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^T ^ ♦ | Please read the following before 

JlN OU1CC* looking through this book 


This Book is the first of its kind ever published. Our pur- 
pose in writing this book is to give the people of Euclid, Ohio 
and the general public some idea of what Euclid is and what 
it is bound to become in the near future. 

In it you will find many illustrations that will be interest- 
ing to you. A few of the beautiful private residences to be 
found in Euclid and the wonderful scenery in different parts 
of the Village that will surprise you. 

The Directory part of this book is complete to date. It 
gives the names of all the Streets, and the names of all the 
people on them and the number of the house in which they 

Time tables and Schedules of Trains and Busses. Loca- 
tion of depots. Air Mail arrivals and departures. Location 
of Air Mail boxes, etc. 

In this Book is a new Zoning Map, showing plainly the 
location of every Street in Euclid. Business Maxims, Milage 
Charts, etc. Location of every branch Library in Cuyahoga 
County. A complete list of all Cities in the United States 
that have a population of 30,000 or over, and a great deal 
of other useful information. 

A Book of this kind will prove invaluable to people living 
in Euclid, and for the information it will impart to other 
people coming to Euclid. 

Don't fail to secure a copy of this book now, the first and 
only one of its kind that will be published. The price is 
$1.50 in Cloth binding, or $1.00 bound in paper cover. 


For your consideration we are leaving this Book with you 
and one of our representatives will call for it tomorrow, if 
you wish to retain this copy please write your name and 
address below and have the purchase amount ready or state 
when you wish us to deliver you one. 



Deliver to me 1928 

Will Pay 








HE man who has not anything to boast of but his 
illustrious ancestors is like a potato, the only good 
belonging to him is under the ground. 

This Directory and Illustrated History, of Euclid, Ohio, 
will be found in the Public Library of Cleveland, and all its 
branches, also in all branches in Cuyahoga County, the num- 
ber and location of them you will find in another part of 
this book. 

Also this book will be placed in the larger hotels and 
apartments such as The Wade Park Manor, Fenway Hall, 
Park Lane Villa, the club rooms of the Y. M. C. A. and Y. 
W. C. A., in the Public Information Bureau, the Chamber 
of Commerce in Cleveland, and one in each home in Euclid, 

Anyone wishing a copy of the Directory and Illustrated 
History of Euclid, 0., can have same by enclosing one dollar 
and fifty cents, cloth cover ; one dollar, paper cover. 


10 St. Clair Ave. 
The Courtland Bldg. Cleveland, Ohio 


+ »— « 

•2 — 

— * 

FOR 1926-1927 

Mayor ----- Charles R. Ely 
Clerk ----- Robert Topping 
Treasurer - - - - W. B. Verbsky 
Marshal _____ Elmer Hill 

Councilmen : 
Chas. Dissette D. C. Pinney 

A. L. Irwin John Saefkow 

Arthur Kornblum I. H. Stranahan 

Solicitor - - - Judge Stanley Orr 
1481 E. 106th St. 

Street Commissioner - - J. L. Sullivan 

Board of Public Affirs: 

A. L. McCandless Walter E. Neal 

A. J. Budnick 

Water Superintendent - - F. C. Smith 
Building- Inspector - - Wm. Baeckler 
Fire Chief - - - - Chas. Ballon 

Euclid Town Hall : 

North Street Telephone Kenmore 0771 

Police Department — Kenmore 1 and 2 

Fire Department — Kenmore 0722 



OQ 3 
.« o 




vo si I 


^ ft O 

!*■ — -^ - 

"•J £ o a 

5 s ° 




-»•— •§• 

— 4- 


Has four miles of Lake frontage, lying ten miles east of the 
Public Square of the City of Cleveland, Euclid is without ques- 
tion one of the ideal spots for the some-seeker in Northern Ohio. 
Along the lake shore side of the town is the justly famous Lake 
Shore Boulevard Drive, one of the finest drives out of Cleveland. 
and which is rapidly being built up into a beautiful residential 
district. We have an eighty-foot boulevard the entire length of 
the City with two eighteen-foot strips of pavement on either side. 
This is an exceptionally well-lighted thoroughfare, as lights have 
been installed on both sides of the street. 

Euclid, lying east of and adjoining Cleveland, is logically in a 
position to reap the benefitfis of these improvements. On the 
south side of the City we find the celebrated Euclid Avenue, 
the street that is known the world over and known to the traveling 
public as the Cleveland and Buffalo Route. Here again we have 
an eighty-six-foot boulevard with paved strips on both sides of 
the highway. The paving of the west end of the Village section 
of this road was just recently completed by the White Construc- 
tion Company, as was the City's portion of same road by Floyd B. 
Stein, Inc., so that now we have a continuous good pavement right 
to the heart of the city of Cleveland one way and to the city of 
Buffalo, N. Y., the other way. No wonder it is known as the Cleve- 
land-Buffalo Route. Through Euclid this boulevard runs along at 
the foot of a beautiful sloping tree-covered hillside, and here is 
being built a fine residential district. 

The advantages of this particular section are, overlooking Lake 
Erie and the town, fresh air, shade and with all city improvements, 
an ideal place for homes. Upon completion of the paving of Lake 
Shore Boulevard we will have another route through Euclid for 
automobilists that will probably be used as much if not more than 
Euclid Avenue, on account of its being a lake front drive. 

East 222nd Street (formerly Bliss Road), the main crossroad 
through from Euclid Avenue to Lake Shore Boulevard. Euclid is 
paved. The members of the Euclid Chamber of Industry have been 
active in the proposed widening of St. Clair Avenue, lying midway 
between Euclid and Lake Shore Boulevard, and the extension of 
same as far east as the Chagrin Riv^v at Willoughby. Ohio. It is 
conceded that this will be accomplished, thus giving Euclid three 
main boulevards from east to west through the entire length, of the 
Village, and will allow of a distribution of the traffic, the St. Clair 
Road being used for heavy loads and trucks. 

(Continued on Page 10) 







Euclid Police Force — Euclid, Ohio 

Bottom Row — Reading from left — Leo Doneette, John Kaiser, 
K. F. Schmidth (chief), Patsy Leoni, Kenneth Gibb. 

Middle Row — Roland Baher, Charles Fox, Harold Hoffman, 
Erwin C. Garnett, Anthony Arant, C. Raymond Merritt. 

Top Row — John P. Hardley, Alfred Harmon, Gearld Sullivan, 
David Rapp, Edwin Ryberg, Herbert Brady. 


Euclid has a police force of fourteen men and is properly equip- 
ped, therefore it gees without saying that the Village is properly 
policed and has a reputation for such. 


The Guardian Bank, one of the leading banking institutions in 
the State of Ohio, is the legal depository for all Euclid funds and 
also handles all payments of cancelled bonds and coupons of Euclid 
a tremendous amount of work in itself. This bank also collects for 
Euclid all payments on bonds sold. All of this work has been car- 
ried on to the entire satisfaction of the Euclid officials and the busi- 
ness relations between the Guardian Trust Company and Euclid 
has been more than satisfactory. 



At Euclid and Chardon Rd. 

Wfyt Cucitb IrJallep ^abtngs 
$c Hoan Company 


Incorporated January 23, 1922 

Authorized Capital, $1,000,000 

Euclid Office 

Chardon Rd. and Euclid Ave. 



Harvey A. Decker, Pres. John R. Barber, 1st Vice Pres. 

A. W. Laufer, 2d Vict Pres. W. A. Steinbrenner, Secy. 

Perry D. Caldwell, Attorney J. B. Clark W. B. Hill 

W. A. Franks F. Bieber Joseph Irr A. A. Verbsky 




Rear, standing:, E. Kreger; next, standing- on board, G. Stone; next, standing 

on board, T. Haiiley; next, standing on ground, Eiuetetnant E. Prentice; next, 

standing on wagon, A. Yahraus; next, driver, sitting-, H. Byerley ; next to 

driver, sitting on wagon, E. Kastelic; dog-, Flash... 


Center front. Chief E. Eaie ; right front, Lieutenant A. Costello; right, standing 

on board, E. Earicik; left, standing on board, T. MeCrea; right, standing on 

board. C. Moyer ; driver, E. Shaffer ; on ladder, cat. Tommy. 

Built by The DeCarie Corporation Co., and put in operation in 1925. 

Firemen of Euclid, Ohio 

Left to right, top — Elmer Kroeger, Clarence Moyer, George Stone. Lester 
Shaffer, Elmer Earick, Thomas McGreal, Edward Kastilie, Louis Burkhardt. 
Sitting down — Alfred Yahraus, Lloyd Prentice. E. Earick (chief), Thomas 
Hanley, Howard Byerley. 


Louis Harms and N. J. Brewer were elected Mayor and Clerk 
for 1910 and 1911. Brewer resigned in the beginning of 1911 and 
Fred H. Shoaff was appointed and served during 1911. 

Mayor Louis Harms and Fred H. Shoaff were elected and 
served during 1912 and 1913. 

Ralph L. Fuller and H. S. Dunlop were elected Mayor and 
Clerk for 1914, 1915, 1916 and 1917. Mayor Ralph Fuller resigned 
in November, 1916, and D. H. Pond, Vice-Mayor, was appointed 
Mayor and served the remainder of the term. 

Mayor D. H. Pond and Clerk H. S. Dunlop were elected and 
served during 1918, 1919, 1920 and 1921. 

Chas. X. Zimerman and Chas. H. Cross were elected Mayor and 
Clerk and served during the years of 1922, 1923, 1924 and 1925. 

The names of Village officials for the year of 1926 will be 
found on directory page. 

Euclid owns its own Public Park, consisting of about eighteen 
acres of land situated on Lake Erie at Lake Shore Boulevard and 
East 222nd Street (formerly Bliss Road). Here the public can 
disport themselves in the waters of Lake Erie or take a quiet siesta 
'neath the shade of large trees. Ample room for baseball or other 
games is found here and playground equipment for the young is 
supplied. An excellent dance hall is in evidence, as well as a place 
where one can obtain refreshments. 

Euclid owns and operates its own sewer disposal plant and 
under plans approved by the State Board of Health takes care of 
the following cities and villages : Euclid, South Euclid, University 
Heights (formerly Idlewood), Beachwood Village, north half, part 
of County Sanitary District No. 3. 

While the sewer disposal plant was finished in 1925, it is the 
consummation of a long, hard fought battle to obtain it, and the 
preparation of plans, profiles, contracts, together with innumer- 
able objections, made it an almost heart-breaking task covering a 
long period of years. It is now an accomplished fact, and the greatest 
amount of credit must go to the Pease Engineering Company, for 
the burden of proof as well as of work was borne by this company, 
but they, as well as the citizens of Euclid, may well feel proud of 
the accomplishment. 

Euclid owns and operates its own garbage incinerator plant 
and has established a system of collection and disposal that is very 
satisfactory. The incinerator plant, of the De Carie type, is located 
at St. Clair Avenue and Upson Road. This improvement shows the 
real progressive spirit of Euclid, for how many towns can boast 
of an incinerator plant? Contrary to all expectation, there is no 
odor or disagreeable features connected with this improvement. 
This plant was also built under the supervision of the Pease Engi- 
neering Company, the city engineer. 


"I take it, you're trying to show contempt for the court." 1 

"No, your Honor, I'm trying to conceal it." — Cincinnati Cynic. 1 


Will Build and Finance 
100% on Your Lot 







Kenmore 245(1 



■ Euclid is more than fortunate in having the service of two of 
the best railroads in the Eastern States to serve its needs. 

Running from east to west and almost through the center of 
the city we have the New York Central and the Nickel Plate Rail- 
roads. These roads parallel each other the entire distance of four 
miles through the town and with the combined double frontage of 
sixteen miles give to Euclid an extra large amount of factory 
space and insures us of a wonderful business future for this com- 
munity. When consideration is given to the fact that these roads 
are to be electrified in the near future and that Euclid has a zoning 
law that will keep the factory district from encroaching on the 
residential sections and yet retain the immense value contributed 
by same, it is no wonder that the very great possibilities of Euclid's 
future can be seen and appreciated by those, looking for home-sites 
or investments. This is why Euclid is growing so rapidly and fast 
becoming one of the most up-to-date towns in the Sate of Ohio. 
This fact is probably best shown by the increase in propulation 
from 3,363 in 1920 to 10,503 in 1925. 

Euclid has an area of approximately twelve square miles, room 
enough for a population of 150,000. The Ohio Bell Telephone Com- 
pany has predicted (from actual survey) and will provide service 
for a population in Euclid Township of 22,400 by 1930, and 60,380 
by the year 1940. This in itself is an assurance of the future 
rapid growth of Euclid. It also indicates that the residents of 
Euclid know the value of the service rendered by the telephone com- 
pany and are taking advantage of it. 

Euclid is one of the best lighted cities in the State of Ohio, 
having at this time about 600 400-candle power lights distributed 
through the city. Upon request, the Cleveland Electric Illumi- 
nating Company (from which Euclid gets its electric service), in 
conjunction with Nela Park engineering department, made a com- 
plete survey of Euclid's lighting needs and rendered a report of 
the present needs and plans for future lighting requirements. 

The educational features of Euclid are most commendably 
taken care of by our School Board, the members of which are Nel- 
son J. Brewer, Gertrude C. Witmer, L. L. Marshall, J. Leonard 
Evans and J. B. Clark, and under supervision of the Superintend- 
ent of Schools, Mr. W. A. Franks. 


Office Employes 

Miss Bernice Beck, Telephone Operator; Mr. Robert Topping, Clerk: Miss 
Irene Schwed, Abatement Clerk; Miss Katherine Telljohn, Assistant Clerk; Mr. 
George R. Hamilton, Assistant Clerk; Miss Jeanette Henderson, Stenographer. 
Reading from left to right. 

* :#l|%. :Vv.illiW«^ 

. ■'■ .■ ■.'■-. 

., ii 

Sewage Disposal Plant 

Euclid's sewage disposal plant adjoins Euclid Park. Completed in 1925, 
this modern plant serves a great many of the villages surrounding Eu 
sewage being conducted thru miles <of large trunk sewers to the lakefront Bite. 


"It Pays to Look Well" 
We Specialize in Ladies 9 and Children's Hair Bobbing 

The Boulevard Barber Shop 
and Beauty Parlor 

H. S WINTERS, Proprietor 
Res., 81 East 219th St. Phone, Kenmore 915 J 

4*» n« 

Office of Street Department, Euclid, Ohio. 

A. L. McCandless, Superintendent, Seated to Right. Frank T. Andrews, 
Clerk, Seated to Left. Miss Louise Rogers, Stenographer, Standing. 



liuilt by The De. Curie Corporation Co. and put in operation in L925 

The incinerating plant, located along the New York Central Railroad 

just west of Upson Road, serves several of the villages in 

the vicinity of Euclid Village 

*»"— ' 



B. & F. Realty Co. 

18001 Lake Shore Blvd. 
Builders and Brokers 




KEnmore 1059 

--r— H 


t 7 , 


I I 

Euclid Central School on Char don Rd., One Block South of Euclid 

Avenue, Euclid, Ohio 

At the present date Euclid Village 
has five public school plants hous- 
ing its? school population, Euclid- 
Central on Chardon Rd., a block 
north of Euclid Ave., at Stop 10; 
Shore School, Bliss and Babbitt Rds. 
at Stop 133 Lake Shore Blvd.; 
Roosevelt School, E. 200th St. at 
Monterey Ave.; Noble School, cor- 
ner of St. Clair Ave| and Babbit 
Rd., and Upson School, E. 260th St., 
one-quarter mile south of Lake 
Shore Blvd., Stop 139. Of these five, 
Euclid-Central and Shore both house 
first grade high schools, Junior high 
department and all primary and in- 
termediate grades from the kinder- 
garten to twelfth inclusive. Roose- 
velt provides for grades one to eight 
inclusive, and Noble and Upson one 
to seven inclusive, though next year 
all eight grades are contemplated 
being provided at the two last 
named schools. 

The Euclid schools have semi-an- 
nual promotions occurring at the 
end of each semester. Grade cards- 
are handed all pupils at the close 
of each six weeks' period. The 
Junior High schools at present con- 
sist of the seventh and eighth 
grades, while the senior highs in- 
clude the ninth to twelfth inclusive. 

Both Euclid and Shore senior 

highs are first grade high schools 
chartered by the State of Ohio and 
inspected annually by the State De- 
partment of Education. Both schools 
also are members of the North Cen- 
tral Association of High Schools and 
Colleges, which means that they 
must conform to the high scholastic 
standards of the association. Through 
membership in this association 
graduates of both high schools of 
Euclid Village are admitted to col- 
leges and universities of the North 
Central Association without examin- 
ation providing they are in the first, 
third or fourth of the class accord- 
ing to the college's ruling. Owing 
to the great increase in college en- 
rollment the last few years all 
schools of higher education are mak- 
ing very careful selection from the 
large number of boys and girls from 
high schools who are seeking ad- 
mission to the various colleges and 
universities. About one-third of the 
graduates of the Euclid Village High 
schools enter institution of higher 
learning. The last two years no 
student in college was reported to 
the principals as having failed in 
his work. The management of the 
local schools has striven thought- 
fully and earnestly to improve the 
standards of scholarship each year. 

•*"— « 



Upson School, East 260th, One-Quarter of a Mile South of 
Lake Shore Blvd., Euclid, Ohio 

Euclid schools have special 

Both Euclid High schools are 
members of the National Honor So- 
ciety, which admits only schools of 
the best standards and achievements. 
The qualifications for membership 
in this society are character, schol- 
arship, leadership and service. Only 
members of the junior and senior 
classes of the senior high schools 
are eligible to membership in this 
National Society, which has an or- 
ganization in all the leading high 
schools of the United States and is 
comparable to the Phi Beta Kappa 
Honor Fraternity. Both schools also 
have membership in an honorary 
athletic association which has as its 
requisites for membership scholar- 
ship, excellence in athletic competi- 
tion and co-operative effort. 

The high schools are members of 
the Greater Cleveland Conference, 
which consists of eight high schools 
as follows: Shaker Heights, Rocky 
River, South Euclid-Brush. John 
Marshall, West Commerce and 
Longwood, together with the two 
local schools, Euclid-Central and 
Euclid-Shore. Two years ago Shore 
High school won the basketball 
championship of this conference, 
while last fall Euclid-Central, 
though the smallest school in point 
of numbers, won the football cham- 
pionship, having defeated each 
school of the association during the 
season and having its own record 


visors of Art, Vocal Music, Instru- 
mental Music and Orchestras, Physi- 
cal Education, Domestic Arts and 
Manual Training. This coming year 
Domestic Arts and Manual Training 
will be included in the work at each 
school in the Village for the junior 
high divisions and the upper grades. 
An instructor to supervise Physical 
Education for the boys and Manual 
Training at all ward schools will 
start work this fall. At the high 
school adequate machinery and tools 
are maintained in the manual train- 
ing shops which are under super- 
vision of a special teacher. At the 
three larger schools classes in cook- 
ing are a part of the regular pro- 
gram, while this coming year classes 
in sewing will be offered at all the 
schools in the Village for the older 

The Musical Department has long 
been noted for its excellence as is 
evidenced by the production during 
the last two years of the rather dif- 
ficult operas, "The pring Maid," by 
Reinhardt, and "The Mikado," by 
Gilbert and Sullivan. The coming 
year emphasis will be placed upon 
instrumental work and ensemble 
classes will be offered to pupils de- 
siring instruction in band and or- 
chestral instruments. This individual 
instruction is offered free to all 



Roosevelt School, Corner East 200th Street and Monterey Avenue 

Euclid* Ohio 

Regular and systematic gym work 
for each pupil in the public schools 
beginning with the first grade and 
continuing throughout the high 
school is under the general super- 
vision of the Physical Education De- 
partment with a lady instructor in 
charge of the older girls and young 
men for the upper grade and high 
school boys. 

During the school year the Euclid 
schools have the co-operation of the 
Cleveland Museum of Art, The 
Cleveland Museum of Natural His- 
tory and the Western Reserve His- 
torical Museum. Classes in charge 
of their teachers visit these various 
museums and receive instruction 
and listen to interesting talks from 
the instructors and those in charge 
of the museum work. Also at vari- 
ous times during the year interest- 
ing lectures are given by representa- 
tives from these museums and by 
various other speakers. 

The growth of the Euclid schools 
in enrollment has been a steady in- 
crease. Ten years ago the total 
enrollment was 419. Last year 2 222 
were enrolled with a corresponding 
increase of teachers from 19 to 85. 
The enrollment as of June 3. 1927, 
closing the last school year, was as 
follows for each building: Euclid. 
491; Shore, 615; Roosevelt, 716; 
Noble, 24 7, and Upson, 153. Dis- 
tributed by departments these num- 

bers indicated a total of 1494 in 
the first six grades, 3 80 in the junior 
high schools, and 34 8 in the senior 
high schools. Last year's .graduates 
from both schools numbered 56, the 
largest in the history of the schools. 

The school census, which was com- 
pleted May 31, 1927, "gave 2704 of 
school age residing in Euclid Vil- 
lage as against a total of 2 39 9 for 
the preceding year, or a net gain of 
3 5, or nearly 13 per cent increase 
over the preceding year. These fig- 
ures indicate as accurately as anv 
statistics the real growth of Euclid 
Village and would indicate as a con- 
servative estimate a population of 
about 11,000 or 12,000 for the in- 
corporated limits of the Village. The 
enrollment in the Euclid schools for 
the fall of 1927 was an even 2 5 00 
or an increase of 400 over the en- 
rollment the same time the preced- 
ing year. To care for this increased 
enrollment additional teachers? have 
been added to the teaching force 
until the total reaches 100 instruc- 

The Euclid schools have the 
unique distinction of being tiie larg- 
est exempted village schools in the 
State of Ohio, according to the re- 
cent report of the State School Su- 
perintendent. They also are unique 
in having two first grade high 
schools Located so as to serve the 
patrons conveniently. 

-19 — 

Noble School, Carrier St. Clair and Babbitt Road, Euclid, Ohio 

The Board of Education has wise- 
ly provided additions whenever 
needed so that each child in the 
Euclid schools is enabled to have 
his own desk and a full school day. 
All school grounds have been land- 
scaped during the last year. During 
the summer the buildings have been 
painted and renovated wherever 
necessary. The board is providing 
two splendid athletic fields for each 
of its two high school. These will 
include football fields, quarter-mile 
running tracks, baseball diamonds 
and tennis courts. The Osborn En- 
gineering Company, specialists in 
athletic fields and their layout are 
directing this feature of the work. 
Another improvement which the lo- 
cal board is providing for all its 

schools is the installation of gas at 
all its buildings for laboratory, cafe- 
teria and cooking classes. Modern 
stoves of the latest type are being 
installed this summer in all Euclid 
school buildings. 

With the steady movement of city 
dwellers to the suburbs, the Euclid 
schools will continue to grow rap- 
idly as they have during the past 
few years, an increase of 160 per 
cent having occurred during the 
past five years. Dr. A. E. Winship, 
editor of the American Journal of 
Education at Boston, after a per- 
sonal visit to the schools at Euclid 
Village, pronounced them as being 
one of the best in personnel and 
plan equipment of any of the smaller 
cities in the United States. 

By Charles W. Meal's 

The world is beginning to see that 
to be a successful business man is a 
decidedly reliable proof of a man's 
character. A man cannot cheat and 
survive. He cannot lie and stay in 
business. He cannot be a drunkard 
or his business will run away from 
him. His promises must be kept, 
else he will find nobody any longer 
accepting them. He cannot be lazy 
without finding that competitors 
hove outdistanced him. He must 
give value received or lose his cus- 

There was a time when business 
men thought it smart to trick their 
customers into transactions unprofit- 
able to the customers. Nobody but 
a fool entertains any such thought 
today. Today every stable business 
man knows that the one thing that 
keeps him in business is his ability 
and his willingness to give the cus- 
tomer a profit on every purchase. 

Among moral training schools 
there is none more exacting than the 
grinding mills of business. 




*£ frt§ . ' 

'' M ft 


• >% 

' '. v w 




Diligence is the Mother of good 

God helps those who help them- 

Drive your business; don't let it 
drive you. 

Handle your tools without mit- 
tens; a cat in gloves catches no mice. 

Three removals is as bad as a tire. 

Pride is a loud beggar as want, and 
a great deal more saucy. 

Be strict in your engagements; do 
nothing carelessly or in a hurry. 

Be prompt and decisive with your 

Be always at the head of your bus- 
iness; if you don't it will leave you. 

If you can't get a job. create one. 

Shore High, E. 200th Street(Bliss Rd.) Babbitt Road and Lake Shore] 

Boulevard, Euclid, Ohio, 


Of these Euclid-Central and Shore both have first grade High 
Schools, Junior High Department and all primary and intermediate 
grades located in the respective buildings. Roosevelt Noble 

house all grades, including Junior High Schools, which have been 
established during the last year at each school. 

The Euclid schools have semi-annual promotions occuring at 
the end of each semester. These promotions include the first eight 
grades, and for the first time this year a group will be promoted 
from 8-A to the Senior High School. The Junior High Schools 
consist of the seventh and eighth grades. The Senior High Schools, 
the ninth to twelfth, inclusive. Both Senior High Schools are 
members of the North Central Association of Secondary Schools 
and Colleges, which means that they must conform to the high 
scholastic standards of the association. 


— 21 — 


The advantages of Euclid, Ohio, as desirable for a location of 
industries is well established and recognized by experts in indus- 
trial plant locations. J. D. Kunkle of the Kunkle Factory Site Serv- 
ice, exclusive dealer in factory sites, states that more industries in 
the past few years have located in this community than in any 
other similar area in Greater Cleveland. 

All of the area between Euclid Avenue and St. Clair Avenue is 
available for industrial development and equals in area one-fifth of 
all industrial sites in Cleveland. Factory sites in Euclid Village 
can be purchased at a very reasonable figure considering availabil- 
ity of labor and transportation, and it is reasonable to believe that 
the next few years will see an even greater development than has 
occurred recently. 

Within the past few months, the National Iron & Wire Com- 
pany has acquired the former E. W. Bliss plant through the Kunkle 
Factory Site Service, and the Cleveland Trencher Company has 
erected a new plant on St. Clair Avenue near Cut Road, and negoti- 
ations are now progressing whereby a plant employing several hun- 
dred men is expected to locate in Euclid Village. 

M. and G. L. Okro*ss Residence, 774 E. 232nd Street. 
Contractors and Builders of Homes 

— 22— 

Engineering Department 

Read, left to right — Mr. A. T. Stewart, Chief Draftsman; Mr. Paul Topping, 
Rodman; Mr. S. M. Purvis, Draftsman; Mr. F. A. Thomas, Village Engineer; Mr. 
V. M. Clark, Deputy Village Engineer; Mr. Arnold Turkel, Assistant Engineer; 
Mr. E. W. Bailey, Field Engineer; Mr. T. S. Wall, Rodman. 

The engineering department of Euclid was established in April, 1926, at 
which time Frank A. Thomas, formerly paving engineer for Cuyahoga County, 
was appointed engineer. Assistants were appointed as the increase in the work 
made necessary, until at the peak of the busy season in 19 27 about fourteen men 
were employed. 

The original quarters of the department, a small room on the main floor of 
the Town Hall, became much too small, and an addition to the building was made 
for the engineers, consisting of a main office and a drawing room. 

At the time the accompanying photograph was made, in October, 192 7, the 
force had been decreased to eight men, as their busiest season was about over. 

Euclid owns and operates its own Fire Department, located on 
East 222nd Street (Bliss Road), near the New York Central Rail- 
road. The fire station is a modern, up-to-date building in every re- 
spect, and was built under the supervision of Fulton & Taylor, 
architects. The equipment is of the very latest type obtainable, 
the engine being- an American La France type, and has proven to 
be a success over a period of three years. During this time the 
department has been under the management of Chi e f Chas. Ballon, 
formerly a fire chief in the City of Cleveland, and a most efficient 
officer. The American La France engine has performed remark- 
ably well and given all service required of it under all kinds of 

.g. H _„„_„,_,_„„_„„_„„_„ „„_„„_„„_„„_„ „„_„„_„„_„„_„„_„„_„„ „„_„„_„„_„„_„„_„„_„ 



ROSE-MARY — The Johanna Grasselli Home for Crippled Children, j 
Was Founded for the Care and Education of Mentally 
Normal Crippled Children 
19500 Euclid Avenue, Euclid, Ohio 



A Happy, Healthy, Weil-Fed Group. May God's Blessing Rest on All Who 
Have a Share in Making This Home What It Is Today 

QEPTEMBER of the year 1922 
^ found the deed of this ideal prop- 
erty safe in the hands of our Right 
Reverend Bishop, who in his charac- 
teristic way quickly arranged prelim- 
inaries, and October the fifteenth ded- 
icated the home, in memory of Jo- 
hanna Grasselli, to our Blessed Lady 
under the beautifully significant title 
"Rosa Mystica." The fact of the 
home being dedicated to Mary under 
this lovely title induced Mr. Grasselli 
to style it "Rose-Mary," by which 
name it is familiarly known. 

Many hours of pleasure and 
amusement have been enjoyed by 
our little children through the 
thoughtfulness of The Knights of 

Columbus, The Rotary Club, The 
Christ Child Society, The Letter Car- 
riers' Band (under the direction of 
Mr. Newman), The Cleveland Candy 
Club, The Newsboys' Band, The 
Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Press, 
The News, The Cleveland Automobile 
Club, Mr. P. J. Daley, Mr. and Mrs. 
James Braden, Mr. and Mrs. Frank 
Randel, Mr. and Mrs. James D. Can- 
tillon, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoge, Mr. 
and Mrs. Thomas Brinsmade, Mr. Al- 
bert Friedman, Loew's State Theater, 
and many others who have given the 
use of their automobiles in transport- 
ing the children back and forth on 
these pleasure trips. 

To all, the Sisters wish to express 
their cordial gratitude. 



The churches of Euclid are well located to meet the religious 
needs of the community, as a glance at the following table will 
show : ! 

BAPTIST — This church is located on Chardon Road just north j 
of Euclid Avenue, and is diagonally opposite Euclid-Central High 

School. Established 105 years ago, it is the oldest church of its I 

denomination in the country. It is equipped with a stone church j 

and a parsonage and will erect a Sunday school building in the I 

Spring. I 

CATHOLIC— St. Paul's Church is located on Chardon Road I 

and East 200th Street. This church is equipped with a church J 
edifice, a priest's house and a parochial school building. A beauti- 
ful Catholic cemetery adjoins the church property. 

Holy Cross — A very large and beautiful site for this church has 
been secured on Lake Shore Boulevard. The church will be erected 
in the near future. 

New Catholic Parish in Euclid Named in Honor of 
St. Christine 

A third Catholic parish is being established in Euclid to be 
known as St. Christine, with its center in the vicinity of St. 
Clair Avenue and Bliss Road. Regular services are already be- 
ing held under direction of the new pastor, Rev. Joseph Czirbusz, 
who comes from Philadelphia, and who has been "appointed by 
Bishop Joseph Schrembs to have charge of the parish. 

A most interesting fact in connection with the new parish is 
that it has been planned by Bishop Schrembs in honor of St. Chris- 
tine, whose relics were given to the bishop by Pope Pius and which 
the bishop brought to Cleveland last August. This is the first | 
parish to be so named in this diocese and one of the St. Christine ! 
relics will be kept in the new 7 church permanently when it is biult. I 

Announcement has been made by the new pastor that a 
church, a school and a parish house will be erected as soon as pos- 
sible. As a long step towards permanent buildings, land for the J 
three new buildings has been donated to the parish by the Ed- 
wards Land Co. of Cleveland, which owns a large allotment at the 
northeast corner of St. Clair and Bliss Road, formerly the Dr. 
Arms farm. The tract given to the church has a frontage of 250 j 
feet on the east side of East 222nd Street (Bliss Road) and extends 
to East 223rd Street. It has the same frontage of 250 feet on the 
west side of East 223rd Street. 

Bishop Schrembs, through Rev. J. A. McFadden. chancellor. 
has given out a letter containing this statement: "The Right = 
Reverend Bishop is very grateful for this splendid piece of land ! 
that the Edwards Land Co. donated, for it will care for a territory 
that is rapidly developing." 


W, ;> \ J*} _ 

\ - v N 

\*~^' i 

?W £s " " M 

1 /V * \ j 

1' # ^»> 

;,; ' vxi 

1 # *1 * 

1*' Jjf^ "* 

l^^r/v > 

h£>^>&&*£j&''' '£&'''* >, ■ - -j?V 

i : ^^ilk' & ■ 

^hBKm* «* ^k^^^sj^l^B^tt 

I- 1 Jillllk' '-1IWIBI 

; ^/''-:- .:■.; ':-,-.• 


:; :<«»?»:^. SIM 

mKT >"^K^^P^i 


HBhj8(B|88^^^^^> JUBfe*! 


felS; ; ^;t ; \'3;C"..- ; ' r ■.-■■: 




• Mtl»> :* -■ , : 1 


:;5^- ::;: ^' ... : " ,^ 


;\ ~ .-"*'; 


Euclid Baptist Church in 1927 

Euclid Ave. and Chardon Rd., Euclid, Ohio 
^rr^_ Oldest Baptist Church in the County 

Officers of the church at this time 

Pastor, Rev. William S. Lake. 

Clerk, Mrs. E. Q. Eminger. 

Treasurer — Roscoe E. Scott. 

Financial Secretary — L. C. Shank. 

Sunday School Superintendent — 
William White. 

Trustees — H. L. Ferrell, G. W. 
Slusser, H. M. Pempin, A. W. Rayder. 

Deacons — William White, F. D. 
Graves, R. E. Scott, L. C. Shank, Geo. 
W. Slusser, J. M. Brewer. 


1820 — April — Organization of The 
Euclid Baptist Church — the first 
church of its denomination in Cuya- 
hoga County. 

1821 — Dedicatory services of the 
first church building of the denomi- 
nation in Cuyahoga County — a frame 
structure. The early minutes of the 
church — now in the Western Reserve 

Historical Museum, Cleveland, show 
that when the money was raised for 
this building, 20 per cent of it was 
"paid in advance in wood-ashes and 
the balance by the first of January 
(1822) in grain; wheat at $1.00; rye 
7 5 cents and corn at 50 cents per 

1844 — March — Incorporated as a 
religious body on March 12 under the 
laws of the State of Ohio. 

1861 — First parsonage was built. 
Building still standing. Succeeded 
as a parsonage about 1910 by the 
present stucco residence. 

18 69 — June — Death of John Wil- 
cox, an "early settler", at the age of 
82. Mr. Wilcox was the donor of 
the land (225x175) upon which the 
present church and parsonage stands. 

1 8 79 — September — The present 
church bell— worth about $300, 
given to the church by Mrs. John 
Wilcox as a memorial. 


1833 — February — Moses White, a 
member, was dismissed in order that 
he might become one of the found- 
ers of the First Baptist Church of 
Cleveland. Deacon White had come 
to Cleveland in 1817, when it num- 
bered only about 150 inhabitants; he 
found only two professing Christians 
in the "city." Deacon White served 
the First Baptist Church for 48 
years, living to be over 80 years of 
age. Judge Bishop, Mr. White's son- 
in-law, bought the property at the 
corner of Euclid and East 9th Street 
and held it for the First Baptist 
Church until the Church was able to 
pay for it. 

18 48 — April — The members of the 
Euclid Baptist Church received a let- 
ter ifrom the brethren in Cleveland 
to send delegates to recognize the 
"Second Baptist Church" (now 
known as the Euclid Avenue Baptist 


Church Membership 150 

Sunday School Membership . . . .220 

Ladies' Aid Society 35 

Women's Auxiliary 20 

Young People's Society 30 

Euclid covers 12 square miles of 
territory and has a population of 10,- 
000 people; its boundaries extend 
from Lake Erie to the top of Char- 
don Hill and from the Quary railroad 
tracks (Cleveland) on the west to the 
village limits of Wickliffe on the east, 
and has the distinction of being one 
of the first settlements in the West- 
ern Reserve territory. 

During 100 years the Euclid Baptist 
Church has passed through its por- 
tals many great men and women who 
have been identified with the early 
life of the city of Cleveland. Its pres- 
ent and future ministry demands a 
better equipped church plant to fulfill 
its province. 

The city is now growing as never 
before and, to use the words of 
Theodore Burton, "Euclid is growing 
faster than any other part of Great- 
er Cleveland and due to the present 
tendency of people to locate in the 
environs of a great city, Euclid is 
destined shortly to have a vast popu- 
lation mainly of industrial workers." 

CONGREGATIONAL— This church is located on Euclid Ave- 
nue and East 214th Street. It worships in a neat and well equip- 
ped chapel. The site is beautiful and large enough to meet all 
future expansion. 

LUTHERAN — The Lutheran Church now meets in the Shore 
High School. It plans to build soon, probably on Bliss Road. 

REFORMED — This church is now located on Chardon Road 
and East 200th Street. It plans to build a new church edifice on 
Euclid Avenue. 

PRESBYTERIAN— Beachland Union Church is located on 
East 185th Stre e t and Abbey Road. It has a well equipped chape 1 , 
recently enlarged. 

Noble Union Church — This church is located on the corner of 
St. Clair Avenue and Babbitt Road and is opposite Noble School. 
It has a neat church and Sunday school building, which has just 
been improved and enlarged. 

These churches labor to promote the moral and spiritual wel- 
fare of the Village. An indication of their progressive spirit and 
flourishing condition is seen in this: That half of the churches 
have recently improved their church plans and that every one of 
the others plan to build in the immediate future. 

+ »»_» 

M^— Ull^— IIM — II l<^— llll^— ll'< MM — llll^— MM — — I'll MM'^— IIM — INI — llli^— 1||| — Jill ■ > I < J H ■ I INI — ||||__l|| •}* 

St. PauVs Church, Chardon Road, Near St. Claire Ave. 

The Oldest Catholic Church in Ohio. 

Father Ryan is the Present Pastor 

_ Ul ,_ , „_ , ,„—„„—„„— „* 

— 28— 

«£,, nu mi mi ii mi ii i mi ii 

y -%m3& 


Residence of Mayor Charles R. Ely, Euclid, Ohio — 270 E. 22nd Street 

Mr. Henry Guenther Residence, Stop 139, Lake Shore Bird. 

Euclid, Ohio. 

^•n— nit— nil— mi mi— n 



C. B. Knuth's Present Greenhouses, 21601 Euclid Ave., Euclid, O. 

The following story as given to the editor, of how one man by hard 
work and patience, won success, starting with one tiny green house. But 
let him tell his own story. 

Just a little history of Iiow I came to be in the florist business: 

In Aug., 1900, I rented 2 acres of land and a dwelling for $11.00 per 
month, from H. P. Winters, who was located on St. Clair Avenue near Eddy 
Road, better known as Glenville in those days. I bought my first hot bed 
sash, 1 plow and 1 cultivator for the sum of $12.00. With these sash and 
a few more I built my first hothouse, which was 11 ft. wide and 30 ft. long, 
amounting to 330 sq. ft. of glass. I was gardening at that time and grow- 
ing leaf lettuce in the hothouse. 

Someone gave me their bed of geraniums one fall, and from the lot I 
grew 85 doz., which sold at that time for $1.00 per doz., and I remember 
well a dollar a doz. for geraniums those days looked as big as a cart wheel 
to me. Having had no experience in a greenhouse, I did the best I knew, 
and paid dearly for some of my experiments. In 1911 I bought 4 acres of 
land from John Davis, where I am located at present. 

There was nothing but grapes on the land at that time, and with a lot 
of hard work I have at the present time 2 5 houses amounting to about 
50,000 sq. ft. of glass, growing a complete line of bedding plants for whole- 
sale and retail trade, growing annually about a half million plants, mostly 
all sold at the greenhouses. I consider I have one of the best retail bedding 
plant businesses near the city of Cleveland, and I am not sorry that I am 
located in Euclid. Above is a picture of Mr. Knuth's present extensive green- 

•30 — 

*— . 

Office cf Service Department, Euclid, Ohio. 

John L. Sullivan, Superintendent. Miss Louise Rogers, Stenographer. 

Euclid, Ohio, Service, Equipment and Some of the Employes. 
View Taken Rear of City Hall in Euclid, Ohio 

►J.; ,lil IHI— IHI llll II 


Residence and Store of Mr. J. V. Topolovac, 830 Babbitt Rd. 

Entrance to Mr. Paul E. Kroehle's Residence 
23401 Lake Shore Bldg., Euclid, Ohio. 



Ohio and 
Cleveland Miles 

To Akron 3 4 

Alliance 66 

Ashland 59 

Ashtabula 5 6 

Barberton 41 

Bellevue 73 

Bucyrus 103 

Canton 57 

Chagrin Falls 18 

Chillicothe 20 6 

Cincinnati 2 64 

Columbus 159 

Conneaut 71 

Coshocton 106 

Dayton 184 

Defiance 156 

E. Liverpool 9 6 

Elyria 26 

Findlay 123 

Fostoria 108 

Fremont 88 

Glalion 82 

Hamilton 230 

Lima 155 

Lorain 29 

Madison 41 

Mansfield 71 

Marion 107 

Martins Ferry 146 

Massillon 62 

Medina 28 

Newark 124 


Adjacent States 


Norwalk 5 9 

Oberlin 3 5 

Painesville 3 

Piqua 191 

Ravenna 4 4 

Salem 7 2 

Sandusky 61 

Springfield 170 

Steubenville 118 

Tiffin 9 4 

Toledo 122 

Urbana 161 

Vermillion 4 

Warren 5 2 

Wooster 53 

Xenia 214 

Youngstown 67 

Zanesville 12 5 

Adjacent States 

Buffalo 196 

Chicago 385 

Detroit 183 

Erie 103 

Ft. Wayne 204 

Indianapolis 282 

Louisville 405 

New Castle 86 

New York 567 

Niagara 218 

Philadelphia 431 

Pittsburgh 145 

Wheeling 143 


Monday's child is fair of face; 
Tuesday's child is full of grace; 
Wednesday's child is loving and giv- 
Thursday's child works ^ard for a 

Friday's child is full of woe; 
Saturday's child has far to go; 
But the child that's born on the 

Sabbath day 
Is blithe and bonny and good and 
Certain flowers symbolize the 
months of the year. 

Snow drop, January; Primrose, 
February; Violet, March; Daisy, 
April; Hawthorn, May; Honeysuckel, 
June; Water Lily, July; Poppy, Au- 
gust; Morning Glory, September; 
Hops, October; Chrysanthemum, De- 

Silk nad Fine Linen; Thirteenth, 
Lace; Fourteenth, Ivory; Fifteenth, 
Crystal; twentieth, China; Twenty- 
fifth, Silver; Thirteith, Pearl; For- 
tieth, Ruby; Fiftieth, Golden; Sev- 
enty-fifth, Diamond. 

Wedding,- Anniversaries 

First, Cotton; Second, Paper; 
Third, Leather; Fourth, Fruit and 
Flowers; Fifth, Wooden; Sitxh, 
Sugar; Seventh, Woolen; Eighth, 
Indian Rubber; Ninth, Willow; 
Tenth, Tin; Eleventh, Steel; Twelfth 


January 1st, New Year's Day in 
all states (including D. C. and 
Alaska) except Kansas and Mass. 
(In Maine a bank holiday only le- 
gally. ) 

May 30th. Decoration Day: In 
all the state (and D. C. and Alaska) 
except Florida, Georgia, Alabama, 
Mississippi, North Carolina. South 
Carolina. Tennessee and Texas. 

December 2 5th. Christmas Day: 
In all the states (except Kansas) 
and D. C. and Alaska. 

There is no national holiday, not 
even the 4th of July. 

Birth Stone. Garnet. January; 
Amethest, February; Blood Stone or 
Jasper, March; Diamond or Sap- 
phire, April; Emerald. May; Agate. 
June; Ruby or Onyx. July: Sardonyx 
August; Chrysolite, September; Opal 
or Beryl. October; Topas. November, 
Turquoise or Ruby. December. 

Manufacturers of 

Paint, Varnish, Boiler Treatment, 
Roof Coating, Waterproofing 




The Continental 
Products Co. 

East 222nd St. and Nickel Plate R. R. 

J 4 m— mi- —mi— im— puii^^hii.^— iiij^^mi^^iiii— —mi ——mi—— mi— u;i— — iiii— mi — n n awODMa nn — mi— mi — — 11 n-..— mt---— mi'---— mi--— mi— — pMiii—p—mi--— mi— — ilif----— Mj» 

Greasing Washing Storage 



East 185th St. and Lake Shore Blvd. 


You may think a sin is harmless 

When diminutive in size, 
But it's big enough to rob you I 

Of a mansion in the skies. [ 

* * * * 

The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better I 
than those who try to do nothing and succeed. 

% :£ ^ * 

Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your reputa- I 
tion. It is better to be alone than in bad company. 

^ i]i # :Jj 

When America was first discovered, men traveled miles and J 
miles to find a place to settle. 

Nowadays men travel miles and miles so they won't have to = 
settle. ■ *f!I 

' 'Honor is a strange commodity. It can not be divided and j 
sold in part. All or none is the rule of the market. While it can I 
be sold in a way, it can not be truly bought. It vanishes in the [ 
transfer of its title and is no more. Who seeks to buy it gain only 
loss. It is the one thing which distinguishes manhood from prop- 
erty. Who sells his honor sells his manhood and becomes simply 
a thing of meat and blood and bones — a thing to be watched and | 
driven and cudgeled like an ox — for he has sold that he can not 
buy, not if all the riches in the world were his. 

* * * * 3 



Prof, (in biology) — What animal makes the nearest approach I 

to man? ! 
Student — The mosquito. — Pennsylvania Punch Bowl. 

* * * » j 

Contentment is merely victory of mind over what's the matter. j 
— Detroit News. 

► , ; 


The Above Is an Illustration of One of Our Business 

Branches in Euclid, Ohio 

M. L. MATHEWS, Manager 





"A Place You'll Like to DeaV 

Euclid, Ohio, Branch 

21069 Euclid Avenue 

KE nmore 0350 
ED dy 7760 


— 3 6- 




Mr. Car mi A. Thompson Residence, Stop 134, Lake Shore Blvd. 

Euclid, Ohio. 

Airplane View Taken at Euclid Ave 

A well built home 

is the best advertisement a contractor can have, 
means Building Materials of Teachout Quality. 


The above illustration shows our East End Plant at 
Euclid Avenue and Chardon Road, No. 1420, known as our 
Chardon Road Plant, Kenmore 1044-5. South East Plant, 
8710 Kinsman Road, Cedar 3260, and 791. West End Plant, 
14550 Lorain Avenue, Lakewood 8640. Lumber Depart- 
ment, 9101 Kinsman Road, Cedar 90-91. 

Some Teachout features for the convenience and com- 
fort of the home. Breakfast Sets, all styles ; Ironing Board 
Cabinets, Sash, Doors, Glass, etc. 

The Teachout Company 


General Offices Rockefeller Bldg. 
West 6th Street and Superior Avenue 




Cleveland's Finest Home Location 

Just one of the beautiful spots in Utopia Beach Park. 

Private Park - Beach - Clubhouse 

Lake Shore Boulevard at East 200 Street 

The S. H. Kleinman Realty Company 



Strurnbly Park 

1090 East 222nd Street, EUCLID, OHIO 

A GOOD place for Societies and Clubs to hold 
their Picnics and Banquets in. 

The Hall has a fine floor for dancing, and a 
large stage in rear. A good place to hold meet- 
ings or have lectures. 

The Picnic Grounds are spacious and fully 
equipped with seats, tables, refreshments stands, 

Hall and Grounds can be rented by the day or 
evening to all suitable Societies and Parties. 

For further information call Ken. 0638-W and ask for Mr. 
Strurnbly, or call at the Hall, 1090 E. 222nd Street, Euclid, Ohio. 
Frank Strurnbly, Propr. 








Soda, Candies, Soft Drinks, 
Tobacco, Cigars, Etc. 

21935 Lake Shore Boulevard 


Above Shows Luikart Drive at 23651 Lake Shore Blvd. 
A Private Club, in Euclid, Ohio 








: ,.. v: L, :: 'MfSt m ,i: % ;^ m 


V _*' , ~* 

:. ...... ■■■ '. ■ ■ ■ ' : 


Euclid is a city of home owners, 
and it is our desire to help make it 
a city more beautiful and better 
homes. To every man and woman 
the building of a home should be 
an event of the keenest pleasure. It 
offers the opportunity to work out 
expression of your own individuality 
and taste, and all the while you are 
planning, you are conscious that you 
are ib'uilding for the far future and 
that the structure you are bringing 
in to existence is to be your home 
for many years, perhaps for a life 

With this end in muid, we invite 
you to bring, your building problems 
to us, and we shall be pleased to 
place all facilities at our disposal in 
assisting you to construct yo'ur home 
along architectural lines of beauty 
and refinement so that we may have 
a city of well proportioned homes 
rather than ones misfit and unat- 


We take a natural pride in the 
quality of our lumber, Long Bell 
Cypress, Weyerhauser White Pine. 
Grade Marked Dimension, Premier 
Standardized Woodwork, Paine Mir- 
acle Doors, Weatherbest Stained 
Shingles, Sifo Quad Asphalt Shin- 
gles, etc. The best is none too good 
for yoiur home and that's what we 

Not only that but in keeping with 
our policy of BETTER LUMBER, 
all our lumber is neatly piled under 
cover until you are ready to use it. 
Whether you are planning to build 
this year or not, we invite you to 
come in and see us. We will be 
pleased to show you our quality ma- 
terial and will give you ABSOLUTE- 
LY FREE a plan book containing 
pictures and floor plans of over 100 
homes and several pages of practical 
hints for builders and prospective 
home owners. 

It will be interesting for you to 
see the different grades of lumber 
and you will appreciate your home 
more for having personally selected 
the quality items that were or are 
to ibe used in the building of same. 


"Lumber Specialists" 

Kenmore 0592 Kenmore 0593 

Corner Nottingham Road and Nickel Plate R. R. 


4 „„ „„ „,,. 



11 sW : ~ .: ' ' - ■ 

-,.« ■<* 

The Above Is One of the Most Handsome Residences in the County 

Residence of Mr. W. S. Fergurson on Lake Shore Blvd., Euclid. Ohio. 
Mr. Fergurson is an Engineering Architect and is Director of Public Service of 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

. «IE : 

Another Beautiful Private Residence on the Shores of Lake Erie 

Mr. Frank N. Riley Residence on Lake Shore Blvd. and E. 265th St. 

Euclid. Ohio 

— 43— 

E ucli d 



Auto, Electrical, Radio and Plumbers Supplies* 

Paints, Oils, Stoves, Lamps and 

Household Necessities 

You Don't Need To Go To Cleveland — 
We Keep Everything in Supplies 


Kenmore 0694 O. P. SUTTON, Mgr. 

* «... 

—44 — 

ii — hi •!• 

•|tn^_iiu__iiii_ mi mi jnr mi mi — — mi mi n u in, mi mi -f- tin riu in mi mi , , uu 

f/ : 



Henry F. 

Plumbing Heating 

58 E. 219th St. 

Euclid, Ohio 

Service Phone — KEnmore 0694 
Residence Phone — KEnmore 0221-J 

,,_„„_„,,_„:,_,„,_„,,_,,„__,,„_,,„_„„_„„_„„ „_ ft|i 

..■.....:■..:■:..■:....:....:....■;.., ...... , : . ...,.; ;.■:.., • ■..■■.,■;:.■" ... 

^1 r 

«**' r r J« 

*> / 

North End of E. 222nd at the Lake — Beginning to Spread the 4sphalt 

I\ov. 1927 — Euclid, Ohio. 


45 — 

.1111— -1|||_ B ,£. 


Let us show you how you can pay for a refrigerator with the 
money you spend for ice. Makes it possible to buy a food sup- 
ply a week in advance. 


Do your washing without risk of crushing fingers, tearing 
clothes, and removing buttons. A wringerless machine does 
the work quicker and better. 


We sell a range with oven regulation, all white, and with a 
national reputation. 


A heater at low cost which requires no attention. Hot water 
at all times and which is much cheaper in operation than the 
out-of-date boiler and heater. 


Makes play of that regular Tuesday labor. Saves more than 
half the time. Does a neater job. 

These appliances all sold on time payment plan. A small 
down payment places any of them in your home. One year 
to pay balance. 


We do repair work and replace your old plumbing fixtures 
with new ones. 



I Corner St. Clear and Nottingham Road 


I I 

4._„ n _„, .,_„„_„„_„, „_„„ ,_„„_„ . , , . U— OH— KB— .««— n$ 


"* hi rn 

d fl * 

o o ~ 

> rz •" 

0) rj ~ 

X h DQ 


£ M 3 

c ^ no 

3* I 

O m b '• 




Above Shows One of the Oldest Houses in Euclid, O., Called the Brush 

Residence, the Early Home of Charles Francis Brush, 

Inventor of Brush Electric Light, Etc. 

Scientist, was born March 17, 
1849, in Euclid Township, Cuyahoga 
County, Ohio. His father was Col. 
Isaac Elbert Brush, an early manu- 
facturer of woolen products in Or- 
ange County, New York, who in 1846 
removed to Ohio, where he engaged 
in farming. His mother was Delia 
Williams (Phillips) Brush. Through 
both families Mr. Brush traces his 
descent from English ancestry. On 
the paternal side the founder of the 
American branch of the family was 
Thomas Brush, who, coming from 
England in 1652, settled near Hunt- 
ington, Long Island. The first of 
hig maternal ancestors to settle in 
this country was the Rev. George 
Phillips, an Episcopal clergyman, 
who came with Gov. Winthrop and 
settled near Boston in 1630. 

To no other agency does the scien- 
tific and material progress of our 
time owe more than to the develop- 
ment of the practical utility of elec- 
tricity in its application to lighting 
and power systems. The pioneer in 
this development was Mr. Charles 
Francis Brush, whose invention of 
the Brush arc light and subsequent 
achievements of equal importance in 
the electrical field have been of such 
a character as to be epoch-making 

in their benefits to the world's arts 
and industries and to almost every 
phase of present-day life. 

Mr. Brush received his early edu- 
cation in the public schools of Cleve- 
land, Ohio, and graduated from the 
High School of that city. At an 
early age he developed a liking and 
aptitude for scientific studies, and, 
entering the University of Michigan, 
was graduated therefrom in 186 9 
with the degree of mining engineer. 
From the same university he re- 
ceived the honorary degree of M.S., 
in 1899, and iSc.D., in 1912. The 
honorary degree of Ph.D. was con- 
ferred upon him in 1880 by the 
Western Reserve University and that 
of L.L.D. in 19 00 by the same in- 
stitution, and also, in 19 03, by Ken- 
yon College. 

From 1870 to 1873 Mr. Brush was 
engaged in Cleveland as an analyti- 
cal chemist and consulting expert, 
and during the four succeeding years 
was engaged in the iron ore and pig 
iron industry. Throughout this pe- 
riod, however, he carried on and 
made great progress with his in- 
vestigations and experiments in prac- 
tical electricity. In 1877, divesting 
himself of all other interests and 
vocations, he devoted himself whol- 
ly to the development of electric 


— * 

lighting. In the following year 
(1878) he perfected and gave to the 
world the now famous Brush electric 
arc light. In 1880 the Brush Elec- 
tric Company was formed and a 
large plant established for the pro- 
duction of this and other of Mr. 
Brush's electrical inventions. The 
superiority of the Brush arc light 
was demonstrated in the city of 
Cleveland, the first municipality to 
adopt it for street lighting; and 
thereafter this branch of the indus- 
try grew with phenomenal rapidity. 
In 1881 the light was introduced in 
England and on the European con- 
tinent, and in a few years it had a 
world-wide distribution. Today the 
Brush arc light, in practically its or- 
iginal form, is still in general serv- 
ice in all civilized countries, while 
all other arc and incandescent light- 
ing and electric power systems em- 
body features of Mr. Brush's funda- 
mental inventions. 

In 1891 Mr. Brush withdrew to 
a great extent from active business 
affairs, but has since continued to 
maintain a laboratory at his home, 
where he carries on his scientific pur- 
suits. He has contributed many im- 
portant papers to scientific societies 
and publications, embodying the re- 
sults of his investigations. 

Mr. Brush's achievements have re- 
ceived notable marks of recognition 
from time to time, both in this 
country and abroad. In 1881 he 
was decorated by the government 
of Prance, a Chevalier of the Legion 
of Honor, in recognition of his dis- 
coveries in electricity. In 1899 the 
American Academy of Arts and 
Sciences awarded him the Rumford 
Medal for "The practical develop- 
ment of electric arc lighting." In 
1913 the American* Institue of Elec- 
trical Engineers awarded him the 
Edison Medal. 

In addition to his life-long work 
in the electrical field, Mr. Brush has 
been identified witn many other in- 
terests. He has been president of 
the Cleveland Arcade Company, since 
1887, and was the founder and first 
president of the Linde Air Products 
Company. He is a trustee of the 
Western Reserve University, Adel- 
bert College, University School, 
Cleveland School of Art, and of the 
Lake View Cemetery, a corporator 
of the Case School of Applied 
Science, a warden of Trinity Cathe- 
dral. He is a life member and for- 
mer president, 1909-10, of the Cleve- 
land iChamber of Commerce, a mem- 

ber of the Ohio Chamber of Com- 
merce, and of the Chamber of Com- 
merce of the United States. 

Mr. Brush is a fellow of the Amer- 
ican Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science, fellow of the Amer- 
ican Academy of Arts and Sciences, 
fellow of the American Geographic 
Society, fellow of the North British 
Academy of Arts, fellow of the 
American Physical Scoiety, a life 
member of the American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers and of the 
British Association, a member of the 
Royal Society of Arts of London, 
England, the American Institute of 
Electrical Engineers, the National 
Electric Light Association, the Arch- 
aeological Institute of America, the 
American Historical Association, the 
Franklin Institute of Philadelphia, 
the American Chemical Society, the 
American Philosophical Society, and 
the American Institute of Mining 
and Metallurgical Engineers. Hon- 
orary member American Society for 
Steel Treating, member Illuminating 
Engineering Society. 

He is a member of the Union 
Club, of which he was president for 
two terms, 1897-98, the University, 
Country, and Mayfield Clubs of 
Cleveland, a member and president 
of the Winous Point Shooting Club 
from 1895 to 1922, and a member 
of the University Club of New York 
City and the Royal Societies Club 
of London, England. 

Mr. Brush was married October 
6. 1875, to Miss Mary E. Morris, of 
Cleveland, and of this union are 
three children — Edna (now Mrs. R. 
G. Perkins), Helene, and Charles 
Brands Brush, Jr. (Harvard, 1915). 

Residence, 3725 Euclid Ave., 

Office, The Arcade. Cleveland, O. 

Euclid Avenue took its name from 
Euclid, Ohio. The Euclid postoffice 
at this time is a part of Cleveland 
system. The population of Euclid 
in 1910 was 1,953; 1920, 3,360; 
1927. 11,000. We predict in 1930 
a population of over 35.000. 

"I have only just a minute. 
Only sixty seconds in it. 
Forced upon me — can't refuse it 
Didn't seek it. didn't choose it. 
But it's up to me to use it, 
I must suffer if I loose it, 
Give account if I abuse it. 
Just a tiny little minute — 
But eternity is in it. 


-1111 — llll— — lii*J» 

Ray R. Slater 


Homes and Homesites 

Property Management 

Farms and Acreage 


KEnmore 2327 




An organization formed in the year of 1922 for the promotion 
J of industrial improvement, and better business relationship among 
J manufacturers. 

This organization is composed of the following members: 

j Armington Engineering Co .Chardon Rd. ] 

I Ajax Manufacturing Co. ....Chardon Rd. 

] Anchor Post Iron Works.... 21500 St. Clair Ave. j 

J Austin Co East 222nd and Nickel Plate R. R. 

I Cleveland Tractor Co Euclid Ave. 1 

J Cleveland Trinidad Co. St. Clair Ave. ! 

I Cleveland Trencher Co. ....St. Clair Ave. ! 

Continnental Products Co East 222nd and Nickel Plate R. R. I 

j Dille Road Lumber Co Dille Rd. ] 

I Euclid Crane & Hoist Co. Chardon Rd. 

j Euclid Electric Mfg. Co Box 72, Euclid, 0. 

1 Euclid Foundry Co St. Clair Ave. 

I Glascote Co.... St. Clair Ave. 

I Goff-Kirby Coal Co. Chardon Rd. 

I Hillwood Mfg. Co St. Clair Ave. 

] Martin-Barriss Co ...Chardon Rd. 

Teachout Co Chardon Rd. | 

1 Urban & Shafer Coal Co..... Babbitt Rd. ( 

] Ohio Coal & Supply Co Babbitt Rd. j 

! Euclid has many miles of improved and paved streets and 

I since the year 1921 has installed — 
J 82.28 miles of sewer mains. 

i 27.98 miles of paved streets. 

J 26.01 miles of water mains. 

J 44.65 miles of sidewalks. 

* ♦ * * 


Handle the hardest job first each day. Easy ones are pleasures. 
f Do not be afraid of criticism — criticize yourself often. 

1 Be glad and rejoice in the other fellow's success — study his 

J methods. 

Do not be misled by dislikes. Acid ruins the finest fabrics. 
] Be enthusiastic — it is contagious. 

Do not have the notion that success means simply money- 
| making. 

Be fair, and do at least one decent act every day in the year. 

Honor the chief. There must be a head to evervthino-. 

1 Have confidence in yourself, and make yourself fit. 

Harmonize your work. Let sunshine radiate and penetrate. 
I * * * * I 


First Co-ed — Did you go riding with Billy last night? 
I Second Co-ed — Yes. 

= First Co-ed — Well, what do you think of him? 

I Second Co-ed — Well, he's either a gentleman or a fool. — Van- 

I derbilt Masquerader. I 


t ' ""T 


There are five community clubs in the city as well as a 
health center and baby clinic, and the good work accomplished by 
them is recognized by all. The roster of the officers and the time 
of their meetings follow: 

East Shore Community Club 

Mrs. T. R. Mathews _. President 

East 225th Street— Kenmore 484-W 

Mrs. C. W. Tyte First Vice-President 

East 219th Street 

Mrs. N. Breyley.. Second Vice President 

Priday Avenue 

Mrs. Ralph Jennison . Secretary 

Babbitt Road 

Mrs. K. O'Dell Corresponding Secretary 

East 219th Street 

Mrs. R. Larrick Treasurer 

Stop 136, Lake Shore Boulevard 

Mrs. W. Rogers Auditor 

East 219th Street 

Mrs. Charles Dissette Civic Committee 

East 203rd Street 
Meetings First and Third Tuesdays in Month 

Euclid- Central Community Club 

Mrs. E. H. Bohn President 

20190 Greenoak Drive 

Mrs. A. W. Rader... First Vice-President 

1559 East 219th Street 

Mrs. A. Laufer Second Vice-President 

1530 Dille Road 

Mrs. E. W. Barnes Secretary 

1565 East 219th Street 

Mrs. M. O. Chapman Corresponding Secretary 

North Street 

Mrs. C. M. Hazen Treasurer 

1565 East 214th Street 

Mrs. E. D. Eminger . Auditor 

North Street 
Meetings Held Second Wednesday of Each Month, 
2:30 P. M., June to September 

Roosevelt Community Club 
Monterey and East 200th Street 

Mrs. Marie Schaeffing President 

18630 Mapleview Drive 

Miss Nettie Browning ..First Vice President 

18412 Neff Road 

Mrs. Emelia Frey - Second Vice President 

! 18670 Mapleview Drive 

I Miss Annette Pierson... ...Recording Secretary 

Roosevelt School — Kenmore 829 

igtu— mi^— iiii^— nu^— un^— mi— Hii.^mi^— un^— mi— nii^— mi— mi— — mi— -iin^— im— — im— — mi— — 1111^— iiii^— 1111^— mi— — im^— iin^— mi— — uu^— n— ui^— ne^mj* 


Mrs. Martha E. Stockall. Corresponding Secretary 

19745 Monterey Avenue — Kenmore 742-M 

Mrs. Ruby Mae Zuber . ..Assistant Corresponding Secretary 

19621 Monterey Avenue — Kenmore 1003 

Mrs. L. A. Coy.— Treasurer 

19050 Mapleview Drive— Kenmore 370-J 

Miss Juanita Weaver .....Assistant Treasurer ] 

Roosevelt School — Kenmore 829 
Federation Representatives : 

Mrs. L. A. Coy Welfare 

Kenmore 370-J 

Mrs. Emelia Frey .....Social 

18670 Mapleview Drive 
Club Meetings are Held 

Upson Community Club 

Mrs. Grace L. Easterling President 

326 East 260th Street 
Mrs. F. F. Baldwin First Vice-President 

26315 Shoreview Drive 
Ruby C. Hahn Second Vice-President 

19050 Mapleview Drive 

Mrs. T. D. Parmale... Corresponding Secretary 

East 260th Street 
Mrs. Clara Harvey Recording Secretary 1 

Stop 1391/2, Shore Line 
Mrs. K. Ellis-Picklesimer ...Treasurer 

330 East 266th Street 
Mrs. Irene M. Hood Assistant Treasurer 

13514 Hayden Avenue 

Mrs. S. J. Sterner Civic Committee 

Forestview Road 
Mrs. George S. Dunbar Program Committee I 

466 East 266th Street 

Club Meetings are Held the First and Third Wednesdays in 

Each Month at 2:30 P. M. 

Noble Community Club 

Mrs. E. H. Jenkins President 

902 East 239th Street 

Mrs. F. A. Noble First Vice-President 

Babbitt Road 

Mrs. Carl Miller _ Secretary 

745 Babbitt Road 

Mrs. D. C. Wells Corresponding Secretary 

15307 Holmes Avenue 

Mrs. G. Boseck Treasurer 

770 Babbitt Road I 

Double Drive Hedge in Center, Leading to 

Mr. S. H. Worcester's Residence, 

25751 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Euclid, Ohio 



View of a Section of EuclidOhio, as Seen 
From Western Line of Indian Hills Road 



Main Library 

Main Library, 325 Superior, N. E Cherry 1020 

^Municipal Reference Library, 210 City Hall- Main 4600 

Branch or Neighborhood Libraries 

Alta Branch, E. 125th near Mayfield road ......Gar. 154 

Broadway Branch, Broadway and E. 55th Broadway 337 

Brooklyn Branch, W. 25th and Mapledale .....Lincoln 199 

Carnegie West Branch, 1900 Fulton road Hemlock 3763 

Clark Branch, 4618 Clark Hemlock 466 

Collinwood Branch, 15209 St. Clair ..Eddy 489 

*Eagl e School Branch, Eagle near E. 9th Superior 691 

**East End Neighborhood Library Station, 2749 

Woodhill Cedar 1903 

E. 79th Street Branch, 1215 E. 79th .Randolph 2158 

**E. 131st Street Library Station, E. 131st and Benwood. 
Edorewater Branch, W. 75th and Detroit ..Hemlock 384 




! *Brook Park School, Berea road. Mrs. F. C. West, Librarian. 

I Miss Doris Hance, Teacher-Librarian. 

I ^Brooklyn Heights School, Schaaf road. Mr. G. C. Imhoff, 

Librarian. Open school days. 

^Brooklyn Rural School, Brooklyn Township. Mr. Aaron L. 
Varney, Librarian. 

Euclid Central High School, 1550 Chardon road, near Euclid. 
| Mrs. E. M. King, Librarian. Open Tuesday 7-9 P. M. 

Fairview School, Lorain road, Stop 11%. Miss M. M. McKay, 
I Librarian. Open school days 1-5 P. M. and Monday 7-8:30 P. M. 

Independence High School, Independence. Miss M. E. Ruf, 
| Librarian. Open Thursday 7-9 P. M. 

I ^Independence Rural School, Broadview road. Miss Farrell, 

[ Librarian. 

Maple Heights High School, Stop 11% Broadway. Miss Wilma 

| Kocmit, Librarian. Open Thursday 7-9 P. M. 

f Mayfleld School (Stop 17 Bldg.), Mayfield road. Miss Dorothy 

| Disbro, Librarian. Open Wednesday 7:30-8:45 P. M. 

I North Randall School, Warrens v.i lie Center road, near Miles 

1 avenue. Miss Elizabeth Morgan, Librarian. Open Friday 6-9 P. 

I M. 

I *01msted Falls School, Olmsted Falls. Mrs. Edith Bauer, Li- 

J brarian. Open every school day. 

! Parma Heights Public Library, Town Hall. Miss Edith Scheely 

f and Miss Margaret Geiger, Librarians. Open Tuesday and Thurs- 
day 7-9 P. M. 

I Royalton High School, Royalton road, near State road. Miss • 

I Lena M. Forster, Librarian. Open one evening. ' 

I *Solon High School, Solon road. Miss Gertrude Campbell, Li- ! 

I brarian. Open Saturday afternoon and every school day in noon I 

j hour. 

Strongsville High School, Wooster Pike near Royalton road. 

j Miss Hilda M. Gibson, Librarian. Open Wednesday 7-9 P. M. 

j *Upson School, Euclid Village, Upson road near Lake Shore 

= boulevard. Miss Ruby Hahn, Librarian. j 

*Valley View School, Schreiber road. Mr. Paul W. Holt, Li- I 
brarian. I 

*Where no hours are noted, the libraries are open to the public I 
during meetings of the P. T. A. or Mother's Club, or when any eve- 
ning activity is held in the building. 

At all School Stations, arrangements may usually be made with 
the Principal to draw books in schooi hours or have adult books 

j brought home by the children. 

J County branches and stations, with their hours of opening. 

I are here listed. A cordial invitation is extended to visit and use 

I them or the Cleveland Public Library. 

For further information apply to County Library Department, 

I Cleveland Public Library, 325 Superior Ave., N. E. Telephone, 1 

j Cherry 1020. 

I I 



Bedford High School Library, Columbus and Washington 
streets, Bedford. Miss Franc White, Librarian. Open every 
school day 8:15 A. M.-5 P. M. Monday 7-9 P. M. 

Berea Public Library, City Hall, E. Bridge and Seminary j 

streets, Berea. Miss Margaret M. Crawford, Librarian. Open 1 

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, 2-5:30 P. M. and 7-9 P. M. Wednesday ! 

9 A. M.-l P. M. and 2-5:30 P. M. I 

Brecksville Public Library, Brecksville, Box 184. Mrs. E. L. f 
Bourn, Librarian. Open Tuesday 12 Noon-5 P. M. Friday 2-5 P. 1 
M. Saturday 7-9 P. M. I 

Chagrin Falls Public Library, Main and Front streets, Chagrin J 
Falls. Mrs. E. A. Hutchinson, Librarian. Open Tuesday and Sat- 
urday 2-5 P. M. and 7-9 P. M. Thursday 10 A. M.-l P. M. and 2-5 
P. M. 

Moreland School Library, Moreland boulevard and Lee road, 
Shaker Heights Miss Cordelia Titcomb, Librarian. Open every 
school day 9 A, M.-5 P. M. Tuesday and Friday 9 A. M.-9 P. M. 
Saturday 9 A. M.-12 Noon. 

North Olmsted Public Library, Burns Bldg. Stop 36, North 
Olmsted. Mrs. R. S. Wershing, Librarian. Open Tuesday 12 Noon- 
5 P. M. Saturday 3-6 P. M. and 7-9 P. M. 

Rocky River High School Library, Riverview and Lakeview 
roads, Rocky River. Mrs. P. A. Monger, Librarian. Open every 
school day 8 A. M.-5 P. M. Tuesday 7-9 P. M. Saturday 1:30-5 
P. M. 

Shaker Heights High School Library, Woodland and Wood- 
bury roads, Shaker Heights. Miss Jean Anderson, Librarian. 
School Telephone Wash. 1400. Open every school day 8 A. M.-5 
P. M. Saturday 9 A. M.-12 Noon. 

Shore High School Library (Euclid Village) , Bliss road, Euclid 
Village. Miss Florence Stein and Mrs. P. S. Crampton, Librarians. 
Open every school day 8 A. M.-4 P. M. Thursday 7-9 P. M. 

South Euclid Public Library, Green road near Mayfield road, 
South Euclid. Mrs. J. B. Krieg, Librarian. Open 9 A. M.-5 P. M. 
daily. Tuesday and Thursday 7-9 P. M. Saturday 9 A. M.-9 P. M. 




Beehive School, Lee road near Miles avenue. Mrs. F. C. 
Loomis, Librarian. Open Thursday 6:30-8 P. M. 




The Main Library is open each week day from 9 A. M. to 
9:30 P. M. 

Branch libraries, with the exception of Hiram House, are open 
daily except Sundays and legal holidays. 

School branch libraries and library stations are closed on Sat- 
urdays as well as on Sundays and legal holidays. 

Friendly Inn Branch, 3754 Woodland Randolph 1876 

♦Fullerton School Branch, Fullerton near E. 57th Academy 193 

**George Washington School Branch, 16210 Lorain and | 

W. 162nd Lakewood 1393 

♦Gilbert School Branch, W. 58th near Storer Melrose 1223 I 

Glenville Branch, 660 Parkwood .....Eddy 1462 

*Hiram Branch, 2723 Orange Prospect 2630 I 

Hough Branch, Crawford road and E. 86th ...Garfield 2539 j 

Jefferson Branch, 850 Jefferson .Lincoln 1851 j 

♦Lafayette School Branch, E. 125th and Abell ..Academy 742 

Lorain Branch, 8216 Lorain Hemlock 296 

*McKinley School Branch, W. 125th and Lorain ...Lakewood 5383 
Memorial Branch, 325 E. 156th. 

Miles Park Branch, Miles Park and E. 93rd Broadway 297 

♦Miles School Branch, Miles and E. 119th Academy 879 ! 

♦Milford School Branch, W. 46th and Eichorn Hemlock 2613 I 

**Mt. Pleasant Library Station, 3335 E. 118th .Garfield 1150 j 

♦Nottingham School Branch, Nottingham and Waterloo.. ..Ken. 835 

Perkins Branch, 2818 St. Clair Prospect 1188 

Quincy Branch, E. 79th and Quincy Randolph 4524 

♦Rawlings Jr. High School Branch, E. 75th and Rawlings..Penn. 353 I 

Rice Branch, 11437 Buckeye road Garfield 8273 ! 

St. Clair Branch, E. 55th and St. Clair Randolph 2379 

South Branch, Scranton road and Clark Lincoln 192 

South Brooklyn Branch, Pearl and Devonshire roads Lincoln 379 I 

Sterling Branch, 2200 E. 30th ......Prospect 182 j 

Superior Branch, 1347 E. 105th Garfield 5403 

Temple Branch, 2008 E. 55th Randolph 2852 

Woodland Branch, 5806 Woodland ......Randolph 2372 




On Sundays and holidays it is open for reading and reference | 
from 2 to 9:30 P. M. 



Do yo uknow that the library may have collections of books in | 

the place where you are studying or where you are employed? 

There are now libraries in all high schools and in many factories. 

stores, fire engine houses and other institutions. 

♦Not open in the evening. 
♦♦Not open every day. 

i_ uii bh nu imi mi nil mi lM1 m , „„ „„ „,, 11M „„ „„ „„ nn „ „ „ „ mm ti 

— 59 — 



Drive to the Residence of Mr. Chas. Lezius, 
24801 Lake Shore Blvd., Euclid, Ohio. 




to" ft 




* J" 

ft S. 





i s 

to M 

o F 

3 3 




s a- 
5- ~ 


Co v» 









^ to 
^ 6" 

© Co 

* 4. 
i 3 


s^fc^^ ^^^^ 




:|||l|iiMl|!i ; , ; 


,'.■■■" ■. | i 


HIE ^^Isli 

'iHll ; ^^iwf 


'^^^^^^^^W^MS-^iMS/' ' 


Part of the Metropolitan Park System Often Called the Grand Canyon 

of Ohio, in Euclid, Ohio, 

Longs Point, Hundreds of Feet Above You as You Pass Through 

the Park 

*. — „. 

.„,, — * 



Founded in 1910 at 1197 E. 10 5th street, members of American Hospital 
Association and for the past six years has been located at 152 3 Dille Road, 
Euclid, Ohio. 

The Sanitarium has accommodations for 2 patients. While most are 
of Cleveland, some seek its advantages from nearby cities. 

Altho originally established as a general hospital, the patients are now 
limited to Aged, Nervous, and Convalescent Cases. 

Mrs. Anna Wright Kimball, the original founder is superintendent; 
Mrs. Kimball is a graduate of the Ravenna public and high schools, and grad- 
uated from Cleveland City Hospital in class of 190 3. 

Mrs. Kimball is assisted by Mr. Harry C. Kimball, a graduate of the 
Northwest Medical Institute at St. Paul. Minn. His earlier education was 
received in the Augusta, Me., public and high schools. Augusta being his 
native city. 

The Kimballs have three children — Oliver D. Wright of Columbia Uni- 
versity and New York City; Clifton N. Kimball, a student in Blairs Academy 
in New Jersey, and Helen Kimball, in Euclid High School. 


<{,. M „ „, „„ ,„, „„ hp nn m n„ on ,„, „„ .,,. „„ „.. „„ „„ ,,„ .,,. in m, nu „„ „ ,_,„ H „,,j, 

Drive 23501 Lake Shore Blvd. to Dr. Brigham 
Residence, Euclid, Ohio 

' " M - — — — — — — ■— - — i — . .— ... 1 ,—.* 



Bakery & Lunch 

Home Cooking and I 




Bread, Cookies, Buns, 7 

Pies, Cakes, Etc. 

Lunch Room in connec- i 
tion, meals served to 

21061 Euclid Ave. j 

Nr. Cor. Chardon Rd. 
Euclid, Ohio 

Mrs. Louis Ciechanski 


*— ■ 

Residence of Mr. A. W. Henn, 23131 E. Lake Shore Blvd., 

Euclid, Ohio. 


Building Department Office, City Hall, 
Euclid, Ohio. 

W. M. Baeckler, Inspector, Standing, 
Miss Louise Rogers, Stenographer. 

Anton Logar 

Dealer In 

Dry Goods, Shoes and Household Goods 
Ladies 9 and Men's Furnishings 

928 East 222nd Street and Miller Avenue 
Euclid, Ohio Ken - 1096 


i " 


I The Village was incorporated in 1903 at an election held the 

| 14th day of February. 

The first Council meeting was held May 4, 1903. 

Mayor, Henry S. Pickands; Clerk, H. S. Dunlop; Councilmen, 
I Avery, Bentley, Cavanaugh, Cope, Frissell, Lowd e n. 

Ordinance No. 1, fixing bonds and compensation of officers of 
f the Village: 

Mayor Bond $1,000 Salary $ 10 per year 

! Clerk - .Bond 500 Salary 150 per year 

I Treasurer Bond 3,000 Salary 100 per year 

I Marshal Bond 500 Salary 80 per year 

Str e et Commissioner Bond 500 Salary 3 per day 

Mayor Pickands and Clerk Dunlop held office until 1908. 

Mayor Harms and Clerk Dunlop were elected to hold office for 
J the years 1908 and 1909. Dunlop resigned after election and N. J. 
J Brewer was appointed as Clerk of the Village. 


Including Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Republic of Panama, Canal Zone, 
Hawaii, Porto Rico, Shanghai, Philippines, Guam and Tutuila, 

First Class per ounce 2c 

Second Class (newspaper, periodicals) 4 ounces, lc 

Third Class (books, circulars) 2 ounces lc 

Merchandise — See Fourth Class. 

Registered mail (extra postage) 10c 

Special Delivery 10c 

Postage Cards 10c 

FIRST CLASS — Letters and all other written matter, sealed or unsealed, 
and all other matter sealed or fastened in any manner not easily examined, 
2 cents for each ounce or fraction thereof. 

SECOND CLASS (unsealed) — All regular newspapers, magazines, etc., 
one cent for each four ounces or fraction, fully prepaid. 

THIRD CLASS — Printed matter, circulars, photographs, and unsealed 
wrappers only, 1 cent each 2 ounces or fraction, fully prepaid. Limit of 
weight, 4 lbs. 

FOURTH CLASS — Domestic Parcel Post. Apply at post office for par- 
ticulars as to zones, rates and conditions under which parcels may be sent. 
Limit of weight 70 pounds for the first, second and third zones; 50 pounds 
for all other zones. 

AIRPLANE SERVICE — For information apply at local Post Office for 

be insured on payment of the fee indicated, for 

3 cents $ 5 10 cents $ 50 

5 cents 25 20 cents 100 

Charges of fourth class mail, not exceeding $50. on payment of a fee 
of 10 cents, and not exceeding $100, for a fee of 25 cents, may be collected 
upon delivery. Such mail is automatically insured for $50 and $100 accord- 
ing to the fee paid. 

MONEY ORDER RATES — For sums not exceeding $2.50, 3 cents; 
$2.50 to $5.00, 5 cents; $5.00 to $10, 8 cents; $10 to $20. 10 cents; $20 to 
$30, 12 cents; 30 to 40, 15 cents; $40 to $50, 18 cents; $50 to $60, 20 cents: 
$60 to $75, 25 cents; $75 to $100, 30 cents. 

FOREIGN POSTAGE — Letters, 5 cents for first ounce; 3 cents for each 
additional ounce or fraction. To Great Britain and Ireland, letters. 2 cents 
for each ounce or fraction thereof. Printed matter, 2 ounces for 1 cent. 

Commercial papers, packages of documents, etc.. five cents for the first 
ten ounces or less, and one cent for each additional two ounces or fraction 
thereof. Postal cards, 2 cents. 




fYoungstown, Ohio, 1:00 P. M. 

Leave Cleveland P. O. 11:20 A. M. 
Arrive Cleveland P. O. 5:20 P. M. 


Arrive < 

Pittsburgh, Pa., 1:45 P. M. 

LNew York, N. Y., 7:00 P. M. 

i .i^^TionoA/rl fNew York, N. Y., 6:15 A. M 

Leave Cleveland P. O^ 11:30 P. M. I Arriye \ Hartford ' c ' 6:35 A M 

Arrive Cleveland P. O. 3:15 A. M. J iBoston, Mass., 7:50 A. M. 

f Chicago, 111., 5:35 A. M. 

Milwaukee, Wis., 6:50 A. M. 
La Crosse, Wis., 9:30 A. M 
St. Paul, Minn., 11:30 A. M. 
Minneapolis, Minn., 11:40 A. M. 

Peoria, 111., 7:25 A. M. 
j Springfield, 111., 8:15 A. M. 

Leave Cleveland P. O. 
Arrive Cleveland P. O. 

1:40 A. M. 1 
1:00 A. M. r 

Leave Cleveland P. O. 2:00 P. M, 

i Arrive 

Cleveland P. O. 3:35 P. M. \ Ar , r , vp 
Cleveland P. O. 1:00 P. M. J Arrive 

Arrive St. Louis, Mo., 9:15 A. M. 

Moline, 111., 7:25 A. M. 
St. Joseph, Mo., 10:20 A. M. 
Kansas City, Mo., 11:18 A. M. 
Ponca City, Okla., 2:05 P. M. 
Oklahoma City, Okla., 3:05 P. M. 
Fort Worth, Texas, 5:15 P. M. 
^Dallas, Texas, 5:35 P. M. 

-(Detroit, Mich., 6:00 P. M. 

f Chicago, 111., 7:00 P. M. 
Iowa City, Iowa, 9:40 P. M. 
Omaha, Neb., 12:20 A. M. 
No. Platte, Neb., 2:50 A. M. 
Cheyenne, Wyo., 4:45 A. M. 
Rock Springs, Wyo., 7:05 A. M. 
Salt Lake City, Utah, 10:00 A. M. 
Elco, Nev., 11:15 A. M. 
Reno, Nev., 1:45 P. M. 
Sacramento, Calif., 2:45 P. M. 
San Francisco, Calif., 4:30 P. M. 

Los Angeles, Calif., 5:25 P. M. 

Denver, Colo., 6:55 A. M. 
Colorado Springs, Colo., 7:50 A.M. 
Pueblo, Colo., 8:30 A. M. 

Boise, Idaho, 1:15 P. M. 

Pasco, Wash., 4:25 P. M. 

Spokane, Wash., 6:30 A. M. 
.Seattle, Wash., 7:00 A. M. 
L Portland, Oregon, 7:00 A. M. 


Air mail letters for other destinations will be dispatched by plane to the 
nearest air mail port and forwarded by rail from that point to destination. 
Postage rate is 10 cents for each half ounce or fraction thereof. 
Weight limit, 50 pounds. 

Size limit, 84 inches in length and girth combined. 
Air mail can also be registered. 

' g"*» «ra«Bi 

vmm^ --..., 



mrjk.iBx:; miwwa, sm* 


v € & •■*&*<'; *?■ ■ , A , ' : y#. 

y 30*4 


' m -«M 

1 *£&* 

' '""" -*ij r 


wg0&m ■■ 




~ 5 ^ 

C V* 1 *'- "* 


\ f^'- '< i* *>*'** 

1 ' 

^ ; J 




,^. ■ ». ».,. . .. 



**«? v, """ imb™ 

.raaaa ..*?"■« 

tlg^ii.^ ~ -~lx_ "*'-- 


**'■*.._ * 

»w -* . " . " 

^8Uv ,^, 


*§y.. . „'<$§■ 




■■ ■■■ ■ ' 


- ♦** 



fe • 

Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes at the Convent of The Good Shepherd 
Providence Heights, Euclid, Ohio 



Atlanta, Ga. 
Macon, Ga. 
Bakersfield. Cal. 
Los Angeles, Cal. 
ConCord Field, Cal. 
Sacramento, Cal. 
San Francisco, Cal. 
Cleveland, O. 
Chicago, 111. 
Peoria, 111. 
Springfield, 111. 
Kansas City, Mo. 
St. Joseph, Mo. 
St. Louis, Mo. 
Moline, 111. 
Wichita, Kans. 
Oklohoma City, Okla. 
Fort Worth, Texas 

Dallas, Texas 
Pasco, Wash. 
Boise, Idaho 
Elko, Nevd. 
Detroit, Mich. 
Seattle, Wash. 
Portland, Oreg. 
Medford, Oreg. 
Fresno, Cal. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Iowa City, Iowa 
Des Moines, Iowa 
Omaha, Neb. 
North PlatT, Neb. 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Rock Springs, Wyo. 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Reno, Nevada 

Boston, Mass. 
Hartford, Conn. 
St. Paul, Minn. 
Minneopolis, Minn. 
Denver, Colo. 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Pueblo, Colo. 
Tampa, Fla. 
Miami, Fla. 
Fort Myers, Fla. 
Jacksonville, Fla. 
New York City. N. Y., 

Hadly Field 
Las Vegas, New Mex. 
La Crosse, Wis. 
Pittsburg. Pa. 
Youngstowc. O. 
McKeesport, Pa. 

Mail deposited before noon in any part of city will leave Cleveland 
same day, or, if left at Main Postoffice before 3:30 p. m.. will go out the 
same day. 

Postage to all Cities named herein is 10 cents for one-half oz. or frac- 
tion thereof. 


To Be Had at Stationary Stores, or Send to the Makers — 

REVIEW PUB. CO., Cleveland, Ohio. 

A. W. Fritz, Gen. M^t. 

— 69— 



On March 1, 1926, Euclid, 0., became the Euclid Branch Station 
of Cleveland, 0., making the thirteenth station of the Cleveland 
office, having carrier delivery service. 

E. C. Hampton was made clerk in charge, assisted by C. F. 
Curry and Lee S. Loderick. Office opens at 7 A. M. for benefit of 
lock box holders; stamp and money order windows open from 7:30 
A. M. to 6 P. M. Dispatches arrive and depart at 7:15 A. M., 11 :45 
A. M., 2:15 P. M. and 6:15 P. M. 

During the month of May, 1926, city service was extended to 
that part of Euclid lying between Euclid Avenue and the lake, as 
far east as East 221st Street, and this will be further extended as 

soon as the building and improvement conditions warrant it. 

* * * * 


Covering all Fourth Class Matter. The maximum weight of parcels 
addressed for local delivery and in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd zones (within 300 
miles) is 70 pounds. Beyond the third zone, 50 pounds. 

Rates — All matter weighing four ounces or less will be subject to post- 
age at the rate of 1 cent for each ounce or fraction, regardless of distance. 
Parcels mailed for delivery on same rural route, or within delivery ilmits of 
same city, 5 cents for first pound or (fraction, and 1 cent for each additional 
2 pounds. 

Within 150 miles (1st and 2nd zones) 5 cents for first pound and 1 cent 
for each additional pound. 

Within 300 miles (3rd zone) 6 cents for first pound and 2 cents for each 
additional pound. 

Within 600 miles (4th zone) 7 cents for first pound, and 4 cents for 
each additional pound. 

Within 1,000 miles (5th zone) 8 cents for first pound and 6 cents for 
each additional pound. 

Within 1,400 miles (6th zone) 9 cents for first pound and 8 cents for 
eech additional pound. 

Within 1,800 miles (7th zone) 11 cents for first pound, and 10 cents 
for each additional pound. 

All beyond 1,800 miles (8th zone) 12 cents for each pound or fraction. 

The parcel post includes the mailing of books those weighing 8 ounces 
or less 1 cent for each 2 ounces of fraction; those weighing in excess of 8 
ounces the regular zone rate shall apply. 

The local rate is applicable to parcels for delivery at the office of mail- 
ing or on a rural route starting therefrom. 

The address of firm making shipments must be displayed, preceded by 
the word "from." No advertising matter allowed on outside. 

Parcels may contain butter, lard, vegetables, fruit; meat fresh or dried; 
millinery; steel, iron or wooden products. Articles not to be sent include in- 
toxicating liquors, poisons, inflamable articles, live or dead animals, poultry, 
firearms or anything likely to injure the person or postal employees or dam- 
age the mail equipment or other mail matter. 

Parcels may be insured actual value only, up to $5, 3c; $25, 5c; $25 to 
$50, 10c. 

Parcels may be sent C. O. D. An extra postal fee for collection will be 

* * * * 


Jones — Sorry, old man, that my hen got loose and scratched up 
your garden. 

Smith — That's all right; my dog ate your hen. 

Jones — Fine! I just ran over your dog and killed him. — Witt. 



PASSENGER DEPOTS — Steam Railways 
Union Depot — Foot of W. 9th St., N. W., MAin 6920, New York Central Rail- 
way, Pennsylvania System, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis 
(Big Four). Cars marked "Union Depot" at Public Sq. 
Baltimore & Ohio Ry. — 900 Champlain Ave., near W. 9th St., N. W., MAin 
6720. Any car going west on W. Superior Ave. to depot stop in Detroit 
Bridge subway, walk one block south. 
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Ry. (Big Four). — MAin 6 9 20. 

"Union Depot" cars at Public Sq. 
Erie Ry. — W. 9th St. S. W., under Detroit-Superior Bridge. MAin OH 6. = 

Any car going west on Superior Ave. to depot stoj) in subway of bridge. 
New York Central Lines — Union Depot. MAin 69 20. "Union Depot" cars at 

Public Square. Additional depot E. 105th St. N. E., at N. Y. C. tracks. 
New York, Chicago & St. Louis (Nickel Plate) — Opposite 1200 Broadway. J 
CHerry 2000. Cars marked "Union Avenue" or "Broadway" to Nickel 
Plate stop — walk one block. Additional depots: Euclid Ave. at Coltman j 
Rd., W. 25th St., at Nickel Plate tracks. I 

Pennsylvania System — Union Depot, MAin 6920. "Union Depot" cars at Pub- 
lic Square. Additional depots: Euclid Ave. at E. 55th St. 
Wheeling & Lake Erie — 2270 Ontario. MAin 65 44. Easy walking distance I 
from Public Square or take cars marked "Broadway" or "Union Avenue" 
from S. W. corner Ontario and Prospect Avenue. 

Akron, Bedford, Hudson, Ravenna — 814 Prospect, SUperior 2 080. 
Warren, Youngstown — 2133 East 9th St., SUperior 2450. 

Willoughby, Painesville, Geneva, Ashtabula, Conneaut, Erie — starts from S. • 

E. corner Public Square. Station at 2133 E. 9th. Information SUperior I 


Lorain, Vermillion, Huron, Sandusky — 1451 W. 3rd St. ? 

Elyria, Oberlin, Norwalk — Marshall Bldg., Public Square. Elyria schedule, ! 

SUperior 0020. 
Medina— 1451 W. 3rd St. 
Olmsted Falls — W. 3rd and Superior St., Chardon & Parkman, S. E. corner 

Public Square. 
Wooster — 1451 W. 3rd St. 

Cleveland Post Office Closing Time for Maily by Plane 

Day — East — 11:00 A. M. Night — East — 11:00 P. M. 

Day — West — 1:20 P. M. Night — West 12:45 A. M. 

To Detroit — 12:30 P. M. 
NOTE — No night planes Saturday night, Sunday night, or night preced- 
ing legal holidays. 

Postal Rates — Domestic, 8 cents an ounce or fraction thereof for each 
I air zone or part of zone, fully prepaid; such charge includes transportation 
1 to and from the air mail route as well as the transportation by air. There 

= Note — The postage rate on mail transported by the Cleveland-Detroit 

plane is 10 cents for each ounce or wraction thereof. 



All Work Guaranteed — Men's and Women's 
j Made to Order 


J 924 East 222nd Street 




On Your Lot, Financed 100% — $50.00 to $70.00 Per Month 






Euclid Health Center, 22200 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Mrs. B. E. Jones President 

22150 Euclid Ave. 

Mrs. Frank G. Snider Vice President 

35 E. 219th Street. Ken. 0636-J 

Mrs. Gladys Emminger Secretary 

North Street, Euclid, O. 

Mrs. James K. Witmer Treasurer 

146 Shore Haven Drive. Ken. 341-W 

Mrs. J. Marsh Auditor 

Dr. Robert B. Hauver, M. D Health Center 

Dr. Joseph, D. D. S Dentist 

Dr. L. Kasco, M. D., Rose Bldg. Main 1795 

Baby Clinic every Wednesday 1 to 4 P. M. at Health Center Bldg. 
Alternating at Roosevelt School. 

Mrs. H. L. Joyce in charge. 

Dental Clinic, Tuesday 9 to 12 A. M. at Health Center Bldg. Thurs- 
days, 9 to 12 A. M. Meets last Monday in month. 

Miss V. N. Taylor Visiting Nurse. 



Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing for Ladies and Gents 
631 East 185th Street 

Kenmore 0504-WX 
Eclid. Ohio 

T " " " " ' u "" "" f 


First Door West of St. Jerome's Parish House 

Kenmore 1887 Evenings by Appointment 1 

We offer a Permanent Marcel Wave 
at the Special Price of 



Our high standard of quality work is maintained in 
spite of the reduction in prices. Our method produces a 
deep (wide) soft wave with lovely ringlets. An Over Lake 
Permanent Wave is beautiful at all times. 

.no mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi nn mi mi nn nn mi nn mi mi mi mi un nil mi nn nn nn mi nil iiil 

«]•„ ,,„ <„, nn nn nn nn mi nn nn nn nn nn mi nn nn nn nil mi nil mi mi nn mi nil n » nn nil m •»* 





Everything Photographic 
Any Time or Place 

RAndolph 2497 

Flashlights Panorama 

Aeoroplane Newspaper 




— 74- 

Too Late to Classify 

Abbott, W. A., 51 E. 216th !St 
Adams, Lewis M., 22102 Ball Ave. 
Adams, Geo., 80 E. 220th St. 
Akins, Ralph, 24610 Chardon Rd. 
Alda, Lillie Stern, Mrs., 8 E. 220th 
Alpin, M. E., Mrs. Bliss Rd. 
Allard, Benj. C, 1523 E. 204th St. 
Amato, C, 21300 Ball Ave. 
Antonacci, Jos., 20404 Fuller Ave. 
Antonacci, Mary 20321 Ball Ave. 
Anderson, 151 E. 209th St. 
Armorida, Chas. F., 40 E. 212th. 

Baeckler, Wm., 1522 Dille Rd. 
Bailey, Edison, 84 E. 208th. 
Baker, C. H., Lake Shore Blvd. 
Barlett, J. W., 149 E. 238th St. 
Ballar, J. E., 1915 Locherie Ave. 
Baglione, John, 20730 Fuller Ave. 
Baglione, Jos., 20720 Fuller Ave. 
Barille, Carl, 2031 Ball Ave. 
Baron, Ella, Mrs., 10199 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Barr, Jas. H., 15 E. 225th St. 
Barressi, Sam., 20921 Fuller Ave. 
Barressi, Frank, 210 01 Fuller 

Bauers, Henry, Puritan Rd. 
Barrows, H. S., 30 Dell Rd. 
Batchelor, Frank M., Chief of Po- 
Beck, Will, Euclid — Euclid Ave. 
Beck, Carl G., 21970 Ball Ave. 
Beck, Norman, 253 E. 201st St. 
Belanich, Mike, 782 E. 222nd St. 
Belanich, Joe, 782 E. 222nd St. 
Bobo, W. E., 172 E. 213th St. 
Boers M,iss Gertrude, 21349 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Eook, Frederick F., 14G E. 212th 

Borgsteadt, Henry, 22100 Fuller 

Bors, Anton, 24351 Lake Shore 

Bowie, William, 77 E. 206th St. 
Bowman, C. E., 291 E. 211th St. 
Brazee, J. L., 19600 Edgecliffe. 
Breen, Harry M., 19151 So. Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Brewer, J. M., 21922 Euclid Ave. 
Brockman, Fred, 21 E. 238th St. 
Brooks, Thomas, 91 E. 217th St. 
Brooks, Allen J., 91 E. 217th St. 
Brose, Earl, 81 E. 219th St. 
Bruce, Miss Zula, 23131 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Brumgm, G. W., 70 Dell Rd. 
Bucolo, Frank, 21181 Ball Ave. 
Budnick, A. J., 776 E. 250th St. 

Buettner, N., 240 E. 210th St. 
Bullock, John, 21476 Lake Shore 

Burrer, M. S., 161 E. 161st St. 
Burgert, Harley, 23701 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 

Burkhardt, E,. 207th St. 

Burwell, H. H., 165 E. 212th St. 
Buschman, A. J., 662 E. 185th St. 

Canning, Henry, 21175 Euclid 

Carson, A. L., Stop 139 V 2 , Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Carr, Dean W., 161 E. 201st St. 
Cerjan, Tom, 151 E. 192nd St. 
Chapman, Mrs. Mii n n e, 21012 

North St. 
Charlesworth, H. B., 662 E. 195th 

Chizek, Miss Josephine, 22066 

Lake Shore Blvd. 
Christian, R. R., 41 E. 194th St. 
Christopher, 126 E. 203rd 

Christopher, David, E. 270th St. 
Christopher, Phillip, 21412 Ball. 
Christopher, Tony, 21345 Ball. 
Christopher, J. L., 225 E. 248th 

Coe, Miss Myrtle, 210 20 North St. 
Cole, Henry M., 25 E. 194th St. 
Cole, Cora M., 2 5 E. 19 4th St. 
Collins, Irving F., 150 E. 219th 

Collins, Miss Marion, 150 E. 

219th St. 
Conway, John, 151 E. 214th St. 
Conway, Pat. 151 E. 212th St. 
Cook, Herman B., 19951 Euclid 

Corlett, H. L., 2046 E. 224th St. 
Corlett, Miss Elizabeth, 2046 E. 

224th St. 
Cornwall. R. W.. 143 E. 201st St. 
Covert, Wm.. ITS E. 2 20th St. 
Corvin, Wm., 9 E. 19 9th St. 
Crane, W. S., 33 E. 194th St. 
Crane, F. S.. 44 E. 194th St. 
Cross, Chas., 6 E. 264th St. 
Curto, M. Vito, 20190 Fuller Ave 
Curtis, Miss Catherine. 2 E. 219th. 
dishing, Wm. C. 51 E. 214th St. 

Darling. Ralph, 219 30 Wilmer. 
Da Varrio, Dona. 2 400 Fuller. 
Da Varrio, Nicolas, 20 402 Fuller. 
Daw, Wm.. Justice of the Peace. 

155 E. 209th St. 
Daye, L. E.. 20225 La. Sh. Blvd. 

*»— ■ 

Too Late to Classify 

Derrick, Laurie, La. Sh. Manor. 
Dickens, Wm. H. 19 501 La. Sh. 

Diemer, Irving, 120 E. 217th St. 
De S ant is, Nick, 22051 Fuller Av. 
Dlssette, C. K., 145 E. 203rd St. 
Douhler, F. X., 19 801 La. Sh. Blv. 
Doubler, A. J., 19827 La. Sh. Blv. 
Downer, Chas., 58 E. 219th St. 
Doyle, Chas €., 134 E. 212th St. 
Duff, H. E., 170 E. 225th St. 
Dunn, Harry J., 51 Lake Forest. 
Dyker, . . ., 21673 Priday. 

Earick, Ernest, 1460 PhaMon P'i. 
Ebert, Mrs. Lora, 241 E. 214th St. 
Ebersole, Mrs. Alice. 81, E. 219th. 
Es:gert, Elmer. 24001 La. Sh. Blv. 
Egleston, W. E., 24 E. 220th St. 
Fminger, .... 21023 North St. 
Elwood, John, .... Lake Forest. 
Elwood, Wm. T. Lake Forest. 
Evans, Geo. L., 22 E. 238th St. 
Fasnacht, N. J., E. 211th St. 

Felix, John, 3 27 E. 200th St. 
Fifield, 21025 North St. 
Finnerty, Bortley, 181 E. 217th. 
Fippin, E. 225th St. 
Fitch, Walter, 21530 La. Sh. Blv. 
Fletcher, Carl D., 18669 Pasnow. 
Fowler, Mrs. O. W., 136 E. 208th. 
Foran, Mrs. Emma K., 48 E. 194. 
Forchune, Mrs. Anna, 20501 Ful- 
ler Ave. 
Frank, Ralph, 60 E. 219th St. 
Frantz, Edward, 21976 Fuller. 
Frantz, Lehman, 21976 Fuller. 
Frantz, Mrs. Carrie, 21976 Fuller. 
Freeman, 164 E. 213th St. 
Frost, Wm., Puritan Rd. 
Fuerst, E. 211th St. 

Garapic, Dan.. 21071 La. Sh. Blv. 
Gardner, T. J., 20070 Ardwell. 
Gietano, 20900 Ball. 
Gillman. W., 20161 Fuller Ave. 
Gilson, Walter, 211 E. 260th St. 
Ginsburg, Mrs. Regina, 114 E. 

206th St. 
Gorham, Mrs. Sara, North St. 
Goshen, 131 E. 200th St. 
Grady, J. E., Stop 147 La. Sh. Blv. 
Granger, Walter E., 176 E. 191st. 
Grill, H. W.. 131 E. 204th St. 
Gross, Earl, 51 E. 220th St. 
Grove, Chas. E., 21410 La. Sh. Blv. 
Grove, Elmer, 67 E. 206th St. 
Guarino, F. J., 20681 Fuller. 
Guarino, F. 20707 Fuller. 
Guarino, John, 20710 Fuller. 

Guarino, Vincent, 21710 Fuller. 

Haglin, 138 E. 203rd St. 
Hanley, John, 928 E. 222nd St. 
Hanks, Wm., 41 E. 219th St. 
Harris, Miss Ethel, 21251 North. 
Harter, Dale F., 50 E. 194th St. 
Hathaway, Ray, Upson Rd. 
Havens, Ed., 75 E. 213th St. 
Havens, Lester, 31 E. 220th St. 
Havens, R., 21601 Ball. 
Hecker, Wm. M., 85 E. 220th St. 
Heick, G., 55 Dell Rd. 
Henn, Robert, 23131 La. Sh. Blv. 
Herml, Gus., 251 E. 214th St. 

Stop 141, Lake 
Stop 141, Lake 

Herrick, F. R. 

Shore Blvd. 
Herrick, Jack, 

Shore Blvd. 
Hoffman, E. M., 1 E. 219th St. 
Housechild, Geo. A., 10 E. 225th. 
Howard, Walter, 21600 Ball Ave. 
Howlette, Mrs. Martha, A., 126 E. 

213th St. 
Huston, R. B., 2251 Seabrooke. 

Iceland, 107 E. 213th St. 

Jamison, Robt. H., 21750 Chardon 
Jefferies, C. G., 150 E. 216th St. 
Jeffers, Ray. J., 109 E. 209th St. 
Jenkins, A. H., 40 E. 202nd St. 
Jenkins, Homer, 41 E. 212th St. 
Jennison, P., 25070 St. Clair Ave. 
Johns, Benj., 19 450 La. Sh. Blv. 
Johnson, A. A., 170 E. 209th St. 
Jones, C. F., 20231 La. Sh. Blv. 
Jones, J., 1.18 E. 204th St. 
Jrtenkauf, Eugene, 135 E. 219th. 
Julyan, F. C, 52 E. 222nd St. 
Julyan, F. G., 85 E. 222nd St. 
Jurman, Steve. 22101 Ball. 

Kandora, Frank, 274 E. 211th St. 

Kaufman, H., 21599 La, Sh. Blv. 

Kausek, August, 275 E. 185th St. 

Kays, Frank, 51 E. 19 4th St. 

Kent, Mrs. Mary, 23735 Lake 
Shore Blvd. 

Kilian, Rudolph, 111 E. 220th St. 

King, August, 24001 La, Sh. Blv. 

Kleber, Wm., 22 501 La. Sh. Blv. 

Kleber, Carl, 42 E. 225th St. 

Koenigshoff, John, 20907 Edge- 

Kollie, Chas., 22304 La. Sh. Blv. 

Koons, O. C, 21349 La. Sh. Blv. 

Kohl, A. S., 144 E. 216th St. 

Kosier, J., Sergt. of Police, 1375 
E. 219t hSt. 

Kotler, E. P., 24 E. 225th St. 

Too Late to Classify 

Kovacic, Steve, 21937 La. Sh. Blv. 
Knaser, W. H., 1564 Chardon. 
Krieker, Geo., 22612 La. Sh. Blv. 
Kressin, Wm., 87 E. 226th St. 
Krissin, Carl, 87 E. 226th St. 
KJursey, Wm., 21101 Fuller. 

Lahman, Chas., Gas Sta., 22 401 

Lake Shore Blvd. 
Lamanchio, Peter, 21260 Ball. 
Langon, Mrs. Mary, 51 E. 219th. 
Larick, W. A., 24651 La. Sh. Blv. 
La Velle, Ralph, 41 E. 212 th St. 
Lardner, 21675 Priday. 
Lee, James, 21425 Ball. 
Lee Oscar E., 9 E. 222nd St. 
Lemke, Gus., 22068 La. Sh. Blv. 
Lickorish, Lois, 20330 So. La. Sh. 

Lyon, €has. W., 121 E. 204th St. 

Machadu, E. L., 4 3 E. 19 4th St. 
McCue, Miss Bernice, 70 E. 219th. 
Maeulen, Henry, 135 E. 219th. 
Malone, L., 21181 Ball. 
Mandaback, C. O., 21850 Priday. 
Manning, Hubard, La. Forest Dr. 
Mantel, A. W., 246 E. 218th St. 
Marchesano, Mike, 1458 E. 222nd. 
Martans, Mrs. Flor., 21027 North. 
Martens, Miss Dor., 84 E. 226th. 
Massitt, Sam, 21255 Ball. 
Maulberger, E. C, La. Sh. Blvd. 
McDonald, Miss Laura, 98 E. 220. 
Merkle, Benj. F., La. Sh. Blvd. & 

Babbitt Rd. 
Miller, Dr., 22070 La. Sh. Blvd. 
Mantano, Frank, 20447 Fuller. 
Monroe, Mrs. S., 1552 E. 214th. 
Moore, Miss Jessie I., 19199 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Moran, Michael, 9 E. 212th St. 
Morgan T., 20901 Ball. 
Moss, Jos., 21939 La. Sh. Blvd. 

Naso, Angel. 21270 La. Sh. Blvd. 
Nabel, Ray., 174 E. 212th St. 
Neff, C. W., E. 197th St. 
Nicholls, J. C., 239 E. 201st St. 
Oerilvie, David, 219 Priday. 
Oldham. Miss Ann, 94 E. 220th 
Ossman, Miss Flo.. 130 E. 216th. 
Ossman, Miss Jessie. 130 E. 216th. 
Ormsby, Miss Vivian. 22070 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Oviatt, Mrs. Georgia., 126 E. 213. 
Oviatt, Donald, 126 E. 213. 

Parenti, Sam, 20 40 6 Fuller. 
Parisie, Tony, 20 5 25 Ball. 
Parrise, Tony, 207 20 Fuller. 
Pastor. Jos. J.. 19099 La. Sh. Blv. 

Peserello, Chas., 20449 Ball. 
Paterson, Mrs. Ida, Euc. Club Hse. 
Paterson, Geo. Euc. Club Hse. 
Phillips, W. H., 295 E. 210th St. 
Pike, Mrs. Zoe, 125 E. 219th St. 
Pinkney, G. M., 21430 La. Sr. Blv. 
Pilla, J. M., 20231 Ball. 
Poese, Ed., 85 E. 204th St. 
Porter, Mrs. H., Euc Av. & Dille. 
Prang, F. K., 114 E. 220th St. 

Quinn, Wm., 22305 La. Sh. Blv. 

Raeburn, Robt., 51 E. 220th St. 
Rapp, Daniel, 1486 Dille Rd. 
Ray, J. F., 131 E. 200th St. 
Ray, Miss Eleanor, 110 E. 213th. 
Remy (Drug Co.), E. 216th St. 
Reynolds, E. M., 165 E. 191st St. 
Richards, H. E., 61 E. 209th St. 
Richmond, Chas., 21013 North St. 
Richmond, John, 21017 North St. 
Riddell, Mrs. N., 54 E. 212th St. 
Rider, Irvin, 155 E. 220th St. 
Riehl, E. W., 285 E. 248th St. 
Roder, Wm., 21870 Fuller. 
Rogers, Will, 21029 North. 
Rogers, Paul, 21029 North. 
Rogers, Donald, 21029 North. 
Rogers, Wm., Jr., 21029 North. 
Rogers, Miss L. 210 29 North. 
Roll, Ed. K., 176 E. 191st St. 
Roloff, H. R., 20330 La, Sh. Blv. 
Ronske. Mrs Julia. La. Sh. Blv. & 

E. 185th St. 
Ronske, John, La. Sh. Blv. & F, 

185th St. 
Rose, F. L., 51 E. 194th St. 
Rosenberg, Miss Hettie, 10 E. 219. 
Rosenberg, H., 150 E. 220th. 
Randel, 175 E. 208th St. 
Rudovico, Sabatino, 20440 Fuller. 
Rumbaugh, R. W.. 21900 Priday. 
Russ, Ode A., 71 E. 201st St. 
Russell, W. C, 151 E. 219th St. 
Ruto, Tony, 20101 Fuller. 
Ryan, John J.. 21781 Kennison. 
Rvan. L. W., 135 E. 212th St. 
Ryder, Jas., 265 E. 218th St. 

Saekow. John. Sr.. 21021 North. 
Saefkow, John. Jr., 21021 North. 
Saisall, C. E.. 11 E. 225th St. 
Po««all. H. L.. 151 E. 225th St. 
Schaiffer, Al., 166 E. 211th St. 
Scheerer. John J.. 155 E. 203rd 
Schlman. H., 43 E. 216th St. 
Schloupt. C. L.. 151 E. 211th St 
Schobel, Mrs. 251 E. 2 7th St 
Schroeder, H. C. 246 E. 218th St 
Schroeder. Chas.. 2LflE. 218th St 

4.,,—n, , 

•*•' — 

Too Late to Classify 

Schubert, Mrs. C. W., 38 E. 194. 

Schwarz, Geo., 100 E. 219th St 

Seelinger, N., 85 E. 213th St. 

Seelinger, P. J., Puritan Rd. 

Shaw, Lloyd, 34 E. 222nd St. 

Shaw, A., 60 E. 222nd St. 

Shaw, 141 E. 220th St. 

Shafiner, Jerold H., 5 4 Dell Rd. 

Shopke, Ben., 20900 Fuller. 

Shaughnessy, Jas. A., 118 E. 204. 

Sherry, J. J., 155 E. 203rd St. 

Shook, M. G., 131 E. 216th St. 

Shoff, L. N., 8 E. 225th St. 

Shubert, Chas. L., 38 E. 194th St. 

Shulson, E. A., 23651 La. Sh. Blv. 

Shumaker, L. E., 90 E. 213th St. 

Shumaker, G. M., 685 E. 185th. 

Simmermacher, Harry, 70 E. 211. 

Siracusa, Tony, 21135 Ball. 

Siracusa, Rosario, 20545 Ball. 

Siracuson, Mrs. Beatrice, 20961 

Slater, Mrs., 84 E. 219th St. 

Slocomb, 20070 Ardwell. 

Smith, Chas. M., 164 E. 220th. 

Smith, Miss Ethel, 78 E. 219th. 

Smith, Miss Hazel, 78 E. 219th. 

Smith, James N., E. 260th St. 

Smith, Ray. J., E. 260th St. 

Specht, Louis, 21135 Edgecliff. 

Speed, Andrew, 166 E. 220th St. 

Springer, W. R., 1640 Highland. 

Stamberger, Geo. W., 240 E. 218. 

Stalker, 170 E. 204th St. 

Stefanic, Frank, 131 E. 201st St. 

Stein, Mrs., 351 Babbitt Rd. 

Stein, Flo. M., 351 Babbitt Rd. 

Stein, C. L., 351 Babbitt Rd. 

Stein H. W., 171 E. 216th St. 

Steinbrenner, A. E., 24651 La. Sh. 

Steinbrenner, Wm. A., Stop 16 Eu- 
clid Ave. 

Steinbrunner, Gus. R., 61 E. 216. 

Stevens, Dr. L. E., Babbitt Rd. 

Stevenson, 167 E. 203rd St. 

Steverding, A., 23749 La. Sh. Blv. 

Steverding, W., (Police), Dille. 

Stracker, J., 156 Puritan Rd. 

Strasbourger, Mrs. E., 26200 La. 
Sh. Blvd. 

Strasbourger, Miss M. 26200 La. 
Sh. Blvd. 

Strasbourger, Irvin, 26200 La. Sh. 

Stray, John, Babbitt Rd. 
Strong, Geo. C, Luikart Dr. 
Stroud, C. H., 255 E. 203rd St. 
Sullivan, 21730 Edegcliff. 
Sullivan, John, 1518 Dille Rd. 
Sullivan, J., 21019 North. 
Sulzer, Henry, E. 250t hSt. 
Susstrunk, R. C, 20226 La. Sh. 

Svenson, 164 E. 203rd St. 

Tankard, J. E., Stop 129 La. Sh. 

Temple, R., (Gas Sta.), Bliss Rd. 

& La. Sh. Blvd. 
Test, Miss Madge, 64 E. 219th. 
Thompson, Miss S. E., 107 Dell. 
Thompson, Miss Louise, 107 Dell. 
Throne, 245 E. 214th St. 
Ticner, L., 22064 La. Sh. Blvd. 
Tracy, F. B., Chardon Rd. 
Trivision, Paul, 20260 Ball. 
Trivision, Nick, 20501 Ball. 
Tunte, Mrs. Alice, 74 E. 220th. 

Verbsky, Mrs. Eliza, 23925 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Verbsky, Miss Ella, 23925 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Verbsky, Mrs. Sylvia, 24101 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Verbsky, Vernon, 24101 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Verbsky, Wallie B., 40 E. 211th. 

Walker, Peter L., 20401 Fuller. 
Ware, G., 147 E. 201st St. 
Ward, 76 E. 296th St. 
Ward, E. H., 21760 Ball. 
Waterbury, 21492 La. Sh. Blv. 
Wenban, Mrs. Sarah, 275 E. 212. 
Werner, Paul, 32 E. 225th St. 
White, J. M., 21591 Edgecliff. 
Wicks, W. T., 46 E. 238th St. 
Wickson, C, 23152 La. Sh. Blv. 
Williams, H., 21668 La. Sh. Blv. 
Williams, Miss May E., 10 E. 222. 
Wilson, Ed., 1130 Babbitt Rd. 
Wilson, Geo., 1130 Babbitt Rd. 
Winchester, J., 23925 La. Sh. Blv. 
Wolf, W., 95 E. 219th St. 
Wissman, J. H., 61 E. 216th St. 
Wissman, E. J., 301 E. 248th St. 
Wright, D. C, 2 E. 270th St. 

Zarich, David, 22301 La. Sh. Blv. 


Abrams, R. H., 295 E. 194th St. 
Abbott, Jerry, 20730 Miller Ave. 
Acker, C. E., 910 E. 239th St. 
Aderat, 1554 E. 204th St. 
Adams, J., 255 E. 218th St. 
Adams, John, 1552 E. 254th St. 
Agate, G. R., 44 E. 194th St. 
Agilo, Battaglie, 22451 Arms Ave. 
Ahlman, M. P., 170 E. 217th St. 
Ahlman, Maurice, 170 E. 217th St. 
Ahlman, E., 271 E. 218th St. 
Aitken, D., 27924 Gilchrist Dr. 
Albright, 19360 Lake Shore Blvd. 
Alexander, Thos., 19388 Renwood 

Alda, W. G., E. 220th St. 
Alger, M. C, 24744 St. Clair Ave. 
Alton, Fred, 978 E. 239th St. 
Alussukas, Anthony, 19 326 Tyronne. 
Allen, Bruce, 20051 Champ Dr. 
Ambro, Thomas, 18871 Nauman Ave. 
Amidich, L., 466 E. 222nd St. 
Amorosi, E., 24575 Euclid Ave. 
Anderson, Arthur, 165 Poritan St. 
Anderson, C. J., 314 E. 22nd St. 
Andolsek, Edward, 20780 Miller Ave. 
Andrews, Frank, 21103 North St. 
Andrews, R., 356 Babbitt Rd. 
Angelo, Barny, 20017 Miller Ave. 
Arant, Anthony, 8 47 E. 23 6th St. 
Arthur, H. C, Lloyd Rd. 
Armington, E. F., Idlehurst Dr. 
Armstrong, H. W.. 24603 St. Clair. 
Arnold, Earl W., 1476 E. 195th St. 
Ashley, Geo., 247 E. 201st St. 
Atkin, D., 27924 Gilchrist Dr. 
Avery, A. E., 25 Upper Valley Rd. 
Azman, A., 961 E. 237th St. 


Babio, Frank, 20751 Miller Ave. 
Backler, Charles, 15 2 2 Oil lie Rd. 
Backwinkle, Clemens, 20775 Vine 

Backler, Carl E., 1510 Dille Rd. 
Badi, I. C, 355 E. 246th St. 
Baehr, Roland, 19424 Tyronne. 
Baeckler, Chas., 1577 Chardon. 
Baeckler, William, 1577 Chardon. 
Backstrom, J., 19600 Nauman Ave. 
Baehr, R. N., Patrolman, Tyronne 

Baglione, John, 627 E. 200th St. 
Bailey, H. J., 631 Babbitt. 
Bakey, W. J., 126 E. 22 4th St. 
Baker, C. A., 233 E. 246th St. 
Baker, H., 19130 Loucherie Ave. 
Baldwin, F. D., 26431 Shoreview 


Baldwin, F. F., 26315 ShoreA'iew 

Ball, Garrison, 3 E. 2 02nd St. 
Ball, J. S., 25 E. 219th St.- 
Ballard, J. E., 19151 Locherie Ave. 
Bandelean, G. C, 27801 Lake Shore 

Baner, Frank, 208 50 Nauman Ave. 
Banes, Gilbert, 1524 E. 221st St. 
Baner, Nicholas, 20501 Tracy. 
Bandel, J., 150 E. 211th St. 
Bandelean, G., 27801 Oriole Ave. 
Banhardt, Philip, 19 610 Tyronne. 
Barber, G. M., Mrs., 285 E. 185th St. 
Barth, John, Shady Bank. 
Barlow, Dr. O. W., 1528 E. 159th St. 
Bartol, T., 22100 Tracy. 
Barber, J., 440 E. 222nd St. 
Barberis, A. E., 287 E. 248th St. 
Bark, Carl, 18651 Meredith Ave. 
Barley, 144 Westbrooke Dr. 
Bargstead, H. W., 22100 Fuller Ave. 
Bartlett, S. B., 21751 Fuller Ave. 
Barnes, Alger B., 261 E. 193rd St. 
Barnes, H., 26301 Oriole Ave. 
Baron, James, 974 E. 220th St. 
Barkowick, John, 20270 Tracy. 
Barnes, Carl W., 1565 E. 219th St. 
Barnes, Clay W., 18743 Abby Ave. 
Basset, Allen, 1581 Chardon. 
Bates, Fred, 85 E. 220th St. 
Bates, Rudolf, 203 26 Miller Ave. 
Batesman, Fred, 22630 Lake Shore 

Bauer, C. A., 376 E. 266th St. 
Bauer, Mrs. C. S., 376 E. 266th St. 
Baumert, M., 317 E. 211th St. 
Baut, Frank, 20931 Vine Ave. 
Baw, Ernest, 2 2401 Arms Ave. 
Baw, William, 22401 Arms Ave. 
Beck, Louis, 21401 North St. 
Beck, Guy, 21970 Ball Ave. 
Beck, Mrs. L. W., 1524 Dille Rd. 
Becker, W. C, 1561 E. 196th St. 
Bedarf, Richard, 1S753 Bonterey 

Bell, O., 109 E. 209th St. 
Beman, E. J.. IS S01 Pa snow Ave. 
Bender, L., 20846 Nauman Ave. 
Benson, B., 235 E. 201st St. 
Benson, L., 225 E. 24Sth St. 
Benson, P.. 235 E. 201st St. 
Bending, R. J., 8 E. 220th St. 
Bente. W. H., 233 E. 201st St. 
Benedict, Grace, 19026 Locherie 

Bergstrom, J., 2 SI 51 Glichrist Dr. 
Bergen, H. S.. 141 E. 208th St. 
Berglund. E. D., 19100 Kenwood Ave. 
Bergen, H. S., 141 E. 208th St. 
Berger, R., 57 E. 220th St. 
Berlin, Frank. S31 E. 207th St. 
Berzonske. Matt. 929 E. 207th St. 
Berhent. R.. 21451 North St. 


Berry, R. E., 26200 Mallard Ave. 
Beutler, A., 21901 Priday Ave. 
Bezdek, Joe, 26132 Oriole Ave. 
Beebe, Mrs. Clara, 844 E. 230th St. 
Beese, Miss, S. E., 1552 E. 214th St. 
Bickley, W., 19630 Meredith Ave. 
Bihler, Wayne, 22630 Lake Shore 

Binckley, Evelyn E., 35 E. 220th St. 
Billhimer, Geo. B., 1513 E. 219th St. 
Bird, C. T., 19171 Pasnow Ave. 
Bird, M. E., 19171 Pasnow Ave. 
Bissett, R. J., Luikart Dr. 
Biskind, B. A., 18771 Renwood Ave. 
Bishop, W. D., 114 E. 208th St. 
Black, Carl, 1464 E. 211st St. 
Blake, Paul, 19770 Renwood Ave. 
Blackman, Walter W., 141 E. 225th 

Blackman, Dick G., 141 E. 225th St. 
Blake, Simon J., 20150 Green Oak 

Blackie, D. C, 122 E. 238th St. 
Blase, I. C, 250 E. 214th St. 
Blatneck, Chas., 20280, Ivan Ave. 
Blazey, Tom, 1452 E. 196th St. 
Blood, G. E., 301 E. 260th St. 
Blanton, S. B., 24701 Lake Shore 

Bliss, R. G., 24301 Lake Shore Blvd. 
Bliss, E. E., 22134 Euclid Ave. 
Blumel, J., 8 E. 206th St. 
Bluem, 22630 Lake Shore Blvd. 
Blusins, Joe, 20301 Nauman Ave. 
Boast, L. W., 367 E. 248th St. 
Boam, A., 71 E. 219th St. 
Boenig, George, 19541 Nauman Ave. 
Bogelav, Anton, 22551 E. 232nd St. 
Bogelav, Frank, 22551 E. 232nd St. 
Bogelav, Louie, 22551 E. 232nd St. 
Bohr, Mathews, 20451 Tracy. 
Bohn, Edwin, 20190 Green Oak Dr. 
Bohem, C, 19870 Locherie Ave. 
Bokawsek, Anton, 2 876 Vine Ave. 
Boll, O., 109 E. 209th St. 
Boland, Jerome, 1521 E. 204th St. 
Boland, John, 1521 E. 204th St. 
Boland, Thomas, 19150 Shawnee Av. 
Bolz, Ed. S., 304 E. 194th St. 
Bolz, John S., 304 E. 194th St. 
Bones, Arthur, 1404 E. 221st St. 
Bonnema, A. T., Sterling Rd. 
Borgas, John, 21130 Vine Ave. 
Bosworth, H., 60 Dell Rd. 
Boseck, Wm. Gus, 770 Babbitt. 
Bonazza, Dreste, 20398 Miller Ave. 
Bossen, N., 292 E. 266th St. 
Bosworth, H., 60 Dell Rr. 
Bourgoult, John, 22417 Coulter. 
Bowles, Chas., 267 E. 214th St. 
Bovard, Abrams S., 20041 Beechview 

Boyd, James R., 1557 E. 204th St. 
Boyd, Thomas J., 1557 E. 204th St. 

Bozic, Andrew, 810 E. 237th St. 
Bozman, H. E., 27192 Oriole Ave. 
Brazee, J. C., 257 E. 201st St. 
Brady, H. L., 1511 Char don Rd. 
Bradley, W. C, 21470 North St. 
Braden, Howard, 1501 E. 196th St. 
Bradak, John, 19620 Armiston. 
Brassard, H., 18721 Renwood Ave. 
Brewer, N. J., 21900 Euclid Ave. 
Brigman, D. R., 23505 Lake Shore 

Brown, Hay ward, 1611 Hawthorn Dr. 
Brown, James, 50 E. 201st St. 
Brown, Wm., 134 E. 219th St. 
Brown, H. L., 134 E. 219th St. 
Brown, Edward, 20101 Beechview 

Brown, W. E., 23350 Arms Ave. 
Brown, W. R., 39 E. 194th St. 
Brown, Tom, 20112 Vine Ave. 
Brigleb, G. G., Puritan Cor. 
Brinkman, J. T., 18950 Locherie 

Braddock, Joe, 715 E. 232nd St. 
Bricel, F., 24465 St. Clair. 
Bradas, John, 20974 Miller Ave. 
Bradley, E. G., 108 E. 238th St. 
Brahs, John, 324 E. 226th St. 
Brazee, J. C, 235 E. 214th St. 
Brennen, J. W., 26320 Oriole Ave. 
Brew, Thomas, 828 E. 207th St. 
Brillinger, D. F., 245 E. 218th St. 
Brinkman, C. A., 19375 South Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Brooder, H., 386 E. 248th St. 
Brott, C. H., 287 E. 248th St. 
Brundic, Stanley, 21355 Miller Ave. 
Brunner, P. H., 166 E. 238th St. 
Brodok, Antonia, 820 E. 220th St. 
Brinker, F. C, 1564 Chardon. 
Brezee, Jacob, 2358 Nauman Ave. 
Brost, R. E., 19671 Renwood Ave. 
Brew, Wm., 18647 Monterey Ave. 
Brown, Chas., 15 E. 225th St. 
Bremner, Robert, 17 90 Grand Blvd. 
Bryerley, Howard, 1556 E. 204th St. 
Brinkman, C. A., 19 375 S. L. S. Blvd. 
Breyley, H. E., 21958 Priday Ave. 
Bucar, Lewis. 
Budd, R., Hillendale Dr. 
Bullas, J. A., 19076 Locherie Ave. 
Bussler, C, 18831 Pasnow. 
Busch, L. F., 22325 Arms Ave. 
Budnick, A. J., 976 E. 250th St. 
Burcel, H. H., 165 E. 212th St. 
Bush, James A., 247 E. 248th St. 
Bullard, L., 19041 Monterey. 
Busser, C. K., 18831 Pasnow Ave. 
Buikus, H., 22550 Ivan Ave. 
Bukovec, Gus, 19401 Nauman Ave. 
Bullas, J. A., 19076 Locherie Ave. 
Burrows, Emily, 283 E. 197th St. 
Burrows, F. O., 283 E. 197th St. 
Busaro, M., 19146 Nauman Ave. 



Bush, James A., 247 E. 248th St. 
Bukovec, J., 22070 Ball Ave. 
Burger, W. H., 365th E. 200th St. 
Bush, Frank, 22331 Coulter. 
Bush, A., 22630 Coulter Ave. 
Burkhardt, C. F., 1555 E. 214th St. 
Burrett, Evert, 1408 E. 221st St. 
Buehner, John, 20900 Vine Ave. 
Bucar, Lewis, 20850 Arbor. 
Bubsey, Frank J., 19650 Monterey 

Bubsey, Joe, 23610 Renwood Ave. 
Busch, Arthur, Cor. E. 185th-Mon- 

terev Ave 
Burrough, J. C, 471 E. 222nd St. 
Byrn, F. A., 19750 Renwood Ave. 

Caburn, H., 26600 Oriole Ave. 
Cain, H., 19651 Ormiston. 
Calhoon, C. W., 162 E. 270th St. 
Caldwell, W. D., 275 E. 246th St. 
Calquohoun, Peter, 81 E. 222nd St. 
Calderwood, M. H., 26550 Oriole Ave. 
Calquohoun, Robert, 81 E. 22 2nd St. 
Campora, A., 719 E. 222nd St. 
Cameron, E. L., 441 E. 266th St. 
Campbell, S. T., 47 E. 194th St. 
Campfield, Earl, 962 E. 207th St. 
Camplejohn, R., 50 Dell Rd. 
Cantlon, Leo F., 120 E. 216th St. 
Cannon, F. J., Hillendale Dr. 
Capenter, C. E., 18621 Abby Ave. 
Carlozzi, T., 19875 Pasnow Ave. 
Carlone, Casmo, 20161 Westport 
Carlozzi, J. E., 19870 Pasnow Ave. 

Carlson, A., 19 200 Nauman Ave. 
Carlson, J. S., 19700 Nauman Ave. 
Carodmole, Frank, 20 996 Westport 
Carr, Dudley H., Edgecliffe and E. 
Carr, D. W., 261 E. 201st St. 
Carr, J. C, 354 E. 248th St. 
Carrie, A. R., 298 E. 250th St. 
Carrigan, L., 21851 Hall Ave. 
Caspell, 18850 Abby. 
Casper, E. R., 330 E. 260th St. 
Cassidy, John J., 1940 Monterey Ave. 
Catalano, C, 19600 S. Lake Shore 

Cecelic, Joe, 20040 Goller Ave. 
Cadez, John, 19453 Tyronne. 
Centner, F. A., 21651 Priday Ave. 
Cepirlo, Tony, 20840 Miller Ave. 
Cerjan, Tom, 869 E. 230th St. 
Cerbin, H., 944 E. 250th St. 
Cernio, Alexander, 2085 Westport 

Cevick, Peter, 20850 Arbor Ave. 
Chaley, Leon, 20570 Nauman Ave. 
Cheach, N., 805 E. 232nd St. 
Chidley, J., Jr., 316 E. 197th St. 
Childers, J., 27036 Mallard Ave. 

Chinnock, E. D., 136 E. 208th St. 
Christopher, R. F., 246 E. 248th St. 
Christopher, J. L., 225 E. 248th St. 
Chruszezak, Mike, 21600 Nicholas 

Chistenson, C. E., 5 E. 238th St. 
Christenson, Walton, 5 E. 238th St. 
Christian, Harry, 22576 Coulter Ave. 
Christian, Fred, 22630 Coulter Ave. 
Chukayne, Jim, 21071 Arbor Ave. 
Cimball, A. W., 1523 Dille Rd. 
Cinco, W., 20831 Goller Ave. 
Clarey, C. A., 26581 Oriole Ave. 
Clark, H. R., 260 E. 250th St. 
Clark, J. B., E. 225th St. 
Clark, W. M., 21871 Ball Ave. 
Clark, G. W., 262 E. 270th and Blvd. 
Clark, J., 870 E. 239th St. 
Clark, John, 808 E. 250th St. 
Clark, G. W., 262 E. 270th St. 
Clarke, H. L., 84 E. 219th St. 
Clavey, G. A., 26581 Oriole Ave. 
Clay well, H. E., 18715 Locherie Ave. 
Clements, John, 20179 Westport 

Clifford, Frank, 797 Babbitt Rd. 
Clifeel, A. F., 94 E. 208th St. 
dines, H. F., 138 Puritan Rd. 
Clove, Frank, 19701 Renwood Ave. 
Cook, H. B., 19551 Euclid Ave. 
Coultrin, Mrs. Anna, 22134 Euclid. 
Cothman, Daniel W., 25200 Euclid. 
Cotton, D. L., 1530 Babbitt Rd. 
Collins, B., 1520 Babbitt Rd. 
Coverdale, Addie, 60 E. 219th St. 
Coetic, Philip, 19084 Abby. 
Comboch, Tony, 21161 Goller Ave. 
Cole, Alonza, 25 E. 194th St. 
Costello, A., 1459 E. 222nd St. 
Constable, H. D., 303 E. 246th St. 
Conway, J., 21601 Fuller Ave. 
Connor, Henry, 861 E. 236th St. 
Connelly, M., 487 E. 185th St. 
Colberg, J. H., 311 E. 197th St. 
Cole, P. W., 19494 Meredith Ave. 
Collins, E., 22631 Seabrooke Ave. 
Connley, V., 223 Dell Rd. 
Conrad, Louis, 827 E. 222nd St. 
Conrad, Louis Jr., 827 E. 222nd St. 
Cook, Augusta. 246 E. 260th St. 
Cook, Edward W., 1181 E. 222nd St. 
Cook. W., 346 E. 248th St. 
Coprich. J.. 740 E. 232nd St. 
Corbett, Melville. 1505 E. 219th St. 
Cornwall, R., 243 E. 201st St. 
Cowin, W. J.. 90 E. 199th St. 
Corrigan, L. S.. 21S51 Ball Ave. 
Costello, Lieut. Arthur. 1459 E. 2 2 2d 
Criswell, W., 91 E. 2 22nd St. 
Crippg, W. J.. 142 Puritan Rd. 
Crass. Chas. H.. 171 E. 224th St. 

Credico. H.. 23751 Hartland Ave. 
Craig, J.. 19S30 Monterey Ave. 



Crane, F. C, 43 E. 194th St. 
Critzer, K., 27227 Mallard Ave. 
Crane, G. C, 27000 Mallard Ave. 
Crawford, Ralph, 1480 E. 221st St. 
Craig, A. J., 320 E. 2 2 2d St. 
Crampton, P. S., 20309 L. S. Blvd. 
Crampton, R. O., 20309 L. S. Blvd. 
Crozier, R. L., 19400S. L. S. Blvd. 
Curach, Albert, 13500 Renwood Ave. 
Curtis, R. E., 2 E. 219th St. 
Cugan, John, 21800 Morris Ave. 
Curdmore, J. M., 144 E. 216th St. 
Czirbusz, Gus, 820 E. 222nd St. 


Dale, Ernest, 19551 Ormiston. 
DaltOn, E. J., 19524 Tyronne. 
Daniel, Ed. W., 131 E. 225th St. 
Danils, J., E. 265-Lake Shore Blvd. 
Daniels, W. G., Stop 19, Euclid Ave. 
Danzel, Anton, 21012 Nauman Ave. 
Darst, Jas. M., 1814 Grand Blvd. 
Dasher, V., 19174 Meredith Ave. 
Daturell, J. C, 541 E. 185th St. 
Davy, James, 19360 Tyronne. 
Davis, A. B., 1343 E. 219th St. 
Davis, John, 21715 Euclid Ave. 
Daw, W. M., 18691 Monterey Ave. 
Daw, Bernard, 18691 Monterey Ave. 
Day, Ray A., 18672 Renwood Ave. 
Day, Wilson, 1496 E. 195th St. 
Daye, C. P., 18784 Meredith Ave. 
Daye, L. D., 2 952 S. Lake Shore Blvd. 
Davis, F. B., 19074 Monterey Ave. 
Debenjak, Frank, 20351 Goller Ave. 
De Franco, A., 553 Babbitt. 
Degutis, W., 1572 E. 254th St. 
Deiner, G., 19859 Meredith Ave. 
DeLane, W. J., 14150 Euclid Ave. 
Delacourt, A., 19801 Monterey Ave. 
Dempsey, J. H., 124 E. 219th St. 
Denou, F., 1970 Idlehurst. 
Desasco, Fred, 21200 Westport Ave. 
DeVoe, H. L., 808 E. 250th St. 
DeVoe, F. E., 664 E. 250th St. 
Devito, Ruby, 20903 Westport Ave. 
Devor, G. L., 19370 Locherie Ave. 
Deviak, Peter, 20850 Arbor Ave. 
Dickson, 19550 Seminole Ave. 
Didion, F. X., 923 E. 237th St. 
Dill, L., 19270 Nauman Ave. 
Dillon, Sara, Mrs., 1511 Chardon Rd. 
Dillon, James, 144 Westbrooke Dr. 
Dimmock, E. H., 23515 St. Clair Ave. 
Dingeldey, Louis, 844 E. 232nd St. 
Dittman, H. C, 343 E. 248th St. 
Dittmann, Freda, 343 E. 248th St. 
Doanhnal, Frank, 19083 Abby. 
Dobnickar, Mrs. Jennie, 846 E. 212th 

Dobransky, Joseph, 19450 Tyronne. 
Dodd. William, 151 E. 238th St. 
Doebelle, John H., 18971 Monterey 


Doherty, James, 2310 6 Nicholas. 
Dolezal, Joe, 1496 E. 196th St. 
Dolan, Chas., 2455 5 Lake Shore Blv. 
Dolnick, Mike, 958 E. 212th St. 
Dombrusey, L., 592 E. 200th St. 
Dominko, Mike, 20171 Miller Ave. 
Donkin, G. M., 95 E. 219th St. 
Donkin, E. B., 19344 Pasnow Ave. 
Donkin, R. F., 127 E. 192nd St. 
Douglas, S., 55 E. 201st St. 
Doud, A. A., 18631 Nauman Ave. 
Dougherty, G. W., 130 E. 206th St. 
Douglas, S., 55 E. 201st St. 
Doucette, Leo, 20481 Euclid Ave 
Doville, Joe, 19201 Locherie Ave. 
Dowd, J., 18650 Monterey Ave. 
Dragonis, Sam, 843 E. 232nd St. 
Drenik, F., 22401 Ivan St. 
Dresse, E. E., 154 E. 203d St 
Dressier, Harry, 110 E. 208th St. 
Drescik, Mrs. Theresa, 20250 Miller 

Drllicka, J., 930 E. 239th St. 
Duber, J. F., 21260 North Ave. 
Duff, John, 1540 E. 204th St. 
Duffner, T. M., 19030 Nauman Ave. 
Duiker, R., 21701 Priday Ave. 
Dunn, H. J., 51 Lake Shore Dr. 
Dunn, J. A., 290 E. 266th St. 
Dunbar, G. S., 446 E. 266th St. 
Dunlap, H. S., 1566 E. 204th St. 
Durali, M., 924 E. 236th St. 
Durst, W. H., 25330 Euclid Ave. 
Dyer, Chas., 19351 Renwood Ave. 


Earick, Elmer, 1555 E. 207th St. 
East, E. D., 19621 Monterey Ave. 
Easter, S. A., 23021 Arms St. 
Easterling, E., 326 E. 260th St. 
Eaton, John, 24520 Glenbrook Blvd. 
Eberherd, W. J., 90 E. 222nd St. 
Eckinaw, Otto, 19770 Tyronne. 
Eden, Jos, 21851 Fuller Ave. 
Edmonds, G., 264 E. 194th St. 
Edwards, R., 21651 Fuller Ave. 
Edwards, G. A., 21900 Fuller Ave. 
Edwards, George, 264 E. 194th. 
Egger, W. F., 22431 Lakemont. 
Ehlert, A., 21951 Fuller Ave. 
Eichler, Chas. H., 25300 Euclid Ave. 
Eichler, Carl, 25300 Euclid Ave. 
Eickler, Wm„ 17 48 E. 195th St. 
Eisenhauer, Herbert, 18930 Monterey 

Elling, Miss Minnie, 110 E. 220th. 
Elstrom, Oskar, 1441 E. 219th St. 
Ely, C. R., 270 E. 222nd St. 
Ely, F. F., 18650 Nauman Ave. 
Ely, Milton, 1514 E. 221st St. 
Ely, M. N., 22910 L. S. Blvd. 
Eminger, R. C, 26130 Shoreview 

Eminger, E. Q., 21147 North Ave. 





Engelbrecht, F. J., 280 E. 266th St. 
Enkler, F. W., 811 E. 222nd St. 
Enser, Sam, 2243 9 Coulter Ave. 
Epperson, Chas., 19161 Renwood 

Erick, Elmer, E. 201st St. 
Erick, Ernest, Chardon Rd. 
Ercul, Vincent, 20790 Tracy Ave. 
Ernst, William, 20740 Tracy Ave. 
Erb, F., 19140 Locherie Ave. 
Erthal, Fred T., 350 E. 270th St. 
Erzen, Wm., 834 E. 239th St. 
Ettenger, C. E., 1525 E. 221st St. 
Evans, L. T., 19351 Tyronne. 
Evans, Jno. G., 1470 E. 2 221st St. 
Evans, J. Leonard, 1900 Grand Ave. 
Evans, David J., 1470 E. 221st St. 
Ewal, D. E., 2 Luikart, PI. 
Ewell, C. M., 2 Luikart PI. 

Faber, Peter, 19148 Abby. 
Fabric, Joe, 19657 Tyronne. 
Falk, O. H., 19515 Euclid Ave. — 
Fants, .J., 19420 Nauman Ave. 
Farand, Mrs., 48 E. 194th St. 
Farina, Chas., 20176 Hillcrest Dr. 
Fayen, William, N.. 22500 Sea 

Feeman, Harry, 24501 Euclid Ave. 
Fechter, O. L., Shawnee Dr. 
Fehnes, Anton, 20150 Tracy Ave. 
Feil, 77 Lloyd Rd. 
Fekner, Anton, 2015 Tracy Ave. 
Fellinger, Jos. B., 19811 Ormiston. 
Fenwick, John W., 19501 Monterey 

Fenyak, Mary, 795 E. 222nd St. 
Feoritto, Louis, 20275 Westport Ave. 
Ferris, T. G., 120 E. 206th St. 
Ferris, T. F., 19330 Nauman Ave. 
Fereto, Mike, 20017 Miller Ave. 
Ferguson, W. S., 26151 Lake Shore 

Ferty, F., 497 Babbitt Rd. 
Fewsburry, R. B., Lloyd Rd. 
Ficoud, Mrs. B., 563 E. 185th St. 
Fier, A. J., 870 E. 236th St. 
Fier, Louis, 928 E. 232nd St. 
Field, B. F., 20100 Edgecliff Blvd. 
Fifield, R. D., 1149 North St. 
Finahr, 91 E. 185th St. 
Fink, Frank, 1380 E. 221st St. 
Fink, Frank, 21121 Arbor Ave. 
Finkler. H., 891 E. 232nd St. 
Finucan, R., 241 E. 246th St. 
Fioritto, Louis, 20275 Westport. 
Firtha, J., 796 E. 222nd St. 
Fisher, M. L., 19140 Monterey Ave. 
Fischer, Harold, 260 E. 216th St. 
Fitzgerald, 244 51 Lake Shore Blvd. 
Fitzsimons, Harry, 1552 E. 214th St. 
Fitzgibbon, J. H., 26501 Mallard Ave. 
Flannigan, D., 324 E. 195th St. 

Fleach, E. G., 18 621 Nauman Ave. 
Fleming, David, Lake Shore Dr. 
Fletcher, G. O., 186~69 Pasnow Ave. 
Floner, Richard, 152 7 E. 19 5th St. 
Fluscher, Joseph, 1555 E. 195th St. 
Foley, H. H., 119 Puritan Rd. 
Forget, Geo., Brush Rd. 
Forkner, Ray, 1430 PI 221st St. 
Fortier, Jack, 894 E. 237th St. 
Foster, E. A., 180 E. 225th St. 
Foster, H. N., 866 E. 239th St. 
Fox, Chas.. 22310 Arms Ave. 
Freeman, E. F., 19150 Renwood Ave. 
Frabotta, A., 20696 Westport. 
Frank, P, P., 597 Babbitt. 
Frank, A. J., 597 Babbitt. 
Franklin, E. M., 191 E. 280th St. 
Franks, W. A., 1536 Dille Rd. 
Frantz, E. R., 21976 Priday Ave. 
French, Donald 19192 Abby. 
Frissell, W. P., 40 E. 194th St. 
Frey, Geo. F., 164 E. 216th St. 
Frey, Henry, 160 E. 214th St. 
Fritz, Frank, 978 E. 239th St. 
Frost, Elmer T., 20046 Hillcrest Dr. 
Fristoe, A., 24451 Yosemite Dr. 
Fry, J. A., 118 E. 204th St. 
Fry, R. D., Lloyd Rd. 
Frye, Carl, 1560 E. 196th St. 
Fuller, James L., 19381 Monterey 

Fuller. Grant, 1413 E. 219th St. 
Furtuna. John, 866 E. 212th St. 

Gabrenya. John J., 22010 Ivan. 

Gan, Pete, 22812 Nicholas Ave. 

Galer, Chas, 1530 E. 221st St. 

Garrison. H. A., 241 E. 248th St. 

Ganso. Chas.. 86 E. 238th St. 

Garrett, William, 21931 Westport 

Garrington, E.. 35 Dell Rd. 

Garnett, E. C. Sergt. of Police. 
Ken. 0120-M. 

Gardner, William, 21640 Ivan. 

Garfield. W. H.. 2195S Priday Ave. 

Gatwood, C. F., 263 E. 207th St. 

Geiger. John, 19421 Tyronne. 

Gerber. Frank. 1SS00 Abby. 

Germanovic, Theodore, 19 620 Ty- 

Gerner. N., 19 461 Monterey Ave. 

Gertz, W T m.. 20151 Beechview Dr. 

Gervvich, Frank. 20563 Ivan. 

Gessner. H. C, 202 31 Lake Shore 
Blvd., South. 

Gettler. Henrv F.. 151 E. 216th St. 

Geza. Anton. 2 0730 Vine Ave. 

Gibb. Keneth. 187 9 2 Abby Ave. 

Gibbons, S. P.. E. 270th St. 

Gibbons. T. M.. E. 270th St. 

Gibbons. H. J., 104 E. 219th St. 

Gidlev. C. Noble. Ohio. 

79 — 


Gienger, J. F., 131st E. 185th St. 
Gill, J. F., 27001 Shoreview Ave. 
Gill, W. P., 126 E. 219th St. 
Gillen, Chas., 1435 E. 219th St. 
Gillride, Clarence, Dillie Rd. 
Gillingham, C. H., 56 E. 219th St. 
Gilks, R. E., 2770 Park View Dr. 
Gilks, R. S., 27170 Parkview Dr. 
Gilmore, W., 27830 Parkview Dr. 
Gilson, C. B., Corner Mallard and E. 
260th St. 
Gilson, W. B., Corner Mallard and E. 

260th St. 
Girard, A. V., 21 E. 222nd St. 
Girdley, Ray, 19120 Monterey Ave. 
Gisser, John, 671 E. 200th St. 
Glass, William, 20540 Tracy. 
Globkar, Anton, 20358 Vine. 
Good, Jas. L., 32 E. 194th St. 
Gobrnya, John, 22010 Ivan. 
Godez, Lewis, 2 0755 Vine Ave. 
Goeldvick, Ely, 19351 Nauman. 
Gole, Anthony, 911 E. 232nd St. 
Goldring, H. S., 180 E. 220th St. 
Gombach, Jos., 21128 Goller Ave. 
Goodal, Earnest, 19050 Locherie Ave. 
Gordon, G. B., 24773 St. Clair Ave. 
Gorjinc, Frank, 22812 Nicholas Ave. 
Goryanes, Steve, 22601 E. 232nd St. 
Gougham, Miss H. V., 260 E. 250th 

Gracious, Vincent, 18830 Meredith 
Grat'h, Wm., 590 E. 266th St. 
Graves, G. A., 475 E. 185th St. 
Gray, Mrs. T. H. L., 22950 Euclid 

Grdina, Jacob. 951 Babbitt Rd. 
Gridovec, Rudolph, 811 E. 236th St. 
Greener, L. C, 299 E. 197th St. 
Greve, G. F., 84 E. 19 9th St. 
Gregg, E. C, 317 E. 197th St. 
Grimm, E. C, 461 E. 260th St. 
Gross, W., 294 E. 197th St. 
Groh, H. L., 19431 Renwood Ave. 
Gronda, J., 19551 Monterey Ave. 

Grossman, A. J., 26901 Mallard Ave. 
Grow, M. W., 19321 Renwood Ave. 
Guenther, Henry. 26000 Lake Shore 
Guenther, Edward, 19611 Edgehill 

Guilfoyle, Harold, Lake Shore Manor, 

Lake Shore Dr. 
Gurnack, August, 1401 E. 219th St. 


Haase, R., 15 E. 220th St. 
Haas, Robert C, 20031 Hillcrest Dr. 
Habich, Frank, 821 E. 236th St. 
Hablutzel, Jake, 820 E. 250th St. 
Habrie, Andrew. 20740 Naumann 

Hadlock, D. C, 34 E. 222nd St. 
Hafner, Alois, 19804 Tyronne. 

Hagbona, C. G., 26250 Mallard Ave. 
Hahn, Fred C, 24001 S. L. S. Blvd. 
Haitzel, A. M., 18950 Abby. 
Hall, L. C, 1576 E. 219th St. 
Hall, W. H., 19 550 Upper Vallev Dr. 
Halle, W. C, 21205 Euclid Ave. 
Haller, Fred, Jr., 19330 Monterey 
Haller, F., 19851 Meredith Ave. 
Hallewdorf, A. C, 24496 Euclid Av. 
Halligan, Frank, 1604 Hawthorn Dr. 
Hammond, D. D., 140 Westbrook Av. 
Hamman, Floyd, 1824 Glenridge Rd. 
Hammel, H. A., 43 E. 194th St. 
Hammell, Chas., 1486 E. 222nd St. 
Hamick, John, 20050 Tracy. 
Hamilton, P., 26991 Mallard Ave. 
Hamilton, George, 1536 E. 204th St. 
Hannan, L. E., 24047 Euclid Ave. 
Hanks, H. W., 141 Puritan Rd. 
Hanyen, Dr. L. R., 19477 Euclid 

Harris, Herman, 477 E. 266th St. 
Harris, Anna, Mrs., 21251 North St. 
Harris, S., 126 E. 224th St. 
Haralovich, 795 E. 222nd St. 
Hargman, John, 19426 Renwood 

Harison, Wm., 864 E. 230th St. 
Harmon, C. J., 87 E. 238th St. 
Harman, Alfred J., 15 3 E. 212th S 
Harper, Herman L., 27201 Mallard. 
Hart, C. J., 570 E. 266th St. 
Hart, Earnest, Edgecliff Blvd. and E. 

216th St. 
Hart, C. G., 19358 Pasnow Ave. 
Hartman, Everet, 1924 Glenridge Rd. 
Hartman, M. A., 1924 Glenridge Rd. 
Hartman, E. M., 1924 Glenridge Rd. 
Hartman, J. C, 1493 E. 195th St. 
Harvey, D. K., 264 E. 193rd St. 
Harwood, J. W., 390 E. 222nd St. 
Hassel, Frank, 19630 Renwood Ave. 
Hassett, Lee Chas., 26101 Shoreview 

Hasenpfiing, J. L., 71 Dell Rd. 
Haslin, R., 19901 Renwood Ave. 

Hathaway, E. M., 19171 Nauman. 
Havens, H. C, 1511 Chardon Rd. 
Havens, G. C, 1511 Chardon Rd. 
Hawk, Ivan O., 1550 E. 195th St. 
Hawley, R. H., 170 E. 225th St. 
Hayer, Fred, 20160 Green Oak Dr. 
Hazen, C. M., 1565 E. 214th St. 
Hazen, R., 19356 Pasnow Ave. 
Heglan, V., 18720 Monterey Ave. 
Heiber, Vid, 22551 Ivan St. 
Heick, C. H., 95 E. 221st St. 
Heil, T., 19250 Locherie Ave. 
Heiser, J., 19230 Meredith Ave. 
Heisler, A. W., 924 E. 236th St. 
Herjevic, Mike, 22050 Miller Ave. 
Hellberg, K., 764 E. 236th St. 
Helmuth, Joe, 22101 Wilmore. 
Helse, S. A., 1600 Hawthorn Dr. 




Hemming, B., 221 E. 218th St. 
Hemrick, Fred, 1526 E. 196th St. 
Henn, A. W., 23131 Lake Shore 

Henderson, Wm. A., 498 Babbitt. 
Henekma, Joe, 19860 Ormiston. 
Henekma, Joe, 19860 Omiston. 
Henery, John, 1471 E. 219th St. 
Hening, Tremont, 1492 Dillie Rd. 
Hernle, Henry, 1541 Dillie Rd. 
Henry E., 370 E. 248th St. 
Henry, Samuel, 267 E. 197th St. 
Henry, Frank G., 18700 Nauman 

Henning, Geo., 1543 E. 204th St. 
Hepfinger, C. W., 18 E. 220th St. 
Herrick, Geo., 22371 Arms Ave. 
Herrick, Lynn, 1552 E. 204th St. 
Herrick, Mrs. C, 19051 Pasnow Ave. 
Herrick, R. L., Ill E 226th St. 
Herbarth, G., 780 E. 250th St. 
Herbert, Mrs. Mary, 884 E. 230th St. 
Hersh, Maurice, 19430 S. L. S. Blvd. 
Herzog, Philip, 19551 Ormiston. 
Hess, Harry, 1560 E. 196th St. 
Hester, Edwin D., 2 0998 Euclid Ave. 
Heur, W. A., 390 E. 266th St. 
Heuser, H. L., 168 E. 23 8th St. 
Hienko, Geo., 20701 Tracy Ave. 
Hill, R. V., 357 E. 197th St. 
Hill, W. E., 284 E. 193rd St. 
Hill, W. J., 325 E. 197th St. 
Hill, Wm., 19951 S. Lake Shore 

Hill, W. B., 1556 Chardon Rd. 
Hill, J. Elmer, 15600 E. 221st St. 
Hill, W. B., 21001 Euclid Ave. 
Hildebrand, Fred, Lake Shore Manor. 
Higidous, A., 20374 Nicholas Ave. 
Higgieval, W. K., 19171 Genesee Ave. 
Hinchliff, Sam., 31 E. 220th St.— 

Ken. 3416 M. 
Hinder, E. W., 10 E. 238th St. 
Hippard, A. S., 105 E. 228th St. 
Hirsch, J. M., 144 E. 203d St. 
Hirmle, E. A., 251 E. 214th St. 
Hiroschveck, Anton, 19687 Tyronne. 
Hiti, Frank, 20305 Goller Ave. 
Hoacland, E. K., 24101 Lake Shore 
Hocevar, John 1884 9 Abby. 
Hodakiewiez, V., 19501 Ormiston. 
Hodge, J. T., 18925 Locherie Ave. 
Hogen, J. B., 27030 Oriole Ave. 
Hoene, H. B., 242 E. 248th St. 
Hoffart, L., 19 056 Meredith Ave. 
Hodakiewiez, V., 19501 Ormiston. 
Hollinger, H. E., 19091 Upper Vallev. 
Holland, R. T., 34 E. 225th St. 
Hooker, H. H., 275 E. 197th St. 
Horen, F., 55 E. 20 0th St. 
Horen, F.. 55 E. 20 6th St. 
Horn, H. P.. 22470 Lakemont Ave. 
Horth, Pauline, 1181 E. 222nd St. 
Hormmel. H. A., 33 E. 194th St. 
Homvec, Frank, 8 68 E. 230th St. 

Howald, J. T. 
Howard, T. D. 

Hoprich, M., 19201 Pasnow Ave. 
Hough, L., 21631 Priday Ave. 
Houk, Peter, 21975 Westport Ave. 
Houston, Lee, 60 E. 219th St. 
Howard, J. W., 26151 Mallard Ave. 
Howard, Fred, 2 30 Euclid Ave. 


221 E. 218th St. 
901 E. 232nd St. 
Howell, Geo., 19400 Newton Ave. 
Howells, C. L., 130 E. 192nd St. 
Hoyinowski, Chester, 1371 E. 219th 

Hranilvich, Peter, 795 E. 222nd St. 
Hrenko, Geo., 20701 Tracy. 
Hribar, John, 19609 Tyronne. 
Huber, E. H., 27100 Mallard Ave. 
Hubet, E. W., Lloyd Rd. 
Huchins, J. R., 21931 Westford. 
Huck, Wm., 18657 Meredith Ave. 
Hudeck, F. G., 22923 Euclid Ave. 
Hudik, W., 919 E. 232nd St. 
Huffman, Harold, 20481 Euclid Ave. 
Huges, C. W., 44 E. 220th St. 
Hulet, E. W., Lloyd Ave. 
Hulet, E. W., Lloyd Rd. 
Hulsman, Marcus, 88 E. 219th St. 
Hunt, C. R., Brush Rd. 
Hunt, T. R., 1504 E. 221st St. 
Hurd, A. K., 130 E. 216th St. 
Hylkema, H., 28200 Gilchrist Dr. 


Iddings, Geo., 19500 Euclid Ave. 
Imprato, Salvestor, 849 E. 230th St. 
Ink, A. H., 154 E. 238th St. 
Ink, Ella K., 154 E. 238th St. 
Intihar, L., 900 E. 237th St. 
Inman, James, 18801 Renwood Ave. 
Irr, Joe, 25851 Euclid Ave. 
Iressner, Lester, 22491 Coulter Ave. 
Istenanc, Frank, 20800 Miller Ave. 
Irwin, Arthur L., 22230 Euclid Ave. 
Ivancic, Joe, 618 E. 200th St. 
Ivancic, James, 618 E. 200th St. 
Ivancic, John, 20800 Miller Ave. 

Jablonski. Mrs. R.. 1934S Pasnow 

Jackomin, Frank, 22553 Ivan St. 
Jackson, F. F., 19 363 Euclid Ave. 
Jackson, Jack. 202 7 5 Nauman Ave. 
Jacobs. J. E., 2 4 SO 2 St. Clair Ave. 
Jacobs. W. C, 24S02 St. Clair Ave. 
Jacoson, Allen. 23331 Arms. 
Jadrich. John. 94S E. 207th St. 
Jaejer, Frances. 15 44 Dille Rd. 
J affray. Wr.. 2 00 50 Beech view Dr. 
JagOdnik, Anton. 20750 Tracy. 
Jagodnik. Anton. 20750 Tracy Ave. 
Jarjer, Raymond. 1544 Dille Rd. 
Jamison. C. R.. 37 E. 194th St. 
Jamison, Alene. 200 9 3 Beeehview. 

— SI — 



Jamnek, John, 804 E. 222nd St. 
Janchar, A. A., 170 E. 209th St. 
Janek, Joseph, Jr., 1496 E. 204th. 
Janes, J., 23450 Ivan Ave. 
Janezic, A., 991 E. 239th St. 
Janz, Anton, 1380 E. 221st St. 
Javornik, John, 20351 Nauman Ave. 
Jaylan, F. G., 85 E. 222nd St. 
Jedlicka, Chas., 1501 E. 195th St. 
Jeffery, R., 1602 Hawthorn Dr 
Jehlicka, 406 E. 266th St. 
Jerman, H. W., 55 E. 222nd St. 
Jenne, W. K., 951 Babbit Rd. 
Jennings, R. H., 310 E. 195th St. 
Jennings, E., 21471 North St. 
Jennison, P. E., 370 Babbit Rd. 
Jenkins, Albert, 40 E. 202nd St. 
Jerome, Emel, 20251 Miller Ave. 
Jevnikar, J. E., 21907 Ball Ave. 
Jezerc, Jno., 927 E. 239th St. 
Jimiai, D., 22338 Arms Ave. 
Jippson, G. B., 19150 Pasnow Ave. 
John, B. E., 22150 Euclid Ave. 
Johnson, S. R., 19551 Seminole Dr. 
Johnson, W., 217 31 Puller Ave. 
Johnston, H. L., 27180 Oriole Ave. 
Johnson, W. L., 105 E. 206th St. 
Johnson, Richard, 18700 Meredith 

Jones, Geo. W., 2 0114 Champ Dr. 
Jones, Alfred, 19486 Tyronne. 
Jones, C. E., 18871 Locherie Ave. 
Jones, E., 335 E. 19 5-th St. 
Jones, W. B., 19700 Meredith Ave. 
Jordan, J. B., 925 E. 236th St. 
Joslin, Chas., 21241 Euclid Ave. 
Joslin, Harry, 21241 Euclid Ave. 
Joyce, Martin, 18851 Nauman Ave. 
Joyce, F. J., 160 E. 211th St. 
Juratovac, A., 19784 Renwood Ave. 
Juratovic, Thos., 964 E. 220th St. 
Judkins, Mrs. A. W., 158 Puritan Rd. 
Judson, V. N., Lloyd Rd. 
Judson, C. H., Lloyd Rd. 
Jumont, George R., 18895 Meredith 

Juratovac, M., 1952 Nauman Ave. 
Jurrell, Herbert, 1541 E. 219th St. 
Jurrell, Nicholas H., 1541 E. 219th 



Kaessin, G., 112 E. 226th St. 
Kaise, H., 110 E. 238th St. 
Kalf, H., 840 E. 239th St. 
Kalarnas, Maik, 19650 Ormiston. 
Kaldos, Louis, 19051 Renwood Ave. 
Kammern, Herman, 1497 E. 195th. 
Kapler, Joe, 952 E. 207th St. 
Kapudja, Gust, 20371 Vine St. 
Karnish, Frank, 18609 Euclid Ave. 
Karabe, J., 19862 Tyronne. 
Karn, Matt, 21851 Ivan Ave. 
Karnc, Rose, 921 E. 239th St. 
Karls, Ewald, 19700 Tyronne. 

Karls, Alma, 19700 Tyronne. 
Karls, Lydia, 19700 Tyronne. 
Kasier, John, 1375 E. 219th St. 
Kastelic, E. J., 928 E. 222d St. 
Kate, Geo., 18611 Euclid Ave. 
Kater, Edward, 7 Luikart PI. 
Kater, Ernest, 7 Luikart PI. 
Kater, E. G., 7 Luikart Dr. 
Kater, E. E., 7 Luikart Dr. 
Kauser, Carl, 1421 E. 219th St. 
Kaver, Isaac, 21000 Arbor Ave. 
Kaken, Martin, 141 E. 219th St. 
Keefe, J. E., 124 E. 219th St, 
Kearn, Jim, 870 E. 237th St. 
Kebe, F., 19186 Abby. 
Keikel, H., 874 E. 237th St. 
Kekic, John, 753 E. 236th St. 
Kekic, Tom, 753 E. 236th St. 
Keir, W. D., 229 E. 216th St. 
Kemeth, Andrew, 20502 Miller Ave. 
Kemke, 2 2 670 L. S. Blvd. 
Keller, A. C, 251 E. 218th St. 
Keller, E. J., 251 E. 218th St. 
Keller, W. E., 251 E. 218th St. 
Kelly, Mrs. A., 23001 Euclid Ave. 
Kelly, Frances, 19392 Renwood Ave. 
Kerr, Robert N., 18920 Abby. 
Kern, Frank, E. 200th St. 
Kessler, Carl, 110 E. 208th St. 
Kidd, C. H., 21831 Ball Ave. 
Kidhar, Valenteno, 205 4 Vine St. 
Kienan, Tom, 20560 Vine Ave. 
Kieselbach, Bertha, 148 E. 219th St. 
Kilim, D. N., 613 E. 200th St. 
Kimball, Harry C, 1523 Dille Rd. 
Kimball, Mrs. Anna Wright. 
Kime, A. J., 280 E. 266th St. 
King, Bert, 26171 Oriole Ave. 
King, Earl, 756 E. 219th St. 
Kinhoff, John, 20731 Goller Ave. 
Kinkoff, Herman, 2 0681 Goller Ave. 
Kinsella, J. E., 19600 Locherie Ave. 
Kinsey, Samuel, 21101 Westport St. 
Kinstler, E., Stop 18 1-2. 
Kinsley, J. N., 20 E. 206th St. 
Kinney, Miss E., 48 E. 194th St. 
Kirby, Rev. D. D., 170 E. 191st St. 
Kirchner, W. E.. 361 E. 248th St. 
Kirchner, S. J., 22595 Lake Shore 
Blvd. i 

Kirpatrick, C. F., 452 E. 266th St. 
Kisthardt, H. J., 21651 Friday Ave. 
Kleve, Richard, 71701 Westport Ave 
Kline, A., 19021 Pasnow Ave. 
Kline, Allen, 155 9 Dille Rd. 
Kline, E. J., 19051 Pasnow Ave. 
Kline, John, 1535 Dille Rd. 
Kline, Jno., 20605 Euclid Ave. 
Kline, Jas. W., 22071 Ivan Ave. 
Klinker, L. W., 19900 Monterey Av. 
Klemon, Matt, 20681 Miller Ave. 
Klemencic, Joe, 22951 E. 232nd St. 
Klopvick, Edward, 21710 Goller Ave. 
Klum, Lorence, 20750 Goller Ave. 
Knight, W. W., 661 E. 185th St. 



Rnikoff, Rudolph, 20354 Goller Ave. 
Rnuth, C. B., 21601 Euclid Ave. 
Koch, Walter E., 19768 Tyronne. 
Koehn, Fred, 1901 Monterey Ave. 
Koetz, J., 498 Rabbit Rd. 
Kohal, John, 18801 Nauman Ave. 
Kohen, Joseph, 93 E. 222nd St. 
Koll, Henry M., 20145 Hillcrest Dr. 
Roller, Vincent, 20219 Vine Ave. 
Roller, Fred, 20140 Goller Ave. 
Roner, George, 20821 Recher Ave. 
Ropihan, H. E., 155 E. 216th St. 
Rorem, J., 600 E. 200th St. 
Rorencic, John, 20927 Miller Ave. 
Rorthals, Jack, 19714 Monterey Av. 
Rorlin, Jim, 20101 Tracy Ave. 
Rornblum, A., 18830 Monterey Ave. 
Roshmerly, Frank, 20954 Naumann 

Rosier, John, 1375 E. 219th St. 
Rosnick, Emerick, 2 2000 Morris Av. 
Rotnik, Carl, 839 E. 236th St. 
Rovocac, John, 830 E. 237th St. 
Rovacic, Joe, 21061 Miller Ave. 
Rovacic, Anton, 21253 Miller Ave. 
Rowman, J., 19731 Ormiston. 
Rrahmer, F., 283 E. 246th St. 
Rrahmer, Louis, 91 E. 238th St. 
Rraince, James, 21193 Miller Ave. 
Rraincic, George, 20873 Miller Ave. 
Rrall, Chas., 844 E. 207th St. 
Rrall, C. E., 20910 Miller Ave. 
Rranince, Joseph, 1791 Abby Ave. 
Rrause, Carl F., 901 E. 23 7th St. 
Rratzer, C. W., 499 E. 260th St. 
Rrauss, Fred, 21731 Wilmor Ave. 
Rreger, Anton, 154 5 E. 214th St. 
Rreger, Elmer, 1423 E. 221st St. 
Rrenn, Jno. M., 22550 Lakemont St. 
Rren, Anthony, 21421 Goller Ave. 
Rreiss, J., 21931 Fuller Ave. 
Rremm, Mrs., 260 E. 222nd St. 
Rrisko, John, 2 0130 Naumann Ave. 
Rristiensiv, Andrey, 21911 Ivan. 
Rristancic, Andy, 219 00 Ivan Ave. 
Rrusic, Anton, 2 0531 Vine St. 
Rrukops, Anton. 984, E. 22d St. 
Rroehle, Mrs. Mary A., 2 3401 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Rroehle, Paul, 2 3401 Lake Shore 

Ruckenmeister, C, 19771 Renwood 

Rubik,' Fred, 1510 E. 254th St. 
Ruchenbacher, Albert, 395 E. 2 60th. 
Rucich, N., 700 Babbitt Rd. 
Ruhar, Frank, 86 6 E. 212th St. 
Ruhlhoff, H. O., 19328 S. L. S. Blvd. 
Rulow, E. A., 890 E. 250th St. 
Rulvenskas, Ben, 5 92 E. 2 00th St. 
Rupfer, C. M., 19107 Tenessee Dr. 
Rure, Frank, 8 54 E. 2 3 6th St. 
Rurtis, John, 19141 Abby. 
Rusar, Jim, 20171 Goller Ave. 

Lacertoga, Sam, 21831 Ivan Ave. 
Landoll, E. T., 926 E. 239th St. 
LaFollette, Chas. T., 20150 Hillcrest 

Lake,Reu, William S., 1553 Chardon 

Lang, A., 19226 Meredith Ave. 
Lang, Chas., 323 E. 185th St. 
Lape, C. E., 1514 E. 195th St. 
Lardner, Geo., 21721 Friday Ave. 
Larick, N. H., 18 Luikart PI., 23651 

Lake Shore Blvd. 
Larkin, M. J., 1535 E. 195th St. 
Lamke, H., 19342 Pasnow Ave. 
Landinbach, Louie, 20101 Naumann. 
Lane, F. A., 18750 Monterey Ave. 
Landoll, Leo, 18875 Naumann Ave. 
Langdon, C. W., 35 E. 238th St. 
Langdon, C. T., 26 E. 238th St. 
LaPierre, A. W., 19100 Locherie Ave. 
Larick, R. R., 23735 L. S. Blvd. 
Larick, Mrs. Paulien, 18 Luikart Dr. 
Larkins, L., 1530 E. 196th St. 
Larocco, Dr. C. G., 23001 Euclid 

Larson, C, 824 E. 222nd St. 
Lasch, Fred, 306 E. 210th St. 
Lasky, J. J., 21971 Priday. 
Latour, L. J., 894 E. 236th St. 
Latrel, Frank, 19122 Abby. 
Laurich, A. L., 19000 Abby. 
Lauden, S. E., 1730 Chatworth Dr. 
Lauderback, C, 22472 Ivan Ave. 
Laufer, A. W., 1580 Dille Rd. 
Lausin, L., 22405 Nicholas Ave. 
Lavianti, 259 E. 270th St. 
Lavianti, 259 E. 2 57th St. 
Lawrich, Anton, 21251 Arbor. 
Lawrence, R. H., 278 E. 197th St. 
Leader, T., 304 E. 209th St. 
Lebach, John, 21231 Goller Ave. 
Lebate. J., 900 E. 239th St. 
Legan, M., 2 2 600 Ivan Ave. 
Lekan, Mat, 19370 Ormiston. 
Lekancic, Matthew. 21501 Goller Av. 
Lennie, F., 305 E. 194th St. 
Lent, D. J., 19S26 S. Lake Shore 

Lentz, John. 201 SI Beechview Dr. 
Lentz. W., 631 Babbitt. 
Leo. Carl, 145S E. 204th St. 
Leonard. Max, 717 E. 2 3 2nd St. 
Leonie, Sergt. Patsy. 20650 Ball 

Leppert, A.. S5 E. 219th St. 
Leskovic. Jerry. 6S9 E. 200th St. 
Levenson. L. R.. 164 E. 2 3d St. 
Leviski. M. J.. 19141 Abby. 
Lewis. C. 2 3 7 Nicholas Ave. 
Lezius. Chas., 24S01 Lake Shore 

Libert. \Y.. 19249 Meredith Ave. 
Linich. Baldo, 22601 E. 2 3 2nd St. 

— S3— 


Linak, John, 836 E. 236th St. 

Lindquist, P., 26250 Forestview Ave. 

Lipstreuer, Harry E., 20030 Beech- 
view Dr. 

Lockard, Ralph J., 18653 Renwood. 

Loftus, C. E., 21100 S. Lake Shore 

Logan, Mrs. Theresa, 18851 Mon- 
terey Ave. 

Loncar, M. L., 888 E. 220th St. 

Longar, J., 600 E. 200th St. 

Longvick, Ewald, 26430 Mallard 

Loomis, Neil, 1450 E. 204th St. 

Loomis, Anton, 20187 Goller Ave. 

Loop, A. H., 1531 E. 214th St. 

Lord, E. N., 101 E. 204th St. 

Lourich, Anton, 21251 Arbor Ave. 

Lowden, E. G., 164 E. 203d St. 

Lowrie, Walter, 19401 Monterey Ave. 

Lucas, J. H., 101 E. 219th St. 

Lucas, G. A., 50 E. 206th St. 

Lucas, E. J., 22923 Euclid Ave. 

Lucas, G. A., 50 E. 206th St. 

Lucas, W. T., 22425 Seabrooke Ave. 

Luikart, C. G., 2 2 Luikart PI. 

Luikart, Latham J., 2 3 Luikart PI. 

Luikart, Loyole, 27 Luikart PI. 

Luikart, L. E., 19 Luikart PI. 

Luikart, P. P., 19 400 Nauman Ave. 

Luikart, C. G., 22 Luikart Dr. 

Lunnert, P. C., 19 251 Monterey Ave. 

Lundstrum, R., 18667 Abby Ave. 

Lukacko, Steve, 22641 Ivan. 

Lusher, Wm., 19 321 Tyronne. 

Lustig, Clark, 21701 Wilmor Ave. 

Lustrick, Prank, 1568 E. 254th St. 

Luvc, Anton, 19600 Ormiston. 

Lyons, Jno. A., 193 63 Euclid Ave. 

Lynch, Harold, 22951 Arms St. 


MacDougall, A., 27231 Oriole Ave. 
MacDougall, N., 26250 Shoreview. 
Mackay, G. H., 20224 S. Lake Shore 

Mackay, Joe, 225 E. 248th St. 
Macmill, Wm., 1553 E. 204th St. 
Maddo, J. T., 18701 ^Pasnow Ave. 
Mallister, Sara, 1434 E. 221st St. 
Malorbrh, J., 20300 S. Lake Shore 
Mann, Wm., 22434 Seabrooke Ave. 
Mannen, D. A., 90 E. 208th St. 
Manaback, C. O., 21700 Westport. 
Mance, Robert, 21121 Miller Ave. 
Mandback, Chas., 21700 Westport 

Mandelkorn, Noah, 1551 E 195th 

Mangus, Mrs. Lillian, Lakeshore 

Manor, Lake Shore Dr. 
Manion, John H., 18631 Renwood Av. 
Mantel, R. C, 246 E. 218th St. 
Manzi, Joe, 20475 Miller Ave. 

Martin, J. A., 85 E. 222nd St. 
Martens, Fred, 214 E. 226th St. 
March, R. G., 100 E. 226th St. 
Carcellus, Chas. E., 1605 Hawthorne. 

Marencic, Mike, 971 E. 239th St. 
March, Wm., 515 E. 266th St. 
Martens, 21181 North. 
Marshall, L. L., 14 E. 225th St. 
Marchesans, Mick, 1416 E. 222nd. 
Maresic, M., 19 577 Locherie Ave. 
Marcus, Paul, 835 E. 232nd St. 
Markovich, A., 2 2472 Ivan Ave. 
Markum, Anton, 20960 Miller Ave. 
Martin, A., 268 60 Shoreview Ave. 
Masser, Chas. W., 1225 E. 222nd St. 
Mason, Henry, 197 9 Tyronne Ave. 
Matson, Gust, 20275 Nauman Ave. 
Mathews, Thomas R., 140 E. 225th. 
Matheis, Geo., 1471 E. 195th St. 
Mattie, L. E., 29 Maplewood Dr. 

Mavsar, Jno., 2 3301 Ivan. 
Maxwell, O. M., 233 E. 211th St. 
Mays, W. A., 19101 Euclid Ave. 
Mays, D. W., 19101 Euclid Ave. 
Mayer, Thomas, Lakeshore Manor, 

Lake Shore Dr. 
Mazich, Vincent, 805 E. 222nd St. 
Mcarthy, A., 1559 E. 219th St. 
McAlister, Garden, 101 E. 219th St. 
McAndrews, L. W., 165 E. 220th St. 
McArthur, E., 445 E. 266th St. 
McCahan, F., 19201 Naumann Ave. 
McCarthy, Mrs. D., 19150 Shawnee 
McCave, E. T., 193 01 Meredith Ave. 
CcClintock, E., 1516 Babbitt Rd. 
McCloud, F. A., 170 Lloyd Rd. 
McCloud, F. A., 170 Lloyd Rr. 
McCloud, Mrs. Frank, Lloyd Rd. 
McCormack, H. C, 51 E. 222nd St. 
McCormick, J. L., 480 Rabbit Rd. 
McCue, J. W., 70 E. 219th St. 
McCurrey, L., 19726 Renwood Ave. 
McDanials, J. E., 122 E. 192nd St. 
McDaniels, U. E., 308 E. 2 60th St. 
McElroy, Mrs. Anna, 170 E. 101st. 
McFarlane, Wm., 1552 E. 196th St. 
McGaff, M., Hillendale Dr. 
McGarry, John, 19362 Monterey Av. 
McGehee, A. D., 19170 Nauman Av. 
McGreal, 22301 Arms Ave. 
Mclntyre, J. R., Lloyd Rd. 
Mcllhatton, J., 19000 Locherie Ave. 
McKay, D., 186 50 Pasnow Ave. 
McKee, W. J., 345 E. 197th St. 
McKenna, 20150 Lake Shore Blvd. 
McKone, W. E., 22346 Nicholas Av. 
McMillan, John J., 24110 Euclid Ave. 
McNorton, H. S., 24604 St. Clair. 
McRad, W. L., 270 E. 260th St. 
McVerry, Jack, 20050 Beechview Dr. 
Merchant, Chas., 550 E. 260th St. 
Merchant, W. M., 928 E. 232nd St. 
Medold, John, 22301 Beckford Ave. 


. .j, 


Medveshek, Joe, 21141 Goller Ave. 
Meglen, Mrs. Amelia, 987 E. 207th. 
Megson, L., 1727 Chatworth Dr. 
Mehling, Dr. H. D., 55 Dell Rd. 
Meixner, O. F., 19350 Monterey Ave. 
Mekinda, Mary, 870 E. 212th St. 
Melah, Jas., E. 209th St. 
Metzenbaum, James, 2400 Euclid Av. 
Memntos, Wm., 2241 Coulter Ave. 
Merritt, C. R., 19027 Meredith Ave. 
Meri-lls, C. G., 1474 Dille Rd. 
Messenger, O. G., 27045 Lake Shore 

Mestek, M., 18667 Abby Ave. 
Metts, Danial E., 374 Babbitt Rd. 
Metzger, S., 19801 Meredith Ave. 
Mewnier, Ovid, 251 E. 236th St. 
Meyer, E. A., 74 Dell Rd. 
Meyer, Fred W., 141 E. 220th St. 
Meyer, C. H., 19750 Monterey Ave. 
Meyer, Bill, 18729 Abby Ave. 

Milburn, L. C, 145 E. 280th St. 
Mickolio, Matt, 20982 Nauman Ave. 
Michaelis, A., 19300 Locherie Ave. 
Mighton, Mrs. L. €., 321 and 325 
Mihevic, Jno., 22901 Ivan. 
Milkrucec, Frank, 22401 Beckford 

Mikokich, John, 19631 Renwood Av. 

Puritan Rd. 
Mikealvian, Simon, 673 E. 185th St. 
Miklaveic, John, 21327 Westport Av. 
Mikvick, Joe, 20361 Arbor Ave. 
Milburn, L. C, 145 E. 280th St. 
Miller, Carl, 745 Rabbit Rd. 
Miller, Frank, 18730 Abby Ave. 
Miller, F. W., 318 E. 222nd St. 
Miller, A. E., 103 E. 238th St. 
Miller, John T., 19491 Lake Shore 

Miller, Fred W., 141 E 220th St. 
Miller, E. R., 1527 E. 204th St. 
Miller, R., 1935 2 Pasnow Ave. 
Miller, G. R., 19362 Nauman Ave. 
Miller, W. F., 221 E. 209th St. 
Miller, F. W., 320 E. 222d St. 
Mills, Geo. E., 20071 Green Oak Dr. 
Mills, D. E., 374 E. 250th St. 
Milvec, Frank, 2 0910 Recher Ave. 
Mitsdorfer, C. J., 81 E. 201st St. 
Mittzer, Leonard, 947 E. 207th St. 
Mizner, H. A., 426 E. 266th St. 
Mizner, C. T., 261 E. 214th St. 
Mlac, Anton, 21100 Goller Ave. 
Moeller, Wm., 1416 E. 219th St. 
Moffet, J. B., 190 62 Nauman Ave. 
Monday, R. H., 371 E. 211th St. 
Moka, A., 962 E. 237th St. 
Molan, A., 23410 Ivan Ave. 
Moldown, Paul, Lloyd Rd. 
Monreal, Peter, 22 051 Wilmore Ave. 
Monzelman, W. F., 19295 Monterey. 
Moran, John P., 18940 Renwood Ave. 
Mortimer, W., 19030 Renwood Ave. 
Morse, Geo. H., 2 6751 Oriole Ave. 

Morgan, Gilbert F-, 20121 Beechview 

Morgan, George, 832 E. 207th St. 
Morgan, Grace, 19270 Nauman Ave. 
Morgan, Leslie, 19270 Nauman Ave. 
Morris, H. A., 276 E. 218th St. 
Moore, Doris, 1481 E. 196th St. 
Moore, V. M., 501 E. 260th St. 
Moore, Mrs. Mary, 501 E. 260th St. 
Moss, Tom, 971 E. 237th St. 
Motchan, M., 745 E. 236th St. 
Mothes, O., 18838 Renwood Ave. 
Moulton, J. A., 21930 Fuller Ave. 
Moutner, B., 20491 Euclid Ave. 
Moyer, Clarence, 155 E. 226th St. 
Muhic, Frank, 21501 Goller Ave. 
Muller, Mrs. Anna, 18761 Nauman 

Mulder, George, 1744 Chatworth Dr. 
Mum, Mike, 22671 Ivan. 
Murphy, Stephen C, 20180 Hillcrest 

Murphey, H. P., 198 31 Monterey Av. 
Murphy, Thos., 19100 Monterey Av. 
Murray, J., 19031 Pasnow Ave. 
Murray, M. T., 19031 Pasnow Ave. 
Musch, H., 19510 Monterey Ave. 
Muzzio, F. J., 19550 Pasnow Ave- 
Myers, Merle, 135 E. 219th St. 
Myers, Jno. C, 1541 E. 195th St. 
Myers, B. S., 1541 E. 195th St. 
Myers, J. R., 25400 Euclid Ave. 
Myers, George, 1489 E. 204th St. 


Nason, W., 30250 S. Lake Shore Blvd. 
Naughton, M. S., Loyd Road. 
Navzleit, O. C, 18970 Renwood Ave. 
Newcombe, Fred, 20 E. 220th St. 
Nejnec, Frank, 21901 Morris Ave. 
Nemec, Matte, 807 E. 232nd St. 
Nester, John, 19 560 Tyronne. 
Neider, Meyer E., 1890 Glenridge Rd. 
Neal, A. W., 31 Dell Rd. 
Newman, Fred, 22630 Coulter Ave. 
Neneman, F. J., 432 Babbitt Rd. 
Neiman, Barnard, 19 901 Monteey 

Nedmar, Line, 9 66 E. 212th St. 
Nelson, E.. 19151 Pasnow Ave. 
Nevar, Wm., 894 E. 239th St. 
Nichols, Harry, 197 47 Tyronne. 
Nicholson, James. 23031 Arms Ave. 
Nicherson, C. G.. 3 6 Wildwood Rd. 
Nicolai, L., 24049 Euclid Ave. 
Nichols. Elmer, IS 672 Renwood Ave. 
Noble. F. A.. 777 Babbitt Rd. 
Noeth, Henry, 1S7 31 Renwood Ave. 
Noda, Frank. 20300 Vine Ave. 
Nolan. M. G.. 24301 Lake Shore Blv. 
Nolan. John. 860 B. 230th St. 
Norris. Wm.. 153 6 E. 2 4th St. 
Norris, E.. 19739 Tyronne. 
Norris. Carl. 19558 Abbv Blvd. 



Nose, Joe, 21320 Westport Ave. 
Nose, John, 807 E. 222nd St. 
Novae, John, 20330 Miller Ave. 
Novinc, F., 23250 Ivan Ave. 
Novosel, Jack, 18870 Abhy. 


Oblak, Katherine M., 23301 Ivan. 

O'Brien, J. P., 1446 E. 196th St. 

Odell, K. K., 275 E. 218th St. 

Ody, Mark Anthony, 230 E. 218th. 

Ogilvie, A., 324 E. 250th St. 

Offenhauser, Martha, 1434 E. 221st 

Ojnik, Henry, 21420 Westport Ave. 

Okross, C. L., 774 E. 232nd St. 

Olewine, Wm., 19148 Abhy. 

Oldham, A. J., 94 E. 220th St. 

Oliver, John, 1883 Locherie Ave. 

Olson, A., 19670 Monterey. 

Olson, Chas., 22051 Priday. 

O'Niel, S., 133 E. 238th St. 

O'Neil, Harold, 18657 Meredith Ave. 

Oravetz, L., 19670 Renwood Ave. 

Orazen, M., 19051 Abby. 

Ormsby, Morris, 22070 L. S. Blvd. 

Osborn, A. M., 300 E. 222nd St. 

Oster, 19000 Abby. 

Oswald, Miss Josephine, 24105 Eu- 
clid Ave. 

Otter, John, 21751 Wilmore. 

Ovenden, F. R., 21950 Fuller Ave. 

Overacres, F., Babbitt and St. Clair. 

Ovsek, Mike, 19900 Tyronne. 

Owen, Anton, 22967 Ivan. 

Ozirbusz, Gus T., 820 E. 222nd St. 

Oznik, Kennedy, 214200 Westport. 

Pach, Anthony, 20539 Westport. 
Packer, Mrs. O. D., 25412 Euclid Av. 
Padborsek, Frank, 23301 Ivan. 
Paese, E. H., 85 E. 204th St. 
Pagels, Mrs. Rickie, 1375 E. 219th 

Palub, Tony, 1430 E. 221st St. 
Pandy, 3. J., 21901 Ormston Ave. 
Panty, 19720 Ormiston. 
Paolina, Mike, 21250 Tracy Ave. 
Pappalardo, Angelo, 19630 Tyronne. 
Pardeck, Miss E., 19400 Newton Av. 
Parks, J. H., 1920 Locherie Ave. 
Parks, N., 287 E. 220th St. 
Parks, N., 287 E. 270th St. 
Parks, R. N., 261 E. 270th St. 
Parks, R. W., 261 E. 270th St. 
Parmele, T. D., 326 E. 260th St. 
Parmele, W. R., Lake Shore Blvd. 

and Lloyd Rd. 
Parthemer, 326 E. 260th St. 
Parson, Fred, 26951 Shoreview Ave. 
Parrey, Joe, 26381 Shoreview Ave. 
Parry, C. L., 18890 Monterey Ave. 

Patkovic, Vid, 19750 Tyronne. 
Patrick, J. J., 26830 Oriole Ave. 
Patten, C. G., 19910 Ormiston. 
Patten, W. J., 334 E. 195th St. 
Patterson, Walter, 920 E. 236th St. 
Paul, Geo., 19454 Newton Ave. 
Paul, Martin, 1543 E. 207th St. 
Pavlina, George, 2 0151 Naumann. 

Pavletick, Mike, 21230 Naumann Av. 
Pavlovich, R., 22300 Arms Ave. 
Payne, L. W., 26331 Mallard Ave. 
Payne, Harvey E., 24451 Euclid Ave. 
Payne, C, 1483 E. 204th St. 
Payne, Emma Lane, 24451 Euclid 
• Ave. 

Payerchin, A., 22722 Ivan Ave. 
Peakovic, Pete, 21574 Ivan Ave. 
Pearce, J. A., 324 E. 195th St. 
Pearson, Olaf, 19 550 Nauman Ave. 
Pearcy, 19823 Tyronne. 
Peattie, W. D., 84 E. 208th St. 
Peklay, Jack, 19400 Tyronne. 
Pelko, Louis, 20171 Nicholas Ave. 
Pellerin, N., Mrs. A., 18621 Abby Av. 
Pengaly, Jerry, 876 E. 230th St. 
Penman, R., 261 E. 246th St. 
Penning, Amelia K., 1900 Grand Blv. 
Peppin, Lester, 505 E. 266th St. 
Perrin, C, 365 E. 200th St. 
Perry, Paul, 596 E. 200th St. 
Perry, Albert, 617 E. 200th St. 
Perry, O., 26401 Shoreview Ave. 
Percie, James, 19803 Tyronne. 
Perdrix, Julius, 720 E. 222nd St. 
Perkins, W. C, 25 Wildwood Rd. 
Peschke, A. W., 552 E. 214th St. 
Pesfel, 18760 Nauman Ave. 
Peskar, Vincent, 20664 Miller Ave. 
Peteani, Chas., 315 E. 197th St. 
Peterson, T. G., 19775 Nauman Ave. 
Petti, S., 24051 Euclid Ave. 
Petric, Adolf, 21341 Miller Ave. 
Petrowsky, F., 506 Babbitt Rd. 
Pfeil, E. W., 250 E. 248th St. 
Pfeifer, G. W., 264 E. 197th St. 
Pfisterer, Henry F., 58 E. 219th St. 
Philips, A. G., 18801 Pasnow Ave. 
Philips, J., 936 E. 237th St. 
Philips, S., 26803 Mallard Ave. 
Philips, W .H., 296 E. 209th St. 
Phillips, B., 1576 E. 254th St. 
Phillips, M. D., 19830 Pasnow Ave. 

Phyers, F. L., 1554 E. 195th St. 
Pierce, Jno., 22501 E. 232nd St. 
Pierson, E. W., 165 E. 238th St. 
Piggot, Jas. F., 1410 Beverly Hills. 
Pike, C, 125 E. 219th St. 
Pike, Joe, 125 E. 219th St. 
Pike, Joe, 20572 Vine Ave. 
Pinney, D. C, 19870 Upper Valley 
Pink, Frank, 20357 Goller Ave. 
Pizen, Jno., 881 E. 237th St. 
Plagman, Wm., 1536 E. 195th St. 

i i M n m ull „, M |, 



Plantz, D., 19200 Kenwood Ave. 
Platz, John, 20160 Vine St. 
Plantz, John, 20160 Vine St. 
Piatt, Francis, 898 E. 207th St. 
Pleadwell, Wm., 294 E. 266th St. 
Plemel, P., 18931 Pasnow Ave. 
Plesnikar, Joe, 856 E. 210th St. 
PihlUr, John, 20391 Miller Ave. 
Plies, F., 19450 Newton Ave. 
Plunner, J. R., 27750 Parkview Ave. 
Plvec, James, 840 E. 236th St. 
Poch, Nick, 20821 Westport Ave. 
Poch, Tony, 20468 Westport. 
Poe, C. F., 19147 Renwood Ave. 
Podasky, F. D., 19 050 Pasnow Ave. 
Podnar, M., 760 E. 232nd St. 
Pog, Geo., 19557 Tyronne. 
Pograis, James, 2 0326 Miller Ave. 
Pograis, Lukas, 20411 Miller Ave. 
Pokolic, Louis, 19551 Renwood Ave. 
Pollard, R. W., 25100 Glenbrooke 

Poluh, M., 19151 Monterey. 
Poison, Wm. P., 19192 Abby. 
Pollitt, George, 22471 Coulter Ave. 
Popeck, Jacob, 20471 Westport. 
Porter, Miss Dorothy, 21970 Morris. 
Porter, Jay, 414 E. 2 66th St. 
Potokar, Tony, 19 848 Renwood Ave. 
Pousey, C. G., 14 94 Dillie Rd. 
Pownel, Robt. J., 21317 Euclid Ave. 

wood Ave. 
Prang, F. K., 58 E. 219th St. 
Pratt, Mrs., 151 E. 219th St. 
Prentice, Lloyd, 21871 Fuller Ave. 
Prentice, Geo., 21891 Fuller Ave. 
Preskar, Mike, 957 E. 239th St. 
Price, Edwin W., 21845 Ivan Ave. 
Prindle, R. F., 20 E. 206th St. 
Proudfoot, J. R., 18658 Abuy Ave. 
Pubalis, J. A., 23306 Ivan. 
Pugel, J., 23326 Ivan Ave. 
Pustpopher, Louis, 19730 Tyronne. 
Pusnar, Anton, 21800 Ivan. 
Pyle, Fredrick, 103 E. 23 8th St. 
Pyrch, J. S., 19650 Locherie Ave. 


Quay, G. H., 24 601 Lake Shore Blvd. 
Queen, Carolyn, 1461 E. 20 4th St. 
Quinn, T. A., Hillendale Dr. 


Radulovich, Geo., 21550 Ivan. 
Radaker, C. E., 22601 Seabrook Av. 
Randall, G. E., 71 E. 238th St. 

Shore Blvd. 
Ranker, Henry 1S855 Renwood A.1 
Rankin, R. F., 2 4 E. 219th St. 
Rapech, John, 20583 Goller Ave. 
Rapp, Daniel, 1396 E. 187th St. 
Rathrock, E. S., 27731 E. Lake 
Rathbun. Harry D. 18 623 Renwood. 
Rauth, Jacob L., 19465 Tyronne. 

Rauchfieisch, E. O., 61 Dell Rd. 

Rautenberg, M., 23350 L. S. Blvd. 

Ray, Robert, 20151 Beechview Dr. 

Reeve, Ed. W., 337 E. 246th St. 

Reeves, John J., 1461 E. 204th St. 

Rearick, L. V. 1927 5 Renwood- 

Reckinberg, Augusta, 2 0101 Beech- 
view Dr. 

Reiche, H., Hartland Rd. 

ReirT, W. F., 2 0110 Champ Dr. 

Repka, Ruth, 21951 Fuller Ave. 

Resar, Louis, 20321 Vine. 

Ressler, D., 24661 St. Clair. 

Rexdale, R., 721 Rabbit 

Reynolds, F. J., 143 E. 201st St. 

Richardson, D. S., 351 E. 246th St. 

Ridge, Rex, Puritan E. 

Riedel, K. G., 360 E. 248th St. 

Riley, F., E. 265th and Lake Shore 

Rinzler, R. M., 19151 Genesee Rd. 

Ripley, A. C, 61 217th St.- 

Ripley, Miss E. B., 61 E. 217th St. 

Robb, R. H. 18970 Genesee. 

Robbins, William, 167 6 Abby Ave. 

Roberts, H. C, 471 E. 222nd St. 

Roberts, Joe, 905 E. 237th St. 

Robich, James, 18771 Abby Ave. 

Robich, John, 18771 Abby Ave. 

Robinson, O. D., Loyd Rd. 

Roceivicky, Mike, 2 096 Arbor Ave. 

Roe, Floyd, Lakeshore Manor, Lake 
Shore Blvd. 

Roe, Charles, Lakeshore Manor, 
Lake Shore Dr. 

Robinson, E. B., 18948 Renwood. 

Rogge, Edward, 193 8 8 Renwood Av. 

Rogers, Warren, 110 E. 219th St. 

Ross, Wm., 1460 E. 196th St. 

Rossodiner, Anthony, 20 69 6 West- 

Rossman, Albert A., 2 0851 Westport 

Rose, T., 24301 Lake Shore Blvd. 
Rose, Joe, 25542 Euclid Ave. 

Rovinson, Frank, 19300 Renwood 

Rowe, C. F., 19200 Monterey Ave. 

Rowlands, J. E.. 24100 Euclid Ave. 

Russell, R. M., 71 E. 201st St. 

Rubly, E., 18 744 Abby Ave. 

Ruglberg, F. A.. 21770 Fuller Ave. 

Russell, F. J., 21975 Fuller Ave. 

Russell, Clayton C, 19491 Upper 

Rumery, M., 501 E. 260th St. 

Ryan. James. 15 Wildwood Dr. 

Hyburg, S.. 2177 Fuller Ave. 

Ryerley. Howard. 22340 Arms Av?. 

Sage. L. A.. 407 K. 266th St. 
Sager, Clyde. 3 6 E. 2 3 6th St. 
Saltz. J. G.. 1460 Babbitt Rd. 



Samball, Steve, 20128 Miller. 
Samfak, Louis, 21011 Arbor. 
Sanborn, J. G., 13 E. 226th St. 
Sandison, Arthur, 19841 Renwood. 
Sangster, John, 18651 Meredith. 
Santek, Peter, 22046 Wilmore Ave. 
Sartor, Paul, 143 E. 201st St. 
Saso, Jno., 900 E. 236th St. 
Sava, Frank, 20614 Westport. 
Sawyer, Wm., Shady Bar, Euclid Av. 
Scelske, J. E., 1891 Sagamore Dr. 
Schaberl, Chas., 20201 Vine St. 
Schaefer, Herman, 1476 E. 195th St. 
Schaeffing, Henry, 18630 Pasnow. 
Schafer, R. H., 241 E. 270th St. 
Schafner, J. H., 54 Dell Rd. 
Schaffer, C, 21371 North. 
Schaffer, L. H., 20481 Euclid Ave. 
Schafrick, Henry, 19301 Tyronne. 
Schatman, P. E., 2 6901 Oriole. 
Schauder, C. J., 26833 Shoreview. 
Schenk, Philip, 20161 Champ Dr. 
Schink, F., 18996 Monterey Ave. 
Schleman, H. H., 130 E. 216th St. — 
Schlund, Henry, 364 E. 211th St. 
Schmidt, K. P., Chief of Police. 1465 

E. 204th St. 
Schmidt, Chas., 81 E. 209th St. 
Schmidt, Theo, 21951 Ball Ave. 
Schmitt, W., 19417 Renwood Ave. 
Schober, Joseph, 880 E. 237th St. 
Scholl, W., 21700 Fuller Ave. 
Schork, John, 20821 Becker Ave. 
Schraeder, Gustave, 43 E. 238th St. 
Schramm, H., 775 E. 236th St. 
Schreiber, C. F., 26500 Mallard. 
Schrichery, J. T., 860 E. 207th St. 
Schroder, Charles, 35 E. 219th St. 
Schron, Ed., 18951 Abby. 
Schrock, Miss Luida, 22140 Euclid. 
Schrock, J. E., 21041 Euclid Ave. 
Schuester, Frank, 783 E. 222nd St. 
Schultz, W. A., 19 650 Renwood Av. 
Schultz, W. J., 18931 Monterey Av. 
Schumacker, G. C, 19801 Nauman. 
Schupe, H., 19841 Monterey Ave. 
Schwan, Edwin, J. C, 29 Nobel 

Schwartz, G., 18870 Pasnow. 
Schwartz, Marion, 1501 E. 204th St. 
Schwartz, Morris, 1501 E. 204th St. 
Schwartz, Walter, 19470 Ormiston. 
Scott, E. D., 86 E. 238th St. 
Scott, Roscoe E., 1537 Chardon Rd. 
Scranett, L. R., 353 E. 246th St. 
Seaman, F., Hartland Rd. 
Sebbcnik, Jacob, 18900 Abby. 
Segulin, Frank, 19551 Tyronne. 
Seidle, J. F., 26011 Forest View. 
Seifried, D. E., 1546 E. 195th St. — 
Seifried, O. B., 1546 E. 195th St. — 
Seitz, August W., 19071 Monterey. 
Sellars, George, 19863 Tyronne. 
Senassi, Paul, 837 E. 220th St. 
Sevenson, G., 19331 Pasnow. 

Shaffer, Lester, 155 E. 220th St., 
Shaffer, H. S., 810 E. 222nd St 
Shaffer, R. B., 21027 North. 
Shamos, Jacob, 21471 Nauman. 
Shanan, J. T., 19130 Nauman. 
Shaner, Robt., 21861 Ivan. 
Shares, C. B., 1615 Hawthorne. 
Sharock, Roy (Prin. Euclid High), 

22150 Euclid Ave. — Ken. 387 W 
Shaw, Fred A., 26101 Shoreview. 
Shaw, Chas. C, 20980 Euclid Ave. 
Shaw, Alfred, 34 E. 222nd St. 
Shay, F. A., Loyd Rd. 
Shea, Jerry J., 21321 Euclid Ave. 
Sheaf fer, Albert, 156 E. 219th St. 
Sheeley, F. E., 23344 Nicholas. 
Sherman, Chas., 26280 Shoreview. 
Shimelfenig, Henry, 59 6 E. 200th St 
Shimmel, Jack, 410 E. 266th St. 
Shivitz, Joe, 19701 Tyronne. 
Shivley, J. F., 19750 Nauman. 
Shmitz, Frank, 18903 Renwood Ave. 
Shontz, J. A., 26551 Oriole. 
Shoss, Fred, 1455 E. 204in St. 
Shulson, E. A., 19 Luikart PI. 
Shulta, Andrew, 2023 Nauman. 
Siebert, H. W., 26501 Shoreview. 
Signorette, John, 19438 Tyronne. 
Simans, J. N., 144 E. 192nd St. 
Simens, A. C, 614 E. 200th St. 
Simmonds, James, 1751 Monterey 

Simmonds, W. E., 26230 F^restview 

Simon, John, 2 019 Hillcrest Dr. 
Sinic, Frank, 876 E. 207th St. 
Sinkovic, Val, 865 E. 237th St. 
Sintic, Anton, 928 E. 212th St. 
Sirk, Eliz, 949 E. 207th St. 
Sittke, Adolph, 1456 Chardon. 
Skerol, Joe, 22471 Ivan. 
Skojac, Tony, 21101 Westport. 
Skrjane, Frank, 20230 Goller Ave. 
Skrobat, Steve, 22 89 7 Ivan. 
Skube, Peter, 20741 Tracy. 
Skul, Anton, 20630 Arbor Ave. 
Skul, Mathews, 20295 Miller. 
Skya, Jim, 20301 Vine Ave. 
Skyance, John, 9 63 E. 220th St. 
Slajpah, Frank, 20829 Miller. 
Slater, Ray R., 20475 Euclid Ave. 
Small, Mrs. John E., Lake Shore 

Blvd., County Line. 
Smart, C. Howard, 21821 Willmore. 
Smith, 19660 Tyronne. 
Smith, Charles, 81 E. 209th St. 
Smith, C. H., 51 E. 219th St. 
Smith, Earl H., 51 E. 219th St. 
Smith, E. R., 1036 Babbitt Rd. 
Smith, Frank, 861 E. 222nd St. 
Smith, Fred C, 861 E. 237th St. 
Smith, Fred, 861 E. 23 9th St. 
Smith, George, 81 E. 209th St. 
Smith, Hanford L.. 1347 E. 187th St. 
Smith, H., 271 E. 214th St. 


«!•■— mi— ii 


Smith, H. E., 244 E. 218th St. 

Smith, Jas. H., 1383 E. 219th St. 

Smith, James Louis, 61 E. 219th St. 

Smith, Joe, 19518 Euclid Ave. 

Smith, J., 80 E. 209th St. 

Smith, J. I., 18 E. 206th St. 

Smith, J. W., 335 E. 209th St. 

Smith, John W., 78 E. 219th St. 

Smith, Lawrence, 19531 Monterey 

Smith, Mary E., 1036 Babbitt Rd. 

Smith, M. E., 1540 E. 204th St. 

Smith, Robert, 1571 E. 195th St. — 
Ken. 1084 R. 

Smith, Wm. H., 19344 Tyronne. 

Smith for T-W-V-W-Z, 61 E. 219th. 

Snetsinger, G. M., 19 84 Renwood. 

Snider, Fred G., 35 E. 219th St. 

Snyder, J. P., 100 E. 226th St. 

Snyder, O. C, 138 Stop. 

Sodnak, Frank, 21101 Recker Ave. 

Sokach, J., 941 Babbitt. 

Sokch, Peter, 21650 Ivan. 

Sokoch, Peter, 21650 Ivan Ave. 

Somrock, Louis, 20198 Tracy. 

Sopher, L., 394 E. 266th St. 

Soutag, Daniel, 19250 Renwood Ave. 

Sovac, Tony, 19505 Tyronne. 

Spearman, Gordon, 19026 Locherie 

Specht, Louis, 21171 Edgehill Blvd. 

Speed, T. R., 18871 Locherie. 

Spencer, V. G., 27901 Wondergrove 

Sperry, Thomas K., 1552 E. 195th. 

Spino, F. S., 317 E. 200th St. 

Spino, Mike, 20313 Westport. 

Spino, Nick, 20313 Westport. 

Spong, 2 7 000 Shorehaven. 

Sporic, C, 750 E. 232nd St. 

Sprague, C. A., 10 E. 219th St. — 

Sprague, H. A., 10 E. 213th St. — 

Spring, Zoe, 1554 E. 221st St. 

Springob, Wm. F., 2 017 6 Hillcrest 

Spuhler, John, Jr., 1407 E. 219th St. 

Stage, Raymond G., 20 201 Concor- 
dia Dr. 

Stanley, J. J., 19 556 Tyronne. 

Starmac, Louis. 

Ster, P., 22401 Nicholas. 

Stocker, A. J., 19771 Monterey Ave. 

Storey, A., 341 E. 246th St. 

Storey, Andrew, 262 E. 248th St. 

Stahl, John, 21075 Miller. 

Stefenac, John, 21910 Miller Ave. 

Stefanic, Tony, 2 02 74 Miller. 

Stein, Earl, 22350 Scabrooke. 

Stein. Floyd, 390 Babbitt. 

Steinberger, Robt., 24501 Euclid Av. 

Stepanovich, E.. 19 664 Tyronne. 

Stepanivich, Steve, 19 633 Tyronne. 

Stephan, Arthur, 1621 Hawthorne. 

Stepp, Philip, 233 E 201st St. 

Stevens, P. W., 3 SI E. 2 66th St. 

Stevenson, C. H., 171 E. 208th St. 

Stevenson, W. E., 267 E. 213th St. 

Steverding, Joe, 22301 Lakemont 

Steving, P. S., 19360 Lake Shore 

Stewart, E. R., 138 E. 238th St. 

Stewart, John, 1551 E. 219th St. 

Stick, Will, 26831 Shoreview. 

Stinson, Floyd, 19331 Ormiston. 

Stipek, F., 18700 Locherie Ave. 

Stirner, Jno., 1451 E. 195th St. 

Stockall, J., 19745 Monterey. 

Stone, Geo., 1437 E. 221st St. 

Stone, George, 1439 E. 221st St. 

Stoppell, J. R., 130 E. 206th St. 

Stpich, Jno., 730 E. 232nd St. 

Strakol, Jacob, 21274 Arbor Ave. 

Stranahan, I., 26860 Forestview Av. 

Stray, Elmer, 930 E. 250th St. 

Stray, Mrs. Helen, 20998 Euclid Av. 

Stray, Roy, 946 E. 250th St. 

Hreich, W. E., 31 E. 201st St. 

Strend, T.. 19638 Nauman. 

Stroomer, J., 197 94 Monterey Ave. 

Stroyer, A., 1480 Babbitt Rd. 

Strumbly, Frank, 1090 E. 222nd St. 

Strunk, Barbara, Mrs., 19 443 Ty- 

Sturm, Anton, 21331 Nauman Ave. 

Sturna, Frank, 861 2 39th St. 

Sullivan, Elmer, 23103 Nicholas. 

Sullivan, G. J., 1520 Dillie Rd. 

Sullivan, Jas. L., 21105 North. 

Sullivan, John, 1518 Chardon Rd. 

Sulzer, Jacob, 25651 Euclid Ave. 

Sulzer, J. H., 1544 E. 214th St. 

Supanc, John, 19 880 Tyronne. 

Supple, Thomas, 856 E. 230th St. 

Susnik, Joe, 18 725 Abbey Ave. 

Sustarsis, Joe, 21051 Recker Ave. 

Sutton, O. P., 21933 L. S. Blvd. 

Svetire, Joe, 205 07 Arbor Ave. 

Svrga, Jim, 21051 Miller. 

Swanson, Oscar, 785 E. 232nd St. 

Swanson, Theo.. 225 E. 216th St. 

Swartz, Geo., 100 E. 219th St. 

Stein, Harry. 171 E. 216th St. 

Sweeny, B. G., 1480 E. 221st St. 

Sweeney, R. F., S32 E. 232nd St. 

Swinner, Chas., 412 Babbitt. 

Swojac. Tony. 21101 Westport. 

Sydow, A., 19121 Renwood Ave. 

Sylvester, Eugene. 145S E. 2 4th St. 

Sylvester, L. W T .. 27771 Lake Shore 

Svlvester, V. G.. 27771 Lake Shore 

Taggert. C. 19001 Pasnow. 
Tamberello. Sam. 209 7 5 Miller. 
Tanne. J.. Milton Ave. 
Tanzola. A.. 23151 Euclid Ave. 
Tarantino, Joe. 2 0707 Westport. 


— S9- 


Tarantino, Mike, 20707 West port. 
Tarcia, 0B\, 714 E. 232nd St. 
Tarkanian, Geo., 62 5 E. 200th St. 
Taste, J., 18 900 Monterey Ave. 
Tavenditty, John, 325 E. 200th St. 
Tavenditty, N. J., 32 5 E. 200th St. 
Tayler, H. L., 247 51 Lake Shore 

Taylor, B., 298 E. 197th St. 
Taylor, Harry, 26 572 Mallard Ave. 
Taylor, H., 62 E. 238th St. 
Taylor, John H, Gilchrist Dr. 
Taylor, Jr., H. F., 19230 Locherie 

Tegel, Prank, 960 E. 2 3 9th St. 
Tekavec, Mrs. M., 854 E. 236th St. 
Telling, J., 25541 Euclid Ave. 
Temple, R. D., 216132 Shoreview. 
Tencourt, Geo., 1494 E. 222nd St. 
Tennant, W. M., 19501 Locherie Av. 
Tercek, J. T., 22980 Nicholas Ave. 
Terry, Albert, 19005 Nauman Ave. 
Teska, Louis, Oriole Ave. 
Test, Benjamin, 64 E. 219th St. 
Thomas, A. D., 115 E. 219th St. 
Thomas, C. H., 80 E. 222nd St. 
Thomas, Jack, Lake Shore Manor, 
Thomas, Vincent, 204 9 Miller Ave. 
Thompson, Carmi A., 22801 Lake 

Shore Blvd. 
Thompson, P., 107 Dell Rd. 
Thompson, Prank D., 296 E. 266th 

Thompson, H., 22420 Coulter Ave. 
Thompson, T., 107 Dell Rd. 
Thompson, Wm. A., 1487 E. 195th 
Thorwald, T., 255 E. 214th St. 
Thurling, P. H., 550 E. 222nd St. 
Tiechert, P. E., 280 E. 197th St. 
Tiemeyer, H. F., 244 E. 216th St. 
Tiffany, G., 19550 Locherie Ave. 
Tina, Joe, 19001 Nauman Ave. 
Tippen, John, 862 E. 230th St. 
Tomaszewski, A., 23100 Ivan Ave. 
Topolovac, J. V., 830 Babbitt Rd. 
Topping, Robert, 120 Esterbrook Dr. 
Tousley, J. W., 170 E. 220th St. 
Town, J. E., 14 Luikart PI. 
Traub's, 254 E. 248th St. 
Traub, H. P., 326 Babbit Rd. 
Traub, J., 326 Babbit Rd. 
Traut, O. V., 651 E. 222nd St. 
Trembath, W. R., Shawnee. 

Richmond Roads. 
Trenn, R., 268 30 Mallard Ave. 
Trim, John, 18850 Monterey Ave. 
Trivison, Michael L., 259 E. 201st St. 
Trotter, Joe, 20120 Miller Ave. 
Trudeau, Alfred, 19152 Monterey Av. 
Truman, Alfred, Cor. Chardon 
Tryon, E. C, 81 E. 201st St. 
Tucker, John, 19201 Monterey Ave. 
Tuerst, R. A., 297 E. 211th St. 
Turk, Joseph, 21281 Arbor Ave. 
Turk, Valentine, 21232 Naumann. 

Tursic, Frank, 877 E. 2 37th St. 
Tuttleman, E., 1540 E. 221st St. 
Tweed, Vergil, 1391 E. 219th St. 
Twohig, R., 244 E. 248th St. 
Tyler, C. B., 239 E. 214th St. 
Tyler, G. S., 241 E. 214th St. 


Urbas, Louis, 20171 Tracy Ave. 
Urbas, Louie, 20171 Tracy. 
Uss, Anton, 524 E. 200th St. 

Valentine, Peck, 21860 Ivan Ave. 
Vanhof, Louis, 2 70 E. 103rd St. 
Vanlaw, Miss Alice J., 23950 Euclid 

Vanlaw, O. N., 23950 Euclid Ave. 
Vary, John, 19830 Ormiston. 
Vaughn, 35 E. 194th St. 
Vedder, A., 833 E. 222nd St. 
Velkovar, John, 894 E. 210th t. 
Verbsky, Anna, 24101 Lake Shore 

Verbsky, James, 2 3 925 Lake Shore 

Verbsky, Lewis, 1550 Dille Rd. 
Vernick, G. W., 2 4 391 Euclid Ave. 
Verzsky, A. A., 2135 5 Euclid Ave. 
Vickerman, H., 21671 Priday Ave. 
Vidrick, John, 19369 Tyronne. 
Vidugeris, Wm., 18731 Monterey. 
Vigande, J., 22000 Fuller Ave. 
Vincent, Mark, 1550 E. 196th St. 
Vinciquerra, Mrs., 21019 Miller. 
Vintar, Anton, 20631 Arbor. 
Vishtod, H., 237 E. 246th St. 
Vlogar, John, 22000 Nickolas Ave. 
Vlepic, Joe, 21030 Naumann. 
Vogel, Charles, 365 E. 200th St. 
Vogel, Geo., 1484 Dillie Rd. 
Vogel, W. H., 365 E. 200th St. 
Vogelnik, Frank, 18901 Renwood. 
Vogelsang, Chas., 26555 Mallard St. 
Volk, Armin, 21861 Euclid Ave. 
Volk, H. J., 18920 Renwood Ave. 
Vollmer, Clarence, Beechview Dr. 
Volpe, Herman, 20080 Nauman Ave. 
Von Lehnten, F., 815 E. 2 50th St. 
Vrhous, Anton, 800 E. 222nd St. 


Wachtel, Elmer, 547 E. 266th St. 
Wachtel, R. D., 274 E. 218th St. 
Wacker, George, 19301 Naumann 
Waco, 8. R., 1525 E. 195th St. 
Wade, Wendell, Mrs., 160 E. 216th 

Wagener, Ed, 19090 Abby. 
Walker, Matt, 7 9 E. 2 2 2nd St. 
Walker, W. F., 28101 Gilchrist Rd. 
Walker, W. F., 20810 Gilchrist Dr. 
Walquist, A. R., 27126 Mallard. 


' — "h 


Walsh, R. F., 155 E. 208th St. 

Walsh, R. T., 155 E. 208th St. 

Walter, J., 22854 .Nicholas. 

Waltermire, Clarence, 22325 Nicho- 
las Ave. 

Walters, C., Babbit and St. Clair. 

Manstall, Chas., 20100 Green Oak. 

Wanstall, Earl, 20120 Green Oak. 

Ward, Lucius, 1550 E. 221st St. 

Warden, Mary T., 156 E. 219th St. 

Wassell, W. E., 219 31 Priday. 

Waterwash, Angelo, 20256 Westport 

Waterwash, Sam, 381 E. 200th St. 

Watkins, W. A., 3 51 Loyd Rd. 

Watson, P. M., 26881 Forestview. 

Waurenuk, Jack, 894 E. 239th St. 

Webb, Chas., 26107 Shoreview. 

Webester, Joe, 56 E. 238th St. 

Webster, F., 22050 Fuller Ave. 

Wehrle, Fred, 21970 iMorris Ave. 

Weinschreider, Leo, 19761 Locherie. 

Weir, Wm., 26968 Oriole. 

Weist, F., 55 E. 238th St. 

Weiss, A., 41 E. 209th St. 

Weist, B. F., i5>5 E. 2 38th St. 

Welker, J. Paul, 20481 Euclid Ave. 

Welsh, F. R., 326 E. 248th St. 

Wenhart, J., 261 E. 185th St. 

Weslev, H. M., 24801 Lake Shore 

Wess, Ievas, 20571 Miller Ave. 

Wess, Louis, 20 571 Miller Ave. 

Wescott, Jasper, 19550 Ormiston. 

Weybrecht, C. A., 22071 Priday. 

White, H. H., 22660 Coulter Ave. 

White, J. P., Lloyd Rd. 

White, J. P., Lloyd Rd. 

White, R. T., 26280 Forestview. 

Whitney, Arthur L., 19 00 Glenridge. 

Whittle, H. J., 51 E. 222nd St. 

Whittles, J. A., 21900 Fuller Ave. 

Wichern, E. H., 64>5 E. 250th St. 

Widing, N. F., 614 E. 266th St. 

Wiedlund, Carrie, 20 881 Arbor Ave. 

Wiedlund, Ed, 20881 Arbor St. 

Wight, Merritt, 1422 E. 221st St. 

Wilher, J. A., 138 Esterbrook Dr. 

Wilhelm, B. W., 21670 Priday Ave. 

Wilhelm, Mrs. B. J., 21670 Pridav. 

Wilk, Fred C, 146 E. 219th St. 

Will, Fred, 20601 Tracy Ave. 

Willbrandt, M. K., 19491 Upper 

Wills, Richard R., 16 E. 2 2 5th St. 

William, B., 19830 Nauman Ave. 

Williams, E. A., 1410 E. 221st St. 

Williams, Dr. A. J., 226 E. 216th St. 

Williams, W. B., 2 2 601 Seabrook. 

Willis, Arabot, 1420 E. 221st St. 

Willkonn, E. C, 26500 Shoreview. 

Wilms, H. F., 328 E. 222nd St. 

Wilson, J., 19840 Monterey Ave. 

Wilson, W., 19151 Meredith 

Windle, Edward Howell, 155 E. 
219th St. 

Winter, Anton, 2 631 Arbor Ave. 
Winters, H. S., 81 E. 219th St. 
Winton, John, 1542 E. 204th St. 
Wise, S. N., 19174 Meredith 
Wissman, A., 19 901 Nauman Ave. 
Witmer, James K., 146 E. 219th St. 
Witt, E. A., 986 E. 232nd St. 
Wolf, John, 1422 E. 221st St. 
Wolfford, Luke, 21771 Wilmore Ave. 
Wolkens, Albert, 20898 Goller Ave. 
Wolpe, James, 19021 Abby. 
Wood, C. H., 474 Babbit Ave. 
Wood, H. W., 788 E. 232nd St. 
Woodley, A., 18719 Monterey Ave. 
Woodmansee, A., 285 E. 185th St. 
Woodmansee, C. R., 18701 Renwood. 
Wright, Chas. A., 1500 Dillie Rd. 
Wright, H. W., 49 E. 194th St. 
Wright, Oliver D., 1523 Dille Rd. 
Wright, R. M., 575 Shoreview. 
Wruck, E. G., 75 E. 219th St. 
Wurster, E. P., 26370 Mallard. 
Wurster, R. A., 26350 Mallard. 
Wyant, Earl Louis, 290 E. 197th. 
Wyant, L. E., 290 E. 197th St. 

Yagello, John, 187 50 Renwood Ave. 
Yahraus, Alfred, 21901 Fuller Ave. 
Yapell, August, 1052 E. 222nd St. 
Yapel, John, 20151 Vine St. 
Yates, C. L., 19171 Pasnow 
Yelenich, V., 736 E. 232nd St. 
Yeigh, D. C. 836 E. 236th St. 
Yeigh, D. M., 7 51 Babbit Ave. 
Yeoman, C. B., 257 E. 201st St. 
Yernick, R. W., 23551 Euclid Ave. 
Yogr, Frank, 87 5 E. 2 36th St. 
Yost, W. F., 65 E. 209th St. 
Young, Rayn, 245 E. 201«t St. 
Youngklaus, J. E., 54 E. 212th St. 
Yuhas, George, 20830 Tracv Ave. 

Zabelske, Joe, 19 512 Monterey Ave. 
Zacharias, A., 335 E. 197th St. 
Zack, Leo, 920 E. 239th St. 
Zagorc, Jack. 886 E. 212th St. 
Zarn, Frank, 862 E. 212th St. 
Zdesar, Andrew, 20601 Arbor Ave. 
Zdranis, Mathew. 1054 E. 222nd St. 
Zelle, Anton, 2108 6 Nauman Ave 
Zelinsky, John. 1574 E. 204th Sr. 
Zeman, Jos., 19846 Tyronne. 
Zgonce, L.. 2 24 70 Ivan. 
Zivkovic. M.. 22294 Arms Ave. 
Zivodor, B.. 1531 E. 254th St. 
Znidarsic. Mrs. J.. 744 E 2 3 2nd St 
Zohiser. W. L.. 279 E. IS 5th St. 
Zorka, Anto. 19861 Tyronne. 
Zorter, Henry. 208 21 Recher Ave. 
Zuber, W.. 193 61 Monterey Ave. 
Zupancic, Joe. 1S723 Abby Ave. 
Zupancic, Jno., 2 267 7 Ivan. 






TO — 

Abbey Avenue 391 East 185th Street.. 490 Clifton Street 

Alberton Road , 237700 Babbitt Road. . . 23550 East Line 

Arbor Avenue 521 East 20 0th Street. . 21300 Naumann Avenue 

Ardwell Drive Lake Shore Boulevard. . East 20 4th Street 

Argyle Avenue 24100 Glenbrook 25400 East Line 

Arms Avenue 23 351 St. Clair Avenue. 22951 West Line 

Arms Avenue St. Clair Avenue East 222nd Street 

Babbitt Road 22200 Lake Shore Blvd.. 2 5601 Euclid Avenue 

Ball Avenue 3339 East 200th Street. . 640 East 222nd Street 

Beckford Avenue East 222nd Street East 226th Street 

Beach view Drive 17 91 Forest Road 1770 Glenridge Road 

Beverly Hills Drive 2 45 50 Euclid Avenue. .. 253 50 Argyle Avenue 

Blackstone Avenue 67 Babbitt Road 23100 West Line 

Briardale Avenue 6 48 East 2 60th Street. . . East 215 3rd Street 

Briardale Avenue East Line West Line 

Brush Road 1920 Euclid Avenue. ... 26650 South Line Village 

Brush Avenue East 2 60th Street East Line 

Buena Vista 1900 Grand Blvd 19801 Upper Terrac Rd. 

Champ Drive 1901 Grand Blvd 1870 Glenridge Road 

Chardon Road 1200 West Line Village. 2420 East Line Village 

Chatworth Drive 2 5101 Glenbrook 25 451 Glenbrook 

Chippewa Drive}....... 168Q Sagamore Drive. .. 20001 Upper Valley 

Clarkhurst Aavenue. . . . 800 East 250th Street .. 24100 West Line 

Colbourne Road 23500 Hartland Road. .. 253 51 East Line 

Coulter Avenue 1441 East 222nd Streetl441 East 228th Street 

Concordia Drive 20800 Grand Boulevard. 1700 Glenridge Road 

Crystal Avenue 551 East 23 2nd Street. . . 63 East 22 8th Street 

Crystal Avenue East 200th Street East 215th Street 

Delaware Drive 19500 Seminole Drive. . . 1910 Sagamore Drive 

DeVoe Road 680 East 250th Street. . 24600 West Line 

Dille Road .2 0500 Euclid Avenue. . . 1420 North Line Village 

Drakefield Avenue 530 East 253rd Street. .620 East 2 60th Street 

Drakefield Avenue East Line West Line 

Eastlbrook Drive 28251 Lake Shore Blvd.. 2 8150 Gilchrist Drive 

Ellinore Avenue 701 East 2 6 0th Street. . . 800 East 2 67th Street 

Ellsworth Avenue 310 East 2 50th Street. . . 270 East 2 64th Street 

Euclid Avenue 18900 West Line Village. 28200 East Line Village 

Elsmere Drive 1680 East 2 43rd Street. . 2 4450 Hawthorne Drive 

Edgecliffffe Boulevard . . East Line i. West Line 

Farringdon Avenue 461 East 250th Street. . . 590 East 260th Street 

Farringdon Avenue East 25 0th Street West Line 

Forest Drive 19951 Green Oak 20000 Hill Crest 

Forestview Road 25650 West Line 600 Llyod Road 

Fuller Avenue 311 East 200th Street. . 620 East 222nd Street 

Genessee Avenue 19051 West Line 19251 East Line 

Gilchrist Drive 27701 West Line 28230 East Line 

Gilmore Avenue 470 East 270th Street. . 25650 West Line 

Glenbrook Boulevard. .. 24100 Argyle Avenue. 

Glenridge Road 20650 Euclid Avenue. 

Goller Avenue 601 East 200th Street 

.Grand Boulevard 20000 Euclid Avenue. 

Green Oaks Drive 183 Grand Avenue.. 

Green Road 1730 West Line Village. 25 3 South Line Village 

Hadden Road 22000 West Line 23000 East Line 

Hartland Rnad 661 Babbitt Road 23700 East Line 

Hawthorne Drive 1641 East 253rd Street. . 1541 East Line 

Highland Road 20600 Euclid Avenue. . . 2170 East Line Village 

Hillcrest Drive 1760 Glenridge Road. .. 20000 West Line 

Idlehurst Drive 25151 Arglye Avenue. . .1721 Chatworth Drive 

Ivan Avenue 750 East 215 Street. . . . 980 East 236th Street 

25600 East Line 
2580 South Line 
21500 East Line 
1970 Glenridge Road 
1810 Glenridge Road 

-9 2- 


















19 5th 


19 5th 


19 6th 




























20 7th 






20 8th 






























































22 3rd 







Street 19101 Newton Avenue. . 19100 S. Lake Sh. Blvd. 

Street 19201 Lake Shore Blvd.130 North Line 

Street 19300 Tyronne Avenue. . 19251 Naumann Avenue 

Street 19 3 00 S. Lake Shore Bl. 

Street 19351 Euclid Avenue. . 

Street 19401 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street 19400 S. Lake Shore Bl. 

Street 19451 Euclid Avenue. . 

Street 19500 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street 19 551 Euclid Avenue. . 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard. 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard. 

Street 19700 S. Lake Shore Bl. . 19701 Newton Avenue 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard. . Edgecliff Boulevard 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard. 

Street 2 000 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street 20101 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street Ill East 2 1st Street. 

Street 20301 Lake Shore Blvd.. 10 East 202nd Street 

Street 20401 Lake Shore Blvd.. 81 North Line 

Street 2 0401 Euclid Avenue. . 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard. 

Street 26600 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street 21101 St. Clair Avenue. 

Street 20651 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street 20801 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard . 

Street 21251 St. Clair Avenue. 

Street 20 901 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street 213 01 St. Clair Avenue. 

Street 21101 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street 21100 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street 21201 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street St. Clair Avenue East Miller Avenue 

Street 21301 Euclid Avenue. . . 21200 North Line 

Street 21201 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street 21401 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street 21401 Euclid Avenue. . 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard. 

Street 215 50 Ivan Avenue 21550 Priday Avenue 

Street Kenison Avenue South Line 

Street 21601 Lake Shore Blvd.. 21600 Edgecliff Blvd. 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard .. Kenison Avenue 

Street 21600 Miller Avenue. ... 819 North Line 

Street 21701 Lake Shore Blvd. 21700 Edgecliff Blvd. 

Street 219 51 St. Clair Avenue. .830 North Line 

Street 21901 Lake Shore Blvd.. 21900 Edgecliff Blvd. 

Street 21800 Lake Shore Blvd.. 300 South Line 

Street 21901 Euclid Avenue. . . 1370 Nortn Line 

Street Kenison Avenue North Line 

Street .2 2201 Lake Shore Blvd.. North Line 

Street 22051 St. Clair Avenue. . S50 North Line 

Street Chardon Road Hadden Road 

Street 22101 Euclid Avenue ... 1390 North Line 

Street 22201 Euclid Avenue. .. 22200 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street E. 220th St. (Park Dr.) . North Line 

Street 22301 Chardon Road. . . 1S00 East 225th Street 

Street St. Clair Avenue Beckford Avenue 

Street St. Clair Avenue Beckford Avenue 

Street 22400 Chardon Road. . . . 2100 Hadden Road 

19301 Meredith Avenue 
18700 Superior Blvd. 
30 North Line 
19401 Nev/ton Avenue 
18800 Superior Blvd. 
19 501 Newton Avenue 
18900 Superior Blvd. 
Edgecliff Boulevard 
Edgecliff Boulevard 

Edgecliff Boulevard 
1260 Chardon Road 
20 North Line 
10 East 203rd Street 

19850 Superior Blvd. 
South Lake Shore Blvd. 
300 South Line 
2 700 Recher Avenue 
30 North Line 
20800 Edgecliff Blvd. 
South Line 
20 850 Recher Avenue 
20900 Edgecliff Blvd. 
210 60 Recher Avenue 
21100 Edgecliff Blvd. 
21151 S. Lake Sh. Blvd. 
212 Edgecliff Blvd. 

21300 Edgecilff Blvd. 
21400 Edgecliff Blvd. 
21400 North Line 
South Lake Shore Blvd. 





Kenison Avenue East 222nd Street East 214th street 

' Lakemont Avenue 370 East 222nd Street. . 370 Babbitt Road 

I Lake Shore Blvd 190 East 185th Street. . 28250 East Line Village 

Liberty Avenue East 2 60th Street West Line 

I Lloyd Road 50 North Line ,. . . 570 East Line Village 

= Locherie Avenue 211 East 135th Street. . 400 East 2C0th Street 

] Lower Terrace 20150 Concordia 1700 Grand Boulevard 

Mallard Road 471 East 260th Street. . . 650 East 273rd Street 

i Maple View Drive 271 East 185th Street. . 480 East 200th Street 

] Maydale Avenue East 2 22nd Street East 215th Street 

Marsdon Avenue East Line West Line 

| Miller Avenue 641 East 200th Street .. 930 East 224th Street 

I Monterey Avenue 361 East 185th Street. . 5 50 East 20 0th Street 

Morris Avenue 411 East 200th Street.. 730 East 22nd Street 

] Meredith Avenue 241 East 185th Street. . 430 East 200th Street 

Milton Avenue 501 East 2 2 2nd Street. .550 East 2 28th Street 

North Vine Street 830 East 212th Street. .20750 West Line 

Naumann Avenue 301 East 185th Street.. 690 East 215th Street 

Newton Avenue 18700 Lake Shore Blvd.. 37 East 20 0th Street 

Nicholas Avenue 471 East 200th Street. . 900 East 232nd Street 

North Avenue 15 41 Chardon Road. ... 1560 East 22nd Street 

! Oakhill Drive 2451 Glenbrook 24551 Glenbrook Blvd. 

| Oriole Avenue 441 East 2 60th Street. .600 East 2 7 3rd Street 

1 Ormiston Avenue 580 East 200th Street.. 481 Clifton Street 

Parkview Drive 181 East 280th Street. .21700 West Line 

| Priday Avenue 590 East 222nd Street. . 530 East 215th Street 

I Recher Avenue 860 East 212th Street. . 20601 West Line 

Richards Avenue East Line West Line 

f Renwood Avenue 531 East 185th Street. . 520 East 200th Street 

} Roberts Avenue East 2 2 2nd Street East 215th Street 

I Roseland Avenue East 193rd Street East 196th Street 

South Lake Shore Blvd. . 18950 Lake Shore Blvd.. 20500 East Line 

South Lake Shore Blvd. . East 215 Street West Line 

St. Clair Avenue 19750 West Line Village . 29000 East Line Village 

Sagamore Drive 1990 South Line 19 550 West Line 

Seabrooke Avenue 340 East 222nd Street. . 22550 Lakemont Avenue 

Seminole Drive 19500 Delaware 19 70 Sagamore Drive 

Seneca Drive 20000 Seminole Drive. .. 20000 Delaware Drive 

Shawnee Avenue 19301 Upper Valley Dr.. 19401 East Line 

Shirley Road 20900 Lake Shore Blvd. .21201 Naumann Avenue 

Shore View Drive 776 East 273rd Street.. 350 East 246th Street 

Superior Avenue Dille Road East 204th Street 

Tracy Avenue 950 East 239th Street. . 23100 West Line 

Tracy Avenue 441 East 200th Street. . 754 East 222nd Street 

Tyronne Avenue 610 East 2 0th Street. .501 Clifton Street 

Upper Valley Drive 18900 Euclid Avenue. . . 1891 Sagamore Drive 

Vine Avenue 691 East 2 0th Street. . 20 60 East Line 

Voelker Avenue 670 Babbitt Road 671 East Line 

Westport Avenue 370 East 2 0th Street. .67 East 2 2nd Street 

Wilmore Avenue 381 East 200th Street. . 700 East 222nd Street 

Wonclergrove Drive 161 East 280th Street .. 21700 Gilchrist Drive 

Wyandotte Road 19801 Seminole Drive.. 18 800 Delaware Drive 

Westbrook Drive 180 Eastbrook 28050 Gilchrist Drive 

Yosemite Drive 245 51 Argyie Avenue. . . 1860 Beverly Hills Dr. 

Zeman Avenue West Line 560 East 260th Street 

East 185th Street 421 South Line Village. 50 North Line 

East 189th Street 18851 Meredith Avenue. 18850 Newton Avenue 

East 190th Street 19001 Newton Avenue. . 18950 S. Lake Sh. Blvd. 

East 190th Street 19 001 Lake Shore Blvd.. 130 North Line 

East 191st Street 19101 Lake Shore Blvd.. 130 North Line 






2 2 5th 
















2 2 8th 






2 33rd 




















2 50th 












2 61st 


2 62nd 








2 65th 






2 70th 












2 80th 


Street 22501 Lake Shore Blvd.. 

Street 22501 Chardon Road. . . 

Street St. Clair Avenue 

Street 22 651 Lake Shore Blvd.. 

Street 22600 Chardon Road. . . 

Street 22 701 Chardon Road. . . 

Street 830 North Line 

Street 2 2 801 Euclid Avenue. . . 

Street Chardon Road 

Street 2301 S.t Clair Avenue. . 

Street 23201 Arms Avenue. . . . 

Street 23300 Chardon Road. . . 

Street 2 3 601 St. Clair Avenue. 

Street 23751 St. Clair Avenue. 

Street 10 North Line 

Street 23901 St. Clair Avenue. 

Street 24300 Euclid Avenue. . . 

Street St. Clair Avenue 

Street 24600 Lake Shore Blvd.. 

Street 2 48 00 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street St. Clair Avenue 

Street 2 5001 St. Clair Avenue. . 

Street 23 3 00 Briardale Avenue. 

Street 25401 Euclid Avenue. . . 

Street 25700 Lake Shore Blvd.. 

Street 300 North Line Village. 

Street 2 6020 Lake Shore Blvd. 

Street Euclid Avenue 

Street Brush Avenue 

Street Brush Avenue 

Street Euclid Avenue 

Street Edgecliff Boulevard. . . . 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard. . 

Street 23 600 Lake Shore Blvd.. 

Street 2 6701 Lake Shore Blvd.. 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard. . 

Street 27000 Lake Shore Blvd. . 

Street 2 7 200 Lake Shore Blvd.. 

Street Lake Shore Boulevard. . 

Street 273 00 Foresview Road. . 

Street 27 700 Lake Shore Blvd. . 

Street 27951 Lake Shore Blvd.. 

TO — 
North Line 
17 80 North Line 
Beckford Avenue 
22600 Edgecliff Drive 
2100 Hadden Road 
1800 North Line 
900 South Line 
1420 North Line 
Hadden Road 
2300 Arms Avenue 
710 Bab'biti Road 
2050 South Line 
760 Babbit Road 
800 Babbitt Road 
350 South Line 
840 Babbitt Road 
1700 South Line 
North Line 

24601 Shoreview Avenue 
24801 Shoreview Avenue 
Liberty Avenue 
2 5000 Lake Shore Blvd. 
2 53 01 Shoreview Avenue 
1500 Babbit Road 
2 80 South Line 
25701 Gilmore Avenue 
26001 Euclid Avenue 
North Line 
North Line 
North Line 
North Line 

26400 Porestview Drive 

W. C. T. U. 

W. C. T. U. of Euclid, Ohio, was 
organized five years ago to work for 
good citizenship, child's welfare, 
charity, and the distributing of good 
literature, etc. The officers are: 
Mrs. B. E. Johns, president, 22150 
Euclid Ave., KEn. 3 87-W; Mrs. H. 
Porter, vice president, corner Euclid 
Ave. and Dille Rd.; Mrs. S. Monroe 
corresponding secretary, 1552 E. 
214th St.; Mrs. H. Frost, financial 
secretary, 20046 Hillcrest Dr., KEn. 
20 37-J; Mrs. Carl Schmidt, treasur- 
er, 146 5 E. 104th St.; Mrs. John 
Kline, auditor, Euclid Ave. and Dille 
Rd. Meetings third Wednesday each 
month; good speakers at every meet- 


South End 
60 North Line 
Forestview Road 
70 North Line 
70 North Line 
North Line 
700 South Line 
3 60 South Line 
80 North Line 


The first link of the second air 
mail, passenger and express route 
hooking up Cleveland with the East- 
ern seaboard — the Cleveland-Buffalo 
leg of the projected Cleveland-Bos- 
ton route — will go into service on 
Pec. 17, 1927. 

This announcement was made 
Thursday by Maj. John Berry, sup- 
erintendent of the Brook Park air- 
port, following a conference with 
E. M, Ranney, manager of operation 
for the Colonial Western Airways of 
New York, contractors for the new 

-9 5 — 



Air Mail Information 71 

Air Mail — Mail Box Location. .68-69 

Automobile Mileage Chart 33 

Baptist Church . . 2 6 

Boulevard Barber Shop and Beau 
ty Parlor 14 

Blake, S. J., Building 

Bldg. 14 

Brush Electric (Inventor) 48 

Churches 9 

City Hall (Euclid) 6 

Clubs 52-53 

Cleveland Public Library 56 

Cleveland City (Branch's) 57 

County Branches of Library .. 58-59 

Continental Products Co 34 

Dille Road Lumber Co 42 

Double Drive Off L. S. B'lvd 54 

Drive to Mr. Chas. Lezus Res. ..60 

Domestic Postage Rates 67 

Depots and Air Mail Information . 71 

Engineers Dept 23 

Euclid Churches 25 

Euclid Incorporated 67 

Eucld Bakery and Lunch 65 

Euclid Commercial Studio 74 

Euclid Directory 75-91 

Euclid High School 17 

Euclid Chamber of Industry ... .51 

Euclid Incorporated 67 

Firemen 9 

Fergurson Residence 43 

Health Center 73 

Harvey, Contractor and Builder. 72 

Henn, A. W., Residence 65 

History of Euclid 5 

History 12 

Information 2 

Incinerator 6 

Klinehan, Real Estate 39 

Knuth Greenhouses 30 


Larick Chevrolet Agency 3 6 

Larick, Roy, Plumber 4 6 

Lake Shore Garage 35 

Luikart Club 41 

Mayor and Council 4 

Mayor Ely's Residence 29 

Nobel School 20 

Ody Lunch, News Stand 41 

Overlake Beauty Parlor 74 

Poje* Frank, Tailor 73 

Officers . . .'...', 3 

Office of the City Hall 13 

Police Department 7 

Pfiesterer, Plumber 45 

Drive Off Lake Shore Blvd 64 

Parcel Post Rates 70 

Roosevelt School 19 

Review Publishing Co 2 

Rose Mary Home 24 

Valley Savings Bank 8 

Service Department 31 

Sewerage Disposal Plant 13 

Sullivan Service Office 22 

Shore High School 21 

Street Department 31 

St. Paul's Church 28 

Strumbly Park 40 

Sutton, O. P., Hardware 44 

Street Directory 9 2 to 95 

Thompson, Carmi, Residence ... .37 

Topolovac Residence 32 

Teachout, Building Supplies ....38 

Tractor Mfg. Co 47 

Upson School 18 

View From Indian Hills 55 

Wright's Sanitarium 63 

Krastancic, Phil, Shoe Repairs ..71 

Slater Real Estate 50 

B. & F. Realty Co 16 

Grand Canyon of Euclid, Ohio... 62 
Euclid Park 61 


_ ^-^rLAKE 


tlKUO AVE 01 01 l»'»0' 04-tjO 
IA<£ SKUTE BI.VP Ul Irt W -JO 04-10' 

allothcz yreec-rs uiotui-so 04 0*-la' oi-r?' 4.17' I CMASW3* >' StTBACV 

*<»— „». 



Air Mail Information 71 

Air Mail — Mail Box Location. .68-69 

Automobile Mileage Chart 33 

Baptist Church 26 

Boulevard Barber Shop and Beau 
ty Parlor 14 

Blake, S. J., Building 

Bldg. 14 

Brush Electric (Inventor) 48 

Churches 9 

City Hall (Euclid) 6 

Clubs 52-53 

Cleveland Public Library 5 6 

Cleveland City (Branch's) 57 

County Branches of Library .. 58-59 

Continental Products Co 34 

Dille Road Lumber Co 42 

Double Drive Off L. S. Blvd 54 

Drive to Mr. Chas. Lezus Res. ..60 

Domestic Postage Rates 67 

Depots and Air Mail Information . 71 

Engineers Dept 23 

Euclid Churches 25 

Euclid Incorporated 67 

Eucld Bakery and Lunch 65 

Euclid Commercial Studio 74 

Euclid Directory 75-91 

Euclid High School 17 

Euclid Chamber of Industry ... .51 

Euclid Incorporated 67 

Firemen 9 

Fergurson Residence 43 

Health Center 73 

Harvey, Contractor and Builder. 7 2 

Henn, A. W., Residence 65 

History of Euclid 5 

History 12 

Information 2 

Incinerator 6 

Klinehan, Real Estate 39 

Knuth Greenhouses 30 


Larick Chevrolet Agency 3 6 

Larick, Roy, Plumber 46 

Lake Shore Garage 35 

Luikart Club 41 

Mayor and Council 4 

Mayor Ely's Residence 29 

Nobel School 20 

Ody Lunch, News Stand 41 

Overlake Beauty Parlor 74 

Poje, Frank, Tailor 73 

Officers ....... 3 

Office of the City Hall 13 

Police Department 7 

Pfiesterer, Plumber 45 

Drive Off Lake Shore Blvd 64 

Parcel Post Rates 70 

Roosevelt School 19 

Review Publishing Co 2 

Rose Mary Home 24 

Valley Savings Bank 8 

Service Department 31 

Sewerage Disposal Plant 13 

Sullivan Service Office 22 

Shore High School 21 

Street Department 31 

St. Paul's Church 28 

Strumbly Park 40 

Sutton, O. P., Hardware 44 

Street Directory 9 2 to 95 

Thompson, Carmi, Residence ... .37 

Topolovac Residence 32 

Teachout, Building Supplies ....38 

Tractor Mfg. Co 47 

Upson School 18 

View From Indian Hills . 55 

Wright's Sanitarium 63 

Krastancic, Phil, Shoe Repairs ..71 

Slater Real Estate 50 

B. & F. Realty Co 16 

Grand Canyon of Euclid, Ohio... 62 
Euclid Park 61 

•J* II — .IIH— II 










NOV 1% I9M. 

nw\Ar« Mo. 3367 


II, B!3 

19. AME/*Pina 0£ct«a«c£- 

Mo 5385 

MAY 1,1911 

Mo 3366 


II, nit 


Mo. 543S 

July 5,1927 

Mo 3683 


n, nu 


Mo. 5421 

July 15,1911 

fV}. 4IG3 


5. raw 


Mo. 5457 

July 18, 1917 

Mo. 4348 




Ma 5458 

July 18, 1317 

MO. 4431 


s, nis 


MO. 5453 

July ie, 1927 

Mo. 4433 


17, 1115 


Ma 5465 

Aug 15, 1917 

NO. 4K8 


it, m» 


Aa 5511 

Oct 3, 1911 

MO 5075 


3, IMS 

MO. Fill 


c, me 

Ma 5113 



MO. 5114 


C. 19X11 

Mo. 5178 



MO 5Z5I 



Mo. 5157. 


6, 1316 

Mo. 5371 



ho. 5373 


18, 1317:. 

Mo. 537* 


18. 1917. 



01 | I S"«a.t FAWLY (hT) l|sroglES W FT. y£K 5000-4000 «} FT 

Ut [', I ""^ FW'JLV (hi) 4 •JTOCiES 50FT. /£i\ MOO -1000 SQ.FT 

03 jllilji APAETttENT HOUSE (to) EI6HTY FT. /<K 1150-1000 SQ FT. 

^>x "500 -100 SQ FT 

errwi.-vt«x£SALe vroeES 






Ul - 

. . /^ 

U3 » 

■ • ^ 

04 - 

- • ^ 

09 ■ 

• < A^ 

06 • 

■ • A- 



E«pir\e Owe 

\Ar<« No. 3367 


II, l«3 




No 3366 


ii, m» 




NO 3683 


i7, nti 




No. 4163 


5. nis 




NO. 4348 






MO 4437. 


3, mj 




No 4433 


i7, n« 




NO. 4968 


it, m» 




No 9075 


3. me 



no fin 


c, ni6 



No 5113 





No. 5114 


& v mt 


NO. 5178 


7, W6 


NO 5151 


c, nit 


Np 5151 


6. 1326 



NO. 537Z. 


18, 1317- 



No 5373 


18. 1317.. 



No. 5374. 


18. »Z7. 

19. Ame^Ping OCOTrtAMCli. No 5385 
No. 5436 
No. 5421 
Mo. 5457 

Mo 5A5d 
No. 5453 
No. WB5 
Ma 5522 


2., I92T 
18, 1327 
18, I9Z7 
18, 1317 
15, 1917