. 
Blewett, Stephen N., assignee: See — 

Blewett. Stephen E. 
Bley. Fred M., Chicago, assignor to D. E. and F. Yeoman, 

St. Charles. 111. Pessary. 2,494.226, Jan. 10. 
Bley, Fred M., Glenvlew, 111. Preloaded load limiting 
tool for dressing or cutting rotating bodies. 2,501,374, 
Mar. 21. 

Blieke. Frederick F.. assignor to The Regents of the 
University of Michigan. .Ann .Arbor. Mich. Production 
of 2-iminoplperldines and 2-iminopyrrolidines. 2,513,270, 
July 4. 

Blieke. Frederick F., Washtenaw County, assignor to 
Regents of the University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, 
Mieh. Aminoalkyl esters of dithienvl aliphatic acids. 

2.533.084, Dec. 5. 

Blieke. Fr<»derick F., assignor to Regents of the University 
of Michigan, .Ann Arbor, Mich. Aminohydroxvbutenes. 

2.533.085, Dec. 5. 

Blieke. Frederick F., Washtenaw County, assignor to 

Regents of the T'niversity of Michigan. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Hydroxymethylthianaphthene. 2,533,086, Dec. 5. 
Blieke, Frederick F., Washtenaw County, assignor to 

Regents of the University of Michigan. Ann .Arbor, Mich. 

Thianaphthenylmethyl benzoate. 2,533,087, Dec. 5. 
BlickenstafT, Robert T. : See — 

Hass, Henry B., and BlickenstafT. 

Blickman. S.. Inc.. assignee: See — 
Stephan, Wolfgang. 

Blikstad, Finn, and E. Pedersen. Sarpsborg. Norway. 
Apparatus for purifying fibrous suspensions. 2.517 832. 
Aug. 8. 

Blind. Karl A.. Thlensville, assignor to Dln^-s .Macnetlc 

Separator Co., .Miilwaukee, Wis. Can handling magnet. 

2..503.467, .\pr ll. 
Blind, Karl A.. Thlensville. assignor to Pings M.Tgn>'tic 


2.535.719. Dec. 26. 

^parator Co.. Milwaukee, Wis. .Magnetic pulley. 

87404 {>—r- 


Bllnoff, Vsevolod, Paris, assignor to Society Anonyme dite : 
Soclete D'Innovaiions Chindques dite : Sinuovu ou Sadie 
Maux, Beauval. France. Separating higher molecular 
alcohols from the soaps obtained in the preparation of 
the same. 2,530,042, Nov. 14. i i- »- 

BlinofT, W illlam : .sco — 

U illiam.s, Fred B., Hill, and BlinofT. 
Blish, Elizabeth M., assigni^e : See — 

Blish. Louis J. 
Blish. Louis J.. St. Clair County, assignor of fifty per wnt 
to E. .M. Blish and fifty per cent to W. T. WlLst.n. Jr., 
Birminghanj, Ala. Saw filing gauge. 2,506,565, May 9. 
Blish. Morris J. : See — 

Hoglan. Forest A., and Blish. 
Bliss, George L., Yardley, Pa., assignor to The American 
Steel and Wire Company of New Jersey. Agitating 
mechanism in ajiparaius for treating material with 
liquid. 2.52H.85]. Nov. 7. 
Bliss, Harvey N., Windsor, assignor to Veeder-Root In- 
corporated, Hartford, Conn. Predetermlnator register 
mechanism. 2,524.755. Oet. 10. 
Bliss. Jack^ E., and O. R. Prather, assignors to Rotary 
EngiUf-ering and Manufacturing Company Inc., Mid- 
land. Tex. <;as detection. 2.514.690. July 11. 
Bliss, Jerome J., assignor to Acrometal Products, Inc., 
Minneapolis, .Minn. Flanged bobbin with snap on pro- 
tected edge. 2,527.519. Oct. 31. 
Bliss, Jerome J., assignor to Acrometal ProduNs. Inc., 
Minneapidis. Minn. Flanged with protected edge. 
2.527,.520, Oct. 31. 
Bliss. Lester E., assignor to Eastman Kodak Company, 
Roehester, N. Y. ."shadow screen for optical compara- 
tors. 2..507.138. May 9. 
Bliss. Warren II. , Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Frequency divider. 2,493,058, 
Jan. 3. 
inis>. U arren IL, Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Predetermined counter. 2.521,774, 
Sept. 12. 
Bliss, Warren II. , Riverhead. N. Y., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Tone keyer control circuit. 
2.495.805. Jan. 31. 
Bliss, Warren H., Riverhead. N. Y., a.ssignor to Radio 
Corporation of .America. Multiplex telegraph system. 
2.513,910. July 4. 
niiss. Warren H.. Riverhead. N\ Y., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Electronic circuits for signal- 
ing. 2.513.911. July 4. 
Bliss. Warren If., Riverhead, N. Y., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of .America. I'ulse receiver. 2.524.691. 
Oct. 3. 
Bliss, Warren IL, Riverhead, N. Y., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Frequency divider. 2,526,000, 
Oct. 17. 
Bliss, William R., Washington. D. C. 'Calculating device. 
2.500.924, Mar. 21. I 

P.liss, William R., Washington. D. C. Wide dynamic 
range amplifying and demodulating system. 2.515,187, 
July 18. 
Blitz. Daniel : See— 

Shankweller. Ray G.. and Blitz. 
Blitz, Daniel, Newtonville, Mass., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of .America. Microwave measuring appa- 
ratus. 2.524.283. 0<-t. 3. 
Blitz. Daniel, Newtonvllle, Mass, as.«ignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Microwave closure member 
and seal therefor. 2,527,908, Oct. 31. 
Blitz, Daniel, Princeton, N. J., a.ssignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Antenna system. 2,522.562, 
Sept. 19. 
Blitz, Daniel, I'rlnceton, N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Standing wave detector. 
2.522.563. Sept. 19. 
Blitz. Daniel, Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio Corpora- 
tion of America. Frequency modulation radio-echo 
distanee indicator. 2. 524. 282. Oct. 3. 
Blitz. Daniel. Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio Corpora- 
tion of America. Frequency modulation distance 
measuring system. 2,528.109, Oct. 31. 
Blitz, l>aniel. i'rlnceton, .V. J., assignor to Radio Corpora- 
tion of America. Radio distance measuring system. 
2.533.871. Dec. 12. 
Blizard, Robert B. : See^ 

Larsen. Jack, and Blizard. 
Blizzard. William H.. assignee: See — 

Bennett. William R.. Sr. 
Bloch, Elsie C. and G. New York. N. Y. Loop pile carpet 

fahricB. 2.497.716, Feb. 14. 
Bloch. Godfrey : See — 

Bloch. Elsie C. and G. 
Harris. Milton. Fourt. Bullock, and Bloch. 
Bloch. Godfrey. Inc.,iassignee : See — 

Harris, Milton. Fourt, Bullock, and Bloch. 
Bloch. Herman S : Ser — 

Thompson. Ralph B., and Bloch. 
nioch. Herman S.. assltrnor to I"niversal Oil Pro^luotii 
Company. Chicago. Ill Dlels-alder condensation prod- 
ucts of certain polyolefinic, cyclic hydrocarbon fractions. 
2.514,533, July 11. 
Bloch, Herman S., assignor to Universal OU Products 
Company. Chicago. 111. Production of resinous mate- 
rials. 2,518,519, Aug. 15. 



Hlurfi, llcrinan S., assijcnor to Universal Oil Products Com- 
pany, Chioapo, 111. i'reparatlon of a hydrocarbon dry- 
ing oil. 2.52'J.59U. Nov. 14. 

Blocn, Herman S.. assijrnor to Universal Oil Products Com- 
pany, Cliicago, 111. I'reparation of synthetic resins from 
a dichloroalkene and a liydrocarbon fraction containing 
rhloro aromatic hydrocarbons. 2..ol.'9..o91, Nov. 14. 

i;; '<li. If»-rriian S.. and A. F. H'>fTn;an. Riverside, assignors 
r.i I riiver.<<al <)il Products ('aiipany, Chicago, 111. Co- 
bodied drying oils. l.'.r._'3.t')0y, Sept. 26. 

nil. eh. IJiidolf, and L. V. Farka.s, Jerusalem. K. Goldschmid, 
IVl Aviv, and .M. Lewin. I. Schnerb, and P. Coldechmiilt. 
.Tfru>al'>ni. I'aie.^tine ; H. Farl<as, executrix of saiii 
L. V. Farkas, deceased. Kendering wool unshrinkable. 
2..'^nS.O(i7. May ]»!, 

P.locic & And.Tson Limited, assignee: See — 
Gerlarh. ITuco. 

Blocli. rharl'>s F., P.atavla, N. Y. C«mhined cigarette 
support and extlncuisher. 2.4!tS..'^.''.0. Fi'h. 21. 

Block. Curtis, Bridgeport. Conn. Cigarette box. 2,493,334. 
.Ian. :>. 

Block. David I.. Elmhurst. N. V. Coin stacking and 
packaK'ini: d.'vlce. 2.523.089. Sept. 19. 

I'.lo, k. Harold H., assignor to The Carrett Corporation. 
I MS .\iii;."les, Calif. Low melting flnx. 2.498,199. 
i--.'h .■!. 

!'.' k Harold IT., assignor to Thi' Garrett Corporation, 
f.' •< .\iigeles. ralif. Composition for joining metal sur- 
'::•■< 2. .'■.08, 008, Mav IH. 

B: ' ^ H.rman, New York, N. Y. Holder. 2.495,800, 
r M). 3). 

Rlnrk. O. : f^re — 

Bluck. .lacob B . Sher. and Block. 

Blo' k. ,Iaciib B.. Westiiiount. Quebec, and D. I'.. Slier and 
H. O. Block, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Combination 
crib shoet and mattress protector. 2.516.303, July 25. 

Block, .Morris H., Denver, (^olo. Making educational 
phonou'raph records. 2,519,103, Aug. 15. 

Bi... k K.Mi4 11. : Sep^ 

WiNh. Rohprt J., and Block. 

Blnrk. Ulch.Tfd J.. Scarsdale, assignor to The Borden Com 
pniiv. N%w York, N. Y. Pri'paring protamines 
2.497, S5S. Fph 21. 

lil'Hk, Kichird .1 .'^1 nrsdal.'. N, V .Anion exchange 
f'sin in anti irritation powder. 2,501.927, Mar. 28. 

B.ock. Wnltpr W. : Sre — 

Kr'li Hud. .If. .ind Block, 

Block. Walt.T \\'., assignor to Quaker Stretcher Company. 
Kenosha, Wis. Curtain stretcher. 2,521.685. Sept. 12. 

BlockiiiLi'T. ,I,iiii4\s J.. ('u.v.iIh.l'.i Falls, assignor to Th'' 
Oalanor Products Company, .\lliance, Ohio. Andiron 
construction. 2.515.586. July l.**. 

BlodjJtHt, Katharine B.. and V. T. Schaefor. Schenectady. 
N. Y.. assignors to Cenernl Pllcctric Company. Makini,: 
elf>ctiical indicators of mechanical expansion. 2,493,745. 
Jan. 10. 

Blok. FTcnrl. Eindhoven, Xetherlniids. assignor to Hart- 
ford National I'ank and 'I'rust Company, Hartford. 
Conn . as trustco Heterodvne receiver circuit. 
2,52.'>,394. Oct. 10 - " 

Blok. H'-nri. and IL .\. I'.roos, Eindhoven. Netherlands. 
assignors to Hartford National Bank and Trust Com- 
panv, Hartford. Conn., as trustee. Radio receiver with 
hand spread tunable circuits. 2,495.624, Jan. 24. 

!;i'.k. I.auri'!!.-; • Sir - - 

Van dir Mark. Jan. Venis, Roszbach. and Blok. 

Blok. Lourens. Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to Hart- 
ford National Bank and Trust Company. Hartford. 
Conn., as trustee. Measuring circuits for Intermodula- 
tion measurements, 2 5.30.506. Nov. 21. 

Blok. Lourens. and J. M. L. Janssen. Eindhoven. Nether- 
lands, assitrnors to Hartford National Bank and Trust 
Company, Hartford, Conn., as trustee. Circuit for 
ain[)liinrli. modulation, 2 ,"i21.443 Sipr. 5. 

Blohm, Clyde L.. Lo8 -Angeles, and R. M. Young. Long 
Beach, assitmors to The Fluor Corporation, Ltd.. Los 
.\ni:^-lc^. Calif. Bubble cap. 2.51S.746. Aug. 15. 

I'.lom, Sv..n G ' f^p<- - 

.AnsriTbv Erik \.. Carlsson. and Plom. 

r.lombere. Knut H.. New York. N. Y.. assignor to 
Telcfonakticbolaeet L. M. Erics.'-on. Stockholm. Sweden 
Contr.illinsr nnpnratus. 2.499.451. Mar. 7., 

Blomh'Tcr. Martin P. : Rpr — 

Flnlgan. .Andrew G.. Bruchtel. and Blumberg. 

Bloirber::. Mr^rrjn V . Hinsdale. Ill . assienor to General 
Motors Cortioratiou. Detroit, Mich, Spring seat and 
oQualizer lifting means. 2.499.29,3. F>h 2« 

rUomberc. Martin P.. lUnsdab^. 111., assignor to General 
Motors Torporation. Detroit, Mich. Bodr side frame. 
2519018 Auc. 15. 

Blomberg. Martin P.. Hinsdale. Til., assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Draft gear. 
2.530.756. Nov. 21. 

P.Iomcren, Carl E.. assignor of on^-half to E. O. Blomsren. 
CliicMgo. 111. Xonsnag sinker for fishing lines. 
2.510,104, Aug. 15. 

Pdomgren. Edith O,. assignee : Pee — 
Blomgren. Carl E. 

BIomgr>n. Evort. assignor to Raymond Engineering 
Laborntorv. Inc., Berlin. Conn. Gvroscope caging and 
tinea ging device. 2.527.055. Oct. 24. 

Blomgren. Oscar C. Evan-^ton, 111,, assignor, by mesne 
n<:-;ii:nmonts. to Genf>rnl Financo Corporation. Rotarv 
disk agitator for soil tillers. 2.503.993, Apr. 11. 

2,521.332, Sept. 5. 

Synthetic estromimetic 

, assignor to National 
N. Y. Carton blank 

Testing device. 

N, J. 

Newton, Mass., assignor to General 
Axial flow elastic fluid turbine. 

Blomqulst. Johan O.. Stockholm. Sweden. Concrete con- 
veyer. 2.513,784, Julv 4. 
Blomquist. Uno O., Vasteras, and S. \V. Wallin, Jonkoping, 

assignors to .A. B. Svcnska I'laktfabiik* n. Stockholm, 

Sweden. Dust extracting device. 2.533.991. Dec. 12. 
Blondin, (Jeorge .A., Maplewood, Mo. Removable sorting 

rack. 2.494,030. Jan. 10. 
Blondin. Josepli A.. West Los Angeles, Calif. .Airplane 

with circular airfoil. 2,515.587. July 18. 
Blood, Robert H., and B. W. Sewell. Tulsa. Okla., assignors 

to Standard Oil Development Company. Oil well 

formation tester. 
Blouni, .AllxTt : Str 

.Niederl. Victor, and Bloom. 
Bloom, Cecil A.. South Bend, Ind. Remotely operable 

means for focusing photographic enlargers. 2,500,650, 

Mar. 14. 
Bloom, Frederick A., Houston, Tex. Skull clamp. 

2,494,792, Jan. 17. 
Bloom, Frederick S., Mount Lebanon Township, Alle- 

ghenv County, Pa. Regenerative ingot-heating furnace 

with'oiltiurners. 2.504.379. Apr. 18. .. 
Bloom. Frederick S., Pittsburgh. Pa. Controlling fuel 

8ui)plv to multizone heating furnaces. 2.523,644, Sept. 

Bloom. Fredrick K., Baltimore Md., assignor to -Armco 

Steel Corporation. Spring and method. 2.527,521. 

Oct. 31. 
Bloom. Isaac, assignee : See — 

Matter. Ernst. 
Bloom. Oscar IL. Brooklvn. N. Y. 

agents. 2.504,633, Anr. 18. 
Bloom. Richard A., Chicago^ 111. 

Biscuit (!ompanv. New York. 

feeder. 2.530,644. Nov. 21. 
BloiMii. .Samuel. New Brunswick. 

2,508,367. May 23. 
Bloomberg, David J.. 

Electric Company. 

2.494.328, Jan. 10. 
Bloomberg, David J., Newton. Mass.. assignor to General 

Electrii' Comi>any. Bucket structure for higlitcmpera- 

ture turhomachines. 2.500.745. Mar, 14, 
Bloomenthal. Sidney, Chicago, and F. E. Wood. McIIenry. 

assignors to Automatic Electric Laboratories, Inc., Chi- 
cago. 111. Lubricating compound. 2,530,804, Nov. 21. 
Bloomer Bros. Company, assignee: Sec — 

Inman, William H. 
Bloom field, Harohi, Chicago, 111. Potato cutter. 2.497.289. 

Feb 14. 
Bloomfield. John J., assignor to Lockheed Aircraft Cor- 
poration. P.urbank, Calif. Power transmitting belt. 

2.526.324. Oct. 17. 
Bloomfield, John J., assignor to Lockheed .Aircraft Corpo- 
'' ration. P.urbank, Calif. Aircraft propeller drive. 

2. .532.755, Dec. 5. 
Bloomfield. Samuel. Chicago, 111. Ice cream dlsher. 

2.498.331. Feb. 21. 
Bloomfield. Samuel. Wichita, Kans.. and R. S. Wallach, 

Madison. N. J., assignors to C. E. Hovey. Kansas City. 

Mo., as trustee. Bottle cap lifting and retaining tooL 

2,510.4.59. Juno 6. 
Bloomfield Tool Corporation, assignee : See — 

Noe. Harold C. 
Bloomington Limestone Corporatio.i, assignee : See — 

Solomito, Joseph. 
Bloomquist Rtidolph A.. Auburn. Mass. Universal device 

for sharpening hypodermic needles. 2,520,523, Aug. 29. 
Bloomstran. Floyd II. : See — 

.Tones, James R,, and Bloomstran. 
Bloomstran, Flovd H., assignor to .Art Metal Construction 

Companv. Jamestown, N. Y. Mounting copyholders on 

tvppwriter platforms. 2.501.257. Mar. 21. 
Blout. Elkan R, : Sre — 

.Anton. William F.. Jr.. and Blout. 
Blout, Elkan R.. Cambridge, and W. F. Amon. Jr.. Boston, 

assignors to Polaroid Corporation. Camhrldgo. Mass. 

Light filter transparent to infrared radiation and 

opaque to visible light. 2.525,638. Oct. 10. 
Bloxhnm. Verlin .A., Berkelev, C.ilif, Drving hopg. 

2.510.372, Juno 6. 
Bludworth, Joseph E,, Cumberland. Md . and M H. 

Kotzebue. Houston. Tex., assignors to Colanesp Cor- 
poration of .America. Cooling reaction gases. 2.497,973. 

Feb, 21. 
Bludworth. Joseph E.. and R. E Meyer. Cumberland. Md.. 

assignors to Ceianese Corporation of America. Con- 
densation of acr(d«dn with monohvdric saturated 

aliphatic alcohols. 2,495,313, Jan. 24. 
Blue. Arthur A.. Fairfield, Conn. Drier roll for paper, 

paperboard. and like material. 2519.105. Aug. 15. 
Blue Channel Cornoratjon. The. .issignee : See — 
Harris. Sterling G.. and WIIIIb. 
.Johnson. Roy M, 
Blue Harrv. Colfjwnter. assignor of one-half to M, T< Blue, 

Qnincy. Mich Trailer hitch. 2.510,677. June 6, 
Blue. Mat T.. Wichita. Kans. Aircraft passenger chair. 

2.518.860. Aug. 15. 
Blue, Melvln T... assignep : See — , 

Bine, Harry, ' 

Blue. Robert D : Ser — 

Hunter. Ralph M., Blue, and Nelpert. 
Blue. Rov E. : Srr — 

McKecknle. Ian C, Blue, and Oliphant. 




Blue. Koy E., Detroit, assignor to Chrysler Corporation, 
lli,^'hland Park, Mich, Bearing and making the same. 
2,^'J^,^73, Feb. 28. 

Blue Bell, Juc, assignee: Bee — 
Stanley, Kugeue. 

Bluemiuk. Gary G.. and R. A. Beach, Racine, Wis., assign- 
ors, by mesne assignments, to Cummins Business Ma- 
chines Corporation, Chricago, 111. Housing for portable 
motor driven tools. 2.513,271. July 4. 

Blue Ri'J^i' Glass Corporation, assignee: See — 
<;iynn. Theodore W . 

151uetit(iu, Ben A.. Schenectady, N. Y., assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Preparing alkyltluorosilanes, 
2.519.879. Aug. 22. 

Bluturu, Horace, Virginia Beach, Va. Simulated bowling 
game backstop. 2,012,516, June 20. 

Bluhm, Fred A., Michigan City, Ind., D. W. Huyes, Chi- 
cago, and A. H. Zeigler, Kenilworlh. assignors to Aruiuur 
and Company, Chicago, 111. Fiber spinning apparatus 
and method. 2,5l'9,t;74, -Nov. 14. 

Bluhm, Harland K., Wadena, Minn. Boat speedometer. 
2,525,639. Oct. 10. 

Bluuui, uito J., Wausau, Wis. Crate for bottles. 
2,023,272, Sept. 26. 

Blum. Harry, New York, N. Y. Film viewing device. 
2,.'<15.;i21. July 18. 

Blum, Nevin J. : See — 

Ferris, William 1'., and Blum. 

Blume, Carl T., West .Newton, assignor to Raytheon Man- 
uiaetuMug Cuiupauy, Newton, Mass. Feeding device. 
2,49.-.,8S5, Jan. 31. 

Blumenbaum, Louis G., Cranston, and R. E. Langlols, 
West Warwick, U. I., assignors to Draper Brothers 
Company, Canton, Mass. Tubular fabric straighteuer 
and method. 2,503,705, Apr. 11. 

Blumeusou, Burnett. Brooklyn, N. Y. Mop shaking re- 
ceptacle. 2.510,sti0, June 6. 

Blumeuthal, Milton M., assignee : See — 
Cook, iJerton 11. 

Blumenthal, Sidney & Co., Inc., assignee : See — 
Abbott, Arthur R.. Kieiey, and Simon. 
Kit'ley, Michael F., and Abbott. 
Lov.shin, lYank A., and Bayley. 
Sullivan. Francis J., and Abbott. 

Blumenthal, Warren B., .Niagara Falls, assignor, by mesne 
assignnxnts, to National Lead Company. New York. 
-N. Y. Dye pigment. 2,492,959. Jan. 3. 

Blumentlial, Warren B., Niagara Falls, assignor to National 
Lead Company. New York, N. Y. Preparing ammonium 
zirconium sulfate salt. 2,525.474, Oct. lU. 

Blunicr, Adam F.. and E. J. Verrei, Baton Rouge, La., 
assignors to Standard Oil Development Company. 
Two-port valve for volatile liquid containers. 
2,529.275. Nov. 7. 

Blumtield. Joseph, Los Angeles, Calif. Tufted, hooked, 
and woven fabric. 2.5U8,S52, May 23. 

Blumfield, Joseph, Los Angeles, CaliL Tufting machine. 
2,533.420. Dec. ]:;. 

Blumlein, Alan D., deceased, Ealing, London, by D. Blura- 
lein, executrix, Laulierne, Lescudj.tck, Penzance, Corn- 
wall, assignor to Electric & Musical Industries Limited, 
Hayes, England. Apparatus tor generating electrical 
Impulses. 2,490,979, Feb. 7. 

Blumlein, Alan D., deceased, Penzance, Cornwall, by D. 
Walker, executrix, Penzance, Cornwall, assignor to 
Electric & Musical Industries Limited, Middlesex, Eng- 
land. Pulsed oscillator. 2.49f>,980. Feb. 7. 

Blumlein, Alan D., deceased, late of London. England, by 
D. Walker, executrix. Lescudjack. I'enzance, Cornwall, 
England, assignor to Electric and Musical Industries, 
Limited. Radio locator system. 2,525,089. Oct. 10. 

Blumlein, Alan D., dectused, Ealing, London, England, by 
D. Walker, execulrij:. Lanherne, Lescudjack, Pezance, 
Cornwall, assignor to Electric & Musical Industries 
Limited, Hayes, England. Electrical bridge arrange- 
ment. 2,532,142, Nov. 28. 

Blumlein, Doreen. executrix : See — 
Blumlein, Alan D. 

Blundell, Alfred. Coleshill, England. Air Intake and ex- 
haust silencer lor interBal-combustion engines. 
2.512,823, June 27. 

Blundell. Charles E., Warrington, Fla. Engine actuated 
ventilating system. 2,523,273, Sept. 26. 

Blunschi, Louis : See-- 

Jaggi, Walter, and Blunschi. 

Blunt. Jack C, assignor of one tenth to O. T. Fabre, 
Lafitte, La. Animal trap. 2,501.928, Mar. 28. 

Bluth, Ludwig S., Hollywood. Calif., and R. Feitl. Brook- 
lyn, assignors to Waldes Kohl-Noor, Inc., Long Island 
City, N. Y. Retaining ring assembly. 2,509.081. 
May 23, 

Bly. Jewell L.. and L. C. Ditmore. San Angelo. Tex. 
Fountain curl comb. 2.528.108. Oct. 31. 

Blydenburgh, Harold L. : See — 

«;eorg.'. E<lwin S.. and Blydenburgh. 

Blydenburgh, Harold L.. Highland Park, assignor to The 
•Moto-Mower Company, I)«>roit, Mich. Cutting reel unit 
for lawn mowers. 2,505,878, May 2. 

Blydenburg, Harold L.. Highland Park, as.'-lgnor to The 
Moto-Mower Company, Detroit, Mich. Power lawn 
mower. 2,5a5,S79. Mav 2. 

Blydenburgh. Harold L., assi^mor to The Moto-Mower 
Company. Detroit, Mich. Driving mechanism for power 
Liwn mowers. 2,519.019, Aug. 15. 

Blythe. Harold J.. Swinton. and A. L. Hock. Worsley, as- 
signors to Magnesium Elektn.n Limited. London, 
England. Production of potassium fluozirconates. 
2,500,792, Mar. 14. 

Buak, Jackson K., Camden, Tenn. Milk can opener and 
container having two lids and adjustable stop meant 
limiting the opening of the lids. 2.501,653, Mar. 28. 

Boal, Stewart, Winnetka, assignor to Randolph Lalvira- 
torles. Inc., Chicago, IlL Mobile fire extinguisher. 
2,510.861, June u. 

Board, Francis S.. and R. P. Roblchaux, Chicago, 111. as- 
signors to Murray Deodorizers Ltd., Auckland New 
Zealand, Treating potable liquids. 2,510,099. July 25. 

Board of Commissiuners of State Institutions of :he State 
of Flori<Ia, Tlie, assignee : See — 

Kessler. William J.. Gano, and Moreno. 

Boardinan. Coe A., assignee: Sec — 
Huelsdonk. William A. 

Boardman, Harold, assignor to Carboline Limited, Van- 
couver, British Columbia, Canada. Fuel for internal- 
combustion spark ignition engines. 2,506,539, Mav 2. 

Boardman. Harry C, Chicago. HI., assignor to Cliicago 
Bridge & Irr.n Company. Gasholder. 2,492,961, Jan. 3. 

Bi.ard.n.iL. H.^rry C. Chicago. 111., assignor to Chicago 
Bridge & Iron Company. Welding laminated plates. 

2.516.100. July 25. 

BoardniHn H; iry C, Chicago. 111., assignor to Chicago 

Bridge .<>; ir.)n Company. Support for containers. 

2,5L'3,274, S. [it. 26. 
Boardman, Harry C. F. L. Goldsby. an^i C. M. Orr, Chi- 
cago, III., assignors to Chicago Bridge & Iron Company. 

Lifter roof storage tank. 2.492,!t00, Jan. 3. 
Boat. Earl M.. assignor to Sland.ird (iage Company, Inc., 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Shockproof dial indicator. 

2.527.173. Oct. 24. 
Boatright, Robert G.. Jr.. and M. O. Kllpatrick. Borger, 

Tex., and W. S. Derrick, Guymon. t>kla., assignors to 

Phillips Petroleum Company. Furfural purification. 

2.523.554. Sept. 26. 
Bobalek, Edward G. : See — 

Kannlng. Eugene W., Bobalek. and Hart. 
P.obard, Fiuile, Beuune, France. I'iston pump. 2,519,106, 

Aug. 15. 
Bohard, Emile, Beaune, France. Wheeled mower and 

drive therefor. 2,533,759, Dec. 12. 
Bobby. Frederick J., Berkeley, assignor to The Union Ice 

Companv. San Francisco, Calif. Making Ice. 2,498,645, 

Feb. 2S. 
Bober, Louis E., La Grange, TIL. assignor to Babson Bros. 

Co. I'ipe joint. 2.512,009, June 20. 
Boberg. Irving E., Chicago. Ill,, assignor to Chicago Bridge 

& Iron Company. Liquid seal for floating roofs. 

2.516.101. July 25. 

Bobier, Wilfred S . Jr.. Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich., as- 
signor to (J. .M. and F. Holley. Gas turbine tail burner 
fuel control. 2,498.939. Feb. 28. 

Bobier, Wilfred S., Jr., Pointe Woods. Mich., as- 
signor to G. M. and E. Holley. Fuel feed governor for 
gas turbines. 2.515,074, July 11. 

Bobcick, Arthur L., Pasadena, Calif. Lather dispenser. 
2,515,328. July 18. 

Bobrov, Sanuiel IL. Chicago, 111. Tape dispenser and 
applier. 2,532,.596, Dec. 5. 

Bobrov, Samuel IL, and S. A.. Chicago, 111. Tape dis- 
penser and applier. 2,532,597, Dec. 5. 

Bobrov, Sol A. : See — 

Bobrov, .Samuel H. and S. A. 

Bobst. Henri, Lausanne. Switzerland. Driving medianism 
of mobile platens in presses. 2.507.556. May 16. 

Bobst. Henri. Lausanne, Switzerland. Centering device 
f(ir gripper bars in sheet handling machines. 2,512,084, 
June 20. 

Boby, Robert, Limited, assignee : See — 
Stewart, Frederick C. 

Bocchino, Ernest. Clifton. N. J. (Vmiblnation meat roast 
rack for in- and outdoor use. 2,502.818. Apr. 4. 

Boeeia. Ravmond .A.. Cleveland. Ohio. Breakwater. 
2.51 4.1 19." July 4. 

Bocciarelli. Carlo V., Oxford. Pa., assignor to Philco Cor- 
poration. -Magnetic lens system. 2,49S,354. Feb. 21. 

Bodiau, William -A . Baltimore, Md. Flowerpot hanger. 
2.4;tO.S.".1, Feb, 7, 

Bock. -Adrian P., assignee See — 

McBride. James. 
Bock. Ashley p.. Catonsville. 

house Electric Corporation, 

duction heating e<iuipment. 
Bock. Ashley P.. Catonsville. 

house Electric Corporation, 

Thermal protective device 

2.530.935. -Nov. 21. 
Bock. -August F. and A. M., 

frame. 2.494.115. Jan. 10. 
Bock. August M. : Scf — 

Bock. August F., and A. M. 
Bock, Charles E. : See — 

Gaskill, Alfred T.. and Bock. 

Mtl., assignor to Westing- 
East Pittsburgh.^'a. In- 
2.499,716. -Mar. 7. 
Md.. assignor to Westing- 
East Pittsburgh. Pa. 
for electronic devices. 

Elkhart. Ind. Metallic 


-u. -tr' C, 


l-\i»l.X OF PATENTS, 19uU 

LIST or I'A li:.\ TKKS 

( i 

liofk rorporatlon, assigrnee : See — 

Ko' k, <»»ffar L. 
I'-ock. Jaim'8 A. : .SVo — 

(Jiachetto, John J., Snuggs, and IJock. 
lii'i k. I.Mtiis H. : see — 

11. 1 lander, Charles S., and Bock. 
liouk. Alva L., and Bock. I 

• De Heiineville. i'tttr L., Armstrong, and Bock. 
D.' Bfniiovillp. IV'Ter L., and I'.ock. 
De Benneville, Peter L., Bock and Gormly. 
Bork, Louis H., Huntingdon Vallfv, and 1*. L. de Benne- 
ville, assiK'hors to Kohin & Haa.s Coiiipany, Philadelphia, 
Pa. ("uiipling 3,r< diiiu'ihylphinylint'thvl ethers of cellu- 
l.)S»^ with diazonium salts. 2.498.874. Feb. 28. 
Bork, Louis IL, Huntingdon Valhy, and P. L. de Benne- 
ville, assignors to Kiihia A: Haas Company, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Coloring celhilosic inatfrials %vlth diazonium salts 
and naphthyl ethers. 2,4'J'-,S7r), Feb. 28. 
P.ock. I.oiiis H.. Huntingdon Valley, and J. L. Ralney, 
Abington, a.<;.<;ignor8 to Rohm & Haas Company, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Polyothyleneglycol ethers of bis(dialkylhy- 
il!-.. vvph' uyl ) tiiftharif. L'..jU4,l)ri4, .Apr. 11. 
Bock, Marvin J., Lexington, assignor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturln:; Company, .Newport, Mass. Controlling device 
for Cooking apparatus. 2..'ilf),.')n:^. .Tuly 25. 
P-oi'k. .Micha.'l. 1 1 ; See — 

Lutt.--. Carlton G., Hlckey, and Bock. IL 
I'i.rsch, Erich C.. and Ho.k, II. 

i.o.k, u.scar L., as.signor to Bock Corporation, Madison, 
Wis. Heater. 2,r)()t),33i;, May 2. 

Bockhorst, \Vllli;un, Springfield", Mo. Reclining chair. 
2,r)U2.SP). .\pr. 4. 

Hockisch. Walter A., Elmhurst, HI., assignor to Western 
Electric Company, Hicorporated, New \ork, N. Y. Mag- 
netic chuck for a part having two magnetizable zones. 
2.r)21.R21. Sept. 12. 

B'lekman, Theodore, Evanston. assignor to I'niversal Oil 
Products Company. Chicago, HI. Catalyst contacting 
apparatus. 2,530,t>4."), Nov. 21. 

i'.i'tKiiiiyer. Eidon Philadi'lphia, Pa. Apparatus for cool- 
ing tlui'ls. 2..")n0.((;', I. Mav 2.'?. 

Bocquel. Ren6 : ^ee — 

De France, Henri G., and Bocquel. I 

I'ndan.-^ky, .John C. assignor to Cocker Machine & iFoundry 
Company, (Jastonia, N. C. Stop control mechanism. 
2.,-.;!4.v;o»;. Dee. 19. 

P.o<ldy. Edwin IL, Erie, Pa., assignor to General Electric 
Company. Support for food storage receptacles. 
- !l»9.179. Feb. 28 

iMKltly, Edwin EI.. Erie. Pa., a.ssignor to General Electric 
Company. Adjustable rotatable shelf. 2,519,880, Aug. 

r.ofldy, Leonard. .\nn Arbor. Mich., assignor to The An- 
derson Company. Temperature responsive switch. 
2.507.365, May 9. 

r.ode. Kob<'rt G., and C. A. Geib, assicnors to The Nor- 
wood Company. Chicago, 111. Detachable tone arm 
mounting 2.4nn.r,93. Feb. 7. 

Bodell. ,Tnhn E., Fremont, Nebr 
2,521.;533. Sept. T,. 

Bodcmiilier. lltiiry R., La Fa.vette, La^ Kad|o apparatus 
for vi.'iiializinir objects. 

Ilodcn, Samuel H. : See — 

Cummins:. .James M., and Bo<len. 

Bodendierk. Henrv W., Taylorville, III. 
2. .',()•). ()S2, Mav 2:; 

Bodendieck, Ilerirv W., Taylorville, 111 
2.5U9.()S3, May 23. 

Bodensicek, E. .tustus: See — 

Rfith. Jay M., and Bodensleck. 

P.odcer. Walter K., South Glastonbury, assignor to United 
.Aircraft Corporation, East Hartford. Conn. Nozzle 
rintr for eas turbines. 2,497.041, F<^b, 7. 

P.. !_- r, Walr*r K.. Glastonbury, a.ssignor to Fnited Air- 
craft Corporation, East Hartford. Conn. Turbine or 
compre.<;sor rotor. 2,510,734. June 6. 

Bo.liTPr, Walter K.. Glastonbury, assignor to United Air- 
crift Corporation, East Hartford, Conn. Turbine ele- 
iiu-iir. 2. .'■)1 0.735, June fi. 

Bodinatix, (?aston. Lieire, and A. Malchalr, Herstal, 
assitrnors to C. Somville, Brussels, Belgium. Control 
device for cable control mechanisms. 2,529,447, 
Nov. 7. 

Bodine. Albert G., Van Nuys, Calif. Engine fuel system. 
2 ri20.i L'o. \o._' -jn 

Bodinus, William S., Chicago, 111., assignor to Carrier 
Corporation. Syracuse, N. Y. Wort processing. 
2.495, r>25. Jan. 24. 

P.o<!kin. Irviiij S., assignor to Conrad Razor Blade Co., 
Inc.. .New York. N. Y. Machine for applying legends 
to safety r.Tzor blades. 2. 515, .854. July 18. 

Bndlander. Han'?. Foxest Hills. N. Y. Camera and folding 

lens in. .lint Mut. fox 2.495,223, Jan. 24. 
P..^.il.\ V:r_-i; H. .\l!; mibra. Calif., and C,. W. Blair and 

L. I'. Dosmann. . '^sicnors to Misliawaka Rubber and 

Woolen Manufacnirintr Ccmranv, Mishawaka, Ind. 

Sprayed rubber surfacinc. 2.501.839, .Mar. 28. 
Bodnier. Ernest, Crand-I.nncy-Geneve, assignor to Tarex 

S. A.. Geneva. Switzerland. .\utomatlc lathe turret 

controller. 2,525,85fi, Oct. 17. 
Bodaier. Kmest, Grand-Lancy-Geneve, assignor to Tarex 

S. A.. (Jeneva. Switzerland. Workpiece support. 

2,52.-857, Oct. 17. 

Wallpapering machine. 

2,523,858, Sept. 26. 


Hot-wire clamp. 
Hot-wire claanp. 

Bodnar, Joseph, assignor to W. Sutherland and G. DiPaola, 

Detroit. Mich. Rotatable .steam Joint. 2,533,421, 

Dec. 12. 
Boe, Carsten V., Wooddale, Del 

ing devices. 2,494,793, Jan. 17. 
Boe, Carsten F., Wooddale, Del. 

liquefied propellant gas under 

Valve means for spray- 


524,590, Oct. 3. 

Emulsion containing a 
pressure and spraying 

assignor to Specialties, 

?, 524,005, 

Boecking, Ewald. Great Kills, assignor to Manufac 
Machine & Tool Co., Inc., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

Boe, Gottfred, Englewood, N. J., 
Inc. Spring powered electric 
Sept. 2f3_ 

" ' icturers 
roller device for motion-picture projecting machines. 
2,530,448. Nov. 21. 
Boedeker, Edward W., Fort Wayne, Ind. Hosiery. 

2,493,910, Jan. 10. 
Boedecker, Woodrow S., and M. II. Wlgton, assignors to 
The Bastian-Blessing Company, Chicago, 111. Blow- 
pipe. 2,527,297. Oct. 24. 
Boeger, Henry F., Beverly Hills, assignor to Surgident. 
Ltd., West Los AnReles, Calif. Syringe for applying 
heat-fluent impression composition to dental inlay prep- 
arations and the like, and impression-material car- 
tridge for use therein. 2.505,028, Apr. 25. 
Boeger, Henry F.. Beverly Hills, assignor to Surgident, 
Ltd.. West Los Angeles. Calif. Guard device for 
syringes for use with heat-fluent materials. 2,532,598, 
Dec. 5. 
Boegner, Etienne M., Now York, N. Y. Ticket Issuing 

device. 2,507,395, May 9. 
Boehm, Alfred A., Jr.. New York, N. Y. Calculator. 

2.520.904. Sept. 5. 
Boehm. Carl A., assignor to The Cincinnati Milling 
Machine Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Instrument mounting. 
2.535,889, Dec. 26. 
Boehm. Paul F., Greenwich, Conn. Ellipse generator. 

2.532,353. Dec. 5. 
Boehm, Robert M., assignor to Masonite Corporation, 
Liiurel. Miss. Sizing exploded fibers. 2.516,847. Aug. 1. 
Boeing Airplane Com{)any. assignee: See — 

Castor. Thomas D.. Dillman. Fehring. and Stnmdberg. 
Herrala, Carlo O., and Jepson. 
Jacobus. Clarence E. 
I'lath. Robert. 

Santee. Edwin M., Burkhard, and Hess. 
Seeger, P.ernard I. 
Smtiby, Marcus K. 

Stedman, Cecil K.. Price, and Wlsner. 
Stoner. (Jeorge IL, and Stedman. 
Swanson. Wallace R. , 

Terdina. Frank, and .Skldmore. 
Wells, Edvard C. 
Yourirlich. .Mildred M., and Bowe. 
Boeker, Gilbert F. : See — 

P.oorse. Henry A., and Boeker. 
Boelter. Llewellyn .M. K.. Loe Angeles. R. V. Dunkle, 
Concord, and J. T. Gier. Oakland, Calif., and R. C. 
Martinelll, Schenectadv. N. Y., assignors to The Recents 
of the University of California, Berkeley. Calif. Ther- 
moelectric hent flow responsive device. 2.493,651. Jan. 3. 
Boemer. Richard H., Milwaukee. Wis. Room ventilating 
unit for mounting in window frames. 2,525.395, Oct. 
Boenisch. Charles J. : See — 

Colomy, Roy IL. and Boenisch. 
Boerner, Lewis W. : See — 

Boyd, Fisher L., and Boerner. 
Boerner, Lewis W., Newtown Squtire, and E. C. Holmes, 
West Chester, assignors to National Foam System, Inc., 
Philadelphia, Pa. Foam producing apparatus. 
2.524.421, Oct. 3. 
Boers. Ysbrand : See — 

Rinla, Herre, de Bray, van Weemen, Boers, Sypkens, 
and van Heeckeren. 
Boersma, Barney, assignor to Grand Rapids Fibre Cord 
Company, Grand Rapids, Mich. Cord or edge roll for 
upholsterv. 2..'>03.7ni. Apr. 11. 
Boerstra, Murk. Ermelo. Netherlands. Device for treat- 
ing liquids and emulsions. 2,521,334. Sept. 5. 
Boes. W. W., Company. Tht>, assignee: See — ■ 

Summers. Otto M. 
Boese. Alvln W., White Bear Township. Ramsey Count y, 
and E. F. MIchl. Lincoln Township, Washington County, 
Rpsliniors to Minnesota Mining & Manufacturini: Com- 
pany, St. Paul. Minn. Decorative rayon fabric and 
making. 2,503.024, Apr. 4. 

Boestad, Gustav K. W. : See — 

Lindhagen, Teodor I., and Boestad. 

Boester. Carl F.. West Lafayette, Ind. 

2,.523,353. Sept. 26. 
Boettcher, Paul F., Grand Haven, Mich 

Bastlan-BIessing Company, Chicago, 

unit. 2..508.326, May 16. 

P.oeve, Arthur J., Sr. : See — 

Baar, Peter, and BoeVe, Sr. 
Bogard, Fred J., Huntingt^nn. W. Va., assignor to 

American Car and Foundry Company. New I'ork, N. Y. 

Mine car axle retainer. 2,514.5.34, July 11. 
Bogart, Fred IL, South Euclid, assicnor to The Warner 

& Swasey Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Machine tool. 

2.507.241. May 9. 

Heating screen. 

. assicnor to The 
111. Refrigerator 

Tap grinding 

Boeart, Fred IL. South Euclid, assignor to The Warner 
ft Swasey Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Power chuck 
wrench. 2,515.329, July 18. 
Bogen, Ruth D. : See — 

Pogeii. .Samuel and Ruth D. 
Bogen. Samuel, and R. D. Bogeu, New York. N. Y. Elec- 
tromaKaetic and photoelectric niechanL^m and con- 
tinuous tube gauging. 2.519.221, Aug. 15. 
Bogenberger. Estlier E assignor of flfty per cent to J J. 
Helby. Milwaukee, W Is. Slider for separable slide fas- 
feu, is 2,510.73t5. June 6. 
BoK'uhaKen, Gustave IL. Cheyenne Wells, Colo. Adjust- 
able belt i)ulley assembly. 2,495,089. Jan. 17. 
Boger, Clyde, Saulte Ste. Marie, Mich. Timing control 

system. 2,496.574, Feb. 7. 
Boger, Sam, and D. V. Davis, Dodge City, Kans. Tire 

loosening tool. 2,535,562, Dec. 26. 
Bogese, Stephen B. : Sec — 

Southern, John A., and Bogese. 
Boggis, Henry i'.. Shaker Heights, Ohio. 

m.irhlne 2.52i>.844, Oct. 24. 
Boggs, i:rne8t, Lexington, Ky. Portable ladder. 2,505,750, 

May 2. I 

Bo^:gs. Fitzhugh W. : See — 

Dakiu, Thomas W., Works, and Boggs. 
Boggs, Nelson .N.. Wakefield, E. Colegrove, Lucasvllle, 
and F. W. Walters, I'iketon, Ohio. Safety ladder. 
2..507.396. Mav 9. 
Boghosian. William H., Forest Hills, S. Darlington. New 
York. N. Y.. and H. G. Och. West Englewood. N. J.. 
assik'nors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated, 
New York. .N. Y. Artillery director. 2,493,183. Jan. 3. 
Boliaboy, Edward J., Berwyn, 111., assignor to Western 
Electric Comiiany. Incorporated, New York. N. Y. Re- 
ciprocating bender with sliding side shapers. 2,530,222, 
Nov. 14. 
Bohanan. Collonus N.. Oak Park. 111. Self-sealing dis- 
jiensing cap and closure for containers. 2,512,412. 
June 20. 
Bohannon, Georse S.. assignor to Crown Machine and 
Tool Company, Fort Worth, Tex. Plastic molding ma- 
chine. 2.501.595. Mar. 21. 
Bohannan. Robert S.. assicnor to Toledo Scale Company, 
Toledo. Ohio. Hydraulic weighing scales. 2,523.413. 
Sept. 26. 
Bohannan. Robert S., assignor to Toledo Scale Company, 
Toledo. C)hio. Load responsive pressure transmitter. 
2,531,104, Nov. 21. 
Bohannon. William A., Winter Park, Fla.. assignor to 
Republic Aviation Corporation, Farmingdale, N. Y. 
Magneto breaker point assembly. 2,516,178, July 25. 
Bohl. Le-iier E., Akron, Ojiio, assignor to Piitsdtirgli 
Plate Company, Allegheny County, Pa. Purifica- 
tion of carbonic acid esters. 2,517.9t"i5". Aug. S. 
Bohl. William F., Jr., assignor to Training Devices. Inc., 
Detroit, Mich. Film projecting apparatus. 2,530,936, 
Nov. 21. 
Bohle, Wallace R.. :Mount Iloreb, Wis. Fluid pressure 

switch. 2.5O1.fl(]0. 28. 
Bohls. Sidney W., Austin, Tex., assignor to Hynson, West- 
cott & Dunning. Incorporated. Aluminum penicillin. 
2,530,372. Nov. 21. 
P.tihm. Otto. Lovosice. assignor to Severoeeske tukove 
zavody. narodnl po<lnIk, Ustl nad Labem, Czechoslo- 
vakia. Production of sterols from oils, fats, and fatty 
acids. 2,516.834. Aug. 1. 
Bohm. Paul E., Sr., South Bend. Ind. Pallet feeding 
device for concrete' block machines. 2,515.438. July IS. 
Bohman. A'incent F. : Srr^ — 

Dr. vis, Richard C, Bohman, and Germanton. 
Bohmer, Cl.irence I. : See — 

Jaeger. Gebhard, and Bohmer. 
Bohmer, Clarence I., and E. Barker, assignors to The 
Jaecer M.achlne Company, Columbus. Ohio. Supporting 
and driving mixer drums. 2.511,240, June 13 
Bohmker, Thomas W., Gene.seo, C. W. Walz, Rock Island, 
and J. H. Clark, assignors to Deere & Companv, Moline, 
111. Beet harvester. 2.492.962. Jan. 3. 
Bohmker. Thomas W.. Geneseo, C. W. Walz. Rock Island, 
and J. H. Clark, assignors to r>eere & Companv Moline, 
HI. Beet harvester. 2,531.193. Nov. 21. 
Bolin. Beatrice P.. Sea (Tirt, N. J. Apparel carrier. 

2.502.033. Mar. 28. 
Bohn. Donald L. assignor to Aluminum Company of Amer- 
ica, Pittsburgh. Pa. Induction heating control mecha- 
nism 2. .11 0.770. June 6. 
Bohne. Frederick P.. Salem Depot, N. H., assicnor to West- 
ern Electric Companv, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 
Locking device. 2.523,806, Sept. 26. 
Bohnsack, John A. : See — 

Hopeman. Albert A., Jr., and Bohn.sack. 
Bohrer, George J., Troy. N. Y.. assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Vinyl hallde resins plastlcized with a 
dioctyl tetrachlorophthalate. 2.496.852, Feb. 7. 
Bohuslav, Hans. P.ufTnlo. N. Y. Cyclic combustion gas 

generator. 2.529.325, Nov. 7. 
Bolce, Elvln G.. assicnor to Reed Roller Bit Companv. 
Houston, Tex. Tool joint wear collar. 2.513.621. 
July 4. 
Boice. Elvln G.. assignor to Reed Roller Bit Companv, 
Houston, Tex. Torque Induction mechanism. 2,516,748, 
July 25. 
Bolce, Howard, Newbiirgh, assignor to White Cloud Farms, 
Inc., Rock Tavern, N. Y. Fish Jure. 2.512.913, June 27. 

Boice. Howard, Newburgh. N. Y. Fish lure. 2.512.914. 

June 27. 
Boiko, William, Washington, D. C. Rolling ball game 

apparatus. 2,534,404, Dec. 19. 
Boiney. Joseph F. : See — 

Shepard. Alvin F., and Boiney. 
Boinot. Firmin and P. (iautier, Melle. assignors to Les 

Usines De Melle (Societe Anouyme). Salnt-Leger-les- 

Melle. France. Converting unfermentable sugars In 

vinasse to fermentable sugars. 2.529.131. Nov. 7, 
Boisseau. Alexander C. and J. W. Beattv. Lansdowne 

Pa., assignors to General Electric Company. Control 

arrangement for electric circuit breakers. 2.522.984, 

Sept. 19. 
Boisvert. On^sime, Oneyville, assignor to Edouard N. 

Roy. Pawtucket. R. I. Safety guard for planing r..a- 

chines. 2,521.499. Sept. 5. 
Boisvert. Lbald, assignee: See — 

Lamy. Armand. 
Boland. Lee A., San Diego, Calif. Hog feeder. 2,500,270. 

Mar. 14. 
Bolander, Bruce E., assignee: See — 

Coleman. Buck R. 
Bolander, Hans, Forest Hills. N. Y. Camera and sliding 

plate shutter therefor. 2,495,224. Jan. 24 
Bold, ICaiph E. : see-- 

Timmerman, Julius W., Jr., and Bold. 
Bold, Ralph E., Drexel Hill, Pa., assignor to (Jeneral Elec- 

'>"o8 094'"?i!°v^lfi ^'•'■^"'t interrupting apparatus. 

Boldizzoni. Teobaldo G.. New York. N. Y. Glove Ironing 
machine. 2,511.45.% June ].{. * 

Boldizzoni. Teobaldo G.. New York, N. Y. Machine for 
turning and pressing gloves. 2.511,456. June 13. 

Bolduc. Emile 1'., Minneapolis. Minn., assignor of one- 
half to Tip-Top Products Company. Omahu, Nebr. Re- 
taining clip. 2,505.273, Apr. 25. 

Bolender, Augustus B., Muncie, Ind., assignor to Borg- 
Warner Corporation, Chicago, III. Hydrodynamic cou- 
pling. 2,494,539, Jan. 17. 

Bolender, Augustus B., Muncie. Ind.. assignor to Borg- 
Warner Corporation. Chicago. 111. Torque converter. 
2.503.025, Apr. 4. 

Boles, Clarence M., Madera, Calif. Roving seat for 
barber and similar chairs. 2.524,187, Oct. 3. 

Bolesky, John D.. a.ssignor to Metals & Controls Corpora- 
tion, Attleboro. Mass. Thermostatic circuit breaker. 

Bolesky. John D.. Mansfield. Ohio, assicnor to Metals A 
Controls Corporation, Attleboro, Mass. Thermostatic 
latch trip circuit breaker. 2,501,150^ .Mar. 21. 
Bolesky, John I».. Mansfield, assignor to A. Medert, trustee, 
Cleveland. Ohio. Combined plug and circuit breaker. 
2.n(),s.i;;'.7. May 23. 
Bolldens Gruvaktlebolag. assignor: See — 

Lindblad, Axel R., Malmqvist, and Gustafsson. 
Malmqvisr, Johan 1).. (Justafsson. and Werner. 
Bolin. Carleton IL. deceased. Seattle, Wash.; J. R. Bolln, 
executrix of Carleton Bolin. Mercury switch for com- 
trol compasses. 2.524.340, Oct. 3. 
Bolin, Jessie R.. executrix : See — 

Bolin. Carleton IL 
Bolin. Ralph G.. Houston. Tex. Water and fuel heater. 

2.528,998. Nov. 7. 
Bolinger. Georce N.. Shelbyville. 111. Apparel belt. 

2.499.717. Mar. 7. 
Bolinger. George N.. Shelbyville. 111. Beaded barrette. 

2.531.024. Nov. 21. 
Bollaert. Armami R. : See — 

Johnson. Wilbur E, and Bollaert. 
Boiler. Ernesf R., Marion. Ind., L. D. Eubank. South 
Euclid, and C. .\. Littler. .Maple Heights, Ohio, assignors 
to E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Companv, Wilmington, 
r>el. Cleaning and coating ferrous metal. 2,515,488. 
July 18. , . . 

Boiler. Harry B. : Srr — 

Woodward. Charles M.. r.nd Boiler. 
Boiler, Henry A., Pontiac. Mich., assignor to Carter Car- 
buretor Corporation, St. Louis, M#. Carburetor noz- 
zle. 2.512.085. June 20. 
Bollerslev, Karl B. : See — 

Meiler. John G., and Bollerslev. 
Bolley. Don S. : Sef — 

<'arter. Lawrence W., Hendricks, and Boliey. 
Boiling, Carl : See— 

FrederickBon, Edward A.. Boiling and Zinkll. 
Bollinc. Stewart. Cleveland. Ohio. Tilting head press 

2.496.771. Feb 7. 
Bolljahn. John T., Richmond, Calif. Broad band antenna. 

2,505,751. May 2. 
Bolmes, Henry G. : See — 

Riemann. Howard C, and Bolmes. 
Bolsey. Jaciuf's. New York. N. Y. Photographic camera. 
2.508.095. May 16. 

Bolsey, Jacques. New York. N. Y. Exposure timing mech- 
anism. 2.508.935, May 23. 

Bolsey. Jacques. New York. N. Y. Cinematographic 
cameras havlnc fading means. 2,515.330, July 18. 

Bolt. Jay A.. South Bend. Ind., and F. P. Jackson. Day- 
ton. Ohio, assicnors to Bendix Aviation Corporation.' 
South Bend, Ind. Rotary fuel meterine pump and 
emergency means insuring fuel feed upon pump failure. 
2.531,664, Nov. 28. 



is. lit. Robert O. : See — 

r>t'nison. George 11.. Jr., Furby. and Bolt. 
McBee. Earl T.. and Bolt. 

I'olta Company, The, assignee: See — , 

Bolten. John, Jr. 
Day, Everott E. 

lioltax, Lillian : See — 
Alten, Lillian. 

Itolten, John. Jr., Andover, assienor to The Rolta Com- 
pany, I-awrence, Mass. Apparatus for molding sliders 
for "slide fasteners. 2.r)19,171, Aug. 15. 

Bolten, John, Jr., Andover, assignor to The Bolta Coni- 
panv, Lawrenre, Mass. Separable bottom stop mecha- 
nism for sliding clasp fasteners. 2,52f).,')99, Oct. 17. 

Roltin, John, Jr., Andover, assignor to The Bolta Com- 
p.inv, Lawrence, Mass. Double-acting sliding clasp 
fa.steners. 2,.')26,600, Oct. 17. 

r.oiton. Elmer K.. assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours 
& Company, Wilmington, Del. Poly n vinyl lactam 
photoeraphic 'silver balide emulsions. > 2,495,918, 
.Ian. ;n. 

i'..>lt.>n, Elmer K., :aid \V. Kirk, Jr.. assignors. to B. I. du 
Pont <!•" .Nfmours & Company. Wilmingtpn. Del. 
Pnlvamides and olitaining same. 2..'il2,<>0fi. June 27. 

Boltson. Charles, assignor to one-half to David Willett, 
Brool<lvn, N. Y. Stair traveling baby carriage. 
2,50*). 21)2. Miv 2. 

r.olz. N.irman IL. Euclid, assignor to The Paterson-Leitch 
Coinpanv. Cleveland, Ohio. Apparatus for helically coil- 
inL' flat metal strips. 2.r.08,9n2. May 23. 

Itoman. James L., Eau Claire. Mich. Chain drive mech- 
anism for side delivery rakes. 2,505,704, Apr. 25. 

i'.ombard, John J., assignee: See — 
Veisel, Clarence J. 

r.omhonato, C.ottardo E.. Geneva, Switzerland. Electric 
darninir .ippnratiis. 2.ri17,t)27, Aug. 8. 

Bomford. Dmiglas P. : See — 

McConn.^1. Frederic W.. and Bomford. 

Bomgren. .Alex F., Stockholm, Swe<len. Production of 
porous clinkers. 2,498,355, Feb. 21. 

P.onadio, (Jeorge A.. Watertown, X. Y. Electronic dis- 
cliarce tube control. 2. 5."?.?. 700. Dec. 12. 

I5onafidti Mills. Inc.. assignee: See — 
Pesci, Thomas. 
Ro'.ve, William. 

Bonanni. Ilenrv, Exeter. Pa. Motor oil cooler. 2,502,554. 
Apr. 4. 

Bona lino, Joseph L., Madison. N T , assignor to The 
Lionel Corporation, New York, X. Y. Toy r.allroad car 
truck. 2,52rt.452, Oct. 17. 

Bonanno. Joseph L., Madison, X. J., assignor to The 
Lionel Corporation, Xew Y'ork. N. Y. Combined elec- 
tronic receiver and rtlay assembly. 2.52fi,453, Oct. 17. 

Bonanno. Joseph L., ^fadison, X. J., assignor to The 
Lionel Corporation, Xew York, N. Y. Radio-frequency 
tuning assembly. 2.52R,454. (^ct. 17. 

Bonanno? Joseph L.. Madison, X. J., assignor to The 
Lionel Corporation, Xew York, N. Y. Relay. 2,52fi,455, 
Oct. 17, „^ » 

Bonanno. Joseph L., >radison, X. J., assignor to The 
Lionel Corporation, Xew Y'ork, N. Y. Toy train con- 
troller. 2.52fi,45fi. Oct. 17. 

B'.nard. Claude, administrator: See — 
Hrej-fus, Henry. 

r.oiinrdl. C,lu«to F. : See — 

Freedman. Samuel, and Bonnrdi. 

Bon(*omp:'in. F'ranc'ii''. Saint-Ouen, assignor to A. M. A. 
Fert4, Ternv par Marcival, France. Automatically con- 
trolled pl.-int thinning and cultivating machine. 
2..';.?5.720. r^ec. 2B. 

Bond. C.irnelius C. : See- — 

Biddle. William P., and Bond. 

Bond. Donald C, Xorthbrook, assignor to The Pure Oil 
Cnmpanv. Chicaco, 111. Oxidation of mercaptans in the 
presi nee of c-nitroso aromatic compounds. 2,494,687, 

i;nV-.I ■ Donald C. Xorthbrook. assignor to The Pure Oil 
Company, Chicago, 111. Catalytic oxidation of mercap- 
:u!i-;. J.. '..■;;•'.'-' :■•"., r)ec. 2tV 

Bond Donald C., Xorthbrook. and M. Savoy, assignors to 
The Pure Oil Company, Chicnco. 111. Protecting metal 
surfaces against hydrogen sulfide corrosion. 2,510,771, T'onald C. Xorthbrook, and X. B. Russell. Wlnnetka, 
.HS-JLTiors to The Pure Oil Company, Chicago, 111. Re- 
moval of acidic sulfur compounds from hydrocarbon 
oils. 2,525,583. Oct. 10. 

r.ond. Donabl S.. Camden, and L. E. Thompson, Merchant- 
ville, N. J., assignors to Radio Corporation of America. 
Radio relaying. 2,508,853. May 23. 

B n! I'onald S., and O. O. Cerlach. Philadelphia, Pa., 
iti'i I, E. Thompson. Morchantville. X. J., assignors to 
Ba'. > Corporation of America. Fault locating for radio 
r- ! 1 ■ systems. 2.51 4. 3«7. July 11. 

I'.nnd F'^undry & Machine Company, assignee: See — 
XiTos. George C. Fred C.. West .-\llis, assi_-nor to .Mlis-Chalmers 
M mufacturinc Company, .Milwaukee, Wis. Grinding 
mill control. 2.534.056, Dec. 19. 

Bond. G.^orcre R.. Jr.. Panlsborn. X. J., assignor to Houdry 
I'rm-pss Cori'oration. Wilmington, Del. Molded contact 
masses. 2.507,490. May 16. 

In ion 

Bond. George R.. Jr.. Paulsboro, N. J., and G. A, Mills, 
Swarthmore, Pa., assignors to Houdry Process Corpo- 
ration, Wilmington, Del. Catalystic polymerization of 
hydrocarbons. 2.527,522, Oct. 31. 
Bond. John : See — 

Sachs, Carrol C. and Bond. 
Bond. John A.. Houston. Tex., assignor to McCuUough 
Tool Company, Los Angeles. Calif. Casing perforating 
gun. 2,.530,S05. Xov. 21. 
Bond, Orval C, Santa Barbara, Calif. Flour sifter at- 
tachment for electric motors. 2,521,034, Sei)t. 5. 
Bond, Kaymon<l \\ . : Xre — 

Carl.son, Charles L., and Bond. 
Bond, Walter L.. Summit, X. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated, Xew York. N. Y. 
Holding fixture fov crystals. 2.515.331. July 18. 
Bond. William T., Richmond, Ind. Corn busker. 

2.510.542. June 6. 
Bondluis. Frances J. : See — 

Johnson. Herbert L., and Bondhus. 
Bondi, Arnold A. Berkeley, assignor to Shell Development 
Company, San Francisco. Calif. Lubricating grease com- 
position. Re. 23,243, June 20. 
Bondi, .\rnold A., Xew Orleans. La., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Shell Development Company, San 
Francisco. Calif. Process of and apparatus for cooling 
a lubricant. 2.527.789. Oct. 31. 
BoMdin::. .\Md'.>:is. Ilor.-ens, Denmark. Gaff for fishing. 

2,506,407. May 2. 
Bondley, Ralph J., Scotia, N. Y., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Electric discharge device construction. 
2,523.750, Sent. 26. 
Bonds, Marvin T.. Orinda, T. A. Moore, Oakland, and. 
E. D. .Miller, Berkeley, Calif., said Miller assignor to 
said Bonds and said >ioore. .\pparatus for the prepara- 
tion of printing blocks. 2,508,216. May 16. 
Bonds, W. M., assignee : See — 

Hill, Aivin. 
Bondurant, Carlton W. : Sre — 

p]den, William C.. and Bondurant. 
Bone. GeofTrey W. : Srr — 

McLeod. Roderick Crlstall. Callister, Watson and 
Bone, Herbert L., I'orest Hills, assignor to Tli 

Switch Sc Signal Company. Swis.-svale. Pa. Railway 
crossing gate having combined centrifugal clutch and 
brake. 2,505,940. May 2. 
Bone, Herbert L., Forest Hills. Pa.. G. L. Temple. New- 
field, X. J., and J. W. Logan, Jr., Forest Hills, assignors 
to The Union Switch and Signal Company, Swi.ssvale, 
Pa. Lock device for railway track switcheis and the 
like. 2,517,280, Aug. 1. 
Bone. James G.. assignor to The Power-Gas Corporation 
Limited, Stockton on-Tees, England. Latch and mask 
engaging means for rectillnearly moving members. 
2,498.256, Feb, 21. 
Bon^t-Maurv, Paul. Paris, France. Photometer. 

2.524,303, Oct. 3. 
Bongart, Marcel J. P. : See — 

Brunjes. Austin S., and Bogart. 
Bongiorni, James, assignor of thirty per cent to R. 
Baronick, Washington. Pa. Meat block scraping 
macliine having spring prc^ssed supporting wheels. 
2,534,101, Dec. 12. 
Bonham, \Valter G., assignor of one-half to F. Vlchek, Jr., 
Chicago, 111. Combination Incubator and brooder. 
2.496.433, Feb. 7. 
Bonham. William IL, Metuchen, assignor to Xixon Xitra- 
tion Works. Nixon, X. J. Continuous extrusion ma- 
chine. 2,530,503, Xov, 21. 
P.onin, George 10., assignor to Simonds Machine Co., 
Southbridge, Mass. POdging machine. 2.508,009. 
Bonkiewicz, Joseph S., Jr. : See — 

TuUgren, Lester C, and Bonklexvlc?,. 

Bonkowskl, Teofll L., assignor to Merit Products, Inc., L 

Angeles, Calif. Sanding block. 2.493,852, Jan. 10. 

Bonkowskl, Teofill L.. Los Angeles. Calif. Toothpowder 

receptacle with resilient powder ejector. 2.519.539. 

Aug. 22. 

Bonna. Louis, asvslgnor to "Brevets Aero-Mecaniques S. A.", 

(ii'uev.T. Switzerland. Variable speed friction gearing. 

2.506.195. May 2. 

Boniiell, Walter L., Columbus, Ohio. Combination storm 

and screen sash construction. 2,512,298. June 20. 
Bonnell. William S., Port Arthur. Tex., assignor to Gulf 
Oil Corporation, Pittsburtrh. Pa. Hydrocarbon treat- 
ment and regeneration. 2.494.794, Jan. 17. 
Bonnemort, Daniel E. A.. Romalnville, France. Double- 
spiral spring. 2.503.149, Apr. 4. 
Bonner. Otto H.. Lakewood. Ohio. Sash hanger. 2,498,978, 

F.'b. 28. 
Bonner. Tom W., Belmont, Mass., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of War. Position locating 
method. 2.508,562. May 23. 
Bonnet, Maurice, assignor to La Reliephographle, Soci4t^ 
pour I'Exploltation dee ProcM^s de Photographic en 
Relief Maurice Bonnet, Paris, France. Photographic 
Images of the type having striated reflecting backs. 
2,499,452, Mar. 7. 



I I ST <!]' rATi:.\-i-i:i:s 


Bonnet, Maurice, assignor to La Reliephographle, Soci6t6 
pour I'Exploitation des Procfid^s de Photographie en 
Relief Maurice Bonnet, Paris, France. Lenticular pic- 
ture element with reflecting back support. 2,499,453, 
Mar. 7. 
Bonnet, Maurice, assignor to La Reliephographle. Soci^t^ 
pour I'Exploitation des Proc^d^s de Photographie en 
Relief Maurice Bonnet, Paris. France. Relief photo- 
graph having reflecting back. 2.500,511. Mar. 14. 

Bonnet, Maurice, assignor to la Reliephographle, Socl6t4 
pour I'Exploitation des I'rocfidfis de I'hotographie en 
Relief -Maurice Bonnet, Paris, France. Optical image 
device having lenticular elements. 2.501,258, Mar. 21. 

Bonnet, Maurice, assignor to La Reliepuographie, Soclete 
pour I'Exploitation des Proc4d68 de Photographie en 
releif Maurice Bonnet. Paris, France. Peristereoscopic 
apparatus for taking, reducing, or enlarging pictures. 
2.506,131. May 2. 

Bonnet, Maurice, assigmor to La Reliephographle, Soclete 
pour I'Exploitation des Procedes de I'hotographie en 
Relief Maurice Bonnet, Paris, France. Peristereo- 
scopic pliotoirraphic ai)paratus. 2.508.487, May 23. 

Bonnet, Maurice, assignor to La Reliephographle, Soci^te 
pour 1 J.xploitaiioM des i'roeedfs <le Piiotographie en 
Ri'lii'f Miiurice Boiint't. Paris. Frniu'e. Device for ob- 
taining X-ray photographs in relief. 2,511,097. June 
lo. , 

Bonnet, Maurice, assignor to La Reliephographle. Soci6t6 
pour I'Exploitation des Procfid^s de Photographie en 
relief Maurice Bonnet, Paris, France. Composite 
photogr.iidiic picture with rellecting back. 2,522,M2, 
Sept. 19. 

Boniiitt. Gerson, Baltimore, Md.. assignor to Western 
Electric Company. Incori)orated. Xev? York. X. Y. 
Aiuvirarns for molding Insulation about a cable splice. 
2,497,757. Feb. 14. 

Bonsack. Walter. Lyndhurst. and W. M. Weil, Shaker 
Heights, assignors, by mesne assignments, to W. M. 
Weil. Cleveland. Ohio. Smelting metals. 2,528.208. 
Oct. 31. 

Bonsack. Walter. Lyndhrust, and W. M. Woil. Shaker 
Heights, assignors, by mesne assignments, to W, M. 
Weil. Cleveland, Ohio. Apparatus for smelting metals. 
2.528,209. Oct. 31. 

Bonsall, i^.bert S.. United Slates Xavy. Portable record- 
ing device. 2,523.340. Sept. 26. 

Bonte. Frederick R.. assignor to The Timke^j Roller Bear- 
ing Company, Canton, Ohio. Graphitic steel of con- 
trollable hardenability and article made therefrom. 
2.519.627. Aug. 22. 

Bonvillian, Claude A., Chattanooga, Tenn.. R. C. Brierly. 
Narberth, Pa., and S. Letviu. Elmhurst, N. Y'. Appa- 
ratus for the combustion of fuel. 2,500.925, Mar. 21. 

Boock, Alfred C, and D. W. Ersklne, Springfield, 111., 
assignors to Allis-Chalmers .Manufacturing Company, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Tractor control mechanism. 
2.533,872. Dec. 12. 

Boody, Frederick J. : See — 

Eldred, Wendell E., and Boody. 

Boognard, Willem, Zwolle, Netherlands. Electric push- 
button switch. 2.504.380, Apr. 18. 

Booge. James E. : See — ( 

Olson, Carl M., and Booge. ' 

BooL'''. James i;.. assiirnor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & 
Company, Wilmington. DeL Cooling gaseous suspen- 
sions of titanium dioxide In the preparation of titanium 
dioxide pigments from titanium tetrachloride. 2.508,272, 
May 16. 

Booker, Veronica M., Seattle. Wash. Cooling tray for 
beverage glasses and the like. 2,515,367, July 18. 

Boomer. Itoy A. : Sre — 

Olson, blaf C, and Boomer. 

Boon. Simon D. : See< — ■ 

Bienfait, Henri, van den Blink, and Boon, dcr Wllligen, Paul C and Boon. 

Boone, Arthur ^L. Doucette, Tex. Device for supporting 
wallpaper to be liung. 2.511.040, June 13. 

Boone. Gardiner S.. Smit blown Branch, X. Y. Transfer- 
ring device. 2.520.196. Aug. 29. 

Boone. Nelson B., JetTerson County, Ky. Toothbrush rack. 
2.513,077. June 27. 

Boone, Paul D. : See — 

Turk, Amos, and Boone. 

Boonton .Molding Company, assignee : See — 
Sayre. Gorclon B. 

Boonton Radio Corporation, assignee : See — 
Crosby. Murray G. 

Boop. Joe E.. McCordsvllIe. Ind. Corn picker mounting 

frame. 2.520.622, Aug. 29. 
Boor. Arthur: Sce- 

Nlckelsen. John M.. Read, Spless and Boor. 

Boor. Francis U., La Fayette, Ind. Hob. . 2,511,964, 
June 20. 

Boorse, Henry A., Leonia, X. J., and G. F. Boeker, Xew 
York, X. Y.. assignors to the United States of America 
as represented bv the United States Atomic Energy 
Commission. Pump. 2,528,415. Oct. 31. 

Boosey, Frederick R., assignor to The Slgmn Instrument 
Company Limited, Letcbworth, Enizland. Electrical de- 
vice for sorting articles according to dimensions. 
2,523,555, Sept. 26. 

Boosman, Herman B. R., Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor 
to Hartford National Bank and Trust Company. Hart- 
ford, Conn., as trustee. TransmitHng-receiviug circuit 
arraug.-meut. 2,507.139, May 9. 

Booth. Albert N. : See — 

De Eds, Floyd, and Booth. 

Booth. Douglas G. : See — 

Pugh. Cyril A., and Booth. 

Booth. Earl C, assignor to Noblitt-Sparks Industries. Inc., 
Columbus, Ind. Extension table for center insertion. 
2,496,195, Jan. 31. 

Booth, Earl C, assignor to Noblitt-Sparks Industries. Inc.. 
Columbus, Ind Extension table with center elevutiug 
leaf. 2,508,352, .May 23. 

Booth, Earl C, Coiumbijs, Ind., assignor to .\rvln 
Industries, Inc. Rheos/at switch. 2.526,062, Oct. 17. 

P.ooih. Edwin (i., Can.indwigua, N. Y. Carrot harvester. 
2.518.596. Aug. 15. / 

Bootli, Ernest, executor : See — 

Coftrell. Jack A., and Hewitt, and Armitage. 
Thvnne, Arthur W. F.. and Hewitt. 

Booth. George M. Westneld. ussiguor to Wallace & Tier- 
nan Co., Inc., Belleville, N. J. Slurry feeding appara- 
tus. 2.508,987, May 23. 

Booth, Harry T., assignor to United -Aircraft Products, 
Inc., Dayton, Ohio. Automatic cutotT for damaged radi- 
ator sections. 2,501,709, .Mar. 28. 

Booth, Herbert G., Purchase, N. Y., assignor to 
David Traum Company, Incorporated. Skirt marker. 
2,509,126, Ma J 23. 

Booth, Jack J., Dallas, Tex. Drink vending machine. 
2,498.524. Feb. 21. 

Bootli, Jack J., Dallas, Tex. Mold for forming all plastic 
shoes. 2.499.565, Mar. 7. 

Booth, Jack J., assignor to Zero Plate Company, Dallas, 
Tex. Two-temijerature walk-in cooler. 2,526,063. 
Oct. 17. 

Booth, James H., Corunna. Mich., assignor to Thompson 
I'roducts, Inc., Cleveland. Oliio. Ball joint. 2,494.739, 
Jan. 17. 

Booth. James H.. Corunna, Venice Township. Shiawassee 
County, Mich., assignor to Thompson Products, Inc.. 
Cleveland, Ohio. Front-wheel suspension. 2.521.335, 
Sept. 5. 

Booth, Jamefi II. , Detroit Mich., assignor to Thompson 
Products. Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Steering gear. 
2.494,738. Jan. 17. 

Booth. James H., Detroit, Mich., assignor to Thompson 
Products, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Propeller pitch ad- 
justing device. 2.501.432. Mar. 21. 

Booih, James II. , Detroit, Midi., assignor to Thompson 

.. Products, Inc., Cleveland. Ohio. Ball joint. 2,507.087, 
May 9. 

Booth. James IL, I»etroIt. Mich., assignor to Thompson 
Products. Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Wheel suspension. 
2,509,803. May 30. 

Booth, James H., Detroit. Mich., assignor to Thompson 
I'roducts, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Timer. 2.529.480. 
Xov. 14. 

Booth, John G., Philadeli)hia, Pa., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to .Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Com- 
Iiany, Minneapolis, Minn. Inductance device. 2,511,897, 
June 20. 

Booth. John S., Dallas, Tex. Refrigerated vegetable dis- 
play case and spray s.vsti-m. 2.533,913, Dec. 12. 

Booth, Joseph S., Fort Worth, Tex. Two-temperature 
refrigerator. 2.495,626, Jan. 24. 

Booth, Morris F., Alden, Mich. Educational Toy. 
2,494,469, Jan. 10. 

Booth, Morris F., Alden, Mich. Multiple temperature 
refrigeration. 2,528,574. Xov. 7. 

Booth. Richard X. Wembley, England. Making cigarette 
papers. 2.512,414. June 20. 

Booth, Samuel J., Cleveland, Ohio. Flashlight. 2.534.945. 

Dec. 19. 
Booth. Stanley, Dedham, assignor to Expanded Rubt)er 

Company Limited, Croydon, England. Manufacture 

of expanded thermoplastic materials. 2.531,665, 

Xov. 28. 
Boothe, James IL, and R. B. Angler, Pearl River, assignors 

to American Cyanamid L>>mpany, .\e\v York, X. Y. 

Preparing organic acids. 2,524,422, Oct. 3. 

Boothe. James IL, "Pearl River, and C. W. Waller, Nanuet, 
assignors to American Cyanamid Company. New York. 
X. Y. oxadiazolopyrimidlnes and preparing the same. 
2,534,897, Dec. 19. 

Boothe, Zllraon J.. Jr. : See — 

.Muldrow, Robert, III, and Boothe, Jr. 

Boothrovd. Hubert, Iyeicest<'r, Englan<I, assignor to United 
Shoe Machinery Corporation, Flemlngton, N. J. Shoe 
sewing machine. 2,525,858, Oct. 17. 

Boothroyd, Wilson P.. assignor to Phllco Corporation, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Receiver for pulse-position modula- 
tion systems. 2.499,844, Mar. 7. 

Boothroyd, Wilson P., assignor, by mesne assignments, 

to Philco Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa. Time interval 

indicating system. 2.503,320. Apr. 11. 
l{ootbroyd. Wilson P., assignor to Philco Corporation, 

Philadelphia. Pa. Pulse generator and starting circuit 

therefor. 2.510,167, June 6. 



Bootoii, I hari-1 I'.. Ar.s-^'y, assignor to Th.- ,1. I>. Engl- 

neonuK r,,iu[,.xuy Lsmiteil, Loice>tt'r, Eiisluuil. Fixed 

cuttiT blade .iijustin.'nt for lawu mowers. 2,511,457, 

June 13. 
IJuots, William C, Huiiiford. U. I., assignor to Foster 

Metal 1'roduct.s 1 ru'c m- pi > rated, Atileboro, .Mnss. Wrist 

wa'<'h connertDr L'..'. lU.U.'is, June tJ. 
r.o'.z. Frederick 15. Mimtreal, Quebec. rana<!a, a.^sijtior 

to ('hica>;o BrldRe A Iron Conniany. Seulin^,' ineai,> for 

li'iuid sNirat;*' tanks. 2,4912,9^33, Jan. 3. 





I' ' . w 

,pp, Fi...;- 



d n 

1'.. Han 
: Srf — 
rick W. an.: 
W.. and i: 


E (• 

( ) , Kansas 
nnjpnnv. Inc 
20.272. Auc 

Kansas City, Mo. 

. .il \Hnetian Blind 
\tTtical blind, l. 
"r»Mii-riik W. and E. O . Kaasua City 

shuftr. 2.520,273. Aug. 29 
i;..pp, l-r.deriok W.. and F. U. 

shutter. 2,r)24,372. (.)rt. 3. 
r.opp Frederick W . and F. (>., Kansas City, Mo, 

•<\y:r-' r 2,.n24 ■:■'., "ct. 3. 
Hopp. Walter Tu'-- ■:;, Ariz 

2,.")31.2r.O. N V. 2!. 
P.O.'. Bruno J., i ;. a--. Fl. 

n.M-. ,". 
Borborh', Willy. .\s!..r;a, \ 

Projector t'orpor iM.on. 

able loud-speak<rs. 2 o;;2 

City. asslKHors to 
., Jackson (Jounty, 


Food macerator and liqulfier. 

Sled construction. 2,532,887, 


Y . assignor to International 
oomfield. N. J. Support port- 
J)'J2. I>ec. 5. 
Borch. Niels S., C'openhaL'en. I>.nniark. assignor to F. L. 

Sini.lth & Co.. New York. N. Y. Drum structure witli 

coolini: means. 2.507,29'), May 9. 
Bori'liardt. Lester F. : See — 

r.r israd. William A., and F.irch.ardt. 
I'.nn!,. r!' (Jerald T.. and H. S. Hothrock. assignors to 

!■:. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. 

Compatibilized resin compositions. 2.509,857. May 30. 
Borchers, Charles T.. Shelbyvillo. Ind. Spring ejected toy 

vehicle. 2.522,H>0, Sept. 12. ^ ^ 

Borchers. Charles T.. Shelbyvillo, Ind. Removable body 

construction for toy vehicles. 2.52S.S52. Nov. 7. 
Bonhert. Clarence A., and R. H. Johnson, Weston. W. Va., 

said John.son assignor to sjiid Borchert. Fire polishing 

glassware. 2.507,433, May 9. 
Bordelon. Lawrence J., assignor to Con.«!olidated Vultee 

Aircraft Corporation. San Vlvizr^. Calif. Pressure op- 
erated switch. 2.504,381, Apr. 1 •^ 

Borden Company. The, assignee : See — , .1 

Block. Richard J. I ' 

Corwin, John F., Calhoun, and Buzzo. , 

Koerver. Carl F. - 

Novotny, Emll E., and Vogelsang. 
N'MVotnv, Eiiiil E.. VogelsiiiiL'. and Novotny. 
Turner." Willard, Elliott, and Rlchlln. Earl N.. Hillsboro. Tex. Napkin dispenser. 
2.522.427, Sept. 12. 

Borden, Perry A.. Woodbury. 
Company. Waterbury, Conn. 
2.529,070. Nov. 7. 

P.orden, Warren A., Zion. II!. 

antomotive vehicles. 2,495.090, Jan. 17. 

Pordenca, Carl : See — 

Wearn, Richard B., and Bordenca. 

Bordewieck, Robert W. : See — 

Moore, Raymond D., and Bordewieck. 

I'.ordner. Charles A., Niagara Falls. N. Y.. assimor to E. I. 

du Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington, Del. 

Preparation of olefinic comT>ounds. 2.504.919. Apr. 18. 
P, rlner. Charles A., and C. C Kamin. Niagara Falls. 

N. Y'.. assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. 

Wilmington, Del. i'roduction of pyrrolidine. 2.525.584. 

Oct. 10. 
I'.ordner, James P.. Burbank, Calif.. . assignor, by mesne 

assignments, to Forms Incorporated. Artificial breast. 

2.524,028. Oct. 3. 
P.(>rdo, -Lambert J.. North Willow Grove, Pa. Plug valve. 

2.504,297. Apr. 18. 

A.. Paris. France, assignor to Societe 
action system for portable typewriters. 

A.. Paris. Iranre. assignor to Societe 
supporting case for portable 
\pr. 25. 
Mauge. Boulogne Billancourt. 

assignor to The Bristol 
Mean velocity indicator. 

Air cooling system for 

P.orel. Joseph L. 

"Rooy," Tvpe 

2,505,274. Apr. 
Borel, Joseph L. 

"Rooy." Enclosing and 

typewriters. 2,505,275 

P.or. 1. Pierre C. and M K 

France assignors to International Standard Electric 
Corporation. Ntw York. N. Y. Line class detecting 
system, 2,504,959. Apr. 25. 

Porell. George L., assignor to Minnpapolis-noneywell Reg- 
ulator Company, Minneapolis. Minn. Stabilizing appa- 
ratus for aircraft. 2.498.064, Feb. 21. 

Borell. Ceorirp L.. Minneapolis, assignor to Economics 
Laboratory. Inc.. St. Paul. Minn. Electronic controlled 
relay system. 2.525.016. Oct. 10. 

Borenst'ln. Sidney, assignee : See— \ 

P.."i-Mf. Bernard. 


Boretfi, Napoleon P.. assiirn'r to 
ration. Detroit. Mich. I.ul>ric,ur 
2.524,878. Oct. 10. 

(i reral Motors Corpo- 
>r for pneumatic tools. 

Borg. George W., Corporation. The, assignee : See — 
Fink. Jean. 
tJIbbs. Thomas B. 
Gibbs. Thomas B.. Oilman, and Laing. 
GJbbs. Thomas B.. Laing, and Warmey. 
Newman, Herbert A. 
Schmidt. Arnold W. 
Smith Harold A. 
Borg. Gustave A.. Naugatack, Conn. Nozzle. 

Oct. 10. 
Borg. Kenneth, Salt Lake City, Utah Drafting 

2.512.786, June 27. 
Borg. Oscar F., Portland. Oreg. Garden shears. 2,532.220, 

Nov. 28. 
Borg- Warner Corporation, assignee : See — 
Anderson. Edmund B. 

Armantrout, Kenneth M. i 

Baney. Harry N. I 

Baney. Harry N., Slentz, Klrkpatrlck. and Brlckley. 
Bee. Clifford T. 
Bolender. Augustus B. 
Brower, William S. 
BruesHe. Carl O. 
Burns. Louis G. 
Burtnett. Everett R. 
Carnagua. Harold E.. and Bareham. 
Emmert, Arthur P. 
Eytali.s, Peter J. 
Haberland. Frederick C. 
Hanniiiii. .John A. 
Harris. Cleo. 
Hubacker. Earl F. 
Kelbel. Donald W., Flinn and Orr. 
Kelbel. Donald W.. and Orr. 
Klrkpatrlck, Arlo A. 

La Barre. Dwight. * 

La Barre. Dwight. and Keller. 
Lauck, John A. 
Lauck. John A., and Compton. 
Le .May. Braudlce B. 

.Me.Aiiincli. Herbert A. , 

McCulloch. Robert P. i 

McCulloch. Robert P.. and Gudmnndsen. 
Neumann, George R., Farrell and Ettinger. 
Orr. Palmer. 
Peters. Robert J. 

Reed. Haroitl V. ( 

Rockwell. Edward A. 
Russey. Edward S. 
Sheppard, William L. 
Simpson. John M. 
Vouk, Cornelius. 
Zeldler. Reinhold C. 
Borgeaud. (Jaston : See — ' 

Waldvogel, Jakob and Borgeaud. 
Borgelt, Victor H., Wisner, Nebr. Scoop reset mecha- 
nism. 2.503.577. Apr. 11. 
Borgerd, William F.. Riverside, J. S. Palmer, Chicago, and 
L. 11. Hinkel, Cicero, 111., assignors to luternational 
Harvester Company. Spring balanced hinge. 2.500,057. 7. 
Borgerd, William F.. Riverside. 111., assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Refrigeration apparatus 
control. 2.527.790. Oct. 31. 
Borgerson. Fre<lrlck W., Toledo. Ohio. Grinding or 

abrasiv<> machine of the disk type, 2,526.928, Oct. 24. 
Borghesan. Henri. Nice. France. Radiating panel for 

heating and cooling systems. 2.523.807. Sept. 26. 
Borgos. William. New Haven. Conn. Work spreading 
att.'ichment for Ironing machim>s. 2.508,096, May 16. 
Borlsof Bernard, assignor of one-half to B. R. Berk and 
one-half to S. Borenstein. Chicago, 111. Hanger and 
mechanical connection. 2,512.413. June 20. 
Bork Edward R., tissignor to The Fvr-Fyt"r Company, 
Dayton. Ohio. Fire extinguisher, 2.518,656. Aug. 15. 
Borkenhagen. Alfred C. : Net- — 

Blanchard. Francis W.. and Borkenhagen. 
Borkland. Gustave W.. Marion. Ind. Method and appa- 
ratus for drawing plastic sheet material. 2.530.043, 
Nov. 14. 
Borkmann. Frank F.. Tfnion. N. J., assignor to American 
Can Company. New Y'ork. N. Y. Conveyer mechanism 
for upendingartides. 2.508.368, May 23. 
Borkmann, Frank F., Union, N. J., assignor to American 
Can Company. New York, N. Y. Conveyer mechanism 
for turning articles. 2.534.221. Des. 19. 
Borkowski. Alex N., (Milcago Heights. III. Adapter for 
electrical boxes for wall installation. 2.514.176, July 4. 
Borland. Bruce, Chicago, 111. <"nr seal. 2,497.434. 

Fob. 14. ^ T 

Born, Elrov W., assignor to The Maico Company, Incor- 
porated. "Minneapolis, Minn. Clip for hearing aid cases. 
2,535.834. Dec. 26. 
Borngraeber, Royce R. : See — 

Hyland. William A., and Borngraeber. 
Bornstein. Alfred B., Silver Spring. Md. 
netically operating refrigeration compressor 
July 11. 
Bomzin. James H. : Pee — 

Raney, Russell R.. and Bornzln. 
Boros. Eugene : See — 

Bevington, Julius J., Jr., and Boros. 
Boroskl. John A., Rayland. Ohio. Harrow attachment 
for tractor wheels. 2.505.276. Apr. 25. 




Boroughs, Frank S.. New Y'ork. assignor to Arr. w 
Fastener Co., Inc., Brooklyn, N. Y. Hand stapler. 
2,535.482. Dec. 26. 

Borowick. Emma. New York. N. Y. Infant's stomach- 
binder and legging combination garment. 2,529.277, 
Nov. 7. 

Borowick. Emma G., New York. N. Y. Brassifire. 
2.529.276. Nov. 7. 

Borrelli, Elmer F., I'hiladelphia, Pa. Shears. 2.520,905. 
Sept. 5. 

Borresen. Nico. Los Angeles. Calif. Toy with movable 
figures. 2,514.356. July 11. 

Borrowdale. Russell W.. assignee: See — 
Sutphen. Harry D. 

Borrup. Frederick J.. Stratford. Conn. Forming machine. 
2.500.264. May 2. 

Borrup. John J.. West Hartford. Conn. Universal sup- 
port for in<li(ators. 2.529.071. Nov. 7. 

Borsoff. Victor N., and J. O. Clayton, Berkeley, assignors 
to California Research Corporation, San Francisco, 
Calif. Foam inhibited oils. 2.528.465, Oct. 31. 

Borsoff. Victor N., and J. O. Clayton. Berkeley, assignors 
to California Research Corporation. San Francisco, 
Calif. Foam inhibited oils. 2.528.466. Oct. 31. 

Borsook, Henry, Pasadena, assignor ot one-half to A. 
Sapiro, Los Angeles. Calif. Drying food. 2,510.543, 
June 6. 

Borsos. Joseph. Dearborn, Mich. Electrolytic gas generator 
and power plant. 2.513.136, June 27. 

Borst, Frank C., Oroville, Wash. Stirrup swivel attach- 
ment. 2.532,082. Nov. 28. 

Borst. John M., Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor, by mesne 
assignments to Farnsworth Research Corporation. 
Freciueni'-y control system. 2.527,523, Oct. 31. 

Burst, J>yle B.. oak Ridge. Teiiii.. assignor to the United 
States of .\merica as represented by the United Stages 
Atomic Energy Commission. Mechanical coupling. 
2,509.669. -May 30. 

Borst. Simon V.. Oshkosh. Wis. Heat controlling system. 
2,494.737, Jan. 17. 

Bortliayre. Jean L. A.. Bavonne. France. Automatic 
liu'hter with elongated flint. 21529.326. Nov. 7. 

Bortner. William A.. Baltimore. Md.. W. W. Collins. Wil- 
mington. Del., and E. J. Tousiiznan, Baltimore, assignors 
to The Glenn L. Martin Company, Middle Elver. Md. 
Fargo hoist. 2.529.908. Nov. 14. 

BortnUk, Ephim. .New York. N. Y. Tractor attachment 
for baby carriages. 2.493,613. Jan. 3. 

Bortnick, Newman M. : See — 

Butterbaugli. Darrel J., and Bortnick. 

Bortnick. Newman M., assignor to Rrdim & Haas Company. 
Pliiladelphia. Pa. Prejiaration of acroleins. 2.518.416. 

.Aug. ,*^. 

Borton. George W.. Pliiladeli)hia. and S. D. Hartshorn. 
Wayne, assignors to Pennsylvania Crusher Company. 
Pliiladflphi.i. Pa. I'repariiig lioniogenenusly partially 
polymerized particles of thermosetting* material. 
2.516.295. July 25. 

Borton, William E.. Omaha. Nebr. Form for concrete 
construction 2.529,648. Nov. 14. 

Borus. Ben. Hartsdale. N. Y'.. and G. A. Martin. East 
•Mton, HI., assignors to Shell Development Company, 
San Francisco. Calif. Carbon remover and metal sur- 
face cleaning composition. 2.509.197. .May 30. 

Borusliko, .Mieh.iel J., assignor to Harding Manufacturing 
Company Inrorponited. Detroit. .Mich. Coating process. 
2.515.489. July 18. 

Borzell. Angelo : See — 

P.or7ell. John and .\ngelo. 

Borzell, John and A., Pittston. Pa. Automobile support. 
2.524.955. Ot-t. 10. 

Borzner. Andrew C. Philadelphia. Pa. Space heater. 
2.520.830. Aug. 29. 

Borzykowskl. Benno, New York. N. Y.. assignor to Swiss 
"Borvisk" Company. Wilmington. Del. Continuous pro- 
duction of syntlK^tic fibers. 2.494.468. Jan. 10. 

Borzym. Alexander. Dearborn. Mich. I'ower press. 
2.527.698, Oct. 31. 

Bosehi. Antonio, assignor to Pirelli Societa per Azloni. 
M^lano, Italy. Sound and vibrationproof joint for 
metal tubing. 2.504.634. Apr. 18. 

Bosh. James E.. Berwyn. assignor to Kellogg Switchboard 
and Supply Company. Chicago, 111. Device for control- 
ling the adjustment and operative actuation of impulse 
contacts in telephone dials. 2.503.541. Apr. 11. 

Bosliears. Raymond IL. Little Rock, Ark. Fishing lure. 
2,499.718, M.'ir. 7. 

Bosket, Chester I.. Union, assignor to International Busi- 
ness Machines Corporation. New Y'ork. N Y. Tool- 
holder. 2.510,544. June 6. 

Bosma, Alfred S.. New H<dsteln. Wis., assignor to Hart- 
Carter Company. Peoria. 111. Outboard motor lubri- 
cating system 2,496.434. Feb. 7. 

Bosomworth. George P. : See — 

Spencer, George A., and Bosomworth. 

Bosomworth. George P.. assignor to The Firestone Tire 
& Rubber Company. Akron. Ohio. Producing uniform 
low stretch cords. 2.514.187, July 4. 

Bosonetto. Henry .\., and W. N. Hedeman. Cincinnati, 
Ohio, assignors to National Lead Company. New York.' 
N. Y. Injector. 2.513.622. July 4. 

Boss. Edward J., assignee: See — 
Kahn. Joseph N. 

Lifesaving device. 
Selector-type book 

stacking apparatus. 
Terminal box assem- 

Boss. Joseph C. Clarendon. Va, Nebulizer. 2,494 5U4 
Jan. 10. ... 

Bossard, Werner : See — 

Hindermann. Peter, Bossard. and Krebser. 
Bossard. W erner. Riehen. and E. Keller, assignors to J l; 
Geigy A. G.. Basel. Switzerland. Polyazo dyestufts 
2.507,754, May 16. 
Bossard. Werner. Riehen near Basil, and M. Reding, 
assignors to J. R. Geigy A. G.. Ba.sel. Switzerland. 
Coppemble disazo dyestuffs. 2.515,546, Julv 18. 
Bossart, Paul N. : .See — 

Grondahl, Lars O.. and Bossart. 
Bossart. Paul .N.. Cheswick. assignor to The Union Switch 
& Signal Company, Swissvale, Pa. Communication 
system. 2,499,180. Feb. 28. 
Bossart, Paul -N., Cheswick, assignor to The Union Switch 
& Signal Company, Swissvale, Pa. Coupling unit for 
railway telephones. 2.502.122, Mar. 28. 
Bossart, Paul N.. Cheswick, and E. W. Marlowe. Wil- 
kinsburg, assignors t« The Union Switch and Signal 
Company. Swissvale. Pa. By-passing a fault of a 
line circuit and for telephoning to railway trains. 
2.515.855. July 18. 
Bossche. John V. : See — 

<■•«. Jalwin A., and Bossche. 
Bossetta. Caspar R.. New Orleans, La. 

2,4!».S.'s5.<, Jan. 10. 
Bossetta. Gaspar R.. New Orleans. La. 
reel and cabinet. 2.525.165. Oct. 10. 
BoK5i, .Alfred. Bottmlngen. near BaseL Switzerland. 
-Machine for the production of packaging inlays. 
2,525.202, Oct. 10. 
Bossmeyer. Charles L., Stratford. Conn., assignor to Dic- 
taphone Corporation, New York. N. Y. Article for fil- 
ing flexible recording belts. 2.506.058. May 2. 
Bosson. Eric .M. : See — 

Lee. David C. R.. Bosson. and Vokes. 
Bost. Cecil T., assignor to Hickory Manui'acturine Com- 
pany. Hickory. N. C. Lumber 
2.522,813. Sept. 19. 

Bost. Charles IL. Lake Wales. Fla. ....... „„^ ..oc.,.- 

bly for polyphase electric motors with changeable con- 
nections. 2.507.242. May 9. 
Bost. Georges L. A. : See — I i 

Fluchalre. Maurice L. A., and Bost. 
Bost. Henry A. : .sVp — 

Hathaway. Stanley, and Bost. 
Bost. Ralph \v.. Chapel Hill. N. C. and R. S. Shelton, 
Mariemont. assignors to The Win. S. Merrell Company. 
Fincinnati, Ohio. 2-(p-isothiocyanobenzenesulfona. 
midol-pyrimidine. 2.517.760. Aug. 8. 
Bostany, Cecil A.. Birmingham. Ala. Illuminated tele- 
phone and ringing circuit. 2.522.701. Sept. 19. 
Bostian. Homer C. Perinton. assignor of one-third to I. 
\yhiteman and one-third to (i. E. Winter, Rochester, 
N. Y. Spring clip for spectacle cases and other re- 
ceptacles. 2,514.834, July 11. 
Bostitch. Inc., assignee : See — 
Llndstrom. Charles M. 
Mavnard. Arthur H. | 

Whalen, Joseph D, A. 
Boston Marine Works. Inc., assignee : See — 

Chase. Curtis D. 
Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company, executor: See-- 

Wells. George W. 
Boston Varnish Company, assignee : See — i 

Bradley. John J.. Jr. I 

Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Company, assignee : See — 
Bierer. John M. 
Knowland, Thomas M. 
Knowland. Thomas M.. and Currier. 
■ Marcy. Grosvenor D. 
Bostroem. Theodore. Paris. France. Thermic treatment 

of metals, chiefly of light alloys. 2,525.203. Oct. 10. 
Boswau. Hans P. : Sn — 

Reld. Alexander C.. and Boswau. 
Boswell. Ian I., Newport Pagnell. England. Connector or 

terminal member. 2.521.822. Sept. 12. 
Bosworth. Blake B., Dayton. Ohio. Tank heater. 

2.527.115. Oct. 24. 
Bosworth. Stephen : See — 

Ne^on, James E.. Bosworth. Percy. Balne and 
Bosworth, William C. : See — 

-Mmond. John R., and Bosworth. 
Botany Worsted .Mills, assignee: .Sec — 

Haigh. Frederick R.. Koerner. and Ehrhardt, 
Stec. Bernarfl V. 
Weinpel. George C. .. 

Botensten. Roy L.. Chicago. HI. electric lantern 

with writing pad attachment. 2.528.416. Oct. 31. 
Boterweg. Dirk. E'ndhoven. Netherlands, assignor to Hart- 
ford National Bank and Trust Company. Hartford 
Conn., as trustee. Coil support. 2.497,204, Feb. 14. 
Both. Edward T., Cremorne. near Svdnev. assignor to 
.Automatic Totalisators Limited. Sleariowbank. near 
Sydney. .New South Wales. Australia. Odds computing 
means for race totalizators. 2.532.693, Dec. 5. 
Both. Stanley C. Hamburg, N. Y. Cigarette di-spenser. 
2.50.''.. 090, Apr. 4. 

Bothe. Werner IL. Kenosha, assignor to Worldsbest In- 
dustries. Inc.. Cudahy. Wis. Curtain stretcher corner 
structure. 2.519.628. Aug. 22. 



B' tinier. Lloyd. Vas.sar. Mich. Beet harvester. 2,509,757. 

M.iv 3(1 , 

Ro^k.' William A. : See — ! 

Zirnniernian, Albert E.. and Botke. 
B'"kiii t arl, I'.injjhaiiiton, as.siKiior to General Aniline 

&, Film Corponition, New York, N. Y. Diazotype coat- 

Intr solution for plastic carriers. 2,490,196, Jan. 31. 
Ilotner. John L.. and \s . i: Nauqlin, Louisville, Ky. 

Hogshead. 2.502. r)04. Apr. 1 Frederick V.. Detroit, .Mi<'h. IJotary lawn rake. 

2.52.'),090, Oct. 10. ^. ■ 

r.oftoms. Kohert II.. Crestwood, Ky., assignor to National 

Cylinder (las Company. Chicaco, 111. Temperature 

resfoiisi VI' 

dfvice. 2..Tl"7.f.2«. .\ii!:. S. 

Bottorf. William 11., "st. iVtersburp. Fla. Hair drying 

unit. 2.528.335. Oct. 31. 
BotTos. Alexander J.. C.ary. Inl. .\p[>aratu8 for cutting 

.'^trip material. 2.."03.'.)U4, Aj.r. 11. 
B. tf3 Itobert E. Blue JCartli. Minn., and L. F. Young, 

chaff-f Mo. BulYer spriiis: as.sembly for automatic 

lirearm.s. 2.r,04.9r)S. Apr. 2."). 
Bouchard, CharlfS S., Welle.sley, assignor to Lewls-Shepard 

Company. Watertown, Mass. ."stabilized load-lifting 

power-actuated truck. 2,494,.")(i5, Jan. 10. 
Bouchard, Gaston K.. Saint (Jermain en I^iye. France. 

Device for converting motion. 

•1 KIO O 

2,254, Nov. 28. 

I'.oMihard. (Jeorge IL. Ipswich, a-signor to Sylvania Klec- 
tric Products Inc., Salem, Mass. Producing cathode 
coatini; compositions. 2.535,999. Dec. 26. 

Bourhard. Louis J., assignor to Dual Mfg. and Englneer- 
inu' Co., Holyoke. Mass. Tool mechanism. 2.493.473. 

BouChnrd. Orezul. Kirkland Lake. Ontario, Canada. 
Portable loc-debark.-r bavins: swin^able frame mount- 
in- a driven feed wheel. 2.49^,7^0, Feb. 28. 

Boucher, Charles P., and K. W. Keiser. assignors to 
I'.uucher and Keiser Company, Atlanta, Ga. Tubular 
electric lamp. 2.490.374. Feb. 7. 

Boucher, Charles P., and H. W. Keiser, assignors to 
Boucher and Keiser Company, .\tlanta,_^Ga. Negative 
reactance lam[) system. 2.490.981. Feb. 7. 

Boucher, Cormack E., Seattle. Wash. Film holder. 

2,494.740, Jan. 17. 
Boucher. Cormack E.. Seattle, Wash. Method and appa- 
ratus for locating welds in hollow metal bodies. 
2.532.530, Dec. 5. 

Boucher. Eniile C... Baltimore. Md. Jar and tumbler cap 
lifting and removintr tool. 2.493,438. Jan. 3. 

P.oucher. Emile C... Baltimore. M.l Pry type Jar cap 
r.-mover. 2,501.204, Mar. 21. 

Boucher Kmile (?., Baltimore, Md. Uemoving tool for 
varuum jar caps. 2.501,205. Mar. 21. ; 

P.oucher and Keiser Company, assignee: See — 
Boucher, Charles P., and Keiser. 

P.ouchet Goorff.'S, Bellevue. assignor to Societe "Quartz & 
Silice," Paris, France. Optical pyrometer. 2,494,607, 
Jan. 17. „ . 

I.ouck, Harold W., Hohart. Ind., assignor to Carnegie- 
Illinois Steel Corporation. .\pparatu3 for removing 
scale. 2.535.S90. Dec. 26. 

P.oucraut Louis, Troves assignor to Societe a responsa^ 
bilite Limltee Le Maill6 Souple, Paris, France. Method 
and device for the winding of elastic threads. 
2.514.691, July 11. , „ , 

!^>udousquie. Angelo A., Sr., New Orleans, La. Form for 
concrete construction. 2.506,485, May 2. 

I'.oudreau. Alban M.. assignor to Hedstrom-Union Com- 
pany. Gardner, Mass. High chair tray. 2,522,087. 
S.-pt. 12. „ , 

Boudreau, C.irard E., Clinton. Iowa, assignor to E. I. 
(hi Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. 
Apparatus for packaging cigars in layers with the 
clears in one layer stactjered with respect to cigars in 
ad ia cent layers. 2.493.221. Jan. 3. 

Boucet, Yves A.. West Orange. N. J., assignor to Western 
Electric Company, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Ele- 
vator for reels. 2,503,995, Apr. 11. 

Boucet. Yves .\., West Oransre. N. J., assignor to \\estern 
Electric Company Incurporated. New Y'ork, N. Y'. Ten- 
sion control m-'chanism for use in material serving 
heads. 2.507.290. May 9. 

P.oiicet. Yves A.. West Orange, X. J., assignor to V\ estern 
Elt'ctric Company. Incorporated. New York, N. Y'. Ten- 
sion eMiializins: ■ipnaritus. 2.507.297. Mav 9. 

Boughey. Jeremiah J., Chicago, assignor of one-third to 
J H Ahell, Kvanston, and one-third to (i. E. Semple. 
Park IUdce,,IIl. Foot shield. 2,523,494, Sept. 26. 

r.ouirhey Jeremiah J., Chicago, assignor of one-third to 
J R ' .Abell. Evanston. and one-third to G. E. Semple, 
Park Ridge. 111. Foot shield. 2,523.495. Sept. 26. 

Bou.rhman. Giiv A., assignor to Bonghman Machine Com- 
pany. Lenoir, N. C. Wood waste disposal apparatus. 
•J 4.|,vi40. Jan. 31. 

Boughman Machine Company, I'.ssignee: See — 
Bousrhnian. Guv A. 

Rouuhtwood. John E., Brooklyn. N. Y.. and A. E. Michon, 
Suiiiniit N J , a^sicnors to The Western T'nion Tele- 
ernph Conu>anv, New York. N. Y. Frequency diversity 
t.locraph system. 2.497.S59, Fob 21. 

BoiibifT Louis. Paris. Frnncp. Mechanical pencil having 
difforent leads selectable from magazines therein. 
2,520.796. Aug. 29. 

Bouldin Joseph W.. Los Anereles, Calif. Universal plumb- 
ing fitrin-j 2.499.900. Mar. 7. 

Boulger, Morse Destructor Company, assignee : See — 
Mannheim, Louis R. 

Bouligny, R. IL, Inc., assignee: Bee — 
Howe, Oliver R., King, and Stolp. 
Howe, Oliver R., and Stolp. 

Bculton, Carson B., Oklahoma City, Okla. Resurfacing 
pish)n chambers. 2.500,340, Mar. 14. 

Boulton, Robert E., Rifle. Colo. Side-delivery shovel at- 
tachment for tractors. 2,514,622, July 11. 

Bour, Robert C, assignor to National Cylinder Gas Com- 
pany. Chicago, III. Porous composition of matter and 
preparing the same. 2,502,409, Apr. 4. 

Bourclillon, .Annette M. : See^ 

Allan. Barbara E.. and Bourdillon. 

Bourdon. Pierre M.. Paris, assignor to Manufacture de 
Caoutchouc .Mlchelin (Pulseux, Boulanger & Cle), Cler- 
mont-Ferrand, France. I'neuraatlc tire. 2,493,614. 
Jan. 3. 

Bourdon, Pierre M., Paris, assignor to Manufacture de 
Caoutchouc Michelln (Pul.seux, Boulanger & Cie) Cler- 
mont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dome), France. Valve for tires. 
2.495,955, Jan. 31. 

Bourdon, Pierre M., Paris, assignor to Manufacture de 
Caoutchouc Mlchelin (Puiseux, Boulanger & Cie), 
Clermont-Ferrand, France. Elastic pivot for railroad 
and the like vehicles. 2,499,087, Feb. 28. 

Bourgonjon. Louis R. : Ser — 

Kleis. Derk. van Tol. Bourgon.ion, and Sloof. Marguerite L, J., executrix: See — 
Bourgonnler, Claude. 

Bourgonnler, Claude, deceased, by M. L. J. Bourgonnier- 
Brichaus, executrix, Paris, France, assignor to Hartford 
National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford, Conn., as 
trustee. Rotating field radio beacon. 2,500,793, 
Mar. 14. N, 

Bourke, Thomas X., GVosse Pointe, Mich. Seal struc- 
ture for controlling flow of liquids. 2,526,629, Oct. 24. 

Bourke, Thomas N., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Seal device 
for containers. 2.526,630, Oct. 24. 

Bourland, E:ii. Millbrae Highlands, assicnor to Pacific 
Can Company. San Francisco. Calif. Can unscranibler. 
2,530,419, Nov. 21. 

Bourland. Joseph M.. assignor of one-half to T. J. Bour- 
land, Richmond, Calif. Continuous high-pressure &tpam 
retort and sterilizer. 2,517,833, Aug. 8. 

Bourland. J., assignee: See — 
Bourl.and. Joseph M. 

Bourn. Leslie E. A.. Ashford. England. Electrical musical 
instrument. 2,507.884. May 16. 

Bourn. Leslie E. A., Ushford, England. Electrical mu- 

sical Instrument. 2,522.923. Sept. 19. 

Bourne, John P., Jr.. San Francisco. Calif. Motor ve- 
hicle electrical system. 2.515,819. July 18. 

Bourne, Roland B., West Hartford, assignor to The Maxim 
Silencer Company, Hartford. Conn. Water separator 
.silencer. 2,498.979. Feb. 28. j, 

Bourne, Roland B., West Hartford, assignor to The Maxim 
Silencer Company, Hartford, Conn. Plow elevating 
mechanism. 2,51,3.231. June 27. 

Bourne, Roland P... West H.artford. assignor to The Maxim 
Silencer Company, Hartford, Conn. Water-cooled 
silencer. 2,516,948, Auc. 1. 

Bourne, Roland B.. West Hartford, assignor to The Maxim 
Silencer Company, Hartford, Conn. Muffler with inner 
sound-absorbing tube. 2.516,949, Aug. 1. 

Bourne, Roland B., West Hartford, and A. E. Chase. Elm- 
wood, assignors to The Maxim Silencer Comjjany, Hart- 
for<l. Conn. Manifold silencer with plural lateral, inlets 
and outlets. 2,513,229. June 27. I 

Bourne, Roland B., West Hartford, and L. E. Knapp, 
Wethersfleld assignors to The Maxim Silencer Company, 
Hartford, Conn. Sidewalk snowplow. 2.513,230. 
June 27. 

Bourne. William G., assignor to Rofax Limited,- London, 
Encland. Electric switch. 2.506.196. May 2. 

Bourne. William G.. .\cton. London, assignor to Rotax 
Limited. London. England. Electric switch. 2,510,670. 
July 25. 

Bourne, William G., assjgnor to Rotax Limited, London. 
England. Electric circuit breaker. 2,519,629, Aug. 22. 

Bournique, Clai'ence E. : See — 

Molyneux, John C., and Bournique. 

Bourns. "Marian E.. Altadena. Calif. Pressure responsive 
rheostat. 2,497.974. Feb. 21. 

Bourns. Marian E., Altadeftftr-jfflif- Pulse-time modula- 
tion circuits and methods. 2.510,060. .Tune 0. 

Bourns, Marian E., Altadena, Calif. Adjustable resistor. 

2.515,980, July 18. 
Bourns, Marian E., Altadena, Calif. 

2..'yl5,981. July 18. 
Bourque. Philip, and M. Klilunen. Detroit. Mich. Arc 

welding electrode. 2,520.112. Aug. 29. 

Adjustable resistor. 

Clock mounting 
Vibratory seeder. 

Bourquin, Edcar. Los Angeles, Calif, 
means. 2,532.599. Dec. 5. 

Bouska. Edward F., Hinsdale, 111. 

2,525,041, Oct. 10. 
Bouska, Marie, executrix: See — 
Bouska, Richard. 

Bouska. Richard, deceased, Sioux Narrows, Ontario, Can- 
ada ; M. Bouska, executrix of said R. Bouska. Cooling 
system for internal-combustion engines. 2.523,414. 
Sept. 28. 



Bousky, Samuel, Shaker Heights, assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Jack & Heintz Precision Industries, Inc.. 
Cleveland, Ohio. Bolometer type telemetric system. 
2.490,575. Feb. 7 

Bousky, Samuel. Shaker Heights, assignor to Jack & 
Heintz Precision Industries, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Compressor. 2.513,912, July 4. 

Bousquet, Euclid W.. Wilmington, Del., J. II. Cochran, 
Cleinson, S. C, and C. J. Krister, Claymont. assignors 
to E. I. du I'out de .Nemours & Company, Wilmington, 
Del. Miticidal compositions comprising a 2,2-bls(pura- 
alkoxyphenyl) -propane. 2,504,382, Apr. 18. 

Bousseau. Pierre. Sce-- 

Lalibv. l.eoo. and Bousseau. 

Boutin. Arthur J., Detroit. Mich. Saw sharpening ma- 
chine. 2,519,735, Aug. 22. 

Bouton, George .M., Madison, K. M. Olsen, Summit, and 
E. E. Schumacher, Maplewood, N. J., assignors to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 
Lead base alloy body and producing same. 2,499,506, 
Mar. 7. 

Bouton, George M., Madison, and Q. S. Phipps, Chatham, 
N. J., as.slgnors to Bell Teleplione Laboratories, Incor- 
porated, .New York, N. Y. Sealing method for wiped 
Joints. 2.5(i8,48N, .May 23. 

Bouton, George M., Madison, and G. S. Phipps. Chatham, 
N. J., assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incor- 
porated. New York. N. Y. Analysis and control of the 
compo.-ition of lead alloys. 2.517,380, Aug. 1. 

Boutwell, Arthur R., Evansville, Ind. Fertility and steril- 
ity indi<ator. 2, 512. '.•15, June 27. 

Bouyier, Maurice E., St.-Didier au Mont d'Or, assignor 
to Societe des Usines Chimiques Rhone-Poulenc, Paris, 
Franc-e. 4-Methylene amino-pyrazolone derivative. 
2,499.265, Feb. 28. 

Bouvier. .Maurice E., Saint-Didier au Mont d'Or, assignor 
to Societe des I'sines Chimi(|ues Rhone-Poulenc, Paris, 
' France. Preparation of N-methvl p-aminophenol. 
2,507,192. .May 9. 

Bouvier, Maurice E., St.-Dldier au Mont d'Or, assignor to 
Societe des L'sines Chimifiues Rhone-Poulenc, Paris, 
France. Production of dimethylaminoantipyriiies. 
2,525,518, Oct. 10. 

Bouwers. Albert. Delft. Netherlands, assignor to N. V. 
Optische Industrie "De Oude Delft." Camera with 
catadloptric optical system. 2,503.319. Apr. 11. 

Bouwers. Albert, assignor to N. V. Optische Industrie "De 
Oude Delft." Delft, Netherlands. Reflex camera with 
catadioptric optical system. 2,504,384, Apr. 18. 

Bouwers, .Mbert J. Becker, and A. H. van Gorcum, as- 
signors to .\. V. Oiitische Industrie "I>e Oude Delft," 
Delft. Netherlands. Refhcting tvpe tehscope having a 
spherical mirror. 2.504.38.3. Apr. 18. 

Bov, Raphael F, : See — 

Herscher. Marcus B., and Bov. 

Bove, Charles, New York, X. Y. Xa.sal appliance. 2.515,- 
756, July 18. 

Bovee, Ransom Y., Van Xuys, Calif. Creating power. 
2.528.813, Nov. 7. 

Bovey. Donald E., West .Albany, N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Sorting metallic articles. 2,495,627. 
Jan. 24. 

Bowan, Walter J., and F. Tratzlk, assignors to Mueller 
Co.. D.'cafur. III. V;ilve. 2.510,49L June 0. 

Boward. Nellie M., Richmond, Va. Playing card holder. 
2.520.490, Aug. 29. 

Bowcoit, Robert W., Columbus, Ohio, assignor to Curtiss- 
Wricht Corporation. Airplane flap extension. 
2,526,929. Oct. 24. 

Bowden, John L., United States Army. Shorting system 
for radio coils. 2,493.746. Jan. 10. 

Bowden, Xorman E.. and K. O. Bundy. Dallas, Tex 
Ticket issuing machine. 2,511,041, June 13. 

Bowder, David II. , Attleboro. Mass.. assignor to Swank. 
Inc. Xecktie holder. 2..500,114. Mar. 7. 

Bowdltch, Iloel L., assignor* to The Foxhoro Company, 
Foxhoro, Mass. Recording instrument mechanism. 
2,534,509, Dec. 19. 

Bowditch. Hoel L., Jamaica Plain, assignor to The Foxhoro 
Company, F"'<'xboro, Mass. Device for adjusting angu- 
lar relationship. 2,500,657, Mar. 14. 

Bowditch, Hoel L., Jamaica Plain, assignor to Foxboro 
Company, Foxboro. .Mass. Reversible air-operated 
motor. "2,536,000, Dec. 26. 

Bowe, Hugo M. : See — 

Yourglich. Mildred M.. and Bowe. 

Bowen. Arnold E.. Red Bank. X. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 

Fhone Laboratories. Incorporated. New Y'ork, N. Y. 
'Itra high frequency electronic device. 2.530,373, 
Nov. 21. 

Bowen. Arnold E., Fair Haven, X. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated. New York, X. Y. 
Rotatable vane tvpe attenuator with plug in or out ele- 
ments. 2.531,194, Nov. 21. 

Bowen. Charles E., assignor to International Electrolytic 
Plant Company Limited. Sandvcroft. Chester, England. 
Electrolytic cell. 2,522.661. S^pt. 19. 

Bowen, Claude T., Kent. Ohio, assignor to The B. F. Good- 
rich Company, New York. N. Y. Method and apparatus 
for making hard thermoplastic tube assemblies. 
2,529.863, Nov. 14. 

Bowen, Dwain B., Watertown, and A. M. Clogston. Cam- 
bridge, .Mass.. assignors, by mesne assignments, to the 
United States of America as represented by the Secre- 
tary of War. Tunable oscillator. 2.527,699. Oct. 31. 

Bowen, Edward G., Cambridge, Mass., D. Taylor, Malvern, 
and K. G. Budden, Salisbury, assignors to the Minister 
of Supply in His Majesty's (iovernment of Great Britain 
and Northern Ireland, London. England. Radio locat- 
ing apparatus. 2.512.086, June 2(i. 

Bowen, Hugh S., Fairfield, Ala., assignor of forty-nine 
per cent to W. B. Bowen, El Paso, Tex. Arc spot weld- 
ing apparatus. 2,498.241, Feb. 21. 

Bowen, Kennit A.. La Mesa, Calif. Robo-chord. 2,521,686, 
Sept. 12. 

Bowen. Leslie G., Evanston, assignor to Dlspenso Valve 
Corporation, Chicago, 111. Dispensing valve for mate- 
rial under pressure. 2,513,272, July 4. 

Bowen, Robert K., a.ssignor to .North Carolina Pulp Com- 
l>any. Plymouth. X. C. Stock controller. 2,498,876, 
Feb. 28. 

Bowen. Thomas E., Birminirham, Ala., assignor to Empire 
Industries, Inc., New York, X. Y. Drop bottom mine 
car. 2,503,706. Apr. 11. 

Bowen. Tom, assignor to Pullars Instruments Limited, 
(formerly Pullars El.ctrlc Co. (Bilghton) Limited), 
Brighton, England. Mountin.i; for Hexible capsules for 
operating tmnsnilssions. 2,529,909, Xov. 14. 

Bowen, Walter B., assignee: See — 
Bowen, Hugh S. 

Bower. Ernest A., St. Joseph, Mich. Picnic and utility 
table. 2,522,774, Sept. 19. 

Bower, George I). : ^ce — 

Dube, John E., MacDougall, and Bower. 

Bower, George D.. University City, Mo., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Missouri Automatic Control 
Corporation. High-low control for pot-type burners. 
2,504.174. Aitr 18. 

Bowfr. Georiie I)., assignor to Alco Valve Company, Uni- 
versity City. Mo. Thermal limit valve. 2,508,010 
May lO. 

Bower, Howard S. : Bve — 

Marshallf John T., and Bower. 

Bower, Howard S.. assignor to B.ndix -Aviation Corpora- 
tion, South Bend. Ind. Xozzle. 2,531,666, Xov. 28. 

Bower. James A.. Chester. W. Va., assignor to Taylor, 
Smith & Taylor Company. Treatment of molds for 
making ceramic ware. 2,498,149. Feb. 21. 

Bower; James A.. Chester, W. Va., assignor to Tlie Tavlor, 
Smith & Taylor Company, East Liverpool, Ohio. Ware 
removing and fettling mechanism lor pottery fabricat- 
ing machines. 2.510,078. June 0. 

Bower, James A., Chester, W. Va., assignor to The Taylor, 
Smith & Tiylor Company. East Liverpool, Ohio. 

I M«dd for pottery fabricating machines. 2,526,993, 
Oct. 24. 

Bower. John L. : See — 

Pettibone, George IL, and Bower. 

Bower, John O., Wyncote, Pa. Surgical suture and meth- 
od. 2.493,943, Jan. 10. 

Bower, John O.. Wyncote. Pa. Hemoglobin solution and 
m.thoiL 2.527,210. Oct. 24. 

Bower, Justus II., Berkeley Heights, X. J., assignor to 
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. New York, 
X. Y. Stand-by battery system. 2.534.542, Dec. 19. 

Bower. Kenneth I.,., .N'orfolk. Va. Building and picture 
projection device. 2.521.823, Sept. 12. 

Bower, Robert J. : See — 

Young, John, Jr., and Bower. 

Bower, Russell B. : See — 

Xichols, Charles A., Bower, Edwards, Fletcher, 
McCoy. Sample, and Weiser. 

Bower, Scott V., Warren, Ohio. Fire extinguisher. 
2.522.088. Sept. 12. 

Bowerman. Ilulie E., Grand Prairie, Tei. Well swab. 
2,518,275, Aug. 8. 

Bowers, lienjamin N., PIttsfield, Mass., assignor to 
General I'lectric Company. Swiveled insulating bush- 
ing. 2.525.444. Oct. 10. 

Bowers. Frederick M.. Providence Road, assignor to Tt^ 
FibreMetal Products Company. Chester. Pa. Adjusta- 
ble headband for headgetir. 2.503.432. Apr. 11. 

Bowers, Frederick H.. Kalamazoo, Mich. Pactage. 

2.5_'.S.41.'>. .^ej.!. 20. 
Bowers, Frederick H., Kalamazoo, Mich. Combined 

tob,•^cco-sJllOl^ing pipe and pyroplioric lighter. 2.529,278, 

Nov. 7. 
Bowers, Herbert L., Clarence, assignor to Bell Aircraft 

Corporation. Wheatfield, N. Y. Wing lift modification 

moans. 2.500.ril2. Mar. 14. 
Bowers. Herbert L., and R. A. \\olf, Kenmore, assignors 

to Bell Aircraft Corporation, Wheatfield, X. Y'.- 

Jet power unit mounting. 2.516.671, July 25. 
Bowers, Leslie M., Rosemead, Calif. Unitary valve 

assembly for flush tanks. 2.527,909. Oct. 31. 
Bowers, Oscar R.. assignor to The Burdick Corporation, 

.Milton. Wis. High-frequency diathermy applicator. 

2.509.417. May 30. 
Bowers. Raymon : See — 

Buck, loster. Barbknecht. and Bowers. 
Bowers. Raymond A., Princeton, X. J. Door. 2,507,497. 

.May 16. 
Bowersox. Joseph W., St. Petersburg. Fla.. assignor to 

Sealy. Incorpprated, Memphis. Tenn. Apparatus and 

method for making cushions. 2,493,652, Jan. 3. 


INl'i:X OF PATENTS, 1950 

Inc., assignte : See— - 

r,ow> s InstruniPtit Co. 
SrliuU'^ F:ir;^. 

Bowfis L«-s!if ii.. \V;\vurth. Ohio, assignor, by mesne 
a-si"!ii:.'ii'-i to Morton Salt Company, Chicago. HL 
Uy)V\H'V . .M~ :r • for filling machine with external bag 
clamps, wliicii lifts and spreads b.ius upon being opened. 
2,511.241. Jun," 13. , ,. 

Bowes Thomas D., Cynw\,!, I'a. >li:ii ^ ar,i;o loading gear. 
.■..M2,477, June 20. 

i;owe.-<, Thomas M. : See — 

Schaef.r, Walter S,. and Bowes. 

r.o\M.' Vu;:u.-<;ms ■).. San I'rancihCO, Calif. Llectrical 
switch. 2.526,845. Oct. 24. „■ u . vt x- 

r.uwi.^ Krank \V.. and E. N. Sturdevant, Binghamton. N. 1. 
\,-h'icl.- body and fender straightening apparatus. 
_',.-.( ly. 3:^0, May 30. , ^ w, v ». 

Bowii- (iordon <).. .^^partanburi:. s C. Separable button. 
2 502,034, Mar. 28. . ^, , 

wkfT Walt'T, assignor of one-third to A. Knowles, 
Till River, Mass. Rocking toy. 2,318,747, Aug. 15. 
w 1 8. I'ercy : Hee— ^ „ , 

Levers. James F., Patchett, and Bowles. 
whng Patents Management Corporation, assignee: 
•bte — 

Schnddt. Gottfried I. • ^ i. ♦ 

Bowling. Robert B.. and L. R. T.-nnett. assignors by cllrect 
and mesne assignment.-;, of one-half to said BotvUng 
and one-half to Frank Coures, Hamilton, Qhio. • Self- 
f.eding applicator. 2.498,980, Feb. 28. 

Howlzer, .\lfred 11., Soutb Gate, Calif. Swing jig. 
•_',.'. 1-'. 7-^7. June 27. 

Bowman David F., Bayside, N. Y., assignor, by mesne 
as.signmente. to the United States of America as repre- 
sentetl by the Secretary of the Navy. Impedance- 
transforming arrangement. 2,52r>.84G, Oct. 24. 

Bowman. <;iade B. : See — 

Hammond. Milton B.. and Bowman. 

'• Avman Horace J., Los Anp.le.s. Calif. Air boriye ex- 

Box, E. O., Jr. : See — 

Ray, Gardner C, and Box. 
Boxart Machine Company, assignee : See — 

Haas. Frank J. 
Boxer, Martin VV., Bronx, N. Y. Gear pump type vari- 
able speed liquid drive. 2,498,733, Feb. 28. 
Boxmeyer. Charles H. : See — 

Hardman. Ralph \V., and Boxmeyer. 
Boxrud, Alf M., Minneapolis. Minn. Electric space heater. 

2,530.806. Now. 21. 
Boyajian. Aram. Pittsfield. Mass., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Age Indicating device for electrical 
apparatus. 2, 505, .'521. Apr. 25. 
Boyarsky, Irving, and I. E. Melnick, New York, 



,. Apr. 18. 
N. C. Well 


tini:ui:<hing equipment. 2,.">()4,24 
P.owman. Hyman D., Raleigh 

2..')i)t)..".l.^. Mar^l4. , 

P.owman. Irwin C. : See — 

i;rt1tllnir. James L., Bowman, and Comertord. 
Bowman, James L.. Eau Claire. Mich. Side delivery rake. 

r.ounKiiV j'.'.hii -M.. and P. D. Bradficld, Santa Ana, Calif. 
Tractor fender. 2,528.683. Nov. 7. ^ „ .^ , 

I'.owman, John R., assignor to Gulf Research & Develop- 
ment Comoanv, Pittsburgh. -Pa. I»ipole moment indi- 
cator and control. 2.49'J.f.26, Mar. 7. ^ ^ ,, „ 

Bowman, John R.. Pitt.sburgh, Pa., assignor to Gulf Re- 
search & Development Company. Apparatus for the 
separation of gaseous mixtures. 2»500,240, Mar. 14. 

r.owman. John R.. and \V. P. Ridenour, a.ssignors to Gulf 
Research & Development Company, pittsburgii. Pa. N\ ax 
compositions. 2,."^i00.0.')9, May 2. „, . , 

P.owman. Melville B.. Jr., Belvedere, Calif. Signal de- 
vi.'. .:,521.280. Sept. 5. ^ ,., t., „ * , 

i; .wi.i.m. .\l.lvin L.. Sierra Madre, Calif. Float control 
for automatic washers. 2,499,454, Mar. 7. 

p.owman. Norman J. : See — I i 

Coover. Harrv W.. and I 

Dickev. Joseph P>.. Bowman and Stuckwisch. I 

Bowman, tteginald M.. Baltimorfff Md. Pendulum scale. 
2.r>(iS.0n. Mav 16. ., V, 

Bowman. Richard V.. Drexel Hill. Pa. Erasure attach- 
ment for typewriters. 2,525.063, Oct. 10. 

I'.owman Samiu'l. Oakland. Calif. Canned , food cooker 
r.'.I. 2.." in. 61 8. June 6. 

B.Avnian. Virgil R. : '"^'ee — 

Saling'T. Hans W. G.. and Bowinnn. • 

'■.owman. Wado W.. Los Angeles. Calif. Com separator. 

i:..-27.i7->. opt. 24. -^ ;. , ; 

Bowman, William A.. Baltimore. Md. Combined storm 

window awning and screen. 2.513,278. July 4. 
I'.owrnan-Manitold. Michael : See- 
Cork. Edward C, and Bowman-Manifold. 4 
Powne. Lantrford J., Howard Bench, assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. New York, N. \ . 
Private branch exchange system with means for pre- 
vfMitiim in-frfereuce from unbalance comiitions. 
2,n02.S20. -Apr. 4. „ „ n. •, 

P.owne, Lanu'ford J.. Saugerties. assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated. New York. NY. 
Telephone svstem having preset transmitter. J.oj4,hou, 
Tier. 19. " I 

P.owser. Inc.. assignee: See — J 

Griffith. Clement P. 
Griffith. Clement P., and Marvel. 
IT 1 rviiot. Frank B. . . 

M -vel. Harvey E. . 

]',..\\<- - iv>-rv T. : See — | 

Wnner. William M.. nnd P.-w^er i 

PoWH'T. Pcri'v L. Jr.: See 

Venner. William M., and Bowser. 

P.owser, Virgil C. Silver Spring, Md 
Ing garncf. 2.511.619, June 13. 

Bowsman. Harrv O., Elgin, 111. Furnace, including ash- 
pit nir pres.sure responsive grate dumping means. 
L'.4r>^ 787, Feb. 28. 

Bowv.r T nw... Albert C and F. R. Peach, assignors to 
Pv- I.;' -od. Cambridge, England. Electric attenuator. 
L'.'l'.'n I'.'''. .Tan. 3. 

Automobile park- 

N. Y. 


Iowa. Mowing machine. 


Upper Darby, ns- 
Inc. Philadelphia, 

Battery operated cigarette lighter. 2,5.'i5,66.".. I>ec. 26. 

Boyce, Boykln B.. and W. B. Powell. Memphis, Tenn. 

Body for street-cleaning machines. 2,523,808, Sept. 26. 

Boyce. Boykln B., and W. B. Powell, Memphis, Tenn. 

Suction street sweeper. 2,529,993, Nov. 14. 
Boyce, Eugene L. : See — 

Loewe, Peter L.. and Boyce. 
Boyc'». Francis J.. Keokuk, Iowa. Automobile ash tray. 

2,499,942. Mar. 7. 
Boyce. Harry, Passaic, N. J. Rotary valve construction. 

2.500,794, Mar. 14. 
Boyco, Leonard D., KIrkwood, assignor to Carter Carbu- 
retor Corporation, St. Louis, Mo. Engine starting 
device. 2.533,551. Dec. 12. 
Bovce. Leonard D.. Maplewood. assignor to Carter Car 
buretor Corporation, St. Louis, Mo. Fuel conditioning 
device. 2.518,657, Aug. 15. 
Boyce, Leonard D., Maplewood, assignor to Carter Car- 
buretor Corporation, St. I-ouis, Mo. Engine starting 
device. 2,518.658, Aug. 15. 
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Inc., as- 
signee : See — 
Prill. Edward A. 
'Synerholm, Martin E. 
Boyd. Alice I. : See — 

Bovd. Leonard E. and A. 
Boyd, Dick F. : See — 

Ernst. Walter, and Boyd. 
Bovd, Elvln L.. I>exter. 

i. 494,741. Jan. 17. 
Boyd, Fisher L., and L. W. 
signora to National Foam 

Pa. Fire protecting apparatus. 2.514.439, July 11. 
Boyd. Fisher L., West. Chester, and L. W. Boerner, New- 
town Square, assignors to National Foam System, Inc., 
Philadelphia, Pa. Foam-forming apparatus. 2,512,456. 
June 20. • 

Boyd. Francis O. : See — 

Johanson, John E., and Boyd 
Bovd, James IL. Bronxvllle, N. y€ assignor to 
Petrolonm Company. Preparation of alkyl 
2.507,755. May 16. 
Boyd. John : See — - 

Peterson. Ru<lolph E.. and Boyd. 
Bovd, John C. Riverside, Calif. Sailing and 

flir for attachment to flat bottom rubber boats or rafts. 
2.531.549, Nov. 28. 
Bovd. John J.. Brookmont, Md. Lawn mower. 2.517,834, 

Aug. 8. 
P.ovd. John M. : See^— 

Clifrorn. La Verne E.. Peterson, and Boyd. 
Bovd Joseph C, Laurens, assignor to W. D. DodenhofT, 
Greenville S. C. Preventing singling in spinning opera- 
tions. 2,528,297, Oct. .".1. . 
Bovd Joseph C. Laurens, assignor to W. D. DodenhofT, 
Greenville S. C. Means for preventing- singling In 
spinning operations. 2,528,298, Oct. 31. 
Bovd. Leonard E. and A. I., Oakland, Calif. Barbecue 

apparatus. 2.507.243, May 9. 
Boyd Mathlas W,. Oakland, Calif. Metal suit and trouser 

hanger. 2,493,385. Jan. 3. 
Boyd Mathlas W.. Oakland, Calif. Collapsible suit and 

trouser hanger. 2. .503.321, Apr. 11. 
Bovd Raymond D.. San Antonio, Tex. Adjustable-angle 

~plvot-type rod joint. 2.504,796, Apr. 18. 
Bovd Thomas F.. Philadelphia. Pa. X-ray spectrometer 

holder and method. 2.500.926. Mar. 21. 
Bovd William E.. Newton Falls, assignor to Republic 
Steel Corporation. Cleveland. Ohio. Crane hook. 
2,514.307, July 4. 
Bovd Winnett, Bobcavgeon. assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments to Canadian Patents and Development Limited, 
Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Self-aligning bearing mount- 
ing. 2,530,323. Nov. 14. 
Bovden. Frank D., South Portland. Maine, assignor to 
S«co-Lowe!l Shops. Boston. Mass. Spindle brake. 
2,533,162. Dec. 5. | 

Boyden, J. Hanson, assignee : Bee — 

Nlcholason. Emmett. 
Bovden, Robert E.. assignor to Clary Multiplier Corpora- 
tion Los Angeles, Calif. Keyboard for calculating 
machines, 2,49^,832. Jan. 31. 
Bovden. Robert E.. assignor to Clary Multiplier Corpora- 
tion Los Angeles. Calif. Cover section for oscillating 
type' wheels. 2,506.337, May 2. 



l.i.ST t>l' TAIENTKES 


Boyden. Robert E.. Los Angeles, and E. P. Drake. Glendale, 
assignors to Clary .Multiplier Corporation, Los Angeles, 
Calif. Partial product multiplying calculator. 2,515,- 
692, July 18. 
Boyden, Robert E., Los Angeles, and W. A. Parsons, 
Glendale. assignors to Clary Multiplier Corporation, 
Los Angeles, Calif. Item counter for computing ma- 
chines. 2,527.241, Oct. 24. 
lioydstun, Robert tJ.. Fort Worth. Tex. Plastic cylinder 

heater coil and making same. 2,506,574, May 9. 
Boye, James IL, assignor to James H. Boye Manufactur- 
ing Company, Chicago, 111. Door closing device. 
2,499,719, Mar. 7, 
Boye, James IL, assignor to James II. Boye Manufacturing 
Company, Chicago, 111. Screen door check and silencer. 
2,517,966. Aug. 8. 
lioye, James II. , .Manufacturing Company, assignee : 
See — 

Boye, James IL 
Boyer, Charles .\., Winona Lake, Ind. Stringer fish snap. 

2.517,761. Aug. 8. 
Boyer. Elizabeth M.. executrix: See — 

Boyer, Hugh N. ' 

Boyer, Erni'st E,, assignee : Sir — 

Ev.ins, Kenneth R , and Thomas. 
Boyer, Howard B., Eugene, Greg. I'oster board. 2,501,710. 

Mar. 28. 
Boyer. Hugh N,. deceased. Canfield, Ohio; E. M. Bover, 
executrix of said 11. N. Boyer. Pruning shears. 
2,495,677. Jan. 24. 
Boyer. Ilugli .\., deceased, near Canti<ld, Ohio: E M. 
Boyer, exi-cutrix. Plier wrench. 2.519,630, Aug. 22. 
Boyer, Hugh N.. deceased, near Canfield, Ohio, E. M. Bover. 
executrix. Confronting wr< uch jaws each having aligned work-engaging sections pivotable to 
V-shape. 2,528,814, Nov. 7. 
Boyer, Huch N.. deceased, near Canfield, Ohio, E. M. Boyer, 

e.xecutrlx. Shears. 2,528.815. Nov. 7 
Boyer. Hugh N., deceased, near Canfield, Ohio, E. M. Boyer, 

executrix. Hedge shears. 2.528.816, Nov 7. 
Boyer Industrit's, .-issignee : s'rc — 

Evans, Kenneth R,, and Thomas. 
Bpyer, John L, : Sec — 

Cork, Spencer M,, and Boyer. 
Boyer, John L., Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghouse 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Vapor elec- 
tric device. 2,501.308, Mar. 21, 
Boyer, John L.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghouse 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa, Vapor elec- 
tric device, 2,512,299. June 20, 
Boyer, John L., Wilkin'shurg, assignor to Westinghouse 
P.lectric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Parallel 
operation of converters. 2.523.090, Sept 19 
.Boyer. John L., Wilkinshurg. .and W. E. I'ak.ila Forest 
Hills, assignors to Westinchouse Electric Con^oration, 
East Pittsburgh, Pa. Control circuit. 2,534.754, 
Dec. 19. 
Bover. Ralph K.. Lakewood. assignor to The Dill Manu- 
2 53o'"504 r-""^Po"^' <^'^^'^'^°^- Oliio. Gauge chuck. 
Boyer. Ralph L., assignor to Cooper Bessemer Corporation 
Mount Vernon. Ohio. Internal-combustion engine.' 
2,506.566, May 9. 
Boyer. Raymond F.. assignor to The Dow Chemical Com- 
pany. Midland. Mich. Sulphonatlon of copolvmers of 
monovinyl- and polyvlnyl-aromatic conipounds. 
2,.)00.149, Mar. 14. 
Boyer, Rolx-rt .\. : See — , 

Ford, Henry, and Boyer. ; 
Bo.ver, Robert Q.. Berkeley", Calif., assignor to the Unlte<l 
States of America as represented by the United States 
Atomic Energy Commission. Filter and valve mecha- 
nism. 2,531.802, Nov. 28. 
Bover. Warren G.. Canal Winchester, and C. E Dunlap 
Carroll, Ohio. Dish attachment for high chairs' 
2.535.563. Dec. 26. 
Bover, William C, assignor to A, H, Rice Company, Pitts- 
neld. Mass, Thread controlling device for sewing ma- 
chines, 2.496.116. Jan. 31. 
Bover, William C, assignor to A, II. Rice Company. Pitts- 
field. Mass. Thread controlling device for sewing ma 
chines, 2.496,117. Jan, 31. 

Boyette. A. C, Felsenthal, Ark. Fish lure. 2 526,115 
Oct. 17. ... 

Boyington, Verlyn E., Portland, Greg. Bathing rack for 
infants. 2.535,259, Dec. 26. 

Boykin. John R., Baltimore, Md.. assisnor to Westinp- 
honse Electric Corporation. r:nst Pittsburgh. Pa. Con- 
trol system. 2,498.242, Feb. 21. 

Boykin. John R., Baltimore, Md,, asslcrnor to Wesflng- 
honse Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Fre- 
quency modulator. 2.530.937. Nov. 21. 

Boykin, John R„ Glen Burnie, and J. L. Johnson. Catons- 
ville, Md,, assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corjior,!- 
tion, East Pittsburgh, Pa, Radio apparatus. 2,525,475 
Oct. 10. 

Boyko. .Tohn r See — 

Mullen. Edward, and Boyko. 

Boylan, Charles IL, Jr.. and P. J. Sehlinger. Louisville, 
Ky. Metal window .screen. 2,499.943, Mar. 7. 

Boylan, Francis L.. New Orleans, La, Electric motor con- 
trolled valve. 2,-509,287. May 30. 

Boylan, Louis A., assignor to Valentine Laboratories. Inc. 
Chicago. Ill, .Mechanical movement with constantly 
or intermittently driven member, 2,507.756, .May 16. 
Boyle Calvert, Royal Oak. assignor to American Cutter 
& Engineering Corporation, Warren, Mich. Milling 
cutter. 2,521,035. Sept. 5. 
Boyle, James M. : See — 

Rudel, Harry W., and Boyle. 
Boyle, James M.. South Norwalk. Conn., and J. W. Thomp- 
son, New York. N, Y. Apparatus for sorting and/or 
selecting record cardn. 2,496,435, F\>b. 7. 
Boyle, John R,, assignor to Westerlin & Campbell Com- 
I)any, Chicago, 111. Air circulating apparatus. 
2. 529. .192. Nov. 14. 
Boyle, John R.. Chicago. 111. Appa,ratU8 for transferring 

markings. 2.516.044, July 18. 
Boyle-Midway Inc., assignee: See — 
iK.m.nk. Piiil. 
Podolak. Walter. 
Boyle, Norman T,. Brooklyn, N. Y. Marble game. 

2,496,436, Feb. 7. 
Boyle. Norman T., Brooklyn, N. Y. Music box. 2.501,022, 

Mar. 21. 
Boyle, Ruby L., assignee : See — 

Linder, Claude W. 
Boyle, William J., St. Louis, Mo. Adjustable motor base. 

^.498.392. Feb, 21, 
Boyles. Edgar R., and C, M. Pattison. Hartford City, Ind.; 
said Pattison assignor to said Boyles. as trustee. Appa- 
ratus for dishing and variegating substantially flat 
glass sheets, 2.503,653, Apr. 11. 
Boyles. Robert L., Framlngham, Masa., assignor to Tele- 
chron. Inc. Combined indicator and direction controller 
for s.\nchrohou8 motor-driven clocks. 2,513.913. July 4. 
Boynton. Earl S. : See — 

O'Brien. Josepli F.. and Bovnton. 
Bovnton. Stanley E,. Westfield. and W. C, Ewaldson, 
-Millington, N. J., assiimors to Western Electric Com- 
pany, Incorporated, ,\ew York, N. Y. Machine foi 
making insulated conductors. 2,517,381. Aug. 1. 
Boynton. Wentworth D,. Woodbrook, Md.. assignor to 
Western Electric Company, Incorporated, Nfw York, 
N. Y, Method of and apparatus for testing insulation. 
2.499.720. Mar, 7, 
Boynton. Wentworth D,. Woodbrook. Md,. and J. E. 
Schober, Chicago, 111., assignors to Western Electric 
Company, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. l^lectrlcal 
testing apparatus. 2.501.482. Mar. 21. 
Bozanich, Louie P., Seattle. Wash, Washing and dry- 
ing machine with fluid impeller. 2,498,734, Feb. 28. 
Bozarth, Edw.inl W.. Culdesac, Idaho. Screen leveling de- 

vii-.' 2.^)00,448. Mar. 14. 
Bozarth, Walter L.. Modesto. Calif. Rubber band pun. 

2.535.891, Dec. 26. 
Bozich. Mich.iel J., Pittsburgh. Pa. Pneumatic conveyer. 

2.500.271. Mar, 14. 
Bozich. Mlchai'l J., Pittsburgh. Pa. Glass making ma- 
terials rt>sistant to caking. 2.527.618. Oct. 31., Michael. Ann' Arbor. Mich,, assignor, by 
mesne assisnments, to Graham-Mintcl Instrument 
Cinnpanv, Cleveland, Ohio, Electronic indicating cif»- 
cult. 2.5<)><..':70. May 23. 
Bozoti, Joseph. Parma, Ohio. Paper roll holder. 

2.5(K)..-)]4, 14. 
Bozzelli. Albert L.. assisrnor of twenty-five per cent to 
V. Angelino. twenty-five per cent to F, De Thomas. 
P.angor. and twenty fi\o por eont to M. Do T.epio, Rosoto. 
Pa, Tire chain applying device. 2.497.975. Feb. 21. 
Braak, Dirk J.. Ein<lhoven, Netherlands, assignor to Hart- 
ford National Bank and Trust Company. Hartford, 
r'onn,, as trustee. Transceiver for two-way communica- 
tion. 2.512.300, June 20, 
Braaten, Earl E., assignor to Valentine Laboratories. Inc.. 
Chicago. III. Counting machine for tablets with inter- 
mittently rotatable counting m.'inber and adjustable 
means for varyinc the degree of movement of the count- 
ing member 2.507.757. May 16. 
Braaten. Oscar M.. Rock Island, 111. Linear dimension 
measuring and gauging machine. 2.504,961, Apr. 25. 

Braatz, .Arthur O.. Racine, Wis. Combination vibrator 
and mixer. 2,509.557. May 30. 

Braatz, Leo A., Schofield. Wis. Rod and reel holder. 
2,504.385, Apr. 18. 

Brabham, Thomas J., Greensboro. N. C. Tlpproof bottle- 
holder. 2,510.545. June 6. 

Brace, George A.. Highland Park. 111., assignor to The 
Hoover Company. .North Canton. Ohio. Suction cleaner. 

2.525.282. Oct. 10. 

Brace, George A,, Highland Park, 111., assignor to The 
Hoover Tompany, North Canton, Ohio. Suction cleaner. 

2.525.283, Oct, 10. 

Brace, Porter II. . Forest Hills. Pa.. J, F, Schairer, Chew 
Chase, Md,. and J. W, Marden. East Orange. N. J., 
assignors to the T'nited States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of War. Gun tube liner ma- 
terial, S.499.944. Mar, 7. 

Brace. Porter IL, Forest Hills, and T, II. Gray. Pittsburgh, 
assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, East 
Pittsburgh. Pa. Manufacturing lined metal tubes. 
2,508.466, May 23. 

Brach, E, J., & Sons, assignee : See — 
Zimmer, Clyde R. 


l.\i)i.X OF PATENTS, l«JoO 

IJracke, Oscar J. J., and G. X. U^ns, Antwerp, Belgium, 
asaignors to Internation;il Standard Electric Corpora- 
tion, New York, N. Y. Driving device for power-driven 
telephone switehea and Bimilar swltchiug members. 
1', 4 'J .'),»•. 81). Jan. 31. 

Ilruckeri. William A., Levy, Ark. Automobile window 
awuin^'. L',.'.(X),272. Mar. 14. 

Krackeji, William A.. Levy. Ark. Automobile windshield 
sun visor. 2.507,397, May U. 

Hratker, Carl W., I'fattikon, Switzerland. Drill chuck. 
2,498.525, Feb. 21. 

L5rack»'tr. (Jt-orpe S.. Jr., Waynesboro, Ta. Tilt-turn toy. 
2,.")f)1,20t'.. M:ir 21. 

Braconier, Fr4d(^ric F. A,. Strivay-Piainevaux, and J. 
Dawance, Angleur, assignors to Societe Beige de 
r.^zote et des I'roduits Chimliiues du Marly, Liege. Bel- 
..•iiiiii. Synthesis of vinyl esters of carboxylic acids. 
::..'.21.113. Sept. 5. 

Bracv. Edwin L. : Nre — 

SlcCounell, Wiutou E., and Bracy. 

Br.idburv, ClitTord C., IClchniond, Ind., assignor to Hy- 
tlraulic Brake Companv, Detroit, Mich. Muster cyl- 
inder. 2.526,457. Oct. 17. 

Bradbiuy, Frederick J.. Leamington Spa, England, as- 
signor, by mi'sue assignments, to Aeroijulp Corporatioa 
Jack.'^on, Mich. Coupling device for pipes, tubes, and 
tin- lik.'. 2,.")11.70.i. .Tune 13. 

Bradbury. Samuel, 3rd, Conshohocken, Pa., assignor to 
Lyophile-Cryocliem Corporation, Baltimore, Md. 
cation of aiiuious materials from the frozen 
2.513.991. July 4. 

Braddick, Ileniy J. J.: See — 

Bl.ukott. I'.itrick M. S.. and Braddick. 

IJr.ildon, Frederick D., BabyJon, N. Y.. as.xignor 

.■^pf'rry Corporation. Gyrci vertical. Re. 23.291, Nov. 7. 

Bradd'iri, Frederick 1)., Babylon, N. Y., assignor to The 
SpL-rry Corporation. Stabilized tower supported 
antenna. 2,497.0(;.">. Feb. 14. 

Bra<ldon, Fretlerick D., Babylon. N. Y.. 
Sjietry Corporation. Gyroscopic 
2,,")12,<J07. June 27. 

Brad.loii. I-"rederick D., Babylon. N. Y 
.Sp. Try Corporation. Gyrovertlcal 
2..")33.217, Dec. 12. 

Braddon, Frederick D., Babylon, N. Y., G. P. tie Westfelt, 
Chovy Chase, .Md., and R. S. P.rannin, East Williston, 
N. Y., assignors to The Sperry Corporation. Pre- 
setting means for gyro magnetic compasses. 2,524,750, 
Oct. 10. t 

Braddon, George D. : See — 

Tigpes, Alexander J., ami Braddon. 

Braden. Rene A.. Princeton, N. J., a.ssignor to Radio Cor 
poration uf America. Wave shape torrcction circuit. 
2..'')0r,.77n. May 9. 

Braden. Rene A., Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Balanced microwave detector 
and mixer. 2,527,910, Oct. 31. 

Braden. Vally N.. New Haven, Conn., and F. E. Ensley, 
a.ssignors to Wingfoot Corporation, Akron. Ohio. Pneu- 
matic-type aircraft landing gear. 2,522,340, Sept. 12. 

Brader, Stanley F. : See — 

Jacobsoii, .loel M.. Brader and Fleck. 

Bradiield and P.idwell. Inc., assignee: See — 
Van den Brook, Jan A. 

Bradfi.-l<l. Paul D. : See- 
Bowman, John M.. and Rradfield. 

Bradfofd. Arthur J., assignee : See — 
Ditty, Allan V. 

Bradford, Arthur J.. Wilmette. 111., assignor to Motion 
I'icture Engineering Corporation. Carrying case. 
2,514.308. July 11. 

Bradford. Carlos L., Coshocton. Ohio. Map holder. 
2,501.840. Mar. 28. 

Bradford, Leonard R., Arlington. W W. Dunnell, Jr.. 
Boston, and F. J. McAvinney. Dorchester, as.^^ignors, 
by mesne assignments, to The Reece Corporation, 
Boston. Mas.s. Buttonhole sewing mechane. 2,529.072, 
Nov. 7. 
Bradford, Purdy -.See — i 

Gunther. James K., and Bradford. 

Bradford, Purdy, Paloa Heights, assignor to Swift v"t 


to The 

assignor to The 
(light indicator. 

assif^nor to The 
slaving system. 


Bradley. Harris W.. assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours 
& Company. Wilmington. Del. Sulfoxidation process. 
2.507,088, May 9. 
Bradley. Harry L.. assignor to Allen-Bradley Company, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Cushioned magnetic switch. 2,531.025, 
Nov. 21. 
Bradley. Harry P.. Cuyahoga Falls, assignor to The Fire- 
stone Tire & Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio. Resorcinol 
formaldehyde adhesive. 2,514,190, July 4. 
Bradley, Harry S., West Haven, Conn. Hinge construc- 
tion. 2,504,035 Ai)r. 18. 
Bradley, Howard W., Calumet City, assignor to Inland 
Steel Co:npaiiy, Chicago, 111. Apparatus for use in 
the visual in8ue<'tion of tin plates and the like. 
2.."=.02,414. Apr. 4. 
' Bradley, James A., St. Petersburg, Fla. Remote detection 

and control system. 2,513.279, July 4. 
Bradley. Jolui A., .sauia Ana, Calif.^ Metering injector for 

[)ressure lines. 2..") 1 0.37.3. June 0. 
Bradley, John E., Jr., Portland, Maine. Portable clothes 

drier. 2.490,517, Feb. 7. 
Bradlev, John J., Jr., Winchester, assignor to Boston 
Varnish Company. Everett, Mass. Film spreader. 
2.497,578. Feb. 14. 
Bradley, Milton, Company, assignee: See — 

Weddell. Joseph K. 
Bradley Pulverizer Company, assignee: See — 

(Jibson, William A. 
Bradley, Robert J., assignor of one-half to E. R. Mecklen- 
burg. Cleveland, Ohio. Adjustable cutter. 2.495.091, 
Jan. 17. 
Bradl.-y, Robert O., assignor to Toledo Scale Company, 

Toledo, Ohio. Photoamplifier. 2.516,179, July 25. 
Bradley. Robert W.. Marblehead. Mass.. assignor to United 
Shoe M.ichinery Corporation. Flemington. N. J. High- 
frei]uencv heating. 2.520,724, Oct. 24. 
Bradlev, Robert W., Marblehead. and R. C. Wildman, 
* Manehesfer, M:iss., assitniors to United Shoe Machinery 
Corporation, Flemington, N. J. Shoemaking appa- 
ratus. 2,528,491. Nov. 7. 
Braniev, Robert W., Marblehead. and C. Juhola. Lynn, 
Mass., assignors to rnite<l Shoe Machinery Corpora- 
tion. Flemington, N. J. Shoemaking apparatus. 
2..">28.492. Nov. 7. 
Bradley. Rov W., Flint. Mich. Poultry fountain. 

2.519.736, .\ug. 22. 
Bradley, Samuel T., Wellford. and R. A. Jones, 
S. C. Filling thread tension device for looms. 
, 626, July 18. 

Bradley Stephen D., Grosse Pointe Farms, assignor to 
Detroit Macohl Corporation, Detroit, Mich. End cap 
for Venetian blind slats. 2,498.909, Feb. 28. 
Bradlev. Stephen D., Grosse Pointe Farms, assignors to 
Detroit .Macoid Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Heat con- 
trol. 2.508.988 Mav 23. 
Bradley, Theodore F., Oakland, assignor to Shell Develop- 
ment Cofnpanv, San Fraiici.sco, Calif. Compositions of 
m.atter containing giycidyl ethers and oxalic acid, 
2.500.449, Mar. 14. , t^ 

Bradley Theodore P.. Oakland, assignor to Shell De- 
vehipment Companv, San Francisco, Calif. Composi- 
tions of matter containing epoxy ethers and diamines. 
2 ."00 (;n() Mar 1 t. 
Bradlev, Theodore F.. Oakland, assignor to Shell Develop- 
ment Company. San Francisco.. Calif. Fpoxy ether 
compositions containing phenolic pitch. 2,528,417. Oct. 

Companv, Chicago, 
2.490,570. Feb 7. 
Bradish, Elliott E., assignor of one half to 
Worrester, Mass. Packing cutter for 
2,523,859. Sept. 26. 

Bradlev, Charles R.. Springfield Gardens 


111. Glycerine condensation. 

R. H. Roberts, 
mule spindles. 

catch for automobile doors. 2.514,1 
Bradley, ('lift on 11., Mansfield. Tex. 

N. Y. Safety 
July 11. 

Peanut harvester. 


Api)aratus for use 


2.5.34,405. Dec. 19. 

Bradley, Edwin J., Santa Ana, Calif. 

In Installing soil pipe in concrete 

Oct. 31. 
Bradlev. (JenoT., Maywood, Calif. Bow sight. 

Dec. 19. 

Bradley, George T.. Miami, and E. E. Brown, 

Fli. Gun ca<e. 2,531.5."0, Nov. 28. 

Bradley. Harl C. Fort Wayne, Ind., assl::nor to CJeneral 
Electric Company. Supporting structure for machines, 
2,522.985. Sept. 19. 

Bradley. Harris W. : See — 
Hiint. Madison. 




Tampa, Fla. Awning. 2,515.588, 

Bradley, Thomas W 

July 18. 
P.r.Klley Transportation Company, assign^-e : See — 

Meissner. John F. 
Bradlev Washfountain Co., assignee: See — 

.Mullett, Howard G., and Wachter. 
P.radlev. Wenilell H.. Chicago, 111., assignor to the 
Fnited States of .America as represente<l by the Fnitea 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Scaling circuit. 
2.524,092. Oct. 3. 
Bradlev, William E. : See — 

Clapp. Richard G.. nnd Bradle.7. 
Tompkins. Howard K.. and Bradley. 
Bradlev. WlUlnm E., Springfield, assignor to Philco Cor- 
pora'tlon, ^Philadelphia, Pa. Frequency detector and 
fre.iuenry control circuits. 2.497.290. Feb. 14. 
Bradlev. E.. Springfield Township. Montgomery 
Count V. as.signor to Philco Corimration, Philadelphia, 
Pa. 'M.iking picture projection screens. 2,508,058. 
Mav 16. . ., ' 

Bradlev William E.. SprinLrfield, assignor to Philco Cor- 
poration, Philadelphia. Pa. Pulse-modulation system. 
2.524.251, Oct. 3. 
Bradley, William E., Swarthmore. assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Philco Corporation, Philadelphia. Pa. Sig- 
nal mixing system. 2,493,801. Jan. 10. 
Bradley. William E., Swarthmore, assignor, by mesne a»- 
fiigninents, to Philco Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Frequency-detector and frequency-control circuits. 
2,494.795, Jan. 17. 

E., Swarthmore. assignor, by mesne 
Philco Corporation, Philadelphia, 
radar system. 2,495.690, Jan. 31. 
E., Swarthmore, assignor, by mesne 
Philco Corporation, Philadelphia, 

Bradley, William 
signments, to 

Bradley, William 
signments, to 



Antenna system. 2,496,242, Jan. 31. 

i.kST Ul i'AlK.N ILLS 



Bradley. William E., Swarthmore. assignor, by mesne as- 
Blgmnents. to I'hllco Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Cavity resonator. 2,490,772. Feb. 7. 
Bradley, William E.. Swarthmore. assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Philco Corporation, Philadelphia. Pa 
Contrast control circuit for television systems. 
2,504,175, Apr. 18. 
Bradley, William E., Swarthmore. assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Philco Corporation, Philadelphia. Pa. 
buperregenerative receiver circuit. 2.504,030. Apr. 18. 
Bradley. William E., Swarthmore, assignor, bv mesne 
as.signments, to Philco Corporation, Philadelplda Pa. 
Pulse modulated echo ranging system. 2.532.221. 
Nov. 28. 
Bradley, W illiam II., assignor to Horton Manufacturing 
Company, Fort Wayne, Ind. Ironing machine clutch 
mechanism. 2.511,322. June 13 
Bradley. William M., Whltefish Bav. assignor to Dings 
Magnetic .Separator, Milwaukee, Wis. Spout magnet 
assemblage. 2,517,174. Aug. 1. 
Bradmiller. Edwin W. : See 

SplUer, William R.. and Bradmiller. 
Bra<lner, John A.. Shaker Heights, uhiu. Tool. 

June 20. 
Bradshaw, Almond C. Mascot. Tenn. Latch 

Oct. 10. 
Bradshaw & Comp.iny, assignt* : See — 

Bradshaw. <;rant I>. 
Bradshaw, tJrant D., Be.iver. a.sslgnor to Bradshaw & 
Compan.v. I'ittsburgh. Pa. Steam, gas. and air sepa- 
rator. 2.527,392. Oct. 24. 
Bradshaw, John R, : See — - 

Faulkner, Harry R., Pettus. and Bradshaw. 
Bradt, Charles H, : See — 

Hlggins, William J., and Bradt. 
Bradwell, Raymond C, and A. R. Miller, Chicago. 111. 

.Mechanics tool. 2.511.525. June 13. 
Brady. Bernard L.. Gibbsboro, N. J., assignor to Radio 
torporation of America. Optical assemblv for project- 
ing an image of luminous characteristics upon light re- 
sponsive element. 2. 510. .374, June 6 
Brady, Charles A., Jr.. assignee : See — 

Prmllage. Frank J. 
Brady, Charles A.. Jr.. San Francisco, and J. J Barlch 
Jr., ,San Mateo, Calif. Rear view mirror having two- 
position setting means. 2.504.380, Apr. 18 
Brady. ( harles V., and A. F. Ottinper assignors to Bemls 
Bro Bag Company. St. Louis. Mo. Helically-seamed 
labehvl t.ahric tubing. 2.534,755 Dec 19 
Brady P^ancls E.. Jr Muncle, Iiid. Air-volume control 

mechanism. 2,520.794, Aug. 29. 
Brady George W., Upper Montclair, N J 

'M99 sll"!!' M-^^''"-^'''^ Corporation. Control 
Brady, George W.. Upper Montclair. and C. W. 
< aldwell, N. J., assignors to Curfiss-Wright 
tlon. Dual rotation propeller. 2.533.340. Dec. 12 
Brady, James M.. Washington. D. C. Telemetric trans 

muter. 2.520.031, Oct. 24. 
Brady, James M.. Washington, D. C, and 

Navesink. N. J. Reticle. 2,.508.371, May 23 
Brady, Paul L. : See — 

Schmidt. Howard P., nnd Bradv 
Brad.v, .Salome ^Nabors, Blloxl, Miss. 

Brady, Thoina.s" F., assignee : See — 
Gl.-ulsh, I-r,ink L. 

Braendle. Harold .\. : See — 

Wieganil. William P... and Braendle. 

Bragg. P.enjamin L.. III. Fanwoo<l. N. J., assignor to 
Standard Oil Development Companv. Multiple bell can 
clamp. 2.525.004. Oct. 10. 

Bragg, Willis C. Waltsfield. Vt. Device 
frozen water pipes. 2,510.950, Aug. 1. 

Brnhe. Dan S. and L. B., New Hartford \ 
maker. 2,498,150, Feb. 21. 

Brahe, Lena P.. : See — 

Bra he. S and L. B. 

Brahmer. Leland F. : See — 

Hanna. Raymond P.. and Brahmer. 

Bmidwood, Clinton A.. Ferndale, assignor fo Relchhold 
Chemicals, Inc., Detroit. Mich. Preparation of substi- 
tuted phenols. 2.523,9."9. Sept. 20. 

Brailsford. Harrison D., Harrison." N. Y. Phonographic 
pickiij) device. 2.511.700, June 13. 

Brainard, Frank K.. deceased, Wauwatosn, bv W M Kitt- 
son, executor, .and W. L. Rlngland, West AUis. assignor-; 
to Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Uompanv. .Milwaukee 
Wis. Control system for starting multiple speed syn- 
chronous motors. 2,510,045. May 30 

Brainard. Maurice W., assignor of one-half to O'Keefe nnd 
Merrltf Company. Los Angeles. Calif. Rotor for elec- 
tric machines and m.iking the same. 2.493.102. Jan 3 

Brainard, Ruby C, F., Altadena, Calif. Culinary Imple- 
ment. 2,493,854. Jan. 10. 

Brainard Steel Comp;iny. assignee: See — 
Alderfer. Sterling W. 

Bra it be is:. Leo D. : See — 

Friedman, Harris Braitberg. 

Brnley. Orvllle A., assignor to Dow Corning Corporation. 
Midland, Mich. Organopolysiloxane compositions. 
2 .".04.3^8, Apr. IS. 

Braly, Mack M., assignee : See — 
Tlsdale, Shirley T. 



S. Posteii. 




Branian, William T., Newark. N. J. Convertible toy. 

2.503.707. Apr. 11. 
Bramberry. Harry M.. deceased, New Cnstle, Ind. ; H. M. 

Bramberry. Jr., administrator, assignor to himself. 

Coated metal article and making the same. 2,534.406, 

Dec. 19. , 

Bramberr.v. Harry M.. deceased. New CasMe, Ind. ; 11. M. 

Br.-unl)iTry. Jr., a<imini6trator. assignor to himself. 

Cooking utensil surface form and character. 2,534,407, 

l>ec. 19. 
Bramberry. Harry M.. deceased. New Castle. Ind. ; H. M. 

Bramberry. Jr., administrator, assignor to himself. 

Relieved and filled cylinder surface. 2.534.408, Dec. 19. 
Bramberry. H.irry M., Jr., assignee and administrator: 


Bramberry, Harry M. ' 

Bramberry. Harry M., Sr.. New Castle, Ind. Oil control 

piston. 2,511,458. June 13. 
Bramble, Donald E., Chicago, 111. Power-operated body 

top. 2,496,437, Feb. 7. 
Bramble, John 11.: ,St'e- 

Horstman, Clifford C. and Bramble. 
Bramel. Henry C. Toledo, Ohio. Shaping machine. 

2,493.103. Jan. 3. 
I'ramlett.i. Andrew J., assignee : See — 

Itullock. Jesse T. 
Brain ley, Arthur, Long Branch. N. J. Centrifugal de- 

hydr.iting and cooling system. 2,511.691. June 13. 
Bramley, Arthur. Long Branch, and C. E. Swanson. North 

Arlington, N. J., assignors, by mesne assignments, to 

Philco Corporation. Philadelphia, Pa. Method and ap- 
paratus for removing burns from cathode-ray tubes. 

2.495.203. Jan. 24. 
Bramley, Jenny, Long Branch, N. J. Secondary-electron 


527,981, Oct. 31. 

Brammlng, Carl. Anderson, Ind., assignor to Aladdin 
Industries. Incorporated. Chicago, III. Hani construc- 
tion for supporting electric lamp shades. 2.520.795, 
Aug. 29. 

Brams, Stewart L., Dayton. Ohio, assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Rubber cement. 
2,501.654. Mar. 28. 

Bramson, Ely. Chicago, 111. Egg candling machine. 
2.497. H.55. Feb. 14. 

Bramson. Maurice, Brooklyn, N. Y. Drumstick. 
2. 521. .336. Sept. 5. 

Bramwyche. Peter L., London. M. Mugdan, Richmond, and 
11. M. Stanley, Tadworth, England, assignors to The 
Distillers Company. Limited, Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Manufacture of diethyl acetal. 2.519,540, Aug. 22. 

Br.iiiaii, Wiley M.. I'enns (irove, and H. H. Holmes. U Ood- 
biiry, N. J., assignors to E. I. du Pont de .Nemours & 
Company. Wilmington. Del. Protluction of low viscosity 
carboxyalkyl 2,517.835. Aug. 8. 

Branch, Albert L. : See — 

Gilliam, Fenton O.. Jr.. Portlock. Jr., and Branch. 

Brand. Samuel. Binghamton. J. M. Cunningham. Endicott. 
and L. C. Bishop. Binghamton. assignors to Interna- 
tional Business >iacliines (,'orporation. New York, N. Y. 
Accumulator for acconntinc machines. 2,502.919. Ai)r. 4. 

Brand, William T., Beemer. Nobr. Honey capping melter. 
2,520,304. Aug. 29. 

P.randau. ^IarviIl W., and P.. A. Main, Jr., assignors to 
Aeroipiip (Virporation, Jackson. Mich. Coupling. 
2.498.104. Feb. 21. 

Brandegee, Morris M., I^ewlston. N. Y., assignor to the 
United States of America as represented by the United 
States Atomic Energv Commission. Apparatus for 
purifying gases 2.50S.9S9. May 23. 

Brindeis. Harold. Chicago. 111., assignor to Colonial- 
I'remier Company. Lamp fixture for annular fluorescent 
lamps. 2.500.575. May 9. 

Brandell. Elmer, a.sslgnee : See — 
Noal. Ernest C. 

Brandenberger. Jactpies E.. Paris, France, assliinor to 
La Cellotdiane. Molding in their own packing of fusible 
or thermoplastic products. 2.005,60.3. Apr. 25. 

Brandenburg, Edwin H.. Lakewood, Ohio. Permanent 
mainief chuck. 2.533.348. Dec. 12. 

Brandenburg, Stanle.v A. : See — 

Bickel. Clifford A.. Brandenburg, and Foster. 

I'.randenburger, Roy L. : Src — 

I'ittentier, (Menu C, and Brandenbnrger. 

P.rander. P.ertll J.. Stockholm. Sweden. Slldable call 
transmitter with spindle mechanism. 2.503,542, Apr. 11. 

Rrander. David, and H. Hamill. as^^lgnors to William 
Beattie Limited. <;iasgow. Scotland. Spindle machine 
for molding dough. 2,522.599. Sept. 19. 

Brandner, John D, West Walker Township, Schuylkill 
County. I*a.. assignor to Atlas Powder Company. Wil- 
mington, Del. Bleaching of organic material. 2,529,831. 
Nov. 14. 

Brnnilon. Artlinr II.. Los Angeles. Calif. 
tuMng. 2,502.775, Apr. 4. 

Brandon. George M.. Tallahassee. Fla. Trudk body. 
2.503,792, Apr. 11. 

Brandon. Mnrtln, Villa Park. F. P. Robinson. Glenview, 
and L. J. Budd, assignors to Pallet Devices, Inc.. Chi- 
cago, 111. Load supporting pallet. 2.507.588, May 16. 

Brandon, Thomas O., u. S. Navv. Bearing structure for 
sextants or the like. 2,504.900, Apr. 25. 

Brandt, Albert C, Sarasota, Fla. Line guide for fishing 
rods. 2,514.929, July 11. 

Testing well 




Hrai;ilt, A!i„'»'lus: Se-e — 

liallad, Laurence O., and Brandt. 
Ilr.ia.It. Kdward A., Chicagi), 111., assignor to Western 

J:iecrric Company, Incorporated, New York. N. \. 

I'.lank feeding and locating mechanism lor punch 

; - >-s. 2,,")33,914. Dec. ]!'. 
lira:!'!' IMward A.. River (;ro%-H, 111. Adjustable nose 

[iid lur spectacles. ^.aOl.'J.'j'J, Mar 21. 
I'.nalt, Howard, New York. .V. Y. Protective ssstem 
^. ov.Thiatrd journal-bearing and its axle. 

L'.".:--.^ !7, Nov. 7. 

I r.. -Vktiebolag, as.<ignee : See — 
• n, Tage G. 
Julin K., assignor to Salerno Machinery Con)pany. 

CJiicago. 111. Stacking device. 2,49f..438, F.-b. 7. 
lirandt, Kristian IL, Red Bank. N. .1. Making capacitors. 

2,531.389, Nov. 28. 
lirandt, Preston L., Galveston. T- s., assignor^ to Pan 

American Refining Corporation. New York, N. Y'. Sepa- 
ration bv adsorption. 2,4!»3,iJll. Jan. 10. 
P'-andr, Pr<'Ston L.. (ialveston. H. J. Lee, La Marque, 

and J. A. Hidgwny, Jr., Texas City. Tex., assignors to 

Pan Ainerii m K"fining Corporation. Hydrocarbon 

conversion with hydrogen fluoride in homogeneous phase. 

2..101.0_';!. Mar. 21 
Brandt. Robert J., Hollywood, Calif. Filter frame 'with 

hinged clips therefor. 2,499,294, Feb. 28. 
r.randvein, Walter S., W.iterbury. Conn. Curtain. 

L'..">33.s73. pec. 12. 
P.randvold. Carl S.. Cut Bank. Munt. Bumper for auto- 

ii.oliv v.'iilcles. 2. .T 19,429. An^r. 22. 
Bran>', .Maxwell I),. Wexford, assignor to Westinghouse 

Kl.-ctric (^■rporution. Kast Pittsburgh, I'a. Dynamic 

braking system. 2.515,982, July 18. 
I'.ranham. James li.. assij,'nor to Wfvndward Governor 

Company. Rockford. 111. .'^pt-ed regulator for hydraulic 
~ ~ Julv 11. 

Farpo, N. Dak. Tire Inverter. 

turbines. 2,514,9.".(» 

I'.ranick, Charles K., 
2,.a2.">,114. 'I.". Ki. 

Branneman, I.*-"iiarl, Urra Cove Springs. Fla. Steam 
va "uum cleaner. 2.497.435. Feb. 14. ' 

Hrannen. Paul M : S( e — 

Van Tassel, Harry C, and Brannen. 

Brannen. Paul M., lUiquisne. assignor to The Union Switch 
& Signal <*oinpany. Swissvale. Pa. Switch control and 
i'ldication system." 2,495,204, Jan. 24. 

I'.: tniien. Paul .M.. Duipiesue. assignor to The Union Switch 
\- sJL', Swissvale. Pa. Railway tr;iin inter- 
\:\\ detfftinn system, 2,509,331, May 30. 

r.r.mnin, Richard S. : f^ee — 

P.raddon, Frederick D., de Weatfelt. and Brannin. 

Hrannock. Kent C. : See — - 

WiMer. Lot S.. and Brannock. 

Brannon, Herbert L. : See — 

Faulkner. Rush D., and Brannon. I 

Kr.inTioii, Leila, exiTutrix : See — 
Brannon, I.oyd W. 

r.rannon. Loyd W., deceased, Norfolk, Va. ; by L. Brannon, 
executrix, .North Ingleslde. Va., dedicated to the free 
use of the people in the territory of the I'nited States. 
Insectlcld* comprising rotenone and (butylcarbityl) 
(rt-propvl piperonvl) ether as a svnergist therefor. 
2 .'2R.493, Nov 7. 

Brannon. Lovd W.. deceased, by Leila Brannon, executrix, 
\ .r!.';-; \ ■ !r:i*>d to file fr.'e use of the Peojile 

In the territory of the I'nited States. Insecticide com- 
prising rotenone and piperonvl cvclonene as a synergist 
therefor. 2,531.390, Nov. 28. 

Bransky. P.ivid W,. Chicago. 111., and N. E. Lemmon. 
Hammoml. Ind.. assignors to Standard Oil Company. 
Chicaco. HI. Extraction of sulfuric acid sludge. 
2,530.757. Nov. 21, 

Branson, Charles li., n^slsrnor to Robertshaw-Fulton Con- 
trols Company, Knoxville. Tenn, Control for systems 
using either "h(>atinp or cooling medium. 2,5.35.892, 
Dec. 2'1 

Branson, charl' -^ r> . nsslL'nor to Robertshaw-Fulton Con- 
trols Companv. Krv>xv:l!e. Tenn. Constant flow mix- 
ing valve. 2. '>:'.' ^:'.'?. I "m\ 20. 

Br.anson. Charles D,, Knoxville, Tenn.. assignor to Robert- 
shaw-Fulton Controls Company. Fluid mixing device. 
2.507.021. May 16. ' 

Branson. Charles D.. Knoxville, Tenn., assignor to RobeTt- 
shaw-Fulton Controls Company. Temperaturi reg- 
ulator. 2,511,042. June 13. 

Branson. Charles D,. Knoxville. Tenn., assiimor to 
Robertshaw-Fiilton Controls Company. Temperature 
regulator. 2,524,284, Oct. 3. 

Branson. David H., River Edge. N. J., G. A. Locke. Glen 
Head, and T. A. Marshall, Floral Park, assignors to Rell 
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. New Y'ork. N. V. 
Code translator and printer control circuit. 2,510,001, 
June 6. 

Branson, Guilford F., Pampa, Tex. Apparatus for strip- 
ping in.sulation. 2,500.000, May 2. 

Branson Instriinn^nts. Inc., assignee: See^ — 
Branson, Nornian G. 

Bruis'in, Norman G., assicmor to Branson InstrumQnts, 
Inc.. I>anburv. Conn. Supersonic inspection apparatus. 
2,522.924, Sept. 19. 

Branson, Raymond J.. assi;:rior to MeNaiiiar P.oiler & Tank 
Comrnnv, Inc , Tulsa.. Okla. Forming spherical con- 
tain.-rs. " 2,503,190, Apr. .4. 

Branson. Raymond J., assignor to McNamar Boiler & 
Tank Company. Inc., Tulsa. Okla. Method of forming 
tanks of spherical configuration. 2,503,191, Apr. 4. 
Branson, Raymond J., assignor to .McNanuir Boiler & Tank 
Company, Inc.. Tulsa, Okla. .Manifold apparatus. 
2.503.708, Apr. 11. 
Brant, David O.. Beverly HUls. Calif. .Mi:k btraiuer. 

2.516.102. July 25. 
Brant, Elvin G., Cleveland, Ohio. Garment hanj-HT. 

2.510.37"), .June 
Brantley, Warner M., Birmingham. Ala. Attachable liil 

crum for dental torceps. 2,497,254, Feb. 14. 
Brantly. Newby O., Berwyn. assignor to Kite Aircraft Cor- 
poration. Philadelphia, I'a. Rotary wing blade. 
2.509.184, Ma J 23. 
Branzell, lalward D.. Superior, Wis., assignor to Barnes- 
Dtiluth Shipbuilding Company. Duluth. Minn. Poster 
exhibiting device. 2,534,851, Dee. 19. 
Brascb, Arno, Brooklyn, assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to Electroni/ed Chemicals Curpuraiiou. .N-w \urk. N. Y, 
Sterilizing and preserving. Re. 23.195. Feb. 7. 
Brascb. Arno, Brooklyn, assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to Electronized Chemicals Corporation, New Y'ork. 
N. Y. Electronic aging of alcoholic beverages. 2,498,735, 
Feb. 28. 
Brascb, Arno, New York, N. Y., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Electronized Chemicals Corporation. 
Producing butadiene from petroleum and petroleum 
fractions. 2,516,848. Aug. 1. 
Brascb, Arno, New York, N. Y.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Electronized Chemicals Corporation. 
Producing butadiene from alcohols. 2.516,849, Aug. 1. 
Brasch. .Arno, Brooklyn, assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to Electronized Chomicals i'orporation, New York, N. Y'. 
Detoxifying poisonous compounds. 2,534,222, Dec. 19. 
P.raser, C.arl J. : Sec — 

Gacki, Leonard W., and Bras.ser. 
Brasher, Philip. N. Y. Apparatus for collapsing 

water waves. 2,492,949. Jan. 3. 
Brasington. Charles P., Cincinnati, Ohio. Mixer. 

2.525,585, Oct. 10. 
Brass. Edward A.. Shreveport, La. Crossing gate. 
2,528.733. Nov. 7. , . , 

Brass. Edward A., Shreveport. I-a. Retarded solenoid 

tractive means. 2, 52"^, 734, Nov. 7. 
P.rassert & Company, assignee : See — ^ 

Crockett, Robert E. 
Brassert, H. A,, iV Company, assignee: \8ee — 

De .Tahn. Fredrik W. 
Brasslngton, Charles B., and B. M, Stlbltz, Mount Carmel. 

Pa. Water gun. 2,519.737, Aug. 22. 
P.rastad, William A., ami L. F. I'.or.liardt. Minneapolis, 
Minn., assignors to General Mills, Inc. Recording 
sound on wire. 2,510,923. June 0. 
Brastv, Joseph. Maple Heights, assignor to Lamp Hard- 
ware. Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Rotary electric switch. 
2.518,219. Aug. 8. ^ , 

Braswell, Opie E.. Hattiesburg, Miss. Flexible shaft 

coupling. 2.520.799, Oct. 24. 
Braswell Reuben A., Decatur. Ga. Paintbrush holder. 

2.535.260, Dec. 26. 
Bratman, Jack IL. Long Beach, Calif. Slack adjuster and 

stay attachment for finger rings. 2,532,354, Dec. 5. 
Brattain, Walter II.: See — 

Baideen, John, and Brattain. 
P.rattain, Walter IL. and R. B. Gibney, Morrlstown, N. J., 
assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated, 
New York, N. Y. Three-electrode circuit element 
utilizing semiconductor -material.'?. 2,524,034, Oct. 3. 
Bratton, Francis H. : See — 

Calfee, John D.. and Bratton. 
Braucher. Harvey M. : See — 

Beardslev. Orle L,. Fox, and Brnticher. 
Brauchler, Chandis IL, Canton, Ohio. Manufacturing 

turbine wheels. 2,520.194, Oct. 17 
Brauchler, Charles A., Canton. Ohio. 

blades. 2,512,204. Jnne 20. 
P.rauchler. Charles A., Canton. Ohio. 

paratus. 2.513.710. July 4. 
Brauchler, Charles A., Canton, 

manufacture thereof. 
Braucht. Benjamin E. 

2.493,222. Jan. 3. 
Brand, Harold M,, San Francisco, Calif. Beverage cooling 

and dispensing system. 2,5,34,570, Dec. 19. 
Brauer. Martha, Jersey City, N. J. Bust pad. 2,505,458. 

Brauer '" Walter. Ingelside. Tex. Crankless pump. 

2.512,592. June 27. , , 

r.r.iun. .\lovouis P., assignor to one-half to G. R. Fabrlzlo, 
Denver. Colo. Jack for removing cylinder heads from 
bus type engines. 2,505.823, May 2> 
Braun. August J., assignee : See — ' 

Kors. Henry F. 
Braun. C. F., & Co., assignee: See — 
Haynes. Charles L. 
Klaas. Gustavo P. 
Phares. James R. 
Braun Charles, and W. A. Neff, Union City, and O. Lich- 
ten.s'telger, Teaneck, N. J. Girdle. 2.498,481, Feb. 21. 
Braun, Gustave. Tatamy. Pa. Receptacle for bakery 

2.515..589, July 
Salem, Oreg 

Making propeller 

Press-forging ap- 

Forglng dies and 
Warming rack. 

products. 2,522.101. Sept. 
Braun. John G.. Chicago. 
2.501.861, Mar. 28. 


M'lsicTl dnll cradle. 



Signal device for 

Lrauii. ivatl J., Glenbrook, Conn., assignor to Control In- 
struiueat Company. Inc., Brooklyn. N. Y. Type con- 
taiu-T uiouutiug means. 2.508.593, May 23. 

Braun. Karl J., Glenbrook. Conn., assignor to Control 
Instrument Company, Inc., Brooklyn, N, Y. Card 
delivery mechanism for sorting machines. 2,533,422, 
Dec. 12. 

Brauu. Karl J., Glenbrook, Conn., assignor to Control In- 
strument Company, Inc., Brooklvu, N. Y. Column se- 
lecting means for card-sorting machines. 2,535,779. 
Dec. 26. 

Braun, William A., Soraerville, Mass, 
game pieces. 2,511,147, June 13. 

Braun, William L., Norwalk, Conn. Carrotiug brush and 
carroting fur on a skin with said brush. 2,532,991. 
Dec. r^. 

Braunberger. Ray A., Chicago, HI. Fifth wheel. 

2.531,871. Nov. 28. 
Braund, J(din J., Washington, D. C. Relief duplication. 

2.493,4.39, Jan. 3. 
Braund. John J., Washington, D. C. Simulated baseball 

game. 2,521.500. Sept. 5. 
Braund, Walter R.. Birmingham, assignor to Bra-Wil-Kee, 

Inc., Detroit, Mich. Wheeled figure toy. 2,525,859, 

Oct. 17. ^ J . , , 

Br.iuiier, Pincus, Haverhill, Mass. Liquid dispensing 
device. 2,502.821. Apr. 4. 

Braunwurth. All)ert. St.amford. Conn,, assignor to Time 
Incerporated. New York, N. Y. Adjustable bearing sup- 
port. 2,507.850. May 10. 

Brautcheck, Charles H. : See — 

Roberts, John B., Gage, and Brautcheck. 

Braver. Max. Bronx. N. Y. Combination crib and dresser. 
2.501.309. .Mar. 21. 

Brawan<i, Franklin .M., Metzger, Oreg. Butt hook. 
2,518,270. Aug. 8. 

Bra-Wil-Kee. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Braund, Walter R. 

Brawn, r. Otto G., Fort Worth, assignor of two-thirds to 
.1. I., r.r.'athwit, Dallas, Tex. Antinicotine cigarette 
holder. 2,515.547. July 18. 

Bra.v. Ellis E.. Cedar Hill. Tex., assignor, by mesn.» 
assignments, to Socony-Vacuuin Oil Companv. Incor- 
porafe<l. New Y'ork, N. Y'. Monochromator. 2,534,657, 
Dec. 19. 

Bray. Frederick IL. and L. R. Brown. London. England, 
assignors, by mesm' assignments, to Internatlon,il 
Standard Electric ("orporaticm. New York. N. Y. Line 
finder jillolter circuit for telephone exchanges. 2.502.415, 
Apr. 4. 

Bray, Frederick IL. and L. R. Brown. London. England, 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to International 
Standard Electric Corporation, New Y'ork. N. Y'. Elec- 
tronic siimal regenerator for translating alternating 
current impulses to direct current impulses. 2.510.(tc.2. 
,IiMie <■> 

Bray. FredJ^rick H.. E. P. Bates, and J. C. Doughty. 
Lond.m, England, assignors to International Standard 
Electric Corporation, New York. N. Y. Fire alarm 
system. 2.531,391, Nov, 28. 

Bray, Henry F,, Washington. D. C, assii:nor to .Vddresso- 
graph-Multigraph Corporation. Cleveland. Ohio. Sys- 
tem of setting jiaper positioning p.aris on a printing 
ni.ichine. 2.510,013. July 25. 

Bray, Lawrence L.. Sheboygan, assignor to Sporco. Inc.. 
.Milwaukee. Wis, Portable baseball, softball scoreboard. 
2,513.023, July 4, 

Bray, .Malcolm D.. Noblesvjile. assignor to Eli Lilly and Indi.mapolis, Ind. Stabilized thiamin. 
2,498,200. Feb 21. 

Bray, Overton. Rupert. Idaho. .Adjustable miter gauge 
for saw tables. 2,502,124, .Mar. 28. 

Bray. Willhim N., Leicester. England, assignor to United 
Shoe Machinery Corporation. Fleminirton, N. J. Work 
guidance assistance for tnjinually guided machine op- 
erations. 2.494,688. Jan. 17. 

Bray. William R.. P.rvin. Tex. Automatic V belt trans- 
mission. 2..a;j4.409, Dec. 19. 

Brazeau, Bernard C. : Srr— 

Schneider. .Joseph F., and Brazeau. 

Brazee, Henry S., Terryville. and T. R. Cl.ifTev, assignors 
to The United States Time Corporation. "Wnterburv, 
Conn. Alarm set and stop mechanism. 2,523.070, Sept. 

Br.izelton. C. M.. assignee: See — 

P.rewer. William H. ' 

Breadner. Robert I>..* Kenton. IT. O. Jenkins. Pinner, and 
C. H. Simms. Twick(>nh!im. England, a'-siirnors to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Making electric discharge 
lamps. 2,494,857, Jan. 17. 

Breadner, Robert L., Kenton, H. G. Jenkins, Pinner, and 
C. IL Simms, Twickenham, England, assignors to Gen- 
eral Electric Courpanj-. Electric discharge lamp, 
2.501.375, :Mar. 21. 

Breadner. Robert L., Kenton. IL G. Jenkins. Pinner, and 
C. H. Simms, Twickenham. England, assignors to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Electric discharge lamp 
2,501,370. Mar. 21. 

Brendy Tractor and Implement Companv. The. assignee: 
See — 

Willey, Harry. 1 

Breathwit. J. L.. assignee : See — 
Brawner. Otto G, 

Breaui. Elton H.. Rayne, La. Oil well filter. 2,530,223. 

Nov. 14. 
Breaux. Neil T., assignee: See — 
Silvey, William F. 

BrebiS, Euward L., Los Angeles, Calif. Pual flush valve. 
2.505,091. Apr. 25. 

Brecht, Rudolph W.. and E. H. Mever. Bralnerd, Minn. 
Minnow holder. 2.531,551, Nov. 28. 

Brecht, Winston A. : feet- — 

Kerr, Charh'S. Jr.. and Brecht. 

Breckenridge, Frank. Mansfield, Ohio, assignor to West- 
inghouse Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Basket and shaft structure for clothes washing ma- 
chines. 2,503.433. Apr. 11. 

Breda, Thoralf K., assignor to S. Morgan Smith Company, 
Y'ork. Pa. Trash rake. 2.518,119. Aug. 8. 

Breda. Thoralf K.. assignor to S. Morgan Smith, Company, 
York, Pa. Trash rake. 2.524.304, Oct. 3. 

Bredice, Alfred, Waterburv. Conn. Music string pitch 
regul.ator. 2.514,s35. July 11 

Breed, Theodore R., assignee: See — 
Schumacher. Edwin A. 

lireedlove. Bernard li.. Atlanta, Ga. Transmitter. 
2.52t),001, Oct. 17. 

Breemes, Jacob. Palmyra, N Y Casting float. 2.503,793, 
Apr. 11. 

Breer, Carl, Grosse Pointe. J. C. Zeder. Bloomfield Hills, 
and W. P. Cousino, Detroit, assignors to Chrysler 
Corporation. Highland Park, Mich. Modeling appa- 
ratus. 2,518.748. Aug. 15. 

Breese Burners. Inc.. assignee: See — 
Bre«'se. James L. 
itreese. James L.. and Hayter. 
Hayier, Bruce. 
Hayter. Bruce, and Huston. 

Breese. James L., assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Breese Burners, Inc., Santa Fe, N. Mex. Generator 
burner with snap action control. 2.493.474. Jan. 3. 

Breese. James L.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Breese Burners. Inc.. Santa Fe. N. Mex. Combustion 
chamber and turbine arrangement. 2.532,831, Dec. 5. 

Breese. James L., and B. Hayter, assignors, by mesne as- 
sigimients. to iireese Burners. Inc.. Santa Fe, N. ilex. 
Portable army stove. 2.500.658. Mar. 14. 

Breese. Robert P.. New York. .N, Y'.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Bendix Aviation Corporation. South 
Bend. Ind. Transmission operating mechanism. 
2.503,020. Apr. 4. 

Breese. Robert I'.. New York, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to (Jeiieral Bron/e Corporation. < harden City," 
N. Y'. Bowl tvpe oil burner with spark ignition means. 
2.512.301. June 20. 

Breeze, Charles A., Aberdeen, Scotland. Friction clutch. 
2,510,544. July 25. 

Breeze ("oriiorations. Inc., assignee: See — 
Cadrnan. Arthur II. 
Hill, Keith A. 
Kne/.o, John, Jr. 
Medvetz. I-^dward. 
Rennie. Edward J. 
Tieriny. .Samuel. .Jr. 

Breeze. George E.. Incasville. an<l L. A. P.rockwell, New 
Londim, Conn., assignors to the United States of Amer- 
ica as represented by the Secretary of the Navy. I'res- 
sure armed impact fir<Mi fuse. 2,49^,025, Feb. 21. 

Breguet. Louis, and R. Devillers. Paris, France, said 
Devillers assignor to said Breguet. Discontinuous con- 
trol tr.insmission. 2. 50", 381. .\pr. 25, 

Brehm. Harold B,. and W. F. Kannenberg, Lyndhurst, 
N. J., assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. In- 
corporated. New York. N. Y. Electrical re.sonator and 
mode suppressor therefor. 2.527,019. Oct. 31. 

Brehm. Robert W.. and W. R. Tucker, assignors to 
HP-M Development <"orpor,ition. Mount Gilead. Ohio. 
Combination ^urge check and i«>le.ise valve for hydraulic 
pri ss-operating cireuits. 2,5:.'<;.SOO, Oct. 24. 

P.relimer, Eu.'ene. St. James, Minn. Expanding chisel. 
2..'04.17«i, Ajir IS. 

Breier. Marcus. Amsterdam. N. Y. Garment construction. 
2.502.201. Mar. 28. 

Brelscb. Edgar W. : See — 

Werner, John E.. Bechtol, and Breisch. 

Brr-isch. Eiigar W.. Edgewood. .issigui'r to The Union 
Switch & Signal Company. Swissyale. Pa. Making insu- electrical conductors. 2.498.357. Feb, 21. 

P>reisch. Ed£:ar W., Edgewood. assignor to The T'nlon 
Switch & Sicnal Companv, Swissvale. Pa. Electrical 
terminal. 2.514.440, July 11. 

Breisch. Edgar W.. JMgewood, assignor to The Union 
Switch & Siimil Companv, Swissvale, Pa. Vacuum 
tube support. 2.529.279, Nov. 7. 

Breisch, Edgar W.. Edgewood, and K. E. Dorlot, 
-assignors to The Union Switch and Signal Company, 
Swissvale, Pa. Coupling unit for communication sys- 
tems. 2 529 280. Nov. 7. 

Breisch. Edgar W.. Edgewood. R. G. Reed, Swissvale. and 
L. R. Golladaj-. Forest Hills, assignors to The I'nlon 
Switch and Signal Company. Swissvale. Pa. Wayside 
station line coupling means for train communication 
systems. 2.531,498. Nov. 28. 

Brelt. Robert J.. San Antonio. Tex., assignor to Jack &. 
Helntz Precision Industries, Inc.. Cleveland, Ohio. Ac- 
cumulator. 2,532.143. Nov. 28, 

I I 

I\ni:X OF PATENTS. 1950 





Safe Com- 

i'.r. twiescr. George, Flushing, N. V. Cigarette case with« 

S rin;: follower. 2,519,020. Aug. 15. 
l:r. ivocel. I'hllip J.: See — 

Soiulfin. Clurt'iico \V., Mini Hreivogel. 
Hrelvogel, Philip J.. Gltti Kidpo. asbignor to White Labora- 
tories, Inc.. .\>u irk N J Reduction of ketx)nes. 

2.5()1M27. M.nv 2.'!. 
lirpivopfl. PhiHi) J., Glen Ri.lgo. asslirnor to White Lab- 

oraturifS, IncorporatP<l. Newar;;. N. .1. Diriboflavin 

ceu-r i't pyr.iphnsphoric acid and its preparation. 

2. .'>:?'), 3s.-), Dec. 2(5. 
Hri'kelliaum. Krwiu C. : .S'ee — 

Wen(i*'lhurjr, Frank W.. and Brekplbauni. 
tirekkp, I'ctor, assignor to O. (J. Bakewell. doing 

as Hakewell Aircraft Products Company, Los Angeles, 

Calif. Quick action coupling. 2..')n.390, June 13. 
I'.rell, Jules J.. lialdwin, assitrnor of fifteen per cent to 

11 Had/.Insky, N. w Y tk N V Fishing reel. 2,508,217, 

May 16. 
IlrfuiHier. Ceorge A . Brnokiyn. N. Y. Overheating warn- 

Inc .siirnjil for vdiicle radiators. 2.."0!».474. May 30. 
I'.rcmpler '>rrr-,> .\.. r.rooklvn. N. Y. All purpose window. 

2,513.) )■', Jiilv !. 
BreiiuT, ir.ilfiKk J. ,issii.'n..r i.. TIip Mo.><ler 

panv, Hamilton. Ohio. Safe construction. 

June 27. 
I'-remfr, Fredrick J., assignor to The Mosler 

pany. Hamilton, Ohio. Cash drawer or 

2.517,175. Aug. 1. 
Rreiiipr, F:ed»Tlck J., assignor to The Mosler 

panv. Hamilton, Ohio. Skirt for safes.. 

Nov. 14. 
P.ri'nier, Norman C, assignor to Morse Chain Company, 

Ithaca, N. Y. Timing chain. 2,498,788. Feb. 28. 
r.rt'mner, John G. M., and D. G. Jones. Norton-on-T(M>.-:, 

England, assignors to Chemical Industrifs 

Limited. Production of substituted pyrans. i 2.504,797, 

.\l.r. In. : 

Prt-mner. John G. M.. F. Starkey and D. A. Dowden, 

Norton on-Tees, England, assignors to Imperial Chem- 
ical Industries Limited. Catalvtic hydrogenation of 

alkenyl furans. 2.519,631, Aug. 22. 
Rrener. .Mae. Newton, .Mass. Combined structure for eon 

trollinir a radio receiving set and a clock. 2,51 1 .!>t>3, 

June 20. 
Brenkert. Karl. Detroit. Mich., assignor to Radio Cor 

poration of America. Gate nctuntinc mechanism for 

motion-picture machines. 2.493.440, Jan. 3. 
rtrennan. Arthur R.. executor: See — 

Wait. William B. 
T'.rennan,. Catherine. North V^nx. Ontario, 

ing for garments. 2.530,fi78, Nov. 21. 
Brenniin. Fdward \. : See- — 

n-issplstrom. Torsten. and Brennan. J-irnfs E : i^rr — 

Levy. Robert M.. and Brennan. 
Brennan. Joan. St. Paul, assicnor to Munslncwear. Inc.. 

Minneapolis, Minn. Child's garment with trousers. 

■J .'L':!.4 1'! spfit 2t; 
Brennan. Joan M.. St. Paail, assignor to Munsingwenr, 

Inc., Minneapolis, Minn. Child's garment. 2,520,357. 

Aug. 29. 
Brennan. Joseph B.. Bratenahl. Ohio, assignor to Everett 

D. McCurdy, trustee. Making condensers. 2,497,0r,ri. 

Feb. 14. 
Brennan. Joseph B.. Bratenahl Villatre. Ohio. Manufac- 
ture of ftrecisiiin articles from powdered material. 

2.510..'-.4r>. June 0. 
Brennan, Joseph B.. Bratenahl. Ohio. Bearing manu- 

firriire. 2.517.702. Aug. <?. 
Brennan, Joseph B., Bratenahl, Ohio. Casting. 2, .530, 853. 

Nov. 21. 
Brennan. Joseph B.. Cleveland. Ohio. Casting apparatus. 

2.530.8.->4. Nov. 21. 
Bn>nnan. Linn S., Dayton, Ohio. Control unit. 2.495,691, 

Jmu. 31. 
Brenn in. Marv K., Oak Park, 111. Infant's undergarment. 

Canada. Pleat- 

525, .300. Oct. 10. 

Attleboro, Mass. 

Religious device. 
Religious cross 

J. Shipping case. 
Calif. Clothesline 


yickers Armstrongs 

for gun mountings 

July 11. 

Brenner, Robert W., Foster's, and J. R. Petre, assignors 
to The American Laundry Machinery Company, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. Garment llnLshlng apparatus. 2,533,7t>l, 
Dec. 12. 

Brenner, William C. : Sep — 

P.Mudiy, Ren^s A . ;ind Brenner. 

Brent, Bernard J.. Montclalr. N. J. Method of and ap- 
paratus for Rdminlstering repeated injections. 
2,531.667. Nov. 28. 

Brent. GiHjrge R., Beaumont. Tex. Motor vehicle spring 
suspension. 2.527.524. Oct. 31. 

Brenton, Cora L., Jeilersou City, Mo. Ab<lomiiuil sup- 
port. 2,511,767, June 13. 

Breon, George A., & Company, assignee ; 
I'.rown, Harold P. 
Goodson. Louis H., and Moffett. 
Hoehn, Wlllanl M. 
Moffett Robert B., and Hart. 

Brereton, Christopher F.. assignor to 
Liinited, London. England. Hoist 
and analogous purposes. 2.515,075. 

Brereton, Christopher F., assignor to Vickers-Arnistrongs 
Limited, London. England. Hoist for conveying loads 
to moving platforms. 2.526,847, Oct. 24. 

Bresee. Fred, Jr., assignee: .Sec — 

Larsen. Rudolph H.. and Bresee. Jr. 

Breset>, William H.. Williamsport. Pa., assignor to Syl- 
vania Electric Pro<iu(ts, Inc. Linearity correction for 
diodes. 2.511,562. June 13. 

Breshears. Thomas .\.. and J. A. Franco. Emmett. Idaho. 
Protective L'uard for reeeptaeles. 2.525.5 lO, Oct. 10. 

Breslow. David S., assignor to Hercules Powder Company. 
Wilmington, Del. Coating compoBitlons. 2,515,290. 
Jnlv IS. 

Breslow, David S.. assignor to Hercules Powder Com- 
pany. Wilmington. Del. Polyurethan coating composi- 
tions. 2..53 1,392. Nov. 28. 

Bretli. Walter J., assignor to The General Tire and 
Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio. Tread splice stitcher. 
2.500.273. Mar. 14. 

Breton. Tretlle W. : Sec — 

St. Pierre. Albert O.. and Breton. 

Brett. Ivewis P.. Fort Wavne. Ind.. as-^lgnor to A. B. C. 
Sheet Metal Co., Inc. Air duct constructl'>n. 2,531,349, 
Nov. 21. 

Bretz. Frank E.. Jr.. Oak Park, assignor to Ajax-Con- 
solidattMl Companv, Chicago. 111. Blind construction. 
2.520.524, Aug. 29. 

Bret/.. Rudolf C, Croton-on-Hudson 
P.piadcaHtlng System. Inc.. New 
projection and display apparatus. 

Breuel, .\ndr<^ \. L., P;iris. Franc* 
tainini airscrew. 

Breuer Electric Mfg 

Brpnnan. Ravmond F., 

2..-14.7."n. July 11 
Brennan. Ravmond F.. Attleboro, Mass. 

structure. 2.519.819. Aug. 22. 
Brennan. Thomas F., Detroit. Mich. Buffer. 2,515,188. 

July 18. 
Breniieis. August F. : Srr~- 

Tnylor. Edward C, and Brenneis. 
Brenner, .\bner. Chevy rii.Tse. Md.. and G. E. Rlddell. 

Washington. D. C. Nickel plating by chemical reduc- 
tion. 2.532.283. Dec. 5. 
Brenner. Abner. Chevy Chase. Md.. and G. E. Riddell. 

W:ishlngton, D. C. Cobalt plating bv chemical reduc- 

M'.- 2.""2.2<54. T>or. 5. 

Brenner. Arthur B., Newark. N. 

2,532.083. Nov. 28. 
Brenner. Janus L.. San Francisco, 

support. 2.528.483. Nov. 7. 
Brenner. Karl M., assignee: See — 

Haslam, William E. 
Brenner. Ray A., and C. T. Lenox. New Castle. W. A. 

Shearer, Imlianapolis, C. F. Van Buskirk and E. R. 

Watkins, assignors, by mesne assignments, to New Castle 

Produets. Inc.. New" Castle, Ind. Foldable closure. 

2,512.7;'.t"., June 27. 

York. N Y 
■. Airciaft 
2.517.282. Aug. 1. 
Conipanyt assignee : See — 

assignor to Columbia 
Mar. 7. 
with SU8- 

Lnnter. Clarence W, 
Breuer, Frederick W., Lltltz, assignor to -Armstrong Cork 

Company. Lancaster. Pa. Coagulating emulsion poly- 

merizates. 2.527.525. Oct. 31. 
Breuer. Marcel, Cambridge. Mass. Plywood furniture 

fr.ime. 2,5(i3.9.".:;. .\pr. 11. 
Breukel, Stephanus J. H., Delft, Netherlands, assignor 

to Shell Development Company. San Francisco, Calif. 

Settler. 2.497. .302. Feb. 14. 
P.reukel. Stephanus J. II., The Hague, Netherlands, as- 
signor to Shell Development Company, San Francisco, 

Califs Heating liquids in tube furnaces. 2,514.535, 

Jirfy 11 
Breuning. Karl, Flushing, N. Y, 

switch. 2,530,938. Nov. 21. 
Brevard. Procter, Tower. Minn. 

Nov. 14. ^ 

"Brevets .Aero Mecanlques S. A.", assignee: See — 
Bonna. Louis. 
Maillard. Bernard. 
Weiss. Willi. 
Brevets et Proc^d^s Pryor S. A., assignee : 

P.elgerl. Paul 
P.rewczvnsl<i. John : Srr-- 

P.rewczvnski, Steve J. and John. 
P.rewc/.ynski. Steve J. and J., Chicago, 

Plunger type photoflash 
Supercharger. 2,529,864, 

See — 


device for fabric material. 

2. .508.3.53, 

, assignee : See — 

and drying 
May 23. 

Brewer A Company. Inc. 
Pease, Benjamin F., 

Brewer. George W. : See — 

Jones. Watkins W., and P.rewer. 

Jones, Watkins W.. P.rewer, and Court. 

Brewer. James C. Dayton. Ohio. Fluid rate of flow indi- 
cator. 2. 529. 4S1. Nov. 14. 

Brewer. John II.. and T. J. Carski. assignors to Baltimore 
Biological Laboratory, Baltimore. Md. Petri dish cover. 
2.533.0«i,S, Dec. 5. 

Brewer. John H.. and T. T. Carski. assignors to Baltimore 
Biological Laboratory, Baltimore. Md. Petri di-h cover. 
2,533,089. I^c. 5. 

Brewer. Johnde W,. Des 'Moines, 
clamp for polishing purposes. 

Brewer. Robert F.. Waynesburg. 
fieraturtj retainer. 2.505,092. 

Brewer, Stuart D., Ballston Lake, N. Y.. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Polyslloxanes. 2.519,881. 
Aug. 22. 

Brewer Titchener ^'orporatlon. The. assignee: See — 
Jobanriweu. I'do K. • ■ 

Iowa. Shoe holder and 
2.498.358. Feb. 21. 
Pa. Baby bottle tem- 
Apr. 25. 

[ST nv r.\'rKN'rKi:s 



Weighing device. 

to Federat<»d Ma- 
Electric cooking 

Brewer, Ward B.. Glendale, assignor to Lockheed Air- 
craft Corporation. Burbank. Calif. Overheat protector 
for heated windshields. 2.518,277. Aug. 8. 

Brewer, William IL, I>.illas. assignor to C. M. Brazelton, 
W.ico. Tex. Auxiliary door lock. 2.508.218. May 16. 

Brewster, Leslie A.. Dayion, Ohio. Temperature testing 
chamber. 2.510.952, June 13. 

Brewster. James IL, III, West Hartford, assignor to 
Inited .Aircraft Corporation, Hartford. Conn. Cowl 
flap. 2.509,804. May 30. 

Brewster, Morris B., Co. Inc., assignee 
Turner. <",uilford S., Jr. 
White. William H. 

Brewster. Oswald C, Litchfield, Conn. 
2.51.)..')45. July 25. 

Brewton. Lee. Melrose Park, assignor 
chiup Products Inc., Chicago, 111. 
appliance. 2,497.205, Feb. 14. 

Bfezek. Ruilolf, Prague-Smlchov, assignor to Tatra nardonl 
podnlk. Koprlvnlce, Czechoslovakia. Air Inlet structure 
for rear engine comparmenta of streamlined vehicles. 
2.529.!>!t4. .Nov. 14. 

BfeZek. Rudolf. Prague-Srafchov. assignor to Tatra nardoni 
podiiik, Koprlvnice. Czechoslovakia. Arrangement of 
mufllers and vehicle body chambers therefor. 2,529,995, 
Nov. 14 

Brlam Indus rial Corporation, assignee: See — 
Ellason. Axel. 

Brian, William S.. Great Neck, assignor to Hanson-Gorrill- 
Brian. Inc.. Glen Cove, N. Y. Space-charge tube. 
2,506.265, May 2. 

Brice. J.: See — 

Simons. Joseph H.. IVarlson. .and Brice. 

Brlchard. i;<lgard, Jumet, assignur to Inlon des Verreries 
Mecanbpies P.elgps. S. A.. Cb.arlerol. Belgium. Toul 
controlling ilevico for glass cutting machines. 2,515.076, 
July 11. 

Brick. Alexander. Clayton, Mo. Reversible dress. 
2.498,332. Feb. 21. 

Bricker, Carl E.. Akron, and D. D. NefT. Uniontown, 
assignors to Wingfoot Corporation. Akron, Ohio. Rub- 
ber bushing for link mounted brakes. 2.533,186. Dec. 5. 

Bricker, Samuel R., Shelby, Ohio, assignor to Westing- Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Heat- 
ing apparatus 2,508,638, May 23. 

Brlckle.v, Charles E. : See — 

B.iney, Harry N., Slentz, Kirkpatrlck, and Brickley. 

Brlckley, James L., Spokane, Wash. Plural stage stone- 
crushing mill with independent and arcuately swlugable 
jaws. 2.498.151. Feb. 21. 

Brickmyn. A W., assignee : .s'cc — 
Kr.iyhill lleiirvR and Beadle. 

Brlckman, Alan E.. Worcester. Mass., 
.American Steel and Wire Company 
Transload device. 2,531.552. Nov. 28 

Briikmaii. Aim 11.. Worc(>sier, Mass., 
American Steel and Wire Companv 

of New 

of New 

to The 

to The 

Reinforcing plate for fence posts. 2,534,410. Dec. 19. 
Brlckmaster. Inc., assignee : See — 

Malvi<'ini, (Jeorge J. 
Bricout. Henri : ,S( r - 

Latieule, Yves, and Bricout. 
Brldpeman. Walter A.: Src — 

Newh;ill. Joseph F. P.. and Brldgeman. 
Bridgeport P.rass Company, assignee: Sec — 
Waller. Richard J. 
B-' l.:eport Metal Goods Manufacturing Company, The. 
Hssignee : Ste — 
Abbotts, Leonard, 
Houlihan, Rudolph N. 
Moore. Arthur 11. 
Brldger. (Jrov-r L. : See — , 

Harvey, Stewart A., and Brldger. 
Brldger, tirover L., Ames. Iowa, assignor to Tennessee 
A'alley .Authority. Production of phosphatlc fertilizers. 
2.522.500. Sept. 19. 
Bridges. Donald A.. Muncie. Tnd.. assignor to Owens- 
Illinois Glass Company. Building block. 2,532,47.8, 
Dec. 5. i 

Bridges. Edward B.. Wajrcross. Ga. Scorekeeping device. 

2,505.382. Apr. 25. 
Bridges. James W., Charlotte. N. C. Picker stick check 

for looms. 2.521.893. Sept. 12. T 

Bridges. John II., Paterson. N. J., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to National Inventions Corporati'm. Lu- 
minescent tube system and apparatus. 2.5!0,209, 
June «;. 

Bridges. John W.. Oklahoma City, Okla. A'ibratlng appa- 
ratus. 2.533.711. Dec. 12. 

Bridges. Riehard W.. Farmingdale. and H. M. Jen.sen, 
Ilaleslte. N. Y. Mechanical pencil with lea<l sharpening 
means. 2.507.089. .May 9. 

Bridgman, J. .Allinton : See — 

Lubs, Herbert -A., Wirth, Splegler, and Bridgman. 

Brldwell. John W. : See— 

Burks. George E., Brldwell, Lundberg. and Sieving. 

Brldwell. John \V., and R. Roman. Peoria. an<l J. L. 
Holden, El Paso, assignors to Caterpillar Tractor Co., 
Peoria. III. Adjustable track idler mounting for track 
type tractors. 2,511,098, June 13. 

Brldwell, John W.. J. E. Jass, and W. H. Wood, assignors 
to Caterpillar Tractor Co., Peoria. 111. Clutch and 
brake for hydraulic cable control. 2,522.089, Sept. 12. 

Brldy, Victor M.. Atlas. Pa. Removable level unit with 

clamping means. 2,512,135. June 20. 
Brlechle, Ambrosius. Brooklyn, N. Y., and E. C. Worden, 

P^ast Norwalk, Conn., assignors to Remington Rand 

Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. Variable film exposure aperture 

and film feed. 2,496,329, Feb. 7. 
Bried, Edward A., Newport, assignor to Hercules Powder 

Companv, Wilmington, Del. Carbohydrate preservative. 

2.497.579, Feb. 14. 

Bried, Edward A., Newport, Assignor to Hercules Powder 
Company, Wilmington, Del. Corrosion inhibitor. 
2,510,063, June 6. 

Brief, Max. San Francisco, Calif. Adjustable shoulder 
pad for garments. 2.502,505, Apr. 4. 

Brieger, Gerard R. : See — 

Peterson, Russell <L, and Brieger. 

Brier, Kenneth C. and M. G. Tyler, North Hollywoodi 
Calif. Producing stereoscopic negatives. 2.522,662, 
Sept. 19. 

Brierly. Ralph C. : See — 

Bonviilian. Claude A., Brierly, and Letviu. 

Brietzke, Adrian P., assignor to Northern Engraving & 
Manufacturing Co.. La Crosse, Wis. Indicator mecha- 
nism. 2,529,832. Nov. 14. 

Brietzke, Adrian P., assignor to Northern Engraving & 
Manufacturing Co., La Cross, Wis. Indicator mecha- 
nism. 2.529,8:'3. -Vov 14. 

Brlgaudet, Marcel, Annecy. France. Internal-combuBtlon 
engine. 2.512,265, June 20. 

Briggs. Albert. Sr. : .SVc -- 

MiM 111'-;. Au;;iiBt. .iik! Briggs. Sr. 

Briggs, Arthur T., Williamsport. Pa., assignor to Avco 
.Ni.inufac'turing Corporation. Engine lubricating appa- 
ratus. 2,531.319. Nov. 21. 

Briggs, Claude M., assignor of one-third to J. Shaw, i:ik 
City. Okla. Adjustable photographer's posing chair. 

2.497.580. Feb. 14. 

Briggs. E irl R.. Portland, Greg. Marble cage push toy. 

2.521.331, Sept. 5. 
Briggs, Edward. Ames, Iowa. Dancing figure toy. 

2.509.805. May 30. 
Briggs. Eugene <". : See — 

Clinf'. HaroM A., and Briggs. 
Briggs Filtration Companv, The. assignee : See — 

Ewl.ank. W.all.r J. 
Briggs, Henry A.. Spokane, Wash. Ilolst. 2.531.668. 

Nov. 28. 
Briggs. Howard (J. : See — 

Schellentrager. William S.. Bale, and Briggs. 
Briggs, James E.. Alfred, assignor to (;oodall Sanford, Inc., 
Sanford. Maine. Machine for liijuid cleaning of up- 
holstered articles, fabrics, rugs, carpets, etc. 2,509,957. 
May 30. 
Briggs Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 
Ball, Albert P. 
Dotv, Clifford B. I 

Geriiandt. Waldo G. 
Kerby. Addison C 
Krajenka. Caslmir J. 
Pranie. Alvin W. 
Vlgmostnd. Trygve. 
Weymouth. Lawrence B. 
Briggs, 'Martin C.. Minneapolis, Minn. Door check apd 
silencer for spring-actuated doors. 2,526,616, Oct. 24, 
Briggs. Preston P. : See — 

Wobker. Burle 1\. and Briggs. 
Briggs, Preston P., Bartlesville. Okla., assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. .Seal slot for catalyst bed screena 
in catalvst chambers. 2.505.850, May 2. 
Briggs. Preston P. and R. E. Loebeck, Bartlesville. Okla., 
assignors to Phillips I'etroleum Company. Control sys- 
tem for split coil heaters. 2,515,490, July 18. 
Briggs, Quentin L., and R. A. Voyls, Fort Wayne. Ind., 
assignors to Chicago .Musical Instrument Co.. Chicago, 
HI. Jet propelled tov boat. 2.511.3_'3. June 13. 
Briggs. Robert E.. La Verne. Calif. Electrolytic water 

softening and pH adjustment. 2,535,035. Dec. 26. 
Briggs & Strattou Corporation, assign' e : See — 
Armstrfmg, Werner E. 

Brown, Hugh S., Armstrong, and Relchenbach. 
Jacobi. Edward N. 
Lechtenberg. Leo J. 

Madbs. Alain M. , ^ ,u , . v, ^ 

Bright, Elvin M.. Milwaukee, Wis. Golf club head. 

2.534.947. Dec. 19. ' 

Bright. John. Oklahoma City. Okla. Wind-power machine. 

2.534.411, Dec. 19. 
Bright. Starling I.. Greer, S. C. .Self-threading shuttle. 

2.493.568. Jan. 3. 
Bright. T. G.. & Co. Limited, assignee : See — 
Hostetter, Jacob B. 

Brightman, Earl D. : See — 

Sessions. William K.. Jr.. and Brightman. 

Bright Star Batterv Company, assignee: See — 

, Keller. Frederick A. 
Brightwell. George A., assignee: See — 

^ Modlin, Franklin E. 
Brill. Edward F.. Milwaukee. Wis. Shelf mechanism for 

refrigerated display cases. 2,521,036. Sept. 5. 
Brill, E<lward F., and O. Schroeder. Milwaukee. Wis 

said Schroeder assignor to said Brill. Refrigerated 

display case. 2,499,088, Feb. 28. 



Brill. Kiiv 


ca>e. -■,4'jlt,ii- 
Drill. Kl.^;ir.l 1 

said .--hr-. <[>': 

sr ! F.. and O. Schroeder, Milwaukee, Wis., said 
- is<;-'..)r to said Brill. Refrigerated display 

F.-b. i:s. 

li. 1 < I. Schroedor. Milwaukee, Wis.; 
~ .;;. -r to SHiil Brill. Refrigerated dls- 
'. S.'pt. 12. 

Brill. Klk.iiiah H,. K.rininiiham. Mich. Flashlight switch 
operating mechanism. 2,530,505, Nov. 21. 

Brill. Kvorett C, assignor of one-half to J. C. Schnell, 
(Iraiihy, Conn. I'rotcetive device. 2.532.285, Dec: 5. 

I'ocket key case. 


Brill. Leo. New York, N. Y 

Oct. 24. 
Brill, Melville D., assignor to I?ell Telephone Laboratoriea, 

lucorporat. d. Now Ynrk. N. Y. liesonant impedance 

branch. 2.r);5n,C)79. Nov. Ji 
Brillliart. Adlai S . assU'nvp; tSee — 

Burton. -Mark, 
r.ri'lliart, >aiiuit'l E., Lutlierville, Md., assignor to West- 

• rn Klectrlc Company. Incorporated. New York, N. Y. 

Apparatus for advaruin_' an 1 working plastic material. 

2 4f>f,.]47. Jan. 31. 
Briinblf. Neville B. Ilmi^ton, T.t. Side wall sample 

tak.T. 2,495.4.39, Jan -\. 
Briin.r, Marshall K., Ivlngsport, Tmn , as>i'j^nor to East- 
man Ivodak Coiniiany. K(Mhfsr( r, N ^ Composition 

usfful as gum lnhil)itor for motor fuels. 2,496,930. 

Feb. 7. 
Brimer. M.irsliall R., J. E. ^lagoffin. and II. Von Bramer, 

Kingsport. Tenn., assignors to Eastman Kodak Com- 
pany Rochester, N. Y. Preparation of n-butyiamine. 

-' Ti! - '■■-,'.>. Aug. 15. 
I'.riiiiiii. 11. .S., assignee: See — 

Talhot. David IJ. 
Brill. -n. n..\viri! 1' . assignor to Young Radiator Companv, 

i:i.;n.-. W- Iiiit lieater. 2. 504. 798. Apr. IS. 
Brin.'n II lui! 1 I' . as.-^ignor to Y'oung Radiator Company, 

I' "in ^v -^ Internal fin for heat-exchanger tubes. 

- .'.M.-t'N. .1 ;!v 1 1. 
BrintT. I);rr,-ll T : See — | 

Spriggs. Arthur ()., and Briner. 
Brine.s. Melvin E., ami T. \V. Sargc assignors to The Dow 

Chemical Company, Midland, Mich. Cleaning scaled 

v(\ssel3. 2, 524. 757, Oct. 10. 
ririnev. James \\'., assii:nt>e : See — 

liriney. Ottis R., Jr. 
r.rii! y. Ottis R.. Jr.. rontiac, .Mich., assiirnor to one-half 

to ,1. W. Brincy. B.orini: tool. 2.50<).33S. Mav 2. 
Briney. Ottis R., Jr., Pontiac. Mich., assignor of one-half 

•o ,J w l'.:iney. Cutting tool. 2.524.374, Oct. 3. 
r.r Ik. .M.;v i:., Crand Ishmd, Mo. Diaper. 2,516,951. 

Brink. N .rrii.m <",,, I'rincetorr. and K. Folkers. Plalnfield, 
assignors to Mer<k & Co. Inc.. Railway. X. J. Hvdrol- 
ysis of streptomycin hydrochloride. 2.520.197, .Aug. 29. 

Brink. .Vorman C. ami K. Folkers. Plalntield. assignors 
to Merck & Co., Inc.. Rahway, N. Y, 5,G-dimethyl. 
bonzimidazole and acid salts thereof. 2,522,854, 
Sept. 19. 

Brink. N'orman C, Princeton, and K. Folkers. Plainfield, 
assicnnrs to Merck & Co.. Inc., Rahway. N. J. Hydro- 
chlorides of streptomvcin oxime and streptomycin 
amine. 2.532,393. Dec, 5. 

Br'-ik. Theodore R.. .Michigan City, Tnd.. a)»signor to 
International Harvester Company. Polishing machine 
r hearinir races. 2.527.791. Oct. 31. 

r."!nker, John 17. : See — 

Bndai. Steve G.. and Brlnker. 

I'.rinker. John ?T,. assignor to The Hlobe- Wernicke Co., 
Norwood, Ohio, Visible record tray carrier. 2,519,632, 
A us. 22. 

Br nkcr. .lohn II,. and F. Conley, assignors to Tlie Clobe- 
\\('rnicke Co.. Norwood. Ohio. Foldinc tvpewriter plat- 
form for desks. 2.40S.243. Feb "21 

I'.iinker, William E,. and V. C. Williams. Evanston. 111. 
n»tecting acid anhydride-forming gases such as carbon 
monoxide and gaseous acid anhydrides. 2,517,382, 
Aug. 1. 

r. rinson. Harry A.. .Sidney, assignor ti^ I?endix Aviation 
*'ort>or,ation. Now Y'ork, N. Y. Spark plug or the like. 
2,508.354. .May 23. 

Brlnson. Harry A.. Sidney, assignor to P.endix Aviation 
Corporation. New York, N. Y. Ignition svsteui. 
2.527,211. Oct. 24. 

B:inson, I. eon <!. : See — 

Spencer, Tiarnard .T.. Jr.. and Brinson, 

r.rinster. John F.. Princeton. N. J., and J. T.arsen. Jack- 
son, Mich., assignors to Research' Corporation,. New 
York. N. Y. Signal converter for multislgnal trane- 
■aission systems 2.533.."." 2, Dec. 12.' 

Brinton. Cecil C, assignor of one-half to Brintons Limited. 
Worcf'sfer. Encland. Tuft-cutting meclianism for .\\- 
•riinster carpet and other tufted-fabric looms. 2.r»12.302, 
r'in«» 20 ~ 

B-i;fon, Curt H.. New York. N Y Combination article 
carrier. 2.521.037, Sept. 5. 

Hinton. 11., Co.. assignee: See — 
Epstein. Ruben. 

P.rintons Limited, assignee : See — 
Brinton. Cecil C. 

P.ri^.ne. Elnu'r G.. Fresno, Calif. Tool bar mount. 

_'.."3r»,"e,.-. Nov, 21. 

Brisooe, Jain'yi w, Log Angeles, Calif. Concrete block 




2,515,491, July 18. 

Briskin, Jack, and J. J. Golick, assignors to Revere 
Camera Company, Chicago, 111. Camera case and lock- 
ing mechanism therefor. 2,505,661, Apr. 25. 
Ejriskin, Theodore S., Santa Monica, Calif., assignor to 
Excel Auto Radiator Company, Chicago, 111. Com- 
bustion htater. 2.524.158, Oct. 3. 
Briskman. Samuel, assignee : See — | 

Christensen, Kaj S. 
Sherr, Sava I. 
Brlsse, Andre H.. Gary, Ind., assignor to Carnegie-Illinois 
Steel Corporation. Method and apparatus for continu- 
ous cleaning of metal strip. 2.529,762, Nov. 14. 
Bristol .\eroplane Company Limited, The, assignee: ^ee — 
D'Assis-Fonseca, Evelyn C. M. ', Leslie G. 
Ilafner, Raoul. 
j Owner, Frank M., and Ilenstrldge. 
1 f)wncr, Frank M,, and Marchant. 

Whitehead. Fn'<leri<k W., and Bedford. 
Bristol, 'Benjamin H., assignor to The Foxboro Company, 
Foiboro, Mass. Instrument case construction. 2,528,- 
735, Nov. 7. 
Bristol Company, The, assignee: -See — 
Beecher, John W. 
Blakeslee, Clinton A. 

Blakeslee. Clinton A., Balanda, and Dyson. 
Borden, Perry A. 
Bristol. Franklin B. 
Cowherd, Robert D. 
Eddison. P.., and Jacobson. 
Hicks, James R., and Ellis. | 

Jjicobson. Abraham W. • 

J.iuvrin. lOverett B. 
Mabey, Charles .\. 
Maltby, Frederick L. 
Peckham, Joseph W. 
Russell, John L. 
Stilson, Edgar L. 
Thompson, Alvah T. 
Thynell. Gustave M. 
Bristol, Ferdinand. Montclalr, N. J. Toy loading truck. 

2.522.925. Sept. 19. 
Bristol. Franklin B.. Middlebury, asslsmor to The Bristol 
Conipany, Waterbury, Conn. Insulated thermocouple 
Willi meiallic co.iiini:, 2,516,952, .Aug. 1. 
Bristol. Franklin B., Middlebury. assignor to The Bristol 
Com|>any, Waterbury, Conn. Relay system. 2,528,336, 
Oct. 31. 
Bristol Laboratories Inc., assignee : See — 
Buckwalter, Frank II. 
Coo[>er. E. 
Bristol Steel & Iron Works, Inc.. assignee: See — 

Ferguson. Robert O. 
Britain. Aubrey A., and R. L. Strode. Jr.. Marblehead, 
Mass.. assigTiors to General Electric Company. Dynamo- 
electric machine cast winding rotor and making. 
2.509.720. .May 30. 
Britan. Norman : See — 

Coffey, Charles A.. Walton, and Britan. 
British .\coustic Films Limited, assignee : See — 
Kolb. Otto K., and Petersen. 
Kolb. Otto K., and Smith. 
British .Artificial Resin Company Limited, assignee: 
See — 

Nicholson. John C. 
British Celanese Limited, assignee: See — 
Fisher. James A\'.. and \Aheatley. 
Levers. James F.. Patcbett. and Bowles. 
British Cotton Industry Research Association, The, as- 
signee : Sc^ — 

Henry, Philip S. H., McDonald, and Todd. 
Owen, Thomas W. 
British Cotton Industry Research Association, Shirley In- 
stitute, assignee: ^ee — 
Jones. Eric IT. 
British Industrial Solvents Limited, assignee: See — 

Craven. Ernest C, Harbard, and Tuerck. 
British Insulated Callenders Cables Limited, assignee: 
See — 

Forrester, William F., Hinde. and Szlgetl. 
Hancock, Douglas (\ and Lorch. 
Hill. Harry, and P.ecklnsale. 
Hollingsworth. Douglas T. 
Hunter. Philip V. 

Lorch. R.. Hancock, and Richardson. 
British Mech.anicnl Productions Limited, assignee: See — 
Deakin. Stanley T. 
Fiike. Francis C. 
British Resin Products, Limited, assignee: See — 

Anthony. Leonard R., Frenkel, Smith, and Wlcking. 
Davies. I^rur.v N. 
Evans. Edward M.. and Hookway. 
Briti<^li Rubber Company of Canada Limited. The. 
assiirnee : See — 
Lewis. -Alan B. 
British Rubber Producers Research Association, The. 
assiirnee : See — 
Cunneen, John I. 
British Telecommunications Research Limited, assignee: 

Terleckl, Renat, and Leigh. 
British Thermostat Company Limited, The, a.ssignee : 

Sherlock. John E. 



British Tricolour Processes Limited, assignee : See — 
Cooie. Jack H. 

Coote, Jack 11., and Jenkins. 
Britt, Bryant L., Maplewuod, assignor to Wagner Electric 
Corporation, St. Luujs, Mo. Fluid coutrolled winch. 
2,.)iu.,til9, June t). 
Britten, Edwin F., Jr., Short Hills, assignor to Monroe 
Calculating Machine Comi.any, Orange, N. J. Calculat- 
ing machine. 2,ri3U.149, Nov. 14. 
Briltou, iJdgar C. : See — 

Livak, John E., and Britten. 
Sexton, Arthur R., and Bntton. , 

White, H.alljert C. and Brltton. ' 

Britton, Edgar C., and E. .Monroe, 
llan<l, Siauiorc, assignors to The 

Midland, and C. R. 
Dow Chemical Com- 

Di-aryloxy-methanes. 2,493,711. 

pany, .Midland, Micli. 
Jan. 3. 

Britton, Edgar C. and L. F. Berhenke, assignors to The 
Dow Chemical Company, Midland, .Mich. Dichloro- 
acetlc acid puriflcation. 2,495,440, Jan. 24. 

Britton, Edgar C, and G. H. Coleman, assignors fo The 
Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Mich. Diacridyi 
diaUiine derivatives. 2,503,^99, Apr. 11. 

Britton, Edgar C, and R. L. Brown, assignors to The Dow 
Chemical Company, Midland, .Mich. Propylene glycol 
nionoaryl ether-esiers of sulfosucciuic acid. 2,510,008, 
.May 3U. 

Britton, Edgar C, and L. F. Berhenke, assignors to The 
Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Mich. Preparation 
of organo-slloxane polymers. 2,521.673, Sept. 12. 

Britton, Edgar C, .Midland, Mich., and L. W. Byers, Ur 
tjana. 111., assignors to The Dow Chemical Company. 
I'reparing organosiloxane resins. 2,521,674 Sept 12 

Britton, Edgar C, and L. E. Begin, assignors to The 
Dow Chemical Company, .Midland. Mich. Esters of 
2.4-dlchlorophenoxy-acetio acid. 2.523,187, Sept 19. 

Britton, Edgar C, and L. E. Begin, assignors to The Dow 
Chemical Company, Midland, .Mich. Esters of 2,4-di- 
chlorophenoxy-acetic acid. 2,523.188, Sept. 19 

Britton, Edgar C, and L. E. Begin, assignors to The 
Dow Cheniical Company, Mi(),land. Midi. Esters of 
2.4-dichlorophenoxy-acetic acid. 2.523,189. Sept. 19 

Britton, Edgar C, and W. J. Le Fevre, assignors to The 
Dow Cliemical Company, .Midland, .Midi. \ inylideue 
chloride and vinyl chloride polymer compositions of 
improved heat stability. 2,525,643, Oct. 10 

Britton. Edgar ('., and E. .Monroe, .Midland, and C. R 
Hand, San ford, assignors to The Dow Chemical Com- 
pany. .Midland, .Mich. Di (aryloxy) -methanes. 
2,526,534, Oct. 17. 

Britton, Edgar C, ami J. C. Vander Weele, Midland, Slich . 
and J. E. Livak, Clemson, S. C, as.slgnors to The Dow 
Chemical Company, Midland, .Mi< h. Ilalogenated deriva- 
tives 01 ahpliatic adds, lactones and making same. 
2.53().:M8. Nov, 14. 

^'■),^.!'^°'.^'^S^'" ^^ ^^^ ^- ^- Slagh, assignors to The Dow 
Chemical Company. .Midland, .Mich. Aryl esters of 
4-chlorobenzene sulfonic acid. 2,532,222, Nov. 28 

Britton, Orson J., Fairport, assignor to Rochester' Shoe 
Tree Co., Inc., Rochester, N. Y. Shoe tree. 2,517,967, 
Aug. 8. 

Britton. Orson J., Grand Island, N. Y. Bib construction 
2..>25,115. Oct. 10. 

Britton Roscoe C, and W. McEwan. Gary, Ind., assignors 
to Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation. Machine for 
stamping metal blanks. 2,521,628, Sept 5 

Bn/eiiiiiiie, ( arrol ]■;.. Biirb.iiik, Calif. .Music tvpe- 
writer. 2.528,110. Oct. 31. 

Brizzolara, Alfred A., Belleville, N. j., assignor to E I 
du Pont de Nemours & Conipany, Wilmington. Del'. 
Azo pigmeiits and coating compositions containing same. 
2..»0,S,448. Wa.v 2.3, 

Brno Arms Factory, National Corporation : See — 
Ileyrovsk.V-. Jarosl.iv. 
Werner. Vil<sm, and Kubelka. 

Broadbent John H.. Baltimore, Md.. a.ssignor to the 
United States of America as repre.sented by the Secre- 

V^r^or^-Kr^^^J- A'tltude fesponsive control device. 
2,1)28.5 (o, Nov. 7. 

Bro.ulway, Leonard F., Ickenham, England, assignor to 
Electric and Musical Industries, Ltd. Electron dis- 
charge device employing cavity resoilator. 2,531,195. 
Nov. 21. , , « , 

Broadwa.v. Leonard F., Ickenham, and A. H. Atherfon 
assignors to Electric & .Musical Industries Limited! 
iiayes, England. Electron discharge device employing 
hollow resonator. 2,508.141, .May 16 i J s 

Broadwell. Hiram W., assignee: See — 
.Mitcliol. Edward W 

Broberg. Walter O. W. : See — 

Vlgren, Stan D., Broberg, and Olsson. 

Brochner, Henry S.. assignor to International Morfat Cor- 
poration Copenhagen, Denmark. Emulsifying appara- 
tus. 2.509,288, -May 30. j »» t-*^ 

Brochu. John B., Beverly, .Mass. Combined laundry cabi- 
net and ironing board. 2.499.455, Mar. 7. 

^'■^S.K;. FTmral, Springfleld, Mo. Drain 
2,531,721, Nov. 28. 

Brock. lYederick W., Tompkinsville. N. V 
Keystone View Company, Meadville, Pa. 
holder device for stereoscopic slides. 2.533.347." Dec. 12. 

Brock, James E.. Longview, Wash. Firearm. 2,512.998. 
June 27. 


assignor to 
Triple slide 


Brock, John B.. Adairsville. Ga. Multiple compartmem 

N ending machine. 2,493,223, Jan. 3. 
Brock, John B., Adairsville, ua., assignor of one-half to 
\\. H. Barnhardt, Charlotte, N. C. Coin-controlled bot- 
tle dispensing machine. 2,523,677, Sept. 26. 
Brock, Joseph L., Auselma, I'a. Trailer hltcb ball cover. 

2,517,176, Aug. 1. 
Brock, Joseph L,., El Monte. CaliL Trailer hitch ball 

cover. 2.512,222, June 20. 
Brock, Joseph L., El Monte, Calif. Pendulum level in- 
dicator. 2,527,982, Oct. 31. 
Brock & Rankin, assignee : See — 

liiiduiann, William li. 
Brock, U illiaui H. J., Leamington Spa, England, assignor, 
by mesne assignments, to Aeroguip Corporation, jack- 
son. Mich, i'ipe coupling. 2,505,093, Apr. 25. 
Brockel, William E. : ate — 

Worn, George A., and Brockel. 
Brockhouse Eugiueenug (Southport) Limited, assignee: 
.b'tt — 

Gatiss, Albert L. 
Brockman, Ellwood W., and C. D. Wagner. Tulsa Okla. 

Portable rig shelter. 2,528,721, Nov. 7. 
Brockman. Frank, Dobbs Ferry, assignor to Philips Lab- 
oratories, Inc., Irvington-ou-iludsou, N. Y. EK-ciricul 
condenser. 2.5U9,75S, May 30. 
Brockman Frank G., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., assignor to 
Socouy-\ acuum Oil Company, Incorporated. Apparatus 
for measuring radiant energy. 2,516,672, July 25. 
Brockman. John A., Jr. : >«■< — 

Koeptll, Joseph B., Mead, and Brockman. 
Brockman, Lyle, assignor to General Railway Signal Com- 
pany, Rochester, N. Y. Single channel two-way com- 
munication system. 2,501,986, Mar. 26. 
Brockman, Morton S., Cleveland, Ohio. Synchronizer 

2,528,664, Nov. 7. 
Brockmann, Clifton L., Coquille, Oreg. Ceiling paper 

hanger. 2,521,501, Sept. 5. 
Brotkway, Charles E. : a^te — 

Spauldiug, David C, and Brockway. 
Brockway Company, Tlie, assignee ; Set — 
Guarnaschelli, .-Sieplieu. 
Richardson, James C. 
Brockway Glass Co., Inc., assignee : See — 

Poole, James 1'. 
Brockway, Wiihelm W., and L. Le Cront Los Angeles, and 
J. II. ^oung, Playa Del Ray, Calif. Relaxation inducing 
apparatus. 2,501,808. Mar. 28. 
Brockwell, Lloyd .A. : Sie — ' 

Breeze, George E., and Brockwell. 
Brod, John S. : ,Sie — 

Henry, Ronald A., and Brod. 
Brod, John S., Wyoming, assignor to The Procter & (lanible 
Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Sulfonation of allvl esters 
2,529,537, Nov. 14. 
Brod, John S., Wyoming, Ohio, and R. A. Henry, Inyokern, 
<'alit., assignors to Tlie Procter & (iable Compaaiy, Cin- 
cinnati. Ohio. Sulfonation of unsaturated esters 
2.:)2'j..')39, Nov. 14. 
Brodbeck, Aimer IL, assignor to American Stove Com- 
pany, St. Louis, Mo. Range base. 2.535,528. L>ec. 2<). 
Brode, George E,, .Newark, and II. B. Stelnhauser, Mont- 
clair, N. J., assignors to Federal Teleplione and H^idlo 
Corporation, New York, N. Y. Two-way amplitler for 
eliminating opp(»sitely directed signals. 2,496,266, 
Feb. 7. 
Brode. Robert B., Berkeley, Calif., and R. G. Ferris, Har- 
vard, 111., assignors to the Inited States of America as 
represented by the Secretary of the Navy. Antenna and 
oscillator coil unit. 2.509.903, -May 30. 
Broder, Harry, deceased. New Yor"k ; W. Felsliner, L. 
Broder, and J. F. P.erlinger, executors, as-signors to 
L. Broder, Flushing, N. Y. Lipstick holder. 2,504,490. 
A|ir. J 8. . 

Broder, Harry, deceased. New York ; W. Felstiner, L. 
Broder, and J. F. Berlinger, executors of said 11. Broder, 
assignors to L. Broder. Flushing, N. Y. Lipstick holder 

2.511.965. June 20. 

Broder, Harry deceased. New York; W. Felstiner, L. 
Broder, and J. F. Berlinszer, executors of said H. Broder 
assignors to L. Broder, Flushing, N. Y. Lipstick bolder! 

2.511.966, June 20. 

Broder, Leonard, executor, assignee: See — 
Broder, Harry. 

Broderick & Bascom Rope Company, assignee : See 

Von Wehrden, Frederick W. 
Broderick. Frederick C, Glencoe, HI 

with mixing valve. 2,504,491, Apr. I'S. 
Broderick, John J. : See — 

Berlyn. .Martin J., and Broderick. 
Webb, James L., Jr., Broderick, and Herz. 
Broders. Claude E. : See — 

Treglown, GtK)rge, and Broders. 
Brodie, George R.. Lower .Merion Township. Montgomery* 
County, and W. .M. Hawkes, Jr., Philadelphia, I'a as- 
signors to Fred'k H. Levey Co.. Inc.. New York. N Y. 
Method of and apparatus for printing. 2,5i36 282 
Nov. 14. 

Brodie, Ralph N., Company, assignee ; See — 
Berck. William F. 

Brodin. Arvid. Los Angeles, Calif. Fertilizer mixer and 
dispenser. 2.501,260, Mar. 21. 

Heating system 




Broding, lii 

su'liln-'l. r- 

b.rt A.. Dallas. Tex., assignor, by mesne as- 
tu Socoiiv- Vacuum Oil Company, Incorpo- 
N. Y. Electrical logginj,' system. 

Multiple filling and 

Pa. Stamp mount. 
brusli and at- 

Comliination container 

Trousers or the 

rati'd. -N-'W York. 

2,b'd7),*U'><>, Dec. U';. 
i;riHl.-kv. li m;;, N.'W Vurk, N. Y. 

iS.-.-iliiitC il'-vir.'. j,.'il l.;!J I, June 
I'.r.Mlskv. Harry, i'hihidfUihia, 

2 :,'i>.,\-,-i. .May 23 
I'.rodskv Saul, ("r.itun. _X. Y, ri.unta;ii 

taciiuient tlien-fur. 2,r.UiJ.:;i)t>. Mar. 14. 
Brody, Arthur, Newark, N. J. I'rot-'Ctive cover for Dook 

Jackets. li,.JL'J,'j:i';. Srpt. J 9. 
Brody, S>d M.. lliiladtdiihia, V.i_. 

and lu'aTtT. "J,'!!!:.?!-, Juih- 'J.1 . 
Broekhuvs.n, William ('., (iard.n City, N. \., assignor to 

Arn-Ticau Machin<> and Foundry I'ompany. Control 

nit'ch.itiism for tiowlinK pin spotting machines. 

•_',,")2."),7';*;, Oct. 17, „ , T 

Broen-u Frank L.. .N.-.i-ih. Wl^.. and G. W . Holt, Jr., 
MrnomincH, Mich., assi»aiors to Marathon Corporation, 
Kothschild, Wis. Dispensing package. 2,522,25o, 
bept 12 

BroorsmarKob.-rt J., assignor of one-hirif to H. T. Parker, 
Crmd H.iv.ii. and one-half to N. E. IJubbell, Zeeland, 
Mich. DLspIay rack. 2.r)32.t;00. Dec. 5. \ 

l',^')C■\^■x Company, assignee: >'ee — 
Ford. Stoddard I. 
G'.uld. Kob-rt C. 
Miller. Wulr.T E. 3 , r, t 

Bron-ren Jnhan T., ri^'innarvit. and J. I-. Lars.son, 
I'.orlaiiu'H. Svvedcn. liisplacint,' swinging, and adjusting 
plates in rolatiou to shears. 2,517), 5-18, July 18. 

Brohard. Monti- M.. Jr.. Norwood, Ohio. 

like. 2..-.i»o.-(ll, .M.iy 2. -c. , ^ 

Broldo Danul, CnckfosterH, near Barnet, England. 
Calculating machine. 2. '.01.929, Mar 2S. 

Broldo Daniel. Cockfosters, noar Barnet. England. 
Rfgistpring device. 2, ."01, 930, Mar. 28. 

Brnker. Walter: See— ,„ , 

Underwood, Harold W.. and Broker. 

Bromfield l8.i<torf, Wabaii, Mass. Winch driving 'mech- 
anism, 2.498,244. IVh. 21. . «», 

Broml.'v William H.. Jr. Aciwani. assignor to Sh^iw- 
Inl'in' Heslns Corporatl-n, Springfield. Mass. Vinyl 
r. ..^in dispersion. 2.532,223. Nov. 28. , , 

r,r"ii:.i-Miiit ("ompay, as'signot' : Set — 1 

Sivit/. Moses. . 

r.'.nk Fay E and <;. K. Cameron, assignors to Bitter 
'com'p.any. Inc.. Rochester, N Y. Syringe. 2,523,809, 

Br'onnpnkant. I'aul H., assignor to Smith Vlctojv Cor- 
poration. Buffalo, N. Y. Hinged container. 2,o26.4.>S, 

Bronson. 'prank E.. Elizabeth. N. J. Safety guard for 

automobile door haBdlos. 2,523.940. Sept. 2<5. 
Bronaon, Frederic L,. Copiague, assignor to Crit.<rion 
r.ell & Spfcialty Co.. Inc.. Long Island City, >j i- 
Uinnn" btdl device for Christmas trees and other 
uses"! 2,515.439. July 18. . . rr,, 

Bronaon Ceorire E.. Naugatuck. Conn., assignor to ine 
American Brass Company. Coil-handling apparatus. 
J. 520. 725. Oct. 24. „. ., , 

I-. - .Tison Sabin C. Hammond. Ind.. assignor to Standard 
Kiilway P>iuipment Manufacturing Company, Chicago, 
111. Coupler operating mechanism. 2,499,567, Mar. 1. 
y.- .nzan, Blaslto : See — 

LangstafT. Clinton A., and Bronzan. 
Brook John H., Toronto. Ontario, Canada. Dolly for 

washing machines. 2,495,999, Jan. 31. 
F'.rooke. Albert, and W. Naumann. Staten Island, N. Y. 

Automatic starter switch. 2.510,460, June 6. 
Brooke Engineering Company, Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Brooke, Goorge A., Jr.,- and Chambers. 
Brooke, George A.. Jr.. Philadelphia, and C. C. Chambers. 
I.ansdowne. assignors to P.rooke Engineering Company, 
Inc. Philailt'lphia. Pa. Electric motor control system. 
2,503,091, Apr. 4. 
r,r oke Llovd F., Berkelev Highland Terrace, and W. E. 
r.lwoll and K. E. Meier. Berkob-y. assignors to California 
ItHsearch Corporation, San Francisco, Calif. AllphaOc 
olefins and cvclic manufacture thereof. 2,o00,60t, 
Vr.^r. 14 
Brooke. Llovd F.. Berkeley Highland Terrace. G. E. Lang- 
lols. El Cerrlto, Calif., and A. E. Stlckland. Mount Roj^l, 
.Montreal Quebec. Canada, assignors to California Kp- 
s^'nreh Corporation. San Francisco, Calif. Treatment 
of isomeric aromatic compounds. 2,521.444, Sept. 5. 
r.r.M.kt-r l^ngineering Co.. assignee: See — - 

Drake. Earl D. 
I'.rooker, LosUp G. S. ; See — 

Dent. Samuel G.. Jr.. and Brookor. , 1 
Keyes. Grafton IL. and Brooker. 
'Snralnie. Boh.rt Ft., and Brooker. 
Van Lare. Earl and Brooker. 
Van Zandt, G.rfr: '.•■, and I'.rooker. 
Whito, I'raiik 1.., and. !;:•.. o':«--. 

r.r.'.iker, Leslie G. S., and V. I.. Whi'e, _ 
man Kodak ComOanv, KoctiPst.T, N 
ryanine dyes. 2.49.T,747, Jan. 10. 

r,-. -k- ^ I..'<lio G S.. and G. H. Keyes, assignors to East- 
man Ko.lak Companv, Rochester, N. Y. Merocyanlne 
dyes. 2,493.748, Jan. 10. 

assignors to East- 
Y'. Acid mero- 

Brooker, Leslie O. S., and F. L. White, assignors to East- 
man Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y Dimethlne 
merocyanlne dyes. 2,494,031, Jan. 10. 
Brooker. Leslie Q. S.. and F. L. White, assigji .is t.. East 
man Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Styryl dyt-. 
2,494,032, Jan. lu. 
Brooker, Leslie G. 8.. and i: H .-^jirigue, as-'^ignors to 
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N, Y. I'oiy- 
methlne dyes containing a triazole nucleus. 2,50;'., 709. 
.V|.r. 11 
Brooker, I^slle G. S., and F. L. White, assignors to East- 
man Kodak Company, Rochester, N Y. Heterocyclic 
bis acetones, thioacetones and selenoacetones. 
2,520,358, Aug. 29. 
Brooker. Leslie G. S.. and R. H. Sprague, assignors to 
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Cyanine 
dves containing a 3,4-dihydroisoqulDoline nucleus. 
2,"52o,520, Oct. 10. 
Brooker. Leslie G. S., and F. L. White, assignors to 
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. \ . Acid 
merocyanlne dyi's. 2,526,632, Oct. 24. 
Brookins. Richard N, South (Jate, assignor to Esslck 
Manufacturing Company, Los Angeles, Calif. Portable 
ml-xer. 2,499,052, Feb. 28. 
Brookins, Richard N.. Southgate, assignor to Bryant 
Essick. Los Angeles. Calif. Liipiid «listributor. 
2,522,600, Sept. 19. 
Brookins, Richard N.. South Gate, assignor to Bryant 
Esslck, Los Angeles, Calif. Evaporative cooler. 
2, .535,386. Dec. 26. 
Br-xjks, «.'hester A., Mission. Kans. Rotatable closure 
structure having yleldahle locking means. 2,533.915, 
Dec. 11' 
Brooks. Chester A., Mission. Kans. Lock washer. 

2,533,916. Dec. 12. 
Brooks, Clede : tiee — 

Thompson, Walter, and Brooks. 
Brooks. Donald B, : Sec — 

Howard. Frank L , and Brooks. 
Brooks, E. J.. Company, assignee : See — 
Brooks, Winfrrd M. 

Moberg. Sigurd M. . ^ ,.. 

Brooks, Edra M., and V. A. Jeffries, Los Angeles. Calif. 
Noncrushable lunch-box pie container, 2,525,337. 
Oct. 10. 
Brooks, Edward H., Jr., assignee : See — 

P.rooks, Edward IL, Sr. 
Brooks Edward IL. Sr., assignor of one-half to E. H. 
Brooks, Jr., Portland, and one-half to E. H. Thompson. 
Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Fiber sccmring and washing 
bowl. 2,493.044, Jan. 10. 
Brooks. Edward H., Sr., assignor of one-half to E. H. 
Brooks, Jr.. Portland, and one-half to E. H. Thompson. 
Cape Elizabeth. Maine. Flb<r pickup drum and squeeze 
roll. 2.498.646. Feb 28. , ^ ^^ 

Brooks. Edward IL. Sr.. assignor of one-half to E. H. 
Brooks. Jr., Portland, and one-half to E. H. Thompson, 
Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Feed box for fiber scouring 
machines. 2.533.218, Dec. 12. 
Brooks. (Jeorge D., Oil Hill, Kans. Glare eliminator. 

2.519,222, Aug. 15. I 

Brooks. Harvey: See — 

Sebring, Paul B., and Brooks. 
Brooks, John W. : .s^^ — 

Caesar, Philip D., Johnson, and Brooks. 
Garwo.xl. William E., Brooks, and Saclianen. 
Brooks, John W.. Wenonah. N. J., assignor to Socony- 
Vaiuum Oil Company, Incorporated. Trithlenyl- 
trithio-orthoformate. 2.522.489, Sept. 19. 
Brooks. John W., Wenonah. N. J., assignor to Socony- 
Vacuum Oil Companv, Incorporated. Mineral oil com- 
positions containing trithienyl-trithio-orthoforraate. 
2.522,490, .Sept. 19. ,, „ . ^^ ^ 

Brooks John W., Wenonah. and A. N. Sashanen, Wood- 
bury N J., assignors to Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, 
Incorporated. Mineral oil composition containing 
thienyl sulfides. 2,534,223, Dec. 19. 
Brooks. Julius : See — 

Wnld Morton, Brooks and Leaman. 
Brooks Lester A., Fairfield, Conn,, assignor 
Vanderbilt Company, Inc., New York, N. Y. 
tion of 2-mercapto, 5-chlorobenzothlaiole. 

Mar. 7. ^ . 

Brooks Lester A., Norwalk, Conn., assignor 

Vanderbilt Co.. Inc., New Y'ork. N Y. 

2-mercapbo-5-chlorobenzothlazolp. 2,499,628, 
Brook=< Lester A.. Stamford. Vt., M. Markarlan, North 

Adams and M. Nazzewski, Adams, assignors to Sprague 

ripctri'c Company. North Ad.ims, Mass. Vinyl dlaryl 

ether polvmers. 2.522.501, Sept. 19. 
Brooks. Mark L. : See — , „ ^ , . 

Warner. Floyd F.. Brooks, and Bardelmeier. 
Brooks Paper Company, assignee : See — 

Reld. Marshall B. , ^, , , ^ifn^,.. 

Brooks Philip A., West wood. Mass. Circular knitting 

machine. 2.525.586. Oct. 10. 
Brooks. Richard E. : See — 

Gresham. William F„ and Brooks, 
Gresham. William F., Brooks, and Bruner. 
Brooks, Richard E.. assignor to I"^ I- .i'" , ^o"* de 
Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. Production of 
5-carbon acyclic aldehydes. 2,517.383, Aug. 1. 
Brooks. Vernon A., assignee : See — 
Kay. John F. 

to R. T. 



to n. T. 
Mar. 7, 



Brooks, William C, assignor to Niagara Alkali Com- 
pany, Niagara Falls, N. Y. I'umplng apparatus. 
2,518,597. Aug. 15. 

West Orange, assignor to E. J. 
Newark, N. J. Seal. 2,496,905, 

assignor to Crown Cork Specialty 
111. Mechanical mobile toy. 

Brooks, Wlnfred M., 
Brooks Company, 
Feb. 7. 

Brookshier. James W. 
Corporation, Decatur, 
2,528,494, Nov. 7. 

Bruouie, Arley G., Waco. an<l H. S. Moanor, Center Point, 

Tex. Animal trap. 2,505,662, Apr. 25. 
Broome, Tally A., assignor of hity per cent to W. Quinn, 
Clovis, N. Mex. Kail heater. 2,500,399. Mar. 14. 

Broos. Ilenricus A. : See — 
Blok. Henri, and Broos. 
\un l.oon, Carel J., and Broos. 

B.-^.H H. iiei.ruus A., Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor, by 
iiiLsiie ussigumcnts. to Hartford National Bank and 
Trust Company, Hartford, Conn., as trustee. Circuit 
arrangement for the expansion of electrical oscillations. 
2,503,996. Apr. 11. 

BrouB. Henricus A , Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor, by 
mesne assigmneuts, to Hartford National Bank and 
Trust Company, Hartford, Conn,, as trustee. Keflex 
amplifier circuit arrangement. 2,508,936, May 23. 

Broos, Jan : See — 

KrOger, Ferdinand A., and Broos. 

Brophy. Clarence E. : .v< < - 

Miil'-r. Harry G.. and Brophy. 

Brophy, John J., Salem, Mass., assignor to United Shoe 
Machinery Corporation, Flemington, N. J. Manufac- 
ture of shoes. 2,5;M),995, Sept. 5. 

Brose llurac- B. and Lj. u., (Jliicago, 111. Nursing bottle 
holder. 2.."ilu.:»5o, June 13. 

Brose, Lazetta D. : Sec^ — - 

Brose, Horace B. and L. D. 

Brosenier. Robert L., Sacramento, Calif. Pan-advance 
adjusting mechanism fur oven feeding machines. 
2.509,475. May 30 

Broshears, Lee, Fowler, Ind. Electric lantern. 2,529,910, 
.N«)v. 14. 

Brosky, Stanley A.. Carnegie, assignor to Pittsburgh Test- 
ing Laboratory, Pittsburgh. I'a. Method and appara- 
tu.^ for X-ray analysis, 2.504,:!89, Apr. 18. 

Bro.stroui. Charles <i., Lynn, Mass., assignor to United 
Shoe -Machinery Corporation, Fhuilngton, N. J. Wood 
veneer edge scarfing machine. 2,505,880, May 2. 

Brotheridge, John : See — 

Prince. Earl S., and Brotheridge. 

Brother-, Edwin tj^ lirooKljn, N. V. Cigarette holder. 
2.511,b9S. June 20. 

Brothers, Leonard C, Lewisberry. and W. A. 
H.irrisburg. P,i. Automatic stop for railroad 
stock. 2.510,954, June 13. 

Brothers, Lewis R., North Hollywood, Calif. 
graph p}cku|» arm. 2,496,035, Jan. 31. 

Brothman, A., A: Associates, assignee: See — 
Biothman, Abraham. 

Brothman. Abraham, Long Island City, assignor to A. 
Brothman & Associates, New York, N. Y. Apparatus 
for field filling high-pressure dispensers. 2,508,142. 
May 16. 

Erotinan, Hyman D., Detroit, Mich., assignor, by "mesne 
assignments, to Horfon Manufacturing Company, Fort 
Wayne, Ind. Control kn-ib. 2.498,835, Feb. 28. 

Brotmaii, Hyiiian D., Detroit, Mich., assignor, b.v mesne 
assignments, to Hortoii Manufacturing ('oiupuny. Fort 
Wayne. Ind. Clathes-v\ashing machine. 2,526,002, 
Oct. 17. 

Brougher, George R.. dpceasedl, Bremen, Ind., G. M. 
Brougher, .administratrix, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to The Dalton Eniiineering Corporation, War- 
saw, Ind. Trailer hitch. 2.515,856, July IS. 

Brougher. Grace M., administratrix: See — 
Brougher. George R. 

Broughton, iJonald 1!.. assignor to Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc., 
Boston. Mass. Manufacture of finely divided silica. 
2,535,036. Dec. 26. 

Broughton, Douglas J., assignor to Buxton, Incorporated, 
Springlield. Mass. Flexible pocket receptacle. 

2.504. 24S. Apr. 18. 

Broughton. Douglas J., assignor to Bnxton, Incorporated, 
Springfield. Ma«8. Billfold construction permitting re- 
leasahle combin.itlon therewith of a multiple pass case 
or the like. 2.531,605. Nov. 28. 

Broughton. Douglas J., assignor to Buxton. Incorporated, 
Springfield. Mass. Side and top opening pocket rase 
adapted to receive a memorandum pad. 2,531,606. Nov. 

Broughton, Douglas J., assignor to Buxton, Incori>orated, 
Springfield, Mass. Billfold adapted to receive a re- 
movable pass case. 2,535,387, Dec. 26. 

Brouill.ird. Robert E. : See — 

Lecher. Hans Z., P.rouillard, and Gi.ambalvo. 
Scalera, Mario, and Broulllard. 
Broun, .Archibald C, Cook, Minn. Measuring dispenser 
having a cylindrical chamber and a rotary measuring 
element mounted therein. 2,518,520, Aug. 15. 

Brounn, Morrii^on J. : See — 

Merker, David, and Brounn. 

Brouse, Harold L.. Cincinnati, f)liio. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Robot Appliances, Inc., Detroit, Mich. 
Magnetic switch. 



Brouse, William H. D., Toronto, Ontario. Canada as 
Biguor to T'lellex Incorporated. Philadelphia. Pa. Lock- 
ing device tor push-pull controls. 2,496,931, Feb 7 
Broussard. Harvey J., heir : »S'ce — 
Broussard, Rene J., and Tilly. 
Broussard, Delia G,. heir : See — 

Broussard, Rene J., and Tilly. 
Brouasaru, Mayo, 1.0s Angeles, Calif. Cap for collapsible 

tube dispensers. 2,534,498, Dec. 19. 
Broussard, Nat, heir: See — 

Broussard, Rene J., and Tilly. 
Brou>.sard, R.ue, heir : .ice — 

Broussard, Rene J., and Tilly. 
Broussard. Rene J., deceased, New Iberia and J, O. Tilly 
OpelouBjis, La. L. G.. H. J., N., and R. Brouward. sol* 
heirs of said R. J. Broussard; said L. G. Broussard 
iiatural tutrix of said N. and R. Broussard minors 
An and water spray for dental engines. 2.532,054' 
Nov. 28. ... 

Brousseau. Fred, Schenectady, and P. J. Brousseau 
PeasleeviUe, N. Y. Fuel mixing device. 2 522 743' 
Sept. 19. ' ' 

Brousseau, Philip J. : See — 

Brousseau. I'red and P. J. ' 

Brousseau, Ren6, assignor to Better SeatB Co , Montreal 
V"^o, .^'o-, Si^oada. Auxiliary raisable chair seat! 
2,521,281, Sept. 5. 

Bruuwer Benjamin W., Auburn, assignor to Crompton & 
KnowlesLoom Works. Worcester, Mass. Filling thread 
cutter operating mechanism. 2,507.955, Mav 16 

Brouwer. Clarence J., and I. J. Drake, Grand Rapids 
-Mich. Starting block. 2.534,1.59. Dec. 12 

Brouwer, I'jeter H. J., Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor 
to Hartford .National Bank and Trust Company. Hart- 
ford, Conn., as trustee. Magnetic circuit comprising 
one or more stacked plates. 2,503,092 Apr 4 

Brouwer, Pieter IL J.. Eindhoven, Netherlands assignor 
to Hartford .National Bank and Trust Comiianv Hart- 
ford. Conn., as trustee. Two-part ^heet metu'l stator 
assembly for ele( trie motors. 2,512,848 June 27 

Brouwer, Pieter H. J.. Eindhoven. .Netherlands, assignor 
to Hartford National Bank and Trust Companv Hart- 
ford, Conn., as trustee. Contact device. 2,520 526 
-Aug. 29. 

Brouwer, Pieter J., assignor to G. W. Magill. Los Angeles, 
Lalif. Kotor fur rutur sustained aircraft. 2,509 128 ' 
Al.iy 23. ' 

Browall, Bert IL, assignor to Svenska Aktiebolaget Broms- 
regulatur, Malmo, Sweden. Clasp brake. 2,506,990 
.May y. ... 

Browder, Jay E., Garden City, .\. Y., assignor to The 

•Sperry Corporation. Radio direction finding svsteni. 

2,524,758, Oct. 10. " 

Brower, Elbert O., Philadelphia. Pa. Word game appa- 

r.itus. 2.521.775. Sejii. ]U'. 
Brower. William S., Muncie. Ind., assignor to Borg- Warner 

Corporation. Chicago, 111. Indicator light for hobbiug 

mai-hines. 2.516,750, July 25 
Brown. Abner E.. Richmond Heights, Mo. Valved nursing 

bottle. 2.529,794, Nov 14. 

^'■.'?^P; „oi''^/.* ^*\ Atlanta, Ga. Disposable razor. 
2, 50 1, 98 (, Mar. 28. 

Brown, Ale.\ander M., Colouia, N. J., assignor to The 
-North & Judd .Manufacturing Comjiany, .Vi'w Britain 
Conn. Automatic lock slider for slide fasteners' 
2,511,491. June 13. 

Brown, Alexan<ler P., Beechhurst. N. Y. Vertically 
stringed grand piano. 2,532,286. Doc. 5. 

Brown, .\lfred E..: See — ■ 

Gordon, William G., Jackson, and Brown. 
Harris. Miltnn, and P.rown. 

Brown. Alfred G.. Los Angeles, assignor of one-half to 
L. T. Sepin, Los Angeles County, Calif. Method and 
apparatus for eCTecting expansion of gas. 2,512 916 
June 27. ' ' 

Brown. Alfred G.. Los Angeles. Calif. Refrigerating ap- 
paratus utilizing dry ice. 2,523,530, Sept. 26. 

Brown. Alfred S., Utlca, and C. J. Barrow, Albanv, 
assignors to Skenandoa Rayon Corporation, Utica, N. Y. 
-App.iratus for manufaciuring viscose rayon ' yarn. 
2,524,618, Oct. 3. 

Brown. Archibald M. : See — 

Perrine, Clarence E. and Brown. 

Brown, Arling D.. Jr.. Cambridge, Mass., assignor to the 
United States of .America as represented by the Execu- 
tive Secretary of tlie OHice of Scientific Research and 
Develoiiment. El<>ctronic switch. 2,521,824 Sept 12 

Brown, .\rthur S., Tilt on, and <;. E. Sedgleyi Concord.' 
X. H. Endless transmission belt and making! 
2.518,220, Aug. 8. ^ 

Brown, B.irremore B. : See — 

Donal, John S.. Jr.. Brown, and Cuccla. 

Brown. I>rnard, assignor to Bernard Displav Devices 
Inc., Chicago, HI. Advertising displav. "2,519.307,' 
Aug. 15. ' i 

fJrown. Bernard E., Chicago. 111., assignor to International 
Harvester Company. Tractor mounted reciprocating 
mower. 2,517,384, Aug. 1. 

Brown, Bertram G., Yonk-rs. N. Y. Filter. 2,530,283 
Nov. 14. 

Brown & Bigelow, assignee: See — 

.lohnsuii. ("harb's E. 
Thull. John F. 




Hrowii, Brindley J. : See — 

I'rt'iah, (.eorge P., and Uoger and Brown. ' 

HrwAntJiockiueyer Co., The, assignee: iiee — 
i;.o\Mi, si.-ifcii A. 
i :rNwii, SiHllrii ^S. 

»ia>"r, Jolin I'. . r 

BroNUi aii'l r.ruwn, assignee: Ste — - 

Bruuii. Wesl.'y ii, 
Br.'wn i;;u' •■ K , Skukie. assignor to btundard Oil Com- 
piny. 1 huat,'.), 111. Klfctrolytic^ production of alkane- 
t-iiUuuic aculs. i;,."j21,147, Sept. 5. 
l; . w:. iJuriou 1'.. Jr., ^ehenectady, N. \., assignor to 
• ,.;,..:,i i;ifctric Company. Couipoaito loop antenna 
f;'..-,!.]). J.4'J3,ot)U, Jan. o. 
Bi-M^wi, iSyruu !»., I'allas, Tex. F.-idiug titairwaj- . 

J, !'j»j,7T;j. l-'ei) T 
Bruwu, Calvin F., Silvrr .spring, .M.I.. assignor to the 
Lnited States ot .Vii..ri.a as repieseuled by the isecre- 
tary uf the Navy. .Mercury switch tester. -,4US,U2t>, 
leh. :;i. 
Brown. Carl 1'. : -^'ee — 

User, Alphuuse J., and Brown. 
Brown, I arl 1)., assignor to Draper Corporation, Hopedaie, 

\l:iN.< Sliipper lever for looms. J. 493, 104, Jan. 3. 
I5rown, Carl D., Hopedaie, and E. C. Nichols, I ptou, 
assignors to Draper Corporatiun. Hopedaie. Mass. 
Harness motion for looms. 2,")<U,ir)7. .Mar. 21. 
Br.iun. Ctrl W., Silver Spring, .Md., assignor to United 
.s;ates . if .\m.Tiea as repre.vente<i by the Secretary of 
the .Na-> y. Syn./droni/.er for multiple set radar Bysteius. 
2,r)ltJ.JU';, July -.",. 
Brown, tarnhne. New VorK, .\. ^ . (,'russ stretch founda- 
tion garment. 2.f)-'3.iJT8. Sept. 2G. 
Brown, Cecil F. : .S'ft - 

Huiiseii. Henry, ;i:. i I.rown. 
lirown Cecil S., L.uisvi.le. Kv., assignor to Solar Corpo- 
ration. .MUwaiiK-.', NMs. Battery assembly jig. 
■J,r)l'i,.')4«j, July ~o. 
B:.i.'.ii. (iiarie.s C, Spokane, Wash. 

-..':i2.r>37, Dec. 5. 
Bri.wu, Ctiarlea K.. Jr.. Fairmont. W. \ i. 
<liist bag uuloader. 2.4J7,58i, Feb. 14. 
Brown, Charles K., Jr., Fairmont, W . Va. Mixing ;and 

volume control laucet. 2,534,058, Dec. 19. 
Brown, Charles L.. Kockford, 111. Crystal checking device. 

2,.":54,224, Dec. 19. 
Br' vvn Charles U., l.lanerch, assignor to G. and \\ . U. 
Corson. Inc., Plymouth Meeting. I'a. Treating barium 
and strontium sulfates. 2.509,585, May 30. 
Bruwn, riiaries U., and C. \V. Berndt, l'>altiinore, Md. 
.Automatic tire extinguisher for motion-picture pro- 
jectors. 2,5UG.567, May 9. 
Brown, Chester \V., .Milwaukee, Wis., assignor to McGraw 
Flectric Company. Combined transformer and repeal- 
ing circuit breaker. 2.519,021. Aug. 15. 
Brown. Clarence E., Clarksburg, W. Va. Mining ma- 
chine protective cv, r unit. 2, 49(5, 094, Feb. 7. 
Brown, Clayton 11. Minneapolis, Minn. Adhesive tape 

with tearing facilities. 2.508.855, May 23. 
Brown, Clyde A., assignor to The Dole Valve Company, 
Chicago. 111. Shaftlesa butterfly valve. 2,493,736, 
Jan. 111. 
Brown, Clvde A., assignor to Dole Valve Company, Chicago, 

111. Drain valve. 2,512,052. June 20. j 

Brown. Clyde E. : See — 

IVrry, Alfred A., and Brown. 
Brown Company, assignee : See — 

Dav, <;eorge A., and Hooa. 
Brown, Dan A., and T. E. Dougherty. Long Beach. Calif.. 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to Robertshaw-Fulton 
''otiirois ('>"imp.iny. ( iret-n-ibiinr. Pa. Forming beryl- 
lium copper snap rings. 2,527,983, Oct. 31. 
r,r .vvn. r>au II.. Chicago, 111. Producing Hour. 

Vacuum cleaner 


Battery lifter. 

Brown-Fayro Company. The. assignee : See — 

Stamler. William R. 
Brown. Felix E.. Bethlehem, la 

2.503.794. Apr. 11. 
Browji Fiutube Company, assignee : See — 

Brown, John W.. Jr. 
Brown. Fordyce M. : See — 

Tuttle. Clifton M.. and Brown. 
Williams. Franklin C. and Brown. 
Brown. B'lorence M., Chippewa Lake. Ohio. Tube dis- 
penser with casing.* 2,500.274, Mar. 14. 
Brown. Francis B.. Los Angeles. Calif. Valve actuating 
means for hydraulic nomographic multipliers. 2,507,49o. 
Mav 10. 
Brown. Franklin B.. Los Angeles, Calif. Portable dress- 
ing booth and shower bath apparatus. 2,519.430, Aug. 
Brown, Fred H., Beverly. Mass.. assignor to United Shoe 
Machinery Corporation, Flemington, .N. J. Machine and 
method for thermoactlve adhesive bonding of shoe parts. 
2.498,027, Feb. 21. 
Brown, Frederick W. : See — 

Cibson Frank C. and Brown. 
Brown. George C. Dallas, Tex. H-avler than air airship. 
2.512,824. June 27. „ ^. 

" Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 
America. Modulating system. 

Differential pres- 

I'.r ••.%!) 1 Vis id P.. I. OS An-'e'ic-;, Tril-f. 

s'l-- indi.'ator. •_'. tU7.2.'5. F..h. It 
B-..\vn. Davton K. E,, Wa.<ihlnt:ton, D. C. Light and sun 

;nsiti,,n calculator. 2,531,932, Nov. 28. 
Br..v. n. Bdimind V.. .<•. ( ,it tiariues, Ontario. Canada. 

Traction lug. 2.'< ~ J>'.)0, M,iy 9. 
Br wn. Edward E., New York. N. Y. Electric can opener. 

-'.52.'3,S1 0. Sept. 26. 
Bri'wn. Edward G. : See — 

Miller. Daniel W.. and I'rown. 
Brown. Edward K., Shaker Heights, Ohio, assignor to 

Crane Packing Company, Chicago, 111. Wearing seat. 

2.508,0'.»7. -May 10. 
Brown. Edwards. Jr.. Washington. D. C. Mechanism for 

beddiuL' .1 tir-^rm b,'irrfd in a stork. 2.497.S<>1, Feb. 21. 
Brown. Ellis .M., assignor to John Oster Manufactur- 
ing Coinpanv, Kacine, Wis. L.uhermaking machine. 

2.510.!».".5. .Pine 1.'5. 
Brown, Ellis M., assignor to John Ost. - M.inufacturing 

(.'ompany, Racine, Wis. I.ath< rniaking machine and 

making "lather. 2,517.539, .\ug. S 
Brown, llllix M.. and F. V. P"or>s, assignors to John Oster 

M innfarTuriniz Company. Racine, Wis. Household 

ni!\er. 2,.'2.'.?..T5, 0,r. i'\ 
Brown, f^manuel E. : Set* — 

Bradley, George T., and Brown. 
r,r..un. Eu---Te' -M , Gleiidal.', ("alif 

cle.iniii.: devic- 2.." ' i>.'".5tt. May 2:i. 
Brown, Eva B., Norfolk. Va. Body restraint. 2,520.710. 

Ang. 29. 

Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
America. Pasteurizing milk. etc. 

Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Antenna system. 2,511,899, 

assignor to Radio 
balance converter. 

Sewer flushing and 

Brown. George IL. 
Corporation of 
2.506,132, May 2. 
Brown, George H.. 
Corporation of 
2,510.790. June 0. 
Brown. George H. 

Corporation of America. 
June 20. 
Brown. George H.. Princeton. N. J. 
Corporation of America. Line 
2,517.968. Aug. 8. „ ., 

Brown. George H., Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Reactance compensation sys- 
tem. 2.517,909. Aug. 8. 
Brown, George J.. Jr. : See — 

Itiethof. George. Montgomery, and Brown. 
Brown. (Jeorge O., assignee: See — 

Northquist. Clarence T. 
Brown. George W. : See — 

Rajchman. Jan A., and Brown. 
Brown. George W., Cranbury. -N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of .-Vmerlca. Control of electron discharge 
device of area selection type. 2.519.172. Aug. 15. 
Brown. George W.. Warrensburg. Mo. Bottle heater. 

2,500,241. Mar. 14. 
Brown. Gordon II.. Detroit. Mich. Electric teakettle and 

cover assembly. 2.519.431. Aug. 22. , , , 

Browi). Gordon H.. Detroit, .Mich. Safety switch and re- 
setting mechanism therefor. 2.519,432, .\ug. 22. 
Brown. Gordon H., Detroit. Mich. Cordless electric tea- 
kettle. 2,519,433, Aug. 22. ^ , .. , , u k 
Brown. Gregorv, Bridgeport. Conn. Insecticide bomb. 

2.532.144. Nov. 28. . ^, .^ 

Brown, (irover W., WyckofT, assignor to The Okonlte 
Company, Passaic. N. J. Identifiable electric ctinductor. 
2,516.751, July 25. „ , 

Brown. (Jrover W.. Wyckoff. and V. E. Met/,, Ruther- 
ford, assignors to The Okonite Company, Passaic, .N. J. 
Covering weather stripping composed of a web having 
a continuous bead extending along and bonded to one 
edge thereof. 2,520.1 13, Aug. 29. 
Brown, (Jrover W.. Wvckoflf. and V. E. Metz, Ruther- 
ford, assignors to The Okonite Company. Passaic, N. J. 
Apparatus for applying protective coverings. 2.520.114. 
-Aug. 29. 
Brown. Harold II.. >ierchantville, N, J. Trocar button. 

2.522,564. Sept. 19. 
Brown. Harold P.. Akron, Ohio, assignor to George A. 
Breon & Company. Kansas City, Mo. Therapeutic com- 
positions. 2.510.495. June 6. 
Brown. Harrison, Fargo. N. Dak. Rotary cultivator. 

2.528.570, .Nov. 7. 
Brown. Harrison S.. and H. II. Hubble, Oak Ridge, Tenn., 
assignors to the United States of America, as repre- 
sented by the United States Atomic Energy Commission, 
Method and apparatus for pumping corrosive mediums. 
2,502,074, Mar. 28. 
Brown, Harry H. : See — 

Finlayson. William G.. Brown, and McGinnls. 
Brown. Harry W. : See — 

Kiss. Ernest J., and Brown. 
Brown. Henry, assignor to The Udyllte Corporation. 
Detroit. Mich. Electrodeposition of nickel from an acid 
bath. 2,513,280, July 4. 
Brown. Henry, assignor to The Udyllte Corporation. 
Detroit, Mich. Electrodeposition of nickel from an 
acid bath. 2.523,190. Sept. 19. 
Brown. Henry, assignor to The Udyllte Corporation. 
Detroit, Mich. Electrodeposition of nickel from an 
acid bath. 2,523.191. Sept. 19. 
Brown. Henry assignor to The Udyllte Corporation. De- 
troit. Mich. Electrodeposition of nickel. 2,524,619, 
Oct. 3. 
Brown. Henry, assignor to The Udyllte Corporation. De- 
troit. Mich. Electrodeposition of nickel. 2,524,648. 
Oct. 3. 
Brown. Henry L.. Seattle. Wash. Pocket insert. 2,511,242, 
June 13. 

LIST • 'i- l'Ari:NTEES 


Brown, Herbert C. : See — 

Schlesinger, Hermann I., and Brown. 

Brown, Herbert H.. assignee: See — 
Arnol.i, Robert C. 

Brown, Herman, Philadelphia, and M. Samson. Melrose 
Park, Pa.; said Brown a8.signor to said Samson. 
Preservation of leucocytes In blood. 2,515,189. July 18. 

Brown. Howard M , Wood-Ridge, and G. Cawley. I'pper 
MontcUiir, .\. J. Variable-speed drive for roll presses. 
2,51.H,;;;»9. July 4. 

Brown. Hugh S., Wauwatosa, W. E. Armstrong, and J. V. 
Reichenhacli, assignors to Brlggs & Stratton Corpora- 
tion. .Milwaukee, Wis. Carburetor. 2,529.242, .Nov. 7. 

Brown. Hugh S., Wauwatosa, W. E. Armstrong, and J. V. 
Kei( henhaoh. assignors to Briggs & Stratton Corpora- 
tion, .Mil-.vaukee, Wis. Automatic control for carburetor 
throttle v,ilv(>s. 2,529,243, Nov. 7. 

Brown, Hugh S.. Wauwatosa. W. E. Armstrong, and J. V. 
R.ich' nhach, assignors to Brlggs & Stratton Corpora- 
tion, Milwaukee, Wis. Throttle valve for carburetors. 
2,529,244, Nov. 7. 

Brown. Jack E.. Brooklyn. N. Y. School companion, 
2.506,91 S. May 9. 

Brown, Jackson M., Starkville. Miss. Distance measur- 
ing device. 2.493.912. Jan. 10. 

Brown, James D.. assignor to Toledo Scale Company. 
Toledo, Ohio. Steak treating machine. 2,531,105. 
Nov.. 21. 

Brown, Jam^s H., assignor to Oldbury Electroehemical 
Company. Niagara I'alls, N. Y. Dialkyl alkoxy methane 
phosphonates and preparation. 2.500,022, Mar. 7. 

Brown. James R., .assignor to Educational Toy <\impany, 
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Ball g.ime employing a 
<Milie containing a pair of dice. 2.528.029. Oct! :\\. 

Brown. James S., assignor to Douglas Fraser & Sons 
Limited. Arbroath. Scotland. Sliver roll forming ma 
chine. 2.495.205. Jan. 24. 

Brown, Jesse J., Sir.itford. Conn. Resistance welding 
method. 2.510,950. June 13. 

Brown, Jolin C. : Sec — 

Hartley, .\rthur C. Brown. Callendar. Fehling. Fox, 
(Jill. Moore. Rosin, and Williamson. 

Brown, John C. Upper Montclair. N. J. Roast rack. 
2.503,795, Apr. 11. 

Brown. Jolin. & Company Limited, assignee: Sec — 
Mensforth. Tlioiiias. 

Brown. John E.. Amherst. Ohio. Trolling leader. 
2.506,854, Mav 9 

Brown. John F., Lima, Ohio. Sink rim. 2.514,740, July 

Brown, John M. : See — 

Burfner, Robert R., and Brown. 

Brown. John R.. Bauxite. Ark. Hair-waving pin. 
2.508,50.?. .M.iy 2:V 

Brown. John S.. Chicaco, 111., assignor, by mesne assign- 
ment.s. to Andrew Corporation. Broadband television 
antenna. 2.513.078-, June 27. 

BrowTi John W., Jr., assignor to Brown Fintube Company, 
Elyria. Ohio. Fin tiihp assembly. 2.490.001. 7. " 

P.rown. John W.. Jr., Lakewood. assignor to Brown Fin- 
tube Company. Elyria, Ohio. Multiple tube heat ex- 


520,7.55, Aug. 29. 

Brown, Joseph. PhlladelDhia. Pa. Retractable ejecting 

device. 2,502.416. Apr. 4. 
Brown. Joseph T. : See — 

Walker, Roland. Wilkin. Cooper, and Brown. 
Brown, Jow^ph W., Seminole. Okla. Floor rack for sucker 

rods. 2,504,637. Apr. IX. 
Brown. Keith E.. San Gabriel. F. E. Clark, and C. E. 

Jackson. Alhambrn. assignors to Tnrco Prodticts. Inc.. 

I. OS .Anfoles. C.nlif. Strinning of mirror hacking and 

composition of matter useful in such process. 

2,525.100. Oct. 10. 
Brown, Kenneth 0.. Mattituck. N. Y. Potato seed cutting 

machine. 2,535.261. Dec. 26. 
Brown. Kenneth R.. West Chester. Pa., assicnor to 

Powder Company. Wilmington. Del. Morpholine de- 
rivatives in viscose spinning. 2.495.833. Jan. 31. 
Brown. T/arkin H,, Los .Vngeles. Calif. Floor mop havinc 

a wringing mechanism mounted thereon. 2.521.445, 

Sept. 5. 
Br-wii. Lawrence S.. Long Island City, N. Y., assignor to 

The Sperry Corporation. Bomb release system. 

2.504. 192. Apr. 18. 
Brown. L.iwrence S.. Long Island City. N. Y.. assignor 

to The Sperrv Corporation. Speed control mechanism. 

2.520.726. Oct. 24. 
Brown. Lomual G.. Oklahoma City, Okla. Adjustable 

louver operator. 2. .'100.771. May 9. 
Brown, Lemual G.. Oklahoma City. Okla. Slat operatine 

mechanism. 2.531.499. Nov. 28. . 
Brown. Leo c., assiimor to .Swift fi Company. Chicago. 111. 

M.irgarine packaging. 2.502.920. .\pr. 4.' 
Brown. Leo IL, Glenville, Conn. Computing sight. 

2,534.225, Dec. 19. 
Brown, Leon D.. Baker, Oreg. Safety shackle. 2,527,350, 

Oct. 24. 

Brown. Leonard A.. Vona 
2.528,685. Nov. 7. 

Brown. Leonard G.. administrator: 
Demlng, George M. 
Deming. George M.. and Gllroy 

S74049— r 7 

Colo. Self-locking wire staple. 

See — 

Brown, Leslie R. : See — 

Bray, Frederick H.. and Brown. 
Brown, >Iac E., Binghamton, N. Y. Power-driven hose 

reel for tank trucks. 2,509.476, May 30. 
Brown, Maurice R. : See — .,' 

Thomas, Arthur, Rhodes, and Brown. 
Brown, Meyer M., New York, N. Y. Finger ring with 

flashlight attachment. 2,516,180, July 25. 
Brown Morden G.. WiUiamsvllle, N. Y.. assignor to Ameri- 
can Optical Company. Southbrldge. Mass. Comparison 

method for measuring the hemoglobin content of blood. 

2.519.997. Aug. 22. 
Brown, Morris, San Diego, Calif. Riveting equipment. 

2.490,3,3(1. Feb. 7. 
Brown. Morris, San Diego, Calif. Portable bucking tooL 

2.519,308. Aug. 15. 
Brown, Myron J., Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghouse 

Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Line choke 

coil. 2.515,983, July 18. 
Brown. Myron J., Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghouse 

Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Line choke 

coil. 2,515,984, July IS. 
Brown, .Myron T., assignor of one-half to G. Miller, 

Springfield. Ohio. Tow-bar brake actuator. 2,522,855, 

Sept. 19. 
Brown. Norman F., London. England. Trip mechanism. 

2.515.291, July 18. 
Brown, .Norman F.. London. England. Raising of natural 

oil and other liquids by gaseous pressure. 2,526,801 

Oct. 24. 
Brown. Oral A. : Src — 

Reed. Irvin F., and Brown. 
Brown, Orrin T., San Angelo, Tex. Air conditioner for 

vehicles. 2,516,103, July 25. 
Brown, Raymond W. : See — 

Slauchter. Bernard .T.. Jr., and Brown. 
Brown. Raymond W.. and P. Wienkamp. assignors to 

The Crane & Breed Casket Company. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Sealer casket. 2,519,633. Aug. 22. 
Brown. Ridiard .\.. i:urek.i. Calif., assignor to Chicago 

Bridge & Iron Company. Pressure relief valve. 

2.497.860. Feb. 21. 
P.rown. Richard E., South Eucljd, assignor to AlrMaze 

Corporation. Cleveland. Ohio. IMessure line filter, 

2,514.623, July 11. 
Brown, Rich.vd E.. assignor to Air-Maze Corporation, 

Cleveland. Ohio. Crankcase pressure control. 

2.532,888, Dec. 5. 

L., assignor to Ilopkinsons Limited. 
England. Safety valve. 2,523,192, 

Jr., assignee, trustee: See — 

Jr.. .Norfolk. Va. Artificial flower at- 

Brown. Richard 


S^Iit. 19. 
Brown, Robert ( 

White. John L 
Brown. R ihert .1 

tachment. 2,514,177. July 4 
Brown. Robert J. S.. St. Paul. Minn., assignor to the 

T'nited States of America as represfnted by the United 

States Atomic Energy Commission. Low inductance 

resistor 2,521, S94, Sept. 12. 
P.rown. Robert J. S., Lawndale, Calif., and II. G. Weiss. 

Waltham. Mass.. assignors to the United States of 

America as represented bv the United States Atomic 

Energy Commission. i'ocket radiation alarm. 

2.531,106, Nov. 21. 
Brown. Robert L. : See — 

Bri'ton, Edcar C. and Brown. 
Brown. Robert L.. assignee : See — 

Waara. David IL 
Brown. Robert L.. Teaneck, assicnor to Bendlx Aviation 

Corporation, Teterboro, N. J. Circuit breaker. 2,506.991. 

ilay 9. 
Brown. Robert L , Teaneck. assignor to P.endix Aviation 

Corporation. Teterhoro, N. J. Generator protective 

system. 2.522.001. Sept. 10. 
Brow n, Robert M. : Sec— 

Prescoft. Charles S., and Brown. 
Brown. Robert O. : See — 

Harrel. Chast.nln G.. Brown, and Kimball. 
Harrel, Chastain <•.. Haigli, .and Brown. 
Brown. Robert R. : See — 

Hansen. Asger. Sr., and Brown. 
Brown. Roliert W.. Naugatuck, Conn., assignor to United 

St.ites Rubber Company. New^ York. N. Y. C;, talystf. 

for preparation of synthetic rubber. 2.527.393. Ort." 24. 
P.rown, Robinson, and H. E. Metcalf. .assignors to 

Institute of Industrial San .\ntonio, Te.x. 

L.iwn «;priiikler. 2.532.350. Dec. 5. 
Brown. Roy W.. assignor to The Firestone Tire Sz Rubber 

Company. Akron. Ohio. Equipment for attaching air- 
plane propeller deicer shoes. 2.514,201, July 4. 
Brown. Sam. Brooldyn. assJLrnor to Sterlini: T»rill Company, 

New York. N. Y. "Masonry drill. 2.534.809. Dec. 19. 

Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Company, assignee : 
See — 

Bennett. Arthur F.. Ilirsch. and Gigger. 
Leve'sipie. George N. 

P.rown, StefTen A., issigmr to The Brown-Brorkmeyer 
Co. Dnvton. Ohio. Electric motor construction 
2.511.326". June 13. 

Brown. StefTen S., assignor to The Brown -Brockmeyer Co., 
Dayton. Ohio. Sleeve bearing. 2.501.931. Mar 28. 



Wash. Rear 

aa City. Okla., 

role and rod hold- 
Dak. Wheeled fig- 

See — , 

rhase t^hlft 
Phase shift 
Phase shift 
Phasp shift 

r.rown, Steffen S., a8.<5ipnor to Tlio Brown-Brocknieyfr Co., 
Iiavtoii, Ohio. Exiilosion proof motor. 2,312,136, 
June 20. 
r.mwn, Steffen S., assignor to The Brown-F.rockmeyer 
Companv. Dayton, Ohio. Brush lifting mechanism fur 
cU-ctrli' "motors. 2.517.83f), AuR. 8. 
IJrown. Steffen S.,>;nor to The Brown-Brockmeyer 
iMiupany, Dayton, Ohio. Motor drive unit. 2,528.686, 
Nov. 7. 
I'.rown. Stt'wart K., as-^signee : See — 

Novts, Kdwin A. 
F'.rown.'Thcophilus, assignor to Doore & (^impany, Molin*-, 
III. Tnirfor and sreerihlo support therefor, 2,511,6'J"J. 
Juno 1 
Brown. Tin. burn C. an^l W. II.. Spokane, 

door end asstMubly. 2,.")2S.S1h, Nov. 7. 
r.r.iwn, riioinas J., and K. H. Oklahoma City. Okla 
said I'.rown assignor to said Bush, 
ing device. 2.r>nR.824. May !). 
Brown, Vincent ("., Big Stone City, S. 

ure tov. 2..'>2.3,417. Sppt, 26. 
r.ruwn. W. K., Corporation, assignee: 

CoHings, Nigel J. 
Br-^wn. Walter J. : f^'^r — 

Picking. Jav W., and Brown. 
i;..',vn \Valter .1.. ("U-veland H'Mghts, Ohio. 

i.twork. 2..i24,7.")0. Oct. 10. 
r.Mun Walter J.. Cleveland Heights, Ohio. 

S-idc*-. 2.l^24.7«0. Oct. 10. 
Brown, Walter J., Cleveland Heights, Ohio. 

>v.stt'ni. :i..i24.7t'>l. Oct. 10. 
Brown. Walter J.. Cleveland Heights, Ohio. 

circuit. 2,.')24.7r,2, Oct. 10. . 

Brown Walt.r K.. Cnited States Army, Louisville. Ky,, 
K E T.ushhaugh, New Albany, and J. W. Cull, Moores- 
vill.". lud. Sfctional hospital tent. 2,493,749. Jan. 10. 
Brown. Warren G. : See — 

Edwards. Donald v., and Brown. ^ ,« * ,. 

Brown. Wavn.' B., CMi-dena. Calif. Cui?hlonlng device for 

Ccl.inipf." 2.,'M9,l(t7. Aug. 1^. 
Brown. Wesley II.. assignor to Brown and Brown. Knox- 

ville". Tt'un. Pump or motor. 2.,")1 3,440, July 4 
Brown W.>sley H . assignor to Brown and Brown. Knox- 
ville', Tenn. Rotary pump or motor. 2,.")13,447, July 4. 
Brown William. No-tinghain, En-land. Epicyclic change- 
speed goar. 2.509.721. .May 30. ^, , ^ _ , „ ,. 
Brown William. Nottingham. England. Epicyclic 

v;\riaM.^-sp''''d gearing. 2..')3O.ri40. Nov. 21. 
Brown, William C. • See — 

North, (Jorald C Alton, ami I'.rown, 
l-,-.v.vri \\ illiam ■(".. Lincoln, assignor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturing Companv. Newton, Mass. Electron discharge 
d.'viC' 2 497,4:?0."Eeh. 14. „ ,. », 

Brown William C.. Lincoln, assignor to Raytheon Mann- 
facturing Companv. Newton. Mass. Electron-discharge 
device of the magnetron type. 2.502.405. Mar. 28. 
Brown, William C, Lincoln, assignor to Raytheon Manu- 
f.ncturing Companv. Newton. Mass. Amplifier of the 
magnetron tvpe. 2.500,419. May 30. 
Brown. William C. Lincoln, assignor to jRaytheon Manu- 
facturing Company, Newton, "Mass. Electron accel- 
erator of the microwave type. 2,524,252, Oct. 3. 
Brown. William E. : See — 

Lawson. John W.. and Brown. 
Brown. William E.. Anderson. Ind., assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Electric switch. 
2 490,1 18. Jan. 31. 
Brown. William E.. Plainvlew, Tex. Cotton separator. 
2,526.535. Oct. 17. . , , 

Bnmn, William E., and J. W. Lawson. Anderson. In<|., 
a^i'iignors to General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. 
Switch. 2,512,788. June 27. 
Brown William F.. Flushing. X. Y., nssignor of thirty per 
rpnt to 1*. S. McLean. Bloomfield, N. J., ten per cent to 
F L Davl.s College Point, and ten per cent to H. D. 
Flicker. Queens Village. N. Y. Rotary vane fluid pres- 
sure machine. 2.512.593. June 27. 
Brown, William G.. Harrisbqrg, Pa. Awning. 2.517,281, 

Aug. 1 ' 

Brown. William R. : .^''e — 

J".rown. Thoburn C. and W. it. 
Brown. William R.. Cleveland. Ohio. Convertible bed. 

dresser nnd davenport. 2.532.355. Dec. 5. 
Brown. William T., West SufReld. Conn., assignor to 
\ G. Spalding >t Bros.. Inc.. Chicopee, Mass. Inflata- 
ble game ball. 2.494.706, Jan. 17. 
Brown X., Los Angeles, Calif. Micrometer 

caliper 2 ."-' 1 .«25. Sei>t. 1 2. j 

Brown. William Y., Charlotte. X. C. Lubricating and 

dispensing apparatus. 2.514.441. July 11. 
Brownawell. C. C,:irv, Ind. Grave marker and 

base. 2.525,091. Oct. 10. 
Browne. Albert A.. Palo Alto, Calif., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Fairimnks. Mor^^e & Co. Bearing sleeve 
for pump shafts. 2,499,450, Mar. 7. 
Browne. Donald B.. Harpenden, and K. E. Buckman, 
Dunstable. England, assignors to General Motors Cor- 
poration. Detroit. Mich. Air cleaner. 2,493,335. Jan. 3, 

Browne. George H. : See — 

• Angell.'Robert C. and Browne. | 

Browne. Herbert A., and H. D. Hillman. Alpena, assignors 

to Huron Portland Cement Company. Detroit, Mich. 

Bottom take-off for air conveyors. 2,517,837. Aug. 8. 

Browne, Herbert A., and C. W. Shea, Alpena, assignors 
to Huron Portland Cement Company. Detroit, Mich. 
Si«Ie take-off for air conveyers. 2,527,394, Oct. 24. 

Browne, Kenneth A. : Sec — 

Lundtiuisr, Wilton G., Olson, and Browne. 

Browne, Kenneth A., Lakewood, Ohio, assignor to The 
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company. Boxcar lining. 
2.526.116, Oct. 17. 

Browne, Kenneth A., Ridgewood, N. J., assignor to Wright 
Aeronauti<al Corporation. Internal-combustion engine 
and exhaust gas turbine therefor. 2,518,660, Aug. 15. 

Browne, Lindsay IL. Fairfield County. Conn., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to The Fawick Alrflex Company, 
Inc.. CleTeland, Ohio. Shaft seal. Re. 23,283. Oct. 17. 

Browne, Lindsay IL, Westport, Conn., assignor to Ameri- 
can Brake Shoe Company. Epicyclic drive. 2,506,133, 
May 2. 

Browne. Lindsay IT., Westport, Conn., assignor to American 
Brake Shoe Company. Epicvclic drive. 2,529,996, 
Nov. 14. 

P.rowne, Lindsay H.. Westport. Conn., assignor to American 
Brake Shoe Company. Epicyclic drive. 2,529,997, 
Nov. 14. 

Browne. Lindsay IL, Westport. Conn., assignor to Amer- 
ican Brake Shoe Company. Epicyclic drive. 2,532,992, 
Dec. 5. 

Browne-Morse Company, assignee : See — 
Poe, William A. 

Browne. Theodore C, Winchester, assignor to Dewey and 
Almy Chemical Company, North Cambridge. Mass. 
Manufacture of matrices and casting beds. 2.513,785, 
Jul.v 4. I 

Browne. Thomas E.. Jr. : See- - 

Strom, Albert P., ,ind Browne. Jr. 

Browne, Thomas E., Jr., Pittsburgh, assignor to Wi sting- 
house Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Elec- 
tromagnetic device. 2,495,157, Jnn. 17. 

Browne, Thomas E.. Jr., Pittsburgh, assignor to West- 
iiigliouse Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Circuit Interrupter with arc extinguishing shunt. 
2,530,9,39. Xov. 21. 

Browne, William II. , and W. E. Lindemann. Ccdumbus, 
Ohio, assignors, by mesne assignments, to Iloudaille- 
Hershey Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Crimping ma- 
chine. 2. ."08.489. M;iy 23, 

Browner, William J., assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
B. B. Schneider and M. Dressier. Chicago, 111. High- 
frequency activated neon sign. 2,515,757, July 18. 

Browning. Earle IL. Jr.: See— 

Geisidman. Ralph \.. and Browning. 

Browning. Fletcher W., Knoxville. Tenn. V-belt sheave. 
2.500,515. Mar. 14. 

Browning, J. M. & M. S., Company, assignee : See — 
Browning, Val A. 

Browning, Jack V., Albuquerque, N. Mex. Aircraft con- 
trol. 2,496,083. Jan. 31. 

Browning, James E., assignor to Browning Laboratories, 
Inc.. San Antonio, Tex. Tank filling means. 2.504.638, 
Apr IS. 

Browning. John W., and J. B. Adams, assignors of sixty-six 
per cent to said Browning, twenty-six per cent to S. T. 
and E. K. Nelson; and six per cent to J. D. GiUan. Havre, 
and two per cent to E. and A. Y. Obie. Bozeman. Mont. 
Adjustable coupling. 2,503,373, Apr. 11. 

I'.rowning Laboratories. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Browning, James E. 

Browning. Leander. Greenwood. Ind. Fluid with 
automatic valve actn.ition. 2,504.29^, Apr. IS. 

Browning, Val A., assignor to J. M. & M. S. Browning 
Company, Ogden, Utah. Inertia operated pivoted bolt 
lock. 2,499,090. Feb. 28. 

Browning. Ward B., Jr : See —>;hiill. Mnrciis W.. and Browning. Jr. 

Browning. William C. : See — 

Salvesen. Jorgen R.. and Browning. 

Brownlee, Allen L.. and T. Q. Louis, assignors to Wlco 
Electric Company. West Springfield. Mass. Arrange- 
ment of stator-plate-mounted elements of a flywheel 
magneto. 2,528,687. Xov. 7. 

Brownlee. Kenneth H.. Skokie, assignor to The Me.vercord 
Co.. Chicago, III. Method and apparatus for applying 
transfers. 2.493.522, Jan. 3. 

Brownlee. Kenneth TL. Skokie, assignor to The Meyercord 
Co., Chicago, III. Machine for applying transfers. 
2,493,523. Jan. 3. 

Brownlow, David B.. and J. J. Markoskl, assignors to 
The Russell Manufacturing Company, Middletown. 
Conn. Venetian blind tape catting machine. 2,530,420. 
Xcv. 21. 

Brownsey. Everett L.. assignee : See — 
Brownsey. 0«;car E. 

Brownsev. Everett L., La Porte. Ind. Phonograph record 
identification tab. 2,535,262, Dec. 26. 

Brownsev. Oscar E : See — 

Gierke. Walter W.. Brownsey. and Frye. 

Brownsev, Oscar E.. nssignor of one-half to E. L. Brown- 
sey, La Porte, Ind. Cartridge container. 2,526,193. 
Oct. 17. 

Brownshield. Milton L.. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Piezoelectric 
cell. 2.504.493. Apr. 18. 

Brownson. George T., Philadelphia, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to J. J. Duffy. Yeadon, Pa. Burial trouser 
support. 2,513,232. June 27. 



Reversible ratchet 
assignors to E. L. 

Brownstein, Raymond G.. Ellwood City, Pa. Lubricant 
feeder. 2.505.522, Apr. 25. 

Browuyer, Nelson R., Birmingham, assignor to The Tim- 
ken-Detroit Axle Company, Detroit, Mich. Planetary 
shift mechanism. 2,516,850, Aug. 1. 

Broyles, Margaret ; See — 

Oearhart. William M., and Broyles. 

Broyles, Otis T., Houston, Tex. Automatic safety valve 
assembly. 2,495.628, Jan. 24. 

Brubaker, Ernest E., Rapid City, S. Dak. Portable ladder 
support. 2,499,091, Feb. 2h. 

Brubaker. John T., Luray, Va. Feeding mechanism for 
pencils, lighters, etc. 2.511,243, June 13. 

Brubaker, Merlin M., Cl.adds Ford, Pa., assignor to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, Del. 
Interpolymers of carbon monoxide and preparing the 
same. 2,495,286, Jan. 24. 

Brubaker, Merlin M., I'.oothwyn, Pa., J. R. Roland. 
Wilmington, Del., and M. D. Peterson, Oak Ridge, Tenn., 
assignors to E, 1. du Pont de Xemours & Company, 
Wilmington, l>el Copolymers of ethylene with vinyl 
chloride. 2.497,291, Feb. 14. 

Brubaker, Merlin M., Boothwyn, and R. A. Jacobson, 
Landenburg, I'a., assignors to E. I. du Pont de Xemours 
& Company, Wilmington, Del. Vinyl polymers and 
producing the same. 2,531,196, Xov. 21, 

Brubaker, Merlin M., Chadds Ford, and R. A. Jacobson, 
Landenberg. Pa., assignors to E. I. du Pont de Xemours 
& Company. Wilmington, Del. Asymmetrical dichloro- 
ethylene/isobutylene interpolymers. 2,531,197, Nov. 21. 

Brubaker. Wilson M. : See — • 

Wouk. X'ictor, and Brubaker. 

Brubeck. Edwin D., Indianapolis, Ind. 
screw driver. 2,531.722. Xov. 28. 

Bruce, Charles A., and F. H. Lyons. 

Bruce Co., Memphis, Tenn. Metallic wool pad. 
2.497.206. Feb. 14. 

Bruce Charles O., assignee : See — f 

Kruse, Frederick P. 

Bruce, David S., Lawrence, Ivans., and E. L. Klein, Kan- 
sas City, Mo., assignors, by mesne assignments, to the 
United States of America as represented by the Sec- 
retarv of War. Making propellant powder. 2,499,295 
Feb. "28. 

Bruce, E. L., Co.. assignee : See — 
Bruce. Charles A., and Lyons. 
iVUman, Evau L., and Stewart, Jr. 
Lyons, Frank li. 
Lyuiis, Frank H., and Ferdon. 

Bruce. John A.. Tampa, Fla. Citrus fruit product. 
2,509,904. May 30. 

Bruce, Jdhn .\.. Tampa. Fla. Citrus fruit processing. 
2,510,679. June 6. 

Bruce. Lawrence Richard. Incorporated, assignee : See — 
Michaels. Edwin B.. and Berk. 

Bruce, Omar C, Anderson Township, Hamilton County, 
Oliio. (;auge for setting tools for cutting screw threads. 
2,504.249, Apr. 18. 

Bruce, Robert A., assignor to Barker Equipment Company. 
Inc., Keo.^auqua. Iowa. Wire container having a wire 
stacking ring. 2.512.517, June 20. 

Bruce. Rol)erL E., Spokane, Wash. Clothes drier. 
2.510,547, June 6. 

Bruce, William A.. Tulsa, Okla., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Oil-water separator for 
w.-lis. 2.523.091, Sept. 19. 

Bruce, William F., Havertown, assignor to Wyeth Incorpo- 
rated, Philadelphia. Pa. 3,5-substliuted 4,6-dimethyl- 
2pyrldones. 2,516.673, July 25. 

Bruce, William F., Ipper Darby, assignor to Wyeth In- 
corporated, Philadelphia. Pa. Disubstituted glycyl de- 
rivatives of amino ouinolines. 2.494.083, Jan. 10. 

Bruce. William F.. Upper Darby, assignor to Wyeth In- 
corporated, Philadelphia, Pa. I'yridone derivatives. 
2,532,055. Xov. 28. 

Bruce, William F.. Havertown. Pa., G. Mueller, Knoxville, 
Tenn.. and J. Seifter. Willow Grove, and J. L. Szabo, 
Drexel Hill, assignors to Wyeth Incorporated, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Barbituric acid derivatives and process 
for preparing them. 2.494.084, Jan. 10. 

Bruce, William F., Havertown. and J. Seifter, Willow 
Grove, assignors to Wyeth Incorporated, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Substituted glyciuamides. 2,499.352, Mar. 7. 

Bruce, William F., Havertown, and Joseph Seifter, Willow 
Grove, assignors to Wyeth Incorporated. Philadelphia,'" 
Pa. Substituted glycinarnide. 2.516.674. July 25. 

Bruce, William F., Havertown, and J. Seifter. Willow 
Grove, assignors to Wveth Incorporated, I'hiladelphla, 
Pa. Substituted glyciiiamldes. 2.523.275, Sept. 26. 

Bruce, William R.. London. England. Producing stable 
hypochlorita solutions. 2.506.630. May 9. 

Bruchtel, Fran^- : See — 

Flnigan, .\bdrew G.. Bruchtel. and Blomberg. 

Bruck, George G., Farmlngdale. N. Y.. R. M. Sprague, 
Waban. and M. C. Vosburgh. Cambridge, assignors to 
Rjiytheon .Manufacturing Companv. Newton. Mass. Com- 
bined transmitter-receiver for radio communication sys- 
tems. 2,500,795, Mar. 14. 

Brack, George G.. East Orange. X. J., R. M. Sprague, 
Waban, Mass.. and M, C. Vosburgh, New York, N. Y.. 
assignors to Raytheon Manufacturing Company. .New- 
ton, Mass. Multistation microwave communication sys- 
tem. 2.510.461. June 6. 

Bruck, Henri : See — 

Bertein, Francois, and Bruck. 
Blaftmann, Henri, and Bruck. 

Bruckhouse, J. & Company Limited, assignee : See — 
Dear, Alexander T. C. 

Bruckmeier, Fred : ^ee — I 

Pater, Herman, and Bruckmeier. 

Bruck's Nurses Outfitting Co., Inc., assignee : See — 
Firestone. Isaac. 

Brucksch, William F., Jr.. Bethany, Conn., assignor to 
LuiteU Stales Rubber Company, New York, X. Y. Coat- 
ing composition of unsaturated alkyd resiu. 2.505,347, 
Apr. 25. 

Bruder, Albert F.. Ozone Park, X. Y. Drive connection 
for a shoe polisher. 2,518.279, Aug. 8. 

Bruegger, Ernest, Massillon, Ohio, assignor to The 
Grlscom-Russell Company. Xew York, X. Y. Making 
condenser tubes. 2.519,820. Aug. 22. 

Bruegger, Ernest, Massillon, Ohio, assignor to The Grls- 
coni Russell Company, Xew York, X. Y. Applying 
helical fins to tubes. 2.525.092. Oct. 10. 

Bruehl. Lawrence : Sec — 

Leathers. Waril, and Bruehl. 

Bruell Products Company, assignee: See — 
Benedict, Fremont W. 

Bruemmer, August H. : See — 

Rau, David W., and Bruemmer. 

Bruen. George C., di-ceased, Chicago, 111., by S. E. Bruen, 
executrix, Chicago, assignor of 70^% to said S. E. 
Bruen. 5c-c to E. V. Dickinson. Highland Park. 9% to 
8. M. Bullock, Wllmetie. 111., 10A'"c to G. A. Stuart. 
Denver, Colo"., 2% to J. Fisher, Chicago, 1% to M. 
Thoenen, Elmwood Park. 1% to G. II. Fredericksen, 
Chicago, 111., and 1% to E. M. Thorsen, St. Joseph. Mo. 
Card filing equipment. 2,503,611. Apr. 11. 

Bruen, <;eorge C, deceased, by S. E. Bruen, executrix, 
assignor of 70^% to said S. E. Bruen, Chicago, 5'/r to 
E. V. Idckinson, Highland Park, and 9% to S. M. Bul- 
lock. Wilmette, 111.. 10 A ^c to G. A. Stuart. Denver, 
Colo., 2^r to J. Fisher, Chicago. 1% to M. Thoenen, 
Elmwood Park, and 1% to (L IL Fredericksen. Chicago, 
III., and ir', to E. M. Thorsen. St. Joseph. Mo. Card 
filing equipment. 2.504.799. Apr. 18. 

Bruen, George C. deceased, Chicago, by S. E. Bruen, ex- 
ecutrix. Chicago, 111. Card filing equipment. 2,510,924, 
June 6. 

Bruen, George C. deceased ; by S. E. Bruen, executrix, 
Chicago, assignor, by mesne assignments, of seventy 
and five-tenths per cent to said S. E. Bruen, five per cent 
to E. V. Dickinson. Highland Park, nine per cent to S. 
M. Bullock, Wilmette, 111., ten and five-tenths per cent 
to G. A. Stuart, Denver, Colo., two per cent to J. 
Fisher, Chicago, one per cent to M. Thoenen, Elmwood 
Park, one i)er cent to G. H. Fredericksen, Chicago. 111., 
and one per cent to E. M. Thorsen, St. Joseph, Mo. 
Card filing tray. 2.522.986. Sept. 19. 

Bruen. Sophie E.. executrix, assignee : See — 
I'ruen, George C. 

Bruene, Warren B., assignor to Collins Radio Compan.T, 
Cedar Rapids. Iowa. High power audio frequency 
amplifier. 2,516.181. July 25. 

Bruesch, John F. : See — - 

Dixon, James K.. Miller, and Bruesch. i 

Bruesewitz, Roger IL : See — 

Dockray, Willie L.. and Bruesewltz. 

Bruestle, Carl O.. Metuchen. assignor to Syncro Machine 
Comp.inv, Perth Amboy, N. J. Stranding machine. 
2.534,09*".. Dec. 19. 

Bruestle. Carl O.. Rahway. N. J., assignor to Borg- Warner 
Corporation, Chicago, 111. Rolling mill feed tensioning 
device. 2.501.024. Mar. 21. ^ 

Bruestle, Carl O., Rahway, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Centric Clutch Company, Cranford, N. J. 
Centrifugal clutch. 2.504.177. Apr. 18. 

Bruestle, Carl O., Rahway. assignor to Elevator Supplies 
Companv. Inc., Perth .\mboy, X. J. Door sensitive edge 
actuated switch. 2.523,045, Sept. 26. 

Bruestle, Carl O.. Rahwav. X. J. Moisture ejector valve 
and system. 2.534.097, Dec. 19. 

Bruestle, Carl O., and H. WUken. Rahway, assignors to 
Syncro .Machine Company, Perth Amboy, X. J. Safety 
switch for stranding machines. 2,495.886, Jan. 31. 

Bruet, Henri R., Xeuilly-sur-Seine, and T. Lafitte, Paris, 
France. Device for immobilizing a piece with respect 
to another oue/ln at least one predetermined position. 
2.531.198, Xov. 21. 

Bruggeman. Leo IL : See — 

Vutz. Wilhelm. and Bruggeman. 

Brugmann, Frank, assignor of one-half to Paul, 
c.reelev, Colo. Flywheel rotating , tool. 2,533.762, 
Dec. 12. 

Brugmann, Frank J., Greeley, Colo. Spring engaging hook 
assembly for brake spring tools. 2.507.622, May 16. 

Bruhn. Claus F., assignor of one-half to M. Bruhn, Danvers, 
Minn. Spring seat support. 2.503.796, Apr. 11. 

Bruhn, John IL. Des Moines, Iowa, and L. W. Bruhn. 
K.insas Cliv. Mo. Thermostatic switch. 2.527,875. 
fu-x. 31. 

Bruhn. Leonard W. : See— 

Bruhn, John IL and L. W. 

Bruhn. Martha, assignee : See — 
Bruhn, Claus F. 



r.niiiiing, Ilajo : Sre — ; 

llaayniau, IMettr \V., and Uruining. 

r.ruiniii:;, liajo, aii'l <!. <it't'V(>n. Kituihovcn, Netherlands, 
as.-iKuors to Hartford National Bank and Trust Com- 
pany. Harttnrd, Conn., as trnstcf. Manufacturing elec- 
tric disrhiTL'.' tnfMS. L'..'27.;>'^1. Oft, :u. , 

Ilruin.'^ ratil F, I' .uj;la.><ton, and K. V. Rlttershausen, 
Henip.-it.'ail. N. V , as.siu'nors to Socony-Vacuuin Oil 
Company. Jr.. orp r irpd. Vinyl chlorid<' resin plasti- 
ci/ed with ari ^if^Miatic hnlrocarbon and stabilized by 
dv[iiion-. L'..-t(),<)OU. Mav 30. 

Rru'kholder, E/ra P., Ephrata. Pa. Crop cutter. 

Urulin, Lain.:.. .. \v . N. w York, N. Y, Construction of 

cartons. 2,.'rj'.t.»M.'), Nov. 14. _ 

I5ruiiit).irh IJobrrt S . lirunswick. Maine. Chinese tjpe- 

WTit.-r. ' 2.."-Jt;,f).''.;'.. O'^t. 24. 
Rrunib.ic-h. Walt-T, :is>i.4iu'e: See — i 

Wi^lri.h. .\n'..n. ,, t-. 

BriMnbauph, Harold C. assignor of one-third to M. E. 

Krn.'cer and ..ii.. :h rl r,. H. Heltzel. Portland. Ore^'. 

Collapsii-b' traibT 'J .';>^.2T**, AuR. 8. 
P.ruinticld. Klviii ,■>;. : ,<cc - 

.Miller, Franklin C, and Brumfield. 
Brumhill Claude W.. .assignor to The Imperial Typewriter 

Compaiiv Limited. Leicester. Fmrland. Ribbon feeding 

and trnidini: nn ans f^-r typewiitinL; and like machines. 

2 ."i:'..i:!7. .Tune _'7 , ^ , , 

BrumniPr, Charb^s, Shelbyvilje, Ind. Static electricity 

erounding device for vehicles. 2,o21,337, Sept. 5. 
BrumiH.T. oiin. Oak Park, 111. Unitary seal device. 

2.4f>0.3.'..1. Mar. 7. , „. , 

P.rnmmer Olln Crete, and F. F. lleinihnch. Chlcajro 

Heights, in. Insert applying Jig for molds. 2,534,948, 

1 )*^ c I * * 

Brundage,' Alan D.. assignor to F. L. .Tacobs Co., Detroit, 

Mich. Visor mounting device. 2.535,894, Dec. 20. 
Brun.latce Clinton F., Macedon. assignor to Graflex, Inc., 
liochester N Y. Photographic camera back with re 
movable collapsible hood. 2,.">00,058, Mar. 7. 
Brundr.'d Oil Corporation, assignee: Sec — 

Deiinerline, John F. 
Brune I.oul.s J.. Sr.. Ocean SprinLZS. Miss Demountable 

stair structure. 2.520,452, Aug. 29. 
Bruner Frank II.. Fishklll, assignor to The Texas Com- 
Iianv', New York N. Y. High pressureilow-tempernture 
catjilvlic conversion of carbon monoxide. 2,508,(43, 
M.ty 2:V 
Br\in"r. Wnlfer M. : Sre — 

Cresbam, William P., Brooks, and Bruner. 
Hruner Walter M., assignor to F I. du Popt de Nemours 
.S: Company, Wilmington. Del, Preimratlon of N-isobutyl 
hexametbvlenediamines. 2.497,2!>2. Feb. 14. 
Brunetti, Joseph P,, Clarksburg, W. Va. Fountaln,^fCTach- 

ment for faucets. 2. ■".24, !•.".•>. Oct. 10. 
nrimhart, Bruno, assignor to Ruegg-Naogell & tie. 
Aktienire.'sellschaft. Zurich, Switzerland. Index card. 
2,.".]S.7in, Aug. 15. „-,„„.„ 

Bruning, Earl F., Lincoln. Nebr. Coupling. 2,ol2,999, 
,Iune 27. . ,, r- 

r.-nnlnsr Otto K., Bethel, assignor of one-half to I\. 
Reinshncen. Swan Lake, N. Y. Chimney brush. 
2 522,1 •■'2, Sept. 12. 
P.runj s .Austin S . Plandome, assignor to The Lummus 
Compiinv, .New York, N. Y. Multiplo-eltect distillation, 
2 5!0 ,- \^. June f). 
I'.riiii s \usrin S.. Plandome. assignor to The Lumnuis 
Ciii-ar.v New York, N. Y. .\mmonia recovery unit. 
2.':;. ■1,992, Dec. 12. 
r.riirj' s. Austin S., Plandome. N. Y.. and M. J. P. Bogart, 
Ti\ineck, N. J., assignors to The Lummus Company. 
New York. N. Y. Tower reactor. 2,532.750. Dec. 5. 
!!-Mnken IJenke, Shaker Ileisrhts. asslLMior to The White 
Motor" Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Hydraulic transmis 
pion and control mechanism therefor. 2.498,000. Feb. 
P.rin' ''n Renke. Shaker Heights, assignor to The White 
M,)N," Conipunv, Cleyelnnd, Ohio. Torque converter 
rnntrol. 2.499,12.?. Feb. 2.'? 
P.ruiiken Renke, Sb.nker Heights, H. J. ITeck. Cleveland 
HeiL'hts and W, R. Howard. Chngrin Falls, assignors 
to The White Motor C<ni!pany, Clcvtdand, Ohio. Con 
trol for automatic transmissions. 2,503.434, Apr. 11. 
Brunkor Ceor-e N.. Salt Lake City, Utah. \\cather 

strip. 2.510,95.''.. Aug. 1. ^ 

Prnnmark, Flmer H . assignee : Sre — 

Lapointe. Louis E., and Caudet. 
Hrunn Robert B. J.. Bavside. N. Y.. assignor, hy mesne 
assiLrnments. to Hnzeltine Research. Inc.. Chicago. 111. 
Quick-reset time delay electronic control system. 
2,195.919. Jan. 31. 
P.iiinn Robert B. J., Mnnhasset. N. Y'.. assignor to Hazel 
tine Rfsenrch. Inc.. Chicago. Til. Antihuntlng electrical 
control system. 2.502.30,9, Mar. 28. 
P.rnnner, .\ibert. Riehen. Sjyitzerlnnd. assignor to Clha T<1m- 
Ited Manufacture of diaminodiplienylureas. 2,503.797. 
.\pr, 11. 
P.rnnner Anthonv T Hi"'" Moon Bay. Calif. Furrow 
opener and f'Tfilizrr tut-- attachment for planters. 
2.515.308, July 18. 
P.rnnner, .Anton J.. Congress Park, and A. Wennerberg, 
Chicago, Til., assignors to Western Electric Company. 
Incorporated. New York, N, Y. Grinding apparatus, 
2 507.298, .M.iy 9. 

Brunner, Devona A., assignor of one-half to H. Brunner, 

Chicago, III. Hairpin device. 2.524,305. Oct. 3. 
Brunner, Eugene E., York, Pa., assignor to The 
Standard Stoker Company, Incorporated. Belt coupling. 
2,49t),6y5, Feb. 7. 
Brunner, Howard, assignee : See — 

Brunner. Devona A. 
Brunnzell, Fridolf II., Sundsvall, Sweden. P.andlike 

material for protective covers. 2,513,448, Julv 4. 
Bruno, Carl, Enciuo. Calif. Adjustable stilt. 2,531,2.j1, 

Nov. 21. 
Bruno, Michael H., and P. J. Hartsuch, assignors to Lltho- 
grapliic Technical Foundation, Inc., Chicago, 111. Coat 
ing aluminum. 2,507,956, May 10. 
Bruns, George J., assignor to Yellow Cab Company of 
Missouri, Kansas City, -Mo. Advertising sign holder 
for vehicles. 2,504,639, Apr. 18. 
Bruns, William IL, Lincolndale, assignor to Otis Elevator 
Company, New Y'ork, N. \'. Appsiratus for h)cating open 
circuit faults in electrical circuits. 2,49:5.524. Jan. 3. 
Bruns, William II., Lincolndale, assignor to Otis Elevator 
Company, New York, N. Y. Control for electric circuits. 
2.525,767, Oct. 17. 
Bruns, William II.. Lincolndale, assignor to Otis Elevator 
Company, New York. N. Y. Electronic tube with con- 
ductivA coating. 2,525,708, Oct. 17. 
Bruns, William IL, Lincolndale, assignor to Otis Elevator 
Company, New York. N. Y. Control for electric circuit. 
2.525.709. Oct. 17. ,.:.,, 

Brunson, Amber N., Independence. Mo. Measuring devico 

and making the same. 2,525,644. Oct. 10. , 
Brunson, Amber N., Independence, Mo. Surveying Instru- 
ment. 2,531,252. Nov. 21. 
Brunson, Lyster L., assignee : See — 
Moore, Noble E., and Glllgrass. 
Brunson, Robert M., Beverly Hills, Calif., assignor to 
Invlslhelt Corporation. Garment support. 2,.)05,383, 
Apr. 25. 
Brnnstad Julius M.. Colfax, Wis. Socket wrench. 

2 522.428. Sept. 12. 
Brunswlck-Balke-Collender Company, assignee : See — 

Harris. Forist. 
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company, The, assignee : Sec— ^ 
Anderson, Robert I. 
Glllett, Edward C. I 

Hedenskoog. Ernest. 
Sebeidemantel. Herman P.. 
Brunt, Harold. Los Angeles, and Q. E. Dohman, South 

<;ate, (^alif. SkiF'ping hoop. 2.493.224. Jan. 3. 
Brus. Emile P., Kansas City, Mo. Electrical plug. 

2.495.200. Jan. 24. „ . , 

Brus. Emile P.. Kansas City, Mo. End plug connection 

to cord. 2.522.341. Sept. 12. „.-„ x .. 

Brusca, Joseph L., Cheltenham, assignor to SKF Indus- 
tries, Inc. Philadelphia. Pa. Bearing and shaft as- 
sembly. 2,523.418. Sept. 20. 
Brush. Alanson P.. Detroit. Mich., assignor of one-half 
to Chrysler Corporation. Highland Park, Mich. Gear 
unit. 2,498.848. Feb. 28. 
Brush Development Company. The. assignee : See — 
Arndt, John P,. Jr.. Jones, and Begun. 
.\rndt, John P., Jr., and Shomer. 

Begun. Semi J. . 

Begun, Semi J., and Arndt, Jr. I 

Begun. Semi J., and Temple. 
Burtch. Jo»d A. 
Dank, Alfred P. | 

Gravley, Charles K. 
Harris. T'rancls S. 
Jaffe. Hans. 
James, John II. ( 
Jones, Gary B. 

Kornei. Otto. , 

Massa, Frank. j' 

Merchant, Charles J. 
Robinson. Arthur M. 
Shaper, Harry B. 
Shaper. Harry B.. and Miller. 

Williams. Alfred L. W. ^ , . 

Brushaber. Herman J., deceased. Milwaukee. \\ is. ; Ralph 
E Brushaber, executor of said Herman J. Brushaber. 
Conduit fitting. 2,518.001, Aug. 15. 
Brushaber, Ralph E.. executor: See — 

Brushaber, Herman J. 
Brnske. Walter J.. Fall Creek. Wis. Steel jaw game trap. 

2.502.035. Mar. 28. , , , 

Bruso. Lloyd L.. Springfield, Vt. Log stake releaser. 

2.520.930. Oct. 24. 
Bruson. Herman .\. : See — 

Ni(>derhauser. Warren D., and Bruson, 
Bruson. Herman A.. Rvdal, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Rohm & Haas Company. Philadelphia, T';i. 
Resins from esters of 1-hydroxy-hutadiene 1,3 insolu- 
bilized with nitrogen bases. 2.497.920, Feb, 21. 
Bruson Herman A.. Rvdal, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Rohm & Haas Company, Philadelphia, P.a, 
Resinous fungicidal compositions, 2,497.927. Feb, 21. 
Bruson, Herman A.. Rydal, assignor, hy mesne assign- 
ments to Rohm fc Haas Company. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Making l-fyano-l, 3 butadiene. 2,503,710. Apr, 11. 
Bruson, Herman A., Rydal, and W. D. Nbderhauser. as- 
signors bv mesne assignments, to Rohm .^ Haas ( oni- 
pany, Philadelphia. Pa. Preparing substituted piperl- 
dones. 2,505,459, Apr. 25. ; 

I.l.^T ur r.\ 1 KNTEES 


O r..,- .- 

520. Oct. 31. 
assignor to The Dow Chemical Company, 
iK'bromlnation of polybiomopyridiue. 

Iloey, Groton, Conn, 

Y.. a,sslgnor to U. 8. 
.Multiple reciprocating 

Brubse, Archil; 11., assignor to Rocky Mountain Metal 

Products Co., Denver, Colo. Tie eyelet for orthodontia. 

2,494,540, Jan. 17. 
Bnisse, Archie B., assignor to Rocky Mountain Metal 

Products Co., Denver, Colo. Orthodontic arch wire 

and mounting. 2,495,692, Jan. 31. 
Brusse, Archie B., Denver, Colo. Lingual tube for 

orthodontia. 2,524,703, Oct.. 10. a 

Brusse. Archie B., assignor to Rocky .Mountain Metal 

I'roducts Co., Deiiv;er, Colo. Edgewise bracket for 

Brust. Harry I 

-Mi. Hand, Mich, 

2,502,125, .Mar, 28. 
Brustolou. lie^rge B., and J. E. 

Egg sheller. 2.497,.;;42, Feb. 14. 
Brustowsky, Morris, Brooklyn, N. 

Slicing Machine Company, Inc. 

blade bread slicing machine. 2.528,853. Nov. .Angeio- i>ce — 

Brutocao. Louis, L. and A. 
BruiiM.iii. i-eDiiuni : sk 

Brutocao. Louis, L, and A. 
Brutocao, Louis, L. and A., Toronto. Ontario, Canada. 

^uiety val\e, 2,505.^21. .Apr. Ii5. 
Brutus, Lee N., Los Angeles. Calif. Lock screw or the 

like. 2,520,121, Aug. 29. 
Brutus, Lee N., Los Angeles, Calif Lock nut. 2,520,122, 

Aug. 29. 
Bru.Mants, Pierre J. M., Winkst le-Veltem, near Louvain, 

and 1*. L. J. R. .Merckx, .Mortsel, near Antwerp, as- 
signors to Gevaert Photo-Producten N. V., Mortsel- 

Antwerp, Belgium. Cyanoac-efylhydrazones as photo- 

gra{)hic color couplers. 2,527,476. Oct. 24, 
Brvan, Austin D., Hartford, and E. F. Gebelein, West 

Hartford, assignors to The Aetna Casualty and Surety 

Company, Hartford, Conn. Filing container. 2,516,- 

045, July 18. 
Bryan, CoUis C, Seattle, Wash., assignor to Monsanto 

i'liemital Company, St. I^)uis, .Mo. Vanillin puritica- 

tion by distillation. 2.500,540, May 2. 
Bryuii. 1- recJerick A. : Sc« — 

'I'aiilln, (ieorge \., and Bryan. 
Bryan, Harold E., La Jolla, Caiif. Radio-frequency trans- 
mission system. 2.51U,U04, June 0. 
Bryan, William J., and J. E. Vrla. Dallas, Tex. Conveyer order device. 2. 52(5, 530, Oct. 17. 
Bryans, Hurry C. Three ICivers, assignor to Canadian 

international I'aper Company, .Montreal, Quebec. 

CuiUKla. Roll crimping machine. 2.533,993, Dec. 12. 
Bryant, .Aloysius J., administrator: See — 
Hult<|iiist, .M.iriin E.. and SubbaRow. 
SnbbaRow, Yellapragada. and Hult(iuist. 
Bryant, Austin F.. Berkeley, Calif., assignor to Fluid Con- 
trol Engineering Co. Valve construction. 2,519,541, 

Aug. 22. 
Bryant, Austin U.. Berkeley, assignor to Grove Regulator 

Company. Oakland, Calif. Compartment tester. 

2,531,607, Nov. 28. 
Bryaiii, .Vustiii P., Berkeley, and D. H. Annln, Oakland, 

assignors to Fluid Control Engineering Co.. Emeryville, 

Calif. Valve construction. 2,507,851, May 16. 
Bryant Chucking Grinder Company, assignee: See — 
-Arms. .Merlon H. 
Arms, Merton II., and Grobey. 
-Arms. .Merton IL, (irobey, and Dav. 
Day. Bernard C. 
Ljunggren. Tlior II. 
L.iunggren, Thor II. , and Moore. 
Moore. Willis F. 
Bryant. Donald D.. Huntington, W. Va. 

2.49.S.245, Feb. 21. 
Bryant. Donald D., Huntington. W. Va 

journal box lid. 2.501.494. Mar. 21. 
Bryant, Edwin E., assignor to Nelson Muffler Corporation, 

Stoughton, Wis. Exhaust silencer for Internal-combus- 
tion engines. 2,520,750, Aug. 29. 
Bryant. Fre<l V., H. C. Bryant, and II. H. Harvey, 

Lynchburg. Va. Shoo having detachable upper. 

2,519,108, Aug. 15. 
Bryant. Frederick AV.. New Y'ork, N 

jacket. 2.502.921, Ajir. 4. 
Bryant, Frederick W., Hanover, N. J 

2,517,283, Aug. 1. 
Bryant, (Jeorge E., Rydalmere. New South Wales, 

.Australia, assignor to R. G. Le Tourneau, Inc., Stockton, 

Calif. Dragline excavating apparatus. 2,530.150, 

Nov. 14. 
Bryant, Harold W., Kenmore, N. Y., assignor to E. I. 

du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. 

Copolymerizing maleic- anhydride and vinvl acetate. 

2.522.775. Sept. 19. 

Bryant. Herbert C. : See — 

Bryant. Fred V.. H. C. and H. 

Bryant, Herbert W., Chatham, N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated, New Y'ork. N. Y. 
Ti'leplione transmitter baring frusto-conical back elec- 
trode. 2,532,694, Dec. 5. 

Bryant. Leland A. : See — 

L., and Bryant. 

assignor to Nye-Walt Company, Inc., 
P(trt,ible loom creel and tensioning 
2.527.700. Oct. 31. 

Lock seal lid. 

Y. Sport shirt or 
Liquid applicator. 

trichloromethyl benzoaie. 
BceviUe, Tex. Valve. 


Ryselin, Harjavalta, 
23,092, Sept. 19. 
Ryselin, Harjavalta, Fin- 

Bennett, Paul 

Bryant. Leslie E., 
-Vuburn, N. Y'. 
means therefor. 

Bryant, Ozro N., I'rospect I'ark, assignor to Westingliouse 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Reheat tur- 
bine control. 2.504.640, Apr. 18. 

Bryant, Ozro N., Prospect Park, assignor to Westinglnmst 
Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, I'a. Reheat tur- 
bine control. 2,514,931, July 11. 

Bryant, Ozro N.. Prospect Park, asslgnoi* to Westlnghouse 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Flexiblv 
mounted combined radial and thrust bearing. 2,524,693, 
(H't. 3. 

Bryant, Ozro N., Prospect Park, assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation, East I'ittsburgh. Pa. Tur- 
bine pedestal arrangement. 2,535,037, Dec. 20. 

Brjant, Troy E., Anderson. S. C. Door slzer and measur- 
ing device. 2.51 l,9i»0, .June 20. 

Bryce. James W , Glen Ridge, N. J., and J. N. Wheeler, 
Hawthorne, assignors to International Business Ma- 
chines Corporation. New York, .N V Reading appa- 
ratus. 2,521,338. Sept. 5. 

Bryden, John IL. Pasadena. Calif., assignor to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours Ac Company. Wilmington, Del. Beta 
chloroethyl - p ' ' 

Jan. 3. 

Bryer, Melvin L., 
Nov. 14. 

Bryk, Petri B., Pori. and J 
!• Inland. Extraction of iron. 

Bryk, I'etri B., Pori, and J. W 

land. ^;iiielting sulhde bearing raw materials 
May 2. 

Bryner. Fred : See — 

Dietzler. .\ndrew J., and Bryner. 

Brytczuk, Walter L., Roselle Park, N. J., assignor to The 
American Metal Company, Limited, New York, N. Y. 
Electrolytic tank construction. 2,535,780, Dec. 26. 

Buc, Saul R., See — 

Randall, David I., and Buc. 

Buc. Suul li.. Easion, Pa., assignor to General Aniline & 
Film Corporation, New York, N. Y. 3,5-diLalogeu 2- 
cyanodiphenyls. 2,497,060, Feb. 14. 

Buccicone, Dario. Gary, Ind. Nutting machine. 2.519,434, 
Aug. 22. 

Buccicone, Dario, Gary, Ind. Magnetic sheet piling. 
2,527,911. Oct. 31. 

BuCek, Adolf, Otrokovice, assignor to Bata, nfirodnl 
podnik, Zlin, Czechoslovakia. Machine for smoothing 
or Ironing leather, particularly shoe sole leather. 
2,532.001, Dtc. 5. 

Buchan, Andrew C. : See — 

Mead, William IL, and Buchan. 

Buchan, Rudolph C.. Houston, Tex., assignor, by mesne 
assigumeutSj to Standard Oil Development Company, 
Elizabeth, N. J. Apparatus for handling oil field emul- 
sions. 2,522,429, Sei)t. 12. 

Buchanan Electrical Products Corporation, assignee : 
Buchanan. Stephen N. 

Buchanan. James L., Spring City, Pa. Knitting machine. 
2.5n-j,()32, May 23. 

Buchanan, John W., New York, assignor to National Gyp- 
sum Company, Buffalo, N. Y. Composition for the 
correction of surface irregularities and preparing the 
same. 2.523.t)40, Sept. 20. 

Buchanan, Joshua S., Salt Lake City, Utah. Reaming 
tool. 2.517,970. Aug. 8. 

Buclianan, Michael K., Norfolk, Va. Ice cube tray 
2.4'.h; :;.u. Feb. 7. 

Buchanan, Michael K., Norfolk, Va. Ice tray. 2,495,506, 
Jan. 24. 

Buchanan. Stephen N., Westmoreland Hills, Md.. assignor 
to Buchanan Electrical I'roducts Corporation Eliza- 
beth, N. J. Electric connector. 2,499 290, Feb. 28. 

Buchanan. Stephen N.. Westmoreland Hills, Md., assignor 
to Buchanan Electrical Products Corporation, Eliza- 
beth, .N. J. Electric connector. 2,499,297, Feb. 28. 

Buclian.m. Stephen N.. Westmoreland Hills, Md., assignor 
to Buchanan Electrical I'roducts Corporation. Eliza^th, 
N. J. Coupling device. 2,503,093, Apr. 4. 

Buchanan, Stephen N.. Westmoreland Hills, Md., assignor 
to Buchanan Electrical I'roducts Corporation. Elizabeth, 
N. J. Coupling device. 2.503,094, Apr. 4. 

Buchanan, William H., Catherham Aalley, assignor to 
Cinem.i-Televlslon Limited, London, England. Circuit 
for catho<le-ray tubes and operating the same. 
2.534.571, Dec. 19. 

Biichel. Robert, Gamprin, Liechtenstein. Automatic lock- 
ing and releasing device for shift keys on typewriters. 
2,499,053, Fet). 28. 

Bucher, Edward S., Montclair, and F. B. Elliott. Jr., 
Clifton, .N". J., assignors to Curtiss Wright Corporation. 
Blade construction and propeller blade. 2,500.992. 
May 9. 

Bucher. Karl : See — 

Meier. Rolf, and Bucher. 

Bucher. Thomas T. N.. Moorestown, N. J., 
Radio Corporation of America. P.alanced 
2.498.526. Feb. 21. 

Bucher, Thomas T. N.. Moorestown, N. J., 
Radio Corporation of America. Balanced 
2,499,508. Mar. 7. 

Buckeridge. Roger .M.. assignor to Goodman Manufactur- 
ing Company, Chicago, III. Speed control system. 
2,532,287. Dec. 5. 

assignor to 

assignor to 



P.uokey^ Tlastic Corporation, The, aaslgnee : See — 

Flukt', Kuthwell K. 
l!i;'k>>f s-.'.'l ("astiims Company, The, assignee: See — 

J.' i!ii,s. I), (letirce T. 
Hsirhhart, I'r.ispfT W.. Closter, N. J. Semiautomatic tabic 

lu'h;»T, i:, V.'l.'^^, Feb. 14. 
Kuchholtz, < '.-I- ir >'. : Sec — 

Maxw. li, irf.'VPr <\. and Ruchholtz. 
i'.iiitil: ■!-:■:■ i jliu,- W .. ami I:, li. Drabenstott, assipn-.irs 

t'l T!>' Siinimit Sotinil Systi-iiis Company, Akron. Oliio. 

i:i.Ttr..i!i.' iuW in control system for phonographic re- 

pnulucfiiin or the like. 2,515.111, .Inly 11. 
lish 111. Alfred. Winterthur, Switzerland. Journal bearing. 

J,.ni()..'j4i>. June t). 
r.M ! :>T i:rii.-T. Sunnvsldo, as.sisnor to Arkay Infants 

Ui'.r. In,'., Klchniond Hill, N. Y. Garment. 2,530,647, 

BiiVhl.'r."\VilIi A , Thoune, Switzerland. Watch. 2,312,087, 

June 20 
r.uchler, Willi A., Thoune. Switzerland. Chronograph. 

■J..")rJ.O'^s. June 'ju. 
nuchman. Edwin R. : .'<'>'- - 

Lutz, Robert F... Koeptli. and Buchman. 
r.uchiMann. Fr.'d J.. Batuu KoUKe, La., assignor t* Stand- 
ard Oil l).'V.-lopm''nt Company. Synthesis catalyst. 
■J.."i lL'.»'ii''», June 27. | ' 

Buchs, Max : Srr — 

Schmid, Otto and Buchs. 
Burhwald. ("harl.s K . FlushinL-. \. Y., and J. Ehret, Jr.. 
Trenton. N. J., assignors to Western Electric Company, 
Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Treating refractory 
articles. 2.5,'?0..')06. Nov. 21. 
Bu'hwalter. Loui.sp, Ilallsville. Ohio, and G. G. Harvey, 
Boston. Ma8.s., assignors, by mesne assignments, to the 
T'liitpd States of America a.'« represented by the Secre- 
tary of War Antenna. 2.ril2. 1.37. June 20 
Buck. Benjamin I., assignor of on"-half to II. B. Rollins, 
Baltliiirire, Md. Beau snipping machine. 2,518,598, 
Aug. 1.'. 
Buck, Fester, I.isl.'. F. W. Barbknecht. I'alos Heights, and 
R. B(iw»'rs. Western Springs, 111., assignors to Interna 
tionnl Harvester Companv. r,overniug mechanism for 
fuel injection pumps. 2..'^07.fi89. May 10. 
Buck, Gavlord B.. II, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, assignor 
to General Electric Company. Photoelectric cell struc- 
ture incorporatine a lpn«. 2,r.22.9«7, Sept. 19. 
Buck. C.eorce C. Odessa. Mo Testing equipment for 

electrical apparatus. 2.496.197, Jan. 31. 
Buck, Johannes S.. (ilenmont, C. M. Suter, and A. R. 
Surrey, .\lbanv, assignors to Sterling Drug Inc., New 
Yerk " N. Y. Methylenedioxy tertiary amines. 
2.r.27.n27, Oct. 31. 
Buck. Joseph A.. Toledo. Ohio. Lighting fi.xture bracket. 

2.494.42«. Jan. 10. 
Buck Kenneth H., Cordova, Alaska. Liquid catcher for 

nursine bottles 2..''i09,129, May 23. 
Buck. M..rTinT^r P. : Fee — 

Bieher. Clarence G.. and Buck. 
Buck. Ru'bard S.. Glastonbury, assignor to Fnlted Air 
craft Corporatii>n. East Hartford, Conn. Thermoelec- 
tric gas probe. 2.49(5,774, Feb. 7. | 
Buck. Robert M. : S^ee — 'I 

Canit>bell. Donald .\., and Buck. 
Buckel. Charles. Springfield, Greg. Brake pedal latch. 

2.498.24fi, Feb. 21. 
Buckets. Chris C., assignor to II. Ilildebrandt. Chicago, 
111. A<ijustable mounting support for outlet boxes. 
2.528.418, Oct. 31. 
Buckendale. Lawrence R.. assignor to The Timken-De- 
troit .\\le Companv, Detroit. Mich. Brake mechanism. 
2.527.528. Oct. 3L 
Buckeye Cotton Oil Company, assignee: See — 

.\tkinsnn. James D.. Jr. 
Buckeye Iron & Brass Works, assignee: See — I 
r.^ke. Fred F. ' 

Hike, Fred F.. and Webb. 
Buckeve Steel Castings Company, The, assignee: See— 

Welfe. Ilarrv H. 
Burkiiis. .\lhert O.. assignor to National Malleable and 
Steel C.isrintrs Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Journal box. 
2.502.5." n. Apr. 4. 
Buckius. Albert O., Cleveland, and D. Willlson, Shaker 
Heitrbts, assignors to National Malleable and Steel 
Castincs Companv, Cleveland, Ohio. Journal box. 
2.533,917. Dec. 12. 
Buckle, Richard H.. executor: S^ee — 

Cottrell. Jack .\ . Hewitt, and Armitage. 
Tbynne. Arthur N'v . F.. and Hewitt. 
BucklPs John Q. G. .\. I.enskv and W. Trible. assignors 
to The Cincinnati Millint: Machine C. Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Autemntic profile cuttlnu machine. 2.535.895, Dec. 20. 
Buckles, John Q., G. A. Lensky, and W. Trible. assignors 
to The Cincinnati Milling Machine Co.. Cincinnati. Ohio. 
Pattern controlled nilllinsr machine. 2.535.890. Dec. 20. 
Buckley Arthur H.. Chicagn, 111. Cryptographic appa- 
ratus. 2..' 15.492. July IS. 
Bucklev. I ■..melius J.. Salem, and P. J. Hacelston, Danvers, 
assiLrners f.t Svlvania Flectrio Products Inc.. Salem, 
M.iss. .>Takin:r lamp basing cement. 2.508.327. May 10, 
B'lekl'V. rr.!!ii:< T.. West Sprintrfield, Mass., assignor 
•,, M,r;-i!i-.. f'heiiiical CoiiU'inv St. LimiI-;. M". Sta- 
bilized polyvinyl acetal compositions. 2,52§,337, Oct. 

Buckley, Francis T., and G. R. Sido, Springfield, Mass., 
assignors to Monsanto Chemical Company. St. Louis, 
Mo. Laminated interlayer. 2,534,102. Dec. 12. 

Buckley, Frank R., Nutley, and D. Smythe, Lyndhurst. 
N. J. Rope brake. 2.516.851. Aug. 1. 

Buckley, Joseph J.. Melrose. Mass., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Apparatus for charging batteries. 
2.500,340, May 2. 

Buckley, Robert M., Pasadena, Calif. Pot strainer. 
2,499,016, Feb. 28. 

Buckley, S. W., assignee : See — 
Downward, Frank M. 

Buckley, Walter D., Berkeley, P. E. McCoy, San Francisco, 
and L. G. Thompson, Oakland, assignors by mesne as- 
signments, to Stancal Asphalt & Bitumuls Company. San 
Francisco, Calif. Prejtaring an adhesive by mixing a 
rubber latex, filler, and a bituminous emulsion. 2,506,339, 
May 2. 

Bucklin. Gladys H., assignee : See — 
Anderson. Edward L. and L. B. 

Buckly. Ernest, assignee : See — 
Roberts, Clarence F. 

Buckman. Alfred F., Jr., and M. M. Rendall, assignors to 
S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc., Racine, Wis. Aqueous wax 
emulsion. 2.504.920. Apr. 18. 

Buckman, Kenneth E. : See — 

Browne, Donald B.. and Buckman. 

Buckmaster, Samuel A.. Dallas.- Tex., assignor to Lummus 
Cotton Gin Companv. Apparatus for conditioning 
cotton for clnning. 2.525,116, Oct. 10. 

Buckmeyer, Charles E. : See — 

Mapson, Donald L.. and Buckmeyer. 

Bucknam. James H.. and H S Babcock, Cranford. N. J., 
assignors to The Llnde Air Products Company. Thermo- 
■ chemically cutting metal bodies. 2.510.210, June 

Bucknam. James H., Cranford. and I. P. Thompson, Eliza- 
beth, N. J., assignors to The Llnde Air Products Com- 
pany. Thermochemlcally conditioning metal bodies. 
2.493.802. Jan. 10. 

Buckner L G.. Jr.. Jefferson Citv. Mo. Classification 
signal and extensible flag. 2.518.280, Aug. 8. 

Buckner. Vincent J., Washington. D. C. Stcpladder. 
2.509.200. May 30. „ , 

Bucks, David IL, Milwaukee, Wis. Rope glider. 2,493,855, 
Jan. 10. 

Bucksath. Grace, administratrix : See — 
Bucksath. Russell. 

Bucksath. Russell, deceased, late of Long Beach. Calif., by 
G. Bucksath. administratrix. Long Beach, Calif. Fork 
lift truck with boom.' 2.493.750, Jan. 10. 

Buckthal, Elmer P.. Brookfleld. assignor to United Air 
Lines. Inc.. Chicago. III. Alternating-current gen- 
erator. 2.528.111. Oct. 31. 

Buckwalter, Frank H., Dewitt. assignor to Bristol Lab- 
oratories Inc.. Syracuse, N. 'S' Penicillin product. 
2.507.193. Mav 9. 

Buckwalter. Howard M.. Detroit, and P. D Montgomery. 
Oak Park Mich., assignors to United States Rubber 
Company. New York, N. Y. Treatment of cellulose. 
2.521,446. Sept. 5. ^ „ . ,„ 

Bucky. Peter A.. Flushing, assignor to Tell-A-Turn 
Corporation, New Y'ork. N. Y. Service indicator. 
2,520,198. Aug. 29. 

Bucyrus-Erie Company, assignee : See — 
Davidson. Trevor O. 
Hoar, Roger S.. and Thierry. 
Mork, George W. 
Mork. George W., and Reuter. 
Reischl. Karl E. 
Thierrv. John A. 
Wells. Robert L. 

Buda Company. The, assignee : See — 

Cole. Abel J. ^ ,.. x , . .,. * 

Budack, Henry B.. Sacramento. Calif. Level Indicator 

with star wheel damper. 2.523,419. Sept. 26. 

Budal Steve G.. Cincinnati, assignor to The Globe-\\er- 

nicke Co.. Norwood. Ohio. Desk drawer partition. 

2.507.300, Mav 0. 

Budai. Steve G., Norwood, and J. H. Brlnker, Cincinnati, 

assignors to The Glohe-Wernlcke Co., Norwood, Ohio, 

Drawer cabinet Ibcking structure. 2.501.932, Mar. 28 

Budd. Arthur F., Holly Hill, Fla. Booth table support. 

2.509.332. May 30. 
Budd Company. The, assignee : See — 

Barnes, Gladeon M. 

Burton. John E. . 

Callender. Edwin M. 

Callender. Edwin M., and \an Sciver. 

Davles, Richard S. 

Dean, Albert G. 

Dean. Albert G. and W. B. 

Dean, Albert C, and Fesmlre. 

Dean. Walter B. 

Dean. Walter B.. and Fesmire. , 

Eksergian, Carolus L. 

Gerts, Christian A., and Clay. 

Jacob. Ellis L. 

Ledwinka. Joseph, and Trautvetter. 

Mann. William. 

Rathgen. Ewalt A. 

Schiff. Karl T,. 

Sutherland. Edward. 

Temple. Robert B. 

Thcrlault, Raymond J. 



Budd Company, The, assignee: See — Continued. 
Vuu Stiver, Herbert D., 11, and MacKiunev 
Walter, Michael. 
Waiter, .Michael, and Lyon. 
Weightman, William A. 
Budd, Larry J. ; .s'tt — 

Brauoun, Martin, Robinson, and Budd. 
Budd. Larry J.. Chicago, assiguur to I'uUet Devices. Inc., 

Melrose I'ark. Hi. .Making pullets. 2. 528.413, Oct. 31. 
Budd^. Leighton, Brooklyn, N, Y. Scooter. 2,522,744, 

Sept. 19. 
Budd, Wilbcrt IL, M. B. Arisman, and R. R. Thompson, 

assignors to Chicago Telephone Supply Corporation, 

Elkhart, Ind. Tandem variable resistor control. 

2,493,184. Jan. 3. 
Budden. Edgar L., Richmond Hill, N. Y., assignor, by 

mesne assignments, to De Florez Engineering Company, 

Incorporated. Bookbinding. 2,516,440, July 25. 
Budden, Edgar L., Richmond Hill. N. Y., assiguor, by 

mesne assignments, to De Florez Engineering Company, 

Incorporated. Adhesive binding for books. 2,523,860, 

Sept. 20. 
Budden. Kenneth G. : .Sec — 

Bowen, Edward G., Taylor, and Budden. 
Buddenhagen. Doris .M., iveumore, N. V. Rubber footwear. 

2,512.917, June 27. 
Budelnian. Christopher D., Baldwin, N. Y. Tool and 

handle attaching means therefor. 2.497.437. Feb. 14. 
Budenbom. Horace T., Short Hills. N. J., assignor to Bell 

Telejiliune Laboratories, Incorporated, New Vorlc, N Y. 

Object locating system. 2,515.332, July IS. 
Buder. Spurgeou H.. Merchantvllle, N. J., and W. H. 

Elchelberger, Denver, Colo., assignors to Radio Cor- 
poration ot America. Regulating device. 2.519,173, 

Aug. 15. 
Budge. Thomas F.. Malad. Idaho. Machine for uncapping 

honeycomb. 2,501,261. Mar. 21. 
Budlong. \ ernon E., Brainerd, .Minn. Pin fastening 

means. 2.508.219, -Mav Hi. 
Budne, Thomas A., Brooklyn, N. Y, Building joint con- 
nector. 2,535.203. Dec. 20. 
Budnick, Abraham .M., and N. O. Berg, Seattle, Wash. 

Caster. 2,505,852, May 2. 
Budreck. Frances, assignor to Monarch Tool & Machinery 

Co., Chicago, 111. Vehicle rearvlew mirror structure 

having an elastic mounting band. 2,498,065, Feb. 21. 
Budreck. Frances, assignor to Monarch Tool & Machinery 

Co.. Chicago, 111. Antiglare rear - vision mirror. 

2,502,r,99. Apr. 4. 
Buds Aero Castings. Incorporated, assignee: See — 

Mall.ach, Jnseidi W. 
Eudy, Ernest, assignee : See — 

Mock. Harry W. 
Buechner. William W. : See — 

Van de GraatT, Robert J., and Buechner. 
Buehl, John L., Washington, 111. Line holder. 2,510,802, 

June 0. 
Buehl, John L., Washington, 111. 

2.520,233. Aug. 29. 
Buehl, Joh.i L., Washington, 111. 

2,523.811, Sept. 20. 
Buehl. Russell C.. Edgewood, J. P. Riott. and E. P. Shoub. 

Plttsburu'h. Pa. Production of low sulfur sponge iron. 

2,495,225, Jan. 24. 
Buebler, .\rtbur : See — 

Widmer, W illy, and Buebler. 
Buehler. Frank A., Hamuiond, Ind., assignor to Standard 

Oil Company. Chicago, III. Weldable sight glass struc- 

tur.-. 2.527.792, O.t. 31. 
Buehler. Maurice E.. Dayton. Ohio. Relative time diflfer- 

ence indicating system. 2,514,309, July 11. 
Bueken, Hans E. : See — 

Hanson. Alden W.. Heston. and Buecken. 
Mageikurth. Wilhelm A., and Buecken. 
Buell, Leslie A.. Holly, Mich. Car door seal. 

Mav 23. 
Buell, Roy D., Chicago, 111. Signal horn. 

Sept. 5. 
Buell. R(iy D.. and O.. IL Simmons. Chicago. 

Simmons assignor to said Buell. Compressor. 

July 4. 
Buelow. William II. , assignor to Chain Belt Company, 

Milwaukee, Wis. -Automatic control mechanism for 
contcreie mixers. 2.519.340, Aug. 22. 
Bueuger, Edward F.. River Forest, and J. J. Monighan, 
assignors to Wilson-Jones Company, Chicago, 111. Loose- 
leaf binder. 2.512.415. June 20. 

Buensod-Sfacey, Incorporated, assignee: See — 
Lea. Edward S. 

'Buerger, William J.. Cincinnati, assignor to The Davton 
Folding Box Company, Harrison, Ohio. Collapsible box. 
2,513.079, June 27. 

Buffalo Brake Beam Company, assignee : See — 
Busch, Charles R. 

Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Lewis. John H. 
Buffalo Electro Chemical Company. Inc.. assignee r See — 

Dawsey, Lynn IL, Umhoefer. and Muehlhausser. 

Greenspan, Frank P.. and Margulles. 

<;reen« Frank P.. and Nerney. 

McEwen. Robert L. 

McEwen. Robert L.. and Sheldon. 

Umhoefer, Robert R. 

Decoy anchor. 
Decoy anchor. 



111. ; said 

Buffalo Machinery Company, Incorporated, assignee: 
See — 

Miller. Frank A. 

Buffalo fepnugueid Itoller Co., The, assignee: See — 
Greiuer, Carl h\. and Harrison. 

Buffalo Turbine Agricultural Equipment Co., Inc., as- 
signee : See — 

Sawyer, James G. 

Bulhugtou, Alan P., Jissignor to I'hilco Corporation, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. .Mounting means tor variable inductance 
coils. 2,507,488, May 16. 

Buffington Alan P., assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Phllco Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa. Coil shielding 
means. 2,515,333, July 18. 

Buiiuigion. <ieoige I).: See — 

Thomson, Alec, and Buttington. 

Buffington, Malcolm R., Millburn, assignor to Lea Fabrics, 
Inc., Newark, N. J. Treatment of fabrics, yarns, 
threads, strands, and the like to render rubberized arti- 
cles made therefrom more durable. 2,501,988, Mar. 26. 

Butlingiou, Ralph M., Evausville, ind., assignor to Servel, 
Inc., New iork, N. Y. Refrigeration apparatus, includ- 
ing means lor limited removal of noucoudeusable gases. 
2,510,737, June 6. 

Buford. William J., Houston, Tex. Animal trap. 2,524,423, 
Oct. 3. 

Bugari, Torquato, Brooklyn, assignor to Excelsior Ac- 
cordions, Inc., New York. N. Y. Shift mechauism for 
accordions. 2.527.912. Oct. 31 

Bugatti, Ettore, Paris, France. Lathe. 2,494,797, Jan. 17. 

Bugbee, Charles W. : ^ee — 

Beems, I'loyd E.. J<ugbee, and Steiihenson. 
Stephenson. Thomas W., and Bugbee. 

Bugenhagen. George IL. Midland, Mich. Apparatus for 
removing blocks from molding machines. 2,490,000, 
Jan. 31. 

Bugg, Kenly C. Fort Wayne, Ind. Liquid dispensing 
apparatus. 2.530.113, Nov. 14. 

Bugg, Kenly C, and H. L. Hart Fort Wayne, Ind. ; said 
Hart assignor to said Bugg. Reel. 2,530,114, Nov. 14. 

P.ugg. Kenly C, and H. L. Hart, Fort Wayne, Ind., said 
Hart assignor to said Bugg. Tube setting. 2,530,855, 
Nov. 21. 

Bugge. Erllng P., Santa Monica, Calif. Snap switch. 
2.511,520, June 13. 

Buggie, H. H., & Company, assignee : See — 

Sprigg, Edward A. 
Bugler, Arthur V.. Timperley, assignor to Linotype and 
Machinery Limited, London, England. Apparatus for 
cooling curved stereotype printing plates. 2,524,159, 

Buhl. Walter T: See— 

Cahill. Lysle D., Buhl, and Horwltz. 
Buhler, Eugeu, I'oughkeepsie, assignor to International 

IJusiness Machines Corporation. New York. N. Y. 

Mounting means for type cylinders. 2,493,856, Jan. 10. 
Buhler. Gebruder, assignee : See — 
Fuchs. Ruilolf. 
Tanner, Fritz. 
Btlhler, Heinrich. Zurich, Switzerland. Wire clamp.- 

2,524,649, Oct. 3. 
Buhler. W.alter C. Dayton, Ohio, Airfoil parachute, 

2,523.276, Sept. 20. 
I'.ulirendorf. Frederick C... Westfield, and F. Derraond. 

Wayne Township, Passaic County. N. J., assignors to 

Bell Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated, New York, 

N. V. Itecording pen check mechanism. 2.511,195. 

June 13. 
Biihrer. Erwin. Buchtalen. Switzerland, assignor to So- 

ciete Auonyme des Acieries ci-devant Georges Fischer. 

Schaffhausen. Filling annealing pots. 2.515.093. 

July 18 
Buhrmaster, Frederick R., Webster Groves, assignor to 

Gaylord Container Corporation, St. Louis, Mo. Carton. 

2.517,080. Aug. 1. 
Buick. John A.. Norfolk. Va. Pull match package. , 

2.532,440. Dec. 5. ^ ^ i 

Buike. Otto C. : Sec — 

Burnett, Peter, and Bulke. 

Building Equipment Patents Company, assignee : See — 
Krueger. William H. 

Building-Logs, Incorporated, assignee : See — 
Edson, Arthur W., and Thielking. 

Buis, Martlnus, Amsterdam, Netherlands, assignor to Shell 
Development Company. San Francisco, Calif. Allcyrlic 
monocarboxylates in hydrocarbon extraction.. 2,510,614, 
July 25. 

Buisman. Jan A. K.. Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to 
H.artford National Bank and Trust Company, Hart- 
ford. Conn., as trustee. Preparing 7-hydroxv8terol8 and 
esters. 2,520.234. Aug. 29. 

Bulsson, Pierre. Vanves, France. Gauge guiding means. 
2.535.897. Dec. 26. 

Bukowsky, Harry E., Port Townsend, Wash., assignor to 
Crown Zellerbach Corporation, San Francisco, Calif. 
Hydraulic type bark-removing machine having nozzle 
adjustable about two spaced horizontal axes. 2,508.594. 
.May 23. 

Bula. Frank J.. Speedway City, Ind. Bombing game. 
2.531.008. Nov. 28. 

Bule, Edward R.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Brake control means. 
2.507.140. May 9. 


iM>i:X UF PAItENTS, 1950 

BuU'in DoiiKlas. Erdin^ton, BlrmlnRhnrn, asslRTior to 
Duiilop Kuhb.T Company I.imirfd, London, hngland. 
Klectr'cal aiparatua for im-a8uring elictrostatlc volt- 
apes. 12. .'31. '509. Nov. 28. 

l!uUn. Martin ; See — • 

Penk.-r. p:riiost. and lUilln. , ,, t 

r.uli ('abut S Hillin-'don. assignor to Electric and Musi- 
cal Industries Luaited, Middlesex, Enplun.'. Trans- 
mission line seal for electron discharge devices. 
2 fi04.4!>4. Apr. 18 . ^ . . v. , * 

Bull Carl () llvsunda. assicn'>r to FastighetHaktiebolapet 
Lubo Boras Swedeit. Wheelbarrow with weighing 
mean's. 2,53r).2f.4. Hec. 2(5. 

r.'iil lio.: i:iect:ic products Company, assignee: See— 
Ki't.frtson. William. 

Bull. Kric W. : See — 

W:i»fon, Walter I-.. Bull, an.! }\l-itP. , „ ^-- >„„ 

B.ul!, Glen ('. Bichmond. Ind. Roof or siding. 2,r)26,<2<. 

(»Ct. 2 1 . r. i I 

BuUard ("lark Company. Th«, assignee: See — 

Bu!'ar<l, WasliinL'ton I. 

M-.e. J. EdL-ar. 
r.ilM.ird Ciiiiiiialiv. The. ;i.«sii:n.'e : See — 

Billiard IMward V.. III. , ^ , 

Bullard! Kdward I'.. Ill, B'Uidis. and <,r1na£re. 

(".■l-^>idv, Clifford 1«, , . rr.., 

BuUard Kdward B, III, Fairfield, Conn., ^^^^'i^'""'" to The 
Bnllard Company. Positioning apparatus. 2,500, CJti, 

BuUard Edward P.. III. Fairfield. Conn., a.-^signor to The 
BuUard Company. Positioning apparatus. 2,o00..U., 

Billiard. Kdward P, III. Fairfield, Conn, assignor to The 
BuUard Company. Positioning appara'us. .^,500,7y», 

P.uUard. lldward P. Ill, Ka;rf;.ld, C-nn.. assignor to The 
BuUard Company. ConTol laorhanism. 2,c)ll.»_l. 

Bullli"rd Edward P. Ill, Fairfield. Conn., assignor to The 
Bullard Compaiiv. Coiifrol mechanism. 2,o28.(Jo, 

BuUard ' Kdward P III. and L. J. Baudia. Fairfield, and 
C M Crin.ise Bridgeport. Conn, assignors to The 
Bullard Companv. Po-^itionlng apparatus. 2,500,150, 
Mar 14 
Bullard, Kdwin K : 5.>^-- 

McVlMster. Sumner H . ar.d Bullard. 
Bullard. Kleanor «... executrix: Ser — 

Bullard. Washington I, ^ « . • 

Bullard (Jeorce H.. W'S'boro. Mass, CutofT machine. 

2 '1 1 .'••..'!. .rune 1."^. „. . XT -cr 

Bullard Robert O . and R. J. Parker. Schenectady. N. Y., 
assignors to C.eneral Klectric Company. Constant 
tonine device. 2,510.882, Aug. 22. x- r. k 

BuUar^I Washington I., deceased, Charlotte, >•<--. ^y 
i: C, Bullard executrix. Charlnfe. N. C. and I- B. 
PPta Sr .\ui:ustinp. F]a.. asslirnora to The Bullard 
Clare Companv, I>anielson, Conn. Laminated picker 
sMek 2..^.<W.7i 1. Apr. 11. 
Bulldot; ElerTic Products Company, as.signee : See — 
Pl.atz. Elwo.wl T., and Fisher, 
liobertsoii. William, and Ilipgins. 
BuUeid. Oliver V.. assignee: See — 

Lvnes. Lionel. 
BulUet Leander J., Roekford. assignor to Odin Corpora- 
tion.' chj. ■:!■_'... 111. spoed e(.iitr(d .system for alter- 
nntins current motors. 2.r)2'~: 4(iT. Oct 3K 
Bullmm Louis K. and S. Cnderwood, Norfolk, va. 

Cuttine torch holder. 2,51474! July 11. 
Bullock. P.yrrell W. ; .<?fe— 

Harris Milton. Fourt, Bullock, and Blocb. Ian IL, assiirnor to Koebel Diamond Tool Co., 

Iietroit Mieh,' C.. re bit 2 -'t'ltV.'Vn- May 2. 
Bullork Ian IT assignor to Koebel Diamond Tool Com- 
pany' IVtroit. Mieh. Core bit. 2.520,876, Aug. 29. 
Bulio("k' .Te<!se T K.msas Citv. Kans.. assignor of ont»- 
third to .\ .1. Bramle'te. Los Anzeles. and one-thinl 
to W Pv IT;-riman. TTon<lo. Calif. Light concentrating 

Furnace. 2,494,608, 

r.flee'or ''■.-uTio'-ii . 

^>4 .t4.'?. Dec. 19. 

Jumstead. Dale, Jr.. Seattle. Wash 

Bumst'ead, George N., Bethesda, Md., assignor to National 

Geographic Society, Washington. 1>. C. Composing 

frame and easel for use in pliotographic reproductions. 

2.495,887, Jan. 31. ,, ,, , , ,„, 

Bunch, Joseph M.. Ferguson. Mo. Mechanism for 

openinc and closinK doors. 2,533,42:i, Dec. 12. 
Bunch, Tillman T.. Towson, Md., assignor to ^^^stcrn 
Electric, Company, Incorporated, N<^w lo^k >. i. 
("op-carrying device for braiding machines. -.500,7 i-, 
May 9. 
Btindv, Kenneth O. : Sec — 

Bowden, Norman K.. and Bundy. 
Bundy Tubing Company, assignee : See — 

Woeller, Krich O. . ^, 

Bunin Louis, Los Angeles, Calif. Puppft tor stop-motion 
technique. 2,520,491. Aug. 29. i,„Ko,t 

Bunker Ilarry A., St. r>ambert. assignor to The Kobert 
Mitchell Companv Limited, .Montreal. Quebec. Canada. 
Wash basin Installation. 2.498.940. F^eb. 28. 
Bunker, Harry A., St. Lambert. Quebec, assignor to The 
Robert .Mitchell Company Limited, Montreal, Qiicbec, 
Canada Folding washbasin jirovided with article in- 
terct'pting plate. 2,513,(524, July 4. 
Bunn (ieorge P.. Bartlesville. Okla., assignor to 1 I'lUips 
Petroleum Company. Agglomeration of carbon black. 
2,511,901, June 20. 
Bunn. John. Corp.. The, assignee : Sec- 
Greene, John R. , . , , T. _ 
Bunnell. Charles E.. College, territory <.f Alaska. Door. 

2,514,370. July 11. , ^ ^ ^ 

Buntin (Jeorge A., assignor to Hercules Powder Com- 
pany Wilmington, Del. Chlorinated terpene sulfone 
and insecticidal composition containing same. 2,ol4.004, 
July 11. 
Bunting, Bessie, assignee: See — 

Bunting. Norman E. , . tt t- ^,o<,t. 

Bunting Ernest V., Dearborn, assignor to Harry I-erguson, 
Inc 'Detroit. Mich. Hitch raechunlsin for tracton». 
2,506,773, Mav 9. , ., r^ 

Bunting Ernest V.. Dearborn, assignor to Harry lergu- 
son Tnc Detroit, Mich. Earth boring attachment for 
tractors 2 521. «9."). Sept. 12. 
Bunting, Norman E., assignor to B. Buntini:. Cedar Rapids. 
Iowa Combination grain-fe.Mling and threshing means 
for harvesters. 2.493,105, Jan. 3. 
Buntzman. David H.. Eos Angeles. Ca if., assignor to 
International Electronics Corporation. Hasher. 

2,514,836. July 11. ^, ,. „ , . . , 

Bunyan George A.. New Rochelle, N. ^. Radar trainer. 

2.505,094. Apr. 25. 
Bunyan, Paul. Bait Company. The. assignee : See- 
Larson. Karl R. „ ^ , ,■ u ^ii_ 
Buono, Joseph, Jamaica, N. Y. Folding umbrella. 

Bifo'm.;'' Mario" assignor to V. S Blind Stitch Machine 

Corp., New York, N. Y. 

July 11. 
Buquoi. John Q.. J. J. 

naildro. Plaquemine, La 

2.499.457. Mar 7. 
Bur. Armand. Cleveland 

Bullock. Sarnh M., assignee: See — 

Bruen. ('eon:e C. 
Bulova U'atch Comp.any. Im^., assignee: See — 

Domler, Charles A. 
I'.'ilow, Einar V. ; Srf- 

Cnddin. TTarvie W.. and Bulow. 
P.uls. Vernon W. : S:rr — 

ITearne. George W.. and Buls. 
Bumb.r WnPer L, Chicago, III. Receptacle closure. 

2.49(? 43ft, Fob. 7. , ^ ^ „ t 

P.uriihera Edmund A. Turtle Creek, and C. S. Herr, Jr., 
p.-nn Township .Mlei:henv County, Pa.; said Herr 
assiiznor to said Bumb-ra. Clothesline structure. 
2 ')?~C> ^24. Nov. 14. ^ 

Bum^ardner, E G.. assignee: See — 

I?abon. M> Pon G 
Eu Miller Leo O Van Nuvs. assignor to E. H. TTopkina, 
Loa An'geles. Calif. Adjustable tripod leg. 2,503,99(. 
Apr. 11. ^ ^ 

I'.ump Charles K.. II amp !• n. and G. II. Bischoff. Fort 
I)even< Mi-s as^iiruors To .Monsanto Chemical Com- 
panv 'st Louis, Mo. Hot melt coating compositions. 
2. .'27, 79.3. Oct. 31. 
Bumpus. Merlin ; Sec— ^ „ . i 

]',,■ t' r. Frank, B impus, and Cosby. 

Sewing machine. 2,514,837 

Noel, Jr., and E. J. Schex- 
Contlnuous centrifugal drier. 

Ohio. Car dumper sampling 
anoaratus 2 533 090 Dec. 5. _, 

BnVa Walter M;-e. N. J., assignor to Norton Com- 
pany WorcesV^r. Mass, Cutting tool. 2.502^922. Apr. 4. 

Buraa". Edmund M.. Jr.. and J. D. Reld, New Orleans, La 
assignors to the Fnited States of .America as represented 
by the Secretary of Agriculture. Line-oporated vacuum 
tube voltmeter. 2.513.281. .Tuly 4^ 

Burasco. Henry J., Kansas City. Mo. Vending machine. 
2.532,084, Nov. 28. „ I , 

I'.urbaeh. Edwarl M. assignee: Sec — ' 

MiKlnn. Thomas J- , ' . , T-„it»^ «5hft« 

Burbv Philip E., Beverly. Masa., assignor to I nited bnoe 
Machlnerv Corporation. Flemincton. N. J. Fastening- 
insertintr machine. 2.5ir,9.-.4. Aue 1. .. ,. . „. „„ 

Burby. Philip E., Beverly, Mass.. assignor to Lnlted Shoe 
Machinery Corporation. Flemlngton. N. .T. lasfening 
2pper holding binders to shoos. 2520.996, Sept. 5. 

Burch Orson G.. Detroit. Mich. Cleaning brush with 
improved disk feature. 2.51 0.37 (•. .Tune 6. ^ _„„ .^a 

Burch. Roy E.. Midland, Mich. Foldable seat. 2,509,420. 

Bu'r'ch ^Rov F.. Sr.. Denver. Colo. Locking typo hair- 
waving rod. 2.530.374. Nov 21. 

Buichell. Fford. assitrnor to HurchelMIoloway Corpora- 
tion, New York, N. Y, Clock display device. 2..506.134. 

Bur.^h^elT.' Fford. assignor to Biirchell-TIollow.ay Corpora- 
tion. New York, N. Y. Device for exhibiting chancy 
ably colored designs and supporting frame therefor., 
" ">06 135 Alay 2 

Burcheli Fford, assignor to Burchell-IIolloway Corpora- 
tion New York N. Y. Chaneeable image and color dis- 
play device. 2.535,781. Dec. 26. i. 

P.urchell-TIollowav Corporation, assignee: See — 
P.urchell, Fford. 

Burchett. Ray L.. East Orange, assignor to Ronson .Art 
Metal Works. Inc., Newark. N. J. Flint positioning 
mechanism. 2,501.841, Mar. 2^. 

Biircliett. Ray L., East Orange, assignor to Ronson .\rt 
Metal Works, Inc.. Newark, N. J. Cigar lighter. 
2.511.492, June 13. 

IA>'1 (ir K.VIKN'IEES 

1 ( ).") 

Burd, Samuel I. .\ew York. N. Y., assignor to Reconstruc- 
tion I'inance t'orporation. Pliiladelphia. I'a .\djustable 
welt for blockings. 2,494,927^ Jan. 17. 

Burd, Samuel 1., New York, .\. \., assignor to Reconstruc- 
tion Finance Corporation, Pliiladelphia. Pa. Stocking. 
2.5u,a,941, May 2. 

Burden, Kmmett C, Lansing, Mich. Floating ottoman. 
" .")34,499, Dec. 19 

Burger, Michael J.. .Murray Hill, N. J , H W. Collins. 
Monroe, N. Y., and A. S. Cosier, Jr., Columbus, Ohio, 
assignors to the I nited States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of the Navy. I'eak reading 
voltmeter. 2.493,336, Jan. 3. 

Burger, Sol II. , .Newark. N J ornamental novelty device. 
2,506,197, May 2. 

Burger, Sol H., Newark. N. J. Decorative device for bl- 

Burdett, Horace IL, Mllford, assignor to Draper Corpora- cycle handle bars. 2,.j08,812. May ^J 
tion. Hopedale, Ratchet mechanism. 2.534,572, Burger. Violet F. : .sec — 

Dec. 19. 

Burdett, John C, Lima. Ohio, assignor to Westinghouse 
Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Single phase 
el<'(tric motor. 2,50S,143, .May Hi. 

Burdick Corporation, The, assigni-e : See — 
Bowers, Oscar R 
Maris, James B. 

Burdick, Edwin C. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to .Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Com- 
pany, Minneapolis, Minn. I'ressure gauge. 2,502,770, 
Apr. 4. 

Burdick, Everette M., Peoria, 111., assignor to the United 
Stales of America as represented by the Secretary of 
Agriculture. Sei>aration of starch from wheal Hour. 
2,504,9(52, Apr. 25. 

Burdick, Everette .M., Wcslaco, and J. S. Allen. McAlleii. 
assignors to Texsun Citrus Exchange, Weslaco, Tex. 
Processing citrus peel and citrus peel liquor. 2,523,64o, 
Oct. 10. 

Burdick, Everette M., Weslaco. and R. H. Maurer. Pharr, 
assignors to Texsun Citrus Exchange, Weslaco, Tex. 
Removal of naringin from solutions containing tlie same. 
2,510,797, June (i. 

Burdick, Will S., Wauwatosa, and K. Schneider. Green- 
dale Village, assignors to Harnischfeger Corporation. 
Milwaukee. Wis. Crane boom mounting. 2, 532, (■-02, 

Burditt, Frederic M., Cambridge, assignor to Yankee En 
terprises. Incorporated, Boston, Mass. Kitchen utent>lL 
2.527,395. t)et. 24. 

Bureau, Arthur A., Chicago, 111., assignor to \\e8tern 
Electric Companv. Incorjiorated. New York, N. Y. iteel. 
2.503.374. Apr. 11. _ ^ , r, , 

Bureau Arthur A., Chicago, and K. M. Denny. Oak Park. 
Ill assignors to Western Electric Company. Incor- 
porated, New York, N. Y. Reel. 2,514,932, July 11. 

Burelbach, Frederick M., Cranford, N. J., .assiirnor to 
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New 'i ork, 
N. Y. Engine temi)erature and cowl tiap control for 
aircraft ground trainers. 2,496,617, Feb. 7. 

Bur. Ibach, Fr-derick M., Cranford, .\. J., and J. J. Luka< s. 
New Rochelle, assignors to Boil Telephone Laboratories, 
Incorporated, Now York, N. Y. Ground trainer for 
training aircraft crew members. 2.500,949, May 9. 

Buren Newton J.. Tacoma, Wash. Outside rear-visi<Hi 
mirror having contrasting colors. 2,514.989, July 11. 

Buret, Ravmond. Melle, assignor to Les isines de Melle 
(Societe" .\nonyiiie). Saint-Leger les-Melle, France. 
Treatment of rubberlike polymers from butadiene hy- 
drocarbons with carboxvlic acid anliydrides. 2,524,424, 
Oct. 3. 

Burford, William B., Ill, and IL C. Anderson, Baltimore. 
Md., assignors to the United States of America as 
represented by the United States Atomic Energy Com- 
mission. Disposing of corrosive gases. 2,515,112, July 

Burford, William B,. Ill, Baltimore. Md.. and C. E. Weber. 
Sclienectady. N. Y., assignors lo the United States of 
Americ.i as represented by the Inited States Atomic 
Eneruv Commission. Stabilization of pertiuoro oils. 
2,496.1 15. Jan. 31. 

Los Angeles, Calif. Necktie holder. 

Angeles, Calif. P'lcxible 

Burg. Bertha R., 
2.503.375. Apr. 

Burg. FriMl, Los 
2,525.646. Oct. 

Portland. Oreg. Hand truck. 


Foo<l Ma- 

Burg, George W 

July 4. 
Burg, Horace E.. Hanover, Pa., assignor to 

chinerv and Chemical Corporation. Glue 

for latMding machines. 2,506,061, May 2. 
Burue, James S.. Anderson, H. J. McKee. Middlotown. and 

W M Rider, Anderson. Ind.. assignors to Mo 

tors Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Spring loop forming 

device. 2.505,942. .May 2. 
Burgener. Karl L., Villa Park, assignor 

Electric Laboratories. Inc., Chicago. 111. 

for signal control. 2.504.6*1. Apr 18. 
Burgener. Karl L., Villa Park, assignor 

Fleet ric Laboratories. Inc., Chicago, 111 

cult arrangement. 2,532,889. Dec. 5. 
Burger, AriKdd J. and V. F., New York 

garment hanger. 2,514,742, July 11. 
Burger, Charles 11. , assignor to Dermetlcs, Inc.. New Y'ork, 

N. Y. Bottle and holder therefor. 2,533,349. Dec. 12. 
Burger, George L.. Chicago, HI. Meat block structure. 

2,500.626, Mar. 14. 

Burger, Michael J. : See — 

Barnos. Thomas G., and Burger. 
Burger. Michatd J., Murray Hill, and G. F. Clement, East 

Orange. N. J., assignors to P-ell Telephone Laboratories. 

Incorporated, .New York, N, Y. Torque controlling 

mechanism. 2.535.667, Dec. 26. 

S74049— I* 8 

to .Vutomatic 
Relay circuit 

to .Vutomatic 
Tie line cir- 

N. Y. .Multiple 

Burger, Arnold J. and V. F. 
Burgess, Archibald R., assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to M. L. J. Lambert, doing business as Crystal-Flo Prod- 
ucts Company. St. Louis, Mo. Hydraulically operated 
liquid dispensing device. 2.503.376. Apr. 11. 
Burgess. Archibald R.. assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to M. L. J. Lambert, doing business as Crysial-Ho 
Products Companv. St. Louis, Mo. Proportional flow 
valve. 2,535,835, Dec. 26. 
Iturgess Battery Company, as.signee 
Blake, Ivan C, and .Mullen. 
Harris. Lawrence H. 
Louzos, Demetrios V. 
Mullen, John B 
Simmons. Frank A. 
Burgess Cellulose Company, assignee : 

Schorger, Arlie W. 
Burgess, l»ana .M. : See — 

Mayor, Harry A., and Burgess. 
Burgess. Everett H. : See — 

Lehane. Timothy J., and Burgess. 

Pjrgess. Frank IL. Philadelphia, Pa. - 

chine fur gluing and folding paper boxes. 2.532.479. 
Dec. 5. 
Burgess .Manning Company, assignee : See — 

H<ivle, Robert L., (Jallagher. and Chij)ley. 
P.urgo.-s Norton Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Waller, Gustav M. 
Burgess. Ricliard E. : See — 

HavanI L., and Burgess. 

Noroton. Conn. Forming yarns. 



Method and ma- 

Devon. Conn., assignor to General 
Punch press set ups. 2,504,642. 

Burgess, Robert, Jr. 

2.519,347, Aug. 22. 
Burgess. Wesley D., 

Electric Company. 

Burgett, .Monte I., assignor to Phllco Corporation. Phila- 
delphia I'a. Permeability-tuned high-frequency ampli- 
fier. 2.514.357. July 11. . ^ 

BurgholT. Louis R., Forrestville, assignor to The L. Inpra- 
ham Company. Bristol, Conn. Electric connecting 
means for electric coils. 2,511,693. June 13. 

Burgoon. Henry E., Fremont. Ohio. Butcher block scraper 
an<i cleaner. 2,504,643. Apr. 18. 

Burgovne, Charles L., Norwood. Ohio. I-Ire extinguisher. 
2.502.923, Apr. 4. 

I'.urgun, Jules J.. \\ ilkinsburg. assignor to Edwin L. 
Wieuanri Companv. Pittsburgh Pa. Electric heater. 
2.528.030. Oct. 31. 

Burgwin, Stephen L. : See — 

"Baiiev. Francis T.. and Burgwin. 

Burgwin. Stephan L., East Aurora, J. F. Kovalsky. Buffalo. 
N Y.. and R. E. Hull, l'iit>burgh, assignors to. West- 
inghouse Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, I'a. 
Sjieed regulating system. 2,498.247. P'eb. 21. 

P.urli.ans, William (J., Kingston, N. Y. Oil filter. 
2.522.565, Seiit. 19. ^ . ^ , 

Burk, Alma S. and J. A.. Lynwood, Calif. Combined hook 
and snap fastener. 2,528,854. Nov. 7. 

Burk. Ernt^t. Washington. D. C. Finger ring. 2.49 ..20.. 
Feb. 14. 

Burk. James A. : See — 

Burk, Alma S. and J. A. 

P.urk. Ravmond V.. Walnut Creek, Calif 



3.647. Sept. 26. 

Burk Robert E.. assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & 
Companv, Wilmington, Del. Polymerization of substi- 
tuted ethylenes containing organic coloring juatter In 
juesence of azo compounds. 2,500,023, Mar. 7. 

P.urk, Robert E., Wilmington. Del., and G. S. Stamatoff. 
-Nutley.eiJ. J., assignors to E. I. du I'ont de Nemours & 
Company, Wilmington, Del. Glass laminations and in- 
terlayers therefor. 2,526,728, Oct. 24. 

Burke. .A.trian P.. executrix: See — 
Burke, Ormonde J. 

t'.urke, Arnold C. Toronto. Ontario, Canada. Placenta 
filter. 2.506.342. May 2. 

Burke, Gftorge F. C. : See 

Cummlngs, Roy W., and Burke. 
Wlielton. John M.. and Burke. 

Burke, James J., assignor to American Viscose Cor- 
poration Wilmington, Del. Dry spinning system. 
2.515.393, July 18. 

Burke. John II. Q., Oklahoma City, Okla. Brush spread- 
ing attachment for tractors. 2,529,998, Nov. 14. 

Burke, Ormonde J., deceased. New Y'ork, N. Y. ; A. P. 
Burke, executrix of said O. J. Burke. Valve construc- 
tion. 2,524,764, Oct. 10. 

Burke, Richard L., Swarthmore, assignor to Sun Ship- 
building & Dry Dock Company, Chester. Pa. Seaplane 
terminal dock. 2.501.310. Nlar. 21. 

Burke, Walter A.: See — 

Van Dusen. Frederick J., and Burke. 




Burkp. Williiiin J.. .Marsh. illton, aseiK'nor to E. I. du Pont 
c!c NVnifiiirs & Coiniiaiiv, Wiliiilncron. Del. I'reparation 
of Sf><-Mri.!:irv rr-ll'ili's.' psters. 2.508.01.?. May 16. 

Burke, Wllliai!! J . .\t!ipns. Ohio, and W. A. Hoflfman. 
K»iini"r>\ X. V . a.^si^TKirs to E. I. du Pont do Nemours 
& rcinip.iny. Wilmington. Del. CoinpoiiiKls h;ivlng a 
(•:l^^lnxy,•^lkyithio or a carttalkoxy.ilkylrhio trroup bonded 
to silicon throu£;h hydrocarbon. L',.')1.'").H.'.T, July 18. 

I'.tir-k-. Willi- (" . Krnosh.i. Wis. Di.iper. 2,530.189, 
Nov. 14. 

Rurkett, Gritlirh L,. Martinsville, Ind. Automatic baler 
tension. 2.4'.M.o:i:!, Jan. Id. 

Biirkey, Carl E.. Seattle, Wash. Bumper attachment 
(iarnp for car-top carriers. 2.531.107, Nov. 21. 

r.urkharrl. Carl 11. : Srr^ - 

TaroThers. Thomas A., and lUirkhard. 

Burkhar.I. I{al['h H. : Srr~- 

Santee, PMuin M.. Biirkhard. and Hess. 

Burkhardt. IMwin II . Minneapolis. Minn. Llfesaving de- 
vice. 2..''.lS,7.")(i. Aut;. 15. 

Biirkh.irdt, Harry L.. d.'ieasHd, Eimira, N. V.; H. J. Burk- 
hardt, exi'cutrix ut" said II. L. Burkhardt. Speed indi- 
cator. 2,51 l.";<t4. June 1 ;', 

I'.i:rkharilr. linden J., e.xccntri.T : See — 
lUirldiardt, Harry L. 

Burkhardt. (_)tto .M.. Euclid, assignor to Thompson Prod- 
Cleveland. Ohio. Selector cock. 2.503,612. 

nrt.s Inc 
Apr. M. 



Seal for pressure 

Otto M . Euclid, Ohio. 
2524. 55.8. Oct. 3. 

Robert E.. and n. R. Pnrlfoy. PittsMirph. 
a«r^iL'n<irs to Westinghousp Electr:c (Corporation, East 
I'ittsburL'h, Pa. Head-end power system for railway 
cars. 2.5,'?4.R0«!, Dec. 19. 

1'. irkhardt. E.. assignor to General Motors Tor- 
poration. Dayton. Ohio. Fabricating heat exchangers. 
■J .'14, i<\'.<. .Inly ] 1. 

r.iirkhirdf, E.. assignor to General Motors 
rorpor.iflon, Dayton, Ohio. Rust removing. 2,531,320, 
Nov. 21. 

Vu kh.trt, .\!!.Ti J . Sedgwick. Kans. Tobacco harvesting 
marhin.' 2. 107. 'i 15. Feb 21. 

Burkhnrt. Raymond A.. Pittsburgh, Pa,, assignor to Car- 
negle-IUlnoia Steel Corporation. Apparatus for chang- 
ing vertical mill rolls. 2,535.898. Dec. 26. 

Burkhart. Roh'Tt A. : S:rc 

Murphy. Ijigene E., and Bnrkhart. 

Burkholder, .M'en H . assignor to Industrial Rayon 
Cot-poration. rii.veland. Ohio. Apparatus for treating 
tu-:s'..,t fil:ui!en'arv materials. 2..'>30.6S0, Nov. 21. 

Burkhold'T. Claude .\ , assignor to General Bo.t Distribu- 
tors. Fresno, Calif. Feeding mechanism. 2.501,933. 
Mar. 2s. 

i'.'irkitr. ll.nry I,, assignee: See — 
I'r.acrer. Gerald .\. 

Burklev, Clement J., assignor to Wingfoot Corporation. 
Akron. Oh'o. Antiski<! pneumatic tire. 2,496,932. 
Feb. 7. 

Burks. .Arttnir W . assi^-iior to Decatur Pump Company. 
Decatur, 111 .Mr chart:iT for hydropneumatic systems. 
2.500,130. .M.av 23. 

I5urks. .Ar'hur W.. assignor to Decatur Pump Company. 
Deoattir. Ill .\ir charger for hydropneumatic systems. 
2.509.1:;]. .Mflv 2.T. 

Burk-. Corge E.. Peoria. 111., and J. TT. Sheusner, San 
Friri' i<i'o. assignors to Caterpillar Tractor Co., San 
I.-indro Calif Heat exchancer. 2.49S.I52. Feb. 21. 

Burks, George E., J. W. Brldwell, G. T. Lundherg. and 
A. W. Sieving. Peoria, HI., assignors to Caterpillar 
Tractor Co.. San Leandro, Calif. Transmission cou- 
pling devlco. 2.535.3S8. Dec. 26. 

F.ur'.v. R..|. St Paris, Ohio. Reversible cooking utensil 
2 rt7.07to Vm.h 21. 

r.urhn. Leslie H.. Valparaiso. Ind., assignor to M. L. 
Sturm, doing business as Milton Stunn & Company. 
Chicairo, 111. Merchandise display rack. 2.500.115. 

\f. r 7 

Bur'in. I.e'iHe IT . Valparaiso. Ind., assignor to M. I,. 

Sturm, doing business as Milton Sturm & Company, 

Chi. 'a-., ill Fddin- .h.air 2,5 1 4.30<l, Jidv -j 
Burline. Elmer R., and J. P. Rich. Nashua. N. FT. Method 

and apparatus for chemical treatment. 2,516,447, Julj 

Burlintratne Leslie G. : .Vpp — - 

Cameron, Emmet G.. Keiper. Mitschke. Burllngamo, 
and Ferguson. 
BurlinLMine. S'anby W.. I'awtucket. R I., assignor to 

Barber rohnaii Company. Rockford, 111. Creel spindle 

for twistine machines ,ind the like. 2.509.333. May 30. 
Burlington Mills Corporation, assignee : See — •. 

^^■oods. Herbert J. 
Birmist. John C... Philadelphia, Pa. Accelerometer. 

2.504,644. Apr. 18. 

Burmist. John G., Philadelphia, Pa. Bearing. 2,520.453. 

Aug, 29 
I'.urn. Edwar I R Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio, assignor to 

Aeronca .\ircraft Corporation. Aircraft seat. 

2,521,339. Sept. 5. 
Burn. Lewis, London, England. Valve. 2.509.958, May 30. 

I'.urn >.rn .\letha K., assignee: See — 
I'rout, Elmer W. 

Burnam. .Vnn, assitmee 
Prout. Elmer W. 


Burnam, John C. assignee : See — 

Prout. Elmer W. 
Burnam. Leonard G., Mansfield, 111. Stockcar. 2,498,647. 

Feb. 28. 
Burnam. Thompson W., assignee: See — 

Prout. Elmer W. 
Burnam. Thompson \V., Whlttier, assignor to Fog Nozzle 

Company, Los Angeles, Calif. Fog nozzle. 2.499.092, 

Feb. 28. 
Burndent Limited, a.ssignee : See — 

Richtirdson, Richar<l P., and I^ewis. 
Burndy Engineering Company, Inc., assignee: See — 
Dupre, Henry P. 
Rogoff. Julian. 
Burnell. Maurice R.. Noroton Heights. Conn., and W. J. 

van Loo. Jr.. Rye. assignors to .\merican Cyananiid 

Company. New York. N. Y. .\<iueous dispersions and 

preparing the same. 2. 519. 348. .\ug. 22. 
Burner, Harold C. and G. E. Nigli, Palestine, 111. Back 

hoe excavating implement with tiltable bucket. 2,496,- 

61»ti. Feb. 7. 
Burnes, Ralph, Brooklyn. N. Y. Venetian blind. 2.512,594, 

June 27. 
Burnes. Ralph, and S. S. Harris, Brooklyn. N. Y., said 

Harris assignor to said Burnes. Vehicle, 2,502,367. 

Mar. 28. 
Burness. Donald M. : See — ' 

Allen, Charles F. H.. and Burness. 
Burness, Thomas P. N'., and A. Johnson. Halifax, England. 

Depth peg for mechanical grippers. 2.51.'<,i:',8. .Tune 27. 
Burness. Thomas P, N.. and A. Johnson, Halifax, I\ngland. 

Mechanical gripper for diamonds. 2.51,{ 1.',;), June 27. 
Burness, Thomas P. N.. and A. Johnson, Halifax, England. 

Appliance for use in cutting and polishing diamonds | 

and other substances. 2.530.421. Nov. 21. 
Burnett. Aaron G.. Coronado. Calif. Selective sectional 

money bag. 2.500,341. .Mar. 14. 
Burnett. David W. : See- - 

Crandell. Dean D.. and Burnett. 
Burnett, Ooldie M., assignor of one-half to R. L. Burnett. 

Sweetwater. Tex. Chain tightening device. 2.533.918. 

Dec. 12. 
Burnett. Peter, and O. C. Bulke, Tonawanda, N Y. Foot 

massage apparatus. 2.534.412, Dec 19. 
Burnett. Richard T., assignor to Bendix Aviation Corpo- 
ration. South Bend, Ind. .Accumulator valve. 

2.531,669. Nov. 28. 
Burnett. Roy L.. a.ssignoe : See — 

Burnett. Goldie M. 
Burnett. William E.. Arlington, Va.. assignor to .American 

Car and F^oundrv Company. New York. N. Y. Seat and 

bed structure. 2,504.645, Apr. 18. 
Burney, Charles D., Baynards Park, near Cranleigh, Eng- 

Ifind. .Magazine loaded recollless gun. 2,503.578. Apr., 

Burney, Charles D.. Baynards Park, near Cranleigh. Eng- 
land. Cartridge case for ammunition. 2.535.624. 

Dec. 26. 
Burney. Clyde D., Los .\ngeles, Calif. Plant growing block 

for a <Iecorative fence construction. i;,5 14,53t!, July 11. 
Burnham Corporation, assignee : See — 

Eddlson. William B.. and King. 
Burnham, John, and G. E. Green. Williamstown, assignors 

to .Sprague Electric Company, North .Adams, JIass. 

Electrical condenser. 2.504.178. Apr. 18. 
Burnham, Oliver T., Milwaukee. Wis Measurinir dis- 
penser for granulated material, 2,500.059. Mar. 7. 
Burnham Soluble lodinje Company, assignee : See — 

Frost. Walter S. 
Burnham. Virgil A., and G. C. Anderson. Saco. Maine. 

assicnors to Saco-Lowell Shops, Boston. Mass. 

Weighting mechanism for textile drawing machines. 

2.525.647. Oct. 10. 
Burnham. V. R.. assitrnee : See — 

Lucius, George P. 
Burnlght, T. Robert. Washington. D. C. and J. F. Hark. 

Jr.. I'nited States Navy. Electronic coordinating sys- 
tem 2 531 393 Nov. 28. 
BnrnitrhtT Thomas R.. and J. F. Clark. Jr., WashiuL'ton. 

D. C. Keying circuit. 2.533.219. Dec. 12. 
Burnish. Howard J.. III. deceased. Dallas. Tex,, and V, F. 

Burnish, Holyrood, Kans. ; V. F. Burnish, administra- 
trix. Pressing iron holder and cooler. 2,529,132, 

Nov. 7., Verona F., adndnlstratrlx : See — 

Burnish, Howard J.. III. and V. F. 
Burnot. Joseph A.. Paris, France, assignor to General 

Electric Company. .Automatic gain control system. 

2..503.900.' Apr. 11. 
Burns. Alexander. New York. N. Y. I'ortable tablet dis- 

pensinir unit. 2.49:^.616. Jan. 3. 
Burns. Bruce, Los Angeles, Calif. Device for applying 

adhesive tape. 2,493.737, Jan. 10. 
Burns. Bruce. Yucca Valley. Calif. Snap-lock wrench. 

2.532.6.59. Dec. 5. 
Burns. Charles R. D. and -A. R. Slvley. Gadsden. Ala. 

Apparatus for Inducing pyrexia. 2. 501. 989. .Mar. 28. 
Burns. Edgar F,. V. R. Woodruff, and .A. R, Leonard. 

Jr.. Spokane. Wash. Attachment for fur sewing ma- 
chines. 2,531.766. Nov. 28. 
Burns. Edwin J.. Remington. Ind. Writing desk for 

vehicles, 2.522.602. Sept. 19. 
Burns. Frank D. : See — 

Wilhelm, Paul L., and Burns. 



Burns. Fred J.. Saginaw, Mich,, assignor to The Columbia 
Mills, Inc., .New ioik, .N. Y. Cura lock luouutiug lor 
\ enetiuu bluids. 2, 494, 85b, Jan. 17. 

Burns. Fred J., Saginaw, Mich., assignor to The Columbia 
AJ;ills, Inc., New iork. N. Y. Venetian blind tilt shaft 
mechanism. 2,495.888, Jan. 31. 

Burns, Fred J,. Saginaw, .Mich., assignor to The Columbia 
.Mills. Inc., .New York. N. Y. Slider guide rail. 2,507,690. 
.May It), 

Burn.-. Fred J.. Saginaw, Mich., assignor to The Columbia 
Mills. Inc., .New Vork, N. V, Fraiueless window screen. 
2,5l!j,iti».S, .Aug. 22. 

Burns. Fred J,. Saginaw, .Mich., assignor to The Columbia 
.Mills. Inc.. New York, N. Y. Venetian blind. 2,530,422. 
Nov. 21. 

Burns. George A., Liverpool, England, assignor to Auto- 
matic Electric Laboratories, Inc., Chicago, 111. Indi- 
cating board for electric power networks. 2,496,853, 
Feb. 7. 

Burns, George A., Muskegon, Mich. Trailer steering 
mechanism. 2,533,553. Dec. 12. 

Burns. Gordon E.. assignor to The Columbia Burner 
Company, Toleilo, Ohio. Gas burner head having 
peripheral secondary air supply. 2,501,207, .Mar, 21. 

Burns, Henry L., and V. J. Wulff, Yellow Springs, Ohio. 
Exhalation valve. 2,519,349, Aug. 22. 

Burns. Hoiiry L., Portland, Ore;:. Automatic cycling valxe 
used for hydraulic windshield wipers. 2,511,834, June 

Burns, Jabez, & Sons. Inc., assignee : See — 
Willenborg, Walter J. 

Burns, Leslie L.. Jr. : See — 

Harvey, Robert L.. and Burns. 

Burns, Louis G., Willoughby, Ohio, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Borg-Warner Corporation, Chicago, 111. 
High altitude fuel system. 2.513.992, July 4. 

I'.urns, .Maigant .M.. Brooklyn, .N. Y. llydraulically driv- 
en rotary tountain. 2,506,4i>7. May 2. 

Burns. Robert. Barkbdale Field. La. Toolholder. 
2,529.372. .Nov. 7. 

Burns, Robert T. : See — 

I'eiinuw, Willis .\., and Burns. 

Burns, Thomas C, New Orleans La. Forming concrete 
piles. 2,528,999. Nov. 7. 

Burnside. Don G.. Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Diode for ultra high fre- 
quencies. 2.505,095. Apr. 25. 

Burnstein, Isaac, Buflalo. N. Y.. and L. Burnsteln. St. 
Catherines, Ont.ario. Canada, assignors of twenty per 
cent to F. Pitterman. Buffalo, N. Y. Steam generating 
apparatus. 2.505.170. Apr. 25. 

Burnsteln, Louis : See — 

Burnsteln. Isaac and L. 

Burpee, Edith R., I'elham, N. Y. Clothes hanger, 
2,516 297. July 25, 

Burr. Horace K.. San Pablo, and B. .Makower. Berkeley. 
Calif., assignors to the United States of America as 
represented by the Secretary ol! Agriculture. Vacuum 
drier with automatic capping device. 2.494,541. Jan. 17. 

Burr, Lester D.. Jr.. Foxboro. assignor to R. F. Simmons 
Company, Attleboro, Mass. CufI link. 2,519.821. 
Aug. 22. 

Burr. Ned, assignor to Chicago Cardboard Comiiany. 
Chicago. 111. Folding display. 2.533.874. Dec. 12. 

Burrage Leslie J., Liverpool. England, assignor to Im- 
perial Chemical Industries Limited. Benzene hexa- 
chloride insecticide with water repellant powdered ve- 
hicle. 2.523.420. Sept. 26. 

Burress, John R., .Arlington, Tex. Well activator. 
2.534,949, Dec. 19. 

Burress. Marshall, Moses Lake, Wash. Portable oil drain- 
ing device. 2,531,765, .Nov. 28. 

Burrell. Guy IL. assignor to I'.urrell Technical Supply Com- 
pany, Pittsburgh, Pa. Burette holder. 2.499,945, 
Mar. 7. 

Burrell, Harry, Paramus, and R. H. Barth, Ridgewood, 
N. J., assignors to Heyden Chemical Corporation, New 
York. N. Y. Resin-acid esteracetals of polyhydric 
alcohols. 2.516,104. July 25. 

Burrell. Jolin E.. I'nittHi State Navy. Synchronizing cir- 
cuit for television receiving equipment. 2,523,556, Sept. 

Burrell Technical Supply Company, assignee : See — 
Burrell. Guy H. 

Burri. Luclen S. : See — 

Pereira. Virginia, and Burri. 

Burris. Albi^rt. St. Marys. Pa., assignor to the United 
States of -America as represented bv the Secretary of 
the Navy. Porosity tester. 2.509.905. .May 30. 

Burris. Joseph J.. Houston. Tex. Key seat enlarger. 
2,501.025. Mar. 21. 

Burroughes. Eric R., Danbury, England, assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Unitary Inductor and trim- 
ming capacitor. 2,502,202. Mar. 28. 

Burroughs .Adding .Machine Company, a.ssignee : See — 
fJeisheck, Charh^s W. 

Burroughs. .Arthur, and Company Limited, assignee : 
See — 

Thorp. Allan. 

Burroughs. Edwin E.. Brooklyn, assignor to St. Regis 
Barter Coinpanv. New York, N. Y. Bag valve. 
2.528.419. Oct. 31. 

Burroughs, F. S.. Co.. Inc. assignee : See — 
Burroughs. Frederick S. 

Burroughs, Frederick S.. Sparta, assignor to F. S. Bur- 
roughs Co., Inc.. Dover. N. J. Lure. 2,497,846, Feb. 21. 

Burroughs. Gordon S. : tfee — 

Bednash. Casper S.. and Burroughs. 

Burroughs Tool and Euuipuieut Company, assignee : See — 
Delehanty. Allen J. 

Burroughs Wellcome & Co. (U. S. A.) Inc.. assignee: 
ib'ee — - 

Baltzle. Richard, Phillips, and Randall. 

Grant. Reginald L. 

Harms. Alfred J. 

Hiicliiugs, »;eorge H. 

Hitchings, George H., and Thompson. 

Walton, Eric, and Hudson. 

Burrow, .Mary B,, Corpus Christi, Tex. Collapsible bath- 
tub. 2.504,646. Apr. 18. 

Burroway, I'aul .M., Phoenix. Ariz. Building block 
spacer. 2.527.985. Oct. 31. 

Burrows. Dewey H., assignee : Bee — 
Metz. Leonard R. 

Burrows, Lawton A., Meudenhall. Pa., and H. H. Herring, 
Jr., Woodbury, N. J., assignors to E. I. du I'ont de 
.Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. Isociuchomer- 
onic acid by oxidation of 2.5-dialkylpyridine with cou- 
ct'ntrated nitric acid. 2,524,957. Oct. 10. 

Burrows. Lewis M : See — 

Allen, I^arle F., and Burrows. 

Burrows, Miliurd D: See — 

Goldberg, Harry, and Burrows. 

Burry. William C. U. S. Army. Mountain Home. Pa., 
and A. B. Christie, U. S. Army, Dallas, Tex. Crutch. 
2,516,852, Aug. 1. 

Burshstein, Shoel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Ciga- 
rette lighter. 2,506,774. May 9. 

Burson, .Manfred A., liermiston, Oreg. Concrete form 
clamp. 2.528,031. Oct. 31. 

Burstiner. Jack, New York. N. Y. Wrapping or pack- 
aging confections. 2.505.384, Apr. 25. 

Burt, F. N., Company, Inc.. assignee : See — 
Nyden. Robert, and Dickerman. 
Wells. William J. 

Burt, <jiuy 11., assigiit-e : See — 
Richardson. Arthur A. 

Burt, Harry .M.. assignee : See — 
Richardson. Arthur A. 

Burt Machine Comp.iny, Incorporated, assignee: See — 
.Neer. Clifford H. 

Burtch. Joel A,. Shaker Heights, assignor to The Brush 
Development Company, Cleveland, Oho. Phonograph 
pickup. 2.518.861. Aug. 15. 

Bums, riieodoie A. : t^tt — 

Kirkbride, Chalmer G.. and Burtis. 

Burtner, Robert R., assignor to G. D. Searle & Co.. Skokie, 
111. I'roduction of /i-(acenaphthoyl) acrylic acids. 
2.508.990. May 23. 

Burtner, Robert R,. assignor to G. D. Searle & Co.. Skokie, 
111, Halogenated aceuaphthoyl alkanoic acids. 2.512,518, 
June 20. 

Burtner. Robert R.. Skokie, and J. M. Brown. Chicago, 
assignors to G. D. Searle & Co., Skokie, 111. Aceuaph- 
thoyl alkanoic acids and derivatives thereof. 2.513.273, 
July 4. 

Burtner, Robert R.. Skokie. and J. M. Brown, Chicago, 
assignors to G. D. Searle & Co., Skokie, 111. Pyridyl- 
alkyl esters of aromatic substituted acetic acids. 
2.529.865. Nov. 14. 

Burtnett, Everett R.. assignor to Bor^-Warner Corpora- 
tion, Chicago, 111. Power transmitting mechanlBm. 
2,519.022, Aug. 15. 

Burton, Everett T,, .Millburn. N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York, N. Y, 
Electron tube coupling circuit. 2.502.822. Apr. 4. 

Burton. Jahue C. llartevilie, S. C. Gearwheel. 2,493,106. 
Jan. 3. 

Burton, John E., assignor to The Budd Company, Phila- 
delphia. Pa. Panel heating. 2,513.993, July 4. 

Burton, Mark, assignor of one-halt to A. S. Brillhart, 
Perryton, Tex. Resetting means for parking meters. 
2.519.<;34, Aug, 22. 

Burton. Robert .A,, assignor to Johnson Hinge Company, 
High Point, N. C. Sofa bed. 2.513,000, June 27. 

Burton. William, Brooklyn, N. Y. Rotary re«'l for driving 
and storing flexible pipe-cleaning elements. 2.501.311, 
Mar, 21. 

Burton* William P.. Orange, assignor to The M, W. Kel- 
logg Company, Jersey City, .N. J. Separation of or- 
gtuiic compounds, 2,505.752. May 2. 

Burtt. Horatio H., Hartsdale, N. V. Electrical connector. 
2.513,0.S0, June 27. 

Burtt. Horatio IL, Hartsdale, W. W. Koenlg, Flushing, 
and C. E. Soderstrom, assignors to Winchester Elec- 
tronics Company. New York, N. Y. Connector with 
strain relief. 2.526,325. Oct. 17. 

Burtt, Horatio H.. Hartsdale. C. E. Soderstrom. New Y'ork, 
and W. W. Koenig. Flushing, assignors to Winchester 
Electronics Company. New Y'ork. N. Y. Self-seiiaratlng 
electrical connector. 2,532.538, Dec. 5. 

Burtt. Kenneth E.. Davenport. Iowa, Conveying attiich- 
ment for golf bags. 2.508.0.59. May 16, 

Burwell, Blair. Grand Junction. Colo., assignor to United 
States Vanadium Corporation. Rotary treaier for ores. 
2. ,521. 896. Sept. 12.. 

Burwell. Maurel G.. Columbus. Ohio. Liquid heating ap- 
paratus. 2.522,091. Sept. 12. 


iM>i:x « 

[•ATENTS, 1950 

Toronto, Ontario. Canada. M' 

rp:ir wlR't'l susijfusion. 


Inil., assignor to International 
Conipany. Dallas, Tex. Tort- 
IS'J. July 25. 

N. J., assignor to I'liffalo RraV.t 
V.irk. N. Y. Brake beam. 

N V 

to Uuffalo 
Slack ad- 


O. Z. Whitona. 

for small b^ 

■k. Indianapolis, 
rt->!. 2,495,406. 

ij-Mior to ropvland Hefrlgoratlon 
Ohio. Compressor unloader. 

Ohio. Adjustable land roller 
iJ.T.-ll'l, Sppt. 2«. 
F.. North Arlineton, 

New York, 



Burwell, Stanley J , 

scooter frame !in«j 

Mar. 14 
Bury, Chail'S. rrinoeton. 

Derrick and Ivjiiipmcnt 

able (trillini: rii: 2 "if,. 
Busoh. Cliarlc* H , Oran_'f, 

Ileaiii ("oiiipany, N-w 

2.-lH:5.'.n '.. .l:in '>'- 
Busch. Charl.s It.. Orange. N. ,T.. a- 

r.rake i'.eam ('..:!;;, .iny, .New Y-rk 

juster for brake's. L2,.')l8,lL't), Aug. ^ 
Busch. »;eorg L., ("openhagen, Denmark. Neutralizing 

capill.iry active sulfonated products. 2,511,043, June 


Busch. Tom N, : !^>-e — 

Iv.ans. John 1... and 
Buscher, IlaroM K., and 

Ind. Diameter gauge 

Jan. 24. 
Busrhmann. Oskar H . assl 

Corporation, Sidney, 

2,520,674. Aug. 2'J. 
BusclnT. I'raiik .M., Celina. 

and harr^Av. 2.." 
Buschow, Herman 

to Hyi!r"ca:'boii Kescarch. Inc.. 

exch.unL:'' unit. 2..'").'V2.2Ss, DfO. 5. 
Busenius. .\lbert S.. assignee: S''e — 

Uusi-niu.s. F.Tdinaml G. 
Busenius. Ferilinand G., Graham. 

to Albt^rt S. I'.nsenlns. Tacoma, 

trucks. 2,51 8, 'J74, Aug. 15. 
Busli A. Ct., assignee: nee — 
Criner. llarrv J. 
Betskeyes, Charles IT. 
Schuiuaclier. Henry E. 
I'ush. Kan L.. San I'rancisco. Calif. S. 
Bush, L., San Francisco, Calif. 

Nov, 21. 
Bush. Elijah B. : Ser~ 

Brown. Tliomas J., and Bush. 
Bush. George L.. Fhishing, assignor to The Teleregister 

Corporation. New York, N, Y. Signal storage circuit. 

2, .'.34. 544, Dec. 10. 
Bush, Harold E., North Syracuse, assignor to Grouse- 
Hinds Company. Syracuse. N. Y. Junction box. 

2..".2'J.1,3.3. Nov. t. 
Bush. II iirv J.. \\ ilmincton, Del. Variable and reversible 

liow pump. 2.4!»,3.525. Jan. 3. 
Busli. How.ird F. : See — 

YoiiUL-. Dousl.iss A.. T>enehan. and Bush. 
Bush. John C. Toledo. Ohio, assignor to The National 

assignor of one half 
Wash. Log stake for 


Rat guard. 
Crab trap. 


I'ittsburgh, I'a, 
See — 

Microchoke valve. 


assignor to 

Supph' rompanv, 
2.514,025. July 4. 
Bush. John H., assignee: 
Turnhull. IJobert B. 
Bush Manufacturing Company, The, assignee: See — 

Peterson. Hans P. 
Busli. O K.. as.'^ltrnee : S^e — 

Phillips. \'ictor V. 
Bush. Uohert R. : See —, John S.. Jr.. Bush, and Cuccia. 
Bush Ituih V. ■ Srf — 

Hiin'M.'l I.oran B., and Bush. 
Bush. William E., Shell Beach. Calif. 

2.5.T5 110. Dec. 26. »V, 
Bushn.'U. .l.imes D. : Sre — 

Hertwii:. Waldemar R.. and Bushnell. 
Bushway. Oeoitre H., North Hampton. N. H 

Elecrrirooker, Inc . Ntwburyport. Mass. Electrical heat 
treating mechanism. 2,490.109. Jan. 31. 
BusiL'nifS, Ihnri G . Forest Hills, assignor to Federal 
Telephone and Radio Corporation. New York. N. Y. 
Siirnal comparison system, 2. 509. 207. May 30. 
Busitriiics. Henri <",., Forest Hills, assignor to Federal 
Teloptione and Radio Corporation. New York, N. Y. 
\'eliir!.^ commutiicatirtn system. 2.510066, Jiine 6, 
BusiL'uifS. Henri O.. Forest Hills, assitrnor to Federal 
Radio rnrporatlon. New York, N. Y. 
2,513 2'!2. Julv 4 

G.. Forest Hills, assignor to Federal 
Radio Corporation Now York, N. Y. 
Distance moasuring system. 2,517,540. Aug. 8. 

Busiirni-s. Henri G.. Forest Hills, assignor to Federal 
Tele[)hone and Radio ("orpo-ation. New York, N. Y. 
Position indicator system. 2,535.038. IH'C. 26. 

Biisigni'S. Henri G . Forest Hills, and G R. Clark. Fort 
Wadsworth. assignors to Teletdione and Rarlio 
Corporation. New York, N Y. Direction finder system. 

2,5no.2'i«. M;iv 30 

Busigni.'s. IT nri i',. Forest Hills, N Y. P. R. Adams, 

• 'ranf'ird. N .1 ainl R I. Tolin. l"ar Hock.iway, assign- 
ors to Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation. New 
York, N. Y. Beacon system. 2.510.0t)5. June 6. 

P.usiirnles, Henri G., Forest Hills, N. Y., and P. R. Adams, 

• "Piuford, N. J assignors to Federal Telephone and 
Radio Corporation. New York, N. Y. Radio beacon. 
2,524,765, Oct. 10. 

Businser, Albert, Basel. S\vitz<rlaiid assignor to Hoffman- 
La Roche Inc., Nutley, N. J. 3-methyl-hexen (2)-yne 
I 5) (hrivatives. 2,529,482, Nov. 14. 

Telephone and 

B''ncon svstem 

Bu-:iirnies, lletiri 

T>doph'>ne and 

Buske. Gilbert B.. Anson Township, Chippewa Cotinty. as 
elgnor to National Pressure Cooker Company, Eau 
Claire. Wig. Engine construction ami cooling method. 
2.494.742. Jan. 17. 

Buskes. Wlllem M.. Velden, assignor to Chomisehe I'abriek 
L. van der Grinten. Vendo. Netherlands. l.xposing 
apparatus for the making of phot^igraphs. phot'iprints, 
negatives, and the like. 2.510,8*;:*., June •; 

Buss. Benjamin A.. East Moline, 111., and H. W. .Miller, 
Davenport. Iowa, assignors to American Machine and 
Metals, Inc.. East Moline, 111. Bath level and tempera 
ture control. 2.520.797, Aug. 29. 

Buss. Donald 11., Lanark, 111. Fishhook 2 513,548, 
July 4. 

Bussard, Emmery J. II., assignor to Avco Manufacturing 
Corporation, Cincinnati. Uhiu. Baud-pass input circuit. 
.2,511,327. June 13. 

Busse. Curtis T., Randolph. Wis. Apparatus for loading 
au<i unloading cans with conveyer mechanism in con- 
junction with a hydraulic hoist and a crate having 
false bottoms. 2,506.061, May 9. 

Busse. Warren F.. Easton. Pa., assignor to (General 
Aniline & Film Corporation. New York. N. Y. Render- 
ing synthetic rubber tacky. 2,522,776. Sept. 19. 

Busse. Warren F. and J. P. Uaihy, Easton, Pa., assignors 
to General .\niline & Film Corporation, New York, N. Y. 
Fire extinguishing composition and method. 2,5()t'>,()62, 
May 2. 

Busse. Warren F.. J. M. Lambert, and P. P. Dehye. Easton, 
Pa., assignors to General Aniline & Film Corfioration. 
New York, N. Y. Composition for producing fire ex- 
tinguishing foams anil method. 2,514,310, July 4. 

Busse. Warren F.. J. M. Lambert, and P. P. Dehye. Easton. 
Pa., assignors to General Aniline & Film Corjioration. 
New York. N. Y. Fire extinguishing composition and 
method. 2,529,211. Nov. 7. 

Bussey, Allen C. assignor to Bussey Pen Products Com- 
pany. Chicago, 111. Brooder construction. 2.501,433, 
Mar. 21. 

Bussey, Allan C. Chicago. 111. Pickup tool. 2,503.998, 
Apr. n. 

Bussey Pen Products Company, assignee : See — 
Bussev. Allen C. 

Bussle^^s, Ilenrl. assignor to J. Eppler. Paris. France. 
Telephone system. 2.498.153. Feb. 21. 

Bustanobv. Andr6 O., Grover. Mo M.i-netic figure toy. 

2.519.883. Aug. 22. 

Bustanobv. Andr6 O., Grover, Mo. Magnetic figure toy. 

2.519.884. Aug. 22. , , 
Buswell. Arthur M.. Urbana. 111., assignor to the I nlted 

States of America as ropresented by the Secretary _of 
the Navv. Removal of salt from sea water. 2.522.856, 
Sept. 19. 

Butane Motor Fuel Company assignee ; Sre — 
Bvera. Juan C. 

Butch." Adam F.. Lawrence County. Pa. Road grading 
attachment., 2.520.3.59. Aug. 29. 

Butcher. Albert Floyd. Mo( esto, Calif. Ditch pipe form- 
ing machine. 2.520,199, Aug. 29. 

Butcosk. Richard A.. Jackson Heights, N. Y., assignor to 
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. High- 
temperature ballbearing grease. 2,495.651, Jan. 24. 

Bufin, Emile .\.. Lyon. France. Automaric shuttle chang- 
ing nie.ins for weaving looms. 2.493.''>70, Jan. 3. 

Butler Brothers, assignee : See — 
Amstutz. W.ilter R. 

Butler. Charles E. : See — 

Roup. Rolland R., and Butler. 

Butler. Clarence A.. Jr.. Palnesville. assignor to Diamond 
Alkali Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Pipe sealer. 
2.500,601. Mar. 14. 

Butler. Clifford J. H.. , Cottonville. South Australia, 
Australia. Form grinder. 2.512.303. June 20. 

Butler. Edgar M.. Now Orleans. I,a. Self-enercizing elec- 
trolytic water correction assembly. 2.524.51 1. Oct. 3. 

Butler, Edmund J.. Cordele. Ga.. assignor to Maywood 
Hosiery Mills. Inc. Hosiery inspection device. 
2.493,803, Jan. 10. 

Butler, Edward W., assl^-nor to P. R. Mallory Sc Co., Inc., 
Indianapolis, Ind. Battery holder for electrically oper- 
ated devices. 2,523 354. Sent. 26, 

Butler. Edwin I.. Charlotte. N. C. W. N. Madsen. Essex, 
and K. 11. Tldrlck. Brooklyn Park, assignors to The 
Glenn L. Martin Company. Middle River. Md. Tire 
handling device. 2,521,149. Sept. 5 

P.utler, Frank D.. U. S. Navy. Variable and rcyersible 
rotary fluid power coupling. 2.5or. .'.7ti May 9. 

Butler. Gray L.. assicnor to Srovill Manuf.icruring Com- 
pany. Waterburv. Conn. Dume-sbaped lawn sprinkler. 
2.519.738. Aug. 22. 

Butler. Harohl R.. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. Production 
of creped foil. 2.522,857, Sept. 19. 

Butler. Henrv E.. Scotia. N. Y.. assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company, Thermostatic relay. 2,50,s,901. M.iy 23. 

Butler. Henry J.. Sutton Coldfleld. assignor to Dtinlop 
Rubber Company Limited. London. England. Fluid 
operated disk brake. 2.497,438, Feb. 14. 

Butler, Henry J.. Sutton Coldfield, assignor to Dunlop 
Rubber Company liimlted, London. Eimland. Fluid pres- 
sure operated master cylinder. 2.409,845. Mar. 7. 

Butler. Henry J.. Sutton Col<lfield. assignor to Dunlop 
Rubber Conipany Limited. London County, England. 
Brake disk. 2,525.648. Oct. 10. 

LIST <»i- i'.vii:Nii;]:s 


Butler. Jack O. : See — 

De Witt. John P., and Butler. 

Butler, James H., Huntington Park, Calif. Soda straw 
dispenser and the like. 2,521.447. Sept. 5. 

I'.uiler, John .M., and C. 11. Uector, Jr., Dayton, Ohio, 
assignors to Monsanto Chemical Company. St. Louis, 
Mo. Plasticized polymers. 2,516,955. Aug. 1. 

Butler. Joseph F.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Cutting apparatus for 
wallboards and the like. 2.529,210, Nov. 7. 

Butler. Joseph K.. Chicago, 111. Combustion gas recircu- 
lating steam and air injector means for furnaces. 
2.499.814, Mar, 7. 

Butler. Marshall E., Raleigh, N. C. Telephone accessory. 
2.5(13.095. Apr. 4. 

Butler, Otis II., Los Angeles. Calif. Commutator tester. 
2 516.615. July 25 

Butler, Roy E., San Francisco. Calif. Electrically heated 
plastics press. 2,521,282. Sept. 5. 

r.utli r. Tlmmas J., Harrison, N. J. Golf practice appa- 
r.itiis 2.521.776, Sept. 12. 

Butler, William F.. and F. A. Cutter, Oakland, assignors 
to Cutter Laboratories, Berkeley, Calif. Blood filter and 
drip meter. 2,528.737. Nov. 7. 

Butman. Louis S.. Merkel. Tex. Automatic steam electric 
sadiron. 2.506.950. May 9. 

Butner, Edgar A., Brooklyn, assignor to Ilydropress In- 
corporated. New York, N. Y. Die-casting machine. 
2.519.7,30. Aug. 22. 

Butt. Charles Waban. Mass., assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to tlie United States of America as represented 
by the Secretary of War. Shielding arrangement. 
2.512.138. June 20. 

Butt. Noah A., and W. C. Byrd, Atlanta, Ga. Can opener. 
2,522,777. Sept. 19. 

Butterbaugh, Darrel J.. Abington, assignor to Rohm Sc 
Haas Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Preparation of 
'Ikoxylsobutyraldoximes. 2.496.198. Jan. 31. 

Bu.terbaugh. Darrel J.. Abington. and N. M. Bortnlck. as- 
signors to Rohm & Haas Company. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Preparation of methacrolein oxime. 2,494,8.59. Jan. 17. 

Butterflidd. George P.. Des Plaines. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Amion. Inc., Chicago, 111. Dentifrice 
composition. 2,526.614, Oct. 17. 

Buttertield. Harry: See — 

Ekstedt. John W.. Pitvo. and Bntterfield. 
Pityo, Albert F.. and Bntterfield. 

Bntterfield. John P. : See — 

Herreshoff, Alexander G., and Bntterfield, 

Bntterfield, Melvin D.. and L. W. Mullins. Wichita. Kans. 
Axially collapsing type tire bead breaking device. 
2.534.950. Dec. 19. 

Buiterly. Daniel R.. New York. N. Y. Photoelectric minia- 
ture radio range. 2.492.064. Jan. 3. 

Butterworth. Archibald J., Camberley. England. Differ- 
ential gear for motor vehicles or the like. 2,532,757, 
Dec. 5. 

Buttery. Kenneth T., assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
pany. Kalamazoo, Mich. Lined carton or container. 
2,493,337, Jan. 3.. 

Buttery. Kenneth T.. assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
pany, Kalamazoo. Mich. Covered box or container. 
2,403, 33S. 3. 

Buttery. Kenneth T.. assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
pany. Kalamazoo, Mich. Double walled box or carton. 
2.495.807, Jan. 31. 

Buttery, Kenneth T.. assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
pany. Kalamazoo. Mich. Covered container. 2.503,798. 
Apr. 11. 

Buttery. Kenneth T.. assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
pany. Kalamazoo. Mich. Cellular carton. 2,527.701. 
Oct. 31. 

Buft.^ry. Kenneth T., assignor to Sutherland I'aner Com- 
F)any. Kalamazoo. Mich. Cellular carton. 2,527.702, 
Oct. 31. 

Buttery. Kenneth T., and E. Hubbard, assignors to Suther- 
land Paper Company. Kalamazoo. Mich. Egg carton 
filling apparatus. 2..507.4S0, May 16 

Buttino Albert I..., assignor to The Rauland Corporation, 
Chicago, 111. Support for electron guns. 2.529,134, 
Nov. 7. 

Buttner. William C. Winnetka. assiirnor to Bastian-Bless- 
ing Company. Chicago. 111. Gas dispensing. 2,499,354, 
Mar. 7. 

Buttner. William C. Winnetka. assienor to The Bastlan- 
Blessint: Company. Chicago. 111. Vaporizer unit. 
2.400.355, Mar. 7. 

Buttress, George A., Los Angeles. Calif. Finishing end 

edges of plasterboard. 2,523,861. Sept. 26. 

Buttress & MrClellan Inc.. assignee: See — 
McClellan, James E.. and Mac Donald. 
Butts. Alfred .M., New York. N. Y. Structural units of 
griiilike construction providing supports for walls, 
Hoors, or the like. 2,534.852. Dec. 19. 
Butts. Chester A. : See— 

Morr. Bert L., Butts and Walters. 

Butts. Robert S.. Arlington, assiirnor to Melpar. Inc.. 
Alex.indrKi. Va. Frequency modulator and time division 
multiplex system. 2.496,148, Jan. 31. 

Butzine. Charles J. : See — 

Baker. Stanley J,, and Bntrine, 

Brtzman, L.-ster E, Sr., Rncky River, Ohio. Clutch and 
brake mechanism for fishing reels. 2.531,610. Nov. 28. 

to Bendlx Aviation 
Y. Semiautomatic 
Oct. 31, 

Buxt'.n, Incorporated, assignee: See 
Broughton, Douglas J. 
Corey. Don.ald \\ . 
Harvey, Robert P, 

Buxton, James i;., Elmira, assignor 
Corporation. Elmira Heights. N. 
engine st.arter control. 2,528,112 

Buxton, Loran O,. Maplewood, assignor to Nopco Chemi- 
cal C-ompany. Harrison, N. J. Recovery of the un- 
s'aponirtable fractions of fatty materials. 2,508,220, 
May 10. 

Buxton, Loran O., Maplewood, assignor to Nopco Chemi- 
cal Company, Harrison N. J. Producing an antioxidant 
concentrate. 2.515,858, July 18. 

Buxton, Loran O , Maplewood, assignor to Nopco Chemi 
cal Company, Harrison. N. J. Producing an antioxi- 
dant concentrate. 2.515.859. July 18. 

Buxton, Loran O.. Maplewood. assignor to Nopco Chemi- 
cal Company, Harrison, N. J. Producing an antioxi- 
dant concentrate. 2.515.860. July 18. 

Buxton. Loran O.. Maplewood, and C. E. Dryden, East 
Orange, assignors to Nopco Chemical Company, Har- 
rison, N. J. Stabilized oleaginous materials. 2,511.427. 
June 13. 

Buxton. Loran O.. Maplewood. and C. E. Dryden. East 
Orange, assignors to Nopco Chemical Company, Har- 
rison. N. J. Antioxidants. 2,511,428. June 13. 

Buye, Stanley M., and F. M. O'Rourke, Elroy, Wis. Dump 
truck. 2,515.334, July 18. 

Buyers. Thomas B. : See — 

Garner, Philip J.. Goldsbrough and Buyers. 

Buys. Pieter K.. and P. F. van Eldik. Eindhoven. Nether- 
lands, assignors to Hartford National Bank and Trust 
Company. Ilartford. Conn., as trustee. Volume con- 
trol for sound reproduction systems. 2,517,629, Aug. 8. 

Buzzard. Robert B.. Charleston. W. Va. Protector shield 
and album leaf. 2.524,306, Oct. 3. 

Buz/.o, Tliomas M. : ,See — 

Corwin. John F., Calhoun, and Buzzo. 

Byam. Peter M. : See — 

Matulaitis. Victor E.. and Byam. | 

Byard. James J., 3rd. assignee : See — 
Barnes. Jesse W. 

Byars. George W.. Lexington. N. C. 
and desk. 2,509.806. May 30. 

Bybw. Coyle E., assignee : Sec — 
ColUs. Melvin. 

Bybee. Sanford M., Detroit. Mich. 
2.520,235, Aug. 29. 

Bvck, Jacques, New York. N. Y. 
2.531.968. Nov. 28. 

Byerlein. .\rthur A . D.'ir(.it. Mich.. 

assignments, to Lima Hamilton Corporation, Hamilton, 
Ohio. Press. 2,514,933, July 11. 

Byerlein. Arthur A.. Detroit. Mich., assignor, 
assignments, to Lima-Hamilton Corporation, 
Ohio. Press. 2.522.745. Sept. 19. 

Byerlein, Arthur A.. Detroit, Mich., assignor, 

assignments, to Lima-Hamilton Corporation, Hamilton, 
Oliio. Press. 2,522,746. Sept. 19. 

Byerlein. Arthur A.. Detroit. Mich., assignor, 
assignments, to Lima-Hamilton Corporation. 
Ohio. Press. 2,522,747. Sept. 19. 

Byerly, Oliver M.. Chicago, assignor to W. E. 
Evanston. 111. I'ackage and producing same. 
Dec. 12. 

Byers. A. M.. Company, assignee : See — 
Story. Edward B. 

Bvers. Laud S., Carmel. Calif. Multiple Jet 
'charge 2,513,233. June 27. 

Byers, James D.. Columbia. Pa. Tool for removing and 
sealing containers. 2.521,629, Sept. 5. 

Byers, Juan C. assignor to Butane Motor Fuel Company. 
Kansas City. Mo. Apparatus for firing dehydrating 
plants and for cooling the product. 2,522,342. Sept. 12. 

Byers. Laurence W. : See — 

Berhenke. Luther F.. and Byers. 
Britton. Edgar C, and Byers. 

Byers. Ralph J., assignor to Chfcago Mill and Lumber 
Company. Chicago. 111. Crate. 2 533.r,63. Dec. 12. 

Byers Machine Company, The, assignee : See — 
Ferguson. Berlin S. 

Byers. Ralph J., assignor to Chicago Mill and Lumber 
Company, Chicago, 111. Crate. 2,521,502. Sept. 5. 

Byler. William H.. ami J. W. Wilson. Morris I'lains. 
N. .T. I'hosphors and X-rav screens prepared there- 
from. 2,525,860, Oct. 17. 

Bylin. Richard S . San Marino, H. II. Covington. Alham- 
bra. and F. F. Heydenfehlt, assignors to California 
Fruit (Growers Exchange, Los Angeles, Calif. Sample 
taking device. 2.498.601, Feb. 21. 

Bylund. Eric : See — 

Van Armbruster. Cecil, and Bylund. 

Bylund. Eric, (o-noa. III., .assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to John Ostcr Manufacturing Company, Racine. Wis. 
Electric motor bearing. 2.500.978. Mar. 21. 

Byuum. Charles G.. Boulder, Colo. Adjustable plumb bob. 
2.509,959. .May 30. 

Bynum. Roy H. : See — 

Prelsing. William J., and Bynum. 

Combination table 

Rotating disk game. 
Ornamental box. 
assignor, by nK-sne 

by mesne 

by mesne 

by mesne 

I la u sheer, 


Bvram. Frederick C 
Springfield. Ohio 
2.51 2. 7tU. June 27 

Bvram. Fre<lerick C. 
Springfield. Ohio. 

assignor to Robbins & Myers. Inc., 
Helical gear shallow will pump. 

assignor to Robbins & Mvers. Inc., 
Rotary pump. 2,512,765. June 27. 



Bvraiii. Frpdcrick C. assignor to Robbins .& Myers Inc 
"SpririKfield, Ohio. Filler and deflator device. i.o^ID.^ott. 

Bvrani Frpdorick C.. assicnor to Robbins & Myers. Inc., 

"Sprln^fipld. Ohio. Internal helical tr^ar pump. 

Byraiii Fr-dfTlck C, asnijinor ro Robbins & 

SprlnirfiHd. Ohio. Pump 2,.'S32.14.'), Nov 
Bvrd Jam-s W.. Miami, i'la. Trailrr. 2,..Uo,t>'J'J. May 9. 
Byrd' John !>.. Fresn.). Calif., assignor of one-halt to 

E K Hemniila. Wheel mount. 2,.')02,309, 
Byrfi WalttT J., ("hatliam. N J., as.signor 

ftjohnsnii. Carton. l.',.^.02,41 7, .Apr 4, ^^,^. ^ , 
Byrd William. Jr., Trinceton. N. J. Holding device. 

2.^9,4:?.^. Aus. 22 ^, „ , 

Byrd William. Jr . and W. Annis. U. S. Navy. Hydraulic 

.surge damper. 2.4y.'),t)y3, Jan. 31. 

Fruit cutter and 

.Mvers, Inc., 

Mar. 28. 
to Johnson 

Bvrd. \Mlliam C : ^c^ 

Butt. Noah A., and Hynl. 
Bvrnp, Au.stin S., Freeport. N. Y. 

"shovel tov. 2,.^23,(i93. Sept. 10. 
Byrnt-s. Jamps C, Jr., 1'. S. Navy 

2.529,4S3, Nov. 14. 
Byrnes, John J.. NVwark. N. J. 

opening. 2,50' 


Foot pedal operated 
Aircraft bomb fuse. 
Smoke pipe cleanout 
M'ltor mounting plate. 

.SSo. May It 
Byrnes. John J., Newark, N J 

2.510,680, June «. ™, ^ . 

Byrns Alva C. Los Altos, .issiunor to The Permanente 

Metals Corporation, Oakland. Calif. Preparation of 

n!a;.'ne.-ium uitrido. 2.4'J7.r)83, Feb. 14. 

Byrns. Alva c.. I-os Altos. Calif., assignor to Kaiser Alu- 

iiiinuia & Chemical Corporation. Production of methyl 

acptvleiie and mairnesium alcoholates. 2,510,550, June 6. 

Bystro'm. Mikeal d. : iSee — 

Lvnrh. Henrv J., and Bystrom. 
C. .A." Constant c.ird. assignee: iS'ee — 

Castell, Agtistln M. 
C. A. V. Limited, a.ssigiiee : See — 
Hevis. Williair. A., and Waters. 
Curzon. Thomas. 

Nicolls, Wilfrid E W. ,, 

C & l> I'.atteiies. Inc.. assignee: Se^ — '■ ' 

Houglity, Leon A. 
C D. Parents Liinired. assignee: Sre — 

Bennett, John G.. (ireaves. Phillpotts. Pirani. Kra- 
mers, and Foster. ^ 
('.reaves. Ch:irl"s D . and Walker. 
C-Elghf Laboratories, assignee: See — 

Caruso, Mario. 
CO Two Fire Eipiipment Co.. assignee: See — 
Catuisac. Cl.arence N. 
Cahusac. Clarence N., and Diehl. 
C r R A Patents Limited, assignee : See — 

Hanghani. D.mali Ilii-'h. Pe'iinett, Mayorcas. Pirani 

arid 'I'hrinj 
Pirani Marcell\ an-l Ililliard. 
C. & W. Tool Company, assignee: See — 

Wpvmouth. C.eor'je J. 
Caan Albert J. Z.. assignor to Socony-Vacnum Oil Com- 
p.iiiv. IncorporattHl, Ni^w York. N. Y. Optical recording 
apparatus for seismic waves. 2.535,348, Dec. 26. 
Cable n.ctric Products, Inc., assignee : See — 

(;r..lisj::il. Alexis C. 
Cabot Codfrev L., Inc., assignee: See — 
Amen. Fr-d IL, and Thurnhill. 
Broughton. Donald IV 
Stokes. Charles A. 
C«bor. Samuel, Inc., assignee: .^rp- ' i 

nermann. Autrustns IT. 
Cabot Shops. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Vail. Robert P 
Cabot. Tlioinas H., Jr. : S^e — 

Chapin, r.ernard L., Davis, and Cabot. i 

Cabrera. Edward M . Los Angeles. Calif. Aquarium elec- 
trical lie.iter. 2..'11 OO'J. June 20. , ,,, ." 
Cacciottl, Vinient E.. Trnv. N. Y. Q\ilck detachable bat- 

terv connector. 2.53^ 7C.3, Dec. 12. 
CacciVio. Gino : See — 

Perettl. Yolanda. and Ciccivio. 
Caddpll, Tameg II.. Richmond, Vi. Truck attachment. 

<'adii'ell' James H~ Richmond, Va. Oil gauge. 2,522,988, 
Sept 19. 

Caddv, Svdnev C., Ilavwards Heath, assignor to L. J. 
Sm'vth "Thames Dltton, Englnnd. Pruner and like cut- 
ting too!. 2 52.?mO. S.T>t. 2t'.. 

Cade. Cporce N.. H:irt!esvll'e. Okla 
Petroleum Company. Recovery 
2.507.499. May Iti. 

Cade. George .S'.. Bartlesville. Okla.. assignor to Phillips 
Petrnleum Company. Cduversion of polyalkyl aro- 
niatlcs to monoalkyl aromatics. 2.527,529, Oct. 31. 

Cade John W. : Fee — 

Horan. Maurice K.. and Cade. 

Cade Phillip J.. Winchester, assignor to Photoswitch, In- 

corporat.Hi Cambridge, Mass. Thermal ralcroswltch. 

2,520.90ti, Sept. 5. 
Cade. Piiillip J., a-signor to T'l'otoswiteh. iTimrpnrated, 

Crinitiridcre, Mass. i:iectrouic control apparatus. 

2.529. TOn. Nov. 14. 
Cade. William M . assitrnor to Deere Manufacturing Co. 

Dubuqup. Iowa. Brake pe<lal lock for vehicles 

2,497,293, Feb. 14. 

du Pont de 





assignor to Phillips 
of boron fluoride. 

Cadeaux, Milton C, assiguee : See — 

Cadjew, Garner W. 
Cadella, Anthony, Bridgeport, Conn. 

juicer. 2,531,026, Nov. 21. 
Cadella, Anthony. Ifairfield. Conn. Gun type oil burner. 

2,496,775, Feb. 7. 
Cademartorl, Joseph .\., assignor to .\merican Steel 
Foundries, Chicago, 111. Extrusion press. 2,528,260, 
Oct. 31. 
Cadet Smokestands Company, assignee : See — 

Dick, Marion T. 
Cadillac Proilucts, Inc., assignee: iSee — 

Farrell. James A. 
Cadjew, Garner W., assignor of one-half to M. C. Cadeaux, 
San Francisco, Calif. Advertising sidewalk block. 
2.509.558. May 30. 
Cadman, Arthur H.. Bloomfield, assignor to Breeze Cor- 
porations, Inc.. Newark, N. J. Sealing and electrical 
shielding gasket. 2,519,436, Aug. 22. 
Cadman, Arthur IL. Uloomfield, assignor to Breeze Cor- 
porations, Inc.. Newark, N. J. Spark plug shield. 
2.522.019, Sept. 12. 
Cadman. Ira F.. assignor to The Union Switch & Signal 
Company, Swissdale, Pa. Approach lock release In 
railway signaling systems. 2,.'')32,832. Dec. 5. 
Cadman, Norman G.. Loudon, England, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to The Westlnghouse .\ir Brake Company, 
Wilmerding, Pa. Fluid pressure brake apparatus. 
2.515,946, July 18. 
Cadman. Norman C... and B. C. Vigor, London. Engljind. 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to The Westinghouse 
Air Brake "Company, Wilmerding, Pa. Check valve 
device. 2,498,482, Feb. 21. 
Cadot. Henry M., (Jreenville, assignor to E. I. 
Nemours & Company. Wilmington, Del. 
ting a<lhesive composition and laminate. 
Dec. 12. 
Cadous, Esther. New York, N. Y. Brassi&re. 

Oct. 3. 
Cadous, Esther, New York, N. Y. Brassii^re. 

Oct. 3. 
Cadrain, Joseph A., New Britain. Conn. Safety clothes- 
line support. 2.523.862, Sept. 26. 
Caduff. John G.. Cleveland. Ohio. Air-conditioning and 

heating apparatus. 2.524.1 t'.O. Oct. ."1. 
Cadwell. Clarence J., Carpinteria, and F. M. Adamson, i 
Los Angeles, assignors to The Cadwell Corporation, 
Beverly Hills, Calif. Apparatus for use in association 
with two picture projector machines. 2,528,855, Nov. 7. 
Cadwell Corporation. The, assignee: See — 

Cadwell, Clarence J., and Adamson. 
Cady. E. L.. Encineering Company, The, assignee: See — 

Cadv, Ernest L. 
Cady. Ernest L., deceased. West Hartford, Conn. ; A. S. 
I Welter, Staten Island, N. Y.. executor of said E. L. 
Cadv, assignor to The E. L. Cady Engineering Com- 
pany, West Hartford, Conn. DofTer roll for carding ma- 
chines. 2.523,751. Sept. 26. 
Cady, George II.. Leonia, N. J., assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the United States 
Atomic Energy Commission. Catalysts for tluorlnation. 
2,510.804, June 6. 
Cady, John E., and F. A. Mulbarger, Indianapolis. Ind.. 
assignors to United States Rubber Company. New York,, 
N. Y. Inner tube. 2.535,120, Dec. 26. 
Cadv. Willoughby M.. Cambridge. Mass., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of War. Antenna. 2,512,139, 
June 20. 
Caesar. George V.. Staten Island. N. Y.. J. V. Bauer. Elm- 
wood Park, and D. M. Hawlev. Geneva, 111. assignors 
to Stein, Hall & Company, Inc., New York. N. Y Multi- 
web bonded paper products. 2,496,440, Feb. 7. 
Caesar, Philip D. : See — 

Sachanen, Alexander N., and Caesar. 
Caesar. Philip D., Champaign, 111., assicnor to Socony- 
Vacuum Oil Companv, Incorporated. Dyeing with 3,4- 
thlolanedithione. 2.515.922, July IS. 
Caesar, Philip D., Wenonah, G. C. Johnson. Woodbury, 
■■md J. W. Brooks, Weiionali, N. J., assignors to 
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Incorporated. Fluoro- 
boric alkvlation of thiophene. 2,527,794, Oct. 31. 
Caesar. Philip D., Wenonah, and A. N. Sachanen. Wood- 
bury. N. J., assignors to Soconv-Vacuum Oil Company, 
Incorporated. Heterocyclicthlol resins. 2,533,764, Dec. 
Caffrey. Charles S. : See — 

Tolllson, Paul L., and Caffrey. 
Caflfrev, Howard E.. Tucson, Ariz. Vehicle license plate 

with renewable tab. 2,535,265. Dec. 26. 
Cafiero. Michael J., Rockville Centre. N. Y. Plaster guard. 

2.497.928. Feb. 21. 
Caflero, Michael J.. Rockville Centre. N. Y. Combination 

connector. 2,499,985, Mar. 7. 
Cage, John M., Elm Grove, assignor to Allis-Chalmers 
Manufacturing Companv, Milwaukee, Wis. Voltage 
regulating system. 2.506,266, May 2. 
Cage, John M.. Elm Grove, assignor to Allis-Chalmers 
Manufacturing Company. Milwaukee, Wis. Reirulating 
svstem utilizing voltage responsive tiivratrons. 
2.51 6.298. July 25. 
Cagle, George A., Mlneola, Tex. Combination hand tool. 
2.501.757, Mar. 28. 



Cahen, Roger R., assignor to "La Radio Industrie 

S. A.," Paris, France. Photoelectric device. 2,.J27.913. 

Oct. 31. 
Cahenzli, .Martin T., Jr., assignor to The Harry Alter 

Company, Chicago, III. Coupler. 2.496,149, Jan. 31. 
Cahenzli, Martin T., Jr., assignor to The Harry Alter 

Company, Chicago, HI. Coiling tubing. 2 ."._•,'■«, 093, 

Oct. 10. 
Cahenzli, Martin T., Jr., assignor to The Harry Alter 

Company. Chicago, 111. Strainer for coflfee makers and 

making same. 2,532.146, Nov. 28. 
Cahenzli. .Martin T., Jr., Chicago, 111., and G. Mutfly. 

Springfield, Ohio, assignors to The Harry Alter Com- 
pany, Chicago, 111. Combination accumulator, heat 

exchanger, and metering device for refrigerating sjo- 

tems. 2,530,648, Nov. 21. 
Cahill. (Jerald, Vero Beach, Fla. Juice extraction ap- 
paratus and method. 2.533.350. Dec. 12. 
Cahill, John L., Dayton. Ohio. Open bottom deposit and 

collection receptacle. 2.532.289. Dec. 5. 
Cahill, Lysle D., Shaker Heights, assignor by mesne as- 
signments, to Jack & Heintz Precision Industries, Inc., 

Cleveland, Ohio. Oil pressure regulator. 2,490,577, 

Feb. 7. 
Cahill. Lysle D., Shaker Heights, assignor, by mesne 

assignments, to Jack & Heintz Precision Industries, 

Inc.. Cleveland, Ohio. Compass slaving circuit. 

2.524.512, Oct. 3. 
Cahill, Lysle D., South Euclid, W. T. Buhl, and A. S. 

Horwitz, Shaker Heights, assignors to Jack & Heintz 

Precision Industries, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Servomotor 

for aircraft controls. 2,520,115, Aug. 29. 
Cahill. Sidney J., Biooklyu, N. Y. Rectal bandage. 

2,512.71:!. June 27. 
t!alull, William IL, Oakland, assignor to A. G. Tassano, 

Stockton, Calif. Single-wheel steering mechanism. 

2.510.798. June 6. 
Calm. Frank J., Huntington Park, assignor to Louis 

.Milani Foods. Inc.. .Maywood, Calif. Sodluni-free 

flavoring compositions. 2,500.!)1'.>. Mar. 21. 
Cahn, John P., San Francisco, Calif. Illusory staircase. 

2.513.914. July 4. 
Cahn, Jui'us IL, Berkeley, Calif. Spring microbalance. 

2,525,587. Oct. 10. 
Cahn. Moritz. .Marshfield, Wis. Vulcanizing tool. 

2.510.772. June 6. 
Cahners. Norman L., Brewer, Maine, assignor to Materials 

Handling Laboratories, Inc., Boston, Mass. Portable 

platform. 2.503.240. Apr. 11. H.ins J., New York. N. Y.. and R. Daniels, 

Boston. Mass.. assignors to William R. Warner & Co.. 

Inc.. New York, N. Y. Epoxides and preparing same. 

2,501,026. Mar. 21. 
Cahoon. Nelson C. Lakewood, Ohio, assignor, by mesne 

assiu'nnientB. to Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation. 

Primary galvanic cell. 2.534,336. Dec. 19. 
Caliour. I'ierre and A. J. Velte, Paris, France, assignors 

to Compagnle Generale De Telegraphic Sans Fil. In- 

directlv heated cathode for valves operating on deci- 

metric waves. 2,518,121, Aug. 8. 
Cahusac. Clarence N., assignor to C-O-Two Fire Equip- 
ment <"<>.. Newark, N. J. Automatic remotely con- 

tr<dled fire extinguisher. 2,519.350. Aug. 22. 
Cahusac. Clarence N., Newark, and D. A. Diehl. Arlington, 

assignors to C-O-Two Fire Equipment Co., Newark. N. J. 

Photoelectric convection smoke detector. 2,513.283. 

July 4. I 

Cain, Eldon : See— 

(Jr.icey, Dale, and C.iin. 
Cain. Elmer B.. Collingswood, N. J., assignor to Radio 

Corponition of America. Interlock. 2.497.4S7, Feb. 14 
Cain. Eliher B.. Collingswood. N. J., assignor to Radio 

Corporation of America. Escutcheon and escutcheon 

fastening means. 2,531.670, Nov. 28. 
Cain. Hubert C, .Mexandri.i. Va.. de<licated to the free 

use of the People In the Territory of the United States. 

Mechanical resector. 2.495,694, Jan. 31. 
Cain, Irwin R. : See — 

Cain, Zora M. and I. R. 
Cain, John R., South Strafford. Vt., assignor to Sulphide 

Ore Proc(>ss Companv. Inc., New York, N. Y. Making 

electrolytic Iron. 2.503.234, Apr. 11. 
Cain, John R., South Strafford. Vt., assignor to Sulphide 

Ore Process Companv, Inc.. New York, N. Y. Electro- 

defiositlon of iron. 2.503.235, Apr. 11. 
Cain. Paul A., San -\ngelo, Tex. Compact cabinet and 

table. 2.527.056, Oct. 24. 
Cain, Robert M.. assignor to Wllcox-Gay Corporation. 

Charlotte, Mich. Phonograph-shock and vibration ah 

sorhing support. 2,520,757, Aug. 29. 
Cain. Rupert S., Spartanburg, S. C. Plant grower brick. 

2.513.711. July 4. 

Cain. Zora M., and I. R. Cain, Altadena. Calif. Nursing 
bottle holder. 2.518.862, Aug. 15. 

Caine. Gerard IL. Hamilton. Ohio, assignor to Minneapolis- 
Honeywell Regulator Company, Minneapolis. Minn. Dif 
ferential transformer control device. 2,507,763, May 

Calne Steel Company, assignee : See — 
Beltman. George C. 

Cairns, Frederick E.. Jr., a.<<8ignor to General Controls 
Co.. Glendale, Calif. .Antivibration jiiunger type elec 
troraagnet. 2.493,386, Jan. 3. 

Cairns, Robert E., Dayton, Ohio, assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis, Mo. I'olyvinyl acetal 
compositions. 2,528,:<3S, Oct. 31. 

Cairns, Robert W., assignor to Hercules Powder Com- 
pany, Wilmington, Del. Blasting cap. 2,517,763, 
Aug. 8. 

Cairns, Robert W.. and R. W. Lawrence, assignors to 
Hercules Powder Company, Wilmington, J}el. Blasting 
initiator. 2..')25,3y7, Ucl. 10. 

Cairns, Theodore L., Newark. Del., A. W. Larchar, Men- 
denhall, I'a., and B. C. McKusick, assignors to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours & Company, Uilnungtou, Del. 
High-pressure synthesis of s-triaziues. 2,503,999, Apr. 

Cal Grove Products Co., assignee : See — 
Erickson, Hurry E. 

Calabogie Floors Limited, assignee : See — 

Stewart. Daniel W., Jr.. Mitchell, and Matthews. 

Calabrese. George V., assignor to Lumenite Electronic 
Comjiauy, Chicago, 111. Freezing temperature control. 
2,50<i.775. May 9. 

Calabrese, Tindaro A., Woodslde. N. Y. Sharpening de- 
vice for scissors. 2,528,943, Nov. 7. 

Calatjro, Autlioiiy, assignor ot oue-thlrd to J. Adamo. 
Brooklyn. N. Y. Veneer clamp. 2,525,204, Oct. 10. 

Calbick, Chester J.. Chatham, N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 
Space current device employing mutually bombarded 
electrodes. 2.509.053. May 23. 

Calcium Carbonate Company, assignee : See — 
McHan. Brack B. 

Calcutt, Reginald B. : .^'ce — 

Steiner, Helm, and Calcutt. 

Calcutt, Reginald B., and H. Steiner, Chicago. Ill, Tire 
and mounting the same. 2,500,342, Mar. 14. 

Calder, William G. : See — 

Jewell, Howard W., Calder, and Stringfleld. 

Caldwell. Alexander M. I . : Sec- 
Lowe, .\rthur J., aii<l (\ildw(dl. 

Caldwell, Arthur W., assignee: See — 
Zicovich, Anthony G. 

Caldwell. Clyde L., Long Beach. Calif., assignor to Houilry 
Process Corporation, Wilmington, Del. Processes em- 
ploying fluent solids. 2,514,371, July 11. 

Caldwell. Emery V., and M. Marshall, Flint, Mich. Ani- 
mal trap. 2.510,168. June 6. 

Caldwell. Ferris IL, Canton, N. Y. Safety snap for fish- 
ing tackle. 2,523,679, Sept. 2t). 

Caldwell, Hamilton P., Jr., and J. W. Payne, Woodbury, 
N. J., assignors to Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, In- 
corporated. Method and apparatus for regeneration of 
fin(dy divided adsorbents. 2,506,542, May 2. 

Caldwell, Harry F., assignor to Oliver Machinery Com- 
pany, Grand Rapiils, Mich. Labeling machine. 2,5*28,856, 
Nov. 7. 

Caldwell. John A.. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to .Miimeapolis-Honeywell Regulator Com- 
pany, .Minneapolis, Minn. Recording instrument. 
2,525,094, Oct. 10. 

Caldwell, John .\., Philadelphia, Pa., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Minneapolis-Honeywell Ri guialor Com- 
panv. Minneapolis, Minn. Potentiometer instrument. 
2.526,196. Oct. 17. 

Caldwell, John R., Kingsport, Tenn., assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Textile yarns im- 
pregnated with lubricating compositions. 2.496,776, 
Feb. 7. 

Caldwell, John R., Kingsport. Tenn., a.sslgnor to Eastman 
Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Linear polyesters 
of hydroquinone, saturated glycols and dicarboxylic 
acids and their preparation. 2,496,033. Feb. 7. 

Cildwell. John R.. Kingsport, Tenn., assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Company, Rochester. .N. Y. ('opolymers of 
acrvlouitrile and isopropenyl acetate. 2,514,024, July 
1 1 

Caldwell^ John R.. Kingsport, Tenn., assignor to East- 
man Kodak Company. Rochester, N. Y. Preparation of 
^-lactones in the jiresence of difluorophosphate cat- 
alysts. 2.518J)62. Aug. 15. 

Caldwtdl. John K., Kingsport. Tenn., assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Company. Roclipster, N. Y. Preparing aceto 
acetic acid esters of cellulose. 2,521,897, Sept. 12. 

Caldwell, John R.. Kingsport, Tenn., assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Comjianv. Rochester. N. Y. Polyri<>rs of acrvlo- 
nitrile with isobutenyl acetate. 2.521,898. Sept. 12. 

c.ii<lw<'ll, John R.. Kingsport, Tenn.. assignor to Eastman 
Kod.ik Coiupany, Rochester, N. Y. Copolymers of 
.•n-rvlonltrile and 2-methallyl alcohol. 2,525,521, 
Oct. 10. 

Caldwell. John R., Kingsport, Tenn., assignor to East- 
man Kodak Company. Rochester. N. Y. Copolymers 
of acrvlonitrile and N-allyl and N-2-methallyl cyanides. 
2.529.911, Nov. 14. 

Caldwell. John R.. Kingsport, Tenn.. assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Coiapany. Rochester. N. Y. Ternary Interpoly- 
iners comprising acrvlonitrile and N-substituted niale- 
ainic acids. 2.533.204, Dec. 12. 

Caldwell. John R., Hampton, Ga.. and G. N. Lemmon, 
llomewood. Ala., assignors to Southern States Equip- 
ment Corporation. Electric switch. 2,521.826. Sept. 12. 

Caldwell, John T., Sudbury. Wembley, assignor to The 
General Electric Company, Limited. London, England. 
X-ray apparatus. 2,513,915, July 4. 



CaMwPll, Lpo NV . deoeasod. Los Angeles, Caiif. ; M. Cald- 
W..11. administrarnx of said L. W, CaMwell. Kgg 
d.fancr. 2,r)i:i,4!'.<. Juiy 4, 

Caldwell. .Mar>:artt, adinini^tratrlx : See— 

<'ald\v.'ll. lA'(> W. „ , , o -Qi ant 

Caldwedl I!oy rieartield. Pa. MarklTg gaugo. 2,.)31,803. 
N'nv. L"*. 

Caldw.d!. Walt.r A. ■ Xr;-- , ,,. ,, 
Th.imsMii. Knhin II. K.. and < aldw.-ll. 

Caldwell Wait»>r A., West Kilbrid.'. and J. Jack. Stevenston, 
Scotland assignors to Imperial •■hemical Industries 
Limited I'raduotlnn of Insolublllzed tilani'-ntary prod- 
ucts by the wt-t spinning of protein sidutinns. i:.4y^>,J0b. 

CabhveU Walter T., assignor, by mesne nsHignpents. to 
Valve Engineering Company, Enid. <Jkla. \ alve anu 
operating ni.-chanism therefor. 2,603.4t;"J, Apr. U. 

Caldwell William A., I.eesbir-', Tex. Automatic pressure 
and temperature equilibrator for pneumatic tires. 

Caldwell William E, Jr., Trenton. N.J. ass gnor to St. 
K.'tris Paper Compaiiv. New York. N. \. Refrigerator 
t.r.'iker fr;iin.v :;.r,04.:;9(i. .\pr. 1^. 

Caldwell, William I., assignor to Tayb-r In.'^trument Com- 
panies R. .Chester. N. Y. Bourdon spring and load ele- 
ment. ' 2.495,314, Jan. 24. ^ ^ r- ^ 

C.ildweli. William I., asslunur to Taylor Instrument Com- 
nanif-s Ro.h.ster. N. Y. Control system with auto- 
matic r.sponse adjustment. 2,517,081. -^"8- l--,„_ 

Caler, Hollin C, Tulsa, Okla. Airplane toy. 2,ol0.169. 
June 6. 

Calfee. John D. : Stf — 

Smith I'... and Calfee. 

Young. David W , and Talfoe. ^^ , „, , „.„,,„, ^„ 

Calfee, John I)., Manli is<.r. nd P. A. Florio. N\oodside. 
assignors t.. Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation Ncvv 
York N Y Photochemical uiaiuitacture of l,i,l-ai- 
tiuon'.chloroethan.. 2.499.120, Feb. 28 

Cali.'e Jnhn D., .Manhass.t. N. \.. and L. B. Smith Wood- 
bridge \ J assignors to Allied Chemical & Cor- 
poration, pilot. .chemical maiuiracture of 1,1,1-difluoro- 
chloroethane 2 499. ♦■>2'.'. Mar 7. 

Calfeo. John D.. Manliasset. an.! F. H Bratt-^n. Floral 
Park N Y, assignors to .Mll.'d nicmical & Dye Corpo-" Recovery of ethylidene fluoride from gas mix- 
tures e.ui'aiuiiig same. 2,r.US.221. May Hi. 

Cilfee John D., Manliasset, and C. B. Miller. St. Albans, 
assignors to Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation. >ew 
York N. Y. Manufacture of halogenated hydrocarbon 
oils ' 2 .'1^ 122, Autr. S. ^, 

Calfee John D., Manhasset, N. Y.. and R. M. Thomas, 
Baton Rouge La., assignors to Sta.ndard 0:1 Develop- 
ment Compariv. Polvmerization of olefins in tiuorinated 
diluent. 2,534,098, Dec. 19. 

<ali:arv Stevn L.. N.'W York, N. Y. Paper trimming 
r!.<vi;-e. 2.527.r,2n. Oct. ."^ 1 . . . » , 

Calli.iun John A Swarthmor.-, Pa., assignor to American 
Viseose (V>rporation, Wilmington, Del. Manufacture of 
cellulose articles from viscose. 2,514,471. /July 11. 

Calh-'un. John K. ; Set- — ' 

Corwin John F.. Calhoun, and Ruzzo. 

Calhoun Lt'slie D, Witi-t.r Grov s. assignor to Fulton 
' Iron \V.)rks Companv, St. Louis, Mo. Oil-gas Diesel en- 
iriuf. 2.r,()9.9f.<». May ;iO. 

Calhoun. Norman C : Sec — , ^ ,^ 

Derb-nwick. Frank, Ryan, and Calhoun. 

("alhoMn. N., assi-uee: See — 
Fletcher. Lawrence D. 

Calico Print. Ts' Association T, united. The, assignee. 

See — 

Lantz Louis A.. Schofield, and Spinner. 
C ilif.irnia '•"..iitainer Corp. .ration, assignee: See — 

Nucenf. E'lir.iie J • « „ 

California Fruit Gr.>wers Exchange, assignee : Sre-- 

p.ylin Ri.h :r.| S , Coviugton, and Hey<lenfeldt. 

Hull, Robert R. „ ^ . /-, *. 

California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining Corporation, 

Ltd.. assignee: Sec — 

.\she, John E. , X ^ • 1 

California Michin.ry and Sui.ply Co, Ltd., assignee. 

See — , ^ ,. 

YouHL'. earth L. and Ostling. 
California Packinc Corporation, assignee: See — 

Corruti. Rirdi.inl C. 

Dunn. Cuv A. 

Kroner, Albert J. ' 

Callf.irnia R..s..arch Corporation, assignee: See — 
Vusnian Milton A., Davis, and Ilun.lero. 

i'.aniscli. Maurico R.. Latiglois. and Schramm. 

P.atchelder. Augustus II. 

BaufT. Lewi.s F i^ofT Victor N',. and Clayton. i 

BrooKe Lhivd F , Elwell. and Meier. 

Brooke Llovd F , Langlois, and Stlckland. 

Clau-^'^n. ThV-nlore I . iinl Ru'liorford. 

Clayt(m, James O., and Alders. m. 

Clayton. James O., and Etzler. 

Condit. P.uil <-'. 

Cope, John Q., anrl Scott. 

Crntdl Jani'.s E.. an.l Hans"n. i I 

Dauphlne, Thon.-t C. 

Davis, Vincent C. 

Deni-^on, (leon-'o H . Jf aiid Condit. 

Denis. .n Choree II.. Jr.. Fur'iy, and Bolt, 

Research Corporation, assignee 
Jr., and Hanson. 

and Leyda. 

, and Schaufelberger. 
P.. and Miller. 

California Research Corporation, assignee: See — Con- 

i)viiison, George H. 
Dimpfl. Ludwlg H. 
Dressier, Russell O. 
Elwell, William E. 
Farrington, l$ruce B 
Harris, Verro A. 
Ilerrlck, Henry N 
Hetzuer. Howard 
Kemp, .tacoh D. 
Levlne, Irving E. 

Mertens, P^dward W. and Stevens. 
Miller, Robert J. 
Moody, Clarlc J. 
Shaw, Charles M. 
Smith, Vaughn R., and Schmitz. 
Smith, Vaughan R., and Stevens. 
Stewart, William T. 
Toland. Wlllialn G., Jr. 
California Spray-Chemical Corporation, assignee : See— 
Harris. Leonard W. 

Harris. I.,€onard \V., Sanders, and Hansen. 
Calim, Edward J.. Dayton. Ohio. Prop for clotheslines. 

2.500,000, Mar. 7. 
Calingaert. George, Detroit, Mich., assignor to Ethyl 
Corporation. New York, N. Y. Antiknock mixtures. 
2.490,983, Feb. 7. 
Calingaert. George, and H. Shapiro. Detroit, Mah as 
signors to Ethyl Corporation, New York, N. Y. Manu- 
facture of alkyllead compounds. 2,535.190. D-c. 20. 
Calingaert. George, and H. Shapiro, Detroit, Mich., as- 
signors to Ethyl Corporation, New Y'ork, N. Y. Manu- 
facture of alkvllead compounds. 2.535,191, Dec. 20. 
Callncaert. George, and H. Shapiro. Detroit, Mich., as- 
signors to Ethyl Corporation, New Y'ork. N. Y. Manu- 
facture of alkyllead compounds. 2.535.102, Dec. 26. 
Calingaert, George, and H. Shapiro, D(>trolt, Mich., as- 
signors to Ethyl Corporation, New York. N. Y. Making 


hydrocarbon-lead cotriponnds. 2.535.193, Dec. : 

Calkins. Art H., Spokane. Wash. Corn shredder 
stationary blades. 2,521,115, Sept. 5. 

Calkins. Arthur S., Barrington, III. Knife sharpener. 
2,513,841, July 4. „ . ^. r, . 

Calkins. Austin E., WestfiPld, N. J.. R. Darley. Glen Burnle. 
and A Beerbower, Baltimore. Md., assignors to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Company. Manufacturing an 
aluminum base grease. 2,514.311, July 4. 

Calkins Claude C.. assignor to Calkins Manufacturing 
Companv, Spokane, Wash. Rotary ro<l weeder. 
2.500,577, May 9. . ,, , . 

Calkins Claude C, assignor to Calkins Manufacturing 
Companv Spokane, Wash. Rod weeder bearing shoe. 
2. 514, 442. July 11. 

Calkins Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Calkins. Claude C. ^, , 

Calkins. William G.. Detroit, and E. W. T pham. Birming- 
ham assignors to Chrysler Corporation. TIii:hland Park. 
Mich. Fuel burner (Tame plate. 2,528, T3«*. Nov. .. 

Call George R.. Sioux City, lov.-a. Comhlnath'n con- 
ventional and ball point tooth comb. 2,519,740 Aug. 22 

Call. Reuel T., Afton, Wyo. Aircraft ski. 2,514,4 lO, 

Callaghan', James M., Chicago. HI. Sink top construction. 
2.500..541, May 2. , . . t, ... 

Callaghan. John D.. Merchnntvllle. N. J., assignor tx) Radio 
Corporation of Amtrica. High-frequency antenna sys- 
tem. 2.510.010, May 30. 

Callahan Charles J.. Chicago. 111. Nonstlcklng back- 
pressure valve. 2,514.838, July 11 o n->r. o^« 

Callahan. Horace D., Hobart. Ind. Snowplow. 2,530,850, 
Nov. 21. , , ^ , t. 

Callahan. John T.. La ?>ria. Tex., and J. r>^i"h"^;:-yt'"' 
assignors to Industrial Nudeonlc Devices, Tulsa, Okla. 
Geophysical prospecting. 2.520.326, Oct. 17. 

Callahan, Lester, assignee : See — 
Natland, Manley L. 
Natland. Manley L.. and Taylor. 
Taylor, Howard A. 

Callan Joseph M.. Jackson Heltrhts. assignor to Maenetlc 
Anaivsis Corporation. Long Island City. N. Y. Distor- 
tion analysis. 2.511.504. June 13. 

Callander, James, Chatham N. J^ 
combustion engines. 2,510,007, 

Callawav, Cleatus S.. and C. C. 
Ticket gluer. 2.499,017, Feb. 
Callawav Mills Company, assignee : See — 

Miller, Eugene D. 

Parker, Samuel P. 

Perkerson, Fred S, 
Callear, Thomas E. : See — 

Sun, Kuan-Han, and Callear. 

Callejo, Modesto, New York, N. Y. 

2.512.478, June 20. 
Callejo. Modesto, New York, N Y 

2.512.479. June 20. 

Callendar. Guy S. : See— ^ ,, , 

Hartley. Arthur C. Brown, Callendar. 
Gill. Moore. Rosin, and Williamson 
Callender Edwin M., Cjnwyd. assiirnor to The P.u.ld Com- 
pany Philadelphia, Pa. Temperature control of power 
for heated enclosures. 2,519,109, Aug. 15. 

Distributor of Internal- 
, June 0. 

Light, Frederick, Okla. 


Vacuum breaker valve. 
Packflow preventer. 

Fehlincr. Fox, 



The Drackett Company, 

protein from vegetable 

The Drackett Company, 

protein from vegetable 

Cullender, Edwin M., Cynwyd, and 11. I'. \ an Sen^r II, 
Merion, assignors to The Budd Company, Philadelphia, 
Pa. Weld control circuit with inductive voltage elimi- 
nation. 2,508,330, May 10. 

Callender, William H.. and G. S. Cesena. San Diego Calif. 
Automatic brake releasing apparatus. 2,532,357, 
Dec. 5. 

Callesella, Ettore, Geneva, Switzerland. Razor for dry 
shaving. 2.515.549, July 18. 

Culletou, Edward J. : iice — 

Young, Clarence B. F., and Calleton. 

Callis Conral C, Manhelni, assignor to Armstrong Cork 
Company, Unncaster, Pa. Cementitious binder. 
2. 50 J, 4 IS. Apr. 4. 

Calllster, Thomas E. : See — 

M( Leod, Roderick C, Calllster, Watson, and Bone. 

Calmon, Calviu, L'. S. Army assignor to The Permutit 
Company, New York, N. Y. Alumino silicate cation 
exchangers. 2,512,053, June 20. 

Calmv, Ralph, Los Angeles, Calif. Fire screen. 2,512,480, 
June 20. 

Calnetiaii Blinds. Incorporated, assignee: See — 
Walker, Charles D. 

Calone, Alfred : Ste — 

Adelsohn, Norman, and Calone. 

Caloric Stave Corporation, assignee: -Sec — 
Klein, c;uPlav. 

Calpat Corporation, assignee: Sec — 

Foster, Nina L. ', 

Calresin Corporation, assignee : See — 
Lockwood. William C. 

Calumet and Ilecia Consolidated Copiter Company, as- 
signee : Hie — 
Hill, W.ilter P. 

Calumet Steel Castings Corporation, assignee : See — 
Zikmund, B(diumil A. 

Calvani, Demo R., Hazleton, Pa. Drapery holder and 
pleater. 2,524,958. Oct. 10. 

Calver, Cyril M. G.. Bushey. England. Vibrating table. 
2.512,304, June 20. 

Calvert, Francis E.. assignor to 
Cincinnati, Ohio. Pr.'paring 
sources. 2,534,220, Dec. 19. 

Calvert, Francis E., assignor to 
Cincinnati, Ohio. Preparing 
sources. 2,534,227, Dec. 19. 

Calvert, Francis E., assignor to The Drackett Company, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. Producing substantially colorless p:o- 
teins from oleaginous seed material. 2,5;i4,228. Dec. 19. 

Calvert, (ieorge V., IHilsa, Okla. Deep recess shelf. 
2.517,284. Aug. 1. 

Calvert. Glen M.. Washington. Mich. Knife sharpening 
machine. 2,519,351. Aug. 22. . 

Calvin, Melvln. assignor to The Regenis of the Uifversity 
of California. Berkeley. C.ilif. Cobalt bls-(3-fIuoro- 
8alicylaldehvde)-ethy!enediimine and making same. 
2,493.054. Jan. 3. 

Calvin, Melviu, and W. M. Latimer, assignors to The 
Regents of the I'niversity of California. Berkeley, 
Calif. Cobalt sallcylaldehydeethylenedilmine and pro- 
duction. 2.508,490. May 23. 

Calvin. .Melvin, and P E. Y'ankwich, Berkeley, Calif., 
assignors to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the I'nited States Atomic Energy Commission. 
Chemical method for concentrating isotopes of carbon. 
2,511.667. June 13 

Cambridge Rubber Company. The. assignee : See — 
Earl, Paul D 

Cambridge Thermionic Corporation, assignee : 
Franklin, Constance W. 

Camden, Charles C, Jr., and W. O. Camden, 
Heating jacket for auto drain valves. 
Aug. 15. 

Camden, William O. : See — 

Camden, Charles C, Jr., and W. O. 

Cameron, Allan M., and S. R. Johnson, River Forest, HI., 
assignors to Continental Can Company. Inc.. New Vo-k, 
N. Y, Method of and apparatus for soldering the side 
seams of can bodies. 2.5:^5.»3ti Dec. 2H 

Cameron. Carl F., Marccllus. Mich. Combined spectacle 
and utility case, 2,529.000. Nov. 7. 

Cameron, Daniel D., San Francisco, Calif. Newspaper 
vending machine. 2.501,434. Mar. 21. ^ 

Cameron. Emmet G., Verona. H. A. Keiper. Elizabeth, 
A D Mitschke. Belleville, L. B. Burlingame, Cranford, 
N. J. and R. W. Ferguson. Bristol. Pa., assignors to 
Fedrral Telephone and Radio Corporation. New York, 
N. Y. Eh'Ctroformlng apparatus. 2.521.687, Sept. 12. 

Cameron. George W. : See — 

Beard, Theodore H.. and Cameron. 

Cameron, Clen H., Mattoon, III. Automatic heat control 
sprinkler head. 2,523,355. Sept. 26. 

Cameron, Gordon K. : See — 

Bronk. Fav F., and Cameron. I 

Cameron Iron Works, assignee: See — > 

. .\< roiidiie. James S. 

' Allen. Herbert. 

AUf'U. Herbert, and Works. 

F'-rmier, Ceorire F. 

Murray. Lvnii' 

Works" Midd.'n T 

Works. Madden T.. an.l Jones. 

Cameron, John A.. Detroit, Mich. Foldable self-adjusting 
reclining chair. 2,521.283, Sept, 5. 

See — 

Salem. Va. 

Cameron. Leroy F., and R. Perry. Pawtucket. R. I. 
Illuminated electric drill and the like. 2.525.588. 
Oct. in. 

Cameron Machine Company, assignee : See — 
Scheuermann, Joseph S., and Carter. 

Cameron, N\ m., & Co., assignee : Hee — 
Smith, Oscar B., Jr. 

Camerota, Louis A., Burlington, assignor to Florence Pipe 
Foundry & Machine Company, Florence, N. J. Muitl- 
l)laten i>ress. 2,494,102, Jan. 10. 

Camerota. Louis A., Burlington, assignor to Florence Pipe 
Foundry & Machine Company, Florence, N. J. Pipe 
testing machine. 2,522,927. Seiit. 19. 

Camfield, Earthen H., Florence, Colo. Exhaust turbine 
and pump. 2,498,910, Feb. 28. 

CaUilield Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 
Robinson. Claude L.. and Lillyblad. 

Camilli, Guglielmo, Pittslield, Mass., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Electric Induction meter system. 
2,504,047, Apr. 18. 

Camilli, Guglielmo, Pittsfield, Mass., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Electric induction apparatus. 
2,529,135, Nov. 7. 

Camilli, Guglielmo. Pittsfield. Mass., assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric C<unpany. Three-phase bimetal thermal 
relay. 2.534,103, Dec. 12. 

Camin, Etienne L. A., and H. Kenmore, assignors, by 
mesne assignments, to Kenmore Metals Corporation, 
New YorK, .n V. Electroplating apparatus. 2,495,695, 
Jan. 31. 

Caniinez, Harold : See — 

Hoffman. Samuel K., and Caminez. 

Caminez, Hazel, executrix : See — - 

Hoffman, Samuel K., and Camin»'z. 

Camp, Elza Q., Goose Creek, Tex., assignor to Standard 
():l Development Company. Suppression of corrosion. 
2,522,430. Sept. 12. 

Camp, Leon W.. (ilendale, Calif., assignor, by mesne 
assigiunents, to The Pennsylvania Research Corpora- 
tion. Magnetostriction transducer. 2,530,224, Nov. 14. 

Camp, Thomas P., Arlington Heights, assignor to United 
States tJypsum Company, Chicago, III. Water-resistant 
gypsum products and making. 2,526,537, Oct. 17. 

Camp, Thomas P., Arlington Heights, assignor to I'nited 
States Gypsum Company. <'hlcago. 111. Water-resistant 
gypsum jiroducts and making. 2,526.538, Oct. 17. 

Camp Thomas P., Arlington Heights, and C. N. Kolmodln, 
assignors to United States Gypsum Company. Chicago, 
111. Laminated structure and adhesive therefor. 
2.518,281. Aug. 8. 

Camp, M., Glen Ridge. N. J., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to The Clark Thread Company, Inc. 
Slider fastener stringer. 2,525.284, Oct. 10. 

Camp. William :M.. Glen Ridge. N. J., assignor to The 
Clark Thread Company. Inc. Stocking and sewing 
same. 2.531.S39. Nov. 28. 

Campagna, Ross J., Omaha, Nebr. Stand. 2,504,800, 
Apr. 18. 

Cainpuigne, Ernest E.. and W. M. Le Suer, Bloomlngton, 
assignors to Indiana University Foundation, Monroe 
Countv, Ind. 3 thienyla(etic acid. 2.513,140, June 27. 

■Campanella, Joseph. Chicago, 111. Pivoted hair curling 
clip. 2,517,971, Aug. 8. * 

Caiu[).inrdli. Anthonv AI., New York, N. Y. Cam actuated 
clamp. 2,530,225. Nov. 14. 

Campani, Louis M. : See — 
De (iiers, Clarence A. 

Campani. Louis M.. Freeport. assizor to The Llnuidom- 
eter Corporation, Long Island City, N. Y. Plural scale 
telemetering indicating system. 2.533,091, Dec. 5. 

Campbell, Albert B.. Chicago, 111., assignor to Campbell 
Products Co. Lather producing machine. 2,495,441, 
Jan 24. 

Campbell, Barbara K. : See — 

Campbell, Kenneth N. and B. K. 

Campbell, Carl E.. New Y'ork, N. Y. Thread-chaser 
gauge. 2.523,277, Sept. 20. 

Campbell, Charles H.. Kent, Ohio. Refining of reclaimed 
rubber. 2.524.375. Oct. 3. 

Campbell. Charles H., Bedford, and D. S. Ferito, Cleve- 
land. Ohio, and C. W. Stoker, Vandergrift. Pa,, as- 
signors of one-half to The American Steel and Wire 
Company of New Jersey and one-half to Carnegie- 
Illinois Steel Corporation. Treating silicon steel. 
2,529,373, Nov. 7. 

Campbell, Clair E., Fort Wayne. Ind., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Farnsworth Research Corporation. Ap- 
paratuf for manufacture of precision glass tubing. 
2.531.394. Nov. 28. 

Campb'll. Colin J.. East Orange, a.ssignor of one-half to 
H. T Tudor, Bloomfield, N. J. Automatic lighter. 
2.512.767, June 27. 

Campbell. Dick A., Tama. Iowa. Front-wheel mudguard 
attachment for tractors. 2.530,857. Nov. 21. 

Campbell. Donald .\.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Afliliated <»a8 Equipment, Inc.. Cleveland. Ohio. Flow 
mixer. 2,493,387. Jan. 3. , 

Campbell. Donald A., and R. M. Buck, assignors, by mesne 
assignments, to AfRliated Gas Equipment, Inc., Cleve- 
land; Ohio. Entrainment device. 2 524 5.59. Oct. 3. 
Campbell. Donald J., and E. F. Lefson. Niagara I'alls, N. Y.. 
assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. 
Wilmington. Del. Production of peroxide solutions. 
2.497,810. Feb. 14. 



Liiinpb«»ll. Dunald L.. Short Hills, and J. M. Graham. 
I'lalniinM, N. J., assignors to Standard Oil Development 
Compitny. Cunt rolling the temperature In a fluidlzed 
catalvst regeneration process. 2.493,526, Jan. 3. 

Caiiipbeil. Dudley H.. Waketield, and W. J. Larkin. Lynn- 
field, assignors to National Company. Inc., Maiden, 
Mas- R ..I;m afiparani-^. 2.."10,tWl. June (). 

Campbell. Earl M.. Detroit Lakes, Minn. Automobile sup- 
purtlng rack for firearms and the like. 2,535,504, 
Dec. 2'K 

ratiiiiNt-l! K'hvard 1>.. .is.-^i^'nee : ^'fc — • 
Wi.k, H:.r: V .1 , and Fry. 

rampbpll. Eldon K , assignor of one-half to J. Cikanek. 
Chicago, 111. liadlo-phonograph combination. 2,502,126. 
-Mar. -'i. 

Camphf'll. Krwin A. : See— 

Woolslav.'r, Honifr J., Camnbell, and Jenkins. 

Campbell, Krwin A., Wexford, assignor to Lee C. Moore 
("ortM, ration, Pittsburgh, I'a. Jacking structure for 
towers. 2,530.807, Nov. 21. 

Cauiptitll, I-'rank <:., assignee: See — 
Nov. s, i;dwin A. 

Caiiipli.'"ll, G.-orge D. : S^e — ^ 

Halfiach. Howard L., Canirbell. and Koupal. 

Caniph.'ll Harris S.. T.ryn Atliyn. Pa., assignor to The 
Finstone Tire & Rubber Company. Akron, Ohio. Air- 
craft r-ornr .lai:i[.,:>g d.-vic.-. J, t'j4.y83, Jan. 17. 

Caiiipbt'll, H.irry H., Kalisp.ll. Mont. Mobile support for 
casket lovverTng fquipnient. 2.499.458. Mar. 7. 

Campbell. Jacob A.. Ard.n, Del. Combined grass and 
leaf rake. 2,r)0r,.993. .May 9. 

Campbf'il. Jam.s A.. Wiliiietfe. HI., assignor to The West- 
Inghotise Air Br.ike CompanT, Wilmerdiug, Pa.- Safety 
control apparatus. 2.498,483. Feb. 21. 

Campbell. James J. : S»e — 

(Jeorgiev. .Alexander ^L. and Campbell. 

Campbell. Jam.'B T.. Detroit, Mich. Photographic print- 
ing frame. 2.494.2^2. Jan. 10. 

Campbell. James \V., Rockville Center. N. Y. Baffled time 
delav mercury switch. 2.527,298. Oct. 24. 

Campbell. John D., Detroit, Mich. Uivet. 2,52o,ll(. 
Oct. 10. 

Campbell, John F.. Euclid. Ohio. Fuel injection appa- 
ratus and control. 2,530.507. Nov. 21. 

Campbell. John F.. Cuyahoga Falls, and H. E. Riggs. as- 
signors to Wingfoot Corporation. ,\kron. Ohio. String- 
ing springs and the like. 2,494.227, Jan. 10. 

Campbell. John H., Mentor Headlands. Ohio, assignor to 
General Kh otric Coinpaiiv. Circuits for high-frecjuency 
operation of fiuorescent lamps. 2,497,534. Veh. 14. 

Camph.'ll. John M., <'levpland, Ohio, assignor to J. M. 
Camphell and P. J. Haber. as trustee. Baffle type 
muffl.'r with rofractory lining. 2.523,260. Sept. 26. 

Catnpbell, John .M.. Fairmont. W. Va.. assignor to.West- 
lncho\ise Electric Corporation, East I'ittshurgh, Pa. 
Exhaust valvf with leak d.tector. 2,533,712. Dec. 12. 

Campbell. Julian A.. Long Beach, Calif. Gas and liquid 
sepurntor. 2.511 ,967. Junp 20. 

Campbell. Julian A.. Long Bemch, Calif. Curb Indicator 
switch for vehkii-s. 2.520.305, Aug. 29. 

Campbtll. Kenneth M,. Portage Township, St. Joseph 
County. Ind. assignor, by mesne assignments, to the 
rnited States of America as represented bv the Sec- 
retary of War, 4 methyl 8-(dialkyl aminoalkylainino) 
quin(dines and their production. 2.508,937. May 23. 

(^'ampbpil, Kenn'Mh N.. and B. K.. South Rend Ind. 
Prep.Trlnu' xanthine and methylated xantn^nes. 
2,,"2.T. tOti. Sept. 26. J 

Cainpl)ell. Lester, assignor to Foster Machine Con*pany. 
Westfield. Mass. Yarn moistening and windfng ap- 
paratus. 2.52G,S4«. Oct. 24. 

Campbell. Lester, assignor to Foster Machine Company, 
W'esttield, Mass Y.irii moistening and winding appa- 
ratus, 2,526,849. Oct. 24. 

C,ii:i;.f.'.Il, Lisa O. J. : i<rp — 

!l il^ivist. r.ror K . fUi 1 Campbell. 

Caiiipii'-ll. L. ; Het^ — 

TTo.Non, Georire F., and Ciimpbell 

Campbell, Maurice M., and IT. Krasne. Los Angeles. Calif. 
P.rake anchor [ in. 2.519,952. Aug. 22. 

Campbell Milrori II. : Sre — 

Hushes. Everett C. and Campbell, 

Campbell. Paul J., assignor to I'nited Aircraft Corpora- 
tion, East Hartford, Conn. Dtimped bearing support. 
2,r)l,-)..'>f,l. .July IS. 

Campbell Produfts Co,, assignee : See — 
Campbell. Albert B. 

C;i-;;it,ell, Richard H.. assi-mor to Webster Electric Com- 
jianv, Racine. Wis. Iniercoinmunicatlng apparatus. 
2, ."29. 9 12, Nov. 14. 

CampbeU. Robert R. M'lskegon, Mich, 
of cast i!un 2.493 3,39, Jan. 3. 

Campbell. RnlHn E. : Sfe — 

Forse, Harry D., and Campbell. 

Campbell, Rolliri E.. .Anilerson, Ind, 
para'u.s. 2.524,253. Oct. 3 


Collar forming ap- 

Campbell. Roy O.. Maitland. Ontario, Canada. Fuse plug 

and socket. 2, 52s. 857. Nov. 7. 

See — 

Campbell. Thaddeps C. Rutherford, .V. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York. N, Y^. 
Combined lock and spreader for portable rolling ladders. 
2,521,114, Sept. 5. 

Campbell, Thomas A., assignor to Stewart-Warner Cor- 
poration, Chicago, 111. Lubricating fitting. 2.497,758, 
Feb. 14. 

Campbell, Walter A., assignee : See — 
Russell, St.anley .\. 

Campbell, William D,, assignor to Munsingw«'ar, Inc., 
Minneapolis, .Minn. Apparatus for transporting heavy 
objects. 2,508.661, May 23. 

Campbell, Wllliani J.. New York, N. Y, Stifety .'Jtop. 
2.512.609. June 27. 

Campbell, Wyant & Cannon Foundry Co., assignee : See — 
Wyant, Ira A. 

Camphouse, John J., Oak Park, assignor to Ditto, Incor- 
porated, Chicago, 111. Sheet positioning device for du- 
plicating machines. 2.518.221. Aug. 8. 

Campion, Donald C, Sr., Detroit. Mich., assignor to 
• Loftus Engineering Corporation, I'ittshurgh. Pa, Con- 
veyer. 2.520.527, Aug. 29. 

Campodonlco. John J.. Stockton, and T. Castberg, Berkeley, 
Calif. Multispeed gear transmission. 2,500,308, .Mar 

Campos, .Adoiph, Clifton, assignor to Volupte. Inc., Eliza- 
beth. N. J. Pocket lighter. 2,511,459, June 13. 

Camras. .Marvin : 6'<c — 

Leedy, Haldon A., and Camras. 

Camras. Marvin. Chicago. Ill . assignor to -\rmour Re- 
search Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology. 
Constant speed drive for magnetic recorders. Re. 
23.192, Jan. 31. 

Camras, Marvin, Chicago. 111., assignor to Armour Re- 
search Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology. 
Neutralizing inductive disturbances in magnetic repro- 
ducers. Re. 23.311, Dec. 26. 

Camras, Marvin, assignor to .\rmour Research Foundation 
of Illinois Institute of Technology. Chicago, 111. Mag- 
netic recording apparatus. 2,496,441, Feb. 7. 

Camras, Marvin. Chicago. 111., assignor to Armour Re- 
search Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology. 
Record protector for magnetic recording and reproduc- 
ing devices. 2,515,190, July 18. 

C.imris. .Marvin, assignor to .\rniour Research Founda- 
tion of Illinois Institute of Technology. Chicago, 111. 
.Apparatus for magnetic recording. 2,528.201, Oct. 31. 

Canada, .Alfred IL, Schenectady. N. Y., assignor to 
General Electric Company. Photometer. 2,525,445. 
Oct. 10, 

Canada Needle and Fishing Tackle Company Llmlte<l. 

^assignee : See — 

Crook, Arthur J. H. 

Canada I'ackers Limited, assignee: See — 
Hincks. William J. 

Canaday, Daniel B.. Jr., Inraan, S. C. Ball point fountain 
pen. 2,521.038, Sept. 5. 

Canadian Car and F'oundry Company Limited, assignee: 

Lathrem, Charles I. 

Canadian Controllers, Limited, assignee: See — 
(Jrepe, Frederick Y. 

Canadian Hnnson and Van AVlnkle Company. Limitedi 
assignee : See^ — 

Richards. Victor L. 

Canadian Industries Limited, assignee : See — 
Allenby. Owen C. W. 
Hornibrook, Walter J. | 

; Janz. George J. ' 

Martin, Arthur H. 
Robinson, Ivan M., and Janz. 

Canadian International Paper Company, assignee: See — 
Brvan.«;. Harrv C. 

Canadian I'atents und Developments Limited, assignee : 

See — 
I Bovd. Winnett. 

Marchant, Lawrence E., Hall, and Creek. 

Canadian Radium & Uranium Corporation, assignee : See — 
Blau, Marietta. 
Blau, Marietta, and Pregel. 
Ooldsteio, Ladisias, and Pregel. 
Joris, George. 

Canadv, Don. Cincinnati, assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to The Hohart Manufacturing Company. Troy. Ohio. 
Lamp housing. 2.518.282, Aug. 8. 

Canady. Don, Cleveland, Ohio. Film transmission niechH- 
nism. 2,495.442. Jan. 24. 

Cnnales. Joe J.. Cvalde. Tex. Weighted drill for cut- 
ting post holes in rock. 2,533.555. Dec. 12, 

Cancelli. Dante E,, and B. P. Silvestri. PeckviUe. Pa. 
Removable rigid top for car bodies. 2,511.460, June 13. 

Candler, Arthur V. B., Tulsa, Okla. Automatic shutoff 
valve. 2,496,518, Feb. 7. 

Candler, Arthur V, B.. and W. .\. Stover, Tulsa. Okla. 
Method of and apparatus for treating petroleum emul- 



28,032. Oct, 31. 

Campbell .'s.itip Company, assiirnee : 
Joh.annes, Erich H. L, 

C.impbell Taggart Corpon 
Archer, Irving M. 
Reeder, Wendell, and Russ. 


assignee : See — 

Candor, Robert R., Oakwood. assignor to General Motors 

Corporation. Davton, Ohio. Counterbalancing device. 

2.498,877, Feb. 28. 
Candor, Robert R., Oakwood. assignor to General Motors 

Corporation. Dayton, Ohio. Domestic appliance. 

2.529,913, Nov. 14. 


ST (•! i'.vrENii:i;.< 


to Radio 
locking circuit, 

Brooklyn. N. Y,. 

Candy. Albert .M,, La Grange, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to National Cylinder Gas Company, Chicago, 111. 
Magnetic control system. 2,493.388, Jan. 3. 

Canfleld. Audley R., Lake Elmo, Minn. Machine for mold- 
ing concrete block, brick, or tile. 2,535,389, Dec. 26. 

Caniield. Gertrude R.. uklahoina City, Okla. Kitchen 
utensil. 2.522.343, Sept. 12. 

Canfield. Harry R.. Cleveland Heights, assignor to L. A. 
Trotimov. Wllloughby, Ohio. Speed responsive device. 
2,531.011. Nov. 2S. 

Canfield, Itobert W,. West Hartford, and R. B. Woodward. 
South Coventry, assignors to Plax Corporation. Hart- 
ford. Conn. Method and apparatus for producing 
twisted thermoplastic resin strips. 2,494,689, Jan. 17. 

Cantieb!. William B. : Ser - 

Rust. John B,. and Canfleld. 

Canfield. William B.. .Montclalr, N. J., assignor of one half 
to Ellis Foster Company and one-half to Montciair 
Research Corjroration. Copolymer liquid polish. 
2.511.695. June 13. 

Canfield. William P... Montciair. N. J., assignor of one- 
half to .Montciair Research Corporation, and one-half 
to Ellis Foster Company. Jute fiber-coating resinous 
material and making same. 2.527,057. Oct. 

Canfora, .Arthur E., Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor 
Corporation of .America. Polar 
2.526,(10.3. Oct. 17. 

Canfora. .Arthur E.. and L. A. Thomas, 

assignors to Radio Corporation of America, 
nous telegraph system. 2,534.337, Dec. 19. 

Canister Comjiany, Inc.. The. assignee : See — 

1 Dl Cosmo. Pa8()uale V. 
Ricci.Trdl. Matthew C. 

Cann. Arthur S.. Mllford, Conn. Pipe cutter. 2.513.842, 

Julv 4. 
Cannell. William A., and M. D. Woodruff, assignors to The 

Bauer Bros. Companv. Springfield. Ohio. Welding 

electrode. 2.518,447. Aug. 15. 
Canner. All)ert D. : Si'c — 

Twele. Karl A. W.. and Canner. 
Canney. .Arthur W.. assignor to Airkem, Inc., New York, 

.N, Y. .Air ventilnrlng svstem with malodor reducing 

means. 2,497,068, Feh. 14. 
Canney. Charles G., Worcester, Mass., assignor to The 

American Steel and Wire Company of New Jersey. 

rpsetting-die lubricant for application to bolt stock or 

the like. 2.531.553. .Nov. 28. 
Cannon. Earl, Downers Grove, assignor to American Steel 

Foundries, Chicago, 111. Fluid apparatus. 2,495,669, 

Jan. 24 
Cannon. Earl. Downers Grove, and E. J, Lukes, Brookfleld. 

assignors to .American Steel Foundries, Chicago, 111. 

Fluid apparatus. 2,495,670, Jan. 24. 
Cannon Electric Development Company, assignee : See — 

.Arson. .Samuel L,. and Cannon. 
Cannon. <ieorge E. : See — 

Huber, Theodore .A,, and Cannon. i 

Cannon. James H.. assignee : Sec — ' 

Arson. Samuel L. 
Cannon. James R. : See — 

Tvrronl. Teseo B. D., and Cannon. 
Cannon. John F.. Springfield. 111. Power driven tooth- 
brush. 2,532,480, Dec. 5. 
Cannon. John W.. Birmingham, Ala. Garbage can holder. 

2 522 77S. Sept. 19. 
Cannon. Madison M.. Jr.. West Hartford, assign/^r to 

Hartford-Empire Company. Hartford. Conn. Water- 
cooled skimmer block for molten glass flow channels. 
2.50S.222. .May 16. 

Cannon, Reginald : See — 

Ware, Richard N.. Jr.. and Cannon. 

Cannon. Robert J. : See — 

Arson, Samuel L.. and Cannon. 

Cannon. Wayne D.. Hohokus. and W. L. Weeks, Wyckoflf, 
N. J., assignors to Wright Aeronautical Corporation. 
Preoiling .ind pressurizing of engine lubrication svstems. 
2.526.197. Oct. 17. 

Cannon. William D.. Metuchen. N, J., and M. Cantor, 
Brooklyn, assignors to The Western T'nion Telegraph 
Company. New York. N. Y. Electrically actuated re- 
cordini: unit. 2.502.419, Apr. 4. 

Cantalupo. Francis J. : See — 

De Craene. Edmond P . Fennema. and Cantalupo. 

Cantello. Carl J,. Brooklyn. N, Y. Garter clasi.. 2,498.154. 
Feb. 21. 

Cantle. Leicester G. H., Surblton. assignor to Reld and 
Sigrist Limited, Kirby Muxloe. near Leicester. England. 
Apparatus for testing the balance of rotating bodies. 
2.524,650, Oct. 3. 

Canton. Arthur. South Pasadena. Calif. Trimming tool. 
2.516.448. July 25. 

Canton Mnlleahle Iron Companv, The, assignee: See — 
Cole, Ralph N. 

Cantor, Gilbert. Bradley Beach, N. J. Amplifier. 

2.520.907. Sept. 5. 
Cantor. Michael : Srr — 

Cannon, William D.. and Cantor. 
Cantral, John I. : See — 

Silver. Walter H.. and Cantral. 
Cantrell, John I.. Mobile, Ala. 
2,524.307. Oct. 3. 

Cantrell, Troy L. : See — 

Smith, Herschel G., and Cantrell. , 

Smith, Herschel G., Cantrell, and Peters. 
Smith, Herschel G., Hill, and Cantrell. 
Canty, Charles R., and G, A. Gavard. Winterport, Maine. 
Fire prevention apparatus for range burners. 2,498,4h4. 
Feb. 21. 
Cai)accione, Dominick : .^ee — 

.Acocella, Pasquale J., and Capaccione. 
Caparone, Michael J., Arcadia, Calif., assignor to Robert- 
shaw-F^ilton Controls Company, Youngwood, Pa. Auto- 
matic pilot burner. 2,524,622, Oct. 3. 
Capellazzl, Gildo. New York. N. Y. Banking spacer for 

univer.sal chucks, 2.524,006, Sept. 26. 
Capewell, Eugene R., Moorestown. N. J. Tube cutter. 

2.502.700. Apr. 4. 
Capewell. Eugene R.. Moorestown, N. J. Tube cutter. 

2.502.701. Apr. 4. 
Capewell. Eugene R., Moorestown, N. J. Tube cutter. 

2.515,627. July 18. 

Capey. Reco. New York. N. Y'., assignor to Yardley of 
London, Inc„ Union City, N. J. Container and closure 
therefor. 2,501,809. Mar. 28. 

Capita, Eiiiil R , .North Bergen, and T. A. Feehsn. Allen- 
dale, said Feehan a.ssignor to Ecco Hi^h Frequency 
Electric Corp., North Bergen, N. J. Centrifugal casting 
means. 2.509.670, May 30. 

Capitol Records, Inc., assignee : See — 
Leedom, Harry B. 

Caplan, Barney. Camden, N. J. Extensible-hem gar- 
ment construction. 2,508,223, May 16. 

<'aplan. Helen, assignee: See — 
Hopp. Hermann and P. 

Caplan. Solomon : See — 

Harvey, Mortimer T.. and Caplan. 

Cappleman. Homer L., Jr., Miami, Fla. Rain or snow 
gauge. 2.497,759. Feb. 14. 

Capps, Frank L.. & Co., Inc., assignee : See — 
Capps. Isabel L., and Cook. 

Capps, Isabel L.. Westbury, and E. G. Cook. Floral Park, 
assignors to Frank L. Capps & Co.. Inc.. New York, 
N. Y. Recording stylus. 2.530.284, Nov. 14. 

Capriccio Charles, Corona, N. Y. Bottle cap remover 
with resilient liner. 2,514,565, July 11. 

Capriccio. Charles. Corona. N. Y. Bottle cap remover and 
applicator. 2.514.560. July 11. 

Capstaflf. John G.^ assignor to Eastman Kodak Company, 
Rochester. N. ^ . Triple head rotary registry printer. 
2,525.522. Oct. 10. 

Capstaflf, John <;.. assignor j Eastman Kodak Company. 
Roeliester. N. Y. Metho and apparatus for stripping 
multilayer film. 2,533.4. 4. Dec. 12. 

Capuano. Crescenzo. Los Angeles, Calif. Ilip pocket. 
2.524.879. Oct, 10. 

Caputo. Dante .A., Los Angeles. Calif. Tension control 
means for cables. 2,512.010. June 20. 

Caracristl, Vlrginius Z. : See — 

Powell, Elno M,, and Caracristl. 

Caracristl. Vlrginius Z.. Bron.xville. N. Y.. assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Combustion Engineering-Super- 
heater, Inc. -Air vane for fuel burners. 2,512,196, 
June 20, 

Caramanoflf. Anna. Detroit. Mich. Reinforcing center for 
phonograph records. 2.501.465. Mar. 21. 

Carani, Attilio D., Miami. Fla. Window structure. Re. 
23.301. Dec